Fort Peck High School - Dinosaur Yearbook (Fort Peck, MT)

 - Class of 1938

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Fort Peck High School - Dinosaur Yearbook (Fort Peck, MT) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 80 of the 1938 volume:

TH! FORT PBCK BOOSTER 1938 PUBLISHED BY ENGLISH III CLASS FORT PECK SCHOOL FORT PECK, MONTANA -3- BOOSTER STAFF MARJORY ARMSTRONG STANLEY BHNISON RAE .TMNNE BERUBE STANFORD HALL PATRI CI A CO REY ALI CE DETIENNE MARGUERITE GI CI-IARD ROBERT HARRISON DARWIN HARBI CHT BILL MCKEEVER NANCY HARDIN J' OHN HUEYTTER LOUISE KALIHI GRACE NONNE EDITH NORMAN RAYMOND ROSCOE SAMMY SAMPSON ROY TEMPLE MELBA VINCENT -4- DEDQATION T0 OUR SUPERINTHNIDENT AND OUR FACULTY IN REMEMBERANCE OF MANY HAPPY HOURS SPENT WITH THU IN OUR SCHOOL FORT PECK HIGH 5 -1, mi .fi -r Ll, 1' " g3gg,g,w32,,-A M fi - -.,, W., 1 ' I s , , TACUL l Y g 'I 'JM' f 9 3s 3 I N g Jian. 1 ii I, A ' 15 I Li , i ul in +1 -' 1 'I' .W 2: 'Z '5 H P ,I A li V " WE , n 1 'Ulm H A :WW Z ' . .ff aj 5 2 W3 W 1 , - , wl '35 f - Elie: K W we.92-F-:4wer1'.gv,a'f - IIfq:?:51sbt5?qE!Qwl:5v5f1a 3 , P ,,r,o.Qs.v.t44n!-g.g-Qfgy A- f 1 .-.-,un-.'f-'am-,g,,'1-,rx I . 51. f .--,'.'sy-vw',"nv '- ' ' -1 -A 5' L' fvfvviisfi -. gs N3 x,.'.XV,'1'l.:.'.', Y, TT- , l,,'vQ'Qvng' --' Nwivl-at:.xf42'1'-'V'.4-1:2mY:2:!'35E? :M ' .'S:2Q'1-92'I4'?:s . mfnnffzv, ,f 1, uf , -1 say'-an 5 1. ,. . 1- 7, , - , V- : -f 1 - W ' ':. N-- , X i , P rf f Q 2 .- A ff K-3 ' 4 49 12 GE Q'-2 2 f ,Ji,, W - D D f 5? FDRT PECK SCHOOL FACULTY First Row, Left to Right: Mro Fjerstad, Mrp Banfield, Miss Donlan, Miss Mountjoy, Miss Leyson, Mrsg Janes, Miss Ogdeno Second Row, Left to Right: Miss Floren, Miss Reymer. Mrso Haughey, Miss Hackney, Miss Nail, Miss Woodward,Miss Thorson GRADEvSCHOOL FACULTY Mies Leyeon--First grade, Mrsu Heughey--Fourth gradeo Miss Mountjoyu-First gradeq Mren Janesu-Fifth gradeo Mies Thorson--Second gradeo Miss Floren--Sixth graden Miss Ogden--Third gredeu HIGHWSCHOOL FAGULTY Mr. Loyd Oo Fjerstad -- i1934ml938 at Fort Peckj Superintendent of Fort Peek Schooln American Problemso Graduated from University of Minnesotaq Miss Elizabeth To Reymer -Q C1937-1938 at Fort Peckl Senior Class Advisors American History, French, Shorthand, and Typingo Graduated from College of Ste Teresa, Ninona, Minnesoteo Mr. T. Clyde Banfield -- 11955-19382 Junior Claes Advisor and Coacho Solid Geometry, Chemistry, Biologyo General Sci- ence, and Physioeo Graduated from University of Montana, Missoula, Montanao sg- Miss Lois Mo Hackney -- K1935-19581 Sophomore Class Advisor.' ' English 9, 10, ll, 12, Glee Clubs, and Orchestre, Graduated from' Northwestern University, Evan- ston, Illinoieo Misa Dorothy I. Woodward -- C1955-19581 Freshman Class Advisors English 9, Social Studies 9, 7th and Sth Grade Arithmetic, World History, and Girls' Physical Edo ucation. Graduated from Montana State College, Bozeman,Montu ana. Miss Grace M. Donlan -- C1934-19381 Eighth Grade Adviaoro Algebra, Plane Geometry, and 7th and Sth grade Science. Graduated from University of Montana, Missoula, Montanao Miss Catherine 00 Nail -- 41954-19381 Seventh Grade Advisor. Social Studies, English, Art, Literature in 7th and 8th Grade, 1 Graduated from University of California, Berkeley Californiao -10- I--A--YY ,W l , , N ENIOQPQSJ MQ I I 2- 5: l I ,' 52 , .: 1 O 0 1 W. I f X Nix l R I 'Q E . Q " '6 A L a "E:-"5 X '1,. " fx. W :fzg-sb- A 'E-M' " - 7?'21s.!:s5,?+.if df Q 'Q'Sf4-ff'f5if5i0Si, A f f riSi'f2Z:f2:f2itzb1:g s 9.x I N al ' I ' X X 1. ,gy I: 0 'a fpvixiiz--. , J N. . K fff'-'fffivbfi' new QW? 1 , fh,,3-':sxf"'A --Q-R ry ,,l,,, ff-.-, V X if 1 s-pn-'NW' 73a',2f'?'k1i' .Q JH- ' mm ' f' ,Was-.stzzwci X 'NV -f 4' ' ' -" J .'W'2?o99"'-5562? v , .4-' f 'v'v'.',Q,s,gQQ2gf,4,v Q4 1 Q f - Q .1 - .- ' - - g , K gl' -'Q O n'.5'.sz4o4 'Q 39, I1 ,rg an 0 A X X ' wan y fd ,5go,,:.fg.j.j4-f.:.Qo,Q.W5,'4'a V4 1 e fo 0 4 Q ,if ',-,pw .'.v'.'1a M4 , Y o 5 6 ,J ,6 ff f ' WWW?3'2"I5'f"x9a3?"Z9'f vw2Vid?"3'.9'a9b!6'4'b6'oj 3 , Jf5f4.g,2,y,.4,.94'. 9 A Q Q + o 8, 4 v 3 V ,V -I, ,fs 'aabo ,QOH " H .a.:'Z5ffY'I0Z'Wf9fOQgfQfof 6 9QfQgfof'3- A CLASS DFFICERS President---Marguerite Gichard Vice Presidente-aOrlan Van Llstine Clase Flower Clase Colors Rose Blue and White Class Motto 'Tonight we launchg where do we anchor?' 'GishyW Gichardo the class president, Dabbled in practically every event-- Banquete, proms, operettas-7-,ge.l,ore,, Com encement speech is just one moreo MARGUERITE WGISHYW GIGHARD Freshman Class Presidentg Speakerg Oo perettag Soccer Gaptaing Chairman of Student Body, 9550 Operettag Class Play V35 President of Home room, '37 Class Presidentg Claes Reportergbredge Commencement Speakerg Banquet Speaker, '58 Four big schools in four long years, Now Lanny the end of his high school nears, Commencement speaker of Fort Peck Hi, How he'l1 be missed! He's one swell GUY! ORLAN VIN ALSTINE Baekethellg Science Cluba Vice Presb Commencement Speaker, '58o -13m Thomas Brubaker, a Pittsburg boy, Came this year and brought to us joy, Acting is his main side-line, Which with his work he does combine. THOMAS BRUBAKER Dramatic Club, '55 . Science Clubg Christmas Pagentg Play: Dredge, '38. Little James Daly, the football star, Takes his training with chin to the bar, Hgfg 5 mean haritonegan actor supreme, He's headed for fame to us it would seem JAMES DALY Glas Clubg Science Clubg Play, '35. Footballg Glee Clubg Plsyg Operetta, '37 Basketball,,'58. Siseorbelle Farmer, a man of sort, Has no rival in any sportg All state man in basketball, Just one of our boys with a southern drawl. RALPH FARMER Basketballg Trackg Tennis, '34. Basketballg Trackg Fbvtballiill Stat! Cen' terg Set Northern Division Track Records, '55. Footballg Basketballg Track, '56- All State Center Basketballg Track, '57. Assistant coach for track and Basketball, '58. -14- K Gerald Fremson, the red-headed Swede, Soberest msn in the school indeed, Three years of glee club, three years of band, One year of football,--gosh, what de- mend!! GEARLD FRANSON sand, Glee Club, '55. Bsndg Glee Club, '36. Bands Footballg Glee Club, 'sm Gladys Flaten is the senior blond Of whom we all are very fond, Silence is her golden charm, frotection from all verbal harm. GLADYS FLATH4 Class Plays Pagent Ot Seasons, '37 Johnny Harris the next on our list Came to us in the midst of s mist. Football, clubs, and various plays Formed the jest of his high school days. JOHN HARRIS Football, '35. Football, Glass Play, '37. Footbslli Play, 'Z-B. -15' Edward Hueth, the shorthand man, The century dash he quickly ren. Three years of track, captain once, Now no longer given to Stunts. ED HUETB Track, '35. Football, Track Olhllllg 'SBI Track, '57. lauize Uxxxor was Kansas brvd. She cones to Burt Puck with hair of red She pilyed some hockey for Washburn Hi. And n u ehe's here to say good-bfi. ' ,HANITA MILLRR Glen Clubg Oporetta, '35. Qleo Clubg Oporotte, '56. Hockey, 'S8. Marion R0bb1l18 or xnvauiu Competeddin epeakihs A86 made cherry Pie: An excellent student :ith very kind heart, You can count on hor alwsyl to do hir part. MARION ROBBINS Declamation Content, Gloq Glue, '35. Tap dancing, Band, 036, Tap dancing: Bslkctbullz Blnd. C1855 Play, '37. Science Club, 'QB. 'IO' W 1 . W 6 ...-. 1 gi- W, , -Q aw. M1 .wry , A w A .fx .4 q ,hi ' A ' .- .,.,.,,, Fhffw W. .-5-.f --Aww , A .N ,S 4 1-,g HW Little Sammy Sampson come wield your pen, The high-jump's over, and you're first again, You're a senior now, but soon you'll skip, Now, little Sammy, you've a world to whip. SAMMY SAMPSON Baeketballg Track, '55 Glass President, Track, '56 Basketball, '57 Trackg science Clubg Dredgeg Glee Clubg State Manager: Operettag Christmas Pagent, '38. Executive Jim, the radio star, was born to be a classroom Czar. was in a little track in his younger 5820 And now he has a new track to blaze. JAMES WAKEFIELD Trackg President of Homeroomg Clase Vice President: Secretary, Trees. of President Councilg Chief movie operator, '55. Orchestre: Class Play, '36. Pres. of Homeroomg Sargent of Arms of School Patrolg Chief operator, Band, '57. Vice President of Science Club, '38. CIASS WILL Be it remembered that we, the Senior Class of Fort Peck High School, of the State of Montana,be1ng of sound mind and memory, do make this our last will and testament, hereby re- voking all former wills by our class at any time heretofore made. We hereby bequeath the following: To the Freshman Class we will our fame for keeping our desks clean and general good housekeeping. To the irrepressablc Sophomore Class we will our stately Senior dignity, thus giving them a year to prepare for it. To the Junior Class we leave Miss Reymer and our studious attitude toward our school work. 1. Marguerite Gichard wills her band of gumrchewing sheep to Bob Harrison and her knuoledge of Problems to Nancy Hardin. 2. Jim Wakefield leaves his ability to talk, to Stanley Benson and his knowledge of leading a Science Club to Marjory Armstrong. 5. Jim Daly leaves his right to play basketball to Conrad Storkel and his collection of locks of hair to Jim Lessley. -17- 4. Wanita Miller leaves her solid geometry to Mary Wright and her red hair to Bill EcKsever. 5. Ralph ?armer leaves a uorn out suit of clothes to Alice DeTienne, and his ability to play guitar to Phyllis Storkel. 6. Gerald Frnnson leaves his enormous crop of freckles to Velma Weeras and his ability to be handy man for the class to Harry Hogere. 7. Marion Robbins sille her fourth period study hall teaching to Dona Hively and her advanced algebra book to Evelyn Rei erse 8. Orlan Van Alsttne Willa his love of food to Ulllll Harbicht and his love for English to Ray Goebel. 9. Gladys ylaten leaves her Problems book for Dorothy Chorpening and her desk full of waste paper to lawrence McCarty. 10. Tom Brubaker bequeathe his seltoappointed holidays to Myrtle Flaten and a pair et old oxforde, size 12, to Rue Jeanne Bernbe. ll. Edward Hueth leaves behind nie violent bluahee for Edith Norman and his ability to swim to Robert leo. 12. Sammy Snmpnon ville hge height to Grace Nonne and his hypnotizing machine so Mro Benfieldu 15. John Harrie bequeath: his love of debate to Bob Larson and his tendency toward prompt attendance to IBITDDOB Proteau. In testim ny whereof we hereunto set our hand and in the presence at the Junior Claes and the faculty declare this to be our last will, this sixth day of May in the year one thousand nine nzmdrod and thirty-eight. GOME.ZENSEIv1FlNT Recreation Hall B P. Mo may 25, 1938 Proceseionalvwmcwfwvwswn-wmwwwwom-Q -------- U-------Orchestra 'Pbmp and Gircumstence' by Elgar 'River Transportation in the United States' ---------- ------A Orlan Van Llstine 'Old Fort P6QkmQ'vvf'w'v0'wv'- ----- Q--- Q--Marguerite ciensrq 'I love Lifow kann Zuccaw -v-- a-Q QUQQ- -Q o----- Q--Girls' Octet Address---fswsQ-W-Qwnss--onewwfwsew-sum-Major Clark Kittrell District Engineer Introduction of Seniors-w-Q---Q-Q--Q------Mr. L. 0.Fjsrgtad u Superintendent ot Schools Presentation of Diplomas-foams,--ww-so-Captain J. J. Murphy Qlg- E l f 4 + 1 5 ,- - A -1 V- Jxphgzz.. -. :H-V , . Q . .1 ,f 4, A ,J n',3N?li69H4?sEY gi mv We-iw E,,,Mx:W?Wif-,E 56 - ' 14 1 S". 'if' QL. 1, ' '- W ,,. , 2- air Q M no H gi R 2 Hung, iw' U .r V' , HL fi Es' .ifxhs "gd W' ' 4 IH. vt 1 5 Lf' P . fr im. QFD L ! Q 1? Ea? I 1? vi N, ' ph, 'so' Q' it XLR ', 3 gifv me Q lg 'mf' Q r'Qef51 ggi m ,sw 3 Q ,mg ivan 4 5-in ig, si - Q' Jfm li.. le , s.-- .:.,'v -aww' Je 4, Y' 'Q ' gr 12 Sn WM 0 Him: V, t ...fl-9:54 nz: '.: uf Yt1-vn1-- Ski? :gf- '.-vgif .N 5 N . 'Q -4' Wh .MN as 12,21 '- A W 1 - P- - QL M 0 uf? N ax. Q 1, ' I-Q fw Mu , Aa ' Qf,,. ' 'f'- 3 , -.1 Q' '. -' Nifyi- I " r,:dfLT,TI.. ,lm ,, ffffli' 'IW W Cp. . . X VX .vlnillbygilgk ascii gg x X ' ' , 'wi , X x Q -,pf '--2"vf--E252 - Afi 3iii1:ri:fffqf5,' N AG x A ' B ff' XNiM"'M""ff2TZ4f2'1 Y . f., ' I Ti. , '1Ti7'tf:,g..' ' .ZA -'-- 'A ,QQ " ' " M Exit..- M2 , VAA. X HW, 4. 2? 15,1 ' : , Q ' . ju any . I JUNIOR CLASS Claes Officers President---Bob Harri Vice-Prese--'-Stanley Ben son Sec. and Treaeo-Q--Nancy Hardin lst row 1. to r. Blanche Sauber, Alice De'l'ienne,, Darwin Harblcht, Marjory Armetrongg Harry Rogers, Grace Noruxe, Ray G0ebel, Edith Norman, Elwood Torgrlmson, Dorothy Chorpening Lawrence Mccerty, Nancy Hardin, Meredith Gear. Znd. row l.. to To ltr. Banfield, Stanley Benson, Robert Lee, Dona Hlvely, .Terry Brick, Helen Herboldg Homer Renonhyllis Storkel, Robert Trudo, Louise Kelien, Evelyn Reimers. mrrtie Fleten, Viola Gagnon. 5rd row l. to r. Connie Storkel, .Timmy Less1ey,B1ll Mekeever Bob Larson, Herbert Elfring, Stanford Hall, Mary Wright Lawrence Proteau, Velma Weeres, Waneta Long, Bob Kerrisono Those not in gictureq Violet Kingston, Betty Ann Pcaulton, Lucille Fetzer, Lille Wixomo Helen Sittono Levine Schwartz, Rae Jeanne Berube, Allcemarlon Cllffordo .31- 3'Z'5'M'3ZiQ!ZfE SI'iE?Z'fl1i-31? Tho Juniew iraapgfm 2-iam? l?H?'1iZ183? as highschool stu- dents in 19555, fmwf pupils wmlled as treshmlno They were QMU' Sam fgzgxwmgazs with 555,155 Wnodward and lllas Hackney' !?35B8xE?l1f!?i3p In 1936,, xmcefes wizvse gwfvfsei a sui'fiasiss.': oapsaity for learningg sam?-fswd. mf3:f:.:1f:s'm umimr tha supervision ot Mm Baxxfiev,'i 'fxiiii ,imimxlf and Siem-2532 mars had not bun addsfi ia: we ,, iw 1-eimsd auprmne and lasvmed a mit +,1afv mania? ciisjmittyo But in tbl following fa3.l95swsif ggffmafmi ur1d22x'cx3msea:,m1. mth the edd- ition of the jmrfeg avi Qwmiaf ymawm,fmEy E3 Q? the Qriginal sixtyunine in-+1 we but Ama evzmillsmezzt of new pu' pile bmmxgtm 'nw uw 'cms fi145fi2L2!f' gwsr' 'Bc 449 wigs SOQPHOMURE CLASS Clees Dfficers Pre sldent---Lol e Newbury Vice-Pres,---Mary Jo Sparks Sec, and Trees,---Frances Roney lat row, 1. to r., Emil Bhresmen,LeYerne Croseen,Nency Boyeun Roy Temple, Lois Neebury, June Dawkins, Betty Wells, Ernest Eeoeeage, Frances Honey, Don Roehl, Virginia McKenzie, Edwin Presler, Dolores Schloeeerg Bnd row 1, to ro Cletue Beatty, Clifford Eide, Chester Ride Anne Schmitt., Lorraine Brick, Laurebell Robertson, Meredith Hsaelden, Mary .To Sparks, Clare Sohmittmolores Coryell,Dele Gaz-yell, Shirley McKenzie, Miss Haokney, Std ree 1. to ro LeRoy Duneter, Robert Brubaker, Roger Hart, Howard Bowers, llarjory Booth, Winton Zimmerman, Mary Deroe , Rey Johnson, Bud Geer, Russell Famer, Eileen Oriner, John Habegere 4th row 1, to r., Bill A'bkineon,Io1m Huetter,Bob .Tung,0eorge Larson, Jack Mackie. Those not in picture Pearl Franson, Mary Alice Peterson, Mabel Ruston, Caroline Stensliemergie Wilcum, Alice Goodman, Betty Spooner, Robert Torgerson, Ghelmer wi therbee Keeye Carpenter, Lester Deroe, Weasley 0'Gon.nor., -25- SOFHDMURE GLASS HISTORY In September, 1956, sxxtyefour freshmen were enrolled in the lore Peek Sehoolo They were divided alphabetically into two groups with Misa Haekney and Mine Woodward es home-room edvleoreo Thirty-tive or the original stxtymtour freshmen entered ll sophomores in the fall of 1939, along with 18 from other schools, During the yea: two more joined the renke making e total of 550 Kanye Carpenter, Lester De!be,Weseley 0'Connor Mabel Rueteng Caroline Stenslie,end Chelm r Witherbee, Iithn drew before the and or the school yearn The Sophomore Clase point with pride to the feet that tio of their members, John Huottesg end Roy Temple, have been on the school eafeiy patrol ever since the Fort Peck School Ian organized in 19540 The word 'eophomorew As a combination ot the Greek word! 'sophose' meaning wise? and Wmoreeg' meaning foolishe This signifies that sophomores emgoosedly are not able to U80 wisely what they xncwo Bee the pitfalls of the hazardous sophomore year have been safely passed, and the Sophomore Gleee, now on the verge of becoming juniors, leave thi! mslediction to he fmlfiilod by the sophomore class ot some coming yearn 'Bic Class Officers President---Petri oi ex Corey Vice-Pres.,---Gene Wooldridge Seo. and 'Presse---,Buddy Wright lst row 1. to rs Wennie Rytter, Harold Shannon, Betty Richardson, Ned Temple, Christine Cxrowley, Dale Pewloski, Gene Wooldridge, Eugene Gllstrspg Patricia Corey, Francie Brooks, Alberta Nelson, Ed Richerd:sw,. Shirley Cerro and row lo to r. Miss Woodward, ,wick Ingram, Kenneth Torgrimson, Nole Ellinger, Carol flake, Hazel Rogers, Buddy Wright, Clarence Neufeld, Irene Berkley, Marvin McCloskey, Charles Balcom, Myra Dunno 5rd row l. to rs Bob Harris, Elwood Chapman, Eileen Galloway, Adeline Nelson, Louise Rogers, Nancy Buntin, Margaret Morgan, Mildred Larson, no Cook, Mary Williams, Ancel Dunn, Vernon Ellinger, John Gears 4th row la to rf, Bobby Kingston, Ed Harrington, Roger Crossen., B111 Watters, Bruce Ingalls, Elizabeth Sturm, Bernice Long, Alvin Hueth, Garvin Ullman, Everett Watterso Those not in ioture. Doris Smith, Rudy Gilberteon, Harold Hare nd, Jim Koontz, Leonard McKay, Charles lkenahan,Derrell Ro sell. '25- FRESHMAN CLASS HISNR! On September Q,,l93'f,50 freshmen trooped into Room Niue for their first meeting ea e class. Since that time four etue dents, Irene Berkley, Eluoodchepmn, Marvin llovloelcey, end Elizabeth Stmnf, have joined, but four memhere, Cherlee Ihnahanmorie Smith, Jameaflountj, and Rudy Oilberteon, have dropped., The total enrollment during the year ne 54. Clase officers and reporters were elected. In the spring, e 'Bow and Tie Association' was formed for the betterment of the cleeeo Some of the freshmen have drunk deeply from the cup of knowledge em le others have merely tipped the oupo Potenttel singers, artists, poets, end track stare have given only e suggestion of what may be expected of them during the next three yearn, 086' EIGHPH calm: ' Claes Officers Presidente-Dick Mocord Vice-Pres.,-4-James Huetter Sec. and Treaeo---Eugene Allison lst row l. ,to ra Miss Donlan, Lillian Bowden, Sammy Sampson Ramona Aaby. Cecil Hotfg Dolores Frybergerg Albert Beardsley Maxine Miller, John Hohem, Geraldine Dawkins, Dick McCord. 2nd row le to ro Jimmy Naughtonp Bernice Malcolm, Charles Crottg Betty White, Jerry McCann,Ela1ne Sklb1cki,JlQ Huettsr Pets! Parke, George Gillis, Virginia Ingram, .Timm Spooner Yard row lo to r., Loyod Franson, Bobby Buchanan, Raymond Roscoe, Eugene Allison, Barbara Flood, Roberts Harbicht,Lois Campbell, Naomi Miller, Hazel Gandrud, Harlan Scott., Those not in BIGCUTBQ Laila Armstrong, James Holcomb, Glen wheatleyg Marybeth Goebel, Zoe Sltton., r l n rl Jil . ',lkf1!k-f,I.: .l..,r1, Xi , ' U , 'HQ' ?':.5,giQ il -376 SEVENTH GRADE Glass Officers President---Margery Anderlon VicawPresQ--QRobert Dunn Seo: and Treaeow-vGordon Metz let row lo to To Betty Jung, Charles Stevenson, Corrin McCann, Gordon Metz, Clarissa Glutter9Richard Cook,Ghar1otto Barkley, Bobby Carlson, Madge Anderson, Wallace Misfeldt, Dolores Barto 2nd row lo to To Misa Nailg Robert Dunn. Norman Davidson, Harold Hansen, Bobby Nelsonw Harold McClure,Glifton McKenzie Dudley Hedge, Patrieia 09HBndleyv Billy McMillan, Lawrence Taylor. Gilbert Noonan Shirley Jungc 5rd row lo to ro Bob Jenseng Patricia Jensen, Marie vawlowski. Merle Campbellg Evelyn Millsr,Betty Lee Armstrong Margery Anderson, Bernice Anderson, Irene Croft, Mildred Richmond, Melba Vinoento Ernest Grant, Kenneth Nelson,George Hnnssna Those not in gicturao To So Bryant, B111 Gullwell, Mayne Schlosser. Marial Saubero .g3- iw ll-i,..,,m.,-.-N-.W-L.-mvuuwwlvwnrfifvnu..-.w ..:E:::::.:7' W- ----'--- -- -- ,i 'Q E .. g gi. T4,Lzm,i 3 ?,,Vy.ii,.1f,e Q-if-Xi! W . . i, E? Q tJv ,:W. ,,E.,.p'4A '11, Z9 ' ' . 5 : ..:f j' . , ffl 5- ,WM -f J' 19 5- gfyaagniifawwgib viy'-w'Q'f"'Q f JL' Q 36 ' 5 A A rf. .1-mu1W.,n,f1mu.w-,T.f.11f---I' -- 'z-, -:. mf-zx-,-,f:-. --WWW' 6 a i VZ "1'l'Q.--. W" 1 " " ' -QE 3 ia Ni E 7 M 3 , W w. . 3 N - 1 .SX G"'-,,.4...f'?i4, E xg G 6...-G 0 'S - 'xv Y, A 11 5 5 1 "N if W Q K ff jf M X 2 A i ,.x,.,.f' QE 2,1 . ,V 3 . 0:9 T! I X f' A AJ .,,. -ffjf""fQl lf':fffff'1gg,Xmb,,, ,,,,,,,' 1 ' "' -agggg ,T?53?i?3i'5ij-i::"Q.We-i-if-"N4i f Id, if 5 ? ' 1 ' -- fl 'jliif' linux Ns 1 "Y ' :ff-'rg N I-lilfzrw ,flgiiijl --:TER X ' 2' PL ' ---', ' gffp- ,wif 2 ' f M1214 'jf:q?,-qs.:-"'f',.,-:fiV fc,-RATs X 3 os 1 'P'Qfiiq-.,'lQ'j"-fi-ffff143. tf f""'-Y A N z i fx ' ff:-I l'?57Ti5i ,mf vi '. ' 'K wf fffz if We 2-5 li 'Vi' 'fJ'Z'2A:Qz,w,-."-Q "'-1:2"'l13?"11 " """' TX 5 , f iwbvi'-,f3u33Y!e!X1E"?3f,M?'eHf1-If'f '7i7?7"f3f 'Tcffflfkfl XXX-'Q byfvL',w,f,ff-I :"xzvgwg1QWai'fyfL '16-.ff ,cf ,fffffxff 5 :AY 4 QL 4 ffff, ,VA '21,'y,g2,3'qX'xi M K fifnvf f L Y , 'V H A U',1f1'2'f52K'axA3fXHPmm,g-K ,A UWM! Mx 1 -L , aXE3Hf.2m ' 3 K Qfgfh 'gpifvy.17ACQm:f:1.:.j:1gf:":in-5-cgf::if.v'f',-' If ,':2yQ,.' x ' 49 - fT'5ff1v5 Ti Mx wa K X I L-za-EMML',ff1--Tisgr, XX'.- -ff,q1,j--J"'-':H?g 1' P ' pf , . ' , ,..:--:ag :ii ,.., 4 .f5,-1.s::if:1fgQ:Q--F-:-- " ' ..-i .V-'RH' .' " , -.f fm- 'M ---' '. - ' -'N, :Til ---f'-. F'-M' V.. ' 61 in ,x2fhI::fP., -.h. -',- V- 21,4f1-wQ2f: -.T--:7f,5wg:1 K" v ' . A ' R 6:3535 fd ' ga NRS .k.- A Lk' mx ,' V Q ix ?fl3"" 1"v. .mo lf., R' ig. 1 I X i, ,Mg " 5 3 ' , V iy'??ff'ii2 M 5 Q, xg M wg 'lfiffih f fa, N fdiw--xiffrv X iw X 0 gm! -, mg-rw-,,!33q,...,,,ik-'51'i'v,'1"x'v. xf.XQ'Q-Xsf'QQX,1, X 5 Q 4 Q X X55 6' efgpsfffvfffV..151Equmffih1iif:A:3':,rf'kv:,Q,f2Xg-931339,' PQUX SX fi iiifilfti5fipiigs151,QfQ.2Qiffai2Qf'AAi'?Fxlxixliikt KNQ ' 'PN i1'i,:si5iQ1gi1Zif'5aAf'igQ, X 'v ,AQ Q 0 NNN X 'A .p j" x -, S. W -1? 523, iff V, x Q3 ,P fm? Ay wif Jw - wlfiik J iv in-fnn1.w.v:n,.usm.f:nnqvmmnwxwm-nf1mf,,v., wr:-unmm1.aai.i55,,.,,: ,, V -ff- OFFICERS PRESIDENT--Mary Je Sparks VICE PRESIDENT--Rae Sssnne Bsruhe SECRETARY-TREASURER--Dorothy Ghorpening The Pep Club, sponsored by Miss Reymsr, was organized in the fall of '37 to promote school spiritv The members sold candy at basketball games and sponsored a movie at the Fort Peck Theater, thereby raising encsgh money to buy uniforms. The girls gave several assemblies before games using very effective ways to boast the interest in these coming battles This has been an organization that the Fort Peck School can well be proud of. First Row, Left to Right: Lauraoell Robertson, Frances Home sy, and Rae Jeanne Berube. Second Row, Left to Right: Irene Barkley? Mary Jo Sparksg Grace Nouns, Blanche Ssuher, Edish Norman, Aliso DsTienne, Miss Reymer. Third Row, left to Right: Meredith Gear, olores Fryberger, Nancy Buntin, Marjorie Booth, Nancy Hardin, Dorothy Chorpen- ings Fourth How, Left to Right: Hazel Gsndrud, Mary DeFoe,E11een Galloway, Marjory Armstrong, Lillian Eawdan, Alberta Nelson, Lhry Williams, and-Phyllis Storkeiv Those not in picture: Mhbel Rustsng Dolores Schlosser, and Mary Wright. ', QB v, -ale SC IENCE CLUB OFF ICERS PRES IDENT--Dariin Harb i chi VICE PRES IDENT--.T 811165 Wake field SECR ETARY-TREASURER--Nancy Hard in First Row, Left to Right: Edith Norman, Marian Robbins, Eileen Galloway, Evelyn Reimers, Dorothy Ghorpening, Nancy, Hardin, tvlarjory Armstrong, Mary Wright, Nancy Buntin,and Mr., Banfield. Second Row, left to Right: Sammy Sampson, Conrad Storkel, James Wakefield, Bill McKeever, Darwin Harbicht, Robert Bro- baksr, Harry Rogers, Roger Hart, and Marvin McCloskey. Those members not in the picture: Buddy Wright, Alicemarian Clifford, Ton Brubaker, Bob Harrison, Keayr,Cerpenter, .Timm Daly, Howard Bowers, Stanford Hall, LeRoy D1mster,Don Roehl, and Wanita Miller, K The Science Club, sponsored by Nr. Benfield, was organized at the beginning of this school year to unite those interest- ed in all forms of science. The meetings were held the first and third Mondays of every months Experiments were conducted and topics of mutual interest to the members were discussed. -52- GIRLS' GLEE CLUB OFFICERS PRESIDENT--Nancy Hardin SECRETARY-TREASURER--Dorothy Chorpening LIBRARIAN--Rae Jeanne Berube The Girls' Glee Club, directed by Miss Hackney, has been one of the most active organizations in the school. The girls presented one assembly, participated in many others, and took an important part in the Christmas program. A group from. the Girls' and Boys' Glee Clubs sang a selection from nayunls 1Creation' at the Community Church. The girls raised enough money by selling homeemade candy to the students dur- ing noon hour to buy their costu es for the operetta, 'Rum- pelstiltskin', which was presented in collaboration with the Boys' Glec Club and a group from the primary department in the spring, A group from the Glee Club sang at the Com enoe- ment exercises. Three menbers, Dorothy Chorpening, Meredith Gear, and nancy Hardin, have been in the Glee Club since the high scnool was established and the Glee Club organized in the fall of '35s lst Row Cla to r.D: Miss Hackney, Nancy Hardin, Marjorie Armstrong, Alice De Tlenne, Nancy Boyeen, Christine Crowley, Gene Wooldridge, Edith Norman, Blanche Sauber, Dorothy Chor- pening, and Shirley Cerro End How Klo to ral: Nwra Dunn, Irene Barkley, Nancy Bun- tin, Lois Newbury, Wearl Franson, Viola Gagnon, Mary Wright, Evelyn Reimers, Phyllis Storkel, and Louise Rogers. Grd Row ilu to rola Margaret Morgan, Eileen Galloway, Adem line Nelson, Mary Williams, nary De Foe, Marjory Booth, lou- ise Kalien, Meredith Gear, and Mary Alice Peterson. Those menbere who are not in the picture: Rae Jeanne Ber- ube, Frances Honey, Dolores Schlosser, and Mary Jo Sparks. -55.. First Row, Left to Right: Jimmy leseley, Robert Trudo,l-iarry Rogers, Stanley Benson? Elwood Torgrimeon, James Wakefield, and Misa Hackney: Second Rows Left to Rightz Roy Temples Francis Brook , Ned Temple, Charles Balcom? Sammy Sampeon, Bob Harrison, .Tack Mackie, and Buddy Wrighto Third Row, Left to Mgmt.: Anoel Dunn, Russ Farmer, Howard Bowers, La Verne Grossen, Conrad Stcrkelg John Huetter, and Lawrence Mcflarthyr, Those no in picture: Bill McKeever. The Boys' Glee Club, under Mies Hackney'e direction, has taken part in nanny of the activities of the school, The boys participated in e number of' aseemlies and presented one themaelvesg They took an important part in the Christmas program and e group from the Boys' G-lee Club, with a group from the Girls', eeng e selection. from I-1aydn's 'Creation' in the Community Chureho The Boysf' and Girls' Glee Clubs with the assistance of a group from the primary department gave the operettu "Humpeletit1skin" in the apringa Four memberl, Stanley Benson, Bob Harrison, Jimmy Leesley, and Jack Mackie have been in the Glee Club since the high school was estab- lished and the Glee Club organized in the fall of 'Z55. Q54.. QRGbE5THA he school uraneatra, under the dzrectisn of pies Hackney, during this their first yehrk have made themselvas an active part of the achmoig They performed at the Ghrietmaa program and several assemblies? and played the professional at Comf msnceuentg Regular reheazsais wera as Qxght ovsloeki Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday mornxngao PERSQNNEX Jack Mackieawilarinet Bwelym Reimerngm?ienQ Elwood Ttrgrimsomw1Guitar Gharlss Bnlcnmwwviolin Ray GG8bGlwwDTVE5 John EunamQmVioi1n Margaret AnrgawwwF1uto lmim NQwQuryOQVi0lin First Row, La?t QQ Right: Keck Mackie, Elwcod Icrgrimson,Ray Goebel? Margaret LGTQSH5 Evelyn Reimersf Second Haw, Left tu Right: Miss Haakmay, Quarles EaAcwm,Iohn Hohamg and luis Newburyo 355, . RUMPLESTILTSKIN A Musical Play by Alfred Scott-Getty Directed by Mies Lois Hackney CAST om King cole--N---n----ww-.--MM --- -.-. -Mech Harrison Goldstiok---W ---- -- ---.----M.--- N-----,.------Jack Nigeria Jann ----0-'--+ Q--Q-0 -B'- ---m-ww--eune-wfJ-e--aitanley Benson Sophieem wm---- ---- Q1 ---o new--we-me ev- -n------ Q-Nancy Hardin Rwmplestiltskin--w ---m--- - -n-n0'fQ Q- -n-- Q ww--m--- mNed Temple Janettea-n------- ---- ----wwmn Q m---- vm- ----- B -f-n Mary Wright Prince Co1in-M- ---v-- Q ------w mm---f-- 'b---- 'Janet Fjorstad CHORUS Marjorie Armstrong, Hee Jeanne Berube, Dorothy Ghorpening, Alice De'I'ienne, Viola Gegen, Meredith Gear, Lois Newbury, Edith Norman, louise Rogers, Francis Roney, Francie Brooks, Ansel Dunn, lawrence McCarty, harry Rogers, Roy Temple, Jim Wakefield, Buddy Wright,Irene Barclay, Marjorie Booth, Nancy Boysun, Nancy Buntin, Shirley Carr, Christine Crowley, Myra Dunn, Pearl Franson, Eileen Galloway, louise haliengmargaret Morgan, alberta Nelson, Adeline Nelson, Evelyn Reimers, Blanche Sauber, wary iilliams, Gene Wooldridge, nary De Foe, Charles Balcom, Howard Bowers, Russel Farmer, John Huetter, Ji my Lessley, Bill McKeever, Elwood Torgrimson, Robert Trudo, Mary Alice Peterson, Diane Allen, Peggy Jeen Misfeldo Joyce Smith, Donna Sparks, Barbara Spingler, Beverley Wolf, Ronald Jorpani, Martin Kuebler, Neil Lynll, Jerry Snell, Robert Walker, Leroy Zuokg -55- BASKETBALL Gulmianting the most successful season the Blue Waves have yet experience, the Fort Peck hoopsters captured the fourth place pennant at the District Three tournament in Glasgow in which ten teams perticipstedo Let by the shsrpshooting three-year veteran,JMnmy Leeeley, end eperkplugged by "Little Red' Benson, the dem site cagers were rapidly whipped into shape by Coach Banfisid es they nent on to win s majority of their games. The games and their results: 22 Fort Peck here ' 1? there W 15 here W 5 there H 55 here N 16 there W 5 here ' 24 there ' E3 there W 27 here ' 24 here ' 35 here W 23 there ' 26 there W 25 here W 19 here TOURNAMENT Fort Peck 34 ' ' 21 N 54 ll -5'7- Whitewetereee5 Frszerev ---- 14 Oyheime--D-E15 Gpheimee-eMel5 Neehueee ---- ll Glasgow ----- 24 wolf Point--15 Naehueeee-0033 Half rum--ze sseeem-new--v Peerless w--- 21 Hinsdale ---- 16 Sacco-------14 Hinsdale----23 Frazerev ---- 17 Glasgeweee--54 Richland----29 Nashua-Q ---- 44 Frazer ------ 51 Upheim-Q '--- 24 Front How Left to Rights Gsach Clyde Banfieldg Stanley Ben- song Harry Rogersg Jum Lessley, S way eempson, Back Row Left to Rights Ruse Farmers dnb Harrie, sncel Dunn, Jack Mackie, Laverne Crcseen, Canned Storkle, Howard Bower. PQINT WINNERS 100 Yard Dash: Shot Eutz Lessley and Rcgere Legals? 220 Yard Deen: High Jump: Rogere and Proteau Sampson 440 Yard Dash: Pole Vault: Benson Sterkel B80 Yard Deen: ESQ Haley: Jensen Farmer, Grossen, Mile rung Harris, Rogers Mackie Breed Jump? Leesley TRACK THESI3 The first track meet in this district use held st Fort Peck in l95SC This was an invitstinnal meet in which Frszeq Hinsdale, sud fort Peck participated: Fart Peck won.In 1957 Fort Peck again sponsored the meeto Nsehues Frazer, and Fort Peck psrnicipatedo Nashua wen cy s narrow merging Lessley was unable to participate in this meet because of heart troubleo This year Nashua sponsored the meet which was held at Nashua on their new cinder trecko five schools were en- tered: Nashua, Fort Peckg Frazer, Richiends and sacoc Fort Peck was second with seven out of the twelve firsts,Sammy Sampson, Lessley, Benson, Mackie, ami. Farmer are two year mano Sampson and Storkel have competed fer other schools. All in all track has formed an important par: of the extra curricular activities of some ct the etudentsa -ggs On November Bth, 1937, a group of enterprising students formed a Journalism club for the primary purpose of publish- ing a school paper, 'The Dredge," The second semester "The Dredge' was reorganized and taken over by the American Lit- erature Class. The Press is not only i'ree,- 1t's powerful: and that power belongs to the sehoolo Daniel Boone IBB once asked if he had ever been lost in the woods. "No, I never got lost," Boone replied reilectivelry., "But I was bewild- ered once for three daysn' 'Hole illustrates the spirit of "The Dredge' staff., Sometimes they found themselves in the depts of despair, the offspring oi' fear,a-the fear that they wou1dn't nuke the deadline., Even though. the task seemed great at times, it was worthwhile and a lot of fun after all. First Row: L. to R. Grace Nenns, Margery armstrong, Alice DeTienne, Louise Kelien, Nancy Harding, Rae Jeanne Berube, Edith Norman, Pat Corey? Lielba Vineen-6:0 ' Secnond Row: L. to R., Miss I-Iaolcney, Raymond Roscoe, Darwin Harbioht, Stanford Hall, Bill Zeeissfieeverg Stanley Benson, Boy Temple, John Huetter, Marguerite Giehardo .ggi ' l it i' 'Ig The F23 'r 1954,aef ment of Qi' oo nti. uma roacbocii va pupllof pile f vinoo of York largodv 11 faculty f school on dom Zfl fz BQ Widlgfjm' 329 of rollmom reachmi lam Ui students, preaom nz H. as at oewi lished rm Pinafos-so of oomgffw Clyde Mu honora- No I'QllAb?:6f112,'5 1937, Y-Yoo the that treo otta, 55322 placing improwfi. Q: 5 A proasuto 12, In th if hddifiq on members lex' Us was owen tion in fo Cl1TiBEE'vEf2z atudeuto ,g V soiomzfe Junior my 6 0 'rif 25 roago through-'so Oolaflil. Coach :Smeg ,-,, Track Mais 'Y ffefv.. . GF !ORT PNK :mmol first opened its :lows on October 1, -2'i'?iEAZ-Hi' school of oi ght: grafzoa with an enroll- - zz 1.1 tfuoulty of nine momborap The enrollment -'1' that your until a peak of 337 Ill 1.9550 During tho groove- an total of 412 The otudmt Tfilfifgf' mmpoaed of pu- frafg, the Distriot of Qo3,,umbi.o,, and the Pro' -gtffrffmon, Ganodog they camo from schools rang- J ima! a om-room rural to the largest in No! tho oooond you round the school ill- :txi ow. tenth grades being ad-ded, and tho -- foo from nine mmborl to twelve. The tmporlry :W-rom its former poaition in the barnoko x of 'tho porfmnant school to which two,ff1 mood. who or-rollmmt time fiat day was mso in the ninth and mmm grades, The on- -oai 1311329889 Until on peak of 561 IIB! 3559 1936. The total, on1'o3..'in2omt for the your .it was only a. twoftfysm IEQQA school, the wfuyf, with tolli oooporot loo of me wmmunity ,.1f:,5gi Lihriotmoo oaotota ohxoofw me been uaod me auoooeding programaf. They estab- fswaimt by offforing on apoorottop "RL, ll. S. Q and Sullivazoo 'Maia new the first your 2:-::r'ts in tho Fort Pool: Sohcolwhe new coach, '-wo both the basketball. and trash: teams to we-io in the aohool the shim Q-'FEESYQ The en- 'A iiaeq? was 3295 The pool, mocked. March 1, :Q 'sho totelo QSM me szweozmm oarriad on ff.m?1fl,ieshod by the oooozm,-H-5oo.1r members ln o -mounted u christmas oomtata and the oper- ixxoxporienood track tom suooeodod ln is wo district moto 'Hao basketball team - first time tho Fort Poor School was ro- aliotriot tournament, the eleventh and twelfth grades were .malty was iuoroanod from twain to fourteen li'fPE..l.EZAf-33132 the first clay was 622, of which 211 wr-Hanmior him sohoolo Tho posh: at the year .zs gala your for oxtfaotsrrioular activi- fa wax School., in addition to tba traditional Ja, operetta, and sports, the over ambltlouo school. paper, organized sa pop club and t a play, and edited an annual., The 1' 1-few:-ofi za. junior-'senior 'oam,,uo't and prom on ..,...mwota and Commencement warm held May 82 ,add Several gobool dances were scattorod VH? gown The Basketball team had its moat luc- the trabk team lad improved so much that facie mourners to the Havre Divisional 1-401' 9 , 'U NATURE? I 5 ! I ot: oo? 3 H Q--A 4 :sf-fcxfi xxx X Q, 5 fix ' .V , ing," ,Av Y f V 5. :a.,.----' , A 0 , 4 ' - L ' " 'VV' , KVVJ I ,X -'. H." .- Nf' 'Nu f'-'vx NHS-Z, ,N ' vm -.Z - S5 A vw 'QW I XIX fi Tn-2-,ju-, I '41 Q4,:1Q.Q ,-. 5 o -xy N1 ' N, 5 c' l'::,2'5:-tiL::d,,. ' L- fxf '- V- 'X ' ' 5:"':Zk1'21-. "WW lf J U L5 ll I 1-an usual '- Y ,...4....-...m..f:: 5SQE:2-ELJASZ., QAEJLENIAAR Q 1925?-'58 Swami Opening amcmih mwxeffabmf Schenk My ay Northwmavz QYCEUZ' Aglantic' Aememblae fQr YYQQEQQQS Hgwaevelt Rndiw fax lurid Sawing Alua blyiwieniwr 'f-' Himsa Swhool iapsvwgaini Eff kwa Haight Northmasv Qarwmbigv Paar? iQumg Teacbar's QQUEG ting sz ifawi Falla Sehaal Yusixr Mmzqaaraix Wmymmwwmwawamm Nortkawat 1mf1.w1S1'-'E,jg,f. ima! Singers Fart Packfwbiimvanaw Egaxwtball 1J, Gans Fur? Paixiiybeim imvkwibail Bama Chriakmea ?rw5yqm Fart Efzvieiifilawhmz Him Q. flimxus Baukewbmll Ei? ' Christmam we 1 M bvf A Schoeli me s Fur? 3.5 :fM,:14.f, 1'fm9.:1-'zf- Game! Pupils? Sun iaiwszg EQQQ Emi Qi Fort EQQQHJH H V-'f- ffW.kmf, CHQ! Ferg Eawkwr 'Aiwa IP' Puwdiihnhl Jams KQXS 9QQ3qSipAimim EHQLQLEQLE a we Fmrt FHQX'??R55W 5Q2KiY53l3 Gaza Amea bl3'5W2wgfam Fifth isadw masmwksw Hfmgwum Pep Ginn A4evmLHg' Nw wminJnwgx Pep Qkub mwawmbiy SQRQQL Qlmswf mx Lawn Sbhaal akamai ski Sag 0nanAfL HEHQQ 'Vf. fha Fiaiierzng Ward' Northwest hsaemaiyz Magician 0p0PQtSi Whwmpsiatiivmiimn Buttrmyfa BQSEELCQ Qaxtggz igrgaqg 5693 Northwest mHQERF5j5 Tum ihumb Sirens Scalar Glenn ?immiQ Nashua gnvlxgsgcami gvmwk Meat JuBiCPMj6U1Cf QRQQUQZ MLS ppgmgggdg Munie EQQZAQQQ imkwnwmzary Snhacli Sophamerm Bchgml immmr Basnalauraesa Com encamsvi End Qf Schwab m43m Sapta ?, 1939 Enptn 7, l95? Sspt. 17, 1957 Ssptq 27, 193? Qatv 3, 1937 QQEH 69?gE9 1937 Qatu 18, 1957 uct, 18, 1937 9226 22, 1937 6350 28,299 l93? wits 299 193? Hmva 5, 1857 Kava 39, LSB? Jean Z, l95? D QS 159 EBQ? DQQQ i?9 1939 HrmQ l?D 193V D450 18, 1937 :J 'fi 9 ugafmallglgplag lang 21, i958 vs 9333 0 0 fam, 229 1338 Saas ESQ i939 Feta LED 1953 E921 369 1938 :asa Q Mase Seng 249 1938 FSb024,25,26919E5 March Marsh Marnh A9311 gpril April april April April April MH? may my may MB? MH? zz, asv 399 59 11, zap 239 259 22, ao, 50 13, ao, 239 Eb, wi, 1956 3933 1938 1958 1958 1938 1958 1938 1958 1938 1958 1958 1958 1938 1886 1958 PROMENADE On the sixth of May, 1938, the good ship S. S. Fort Peck docked at the Recreation Hall and bestowed e cargo of merry- making "dance-flubberaf' who heard "suing" through their feet instead of their heads, There was a lighthouse to guide the awe-stricken awabs around the decks 'Captain' Billy's bell toiled out the dances while me and 210 other people were having "readies" of fun. It me a gala event in the 'log' of the Fort Peck H1 sallorec After the tide has gone out and the foam hee cleared it lille be renembered as a most succee- aful prom, of which the Juniors have a right to be very proud. THE FLATTERING WORD The students of Fort Peek have always had e "don't-1et-it- ever-be-euidf-wef-didn't-try" attltudec with that they took their fling et drama and une sucessful as they always ere. Under the able direction of Mine Woodward the theatrictial performers presented e laugh'-provoking comedy, "The Flatter- ing Words' Johnny Harrie proved the old adage "Actors are the only honest hypocrites' when he went to town on the part of the Rev. Mr. Wrigley. He was ably supported by Helen Herbold, his open-minded wifeg Tommy Brubaker, a veteran of the atHB05 Lorraine Brick, e geaeiping church workers and Dolores Coryell, u hal!-mitted child protege. PA'1'ROLLED Butch and John have this school patrolled, '1'hey've labored four yeere through hot and cold. '1'hey've put up the signs and taken them dovm with nary a sigh and nary a frown., -44.. say, I a whaleuvn favor? 'Ibis is on A, Vi M, to know that you need a new mmm 5i'i..f"i1eaezu 1'-zzoznmiou might bl interesaisaci r:.a4:mf,.,gz 53E'S'A'5?G'-QZEALF garage behind the spuzi ?.x.Z1if5. S' f1f.s.cH2-"e Efmffza to IRON for exeroisao I'i.jT1i' aimrgz 1 .lima if ymvre interested in uhm :iam .LU xznsssxlaa amount to about 513,903 mg is, ual be trottin' dawn ywm mam sf cztherwise we lon't disturb ya 2 1 m iorhiialestaan Ae. is ,lsr -171, W Ali. Liffa 5. -''falExfE1: B is img in , sfgwwg Joy up czaxsf- Lg. -uf G is fax' . I . f lust flingg They"5,3 gm f clingo D is :av Lim. 1 ,fb f,.:1gQ Tu , inf:-awning, E la fm? But we awilh 12,1 5 1,211.1 it fate. if' is 5:22 iL'lf:nf:1:an:ig .mi Some of my:-1 mv " G ine gr imwp- ga P., 1 EA We emma an cf X ' ms? amen, H is fair' 5 ,J .. ffm , Since time zizwz :Epi we Q., mann J its Fai: H liste lb gzfmlamsfa wang 1 f N ra, main K is Qnxnif, iihesgv Qiwuw .g,.-:g,,-sr :mx if wx-was notes. L is for looting ot shioh we do much, .md may have leurels for adding that touch. M le for music, both sweet and the sour. We have than both in the glee club hour. N is tor no, a negative word, Which from the teachers ll often have heard. 0 ie for the obedience, the mother of euocseea we couldn'1: say more in elaborate address. P ie for prom which I8 all did enjoy, From the littleet squirt to the biggest boy. Q is for questions, the root of all evil, Ot poetical strife, and general upheaval. R ie for relief of which we have none, Until this wee task is completed and done. S is tor Seniors, exactly thirteen. what they'1l do in the future remains to be seen 'I' is for truck, a heart-splitting game, But some of the boys will make quite a neme. U ie for ultimatum, which the teachers deliver, 'Get your work done or you'll head up the river! V le for voice, everywhere it is heard. But silence ee've noticed le sometimes preferred 'N is for lords some of which we are lacking, Wlseoracks too, ee're supposed to he cracking. X marks the spot when exams Inve been given, And mrke the epot where the pupils were driven. Y is for youth, the season ot hope, 01' Joy and of gladneee and use of no soap. Z is for zumpin' we don't moe what If you can guess that'n you're not such e nut. who'e the fellow that'e always on time? Who's the fellow that keeps you in line? Whom the fellow that rings the chime? Mr. Fjeretad, principal benign I4ho'e the fellow that runs the school? Who's the fellow that stops the duels? llho'e the fellow that's always cool? ltr. Fjerstad, who makes the rules. -46- w f , Mg , J , if ,bww 7 V ,,.,,..,L 7 fx," ,- in K W 124 4411, '1 fam wff Kfilfiffqljff-W5 w?1,iz,,4'if:14. A I'-.ilxff CJA1f7"'f?Ci7 Q60 '70 C4130 11 Q VJ I I 'lfafzl jfgllifp-ff'4! L fl! ch A ', 411' fr, ., ' vb ff T44 Y 7' 1 Q-N T - , , A WW L 1 A Ng 5 Xvavvyna .75 LOC!!! ff fX14:1f'- I Q Q,h2 ' IJ-4,L.g1,f14Q, V X - .4 A, NY fy ff 1 f ff fx X f 4,5 Kf"f3f?' 745, K' f "L K, ' fx, Zff- XX 'f7,,1Af0u I-Jff ' fr'5fZPG1,Q,1.f ii in Q K ILAQXJ' ,.'f ff' E4liT"f'f.v-.lxfdf xx ,, 6 ff ww 5 W , X V. -1. X ' ' I Y JK . X. X 1 Q, If ffm, 1.k., .,, P kf Q V, , , gli. , . CN E u V, I tjyfw' md' 2 N, X 1 'W ' I t 5 rj X m f M-ffff 1 ,ff fb I Q.. x X 1 K X J .U ' J .,, , , Va . ff ffgf, Hy - X Q A X, ,, 952, . , -. K, ,- ,Q if K -1,,, K ,V YN- ? ' f ' " 4 W -. Z!1'd2.4,j 1K+'1Ah?Al 40, X45 CQ ZJQWFP 1304 W: A1 L 4. f ff ? f, ML mf 4QfWfv Lima? CAV Jqrlj? 4 'ink v cf . ,q fini., If E 121 . I F A 1 rvclffrxk, X ' U' ' ff 'K' ' Y, V r-L ' 777 MQ gli J 'Y 'MM' f 112?9L"'f'M'x . , Rip! ff, zlyffdfhffbf 1 Agfljf. A, I 4 MW, gf 69, , A - Jf"5f?"v:fyg, 7ff f1M.,. , l Lf ' I! ,V I H151 ,-1 ' ' if , fn f N f I5 fi' - . ' if A f fi fx 451,41 umm, ' Wwfwy fiafw-J 1 I 1227 fl V 0 f' I f? 41,44-17 'I-LL! f L . LZ-' 44 WMM! L24 -wfffff MQQ FW! 'W7 -L' ff !'1'f1f4.L.,4'Lf,'..1, ' ' 85110 ,dazg ff awgpcwm ' 'X7 ' 55 P 3573154 1--V W 'S f p ily, lun ' , Vai. ,Aa Q fa W ,, T my bfi, Q inf N934 f ! AQ! rf! ,ff 4 ff P Y' w lf ,f,nmc,.,x4,1 I2A'K"i'A L d . M. M-,g.. ., gi 4 'B L4 1 .1171 fx!! ,K 1 LAY -LAZ.,yvQij7,""" ax, 2 m.k.J ff' ' ly ' , ' V-, . M ' 1 , ,r Q,w+f f i yvfzgaimcfihfgzmfl' C' 'fi' U J Q . . , x A , 4- L. 1 Ls -, ' 1 , 1 - ' , . 'Q Af 5' L. V ' 1- , .1 , Q A U7 , f I 'ZF f' iwllqlf wV.!,,iZJ,! V Q- eng: E lg gyda? cw, ,I 5 Qvfugllw My is EQ, sz Limfnpff ff Zfsiw WW 3 dl gf 1 if Aawfwv CJZWLQ O "7 O

Suggestions in the Fort Peck High School - Dinosaur Yearbook (Fort Peck, MT) collection:

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