Fort Payne High School - Aurora Yearbook (Fort Payne, AL)

 - Class of 1962

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Text from Pages 1 - 112 of the 1962 volume:

A . D 5 nun, , 4'-1 J ,". n I K' 4 , V. 4.s , . - n. ,,. . w.,- fu ,l li, I .,'3.. Q k px nv.- ,Q - awww fx f' We-nm T 0149 CU Of "All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players: They have their exits and their entrancesg And one man in his time plays many parts, His acts being seven ages. At first the infant, Mewling and puking in the nurse's arms: Then the whining school-boy, with his satchel And shining morning face, creeping like snail Unwillinglyto school: . . For some, this 1962 edition of the AURORA will represent the completion of their second actg for others, it will be only another scene of that act. We, the AURORA Staff, hope that throughout the other five acts this book will relive events and scenes in the second act of your life. ' CDQ ogcabbn To the students of'iFort Payne High School, to their unconquerable school spirit, to all the school organizations, to all the fun and learning of our school years, we, the AURORA staff of 1961-62, dedicate this edition of the AURORA. yFQSSdyQ This has been a very pleasant year. As we re- flect upon the many achievements of the last few months, we understand why. Surely, there is no deeper pleasure than the feeling of satis- faction that comes with a task well done. And when the workers are as cheerful, friendly, and helpful as ours have been, the work becomes a joy in itself. For this year of accomplishment, fellowship, and pleasure, then, Iextend congratulations to The AURORA Staff, the student body, the teach- ers, and all who have made this year a success. MR. T. G. SMITH. IR. Principal X ' f it J ni' .Nik ... 53' T f V Kzng 'QB ia.. Quai. 4 1 J Mir MRS. JULIA BIDDLE MISS NANCY BLOOM B. S., Jacksonville State B. S., Huntingdon College Englishg Glee Club Physical Education MRS. BARBARA CAVIN MISS YVONNE CRYE B. S. , Auburn B. S. , Jacksonville State M.E., University English of Georgia Home Economics MR. ROYCE E. DUNN MR. ROBERT N. ELLIS Athens Liberal Arts B. S. , University of B.S.. Auburn Chattanooga English Scienceg Coach MRS. MARY CLIFTON FEATI-IERSTON MISS GEANETT FERRELL B. S. , Mississippi State University B. S. , Jacksonville State Sciences Mathg Science MR. TOM FREEMAN MRS. MARGUERITE GREEN B. S. , Jacksonville State A. B. , Howard College M. A. , Auburn University Math History MR. ROBERT HARRIS MR. ALLEN HUDSON B. S. , Howard College B. S. , Jacksonville State Historyg Coach D. O. MRS. KATE IORDAN MRS. MOZELLE S. LONG B. S. , Jacksonville B. A. , Howard College State. M.E. , M. A., University of University of Alabama, Chattanooga Typing Mathg Shorthand MRS. MARJORIE D. MALLOY MR. B. I. NOLES Jacksonville State, University B. S., Jacksonville State of Alabama, University of South M. A. , University of Alabama Carolina, B. S. Biology English MR. TED NOLES MR. ELROY B. ROTCH B. S., Howard College B. S. , Livingston State College M. A. , Peabody College M. S. , Auburn University Coachg Social Studies Agriculture MRS. BARBARA SHIRLEY B. S. , Jacksonville State Spanish MR. WILLIAM A. TOLBERT B. A. , University MRS. ELIZABETH THOMAS B. A. , M. A. , University of Alabama Librarian MR. VERNON WELLS B. S. , Mississippi of Alabama Southern Band Coach, History MRS. EDITH WILSON MRS. FRANCES SMITH Jacksonville, Peabody School Secretary College, B. S. Math , , 15 1 111111, a12:1a1,f 1 1-111:f11g,f 1 1 1, 1-1 1 1 A111111 11, W- 1111911411111 1-,,111,, .1,f111g,1-- 1, 1 1.1, ,, , 1,-g1111,1,qg5g13111551. 11fx1111:1fsii42i,af22,111SRg.11f12s1,1s11S1x,,,1i. 1 1 ,Q 11111111,-ftfs1,115i115?E5Jz5,55fizf11,,f1z1e114- 1,,12,gi3f11111zsz11zii?Zg11s1ilg21f,f11111,1113l1'11 ' ,1,1s,,111f11,11111111,11111,,1 1111, 1, 112 1 -1 11,,11-z1,11,.1e111 114.1+f,11,,1-11111, ,f:11-f,1w1,11- 1. 1 z':,,1,s,1H1Wi-9,31i1'12 11 ,1-11,11f1117115'"111f5E55fNf',1,fXf15A 1,15-1.1':111 , . 1 151,--'1112P16,ff5ffYWs.12,?s11,,1.1,,z, 15' f- 4 ,J 5,45 1'1119'1fEfQ?fg151,11qi 1. g . 1 31, 11 K 1,1,.5,,.1.,.1,f1gi1,,, ,1 1 ,1,,,,11,,,,sa1f,W615,Q.1,?1,3,1H 111as1.,11....1 ., ,1J,11,1,,,911q1111,,f,Qqz...,1,,z,.1,a111 , , ,,,,,1,,,i,111.,,1siglyichim-,1511,11,11,,..-1 1 ,,es11f1.1, 1:11f11.:f1,f1,11111i111,11111- 1,-1wrvfff-111"112g.11gf1111u , K , 1, -,111,1111,,1:11s?11fn111f'1.1i 1,-2-'f111gS952p?i1?fff5ff1111,511110,11 1 -'1 . 11.1111-ii,3'1m!?15QEiiif5111e111- 1,'f'?55i1?1f21i2'111f5'11451-. f,11111:s11111,1111 1 11,i1:1.1111,111,111,,g1111,111+,11 1 -1 sf11121111511,f111W1115?'111'11 1,111-,1111w-ff.1,,g,11f-1,1-, 1? A 111111r11,11?21,11t1 11 -111.3-iss-11f'1tf111-11 ' ,EH-,111f.1s31f1,1f111i1114 Y 11911-,11411i1111'1"" , ,,,1, 911111,-,1 - 111,,11.k,11111,,,111 ,,,,,,11,,,11,111111, 4 -1 , ,- 1 , x K' I' 1, 7 ' 3 1 .1 ,..,, , ,, X,,. sf1i15i15KQm2'5,.' M211 .11,g1!G,1rs-ge, 1114, 1,wg1,1WsA2iLzf5151111511 1 11:11 11,11 5 1.Cif'5lf1,11 3 ,1 5,1 1'f111,11V1-q,.,s 511,11 1111211311q1111.1kgS115i,1,11ar lv--fiiili, LH12 'E 1 1i1,sf2+1iff11c111s21g1115 1'1,:'5Iff7f'u'iiL,F5' 5 TTS? ,-15211111Q111511f211'!g,,f5,211 ,111,1111::121g1iefi1,221f 11 11:11 1' 51,,5,,,-11,1 11111,-SSEM1 -111z1111:1g15'?11i2321gi1111211131 1.f1ef11i11sg,1m 11153151115 1, f2.?11L,2 1fss,1!sggi1ff1!g1v51,1 1 11 if 'Y 'nf-'L ,'29ffl11'1 1f:,, 12,1Q112211sgg 531111311 we 1,1,1,1s1,x,,,, v 1 ,, - 1 1p.,,,.11,,i,,1111,1111,,11111111 11 ,1 1 11,,11111..1qi1,1s1s11111,111,111 -.1111 "-' v?E11Q1,g1111.,.1.--1 . , iii91555ifiilwfiaiiii,1'1H?5f:'1 1 ', 1-9,311 11172ifT51i'3!3iffQYl2gifEE6iff1E51fsiQ, 1 -X 2'i?f-.iff1l?5Qgi5?5Eg'ifcgii-T117 A H i.1,?'3 1. 1 1 14ii1s1'11i-123221511g3,111f21115,E1,2.11,i1.1,-' 1' 1121'1512?11Q1fQi122gff.5g.12Qgg1igg4iff5L5gg1x11,g 1 11i511511151111141313235531jiiikga'114115111-11,.11 ,, ,1 jieiiiiiif1ieE221gQi235L1?2igEifg g1it521f11?.f2.1,-11i 11 15.3222122'g11gi22Q,E11'23?31g21s51?111i5Si2E111K V fig 3 115.141 12113231122311'ig,1?Q1?1?Fi12gi?1i1,11'11,332,YW 1 1211.1 2 ts, ' 351,14gs221sgg5g3?1g51ggga1ggss251i,11gig11111311 1,f..f1gii'.1,51511115531zif:1,g2s,1g2Agk,ig,1?e4,gi1i15,fg51z11g:151.11 5L5gii2i5151ggg1ggg115'1.igigz ,L 11531-gQx1:11f,1 3 9 3 r 1v5,,.gvg5.1V, ,A 41.33, 31 1? 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M " 11? 532,55 .'5?,1'tz 1 15f1Z,1.1,,z."'1'F 165, Y 1 ' ni-w1 'i121Sl1, ,,,, 1211 1117111 WH 1 A -- i' LSMQ- X ,1,11,,,1,311,g1,.p1i? ,,Q,21,,,,1i11.. 1,1 ?,,.,1f,111z11e1,,--1i1i1251111.13111 111.1,E11f,1,. 1 1.,',,111 s,15 11Mi 1111? 14111,,,,,,A11,1,,1,',f-Ef11ws311ag11!S111,,Q qlS?W3?slY3a1 11, 1 1 1111 11,1 3,111 , '21,-,sy 1,-1,g11'11k111'11111 11,111-12151511 111-11-Q 135, g1-,1.11,g1,-5 511.1111-1, -1,11,f1-1111-111,281-. -,: EY! PIM1.,,,111,1.3111511113115-'11 151112, 1 7 Qi 51,1111 ,1,12E-11ifi91Ek23,?g 5e,31315??!1iti1i2g1l,1?,if211f'.1i11Wi2fiEif1?QQELSESSQQJQZSEQ 121555 2512252311521if111131151211,151:212ig22i32i2235 152111151EE5252EQi?12131Ef1gii3gig1fQi23i5iBg?g 'f2Si2E1EQ1,'f2,2 519 ,,,, 'ffzF1if1IT2,'1s1 11 Wf1'sf?,2,fs1121f'-if11142.1s151,11g, ig -1g 1 :mv1ff2X1sf1I1f61S1s-11!,T.1131,w111-1 11 sg A 511' VW ,QQ 521-WT.'L'1-1125 W1 . M ,Eff SW 1111111 513455111 M1111 ,EL 11e1'5151.s11,,11 1,1 gk 1 31 1,1 1m1511J1xst,-1111-i,,11,,11.1'11111 1111115121 1111- 5211115512 ,1111116,11q Wulf if ' i51,M,11?11 1 1fMS111, ,,.iiQ525215E31111121111,f111,1111f.1f 115 1512532531111?i11i1111g1,,1.1,ffsi1f211s111Ei1153113a 1112211121159-T.1311211.11hfE111.1,1f1355!1111e5.25 1 , 121 f15si!Sii1SQi5P 115' 1 President: KENT FOSTER SMITH "A wise man is strong, yea, a man of knowledge increaseth strength." Beta Club, Class Officer 4, Band, Officer 3, 4, Science Club, Officer 3, 4, Spanish Club, Co-Ed Hi-Y, Prom Committee, Boys' State, Senior Who's Who Vice-President: CRAIG HURON CHRISTOPHER "Athletic, friendly, and kind, another like him you'll never find. " Beta Club, Science Club, Senior Who's Who, Spanish Club, Student Council Secretary: FRANCES CAROLYN PAIR "The Golden Rule works like gravitation. " F. H. A. , Officer 3, Beta Club, Science Club, Co-Ed Hi-Y, Wildcat Staff, Assistant Editor, Class Officer 3, 4, Newspaper Reporter 4 Treasurer: WANDA FAYE BURNS "Curiosity is one of the characteristics, of a vigorous mind." Beta Club, Officer 4, F. H. A. , Officer 3, 4, Class Officer 3, 4, Student Council 2, 3 SUE FRANCES ALLSUP "Give to the world the best you have, and the best will come back to you. " Wildcat Staff, F. I-LA., Officer 3, 4, Co-Ed I-Ii-Y, F.T.A. , Officer 4, Annual Staff, Square Dance Club, Red Cross, Band, Flag Bearer, Majorette, Head 4, Senior Who's Who, Pret- tiest Girl 3 JAMES EDWARD BAILEY "As good as gold. " ALTON LEE BEASON "Be sure you are right, then go ahead. " Letterman's Club, F. F. A. , Football, Track, Freshman Favor- ite, Most Handsome 3, 4, Senior Who's Who WENDELL LEE BENEFIELD "lt's nice to get up in the mornin', but it's nicer to stay in bed. " RODNEY BRENT BLACK "He that is of a merry heart hath a continual feast. " Red Cross, Officer 3, Co-Ed l-Ii-Y, Officer, Science Club, Student Council, President 4, Class Officer 2, 3, Square Dance Club, Officer 3, Beta Club, Spanish Club, Senior Who's Who, Lettermen's Club, School Best All Around 4 EUELL CONRAD BLACKWELL "Knowledge is more than equivalent to force. " Science Club, Beta Club, Spanish Club, Wildcat Staff LARRY BRISENDLNE "The lever of each is but what each desires. " F. F. A.: D. O. ALMA MAXINE BOHANNON "We were young, we were merry, we were very, very wise.' F. H. A. g Senior Who's Who DONALD RAY BROOKS "He will laugh thee to scorn. " F. F. A. g Science Club. MELBA BROOKS "Speech drifts away with sound while silence is as permanent as eternity. " Commercial Club GARY CECIL BROWN "Habit is stronger than nature. " Science Clubg Lettermen's Clubg Class- Officer 2g Footballg Senior Who's Who. LARRY DOYLE BROWN "It is a rough road that lead to the heights of greatness. " Science Clubg Red Cross Club LINDA FAYE BROWN "Who can count the stars of heaven?" F. H. A. 5 Commercial Club JAMES NARVIN BURKHART "Great is truth, and mighty above all things. " Beta Clubg Science Clubg Spanish Club GARY BURNETTE "Ignorance of one's misfortunes is clear gain. " F. F. A. VERNA ALICE CLARK "A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance. " Transfer from Pisgahg F. H. A. g Senior Who's Who JIMMY DAN DEFELICE "So whacky that he runs into accidents which start to happen to somebody else. " Science Club, Letterman's Club, Red Crossg Wildcat Staffg F. F. A. g Baseball BOBBY LEE DELLINGER "Those who think must govern those that toil Science Clubg Wildcat Staff, Red Cross Clubg Class Officer 2 CAROLYN ELAINE DOBBINS "Charms strike the sight, but merit the soul. C0-Ed Hi'Y: F. H.A. g D. O. 5 Freshman Beautyg Miss D. O. 43 Senior Beauty BARBARA GAIL EDWARDS "And why l'm so plump the reason I tell, --" CO-Ed Hi-Yg F. H.A.g Glee Club for you. " Clubg Spanish Club IIM ED ELLIOTT "Live and learng die and forget it all. " HAROLD JACK FINDLEY "He has half the deed done, who has made a beginning. " Bandg Glee Club, President 4, All-State Chorus 3, 45 Wild- cat Staff: Science Club CHARLES TONY FORRESTER "Outside show is a poor substitute for inner worth. " Lettermen's Club, Secretary 43 Science Clubg Basketballg Best Looking Boy 23 Boys' State LINDA MARIE FREEMAN "Do it tomorrow, you've made enough mistakes today." Co-Ed Hi-Y: F. H. A. 3 Science Club FELICIA JANE GUEST "Never get even with anyone unless they do something good Science Club, Officer 4g Spanish Club, Officer 4g Co-Ed Hi- Y, Officer 4g Beta Clubg Senior Who's Who, Student Council All-State Band, All-State Medal, Band, Officer 3, Wildcat Staff g National Merit Scholarship Finalistg Girls' Ensemble GREGORY ORRE GUSTAFSON "Actions speak louder than words. " Football, Captain 43 Lettermen's Club, Officer 4g Science CHARLES ROBERT HOLBROOK . "So much to dog so little done. " F. F. A. g Science Club MARY JOLENE HOLLIS "Youth is wholly experimental. " F. H. A. g Co-Ed Hi-Yg Junior Red Cross DAVID LEE HUGHES "He'll find a way. " F. F. A. ALFRED RIC HARD IG OU "When I feel the urge to work, I lie down until it passes over. " Science Clubg Lettermen's Clubg Spanish Clubg Student Coun- cilg Class Officer 3: Senior Who's Who BETTY JEAN JOHNSON "Youth is full of pleasure, age is full of care. " Co-Ed HiYg Commercial Clubg Junior Red Cr Clubg Library Clubg Wildcat Staffg Annual Staffg Band, Flag Carrier SALLY KAYE JONES "Capacity for joy admits temptation." F. H. A. , Officer 4 ROBERT ERNEST HAAS "All good men must dieg and I feel sick." F. F. A. g Letterrr1an's Clubg Science Clubg Basketball All District, All County Basketball 1 MELODY MAE l-IARMS "Love is ever the beginning of knowledge, as fire is of light. Co-Ed Hi-Y, Officer 45 F. H. A. 5 Commercial Clubg Wildcat Staff, Editor 4g Band, Officer 4, Flag Carrier, Majoretteg Junior Red Cross, Officer 4 SARAH CREANLINE HARRIS "A soft answer turneth away wrath. " F. H. A. g Commercial Clubg Red Crossg Science Clubg Co-Ed Hi-Y DONNIE KAYE HILYER "It's a friendly heart that has plenty of friends. " Co-Ed Hi-Yg F.H.A.g F. H. A. Chorusg Commercial Clubg Glee Clubg Girls' Ensembleg All State Chorus ossg Spanish "'Tis only noble t ROBERT GERALD KEASLER o be good. " Science Clubg Student Councilg Beta Club, Officer 4g Senior Who's Who "You may fire wh F. F. A. g Officer 4 "Every man meets F. F. A. 3 D. O. JACKIE KILLIAN en ready. " WAYNE KILLIAN his Waterloo at last. " CHERYL DALE KING "IfI chance to talk a little while, forgive meg I had lt from my friends. " F. H. A. : D.O. .21 .v :w Qu: f. 'Sm' 4 MARY EVELYN LITTLE QFARROWJ "Little strokes fell great oaks. " F. H. A. WAYNE ROBERT LUSK "I dug for wisdom, but fell out. " DON ALLAN MARTIN "When duty and pleasure clash, let duty go to smash. " Bandg F. F. A. 5 D. O. g Science Club CHARLES JERRICE McDONALD "None but himself can be his parallel. " Science Club JIMMY MCKEEHAN "The wrong way always seems more reasonable. " Baseballg Basketballg Lettermen's Club: F. F. A. , Offi Science Club: Junior Class Favorite H. D. MILLER "O, the gallant fisher's life, It is the best of any. " Transfer from Berry High cer 4 F. F. A. JOHNNY EUGENE PERKINS "He was a man of an unbounded stomach. " Footballg Letterman's Clubg Senior Who's Whog Transfer From Platt High, Tampa, Florida PAUL VINSON PORTER "Always laughing, never sadg sometimes naughty, never bad. " Letterman's Clubg Footballg Spanish Clubg Science Clubg Student Councilg Wildcat Staff: Senior Who's Whog Class Of- ficer 2 PHYLLIS KAYE RHODES "Pleasure and action make the hours seem short. " Science Clubg Library Clubg Co-Ed Hi-Yg F. H. A. , Officer 3g Beta Clubg F.T.A.g Annual Staff, Editor 4g Bandg Senior Who's Whog Wildcat staff SARAH JOYCE RICE "For knowledge, too, is itself a power. . . " Beta Clubg Annual Staffg Science Clubg Co-Ed Hi-Yg Y. M.C. A1 Youth Legislature 2g Red Cross Clubg F. H. A. , Officer 3g F. T. A. , Officer 3g D. O. Clubg Girls' State STANCE NEWTON RIGNEY, JR. "A Christian is God Almighty's gentleman." Transferred From Millry Highg Footballg Basketballg F. F.A. , President lg Bandg Class Officer 2g Co-Ed l-li-Y, Officer 45 Beta Clubg Glee Club JAMES LEVERN ROGERS "His only labor was to kill time. " CHARLIE LENARD MILLS JR. "A pleasant personality known for being kind and modest DAVID ALLEN MOORE "He that is thy friend indeed, he will help thee in thy need Science Clubg Red Cross Clubg Footballg Baseball JUSTIN MOSES "Little said is soonest mended. " BENNY RAY PEOPLES 'Let thy speech be better than silence, or be silent F. H.A, g D.O. Club, Mr. D.O. 4 BORDEN MORRISON ROMIN "Magnificent spectacle of human happiness." Science Club, Red Cross Clubg Student Council LINNA WORTH SHIREY "Those eyes the greenest of things blue, the bluest of things grey. u Cheer Leader: F. H. A. g Class Officer lg Co-Ed Hi-Yg Glee Club: Ef1SCmbleg F. H. A. Chorusg Prettiest RIC HARD WOOD S HUGART "lf ever in doubt - argue." Science Clubg Spanish Clubg Beta Club BOBBY JAMAR SMITH "Good name is better than many riches. " E, JR. Girl 2 HARLAN GENERAL SPILLMAN "If it's a man's work, l am only a boy." F. F. A. RITA JUNE STEMS "Never let your studies interfer with your high school educa- tion. " F. H. A. : Co-Ed Hi-Yg Spanish Club, Red Cross Club, Glee Club LANA FAYE STEPHENS "I'd rather run till I'm out of breath than ramble along and be bored to death. " Science Clubg Co-Ed Hi-Yg F. H. A., Officer 3g F.T.A.: Red Cross Clubg D. O. Clubg Beta Clubg Senior Who's Who REBECCA IO STILWELL "What can give us more sure knowledge than our senses. " F. H. A. 5 Red Cross Club, Library Clubg Beta Clubg D. O. Club, Officer 3, 4, Miss D.O. 3 LINDA ETTE STONE "Her character is neat to match her appearance." Co-Ed Hi-Y, F. H. A. g Commercial Club NANCY PAULA STOUT "Every day should be spent as if it were to be our last. " Transferred from Adams Junior High Schoolg Co-Ed Hi-Y, Spanish Club: Cheerleader: Red Cross Club, President 4g F. T. A. Q Senior Who's Who, Garden Club, First Vice -President CONNIE DIANNE THURMAN " A merry heart doeth good like medicine." F. H. A. 5 Commercial Club, Officer ZOLA ANNIS TIDWELL "There's nothing so kindly as kindness, and nothing so royal as truth. " Beta Clubg Co-Ed Hi-Y, Library Club, Assistant Presidentg Miss Citizenship 4, Senior Who's Who AUDIE JO TILLEY "lf silence is golden, she is a millionaire." Commercial Club, F. H. A. LANE EARL TRAYLOR "Revolutions are not made, they just come. " F. F. A. VIRGINIA KAY TRUSSELL "lf to her some female errors fall, look on her face and you will forget them all. " Co-Ed Hi-Yg Red Cross Club: F.T.A., Officer 4g Band, Flag Carrier, Majoretteg Senior Who's Whog Square Dance Clubg Annual Staffg Wildcat staff LILA WHALEY "So sweet the blush of bashfulness. " ANNIE RUTH WILDER "Friendship is the golden key that unlocks the door to Oppor- tunity. " Co-Ed Hi-Yg F. H, A., Officer 3g Student Council, Officer 4g Science Clubg Glee Clubg F. H. A. g Chorusg Ensernbleg Home- coming Attendant 3g Queen 4g Class Favorite 1, 35 School Best All-Roundg Cheerleader, Head 4 GEORGIA CAMILLE WILKES "A head packed full of brains, and a heart full of sunshine. " Class Officer, F. H. A. 3 Library Clubg Science Clubg F. T. A. 5 Commercial Clubg Glee Clubg Miss F. H.A. for March JERRY EDWARD WILIS "Always laughing, never sadg sometimes naughty, never bad.' Science Club, Football, Letterman's Clubg Beta Clubg Baseball Annual Staff FONZO WINTERS "What he wants most to get out of school is himself. " ' PAUL WAYNE woLFE "Always laughing, full of fun, that's why he's liked by every- one. " Spanish Clubg Science Clubg Co-Ed Hi-Yg Band, Wildcat Staff g Annual Staff Qsezzzbr Qgolofzlszifbafes RUTH WILDER ALTON BEASON ezzzbr jjhy May 18, 1962 "Family Portrait" Cast: Greg Gustafson, Paul Porter, Carolyn Pair, Ierrice McDonald, Wanda Burns, Jackie Findley, Rebecca Sti1wel1,Gerald Keasler, Stance Rigney, Melody Harms, Sally Kay Jones, Sue Beason, Wayne Wolfe, Linda Stone, Tommy Cook, Jim Elliott, Gail Ed- wards, Larry Brown, Zola Tidwell, Bobby Smith, Alton Beason, James Burkhart, Jimmy Defelice. Act I Scene I MOST POPULAR: Brent Black Sue Allsup NEATEST: Gary Brown Carolyn Pau APPLE POLISHER DELUX Phyllis Rhodes Stance Rigney QUIETEST: Verna Clark Justin Moses MOST ATHLETIC: Nancy Stout Alton Beason WITTEST: Paul Porter Maxine Bohannan BIGGEST FLIRT Kay Trussell John Perkins MOST STUDIOUS Craig Christopher MOST DIGNIFIED Richard Igou Lana Stephens 075 fo BEST PERSONALITY Paul Porter Ruth Wilder Wanda Burns MOST DEPENDABLE Zola Tidwell Gerald Keasler MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Kent Smith Felicia Guest ..T..,.i. v ,,,f MfM,,,.: .M MOST MISCHIEVOUS Lane Tr aylor Nancy Stout MOST TALENTED Kent Smith Fe11c1a Guest MOST VERSATILE Craig Christopher Linna Shirey MOST POLITE Zola Tldwell Stance Rigney FRIENDLIEST Ruth Wilder Brent Black CUTEST Sue Allsup Gary Brown 11121014 9121014 9710122 May 11, 1962 "SOUTHERN SERENADEH graogzaflbn SPECIAL AWARDS Zola Tidwell fActingj Gerald Keasler fActing3 For portrayals of Mary and James in "FAMILY PORTRAIT" 012 OILS' LANA STEPHENS CPoetryj PTA SCHOLARSHIP and Bacpw Scholarship Phyllis Rhodes OUTSTANDING BETA James Burkhart DANFORTH AWARD Kent Smith Wanda Burns SCIENCE AWARDS Craig Christopher Felicia Guest ATHLETIC AWARD Alton Beason BALFOUR AWARD Gerald Keasler CERTIFICATES OF ACHIEVEMENT Phyllis Rhodes Carolyn Pair Zola Tidwell Ioyce Rice Felicia Guest Rebecca Stilwell Lana Stephens Euell Blackwell Gerald Keasler Craig Christopher 3 Kent Smith 4 may gorf Wayne SUE BEASON man yor!! Wayne AI-TON BEASON ,Rf. ,W W. 141! fr 215 K' 3' MWA' vf' K K if :Q -,+,,s-vsp, ,- Barbara Dozier President Don Shankles Vice-President Bob Blake Treasurer David Rains Secretary Kay Chisenhall Parlimentarian Jerry Austin Sammy Baugh Olivia Baxter Brenda Beason Steve Bell Brenda Berry Brenda Black Meriam Black Brenda Blackwell Larry Bouldin Shannon Bray Peggy Brock Doris Chambers Jimmy Chambers Rita Chambers Gkss 0 763 Janice Chitwood Jerry Chitwood Ronald Clayton Janet Cook Lynn Durham Morris Dutton Kitty Echols Larry Elkins Kenneth Elrod Vesta Elrod Delano Evans Jane Everett Peggy Faulkner Tom Featherston Tony Fowler Carolyn Gibson Terry Grant Faye Green Jerry Gregg Jeanne Griffin Jimmy Haas Sandra Haas Barbara Hall Sue Harrison Judy Hawkins Rhonnie Horton Charles Houston William Howell Johnny Jacoway Ora Lee James Tommy Jester Amelia Johnson Kay Jones Mike Kelly Tommy Keith Dorothy Kidder Kenneth Large Sandra Ledford Jane Lindsey Annette Mauldin Jimmy McGee Mrytle McPherson Jimmy Miller Ray Miller Joan Morgan Wayne Newsome Linda Oliver Jim O'shields Johnnie Parker Dillard Patterson Darwin Poe James Powell Malcom Prater Bill Prestwood Becky Prestwood Robert Prestwood Pat Parsons Doris Reece Norma Robison Linda Rogers Dorothy Rose Jimmy Rotch Diane Sellers Shirley Shipman Phyllis Shipp Charlotte Smith Ricky Southerland Sammy Stinson Larry Stone Brenda Stott Ann Tate Larry Templeton Larry Thomas Steve Thomas Jo Ann Thrasher Mary Thurman Tommy Tumlin Carole Waddell Chester Walker Geary Walker Butch White Judie White Asa Williams Bill Williams Brenda Williams Pearle Winters Judy Young Jannice Smith 1 N 1 7: I i fs ! Q 2 E S s E ? RONALD JONES, President LARRY I-IOLDBROOK, V-Pres. FREDDY LEATH, Secretary SHIRLEY GENTRY, Treasurer ROGER ROBERTSON, Reporter LaRue Ambrester Alan Arber Marlin Arrington Carol Atwood Billy Bailey Linda Baker Carolyn Ballenger Jane Bartlett Henry Barnett Danny Beck Jerry Benefield Patricia Biddle George Black Katherine Blake Sandra Brindley Kathleen Britta Shelia Brock Jo Nell Brooks Doris Browder Joe Burkhart Mary Busby Donald Butler Butch Cassidy June Cassidy Becky Cavin Pat Chambers Lowery Chandler Johnny Chitwood Janie Fike Starlin Fike Billy Frasier Barbara Freeman Randall Gilbert James Gilbreath Karlene Gillette Tony Goggans Carolyn Greenwood Tommy Groat Gwen Gustafson Sandra Hancock Billy Harper Geroge Hartline Jerrie Sue Hicks Charles Hill Johnny Hill Steve Hill Creed Clayton Jimmy Cordell Jerry Couch Johnny Crow Carolyn Davis James Dawson Janice DiNardi Jerry Drennon Elaine Driskill George Echols Stanley Edwards Tricia Eller Jimmy Evans Betty Fay Evatt Linda Faulkner Gilbert Hixon Sam Houston Joyce Hulgan Brenda Jackson Linda James Henry Johnson Millie Jones Phyllis Jones Ceretha Jordan Linda Kendall Fay Kennedy Carol King Jeanne King Linda Lackey Donnie Leftwich Verlin Lumpkin Joe Lyle Al Malone Joyce Maxwell Freda McBrayer Juanita McKinney Clyde McMinn Brenda Mince Bobby Mince Redith Mitchell R. C. Morris Charlotte Nichols Howard Owen Dennis Pace Brent Pack Linda Parsons James Peoples Van Pendergrass Patsy Stancil John Paul Stanley Bobby Starling Sarah Sterling Cheryl Stilwell Rickey St. John Jerry Stone Edward Strickland Patsy Sutton John Tate Pat Tate Danny Terrell Carolyn Thomas William Tillman Joe Venable Richard Wade Max Wadkins Barry Waters Wanda Plunkett Gary Presley Kenneth Raughton Nowlin Raymond Susan Raymond James Robertson Myra Robertson Sharon Robinson Ethelyn Rudder Bill Rupil Sandra Schrader Billy Sharp Jerry Sherrell Gary Don Shirey Ruby Smith George Weatherly Jane Whaley Sue White Martha Whittle Johnny Whittley Jo Ann Wolfe Dwight Wooten Jennifer Word Judy Word Linda Word Linda Wright Isaiah Yancy CS 0 pf 0122 ore gd 0 017765 JENNIFER WORD LARRY HOLDBROOK GQSJ 0 '65 ROGER KILLIAN, President TOMMY COOK, Vice-President GENO SHIREY, Sec. and Treas. Charles Acres Larry Ray Adams Velma Akins Carolyn June Allen Mickey Allison Jimmie Dean Bailey Beverly Ballenger Roy Barkley Patricia Barrentine Susan Baugh Wilma Jo Bell Janice Biddle Ronald Biddle Ronald Blackwell Wanda Blake Glenda Bowers Edwin Boyd Danny Brawley Cheryl Brisendine Ann Brewer Dwight Brisendine Carolyn Brock Randy Broyles Doris Bryant Danny Burnett Judy Burt David Burton James Callahan Ronnie Campbell Shelton Cason Edward Chadwick Shannon Christopher Randy Cochran Randy Cochran Charles Cole Phillip Collins Juanita Evans Larry Faulkner Carolyn Fike Io Fike Susan Forrester John Frazier Benny Freeman Gary Gilbert David Gilbreath Janie Gilbreath Gerhig Giles Porter Gilliland Santa Gorman Sue Goss .Timmy Green Peggy Greenwood Joe Griggs Pam Guest Darrell Guffey Patricia Guffey Gary Haas Mary Charles Haralson James Harris Beckey Harris Phyllis Cooper Marla Davis Susie Davis Ann Day Linda Dial Glenn Dilbeck Ronald Dobbs Kenneth Dobbs Benny Dollar Jane Durham Janice Durham Sherrill Duckworth Ronald Eastwood Veta Elliott Imogene Elrod Robert Harris Dorothy Harrison Rex Harrison Vann Harwood Clement Hawthorne Randall Henderson Diane Hill Charlotte Hughes Martha Hughes Howard Hughes James Hulgan Wayne Hulgan Dickie Hulsey Wanda Hunt Mitchell Hunter Glenn Hurtt Martha Jackson Linda Jacoway Brenda Johnson Martell Johnson Kay Jones Linda Jones Rita Jones James Keith James Kerby Dewayne Kidd Donald King Patsy King Herbie Lankford Larry Lankford Carole Lee Peter Little Kenneth Long Rodger Lusk Brenda Mallard Ann Malone Charles Malone Paulette Martin Gaynell Meadows Sophia Pettis Sandra Plunkett Eugene Prestwood Robert Purdy John Pyron Patricia Rains Donna Kay Reece Sandra Reece Sharon Rhodes Patricia Rice Irby Richey Betty Riddle Joe Robertson Mary Rose James Sampley Barbara Sharp Wilma Shipman Barbara Short Carolyn Simpson Larry Singleton Morris Smith Walter Smith Charlotte Sparks Bennon Spillman Betty Jo Mills Mary Nell Minor Richard Monroe Vivian Moore Donna Moses Jimmy Moses Teresa Earlene Nappier Curtis Newsome Linda Norrell Brenda Ogle Jerry Ogle Glenda Gail O'Shields Jimmy Owens Michael Payton Sandra Pealor Margaret Spillman James Stephens Jimmy Dan Stephens Wayne Stephens David Stout Dwight Tear Jimmy Thomas Hardy Thompson Margaret Thompson Lamar Traffenstedt Sheilah Treffenstedt Steve Traffenstedt Faye Vaughn R. B. Vaughn Patricia Wagner Richard Waldrop Jean Wehunt Judy West Robert West Kelly Wigley Billy Williams Shannon Williams Willa Williamson Robert Wills Bobby Wilson Rhonda Wolfe Rudy Womack Billy Jack Whitt Nelson Wright Christine Wooten Johnny Yancy Sharon Yarborough Anne Young fwww my fx ' ff ' ' 2'2 g ,, yn 1 9 V 1 i f by We , X N fi Tfv 56 2 few wa f 4 X Y S S, X A Q f 2 v as W2 ' K E S3 ,, M gh , JS? K 113 M ,I X 1 mg, ., .in . 7 0 Hsfsixk' "7 S Q fwgllvwxbr ia we ,A . um , J -ik? J Si A' A 3' X - V M ' qs ig Wa Mm' x. 4 X yfanfsyzbzhy HOMECOMING QUEEN: Ruth Wilder yjdfd Q SENIOR MAID: Sue Allsup JUNIOR MAID: Judy Hawkins MR. AND MISS D. O.: Elaine Dobbins Benny Peoples SOPHOMORE MAID: Susan Raymond FRESHMAN MAID: Jo Pike W, Kes!-57Z7?0unJ9Zrf .. . .1-1 i-l 1n 1- iw l Q Q 3 4 K S 2 2 3 i fi E i 5 E 35 5 E 3 i Zesffgqfffounofytljoy 4 , cscfoof PRETTLEST GIRL: Sue Allsup MOST HANDSOME BOY: Jimmy Chambers 91210119 PRETTIEST GIRL: Elaine Dobbins. MOST HANDSOME BOY: Alton Beason UI2IOZ'LS' PRETTIEST GIRL: Becky Prestwood MOST HANDSOME BOY: Jimmy Chambers csopfomores PRETTIEST GIRL: Susan Raymond MOST HANDSOME BOY: A1 Malone X ?I"QS5I22QI2 PRETTIEST GIRL: Charlotte Hughes MOST HANDSOME BOY: Rudy WOmaCk omecomzkzy 196142 HOMECOMING COURT Sophomore Susan Raymond Tom Featherston Senior Sue Allsup Robert Haas Queen Ruth W11der Escort Richard Igou Junior Judy Hawkins Tommy Keith Freshman I0 Frke Pat Chambers Ruth Wilder, Homecoming Queen 1961-62, receives trophy from Melba Oglesby, Homecoming Queen 1960-61. oRGANlzATloNs Zjefa PRESIDENT: VICE-PRESIDENT: SECRETARY: Craig Christopher Gerald Keasler Wanda Burns Euell Blackwell Carolyn Pair Lana Stephens Rebecca Stillwell Felicia Guest C115 James Burkhart Richard Shugart Phyllis Rhodes Stance Rigney Brent Black Kent Smith Joyce Rice Greg Gustafson Zola Tidwell 5 5 B Q N . CHARActzR " omsn P sfskh XJ fbjefa We are the members of the BETA CLUB, a national eleemosynary organization founded to stimulate effort, reward achievement, and to encourage and assist its members to continue their educations after high school. The develop- ment of leadership potentials and self -evaluation in high school students are its lasting goals. Wayne Newsome Tommy Tumlin Brenda Stott Larry Stowe Pat Parsons I ane Everett I anet Cook Charlotte Smith Judy Hawkins Phyllis Shipp Kay Chisenhall Olivia Baxter David Rains Tommy Keith Barbara Dozier Mary Thurman Richard Igou Janice Chitwood Ierry Austin Morris Dutton Torn Featherston I eanne Griffin Jimmy Rotch Jimmy McGee Terri Grant gufure jeacfers 0 qmenca President Sue Allsup, Vice-President Nancy Stout, Secretary Kay Trussell FIRST ROW: Kay Trussell, Doris Browder, Phyllis Rhodes, Nancy Stout, Sue Allsup Becky Prestwood, Joe Venable, Mr. Freeman, Sponsor. SECOND ROW: Olivia Baxter Dorothy Kidder, Janice Chitwood, Ora Lee James. i The F. T. A. aim is to encourage capable students to investigate and consider teaching as a career. wp I J Sponsor MRS. MOZELLE LONG 6xoj2JE8Sp,91 , QYOQQ 9 IfO6'df Csfcgff Assistant Editor CAROLYN PAIR SITTING: Phyllis Rhodes, Dorothy Kidder, Nancy Stout, Janice Chitwood, Norma Robison, Phyllis Shipp, Sue Allsup, Euell Blackwell. STANDING: Jackie Findley, Wayne Wolfe, Kay Trussell, Bobby Dellinger, Janet Cook, Craig Christopher, Jeanne Griffin, Pat Parsons, Jimmy Defelice, Olivia Baxter, Betty Johnson, Stance Rigney, Linda Parsons, Charlotte Smith, Felicia Guest, Paul Porter. FIRST ROW: Pat Chambers, Vice-President: Jane Lindsey, Treasurerg Jeanne Griffin, President, Melody Harms, Secretary: Stance Rigney, Chaplain. SECOND ROW: Rickey St. John, Nancy Stout, Dorothy Kidder, Janice Chitwood, Brenda Stott, Kitty Echols, Jane Whaley, Roger Robertson. THIRD ROW: Betty Johnson, Peggy Brock, Judy Hawkins, Pat Parsons, Kay Chisenhall, Phyllis Cooper, Peggy Faulkner, Gehrig Giles. FOURTH ROW: Linda Parsons, Charoltte Smith, Brenda Berry, Carol Waddell, Joan Morgan, Ronnie Horton, Pat Rains, Teresa Nappier. . FIFTH ROW: Jan Durham, Susie David, Becky Cavin, Julia Miller, Lynn Durham, Judy Yomig, Imogene Elrod, Chester Walker, - SIXTH ROW: Rita Chambers, Kay Jones, Patsy Stancil, Mary Thurman, Barbara Dozier, Brent Black, Linda Oliver, Billy Frazier, Meriam Black, Ronald Clayton, Brenda Black, Brenda Blackwell, Amelia Johnson. SEVENTH ROW: Peggy Greenwood, Janice Biddle, Jo Fike, Donna Reece, Bill Williams, Mrs. Wilson, Sponsor: Carolyn Gibson, Johnny Jacoway, Bob Blake, Mrs. Malloy, Sponsor. Martha Sue Hughes Melody Harms Gail Edwards Kitty Echols Mrs. Biddle, Director Donnie Hilyer Jimmy Gilbreath Ronald Jones Jackie Findley Stance Rigney Ska C116 uzzzbr QZFOQIZ FIRST ROW: -Jennifer Word, Kathy Blake, Linda Parsons, Polly Stout, Pat Parsons, Linda Oliver, Linna Shirey SECOND ROW: Phyllis Cooper, Marla Davis, Jeanne Griffin, Brenda Evans, Judy Hawkins, Carolyn Davis, Peggy Faulkner. THIRD ROW: Kay Jones, Mary Thurman, Martell Johnson, Jane Whaley, Sue White, Lynn Durham, Becky Cavin. FOURTH ROW: Wanda Plunkett, Veta Elliott, Susan Forrester, Connie Thurman, Sandra Haas, Sandra Ledford. RIG HT G UIDE Becky Prestwood zfogzzfeffes HEAD MAJORETTE Sue Allsup LEFT GUIDE Melody Harms Kay Trussell Norma Robison Phyllis Shipp BETTY JOHNSON GWEN GUSTAFSON SHARON RHODES 52011 Wayne GOI? cerf ygazzof BAND DIRECTOR William A. Tolbert BAND OFFICERS: Kent Smith, Presidentg Tommy Jester, Vice-President, Melody Harms, Secretary, Kay Trussell Treasurerg Barbara Dozier, Reporter, Sue Allsup, Head Majorette. PERCUSSION: George Black, Robert Keith, Jimmy Miller, Jerry Sherrell, Larry Temple- ton, Mike Kelley. WOODW IND SEC TION FIRST ROW: Campbell Smith, Carol Cook, Phyllis Shipp, Dorothy Kidder, Amelia John- son, Suzanne Cobble, Linda Rhodes. SECOND ROW: Pat Rice, Linda McCullough, Sue Beason, Betty Johnson, Felicia Guest, Melody Harms. THIRD ROW: Kay Trussell, Susan Raymond, Charlotte Nichols, Kathleen Brittain, Nancy Jes- ter, Meriam Black, Brenda Black. FOURTH ROW: Shelia Traffanstedt, Sharon Rhodes, Garrett Gustafson, Charles Malone, Stanley Edwards. FIFTH ROW: Norma Robison, Barbara Dozier, Brenda Black- well. BRASS SECTION FIRST ROW: Tornmy Jester, Johnny Crow, Sammy Houston, Nowlin Raymond, Faye Green. SECOND ROW: Jimmy Durham, Robert Morris, Randy Cochran, Shan Bruce. THIRD ROW: Creed Clayton, Kitty Echols, George Weatherly, LaJuan Elkins. FOURTH ROW: Wayne Wolfe, Ronald Jones, Gary Don Shirey. FIFTH ROW: Kenneth Dobbs, Phyllis Rhodes, David Crow, Lane Hudgins. SIXTH ROW: Kent Smith, R. C. Morris. SEVENTH ROW: Marlin Arrington, Jerry Sherrell, Jackie Findley. -W -Maw-WW-W-emsumrw-W - fy urora QSM ' Editor Assistant PHYLLIS RHODES Editor MELODY HARMS Left of Right: Nancy Polly Stout, Phyllis Jones, Carol King, Sue White, Jane Whaley, Dorothy Kidder, Sue Allsup, Phyllis Shipp, Ora Lee James, Susan Raymond, Virginia Kay Trussell, Betty Johnson, Millie Jones. BACK ROW: Pat Chambers, Jimmy Evans, Howard Owen, Wayne Wolfe, Sponsor, Mrs. Green 'Comm erczdf FRONT ROW: Sarah Harris, Maxine Bohannon, Connie Thurman, Melody Harms, Donnie Hilyer, Linda Stone, Peggy Brock, Peggy Faulkner. SECOND ROW: Doris Chambers, Brenda Williams, Johnnie Mae Clark, Melba Brooks, Evelyn Farrow, Faye Brown, Jimmie Haas, Rhonnie Horton, Annette Mauldin, Shirley Shipman, Sandra Haas, Sandra Ledford. OFFICERS: President - Melody Harms, Vice-President - Connie Thurman Secretary - Donnie Hilyer, Treasurer - Maxine Bohannon The purpose of the Commercial Club is to promote further interest in the work of a Secretary. This club is not very large, but we are striving to have a better club in the years to come. Our Commercial Club sponsor this year is Mrs. Katie Jordan. I ANN TATE Dental Assistant Dr. O. Hugh Chitwood Q E1,AmE DOBBINS Miss D.O., Treasurer Bertha 's Beauty Shop REBECCA ST ILLWELL President, Doctor's Assistant, Dr. R. J. Guest LANA STEPHENS Nurses' Aide, DeKalb County General Hospital, Reporter JOYCE RICE Nurse's Aide DeKalb County General Hospital CHARLES HOUSTON M and S Steel Company Welder I JERRY CRANE Mechanic, Ma1din's Garage LARRY TEMPLETON Projectionist at DeKalb Theater LARRY BRISENDINE Rains Chev. Co. Auto Mechanic X MR. ALLEN HUDSON D.O. Coordenator ZOLA TIDWELL Secretary, Nurse's Aide at DeKalb County General Hospital BENNY PEOPLES Mr. D.O. , Piggley Wiggley Meat Cutter CHERLY KING Nurse's Aide, DeKalb County General Hospital WAYNE KILLIAN Fergy 85 Beck Body Shop PEARL WINTERS DeKalb County Hospital Lab. Tech. LARRY THOMAS Printer's Helper Dixie Printing Co. ASA WILLIAMS Fox 's Body Shop Auto Mechanic DELANO EVANS Harper's Plumbing Co. P1umber's' Helper ELAINE DOBBINS 7752 Q. 0. BENNY PEOPLES 1 i Homecoming Parade 1961 The Diversified Occupations Program is a two-year course for students who want to train in a particular trade-type occupation. Students in this program work a half day on the job and attend school the other half of the day. Many grad- uates of this program remain on the same job after graduation. This is an excellent way for young people to train themselves for the future while still in high school. Students must be in the eleventh grade and sixteen years of age. Ezgrary MISS LIBRARY CLUB Brenda Black FIRST ROW: Brenda Black, Sharon Yarbrough, Peggy Greenwood, Sue Goss, Paulette Martin, Rita Jones, Gaynell Meadows, Barbara Sharp, Becky Harris. SECOND ROW: Carol Atwood, Carolyn Gibson, Mirarn Black, Brenda Blackwell, Judy Young, Ronnie Horton, Doris Browder, Sharon Bray, Sandra Reece, Carol Hamilton, Sandra Haas, Mrs. Elizabeth Thomas, Sponsor. gufure armers 0 Sym erzba FIRST ROW: Ike Yancy, Jerry Gregg, Alton Beason, Jimmy McKeehan, Jackie Killian, Scooter Howell. SECOND ROW: Jimmy Bailey, Van Pendergrass, Henry Barnett, Justin Moses, Brent Pack, Charles Holbrook, Robert Haas, Ray Miller, Donald Brooks. THIRD ROW: Barry Waters, John P, Stanley, Gary Presley, Danny Terrell, Bill Williams, Johnny Perkins. FOURTH ROW: Jimmy 'DeFelice, David Hughes, Dillard Patterson, Jerry Couch, Butch Cassidy, Bob Mince, Joe Venable. FIFTH ROW: Harlan Spillman, James Kerby, Dwight Wooten, 'Fonzo Winters, Steve Hill. SIXTH ROW: Glenn Dilbeck, Kennth Raughton, Verlon Casey, Chester Walker, David Sharpe, Joe Griggs, Benny Peoples, Gilbert Hixson, Jerry Stone, Larry Chandler, Ricky St. John, Bobby Starling. Q x .Sits ff!!! " , A ff fx . . f,' ' X ' 6' , 4,-R The primary aim of the FU- ' -A. 55110 J , 1 TURE FARMERS or AMERICA is - :L ACF I 'Q' the development of agricultural A. ' leadership, cooperation, and f citizenship. fir' , ' vc, "' 1 Q'eil'l-10 if .ff Eefferm Q12 75 FIRST ROW: Greg Gustafson, Alton Beason, Johnny Jacoway, Tony Forrester. SECOND ROW: Kenneth Large, Gilbert Hixon, Jimmy Harris, Rudy Womack, Jimmy Chambers. THIRD ROW: Johnny Perkins, Bob Blake, Jerry Gregg, Joe Venable, Steve Bell, Robert Haas. FOURTH ROW: Jimmy Dawson, Don Shankles, Tommy Groat, Paul Porter, Tommy Tumlin, Jimmy McKeehan. FIFTH ROW: Larry Elkins, James Powell, Craig Christopher, Jimmy O'Shields, Larry Stowe, Morris Dutton, Billy Harper. SIXTH ROW: Coach Vernon Wells William Howell, Geary Walker. OFFICERS: President - Greg Gustafson, Vice-President - Alton Beasong Secretary - Tony Forrester, Reporter - Johnny Jacoway pazzzlsf G ug FIRST ROW: Mrs. Shirley, Sponsor, Brenda Mince, Secretary, Felicia Guest, President, Judy Hawkins, Vice- President. SECOND ROW: Beverly Ballenger, Phyllis Shipp, Betty Johnson, Janice Chitwood, Janie Gilbreath, Olivia Baxter. THIRD ROW: Sophia Pettis, Charoltte Hughes, Janet Cook, Brenda Stott, Sharon Yarbrough, Roger Killian. FOURTH ROW: Ann Malone, Mary Haralson, Jane Durham, Carol Waddell, Shannon Christopher, Terry Grant, Dorothy Kidder, Pat Chambers, Ronald Clatyon. FIFTH ROW: Rhonda Wolfe, Judy Burt, Brenda Johnson, Charlotte Sparks, Kathy Blake, June Cassidy, Kent Smith Richard Igou. SIXTH ROW: Freda McBrayer, Isaiah Yancey, Charlotte Nichols, Susan Raymond, Craig Christopher, Euell Blackwell, Dick Shugart, Sammy Houston, James Burkhart, Creed Clayton. SEVENTH ROW: Charlie Mills, Charles Malone, Jeanne King, Robert West, Dickie Hulsey, John Tate, Larry Holbrook, Johnny Chitwood, Johnny Crow, John Pyron. EIGHTH ROW: Ronnie Balckwell, Darwin Poe, Tommie Keith, Mike Kelly, James Rotch, David Rains. Qsfuofezzf VICE-PRESIDENT: Jimmy Rotch PRESIDENT: Brent Black SECRETARY: Janice Chitwood TREASURER: Ruth Wilder ozmcz' SPONSOR: Mrs . Mozelle Long SPO SOR: N JUNIOR Mr' Aman Hudson REPRESENTATIVES: David Rains Judy Hawkins Kay Chisenhall Janet Cook SENIOR REPRESENTAT IVES: Elaine Dobbins Paul Porter Denny Romine SOPHOMORE REPRESENTATIVES: Brenda Mince, June Cassidy, Isaiah Yancy, Jane Whaley, Becky Cavin FRESHMAN REPRESENTATIVES: Susan Forrester Joe Griggs Eugene Prestwood Sophia Pettis Dewayne Kidd Ann Young CSZZUOQDX G0 uzzcz' WCAUIAQS Ziff? FIRST ROW: Kay Trussell, Polly Stout, Ruth Wilder. SECOND ROW: Diane Sellers, Cheryl King, Connie Thurman, Sarah Harris. THIRD ROW: Sally Kaye Jones, Audie Jo Tilley, Faye Brown, Norma Robinson, Evelyn Farrow. FOURTH ROW: Brenda Williams, Linda Stone, Sue Harrison, Brenda Berry, Brenda Beason, Sandra Pealer, Doris Chambers, Myrtle McPherson. FIFTH: Peggy Brock, Donnie Hilyer, Linna Shirey, Amelia Johnson, Lynn Durham, Kay Chisenhall. SIXTH: Kay Jones, Mary Thurman, Judy Hawkins, Pat Parsons, Barbara Hall, Sandra Haas, Terry Grant, Dorothy Rose, Sandra Ledford. SEVENTH: Evelyn Rudder, Becky Prestwood, JoNell Brooks, Elaine Driskill, Ruby Smith, Sandra Brindley, Martha Whittle, Jerrie Sue Hicks. FIRST: Phyllis Cooper, Sharon Rhodes, Marla Davis, Susan Forrester. SECOND: Karlene Gillette, Becky Cavin, Jenifer Word, Sarah Sterling, Wanda Plunket, Millie Jones. THIRD: Juanita Evans, Jannece Smith, Janice Di Nardi, Sandra Schrader. FOURTH: Carol Lee, Barbara Freeman, Brenda Evans, Linda Wright, Shirley Gentry, Jane Whaley, Carolyn Greenwood. FIFTH: Carolyn Davis, Sharron Rhodes, Redith, Mitchel, Carol King, Sue White, Ann Brewer. SIXTH: Joyce Meadows, Juanita McKenny, Shelia Brock, Patsy Stancil, Martell Johnson, Carolyn Allen, Mary Busby, Brenda Ogle, Linda Baker. SEVENTH: Veda Elliot, Janice Durham, Dianne Brown, Linda Parsons, Jimmie Moses, Kathleen Britain, Cheryl Stilwell, Ceretha Jordan, Freda McBrayer, Joyce Ann Maxwell, Jo Ann Wolfe. EIGHTH: Vivian Moore Carolyn Fike, Jeanne King, Joyce Hulgan, Janice Fike, Linda Lacky, Pat. Biddle, Sandra Hancock, Pat Sutton, Pat. Wagner, Faye Kennedy AK FUTURE I-IOMEMAKERS of AMERICA is the national OWHM ER-V of organization of pupils who study homemaking in junior if ' 1 and senior high schools. gf 2 F f Enll P' '2 2 Jn V Egj Q We work together for better and happier home life A 1 Y .,, for everyone. 4 'L 'PD NEW 909 We think that helping to make happy homes, now and in the future, is the most important thing that youth can do for democracy. BRENDA STOTT STATE DEGREE MEMBERS: State Recreation Leader '61-'62 State vice-President '62-'63 Janet Cook, Charlotte Smith, Lana Stephens, Lynn Durham, Kay Chisenhall, Jeanne Griffin FHA OFFICERS Janet Cook, Treasurerg Peggy Faulkner, Reporterg Charlotte Smith, Reporterg Shirley Grissom, Parliamentariang Linda Oliver, Recreation Leaderg Jane Lindsey, Corresponding Secretaryg Kathy Blake, Recording Secrecaryg Barbara Doiier, Historiang Kitty Echols, Rec- reation Leaderg Jeanne Griffin, Vice-Pres. of Devotionals: Brenda Stott, State Recreation Leader: Sue Beason, Chapter Presidentg Wanda Burns, Vice-Pres. of Programs. Czezz Ce FIRST ROW: Richard Igou, Treasurer: Kent Smith, President: Janice Chitwood, Secretaryg Tom Featherston, Vice President: Anne Brewer, Peggy Brock, Dorthy Kidder, Jimmy Miller, Tommy Jester. SECOND ROW: Jane Whaley, Sue White, Olivia Baxter, Ora Lee James, Kathy Blake, William Tillman, Karlene Gillette, Norma Robinson, Phyliss Shipp, Carolyn Davis, Larry Brown. THIRD ROW: Sandra Hancock, Ronald Jones, Darwin Poe, Steve Bell, Joe Venable, Jimmy Evans, Richy St. John, Jimmy Cordell, Dwight Wooten, Danny Beck, Steve Hill, Roger Robertson, Robert Haas. FOURTH ROW: Sandra Plunket, Donna Reece, Camille Wilkes, George Echols, Larry Holbrook, Isaiah Yancy, Pat Chambers, Joe Burkhart, Max Wadkins, Billy Harper, Tommy Keith, Larry Stowe, Linda Oliver, Bill Williams. FIFTH ROW: Terry Grant, Brenda Stott, Roger Killian, Larry Lankford Jimmy Bailey, Richard Waldrop, Jimmy Harris, Jerry Austin, Morris Dutton, David Rains, Jimmy Rotch, Jimmy McGee, Shelia Traffanstedt, Pat Rice. SIXTH ROW: Felicia Guest, Dwight Teat, Wayne Kidd, Charles Malone, Dick Hulsey, Gary House, R. C. Morris, Linda Jacoway, Pat Tate, Johnny Chitwood, Henry Johnson, Craig Christopher, Tony Forrester, Pat Parsons, Brent Black. SEVENTH ROW: Mary Charles Haralson, Ann Malone, Judy West, Shannon Christopher, Pam Guest, Sandra Pealor, Brenda Johnson, Charlotte Sparks, Charlotte Nichols Jane Lindsey, Judy Hawkins, Jerrie Sue Hicks, Jackie Findley. EIGHT H ROW: Al Malone, Tommy Groat, June Cassidy, Brenda Evans, Jimmy Chambers, Charlotte Hughes, Jane Durham, Sophia Pettis, Kathleen Brittian, Brenda Mince, Susan Forrester, Dorothy Harrison, Herbie Lankford. NINTH ROW: Marla Davis, Susan Raymond, Barbara Freeman, Nancy Stout, Denny Romine, Janie Gilbreath, Dick Shugart, Don Shankles, Johnny Jacoway. Tommy Tumlin, Jimmy Gilbreath, Linda Lackey, Patsy Stancil, Mr. Noles, Sponsor. TENTH ROW: Paul Porter, Greg Gustafson, Sammy Houston, Creed Clayton, Bobby Mince, George Weatherly, Dwight Brisendine, Mike Kelly, ,Sharon Robinson. ELEVENTH ROW: Butch Cassidy, Becky Harris, Bobby Dillinger, James Burkhart, David Moore, Gerald Keasler. 11121014 Weof Gross FIRST ROW: Becky Prestwood, Secretary: Judy Hawkins, Secretary: Nancy Stout, President: Meloday Harms, Vice-President: Ora Lee James, Treasurer. SECOND ROW: Ronald Jones, Carolyn Davis, Dorothy Kidder, Janice Chitwood, Jane Lindsey, Kenneth Large, Bob Blake, Jimmy Chambers. THIRD ROW: Shannon Williams, Linda Norrell, Jimmy Cordell, Juanita Evans, Brenda Stott, Kitty Echols, Johnny Chitwood, Bill Williams, Joe Venable. FOURTH ROW: Ceretha Jordan, Redith Mitchell, Vivan Moore, Pat Parsons, William Tillman, Jimmy Harris, Denny Romine, Mr. Noles, Sponsor. FIFTH ROW: Shelia Brock, Joyce Hulgan, Linda Faulkner, Patsy Sutton, A1 Malone, David Moore, Richard Waldrop, Nowlin Raymond, Larry Brown, Bobby Dellinger. SIXTH ROW: Wilma Williamson, Teresa.Nappier, Mary Nell Minor, Dorothy Rose, Pat Chambers, Barbara Hall SEVENTH ROW: Shirley Gentry, Ethlyn Rudder, Jo Nell Brooks, Sandra Brindly. "N-..,.,,b' Q CC ff AM n 1 gg-Q :Q ,, V. K- 1 ,11 ' 1 9: ff ' CAPTAINS Greg Gustafson Alton Beason FIRST ROW: Rex Haralson, quitg James Sampley, David Stout, Ed Chadwick, Richard Wade, Curtis Newsome, Jimmy Cordell, Dwight Brisendine, quitg quitg quit. SECOND ROW: Glenn Dilbeck, Tommy Groat, Steve Bell, Pate Tate, Eugene Prestwood, Joe Griggs, Gary Giles, Bobby Starling, Howard Owen, Geno Shirey, Tony Goggans THIRD ROW: quitg Alton Beason, James Powell, Morris Dutton, Jerry Wills, Bob Blake, Paul Porter, Billy Harper, Jerry Gregg, William Howell, Bill Prestwood, Geary Walker, James Dawson, Robert Harris. FOURTH ROW: Jimmy Chambers, Danny Beck, Larry Elkins, Joe Venable, Jimmy Harris, Don Shankles, Johnny Jacoway, Greg Gustafson, Gilbert Hixon, Rudy Womack. COACHES Vernon Wells Robert Harris Robert Ellis Greg Gustafson Alton Beason Jerry Wills IOhI1 Perkins Pa'-11 Porter Don Shankles Jerry Gregg Johnny Jacoway William Howell Morris Dutton Geary Walker Gilbert Hixon Bill PISSIWOOC1 Jimmy Chambers Jimmy Harris Joe Venable Steve Bell Larry Elkins James Dawson Tommy Groaz James Powell Bob Blake Bobby Starling Rudy W01T13Ck Tony Goggans Joe Griggs Gerhig Giles Danny Beck Billy Harper Eugene Prestwood Howard Owen Geno Shirey Pat Tate James Sampley Richard Wade Ed Chadwick ygasfefgaf 1961-1962 FIRST ROW: Kenneth Largeg Craig Christopherg Tom Featherstong Robert Haasg Jimmy McKeehang Tony Forrester. SECOND ROW: Jimmy Chambersg Tommy Tumling Wayne Newsomeg Johnny Jacowayg Don Shanklesg Jerry Austin. COACHES Robert Harris Ted Noles CAPTAINS JIMMY MCKEFHAN Co-Captain TONY FORRESTER Co-Captain A11 District Tom Featherston Johnny Jacoway Don Sh ankles Robert Haas Jimmy Chambers Craig Christopher Kenneth Large I erry Austin Tommy Tumlin Wayne Newsome imc! FIRST ROW: Robert Prestwood, Sammy Baugh, Henry Johnson, Joe Lyle. SECOND ROW: Ricky St. John, Jimmy Dawson, Kenneth Elrod, Pat Chambers, Butch Cassidy, Kenneth Large, Morris Dutton, John Perkins, Jerry Wills, Jimmy McKeehan. THIRD ROW: Robert Harris, head coachg Geno Shirey, Jimmy Harris, Larry Stowe, Van Pendergrass, Jimmy Chambers, Johnny Jacoway, Tommy Tumlin, Don Shankles, Rudy Womack, Jim O'Shields, Corky Elliott. I 1 4 W 1 w r N L d SHIREY'S FURNITURE AND ELECTRICAL APPLIANCE STORE 2.06 Grand Ave., S. W. Phone 845 0515 Fort Payne, Alabama S IR Compliments of KEITH SHOE SHOP Complete Shoe Repair Compliments of W. B. DAVIS HOSIERY MILLS STALLWORTH DRUG COMPANY "Your Rexall Dealer" Quality Merchandise Prescriptions a Specialty Complim ent s of ORY 'S READY-TO-WEAR V . R. SCOTT JEWELRY Phone 1073 102 First St. , S. E. Fort Payne, Alabama Complim ents of BAILEY'S FABRIC MART Fort Payne , Alabama "JUST BRING AN HONEST FACE" C. at H. COMPANY Shoes and Clothing for the Entire Family . A '.m r 0 Headquarters for Better Values -Q -. J N0 V Y W INC. . Q . VM ,prj A--'EA I 'IPFA-PI,N5fg.7Q3'IJ2stjI9EWELFRSvj' CLIFF WEST Mofroa COMPANY Fort Payne, Alabama Buick - oldsmobile - Pontiac - Vauxhall NATIONALLY ADVERTISED MERCHANDISE ON CREDIT GMC Trucks - Cars FORT PAYNE, ALABAMA Phfmef 8454923 Complim ents of RAINS CHEVROLET COMPANY Sales and Service W- B- HOSIERY MILLS Phone 64 Fort Payne, Alabama LADD ENGINEERING ASSOCIATE Compliments of ZIEDMAN'S STORE BOWER'S BARBER SHOP For Getting Your Ears Lowered and a Close Shave First Street North Fort Payne, Alabama Complim ents of DeKALB EXCHANGE 201 Grand Ave. S. Phone 845-2724 Compliments of CITY CAFE 114 S. W. lst Street Phone 845-9936 SCOTT-ELLIS AUTO AND APPLIANCE STORE 318 Gault Avenue, North Phone 845-0934 QUIN DRUG COMPANY Prescription Druggist Cosmetics - Perfume Candy Phone 845-2402 Fort Payne BERT BOYKIN TRACTOR CO. Phone 845-1161 Fort Payne, Alabama Compliments of FORT PAYNE WHOLESALE CO. Phone 845-0505 Fort Payne, Alabama Compliments of A. J. LINDSEY WHOLESALE Phones - 845-2031 845-2032 Compliments of FORT PAYNE BANK Bank of Friendly Service Fort Payne, Alabama Compliments of the DAIRY QUEEN At the "-Y" In Fort Payne PIGGLY WIGGLY, INC. Quality Foods - Low Prices S8zH Green Stamps Fort Payne, Alabama ZANE REECE, Mgr. MALCOLM PREWETT 8: SON MALCOLM AND KENNETH PREWETT John C. Robert Oxfords for Men Grace Walker Shoes for Women Red Goose Shoes for Children Compliments of MILTON HANCOCK STANDARD SERVICE 22.3 South Gault Fort Payne, Alabama THURMAN'S EASY PAY TIRE STORE 115 South First Street Fort Payne, Alabama "A Former Wildcat Who Is Still Rooting for Them" Goodyear - Frigidaire - Maytag and R. C. A. Dealer for This Area. JACOWAY JEWELERS China Sil-VCI' Jewelry Phone 517 Fort Payne Gifts for All Occasions THE MILL END STORE Your All in One Sewing Supply Center COMMUNITY BUILDERS WORD ,LUMBER COMPANY 119 lst Street Fort Payne, Alabama FIRST IN QUALITY FAIREST IN PRICES FASTEST IN SERVICE A Satisfied Customer Is Our First Consideration Compliments of AUTOMIC CLEANERS 1208 South C-ault Phone 845-0841 Compliments of v. J. ELMORE 595, 104: and Sl. 00 STORES, INC Fort Payne, Alabama Compliments of WILSON'S FUNERAL HOME Compliments of COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. Fort Payne, Alabama Compliments of CI-IRISTPI-IER MOTORS Your Ford and Mercury Dealer BIDDLE'S 66 STATION 1203 Gault Ave. South at the "Y" Phone 845-1900 Compliment s of M 8g S STEEL CO., INC. Fort Payne, Alabama Phone 845-2460 FORT PAYNE DRUG CO. Tillrnan-Carden Prescription Druggists Phone 845-2151 Fort Payne, Alabama Compliments of HARRIS 8: MURDOCK Phone 845-2804 511 Gault Ave. S Fort Payne Lancer - Dart - Polara Compliments of BILL AMERICAN SERVICE STATION Fort Payne, Alabama W. Y. SHUGART AND SONS INCORPORATED Manufacturers of Infants' Hosiery Garden Building Material and and ld Seed General Hardware Your Westinghouse Dealer SOUTHERN HARDWARE W. Y. SHUGART AND SONS INCORPORATED I Manufacturers of Infants Hosiery MARTIN'S JEWELERS China SU-VCI' Jewelry Phone: 845-2421 Gifts for A11 Occasions Visit Our New Bridal Shop Compliments of WILLARD COLE GRAIN 8: FEED Fort Payne, Alabama FORT PAYNE BRICK 8: BLOCK Phone 845-1451 TULLIS RADIATOR SHOP Home of Harrison and McCord Radiator Cores Phone: 845-0996 Complim ents of RHODES GROCERS Compliments of MANITOU CAVE Fort Payne, Alabama Compliments of WESTERN AUTO R. P. QRAYD PETTIS -- Owner -- HORTON AUTO PARTS, INC. "Everything for the Car" 312 Crault Ave., N. Phone 345-0311 Fort Payne, Alabama SAWYER INSURANCE AGENCY SARAH P. SAWYER, Owner Fire - Automobile Inland Marine - Bonds 324 North Gault Avenue Compliments of CAMPBELIJS FLORIST Phone 845-0741 HARALSON DRUG Pre s criptions Fountain Se rvice and Sundries Phone 845-3660 G. B. PURDY 8: SONS Fine Furniture Since 1935 Fort Payne, Alabama Phone 845-1351 WILKES FURNITURE Fort Payne, Alabama Phone 845-3361 THE STYLE SHOP Ladies' Ready-to-Wear Compliments of GREEN'S AND THE BOOTERY for fine shoes! ! TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY "The World's Best Yearbooks Are Tayior-made" P .fy aw -ff! it. 1 f- t X S 1 - ? 3 , P' . V wh..---121.-.-V f-,L,l,.gg:1,1s-v-uw-fa-W-.V - W ' , , , ,W QVVQ X gb? fx f 1 -" , . ig fguizizzz .93 fi' glib .v- Jw- Q' ' S14 , a .1 W .J ,4 , , ,. 5.331-' ff155'5:..-'1 12.7.77 E '.4f1?.?,7f "' as 5,

Suggestions in the Fort Payne High School - Aurora Yearbook (Fort Payne, AL) collection:

Fort Payne High School - Aurora Yearbook (Fort Payne, AL) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 22

1962, pg 22

Fort Payne High School - Aurora Yearbook (Fort Payne, AL) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 93

1962, pg 93

Fort Payne High School - Aurora Yearbook (Fort Payne, AL) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 19

1962, pg 19

Fort Payne High School - Aurora Yearbook (Fort Payne, AL) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 107

1962, pg 107

Fort Payne High School - Aurora Yearbook (Fort Payne, AL) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 65

1962, pg 65

Fort Payne High School - Aurora Yearbook (Fort Payne, AL) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 88

1962, pg 88

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