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Gen. 373 A1569 1936 Arrowhead. 10 - 05 MID-CONTINENT PUBUC UIRARY Genealogy A Local Histrry Branch 317 w. Highway 24 Independence, Mo. 64050 1 I MID CONTINENT PUBLIC LIBRARY 3 000012058214 7 MID-CONTINENT PUBLIC LIBRARY Genalogy If Local Hlstnry Branch 986 Arrowhead The 1986 Arrowhead was complied by the Enghsh Publlcatlons' Class under the supervxsion of Mrs Drxie Bozarth Twenty five exghth graders worked on the yearbook Photos were taken hy' Matt Smxth, nmth grader, Scott Greathouse and Amber Stone, elghth graders, Brent Wrlhelm and Todd Campbell, seventh graders Mr. Cllfford Carver photographed group shots The cover design was by Chad Peters and the Publlcatlonsl Class. Fort Usage Junior High School Route 2 Box 928 Inde Missouri 64056 1lHI1HHlIHllVHIHllHINHI1HIIHHIMlIHIKlIHHIHIllf , gr ..ii.,. ...... The Begmmng of Year and Mr. David Fry,' gcienceh hteachexf, are willbe usingffor thb yearf ' f ' if rhi- r V , tudent L ff? , if wf ali" : .. if xii' Ni lfe L. x ,,.!,r HSS, "' s as M ms. , , , f- K 5 N 65,1 gf 5-Qi. 2 i r 1 Q C Stacey Montgomery, Angie Snead and Kelly Shields lead the crowd in a pep assembly yell. Top Row: Angie Snead, Dana Robertson Stephanie Young, Angie Dasbach and Stacey Montgomery. Bottom Row: KL to RJ Kelli Shields, Brenda Dean, Danielle Creek X ! n 4 i . I . E 2 1 4 Lo 111110 nz ' f Students from Spanish classes wait anxiosly for Ana's arrival. Students on the Move by Kim iVanLaere 0 r 0 "The Indians" better known as Los Indios were made up of 175 Spanish I students. Candy bars which were sold each semester, class projects, and several other activities were some 'of the fund raisers the club participated in this year and raised approximately 82,000,005 S500 more than last year. Y Money went to transportation to Crown Center in which the students shopped and ate for the day, and Annie's Santa Fe, an Mexican restaurant the club ate at in the spring. Some of the money also went for Ana's personal expenses such as the yearbook. Mrs. Linda Drown, Spanish teacher at the junior high, had sponsored the club since 1978 when the club began and has had help from Mrs. Alice Lenning for two years. Exploring the World of Science by Shawn Franssens Going on a geological expedition, going to the Planetarium, and judging the Science Fair were only some of the ideas that formed at the first meeting of the Science Club. The club elected Malissa Shrout as the president. The position of secretary was given to Staci Frailey. Mrs. Jeanette Erter along with Mr. George Silvey, both science teachers, sponsered the club. Watching for the Halley's Comet was not to be a missed activity for the club. Even though they didn't get an early start in January, they did many of the activities that the students enjoyed. ? w The smiling faces of Staci Frailey and Mallisa Shrout, officers of Science Club. Bottom Row: KL to RJ Braeson Herold, Don Cole, Ricky Dzula, Paula Lynn, Jennifer Downey. Row 2: Sharon Pozin, Shawna Easly, Kim Gilkison Britt Warren, Shari Anderson, Jennifer Finklang, April Brockman, Tracey Sterbenz. Row 3: Bridgett Wood, Brian Rodriquez, Mitchell Knapp, Lorna Keeland, Anita Thacker, Tina Jenkins, Jenny Pemberton, Ruth Jenkins. Row 4: Vicki Vicki Paddock, Diana McManigal, Shanda Bradiield, Mike Seeber, Michelle McClure, Becky Baskins, and Mrs. Linda Allen, sponsor 1 4,3,2,1 MATH CLUB by Jennifer Downey Instead of watching their P's and Q's, these students were studying their 1's and 2's. That is what the Fort Osage Math Club intended to do this year. They participated in two out-of-town competitions, such as Blue Springs and also Kansas City. Ms. Linda Allen was the sponsor this vear and the club had about twenty, seventh eighth, and ninth graders. "Jenny Pemberton and Brian Rodriquez were the winners of most all com- petitions," quotes Ruth Jenkins, "all students worked hard and it was even harder preparing for competitions? They have won all matches and hope to win more next year. t , 1Ag ,in ix 1 MMV 'x 'A 51 'H ' 5. P 1 H 5 , 'll lc X ' vs? X..-Q, X, ml' . gl L .. by 3 fp 11, 0 1 H X I M.. -. 1 M J. ' ,.,, Y xls :lx Q 1, xx 1 s , . , ,. ,, X , , ,I , , , 1, x . , 'nn' Vu' g v s C1-IEERIE M KE THE D Y: 5: A , . .g- -A 0.3 'Y' V3 3' p 1 ' G 'S I is .A A little help from Jennifer Downey was appreciated as Laura Croston made the recipe. A Cherry A Day is What Laura Cr Q, Jil' M me , if I x 4 , I Lw2.agMwW , V I , paw. . i z, , , . ' n shown here making the pastry shell for the Cherry Fans ,V f J i l XX ':. oston Would Say by Shawn Franssrggs Because little did she know that after entering the National Red Cherry Institute Make It Easy As Pie Original Recqne Contest that she wouldbe that third place winner in the nation. i The prize was a fifty dollar check for herself and a iifty dollar check for the Home Economics Department. The recipe she used was a pastry shell filled with a cherry mixture called Cherry Fans. Laura Croston brought in Cherry Fans for the entire staff at the junior high after she had won the prize. Laura received a plaque from the company sponsoring the contest at the awards assembly held in May. She showed the determination could go a long way. Laura Crosto , ' lloiolol oioioioi 01030101 Oiiilii Q-30191 S X X 1 1 x E E i K i Q 1 s 1 E 1 R E s E E 5 1 2 ! 5 i E I S s ? 4 4 STUDENTS EXCEL IN THEIII WORKT by Angie English p g Who can do three or four things at a time? Wel1...the jounalism class taught by Mrs. Dixie Bozarth. This year the class had 25 students. These hard-working bodies were: ,Elaine Adlard, Brent Cully, Stacey Davis Jennifer Downey, Angie English, Lori Flaig, Shawn Franssens, Scott Greathouse, Jenny Greenstreet, Brooke Hampton, Jason Jeffries,lRuth Jenkins, Brooke Madick, Kim Nelson, Ronnie Overbeck, Jenny Pember- ton, Brandon Sharpg Kristi Shelton, Margot Stabenow, Tracey Sterbenz Jeff Thate, Anita Thatcher, Janet Travers, Kim Vanlaere, and Betsy Wendle. The class wrote stories and took pictures for the newspaper and yearbook. ,V J p J J J J J This year's editor of the yearbook was Brent Cully and the co-editor was Jason Jeffries. In the yearbook you would find interesting facts about the clubs, sports, 'chior and band. The class had lots of work and participated in activities A concerning the school to help let you enjoy this yearbook. - p Brent Cully, editor discusses with the journalism class how to go p about working on the yearbook pages. . V Some students of the journalism class! hold different kinds of "How should Ido this?" Elaine Adlard asks herself, . hallpasses., J t e " 5 556 sstt A limp? 'F fi i i .'fQ':ia f fs-mx 1 Q :ff fi ., 15 1 A Dance to Remember by Brooke Madick "Do you remember the 1985 Dance?" "Which one?" "The Halloween!" "Yes, it was great, all of those costumes and the decorations were fantastic!" "I liked the music and the door-prizes." On November 1, 1985, the Student Council 'put on an exciting Halloween Dance. From 7:00 to 9:00 all you could hear was loud music and a variety of winning' names being called out by Mr. Floyd Hawkins, disc jockey for the evening and giving away door prizes to lucky winners. Some of the prizes were such things as albums, posters and much more. "That dance was one of a kind." "Is this a cheerleader or Joey Morton?" Who knows? Welcome to the 1985 Halloween Dance and the first prize goes to..." announces Mr. Floyd Hawkins, master of ceremonies. i 17 Students decoratgd the lgcafeterla for the Valgntme sADance , I N dance the 18, , , , Dancing was on their minds as they stepped to the beat K9 vw 4 , 1 . J ' 51 ' 1 1- 12,- A H fn, ,f 5 v 52,41 gin. f 'Q ' me , . "MT f yu 1 1. ff, , Lwws-.fgyiefgz ' ff 2' PL,:f117i2F5i7?it.2-432' Y' Q'W?f?Y3 'Fw 'f - f, ' ifgffzwgw- , f 01355, mm, ' 1 ww, S f 5 fl ff wg ng: - 2 - f fff z", ff if A ,, f? . Pi? + f " In ' A gk, .xg rl 'ff y 1 5,1 4.'j,fW f J Q Z3 , 0 A '- , , " . W5 ' ff- f ' af Pk .,..?f, fig.. Ig, A 1, 4 ji" mf , -g , P 2 , '32 L1 far' 'igqz-71 I -2?.a7i2f-w' f f fx M, ,.,,,. ,-ku.: I if ,iw , ,243 4 -sg!! f ,sw 32-N- : KICK uzuda, nuu cu nnueisvn, nun'-'A H"""'-'--1 --r'-" -' ' '-""' ' ' "H ' - ' I , , 'I get Shavyn Poire, Elaifie Adlard, Stacey Montgomery, Angie 311686, David Butler, Neil McDaniel, Jennifer Alum-V baugh, Gayla Blair. lliow Three: Lloyd Hawkins, Jeanette Erter, Corey Abrams, Manuel Anchondo, Shawn Terryberry, KentPutti man, Chris Gallup, Junior Salamasina, Matt Pinick. Row Four: Jane Cogan, Lynn Beebe, Kristi Schnorf,Stacey McDaniels, Lon Jenkins, Nicole Breshear, Natalie Dzula, JoySalmon,3 Denise Liddle, John Still. .Row Five: Chl'1St1e,KCfSl?1', Knibreth, Jenny comeu, Cana Bollest, shaman Bradfield, Tammy Armstrong, Jane Toedebusch, Ronnie Rowland, Angie, Haneox, Teresa Countryman. Row Six: Mike Wilson, Travis Schaberg, Kim Nelson, Beth Brown, Missy Stapleton, Heather Mull, John Baird, Jeffries,pBrent ip,y lly,Tlgodney Vilendel, Craig Bol1es,RedbenXlVetael, Wayne Sieflfer, y y ,', votetfor these people? wen, you aneady aid... ' The onlyysound was therustle of paper. Silently theivotes Were1cast,l'and turned in. A few minutes later Stacy McDaniels, student c0ll11Cil president announced that all fballotsvvhad novvfbeen' taken and the person that won was... This was just one ofthe things you might havefheardfat a student council meeting. y s The student council did much more than The student council also ,helped raise money andiboughtnew stereo equipment plus needed items for the school. ' C Student ,council was for-students and was madeiiup' entirely ,of l studentsi 'One person was ellected from each class in all three grades to represent the student body. Outf of those JQelected,f one of "them was chosen as president. In 1986, Stacy McDaniels was president., Her duties included 'fcalling y,,it meetings to order, discussing projects with student council members and making speeches as'the pep assemblies. T 20 r Theqgpvice-president-was Brent Cullyg treasurer, Jason' Jeffriesg the secretary, Craig Bollesg and the historian, Schnorf. The Qstudentsifelt that .student C councilhad done alot for the school and an its projects helped improve spirit. t xy. . -.... 5' 13 i s i ,.-' I , A. , W 1 , . X I - I . , ..,, ,M ,Y Y Y 7,7 in t .-. . . . x " is QU' The Indians have to iight for everything they can get against the tough opponent, Blue Springs. "'-'- it Coach Bryan Prewitt instructs the Indians at half time y pep talk. N Coach Kurt Morrison surveys the sideline as Coach Jim Rogers looks on. The Indians run an offensive play to gain yardage for the hu down. . C. ...1-17. Mark First e proud of WHSZ. Shane Murphy Mark Caruthers Travls Schaberg Jeff Martm Jason Baker 1m Jerry Schneider R1ckyBedsworth John McClure Er1cMcLaughlm Bnan Shackles Slsson Collms, Brad to make s. They with a 3-1-2 The mnth grade am stands up to show then' spmt at the fall pep assembly g - 'i .E 1 Q I 1 'fhaitkdriffeddidsl,therhsglvek for theyservefl l ' ll Temiimateglook 1 l l l Vofthegameul gotflt, calls Natalie Dzula as she hltlsthe ball hack to staff., fl ' l 'Y-447-4444-V-444444-Y-4 A27 WHAT A KICK! For the second year at Fort Osage, we have had soccer. It's not the most popular sport, and you may not have even hear of soccer. Although those who played con- sider it to be a great sport and an honor to play. The coaches of soccer team are Coach Lloyd Hawkins, Coach Floyd Hawkins, and Coach John Johnston. They have ,led the varsity soccer team for the first year to the regional title. "For only the second year in varsity very good! remark- ed Coach Floyd Hawkins. Mr. Hawkins also commented, "They played their best near the end of the year." Though the junior varsity team didn't do quite as well as the varsity team, Coach Floyd Hawkins claimed, "They had a lot of good talent, they were also young, and needed some experience, but I think they've learned a lot." Coach Hawkins emphasized, "Soccer is the most physically demanding sport. You're always moving and there are no time-outs like football." Eddie Cooley is getting ready to stop the ball and attack the opposing team's defense. Fredrick Zander flies through the air and tries to head the ball into the goal. X A i l T. r-irz-r-sz'-Hr'-f-f-ff:-fanfic, a, :'a.w'v-- f -,-1 rf 1 ,M ' "L.,"':6 lit 5 -f" ' Till '..4 35 y 9034 5 X 'WW - ky ' jx 'K " ' W Wwe '. . ,QM 'arid' ,lp 1? ,"f'f 'K 'Q 'fi' .-PM-""'1:34 R ii 1' " ' ,. - L f . . xi V q-ggi! J H,?1',-.,QwXM- - K .J , i s, his b .by 2,3354 H Hb s i k"Jl'Mi" ' 4 T, 1 Ti' 'il ' 'WW' X. W' fe r reef? " 'EV r W ii - 35 s " i BW 'i vt""VU? ' J- 2" 'Q S h','.a'-'Q 34 '-Qitsliiii H ' . . dmiw 'Q ,, ,-:gg - ' , gif: ,Zi3'li"'5-t:6s -'fo ' i"'."s 1.3, ' ,V -e V' Coach Lloyd Hawkins yells encouragement to his soccer players. ' Todd Findley is waiting to steal the ball from his adversary. David Lamson attempting to dribble the ball past his opponent. .r W x G ,, ' 'X X , 'wwf 7 , 'fffifif ,ngfifw M Ready? Set? GO... Christy does a handstand onthe balance beam at the Minnesota Gymnastic com- petition with her coach, Mr. Al Fong, X and two teammates, Deenia and Kim, watching carefully in the background. .V Y ,f..: .5255 za h' , , 4 ag? jf , .5 vL,'.iQJf ' ' " f . f Wig, 'ff' nl!! i c Watch out 88 01 mpics... Here I I by Tracey Sterbenz Christy I-Ienrich, atgsma1l girl with i a large amount of courage, ability, spirit, and strength. . Christy may be small, but that doesn't stop her from trying anything. She is thirteen years old and has been taking gymnastics for nine years. She started taking at Claudia's and was there for four years. After'Claudia's she started taking at Great American Gymnastics Express and has been there ever since. Being a gymnast isn't as easy as many people may think, just ask Christy!She practices four hours each week day and six hours on Saturday and Sunday. She goes to competitions almost every weekend during the winter and some of the summer. Christy is also sore a lot from practicing as much as she does and has to get used to bruises and falls from trying new stunts or from just warming up. ' Christy's goal in gymnastics is to make it to the 1988 Olympics. She doesn't think that she will ever quit gymnastics because she wants to reach her goal. Christy's favorite part of gymnastics is floor work. When asked why she replied, "Because I don't have to worry about falling off of it, but I can still fall on it." Christy thinks she may make a career out of gymnasticsg but she isn't sure. She says she might like to DC a coach someday. Her mom's feelings about her gymnastics are, "I think that what she is doing takes a lot of courage and I as a parent will do anything I can to help her reach her goals. I also think that parents should not pressure their kids: but be there to assist them when they need you." Christy prepares herself before perfume ing her routine onthe 'uneven bars. g Christy is in one of the highest gymnastics classes she can be in for her age. She is in Jr. Elite. There are two other girls on her team. The Jr. Elite class usually has kids from the age of fourteen to sixteen or seventeen. Most girls age thirteen to fifteen are in class one, which is three classes below Christy. Tons and tons of ribbons, certificates, and trophies show-off and reward Christy's hard work. 31 Elghth and mth Grade Grrls' Basketball On the Road To Success i Z by Janet Travers ,,a, ,I l a y What do you call a' basketball team that wins twelve, ,games out ofv fifteen? Of courSC, the girls A team. Striving hard on quickness, the team went in overtime With Parkfv Hill winning '34 to '33 and Lee's Sumfflitrwifillriilg 25.tQ,23.' V' , if 4 i "The best Lpart of the season was going to the tournaments and playing against other t"V',, teams, gagain,ff' expressed 'Stacy McDanielsg "I'think'we played verywell this ,year,"' Stated Mary Wathen. i i Alliagreed Blue Springs was the ,tough-, est team toibeat, butyl added Coach Cheryl Hargrove, "Every girl has her strengths and weaknesses, bl1tV'3.lt0gCf1fiE1",Pl'Odl1QCA3 welliifounded team effort as lseen their shannon, Kelly Williams. Row Chrissy Ramirez. Top Row: Coach Dormaldson Jam1McCla1m Tracey Dougan, Missy Ring Carla 'Boles l I u Q , You're Getting E ,L Q . V79 W Better L Ft. Osage l 7677 ,,, -,a v,.. . V - ,x...qGX. Q 4.f,vw.s.ff-ur, X-1wXex-btw L by Janet Travers ' i s 'II really felt good about our season. The girls worked hard and' improved at great 5 Q deals orr their5,fundameritals,'f. expressed 0 ' , r K W Coach Jim Rogers. t 'mhe ' V.,X P If " if l Wofkivs asa team is S0 imvoffavf and i I h as as 53 ' sig ll in Y so , so i theseighth' grade girls' B team proved this kg: YY s f j f 'gr '-' ll- ' K , to be aware- Kelly Williams being me or l l . f' it has f r i 'li - i 4 ' high scorerskwith 'eighteen baskets, Kim V ' 7 .2 5 Q 5 1 Nelsfw leading rebolmdsf Wifh Sixty-Six "'3l i it 'iii ssel if Q. .,,, " l' rebourids, Lisa Minlrs and Missy with il -i's an r . 52 ' f Y 1 leadingyypercent of free throws, J emiy Botz s f lf. f A ' 4-9aiFf4gi most improved player and Ronnie Rowland - 1 i , i ' team spirit award. . .all made up part of this so V" team, winnihg seven out of eleven games. y . So as-,Coach Rogers puts it, , "Girls you l have built a goodfoundation. Good luck l nezgt year!" f . . Dana Fisher and Susan'Danna1dson rurffor ' nosition. V A -01 01010101 0-10' Hallie Curtis passes the ball to fellow teammates. ms ' 6030101 030101 ill!-i Oiiii-10-C The A team is ready to block the play. Q -1 5 'i 3010101010301 , :- V Q., fr. 33 Year me a wildpat shoots a a mfg' 2 Johnny Baird looks for an outleti pass while Dennis Howard and Darby Callahan attempt to get open. 1 Ai Dennis Howard looks for a pass from Brandon Sharp 35 -.xx , C ,VX I 'ffvgggk 'Q Z , ww Bolmce, Bounce: Ninth Grade Boys' Basketball DRIBBLEIPS DELIGHT by Ron Overbeck We're here at the Fort Osage High School gym totalk with Mr. Dennis Vanarsdall, the coach of this year's ninth grade boys' basketball team. "Coach Vanarsdall, who was your assistant coach?" "Mr. Jamie Argotsingerf' How many managers did you have?" "One, and his name was Phil Caldarella, a freshman at the junior high." "Who were the players that improved the most?" "They were Jason Baker, Rob Barker, Mark Caruthers, Brad Darrow, and Shane Morrow." How many players were on the team?" "Seventeen" "What were the records of the teams?" "The A-team was 7 and 9 and the B-team was 4 and 6." What were some of the scores and who were some of the opponents you had to face?" "We defeated Grandview by a score of 67 to 365 Lee's Summit by a score of 47 to 403 and Liberty by a score of 27 to 17. We were defeated by Raytown South in the Fort Osage Tournament by a score of 48 to 333 Park Hill North defeated us by a score of 51 to 48: Blue Springs defeated both of our teams 62 to 49 and 42 to 33 3 Truman also beat both of our teams 61 to 50 and 35 to 345 and Raytown defeated both our teams, too. The scores were 62 to 53, and 42 to 37." 4 4 , "Did the teams leam alot?" V "Yes, they were playing much better, much more under control, and more as a team rather than individuals, than they were at the beginning of the year. Bottom Row: Brad Darrow, Sean Barrett, Johnny Stevens, Robb Barker, Damon Carr. Middle Row: Phil Caldarella, Shane Morrow, Tommy Hedgepeth, Mark Caruthers, Jason Baker, Mark Hedger. Top Row: Coach Dennis Vanarsdall, Craig Bolles, Brad Evans, Steve Arnold, Brian Sims, Tim Adams, Travis Schaberg, Coach Argotsinger. , X v 4 i 1 I 1 1 He Wanted to be a Race Car Driver The team must keep up with the coach. Mr. Brozovich believes in setting an example and runs right along with his team. by Betsy Wendle He may not be the race car driver he wanted to be, but Mr. John Brozovich knows how to steer a good race. As coach of the girls' cross country team he led them to a fifth place, all around fmish at the state cross country track meet. A This added to his other achievements won him the title of Coach of the Year from the Girls Cross Country Kansas City Area Metro Association. Mr. Brozovich attended Central Missouri State University and majored in industrial arts. He had been teaching industrial arts and coaching cross country for ten years, seven of which had been at the Fort Osage lnior High. When he was asked what his reaction was to his students using the industrial art's equipment, he replied, "I just want to make sure none of them lose valuable fingers and toes." Mr. Brozovich commented, "I enjoy watching the learning process and am glad to see yoimg people dedicate and fulfill their goals." He enjoys teaching industrial arts and coaching cross country. So as you can see, he still has excitement even though he isn't a race car driver. it Mr. J ohn Brozovich teaches shop at the junior high. I W gf, 'wal EV AW, Mr. Brozovich gives some pointers to his cross country team. 1.i Q 5 I 1 I I x . l 3 3 i 1 l l 1 5 I P in it if 51 El w w Sl it 14 ll gr I l I I i A , , , , ,xy V' ' f M 'C fr grade teacher, riday---3 i D3Yi M3d9 C 5PeCia1 :"Oh, this is gorgeous!" 'sighed AMs. Terrill Bohon, French Club Sponsor, 'as 'she examines lub C ub agaln deliveredg some first hour yclasses, it took the French Club members' three or more tries to gervrenough flowers to pass out tojthe Studenfsg r E3 n F 7 rx 40 , A Carnations of all colors could be I throughout the rest of theday. Mrs' Temu Despite all of the confusion, worries, an o a ' , . , e . Friday. Dur- ar fe S f t might happen Mrs nch Club members made days! F 'iiff - each carnation before sending them to various rooms. Student Pictures vw-.,,,,,,,,,M rg' fx J-...... Seventh, raders Brmg F3068 to the Charlene Aaron Todd Adamson Brian Adkins Kelly Alexander Arthur Allen Jennifer Alumbaugh Justin Anderson Laura Anderson Matthew Anderson Sheri Anderson Tammy Atkins Stacy Aubuchon Todd Ault Richard Austin Kent Balley Steven Bailey Dennea Baker Jason Baker Chris Bamard Meridith Basquette Joel Bass TJ Bates Freeman Scott Baumann Christa Bay Nick Beckley Marci Lea Beem Curtis Bermett Jeffeg Billuris Dandy Blagg Gayle Blair Susan Blowers Pamela Boehm Christine Boerekel Mark Boyer Aaron Brackenburg Kelly Bradley Kelly Branam Chastity Branstetter Angela Brattaln Gina Lee Bridges Robert Bridgewater Matt Briggs April Brockman Charlotte Brown David Brown Katherine Brown Shawn Brown Shawn Brown Amy Bruns Jennifer Bryant Willie Buford Shawn Blmtln Michael Burch Kimberly Burcham J acquelin Burec Shannon Burge Junior Hi 1 X Scotty Forkner Angela Foster Cindi Fox Sarina Frailey Kim Franklin Jacqulin Franssens John Fg Karry Fry Jared Rex Ffye Robin Fultz Lisa Galloway Chris Gallup Justin Gann Suzarme Garrett Scott Gauld Kristine Gensler Nicole Gentry Julie Gibson Stephan Giffin Kimberly Gilkison Bryon Gillespie Jeffrey GilPin Robert Godfrey James Goff Scott Goodman Paula Green Lavonna Gretzinger John Gribble Christina Groves Jolm Groves Kyla Guzman Kim Hale Brett Haley Trisha Hall Amy Lou Hamilton Andrea Hathom Donald Heitman Braeson Herold Jennifer Hlnkebein Nina Hoang Chris Holloway Janice Holt James Howell ' James Huff Nichole Humbird Johnathan Hummel Andrea Iams Matthew Ison Brent Jackson Patrick James Roger James Shavonne Jamison William Jester Chris Johnson Chris Jones Justin Jones Kevin Jones Lawrence Karman Casey Kauffman Michael Kautz Heather Kean Edward Kelly Mark Kelsey X 316, ,Q Qt buy L,i R-. Q, Q 1... -4 xy wif if Q v Wx it ff xhx S." .X if v 5, i Q- iv 1 U, ia. f - Y --- Af- , W ""'f"7""'-f' 7"' ' ' - -- 1- gf g , , V V n Qg 'X X , Y, , , , ,, xx "' .. K Timothy Woods T Ye. W- A -dr 7 -W -- - """' Michelle Waisner Chris Walker Melissa Walz William Wallace Kelly Ward Britt Warren Kristina Weber Tiffany Wehmeyer Donald West ' "' ,aj Jason West f Lesha West -9 if Matthew Wheeler ' Amy White tk 4' Melissa White Sheila White Brian Whitworth Melinda Wilcox Brent Wilhelm Nicole Willey Renae Williams Clinton Wilson Nicci Wilson Sarah Wilson Monica Wisdom Libby Wolfe Monique Wood Amanda Wright all 1' g t Brian York Daniel Y-mg Eighth Graders Preparing For High School Years... P w l Angela Ackerman Tina Adams 3 Elaine Adlard Teresa Alleman Chad Allen Stacy Allen Lance Alnmbaugh Manuel Anchondo i Bridgett Andersen , Ashley Atkinson I Sherri Bacus .1 Scott Bailey J ohnathon Baird j l cuff Barber Glna Elm A, Timothy Barry L1 Christina Basham .e Anita Beemer , Diana Byrd ll Jason Bentch I! Hadley Bennett 1, . . i - Sharmon Berry Dana Betsworth Shayne Billings Tina Biotti Amy Blackburn Mechelle Blagg Kathy Blann Kerri Bodine Carla Bolles Jermlfer Butz Chris Boutross Barry Bowling Spencer Boyer Cathy Bozerocki D Gary Briggs Chris Britt Malissa Broadhurst James Brockman Tara Brockmeyer Beth Brown Tina Brown Crystal Bunner Tracy Burrow Eric Bush Darby Callahan Deanna Cannavan William Carey Sharon Caskey Lisa Cauthon Chris Cervas Kelly Chapman Russell Chapman Timothy Chase Gary Childress Iili Gene Clark Erlc Cllne Nlka Cochrane Drue Cohoon Anthony Collins Carrle Collins Jlmmie Collins Jennie Colon Mathew Comer Stacy COIII Jennifer Comell Teresa Countryman Roy Courier Jodi Crawford - Danelle Creek Laura Croston Brent Cully Hallie Curtis Dennls Daniels Stacey Dart Brandle Davis Jeffrey Davls Stacy Davis Todd Deaton Paul Deshazer Christopher Devold Brian Doctor A 151 221 321 '1 li 7 45 aw 211 Q51 11 1 1 1 if is lff !TQ Ev if gr Mi I 1 Q , ii 155 l E E i 5 , 1 1 4 4 E Robert Doerr Raymond Doss Susan Dowhower Jennifer Downy Shawn Dugger Jason Duncan Charlene Dunne Rachelle Durham Russell Elliott Donald Ellis Paula Endicott James Engelman Michael Enilhgmd Angela English Samuel Erwin Lisa Lee Estes Steven Fairfield Rex Fauth Troy Feller Amy Fellers Bryce Ferguson Larry Ferguson Terry Ferguson Scott Fike Gary Fisher Eric Fitch Lori Flaig Donald Ellis Jill Foster Mark Foster Amy Fox A Staci Fralley Danielle Frsrggig Shawn Franssens Sean Frechin T J ennifer Frevert Christina Frock Jeffrey Gamm Misty Gates Christine Gaynor Angie George Jeffery Gibbins Aaron Gibbs Matthew Gillis Michael Gonzales Scott Greathouse Cheryl Greenfield Jermifer Greenstreet 7TT5 Debra Griffith Walter Grlffith Daniel Grisham Alan Gross Cynthia Hagan David Hammontree Brooke Hampton Robert Hanson Steven Harbor Marisa Harefeld Denisa Hamar Julia Harness Angela Harris . is , -.e G l J f if if W Y f v t J, -h Sherrl Harris William Harris Mary Hartman Joseph Haskins Jennifer Hatcher Rachelle Hauger Daniel L-llggd Shane Heard Lenny Heater Doug Heishman Christina Henrich Pattle Henry Shane Henry Valerie Hlcks Vance Himes Speedy I-Ilnson Lynn Hixon Douglas Holden Celeste Holmes Julie Holt Dennis Howard Angel Hubbard Amy Hunt Carrie Ishmael Joseph James Jason Jeffries Travis Jeffries Ruth Ann Jenkins Tina Jenkins William Jester Gzanlene Johnson Matthew Johnson Jaml Lea Johnston Jeremy Jordan Michelle Kean Loma Keeland Christina Keeran Paul Kenney Ronald Kldwell Cara Klllbreth Shannon Klotz MltcheU Knapp Michelle Knight Aimee Kohlstaedt Stacie Kolsem Brent Krause Bruce Kueker Charvon La Masters Sherman Langley Bridget Lackey Tammy Lackey Chris Lakey Deleta Larsen Matthew Leith MlChelle Lejeune Paula Lisby i"' Julie Lewellen Angela Lewis Travis Lewis Jeffrey Lien Kendra Lipari Michael Lembl-ie ii, Ronald Overbeck Glenn Overstreet Gale Owens Steven Owens Dale Packwood Vicky Paddack James Page l.-. .-. John Page Christine Panuco Robert Peacock Jennv Pemberton Chad Pennington Chad Peters Dawn Pixler Shawn Polre Jennifer Polke Gregory Potter Shawna Prentiss Taci Preston Angela Ralston Christina Ramirez ,.l....l1 i- Lisa Ann Rammel Johnathon Reed Michael Reiss Gabriel Reser Robin Reynolds Stephanie Reynolds Michael Rich Rachel Richardson Randy Riddle William Ridlngs Bryan Rleck Melissa Ring William Rist Billy Roberts Travis Roberts Jennifer Rockwood Bryan Rodriguez Shelley Rogers James Ross Brian Rowe Mark Rowe Ronnie Rowland Angela Russell Scott Ryan Teresa Savage Robert Scarboroulh David Schulmelster Dina Schultz ilil-ii Jennifer Schumacher Shannon Schumacher Kurt Scurlock Plme Senthavy Sandra Shannon Brandon Sham Kristi Shelton Kelli Shields Melissa Shrout Gary Sieler Brian Simpson Klint Sims Karl Smith Matheuw Smith -,Q ' ' " 'Nm' " V ' Q ' f ' gf 'W'-'-w1"'-'-"'1"" W" ' W' ' '94 4 Scot Zook ,fn - ASS OF 1989 ED T Bridgett Wood Derek Woods John Woods David Wooldridge Thomas Wray Chris Wright Russell Young Ingra Aamodt Brenda Abrams Corey Abrams Timothy Adams Anthony Aguilera Reed Ajami Kristi Allen David Almqulst Raquel Anderson Richard Anderson Tammy Armstrong Steven Amold Tessia Amold ' Staci Bailey Jason Baker David Baldus Charles Ball Jason Barker Robb Barker .,..1-.-- Jennifer Barlow John Bames Shawn Bamickle Lisa Barrett Sean Barrett Rebecca Baskins Teresa Bates Christopher Bearce Terina Beck Richard Bedsworth Lynne Beebe Susan Biotti Lonnie Bishop William Bigger ckburn :burn lkenship ,omquist one W N N 1 1 r w 1 V V Y x i i gg Craig Bolles Michelle Booth Charles Bosley Mark Lee Bowen Joy Bowling Paula Bowman Christina Bozerocki Shanda Bradiield Tracy Branam Nicole Brashear Mike Brigman Chip Brock Coral Brockmeyer Brian K Brown Shnrey Brown Russell Browning Ricky Bnmgardt Leslie Bruns Randall Bruntmver Timothy Buckles Christie Burcham Jason Burec Sherann Burkeybiie Dana Bumett David Burton Susan Bultler Shawn Buxton Phillip Caldarella Chris Campbell Lynn Campbell Damon Carr Jeremy Carter Michael Carter Mark Caruthers Tammy Jo Carver an y ase Sharmin Chadwick Lori Jean Chaussard John Cheek David Chiles Lori Ann Chuning Allan Claybom l1.l.. Kim Coberly David Cochran De De Collins Jamle Collins sara Jo Collins Sean Combs Jeannette Compton' Amy Copeland Kim Copeland Melissa Cox Jennifer Crabtree Denise Cramer Anglle Crawford Chrltlna Crittenden Vemon Cross Lormie Crowder Dana Crowl Matt Clmnlngham Michell Curtis Stacey Dale Jerry Daniels Susan Dannaldson Bradley Darrow Angela Dasbach Donald Davenport Aaron Davis David Davis Eric Davis Robert Davis Brenda Dean Gayla Deschesnes Adam Dlel Dawnette Dike Lori Jean Dimoush lgresa Dougan Shannon Douglass Margie Driller Daniel Drummond John Dukewits Janette Dunn Natalie Dzula Melinda Earley Brandy Easterling Kim Eckert Jennifer Edwards Bradley Evans Brian Fagg Kimberly Felton Kachel Ferguson James Farrell Stacey Filbeck Dana Fisher Steven Flewelling Jeffrey Foltz Amy Ford Michelle Foster Jon Fox Matthew Franke Jason Franson Sarah Frazee Brooke Frazier Edward Frey Wendy Friend Erika Gaddis Mike Gaherty Michael Galbraith Larry Gann Lori Garlitch Bonnie Gerber Anthony Gillette Vicki Ginn Kimberly Goff Angela Gouldsmith Crystal Grayblll Rhonda Grenwalt Kristie Hackley Jesse Hafemeister ,.-l-illi Angela Hancox Ted Handley Timothy Harper Marla Harris Shannon Harris Sundra Hartwig Cherry Jackson Mark Hedger Tammy Hedgpeth Tommy Hedgpeth 'Richard Heitman Michael Henderson Kim Hendrix Kim Henry Shannon Herold Tony Hicks Ana Hidalgo Tommy Hill Jack Hilliard Jerry Hitsman Michelle Hixon Shannon Hodgson Angela Holder Melissa Holder Stephanie Holst Carolyn Holt Andrea Hoover Brent Houston John Hughes Heather Hull Lori Hull Brian Hunt Brent Huston Tisa Jackson Russell J arred Lori Jenkins Paul Jett William Johnswll Chad Jones David Jones Jenifer Jones Kevin Jones Laurie Jones Jason Kahler Kelly Kauffman Sharon Keadle Scott Keeler Angel Kelly Kari Kennedy Carrie Kennicutt Christy Kessler Tae Kim Stephen Kimbrough Rance Kindle Sean Kistner Ronda Koberowski Brian Koss Todd Kramer Rackelle Lackey Gene Lakatos Shannon Lambert David Larason Clayton Largent Michelle Lasater Cari Lata Christine Leach Leland Leeman Michael Lehmarm Della Liddle Andrea Linvllle A , ff W Y 4 S Matthew Pinick Shaun Pixler Tim P0glle Corie Ida Potter Chris Powers Donald Proper Michael Rahe Douglass Rains Dena Ramsell Kim Rector John Reed Rodney Reed Jamie Reese Crystal Reitz Tammy Renner Dawn Reschter Jeffrey Rexford Michele Reynolds Carmen Robaina Angela Robertson Dana Robertson Marticha Robertson Tiffany Robinson Wes Robinson Melonie Rogers Tony Rohs Russell Rose Nicholas Rusan Davis Russell Charlotte Russum Joy Salmon Travis Schaberg Jason Schlobohm Jerry Schneider Kristi Schnorf Timothy Schumacher Shawna Schupp Robert Schwensen David Searcy Diana Searcy Michael Seeber Scott Semer Brian Shackles Mark Shackles Mariana Shadduck Kim Shahan Angela Shannon Craig Lee Sharp Rachel Sharp H Lindsy Shelton Candace Sherman Steven Sickles Wayne Siefker David Simmons Kacee Simpson , Ge Mic l Aa W I 'if 2' ' ' ' i A r M. ff , N-iz 24' , - : ,:,:r:: wvwfewm ffm! . if 5. r 1 wb H , .. QS 3532? Q. 25? . , . , .ai 4 Q f 1 , ' 4 , ,fygp 53245 , '7'fQ4'sf,L-I K ,H 2 fl : ' 1 W, -, , 5 F ' fu " ,. " ' ' Qrigl"1 , ,gy .- - , .- 'A WZ, ' 51 I ' f 4 , A W4 .f f 1... -...., --. ...... 1 . mu ri si fi .I fi EQ ' L 51 Q ' 51 ' , s, ,',, 42 G E. 4 9 W 5 I 1 X. F xl - f rf wif -' ,e,, M V fy ,: .-,WWMW My WWW iL':f,,f,, A771 . 4 1 W Vg! 1 451.155, W Y , VW M1 A 4, ,J X 1552354 -1' ff ' f R Q nw iff ,,f,,,,'w . r,wmfff'y, ',.-:a'1',zgg- 4 f if .f ff 'V ev, 21.2 f .nw f. .fur , wily? 'fx' ff f 1 ' -A 4 4. kg g 4 Aiwa -1- 1 W ,...-n-1 , 4 two ,f ,. -,7-' M um, .H V ifwfil, 7' 5, rfgj ff I, Q ,xg L n4.',,.4 ,ykk ' fv ffjil ff' ' I 'i If f 6, , amz 2 we , .W A ,A 1, 1 4' ,. XX- 'NF 1 ' I L Personnel if ,bg , 1 lx , f F "5"?.f 6 kv 411 ws X, ...,.-' 3 'Y 2 if R QQ M4 1 Xx- xk 1- N 'N V , X 1 . X L f' T fi-P, xgwffmx x. fn,fm,Q,4,m.:-kz,gE.... i.K?,,gN Sgt if i -an uf' M f J 4- 5-. MI?" Q V W mf. 4 4 e -. , ,, A , , A, 2 , 'jg Q - fjlyfl y, , 'f Vw H 'fr 5 5 2, 'VM 'il X X9 fg- L !Ms. Dpnna Ms. Linda Mr. Clark And Allen Allen V 2l'S0ll 4, .vw MM V Mr. Jim1Bozarth helps seventh graders onthe fifstf dgyrof 55141091 Mr. Dennis Betz and Mr. 'Jerry Soendker play against the Girls' Volleyball Team , A ' V , V M--gg IV vw A92952- in i ff-ie and '-"'--if TEACHERS IN ACTIO fn Nd' xr, ,fe fm ,gm es 1 m. sv MW 5 are do 2 5,45 e -4,. ei ff Ms. Kathy Steele ey NIS. Karen Wimgms ,Ms. Marlene Williams 13 ,, Coach Floyd Hawk1ns demonstrates hls knowledge of soccer. He reminds the student body that in Europe the soccer ball is. called "football". l ' . l - F 25 28 Li LW in viii 2 if EQ Q Q? li' 5 3 Q i Z Qt ,. 5 1 i Ka 2 E Problems Solvers for the Fort0sage Schoo Board of .Education f ,iWho, setsf they school'policy,V,paysA bills' - ' r and writes the rules and regulation for the Fort: Osage School District? The board of education does, of course. ' , The six members of the 'Vo' board" of education are elected for terms ofthree years, by qualified 'voters in the school district. ,The members then elect a president, and at vice-president in April each year. ' . When the board of education meet they followfthis agenda. fFirst the meeting. is called to orderyand the 'minutes of the previous meeting are read and approved. Thenthey ,approve financial statements and Apay the bills and approve t',,' money investments. 'NeXt,r they ,take 'care of unfinished and new' buisness. After the superintendenfs report, and the burning of bonds and coupons, the meeting is adjourned. i y - . M Every decision' and policy answers the question, -"What is the best for the boys and girls who 'attend our schools? " Mr. Gary Baker, Mr. J.C. Brosom, Mr. Jerry Croucher, ,Mr. Ed Stanger, Mr. Marshall Stapleton and Ms. Janice Brown were the six boardmembers who solved the problems for the Fort Osage School District. r i Dr Victor Gragg Dr. Ben Whited Mr. Larry DQBIOII Mr. Jim Barrows Mg, Cal-01 Marcks Superintendent Deputy SUD9l'il1lCHd9lli' How to Find Ways to Clean Up Your Act t Jingle, jangle, jingle, jangle...two pair This was just one of the hard jobs Mike V , of feet stop dead. Their eyes lock, both Buttrum had. He was the one who kept thinking the same awful thing. The everything Spotless. He's here before and V A 2 silence, unbearable. Then, both drop their fiftel' SCh00l Sweepingy dusting and clean- , b hands to their side. Then in a split second mg UP messes- , y one hand has reached the sought after' H SO' next time YOU heal' 2 jungle, jangle, U weapon and without thinking...without Jmglewjangle'--itas Pmbably MikeB11ftrum thinking...Mr. Mike Buttrum pulls out his fighting the IUCSS- t i t i f weapon, a broom, then cautiously walks to 7 the scene of the crime. He motions to his i ' companion, "Well, you were right Mike, the bathroom was definitely flooded," Mr. ,David Kuhlman said exasperation on his face' , s i t fvvi Q, V K L ' V nuuuvro .'. lemme WMM: '50 ' , f mfzjn .no '1ALw 'HO , ,,,,,. r ,.,, , , , , .h.,. . UARBYG -85 simmas .asa , , , E I f I nor ooo iss 'TEA X20 ' , I l norm ooo .70 IIKI ml ,M 6'May I Help by Angie English and Jennifer Downeyt g y As you walk into the small room, you are asked, "May I help you?", This question is 'often asked bythe schoollnurse41iMrs,. Janet Spencer. Giving medicine, taking temperatures, giving vision test., and talking to students on various medical subjects isapartof her job. S i S l Mrs. Spencer has always wanted to be a nurse. She has attended St. Luke's Hospital School of Nursing for three years andfAMSC for one year. Previously, working at hospitals, Mrs. Spencer ap- plied for the job here seventeen years ago. r g Swimming, cake decorating, flower arranging, and gardening' were several of her hobbies. r i Mrs. Spencer would like to continue working here at Fort Osage because she likes her job. S f i t l Mrs. Janet Spencer, the school nurse, sits at her desk waiting to help someone, r g r , y Q t y 1 , - I l Mrs. Ruth Raveill, librarian, sits amoung stacks of books. . 69 Ms. Lynn Burrows,4Ms. Linda Sangster and Mr. Steve Beggs were the "Next, pleaseluistates Ms. Lynn 'Burrows as she talks to students 70 The Helping Hands by Lori F laig Need to change a class, have a problem with teachers, students or just want to talk---these are some reasons that the counselors of the Fort Osage Junior High School were always available. This past year, there were three counselorsgMs. Linda Sangster, Mr. Steve Beggs, and Ms. Lynn Burrows. Ms. Burrows was the freshman counselor. "As a fourth grade teacher at Blue ,Hills I enjoyed my job very much. Seeing the problems and troubles that the students had while Iwas a teacher inspired me to become a counselor." She enjoyed the changesla counselor's position brought and unfortunately disliked the 'paper work. V , V , So if you are needing any help, you know 4 where to go. ,ig if 12,2 fin and f ff i' JQMQ uflg 4 549, W' fi WM. f? au- lar 4 M551 ff f feet Egg ! 4 :aw vw iw? W Steve Beggs talks to students during first day orientation P f.v:1'.4'f.4'f.1'.z'.1J'.A'r.f'.r.f.v'f.A'r.r.r.z'.f.f.9'.z.v.v ' f , wew:vif"f'i'15'1ffW A 521 1 'lf .,,V,, , ., ,,,. mi! ,Qlf A ,, kf. 'f 125 '5qi5,jg',-1' 'if'f+ff,g.'. - ,L 1,3 jg: , 1 , -9 7' " 4 A, . , , ga, 54" .J . ,fm , 5' fa . N ,M I V' L A ' ' ' f . f ' ,fr :V ' 5"" ' ' , P.,,Q:f57,j f t'f77Q?5f',' ' , ' f t ,eg gg f- ' ' ' ' f av .f "wa-. 521.19 ' 145255. W 'f'wi" " -" X ' 'lv' .. "" y ,zfmf 5 , 34, ,A 13, ,f . pf ' 'iii' 92:3 .W . ,.,,ff,,., . . -sg..- ,yht J-7'-Kf'J.7'.d'l'.A'l'.f.fJ.7'.l7".l?'J.7'J.7'.f.7J7'.A'l Fashions also include swatches, pins and brooches. y idfkf'fffffffffffffflfffffffffffffffln y by Jenny Pemberton u u As everyone knows, fads and fashions differ from year to year. Well, this year's fashions differed from last year's rat tails and ilorescent colors. This year, some of the clothes fashions included: shaker sweaters with tanks under them and stretch pantsg stirrup pants with oversized shirts and 'sweaters were also! Hin". Alot of the students made a fad of wearing socks over jeans. For the guys, the Miami Vice look was "hot". Also in fad were Air Jordans. To give an outfit a fmal touch, some accessories were added. Pins and other jewelry were big fads. Swatches and all different kinds of ,watches wereiwom. And what girl could go anywhere withouther "confetti" purse. f ' i l i . j Admittedly, the 1986 fads were different from any other4Qyear.e And in the future, these fashions will also be lost in time, but were captured in the Arrowhead. Q. 77 '7 1 Hi Zi L - The English Publications class shows the fashions and records for the year. I-Ia1ley's Comet Returns After 76 Years! by Ruth Jenkins From November, 1985 to March, 1986 Ha1ley's Comet was visible in some parts of the world. Edmund Halley, an English astronomer predicted in 1703 that the comet would return in 76 years. Halley's comet has been visiting our solar system since at least 239 B.C. This time Ha1ley's Comet disappointed many people in the Northern Hemisphere. To observe the comet, one had to either get upgat 5:00 in the morning fa clear cloudless morningj or stay up until 11:00. The best place to observe the comet was in Australia during April. Julie Toedebusch practices looking for the comet through a telescope outside Ms. Jeannette Erter's science room. I fx'-'-faf' ' ?'1'o , NN-..,wMwK Q, S' ff, I fjf jig, H. " ff? 5:2 liii if . ,, H322 31712 ME 132 W 25 1, - Q1 ww. , 1? x ' A iii? N Q 5 R T fi. L Z ' I-1 ,H ff? ' f L0 If 1 4 an i 41 ' vi

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