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I r 4 a 'r n I 'n 5 : '? ,. 3 u I f 4 -r 1 I 5 .V ,, fd- .-U. ,."" ', . H., W f-H w, ,Af - r, - . .J . 1 ,l.'l',,"". 'U' s , ,1. si? vwa lif-Ha'-1: kv-.'z'1:TH JT 5:1411 -r 1: 5-gy-,-5-5:51g'3f- -:azQ-:52::,:A:,-.yf:i.4i:E:-:-QE,-I-f,--f,T,,:fT21-if 1 ff.,-12-2-f5a:?sf':fe1ffL-Y 2-, , . N- , '1 . 3. :f?: .glg .Zz U ' :mms J-1 fn r'-'e.u.irra.m- Q, ., V Q A V 2 S Q S H 4 'Z-f ' 1 ' A Q X 75 fi f Y Q7 1 AS 1 ff 2 f f fy ' C J Z My f f 7 I 4 Y f 9 ,K :V , . ...W X5 AW f A , 1 Aj, 1970 Indian , 'ef i 441 , fifkl if Q 4 fe: I 1 ,I 3 an! X , Q Y5 X , 2' Q 14 Q M? Q 5 ffy fbi- WW ? W 5 M, K Legends E J f '- Y ,fw-wr? ww, , , 401 v. . af.. ,, ,. WW M WML ,,mm.ww 2. Him-f IVIID-CONTINENT PUBLIC LIBRARY IIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII MID-CONTINENT PUBLIC LIBRA GeneaIogy 8- M Norah Emcgcg:I:3xz.:L:',, mam, 1 Highway 81 Sigcmgg ' Independence, IVIO ef? H z :pf it AI 12 w, P Q 419 '55 Q- Q fx A U - , 2 " f I, . y:,,,... .. , x 1" -, I HH , ,, XV ggi? 4, I I E si? my I f ' -I, 1' ' K ' I I . I , :E ,,l, .f -Msg: as " .. 45 gp- ez -.5 4 -I , 1, ' . , QV ,g., ,, 1 If 4 M5 I I H , I II! ,g III: , IQ EEE 552253 . U1-Uistwj Library 0 G -WB 1 , - + 1' 3 I +I km I I IE? I . ff V v . 4:0 V. N ' .'1,5w' , , ' ' f f Ma a E E E I II I I , a 'D J 5 g if? ,Q ! 4 Rig? if ' IEIQ I III 1 I I , . I r f' 12 Q Y I I .1,,,f,g I "Bs A Z, ,, 3 J P ,. 5 '21 Q gs g 1 I I m gf ., u' 3 2 I J KZ Az fm 6 If z .Q vf M4 ,W g, QM. ,. Wafvllra 1-if-.zfjz -f we Fifty-one years of merits dedication From principal and teacher at the Levasy School to assistant principal at Fort Osage High School, Miss Mary Moore has served the district with a dedication hard to equal. But even more difficult to match would be the 51 years she has given to education. Arriving at six a.m. and working till five or six in the evening was a normal working day for Miss Moore. There was always a cot standing by in her office should she decide it was too late to return home when she finished her work. Besides being assistant principal, she also found time to teach algebra classes. Many freshmen and sophomores who were informed they would have Miss Moore for a class shud- dered at the thought. They had heard hours of hard work were a necessity in her classes. unending service of 1970 yearbook But when students arrived they found a very willing teacher and woman who would spend as much time with an individual as was necessary. It was that type of dedication which won her the respect of the entire student body. The students showed their appreciation in a standing ovation at the final awards as- sembly, a small, but genuine payment for 51 years of service. - Miss Moore has sponsored several organi- zations, such as Student Council. She was also responsible for the beginning of AFS. For her unyeilding determination, her total involvement in school life, and simply be- cause she is Miss Moore, we dedicate the 1970 Indian Legends to her. TOP: Miss 'Moore presents Bruce Adams with the math department award as recognition of his ability. 'n th? Same -assembly Students gave Miss Moore a Stendlng ovation in recognition of her ability. RIGHT: Miss Moore established AFS at the.F0r1g and on AFS Day she talked to Ramon Flodriquez and Freida Can- Siqnj. LEFT. Miss Moore makes certain each student erstands math problems and their solutions. MISS MARY MOORE 1970: A year of winning l B SA 1970: Myriads of talent and student success 1970 launched a new decade which delighted to the sounds of success. Ripples of laughter, sobs of joy and exclaimed prideg these sounds accompa- nied sighs of fatigue moans of defeat and the grit of dedicated determination. These sounds were the sounds of student talent, and accomplishment. This was the sound of 1970. . .4 A, A X . V, 2" .f 1 ,,- , f 1 Z , K , ,,.,.- -nn- f S ' -:L-.3114 .M EW? " ""'5"7"5mmW P -1-' fy. 1.-1 1 "' "' "' ,fp f , , A , f E ', ,-,sv , ,Ai f KZ ffl ea 'hx ,W m N, :r H HZQZZWW .MZ 5g,f,,, V f f K? ,, ' Board sets new '70 dress codes With Hyman Nleinershagen serving ass the president, the 1969-70 school board set down the rules that the students must abide by for the coming school year. Also serving on the board are Bradley Offutt, Armin Stoen- ner, Dwight Owens, Von Young, and Wallace Berrier. Meeting with the board was Gale Bartow, superintendent of schools. . The school board worked closely with the students and faculty in acquiring accredita- tion from the North Central Evaluation Sys- tem. Also, a bond was proposed which passed in March. The bond provides for the building of a new junior high in the east end, to be completed in 1971. The school will serve as a grade school for two years before becoming a junior high for the east part of the district. LEFT: lVlr. Gale Bartow, Superintendent, signs another paper helping improve the Fort Osage School District. TOP RIGHT: BOARD OF EDUCATION: lVlr. Gale T. Bartow, Superintendent: Bradley Offutt, Glenn Mallott, Bud Berrier, Hyman Meinershagen, President: Armin Stoenner, Von Young. lVlr. Gale T. Bartow Superintendent Mr. Dick Brown Director of Buildings and Grounds lVlr Vernon Drown District lVluslc Coordinator Mrs Gladys Hamilton Director of Food Services Mr Carl Jordan Administrative Assistant Mr Harry Losslng Director of Personnel Mr. Richard Franklin, Mr. David Kuhlman, senior i-iigh Junior High Principal Principal Miss Mary MO0rSi Asst. Sr. High Principal db Mr. Kim Schaberg, Administrative Asst. TOP CENTER Mr Kuhlman attends to an important phone call from a parent during his daily routine LEFT Miss Moore assistant principal attends to her transportation books to help keep the school running efficiently BOTTOM Sally Tennis gives an NCA member a grand tour of the Fort 19 1 if Principals strive to gain NCA title Mr. Richard Franklin, senior high princi- pal, worked diligently for a year to have Fort Osage High School accepted by the North Central Association, NCA. This association makes it possible for any student who gradu- ates from the Fort to attend any college he wishes. Mr. Franklin initiated this idea, and he, along with the teachers, have worked on it the past year. Helping Mr. Franklin, was Miss M a ry Moore, assistant principal. Miss Moore's duties consisted of keeping the attendance and transportation records. She also was in charge of text books sales. For the first time this year, Mr. Kim Scha- berg became Administrative Assistant. His duties were extra-curricular activities. Mr. David Kuhlman, principal of Fort Osage Junior High School, shared his duties with Mr. Robert Keeton, Assistant principal. Y fa 1s""" r ' r 1 1 f :iw1a-f1f1-fr'-:es:1-rsavssnaasea-,f. i-af1-e.L-,:aQ- e '- V -, ., . ,I X, t IJ' .v5LJ,,,,J,,,, . ll, U I 1 -.,,,, ,., W AW ,., , 4.-,,. ,,,,,,.-Wd. ,A ,...HA,-,,,,,A,,4-,4i..?,.,.a4.....4-,g-,,,Ale.. .,-,r4g.,...., ..E-,.,... Norma Alexander Irene Bartow Secretary to Clerk Registrar Board Lillie Gerald Katerine Gilbert Debbie Hargrove Secretary Library Asst. Secretary Bobbie Briegel Eunice CasadY Receptionist Phyllis English Secretary Norma Hoover Treasurer to Mary Ann Howe ' Board Secretary A ,,., ,,,,. M .,,.,,.,,. .Wmmn SR HIGH OFFICE HELP BOTTONI ROW Joyce Rzibliginllgldlgeton Sharld Llggett Jeannie Smith ROW TWO Bgrb ennls Connie Shrout Janet Breuer ara Casady Ron Reagan Beverly pei-fa'L,eP 1,5535 ,, .nv I 'Q I J .1 ,X gt hy. If 5, ef L 'V ii u' - w 4 5 X' 7 Q - 2 fl f -K ' Q, 1 I . A K , . f I , ' ' i , ' ' y 1 1 y - , I -' 'I4j 4 , , I6 f: I .75 I, , '31 M U A lv A 4 " ' ' - -.. I V 2 "' C '4:' A" :Q if3Q:I4QQ1f5ff 1515553 rfrvf 1- ,- ,W ,, . . V , - , 1 Nfsafz. ., I ag. V V , 1,24 i D L . T V I V fl,-gre- ,.i"fl:fT?..Q??,?f2gi ig, 15531 157,-, 4,211 I VIN Efficient offices improve school Many worked steadily in '70 to make the Fort stand out- in the minds of area residents. Much energy was spent propelling the achievements accomplished, and the center of this success was those ladies who helped administrators and students. Secretaries Debbie Hargrove, Mrs. Bar- bara Brigel, Mrs. Norma Hoover, Mrs. Lillie Gerald, Mrs. Mary Ann Howe and Mrs. Norma Alexander assisted the district's leaders at the Administration Building. Mrs. Phyllis English and Mrs. Deannie Joseph were regarded by high school stu- dents as ladies who could solve the most difficult problem and junior high students regarded Mrs Mary Lee McDaniels in the same genuine attitude of respect FOHS was lucky to have capable help Deannie Joseph Secretary W Mary Lee McDaniel Secretary TOP Patty Shupe gives Paul Gaume the correct change BOTTOM Diana Hulett answers the school telephone one of the many duties of the office girls Cooks serve food to district schools The Fort Osage. School District saw an up- grading in its food service program. An in- creased staff of eleven ladies under the lead- ership of Mrs. Wanda Cully, prepared the meals for the high school and the six ele- mentary schools in the district. A food ser- vice delivery wagon was operated by Ed Bostwick. Mrs. Norma Herndon, Mrs. Phyllis Goldsberry, and Mrs. Dorothy Kesler acted as hostesses at the high school. Besides their regular duties, the staff pre- pared meals for the Booster Club meetings and buffet dinners for the North Central Evaluating Committee. Custodians worked around the clock to do their part in keeping the school running smoothly. Maintenance and repair of faucets, drains and furnaces kept them busy. Parker Ruth Crossley Emma Donovan Betty Hum Grantham Roma Davis Letha Long Ed Bostwick FOOD SERVICE PERSONNEL: Mrs. Cully, Mrs. Dorothy bird, Rose Taylor Doreen Wilson Ruth Starnes Louise l I 3 , -f A ,ll Q f 'q ,- , f' w w t x X fx w w . 1 x i G I L n 5 i I 4 3 3 'Z s J Q 11' 2 A 's B i X , 1 '9 I " t. :', '-fi."'--'fling:QL!?1:f!if2if-Elf'5gf?if-Zff?f771ff7lff1i'fLf?-Elf?-555,159L:.Lc::T-g.-fry,2.141-H a..,. .,.R. .MW ' ' A A , V . ., , .5 , " A I " - "' A ' ' - ,Y if-- ,. . 'Y NW-T--T II . ' . . .. .. 1 . .. .:, .FIAIE 011. 7970 Academics . . . .. ,I brought pride in a completed term paper, a delight in a concept finally understood. Teachers served as aides and guides to students as they struggled to become teachers of themselves and not merely receptacles of fact. Sincere enthusiasm by both teachers and students made education and learning easier in Aca- demics: 1970. P.E. experiences skilled activities Weight training and tennis were intro- duced to the boys' and girls' physical educa- tion classes in l69-'7O. Mrs. Maggart and Mrs. Phillips, girls, P.E. instructors, presented many activities some of which were not taught before at the'Fort. Archeryjpyramids, and tennis units were added along with activities such as table tennis, stunts and tumbling, and basketball. The girls displayed a great deal of enthu- siasm and interest in physical education this year, more than had been shown in previous years. Boys' P.E. classes had a variety of ac- tivities the first three quarters. Bad weather delayed the spring activities and cut down participation in activities such as soccer, baseball, and flag football. MV '-HWY Fi?-Chef, Mr. Jerry Hedger, Mrs. C. J. Maggart, Mrs. Eileen Phillips, Mr. Larry Smith B S M S B S B s B s PhYsicaI Education Physical Education Physical Education Physical Education Physical Education . ..,, ggfitgi t at-.-i - .Q 1 J 4:92:35 .il 2,5 i !'.iE'f:5 IE Q ,:54,C'2 .,.,,,.,,,,, , .,. E ' giliw Q 5. ' 5 ..,.. .,i ' , i-ixixi .-Ja. 5 . if 5 ..-1-, i .5 . vw 4591 . wt - see: ,C- tl i w i i ' .359 E 33's- gig! Egg is ...N ,fQ,i4 i,iS 'ff ,, .Q i - .. A ' 'V Q 'Q 4: ' sv?-,"'?:1b:5 H is 1 g w a ll ji: wil ,- in M f sm se2ist.t,t: V. Wi . ww s. Q., ,L ,f,..., sk 6 xiii: .t gm W t M' fat fm' fl 3 rf sf .9 wwzs- dg ill A 5: N L lkl ZEN" ' " b .x-Nm - i ,lf aff?-Q' . izfsigt . af 4' . Us is . , it W' 5,,- ,si I ixswzizxiff-13 - 31533 fs A-:fist r 541 A 1 mciw.ff at M1-re., -fum: ... . , iffxiflf ,E Q ig i- ft nf M y ifwsii - if A kt 'Hbu My s ,- wftaifw i ' "F,-ftX'QI' 5 T X'ffsg212ff W, , .,,, Ag., . . .fs ,V G3 ' ,- QW' QM, 5 xfwif. ,msg if - . 15,2-sg .2-if 'Q W. ,fi it sms as , ,I , 1 ,f , il,1t33gg,- 4:4 if L, sp, , g .mf ss- it thi R LQ S ' Q . X . Q . 5. ft Ig. My n ff 5 , VM 2 , TOP: lVIrs. Maggart grades skills tests in girls' P.E. RIGHT: Cindy Langhammer takes an active part in P.E. class. BOTTOM: Coach Jerry Hedger, shown here lecturing to his biology class, was chosen "Foot- ball Coach ofthe Year." Mrs Maryellen Anderson, Mr Louis Banker M.A. Miss Sandra Durrlll, M.S. l l l TOP: Miss Cox and Miss Lundy discuss paper grad- ing between classes. RIGHT: Mrs. Anderson works diligently to keep the Library in order. LEFT: Mike Lamb, senior, works on an English lV term paper. -s.., 3,1 4-sv" wil .. f -....-f--f' Classics become research projects For the Fort Osage English Department, 1969-70 was a year of transformations. Sev- eral classics in literature were taught such as Hawthorne's Scarlet Letter, Milton's Para- dise Lost, and Shakespeare's varied works. Term papers were another project which the students undertook. A large choice of topics were offered to the students to help them with their research. Mrs. Linda Smith, department chairman with Mrs. Pam Robinson, Miss Sue Runnels and Mr. Steve Harden worked to form a new curriculum for the 1970-1971 year. A semester schedule with more liberal choices for freshmen and seniors was de- cided upon. This new program was highly praised by the North Central Evaluating committee. Mrs. Katherine Gilbert, B.S Assistant Librarian Mr. Stephen Harden, B.S. English ll, Am. Problems Mrs. Lois Parker, B.S. English Mr. Fluth Raveill Library Clerk NCA accepts English skills Mrs. Susan Redfern, Miss Edythe Roberts, Mrs. Pamela Miss Suzette B.S. B.S. Robinson, B.S. Runnels, B.S. . English Ill English English Ill English lll TOP: Linda Hostetter helps Miss Sibel set up props for "Our Town." CENTER: Mrs. Redfern checks over her assignment book. RIGHT: Mrs. Smith chuckles over the humor in Paradise Lost. LEFT: An NCA judge chats with Mrs. Robinson on an evaluation day. ..4-,A-e".4 Miss Alyce Sibel, B.S. English-Dramatics - Miss Laura Smith, B.S. ik English Mrs Linda Smith B S Chairman English Department Journalism Mrs Marlene Williams BS English 'is Mr Leo Gussman MISS PHTVICIH Huntsucker B A Vocal MUSC Junzor Hugh Art Mrs Donna Kmg Mrs Ida McAnulty BA Charrman Junlor Sensor Hugh F0f9'Qn I-a"1QUa99 r Department Spanish Mrs Beverly Moore BA Mr Wllllam French Scrlven M M E Instrumental Muslc LEFT Mr Stoner student teacher In Band practlces his dlrectmg with the Forts students TOP Mr Scrlven directs hrs band to a I ratmg In district BOTTOM Miss Wllllams shows slides to her jumor hrgh students ' MA. ' . , . . " MA. - ' , At I fr 4. B ' 'iw t 'fifffi -?'fiefiQ,1 Fine arts break former records 1970 was a year of history making, suc- cess, and achievement for the Fine Arts Department. All existing records set by former band and choir members were broken when the 1970 band and choirs attended the District Music Festival. Band under the guidance of lVIr. Bill Scriven sent 25 solo and ensemble entries. 13 returned with I ratings. Through the direction of lVlr. Leo Gussman, choir members set a new record by bringing back to the Fort 7 number I ratings. lVlrs. Vernay Thrapp, Art teacher sponsored an art showing for Fort art students. The show held May 3 was a success and gave students a chance to sell their exhibits to interested buyers. Mrs Vernay Thrapp B.A. Student Teacher Band Mr. Larry Deaton, M.A. Counselor Mr. Robert Keeton, M.S Junior High Counselor Mrs. Ruth Ann Koehler, M.S. Counselor Mr Thomas Weakley Counselor Deaton manages first Career Day In 1969-70 the Counseling Department in- troduced a new means of guidance. "Career Day" brought to Fort Osage 55 business in- dustries, labor unions and professions. Stu- dents in grades 9412 could talk with different businesses and discuss opportunities for employment after graduation. Larry F. Deaton, Director of Guidance, and his associates Ruth Ann Koehler, Walter Kennon, Tom Weakley, and Robert Keeton strive to outline to the students the choices that are possible and make suggestions to the student in making that choice. The counselors are here to help interpret problems that a student doesn't understand: both emotional and everyday problems that arise. They listen to students and try to help the student to hear himself. TOP LEFT: Mr. Deaton checks grades for the honor roll. BOTTOM: Mrs. Koehler advises a student on his schedule for next year. RIGHT: Mr. Keaton checks his calendar for school events. TOP RIGHT: Mr. Weakley relaxes in his office after a hard day of teaching. ! Social Studies Mr Dale Childs B S Social Studies Mr Larry Cole B A Am History World History Miss Joyce Franks B S Am History Mo History Mr Paul Hoer M S World History Mr Mike Johnson M A Citizenship . 't f' MT. Thomas Boyce, TOP CENTER: Chip Weeg, sophomore, impatiently raises his hand to express his opinion. RIGHT: Mr Johnson encourages his class to take part in discus- sion BOTTOM CENTER' Mr Childs ca tures the at . . . p - tention of his class by his lecture. LEFT: Mr. Cole as- sists his student teacher. . ,Y J, .. .3,,1J,., rag.,-W - - --M -V -. - V .qs-.,, . 1, xg ,,s,f,1js:f 'T .Q fi Qyg--firlfrvaif',,.jQ,,gfgK,Qgii g":f.aeff.'- -:' gf -1 .15 .4 -5.,f::a-. I. ' .. - 4 f .- -- .ea -.-.ww , , ' 3,6 H--V. -t.:,.1,. -F 4, 4.-3.-im . .VV . 4 , .L.. , , ., ,-.s-Q.-ef, .3 Youth of America concerns history The students interest and current prob- lems of the world was the entire idea be- hind the updated curriculum in the 1969-70 history department. Mr. Paul E. Hoer, department head and world history teacher worked with his co- workers, Mr. Gary Kelly, geography, Mis- souri history and world history instructor, Mr. Larry Cole, American history teacher. Miss Joyce Franks, American history and Missouri history teacher and Mr. Steve Hard- en, American problems teacher to bring about the changes. In most of the classes a non-textbook unit was taken up. This study concerned' the problems of the day such as drugs, pollution, and the population explosion. The students discussed the cause and went in Search ofa cure. E Mr. Gary Kelly, Mr. Paul Loving, MVS- Olive Bs. Bs. Lundy. B-S. World History, I Citizenship Social STUCUGS Geogr. TOP LEFT: Mrs. .Lundy shows patient understanding with her young students. TOP RIGHT: Bill Smith at- tempts a last look before taking a history test. BOT- TOM RIGHT: Nelia Hoaglin finds the use of a world 'map helpful in history. BOTTOM LEFT:'Mr. Kelly uses maps to emphasize his teaching methods. ,g,3.,.g, ,Q-,,f1g:.f:-,':Vf,'i2.-1 Q .- f 21:2 fe- '- f - ' - ' f iff' K , ,N 5 -- 1, - . ., : 1 ,f ' "WZ, ,, I ' 'I I' I ' k- 'X , . ,ff . , , - : ,iffy ' f mm lu-,IAM luxsi gl.llir1WQp1A..,xN11 9 Ip? ,, ffm 0 Q A . , R ' di . M , ni' N ""' , WA. -i ff - fl History studies man I 'fw f ww ff' eq' ' ,fffgfa , W K, f , I, I , Q , ,M ,,,4.4 ml VK ,M ,514 pf W www? 'L wi V 4 H FF? xwffi 2 4 ,KW xg, wk Q 3 M , , .- , in JA Y, ' fs 'I 'r W rr' si I Q., ff f 2 v f 1 ,f ?73, wh? ff M5 f 15 Q4 5,1 5 af fhf 'fb Z 4 ,f f 40 arf' ' .wx J , ik V7 ' L 4 , fm Li f p ,Q U "1 "' -fi' M Il? I 7 I , , f, ,,jfW 4 ' fffiwg f 'M Mrs. Eleanor Bohnert, B.S. Home Living Mr. Richard BurnS, B.S. Driver's Education Mr. Robert Cary, B.S. Chairman, Shop Depaflthem Drafting, Home-Mechanics Mrs. Isabelle Clark, B.S. Chairman, Home Economics Family Living, Home Ec. Ill Mrs. Mary Jean Clark, B.S. Home Economics Mrs. Sue Christy, B.S. Typing-Accounting J,-.. 93 rf' 13? Uv ,ff 3 LEFT: Miss Rich patiently dictates to her Shorthand class. Her constant dedication helped to lead the Fort to second place in State competition. TOP: A dedicated Shop teacher, Mr. Cary, illustrates the skill of measuring to his students. RIGHT: Jr. High Shop teacher, Mr. Hargrave, demonstrates how to use an electric saw to his eighth grade students. l.. .. ,,.. .1 f3:5YYL 5 k E. , f f ff an 4 fa t 1 f, , 7 f f '70 Practical arts pass all hopes ln the practical arts field four departments were represented: Business, Driver's Educa- tion, Home Economics, and Shop. This year's business department took four students to district contest at Central lvlis- souri State College in Warrensburg. Rhonda Ficke advanced to state in novice shorthand Competition. Driverts Education classes exceeded their sections from six to nine this year with lVlr. Burns and lvlr. Soendker instructing the classes. The Home Economics department held their annual fashion show on lVlay 22. Mary Bessmer received the title of Betty Crocker Homemaker of the Year. The shop department excelled in such projects as drawing houses to glass cutting. HW Mrs. Rainwater teaches skills M M a ease ff? 1- LEFT: Barbara Jackson asks for assistance from typing teacher, Mrs. Rainwater. TOP: Laurel Bryant practices her business skills running off tests for Miss Rich. RIGHT: James Houghtailing works frantical- ly to score high on another timed writing. BOTTOM: Tom Preston checks his page to see if his error is serious. 5 gi Yf -, X ..."" Mr. Robert Bauermeister, B.S. Special Education Mr. Johnnie Cobb, B.S. Shop Mr. James Hargrave, B.S. Junior High Shop Mrs. Sue Rainwater, B.S. Typing-General Business Miss Barbara Rich, B.S. Chairman, Business Typing-Shorthand Mr. Jerry Soendker, B.S. Driver's Education Math is mystery staffprovides key Fort Osage's science program offered stu- dents a chance to develop their scientific abilities. Students in lVIr. Buckley's chem- istry class enjoyed performing experiments. Physics classes conducted group ,experi- ments on iight using the laser while biology classes participated in lab. sessions and dissected specimens. Students chose studies in biology, zoology, botany, chemistry, phys- ics, and conservation. Freshman algebra and geometry students experienced difficulty with equations but with lVIr lvlusgraves help they soon over came their problems Algebra ll taught much of the theory of math as well as actual ex perience in solving problems Students en joyed the study of logarithms and recog nized the help they will be in advance study in science and mathematics Iql1Usita'rQW-i-6'fi'J?5'5-Awe.,-nf ,sh,q?q,EMy3uP ,i "ff Y 1 'L- ,TOP: Mr. Aeby marks several corrections on a home- work paper to help the students with further study. RIGHT: Mr. Boles uses the overhead projector to show biology students slides of bacteria. BOTTOM: Mr. Harden prepares to demonstrate an algebra equa- tion to his freshman students. arts' 1 gt! " A 3 -r k 'iw ,iii 545' gt 9 1 f 2,13 Tw 5 S A tif 1 'Wi' +1 an if 5 '23 X I .ff v ,Q it 2 43 ,fe . 5 fr Q if 3 Q if l 41 M" 2 'J' ' 'l','fg! it 55 N J 1 s S xx l P il Z' 1 1' 1 , Z 3 ', 1 5 hV. Mr Bictor Aeby, B.S. General Science Mr. James Barron, B.S. Mathematics Mr. Nelson Boles, B.S. Biology-Science Mr. Roger Bruning, B.S ' f Mathematics Mr. Walter Buckley, M.S. Chairman, Science , Department Physics-Trig.-Math Analysis Mr Stephen Gerke B S Permanent Substitute Mr Larry Harding M S Algebra Mrs Paula Jackson BS Science N . , . . . Q , I , 5,4 ff' V' 7 I y . . . , . . 51 af ,1 1 1 1 1 4 1 1 1 11 .1 11 1 1 11 1 i1 14 111 1. 1 . 1 11 1 1 11 1 U H 1 1 11 1, 1 A '1 11 11 11 11 1 1 11 11 1 1 11 11 1 42 Buckley leads department ,Zu- LEFT: Mr. Buckley, science department chairman, checks inventory. TOP CENTER: Mr. McCullough tries to explain some basic math knowledge. RIGHT: Visual aid has become an important part of Mr. Parker's class. CENTER: With chalk in hand, Mr. Barron dem- onstrates a mathematical problem. Mr. Leo McCol Science lough, B.S. Miss Mary Moore, M.S. Geometry-Algebra ll Mr. Kenneth M usgrave, B.S Algebra-Geometry ' Mr. Richard Pa Math Mr. Robert Phil Math rker, B.S. lips, B.S. Miss Jane Ryan, B,S. Biology-Bot-Zoo Miss Pamella Stark, B.S. Science Mr. Robert Wat Science son, B.S. x 43 P. Ii II Ig II II I ,II 7: Il I fs I II III I I Il 'I 'I l I 'I I I li Il I. I I I x I L3 i. I il I, I. I I F I I ' I I " I I 9 I I P II I I bf, uv- ,f . If-'T' Mr. Kennth Smith, IVl.A. Director, Vocational School Mr. Walter Kennon Counselor Mr. Miles Anderson Drafting Mr. David Boice Electronics Mrs. Ann Franklin Secretarial-Clerical Mr. Joseph Hainline Aviation 1 I X t x A x Q -- -rs .I,-A X ww as QI 5,5 . s.. sr 41 'Q' WI.. g t - I - ff ti Yeti , K' -f ,. Lvnwzlk f X 1 X is 4 -t K1 tfJ 1 X M' S' 'lf N ' ' X " X-wi ll' 1 ral U' l 5 X 1 l A Q , 'MR W l' "fi" 'ithllgiil l' PS1 , , BN. Vocations taught by professionals 1970 marks the second year that the Area Vocational Technical school has been help- ing students in this area learn a vocational trade. The Vocational-Technical school helps students in the areas of secretarial prac- tices, mechanics, refrigeration, DECA and other fields. All these classes prepare pupils for jobs they would like to fill when they leave high school. - The teachers in Vo-Tech must have ex- perience in the fields they teach. They need not have a degree in this field. They must have a vocational certificate issued by the State Board of Education. The students attending the Vo-Tech are from four area high schools. These schools are Oak Grove, Grain Valley, Blue Springs and students from the Fort. v 1 sv f he r TOP: Mr. Anderson and David Lairmore are typical of the way student and teacher work together in the Vo-Tech School. BOTTOIVI: Welding class provides Kenny Waisner with the chance to improve his welding skill. RIGHT: Norman Thomas works diligently to repair a radio in electronics class. i '-hA L'7if'1..H'f.i37"4 1 ', f' A N .,g2,,,g ,. . . . Skills tram minds - f f 1.5, V ' gy - EW A Sgigszefq y Qwfgo gg. .lf ' 'x.' :ME-5..g2zt:2Zw,,m.s'fI -Lif w-., M ggjgj:f:ti,f,p1Qiw,q Htfl Q, H ',"-' ' ' I f 31, .. - '- :uname-it a - W wage 'wg 2 Q gig: S' iv. f lla-1,'1I6'Ei' the li l-if T' V ,- '- ' Qi qw a I r , , Hg A! " v.1"if1 rs L. ,TJ I .- A i ', 2' 'Nl p . , . ev: 1 ca Ef:-J - .r ,' "7 J-, , iL!'w3,..a+x"ir N.. air " ' - , 1' " 1 -1 . ,AF .- - x T. V,-if ,, I ft' - Q ,W- :aw-1 f in . . J Mx :f2 V?i .fl . '. W, , .iwwm .1 at Vg Y I, . 0 . ,cv ,., ' 75 - a f- c, , iffy. V X Eg? r .3 , . , S X2 4 2 Y ., 'W 2 ,- , V he 45' sr-rx '2.t,':v l i L' lv,-V.. K I . 1 ' , Rt Ei P A 1 ., ,W .4 6 -1 ,Q N., -Ha W, .W- W 'W fa jc mt fro S' ' I EV? l 'Q giixw lily-ii? W affix? :Qc i 'N'pff , l W 1-:Hwa Fx' f 1 ,I i ., 1 .is P ,Z f ,QR Y f A J f' ' 'QSM fr, s f x r i Xi K 1 .I 4 4 I' Q g 'Q 3 4,5 t Y 1 5 Lx ' v "Kg Q K 55 3 fx , E igigltk i Biff fx Q, K Yi 455 31 Q 5 24'fi,1t1,iin+i X tm .2 Yi as I 4, ' x 'M tc it ff M 5204 X ,YN 1 'A s Ffa? Iw i 1, M iv R , s H Q yi? gan-1 fi i Q , wyf , fam, f it J. , xy ix in is Q463 gi. ,KX r it iff' Qzwfg sw, 1,0 NH X Sf, f ' 'X ff aff gf 'i 5 ! Q, iv' W ' gk S ' L I at 29 fa , f, t Q49 ,, 2 5 jf Y 4 , w 1 QA . air 4 gmt' , , ,- fax , K 'ww ff ,Q ff. 45514 A f X 5? Q A v 53 '. ,Lf if f 1 4 ,Y 5592. gn 55 F , 1 I 1 Q W 'W 'f W' ,Q MN , t 1 Q , ' ' ng it 4' , 6 5 ' Q fl J ' ' fig v J-4 1 . N 'li 53? A11 6 if-J , r rl vt 9 Q 5 M 4 , i f . HP ft 1 ,1 In Xi x l F N it as r 7' 5, riff' fi Q i , x xii. A' J t O , ,em gil J , g Ain 455 i , .fr J , Jw! L 'fx' Q Q JL K ,rp rf f ti. f 8 N L 3 5155 I .1 it ,ft 5 Q 55' l' ,l M 5 'R 31 9 if at f in.,,w t wi " Es Mfj' ggi 4 it 1' fi x A 'I ' wx. 5 RB Q 'N A Mrs. Rosemary Martin Health Services Mr. Glen Snyder Carpentry Mr. William Sullivan Heating 81 Refrigeration Mr. Thomas Schick, M.S. Distributive Education Mr. Clarence Stanley Auto Mechanics Mr. Ed Young Welding f Y-3, 4 f . . 'wr . . f' gvsiirs V. - MH f-, :if f M ' .Q Wfqfif ' :?If?x,,i ' . f N K ' ' if ' Y .vi I I ,' ...MJ .... M... . W .Q ' ff' ' 5: J fi ' .S ll X! -gf ' , st all warg ...eggs gk Nw-N was writ... 5 -. 1 img' 4 J in I 5 r' gn N' 1 - 'f .ff lk' . iii - - S: gi I 4 Q 4 1 X 1 ' i Q4 x . X. LEFT: Mr. Hainline explains a booklet to his Aviation students. TOP: Mr. Snyder demonstrates how to trim Q tile to one of his Carpentry students. BOTTOM: Auto Mechanics instructor, Mr. Stanley, contemplates over the motor ofa car. in-11 04-f gb .1-' x..L. R SP3 vt-.Q bs..'S:'-Q3. '51-zu.-asss. .rw + ,WH W, ,,, ,,,, , - :fn X, mf" -e ' -1-Rai-22" 44,191-1g'fj,1i,QiH,'1i ig E1 5 4 1 -Q... , Y - -in 1-:mc-2-lff.-5-:.2-L-L-Q-4 gf f : ' ---'.:::,,-.-::1:,-'r - -1-1y.-g,.u-,,.,M.:V3.L.f, .3,..:.,.T::g.:-:-:--'13'71-5--:-:..g..5-5,,-..-. , - - 1, .A ., .- .-NV,-V, ..-...Y-..f.. .. .Y-.,--,.-.. .. ,,- ,- - I f 'fn ,151 4 mga, zfffpfi' ' x rdf' in M4 , 'Jw' ' 4 A :W A ? W A 'f , 4 if W 5 5 A ' - . 1-. , - -T iii-,-,...-.J-,g1.v.-V- -. W.. . . . , ., , J A 4,1154--nal'-5' -5-"""" 'si4:Ei2E1i,Q-1222-E1:k?J2?LifE2iQEf1l-S.-4.-:rf1, pk- .ef , . -.--mm, - -- - . 'tv '1 gf --1--4-I ., H' W- H--1 f H 'ff - .-+-- 11:--24 fPjjiff-5i.S2 i:,ar??Qgw',j45-,ggggqcif if---M N e.-...- .,.,, -M s I I. ,I all Ji, ill II I ,l ll l I I I I I I I I I I I I n I ,,- TOP: Rose Hulett, member of the junior high student council, works hard to keep up with her busy sched- ule. BOTTOIVI: Patty Shupe performs one duty of the vice-president of the senior high student council, by leading the student body in the pledge during an all school assembly. The group sponsored four assem- blies for Student's entertainment. JUNIOR HIGH STUDENT COUNCIL-BOTTOM ROW! Rose Hulett, Sloan Phillips, Russ Hamilton, Rodney Blake, John Harvey. Row TWO: Susal sanerfieid, GVGQQ Short, Ronnie Keadle, Jeff Coleman, Kathy Hamilton, Martha Penniston. ROW THREE Gina Mille,- Pat Clymer, Craig Heflin, Vicky Jones, Lisa Lampher. Councils' efforts improve the Fort With Candy Dennis leading the way, the twenty-one member Student Council, spon- sored by Miss Mary Moore, proved to be one of the most active groups where both faculty and students worked very hard. Patty Shupe served as vice-president and Jackie Reeds as secretary of the organiza- tion which held the Up, Up, and Away home- coming. The airy, balloon-filled gym came alive with the mood of the space age. Charles Shrout was treasurer in 1970, the year the Student Council was largely respon- sible for the placement of a new cold drink machine. The newly formed Junior High Student Council served as the "reigns to the-junior high horse." They set up new rules and func- tions and were constantly on the go. STUDENT COUNCIL-BOTTOM ROW: Jackie Reeds, sec., Candy Dennis, pres., Ramon Rodriquez, Patty Shupe, v-pres., Charles Shrout, treas. ROW TWO: Terry Stone, Pam Fagan, Karen Griffin, Diane Mc- Ouerry, Kathy Alleman, Judy Botts, Sally Tennis, Jackie Borne, Lyla Roe, Andrea Morris, Linda Hos- tetter, Mary Bessmer, Patti Cunningham, Miss Moore. ROW THREE: Junior Young, George Lynn, Doug Stoll, Don Borgman. Z 1. .fi I , 1 ' 1 i Q? Practice pays offg drama wins title The drama department under the new di- rection of Miss Alyce Sibel, had the finest showing in the history of the school for the field of interscholastic competition in the 'field of drama. Many fatiguing hours of practice, and dedicated effort became worthwhile in the realization of the conference title. Adding to the success of the drama department was Fallon Woodland who captured 13 of the 25 trophies acquired by drama students. Others essential in Thespian's success T were Linda Hostetter, Paul Shrout, Sherrie ff Phillips and Karen Fteser. In addition to producing the two one act T2 plays, Miss Sibel directed the highly suc- N3 cessful play "Our Town." THESPIANS BOTTOM ROW Karen Reser Rick Marks Linda Hostetter vpres Paul Shrout pres Connie Shrout Joy Snead sec Pam Fagan Cindy Heman Miss Sibel ROW TWO Fallon Woodland Jackie Reeds treas Debbie Hacker Cindy Langhammer Diane Shields Karen Snyder Jeannie Ownsbey Tim Julian Debbie Miller ROW THREE Jeannette Cross 'GY Kathy Angell Terry Stone Patty McDaniel Shirley Boring Mary Jo Bradley Ellen Broyles Karen Hunt sucker Alice Allen l I . lm- 1 I af' . 4 . , 5 A 1-Q3 , Itllt I . , ts I I l 5.- . A. 5 -.-Q S... , I ----L ' 'A ' 4 ...-...' at , ,,.,f' ,-4' f ,,.f ff z .Z 1? 2 'ww-u Ut. E tu 1 ' . ' ' Y 1 , , ' -. ' ' ' " 1 -5 i ' . 3 - ,,f . 7 1 'I I ' ' ,Z X . . ' ' 1 1 , ,-" f . . I f I . , , ' 1 1 ' ,X ' - ', . ' Z 1 , 7 1 1 - f' ' - ,' I 1 " " , f , . . ' "Tre 'xxx . t- 1 ,. , l if -- V I O ---- H Y. 'E ff " ' C!fN:'fsffJ ' r'f- '-if-f'4E'7" frffyfsi-',1.5.,'...: 215-QE 7 'clf ' "ffl - ' fr' 'Y , sf. .i ' i'ftT:T"' . - - "im Y " if x ....,.t... . ,J - A Ia--n ....f'...-.....- .-.-Y,,.--J: '1.h.,:.-....'..,,z 1 ..,-',. V , 5, I AA A-,wg .4.,. , U, , E R Y , ,Q , . , Iwi, , ,, ,H ' ' V , ,ff my ,M xf W M 7 5 1 if W 1.1- M AA H4 Q, ,,,. NFL. BOTTOM ROW: Mr. Banker, Mike Nelson, treas.g Don Borgman, pres.: Charles Pirtle, sec.: Roger Win- frey, Mike Madsen, Denise Mitchell, Cheryl Bowman, Mary Beth Haas, Gail Adlard, Miss Sibel. ROW TWO: Fallon Woodland, v-pres.: Michelle Morgan, Kathy Angell, June LeBarron, Sherri Phillips, Debbie Pease, Cyndi Reeds, Debbie Mayhugh. ROW THREE: Joy Crites, Rhonda Huntsucker, Joy Hardwick, Linda Pease, Cyndi Reeds, Debbie Mayhugh. ROW FOUR: Joy Snead, Jackie Reeds, Linda Hostetter, 'Lucinda Penniston, Kathy Huntsucker, Connie Shrout, Patty Larken, Ellen Broyles, Susan Green, Debbie Johnson, Julie VanDyke. ROW FIVE: Rick Jeffries, Paul Shrout, John Parker, Mark Reynolds, Jim Jaquess, Dick Bar- tow, Gary Stanton, Chet Hamilton, Doug Anthony, Greg Short. ROW SIX: Max Reser, Nin Hulett, Grant James, George Bohnert, Phil Gibson, Bill Jeffress, Rick Sims, Evan Kettlewell, Rick Cocklin. ROW SEVEN: Shelley Johnson, Rose Jefress, Diane Turner, Pam Fagan, Linda Simpson, Lynn Chapman, Charles Perrin, Bruce Roe. LOWER LEFT: The look of happiness on Mr. Louis Banker's face is the result of trying to cram one more trophy in the debate trophy case. lt was a very good year. TOP: Fallon Woodland practices on one of his many dramatic interpretations. RIGHT: A grand total of 62 trophies were won this year in both debate and dramatic competition. NFL sets recordg wins 62 trophies The Fort's chapter of NFL set a new school record by winning sixty-two trophies during the year. Fallon Woodland proved the biggest individual events winner by tak- ing home thirteen trophies. One of those was for second place in Dramatic Interpreta- tion at the State NFL tournament. Behind the coaching of Miss Sibel and lVlr. Banker, the squad swept the conference championship, amassing more points than the bottom four finishers combined. Debaters Don Borgman and Charles Pirtle compiled one of the finest records in the history of the Fort. They won four tourna- ments, including the conference champion- ship, and took fourth place in the State NFL tournament. Charles also won second place in boy's extemp at the State tourney. i X if Af if f ff J 2, ff' l, l Activities soared for athletic clubs Sports and service were driving forces. be- hind the 1969-70 "ln and UO" clubs. "I" Club members worked as time keepers at track meets and also revived the powder puff football game between the junior and senior girls. Thirty girls passed rigorous tests to achieve active membership in 1970. Off-season "O" Club members viewed football and basketball games from inside concession stands- and they used proceeds to donate two junior high trophy cases to the school. Club members also adopted new nylon windbreakers to wear at casual events. Coach Lawrence Fischer helped the "O" Club keep pace with the winning ways of the 1969-70 school year by sponsoring the "O" Club dance and by accompanying the boys to Big 8 events at Municipal Auditorium. "O" CLUB-BOTTOM ROW: Coach Lawrence Fischer, Dennis Vanarsdall, pres.g Jerry Coleman, v-pres.g Doug Stoll, treas.g Junior Young, social chairman, Bruce Adams, sec. ROW TWO: Mike Lamb, Ramon Rodri- quez, Gary Griffin, Scott Taylor, Steve Adams, Harold Williams, Randy Zeller. ROW THREE: Ken Adams, Gary Stanton, Mark Reynolds, John Parker, Paul Gaume, Dean Williamson, Rick Jeffries ROW FOUR: Don Eich- ler, Howard Cully, John Stewart, Jerry Meyers, Barry Alexander, Ronnie Combs. ROW FIVE: Charles Wilcox, Paul Warnex, Chester Young, Roger Hahn, Tom Bar- clay, Paul VanDyke, Gary Roe, Brad Reese. .' 5 - ' 5 1,1-z. f... 1 .-.':.',-J,-5--:Ea 1- 5:51 1 E , 'zffilgi I ii f- -' v ff' 5 ' ' 'LP ': Q s, r r '- ,fmwam '. 4 f ff fn! X W l CLUB-BOTTOM ROW: Irene Barnes, pres.: Karen Reser, v-pres.: Beverly James, sec., Diana Hulett, treas.: Shelley Johnson, his.: Mrs. Maggart. ROW TWO: Joy Snead, Earlene Crone, Candy Dennis, Kathy Taylor, Janet Breuer, Diane Keadle, Andrea Morris, Devonna Rodgers, Mary Ann Bohnert, Kathy Fields, Alice Allen. ROW THREE: Marsha Burge, Carolyn Hedges, Arlene Winfrey, Rhonda Lasister, Cindy O'Dell, Karen Sims, Debbie Johnson, Vicky Slee, Debbie Tipton, Donna Stuart, Janet Butterworth. ROW FOUR: Linda Angelides, Sharon Kreissler, Kathy Angell, Cindy Langhammer, Michelle Morgan, Mallee Martin, Susan Thompson, Jackie Hedges, Belinda Luke, Bonnie Olson, Nelia Hoaglin. TOP CENTER: Paul Van Dyke receives his letter for football which makes him eligible to join O Club. BOT- TOM RIGHT: Serving a volleyball takes tremendous skill as Nancy Hutchins showed during the I Club tryouts. BOTTOM CENTER: Karen Sims jumps five feet six to qualify for membership in "I" Club. TOP: Belinda Luke and Alice Allen ice cupcakes to be sold in the Spanish Club bake sale. Proceeds from the sale increased the club's treasury. RIGHT: New members are inducted into Spanish Honor So- ciety. The society, formed last year, honors outstand- ing Spanish students. LEFT: Alice Allen, president, swings at the pinata during the Spanish Club's Christ- mas party. ,r at R I -r . i SPANISH CLUB-BOTTOM ROW: Mrs. McAnulty, Alice Allen, Lucinda Penniston, Vinita Gray, Kathy Hunt- sucker, Belinda Luke. Kim Huber. ROW TWO: Jean Bessmer, Cheryl Arnold, Varena Smith, Debby Jen- kins, Susan Savage, Nancy Penniston, Carol Schultz. ROW THREE: Tom Jones, Sharon Kreissler, Bonnie Olsen, Brinda Williams, Shirley Hupp, Cindy Read, Carol Courter, Rhonda Lassister. ROW FOUR: Mike lVlcCrae, Rick Williams, Cheryl Hall, Cindy O'Dell, Jeannie Ownsbey, Belinda Remmert. . is if ft .41 :insist Alice leads club in helping needy Miss Sue Flunnels, lVlr. Frank Frye, the Las Palmas, the Music Hall, and thee Spanish Gardens were all features that helped the 33 member Spanish Club learn more about Spain and its culture. Alice Allen was the 1970 president who worked under the direction of Mrs. lda lVlc- Anulty to adopt two needy families at Christ- mas and purchase a tree for the beautifica- tion of the school grounds. Lucinda Pennis- tion was vice-president for this busy organi- zation and Venita Gray was the secretary. Kathy Huntsucker served as treasurer and Belinda Luke was reporter. Kim Huber co- ordinated activities in the junior high school to go along with those of the senior high. Brenda Williams worked diligently to fulfill her duties as historian. T. . . H., -. ..f,,v-.e.a:...-,f f 4.75: A 1 . . . , - Club grows to 93, visits art gallery The 1969-70 French Club increased its membership to 93 students. For initiation, the newcomers had to dress as French artists and obey the commands of all the older members. The club's monthly meetings were pre- sided over by president Rhonda Ficke with the help of the other officers. Denise Davis held the position of vice-president, Cindy Austin was secretary, Flick Jeffries took care of the treasury, and club reporter was Candy Dennis. French Club sponsored a booth at the FTA Carnival in April and held bake sales during the year as money-making projects. A trip was made to visit the Nelson Art Gallery, Kansas City, in early lvlay. Following a tour of the Gallery in the morning, the stu- dents had lunch on the Plaza at the restau- rant of their choice. l i l 'Y i- SG! I UPPER LEFT: Future club activities is the topic that Mrs. Moore and Denise Davis are discussing. RIGHT: The French Club float placed in the Homecoming mini-float contest. LOWER LEFT: The new language lab proved to help students as they study French. Mark Reynolds and Charles Shrout show the look of intent concentration. Q 09 ,X . "ibm" ,t,f.:,l ,f 'uni ' Ui ,ri , .M Jug, , '33, , at ,-:gm .t ,, .,, ,,. f .J , V S r Q 1 if, Qi Ni Q, -i iff FRENCH CLUB-BOTTOM ROW: Rhonda Ficke, pres., Denise Davis, v-pres., Cindy Austin, sec., Rick Jef- fries, tres., Candy Dennis, rep., Mrs. Moore. ROW TWO: Mary Lynch, Laura Jeffries, Robin Gribble, Carol Evans, Donna Hastings, Diana Berrier, Barbara Casady, Darcy Durham, Beverly Howe, Mark Reynolds, Bruce Adams, Rick Marks, Patty Shupe. ROW THREE: Joyce King, Debbie Johnson, Melinda Kendrick, Ar- lene Winfrey, Kathy Angell, Karen LaRue, Cheryl Bowman, Ellen Broyles, Ilona Olf, Mary Bohnert, Deborah Ann Gray, Jill Dyer. ROW FOUR: Glenda Greer, Virginia Horner, Linda Gilmore, Leanne Smith, Judy Scafe, Beverly Langhammer, Jackie Borne, Cathy Lynch, Shelley Johnson, Sally Tennis, Lyla Roe, Andrea Morris, Diane Keadle. ROW FIVE: Gale Garrison, Judy Botts, Barbara Johnson, Lola Rea, Karen Reser, Shari Bland, Lynn Smith, Debbie Miller, Rosemary Murphy, Jessica Campbell, Shelly Sloan, Mary Bessmer. ROW SIX: Decius Saunders, Dick Lamb, Paul Choplin, Geroge Gibson, Gary Stanton, Dick Bartow, Jim Jaquess, Rick Nelson, Mike Adams, Paul VanDyke. ROW SEVEN: Earlene Crone, Carolyn Hedges, Donna Carrender, Debbie Starks, Charles Shrout, Phil Gibson, Mack Montgomery, Cathy Puck- ett, Debbie Crites, Mary Lynch, Galia Moser. FTA keeps busy, project success "The World of Snoopy" was the theme of the annual FTA carnival held in April. The project kept club members busy for many months and was lauded as "most successful." Stuffed animals, paper roses, posters, and cakes for the cake walk were some of the home- made prizes worked on to make the carnival a gala event. Deborah Gray, president, and Denise Mitchell, treasurer, worked together to organize the carni- val while Mary Bessmer, vice-president and Judy Botts, secretary, combined to oversee the dance held the night before the carnival. With the money earned from the carnival the club voted several scholarships to be given to senior girls intending to major in education and enter the teaching field. , X . Q1 w-1' FSA-BOTTOM ROW: Denise Davis, Connie Risberg, Candy Dennis, pres., Cathy Farris, v-pres.: Debbie Middleton, rec. sec.: Irene Bowman, corres. sec.: Diana Hulett, treas.g Lola Rae. ROW TWO: Mrs. Franklin, Jackie Reeds, Rhonda Ficke, Debbie Bram- mer, Janet Breuer, Sharon Marten, Linda Miller, De- lores Van Tyle, Miss Rich. ROW THREE: Sharlld Liggett, Jackie Coatney, Shelly Sloan, Debbie Talbott, Kathy Fields, Linda Beekman, Joyce King, Donna Stuart, Beverly James, Evonne Minton. ROW FOUR: Denise Ryan, Linda Kettlewell, Devonna Rogers, Laura Wescott, Barbara Cunningham, Vanessa Sloan, Delores Ashlock, Patty Shupe, Michelle Hawk, Lyla Roe. 4 ' "H .. .. .,.. H . V FTA-BOTTOM ROW: Denise Mitchell, treas.g Debbie Gray, pres.: Mary Bessmer, v-pres. Judy Botts, sec.: Mrs. Koehler, Miss Ryan. ROW TWO: Shelley John- son, Debbie Brammer, Debbie Weigand, Debbie Wag- oner, Donna Nolting, Patty Winship, Patti Cunning- ham, Michelle Morgan, Kathy Lynch. ROW THREE: FSA club enjoys remarkable year The 38 members of Future Secretaries Association learned and used improved sec- retarial skills and techniques in 1970. Under the professional sponsorship of Mrs. Phyllis English, Miss Connie Preston, and Mrs. Phyllis Schaberg and the faculty spon- sorship of Mrs. Ann Franklin and Miss Bar- bara Rich, the group visited the National Secretaries Association in an effort to fur- ther each person's knowledge and ability of secretarial skills. Candy Dennis was selected as Miss Fort Osage Future Secretary and represented the school inthe nation-wide contest. . FSA's entry in the homecoming mini-float contest took the fourth place prize and in April they sponsored a telegraph booth at XL the Future Teachers of America Carnival. Jill Dyer, Carol Corum, Darcy Durham, Beverly Howe, Joy Snead, Diana Berrier, Pam Fagan, Cindy Heman. ROW FOUR: Kris King, Linda Hostetter, Candy Dennis, Lyla Roe, Patty Shupe, Jane McDougall, Patty Larkin, Alice Allen, shefri Phillips. People to people hosts sock hop For the members of the 1970 People to People club the hippie dance was a thing of fun work, and success This informal sock hop was held to raise funds for the sponsorship of the clubs adopted child Chou Sau Fong Mr Paul Hoer and Mr Gary Kelly gave endless hours to the projects of the club The FTA carnival served as a means of added fun The teachers dart throw was a large attraction The 1970 officers served for their second year Deborah Gray, president, Mary Bess mer vice president, Rosle Pressley secre tary Varena Smith treasurer and Rhonda Ficke, reporter departed as seniors with jobs behind them as well as many fond and warm memories. PEOPLE-TO-PEOPLE CLUB-BOTTOM ROW: Mr. Hoer, Mr. Kelly, Rhonda Ficke, rept., Debbie Gray, pres., Mary Bessmer, v-pres., Varena Smith, tres., Rose Pressley, sec. ROW TWO: Mark Sevy, Debbie Jenkins, Mary Haas, Nancy Sevy, Jeannie Ownsbey, Alice Allen, Kathy Huntsucker, Brenda Williams, ROW THREE: Mary Schneller, Becky Corn, Debbie Bran- ner, Kathy Mayfield, Cheryl Bowman, llona Olf, Debbie Miller. ROW FOUR: Debbie Starnes, Bonnie Olson, Darcy Durham, Joyce King, Jackie Borne, Laura Jef- fries. ': '9LJicL22:f'!1s5i'.g-.,.af1fast,l1sQ-U71zl1.'-i' -. : f' as J . 1 3 f I . ygaww LEFT: Plans for the Hippie Dance are being discussed by Mr. Kelly, club sponsor, Debbie Gray and Varena Smith. TOP CENTER: Gene Weinger plays a drum solo during the Hippie Dance. BOTTOM CENTER: People-to-People. TOP RIGHT: Belinda Luke gets into the role of hippie as she enjoys herself atfthe Hippie Dance. LEFT: Ramon Fiodriquez, gives his opinion of Ameri- can teen-age life. TOP CENTER: Foreign exchange students from other schools come to the Fort to share their experiences. BOTTOM CENTER: Not all Fiamon's interests are academic. He scored many points for the Fort in football. RIGHT: AFS. n i f rsfwwfrfwm A , -EW ...MU ,, 1 '- 1 'E -1 : Q -: ., 2 a'..., ..': Q. , .','7.' .'.':':.:' Luo J., ,C , ,..A1,... f,,..,. . M , f '- A , .-ips E14 .-..,i,,..:i"!'.XEA ".': "3',.N?Likl Alfhl , """IEi 13553 Q 2? ' 1 i12m:'-43Z:.a2:f- 'L V 'MIA DI . an ' .. 5 M' ly W ,, , V. - ,W ff .. 5 I Foreign students visit Fort Osage A.F.S. was one of the most talked about organizations of 1970. Ramon Rodriguez, a native of Paraguay, and was the Fort's third foreign exchange student. He worked along side his American brother J. T. Dieckmann, Mary Bessmer, A.F.S. president, and Miss Mary Moore, sponsor, to promote world for peace through A.F.S. Officers, Candy Dennis, Rose Pressley, and Cheryl Bowman struggled diligently to run a tag sale, blanket toss, and Bells for Peace sale to raise money for next year's exchange student. In past years A.F.S. has provided the Fort with foreign exchange students from such varied places as Costa Rica and Japan. Next year's club plans to have two exchange stu- dents if American homes can be found. AFS-BOTTOM ROW: Mary Bessmer, pres., Dieckmann, Am. brother, Miss Moore, Ramon quez, for. exchange student, Candy Dennis, Cheryl Bowman, treas. ROW TWO: Earlene Rhonda Ficke, Debbie Brammer, Beth Haas, Lynch, Joy Snead, Sharon Kreissler, Shirley Robin Gribble. ROW THREE: Jackie Reeds, Green, Arlene Dieckmann, Cindy Heman, Pam Jill Dyer, Jeannie Ownsbey, Debbie Gray. ROW J. T. Rodri- v-pre., Crone, Kathy Boring, Susan Fagan, FOUR: Jean Bessmer, Debbie Weigand, Debbie Wagoner, Patty Winship, Sherri Phillips, Carol Evans, Jill Le- Barron, Michelle Morgan, Patti Cunningham. ROW FIVE: Ellen Jane Broyles, Laura Jeffries, Connie Shrout, Terry Stone, Cathy Clemmons, Brenda Telege- meier, Julie Dieckmann, Irene Bowman, Becky Corn. ROW SIX: Melinda Kendrick, Ilona Olf, Pat Corum, Shari Bland, Lynn Smith, Debbie Greer, Linda Hostet- ter, Karen Reser, Rick Marks, Dick Bartow. . LLLWLD .L WL ,we ...-.. ease ee- a l' ., A rj V ,3 dl Y.. ,gp f ff ff . , 1 -' ..-.-.-.-,-,,.-.-..-. -A----vb Allied Arts backs literary contests Allied Arts, one of the youngest clubs at Fort Osage, worked to promote the cultural aspects of the student body through trips to concerts, operas, art shows, and other cul- tural programs of this type. Sponsors lVIr. Gussman, lVIrs. Thrapp, Mrs. Robinson, and Miss Sibel coordinated ac- tivities forthe student which would be bene- ficial 'to them and scheduled the events around other school functions. The 52 members were entered in literary contests and art contests and represented the school well. They worked for Fort Osage as a service organization, but plans are be- ing made to form this into an honorary so- ciety rather than a service organization. Time will now be the major factor in making this a unique program. gif .ag as.,-. '3.j,l,: 5. .- 1 21-1 f 5, . A ' 'fic - " ' 'L 'Q. i P I l i i-sl ll ll lf i A 1, ALLIED ARTS-BOTTOM ROW: Connie Shrout, Mi- chelle Hawk, Brenda Telegemier, Linda Hostetter, Julie Dieckmann, Scott Taylor, Mr. Gussman. ROW TWO: Denise Mitchell, Mary Bessmer, Kris King, Linda Gilmore, Evonne Minton, Joy Snead, Rhonda Ficke. ROW THREE: Jim Hisle, Mary Beth Haas, Nancy Sevy, Earlene Crone, Karen Hoist, Cindy Heman, Pam Fagan. ROW FOUR: Pat Edwards, Marlene Nolte, Carolyn McCormick, Terry Barclay, Virginia Horner, Donna Hastings, Janet Brendel. ROW FIVE: Chester Hamilton, Don Borgman, Paul Shrout, Robin Dyer, Allen Owings, Gary Woods, Joe Wilkinson. TOP: Don Borgman tabulates debate scores for the novice tournament. LEFT: Paul Shrout and Scott Tay- lor discuss candidates for novice membership into Allied Arts. RIGHT: Pam Fagan irons out some rough spots in one of the numbers she accompanies for concert choir. Allied Arts talent is versified. PSYCHOLOGY CLUB-BOTTOM ROW: Pat Corum, Debbie Miller, Tom DeWitt, Linda Hostetter, Debbie Brammer, tres.g Irene Bowman, sec., Terry Barclay, v-pres., Earlene Crone, pres., Mr. Weakley. ROW TWO: Jill Dyer, Jeannie Ownsbey, Karen Snyder, Jackie Reeds, Rhonda Ficke, Janet Breuer, Debbie Middleton, Linda Miller, Cathy Farris, Gail Adlard, Vickie Neal, Mary Bessmer. ROW THREE: Alice AI- len, Marlene Nolte, Shelley Johnson, Debbie Talbott, Linda Beekman, Joyce King, Diana Berrier, Denise Davis, Joy Snead, Donna Hastings, Donna Nolting, Denise Mitchell. ROW FOUR: George Gibson, Randa Huber, Barbara Johnson, Darcy Durham, Judy Botts, Beverly Howe, Barbara Casady, Candy Dennis, Mi- chelle Hawk, Lyla Roe, Patty Shupe, Diane Keadle, James Riley. ROW FIVE: Jackie Borne, Steve Fagg, Susan Coats, Linda Gilmore, Laura Jeffries, Ilona Olf, Cheryl Bowman, Mary Ann Bohnert, Virginia Horner, Walter Huntsucker, Mike Adams. ROW SIX: Rosemary Murphy, Lynne Smith, Timberlynn Julian, Debbie Greer, Karen Reser, Cathy Clemmons, Brenda Telgemiere, Evonne Minton, Carolyn McCormick, Ju- liann Dieckmann. B H, ,J 5 rf eigfili H: 'S A in if I a Q N I .., - gk ?...?-'...f ' 'tv ,.,.k, -V , ., li F' , , lf-A i ff, lu H3 iw- l J55 A ' J ' it "', 1 :na- 5-...Em Jets rouse club, helping is object "Jets" itlunior Engineering Technical So- cietyl was the new word in the Fort Osage Science Club, which spurred them on to many individual and group projects. - Under the direction of sponsors, Mr. Walt- er Buckley, and Miss Jane Ryan, and of- ficers, Mike Carver, president and Humberto Lopez, v-president, students were able to work after school in the laboratories. While Science Club went after experi- mental aspects of research, Psychology Club visited Higginsville State Hospital to help the mental ill and learn more about under- standing people. Earlene Crone was president and Terry Barclay, vice-president for this involved, ser- vice organization sponsored by Mr. Thomas Weakley. 17 H-ff Mr. Buckley, Mike Huntsucker, Cheryl ROW TWO: Randy Jones, Patty Cunningham, Frank Neef, Melinda Rich- SCIENCE CLUB-BOTTOM ROW: Carver, Humberto Lopez, Walter Hall, Arlene Winfrey, Miss Ryan. TOP: Randy Jones works on a science club experi- ment dealing with electronics. LEFT: Connie Shrout and Joy Snead count the protits from the psy club bake sale. Proceeds went to old folks' homes. ards, Donna Carrender, Cindy O'Dell, Evelyn Renfro Pat Edwards. ROW THREE: Mike Scott, Paul Chop- lin, Susan Green, Nancy Sevy, Rhonda Lasister, Mary Bessmer, Mary Beth Haas, Denise Mitchell. 1 l , i i T 11 11 1 1 L 1 11 V ll 1 1 11 1 11 l 1 5 1 ll ' 111 fl ll l11 1 il 11 1 l 1 , 2 l 1 1 1 l 1 5 11 1 1 11 l , l 1 Q l l 11 1 1 1 ll , 1 111 11 1 ' 1 1 l , 1 111 l I 1 X1 l L , 11l 1 l 1 , 11 1 1 1 I . 1 1 TOP: Carol Courter shows her skill while practicing 1 on a trampoline. BOTTOM: The spring fashion show , was one of the events that Cherie Rinehart and Carol 1 Courter prepared for LEFT' Rhonda Lasister drills . . at 1 1 one of her steps for the talent show. 11 j l A l ,lx l rl 1 N 11 i ll 1 72 1 , 1, E i 1 1fl l . -1. , zfvjil Jackie conducts dancing routines The 1969-70 Choreorgraphy Club was an integral part of the cultural aspect of Fort Osage. Jackie Reeds was the student director of the organization which sponsored the highly successful talent show held in the early part of May. The fifteen members of the club worked constantly to practice and improve dance routines and skills and to learn to work togeth- er as a group. The club worked to form themselves into one of the most active clubs in the school. They performed in the talent show and made a special performance for the Library club. Mrs. Vernay Thrapp sponsored the girls throughout the year and delighted in their progress and planned for the next year. T17 CHOREOGRAPHY: Rhonda Lasister, Sheri Phillips, Cherie Rinehart, Patti Winship, Jean Bessmer, Carol Courter, Carol George, Joy Snead, Miss Huntsucker. ., ,ff aww FHA-BOTTOM ROW: Laura Wescott, his., Sharon Marten, pres., Irene Bowman, v-pres., Linda Miller, tres., Susanne Harper, rept.g Connie Risberg, sec. ROW TWO: Mrs. Clark, Cathy Farris, Debbie Middle- ton, Michelle Hawk, Shelia Courtright, Mrs. Clark. ROW THREE: Della McCollum, Nancy Brown, Cathy Huntsucker, Janet Duren, Laura McCullough. ROW FOUR: Karen Griffin, Becky Coleman, Cherie Rine- hart, Vicky Long, Pauline Starks. TOP: Sharon Marten and Irene Bowman leave for the State FHA meeting. BOTTOM: Linda Chapin wraps a present to be sent to the Old Folk's Home. in-V :A.L. ,.V.,,...,,. W -A ,: :,'-. - .. .fr f 'ff 'zz-as f. ..'.,':vf,:L-32":5Q'-Q fgj.-Li Q ifxfiife 5-agua: 1 f afvff H "' ' 'fe -??F' ' 2 A aw: fn.zlfgzlzeeli-f5eiiii3F:9f,T4iz.fig!-E-ifSQ2.fie5.?15a4fli:iQi gg gsfj .I 9' -1'-'lf 4" - .4 ,ff fy ,ff ,A FHA hosts dance visits MU campus The Future Homemakers of America chap- ters held two joint meetings during '69-70. Members of the Independence Police De- partment presented a program on self-de- fense for the chapters. An instructor from a local department store presented a pro- gram about fashions, styles, and grooming for the teenage girls. Senior high FHA sponsored a sock hop following the first home football game to honor the team, coaches, and booster club. Their profits have been used for operation costs and to sponsor the State FHA chapter delegation. The group toured the Home-Ec. complex at the University of Missouri. Junior high FHA made gifts for children in the Higginsville State Home and place favors for the Woods Rest Home. JUNIOR HIGH FHA-BOTTOM ROW: Carol Williams, Janet Gibson, Kim Huber, Kathy Curtner, Connie Herndon, Cindi Reeds, Lavonne Siegrist, Susan Ad- ams, Lisa Lampher, Mrs. Mary Jean Clark. ROW TWO: Dawn Gilbert, Sheila Deckard, Glenda Gray, Diane Reed, Sharon Alleman, Nancy Davis, Jackie Evans, Susan Walker, Debbie Meads, Vicky Oliver. ROW THREE: Beth Clymer, Susan Satterfield, Sally Prock, Debbie Robinson, Glenda dy Brooks, Karen Whiting, Karen Bruer. Kay Davis, Fisher, Ruth Ahls, Elaine Anderson, Sharon Johnson. ton, Dorenda Reed, Patty Hudson, Linda Lakey, Cin- Barbara Fette. ROW FOUR: Jaqueline Shewell, Tyra Bellis, Gail Meyers, Patty ROW FIVE: Cheryl Brough- Goddarcl, Emma Chapman, Debby Robinson, Sandra Summers, Betty Rose, Lynn Jordan, Cathy Nixdorf. ,X I. TOP: Fallon Woodland enjoys the VlCA dance. RIGHT: Vo-Tech students acquired a plane for practical expe- riences. BOTTOM: Building a house was a project of Vo-Tech carpentry classes. Y 3- VICA-BOTTOM ROW: Rosie Pressley, Jeannie Owns- by, Junior Young, Mr. Young, Debbie Greer, Doug Stoll, George Lynn, Mrs. Martin. ROW TWO: Randy Meredith, Dale Carrender, Tom Preston, Steve Adams, Berry Alexander, Bob Ford, Steve Dudley, Gary Kil- gore, David O'Dell, Casey Bryant, Rick Johnson, Dana Moore, Gerald Syler. ROW THREE: Brenda Telege- Millan, Mary Hale, Elaine Lyness, Vicky Slee, Harry Harris, Steve Lankford, Ronnie Reagan. ROW FIVE: James Riley, Harry Gulley, John Harris, Steve Shelton, Don Wilcox, Ronnie Murray, Howard Cully, John Stewart, Steve Costigan, Larry Lynn, Jim Odneal, Dean Williamson. ROW SIX: Roy Cones, Ted Courter, Harold Williams, Larry Waters, C. L. Harra, Ellis Seaton, ,. L, ,f ., 1 T 3139.5 2 fwl-uf? aw'- ,.! 11' xt' --. mmf lr - 1 ,, ,wat at Q M .V .- Elikivxef f .. 5. .tw mier, Pam May, Ann Rose, Debbie Wooster, Jo Bush, Randy Zeller, Jim Starcher, Gary Sharp, Calvin Struewe, Sheila Courtwright, Judy Pauling, Marla Cope, Terri Cliff Reese, Ernie Satterfield, Roy Stark. ROW SEVEN: fi Justus, Alice Corn, Walter Huntsucker, Ron Wells, Dave Rick Stark, Jim Starnes, David Larimore, Cathy Clem- Q , Stone, Dennis Robbins. ROW FOUR: Pam Remmert, mons, Shari Bland, Mike Simmons, John Payne, Mike A D Sarah Bowers, Arlene Pederson, Doris Rose, Eileen Allen, Robert Snyder, Dan Trotter, Don Beebe, Cliff Schildhauer, Cheryl Howeman, Pat Brooks, Pam Mc- Winkler, Danny Crooks. i I ,,.-. st-- to . W..- +V ,ily f Alice John excel wln VICA contest The newest club to be added to the roster of the Vocatlonal Techmcal School was the Vocational lndustrlal Club of America bet ter known as VICA The major event of their year was the dns trlct and state VICA contests Two trophies were won at the dlstrlct contest John Master son won first place In welding which enabled hum to attend the state contest where he placed thlrd The other winner was Allce Corn who placed second In spelling The club sponsored two dances during the school year for students from the four area schools attending Vo Tech At Christmas the members got In the season s splrlt and helped the less fortunate by having a clothing drlve To help finance the club and nts many actlvl tres the members sold candy A Osage sponsors Journalism Week Three major literary efforts, the Smoke Signal, Indian Legends, and Student Reflec- tions, rounded out the year for Quill and Scroll members, Not all time was spent publishing these works, but also in promoting better relations among seven other area high schools. This was accomplished by helping sponsor the first Missouri High School Journalism Week. During the week the novice members pub- lished a local newspaper, The Fort Osage News. Junior high school students were busy this year developing their journalistic talents. Editor Jill LeBarron and co-editor Charlene Crone printed five issues of Reservation Rec- ords, an exclusively junior high paper. BOTTOM ROW: Larry Baird, Mrs. Smith, Lyla Roe, Patty Shupe, Scott Taylor, Don Borgman. ROW TWO: Linda Beekman, Kris King, Candy Dennis, Irene Bow- man, Earlene Crone, Karen Reser, Linda Hostetter, Tom DeWitt. ROW THREE: Dick Bartow, Beth Haas, Debbie Gray, Rhonda Ficke, Michelle Hawk, Mike Carver, Gary Kilgore, Connie Shrout. ROW FOUR: Jim Jaquess, Cheryl Bowman, Suzanne Harper, Joy Snead, Diane Keadle, Judy Botts, Barbara Casady, Dacy Dur- ham, Beverly Howe, Denise Davis. IG4' . - f---'.'.g. -: .. --: :zx:.::-.1 4....:-i.S.L ...G ,sf ,- 'il 'Wim 'ST r -'L:LEL:L':- l.1:,:f.i. . 1. :'.4'1.?L-.T T " U J -T - " rv C71'Fl-1?--221112re:?.v::nie1-.:--1--'nrfzaafsfw-5-tffgralierffgi-5.2 fr 22 y-N ,-.-. ..,.,...-5--g JUNIOR HIGH PUBLICATIONS-BOTTOM ROW: Bar- bie Fetti Linda Chapin Jill LeBarron Charlene Crone Cathy Avelyn Emmajean Chapman. ROW TWO: Debra Robinson Vicki Jones Susan Satterfield Cyndi Reeds Joy Mueller Rhenda Huntsucker Debbie Crites Char- les Perrin. ROW THREE: Dale Griffith Mark Sevy Judy Mc'DanieIs Diane Turner Elaine Wyatt Becky Ellis Ted Ferguson RIGHT: Charlene Crone assis- tant editor of Student Reflections and Miss Cox ad- visor work with Jill LeBarron editor on the last issue, LEFT: Irene Bowman pastes up a page of the Smoke Signal. TOP: Miss Cox works with students. I II I III I I I I I I II I !I I I I I I I 'II I I I I I I I I I I I I I Ii I. I I I II I II I: V I I I I I I .II I I I I I I I . I I I I Publications gain 1 prestige at FOHS TOP: Teamwork is the best way to work on the year- book as editor and co-editor team up to size a pic- ture. RIGHT: Rhonda Ficke concentrates on correcting a column of copy for the Smoke Signal. BOTTOM: Patty Shupe takes on the time consuming task of se- lecting just the right picture for the yearbook. YEAR- BOOK STAFF-BOTTOM ROW: C o n n I e Shrout, Patty Shupe, Candy Dennis, Lyla Roe, Linda Beekman. ROW TWO: Kris King, Irene Bowman, Earlene Crone, Karen Reser, Linda Hostetter, Rhonda Ficke, Michelle Hawk. ROW THREE: Larry Baird, Gary Kilgore, Scott Taylor, Mike Carver, Tom DeWitt. I .1 uct. J. q n .,. Ht. t , ,'.f.It ,.:f1 Through expressive pictures and copy, the Indian Legends and Smoke Signal staff worked long hours to publish the 1970 year- book andthe school paper. Editor Candy Dennis and the yearbook staff increased the Indian Legends by 16 pages, added more color and chose to design the book in a "mod" mosaic style. The major change, however, was the cover design which features highlights of the year through candid pictures. The Smoke Signal staff worked consistent- ly to meet the ever-pressing deadlines of a first honors paper. Edited by Don Borgman and assisted by Karen Reser, the Smoke Signal published 16 issues during the school year and four staff members received first place ratings from the MIPA Service. .0-',',,........... f-7,-f--'H' . I ,ls iv Y 1- 451 can A f ' 422 ., ef, 41:6 YI 5155175 5511554 'Y- 8 A 1 9 'J' V V "L i .4 i i a I, 1' o i 43 l uit! 'r 'Q 'Q in' fl Q QA Tia ee as T A io I 5 nl!! Q 3. a , I 'v 1 v 8 Q z 4 U' ,,..u , v.-v,,-. .......-. .... M, , L 0' Q' at 'A 1, 'f X f" v . 11 ga wx ., W 3. .Q g Q. 33 o Q, 4 T O 4 Q 4 6' ? 9 2' fi 4 4 I 4 Tiff' Y Q G 'Pi' 5 4 5316 X? Y .E-Ai X 'l x 1 1: is ANWTQI X' 1 N. Q 11 L. X 1 :ow 5 S IX 2, ,Si fp 5 X x U. l z W w an QQ!! sq 4. iw ,L Y 4'-'zxk'm'n f.Q'?N"'f, C 'Kiwi' f' x9 we 54 A f af 4 ,iff 1? Vi!! ,gs S' A 'KN s 4455 Trim fiffg +4 ,wvwlfy Q -rgff PFW 12 " is HY mi- ., WW. f ,ffZ,y5,V nf. ,, , H' lp? EfTfif ?,1' V 'lf 4,495 is if J 4 5 1 i " i , A A, 1. 5 fu f 1 "f J 5 f S v I 1 1 2 'ef -fm 1. ,, -. i-.. ,l 4 Vfff rf.. 41 NEWSPAPER STAFF-BOTTOM ROW: Lyla Roe, Earl- ene Crone, Linda Hostetter, Debbie Gray, Patty Shupe. ROW TWO: Karen Fieser, Don Borgman. ROW THREE: Larry Baird, Tom DeWitt, Gary Kilgore, Kris King, Irene Bowman, Connie Shrout, Rhonda Fioke, Michelle Hawk, Linda Beekman, Mike Carver, Scott Taylor. Choir ranks high, wins top honors The concert choir grew, not in numbers, but grew musically. The whole group made an all out effort to top all other years. They proved this by receiving eight I ratings at the District Solo and Ensemble Festival. During the fall the cast and crew of "The Music Man" prepared feverishly for the three night stand, which was a complete sell-out. Throughout the year there were various concerts: a Thanksgiving Union Service, a Christmas concert, a spring concert, and to end the year, they performed at the Bac- calaureate ceremony. The annual vocal clinic was conducted during the spring, in the month of March. The choirs from the Liberty, North Kansas City, and Blue Springs high schools attended the seminar to help make is a success. CONCERT CHOIR-BOTTOM ROW: Debbie Brammer, Brenda Telgemeier, Diane McQuerry, Linda Cowan, Lucinda Penniston, Sharon Kriessler, Diane Keadle, Diana Berrier, Pam Fagan, Connie Shrout, Arlene Dieckqfann. ROW TWO: Karen LaRue, Julie Dieck- mann, Linda Pease, Delores Ashlock, Susan Green, Terry Stone, Mary Beth Haas, Joy Snead, Nancy Sevy, Vicki Bunting, Debbie Greer, Mary Bessmer, Cindy Heman, Janet Brendel. ROW THREE: Linda Hostetter, Michelle Hawk, Dan DeWitt, Wayne Ship- man, Gary Roe, Nin Hulett, Robin Dyer, Rick Nelson, Phil Gibson, Gary Harness, Don Eichler, Allen Owings, Jim Starcher, Karen Hoist, Donna Hastings, Carolyn McCormick. ROW FOUR: Jenny Parker, Nancy Woods, Kathy Lynch, Paul Shrout, Scott Taylor, Charles Shrout, Ed Deckard, Paul Choplin, J. T. Dieckmann, Gary Woods, Ray Jeffries, Mark Harvey, Randy Stock, Dennis O'Hara, Frank Neef, Joe Wilkinson, Rise Hughes, Linda Angelides. ' - . '. '--.'vf':- 1.4 of.-.--f'.t, 5415. .1-f-f' , .. .,., .',..,.,., , , . .,.,. . ,, - , . 'Qi H .. ' g' ' .1 grqfgqraf -f 1 ef s. 9 BOTTOM LEFT: Concert Choir. TOP CENTER: Paul Shrout gets in some extra practice for music contest. BOTTOM CENTER: During class, the choir exercised their voices before attempting a piece. TOP RIGHT: Younger members of the choir practice a madrigal. 5 :QR x...,-5 4-:HV iv? iff' E , , 35' 335. 9 1 9 i f f Choruses prepare singers for choir Concerts, musicals, and contest kept the girl' chorus busy and active in the 1969-70 school year. ' They attended the district contest where they received a ll rating. Susan Savage re- ceived al rating for her solo. The freshman choir was a training choir of mixed voices. From this group of young vocalists, Frank Barnes took a solo to dis- trict and a trio of Linda Jimmerson, Patty lVlcCarty and Jan lVlcClung also attended. Both groups, directed by lVlr. Leo Guss- man presented two concerts, one in the very early spring and one in mid-winter. In addi- tion to this, they worked both behind the scenes and on stage to help make the Music Man a smashing success. For these students 1970 was an exciting, and frantic year. in 4 1 5 ' ' 'f 1 We if ,L f V V U C574 . 572 'V Us , -V Q: - Q 1 J',f..".f'f.-.1,,i 17 ' 1315 -' -f ..' 1 . ' 'im ' -- " - '- '--,--1-5' 1"f".'rS-v-.-L1-a. -:LE-.-.:-rfftr 1-Q -iwl-JEFQ,--:1-.5 , , . 4. TOP: Mr. Gussman gives last minute instructions to the girls' chorus betore leaving for district contest. RIGHT: Music isn't the only thing Jan Butterworth studies. Here she takes time out for the Iowa Basic Skills test. GIRLS' CHORUS-BOTTOM ROW: Barbara Johnson, Pauline Goddard, Susan Thompson, Debbie Thurman, Nancy Snyder, Debbie Johnson, Marlene Nolte, Donna Carrender. ROW TWO: Susan Moritz, Janet Butterworth, Terri Justus, Terri Carver, Pat Edwards, Delores VanTuyl, Evelyn Renfro, Shelly Johnson, Donna Brisbin, Vickie Ingram. ROW THREE: Marlene Goldsberry, Melinda Richards, Nancy Pennis- ton, Rae Jean Gorham, Becky Corn, Patty Larkin, Lynne Chapman, Janet Cones, Becky Coleman, Arlene Winfrey, Pauline Stark. Roxanne Dunker, FRESHMAN CHOIR-BOTTOM ROW: Jill LeBarron, Cathy Moore, Sheryl Alford, Rose Hulett, Sloan Phil- lips, Jan McClung, Janet Overly, Diane Whitney, Phyllis Stevens, Connie Starnes, Linda Thompson, Cathy Kilgore, Jean Madsen, Karen Stark. ROW TWO: Debbie Morton, Elaine Wyatt, Brenda Hughes, Renee Harrington, Margaret Cox, Patty McCarty, Linda Jimmerson, Carol Brendel, Glenda Greer, Shelly Elsea, Lari Ann Carson, Debra Parrish, Jan Schlobohm. ROW THREE: Tom Henderson, Frank Lee, John Park- er, Pat Whitley, Brad Reese, Steve Ogletree, Mark Sevy, Kent Minton, Steve Bathgate, Dennis Cones, Frank Barnes, Keith Bishop, Dale Ethridge. 'E .1 it it W, in 'i, l i l i l l nl! l li iii' Til Wi if itll X ii l Ji , bl il Wi il li iii lx iff il ,, is if lili rl is ii i I lil ll ii ii If l If ,ii all 'li iii ,I izii -ilfl lil' .liil iii lifi tbl Vi? l if li 'l so iv 'rss T i s X YE I t f r itil ll www' -N LEFT: Alice Corn and Mike Adams practice at first hour band rehearsal. The preparation is for District Music Festival. CENTER: During a recital given for parents, Debbie Weigand performs the clarinet solo which earned her a I rating at District. CONCERT BAND 4..ina.4ugQ.4.. ' J Band wraps up 1 at music festival As success came to every other activity at Fort Osage in 1969-70, it also came to the concert band. Besides the band as a whole making a I rating performance at district contest, there was a record number of l's awarded to solos and ensembles. A total of thirteen individuals and ensembles repre- sented Fort Osage at the State Music Festi- val in Columbia. Three concerts were presented for the publicg at Christmas, on lVlarch 1, and on lVlay 17. Also in May, the band made its an- nual tour of the district grade schools. ln addition, just before State Contest the I- rated musicians performed their contest numbers for the elementary students. Many members joined forces to form a stage band that performed a lVlay concert. -- q ,,,,, ,,,,i....1,,,,.-.+-?----'-'+'4m'1"1'-" Q V VL' VV! V it VVV V 1 V V, :IV i V V , V V V V V V V V V, VV V A VV Vgl il V VVV 'VV tV .lj ' . V 1 VV f Vg! VV . V? V V ,VV VV ,, ' VV V. VV . V. V VV-V V, V V VV V V V E V VV V VI V V V V V 'V V V V VV V VV VV V V V VV V V , V . V V. V l V V V 1 V ,NVV Vp VVV V' 'VV V 'VV 4 wh he-..-- V..-.-A Marchers offer half-time shows A flashy new Fort Osage marching band stepped out for entertainment during the 1969-70 school year. New uniforms, consist- ing of a tuxedo-type concert uniform and a bright overlay for marching were purchased and distributed to each member. Adding 43 "B-band" students, the 100 piece marching unit performed for every home football game. The band also took part in Band Day at the University of Missouri in Columbia. On a rainy Saturday morning, they traveled to Kansas City for the Ameri- can Royal parade, but returned home with- out getting to march. Varsity members of the band offered en- tertainment at home basketball games and at pep rallies. The popular pep band was composed of students who volunteered. - Q .- ,f-.1Q:ff,'- - Q , 1'ig,- - -T' f '- ' " ' ' V ' -,. '.-1- 4 - I- S ' V-l ay. , TOP LEFT: Robin Dyer takes his stance as drum ma- jor for the marching band. TOP RIGHT: Allen Owings and Paul Warnex play at the homecoming pep rally. BOTTOM LEFT: Mr. Scriven runs the band through the floating FO formation. RIGHT: During a practice session the band lines up in rank and file Tormation. V4 K-Viiw-VAT-nv-Y,Mw M..-,Y ,,-- --LL-e4--A-+--- -- 2--f --- - W5- TOP: Susan Tapko realizes the thrill of being chosen when NHS member Debbie Gray taps her at the an- nual induction ceremony. RIGHT: National Honor So- ciety. BOTTOM: Charles Perrin jubilantly shows his enthusiasm over his studies which won him member- ship in the National Junior Society. LEFT: National Junior Honor Society. NATIONAL JUNIOR HONOR SOCIETY-BOTTOM ROW: David Mullnix, Steve Bone, Mike Barclay, Frank Barnes, Brad Reese, Kevin Langhammer, Brian Moore, Dennis VanTuyI, Frank Lee. ROW TWO: Joy Hardwick, Dana Hacker, Shelly Elsea, Carol Brendel, Kim Huber, Jan McClung, Kathy Curtner, Connie Spease, Donna Gil- bert, Charlene Crone. ROW THREE: Patty Regan, Jill LeBarron, Rose Hulett, Sloan Phillips, Rosie Jeff- ress, Gale Garrison, Rhenda Huntsucker, Becky War- nex, Robin Fagan, Barbara Little, Kathy Taylor. ROW FOUR: Joy Mueller, Russ Hamilton, Elaine Wyatt, Dav- id Peppers, John Harvey, Norris Shrout, JoAnn Archer, Linda Shaffer, Rhonda Allison, Kathy Avelyn. ROW FIVE: Jonathan Knapp, Charles Perrin, Peter Bowers, Tom Hamilton, Judy Miller, Kathy Ferguson, Karen Hastings, Mr. Weakley. F, . iii? NHS recognizes 35 new inductees Fort Osage's National Honor Society in- duction was held on January 27, 1970. Twelve seniors and twenty-three juniors became members. The club is designed to give proper recog- nition to students who have met the quali- ties of scholarship, leadership, service, and character. It stands as a goal for all students to strive for and to show examples of those who have met its standards. A National Honor Society for junior high students was formed this year. A charter was obtained and an induction ceremony was held on March 26. Thirty-two freshmen and eighteen eighth graders were honored. The Snowflake Christmas Dance and concession stands at the home track meets were spon- sored bythe club. NHS-BOTTOM ROW: Juliann Dieckmann, Cathy Far- ris, Bruce Adams, Mike Nelson. ROW TWO: John Parker, Diana Hulett, Sharld Liggett, Linda Beekman, Irene Bowman, Lyla Roe, Patty Shupe, Earlene Crone, Candy Dennis. ROW THREE: Terry McQuerry, Tim Whelan, Debbie Gray, Denise Mitchell, Pat Edwards, Denise Davis, Diane Keadle, Darcy Durham, Mary Bessmer, Delores VanTyIe, Jeannie Ownsbey. ROW FOUR: Jerry Meyers, Varena Smith, Doris Rose, Ilona Olf, Mary Beth Haas, Cheryl Bowman, Randa Huber, Gail Adlard, Susan Green, Lucinda Pennislon. ROW FIVE: Paul Shrout, Doug Stoll, Larry Sebolt, Jim Hisle, Mike Carver, Mike Lamb, Ronnie Alexander, Ramon Rodriques, Tom Preston, Charles Pirtle. I., l, l, i 1, l l I l l l , i l ll :li iii ll , pt JUNIOR HIGH PEP CLUB-BOTTOM ROW: Sharon Alleman, Patty Reagan. ROW TWO: Joyce Beaver, Re- vena Combs, Tammy Meads, Susan Payne, Tina Cle- mons, Shelley Harris, Linda Sullinger, Kate Davis, Kim Huber, Karen Breuer, Jane Roe, Cheryl Hoover, Pam McCollum. ROW THREE: Terry Becker, Kathy Ferguson, Linda Wilcox, Becky Ellis, Cindy Reeds, Cheryl Broughton, Terry Danner, Donna Minnlck, Debra , Robinson, Patty Goddard. ROW FOUR: Rhonda Allison, Judy McDaniels, Joy Mueller, Diane Turner, Dana Hacker, Brenda Davis, Karen McCollough, Janice Hedges, Kathy Hamilton, Vicky Sparks, Jeannie Rob- inson, Kathy Inman. ROW FIVE: Vicky Gondran,4Laura James, Jane Casady, Pam Staats, Kim True, Linda Moore, Roxanne Gibson, Patty Wilcox, Diane Reed, Tina Kimbrell, Kathy Barnhill, Shelia Lamfert, Nancy Davis, LeeAnn Trader, JoAnn Archer, Linda Chapin, Kathy Kirchner, Robin Fagan, Debbie Redell, Gail Myers, Debbie Parsley. ROW SIX: Diane Phillips, Diane Crow, Glenda Gray, Terry Griffin, Susan Sat- terfield, Connie O'DelI, Linda Jaquess, Jeannie Moore, Karen Hastings, Mary May, Jackie Horner, Dana Pugh. TOP: Laura James demonstrates her jumping ability as she tries out for eighth grade cheerleader. BOT- TOM: Suzanne Harper holds her lighted candle with care at the Library Club induction.LEFT: lt's cheerlead- ing tryouts again, and Diane Phillips seems to be en- joying herself. ,,.Q2.g',f -P " ' 'ff 5? 52.-,A:y'..' , - -H142 el: :ff--211-2??-fs-.fxizff-" ' 2559?-4: Library float wins in school contest Attending the motion picture production "Airport," having an annual Christmas party and receiving second place in the Homecom- ing Mini-Float contest were the highlights of the year for the Library Club. Leading the club in its activities were Donna Ethington, president: Suzanne Harper, vice-presidentg Nancy Penniston, secretaryg and Patty Mc- Daniel, treasurer. In order to be a member of the club, each student had to be a library assistant for at least one year. To be eligible, they must maintain an M average and in the grades from eight to twelve. Some of the duties they performed were shelving books, checking them out, and running errands for Mrs. An- derson, head librarian, and Mrs. Gilbert, as- sistant librarian. LIBRARY CLUB-BOTTOM ROW: Donna Ethington, Suzanne Harper, Patty McDaniels, Randa Huber, Nan- cy Brown. ROW TWO: Lucinda Penniston, Barbara McCracken, Sharon Alleman, JoAnn Archer, Nancy Davis, Susan Adams, Linda Chapin, Velda Wolfe, Mrs. Anderson, Mrs. Gilbert. ROW THREE: Mary Bess- mer, Diane Shields, Pam'May, Pam Staats, Vicky Gondron, Louise Bostwick, Debra Robinson, Jenny Alexander, Cheryl Hoover. ROW FOUR: Mary Dyer, Carol Stark, Carol George, Darlene Lamb, Shelley Elsea, Karen Breuer, Kate Davis, Susan Alexander, Ginger O'Hara. ROW FIVE: Vicki Buck, Sally Prock, Debra Robinson, Karen Whiting, Gordon Northrup, John Williams, Jim Powers, Tony Monty, Chip Webb, David Waisner. D , , ,. . . . .- , g, Y , .,,, :.,t.ak,,,:,jA,,,,5g Q.. .. ,1f.:,,,:a-an-',,,a.5, PEP CLUB-BOTTOM ROW: Sally Tennis, Diane Keadle, Patty Shupe, Lyla Roe, Rhonda Ficke, Jackie Reeds, Andrea Morris. ROW TWO: Miss Franks, Mrs. Maggart, Cathy Farris, v-pres., Linda Hostetter, pres., Earlene Crone, sec., Miss Rich. ROW THREE: Candy Dennis, Janet Breuer, Kris King, Sharon Marten, Irene Bowman, Debbie Middleton, Linda Miller, Debbie Miller, Karen Reser, Debbie Weigand, Debbie Gray, Glenna Brown. ROW FOUR: Deb Brammer, Michelle Hawk, Alice Corn, Mary Bessmer, Linda Beekman, Diana Hulett, Sharld Liggett, Jackie Coatney, Connie Shrout, Juliann Dieckmann, Brenda Telgemeier, Evone Minton. ROW FIVE: Nancy Sevy, Susan Green, Kathy Mayfield, Donna Ethington, Joyce King, Diane Shields, Nancy Brown, Patty McDaniel, Donna Hastings, Diana Berrier, Denise Davis, Marlene Goldsberry. ROW SIX: Becky Coleman, Kathy Alleman, Nancy Hutchins, Garhon Stauss, Carolyn Hedges, Roxanne Teegarden, Arlene Dieckmann, Pam Fagan, Cindy Heman, Beverly Howe, Barbara Casady, Judy Botts, Darcy Durham. ,. C V M as ROW SEVEN: Debbie Wright, Suzanne Neal, Jackie Monaco, Patti Cinningham, June LeBarron, Michell Morgan, Janet Butterworth, Patty Larkin, Linda Ange- Iides, Carol Courter, Jean Bessmer, Nancy Snyder, Belinda Luke. ROW EIGHT: Toni Caroni, Sonda Todd, Debbie Wiseman, Sharon Kreissler, Shirley Boring, Sherri Phillips, Terri Carver, Debbie Wagner, Becky Corn, Debbie Cunningham, Janet Cones, Debbie Starks. ROW NINE: Cindy Langhammer, Kathy Angell, Janet Duren, Susan Thompson, Alice Pugh, Arlene Winfrey, Becky Ellis, Judy McDaniel, Dana Hacker, Joy Mueller, Jill LeBarron, Sloan Phillips, Roe Hulett. ROW TEN: Linda Wilcox, Gloria Staats, Debbie Mor- ton, Magraret Cox, Karen Breuer, Kate Davis, Kim Huber, ,Carol Brendal, Charlene Crone, Diane Whit- ney, Su Pettit, Robin Gribble, Kathy Hostetter, Joy Snead, Rhonda Riggs, Mary Johnson, Terry Stone, Cheryl Broughton, Terry Danner, Karen Griffin, Julie VanDyke, Carol Evans. :Q 4 T' TOP: Kendra Musgrave, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ken Musgrave, is a real supporter of the Indians. She anticipates another Richard Marks free throw at a home game. BOTTOM: The rain can't dampen pep club spirit but a one point loss to Lee's Summit can. S it rl , L a I sw Lyw 1 i' ,, , :. i " ' ' ' " :-,'.- . L? SJ-.-.a.:Z:f'F': :L 7 ' as A-AL.-11:1 "ra - W. .,,, -s..,..,,. ,... M., , ,.-s.,..., .,,.,. que. ..,,, ,,,,,,.i,,g, Girls back teams by showing pep Six sponsors, four officers, and 120 mem- bers worked spiritedly to promote the fame of Fort Osage High School through Pep Club in 1969-70. New uniforms were purchased for the bas- ketball and track seasons. While doing this they also set up a new constitution which established rules fair to everyone. Linda Hostetter served as president to this fast-paced organization and Cathy Farris did a fine job as vice-president, filling in when it was necessary. Earlene Crone was secretary and Jackie Reeds handled the fi- nancial end of the club. Head sponsors, Mrs. C. J. Maggart and Miss Barbara Rich worked up a trip to the Ice Capades and helped the girls organize the successful Courtwarming celebration. iiiifi'-'4"'i' m""""' 'JQMM i Leaders support victorious teams Outfltted rn tradrtlonal red and whlte the Fort Osage cheerleaders dlrected their sprrlt In unrfled cheers for vrctory Not only dld the squad share a vrctory with their athletrc teams but they shared a type of vrctory wlthrn themselves by brlngrng home four frrst place ratrngs from the Mus sour: Valley Cheerleading Camp ln Marshall lvlrssourl They also captured the Splflt stuck that helped to donate sprrlt and enthusiasm to the squad Preclsron ln performance was lmportant to head cheerleader Lyla Roe as she worked wlth her squad to acquire good skulls and preclsron Serving as assistant head cheerleader was Patty Shupe Others were Rhonda Frcke Andrea Nlorrls Jackie Reeds Sally Tennis and Duane Keadle I I 1 l I Y 7 I 7 7 , . , - f , r uw 'W if ,, .. e .454-lffxfv . .Ps :Him A . ,,.L ntl' f-vs 1 'ip ,of TOP: Varsity cheerleaders chat about the upcoming game while decorating the goal posts. LEFT: Lyla Roe, head cheerleader, puts her all into cheering for the Indians. RIGHT: Despair is shown on the faces of Sally Tennis and Diane Keadle after Hogan defeated the Indians in the Blue springs tournament championship game. LEFT: VARSITY CHEERLEADERS. FRONT ROW: Patty Shupe, asst. captain, Sally Tennis, Lyla Roe, cap- tain, Andrea Nlorris. BACK: Jackie Reeds, Rhonda Ficke, Diane Keadle. A25 Squads express team eagerness Enthusiasm, spirit, strained vocal chords and perserverance were words to describe the 1969-70 junior varsity cheerleaders. Captain Terry Stone and co-captain Joy Snead led the seven member squad in teach- ing the pep club the new cheers and skits. The frosh cheerleaders worked to back the teams throughout the year with signs, spirit and readiness to help whenever they could be of service. Becky- Ellis and Elaine Wyatt were the squad's captain and co-captain who re- minded the girls perfection was their goal. ln the eighth grade, Robin Becker and Jo Ann Archer worked together to lead the cheerleaders through several outstanding sports seasons. They looked to the future with the past constantly in mind. lg. F-4' rf f f JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS-BOTTOM ROW: Karen Griffin. ROW TWO: Julie VanDyke. ROW THREE: Terri Stone, capt. ROW FOUR: Kathy Hostetter. ROW FIVE: Robin Gribble, Joy Snead, co-capt., Carol Evans. TOP LEFT: Joy Snead and Julie VanDyke, J.V. cheerleaders, struggle with the wind and weather to lead a pep rally outside. BOTTOM CENTER: Lisa Wiseman served as a delightful and spirited mascot for FOHS. J .M 33 ,-e ,,. , .fe-V, L :L ,g- 1 , 1, -Y 'F V2 , ' : -- F' W' BM-ng3"tT 'FR tba M Rx P .f 'Q V I 'fw F414 . 4 f,'-'ft-2' 31 '..W4'12yi V ' Hy, midi' : 7 .."?'Z-f'!4?'. . fish. . -.11"" ,-my U, r "mi wi '7f'V',1r-lfiflf' fnPf':'ii?5i'3 A A ' my .4 1 - -1 W,-,..,. ' . -F' -fazilng-'3 ' ' A-:LI 5, 'fi ,Q L' - , . . . ,fu - -,fkwjfg ,f 'sv -. , 1 'gt . -f'if'L,LaAg - .1 ' -' .V,,, .. , .. , 11-qu, EIGHTH GRADE CHEERLEADERS-FRONT ROW: Ro- Rhonda Allison. ROW THREE: Robin Fagan, Karen bin Becker. ROW TWO: Jo Ann Archer, Terri Griffin, Hastings. FRESHMAN CHEERLEADERS-BOTTOM ROW: Rosie Jeffries, Judy McDaniels,sLinda Cowan, Becky Ellis, Elaine Wyatt. BACK ROW: Dana Hacker. Rhonda honored in half time ritual Rhonda Ficke was crowned 1969-70 Home- coming Queen during half-time ceremonies of the Pem-Day-Fort Osage game, October 24. Last year's Homecoming Queen, Carol Shipman, crowned Rhondag and the tradition- al kiss was bestowed upon the Queen by Junior Young, football co-captain. Dennis Vanarsdall presented Rhonda with a dozen long-stemmed red roses. The Homecoming Royalty consisted of sophomore princess Gail Huffman, junior princess Shirley Warford, sophomore class candidate Patty Shupe, junior class candi- date Rhonda Ficke, and senior class can- didate Patty Ahring. After the football game, Rhonda and her court reigned over the annual Homecoming Dance. WN iff! - 41 44' l 100 if l Miss Rhonda Sue Ficke Homecoming Queen TOP CENTER: Rhonda Ficke, junior class candidate, patiently waits for her turn to tour the field. RIGHT: Homecoming Royalty are Shirley Warford, junior prin- cess: Patty Shupe, sophomore class candidate: Patty Ahring, senior class candidate: Rhonda Ficke, junior class candidate: and Gail Huffman, sophomore prin- cess. BOTTOM CENTER: Queen Rhonda radiates happiness after being crowned 1969 Homecoming Queen. LEFT: Candidates Patty Shupe and Rhonda Ficke anxiously watch the football activities while waiting for half-time ceremonies to start. I Y, WWW , ,,,,,.,, Y ,... ., ,,,,, ,, ,www j Y M ,, , , , ., , . V. .. ,. .Ts ,, ,,,.Q1,.:,.,.-.:,-LY.,,,..,. F .,:..', , T .?,.jl,,L,, sT,,q,..J,1, J? 9 Miss Patricia Jo Shupe and Mr. Von D. Young, Jr. Year- book Royalty. TOP: Mr. Ed Budde, offensive end for the Kansas City Chiefs, looks over the menu at Stephenson's Restaurant. Mr. Budde helped judge the Yearbook Royalty. BOTTOM: Courtwarming Royalty are Patty Shupe, Patty Ahring, Mike Schaberg, Diana Peck, Linda Hostetter, Marsha Schaberg, Shirley Alleman, Lyla Roe. LEFT: Yearbook Royalty, FIRST ROW are Candy Dennis, Lyla Roe, Rhonda Ficke, Patty Shupe, Mrs. Budde. BACK ROW are Ramon Rodriques, Jr. Young, Rick Marks, Larry Baird, Mr. Budde. 15 f 1 at ,. f 'z' L. 4 Ty.-E X '32, 102 M3 'SU i 1 we r 3 sim yu' Q 1 ' I 5 .Mr xi U X 3 v-.. it 31:5 Q 6, Qi 1 iw we nj x , :A of 5 R 7 1 b rf? f ul 5 fi lx: V' I' 5 . 5 5 ll C x ' Q .fr If Hr 'fl 5 ' r .- l paw, ' . ,slim Y, M lrry i Y -'Y 1 ' ' A f LX,' . If ' ,V pf., ', "' "1 1' 'i 'AA' , Yr ' ' ' .',, if til 9 .2 4 -'34 A in . I ,,. . ,Z N' 1' fl ' K '37 "z f l " 5 rw' rl- ' X' ff' . W Q .aff ' V, 1. gl " -- - il 5" ...l 9 - is . ,A 1- Qlll r A 'Wifi' ' .L ff , fl? fd' . - Q 'iffli l I Q Q A' f ,, , Q T Q ll. A it xg T Q -if 'rim Jr., Patty chosen Diana is selected Patty Shupe and Junior Young were chosen as the Yearbook Royalty this year, and Diana Peck was selected as Courtwarming Queen by the basketball team. The Yearbook Royalty was chosen in a new way. lVlr. and lVlrs. Ed Buddewere asked to choose the boy and girl who best repre- sented school spirit. Their selections were based on short, personal interviews. After the interviews, lVlr. and Mrs. Budde, IVlr. and Mrs. Smith, and the Royal Court went to dinner at Stephenson's Restaurant. Diana Peck reigned over the "Queen of Hearts" dance after being crowned 1970 Courtwarming Queen by Shirley Alleman, 1969 Queen. The crowning ceremony took place at the beginning of the third annual Court- warming Dance. Miss Diana Glorine Peck Courtwarming Queen Hn 5 , 1 ,fl 1 rx . . l .- . ,n h . , 1 , , k . 3 'Ali 'j n ,rj , X ' . .- 'J . . df' t xg , ' "V ,. vi, T . ma .. . . -f 1,5 ,, - if 4f,.w1. n .. . 5 iff. 1 gs, if '12 , yt .1 "1..,- -5 My as wg, ' -' ' W 15,7 I .3 it E: H Pia uw. '.if '-we as ,'.h fi , but We y tw . . , ,lk Q. af , 31 7? i T lflx. lgf ' l,ii i,T :iw itil l 'lil E Vit lil. . i,' illili . llli .V . Tix, . :i!. ,. ,. ll l i i"l 1 l.. 4 I-itll , Tig, , ' f ' ", wi l , t A 1 Tl if :4, T i li, Candy and Diana named as royalty Candy Dennis and Diana Hulett had the distinct honor of being chosen as Snowflake Queen and Track Queen, respectively. The annual Snowflake Dance was held December 13, in the school auditorium. The crowning of the princesses was performed by Bruce Adams, National Honor Society president. Patty Shupe, 1968 Queen, crowned Candy. Candy represented the National Hon- or Society. Her court consisted of Diana Hu- lett and Diane Keadle. The track team chose Diana as their queen. The cou rt was announced by Coach Lawrence Fischer at the annual pep rally. lt consisted of Sharon Kreissler, sophomore princess, Jackie Reeds, junior princess, Beverly James, senior attendant, Candy Dennis, senior at- tendant, Diana Hulett, queen. Miss Candy Sue Dennis Snowflake Queen A ' 2 :TA rj ,-- , .1 , l i .4 I, lf . Ill T l lil 4 3 lil -t lil ' LA 3 In tt. ,li . . ll 1, fl l lsl ll' 3 li' . I il l i, H ' if ' li .T l l A il il N. I ll .T lf PC- T ll ii if Tl l2 , 1 Yr' I , 1 J it ff .T as l T F X . v' Q T 104 u-..-4.-...gan-iii TT ' " 'f Ea? A Track Queen Miss Diana Mae Hulett Z if i fr O TOP: Track Queen Diana Hulett hands the mile relay team the first place trophy at the Fort Osage Invita- tionals. RIGHT: The Track Royalty is Sharon Kreissler, sophomore princessg Jackie Reeds, junior princessg Beverly James, senior attendantg Candy Dennis, se- nior attendantg Diane Hulett, queen. BOTTOM: Candy Dennis, Snowflake Queen, stands beside the ten-foot tall snowman. ' ' 'T ' -4,..r' 1 J... Officer's head student body L-iiii?fEP-.11-ifiei-13555-'S:5f :ff LEFT: FRESHMAN OFFICERS: Matt Mutz, Joy Mueller, Steve Bone, Sue Pettet. TOP LEFT: EIGHTH GRADE OFFICERS: Greg Bloss, JoAnna Archer, Linda Chapin, Cindy O'DeIl, Cindy Reed. BOTTOM LEFT: SENIOR OFFICERS: Bruce Adams, Dennis Vanarsdall, Michelle Hawk, Richard Marks. TOP CENTER: SOPHOMORE OFFICERS: Julie VanDyke, Kathy Hostetter, Dennis O'Hara, Karen LaRue. BOTTOM CENTER: SEVENTH GRADE OFFICERS: Raymond Chapin, Allen Howell, Stuart Welter, Debbie Berrier, Kim True. RIGHT: JU- NIOR OFFICERS IB-TJ Cheryl Bowman, Gail Adlard, Roy Combs, Mark Reynolds. Iiflflm- 15 1 . ., ,Al ii, 55S-Q-?:fI':?qTH7'-'?'tg'i-' -in-4. fc - ,... x X' , , , . ,- .,.. . J-.--. - - . . . - -,- - .. . .-., .,J, ,-.. J , .J-. 4-f5?'1r'J.A'7m' f""""""" A . . .A , .,.-Q-:- -' 5-9-.,,-.-5-1-:-:-SL-rx-,-Q:-:-:fr .-.-'Pav 2--'-'-'-ff'-"-'-' -- -- '---- Y W7 Y ' Q Hxlanls lw 5. QQ 5:5"5':" ' A K R X t V,Q ,WA , f M I 'N 9 - --. Q. E...-...fA',1,,.L,, , wr in ,f.4...f,vf..Q...'-:1'-.5-,L.'--1.,.A'-,4,:f-:fx-'nfl -espi-:'':5:f:.,.--:1-5:fsfJgfgf:g'5.is2.Lf,e,.,-g''1i.:e5-9l,-l- avian'--igzw' . , . . . . -. .. W, , ,N-.1 -fn erase-fs-as :ray .1444 'een-,,-,f:m.:.-ef,,Vtf.,1,.-. .Z if ..-.G -s V , V A T V- . Y U 4 - H -- at f -J-fle e .lf ff 4- ,--.swf-regal: 91115 F:-:sbs-1.f'1f1:,:e97:jL'f. :' 1' .:,q',i 1 - 1 ' - K K- ff 1: -f-,-.Q--,f ,A ,f --.Jeff f Y . W we ' - -- '-,.iL,.Q..L:...--de, .'-L.e-A- ,-Vf-- ve- ---- -W A---e' VARSITY FOOTBALL BOTTOM ROW Grant James Mgr Ronnle Combs Gary Roe Ramon Rogrlquez Gary Vannell Bob Ford J E Van Natta Mark Rey nolds Gary Stanton Rlck Jeffries ROW TWO Ellls Seaton Mlke Adams Ken Adams Jerry Myers John Parker Mike Scott Buddy Jesslck Larry Balrd Mrke Lamb ROW THREE Coach Fischer Howard Cully John Stewart Doug Stoll Ernle Satterfleld Rick Marks Jumor Young Dennis Vanarsdall Paul VanDyke Ted Courter Coach Hedger Coach Harding TOP LEFT Varsity Football Team TOP RIGHT Bob Ford man ages to hang on during a struggle with Liberty player TOP LEFT J E VanNatta and John Stewart team up 31 M M W 5 5 W WV W 4 r hwffgmfgngj Qgfifilnjagjgffeif' as H Jfygfmw v N if 9 K Mgt-wit ,532 ffm, :iw YL YZ Waigf-AW .a1,Ufif3 J' Jciff? ,Mft 5 W? M514 VAJYZLH agent w 'T -P' ffrwl H if ZZ-MMU Q We E Mis Maid W5 ffiswl me 5 l 4 f an 2 2 ww ,Ma ff ,Q me' f 5 REV W 6. af f fgsigfgfyigggfggiigt air eff , at N J 3 may Wa is We baggage at ,wfrwfegfr e My if are IM W W B W?i,f??5s5 a9i55WfrrgQ??VEFMetKt2?gWf5y if V W 'SEM Wm 53621 4' 1 as 3 3 we ,W te ta l f saws if Q 5 X ff l' f wilt? at Q V 5fi4 ?' if at my ggiwiggym 'W ww Wffsifigi 6fgQg if it ggi 4? KW An 'fb , Q 5?3 E -rig 9-sail? eifghg 4? 3 ff 4 'k t fixing 8 W iilggififm .wee .3359 K5 wi' 5' rio? mm fjgfimiiesgf 'V' wggffifx 5, 4 gift ggffww svgffgga C- gat 4 -gf 62? 'atgqgggs Qi' We Q Q 25 qgpeiit E m ?W ywasggejyg 2 miti gate My P' w tf at ft Wt Z its an M 483 gy 5 e w w 27-+ Pe ffm, ages? iii, if 6? W' 51136 We if O ,Zel,f.w'69'Z'N'i" 3 5+ Q55 'tiff 'Sei sa A 899.933 2 WW? if ga QAM my Zag Qwtff ws" M if Hfiv stffv i fw 'ii gift 1, is figwk Q' 'Q' ex was 434 yi K? 9 Q Q M " 4' i??gwAAv5Z as fl? Q' 456- at Qin ff ff was rie wfs Www 1' MJF Wt are ated 5, Q Q I 4 - y - - -1 v 1 1 rtwwlt' gp my I if X- L '- 1 :fghyfg jf 9 T . . - -' , 5ft,..5R,'-,, f ,fmt if h ra ,g,.'jl, fjy f Aw ,A .53 ' f - ' . - ft 1 1 - - Ll ' so V at . ' 1 ' ' Mi QLQLS Q 1' V 32,2 Mtzkfggef - - - - A is ' ' ' ' Gym of-1 , 4 ' . "?ff f 2 1: - - 1 1 we s f T , Q my A ' ' ' a t A l-" , ,A rf f - ' . , ft- ,- A ' ' ' Z 5 - A L la I n 1 - . - ,g H ' ' ' ' v u . " f for another Fort Osage touchdown. . A , ,,, ,. 5 . ., , ,x., , L , ,,. , I , . .. V '- .ff ' ' 1" .Q A - 'L-my 1, 2 f .V fl' 'WN I-" . E511 Zvi? Qtr- '- 'ff ' 5' 14 1' 1 - , 1 4 'f sf" -ll ' ssl 2, a ryuef'- , t, -' W' W t' fz'if.1"' .51f,,' jjf.-T f A 2- A ,J A , , f gg I f Q., ffigagtit t o - 4 " if -' , .. ' 5 1- V- l. . , Bi 5 . 1 l - f p , f -i 3 , ':,g's,-'-145.-'f'-f i . Fort ties record finishes with 7-3 In the bitterly cold, newly constructed Fort Osage stadium, a glorious season of seven and three was compiled to repeat the school record, established in 1961. Stunning victories of 55-0 over Hogan, 42-0 over Park Hill, and 28-0 over Grandview brought a second place conference rating to an ever fighting varsity squad. There were moments which didn't seem as thrilling. Three times the buzzer blew to the dismay of Fort Osage and the delight of arch- rivals Blue Springs, Lee's Summit and home- coming opponents, Pem-Day. Honors abounded to round out the year. Coach Jerry Hedger received "Coach of the Year" award from the Examiner and Dennis Vanarsdall, Rick Marks, Gary Stanton, John Parker were placed on all-conference team. Players rank despite injuries f ff' .. , . r i J., ,VE ,A A . ' 4 .y ,, ff ' 1 wg X V, f , QW -A fl'-i HV, 25 V l. 1 I, N ,ds n X f 2 x 'Ylnnia "hu f W , WV f f ,, Q- y f ff ? , ff? ,4- , 'fm M'-fr ,A , TOP: Dennis Vanarsdall discusses a coming play with his teammates. TOP RIGHT: Larry Baird grimaces with pain after a hard hit in the Hogan game. BOTTOM: Odessa Bulldogs pursue John Parker as he scrambles out of their reach. Final score Fort Osage 67, Odessa 0. BOTTOM RIGHT: Coach Harding comes to the aid of Doug Stoll, who was injured in the Lee's Summit football game. sf ji Zi f TOP: The look of anguish is on the face of Dennis Vanarsdall as he watches the Pem Day Homecoming game. TOP RIGHT: Jr. Young falls in front of a Grandview Bulldog to help Bob Ford carry the ball. LEFT: Mark Reynolds squashes a Blue Springs Cat who tackled the wrong end. BOTTOM RIGHT: Rick Marks grabs for the pigskin for 6 points in the Bel- ton game. 'WQSQP Q I ,QW .mv 52, :rw 1 A , : r sf , W " ir. ' - :5 41-?S.,:,, r A115 1 is f is P ,a ' ' S"L'5f,v-M 'fx' rr gf? . , 'Y Ma- Y H553 wif- -5' '33 5 X x I 6 Anxiety, stamina win games 551 I1 fn J-V reaches 4-3-1 at season s end Through ram and cold 33 junior varslty football players competed strenuously fo victory Under the dlrectlon of Coaches Roger Brunlng and Larry Harding they com plled a season record of 4 3 'I Chester Young PaulVanDyke lVllke Adams and Gary Roe paced the team by sconng a large number of the total points and galnlng yardage equally well The team saw great moments of excite ment and disappointment George Robinson lntercepted a pass In the last eight seconds of the Grandvlew game for a 12 8 wln but Grandvlew came back the next game to defeat the Tnbe by a heartbreaking score of 27 7 The team showed determlnatlon all through the year and Fort Osage was proud of them L- Y, f Q BOTTOM ROW: Grant James, Mgr., Clifford Uren, Kurt Crandell, Clyde Judd, Jim Jaquess, George Robinson, Gary Roe, Nin Hulett, Chip Weeg, Paul Gaume, Rick Jefferies, Mgr. ROW TWO: Frank Neef, Chester Young, George Bohnert, Rick Nelson, Mike Clevenger, Phil Gibson, Dennis O'Hara, Jim Starcher, Mike Adams, Don Eichler. ROW THREE: Andy Goddard, Don Wilcox, Decius Sanders, Tom Barclay, Paul Choplin, Dale Miller, Paul Van Dyke, David Head, Stanley Vorwark. LEFT: Jim Jaquess earns himself and his team an- other valuable first and ten. TOP: Mike Lamb is be- wildered by the tackle who stopped him cold in the Grandview game. of I rrr' 5 Q ' 1f'w'E.H ,g,,f,?fs v,',f,1-':Qs3ffiuf,, 'f1'1v'w.:,,i f,"-rwffhfgfis -'f-fflrfwzs-ff: ii' T f A ,.,, W WM , . s,,,,.,.,,.t,, L, ,,, 10, J-frfwfv, , f f, ,V , . A , ,. f f iffi,f:.,sDr,g, ' gf:1:7l,f-',,,,:w . l , ,ew Wm-lr.. -www, ff Wm 2YWif'Hiv: ":' 7 frr ,, , 5237? , f ,... ,.., W4 mfr' syma- "', 's ' V 5 Y, :fsr -' f' Q , 3 ' ' ",. "" f ' 33, .f f , ' -", ji? gf? f :'r' J G - "" f : ' If l , ,:-r 1 , easantf Hlll,fmj:,: flfl : 4, 1 A fx, ,W ., , MJ ,M WZ, 73 - wg, 5 ' jj , f ' ,, MQ: I K L M , f vw ,TE ,, , ,,, .,,r,J.we. Wm.. TOP LEFT: J. E. Van Natta watches the game with concern as Coach Harding tapes his left ankle. TOP RIGHT: Don Eichler entangles with two Blue Springs players. BOTTOM LEFT: Jimi Jaques is blocked on all sides by the Blue Springs Wild Cats. BOTTOM RIGHT: Gary Roe gains yardage at St. Marys. J. V. squad moves the pigskin Buckallew leads coachable team One of the most talented, determined, and "coachabIe" freshman teams the Fort has ever seen comprised a 5-0-1 season under the direction of coaches Tom Weakley and Larry Smith. Randy Buckallew, back, led his squad by scoring most to the season's points. Gerald Barnes led the line and prodded his speedy and vicious teammates on through such op- ponents as Liberty, Belton and Pleasant Hill. Determination was one of the strongest fac- tors in the freshman record. This was a team. They worked together with a group effort. They gained most of their strength from this point. The Fort Osage fans followed these boys all the way and looked to the year when these boys would be varsity, and the best. 4265 y K 'lf KWWQ 'ft TWU? GA 5,3-ef wwf, ,Ng WQJ Q tr ft was f 1: WM Ay: A ef W at tAfsf?5fT Y " :M Q J WAX Q, J fi ggfgzx Jafar S ft ei fytsy pf if 1 .M t ' " ,ii , , j -f" ffl W ., ,'.' ,L f? f. ' ,1 L' V ,V ,. f Q rt? f Qwffwfff 5 mf gf.. .M Q59 . Eating , fs 1 1 l . . 1 .-we .,,.. , , . . , . fit . W f f y ' ' if ' easant, H II A., , f . r flag iff 'QW '79 ltr? . 'f' 1 Q vf J' ff ,f1'3w:t5'f:yt, .p , j ffm - ff f f 4 f' f 1 X RESHMAN FOOTBALL-ROW ONE: Mike Starks Jim heets, David Nelson. Steve Botts Willie Harper Ron Keadle Frank Barns Brandon LaJaunie, Terry Combs Frank Koger. ROW TWO: Coach Weakley Wayne Brock mgr. Rick Inman, Mathew Mutz Phil King Jim Rord Randy Buckallew Bob Horne Bob Wright Larry Barker Coach Smith. ROW THREE: Ken Whitley Mike Jamison George Adkins, Jim Coffee Joe Weisner Steve Bone, Gerald Barns, Russ Hamil- ton John Martin Wayne Kirchner. LEFT: Bob Horne carries the pigskin. TOP: Frosh slip by Liberty 8-6. CENTER: Phil King bounds into the air while Steve Bone and Terry Combs enter to assist in the guarding. '--v +42 'P-:af I Thi sh?"-sk L SCOREBOARD Game OP l Hlgglnsvllle Blue Springs Liberty Pleasant Hull Belton Mil? H M24 'L Young grldsters exhibit strength The eighth grade football team saw their short action packed season come to a close with their record at 2 3 Coached by Leo Mc Cullough these boys met five teams and put forth all they had Backs Tom Hamilton Gary Howe and Mike Lalrmore combined with line men David Myers Russell Northcutt and Mike Ray to lead the 28 member team The very cooperative and grueling seventh grade team earned an undefeated 3 O season 43 speedy talented boys and Coach Nel son Boles went to work against Harrlsonvllle and Hlgglnsvllle during the season to bring home scores of 20 6 22 20 and 22 6 Hug glnsvllle met with defeat twice Gary Keadle Mike Uptegrove, Larry Stant on and Steve Rerklns sparked the team on to their perfect record l EIGHTH GRADE FOOTBALL BOTTOM ROW Bill Horner, Mgr, David Bathgate, Tony Monte, Joe Hand, Mike Lalrmore, Mike Kmser, Jerry Starr, Greg Ter rell, Chip Webb, Jim Haase, Steve Rinehart, Ronnie Randy Spencer, Kevin Barclay, Charles Justus, Rus- sell Northcutt, Bill Stewart ROW THREE: Coach Leo McCullough, Jerry Lawrence, Eddie Powell, Stuart W6Sham, Terry LaRue Tom Hamilton Rand Mc Buckallew, John Scafe, John Harvey, Ted Dyer, Mgr. ROW TWO: Tim Cook, Gary Borne, Mike Ray, Alex Fetters, Mike Benson, Larry Thornton, Mark Hayden, . ' I v - Clelland, David Myers, Jim Powers, Ivan Jedd, Norris Shrout, Russell Monaco, Coach Bob Phillips. LEFT: Eighth grade football team. CENTER: Mike Lairmore Sprints for yardage in an eighth grade grid- , iron game. RIGHT: Seventh grade football team. i l , .. .. ., W v i 3 . . .... f , 14 ', .Q S ,, Lirry , , K. .kk.. ..L N, jg, 3 R23 .Q W at . i , V, , Y . f 3 V ..,f f -...f L trtiit re. 5. isfi -r"i ' 111- . ,," ... ra' tirii M ft Sf. f V Wm, .... " . . . . ., i .. 3 ' ' tilff -f .f .. .- - 'W f 1 .1 its 'iifffmfw - eff.. '. '3 :r . .,,A1Lf, , -,W Sw'-.wwf r-ff'Wfg,,,,f. Wg. -i2.f"Mi,2w.t,w':oeeww.w,.. .J Agn-2, . ' ' i :fi ' X A '1f.:?r-...rin f yrgieff. ...og 43 , bi 'il lil' 1 ' . ,I-X. L' Q , Q ,ff , L41 , . ,f 1 : . . A . ,,v.j--:N h - . 4, W : al, , h gg G: cf., T'-f -tags 4 ...P '- ."'f'f' 3 me X af. T . Q . T J ,, e - 4 E+ 49 f 29- 37 171591 i 7' 3 va 'j-"1 ' if ,V " 21- t' -Ninn:-g, ' ,K - J if it ff N Q N T f 'T .- A . Af.. AZ 7. ,fa gi., ,Lat .h g L -A K l , iffy, g ., ' 'fx . , z 'Wt . i 42 if 1 A , 4 4 ,21 . X fl- -1 A I I1 VR V .1 6 , v 'if 9'f?'.:'1-!'2'iQ-'?ffff"f- w5ii9'1Y?ZiF26:'51f'ffw?.QLR.- -W if ,N ,, ,-,H -1 . ,V . :vp , J. , ,. . ' . t ,L fm rsh , ELM ' - w ir A .f:,g::.?,-,,g9i,9,A.Z,3Qf,b vi., f, 'gs L.: 941' My J, .:4 .ai.:.3Wf-fix.. rg-:ii : ff ragga .r fa '- .5,, ,,. ,f5,ff3,,.Ei, wgsq inf-'V'Tiw9?3I'f':',.."2?'A'r'1"'f5"i,fl"x '-.mi.'.S-'i:TLfHL.:!?':fT21: f.a1,?fV.f5"i:S2b' g,f.yn3,. :vf "-- 2212 UF r "fi,- "'1'ew': rf yKW?.:2a.1'.:2x:',f-'ESig-""a-'LG :g.f'-'-z1"t?g- '35, -f J-f rv, " " E- ,rv " L- - ' ' " ' i,.,,,L 4421 l "ffm if -3.-. me'?1:Q 2:'.7:-w.1..F-1234 .JLi--1ftLfmimxT-,ze-z:5i4:f6.':f'i4lZfG!S:M1iCvLfifaA+-Qian, '75 SEVENTH GRADE FOOTBALL-ROW ONE: Brian Ramsey, Dennis Bilmore, Robert Wagener, Gary Keadle, Steve Copenhaver, Raymond Chapin, Jerry Culbertson, Kenneth Eichler, Kurt Hulett, Donnie Yancey, Larry Comer, John Webb. ROW TWO: John Taylor, Brian Neal, Eddie Winfrey, Larry Stanton, Pat Harper, Steve Borne, James Loos, Robert Brown, David Christy, Tim Ford, David Lovell. ROW THREE: Coach Soendker, T Mark Van Compernolle, Mike Reagan, Tommy War- ford, Ricky Rucker, Doug Ferkins, Mike Uptegrove, Jeff Adkins, Randy Heany, Dale Van Dyke, Joe Esry, l l Ricky Collier, Bobby Farris, Coach Boles. , i i 123 I -. T44 A 5. 5. ,iff BOTTOM LEFT: Exhaustion is the key word to express Jerry Colemans effort for the cross-country team. TOP CENTER: Leading cross-country men Jerry Cole- man and Bruce Adams gasp for breath after a hard run. BOTTOM CENTER: Harold Williams waits dili- gently for the gunshot to start the grueling cross- oountry race. BOTTOM RIGHT: Varsity Cross-Country team. R.- 'QL a ' . --le.:'f.:.a: ..-1 'QQ -5 it-it Hard work puts harriers second Second in conference, fourth in district, 3-2 in conference and 4-4 overall was an impressive record for the Varsity Cross Coun- try team. This small, but determined squad of nine runners, five of them veterans, were coached by lVlr. Richard Parker. The team, consisting of Steve Adams, Bruce' Adams, Berry Alexander, Jerry Cole- man, Roger Hahn, Brad Reese, Paul Warnex, Charles Wilcox, and Harold Williams fought long and consistently, despite the fact there was not much recognition for these boys. Berry Alexander was the high-point man for the powerful squad and he was followed closely by all of his fellow team members. The team as a whole brought about one of the finest records ever. BOTTOM ROW: Charles Wilcox, Paul Warnex, Roger Hahn, Brad Reese, Ed Deckard. ROW TWO: Carl Thronton, Mgr., Steve Adams, Gerry Alexander, Jerry Coleman, Harold Williams, Bruce Adams. Coach Parker. Harriers possess a vigorous style Seven energetic and seemingly non-tiring senior high boys worked along side Coach Richard Parker and managers Carl Thorton and Eddie Deckard to exhibit pride and fine showmanship in Fort Osages' Junior Varsity Cross-Country team. Seniors Howard Brock, Tim Elliot, Scott Taylor, Terry Thatcher and Randy Zellerg Junior David Lairmore and Sophomore Mike Barclay comprised in two short months the record of three and four. The tribe beat Lib- erty once and Lee's Summit twice to bring honor and fame to the junior tribe. Mean- while, the team had four disappointing de- feats. Twice Truman brought losses to them and Grandview and's Summit each added one loss, while costing the Tribe much time and effort. - . -- L - -1-...deer-H+, SCOREBOARD F. 0. GAME OPP. 34 Truman 21 15 Liberty 50 31 Grandview 24 34 Lee's Summit 21 15 Liberty 43 48 Truman 18 25 ' Lee's Summit 30 Low Score Wins LEFT: David Lairmore shows his running style at Swope Park. RIGHT: J-V CROSS COUNTRY TEAM. BOTTOM ROW: Mike Barclay, Scott Taylor, Terry Thatcher, Ed Deckard, manager. ROW TWO: Coach Parker, Tim Elliot, David Lairmore, Howard Brock, Randy Zeller, Carl Thorton, manager. BOTTOM: Brad Reese accepts his third place medal at the Raytown South Cross-Country meet. 7 5 S? 5 ' 454 ' We 1 V x Q ff ' A lt x s, QV M eg :P f ig gif 2, Q 252 5 5 22 Gi , 53355 el if E 5553 if QE", I 5 5 sf EM si? 1 , .u 3 E 5' if 33' V5 2555 H gg? 5333553 35 5255532 2. 5: Xgksignfgigf 5 n EQ 1. 4.1 2 ' " 'W H54 ' 155' 'WQ9 :f?'i, ,. fp!! 3 3 i ff? V 5 2 ' 42? 5 ' , van 5 ig ef alia Die? Wi 'fi " it rg' - xi-A 'i , ,E 3 fl fx ---' f ,Q S 9,4 X bi skim 85 T552 -,-,fy , Ja 9 . 39 I, 1 ada 5.56 35 53 1 ii ,M '2?i55,, 2ia , mfg a 1 is 5 ug!! 2 Q. M , A., I 0 I Dx ip, 2531 ii P' wmv ,E Q 2- ,ff 2 " gif ,1 . , , A ,Q H., . J n 9 , 4 55 v - 4 N 'o 2 .TA, Y, .3 mov Z Q-L61 ., r ftfigic. ,. 6 ,uw- J Qt, , i :iw-'M --f'- -- KDE-rszffgfx 521 if :ff 5 A V , Tribe snares title final record 25-2 Fort Osage can never forget the 1969-70 basketball record for it was "best in the school's basketball history." A glorious 25-2 record was established and a new mark of 18 consecutive wins cli- maxed Head Coach Kim Schaberg's last year as a coach at Fort Osage. The squad won two tournaments: the first annual Fort Osage tournament and the Plea- sant Hill tournament. They took second in the Blue Springs' tournament. ln the State Class L Regionals, they advanced to the fi- nals where they won second. Among the team were Seniors Rick Marks and Mike Vickers who were named to the all conference teams and were on the first and honorable mention all-metro team, respec- tively. 1970: The best year ever. CENTER: Rick Marks, senior, comes into the Grand- view basketball game to prove that being injured and out of action for two games doesn't cramp his style. RIGHT: Mike Vickers, senior, uses his height ad- vantageously during the Belton game as he goes in for two points. Mike racked up 534 points this year to bring his career total to 1034. EL TOP: Gary Stanton, junior, is ready for anybody. RIGHT: Ready to fight for the carom, Mike Lamb tenses himself against two Blue Spring's players. BOTTOM: Flick Marks accepts the first place trophy from the Pleasant Hill Tourney after defeating Blue Springs, 57-42. FAR LEFT: Gary Griffin falls victim to an exciting moment in the Fort Osage tournament. X I irt , I , . ll,-19, cyL.Q59'Jvl l X il. 4 . 1 V Mrs Successful year ends .1-,Q Vs...s!u l i yi N E X Wm LEFT: Coach Schaberg gives words of advice on a certain technique to his boys at half-time. TOP: Show- ing his ability to fight for the ball, 6'9" Mike Vickers makes sure the opposing team doesn't get the ball. RIGHT: Senior J. T, Dieckmann shoots for two as he is fouled by a Belton player. BOTTOM: Dennis Van- arsdall, senior, attempts to stop a Blue Springs player from shooting for a basket. QA -5 51 jf ff 4 J CDH W f F lf' 7 L . " A J I I i A I E 45 '43N--.......,.l fl It 5 J 'l TOP: Senior, Larry Baird gives fellow senior team members words of. advice. Listening to Coach Larry are Dennis Vanarsdall, J. T. Dieckmann, Mike Vickers and Mike Lamb. RIGHT: 6'4" Rick Marks shows his stamina during the first game in the Regionals against Wentworth Military Academy. Teammate Gary Griffin looks on. BOTTOM: Bruce Adams, one of the eight seniors on the squad, goes in for a lay-up and proves why he is a great asset to the team. LEFT: Mike Vickers shows signs of disappointment in the locker room during half-time. 4 :il V Rick displays skill as victories soar CQ 1 -E . u I s ks' . x 1 I J ' " ,, fr-rs. av ff? "' A Q Y Y r Q M' ep ! 1 Qi' 'li i Q ,g s if fi, f . ' Q My I-if Soendker heads victorious squad Directed by Coach Jerry Soendker, the 1969-70 junior varsity basketballers com- prised a season record of 11-5. Mark Reynolds, Tom Barclay, Bob Gilbert, John Parker, and Tim Whelan were key players in the teams' successful season. These boys worked hard to overwhelm Lexington 61-24 early in the season and spring on Belton 57-31. They won a few by only scarce margins. Liberty sneaked up on the Indians during the fourth quarter to come within tvvo points of the tribe. The game ended 57-55, Osages' gamefavor. A run of bad luck saw the "B-team" round ballers drop four in a rovv by a total of only nine points. TOP: Bob Gilbert practices to build up strength. TOP RIGHT: Randy Stock jumps for a rebound. BOTTOM RIGHT: Fighting for a score is Randy's job. LEFT: Junior varsity basketball. L'u'i. JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL - BOTTOM ROW: Mark Welch, Chip Weeg, Mark Reynolds, Tim Whelan, Ron Combs, Curt Crandall, ROW TWO: John Parker, Tom Barclay, Bob Gilbert, Ken Adams, Dick Bartow, Randy Stock. 7 J.V. team moves the ball - T, .----- ff: il g TOP LEFT: John Parker proves to this player that stealing the ball is not an easy task. TOP RIGHT: Dick Bartow is given a helping hand by a concerned opponent. RIGHT: At the half, the boys receive instruc- tions on how to move the ball inside quicker. CENTER BOTTOM: Mark Reynolds goes up almost unguarded for another basket. LEFT BOTTOM: The ball becomes anyones' property when John Parker is accidentally dropped to the floor. 51,-Q ff- , I TOP: FRESHMAN BASKETBALL-BOTTOM ROW: Ron- nie Keadle, Rus Hamilton, Mark Sevy, Steve Bone, Randy Buckallew, Larry Barker. ROW TWO: Matt Mutz, Dennis Combs, David Cunningham, Steve Ogle- tree, David Vickers, Rodney Blake, Jerre Peterson, Coach Johnson. BOTTOM: EIGHTH BASKETBALL- BOTTOM ROW: Steve Rinehart, Norris Shrout, Kevin Barclay, Ted Dyer, Mike Alleman, Gary Howe, Greg Shields, Mark Hayden. ROW TWO: Dick Young, Tony Monte, Steve Gibson, Ronnie Buckallew, Randy Mc- Collum, Bill Sullinger, Mike Lairmore, Harold Payne, Coach McCullough. ROW THREE: Ed Powell, Bill Stewart, Ivan Judd, Tom Hamilton, Terry LaRue, Randy McClellan, John Westmoreland. LEFT: SEVENTH BAS- KETBALL-BOTTOM ROW: Steve Boron, Mark Van- campernallo, Jerry Monico, Gary Nelson, Robert Brown, Pat Harper, Larry Stanton. ROW TWO: Mike Green, Raymond Chapin, Ken Eichler, Steve Copenhaver, Kurt Hullett, Gary Keadle, Gary Ray. ROW THREE: Coach Cole, Brady Jeffries, Mike Uptegrove, Jeff Webb, Jeff Adkins, Bobby Farris, Larry Vorwick, Rod- ney Stoll, Mr. Loving. i 5 ft-,gf ,, ,r-,., in-fi :Lv -V i:,- f V- - i - . .11 Se My f"f . sv, f' rf' r iii. 1- -f f -.f ff ,f , H vw: S: Vu,,wzgwff4,1Tig-Ai-f.!.aI'w'- we 'Qs' www " rZ""1 .sw ...Y ,:y:.,-- -at iw . .f .V ,f l ,.., , it.. as f. ,H my :if J Mllv rr:. l :: :r rr : l..rr .r :l : ' at 5. ., -V as .. . . ., ,, , f , gr, 3 , ., 1 ..:rr firr . , g. ,,, , ,,.. O wgiih.2fi?'F2aiiwffl79i5m 'ff' 'f'. 5 L ---'Y'5"?-fWf'?u'Wi i rds. lelfiefflfi :i.i 1 A itl. F15 5357: ' r " .1221 ',.,: 1 Q, fikfbw -. ,,, . Q ,, . ' .sir l :.- rI-. r ,',' ::'. i 'i': ,,,. lto. ' ...L 'iii I ,E , ..Kr, .. ,ga , rll' g .e -,5,,fjiki.f3,,,g,Q,g,fflgvsrtdwfanart: :egg-Q :rf rag, B' A 1 F 2is1a3.6affs fs.. 22!5XC9!.SlQnSp.rinQsf1. QT 524 .,.. 2 ,,, s:::.: rlr: it 45 x ""i in, if 7 frm -fy g . f. ,. Jw .umm . ,wi .V , , , H ' . W Nrlf A kit, l 1 .i::... :...RicmPmn.dg i A e 1- 2-55: -,,,,.,.: 1 - Ll., Freshman boys ao'o' ten victories For the 1969-70 freshmen, basketball sea- son meant work, success, and sometimes defeat. They worked alongside Coach Mike Johnson to earn a record of 10 wins and seven losses. During the season, they exper- ienced close victories over Belton and Lillis. Seventh grade had an interesting year as they put forth a 4-1 win-loss record. The little tribe won their first three games and dropped the only game to Higginsville, then picked up the last game to end a tremendous season. Leading the way were G. Monaco, who averaged 10.2 per game and L. Stanton averaging 9.8. Others who started were G. Keadle, J. Webb, and M. Uptegrove. The eighth graders were coached by Leo McCullough and Larry Smith. The seventh -grade was coached by Paul Loving. Elem-rm sconEBoAnD F.O. OPP. is Belton ' 6 30 Blessed Sacrament 32 f 26 Belton 39 19 Liberty 21 25 Blue Springs 33 30 Odessa 28 26 Center North 15 27 Excelsior Springs 36 17 Libertyx 45 39 Liberty 23 16 V Blue Springs 38 30 Pittman Hills 35 10 Pittman Hills 28 39 Belton 16 31 Belton 33 29 Oak Grove A 39 31 Marshall 16 29 Higginsville 16 SEVENTH SCOREBOARD F.O. OPP. 48 Belton 28 11 Higginsville 15 53 Odessa 37 - ' i 7 iw --- is---i----..-. .Wi , -..M , , , , .-,,,,, aa. . ix ,,.,. . ,.,--.,-x,,iWmA-- ' 'i i H 'iigfii ,iw iifi :A ,iii ,- iiiif ri ii fiiig i, I! W N Mi iii 5, B ii! r ir' ii- T Vi i if i si i 1 i , RIGHT: J. E. VanNatta struggles against a Biue i i Springs opponent to earn a five point pin. TOP LEFT: X Howard Cully strains to earn extra points for his team against an Odessa wrestler. BOTTOM LEFT: BOTTOM ROW: Randy Zeller, Gary Roe, Terry McQuerry, John VanNatta, Dick Lamb, Wayne Shipman. ROW TWO: Coach Boies, Howard Cully, Mike Scott, Steve Fagg, John Stewart, Andy Goddard, Coach Phillips. ii .i LI ii .I ii ii 's . i gi ii 1 i ' 4 ' Q 'i li: i i ,I T : :ii i 142 2 xl ' gg 4 'n I i ,4f.Q,Q3ff f 5 4 7 6 ,iririr isrs rrr: ? ,:r,, 5: , TLEE , ,,,i K :, ,,VV,, E! nrsl g,:2fi ,,::r fir gr rrg,, Af' I ' -. ' fr i'i : T :: i 1 :rr T Q,,:rf,, rii:Q ::,,. T irii JiP'939iamQH,i'l'iff ,eil T HW- nrri T S +Lg,G'fiar1dview,: :iii 173 4oiv ir. k.:,f, pPleasantgHiil :, A: K . ,. ,,.:,. ,T S, V V J ,gV, A age :Y-::?:.QSF5-5422.2 ' - I ,gil ,A,-,MV . O. .. -ea5'...e-e-- -1' fum New records set matmen advance The Fort Osage varsity wrestling team of 1969-70 rose to new heights during their short two month season. They placed ninth in district, third in the Belton tournament, fifth in the Odessa tournament and seventh in their conference. Two matches, both against Pleasant Hill were won by overwhelming margins. In the first match Fort Osage defeated the Roosters by a score of 36-12. In the second meet they overwhelmed them 35-15. Coach Nelson Boles supervised three boys into placing in the conference. Randy Zeller placed third, John Stewart finished fourth and Terry lVlcQuerry earned second place. Randy and Terry were both seniors but John was only a junior and the Fort looks forward to his return in 1971. ' ' 5 " 4' ' -- '1-'2":''.'..-rf-SF'?lf'-1-T'f-rw.-1'-f-sf-.-svn, -2 .' .. . . Farrar, Roe lead g first in wrestling Under the direction of coach Bob Phillips, the junior varsity wrestling team comprised a total season of 8-3-0. They earned such outstanding victories as 45-'IO and 45-0, both over Pleasant Hill and 34-16 against Odessa. Other wins came closely such as the 29-26 triumph over Wil- llam Chrisman and 26-21 defeat of Park Hill. These boys achieved a fifth place in con- ference. Along with this team glory, there was much individual recognition to be found. Harold Reaves, George Bohnert, and Robert Horn ranked fourth, William Harper placed second and Richard Farrar and Gary Roe rated first. For the Indians, Harold, George, Robert, William and Gary will be returning to guide the team on to new heights. . V 144 JUNIOR VARSITY WRESTLING-BOTTOM ROW: Dar- rel Anthony, George Bohnert, Jim Hisle, David Stew- art, Jerry Rothove, Harold Reeves, Joe Spicer, Mike Starks, Bob Stuart. ROW TWO: lVlr. Boles, Jim Starch- er, Jerry Myers, Clifford Uren, Chuck lVlcCollum, Clyde Judd, Rick Simms, William Harper, Harry Harris, David Flake, Bill Jeffress, Nlr. Phillips. 5 i ll O E FFOE i534 5 T 3 533 L29 f26 8 Q 29 9 45 29 526 L45 l t .-.- J-,-,gg - , H..-.Q K- .V .,.. ,.f.1f,,.-.. ,.77- ..-..T,.,M..,,v ,,..., .A.. M,,-b:V.:1-,,5...,. W, isconssohnpk. In ,wafv K' xt ., T T T 1514, E if tszgltoiiag g ' i ParkHiii 5iGrandViewi 'E V ifl3lue iSprings William Chrisman BluefSprings V Pleasant Hill as r1PleaisantJHill T L,1.....Q,....4...1L..E.,.- N .,.,, , .,,,.,h,...,--,..,- N, ..,. .....-.-,....., g ,4 li A 1 2:48, 133 E716 l44'r f. t. ..,. 5,,qg i 110, .- 26 32' ' .0 LEFT: Junior Varsity Wrestlers. TOP: Gary Fioe strains to pin his opponent for those needed points, BOTTOM CENTER: John Stewart comes out victorious after a long struggle with an Odessa wrestler. 14 VARSITY TRACK-BOTTOM ROW: Randy Jones, Harry Harris, Paul Guame, Paul Warnex, Scott Taylor, Ron- nie Barker, Roger Hahn, Mark Welch, Ronnie Combs, Gary Varnell, Charlie Wilcox, Ramon Rodriquez, Gary Roe. ROW TWO: Mike Clevenger,,John Van Natta, Don Eichler, -Dean Williams, Charles Shrout, Gary Stanton, Mark Reynolds, John Parker, Jimi Jaquess, Kenny Adams, John Stewart, Gary Griffin, Randy Zel- ler. ROW THREE: Mr. Fischer, Raymond Jeffries, Den- nis O'Hara, Tim Elliot, Howard Brock, Ted Courter, Tom Barclay, Berry Alexander, Dennis Vanarsdall, Bruce Adams, Don Wilcox, Steve Adams, Harold Wil- Iiams. A A if 1 YY, VY?-5 -,,.......-...,. . - 'AL--1-Q-4-e-0'7"-' W Q K v is '-2, - 5 rw1?4e12:.:.S2jig - "Q',"f'f. -. ul. af:,a,dpm, f 5"'-1 -fl' ar tml f.. in: Three gc to State Jerry places fifth The Fort Osage track team was no excep- tion to the winning record at the Fort. They had six first places along with four second place ratings. The team placed first in the Belton and the Fort's own relays. They also took eleventh at State indoor, and third place at District. Jerry Coleman, Dennis Vanarsdall, and Barry Alexander participated in the State out- door meet. Jerry placed fifth in the 880 yard dash. Dennis placed second in the state at the State indoor in the shotput. This is the first time in the history of the Fort that some- one has placed inthe state event. The title of second place in the conference also went to the track team. , . VARSITY TRACK SCOREBOARD ' F.O. OPP. 7 125 Pleasant Hill . . 64 St. Mary's. . . 39 ' 70 Clinton' .... 93V2 Pleasant Hill . . 42Vz Holden ...... 29 79 Lee's Summit. . . 53 56 Oak Park .... 93 . Truman .... 55 Liberty .... 42 - 65 Grandview . . 67 94V2 Liberty . . '. . . 71 V2 Blue Springs . . . 34 Lexington . . . 22 74 Park Hill . . 53 Tarkio Relays . . . tie 6th Belton Relays . . . 1st F. O. Relays ..... 1st Chillicothe ....... 7th Conference Relays . . . 2nd District Meet .... 3rd LEFT BOTTOM: J. E. VanNatta hands off the baton to Don Eichler during the 880 relay. TOP LEFT: Dennis Vanarsdall, senior, hurls the discus with the form that won him many first places in both the shot put and discus. RIGHT BOTTOM: Andy Goddard runs with all his might to help the 1970 track team be a suc- cess. l4 Jerry wins 15 medals gf? 5,.. xv, .- 7 715 TOP: Coaches Fischer and Aeby uphold their jobs as head coach and timekeeper during a home track meet. RIGHT: Tom Barclay strives to gain a lead in the high hurdles event. CENTER: Jerry Coleman, senior, shows why he won 15 medals in track this year as he demonstrates his ability in the long jump event. LEFT: Roger Hahn prepares himself for the gun shot to be- gin the two-mile run. .3 -+R, 12152.-1.1-::f:"3'3-.:-112172T'"'"E:UMTS':If---1?---fb-ZF-34.-Ein::1-:F 'img-a,p:4 - U22-22-11' ,, , 4. . ' ' -2Qf W1-Off'-'ik' ,fav 7 WY 'iz ".i,V':, fi V-Eff ,fi ff ,VV T if ,VV I .t A K ' 5-:ji,,'rV gykfifvi1,qE,,,f.m,f, an 1,1 ,,, , , ,,,mV,, AV I , N , H T T, T it ",, .ff " M' ' ' " ,, X H 5 ,,VV I T. f,w-' - , y T "'. 'wiv M ,, 'M'-W4 'if ZGf1?5H.p374xt Sf i8im:fff9"f .,f,'Y-flifzil SiVMfg,fy'5,',:,i A 25,52 5 ltffi Ma .,.f,11,,4 wr.. J. M yr f-W af sf L7 fx, 4 A as .- , f,,..,wmmm., ,M l, G f. W,.,f. ,1f -,fyfwa -ff as -of I ., I ..,f.y,,. 4ft,g,,, ,,.,,,,t,,,a . y,.,,. , ,fe ,W ff ,,t,,, , f , , t, , .,,,V, t -, .ut T, am , KU 3 ff,' A ww v, ,MM M! K ' X M, 1 , , Zap, W ,!,,,fr.,,,, ,.,. t.,M.,4, E7jQl::a!5Nf as 9-:WS pings- ,q4sL'v.g,-Wy, ,mmf M 5? L? fu l, -f + wg M5 .g,1w',f6, .594EwfifQ1-maggrlfy ,gli gem EQ A 9 ,eye Q!,ZgQ,,, Q24Q6' Mya 5t?,K5,Qggi3w5gg,5y3,,?fZWw?f1gfZ2?fCa egg? A te, if an " Perm Sim! gyffiefi ,WP ,F of cfs fl me MQW 'J sffgmf? ff bw Mafia? - ff T X T L',' asa? of r Hi 5 : f , 3 ,,f.-..,- . , A ,...mQM.liE TOP: Hurling over the high jump John Van Natta strives to pick up winnin TOM: Kevin Langhammer g points for the Fort. BOT- loosens up with relaxing ex- ercises for tense leg muscles. LEFT: Anxious for the take-off, Gary Roe expells his energy at the sound of the gun signifying the start of a home meet and an important race. -, ,,,,, , -..-- - - - ---A :r3?Lb?0f'- ' 7 LJ-V record wins 4 l l lx 'Q-of is conference 2nd for themselves in 1970. squad. . The junior varsity track team broke records and established an outstanding 6 2 season The highlight of the spring sport came with the capture of second place in the con ference position by the junior varsity team The squad was composed of freshman sopho more and junior boys who will probably compose the nucleus of the 1971 varsity track Tom Barclay, Steve Bone, John VanNatta and Paul VanDyke were four of the 30 boys who received J-V track letters at the annual spring athletic banquet held in May instilling a desire to win in the boys was one of the major accomplishments of Head Coach Larry Fischer and it was a major factor in the glory brought to FOHS. :street lPl is ogtljyffljlj, jj 'tt ji 3 , 1 QT 'xiW" T" 115t" ' ,la- f - '- A I 255,12 L13 in-T' PL ' 'if -f 'tte L'fA" u' -it ., f y ' 'j l ."'Q:!:t1 t5f Q E ly """"'- A v i., .A V-A l I,N.-QM. KQI G-:fp iifjgflfgy vi q.. Egg, XQNX I , V Q I 23,4 U ,' I 3 "rj 'g 'Ritz' K' 2' .Ei -I fl f x' 4, s 1 . I .Air l'1:, , ff- 4 -- Y X. -. iff, ' , ' aigjz ,, , ' N H R R i'-2.1 " r le" 7333 1412 3 X i JUNIOR VARSITY TRACK-BOTTOM ROW: Dennis O'Hara, Harry Harris, John Harris, David Mullnix, Ron- nie Keadle, Mike Barclay, Robert Horn, Wayne Kerch- ner, Jerry Peterson, Randy Buckallew, David Bewley, Nin Hulett, Harold Reaves, Rick Jeffries. ROW TWO: Steve Costigan, Chip Weeg, Chester Young, Kevin Langhammer, Matt Mutz, Larry Parker, Gerald Barnes, Greg Short, Mike Ray, John Knapp, Curt Crandall, Ray Williams, John VanNatta, Mark Harvey, Rodney Blake, Randy Jones. ROW THREE: Eddie Deckard, Jerry Myers, Howard Cully, Dick Bartow, Steve Lark- ford, Steve Bone, David Lairmore, Vernon Huntsucker, Bob Gilbert, Dale Miller, Paul VanDyke. Randy Stock, Frank Neef, Chet Hamilton, Ray Jeffries. Young thinclads win Osage relays The junior high track teams completed the 1970 outdoor season with convincing records. The freshmen placed sixth in the Raytown Relays and lost the Knob Noster Relays by only one point. The highlight of their season's wins came with the capture of their own Fort Osage Invitational Junior High Relays. The eighth grade held an undisputed record of five wins and no losses. The seventh grade chalked up four wins and no losses. Together, the seventh and eighth grade teams competed in the Knob Noster Relays and tallied enough points to ensure first place in that meet and in the Fort Osage Relays and the Center South Relays. nv xr' M , 1 g FRESHMAN TRACK-BOTTOM ROW: David Mullnix, Randy Buckallow, Jim Sheets, Pat Scott, Jerry Peter- son, Steve Rynard, Dale Ethridge, Steve Miller, Ron- nie Keadle, Ed Perry, Frank Barnes. ROW TWO: Greg Short, Kevin Langhammer, James Chowning, Willie Harper, Rodney Blake, Robert Horne, Matt Mutz, Larry .:, Barker, Mike Barclay, George Rasmussen, Brad Reese. ROW THREE: Gerald Barnes, John Martin, Mike Jami- son, Russell Hamilton, Bruce Bigley, Mark Sevey, Joe Weisner, Steve Bone, Wayne Kirchner, Steve Ogletree, George Atkins, John Knapt. .f W 1. '.-jP7i!'. A Y - W E. --.--aLs:.s-:v1+f-- LEFT: Junior high cheerleaders handed out trophies at the second annual Osage Junior High relays. TOP: Rodney Blake gives his best effort in the broad jump during the Osage relays. BELOW. SEVENTH GRADE TRACK TEAM. BOTTOM ROW: Ed Winfrey, David Vaught, Bill Scott, Gary Nelson, Roger Bush, Ray Chapin, Steve Copenhaver, James Lame, Ralph Smith, George Howe, Gary Keadle. ROW TWO: Charles Ham- ilton, Dale Van Dyke, Mgr. Van Campernelle, Larry Stanton, George Rasmussen, Tom Myers, Dan Avalone, Jerry Monaco, Pat Harper, David Adkins, Martin Kriess- ler. ROW THREE: Rudy Huber, Doug Pirkins, Mike Reagan, Tim Whitley, Brady Jeffress, Ken Thurman, Jeff Webb, Kim Byfield, Mike Uptegrove. I, ,. - 1- fl sz-' 3 , I Mfr l , - 9 9 T 9 X 1 X LI: A Ql 1' : ,QL -,. 1, h-L.: 4 Q VL 1 A Q , I 3, t 1,1 V21 Q 1' .gli A 1 l .3 1 x 32: 4 if 8 I X I V n 'fir 1 Y Q Q : ll VA .. 'X' ,J 1 5 A gf -- : 1 I gn N " Huis, .e Q" I if l j' 3 ,I 1 1' . ' i W . 'f 'e3'kf ' ffgllf i EIGHTH GRADE TRACK-BOTTOM ROW: Bobby Ly- ness, Ted Parker, Mike Benson, Alex Feeters, Jim Haase, Doug Winship, Danny Riley, Jeffe Crossley, Mike Lairimore, Norris Shrout, Ronnie Buckallew, Gary Keadle. ROW TWO: Rudy Huber, Greg Heflin, Ed Pow- ell, Mike Ray, Kevin Barclay, Robin Smith, Greg Dud- ley, Bill Stewart, Greg Shields, Greg Bloss, Mikel Kinser, John Harvey, Mark Hayden, Russell Monaco. Martin Kriessler, Tom Hamilton, Ivan Judd, David Myers, Bobby Murray, Ted Dyer, John Westmoreland, Gary Howell, Russell Northcatt. :'c:.f. ' - -wk - r, . V' QQ: W fig H- 0 4 sr X N wwf? .,Lai+S'M-Lf: , . v w 4 M 'KE-F35 1-sfir, sf. ,,igggQ,3,2,L 1Tf.IEAp!q,,rg. T2fL A . I-V' .--.., . . -Y V-V V -,, y ,Sh-1 - ' 4 Vw -2 -Q ' ,. . L A'1.'vG'-wiwgabgiv-ww -- :f"4Y"- ,. -1.-,'-:.Lif2:-xg,--15 A-5-144 .Q::L.:.--, Ti" . , M '-rf-5+ -:.f11,' ,:.:f?.3.:,-:,f:,::,4- -, Y.g?'kQ .,m1e,Z:1'2ga-..L 41' WW.-:T J ' 'T "" ' . ,. .Aff W q 'J J, ' '.Y:"'a . 11s'i.,:',:f , ,,,,, ,..-,,. -, :...,..,,. , .Am ,,.,,. xi, .,,-,.f,J,,-,,mv:'.. -.,...:,1?,,-, .,.573.:f.-ggefeggggiizgbi ..,r:-y-.--5?::r,mh.E1:,:Q:,:?x.,3,,.,. L 4 .'. f x .f Thx! - f-'ffW--- A zziii i wg . 1, 12,ziiifi-mfrfgge-' . 1- if-11 H Y-W -W --- -'-:A-Y 1 Q-1:1-f f,..1 Y ,n, r bi 5 'r' -' -...z .294 7970 :, Q ,W ,. ,Hymn :frat ,111-1 . Classes meant rivals, teammates and buddies. Classmates were people to confide in, laugh and cry wuth. They were the heart beat and the life-blood of For? Osage. As classes f-Quceeeclecl. mdlvlcluals suc- ceeds-,fl too. Sax fast-paced yours formed alliances, Alla- alll ff: Hui made the Fort the gvlrlfiw ll wma . . fl place to w,-wf"llfl-: lm Classes: 1970. Junior high sees year of progress Nineteen hundred seventy was a new way of lifeg an energetic way of getting things done and a learning way of reaching out for individual success. Three hundred and thirty-nine seventh graders opened the doors to a world filled with combination lockers, clanging bells and total confusion. As a seventh grader, things such as foot- ball, basketball, track and interesting school work were presented on a new level. lt was exciting to lead the football team to a glorious record of three and zero. Debbie Berrier was elected to head the class in its activities and Stuart Welcher played a major role as her right hand man. Seventh grade was entirely new to all. g 'Q A A t I Qt: x , , Q E 'W ,, eg, 5 A xx? A 'R 2. to . , ,xr x .til P r 9 i ,5..f,5 'Y '- t ',, 4 . , 1 'o iliw-Q' '.f,'e'ii .,-' Xt sa itaf ' it , . N , i ' A 2' . 5 ' ,, ..,t,s,, , n A0 Jeff Adkins Randy Scott Adams' Dale Allison Alexander Alexander ClIl'1tAlklI'G Jerry Bagby Tom ' Frank Archer Dan Avelyn Anderson cindy Baie-S Jenny Bain yarns, MIDDLE: Frank Archer pitches with their art assignment. in A11 'LD V , TL Q 1 1, QK lb to help his friends .4 R- , , 30,4 f Q ,,, I can ' z , 'gjv ' 2' --11,.,.--IPO-l',, K' WML' ' -F Y V, I.-QP ,INPIH . , ' .I l 'L ' A 1. at 15+ 'L 'P Ri N. f ' L N 3 -13, if L 'VXQW' ,fri t t. , , -fw ft V 'T' 1 :JP S . l Q, Q C,- L 4 ' 'N YN.- ll: M rg x VIA. Timmy Bass .fi x 1' 1 ' i ,,,f ff '-" h , mg 11. .Q , 'X N' kkm. Y 4 V Y 3 -x-Q i l l B , -Y - ' " 4 'if' , fi En- Ei 7 ,4- ' ' ' 4 N - " . ' , -l -, XX .em f Joyce Beaver Ricky Bell David Berry Laffy Berry Steve Bibbo Terry Bradley Ricky Denise Brenda Bradshaw Breuer Brosanq Becky Brown Bob Brown Linda Bueller Ca"0'e Debbie Burgetl Burton Velina Bell Harry BinkleY Dorothy Brisbin Ina Brown Roger Bush Gail Bennett Debbie Bloss Barbara Brock Vickie Brown Susie Butterworth 3, . YE1 9 4 ' 4 fa 'W X f S 'I . ax' tl lr-V., , kia Debbie Berrier Steve Borne Joy Brooks Bobby Buck Marie Cartmill Jane Casady Bill Casey Raymond Chapin Laurie Childs David Christy Tina Cleman Rita Clevenger Pat Clymer Mike Clubine Brenda Cole Jeff Coleman Ricky Collier Donnie Combs Rowviena Combs Larry Comer Cindy Dope Steve Copenhaver Maria Courdray Vicky Costigan Phyllis Cowan Lavon Cox Roy Crain Jerry Culberton Steve Cunningham Brenda Davis Laurie Davis Bobby Dillee Jake Doubenmier 1 , V K y it' tt. , Targa, ', M, 1 V 1, . - eff 'A , .awww v f 1 ' Q ' -ii - ff 'r-.-df' AY ? 'L V1-. QW! , ' Q .Q p f "WV vt f uf Q 1 ff i , X Y 4 13 . , W "'X5ff , T wtf . 4 if If fw i ,Z 3 ' ' a A- E ., V Pi 'f fs. I ii X ',,- S, ' Q.-.5 'L', ,n'Ls , m f- .511 rf? Q TOP LEFT: Seventh grader, Ed Simson, studies hard to make a good grade on his test. TOP RIGHT: Duane Simmons watches his wits with two girls during a ses- sion at the blackboard. BOTTOIVI: Charles Wilson, Jim Enss, and Dennis Jakes, seventh graders, start off an- other day in the junior high. , .Q .l ,2 . egg Creativity included in learning 4- ?, -H . is '4 4 1 .X ,L xx Chuck Drown Kenny Edwards Jimmy Enss 'Neg , v X N. ig: - ' an 2 xii ,A 1 ".f' . . . 1. 'fy' I Russell Duett Kenney Eichler Joe Esry 1 il. ,nf I x lv I K '? ,L K 4. l gi'l""t1' , f, D X 1 M, V ' i va. N xi- ii Fred Dolores Dunham Durrington Regina Deanna Elliott Ellis Ronald Bob Farris Evans if E .L Z In - l Joyce Edgemon Ricky Ellis Phillip Fetters Jeff Fillpot Doug Firkins Greg Fitzpatrick Mike Fitzwater Debbie Flake Steve Flowers Tim Ford Melody Foster Jamie Frazier Diana Gann Cindy Gatley Roxanne Gibson Becky Gillespie Dennis Gilmore Jerry Gist Deanna Goddard Teresa Goldsberry Jack Gordon Vickie Gondran Gale Good Charles Grace Denise Green Mike Green Sharon Griffin TOP: Junior high boys work hard at homework and are quick to help one another BOTTOM Seventh grader, Cheryl Mauzly is typical of the junior high stu dents in dress and appearance New situations create fears 2 'F' I ff? UF 4'- J XA -. .WC A- --e - --,- H-H A----- f -5,- lf" Av V ' . qv My ,Llil ' . ,q I V I. l, G 'L Jef' Lt' ti A 41, I , .dye V 5 LU , . I V, , I ' A " . F h"h' nf' Af".Oxll V V . ' JI . . KV X, A ' fl 'Q ,: ynlx 2 I' -arxaf I l ' ' A zl 2 .' . , lily H I I '33, 'f,, A I VV f W Ldv, .P V ,lf .n. -vu' ' ' if-A ,S .gl A "0" may My ,fl -' . .fl ' "E Z" - -1' 1434 -.rf-r V 1 9 g Y A , . . li A I fyfl .gf . ,Qi in ,A ,Q I ' aa ' ff.. 5-if 5 , f - p 745' sy: ,,. TL . l -ef 'fix ,, '. V 1 In wa VIA- X' 4 ' ' xv' 'Y t f I 4 ' 2 A : : 133, I -,ff , Q W .lf l ' fi l QI- i-- ' Y N l "UI " v Q '8 3 fm' 'se-V 5 A - 51 ,.,. : X 7 l' is l C at .- ' 435. iii X " X , 1" 4 X C, W E'Z 4.g..1...,..-- a-,,..Y.., ,, - Terry Grilfitt Donna Hacker David Hacket Jeanie Hackett Linda Hahn Cindy Hall Charles Hamilton Delores Hamilton Dolores Hamilton Kathy Hamilton Mary Hand Cheryl Hargrove Tim Harness Pal Harper Shelli Harris David Hartly "f - W wfrcfll ' -f p -l .- ff, - .,,, ff- ' 1' L ' X ,4 f 4, ,. 3 , iw.. f,h",b , A f ' 'Ti"!2Y?f f T3'Kff'?'73VAY 1 ,uJ. '-45:4 if-ik f . - .Q E. if. Rt ff M. 4 , ff M? , Q M ,Tw ,K f . , Y ' 2 1 X-is V16 X , , ig' x I mf 1' ggi ,ff .ii'A . ffl gy v gmdlilyjcg 1. 1, . l Q Q? '35 "' M V2 l 1 'V G52 K I x fm . f , 1 ,M , if si. 4 D 4 ,fi QQ Q I QQ ' ,V N f 4, Y' , . :.",f?f D ,Z Q! L , M ' X" 'E J' -as' 'f f 3 1 5 W f 2 sig! ,av Tammy Haston Janice Hedges Anna Heitman Sharon High Cindy Holloway Carolyn Hodges Kay Hayne Don Healm Randy Heany Connie Debbie Kim Heflin Hedrick Hedstrom Tim Hickman Kim Henry Mike Herrell Tamara Denise Russ Hoaglin Hoberg Hightree Glen Allen Howell Anne Hoover Hostetter Debbie Hugill Debra Huber Melinda Huffman -V,,,,....a- - Youngsters attain new heights wi-ar ,H 'ff , . I xxx, xxx 'M ,. 5,4-ffffar in ...X ', f R- to 'f I , as A sf X V ,,g, x .LXR-1-1-'I 1' fx., jj Q I 4 xg I f fy O 1 it f . 55-:1i'if51!' I xiixsxififf . X- . t 'u5z,f K' f ' ii' f x 1- .. ." ' w X .ab 9 X I- I 'r -41 5 R fox , 'O , ,Th S , , t 1 s t", i. ' - I v 'X u V , J 'Ot ' MER' sf! my y 'ls X M I I ,fits Y I ' . f I. "1" K ' A i X , 7 4 , Q U A Y 'I' xl i ,I+ I i ' 'V '- ' " Hai, I-,1'f 4,f Nj J, A ,J H .0 A Vwtffz :ft fx L7 . A , 4' U Q, 2-. , . :L-I 1 U! X., . ' 'q Lvl' it 'lf 575 yd i W t I.i.i TOP RIGHT: Dana Jones struggles with an art project. BOTTOM RIGHT: Strong and determined Larry Berry attempts to chin himself. W Kurt Hulett Rhonda Hu mbird Robert Hunt Cindy Huntsucker Suzanne Huntsucker Roxy Hutson Kathy Inman John Jacobs Laura James Steve James Brady Jeffers Brenda Jennings TOP: Diane Laughlin, Lori Land, Kim Heflin, Debbie Berrier, and Karen Riley hurry to finish a test before the bell rings. TOP RIGHT: Harold Livingston and Chuck Wilson try to concentrate on assignments in the library. BOTTOM: Ricky Martin poses in junior high detention room. Terry Jester Kathy Jewell Diane Jimerson Tommy Links Dana Jones Pat JOFIGS Rhonda Jones Sharon Jones Steve Jones Becky Kays Gary Keadle fc John Keel Tim Keaton Penny Keithly Phyllis Kelly David Kendrick Sandra Kennedy Mike Kirwing Kenny Koogler Keith Kusick Cindy Lakey Cathy Lamb Jim Lamb Ken Lambrect Lori Land Diane Lauglin X 1 I , I y m ac.. age..,a, ,M X 3, 'E Q . f ..4 r . r,4,:g.,.,. . . . ew 1-:Za-Q--P'- ' V. ' ' 'A"' '71 ' l lvl! Students study silently ,fi ,1., iff f A .agr -0, Q ' . 3 - - W , 3 In , i 1 ' -I I II, -iq, , .. k vel , .f f. r y 4 lv ' Z- I ' "" , iff' ' ' 1 'V i N7 Q . K A V ' -.ji Rf Q 41 df il'l Greg Lewis Jane Lewis Shelly Liggett David Lovell Harold Livingston Belinda Long Jim Loos Brenda Long Caridad Lopez Gail Love Joy Madsen Kathy Marks Dennis Martin Flick Martin Karen Mason Cheryl Mavzey l l u l 5 1 l ! l i i 1 l l i Keaton advises 7th grade James Cindy McBee Connie Mayhugh Bill McClung Jeff McDermont Steve McConnell Debbie McElroy Tammy Merritt Melody Meads David Merritt Andy Mitchell Mitchell Patty Mohn Linda Moore Rhonda Connie Moore Morris Karen Pam McCollough McCollum Valinda Diane McMahill Mechan Gina Miller Claude Miller Gerald Janet Montes Monaco Brian Neal Tommy Meyers "5 'S-4 L 9 N. . 4. - -f -:4-1: A , .-c r . nw, TOP: Junior high counselor, Mr. Keaton, explains to Sharon High her schedule, BOTTOM: Mike Harold looks innocently at the camera as he stands at the wall in study hall. lla 4' f I H, 0 x t x l l All' 'x ll ,V fc, if fn ag- IL Y I N , V. Xlgfg-t 't X A , Z l l . , I' ' 5 fhzqx Six, 'F '-il ' 'V fx 'F 'E Iyl, rg'-Xseli' P ' fax" 595 " Q' u NIV :' Gary Nelson Terry Patton Bruce Perry Kerry Ray Harry Rinacke Janie Northup Susan Payne Ted Powell Mike Reagan Jeannie Robinson Stanley Oles Jim Oldham Ricky Pearson Kathy Pearson Penniman Patti Preston Martha Debra Ragan Reaves Gerald Reed Barbara Roe Gary Rood ,. 2 lx , P -.ft t N ' ,f . at , - x Steve Olson Debbie Martha Parsley Penniston Denise Brian Ramsey Peoples Charles Ree Steve Ricky Rucker Rasmussen Karen Riley Pat Ryun V W M-vi Y YYYWVVY,WWn1k,, W, ,, wma- ,,,......f 9 4' F l ,in gl A 4 4' -li fn Y iw! gi. Fi U 'a , , l t i lil V, iii ' i 4 lf? . P Study habits commence early Don Sanders David Savage Cindy Schell Bill Scott Suzie Scott Linda Shaw Janet Sheets Jackie Shepard Connie Sholes Duane Simmons Ed Simpson Tedina Sloan TOP LEFT: Relaxing during a math test are Pam Stats and Connie Sholes. CENTER: Randy Wade seems to be thoroughly amused by library activities, ' if ..---"' L ,f---'jf 1 i ., . ' . ef , . I A 'fr' i ' 1 y .r - 5 x frw , X l 5 .L :tis , E .. , T , ' 1, ' mf! f"' ' J: ' . ,z. 'SQ ' 1 t 1' - 9' 1:-f','.'..igTZ5E113j',,.'..'- 1:1 iv,-.7 gggiigi T ' Q 4 43,5 L 2 ""1f'. -111 A 3- Auf, 4 t ' " ' 4X'fgHHtg':z'3'g-:::'Q1 51: .XV-.', are ' Qi 1 .,..,.. ,1g:'1..V1L-gf, ' -' fi: 4 , , - ' 4 .Mzttiiiii1'-5:23-J' ' if f'.'..'ff."!" XJ Ml' V ut, Diana Smith Sandra Smith Susan Stanger John Stone Nadene Thomas Donna Tipton Kevin Smith Vickie Smith Larry Stanton Leinda Sullenger Virginia Thompson Kim True X .i 1 'Q K. A ii," T 3 1 if ' fa 2 F ,ff Q Pix is J . f..ff,'-,lu If I idk ' 9 ' 4 'L , ! J i N t . I' ,. . Mike Smith Vickie Smith John Stefaniek Steve Sullivan Lois Thorton Amelia Tweedy Pam Smith Pam Statts Bob Stewart John Taylor Ken Thurman Susan Tweedy Roger Smith Jim Stafford Rodney Stoll Doug Thomas Rebecca Tigner Mike Uptegrove Jim Stafford achieves precision Teresa Van Becelaere Mark Van Compernoble Ken Vandersys Pam Vandeventer Cale Van Dyke David Vaught Mark Vieth Debre Von Thun Larry Vorwark Bob Wagner Tom Warford Janie Watts Doris Webb Greg Webb Jeff Webb John Webb Kim Webb Sarah Webb Dona Wells Stuart Welter . ,,,.., N,M,.,,-,.,.,.,,.A 3 x r U HW w w -6' ff! ,Y X , ,V 1 1 :af V -2 M r l , 4. M2 xy an X f f A., , ,, y gig fa - f 9,71 t X J X X I xi ' X AM L, Qty, A . ,ywmnfy 'ff V, 'IV' . .. M 'rf r1rr,i , 'V f 1 , . mf :v,,-ffm 5,gfff?, if . , ,gyg W V' if ag, , ,Q ff ' ,J ,Q 3' , V if K y Q36 2 f f 1 , S X ff 5 4 h ff , f " X W W ,, ,, W Q ,. . 4, A f X f - I "Aff '3 ' XV Q f ' 1 X I ff 1 ' l ! lr' J. f , .- Z: riiii 'T- 2't 1 E L " A 1 ark- J V XJ if t.ii 5 mb ,,, M i ' 'JJ n- , 1 'ctztffc r N , ,f,,,, 4 1 7 7 4 ff , ,C f 3 'Q s xx: ' f ff fx , Af! ff K l X tx o X 'fy YE' 4 f 4 4 f .J 44' f 7 fx fy NJA R Q , A. J A it P" 1' - "' 51545 Q, 5 ' , , Hr 'J 5 1' ' 1: . gj ,, , ,5 . i l W 1-1 , 252' H M ,R I , ,gf rf , My, 4 ft I f ., if A K 1 , f ,. 'V , ij ff if 5 f 1 Z , , M, ' -"ff giwg ,i T2 4 f Q, f ,ff , Q 41 4.1 1 3 f We X it X ! 5, :P all 1 S , .ri in J l 9 .LY 'bw ,,,.,,.. - is QFXN l 4...J BOTTOM LEFT: Jim Stafford is working to perfection on an English composition. CENTER: Jerry Yates en- thusiastically takes part in class discussion. TOP RIGHT: Mark Womack attempts to blow the eraser off his pencil. ,f Q A4,,,,,,,,,i,,..--f-Mj y A :Q i . - 1 ' 'iff ,' A A, 'S' f ' I TI." 7: Y Y - 5. 1, AQ ' l 4 'E H in 4 53, L K . 1 s' i E K -.f ' f 4 L ' ' ,,, L7....1 , m 'F 4 . f 5 '7 4' ." it " gi X ' ' 5 41-f 'K + f +5 T ,J ,N-- ,Q X3 - , XXL' ki A Xi ' x - V rf ,fiwx il , ko' l i Xi" ' J i s -gf- i . e4 l X l L J A A T ' rfii. A N i Q ',,,i f"'I' f,'f"' L'ff, Af, ' .1 I, 'mi x X JA' it . f ' k X7 . , A ,1 , Q 'I -Vx VIE., f Xuviwil x,::.Vtx s i i ' ' . N I , ' t V 1 -NWN X N ' .A Debbie Westmoreland Tim Whitley Debby Wilbanks Pat Wilcox Charles Wilson Richy Wilson Ricky Wilson Robert Wilson Eddie Winfrey Mark Womack David Wooster Dennis Yancy Jerry Yates Pam Yount ...Y l: il i lim' i lil ll' ' . ill ll- , itll ,, 7 . ll L TOP: JoAnn Archer, 8th grade cheerleader, SUIOYS 3 ' ll good lunch before the next big game that night. BOT- ll: f r TOM: Sam Doyle, 8th grade, sits in the hall pondering ' V a question on the exam he is taking. ' l i l E4 ' A ll lg tl ll l P li l ,I My ii 'E 1 l f , ll ,. 1' , 3 1 g l A ll l . l l ' l ' h l , X W l 1 y it if ll ,l I f ' l E'l il ll X ' l l f' ls ll 1 , X . all ' -1' E ll f l l , s ,f l i - 1 z ,K :P- :, fills" I ' l gli? I l r ..-. - , -ir, ' A r 13 l ' gf, ,yi x X. s , Jil Sill? t 3 I :y ' r tv ' ifrif ' 1 W li Z: . Q . 5 ' 1 ,l' ii l l Dan Adams SUSHH Adams Ruth ANS Stan Akins Mike Alleman Sharon Steve Allen Rhonda Pal Anderson JoAnn AI'Ch9l' Vickie Gina Arnone Alleman Kathy Auelyn r Allison Kevin Barclay Bob Armstrong Delana Bass Keith David Steve Ballard JBCK BHY Baflfsdale Kathy Vicki Beemer Aubuchon Bathgate . Ken Len Delores Barnhill Kathy Bedsoe Everett Bass Elaine Bennie ef ,V 5 Baumgafden Blefmalef Beebe Terri Becker Brenda Bell Gary Borne 1' 1 J Mike Benson Sharon Ricky Bleek Gregg Bless 4 , l l3lSh0P j 5'?g 'l fll j 'X f 3' T ll 1 i 9 M y,ll is . l l yk lt f L Y l 321.75 r. t 172 31 .2 4 lil xi E j t L-----4- WU IYVYL V U ',,, A rd at 1 15 fi at-f:f':1i,ff3 5 4 -9 , ., ,, ,vw .,..,r , il' 1 .N ,5',,5:: -f -.-Q,-a..f4s,5g ., -- -V ..,. -ai--1 ' : ', ,'fif.'-1 '. - -e .vi i 4 i , 2.11, . 4: fi .bv t ,ffvf S .,I,: I ,- gl I fi- ,Q sl 5 . L . i ' , ,f--,-1"""' 1 fi T 55 e r. t is pi 1 Miifgzf .l l . t ,. . . . -3, 44,v::fv. ,.g ""1 1 1.-"""' -,,,-.Q ,V 1 - , , -2-'il 1 1 l l ----- -at-E,,,.,,,,-.-.L,,, , Eighth grade felt the limbo in 1970 Nineteen hundred seventy was the year of "in-between." lt was when there wasn't the authority of being a ninth grader, yet there wasn't the embarrassment of being a little lost seventh grader. There was a dance, exclusively for eighth graders and their dates. lt was enjoyed by all. Greg Bloss was the class president that led the class onward and upward. He helped to make eighth grade more memorable and worthwhile than had been anticipated. The football team was in great shape with a three and five record and basketball ran closely behind. g Eighth grade was the year of maturing, accomplishing, and find a worthwhile place at the Fort. l il , 'Hay ,- if ' :Q ' Y. li, ll Students develop study habits early Peter Bowers Mark Bowling Brenda Box Janet Brock Susan -Brockman Denise Bromley Cindy Brooks Vicki Buck Ronnie Buckalew Ricky Burford Kathy Burman Jimmy Burns ,TA T irtr t ok 1 tc it J x I g E2 f J 411, f 'ff K : rig fj sixgx NP" , .Sy '-fiffx l r 2 LEFT: Mike Benson, Tom Hamilton, John Westmore land discuss assignments. TOP: Larry Clark drills in shop. BOTTOM: Kenny Cowan relaxes while writing v fxxivv if Z'-ff ,-.-,,, -N. .--.- k: Y , , ,..---...,.L.CraQ-I-.-r, Y 5 A--A-----f Am V i1e:.:4.ia'-1""" lf , A ,7 N. ' rf' I-, -tg' -J-I 1 X I rl il 4 A. X E W ,-'Z K ,-,..- , - 1 -if ' if I X 1 W ...wg . ll, 4 1 Jackie Cable Janet Callahan Claudia Campbell Ann Cartmill Sarah Cartmill Delane Carver John Cavallaro Linda Chapin Emma Jean Chapman Minnie Clark Larry Clark Liz Climber 4 . l ll il 2:1 , li lil ',i ' itll ll ' 1 if 1' I, gllllxf K: lfi .N 1 lil t flilflt Q ' at ll l ir' KL 1 , ll lil ' liip .il ily Qfl t if lily 'l l il ,l I ll li 3 Nl f 'i fill., itll will .,i, :Ka Img l 'i J 'X ll l will xg lli"1 iw' tl llw' 'S lt: M , l t, rl, ly ,W l ,, l ill all i Q yi Eli X It l l i l g l ly, P Q yi in .Vg . It . 1, WE l 5 l ii- my X5 176 : 1 t ' S i 4 't2.- i ., ,l ,. LEFT: Studious eighth graders, Darrell Duren and Carol Williams, worked hard to climb one class higher at the Fort. CENTER: Bill Stewart finds the new paper and pencil machines real life-savers when going to class prepared is essential. Greg Coats Jim Cockrin Cheryl Colby Vickie Colvin Tim Cook Steve ' Courtney Kenny Cowan Dennis Crammer Larry Crammer Wanda Crain Diane Crawford Jerry Crossley Diane Cundiff David Cunningham l-W is , - g,..4,w.a,as4Q ' Y,-'..43-or-k,f-V A T . Class activities vary Q11- 1 i A 9 f - .if ,v,.f 'F rv! 4 Z 11" X . -. i ' 3 . xxx V ,0- 1- .1 Q' . -1-,Q if-js.. iii: t X1 . ,Ty -5 1 , ' Y Q K pr., ,i i .,' '. Flobert Cusick Nancy Davis Sheila Decker Geni Dewey Tony Donahugh Steve Donavan Sam Boyle Greg Dudley Stan Duet Mark Dunham Darrel Duren Jeff Dye Mary Dyer Ted Dyer Jeff Eble Jackie Ethington Jackie Evans Lorenda Evans Flobin Fagan Terry Farley Frank Faulconer Kathy Ferguson Ted Ferguson Barbara Fette 7 Study halls ard In grades , lW7Z,.w ,,.V i,,,W , f r- f W. W J, f , . if Alex Fetters ,tk M' 5 Cffswrifkins Tyra Ffchder 7fVf'ff5l Ny 45 f- Bryon or Frank FOYQY tt' X lg .,d' Teresa Galbraith Rose Garcia Janet Gibson Roy Gibson Steve Gibson Cherie Giese Donna Gilbert Mike Gillespie Patty Goddard Larry Gorham Rose Grace Glenda Gray Patricia Gray Valarie Gray Dale Griffin .1 'G 'ff' at rrrtrsr l r gm -r'- m girl: frr vs tlife-i t BH' Gf'ff'fh Ken Gulley Ricky Gunlock 'ff 'A H 1 J.m Haase 3. 1 f 5? f I ' " I , if , W A ,- 3A -t fi T X 1 anim Ek , 'ff :.--:v--+- W- ' I -an- CENTER2 Susan Adams helps keep her school clean by erasing the bottom of her desk. TOP: Ted Dyer displays his talents in shop class as he makes a toy saddle. ' 1 A V , . . 113-1351. 2 . X , , ......,i... l I' .1 . , Q -1' . . J ,K ,X I ' x ,. v.,-5-I' H :SJ V xl 4. 1 'X f , g , S- .. K N . I ,. My -- Nu- ' V, 'ilfnn if E. 7 K " xi ,fa Ben Hackett Joey Hale Ken Hale S-.4 -P.-in Mark Haley Tom Hamilton Joe Hand .1 ,-' xr ,Xu Slat it ,... . J ' ' 'fa . . ug '33 'P' Q , X in-LV' i x, r -si 4 , by 'l l 2 9 ' l ' H Q-if l X - - 5 . ng a l , .Q an , Z7 ..-fri! ' Norma Harris John Harvey Karen Hastings Vicki Hatfield Mark Hayden George Hazelwood TOP: Greg Bloss and David Myers gather their books for third hour class. BOTTOM: Ann Cartmill practices with the eighth grade chorus. l l i- ',.N,.,' ...f 14,4 - - Talents swell with music A' , Q' f yn Q-V. J 5- 1 D'-.iv f if L is W y f T Q 4-id l Xll x x in if K 'Bt i 1 fx pf ian, K6 3 X A een? Rx' A i me .i 4 -4 , S t x X- tx Y. .HL Vxfefi at ic! 'wa I .rx 'l , Teresa Head Dan Hedrick Craig Heflin Pam Herndon Chris Herrington Don Hestand Bob Hildon Bill Horne Jackie Horner David Houghtaling Gary Howe Debbie Hubbard Ruby Huber Evonne Hughes Vickie Hunt Glenda Hulson Steve Jackson Dennis Jaquess Linda Jaquess Kathy Jones Vickie Jones Janet Johnson Sharon Johnson Lynn Jordon Ivan Judd Rhondilan Julian Chuck Justus Cheryl Keithly Sherry Kendall Tina Kimbrell Fruits of labor climax with distaste Mrchael Klnser Kathy Kirchner Steve Knapp Cheryl Kobe Nano: Koger Martin Krelssler Jrm Kunsler Duane Kuntz Mike Lalrmore Gary Lakey Linda Lakey Lisa Lampher Terry LaRue .Jerry Lawrence Diane Lee -xo- Fl 4 .I 'bw' " kr ' "+'2""""?iQ'5S'f-s 1,1 5. :A : as-f':,Q1ff:a?a-wi G T to- l 75-5fG35!,g,1i-145, ,- 'Y 1 V' TOP: JoAnn Archer discovers that some of the by- products of home economics class are a little hard to enjoy. LEFT: Mike Kinser demonstrates his school spirit on Red and White Day of junior high spirit week. BOTTOM: Coach Parker helps Gerald Markley and a classmate with a difficult eighth grade mathematics problem. 'Vg G V James Lester Steve Liggett Chris Little 1 5' IJ , ,, ,Y ' ,I ,- QJY 1 A. Tom Luke Tim Luther li ' E Bob Lyness 1 , . ,, , lr 2 . J Lnzh- ' v' l Greg Lyons Mark Macrea Gerald Markley ,- fp-X f -. N Mary May Bill McBee Randy McClellan Randy McCollum ',fv . 4' K a' r IC Bafbafa . mst . lv' 4- i ix x , 1. x 1 1 71.1 , : H411 'li .1 if fi' L.. i""1 'X f 11 1 YA I McCraken lt F .th N 'lim' . A David McDonald John fi McMeechan . Deborah Meads Bonnie ' ' Melcher , avww' 1 1, 1, S X -. I 'X y t . .3 X,X N N I ll 1 Mike Miller ,A A f 1 Patty Miller ' ' V , 1, u Dawn l 5 f I 0 X if Minnick l E ' 9, -3 tw lk 'nf' Eddie l, , I - 'f .- T -" Mitchell ll 7 A 1' ,Q Nancy l l 15,3 . .29 ' 4, I Mitchell 5 .'.'--.' .' , fl-,',gf ' ' ' Russell ' 1 ,' -"..'.'-'Q tt ,X Monaco 5 Phillips learns to cook Tony Monte Jean Moore Bob Murray Gall Myer Davld Myers Diana Myers Tern Myers Everett Newport Kathy Nlxdorf Roger Northcut Gordon Northrup Connie O dell Vlckle Ollver Ted Parker Ken Parks Patty Parrish Harold Pame Doug Pease David Peppers Roxanne Perry Carol Peterson Diana Phrlllps Rubert Porter Eddie Powell ,-. ,L nf' I 4' l"" ,Q Q? .LAL 27' P -IR 1 ,Zi .Z ff -+2114 ' - ' t . 4 1 Jim Powers Q' Becky Preator ---' Diane Price Sally Prock Q. Dana Pugh i i i Mike Ray William Ray i Debra Fieddell I Debbie Reed 5 Diane Reed Dorenda Reed Cindy Reeds l Rhonda Rickman Gilbreath Riggs Danny Riley l Q Karl Riley 'Z A Steve Rinehart ' L 4 Richard Roberts ' i Tim Roberts Steve Robinett TOP: Diane Phillips prepares a soup base for use in home living class. BOTTOM: Doug Pease and Ronnie Buckallew make use of study time in history class. , 185 A variety offered to 8th grade Debbie Kay Robinson Debbie Lynn Robinson Lane Rogers Betty Rose Melody Rotheve Eddie Royal Jane Sadler Susan Saterfield John Scafe Richard Sharp Becky Shelton Jackie Shewell Greg Shields M , K J lil if ef ' Q X 4, Z 1 X X fi J wiv Ml hull 9 3 Dv if if 5,8 .lypf r 1 'N T-30.4, 2' QVL091 ii F 'Le' , , , X , ! ! f me fl , ,, if V' 7 X C, J, . . . X, -3-Q I-.'3,1.':g',' , r -4 gg :Ji 'W X -.'. Mffxx., -XA'-.'-U: , , W, . ., ' f- w..,'q... ' ffm V mfs' I , ff i , vw J fix N 6: 55445 gfffiffy ' c ,tv l Vt f A' x XI ., fb f ' 9 'sf ' .Q Q f ii L45 f K A ,f f f 3' 1' 0 fl M .4 7314 R X 1? J , gf f , f x iv, , Q V ,f V .L 53' JAP- ' 33 : - L 13, , : f, ' 1 Q 4 f f 4, 1 X ff' . fy . ,V .W -v ' if z 'Y V V W ,W Q, , ,f M ,,, ,, ff ' L4 f 4, ,1 f , ff rs a 9 r gl ,Qs liz 'a xl, sz: -Anja , ,1,- Y ' - Y ai, -i,-E3-A ,Q .- gg, ,, ,- Rodney Sholley Norris Shrout Lavonne Siegrist Becky Smith Cindy Smith Dale Smith Dean Smith Laura Smith 12' '4' Rita Smith Robin Smith Carla Sopher Maria Sopher 1,' I i 1 animal! 01 X Q r' X 1 i 'F' Wigs' Flandy Sparks wiv! Randy Spencer W A. limit:- Edna Stanley Rita Starnes i fl 4 J tc A-,, Jerry Starr Bill Stewart I 4 .4 v in X -1, ' i 5. A .' l ' LEFT: David Cunningham stands with his nose in the traditional circle as punishment for talking in class. TOP: Vicky Oliver and Debbie Meads learn the im- portance of washing utensils immediately after use. Girls were permitted to cook and sew in home living class. BOTTOM: Edna Stanley makes good use of health room facilities. ...J 'S Sweeping islstudent duty Dan Stewart Julie Still Bill Sullenger Greg Sullivan Sandra Summers Greg Terrell Larry Thornton LeeAnn Trader Phil Troutner Steve Uret Kathy Vanarsdall Dennis VanTyle Janie Varnell Gail Veach Cindy Velear Brenda Vickers Mike Vieth David Waisner Susan Walker Becky Warnex Stuart Washam Hazel Watts Chip Webb John Westmoreland ,,y to :gy 5 - ff? T ' r J W A' 'Y A i Y l 2 2:i:rFJ,,'. Nwwsfy if - . , , .9 G' T W W W , mei J-T' ' Y . ' 'L ' ' f Q ,, , f ji K, -g --wg., H . . N, V 4-',g' . -'.'X:1 V., ',-'.'-',, --2:-11313.52 Q- ' eye-la 714- -5 --Q-in ..- - A -" ff. U U . .-.. Q , ' - i - f - ,.-.H v, z R I IAQL fr , 1-4 . X- Ql "3 nf 5 l - f- hpx' . , G lk . V A V 4 1 fl ' 1 " BW, fl -6 I 'ZK1 t ,, ' l N 1 4 . .JP -cv xg! Karen Teresa Carol Jon Williams Whiting Wiegand Williams Velda Wolfe Debra Winter Kathy Winter J0hr1 Sharon Yost Mike Wooster Doreen Witherspoon Wright Doug Wright TOP: Mr. Watson strives for an informal atmosphere to encourage class discussion in eighth grade Science class. CENTER: Ken Gulley pauses from an unpleasant task of cleaning the junior high shop. 4 " 51 wi Doug Winship Barbara Woods Dick Young 4 189 CENTER: Linda Jimerson and Sheryl Arnold try to de- cide the best way to use the biology microscope. Q. :HQ George Dana Adlard Rick Adkins Doug Alexander Cheryl Alford Anthony Sheryl Arnold Larry Barker Frank Barnes Gerald Greg Berger Bruce Bigley Barnes Teresa Steve Bone Keith Bishop Blystone Louise Bostwick Sharron Alexander Mike Asthnus Steve Bathgate Rod Blake Steve Botts ,aw fi! Sue Alexander Mike Barclay Greg Bethrends Bill Bland Regina Bowman 49' EWU? lx A-A -A ,,,. Y - lie ,.,,A - - 4 , - ' .L'. r A gi 'V ,N sf' ,. Frosh bubble in a successful year Nineteen hundred seventy was new, now and novel. All elements combined to make their last junior high year a success. New came with learning. There were mod- ern classes, teachers, and methods of learn- ing. Even learning to get through the crowded halls without causing hurt feelings or toes was an accomplishment. To be now, freshmen talked sports, class elections, and mini-skirts. Novel meant having fun by going to bas- ketball games and cheering the football team on to an undefeated season. Matt lVlutz and Steve Bone were elected by their 276 classmates to lead the active year. Fort Osage bubbled over with freshmen, who were proud to be ninth graders. . fu if? 5 4, F 5 V2.3 f' 1 t., 1' f ' ,fi ,fs ,, .ef , . ., , , I' X u a I V 1. W 4:7 . , f, ,k.. mf g eff 1, ' X L ' . ' Carol Grendal Karen Breuer Debbie Brock Paul Brock Cheryl CherYl Sharon Randy Brooks Broughton Brown Buckallew Pam Deborah Lori Carson Eric Callahan Carroll Cfisileman Wayne Brock Gary Burge Jim Chowning Friendships add to delight Diane Clark Joanne Clark James Coffey Virginia Cole Terry Combs David Comer Dennis Cones Margaret Cox Debbie Crites Charlene Crone David Cunningham Kathy Curtner Terry Danner Pam Davidson Kate Davis Larry Davis Lonnie Dewey Lana Dobbins Robert Dowd Paula Doyle Becky Ellis Michelle Elsea Virgil Endicott Herman Esry ..f,, f X X , it f f , X gvln '- ,s. fav if ' ,reef x. 7 A I HA x 1 ,it , XAK . R 2' 'e,Na. i lx fi 235 Q Q . 1, :zz-N' "Nw 1 f" -x 1 gf-M5312 XX- . L,- -.Kk K 1 ,..ff'f f. -, ew, .'l' wf fmee ' A , wif? EQ f. .175 K, , 'Ag .f Nt Xi if ssy g S F' Q' X fl" ,Q ' it X l9,a .Q S F its X sik ft, , it ix ,. C 71:2 I , A . jf73wilK sq X A ,J ii' X , "'f',! if wfogt f tak fb if sam 1, -xh ,, iwvd :ss I kgs 1 Q' ' ...N 1.-'W ., ..., f,,. .V gliliffgs ' :eil . MMQQQ? 11 x 1 XX 1 'U if fx' is x .-. ., M I W F K 'P -My 5 ef E fl 1 Y D TOP: On her way to the office, Patty Reagan laughs at the not so funny joke being told to her about office treatment. BOTTOM RIGHT: Kathy Taylor says to a fellow classmate, "You do it just like this." BOTTOM LEFT: Larry Barker and Gerald Barnes look wonder- ingly at their next biology victims. H 1 3 X 'X -AAU Q" 5 . ,,,, 5 1 ' "Y, Q. ' l 'iii N . f 4 Ml ei' l l it o , K L is i ,fx 4 in 1 1 'I' 3Y3":'rA:-' , 7 iv P if 'fl if i Dale Ethridge Debbie Farley Donna Farrel Leonard Fitzwater David Flake Jim Ford Jack Francis Bill Galbraith June Gann Gloria Garcia Gail Garrison Joe Gathley Martha Gray Debbie Green Glenda Greer Dana Hacker 4 Class requires exercising Janet Hamblin Estella Hamilton Russell Hamilton Joy Hardwick April Harmon Wllllam Harper Ginger Harra Renee Harrington Earl Harris Lonnie Hayes Lee Hayes Nancy Hayes Debbie Hearn Tommy Henderson Connie Herndon Mark Herrington Bobby Hill Steve Hirst Kathy Hoff Valerie Holman John Homes Cheryl Hoover Ted Hoover Robert Hoover ,4 -. 141' Wyw pg f 4 fi r' ...ff 1 .J I A 1 7.4 HW! 'av nv ,-me aria ref' r 7 aipmfm fi we lb. 5 if gi me Mr ,QQ aff-L-.1 'W' 3 gf f ,f I ,af , if f ..m... v fs .ad r Ei ffm ff , Q gf if si A A -..., sr-1' 7 5 iw A ef ,J ,Q F4 ,Q 6 xg' affii f W :W 1 it if 1 We W x 'M M" ' f fr f1'f ffl? ,f of x al X fgze 4 N ig 19235 nf v vid! I ,"?' ,-v TOP. Janet l-lamblm mercilessly strikes a volleyball to help her team win a match in physical education class. BOTTOM: Dana Hacker is annoyed with Russell Hamilton because he made a higher grade than she did. New -F9513-Y' ' : . . ., ,, fm- ---, All---f--"iff -1?-,iii-ilgeais 12:1,:,9ea'Lf-eflg'-3 slal-A ,,!-5-Jjii rg,-Q QQ1..,f QQ, J, 1. 1.51 ng, l Y - I ' A WJ, - A P kxg I , 1, , .. X u AQ? -- YI - .JD Nm. V gl. x. v. . ,Q . 2 , . . u rf- 'IK kn.1 F' , 2 Nix ,-ff N -I ' vi 'Iv-" , -1 - I x, 5 ,-1 1. ,,.-vu wo.: x -,i 1 3 3 xl I 'Q Q2 , 4412. , X Xt- rift!! .. y- A .rx 1 . 5-"N lip' I M I LN ,an I fav -gl- - 12351 Ng? Sherie Hubbard Kim Huber Larry Huffman Brenda Hughs Rose Hulett Cheryl Hunt Renda Huntsucker Rick Ingram Rich Inman Valerie Isbell Mike Jamison Rose Jeffress Penny Jeffries Linda Jimerson Mary Johnson Ronnie Keadle Jim Keleher Ronnie Kilgore Phil King Wayne Kirchner Classroom discussion results in battle ge? f WW, H f V3 Wai 7 A iff tif WW! fe? 653 1 fp w, yy.. VE' w my we John Knapp Kevin Langhammer Tony Lopez Mark Mayfield M Frank Koger Connie Lawson Jo Ann Lynch Marlene McBee K fn Dan Kretch mer Steve Leahr Brad Lyons Patty McCarty X ,fr 5 V? Bob Kunty JIII LaBarron Jeme Madison Jan McClung 0' fyfkj www Jeanme Lamb Mike Lester Bruce Mark Roxanne Meredith -M-D-.,.t Mu,t,u D 4,,.,, , ,7- V i I Q '3 ,twig i KL- , 1 it A. , KI 41 in ,XX 1 ,-il X.. dxf Q, ev X5 1' . 1' , . It x if I T 1 tsl lx". F xx . . 14-4 ,IQX 5 it ,fi . i' x 4. ,T , if .fl 1 ' 45' ' 4? "ff ,1 W - W lx A ' cg ' K 4. 1 J, V N fx , P 15?-.X i .A N W ip A iff: its i th- - . - .ti fr: J TOP LEFT: David Nelson and Danny Goins battle in a scene from "Romeo and Juliet." TOP RIGHT: Students portray the death scene in "Romeo and Juliet." BOT- TOM: Larry Villiman enjoys the Hippie Dance. Wu o yi., Kent Morton Paul Mitchell Melissa Montgomery Bryan Moore Kathy Moore Debbie Morton Joy Mueller David Mullinare Sevy aids frosh squads 145 '14 we 'X mv at 9 3. 2 xi Q 5 we 4. G 22012 wqf M Q' '-4435? Matt Murphy Kevin O Dell fx xagy , Pi vb IVE' ! dvr' '5 1' sa 1 , rs, pn- w .. 5 N X , x, ,.,w ls .As . -M- C ri lf 4 Jilffx Matt Mutz Pat O Dell F im swat .l rg. 2425? ' 1' lg g .ll1. X 1 David Myers Steve I . M, f I, swggf if ' ' 4' 5 S' 1, ' M . 'Nfl if T4 1 ak ,Q , Q , 1' A - :tg--., lx kg- A rm, P A vi t I Q , 'flfxy gi. haf kr- A 5 P 'W 4' f 'W L .6i:z-, V W ai , wwwwwwwswi P Q 1 ' - 1 ' '21 .465- MF? .. 'N , P Wilt., . fsgiggci.-V .V if "Riff - 'J A . 'ra .4 2'-, Ng-,554 gk 1 get gtk ,- RN' .Rim . I .n . . - W ' ' - . , Vanessa Neal Janet Overby David Nelson Ernest Parker John Obbink John Parker Deb Parrish Charles Ogletree Jerry Su Pettet Sloan Phillips Roger Potter Perrin Ed Perry Peterson George Patti Reagan Roger Penny Betty Rasmussan Porynter Preator Rainwater "ff -"- 1-bf:-12-1' A ff-fi. ,eff i lu TOP: Joy Mueller and Judy McDaniels are busy on a detailed assignment. BOTTOM: Mark Sevy dazedly tries to revive himself after a tough freshman basket- ball game. 4 T X, k 1. Z . A J I ik mi, 5 A m' .5 ti .4 M f"'fq .UT ff-A-Q -6 V, xt N e 91. x . :Ax l jx .1-, K.. t iff- A - 51 a :- N--1' " xxllff --'in' , K, tk Q ' I 4? oak 1 -,sri E F X i , 15597 A A S ' A1 ' l F r:-. l .if V11 "-.VI , . 2, I y f - Y L" 1 iff? gixeixxi X. I "' ,lg F! all 'ku . fd 1 ' A 1 L gk fe 1 I 4.4 L, KX 1.1.2 ff? 5- 1-7' f f r 'lil JE , Na+- J llc ' '. ""' V'-ii: it , .ft t., 'V -..Q 4' . N V , 4 4533, ., ' T .1 U XZ T Y d I ' i sa I' 'K ' ,- rx IQ I l L" H l Vicki Reed Brad Reese Debbie Odis Renfro Reg Reynolds Rhonda Rigg Remmert Jane Roe Ron Ryan Steve Rynard Brenda Jan Patrick Scott Sharon Ringwald Scholobem Linda Shelton Seaton Judy Scafe Jim Sheets Mike Mark Sevy Greg Short Shepherd Ed Sholes 4 1 l f i i . l .lt .3 i' gi i it ll Qi El ll i , i P i l l I 5 zoo Linda Simpson Diane Sleyster Charles Small Dennis Smith LeAnna Smith Mike Smith Pat Snyder John Sopher Mark Spake Connie Spease Joy Spicer Gloria Staats Brinda Stanford Karen Stark Mike Starks Connie Starnes Phyllis Stephens Steve Stevenson David Stewart Eugene Sullivan Mark Swett Kathy Taylor Tom Teter Mike Thomas ' N 17 . 4 fi? '- r . " :QV 2 , , ' , pf , 'gf1Q' ' f 4f:fr..'?7 , -49 5 ram ' -' it ' l vf 512 Q: f lx! 'I , V ,, , ga -xyztwa if x 5 f i yi s ' fi: -C .551 lf . wzpg" , 1', Q 5 M f x GS W , :L ,' 'nw Cr W, f 'I an 7 v 4 fg, ffg 4 SY' .4 ,"b,.':x . I vf f wddfl a , f X R gli 2 if . X f 1 X A 1 i f ,,-. X f, , lc, f 5 'V ,s 1 . , f.- - - ffl! ,f1.fw.-If , 3 f 12 i, 4 , f, 2. i' if . f " 4 fig ' K ' JW ,, A7 925 'i . w 1 ' 4,257 .' ,Fi gg, L T 9' ,T in I fm? LEFT: Kay Seaton appears to be filled with extra en- ergy to help her through physical education class. CENTER: Melissa Montgomery and Ron 'Alexander try to commit suicide in drarmltics class. "fS1:H'23 .' 1 . Y. ., .... . .1-1--: . , .,v.. ., ' A-ers:-er-22. ' Freshmen exhibit spirit nv' .I-J -9 X w A fairly, , xi Q i, . . R I Alf.. 6, . ,1 ,, , r 1 Xxwi- - X.. .F v 5 i V w A 'sa-Qi ict. r UE N Bill Thompson Cathy Thompson Joyce Thompson Linda Thompson Vicky Thornton Debbie Tigner Teresa Tipton Diana Turner Sherry Varnell Terry Varnell Larry Veuleman David Vickers Larry Viter Curtis Vorwark Debbie Wade Wayne Wenger Kenny Whitley Pat Whitley j.. I. AI' I I I 'IIIII I .II4 II JIIII II . 5,1 II 'Iv 'II , 'Y II I, I I II III I I 'Z II' .I F II I IjI ,I Ig I I II I I I I I i I 202 I I Dlane Whitney Joe Wlesner Llnda Wllcox Esther Wllllams Lynn WIllIams Rlck Wllllams Tern Wllllams Joanne Wllson Ken Wllson Norman Wllson Mary Wmfrey I. MfFI7,r f , ,,g,,. , .. f I ' 196, Q, WW, 723 4,5 qu ff' 4 ,IV iili Nl.'ll'Q 0 18,05 1, OWL f 1 ,af ,af x -In , I Bob Wrlght 74-"' Elalne Wyatt df' ...1 1 ,, ff, f I l ' My 'bf v... N? f x7 F42 X 1 ffm- 4 QE f I I f X3-yr fi 1 fm 1- no i , 94- s. 1-FV' xp j ' if ,aa-. ,.-aw M I mm., 1 Ax, af- f ffn A ,142 W 'V A4 A 'jggxififfqgg .... ,vez vw-:lb e , x in n I I IIIE , ,. , ,.A.,,,A.,, W ,, W ,,,,,,, ,,,A , ,V ' 1 I5 III ' I , I I , ,J ' rw, ' ' ' wwf' IW- , . I 114 Il III I . - I: II . , 'MI I' I I za:-III' 1 4 , I If -III 1 I' I' I ,- '29 , A I, , I , ., , ...,,, h, V IL my A I ,I,I If, .I :X ,Ny -. :iw , -I 5 ' mix 'XII I I If I I ' I In I wi' ' I W 'II -I-. - I. , , ,6 v I . I IIIIIII ' , , I I IIIITIII 3 Isll o 'XII QI my Irrr I I I. ' ' .,,'I',-f. 'I ,' ygwf 'I' ff ' ., I III , , -I I 'fl . f ' I , ,JSI III: . . . " MII, I r , 'W , ,IEII 42 I 'imp A ' 'I I ..,f "J us, ' .' ',',-V ,fi-Wa" I LW' . il!" 4 ' 'If ,af Iqqlf' ' 1' I ' gg-Ig typ Vglnxgx, Q-gy ' - f sg, I - ' 'IA ' o If 1 '32 :Q ff" " II" cf' III Sus' 'Q 7' ' I Z' y 'Yi ,III I . . In I vw , xl! , I , .,,, I1 I . ,. fn ,v- V , 'f -4? if-': I" 1, ,f-- ' If n ,'," I -if ,f ..,b' Q, , ,ly 1 .al , II, My J I - 0 .. -fvff . 4' ,aan , 1 I I I I, , I I 47? I "VF I I II V I A ,- , I I ' , -- I , I j , v'Zf1 'D.gW,w,- ,gh ,gf Af. If-Q21 1' IES I I I I 3 h I I . 4' I I ' - . - 1 , ,, I I II - V . I I I I ' I! If' I I If I -, , I I .Xxzwi , X I I I ' l I I , , . 1' mv' I I In Jn .il I 3, U 'i . s l ,n J V it . b. ,,, I Y ,...,,.. W Multi-talented Frosh add to class work f I 'UF-'W' AJ lg TOP RIGHT: Debby Parrish works hard to take out a stitch so she can put it back in right. TOP RIGHT: Flenee Johnson, Larianne Carson, and Debbie Carol prepare to make a grand entrance in an English class play. BOTTOIVI: Two frosh girls practice diligently to stay with the rest of the band. 20 4 TOP: Cindy Alkire smiles at the thought of learning to drive a car in driver's education class. BOTTOM: The ,,',, - L , look of concentration is revealed by Shelley as she ' practices her typing skills. at T Cindy Alklre Kathy Linda Kathy Angell Jean Baldwin Alleman Angelides Ron Barker Jim BBSSVUBI' Kathy Bales Tom Barclay Kathy Bishop Jean David Bewley Bessmer Darrell Anthony Phillip Barragan Steve Bloss Denise Aubuchon Marsha Baumgarden George Bohnert ff . 5 I . . g V - ' VV A Y., . i - 1 Y t -1, -:-- - msg-:Y .,,'e 4zi:', .f 1,,,f-i.j , , -, , A A A V3.1 5? Q... J 1. ,,,.-i .21 5 xlffk Darlene Booth Floyd Bridges Debbie Cain Y' +11-H--'rv'-lv' ' ' : Sophs move upg Senior high now Nineteen hundred seventy was a transition period for the 264 sophomores. With the ju- nior high far behind, they entered the senior high under the leadership of Karen LaRue, class president. Time was spent developing athletes. Chet Young and Gary Roe lettered in varsity foot- ball and Gary placed first in his weight divi- sion in junior varsity wrestling conference competition held here at Fort Osage. Tom Barclay and Randy Stock headed the junior varsity basketball team and Charles Wilcox turned in another outstanding track and cross-country season. Carol Evans, Robin Gribble, Karen Griffin, Kathy Hostetter and Julie VanDyke were selected to lead the junior varsity cheerlead- ing squads forthe 1970 school year. Shirley Mary Bradley Bill David Boring Jeanie Brown Bradshaw Brammer Donna Donna Martha Burge Janet Brisbin Carrender Beverly Butterworth -I-Oni Caronj Carter Terri Carver l K l 2 Garland studies diligently Larry Catron Barbara Chambers Kathy Childers Paul Choplm Mnke Clevenger Richard Cocklm Becky Coleman Roxanne Comer Janet Cones Craig Cooley Becky Corn Carol Corum Carol Courter Lxnda Cowan Earl Coy Donna Cram Curt Crandall Debbie Cunningham Patil Cunmngham Chrns Davis Ed Deckard Danny DeWitt Arlene Dieckman Steve Due My ffl I A BOOK :.....::.... 2? -W , JA..- ----- - - 4 -Le-. ' Y-413555:-ifjl ':A'1' ' 1-J - 44,1-l f 1. :LEW Y,,Y ' RIGGS PHARMACY P- . A V , , ... Qld ,, l' M 1" 5 , -7 ff. 'ix Roanne M ,Hvma-. ,A ft CT ...V Dunker 1 1 . Janet Duren 5 Leanna Esry 1 X A Don Etnridge ts, l Carol Evans Rick Evans Valencia Evans X r A as Debbie Fetters 5 , 1 EL Danny Flake ' Jim Gargotta David Garland V ' f CarolGeor e l Xl? 1' 9 . l l l 6-A l CENTER: David Garland and Bill McCuIly try to study: they seem to be distracted by something more interest- ing. RIGHT: Kathy Hostetter uses all of her energy to drive the team to a victory. ,X ,..-q 207 4 ,T-wif, -,,, , ,,-, Y-.-.?,.Yv....-..-f ----1-I 208 Phil Gibson Bob Gilbert Twyla Goddard Marlene Goldsberry Rae Jean Gorham Vanessa Gray 'Nl 5,1 Q,--.3135-3-,.-:f.e---- -.- V ,, --.Y ag, ,J .,e . .,. , ,, . 1- " ' v '-V--,,,, k fs-V.. -, -: I .4'- , - - . ,.,.,,,,,,,., l. . ,, ,, , . ,A AA, nr- ,, A V, .A I 4, . 1, u,z,.,,g,,:L,,.:-L., ,.,,.,.,x Q Q . ,.-...Q A+ Jeannie relaxes in lounge Robin Gribble Karen Griffin Mike Griffitt Debbie Hacker V Dennis Hackett Roger Hahn Patty Hale Sheryl Hale 4- .11- Judy Ann Hamblem Bob Hargrove Patty Harmon Gary Harness 1 ty' I v! ll Mark Harvey Bill Hayes Starline Hayes David Head Carolyn Hedges Jackie Hedges s.-1 Connie Herrington Neila Hoaglin Sue Holloway Calvin Holst John Parker Kathy Hostetter r'S , Gale Huffman - Pat Huffman if I CT .,. ivy - "' Nin Hulett gil 1' Shirley Hupp ' "' , Nancy Hutchins X Vicky Ingram ' th ' I' t J f TOP: Jeannie Brown watches as a fellow student re- laxes during class. BOTTOM: Sophomore Mark Har- vey nurses a bloody nose while he wearily awaits help from the school nurse. 2 Sophomores concentrate on tests Ruth lnman Barbara Jackson Grant James Bill Jeffress Ray Jeffries Debbie Jenkins Debbie Johnson Bill Johnston June Jones Patty Jones Clyde Judd Chris Justus Jerry Keeran Betty Keithley Mike Kelly Evan Kettlewell Frank Kincaid Sharon Kreissler Vicki LaJaunie Dick Lamb Cindy LanghammE' Patty Larkin Karen LaRue Rhonda Lasister Paul Lawless June LeBarron Debbie Lewis Nadine Lindsey Diane Little Vickie Long ff J, W an Mgy i, he A .VJ X r f I' L r-NP' TOP: Rhonda Lasister demonstrates her singing talent. BOTTOM: Sophomores discover how much knowledge they really have during the sophomore tests. .r""' ,,, - 3,------1--4-he--....--..H , -A-PM P J-H -- lie-5:.2d+:lviL:JQ-W ' 1 l L '+. "fx Humor invades the classroom in eq x 'X 1, I, .1 -. s M , 'Q x ,X ,,,l N7 Lid lg jfz. ' Q' hfT'5f-f ,. , is lf. , A 3 X fig,,'i 3 .f 2 1 " L Q. 1 i'lf'. , ! I N- '-.V l :N Uv u ,4 We xx, Lynn Peterson Sue Pellet James Phillips Sherri Phillips Roger Pirtle Bob Preston Alice Pugh Barbara Ragan Jim Ray Cindy Read Harold Reaves Linda Reese Max Reser Melinda Richards Patty Riley Q 1.- Us -is v J A J? . 4 -if - if' 3 l 4. ,1. l ,- fp- ' v .-fl N , ' Rick types for perfection Steve Riley Cherie Rinehart Bill Rist Beth Roberts Eddie Roberts George Robinson Rhonda Robinson Bruce Roe fi fa ffg i M' isa?-Wi f fx., 'Y' 4 r-Q QA -4' vi! 'Z' . 'A '-v 1 -6' el K : ,Srl bv.. . N 1 ' ff! 1, A' LEFT: Rick Nelson polishes accuracy skills in typing class. CENTER: Sophomore Spanish club membefS watch Alice Allen break the Spanish pinata. Gary Roe Jerry Rothove Francis Russell Decius Sanders Susan Savage Mary Schneller Carol Schultz Benny Sharp Sherry Shepard Wayne Shipman Brenda Sholley Charles Shrout Karen Sims Flick Simms Terry Slee Dennis Small Bill Smith Jule Smith Nancy Snyder Parry Sopher Tom Spitser Jim Starcher Carol Stark Debby Starks Garhon Stauss Phillip Stephens Randy Stock Vince Storms Sophs tram minds and bodies Diane Sumler Roxanne Teegarden Mike Thomas Susan Thompson Debbie Thurman Sonda Todd Karen Uptegrove Clifford Uren Julie Van Dyke Paul Van Dyke John VanNatta Stan Vorwark Debbie Wagner Paul Warnex Jerry Webb 5.-'i'fN"' gn Chip Weeg Mark Welch Rocky Wilbanks "' Charles Wilcox 1'-' Q 6.1 .3 0 Phil Williams Ray Williams ,wi-if! il i Debbie I Wilson '--V1 Sherrel Wilson I Sylvia Wilson 'W Arlene .fv Winfrey Patty Winship Debbie Wiseman I Debbie l wright li Chester I Young - 4 0 '-:-- li l CENTER: Roger Hahn exerts a full-speed effort in a cross-country meet. BOTTOM: Mike Jamison is intent- ly studying his drafting problem. lf l I l 217 1 , 'T- sales mp 35,000 prom gala event Nineteen hundred seventy was the junior year which had been long dreamed of, plan- ned for, and waited on. Then suddenly, it was here. It became a reality at last. Now there was the possibility of being one of the 22 juniors inducted into National Hon- or Society and thrilling to the anxiety which came with the formal candlelighting cere- mony before the senior high. The prom was upper-most in the minds of all, and everyone looked forward to the work, fun, tension, and joy of that night in lvlay. Ma- gazine sales financed the prom and reached a new high of S5,000. The junior of 1970 was an achiever, who walked forward, constantly looking toward his final year at the Fort and his preparation for the future. Ken Adams Mike Adams Gail Adlard Berry Jen Alice Allen Gari Cindy Austin Alexander Alexander Dick Bartow Alumbaugh Harold David Ballard Gaston Don Beebe Berger Diana Berrier Baranda Deb Blanford TOP: Diana Shields cleans inspection. BOTTOM: Kathy NHS by Mary Bessmer. ,1- 'R 'S IC I .i- CQ? ,T fe l l , .G 5 X . -- fi Q. Mary Bohnert Connie Cheryl Borgman Bowman Jay Bradley Ellen Broyles Bryon Jessica Bruntmeyer Campbell Barbara Ron Combs Casady Jeanette Cox Steve Combs Danny Crooks her locker for locker Lynch is inducted into - fear.,-wr-0-4 ---f 'KE' Q: 'I i iff' 1 Pl 4-4 , Jackie Borne Judy Botts Janet Pat Brooks Brendel Kathy Burns Casey Bryant Susan Coates Lynn Chapman Sherry Conwell Jeanette Crossley Sarah Bowers Nancy Brown Carl Butler Patty Cole Sheila Courtwrlght Jim Curtis Denise Davis ' James Denton Floyd Dismang - Debbie Dixon Errol Dunham Darcy Durham Jill Dyer Robin Dyer Adeana Edgmon Pat Edwards Don Eichler Bob Ellis Linda Esry Donna Ethington Belinda Evans Pam Fagan Kathy Fields Danny Finnegan Debbie Firrel Linda Gann Rachel Garcia Paul Gaume Jerry George George Gibson TOP: Jill Dyer found there was more to Bot-Zoo than just disecting dead rats. Experiments with very live mice proved fascinating. BOTTOM: Darcy Durham, Mark Reynolds, Jimi Jaquess, and Gary Stanton work diligently on the first place junior class mini-float for homecoming. ' .' 451: '5.:.J.,E-.': ,,?,,f.:3:-...Q -.:iiZL:b..... 52445.sgf.r21frlHLf5lEl3i?5Ev?: E' L . Y QV A .,,..,9-s Hours of work win contest -Rr, .,-N 15 7, wi, , 35: r . fa E-.F--1.152 1 , ,, iff of A.-. 1. . x W ' .1 , f , f v I ... 1 "lf Ik is lx '? F' I X .fo- - H N l Xl. r Kawa- ij, 'S Y - 1 ia-. ,I A i . .f.! ' ' H 1 A' 0393 4. '-5 rl' 4' wiv iff 5 A ff . N X ,va Ki' kr' .r ug. 1, 7 FJ 1514, I V V 'IT .ly "1 I fa l ls N M '- gg , 419 if M :J I - I -K f,-1 N . 'l AZ- sm O ' 1 . l xllf lx I . in Linda Gilmore Debbie Glenn Vanessa Gray Susan Green Harry Gulley Mary Beth Haas Mary Hale Mayo Hale Chet Hamilton Suzanne Harper C. L. Harris Harry Harris John E. Harris John H. Harris Donna Hastings Cindy Hemen Carol Hensley Mike Hess Jim Hisle Lyndle Hoaglin Honor society pledges 22 Connie Hoover Kathy Huntsucker Roger Ingram Barbara Johnson Virginia Horner Vernon Huntsucker Jim Jaquess Rick Johnson Bev Howe Walter Huntsucker Laura Jeffries Karen Jones LEFT: Diclt Bartow enjoys punch after NHS induction, RIGHT: Mike Adams and Jill Dyer chat with Denise Mitchell at NHS tea. BOTTOM: J. E. VanNatta and Don Eichler cheer junior powder puff team on. 54" A QF' s Lxaijfx ,ij 'E -11' glial, - Eliene Lyness Sheila Patty fi i' "3 X -4 X. a i2 Monica Jones Joyce King Bill McCracken og.- .:. xt fl it -- T 1 " 5 ,,,- . Flon Keeran David Lairmore Dan Mathews Janet Mclntire i zfl 4 ' t X EQ ' lb .L 1'- 1 " r on Flon Kellogg Beverly Langhammer Pam May Pam McMillian Q' -.r Melinda Kendrick Steve Lankford Kathy Mayfield Rene Meredith Linda Kettlewell Kathy Lynch Della McCollum Deb Miller 224 Andrea Morris Rosemary Murphy Ron Murray Jerry Myers Vickie Neal Donna Nolting Ilona Olf Carl Osborn Allen Owings John Parker Linda Pease Lucinda Penniston Charles Perkins Rhonda Perry Karen Phillips Mike Potter Bob Powell Ronnie Pressley Linda Rainwater Rick Ralston Lola Rea Jackie Reeds Cliff Reese Debbie Remmert Mark Reynolds James Riley Connie Risberg TOP: This scene of mass confusion was set by the two opposing teams of junior and senior girls. Andrea Morris, junior, the ball carrier, was tagged- by Candy Dennis, senior. BOTTOM: The twinge of pain and trickle of blood didn't stop Jackie Reeds, offensive end for the juniors, from yelling for her team. -S' S . Game draws blood If ... 'fi ' Q XF: :vw-9' Nl o 4 5 0 Q s s 'u'o'o's:oto'+ Q -f""'f'.'f'Iu . '51, '-.'7 of X' 4 ll QF' ,f as--Q , .af '-ian? - L. ' I ' 721 5 .1 '13 55 L' -"N xl I ' X , ' , - . - , x . 3' , '- R . 5 , . Loretta Dennis Devonna Rogers Robb Robbins Eileen Ann Flose Denise Schildhauer Mike Scott Ryan Nancy Sevy Chris Sharp Larry Sebolt Steve Shelton Diane Gary Sharp Mike Simmons Shields Paul Shrout Orville Smith Vicki Slee Shelly Sloan 2 Patty Smith Joy Snead Gayle Sparks Cindy Sparks Gary Stanton Pauline Stark Jim Starns Brenda Starr John Stewart David Stone Mike Stone Terry Stone Calvin Struewe Debbie Talbott Lau ra Tapko Linda Taylor Valerie Taylor Martha Teague Sally Tennis Kay Teter Wk Wi e T V , TOP: Sally Tennis, junior, and Patty Shupe, senior, decorate for the homecoming football game. BOTTOM: "Come on, throw it to me," exclaims Gary Stanton, ju- nior, to a Grandview player. Gary excels in varsity basketball Debbie Tipton Dan Trotter Ron Turner J. E. Van Natta Delores VanTuyl Gary Varnell Valerie Velear Jim Wagner Ken Waisner Wesley Walker Shirley Warford Larry Waters Jackie Watson Robert Watson Flon Wells Laura Wescott Tim Whelan Don Wilcox Brinda Williams John Williams Dean Williamson Jack Winfrey Warren Winfrey Cliff Winkler Gary Woods Debbie Wooster Scott Yeager Bruce Adams Larry Adams Steve Adams Patty Ahring Jim Alleman Margie Alexander Ronald Alexander Wilbur Alford Brenda Allison Delores Ashlock TOP: Seniors Larry Baird and Linda Beekman are typi- cal of the way Seniors worked together during their last year. BOTTOM: Wilbur Aliord displays the relaxed attitude most seniors feel throughout the year. ' I ,---, -'--v"-S - -- Graduation ends successful year Seniors distinguished 1970 as a year with high class achievements and rewarding activ- ities. To help obtain these achievements, the class was led by Bruce Adams, president, Dennis Vanarsdall, vice-president, Michelle Hawk, secretary, Rick Marks, treasurer. Top- ranking seniors received recognition for scholastic achievements while star athletes motivated the Indians through victorious en- deavors. As the seniors' twelfth year ended, a glimpse of sadness was discovered . . . the last game, the last victory, the last prom, the last good bye and separation of favorite friends, and finally, graduation. Many seniors left, taking with them their memories they fulfilled during their years at Fort Osage. L! x 1:34 ivrw Linda Beekman Linda Burke 'VFW Bessmef George Black Shari Bland Timothy Booth Donald Borgman Theresa Borne Irene Bowman Deborah Brammer Janet Breuer Bob Brock Howard Brock Dudley Bromley Glenna Brown Laurel Bryant Dale Carrender Michael Carver Brenda Clark Cathy Clemmons Jackie Coatney Michael Cole Musical abilities are many T 'V' 2.2 Lf.--6-A-" ., ' -T ' 1 5 ,HY J... TOP: Don Borgman and Terry McQuerry prove that practice makes perfect as they play their saxophones in an A-band rehearsal. BOTTOM: Andy Goddard and Jerry Coleman discuss Jerry's new senior key. The key represents the sophistication Fort Osage seniors possess. Jerry Coleman Roy Cones Charles Cooley Marla Cope H53 Alice Corn Pat Corum Dianna Countess Ted Courter Earlene Crone James Crossley Candy Dennis Tom DeWitt J.T. Dieckmann Juliann Dieckmann Paula Dowd Theresa Downs TOP: After much hard work, Alice Corn won her mem- bership into FSA. Here she participated in the in- duction ceremonies. BOTTOM: Candy Dennis, senior, lies quietly after being injured in the Powder Puff game between the junior and senior girls. CENTER: Dianna Countess poses with the first place trophy she won at the district DECA contest. Y in Diana achieves DECA award Q10 , ff Retha Doubenmeier STGVB DUU'9Y DebbY Durham Timothy Emou Sieve F899 R'C"a'd Fam' 2 4 Cathy Farris Rhonda Ficke Merle Fleener Bob Ford Linda Francis Larry Fultz Peggy Gee Frank Gilmore Andy Goddard Ronald Gondran Deborah Gray Deborah Greer Rhonda shows spirit 'i fl Lf' A 0 TOP: Senior Rhonda Ficke, varsity cheerleader, shows true school and class spirit at one of the football games. BOTTOM: Michelle Hawk and Candy Dennis, seniors, work diligently to tally yearbook sales. Candy was editor of the Indian Legends and Michelle was assistant layout-design editor. Y' li L. .-M., "1 D- T N I hw s 1? ,LJ v-.., .J Gary Griffin Eldon Haskins Russell Hirst Janet Gumm Michelle Hawk Elizabeth Holden Diane Harrington Celia Hickman Brenda H0llOWay it it 1-1 ' Ili 1 T i ' i K i i ii 'Vi i i. 4 i ., i iii 3, iii fi ii ii ': 1 if 111 .i- :, ni' Ii ii if Vi iii? it ,131 J if' lgi :iii li' iii Qii 3 wi' i .ll ' xi ' , -i ii! iiii ii ii I ' ii s ii i ig t i . I , I 2 i f i i 1 i i if P ii ' i i r - i li ' hi I ii IJ iii ill, wifi i' in ii .1 in F1 Ii li? its iii iii ijt fiifi ,iw E-'I ww ,Q ,. eww' W 99? W Nl Karen Holst Linda Hostetter James Houghtaling James Howell Rise Hughes Diana Hulett IS-7 35- ,, TOP: Sharld Liggett, senior, is presented with the S50 savings bond,' which she won for being chosen as "Safe Driver of the Month." BOTTOM: Linda Hostetter, as usual, is ciowning at practice for the musical, "The Music Man." f f 'V' f , f, ff fx f 1 HIM 1' 236 1 i en -, ,A u,AA,mhW1g yy Sharld acquires safe driving award l l Flobert Ingalsbe Beverly James Floyd Jessick Shelley Johnson Debbie Joneg Randy Jones Terri Justus Gary Kilgore John Keown Marlene Kincaid Kris King David Kretschmer Mike Lamb Sharld Liggett Humberto Lopez 237 ll ii ei li l rl I E. l I lv, 'l lil ls ,l ll lil ll , 1 i l. l l in l ll l l ia il ,l f Boys cheer 'Puffers' mm g- l George Lynn John Masterson Debbie Middleton Richard Marks Sharen Marten Alan McMillin Terry McQuerry Carolyn McCormick Jane McDougall Evonne Minton Denise Mitchell Debbie Miller Linda Miller 44 tq'35'Sm I ,..x-L A ES ' If Wwe'-"fi - . - me A . ...gig-xg . ffisng' 6 XX. X AMN ii 2 HD. Montgomery ..-.,. f Kim Morris , avg It l l 'K P ' is Roy Motley X X i at Wg, ui . 1 i A ,mfr Barbara Mustam J vi 1 , o PM , T P ' ,-ssifmb Ronnie Neal Mike Nelson Marlene Nolte Doug Norris TOP: Ramon Rodriques and Rick Marks cheer the se- nior girls on in the Powder Puff Football game. TOP RIGHT: Sharon Marten helped serve at the North Central Association dinner. BOTTOM: Coach Terry McQuerry shouts last minute instructions to his team at the Powder Puff Football game. A-..l l l i l l , li rpi lil l ,T li ill ftlg lil ll l L lil' il, ,. igl V il I l l I Ii il l il David O'Dell Jeannie Ownsby Judy Pauling Diana Peck Arline Pedersen Connie Pettet . V3 i , , , F k',. 5: X , 1 Q Q i .5 l 1 T X 'Q-gaggggfi Ev. VVV, . l li ' LEFT: Karen Fleser, assistant editor of the Smoke Sig- 1 nal, illustrates how newspaper layout should be done. ' ' CENTER: Charles Pirtle lights the candle of character during the National Honor Society induction. RIGHT: X Rose Pressley pauses between classes to talk with N senior classmates Jim Williams and Jerry Coleman. ,lj 1 A 1 ll 240 ' l 4 E lil Twelve are inducted Charles Pirtle Tom Preston Rose Pressley Kathy Puckett Kris Queen Ronald Hagan Deborah Reese Evelyn Flenfro Karen Reser lf? I l ll ll ll :iii Ili lil 242 Term papers require work I Rick Rickman Marietta Riddle Patricia Riddle Walter Robinson Ramon Rodriquez Jeff Roe Lyla Roe Doris Rose Ernie Satterfield Ellis Seaton Lloyd Shaw Connie Shrgut Patricia Shupe David Simmons Vanessa Sloan Jeannie Smith x X 1 'MM ss cfs' K .2 ? 432 it fff ,,1..t,v,,Ww-t-, a-a,-M ---X Y ' ' I 'ti igaii, S of TOP: Flick Stark finds the library a relaxing place to spend his study hall. RIGHT: Patty Shupe, cheerleader, finds the traditional homecoming cake too good to pass up. BOTTOM: Connie Shrout portrays the statue of Liberty in "The Music Man." M- Lynne Smith Varena Smith Karen Snyder Steve Snyffef Steve Starcher RiCk Stark Wuxi , fs -X Robert Stewart Doug Stoll Timothy Stone Donna Stuart TONY Stuck Jim Swearingen Gerald Syler Edward Talbott Susan Tapko Scott Taylor Bfeftda Telgemiel' Terry Thatcher Norman Thomas Nancy Truman Def1f1iS VHUSYSGSII Micheal Vickers CENTER: Mike Vickers' outstanding roundball carrier is illustrated in his fine rebounding form. He totaled 1030 points in his three year career. TOP: Senior boys cheer for the roundball team during a pep rally. ,IL 1 - -f?,e..efe+r--Q Mike Vickers hits a thousand QNQ fi? wr' -cr?-' 1'f"'v Nw.. av,-.Q ,lava-dvr y -ox ,,,4vv' Q-.qv aj ww? 'J' Deborah Weigand Harold Williams James Williams Myra Winfrey Roger Winfrey George Wolfe Fallon Woodland Junior Young Randall Zeller 46 Graduation ends seniors' studies Baccalaureate and commencement were the two most important activities in the school careers of the seniors. They ended twelve years of hard work for all. On Sunday, May 24, the religious service of Bac- calaureate was presented to the class by Reverend Clyde McCormick of Salem Baptist Church. Reverend Lowell Mize of Buckner Methodist Church gave the invocation and benediction. The choir presented two selections. Commencement was held on Thursday, May 28, in the school auditorium. Linda Hostetter spoke on "Love", and Fallon Woodland spoke about student satisfaction and dissent. Miss Mary Moore presented honors and awards. The diplomas were presented by Mr. Hyman Meinershagen and Mr. Von Young. gf 1-:xl .,..........-,1f- --M. g..:a4--,,3E3','.,g4..g., ,. ., Y , Q Qij.:-xrg uni H TOP: It's graduation time, and it is very evident on the faces of these seniors that they feel it is the most important time of their school careers. RIGHT: Mike Lamb and Diana Hulett find dressing for commence- ment a humorous affair. BOTTOM: After receiving his athletic scholarship from Miss Moore, Dennis Vanars- dall walks solemnly back to his seat. LEFT: Julie Dieckmann receives her Certificate of' Recognition to MU from Miss Moore. 24 48 'MASH ' ' ,vlf TOP: Robert Snyder, senior, and hisdate enioy the Hawaiian Kisse Cave. The 15' structure complete with six-armed fluorescent goddess provides guests an opportunity to steal a private moment, RIGHT: 425 guests dance to the music of the ROYAL COACHMEN. Basically a hard-rock group the 'COACHMEN are a highlight for the social event of the year. BOTTOM: Students became sophisticated young adults in long gowns and tuxedos. Donna Ethington and Bill Williams fleftj and Diane Shields and Rick Ralston enjoy a more ,romantic dancing pace. LEFT: Refreshments are served by gras -skirted sophomores like Kathy Angell. Meatballs, finger sandwiches, chips, dips, cake and punch complete the menu. 5- X . 5 t '32 , W RA dz 1 1- efwrfgix-:151g3E'r? ifzffrfd- ' ' Prom alters gym into Blue Hawaii The girls' gymnasium was transformed into an Hawaiian paradise the evening of lVlay 16, for the Junior-Senior prom. Blue Hawaii came alive with a smoking volcano, Kisse Cave complete with Tiki gods, bamboo serving huts, and a tropical mountain stream. Grass skirted serving girls met the guests as they entered through a bamboo hut and were given leis and fresh gardenias. Tables were decorated with hand-carved Tiki gods, hurricane lamps, sea shells, and Hawaiian fishing boat replicas. The Royal Coachmen provided the music for the dancing couples during the prom and were followed at the breakfast by The Free- dom. As the evening ended, another prom had been successful, and it will be another event of the year that will never be forgotten. 24 2 .V swf.-f"""""u'v 'T ""1 .. f 'F is rw, .--""' TOP: Terri Carver rides an International Harvester from Buckner Hardware located on Hudson Street in Buckner 249-5812. RIGHT: Nancy Hutchison talks to the manager of Buckner Cleaners. For quality clean- ing call, 249-3332. BOTTOM: Patty lVlcDaniels and Pam May just enjoyed a coke at Riggs Pharmacy lo- cated in the "Little Village in the Valley" Buckner, lVIo. 249-5611. LEFT: Lew Richards, owner of Richard's U.S. 17301 East 24 Highway shows his good-will by giving Diane Keadle a sucker. ' - Vw" , - if-.fray Q, 1 it NM' ' H Y X 7 A ' ' , f,,fif.3?' 76 M' Qu ' -fa..-'-fQ,'.3.,...f.55.114--rf-:-rd::,g,,-,.-2..-g:,,- if-1 Q . - zz: 'ffm' 'ff'-' ,- ' ' - Merchants support the Fort Z,Z2Zhmm,M,Q , - , -privy-r'-xy-1----fit' 'Q-iii: : iw- 4 1 X 1 ' 1 1 f 1 :ggi IN, W 'iHf '5? My f', ilgl 1'V?:4'N MP4 Lf' V1 732 l iluil ' QW Q ,1 E!!! f -"ui V 'Wil 's Mi P 'HN ij JW' G S 141 , i !i -'Ni W ini, ' ,., - I U "Es yi' . Vglx 4 1 i , I i 1 I i 4 H 3 Z, 5: N M Qi N11 "1 J 1 W l Til Q L, g v 1 U P ' i ' ,S 4 4 ! wi li! 'Q WN :ff 1' MF ww 1 ev x 1 f i Y l 1 R r Sibley, Buckner. 249-3211. BOTTOM: Paul Shrout watches as a Workman casts a die at Lyons Diecasting Company, Buckner. 249-3146. LEFT: Joy Snead pauses to wish for a hole in one at the Mini-Golf Center on 24 Highway, phone no. 254-9393. . L ,E w W 1 g N w .,,, 5,1 254 5 R 1 . Q :N 3: K V W 1 l ' x W 44' , f g 9 , l y 3 ff 'f 12 5 ? N 1 y Li rf H i H M 'z X 'i ,i, ,EI VFW 114' W 21' li my WN : V if 1 E1 Y, Wit MIS 1'! N W , N V ,. il , ,. ,N X A . f st' -xfy "N, .5 wh,x W! W 114 ff' W' ,ww ammayfi 27' 7 , 4-,..L- -'....., fr- -Zz...-.. ff-ee5e'gs:-Qfe-:::m--w.s+--:'-"2-sp -'A--Q-as -ff -- wwf-:La-A-Iifila TOP: A nice place to visit with a lot 'of historic value is the Museum of the Yesturyears in Lexington. BOT TOM: Compliments of Hamilton Oil Company in Buck ner, 249-5411 or 249-3121. LEFT: Compliments of Rep pert's Funeral Home, Buckner, 249-5555 or 249-5529 AR Y ' ' Sf l vi' 1 .TV if l 'Y 'iri 4 'J 1 iii. Till 9 L, I f l ' , , 'L . .. Af. 'ILQ '5 T I , I-L. . I ' hy? Iflf' .I -gy ".. J 1 -Ia! I - X. - '.f"v ,k A. i - N' M, 5 X l . A W f-Zh.. 4 2 f' ' '.', . . --J ,rd "1 1,2 3113711 255 1 f W J'-,, -, rw 'J qv' ,E ,,. ,A-If-,Q I 1 ,, ' -4 'L -I-.ff ,y ge,-:M , -,'f',,, '.,,..,3y....4fr2,q,,-gm l 1 Bruce leads ADAMS, BRUCE Basketball 1 234 CC 234 cocapt 34 Track 234 O Club 234 sec 34 St Council 1 2 class pres 4 NFL1 Boys State Rep 3 Candidate for Outstanding Teen 4 Whos Who 4 E Honor Ftoll 2 4 S Honor Roll 1 3 Prom Commit tee 3 ADAMS LARRY VICA 4 French Club 1 Science Club 4 Per fect Attendance 3 STEVE ADAMS Track 234 CC 34 VICA 4 Conser vation Club 2 Ind Arts2 O Club 3 4 PATTY AHRING Pep Club 1 2 3 Cheerleader 23 capt 3 DECA 34 French Club 2 I Club 3 Powder Puff Football 4 Homecoming Queen Candidate 4 Courtwarming Queen Candidate 4 JIM ALLEMAN MAR GIE ALEXANDER RONNIE ALEX ANDER Track 3 NHS 4 S Honor Roll 234 WILBUR ALFRED BREN DA ALLISON DELORES ASHLOCK FSA 4 S Honor Roll 4 Choir 4 LARRY BAIRD Basketball 1234 Football 134 class sec 23 Quill the way for 8t Scroll 4 Smoke Signal Staff Sports Editor 4 Indian Legends Staff Sports Editor 4 Yearbook King Candidate and Powder Puff Football Kung Candidate 4 MIKE BALDWIN DECA 4 TERRY BARCLAY French Club 23 pres 3 AFS 23 PSI Club 34 v pres 4 Allied Arts 4 S Hon or Roll 234 Band 1234 pres 4 Directors Award 3 Perfect Atten dance 1234 Solo ensemble Dis trict 34 State 4 IRENE BARNES I Club 34 vpres 3 pres 4 Pow der Puff Football 4 Perfect Atten dance 3 PE Assistant 34 LINDA BEEKMAN FTA 2 Pep Club 234 AFS 23 People to People 23 NHS 34 PSI Club 34 FSA 34 Quill 81 Scroll 4 Smoke Signal Staff 4 In dian Legends Staff 4 Perfect Atten dance 12 Powder Puff Football 4 Council Assistant 4 S Honor Roll 1 234 LINDA BURKE MARY BES S R NFL123 4 Science Club 1234 FTA 234 vpres 4 senior class People to People 1 2 v pres 3 4 Pep Club 234 Choreography Club 12 3 Library 1 2 34 Allied Arts 34 NHS 3 4 French Club 4 PSI Club 4 Powder Puff Football 4 St Council Rep 1 2 3 Citizenship Award 2 Cat egories Team 234 capt 4 Out standing teen 34 Directors Award 3 DAR Award 4 Betty Crocker E Honor Choir 1 2 Marching GEORGE TIMOTHY Band 1 2 Conserva Award 4 Whos Who 4 Roll 1234 Band 1234 34 Stage Band 234 Band Drum Maiorette 4 BLACK SHARI BLAND BOOTH DON BORGMAN 34 NFL1234 pres 4 tion Club v pres 1 Quill 8t Scroll 3 4 pres 4 St Council 4 NFL Dou ble Ruby 2 Allied Arts 4 S Honor Roll 4 Thesplans 4 First Place Conf Debate 4 Fourth Place State NFL Debate 4 First Place Conf Radio Speaking 4 Directors Award 2 Band v pres 4 Smoke Signal Edu tor 4 Spring All School Play 4 One TOP: Bruce Adams, class president, relaxes after run- hilarious affair. LEFT: 'Candy Dennis models one of ning in a cross-country meet. BOTTOM: To L i n d a the newest fashions from J. C. Penney's. Beekman and Patty Shupe, Publications class is an ' M17 u ,, e. h Q a- i' w .azvsmsw . 'fur ov"-Ham... , '01ea,,w:s,,,,,Jt sem 'QiA,,,,..,4m-Q --L , .4 ,, 113, -at -aura:-.Lal-zz-L112-2-414272:-AH1 --I 39:1-Q153555455'-FJXFSAQ-iikdiflg'Aga-Zlffivr-,iifl-.TS2425. i f K rl "lv '-.J A s:v...,-vlan ,aazwv-. '- ,M-xrsza... :sian-frm -- - LL! -- act Play 4. TERESA BORNE. IRENE BOWMAN: FSA 3,45 AFS 1,2,3,45 Pep Club 2,3, checker 45 FHA pres. 3, v- pres. 45 PSI Club 3,45 NHS 3,45 Quill 8t Scroll 45 Smoke Signal Staff 45 E Honor Floll 45 Citizenship Award 2. DEBORAH BRAMMER: AFS 2,3,45 People-to-People 2,35 FTA 2,35 Girls' Chorus 25 Pep Club 2,3,45 PSI Club 3, v-pres. 4, reporterg FHA 35 FSA 3, 45 NHS 3,45 Concert Choir 3,45 Quill 8t Scroll 45 Smoke Signal Staff 45 Powder Puff Football 45 Regent's Scholarship 45 Perfect Attendance 1, 2. JANET BREUER: People-to-People 1,2,35 Choreography Club 1,25 AFS 1,2,35 FTA 2,3,45 Pep Club 2,3,45 FSA 3,45 FHS 35 "I" Club 3,45 Per- fect Attendance 1,35 Office Assistant 3,45 Powder Puff Football 4. BOB BROCK. HOWARD BROCK: Track 3, 45 CC 45 Allied Arts 4. DUDLEY BROMLEY. GLENNA BROWN: Cheer- leader 15 Pep Club 1,2,3,45 FHA 3,4. LAUREL BRYANT: "I" Club 45 VICA 45 PE Assistant 45 Teacher's Aide 45 District VICA Contest fPublic Speak- ingl 4. DALE CARRENDER. MIKE CARVER: Science Club 3,45 Band 35 NHS 45 Quill 81 Scroll 45 Smoke Sig- nal 8t Indian Legends Photographer 4. BRENDA CLARK. CATHY CLEM- MONS. JACKIE COATNEY: Pep Club 1,2,3,45 People-to-People 25 FSA 3,45 DECA 35 District Contest in DECA 35 Office Assistant 4. MIKE COLE: JV Wrestling 2. JERRY COLE- MAN: Track 1,2,3,45 CC 2,3,45 CC Manager 15 "O" Club 2,3,45 Ind. Arts 35 Allied Arts 45 State Indoor in Track 2,3,4. ROY CONES. CHARLES A. COOLEY. MARLA COPE: NHS 3, 45 VICA 4. ALICE CORN: French Club 1,2,3,45 AFS 1,2,3,45 Pep Club 1,2,3,45 PSI Club 3,45 Allied Arts 3, 45 VICA 45 NHS 45 S Honor Roll 2, 3,45 Band 1,2,3,4. PAT CORUM: Pep Club 45 People-to-People Club 2,35 AFS 2,3,45 Science Club 15 FTA 25 Thespians Club 4. DIANNA COUN- TESS. TED COURTER: Track 2,3,45 Football 3,45 Citizenship Award 3. EARLENE CRONE: AFS 1,2,3,45 Pep Club 1,2, sec. 3,45 Allied Arts 3,45 NHS 3,45 French Club 3,45'PSl Club 3, pres. 45 S Honor Roll 1,2,3,45 ln- dian Legend Assistant Editor 4. JAMES CROSSLEY. CANDY DEN- NIS: Pep Club 1,2,3,45 Cheerleader 15 St. Council 1,3, pres. 45 FTA 2,3, 45 FSA 3, pres. 45 French Club 3,45 AFS 2,3, v-pres. 45 Thespians Club 1,2,35 "I" Club 3,45 NHS 3,45 Quill 8 Scroll 3,45 Indian Legends Editor 45 Perfect Attendance 1,2,3,45 S Honor Roll 1,2,35 E Honor Floll 45 Office As- sistant 2,3,45 Prom Committee 35 Powder Puff Football 45 Track Prin- cess 35 Snowflake Queen 45 Year- book Queen Candidate 45 Regent's Scholarship 45 M.U. L e a d e r s h i p Camp 35 Who's Who 45 FSA District Shorthand Contest 4. TOM DeWITT: Science Club 15 Quill 8t Scroll 45 Football 1,2,35 Track 1,25 Wrestling 1,45 Perfect Attendance 1,2,35 Smoke 257 , I 7 Signal and Indian Legends Photog rapher 4. J. T. DIECKMANN: Choir 1,2,3,45 AFS 3,45 AFS Brother 45 Bas ketball 1,2,3,45 "O" Club 4. ANN DIECKMANN: AFS 2,3,45 Pep Club 2,3,45 NHS 3,45 Allied Arts 3,4 PSI Club 45 Citizenship Award 15 S Honor Roll 1,2,3,45 Band 1,2,3,4 Choir 1,2,3,45 School Musical 2 PAULA DOWD. THERESA DOWNS RETHA DOUBENMEIER. S T E V E DUDLEY. DEBBY DURHAM: AFS 1 2,35 FTA 1,25 People-to-People Club 1,25 Cheerleader 1,35 Track Princess 25 S Honor Roll 3. TIMOTHY EL LIOTT: Conservation Club 25 CC 1 2,3,45 Track 1,2,3,4. STEVEN FAGG PSI Club 45 Wrestling 4. RICHARD FARRAR: Football 15 Wrestling 2,4 DECA pres. 35 Perfect Attendance 35 PE Assistant 4. CATHY FARRIS Pep Club 1,2,35 v-pres. 45 Cheer leader 15 FSA 3, v-pres. 45 NHS 3 v-pres. 45 FHA 45 Powder Puff Foot ball 45 S Honor Roll 1,2,3,45 Short hand State Contest Placed Second 35 Perfect Attendance 253. RHONDA FICKE: Pep Club 1,2,3,45 Cheer leader 1,2,3,45 AFS 1,2,3,45 People to-People 1,3,45 Band 1,2,3,45 French Club 3, pres. 45 FSA 3,45 Allied Arts 3,45 Quill 8t Scroll 45 PSI Club 3,4 Concert Choir 1,2,3, pres. 45 Allied Arts 45 Quill 8t Scroll 45 Powder Puff Football 45 Office Assista nt 25 School Musical 2,3,45 Smoke Signal Staff 45 Indian Legends Staff 4. CEL- IA HICKMAN: FHA 3,4. RUSSELL HIRST: Wrestling 25 VICA 45 S Hon- or Roll 1. LIZ HOLDEN: CounseIor's Assistant 3,4. BRENDA HOLLOWAY. KAREN HOLST: Spanish Club 15 Choreography Club 2,35 CounseIor's Assistant 2,35 District Music Contest 3,4. LINDA HOSTETTER: Thespians 1,2,3,45 Pep Club 1,2,3,4, pres. 45 People-to-People Club 1,2,35 FTA 2, 3,45 NFL 2,3, pres. 45 "I" Club 3,45 St. Council 3,45 Allied Arts 3,45 PSI Club 3,45 Quill 8t Scroll 45 AFS 45 Powder Puff Football 45 class sec. 35 Prom Committee 35 Smoke Signal Staff 45 Indian Legends Staff 45 Girl State Rep. 35 Courtwarming Queen Candidate 45 All School Play 1,3,45 Musical 45 One-act Play Contest 3, 45 Choir 4. JAMES HOUGHTALING: Conservation Club 15 Track 15 Foot- ball 15 Spanish Club 3,45 Spanish Club NHS 3,45 S Honor Roll 2,3. Linda speaks on Love Perfect Attendance 12 Snowflake Cand 2 Homecoming Princess 3 Homecoming Queen 4 Yearbook Queen Candidate 4 Office Assistant 4 Directors Award 1 234 Powder Puff Football 4 MERLE FLEENER BOB FORD Track 1 Football 24 Science Club 2 lndustlral Arts 2 VICA 4 Football All Conf second team All Area H M 4 LINDA FRAN CIS LARRY FULTZ PEGGY GEE FRANK GILMORE ANDY GODDARD O Club 4 Wrestling 4 Football 4 Track 4 District Wrestling 4 RON ALD GONDRAN DEBBIE GRAY French Club 1234 Pep Club 234 AFS 234 FTA 23 pres 4 People to People Club 2 pres 3 4 Science Club 234 NHS 34 Quill 81 Scroll 4 Powder Puff Football 4 First Place Science Fair 2 Perfect Attendance 1 S Honor Roll 1 234 Counselors Assistant 3 4 Smoke Signal Staff 4 Indian Legends Staff 4 Whos Who 4 DEBBIE GREER GARY GRIFFIN Basketball 1 234 Track 2 34 JAN ET GUMM Pep Club 1 Girls Cho rus 2 Concert Choir 3 Office Assis tant 4 DIANE HARRINGTON Span ish Club 1 Choreography Club 1 DECA 34 ELDON HASKINS Ml Cl-'ELLE HAWK Pep Club 1234 ,:4..-g1:w.":.:1:7,-L fc:-.::...f ' ' ' "T Y" ' T"1'E.4:"' JAMES HOWELL. RISE HUGHES. DIANAPHULETT: Choreography Club 1,25 French Club 3,45 "I" Club 3,45 FSA 3,45 NHS 45 Pep Club 3,45 Pow- der Puff Football 45 Snowflake Queen Candidate 2,45 Office Assistant 45 NCA Hostess 45 Student Relations Day. ROBERT INGALSBE. BEVERLY JAMES: People-to-People Club 1,35 Thespians 15 French Club 2,3,45 Pep Club 2,3,45 "I" Club 3,45 FSA 3,45 Office Assistant 4. FLOYD JESSICK. SHELLEY JOHNSON: NFL 1,2,3,45 French Club 2,35 Perfect Attendance 1,2,3,45 District Music 2,3,45 FTA 45 PSI Club 45 "I" Club 3,45 Counselor's Assistant 35 PE Assistant 354. DEB- BIE JONES. RANDY JONES: Track 2,3,45 Science Club 4. TERRI JUS- TUS: VICA 45 Prom Committee 35 Counselorts Assistant 45 Play Sce- nery 3,45 Choreography Clu b 3. GARY KILGORE: Football 1,25 VICA 45 Quill 8t Scroll 45 Smoke Signal Staff 4. JOHN KEOWN. JOYCE KIN- CAID. KRIS KING: Choreography Club 1,2,35 Pep Club 1,45 Allied Arts 3,45 FTA 35 AFS 35 Citizenship Award 35 Interscholastic Art Award 35 Quill t i TOP: Linda Hostetter pauses to give SOIT16 adV'C9 RIGHT: Rhonda Ficke proudly shows the audience her new dress. BOTTOM: Voted as Mr. and Miss School Spirit are Debbie Gray and Mike Vickers Flick ca tures 'All Area' 8t Scroll 45 Indian Legends Staff 45 Smoke Signal Staff 4. DAVID KRET- SCHMER. MIKE LAMB: "O" Club 45 Football 45 Basketball 45 S Honor Roll 35 E. Honor Roll 4. SHARLD LIGGETT: French Club 1,25 Pep Club 2,3545 People-to-People Club 25 AFS 25 FSA 3,45 NHS 35 DECA 35 S Honor Roll 1,2,3,4. HUMBERTO L0- PEZ. GEORGE LYNN: Debate 15 Football 1,2,35 Basketball 1,25 VICA 45 St. Council 1,2,3,4. RICHARD MARKS: French Club 1,2, v-pres. 3, 45 AFS 1,2,3,45 class officer, repor- ter 35 treasurer 45 Thespians Club 2, 3,45 "O"'CIub 2,3,45 Football 3,45 All-Conf. 2nd team 35 1st team All- Conf. 45 All-Area H.M. 35 1st team 45 All-Metro 1st team 45 Basketball 1, 2,3,45 capt. 45 All-Conf. 1st team 3, 45 All-Area 2nd team 35 1st team 45 All-District 1st team 45 All-Metro 2nd team 45 All-State H.M. 45 Track 35 School Play 35 PE Assistant 35 Who's Who 45 Who's Who in Athletes 45 Prom Committee 45 SHARON MARTEN: Pep Club 2,3,45 FHA 3,45 McCalls Fashion Board for Teens 4. JOHN MASTERSON. CAROLYN Mc- CORMICK: French Club 2,35 PSI Club 3,45 Allied Arts 45 Girls Chorus 25 Concert Choir 3,4. JANE McDOUG- ALL: Thespians Club 25 FTA 2,3,45 Spanish Club 35 CounseIor's Assis- tant 2. ALAN McMILLEN. TERRY Mc- QUERRY: Basketball 15 Wrestling 2, 3,45 Football 35 Perfect Attendance 35 NHS 45 S Honor Roll 2,45 Band 1,2, 3,45 Stage Band 3,4. DEBBIE MID- DLETON: Choreography Club 1,25 Pep Club 2,3,45,FSA 3,45 FHA 45 Powder Puff,FootbalI 45 Office As- sistant 45 Perfect Attendance 3. DEB- BIE MILLER: French Club 1,2,3,45 People-to-People 2,3,45 FTA 35 Sci- ence Club 35 Pep Club 45 PSI Club 45 Thespians Club, sec. 45 Counsel- or's Assistant 35 Snowflake Queen Candidate for Science Club 3. LIN- DA MILLER: Pep Club 2,3,45 PSI Club 3,45 FSA 3,45 FHA 45 Counsel- or's Assistant 4. EVONNE MINTON: Spanish Club 2,35 Pep Club 3,45 AI- lied Arts 45 PSI Club 45 FSA 45 NFL 45 Thespians Club 45 Best Novice Debater 35 Co-editor, Literary Maga- zine 4. DENISE MITCHELL: NFL 1, 2,3,45 Band 1,2,3,45 FTA 2,3, treasur- er 45 PSI Club 3,45 Allied Arts 3,45 Science Club 45 NHS 3,45 S Honor Roll 2,3. H. D. MONTOGOMERY: French Club 45 Childrens Theater 25 All-School Play 4. KIM MORRIS: Smoke Signal Staff 45 Indian Leg- ends Staff 45 PSI Club 4. ROY MOT- LEY. BARBARA MUSTAIN. RONNIE NEAL. MIKE NELSON: NFL 1,2,3,45 S Honor Roll 1,3,45 NHS 3,45 Cate- gories Team 3,45 Who's Who 4. MARLENE NOLTE: French Club 1,25 Allied Arts 3,45 PSI Club 45 S Hon- or Ftoll 25 Office Assistant 2. DOUG NORRIS: "O" Club 35 Track 1,25 Wrestling 25 Football 2,3. DAVID O'DELL. JEANNIE OWNSBY. JUDY PAULING: VICA 4. DIANE PECK: Pep Club 3,45 Courtwarming Queen 45 Homecoming Princess 2. ARLENE PEDERSON. CONNIE P ETTET. CHARLES PIRTLE: NFL 1,2,3,45 sec. 45 Debate Awards 1,2,3,45 S Honor Roll 2,35 French Club 35 NHS 3,4. TOP: National Honor Society members, Patty Shupe and Lyla Roe, help with the induction of Junior High National Honor Society. CENTER: Rick Marks, end, struggles to free himself from a Grandview player. I I I 2 60 I Y - 0' TOM PRESTON Spanish Club 1 AFS 1234 Band 12 S Honor Roll 12 3 4 Track 2 Ind Arts 2 VICA 4 NHS 4 ROSIE PRESSLEY French Club 1 AFS 1234 Spanish Club 2 3 4 NHS 3 4 People to People Club 2 3 4 PSI Club 4 S Honor Roll 234 VICA 4 KATHY PUCKETT FTA 2 French Club 1234 Library 2 3 Library Assistant 2 3 Allied Arts 34 Office Assistant 4 DECA 4 Powder Puff Football 4 KR I S QUEEN RONNIE RAGAN DEBBIE REESE EVELYN RENFRO Perfect Attendance 1 234 Science Club 4 Girls Chorus 234 KAREN RESER AFS 12 People to People Club 1 Thespians 1 2 34 NFL 1 2 3 sec 4 French Club 1234 FTA 1234 Qui 8t Scroll 34 P p Club 4 I Club 4 Powder Puff Football 4 Per- fect Attendance 35 School Play 3,45 Assistant Editor of Smoke Signal 4. RICK RICKMAN. MARIETTA RIDDLE. PAT RIDDLE: FHA 45 S Honor Roll 4. WALTER ROBINSON. RAMON RODRIQUES: Foreign Exchange Stu- en 45""Cu 5AF 45 . Council 45 NHS 45 Football 45 Track 45 Powder Puff Football Kin g 45 Yearbook King Candidate 4. JEFF ROE. LYLA ROE: FTA 1,2,3,45 AFS 35 French Club 2,3,45 St. Council 1, 45 FSA 3,45 Quill 8t Scroll 3,45 Peo- ple-to-People 35 Smoke Signal Staff 45 Indian Legends Staff 45 PSI Club 3,45 NHS 35 Pep Club 1,2,3,45 Cheer- leader 1,2,3, Head Cheerleader 45 Powder Puff Football 45 S Honor Roll 1,2,3,45 class treas. 15 Off'ce Assistant 45 Regents Scholarship 45 Runner-up for Citizenship Award 35 Yearbook Queen Candidate 45 Court- warming Queen Candidate 45 Per- fect Attendance 45 M.U. Leadership Camp 35 Quill 8t Scroll, treas. 4. DORIS ROSE: FTA 2. ERNIE SAT- TERFIELD. ELLIS SEATON. FLOYD SHAW. CONNIE SHROUT: People- to People Club 15 Choreography Club 1,25 Pep Club 2,3,45 Thespians 45 Quill 8t Scroll 45 NFL 3,45 Allied Arts 3,45 AFS 45 Concert Choir 3,45 S Honor Roll 1,3,45 E Honor Roll 25 Whos Who 4 Office Assistant 4 School Musical 4 School Play 4 In dian Legends Staff 4 Smoke Signal Staff 4 PATRICIA SHUPE FTA 2 3 4 AFS 2 FSA 34 Pep Club 1 234 Cheerleader 1 2 3 asst head cheer leader 4 St Council 3 v pres 4 French Club 234 People to People Club 3 Quill and Scroll 34 sec 4 PSI Club 34 NHS 4 Smoke Signal Staff 4 Indian Legends Staff 4 S Honor Roll 2 3 4 Prom Committee 3 Powder Puff Football 4 Perfect At tendance 24 Office Assistant 34 Girl State Rep 3 Runner up for Cut izenship Award 3 Regents Scholar ship 4 FTA Carnival Princess 1 Yearbook Queen Candid te 2 Snow flake Queen 3 Yearbook Queen 4 Homecoming Queen Candidate 4 Courtwarming Queen Candidate 4 Who s Who 4. DAVID SIMMONS. VA- NESSA SLOAN. JEANNIE SMITH: Office Assistant 45 Girls Chorus 3. LYNNEA SMITH. VARENA SMITH: Spanish Club 1,2,3,45 Pep Club 2,35 People-to-People Club 2,3,45 Span- ish HS 3,45 AFS 3,45 NHS 3,45 Sci- Club 45 Counselor's Assistant ence 5 Honor Roll 2,4. KAREN SNY- DER: Spanish Club 1,2,35 Thespians Club 2,3,45 Pep Club 2,35 PSI Club 35 NFL 45 S Honor Roll 3,4. STEVE STARCHER: Ind. Arts 2,45 VICA 45 Football 1,3. RICK STARK. BOB STEWART: PSI Club 45 Track 1,25 Wrestling 2,45 Powder Puff Football Coach 45 Conf. Wrestling Meet, 2nd 4. Douci s'roi.i.: sr. council 2,35 45 "O" Club 2,3,45 NHS 3,45 VICA 45 Football 1,2,3,45 Wrestling 25 Track 2,35 Citizenship Award 25 S Honor Roll 15 Library 2. TIM STONE. DON- NA STEWART. TONY STUCK. JIM SWEARINGEN. GERALD SYLER. ED TALBOTT. SUSAN TAPKO. SCOTT TAYLOR: Spanish Club 25 "O" Club 2,3,45 Allied Arts 3,45 Quill Bi Scroll 45 Basketball 15 CC 2,3,45 Track 2,3, 45 Music Solo Ill, ll 2,35 Smoke Sig- nal Photographer, 45 Choir v-pres. 45 Allied Arts pres. 4. BRENDA TELGE- MEIER: Pep Club 2,3,45 AFS 2,3,45 PSI Club 3,45 Allied Arts 3,41 NHS 34 VICA 4 S Honor Roll 1234 Counselors Assistant 4 District Mu sic Contest 1 2 3 4 TERRY THATCH ER NORMAN THOMAS NANCY TRUMAN French Club 1 23 FTA 2 12 Pep Club 3 Clu VICA 4 Llbrary1 v pres 2 pres 3 S Honor Roll 12 Choir Contest 3 DENNIS VANARSDALL S p a n IS h Club 1 2 O Club 2 pres 34 AFS 3 Basketball 1234 Hustle Award 1 Football 1234 capt 34 HM Conf 2 HM Area 2 1st Team Conf 34 2nd Team Area 3 HM District 3 HM All Metro 34 All State HM 4 Track 1234 Conf Champ Shot Put 34 M U Scholar ship Football 4 class pres 34 Boys State Rep 3 Outstanding Teen Award 4 Whos Who 4 DEBBIE WEIGAND Choreography Club 12 People-to-People Club 15 FTA 45 AFS 45 Pep Club 45 Concert Band 2,3,45 Director's Award 45 State Con- test ll rating for Clarinet Trio 3. HAROLD WILLIAMS: "O" Club 45 VICA 45 Basketball 15 Track 3,45 CC 45 Track District and State 3. JIM WILLIAMS. MYRA WINFREY. ROG- ER WINFREY: Spanish Club 1,25 NFL 3,45 S Honor Roll 45 Perfect At- tendance 1,2,3,45 Conf. Debate and Individual Contest 35 Conf. Debate 45 State NFL 45 1st Place Conf. Ex- emp. 35 Doub e Ruby NF. . GEORGE WOLFE. FALLON WOOD- LAND. JUNIOR YOUNG: St. Council , 5 Class pres. 25 "OU Club , 5 NFL 15 VICA, v-pres. 45 Football 1,2, 3,45 Basketball 1,25 Track 1,2,35 Year- book King 45 Conservation Club 1,25 Social Chairman "O" Club 45 Foot- ball capt. 45 All Conf. 2nd Team. RANDY ZELLAR. Ramon wins SENIORS V Adams, Bruce 4,124-,134,228,272, 128 Adams, Larry 228 Adams, Stephen 228,124 Ahring, Patty 101,228 Alexander, Marjorie 228 Alexander, Ronald 228,200 Alford, Charles 228,229 Alleman, James 228 Allison, Brenda 228 Ashlock, Delores 63,228 Baird, Larry 102,113,128,134,228, 229 Baldwin, Mike Barclay, Terry 69,229,231 Barnes, Irene 229 Beekman, Linda 63,70,91,94,228, 229 Bessmer, Mary 51 ,71 ,69,93,229,62 Black, George 229 Bland, Shari 229 Booth, Tim 229 Borgman, Donald 51,53,54,69,227, 230,231 Borne, Teresa 230 Bowman, Irene 63,74,78,230 Brammer, Deborah 63,62,230 Breuer, Janet 63,230 Brock, Bob 230 Brock, Howard 230 Bromley, Dudley 230 Brown, Glenna 230 Bryant, Laurel 38,230 Burke, Linda 229 Carrender, Dale 230 Carver, Michael 71,230 Clark, Brenda 230 Clemmons, Cathy 230 Coatney,Jackie 63,230 Cole, Michael 230 Coleman, Jerry 124,148,231 ,236 Cones, Roy 231 Cooley, Charles 231 Cope, Marla 231 Corn,Alice 86,228,232 Corum, Patricia 232 Countess, Dianna 232,233 Courter, Ted 232 Crone, Earlene 69,81,232 Crossley, James 232 Dennis, Candy 62,63,51,81,102,104, 105,232,224 DeWitt, Tom 232 Dieckmann, J. T. 128,133,232 Dieckmann, Juliann 69,232,246 Dowd, Paula 232 Downs, Theresa 232 Doubenmier, Retha 233 Dudley, Steve 233 Durham, Debby 233 Elliott, Tim 233 - FaQQ. Steve 143,233 every heart Farrar, Richard 233 Farris, Cathy 63,234 Ficke, Rhonda 49,63,69,81,100,101, 102,234,235 Fleener, Merle 234 Fohn, Melvin Ford, Bob 234 Francis, Linda 234 Fultz, Larry 234 Gee, Peggy 234 Gilmore, Frank 234 Goddard, Andy 117,143,146,147,227, 234 Gondran, Ronald 234 Gray, Deborah 90,652,234 Greer, Debbie 234 Griffin, Gary 7,130,128,235 Gumm,Janet 235 Harrington, Diane 235 Haskins, Eldon 235 Hawk, Michelle 63,69,235 Hickman, Celia 235 Hirst, Russell 235 Holden, Elizabeth 235 Holloway, Brenda 235 Holloway, Linda Holst, Karen 69,236 Hostetter, Linda 1,27,51,52,54,62,69, 103,236 Houghtaling, James 39,236 Howell, James 236 Hughes, Rise 236 Huiett, Diana 61-3,105,236,247 Hutchins, Donna lngalsbe, Robert 237 James, Beverly 63,105,237 Jessick, Floyd 237 Johnson, Shelley 54,62,237 Jones, Deborah 237 Jones, Randall 71,237 Justus, Teresa 237 Keown,John 237 Kilgore, Gary 237 Kincaid,Joy 237 King, Kris 62,69,237 Kretschmer, David 237 Lamb, Michael 24,117,128,130,237, 247 Liggett, Sharld 63,236,237 Lopez, Humberto 71,237 Lynn, George 51,238 Marks, Richard 52,109,102,115,128, 129,135,238,242,248,234 Marten, Sharon 63,74,234,238,239 Masterson,John 238 McCormick, Carolyn 69,238 McDougall,Jane 62,238 McMillen,Alan 238 McQuerry, Terry 143,227,234,238, 239 Meredith, Randy Middleton, Deborah 63,238 Miller, Deborah 52,238 Miller, Linda 63,238 ks.-4:51 "?s.Lv-. T .K V, ,X V- - , ,. ,-. , Y . Y, .i-r. ,,-,, .: . f,.- 11,1 .-- .1 - . 91.1, V , g V , , . ' A A ' 1 A 'ff' ' I, ,..,, 4' 53.5917 ., .4 ' ,, . 1:7 ' - Y Y .1 1 5.1-1".'+ -,.'.I' 't4"i'..51"-fl" -',T'- I-gig M- 'f 1-' -' -g.,3ecg3,1.g5g ,ca-x:gJ.:.f.o--Af1,-:Q..:,3',5:fggg3p1,,- ,,M:-1-if.3,4fe.5..:.Y. 43.245, glee .H - , :, - - f s ' f"e- ' Hr - A 41 ' ' 1 4 ' Q I Minton, Evonne 69,63,238 Mitchell, Denise 54,62,69, Montgomery, H. D. 239 Moreno, Louis Morris, Kim 239 Morton, Danny Motley, Roy 239 Mustain, Barbara 63,239 Neal, Ronnie 239 Nelson, Michael 54,239 Nolte, Marlene 69,239 Norris, Doug 239 O'Dell, David 240 Odneal, James Ownsbey, Dona 52,240 Pauling, Judy 240 Peck, Diana 103,240 Pederson,Arlene 240 Pettet, Connie 240 Pirtle, Charles 54,236,241 Porter, Joseph Pressley, Rosie 236,241 Preston, Tom 38,241 Puckett, Kathy 241 Queen, Kristen 241 Ragan, Ronnie 241 Reese, Debra 241 Renfro, Evelyn 71,241 Reser, Karen 52,236,241 Rickman, Rick 242 Riddle, Marietta 242 Riddle, Patricia 242 Robinson, Walter 242 234,238,242 Roe, Jeff 242 Rose, Doris 242 7 Rodriguez, Ramon 4,59,51,66,102, Roe, Lyla 51 ,62,63,97,102,103,242 Satterfield, Ernie 242 Seaton, Ellis 49,242 Sharp, Larry Shaw, Lloyd 242 Shrout, Connie 52,54,69,70,242 Shupe, Patricia 49,50,51,62,63,80,96 100,101,102,103,242,243 Simmons, Dave 242 Sloan, Vanessa 63,242 Smith, Carman 242 Smith, Leanna 243 Smith,Varena 243 Snyder Karen 52243 Snyder Robert 248 Snyder Steve 243 Starcher Steve Stark Rick 243 Stewart Robert 244 Stoll Doug 51 113244 Stone Timothy 244 Stuart Donna 63244 Stuck Tony 244 Swearlngen Jim 244 Syler Gerald 244 Talbott Eddie 244 Tapko Susan 90244 Taylor John 69244 Taylor Mike 244 Telegmeier Brenda 69244 Thatcher Terry 244 Thomas Norman 45244 Thornton Carl 124 Truman Nancy 244 Vanarsdall Dennis 112114132147 128 244 247 Vickers Michael 128129133134 Weigand Deborah 62 86 245 Williams Harold 124125 245 Williams James 236245 Winfrey Myra 245 Winfrey Roger 54 245 Wolf George 245 Woodland Fallon 52 54 55 245 Young Von 51 102115245 Zeller Randy 143245 JUNIORS Adams Kenneth 218 Adlard Gail 54 218 Alexander Berry 124218 Alexander Jenny 93218 Allen Alice 52 58 59 62 218 Alumbaugh Gari 218 Austin Cindy 218 Ballard Dave 218 Baranda Gaston 218 Bartow Richard 54128139 218 222 Beebe Don 218 Berrier Diana 62 218 Blanford Deborah 218 Bohnert Mary 219 Borgman Connie 219 Borne Jackie 51 219 Botts Judy 51 62 219 Bowers Sarah 219 Bowman, Cheryl 54,219 Bradley,Jay 219 Brendel, Janet 85,69,219 Brooks, Pat 219 Brown, Nancy 93,219 Broyles, Ellen 21 ,52,54,219 Bruntmeyer, Byron 219 Bryant, Casey 219 Burns, Kathy 219 Butler, Carl 219 Campbell,Jessica 219 Casady Barbara 219 Chapman, Lynn 54 219 Coats Susan Cole Patricia 219 Combs Ronnie 219 Combs Steven 219 Conwell Sherry 219 Costlgan Steve 219 Courtright Sheila 219 Cox Jeanette 219 Crooks Danny 219 Crossley Jeanette 52 219 Cully Howard 143219 Curtis James 219 Davis Denise 63 220 Denton James 220 Dismang Floyd 220 Dixon Debra 220 Dunham Errol 220 Durham Darcy 62220 Dyer Jill 62 220 221 Dyer Robert 6989220 Edgmon Adeana 220 Edwards Pat 69 71 220 Elchler Donald 117119146220 Ellis Bobbie 220 Esry Linda 220 Ethington Donna 93220 Evans Belinda 220 Fagan Pam 51 52 54 62 69 220 Fields Kathy 63220 Finnegan Danny 220 Firrel Debbie 220 Gann Linda 220 Garcia Rachel 220 Gaume Paul 117220 George Jerry 220 Gibson George 220 Gilmore Linda 69 221 Gray Venita 221 Green Susan 54 71 221 Haas Mary Beth 54 69 71 221 Hale Mary 221 Hale Mayo 221 Hamilton Chester 54 69 221 Harper Suzanne 93221 Harra C L 221 Harris HarryL 221 Harris John E 221 Harris John F 221 Hastings Donna 69221 Heman Cindy 52 62 69 221 Hensley Carolyn 221 Hess Mike 221 Hisle James 69221 Hoaglln Lyndle 221 l 1 s 1 , 219 , 243 , 244 ' , A ' Q , , , . , l 1 ' 'Fi' ' we . , 1 Arif 1 2123 Adams, Michael 117,218 Glenn, Debbie 221 . ' VY, ' , 1 ul A i V l , ' ' ' ll 1 1 1 1 1 I , I 47, 1 , ' 1 li 1 r Y 4 263 -x,' 1 - W-. A - f f A ,- j 9 j 9 , gg we-, ffg, Pam plays for vocalists Hoff, James 222 Holeman, Cheryl 222 Hoover, Connie 222 Horner, Virginia 69,222 Howe, Beverly 62,222 Huber, Randa 93,222 Huntsucker, Cathy 54,222 Huntsucker, Vernon 222 Huntsucker, Walter 222 Hurst, Thomas 222 Husted, Norman 222 Ingram, Roger 222 Jacquess, Jimmy 1 ,54,116,117,118, 222 Jeffries, Laura 222 Jeffries, Nile 222 Jeffries, Rick 54,117,222 Johnson, Barbara 222 Johnson, Rick 222 Jones, Barbara 222 Jones, Monica 223 Juliann, Timberlynn 52,223 Keadle, Diane 97,223,248 Keeran, Ron 223 Kellough, Ronald 223 Kendrick, Melinda 223 Kettlewell, Linda 63,223 King,Joyce 63,223 King, Michelle 223 Koger, Bruce 223 Larimore, David 223 Langhammer, Bev 223 Lankford, Steven 223 Lynch, Cathy 62,223 Lyness, Elaine 223 Lynn, Larry 223 Markley, Raymond 223 Matthews, Danny 223 May, Pamela 93,223 Mayfield, Kathy 223 McCollum, Della 223 McCracken, Bill 223 McCracken, Sheila 223 McDaniel, Patricia 52,913,223 Mclntire,Janet 223 McMillen, Pamela 223 Meredith, Renee 223 Miller, Debbie 223 Morris, Andrea 51,224 Murphy, Rosemary 224 Murray, Ronnie 224 Myers, Jerry 224 Neal, Vickie 224 Nolting, Donna 62,224 Olf, Ilona 224 Osborn, Carl 224 Owings, Allen 69,224 Parker, John 54,112,138,224 Pease, Linda 54,224 Penniston, Lucinda 54,91,224 7 Perkins, Charles 224 Perry, Rhonda 224 Phillips, Karen 224 Potter, Mike 224 Powell, Robert 224 Pressley, Ronald 224 Rainwater, Linda 224 Ralston, Rick 7,224 Rea, Lola 63,224 Reeds, Jackie 51 ,52,63,105,224,225 Reese, Clifford 224 Remmert, Pamela 224 Reynolds, Mark 7,54,6O,114,128,139 224 Riley, James 224 Risberg, Connie 63,224 Robb, Loretta 225 Robbins, Dennis 225 Rogers, Devona 63,225 Rose, Ann 225 Ryan, Denise 63,225 Schildhauer, Eileen 2251 Scott, Mike 71,143,225 Sebolt, Larry 225 Sevy, Nancy 69,71,225 Sharp, Chris 225 Sharp, Gary 225 Shelton, Steve 225 Shields, Diana 52,93,218,225 Shrout, Paul 52,54,69,83,225 Simmons, Mike 225 Slee, Vicki 225 Sloan, Shelley 63,225 Smith, Orville 225 Smith, Patty Cable 226 Snead, Joy 52,53,54,62,69,98,226 Sparks, Gayle 226 Spicer, Cindy 226 Stanton, Gary 54,128,132,226 Stark, Pauline 226 Starnes,Jim 226 Starr, Brenda 226 Stewart, John 153,145,226 Stone, David 226 Stone, Mike 226 Stone, Terry 51,52,226 Struewe, Calvin 226 Talbott, Debra 63,226 Tapko, Laura 226 Taylor, Linda 226 Taylor,Valorie 226 Teague, Martha 21,226 Tennis, Sally 14,49,51,97,226 Teter, Kay 226 Tipton, Debbie 227 Trotter, Danny 227 Turner, Ron 226 VanNatta, J. E. 110,118,132,146,227 VanTyyle, Delores 63,227 Varnell, Gary 227 Velaer, Valerie 227 Wagner,James 227 Waisner, Ken 44,227 Walker, Wesley 227 Warford, Shirley 101,227 Waters, Larry 227 Watson, Jackie 227 Watson, Robert 227 Wells, Ron 227 Wescott, Laura 63,227 Whelan, Tim 227 Wilcox, Donald 117,227 Wilkinson,Joe 69 Williams, Brenda 227 Williams, John 227 Williamson, Dean 227 Winfrey, Jack 227 Winfrey, Warren 227 Winkler, Cliff 227 Woods, Gary 69,227 Wooster, Debbie 227 Yaeger, Scott 227 SOPHOMORES Alkire, Cindy 204 Alleman, Kathy 51,204 Angelides, Lina 204 Angell, Kathy 52,54,204,248 Anthony, Darrell 54,204 Aubuchon, Denise 204 Baldwin,Jeanne 204 Bales, Kathy 204 Barclay, Tom 117,128,149,204 Barker, Ronnie 204 Barragan, Phillip 204 Baumgarden, Marsha 204 Berger, Harold 204 Bessmer, James 204 Bessmer, Jean 204 Bewley, David 204 -V-w..:-, ,-.:-m:.'.:11: P asia,1-smash-srvaigfalillmfsw?E531 TT I... i .3 , i 2 Bishop, Cathy 204 Bloss, Steve 204 Bohnert, George 54,117,204 Booth, Elizabeth 205 Boring, Shirley 52,205 Bradley, Mary Jo 52,205 Bradshaw, Gary Lee 205 Brammer, David 205 Bridges, Floyd 205 Brisbin, Donna 205 Brown,Jeannie 205,208 Burge, Marsha 205 Butterworth,Janet 205 Byfield, Greg 205 Cain, Debbie 205 Caronia, Toni 205 Carrender, Donna 71,205 Carter, Beverly 205 Carver, Terri 205,212 Catron, Larry 206 Chambers, Barbara 206 Childers, Kathy 206 Choplin, Paul 71,117,206 Clevenger, Mike 117,206 Cocklin, Richard 54,206 Cole, George 206 Coleman, Becky 206 Comer, Roxanne 206 Cones, Janet 206 Cooley, Donald 206 Corn, Rebecca 206 Corum, Carol 62,206 Courter, Carol 72,206 Cowan, Linda 206 Cox, Earl 206 Crain, Donna 206 Crandall, Curt 117,206 Cunningham, Debbie 206 Cunningham, Patti 51,62,71,206 Davis, Mike 206 Deckard, Eddie 124,206 Dewitt, Dan 109,206 Dieckmann, Arlene 206 Due, Steve 206 Dunker, Roxann 207 Duren, Janet 207 Esry, Leanna 207 Ethridge, Donald 207 Evans, Carol 207 Evans, Richard 207 Evans, Valencia 207 Fetters, Debbie Flake, Danny 207 Gargotta, James Garland, David 207 George, Carol 93,207 Gibson, Phillip 54,117,208 Gilbert, Robert 136,208 Goddard,Twyla 208 Goldsberry, Ruth 208 Gorham, Raejean 208 Gray, Vanessa 208 Gribble, Robin 209 Griffin, Karen 51,209 Griffitt,James 209 Hacker, Debbie 52,209 Hackett, Dennis 209 Hahn, Roger 124,148,209 .-ml:-Q.: macro-1.-5-4 -1 -- A L..A-fat. J.. Hale, Patricia 209 Hall, Cheryl 71,209 Hamblen,Judy 209 Hamilton, Sharon 209 Hargrove, Bobby 209 Harmon, Patricia 209 Harness, Gary 209 Harvey, Mark 208,209 Hayes, Billy 209 Hayes, Rosille 209 Head, David 209,117 Hedges, Carolyn 209 Hedges, Jackie 209 Herrington, Connie 209 Hoaglin, Nelia 35,209 Holloway, Sue 209 Hoist, Calvin 209 Horner, John 209 Hostetter, Kathy 209 Huffman, Gale 101,209 Huffman, Pat 209 Hulett, Nin 21,54,117,209,213 Hupp, Shirley 209 Hutchins, Nancy 57,209 Ingram, Vickie 209 Inman, Ruth 210 Jackson, Barbara 210 James, Grant 54,117,210 Jeffress, Bill, 54,210 Jeffries, Ray 210 Jenkins, Debbie 210 French, Letha 210 Johnson, Debra 54,210 Johnston, Billy 210 Jones, June 210 Jones, Pat 210 Judd, Clyde 117,210 Justus, Christine 210 Keeran, Jerry 210 Keithley, Betty 210 Keily, Mike 210 Kettlewell, Evan 54,210 Kincaid, Frank 210 King, Charlene 210 Kreissler, Sharon 105,210 LaJuanie, Vicki 210 Lamb, Dick 143,210 Langhammer, Cindy 23,53,210 Larkin, Patty 53,54,62,210 LaRue, Karen 210 Lasister, Rhonda 71,72,210,211 Lawless, Paul 210 LeBarron, June 54,210 Lewis, Debie 210 Lindsey, Nadine 210 Little, Dianne 210 Long, Vickie 210 Luke, Belinda 65,211 Lynch, Mary 211 Madsen, Mike 54,211 Mahon, Wendy 211 Martin, Merilee 211 May, Mike 211 Mayhugh, Debra 54,211 McCollum, Chuck 211 McCullough, Laura 211 McCully, Bill 211 McCully, Sam 211 5.......vf ' ui- 265 l l l l ,jj Q' , 1 41 fr i-. ' 'l l 3 l swf 4 Allsf. FQ., l Ms'- 1,5 Hi we l 'A l I , I ' 4 N , lx tl r I 'L 7 . l I l l I . l I McDonald, Eddie 221 Mclntire,Janet 212 Mclntyre, William 212 McQuerry, Dianne 51,212 Melcher, William 211 Miller, Dale 117,212 Minnick, Gloria 212 Mitchell, Debbie 212 Monaco,Jackie 212 Moore, Kathi 212 Morgan, Michelle 54,62,212 Morton, Michael 212 Moser, Gailla 212 Neal, Suzanne 212 Neef, Frank 71,117,212 Nelson, Rick 117,212 Nolte, Charlotte 212 Obermeyer, David 212 O'Dell, Cindy 71,212 O'Hara, Dennis 117,212 Olson, Bonnie 212 Parker, Jennifer 212 Penniston, Nancy 212 Peoples, Chris 212 Perrin, Ronald 212 Peterson, Lynn 213 Pettet, Sue 213 Phillips,James 213 Phillips, Sherri 53,54,62,213 Pirtle, Roger 213 Preston, Bob 213 Pugh, Alice 213 Ragan, Barbara 213 Ray,Jim 213 Reaves, Harold 213 Reed, Cyndi 213 Reese, Linda 213 Reser, Max 54,213 Richards, Melinda 213 Riley, Pat 213 Riley, Steve 214 Rinehart, Cherie 72,214 Rist, William 214 Roberts, Beth 214 Roberts, Edward 214 Robinson, George 117,214 Robinson, Rhonda 214 Roe, Bruce 54,214 Roe, Gary 117,143,144,150,215 Rothove,Jerry 215 Russell, Francis 215 Sanders, Decius 117,215 Savage, Susan 215 Schneller, Mary 215 SchuHi,Carol215 Sharp, Benny 215 Shepard, Sherry 215 Shipman,Wayne 143,215 Sholley, Brenda 204,215 Shrout, Charles 51,215 Sims, Karen 56,215 Sims, Rick 54,215 Slee, Terry 215 Small, Dennis 215 Smith, Bill 215 Smith,Julie 215 Snyder, Nancy 215 Sopher, Patricia 215 Spitzer, Tommy 205 Starcher,James 117,215 Stark, Carol 93,215 Starks, Deborah 2-15 Stauss, Garhon 215 Stephens, Phillip 215 Stock, Randall 137,215 Storms, Vince 215 Sumler, Evelyn 216 - , Teegarden, Roxanne 216 Thomas, Mike 216 Thompson, Susan 216 Thurman, Debbie 216 Todd, Sonda 216 Uptegrove, Karen 216 Uren, Clifford 117,216 VanDyke, Julie 54,98,216 VanDyke, Paul 56,216,117 VanNatta, John 143,151,216 Vorwark, Stanley 117,216 Wagner, Debbie 62,216 Warnex, Paul 124,216 - Webb, Jerry 216 Weeg, Chip 33,117,217 Welch, Mark 217 Willbanks, Rocky 217 Wilcox, Charles 124,217 Williams, Phillip 217 Williams, Ray 217 Wilson, Debbie 217 Wilson, Sherrell 217 Wilson, Sylvia 217 Winfrey, Arlene 71,217 Winship, Pattie 62,217 Wiseman, Debra 217 Wright, Debra 217 Young, Chester 117,217 FRESHMEN Adkins, George 152,190 Adlard, Dana 190 Alexander, Sharon 190 Alexander, Susan 93,190 Alford, Cheryl 190 Amos, Roy 190 Anthony, Doug 190 Arnold, Sheryl 190 Ausmus, Mike 190 Ballard, Shawna 190 Barclay, Mike 190 Barker, Larry 152,190,192 Barnes, Frank 190,192,152 Barnes, Gerald 152,190,192 Barney, Ron 190 Bathgate, Steve 190 Behrends, Greg 190 Bentley, Jeff 190 Berger, Greg 190 Bigley, Bruce 190,152 Bishop, Keith 190 Blake, Rod 50,152,190 Bland, Bill 190 Blystone, Theresa 190 Bone, Steve 120,190,152 Bootwick, Louise 93,190 Botts, Steve 190 Bowman, Regina 190 Brendal, Carol 191 Breuer, Karen 75,93,191,92 Brock, Debbie 191 Brock, Paul 191 Brock, Wayne 191 Brooks, Cheryl 191 Broughton, Cheryl 75,191,92 Brown,Sharon 191 Buckallew, Randy 152,191 Burge,Gary 191 Byfield,Jeff 191 Callahan, Pam 191 Carroll, Debra 191 Carson, Lari 191 Casselman, Eric 191 Chowning,James 191,152 Clark, Diane 192 Clark, Joanne 192 Coffey, Jim 192 Cole, Virginia 192 Combs, Terry 192 Comer, David 192 Cones, Dennis 192 Cox, Margaret 192, Crites, Debbie 192 Crone, Charlene 192 Cunningham, David 192 Curtner, Kathy 72,192 Danner, Terry 92,192 Davidson, Pam 192 Davis, Kate 75,93,192,92 Davis, Larry 192 Robin, C Deckard, Jim 192 Dewey, Lonnie 192 Dobbins, Lana 192 Dowd, Robert 192 Doyle, Paula 192 Ellis, Becky 92,192 Elsea, Michelle 93,192 Endicott, Vergil 192 Esry, Herman 192 Ethridge, Dale 193,152 Farley, Debbie 193 Firrlel, Donna 193 Fitzwater, Leonard 193 Flake, David 193 Ford, Jim 193 Francis, Jack 193 Galbraith, Billy 193 Gann, Gloria 193 Garcia, Gloria 193 Garrison, Gale 193 Gray, Martha 193 Green, Debbie 193 Greer, Glenda 193 Hacker, Dana 92,193,194 Hamblin, Janet 193 Hamilton, Estella 194 Hamilton, Russ 50,194,152 Hardwick, Joy 54,194 Harmon, April 194 Harper, Bill 152,194 Harra, Ginger 93,194 Harrington, Susan 194 Harris, Earl 194 Hayes, Lee 194 Hayes, Lonnie 194 Hayes, Nancy 194 Hearn, Debbie 194 Henderson, Tom 194 Herndon, Connie 75,194 Herrington, Mark 194 Hill, Robert 194 Hirst, Steve 194 Hoff, Kathy 194 Holeman, Valerie 194 Holmes, John 194 Hoover, Cheryl 92,93,194 Hoover, Ted 194 Horner, Robert 194,152 Hubbard, Sherry 195 Huber, Kim 195,92 Huffman, Larry 195 Hughes, Brenda 195 Hulett, Rose 50,195 Hunt, Sheryl 195 V I Huntsucker, Rhenda 54,195 Ingram, Rick 195 Frinman, Rick 195 Isbell, Valerie 195 Jamison, Mike 152,195 Jetfress, Rosemary 53,541,195 Jeffries, Rosemary 53,195 Jimerson, Linda 195 Johnson, Mary 195 Keadle, Ronnie 50,195,152 arol help serve Keleher,Jim 195 Kilgore, Ron 195 King, Phil 195,120 Kirchner, Wayne 195,152 Knapp,Jonathan 196,152 Kogert, Frank 196 Kretsc'hmer, Danny 196 Kuntz, Robert 196 LaJaunie, Brendan 196 Lamb,Jeannie 196 Lane, Mike 196 Langhammer, Kevin 150,196,152 Lawson, Connie 196 Leahr, Steve 196 LeBarron,Jill 196 Lee, Frank 196 Lester, Mike 196 Long, Debbie 196 Lopez, Tony 196 Lynch,Joan 196 Lyons, Brad 196 Madsen,Jeannie 196 Mannering, Debbie 196 Mart, Bruce 196 Martin, John 196,152 Mayfield, Mark 196 McBee, Marlene 196 McCarty, Patty 196 McClung,Jan 196 McDaniel, Judy 92,196 Meredith, Roxanne 196 Miller, Judy 196 Minton, Kem 197 Mitchell, Paul 197 Montgomery, Melissa 197,200 Moore, Brian 197 Moore, Cathy 197 Morton, Debbie 197 Mueller, Joy 92,197 Mullinix, David 197,152 Murphy, Matt 198 Mutz, Matt 198,152 Myers, David 198 Neal, Vanessa 198 Nelson, David 198 Obbink, John 198 O'dell Kevin 198 O'dell, Pat 198 Ogletree, Steve 152,198 Overly, Janet 198 Parker, Ernest 198 Parker, John 198 Parrish, Debbie 198 Perrin, Charles 54,90,198 Perry, Ed 198,152 Peterson, Jerry 198,152 Pettet, Terri 198 Phillips, Sloan 50,198 Potter, Roger 198 Poyneer, Roger 196 Preator, Penny 198 Rainwater, Betty 198 Rasmussen, George 198,152 Reagan, Patty 183,19B,192,92 Reed,Vicky 199 szazrzatf? 68 Charlie's Reese, Brad 199,152,124 Remmert, Debbie 199 Renfro, Otis 199 Reynolds, Reggie 199 Riggs, Rhonda 199 Ringwald, Betty 199 Roe,Jane 199,92 Ryun, Ronnie 199 Rynard, Steve 199,152 Scafe,Judy 199 Scholbohm,Jan 199 Scott, Pat 199,152 Seaton, Sharon l 199,200 Sevy, Mark 199,152 Sheets,Jim 199,152 Shelton, Linda 199 Shepard, Mike 199 Sholes, Ed 199 Short, Greg 50,54,199,152 Simpson, Linda 54,200 Sleyster, Diane 200 Small, Charles 200 Smith, Dennis 200 Smith, Leanna 200 Smith, Mike 200 Snyder, Rat 200 Sopher, John 200 Sparke, Mark 200 Spease, Connie 200 Spicer, Joe 200 Staats, Gloria 200 Standiford, Brenda 200 Stark, Karen 93,200 Starks, Mike 200 Starnes, Connie 200 Stepherns, Phyllis 200 Stevenson, Steve 200 Stewart, David 2.00 Sullivan, Eugene 200 Swett, Mark 200 Taylor, Kathy 193,200 Teter, Tom 200 Thomas, Mike 200 Thompson, Bill 201 V Thompson, Cathy 201 Thompson, Joyce 201 Thompson, Linda 201 Thonrnton,Vicky 201 Tigner, Debbie 201 Tipton, Theresa 201 Turner, Diana 54,201,92 Varnell, Sherry 201 Varnell,Terry 201 Veuleman, Larry 201 Vickers, David 201 Viter, Larry 201 Vorwark, Curtis 201 Wade, Debbie 201 Wenger, Wayne 201 Whitley, Ken 201 Whitley, Pat 201 Whitney, Diane 202 Wiesner, Joe 202,152 Wilcox, Linda 93,202 speed brings class honor Williams, Esther Lee 202 Williams, Lynn 202 Williams, Ricky 202 Williams, Terry 202 Wilson, Joann 202 Wilson, Ken 202 Wilson, Norman 202 Winfrey, Mary 202 Wright, Robert 202 Wyatt, Elaine 202 EIGHTH GRADE Adams, Danny 172 Adams, Susan 172 Ahls, Ruth 172 Akins, Stan 172 Alleman, Mike 172 Alleman, Sharon 92,172 Allen, Steve 172 Allison, Rhonda 92,172 Anderson, Patty 75,172 Archer, Joanna 92,93,172,173,183 Armstrong, Vickie 172 Arnone, Gina 172 Aubuchon, Keith 172 Avelyn, Cathy 172 Ballard, Steve 172 Barclay, Kevin 153,172 Barnhill, Kathy 92,172 Barksdale, Robert 172 Bass, Delena 172 Bass, Everett 172 Bathgate, David 172 Baumgarden, Ken 172 Bay, Jack 172 Beebe, Delores 172 Becker, Teri 172 Beemer, Vickie 172 Bell, Brenda 172 Bellis, Elaine 75,172 A Benson, Mike 153,172 Biermaier, Lori 172 Bishop, Sharon 1,72 Black, Rickey 172 Bledsoe, Kathy 172 Bloss, Greg 153,172,180 Borne, Gary 172 Bowers, Peter 174 Bowling, Mark 174 Box, Brenda 174 Bragaw, Brenda 174 Brock,Janet 174 Brockman, Susan 174 Bryant, Norman 174 Bromley, Denise 174 Brooks, Cindy 75,174 Buck, Vicky 93,174 Buckallew, Ronnie 153,174 Buhrman, Kathy 174 Burford, Rich 174 Burns, Jim 174 Cable, Jackie 174 Callahan, Janet 174 Campbell, Claudia 175 Cartmill, Ann 175 Cartmill, Sarah 175,180 Carver, Delaine 175 Cavallaro, John 175 Chapin, Linda 92,93,175 Chapman, Emma 75,175 Clark, Larry 175 Clark, Minnie 175 Clymer, Liz 75,175 Coats, Greg 176 Cockran, Jim 176 Colby, Cheryl 176 Colvin, Vickie 176 Cook, Tim 176 Courtney, Steve 176 Cowan, Ken 176 Cramer, Dennis 176 Cramer, Larry 176 Crain, Wanda 176 Crawford, Diane 176 Crossley, Jerry 153,176 Crowl, Diane 92,176 Cundiff, Debbie 176 ..,--,,..,., 4..sq,.5A,Qi,,L .-LV. -. ..- -.A ,fe V ' :: " I Cunningham, David 1 Cusick, Robert 177 Davis, Nancy 75,92,17 Decker, Shelia 75,92,177 Dewey, Geni 177 Donahue, Tony 177 Donavan, Steve 177 Doyle, Sam 173,177 Dudley, Greg 153,177 Duett, Stan 177 Dunham, Mark 177 Duren, Darrell 176,177 Dye, Jeff 177 Dyer, Mary 93,177 Dyer, Ted 153, 177 Eble, Jeff 177 Ethington, Jackie 177 Evans,Jackie 75,177 Evans, Lorenda 177 Fagan, Robin 92,177 Farley, Terry 177 Faulconer, Frank 177 Ferguson, Kathy 177 Ferguson, Ted 153,177 Fette, Barbara 75,177 Fetters, Alex 153,178 Firkins, Christe 178 Fisher, Tyra 178 Ford, Bryan 178 Forgey, Frank 178 Galbraith, Teresa 178 Garcia, Rose 178 Gibson, Janet 75,178 Gibson, Roy 178 Gibson, Steve 178 Giese, Cheree 178 Gilbert, Dawns 75,178 Gillispie, Mike 178 Goddard, Patricia 75,92,178 Gorham, Larry 178 Grace Rose 178 Gray, Glenda 75,92,178 Gray, Patricia 178 Gray, Valerie 178 Griffin, Billy 178 Griffin Dale 178 Griffin, Terry 178,92 Gulley, Tim 178 Haas Jim 153178 Hackett, Benny 179 Hale Joe 179 Hale Ken 153179 Haley, Mark 179 Hall Mike 179 Hamilton, Tom 153,179 Hand,Joe 179 Harris, Norma 179 Harvey, John 153,179 Hastings, Karen 92,179 Hatfield, Vickie 179 Hayden, Mark 153,179 Hazelwood, George 179 Head, Teresa 179 Hedwick, Danny 179 Heflin, Craig 153,179 Herrington, Chris 153,179 Herndon, Pam 179 Horner, Jackie 179 Hestand, Don 179 Hidden, Bob 179 Horner, Bill 179 Houghtaling, David 179 Howe, Garry 153,178,180 Hubbard, Debbie 181 Huber, Rudy 181 Hughes, Yvonne 181 Hunt, Vickie 181 Hutson, Glenda 181 Jackson, Steve 181 Jaquess, Dennis 181 Jaquess Linda 92181 Johnson Janet 181 Johnson Sharon 75181 Jones Kathy 181 Jones Linda 181 Jones Vickie 50181 Jordan Lynn 75181 Judd Ivan 153181 Justus Charles 181 Keithley Cheryl 181 Kendall Sheryll 181 Keown Ken 181 Klmbrell Teena 181 92 Kmser Mike 153182 Kirchner, Kathy 182 Knapp, Steve 182 Kobe, Sheryl 182 Koger, Nona 182 Kreissler, Martin 153,182 Kunser,Jrm 182 Kuntz, Diane 182 Lairmore, Mike 123,182,153,124 Lakey, Gary 182 Lakey, Linda 75,187 Lampher, Lisa 92,182,50,75 LaRue, Terry 153,182 ' Lawrence, Jerry 182 Lee, Diane 182 1 Lester, James 183 Liggett, Steve 1831 Little, Chris 183 Luke, Thomas 183 4 Luther,Tim 183 l Lyness, Robert 153,183 Lyons, Greg 183 , Macrae, Mark 183 , Markley, Gerald 182,183 j May, Mary 183,192 l McBee, Bill 183 McClellan, Randy 183 l 269 ' IA " 5 T 3 T 5 ' o' T' A' ii'T.gLf'1:e Q- gain 1 1 , - r ,. ' 3 T LsL2La2,4.1g,,.9Le,4 , . -E if . Al . 1 .- E' V, F 1 H M 4 '. V' K x 1 ,ff 76 , . ' 7 ' it ' 1 ' ' , 55,5 ' ' :Y 1 , y ' T . Im ' ' Y li , ' ljwfi 'I . L . , .1 .. 1- f Index lists 1756 names McCollum, Randy 183 McCracken, Barbara 93,183 McDonald, Davis 183 McMechan, John 183 Meads, Debbie 75,183,92 Melcher, Bonnie 183 Miller, Mike 183 Miller, Patricia 183 Minnick, Dawn 92,183 Mitchell, Eydie 183 Mitchell, Nancy 183 Monaco, Russ 153,183 Monte, Tony 93,184 Moore, Jeannie 184,92 Meyer, Gail 75,184 Murray, Bob 153,184 Meyers, David 153,180,184 Myers, Diana 184 Myers, Terry 184 Newport, Everett 184 Nixdorf, Kathy 75,184 Northcutt, Roger 153,184 Northrup, Gordon 93,184 O'Dell, Connie 92,184 Oliver, Vickie 75,184 Parks, Ken 184 Parker, Ted 153,184 Parrish, Patty 184 Payne, Harold 184 Pease, Doug 184,185 Peppers, David 184 1 Perry, Roxanna 184 Peterson, Carol 184 Phillips, Diana 92,184 Porter, Robert 184 Powell, Eddie 153,184 Powers,Jim 93,185 Preator, Becky 185 Price, 'Diane 185 Prock, Sally 75,93,185 Pugh, Dana 92,185 Ray, Mike 153,185 Ray, Bill 185 Reddell, Debra 92,185 Reed, Debbie 185 Reed, Diane 75,92,185 Reed, Dorene 185 Reeds, Cindy 75,92,185 Rickman, Rhonda 185 Riggs, Gilbreath 185 Riley, Dan 153,185 Riley, Karl 185 Rinehart, Steve 185 Roberts, Richard 185 Roberts, Tim 185 Robinett, Steve 185 Robinson, Debra 75,92,93,1 Rogers, Lana 186 Ronsley, Kay 186 Rose, Betty 75,186 Rothove, Melody 186 Royal, Ed 186 Sadler, Jayne 186 86 Scafe,John 186 Sharp, Richard 186 Sheilds, Greg 153,186 Shelton, Becky 186 Shewell, Jackie 75,186 Sholly, Rod 187 Shrout, Norris 153,187 Siegrist, Lavonne 75,187 Smith, Becky 187 Smith, Cindy 187 Smith, Dale 187 Smith, Dean 187 Smith, Laura 187 Smith, Rita 187 Smith, Robin 153,187 Sopher, Carla 187 Satterfield, Susan 50,75,92,186 Sopher, Marla 187 Sparks, Randy 187 Spencer, Randy 187 Stanley, Edna 187 Starnes, Rita 187 Starr, Jerry 187 Stewart, Bill 153,187 Stewart, Dan 188 StilI,Julie 188 Stradford,John 188 Sullenger, Bill 188 Sullivan, Greg 188 Sumler, Paula 188 Summers, Sandra 75,188 Terrell, Greg 188 Thompson, Everett 188 Thompson, Larry 188 Trader, LeeAnn 92,188 Troutner, Phillip 188 Vanarsdall, Kathy 188 Varnell, Janice 188 Van Tuyl, Dennis 188 Veach, Gail 188 Vellar, Cindy 188 Vickers, Brenda 188 Vieth, Mike 188 Wade, Randy 188 Waisner, David 93,188 Walker, Susan 75,188 Warnex, Becky 188 Washam, Stuart 188 Webb, Charles 93,188 Weigand, Teresa 188 Westmoreland, John 153,188 Whiting, Karen 75,93,189 Williams, Carol 75,189 Williams, Jon 93,189 Winship, Howard 153,189 Winter, Debra 189 Winter, Kathy 189 Witherspoon, Jackie 189 Wolfe, Velda 93,189 Woods, Barbara 189 Wooster, Mike 189 Wright, Doreen 189 Wright, Doug 189 Yost, Sharon 189 Young, Richard 189 SEVENTH GRADE Adams, Martin 156 Adkins, Jeff 153,156 Alexander, Randall 156 Alexander, Scott 156 Alkire, Clint 156 Allison, Dale 156 Anderson, Thomas 156 Archer, Frank 156 Avelyn, Dan 153,156 Bagby, Jerry 156 Bain, Jennie 156 Bales, Cynthia 156 Bass, Tim 157 Beaver, Joyce 92,157 Bell, Ricky 157 Bell, Velinda 157 Bennett, Gail 157 Berrier, Debbie 157 Berry, David 157 Berry, Larry 157,163 Bibbo, Steve 157 Binkely, Harry 157 Bloss, Debbie 157 Borne, Steve 157 Bradley, Terry 157 Bradshaw, Rick 157 Breuer, Denise 157 Brisbin, Dorothy 157 Brock, Barbara 157 Brooks,Joy 157 Brosom, Brenda 157 Brown, Becky 157 Brown, Ina 157 Brown, Vickie 157 Brown, Robert 157 Buehler, Linda 157 Buck, Robert 157 Burgett, Carole 157 Burton, Debbie-157 Bush, Roger 153,157 Butterworth, Susan 157 Cartmill, Marie 157 Casady, Jane 92,158 Casey, Bill 158 Chapin, Ray 153,158 Childs, Lori 158 Christy, David 158 Cleman,Tina 92,158 Clevenger, Rita 158 Clubine, Mike 158 Clymer, Pat 50,158 Cole, Brenda 158 Coleman, Jeff 50,158 Collier, Ricky 158 Combs, Don 158 Combs, Rowviena 92,158 Comer, Larry 158 Cope, Cindy 158 Copenhaver, Steven 153,158 Cordray, Maria 158 Costigan, Vicki 158 Cowan, Phyllis 158 Cox, Lavon 158 Crain, Roy 158 Culbertson, Gerald 158 Cunningham, Charles 158 l 270 E Davis, Brenda 92,158 Davis, Laura 158 Dillee, Bobby 158 Doubenmier, Jacob 158 Drown, Charles 159 Duett, Russ 159 Dunham, Fred 159 Durrington, Delores 159 Edgmon, Joyce 159 Edwards, Ken 159 Eichler, Ken 159 Elliott, Regina 159 Ellis, Deanna 159 Ellis, Ricky 159 Enss, James 159 Esry, Joe 159 Evans, Ron 159 Farris, Bob 159 Fetters, Phil 159 Fillpot, Jeff 160 Firkins, Doug 153,160 Fitzpatrick, Greg 160 Fitzwater, Mike 160 Flake, Debbie 160 Flowers, Steve 160 Ford,Tim 160 Foster, Melody 160 Frazier, Jami 160 Gann, Gloria 160 Gatley, Cynthia 160 Gibson, Roxanna 93,160 Gillispie, Becky 160 Gilmore Dennis 160 Gust Jerry 160 Goddard Deanna 160 Goldsberry Teresa 160 Gondran Vicki 92160 Good Gale 160 Gordon Jack 160 Grace Charles 160 Green Denise 160 Green Mike 160 Griffin Sharon 160 Griffitt Terry 161 Hacker Donna 161 Hackett David 161 Hackett Jennie 161 Hahn Linda 161 Hall Cynthia 161 Hamilton Charles 153161 Hamilton Delores 161 Hamilton Mary 161 Hand Mary 161 Hargrove Cheryl 161 Harness Tim 161 Harper Pat 153161 Harris Shelley 161 Hartley David 161 Haston Tamara 162 Haynes Elizabeth 162 Healm Don 162 Heany Randy 162 Hedrick Connie 162 Hedges Janice 92162 Hedstrom Deborah 162 Heflin Kimberly 162 Heitman Anna 162 Henry Kim 162 Herrell Mike 162 Hickman, Tim 162 High, Sharon 162,167 Hightree, Denise 162 Hoaglin, Russ 162 Hoberg, Tamara 162 Holloway, Cynthia 162 Hoover, Anne 162 Hostetter, Glen 161,162 Howell, Alan 162 Howell, George 153,162 Howerton, Carolyn 162 Huber, Debbie 162 Huffman, Melinda 162 Hugill, Debbie 162 Hulett, Kurt 163 Humbird, Rhonda 163 Hunt, Robert 163 Huntsucker, Cindy 163 Huntsucker, Suzanne 163 Hutson, Roxie 163 Inman, Kathy 92,163 Jacobs, John 163 James, Laura 93,1!-33,92 James, Stephen 163 Jeffries, Curtis 163 Jennings, Brenda 163 Jester, Terry 164 Jewell, Kathy 164 Jimerson, Diana 164 Jinks, Thomas 164 Jones Jones Jones Jones Jones ,Dana 163,164 , Pat 164 Rhonda 164 Sharon 164 Steve 164 Keadle Gary 153164 Keel John 164 Keeton Tim 164 Keithley Penny 164 Kelly Phyllis 164 Kendrick David 164 Kennedy Sandra 164 Kirwan Mike 164 Koogler Ken 164 Kusick Keith 164 Lakey Cindy 164 Lamb Cathy 164 Lamb Jim 153164 Lambercht Ken 164 Land Lori 164 Laughlin Diane 164 Lewis Greg 165 Lewis Jane 165 Liggett Shelly 165 Livingston Harold 165 Long Belinda 165 Long Brenda 165 Loos Jim 165 Lopez Caridad 165 Love Gail 165 Lovell David 165 Madsen Joy 165 Marks Kathy 165 Martin Dennis 165 Martin Richard 165 Mason Karen 165 Mauzey Cheryl 160165 Mayhugh James 166 McBee Cindy 166 McClung, Carmel 166 McCollum, Pam 92,166 McConnell,Jeff 166 McCullough, Karen 92,166 McDermott, Bill 166 McElroy, Steve 166 McMahill, Valinda 166 McMechan, Margaretha 166 Meads, Tamara 92,166 Merritt, Debbie 166 Merritt, Melody 166 Miller, Claude 166 Miller, Gina 50,166 Mitchell,Andy 166 Mitchell, David 166 Mohn, Patty 166 Monaco, Gerald 153,166 Montes,Janet 166 Moore, Linda 92,166 Moore, Rhonda 166 Morris, Connie 166 Myers, Tom 153,166 Neal, Brian 166 Nelson, Gary 153,167 Northrup, Janie 167 Oldham,Janes 167 Oles, Stanley 167 Olson, Steve 167 Parsley, Debbie 92,167 Patton,Terry 167 Payne, Susan 92,167 Pearson, Ricky 167 Penniman, Kathy 167 Penniston Martha 50167 Peoples Denise 167 Perry Bruce 167 Powell Ted 167 Preston Patty 167 Ragan Martha 167 Ramsey Brian 167 Rasmussen Steve 153167 Ray Kerry 167 Reagan Mike 153167 Reaves Debra 167 Reed Gerald 167 Reel Charles 167 Riley Karen 167 Simmons Duane 168159 Simpson Charles 159168 Smith Ralph 169153 Staats Pam 93 92169 Stafford James 169171 Stanton Larry 153169 Sullenger Telnda 92169 Sullivan Steve 169 Thurman Ken 153169 Uptegrove Mike 153169 VanCompernole Mark 153170 Wilcox Wilson Wilson Wilson Wilson Pat 92170 Charles 159171 Ricky 171 Richey 171 Robert 171 Winfrey Ed 153171 Womack Mark 171 Wooster David 171 Yancey Dennis 171 Yates Jerry 171 Yount Dan 171 1 ' , , 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 . . Y 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 , 1 , 1 I , 1 1 ' 1 1 ' , ' ' , 1 1 1 . . Y , 1 l . , 1 . - ' 1 ' . ' 1 1 ' . ' ' 1 1 1 ' ' . ' 1 1 1 1 . - ' 1 1 1 1 I - ' ' 1 1 1 1 , . - ' 1 1 , 1 ' 1 1 1 ' ' ' 1 1 1 , . I . . Y , 1 ' 1 1 1 1 ' ' . 1 1 , 1 . ' 1 1 1 ' ' ' 1 1 y 1 . . ' 1 1 1 . . 1 ' 1 , 1 , . 1 1 . 1 . . 1 Y 1 I . , - 1 1 1 I Y . . , 1 Y ' 1 . , y I 1 . 1 , y V 1 ' 1 1 . 1 ' 1 1 Y H-AU-HL --UAA - iAm::L.1:,. I , f.. .. ..... .v,A.,,.. .- V- -- - 4 i I I l V i l l it t l i i l I i ll l l I ' 1 il i lil itll in 72 7970 The year to cheer 2 s The "Indian Legends" staff acknowledgesthosewho made this book possible. To Ftolland Studio and Russell Faust we "give our gratitude for help- ing with photography. To Inter- Collegiate Press and Robert Gadd a special thanks for ad- vising and understanding our problems. But most of all, we thank the FOHS students for making 1970 the year to cheer. Candy Dennis, Editor N El e i i 7 Y ,W M N l , -f f:-1----ur J :-,La ,fee ,fs-' 4,5515 f 1,-A.12T:2fT,fi-if 1, ,- f. ,-nf vw.-:.f,f V. ., f fr ,t . ,. t . M, ab-A gg.-M, i 1 s I 1 5 ! Q l , ,- I' Y' +F"2"5'i. - 1 Wi? M N

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