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jsr- 6 ' • , 5? S ■ 1 Jij t iy i o— ' o % M1W- 1 ? (f £t Z tu .W!3. " 3 " yiM Y R m, 7 i •vs. oJul -ju mj- cA- r. z tj-« j _ £r CALOOSAHA TCHIAN Yearly Publication of FORT MYERS SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL Cortez Boulevard Fort Myers, Florida Printed by Keys Printing Corporation Greenville, South Carolina SENIOR HI£H SCHOOL iii TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction 1 Faculty 14 Sports 28 Clubs 54 Activities 84 Classes 108 Advertisements 174 ALMA MATER Hail, Alma Mater, Hats off to you. Ever you ' ll find us Loyal and true. Firm and undaunted Ahvays we ' ll be. Hail to the school we love Here ' s a toast to thee. We came by several ways . bus for almost half of us. by While others of us added to the congestion of the parking lots by drivm " . Some of us waited for the 8:20 bell by studying and visiting with friends . . . As a few of us spent the same time in detention liall. I the gatherings around the lockers began Another congested area was the supply bureau where ice purchased those last minute supplies . . . Before the advent of a bust dan we paused for a moment of prayer. And in the guidance office, we discussed our various scholastic and aptitude tests with Mrs. Menge. f r J - m- t —i f r3Lg» or F r - m % r? hr- d ij «di m A I In physical education we endured the rigors of the new physical fitness pro- gram. Our classes beSfln at 8:45 for some students. with speeches in English The library was always busy, filled with those of us who needed hooks for research and other reports. Lectures were the most important element of some classes. Lunchroom sales soared under the new system in which we were given the choice of several different lunches. Some of us prepared for the future as homemakers. At 3:15, the vigorous school hours subside, anil the quiet hours begin DEDICATION We lovingly dedicate the 1962 Caloosahatchian to Mrs. Maude Betterton. We love her for her fairness and impartiality, for her sincere interest in our progress, and for her roguish wink that tells us she has a sense of humor, too. To her go our grati- tude for the time and effort she has so freely spent in helping us, and our respect, to a capable teacher. FACULTY MR. DAMON HUTZLER The students of Fort Myers Senior High School arc greatly indebted to Mr. Hutzler for the careful guidance and true friendship which he lias shown to them this past year. -MR. C. R. BARKER Mr. Barker, the assistant principal, helps make Fort Myers Senior High School one of the smooth- est operating high schools in Florida. He has many duties which keep him busy all day, but he is always willing to stop whatever he is doing to be of assistance to the students. Mr. Barker ' s various duties require much atten- tion. One of his most important jobs is the coun- seling of students, whether it be for school activi- ties or job opportunities. He is also responsible for the disciplining of students. This may not be enjoyable, but it is a job that must be done. Also included in these duties are the many neces- sary office reports that must be made every week. Mr. Barker also helps prepare schedules for stu- dents and teachers. He also holds the position of Business Manager for Athletics. -MRS. BESSIE MENGE Mrs. Bessie Menge, the guidance director of Fort Myers Senior High School, is one of the most important personages in the school organization. Her working days are filled with all kinds of prob- lems, whether they be in changing schedules or holding personal interviews. Her office is always a whirlwind of activities, with the phone ringing, students coming for schedule changes, people sign- ing up for tests, and registration of the new stu- dents. Included in her many vital duties is arranging personal interviews with parents and students Mrs. Menge also arranges for college day. She writes recommendations for at least 300 Seniors who hope to enter college. She is also responsible for the task of checking each senior ' s credits. Her most important duty is having personal interviews to schedule students for the coming year. One can very well see why Fort Myers Senior High School is fortunate to have such a competent guidance director. ENGLISH fi » Panel discussions are often held in some classes. MRS. HAZEL ANKROM Home: Chester, West Virginia Hobbies: Music MRS. MAUDE RETTERTON Home: New York City, New York Hobbies: Reading, Sewing, Fishing MRS. MARGARET RLANEY Home: Belleville, Illinois Hobbies: Rridge, Boating r rai DION K, BROWN I [omi I erre Haute, Indiana Hobbies: Writing, Painting. Poetry, Drama MISS ANNE CARTER Home: Salem, Virginia Hobbies: Collecting Foreign and Character Dolls, Needle Point, Read- ing JAMES ETHERIDGE Home: Quincey, Florida Hobbies: Fishing, Reading , Sports One must know the structure of a senteni e in Grammar. MRS. HELEN MONNETT Home: Enid, Oklahoma Hobbies: Dogs, Flowers FRANK NEMMEC Home: Texas Hobbies: Snow-Skiing, Checkers, Travel MRS. JANE ORR Home: Andrews, North Carolina Hobbies: Water-skiing, Dancing, Horseback Riding WILLIAM PEED Home: Bardstown, Kentucky Hobbies: Reading, Fishing, Family FRANCIS RILEY Home: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Hobbies: Cards, Watching T.V. WILLARD SUMMERS Home: Ramer, Tennessee Hobbies: Flying, Tennis, Chess - 6t English is one of the richest languages day, with more flexibility than almost any otiier is spread over a great part of the earth ' s surface. Forf Myers Senior High School has one of the finest English Departments, in the state of Florida. The study of the English language, which is essential for every American, is divided into two study groups. The college prepara- tory sections enable the students bound for college to get better prepared for college English. General Eng- lish, on the other hand, is for students who aren ' t plan- ning to go to college, or who are weak in English. Another valuable English class for Seniors is Composi- tion and Grammar. This class helps the student to better understand the art of writing compositions. Many books English. arc required to be read Speech classes help the students to smoothly address groups of listeners. NIKS BOM TA LEWIS Hemic: Donaldsonville, ( Georgia Hobbies: Bowling, Bridge, Fishing MISS ALICE SHARPE Homo: Nicholasville, Kentucky Hobbies: Music, Language, Horses With the aid of the language laboratory, students perfect their pronunciation of French and Spanish. LANGUAGES The Language Department of Fort Myers Senior High School consists of French, Spanish and Latin. The mastering of these languages comes quite easily with the assistance of the modern language laboratory. The student is able to sit in a private booth while a tape is being played. Then the student repeats until he gets pronunciation and comprehension perfected. This is an invaluable tool in the learning of any language. To have a well-rounded education, one must in- clude in his studies a foreign language. French and Spanish are Romance Languages, while Latin is the basis for both. No one is really considered educated until he has studied a language other than his own. MRS FERN ' STRANGE Home: Newport. Tennessee Hobbies: Reading, Dancing, Sports, Bridge Miss Sharpe explains the conjugation of a Spanish verb. MISS CONNIE BASSETT Home: Collingwood, Ontario, Canada Hobbies: Art, Sailing, Waterskiing The Clee Club realizes that perfection is achieved through many practices. MISS DORIS DES ROCHERS Home: Fort Myers, Florida Hobbies: Collection of Hummel Fig- urines. MRS. MARION DURRENCE Home: Reidsville, Georgia Hobbies: Swimming, Boating R. T. KIRK Home: Lexington, Kentucky Hobbies : Golf, Records MRS. ETHEL SHEFFIELD Home: Lancaster, Pennsylvania Hobbies: Fishing, Reading Miss DesRochers and Mrs. Sheffield are always willing to be of assistance in finding information. FINE ARTS This department, which consists of Band, Glee Club, Art, and the Library, gives Fort Myers Senior High School the culture that is needed in any high school. The band, under the direction of Mr. Kirk, is one of the best school bands in Florida. It furnishes us with half-time shows and helps to add spirit to our pep rallies. The band, in their new uniforms, also provides us with beautiful concerts. The Glee Club, under the direction of Mrs. " Skeet " Durrence, presents beautiful choral programs in special assemblies. This talented organization also performs the annual Christmas pageant and singing tree, which is enjoyed by all in the city of Fort Myers. The Art Department, under the leadership of Miss Bassett, has produced many talented young artists. It helps promote an interest in art among people who are talented in drawing. The library, under the guidance of Mrs. Sheffield and Miss Des Bochers. furnishs the school with read- ing material and serves as a source of information. MINOR L. BOTT Home: Aberdeen, Mississippi Hobbies: Fishing, Hunting, Shop Work MRS. LU BRAUER Home: Greenwood, Mississippi Hobbies: Sewing, Cooking. Photog- raphy MISS MARGARET COOK Home: Fort Myers, Florida Hobbies: Gardening, Fishing, Pho- tography ARTHUR W. MURRAY Home: West End, New Jersey Hobbies: Hunting, Fishing, Swim- ming, Skin diving Mechanical Drawing neers and achitects n ' ds the future engi- ROBERT OLIVER Home: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Hobbies: Photography, Swimming, Boating DELBERT RHEEL Home: Wisconsin Hobbies: Fishing, Cabinet Making, Reading INDUSTRIAL ARTS, DCT, D.E. AND HOMEMAKING Industrial arts has many useful divisions. Fort My- ers Senior High School offers the following to its stu- dents: Crafts, which consists of leather works, weaving, ceramics; Metals, which consists of bench metal, ma- chine shop and forge and foundry work; Woods, which consists of making furniture and cabinets; and Drawing, which consists of mechanical and architectural drawing. Diversified Cooperative Training and Distributive Education enable students to receive practical business experience as well as related specific study in their chos- en fields of endeavor. The students not only receive one credit toward graduation, but they also receive sal- aries from their employers. Distributive Education deals with sales, while Diversified Cooperative Training deals with office work. Home Economics, must in every girl ' s education, is headed by Mrs. Braurer and Miss Cook. This Class teaches girls how to cook and sew, along with child care. LONNIE SIMS Home: Fort Pierce, Florida Hobbies: Fishing, Sports C. L. TRIBBLE Home: Richmond, Kentucky Hobbies: Restoring Antiques, Fish- ing In woods students and woodwork. iake cabinets, table u ERNEST HALL Homo: LaBelle, Florida Hobbies: Naval Reserve, Orange- growing MRS. ETHEL LIGHTFOOT Home: Fayettevillc, Arkansas Hobbies: Swimming ___ Class explanation is anv math class. W. V. PARDUE Home: Erwin, Tennessee Hobbies: Reading, Fishing MISS VERA RAY Home: Nashville, Tennessee Hobbies: Stamp Collecting, Reading, Sewing MALCOLM RITCHIE Home: Born, Tennessee Hobbies: Golf, Spectator Sports E. C. THOMPSON Home: Laurens, South Carolina Hobbies: Hunting, Fishing MATHEMATICS Mathematics is one of the oldest sciences in the world. Even before men could read or write, they were counting on their fingers or using simple calculating machines. It follows that in order to succeed in any business, one must have some knowledge of mathemat- ics. Mathematics is of such fundamental importance in engineering and in almost all physical sciences that it is a necessary part of the preparation for a career in these fields. In its every form, mathematics is a test and training in clear, logical, accurate thinking. The courses offered at Fort Myers Senior High School are Algebra I and II, Geometrv, Refresher Math, General Math, Business Math, and Advanced Math. iV . J MRS. WILLIE WEST Home: Aberdeen, Mississippi Hobbies: Orchids, Cooking, Enter- taining The slide rule is very useful in solving equations. • ' jf ± TED.FERREIRA Home: Femandina Beach, Florida Hobbies: Sports, Fishing ERVIN [BACH Home: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Hobbies: Watching Sports, Partici- pating in Sports, Deep-sea Diving W. A. KENDRICK Home: Center Hill, Florida Hobbies: Fishing, Football MRS. VIVIAN McCANDLESS Home: Sterling, Illinois Hobbies: Swimming, All Sports Physical Education develops the body and promotes sportsmanship. ELMER TREMONT Home: McKeesport, Hobbies: Golf Pennsylvania Girl ' s physical education classes participated in intramural track. MRS. CAROLYN WHATLEY Home: Greenville, South Carolina Hobbies: Swimming, Knitting. PHYSICAL EDUCATION In pioneer days people maintained their health and strength without a thought of special exercise, but now conditions are changed. Schools try to furnish their stu- dents with all the necessary things that help to pro- duce healthy bodies. Fort Myers Senior High School has a fine staff and all the essential equipment. Healthy- attitudes and good sportsmanship are not neglected in the development of the complete boy and girl. Under President Kennedy ' s physical fitness program, the stu- dents exercise 15 minutes every day. This course also teaches some students how to swim and for the more proficient swimmers there is a class in advanced swim- ming. RON ALLEN Home: Hutchinson, Kansas Hobbies: Fishing, Hunting, Western Music MRS. NELL BARKER Home: Logan, West Virginia Hobbies: Reading, Sewing, Swim- ming SOCIAL STUDIES History, the storv of a country ' s past, is as important to the nation as the future. History is. among other things, a facinating story of our ancestors. It describes th eir struggles and defeats, as well as their successes. To have a present and a future there must have he , i, a past. The study of history educates the student so that he will he ahle to understand the present laws and hap- penings in light of past events. This study is most val- uahle in training good citizens. The courses offered at Fort Myers Senior High are World History, American History, Sociology ' , and Prohlems of American Democ- racy. MRS. EDITH FERREIRA Home: Auburn, Alabama Hobbies: Sewing, Reading MRS. KATHLEEN GOODYEAR Home: Mansfield, Georgia Hobbies: Bridge, Gardening, Read- ing PAUL MONNETT Home: Yale, Oklahoma Hobbies: Fishing, Golfing, Sports Fan WESLEY NOTT Home: Ann Arbor, Michigan Hobbies: Fishing, Coin Collecting, Swimming SAM SIRIANNI Home: Clarksburg, West Virginia Hobbies: Reading, Golf, Sports MISS SHELIA SMITH Home: Portsmouth, Virginia Hobbies: Sewing, Reading, Flowers Student learn to type different kinds (if business letters. Shorthand is important tor the future secretary. BUSINESS This department is a vita] one in the world of today. It teaches the students the art of making a living in the modern business world. Fort Myers Senior High School Business Department offers typing, shorthand, and book- keeping. There are two categories of typing classes. One is Personal Typing, which is taught for only half a year. This is available to students who only want to learn to type for their own personal benefit. Typing I and II are open to students who are planning to enter the business world. Shorthand and bookkeeping are also essentia] for the future businessman. The majority of stu- dents who take this course are able to get a job right after graduation, although some go on to business col- lege BERNARD C. BOYATT Home: Oneida, Tennessee Hobbies: Books, Drama MRS. BETTY CORBIN c i i .ti- Home: Padneah, Kentucky .re the coals m Hobbies: Boatins Music f H ome Mo- ving- vies and Slides MRS. MYRTLE ALLEN Home: Cooter, Missouri Hobbies: Collecting Coins, Garden ing. MRS. SARA MclNNIS Home: Charlotte, North Carolina Hobbies: Sewing, Bowling. Garden- ing MRS. APPIE SCOTT Home: Fort Myers, Florida Hobbies: Beaching, Movies, Photog- raphy, Boating. Mr. Brauer explains the functions of the oscilloscope to his students. MRS. JACQUELINE BASSETTA Home: Boynton Beach, Florida Hobbies: Bridge DAVID BRAUER Homo: Oakford, Illinois Hobbies: Guns, Photography, Garden- ing MRS. THELMA DUNCAN Home: Muncie, Indiana Hobbies: Developing an " all- strain of Chihuahuas , ' hite " RUPERT GUTHRIE Home: Punta Gorda, Florida Hobbies: Classical Music, Volleyball, Swimming MRS. MARGARET SIRIANNI Home: Becldey, West Virginia Hobbies: Music, Sports LARRY SKIPPER Home: Avon Park, Florida Hobbies: Fishing, Entomology, Pho- tography. , BERNARD STEVENSON Home: South Carolina Hobbies: Fishing, Boating SCIENCE " How " and " why " are the most frequent questions in science. Many questions are answered, and of course, many are left unanswered. Perhaps in the more special- ized fields they will become clearer, and perhaps we will be the ones to find the answers. It is the student with the desire to know " why " that makes the scientist of tomorrow. Biology is the base for plant and animal study. Zoology, using as one of its tools dissection, delves still deeper into animal life. Chemistry gives students the formulas and nuclear laws which help to preserve life. Finally, there is Physics, which is the most advanced science offered. With these fine subjects, a well-rounded scientific education is offered for the future scientists among us. Students are involved in many chemi- stry experiments. 4 SPORTS VARSITY CHEERLEADERS BARBARA h NAB CHARLOTTE McCLAREN CYNTHIA CLARKSON LINDA VEALE, CAPTAIN SUSIE STARNES, CO-CAPTAIN SALLY STEVENSON CELESTI I ' ACITTI 28 One of the highlights of the school year was the choosing of our eight varsity cheerleaders. These eight girls were chosen from approximately fiftv others. Some of the qualities which won these girls this honor were looks, personality, tone of voice, leadership and ability to cheer. These girls may take some of the credit for the fine school spirit displayed throughout the year. They were not only a vital asset at the different games, but they also highlighted our pep-ral- lies by putting on many humorous skits. ROW ONE: Captain, Linda Veale; Mascot, Becky Whatley; Co-Captain, Susie Stames. ROW TWO: Sally Stevenson, Sandy Long, Cynthia Clarkson. ROW THREE: Celeste Pacetti, Charlette McClaran, Barbara McNab. Some of our varsity cheerleaders take a rest at the sidelines. The Greenies score again! It is plain to see that the Green Wave has just racked up some important points. This is a typical view of our cheer leaders throughout our 1961-62 sea- We 33 14 19 13 VARSITY FOOTBALL GREEN WAVE 1961 Football Schedule 22 Sept. 29 Sept. 6 Oct. 13 Oct. 20 Oct. 27 Oct. 3 Nov. 10 Nov. 17 Nov. 22 Nov. Jacksonville Lee St. Petersburg Key West Largo Jefferson Ft. Pierce Dixie Hollins Plant Clearwater Sarasota Thev H 33 T 3 H 13 H H 13 Larry Lamb Sam Ford Dan Travis Mickey Coff Tim Lewis Newn Thomas Harvey Spieael Vester Arnold Larry Stokes Robert Roth Grant Murph t y i , " ° s Kicky Campbell Francis Deture Jim Schulz Bryan Savage Ed Cons Benny McDowell Robert Gnau Charlie Sanders Dennis Peterson Don Campbell Hilbert Kiesel Jackie Rosenburg bt h 5 i X O l r j David McDuffie Val Northcutt Lewis Goolsby Jimmy Christenson Renn Gruber £ .V ' ! l k Ed Coleman Evert Greer Marvin l ' igott Joe Turano Terry Coltrain Max Braun John Threlkeld David Broyles Riehard Beckman Berry Summerall » ' Kite 32 Jimmy Welch Steve Turner fc u ■: ROW ONE: CENTERS-Hilbert Kiesel, Francis Deture, Everett Greer, Lewis Goolsby. ROW TWO: Coach Ferreira, ENDS- Vester Arnold, Toe Turano, Ed Coris, John Threlkeld, Har ' ey Spiegel, Jimmy Welch, Dan Travis, Max Braun. GUARDS: Dennis Peterson, Herb Jones, Don Campbell, Benny McDowell, Richard Beckman, Mickey Goff, Berry Summerall, Newn Thomas, Marvin Pigott. TACKLES— Larry Lamb, Ed Coleman, Sam Ford, Robert Gnau, Brvan Savage, Jackie Rosenberg, Coach Kendrick, ROW THREE: ' HAT FBACKS-Charhe Sanders, David MeDuffie. Robert Roth, Steve Turner, Tim Lewis. Grant Murphv. Jim Schulz, Coach Ibach. FULLBACKS-Jim Christensen, Larry Stokes. RVkv Camnbell, Coach Tremont. Manager John Warden. QUARTERRACKS-David Brovles. Val Xorthcutt. Terry Col- train, Renn Gniber, Manager Robert Rutherford. The success of our 196J football season was due largely to the fine coaching staff. Our Greenie coaches not only encourage physical fit- ness, but they encourage and demand high moral standards. These varsity football coaches are Coach Tremont (Back-Field), Coach Kendrick (Line), Coach Ibach (Head Coach) Coach Ferreira (Ends). FORT MYERS VS KEY WEST- OCTOBER 6, 1961 Tonight, for the third consecutive time our Greenies tasted the hitter bile of defeat. What are we to do? We have one of the finest lines in the state and still no results. The out-come of our coming games will depend upon the decisions made during our next week of practice. Never before in the history of our school has the Creen Wave accepted three consecutive defeats, scoreless Tonight, we completed only one pass, gained very few yards rushing and again we failed to score. Defeat is difficult; but with more desire and determination, and the backing of the entire student body, the Greenies can come out of this slum] ' ). This week our school lacked the school spirit needed to boost our team to the top. Now, more than ever, the Greenies need the backing of the student body. Next Friday nicht the Wave will face Largo, hoping for their first victory. • 2: in 1 1 Ml 7 m-JFk ftr " V Kv 1 -zy- w, r. ft! -— SiJ WF ' W4 ' Mfl fc fz S Syr r . . L it ' N K H ; mSk ■ ! v l mU Sviri ' ■ r J y • r Hr X f " " ml A 4 J r FORT MYERS VS PLANT HIGH- NOVEMBER 10, 1961 Tonight the Green Wave fans witnessed the most colorful Homecoming in the history of M.H.S., and they were treated to one of the best games of the year. Although the Greenies were defeated by the mighty Panthers of Plant High, the team effort and sportmanship shown by the Wave will be lung remembered. The Greenies went into this game with a great desire to win, one reason being that Plant handed the Greenies their only defeat of the previous season. The scoreboard read 7-0 in favor of the Panthers as the fans watched an exceptionally beautiful half- time show, in which Pam Dissette was crowned i oming Queen of 1961. The fighting Waves an the second half determined to win the for their newly crowned Queen, however, tin thers were mure than the Greenies could handi he Homecoming game ended in a 14-0 defeat i he Green Wave. FORT MYERS VS LARGO- OCTOBER 13, 1961 Tonight Fridav the thirteenth reversed its tradition as the Fort Myers Green Wave chalk- ed up their first victory of the 1961 season, down- ing Largo 26-0. Serving as the first victorious co-captains of the year were Robert Roth and Dan Travis. School Spirit had been lacking in M.H.S. this last week, but the Green Wave fans turned out in full force to boost the Greenies to that first needed victory. It would be difficult to single out anv specific outstanding plaver in tonight ' s game, as this win is attributed to an entire team effort. The Wave scored earlv in the game when Largo fumbled in the end-zone. Francis Deture was right in there to cover the fumble, thus be- coming the first person to score for the Greenies this season. With the desire and determination shown on the part of the Greenies tonight, we are surely bound for a successful season. ROW ONE: Coach Sirianni, Larry Kelly, Jim Spooner, David Ford, Tommy Kiesel, Jimmv Sheffield, Charles Bradford, Coach Allan. ROW TWO: Peter Bright, Godfrey Santini, Jim Hunt, Jack Ratcliff, Walker Moore, Ricky Whitehill, Terry Tarantino, Joe Busta. ROW THREE: Bruce Smith, Bobby Himshoot, Charles Hallott, Gene Silcox, Charles Fowinkle, Ted Ferreira, Cobb Thornton, Corbin Moore, Ricky Plummer. ROW FOUR: Jimmv Paine, Jerry Finis, Richard Parish, Jim Parks, Harry Cates, Tommy O ' Kelly, Dick Fussell, Bob Ellis, Mitchell James (Manager). B SQUAD FOOTBALL Our two B-Squad football coaches are Coach Sirianni and Coach Allen. These coaches may be proud of their accomplish- ments with the B-Squad. as this was the second year that freshmen were not allowed to attend M.H.S. Because of this, these bovs were all new to our coaches. The team played a total of six games and only won two of them. We are still proud of these underclassmen and well be looking forward to seeing them perform next season. 1961 B-SQUAD FOOTBALL SCHEDULE T Wachula 13 Ft. Myers 12 T Sarasota 13 Ft. Myers 12 H Alva 7 Ft. Myers 6 H Biverview 6 Ft. Myers 13 H Sarasota 6 Ft. Mvers 21 T Naples 14 Ft. Myers 13 Our six sophomore J.V. cheerleaders added color and pep to the football games and pep-rallies They New hn, Joey Kruse, Judy Hutto, Diane McDowell, Mary Shanklin, and Sharon Savaee. are Jane J. V. CHEERLEADERS We can be proud of our cheerleaders, as well as their sponsor, Mrs. Carolyn Whatley. Mrs. Whatley not only helps them plan cheers and pep-rallies, but she accompanies them on their many out-of-town trips. The cheerleaders say thank-you, Mrs. Whatley. Mary Shanklin Joey Kruse Sharon Savage Jane Newlin Judy Hutto Diane McDowell .V J ( ROW ONE: Chris Wenzel, Tim Lewis, Robert Roth and Max Braun. ROW TWO: Buddy Walker, David Dukes, Tom Crabtree and Tom Faul. ROW THREE: Danny Radcliff, Larry Lamb, Pete Clapp and Renn Gruber. ROW FOUR: Coach Elmer Tremont and Manager Benny Smallwood. VARSITY BASKETBALL During the half. Coach Tremont dia- grams plays on the dressing room floor. This year our team lacked the needed height to carry us to the top. The fight- ing Greenies wound up with a 50-50 re- cord for the season. Our Greenies may have lacked height but they certainly didn ' t lack determination and hustle. The final score did not always put the Greenies in the winning position but their hard efforts and their desire to win did. We are extremely proud of our 1961-62 Basketball team. Tim Lewis Larry Lamb Robert Roth Tom Faul David Dukes Peter Clapp Pienn Cruber Danny Radciff Chris Wenzel Tom Crabtrre Max Braun Buddy Walker Coach Elmer Tremont lias very effici- ently handled the varsitv basketball team for the past few years. Coach Tremont is extremely interested in each boy and his accomplishments. This year Coach Tremont ' s team lacked height, but through his expert coaching he turn- ed out a very fine team. Me has taught his team the all-important quality, sports- manship. We are proud to have Coach Tremont on our coaching staff. Here, Danny Radcliff, ji nior, battles for possession of the ball, Danny, the second tallest man on the team, was one of the top scorers during the 1961-62 season, We are proud of Danny ' s accomplishments and well be expecting even better performances from him next year. Coming to Danny ' s aid are Robert Roth and Tnm Faul. In the hack-ground is Tim Lewis. During a time out, the Greenies are instructed by Coach Tremont. Several times during a game time-outs are called to allow the boys a few- minutes rest. During this period the coach tells the boys their mistakes and praises their ac- comnlishments. Because the Greenies lacked height, they ended the season with a 50-50 record. But our team can ' t be beat for desire and determination. The Green Wave ' s Tim Lewis appears to be walking on air as he battles for possession of the ball. Although Tim was one of the smallest men on the team, he proved to be one of the most valuable. Tim never quit playing ball until the last whistle was blown. MHS is proud of athletes like Tim Lewis. ROW ONE: Richard Greenwell, Hubbie Kessinger, Lee England, Bunker Piggott. SECOND ROW: George De- wilt, BilK- Hunt. Radcliff, Robin Pope, Terry Coltrain, Jim B SQUAD BASKETBALL Coach Sirianni gives instructions to Mitchell Janus, B Squad basketball manager. Coach Sam ' s team had a fery successful season as they won fourteen games and lost only six. This is a very fine record and we congratulate them. We can look forward to seeing these boys perform on the varsity team next year. The B Squad team take a time-out to receive a feu instructions from Coach Sirianni. Surely this rest was appreciated as these boys played to win every second of the game. This is the kind of Creenie spirit we like to see. Coach Ron Allen is largely responsible for the success of our J.V. Basketball team. Assisting him as managers were Charles Rucker, left, and Robert Bosten, right. Coach Allen has a difficult task this year as all his boys were new to MHS. Coach Allen not only had to become familiar with each boy ' s athletic ability, but also each boy ' s character traits. We are extremely proud of our J.V. team and wish them continued success in the years to come. J. V. BASKETBALL ROW ONE: Manager, Charles Rucker, David Shumate. Berry Hodges, Jim Bechtal, Tommy Kiesel, Larrv Sofaly, Thomas Reedy, Charlie Hallatt. ROW TWO: Coach Alien, Robert Cotson, Bryan Frizzell. Steve Tice. Jim Sheffield. Walker Moore. Floyd Greenwell, Marshall Long, and Johnn r Potts. ROW ONE: Tim Lewis. Robert Roth, Dan Travis, Ron Vayo, Rick Campbell, Paul Epperson, Harvev Spiegel, Rod Yeomans, Manager Ed Stickles. ROW TWO: Max Braun, Danny Radcliff, Billy Radcliff, Herb Jones, Frank Vetter, Paul Pregenzer, Pete Beiber, Billy Oesher, and Mitch Davidson. VARSITY BASEBALL Slide, Dick, Slide! Dick Fussell slides into second base during one of the afternoon practices at Terry park. Unfortunately Dick was a little late. As in the past. Coach Ferrcira coached our baseball team. He was assisted bv Fd Stickles. the Manager Coach Ferreira may be proud of his team this year as they had one of their most successful seasons. Paul Epperson prepares to demonstrate his Creenie slugging power. Eddie Stickles, trie manager, assists the pitcher hy catching warm up pitches. Our side ' s up! Some of the Greenie base- ball players await their turn at bat. Tak- ing it easy in the dugout are Eddie Stickles, Robert Roth, Frank Vetter, Paul Pregenzer, Billy Radcliff, and Rod Yeomens. This was the main battery of the Green Wave team. Our pitcher was Harvey Spiegel and our catcher was Dan Travis. We are truly proud of these boys ' accom- plishments. J. V. BASEBALL Mitchell Tames, the manager, is instructed by our effieent coach. Coach Sirianni. We an- extremely proud of our J. V. team for their very Good season. Jimmy Spooner hurries to heat out a quick throw to first; covering the hag is Marvin Pigott. ROW ONE: Dick Fussel, Toe! Luna. Jimmy Spooner, Bohhv Wren. David Brovles, Marvin Pigott, Mike Lewis. ROW TWO: Bill Broyton, Robin Pope, Godfrey Santini, Joe Busta, Ron Delyser, Boh Hitton. ROW THREE: Clinton Bayne, Boh Allison. Jimmy Stevenson. John Bingham. Corbin Moore. Terry Tarantino. GOLF TEAM The four outstanding members of Gary Libby, and Ben Smallwood. golf team are Chris Wenzel, Bob Jewett, This year our golf team was coached by Coach Ibach, who is the head coach at M.H.S. Coach Ibach, who is an exceptional golfer, has coached these boys not only in the art of golfing; but he has instructed them on good sportsmanship. We are honored to have Coach Ibach at the head of our coaching staff. Bob seems to have gotten into a little trouble but he handled the situation nicely. This, of course, is a typical problem of all golfers. ROW ONE: Mike Deno, Raymond Baum, Robert Gnau, Leonard Giles, Walt Vertner, Ken Washburn, Ed Coris, Don Campbell, Sam Ford, Bryan Savage, Francis Deture. ROW TWO: Bob Ellis, Bill Ross, Val Northcutt, David McDuffie, Lee Cavvley, Tommy Kiesel, Steve Turner, Mark Huston. ROW THREE: Robert Batson, Gene Silcox, George Dewitt, Charles Hassox, Jim Hunt. Marshal Long, John Warden, Teddy Ferriera, Harry Overcash. ROW FOUR: John Potts, Lloyd Greenwell, Mike West, Bryan Frizzell, Dicky Sumner, George Cruz, Lee England. VARSITY TRACK David McDuffie prepares to run his specialty, the 100 yard dash. David was voted one of the most outstand- ing track members. He was also a fine football player. David is only a Junior so he will be around to help the Greenies next year. This year our track coaches were Coach Allen and Coach Kendrick. They were assisted by Bill Sumner, the manager. The track team experi- enced a very fine season. The boys worked hard and this showed up the final scores. A close finish! Raymond, Mike, and Ken seem to be very tired as they finished the % mile in very close quarters. These three boys were vital assets to the team as each put forth his best efforts. These boys ' determination helped the team finish its season with such a good record. Husky Sam Ford shows good form as he pre- pares to throw the discus. The discus and shot put are events usually handled by the heavier boys. Sam was not only an outstanding track member, but he was also voted one of the most outstanding football players. Watching Sam is Bryan Savage, another fine senior athlete. He flies through the air with the greatest of ease. Who? Mike Deno, the Wave ' s star pole vaulter. Mike also proved to be one of the top distant runners in the Conference. Because of his many accomplishments in track he was chosen as one of the most outstanding members of the 1962 team. HOW " ONE: Caroline Amason, P eggy Emerson, Janet Spencer, Molly Bundy, [anice Spencei Sand) Bomar, Nancy Bahre, tnd Madeleine Porter. ROW TWO: Sara Jackson. Cindy W ird rerri Pletcher. Judj Blake, Carole Wyzga, Pat Riley, [oyce Clapp, Sandy Rogers, Sandy Warner, Ellen Hennigan, Marsha Stier. HOW THREE: Susan Blonqnist, Marian McKeovvn, Nancy Hawkins, Mary Shanklin, Joyce Wilbum, Verra Haneburger, Sandy Clapp. Mart; Mitchell, Nancy Amberg, Lillian Middleton. These seven seniors will be among the- last 4-year from M.H.S. These people have shown mi ■ bility in swimming during theii foui years in school. The} are: Bill Corbin, Janet Spencer, Nancy Bahre. Janice Spencer, Sandy Bomar. Lin Rich- ards, and Peggy Emerson The swimming team has taken up a new form of exercise— weight lifting. Jon Dinkel. John Rollins, Curtis House, and Bill Corbin had a little help lifting this weight with Janet Spencer sitting on it. The Class of ' 62 proudl) turns out seven record holders in swimming. Because ol their determination, their names u ill go down in the record books. Congratulations John Rollins. Peggy Emerson, Janice Spencer, Molly Bundy, Nancy Bahre, Janet Spencer, and Bill Corbin. VARSITY SWIMMING Coach Nott takes time from sprints to give individual in- struction to all swimmers. Hi-re he instructs senior Nancy Duckcr in the art of racing dives. One of the highlights of the swimming season is the choosing of the captains and co-captains. The boys ' team chose John Rollins as their captain and Bill Corbin as their co-captain. The girls ' team chose Janice Spencer as captain and Sandy Bomar as co-captain. These four seniors were chosen for their leadership and athletic ability. The popular swimming coaches at MHS are Coach Nott and Mrs. McCandless. These coaches not only instruct each individual in the n.rt of swimming, but they also take time to listen to personal problems. It is this type of leadership that has made the team the close working unit it is. Our coaches are ably assisted by Sallie Weaver, Curtis House, and Linda Buckner, the team managers. ROW ONE: Bill Hixson, Steve Vance, Paul Welch, John Rollins, Harry Seeman, David Ward, Tommv Halgrim, Bill Kleis. ROW TWO: Hank Beldon, Lin Richards, Bill Corbin, Joe Hensley, Joe Turano, Larry Kelly, Roger Mavis. ROW THREE: Terry Dorando, Paul Fullerton, Curtis House, Karl Beck, Steve Tice, Manuel Montes, Allen Vaughn, Bob Knight, Harold Shepard. L--JsSPmra OUTSTANDING ATHLETES FOOTBALL— Larry Lamb and Sam Ford were chosen by their coaches as the most outstanding football players during the 1961 season. Both of these boys displayed the real Creenie spirit in their hardwork and determination. These, of course, are very important qualities but the most important quality displayed by these boys was their true sportsmanship. Larry and Sam maintain high scholastic averages and both of them have received four-year scholarships from the Univer- sity of Florida. We can truly be proud of these Greenies. BASKETBALL— Height was not a hindrance to these two hustling seniors. The coaches have choos- en Tim Lewis and Robert Roth, two of the short- est boys on the team, as the most outstanding basketball players of 1961-62. It is true that height plays an important role in basketball, but desire and hustle won out in the coaches decisions. These two boys are not only outstanding basketball play- ers but they are among the top in baseball and football. Keep up the good work fellows. TRACK— Two speedsters, Mike Dino and David McDuffie were chosen by their coaches as the most valuable members of the track team. Mike a senior, stands way out in front on his two spec- ialities, the mile run and the pole vault. Mike may be small but he is one of the hardest workers on the team. David, who is a junior, is a leader in short distance sprints. We can expect to see even more action from David next year when he re- turns to M.II.S. as a senior. OF 1961-62 SWIMMING— The Swimming team, the only coed sport in M.II.S. has chosen Janet Spencer and John Rollins as the most outstanding swimmers of 1962. Both Janet and John hold state records and have been consistant performers for the last few years. Swimming requires a lot of hard work and determination. Janet and John have proven themselves capable of both because of their many many accomplishments. Janet and John not only find time to perfect their skills in swimming, but they also maintain high scholastic averages. Con- gratulations Swimmers. BASEBALL-The baseball coaches feel that Dan Travis and Harvey Spiegel have earned the honor of being the most outstanding baseball players in 1962. The team ' s successful season was due partly to the leadership and athletic ability displayed by these two boys. Harvey is one of the most versatile members of his team. No position is too difficult for Harvey to manage. Husky Dan Travis is one of the best catchers to attend M.H.S. Baseball can be a verv trving sport, but Harvev and Dan man- aged to keep calm at all times. We can definitely be proud of these two athletes. GOLF— Two Juniors, Chris Wenzel and Bob Jew- ett dominated the honors in golf. Chris and Bob have developed their skill in golf through hours of practice on the golf course. Both Chris and Bob placed high is the state competition. Chris is not onlv a fine golfer, but he also is an outstanding performer in basketball. Bob maintains one of the highest scholastic averages in the junior class. Keep up the good work, golfers. QRGANIZA TIONS Members of the Student Council are, ROW ONE: Sara Moore, Sam Ford. Barbara McNab, Cynthia Clarkson, Peter Hogue, Kathy Curran, Dusty Summerall, Linda Belgarde, Karl Beck, Eva Waldron, Bon Solomon, Barbara Northcutt, Diane Welch, Faye Johnson, Pam Dissette, Ed Cons. ROW TWO: Barbara Bauer- meister Rosemary Swanson, Annell Wyland, Yvonne Plnmmer, Tom Chuderski, Jean Foster Sandy Knight, Mike Hyatt, Nancy Donninger, Danny Radcliff. Man Vaughn, ' al Northcutt. Bruce Smith, Sue Campbell. HOW THREE: Joey Kins,., 1.,r Shanklin, Joanne Jones. Sands Warner. Debbie Robinson, Mitchell David- son, Roddv Melsek, Celeste Pacetti, Susan Englehardt, Seotti Fortiner, Caroline Anderson, Nancy Hawkins, Diane Thomas, Marvin Piggot, David Broyles, Steve Tice, Donald Wiltshire. STUDENT COUNCIL Student Council members gathered wood and materials for a bonfire pep rally. STUDENT COUNCIL BOARD OF DIRECTORS: David McDuffie, Vice President; Jill Newlin, Secretary; Susie Starnes, Treasurer; Mike Tice, President; Karl Beck, Parlia- mentarian; Joel Luna, Sophomore Director; Tom Chuderski, Parliamentarian; Ed Coris, Senior Director; Danny Radcliff, Junior Director. Members of the Student Council operate the supply bureau. MHS is extremely fortunate to possess such a hard- working, responsible Student Council. This is probably one of the more important individual organizations in the school. The main object of the Student Council is to serve the student bodv, the school, the faculty, the administration, and the public. The members of this group are elected from the student body. Each homeroom picks one representative and one alternate, making the Student Council a truly democratic governing organization. The members realize that, although belonging is a great honor, it carries with it the responsibility of representing their classmates. They must all devote much time and energy to the projects of the group. The activities carried on by the Student Council are numerous. Members operate the Supply Bureau and the Lost and Found Bureau, and they sell workbooks to the students. At the beginning of the year thev make new students feel at home by organizing a welcoming committee. During the year, representatives act as guides for the P.T.A. open house. As a service organiza- tion, the Student Council carries on charitable proiects. too. The Community Chest Drive and the Bundle Drive are both very successful parts of this program. As a school club, it also undertakes manv projects to assist the school. The Student Council donates money to the school librarv to help buv books and keep them in good condition. This year, the organization has been working hard to find a solution to the campus traffic and park- ing problems. In an attempt to raise the morale of the football team during the nadir of the season, the group sponsored and put on a bonefire-pep rallv. The mail- box for students in the office is another innovation brought about bv the Student Council. No list of the club ' s activities can be complete without inclusion of the Homecoming festivities. Every member sacrifices both time and effort to make it more successful than ever. Led bv Mr. E. C. Thomnson and Mr. D. C. Rheel. with Mike Tice as the hard-working president, the Stu- dent Council has plaved an important part in makinc MHS a better school for all. Ever) student should have a goal, and at ITIS this goal is membership in the National Honor Society. To be admitted to this club, a student must have as a prerequisite, a 3.5 average for five consecutive semes- ters. Those who meet tin ' s qualification arc then rated bv the faculty and present members for service, leader- ship, character, and scholarship. The ones who meet the high standards arc announced at an impressive can- dlelight ceremonv. t tin ' s ceremony, during an assem- bly, the goals, ideals, and purposes of the group are ex- plained. Senior members then go out into the student bodv and tap the new members who, alter being led to the stage, are given their membership cards. Members of tin ' s organization are engaged in many activities. Each year the entire group takes an educa- tional trin to some interesting place within the state. Several delegates are sent to the annual state conven- tion, too. Tin ' s vear a new program is being introduced and added to the list of aetivities. Under the leadership of present members, an annual " What We Must Know- About Communism " campaign, featuring films, pamph- lets, and lectures is being started. Under the guidance of Mrs. Bonita Lewis, the National Honor Society holds an important nlace in the hearts of all students. This year ' s officers of the National Honor Society are, (Left to Rinht): Gary Libby, president; Danny Radcliffe, treasurer: Pam Dissette, secretary; and Peter Hogue, vice president. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY MFMRERS ARE, LEFT TO RIGHT. ROW ONE: Helen Sue Margaret Lone. Ellen Blownstine, Pete Bicber. Patty Miller. Hurley, Barbara Tormala, Linda Belgarde, Terry Miller, Pam Julie Rent . Terry Wight, David McDnffie. Nancy Doninger, Dissette, Gary Libby, Peter Hogue, Jill Newlin, Francis De- Annell Wyland. Ture. Suelynn Davison, Caroline Aniason. ROW TWO: Mary Mu Alpha Theta is one of tin- honorary societies of the Fort Myers Senior High School. Although it is open to those students who have superior ahility and grades in mathematics, members must also have high academic averages in their other subjects. This club was organized to further the interests of those mathe- matically inclined, to increase their knowledge, and to acquaint them with the uses and applications of math- ematics which might not normally be taught in regular classes. Even though membership in Mu Alpha Theta is a great honor, members find that this club offers them much more. Those students who belong are awarded the privilege of being in an active and interesting club. Meetings are held monthly, and programs vary. Speak- ers, films, and discussions are a regular feature of these meetings. OFFICERS OF MU ALPHA THETA ARE, LEFT TO RIGHT: Ed Jacobson, Secretary; Mike Ortengren, Treasurer; Lee Edwards, Vice President; and Peter Hogue, President. MU ALPHA THETA MEMBERS OF THE MU ALPHA THETA ARE, ROW ONE: Carol Blazer. Helen Sue Hurley, Susan Posner, Peter Hogue, Mike Ortengren, Tern Miller. ROW TWO: Lillian Middleton, Patty Miller, Jovce Lamb, Man ' Margaret Long, Caroline Amason, Sue Lynn Davison, Mary Ellen Hooker, Sandy Knight. ROW THREE: John Hogue, Ed Jacobson, Butch Matthews. Ronnie Pearl, Paul Welch Terry Wight, Alan Perkins, Tom Fauquet, Dick Hogue. The Key Club is one of the service clubs at MHS. rheir purpose is. therefore, to serve— the school, the home, the community. The main projecl ol the Fort Myers chapter is aiding the Edgewood class for physi- cally handicapped children. Last year, in accordance with tins aim, the) donated a tape recorder to the class. The group lias many activities throughout tlio year. All football fans are familiar with them for members sell peanuts and shakers at football games as well as hand out slogan cards before pep rallies. During basket- ball season, the Key Club-Junior Civitan basketball game is an annual event, enjoyed by all students. The high- light of tilt " social season, the Confederate Dance, is also put on by the Key Club. To members, the main event of the year is the an- nual Key Club picnic. For this occasion, the entire Key Club, accompanied by their dates and various Kiwanians and faculty members, migrate to Vanderbilt Beach for their outing. Examples of the Key Club ' s work are to be found all over tlie school and the community. To members of the student body, the sale of the Student Keys and the erection of the new bulletin board in the lower hall are only a few of the man y ways in which the Key Club serves. KEY CLUB KEY CLUB OFFICERS ARE, LEFT TO RIGHT, ROW ONE: Joe Hensley treasurer; Dusty Sumerall, vice president; Mike Tice, president; Robert Edelblut, secretary. ROW TWO: class advisors, Danny Radcliffe, Bill Corbin, Sieve Tice Members sell Student Keys Key Club members are, LEFT TO RIGHT, ROW ONE: Ted Lemley. Mike Tice, Robert Edelblut, Lin Richards, Dusty Sum- erall. Bill Corbin, John Rollins, Jow Hensley, Tom Faul, Mr. Etheridge, faculty advisor; Mr. Williams, Kiwanis advisor; Dr. Persons. Kiwanis advisor. ROW TWO: David Ellis, Bob Ellis, Tom Fauquet, Steve Tice, Ron Delioer, Dennis Duffala, Billy Radcliffe, Bruce Hudson, Paul Fullerton Alan Vaughn, Jim Silberman, David McDuffie, Dannv Radcliffe. Kev Clubbers keep the students up to date on the day ' s activities with their new bulletin board. during lunch h our BROTHERHOOD WEEK FRIDAY GREENIES VS ST PETE 4S8 MERE THE LAST WEEK BUY A STUDENT K DDAY I FRIDAY VARSITY VS .ABE ' i THERE B PROJECT Onl) the lines) ,ni(l most qualified members ol the senior, junior, and sophomore classes are chosen to be in the Wheel Club, The group, which has a selective membership based on chai tctei dependability and ser- vice, strives to develop initiative and leadership in all its members. In accordance with its motto. " Service above Self, " the purpose ol the Wheel Club is to serve their Fellow men m an) w a they can. The organization carries on many varied projects throughout the school year. Operating the concession stands at football games and Community Concerts. speai heading the annual Goodwill Industries drive, par- ticipating in the traditional Wheel Club— Key Club bas- ketball games, and supplying each classroom ol the school with rostrums are only a few of the main ways in which their activities are evidenced. Probably the biggest event of the year to Wheel Clubbers is the annual banquet and Christmas part) which the group holds for the Rotarv foreign exchange students. Each member of the Wheel Club is a cog in the Rotary wheel which sponsors them. As such, they participate, also, in activities of this symbol of world- w ide service. WHEEL CLUB WHEEL CLUB OFFICERS ARE, LEFT TO RICHT. ROW ONE: Gary Libbv, president; Bill Grace, vice president. ROW TWO: Jack Devitt, Senior board member; David Dukes, treasurer; Val Northcutt, secretary; Billy Smith, Junior board member. Members are. LEFT TO RIGHT, ROW ONE: Al Sholty, Alan Cowans, Bill Grace, Gary Libby, David Dukes, Sam Ford, John Dinkel, Jack Devitt, Bob Linne. ROW TWO: Mike Hyatt, Val Northcutt. Herb Jones, Chris Wenzel, Gary Caldwell, Robert Eaton, Clayton Zehner, Bill Smith, Francis DeTure. ROW THREE: Dr. Ed Saunders, Rotary sponsor: Mr. Ernest Hall, faculty sponsor: Frank Snell, Tommy Kiesel, Mr. Perry Perkes, Rotary sponsor; Mark Huston, Ted Ferreira, Jimmy Spooner, Joel Luna, Ronnie Hamilton. The sponsors of the Wheel Club are, LEFT TO RIGHT: Ernest W. Hall, Dr. E. M. Saunders, and Perrv A. Perkes. T 3 Si m t 3 r v u j «i % V f m r ffl » f Wheel Club members prepare to sell refreshments during the intermission of a Community Concert. [ " he football champion " l Mils is the Jr. Civitan Club. In the inter-club pi. nulls, they emerged .is clear- cut winner This club, however, is more than just a group of sports-lovers. It is one ol the service organiza- tions which strive to make our school and community a bettei place to be The whole school celebrated the end of the first semester at the " Half-waj Mark " Dance. Sponsored by the Jr. Civitan Club, this was one of the main events of the soeial calendar. During the Christmas season, in conjunction with the Civitan Club, members sold fruit takes throughout the city. This was just one of the many annual projects carried on by this group. All the money they raise goes to help the students and the town. As an example, the club tin ' s year decided to make a sizable contribution to the library of MHS to help purchase books, keep them in good condition, and be spent in any way the librarians and the school deemed necessary. In addition, the group carries on activities under the auspices of its sponsor, the Civitan Club. Mr Wesley Nott, the club ' s sponsor, is responsible to a great extent tor the services this group renders. JR. CIVITAN CLUB The leaders of the Jr. Civitan Club are LEFT TO RIGHT: Ben Solomon, President; Karl Beck, Secretary; Mr. Wesley N ' ott, Faculty Advisor; Steve Vance, Treasurer; and Harvey Speigel, Vice President. Members are, LEFT TO RIGHT, ROW ONE: Butch Fulton, Ed Coris, Rodney Yeomans, Ken Noppe, Ben Smallwood, Eddie Stickles, Paul Epperson, Vernon Skelton, Ross Webb, Steve Vance, Karl Beck, Harvey Speigel, Ron Solomon, Coach Wesley Nott, Advisor. ROW TWO: Tommy Halgrim, Davis Johnson, Lee Cawley, Bill Hixson, Michael Davidson, David Broyles, Tim Vance, Harry Cates, Corbin Moore, Mitchell Davidson, Alan Perkins, Bob Wren, Members of the Jr. Civitan Club admire the plaque which identifies the new projection room as their handiwork. Members are, HOW ONE, LEFT TO RIGHT: Ramona Kelly, Jane Heintzman, Linda Hoard, Joyce Clapp, Caroline Am.i-.on. Man Margaret Long. Lillian Middleton, Barbara Jackson, Jane ewlin, Margaret Goldsmith, Pat ell ROW [ " WO: Penny Hogue, Judy Shyrock, Cathy Willi. mis, Karen Miller, Susan Engelhardt, Scotti Fortiner, Pat Riley, Frances Bell, Carol Peres, Barbara Brodheeker. Leslie Horton. LATIN CLUB At MHS there is a club designed to further interest in the Latin Language. The Club The name is the Latin Club. With Mrs. Bonita Lewis as the dedicated sponsor and Francis DeTure as president, the organi- zation fills a very definite need. The activity which most interests members concerns the annual convention of Latin Clubs. Delegates are sent whenever feasible, and they enter contests, join in discussions and forums, and discover much about Latin traditions and customs. At meetings, members listen to interesting speakers and hold heated discussions. Actually, the Club ' s main purpose is to interest people in learning more about the Romans and their cul- ture. There is no doubt that it carries out its aims. Officers are, LEFT TO RIGHT: Sally Weaver, treasurer; Francis DeTure, president; Nancy Doninger, secretary; David Ward, vice president. What is the purpose of the Spanish Club? It is to furtlier interest in and understanding of the culture of Spain. It is to increase knowledge of die customs and history of all Spanish-speaking countries. These purposes are fulfilled by the cltih called " El Ateneo Castellano. " Under the sponsorship of Miss Alice Sharpe, this organization is not only an educational one, but also a service club. The main p-ojccts each year are the col- lection of clothing for the Spanish refugees now living in France and the sponsoring of a migrant Puerto Rican family at Christmastime. In this way, members not only learn more about Spanish; they also further the rela- tionship between Americans and Spanish-speaking peo- ple. " El Ateneo Castellano " is a definite asset to both MHS and our country. THE OFFICERS OF THE SPANISH CLUB ARE, LEFT TO RIGHT, ROW ONE: Susan Grimm, treasurer, Maurita Matches, secretary. ROW TWO: Ellen Blovvnstein, vice president, Karl Beck, president. SPANISH CLUB Members are, ROW ONE, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jan Eaton, Roseann Tarantino, Susan Grimm, Nan Liles, Maxine Duncan, Melody Pearce, Pam Ward, Maurita Mathes, Patty Miller. ROW TWO: Curtis House, Tom McMahan, Linda Brightwell, John Smith. Ed Jacobson, Barbara Beazell, Susan Beckett, Ellen Blowustine, Vera Haneburger, Kathy Blaney. FRENCH CLUB FRENCH CLUB OFFICERS ARE, LEFT TO RIGHT: Julie Bentz, Secretary; Jo Pendleton, President; Gayle Holaday, Vice President; Bill Hixson, Treasurer. Many students at MHS are studying the French language, and they are very interested in the customs and culture (if France. French Cluh tells them the things they want to know in such an interesting manner that they hardly realize it is educational, too. Members meet once a month. At their meetings, they discuss France, her traditions, her language, her ways. The group has, on occasion, speakers who have either lived in France or visited there. They explain the problems a tourist encounters, the sights he sees, and the places to go. Other interesting programs have included films shown by a student of famous Parisian and provincial landmarks. Although the members of this club learn from every meeting, thev also feel that thev belong to an interesting and worth-while organization. Mrs. Fern Strange is the group ' s sponsor. MEMBERS ARE, LEFT TO RIGHT, ROW ONE: Bruce Mower, Terry Temperton, Linnie Mayers, Jim Butler, Barbara Frie, fo Pendleton, Mitchell Mannin, Gayle Holiday, Jane Hyatt. Prudy Cronin. ROW TWO: Jennifer Wigington, Mary Ellen Hooker Butch Matthews, [ulie Bentz, [ohn Bingham, Bill Hixson, Virginia Persons, Nancy Kelly. Dana Jon Ditto, Marti Gerald. ROW THREE: Carol Hendricks, Susan Merklas, Sara Jo Mclnnis, Beverly Sluilt . Darlene Blust, Mary Margaret Long, Carol Wyzga, Debbie Jennings, ROW ONE, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. William Peed, Eva Waldron, Pat Riley, Julie Bentz, Linda Brightwell, Mr. Francis Riley. ROW TWO: Barbara McNab, Linda Buckner, Erleene Butler, Jo Pendleton, Martha Wingate, Carole Jones. ROW THREE: Susan Posner, Gayle Holaday, Judy Blake, Diane Ballentine. JOURNALISM CLUB Working on the staffs of the Tidal Wave and the Caloosahatchian is one of the favorite activities of seniors. However, hoth these organizations require trained, in- terested personnel. For this purpose, the Journalism Club was organized. It is open to all students of MHS who are interested in and want to learn more about journalism in general. Although it is inactive during the first sem- ester of the school year, the club is customarily organized during the beginning of the second semester. Each year, the members of the Journalism Club visit the local newspaper office for a guided tour around the plant. They also gain practical experience in more close- ly related ways. Club members are given the opportunity of aiding in the Tidal Wave layouts, studving the pro- cessing of the Caloosahatchian, and assisting the regular staffs with their assignments. In this way, thev acquire knowledge of the workings of both publications. If thev work on one of these staffs in future years, thev natur- ally have a definite advantage, gained through first- hand experience. The highlight of the year for the Journalism Club takes place early in the second semester. Members are permitted to aid in the induction of those tapped for Quill and Scroll. Under the sponsorship of Mr. William Peed and Mr. Francis Riley, this organization plays an important role in making the journalism department of MHS better and better. Journalism Club officers are, LEFT TO RIGHT: Pat Riley, editor; Eva Waldron, assistant editor; Linda Brightwell, program chair- man; and Julie Bentz, business manager. N. F. L. members leave, early in the morning, for a debate in Tampa. NATIONAL FORENSIC LEAGUE N I ' I Memb rs are, HOW ONE, LEFT TO RIOHT: Jimm Butler, Terry Wight, David Dukes, Bill Corbin, Les- lie sunt!. K ' nl Beck, Julie Bentz, Steve Vance, Tom Compo Francis DeTure. HOW TWO: Mr. Will. ml Summers, advisoi Mitchell Mannin, Larry Wells, Bob Linne, Terry Miller, John Oxenham, Bess Meetze, Tina Mark, Joe Hensle) Ron Solomon, David Ward. To be of service to others, to the community, to the school, and to the country is the purpose of the Junior Red Cross. It promotes health of mind and body to fit its members for greater service and works and to improve and better human relationships throughout the world. This, the newest club organized at MRS, started off the year with a very successful membership drive. Through the guidance and hard work of Miss Margaret Cook and president Arliss Dennis, the Junior Red Cross is taking its place among the school ' s leading clubs. Since the group is made up of two representatives from each home room, it is also one of the largest. The projects of this newlv-organized club are many. Included in the plans are civil defense training, starting a blood bank for the school, and erecting a chest to be sent to some country in need. In general, to be of service and to aid in anv time of disaster or emergency is the end to which this group strives. Other planned activities and functions for the vear were decorating a Christmas tree at Sunland Training Center and a Red and White Rail. The main goal of this first year is, however, to have a truly successful year and lav a firm foundation for future years to build on. OFFICERS OF THE JUNIOR RED CROSS ARE: John Sumner, Vice President; Janet Paul, Treasurer: Linda Matthws, Secretary; Arliss Dennis, President. JUNIOR RED CROSS MEMBERS OF THE JUNTOR RED CROSS ARE. ROW ONE: Marv Tones, Linda Hoard, Jean Wren, Kathv Blanev. Marv Ellen Hooker, Judy Wren. Linda Matthews. ROW TWO: John Sumner, Harry Wheeler, Nicki Demos, Janet Paul, Arliss Dennis, Tom Compo, Fred Dudley, Guy Noe. ROW THREE: Miss Cook, soonsor; Bonnie Sampson, Rosemary Kennedy, Diane McDowell, Gwen Prevatt, Sandv Hamilton. -. _ . « - Fjh i iifo mm ' m " 5 ' i E?Jol Although nursing is one of the most popular pro- fessions for girls, today, as always, there is a driving need for more trainees. The Future Nurses " I America was originally organized to interest girls in possible nursing careers. Through this club they can learn, first hand, what nursing is like and what it entails. The members ol this group do their part in alleviat- ing the shortage oi muses Many ol the girls work at Lee Memorial Hospital, making beds, carrying around maga- zines and water and doing their best to make the patients more comfortable. On Sundays, the members go out to Sunland Training ( ' enter, where they help feed the children, play with them, and make them more eon- tent. Although the members of F.N. A. spend much of their time helping others, the) have varied activities in addition. Early in the year they hold a membership tea to which new members bring their mothers. Later they conduct an annual money-raising bazaar, in con- junction with the Hospital Auxiliary. Vnother money- raising activity is the bake sale which members have every yeaf. The Future Nurses of meriea rewards its hard working members with field trips. Thev go, not only to .Sunland Training Center, but also have this ear plan- ned visits to Cordon Keller in Tampa and Jackson Mem- orial in Miami. At these hospitals, thcv see student nurses being trained. This year, too. the NTTIS chapter was honored they were given the position of hostess for the District C Convention which was held in Fort Mvers. Future Nurses of America is sponsored by Mrs. Mrs. Charles Tavlor. Mrs. Charles Matthews, and Mrs. Esther Lawrence. FUTURE NURSES OF AMERICA Members are. ROW ONE, LEFT TO RIGHT: Linda Bostelman. Andrea Ogdcn. Barbara Miller. Barbara Northcutt, Monti Mc- Clelland. Fay Johnson. Shervl Edvenson, Bobbi Willinger. ROW TWO Marilyn Beasley, Elsa McCarroll, Rita Nordcnholt, Judy Hogan, Marilvnn Gay, Lindie Hoard, Judv Hopper, Stephanie Daniels. ROW THHKK: Cherylle Roller, ' Linda Wilder, Judy Wren, Barbara Jackson, Nancy Carlson, Carol Eldridge, Pattv Miller, Judy Miller. ROW FOUR: Sandra Clapp, Verra Hane- burger, Joanne Santos, Linda Lichtenberger, Nanev Kellv, Karen Miller, Carolyn Parrish. ROW FIVE: Colley Case. Dianne Young, Sandra Joyner, Jeanne Keene, Sandy Sheffield. Judi Jennings. Punch is being served at the Membership Tea Future Nurses help out at the hospital. Here they are working in the diet kitchens, preparing trays for patients. FUTURE NURSES OF AMERICA Officers of the Future Nurses of America are, LEFT TO RIGHT: Fay Johnson, treasurer; Bobbi W ' illinger, librarian; Barbara Miller, first vice president; Sheryl Edvenson, recording secretary; Montine McClelland, second vice president; Barbara Northcutt, president; and Andrea Ogden, historian. OHiots of (he Future Homemakers are, SEATED: Virginia Persons, President, Donna Bowden, Treasurer. STANDING: Darlene Blust, Projects Chairman; Judy Cox, Historian; Yvonne Plummer, Vice President. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS Members of the FHA learn the importance of buying clothes that fit well and are of good quality. The Future Homemakers of America, under the leadership of Mrs. Dave Brauer, has many purposes. Mainly, however, it tries to show its members the im- portance of a growing appreciation of the joys and satis- factions of homemaking. This club tries to encourage democracy in home and community life, works for good home and family life for all, and furthers interest in home economics. In addition, it promotes international good will, fosters the development of creative leadership, and provides a wholesome individual and group recrea- tion for the students of MHS. Throughout the year, the members of the Future Homemakers of America participate in many activities. They decorate ami serve at the banquets held by school clubs. On special occasions, they supply tray favors for the patients al Lee Memorial Hospital. In addition to their twice monthly meetings, they take part in state and district conventions, Dining the year they under- take several projects in an effort to rai se money. Among these are bake sales and the annual fashion show. The Future Homemakers of America helps all its members prepare for the day when they will be home- makers in actuality. Members of the Future Homemakers of America prepare tables and serve at " M " Club banquets everv year. OF AMERICA Members are, ROW ONE, LEFT TO RIGHT: Darlene Blust, Judith Cox, Ginger Persons, Yvonne Plummer, Danna Bowden, Gail Shaffer, Linda Bostleman. ROW TWO: Mrs. David Brauer, sponsor; Etta Eash, Beverly Shultz, Carol Eldredge, Chris Poulsen, Cherie Hennings, Carolyn Free. Officers of the Future Homemakers are, SEATED: Virginia Persons. President; Donna Bowden, Treasurer. si ENDING Darlene Blust, Projects Chairman; Judy Cox, Historian; Yvonne Plummer, Vice President. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS Members ol the I HA learn the importance of buying clothes that (it well and are of good quality. 1 The Future Homemakers of America, under the leadership of Mrs. Dave Brauer, has many purposes. Mainly, however, it tries to show its members the im- portance of a growing appreciation of the joys and satis- factions of homemaking. This club tries to encourage democracy in home and community life, works for good home and family life for all, and furthers interest in home economics. In addition, it promotes international good will, fosters the development of creative leadership, and provides a wholesome individual and group recrea- tion for the students of MHS. Throughout the year, the members of the Future Homemakers of America participate in many activities. They decorate and serve at the banquets held by school clubs. On special occasions, they supply tray favors for the patients at Lee Memorial Hospital. In addition to their twice monthly meetings, they take part in state and district conventions. During the year they under- take several projects in an effort to raise money. Among these are bake sales and the annual fashion show. The Future Homemakers of America helps all its members prepare ' for the day when they will lie home- makers in actualitv . Members of the Future Homemakers of America prepare tables and serve at " M " Club banquets everv year. OF AMERICA Members are, ROW ONE, LEFT TO RIGHT: Darlene Blust, Judith Cox, Ginger Persons, Yvonne Plummer, Danna Bowden. Gail Shaffer, Linda Bostleman. ROW TWO: Mrs. David Brauer, sponsor; Etta Eash, Beverly Shultz, Carol Eldredge, Chris Poulsen, Cherie Hennings, Carolyn Free. The Future Farmers ol merica is a club for those o s who take agriculture. It prepares them for the fut ure, for a vocation. Members of this club learn to conduct and take part in public meetings; to speak in public; to solve their own problems, financial and emotional, to assume responsibilities in the community. The Fort l ers chapter practices the techniques learned in the classroom on a well-equipped 35 acre land labora- tory. The Future Farmers of America is a farm vouth organization striving for the development of leadership and the building of a more permanent agriculture. Each •..u members participate in the Southwest Florida Fair and the Florida State Fair. A Parent and Son Banquet is another annual event. Officers are, ROW ONE, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jimmy Simmons, treasurer: Carl (Midden, president; Gerald Landrum, reporter. ROW TWO: Mr. Sims, advisor; Darrel Baucom, vice president; Jem ' Nipper, sentinel. FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA Members are, ROW ONE, LEFT TO RIGHT: Carl Glidden, Darrell Baueom, Gerald Landrum, Jerry Nipper, Joey Gilbert, linimv Simmons, Mr. Sims, faculty sponsor. ROW TWO: Edgar Brewer, Herbert Atwood, Curtis Moore. Tommj S.intm. Tommy Bartleson, Terry Atchison, Gilbert Byrd, Nickie Singletary, Wesley Hanson, Ronald Smith. iai IIIKKE: Teddy Earl, Tony Greco, Berry Summerall, Franklin Grant. Robert Heydolph, Robert Maxwell, John 1 1, ill, mil, James Heydolph. Coy Baumann, Rocky Byrd, Louie Holloway, Berry Littlefield. Those students who take Diversified Cooperative Training are the members of the club known as the D.C.T. Each day, they work part-time duri hours, at jobs in which they have a vocational interest. During the morning, in addition, they attend regular classes at school. Several annual activities are carried on through the year. During football season, they operate the conces- sion stand at smne games. The main event, however, is the annual " boss night. " This is a banquet at which each member is accompanied by his employer. Member- ship in Diversified Cooperative Training helps these stu- dents prepare themselves for future jobs. OFFICERS OF THE D.C.T. ARE. LEFT TO RICHT: Sara Moore treasurer; John Dadderio, ice president; Loretta Dadderio, secretary; and Tom McGee president. DIVERSIFIED COOPERATIVE TRAINING D.C.T. MEMBERS ARE, LEFT TO RICHT, ROW OXE:Patsy Bassett, Pansy Moslv, Jean Butler, Vema Barnard, Sally Hosack. Mary Smith, Mr. Oliver, ad- visor; Mr. Bott. advisor; Judy Thomas. Sara Moore. Donna Betts. Sandv Daniels, Barbara Murphy, Lorette Dadderio. ROW TWO: Gil Sowders. Art Johnson, Ray- mond Kent. Paul Palumbo, Robert Cathell, Allen Wil- liams, Patsy Aloia, Williams Armstrong. Tom McGee. John Dadderio, Gordon Jones, Lin Brewer. ROW THREE: Clarence Davis, Jerry Smith, Eddie Combs, Larry Huffman. John Bennett, Lonnie Howard, Brian Eichenwald, Larry Durrance, Dan Cody, John Murphy, Erwin Browning. The Science Club promotes the general interest in science among the student body. This is done 1 pro viding materials and speakers in the fields « l interest of the members oi the club. t each mondil) meeting speakers discuss subjects which appeal to all. Films are shown cm modern scientific breakthroughs and in ventions. A trip t " Sunland Training Center was one of thi ] ilanned field trips of the year. I ach year, members ol the Science Club enter the annual Science Fair. In the event of one ol the mem- bers receiving a prize enabling him to go to district, -.late or national levels, Ins trip is sponsored by the organization. Under the dedicated direction of Mr. Dave Brauer, the club interests and draws more and more students eaeli ear to the field of science. Science Club officers arc, LEFT TO RIGHT: Peter Hogue, president; Tom Chuderski, secretary; Mitchell Mannin, vice president; and Sandy Long, treasurer. SCIENCE CLUB iers arc ROW ONE: Sandy Long, Tom Chuderski, Nancy Kelly, Nancy Hawkins. Mitchell Manin, Pat Downing, Abbott, Carol Hendricks. ROW TWO: Mr. Dave Brauer, Sponsor; Terry Wyatt, Butch Aydelette, Susan Members are, ROW ONE: . Hetty hhott Carol Hendricks. HOW TWO: Mr. Dave Brauer, Sponsor; Terry Wyatt, Butch Aydelette, Susan Ankrom, Kay Handy, Bruce Fosen, Pete Hogue, Walter Welsh. Mr. Skipper. Sponsor. HOW THREE: Larry Geldean, Ed facobson, Bill Bean, Lance Morrow, Danny Wyatt, John Sumner, Ben Eldred, Ricky Gates. MEMBERS ARE. LEFT TO RIGHT, ROW ONE: Harriette Fulton, Walter Welsh, Becky Floyd, Barbara Frie, Pat East- wood, Martha Wingate, Miss Connie Bassett, sponsor. ROW TWO: Brenda Borton, Madeline Koempel. Carl Tilley. Kathi Moran, Jack Smith. Mariorie Harsh. ART CLUB ART CLOB OFFICERS ARE, LEFT TO RIGHT: Barbara Frie, presi- dent; Pat Eastwood, secretary; Kathie Moran, treasurer; and Becky Floyd, vice president. The Art Club is an organization for MHS students who are interested in or talented in some artistic fields. It promotes and develops the skills of the group ' s mem- bers. The onlv prerequisite for membership is that a student must have taken or be taking a course in art. At the meetings, which are held once a month at members ' homes, the arts of different countries are dis- cussed and analyzed. The club also holds art shows and sketching parties. From time to time, their works are shown and hung around the school. This year, in par- ticular, all the members looked forward to the Art Club Dance which they planned to hold at the Teen Club. For the mam girls who go out for swimming, battle the cold, spend hours practicing, and finally persevere to win their letters, there is some com- i on Ther e is a reward for the girls who scream for victor) at football and basketball games, practice for hours at a time, and finally cheer the teams to victory. These girls are eligible for membership in the Wavettes, the girls ' letter club. It is open to all girls who have lettered at least one year in either swimming or cheerleading. Tlie activities of the group are main-. They sold Greenie booster stickers at tlie beginning of the I year. Responsibility for the concession stand at all B squad games was theirs, too. Selling pro- grams at varsity games was oik- more of their activities. The club ' s main purpose is to buy sweaters for those girls who ha e lettered either four years in swimming or three years in cheerleading. Mrs. Whatlev is the sponsor. WAVETTE OFFICERS ARE, LEFT TO RIGHT: Peggy Emerson, Vice Presidi nt; [anice Spencer, President: and Bomai Sri retar -Treasurer WAVETTES MEMBERS ARE, LEFT TO RIGHT, ROW ONE: Linda Buckner, Nanc) Bahre, Janet Spencer, Sandy Bomar, [anice Spencer, Cynthia Clarkson. ROW TWO: Betsey Mret e. Caroline Amason, Mrs. Carolyn Whatlev, sponsor; Peggy Emerson, Joyce Clapp, and Molly Bundy. MEMBERS ARE, LEFT TO RIGHT. ROW OXE: Newn The in. is. Dan Travis, Harvey Spiegel, Tim Lewis, Lawrence Lamb, Mickey Goff, Bryan Savage. ROW TWO: Joe Tura- no. John Rollins. David McDuffie, Mike Tice, Francis De- Ture, Robert Rutherford. Vester Arnold. Don Hutchison, Max Brum BOW THREE: Mike Deno, Ben Smallwood. Sam Ford, Bill Corbin, Renn Gruber, Jim Schulz. Val Xorthcutt. Steve Turner. Eddie Stickles. M " CLUB " M " CLUB OFFICERS ARE. LEFT TO RIGHT: Tim Lewis, President; Larry Lamb, Vice President; and Harvey Spiegel, Secretary-Treasurer. At MHS, many boys spend months in practice in the hope of winning a letter in some sport. These boys devote their time and energy to give their school superior teams. It is only fair that they be rewarded in some way for their labor. For this reason, the " M " Club was organized. It is a club designed to honor and recognize the boys who have lettered in football, swimming, basketball, or track. At basketball games. " M " clubbers ran the concession stand. At the close of football season, in December, the annual " M " Club banquet is held. At this ban- quet, letter jackets are distributed and awards are given. ... " • - ACTIVITIES N 5 JO PENDLETON Editor MR. PEED Advisor LINDA BRIGHTWELL Assistant Editor CALOOSAHATCHIAN Theme, dedication, and special features that were secret all vear are now revealed in this 1962 Caloosahatchian. jo Pendleton, editor, and Linda Brightwell, assistant editor, have had the significant task of helping with the production of each and every section to insure our meeting the assigned deadlines. Supervising the budget was our business manager, Erleene Butler. Our sponsor, Mr. Peed, instilled in all of us the necessity of maintaining the high degree of efficiency and creativitv necessary to produce a Caloosa- hatchian. ERLEENE BUTLER Business Munatlrr GAVLE HOLADAY Senior and Faculty Editor LINDA BUCKNER Junior Editor BILLIE JEAN WRIGHT Sophomore Editor JANET SPENCER Sports MARTHA WINCATE Advertising Performing the many tasks assigned to them is the Caloosahatchian staff. CYNTHIA CLARKSON Features BARBARA McNAB Activities SUSAN POSNER Clubs V The funiors first-prize winning float. » :» The headlines as we saw them created by the Sophomores. HOMECOMING One of the biggest events at MHS is Homecoming. Homecoming involves the selection of the queen and her attendants. This year ' s queen was vivacious Parn Di- sette. Her handsome escort was Rill Corbin. Her at- tendants from the Senior Class were Ammie McMene- min. escort Rick Alston and Barbara Northcutt, escort David Dukes; Junior class was Judv Hart, escort Gil- liert Rvrd and Karen Fogle. escort Davis Tohnson; Soph- omore Class, Judv Hutto, escort Harry Case and Mary Shanklin escort Dennis Duffala. Each class voted for its own attendants, each voting for two with the exception of the Senior Class which voted for three girls. The whole student body voted on one girl out of the three for queen. She was then named on Homecoming night. Refore the crowning of the queen the colorful parade took place and hvo beautiful floats took prizes. Winning first prize in the float competition were the Juniors, with the Sophomores second. Tin ' s year ' s Homecoming, with all its festivities, was a memorable success. HOMECOMING Senior Attendant Ammie McMenemin Escort— Rick Alston Senior Attendant Barbara Northcutt Escort— David Dukes 1 L Junior Attendant Karen Fogle Escort— Davis Johnson Queen Pam Dissette Escort— Bill Corbin Junior Attendant Judy Hart Escort-Gilbert Byrd Sophomore Atendant Mary Shanklin Escort— Dennis Duffala Sophomore Attendant Judy Hutto Escort— Harrv Case MR. R. T. KIRK, director of tli. Green Wave Band. THE GREEN WAVE BAND Beating bass drums, deep-throated tubas and the blaring brasses combine to create a sound which is dear to everyone at MHS. It ' s the music of the big Green W ave Rand. Besides being one of the smartest stepping and best sounding bands they are rated as one of the hardest working. Their hard work made it possible to obtain new uniforms. Despite their business entanglements they still found time to make the school auditorium shake during pep rallies. Spectacular halftime shows were given dur- ing the football season at every game, and the band admirably represented Fort Myers High School in the Edison Pageant of Light Parade. Much credit is owed to their director. Mr. R. T. Kirk, and their drum major Donnie Dance. An important part of any band is the majorettes The enthusiastic girls march with the band, twirl at football games, take part in twirling contests, and are found at an) other band participation. THE GREEN WAVE BAND The hand believes that perfection comes from practice. Here a section of the band goes over a few numbers before a football game. THE GREEN WAVE BAND The majorettes, who are an important part of any band, march with the band, twirl at football games and add a great deal of color and enthusiasm to the pep rallies. They do a superb job at halftime shows during the football games. A well-known show for which they are famous is their act with the fire batons. This takes great skill and plenty of practice. Diane Gill, head major- ette, had done an excellent job in organizing the routines and deserves a lot of credit. The majorettes are: Eva YV ' aldron. Diane Ballantine, Janie Rodgers, Joyce Harrell, Karen Shepard, Judy Ewton, Diane Lawyer, Kathy Beavo and head majorette, Diane Gill. The band officers are: Diane Gill, Donnie Dance, Ken Noppe, Carl Beck and Bill Lawyer. The band held their annual fall concert on December 1st in the high school auditorium. It featured Don Jacoby and was held to finance band expenses. i si. .tf A 1 »fu KF l»V 1 j .Asp fM § _. ' ■ ' ■:% ' 1 1 I it 1 » 4 I it. It I The highest choir of Glee Club is A ' Cappella choir. It is made up of the most accomplished singers. This group meets third period. Another fine group of singers is the boys ' and girls ' chorus. The boys meet first period and the girls meet fifth period. :■ ' . ' sS»i K33K £.. ! ,-- " h?QFi. ' ±z!- A8tei » i £»♦ ■ :gjHf gf.,- n - ' £o 8 g These students attended Clinie in Miami. LEFT TO RIGHT are Carolyn George, Betty Pewett, Rick Hire, Tom Martindale, Allan Williams, Jan Stevens, Sharon Hord and Jean Foster. Director of the Glee Club is Mrs. " Skeet ' Durrence. GLEE CLUB Many clays before Christmas the halls rang with the rich, clear voices of the Glee Club, practicing for the impressive Christmas Tree given at the band shell, which traditionally highlights the holiday season. This program, as well as the inspirational Easter Sunrise Service, is given annually by the Glee Club. The Glee Club has received many invitations to sing before civic organization and has been praised for its fine performance. Mrs. Donnie O. Durrence is the director. ia This is the Girls ' chorus that meets sixth period. It is made up of Sophomore girls. Elif MYEfir „ n jr f 1 I L M %fc j - EVA YVU.DRON Editor MR. RILEY Sponsor CAROLE JONES Assistant Editor TIDAL WAVE Coverage of all newsworthy events at MHS during the past year was thorough and complete by the mem- bers of the Tidal Wave Staff. Eva Waldron, editor, has done a tremendous job of getting the paper in on time. All the work and anticipation is somehow either made worthwhile, or defeated in its purpose in one short day —the day the Tidal Wave arrives. A great deal of credit is due to Mr. Riley, sponsor of the paper. He has given us the enthusiasm to work and make this year ' s Tidal Wave the best ever. DAVID DUKES Sports DIANE RALLANTINE Copy CAROLYN CEORGE News BOBRIE WILLINGER Photographer JANIE ROGERS Feature BECKV FLOYD Art SUSIE HIGHBAUGH Activities The Tidal Wave staff works long and diligently to make the Tidal Wave the best ever. JOYCE SILBERMAN Business Manager NANCY KINSEY Exchange JANE ROCKOW Proofreader HOLIDAY FOR LOVERS ' The Senior Class displayed its talent with the suc- cessful production of " Holiday for Lovers. " The plav was a delightful comedy that kept the audience laughing every minute. Once again a class at MHS has excelled in a dramatic performance. Make-up Committee at work. Mr. Dean Karl Beck Mrs. Dean Bettv Pewett Betsy Kathy Malt Me 5 Erleene Rutler Connie Kathv Cu nan Joe Ken Noppe Paul Brian Eichenwald Andre Rill Corhin Maid Linnie Mayer JUNIOR CLASS PRESENTS " THE CURIOUS SAVAGE ' Florence Hannibal Fairy May Jeffrey Mrs. Paddy Titus Samuel Lily Belle Ethel Miss Wilhelmina Dr. Emmett CAST Marilyn Badenhoop Jim 1 Alan Merrvlvn Earthing John Hartman Terry Wight Terina Lewis Pat Riley Leslie Smith Paul Fnllerton The Class of ' 63, under the direction of Mr. Brown, presented this hilarious comedy. Mr. Brown reviews the lines before rehearsals. The cast and Mr. Brown rehearse for the play. GIRLS ' STATE Each year the American Legion Auxiliary sponsors (Girls ' Stale, a State wide affair held at Tallahassee. Trie girls are selected on the basis of scholarship, leadership and ability. This function teaches all forms and phases of the government and the girls are given the opportuni- ty to both serve and participate in the different offices, such as offices in a community. Those attending and holding offices were: Jo Pendleton, Secretary of Sen- ate; Susan Highbaugh, House of Representatives; Peg- gv Watson. City Attorney; and Cynthia Clarkson. House of Represent. iti es. BOYS ' STATE Leadership, Scholarship, and Ability are the basis on which the boys attending Boys ' State are chosen. The boys attended Boys ' State for one week at Talla- hassee last summer. At this state wide affair, they learned about and participated in a simulated state gov- ernment. Valuable and beneficial experience has been achieved from this study of political science. The boys attend ing Bovs ' State were: Karl Beck, Bill Corbin, Fran- cis Deture, David Dukes, Lee Edwards, Joe Hensley. Pete Hogue, Garv Libby, Lin Richards, Dustv Summer- all, and Wayne Whitten. VV« President, Jill Newlin (absent); Vice-President, Gayle Holaday; and Secretary-Treasurer, Ammie McMenemin. A special section is reserved in the stadium for the students who desire to participate in organized cheer- ing at the football games. This cheering section is known as " the Pep Squad. Flashing cards and spirited yells are the outstanding features. The club is sponsored by Mr. C. J. Seagraves. These students show the Greenies that we are behind them all the way, win or lose. It is the only high school squad of its kind in the Southwest Florida area and MHS can certainly be proud of it. PEP SQUAD Pep Squad row captains are each head of a particular section of the group. SENIOR TIM LEWIS CYNTHIA CLARKSON Best-Looking % ED CORIS PAM DISSETTE Friendliest SUPERLATIVES GAYLE HOLADAY TED LEMLEY Wittiest x LINDA VEALE 1 DAVID DUKES Best School Spirit LARRY LAMB JANET SPENCER Most Athletic MIKE TICE JILL NEWLIN Most Likelv To Succeed i, -v _ r ft%i SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT, FRONT ROW: Susie Starnes, Pam Dissette, Jill Newlin, Jane Rockow, Sue Posner and Sandy Rnmar. SECOND ROW: Peter Hogue, Lee Edwards, Mike Tice and Francis DeTure. Vester Arnold truly deserves acclaim as o ne of the finest artists ever to graduate from M.H.S. The class of ' 62 is fortunate in having Vester in its ranks as he has contributed gifts that will commemorate this class as long as there is an M.H.S. These gifts are the mural at the rear of the auditorium and the football memorial in the Edison Stadium. For these things we say to Vester. thank you, and wish you the greatest success in future years. Harbrac ColUgo Handbook CLASSES 104 RANDY WILLIAMS MIKE TICE Randy Williams and Mike Tice are indeed symbols o) leadership, fine character, and intelligence. They have brought honor not only to themselves and their families, but also to M.H.S. Because of their high scholas- tic standing and college work completed last summer, they were accepted in the Early Admissions Program at Stetson University, Deland, Florida. While both boys were given the opportunity to enter Stetson as fresh- men last fall, Mike chose to remain at M.H.S. and serve ably as our Student Council president. Randy, on the other hand, chose to take advantage of this opportunity and attend Stetson. The 1962 Caloosahatchian staff ex- tends to these fine young men the heartiest congratu- lations and our wishes for their greatest success. The 1962 Sophomore Class officers are President, Steve Tice; Vice-President. Billy Radcliff; Secretary, Mary Shank- lin; Treasurer, Jane Newlin. They all helped make the Sophomore year a wonderful one. SOPHOMORES f n cs Betty Abbott Man ilc- Adams Susan Adema fohn Mb ' 1 1 " i Bob Allen [immj Allen Ray Alvarez Nancy mberg Judy Ames Carolyn Anderson Gloria Anderson Marsha Anderson Susan Ankrom Kay Applewhite Ginny Arendell Sue Armstrong Nancv Atkinson Laurel Babcock Rodney Bailey Clinton Bain Jim Baker The Sophomores of MRS had a wonderful Treasurer Newlin presents awards to super salesmen Blazer, Matties, Jacobs, and Talcott Arthur Balcomb Karen Baldwin Robert Ballard Lora Lee Ballinger Rick Barber Ramona Barrow Sharon Base Martha Bass Robert Batso: Ronald Baugh null Baumar Kithy Beavo Dennis Bechtol Richard Beckman Frances Belle N ' orma li ' tiik " • Joan Bennett Daniel Berg b Russel Benier Charles Beir Joan Biggs Kathi Blaney Janyce Blasingim Carol Blazer Darlene Blust Irene Bonaventure Russell Boone Franklin Braddock John C. Bradley Charles Bradford Tim Bradshaw Vickey Briggs Richey Bright Barbara Brodhecker Bonnie Bromley David Brooks Martha Brooks Susan Brooks Carolyn Broski Allen Brown year, full of fun and excitement. Pat Brown Billy Joe Browning David Broyles Rosemary Bryant Danny Buchanan Laurie Buchanan Bill Bumgardner Pat Burns Joe Busta James Byers Richard Byrd Kathleen Cail Paula Cammick Larrv Carlson Veronica Carlton Joan Carricoffe Richard Carricoffe Harry Cates Judy Celec Glenda Chambers Jeanie Chappelle ? " !!! Hon. ,1(1 Cliarti. - Joy Chrisl Vince ( lipriano Donna ( llair Sandra ( llapp Billie Clark ( laroline ( ' lark Harvey Clark Jean (Hark Janine Clark Mai gie Clouse Peggie Coker lor Colbert Karen Coleman Terry Coltrain Helen Condureli Marie Condureli; Fred Congdon Florence Coomer Arm Conn lames Cornier Ion Cook " Bill Cook Annette Corbitt They walked the halls of their Irene ( )oris Vaughn Comele Jerry Costello Faye Courson Jane Ann Cox Janine Cox Judith Cox Jerry Coxwell Patsy Crase Kellv Crenshaw Sandy Croll Nickey Crouch Teresa Crowe Harry Crump ( leorge Cruz Bill Cyphert Greg Dalton Georgiana Dadderio Sophomores grow very fond of M IIS Bculah Darby Miti hell Davidson Beth Davis ( larolyn Davis Gilbert Davis [saai Davis Jo Ann Davis Albert Dcbra Rim Delysei Doug Dement Nicki Demos Leona Des Form ' s beloved school for the first time. Linda Dettman Douglas De ' ore George DeWitt Wesley Dillard Joyce Dim m Connie Dissette Betty Di Tern- Dorando Helen Doughty Alecia Dowdell Pat Downing Ronnie Drake Pat Dryden Maryanne Dudley Karen Duff Dennis Duffala Etta Eash Janice Eaton Joan Eberhardt Carl Eekart James Edwards »- [ohn Edwards I Vlibic Kldridge Arietta Ellis Dwight Ellis Brenl Elton Barbara Elwell Susan Engelhardt Lee England Margaret England Ann Frwin Judy Ewton Jesse Fields Ted Ferreira Judy Finefield Jerry Fineis Sin- I ' lrsli Teresa Flint Rae Flynn § ft, IS 1 Q !m ra n 1 As members of the class of " 64 " , David Ford Scottie Fortiner Ralph Foss Steve Foster Charlie Fowinkle Carolyn Free Janis Frost Debbie Fulk Geraldine Fulton Carol Furr Brian Fussell Anne Gage Sharon Calloway Teta Calloway Melinda Gammon Nancy Gaydoul Donald Gee Carl ( Ireer Rosalyn ( !eldean Sheila Gelinas Diana Gentile Mike Chigna George Giddens Kay Gill Diana Glidden Johnny Goodwi John Gould Joan Grady Gary Gowans Susan Could Floyd Greenwel] John Gregory Leslie Grieger Patty Griffen Pommy Griffen Eddie Grimes Susan Grimm Renata Grand John Guesman Ed Hall Judith Hall Charles Hallatt Alexis Halter Sandra Hamilton Vera Haneburger they participated in the magazine drive, Laney Haney Fred Hanson Sabra Hanson Victor Harrell Margie Harsh Beverly Hartsook Carol Harvard Leonard Harvard Frank Harvey Richard Harvey Eva Hatchel Barbara Hawkins Nancy Hawkins Crystal Hawley Bill Hay Students sold magazines to support their class. I w WE - - £fc J • ■ —i » Sandy Hemelgarn Cynthia Henderson Florida Henderson Carol Hendricks Silvan Hendry Ellen Hennigan ( Iherie Hennings Mar Hesslei fennie Hesslei [ ■ ■ 1 1 1 1 1 1 x Heubach Robert Heydolph Carol Hill Robert Himschoot Thomas Hindson K, inn Hintz Barn ' Hodtfin Linda Hoffman John Holland Chip Hollis Louie Holloway Marjie Holmes Norma Hood Joan Hooks Larry Hopper gave the Seniors that marvelous picnic. Rita Hopper Charles Home Eddie Home Leslie Horton Ann Howard David Howard Gene Howerton Maurice Hubbard Bruce Hudson Patricia Huene Ronnie Huffman Jim Hunt Pam Hunt Carl Hunter Jerolyn Hunter Mark Huston Judy Hutto Sundv Inlow Barbara Jackson Paul Jacobs Sid facobson Mitchell James Ellen Johnson Glen Johnson ' 4 " . - Joan Johnson Lcroy Johnson Richard Johnson Stephen Johnston Carolyn Jones JoAnne Jones Pat Jones Suzanne Jones Tommy Jones Carol Jordan Barbara Judson Russ Kaupp A typical Sophomore class at M.H.S. V — and they learned the meaning of school spirit. [ Larry Kelly Ramona Kelley Kathy Kellum Rosemary Kennedy Dawn Ketcherside Bob Kibler Tommy Kiesel Art King Donald Kingsbury Kenny Kirby Juanita Kirtinger Bill Kleis Linda Knight Ruth Knoke Kenneth Koehn Brian Kolenda Cherie Roller Carol Kovacs Gary Kreiser Gary Kruger Anita Kruse Dan Kruse Phil Kuhlman Wilder LaFond •• } Pep Rallies are enjoyed by everyone. They yelled at Pep Rallies, cheering w jL — — Larry Lamb Robert Lambert James Landnim Nancy Landrum Tommy Langford Gary Lavoxi Jeanne Lawrence Martha Lawrence Sam Layne Eula Lee Pat Lemley Kevin Leonard Lanny Leonard Mike Lewis Charles Libby Mike Lindsey Berry Littlefield Robert Llewellyn Allen Lobean Marshall Long Sandy Long Suzie Long David Losleben Gene Lucas loci Luna Dick Lynch Justin McCarthy Car] McConnell Aleta Sue McDa laiut McDaniel Kay McDaniel Carolyn McDonald Harry McDonald Henry McDonald June McDougal Diane McDowell Ida Mclvans Sarah Jo Mclnnis Steve Mclntire Marian McKeown Clare McLaughlin Tom McLean Jed Maeder Janice Mager Bonnie Mann Delores Martin Jeanne Martin Tina Mark Nancy Marvel Benny Mason Mike Massie and encouraging our " Greenies " . i David Mastro Donald Mathis Maurita Matthes Karen Matz Robert Maxwell Jill Melicher Roddy Melsek Toni Merkel Rick Metcalf Man Ellen Meyer Lillian Middleton Cecil Midkiff Elvera Miller Karen Miller Rita Miller Roxanne Miller Susan Mintz Maggie Mitchell Lorraine Montgomery Carol Moore Corbin Moore Ray Moore Don Morgan Freddy Morgan Leslie Morgan Kim Morris lack Morrison Pat Morrison Hank Morroni John Munro g m ft ft Hum- Mail ' Mustard Lorraine Naeyaert Kelly Nash Donald Nault Man- Eileen Nault Sharon Nault Jim Neff Virginia Nellis John Nelson Jerry Nesmith Pete Newcombe Jane Newlin Candy Nichols Janice Nolen Roger Obodich Barbara Oldham Clayton Olding Celeste Pacetti Marsha Parker Sydney Parnell Sylvia Parnell They made MHS very proud by studying Carolyn Parrish Wade Parsons Janet Paul Lorraine Pasijuale Barbara Payne Melody Pearce Patty Pearce Ronnie Pearl Bonnie Penticoff Carol Peres Melinda Perkins Joseph Pettit Linda Pettit Pam Pettit Allen Phillips Maribeth Phillips Sandy Pickering Wildene Pierre Harvey Pigott Marvin Pigott Vivian Pigott [ohanna Pitchford Mary Ruth Plank Terri Pletchei Tommy Poe Peggy Pope Judy Pope Robin Pope - ' M - ' K. S - mm V, O mm Students prepare for final exams in English II and by their interest in school activities. Madaline Porter Sharon Posev Jon Potts Kay Powers Donna Preedom Diane Prevatt Gwen Prevatt Nina Proko Larry Prowant George Pufawl Billy Radcliffe Franklin Bains John Rakowski Aaron Rame y Stephen Bandag lack Batcliff Billy Bay Ruby Ray Michael Baznoff Jane Beahard Barbara Bedding Thomas Reedy Marilyn Reynolds John Reynolds Ronald Bieciardi Karen Richardson David Riddle Johnny Riddle Jimmy Riley Jimmy Ritchie Charles Ritz Emory Roan Linda Boberts Debbie Bobertson Greg Bobinson 6 19 - H u S - t 1 5 ■ i ' if - - £% .-« W. | - 5 « 4 f% n n Barbara Robinson Sandra Robinson Sand} Rodgers Rosemary Romero Penny Ronan Susan Rose Judi Rosen BUI Rossback Don Roth Mike Routte Pat Koutte Diane Rowland Charles Rucker Jon Ruggeri Charles Sands Student Council President Mike Tice welcomes sopho- mores to MHS. The entire class will treasure the Kenny Sandt Dorothy Santin Codfrey Santini Susan Sapp Sharon Savage Donna Sawyer Carol Schlitzer Barbara Schneider Bill Schweidert Paul Scott Pat Scratchley Francine Seeley Steve Serril Boyd Seymour M u Shanklin Sheffield 1 )ennis Shellhouse lean Shellhouse Cheryl Sherman Harvej Shirlej Helen Shultz ' mz Herbert Shockley Richard Shope Judy Shy rock Beverly Shultz David Shumate Gene Silcox Donald Simpson Maribeth Singleton Judy Sites Roger Skelton Doris Smith Ethel Smith George Smith Jane Smith Jimmy Smith Nancy Smith Ronnie E. Smith Ronnie M. Smith Ronnie Smith Frank Snell Larry Sofoly Jimmy Spooner Diana South James South Qg f § £ Sophomore year with an unfailing memory. R. Stewart South Lee Ann Spurlin Darrell Startt Jimmy Stephens Gracie Stevens Lena Stevenson Peggy Stewart Shirley Stewart Marsh Stier Nancy Stockghusner Carolyn Strickland Martha Strickland Kathy Styles Donna Sullivan Robert Sumasky Donnie Summerall Gerri Summer Jerry Sunman Eddie Sutton Jimmy Talcott I ,ouis I .i! antino Jean Taylor Joan Taylor Margaret Taylor Has Taylor Sam Taylor Karen Teagan Tom Terrell Sharon Terry Diane Thi ■ t 1 1 is LaDonna Thomas Glenda Thompson Yvonne Thompson Robert Thornton Steve Tiee Barbara Tippins Leon Tippins Joe Turano •5 ' L 1 They had wonderful times Mary Turon Janet Ulmer Mack Underwood June Van Garsal June Van Gcssel Carl Varnadoe Perry Wade Ellen Wadsworth Linda Wahl Bobby W ' aite Alice Waldron Gloria Walker Ronnie Wallschlager ( lindy Ward Mary Ward w John Warden Marie Warden Sandy Warner Diane Warren Milt Watkins Marv Watson Cindy Wayman Sallie Weaver Patsy Webster Bobbv Welch This desk symbolizes the respect the Sophomores feel for their teachers. they gained valuable knowledge. Paul Welch James Wendt Virgil Wenrich Dorothv West Mickey West Dennis Whidden Gene Whitehead Laura Whitehill Joyce Wilburn Linda Wilder Richard Wilds Parti Wight Carolyn Williams Charles Williams Dennis Williams Jill Williams k.ithy Williams Man Williams These Sophomores siny the Alma Mater for the first time. And they learned to love Alma Mater. George Williamson Gary Willis Danny Wilmoth Don Wilshe Carolyn Wilson Truman Wilson Jerry Wilson Randy Windlow James Wise Paul Wolff Billy Wood Carole Woods Jean Wren Judy Wren Brenda Yates Walter Yeardon Marvin Yeomans Robert Young Terry Zeigler Barbara Zimmerman n n a g The 1962 Junior Class officers are Presi- dent. Danny Radcliff; Vice-President, Paul Fullerton; Secretary, Yvonne Plum- mer; Treasurer. Jim Silberman. JUNIORS J. V. Cheerleaders cheer at a pep-rally. I ),i nl Adams ( .1 raid Idema Bob Allison Roberl Aloia Ronnie Altaian Caroline Amason Hill nderson Sharon Anglin Terrj Vtchison Butch Aydelette Tim Babcock laiil nn Badenho Bettv Bain Beverl) Barchak ' l ' ommv Bartleson . 1 «- 1 ' ••! This, their junior year, has been ■ , 8 • ' r { " " W. 1 ■ ■ V ' h V Barbara Bauermeister Coy Baughman Cathv Baum Bill Bean Barbara Beazell Susan Beckett Lynne Bell Stephen Bennett Julie Bentz Dale Bemer Pete Bieber John Bingham ludv Blake (oanne Blevins Ellen Blownstine foyce Bodemer Kathy Boesch Helen Bosten iOT •■ . V. " , ' iM " " " Sonny Boston Jeanetta Botts Danna Bowden Jim Bradley John Bram efieli Max Braun Bonnie Breining Vemie Brewer Janet Bright Pete Bright Bill Broughton Charlie Brown David Brown Kathleen Brown Milton Brown their most exciting thus far. Ralph Bryan Chester Bryant Robert Bryson Jeanie Burges Roger Burks Cheryl Burson Paula Burson Clinton Butler William G. Byrd Ken Calabrese Gary Caldwell Sue Campbell Both- Carlin Nancy Carlson Collet Case f ( " } O f Jane Carpenter Jean Carter Diane Cater Gerard Caudill Hubert Caughey Lee Cawley Harry Celec Jackie Christson Jimmy Christenson Thomas Chuderski Joyce Clapp Yvonne Clark- David Classon Sherry Classon Elsie Cleaves Margie Clement Betty Clemons Donna Colbert The glorious football season, made even Ed Coleman Carla Collier Tom Comey Tom Compo IVti-i ( look Steve Cook Helen Coombs Pat Comwell Jimmy Cox Tom Crabtree Roger Crews Winifred Crosbie Jeri Lyn Cruse James Curry Wayne Cutthens Diane Daniels Johnny Daniels Michael Davidson Christine Davis Walt Davis Suelynn Davison Leonard Deibert Larry Delaney Pat Delaney Richard Delays Sharon Delyser Judy Denyes Ray Desear Dana Jon Ditto more important by our mighty Greenies. Nancy Doninger Kathy Donelly June Dorman Pearl Doughtery Marvin Dryden Ma ine Duncan James Earhart Robert Eaton Rill Edwards Martha Edwards Mike Edwards Richard Edwards Carol Eldredge Bob Ellis David Ellis Sandra Ellis Dick Eng I ,adonna England Jane Fain lough Merrilyn Farthing Tom Fauquet Lorrain Fen ton Honald Fleishman Man, ' Ellen Flint Naomi Floyd Karen Fogle A hard decision- which rinq to buy 1 The hectic days of getting class rings ( .in ile Fordham Paula Forsythe Brace Fosen Jean Foster Juan Fuller Russell Fuller Paul Fullerton Dick Fussell Larrv Futral Sam Galloway I ' at Calloway Jackie Cant I ' aiiii l.i ( ..ill Doris Gaskill Mary Jo Cault Larry Geldean Richard Geraci Marti Gerald ffl ft fi - - Wayne Gibble John Gilarski Janet Giles Monica Gnau Barbara Godfrey Gail Goeken Jimmy Goodyear Lewis Goolsby Tony Greco Richard Greenwell Everett Greer Karen Grimes Renn Gruber Lorrie Gnmd Bill Guthrie and having pictures made. William H. Guthrie Willie Hagan Christina Hager Karen Hager Bob Hagerman Tommv Halgrim Bill Hall Helaine Hamilton Ronnie Hamilton Kay Handy Karl Hanish Wesley Hansen Larry Hanson Ray Harney Doug Harper |i i i i- I l.irn 11 Judy Il.nt John Hartman Su ati 1 [aswell [olem II. iti lull Barbara Hatzlhoffei Bob Havenhill Man- Jane Heinlde Dick Helgeson Robert Helton Shirlej Helton Agnes Henderson Edgar Henderson Fred Hendry Tim Hennigan Joy Herring Law. ma Higginbotham Charles Heydoli The challenge of classes in Carole Herman Kit Hill Bobbv Hinson Rickey Hire Kathi Hites Bill Hixson Dewilda Hobbs Dick Hogue John Hogue Penny Hogue John Holmes Ben Holaday Nancy Holt Mary Ellen Hooker |im Huene r ! ' J K Ml k. •s, • Q flf f} Duane Hu Jill limit. -r H.I. i, Sue Hurley Mike Hyatt Jessie Ilvlton Sara Jackson Ed Jacobson Richard Jacobs Mary Jean Bob Jewett Debbie Jennings Judy Jennings David Jerrell Betty Johnson Clara Johnson Davis Johnson Kris Johnson Larry Johnson chemistry and advanced math. Eddie Johns Virginia Johns Shirly Johnston Frances Jones Hazel Jones Helen Jones Herbert Jones Jackie Jones Jannelle Jones Mary Jones Sue Jones Leslie Joyner Judy Kelly Nancy Kelly Vonnie Kerns Hubbie Kessinger Marie Kibler Beth ' Kinzie i 8 Mm Barbara Kirkland Richard Kline Robert Sandy Knight Madeline Koemplt Andy Kovacs ( leorge Kreiling [udy Krimminger 1 ,ars Kronquist Joyce Lamb Vickie Lancaster Susan Landrum Tommv Lanier Gretchen Largent s The wonderful Christmas Dance Diane Lawyer Mickey Lee Stanley LeBlanc Larry Leffers Pam Lewis Terina Lewis Linda Liehtenberger Joanne Llewellyn Ronnie Llewellyn John Lloyd Mar ' Margaret Long Gus Losleben Bernard Lowell Larry Luckey Joy Lundquisl Yvonne Mc( toy Pat McDade David McDuffie Bill Mclver Tom McMahan Jean McNeal Carolyn Maloney Bobby Mann Barbara Martin Bruce Martin Carol Matthews Linda Matthews Butch Matthews Alice Mays Sharon Mercer ?93M3 Sf |L5 ?t they gave the Seniors -a very special event. Judv Miller Patty Miller Bill Millican Sandra Mills Ida Mae Molter Sallv Moor Curtis Moore Bill Moreland Thomas Morris Carolyn Mosley Mariorie Munro John Murphy 23 9 $M — — — — — Richard Nadwodny Clifford Nault Wally Naylor Mike Nelson Barbara Nice ferry Nipper Val Northcutt Robert 0 ' allaghan Tommy O ' Kelly Maura O ' Mahony Chuck O ' Neil Hill Oehser The satisfaction of their A class in mechanical drawing Gary Oswalt Harry Overcash John Oxenham Carol Paine Gene Parker Tom Parks Genie Parnell Danny Pat node Jimmy Payne Marlene Pearce Jimmy Pendarvis Linda Persons ( linger Persons Allan Perkins Cathy Pewett Durell Phillips Mary Beth Phillips Nancy Pigott Rick Plummer Yvonne Plummer Joyce Posey Loleta Post Sally Potter Chris Poulsen |im Povia Joy Powell Paul Pre-Genzer Linda Preston Dickey Prevatt Sharon C uattlebaum first class play. Dannv Radcliffe Shirley Ratliff Jimmie Sue Ray Johnny Reckwerdt Linda Reeves John Reiter Franklin Reynolds Stephanie Reynolds Nancy Reilly Lois Reinbolt Joe Resta Chester Rieter Douglas Rickey Pat Riley Paul Rose Rill Rose Judv Ross Barbara Rosser Charles Rueker Robert Rutherford Bonnie Sampson Fred Sander Joyce Sander Linda Sanders Mary S Joanne S Doll) Schi. HI. ' , i . ill Si hneider Gloria Scotl Jack Scott John Scott ( )amille Selden Gail Shaffer Sandj Sheffield Doris Sheffler Karen Shepard Freddy Sherer Barbara Shuler Jim Siford Jimmy Simpson Robert Skelton Sandra Skinner ' -V ' % A w The thrill of preparing for Bill Smith Bruce Smith John Smith Joyce Smith Leslie Smith Pearl Snyder Norma Soto Berverly Spires Cheryl Stalnaker Harry Stapor Mildred Stefanowski Janet Steiner Jan Stevens Jerry Stier Don Strickland Donna Strickland Max Strickland Shirley Strickland Juanita Snmmcrall Marvene Summerall Juniors sell tickets to the Christmas dance. the Junior-Senior Prom. Ben Sumner John Sumner Kathy Sushil Mike Swaney Rosemary Swanson Jeannie Snyder Margaret Taylor Nick Taylor Rav Taylor Delores Teston Laura Theisen Terrv Thomas Bobbie Thompson John Threlkeld Gail Tibbies Dean Tomlinson Walter Tooke Steve Turner |.n Ide Turner Judy Turner Steve Turner David Underhill Alfred Stevi ance Tim Vance Donna Vandelinder June Van Jesse! Lance Van Wert Alan Vaughn Frank Vetter Hilary Von Mering Budd ' v Walker Edith Walton Don Waul Pamela Ward Bill Warden h4 v» They have worked hard this year, n Qr! yy. Louis Weaver Sandy Wedeles Jim W elch Chris Wenzel Harr Wheeler Richmond Wheeler Robert White Shirley Whitehead Eddie Whitehall fanice Whitehouse Joanne Weisner Terry Wight Jennifer Wigington George Williams M rue Williamson Nancy Wise Ronnie Worth These chemistry- students work faithfully on an experiment. but their work was filled with fun. K 3r Bobby Wren Tern. ' Wyatt Annell Wyland Peggy Wyland Carol Wyzga Joe Voumans Jake Young Judy Young Nick Zammerilla Clavton Zehner The 1962 Senior class officers are Presi- dent, Ed Coris; Vice-President, Tim Lewis; Secretary, Pam Dissette; Treas- urer; Dusty Summerall. They helped make the Senior year a successful one. SENIORS 3n ittmnriam GRANT DENNIS MURPHY In memory of our classmate who is not here to graduate with us, but who will remain in our hearts forever. DAN VCKERMAN DARRELL ADAMS ANN ALFRED - fl FRAN ' CES AMOS SAMMY ALLEN PATSY ALOIA |()H NY AMNIONS BEVERLY ANDERSON As they entered for the last year SONJA ANDERSON- WILLIAM ARMSTRONG VESTER ARNOLD MARION ATKINS HERBERT ATWOOD NANCY BAHRE WILLIAM BAIN JANIE BALL DIANE BALLANTINE VERNA B H |;|j |l l BAR I LESON |IM BASS mwl PATSY BASSETT WAYNE BATES RAYMOND BAUM BILL BEACH they realized that their constant goal MARILYN BEASLEY KARL BECK JIMMY BECKLER JOAN BECKLER LINDA BELGARDE GEORGE BELL JOHN BENNETT DONNA BETTS |o BILHEIMER MARGI1 HI ( k RODNEY HI I DSOE SANm ROMAR k I in BOOTH BRENDA BORTON LINDA BOSTLELMAN EDGAR BREWER had almost becotne a reality. LINDA BRIGHTWELL ELDEN BROWN ERVIN BROWNING LINDA BUCKNER MOLLY BINDV ERLEENE BUTLER JEAN BUTLER JIM BUTLER RALPH CAFFARELLI DON CAMPBELL SUDIE CAMPBELL KICKY CAMPBELL ROBERT CANUP LOIS CARPENTER RALPH CARDOZA GEORGE CARVER In fact, their senior year was their best, ROBERT CATHELL MARK CHAMBERLAIN SHARON CHEASLEY PETER CLAPP CYNTHIA CLARKSON CHARLES CLEMONS LAMAR CLEMONS DAN CODY CI (.ki.i i iiki R TOM COLBERT EDDIE COMBS DON CONN CRACK COLLIER JOAN COLLINS CATHERINE CONNELL PAT CONNELL with a successful class play and GARY CONOVER GARY COOK WILLIAM CORBIN ED CORIS PRUDENCE CRONIN KATHY CURRAN JOHN DADDERIO LORRETTA DADDERIO DONNIE DANCE STEPHANIE DANIELS LINDA DANLEY IUNE DAVIS CLARENCE DAVIS CAROLYN DAYI S MARY LOU DAVIS TOM DENGIS an equally exciting football season. U . j ' sw - A t« y ).£ . tJt - y . Z- Zt-a O The pep rallies increased the pre-game ex- citement - - " " i gy ARLISS DENNIS MIKE DENO FRANCIS DE TURE HAL DEVER I ( :K DEVITT JON DINKEL I ' AM DISSETTE L FRED Dl ' DI.EY MAHV CAROL DOCK KENNETH DOMKE TERRY DONINGER NANCY DUEKER The students had a beautiful Homecoming. mt. ANITADUFF DAVID DUKES LARRY DURRENCE PAT EASTWOOD ROBERT EDELBLUT RONALD EDGING TON SHERYL I in ENSON LEE EDWARDS UHl.w I ii HENWALD BEN ELD1 RD SANDY ELLISON DIANE KLI.MAN PECGY EMERSON PAUL EPPERSON DONNA ERICKSON TOM FAUL They were introduced to Macbeth TOE FLINT DOUG FLOWERREE BECKY FLOYD SAM FORD TIM FRANCIS BARBARA FRIE HARRIET FULTON WARING FULTON ii i;n i i k rini.l Is GALBRAITH l in GARNER FRANCIS GASTON RICHARD GATES MARILYNN GAY CAROLYN ' GEORGE fOEY GILBERT ■ Colleges were chosen during College Day. AVEATA GILES LEONARD GILES DIANE GILL MICKEY GOEF MARGARET GOLDSMITH I. in GILLIGAN CARLGLIDDEN ROHI-.RT GNAU GENE GONAHD ALLEN COWANS BILL GRACE FRANKLIN GRANT KAY GRANT JAMES GREEN MARTHA GRIEMAN MARIE HANDLEY AlhAl The Seniors were thrilled to march JUDY HANSON FLIP HARBY EDDIE HARDEN RONNIE HARRINGTON- ELAINE HARRIS GEORGE HARVARD GRETCHEN HASWELL IANE HEINTZMAN DONNA HENDRY |OE HENSLEY GAIL HENSZ BUT( II HERBERT ( Mi CK HERRING IAHV HERRING [AMES HEYDOLPH SUSIE HIOHHAl ' GH to the " Saint Song " . i)i i; mi. i. CHUCK HILLIARD LINDIE HOARD DIANE HOFFMAN DICKY HOFFMAN LARRY lll ' l I l II DV HOCAN PETER IKK. II-; GA1 LE MOLAPAY |UDV HOPPER SHARON IIOHD DONALD HORNE SALLY ANN HOSACK BILL HOSTETLER CURTIS HOUSE ANITA HUDSON Skip Day brought a much-needed holiday. The L nited Fund coke party was enjoyed by all who attended. BUDDY HUME PAT HUSZ DOWTE HUTCHI 0 1ANE HYATT LINDA IACK All I HUR [OHNSON FAYE [OHNSON KAREN JONES OLIVER JOHNSON CAROLE |ONES GEORGE JONES ROBERT JONES They were entertained royally by the SANDRA JOVNER DAVE KAUPP JOHNNY KEENE VALERIE KEENE HAY KENT DAI E KERSH W mi bert kiesel N VNCY KINSEY DA II) KNIGH1 |()ll KRIMMING! I. NICOLA KRUSE MERRY ANN KUSILAVAGE ) LARRY LAMB SHERRY LAMB On December 13, 80 Seniors toured South Florida University. Juniors at the beautiful prom. CAROLYN LANCE GERALD LANDRUM HILDE LARSEN RICK LAWRENCE BILL LAWYER BILL LAYTON STEPHEN LEFFERS TIM LEWIS .ak i. mm R IB! R I LINNE MARY IJM I " i; MARLENE LORD K U I OWERY fERRY LLOYD DW ' II) LUCAS OWEN LUCKY Intermingled with this was the thrill BENNIE NIC DOWELL NANCY MC ALLISTER ELSA MC CARROLL CHAHLETTE MC CLAREN TOMMY MCCEE MONTINE MCCLELLAND IIMMY MC DANIEL CARL MC DONALD MIKE MC KINNEY AM Ml!-: MC MENEMIN BARBARA MC NAB PAT MAHARREY I KAN IK MALONEY KATHY MALT CLYDE MANN MITCHELL MANNIN of being fitted with caps and gowns n - m KATHY MARSH TOMMY MARTINDALE HENRY MATUSZEWSK1 LINNIE MAYER MARY MAYS CEORGETTE MAZZOCHI BETSY MEETZE 1EE MELSEK GLORIA MIDDLETON nor, MILLER BR1 I MILLICAN I II I I N MONTGOMERY HUGH MILLER TERin MILLER IAGKIE MOORE SARA MOORE and of ordering invitations JEAN MORAN KATHY MORAN THURMON MORGAN ROBERT MORRIS FRANK MORRISON LANCE MORROW PANSY MOSLEY BRUGE MOWER RAYMOND MUMFORD BARBARA MURPHY GRANT MURPHY RICHARD MYERS MARTHA XAULT HOWARD XAYLOR DOXXTE NELSON BRUCE NESMITH JILL NEWLIN GUY NOE KEN NOPPE RITA NORDEN ' HOLT and finally the arrival of the name cards. BURL NORRIS BARBARA NORTHCUTT ANDREA OGD EX MIKE ORTENGREN STEVE EHCASH PAUL PALMER PAUL PALUMBO |0 PENDLETON ROBERT PATNODE CHERYLE PECK RICHARD PETERS DENNIS PETERSEN The Senior year was dedicated to k m m k m wL :.m BETTY PEWETT LES PICNEY SHEILA PICOTT LARRY PLANK DONNIE POFF RONNIE POFF TOM POLLMAN SUSAN POSNER EDWARD POSTE M i;i. U I PRESTON SANDRA PREVALLE1 fUD QUICK DENNIS RAITT ALANNA READER JAN REASON ER GENE REEVES concentrated study and preparation LIN RICHARDS OLA MAE RIGDON PAT RIMES JANE ROCKOW SUZANNE ROGERS IANIE ROGERS JOHN ROLLINS JACK ROSENBURO t ' fcrf ROBERT ROTH IH i VRD SAMPSON PAUL S VNDER (|| |;|. | s SANDERS THOMAS SANTIN JACK SAPP BRYAN SAVAGE IIM SCIIULZ l|l so they could take their place in the world. I ' M I. SHUMAKER ALICE FAYE SHAFFER ROGER SHAWCROSS JACKIE SHEEHAN HAROLD SHEPARD M. SHOLTY SILBERMAN Kll SINGLETARY VERNON SKELTON BEN SMALLWOOD JACK SMITH PAT SMITH JERRY SMITH JOHN SNYDER BARBARA SODAKER RUSSELL SOFIELD !■♦ " V As a result of their efforts SUSIE STARXES RON SOLOMON GILBERT SOWDERS JANET SPENCER DOROTHY STEPHENS JANICE SPENCER HARVEY SPEICEL SHARON STANTON i I! I l I II STEVENS S A. s| | ENSON DON SI EWARD I DDIE SI l IKLES [R] l STOCKGLAUSNER FR VNCES STOHLMAN LAlun STOKES TERRY si RONG and the wisdom endowed them by DUSTY SUMERALL BERTHA SUMMERALL BERRY SUMMERALL GARY SUMMERALL HARLEN SUNQUIST GLENIS SUTTON ROSEANN TARANT1NO PAT TAYLOR TERRY TEMI ' ERTON ADA TETTEHTON JUDV THOMAS MELBA THOMAS NEWN THOMAS TUNIS THOMAS RICKY THOMPKINS DANNY THORNE an efficient faculty, they now face Mrs. Menge helps many decide their plans for the future. »» ■» . Cf 4. MIKE T1CE CARL TILLEY BARBARA TORMALA MALLORY TOl ' CHSTONE 167 DAN TRAVIS i;il I I URNER BOBTYCII ANDY UNDERHILL RONNIE VAYO LINDA Y ' EALE WALTVERTNER ROBERT VOSNEY - the future with confidence and determination. BRUCE WADLIN NICKY WALBURN EVA WALDRON GAIL WALL 11 LUCILLE WALL BEVERLY WARD CHARLES WARD DAVID WARD KEN WASHBURN PEGGY WATSON BOSS WEBB TERRY WEBEB DIANE WELCH RICHARD WELCH RUSTY WELCH LARRY WELLS The Seniors of 1962 bid a fond farewell WALTER WELSH RON WENRICH LOIS WESTLAND RICHARD WESTON RICHARD WHEELER JENNY WHITE PAUL WHITTEN WAYNE WHITTEN IOIIN W ii KES ILI III I Wis |0Y( I. 11 1.1 Wis SAND " } Willi Wis HOBBI WILLINGER MARTHA WINGATE (.1 ORIA W ' ISE IMOJEAN WOHLHNIF.YER to the school they love and respect. The class of 1962 dedicated a memorial, designed by Vester Arnold, to the school. CAROL WOLFGANG BILLIE 1EAN WRIGHT DANNY WYATT RODNEY YEOMANS JIMMY YOUNG DICK ZIMMERMAN LUNCHROOM STAFF This year, our first since giving up fed- eral aid, the quality and preparation of the food has been outstanding. FIRST ROW: Virgie Craws, Donnie Dukes, Ruth Lupo, MANAGER, Lila Hender- son. SECOND ROW: Helen Munro. Betty Gayle, Ruth Braun, Louise Conrod. - : CUSTODIAL STAFF Working in two shifts, this co-ordinated team of custodians keeps our school clean and neat. FIRST ROW: Walter Walker, Bill Havhurst, Eddie Bradwell, Leo Idelette. SECOND ROW: Dock Fultz, Tom Boston, Jerome Coplin, Venice Dodd. ■■■ »• «•■■• !§!• •• llllivu , ADVERTISEMENTS r = • 1 . — • r , I Erleene Butler assists Jimmy Bvitler and Martha Wingate in finding their safety deposit boxes at the FIRST NATIONAL HANK. 11.. _- K —f T ff 3 Gretchen Haswell helps Phyllis Gal- braith fill a prescription at FREY ' S PRESCRIPTION SHOP. - i Walt Vertner shows Bobbi Willinger some outstanding camera equipment that may be purchased at FULTON ' S CAMERA SHOP. Dewilda Hobbs, Sharon Quattlebaum, and Sandy Kllis shop for Christmas gifts ■ ' at the SMART SHOP. V - X Nancy Dueker, Janice Spencer, and Janet Spencer take advantage of the friendly service at the LEE COUNTY bank! .rU_ li L , iz JLXJ U 13jl Ij }jvc-cjJl Eddie Coris and Pam Dissette shop at HENDERSON HARDWARE, " The hardware store that sells hardware. " m L Mary Fernandes and Joanne Santos dis- cover some of the main- fine dairy prod- ucts delivered daily by HART ' S DAIRY to its customers. 3 fc l» HW5P fttfmnttmmfh 7-t i Judy Denyes, Fent Hennigan, Collie [ickej | ' uii-s. Mary Beth Phillips, and Yernie Brewer take a look at one ot the ell-equipped new trucks owned by FLO! IDA POWER AND LIGHT. m « ij m i3E A Margie Black and Jill Newlin help Rob- ert Roth and Butch Fulton decide which type of insurance policy to buy from DARWIN WHITE INSURANCE AGENCY. WELD-RITE WELDING WORKS INC. Newn Thomas Leonard Giles Howard Naylor Bryan Savage Charlie Sanders Buddy Hume ft II Larry Stokes suggests to Barbara North- eutt Panorama shoes from LEED ' S SHOES. J— i Charlie Sanders and Leonard Giles se- lect ties from the wide selection at MENS TOWN COUNTRY. C£ Linda Brightwel] coifs with a friend on the putting green at luxurious DRIFT- WOOD MOTEL. HFOW»tf wH Donna Betts helps Sara Moore and Lin- da Buckner to open accounts at FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION. WIT 1 1 -. ' £7 TAMJ olT j g§j£ j STT»r - m i rrSj ij U VATAMPA =s j @ LI WITT CIGAR COMPANY LI WITT CIGAR COMPANY Mac Mclver and son Billy Mclver splay one of the lovelv new color T.V. available at MAC ' S TV FIX1T Susan Posner and Nina Proko display to Hilde Larson and Barbara Tormala some of the extraordinary values in cameras to be found at the brand new AMERICAN VARIETY STORE. ! ' . ■■■■ ■■;■ ■■■■ ■■■■ ■■■■ ■■■■ ■■■■ ■■■■ ■■■■ LEO W. ENGELHARDT FUNERAL HOME. -3 Cynthia Clarkson and Harvey Spiegel discuss the advantage of using the Erica phone provided by INTER-COUNTY TELEPHONE TELEGRAPH. FjEF+tSSS. v a A The Majorettes pose tor the camera of Mr. Brown of BROWN ' S STUDIO. JOHNSONS BODY SHOP Benin- Smallwood David Ward Charlette McClaren drops off some laundry at the convenient Boulevard Plaza branch of PRATHER ' S LAI N DKY AND DHY CLEANERS. r » »- ' u O %S x- : • ■ ytv, Judy Hogan and Linda Bostleman help Buddy Hume and Donnie Hutchison pick new shirts at HOGAN ' S MENS WEAR. r ■?• j , y g " y IJVi Betsy Meetze, Beverly Ward, Barbara Frie, Marilyn Beasley, and Brenda Bor- ton try out the big Manco Power Mow- jl- ers at EDISON PARK POWER -- MOWER SERVICE. ■ I HARVEY FUNERAL HOME --C— •— • !ll ! ; Roseann Tarantino, Karl Beck, and p L- Francis DeTure peruse the excellent se- , ta h lection of school supplies at PARKER ' S BOOK STORE. .J M. BOB DEAN ' S WELDING AND SUPPLY Jim Schulz Ed Coleman Bob Linne, Eddie Stickles, and Gary Libby are waited on by Mrs. Veale at the convenient drive-in window at PEOPLE ' S BANK in North Fort Myers. GtQ mil . I Thompkim at GIL • f ' - - ' ■■■■ Jon Dinkel enjoy- the comfort of die beautiful furniture at ROBB-STUCKEY ITURE COMPANY FRYE WHOLESALE COV ra 0 Mahonev S ' ■ t _- - Carolyn George, Marilyn Gay, and Car- ols [ones look at the lovely new Lady Manhattan shirts at the BOULEVARD SHOP. Boasters Arcade Book Shop Charm Beauty Shop Tanner Auto Shop Fort Myers Iron Works Foxworthy Furniture Company Evans and Park Company Krueger ' s Photography Barber Furniture Company Ethel W. Bivers Ruth ' s Beauty Salon Tom ' s Auto Supply Goodyear ' s Tire Service We are grateful to the following for the help given us: Jack Norris, Photographer Merrill H. Thompson, Photographer Keys Printing Company Press Printing Company Member: Florida Scholastic Press Association Columbia Scholastic Press Association National School Yearbook Association I) ( KERMAN MHS L,2 .1 DARRELLC VDAMS Mils L.2,3,4. ANN ALFRED Ml IS 1,2 ■ I SAMMY 1 I I Mils L.2,3 1 PATSY AI.OIA Mils i _• ; i Football 2: Art Club 3 Student Council 2,3; DCT 4; DE ■!. lilt K D.ALSTON Mils 1,2,3,4 NFL 2,3,4, President I Sergeant-at-arms 4; Pep Squad - Football 2; Swimming 2,3,4 Student Council 2; Master of Pep Rally 4. IOHNM tMMONS Mils 1,2,3,4 Student ( loum il 1,2 lappella Choir 3,4 Librarian 3, Vice President 1. Baseball 1. FRANCES A VMOS MHS 1,2,3,4; Pep Squad 2,3,4; FHA 1,2,3. Bl I RLY ANDERSON MHS SON] V A ANDERSON MHS VESTER ARNOLD MHS 1,2,3,4; Football 2,3,4; Track 3,4: M club 3,4. MARION E. ATKINS Mils tiler Club 1.2,3.4. Library Assistant 3. HERRERTT. ATWOOD MHS 1.2,3,4; FFA 2,3.4. NANCY L. BAHRE MHS 1,2,3,4; Glee Club 1,2,3,4, Vice President 4; Pep Squad 1,2,3.4. Row Captain 4: Science Club 1.2; Swimming Team 2,3,4; Wavettes 2,3,4; Class Plav 3; Office Assistant 4. WILLIAM BAIN MHS 1,2.3,4. (ANTE W HALL MHS 1.2,3,4; Pep Squad 1.2,3,4; FTA 2. Future Nurses 3,4; Sci- ence Club 2. Class Play 3; Library- Assistant 4, Latin Club 3. DIANE S. BALLANTINE MHS 1,2,3,4; Band 1,2,3,4, Majorette 2,3.4; FTA 3,4; Journalism Club 3,4; Tidal Wave Copy Editor 4. Class Play 3; Student Council 1.2; Office Assistant 4. ERNA M. BARNARD MHS 1.2,3,4; DCT 4. JAMES F. BARTLESON MHS 1.2,3,4; A Cappella Choir 3,4; Golf Team 2,3,4. JAMES S. BASS MHS 1.2,3,4. PATRICIA BASSETT MHS 2.3.4; Pep Squad 2; DCT, Secretary 4 WAYNE BATES MHS 1,2,3,4. RAYMOND BAUM MHS 2,3,4; Transferred from Bishop Kenney, Jacksonville; Track 3,4. DARRELL BAUCOM MHS 1,2,3,4; FFA 1,2,3,4, Vice President 4. W. J. BEACH MHS 1,2,3,4. MARILYN T. BEASLEY MHS 1,2,3,4; Art Club 4, Secretary 4; Future Nurses 3,4; NFL 4; Pep Squad 4. KARL S. BECK MHS 1,2.3.4, Band 1.2,3.4, Council 2,3,4, Lieutenant 3, Captain 4; Spanish Club 2,3.4. President 4; NFL 3,4, Treasurer 4. Secretary 3, D.b.ite T,am 3,4; Class Play 3.4. Junior Civitan Club 3,4. Sec- retary 4; Boys ' State 3; Library Assistant 4; Student Council 4 Parliamentarian 4. JIMMY A. BECKLER MILS 1.2,3.4; Glee Club 2,3,4, A Cappella Choir 4. CAROLYN JOAN BECKLER MHS 1,2,3,4; Pep Squad 2,3,4; Science Club 2. HANK HELDEN MILS 4, Transferred from Hickman High School, Columbia, Mis- souri. LINDA BELOARDE Mils 1,2,3.4 National Honor Society 2,3,4; Future Nurses 1,2,3, Secretarj Pep Squad 1.2,3,4; Student Council 1.2,4, FHA 4, I hairman 1 Guidance Office Assistant 4. GEORGE BELL MIIS 1,2,3,4. JOHN BENNETT MHS 1 2,3,4. DONNA M HII I s Mils | : l ix | 1. Red Cross Representative 1 JON BILHEIMER MILS 1,2 MARGIE i CK MIIS 1,2,3,4 Pep Squad 1,2,3,4, Row Captain 3,4; Glee Club 1; A Cappella CI, ir 2,3,4 FTA 3 S m BOMAR MIIS 1,2,3,4; Swimming 1,2,3.4. Co-Captain 4; Wavettes 2,3,4, Sergeant at Vrms I, Treasurer 4. c.vnn BOOTH Mils i 2,3,4. BRENDA BORTON MIIS 1.2,3,4; I ' ei) Squad 2,3.4; FHA 2,3; Art Club 3,4. LINDA BOS ' I I.F.MAN MIIS 1,2,3,4 Pep Squad 1.2,3,4, Future Nurses 2,3,4, Secretary 4; FTA 1 111 3 1 I DGAR BREWER Mils I 2,3,4; FFA 1,2,3,4. LYNN BREWER Mils l 2,3,4. LINIU BHICIITWELL MIIS 2,3,4; Transferred from Osceola High Scl I Kissimmee Honda Pep Squad 2,3; Student Council 3 Spanish Club 2,3.4; Spanish Honor Society 3.4; FTA 3; Journalism Club 3,4. Class Play I ( ' luaii. Assistant Editor 4. El DEN BliOWN MILS 1,2,3,4. IR INC. BROWNINC MHS 3.4; DCT 4; DE Club 4; Treasurer 4. LINDA Bl ' CKNER MHS 1,2,3,4; Latin Club 2,3. FTA 3.4; Pep Squad 3; Swimming Team 1,2,3,4, Assistant Manager 3, Manager 4; Journalism Club 3,4; Caloosahatchian, Junior Editor 4; Student Council 4. Wavettes 4; Library Assistant 4. MOLLY BUNDY MHS 2,3.4; Wavettes 3,4; Swimming Team 2,3,4. ERLEENE BUTLER MHS 1,2,3,4. Student Cuned 1,2; Glee Club 1; A Cappella Choir 2: Junior Red Cross 4; Journalism Club 4, Pep Squad 1.2,3,4; Li- brary Assistant 4; Caloosahatchian 4, Business Manager; Class Plav 3,4. JEAN butler MHS 3,4; Transferred from Bay County High School, Florida; DCT 4. IIM BUTLER MHS 1,2.3,4; Swimming Team 4; HFL 3,4; Band 1,2,3; Pep Squad 4; Class Plav 3.4; Science Club 1,2. RALPH CAFFARELLI MHS 1,2,3,4. DON CAMPBELL MHS 3,4; Transferred from Bradlev Central, Cleveland Tennes- see. Track 3,4; Football 3,4. SUDIE CAMPBELL MHS 2,3,4; Spanish Club 2; Pep Squad 3,4; FHA 3. RICK CAMPBELL MHS 1,2,3,4; Football, B Squad 1, Varsity 2,3,4; Basketball, JV 1, B. Squad 2,3; Civitan Club 2,3,4; M Club 3,4. ROBERT CANUP MHS 1,2,3,4; Glee Club 1,2,3,4. RALPH CARDOZA MHS 2,3,4; Transferred from Immokalee High School; Band 2; Basketball 1,2. LOIS CARPENTER MHS 1,2,3,4; Future Nurses 3,4; Glee Club 4. ROBERT CATHELL MHS 1,2,3,4. MARK CHAMBERLAIN MILS 1.2,3,4. SHARON CHEASLEY MHS 3,4; Transferred from Shawnee Mission North, Kansas: Glee Club 3; Future Nurses 4. PETE CLAPP MILS 1,2,3,4; Baseball L Basketball 2,3.4; Swimming Team 2,3,4; Football 3; M Club 4; Pep Squad 1,2. CYNTHIA CLARKSON MIIS I 2,3,4; FTA 2,3.4; Student Council 1,2,3,4; Supply Bureau I. Senior Superlative, Best I ooking 4. Girls ' State 3; Cheerleader. JV 1, Varsity 3,4; Caloosahatchian 4, Features Editor. Pep Squad ! 1,2; Wavettes 4; Guidance Office Assistant 4; Library Assistant 3; Journalism Club 4. CHARLES CLEMONS MIIS 1,2,3,4: Track 2. LAMAR CLEMONS MIIS 1,2,3.4; Football 2. DAN CODY MHS 1,2,3.4; DCT 4. GEORGE ROBERT COKER MIIS 1,2,3,4; Library Club 2,3,4. TOM COLBERT MHS 3,4: Transferred from Tallmadge High School, Tallmadge, Ohio. GRACE COLLIER MHS; FHA 4; Pep Squad 4. fOAN COLLINS MHS Band 1.2. French Club 1. CHARLES EDDi COMBS MIIS 1,2,3,4, DE 4. DON CONN , , _ MHS 3,4; Transferred from Tyner High School, Chattanooga, Tennessee. CATHERINE CONNELL MHS 1,2,3,4; JV Cheerleader 2; Pep Squad 2; Red Cross Repre- sentative I Science ( Hub 2 PATRICIA CONNELL MHS 1,2,3,4. GARY CONOVER MHS 1,2,3,4; Band 1,2; Basketball 2. GARY COOK MHS 1,2,3,4; Football 1,2; Track 1; Basketball 1,2,3. WILLIAM M. CORBIN MHS 1,2,3,4; Key Club 2,3,4, Sr. Board 4; Pep Squad 2; Swim- ming Team 1,2,3,4. Co-Captain 4; NFL 3,4; Student Council 1,2,3. EDWARD CORIS MHS 1,2,3,4; Student Council 3,4, Board of Directors 4; Band 1,2,3,4; Football 1,2,3,4; Boys ' State 3; Junior Civitan 3,4; Senior Class President; Senior Superlative, Friendliest 4. PRUDENCE CRONIN MHS 1,2,3,4; Pep Squad 1,2; French Club 4. KATHY CURRAN MHS 1.2,3,4; Pep Squad 1,2,3,4; Future Nurses 1,2,3,4; JV Cheer- leader 2; Class Play 3,4. JOHN DADDERIO MHS 1,2,3,4; DCT 4. Vice President 4; DE Club 4, Secretary 4. LORETTA DADDERIO MHS 1,2,3,4; FHA 1; Pep Squad 1,2; Student Council Alternate 1,2; DCT 4, Secretary 4. DONNTE DANCE MHS 1,2,3,4; Band 1,2,3,4, Drum Major 2,3,4; Student Council 1; Class Play 4. SANDRA DANIELS MHS 1,2,3,4; Drill Squad 3; DCT 4. STEPHANIE DANIELS MHS 2,3,4; Transferred from Rock Falls Township High School, Rock Falls, Illinois; Band 3,4; FNA 3,4. LINDA DANLEY MHS 1.2,3,4; Student Council 1; Pep Squad 2,3,4; FHA 2,3; Latin Club 2. CAROLYN DAVIS MHS 2,3,4; FNA 4. CLARENCE DAVIS MHS 1,2,3,4. JUNE DAVIS MHS 1,2,3,4; FHA 2,3. MARY LOUISE DAVIS MHS 3,4; Transferred from Sebring High School, Sebring, Florida. TOM DENGIS MHS 1,2.3,4. ARLISS DENNIS MHS 4; Transferred from Palm Beach High School; Band 4; Junior Red Cross, President 4. MICHAEL DENO MHS 1,2,3,4. FRANCIS DETURE MHS 1,2,3,4; Football 3,4; Baseball 1,2.4; National Honor Society 3,4; Wheel Club 4; Mu Alpha Theta 3; Latin Club 1.2,3,4, Presi- dent 3,4; NFL 4; M Club 4; Pep Squad 1; Class Play 4; Boys " State 3; Hoy Black Football Scholastic Achievement Award 4. HAROLD DEVER MHS 1,2.3.4. JACK DEVITT MHS 1,2,3,4; Wheel Club 1,2,3,4, Treasurer 2, Vice President 3, Board of Directors 1,3,4. JON DINKEL MHS 1,2.3.4; Swimming Team 2,3,4; Class Play 4; Wheel Club 4. PAM DISSETTE MHS 1,2,3,4; Glee Club 2,3,4, President 3,4; National Honor So- ciety 3,4, Secretary 4; Pep Squad 4; Drill Squad 2.3, Secretary 3; DAR Award 4; Senior Superlative, Friendliest; Homecoming Queen 4. MARY CAROL DOCK MHS 1.2.3,4. KENNETH DOMKE MHS 4; Transferred from Niles Senior High School. Niles, Michi- gan. TERRY DONINGER MHS 2,3,4; Transferred from Boonville High School, Boonville, Indiana. FRED DUDLEY MHS 1,2,3,4; Band 1,2,3,4; Latin Club 3; Science Club 1,2: lunior Red Cross 4; JV Baseball 2. NANCY DUEKER MHS 3,4; Transferred from Atherton High School, Louisville, Ken- tucky; NFL 3,4; FHA 3; Pep Squad 4; Swimming Team 4; Glee Club 3,4. ANITA DUFF MHS 1,2,3,4. DAVID DUKES Mils 1.2,3,4; Wheel Club 3,4, Treasurer 4, Intern President 4; Boys ' Stab NFL 3 4 Senioi Supi Scl I Spirit 4; Student Council 1,2,4: Greenii Growl Ma tei oi Cere nies ! Pep Squad 1,2,3,4; Tidal Wave Sports Editor 4; foumalism Club 4. LARRY DUHHENCE MHS 1,2,3.4. PATHICIA EASTWOOD IIIS 1,2,3,4; Art Club 2,3,4; Pep Squad 2,3,4; Science Club 2; Latin Club 2,3; Class Play 3,4. DAVID FCCLESTON MHS 1,2,3,4. ROBERT EDELBLUT MHS 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1,2; Student Council 1,3; Key Club 2,3,4, Secretary 4; Football 2. RONALD LEE EDGINGTON MHS 1,2,3,4. SHERYL EDVENSON MHS 1,2,3,4; Band 1,2,3,4; Latin Club 2,3,4; Future Nurses 3,4, Recording Secretary 4. LEE EDWARDS MHS 2,3,4; National Honor Society 3,4; Mu Alpha Theta 3,4, Vice President 4: Boys ' State 3; Pep Squad 4. BRIAN EICHEXWALD MHS 3,4; Transferred from Miami Beach High School, Miami Beach, Florida; DCT 4; Class Play 4; Track 3; B Squad Basket- ball 3. BEN ELDERD MHS; Baseball. JV 2,3; Science Club 4; Pep Squad 3; Junior Red Cross 4. SANDRA ELLISON MHS 3,4; Transferred from Cass Technical High School, Detroit, Michigan. DIANA ELLMAN MHS 4; Transferred from the Academy of the Assumption, Miami, Florida. PEGGY EMERSON MHS 1,2,3,4; Swimming Team 1.2,3,4; Wavettes 2,3,4, Vice Presi- dent 4; Pep Squad 1,3; Drill Squad 2; Tidal Wave 3; Student Council 1,2. PAUL EPPERSON MHS 1.2,3,4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Football 1,2,3; Basketball 1.2,3. Junior Civitan Club 3,4; Student Council 1; Pep Squad 1,2,3,4; Science Club 1; Latin Club 3,4; Red Cross Representative 4. DONNA ERICKSON MHS 2,3,4; Transferred from Desoto High School, Desoto County, Florida. TOM FAUL MHS 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3; Football 1; Swimming Team 1,2,3; Key Club 3,4. NANCY FEIGHT MHS 1,2,3,4; Band 1,2,3; Student Council Alternate 1. GROVER FIELDS MHS 1,2,3,4. MARY FERNANDES MHS 1.2,3,4. IOE FLINT ' MHS DOUG FLOWEREE MHS 1,2,3.4; Swimming Team 2,3; Basketball 1; Science Club 1: Latin Club 2,3; Pep Squad 1,2,3,4; Red Cross Representative 4. BECKY FLOYD MHS 1,2.3.4; Swimming Team 1,2; Wavettes 2.3: Art Club 3,4, Vice President 4; Pep Squad 3; Science Club 3; Journalism Club 4. Tidal Wave 4, Art Editor; Class Plav 4. SAM FORD MHS National Honor Society 3,4; Student Council 2,3,4 Wheel Club 2.3,4; Mu Alpha Theta 3; Supplv Bureau 3,4; Class Play 3,4; Journalism Club 3; Football B Squad 2. Yarsitv 3,4; Basketball 2: Track 2,3,4; M Club 3,4. JIM FRANCIS MHS 1.2,3,4. BARBARA FRIE MHS 1.2.3,4; Art Club 3,4, President 4; Latin Club 3; French Club 4; Pep Squad 1,2.3,4; Future Nurses 1.2. KEITH FROST MHS 1,2,3,4; Band 1,2,3; Junior Red Cross. HARRIETTE FULTON MHS 1,2,3.4; Swimming Team 1: Student Council 1. Alternate 2; Pep Squad 1,2,3,4; Clr Club 1,2; A Cappella Choir 4; Art Club 4. BUTCH FULTON MHS; Civitan Club 3.4: Golf Team 1,2.3: Baseball 1; Latin Club 2.3; Pep Squad 1,2,3,4. GERALD FUNK MHS 1.2,3,4. ri[ LLlSGALBRAITH Mils L,2,3,4; Glee Club 1. A Cappella Choir 2,3.4: FTA 1.2.3; Pep Squad 1,3.4. MARY ANN GARNER MHS 1,2,3,4. I R ( is GASTON MHS 1,2 3,4; Football 1.2 Pep Squad 3,4; Glee Club 1.2. RICHARD GATES Mils | i s, i, ,,, i i Hub I I ' , p Squad -1. l KIIAN (. MHS 1,2,3,4; A Cappella Clmn 1. Pep Squad 1,2,3,4; FNA 3,4: 111 I CAROl WGE )RGE Mils 1 2 1,4; Glee Club I. Treasurei I. A Cappella Choir 2.3.4. . Manager I treasurei I Studenl Council 1,3,4; FNA i I 2. Tidal Wave 3,4; News Editor 4. Pep Squad 1.2,3,4, R ( 1,4; Science I lub 2. lOKY CI1 BERT MHS FFA 1.2.3. WEATA GILES MHS 1,2.3,4 FNA 12 Band 1.2.3. LEON VRD GILES MHS 2,3,4; Transferred from Omaha, Nebraska; Football 1,2; Basketball 1.2 [ " rack 1,1. Student Council 4. DIANE GILL MIIS Band 1,2,3,4; Majorette 2.3.4. Head Majorette 4; Student Council 2. Library Assistant 4. MARY GILLIG W Mils 1 2,3,4, CARLCLIDDEN MHS FFA ROBERT GNAU MHS; Football 4; Baseball 1. MICKEY GOFF MHS 1,2,3,4 Football Captain 4. Most Valuable Plavers 4; Track 2,3,4; junior ( li itan ( :l,,b 3.4; M Club 2.3,4. MARGARET GOLDSMITH MHS 1.2,3.4; Latin Club 3,4; Band 1,2,3,4, Council 2,3,4, Lieuten- ant 4. GEORGE GONARD MHS 1,2,3,4. ALLAN COWANS Mils I 2 !,4 V1„ el Club 4; Pep Squad 2,3; Science Club 1. BILL GRACE MHS 1,2.3.4; Wheel Club 2,3,4, Vice President 4; Student Council 1; Swimming Team 1; NFL 4; Science Club 2; Pep Squad 1,2,3,4. ROBERT GRACIE MHS 4. FRANKLIN GRANT MHS 1,2,3,4. KAY GRANT MHS; FHA 1; Pep Squad 2,3; Latin Club 1,2; Library- Assistant 3.4. JAMES GREEN MHS 1.2,3,4. MARTHA CREIMAN MHS 1,2,3,4. MARIE HANDLEY MHS 1,2,3,4; FHA 2,3. JUDY HANSEN Mils 2,3,4; Transferred from Palatine Township High School. Palatine, Illinois; Pep Squad 2,3; Swimming Team 2; Glee Club 2.3. Art Club 2. GORDON HARBY MHS 1.2.3,4: Band 1.2,3,4, Council 4. EDDIE HARDEN MHS 1,2 3.4. ELAINE HARRIS MHS 1,2,3,4. GEORGE HARVARD MHS 1,2,3,4; Baseball 2,3,4. GRETCHEN HASWELL MHS 1,2,3,4; Pep Squad; Future Nurses 2,3, Historian 3; Glee Club 2,3; A Cappella Choir 4. IANE HEINTZMAN MHS 1,2,3,4; Latin Club 2.3.4: Red Cross Representative 4; Art Club 3: Glee Club 3,4. WALTER HENSLEY MHS 1,2 I 1 GAIL III Mils 1,2,3,4 Science Club 1; FNA 2; FHA 4. GILBERT HERBERT MHS 1,2.3,4. HUCK HERRING 1,4; Transferred from M Arthur High West Holly- I lorida; Football 1; Track 4; A Cappella Choir 4. II RRING Mils I Transferred from McArthur High School, West Holly- I Wll.s , ! IOLPH MHS 1,2,3, FA 3,4. si SIE HICIIBAUCH Mils 1,2,3,4; Glee Club 2,3 Cappella Choir 4; Pep Squad 1,2,3,4 Row Captain 2.3,4; I ' TA 4; Student Council 2,3; GirLs ' State 3; Tidal Wave Staff 1 Activities Editor. 1)1 VNNE llll. I MIIS I Transferred I nun Fairbanks High School, Fairbanks, ( III ' ( K MILLIARD MIIS 1,2,3,4; Band 1.2.3. LINDA HOARD MIIS 1,2,3,4; FNA 2.3.4. junior Red Cross Representative 4: Latin Club 4 DIAN HOFFMAN MIIS 2,3,4; Transferred from Jeannette High School, Jeannette. Pennsj vlania. HOWARD HOFFMAN MIIS 1.2,3.4. |UDY HOC AN MIIS 1,2,3,4; FNA 2,3.4. Pep Squad 1,2,3,4; Glee Club 4. PETER HOGUE MILS Football 3; Basketball 2; Baseball 2,4; Mu Alpha Theta 4, President 4: National Honor Society 2,3,4, Vice President 4; Latin Club 3,4; Boys ' State 3; Student Council 2,4; Track 4; Pep Squad 4. GAYLE HOLADAY MHS 2,3.4; Transferred from Cooper High School, Vicksburg, Mis- sissippi; Pep Squad 2,3,4, Vice President 3,4; French Club 4, Vice President 4: FTA 3; Journalism Club 4; Class Play 4; Guidance Office Assistant 4; Caloosahatchian Staff 4, Senior Edi- tor. Senior Superlative, Wittiest. JUDY HOPPER MIIS 1,2,3,4; Science Club 1,2; Future Nurses 3,4. SHARON HORD MHS 2,3,4; Transferred from Lubbock, Texas; A Cappella Choir 2,3,4; French Club 2,3; FTA 3,4, Pep Squad 2,3,4, Row Captain 3,4. DONALD HORNE MHS 1,2,3,4. SALLY HOSACK MHS 3,4. BILL HOSTETLER MHS 1,2,3,4. CURTIS HOUSE MHS 3,4; Pep Squad 3,4; Swimming Team 3,4; Spanish Club 3,4. LONNIE HOWARD MHS 1,2,3,4; DCT4. ANITA HUDSON MHS 1,2.3,4; Office Assistant 4. LARRY HUFFMAN MHS 2.3,4: Glee Club 3,4; DCT 4; DE 4, Business Manager. HAROLD HUME MHS 1,2,3,4. PAT HUSZ MHS 1,2,3,4. DON HUTCHISON MHS 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Football 1,2; M Club 2,3,4; Student Council 4; Pep Squad 3,4; Glee Club 4; Science Club 1,2. JANE HYATT MHS 1,2,3,4; Pep Squad 1,2,3,4; Future Nurses 1,2,3; Swimming Team 2; French Club 4; Latin Club 1,2. LINDA JACK MHS 1,2,3,4. ARTHUR JOHNSON MHS 1,2,3,4. FAYE JOHNSON MHS 1,2,3,4. OLIVER JOHNSON MHS 1,2,3,4. BOB JONES MHS 1,2,3,4; Basketball 2; Baseball 1,2. CAROLE JONES MHS 1,2,3,4; Class Play 4, Student Director; FTA 4, Vice Presi- dent; Pep Squad 2,3,4, Row Captain 2,3,4; Glee Club 1; A Cap- pella Choir 2,3,4; ' Tidal Wave Staff 3,4, Assistant Editor 4; Latin Club 1,2; Debater ' s League 3. GEORGE JONES MHS 1,2,3,4. GORDON JONES MHS 1,2,3,4. KAREN IO.NES MHS 1,2,3,4. SANDRA JOYNER MIIS 3,4. ' Transferred from Northampton High School, Northamp- ton, Massachusetts, Future Nurses 4. DAVID KAI IT MILS 1,2,3,4. JOHN KEENE MHS 1,2,3,4. IE ANNE KEENE MIIS 1,2,3,4; Future Nurses 4. RAY KENT MHS 2,3,4; DCT4. DALE KERSHAW MHS 1,2,3,4. HILBERT KIESEL MHS 1,2,3,4; Football, B-Squad 1,2, Varsity 3,4; Basketball 2; Track 2; Pep Squad 1,2; Latin Club 2; Science Club 1; Junior Red Cross Representative 4. NANCY KINSEY MHS 1,2,3,4; Band 1,2,3,4, Lieutenant 4; Student Council 2; Latin Club 2,3,4, Vice President 3; Journalism Club 4, Tidal Wave Staff 4, Exchange Editor. DAVID KNICHT MHS 1,2,3,4. JOHN KRIMMINGER MHS 1,2,3,4. NICOLA KRUSE MHS 1,2,3,4; Pep Squad 4; Drill Squad 2,3; Office Assistant 4. MERRY ANN KUSILAVACE MHS 1,2,3,4. LARRY LAMB MHS 1,2,3,4; Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 3,4; Track 1,2,3,4; M Club 2,3,4, Vice President 4; Senior Superlative, Most Athletic. SHERRY LAMB MHS 3,4; Transferred From Benjamin Base High School, Indi- ana. CAROLYN LANCE MHS 1,2,3,4; Glee Club 1; Spanish Club 2; FTA 3,4; GERALD LANDRUM MHS 1,2,3,4; FFA 1,2,3,4; HILDE LARSEN MHS 1,2,3,4; Pep Squad 1,2; Glee Club 1,2,3; A Cappella Choir 4; Spanish Club 2. RICKY LAWRENCE MHS 1,2,3,4. BILL LAWYER MHS 2,3,4; Transferred from Plant High School, Tampa; Band 2,3,4, Band Council 3,4. WILLIAM LAYTON MHS 1,2,3,4. STEVE LEFFERS MHS 1,2,3,4. TED LEMLEY MHS 1,2,3,4; Glee Club 1; A Cappella Choir 2,3,4; Football Pho- tographer 2,3,4; Class Play 3; Key Club 3,4. TIM LEWIS MHS 1,2,3,4; Football 1,2,3,4, Co-Captain 4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Bas- ketball 1,2,3,4; Pep Squad 1,2; Class President 1,2; Class Treasur- er 3; Class Vice President 4; American Legion Award 1; M Club 2,3,4, President 4; Wheel Club 1,2,3,4; Student Council 1,2,3; Senior Superlative, Best Looking GARY LIBBY MHS 1,2,3,4; Wheel Club 1,2,3,4, Secretary 2, Vice President 3, President 4 International Convention Delegate 2; National Honor Society 2,3,4, President 4, District Co-ordinator 4, State Conven- tion 3; Boys ' State 3; NFL 3,4; Class Play 3; Golf Team 1,2,3,4; Student Council 3; Science Club 1,2; B Squad Basketball Manager 2. BOB LINNE MHS 1,2,3,4; Wheel Club 2,3,4; NFL 3,4; Latin Club 2; Science Club 1. MARY LISTER MHS 4; Transferred from Hamilton High School, Los Angeles, California; Pep Squad 4. MARLENE LORD MHS 1,2,3,4; Future Nurses 1,2; Pep Squad 1,2,3; Library Club 2,4. KAY LOWERY MHS 1,2,3,4; Pep Squad 2; Future Nurses 2; FTA 3; Journalism Club 3; DCT 4. JERRY LLOYD MHS 1,2,3,4. DAVE LUCAS MHS 1,2,3,4. OWEN LUCKEY MHS 1,2,3,4; Glee Club 1; A Cappella Choir 2,3,4. nancy McAllister MHS 1,2,3,4. ELSA McCARROLL MHS 1,2,3,4; Pep Squad 3; Science Club 1,2; Futu re Nurses 3 4 CHARLETTE McCLARAN MHS 1,2,3,4; Glee Club 1; A Cappella Choir 2,3,4; FTA 12 3- Latin Club 2,3; Pep Squad 1,2; Varsity Cheerleader 3,4; ' Na- tional Honor Society 3,4; Wavettes 4. montine McClelland MHS 1,2,3,4; Glee Club 2; A Cappella Choir 4; Drill Squad 2- Future Nurses 3,4, Vice President 4. JIMMY McDANIEL MHS 1,2,3,4; Band 1,2,3,4. carl Mcdonald MHS 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1; Basketball 2. bennie Mcdowell MHS 1,2,3,4 ; Student Council 3,4; Football 1,2,3,4; M Club 3,4. THOMAS McGEE MHS 1,2,3,4; Band 1,2,3,4; Football 2,3; DCT 4. MICHAEL McKENNEY MHS 1,2,3,4. AMMIE McMENEMIN MHS 1,2,3,4; Latin Club 1,2; Pep Squad 1,2,3,4, Secretary 3, Treasurer 4; Glee Club 2; A Cappella Choir 3,4; Homecoming Attendant 3,4. BARBARA McNAB MHS 1,2,3,4; Cheerleader, JV 1, Varsity 2,3,4; Student Council 1,2,3; Supply Bureau 4; Pep Squad 1; Class Vice President 2; Latin Club 2; FTA 2,3; Wavettes 3,4, Sergeant-at-Arms 4; Glee Club 2; A Cappella Choir 3,4; Caloosahatchian 4; Activities Edi- tor. PAT MAHARREY MHS 1,2,3,4. KATHY MALT MHS 1,2,3,4; Pep Squad 3,4; Future Nurses 3; FTA 3,4, President 4; Student Council 4; Class Play 3,4. CLYDE MANN MHS 1,2,3,4. MITCHELL MANNIN MHS 2,3,4; Transferred from Charleston, South Carolina; Science Club 2,3,4, Treasurer 3, Vice President 4; NFL 3,4. KATHIE MARSH MHS 4; Transferred from Catskill High School, Catskill, New York. CONNIE MARTIN MHS 1,2,3,4; Future Nurses 1,2. TOMMY MARTINDALE MHS 1,2,3,4; Glee Club 1,2,3,4. HENRY MATUSZEWSKI MHS 1,2,3,4. LINNIE MAYER MHS 4; Transferred from Sumter, South Carolina; Pep Squad 4; Class Play 4; Red Cross Representative 4; French Club 4. MARY MAYS MHS 2,3,4; Transferred from Fairview High School, Dayton, Ohio, FNA 2,3,4. BETSY MEETZE MHS 1,2,3,4; FNA 1,2,3,; Swimming Team 1,2,3,4; Pep Squad 1,2,3,4, Row Captain, 4; Drill Squad 2,3; Latin Club 2; NFL 4; Wavettes 3,4. LEE MELSEK MHS 1,2,3,4. GLORIA JEAN MIDDLETON MHS 1,2,3,4. BARBARA MILLER MHS 1,2,3,4; FNA 3,4 Vice President 4; Pep Squad 2,3,4. DORA MILLER MHS 1,2,3,4; Pep Squad 1,2,3,; FHA 1; FTA 3,4, Secretary 4; FNA 1,2; Spanish Club 2,3; National Honor Society 3,4. HUGH MILLER MHS 2,3,4; Transferred from Madison High School, Richmond, Kentucky; Band 2,3,4. TERRY MILLER MHS 2,3,4; Transferred from Mifflin Senior High School Colum- bus, Ohio; National Honor Society 3,4; Latin Club 2,3,4; Mu Al- pha Theta 4; NFL 4. EILEEN MONTGOMERY MHS 1,2,3,4; Office Assistant 4. JACKIE MOORE MHS 1,2,3,4; FNA 3; Pep Squad 4. SARA MOORE MHS 1,2,3,4; FNA 1; FHA 3; Student Council Alternate 1,2; DCT 4, Treasurer, 4; Student Council 4; Glee Club 1,2,3. JEAN MORAN MHS 1,2,3,4. KATHIE MORAN MHS 2,3,4; Art Club 3,4, Treasurer 4. THURMAN MORGAN MHS 1,2.3,4; Science Club 2. ROBERT MORRIS MHS 1,2,3,4. FRANK MORRISON MHS 1,2,3,4; Pep Squad 2,3; Basketball, JV 1,2, Varsity 3. LANCE MORROW MHS 1,2,3,4; Band 1; Student Council Alternate 1,2; Science Club 3,4. PANSY MOSLEY MHS 1,2,3,4; DCT 4; Library Club 4. Office Assistant 4. BRUCE MOWER MHS 1,2.3,4; Band 1. RAYMOND MUMFORD MHS 1,2,3,4. BARBARA MURPHY MHS 1.2,3,4; Pep Squad 3, DCT 4. Ml RI ' IIY Mils 1 2,3,4; Swimming Tram 1.2.3; Football, B Squad 2,3, Var- irj I K- v ( lub ' I RICHARD n I RS !I!S 1,2,3,4 Band I I I MARTHA NAULT MHS i j ; i mm u;i u l OR Mils 1,2,3,4 DONNI1 i I SON Mils i ,2 I i BRl CEN1 SMITH Mils 1,2.3,4. Ill i. NEWLIN MHS 1,2,3 I Pep Squad 1,2,3,4, President 3,4; Student Council 4, Secretarj 1 ttin I lub L,2 I HA 1,2; Junior Class Play 3; Mu Alpha Theta i; National Honoi Societ) ; I GUY NOE Mils 1 2 I Glee Club 3; Pep Squad 4; Baseball 2. KEN NOPPE MHS 1,2,3,4; Band 1.2,3,4. Council 4; Class Play 4; funior Civitan i lub 2 I I Student Council 1. RITA NORDENHOLT MHS 1,2,3,4; Student Council 3 Pep Squad 4: Glee Club 1,2,3; A Caopella Choir 4; Future Nurses 1,2,3,4. BURL NORRIS MHS, BARBARA NORTHCUTT MHS 1,2,3,4 Pep Squad 1,2,3,4; Future Nurses 2,3,4, Vice Presi- dent 3; Student Council 1,2.3,4; Homecoming Attendant 2,34; Tidal Wave Staff 3; IV Cheerleader 1. ANDREA OGDEN MHS 1,2,3,4; Pep Squad 1,2,3,4; Future Nurses 2.3,4: Treasurer- 3, Historian 4 Science ( Hub 3; Student Council 3. MIKE ORTENGREN MHS 1.2,3,4; Football 2,3; Student Council 4; Pep Squad 4; Mu Alpha Theta 4, Treasurer 4. STEVE OVERCASH MHS 4; Transferred from Churchland High School, Portsmouth, Virginia. PAUL PALMER MHS 3,4; Transferred from Hartford High School, Hartford, Wis- consin. PAUL PALUMBO MHS 1.2.3,4; Pep Squad 3, Row Captain; DCT 4, Vice President. ROBERT PATNODE MHS 1,2,3,4; JV Baseball 2. CHERLVE ANN PECK MHS 1,2,3.4; Future Nurses 3,4; Art Club 4. JO PENDLETON Mils 1,2,3,4; Pep Squad 1,2,3,4, Row Captain 4; Latin Club 2; FHA 2: Girls ' State 3; Class Play 3, Student Director; Swimming Team 1; FTA 3,4; NFL 3; French Club 4, President; Caloosa- hatchian 4. Editor. RICHARD PETERS MHS DENNIS PETERSON MHS 1.2,3,4 : M Club 4; Baseball 3 BETTV PEWETT MHS 1.2,3,4; Glee Club 1,2; A Cappella Choir 4; Pep Squad 3,4; Class Plav 4. LES PIGNEY MHS 1,2.3,4: Track 2; Baseball 4; Pep Squad 2. SHEILA PIGOTT MHS 1.2.3,4; Glee Club 1,2,3,4, Secretary 1; Future Nurses 1. LAWRENCE PLANK MHS 1,2.3.4. DONNIE POFF MHS 1,2,3,4. TOM POLLMAN MHS SUSAN POSNER MHS 1,2,3,4; Latin Club 3,4; French Club 2; Pep Squad 3,4, Row in 1; FTA 1. [ournalism Club 3,4; Caloosahatchian 4. Club Editor Mu Alpha Theta 3,4. EDWARD POSTE MHS 1,2.3.4. MARGARET PRESTON MHS 1,2,3,4. SANDRA PREVALLET Mils 1.2,3.4; Glee Club 1, JUDITH QUICK 1,3,4. DENNIS RAITT Mil- ; Student Council 2 Latin Club 1,2; Library Assistant 1.4. Si lub 1,2,3; Track 2, Swimming Team 1; Pep Squad 3,4; Librai. i Hub 1,4; Art Club 3, LLANNA i ■! R MHS I J (1 idenl Council 1. National Honor Society 3,4; Spanish Club 3. I HI SONER Mils 1 2,3,4 Future Nurses I I Student Council 1,2: Pep Squad 1,2,3; RU I II REICH Mils 1,2.3,4. GENE REEVES MHS 1.2,3,4. LIN RI II IUXS MHS 1,2,3,4; Swimming Team 1,2,3,4; Boys ' State 3; Key Club 2,3.4. Pep Squad 1,2,3; Student Council 4. OLA MAE RICDON Ml IS 1,2,3,4. PAT RIMES MHS 1,2,3,4. IANE ROCKOW Mils 1,2,3,4; Nation. il Honor Society 2,3,4; student Council 3,4; Band 1,2,3,4, Sergeant 3; Latin Club 2,3,4; Journalism Club 4; Tidal Wave Staff 4. SUZANNE RODGERS MHS 2,3,4; Pep Squad 3,4. JANIE ROGERS MHS 1,2,3,4; Band 1,2,3,4. Majorette 3,4; Latin Club 2,3; Student Council 1 : lournalisni Club 1. Tidal Wave Staff 4. JOHN ROLLINS MHS 2,3,4; transferred from Butler, Pennsylvania; Key Club 3,4; M Club 3,4; Swimming Team 2,3,4, State Champion and All American 3, Captain 4. IUDY ROLLS MHS; Office Assistant 4. JACK ROSENBERG MIIS 1.2,3,4: Band 1; Science Club L; Pep Squad 2; Football 4. ROBERT ROTH MHS 1,2,3,4; Football 2,3,4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Class Vice President 3. HOWARD SAMPSON MHS 1,2,3,4. PALI. SANDER MHS 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2; Baseball 1. CHARLES SANDERS MHS 1,2,3,4; Pep Squad 1,2; Football 2,3; Basketball 2.3; Base- ball, B Squad 1,2, Varsity 3; Student Council 1,2.3; NFL 2,3; Glee Club 4; Latin Club 4; Class Play 3, Assistant Stage Manager. THOMAS SANTIN MHS 2,3,4; Transferred from Alva High School, Alva, Florida; FFA 2,3.4; Glee Club 2. JACK SAPP MHS 2,3,4; Transferred from Alva High School, Alva, Florida. Glee Club 4. BRYAN SAVAGE MHS 2,3,4; Track 3.4; Football 3,4; M Club 4. LOIS SCHLESSELMAN MHS 1,2,3,4, I MI s si hi I MHS 4; Transferred from Landon High School, Jacksonville, Florida; Football 4; Track 4. M Club 4. PAUL SCHUMAKER MHS 1.2.3,4. ALICE SHAFFER MHS 1,2.3,4; Drill Squad 2. ROGER SHAWCROSS MHS 1,2,3,4. JACKIE SHEEHAN MHS 1,2,3,4. HAROLD SHEPARD MHS 1,2,3,4. ALVA SHOLTY MHS 1,2,3,4. JOYCE SILBERMAN MIIS 2,3,4. Transferred from Logansport High School, I ogansport. Indiana; Clee Club 2,3,4, Secretary 3, Treasurer 4; FHA 2,3,4, Reporter 3. Drill Squad 2,3. Vice President 3; Pep Squad 4. Journalism Club 4; Tidal Wave 4, Business Manager. NICKEY SINGLETARY MHS 1,2,3,4. VERNON SKELTON MHS Pep Squad 2.3.4; Clee Club 1; Junior Civitan 3,4. BEN SMALLWOOD MHS 1,2,3,4; Basketball, B Squad 3, Varsity Manager 4: Golf Team 3,4; Pep Squad 4; Junior Civitan Club 3,4; Science Club 1,2; M Club 4. ROBERT SMEATON MHS 1,2,3,4. |ACK SMITH MHS 1,2.3,4; Art Club 2,3,4, Vice President 3. PAT SMITH MHS 1,2.3.4. IKRIU SMITH MIIS 1,2.3,4; DE Club 4. IOHN SNYDER MHS 1,2,3,4. BARBARA SODAKER Mils L,2,3,4; Band 1 ,2.3,-1; French Club 1,2. RUSSELL SOITELD MHS 1,2.3,4. RON SOLOMON MHS 1 2,3,4; Student Council 2,4; Civitan Club 2,3,4, President 4; NFL 3,4; GoU Team 4. GILBERT SOWDERS MHS 1,2,3,4. | WIT SPENCER MHS 1,2,3,4; Rand 1,2; Glee Club 4; Swimming Tram 1,2,3,4; Wavettes 2,3,4; Pep Squad 3,4, Row Captain 4; FTA 2,4; Science Club 1,2; Journalism Club 4; Class Play 3; Caloosahatchian 4, Sports Editor; Senior Superlative, Most Athletic. JANICE SPENCER MHS 1.2,3,4; Rand 1,2; FTA 1,2; Latin Club 1,2; Pep Squad 2,3,4; Swimming Team 1,2,3,4, Captain 4; Wavettes 2,3,4, President 4; Student Council 3. HARVEY SPIEGEL MHS 3,4; Transferred from Central High School, Little Rock, Arkansas; Football 3,4; Baseball 3,4; M Club 3,4, Secretary 4; Civitan Club 3,4, Vice President 4; Student Council 4. SHARON STANTON MHS 1,2,3,4; Future Nurses 2,3,4; Pep Squad 3,4; Swimming Team 1, Student Council 2. SUSIE STARNES MHS 1,2,3,4; Class Secretary 1,2,3; American Legion Award 1; Cheerleader JV 1, Varsity 2,3,4; FTA 1,2; Latin Club 1,2; Student Council 3,4, Treasurer 4; Wavettes 2,3,4; Swimming Team 1,2,3,4; Mu Alpha Theta 3,4. DOT STEPHENS MHS 1,2,3.4; Drill Squad 3; FHA 4. JUDY STEVENS MHS 1,2,3,4; Drill Squad 3; FHA 4. SALLY STEVENSON MHS 1.2,3,4; Future Nurses 1,3; Pep Squad 1,2; Student Council 2; Art Club 3,4; Wavettes 4; Varsitv Cheerleader 3,4. DONALD STEWARD MHS 1,2,3,4. EDDIE STICKLES MHS 1,2,3.4; B Squad Basketball 2,3; Baseball Manager 2,3,4; Civitan Club 2,3,4; M Club 4; Pep Squad 2,3,4. EILEEN STOCKGLAUSSNER MHS 1,2,3,4. FRANCES STOHLMAN MHS 1,2,3,4. LARRY STOKES MHS 2,3,4; Football, B Squad 2, Varsity 3,4; M Club 3,4. TERRY STRONG MHS 1,2,3,4. DUSTY SUMMERAL MHS 1,2,3,4; Student Council 1,2,3,4; Key Club 3,4, Vice Presi- dent 4, Lieutenant Governor, Division Eleven 4; Science Club 3, Assistant Photographer 3; Athletic Association 2,3,4; Boys ' State 3; Class Plav 4; Class Treasurer 4. BERTHA SUMMERALL MHS 1,2,3.4; FHA 1,2,3,4. BERRY SUMMERALL MHS 1,2,3,4. GARY SUMMERALL MHS 1,2,3,4. HARLEN SUNQUIST MHS 1,2,3,4. GLENIS SUTTON MHS 1,2,3,4. ROSEANN TARANTINO MHS 2,3,4; FTA 4; Future Nurses 3; Spanish Club 3,4; Class Play 3,4, Assistant Student Director 3,4; Pep Squad 3,4; Office Assistant 4. PAT TAYLOR MHS 1,2,3,4; Office Assistant 4. TERRY TEMPERTON MHS 1,2,3,4; French Club 4. ADA TETTERTON MHS 1,2,3,4. JUDY THOMAS MHS 1,2,3,4; Future Nurses 1; Drill Squad 1; Glee Club 2,3; DCT 4, News Reporter. MELBA THOMAS MHS 1.2,3.4; Science Club 2; FHA 3; Office Assistant 4. NEWN THOMAS MHS 1.2,3,4; Varsity Football 1,2,3,4; M Club 2,3,4; Baseball 3; Track 3; Track 2; Glee Club 4; Junior Red Cross Representative 4. TUNIS THOMAS MHS 1,2,3,4; Science Club 2; FHA 3; Library Assistant 4. RICKEY THOMPKINS MHS 1,2,3,4; Baseball 2; Football 3,4; Track 4; Junior Civitan Club 2,3.4. DANNY THORNE MHS 1,2,3,4. MIKE T1CE Mils 1 2,3,4; Key Club I 2,3,4 Director 3. Pr Honal II,, n. ,i s,„ „ tj 2,3,4 Vici President 3; Football. B Squ ,1, ; I , ,, 1 2,4 M ' lub 2.3.4; Class President 3; Band 1,2,3,4; Class Play 3; Student Council 3,4, President 4. CARL TILLED MHS 1 2,3 4; Science Club 2; Art Club 4. BARBARA TORMALA MHS 1,2,3,4; Student Council Alternate 4. MALLORY TOUCHSTONE MHS 1,2,3,4. DAN TRAVIS MHS.! ,1 l ' ,„,(ball i. I .Baseball 2.3,4; M Club 3,4. BILL TURNER MHS 1,2,3,4. BOB I . (.11 MHS 1,2,3,4. ANDY UNDERHILL MHS 1,2,3,4. RONALD VAYO MHS 1,2,3,4. LINDA VEALE MHS 1,2,3,4; Clee Club 3; A Cappella Choir 4; Pep Squad 1. Varsitv Cheerleader 2,3,4, Captain 4; Future Nurses 1,2,3,4, Presi- dent District C, 4; Student Council 3,4. WALT VERTNER MHS 3,4; Transferred from Woodward High School, Cincinnati, Ohio, Track 3,4. BOB VOSNEY MHS 1,2,3,4. BRUCE WADLIN MHS 1,2,3,4. LUCILLE WAHL MHS 1.2,3,4. NICK WALBURN MHS 1,2,3.4. EVA WALDRON MHS 1,2,3,4; Tidal Wave 3,4, Assistant Editor 3, Editor 4; Jour- nalism Club 3,4, Vice President 3,4; Chairman of Homecoming 4; Student Council 4; Band 1,2,3,4, Majorette 2.3.4; Office Assist- ant 4; Latin Club 3; Future Nurses 2; Swimming Team 1. GAIL WALL MHS 1,2,3,4. JUDY WALLACE MHS 1,2,3,4. BEVERLY WARD MHS 1,2.3,4; Pep Squad 2,3,4; FTA 2; Latin Club 2; FHA 3. CHARLIE WARD MHS 1,2,3,4. DAVID WARD MHS 1,2,3,4; Pep Squad 1,2,3,4; Baseball 2,3,4; NFL 4; Latin Club 4. Vice President 4; Class Plav 4. KEN WASHBURN MHS 1,2,3,4. PEGGY WATSON MHS 1,2,3,4; Science Club 2; French Club 4; NFL 3,4; Girls ' State 3; Pep Squad 2,3,4. ROSS WEBB MHS 1,2,3,4; Pep Squad 1,2,3; Junior Civitan 2,3,4, Lieutenant Governor of District Three 4, Civitan International 4. TERRY WEBER MHS 1,2,3,4. IMOJEAN WEHRMEYER MHS 4; Transferred From Brazil High School, Brazil. Indiana. DIANE WELCH MHS 1,2,3,4; Pep Squad 2,3,4; FHA 2; Latin Club 2; French Club 3,4; FTA 4; Student Council 4. RICHARD WELCH MHS 1,2,3,4. RUSTY WELCH MHS 1,2,3,4. LARRY WELLS MHS 1,2,3,4. WALTER WELSH MHS 1,2,3,4; Science Club 1,2,3,4; Art Club 2,3.4; Latin Club 2; B Squad Basketball 2. RON WENRICH MHS 1.2,3,4. LOIS WETLUND MHS 1,2,3,4; Future Nurses; FHA 2.3.4; Glee Club 2 ; 1 Pep Squad 1; Swimming Team 1; Student Council 1. RICHARD WESTON MHS 1,2.3.4. DICK WHEELER MHS 1,2,3,4; NFL 3. JENNY WHITE MHS 1.2,3,4; Pep Squad 1,2,3; Glee Club 1,4; Student Council 1. PAUL WHIT 1 FN MHS 1,2,3,4. WAYNE WHITTEN MHS 1,2,3,4; Pep Squad 4. ALLEN WILLIAMS MHS 1 2,3,4; Student Council 1; Pep Squad 2; Glee Club 1,2; A Cappella Choir 3,4, Treasurer 4; DCT 4. JOYCE WILLIAMS MHS 1,2,3,4. SANDY WILLIAMS MHS 1,2,3,4. BOBBI WILLINCER MHS 1,2,3,4, Pep Squad 1; Drill Squad 2; Student Council 2; FHA 3,4; Future Nurses 2,3,4; Library Assistant 4; Journalism Club 3,4; Tidal Wave 4, Photographer; French Club 2. MARTHA WINGATE MHS 1,3,4; Transferred to Columbia High School, Lake City, Florida 2; Pep Squad 1,3,4; Future Nurses 3; FTA 3,4; Glee Club 3,4; Art Club 4; Caloosahatchian 4, Advertising Editor; Student Council 4; Journalism Club 4. GLORIA WISE MHS 1,2,3,4; FHA 3,4. CAROL WOLFGANG MHS 1,2,3,4. BILLIF JEAN WRIGHT MHS 1,2,3,4; Student Council 1,2,3; Future Nurses 3,4; Caloosa- hatchian 4, Sophomore Editor, Journalism 3,4. DANNY WYATT MHS 1.2,3,4. RODNEY YEOMANS MHS 1,2,3,4; Junior Civitan Club 2,3,4; Art Club 1,2; Basketball 1,2,3, Baseball 1,2,3,4; Pep Squad 4. JIMMY YOUNG MHS 1,2,3,4. DICK ZIMMERMAN MHS 1,2,3,4; Science Club 2,3,4, Pep Squad 3,4. INDEX TEACHERS INDEX Allen, Myrtle, 24 Allen, Ron, 23 Ankrom, Hazel, 16 Barker, C. R., 15 Barker, Nell, 23 Bassett, Connie, 19 Bassetta, Jackie, 25 Betterton, Maude, 16 Blaney, Margaret, 16 Bott, Minor, 20 Boyatt, Bernard, 24 Brauer, Dave, 25 Brauer, Lou, 20,75 Brown, Dion, 16,97 Carter, Anne, 16 Cook Margaret, 20,71 Corbin, Betty, 24 DesRochers, Doris, 19 Duncan, Thelma, 25 Durrence, Marion, 19,93 Etheridge, James, 16,59 Ferreira, Edith, 23 Ferreira, Ted, 22,42 Goodyear, Kathleen, 23 Guthrie, Rupert, 25 Hall, Ernest, 21,61 Hutzler, Damon, 14 Ibach, Irv, 22 Kendrick, Dub, 22 Kirk, R. T., 19,88 Lewis, Bonita, 18 Lightfoot, Ethel, 21 McCandless, Vivian, 22 Mclnnis, Sarah, 24 Menge, Bessie, 7,15 Monnett, Helen, 17 Monnett, Paul, 23 Murray, Arthur, 20 Nemec, Frank, 17 Nott, Wesley, 23,62,63 Oliver, Robert, 20 Orr, Jane, 17 Pardue, W. W., 21 Peed, William 17,67,84 Ray, Verra, 21 Rheel, Delbert, 20 Riley, Frank, 17,67 Ritchie, Malcolm, 21 Scott, Appie, 21 Sharpe, Alice, 18 Sheffield, Ethel, 19 Sims, Lonnie, 20,76 Sirianni, M., 25 Sirianni, Sam, 23 Skipper, Larry, 25 Smith, Shelia, 23 Stevenson, Bernard, 25 Strange, Fern, 18 Summers, Willard, 17,68,69 Thompson, E. C, 21 Tremont, Elmer, 22 Tribble, C. L., 20 West, Willie, 21 Whatley, Carolyn, 22,80 SENIOR INDEX - A - Ackerman, Dan, 144 Adams, Darrell C, 144 Alfred, Ann, 144 Allen, Sammy, 144 Aloia, Patsy, 144 Alston, Ricky D., 87 Ammons, Johnny, 92,144 Amos, Frances A., 144 Anderson, Beverly, 144 Anderson, Sonja A., 144 Armstrong, William, 144 Arnold, Vester, 30,33,81,92,103,144 Atkins, Marion E„ 92,144 Atwook, Herbert H., 76,144 -B- Bahre, Nancy L., 48,80,92,144 Bain, William, 144 Ball, Janie B., 144,193 Ballantine, Diane S., 70,90,145,189,195 Barnard, Verna M., 77,145 Bartleson, James F., 92,145 Bass, James S., 145 Bassett, Patricia, 77,145,188 Bates, Wayne, 145 Baucom, Darrell, 76 Baume, Raymond, 46,47,145 Beach, W. J., 145 Beasley, Marilyn T., 72,145,197 Beck, Karl S., 49,54,55,62,63,68,69,91,98, 145,199 Beckler, Jimmy A., 92,145 Beckler, Carolyn Joan, 145 Belden, Hank, 49 Belgarde, Linda, 54,56,145,181 Bell, George, 145 Bennett, John, 145 Betts, Donna M., 77,145,187 Bilheimer, Jon, 146 Black, Margie, 92,146,185 Bomar, Sandy, 48,80,103,146 Booth, Cathv, 146 Borton, Brenda 79,146 ,197 Bostleman, Linda, 70,72,75,146,196 Brewer, Edgar, 76,146 Brightwell, Linda, 67,84,187,146 Brown, Elden 146 Buckner, Linda, 49,67,70,80,84,146,187 Bundv, Molly. 48,80,146 Butler, Jim, 66,68,146,175 Butler, Erleene. 84,146,175 Butler, Jean, 77,146 -C- Caffarelli, Ralph, 147 Campbell, Don, 30.33,46,147 Campbell, Sudie, 147,204 Campbell, Rick, 30,33,42,147 Canup, Robert, 92,147 Cardoza, Ralph, 147 Carpenter, Lois, 92.147,198 Carver, George, 147 Cathell, Robert, 147 Chamberlain, Mark, 147 Cheasley, Sharon, 147 Clapp, Pete, 37,38,147 Clarkson, Cvnthia, 28 29,54,70,80,85,98,102, 147,195 demons, Charles, 147 demons, Lamar, 147 Cody, Dan, 147 Coker, George, 148 Colbert, Tom, 148 Collier, Grace, 148 Collins, Joan, 148 Combs, Charles Eddie, 148 Conn, Don, 148 Connell, Catherine, 148 Connell, Patricia, 148 Conover, Gary, 148 Cook, Gary 148 Corbin, William, 59,58,59,68,69,81,87,98,148, 191 Coris, Edward, 30,33,46.54,55,63,102,148,182 Cronin, Prudence, 66,148 Curran, Kathy, 54,148,193 -D- Dadderio, Loretta, 77,148 Dadderio, John, 77,148 Dance, Donnie, 91,149,179 Daniels, Sandra, 77 Daniels, Stephanie, 72,149,198 Danley, Linda, 149 Davis, Betty June, 149 Davis, Carolyn, 149 Davis, Clarence, 149 Davis, Mary Louise, 149 Dengis, Tom 149 Dennis, Arliss, 71,149 Deno, Michael, 46,47,50,81,149 DeTure, Francis, 30,33,46,56,61,64,81,103,149, 199 Denver Harold, 149 Devitt, Jack, 50,60,61 Dinkel, Jon, 50,61,203 Disette, Pamela R., 54,56,86,87,92,102,103, 150,182 Dock, Mary Carol, 150 Domke, Kenneth, 150 Doninger, Terry, 150 Dudley, Fred, 71,150 Dueker, Nancy Lee, 92,150,180 Duff, Nita Louise, 150 Dukes, David Randall, 37,38,60,61,68,69,87, 98,103,150 Durrance, Larry, 92,150 - E- Easrwood, Patricia Y., 58,79,150,181 Eccleston, David, 92,150 Edelblut, Robert, 58,59,150,203 Edgington, Ronald, 150 Edvenson, Sheryl, 72,73,150 Edwards, Lee, 57,98,103,150 Eichenwald, Brian, 77,151 Elderd, Ben, 151 Ellison, Sandra, 151 Ellman, Diana, 151 Emerson, Peggy, 48,80,151 Epperson, Paul, 42,43,63,151,203 Erickson, Donna, 151 Faul, Tom, 37,38,39,59,151 Feight, Nancy, 151 Fields, Grover, 151 Fernandez, Mary, 92,184 Flint, Joe, 151 Floweree, Doug, 151 Floyd, Becky, 79,151 Ford, Sam, 30,33,46,47,50,54,81,151,178 Francis, Jim, 151 Frie, Barbara, 66,79,151,197 Fulton, Harriette, 79.92,151,193 Fulton, Waring, 62,151,185 Funk, Gerald, 152 -G- Galbraith, Phyllis, 92,152,177 Garner, Mary Ann, 152 Gaston, Frances, 152 Gates, Richard, 152 Gay, Marilyn, 72,152,204 George, Carolyn, 92,152,204 Gilbert, Joey, 76,152 Giles, Aveata, 152 Giles, Leonard, 46,152,185,186 Gill, Diane, 90,91,152,195,201 Gilligan, Mary, 152 Glidden, Carl, 76,152 Gnau, Robert, 30,33,46,152 Goff, Mickey, 30,33,81,152.189 Goldsmith, Margaret, 64,152 Gonard, George, 92,153 Gowans, Allan, 61,153 Grace, Bill, 60,61,153,183 Gracie, Robert, 153 Grant, Franklin, 76,153 Grant, Kay, 153 Green, James, 153 Greiman, Martha, 153 -H- Handley, Marie, 153 Hansen, Judy, 92,153 Harby, Gordon, 153 Harden, Eddie, 153 Harris, Elain, 153 Harvard, George, 153 Haswell, Gretchen, 92,153,177 Heintzman, Jane, 64,92,153 Hensley, Walter, 49,58,59,68,98,154 Hensz, Gail, 154 Herbert, Gilbert, 154 Herring, Charles, 154 Herring, Mary, 92,154 INDEX Heydolph, fames, 154 i 18 154,183 Hill, Dianne, 154 Hilliard, Chuck, L54 Hoard I inda 64,7] 72,154 Hoffman Diana, 154 Hoffm in, Howard Richard 154 Hogan, |udy, 72,92,154 197 Hogue Pete, 54,56,57,98,103,154 Holaday, Gayle, 66,67 84,99,103,155,202 Hopper, liul . 72,155 H . tron 92,155,193 Home, Donald, 155 Hosack, Sallv, 7 i 155 Hostetler, William 155 House, Curtis, 49.155,183 Hudson, Anita, 155 Hume, Harold, 155,185,19 ' Husz,Pal 155 Hutchison Donald, 81,92,155,197 Hyatt, Jane, 06,155.193 -J- [ack, Linda, lo6 fohnson, Arthur, 77.156 fohnson, Faye, 54,72,73,156 Johnson, Oliver, 156 [ones, Bob. 156 Jones, Carole, 67,70,92,156,204 Jones, George, 156 [niii-s. Karen. 156 Joyner, Sandra, 156 Kaupp, David, 156 Keene. John. 156 Kecnc, Valerie, 72,156 Kent. Ray, 156 Kershaw, Dale, 156 Kiesel, Hilbert. 30,33.156 Kinzie, Nancy, 156 Knight, David, 92,157 Krimminger, John, 157 Kruse, Nicola, 157 Kusilavage, Merry Ann, 157 -L- Lamb, Larry, 30,33,37,38,50,81,104,135,157. 189 Lamb, Sherry, 157 Lance, Carolyn, 70,157 Landrum, Gerald, 76,157 Larsen, Hilde, 92,157,190 Laurence, Ricky, 157 Lawyer, Bill, 91,157 Layton, William, 157 Letters, Steve, 157 Lemley, red, 59,92,103,175 Lewis, Tim, ,30.33,37,38,39.42,50.81.102,132. Libbv, Gary, 45,60,61.98,158,200 l.inne, Bob, 61,68,158,200 lister. Mary, 158,204 Lord, Marlene, 158 Lowrey, Wanda. 158 Lloyd, Jerry, 158 Lucas, Dave, 158 Luckey, Owen, 158 - Mc - McAllister, Nancy, 158 McCarroll, Elsa, 158 McClaran, Charlette, 28,29,92,158,196 el, Jimmy, 158 M, Donald, Carl, 158 ell, Hen, ue, 30,33,158 I In. mas, 77,158 McKinney, Michael, 159 d, Montin, 72,73.92 McMenemin, Ammie, 87,92,99,159,202 McNab, Barbara, 28.29.54,67,85,159,202 M Maharrey, Pat, 159 Maloney, Jeanie, 159 Malt, Kathv, 70,159,191 Mann, Clyde, 159 Manmn, Mitchell, 6b, 8,92,159 157 Marsh, Katherine, 159 Martindale, Tommy, 92 L59 Matuszewski, Henry, 159 Mayer, Linnie, 66,159 Mays, Mary, 159 Meetze, Betsy Alice, 68,80,159,197 Melsek, Lee, 159 Middleton. Gloria, 160 Miller. Barbara, 73 Miller, Dora. 70,160,204 Miller, Hugh, 160 Miller. Terry, 56,57,68,160 Montgomery, Eileen, 160 Moore, Jackie, 160 Moore, " Sara, 5-1,77,160,187 Moran, Jean. 160 Moran. Kathleen, 79,160 Morgan, Thurman, 160 Morris. Robert, 160 Morrison, Frank, 150 Morrow, Lance, 160 Mosley, Pansy, 77,160 Mower, Bruce. 66,160 Mumford, Rayford, 160 Murphy, Barbara, 77,161 Murphy, Grant, 30,33,161 Myers, Richard, 161 -N- Nault, Martha, 161 Naylor, Howard, 161,185 Nesmith, Bruce, 161 Newlin, Jill. 55,56,99,104,161,185 Noe, Guv, 71,161 Noppe, Ken. 63,91,161,179 Nordenholt, Rita, 72.92,161 Norris, Burl, 161 Northcutt, Barbara, 54,72,73.161,1 -O- Ogden, Andrea, 72.73,161,181 Ortengren, Michael. 57,161,178 Overcash, Steve, 162 Palmer, Paul, 162 Palumbo, Paul. 162 Patnode, Robert, 162 Peck, Chervl Ann. 162 Pendleton, ' Josephine, 66,67,84,98.162,178 Peters, Richard, 162 Peterson, Dennis, 30,33,162 Pewett, Betty, 92,162 Pigney, Les, 162 Piggott, Sheila, 92,162 Plank, Lawrence, 162 Poff, Donnie, 162 Poff, Ronnie, 162 Pollman, Tom, 162 Posner, Susan, 162 Poste, Edward, 163 Preston, Margaret, 163 Prevallet, Sandra, 92,163 -Q- Quick, Judy, 163 - R - Raitt, Dennis, 163 Reader, Alanna, 163 Reasoner, Jan, 163 Reeves, ( .ene. 163 Richards, L in, 49,59,98,163 Rigdon, Ola Mae, 163 Rimes, Pat, 163 Rollins, John, 49,51,59,81,163 Rockow, Jane, 103,163,191 Rodgers, Suzanne, 163 Rogers. Jame, 90,163,195,201 Rosenberg, lack, 30,33,163 Rod,, Robert, 30,33,37,38,39,42,43,50,164,185 - S - Sampson, Howard, 164 Sander, Paul. 164 Sanders. Charlie, 30,33,92,162,185,186 Santin, Thomas, 164 Sapp. lack, 92,164 Savage, Bryan 10 1 I 16 17,81.164,185 Sehlesselman, Lois, 201 Shulz, Jim, 30,33,81,164,199 Schumacher, Paul, 164 Sllllle, liee, 164 Shawcross, Rodger, 164 Sheehan, Jackie. 164 Shepard, Harold, 49,92,164 Sholty, Alva, 61,164 Silbennan, Joyce, 92,164 Singletary, Nicky, 164 Skclton. Vernon, 63,165,181 Smallwood, Benny, 37.38,45.63,81. 16o,196 Smith, lack. 79,165 Smith, Jerry, 165 Smith, Pat, 165 Snvder. John, 165 Sodaker. Barbara, 165 Sofield. Russell, 165 Solomon, Ron, 54,62,63 68,165 Sowders. Gilbert. 77,165 „„-,,»- Spiegel, Harvey, 30.33,12,43.51.62,63,81,165, 195 Spencer Janet, 48,51,70.80,85,92,104,165,180 Spencer ' , Janice. 48,49 80,165,180 Stanton Sharon, 165,189 Stames, Susie, 28,29,55.103,165,202 Stephens, Dot, 165 Stevens, Judv. 165 Stevenson, Sally, 28,29,166,181 Steward, Donald, 165 Stickles, Eddie, 42,43,63.81,166,200 Stockglausner. Eileen, 166 Stohlman. Frances, 166 Stokes, Larry, 30,33,166,186 Strong, Terrv, 166 Sumerall. Dusty, 54.58.59,98,166 Summerall, Bertha, 166 Summerall, Berry, 32,33,76,166 Summerall, Gary, 166 Sunquist, Harlan, 166 Sutton, Glenis, 92,166 -T- Tarantino, Roseann, 70,166.199 Taylor, Patricia, 166 Temperton, Terry, 66,167 Tetterton, Ada, 167 Thomas, Judv, 77,167 Thomas, Melba, 167 Thomas. Newn, 30.33.81,92,167,185 Thomas, Tunis, 167 Thompkins, Rickey, 167,201 Thome, Danny, 167 „,„-,„- Tice Michael. 55.58,59,81,103,104,106.167.175 Tilly, Carl, 79,167 Tormala, Barbara, 56,92,167,190 Touchstone, Mallorv. 167 Travis, Dan, 30.33,42,43.51,81,168,182 Turner. Bill, 168 Tygh, Bob, 168 U Underbill. Aridy. 168 - V - Vavo, Ronald, 42,168 Ve.,1, ' Linda, 28,29.103,168,181 Vertner, Walt, 46,168,176 Vosney, Bob, 168 - W - Wadlin, B ruce, 168 Wahl, Lucille, 168 Walburn, Nick, 168 Waldron. Eva, 54,67,90.168,191,195 Wall, Gail, 168,198 Ward, Beverly, 168 Ward. Charlton, 168 Ward, Charlie, 168 Ward David. 49,64,68,168,196 Washburn, Ken, 46,169 Watson, Peggv. 98,169 Weber, Terry, 92,169 Wehrmeyer, Imojean, 170 INDEX Webb, Ross, 63,169 Welch, Diane, 54,169 Welch, Richard, 169 Welch, Rusty, 169 Wells, Larry, 68,169 Welsh, Walter, 79,169 Wenrich, Ron, 169 Westlund, Lois, 92,169,192 Weston, Richard, 169 Wheeler, Dick, 169,188 White, Jennv, 92,169 Whitten, Paul, 169 Whitten, Wayne, 98,169 Wilkes, John, 170 Williams, Allan, 42,170 Williams, Joyce, 170 Williams, Sandy, 92,170 Willinger, Bobbi, 72,73.170,178 Wingate, Martha, 67,70,79,85,92,99,170,174 Wise, Gloria, 170 Wolfgang, Carol, 170 Wright, Billie, 85,170,198 Wyatt, Danny, 170 - Y- Yeomans, Rodney, 42,43,63,170 Young, Jimmy, 170 -Z- Zimmerman, Dick, 170,183 JUNIOR INDEX - A - Adams, David, 126 Adema, Gerald, 126 Allison, Bob, 44,126 Aloia, Robert, 126 Altaian, Ronnie, 126 Amason, Caorline, 48,56,57,64,80,126 Anderson, William, 126 Anglin, Sharon, 126 Atchison, Terry, 76,126 Aydelette, Robert, 126 -B - Babcock, Tim, 126 Badenhoop, Marilyn, 126 Bain, Betty, 126 Barchak, Beverly, 126 Bartleson, Tommy, 76,126 Bauermeister, Barbara, 54,126 Baughman, Coy, 76,126 Baum, Cathy, 126 Bean, Bill, 126 Beazell, Barbara, 126 Beckett, Susan, 126 Bell, Lynne, 93,126 Bennett, Stephen L., 126 Bentz, Julie, 56,66,67,68,69, 126 Bemer, Dale, 126 Beiber, Pete, 46,56,126 Bingham, John, 44,66,126 Blake, Judy, 48,126,200 Blevins, Jo Ann, 126 Bounstine, Ellen, 56,126 Bodemer, Joyce, 126 Boesch, Kathi, 92,126 Bosten, Helen, 126 Bosten, Sonny, 127 Botts, Jeanetta, 127 Bowden, Danna, 75,127 Bradley, James, 127 Brancefield, John, 127 Braun, Max, 32,33,37,38,42,81,127 Breining, Bonny Jean, 92,127 Brewer, Vernie, 127,184 Bright, Janet, 127 Bright, Peter, 35,127 Broughton, Bill, 44,127 Brown, Charlie, 127 Brown, David, 127 Brown, Elizabeth, 127 Brown, Milton, 127 Bryan, Ralph, 127 Bryant, Chester, 127 Bryson, Bob, 127 Burges, Jeanie, 127 Burks, Roger, 127 Burson, Cheryl, 127 Burson, Paula, 127 Butler, Clinton, 127 Byrd, Gilbert, 76,87,127 Byrd, William, 127 -C- Calabrese, Ken, 127 Caldwell, Gary, 61,127 Campbell, Sue, 51,127 Caputo, Larry, 92,127 Carlin, Betty, 127 Carlson, Nancy, 72,127 Carpenter, Jane, 92,127 Carter, Jean, 128 Case, Collett, 72,128,184 Cater, Diane, 128 Caudill, Gerald, 128 Caughv, Robert, 128 Cawley, Lee, 46,63,128 Celec, Harry, 128 Christensen, Jimmy, 30,33,128 Christensen, Jackie, 128 Chuderski, Thomas, 54,55,70,128 Chamberlain, Mark, 128 Clapp, Joyce, 48,54,80,128 Clark, Hazel, 128 Classon, David, 128 Classon, Sherry, 128 Cleaves, Elsie, 92,128 Clement, Marjorie, 128 Clemons. Betty June, 128 Colbert, Donna, 92,128 Coleman, Ray Edward, 32,33,128,199 Collier, Carla, 128 Comey, Tom, 128 Compo, Tom, 68,71,128 Cook, Peter, 128 Cook, Steve, 128 Coombs, Helen, 128 Cornwell, Pat, 64,128 Cox, Jimmy, 128 Crabtree, Tom, 38,128 Crews, Roger, 128 Crosbie, Winnie, 129 Cruse, Jerri, 129 Curry, James, 129 Cutchens, Wayne, 129 - D - Daniels, Diane, 129 Daniels, Johnny, 129 Davidson, Michael, 129 Davis, Christine, 129 Davis, Walt, 129 Davison, Suelynn, 56,57,129 Deibert, Leonard, 129 Delaney, Larry, 129 Delaney, Pat, 129 Delays, Richard, 129 DeLyser, Sharon, 129 Denys, Judy, 129,184 Desear, Ray, 129 Ditto, Dana Jon, 66,129,202 Donnelly, Kathleen, 129 Doninger, Nancy, 54,56,64,129 Dorman, June, 129 Doughtery, Pearl, 129 Dryden, Marvin, 129 Duncan, Maxine, 129 Earhart, James, 129 Earl, Teddv, 76 Eaton, Robert, 61,129 Eccleston, Jim, 92 Edwards, William, 129 Edwards, Martha, 129 Edwards, Michael, 129 Edwards, Richard, 129 Eldredge, Carol, 70,72,75,129 Ellis, David, 59,129 Ellis, Robert, 35,46,59,129 Ellis, Sandy, 178 Eng, Dick, 130 England, LaDonna, 130 - F- Fairclough, Jane, 130 Fauquet, Tom, 57,59.130,176 Farthing, Mary Lyn, 130 Fenton, Lorraine, 130 Fleishman, Ronnie, 130 Flint, Marv Ellen, 130 Flovd. Naomi, 92,130 Fogel, Karen, 87,130,182 Fordham, Carol, 130 Forsythe, Paula, 130 Fosen, Bruce, 130 Foster, Jean, 54,92,130 Fuller, Jean, 130 Fuller, Russell, 130 Fullerton, Paul, 49,59,130,175 Fussell, Richard, 35,42,44,130 Futral, Larry, 130 -G- Galloway, Sam, 130 Gallowav, Patricia, 130 Gant, Jackie, 130 Garl, Pamela, 92,130 Gaskill, Doris, 130 Gault, Marv Jo, 130 Geldean, Larrv, 130 Geibel, David, 130 Geraci, Richard, 130 Gerald, Martha, 66,130,202 Gibble, Wayne, 92,131 Gilarski, John, 131 Giles, Janet, 131 Gnau, Monica, 131 Godfrey, Barbara, 131 Goekin, Gail, 131 Goerner, Paul, 131 Goodvear, Jimmv, 131 Goolsby, Lewis, 30,33,131 Greco, Tony, 76,131 Greenwell, Richard, 40,131 Greer, Everett, 32,33,131 Grimes, Karen, 131 Gruber, Renn, 30,33,37,38,81,131 Grund, Lorrie, 131 Guthrie, William H., 131 Guthrie, William P., 131 - H - Hagan, Willie, 131 Hager, Christina, 131 Hager, Karen Sue, 131 Hagerman, Bob, 131 Halgrim, Tommy, 49.63,131 . Hall, William, 131 Hamilton, Helaine, 131 Hamilton, Ronnie, 61,131 Handy, Kay, 131 Hanish, Carl, 131 Hanson, Wesley, 76,131 Hanson, Larry, 131 Harney, Ray, 131 Harper, Doug, 131 Harrell, Jovce, 90,132,195 Hart, Judv, 87,132 Hartman, John. 132 Haswell, Susan, 132 Hatchell, Bettv Jolene, 132 Hatzelhoffer, Barbara, 132 Havenhill, Bob, 92,132 Heinkle, Mary Jane, 132 Helgeson, Richard. 132 Helton, Robert, 132 Helton, Shirley, 132 Henderson, Agnes, 132 Henderson, Edgar. 132 Hendrv, Fred, 132 Hennigan, Tim. 132,184 Herring, Jov, 132 Hevdolph, Charles. 72,132 Herman, Carol, 132 INDEX Hill. Kit. 132 Hinson, Bobbv, 132 Hites, Kathv, 132 Hixson, Bill, 49,63,66,132 Hobbs, Dewilda, 132,178 Hogue, Dick, 57,132 Hogue, fohn, 57,132 Hogue, Penny, 64,132 Holmes, John, 132 Holsdav, Ben, 132 Holt, Nancy, 132 Hooker, Mary Ellen, 57,66,71,132 Huene, James, 132 Hughes. Duane, 133 Hunter, fill, 133,179 Hurley, Helen Sue. 56157, 133 Hyatt. Mike. 54,61,133,175 Hylton, Jesse, 133 -J- Jackson, Sara Lee, 48,133 Jacobson, Edward, 57,133 Jacobs, Richard, 133 James, Freida. 92 Jean, Mary, 133 Jennings, Debbie, 66.133 Jennings, Judv, 72,133 Jen-ell, David, 133 Jewett, Bob, 45,51,133 Johns, Eddie, 133 Johns, Virginia, 133 Johnson, Betty, 133 lohnson, Clara, 133 Johnson, Davis, 63,87,133,182 lohnson, Kris, 133 Johnson, Larry-, 133 Johnston, Shirley, 133 Jones, Frances. 133 Jones, Hazel, 133 Jones, Helen, 133 Jones, Herbert, 30,33,42,61,133 Jones, Jackie, 133 Jones, Janelle, 133 Jones, Mary, 71,133 Jones, Sue, 133 Joyner, Leslie, 133 - K - Kellv, Judy, 133 Kelly, Nancy, 66,72,133 Kerns, Vonnie, 133 Kessinger, Hubbie, 40,133 Kibbler, Marie, 133,176 Kinzie, Betty, 133,179 Kirkland, Barbara, 134 Kline, Richard, 134 Knight, Robert, 49,134 Knight, Sandra, 54,57,134 Koempel, Madeline, 79,134 Roller, Sandra, 72 Kovacs, Andrew, 134 Kreilling, George, 134 Krimminger, Judy, 134 Kronquist, Lars, 134 Lamb, Joyce, 57,134 Lancaster, Vicky, 134,176 Lamlrum, Susan, 134 Lanier, Tommie, 134 Largent, Gretchen, 134 Lawyer, Diane, 90,134 Leblanc, Stanley, 134 Leffers, Larry, 134 Lewis, Pamela, 134 Lewis, Terina, 134,192 Lichtenburger, Linda, 134 Llewellyn, ] lanne, 134,200 Llewellyn, Ronnie, 134 Lloyd, John, Long, Mary Mai iret, 56,57,64,66,134 Losleben, Cus, 9S Lowell, Bernard, 1 Lucky, Larry, 135,2t Lundquist, Joi, 135,19, - Mc- McCoy, Yvonne, 135 McDade. Pat, 135 McDuffie, David, 30,33,46,50,55.56,59,81,135 Mclver, William, 135,189 McMahan, Tommv, 135 McNeil, Jean, 135 - M - Maloney, Carol, 135 Mann, Bobby, 135 Martin, Barbara, 135 Martin, Bruce, 135 Matthews, Butch, 135 Matthews, Carol, 135 Matthews. Linda, 71,135 Mays. Alice, 135 Mazzocchi, Ralph, 135 Mercer, Sharon, 135 Miller, Barbara, 72 Miller, Pattv, 56.57,72,135 Miller, Judith, 72,92,135 Millican, Bill. 135 Mills, Sandra, 135 Molter, Ida Mae, 135 Montes, Manuel, 49 Moor, Sally, 135 Moore, Curtis, 135 Moreland, Bill, 135 Morris, Harold, 135 Mosley, Carolyn, 135 Munroe, Marjorie, 135 Murphy, John, 135 -N- Nadwodnv, Richard, 136 Nault, Clifford, 136 Naylor, Wally, 136 Nelson, Mike, 136 Nice, Barbara, 136 Nipper, Jerry, 76,136 Northcutt, Val, 30,33,46,54,60,61,81,136 -O- O ' Callaghan, Robert, 136 Oehser, Bill, 42,136 O ' Kellv, Tommy, 35,136 O ' Mahonv, Maura, 42,136,203 O ' Neill, Charles, 136 Oswalt, Gary, 136 Overcash, Harry, 46,136 Oxenham, John, 68,136 Paine, Carol, 136 Parker, Gene, 136 Parks, Tom, 35,136 Pamell, Genie, 136 Patnode, Daniel, 136 Payne, James, 35,136 Pearce, Marlene, 136 Pendarvis, Jimmy, 136 Perkins, Allan, 57,63,136 Persons, Linda, 136 Persons, Virginia, 66,70,75,136 Pewett, Kathy, 92,136 Phillips, Durell. 92,136 Phillips, Mary Beth, 136,184 Piggott, Nancy, 136 Plummer, Rick, 35,136 Plummer, Yvonne, 54,75,136 Posey, Joyce, 137 Post, Loleta, 137 Porter. Sally, 137 Poulsen, Christine, 70,75,137 Povia, Jimmv, 137 Powell, Joy, 137 Pre-Genzer, Paul, 43,47,137 Preston, Linda, 137 Prevatt, Dickey, 137 Quartlebaum, Sharon, 92,137,178 - R - Radcliff, Dannv, 37,38,39,42,54,55,56,58,59, 137,200 Ratliff, Shirley, 137 Ray, Jimmie Sue, 137 Reckwerdt, John, 137 Reeves, Linda, 137 Reiter, John, 137 Reilly, Nancy, 92,137 Reinbolt, Lois, 137 Resta, Joe, 137 Reynolds, Frank, 137 Reynolds, Stephanie, 137 Richter, Chester, 137 Rickey, Douglas, 137 Rilev, ' Pat, 48,54,67,137 Rose, Paul, 137 Ross, Bill, 46,137,200 Ross, Judy, 137 Rosser, Barbara Ann, 92,137 Rucker, Chuck, 137 Rutherford, Robert, 33,81,137 Sampson, Bonnie, 71,137 Sander, Fred, 137 Sander, Joyce, 92,137 Sanders, Linda, 137 Sanders, Mary, 138 Santos, Joanne, 92,138,184 Scheiffler, Dollie, 138 Schneider, Gail, 138 Scott, Gloria, 138 Scott, Jack, 138 Scott, John, 138 Selden, Camille, 138 Shaffer, Gail, 75,138 Sheffield, Sandy, 72,138 Sheffler, Doris, 138 Shepard, Karen, 90,138,195 Sherer, Fred, 138 Shuler, Barbara, 138 Siford, Jim, 138 Silberman, James, 59 Simmons, Jimmy, 76 Simpson, Jimmv, 138 Skelton, Robert, 138 Skinner, Sandra, 138 Smith, Billy, 60,61,138 Smith, Bruce, 35,54,138 Smith, John, 138 Smith, Joyce, 138 Smith, Leslie, 69,138 Snyder, Pearl, 138 Soto, Norma, 138 Spires, Beverly, 92,138 Stalnaker, Cheryl, 138,203 Stapor, Harry, 138 Stefanowski, Mildred, 138 Stiner, Janet, 138 Stevens, Janet, 92,139 Stier, Jerry, 139 Strickland, Don, 139 Strickland, Donna, 139 Strickland, Max, 139 Strickland, Shirley, 139 Summerall, Juanita, 139 Summerall, Marvene, 139 Sumner, Ben, 139 Sumner, John, 71,139 Sushil, Kathy. 139 Swaney, Michael, 139 Swanson, Rosemary, 54,139 Tavlor, Margaret, 139 Taylor, Nickey, 139 Taylor, Ray, 139 Theisen, Laura, 139 Teston, Delores, 139 Thomas, Terry, 139 Thomas, Walter, 139 Thompson, Barbara, 139 Threlkeld, John, 32,33,139 Tibbies, Gail, 92,139 Tomlinson, Dean, 139 Tooke, Walter, 139 Tunner, Steve, 139 Turner, Steve, 32,33,40,46,81 INDEX Turner, Jackie, 140 Turner, Judy, 140 -u- Underhill, David, 140 -V- Vanacore, Alfred, 140 Vance, Steve, 49,62,63,68,140 Vance, Tim, 63,140 Vandelinder, Donna, 140 VanGessel, June, 14Q Vanwert, Lance, 140 Vaughan, Alan, 49,54,59,140,179 Vetter, Frank, 140 Von Merring, Hilary, 140 - W - Walton, Edith, 140 Waid, Donald, 140 Ward, Pamela, 140 Warden, Bill, 140 Weaver, Louis, 140 Wedeles, Sandv, 140 Welch, Jim, 32,33,140 Walker, Buddy, 37,38,140 Wenzel, Chris, 37,38:51,61,140 Wheeler, Harry, 71,140 Wheeler, Richmond, 140 White, Robert, 140 Whitehead, Shirley, 140 Whitehill, Edward, 35,140 Whitehouse, Janice, 140 Wiesner, Joanne, 140 Wight, Terry, 36,57,68.140 Wiginton, Jennifer, 141 Williams, George, 141 Williamson, Myrtle, 141 Wiltshire, Donald, 54 Wise, Nancy, 141 Worth, Ronnie, 141 Wren, Bob, 44,63,141 Wyatt, Terry, 141 Wyland, Annell, 54,56,141 Wyzga, Carol, 48,66,141 - Y- Young, Diane, 72 Youmans, Joe, 141 Young, Jake, 141 Young, Judy, 141 -Z- Zammerilla, Nick, 141 Zehner, Clayton, 141 SOPHOMORE INDEX Abbott, Betty Lou, 108,93 Adams, Marcile, 108 Adema, Susan, 108 Albertson, John, 108 Allen, Bob, 108 Allen, Jimmy, 108 Alvarez, Ray, 108 Amberg, Nancy, 108,48 Ames, Judy, 108 Anderson, Carolyn, 108,54 Anderson, Gloria, 108 Anderson, Marsha, 108 Ankrom, Susan, 108 Applewhite, Kay, 108,93 Arendell, Virginia Ann, 108,93,192 Armstrong, Sue, 108 Atkinson, Nancy, 108 -B - Babcock, Laurel, 108 Bailey, Rodney, 108 Bain, Clinton, 108 Baker, James, 108 Balcomb, Arthur, 108 Baldwin, Karen, 108 Ballard, Robert, 108 Ballinger, Lora Lee, 108 Barber, Frederich, 108 Barrow, Ramona, 108 Base, Sharon Kay, 108 Bass, Martha, 108 Batson, Robert, 108,46 Baugh, Ronald, 108 Bauman, Wanda Diane, 108 Beavo, Kathy, 108,90,195 Bechtol, Dennis, 109,41 Beckman, Richard, 109,32,33 Belle, Frances Ann, 109,64 Bennette, Norma, 109 Bennett, Joan, 109,93 Bergstresser, Daniel, 109 Bemer, Russell, 109 Bier, Charles, 109 Biggs, Joan, 109 Blaney, Kathy, 109,71 Blasingim, Janyce, 109 Blazer, Carol, 109,57 Blust, Darlene, 109,66,75 Bonaventure, Irene, 109 Boone, Russell, 109 Braddock, Franklin, 109 Bradford, Charles, 109,35 Bradlev, John C, 109,92 Bradsh ' aw, Tim, 109 Briggs, Vicky Sue, 109 Bright, Rickey, 109 Brodhecker, Barbara, 109,64 Bromley, Bonnie Lou, 109 Brooks, David, 109 Brooks, Martha, 109 Brooks, Susan, 109 Broski, Carolyn, 109 Brown, Allen, 109 Brown, Patricia Ann, 109 Browning, Billy Joe, 109 Broyles, David, 109,32,33,54,63,44 Bryant, Rosemary, 109 Buchanan, Danny, 109 Buchanan, Laurie. 109 Bumgardner, William, 109 Burns, Pat, 109 Busta, Joe, 109,35,44 Byers, James Wesley, 109 Byrd, Richard, 109 -C - Cail, Kathleen, 109 Cammick, Paula, 109 Carlson, Larry, 109 Carlton, Veronica, 109 Carricoffe, Joan, 109 Carricoffee, Richard, 109 Cates, Harry, 109,35,87,63,92 Celec, Judy, 109 Chambers, Glenda, 109 Chappelle, Jeanie, 109 Chartier, Ronald, 110 Christ, Joy, 110 Cipriano, Vincent, 110 Clair, Donna, 110 Clapp, Sandra, 110,48,72,93 Clark, Billie, 110 Clark, Caroline Theresa, 110 Clark, Harvey, 110 Clark, Jean, 110,93 Clark, Janine, 110 Clouse, Margaret Lee 110 Coker, Peggie, 110 Colbert, Joe, 110 Coleman, Karen, 110 Clotrain, Terry 110,32,33,40 Condurelis, Helen, 110 Condurelis, Maris, 110 Congdon, Fred, 110 Coomer, Florence, 1 10,93 Conn, Ann, 110 Conner, James Norman, 110 Cook, Jon Allen, 110 Cook, Robert William 110 Corbitt, Annette Carol, 110 Coris, Irene, 110,93 Comele, Vaugn, 110 Costello, Jerry Courson, Faye, 110 Cox, Jane Ann, 110 Cox, Janine, 110 Cox, Judy, 7. ' ' .,110 Coxwell, Jerry, 110 Crase, Patsy, 110 Crenshaw, Kelly, 110 Croll, Sandra, 110 Crouch, Nicky, 110 Crowe, Teresa Jane, 110 Crump, Harrv, 110 Cruse, Hector, 46,110 Cyphert, Bill, 110 -D- Dadderio, Georgiana, 93,110 Dalton, Greg, 110 Darby, Beulah, 111 Darly Melber, 111 Davidson, Mitchell, 42,63,54,111 Davis, Beth M., Ill Davis, Carolyn, 93,111 Davis, Gilbert, 111 Davis, Isaac, 111 Davis, Jo Ann, 111 Debra, Albert, 111 Delyser, Ronald, 111 Dement, Douglas, 111 Demos, Nicki, 71,111 Des Forges, Leona, 111 Dettman, Linda, 111 Devore, Douglas, 111 DeWitt, George, 40,46,111 Dillard, Wesley, 111 Dison, Joyce, 111 Disette, Connie, 93,111 Dix, Bettv, 111 Dobbs, Jack, 1 1 1 Dorondo, Terry, 49,111 Doughty, Helen, 111 Dowdell, Alicia, 111 Downing, Pat, 111 Drake, Ronald, 111 Dryden, Patricia, 111 Dudley. Mary-Anne, 111 Duff, Karen, 111 Duffala, Dennis, 59,87,111 -E - Eash, Etta, 75,111 Eaton, Janice, 111 Eberhart, Joan, 111 Eccleston, Peggv, 111 Eckart, Carl, 92,111 Edwards, James, 111 Edwards, John, 112 Eldridge, Deborah, 112 Ellis, Arietta, 93,112 Ellis, Dwight, 112 Elton, Brent, 112 Elwell, Barbara, 112 Engelhardt. Susan, 54,64,112,193 England, Lee, 40,46,112 England, Margaret, 112 Erwin, Euola Ann, 93,112 Ewton, Judy, 90,112,195 - F- Ferger, James Allen, 112 Ferreira, Teddy. 35,46,61,112 Fields, Jesse, 112 Finefield, Judv, 112 Fineis, Jerrv, 35,112 Flesh, Sue, 112 Flint, Teresa, 112 Flynn, Rae., 112 Ford, David, 35.112 Fortiner, Scotti, 54,64,93,112,92 Foss, Ralph, 112 Foster, Steve, 112 Fowinkle, Charlie, 35,112 Free, Carolyn Lois, 75,112 Frost, Janis] 112 Fulk, Debbie, 112 Fulton, Geraldine, 112 INDEX Furr, Carolyn, I 12 Fussell, Brian Scott, 112 -G- (. igi Ann, 112 Calloway, Sharon, 112 Galloway, reta, 112 Gammon, Melinda, 93.112 Gant, Shirley, 112 ( . tydoul, Nancy, 1 12 ( lee, Donald, I 12 Geei Carl, 112 Geldean, Rosalyn, 112 Gelinas, Sheila. 112 Gentile, Diana, 112 Giddens, George, 112 Ghigna, Mike, 112 Gill, Kay, 93,112 Glidden, Diana. 112 Goodwin, Johnny, 1 12 Gould, John, 112 Could, Susan, 112 Gowans, Gary, 112 Grady, Joan. 93.112 Greenwell, Floyd, 46,1 13 Gregory, John L., 111,113 Grieger, Leslie, 113 Criffen. Patty. 113 Griffin, Tommy. 113 Grimes. Eddie, 113 Grimm. Susan. 113,175 Grand. Renata, 113 Guesman, John, 113 II Hall. Edwin, 113 Hall, Judith Lee, 113 Hallatt, Charles, 35,41,113 Halter, Alexis, 113 Hamilton, Sandra, 71,113 Haneburger, Verra Ann, 48,72.93,113 Haney, Laney, 93,113 Hansen, Fred, 113 Hanson, Sabra Jov. 113 Harrell. Victor, 113 Harsh, Marjorie, 79,113 Hartsook. Beverly, 113 Harvard, Carol Lynn, 113 Harvard, Leonard, 113 Harvey, Franklin, 113 Harvev, Richard, 113 Hatchell, Eva, 113 Hawkins, Barbara. 113 Hawkins, Nancv, 48,54,70,113,179 Hawley, Crystal, 113 Hay, Billy, 113 Hemelgam. Sandra, 114 Henderson, Cynthia, 1 14 Henderson, Florida. 114 Hendricks, Carol, 66,114 Hendry, Susan, 114 Hennigan, Ellen, 48,114 Henninga, Cherie, 75,114 Hessler, Marv Alice, 114 Hessler, Mary Jane, 93.114 Heubach, Johnny, 114 Hevdolph, Robert, 76,114 Hill, Carol Irene, 114 Himschoot, Robert Dean, 35,114 Hindson, Thomas, 114 Hintz, Karen, 114 Hodgin, Barry, 41,114 Hoffman. Linda, 114 Holland, John, 76,114 Hollis, Krnest Chip, 114 Holloway, Louie, 76,114 Holmes, Marjorie, 114 Hood, Norma, 1 14 Hooks, Joan, 1 14 Hopper, I ,.u I Hooper, Rita, 114 Home, Charli v Home, Edward ( . 114 Horton, Leslie, 64,1 I Howard, Ann Louise, 1 14 Howard, David, 114 Howerton, Gene E., 114 Hubbard, Maurice, 92,114 Hudson, Bruce, 1 14 Huene, Patricia, 114 Hoffman, Ronnie, 114 Hunt, lames. 35,40,46,114 Hunt, Pamela Kav, 93,114 Hunter, Carl, 114 Hunter. Jerolyn, 114 Hunter, Linda, 93 Huston, Mark, I 11.61 Hutto, Judy, 35,87,114 -I - Inlow, Sandra, 114 -J- Jackson, Barbara, 64,72,93,114 |a obsen Siclnex 1 I 1 Jacobs, Paul, 114 James, Mitchell, 35 40,1 14 Johns, Robert Arnold, 114 Johnson, Ellen, 114 Johnson, Glen, 114 Johnson, Joan, 115 Johnson, Leroy, 115 Johnson, Richard, 115 Johnson, William, 115 Johnston, Stephen G, 115 Jones, Carolyn, 115 Jones, Jo Anne, 54,115 Jones, Patricia, 115 Jones, Suzanne, 93,115 Jones, Tommy, 115 Jordan, Carol, 115 Judson, Barbara Sue, 115 -K- Karcher, Diane, 46 Kaupp, Russell, T., 115 Kell, Larrv, 35,49,115 Kelly, Ramona, 64.115 Kellum, Katherine Marie, 1 15 Kennedy, Rosemary, 71,115 Ketcherside, Dawn, 115 Kibler, Robert George, 115 Kiesel, Tommv. 35,41,61,115 King, Art, 115 Kingsbury, Donald, 115 Kirby, Kenneth, 115 Kittinger, Juanita, 93,115 Kleis, William, 49,115 Knight, Linda. 93,115 Knoke. Ruth, 115 Koehn, Kenneth, 115 Koehn, Tommv, 115 Kolenda, Brian, 115 Koller, Chervlle. 115 Kovacs, Carol, 93,115 Kreiser, Gary, 115 Kruger, Gary, 115 Krase, Anita, 36,54,93,115 Kruse, Dan, 115 Kuhlman, Philip, 92,115 Lafond, Wilder, 115 Lamb, Larry, 116 Lambert, Robert John, 116 Landrum, James, 116 Landrum, Nancy, 116 Langford, Tommy, 1 16 Lavoxi, Gary, 1 16 Lawrence, Jeanne, 116 Lawrence, Martha, 116 Layne, Sam, 1 16 Lee, Eula, 116 Lemley, Patricia, 116 Leonard, Kevin, 116 Leonard, Lanny, 116 Lewis, Mike 44,116 Libby, Charles, 116 Liles, Nan, 93 Lindsey, Robert, 116 Littlefield, Berry, 116 Llewellyn, Robert, 116 Lobean, Allen, 116 Long, Marshall, 46,116 Long, Sandra, 28,29,116 Long, Suzan, 116 Losleben, David. 116 I. ue. is, Gen ), 1 16 Luna, Joel, 44,55,61,116 Lynch, Dick, L16 - Mc- McCarthv, Justin, 116 McConnell, Carl L„ 116 McDaniel, Aleta Sue, 92,116 McDaniel, Janet, 1 16 McDaniel, Paula Kay, 117 McDonald, Carolvn, 117 McDonald, Harrv Van, 117 McDonald, Henry C, 117 McDougle, June, 117 McDowell, Diane. 36,71,93,117 McEvans, Ida, 1 17 McGehee, Joyce, 1 17 Melnnis, Sarah Jo, 66,93,117 Mclntire, Stephen, 117 McKeown, Marian, 48,117 McLaughlin, Clare M., 117 McLean, Thomas, 117 - M - Maeder, Jed, 117 Mager, Janice, 117 Mann, Bonnie Ruth, 117 Martin, Delores, 1 17 Martin, Jeanne, 93,117 Mark, Christina, 68,117 Marvel, Nancy, 1 17 Mason, Benny Jo, 117 Massie, Michael, 117 Mastro, David, 117 Mathis, Donald, 117 Matthes, Maurita, 117 Matz, Karen, 93,117 Maxwell, Robert Wayne, 76,117 Melichar, Jill, 93,117 Melsek, Roddy, 54,117 Merkel, Toni, 117 Metcalfe, Richard, 117 Merklas, Susan, 66,175 Meyer, Marv Ellen, 117 Middleton, Lillian. 48,57,64,117 Midkiff, Cecil, 117 Miller, Elvera, 117 Miller, Karen, 64,72,117 Miller, Rita, 117 Miller, Roxanne, 117 Millican, Gayle, 1 17 Mintz, Susan Lynn, 117 Mitchell, Margaret, 48,93,117 Montgomery, Lorraine, 117 Moore, Carole, 117 Moore, Corbin, 35,44,63,117 Moore, Raymond, 117 Moore, Walker, 35 Morgan, Don, 117 Morgan, Freddy, 117 Morgan, Leslie, 117 Morris, Kimberly, 117 Morrison, Jack, 117 Morrison, Patricia, 93,117 Marroni, Anotne, Henry, 117 Munroe, John, 117 Mustard, Rose Marie, 118 - N - Naeyaert, Lorraine, 118 Nash, Kelly, 118 Nault, Donald, 118 Nault, Mary Eileene, 118 Nault, Sharon Ann, 118 Neff, Jim Allen, 118 Nellis, Virginia, 118 Nelson, John, 118 Nesmith, Gerald E., 118 Newcombe, Pete A., 118 Newlin, Jane, 36,64,93,107,118,176 INDEX Nichols, Candy, 1 18 Nolen, Janice, Marcia, 118 -O - Obodich, Roger, 118 Oldham, Barbara, 118 Olding, Clayton, 118 - P - Pacetti, Celeste, 28,29,54,118,178 Parker, Marsha, 118 Pamell, Sydney, 118 Pamell, Sylvia, 118 Parrish, Carolyn Sue, 72,118 Parsons, Wade, 118 Paid, Janet, 71,118 Pasquale, Lorraine, 118 Pavne, Barbara, 118 Pearce, Melody, 118 Pearce, Patti, 118 Pearl, Ronnie, 57,118 Penticoff, Bonnie, 118 Peres, Carol, 64,118 Perkins, Melinda, 118 Pettit, Joseph, 118 Pettit, Linda, 93,118 Pettit, Pam, 118 Phillips, Allen, 118 Phillips, Maribeth, 118 Pickering. Sandra, 118 Pierre, Wildene, 118 Pigott, Harvey, 118 Pigott, Marvin, 32,33,40,44,54,118 Pigott, Vivian, 118 Pitchford, Johanna, 118 Plank, Marv Ruth, 118 Pletcher, Terri, 48,118 Poe, Tommy, 118 Pope, Peggy, 118 Pope, Judv, 93,118 Pope, Robin, 40,44,118 Porter, Madeline, 48,119 Posey, Sharon, 119 Potts, Jon Edward, 46,119 Powers, Kay, 119 Preedom, Donna, 119 Prevatt, Gwen, 71,119 Prevatt, Diane, 119 Proko, Nina. 119,190 Prowant, Larry, 119 Pufawl, George, 119 - R- Radcliff, Bill, 40,42,43,59,107,119 Rains, Franklin Lee, 119 Rakowski, John, 1 19 Ramey, Aaron, 119 Randag, Stephen T., 119 Ratliff, Jack, 35,119 Rav, Billy, 119 Raznoff, Mike, 119 Reahard. Jane, 119 Redding, Barbara, 119 Reddy, Thomas, 41,119 Reynolds, Marilyn, 119 Revnolds, John, 119 Ricciardi, Ronald, 119 Richardson, Karen, 119 Riddle, David, 119 Riddle, John L. 119 Riley, James, 119 Ritchie, Jimmv, 119 Ritz, Charles, ' l 19 Roan, Emory, 119 Roberts, Linda, 1 19 Robertson, Debbie, 54,119 Robinson, Greg, 119 Robinson, Barbara, 120 Robinson, Sandra, 120 Rodgers, Sandy, 48,93,120 Romero, Rosemary, 120 Ronan, Penny, 120 Rose, Susan 93,120 Rosen, Judith, 120 Rossback, William John, 120 Roth, Wayne, 120 Routte, Mike, 120 Routte, Pat, 120 Rowland, Diane, 120 Rucker, Charles, 41,120 Ruggeri, Jon R., 120 Russell, Mike, 120 -S- Sands, Charles, 120 Sandt, Kennv. 120 Santin, Dorothv, 120 Santini, Godfrey Phillip, 35,44,120 Santos, Joanne, 72 Sapp, Susan, 120 Savage, Sharon, 36,120 Sawyer, Donna, 120 Schlitzer, Carol, 120 Schneider, Barbara, 120 Schory, Tracy, 92 Schweikert, William, 120 Scott, Paul, 120 Scratchely, Patricia, 120 Seeley, Francine, 120 Seeman, Harry, 49 Senesac, Edward F., 120 Serrill, Steve, 120 Sevmour, Bovd William, 120 Shanklin, Marv, 36,48,54,87,107,120,182 Sheffield, James. 35,120 Shellhouse, Dennis, 120 Shellhouse, Jean, 120 Sherman. Chervl, 93,120 Shirlev, Harvev, 120 Schulz, Helen Ruth, 120 Shocklev, Herbert, 121 Shope, Richard M„ 121 Shvrock, Judv C, 64,93,121 Shultz. Beverlv, 66,75,121 Shumate, David, 41,121 Silcox, Gene, 35,46,121 Simpson, Donald, 121 Singleton, Maribeth, 121 Sites, Judy, 121 Skelton, Roger, 121 Smith, Doris. 121 Smidi, Ethel, 121 Smith. George, 121 Smith, Jane, 121 Smith, Jimmy, 121 Smith, Nancv, 121 Smith, Ronald E., 121 Smith, Ronald, M., 76,121 Smith, Ronnie, 121 Snell, Frank, 121 Sofaly. Larry, 41,121 South, Diana, 92,121 South, James, 121 South, R. Stewart, 92,121 Spooner, Jimmy, 35,44,61,121 Spurlin, Lee Ann, 121 Startt, Darrell, 121 Stephens, Jimmy, 121 Stevens, Gracie, 121 Stevenson, Lena, 121 Stewart, Peggy Ann, 121 Stewart, Shirley Ann, 121 Stier, Marsha Ann, 121 Strockglausner, Nancy, 121 Strickland, Carolvn, 121 Strickland. Martha J., 121 Styles, Kathy, 121 Sullivan, Donna, 121 Sumasky, Robert, 121 Sumner, Gerri, 121 Summerall, Donnie, 46,121 Sunman, Jerrv, 121 Sutton. Eddie, 122 -T- Talcott, Jimmy, 122 Tarantino, Louis, 44,122 Taylor, Jean, 93,122 Taylor, Joan, 93,122 Taylor, Margaret, 122 Taylor, Ray, 122 Taylor, Samuel Charles, 122 Teagan, Karen, 122 Terrell, Thomas, 122 Terry, Sharon, 122 Terry, T. Rankin, 122 Thomas, Dia-ie, 122,54,93 Thomas, LaDonna, 122 Thompson, Glenda, 122 Thompson, Laura, Yvonne, 122 Thornton, Robert S., 35,122 Tice, Stephen, 49,54,58,59,107,122 Tippins, Barbara, 122 Tippins. Leon, 122 Turano, Joseph, 32,33,49,81,122 Turon, Mary, 122 -U- Ulmer, Janet, 122 Underwood, Mack, 122 - V - Van Garsel, Joan, 122 Van Gessel, Jean, 122 Vamadoe. Carl, 122 - W- Wade, Perrv, 122 Wadworth, Ellen Mae, 122 Wahl, Linda, 122 Waite, Bobbv, 122 Waldron, Marv Alice, 122 Walker, Gloria, 122 Wallschlager. Ronnie, 92,122 Ward, Cindy, 48,122 Ward, Man-, 122 Warden, John F.. 33,46,123 Warden, Marie, 123 Warner, Sandra, 48,54,123 Warren, Diane, 123 Watkins, Milton. 123 Watson, Mary, 123 Wavman, Cindv, 123 Weaver, Sallie. 49,64.123,176 Webster, Patsv, 123 Welch, Bobby, 123 Welch, Paul R., 49,57,123 Wendt, James, 123 Wenrich, Virgil F„ 123 West, Dorothv, 123 West, Michael, 46,123 Whidden, Dennis, 123 Whitehead, Gene, 123 Whitehill, Laura. 123 Wilbum, Jovce, 48,123 Wilder, Linda, 72.123 Wilds, Richard, 123 Wight, Patricia Jean. 123 Williams, Carolyn, 123 Williams. Charles A., 123 Williams, Dennis. 123 Williams, Jill, 123 Williams, Cathy, 64,123 Williams, Marv Louise, 123 Wilshe, Donald, 123 Wilson, Carolyn, 92,123 Williamson George, 124 Willis, Gary, 124 Wilmoth, Danny, 124 Wilson, Jerry, 124 Wilson, Truman Edgar, 44,124 Windlow, Randolph, 124 Wise, James, 124 Wolff. Paul, 124 Wood, Billv, 124 Woods. Carole, 124 Wren, Jean, 71,72,124 Wren, Judy, 124,71 -Y- Yates, Brenda, 124 Yeardon, Walter. 124 Yeomans, Marvin. 124 Young, Robert, 92,124 -Z- Zeigler. Teny, 124 Zimmerman, Barbara, 124 S1 ' tS - j ' 3 4 3

Suggestions in the Fort Myers High School - Caloosahatchian Yearbook (Fort Myers, FL) collection:

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