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Fort Myers High School - Caloosahatchian Yearbook (Fort Myers, FL) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Cover

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1 N 1 I k.,,z,x-.U - . ,. f ' . My ' . - ' V , fx - 1 - .,.1,1' .1 1.15-rg, Yfllg .... we xgznior 66145 of Ywgeffi JU J ave yourneye ' J4 Jong, Jong way- 32m U! our ears! lla WW l Q 1 .. V - l - 1 I I I I fm , f xi! XS , 1 4 I-,K v:V.I If Ax' - J - .b L , i3l,.' J af" k at is G W, ? 1 K ,Q ,kiss f A7 S, 3 f ffx 'VK ,tv ,. X- ! -,W Q ,X OM! 'il Mzxxkm r Own jk? l9afA Aer? Q 411. A NCQ I Mn, ,ML ,gnuife you fo jofgw aa was preaenf jk? 1954 Ca foofiakafcgian i 4 .ggminok gobfion QE x SQ t 5 1: X ifv g." ., 5 A ff" X32-5 W K K A 3, L., :,, Q , K X. gffi L 'KL, 113' V -1: if -"- sv' isfefkwa. I - S' L tk , 1 5 ' 2 Ms 'LLL as h rs rs ik zggig-'A' D f fgvsafi .:i'--W hi te' ' -' vb. 'ki-SH K W L ' ffl' n.,,.,.,-K S ft' 1 3' f I ., X ifey, To Mr. Robert C. Barnes, who has worked hard and faithfully with us through our last years in highschool , we dedicate the l954 Caloosahatchian as a token of our deep appreciation. In memory of two class- mates who are not here to graduate with us, IRMA SANTINI but who will remain in our hearts forever. Con fell fd l Chiefs -- -- Faculty Tribes ----- Classes Pow-Wows ----- Activities Tribal Gomes ----- Sports Trading Post ----- Ads 64,42 ., ima, we greaf wAife jafkeh fx 3 DAMON HUTZLER Supervising Principal 2 r 1 '12 R "" A MRS, NELLIE V, BARKER, A,B, ul f ,qt n A A Q ,r ..Q. wg History A A A sv 4 it I A MR, C. R. BARKER, M. A. , 5' 4 Mathematics A R W 'f ' V if- 'Q 1 1 V 4 ip , 35- Nm , 1 MR, ROBERT BARNES, M. A. it ,Af 4 R MRS. Mu.DRED BASSETT, M. Ed English, Publications .. '25'5" Qi g Latin. Guidance I an 1 Y '?,. V ,,,,..j R . R+ L , MRS, MAUDE BETTERTON, M,A, English MR, MINOR BOTT, M. EQ fl -"uf", Q- . f 4. I D. C. T. R wk fi N J 1 A 'iq i RXR f RRR'R ! 1 A I If V. L x ,F 4 N MR. BOYLES, M. A. X J , M . W 4 I R fm-49' , , 3, Mathematics g .,,,,, D 'Q V,l', XL t :X , 5 3 I' wi f! i s R 1 " i b wg , MRS, GERTRUDE CONOVER .i-X Secretary 1 X ' MRS, FAYE CAMPBELL, B.S, V ' M R- 'I ,A English " 4 1. I if ,ii 2. : 'f -f R 'V six., 'X' A fain R I s R ex .nav Q ig 4 VWL Q U . 1 fu .ff f A 'V E 11 A. MR, DAVID BRAUER, B.S. Mathematics u ILJI eo -3' Miss A.B. CARTER, M.A. I am English, History A MRS. BETTY CORBIN, B,S. .ZEEEE MISS BETTY CANADY ox n.- .. f Registrar E? V ' MISS LUCINDA CARSON Yi If A. B. f W Speech, English ffm.. vi I 1' W , G' Y W -diffs' 1 I . X b RTX II' -xg. A .O I MISS MARGARET COOK, B, S. Homemaking MISS APPIE D'ALESSANDRO, B. S. Commercial Commercial MRS. ANN DeMASTERS, B.s. A A "-'f A I Miss DORIS DESROCHERS, M.A. Homemakirxg fwx R. I English K K A.. V J . 1 :?3::,4nk A I R ib: A. ' A ' ' . f: A , 3535.1 , :K-61252 h 5 0 QD 5 .2 A i"9'11,f1 ,J I I - A I . MRS, MARION DURRENCE, B.S. V. ii Choral Q MRS, LOUISE ELLIOTT M,A, ' S l ' I English - .. - , -.. - ..'-1: 2 z 2 I U ' ' , ggi . - X 1555 l I2 l L ' R E Miss KAY FISHER, B.s. C is L Physical Education -Ki L A s.lQ,tipN j Q lgxxs MR, ALFRED HOWARD, M, ED, af, ' -A Industrial Arts I DDD., L sux C if f so - R MR, D, M, HUMFLEET, M,A. Civics MRS. FRANCES GRESHAM, A,B. History MRS. NELLIE GRAY JACKSON Registrar it s 5' 6 A ".i4A I. MRS. KATHLEEN GOODYEAR, B,S Geography MR. ERNEST HALL, M.A. Math, History MR, WILLIAM KALB, B, S, Mathematics I MR. KREAGER, M.s. E Science, Math, Civics V' ii. x ' MR. HOMER KLAY if . L , Q Custodian ,L, ,A 5,1 Y' f ig or V," l 13 Illl MRS. HLLDA LEWIS, B.S. Math, General Science MRS. ETHEL LIGHTFOOT, M.A. Mathematics pn-m WIS MR. FRANK LODWICK, A.B. I Q51 ""' , .f,, 1- ef Band V F Iwl ., MRS. BEss1E MENGE, M.A. E-, X ow, History .A "EST g J 'S f-at 1 fi x - .,.. - .- Q? 1 , 'Q BK PM fryzs. 'ai' P if-xq,.,' wg, . at jf +4 :N-P' Q MR. PAUL MONNETT, M.s. 'W .1 Ph sical Education h P, ZI, ji ,iA, f 555 y ,gif ' fiizi .f as 5? ' Y Q MR. C. W. PASKINS, M.A. K ,Q History L t,Sci if MRS. ELIZABETH POPE, B.S. .V E Science, Geography 1 i q, K. K, 14 . S Q ,M Q X. MRS. JANE MC SHANE, Ed.M. Commercial MRS. HELEN MONNETT , M. A. English MR. W. T. NOTT, A. B. Mathematics 'N'-.I IHI EEZ mx 55" 'fm- Z E cn cn Ib Z U -cn F' .cn Q I SQ 5. 'ir li K1 MR, SCHMELZ, B,S, Art MISS DOROTHY SHARPE, A Library, English s gk R'?' X . ri ..'5:.'ff.E E E' E E MR, DELBERT RHEEL, M, A, Industrial Arts MR, FRANCIS RILEY, B. S, English, History QQSS P Q In-.fx S 7. r I sr y E L I - . K ,..s,5 an . , , -'A , fi W MISS MARION SIMPSON Office MISS SHEILA SMITH, A.B. History EEIELQ I5 l 2 rs' . - V X MRS. LUCY SARLO Bookkeeper MISS ALICE SHARPE, M.A. Spanish MRS. ETHEL SHEFFIELD, B. S. Library I , 1 1' 1 1- l l - : x Viq Y X "' ".:.-I:'.'...'?. E Q , m.h b y 1 H im' , ' ' ' .7 ,, ia Miss SHIRLEY SMITH, A.B. R Q . -:IQ Q I Physical Education b sf ., N LV A y . T MRS. WANDA SPIEGEL, B.s. Hi h Q Physical Education MR, B.l-I. STEVENSON, M.A. Biology, Science 'xr'-7 MISS ELLEN STUCKY , Geography r B.A. V, 4 Xi. MISS IOANNE SWARTZ., A.B. '53, AL .. ww MRS, EMOGENE TIPTON, B.S Mathematics, Algebra Biglggy cflo R ya 3 c'yo MR. E. c. THOMPSON, A.B. y all at MR. HAROLD THOMPSON, M. Mathematics 3 1 I A Asst. Principal ytlf RHTO 1 aaa is E " .fi 'jf , : g k Lkk Tun: ,rf sf? .,V' Q - . , MR. C. L. TRIBBLE, B.s. f Industrial Arts 7 111 MRS. JOHNETTE w1DERQUrsT, A.B. l E English I R ,. t i i 1 R gf. avi. ' L- ,E . , 'ff' A , f .sql i I V. 9 - 16 MISS VERA RAY A.B. Math, Algebra MRS. MAXINE wn.L1AMs, A.B. g English eh.. of MR. RAY WILLIAMS, M.A. A A k A Physics, Chemistry, I N 1 Biology Eff' A f ' ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT Mr. Robert Collins B.S. Mr. Jock Sutherland B. S. Mr. Troy Parnell B.S. Mr. Irv Ibach B.Ed. 17 . pp, . L x PA LIN HUM KIN HO KO LIN f f 2-5, S3 G 8 00394 QL Mya WO If fffq 1, Yves' es le I... YP'-p enior jige BQB S HEI-'F s IELD ef' 50 WDW ELLEHT 635. MR. RAY WILLIAMS Sponsor VWVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV 18 S 'Riu 1" in' 'Q BART B, BARE "He never dares to be as funny as he is. " M, H, S. I, 2, 35 Footballg Swimm- inggBasketbal1gMC1ubp Glee Club. JEAN BARLEY "A friend in need, she has many friends indeed. " M. H. s, 1,2, 3, F, H, A: Pan-Am, 'vs 1-it JACK ALVRUS CARL ABBOTT "He has a mind equal to any under- taking that he puts it alongside of, " Transferredfrom Darien, Ga. M.H. S. 2, 35 Swimming, Bandg Ski Club: Pan-Amg Latin. PETE ALBRITTON "His greatest ambition, we regret to state, is simply this, to gradu- ate. " M, H,S, I,2,3g F.F.Ag Baseball. "He keeps his own counsel. " M,1-1.5, 1,z,3. ROSE MARIE BARKER "A rose is sweeter in in full bloom, " M, H,s, 1,2,3. DOUG BARTLESON "He has a heart as true as steel, " M, H, S, I, 2, 3: Biology Club: Ski Club, Conservation Clubg Clubg Tidal Wave, DONALD BAKER "He is a good fellow and he is good company, " M, H, S, I, 2, 35 Track, li 05? the bud than i ,A ,...4v ,sy , 1 i Hobby 1 9 KAY ADDISON " Always laughing , never sad , sometimes naughty but never bad. ' M, H, S, I, 2, 35 Bandg F. H, A., Stu- dent Council. JOAN ALLEN "Pleasant is she, and full of good intent. " M, H, S, I,2,3g Pan-Amp F,l-LA. ,353 ff' --:Qs 52 'iv give ,px ff . 'sf 1. s vs--an f 'WJ ' 4 fb' . Agni svn EK 7VNN.,, va' JAMES BOYD "Little friend of all the world. " M,H,S, I,2,3: Band: Key Club, Sec. 3. HAROLD BROCK "Puts the best things in life first. " M, H, S, I, 2, 3: Football: Baseball: M Club. .IANCIE BRAWNER "Full of mischief and full of fun, many friendships she has won, " M, H, S, I, 2, 3: F. H, A.: Pan- Latin Club: Basketball: Camera Club. RHEY BURCHARD "Makes the most of all that comes and the least of all that goes. " M, H. S, I, 2, 3: Baseball: M Club. SHIRLEY BATES "Her conversation is marked by its happy abundance. " M, H, S, I, 2, 3: Glee Club: Basket- ball: Ski Club: F, H. A. SAMMY BISHOP "Little we think, less we do. Isn't it funny how we pull through, " M, H, S, I, 2, 3: Football: Track: Baseball: Glee Club: Tidal Wave, JACK BOLTON "Ta1l, dark, and handsome." Transferred from Christiansburg, Va.: M. H. S, 3: Pan-Am. PEGGY BEYRODT "Serious thinker that she is, she still has time for fun, " Transferred from Leesburg, Fla.: M. H. S. 2, 3: Latin Club: Pan-Am: Glee Club. CHUCK BLOUGH "The less one has to do with wom- en, the better he progresses, at least with money. " M, H, S, I, 2, 3: Football: Basket- ball: M Club, Pres. 3. MIKE BOWEN "He is as full of valour as of kind- ness, princely in both." M, H. S, I, 2, 3: Swimming: Cal oosahatchian. 'ik 'u-. '-'BL 4: J' A R 'vsp mf.. vo- 'Q 'nur' NS' YS-p', N S- I 'lt '93 . lx ,Q-ff., Y I BILL BURKETT "Men may come, men may go, I'1l get there even though I'm slow", M.H.S. I,2,3. VIRGINIA BURSON "Quiet, serious-minded is she, and the desire to be a friend. " M, H, s, 1,2, 3: D. C. TgG1eeC1ubg F. H. A, 5 Tidal Wave. JANE BUTTERWORTH "Her good heart is worth gold. Transferred from Griffin, Ga. 3 M. H.S. 33 Band, JAMES BURLINGHAM "A friend to everyone and every- one's friend. " M, H, S, I, 2, gg Swimming, RONNIE BURTON "A young man that blushes is better than one who turns pale. " M.H.S. 1,33 M Club: Football: Basketball: Track, JOYCE CAIN "Tranquil and sweet, she smiles a all she meets. " I M.H.S. I,2,3g Glee Clubg Pan- Amg Camera Cluh ELESTE CANNON TERRY CARRAWAY :air asaday, and sweet as May, " " Men of few words are the best men, " l. H, S. I, 2, 3: Spanish Clubg Pan- 5, mg F, T, A,g F, H, A,g Caloosahat- M, H, S, I, 2, 3: F, E, A, iian, IVON CARROLL BETTY ANN CARTER A "'-:T I , 'NM -1 rm rle is the mildest manner'd man, " "She is pleasant and sweet to the xx .H.S. 1.2.3. sense, " M.H.S. I,2,3g Pan-Am: F,H,A.g F, T, A. 2.1 C.. ' e-ie 5-ruv JAMES COLLIER "It matters not how long we live but how. " M,H,s, 1,z,3. C. M. COOK "He has an argument for a week, laughter for a month, and a good jest forever. " M. H, S, I, 2, 3: Football: Track: M Club, Sec, 3: F, F, A. , Pres. 3, WALTER CROCKER "ln studies and smiles he is hard to beat, he has just enough of self- conceit. " M, H,S. I,2,3. iid:- fr"-7 few-'X c""--nv -G.. PHYLLIS CONIGLIO "She smiles with a bit of mischief. " M,1-1, s, 1, 2, 3: Pan-Am: F. H, A: Spanish Club: F, T, A, : Glee Club: Wavettes:Cheerleading: Co- Capt. 3: Caloosahatchian: Girls State: Student Council, THOMAS COOK "The world is for fun and laughter." M,H,s, 1,z,3. JEROME CROSBY "Ambition to attempt and skill to attain. " M, H, S, I, 2, 3: Key Club: D, C. T.: Student Council:M. H. S.:Jr. Rota- rian: Boys State. ff GENE CLINE ROBERT CLUTZ , "He bears a charmed life. " "He willalways be useful while he M, H, S, 1,2, 3: Key Club. lives." M, H, S, I,2, 3. W .4-K. Y ..- 'G' il I I 'Ql- vin a-A 'QS' efpfgri wal LOUVENIA DAVIS RAYMOND DEAN "She is full of good meaning and "1tain'twhat you do, it's what you Q 9 wishing. " get caught doing. " M, H, S, 1, 2, 3, M, H, S, I, 2, 3: Baseball: Football: Student Council, Sec. 3: M Club: Pan-Am: Glee Club, Basketball, DON DELANEY LORIENE DEVORE "He speaks little, butwhen he does "With a winning smile she always 1 rw y speak he says something, " greets you. " M, H, S, I,2,3p Band, Glee Club, Transferred from Quitman, Ga,g Camera Club, Basketball. 'sd ' X. C .fuk -Q-X 1'-:-eff" if MARTIE ESLECK "Action speaks louder than words, " Transferred from Tullahoma , Tenn.: M, H, S, I, 2, 3, Basketballg Swimming, Pan-Amg F, H, A., F T, A.: Ski Club: Wavettes, M. H. s. 3. if f se-"X A :"" ig g'v5 'ds HARRELL EUBANK "By his work you can tell that he is a good workman. " M, H, S, I,2,3: F. DON DEVORE "His care is never to offend and every creature is his friend. " M. H, S, I, 2, 35 Footballg Trackg Band, Capt. 33 Tidal Wave, Co- Editor 3, M Club. JOANNE DOWNING "What a whale of a difference a few "sense" make, " M, H, S. I, 2, 3g F, H, A., Pan-Amp Glee Club. BEVERLY ENGLAND "A popular, attractive girl is she, clever and sweet as she can be. " M.H.S. l,2,3g Band, Majoretteg Glee Club, F.T.A.g Pan-Amg F. H.A. ogg 1. DENNIS DOHERTY "Here is a man that can smile in trouble. " M.H.S. I,2,3gTl'3Ck5FOOIb31lg Basketball Mgr. 5 M Club. TERRY EDWARDS "From the crown of his head to the sole of his foot, he is all mirth. " M, H, S, 2,3p Transferred from Michigan City, Ind., Football Mgr., Track, Baseball. NANCY ERICKSON "With a smile on her face and a curl in her hair, she spreads joy everywhere, " M. H. S. I, 2, 35 Swimming: F, H. A.: F.T.A.g Pan-Amy Ski Club, Camera Clubg Tidal Wave, Co- Editor 3, Glee Club. 1 'S l,,,,, W E' T555 as . ,qu-. , LOYCE FLOYD "Mirth is God's medicine, Every- one ought to bathe in it. " M, H, S, I, 2, 35 Glee Club, Camera Club: F, T, A.: F, H, A, 3 Ski Club: Pan-Amp Tidal Wave. JOYCE GIBBS "Never ready, always late, but she smiles and so we wait. " M, H, S, I, 2, 3g Pan-Am, Pres. 3: F, T, A, , Pres, 3, Bandg Majoretteg Basketball, Latin Clubg Student Council, F, H, A,g Wavettesg Cal- oosahatchian. JOHN GILLIAM "Si1ence is golden, but who wants to be rich, " M, H, S, 1, 2, 3, Key Club, Basket- ballg Baseball: M Club. '9 JAMES GAY "Light of heart and cleverg sad and worried -- never. " M.H.S. 1.2.31 D.C.T.: F.F.A. WADE GIDDENS "The only thing I have against an education is books. " M,H,s, 1,z,3. NANCY LEE GILLIOM "The fairest garden in her looks, and in her mind the wisest books," Transferred from Bexley, Ohio. M, H. S, 3g Ski Club: Camera Club, 24 DONALD EWTON "He is a man of action. " .S. I.2,3i D. DOROTHY FERNANDEZ " Trouble sits but lightly on her shoulders. " ,, M,H,s, 1,2,3, F,H,A, . 'Q Y 1' f x, ,,,.-NX is 7-a THOMAS FELL "He is not only witty himself, but he brings out the wit in others," C. T. M, H, S, I, 2, 35 Pan-Amp M Club: Glee Clubg Ski Club, Swimming. PHILLIP FIKE "A1wayssmi1ing, never glum, he's a happy, cheerful chum. " Transferred from Ashland, Ohio. M, H, S, 2, 35 Basketballg Track, M Club. 4- . 465- 5? Lf N? Q. M, H, S, I,2, 3: Pan-Am: F, T, A.: R 'W' DARRELL HART "His better does not breathe upon the earth. " M,H, S, I,2,3: Key Club: Band: Track: Ski Club: M Club. VIRGINIA HAWKINS "Short and sweet but hard to beat. " F, H, A.: Ski Club: Camera Club: Class Treas. I: Spanish Club: Cal- oosahatchian. MAXINE HERNDON "Happiness is cheaper than worry so why pay the high price. " Transferred from Naples, Fla. M. H. s. 3. ev 0 b M.- C...-v f ,Q Q1 BILL HARVEY "Always a smile if not a word. " M, H, S, 1, 2, 3: Football: Baseball: Spanish Club. .IO ANN HENDRY "She never fails to speak a pleasant word. " LEIDA GRANDAUCHE "Nobody would suppose it, butshe is naturally bashful. " M, H, S, 3: Transferred from Asta- bula, Ohio. ROBERT HANSEN "We know what he is, but who knows what he may be. " M, H, S, 1, 2, 3: Latin Club. ' 'wi . M, H, S, I, 2, 3: Spanish Club: F, H, A. : Ski Club: Homecoming Queen: F. T. A. MARY ET TA HIERS "Silence is often indicative of wis- dom. " M,H,s, r,2,3:F,H,A, 25 QM, f 1 CHIC HA LL " He'll be glad to try anything once. " M, H, S, I, 2, 3: M Club: Baseball: Basketball, ERNEST HARDEN "Work has killed many men--why die? " M, H, S, 1, 2, 3: M Club: Baseball: Football: Pan-Am. if-t. an- F rs' , CAROLYN HILL "Calm and cool--on certain occa- ions. " M,1-Ls, 1,2,3. PETE HOLCOMBE " If worry was the only cause of death, l would live forever. Transferred from Attala, Ala.: M. H. s. 3. MARILYN HOUGH "She never says anything but good." M. H.S. I.2,3: F.H.A.: F. T. A.: Spanish Club, SwimminggPan-Am: Glee Club, V Pres. 3: Wavettesg Caloosahatchian. BUQK JETER "The happiest days of my life have been lost here. " M.H.s.1,2.3. F.r.A. RICHARD JUNGFERMAN "l always like to hear a man talk about himself, because thenl nev- er hear anything but good. " M, H, S, I, 2, 3: Spanish Club: Pan- Amg Football Mgr.g Footballg Base- ball: Glee Club, Treas. 2, 3. vt'-'fr 'Wi 4:2 Q, IM' 71? -xr- Mm- my if Ytrx ff swf Qflk 'ff WT" , PHYLLIS HILL "Not very tall, in fact small. Her good nature is loved by all. " M. H.S. I,2,3.:F.H. A.: F. T. A.i Ski Clubg Pan-Amp Tidal Wave. SHIRLEY HORNE "Better never, than late." M, H, S. 1, 2, 3g F. H. A.: Camera Clubg Calossahatchian. MEREDITI-I HUDSON "lf she can't find anything to laugh about, she'll just giggle, " M,H,S. l,2,3g Swimming: Wa- vettes, Pres. 3: F.H.Ag Pan-Am, Student Council, N,H,S,p Latin Club: Jr. Class Sec., Girls Stateg Caloosahatchian, Co-Editor, ELLEN JOHNSON "She's a pal, kind and true, a loyal classmate, through and through. " M, H, S, I, 2, 35 Wavettes, Sec. 3: F, H, A.g Camera Clubg Sr. Class Treas.g F, T, A. 5 Basketball Mgr.: Tidal Wave. EVERETT KEENE "He has a noble memory". f M.H.s. 1,2,3. MARGARET KEENE "Greatmodesty often hides great merit, " M, H, S, I, 2, 3, Pan-Amp F, H, Ag Basketball. WILLIAM KELLY "Born to talk and talk he must, " M. H. S, I, 2, 3: M Club: Football, Basketball, Track, Sr. Class V Pres. : Student Council. GLENDA LANCASTER "She is a mirror of all courtesy. " M, H, S, 1, 2, 3: Wavettesg Glee Club, F, H, Ag Spanish Club, Pan- Amg F. T. Ag Cheerleading co- capt. 33 Student Council, Cal- oosahatchian, RONNIE LEA "Nothing is impossible to this willing heart. " M, H. s. I,2,3: F, T, Ag Pan-Am, Swimming, Tidal Wave. MARGIE LONGMIRE "A sincere blush is truly a virtue. " M,H,S, I,2,35 Pan-Amp Ski Club, Wavettesg Latin Club, Swimmingg Band, F, H, A, Caloosahatachian. ky! 55 vil- S. 'E 5, as 5--. i wtf' '7'N ' vs 5. was X ,ry CAROL ANN KELLY " IT's nice to be natural when you're naturally nice. " M, 1-Ls, r,2,3, Pan-Am, F,1-LA, Golfg Ski Club: Sec. Treas. 3: Latin Club: Caloosahatchian, BIRDIE .KELLY "Curiosity killed the cat. " M, H. S. I, 2, 3g F. T, A, Pan-Amg Latin Club, Glee ClubgBusiness Mgr, 3, Tidal Wave. CAROLE LANGFORD "Good nature is a sign of a large generous soul. " M. H. S. I, 2, 3g Band: F, H. A: F, T.Ap Pan-Am, Tidal Wave. JANE FRANCES LEONE " She's not very noisy, but you know the saying about still water. " M, H, S, 1, 2, 3, Pan-Amg Spanish ClubgF.H.AgF. T.AgGlee Club: Caloosahatchian, JOHNNY MACON "To be a well favored man is a gift of fortune, he has been most fortunate. " M, H, S, I,2,3. ..-Alf' af' GD 4 veyfi'-"? he "vs-.3 'CF' A 15- fe., O' 'C' N.. 'P an ,,,,,""" Xb' fl -Fix Q N.. 'CST' fv- ' X 'f'. BYRON MAHARREY "Fu1l of laughs and lively fun, a friend, a pal to everyone, " M, H, S, r,2, 3g Footballg Hobby Clubp Pres. Ig Latin Clubg Pan-Amg Glee Clubg Baseball, LARRY MAXIE "The force of his own merit makes his way. " M,H,s, 1,z,3. NORMA JO MC CALL "Brave in deed, sweet in manner," M.H.S.I,2,3: F.H.A.: D.C.T.: Glee Club. MARTHA MC DANIEL "Gentle in manner, strong in per- formance. " M,H,S, l,2,3: Pan Am: F, H. A. PATTY MC GILL "She's impulsive if a thing comes into her head. " Mmsnayuom za GEORGIA MASSIE " She can resist anything except temptation, " M,H,S, I,2,3g Pan Amy F,l-LA: Spanish Club, BARRY MC AULEY "Happy am I for Iam free. Why aren't they all contented like me?" Footballg Baseballg Pan Amg Latin Clubg Glee Club. BOBBY MC COLLOUGH "He has as many good points as a pack of pins, " M,H.S. r,2,3p Student Council, Pres. 3: Key Club, Treas. l,2: Pres. 3: M Club: Swimmingg Bas- ketballg Latin Clubg Boys State GARY MC KEE "Every man has his fault and hon- esty is his. " M.H.S. l,2,3. MARTHA MILLER "It's great to have a friend, but it's better to be one. " M, H, S, l,2,33 Bandg Majoretteg F,T,A,g Student Councilg Tidal Wave. fr! if! 'G BQ G Iss' ,V ..-gf' 'w-.5 v Ll' , 'QQ-rv' -52' 'Q' 5 ix.- 3 t'.':-8 -JE ,f IRENE MORGAN "Quite the jolliest girl we know, full of pep and lots of go, " M,H,S, I,2,3g Glee Club, Pan- Amg Camera Club: F,H, A.: Cal- oosahatchian. MARGARET NORRIS "Small, high-powered, and hard to beat. " M,H,S, l,2,3: F.T,A,: F,H.A.: Swimming: Pan-Amg Latin Club: Wavettesg Caloosahatchian. REABURN O'HARRA "A woman would run through fire and water for such a kind heart, " M, H, S,1, 2, 3: Football: Swimm- ingg M Club, Spanish Club: Cal- oosahatchian, IOAN PEARCE " Her stature tall --one hates a dumpy woman, " M,H,S, I, 2, 3: Pan-amp Latin Clubg Camera Club: F, H, A.: Wavettesg Swimming, JIMMY B. PICKENS "He seemed to be by his work one of the greatest men and most wor- thy of admiration. " M.H.S.. 2.3- Z9 ROBERT MOSS "With :i little help Icould rule the world. " M, H, S, I, 2, 3: Football: Swimm- ing: Track: Ski Club, NEDRA NOTT "A good sport, always plays the game, no matter what happens she'll be the same, " M, H, S, 1, 2, 3: F. H. A.: Cheer- leading: Basketball: Swimming, Capt. 3: Wavettes: Camera Club: Library Club. BILLY PAYNE " The best goods are not always found in large packages. " M.H.S. I,2,3g D.C,T, FRED PEED "Al1 great men are dead, and I'm not feeling well either, " M, H, S, I, 2, 3: Pan-Am: M Club: Key Club: Jr. Class Pres.: Baseball: Basketball, Student Council, Cal- oosahatchian, Co-Editor 3. JIM PICKENS "His smile goes all theway around and buttons in the back, " M, H, S. I, 2, 3: Student Council, Vice Pres. 3: M Club: Key Club, Vice Pres. 3: Jr. Class Vice Pres.: Latin C1ub,F, H. A, Sweetheart 3,g Swimming. Captain 3. 'UISLI' 3595. -an-nv an , -J '-I" X, yy . qu:- '- x f +2 LARRY PIPKINS "A quiet man is a dangerous One, " M, H, S, t, 2, 35 Glee Club, Tidal Wave. ARTHUR POSNER "He who can bottle his temper is a corker. " M, H, 5.1, 2, 35 Spanish Club, Base- ball. I AN E POWE LL "She has a time and a place for everything. " M, H, s, 1,2, 3, F, H, A, DOROTHY PRESTON "Sometimesl sitand think, some- times I just sit. " M, I-LS. I,2,3. LAWRENCE POVIA "I like to wind up my mouth: I like to heat it go." M, H, s, 1, 32 ski Club CHARLES POWELL "DOn't trouble trouble till trouble troubles you. " M, H, S. I, 2, 3: SwimminggM Club: Football. BETTY PRATHER "She is pretty to walk with, witty to talk with, and pleasant to think OH." M,H,S, l,2,3g F,H,Ag F,T,Ap Cheerleadingg Glee Club: Pan Am, Latin Club, Tidal Wave. LYNDALL RANDOLPH " She has friends and books both true. " M, H,S, I,2,3: F,H,A.p Camera Clubg Pan Am, RUTH RANKIN BRUCE REYNOLDS "Better a little chiding than a great "The best age to have fun is the one Q ll deal of heartbreak. " yOu're in. " M, H. S, I, 2, 35 F. H, A,gLatin Club: M,H.S, I, 2, 3gBasebal1g Basketballg Pan Am. Football, Track, M Clubg F,F, A. 5 N? 'Nl mf 'Jr 'AQ , an CARMEN RHODES BILLY ROBERTS "A favoritewith allwho know her," " The foremost man of all the F' M.H.S, I 2 : Pan-Am: Spanish world." K D 1 3 R 'F Club: Glee Club: Treas. 3: Student Council: F, T, A: F, H, A.: Tidal Wave: Cheerleading. RITA ROGERS "For her part, she'l1 not meddle. " M. H. S. I,2,3: D. C.T. GARY SCOTT "lfwomen interfere with work, quit work. " ' 'NAP -can-Jn M,H,S, I,2, 3: Nu-r" DICK SIMONS "He leads us alla merry chase. " M,H.S. l,2,3: Swimming: Pan-Am: Treas. 3: M Club, ROBERT SHEFFIELD "Laugh and the world will laugh with you, frown and you will wrin- kle your face, " ,an M, H. S. I,2,3: Football: Track: Basketball: Boys State: Jr. Class Treas.: Sr. Class Sec.: Key Club: Student Council, M Club, Vice Pres. 3. K 'RTT' -.. JOANNE SINGLETON "She is the very pink of perfection. " M, H. S. I, 2, 3:Latin Club: Ski Club: fi, M, H. S, I, 2, 3: Band. TERRY SANDERS "Loyal hearted, strong, a better is hard to find. " M, H, S,1, 2, 3: Key Club: D, C, T: Treas, 3: Camera Club. PAUL SCOTT "What he likes best about school is going home. " M, H. S, l,2,3: JERRY SIMANDL "He's a success with women: a regular go-get-her. " M.H.S. 1.2.32 D.C.T. 11" HV- Pan-Am: Camera Club: Tidal Wave. 3 1 GENEVIEVE SMITH "She is as merry as the day is long. ' M. H, S, I, 2, 33 Pan-Amg Ski Club Tidal Wave. MARY ALICE SMITH " Her very frowns are fairer far, than smiles of other maidens are. M, H. S, I, 2, 31P3l'l'AI'1'Ii Queen I F. T. Ag F, H. Ag Glee C1ubgPres. 3 Cheerleading, Wavettesg Caloosa hatchian. GWEN SPEARING "The world's no larger if we worry Life's no longer if we hurry, ' M. H, S, I, 2, 356166: Clubg F, H. A Camera Club. NORRIS STEPHENS "A little nonsense now and then is relished by the best of men, M.H.S. 1Q2,3: Track Mgr.: F.F.A. nr EUR .ax ,9- all ,Q-I !"'j-H f' ,QE 4.25 , - QVDQ 'NF' .fg 3 W-M' -.. DANIEL TOUCHSTONE "Custom has made in him a prop- erty of easiness. " M, H, S. I, 2, 3, Track. MARILEE STRAYHORN "I do and saywhat I think is right, if I am wrong I suffer. " M,H,S,1, 2, 3, Band, Spanish Club, DORIS SWANK "The hand that made her fair also made her good. " M, H, S, I, 2, 3: Band, Majoretteg Drum Majorette 3g Pan-Am, Sec, 35 F, T. A.: Sec, gg Spanish Clubg Ski Club, F,H,A.g Student Council, Camera Club, Tidal Wave. HARRIET TANNER "Her manner is as her smile, " M, H, S. I,2, 3: Pan Am: F, H, A, 3 F, T, A, g Caloosahatchian. PEGGY JO THOROMAN "She that wasfair and never proud, had tongue at will and yet was nev- er loud, " M. H,S. I,2,3g Pan AmgLatin Clubg F.H,A,g F,T.A, ALICE STUART "She is little, but she is wise, and she's a terror for her size. " M,H,S, I,2,3g Pan-Am, Spanish Club, Sec. 2g Camera Club, Ski Club, F, H, A,g Caloosahatchian. RUSSELL SWIHART "The more the merrier. " M, H, S, 2, 33 Transferred from Tell City, lnd. F,F.A. : Projection Club. SUE THOMPSON "Her voice is gentle, soft, and lowg an excellent thing in awoman, you know. " M, H, S. I, 2, 3: F. H, A, g Camera Club, JOYCE TOMLINSON "Her heart is as light as her eyes are bright, " M, H, S. I,2,3g F, H, A.: F.T. A.: Ski Clubg Pan Am, Camera Club, Spanish Club: Tidal Wave. 'R 1, DELORES UNDERWOOD "Tis good to be merry and wise. ' M,H. S, I, 2, 35 Glee Club, Pan Am F, H, A., F. T, A, g Camera Club Caloosahatchian. Q58 ,Xi -...ff V is 'L' .ga-' r f-- .sv J A.a LOUISE WHITE "So you know not that I am a wo- man? When I think, l must speak. M.H.S. I, 2, 3: F. H.A: F.T. A:SPaf1' ish Clubp Camera Clubg Tidal Wave. MERLE WHITE "There are some silent people who are more interesting than the best talkers. " M,H, S, I, 2, 3, Football: Band: Cam- era Club. Fix JIMMY WALKER "To worry little, to study less, is his idea of happiness. " M, H, S, I, 2, 3: M Clubg Football: Latin Club, BETH WATSON "Love to one, friendship to many, good will to all. " M, H, S, I, 2, 35 F, H. A. g Student Council, Girls State 3. GARY WHEELER "He has a smile that always goes with a good fellow. " c V X A Michigan. M, H, S, 3, if GENE WHITE "He is of a very melancholy disposi- tion, " M, H. S. I, 2, 3, Baseball: Basketball, Football, M Club. KAY WIGGINS "Friendship is constant with her. M, H, S, r, 2, 35 Library Club. 34 Transferred from South Haven CAROL WARREN "She is quiet, but not too quiet. ' M, I-l, S. I, 2, 3: Hobby Clubg F, H. Ag Spanish Club, Pan-Am, DAVID WEEKS "He stoops to nothing but the door. Transferred from Lafayette, Ala M, H, S, 3, Football, Basketball Track. MARY WHEELER "By winning words and smiles, she conquers willing hearts. " , M, H, S, I,2,3gD, C, T5 Band, F,H A. fmf -3, 'war KR "S- 1. P, CAROLYN WILES J? M.,. is Q fi "She has the will to do, the soul to 4-- img- , I dare. " gn' f - " Nxt. M. H. s. 1.2.3 X55- L v Qs- .IO ANN WILLIAMS "She has a smile for every girl, for every boy. " M.H.S. I,2,3i F. H. A. BETTY JOAN WILSON "Haste makes waste. " two I A M,H,s,1,2,3,D.c,T,G1ee Club. LINDA WOOTEN "To blush is beautiful but it's some- times inconvenient. " M, H. S, 1, 2, 3, Latin Club, F,H,A, CONNIE WURSTER "Open minded, frank and fair, here's a girl without a care." M.H.S. I.2,3: F.T.A: F.H.A: Camera Club, Library Club, Tidal Wave, Basketball. fi K s x CLAIRE WURS TER "Cal1 her anything butlate to din- ner, " M.H.S. I,2,3: F.T.A, F.H.A: Camera Club, Library Club, Tidal Wave. FRANK YEOMANS "He can split the air with noise. " M,H, S, I, 2, 3, Track Mgr., F,F,A, 35 BANKS WILLIAMS "1-Ie's a man after his own heart. " M, H, S. I, 2, 3, Football, M Club, Latin Club, Baseball, JOE WILLIAMS "Wit and wisdom were born within him. " M,l-LS, r,2,3, Jr. Conservation Club, Camera Club, RALPH WOODRING "In the wordsof Shakespeare, he's a W O Wl M,H,S, I,2, 3, Football, Track, M Club, Sr. Class Pres. Boys State Q75- ai' J'-.-' . 'KY-"v2' Sa 1 3-., 56 Gr I , . W 9? 1 in RAY MILLER "He was norsenrimo this world ro be miserable, " Swimming, Camera Shyl ARTHUR SMITH 36 M, H, s, I,2,33P3l'1-A1'UgSki Clubg NELSON BENNETT " As happy a man as any in th world, for the whole world smile upon him. " Transferred from Leesburg, Fla M.H.S. 1,2,3g Latin C1ubgPan Amg Glee Club. PCL U Q6 Supeffa f H125 I I '32 Wqb, FN. ! . Most Popular Jimmy Mary Alice S Pickens mith Cufest Chuck Blouglw Phyllis Hill Most Intellectual Carl Abbot Meredith Hudson Best Looking Gary Scott Betty Prather Most Cooperative Jerome Crosby Beth Watson 42 '1-'Sv' Most Athletic Don DeVore Nedra Noft I jx ws ,. ,,Qjfaai'f" ""'fQf,. 41" Mosf Talented Merle White Morilee Strayhorn .W ,,. .i Most Likely To Succeed Bob McCoI lough Meredith H udson Best All Around Bob Sheffield Joyce Gibbs Wiftiesf Byron Maharrey Loyce Floyd ,ff 1 'gl Nw. Pl 9 .5352 A A 5 . ,. 3 12.93. .-QiQQQ',f: - - Gb 1 -z,-fm' - X .. 185:-r' '-f'L ':5:z4.. '-25 arg... dr- 'Iwi-X '-'T'3rw.:: f-. 1 ' " ffittif- "-QT' fast .Malory of '54 Surprisel The class of '54 has graduated! This crazy, comical class is finally leaving the halls and one-way stairs at last. lt all started back in"5I when a group of happy, carefree kids were assembled to go into their first year of high school in a brand new building. After a year, we began to get into step and really enioy our high school days. How we finished our freshman year is still a wonder, but no questions asked, we were sophomores, and on our way. We took things a little more seriously and made a success of our magazine drive. Aheml The first class to receive the Curtis award for selling over one thousand dollars worth of magazines. None of us -Q will ever for- get our iunior year. E We worked hard and long to spon- ! sor the iunior- senior prom and 5 4 banquet for the seniors. 7 1 Y We originated the Christ- ' V ' mas Dance which has become an annual affair, and we sold cakes at 6 y the class play. The prom and banquet being a huge success, we made the final step into our last ear of hi h school as seniors. Y 9 What a year that last year wasl We ruled the school--with the help of the faculty, of course. First came College day. We all took a day off to visit representatives of the different colleges. We then put on our Senior class play "Junior Miss" which turned out a big success. The sophomores treated us to a fine sophomore-senior picnic and we enioyed it thoroughly. The iunior-senior banquet and prom was a night we'll never forget-to have a wonderful event like this iust to honor us. Then--graduation night, all our ioking and kidding was put aside. We were leaving our high school days. But, it all had to end sometime and no matter what kind of success we have in life we'll never forget the green and white of Ft. Myers High School and all we owe to it. 49 -if R ' X 'tai' r if it gs ' is F wm- at " is 'Q ,N X ,Q sy s Lf 9 QD: if , fi 4 BABY PICTURES Peggy Jo Thoroman Celeste Cannon Mary Alice Smith Robert Sheffield Donald Balcer Dinny Hawkins Ray Dean Fred Peed Georgia Massie Doug Bartleson Tommy Fell Joyce Gibbs Betty Prather Jane Leone Carmen Rhodes Genevieve Smith Alice Stuart Harriet Tanner Ronnie Lea Phyllis Coniglio Glenda Lancaster Birdie Kelly Bart Bare Nancy Erickson Jimmy Pickens Phyllis Hill Mai .14 .xgroun 4 Mzclercfaadmen 2 A I JUNIORS Wayne Warriner, Ginger Horne IVY SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN Betty Ann Fohl, Alfred Murphy 51 Jarrett Thompson, Cecilia Wofford a'o!QI'l um -.J in-.yum -Jcn "'! 'i .. ,f A f 5' e yy i f X, ei Lf-- A L AL fgliffgfsi, A res V. Pres. Sec. Wayne Warriner Eric Hansen Carol High Treas. Marlene Ennis Nancy Adams Norma Adams Mary Jo Albriffor Jackie Allen Karl Allison Jack Amason Arlene Anderson Joanne Baggett Alice Bainbridge Joe Borbee Pat Bafasfini Marcia Beyer umor ji e lx Sponser Mr. R. C. Barnes sffgii . P A or .., f B M X i Q ss M ' 3 'ii' i " 'lff i liil B, . fl A +LA'esLes s A 'rf' Q M ., ii y lr lA M ..- E Qq 5' ai 4 Kgs 1 N, p ' - 535 5 N 5 - ,B as ll Q A Gordon Biggar mpg! Q' Q Aix: Bernice Bishop 'ji '-' va? B A ' Dorothy Blakeman fe XFYVM 1' ' l V L Betty Lou Babbitt . l A oorr J ,A4. -AA 4 s i ' J ga, gb J B J , A .A James Bowen Y - 'ey 4' ln' X 'N in J Wanda Boyette ' Q' 5 ' "fbi Vivian Bratten gs g ..- B J gg Harry Brown J i B 'J A g X I' x fl N 9 g J xlzl C J g ' g g Joel Brown i' " G Q B V Vonceil Brown -1- B B f' ' .2 John Bruner 4 Qfxwyf X 5 X ,fl 3' Q Howard Cartwright it ix H K ar' A f N J X gm Stanley Carver M I Vic Case ff '? gl va fi, 7' 1 r Q Richard Clark X W- --9 -,R ', Jr-, M .V . -. V17 , 4 f ,4 Carl Cline g fs "'.Z.' " 1 if J 'Eg' 4? t..b X Z I, fix QQ 'X' - 1 Buddy Collins C Sandra Corkhill g m I mg Neita sue Cree: if 51,0 9' Frances Crews llll I ' -5 J A I I .... . I ri Mary Belle Crosson , Isabella D'Allessandro f s1,Ar wx Janet Daughtrey f-:gp Winston Daughtrey y y AL A L 53 am 'Wm m y y A i ir .Ax Q J .l J il i fgigifw is ,... 'R R J' lf' M f :D 1 333 if llif"" N, 5 K . Non'-E fn' V- f y 4 sd R fl L ' 'V-4 -A fA"M' A- A mx 13 5 J 3 l Q4 is ff N' N lzii n "A 4 A D Richard Gordon Baker Green Jewell Grose Shirley Harden Charles Harralson Norman Harris Wayne Harrison Phyllis Heffner Ann Henderson Cecil Henderson Effie Henderson Jimmy Herron . gy if, J W iff Q . ,Ra "R""TI' 3 Phillip Davis Carolyn Dennison Carol Devore Reba Dooley J. D. Dorman Wilma Ellis Joan Elwood Russell Fender Bonita Jean Gilliam Jimmy Gilmore Louise Gilmore Hadie Gilson 1 K s '-ar'N, is if 1 iyj 'Q .- , sf' 9 is ww . Qi, ng! xv. b' ky s gifs "5 1. .Q . in J 4 4:1 . .k ' 5 ' ?. K Ei J ' N ., R., J 'K J I K ,, I Af 4...- ' Iz- 54 , an me Q-"'--'Q 'rg 7' ls-M44 4 X Robert Hildreth l 'nl L x 'Q' Q J ,Y ,lx y J "' ' Rose Mary Hopper .-., i Karen Hooks ":,"jll x my yi N Dorothy Horne .l L J Ginger Horne '23 'W 4- EN' Carlton Hornsby msg 215 J .MN Carol Hull lr Xl m . Beverly Hunter , A 4 in X J J E V 1 Louvenia Jenkins K 'l 5' lift' mf , s b 1 "TA 3'-'Q Ear! Eramnk Jirsa Q.. J. -P 1 Q ' t re o nson tr- ' ie' e Y as y 6 J Glenda Johnson f' X "K . - - W s '-fe if ' H as Q A f 4 ' . SL ,. A Jimmy Johnson i f ' J X J.C.Jones f. Q, f "" 4' Jack Kaune g n f Q, 0 ' ,Q Anne Kelly 915 -ff X ' b' g A 'rl s A James B. Kelly 5 J Becky Kinzie fe-f Annette Irangford Q g 6, Q Q Q on Q., Paul Lewis 1 xvx fvyx . fi Sie-fl-5? 'J J Betty Liles Lx s W3 Phyllis Lunger K ,A fu ,Q N Betty Manning ' YQ' Lessie McClenithan Y K Q27 Y' 55 3: 1 Q . 1 h 'D J , Norma McClenithan f vi iz' sq Dick McCurdy Y Q M . ,, ' -,Q Barbara McDaniels '17 fl 'NM Chester McGee 4 rrarr M4 .M r fl li? K Jackie McGowin Q .gk A D . 3 David McWhorter J 5 ,ll Kay Melson l hL VLA ya Jimmy Meredith ,mv 4t.- in L is X K. o at i i i ' Delores Messerer S yy J Karen Milliken '7 ' I, i ' f V h r 1 M, X Trudy Mills M Pete Moger David Montgomery ,y . P J hy X Sandra Montgomery Q :S i y rm Z: Johnny Moss ii iyjl' fm'-N' A jf l,.,,, Buddy Mott Q N tssy y J ,fw- ik A l 1 A 'Y Nick Mullis Q Denise Mulvihill Q 1 s N Jimmy Murphy , J ty H. it M 'wtfiw 'M -gb Zoe Mynatt lg . sstt all . I v""'l if '-Ei" X if W Barbara Nelson yo M Joe Nevin 'Kg if J y Monroe Palmer T 1 ir Eugene Plgotl r 5 ' A J i o get I 56 f i x- T ls X ' A ' , V A ii ,,,. Sally Pugott , ' 1 'vii :gf 2' , 11 x ,N g, "" T Bl Ann Pope M gjjgzi A 'N ' Laverta Potter Q A gr 'N AJ? Carl Rhodes 4 r Fifi? A s Barbara Rolls "P 5-l' Mary Rouse 2 A- Elfriede Rumpf -nv, 5 T Audrey Sapp 1 . V ' - A Ag AAL I F' M "' T Carolyn Shanahan is it A g A, T gi R A Shirley Shenefield ' I, ri iw- WV Buddy smsfh ET' A A T lf.. ,Q Forrest Smith 'J f ' ,t.l .l,' A Larry Smith f 4, y . ? Margie Starnes P0 15? A A GT -g T j, M 'T Rita Sushil -.- R, f 'R N ' Q3'-J Joanne Tatum Johnnie Tatum Mary Jo Teter Christene Trowbridge Peggy Tuggles Shirley Tuggles Audrey Tyre Anne Watson Pete Wedeles 17 T - 3 4. '-L' " A 'aff will 5, .50 ' T A A i ' ss 44. ,QQ as R WM if -A I I . "W I :Ei . V.,V V , fs.. ,' A slls ff- ' rf Q 5, E , 4, ,E .,v,1 X, --4-'-- gg - fi., LA , Y N Portia Jean Weeks ,Ki 575 'N Q. Katheryn Whitaker -'ego X ' e H Laffy whiwkef B N Walter Whitehead l Y t ..r,,A4 A B Q 4-. A 5 is 4 , g g ll rp 4. Irene Wiles ,Lum -we t .r,, '11, ' i t" ' W Bard Williams - 7 ' trrr 1 ,QV Bert Williams r 3 5 in Sandra Williams -l K " X . . '71 Chair 1 I VV l B gl , y g i Nancy Wiltshire it W' , B Louise Wolcott W J, A , 'Sn d vi gir , sv B " it ,iv Mary Ann Woo ruff l 'W r EW' ig s,rr Wisty Woolslair Billy Wright -.r:2 B at W liil l in .r,., Nancy Young r . 'S' wages: B Barbara Young iili' B sl i1sl', N Kg r i can All-Q' A CAMERA SHY Jimmy Arnold, Kay Asay, Raymond Beckler, Butch Bordeaux, Charles Braden, Barbara Brovm, Donald Bush, Thomas Grose, Robert Hollis, Ralph Ireland, Kenneth Kockentiet, Bobby Lawrence, Wilson Lawrence, Richard Lemons, William Madden, Dan Mayfield, Charles Miller, Mary Ann Mobley, Richard Molter, Larry Mosher, Paul Mosley, Pat Nipper, Joe Payne, John Perella, Don Pigott, Billy Priest, Edwin Reed, Shirley Richmond, Mauret Salvesen, Kay Silcox, James Suggs, Pat Starkey, Imogene Spires, Charles Stevens, Yvonne Tessier, Samuel Turner, Bob Verdi, Jack Vreeland, Dan Wanicka, Frank Waniclga, John Warren, Mollie Wheeler, Eric Williams, Bernice Willis, Eddie Winton, Lilli Whiteman. 58 a- in E' is s- f'-? I A f 1 l 7 Ml? Alfred Murphy, President Carl Alvarez, Vice President Johnny McDaniel, Secretary ,el 'A l""f"f?5? 2, 9' ., 11' .A 1 idiv B Nelson Wallace, Treasurer Robert Anderson, Sponsor Connie Addison Elizabeth Applewhite wx Q' Libby Bannister X ll i , Joan Bartleson ,A. B , A Eddie Am.-,ld A ,Q 5 U, , ,h CF, A is W il Carolyn Baker 'fi 'M 4.4 5 .M . 'Y t "' 'MQ V a 'f-3" Billy Bass ,, , ""'7 It ' .4 my Bobbie Bass ' A 'V ' ' A A l l K A X A f 4 l A1 ' Sidney Ann Bass 33 r ii Howard Beck il' is hy' 1 'L' ,,'i L5 , -Q-Y ffl .Si . E7 D 0l9A0l'n0I'e I' 0 g 'W 'i" A 4 59 Q in , 5 1 l fe 2-'Q' vi it 1 S E y x Alix: 'alien ""' 1.6" H115 hs R V '997 al My Q? Betty Jo Bendigo Joel Bennett 64 Judy Bruner H, iA , l Sarah Bryant y -4v.,.,,.,--'f 1 .1 ,eel Jean Bernheimer Charles Bigelow Peggy Burchard Daveen Burson Carol Bradley Lillian Bradshew if uv' X3 Judy Burton r F . 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X g H '-Q.-"xy , Betty Henley Mike Durbin Jackie Easterlin Betty Jean Glidden Susanne Glorieux Walter Ennis Ill Betty Ann Fohl Claire Green Marianna Green Zoe Ann Foster Loretta Frank Bonnie Hager Jack Hall Raymond Friesen Susan Fulton Carol Hansen Sanna Jane Hansen Barbara Gayle Betty Jo Gilmore Jimmy Hanshaw Gilmer Heitman J via.,-at , 62 He. ., 1, - an ,ss ,.,,. s M 5 we , ',' "P 'ttf' , . 419' 'fa ...K N x. 2 'Q f lX""w..v-fl. Q iw J' is in ig aa: rg HQ' va " ' "N B' 'xl A -r syr Q B nv it ryl' ks r Tak y 'JV 24 Q J r lil ,B f L an is ' ers li fr g f M93 ' 1. ,, -Qeis, rl, ,T y iy i if B ff' Sli t 'J . W ,J JY ttes' "'l 50. 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'D L J Peggy Kroeze A'-5-'fins 45 Judy Kruse Karen Labes , ,ark va. is , ,er Jerry Marsh Thomas Martin 'sss 4 Earlene Lamb Nancy Langford Donnie Lawhorn I .yr 'f af' Susan Marcum NO 1 l '- y William Lee Q' J N, K ' , ki K Q, m M ' sl Jame.s Massie 1 fr Judy Mauck X if , 5 ' l Tony Leonard L 1 Frances Lodwick A 6' J -7,-R 5' ' Jessie Mayton 'S' K, ...wwf l J Jane McCollougl'1 f , I LLLL W, wx f p f S " L Carolyn Mallory is L L , Jimmy Malory .1 A , 2 ' F Jimmy Mceiu ft is Q.. L 2? fi' 4 y L : 5 ,liz Mary Ann Miller R I g f 'vs , M I f,.rl...y -far, J lb 'rfry 'V v L R ,f ,L 1 Bob Moger W M 5 Ah yy fig. .s Linda Morgan I . Li ' ,ff 64 I' .ss J Mollie Manley '77 yhy, 1 . R N- Robert Mullis ,Q :si Q SA in Marilyn Myers Qfigv R A Margaret Pigott f N A ' Barbara Pike Marian Navarra N Thomas Nicholson as Q R .8 Q ai ' t ... Beverly Poff 2' l 'ti' "" Loraine Powell .a al I Q5 Carol Noel A y Norma Jean Pace 2 ' Carmela Puglisi Nancy Rainer R Q Betty Palmer .. Donnie Phillips Q Judy Raulerson N t"'i Sue Richards 5 R.- L im 1 1 Mary Pickens I Bill Pigott c 6: Q P r Dorothy Roan - i R - Gloria Roberts X l SX - V s Joe Roberts ,ir 1'-If 6 1 65 t -Q ,fs x. . , S, A' W J ., , Q l L A .f its iv 'H '44 c....."' 35... -f ill-L 5 lg A Ruth Roller L4 -f . s s Q. " 3 , 1, J A Juanita Rowland Richard Rush --Nl' Robert Smith Iva Snyder R .. x .Q Qifxff- . Robert Sanders ' Rita Santini It , -Q1 g' A Q ,"? if Vi" J Billy Sommerville S '-' 5 5-iff' :Al fi, Judy Southwick ,Q Q' ,-, 99 .1 Ann Schmitt ,J ds, S Barbara Ann Scott -1 Q S" -if Paul Springer Roberta Stancil mf? is , 5 't ,sig R x ry I F 'Q L I K I fl in 4 fr CZ -3 'Q il tef,1 '-fl? S 5'- s A gs-we A M vm "' " EEN' S7 2' il ' -ll V ',LW' ' K rrr'r if . Digg ' 1 Kelly Scott 11' if S i I Janice Shanahan z Sylvia Stancel r il Louise Stephens gi 5+ L ,.tr 4 4K l E N Joyce Smith Q R Margie Smith I ,U Ann Stephens , Nona Stevenson 4 Larry Stewart 66 "i'ittt A Gene Sullivan , , Q K- Q 5... 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Y S 4 . ,, Louise Clemons Carolyn Collins Gary Combs Sammy Comparetto Pat Compton Dorothy Cook . 1 93 'Ev- Qq y h A, :av Q .xf i K xl stag, x 'UN O gi- Ginger Ballard Judy Bartelson Ginger Bass Nancy Behringer Everett Bennett Ola Pearle Bishop Shirley Blackman Jimmy Blakeman Faye Braidfoot Benny Britt Wayne Brawn Lamar Brawner Geraldine Brewer Linda Byrd Richard Carpenter John Carter 5 P .1 UP ? , 4, -1- and Qi? Q? K 37 f-:H 'W -.RRY Al Q'--yu . ttct 'i , V LN- f ,i li i A lda Cooper Judy Corbiff Marcia Corklwill Wendell Crosby Annette Curry Buford Curry Sonya Curry Carolyn Dadderio Benny Daniels Janice Daniels lvan Davies David Davis Shirley Davis Gail DeFee Clark Dickie Carl Dukes 4-r .3 .fQ" 'Q l .'q. JM W 5 - af Q1 r' as 'WW I-MQ -,r .L ,.s...., A . . , za'- J -0- '.- 'nm QQ " . X. MA. , .M 'T -va Margaret Hingson Gerald Hobby Jimmy Hollis Heidi Holt Kathleen Hooks Joyce Houghton ,yr ,. ffm ,,'l f' r A 'K' M. ,u,,,,.,,, . V ,,. K. Y ln g A 4 rrp 'riff' 4. Franklin Futcb Betty Gardner Gloria Gartman Martha Goolsby Marlene Grey David Hand Robert Hansen Virginia Hawkins David Henderson Jean Hendry William Hendry Florida Hertel Kay Hickman Ellen Higgens Deanna Hill Virginia Hilton 2' WWW Abi fix 'C"'7' in . 14 , ff, 4 ' L . Q 5? f f , 1 X, ' . g me N- .1-up Y-if Frank Land John Lanier Betty Lawrence Tom Macon Martin Marray Douglas Mathis Diane Hudson Sheldon Hunter Norma Hutchison Jean Herby Denny Johns Collins Johnson Linda Johnson Peggy Johnson Yvonne Johnson Joanne Jones Mildred Jones Mitchell Keene Sandra Keene Dorothy King Ernest Kinzie Asta Korany Jackie McDaniel f-,-x ,,,.-.- 'wo . -2- f- , x ,K It 'gf-,Vg ai -Zh 'S' as M l 'Sm' lb' of K: 6 gs at , M fi ' X if - I 45" A "gn 4-4 Alfred Nault Lynette Naylor Elizabeth Ann Nellis Zeda Gail Nesmith Carol Nye Patricia Padgett Q A "fi fl . . , Q V, - V? N K In W Phyllis Mathis Mary Maywald Kay McAllister Gail McCurcly Sylvia McGeehee Helen Lee McGowin Sharon Miller Phoebe Millership Marvin Montgomery Tommy Montgomery Carolyn Moody Jimmy Moody Bartley Moore Sandra Mosier Billy Murphy is . xv! r'fY 'fir ,H ,rf A ri 1 K, I ,.,,. ce ,. fi- "' , .. K. ,f lg, S A ' A ,xx . or 22 f ,QQ ,sv 6 lf, my Q ,- , 'I QA .M , -C" v Q . fu, I, n ways' h. ? M ,ef IX ' fc, K , va' --r? Carolyn Sanders Jimmy Sanders Judy Sanders Anthony Sarlo Frankie Sarasin Victoria Sanson Geraldine Parker Latricia Parker Mary F. Parrine James Peck Janet Persons Mary Jo Peters Carol Pickering David Pigott Regina Plewe Jackie Pooser Mike Porter Wayne Potter Sarah Powell Don Rentz Patricia Roberts William Robinson Q3 00s Q5 A... lv'- fm. . gm, I.. l1Ql Kenneth Stokes Steve Stuart Patricia Summey Kenneth Sushil Margaret Swift Voncille Sykes Betsy Schell Joyce Schneider Reva Jane Shott Carolyn Selden Ilene Shepard Barbara Simmons Ellen Simms Patricia Skinner Kay Smith Linda Smith Virginia Smith Ben Smoot Sharon South Ruby Sparks Gerald Spearing Sheila Stevens KW? -,..-. F '57 T Qs T. s. ss. .- F im: N . y .si . 1-:-5k?,,?,E as , Deanna White James White Judy White Carl Williams Earl Williams Flora Mae Williams ss Jerry Teston Tommy Thomas Jarett Thompson Frank Tiner Terry Walker Elaine Warren Royce Watts Robert Watkins Iris Weaver Donald Webster Betty Lou Weeks Robert Weeks Nora Wendt Richard Wheaton Frances Wheeler Barbara Whitaker tm -nr QD- it Homer Welch 0 yg,',,. 57 Herman Williams James Williams Larry Williams Paul Williams Sue Williams Russell Wintle Janet Wissmiller Cecilia Wofforcl Lora Sue Wolf ..-.-v Jackie Woolen Wayne Wrighl' ll i s , Charles Young Glenn Priest n fs M B th S T' ' gl cs P, ...,.., e an um R CAMERA SHY Patricia Ailant, Frank Alderman, Bud Allison, George Arnold, Clayton Atchison, Mark Bartelson, Charles Benton, Raela Blau, Randle Blum, Richard Blum, Curtiss Brown, Bonnie Bush, Marilyn Carroll, Robert Carroll, Marjorie Carroll, Winfield P. Baumann, Thelma Chaney, John Christiansen, Elwell Clark, Danny Cline, Georbe Cooke, Henry Cowlishaw, Marlene Cray, Dorothy Crocker, Tommy Cronin, Chester Culinski, Joseph D'Allesandro, Jeanette Daniels, Gaildard Dobbs, Joyce Donipier, Larry Ebbitt, Benny Ebbin, Jack Everett, Carolyn Fine, Larry Genslinger, Bobby Gerald, Dianne Ghigna, Giles Martha, Donald Gamer, Eveline Green, Darryl Guthrie, Flora Mae Hamilton, Harvey Hamilton, Allan Hansen, Billy Harris, Dean Harris, Donald Henderson, Robert Henley, Donald Giers, Ed' ward Higby, Martha Hildreth, Jackie Ake, Shirley Hoffman, Martha Holcomb, Frances Green, Joanne Holmes, John Hoffman, Ricky Gomsby, Phyllis Hubbard, James Johnson, Helen Crosby, Marvin Keel, Alma Kohen, Lester Landrum, Richard Lawlis, Lee Lawhon, Charles Lee, Robert Lee, Gwen Lightsey, Dorothy Lopez, Barbara Loyd, George Lunger, George Luttrell, Eugene Martin, Larry Mar- tin, Kenny Martindale, David McCullough, Donald McCullough, Joanne Martin, Joyce Martin, Gerald McGill, James McKenzie, Don- ald McKeown, Walt Mclnnis, Bobby Meredith, MarvinMiller, Tommy Moses, Martin Mar- ray, Margaret Munro, Roger Nappe, Robert Nash, Dick Neal, David Neilson, Walter New- bauer, Margorie Nolen, Leroy Nottingham, Bill Opitz, LD. Owens, Susan Padilla, Vir- ginia Padllla, Nancy Koning, James Helveston, Beverly Brown, Lamar Payne, Phil Peo- ples, Lawrence Polk, Rita Polk, Roscoe Potter, Jerry Powell, Virginia Powell, Billy Rag- an, Eavy Doris Ray, Ted Reckwerdt, Irving Rhodes, Lee Rhodes, Dicky Robinson, Eugene Roberts, Fren Rogner, Mary Rosine, Marsha Sands, Joan Sawyer, Clifford Schafer, James Sellers, Janice Shirley, George Singleton, Linda Smith, Ray Smith, Richard Steward, Bobby Stoker, Jack Tanner, Edgar Taylor, Willard Thomu, Jeanette Touchstone, Sara Turner, Vemon Turner, Delores Van Gorsel, Bobby Walker, Stuart Warren, George Wheat- on, Rlchard Whitaker, Gall White, James Whitehead, Sharon Wildes, Linda Wiles, Wayne Wlles, Fritzy Wilke, Betty Jo Williams, Joel Williams, Melvin Williams, Ray Williams, Sue Wilson, Smoot Wilson, Bobby Winton, Cathy Wiygul, Steve Woodard, Gayne Yeo- man, Barbara Ann Young, Richard Perrllla, Judy Kidd, Billy Hartman, Robert Nickson, Marlene Hughes. KLM- Wa- pa- in Q'5Jl ,as X, Q XQ ax X K , . Q-1155. .Q Gary Gibbs Pres. Beth Alderman Barbara Allan Fred Allison Jerry Allen Augus Alvarez 6 - X . rf W r f log in 4 it 1' S X . - favs sraffg-gp N9 ' xg! g s or is X- is si skill AAA lAA QT" 1 sb? ..s,3a3 of ,. 'fx 24' 7 'T' Dafinka Jones Sec. -Treas. 31" fc ,, 'Q 6 , if it , 4 WN MR. DELBERT C. RHEEL Sponsor '61 Park Pigott V. Pres. M5 Naam vw . U., . s A f I ,fs ,1- IM asf' 'f-ff .. . ,r s 3 Ai.. is 2 VY Y Ray Anderson Archy Allen Bill Baker Charles Baker Priscilla Barchak Edward Barksdale Helen Barley Phyllis Barett Wanda Boss Patricia Bates GMA Qiwle .Ka 5 4,1 Barbara Burman Eva Jean Cadenhead Marilyn Cannon Nancy Carmen Arlene Carter Jeannette Carroll JoAnn Chipley Yvonne Celec Susan Clark Jean Collier AA Jerry Baucom lrma Bendigo Gale Bennett Betty Sue Bethune Ella Jean Bigelow Carl Bower Betty Boyd Judy Braisfed Linda Brewer Vol Jean Brown Y Wanda Collins Richard Colucci Linda Conover Clyde Conrad Faye Cooke Kathryn Corbitf Bard Crawford Wendell Crosby Patricia Daniels Joanne Davis 'if -Of csv S A YK Q ' ' :xii I Nr X. ,. of is i W .211 - ii., ' me - se 5 A r., ,:: .ei Ellen DeLany Dot Easterlin Q 'r 'il f'-E5-W 'Q Gloria Edvenson H A V m - f Tyrone Emmerl .o r' my Bobby GUY E l Alfred Green Phyllis Green 2 'wr Barbara Griffen f .Qx YQ Ronald Griffen 3, A Q7 Regina Haliezer s X Q' Rose Hall Diane Hammell Melvin Hart Norman Heckle Dickie Heffner 2 John Giddens William Gilmore Jerry Girardin Shirley Glidden Beverly Goodyear iq, ga ik X . Qu if ', .Qs Ln , if L ia k xr' ,f4'X.r Off' if A '37 ads.: E Q 81 f , 5 K fl AAAA Peggy Sue Hendry Thelma Henschen Ted Harrison Grace Hickman Posatfa Holderfield Tommy Hollis Marcelina Hudson Lee Hughes Millie Hurt Brenda lsom 15" it J . i jf? W ' F . Penny Lake Eldora Land Ronnie Long Ernest MacDonald Frances McClaren Donald McDaniel Joyce McDaniels Luther McDonald Sheila McGee James McHenry Hastings Jennings Leif Johnson Ann Jones David Jones Johnnie Jones Peggy Nell Jones Peter Kaye Doris Keen linda Kronquist Irene Kruger Marian Maddox Jimmy Maker Mary Ann Malensen Sarah Mayton Betty Mathews Betty Miller Marguerite Mills Martha Moody Ruth Morgan Mary Ann Mortensen Tommy Phillips Patty Pierce Frances Pigott Richard Pigott Britt Pomeroy Katherine Powell Nettle Preston Maxine Prevatt . . X K Ann Raby "i' N g ' Ray M Pat Moseley Wilma Mullins Dan Mulvehill Ellen Navarro Wayne Nipper Lucinda O'Berry Kay Ogden Betty Owens Judith Parshall Jennifer Peed sat 999' A .:..,,,,,,,' , 2' ' is Lt ' -55'?1?f'f, Y' 'i, A f fl-1" 1,2 i.-Q' 'A 4 ,io AA YYY Arlene Raulerson Virginia Rhodes Dick Richards Billy Robertson Margaret Rolls Ralph Root Margaret Royer Julius Sanders Jeannie Santini Virginia Shands Betty Jean Singletary Darlene Singletary Lois Singletary 'M Ray Smith RUSty Spurlin R X ,J Blx J E Lf Betty J. Stancel Hugh Starnes George Ann Stevens Omar Stephens Billy Sunman Donnie Thomas Joan Tuggles Yvonne Volle Rose Walker Kay Ward Virginia Ward Amanda Washburn Nell Watson Corine Williams Marty Kay Wiltshire as Q Barbara Wright Sally Yerdon AAA A AAA V V V VAVAVAVAVAYAY Y Y vA CAMERA SHY Edward Ailant, Sara Albritton, Jerry Alderman, Robert Ammons, Newell Atkins, Earl Bennett, Beverly Blalock, Bibby Blasinger, Bobby Bozeman, Roger Boyette, Elizabeth Branton, Howard Branton, Curtis Brown, Betty Lou Bryant, Allan Celec, Deann Clark, Virgil Clark, Tommy Collier, Millie Lou Compton, Bob Lamar Conley, Frank Conley, Luther Connerly, Linda Cox, Gladys Crawford, Hayward Cross, Linda Dampier, Emest Danlels, Francell Dennison, Burton Dezarb, Susan DlMarco, Shirley Dlnl, James M. Douglas, Shirley Drake, Deana Dreman, Linda Dukes, Paula Durrence, Nolan Flushman, Mary Flynn, Ronald Frieden, Buster Gambill, Anne Gilbert, Thomas Gilleon, Jolm Grant, Arthur Gray, Thomas Gray, Frances Green, Imogene Green, David Hale, Yvonne Harrell, Scott Hastings, Pres- ton Haynle, Irene Gendry, Darryl Hldle, Vemon Holloway, James Horkay, Bill Houghton, Carl Hudson, Richard Hunt, Ronald Hunter, David Johns, Richard Johns, Fred Jones, Juanita Jones, Chester Keen, Herbert Keene, Rex Kelly, Ray Kirkland, Jack Koehler, Barbara Lang, Robert Lavaini, Blll Leonard, Parker Lewis, Roben Lilly, Wilma Losey, Bobby McCray, Carl McCullough, Dell McDaniel, Don- ald McDan1el, Carl Magaha, Fred Mahoney, George Mann, Daisy McMullian, James May, Lillian Meyers, Mary Ann Middleton, Doug Midgely, Billy Mills, Gerald M ntgomery, Vernon Montgomery, Clarence Moss, Elmer Mott, Annette Nesworthy, Elizabeth Nielson, Bill Nlpper, Betty Nodwodney, Frank Nottingham, Jolur O'Harra, Pat Osborne, Joe Padilla, James Peavy, George Ann Plewe, Earl Polk, Glenda Pope, George Powell, Bobby Rambo, Floyd Rambo, Pat Read, Bobby Reckwert, Bobby Rhea, Oscar Rlgdon, Kenny Roberts, Jeanette Robinson, Junior Robinson, Woodrow Roblnson, Birdie Santini, Sue Schiele, Sandra Schneider, Clarence Sellers, Topper Sen- nott, Marvin Sepulock, Marvin Sessions, Walter Shaw, Blll Shirley, Wade Whiver, Joseph Sllcox, Gary Singleton, Tommy Smallwood, Gerald Srnlth, Victor Smith, Willlam Smith, Donna Spitler, Janey Strofe, Clause Stanford, Martin Stanton, Pat Stevens, Bobby Stew- art, Katherine Surnmerall, Stanley Tanner, Judy Tenet, Paul Terry, Elizabeth Valpey, Dick Vreeland, Beckey Wagner, Pat Walker, Carol Wallace, Barron Whitaker, Berry Williams, Mary Woodard, James Woodby, David Wooten, Linda Yent, Ester Yeomans, Nell Wllke, Doris Welch 1.1. rv- ' mr' , B pf JQ-Jw pa-JG11 .SZuenfA granule Pres . Lanny Slaughter Treas. Charles Dean ea Vice-Pres. Lalai Sapp QI, X 1 , X? ei a Q V fe " y X X X121 5 sg., .R s 'K-A kr Ri? s- ' . Sec . Kristin Lundsuom 'C Sponsor 'NH' .ff- MR. WESLEY NOTT Dick Ackert Joan Bailey Virginia Barber David Barker Buddy Bishop Anne Blount John Booth Robert Bowden - AWVABVAVAVAVA Carol Bowen David Bowen George Brinson Corol Case Jerry Chard Richard Chipley Audry Clemens Ruby Clemens VAVA ra ,J Q' 0 4 x J :fx fx f vffffi, Na 2 X 2:5 .X 15 ljsifi' ' -Mail: ,Sr i f , , sic mm? Lx. ,ii 1? ' 6 lawn K7 ""7'J N5 Margaret Ann Coker Lincla Cook Emma Kay Cornell Lester Curry Gene Daniels Patricia Daniek Gary Darby Charles Dean Carol Denton Laverta DeVane Terry Doherty Darlene Dukes Sammy Dunn Gerald Ellis Janet Emmert Beverly Englehardt Richard Fell Mary Lee Ferguson Lonny Franklin Mary Kay Friesen AYAVAVAVAVA AV Sandra Gasten Sarah Ann Gibson Bernice Green Ernest Greene Jannette Griffin Kenneth Hansen James Harris Karen Heffner John Henschen Rusty Hill Sharon Hipp CL..--- LIE--- S757 A skis? .Q vi Q-.. ' Q 1:2 F "3 if 1, , C7 9 ., F s,:1,x, F- , 5 ' l -1 - Nw 'J .Q I . J ll V L iii ,4 , .,, 5 4 as Q Rf? sr. L P51 F we-okif f'N"Vu -is W! f in to 'I 2 L vw K- . ,. - 4 :iss , ve-'1 A 3'- ffs , x Z . A., L, 5 Q 'us 11 saggy J 'X ivy . 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Randy Rankin Davio Rich Josephine Reyes - Robert Richardson Sandra Rogers Rose Roller Jane Rose Lela Sapp Beverly Saunders Martha Scaturro Roland Shannahan Carol Shands Susan Shanklin Winifred Shenefield DeVola Silcox Emma Singleton Lanny Slaughter Katie Lou Spurlin Jeannette Spooner Michael Strayhorn EFAVHAVEAVAV Glenda Taylor Diane Tyrrell Micheal Walden Jeanette Watkins Terrell Watts lna Watson Domaris Webb Elizabeth Wendt Bobby Jo Whittington Diane Wiles Frances Williams Naomi Williams B 6lD'lel'Cl ',f -if Harrold Abbott, Danny Adams, Sharon Ake, Lamar Albritton, Dean Anderson, Mary Ansbaugh, Lloyd Arnold, Eugene Atchison, Marjorie Aud, John Bachelor, Dianne Bailey, Donnie Barnes, Eddy Baucom, Bill Beck, Minnie Lou Bess, Lloyd Bessent, Ralph Bishop, Ronald Blum, Donnie Bogard, Richard Bridges, Don Brown, Phyllis A. Browning, Paul Bryant, Myrna Buchan, Tuck Buffinton, Alan Burchell, Kenneth Burroughs, Shirley Campbell, Mildred Carico, Glen Carroll, Kenneth Carter, Marilyn Carter, Dorothy Cartwright, Oner Castro, Jackie Childers, Peggy Clark, Vivian Clark, Janice Coker, Margaret Coleman, Anita Colucci, Randy Conner, Lydia Cook, Michael Cook, Sherolyn Cobett, Irene Courson, Nancy Cox, BILLY YOUNG Fred Coxeter, Ledith Crocker, Harold Bruce Crant, Paul Crosby, Veva Crump, Mary Ann Curry, George Dampier, Earl Daniels, Joel Darby, Jovene Darby, Paul Dart, Bobby Davis, Charles Davis, Elberta Daugh- trey, Eloise Daughtrey, Terry Deshazo, Thomas Dillard, Bobby Douglas, Charlotte Douglas, Richard Dukes, Jim Durham, Floyd Allen Ellis, Winford Ellis, Carol Feight, Cleve Finger, Jerry Finger, Ann Foster, Janice Foster, Glen Frye, Janet Frye, Robert Fulton, Bill Fussell, Brenda Garner, Tom Gartman, Barbara Gaylor, Lynn Gerald, Flouncy Gilbert, Patricia Gocke, Gail Ghigna, Richard Graeme, Emaline Green, Gretchen Greene, Lamanda Green, Virginia Green, Gerald Gunn, Peggy Gunn, Nancy Ann Hager, Randolph Hagy, Emest Hand, Jules Haneburger, Henry Hartman, Juanita Harrell, Ulan Harrison, Phillip Hawley, Karen Heffner, James Heinkel, Lorenzo Henderson, Roy Hendry, Walton Hill, Trudi Holt, Kenneth Hoon, Ernest Horne, Bonnie I-lovinga, Jack Howard, Martha Huber, Hazel Hughes, Walter Hutchison, Travis Hutto, Vivian Johns, Lorine John- son, Marie Johnson, Tommy Lee Johnson, Elizabeth K. Jones, Randy Kelly, Ben Kellogg, Betty Kerberg, Phillip Kibler, Polly King, Herbert Knleper, Elaine Kusky, Earl Lamb, Wade Landrum, Monteen Lang, Bobby Legg, Irene Lewis, Leston Lloyd, James Locke, Clif- ford Long, Rita Lovering, Jack Lowe, Larry Loyd, Sharon Lunt, Helen McClenithan, Billy McCray, Paul McCullough, Betty Sue Mc- Donald, Lucille McGill, Roger McGill, Mary McGowin, John McGuire, Barbara Martin, Carolyn Martin, Ray Martin, Darlene Mason, Delores Mastro, Charles Matson, Williams Mercu, Linda Miller, Faye Mills, Murry Miller, Jimmy Mobley, William Montgomery, Bob- by Morrison, Robert Morrison, Roy Mosely, Helen M. Mott, Donald Mullis, Douglas Myers, Barbara Naughton, Larry Newberry, Calvin Nolen, John Nowling, Shirley Nye, Edward Oltremari, Patty Parker, Arthur Parsons, John Parsons, Thomas Pate, CarolAnn Pearce, Cynthia Peck, George Pepper, Sybil Perry, Harry Pierce, Roger Pope, Marsha Porter, Barbara Powell, Kenneth Powell, Jim Prevatt, Joanne Procopia, Jimmy Pugh, Walter Pulley, Eva Rainer, Richard Raymond, Barbara Raynor, Phillip Reasoner, William Richardson, Harry Riddling, Ramon F . Rivera, Micky Roberts, Joe Robertson, Ernestine Robinson, Frances Robinson, Inez Rodriguez, Sandra Joyce Rogers, John Rooks, Billy Root, Alma Rose, Henrietta Rump, Nathan Cole Ryals, Lee Ann Samuel, Barbara Sanders, Patsy Sanders, Peg- gy Sanders, Larry Sands, Tommy Saxon, Malvern Scully, Earl Sessions, Anne Sevin, Rose Shearer, Bill Shirley, Stanly Silverman, Roy Singletary, Lois Singleton, Thomas A. Smirch, Anne Smith, Bertha Smith, Gary Smith, Geneva Smith, Perry Franklin Smith, Shirley Snyder, Robert Larry Stancil, Homer Stewart, Felder Elbert Stokes, Ethie Louise Suggs, Harry Bertram Suggs, Betty Summerall, Billy Summerall, Carol Summerall, Juanita Summerall, Billy Sumner, Sandra Sweed, Linda Tanner, Sonny Tanner, Richard Tanner, Bobby Tatum, Lily Mae Taylor, Dyle Terry, Donnie Thomas, LaRue Thomas, Ronald Thomas, Sylvia Thomas, Carlton Thompson, Faye Thompson, Reed Thompson, Kathryn Thigpen, Emily Turner, Jack Underhill, Dianne Utesch, Susan Voris, Billy Wallace, Susan Voris, Billy Wallace, Tonya Ward, Mike Watson, Jimmy Weaver, David Wheeler, Eddie Wheeler, Hugh Wheeler, Warren Whidden, Billy Whitehead, Jerry Whitehead, Kitty Whitehead, Duan Whitehouse, Bonnie Wiggins, Dixie Wiggins, Wanda Wiggins, Bobby Jo Whiggen, Judy Wiles, Faye Williams, Jerry Williams, Jerry M, Williams, Jerry R. Williams, Lorene Williams, Marion Williams, Miriam Wil- liams, Olvia Williams, RachealWil1ls, Lonnie Woodbum, Delmar Wooten, Bobby Yeomans, Raymond Yeomans, Suzanne Young, Jos- ie Zremon. V .I., 3 I- - Q K-.. .fm ., Li N :Q 1 QQ- KA .,.,, K ., Kid , A . f 7 - tg gg , .55- J V V , ,,A. ,N Q Y 'X - if fi .sf ef fi 1 if "' 4 an A ' 6, H - A . MB -s 1- , , 1' f V . xb..,,k '33 I . an - A 'Q . 1- Q 3.-E, .s gsll Q ' . 1. 5 5,5 1 M A f . W. - 3 - by 3 'M .. t fm .. . A X as .F s , x Q 1, " T' ,gs QL-3 'gf ' -A . .gf Q 45 l 1 . . 1 'ff' .JW l I n K A-,Q YQ , , Q ,af ,x a 1 A 5 'e 'Z i ' 4 'ff i A-2-2,-if .5 A ' , 3 , C v X , 3 it gf! ' 5 in ':'- 2..fef1'. -fff.: gauze-gif E V il sul' x .. .. ,d U if I i 'Q H .Q 5 Steiff . - A ., Y E A f . q .,N3,n N 'IEEE .., 'Nw' I. "Goldbrickers" 11. "Party, Party" 2. "Sweathearts" I2. "Hi Ho Silver" 3. "Legs Galore" 13. "lpana's Smile" 4. "Come Again" 14. "Chief Running Nose" 5. "Marilyn Monroe??" 15. "Real Gone Kids" 6. "Duh" 16. "Indubitab1y" 7. "Slick Chicks" 17. "Passion" 8. "Steadies" 18. "Easy to Love" 9. "The Lineup2?" 19. "Tiny Tots" IO. "Cheering? 2" 90 ow- Yflkm .xgcfiuified Cgzcclenf Counci The Student Council is the student's governing body in school. Every Monday they have a business meeting. Some of their money making projects are the Supply Bureau, the selling of booster badges, sponsoring the Twirp Hop, putting shelves in the Cdfeterid, establishing the one-way stairway, spon- soring the Homecoming festivities, and buying mirrors for the Physical Education rooms. The officers and representatives of the Student Council are chosen by popular vote. The are sponsored by Mr. E. C - Tl'10mpSOn Gnd Mr. Delbert Rheel. OFFICERS: Mr. Carl Thompson, Nick Mul- lis, Treasurer, Robert McCollough, Presi- dent, Ray Dean, Secretary, Jim Pickens, Vice-President, Mr. Delbert Rheel. S mow. -:fs--auasuuuo-u-W MEMBERS: Robert Bowden, Betty Lou Bobbltt, Linda Cook, Jennie Halicer, Gerald Ellis, Mary Lee Ferguson, Dafinka Jones, Sidney Ann Bass, Phyllis Conigllo, Joyce Gibbs, Carole Carver, David Davis, Jim Hill, Betty Gardner, Elizabeth Kay Jones, Meredith Hud- son, Kay McAllister, Carolyn Dennison, Ginger Home, Banks Williams, Robert Sheffield, Becky Kinzie, Bob Nash, Walter Jones, Car- ol Noel, Monroe Palmer, Franklln Mann,Frank Pomeroy, Jarrett Thompson, Mike Porter, Wayne Warriner, Sue Richards, Carl Maga- ha, Larry Slaughter, Joy Ward, Cecillla Wofford, Joe Padilla, Jerry Slmandl, Wade Shiver, Park Pigott, Jo Ann Chipley, Burton Dez- am, Katherine Spurlin, Jerry Williams, Harry Allen, Beth Alderman, James Woodley, Robert Weeks, Glenda Lancaster. enior Wafiona! .Honor ociefy il y r V N ,- Q., , "-u f lxx V VAX X it MEREDITH HUDSON JEROME CROSBY ROBERT MCCOLDOUGH MRS, LIGHTFOOT, Sponsor The National Honor Society is made up ofstudents having a high scholastic average in their school subiects. Scholarship is not .the only requirement. Leadership, Service, and Citizenship are also important factors that are considered when members for this society are being chosen. The new members are tapped in assembly. They are sponsored by Mrs. Lightfoot unior Wafiona! .Honor ociefg THOSE PICTURED ARE: fLEF'I' TO RIGHTQ Karen Starkey, Kathleen Hooks, Betty Gardener, Robert Nash, Don Rentz, Janet Weissrniller, Carolyn Sanders, Ellen Sims. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Ray, Sponsor, Robert Smith, Ann Stephens, Dot Ann Davidson, Carol Carver, Sidney Ann Bass, Martha Cook. 93 'A 4119 x5 it Q .. lf- Wipe' Q iii ,. ' --s ll R rl , ri vw 1, 1 ki.: FW, A ' 4- K A 2 , 1 g g Q ,VAA My , V T4 C5-v"'fx EMA y V, K - W , I ' kiikri -, 5 ir' is ,, , J f t 1 T W . it - I ' ii r - fr -1 , , Q. N C li '4 it , S 1:1 at sss i . 4 .s ,X 1 H23- 'fy .gy " ...Ai - A 4 1, at W, y ,f 3, X ' y , A s ,-1 Mg. s-41' , 5 TOP ROW: Bobby McCollough, Pres. , Jimmy Pickens Vice Pres. , Jimmy Boyd Sec. , Jerome Crosby Treas., John Gilliam. SECOND ROW Darrell Hart, Fred Peed, Gene Cline, Terry Sanders, Robert Sheffield. THIRD ROW: Nick Mullis Lieutenant Governor of District 9, Harry Brown, Gordon Biggar, Chester McGee, Pete Moger. FOURTH ROW: Johnny Tatum, Carl Cline, Jimmy Hanshaw, Johnny McDanie1s Robin Dean. 'SN WSG? ex fi ' 1 'ett ' T 5, T. x My e K,. ' 3 MR WESLEY NOTT Sponsor The Key Club, sponsored by the Kiwanis Club, has been one of the most active clubs this year. Starting the school year with its annual peanut sales at all the home football games it earned enough money for many projects for the school . Some of the projects of the Key Club were: the publishing and selling of the Student Key, the giving away of booster tags for the Football games, the buying of a portable air compressor for the shop, mirrors for Physical Education rooms, printing and distributing of programs for the annual Christmas Tree, and giving S50 to the library. They have their business meeting every other Tuesday at the Edison Cafeteria. The advisors are Mr. Wesley Nott and Dr. Marcus Snow. This year the Key Club attended the convention in West Palm Beach. W CLA . ,CI "' gf" ff 'cr f:- N, , Q 1 as-Q, ii-- Y ', ' 5' .shox ' Q Z 'rf 1 'fs' MEMBERS: QFIRST ROWJ Billy Pigott, Nose Gilliam, Chuckie Blough, Harold Brock, ReaburnO'l-lara, Ronnie Lea QSECOND ROWJ Dar- rell Hart, Jimmy Meridith, Dennis Doherty, Fred McCance Peed, Bob McCollough, Tommy Fell, Bert Williams, Ernest Harden, QTHIRD ROWJ Philip Fike. Chic Hall, Rhey Burchard Gene White, Bart Bare, Wilson Lawrence, QFOURTH ROWJ Bob Sheffield, Don DeVore, Ronnie Burton, C.M. Cook, Byron Maharry, Robert Moss, Buddy Collins, Raymond Dean, QFIFTH ROWQ Coach Jock Sutherland, Jim- my Walker, Paul Springer, Banks Wi1liams,pege Wedeleg, Wayne Warriner, James Gilmore, Bud Whitehead, Johnny Moss, Bill Kelly, Jim Smith, David Weeks, Charles Powell. The "M" Club is composed of those ath- letes who have lettered at least one year in a varsity sport. They must play a definite amount oftime in football, basketball , track swimming, or baseball to earn a letter. They earn money for their projects by selling Football programs, refreshments, and by sponsoring dances. Some of their proiects are buying their own equipment, buying special awards for outstanding players,and helping the school in many of its needs. Their sponsor is Coach Sutherland. OFFICERS: Pres. Chuck Blough, Vice Pres. Bob Sheffield, C.M. Cook Sec. Harold Brock, Serg, At Arms, Jim Walker, Treas, Jock Sutherland, Sponsor. 95 The'Wavettes is the girls letter Club. To be eligible for this club, the girls must letter at least one year in swimming, basketball, or cheerleading. One of their main money making proieots is selling refreshments at the home football games in order to buy sweaters and letters for the They are sponsored by Miss Shirley Smith. MEMBERS: FROM LEFT T0 RIGHT: Margie Stames, Margaret Norris, Nedra Nott, Iudy Southwick, Sandra Corkhill, Carolyn Shanahan, Margie Longmire, Janice Shanahan, Meredith Hudson, Mary Alice Smith, Margaret Keene, Shir- ley Smith, Neita Sue Creel, Isabella D'Allesandro, Phyllis Coniglio, Mary Rouse, Betty Ann Fohl, Mattie Esleck, Ann Pope. Joyce Gibbs, Ellen Johnson, Barabara Horne, Marilyn Hough, Glenda Lancaster. OFFICERS: Ellen Johnson, Secretary, Margie Starnes, Vice-President, Miss Shirley Smith, Sponsor, Meredith Hudson, President, Mary Rouse, Treasurer. 96 M., Xxx N s . Q My a may V 1 ' s -S- is 9 ' lrslllwr 5 Fw MEMBERS: Carlton Homsby, Fred Johnson, Vice Pres. Gale Bennett, Doug Bartletson, Benny Daniels, Bud White- head, Pres. Cothers arej: Jimmy Hanshaw, Edward Wildes, Johnny McCullers, Ed Higby, Mark Bartleson, Billy Sommerville, Jimmy Hill, Maxwell Thompson, Marvin Montgomery, Bobby Gerald. Ca !00:iCl onaerua fion CM "Are you the outdoor type?" If so, this is the club for you. These boys have a lot of good outdoor fun but are also very helpful. Plunging into waters infested with predatory fish, armed with rubber fins and fishing spears, they rid the streams of these harmful fish and stock them with game fish. They also helpthe government band and control the breeding of quail. These among other outdoor proiects are their aims. as 97 PICTURED: Betty Jewel Home, Liz Applewhite, Jackie Easterlyn, Wisty Woolslair, Mary Ann Woodruff, James Kelly, Don DeLaney, Dolores Underwood, Dick Reed, Mr. Williams, Lyndall Randolph, Joe Smith, Arthur An- derson, Philip Davis, Jimmy Massie, Joe Williams, Richard Clark, Bill Stancel, Monroe Palmer, Alice Stuart, Nancy Smith, Roberta Stancel, Trudy Mills, Sue Thompson, Joyce Tomlinson, Denise Mulvihill, Ruby Singleton, Georgia Massie. enior amera The Camera Club meets to develop pictures, make enlargements, and study pictures. They meet nights in the room of their Sponsor, Mr. Ray L. Williams to do their developing. OFFICERS: Joan Pierce . . . President Philip Davis. Vice President Monroe Palmer . . Secretary Lyndale Randolph . Treasurer Mr. Williams . . Sponsor 98 unigr amera OFFICERS: Rex Kelly, President, Carroll Shands, Vice-President, Susan Clark, Secretary, Nell Watson, Treasurer. MEMBERS: John W. Booth, Barbara Burman, Marilyn Cannon, Deann Clark, Ellen DeLaney, Gloria Edven- son, Gerald Ellis, Mary Flynn, Sandra Gaston, Barbara Gaylor, Jerry Girardin, Bud Gray, Ronnie Griffin, Gerald Gunn, Sharon Hires, Lee Hughes, Johnny Jones, Marie Johnson, Chester Kean, Mary Margaret Kennedy, Ray Kirk- land, Penny Lake, Diana Lodwick, Ronnie Long, Jinnya MacKay, Fred Mahoney, Jimmy Maker, George Mann, Jimmy Martindale, Edwin Mayton, Frances McC1aran, Bobby McCraig, Joyce McDanie1s. James McHendry, Ran- dy Rankin, William Richards, Harry Riddling, Mickey Roberts, Margaret Rolls, Margaret Reyer, Pat Sanders, Gary Smith, Perry Smith, Martin Stanton, Juanita Summeral, Betty Summeral, Betty Summeral, Billy Sunman, Topper Sennett, Sandra Sweed, Katherine Thigpen, Carlton Thompson, Reed Thompson, Diana Tyrrel, Jack Un- derhill, Hugh Wheeler, Frances Wheeler, Naomi Williams, Frances Williams, Rae Willis, Delmar Wooten, Lin- da Yent, Billy Young, Suzanne Young, Paula Durrence, Darlene Singletary. The Jr. Camera Club, better known as the Kypo-Splashers, are not only learning photo- graphy, but trying to be of service to the school as well. During the year they sponsored a publicity campaign for our basketball team. Pictures were taken and displayed in the shop windows of the local merchants. In the Spring an exhibition was held, combined with a fashion show. These seventh and eight graders are sponsored by Mr. Kalb. Y, si wrt' elf.- 99 Jlafin The Latin Club is made up of students who are tak- ing Latin or those who have had at least one year of that language. Bake sales are held throughout the year in order to earn money for the Latin Club Banquet at the end of year. They are sponsored by Mrs. Mildred Bassett. 100 MEMBERS: Carl Abbott, Liz Applewhite, Syd- ney Ann Bass, Peggy Beyrodt, Jean Bernheimer, Gordon Biggar, Francis Bordeaux,JaniceBrawn- er, James Brannen, Sarah Bryant, Peggy Burch- ard, Judy Burton, Ronnie Burton, Marilyn Car- roll, Marjorie Carroll, Carole Carson, Richard Clark, Ronald Clark, Jeanette Conner, Lewis Conner, Isabelle D'A11essandro, Betty Jane Daniels, SallieDaughtrey, Phillip Davis, Frank Di Marco, Myra Edmiston, Marlene Ennis, Walter Emiis, Susie Fulton, Betty Glidden, San- na Hansen, Jimmy Hanshaw, Gilmer Heitman, Bobby Hollis, Meredith Hudson, Walter Jones, Carol Ann Kelly, Asta Korany, Judy Kruse, Margie Starnes, Margie Longmire, Sue Mar- cum, Edward McAuley, Richard McCurdy, Chester McGee,Judy Mauck, Carol Noel, Car- ol Sue Nye, Mary Pickens, Betty Prather, Ruth Rankin, Sue Richards, Io Ann Singleton, Rob- ert Smith, Judy Southwick, Karen Starkey, Louise Stephens, Larry Stewart, Sharon Thrash, Bill Weber, Mary Etta Weeks, Homer Welsh, Ethel White, Banks Williams, Jean Wooten, Juanita Yerdon. laani5A OFFICERS: VicePres- ident, Eric Hansen, Treasurer, Barbara McDanie1s. Secretary, Karen Hooks, President, Jack Kaune The study of habits, dress, and customs of the Spanish is especially important to these students, since we live so close to the Latin American countries. The club this year is planning a trip to Cuba, and this knowledge will be very helpful. Their meetings are held twice a month under the leadership of Miss Alice Sharpe, faculty adviser and Spanish teacher. MEMBERS: Norma Adams, Mary Jo Albritton, Jack Amason, Pat Barastinl, Betty Lou Bobbit, Mary Belle Crosson, Dot Ann Davidson, Carolyn Dennison, Claire Greene, Eric Hansen, Charles Harrelson, Norman Harris, Virginia Hawkins, Cecil Henderson, Effie Henderson, Io Ann Hendry, Carol High, Johnny Hill, Karen Hooks, Rose Mary Hop- per, Richard Iungferman, Jack Kaune, Becky Kinzie, Paul Lewis, Georgia Massie, Mary Ann Mobly, Pete Moger, Nick Mullls, Jimmy Murphy, Barbara McDaniel, Carl Rhodes, Kay Silcox, Mary Lee Strayhorn, Doris Swank, Carol Warren, Mary Wheeler, Bard Williams, Russell Fender. 101 MEMBERS: Don Rentz, Butch Bordaux, Raymond Friesen, Gene White, James McKinaie, Jerry Teston, Mike Per ry, Dannie Barnes, Kenneth Stokes, Gene Daniels, Newell Atkins, Betty Henly, Dee Hill, Judy Corbitt, Spon sors: Mrs, P. D. Goodyear and Mr. Delbert Rheel. rofecfion CM These students give up their study hour to run the proiector so that pictures can be shown whenevera teacher requests the use of them for their class. We are proud of our audio visual library and the students who show the films. So lets say "Thanks" for the work and the time they spend . 102 all In OFFICERS: President, Joyce Gibbs, Vice President, Becky Kinzieg Secretary, Doris Swankg Treasurer, Dick Simons. The Pan American Club has one of the largest memberships in any of our school organza- tions. Eligibility for membership is determined bya test given to new members. On this test the students must be able to identify the twenty-one Pan American Countries. Every year the Pan Am holds the coronation and ball for the new King and Queen of Pan Am. The main aim of this club is to promote good will between the Americans and at least one scholarship a year is sent to a needy student in South America. Mr. Robert Barnes is sponsor for the third consecutive year. MEMBERS: FIRST ROW: Betty Prather, Mary Alice Smith, Delores Underwood, Virginia Hawkins, Margaret Norris, Ronnie Lea, Dick Simons, Loyce Floyd, Doris Swank, Phyllis Conlgllo, SECOND ROW: Joyce Gibbs, Nelta Sue Creel, Carmen Rhodes, Peg- gy Beyrodt, Martle Esleck, Nancy Erickson, Peggy Jo Thoroman, Genevieve Smith, Harriet Tanner, Alice Stuart, lane Frances Leone, Marilyn Hough, Birdle Kelly, Glenda Lancaster. THIRD ROW:Carol Ann Kelly, Ginger Home, Barbara McDanlels, Phyl- lls Hlll, Ann Kelly, Jo Ann Singleton, Janice Brawner, Joanne Downing, Joyce Caln, Nancy Wiltshire, Nancy Smith, Georgia Massie, Ruby Singleton. FOURTH ROW: Margie Longmire, Elfrieda Rumpf, Meredith Hudson, Carolyn Dennison, Wlsty Wools- lalr, Becky Klnzle, Isabelle D'Allesandro, Beverly Hunter, Mary Ami Woodruff, Shirley Harden, Jimmy Meredith. FIFTH ROW: Sam Bishop, Ray Dean, Barry McAuley, Ray Miller, Authur Anderson. ,W aiu. MEMBERS: FIRST ROW: Carol Kelly, Ben Smoot, Butch Moss, Carl Abott, Bart Bare. SECOND ROW: Louise Wal- cott, Iva Snyder, Dee Hill, Betsy Bean, Margie Longmire, Ann Pope, Ronnie Lea, Lawrence Povla. THIRD ROW: Elfreide Rumpf, Jimmy Hanshaw, Doug Bartleson, Darrell Hart, Harry Lee Allen, Bryon Maharry, Gordon Blggar. The Ski Club has no restrictions on eligibility for membership escept that the dues be paid monthly. They meet every Sunday on the North side of the Caloosahatchee River to water ski. A business meeting is held every other Wednesday during the activity period. They are sponsored by Mr. Harralson. .Sli 104 jufure .Zac era of .xdmerica , l P E if Q f lf V :I 5 1 2 g ill' I ' . i 2 MEMBERS: LEFT TO RIGHT: Marilyn Hough, Glenda Lancaster, Phyllis Coniglio, Joyce Gibbs, Margie Starnes, Doris Swank, Martha Miller, Joanne Hendry. SECOND ROW: Mary Alice Smith, Margaret Norris, Betty Prather, CelesteCannon, Betty Ann Carter, Loyce Floyd, Martie Esleck, Phyllis Hill, Virginia Hawkins, Delores Underwood, Birdie Kelly. THIRD ROW: Carmen Rhodes, Harriet Tanner, Peggy Jo Thoroman, Jo Ann Williams, Claire Wurs- ter, Louise White, Connie Wurster, Jane Powell, Kay Addison, Sue Marcum, Jean Bernheimer, Jane Frances Leone. FOURTH ROW: Marlene Ennis, Neita Sue Creel, Beverly Hunter, Carol High, Isabella D'Alessandro, Judy South- wick, Carol Noel, Karol Thompson, Molly Manley, Mary Ann Miller, Carole Langford, Sheila Smith, Sponsor. FIFTH ROW: Richard Gordon, Ronnie Lea, Tommy Fell, Joe Payne, Keith Gordon. The Future Teachers of America is one of M.H.S.'s newer clubs. These students are out to get lots of learning and pass it on to others. For practical training in theirfield they have oppor- tunities to teach the younger grades. They are a member of the National organization . Miss Sheila Smith is their sponsor. M. H.S. is proud of these students X I who are taking steps to insure their Future and the Future of Young America . it 'QQ . K , 1 105 If fp carpal, cw Among the many activities of the Library Club is taking charge of circulation desk, checking new mag- azines, keeping circulation records, and writing over- due and fine notices. The neatly stacked books and well placed reference material are also their products. Advanced students also help with reference work and type book orders and cards. This club is very important in helping our librarian and they deserve our hearty "Thanks." OFFICERS: Mildred Jones, Vice-President, Trudy Mills, Secretary, Kay Wiggens, President. sz. , - . . it 53,4 . f - . ,. 1 f2f5:l,,.,,'. . , MEMBERS: Kay Wiggins, Wanda Boyette, Norma McClenithan, Trudy Mills, Sally Pigott, Barbara Rolls, Yvonne Tessier, Connie Addison, Sarah Day, Betty Io Gilmore, Mary Ann Hilton, Ann Stephens, David Davis, Mildred Jones, Ellen Sims, Sponsors: Dorothy Sharpe, Ethel Sheffild. 106 SDC. . t l " 1? L X. J. 5 .G 'li ,..- .T 'fig ,xx Xrlf, .W girl OFFICERS: Mr. Oliver, Associate Coordinator, Jerome Crosby, Chaplin, Terry Sanders, Treasurer, Jerry Simandl, Vice President, Jerry Strickland, President, Norma McCall, Parlimentarian, Billy Payne, Sergeant-at-Arms, Vir- ginia Burson, Secretary, Mr. Bott, Sponsor. Diversified Cooperative Training is a system set up to give students pracitical training so they will be ready for an early start in the business world when they graduate. These students attend school half a day and work the rest ot the day. These iobs include everything from filing clerk to secretary. Mr. L. Bott is D. C. T. Coordinator. MEMBERS: Jimmy Burlingham, Virginia Burson, James Collier, Jerome Crosby, Mallie Dukes, Don Ewton, Wade Giddens, James Huff, Norma Io McCall, Billy Payne, Patty McGill, Terry Sanders, Gary Scott, Jerry Simandl, Je:- ry Strickland, Mary Howard Wheeler, Helen Godfrey, jufure omema em of .xdmerica W--1 W ,x.. ...,,,.. , ..,,,,, in ,V , I 1 Yzii' TEES of ,QI , nyscrsss MEMBERS: Shirley Adams, Connie Addison, Mary Jo Albritton, Judy Bartleson, Ginger Bass, Betty Jo Bendigo, Ola Pearl Bishop, Jean Bernheimer, Jerry Brewer, Faye Braidfoot, Sara Bryant, Peggy Burchard, Carol Carver, Carolyn Collins, Pat Compton, Jo Ann Cook, Joan Crant, Sonya Curry, Carolyn Dadderio, Isabell D'Allesandro, Sally Jo Daughrrey, Esther Davis, Jane Davis, Marilyn Donaldson, Joanne Downing, Dorothy Fernandez, Diane Frank, Loretta Frank, Betty Gardner, Barbara Gayle, Betty Gidden, Martha Goolsby, Claire Green, Joanne Hendry, Kay Hickman, Mary Carolyn Hill, Kathie Hooks, Betty Horne,Ginger Horne, Meredith Hudson, Ellen Johnson, Mildred Jones, Sandra Keen, Birdie Kelly, Judy Kruse, Carole Langford, Betty Lyles, Molly Manley, Betty Manning, Georgia Massey, Barbara McDaniels, Jackie McDaniels, Martha McDaniels, Marilyn Myers, Mary Ann Miller, Phoebe Millership, Sandra Montgomery, Zeda Nesmlth, Carol Noel, Margie Nolen, Geraldine Parker, Patricia Parker, Joan Pearce, Janet Persons, Carol Pickering, Sue Rich- ards, Carolyn Sanders, Judith Sanders, Rita Santini, Reva Jane Scott, Carolyn Seldon, Janice Shanahan, Forrest Smith, Joyce Smith, Linda Smith, Virginia Smith, Iva Snyder, Judy Southwick, Shiela Stevens, Nona Stevenson, Pat Summey, Delores Underwood, Carol Warren, Elaine Warren, Ann Watson, Beth Watson, Frances Wheeler, Judy White, Louise White, Sharon Wildes, Joanne Williams, Cecelia Wofford, Lora Sue Wolf, Linda Wooten, Cathy Wiggen, Delores Yoemans. The Future Homemakers of America is a group of girls working toward better homes and family living. All active homemaking students are eligible for membership. The group attend the State Fair in Tampa, and have a fine display of their work at our own Fair. They also attend district and state conventions and Leader- ship Training Conference. Mrs. Clarence Demasters is the Faculty Adviser. OFFICERS: Judy Southwick, President, Betty Jo Bendigo, Vice-President, Ginger Horne, Secretary, Carol Carver, Treasurer, Peggy Burchard, Project Chairmen, Kathie Hooks, Recorder, Mary Carolyn Hill, Parlimentarian, Carol Noel, Historian M ..,,L , V -ef' N' ,A OFFICERS: Harold Eubank, Secretary, Morris Stephens, Treas. Paul Scott, Pres., C.M, Cook, Vice-Pres., John Warren, Recorder, Pete Allbritton, Sentinel. The Future Farmers of America, a national organization, teaches High School boys better agriculture. These boys have their own proiects which include raising cattle and chickens, and farming. They raise vegetables which they sell and makea rofit on. Elect- ing their chapter sweetheart and attending the Tampa Fair are both looted forward too. They also enter their products in the Southwest Florida Fair. These boys are preparing for their future and the future of America. MEMBERS: Ray Ballard, Randal Blum, Richard Blum, John Carter, Wesley Crosley, Bemiy Daniels, David Henderson, Shel- don Hunter, Mitchell Keene, Lester Landrum, John Lanier, Gerald McGill, Tom Macon, Eugene Martin, Bobby Merdith, Mar- vin Montgomery, J. D. Owens, Glen Priest, Billy Ragon, James Sellers, Jack'Tanner, Frank Tiner, Terry Walker, Royce Watts, Donald Webster, Robert Weeks, James White, Earl Williams, Melvin Williams, Ray Williams, Smoot Wilson, Russell Wintle, Jackie Wotten, Eddie Arnold, Billy Bass, Russell Dart, John McCall, Jimmy McGill, Bob Moger, James Motter, Rob- ert Mullis, Willard Osbome, Guy Strayhorn, Richard Whitaker, Leroy Nottingham, Kelly Scott, Dicky Robinson, Thomas Martin, Stanly Bryant, Robert Allbrition, Jimmy Arnold, Howard Cartright, C. M. Cook, Harrell Eubank, Wayne Harrison, Roy Halloway, Bobby Lawrence, David Mcwharter, Richard Molter, David Montgomery, Larry Mosher, Billy Priest, Bruce Reynolds, Paul Scott, Russell Swihart, Arthur Smith, Charles Stevens, Morris Stephens, John Warren, Bert Williams, Eddie Winton, Thomas Gross, Baker Green, Emest Harden, Freddie Lewis, Grant Richmond, Jackie Cockran. 109 K T 4 , A Q , - M f-,swas...,.,r...,,. .. -af: r I ',' A ,i ' "' A 1' I . 1 a W I' -I ' Q A T ' " s as 5 g i"""' W b A MEMBERS: Bart Bare, Don DeLaney, Tommy Fell, Barry McAuley, Larry Pipkins, Dick Simon, Bobby Hollis, James Kelly, Joe Payne, Bard Williams, Clark Hughes, Walter Jones, Billy Keene, Larry Williams, Ray Ballard, Buford Curry, Bobby Gerald, Darryl Guthrie, Watt McGinnis, Eugene Roberts, Jarrett Thompson, Robert Weeks, Jimmy White, Carl Williams, Ernest Harden, Tommy Fell, Secretary-Treasurer, Joe Payne, Business Mgr., Bart Bare, President, Mrs. Durrance, Director. NOT PICTURED: Dick Simons, Vice-Pres. l 10 Glee Club The Glee club participates in various activities throughout the year. They pre- sent the singing Christmas Tree, give an operetta each year, and attend state com- petition. One of their main money moking pro- gects rs the selling of hot clogs and coffee at football games. J y P They are under the direction of "Skeet" Durrance. ff? 0 sm y WW' 1 ls lil .-masons-r MEMBERS: Joyce Cain, Loyce Floyd, Marilyn Hough, Jane Leone, Carmen Rhodes, Mary Alice Smith, Imogene Splres, Jackie Allen, Bernice Bishop,Neita Sue Creel,Marlene Ennis, Joan Green, Carol High, Beverly Hunter, Bet- ty Lyles, Denis Mulvihill, Rita Sushil, Joanne Tatum, Bernice Willis, Nancy Young, Liz Applewhite, Carolyn Baker, Bobbie Bass, Esther Bratten, Daveen Burson, M.F. Clemons, Sarah Clutz, Jeanette Conner, Frances Crews, Lorena Frank, Dot Hollis, Betty Home, Connie Jones, Gloria Keene, Virginia King, Carolyn Mallory, Sue Marcum, Marilyn Myers, Marion Navarro, Norma Pace, Barbara Pike, Beverly Poff, Judy Raulerson, Barbara Scott, Nona Stevenson, Sylvia Stancel, Pat Allant, Ginger Ballard, Ginger Bass, Nancy Behringer, Ola Pearl Bishop, Shirley Blackman, Carolyn Collins, Pat Compton, Annett Curry, Carolyn Dadderlo, Betty Edenfield, Jean Ellis, Diana Frank, Gloria Gartman, Martha Goolsby, Jean Hendry, Kay Hickman, Virginia Gilton, Joan Holmes, Sandra Keene, Dorothy King, Betty Lawerence, Jackie McDaniel, Gerry Parker, Janet Persons, Mary Jo Peters, Carol Pikering, Regina Plewe, Jackie Pooser, Carolyn Sanders, Judith Sanders, Reva Scott, Caroline Seldon, Barbara Simmons, Kay Smith, Ilene Shepard, Shielia Stevens, Pat Summey, Gail White, Janet Wissmiller, Cecilia Wofford, Lora Sue Wolf, Phoebe Millership, Sandra Patton, Frances Wheeler, Kay Assay. OFFICERS: Neita Sue Creel, Secretary, Marilyn Hough, Vice President, Mary Alice Smith, President, Carmen Rhodes, Treasurer. unior gke MEMBERS: Beth Alderman, Barbara Allen, Phyllis Barrett, Betty Bethune, Betty Boyd, Judy Braisted, Linda Brewer, Barbara Burman, Dee Ann Clark, Susan Clark, Jean Collier, Linda Conover, Faye Cook, Pat Daniels, Ellen Delau- cy, Diana Dremann, Paula Durrence, Dot Easterlin, Gloria Edveuson, Bobby Flynn, Mary Flynn, Beverly Goodyear, Barbara Griffin, Gina Haliczer, Yvonne Harrell, Norman Heckle, Irene Hendry, Peggy Sue Hendry, Grace Hick- man, Marcelene Hudson, Ann Jones, Pam Lake, Ronnie Long, Betty Mauthenes, Frances McClaren, Joyce McDaniel, Margerite Mills, Gerald Montgomery, Elmer Mott, Elizabeth Neilson, Kay Ogden, Betty Owens, Joe Padilla, Jen- nifer Peed, Kashy Powell, Nettie Preston, Maxine Prevatt, Ginny Rhodes, Vagina Shands, Betty Stancel, Claus Stan- ford, Georgia Stevens, Iudy Tenor, Nell Watson, Mary Wiltshire, Barbara Wright, Beverly Blalock, Anne Blount, Myrna Buchanan, Shirley Campbell, Anita Calucer, Randy Conner, Linda Cook, Michael Cook, Sherolyn Corbitt, David Dampeir, Elberta Daughtry, Jimmie Durham, Sandra Gastin, Barbara Taylor, Jeanette Griffin, Gerald Gunn, Nancy Box, Lorengo Henderson, Sally Hoback, Kay Jones, Betty Kerberg, Patsy Lanier, Kristie Lumdstrom, Bobby Manley, Delores Mastro, Betty McDonald, Linda Miller, Patty Parker, Patsy Peters, Rose Roller, Alma Rose, Lalai Sapp, Martha Scaturo, Carol Shands, Katie Lou Spurlin, Lily Taylor, Bobby Wadlington, Jimmy Weaver, Suzanne Young, Faye Williams, Martha Jean SaVage. The Jr. Glee Club, made up of the 7th and 8th graders, is .5 actually in training forthe Sr. Glee Club. They participate in the Singing Christmas Tree and various other performances during the year. Like the Sr. Glee Club they are under the direction of "Skeet Durrance." 112 J Sfmjlll 'th nc. 52. mera .lligk 3400! Kane! The Fort Myers Senior Band, responding to the direction of Mr. Frank Lodwick, has help- ed the school spirit b playing and performing at the pep rallies ancllthe Football games. We have enioyed seeing our green and white in a series of parades throughout the year. ur xz.. 4 '31 ZR J 'Z X K .. ' ' ,s Q' ' W 'X iit ' i ' Q Xb g , g 1 13 MR. FRANK LODWICK, Director .2 .1 ,,- Nancy Wiltshire Beverly England Ann Pope . E wa ?, fix, 32 QT? 4 "lw nniin. A Q n n n l ji Martha Miller Mrs. Thaggard discusses a Doris Swank Co-captain band trip with the girls. Drum Majorette Alice Bainbridge Libby Bannister Ginger Home 1 14 .gnfer gounci 'arf' 1 . s if FIRST ROW: Barbara Rolls, Judy Southwick, Susan Clark, Doris Swank, Betty Prather. SECOND ROW Meredith Hudson, Jack Kaune, James McKinzie, Nick Mullis, Bobby McCo1lough, John Gilliam, Lawrence Povia, Jerome Crosby, Joan Pierce, Peggy Io Thoroman. To avoid having the club meetings conflict with one another and the class schedule, a representative of each club meets to arrange the time of the club meet- ing. This system iscalled the Inter Club Council. The student body is very grateful because it is a convenient method to save confusion. 115 Meredith Hudson, Chairman Betty Prather, Recorder. ,X Don Devore Co-editor Co-editor Ni . X A 1 Q31 Nancy Ericksen i Wg Q 1 V L , xx ' M MR. ROB ERT BARNES Sponsor Genevieve Smith Art Editor Carmen Rhodes Feature Editor my 510 ff . Every two weeks the Tidal Wave engulfs the T it school, and students wait anxiously for the latest issue, which they read with much enthusiasm. The Tidal Wave Staff, under the direction of Mr. Robert Barnes, has done a splendid iob. Cir- culation increased 5096 during the year, advertis- ing doubled, and the paper grew from 6 pages to 8 and I0 each issue. Ellen Johnson Sammy Bishop Girls' Sports Editor Boys' Sports Editor Jo Ann Singleton Virginia Burson Martha Mlller Circulation Manager Jr. High Editor Make-Up Editor l 16 tr B Ttt , lv X x r . wc . 1 , " A 5 ' - 'ki , W i I VS., , X, Jerry Simandl Advertising Manager x X, if Na B 5 1 3 ADVERTISING STAFF P- Q4 ' ok E, r x 5 . ..,,, 'CJ .1 Phyllis Hill 'li' ,J Q 'LQJ j-nr! 41 p--4 n-"': Beverly England Loyce Floyd Doris Swank Carol Langford RE PORTERS 2 to fe 2 M Bs wc ,B Y' 5 'M , B 5 - E N' f X r MA 6 ',:, I Ronnie Lea Norma McCall ff' r wr Q X -X X N x ll Joyce Tomlinson Betty Prather Jane Powell Louise White . eyx . Q3-?t X Madam 'Q' sig' fin xx 'QQ DEADLINE! I B if B 1 I 1 I Margie Keene Claire Wurster -. a fa 1 nff. fi 7 Birdie Kelly X If . K f Larry Pipkins L Ii y , W. , t .X if .2514 I Connie Wurster Doug Bartleson 1 . .xy Meredith Hudson Co-editor The Caloosahatchian staff publishes and sells the yearbook each year. Under the capable guid- ance of Mr. Robert Barnes, the students work hard to meet the four deadlines set up at the be- ginning of the year. fm M7 f E X xggfv' -5' ' .1 .L f iii h kVigAAi23uuu fi 1 -Jn yyi' ' I w qs Q , rs u lp 5.5.2 Amy lqggx, ,'.0.'lML. 'r si ' Q' .,,- it u" 5 : I 'e Q .Gus Q is I ' . . MR. ROBERT C. BARNES Sponsor BLOOD: swEATl AND TEARSI if 'zljff i t? J 5 1jf T gifs' f Marilyn Hough Advertising 6 'GX 'Q' 4" Mary Alice Smith Make-up editor Harriet Tanner Advertising ' I Q ...I '," 4 "urn, ' Ulla. ln., Fred Peed Co- editor These students have en deavored to publish an excel lent annual this year, a yec book ofwhich the entire stu dent body may be proud t have as their own. 'Rig .lr.X .N A li ilr Dinny Hawkins Make-up Editor Alice Stuart A dvertising Cpafoooahkian Phyllis Coniglio Carol Ann Kelly Literary Editor 60 QA 7 y y, 1 ,if Delores Underwood Girls' Sports Editor Ruby Singleton Art Editor ?i."1f Nancy Smith Literary Editor "Wh gg? YNO Irene Morgan Girls' Sports Editor Margie Longmlre Art Editor ,S pr p l X. Margaret Norris Boys' Sports Editor ,-. 8' Joyce Gibbs Photographer Jane Leone Sales Editor 'IDS 755. Cs' Celeste Cannon Acuvmes Editor Activities Editor LC fY1':w4 ' -.. 1--. ig l we X Mike Bowen Boys' Sports Editor A K H' .gre r j x ' .3 .M . if ff Reaburn O'Harra Photographer Shirley Home Sales Editor '-wg-QM' i l wifrg ei mL,x T if J 1 T. if 5' 'V 1 FRED PEED MEREDITH HUDSON Co-editor of Co-editor of Caloosahatchian Caloosahatchian Qui! an Sf ' CAROL ANN KELLY Literary Editor of Caloosahatchian Fmfem' ly ' ,- .aan GLENDA LANCASTER Make Up Editor of Caloosahatchian MARY ALICE SMITH Make Up Editor of Caloosahatohian 'R '27 '?',? Z? gh lc... 'Q S, iw. -. DON DEVORE NANCY ERICKSON Co-editor of Co-editor of Tidal Wave Tidal Wave .SEIU 'N .4 ... The Quill ancl Scroll is made up of those students who have done outstanding work in the field of iournalism. Beside their talent in journalism, a high average in scholas- tic work for their four years in high school is necessary. The Quill and Scroll is anlnternational High SchoolHonorary 'P T T, CARMEN RHODES GENEVIEVE SMITH Feamre Editor of AFI Editor of Tidal Wave Tidal Wave 14" l JERRY SIMANDL BETTY PRATHER RONNIE LEA JOYCE TOMLINSON Advertising Manager Reporter on 1 20 Reporter OH ReP0ne' OH Tidal Wave Tidal Wave of Tidal Wave Tidal Wave 'Oh, thank you so muchl" gif M 'il "Here's yours. "Puffy, pleasel " ' Where's mine?" Our Ruby - "Jr, Miss" ii E M , NN X 4 L.An..- ri.. 1 .4 S' "Coney Island Baby" Cast of '54 Class Play "Thaw my Judyl I" "THE 1954 SENIOR CLASS PLAY" The cast missed classes and many hours of sleep but the reward was great when the curtain opened on "Junior Miss", put on by the 1954 Senior Class. Judy's mistakes caused many laughs and everyone that participated in it enioyed it thoroughly. Thanks to Mr. Williams, our spon- sor, and the directing of Miss Cindy Carson, "Junior Miss" was a tremendous success! The kind of work the Iudy's distracted family and friends. "Hold it, you twol " audience never sees. -fQV.'f-ifaif,'f:fli,5ffi' ' ' T T T .EA C l v , f , y , ' li A X I M, JV. Q E 4 -mx , X Y . ..... QQ :is 33 A.: '. swf A. Q Q 7 X . f : G I'lCLl0:iA0f15 13' Ww- ml if we as M I N X x N M s 99 ,. s x i xi' 122 ,Ml ,I uh k ATS' A 1 4,65 , NN. " 5: .. Nl gy QQ, 2 .jdigaf gamed .xdlAAlic5 .740 gfeell GU? pafa 2 Sporfa , . ,J l , M . . , .,, Q-ww - ww.-. . , ---wx. . . . ill- 124 GREENIES IN ACTION DURING 1953-1954. wrarfy CAeel'La61el'5 Phyllis Coniglio Glenda Lancaster Co-Captain Co-Captain Mary Alice Smith XG f sf-1 Mrs. Spiegel Mary Rouse Nedra Nott Carmen Rhodes Coach Manager Betty Prather 060000066000 Betty Ann Fohl Our eight peppy cheerleaders have boosted our team to victory. They have done a terrific lob lead- ing the students thru Pep Rallies, Snake Dances, Bon Fires, and the football and basketball games. They arealso responsible for the motorcade held the after- noon before each football game. They were coached by Mrs. Speigel, whose help as a director made our cheerleaders a team of which we are proud. 125 Z.oe Mynatt wg! r x. rs: ' - 4 523' K .. r V Q J' 1, W T Ronnie Burton ig LHB rg , r ' i . it fa ' 'films my I me W. r ' tx. D Ral h Woodring Tel-ffyio, 1 it PTack1e . U 1 if'a,kl 1 . F ' if .Y . s UL Q use Q f 'Q l Biuy Kerry Q 1 Q Center Don Devore ij N g End g Qkgyk I X- M N I in ,,, . .,-'ggi -L.. . V , ,,,, AV xwlllllr Y A ,M r . jim Smith Guard Jimmy Walker End 126 v The greenies of '5. pionship calibre. Al- them throughout the sea- give their best and player fight from the opening le. Here are the boy: Our congratulations fo son. "So long" to the game this year. "Keep be back next yearl were definitely ofcham- though iniuries plagued son they never failed to with wonderful spirit and kick off to the final whis- that played the games. a wonderful gridiron sea- ones that played their last it up" to the ones who'Il I ,A I Byron Mahan-y K' Tackle ' K Q I . H, C. M. Cook w i W' W . :o " f ', - Robert Sheffield , Center L 1 1' i Ill :IIA l Sli? Banks Wrlhams FB Chuck Blough RHB Harold Brock Guard 127 5 1- ,-. . C X .I ' .J fm l ,ffigil 4. ' 3:3 J 1 as -xx -+ -' -W H .. .... QU ln, Iamfrsajlgjofe 'W i V 5 3 are . :. -Q--.33-,,"f,ff,F54'aeZ333?1bv,c:r14-Qsl i egg' - vw' If wa" wp.--211, W -"1a""'d n?"-:ff en- if ex Q v K, w A315411 ,.,.' ..1,ixvx'2,,gA . ' is -iw 3 S W V, AMI? ,fi-M18-'-Q7.. W. ..fw'ff"7ZLf" ,. "'egW"'-11,3 'f5Tv V, d- dn' Clearwater M ,tg M 5 f 'M V ml h . . ge 2 " ' ' f ' 'hi' W ' . ' W Z1 i Jesun ,. , a ,an n l M I mm cw a an , ll J Winter Haven .P Nelson Wallace I , L. ' ' :E A"Kk 3 M W, QB X gg 'f Q Arcadia 4 - 4 , ZZ.. . - V V V- X R in 3 E Zh- 6.3.3 v H. A 0 1,- Qg' ,X . , Punk Lawerence 1 h W W 'W Tackle h D l-.1 . Q NF 'T A 'Q ' 1, a 1 5 ' G' 0' b ' 3 2 Wayne Warriner E LHB ,,. N A ' W 5 l a V ig I y I , ,NQ ' Vi 3 , Q David Weeks End Raymond Dean 128 QB Don DeVore was cho- sen 53-54 co-captainand Chuck Blough most out- standing player and cap- tain of the year. Merle White 'VW' Dicky Jungferman Tackle RHB 59 'I-'Ultra M5 N -ixelx .,, , i, i V t 1 wt.. .. - ' -Y ' N X T gs: 'yet . w x 5 L A Bill Kelly was chosen for the All-Conference 2nd team center.James Gillmore was outstand- ing linesman ofthe year . Dennis Doherty End Manatee Miami Tech 4 M I Wachula h I 6 A .A 5 Z Sarasota ' -'-' " 2159 ' Charles Powell Tackle Robert Moss Guard Bill Harvey End 129 Billy Wright RHB Harry A lien LHB Bert Williams 'ka ap. iv , i i f S. I . . V 'R qs, f - K if W 2' W Wy Q - X W -33 ' ' Q, as ' if .f v, 'r if ' ' ,ta-Z 'K -. hh L 7131 2' ,MQ ,, A Yx ' 1: A .. ,' x Managers Paul Springer Wayne Braun .fry v ,.:f'fEf2ffTif5'f..,1 . H. fi: ew: r Greenies score their first touchdown of the season against the Jesuit Tigers. .ssy,,. , i 025251 51 , . ,,... ..., Q1 ..1ll:?'iE,1!5EZ.i iii. FB .AA,,.,,,,,. . Q W, ,g-'wifi "',w-ff,5:::22f :gi 1+ ggigfgfi,l:553g2'f'f5521?51'e5 kiwi I 12?-I-mia Qfpiljfgiiffilf?42i'3'?im?iiG5ir 5'H - H s .,1,.,,,5--r-xr- -M-f f -, . K. . 5,5j:SF..i ., H gm.x..m,-A 2 sau-,g f,.,, r.m1mf--.2--f My mfr ,:,,ff.Q,-.fsszpwz . 1- ., Ilffalfwsfsiffilffllskflfliifi- S' 1i1!,5ml:.':5fi5! rf' -if , , A 12235571155V552ff3F5'3i"52f1vS.xiE':Kf'ii1isyfiiiflfri' 452155-'iizflifiuil "--95 ,?,. r.,,'..... 5' ., ...ian .W U., in ,,, i : Greenies plough into Sarasota. 'i Buddy Collins Center 130 'ff -rr :lsfziw 'lfz'-Mir--.::s18 - V W ' i v. f. Johnny Moss Guard ga Miss Joonne Hendry was cho- sen Horne Coming Queen for 1953-54 by members of the student body. l 131 Alfred Murphy Center 1. jmx, ' X, XXX H , arf U L f " Harry Brown End Greenies sink Clearwater I4-0 reeni e agent l FIRST ROW: Don Wanicka, Eddie Reed, John Gilliam, Bobby McCullough. SECOND ROW: Manager, Dennis Doherty, Bill Kelly, Fred Peed, Coach Ibach. THIRD ROW: Phillip Fike, David Weeks, Chic Hall. Captain, John Gilliam Our Greenie cagers started slowly, but as the year progressed their spirit, hustle, and accuracy increased with each game. They defeated many teams in their second meet which had beaten them before. The '53-'54 Greenie team ran up the highest score of any Green Wave Team on the home floor while defeating Sarasota in the last home game of the season. They entered as the dark horse team and came out on top many times. For this, the improved team and a swell cage season, "Congratulations Fighting Greenies. 132 .glze greenie agen Forward David Weeks AY. 4 ' Y' C Forward K i fix, Robert McCollough Q r"Q' bb? 5 " I 'Ee r ' 1 Guard Guard Johnny Gilliam F red Peed Na 'B' Squad Coach Bob Sheffield Guard Don Wannic ka mm sa . Sarasota 45 Ft. Myers 61 Chick Hall ,,:' Coach lrv Ibach Forward Guard Ed Reed B111 Kelly Center Manager Dennis Doherty Pnnup Fike Peel! aU2 gadegaf FRONT ROW: Coach Collins, Wayne Wiles, Carl Alverez, Gene Pigort, Rhey Burchard, John Gilliam, Nelson Wal- lace, Sheldon Hunter. SECOND ROW: C. H. Roberts, Lamarr Payne, Harry Brown, Don Bush, James Suggs, Ray Dean, Ernest Harden, Chic Hall, Don Wannicka. Coach Roht. Collins The Greenie Nine, losing only two regulars from last year's team, is macle up almost entirely of veterans led by All-South-Fla. Conference Catcher Johnny Gilliam. With this squad the Greenies are a menace to any opposing school and one of the strongest teams in the conference. From the first pitch to the last out Coach Bob Collins' Greenies are a fighting team. v 134 ALL-S. F,C. Catcher Johnny Gilliam 7' Q. .7Ae greenie egu ami E- 2. -4... Ray Dean Pitche' Nelson Wallace Outfielder Ernest Harden Chic Ha 11 Infielder d Rhfi, Bligchar Ou tfielder n le er C. H. Roberts O utfielder 1 3 5 ' Don Wannicka Infielder reenie juc .iam - a FIRST ROW: Bruce Reynolds, Harry Lee Allen, Wayne Warriner, Bill Kelly, Dennis Doherty, Morris Stephens. . . . D V SECOND ROW: George Wheaton, Jimmy Payne, Walter Whltehead, Brlly Hendry, Brlly Weber, Don e ore, C. M. Cook, Ralph Woodring, Don Baker. The Greenie track team led by four year letterman Don DeVore is once again a top contender for state honors. With a veteran squad under the leadership of Coaches Troy Parnell and Bob Anderson our boys did it again and gave us a respectable greenie cinder for the Green Wave. Managers: C. M. Cook and Morrls Stephens Jim Smith heaving the shot put. 136 Ralph Woodring, Senior, tries his hand at the shot put. Bill Weber, Sophomore, running the 440. Harry Allen, Freshman, running the Ioo X'- Dennis Doherty, Senior, ready to start the mile. Wayne Warriner, Junior, making good time in the 220 Coaches Troy Pamell and Bob Anderson. George Wheaton, Freshman, Bruce Reynolds, Don Baker, Seniors, Harry Allen, Freshman and Don Devore, Senior, make up the relay team. 13 Don Devore, Senior, flys over the low hurtles. oy 3 wimming eam Jim Capt. , , , Pickens The boy's swimming team, which had captured the SFC crown for two consecutive years, were out for their third win. With quite a few returning lettermen, the team was be lieved to have had a good chance for another conference triumph. The schedule for the school year 1953-53 was: March Lake Worth Here Wesley St. Petersburg There Coach Boca Siega There NOII April Sarasota Here Ft. Lauderdale Here f- Sarasota There My M South Broward There ,dfiwi Miami Jackson There May src Here Bob 7 Regional St. Petersburg CO 'Capt' I4 State Lake Worth McCollough Jimmy Hanshaw Jimmy Murphy Reaburn O'Hara Jim Meredith Cecil Henderson 51 is Q, 5 r John Moss Clark Hughes Pete Wedeles 9690 Robin Dean 8 v rn Bart Bare Carl Abbott Bill Plgott I is E I 'I -. n-M3eiif"' FIRST ROW: Johnny Moss, Billy Pigott, Cecil Henderson, Peter Wedeles. SECOND ROW: Clark Hughes, Jimmy Murphy, Carl Abbott, Jimmy Meredith, Billy Wright. THIRD ROW: Bart Bare, Gordon Bigger, Jim- my Hanshaw, Jinny McGill, Russel Wintle, Jimmy McGill, Ronald Clark, Coach Nott. Coaches Nott fl and Spiegel . I s FIRST ROW: Fay Braidfoot, Dot Easterlin, Carolyn Collins, Dee Hill, Suzanne Glo- rieux, Dennise Mulvihill, Besty Bean, Iva Snyder, Mary Ann Mortonson. SECOND ROW: Carol Carson, Mary Ann Woodruff, Louise Walcott, Betty Jo Bendigo, Judy Bartl- son, Iris Abrams, Nita Sue Creel, Alice Branibridge, Elfriede Rumpf, Sandra Mont- gOmery. Linda Smith, Phoebe Snyder. J s Qrfri Swimming The girls Swimming Team made a great effort this year to win the SFC. They lost many of their Letter men in graduation so the showing was a good one. With Coach Spiegal behind the Swimming Team, the girls had another mighty wavette team. , Na, IEW A-. Mrs. Wanda Spiegal Nedra Nott Coach Captain Carolyn Shanahan, Margie Longmire, Isabelle D'Al1esandro, Joan Pearce, Judy Southwick, Janice Shanahan, Martie Esleck, Ann Pope, Sandra Corkhill. Betty Ann Fohl Ioan Pearoe Carolyn Shanahan Judy Southwick 140 fi-LJLQIAC4! With only four returning lettermen this year the coaches and girls have worked very hard to turn out the fine team we have. Playing in both the South Florida and the Everglades Conference the girls madea very fine showing. To the team, Coaches Smith and Fisher the managers Ellen Johnson and Wisty Wool- slair we all give our hearty "Thanks" for a fine team. X W A 2 Jackie Easterlin. Joan Crant Barbara Home Mary Rouse F F F Captain G South Florida Conference Wauclwula H Sarasota H Sarasota T Wauchula T Manatee H Manatee T Everglades LaBelle H Immokalee H LaBel le H Alva T lmmokaleeT Alva H Leida Grandbouche Sidney Ann Bass G Marcia Corkhill Karol Thompson Betty Home F G F Irene Hendry Ginger Ballard Dafinka Jones Jennifer Peed Frances Wheeler ' -f 4 . I L I ., a K' f Pal Summey. Captain . U Ceilia Wofford, Manager The J. V. Cheerleader's have made a fine showing this year boosting the jtmior Varsity team on to victory. They originated many new cheers and for all the fine work they deserve the hearty "Thanks of all the school. -' t to-4 I .1 H Q .fy .g m .M 5""?.!:: V, - Ly ' s, ?t:"1Anl'l 'F Z -Q 1 ' ' A 4 s, ' K un ' ,El 'IIA -aa 'Iam' 'E bs -. nf" T17 v, 'wi A' YY' "4 5 ' ' M - ,, Q. E E, t xx 'wg' . ,ers 'FSI' t 'M x .,,,c Y Q I WK. . it . .9 Q , . , S if 'lm r' E' 0" X it .... I "' "' W' " A , ' A' U if All 1 sw I llosl H ua ix, A 'lt D, v ff 138 2' 'efss-2-25 ir ie Q.-.-.-169 C ' heat T J A rf :B a .. , h kts, I 'LE X . X A, W . ,-' s. . 5 A T , ' Q' 1 . I - I- Y .t ts .sg ,l :xp-Q T X ,,..,1 , kv U O L qt FIRST ROW: Tommy Martin, Collins Johnson, Harvie Stipe, Carl Alvarez, Johnny McDaniels, Billy Hendry and Al- len Wheeler. SECOND ROW: Kenneth Stokes, Marvin Montgomery, Winfield Bauman, Allen Hanson, Sheldon Hun- ter, Winston Daughtrey, Frank Land, Frank Alderman, and Mike Porter. THIRD ROW: Darryl Guthrie, Jarrett Thomp- son, Vernon Turner, Jack Amason, Jimmy Murphy, Jerry Teston, Tommy Thomas, Jimmy Hollis and Kenneth Sushil. FOURTH ROW: Larry Smith, Floyd Jeter, Chester McGee, Pete Wedeles, Jerry Powell, Everett Bennett, Charles Mil- ler, Joe Barbee, Vernon Montgomery and Bobby Davis. FIFTH ROW: Coach Robert "Bull" Collins, Bill Weber, Bud Whitehead, Don Webster, Tommy Montgomery, Clyde Conrad, Wendell Crosby, Lester Landrum and Coach Troy Parnell. I 43 FIRST ROW: Frank Wannicka, Jim Meridithg Don Wannicka, Don Bush, Gordon Biggar. SECOND ROW: Bob Sheffield, Coach, James suggs, Chester McGee, Monroe Palmer, Harry Brown. 'Z?"5,...1 Kenra! The 'B' squad, playing along side the Greenies during the season, played the teams this year that they will fall next year as the varsity squad. They played excellent ball under the leadership of Bob Sheffield, student coach. Here you may look proudly on the "Greenies of next yearl" unior Uardify The J.V.'s participate in the Everglades Conference and have upheld the name of the Greenies through many hard fought games intheir conference and tournament during the year. The top game of the year was the night our J . V. 's upset the Everglades High School team in our gym 51-50. Congratulations to Coach Collins and the cagers of the future. FIRST ROW: Coach Collins, Carl Alvarez, Sheldon Hunter, C. H. Roberts, Wayne Wlles, Bllly Hendry, Jackie Hall, Manager. SECOND ROW: Frank DeMarco, Allan Wheeler, , Jarrett Thompson, Nelson Wallace, Collins " Johnson, Jim Hill, Robin Dean. 144 BOTTOM ROW: E, Ailant, M. Hart, R. Thompson, K. Hansen, B. Gay, D. Ackert, I. Chard, E. Mott, K. Carter, S. Comparretto, S. Stewart, I. Doherty. SECOND ROW: B. Whitehead, W. Hill, M, Strayhorn, B. Moss, J. Hutchison, F. Allison, B. Laviani, C. Magaha, D. Richards, T. Hollis. THIRD ROW: A. El- lis, L. Carroll, G. Lunger, R, Shanahan, T. Herrington, C. Ray, C. N. Powell, J. Finger, J. Emmert. TOP ROW: P. Dart, A, Alverez, R. Reckwerdt, D. McKi.nzie, I. Horkay, P. Pigott, R. Long, J. McDaniel. COACH PAUL MONNETT WHITECAPS FOOTBALL Whitecap football is made up of Seventh and Eighth Grade boys wanting to participate in the gridiron sport. They are divided into two squads that compete against each other. The boys are taught sportsmanship, fundamentals of football, blocking, tackling, and running assignmentsin plays. Coaches Paul Monnett and Bob Anderson are building the foundation for high school football in the future. These are the boys that will be carrying the Greenie colors on the gridiron in the years to come. These boys will carry the team to new heights in the future by being taught correctly now. 145 ' - M'-wines mum was annum jail iffy lu mam, Mr. Comer J. Bowden, Mr. Ray A. Tipton, Mr. Carl J. Michael, Mr. David M. Bull, Mr. Earl Hord, Mr. Gilbert H, Moore. LEE COUNTY SCHOOL BOARD We are grateful to this group of capable men, who have helped us immeosureably during the school year of- l953-54. 146 361 ing 1904i gfx HD N-it-f VEPXTXSERS T TURN 7 Engrutulutiuns to the class of '54 Q56 , Q M l fg, 1.23 '..'. ' I3 fax , f ffffg '.,ff:" J ' fi w ', .,,,,-1:1 H . I Q itln In.1..i.::::EEE:EE5fQ2E2f 1 If 1":' 'C FORT MYERS COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPAN A THAD WILSON'S DRIVE-IN Cleveland Avenue FORT MYERS BUILDERS SERVICE Th B ld SpplyH Ph 21183 1311 F I S F My F1 d Compl emenfs of FORT MYERS FURNITURE CO. 526-30 East First S Phone 2-7321 Compliments LEE MOTORS of FORT MYERS ERNESTINE'S BEAUTY SHOP l308 Cleveland Avenue Phone 5-249i Congratulations to Class of '54 FLANDERS "SNAG" THOMPSON Sheriff of Lee Co. Congratulations Class of '54 PRATHER'S LAUNDRY Dry Cleaning-Laundry-Rug Cleaning Linen Supply-Diaper Service UNDERWRITERS, INC. Complete Insurance Service H14 First Street Telephone 2-7281 Fort Myers, Fla. Congratulations to the class of '54 Gulf Coast Farms Inc Santa Gertrudis Cattle Ft. Myers, Fla. Serving Southwest Florida with pleasure WINK LAWHON'S GENERAL STORE Congratulations to Class of '54 Bonita Springs, Fla . THE KlLGORE'S SEED CO. lll7 Anderson Ave . Seeds-Insecticides and Fertilizers Phone 4-456l , Compliments of BRITT SIGN SERVICE Neon-Painted Phone 5-6421 939 Anderson Avenue Ft. Myers, Florida 'Congratulations to Citizens of Tomorrow Edelblunt Construction Co. Ft. Myers, Fla. . . West Palm Beach Congratulations to the Class of '54 PALM CITY ICE COMPANY KING FURNITURE COMPANY "We Feather Your Nest With A Little Down House Furnishings and Radios Gas and Electrical Appliances FRYE WHOLESALE CO. Ralph and Lorene Frye-Owners "A good house to deal with" 1635 Evans Avenue Phone 2-853l Ft. Myers, Fla. COLEY WESTBROOK MEN'S WEAR "Selections Men Prefer" 2I38 Hendry Street Fort Myers, Fla RABER INDUSTRIES Machine Shop Ornamental Iron Welding Marine Repair Steel Fabricators Mill Suppl ies Phone 5-0451 I Ol Frei rson Compliments of Sears Roebuck 84 Co. Shop at Sears and Save FIRST NATIONAL BANK Congratulations TILLIS FURNITURE COMPANY 1910 Hendry St. Phone 5-8411 Congratulations HOUGH CHEVROLET 1 Always your guarantee of COMP LE TE Phone 5-8431 SATISFACTION 1015-19 First St. Fort Myers, Fla. Compliments of RICHARD AND ASSOCIATES Ft. Myers, Fla. Congratulations to the Class of '54 UNIVERSAL GLAD FARMS LORRAINE'S BEAUTY SHOP It Pleases Us To Please You Congratulations 835 First Street Fort Myers, Florida Te,ep,,o,,e 5-4381 Leo W. Englehardt Funeral Service-Ambulance Service Compliments of Air Conditioning SARLO POWER MOWERS Phone 5-l 166 l52l McGregor Blvd. manufactured by Fart Myers Irgn Works Charles E . Engelhardt Fort Myers, Florida Compliments of the Congratulations Seniors PATIO SHOP RAY TIPTON Barber Furniture Co. County Superintendent of Public Instruction i322 Cleveland Ave. Congratulations to the class of '54 SUPERIOR GREENBRIER GLAD FARMS Compliments SEVEN-UP BOTTLI NG COMPANY 8- ARDADE CIGAR S TURE Heard Edwards McGregor Goldsmith Sporting Goods GEORGE WHEATON Fishing, Tackle Wheel 8. Frame Alinement 418 Cleveland Ave. Fort Myers, Fla Phone 4-3011 HOME SUPPLY SUPREX MORGAN RADIATOR SERVICE McGregor Blvd. at Altamont Western Meats Expert Repairing The Largest Varieties ln i' Fresh Fruits And Vegetables 1900 Lee St. Fort Myers, Fla. Domesflc and lmpoffed Canned Goods Phone 5-4561 Phone 21196 Free Delivery DIXIE MOTOR COMPANY Second and Anderson at Heitman Telephone 2-1103 Fort Myers, Florida TRADE WINDS RESTAURANT Breakfast - Lunch - Dinners Fountain Service "Fine Foods from friendly folks" Best Wishes THE FURNITURE MART New and Used Furniture 8. Appliances Cor. Second St. 81 Evans Ave. Ft. Myers Phone 2-6091 Congratulations Class of '54 CITY FISH MARKET Anderson and Thompson Streets Phone 5-0571 "Visit the Liars ' Club at TARPON TACKLE and PAINT SHOP Fort Myers Beach Estero Blvd. Phone 3-2724 Compliments of FT. MYERS TRANSIT LINES, INC. AND YELLOW CAB CO. Compliments of Parkers Book Store Office Equipment and Supplies Books and School Supplies Royal Typewriters 2233-35 Hendry St. Phone 2-343I M. H0 516 fill! Department Store "The Ladies' Trading Place" 1016 First Street Phone 2-8491 BUCK AND GENE'S MARKET Groceries "' Meats ' Vegetables PAUL WEATHERLY ELECTRIC CO. Kelvinator WE DELIVER Wiring Repairs Phone 5-4861 1202 Cleveland Ave. 1000 Watts 1410 KC. SNACK DRIVE 'IN WMYR Bee and Bill Naylor Fort Myers Phone 5-1175 Short Orders - Sandwiches Music-News-Sports 2200 Heitman St. Dial 2-8361 Dedicated to serving Southwest Florida Congratulations to the Senior Class From SATCHELL'S LAUNDRY MACDONALD'S SHOE STORE lII3 First Street Complimems of Phone 4-230i Ft. Myers, Fla. WELDRITE WELDING WURKS, INC Expert Welding and Machine Work PALMLAND HOTEL COURT Union and Hendry Street Appreciates YOU Ft. Myers, Fla. Congfqtulqfigng Candies - Gifts - Cards fo 1-he Next to Edison Cafeteria Class of '54 809 First Street Fort Myers, Florida FT, MYERS ARMATURE WORKS PRESS PRINTING AND PUBLISHING CO. Compliments of Commercial Printers ED ANDERSON Phone 4-4I4i Collier Arcade AUTOMOBILE PAINTING Congratulations, Seniors EVANS-PARK INC. 1025 First Street Phone 5-5321 FOXWORTHY FURNITURE CO. "Quality and Service" Ft. Myers, Fla. Phone 5-231 1 GILAN AUTO SUPPLY Corner of Anderson and Hendry Phones 5-1101, 5-1102 Automotive parts and Equipment Jobbers THE MARSHE Exclusive Styles First Street NORDSTROM 8: WOODRUFF Motor Sales We Sell the Best 8. Junk the Rest 801 Cleveland Ave. YOUNG 'HARVEY Funeral Directors 200 Cleveland Street Dial 2-1191 Fort Myers 24 Hr. Ambulance Service HQ GLUCKMAN Jeweler I026 First Street SUdd9n Service Ft. Myers, Fla. ROYAL PALM PHARMACY DARWIN N. WHITE Insurance and Real Estate Fort Myers, Fla. "Everything Insurable, Insured" 35 Patio De Leon P. O. Box I809 Ft. Myers, Fla. Compliments of EMMETT KELLY Compliments of Grower Packer Shipper of White Dove Brand 11. w. Ireland, nismrimmtr Congratulations to Senior Class GULF OIL PRODUCTS R. G. wick, Simpson Concrete Products Best Wishes From INTER-COUN TY TELEPHONE 1"E'X H INTER-COUNTY X TELEPHONE I 5,-I 8: TELEGRAPH COMPANY "Serving Southwest Florida" SANDERS BROTHERS TIRE COMPANY 1221 Cleveland Ave. Phone 5-2351 Compliments of LEE COUNTY METAL and ROOFING CO. Compliments of STRAUSBAUGH'S Home of Television Congratulations to the Class of '54 JAMES B. ROBERTS Tax Collector Builders Hardware Plywoods PARKVIEW SUNDRIES Time Tried Dependability THE UNDERWOOD SHOP W.W. STEWART 1321 Lafayette Street Pharmacist Fort Myers, Florida Fort Myers, Fla. Built-in Cabinets Phone 5-3791 2041 Hendry St. Dial 4-1441 BILMART BUCK'S DRIVE-IN Specializing in Chicken, Steaks 8. Chops Sandwiches Mr. and Mrs. O'Mueller A LA CART RESTAURANT Italian Spaghetti-Steaks Soups-Chowders-Seafoods Sandwiches McGregor Blvd. 300 Yards South City Limits Ft. Myers, Fla. Seminole Paints Phone 4-4214 SNYDER'S PAINT 8- HARDWARE STORE Paints-Hardware Fishing Tackle Plumbing Supplies Compliments of ELI WITT CIGAR CO. Palm Beach Blvd. Tice, Fla. gg, S pw fi T Zi REAVES A Compliments Paint and Electric THRIFTY DRUGS 841 First St. Cor. Main 8. Hendry Sts. Ft. Myers, Fla. Fort Myers, Florida 5-0331 "o 55,,,,,,Mnrf Dial 2-8391 lllll21mir1Mooffil' A KI NZIE 'S ROSE GARDE NS Florist Corsages, Cut Flowers 63 E . Second St. Phone 5-2421 Your T. V. Headquarters WILBUR MARTINDALE 1110 First Street FORD 'S F LOWE RS Flowers for all occasions Phone Night 25311 Phone Day 50161 1119 First St. Ft. Myers, Fla. It's Summey's for Music Musical Instruments Sheet Music 8. 8. Teaching Studios Records Pianos 2024 Hendry St. Phone 54141 SUMMEY'S MUSIC DAN WILBANKS FARM SUPPLY Bob McCollough, Mgr. 23 '! 221f .. -f 32.33 .HQ 'ff 809 Cleveland Ave . Fort MYe"5f Flo' f 1 -John Deere Tractors- Dicl 2-H35 Congratulations fo Class of '54 C""9"""C"l""5 Goss of '54 LEONE'S GEORGE E. ALEN SHOE STORE REXFORD W' Gll'l'lAM Formerly X-Ray Shoe Store STROITRl'?3EAH.TY LEM K, SMAWLEY Realtor THOMAS XLRZEMQEJQSH' CROW 917 First Street Fort Myers, Flo was-37 PALM BEACH al.vo:PHoNs: 4-4217 Fort Myers, Florida CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '54 LEE COUNTY BANK Compliments of MOODY BROTHERS Green's Fuel Gas Service Phone 2-1186 Ft. Myers, Fla. Compliments Of MODERN CLEANERS Bring your Camera Troubles To Cameras 8. Gifts DEALERECTION SERVICE John Deal, Owner Expert House Moving Erecting or Removing Poles Stack, Towers Derrick Truck for Heavy Lifting Trees Topped or Removed . Phone 4-2331 Night 5-6631 Fil Igjgiit itll: 863 Anderson Fort Myers, Fla. Phone - 5-6983 DANIELS BROTHERS BOAT WORKS Boat Builders and Designers 53 E. First St. Phone 2-8331 Ft. Myers, Florida Congratulations Class of '54 J. C. PENNEY'S 1005 First Street Phone 2-7461 Ft. Myers, Fla. DOUGLASS-CHAMBERS INC . Best Wishes for Your Success Scltslillzggstols BORDEN'S DAIRY Town Beach 2211 B d E Bl d Division of The Borden Co. Ft. Myers, Fla. Phone gg Iggy Phojjrg-2623 Sanibel Island Congratulations to Class of '54 D. Z Fafabee Clerk of Circuit Court 'EL ll Bn-fm-ls l ' ' ' 1- ,n r fn- as ligne ., E- .3 R 1 4 ' wil flfill ' .lg :Haig l' R 21 :fr 1 CZ? Exit Q '-7 .c , 252 ' T fa - , 5 giwl V' FORT MYERS BEACH GUS KELLY Radio-Televisions Sales and Service ll22 Cleveland Ave. Phone 5-432l Compliments of MACK'S MAR KET Home of Good Meats l5 South Cleveland Ave. Phone 5-5391 THE SHE LL FACTORY WorId's Largest Dealers i Shells 8. Coral 5 mi. Free Admission Home of the Famous Branham Shell Museum n Compliments of N' of Edison .B'lde9e'R'e' 4' FORT MYERS ElREMEN's aus, :Nc I FUQCJKE F000 STGRES C JJ V V There's one in your neighborhood Our stores are filled with merchandise bought on a direct mass purchase plan which cuts out some of the middle man's profits and enables us to sell from manufacturers, roducers and rowers, direct to ou, the consumer at P 9 Y low prices. Owned and Operated By Your Neighbor Al's Super Market, North Ft. Myers Dial 5-7041 Bob's Grocery, Punta Gorda, Fla. Phone 83 Edison Pork Grocery 801 Cleveland Ave. Dial 5-6521 Home Supply Store 1215-17 First St. Dial 2-1196 J. C. Sapp and Sons 1902 Cranford Avenue Thompson's Red Front, Fort Myers Beach Phone 2-2691 Tice Super Market, Tice, Florida Fred Veal Grocery 1140 Victoria Ave. Dial 2-7201 Carlos Bay Food Center, Fort Myers Beach, Fla. Phone 3-3801 Best Wishes Seniors HENDERSON HARDWARE "Just Hardware" 1109 Anderson Avenue JOHN W. SHULTZ Box 982 Ft. Myers, Fla. Phone 4-0151 Pure Oil CAROLINE FLOWER Compliments of CHRIST FOR THE WORLD TABERNACLE FARMS INTERDENOMI NATIONAL 1315 Broadway You Are Welcome T. A. Draughon A. H. Draughon Jr. Tice, Florida Congratulations Congratulations To Class of '54 OGDEN ELECTRIC SERVICE Ft. Myers To The Class of '54 THE TOM TUCKER STUDIO HA'ruRAL co R P IEIIIIITIHIEASTEIR o o 4 o ' I 9 FIorida's oldest and largest bottled gas distributors Fort Myers West Palm Beach Naples Tampa Miami g. 1 1 M 5 Q W ,Q is . ,J We ' 1' 5 kg . Lv CHARM BEAUTY SHOP 1618 McGregor Blvd. Phone 5-2301 For Complete Laundry 8. Cleaning Service E it I Call I QUALITY LAUNDRY 8- CLEANERS - Ft. Myers Naples Bird Legs Phone 5-3521 Phone 2-5371 'R BLEMKE PLUMBING CO. Plumbing and Appliances Kresky Duo-Therm Oil Burning Heaters 1017 Union St. Dial 5-5531 Compliments of EDISON CAFETERIA 801 First Street FRANKLIN HARDWARE CO. Corner First and Broadway Fort Myers, Fla. The Prettiest Beach Wear in Florida At The GULF VIEW SHOP Ft. Myers Beach, Flo. Win Ellis Earl Williamson Air-Conditioned Best of Luck SNACK HOUSE Seniors Restaurant-Bake Shop-Delicatessen BE LK- Ll NDSEY CO . Open 7 Days a Week Collier Arcade Dial 1100 First St. Dial 5-0461 Fort Myers, Florida 5-7411 Compliments of C. F. "CLlNT" SMITH Compliments of BONITA FISH 81 POULTRY Fred W. Peed Get Compliments of VIC SIMMERS The And The TEXACO DEALERS SEALTEST ICE CREAM Milk-Cream-Ice Cream SOUTHERN DAIRIES Best 1105 Anderson Avenue Ph. 5-1132 179 E. First Street Phone 4-0161 Res. 5-6233 TOM'S AUTO SALES Packard Willys Authorized Dealer Sales And Service Tom Forehand Fort Myers, Florida Owner-Manager Compliments Of A. M. KIDDER 8. CO. Member N. Y. Stock Exchange 915 First St. Dial 5-1118 WOOD 8. COLCORD, INC. Realtors "' lnsurors Appraisers 804 First Street Phone 4-2391 BOB DEAN'S WELDING SERVICE Machine Shop-Boiler Repair Portable Oxy-Actylene and Electric Welding Steel Supplies-Mill Supplies Phone 2-1133 1323 Anderson Ave. Fort Myers. Florida Best Wishes To The Class of '54 I J. W. GOODE CO. Studebaker Soles and Service Fort Myers, Florida MELLO CREAM Wide Variety Of Ice Cream First St, At Marion St. FRIZZELL LUMBER CO. Complete Line of Building Material 616 Railroad Street Ft. Myers, Fla. Compliments of CALOOSA MARKET, INC. Groceries 8. Meats 1f2 Mile North of Edison Bridge Ft. Myers, Fla. Phone 5-6691 Compliments of Andy self mr. Oldsmobile Sales and Service , , f , ? "3 Used Cars 601 First St. Fort Myers, Flo. Fcrmoll "The Name You Know in Farming" SOUTH FLORIDA MOTOR COMPANY Fort Myers 8. lmmokclee J. "Wes" Rumsey, Pres. Ft. Myers lmmokolee Dial 57561 Tel 2121 .. -- BETTY 8. TOM'S Fruit 8. Gift Shop First 8. Carson Phone 58971 Compliments of a mond CLEANERS Telephone 4-2111 . 1021 Anderson Ave-. I. THE ANSWERS Q Sunshine Service does so X much...costs so QM lt's the Biggest Bargain ogampmww. K in the household budget! ?,,,-Q FLORIDA POWER 8. IIGIIT COMPANY slDNEv DAVIS MEN'S SHOP LEED'S SHOE STORE 1024 First sf. 2211 Hendry Ft, Myers, Fla. Phone 56531 Phone 40481 Johnny Malone Mgr. Compliments of TAMIAMI GRILL 7 1 o B I RT S 17 v Hamburgers Hot Dogs Fountain Swiss Short Orders zl:,R1QH3':::?Ffg:f:A 1000 Cleveland Ave. Phone 2-456l BROWN'S STUDIO Jock and Wilma Brown Photographs and Photo Finishing llll First Street Ft. Myers, Fla. Dial 5-8361 Cameras and Supplies "Photograph is 0 Priceless Possession" I a sm Q ,:E., zijn .. I .4-r' l Qi. '?'. .2 if-va-',,-, 4.1 'tg 1: . eap ig ix- ff Kr ui nv.-fx ff! L I 'S f f -.PI wr' N YL- ' -f-fra! 2' x s S xx Nm: 5, ,. . Kfx 42 'if u 3 .- 'Vs J", x' Wa I 'git 3? . . f M X . gf 3 -1 Q ' ' ! fpf' J fl g g . ""1-Alu: , 'k 1 "' , Q. , W ' ,k V,, H km ,hx 'Q HdIliV1'A .li X , 3 X Q Q ' 'lhf' ' .FS L -: Ll fi. WN I A N mf- ,.... ki ... +1 'M Q55 4' X . x KJ xkk , " 5 , ,, Q' A V, 1 V 742' Q. I 'fx Q ' I ,Qin 1 3 V , ,,,, , Af v ,mug ,f"" , , , 4 Z ' Q " , . G ',,,' V, , ,1 Q, fr . 179 enior Q' 25 A y f-1 f J 4 rr Q , ' F' .sf ,v .,,,4l..'-ov5.A imp, ., , 92 .., M94 w' . , , , W-mum: 1-,.-,.1.....!m, Nw.,-.-. X-.2 1 .A MM' .-,- Q -,., vw, K . .L .. M N -..., 1 - . ,. f.. ,www ..,....-. -',.w,,.-, U U- . . f , , . . , . - , .4 . . V ,.'1,.,u ff,..4L-m..m..,.w.n.u w .,"' P" " .. , .li 'N ' y."' .',l M , ' 1. , -' , .-.r' W , .1 L., ', ' ' ' ,-'JL W A- N I . -W. 1, , , ,, .s " , .V r , ,,.!,,yI ,..,x 4 1- ,, -,1 . ,-. , 1 - ,. ,,1,.. .. 1'-1 , , N H -., . ,V v . -, , , x ., Y, ,,,1s.Qf,, , I n.umz:nmmmmuwum.ummnu:l:.u.,n.4,-1:aru'n .- ,n..-X, .umnvn MM- ,. 'H f r- . up H., nf A. :f.,- ..-. '15 ., ' 4 f U... A xi.. , x, , 1 ny M .561 . p -1.1 -.mln A N.. wx . ,Mun .hx -..,.,w.x4:..,nuz.':4aumanasan.n1n.4 nd' .ms YEAR OOKS or 0'-"Un . A.-vi!-nfxwlvnu lm Hwru.-. um,-.,-. ' , . , . , . . ' V.. ,ill 1 ,-ww 'V-fi - V-, -' .w -Aw , M1 11 :.,-.,fM., fn, .1 .,.f,.Q.,+-4--.ww .- ., - - . - . , ., Q . w,m:.-6-1.

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