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X X M EY Kwik OgQxVvK5Q095Vy CQ -5-TQ? if 2 24215 BQJQY Xgrywjkgyywotvgmgggagx v3 if T F xr 'W A b, E-an gwkfwfc Jwyiwg Q36 vi' QL S393 OX QU? g fffcfirfl xp Od My A 696 61 SWR? iff., iv QQ? fa diet? of Q9 ww JS 9 2555? 9? QS I Q3 f VG Wm N V Q jj? NUM "i,SJ5 'Tb f QS avg '09 X . X Ju M , 9 af if W 1 WW 9 W 1 Qxdmfffwdy' mf? QQLQV fb 5 O Eff ,, ' fix Q50 OjifgsfQi93'ii5J igfq ,Q O' 50l5Q1,ffX5fSf 9X6 SE f0f.i3gf'lUD gig? X N33 . Ei W ED 3 Ssisvkwix gig? 3 QQ fiilijmmw aww E S Sig? ww mwww 332559 E gs Jgfifjjfdjggjjiw 'U"+..Wf1J n --Brvla, " 43 Eg E O? ' W Q '- X mlm- 'J hAC,,NkxiQ54X,xX Jw 3'JLLxJWM0LJQJ2 X X 'D L5 GQ I H K Wkiankg ,,yix,Rgg,f,rf4KjQiM, aj, L P , Mcf. f?,AN :,1,4xwU,V.5'! Vfliykfgf j W G5 6 Ljfiigfzipw W gf Quay? f Qfsf1i,fVi?9f,f3X9 if QQ Q ww Vx f 99 5' C i' NLQ, OA My X0 04" qp"'9'f afwffl Y' 062109 14" CUNY 4 5ZC"fLw'1" Www! 5 UK 4, UL W NWA wfo A if WU Xfieiwfkffv W W wg: wi do qwxaxbolivp Uh Tammy ocfrl og 2651+ 154005 7 Ikvjfagpf of-+Q!0-104.1 704, ax, fff"!fg6c,1l'fff- -fhwv . Lcfbf-Q 01 fS0h,L , .Z-kGyf-fi 124 fha F,+af1 Lat. af ' W bccof-,Q Eff-f"flef Ftf-,'ef4-eff. 4X7e.?c',QOh if 4 7L FCP-149. OJ' 'zz hi fz.f,,7,4,Q LDJMLP .1- 7145.M 016755 05 17975-79 t. Jlfiergan J-lign 5eneel Morgan, Gelerade X I 7145714 016755 07 0rgrznizntiens . . 7145714 016755 09 , 5,eerts ...... . . Maia mem owes os mem Ozefss os 5tnetent lfife . . 13 Advertisements 75 41145714 016755 0? 7145714 016755 0? 5lnsses .... 85 ,flenelernies . . 137 , .F 'Q 1 ,. - giwg 1 l ., gm v if " k 1 ffjfff, A,,,., r VL , . I - K: , -,,g.f,,, . ,-g,.-,, , . ,.-, ,H 'If ,Q ,-f- 1- A -,,-f 54435 fi I. ,J K T, -QQ." fri' ' .. . T.. ,,- ,k,. H11 K. :V ,f. 3 WAV V g EJ ' f ai? K'A Q T i k an "i:ff 2 f5 : ' - n s uk. I fy L, ' ff, 3 .V K . l hw It -it . V . Q. ..,.., .. L K. -- :Mb . yf dim ff' Fi. '3 . T. is V V -S Al if ' X A 5 ' " We V -4 i' Wi riif, C Q ff .affirm --' ri Jqsfns Q' V g if . Qs-" ,-,- y I , 1 A ,, Q U f X 'N The Senior Class of "79 dedi- cates this Pacemaker to Mr. Fred Chandler. Mr. Chandler grew up in Fort Morgan and received his B.A. de- gree from Colorado State Col- lege, now the University of Northern Colorado. His first teaching assignment was at Fort Lupton High School where he taught chemistry. He returned to Fort Morgan and taught science at the Junior High for ten years. In 1976 he began teaching chem- istry at Fort Morgan High School. The Student Body of Fort Mor- gan High School takes this oppor- tunity to say thank you to a won- derful teacher and friend. We like you, The Way You Are! A cg 9 23. 4 MEMORIES 7 W f ,ugm 0164753 Hgh, ,, z the earners of my Ilflllfld - , .. i f if QU l ' 'f "NA '. if f ' ' , xkk LVIL: in If H yjif ff. LD V , V s v Ktawf- fwfqz 5 4 .1 q Em.u.,...iEQ MEMORIES , . MU fx QV' be 9 Tracy does her "cover up" act! :NNN .mu A new way to serve tea? : fj+-gg Q psig, , Q' """Qf 1 92 '25 S 'Z 5 tw up M -.. ....- . , ,f' ff I X I hh What have you been up to now, Rhonda? ,,, OOOOPSU!! It's bath time, Sam! af the Way We were MEMORIES Ieunfi mf :L w Q as 1 M w Win if S L ,U- f - .wm- 4 13 ilk ,ffwfm-is ,F , "' .. 5 1-fx ' R 5 2? if T 'Z 4 fif M is C5 f Vw. mm, 1 , '32 f1-, I k gr. 1 5 -T ,L ,. i . -s . , 'V 2, . Q. W w ,eww K 5 Im M W, , V. .A 2 v K ,-,JJ1 ,mil Ffh, 4, -- rfggi K ,ggi E s.. FF 9 5. 1 .NZ " ,, T, 5 iz-win .M 'W' N- --E3 5 A ,W W A 1 4 QW' .- Walter Jones was "Susan" for a day. Tom, the Rock 'n Roll star! x J 54, n , , -gl i. -19 a 7, ufrfuld We? could We? rn v if . MEMORIES gin- Nsif' 03 C 9 w E :J .fgwk Q ,Q N My ,UM N 1 .3 ,az , Pv 5 F' K if Q: 'W i M f""" 'wax .V V , 'W L . M w M" af' v .Aff ' 'lik gg. A vs- S s... 'S--........,.,,q . K --NSN-.J 1' .N--E ,f'w Mm . sg, 75? Mzvzsf 'aiiifun 3 in 531' 4 WY 'WM im '3 Nm' g .X -'ix X 'x 'L'- 4 6 ,fr 5 L , 1 1 X x ig- X .,,,,,, wx Q Q.. -Q., :ig -qi i i iq.- Ill .4-1' -ei- lull ,. ,Q lf': .. ,,.,...--"' 2' ,I xNW assi xg .. 'x g 'ni Q, X in. Q .ni -Q-1.-"1' ii' fi.. "Wllllllllll Wlllllill 3 -v" ss.:-5 ll ll ""'0"1lua.,u,, Mm"""MMf-'-2"wf".g E ..-1 ,.:'-3 ,.....--a 5 .-w 3 X 3 ' ' 'f fqfj 'ml ' ff yy ff "' " 1 f ,A ' I"""l ' " I WI J I w gf, , gi JOIN Q ly N If l, K f ' ... V M" , ' , 1 H UW II 'Im N? W me l '44,','n",hp'p'm'u,V, M1' WH Q'r"w" aww NWN 4' W JL, 'g " f " ' I' 'Mil' ll" "" IM" gf 'A 'W ' 1' m H fl' M Hwy!! Plum' N I' N NM N 2' nn I' 'f' "Wi ' S H ll ' i , 56+ , 1v.211,4 " ff5f??! " iz' 4 , ""f""" ,2'QQif,i5 Iiiiiifgfffiy n-'ff'---mm 5 ww 'I , ' I is Q I 5 2 , 'Vw Ilmu' iii Qiigiiii T ' . ' ' 4 'H 1' ' In wc' rw' wl .IN ' I' ' gm ' 'll Pu ' 'Ik "' """' ' NU M L 4 " 'I' 'I inrw . W M NX NWS X WW QW vkwwwxt JJ 1 f ' 1 M ' i"lf ' - ' 1' x., f 'A' , J any . J A . ' W In ' .. , A 3 V I f 'F 4 . ""' -' A , Q "f 'L rn, .A '-41 , .mp- , 1 4. ,R 'af t , ' .:.. 1, ' ,Q 'wi xi, , 5 i x41,:, Q7 V. iqaxyyii. X JF. .1 X I I Q. .4-.X w Y Xgkwltrd ... Y ' Ag K M1 8 , , 'L fi, yy 'K ok 53' A U - ,px I wgi 1 ', '45 K .F .T V: ll ag ' Q :mm M 5 ww if - ' it N 'A A V b.g'k ,aw ,Q N, w M, 6 A A ,V , - , .. ff 5 4 .viii-,E sf : r . K I .. W u h fa , W ' ' . -x ' :-bf 'fa ,f .- , 4513. ' ' 'ei 1' M V' ' Sm' X ' X' - h M, .Iwi X' .,- 1 A . , N 0 4, .- ' N Q ' A k I y. ' ' W' ' ' f .V 'I , , 5 W A I P V ei Q 'fl 4 fp 1 X . I, 'K H' - - fi o ll ,., 4 is ,Nl ' Q Y-.' ' .-. A: , if 'F ' 1 QQ- U , . ' , . ff. qv- . -. .f 25" , ' if nf' '- . A , - ' ' . . A K ,gn nf, V ,A nz: V ff-.f',w 1 .,.,. ' r ,l 'YY 4, xx s 1 dyed Zia Quai if 0, 'P First Place: Spirit Club Float . Sparks of Homecoming '78 Second Place: Student Council Float ..........- n-v--""" Leuermen at Work! Refreshments Anyone? .gen-Wen-big lf' is Q2f,4,aA,A,i,i HOMECOMING 'Quan New dance class girls? Spirit week introduced Homecom- ing. Every day was filled with activi- ties to get the student body involved. "Switch Day" proved to be exciting as a few of the fellows appeared dressed as raving beauties. Thurs- day, the third annual carnival was held followed by the bonfire and snake dance. The parade floats fol- lowed the theme "Seasons in the Sun". Latin Club was especially clever using "Caesars in the Sunw for their float. Homecoming proved to be a memorable week for all. Concentrating on "her" studies The fiwiflg beauties Of FMHS K Theresa, ridin' high! L00k at those legs! SGW' ,E r 9 . . 5 c 17 a HOMECOMING 'Zia PQQMVL4 076 Qld Memories of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter were sketched in our minds as the "Seasons in the Sun" were depicted in various scenes at the Homecoming Dance held Oc- tober 7, 1978. Morgan High Singers performed a few numbers before the crowning of the Queen. They concluded their performance with, "You Make Me Feel Brand New". As the band "Connection" finished the final song, the memories would be trea- 1' X f J.: " :f?L jf? sured forever. E 4 T Vx 1 I "' ' il' xy'-'--1 " 'yy Christie rei ns as Queen I. 4 - a, Y, gr W g We 5' if , , Q ,. Yu Nl 4,4 1' 2-fit '-a..,,.., How Sweet it is! Come on in and Enjoy! Z 0 5? Q 13 HOMECOMING lg... 5 ,W 5 MZ? Z7 fQwfafm N4 Snowman in the commons? I could've danced all night! A trip down memory lane 19 HOMECOMING :5g?'vw4-v:1Wg l'r'P"-ef--2-we 5:5 i 1 I ii!-i .,4'f av' is f LT' "'lsq. lt isn't everydav we have a helicopter in the parking lot. OJ. and Curt tie offthe left aorta to the right ventri cle -' QA V xg, GA 4 . . KL 4" ,, W 2 ' ff, K H., 'V M' ls this called puppy love, Christie? Robin Weber demonstrating how he makes his straight A's. .qpvv-fwqgpg E v ws. 4 20 2 INSIDE Acrivmss law ZQ -up-.'.........,,,,m ,.T,,: : 1,1 Hifi? " 1 i-ii W' ,W Danny's "On the job training." WOW! Would you look at him!! F .ug - ', " X 1+ f 2. Q 1 5.1, i ,f 1 W i g ,, , 5' ,s 4 ' ' ,- if X f K, . X -' W FQ 5 x ,f,, ooo o Q " X P he is qi , Do you get A's in this class, Wayne? Penny guards the cash box with all her life! NEWT' ":'Yjj? 6' 'Q INSIDE ACTIVITIES fiihssmmixii FMA Jam Students will not only have memo- ries of school activities they partici- pated in but they will also have memories of activities that went on out of school. As these pages show, there was a wide variety of activities and many students found them quite rewarding. George spins kitties legally. I' l,5.Im I " K ,. . -.Lt,'i"' A, m I 4 OUTSIDE ACTIVITIES Alan Tadolini was a high school champion. W ft Q , ,V ' "f, V M, Q, ' , I I Y ' '41 't-f' I ...Wa an-. I .Qmfwedm fi , xxx .-f fi? 21 Q A new addition to Mr, Ponei-'S lawn? Lynn Gertge was the recipient of a 4-H trip to Chicago. vv-AV' ' Q if I vw 1- , M we I ici fi 4,359 . 3., If I Q Wi 0 I'i if I Penny Kembel was the 1978 Snow Queen. Deb, Gail, and Barb, caught in the act. - F OUTSIDE ACTIVITIES iar.a.A.I-fs? 23 .qpwre why E' 'G Z f Sllwf XQQZZWM f. 'm.u.,."""I 'G-Q.. - ,.. Mwwwmg fri-2 , 2. lik? H 'iii' y Pb- t wa if 'lg' 2 . 5 L 3, K' J stir. of .l-4 CAST OF Ll'L ABNER Li'l Abner- Jeff Karas Daisy- Jamie White Marryin' Sam- David Kyncl Mammy Yokum- Margie McKie Moonbeam McSwine- Miki Keenan Appassionata von Climax- Jamie Walbye Stupefyin' Jones- Robyn Lutz Maid Penny Kembel Maid ill Lisa Wiemer Maid Q32 Sherry Bassett Earthquake McGoon lohn Schoeneck Pappy Yokum Greg Preston Available Jones Jay Johnson General Bullmoosc John Blocdorn Evil Eye Fleagle Adm Trujillo Senator Phogbound Bob Sausaman Lonesome Polecat Justin Stone Dr Smithborn Tad Green Dr Krogmeyer Kelly Stone Dr Schief1t7 Rick Knopp Dr Fmsdale Matt Deal Romeo Scragg Robert Hughes Clem Scragg Jim Raine All' Scragg Gary Fisher Hairless Joe Fred Deffenbaugh Colonel Justin Elscntch Speedy MeRabbit Kelly Stone Secretaries LeAnn Sorensen Karen Everett and Wendy Kembe y I Dog Patch Wives- Annette Johnson, Donna - E 1 l Y Ch you shouldn't have! ,. X35 mam Wickham LaJean Carwin Tammy Zambo and Sue Mason Man Montl White Dogpatchers and Chorus Colleen Troudt Donna Duvall Crystal Zwetng Lynn Gertge Ruth Henderson Bobbie Happel Diane Mavis Nancy Weber and Wilda Thomas Student Directors Gretchen Hume md Rene Orth fifty Muscle Men - Lance Hochanadle, Jim Colgan, Sina Mobasheri, Doug Fillingham, Phil Dalke. Husbands - Brad Dilli, Howard Crandall, Gary Canfield, John Warfeli, Jeff Ayers. Directors - Mr. Andrus, Mr. Powell. Mr. Schenk, Mr. Overton, and Mr. Ware. 1 .a 24 Zigakiiqrj M U S l C A L FWHS Wa! L ,Z Typical high school romance. -N, ww Q' ' ,,. , , ff '- if J, ' 3 A Duh ... What was my line if FIRST ROW-Steve Samuels, Paul Krengel, Dan Overton, Vicky Jimenez, Becky Rogers, Theresa Bauer. SECOND ROW-Kay Minne, Kassy Hoffman, Lori Wilson, Sherry Bol- lacker, Kelly Herbst, Stuart Taylor, Gail Ruhl. THIRD ROW-Chris Nunez, Val Hoff, Kaye Yearous, Donna Weber, Cheryl Leb- sock, Annette Marick, Tia Price. FOURTH ROW-Alan Henson, .Ion Karas, Brad Schaeffer, Tammy Winkler, Sally Aldrich, Tony Gomez, Eliseo Faz, Tim Bowles, Mark Young and Mr. Overton. 'I u' 2 25 s MUSICAL 'zig,,,.,L.g3j .qpvu f:-75,1 .E-, .fi EW FLAVOR FOR THE ONE-ACTS In February the community of Fort Morgan had the opportunity to hiss the villians, cheer on the heroes, and cry for the poor heroines, when the Thespians presented their melodramatic one-acts. The night started with "Alias Smedley Pewtree," a hilarious melodrama, where the villian and the hero did a quick reversal role. Then there was the extremely talented intermission show, filled with dancing, music and laughter. And last but not least was "The Perils of Priscilla," a melodrama based on the adventures of an innocent school teacher. The one-acts were done primarily for enjoyment since the one-acts were not a major money making project for the Thespians. The actors and actresses involved agreed that it was a totally different flavor from what had been presented in the past. 1 l T J , rw 1 e 1- .F " T fe. ,.,,fgf, L to R, BACK ROW: Miss Tyler, Sherri Bartz, Priscilla, Gail Ruhlg Harlowe Starbuck, Matt Deal, Becky, Andrea Mandcsg Director, Margie McKieg FRONT ROW: Jenny, Tammy Holden, Frcckles, Tad Green, Smedley Smidgin, Justin Stone. ag Fupgq. Barber Shop Quartet, L to R: Justin Stoncg David Kyncl, Jay Johnson, Bob Sausaman, Also performing were the Morgan High Singers. :tw GQ Stage Crew, L to R: Jennifer Wintcrsg Jay Johnson, Margie McKic Sponsor, Mr. Powell. L to R, BACK ROW: Piano Player, Jay Johnsong Little lrving, Bob Sausamang Moustache Agnes, LeAnn Sorensong Assayer, Ricky Knoppg Director, David Kynclg Preacher's Widow, Tammy Zambog Constance LaFoon, LaJean Carwing Mysterious Old Flowerwoman, Lynn Gertgeg FRONT ROW: Rock Quarry, Lance Hochanadclg Goldie, Miki Keenang Smedley Pewtree, John Bloedorn. avr' my t 25 3 illh..,..AliQ ONE ACTS and besides l still have to do the laundry. awgfag gli Everyone cringed to the tails of Kit Beecher, the snakemun. iq RW' - Ted Hunt shows Les how to meet thc world. 3 iif tetth. eii 4 Bob Markworth shows his marksmunship. Sharing with the public the many aspects and importance of health was the purpose of the first annual School Health Fair presented by high school and junior high health stu- dents. The students in groups of three or four chose topics of interest to them and individ- ually researched those topics. Each group was responsible for creating a booth to share their information with the public. Even though the weather was bad the fair was a tremendous success. lfl i"'CICQs, 'i ls. ASSEMBLIES MEMOIRES, MEMGRIES 'wwmww 5 28 3 3fh..s...r3f EXCHANGE STUDENTS I came to America to experience a new way of life and I didn't think I was going to find such a different country. By being a student in this school, I learned a lot about the American scholastic system. I was surprised mostly by the effective role that stu- dents can take in the school govern- ment QStudent Councilj and by the fact that sports are so well attended and supported by a majority of stu- dents. I also met new friends with differ- ent ideas, new friends with different goals . . . that made me think of my own goals. Well, I enjoyed very much my stay in Ft. Morgan this year. It allowed me to discover a country and its peo- ple. I think it has been a really great opportunity for me to be an ex- change student. -Magali Guffroy By spending a year in America, I have a completely different life style. In Australia the seniors are re- quired to do a minimum of five and one half hours study on week days, and eight hours on the weekend. For this reason our senior year is all work and no play, which seems to be dif- ferent from here. Melbourne, the city in which I live, has a population of two and one half million people, and is seated right on the banks of the sea. Until coming here I had never heard of dragging Main, and skiing had been a far away dream because of the lack of mountains in Australia. People seem more friendly here, as when people hear the strange accent they like to talk to me. -Stuart Taylor MINNER, MEMORIES I think that Ft. Morgan is a nice town. At home in Norway I live in the capital, Oslo, with 500,000 peo- ple, so there is a big difference for me to come to a small town like this. I am really enjoying my stay here, and I'll get a lot of memories to take home. The biggest difference between here and my home, I think, is dating. At home we are more in a group of friends. We do not go out just a boy and a girl alone together as much as you do. Either we go out as a bunch together, or we have a party at home. I like the way you have it because it is different compared to what I am used to, but I also like what we do at home, because it gives us a chance to have more friends. Thanks to everybody for letting me stay here. -Annette Johnson The people in Germany are so much like the people here. The land in Germany is so beautiful, even the bark on the trees is green. One really big difference is the language they speak. Some of the people in Germany still think of the West in America as Cowboys and Indians. They like to think Indians still live in teepees and are not yet civilized. Teenagers are just like teenagers here. They are very outgoing and de- pend very much on peers. They don't go to church as much as here, the churches are mostly full of elder peo- ple. When I arrived in Germany, I thought they had some really weird styles of clothing, but when I came home those same styles were here. Germany is really a great country. At times I felt I was really at home. Germany is a great place to visit. -Dawn Baumgartner ffsvffcwf F 9 I 2 s EXCHANGE STUDENTS .aeasifa gssfiieiiif. aeissssszis 255525255522 51525151 15:55 :g:5:fE3E:5 Eiigiigiri 5351532252 iffffififili ,.,, ,,,, M.-.,.. ,.-.?.-:I .-1+:-HA: biwgz- gs:-f--,-, 1--ws: 121155: sszaszrar 1-21215424-1-1---:. -1321552-. 'IIEEIQSE' 1:-2114 22544 'Giga 5412? 5-:g:g:-:4.-1-: :':ff: -E'-:-25:-1-'-:-34: ",-:-:"4Xf2o": :YxZ3: 5? ?:f"' 9"4 g:g3f9EaP azkezwms: fixiigiif IIlllB3 IIlllBS CLUBS 3' ORGANIZATIONS qf,,.m4.i,g 315171 ""6lW ,a v 16 'cqfiwv-'f:q5,z 5' 'Q r 32 H ctive iw ""' 1' fs fv'ij'g, i f W t 0 t Jeff collects bucks from a saddened loser. Money making projects dominat- ed the M-Club's schedule this year in order to purchase something for the future athletes of F.M.H.S. The wheel of fortune at the homecoming carnival produced many frustrated losers but it did achieve its purpose, raising money for the club. Another goal that the club worked on was to get the "Orange Crush Broncos" to come play a benefit basketball game at the school. A conference with Mr. Blachly. s. .g. 'Zin-www ORGANIZATIONS Officers: Deb Cimaglia, Greg Fisher, Randy Price, and Shirley Smith, 1 1. 1 r FIRST ROW: Brian Lampe, Stan Doty, Rusty Kelim, Dave Knaub, Lance Hochanadle, Mike Howell, Tom Dodge, Lawane Luckett, Deb Cimaglia, Randy Price. SECOND ROW: Kevin Fergus, Jack Knaub, Stan Rogers, Bob Sausaman, Wendell Wheeler, Greg Fisher, Shirley Smith, Allan Goetz, Roger Trujillo. THIRD ROW: Alan Teeters, Dan Lehman, Jeff Scheidt, Joe Dun- ning, Keri Porter, Pam Dietz, Sue Raine, Barb Burkett, Eileen Menken, Delton Hyatt, Mr. Blachly. FOURTH ROW: Ernie Rodarte, Don Ostwald, J.B. Whatley, Steve Scheneman, Connie Pagel, Linda Dodge, Mary Sprawka, Sally Aldrich, Nancy Weber, Becky Rogers, Deb Beauprez. FIFTH ROW: Manuel Sanchez, John Kroskob, John Sandoval, Rick Price, Phil Dalke, Bryan Weimer, Jim Hart, Brian Peterson, Jeff Simmons, John Schomburg, Jim Colgan. owdg Roman FIRST ROW: Gretchen Hume, Kitti Parker, Wendy Kembel, Sherry Bills, Teri Meece, Christie Pullin, Joanne Nukaya, Eileen Menken, Trina Alberta, Raina Hobbs, Gail Ruhl. SECOND ROW: Mary Sprawka, Sherri Kroskob, Betsy McConnell, Crystal Hamann, Terry Hergenreter, Andrea Goodman, Sherri Pflager, Tina Hoffmann, Kim Alles, Laurel Anderson. THIRD ROW: Deb Ziegler, Kerri Pflager, Donna Duvall, LaJean Carwin, Kris Wendell, Janet McDill, Lori Jump, Deb Beauprez, Becky Rogers. FOURTH ROW: Kristi Meece, Kelly Porter, Gloria Nunez, Lori Wilson, Brenda Mikels, Rhonda Wahlert, Keri Wendell, Colleen Troudt, Dawn Baumgartener, Lisa Weimer. FIFTH ROW: Toni Nunez, Judy Nukaya, Deb Cyprian, Annette Hobbs, Lisa Teeters, Susan Smith, Sally Aldrich, Shirley Smith, Keri Porter. SIXTH ROW: Linda Dodge, Natalie Fehringer, Barb Burkett, Jeane Schoemaker, Theresa Vaughan, Deb Cimaglia, Pam Dietz. fr! if N V J IJ ' it ri Quite an assortment of everyday people. Hoss Cartwright lives again! The spirit boosters here in our school again did a fine job in arous- ing action for our athletic teams. The club organized the homecoming spir- it week using new ideas with the more traditional activities. The halls were full of rock and movie stars on "Reach for the Stars" day and a dif- ferent activity was "Switch Day". A few of the fellows were daring enough to appear as the feminine gender. The club also produced the winning float in the homecoming pa- rade, titled "Seasons in the Sun". Z 'Q- xr g J Attention please! Q,'iF""""l5 if 'i 5 33 ORGANIZATIONS vw, an.- Again this year, FBLA was one of FMHS's most active clubs. Acting under a new sponsor, Mrs. Cortez, the club was in charge of the annual Homecoming Carnival, which was most successful in promoting school spirit. Climaxing the year were the con- ference and district competitions held in the spring. All club members competed in some contest with the winners continuing onto the state contest. II' ro4!i'i 4qn!!!n a1,8Q,l4aaQa4i S I "Was it worth going to jail, Lance?" 95. "How's the water, Sherry?" .0 Qhmfg? Q 'nas' ll FRONT ROW-Teri Meece, Kassy Hoffman, Kay Minne, Deb Cimaglia, Gale Eurich, Steve Hall. MIDDLE ROW-Teresa Contreras, Irene Franco, Sherry Bills, Nancy Orth, Martha Hosier. BACK ROW-Sherry Bartz, Lee Pinello, Donna Weber, Gail Thompson, Betsy McConnell, Sherri Kroskob, Rhonda Pankow, Wilda Thomas, Stan Rogers, Suzanna Ledford, 2 34 1 ORGANIZATIONS EZ uninm I FRONT ROW-Drema Dibbens, Cameo Mayes, Jovita Monciviaz, Becky Young, Sandra Reyes, Mary Rodarte. MIDDLE ROW- Jeff Ayers, Kim Brown, Sophia Juarez, Frank Jimenez, Dan Lehman, Stinson Hughley, Joy Solis, Jo Keithline. BACK ROW-Sheryl Ruppel, Debbie Mikels, James Green, Barb Kula, Ken Vick, Teresa Endsley, Jack Adair, Theresa Boatright, David Preisendorf, Kitty Parker, Ken Gilliland, Chris Nunez, Victor Jimenez, Mr. Stadler, , , Ns "Did you find it, Chris?" During the past year, members of the Distributive Education Club gained skills and knowledge to use in the future business world. They were able to prove their skills in contests and on a wide variety of jobs. Mr. Stadler, their sponsor, helped the members to understand the many aspects of on the job training. 1 I ' fa 6 5 "But I don't do windows." I cgi , "Is DECA really that much fun?" 91 6 ORGANIZATIONS ii l l 2 W f 4,4 , I , 1 1 I A major project for Art Club this year was printing T-shirts for other organizations. Club members made the stencils and printed shirts pro- vided by interested students. At Christmas time they generated Christmas spirit by putting up big holiday scenes along the front entry of the High School. MW- ...ri Sc Officers: Kim Weimer, Presidentg John Bloe- dorn, Treasurerg Tammy Rehkop, V. Presi- dentg Lori Westover, Secretary. . 35 limb mail ORGANIZATIONS My 43 ,Y W" Members: FIRST ROW-Sponsor, Mr. Theil, Walter Jones, SECOND ROW-Kris Wendell, Tammy Rehkop, Lori Westover, Lana Westover. Not Pictured-Kim Weimer, Ann Wacker, Lynn Gertge, Chris Hartford, John Bloedorn, Tammy Koffman A ,W r""' S Qi 'ng if Did Picasso start this way? I nl ' Q r 1 iill lu 10 1 VF Officers: Miki Keenan, Points Keeperg John Bloedorn, V. Presidentg Not Pictured- Kim Reichert, Presidentg Lynn Gertge, Secretary. implant Q 1 A Mammy's Yokumberry tonic grew them Thespians tall and tough this year. Members of Thespians have an interest in drama and theater. Ad- mission into the club is gained through a point system. Points being earned by participating in the all-school musical, one-act plays, and the spring drama. The club became more active this year with the assis- tance of the new drama coach, Mr. Powell. They claimed to have set an all time record when they whipped up a float for the Homecoming parade in fifteen minutes. During the year, the clubjoined the national organization of Thespians so they would be able to apply for national scholarships and attend workshops. RM 4 W f f. Members: FIRST ROW-John Bloedorn, Crystal Hamman, Sally Aldrich, Miki Keenan, Jim Terry, Kim Reichert. SECOND ROW-Jeff Karas, Rene Orth, Jay Johnson, LaJean Carwin, Gretchen Hume, Cathy Cave, Margie McKee. THIRD ROW- Mr. Powell, Sponsor. Not Pictured- Lynn Gertge, Roger Trujillo, Dave Kyncl, Tony Anderson. :tif-11'-'msg IC' 5 3'l ORGANIZATIONS 2f,,,,M,.,,i! S 1 10 0 7 'Q ,4 .4 'l A"utu1w'nicult Who taught you how to hammer, Kent? -r,... This year proved to be very busy for the Future Farmers of America. Their activities started off with a slave sale and a calf sale in October. Delegates Deb Gant, Glenn Butter- field, 1975 graduate Steve Lebsock, and sponsor Mr. Buescher attended the national convention in Kansas City. The highlight of the meeting was an address by President Carter. Other activities included a ski trip, stock show, National F.F.A. week, a public speaking contest, Parlimen- tary contest, and county and state fair. The year was successful as nu- merous awards were won both by in- dividuals and the club. as.. .ni ORGANIZATIONS A Ut - .1 5 MB-VQNBS l stef OFFICERS: Doug Baker, V. Pres., Stan Doty, Pres., Glenn Butterfield, Tres., Randy McFarland, Sentinal, NOT PICTURED- Deb Gant, V. Pres., Justin Eisenach, V. Pres., Harry Knaub, V. Pres. fu. FIRST ROW: B. Krehmeyer, D. Baker, M. Marick, H. Knaub, D. Gant, R. Werner. SECOND ROW: T. Carpenter, J. Eisenach, D. Hoffman, V. Krening, R. McFarland, D. Hoffman. THIRD ROW: K. Yearous, D. Abbott, B. Eiring, R. Werner, M. Wilson, C. Christensen, A. Walker, G. Butterfield, MR. Buescher. NOT PICTURED- S. Daylcy, K. Kinzic, R. Hergcnrctcr, K. Pflager, A. Sanchez, B. Traxler, D. LeFever, E. Baltazar, M. Arndt, A. Tadolini, B. Beauprez, G. Blecha, D. Donahue, S. Doty, D. Knaub, G. Lapp. IFHA-Building bolt 0. lietteli . ,W s-f""' ul V FHA members prepare their scrapbook for a contest. tomo now! A major goal of FHA was to break the stereotyped image the or ganization has received. Mrs Squires, the group's sponsor, felt that the club's image was sexist and biased and this resulted in limiting its membership. The main activity of the club was attending seminars dealing with sub jects related to "building for a better tomorrow." L to R: Wendy Kembel, Treasurerg Penny Kembelg Kitti Parker, Presi- dent. rilviri-ici 3 F-ig, 'W-ge 1. .1 . if ts., . Www' H1 5. it S. The girls if 1 L. ' prepare carmel apples for a hungry Mr. Stadler. ORGANIZATIONS vang gaaa a laaclaa . .. vaay gaaa gala llattaa. 4-""f"e ,,,.N-1. E.. k The Don Squad plus one poses with the flag given to FM HS by Congressman .lim Queen candidates help build their own float for Homecoming. Johnson. a lat FIRST ROW: Sherri Kroskob, Sally Aldrich, .lanet McDill, Teri Meece, Christie Pullin, Deb Ziegler, Gemme Grooms, Kent Pllager, Delton Hyatt, Kelly Porter. SECOND ROW: Don Ostwald, Gretchen Hume, Kim Weimer, Trina Alberta, Jamie Walbye. Tracy Gramlich, Colleen Troudt, Donna Duvall, Tony Anderson, Teri Price. THIRD ROW: Mike Yenne, Mr. Madson, Mr. . ' Stern, Mrs, Travis, Mr. Benham, Miss Lind, Mrs. Latta, Mr. Welle. NOT PICTURED: Walter TYP'ca1s0Ph0mo"e5' Jones, Keri Porter, Wendy Kembel, Debbie Beauprez, Eileen Menken, Helen Samuels, Lisa Teeters, Kristie Meece. 'avwfffffe V 40 Eiu.......n1. ORGANIZATIONS E WI 5 The crowd wants MUNCHIES! A typical Tuesday morning meeting showing those who made it before the doors were locked at 7:30. -..M , . Kgvkk .:Q.g,gnN . ..,, en Tin? Deep concentration goes into making Christmas decorations. Decorating the tree can be such fun! BLACKMAIL! The Don Squad led Student Council through an exciting and fun filled year. The activities they planned were mainly for the student body, but some were intended for the community, such as participat- ing with a float in the Christmas parade, making decorations for the Valley View Villa, and giving five hundred dollars for the hospital remodeling project. At times throughout the year, members of the club were disappointed in the student body because they didn't take advantage of activities planned for them. But still, the group continued to produce events the entire year. A new activity that was a sign of the times was a computer dance. Those who participated filled out questionnaires and were paired up with five or six "dates',. The computer did a good job except for a few who forgot to designate their sex. Probably the most popular thing the council did was sell munchies after lunch to those who needed that "extra energy". lE7""1l? ORGANIZATIONS ' un ooclwill mlrllfddlldfhltd Throughout the past year, the International Club participated in a wide variety of projects ranging from a booth at the Homecoming Carnival to selling Friendship Bonds later in the year. The money raised from the sale of the bonds goes to exchange studentsg both those visiting our school, and those from our school who are in other countries. They use the money for such things as class rings, yearbooks, or lunch tickets. .gilt into f faqs sif Q, s' --,H gy, wif' f Officers: John Bloedorn, Sec.-Treas.g Walter Jones, Pres.g Tracy Gramlich, Vice-Pres. is-nf 4.91. ORGANIZATIONS Ai I Q A .X " -1 Q L Q. - 5, "How was Doug's form, Scott?" X, A vu-W hp' Standing-Mr. Carr-Co-sponsor, Rafael Paredes, Leslie Linker, John Bloedorn, LeAnn Sorensen, Mrs. Ostwald-Co-sponsor. On the floor-Tracy Gramlich, Su- zanna Ledford, Margie McKie, Annette Johnson, Ruth Werner, Lisa Weimcr. I elleii :malarial + , 1 yr 1 FRONT ROW-Margie McKie, Patty Hall, Donna Duvall, Bobbie Happel, Chris Horan. BACK "A bomb threat in the making!" ROW-Sherry Bartz, Gretchen Hume, Mr. Welle, Tracy Gramlich, Mike Lochrie, Don Ostwald, Jody Jolliffe, Dan Nab, Randy Lefever, Eric Krengcl. F JT? - - i M 5... "Who told you I said what?" Under the leadership of Mr. Welle, the Jr. Acade- my of Science Club, with about twenty members, had an educational and fun packed year. The club went on field trips to a variety of seminars throughout the year. The highlight was a trip to Denver where the group went to a spacy laser rock show. This year Delton Hyatt served as president with Mike Lochrie and Gretchen Hume also as officers. "One of those meetings that wouldn't end?" ORGANIZATIONS ' '10 Q! 'L lf E 43 , -iw v " nga, toga, toga! " Latin clubs members became ex- perienced float builders this year after participating in both the Homecoming and Christmas Pa- rades. The big eYent as always, for the wearers of the toga, was the state contest which was held in Estes Park. This contest includes events which challenge the intellectual abilities as well as those which test one's physical stamina, following the Roman's concept of excercising both mind and body. Mrs. Emma McCormick became sponsor of the group in November when Mr. Young left. "This is all Greek to me." 10 QP. e 5' . E a asa... 411.13 ORGANIZATIONS '- inet, Officers: Treasurer, Amy .Iohnsong Vice Pres., Wilda Thomas: Secretary, Lajean Carwing Presi- dent, Gretchen Hume. ly' 1 -wut. lu FIRST ROW: Amy Johnson, LaJean Carwin, Wilda Thomas, Gretchen Hume. SECOND ROW: Dawn Baumgartner, Teresa Cavaleri, Tammy Kruger, Rick Knopp, Miki Keenan, Lynda lunger- ich, Dan Custer. THIRD ROW: Debra Liittjohann, Gayle McLaughlin, Susan Smith, Matt Deal, Suzanna Ledford, Rodney Miller, Gary Canfield, John Bragg. E X '. Ze TJ? 1-it ffvn "Caesars in the Sun." he unit iatinction HO OR SOCIETY Leadership, Character and Ser- vice are three aspects Honor Society members have in common. Juniors and Seniors with B averages or bet- ter rank their own classmates on the three items mentioned above. The faculty then ranks both classes and the final selection is made by a facul- ty committee. Students that are cho- sen are then honored at a tea with their parents in the spring. H., FIRST ROW: Susan Raine, Michell Keenan. SECOND ROW: Mrs. McGraw, Janet McDiII, Tracy Gramlich, Sally Aldrich. THIRD ROW: Teri Mcecc, Greg Fisher, Jeff Simmons, Joanne Nukaya, Don Ostwald. TRI-M Modern Music Masters, better known as Tri-M, is a national music honor society. The selection of memhers is strictly on a merit basis. Ability in music and academic sub- jects, cooperation with teachers, musical leadership and service to the school, church and community are basic requirements. A member must be a Junior or Senior, have a musical average of A and an overall B aver- W S age. They must also be active in solo I ensemble work. The members of Tri- M certainly do deserve it. Tw? E i . FIRST ROW: Mr. Shank, S. Aldrich, S. Bartz, J. Nukaya. SECOND ROW: C. Zwetig, D. Weber, B. Rogers, J. White, D. Duvall, M. Jantz, J. Johnson. THIRD ROW: B. Weiderspan, A. Wirth, C. Troudt. FOURTH ROW: V. Hoff, A. Marick, C. Nuncz, L. Gertge. 45 A HONORARIES aiimaaqnkr WW nvwe1W: -gp--u-N. 'gp'-nw-A gnnsunxwwfvv - .gggpn-vnnvfw. W..,. x. .wx --,- ,W A.:, ' W. .,. . s A Y ilfqsgi ki . .,.. , ..,,... ,, -'hw -.Q . .-Y f glikifif A x.,:- QQ W-.- ,Xp fi -' -f J., f -mei-wx-,I -afiiifiiff 's A A 12222 ,,.ff " . - i my 1 ,a 'YQSQ -. - ' -- . X 'f'. ev-:uf -f :Q ..,.. L, g 1 1,35 . ' 51. mf- v. -xxQa'5 4 5 ::E,,:.,g:s W L,11, i M.-.:f,.:sfe,-Y - if -ff I, ,X My ii. 5 Q " x 2 'Ns Sm Wxxi A --i xx 1-A Jffb kx :W , - s 1 5 ds-YW!" a R 5 x an 'O Qi? W 'N 5 X .4 ' 91' Q ff. in w 11 NN N 'S 'N 'N 'N 'N 'N 'NN 'NN Wx Nw. x f ff-Wwu.-A, ,Q ,,,,ip5igi!f, w,,'f'k23,'j4,ZjQ ,vig vc- vig x wwwx Q.. , M 4-5, N..4 -swf' r 1sgfgs.r ,5,'fv:,: 15:-,,,1,: :1:ffi:7:,:' zgggigggyg 5:g.,,.,, v:-.-.-,Rc V.-.-J.-:--5.,F.w ,va-.,. f.--K-4 5:-,:,-4.5 '.A:g3.,'g'g - 4:?":-:-. . cckiifz-:!"'-. . -, 2:-:4-.4.-. K K 4 2252252225 QEQECQQFEE 5222222225 352331555 535225155 55532335553 SIIIIIIIS SIIIIIITS SIIIIIITS SPORTS i9.,'.1.3!, F V -P I xl sqgwf- wmv. -5 . 52 . 3- LAMB' in ox, 9 Q e eeee LO G FRUSTRATI G SEASON SOPHOMORE FIRST ROW-Brad Dilli, Shawn McCon- key, Wayne Davis, Dan Overton, Sam Rockwell, Jody Naberhuis, Gary Fisher. SECOND ROW-Mike Pesall, Matt Thompson, Paul Mendoza, Gary Covelli, John Morris, Garrett Tibbetts, Tom Falles. THIRD ROW-Howard Crandall, Doug Fillingham, .Chris Gibson, Kevin Vaughn, Don Kembel, Alan Rader, Fernie Rodrigez, Larry McFarland, FOURTH ROW-Sean Colgan, Shannon Klindt, Billy Fries, Robin Weber, Russel Vondy, Glen Dahl, Don McCartney, Don Geist, Tim Carpenter, Brian Downing, Mark Young. I w FOOTBALL VARSITY FIRST ROW-Randy McFarland, 'Joel Dunning, 'Don Ostwald, John Rudmann, 'Doug Wulf, J.B. Whatley. SECOND ROW-'Stan Rogers, 'Wendell Wheeler, Phil Dalke, Carl Kronkow, Ernie Rodarte, Phil Oertell, THIRD ROW-'Lance Hochanadel, 'John Sagel, 'Jeff Karas, 'Greg Fish- er, 'Stan Doty, Jim Colgan, 'Tim Renshaw, Jeff Kroskob. FOURTH ROW-'Steve Scheneman, 'Craig Frick, Lawane Luckett, Mike Kelly, Stuart Norrish, 'Brian Weimer, 'Mike Howell. ' - Co-captain iii 2232 55? PRACTICE MAKE PERFECT? "I knew this running backwards to the goal would throw them!" SENIORS-FIRST ROW-John Sagel, Mike Howell, Don Ostwald, Joel Dunning, Wendell Wheeler, Stan Doty, Stan Rogers. SECOND ROW-Doug Wulf, Greg Fisher, Steve Schene- man, Jeff Karas, Craig Frick, Tim Renshaw. "All-right, who forgot to feed this guy his daily ration of raw meat?" COACHES-KNEELING-Head coach Stern. STANDING- Coaches Graff, Kahl, Parker, and Allen. It was a long frustrating season for the Mustang Football team. Even with the hours of grewling practice, endless sore muscles, and their never dying spirit, there was still something lacking in the Mustang's game. One of the main factors accounting for a losing season seemed to be the "plague" of quarterback changes. The position changed four times, from Mike Howell to Don Geist, then J.B. Whatley, and they ended with Joel Dunning as the play-caller. Coach Stern summed it up by saying, "It's unbelievable to be talking about a quarterback's first game after the ninth game of the season." Al- though the team had its short comings, it was a good learning and growing experience for the underclassmen. 2 I f l I ! nk I MANAGERS-Steve Hall and Rodney Miller. KW9"Y""'6V 4 ,,. . , , s 2 49 5 FOOTBALL ifims.-4.41522 233 Eiga Eiga Eiga THOSE WERE THE TIMES WIKI! 615,71 .51 Ami OOTBALL JE E iii iii? iii iii? THAT TRIED OUR SGULS "' w , N 'L , ' if --I ,N -Q-W w 2 4' i , ' 'LLg .1 N5 H Fl! Co 9 5' .1 FOOTBALL ii5s2?5? -5 g?5 LE 5,55 E-2 gg? -H IT WAS A STAR SMASHI G EVENING 2' fi vga M Stadler's Superstars, FIRST ROW- T. Kruger, K. Brown, T. Mutt, T. Alles, D. Green, D. Weber, M. Keenan, S. Aldrich. SECOND ROW-M. Hosier, T. Helzer, D. Mikels, B. Kula, P. Kembel, W. Kembel, S. Nutt. THIRD ROW-L. Westover, C. Armstrong, A. Johnson, G. Uhrig, K. Keller, T. Bauer, P. Cambell. FOURTH ROW-D. Baumgartner, G. Hume, K. Roth, D. Busch, D. Plasty, N. Weber, B. Mikels, L. Anderson, K. Wendell, D. Schreiner, D. Holloway. FIFTH ROW-L. Sorenson, L. Pettis, M. Anderson, L. Peterson, A. Wacker, N. Fehringer, S. Luhrs, S, Dooling, T. Moeller. of defense- Mr. Buecher demonstrates a Japanese form Buecher's Butchers: FIRST ROW-R. Pankow, R. Schreiner, B. Mikels, C. Pearson, L. Iungerich, S. Lissolo. SECOND ROW- G. Thompson, S. Kroskob, K. Henderson, W. Thomas, P. Ticnsvold, V. Jiminez, K. Yearous, L. Teeters, N. Benham. THIRD ROW S. Bills, R. Lutz, J. McDill, M. Bass. FOURTH ROW-G. McLaughlin, S. Mason, R. Wahlert, T. Vaughn, B. Burkett, T. Gramlich, S. Adams, M. Griffith, H. Samuels, A. Johnson. FIFTH ROW- B. McConnell, D. Ziegler, G. Grooms, T. Price, P. Bailey, C. Horan, R. Waldow, J. Morris. "I voluteered to be coach just to wear the whistle and show off my new tennies," commented Mr. Stadler. E5E""Y' 52 3Q...,,,...4.2: POWDER PU FF THE CREAM OF THE PUFFS Stadler's "yell" raisersg Glen Sagel, Mike Howell, Dave Knaub, Joel Dunning, George Blecha, John QO..l.J Simpson. "Huh-oh, this one looks like King Kong's understudy!" I 7 'I' King Greg Fisher and escort Betsy McConnell. "Legs were here," as all who saw the Powder Puff football game realized, and although both sets of cheer- leaders had nice ones, their legs were not the first thing you noticed when you saw them. Buecher's Butchers took an early lead over Stadler's Superstars. During halftime Greg Fisher was crowned Powder Puff King. Towards the end of this "star" smashing evening, a light drizzle started and turned into an eventual downpour, changing the Superstars, dismay into distress as they were defeated 19-13. Buecher's rah-rahsg' FIRST ROW-Allan Teeters, Brian Peterson, SECOND ROW-Jeff Simmons, Jim Hart, Mike Yenne. in 5 2 POWDER PUFF Emp M I to all c S' e i eeee ieeeeee ieeeeee THE GO YOF... As the result of recruiting by the winter sports coaches, Cross Country had a larger number of fellows out than previous years. Illness and in- juries kept the team from full strength during conference competi- tion. Five returning lettermen gave the team experience, and the two girls, Teri Meece and Susan Raine added class. FIRST ROW Rodney England, Dan Lehman', Marvin Bauer, Rod Sassaman, Dan Custer, Steve Vasquez. SECOND ROW Jon Karas, Jeff Simmons", Mike Trujillo, Brian Lampe, Teri Meece, Delton Hyatt", Kevin Fergus. THIRD ROW Tom Dodge", John Sandabol"', Randy McCracken, Brian Petersen, John Schomburg, Dan Nab, Coach Blachly. la-mm-mwuvwzfw fi ' 'l',K: g . ls it that bad, Tom. Come on guys, you can catch Danny. im.. ckoss COUNTRY " returning lettermen Sea? See? See? Sea? Qeee TEE TI E l l rs I 4 . Rick Holloway, Mitch Steinke, Eric .lensen, Chris Lutz. SECOND ROW Rick Price, Vince Alberta, Dave Altenburn, Lee Jensen, John Kroskob, Miles Rogers, Coach Jensen. THIRD ROW Stuart Taylor,' Alan Teeters, Rusty Kelim, Steve Samuels. l K X z l l l l l l Dave looks "teed off." This years golf team provided the Northern Conference a competative season. The three returning lettermen, Rick Price, Steve Samuels, and Alan Teeters, added the leadership. The big- gest disappointment of the season was missing a state berth by two strokes. Dave Altenburn, a sophomore, was "teed-off" when he missed an individ- ual berth by losing in a playoff. The '78 season ended sooner than they hoped. Look at that concentration. Stiff' "i'i6!W E. .6 W r issjl GOLF ,iii-t,....rav3f ?eeeeeeeee Determination was the key as the volleyball team worked its way to a 10-2 conference co- championship. With good atti- tudes and a lot of desire the girls came home from the conference tournament with a second place trophy. The first girl sport pep rally was held to honor the volley- ball players' fine season. The sea- son ended much too soon when the girls traveled to Canon City, and were defeated in their first district play. Coach Maxson and the students at FMHS were very proud of the 15-5 over-all record. Eileen has determination. fi 2563 1' VOLLEYBALL ia ggim 'v ii-ali 3 . ii UMPING TO FIRST ROW-Teri Spear, 'Shirley Smith, Christie Pullin, 'Deb Cimaglia, 'Terry Hergenreter. SEC- OND ROW- Eileen Menken, 'Keri Porter, 'Pam Dietz, Theresa Boatright, Debbie Beauprez and Mary Sprawka. ' returning lettermen 5 1 if -.W i 5 n L 11, .,.. f 5 Here Pam, you can have it. CO-CHAMPIONSHIP HBR ug Gd' 9 HUM! QKURQ 22 3 ang, tj 31 4' L45 . -P' . is -f S L RG134 has 1 Boy, l'm sure glad its over ' 1 , -. -11 'ZI ' , 5, . -as L . 445 an ' i L, W , Q .I J 5 .l,V.'s FIRST ROW-Adrianne Wirth, Linda Dodge, Becky Rogers, Keri Wendell SECOND ROW- Teri Price, Kelley Porter, Kristi Meece, Sharon Kintner. 1 Keri, spiking to conference honors. Coaches Maxson and Wagner ,.,5,,T. ,WW ?' "5 , . L- 57 i VOLLEYBALL -he ?eeeee Eeeee Eeeee Eeeee DIFFERE T FOLKS The 1978 Tennis team had more po- tential and experience than their record showed. The five seniors added the depth they needed but it wasn't enough to compete against the tough teams of the Northern Conference. Coaches Oberlander and Melcher gave encour- agement but still the team ended the season with a 3-9 record J . A X ,,,,,.g..-nv4"- . .........,,,,...a-o--- fgifwf- 'HQW' F 6 , . 1 458? . tfif S- Boy, you have long arms, Mike. 'G . . 3- imw --4'-"Mi TEN N IS X TROKES, FOR DIFFERE T FIRST ROW-'Randy Price, 'Jim Hart, 'Jack Knaub, 'Allan Goetz, 'Mike Yenne. SECOND ROW-Coach Melcher, 'John Marten, 'Jeff Scheidt, Wayne Ticnor, Ken Smith, Doug Rosener, Frank Murphy, 'Shaji Jacobs, 'Bill Campbell, Coach Oberlander. 'lettermen 1 V .uf 'Zi 1 P xg. ,," V ' , 45159 if . 'VTSE-W V ' . 'V ' .. ',, Fmvfvr- ' ""'."M 'Tr .--fe""?-ggeisa we Af'-5+ --W vw, sf... ' -S.-tw LSQZQYQQAL-'4.rif 44fF,f"t,sg, Ev-gf -4 A tm,',Qt4'fgff ,,,Q.qf6.g47,WaA'4gff1f5s, N X ef:.1m,.9it-Tw. gf,-, .,.wawfO ,,f.Af f -f-'MN' fn. S I 'Gif' 4,5 -r taxi A+-ffij lj fig 3? r :V f A ! rn .x , A 3 s 5 Q as ,J , C , r Q fa, Vi 0 I9 0 0 F' ef .': 5 'S S lik. ..vy'.Q.'. -A -!.',l,js1s 4-,',inv. if .:wii'," , Aff ' f X 5 4 if-55A if XV , . I "fix M! I X ,. m , . . B.-,ii . ,4 K fy,j :r,A5j, . Q!.,",CL,g1-Q ,vi - x' ,X ,rw y-,Z fxff. kk .I ' . f A - ,.,, .Q, 5 W .k, g.. ,. sr i. ,..a g in-kay -K i .1 F .V - 5, 4, 3 f 2 5 A . . i x Ik L, t Ar. , A , kk. . ' .f -'r If i .5.f5,Vf k ' gf ' jf 7213 an X 'ig . ' K ' 4, N Q J, " ' ' - i gr I 'M Q M Erin-QT grill if Q Xuz,-3 X r , , 1. In ff 1 I ie N O 1 'S MEN, if n 6 f 1 A. ,Kg 'L' g?i3f J 4 fm K. '-059 59. 3 lf HXX QE 5 Y i fs , - T , . , ' fx?"-?i?2ize ,f I h,A . 3 iii iii SUPER-HOOPERS A if i X I I va I '45 4.'1 ,fg I A99 . Vx. Win fy, If . ,1,i xx- ff E ZIA N n, . l -wa-....,,,,3 bchocmaker lziljgflg to"" 50 I BASKETBALL Y SHOCTING STARS S 535 E 47 I x xg Q s 4-5 KJ x -Q 4 ' 'x NN Q avngwf' l ' ? an B XSKFTBALI. E535 E555 E? RIM-RODDERS Xf SOPHOMORE- FIRST ROW- Glen Dahl, Larry McFarland, Gary Fisher, Lee Jensen, Jody Naber- huis, Ron Chandler, Vince Alberta. SECOND ROW- Barry Geist fManagerJ, Garrett Tibbetts, Shannon Klindt, Bill Fries, Don Geist, Russ Vondy, John Martin, Shaji Jacob. "They were a great bunch of guys to work with," were the sentiments of the Mustang basketball coach, Darrel Blachly. The strength of the team consisted of experience, talent, qualities of leadership, and their willingness to work. But their ten- dency to rush, and their inconsistent playing weakened the promising Mustangs. A zone defense was used to fully utilize the team's height and attacking the opponents' weak- nesses was the plan for the offense. Blachly summed up the squad by saying, "They were always willing to try a little harder or work a little more." fi, . fl' , . . 10 016 ,. 2 an M22 BASKETBALL HEAD TRAINER- Steve Hall, MAN- AGER- Bob Sausaman. QNot Pictured- Scott Epsteinl JUNIOR VARSITY- FIRST ROW- Scott Binder, Carl Underwood, J. B. Whatley, Bill Balusong. SECOND ROW: Bryan Weimer,Wayne Ticnor, Lawane Luckett, Mike Kelly, Stuart Norrish, Darren Eurich, Mark Madsen. 355 3555. eeee 355 SHARP - SHOOTERS VARSITY- FIRST ROW- Allan Goetz, Jim Hart. SECOND ROW- Wendell Wheeler, Dave Knaub, Greg Fisher, Rusty Kelim. THIRD ROW- Jeff Schiedt, Randy McCracken, John Schomburg, Alan Teeters, fNot Pictured- Joel Dunningj 'ii X A W K ..ll .Mi X Swv' 1 ls that what you call a knuckle-ball, Joel? CQACHES- Montel, Blachly, and Mathews, SGW" "WSWS . : It BASKETBALL if!-u.....uvQJ3 Qeeee iaeaeeeaee iii? Eiga A TEAM WITH PERSPECTIVE .Q .E Kelly "assists" with Eilcen's basket? ,wwf-milf' ,..4l9 Y...-f ,Q-.-4 Doreen and Barb play a little catch. The Junior Varsity Girls Basketball team combined skill, enthusiasm, and tremendous teamwork to achieve a winning season. This team had more wins than any J.V. team since girls basketball began at F.M.H.S. There was only one returning member, Deb Beauprez, along with one other junior, Ann Wacker. Fourteen sophomores formed the remainder of the squad. This year's squad was a happy but dedicated group that represented the pride and spirit we have at Fort Morgan High School. G l'pI l 5 1 A 2 N . 5, x 6 A Keri Wendell, Amy Johnson, Rhonda Whalcrt, Leslie Anderson, Mrs. Oberlander, Gemme Keri makes it look so easy. Grooms, Ann Wacker, Mikey Griffith, Deb Beauprez, Laura Pettis, Kristi Mcece, Carrie . -R -- f 1 E 64 ,.ai.t...,....-as BASKETBALL Weimer. NOT PICTURED-Teri Price. l Q l iii? TEAM WITH HEART Coach Ted Lutz watches from the sidelines. ls it that exciting, girls? l l VARSITY-Becky Rogers, Mary Sprawka, Barb Burkett, Doreen Green, Shirley Smith, Brenda Mikels, Eileen Menken, Jana Liittjohann, Keri Porter, Teri Meece, Kelly Porter, Gayle McLaugh- lin, Robin Lutz. With the return of only one start- er, Keri Porter, it was a rebuilding year for the Varsity Girls Basketball team. They lacked experience, height, speed, and shooting ability, but not heart. Their determination won them sixth place in the North- ern Conference Girls' Basketball tournament. Jana SHOOTS!! T ..... ls this hoky-poky or basketball? K1i9?""W6!7i ia. . 5 as BASKETBALL ?eeee eeee ?e eeeee eeefaaeee geeeeee O E ORE TI E r , 'LW' " ' FIRST ROW, .l.V.-Marvin Bauer, Greg Preston, Rod England, Miles Rogers, Shawn McConkey, Chris Lutz, Roy Mendoza. SECOND ROW, Rod Probasco, Harry Knaub, Glen Schreiner, Sean Colgan, Dave Iungerich, Tim Carpenter, Fernie Rodriguez, Not Pictured- Ernie Rodarte, and Brad Perterson. Coaches Lampe and Harden ,Sq ang Q iinl, i fe ual' fi Marvin finally discovers he has two feel. Matman Trainers, Robin Miller, Linda Dodge, and Rodney Miller 'T-all V , ,,,, 1 No Miles, it doesn't come off. fins-a..e,.g35 WRESTUNG ge eeeee geeeeeeee geeieeeee geeeeeeee TO THE TOP .D ,.,.- 1 N Look what the Mighty Matmen do for excitement . . . Warm up's, what a drag. Q.-vw, H I X I l E 4- ..- we , . ,.t.,.... NW. ee- W " 's""" """" S? r ' n '75 . ,775 e ff? f ffoff ' Y f , ., lk a -K i Z gf ., X thanx. . Q at ff, T S -. hhh vw 1' K ' . .tt1.-:vii 1. 3 Q L. Q C ii'-'kiwi ' X 1.'.' ' Q , ' I, 1 L-ik., T mhh w 1 .f . 5 1 l . T--f S P if P ,. S i ji 6 - FIRST ROWQ Varsity-Rod Sassaman, Manuel Sanchez, Adam Trujiilo, Brian Lampe, Rick ,fa gf.. " k.,,.X Price, Steve Vasquez. SECOND ROWg Don Ostwald, .lohn Sandobal, Randy Price, Karl i Kronkow, Lance Hochanadel, John Bragg, John Kroskob. Not Pictured- Torn Dodge, Jeff Simmons. We've got to stop meeting like this. SQBW' 'swag 57 W R EST LIN G Zin-.R -ncbi Vwfsis giiinur gggeex tgiggagee eeu-edge -if-fees "t ee WINNING WAS TITKITY TH1 G Under the instruction of 20 year veteran Coach Lampe, l and Coach Harden, the wrestling team was an exciting and experienced , squad. They captured two t first place trophies, in two consecutive weeks. The eight returning lettermen included Seniors Don Ostwald, Randy Price, John Sandobal, and Adam Trujillo who gave the team the added "spunk" and leadership they needed. The conference was tough, but the matmen proved themselves by placing second, and sending seven guys to state. Lance Hochanadel was a State Champ, with Brian Lampe placing second, and Randy Price placing fourth. Coach Lampe summed it up by saying "We hope to be back next year, with a shot at the title." The night we captured the conference title. Brian Lampe: first in district, second in state. ,-,,...,. 2 Randy wrestling to a fourth place at state. P s 3 WRESTLING Fernando- our mighty sophomore heavyweight! Puig- . A Y - V . - 5 -- eeee eeae eeeaa 2: Z.: -, I ,E Z : Ei OBODY DOE IT BETER Our Mighty State Champ! 1 ,f e ,yy "U- OUR FEARLESS LEADER- 1959-197911 11.7 First place district winners and state contenders-John Sundobal, 1453 Lance Hochanadcl, 185 CState Champjg Randy Price, 138 lfourth placclg Brian Lampe, 132 fsecond placej V' fa-U' Other state contenders with district placings-Rick Price, sccondg 126, Adam Trujillo,third1 112. Not pictured- Fernie Rodriguez, secondg Hwt. 'WNV' 311632 is , .51 59 WRESTLING 119-me-H131 255552 355522 i FOR W NNING AND FOR LOSING Pom-Pon: TOP-Annette Johnsen, Kris Wendell, Kim Alles, Jamie Walbye and Jody Jolliffe. BOTTOM-Wilda Thomas, Suzanna Ledford, Connie Pagel, Natalie Fehringer and Laurel Ander- son. L , This year was the first time in FMHS History that cheerleaders were chosen for girls sports as well as boys. Four cheerleaders were chosen for each sport including wrestling, boys basketball and girls basketball. There was also a Pom-Pon squad which consisted of ten girls. These girls replaced the Mustang drill team at home basketball games. Boys Basketball: Trina Alberta, Raina Hobbs. Tammy Alles and Jeane Schoemaker Wrestling: Donna Duvall, Sherri Kroskob, Gail Ruhl and Pam Dietz. -1 KX ,X ti K rf. fe 1 , my Girls Basketball: Gretchen Hume, Sherry Bills, Wendy Kembel and Kitti Parker. CHEERLEADERS - -- r-"' 2- :Ia -3 .- 0 lg O 1, -f ff: gfbiifriig? g. - -- . L REFLE EFFORTS 19th 3? Sth Rocky Centaurus GIRLS VOLLEYBALL 9 I0 li rgan EF1 F Q va Q , M? Ft. C LFOOTBALLRQE , . Ft. Morgan 05 Poudre Y 5 21 Z Ft. Morgan . y O L Greeley Central 21 4 Ft. Morgan 21 Skyline F 16 Z Q Ft. Morgan 5 14 y , Sterling , F . F .211 Z Ft. Morgan R. ' 15 R Rocky lyliountain g 23 if Ft. Morgan Or A ggyy Lovelan 3 f 5 ?4i.iM6rgany..e 8 C Thomas Jefferson F Z I t. Morgan R 0 5 Niwot 1 4 Z Ft. Morgan I3 Centaurus 5 y . g 41 Z Ft. Morgan 8 Ft. Collins 34 Z f . t O tl.. C X if A . I 2 E Sterling 15 FL.. lay-offs OURNEY . . Morgan at Greeley Central 1 5 R . Morgan 15 15 Longmont Z ,gFt. Morgan ,Rocky Mountain 15 Q Z K N ..:. W. bg K Z I F C Q tt 6. 5 tryyy . R . ursrrucr 5 Q Ft. Morgan 12 Canon City lg 15 Z 5 15 7 9 5 CONFERENCE CHAMPS Q Z a 5 mmumwwkxwwwmwxxkwwwwwwwww I 7 t 'f . H ..., g , Berthoudii 15 L su 15 1 ne 14 fy' ii L 3 l5 X. Xaaaa6Y'sQNQs'wni1X,QQNwN'QmwwW?a '- 'EEE if ' vt ' fi 'f ' 'ff I :Ei fig . 'k'5B'5N!WW RWKW.x' NW 'WWx'NXkNtNrixKNNWW L ' f KKK L www XXX, rsee ' " 7-fliri ,- i ' ,, R Brighton Morgan ii Ranum Greeley West - Greeley Cent. L Morgan Aurora Cent. Morgan - Sterling Morgan L Ft. Collins Morgan Loveland Morgan Longmont Morgan Thompson Valley Morgan Greeley Cent. Morgan Centaurus Morgan Niwot Morgan Greeley West Morgan R Rocky Mountain Morgan e 6 R Poudre Morgan Skyline Ft. Morgan 67 Niwot-Playoff 69 NKWWWNNWWWNWWWKWWX an rteil ntt iilii iiaanum 30 ' iiiil Highland L fMorgan 46 y Q51 6 e Greeley 'llournamengt-First' Morgan 32 it iiiii POUCil'C 22 Morgan yy g it Greeley West 12 Morgan y S Morgan j i Rocky Mountatm 23 Morgan R Ft. Collins 14 Morgan Sterling ll Mmgafl lrrrr L Morgan Loveland 8 Morgan L Longmont I7 Morgan, t S Thompson Valley 20 Morgan ' Greeley Cent ll Morgan Centaurus 15 District-Second l40Vz pts. State-Tied for sixth 6 mWWWWWxWWWlXW WK x 'NXkYixWxW GIRLS' BASKETBALL L Morgan Roosevelt Morgan Sterling Morgan Brush Morgan Greeley West Morgan Greeley Cent. Morgan Yuma Morgan Sterling Morgan Ft. Collins Morgan Loveland Morgan Longmont Morgan Thompson Valley Morgan Greeley Cent. Morgan Centaurus Morgan Niwot Morgan Nlorgan Morgan Morgan Morgan Morgan Morgan Morgan Greeley West Rockey Mountain Poudre ' R Skyline L Greeley West-Playoff Rocky Mountain Poudre Centaurus WWWWWWSWWWWWWWWWWWWWWSWXNWWWWWM gf, f ,H 1 ' Y 'ws K wily, V ,Mi Wm, , HW ku N"'Q f'-"Q 'F-1 nl!!! , 1 , S 1, X 1 S -. df H if , 6 E f1 f ,, ,. ,J an ., .w....., . . - "'b'?IllIL,,.,.h 1 6I1l 1EiK ll!5 L 1 ' 'Q' ,rs :4:f:i:i:l:3:- -:-:r:rs:+ 43:11:11-1:-1f:, :z:a.,...f':z:s:e:esa 212121525 s:::z:s:s:s: 32321513 frE2"'Ia 2251523 rE1E2rf"" "2rE:S:3r3rErEfE1::. .4 V. - '-I-:-'. 556-1.5: Ui- " -' 1:r:::: :nz 3:23:1:i1:T:i:f:i:1:':P' '-rfyggginfizgaf-K' IIS MIS MIS MIS ADS 75 57' an fe HRQUND A some Q systems 100 M F M 303 867 2585 COMPLETE SALES SERVICE 8L m Q INSTALLATION IIIDRCIIUFIRV A C s s 0 TS O Q P Pl f-Fi! 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Epstein Harris Cattle Feeders Inc Q , Q artr ss n s s ires s na re Puma - Adidas Shoes T-Shirt Printing ll -11' Q3 Engraving li' W 5 322 Main so DS E 90I0IOQOIOIQ?1.-O1O1.91Q1O1l1O1O1O1l1.l1 gqcipy. .fnqxg :I '. 83 ?g.M,...s.9f ADS f 1, A-Mx 0 Z' 'A 7' 6 fa l U N lb ,5""? 19 vi - 3 J' "4iy5NKf,,, 31 10 if if I ' r Z , JI J7 4 7 W1 ll ,7 j I B-H57 9 :B 4' I ca vf IJ ,H Z3 ou' 3. 7, ,LL 7 0 ,ff p I7 S, '50 TJ, . d 1 f .4 u I Z 09 Z A .' 'Lf 17 'Lg Luiz 134: Q37 95 , J in fzzbfl 'tn , :lu1',f1' 30 f -e .' -27 . 11 'lip' 41. f- r ,f,,,p fl, 9. ,1:B,l'h .1951 in 5' 164,15 041, 75 ff, J E oiQ ggfyhl .gl ,',,, V fo ,3 I 7' 30 3? fa 5401- ' gg g W: 44 lf' 17. L 7 53 3 6, If 4 0 I 3 P, .u fn' 1 1' 1- 5 7 W IJ D 7 , 1- 1 . v - , 2 11" .4 F ' -1 I 7 J , I 'f ' 49 F V' Z I -" I nv' .M 1 .f7 ' ' 0 ., I f , L3 It 3,5 if-I 3? 1L"'J1'lffhi37'f ff . fr! -'7 , 4253! 1: il-1 H F' -W .gf :SJ .14 , 1 ,,':n up 'J' 1 ,li JJ: gl- ', :Ja 211117. :W 4 ir' 11' "' 14 17 319437 -fl -It SCHURE S STUDIO 205 Cl3Y'f0H Brush Colorado 111111111 Read About Yourself, Your Friends and Your High School Activities Throughout The Year, Q Every Year ln , "Morgan County's Dal y Newspape " Aygwx nn mf: f Tm: Fom' MORGAN TIME sl ' w Nl Q I? I-.'I"'u. I if flu' ' Mm!! X 1' . rvful. E Nflyq gl: E Y will ffl: Q HJ J! 5 J: 'wif' ' .o L 'Q .5 ' T .5 3 lxailllllyllvfl 4 .. Fl ,Ql'fffWQ5l"bJQ,'1f'l! 5 SIE' ' L 'X " L "I :lg I - N l.---l1li-0llllll' to i nk. Ima, I NWS' R .av W W ci Y 'X r' S8939 mai RX--.4 "'i575'f5EI 12125235255 i132fEf:'2 15'5".IE3, f5:'5"f 'S if f W 1: -A I' PlE Pfam Pfam HHH"-G-6114 , .Q f? as 2 CLASSES Ea9.m,,4.2 SQSBENSATIE I -1 "79" is xo fine!!! C1 SENIOR CLASS QI-'I'ICIiRS Vicc President: Stun Rogcrs. Sccrcmry-'I'rcuvglnrc: ,loaxnnc Nukuyax. Prcsidcnl: Greg Ifishcr And they said I wus just dunking for apples! NIORS Clans Spunwrs Mr. Iluycs Mr. Sludlcr 7 PARTY TIME!!! 0 SENI 5 And what did you do lust night. Trinaii l Could these be "wild and erufy guy?" Crest Queen 1979! Did Peter Fulk sturl oul this wary? CLASS COLORS Maroon and Silver CLASS l'LOWIiR Rose CLASS MOTTO It is the province ol' knowledge lo s the privilcdge ol' wisdom lo listen peak and il is 0 C 9 SIENIORS ,759 gf' Q! 87 . sup .-gy e 5' 88 N I ,IAVK .-XDAIR lS.XRIi.fXR.fX AKENIAXX' 'IRINA Al.BliR'l'A XXI I Y .Xl DRI! Il KIM Al l.l1S N1 VXRY AI 'l'lfNlil'.RN llUl if XN1N1,XN IOXY XNIDI RSON lXl Rll XXII! RSUX NIORS MARK ARNDT DOUG BAKER BARRY BEAUPRIZZ I'liTliR Blil.LliNDliR .lOliI. BEATTY BRUCE BENHAM I BRI XN BINTI GAII. filiORCili Bl.IiCH.-N slzxloks QM as TIERESA BOATRIGHT GLENN BUTTERFIELD JAY BOXBERGER KIT CARLSON JOHN BUCHANAN CATHY CAVE DEBRA CIMAGLIA TAMMY COFFMAN STEVE COMER wwunz- .Q 90 " SIENIORS JANET COUP LORI COUP HOLLY DAVISSON JANE DELAFUENTE PAMELA DIETZ THOMAS DODGE Q- DANIEL DONAHUE STAN DOTY .IOEL DUNNING givyw- H1511 P' 'Q Q 9' 5 SENIORS TIQRRY EDWARDS BRHNDAN IKEAN RICKY IQNDSLIEY .anis SVNIORS KRISTIENE ELLIOTT R TIQRESA ENDSLIQY SCOTT EPSTEIN .IOIIN IEROSKY GALE EURICH KARIJN liVl5Rl"TT 'fa A LINDA H'il.DMAN KEVIN I-'IERGUS GREG l'lSllliR KIQNNIQTII IfRliNClI FRAIG FRICK lJliIiORAlI GANT - Q DliANNA GIZIST CIIARLIQS GODO Al.l.AN GOISTZ MHP" 'Wm' - ?. .5 Q93 l SIENIORS 0 o TRACY GRAMLICH DORIZEN GREEN JAMES GREEN Ill ii. ak MAGALI 6UFFROY GLEN HAINER STEVEN lIAl.L CRYSTAL HAMANN BOBBIE HAPPEL JAMES HART :Qtvnft -WWA ? 5 2 94 s "limb .Y,. all? SENIORS TERRY HERGENRETER RAINA H0333 22. KASANDRA HOl?lfMAN TINA HOFFMANN RICHARD HOLLOWAY RANDEE HOOD O VALERIE HOFF TAMMY HOLDEN CHRISTINA HORAN , q 'I 95 SHNIORS suv" 'Wm' P 3 gun'-W' ff-an ,e - sq MICIIAIQL HOWELL .Xl.liTA HLBBARD l.ORl IUNGERICH N1lil.ODliIi JANTZ Dl'.l.'l'UN IIYATT VICTOR JIMENEZ ANNIZTTE .IOHNSEN .IAY JOHNSON .IOIJY JOl.l.lFl'li 295: :Zin-:.,,,,,.yfA,'i S li N IO RS WALTER JONES ANN KEEFE Q LORI JUMP E 6 MICHELLE KEENAN 'L H X JEFFREY KARAS if mf if IOHANNA KEITHLINE RUSSELL KELIM PENNY KEMBEL DAVID KNAUB V51 sEN1oRs gm I NANCY KRENING , SHERRI KROSKOB z s 93 a O Zig., v.,,g1j:- SEN IORS JACK KNAUB PAUL KRENGEL KIRK KRENING DAVID KYNCL GARY LAPP SUZANNA LEDFORD ' SHERI LEFEVER MARK LENHARDT JOHNNY LINVILLE MICHAEL LOCHRIE ROBYN LUTZ RANDALL MCCRACKEN JANET McDILL MARGIE MCKIE A MICHAEL LITTLEJOHN 3 BETSY MCCON N ELL 'kwa .v K .' 1: su N Ions Ei:-.g..,E...aS if GAYLE Mcl.AUCiHl.IN ANNETTE MARICK .llil-'lf Mcl.AUGlIl.IN OWIEN MARSHALL Pllll. MAI.l.ORY ANTIIONY MARTINIQZ DIQAN MATTIIUWS TIERI MIQECIQ GARY Mlil.l.OTT 'WHY 1 . r 100 ...ex slamoks CURT MII.I.IiR KIM MII.I.IER - ROBIN MII.I.IiR RAY MINNI .IOANNE NUKAYA I' 1' 9 4 O I KIRK MULLISON KERRI NORRISH RICKY NULL CHRISTINA NUNEZ 0 SIDTW' his 410 I SENIORS EM ,auf ,beef RENE ORTH DONALD OSTWALD CONNIE PAGEL RHONDA PANKOW RAFAEL PAREDES DALE PARRISH www 'ffm' . 102 'Q SEN IORS h 'Uv V 'f A JUDY PAUL BRIAN PETERSEN SHERRI PFLAGER JOAN PHILLIPS PATTI PICKENS DEBRA PINE Nw! LEE PINELLO KERILYNN PORTER MELLISA PREVOST .IUDITH PRICE RANDOL PRICE CHRISTIE PUl.LIN Q 103 5 sENuoRs as-z..,...I.m SUSAN RAINE TIM RENSHAW .I ERI RODRIQU EZ ,- ' " "WW . .g SENIORS if? JEFFREY REDDIN KIM REICHERT rf 'Nb- X JOLLYN RIDDLE SANDRA ROBISON STAN ROGERS MARIE ROMERO GLEN SAG EL .IOHN SAN DOBAL JOH N SAG EL CONNIE SASSAMAN STEVEN SAMU ELS ROBERT SA USAMAN ,,1M-ww -f' STEVEN SCHENEMAN , RONALD SCHOTT DANA SCHREINER 1 "WW 59" 5 105 SFNIORS daily CATHY SCOFIELD VICKI SHANNON DANNY SIERRA JEFFREY SIMMONS JOHN SIMPSON SHIRLEY SMITH l.EANN SORENSEN TERI SPEAR MARY SPRAWKA I06 gm.. SEN 1oRs A MITCHELL STEINKE STUART TAYLOR ALAN TEETERS JAMES TERRY A WILDA THOMAS GAIL THOMPSON MARK TIMPE ADAM TRUJILLO PATRICIA URESTE 5' IIT7' 5 5 sENloRs NK' I f' .if 1 , -...Y 1 ctw a ' ' Q I I I I I A , I ,. ,W I V - V LL,. W "L ' JOE VASQUEZ BEVERI.Y VIETII CIIRISTA VII-I-ARRIUXI DONNA WQBI R KRISTINE WENDELI. LISA WEIMER ff, sgg-v' funn 'S 5 108 2 -Zinn. SIE N IORS ,,,l.i RUTH WERNIJR WENDELI. WHIiIiI.ER JAMIE WHITE D BRENDA WIEPIERSPAN DOUGLAS WULF KATHERINE WUl.F KENT YFAROUS MICIIAIEI. YENNE REBECCA YOUNG NOT PICTU RED .IIM VAN WHYE RITA TAMEZ .cqfvf ff-avg. E E 109 J SIENIORS aim .vm bl:NIORS h . Ai Mrs. Haley was named Colorado Teacher of the Year for 78-79. Here she receives a plaque from President, Don Ostwald which will be permanently displayed at FMHS. at-.....,, A eiiil - D . 3 , -Ti 2 X: if xy, K X, :lx . -ip 'H wk Q K 7? v f' 'Q A x., f. ..A" - l X In . t, E .le nf f ,f If xg4UfF" 443990 On February 16, l978, a tragic fire de- stroyed the nearly completed remodeling project of the Methodist Church. The re- maining structure was blasted away and construction started on a new church 'all J, '- -ffv WAN-fr ,W 1 .M-7' WW' .v ' w. -tp f., t 'z fr-ig ia, ..-tftfff' F- ' ,,,,igf . y 'Www 'M . f WS. N-+.a,,....f. In . V A X Mr' T 51953 ' K W. it we 1 wr f s 4421, ,gt Am 1 A , 9 U ig wt , , af' X X , up X- , L kg: S, .X-fy y G Y- - g 'X Q 1 W Y t f. fa . ,xxx ' 2 'r Construction continued thru '79 on the jf F-2 '51 " f- " 500 mega watts Pawnee Power Plant. The i'?EfQ. r building of this new plant brought a lot of new families to Fort Morgan. 'tl f QF? r X , rp- lffxk wt Orchard Colorado came alive this year as the setting for the Big TV Event Centen ma Band Council I3 Stage Band 31 Flag Girl 3: Student Council 2,33 Treas. 31 Class Officer lSec-Treas.J PowderPuff 3. DOREEN GREEN - FBLA 23 M Club 2.3: Honor Roll l,2,33 Powder Puff l.2.3: Basket- ball l,2.3. JAMES GREEN III - DECA 2,3 tSecl MAGALI GUFITROY - International Rel. 3: Latin Club 3. HHH GLENN HAINER - VICA 2.3. STEVE HALL - FBLA 33 M Club 2,33 Musi-3 Cllli Honor Roll 23 Usher Squad I ltreslj Football Mgr. 2,33 Basketball Mgr. 2.3: Base- ball Mgr. I. CRYSTAL HAMANN - Forensics l,2,31 Spirit Club 2,31 Thespians 2,31 One-Acts I3 Alpha I3 Honor Roll l,2,3g Morgan High Singers 33 Megaphone I,21 Pacemaker 2,33 Pom Pon 23 Mustangettes I3 International Re- lations 3. BOBBIE HAPPEL - Jr. Academy of Science 33 Spirit Club 33 Musical 2,3. JIM HART - M Club I,2,33 Musical lg Hon- or Roll l,2,33 Band Council 21 Class Officer lPres.l 23 Tennis I,2,33 Basketball I,2,3: Track I. TERRY HERGENRETER - M Club 31 Spirit Club l,2,33 Alpha 23 Honor Roll 1.2: Volleyball I,2,33 Basketball. RAINA HOBBS - Spirit Club l,2,33 Musical 23 Girls Ensemble 23 Flag-Girl 2,33 Cheerlead- er 2,33 Pacemaker 3. VALERIE HOFF - Spirit Club I,23 lnternat'l Relations I,23 Morgan High Singers 3: Cheer- leader 23 Student Council I. KASANDRA HOFFMAN - FBLA I,23 QPresJ 3, Spirit Club I,2,33 Musical 2,33 Pow- der Puff l,2,33Honor Roll l,2,3. TINA HOFFMANN - DECA zgisptrtt Crue I,2,33 Honor Roll I3 Cheerleader I,33 Pom Pon 2. V TAMMY HOLDEFFQ An club it Spirit ii Club 23 Girls Ensemble 2,31 Megaphone 2.3. Rick HOLLOWAY 4fHonor R511 2, Tennis I3 Golf 2.3. RANDEE HOOD - FBLA 23 FHA 2,32 Spirit Club l,2. CHRISTINA HORAN - FHA 2,31 Jr. Acad- emy of Science 23 Honor Roll l,2. MICHAEL HOWELL - Football I,2.3. ALETA HUBBARD - FHA l,2. DELTON HYATT - Jr. Academy of Science I,2.3 lPresJ, M Club 2,33 Alpha l,2,33 Boys' State3 Honor Roll I,23 Student Council 3: Class Officer 2, lV.P.J Cross Country 2,31 Wrestling I3 Baseball 2. LORI IUNGERICFH - Art Club I,23 Honor Roll 23 Student Council I: Basketball I3 Pow- der Puff I. it Ju 3 MELODEE .IANTZ - FBLA 31Spiril Club I3 Honor Roll 23 Girls Ensemble 3. VICTOR JIMENEZ - DECA 33 Basketball ANNETTE JOHNSEN - Musical 33 Inter- national Relations 33 Pom Pon 3. JAY JOHNSON- Thespians 2,31 Musical I.33 Cham. Orch. l,2,33 Morgan High Singers l,2,33 Stage Band- I,23 Tri-M 2.31 Student Council I,23 Golf 23 Basketball 2. JODY JOLLIFFE - Jr. Academy of Science l,2,33 Spirit Club l,2,33 Musical 2.3: Interna- tional Relations I.2: Girls Ensemble 3: Pom Pon 2,33 Pacemaker 3. WALTER JON ES - Art Club l,2,33 Interna- tional Relations l,2,33 tPres.J 33 Pacemaker 2.31 Student Officer 2 lSportsn1anship Chatij Student Council l,2,33 Track32.3. I LORI JU M P - Spirit Club l,2,33 Cheerleader 2. , A I gy KKK J EF F gl?-ARAS Science 'l ,23 Thespians 2,33 Musical 2,33 Band Council 31 Pacemaker 33 Football l,2,33 Track l,2. AN NSCEEFE Club tj: :Honor Roll' 2. MICHELLE KEENAN - Jr. Academy of Science I,2,33 Spirit Club I,2,33 Thespians 2,33 Musical l,2,33 Latin Club I.2,33 Interna- tional Relations l,2,33 Honor Roll l.2,3g Na- tional Honor Society 2,33 Morgan High Sing- ers 33 Girls Ensemble 23 Pacemaker 2,33 Ten- nis 23 Powder Puff I,3. JOHANNA KEITHLINE - DECA 2.3 tPresidentlg FBLA I. RUSTY KELIM - M Club I,2,33 Basketball l,2,33 Golf 2,33 Track l,2,3Q Football I. PENNY KEMBEL - FHA I1 Spirit Club I,2,3g Honor Roll I,23 Orchestra Council I,2,33 Gymnastics I,23 Track l,2,33 Powder Puff 3. DAVE KNAUB - FFA l,2,33 Basketball I,2,33 Cross Country I,31 Track I. JACK KNAUB - M Club 2,33 VICA 3: Hon- or Roll 23 Band Council 23 Class Officer 2 fSecretary'Treasurerl3 Tennis 2.3. PAUL KRENGEL - Jr. Academy of Science 23 Honor Roll l,2.33 KIRK KRENING - VICA 2.3. NANCY KRENING - Spirit Club I. SHERRI KROSKOB - FBLA 33 Spirit Club I,2,33 Honor Roll I,2,33 Cheerleader 2,31 Stu- dent Council 3. DAVID KYNCL - Jr. Academy of Science I,2,3Q Thespians 2,3g Musical l,2.33 Latin Club I,23 Honor Roll l,2,33 Morgan High Singers 33 Megaphone 2,3 LLL GARY LAPP - FFA 52.3. SUZANNA LEDFORD - FBLA 33 Jr. Academy of Science I,2,3g Spirit Club I,2,33 Musical I,33 Latin Club l,2,33 UNESCO Council 33 Cheerleader I3 Pom Pon 3. SHERI LEFEVER - Spirit Club l,2. MARK LENHARDT - Wrestling Ii3,Gym- nastics I. Joins: - I MIKE LITTLEJOHN - Honor Bas- kQtbaII l,2. ' - 3, iiifiii EW' 3 3. 51 I3 ACCOMPLISHMENTS MICHAEL LOCHERIE - Jr. Acadmey ot'Sci. ence 1.2.3 1V.P.131 Alpha 1.2.3. Honor Roll 1.2.31 Pacemaker 2. ROBYN Lurz +V,-.M.CIub 1.2.31 Musical 31 Gymnastics 1.2: Basketball l.2,31Track 1.2.3. MMM ELIZABETH MCCONNELL - DECA 21 FBLA 31 Spirit Club 1.2.31 International Rc- lations 2.33 Honor Roll 1.2.31 Megaphone 1.23 Powder Puff 1.2.3. RANDY McCRACK1iN - Basketball 1.2.31 Cross Country 1.2.3. JANET MCDILL - Spirit Club 1.2.31 Honor R011 1.2.31 National Ilonor Society 2.31 Ro- tary Wheel 31 Cheerleader 21 Student Council 31 Powder Pufl' 1,2.3. MARGIE MCKIE - FBLA 21 Jr. Academy o1'Science 1.2.31 Spirit Club 11Tltespians 2.31 Musical 1.31 International Relations 1.2.31 Honor Roll 1.2.3. GAYLE MCLAUGHLIN - Latin Club 2,31 Alpha 21 Basketball 2.31 Track 2.31 Powder Puff 3. JEFF McLAUGHLIN - PHIL MALLORY - ANNETTE MARICK - FBLA 2.31 llonor Roll 1.2.31 Band Council 31 Stage Band 1.2.33 Drum Major 3. OWEN MARSHALL - Morgan High Sing- ers 31 Basketball 1.2.31 Cross Country 1. ANTHONY MARTINEZ - VICA 2. DEAN MATTHEWS - TERIIKMEECE - Art Club 21FBLNtV.P.1: M Club 1.2.31 Spirit Club 1.2.3 tPrcs.11 Girls Stateg Honor Roll 1.2.31 National Honor So- ciety 2.31 Band Council 3 tV.P.j Stage Band l1Twir1er 1.2.31 Student Council 1.2.31 Gym- nastics '-,y',. 1,21 Basketball 1.2.31 Track 1.2.31 Cr0saf'Country 3g Forensics 2.3. GARY MELLOTT - VICA 2 tV.P.J. 3. CUE?tmtttsnrttitiiiiiliunor Rott 2. Bttskctbtttt 1.2. KIM 'MILLER - Spirit Club 1.2.31 Girls' ggavwur-urge 4 1 . 11 ACCOMPLISHMENT Stateg Honor Roll 1,21 Flag Girl 21 Twirlcr 1.2.33 Megaphone 2.31 Student Council 1.21 Pom Pon 2. ROBIN MILLER - DECA 31 Spirit 3. KAY MINNE - FBLA 2,3 tTreas.11 Spirit Club 1.2.31 Musical 2.31 Powder Puff lg Hon- or Roll 1.2.31 Alpha 2. KIRK MULLISON - NNN KERRI NORRISH - FBLA 31 Spirit Club 1.2. ITreas.j 31 Honor Roll 1. JOANNE NUKAYA - Spirit Club 1.2.3 1Secretary1g'Musica1 23 UNESCO Council 1.2 tSec.-Treasj. 31 Latin Club 11 Honor Roll 1.2.31 National Honor Society 1.21 Band Council 3 tSec11Tri-M 2.31 Flag Girl 31 Class Officer 3 tSec,j. RICK NULL - Basketball I. CHRIS NUNEZ - DECA 2.31 Spirit Club 1.2.31 Honor Roll 1.2.31 Flag Girl 21 Ri1'le Girl 31 Pom Pon 2. OOO RENE ORTH - Thespians 2,31 Musical 2.31 Honor Roll 2.31 Tennis 2, DON OSTWALD - Jr. Academy of Science 1.2.31 International Relations 1.2.31 Alpha 1.2.31 Boys' Stateg Honor Roll 1.2.31 National Honor Society 2.3: Student Olfiecr 1. IPres1. Student Council 2.3 IPYCSII Football 1.2.31 Wrestling 1.2.31 Track 1.2. PPP CONNIE PAGEL - Spirit Club 1.2: Honor Roll 1.21 Stage Band 1.2.31Twirlcr 2.31Gym- nastics 1,21 Basketball 2. RHONDA PANKOW - FBLA 3. RAFAIL PAREDES - DALE PARRISH - Basketball 1.2. JUDY PAUL - BRIAN PETERSEN - FBLA 2.31 Honor Roll 1.2.31 Pacemaker 2,31 Cross Country 1.2.31 Basketball 1: Track 1. SHERRI PFLAGER - FHA 3: Spirit Club l 1.2.31 Honor Roll 1.2.31 Cheerleader 1.2.33 Pacemaker 2.3 IEditorJ, JOAN PHILLIPS - PATTI PICKENS - Art club 1: FBLA 21 Honor Roll 2. DEBRA PINE - Highland High School 2.3. LEE PINEl.l.O - Art Club 11 FBLA 1.2.31 Band Council 13 Track 2.3. Pacemaker 2.3. KERI PORTER - M Club 2.3: Spirit Club 1.2.31 Honor Roll 1.2.31 Volleyball 1.2.31Bas- ketball 1.2.3g Tennis 1.2.3. MELLISA PREVOST - FFA 2. Spirit Club I- . JUDY PRICE - RANDY PRICE- M Club 1.2.3 IVice Pres.1 Tennis 1.2.31 Wrestling 1.2.31 Baseball 2.3. CHRISTIE PULLIN - Spirit Club 1.2.3 tVice Presj Honor Roll 1.23 Volleyball 1.2.31 German Club 11 Student Council 2.3. Home- coming Queen. RRR SUSAN RAINE - Forensics 31 Nat'l Honor Society 2.31 Megaphone 31 Cross Country 3. JEFFREY REDDIN - KIM REICHERT - Jr. Academy 2.3: Spirit Club 1.2.31 Girls Stateg Honor Roll 1.2.31 Powder Puff 1.2. TIM RENSHAW - M Club 2.3: Football 1.2.31 Wrestling 11 Track 1.2. JOI.LYN RIDDLE - FHA Academy of Science 1.2.31 Honor Roll 1.3: Usher Squad 1.2. SANDRA ROBISON - JERI RODRIQUEZ- Latin Club 1.21 Honor Roll 1. , STAN ROGERS - FBLA 31 M Club 1.3: Class Officer 3 tV.P.Ig Football 1.2.31 Wres- tling 1. Track 1,3. MARIE ROMERO - DECA 2. SSS GLEN SAGEL - Honor Roll l,2. JOHN SAGEL - STEVE SAMUELQWI Club 2: Musical l.31 Latin Club lg Golf: ,2,3. .3 JOHN SANDO ountry 2.3: M Club l,23 FFA I3 Football l1Track lg Wres- tling l.2,3. lll ie SASSAMAN BOB SAUSAMAN - Jr. Academy of Science ftfgalftiiatziifiisical 33 Morgan High Singers 2,33 Basketball Mgr. l,2,33 Track Mgr. l,2. STEVE SCHENEMAN -Chess Cl ,b Club l,2,33 VICA 23 Honor Roll A l,2,33 Football l,2,3. -ff . . RON sc T. 5 - 3,3 MARY SPRAWKA - M Club 2,31 spam LISA WEIMER - FHA 1,2,33 Spirit Club Club l,2.31 Tennis l,2.3: P0WdCl' Puff ll BHS- I,2,3Q Inter'I Relations 2,31 Usher Squad 2.33 ketball i,2,3. A Q KRIS WENDELL - Art Club l,33 Spirit MITCHELL STEINKE - Golff I I l,2,33 Honor Roll I3 Pom Pon 2,33 Bag- RITA T STI JAMES 61,23 Morgan gf' nnis -51' iffWlLDA THOMAS fiof Science 2,3 MusicaIdL,33 CIubilQ2 fPresJ 33 'ESQ' 33 Jr. l,2,33 Gymnastics I3 Club Roll DKNA - FHA 2 ITFCBSJ Of Sclcncc Spirit Club lg Powder Puff Alpha 23 , I A U Honor ff 7 25 53, gugj ADAM Club l,2,31Thcspi- ans l,2 33 VICA 33 Wrestling ACU ' Y l,2,33 Country 3. JIM V VVV Chess 3, VICA 3. Y VIETH - A VILLARREAL - FBLA 3: Latin Usher squad 33 Volleyball 2, Honor WWW WEBER - DECA 2,33 Spirit Club I 3' Intern'l Relations 2' Girls a , , , 33 Stage Band 2,33 Tennis 23 Pow- l,2,33 I3 Powder Puff 3. - lntern'l Relations 2,33 Squad 2. ' I of 23: .' iiaaskei- Musical L2333 In- Club ig Highs Siiigcrs 1333 Squad 2. ' High Singers 33 er 2. DOUGLAS WULF - M lPres.J3 Football l,2,33 Trac KATHERINE WULF - Usher Squad l,2,3. YYY KENT YEAROUS - FFA l,2,33 High Singers 3. y MICHAEL YENNE - Jr. Academy of ence 23 M Club l,2,33 Honor Roll l,2,3 Country l3 Tennis 2,33 Baseball l,2,3, ball l,2. REBECCA YOUNG - DECA 2,3 IT ACCOM PLISH MENT A115 a my When you gotta go .. . you gotta go! Q .Wi ,ii Vg '. V. ' . 1 ' J M , , f -s . 1 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Vice President: Cricket Redd, President: Gail Ruhl, Secretary-Treasurer: Becky Rogers ifi Inn. k,, P Q 1 116 5. Ms:.m..4..sixi JUNIORS 'away The juniors get paid for another days work. Who studies during a free hour? A uuimmoigrs WOW, how did you know where the party was? K s ul. , U, f 'W 1 4 L ' - Marvin, the all time magazine salesman. What 21 MAN!!! The girl with the mysterious eyes. I n K L I E 1. X Did you finally figure out how to open your locker. 7? i 117 3 JUNIORS 'fIU'f""""!5P E' 'G Daniel Abbott Shaunna Adams Kimberely Agnew Tamera Alles Jeffery Ayers Michael Bailey Patricia Bailey Eugene Baltazar William Balusong Sherry Bartz Sherry Bassett Marvin Bauer Dawn Baumgartner Debra Beauprez Steven Bell Dana Bernhardt Sherry Bills Scott Binder Jody Blake Kimberly Bleich John Bloedorn Stacey Boos Timothy Bowles Kimberly Brown Tracy Buell Barbara Burkett Bryan Buroughs Doris Busch William Campbell Gary Canfield LaJean Carwin Curt Christensen James Colgan John Contreras gi . gy: ,--' ,J u ll 5 YAMA Teresa Contreras Cheryl Curtis Daniel Custer Phillip Dalke James Davisson C V I '5' .Q mf? J, R S, 4 J. J " 9: -W- Q my un. I: Matthew Deal 1 . Frederick Deffenbaugh Maryellen Deffenbaugh Ronald Denes is 2 L J Q t in ' A. J., Vincent DeRoche ' J' S Joe Diaz X 4 if A W3 Drema Dibbens fishy 4 f " Deanna Dine Q4 .K N: Linda Dodge Francisco Donez Donna Duvall Robert Eiring if .4 9 iv- , 1 . igi. , Q 1, Ma Lama-.1 f' M9 ' Q mv.- Q Q h"'Qf5:,., igiz! x ,C J 3 asm., .10 is ,Q Myron Elwood Lynda Emick Rodney England Darren Eurich Cynthia Farris Natalie Fehringer Theresa Foos Kt19"?"""'T5l7 law .Q 5 119 g JUNIORS Eff JUNIORS Maynard Forbes Irene Franco Randy Gant Lynn Gertge Ken Gilliland Jimmy Goedert Richard Gomez Jody Gorrell Jerry Graulus Gary Gumaer Jesse Gutierrez Patti Hall Leslie Happel Christopher Harford James Hass Kolleen Henderson Windy Hendrickson Alan Henson Keith Hietbrinlt Lance Hochanadel Kent Hoffman Todd Hoffmann Edward Holbeck Tracy Holbeck Mary Honaker Gary Horst Martha Hosier Gretchen Hume Robert Hutcheson I A David Iungerich Lynda Iungerich Frank Jimenez Victoria Jimenez Teresa Kalous Joseph Keefe Debbie Keene Michael Kelly Wendy Kembel Judy Kinnison Tamera Kinzer Kolena Kinzie Ricky Knopp Rick Krengel Steven Krien Carl Kronkow Jeffery Kroskob John Kroskob Barbara Kula Brian Lampe Rob Lassiter Daniel Lebsock Malinda Lebsock Randall Lefever Daniel Lehman Patricia Lenox Debra Liittjohann Debra Lind Leslie Linker JUNIORS .msg xqgf'-'wfqa 122 JUNIORS Susan Lissolo Corina Lopez Lawane Luckett Sherri Luhrs David McCracken Theresa McCartney Sharon McFarland Randy McFarland Robin McLaughlin Mark Madsen Kimberly Marick Dan Martinez Sue Mason Brian Matthews Cameo Mayes Roy Mendoza William Mendoza Eileen Menken Debra Mikels Robin Miller Rodney Miller in l AS ' N' " .. I . YF v k if 3 W Se f i. S ig Q. ,Q , ' gg if it 5 ,-ix A.. el ' . r .ll, . ., 5 .xi 55' K v! Q- f S, it v .g,,5L, T Q K: i XX X at f it N k if f .R Anthony Moats Sinn Mobasheri Jovita Monsiviaz Bryan Morrow Frank Murphy Raymond Murray Norelda Mylander Daniel Nab . ,. , ,gf ,K rw.. af' -s-as 1? Q MJ? as f " Q , X l l f , if , , , as , Mgr, . , V ,i , , ' fy I 'Q , ' 'Q .' 5 ' P' i ,gy 32,4 ' ,g5j ,, ' ,, N 4 ' ggi ' :iff r,,i 5 N gf 5 , - : 1 1 .., ' ' , x lf Q ' , ' W, ,., 'lv W' ww iff, wif,-H111 ,ve A an A, U 16,1 -, f!ff'f , ,.5'g, ':,, ' zlswfv ac , :agp Agz,5:gg,,-:Lf ,mln 12 yfggzs' ' 521 ' 2 . ' -432: 2 7' '12 +.pf5,gf5e5f ' " I -- ' ,ff csszgiifvfrf ,L - 1,12-s lf vw- ' P ' WI . - y 2 Q - kv I ' V - i H fda., ' I ,. . M 6 1' 5 ,r X 1 ,,., . , . ,, . , HQ, ,, . ,, ,M sf 4 " s, P g' e ei , E 'ill fi J -W 1 , -" 3 Y G nf ,. 49 ,A 4, V 5 ?-ig eg f iw i ,W ri , 1-f' .fl A f ,' I I " ,'L Ruben Rios 7-5.35 Ernest Rodarte Q, Mary Rodarle 'F " ' ., ' Donna Rodriquez Miles Rogers Rebecca Rogers Douglas Rosener Vicki Neal Lori Nelson Stewart Norrish Sherry Nutt Phillip Oertell Nancy Orth Donna Palasty Jay Pape Kitti Parker Edward Ponce David Preisendorf Jeffery Preston Rick Price Tia Price Debbie Printz Jim Raine Edwin Ray Cricket Redd Dean Reed Tamara Rehkop Sandra Reyes Lawrence Rodriquez John Rudman Gail Ruhl Sheryl Ruppel Mark Rusch Manuel Sanchez Richard Sanchez Susan Sand Robert Schaefer Jeff Scheidt Wayne Scheidt Jeane Schoemaker John Schoeneck John Schomburg Troy Schwindt Roger Segura Danny Silz Donna Smith Kenneth Smith Joy Solis Kelly Stone Alan Tadolini Debbie Temple Jill Thenhaus Wayne Ticnor Pam Tiensvold Colleen Troudt Mike Trujillo Carl Underwood Steve Vasquez iii ik 1 L A J ak fi X is A ' I 1 . x x . Y CLASS SPONSORS Mr. Hochanadel Mrs. Keenan NIC Theresa Vaughan Ann Wacker Jamie Walbye Rona Waldow Allan Walker Cheryl Walter Jeff Weber Nancy Weber Gene Wehrer Bryan Weimer Kim Weimer Brenda Welch Perry Welch Ronald Werner Lana Westover Lori Westover J.B. Whatley Brenda Wheldon Mary Whitney John Wiley James Wilkinson Marty Wilson Adrianne Wirth Carolyn Wood Tim Worthley Tim Wunsch Crystal Zwetzig awqvfff rf, ng, i. '29 f 5 I2 JUNIORS Sam is SIETLLYY? .,.V, 5. SEM, , F S E N. . . J 'Q 1 F---nv -.1 A Q-vw We x X' 'QS' Having problems? SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Presidentg David Altenburn, Vice Presidcntg Gary Fisher. Secretary-Treasurerg Nancy , , 1 1 Benham 1 , f . ,Qu IF. X fy, 1 4' it ft ' -, ""Nw-.....,,....,. , . And you didn't believe they wrote M's on your face! I thought you gave up your rattle! 126 iisam.,Q.0Qh1 SOPHOMORES SQIQJS IQLQ lQlQtlEiS ' Was the test really that hard? fl Ne gf ,gt ' w , in . , A,w 0 Sfmt wx 4 ., t i ,ZH Q ,gt if i if ,J l . if' 525' "fa" in .,, H N? Q A ai K3 is wi nl Q f 5 5 ls. N , Q s ' 4 L- 7 7 ., , .V T 0 . 'x X 4 ,- ,1 How can l ever decide on just one? ,- fav 7 I .fr 2 I l U Y 4 J' va' xiaf' oi A45 fi 1.1 , S , H .. K ., 5 T, T3 T gi-fb? ' " Q . Taking a little swim after school? I can stand slave day, but this is a bit 'R l XE A' fb , . ' S 4 2 much!! Lsggpf- mqli 127 3 SOPHOMORES i1,,,,L,,,.im , - --' - A iS!19""""iS!75 ,. .. r 12a 3 Elva Acosta Leslie Adair Vincent Alberta David Altenbern Leslie Anderson Mary Anderson Paula Arguello Diane Atwood Sheri Balken Monica Bass Theresa Bauer .lo Baughman Monte Bellis Nancy Benham Tammy Bertline J ina Bishop Sherilynn Bollacker Brenda Bowles John Bragg .lerry Buchanan Leticia Cancino Timothy Carpenter SOPHOMORES Teresa Cavaleri Ronald Chandler Davina Chappell Layton Clark Susan Clutter Sean Colgan Carol Contreras Lydia Contreras Craig Cook ' 4? .Y -f -wsgnbt 1' . ,,. ., ,fi 5' av., ,, A Q3 f jimjgvgmx ar J' W W Q' , Q i Km? iq 'bw I -1 2 f L. C li l lf e L ' I 2111, 4 W 1 ei 4945 ti it ' '52, A ,. V-4 ' ,FH ,. ' f 41- . . C vi X if 'Le 9' 1 Lzmvef' 2 ' 4' As " f. J, 4, ' 'i K 'rf Slit iff? an F if F 4 4 N i lil Gary Covelli Shane Covelli Howard Crandall Debbie Cyprian Glen Dahl Shari Davis Wayne Davis Stanley Dayley Rick Defries Lydia D'ettore Bradley Dilli Cynthia Dominquez Susan Doolin Brian Downing Curtis Drew Peggy Dunning Debra Duran Justin Eisenach Donna Endsly Tom Fallos Eliseo Faz Jane Fehringer Paul Ferguson Richard Ferguson Douglas Fillingham Gary Fisher William Fries Julie Gabbert Barry Geist Clinton Geist Donald Geist SOPHOMORES FlH'7s"""i5lZ 129 3 F' W4 .4f9.l.u.-AQHA: 130 2 Chris Gibson Robert Gill Reina Gomez Tony Gomez Andria Goodman Tad Green Michelle Griffith Gemme Grooms Lora Hall Tamera Hamilton Jeffery Hanson Teresa Happel Amy Harris Deborah Harris Marvin Heisel Tammy Helzer Scott Hendershot Ruth Henson Kelly Herbst Rodney Hergenretcr Bryan Herrea Annette Hobbs Daniel Hoffman David Hoffman Kristina Hoffman Matthew Hoffman Danni Holbeck Gregory Holquin Denise Holloway Klaas Hubert Robert Huges Elbert Hughley Shaji Jacob SOPHOMORES t F. gm 4 fe 4 N kv- ., Y . F? 'E 5 is gg f f 'Q 5 x ,, . , r-' I' fe Y :Qs :Fw . .Q . iff?-ea , ' I lii 'N , " ' D 45 . f ' " L' l, x 2 S, lg W rx eg x, -R " tiii + ete- D . l ,Q H l ig E 4 ire- 414 ' 5? 63 r Q 14 ez ' 3 . , ' 51 . ll 5. 23? :fr . ef ,R K if t C? B l 1 I E R' 'fl' f E R ,G It t K M, -Li X Q' 5.6 :.. W, ff 4- .f shes R t..,,, f xr ed ' l i 0 e ' site ' G J , eq, .1 avr' if aff: .aff iff Q 1. , .V ' f.f' . Ai " V - if f ' " ,, . Q1 ,l 1 lL m y h" '2 i??i L 1 ,I J ' X + else fr fi if ' ,. 5 ,Q 1 'N "5 K r ll A S- '55 ,, - ' fa' gggy 5 r 1 do J ,X 'L ' , - -,yfepgf W e "frat - r L arlseaal as fri i s i we il -rad 42 if . if ae V ,X grae, J f-- f 1 , , A., 'L 'if ff.. ' kifviaizz- " - 1 L - "i'fflf if 4 5 ' V , I Q xx , , " Ji ' S J ,sa eaer , 1- f 'Q ' , 5 J If arg' 4 l ,sr K afar New 'Y A Q 'Q 5 l r E ii 'V l. J f ain WV fog' Q ..,. . ,Q QA ' if S 411 , r K ,, , W i 3 fs: F N--f ' K X Z, 2 . k a, 53 - , g 0- ' "N f- an 2 l. ,gas 1 H . 3' -fx M E , W 9 an D if W if ' as , ai Wg E, ' . ii X heavy fv- H 2:9 we 'QM -, qi? 5 11 fr i-55 'H' ii? a saga 1 wffwsivib ,rm vi' 'G- .9157 ,A IU Z a were ri af ' , .iff . V-1-'Isa - . I iii. i .r ,, amd? Eric Jensen Lee Jensen Joe Jimenez Amy Johnson Becky Johnson Jonathan Karas Susan Keirnes Karen Keller Don Kembel Sharon Kintner Shannon Klindt Harry Knaub Kristina Knopp Victor Koehler Vincent Kovanda Van Krening Tamera Kruger Cheryl Lebsock Tom Lee David Lefever Jana Liittjohann Lori Littlejohn Tamela Loose Raylene Luckett Chris Lutz Donald McCartney Shawn McConkey Larry McFarland Debbie McGehee John Malavasic ' awww' l A 131 l somomomas 3iu......a1 ' uvv"e"'fqsy A ?' 132' Diane Mallory Andrea Mandes Mark Marick John Martin Matthew Martinez Vernon Mauzy Diane Mavis Barbara Mayfield Kristi Meece Angela Meininger Paul Mendoza Tammy Meracle Stephanie Mese Jami Messenger Becky Mikels Brenda Mikels Justin Miller Rose Moralls Tami Moeller Randy Morgan Tammy Morland Janine Morris John Morris Joel Moyer Larinda Myers Russell Mylander Jody Naberhuis Lenord Nichol Sirena Nichols Judy Nukaya Gloria Nunez soPHoMoREs 'I' 'Q 3 i' x Y iii A 1- X 4+ if y I .,, Mt, C' ' Ra . , 4 i up X f + s X a ! 5352 gf ,, 4, ' 9 ' 'kj' Q, 'D an , r Y' 4 A X .il lK ,J MK iii- Q ,Q L it , , :V ,V M. W' 5? Q4 ,W JE- , .. H' fi at , -are-K sa. ,A vi 4 ,. 1, f 5 , W ,x S A 4 , .nf Iv . , A'- 3 K, A af P 5 ,5 if le w A 1 buf? W nf ll Toni Nunez Terri Nutt Daniel Overton Debbie Pankow David Perez Michael Pesall Lori Petersen Bradley Peterson Laura Pettis Kent Pflager Kerri Pflager Richard Pickens Susan Polacek Kelley Porter Gregory Preston Teri Price Rodney Probasco Allan Rader Tom Reagan Gracielo Riojas Sam Rockwell Frank Rodriquez Fernando Rodriquez Richard Rodriquez Kay Roth Helen Samuels Junior Sanchez Cindy Sand Cindy Sandobal Rodney Sassaman Bradley Schaefer . v,,w.,,6?v l 33 SOPHOMORES ' iflU""""6!?i , v wi 2.13419 Bahama Ronald Schaefer Michael Schmidt Tyler Schiel Glenn Schreiner Rochelle Schreiner Tammy Schwindt Sherri Scott Kristi Sears Mike Sewald Michelle Shivers Glenn Skinner Jeffery Smith Lori Smith Susan Marie Smith Susan Renee Smith Randy Snodgrass John Spotts Darrell Starley Holly Starr Justin Stone Lisa Teeters David Temple Linda Temple Bobby Thompson Matthew Thompson Garrett Tibbetts Roger Tibbetts Sheila Tiff Susan Timpe Bryan Traxler Gina Uhrig SOPHOMORES 4 ., VV 1- f' E 'Q' -ga if f l , , ,, A ,W .. , -ft N .rw -f L, H .i- cs sg tv., K 3 if? .wg , rf. ' 4 ,S r 5' f gf i ,tt .- ,- Wu in M: 1 'M . W .. It ' 'M .N z - v t .. L ,f a d g'?'f: H-hk5a..'f" iw ' .nc It Vi 1 t J. ,V . f ve as at 1. 3 ' lf .A . flf , A edfo L V S . psfzggr 21 it are -rf 141: r - uf' 1 -J" 'r ' ' oo few , v . ,1 -vi I A 7 W' . g -J ' f ' V' J V ff, , ,,,, A T , ' ffl trr-, 'f ,, - J , .lsr J J S K - it 1' X t 1' , G V sf M ", J',.. ,, " mir.. . 'doo J S- f f ar 5 ,X at W,,y , A I , 4 in 4? f W ' if e, fi 3 is ev V'-e L- 'G 9' J f J ' A 'Qi . 'X Vfif f W ' J " 4 4 W .,., A r ' ff t il ,, rfr- K A " , 1 "1 :rl ay: ' J S an ,aff - f 4--far ., f , - ' ,gt I L4 -..i, 2, ' K W ' ,,, 4 5 - 1 MZ S E ll' ' fig: I I 'lt H awe W it f fs f wats ai? it if x , if 'f vie ' "rf x o r 4- I gi, A A r ii s " ' Q A lisa ei E -1 -'K if 2 ,4"-lab, 71, 'Q s .Q 53, ' ,. J, L49 MI 'wr Y . 1 Hifi' CLASS SPONSORS Mr. Pfiefer- Head Sponsor Ms. Sandau Mr. Benham Howard Uderwood Diane Ureste Raquel Vasquez Kevin Vaughn Russell Vondy Rhonda Wahlert Shala Walker John Warfeli Donald Waterman Robin Weber Carrie Weimer Keri Wendell Monty White Susan White Donna Wickham Valerie Widener Debra Williams Leslie Williams Lori Wilson Tamara Winkler Jennifer Winter Bryan Wulf Kaye Yearous Mark Yearous Linda Young Mark Young Vickie Younger Tammy Zambo Debra Ziegler Brenda Zwetzig ff-'ffrsw E197 .5 35 I SOPHOMORES pg K ,I -4 Xbx ZW, mm I! A -X .-'f . , I X I xx Y f 1 -lj ,A - wg? uf. W- -,M aim L. aff' 15' , ff 4 ' 5 -F .. in W!! I ,I nfwmamyww ,..m..W w lun, MMV MSM :W Q, MWWWQ .,,, A ,. Qifffff Zfzffffffzff :ffffiffff .f5f:f:Q:f:f: 15353151555 555355525555555E.:1555rE2E2, 15255551555 3512133 5:Ef25?:fff 515131553 -555555551-5:15 55:35:35 52325 14:5- ' iz 55511 25555555551 E55EEE5f5'5'5'5'535E55515?E 525555255 1'553E25E:1fQ?23'1?551zf92 ,. X 3 s.-:I-25: wxrgsr352111.-:.g,,1,-' 9 '-: ' -- W - -5 ' -5 hw- , .4:,:,3:,: A2254 Biggs' MIAIIEMIB IIIIAIIEMIB ACADEMIC ACADEMICS S- -if Miha.-54401K .Q l L to R FIRST ROW: Lee Pinello, Linda Dodge, Walter Jones. SECOND ROW: Sherri Pflager, Brian Petersen, Debbie Beauprcz, THIRD ROW: Crystal Zwetzig, Crystal Hamman, Jody Jolliffe, Raina Hobbs, Natalie Fehringer, Jeff Karas, Ann Wacker, Miki Keenan, Jim Terry, Mrs. Ostwald. NOT PICTU RED: Scott Epstein, Alan Teeters. s - Q . . l x-4 2 - -Q-fstaasaats - ff ' 1 1978-79 PACEMAKER STAFF ASSIGNMENTS Editor-in-Chief ................ .............. S herri Pflager Business Manager .......i...i.. ............... S cott Epstein Assistant Manager ............ ............ C rystal Zwetzig Art and Design Editor .......... ,................ J eff Karas Ad Design Editor ........,.,.... ..,..,.,... C rystal Hamman Academics Editor .............,. ................. .I im Terry Co-Editor ..................,. .......... N atalie Fehringer Class Editor .................... ............... .I ody .Iolliffe Organizations Editor ............ ............... A lan Teeters Sports Editor .......,........... .........,.... M iki Keenan Co-Editor ..................,. s............. L inda Dodge Student Life Editor .............. . . . . . . Raina Hobbs Co-Editor .........,.......... .........,.. D ebbie Beauprez Photographers ................... .......,...,.. W alter Jones Brian Petersen Lee Pinello Ann Wacker Sponsor ......................i. r........ ..... M r s. Ostwald referee g las 5 ACADEMICS The staff of the 1979 Pacemaker has worked many long, hard hours in pro- ducing this yearbook. We hope it will bring back many memories of the 1978- 79 school year, and that through this Pacemaker you will be able to retain your image of FMHS in future years. , ..--..-.0...---.-..-sss...-...-...... . . Q - . .wt 2... ,. .- QQ f vat un, mt z it ,egg l 1 3 EF The Hoof Beat was the new name which appeared on our school paper this year. The stu- dent body felt the previous dated so a contest was held to select a new name. Jeff Karas won the competition. The class did most of their work during school but finished up at the Fort Morgan Times where it was printed. With the new name the co-editors David Kyncl and Susan Raine and the Hoof Beat staff accepted the challenge and provided wider coverage and published more issues this year. name "Megaphone" was out- 1 9 7 7 S 7 ff Is ti..4 how you train to be good speakers? Practicing good humor. sl iff -T Forensics members left to right: Dawn Baumgartner, Miki Keenan, Crystal Hamann, John Bioe- dorn, Susan Raine, Lajean Carwin, Teri Meece, Sponsor-Mrs. Sumner, not pictured David Kyncl. All this for one night? Forensics, a competitive speech class, competed in meets within our conference and with smaller schools in A'tt Northeastern Colorado. The seven members of the class competed in either interpretation of poetry, drama, hu- mor, original oratory, or extemporaneous speaking. A ,ff memory most members will not forget was the Chinese H X, - W5 f ' ii" z::::1zxz,::z 'I -' fire drill they had one evening in the Drivers Ed. car on i S C ' Main Street while Mr. Lucas watched! The class spent I Z long, hard hours in preparation and competition. As a f ? result many individuals scored high at the tournaments ' ' ' 1 they attended. f r'riW""'fQQ 5? 140 5 ACADEMICS i vas l FIRST ROW: G. Hainer, J. Preston, M. Bailey, R. Trujillo, V. DeRoche, J. Keefe, J. Davisson. . ZND ROW: B. Buroughs, R. Sanchez, D. Reed, M. Forbes, S. Comer, K. Hietbrink, R. Murray The Vocational-Industrial Clubs of America are organized exclusively for those interested in vocational areas, and to help them prepare for the job world. FMHS students at- tended classes at MCC in the areas of Auto Body, Auto Mechanics and Electronics. Students in Auto Body 3RD ROW: D. Lebsnck,T. Wunsch, D. Iungerich, lc. Gilliland, J. Wilkenson, R. Hutcheson, wf had the Chance 10 Paint their OWU Ticnor. ill'-li' W -K 5 Y , Ag FIRST ROW: L. Linker, J. Schoeneck, R. Lefever, D. Martinez, P. Welch. ZND ROW: D. McCracken, W. Mendoza, D. Silz, T. Shields, G. Horst, R. Krengel, J. Wiley, G. Gumaer. L to R: E. Ray, J. Knaub, S. Bell, S. Krien, R. Rios, J. Adair, T Edwards. cars, and as a money-making en- deavor the Auto Mechanics class tuned engines for the public. FIRST ROW: K. French, R. Gomez, D. Wulf, Mr. Reiber, R. Endsley, 2ND ROW: K. Krening, B. Bentz, A. Martinez, G. Sagel, J. Sagel, J. Simpson. L to R: Mr. Cortez, M. Steinke, D. Sierra, M. Lenhardt, G. Mallot. v 1 J? 5 ln ORGANIZATIONS FiY"""DDi A142 if is 5 iii . .. There were many "special inter- est" classes available to the students of FMHS. These classes ranged from Art, to Chess and Woodwork- ing. Some students became teacher aides at local grade schools, the com- petitive speech class competed in Northern Conference speech meets, r and some Art students went to Or- chard where "Centennial" was filmed, to sketch or paint the sce- nery. lf you were involved in any of these classes, chances are many i S pleasant memories remain for you! Q . Msg: 71.6 Q 1 .f -el Q33 " 55 ' 'ef fr, ridge ! 1 " Toni working on Spanish. C I U I C C -A... 4 E S Aa! segg....f"' U A S a . a gygp anaar n- llaanic Teri, Tammy and Kris painting Christmas scenes. Mr. Andrus okays Ken's project. CLASSES A. I .IL -22. 'S .1 .1 -of' or Q Ai .f. s-. Steve contemplating his next move. Activities in Child Development. DOCDOIIOIOI0000OIOOOOOOOOOCOIOOOIOCI , F :X . Q it S, I - I QQQKE Concentration of an Artist. 5 i svv L Scott and Mark lend assistance to lst graders at Green Acres. 1? NS' ..,,,,,,,...,..--ww' nffsf- ' rigs' - i CLASSES SsrW""f-vw 2' 143 . .J... H I5 The rifle girls were a snappy addi- tion to the Mustang band this year. Eight girls were selected and they attended a summer camp where they were drilled in rifle expertise. Six twirlers led the band in glittering new red and white uniforms and also provided half-time entertainment with their firey batons. The band was named a divisional winner among 19 competing bands in the Northeast Colorado Bandmasters Association Marching Band Contest held here in Fort Morgan for the fifth year. .,,,,,i 'lf....i Majorettes Annette and Val. ACADEMICS 5 1 in ..- I. .... .... .. 5 .' --Q . . -fb we - ...wa .... A. .. 1. A nv?- f f 1' ggi :.7p35gk:Hv7 3 . ikjm, A M V p ,W g-.ffp W -5- ...ii- " ' J ' 'J - 'A "7 L-znews.-. 3 , SN.: 5' 1 5 i . .-.. . ,gi P -W 'L - If 'N ,,,,r , ,i,-::...g,-s l." -rf -. --fe ' . 'Ui 1 g -, ..-.m:n-2: 1 It U yr' i 5 - I ,. nu . ...,., :j'f'f'f"'""fQjKfZjl:fj . ,.,, ,,,..,,,. "afar 5 4 l if ' . tw, .fig ' . - S, -i MW1' v ' ff' , 'g, ..I ,. ., . . I K V . 1- '- I . - 4. . . ,-.,., ,,.,,,.., e I - 5 ,, . a 'J' i st f , 1 ff' '- .,.. .. .. ,. . It . . .4 ...W at 5. .. ... . .aff . . .. . - i-e' - ' ' . . -- .: "' .JI is I I , ,,,, . - . ,. ,ap f ag!-1-qrarrf - "ww ww, yas-Q.:-Q-as-anew.. 1,5 pw Q ,argif A -,i.y, w..t.s 'fit . I, 4 ' 'fr - .Q'i:ffIf"''I-.t , 'I aw- 'w e ft if W -W 1, aa rf-.self --H -'hi '-X W-xsmik 2 ' ' . Q, .- A :fs 4:19.-V.. --N -,eff Izxvy .Z wif: xrmewg-his-ftras-at '',.zrffzfsi-1 ftf.?1e:ff?f': - aww -:aura 4 - :. fag- -an-.mcs--Ss Figs ..-1: iff, .' .1.1,Dm.-T?ii'ew-ff- J-'. 'M .rf :?'s.M..:w:t :ins 'fl ' .?:f+-"i:'?2Q. -' iv -'Q - ct - I-bfi' -1 - . ..,, S, tim.-f--, 4.-. ., . -rl. we Y .1 -.M ,,.s...1.-31-...isa ,JY -1 we - 7 J, -at Y W . .. . . . . 1 v,- A-,..5'F,.s, i. .. is 2. -. .v... X2 . ..! J- 'r . . .. . - . Q..-t-at-e "ze '!..'-,"-iriwyrtiilf'-' fm. .V . U5 ' ':'ws'JsfM11-H' -fe"'5"'1-fklii I I 'fha ' .V - As.,-. . ':- A. In ff' ' f-g,:wgf'r.- ""' iw'-'z . 513' 5' .Q -I 5- 4-:I .9 5- .,-"vi, tg- . M ' , wa' S Eff' 1 V my . t ' - ' W f . f l if 'T?"1'3f"-71 1"?'-a..5-gskqaagiv-V--s?J4, 1 - , sl sf W "fig: .. ' 1- 2. , f 5' M ,Q , , .,. rs up, 1.,,,,,. .Q ' s. -af ' :Q '4 of f:'f?-ii-ik 1" 'r iE, 333""'i"'f'i't?'ii f if ' . ' LQ . Practice makes perfect. FLUTES: G. Hume, A. Wirth, S. Bollacker, K. Hebrst, K. Pflagcr, C. Zwetzig, L. Gertge, L. Petersen, K. Keller, S. Timpe, S. Keirnes, D. Cimaglia, M. Lebsock, S. Bills, R. Schreiner, OBOE: J. Schoemaker, D. Wickham, C. Nunez, BASSON: K. Yearous, CLARNETS: J. Nukaya, V. Hoff, D. Weber, L. Emick, C. Lebsock, M. Shivers, N. Fehringer, K. Hoffman, D. Holloway, R. Waldow, S. Adams, K. Meece, L. Anderson, S. Luhrs, J. Littijohann, K. Miller, J. Phillips, P. Bailey, R. Gomez, T. Nutt, P. Tiensvold, M. Anderson, SOPRANO CLARINET: L. Wilson, ALTO CLARINETS: L. Dodge, T. Alles, BASS CLARINETS: P. Hall, D. Atwood, T. Hamilton, K. Everett, ALTO SAXES: A. Johnson, A. Marick, D. Geist, K. Alles, G. Uhrig, J. Nukaya, T. Nunez, J. Erosky, C. Conteres, S. Lissolo, TENOR SAXES: T. Meece, I. Franco, R. Vondy, P. Oertell, BARITONE SAXES: E. Rodarte, M. Rogers, J. Karas, DOUBLE HORNS: C. Pagel, B. Dilli, B. Benham, TROMBON ES: S. Bartz, B. Schoemaker, T. Winkler, J. Karas, BARITONE HORNS: J. Beatty, D. Kembel, N. Weber, L. Pinello, G. Covelli, K. Vaughan, TUBAS: M. McKie, G. Holquin, PERCUSSION: J. Thenhaus, G. Grooms, L. Teeters, J. Conteres, T. Alberta, C. Kronkow, F. Jimenez, R. Miller, J. Martin, M. Schmindt, M. Yenne, J. Adair, CORNETS: J. Knaub, K. Fergus, T. Bowles, B. Geist, C. Gibson, C. Drew, L. Temple, TRUMPETS: E. Faz, J. Hart, C. Troudt, T. Gramlich, J. Naberhuis, T. Gomez, R. Probasco. as l M r .' is ' Twirlers: L to R, Kim Alles, Kim Miller, Connie Pagel, Teri Meece, Trina Alberta, Kristi Meece. Hold it right there. 0OOOOIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Rifle Girls: L to R, Lynn Gertge, Chris Nunez, Crystal Zwetzig, lrene Franco, Such straight lines. Melinda Lebsock, Karen Everett. 1 my Flag Girls: L to R, Front Row, Linda Dodge, Deanna Geist, Tammy Alles, Deb Cimaglia, Sherry Luhrs. Back Row, Tracy Gramlich, Jeane Schoe- maker, Adrianne Wirth, Pat Bailey, Joanne Nukaya, Natalie Fehringer, Susan Lissolo. gggwfrfe-nag 145 ' 's ACADEMICS 'iis-as-A l 1 3 ' 3 :: .. :: .... . .. .... , 3, 5,5 F070 IEW S 5 vl5?"k59fQ'W I 1 ,V , z 'W ln ,W M' 5-.,,,,MM ...... 'zviii n11!t!aQ4i1sfi Morgan High Singers. FIRST ROW- Jay Johnson, Sally Aldrich, Jamie White, Matt Deal. SECOND ROW- Jeff Simmons, Brenda Wiederspan, Kent Yearous, THIRD ROW- Jim Terry, Miki Keenan, Donna Duvall, Bob Sausaman. FOURTH ROW- Owen Marshall, Val Hoff, Kaye Yearous, Justin Stone, Pam Dietz, Dave Kyncl. Not pictured- Tia Price, Trina Alberta. New teacher at work. The High School vocal de- partment changed hands this year with Ken Schenk taking over the job. Previously having taught in Akron, Mr. Schenk contributed his vocal knowl- edge adding variety and change to the different singing groups. With an enjoyment for popular music, he brought a somewhat modern style to the voices of his students. szv"WR-'fsmw 5' 3 14 4 I 51 5 ACADEMICS OOO00000000000OOOOOOIOOOOOOlOOOOlOOOlOOO'O Girls Ensemble. FIRST ROW- Donna Weber, Melodee Jantz, Mr. Schenk, Tammy Holden. SECOND ROW- Carolyn Wood, Colleen Troudt, Malinda Lebsock. THIRD ROW- LeAnn Sorenson, Adrianne Wirth, Theresa McCartney, Susan Lissolo. FOURTH ROW- Laurel Ander- son, Jody Jolliffe. Not Pictured- Barb Agnew, Stacey Boos, Deb Lind. 1 S. I' l S- S-. l Mixed Choir doing their thing. Singers in action. OIOOOOOCOOOIOOCIOOICOCOCllllllllllllllllOOOOIIIOOCOOIOIIOOIICOCOI Concert Choir. M. Arndt, G. Beyerle, M. Deal. R. Knopp, S. Kroskob, N. Nlylunder, S. Nutt, N. Orth, C. Scofield, K, Stone, N. Weber, B. Agnew, S. Boos, B. Huppel, K. Henderson, V. Hoff, T. Holden, C. Horan, M. Hosicr, M. Juntz, J. Jolliffe, M. Keenan, D, Kyncl, M. Lebsock, D. Lind, S,'Kissolo,lT. McCarlney,,O. Marshall, T. Price,lJ. Schoeneck. B. Suusaman, J. Simmons, J. Terry, B. Vieth, J. White, B. Wiederspan, A. Wirth, C. Wood, A. Johnsen. 147 ACADEMICS 2i9,e....pE 5.3. 1.3 The fine traditions of Bach and Beethoven were carried on this year as the orchestra practiced diligently for their annual concerts. Early in the year they spent the day at the University of Northern Colo. par- ticipating in the sixth annual string workshop. Chamber Orchestra con- sisted of special members who were willing to practice on Monday even- ings. They performed for special af- fairs during the year. Three basses made the All-State Orchestra. They were Jay Johnson, Alan Henson, and Justin Stone. Jay and Alan also drove to Denver every Saturday to participate in the Denver Symphony Young Artist Orchestra. Symphony Orchestra on stage during Christmas mncert. QOICOOOQOIOOIOOOUIIOOCOOIf'Ill'Olllll.lCCllOlCl.llll,ll Pit? . q -out ,' Y ' Symphony Orchestra. lst Violin- P. Kembel, S. Samuels, D. Overton, S. Taylor, V. Jimenez, K. Stone, B. Young, S. Basset,.R. Hergenreter, B. Johnson D. Schneiner. 2nd Violin- K. Minne, P. Krengel, G. Riojas, D. Duvall, R. Henson, K. Hoffman, C. Weimer, L. Westover. Viola- B. Rogers, S. Mason, L Carwin, T. Bauer, R. McLaughlin, L. Adair, J. Linville, S. Jacob, J. Smith. Cello- T. Price, D. Kyncl, T. Zambo, G. Ruhl, J. Walbye. Bass- J. Johnson A. Henson, J. Stone, M. Young. Harp- D. Duvall. Flute- A. Wirth, D. Cimaglia, S. Bollacker, K. Herbst. Oboe- C. Nunez, D. Wickham. Bassoon- K Yearous. Clarinet- V. Hoff, J. Nukaya, D. Weber, C. Lebsock, Bass Clarinet- P. Hall. French Horn- C. Pagel, G. Dilli. Saxophone- A. Marick Trumpets- J. Knaub, E. Faz, C. Troudt. Trombone- S. Bartz, B. Schaefer, T. Winkler. Percussion- L. Teeters, G. Grooms. Egpwvfvrfqvy' . Q 14s , ACADEMICS ' O 1 S, S12 ' ,li ' Q O 263. 0 O O O O O O O O O O O O O UNC artist showing how it's done. . 0 O ,..q Mr. Overton directing the orchestra. HIM 'E 5 lml ::......a:l'+S-'i TTY t Chamber Orchestra. First Row- Ruth Henson, Gracie Riojas, Leslie Adair, Dana Schreiner, Becky Rogers, Steve Samuels, Penny Kembel, Dan Overton. Second Row- Stuart Taylor, Kassy Hoffman, Kay Minne, Theresa Bauer, Paul Krengel, Shaji Jacob, Jeff Smith, Donna Duvall. Third Row- Tia Price, Gail Ruhl, Tammy Zambo, Dave Kyncl, Alan Henson, Jay Johnson, Justin Stone. Not Pictured- Vickie Jimenez, LaJean Carwin. v F 'f 1 5 149 5 ACADEMICS an-A 'fxzi-W-fran? e' 'S xx earns: "B . .E E? his than g:5.3f':.n -astgssgg Eg' 2 2 "' , Do you understand now, Jack? Adam, hard at work. Hey, we're quite a ways up. Sq,-pw 'awe 5 150 ACADEMICS Coffee break. llllllllllllllllll Studying hard for electronics. Ei:BEEIlJpi.EEEEf 'gli Eitiiiiiis It . l.':'3 LH J c , FMJ 'F Ei i 1 B - Q Q A - I J sizes . . i , N ng g :.. J S3 . J J . 1 is L ' x ' Q 1, i - .Q - ' Q J. f ' + S 'K l gi J 1 . ' A is HT School Board. L to R, Dr. Jarrold Schaefer, Bill Baker, Dr. Richard Tibbetts, Melvin Kembel, Avis Jackson. Not Pictured: Gaylond Mason, Robert Haffke. The image being formed by our new Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Jim Raine, was one of friendliness, community involvement and dedication. One of his m3j0I' 3.CCOmpllSh' Special Services. L to R, Jim Wood- Transportation, Joe Beatty- Special Ed., Jim Hauersperger- ments during his first year was Maintenance and Operation, Betty Nida Wulf- Title Programs, Duane Dion-Administrative Asst., Not the leadership he provided in Pictured, Mike Jones- Health Director and Curriculum Coordinator. the successful school bond election which allowed for an extensive remodeling project at the Junior High. ?5?""T'i"'QZ 4 151 3 -4 ACADEMICS Eifmet-if E E .. ..:...:..:. ..:..:. ',..:. .. ..,.:..:..i: .. .. fx i 'ig x: ll si Teachers should be held in the highest honor. They are the allies of legislatorsg they have agency in the prevention of crimeg they aid in regulating the atmosphere, whose inces- sant action and pressure cause the life-blood to circulate, and to return pure and healthful to the heart of the nation. Lydia Howard Sigourney Robert Lucas Richard Porter Principal Vice Principal si!!! Karl Andrus Jack Benham Darrell Blachley Mech. Draw., Carpentry Counselor Dr- Ed., BB-, CC- COHCI1 V 1 1'- if i WMM Jacalyn Brunelli Hillary Buescher John P.E., Science Vo., Ag., Powder Puff Coach History, ACUVIUCS Dlf W i9"7""'f ' w ,EY QQ. Q 152 3 FACULTY Fred Chandler Science The new teacher is still being taught. Don Cimaglia Shirley Cortez Vifgll G-faff History, Sociology Business Ind. Arts, Baseball Coach Beverly Haley Conrad Hanson Richard Harden English, Journalism Physics, Math Business, Dr. Ed. s 153 3 FACULTY Saunas Paul Hayes Tony Hochanadel Darrell Holtz Math, Chess German Spanish Ann Jones Barbara Keenan Stan Lampe Special Education, EH English, AP History P-E-, Wrestling C0aCl1, Ail'llCliC Dir. Pat Latta Librarian Directing is a very serious job. F ' 'VW""'f ' E iw Q-. Q 154 2 FACULTY ti Harold Lee Mary Ann Lind Cgunselof Social Studies fs: rl o A -fs J 1 It went that wa Margaret McGraw English Robert Loose Building Trades , f I : 1 K , A H- Richard Madsen Mildred Mason Beckl' Maxson y. Math Home Economics P.E., Volleyball Coach 5' 1554 l FACULTY .L Eufysv'-'wf6,z FW ,, I love me this much. Steve Powell English, Director of Musical 8: Plays v 155 ' - , FACULTY Barbara Oberlander History, Psychology, Tennis Coach Larry Overton Orchestra Debbie Sandau Healthy Living, Science Ex. Jo Ostwald English, Psychology, Pacemaker Harold Pfeifer History, Minorities, Social Prob. Kenneth Schenk Vocal, Music Theory --sq, Von Esther Squires Phil Sladlel' Marriage ,QL Adult Living Business, PowderPuff Coacn Sandra Sumner Gerry Thiel English, Speech A1-1 BYTOU Ware Linden Welle Band Biology Clarence Stern P.E., Football Coach, Track Coach iq if f S , ii' Shirley Travis Teachers Aid, Soph. Reading ef -J rll Paul Young A.V.A., Latin, Am. Lit., West. Samp. a'gP"'i"'6y' f 157 FACULTY " ' V : :: :: d 3 :: ::-g ':E" : :S SE EE E5 .. Z! ' E-'5..I Ei'--SE if -Q!! ' A l l 9 1- MQ., -1. -expr' if rs- ,.Qx '9n V W Joe Cortez Auto Body ,I Bill Walter Auto Body Ella Grove .. .... .... .... . . .. .. 9 .Ne Ellis. i Md V lw Sam Haug and Kelly Mason Electronics OOOOOOOOOCOOOOO I O .. 'S"ii"'3'l:5"'f Q as H H: Qli , Richard Reiber Auto Mech. Emma McCormick Came out of retirement to replace Mr. Young in teaching Mythology, Latin, Am. Lit. to f f 1 e il W li I Gene Ziegler Auto Mech. if l it Phyllis Macneal Study Hall School Nurse 5311515 'SWE 5158 .a ,z., FACULTY W ft ---- ,Ax K C 2'li 3 5 Cooks: llene Campbell, Joyce Temple, Marie Asmus, Lydia Foos, Food Service Superviser-Carol Berry, Dorothy Nabb. nr- E Sweepers: Mary Romero, Kathryn Martinez, Margarita Rodarte, Mar- cella Paulson. . M, . ,,., y p,,....,... i Lydia Bostron: QSally Securityj ,St ! Secs: Cody Brinkmeyer, Ann Hartson, Claudine Taylor. Carmel Sei- denberg, Dottie Lorensen. rn-S nf Custodians: Hubert Sauer, Elmer Schildmeier, Nathan Tiff. 1 se FAC U LTY Memories of success Of days that long have gone Often give us courage, When other hopes are flown. Memories of old friends, Are very sacred, too, And sometimes we long for, The friends that once we Knew. - Life is full of memories, As time rolls in its wayg And the present shall become, A Memory, too, some day. The editors of the l978-79 Pacemaker would like to thank the following people for helping us treasure the memories of this year . . . . . . the staff for their hard work and creativeness. , . . . . Mrs. Ostwald for her dedication and patience. . . . Mr. Holstein, our yearbook representative. for helping us ztccomplish the new techniques we tried this year. ... Mr. Lucas and Mr. Porter for their problem solving abilities. . . . Mrs. Hansen for her help with bookkeeping and finance records. . .. Mrs. Lorenson for her help with class lists and Senior Accomplish- ments. ' . , . Mrs. Cortez for the use of her room and typewriters. Kerri Norrish, Christa Villarreal. and Kay Minne for typing the Senior Accomplishments. . . . the Fort Morgan Businessmen for their financial support. . . . the Fort Morgan Times and their photographers. Jim Carroll and John l.aPorte, for sport pictures and special photos. . . . the lloofBeat photographers, Sustfn Raine and David Kyncl, for their pictures. . . . Mrs. Art Winkler for Vocal and Orchestra photographs. . . . Mr. Karas for the football team pictures. , . . Gene's. Schures, and others for the Senior pictures. . . . the Student Body for providing the fantastic fun and great times to remember!! - , grew-rf' 'f-mg P. . 2. wa MEMORIES. ?I.l!lns..-JHLH' t l - N sme- aw, :- gm sim! igl.'5fs"e . A XI X -K V 0 259-U . C A N X 'L QQ W Q f SQ9 XX 569 CL -- - Q 5 X Zu Jw xgsg6ff1WfOC5 X390 Okimy X X A9 ofopfb X00 vo U kong 4 5 P024 QW may ofwwff ag Q Q WM50 px , in Q-SWVQQM 5- W Y0f005OWlQmyw0?OJ2x KDQJX ' ff L M KQWMJS1 W2i0fW0Asff54W y X , A -X A ,QW QU' Ov, 10929 JYWQJQX 109 qi? Xi 0 X0 0 M A ,Q LA xrxffdcfs 5 K 9 U vwwvwi .XYW M6 'ff 3NiLP?!JXXkXN DQ xi J! by QWMQW QW 5959? fi-ow? QA W if W 'rQIXXQ5l-SR! rx I 'gp Qui, n xx N You A -:ML Qvskkxbx cgi .fy ,gig 7 LQ'-Xi59 f 1 'xJ,WQ' fy C7 Q CE F Q5 ffqfv fy .fy 5399 GD V' J xr O " MOXLT5' XXQOEVT fgilxfmi K xsxb j Q xr X- 7 Q5'W10w' Q? if gg Q1 0 5 Q Ngfxibsbylvii 6 f Q 39 V N E Mi 5 Q 5 ww Qgwgmgm ' L! ' J' 1 4 N7 . l 1 fQL,C 9 2 Q AGL 1 XJ Q! 1 , M A fd f 2 K3 1 Q '0ff8Q 'fN Wffifxiq su 3? lb Eid Lf J, W he 2 f aw W M we ww Q X Zdfwigfgggwgllfz GMU SN 1 ' ff , O -J 1? ' W' S . , D! t u H' Z K Q 'P JNLJ: 'lf 1 . 5 7--?fXji63+QR3S,Jd'f2SjaA5jFfgdgQf?5 N 5 elf ' my' C YU T' 5 Qf 1? Q. pl 5 Cf if? ffff Kms iff A6 SY 5 Q' gQ.gX62C,fSQ1g,JfgEXQC'? Q Lag,-gg 1 NCQ C5 CSW4 Cfwjjg CV P- 1f74 .f9? -7SV4z7vAJ'9f35' C if Q2-:wwOffMf2,Q gbgvwv Qgifymgy 'Q ,ff PQ-EDO" OWU , ,ii 2 PV v'f1fmfffev Q iigwg f Q, Q f-?555z5g: pf 5, gxgy g,WQ7 A 0 f 52 JgPf'02f of nc, 35,5 W smv5?fFf' ,ff 2 .J 1, FJ GN LJ WV? OQYF U ff?-ZQC 12? ffm9'vWj1Qc5' Llfnmiykl 5'fzS9Cvg Qifxmf 5- 'fijffj QKXQK .f fD QXy'NLf f' fix - - ' Q I U .WVU . ,Ig fy - gf? I GYNU X 252365555 g if 2 . ,Tv 2 ,gb gk.: X 39 C402 Zi Ofc Qi? O36 .3903 QM Qiii 26? gf 0 243321 TOGO Xiwfbw X-V if ' 5 50 few R o 9 0 L6 RQ 9 fo Qwxwswv JAH? SUNG Q NG A X 76 UQ fupxfgg'-Qgligp if Q fi wi ff fs 5' f , f Q 92 ff f ffkgffs Nj'

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