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5 VI? 91 I 1 Q7 14 , , NMOgQJLOx, ff, l Q ' ' AM ufyuu MM Cc K lf l A ' K A 'iffj ,Sb ,Qfvwf OL,vL,fgDMJf LQQ!liJV1cQQ.4rQ9fC ' ' :S Eve fb ' Q ff' ' Qi O QQUODUQ ww wwe M xwlrf ,QMMQQQJQQMQQJJQQUWQBQQMM G-xfcvgflq Ou XO nf' P w I A F G 9 "9f'fU9UfJ,4-f14'!OvvLQ0 kJfLCu '-C ,QQA LAZLOLUP ' , EYHWM '51 '51 U1 Q W QE OE 'awifiii WW I MSM www I ' EMSTCAUA' ' QAQVDI gg- -to an ET' wvwfi LEXQXILEL muck Inf ff ' df Wy ig: Z MW XX Wm Q, 379 gwrrg 1 31 f - QU , ' P-2 - XV A of S ' 'Z dx vUlX5'3j5 Cl 5- x , 8 4 WVNSSSEY' I 'ki 1 QP is Q gd- Q., Lf, ' fygmxqdfkyj 'AWQQN Y' WGULQ GS WSW N059 R VWOKW USWSQKMCQQQ MQW HOAGMQ FQ xwfsfvaqr XQUCU NQNQGJQPCNQ BWUQ E ggxpggfx .QQXMXQUXQ wvm QW 'WSW VW iwwii wwf We .x1'g'fNCYNliCxfbXCNfYZ7f QAGTQAW9 ,gig mmgg gg? vmfb T wxmmwxmc XYPGY'-QN6' Awww TcTmOiN4 9 www wN?Qm Cmimmqg mmm QQQUYCgfiX XPQQYN lgtxfbwv WWW .mg wx wfv'Qmffm wwwcwkmd N30 ww gUQf WWW WPQQN 'xvgwix vi'WWQQ xfTfi mmvwxwibfw .xm F277 I .1 O I U f Wff WY Vf m bJ,,,MQ fvyfgn Wcfgfgfggvwggzgiy Wwfwi WWW QW WWE Of WW WWW? WWW 'f WfM WF ."MY7F f2fff'7 Dfw? 'A V'W7f7 Wm ww f?2fQf?, W7Qm WWW V L8 1985-86 YEARBOOK STAFF PRESENTS 1986 FOMEHISO FORT MEADE, FLORIDA VOLUME 41 In the few short years that she has been teaching here at Fort Meade High School we have found a teacher and a friend that can be counted on. Whether it be a helping hand or a listening ear she is always there. She is the Leo Club and Senior class sponsor and her help to both these organiza- tions have been tremendous. Her calm spirit has an effect on everybody, especially when it is time for science projects to be due. Her daughter Shannon, and sons Toby and Lance are a source of pride for her. Its for these reasons that the 1985- 86 annual staff would like to dedicate our yearbook to Mrs. Sylvia Ingram! WE LOVE YOU Mrs. Ingram and thanks for everything. To A Wonderful Teacher That Truly Makes A Difference in A I J uf Inside The Miner's Dimensions There are . . . People Working Together jf -Www V 5 gm a 7Z!S!I '7!!l! '?VtFl ?Y1i? VY??Y T'YY pf-, lei 1 23 ' XMAWW Y' ggi V I I eM,h 2 if ,, f 8 757 49 To Achieve our Goals. ., g- -if T,.iXTqkfQk . X ' ' 'VW , . 1 v M . For The Future igwiif' 3. ffl' M J 511.336 xi iih zw f If 'F f f f , H , Li, I Inq, 75, J E M 4 if 5 1 j J X Z W A jf ,Eg y ep Vim 2 .Q MW f y f A M 2 52, if ' 4 f , f f f f L Qi 1 ,p JM, Wx a 11 r m mmf 3 ,QM A HOME or THE FIGHTING ,Minus . V f Mfb ' ' 'A- A H 9 f' - AX', X" I' ff' K .' 3 45 A ' ": Q jLQ , ,,+, ,iggggfl1i'i :f:1f i1 f,fg ? 5 CN, vqvf 4W-, ON N 1981. ssc CHAM It , j fl , , XJ .M ,A , T H E xx 4 g 1 1 . - X wx Y i QN ' W New 20353 ,fW" f X fo ' ' R E B E L Q , A - .4 12 Signs oil he Times RALL ROUND G10 '35 ' IL E X M 4 A.., ... A A, AGRICULTURE S1.1ppOIi . 435' I-'51:i: FFA! I..- , , i 13 r , ' 1 ifwaffwww ! 'N L15-QM P 5, f ga-K . ff: f ' BNN X 4 X xi m m Q g N , ,, ,,,,. f ' i. 51.- .- . k Lrm-Sf? - A :gg -- Y r 2- .3 ...... 1 A ' ' . X -:, X - .i na X-:Sf XQ X X. P wr S2 fi if f f,sJ Ynvww . w 3 i f Q ' ' , -2 yi. 2 24521, A X Y 4 f ,, 42 'f' J ,MN ..3V,,. U ,..L....., ,X ,- Y hw Q 4,4 In the scheme of things, FMHS does make the difference. JN X N-Mx .Q-at . Q-X 4? Ks 'gina' MISS FUMEHISO Tamara W1ll1amS ROY LEEP - WEATHER DEPT. Dear Deborah 8- Lisa: It was a most difficult Job to settle on ,just three girls! I have tried my bext. A11 should be congratulated with best wishes tor the future. Sincere 01 LOUD Ze mf , 4 4,', A mM33,,,,, . 1,7 ,El First Runner-up Second Runner-up Mary Sue Fort Tabith McClellan .:A' ' .W,,.,,, gk . ,gs , . Ji? ,, , I ,,, .ggi W -- W AQ va- r. Fomehiso SteVeHB1'0kH1' A , .... Q., ,, ,,Y, Y. ,Y , WW W ,,,, ,Y K be H wr' 'M' 1, -sg A L k-::: ' f 'LL' 'ff - 'W 92.1, 1 Jw .,f.f.y9 emu uuv me-un www. naman ueeo navaaesnuo- zen-ua-r January 9, 1986 Liu Proctor Deborah Yatal Port Meade High School 700 Edgewood Drive Fort Meade, Florida 33841 Dear Lila and Deborah, Enclosed please Und the picture! you lent for Pinky to x select the Winner, lat runner-up, and 2nd runner-up for moat phaotogenic of your Senior claal boyl. You will also find a black and white photo of Pinky al you requelted for your X yearbook. There ual a delay in obtaining the picture of Pinky, thorefore explaining the delay in returning your photo'l K ' to you. Thank you lor aelectinq Pinky to choose your Moet Photo- qentc Senior. Balt wishes for a Happy Nov Year to all of you involvnd in the Yearbook staff. Q S. ..1, , ,LAM if Becky ghd E Office Manager iwxww W " 'W W First Runner-up Second Runner-up Paul Bell Raymond Jones Mr. and Miss FMHS Dee Dee Cornelius and Paul Bell Second Runners-up Becky Markle and Tommy Storey First Runners-up Deborah Yates and Raymond Jones Calendar Couples Chosen By Deland Fire Chief, John Wright am Toney - Ta ' 'ams Jan. Ray K1mble V Dee Dee Cornehus Feb. Tom 26 Apr. Paul Bell - Debbie Durrance May Keith West - Janet Campbell : 1 C S i 1 July Joey Davis - Carla Gunn Aug. Kevin Yates - Becky Markle Oct. Donny Roberts - Laura Martin Nov. Jim Myers - Jennifer Miley at if ,,,. sig , i Q xiii-:.:s,,1s :.. s ..s..lQI'f 'S fighi Nasa.. L s A. June Jon Walker - Renee Greiner Sept. Tim Pawley - Tonya Williams Dec. Mike Ayers - Cathy Grimes 27 American Legion Auxiliary Girls' State Mistie Mayfield American Legion Boy's State Joey Davis Paul Bell Congressional Classroom Voice of Democracy Deborah Yates Anita Gobble Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership Foundation Barbie Polk 29 A-Team: . Larso L. Lopez, J. Waters, D. Yates, M. Meadows, K. Barnett 43? Close-Up: D. Yates PRIDE Award: C. Grimes Student Advisory: M. Mayfield, D. Yates, K. Barnett Silver Garland: M. Mayfield Silver Garland: D. Yates Silver Garland: C. Johnson l 3 Q' l I N F ' f 4 O Q' ' . ' 0 f C' f Freshman Forum: B. Polk, L. Grimes Student Forum: D. Yates, P. Bell, S. Ingram . X- x ?f L-l X, Congratulations Paul. Welre very proud of you. Mom, Dad, Leigh, Ronnie Robbie and Melony 1 lk Q ,yy p ls,,,J's, Zf H3 32 F IRY TALES Dawn is pigging out at lunch, Little Bow Peep is very upset about her sheep!! l ell ff I ' The Guest Gang G.I. E'ricka!.' WU' , Little Cathy Pan isn't so sweet after all. I- 33 Coronation and Due to bad Weather the 1985 Homecoming Parade of Fort Meade High School was can- celled. It did not dampen the spirits of everyone that partici- pated, though. The homecoming queen coronation and pepfrally bonfire was a huge success! The theme this year was '4Fairy Tales", and each class presented a float Friday before the game. lst Place Door Decorating 2nd Place Door Decorating Mr. Tribble Mrs. Cox X2 SOPIIOIIIOIGS win Skit J Sophomores also win Penny-a-Vote X ,N , 5, I 3 x, 34 X bonfire are succession Senior Skit if-L sf ,gg XX X 3. M...-5-V Junior Skit 'W . .. , xxtt -Mwmi it 1 X 4 Q Miner Fans show spirit at bonfire A Queen and court was selected this year for Homecoming. Sixteen candidates were nominated by the different clubs and organizations. Five were chosen from the sixteen to represent the class of 86 at the Homecoming activities. DeeDee Cornelius was selected as the 1986 Homecoming Queen, with Linda Ridenour as lst runner up and Becky Markle as 2nd runner up. Lisa Proctor and Deborah Yates were selected as the court members. 36 Court Announced ww Floats Parade In i Juniors win lst lace . Sophomores win 2nd 41 8th grade receives 3rd place Seniors!!! 9th grade float FHA enter float 38 ! Pre-gam e Cegjemonies 'Q Boy are we confused Jap tries for a pass!! ?!!? i Z L We didn't lose again V V Miners smile even after defeat!!! 999 f f J Hi' O1 V if Lxbfyx 1 Nu ux Oxfnfwnj-1 Wx,-wxVD,uu? XO Jhgfgjx L ,X L A xt I . 1,1 I , VM, W M. oJNf -ff .4 Q Q0 ul.A-JLK-fa L LJLQJL1 JL LL SQMLOLJ gfwyw QLD 0 flu ff? M067 Gow , A L'fWCyfQJQ H661-Rf GLQUCLL Lila!!! J XJ! XL-1 sO.wQi' 4 MKNER 'K X X TEAM 543315 CREATE - Santa Fe falls to the ,ri .... f E .Niggas l x 4-. J 4: I A . , ,z 1 . A -- I 2: xii. I -s.. mv sl X . , s ik 2 . ft: 5 I. , . . X .xr . f . A i , , K, J . r .. E ,ggi :xxx gk, 1st row W. Wright, R. Jones, S. Mallory, R. Campbell, D. McKenzie 2nd row L. Nelson, D. Berry, J. Myers, D. Roberts, R. Baine, D. Wagner, A. Camp, L. Whitehurst, R. Jones 3rd row L. McCutchen, R. Green, I. Mobley, I..Fulse, T. Jenkins, 'I. Mosely, W. Howard, T. Storey, R. Nelson PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT! Well this was another challenging for the MINERS. It was a long, hard road. The MINERS did get a Victory and ended the season 1 and 9. Their Victory was over Santa Fe, and it was a great game. One the MINERS will never forget. They tried hard, and did what they could. The coaches also did their best. The teams mistakes in the games haunted them, and will always be remem- bered and never forgotten. They played well but they just couldn't cash in the needed points. But, Coaches , Blaine Tuma, Jerome Davis MINER SPIRIT will always live long and will stay in the hearts of all the players all throughout their lives. Let's pull for them MINERS and take 'em "TO THE TOP!" 42 Mighty Miners PICK A WINNER! frxywxa rf J 9 A "WHISTLE WHILE YOU WORKV, Coach Turner's Baby Face L'Awww Isadore you're stepping on my FOOT!!! Miner's Learn Football Fundamentals Just get down there! This one is ours!! You're going down! Everyone pile on. Miner's Score Big Points ,iiif ? 1 ' Aw 5 , , , ,,,,..,, , , 1 I MLW49WwW,p,.a.W,,A.,,,.W,, A ,, 3 Wm Qvy, f ww"-"W'f W ' ' The better side! What a mess! 'tbhn Get Tough iners Try this one for size! Another one bites the dust! Follow me!?! 3 jfflg The Cuban connection Thanks for good blocking. Get off me! 46 l Miners are SUPER GREAT!!! Too Bad. Run tlfe optlon! Thls one's mme!! Good job! You better cool down! Varsity Cheerleaders Row 1 - D. Burnsed, D. Cornellus, L. Proctor, K. Durrance, T. Thornton. Row 2 - S. Stedem, L. Cotton, J. Hancock L. Ridenour, H. Davis, M. Lamb, C. Whitehurs , . ooper The Varsity Cheerleaders of Fort Meade High had a great year. Over the summer they attended camp. Even though the Miner team did not have a Winning season the cheerleaders kept their spirit and the teamls spirit up. They also did a great job decorating the school and getting the school pepped up. Thanks for a great job!!! "Ain't we sweet!?!" Jane is trying to smile pretty! 1 Congratulations, you made it. Love ya, Mom, Dad, and Cheryl In ki .f li . Y X fXvh X 9 f B D D 5 Q i, E v Q. N ' ' - 4 A - L44 nh l 48 Are Super Great , Captains - Lisa Proctor, Michelle Lamb, and Linda Ridenour. ' r , ,A 5 f X xy Q x i 'll' yx f' NM' , 5 101' 'Mi li .vl,- Sponsor - Freida Martin ' Cheerleaders are singing purdil! s... I , A S 5 f Q 1 1 X x 41 li r Y The J. . Cheerleaders C. Barnett, M. Gunn, S. Smith, D. Butler, K. McBride, W. Wyser, M. Holley, J. Kitchings, N. Colvin. iii" The J.V. Cheerleaders had a lot of fun this year. They promoted spirit for the football and basketball teams. Cheerleading is very hard Work, but the J.V. Cheerleaders made the Work very rewarding!!! 'rw if -L guyz Cheerleaders are showing their stuff!!! The true Dee Dee is coming out! Keep the smile on your face and your eyes on the Lord and all your days will be bright!!! Congratulations Darling Daughter!!! Daddy Mother Clark and Trey 1 QM. f ei! ! v 9 r '. Q. ' .g4.,fyy"' 3 , -. V v, " 3,-FQ?"-' ' :E e I-,,, Aix:-gn ,1g..v.fM1v:7 ffl- .f ,, f:q.g.-.--,'.'w:q...g,:.g.g . - 5:22191:11fI:?14?ir??W?f: V' . . 'If Ilil we ?13:Ff1114f E. 6' ff' f' . -fwfr? v- 'ima aa'z?:131,:..1:,.,'f- , rg Mi? I by N . ,,,, ..... .. I -I xv I Q e -I 5 ,T , ,., ,I Show Their Pride!!! Capt. Dee Dee Butler, Co-Capt. Jenni Kitchings Sponsor - Linda Schaill il-,4Lf'f' 1 Kristy, Jenni, and Niki aren't camera shy! Can everyone touch their kneesl?! Congratulations Lynne you We love you Mom and Dad 5 m,,, W! ' We're very proud of O Cross Country Runs For Success. J Row 1 Bell, W. Helms, Row 2 - G. Senterfit, T. Kirk, T. Williams, B. Larson. This year's cross country team led by Bill Larson have competed and been successful in all their cross country Coach - Mr. Scruggs Captain - Bill Larson meets. 52 Congratulation Tiger! We are so proud of you and we love you, Keep Christ first in your life. Mom, Dad, and Mike olleyball strives for Excellence 4 5 W7 W Z? M Q X .4 1, N yy s e 5 A f4" . Row 1 - L. West, M. Simmons, P. Willis, P. Swan, T. Willis, Y. Wright. Row 2 - C. Smith, L. Johnson, T. Simmons, Y. Gray, T. McCalebb, M. Berry, S. McCutchen. This year's volleyball did a greatjob. Everyone played to their best ability to make a super team. The entire team showed great sportsmanship which led to a successful and fun year. f . Coach Gale Tamela Willis - Senior Congratulation! We're very proud of you and wish you the best in your future. We love you! Mom, Mike and Melvin 53 Lf! A We are the best Coach - Archie Gale This year's basketball team did a great job! They played tuff in all their games. They practiced hard and worked well. The team spirit was great. Coach Gale also did a very good job coaching the guys to victory. Watching them play brought in a sense of pride over the Miner fans and a chant long to be remembered, Fort Meade!!! Fort Meade!!! Fort Meade!!! The fans shouted and cheered as the Miner's played their games. The Miner's set the fans on fire and brought them back to every home game. The players did their best and tried giving everything they had to bring the Miner fans victory. The Miner team will always be number one and will always be remembered as a team who played together as one. Miners you are rrl! Kneeling Left to Right J Williams, R. Jones, M. McCellan, L. McClutchen. Standing: A. Camp, R. Kimble, W. Helms, Z. Morris, Shoot the Hoop Let's Go All The Way In your face Where are you at CONGRATULATIONS WILLIAM We are very proud of you and we love you very much Daddy, Mama, and Ann , v M FJ fl X '-df" A M, VX - JF- ,.'. ff . , 1, A ' "W "xx - To LIQI Miners Are Super Great! Togetherness Here it comes 5 CONGRATULATIONS JON F Irfe We love you and are Very proud Of you. Mom and Dad ff 2 e,oN L . - 3 X i ,ff V J, 3. ,JVM ' 0'?1,2f H f O- fr Aww Let's go Miners Get it out of here CONGRATULATIONb PAM We love you and are very proud of you Love Mom Dad Harold and Mehssa . . Basketball Has Front Row: S. Wilkin, C. Guice. Second Row: K. Camp, R. Jones Great Shot Third Row: J. Welsey, J. Robinson, W. Clark, C. Morris, E. Lowe. This years J.V. Basketball team has had a real good year. They were excellent in their class CZAD. They are 8th and 9th graders competing against mostly 10th and 11th graders of other schools. They finished the year with a 9-13 score. We are very proud of these guys who represented our school so Well. A special thanks goes to Coach Turner. Coach Turner CONGRATULATIONS ANITA We love you Mom and Dad f l A if .1 ' ,is A . if . f if a. 58 W W l A Great Year Give me that ball boy!! Watch Out! You might mess-up my nails CONGRATULATIONS DEBBIE We love you and W1Sh you happmess Love and Allen .bb X -so ff' L K K. . K 7 V 'l 'f lr W , R 1 A ' ' A fvpif 4 fl ll ,'jg,' A 'glory QL fllxwl' go QF' J .V. Gains Experience The Fort Meade J.V. " 2 team showed lots of ' promise for years to 1 come. They put in many ii : hours of practice in the 'Y' hot sun. Lots of spirit and a feeling of team unity helped them stick out the season. They displayed our black and gold colors and were proud of it. We are looking forward to see- ing a great team next year!!! Top: J. Eldridge, D. Nobles, J. McMillian, E. Lowe, O. Lopez, R. Medina, D. Townsel, W. Clark. Middle Row: L. Tucker, D. Hancock, J. Belcher, H. Owens, M. Owens, B. McCllellan, K. Camp, J. Lott. Bottom Row: C. Torres, R. Davis, J. Robinson, C. Powers, J. Brinson, S. Webb, S. Howard, Coach Quilan QEC,f,,QQLxXiQlVy,pgQLrg!! at QIXQLQ S Q ols.LcL,L.,o ! iw L LD LLQJQX l Keep Smilinge We love you Mom and Dad CONCRATULATIONS MAE K We re very proud of you Linda Always keep God first in your life and happiness will fol low you where ever you go New Mom and Dad XNPA gk :N X xX 0... A J - , . Q . ,, . . . . . . K, .Q . 1 .. ' . , . X L 4 . 5 Football Awards All County Second Team: H. Grant, R. Green, T. Storey, A. Camp, Honorable Mention J. Myers. f ,vw if . yy . , , if FM I -,z ef Honorable Mention: I. Mobley, R. Kimble, J. Myers All Conference: R. Green, T. Storey CONGRATULATIONS KEITH!! We are very proud of you. Love Mom, Dad, and Robbie N---,Ei H Q , :,,. i VA AI 2 rrrrr A "7 yr 3, , , , Q , he r,, , , , if V I .5 7 1 " fl' W. .E Cx im-JM RVQXVAEME9-V3 W Baseball Team Second Row - M. Smith, T. Storey, J. Myers, J. Belcher, D. Wagner First Row - T. Kirk, A. Reynolds, W. Wright, J. Knight, R Nelson, T. Williams, B. Helms This years baseball team was a good one. It brought back many starters and they did a greatjob. They hustled and tried hard to bring us great victories. The Coaches did an outstanding job. Lets show some Miner spirit and back the team up. The team tried hard in every game and did their best. Fort Meade always has a good baseball team and always has good spirit in the team. Good attitudes were the key. Coach - Glen Rutenbar ff ,,. T. tt t 1 . ' .3 Congratulations Lisa! We are vegy proud of you. 5 T B ,- X Ove' if-Q Mom, Dad, Nancy SL Ed .. . . mi : Q Q Q3 1 . it i i iii ... . . .. - - . 1 iilotii' so 62 Swings Into 19 6. Senior Player - Jim Meyers Senior Player - Tommy Storey 'wa-Q, X I A 11 W ,nj , M W, :'i'J..E'!! ,, , W. -W - . Eilita 4, , gg-: sag I N A Senior Player - Willy Wright Senior Player - Richard Nelson Congratulations Stephanie' You deserve the very best out of life so continue to work hard because We all love you very much Mom, Dad, Debra, Leroy, Jr., Greg, Roz and Kay Girl's Track Team Has New Coaclt :If w,e.f..'5 - an .yf,,,w.,,aw:qz, , ,,, Back Row: K. Hunt, K. Jackson, J. Smith, M. Mobley, B. McClelan, L. West, T. Baker, S. Miller, L. Williams, C. Hollis, M. Coulter M. Berry, L. Johnson, T. McClelan, M. Sanders Front Row: D. Johnson, T. McKinzie, M. Baker, T. Willis, P. Swan, B. Render T. McKinZie, A. Isaac, M. Ash, C. Whitehurst, M. Smith, P. Willis, R. Lewis, S. McKutchen. The girls track team did exceptionally well. They had winners in almost Q ' all of their events. Coach Quinlen really worked them hard, but it paid off. ,Q Coach Quinlen g Congratulations Dee Dee, 9, We love you and our prayers in that you continue to trust in i the Lord and lean not on your own understanding and in all your ways acknowledge God. This is the only successful way l':f ' ' ' Love, g Your Mom, Dad, Grandma, Sisters and Brothers. - 64 Boy's Track Team Shows Spirit Back Row: S. Ivey, S. Mallory, S. Wilkins, R. Jones, R. Kimble, A. Belcher, R. Jones, K. Thomas, C. Lewis, L. Baker, B. Larson, R. Brown Front Row: B. McC1elan, O. Lopez, D. Berry, T. Jenkins, R. Green, D. Roberts, W. Clark, I. Mobley, S. Miller. The Boy's Track Team did really good this year. Most of the team placed in most all their meets. We're proud of our boy's track team. Coach Strickland f sss - 1 ..... 'Q ' Q f " 1 Shannon, Congratulations! We Wish you happiness and encourage you . s ss.. to always remember who ou are. . Love, P tpss s Mom, Dad, Tob 81 Lance . ..--, . ii Eiiis . s tl - oo . QLQL Cow 65 X mf Student Council lst row: P. Bell, J.R. Webb, C. Guice, R. Castleberry, 2nd row: N. Sanders, D. Yates, J. Davis, J. Walker, M. Meadows, D. Cornelius, T. Willis, K. Puelo, K. Barnett, 3rd row: L. Proctor, L. Ridenour, H. Davis, A. Olive, T. Guice, B. Polk, M. Ayers, J. Waters, 4th row: S. Ingram, D. Durrance, C. Pendley, S. Jackson, K. West, D. Roberts, D. Wagner, L. Martin, S. Rickman, 5th row: J. Hancock, L. Ivey, L. Matthews, D. Butler, T. Bayless, 6th row: M. Mayfield, L. Lopez, P. New, N. Black, D. Bass q . .. Qyy, 5 Officers: Rec. Sec. K. Barnett, V. Pres. H. Davis, Pres. D. Yates, Treas. T. Guice, Parl. Sponsor: J. Burch P. Bell, Sgt. of Arms J. Davis, Corres. Sec. L. Lopez The Student Council is one of the largest and most active organizations at FMHS. It serves as the voice of the student body by containing representatives from all the clubs and classes throughout the school. The Student Council held a horse show in combination with the bandas annual fish fry. lt also sold M8LM's to raise money for the school. The council also sponsored numerous other projects such as: College Day, Career Day, Open House, and many others. All of these activities are examples of how the Student Council has fulfilled it's responsibility to the student body. 68 Promotes Leadership "Look Dee Dee! It's a MANP' "Yesl This cake is absolutely marvelous!" v "Your eyes will become very heavy . . ." f A ill E ef? f l mil , . R "Will the real principal please stand up'?', HIS Kathleen posing or is she really studious '7 Drama Club Moves On ZMZWQC ,I 95, First row - K. Durrance, N. Black, M. Fort, D. Turner, L. Fox, S. Ingram, J. Briley, A. Collins, M. Griffin, C. Hancock, M. Meadows, J. Waters, S. Wilkin, A. Murphyg Second row - L. Grimes, K. Cooper, C. Barnett, S. Stedem, K. Stokes, B. Polk, R. Stokes, D. Cornelus, D. Yates, M. Lamb, C. Crum, D. Burnsed. This year the Dra- ma Club has lots of new faces for our entertainment plea- sures. They are a young, but coura- geous group! They did a fine job throughout the year. I Sponsor - Miss Williams Officers - J. Waters - Pres., M. Meadows - V. Pres., C. Congratulations, Deborah' We re so proud of you and all or your accompllshlnentsl We love you! Daddy, Mom 8: Susan 'V .AAA Hancock - Tres., N. Black and D. Cornelus - Sec. U, 70 N FBLA Has A Great Year!!! A McAuley D Burnsed, L. Ivey. Second row - Sponsor - Mrs. McQuillen You are a Treasure! We Love You!! W , an i if 1 0 r Z B. Mark14ks.'i2naeQM. fflkldki 4 1 1 This year the FBLA has really done an excellent job. They attended rallies during the year in which the officers entered in competition. They did very good. 71 HS Members Are Always Busy 4 Q x First row - C. Grimes, K. Barnet, L. Proctor, D. Lopez, C. Johnson, A. Gobbleg Second row - C. Chambers, J. Hancock, M. Mayfield, P. Croy, T. Guice, A. Olive, H. Davis, T. Dunn, S. Gillis. Our National Honor Society is a club for students who exceed in scho- lastic ability. Along with this quality, members must also show the qualities of leadership, citizen- ship service, and character. 72 Sponsor - Mrs. Newsome much given Mom, 'W ' .f L Officers - M. Mayfield-Pres., J. Hancock-V. Pres., A. Gobble-Tres., E. Lopez-Sec., C. Grimes-Hist., C. Johnson-Public Relations. Congratulations Mynx, We're proud of you! May God bless your future and may you never forget how we love and appreciate you forthe joy you have US. Dad Sz "Bubba" 'GX ff li ,, uf fs , U if Q' fr , 1 F- . f 'ffl l'Q5WtQf3'm's , . -. , 1 by ,A..f, lt -.1 .W l A . 2-Y , JH Maintains Excellence! . ' . 5' First row - K. Cooper, K. Stokes, B. Polk, L. Schaill, B. Larson, L. Grimes, T. Driskell, M. Loren, S. Wilkin, D. Bass. B Polk Pres L Grimes V Pres T Dr1skellSec M Loren Tres Sponsor Miss Williams "You've come a long way." Love Mom, Dad, 8: Kelli ' 1 b I . N ss. ff ., , ,, 1. This organization of outstanding ju- nior high students maintain a 3.2 g.p.a. They also excel in service and leader- ship to their school and community. 73 Black and Gold does it again. Row 1 - D. Yates, P. New, E. Lopez, L. Ivey, J. Hancock, L. Matthews, M. Mayfield. Row 2 - D, Bass, K. Cooper, L. Cotton, B. Polk, A. Murphy, S. Lanier, L. Grimes, T. Price, T. McKinnish, Row 3 - M. Meadows, S. Wilkins, L. Proctor, D. Cornelius, D. Turner, K. West, D. Durrance, C. Grimes, J. Davis, M. Ayers, J. Waters. Sponsor: Jackie Burch Editor: M. Mayfield ins., Is Blake sleeping again? M. Torres, Photographer The Black and Gold publishes a monthly school newspaper to keep students informed about school events. The staff is working to improve. iners Lore does a fine job. 3 Sm Row 1 - M. Mayfield, M. Torres, E. Lopez, L. Matthews, L. Ivey, L. Proctor, D. Yates, P. New. Row 2 - B. Davis, J. Davis, K. West, T. McKinnish, M. Ayers, C. Grimes, J. Hancock, D. Durrance. The Miners Lore is a literary maga- zine containing FMHS creativity. The members are very dedicated and willing to work hard to achieve excellence. Sponsor: Jackie Burch Editor: Pam New It's been a long haul, Since the great red wall. We,re glad you finally made it, We,re Very proud of you graduate! ll .J We love you! Mom, Dad, and f' . .,... I E 7 .Wg g 'fry i 4 ,. 1 X ' A l I - . 1. 75 Quill and Scroll Sponsors Homecoming lst row: J. Hancock, L. Ivey, B. Davis, J. Davis, K. West, 2nd row: L. Lopez, P. New, T. McKinnish, C. Grimes, L. Matthews, L. Proctor. 3rd row: M. Ayers, D. Durrance, M. Torrez, M. Mayfield, D. Yates. The Quill and Scroll is a very i active club as it is responsible for conducting all the Homecoming f activities. They have the responsi- f Q it bility of organizing the Homecom- , ing parade, the dance, inviting the E alumni, and also the pre-game W festivities. Thanks to the Quill and Scroll, this year's Homecoming was a great success. L Presidents: Keith West and Lynn Ivey Sponsor: Jackie Burch ' Congratulations Son, you made it!!! Love Mom and Dad . if 'w 3 76 w Chorus Does It p Right l l 2 Adv.-lst row: C. Whitehurst, M. Huddlen, D. Bass, M. Sellers, S. Jackson, L. Roddenberry, J. Smith, S. Longoria, M. Campbell, P. Croy, M. Griffin. 2nd row: T. Dunlap, C. Lowe, T. Wright, T. Downs, J. Waters, C. Barber, M . Bankston, T. McKinzie, L. West, S. Dyal, B. Prather, J. Stedem. Pres. D. Bass, Treas. P. Croy, Librarians S. Accompanists: P. Croy and C. Hancock Sponsor: Karen Lewis Jackson, C. Whitehurst I x E Beg.- lst row: D. Beerty, A. Farris, T. Barwick, K. Sanders, T. Simmons, D. Creech, S. McKinzie, R. Johnson. 2nd row: B. Johnson, K. Brown, W. Wyser, W. Davis, L. Franklin, D. Clark, M. Smith, L. Johnson, S. Miller, T. McCalab, D. Guerra. 3rd row: S. Rodriguez, C. Barnett, S. Smith, D. Cornelius, R. Shingles, B. Williams, R. Campbell, H. Grant, K. Grace, Y. Wright, M. Simmons, M. Burton. 4th row: J. Sharpe, D. Isaac, P. Willis, M. Baker, M. Ash, C. Filyaw, R. Isaac, A. Camp, J. Wesley, B. McClellan, R. Lewis. 77 Leo Club Sponsors Science Fair Front Row - S. Chambers, E. Jerkins, B. Markle, M. Lamb, D. Burnsed, D. Porterfield, D. Yates, J. Knight, J. McBride, A. Murphy. Middle Row - N. Black, C. Barnett, M. Fort, T. Guice, C. Crum, H. Davis, C. Shannon, L. Ridenour, A. Olive, M. Torres, B. Polk, L. Matthews Back Row - D. Jerkins, C. Robinson, J. Stedem, P. Bell, W. Toney, L. Fox, J. Walker, S. Ingram, M. Gunter, K. Stokes, S. Marsh, K. West, J. Davis, D. Turner, B. Bigsby, S. Lanier Sponsor - Sylvia In- Officers - Shannon Leigh Ingram, Michelle Lamb, Leah Matthews, Sarah Marsh, Cindi Crum, Joe gram Knight, Keith West Wouldn't it he better if the bike moved, Jennifer? 78 . W .I Aren't we adorable? The Leo Club of FMHS has had a great year. They have provided the school with many services, in- cluding donating money for all the causes. They also have purchased T- shirts for all members. They also had their annu- al cookout and initiation which drew many new members. Above all they showed their enthusiasm by being a service to the school by sponsoring the 1986 Science Fair. rt Club Still Creating T. Skinner, B. Bender, A. Collins, A. McAuley, D. Jerkins, D. Roberts, W. Cruce Back Row - V. Campbell, M. Skinner, R. Medina, B. Boren, M. Mayfield, J. Lewis, B. Simms This year the Art Club started out by painting a new sign for the football stadium in the school co- lors black and gold. They plan to do even more projects throughout the year to benefit the school. Sponsor - Mr. Collins Amy Collins, April McAuley, Beverly Bender, Dawn Jerkins, Donny Roberts. .A "' Iff .... I . ' fl 3 . Stay strong in your faith, let God lead and life will be I ..... or Q pp the best possible. We are proud of you. Love Mom, Dad and Q K .. K in I .lkf l Ed 2 f. W, 1 .ef C fi I Q . ,XQ-1 V! N 79 The FFA ,,,, - ,,,. V,,, . ,,,, . ,,,, ,,,,, ,,,,,, ,,., ,,,,, . " ' . fff ,J .zzww .W W WWWW: ,,,, .mfffaf IZfff.,'-- ,WMWM mf" 'fag " ' H " M, I 7 , , ,,.,, , , ,, , , .,,,,,,, ,,,, . ,,,, ,,,,,,,, , , , . , Front Row - M. Coulter, T. Kelley, K. Turner, T. Guice, A. Olive, J. Russell, J. Wettington, J. Knight, S. Mallory, D. Kolb, D. Skerritt, L. Lopez, R. Davis Middle Row- D. Roberts, P. Bell, D. Young, C. Bone, K. Yates, D. Cannon, S. Lanier, B. Bigsby, A. Murphy, M. Lamb, S. Ingram, L. Ridenour, M . Storey, E. Utto, Last Row - T. Jenkins, W. Helms, M. Gunter, R. Baine, J. Myers, T. Moseley, W. Toney, J. Walker, M. Rhoden, O. Lopez, D. Wagner, J.R. Webb, M. Lopez, M. Gillis, S. Marsh, J. Stanford Officers - Randy Davis - Student Advisor, Angie Murphy- Reporter Dawn Cannon - Secretary, Erikka Utto - Vice President, Paul Bell - President, Sarah Marsh - Treasurer, Shellie Lanier-Sentinel, Katie Scruggs - Chaplain wa tnavaqma l .ff Sponsors - Mr. Gordon, Mr. Speight Builds Leaders fy M Front Row - T. Smith, R. Brown, R. Vaughn, R. Hicks, T. Shirley, C. Martin, S. Ivey, D. Lott, N. Colvin, L. Bowers, A. Baker, L. Prine, K. Davis, C. Griffith, D. Borughts, J. Green. Middle Row - J. Pollard, M. Wickersheime, J. Kitchings, D. Jerkins, R. Brown, C. Westbrook, M. Atkins, M. Gunn, K. McBride, M. Holley, S. Chambers, N. Page, S. Cannon, N. Mckinnish, B. Norris, S. Baker, K. Gunter, R. Davis, Back Row - T. Gibson, K. Simone, L. McCellan, P. Smith, K. Barnett, T. Bayless, C. Mogle, S. Vaughn, W. Clark, T. Siler, H. New, A. Durrance, W. Pippin, D. Conley, C. Torres, T. Amey. Cx'!""r -159 Paul and Jon's New Look. The FFA this year has been successful, as many of our past years, have been. We have been involved in many activities. Just to name a few, the Creed Contest, Parlimentary Proce- dure Contest, Forestry Contest, Beef Judging Contest, Tractor Driving and Extemporary Speaking Contest, Public Speaking contest, Vegetable Judging and Horticulture Contest. We pride ourselves to giving aid to our school and our community. 81 Annual Staff v 1 ' Y 5 Q Staff: M. Mayfield, D. Durrance, J. Hancock, C. Grimes, M. Torres, E. Lopez, L. Ivey, L. Proctor, D. Yates, P. New, L. Mathews J. Davis, M. Ayers, K. West, T. McKinish, B. AMW Sponsor: Ms. Jackie Burch Davis. Al' 3 x X L " .... in i.s tt Q. ..,. f 9 is lk Photographers: Maria Torres, Blake Davis I 4 ir at ,f 0 1, .V V ,. I , W , M., 43 ,- 'NJ V,,, . Editors: Lisa Proctor, Deborah Yates 82 i av' Is All Seniors Plus 1 S . K 'R . K ...lilk ix N K What's going on?'7'7 I Jane, there's no hope!! For the first time in many, the yearbook staff consists of all Seniors, excluding our photographer. The whole staff has worked hard throughout the year to meet dead- lines and also to Work on the Black A and Gold and Miner's-Lore. Pam's a classic!!! No, Tommy, you cannot leave class! 83 FHA Had A Great Year Bottom Row - Joyce Dunn, Tanya Meadows, Jennifer L., Kathy L., Jennifer S., Lisa M., Tammy P., Top Row - Julie Bell, Carolyn B., Diane B., Wendy W., Sheri D., Nikki B. X. This year the FHA was in- volved in another food drive to help the needy at Christmas. They brought happiness to families at Christmas time by letting them have food to eat. Christmas is a special time of year to be celebrated with hap- piness not sadness and hurt. The FHA also as a new project sold cookbooks to raise money for FHA projects. They sold quite a few. The cookbooks went over well with the teachers as well as the students. They have been cooking up a storm and do a good job. 84 ... Yi., Officers - Lisa M. - Historian, Tanya M. - Chaplain, Jennifer S. - Social Chairman, Julie B. - Historian, Nikki B. - President, Carolyn B. - V. President, Wendy W. - Secretary Ideas, whims, thoughts and notions Dance, jazzercise, cheers and motions Downbeat, upbeat, and drumbeat too All these things make you uniquely you! Wefre proud of you! Love, Mom, Dad, and Marcus lif' if ...i1eilfmwe 7 Q01 Sponsor - Mrs. Hardwick The Band Has Pride 41..- . -f ,, . wiht dl! ,M ., Drum Majors - D. Yates, K. Barnett Mrs. Newsome - Aux. Sponsor Mr. Lewis - Director The band this year did a great job. They went to Hardee to perform in a contest for marching and received a 1 which is superior. They also competed at Winter Haven and received a 2 which is excellent. The concert band did well too. The band this year has shown much PRIDE. They have shown to us the true meaning of pride. They have shown on the field and in the concert halls. Mr. Lewis and Mrs. Newsome have also done a great job. The band has won trophies and assorted awards. In the football games, the band kept up spirit and played their team on. With only a few band members returning the new group took it to the top. Composed of more eighth, ninth, and tenth graders than upper class they met the challenge and made it work. The mothers and fathers also contributed to the band's success. The band boosters worked in the concession stand and did other money making activities to make money for the band. The band students also sold cookies to make money to help the band PRIDE. Making money to help the band is part of the pride the Miner band is made of and will continue to be made of. 85 How About That Band Officers - lst row - K. Barnett, C. Johnson, S. Howard, D. Johnson, B. Brooker, T. Williams, D. Durrance, M. Birdsong, D. Yates lst row - M. Wickersheim, H. New, C. Powers, C. Powers, K. Bowers, S. Rhimes, B. Polk, P. New, M. Ayers, J. Kitchings y Saxophones lst row - A. Gobble, P. Kichen, W. Wyser, M. Powers, P. New, B. Norris 2nd row - A. Matthews, N. Black, B. Roberts, B. Brooker, M. Lorren, K. Scruggs Low Brass lst row - T. Williams, J. McBride, C. Hancock, W. Toney, W. Taylor, 2nd row - D. Hinojosa, S. Howard, D. Johnson, J. Johnson, J. Harden 86 W The Band Rates Great Jvhkii Trumpets lst row - S. Wilkins, S. Logue, C. Ayers, C. Powers, K. Williams, 2nd row - S. Rhimes, M. Ayers, J. Belcher, J. Knight, H. New, J. Pollard Flags lst row - J. Kimbrough, D. Durrance 2nd row - M. Heath, L. Lopez, D. Jerjins, D. Kolb 3rd row A T. Gillespie, S. Gills, M. Gills, V. Riggs Percussion lst row - L. Bowers, S. Chambers, B. Polk, L. Marchman 2nd row - G. McMahon, C. Barnett, C. Filyaw, C. Guice, D. Edwards, O. Lopez, T. Pawley, B. Reddick 87 sv F W N Yes WB,1'G Majorettes lst row - M, Birdsong, T. Driskell 2nd row - T. Campbell, L. Branch, K. Forbus 3rd row - T. Bayless, K. Bowers, W. Cruce .5 -M-K A Flutes lst row - S. Mackenzie, J, Kitchings, M. Wickersheim, T. Drayton 2nd row - S. McLeod, E. Lopez, D. Miller, N. Gunn, A. Stokes ' Librarians 2nd row - K. Scruggs, W. Wyser, N. Black, B. Polk lst row - E. Lopez, A. Stokes, L. Williams, A. Gobble 88 The Band Stands Solid Ist row v B. Davis, B. Westbrook, C. Chambers, L. Williams, S. Jackson, K. Rogers 2nd row - C. Johnson, K. Simone, D. Turner, E. Anderson, M. Depriest Smile Big Are You Sure f Congratulations Billie Jo! We are very proud of you and wish you much success! Love Mom and Barbara 9012. lasik W ' ix, 89 N H 1 "'k wk 4 ,L ii 90 3 p Nw L 1 ,WJ 3 1 A 1 F V w W w P 91 ' l Seniors Have C ass Class officers: J. Hancock - Pres., C. Grimes - Hist., P. Bell - V. Pres., T. Williams - Sec., J. Walker - Treas. Class Sponsors: S. Ingram, A. Davis, D. Lewis 92 Class Favorites: P. Bell and B. Markle Is this LOVE? As eighth graders we came to high school timid and small. We all had to start at the bottom and work our way to the top. There were many events in which to participate. During our ninth, tenth, and eleventh grade years we placed second in the float competi- tion. Our junior year was reached with great anticipation which was culminated by exceeding our goal for magazine sales and a great prom. 1986 has arrived and We are Seniors. The senior class now looks forward to reaching future goals. Seniors 0f Distinction n f x o 9 ' F ' f ! r K M ..,' Jane Hancock Cathy Grimes Deborah Yates Tommy Storey Pam New Mike Ayers 94 Seniors O Anita Gobble, Mistie Mayfield, Lisa Lopez Lisa Proctor Distinction -guuI0 35' Dee Dee Cornelius Debbie Durrance fp A, ,lo fl , f 4 Linda Ridenour , Ki X W, xx , 3 in .. 'M il' ' Q K ,f i , pf M A iiX if . N -N.:-2 wx ' X 1-ff 'fwfwx N , f we Q Q . f i Qi fiieigiflfkef Cotrina Johnson Seniors make choices for college. -rf' ,- . Class of 19 6 my JOSE ARMIJ O Ambition - Go to college and study computers. MICHAIL LAWAYNE AYERS CMikeJ Favorite Saying - "What the deal is." Ambition - To be successful at whatev- er I do. Band - 1,2,3,4,55 Band Officer - 3,4,55 Band Capt. - 5 TIMOTHY JUNIOR BARFIELD CHOODJ Favorite Saying - '4Whoo0!" Ambition - To be Successful in every- thing I do. Basketball - 1,2,3,45 Football - 2 PAUL DAVID BELL B-Lang Favorite Saying - '4Procrastination is a I fine art." Ambition - To find a career I enjoy and become rich at it. Football - 2,3,45 Tennis - 1,25 Golf - 35 Cross Country - 55 Track - 55 Student Council - 2,4,55 Parli. - 4,55 FFA - l,2,3,4,55 Treas. - 45 Pres. - 55 Class V. Pres. - 55 Leo - 55 Band - 1,2 STEPHANIE BERRIEN MARY LOU BIGSBY BILLIE JO BLUNDELL fBi1lieD Favorite Saying - "Never argue with a woman . . . because I'm always right." Ambition - To attend and finish college and have a successful career. DCT - 4 STEPHEN TODD BROOKER 96g Leads T he School STEPHANIE ELAINE BRINSON iStepJ Favorite Saying - "Mama!" Will you please come here?,' Ambition - To reach the goals in life I have set. Band - 1,35 Black and Gold - 25 FHA - 35 Treas. - 35 Class Sec. - 25 Leo - 2,35 Class Treas. - 35 FBLA - 4 MARIA MAYBUNZA BURTON CSweet piaj Favorite Saying A- 'KPapa may have, Mama may have, But God bless the child that has his own." Ambition - To become a nurse and live happily with Pollie and Kenny. Interact - 15 Spanish - 45 Chorus - 55 Drama A 5 JANET ESTHER CAMPBELL iNanetJ Favorite Saying - "I doubt it!" Ambition W To marry Sean, have 2 kids, and be the best wife and mother I possibly can. FFA - 1,25 Art Club - 25 Drama - 55 Library - 45 Spanish - 5 KIMBERLY DAWN CANNON Favorite Saying - "Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow, don't walk behind me, I may not lead, just walk beside me and be my friend." Ambition - To graduate from hair school and open my own shop and then go back to school to get my degree so that I can be a physical therapist FFA - 2,3,4,55 Sec. - 4,55 Public Speaking - 35 Forestry Team - 55 Black and Gold - 2 LISA ANN CHERRY DELDRA SHRRE CORNELIUS fDee- DeeJ Favorite Saying - "Please!" Ambition - To work for State Farm Insurance Company and be successful in life. Black and Gold - 55 Volleyball - 1,25 FCA - 1,2,35 Chorus 1-55 Cheerleader - 253,55 Capt. - 25 Co-Capt. - 35 Student Council - 2,3,55 Thespian Society - 3,55 DCT - 45 FBLA - 45 Drama Club - 5 DAVID CHARLES COULTER CHRISTOPHER BLAKE DAVIS Seniors Take On JOSEPH RAY DAVIS CJoeyJ Favorite Saying - "Just a minute . . . " Ambition - To keep God first in my life and be successful in whatever I do. Art Club - 15 Football - 25 Track - 3,45 FFA - 1,2535 Leo - 55 Annual - 55 Black and Gold - 55 Quill and Scroll- 55 Minerls Lore - 55 Student Council - 5 RANDY JOE DAVIS fMessyJ Favorite Saying - "Jesus loves you." Ambition - Develop my art career and to tell everyone about Jesus. FFA - 2,3,4,55 Officer - 4,55 Parl. Proce- dure Team - 45 Livestock Judging Team - 4,5 DEBRA LYNN DURRANCE iDebbieJ Favorite Saying - "It,s casualu Ambition - To go to college, get a good job, and make enough money to pay my gas bill. Band - 1,2,3,4,55 Flag Corp - 3,4,55 Capt. - 4,55 Section Leader - 4,55 Cheerleader - 25 High O'Brian Youth Leadership Award - 35 Yearbook - 4,55 Quill and Scroll - 4,55 Black and Gold - 4,55 Homecoming Candidate - 5 MARY SUE FORT fMarsJ Favorite Saying - "Tammy, it's o- kay!!!,' Ambition - To become a very famous ballet dancer. FFA - 1,25 Drama - 3,4,55 Leo - 4,55 Thespian Society - 354,55 Black and Gold - 3 ANITA CAROL GOBBLE fNital Favorite Saying - 'iJe ne sais pas." Ambition - To live my life in the God would have me to, and be happy. HEWITT ALFONZO GRANT II fNastyJ Favorite Saying - UI can help it, I'm just Nastyll" Ambition - To be one of the best linebackers in the NFL or be a body builder. RONALD DAVID GREEN fRon Joni Favorite Saying - "Whadaaya sayin"' Ambition - Work for the Sheriffs Department. Football - 1,2,3,4,55 Track - 2,3,4,55 Wrestling - 1,25 FFA - 15 FCA - 3,45 Student Council - 15 Drama - 5 RENEE LYNNE GREINER fNay-Nay? Favorite Saying - t'Hey Lee-Ann, let's cruize to Winter Haven!" Ambition - To become rich and suc- cessful and live a long and happy life. Art Club - 15 FFA - 2,35 FBLA - 3 Responsibility CATHY SUE GRIMES Favorite Saying - "Jane, you're so sillyl!" Ambition - To achieve all that's possi- ble and always dream of becoming more. FHA - 15 FFA - 25 NHS - 3,4,55 Hist. - 55 Class Hist. - 55 Flag Corp - 45 Black and Gold - 3,55 Quill and Scroll - 55 Yearbook - 55 Homecoming Candidate - 5 CARLA DENISE GUNN Favorite Saying - "Gab" Ambition - To make my parents proud of me and to, one day marry Gary and make him happy. FFA - 1,2,3,55 FBLA - 45 Art Club - 55 FHA - 1 JANE ELIZABETH HANCOCK Favorite Saying - "But Cathy . . . " Ambition - To go to college, find a fascinating job, marry the man of my dreams, have perfect children, and make it to our 25th class reunion! Band - 15 FHA - 15 Student Council - 1,2,3,4,55 Black and Gold - 2,3,55 Class Favorite V 2,3,45 Class Pres. - 2,4,55 Tennis - 25 Cheerleader - 3,4,55 JHS - 35 Pres. - 35 Junior Teenager of the Month 25 NHS - 4,55 V. Pres. - 5 Yearbook - 55 Quill and Scroll - 55 Homecoming Candi- date - 5 , SHANNON LEIGH INGRAM CAROL LYNN IVEY CLynnJ Favorite Saying - K'Chris, will you take me to the... '??" Ambition - To own a red convertible Mustang and to someday have a happy family of my own. Band - 1,2,3,45 Flag Corp - 45 Yearbook - 55 Quill and Scroll - 55 Pres. - 55 Black and Gold - 55 FBLA - 55 Class V. Pres. - 25 Student Council - 55 Parl. - 5 COTRINA MONIQUE JOHNSON fTwinkieJ Favorite Saying - f'Oh, no she didnitln Ambition - To be a success and help people in need. Band - 1,2,3,4,55 Band Lib. - 3,45 Solo and Ensemble - 1,2,3,4,55 State Solo and Ensemble - 2,3,45 All-County Band - 45 12th Grade Rep. - Band 55 Teen Council - 3,45 NHS - 4,55 Public Relations Chairman - 55 Powder Puff - 4,55 Sec. French II Class - 5 RAYMOND EVERETTE JONES SUSAN ELAINE JONES Make N MIS EMILY SUE KIGGANS fEm-Suel Favorite Saying - "Well excuse me!!!" Ambition - To make my parents proud of me and go to college and become a drama teacher. Drama - 55 Spanish - 55 Band - 3 RAYMOND BERNARD KIMBLE fRay Kimbles-n-Bitsl Favorite Saying - "Man, you must be mad!!" Ambition - To be successful in life and explore all the wonders of the universe. Basketball - 3,4,55 Football - 4 ELIZABETH LOPEZ QLisaJ Favorite Saying - "I know it's here, somewhere." Ambition - To reach those goals for which I have set for myself and to see the world and to enjoy all its beauty. JHS - 35 NHS - 3,4,55 Sec. - 55 Student Council - 55 Corresponding Sec. - 55 Annual - 55 Miner's Lore - 55 Quill and Scroll - 55 Black and Gold - 55 Band - 1,2,3,4,55 Lib. - 3,4,55 Sect. Lead. - 55 District Science Fair - 4 BECKY JO MARKLE fJo "Bec"J Favorite Saying - "No doubtln Ambition -- To be successful in whatev- er I choose to do. FFA - 1,2,3,4,55 Cheerleader - 35 FBLA - 55 Homecoming Candidate - 5 LAURA JEAN MARTIN fL0ri-Jeanj Favorite Saying - "Emily, Jennifer help me!" Ambition -- To graduate, make my parents happy, and to marry a million- aire. DCT - 45 Spanish - 3,45 Student Council - 5 LEAH LACHELLE MATTHEWS CCandyD Favorite Saying - "But I don't know!!" Ambition - To become a Certified Public Accountant. Band - 1,2,3,45 Flag Corp - 3,45 Leo - 1,2,3,4,55 Cheerleader - 25 Student Coun- cil - 55 Quill and Scroll - 5, Annual - 55 Black and Gold - 5 MISTIE MICHELLE MAYFIELD TABITH REANE MCCLELLAN fTabetD Favorite Saying - "Kesha stop!" Ambition - All things are possible with Christ that strengthens me. Track - 13 FCA - 1,2,35 Cheerleader - 2,5 ake Th1S Is It. TODD RANDALL MCKINNISH CLetusJ Favorite Saying - K'Hit the roadll' Ambition - To graduate from school, get my own apartment, and have my own ride. FFA - 1,2,3,45 Annual - 55 Black and Gold - 55 Quill and Scroll - 55 Miner's Lore - 5 JENNIFER KAY MILEY KJ. K. Crewsl Favorite Saying - "I love you, Scottie." Ambition - To marry Scott and do what God has planned for us. DELOIS MITCHELL CHollywoodJ Favorite Saying - "I am so tired of schoolll' Ambition - To love and take care of my child, and marry the first lucky man who comes along. 5 Chorus - 2,45 FBLA - 45 FCA - 2 FLOYD HENRY MOORE JR. Ambition - To graduate. Wrestling - 1,2,3 JAMES CLARK MYERS CHawkJ Favorite Saying - "Hey, did you do your homework?" Ambition - To be successful in whatev- er I attempt to do. Baseball - 3,4,55 Football - 4,55 Wrestling - 1,25 FFA - 1,2,3,4,5 PAMELA SUSAN NEW fSissyJ Favorite Saying - 'KBonjour, Ya'llll' Ambition - To be rich and successful at whatever I do. Band - 1,2,3,4,55 Lib. - 35 lst Lt. - 55 FFA - 15 J HA - 25 Annual - 55 Black and Gold - 55 Miner's Lore - 55 Edt. - 55 Quill and Scroll - 55 Student Council - 55 FBLA - 5 TIMOTHY P. PAWLEY CStorkJ Favorite Saying - "Are you serious?l' Ambition - To play the drums for a band that is as bad as Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd. Band - 1,2,3,4,5 PRISCILLA ANITA PENNINGTON fCilJ Favorite Saying - "OOOO, no she didn't!l' Ambition - To do whatever God wants me to do and become successful Band - 1,2,3,4,55 Lib. - 45 Teen Council - 45 Powder Puff - 4,5 Class O ' 6 Maintains Spirit THOMAS R. PRICE CRATTJ Favorite Saying - t'Can I borroW??" Ambition - To live life to the fullest and have fun doing it. FFA - 1,2,3,4,55 Wrestling - 2,35 Drama - 2,35 Annual - 55 Black and Gold - 55 Quill and Scroll - 55 Miner's Lore - 5 LISA RENEE PROCTOR Favorite Saying W "Is he rich?" Ambition - To marry a rich man with a heart condition. Cheerleader - 3,4,55 Capt. - 55 NHS - 55 Quill and Scroll - 55 Annual - 55 Editor - 55 Miner's Lore - 55 Band - 1,25 FFA - 15 FCA - 35 Tennis - 35 Homecoming Candidate - 55 Class Sec. - 45 Student Council - 55 Drama Club - 5 SUSAN KAYE RICKMAN Ambition - To graduate. Spanish Club - 45 Student Council - 5 LINDA MAE RIDENOUR fMae-K-IIJ Favorite Saying M "Did ya miss me?" Ambition - To pursue a career in Travel and Tourism, get married, and make my parents happy! FHA - 15 Student Council - 2,3,4,55 Cheerleader - 2,3,4,55 Capt. - 3,55 Co- capt. - 2,45 Leo - 55 Class Officer - 1,3,45 FFA - 1,2,4,55 Homecoming Sweetheart - 55 JHS - 1,25 FCA - 2 SHON THOMAS RIMES DONALD CARL ROBERTS JR. fWildmanJ Ambition - To be a hitman for the mob, and race the Black Dog and the Red Baron in the NHRA. FFA - 1,2,3,4,55 Band - 1,25 Track - 3,4,55 Student Council - 55 Art Club - 55 Baseball - 55 Football - 1,2,5 CHRISTOPHER LEE ROBINSON iCrocketJ Favorite Saying - "What's up, Hom?" Ambition - To set a goal and find a way to reach it. Soccer - 35 Golf - 45 Leo - 55 Cross Country - 55 Spanish - 4 MELISSA KAY SKINNER fMissyJ Favorite Saying v- "The three happy B's must be possessedfy Ambition - President of the United States. FHA - 15 Art Club - 2,35 Pep Club - 2,3,45 Drama - 15 Chorus - 25 FBLA - 4,5 Throughout The Year MIKE FITGERALD SMITH WILLIAM EMMETT STANFORD TOMMY LEE STOREY JR. CTigerJ Favorite Saying - 'iMy bag, Hawk!" Ambition - To be a professional base- ball player if it's God's will. Baseball - 2,3,4,5g Football - I,2,3,4,5g Wrestling - 1,25 FFA - Ig FCA - 3,45 Drama - 5 DAMON LENARD SULLIVAN fMr. Ebonyi Favorite Saying - "What you say?" Ambition - To become President of the Ford Motor Company. Spanish - 4,55 Drama - 5 WILLIAM FRANKLIN TONEY Favorite Saying - "Go Gators" Ambition - To have a high paying occupation and make my parents proud of me. Band - I,2,3,4,5g 2nd Lt. - 43 FFA - 1,53 Leo - 53 FBLA - 55 Football - 2, Tennis - 25 Basketball - 4g Student Council - 4g Powder Puff Princess - 4 JON SCOTT WALKER KZombieJ Favorite Saying 4 "No, that's not the way it goesl' Ambition - To go on to school and to be engaged in some sort of agriculture. Band - 1,2g Tennis - 25 Football- 2, FFA - 1,2,3,4,5g Treas. - 55 Leo - 5, Student Council - 5g Class Treas. - 5 CORY ALLEN WANDREY KEITH ALLEN WEST fKeiterJ Favorite Saying - "Keep it coolll' Ambition - To achieve all of my goals and to live life to the fullest Football - 25 Annual - 59 Black and Gold - 55 Quill and Scroll - 5, Pres. - 53 Miner's Lore - 53 Leo - 5, Student Council - 5 This Is Whe JAMES WILLIAMS JR RATAN IA VALDIVIA WILLIAMS iShortyJ Favorite Saying You make me sick Ambition To do whatever God leads me to do become suc essful and make my family proud of me Volleyball - 1,2,3,4, Track - 15254, Cheerleader - 55 Basketball - 1,25 FCA - 3,45 Powder Puff - 4,5 TAMARA K. WILLIAMS CTammyJ Favorite Saying - "No doubtll' Ambition - To lead a successful life filled with love and happiness. Library - 45 Drama - 55 Class Sec. - 5 TAMALA ELAINE WILLIS fTammyJ Favorite Saying - 'KOn the rebound" Ambition - To make the 1988 Olympic long jump team and to succeed in life. Track - 3,4,55 Capt. - 55 Volleyball - 55 Capt. - 55 Basketball - 2,35 Spanish - 4,55 Teen Council - 4,55 Drama - 55 Student Council - 55 Advertising Comm. - 55 Powder Puff - 4,55 PRIDE writer - 55 Homecoming Candidate - 5 TRACEY RENEE WRIGHT CTraJ Favorite Saying - "Stop Hip,' Ambition - To raise my child up the way God would have me to and to be someone my mom would have proud of. Volleyball - 1,25 Basketball - 1,25 Chorus - 1,2,35 Track - 1,2,35 Flag Corp - 2,45 FCA - 25 Concert Choir - 5 WILLIE THOMAS WRIGHT JR. CSeedJ Ambition - To go to college and play baseball, then go on from there. Basketball - 2,55 Football - 55 Baseball - 55 FCA - 3 DEBORAH LYNN YATES fDebJ Favorite Saying - "Excuse me?" Ambition - To be involved on some sort of politics. Band - 1,2,3,4,55 Drum Major - 4,55 Student Council - 3,4,55 V. Pres. - 45 Pres. - 55 Yearbook - 55 Editor - 55 Leo Club - 1,2,3,4,55 Black and Gold - 3,55 Quill and Scroll - 55 Miner's Lore - 55 Drama Club - 55 Class V. Pres. - 55 UI Dare You Award" - 45 Local Advisory Comm. - 55 District Advisory Comm. - 55 Area Advisory Comm. - 55 Congressional Classroom Intern - 55 Junior Teenager of the Month - 35 Senior Teenager of the Month - 4,55 Homecoming Court - 55 School Winner - Century III Award - 5, School Participant5 Close-Up Program - 5 KEVIN LEE YATES fYatesJ Favorite Saying - "Cool breezel, Ambition - To go to college so that I can be an electronics technician. Band - 1,2,35 FFA - 1,2,3,55 Football - 25 DCT - 4 - ...,,, 5 s IG 5 The Future Begins DOUGLAS NELSON YOUNG WW 8 f S... figgiiwf N 5.2:-::.l'E' X W 'f --" 5 ws + x:... :. K X R XX Xxx? r X X X X X VS X S xxx' . s J 5 .I . -in X y , ,Y . ,W O - Nw .1 3 x e MQW wi. ,,,' A? 5 yy J umors Pres. Jamie Waters, Treas. Dawn Burnsed, Vice Pres., Cindy Chambers, Sec. Kathleen Barnett. The Juniors had their annual maga- zine sale. After a lot of hard work, dedica- tion and class spirit the Juniors won first place in the Homecoming Parade. They have also worked hard to make the dances after the football games a success. 106 Win Homecoming Hope Davis, Ricky Baine - Class Favorites y E fi 5 I . V. 5 -::,Qewf E .::EE, s u.srsr -. .- -, -e -as-, 5 - Q. A ., X , Mrs. Conley - Sponsor Mrs. Burkes - Sponsor Mr. Strickland - Sponsor Float Christian Anderson N . Tammy Barwick Dawn Burnsed Penny Croy Competition .I Travis Ricky Clayton Kathleen Bagley Baine Barber Barnett Allen Michelle Chad Belcher Berry Bone Kay Bowers Cindy m Barbara Chambers ollins Conley Wendy Cindy Hope Cruce Crum Davis Michele Coulter Y!!! Teressa Davis y Juniors Work Stephanie Teresa Kathy Chuck Teresa Douglas Dunn Durrance Filyaw Germany Stephanie Yolanda Tammy Michael Billie Gillis Gray Guice Gunter Hamblin Wally Mitchell Raphael Michael Tommy Helms Hicks Huntly Jackson Jenkins For New Ideas 1 Elizabeth Vincent Tonya Jackie Vickie Jones Kelly Kimbrough King Joe Knight Michelle Lamb James "Whats your problem?" Cathy Lewis Lowe i g X, , ,,,i W W , X ., , Vvf' 1 - 'lo Sara April Michael Sherrea David Marsh McAuley McClellan McCutchen McKenzie 0' 1 Juniors Prepare . - ..... gm Wx W Xwx v X K N A miie X ww NN v , , "" X if ig be Kenneth Isadore Tony Richard Andrea Miller Mobley Mosely Nelson Olive k f lj X J Dawn Kim Porterfield Puleo Chris Beverly Vickie Reas Wayne Rowell 110 Riggs Chevis Shannon "The coast is clear." "Sexy Legs" For Leadership Roles 3 J xt n Melissa Tracey Angela Petrina Simmons Skinner Stokes Swan R "WX l 2 CMN C - Kare Erika Jamie Jimmy Turner Uttu Waters Wesley S Leander Paul T0mIT1y Y0laI1d8 Fabulous and Sengelegs Whitehurst Wilkerson Williams Wright Will it ever grow? Aren't yall some purdi sights? lll X z if Al . ' - Y! J 'Q fl ,L- Vx I V 1 , LVL,,,f V If f W lr If LK. X. K DIV, .1 . a m 1' eac l . If I f,:',"l 5 11" l, Ll Q E vii! V X ff! lr, , V , ljbf Mrk HIL.-V . , ,, ,ff-'. ' ' 'H' L ' .. L f ' .fl ,WUI I lj! lit! bffv E fl! 1 5 'lf' xffr j ll !1 , .5 sir fwnflf Q fp I Ml, f 1 rll. ,V If , 1 f, I X Afjlflsff Q .gl lf. f. in lf ff - Q, 1 f ' ' ff . ,If l fl L' flf. L! l lf' M ft jf' l K, Arif H In flf 'lf ff ' X. X7 lf i UL! A 1 v J, tif., -, lmwrlf Aly fl 1 , I A 4 w I Y J lj: W , ! ' . X LJ V vi ' j ,, lil 1 f V V' flfviar ly! ' , , 'U' 1: if gf! J ' ,- . 3 . 1',f.ff :. rf' 1 "" 'iff 'ew P T ,iff ff , I . ' MX j ' LV A fftjfvnf N ' . , IL! The Sophomores really showed spirit ft this year. They received first place in the 35.0, skit contest during homecoming week, and they also won the penny-a-vote contest. Their abundance of spirit carried over from ninth grade, inspired other classes to build up their own spirit. Mr. McKenzie, Mrs. Cloud - Sponsors Mrs. Crowell - Sponsor 112 OFFICERS - Pres. J. R. Webb, V. Pres. L. McCutchen, Tres. L. Cotton, Sec. B. Polk Class Favorites - Marsha Birdsong, Lorenzo McCutchen ' 4 Senior High 'H - -S 1--mf Eddie Amey Kara Baker Lonnie Baker Michele Bankston Donna Bass Julie Bell David Berry Beverly Bigsby Marsha Birdsong Rick Bone Bill Bourn Leeann Branch Jon Brantley Brian Brooker Peggy Burton Urslyn Campbell Valerie Campbell Robert Carter Kim Cooper Wally Davis Paul Dease Glenn Dinnald TraQyAlQQskell Tamala Dunlap , Angela Farris Traci Fields Danny Forbus Lynn Fox Y Arthur Freeman Ivan Fulse Cindy Gilley Melanie Gillis Sophomores Are X i u. im! Q Q J. ml A Q Xiu M' f , ,Q x fy if V .fi 3 -ff: V: ,ii V, V V. ki I ,, - ,,,, asf ay 5? if if ' 1 u 2 ' if . ff f s fs ff ' i I, ,e,i , ., A I 353, M , I JZ, Vlovin .fi M V Q le. lf f -' f gU Z3 ab KL, V LJ-1U J L X yxbivvgw Tonya Gillispie Missy Griffin Linda Grimes 14 SliEoT6'GFrTrT-- . I x , . Chuck Hancock Clayton Hartzell Michele Heath Steven Howard Michelle Huddlen Darius Johnson Ronald Jones Timothy Keister Y Dana Kolb Shellie Lanier Bill Larson Cory Lewis Larry Lewis Kathy Lightsey Lucia Lopez Junior Lopez Stephen Mallory Lisa Marchrnan John McBride Robert McClellan Lorenzo McCutchen Eric McGill Angie Murphy Terri Pittman Barbie Polk Craig Powers Jimmy Rhoden Matthew Russ Leslie Schaill Melissa Sellers Rachael Sellers Junior Shiver Sophomores W11 ri- ai si I kit Contest lvl l W ilu 9 Li A fa. gf- ,Rv ft' Beth Sims Dana Skerritt Wade Slater Chinesta Smith Jocelind Smith Stacy Stedem Connie Stevens Karen Stokes Rhonda Stokes Mike Storey Kenny Thomas Tara Thorton Darby Turner Virgil Turner David Wagner J. R. Webb Cammellia Whitehurst Carlo Whitehurst Shawna Wilkin Lori Williams Freshmen Learn Class Officers: V. Pres. T. Kirk, Sec. C. Pendley, Treas. P. Kinchen The ninth graders have really made their presence known this year. They have shown spirit at pep rallies, placed 2nd place in the penny-a-vote, and hosted the last dance of the foot- ball season. Class Favorites: Dee Butler Joe Belcher 118 5 ,,,, W ' Wm qi s Q 5:-. - - X :E-s ...B-we ...... Q. Q 1. .. f- 1 ,- ,,:,... ,, .X . ...... .... . . .. , , .te ,- tei ,-,., l ,,..a... I - . si ' . '- V It - f ,, - .is as 1. t ,si"fJa. . FS SS, 11 5- , E52 S . or iii N. 5 asfssi .V X Ni - E S Q X if 'Z- --. 15 ,sl ix.. Q . , . .af . . . it p . - 55... . . ,, 1 if 4:1132 eg .. -, Q-MX - -,-:. a ss PEM. ' if V wie:-1 5' S i f ,' Sponsor: S. Hardwick Sponsor: H. Scruggs ls, ,....... .3 X, 1 Sponsor: B. Watts High School Is Fun. A. Anderson L. Baker C. Barnett C. Barnett L. Bartsch T. Bayless J. Belcher N. Black B. Blundell S. Brantley J. Brinson L. Brown L. Brown B. Bryant i D. D. Butler 'r F ' ' K. Camp ' I T. Campbell ' L. Cervantes , M. Cervantes S. Chambers D. Davis S. Davis M. DePriest T. Downs B. Duncan J. Dunn S. Dyal J. Eldridge J. Eussery K. Forbus M. Fralic T. Gibson K. Grace T. Harden C. Hollis C. Hunt ii xx 1-4 I ls S ' ! H 1 i xi. Q sf' Did you see what's in here? Ns Watch out I spy a bug! Freshman Show Spirit A. Isaac D. Isaac S. Ivey J. Johnson K, Jackson S. Jackson D. Jerkins P. Kelley P. Klnchen R. King T. Kirk .Ma"'geamfg3 F. Lane J . Leavengood S. Logue E. Lowe M. Martinez A. Matthews L. McClellan W. McClellan T. McKinzie G. McMahon J. McMillian R. Medina D. Miller C. Mogle J . Moore H. New D. Nobles C. Northup H. Owen M. Owen J. Perry C. Pendley S. Pittman J. Pollard X X x Q- 'Y' X . . X seas X x X 5 X 0 A S' . we N X Rx viz, A New .... . N' fs Nw, N 8 Q7 A -9 ... NN X F N M X X- . .. N ,, XL I AQ. :S , .- a SX is ,. fig x " fs . K 'f 1' 'ilk L- E-a s R N W Q S21 I 1' I il .9 , .f " '. X W 1-,L ' is N.-Q. 8. L V ...7 as Ah, let me try this one! Can I do what? During Homecoming S. Puleo L. Roddenberry S. Rodriguez L. Sanchez K. Scruggs L. Selph J. Sharpe S. Sims M. Smith J. Stedem D. Townsel L. Tucker S. Vaughn C. Wandrey S. Webb L. West A. West R. Williams P. Willis C. Woods W. Wyser X X H is A Fly Girl, Boom Boom, Cha 1,7 , . I x x .S S ii X I v xx rr, SN XX She Told You What? X :lim i Strain That Brain? No Blakellll H? 121 The Class Of CLASSOFFICERS Pres. - Melissa Gunn, V. Pres. - Amy Hancock, Sec. - Candi Filyaw, Treas. - Chris Torres K' J f, ,Q 1 43' Sponsor - Miss Hardin if E Class Favorites - Allen Durrance, Kristy McBride The Class of 1990 became part of Fort Meade High w e E School When school took in this fall. Having a good sized ' class, they showed a great deal of enthusiasm at the pep t rallies - even winning the spirit stick. The eighth grade f x S participated in the Homecoming Parade and even took W third place in their float. Good luck Class of 90 in your is oncoming years at Fort Meade High School. N139 X issi M, tssss Sponsor - Mr. Tribble 1990 Is Here 2 L,, li , ' VL Q fi 'f'f j ww X Z Phillip Albritton Miyosha Baker David Burroughs Anna Chavez Dwayne Conley Larry Dinnald Ci 5' 1,5 W 3 6 3 ' if I ,.,, M 'Hx A 1 4 V V ? 4- Jody Allgood Steve Baker Thea Burtz Maranda Clark Tommy Cooley Allen Durrance Tommy Amey Lisa Bowers Stacy Cannon Stephanie Clark Diana Creech Melody Ann Eakins Maria Armijo Kathy Brown Clarence Carlton Willie Clark Bridgett Davis David Edwards if MQ Q L 3 Cheryl Ayers Reggie Brown Michelle Campbell Wiley Clark Kathy Davis Jamie Fields Amy Baker Regina Brown Robby Castleberry Nikki Colvin Robert Davis Candi Filyaw po N Eighth Graders Have M , .N ah- ! f J fr 'W' f 2: Laquista Franklin Melissa Gunn Melanie Holley Deanna Lott Nikki McKinnish Beverly Norris f , Cathy Fulse Jerald Gadberry Keith Gunter Amy Hancock Larry Johnson Mary Kiggans Carla Martin Kristy McBride Tonya McKinzie Sabrina McLeod Nicki Page Micheal Powers Ki' f 2' A 'P 'iiiyf W 5 "W L l" ' if i"i"' 'L W S af y a a y y , - ' 0 ? K P tr, 'M . r y 'iaf , X ' A lr V, X I... Jason Green Douglas Hancock Kevin Lewis Bridgett McClellan Stepanie Miller Lynn Prine Carl Griffith Ray Hicks Rhonda Lewis Brien McClellan Conrad Morris Ray Prine Chris Guice Tracy Hill Stephanie Lowe Latavia McKenzie Shawn Moseley Maria Ramirez Jot That Spirit My . ,nf Z I M K 'N-. de f 4 K , , .vlz ZZ, Z ,:,, J , X'-w. Is this the office?-ff Jesse Robinson Tracy Simmons Pamela Smith Terry Smith Laura Taylor Melissa Waters in 'ii ,ff Kelly Rogers James Senterfitt Regina Shingles Kevin Spurlock Kathy Stanford Angela Stowe Lori Taylor Wesley Taylor Chris Torres Beverly Sheryl Marla Westbrook Westbrook Wickerseim , .-02 ' Jesse Shirley Timothy Strozier Richie Vaughn Shawn Wilkin Thomas Siler Kim Simone Sabrina Smith Cathy Taskinen Wally Vaughn Crystal Williams L07 Leads the Wa xg . g 2 E f 'E Bob Jobe John Guest Assistant Principal Assistant Principal V' Q Alice Kovschak, Secretary Pat Watson, Secretary Fredia Martin, Secretary L5 Robin Lewis, Secretary Miquel Barboza, Custodian Ann Shadle, Library Aide 127 28 F. M. H. S. Facult Does f IZ6-'-A -- Mn .f Karen Brown - Reading Garrett Cagiano - Adv. Econom- ics, Adv. Gov't, Bas. Economics, Bas. Gov't, World History Junior Collins - Art 8, Art Comp. I, Draw and Paint I and II Jackie Burch - Am. History, A. P. History, Adv. European History, Publications I Joann Clements - World History Diane Conley - English II, French I and II Nancy Burkes - E.M.H., Sr. En- glish, Jr. English, Math, Soc. St., Science Linda Cloud - English I, Drama I and II, Spanish I and II Connie Cox - Aerobics, Per. Fit., P. E. Make the Difference! Pat Crowell - Consumer Math Tom Fitzgerald - Guidance Counselor Pete Gordon - Ag. 8, Pract. Ag. Audrey Davis - Algebra I, Calcu- lus, Computer Prog., Intro. to Archie Gale - Dr. Ed., P. E. Carl Griffith - Science I f -, V? 5 I 4 2 , V ve. , 4 5 4 Jerome Davis - General Math 8, Comp. Math 8, Algebra Paulette Gillispie - Guidance Counselor Mary Hardin - Gen. Sci., Earth Gen. Sci, Earth Bas. Sci. F. M. H. S. Teachers Are Susan Hardwick - Child Dev., Housing, Life Manag., Food Nut., Tex. Clth., Expl. Occ. David Lewis, Jr. Band, Sr. Band, Gen. Music Serena McQuillen - Beg. Typing, Accounting I, Adv. Typing, Off. Prac. Winoma Humston - Bas. English I, Bas. English II, Gen. English I, Adv. English II Karen Lewis - Concert Choir Irene Newsome - Comp. Math 11-12, Trig.!Anl. Geometry, Ge- ometry Sylvia Ingram - Gen. Biology, Adv. Biology, Phys., A. P. Biology Coreda McKenzie - Gen. History I, World History, Basic History 8 Jackie Prine - S. L. D. A Winning Tradition Kevin Quinlan - Math Cindy Sthreshly - Adv. English 8, SpeechfMyth., Basic English I, General English I Angus-1-I9 Blaine Turner-Body Mech., P.E. 'K Horace Scruggs - Gen. Sci., Chemistry, Basic Biology Jerry Strickland - Occupational Specialist, Athletic Director Barbara Watts - Adv. English 3, Gen. English 3, Basic English 3 Rhonda Williams - English IV, A. P. English, Gen. English Il I Y, Ben Speight - Applied Ag., Ag. I, Livestock John Tribble - Ind. Mat. and Proc., Manuf., P. Hm. Mec. Marilee Wolf - Librarian , , X K? ,. V . E 7 ,,1 ,vz . -,fp ,, g , u wi 1 2 nf , ,V W is :W , 2:-1 Zu f , "W fwjiiffw, ha ' f ,, ,, f ff 'y My A 1: 2 af i n xW A f 1' ,xy ' 2 mmf M 5 .., n,,. .1 is Sold Here limi! Q Douglas Gulf Gulfe, xx! 3 E. Broadway Ft. Meade, FL 33841 PH: 285-7976 ROBERT A. DOUGLAS-OWNER Agrico ONE Of YHE WILLMUS COMPANIES South Pierce Chemical Works P.O. BOX 1969 Bartow, Florida 33830 Carroll's Flowers And Gifts 403 W. Broadway 285-8184 Bruce Carroll Owner Fort Meade Florida My The John Gordons Fort Meade, Florida 134 BU'cK GRIMSLEY MOTOR SALES 321 N. Charleston'Ave. VNU Fort Meade, FL 33841 Ft. Meade HERMAN GRIMSLEY Jewelry Sales Representative Sales and Service REMSGAR BUICK-PONT. Belden and YVOHHG INC. Johnson 255 W. Van Fleet Dr. Bafgigg QQj1f,ff30 Ft. Meade Florida B Phone 68135 285-7979 f' A N 1 , X Shear Delight What A Qwhone 285-7795 NLD Burger 127112 Broadway Fort Meade Florida X N11 Styles By RQ Maureen 'mm 1 I Ft. Meade Flori QD ,Nw ' - NJ Cr 7 Nb l Q NJ ' GJXQ Q0 , ae gf' DeVane Wt t H 15 'N X arves mg X Fort Meade Florida Q :Sq A x K - ia if 7 V N43 W Wxmj ajxxiwxsjx wg I, L 59 Western uto Fort Meade Florida ,umm MEN mreurng-is Parker Farms Bowling Green Florida F r acco t'ng d inco tax need see - - - Diversified Business Semcioo No th Ch 1 t A 285 8979 W an YuckS N2 A T C-AYS an h Mitchell Insuranc and Real Estate ' c. west Main 105 West Broad y W Congratulates Leah Matthews N Congratulations Class of "ESG" Hugh Davis Gulf Q.gS!fg' Sel1er's Faye's Fash1ons Market owners: U. T. and Rozene Proctor Bowling Green, Florida 1630 N. Park Ave. Bartow Florida YOU aug llllvll 'ou MISV CBRIDEI UR CE AGE CY All Forms of Insurance 143 WEST BROADWAY FORT MEADE, FLA. 33841 Patsy M. McBride 285-9159 139 BARTOW FORD WILL BEAT ANY DEALERS PRICE ON COMPARABLY EQUIPPED NEW CAR OR TRUCK . . . BY AT LEAST S100 OR WE WILL GIVE YOU 100 GALLONS OF GAS FREE! Weill change your oil and filter "Free" for as long as you own it. When you purchase a new car or truck from Bartow Ford excluding diesel. Ask about our special Discounts on volume and Fleet orders or purchases. HWY. 98 Sz 60 BYPASS 533-0425 0 BGE, Inc. 1 A Canned Goods and Produce Parker Farms and Bowling Green Canning JIMMY PARKER P.O. Box 668 JOHNNY PARKER Bowling Green, FL 33834 MAC DRISKELL Phone C8135 375-4311 P1 The Wickie Compan Fort Meade F191-ida 141 HM Linalfey of Bartow serving Southwest Polk County Since 1969 with Quality Service and Products for the Entire Family. Good Luck and Best Wishes, Seniors. Golden Gate Shopping Center 533-0504 CHAMBERS' LAuNonoMAr T x .... Chambers Laundromat Fort Meade Florida WHIITES areas aaa Featuring tailored clothing, Formal wear and sportswear . . . just a block from the courthouse Bartow's Main Street and at Bell's Alley 1155 1st Street, S Winter Haven 1 6 W I-, 5 rom MEADE Myers Wrecker Service Fort Meade Florida 1D I Orange Blossom Express Markets Serving 3 locations: fb Ft. Meade R Q Homeland Bartow . ka D .XJ in is l ort Mea Nav? oy Valencia Mobile Home Park d Fld Wil my W T A ,- lvl ' aww' "L'i ' H al fn, ,. MM-, Wff" Roloert's Barber Shop 112 W. Broadway Fort Meade Florida x., 1 M THE CITY OF FORT City of Fort Meade MEADE Wishes to Congratulate the Seniors of 1986 and Hopes That Their Futures Will Be Bright. fi 44 L f 5 6211551 Wgaiflero Q EKQIUQ gl lrX9JCA,LEr3!LfL,.! Lulu! fr QQ i Wllfw 5517, Fort Meade, Florida 145 CRUMBLY BROS. INC. 629 W. 11TH ST., FROSTPROOF, FL 33843 I' Wat? S 813f635-4004 Bus. Weldmg Contract Picking and Hauling JEREL CRUMBLY RICKY CRUMBLY 635-4406 635-2643 Books Road Off Hwy. 98 fl A - A . S.F. "RAY" REHBERG Regular. and LQ Alumnium Phone RAY'S AUTO PARTS 285-9404 25 S. CHARLESTON AVENUE 18135 285-7131 FT. MEADE, FLORIDA 33841 285-7132 EE at rg! .W W X 'Y f ZQESQEQPNW U owler' Grocery OX . QQ 5' +51 Qi NJ fox . 5 be X' V t wi? 657 CxXXgS7De11 and Fresh Meat QQ? Hwy. 98 wtf, N In I 2514311325352 285-9464 Service With a Smile! 146 yaur key T0 Qualify QMQTQQVQQIW 5, af JMIH , 7-Q.-.V-1-""" studio photography First Baptist Church 1' 307 East Broadway F Ft. Meade, Florida Lynn Crouch Pastor O 813-285-7151 'The Fellowship f FQ-I Excitgmentn Q! A - , z 1 W2 was wiffwlfm 1 Wm , - Q mia was 9 fr Family Marke ,MM mmm :Pero Grp -mdlfw A V A M50 www? TJQQVWXF 'wwf-egfgfg SAK?--f"r"5-N f'fM:QfffNfN M123 -J-mo ofckcwwfn FMU? east, The Meat Place sv'-Pffrif' 'YX'rk fW 'Q-fvioxfn 'gffv P69-will Quuf-JCR 'F'X'?k'N Lwfxfv Afzlgf-X gfvmfvcfi Xfvwfx V3 ofvoi 'wglfw ' WU Svgypyj maaffw ffwq 201 S. Charleston UWM FTTZLKYYFOYWW w'Hl5Fff?fUofw YQ mfwtfw Fort Meade arnfjfry gy - A . , 1' A , r w To r PWJFlor1daYOWf 5? ff' sift? Fa 2f9'?F0 any rpffy 32 i frffmnqfp '7fSNfW Klxwwfylrrvfumfjglk WNW 5ffWf7 fi? Qfvf Fxopxkgqgy Vjgflqdyawqfw M75 U L Nm' JEUJAVAJ 148 ,7 - PY rv' You Can Count on Us 'Egg 225 8 N. Charleston Wikis B k Fort Meade, Fla. 33841 Member 'H an 813-285-7141 FDIC 149 'Q N111 -Si fi f ,, ,J lk I . . Polk Auto Parts, Inc. 202 S. Charleston 285-8161 Ft. Meade Fla F . Mobilgrl-Ilhme Citrus And Sun Realty, Inc. Sales, Inc. 500 N. Charleston NW9 take anything Fort Meade, Florida of value" Bus. phone 285-8149 Res. phone 285-8676 Ft. Meade Richard L. Dean owner Jean T. Durrance, Realtor Jewel True, Realtor Associate Dan Parkerson, Realtor - Associate 150 at ssss Established 1904 Badcock Home Furnishing Centers Furniture 0 Appliances 0 Floor Covering Home Entertainment Over 200 stores serving the Southeast Fort Meade Florida COMPLETE LINE AUTOMOTIVE AUTO PARTS MACHINE SHOP AND SUPPLIES - SERVICE Polk Auto Parts, Inc. Open Saturday until 4 p.m. N.A.P.A. JOBBER U.S. Highway 17 North 107 E. PALMETTO U.S. Highway 17 North BOWLING GREEN, FL. 33834 WAUCHULA, FL. 33873 BOWLING GREEN, FL. 33834 PHONE 375-2975 PHONE 773-4126 PHONE 375-2975 M bil Mobil Mining and Minerals Company Phosphate Minerals Group Nichols, Florida Fort Meade, Florida Tom Edwards Chrysler - Dodge 690 E. Main St. Bartow Florida Barnett's Texaco 4'Home of the Snatch Wagon" Fort Meade Florida Polk Equipment Company, Inc. Mining Equipment Machinery Industrial Supplies Highway 17 South Phone C8135 533-3191 Bartow Florida CONGRATULATIONS AND BXEST WISHES TO ALL GRADUATES 325 WEST MAIN, P. O. BOX 18, A , B TOW, FLORIDA 33830 0 C8135 285-8953 DIVISION OF STOR ADCASTING COMPANY x 1' ' 1 it W ," ,,- ' U I egg? U 6gi'!oaERcABLE f Charlotteis Cfriurfuttes i TOWN ga., TOWN HOUSE cn HQUSE Restaurant -' ARUSIIIUFIIIII Imperial 119 West Broadway Street at Fort Meade, Florida 33841 Phone C8135 285-7229 , Congratulations Class of ,86 Law Offices Of Shannon Sc Naser Citrus Nursery Premium Citrus Trees and Containerized Trees Rt. 1, BX. 255 Stokes Road Fort Meade, Fla. 33841 813-258-8608 or 285-7492 Barnett Farms Fort Meade Florida '23, Graves X Plumbing 'S ' 3 ' 15 S. Seminole 285-8265 Fort Meade, Florida Thshstyle OP 10 Stylists 533-9194 X, y, of l f QM M W yr V Jill gjtwy A Sflqoody . ky A if v , bi L My yQ,,3lJlilQ5+'gxmeral Home ' if- V at ill ii ' f ll rr X V 1 lt i J Mil 945 E. Broadway Ft. Meade, Florida Comfort and Next to the Evergreen Cemetery Help When Lifes Candle Dan and Ruby Moody Burns Low Danny Moody . I C17 r X. -J' x X 154 A . -.-,--I-,.,i-A:-::,. -,-- V Y V Q ' ' v i -. -' -, ' ,, f - ,- "?"l -I . --55+ .- 11 -e " ,X G1 - .' ----, l i .. , .51,,,ff'7'1'i':' Q L - za we 'e ' .,,, V si f ' -f-1 -- rs:-ef , , . ,,,. FIMIE EQDHIHWHDGI Mqwf it 2 fi BARTovv oFFaoE LAKELAND offmoe ., , ,, , 5 600 North Broadway 3115 U.S. Highway 98 South "" ,. -f'-f -- -V . , ' -"' Phone 18131 533-3171 Phone C8131 565-4644 ' ,Q fr '- Hours Mon -Thurs -Lobby 9 a m -2 o m Hoursi Mon Thurs- I " - "'7':1"' ', 5552- 3' , , F L Teveindeiieis i El m iiapm' e FODDEA Dwi!" Te"e'S 9 3 'Y' 4 U "' isiggaeesf - e gm- - .y, . yy - A Vvy " " 0 Y "Ve " 9195 aff" P-m " " a""'6 U 'T' iff- Member Federal Deposnt Insurance Corporation ' " ' Diamond "Z" Ranch Rt. 1, Bx. 35C-2 Fort Meade Bartow Christian Books And Gifts Florida 326 E. Main St. P.O. Box 189 Bo Raulerson Bartow, Florida 33830 Sandy Raulerson 813-533-2991 Telephone 533-0389 PGYGFSOIVS Cleaners GARY L. JOYNER, D.D.S., P.A. Office Hours 2025 East Flamingo Drive By Appointment Bartow, Florida 33830 840 N. Broadway Bartow, Florida 533-2612 5 W 2 i ii ,k - f. -1 - -1-,ff 1: -:M ei e..e:::.:,f+,e, is-ie .,,,- Q M-.111 - - : fm 1 2 g f 'Wim vim,wm,f:x,,-:-,,:g- issme :gg-W: fm. g: :y iffffw: 2: Lewis and Durrance Fruit Cempan , Inc. Fort Meade Florida 156 l KQE GAF Blue Print Reproduction Service Bruning George L. Tyler Vu N. Office Supply Inc. 53? P.o. Box 897 175 E. Summerlin aivk Bartow, Florida Q 534-1773 V12 fl Walker's Pharmacy QP V W et 511 R , f V V A- X' Fort Meade, Florida lm VND ,ii , i . , W rims weve l Null' EYNJJ eco M Exif Q71. Q!w,?Sw,N new - Q 'F ' 5 in FJ KTQN? My lla 1 wmmickwpggac iw R K lm wx Ndfli ALJ U 25 Van Fleet Drwl D xv Ni X l, -- PON, U Ca1y33512lQf15oLQ QM K X -Ax ll X'-J "THE DIAMOND STORE SINCE 1920" ix HX, Jordon And Son Jewelers N1Ch01S0H Supply Fort Meade Florida Phone: 453-4652 Phone: 533-4221 157 7 XJ lm E Y X' W 2 kk .M is W lil? vi V. '- i I , 1 l ik '-1' No. -4 . ., g 3 ., ,F , gi . f 1 " to 1 8 Smiles Are Uplifting 813-688-4122 - 1 Q 813-533-3302 Lakeland' ' 3 3 3 f at j 1 Bartow " x - , . F ' -X 2 . . V 1, ' 1 , ' - .ak qi 1 ' -- .3 K , W ' - fl 813-858-04053 1 Lake Gibson A ' , J 1 0 iMiNEasxl x V 1 - . I 1 David E. Westerman, D.D.S., P.A. 5 u 1 Clrthodontics for Adults Sz Children 1736 East Edgewood Drive 2110 East Flamingo Drive Lakeland, Florida 33803 Bartow, Florida 33830 . - My .Xi 1 w ' ' 2 if T .f -. 5 , ' 'xy Q "Nun: ,rx -ix ki. ' gem -1 5 I Q, R11 ' Xlgifsf 1, 'L - Q N ..... ,L N .... , K QQ ' 1 K r We BR L A fx Q k g I N-. ifbflrgl M sqmxgle fs f . v.AQ'F"W ubhx Van Fleet Drive Bartow, Florida Frostproof Groves J. A. Stephens Fort Meade Florida Phone: 18133 285-8866 PETE'S BARBER Sz STYLE SHOP ANDRE FINE JEWELRY MARGARITA ANDRE 115 W. BROADWAY 117 W- Broadway C8131 285-9327 FT. MEADE, FL. 33841 Fort Meade, FL 33841 Ten Percent Senior Citizens Discount Julie's Th Restaurant e SHOE BOX 285-8010 Hwy. 98fBehind Mike,s Restaurant Mon.-Fri. 10-5:30, Sat. 10-5 Phone: 533-8402 A Nice Place To Eat 160 STEDEMGj.nQ54 HIGHWAY 17 NORTH, P.O. BOX 975, FORT MEADE, FLORIDA 33841 PHONES: 18131 285-8187 f 533-0331 f 375-2606 MIKE STEDEM - S fl 8 ',,f1vL,,1,11pIf-1L,2Ji.12. Lamb'QA Custom Baling and Hay Sales Fort Meade Guy Lamb Florida 161 QJNWCLSX X M3 nk adam CM NQi ,rokki iii!-fw'xQSU Q x.-msg 5siQ'QMr'vQ-X ,ck 4QLSo,wvD T, Q X img 'X M 'F Yuma . NE ' N K Finuse Us ,aarrip ew ioxicncii X ,Quia N .J 1. 'w .ti .WL-' wewhg 0 sexism gbwfaaa twm J f V y U wif you give flowers" . Qcfwxil Q Uvciwwbif UQJQU O,jlf3cwt,mc, .fQQJQjLLU owfwo. g,U,L,cz0 All X05 Q ,, . N 4 J to 509 N. 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Phone 285-8715 Fabrics and Notions Church of God Custom Sewing South Seminole Alterations and Repairs Ft. Meade, Florida Monogrammmg Salon Empireale "Redken" Barbara and Susan Sasser 207 W. Broadway Fort Meade, Florida Sun First National Bank of Polk County 324.3 Fort Meade Florida vlinlffw A' Al'-an , L - . . f 1 r Greenwood l Chevrolet - Olds N. Charleston ' Fort Meade Florida 8 r if Fort Meade Police Department ort Meade Florid The Strawberry Patch Isidro Torres And Sons Citrus Harvesting Fort Meade, Florida Congratulations, Class of C6867 7 Double D Groves, Inc. Allene, Debbie, and Allen Durrance I GET IT DAlLY!...AT VlDEO 5:1 920192 813-285-8833 Hours - 10:00 - 8:00 Mon. - Fri. 10:00 - 5:00 Thur. 10:00 - 7:00 Sat. 1:00 - 5:00 Sun. VCR and Tape Rentals and Specials 25Vz South Charleston Ave. Fort Meade, Florida The Prudential Insurance Company of America 450 Etheiene Street Bartow, Florida 33830 Office: 18131 299-2181 Residence: 18131 533-2928 Chris Aycock District Agent Prudential - Life insurance - Health Insurance - Annuities - Group Insurance - Group and Individual P A ensions - Auto, Homeowners and Renters Insurance' Available through Prudential Property and Cas Ity Insurance Company a subs d y oi The Pr d tal Insurance Company IA a fm, Fort Meade Leader 25 W. Broadway , -'I' it -fi ii -4 Ft. Meade Florida Congratulations, Seniors! Good Luck in all Your Endeavors V1d9O Sz Films, U. S.A. , Inc. Q We Make Films 402 E. Broadway Q Competitive Prices Ft. Meade, Florida We rent Video Cassettes and Machines Juan Carrion 813-285-8877 172 .i Fomehiso Boosters Mr. and Mrs. Al Perser Barbara and Susan Sasser Zeb, Paulette, Sheila, and Z. J. Gillispie Theo and Vera Matthews Mr. and Mrs. John Guest Beth True Ray, Sue, and Joey Davis Jerry, Sara, Robbie, and Keith West Jim, Tootsie, Stu, and Hawk Myers Sylvia and Shannon Ingram Phil and Sylvia Gillispie Bill and Barbara Watts Elton, Pat, Angie, and Doug Watson Monroe, Mary, Barbie, and Clint Polk Bill and Freida Martin We Love the Class of '86, Diane and Elizabeth Conley Go, Miners! Tom, Jodie, Jennifer, and Bryan Bailey Linda Cloud Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Kovschak Mr. and Mrs. Bob Jobe and Family Jose, Luis, Aurelia Jr., Joe, and Adam Torres Brant, Becky, Tracy, Stephanie, and Jennifer Driskell Kevin and Salli Ann Quinlan Dr. Fort, Dentist Mr. and Mrs. Jim Marsh, Michael and Sarah Joe and Verena Prine Mr. and Mrs. Richard K. Sims Mr. and Mrs. Harold Doyle Joe, David, Alicia Torres Leon and Cherly Lanier Howie, Dawn, H. C., and Emily Beynon Berniece Lanier Isidro, Irene, Isidro Jr., Oscar, Belinda and Richard Torres Rev. and Mrs. Roy Hancock U. T, Rozene, and Lisa Proctor Buddy, Pat, Kim, and Aaron Cooper R Bruce and Teresa Carroll Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Devane, Jason, Derek, Kyle Billy and Janice Thompson Durwood and Delores Avery Margaret Durrance Virginia Voigt Ley Brown and Family Allene, Debbie, and Allen Durrance Mr. and Mrs. Clark Matthews Sr. and Leah DEE THE CLOWN Debi, Michael, Ondina, and Michael Redden Joe, Audrey, Eddie, and Blake Davis Sonshine Fashions 300 N. Charleston Fort Meade, Florida ORANGE BELT TRAVEL Bartow, Florida 33830 Phone. 533-0647 F? 1690 North Broadway '19 - LET US MAKE YOUR TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS E I ga zz my Lynn 1 Q33 fi 9 'LL 0. 5, 4 QS: ' PROM TIME ' f-1'7'2?i? 'S' A + X of jig, . I I W: bdul ynuv Bridal and' Prom mrdi I ' . v I3 w - I ia , Bridal! Bndrxmalds Flowtv Gzrli e 1' RX 0' X X fvfolbrr qflbf Bud: Afvr Fw: Pram It. V 5' . X A Tuxedo: Ajit? Su Hrrmal Wear ,fin ' ' 5, Salk Flowm lnwzanom Napkmx A fig, A " is we HAVE LARGE AND SMALL L f slzs PROM DRESSES wif 1 f J, ,U ff 1 "' 'A 4 ff ' ff V IG: ' . L if A ff A L ' X 1 F X fi 'X JJ U n ' , 'ww ' it J!! X A ' A xi Two locations - -A Spring Lake Square Winter Haven Wal-Mart Shopping Center Bartow S Sz H Grocery 107 W. Broadway Fort Meade, Florida WICKIE C0 W mm 1 174 ,ff 'PK' 'X L.. -' "' .,-. . ML 14 175 wa 1... 1nz::" AS WE LOOK BACK AT THIS YEARBOOK, WE HOPE THAT IT BRINGS BACK AS MANY SPECIAL MEMORIES TO ALL OF YOU AS IT DOES TO US. A LOT OF HARD WORK AND PATIENCE WAS PUT INTO THE YEARBOOK AND THANKS GO TO MANY. THANK YOU MS. BURCH FOR BEING SUCH A GREAT ADVISOR AND ALSO TO MRS. COX FOR PUT- TING UP WITH US THROUGHOUT THE YEAR. WE WOULD ALSO LIKE TO THANK OUR ANNUAL STAFF FOR CONTINUALLY PLUGGING ALONG ON THE PAGES AND MEETING EACH DEADLINE THAT WAS GIV- EN. A SPECIAL THANKS GOES TO ALL OF THE TEACHERS FOR LET- TING US OUT OF CLASS AND FOR INTERRUPTING THEIR CLASSES WITHOUT MUCH COMPLAINT. A THANK YOU TO OUR PAR- ENTS WHO SO FREQUENTLY LET US USE THEIR CARS FOR YEAR- BOOK BUSINESS. LAST BUT NOT LEAST, A VERY SPECIAL THANKS TO STUDENTS AT FT. MEADE HIGH SCHOOL, WHO EVERY YEAR MAKE THE FO- MEHISO POSSIBLE, WE COULD NOT HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT EVERYONE'S SUPPORT. GOD BLESS YOU. Iiiimm . xsoulu swan Acknowledgements iv ' Qfwpfk, Q- '-?rs-Jv-q,QJ7'r.' .., , - 4 ?Qfw'1ih. M g?OLQoo?wJCUnlQlLTDQQ+ ww. J Q-ldmow Jmogf ww vm M' ow cw wi Uv wfmm ww wmwt SE Af 1075507 EMI ' jmck MQFQL1 feared. QM J JNW 5 JMQLUQ QQQQQ99 mnwfmi Q60 L W QVOMJW A ' X CJ ' Ubbwnm S i QXQEQ gQQQ64QQAff,O L, 'w Q , 4x UCSF g , 65246 wk QQ AQ Ygmfm Ns fifgf ,Q NffQf5p3A5N x n Q .LL

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