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i WC ' ; ' iP W mffmmmmm ■ Kr: ' " ' ■ ' ' . •■iy-.h i-j - tUk:. W ' ' : ' htii :im-mm ummmi ' z) mmrm m m i ' . - ' - ii.-.- -i . — ' : u- , ■ ■■ ' - Russia 6 Nongollan Republic " ■■ X y ♦ China UMf Saudi Arabia India Arabian Sea - Bay of Bengal Ethiopia %. : c ' EQUATOH % " . ' MYcnous ' TROPIC OF CAPHICOHn + INDIAN OCEAN Tismanial n altmmt UMDVIUn Alaska Bering Sea Canada 2 X « .. ' • i itSiA Wake IstJiKi FIARSIIAU ISlAniM sunos GILBUTISLAnDS nORTH PACIFIC United SUtes S nidway ' »r Hawaii ■.- ' f - TROPIC OF CAnCER PACIFIC OCEAN CoMen Shellback Christinas Islaml ntoENix isiArtDS EUKCISLAnM a! Sea I SAPIOA ISLAflDS V ' 4 ' ' ■ rinr Cakdonia SOCIETY ISlAnDS SOUTH PACIFIC SHIELD: The Wavy bars refer to the Chesapeake Bay. The pile suggests the peninsula between Balti- more harbor and the mouth of the Patapsco River, a strategic location in the defense of Baltimore. The fort on the pile denotes Fort McHenry ' s location on the Whetstone Peninsula in the upper Chesapeake Bay. The fort was named for James McHenry, Secretary of War under President John Adams. The trefoil on the red cross symbolizes McHenry ' s immigration from Ireland to Philadelphia where he studied medicine and later volunteered as a surgeon during the Revolutionary War. The red cross, a symbol for medical establishments, also recalls the use of the fort as a military hospital during World War I. The colors blue and gold are traditionally associated with the Navy. CREST: The eagle, symbol of the United States, grasps a representation of the flag that flew over Fort McHenry in 1814 and was the inspiration for Francis Scott Key ' s Star Spangled Banner. The bomb stands for the bombardment of the fort by the British fleet. The eagle standing on the bomb holding the United States flag high indicates the fort ' s successful defense against the British. SEAL: The complete coat of arms is in full color and is emblazed upon a white field, enclosed by a blue oblong border which is inscribed " USS FORT MC HENRY " at the top and " LSD 4. " at the bottom. The outer edge is a continuous gold rope. MOTTO: DOMUS FORTIUM (Home at the Brave). TABLE OF CONTENTS 1 SHIELD 2 TABLE OF CONTENTS 3 STAR SPANGLED BANNER 4 HISTOR Y OF FOR T MCHENR Y 5 USS FOR T MCHENR Y HISTOR Y 6 SHIPS CHARACTERISTICS 7 SHIP ' S MISSION 8 COMMANDING OFFICER 9 EXECUTIVE OFFICER 10 COMMAND MASTER CHIEF n CHANGE OF COMMAND 12 ESWS 13 FLYING SQUAD SNOOPY TEAM HIS MEDICAL DENTAL 16,17 FLIGHT QUARTERS 18,19 NAVIGATION ADMINISTRATION 20,21 COMMUNITY RELA TIONS 22-25 SUPPLY DEPARTMENT 26-30 OPERATIONS DEPARTMENT 32-37 DECK DEPARTMENT 38-45 ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT 46,47 LANDING CRAFT AIR CUSHION 48-51 ACU-5 BMU 54 CO OF TROOPS 55-65 MARINES 68,69 DEPARTURE 70 TINIAN 71 BURIAL AT SEA 72,73 HONGKONG 74,75 SINGAPORE 76,77 AQUABA, JORDAN 78,79 ANCIENT CITY OF PETRA 80,81 INFINITE MOONLIGHT 82 BAHRAIN 83 JEBEL ALI 88-91 TIGER CRUISE 92,93,96,97 TAMIL Y AND FRIENDS 94,95,98 HOMECOMING 99 CREDITS 100 WESTPAC ' 94 ' -vf is S(.i)it Kf — Anllmr nl llic Sp.inulril H.miur hu l(l ul I ll ' -liirnal Sat ul FRANCIS SCOTT KEY AND THE STAR SPANGLED BANNER O! say can you see by the dawn ' s early light What so proudly we hailed at the twilight ' s last gleaming. Whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight. O ' er the remparts we watch ' d. were so gallantly steaming? And the rockets red glare, the Bombs bursting in air. Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there: O! say does that star-spangled Banner yet wave. O ' er the Land of the Free, and the Home of the Brave? FRANCIS SCOTT KEY was born on August 1, 1779, in western Maryland. When Key was 10 years old, his parents sent him to grammar school in Annapolis. After graduating at the age of 17, he studied law in Annapolis while working with his uncle ' s law firm. By 1805, he had a well-established law practice of his own in Georgetown, a suburb of Washington, D.C. By 1814, he had appeared many times before the Supreme Court, and had been appointed the United States District Attorney. During the war of 1812, Dr. William Beanes, a close friend of Key ' s, was taken prisoner by the British in the Chesapeake Bay. Key left for Baltimore. There he was to meet with Colonel John Skinner, a government agent who arranged for prisoner exchanges. Together, they set out on a small boat to meet the Royal Navy. Onboard the British Flagship, the officers were very kind to Key and Skinner. They agreed to release Dr. Beanes. However, the three men were not permitted to return to Baltimore until after the bombardment of Fort McHenry. After 25 hours of continuous bombing, the British decided to leave since they were unable to destroy that fort as they had hoped. Realizing that the British has ceased the attack. Key looked toward the fort to see if the flag was still there. To his relief, the flag was still flying! Quickly, he wrote down the words to a poem which was soon handed out as a handbill under the title, " The Defense of Fort McHenry " . Later, the words were set to music and renamed " The Star Spangled Banner " . This became a popular song and in 1931 it became our National Anthem. HARl ' ER ' S WEEKLY. [Jri,r 1.;. 1B«;! luKr M ' llEMlV. LALTIMORE. MAHVI AND -Tmi-. % ii « WpMurn u. Cowimxt I), .U. Iliur.. SI. V. HISTORY OF FORT MCHENRY Fort McHenry ' s history began in 1 776 during the Revolutionary War. The people of Baltimore feared an attack by the British and wanted to build a fort for protection. Anticipating an attack at any time, a fort of earthen mounds was constructed quickly. Originally, it was called Fort Whetstone, because of its location on Whetstone Point. Whetstone Point was an excellent location for a fort for two reasons. It was located far enough from Bal- timore to provide protection without endangering the city, and the area was a peninsula. Constucting the fort on this site meant that enemy ships sailing into Baltimore would have to pass the fort first. The Revolutionary War ended without an attack on Baltimore, but improvements to the fort continued. In 1 798. a french engineer was directed by the Secretary of War to draw plans for a new fort on Whetstone Point These plans were expensive, and it was difficult for the people of Baltimore to raise money for con- struction. However. James McHenry. a well-known politician, was instrumental in raising funds for the new fort. The fort was renamed ' Fort McHenry " in his honor. Fort McHenry became famous when the British tried to attack Baltimore during the War of 1812. When the bombardment began on September 13. 1814. there were 1.000 soldiers defending the fort. Some were federal soldiers who were stationed at Fort McHenry permanently, many were volunteers from the city of Baltimore. Their Commanding Officer was Major George Armstead. For 25 hours the British bombarded Fort McHenry. but the fort ' s artillery fire kept the British away. Baltimore was saved. In the 1860 ' s the fort was used by the Union Army during the Civil War to keep the confederates from getting to Baltimore. It was also used as a prison for political prisoners suspected of being Confederate sym- pathizers. Many Confederate soldiers were imprisoned at the fort as well. In 1917. during the first World War. General Hospital No. 12 was established at Foii McHenry by the War Department. It was the largest military hospital in the country with over 100 temporary buildings to ac- commodate wounded American soldiers returning from the war in Europe. -SEW HISTORY OF THE USS FORT MCHENRY (LSD-43) Named for the national monument in Baltimore, Maryland, USS FORT MCHENRY (LSD-43) is the third ship of the Whidbey Island Class Dock Landing Ship. FORT MCHENRY ' s keel was laid down on 10 June 1983 and the ship was launched on 1 February 1986. The Honorable Helen D. Bently was the sponsor for FORT MCHENRY ' s commissioning ceremony which took place in Seat- tle, WA on 9 August 1987. FORT MCHENRY ' s maiden deployment was from June 1988 to December 1988 to the Western Pa- cific. Following her return, FORT MCHENRY participated in the clean up of the Exxon Valdez oil spill by deploying to Prince William Sound from 28 April to 22 June 1989. In recognition of the crew ' s effectiveness during the clean-up operation, FORT MCHENRY was awarded the Meritorious Unity Commendation and the Coast Guard ' s Special Operations Service Ribbon. On 20 June 1990, FORT MCHENRY began her second deployment which was scheduled to be a six-month deployment to the Western Pacific. The Iraqi invasion of Kuwait on 2 August 1990 al- tered the schedule and resulted in a 10-month Desert Shield Storm deployment. Following her re- turn to San Diego on 17 April 1991, FORT MCHENRY was awarded the Navy Unity Commendation Medal, National Defense Medal, Southwest Asia Service Medal, the Kuwait Liberation Medal, and the Combat Action Ribbon for the operations conducted in the North Arabian Gulf during Desert Storm. Eight Months after returning from her second deployment, FORT MCHENRY completed an ac- celerated inter-deployment work up schedule and deployed again on 6 January 1992. After several successful multinational exercises and port visits to the North Arabian Gulf, Western and Southern Pacific, FORT MCHENRY returned to San Diego on 6 July 1992. Shortly thereafter, FORT MCHENRY was awarded her second Battle Efficiency Award for overall outstanding performance during the con etitive cycle. Following an extensive overhaul period, FORT MCHENRY began the training cycle to prepare for her next deployment. While in the training cycle, FORT MCHENRY transited to the east coast, through the Panama Canal to pick up five new LCAC from Panama City, Florida. Shortly after her return, she was awarded her third Battle Efficiency Award. At the completion of the training cycle FORT MCHENRY departed on her fourth deployment on 9 June 1994. SHIP ' S CHARACTERISTICS Complement 22 Officers 19 Chief Petty Officers 372 Enlisted Landing Force 34 Officers 20 Non-Commissioned Of- ficers 450 Enlisted Length 609 feet 7 inches Beam 84 feet Draft 19 feet 7 inches Well Deck 440 feet long, 50 feet wide Floodable to 10 feet aft, 6 feet forward Water Barrier 12 feet 3 inches high, 50 feel long Divides Well Deck into forward (dry) and aft (wet) compartments Helicoper Deck Two spots 212 feet long, 83 feet wide Speed 20+ knots Propulsion Four Colt Industries PC2.5V 16 cylinder diesels 33,000 combined shaft horsepower Keel Laid June 10, 1983 Launched February 1. 1986 Commissioned August 8, 1 987 Two five-blade controllable pitch pro- pellers Generators Four Fairbanks-Morse 12 cylinder diesels 1300kw, 2085 amps, 450 volt 3 phase AC Ship ' s Boats Two MK-12 36 foot LCP(L) ' s One 14 foot punt Cranes One 15-ton gantry crane One 20-ton kingpost crane One 60-ton fixed kingpost crane Turntable 36 foot Diameter 360 degree rotation Capable of Handling two M-55 trucks Combat systems AN SPS-49 air search radar AN SPS-67 surface search ra- dar AN SPS-64 surface naviga- tion radar AN SLQ-32 electronic countermea- sures setc MK-36 MOD-6 SRBOC Two MK-15 Mod-1 CIWS Two 25mm Machine guns Six 50 Caliber Machine guns jof fg P ' —Zi-yii W SHIP ' S MISSION United Slates Ship FORT MCHENRY (LSD-43) is the third ship of the LSD-41 (WHIDBEY ISLAND) class. Her mission is to transport United States Marines with their combat equipment to designated areas around the world, and then to launch and support assault landing craft and helicopters during amphibious operations against hos- tile shores. FORT MCHENRY carries the Landing Craft Air Cushion (LCAC). The LCAC is an assault hovercraft with the ability to exceed 40 knots while carrying a bO-ton payload. Using this craft, FORT MCHENRY forces are able to carry out an amphibious assault against a wider range of beaches. FORT MCHENRY accomplishes her mission through the use of a well deck which is flooded to embark and launch assault craft. After leaving the ship, the assault craft are directed towards the shore by the ship ' s Combat Information Center. To provide continuing support to the assault force, FORT MCHENRY is equipped with the Navy ' s latest ad- vanced technologv including updated communication and combat systems, 20-ton and bO-ton cranes, expanded repair facilities, two helicopter landing areas, complete medical and dental facilities, and an automated computer based supply system. OFilMR. • » - CHARLES FERGUSON WEBBER Commander United States Navy Commander Charles Ferguson Webber is the son of Commander and Mrs. John T. Webber. He attended Shorecrest High School in Seattle, Washington and is a graduate of the University of Washington. He was commissioned an ensign in the United States Naval Reser ' e in February 1975 after completing Aviation Officer Candidate School, and augmented to the regular Navy in 1983. Commander Webber began his sea-going ca- reer with a variety of division officer and department head lours in USS MOUNT HOOD (AE-29). Subsequently, he was plank-owner Engineer in USS LEWIS B. PULLER (FFG-23), and Executive Officer in USS JUNEAU (LPD-10). Commander Webber ' s previous assignments ashore have been the Commanding Officer Flag Allowance Flag Secretary to Commander Third Fleet and the Amphibious Resource Sponsor in the officer of the Chief of Naval Operations. He reported to USS FORT MCHENRY (LSD-43) from duty as the Navy Aide to the Commandant of the Marine Corps. Commander Webber assumed command of USS FORT MCHENRY on June 9, 1993. Commander Webber has received the Meritorious Service Medal with gold star, the Navy Commendation Medal with two gold stars, and the Navy Achievement Medal. Commander Webber is married to Lieutenant Commander Diane Elizabeth Hopkins Webber, USN, formerly of St. Clair, Missouri, who is Offic- er-in-Charge of the Communications Material Issuing Office, San Diego. They have two daughters, Emily Elizabeth and Frances Yvonne, and a son, James Hopkins, and reside in Coronado, California. EXECUTIVE OFFICER Douglas W. Johnston, Jr. Lieutenant Commander United States Navy Lieutenant Commander Douglas Wayne lohnston, )r. enlisted in the U.S. Navy in 1975. He attended Fire Control Technician class " A " school and after a short tour in USS RALEIGH (LPD-1), attended the Navy Academy Preparatory School. He was subsequently appointed to the United States Naval Academv and upon graduation in May 1981, was commissioned an Ensign, United States Navy- Lieutenant Commander lohnston started his career as a Surface Warfare Officer as plank-owner Ordnance Officer in USS REID (FFG-30) and later fleeted up to Combat Information Center Officer. He served Department Head tours as Operations Officer in USS HEPBURN (FF-1055) with a fol- low-on assignment as First Lieutenant in USS VANCOUVER (LPD-2). In December 1987, Lieutenant Commander Johnston earned a Master of Science degree in Meteorology and Oceanography from Naval Postgradu- ate school. Prior to reporting for duty as Executive Officer in USS FORT MCHENRY in June 1994, Lieutenant Commander Johnston served as Ship Operations Officer, Fixed Underseas Surveillance Program Office, Spaces and Naval Warfare Systems Command. Lieutenant Commander Johnston ' s military awards include the Navy Commendation Medal (four awards), the Navy Achievement Medal, and a number of campaign and unit awards. Lieutenant Commander lohnston is married to Heidi R. Johnston (nee: Fairhurst) formerly of Portsmouth, Rhode Island. Heidi has a distinguished career as a Youth Minister in various churches and is currently a divinity student. ■ ' i 5 mk.— u ' li ' bs CMC 5 iffl FnEil Master Chief Hospital Corpsman (SW) Michael P. Mueller United States Navy :i Master Chief Mueller was bom in St. Paul, Minn, moving to Billings, Montana in 1%3. He entered the Navy on 14 February 1968. Upon completion of Recruit Training and HM class " A " school at Great Lakes, 111, Master Chief attended Pharmacy Technician class " C " school at Portsmouth, Va. Upon completion of " C " school, he was assigned to Marine Corps Base, Camp Lejeune, N.C. After this tour, he was assigned to Field Branch, Bu- reau of Medicine and Surgery, which changed names halfway through the tour to Naval Medical Material Support Command. From there. Master Chief Mueller reported to Field Medical Service School Command at Camp Pendleton, Ca. with a follow on tour at First Hospi- tal Company, Third Medical Battalion, Third Marine Division (Rein) in Okinawa. Upon completion of this tour, he reported to Naval School of Health Sciences, San Diego, Ca. as the Senior Instructor in Pharmacy Technical School. He also taught in Basic HM " A " and all 13 HM " C " schools along with Physician Assistants School. Upon completion of instructor duty he became a student in Independent Duty HM " C " School. After completing Independent Duty Training, he reported aboard the USS ANCHORAGE (LSD-36). Upon completion of this sea tour, he returned to Naval School of Health Sciences for another tour of instructor duty, this time as the Senior Instructor of Advanced Hospital Corpsman School (for- merly Independent Duty School). Back to sea from this tour of instructor duty has been assignments at Amphibious Squadron One (COMPHIBRON ONE Staff-here he rode a total of 60 ships in 44 months), USS O ' BRIEN (00-975), and USS FORT MCHENRY (LSD-43). During his Naval Career, Master Chief Mueller has earned the Navy Commendation Medal (3 awards). Navy Achievement Medal (2 awards), joint Meritorious Unit Award, Navy Battle " E " Ribbon, Navy Good Conduct Medal (6 awards). National Defense Service Medal (2 awards). Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal (2 awards). Southwest Asia Service Medal (2 awards). Sea Service Deployment Ribbon (12 awards). Master Chief Mueller and his wife Elaine have been married for 2b years and have three children, Richard 25, Sandra Pendleton 24, Jennifer 20. The Mueller ' s reside in Santee, Ca. 10 CHANGE OF COMMAND On June 9, 1993, command of USS FORT MCHENRY changed hands as CDR Charles F. Webber relieved CDR Thomas J. Anderson. The guest speaker was CAPT Charles M. Kraft Jr., Commander, Amphibious Squadron Seven. The Invocation and Benediction was given by LT Robert T. Williams. ), l r 11 ENLISTED SURFACE WARFARE SPECIALISTS (ESWS) HMC{SW) Boyao FCl(SW) Abbott RMl(SW) Tyrell OSl(SW) Kortc SMl(SW) Cochran HM2(SW) Webb SH2(SW) Stephenson OS2(SW) Vega HA(SW) Svencer MS2(SW) Pabon EM2(SW) Falcon MS3(SW) Cook QMl(SW) Sullivan SKl(SW) Fernandez BM2(SW) Teran GSE3(SW) Serrano ET3(SW) Maslanka RM3(SW) Westbrook HT2(SW) Wilkinson RM3(SW) Reid HT2(SW) Ridge BM2(SW) luric EN2(SW) Thomas SH3(SW) Owens SH2(SW) Mayer EM3(SW) Dino MAC(SW) Fenby HTl(SW) Weldon MSl(SW) Agustin ETl(SW) Dickerman SKl(SW) Lloyd DTl(SW) Morgan DC2(SW) Kelsey ET3(SW) Labelle PN3(SW) HoUoway SH3(SW) Shy EN2(SW) Smith QM2(SW) Hall BMl(SW) Bombery GSMl(SW) Moreau GSM2(SW) Gonzalez GSM3(SW) Ybanez GSE3(SW) Craig ETl(SW) Young MR3(SW) Grubiss BMSN(SW) Fabian BM2(SW) Rainey SA(SW) Pineza PC2(SW) Kurek EN2(SW) Lexer SK3(SW) Matthews NCl(SW) Bartock RMl(SW) Archambault MSl(SW) Patterson DCl(SW) Fudge BM2(SW) Bailey DC2(SW) Saylor BM2(SW) Diorio FN(SW) McClenny MS2(SW) Faultry DC3(SW) lohnslon EM3(SW) Lawson QM3(SW) Pudwill GSEl(SW) Lee GSM2(SW) Sotelo OS2(SW) Morin GSE3(SW) Koch GSM3(SW) Edwards EN3(SW) Marche BMSN(SW) Shipman ET2(SW) Faulkner IC2(SW) Bristow PN3(SW) Fan- HTFN(SW) Clark PN2(SW) Ledesma ENFN(SW)Gaither WESTPAC 94 Qualified 76 (59 crew, 17 ACU-5 ' BMU) The ESWS team ... QMl(SW) R. Hodkinson, HMCM(SW) M. Mueller; cocyrdin.itor, HT2(SW) Arnold, SMI(SW)J. Mjronde (COD). SURFACE WARFARE OFFICERS. SURFACE WARFARE SUPPLY CORPS OFFICER ENS CARTER LTJG SALGADO LTJG STEVENS LTJG MARTIN LTJG CORNWELL 12 FLYING SQUAD SNOOPY TEAM PENTP L LT R. Dacanay HMCE. Buyao HM2(SW) T. Webb HM3 J. Mabeza HM3 M. Batten HN(SW) J. Svencer LT T. Webb DT2(SW) D. Morgan DN A. Salas DA A. Arena MEDICAL , T iti i j ,i 14 15 FLIGHT QUARTERS, FLIGHT QUARTERS 16 Fire Party: DC2 (SW) Kelsey-Scene Leader DC3 (SW) Johnston-Hot Suitman DCFN Candia-Hot Suitman Hose Teams: FC2 Plant BM3 Gibson BMSN Milton SN Doddv SN Davis ' QMSN Ferrell FN Ortiz ENFN Gaither SK3 Mathews SN Alaniz SN Raak MS3 Tucker Landing Safety Officer BMl (SW) Wesley Landing Signalman (tnlisted) BM2 (SW) Guthrie BM2 Bailev Helo Control Tower Helo Control Officers: Ltjg Martin Ens Carter Phone Talkers: J03 Huffman YN3 Godwin PN3 Hollowav Medical: HM2 (SW) Webb, HN (SW) Svencer Grapes (Refueling Team) EN3 Silvenis FN Martinez FN Vanlear ENl Salcido Cpl Silva Cpl Bruce LCpl Nunez Blue Shirts (Chock and Chain) SN Brown SN Robinson SN Hardiman Combat Cargo SSgt Williams C pi Wilcox Cpl Hay Lt pi Anderson Lt pi Zelazo LCpl Weir IC pi Smith LCpl Montgomery 17 NAVIGATION QM LT F. Wilkins Navigator QMC(SW) M. Cunningham QMl(SW) R. Hodkinson QM2(SW) M. Hall QM3(SW) J. Godfrey QM3{SW) L. Pudwill QM3 R. Zavadil QM3 P. Smitherman QMSN W. Ferrell Brightwork, thdt ' s the other guy ' s problem! 18 ADMINISTRATION Mr- ' ' EMCM(SW) V. Bautista AC(SW) W. Fenbv :i(SW) T. Bartock YN1(SW)P. Atkinson YN2J. Ray J03 D. Huffman YN3 S. Godwin PN3(SW) C. Fan PN3(SW) R. Holloway rSA T. Maldonado 19 COMMUNITY RELATIONS PROJECT 94 ' On 23-25 October, sailors and Marines from the USS FORT MCHENRY and USS RUSHMORE participated in the renovation of a gymnasium and distribution of clothing during a port visit to Jebel Ali, in the United Arab Emirates at the Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services. Sharjah City is a private, charitable organization whose main goal is the care of handicapped children in terms of education, rehabilitation and adaptation to society. f ■i k • g -- 1 _ £ r — 4, 1 ■ 4 - • 20 21 SUPPLY OFFICERS AND CPOS LT T. Keppinger Supply Officer ENS T. Carter Disbursing Officer MSCM(SW) R. Blancas SHC(SW) R. Riego SKC(SW) D. Hofilena KkKX, SKC(SW) J. Custodio MSC(SW) A. Patterson a f y 22 4) SKl(SW) J. Llovd SK2E. Manlutac SK2(SW) Thompson SK3 |. Guardiola SK3 D. Matthews .- " ««%. ' 0 ' J ' SI 23 MSSN H. JACKSON MSSN S. Vanderstelt MSSN M. Gainey MSSA J. Edmands MSI A. Soriano MSI R. Agustin MS2 B. Basco MS2(SVV) B. Pabon MS2J. Faultr ' MS3(SW) C. Tucker MS3(SW) O. Bustamante MS3(SW) R. Cook MS3 D. Daley MSSN T. Crick M| M ' j Mif.gJsyJiCTr-flBttJWi IWk HH HH RSI fe H CA ■ ' i 24 SHI E. Baul SH2(SW) W. Stephenson SH2|SW) B. Mayer PC2(SW) R. Kurek SH3(SW) I. Owens S-3 S-4 25 OPERATIONS DEPARTMENT 26 OFFICERS AND CPO ' S ' •, v. LCDR R. Oard Operations Officer LT R. Adams Electronics Material Officer LT S. Jacobs Communications Officer LTJG A. Salgado CIC Officer A m f of T«Rr ETC(SW) A. Valeric SMC(SW) J. Biederer RMC(SW) T. Jordan OSC(SW) T. West 27 oc SMl(SW) R. Cochran SMl(SW) ]. Maronde SM3 T. Walker SM3 E. Rodriguez SMS M. Limbaugh SMSN M. Curti RMl(SW) A. Archambault RMl(SW) (.Tvrrell RM2 H. Buis ' RM3(SW) H. Reid RM3 M. Chavez RM3 D. Lawson RM3 R. Kienke RM3 K. Barnes RM3 G. Mariscal 4 28 OE 29 OI OS EN V OSl(SW)R. Linsowe OSl(SW)C. Justiniano OSl(SW) E. Korte OSl(SW) K.Fulton EWl R. Morgan EW2(SW) A. Jackson OS2(SW) K. Proctor OS2(SW) V. Vega 052 R. Kemmerer 053 R. Harrison OS3 M. Williams OS3 C. Barton 052 P. Meara 053 R. Rivera OS3 M. Surette OS3 D. McLemore EW3 R. lackman OSSNM. Shurtz OS3 M. Didrickson OSSN B. Hudson 30 • i yiLi- 7ii 31 DECK DEPARTMENT V CM W FC 32 OFFICERS AND CPO ' S LT C. Gilbert 1st Lieutenant LTJG W. Stevens 1st Div Officer « Sfe LTJG B. Martin 2nd Div Officer LTJG B. Stanton Weapons Officer ENS |. Loth Ship ' s Bos ' n BMCS(SW) R White BMC(SW) |. Palmj 33 1ST DIV BMl(SW) D. Weav BM2(SW) K. Guth: BM3 J. Wright BM3 R. Shaffer BM3 J. English SN K. Robinson SN L. Pineza SN R. Pogue SN L. Doddv SN(SW)D. Shipm,- SN S. Cooper SA C. Pickens SA I. Mirabella SA G. Slagle SA R. Franklin SN E. lones SA t . Hubbard SA E. Martinez SA C. Goze SN J. Hardiman 34 2ND DIV BMSN T. Raak SN R. Davis SN C. Anderson SN R. Alaniz SN M. Porter SA L. McAmis SA T. Brown SAD. Shank SA A. Owens SA T. Bavless % 35 V- tl k -fSf FCl (SW) D. Abbott GMGl (SW) M. Cunningham FC2 E. Matheme GMG2 (SW) R. Lew FC3 I. Zaragoza FO (SW) D. Ingles GMC;3 B. Nelson FO C. Duiharm GMC.3 R. Troster GMGSN R. Benotli 36 37 ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT MR IC DC • • 1 ' ' . ' . . . f I ' » cc „ i " i -.-: . . W -♦ a A — X- ■ w 1 2 38 OFFICERS AND CPOS LT J. Danis Chief Engineer CW02 J. Southards MPA CW04 R. Shaw DCA LTJG S. Davis E-Div Officer LT K. Jacobsen E-Div Officer LTJG J. Hunkins A-Div Officer J V iW LTJG G. Comwell M-Div Officer m-i __ l " »IBV ENCM (SW) W. Mara EMC (SW) K. Lacasse DCC (SW) P. Hayward ENC (SW) R. Flannigan HTC (SW) L, Rucker ICC (SW) I. Hart ENC (SW) R. Sutler Ringo Bingo 39 A-GANG ENl R. Rouland ENl S. Backlev EN2 (SW) D. Lexer EN3 C. Pinknev EN3 P. Ford EN3 C. Byrd EN3 E. Si ' lvenis ENFN S. Rodriguez ENFN I. Martinez ENFN J. Harper FN R. Ortiz FN I. Nyden FA G. Stewart FA R. Gramitt FA R. Vanlaer 40 j P ' V Sic A7 EMI (SW)E. Twano EM2 (SW) M. Falcon EM2E. Dirrim IC2(SW)C. Turner IC2 (SW) E. Bristow EM3 G. Lawson EM3 (SW) L. Gonzales EM3 R. Pilley 1C3 F. Valentin IC3 D. Sardella 41 ENl A. Wright BTl P. Gilbert Enl W. Wilson EN2 (SW) Smith EN2 P. Schick EN2T. Morphis EN3 F. Kraft EN3(SW)J. Schnic EN3 A. Fernandez EN3 (SW) T. Kelly EN3 F. Garcia EN3 C. Halonka EN3(SW)S. McBri: EN3 B. I ' aat EN3 I. Hughes ENFN M. asquez ENFN C. Knighl FN M. Cirlin 42 ENFN E. Mclntire NFN C. Montgomerv ENFA |. Egger FA A. Weidman FA M. Meehan FA S. Allan FA D. Thompson ENFA C. Stockman FA T. Long FA D. Morrison FA |. Geiger FRB.Johnvin W Ji 43 R-DIVISION MRFN R. ZouHe HTFN L. Clark FA B. Martin DCFA B. Stevigny HTl (SW) J. Weldon DCl (SW) V. Fudge HT2 (SW) A. Ridge DC2 (SW) M. Kelsey MR2 (SW) T. Bridges DC2 (SW) S. Savior HT3 K. Krueger DC3 (SW) W. lohnslo DC3 S. Barard DC3 S. Pender DC3 M. Magill MR3 (SW) P. G rubiss MRFN L. Wilson DCFN M. Candia HTFN C. Collins 44 Gimme a F-I-R-E! Hey! Where ' s my hat? 45 LANDING CRAFT AIR CUSHION (LCAC) 46 The primary mission for the LCAC is Amphibious Warfare. The role of the LCAC in this mission is to transport from ship-to-shore and over the beach, weap- ons systems, equipment, cargo, and personnel organic to the elements of a Marine Air Ground Task Force. In a typical mission, the craft will embark equipment, troops, and or supplies; launch from amphibious ships; transit at high speed to the beach under assault; transit the surf zone and beach; proceed inland to a suit- able offload site; offload rapidly; and return to the amphibious ship for reload and follow-on sorties. CHARACTERISTICS Operational Capabilities Speed, Sea State 2 40 Knots Speed, Sea State 3 30 Knots Range (Nominal) 200N Miles Temperature 10°F to 100°F Displacement and Capabilities Design Load Displacement 338,240 lb Overload Displacement 368,240 lb Light Ship Displacement 204,325 1b Payload .. -Design 120,0001b -Overload 150,0001b Draft Off-Cushion 3ft Oin Fuel Tank Capacity (approximate) 7,132 gal Fuel Type Diesel Marine or JP-5 Dimensions Length 81ft Beam 87 ft 11 in Height 19 ft 6 in Crew Personnel Operating Crew 5 members Propulsion System Engines Four Gas Turbine at 3955 SHP EA Variable Pitch Propellers Two Four-Bladed, 11.75 ft in Diam. Electrical System Type 28 vdc and 120 208 vac 400-hz, 3-phase Batteries 24 vdc. Lead Acid Type Communication Navigation Pitch Roll Heading Attitude Heading and Reference System (AHRS) with Backup Mag. Compass Speed High Speed Velocity Log (HSVL) Doppler Speed Sensor Radar Surface Search Radar Radios VHF, UHF VHF, HF and Man-on-the-Move. 47 ACU-5 OFFICERS AND CPOS LT T. Jordan Officer In Charge LT C. Siwik QMC(SW) J. Roberts GSEC(SW) M. Peck QMC(SW) K. Morgan GSEC(SW) R. Paetz GSMC(SW) K. Matheson HTC(SW) n Wear 48 QMl (SW) D. Sullivan gMl (SW) D. Lewis BMl (SW) K. Olsen GSMl (SW)B. Covev SKI (SW) |. I ernandez GSEl (SW) M. Lee YNl J. Mclntyre GSMl B. Moreau GSEl (SW)J. Saari GSM2J.Sotelo GSM2 E. Meschke OS2 (SW) E. Morin GSIVI2 (SW) R. Gonzales BM2 (SW) W. Raincy BM2(SW) L.Landry - •1 WH I POHT. iJeiTHe cvx, IM l6 CI pe v«J c )«0 Hi 49 GSM2 S. Bums GSM2 P. Hayes HT2 C. Loonev HT2 (SW) C. Arnold BM2 (SW) J. Deruchi GSM2 T. Washingtor QM2 (SW) B. Annas GSE3 (SW) G. Serran HT3 R. Bradwav GSE3(SW)J. Koch GSM3 E. Colvin GSE3 J. Craig GSE3J. Ybanez GSM3 E. Paraoan ET3 (SW) T. Valle t 50 ET3 D. Washanka GSE3 R. Magar GSEFN |. Diohl FN C. Edwards I A D. Felthouse SJNaT Ofi ' E. rB " ' ■ - ■ ' . ■ .,.,, ,. «« : - - r " BMl(SW) Bombery BM2(SW) P. Tcran RM3(SW) J. Westbrook BM3 . Avila FA D. Williams, Jr. 51 52 53 ?mM RlNES r % Si COMMANDING OFFICER OF TROOPS CAPTAIN DAVID KENNEDY PIGMAN UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS Captain Pigman attended Saint Thomas Aquinas High School in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and is a graduate of Florida Atlantic University. He was commissioned a second lieutenant in May 1985 and augmented to the regular Marine Corps in 1987. Following the Basic School and Infantry Officers Advanced Course at Quantico, VA., Capt Pigman was assigned to the 2nd Marine Division, Camp Lejeune, NC. He served there with the 2nd Battalion 4th Marines and 2nd Reconnais- sance Battalion. Capt Pigman was then assigned to the Marine Corps Recruit Depot, Paris Island, SC. Capt Pigman served consecu- tively as a series commander, company commander, and as Officer-in-Charge, Field Training Unit. Capt Pigman was assigned to First Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion, Camp Pendleton, CA. He served ini- tially as the Assistant Operations Officer and assumed command of Company C, his present billet, on 3 December 1992. Capt Pigman has attended Navy Dive School, Airborne School, and the Mountain Warfare Training Center ' s Winter Instructor qualification course. He is a graduate of the U.S. Army Infantry Officers Advanced Course, FT Benning, GA. His personal decorations include the Navy Commendation Medal. j w? - M f : » « i- 1 . CAPT K.A. KOCH FIRST SERGEANT F. CRAWFORD EXECUTIVE OFFICER OF TROOPS FIRST SERGEANT OF TROOPS UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS CW02 P.L STILL DISTINGUISHED GUEST AUSTRALIAN MARINE CORPS 54 CHARLIE COMPANY, 1ST LAR Hea dquarters Pla toon Front Row: LCpl S. Glassell, LCpl A. Aikman, CO GvSgt-GvSgt W. Harris, PltCmdr-lstLt G. Starcher, Cpl M. Carpenter, Cpl W. Cowder, PltSgt-Sgt |. Barnes. Middle Row: LCpl ). Knieger, LCpl j. Ferraro, CplC. Cram, LCpl L. Atchlev, LCpl B. Lohman, LCpl T. Dodgen. Back Row: HM3 J. MarUn, Cpl M. Wacther, LCpl K. Rhoades, LCpl T. Stover, LCpl T. Sroka. 55 1ST PLATOON Front Row: Cpl C. Slankus, Cpl J. Grimsley, LCpl J. Killion, LCpl T. McCaa, LCpl C. Walsh, LCpl M. O ' Neill, LCpl E. Kane, LCpl ]. Ashton, LCpl W. Ferguson, LCpl J. Castaneda, LCpl J. Channell. Middle Row: Cpl R. Carloss, Cpl M. Castillo, LCpl |. Tuttle, LCpl S. Cuillermo, LCpl D. Mogus, LCpl B. Rodriguez, LCpl M. Gross, LCpl S. You, LCpl J. Brandy, LCpl J. Ward, HN G. Robinson. Back Row: Sgt D. Elliot, Cpl S. Becker, LCpl J. Keller, LCpl A. Castellon, Pfc T. Burger, LCpl M. Silius, LCpl M. Maier, Cpl C. Whipple, LCpl Z. Wichmann, LCpl O. Hill, SSgt C. Dawson, IslLt C. Gideons. 5b 2ND PLATOON r s t • 3 V||f |. , Front Row: HM3 Hurnltott, Cpl Reeves, LCpl Cutierro , I C pi Nievcs, LCpl Andrade, LCpI Acevcs, LCpl Westerman, ICpl Hol oza Middle Knu Sgt Sackett, Cpl Gudeman, Cpl Davis, LCpl Otto, LCpl Keller, LCpl Wheeler, LCpl Hinderliter, Sgt Muskett, Sgt (ackson. Back Row: SSgt Taylor, Cpl Lo- gan, Sgt Monroe, Cpl Ogle, Cpl Engeike, LCpl Gravett, LCpl Rodriguez, LCpl Cojocaru, LCpl MacDonald, LCpl Freeman, LCpl White, LCpl Mora- paez, LCpl Lasoya, LCpl Brown, LCpl Buxton, LCpl Jaakola, LCpl Patterson, LCpl Bagleson, 1st LT Salazar. 57 SB CAAT HEAVY PLATOON fi f f f Front Row Sgt C Walsh. Sgt C Conner, Cpl T Bam, Cpl W Diggs, LCpl C Hoffman. LCpl B Rogers, Cpl C Cniz, LCpl S Mun. LCpl M Simmers, LCpl D Langreder, Sgt G Ochoa. LCpl S Smith, Middle Row SSgt W Turner, Cpl M Butler, Cpl C Potter, Cpl K. Knapp, Cpl B Montgomery. Cpl C Villalobos. Cpl A. Anderson. LCpl A Nieves, LCpl D. White. LCpl R Adam, LCpl J Alcala. Cpl T, Faber Back Row: Sgt H Lewis. LCpl L Cooper. LCpl A Bergdoll. Cpl L Jonathis. Cpl B Jobes. LCpl M. Gamez. LCpl S Vasquez. LCpl 1 Rees, Sgt E Combs. Cpl D. Jones, LCpl J Hams. Cpl T Zelazo. Sgt D. Zarnik, GySgt K Con- way 81 ' S PLATOON «ffifX Front Row LCpl M NIckols. LCpl 1 Segredo. Cpl D Levine. Cpl L Ruiz. LCpl C Reno. LCpl O Zazueta. LCpl W Maynard. LCpl A Jaranillo. LCpl V Foster. CplJ Bona. LCpl J, Valencia. Cpl K Gerena. LCpl A Yazzie. Cpl A Ramirez. LCpl F Lopez. LCpl T Morales. LCpl G Garcia. LCpl T Smythe. LCpl J Cole. LCpl M St Pierre. LCpl S Villegas. Cpl W Duchene. LCpl J Rivera-Zuniga. LCpl B Chaumont. LCpl E Contreras, HN J Davis. Sgt J Schwendinger. Cpl P Swartzfager. LCpl M Pearson Back Row SSgt J Hunt, SSgt S Daniels. LCpl K Turner. LCpl P Williams. LCpl R Ortiz. Cpl A Mishler. LCpl B Ross. LCpl D. Williams, LCpl B Czamicki, LCpl D McMullen, LCpl A. Thakara. LCpl K Price. Sgt T Pfannenstiel. LCpl A Rudm, Cpl W Manry, LCpl C Castillo, Sgt P Holmes, Cpl M Welander. Sgt P McClain. Cpl S Sanford. Cpl L Jorgenson. LCpl M DeWitt. Cpl G Workman, LCpl M Johnson. LCpl M Duarte. Cpl T Mc- Donald. LCpl G Way. Sgt C Smith, LCpl J Cross, LCpl T Gosenhiemer, GySgt J Farley 59 COMBAT ENGINEERS UiM- Sis i Hsm iL;--h i i ' v; " -i i df Front Row: Cpl C. Conner, LCpl G. Tovar, LCpl J. Nairon, LCpl T. Rodgers, LCpl G. Valdes, Cpl F. Adner, LCpl P. Bronson, Cpl D. Guy, Cpl J. Shaw, LCpl B. Fech, Cpl |. Delacruz, Cpl J. Morgan, Cpl A. Homburg, LCpl F. Lopez, LCpl R. Ramirez, LCpl R. Provine, Cpl D. Piedra, LCpl C. VViest, and LCpl B. Boyce. Back Row: PltSgt CySgt D. Burs, Cpl R. Caschlcr, LCpl T. McComb, LCpl E. Lawson, Cpl M. Hcrget, LCpl S. Carpenter, Cpl A. Lenz, Cpl S. Rose, LCpl K. Heck, LCpl S. Ryan, Cpl J. Morace, Cpl R. Gentry, LCpl P. Cervantes, LCpl D. Long, HN Kohrell, LCpl R. Smith, Sgt K. Mrozin- ski, LCpl J. Dinsmore, Cpl M. Buswell, PItGuide SSgt W. Ivins W : 60 61 MSSG-15 MOTOR TRANSPORT Front Row Cpl M Giaser, Cpl R Ferrer, Cpl M Walker, LCpl C Adams, Sgt J Milli- gan, LCpl A Soto III. HM3 L Mason Back Row: 1st Lt T Mayo, Cpl E McCall, Cpl P Stack, Cpl T Hay. LCpl M Wingren, Cpl J Oberhuber, Cpl S Gates. Pfc V. Wil- liams. LCpl M, Price, LCpl B Woyciechowski, LCpl R Millet, LCpl T Hawks. Cpl M. Mariscal, Cpl S Osbom. LCplJ Ash.SSgtT Millwood. Sgt S Duncan 62 MSSG-15 ENGINEERS I Front Row Sgt G Redman. Cpl M Thonnas, Cpl T Silva. Cpl M Wilcox, Sgt J Gal- diano, LCpl C Messer. Cpl L Gonzalez. LCpl M Janaz, Cpl E Kaserman Back Row 1st Lt P Monssey, Sgt B Longstreet. Cpl M Vera, LCpl K Mitchell. Cpl C Wild, LCpl R Ryan. Cpl M Young, LCpl A Jeffnes. Cpl D McDevitt. LCpl J McGuire, LCpl D Mathews. LCpl A Nunes, LCpl J Perez. LCpl D Smith, LCpl B Hennessey, Sgt 1 Lopez, LCpl T. Morgan, SSgt W Johnson 63 BLT 1 4 COOKS, MOTOR TRANSPORT PLATOON AND ARMORY Front Row: Cpl W. Kelly, LCpl M. Heath Jr., Cpl C. Colbum, Sgt. J. Lack, LCpl T. Bocanegra, LCpl R. Dekle, LCpl M. Cortez, Cpl J. Brazer, Sgt. D Gonzales 111. Middle Row; 1st Lt C. Allen, GySgt L. Sexton, Cpl S. Bambock, Cpl T. Mullen, LCpl J. Martinez, LCpl K. Kimbrough, LCpl VV. Reiser Jr. Cpl S. Vigil, LCpl B. Kane, Cpl D. Humberger, SSgt E. Smith Jr., SSgt T. Williams Jr., C.ySgt B. Wilson. Back Row: Pvt R. Hicks, Cpl V. Hartman Jr. Cpl B. Danbcrry, Cpl K. Pancoast, LCpl T. Weir, LCpl J. Schutte, Cpl E. Thorpe, LCpl E. Anderson 64 BLT 1 4 COMMUNICATIONS PLATOON Front Row: Sgt S.R. Carrillo, Cpl W.S. Buss, Cpl C.G. Carnal, LCpl MR. Gibson, LCpl J.M. Reitz, LCpl R.C. Elias, LCpl J.D. Soriano, LCpl J.W. Manderville, LCpl K.V. Brown. Middle Row: GvSgt J.G. McCarthy, Sgt R.L. Thompson, Cpl R.D. Buckler, Cpl R.D. Assmann, Cpl D.W. Saupitty, Cpl V. Moreno, LCpl B.M. Silvia, LCpl M.R. Ponce, ' LCpl J.D. Peterson, SSgt M.D. Garlich. Back Row: Sgt M.A. Mack, LCpl S.M. Conley, Cpl CD. Stew- ari, Cpl I.e. Simmons, LCpl J.D. Streat, LCpl R.]. Visger, PFC T.K. Stevens, LCpl D.R. Ellis, SSgl B.A. Hammer r % 65 6( ' •t i ' iUT ' j j 67 i s Avi swuns ss ons Departure San Diego, CA June 9, 1994 _ 1 p Sgj d y M Hf mm kSiUI i 68 69 TINIAN ■ ' f ' i:V- ■«■•- ' »• o- ' :..»«: ■- --1- ' 70 BURIAL AT SEA On |une 25th crewmembers layed to rest the ashes of eight veterans off the coast of Tinian. Eternal Father, strong to save, Whose warm hath bound the restless wave. Who bidst the mighty ocean deep, it ' s own appointed limits keep. Oh hear us when we cry to thee for those in peril on the sea. -Navy Hymn !» : ' .Hfc i , SSL. JL . - we is 71 ffofi5 Kotic 72 73 74 B?Si, - _ 7S AQAB A, JORDAN 76 77 PETRA .. ..• ;jtt _ 78 79 OPERATION INFINITE MOONLIGHT On 4 August, the U.S.S. FORT MCHENRY (LSD-43), entered the port of Aqaba, Jordan, al- lowing elements of the 15th Marine Expedition- ary Unit to disembark. Approximately 300 Ma- rines and Sailors, under the command of Lieu- tenant Colonel R. M. Barry, USMC, became the first United States Marine unit to participate in combined arms and live-fire exercises with King Hussein ' s Royal Jordanian Army. Operation ' ' Infinite Moonlight " soon became a valuable opportunity for international training and cul- tural exchange. 60 81 BAHRAIN 82 JEBEL ALI 83 84 85 86 1 m 0 i Si r . rttjflmMfjTpgg- 2 .- jc 87 Tiger Cruise ' 94 88 89 90 91 Family Friends 92 93 HOMECOMING-9 DECEMBER 1994 94 mr- 95 96 . ■■ 1i ' — " r %- - ' . k - .1%. . - . ' ' J ' y " Jl -ST " " 1 97 98 WESTPAC ' 94 CRUISEBOOK COMMITTEE LT Adams-Editor, I03 Huff man- Asst. Editor, DTl(SW) Morgan, HT2(SW) Ridge, BM3 Avila-Cartoonist, Cpl Moreno, Cpl Osborn, HM3 Batten, EM3 Booker, LCpl Tovar, LCpl Dekle, DCFN Candia. LT Adams and J03 Huffman rework proofs to add the finishing touches. 99 100 Russia Black Su 6 nongollan Republic Iran L.Pcnlan CGiiir China Saudi Arabia India Arabian Sea X Bay of Bengal Ethiopia SCYCIIttUS U ' " . . ■; c ' Sri EQUATOH TROPIC or CAPKKOm + INDIAN OCEAN Tasmanlal rriacc Mward UMUEUn r i Bering Sea 8 V •i ■LAUDS iunns nARSiiAU islauds Golden GILBUrriSLAnDS NORTH PACIFIC .t ' nidway United States ' i Hawaii TROPIC OF CAtlCEK PACIFIC OCEAN Shellback CluMinas IjiaiHl ntotnix isiAriDS liSea % V% ELUCEISUnDS nil SAFWA ISlAnDS ■ % ntw CjIc Ioiim -f- SOCIETY ISLAnOS SOUTH PACIFIC 8 H?l ' '

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