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Y J i 1 f F A 1 I i Y i I x K I K P 1 r i V 1 any 4, x - HIT ' .hgnpi fl-L-liwimmmmm. 1ML' Q . 1 . f ' .- . Q .git f f Z ? , , K xnfgar. 5 5 I 3 I 4 1 , , , . , A A A S -'Qu ' 5 in 6 f ith I wif-W, , . -Q 1 . i- , C A i no ma 1 Q" 4' fluff w ' ' 5 yy iff' .' , . ,, K w or ,I P 1 K j , igiiig WMM va M Q - gm f -1 W., Y in 'NN W Q iq i , J W M Q . F MM A , i 'I .Q , n , ' f 'M . -rm 5 K A .2 gl r .I . V' , Y Q V vs Bai T -i """"h'i'fQNai0, Q V M2,i7'w 'gi V M' iw ' 19. , . W 1 QQQM .. "'- , . L :5,u9,'Mff?fiii1 i L. .i 4 ' 'fill , e , f i f ' iii Q 1 V ' ,, JL 5f'E""?"7 5? f ,Q Q 1 , - ' i .. 5, , 4. A 1 ff , - 'flu '-JU: f yjyiwag, , f' ,I , , , , N, Yugi ag ,ij , .. X wh i 7 , i r 'Q L fs - T' 1' 2 J. Nik'-',SFEQEISSEW-i"f5"aIsi?5lf'5g2pf- . M 7' 1 1.4 ' if M 'v W5'i'-Wgfgkff' ilwllitl' K ' ww ' iw 'Q . 1 , '35 Y"'f'Fif?5jw 1 M.A,75fQfgiiHg"'?"Y'w?"',-'ff f W if i' -1 ii, gfgigfi,,w,:31,Lffv-Hyip Qiwyi wg iii WNW 15. if ""' ?"1-' i'IlL'LffQfiP'fi'f"5 ' ., X W i " ii , ww - ' V 9 N i ' ,- - N .. f Q. ,fyff ,' f 3 1 E-.big 'v iiffsilw , f ' f 1 1' ' 5' li 5 E 1 i , if 1 'E V 5' ' . E2 K 4, V9f5'i 'ag '?nz?2i Qff- sgox d?3?6 eQs ff1 f' Q f ifiif' f U F ' 51 , ' il gl ' V V' ff I " 5 'Qilf,,,xi,X ' , ' ' .' F 'll' L, ' , 1:05 ' . Ln: 2- .-5' "1 . ' ' ' iw i :ww ii ' ' i L i 'WAY 'Q 1 A i f , ' ' ,ji ' i r f Photo by: Bruce Towle Co-Editors: Diane Praise Pat Young Copy Editor: Cyndi Hellin 3 P .i I . , , .. x'A , gh ,N I ' ' V ,At 5' ' frm- 41 u -J I 'LIT 'Y A Y :A fel - 6 ' 1. in A ' - ,M Af, ,, . ,'-.- U 4+ ' Y ' I 1 Q 5, 'n ii' ' . ,. X V - - 9 ' , ,V J.. ' ' 4, 4. .ftipf 1 ,ga . .V . 'V ' ' - f wg-1 Q A' 1, A Q it l 0 .1 J I 91' '. . Vp, lk., 1 . 4 Q 1 . M.. V -as A .wif "5 A ,r.. ffm? -ff: --f' 'M fi" 4 Huw 1 f , v 'Q 4' 9 . L ' E. 1 . ,A . .iiygp .HH . W 5:-fl vi'? . - ' ,j ,-F ' . I W E274 I W ' ' 0 ,5 'S s ' 'N x -if ,gg ,fn P Q X , gn: I w . Q .' 1 V, v A J. a My X fig -S 'win ,I ,' Asn k ? ei -Q ,Q -x , In 1 K. i Q .JL Q ,'5fi'f if' ' vs 'r . 555 '. 'Ji .g 5 L' fx Y 4 .gn "7" ., . ww: N iff- u 1 1, if 's gr .9'v N N' ffl 3 1 .gb L, !"A 1 1972 MADIQONLGN Volume xxxxm Fowt Mad15ow I-lfglv School FofwMadiAow, Iowa, Tuwpaasemleauestwwwk FM!-IQ changes loading at 6 cum, Unloadhfg at 6 p.m, I-law fo get up! Gwzlmwqummusmoua newfollwes, mowcouaselm K ,xg ' nw , Undmlassmew amend Jwlafgs of smalluess and aaouymhy clmges, mmm Jausbzotiow Call w splwshidfl It ma? , "x .3 ,iw fig" fV'.g..A'gQ Qwhsunbmg, aelayiug, Ctwlllfg, usfiug-allwebl Pwhomecoming mm, eating pw - last! Foofballgames, challengm ' competwoufs fwugk! Gotlbfbeat .em 60501 M214 GOTZZU Lwumgmglwbghts, 9006650006 ewdlw Getawolueakhawsofw RIG!-ITNOWI 4 h b I Photo by Lmde k ' M '25 A WZ? 2 L.L! S A1112 W , 1 'Y 'JJ' ' ' J mf' " . LJ v fT' :fl-7' S 'T ii. zum: 5 if 'HT' ' R U U N U-UP unuvf :uni . ffl x Lmug, Gomghoma Gohfgdowuiowm geffiagowb. . . MCI? Teaclwfs, Qtudewbs, Clauses, fimepassmg . . . QLOWLW Alhnosblikewpaiaom Quaadsateumgdoofvl Qaehfeawdbbyi saloug, gft0wlYlg0!0!Ul4 mouiagom Cl-MNGING-! all gp , wa , if x BIBLE OFCONIENIQ Aww Acaden-me GPM Ofewhaffm swim rw Ads AQ W fa- W "Ii v .is fifkryfy It gd 57 , , 1, 8'-22 24-69 64-93 94- 121 122- 159 160- 165 166- 191 Aatwafzes awolwmg students safgew, dmfwas, actofw How ofpwpaaatiom Pwplwmifffelwi wha Jw MUG!-IINGI ACIMTIEQ '42 4 fsmfzq 1 V1 1. . 1V . , Q 1 'QQ if 1 v? iz - 4 X it fn? 4. af 45'Uf',,9.,:f Q , 34, , , ,, 1 15 ' e ' 1 9 f V , . L , M My 1 in X if , . h sg , , ' H if e g,,..anllQJ, A 1 'Nc 1 . , . V 3' l in as , is N N FM 1119.351 l 'j The announcer's box proves to be the center of activity during home games. 1 1 . 'E W , . gag' be G R tk? ln. Y f3.fxt:kQe?5eQ'iG '4f"fj?!7 Bi as "Paper-Cupping" the stadium is just a part of Deb jerome's Homecoming. Sprayed dark green grass adds a signlike effect to the Homecoming field decorations. ,., . , ., Q ,Wagt'-,ii53aV3,,wi1,., , ,H .,YfMMgw,?,7,,,,,l ,.,,, i ,tv ,,4Mme,a., .e!i2fa -v , ..,,.,,s.. ,,,,mWw sm-Eseief,-M,, -, V 'w',.f " 3 maui ' ' Q 7:1 ,, ' Q f is .uv ' if Goal post decorating is a dangerous but favorite duty ' if t, wi. ', tif, -M ,, 'Lui -f . I j I ' 1 I , g , , for Earl Diehl, W A ' , .7 A f , . ,N 'H sw fini fl N ,L .. Jf- ' Z," VN A w If hz.-Mi' ,i Pf9itfTW"esf. y .1 .fa. , , , tw. s , i --P' . i ',,,gr5f: 'M 3, iff as f , s. N , it if l rlsl f A , 1. al "4" I 'i fi ve ' ,, 1 95 ,Q -., T ,, "nail "M da t W P l Q, ' r-f ... :IL Sl 54- 'F Flames boost enthusiasm before another Bloodhound victory. B PQMP GMBFQV-' ' Head coach Mr. Youel plans the strategy for the big win Holding a match between his teeth, senior Neal Dodd prepares the bonfire with loads of boxes and kerosene. ,,.-u-m""""' 5 Comfort doesn't matter to these senior boys loading into jackie VanAken's "bug" for the VW race. Victorious junior boys carry Terry Allen's Volkswagen across the finish line. Tim Love and Kevin Reeder ride in the tri- cycle race for the unchallenged Key Club. Getting ready for the complete pandemonium are these sack-over-the-head contestants who have lined up, hoping for the best but expect- ing the worst. I2 Despite the juniors' efforts, they were defeated by the seniors two out of two in the tug-of-war. A af Qpwt This year's prehomecoming events combined new activities with the traditional ones. The sack race, one of the three new activities, involved several contestants with sacks over their heads trying to find their part- ners. The V.W. race involved packing as many people as possible into a V.W. A new activity which caused a lot of controversy was the egg throw. Because of the large number of eggs thrown downtown Thursday night, Student Council juniors and seniors cleaned up the sidewalks and store fronts in an effort so to make amends to the merchants. Running through town during the snake dance created a spirit of fun for these FMHS stu- dents. lunior-senior girls do push-ups, which helped them win the powder puff football game. Reigning as "Mr. Homecoming" is Scott Nickel, whose muscle poses cinched the title for him. I3 'I I Homecoming Queen candidates and their escorts are Deb Jerome, Tom lohn- son, Tissy Kuhlmeier, Pat McGinnis, Diane Matteson, jeff Dimond, Carey Rich- mond, Chris McCraken, Beth Sloan, and Dan Booten. Standing before a mirror, Deb lerome reflects the hopes J and uncertainties of being a Homecoming Queen Candi date. VM llvualfu The Queen and her Court are Tissy Kuhlmeier, Diane Matteson, Queen Debbie, Carey Richmond, and Beth Sloan. I4 "A few of us seniors had to deco- rate the field for the homecoming game. This took up most of the after- noon and part of the evening. At 6 we were finally finished and that left me exactly one hour to get myself ready. For a while I didn't know if I was coming or going, but when they announced my name, I realized I was there and I was Homecoming queen." These are Debbie's com- ments about her feelings on home- coming. Homecoming at FMHS is always filled with excitement about the game and the activities, but espe- cially about the choosing of the queen and court. Honored as 1971 Homecoming Queen is Debbie le- rome. Some of Debbie's high school activities are citizen of the month soph. one-acts, and speech team. club, student council, French club, National Honor Society, radio staff, Thespians, cheerleading, musicals, --J. ., -, I 4 X -1 X ,ft gg ,, , ' W 1 'Q ' i I7 i , , , , 4 T fi 1 . W . Q 1, fr t V5 it 'fy . ff 1.1 ft. 'el - Q. Y . ' ln' 5 ' V vr4"1, ' The moment of surprise, relief, and excitement happens to Debbie le- rome. Lettermen Club President, lay Skinner, does the actual crowning 1971 Homecoming Queen, Debbie lerome, smiles at the audience for their approval. N W Aunt Eller fLori Bendlagel is shocked by the "little wonder" that cowboy Will Parker tBob Cochranl brings home to Annie's father from Kansas City, Missouri. "Yow'wDomg ' , I" The Oklahoma company works on a fake haystack, part of the scenery. Andrew CHFNGS lB0b Brockmanl and Cord Elam lC3fY Helfnefl ll5l9n 35 Aunt Eller lCandy Freesel persuades them to bend the law a little. I7 wal P0085 Fowv P "Oklahoma" came off very well this year despite the problem of not having our own auditorium. Split shifts forced the casts to practice in the MPR, the gym, and 'at the junior high school. However, split shifts were an advantage in that the casts of juniors and seniors had a better practice schedule. This is the first time a musical pro- duction has been performed four nights. This is partly due to the problem of picking the best people from each cast to perform the third night. Two of the more interesting aspects of the musical were the "Oklahoma hello" and the "Persian good-by" which occurred when the peddler man, Ali Hakim, kissed Ado Annie in the Per- sian fashion and Will topped this with the "Oklahoma hello" kiss. Cindy Windsor, who portrayed the part Ado Annie, and Sandy Otte, Tissy Kuhlmeier, and.Amy Cook, dance hall girls, take a short break while rehearsing for the musical. Keith Frantz studies his part as Curly during a break in rehearsal. demonstrates her talents by working on the light crew. Lisa Slicker, a three-year veteran of Fort Madison High School musicals, Y ,O Bob Cochran, Byron Marsh, and Scott Nickel, cowhands, learn how to do the tap dance for their dance routine. iff f . 1 ' 1 l v llllll f l li 2 ll its gi fi L, , ,, , i ' 2 i Mr. Slicker, assistant music director also assistant superintendent of schools, puts an added little feeling into his job. Sheri Oge, lerilyn Sanner, lan Rea, Ginger Ireland, and janet Rupert memorize their parts before rehearsal begins. "What do you mean he may be innocent, I don't want a murderer like him loose on the streets," Kevin Reeder screams at the jury. U "Let me at her, l'Il kill her!" yells Bruce Sopher at H23 while Tim Love and Dave Kuhlmeier try to hold him back. ,s ' Max'-N , P- ',' Q Seeing the evidence of twin knives, Bruce Sopher still refuses to admit doubt while Dave Kuhlmeier ponders his convictions. Ann Haas, 37, states that she wants to get the vote over quickly in order to go home to her husband and attend the theater that night. 1 Debbie Thomas 48 proposes that an eye witness could not really have seen the murder. tty B21 Q I Bruce Sopher 33 rises in fiery anger at 48, Debbie Thomas, for bringing up the fact that it is not her job, as a juror, to defend the boy for murder. Lf 5 t-rv -l 1 ,. ,s 'K ' t I s "Why she's crazy!" confirms 43 Bruce Sopher to 38 Debbie Thomas' belief of the boy's innocence. Jas. mf N12 Aww People" The disappearance of Bruce So- pher's shoulder length blonde hair became a perplexing puzzle for the audience of the junior Class play. In order to play his part in character, his real hair was braided and tucked under a dark short cut wig. The result being a very real disguise for both family and friends who came to see the play. The plot of "Twelve Angry People" included the trial of a young boy who was thought to have murdered his father. All but one juror are posi- tive of the boy's guilt at first, but they soon are swayed back and forth from innocence to guilt by the opposing jurors. Debbie Thomas proved the boy's innocence by reenacting a key witness' evidence and shows how in- valid the testimonies are. The cast, directed by Mr. Omer Wallerich included: Shirley Gray, Rae Brandt, Bruce Sopher, Dave Kuhl- meier, Tim Love, Elaine Boeding, Ann Hass, Deb Thomas, Duane Young, Kevin Reeder, Norma Rashid, Cathy Archibald, Greg LaVaIle, lill Bentley, and Bob Decker. l l l "Now, shall we vote by show of hands or by secret ballot?" Shirley Gray asks. i , 1 4 . 4 --1 Student directors of "Along Came Harriet," Gay Gunderson and john Robyn Kratzer, Conni Beelman, and Kim Harry, "Along Came Harriet," Gross watch the proceedings of the play with interest, enjoy their roles as college girls taking advantage of a friend. Presenting the picture of confidence are student directors Cay Gunderson and john Gross with the cast of "Along Came Harriet" which included Heather Gladding, Becky Schroeder, Robyn Kratzer, Carol Miller, Kim Harry, Conni Beelman, Michelle Shreve, and LeeAnn Shaw. lewwmgdwwpes, Passmg dvwugklfalls, watclumg dwoloch Keys, sbp!-fm books, peucvk, messy desks ffcaurtphd td. whmats clam" PWM Mew wmv fa dwphmf. . , COFFEE BL25Alc! Amoewoe J,-4 Qi Eighteen new teachers joined forc- es with the original forty-six to teach 1,200 students. New teachers who transferred from the junior high were Linden Baker, Patrick Coghlan, Floyd Cowles, limmie Crawford, Richard Dearing, Peg Melhorn, E. A. Patter- son, jerry Pickard, Wilda Steggall, Harold Stilwell, and Tom Walljasper. Teachers new to the system were leanne judge, james McFadden, Gary McVey, Michael Riley, and Thomas Scott. Mary O'Day and Ardis Wilson were the new teachers aides. One new half-time counselor, Earl Traver, was also added. 2 X X A Z il. i F 11 1 r ll Mr. jim Crawford finds one of his student's papers very amusing. -1, .V . -as ' ' "ff zefxfffjzz .V 5' 't if i Disf1:4-fwsgfffrwf J.: M " 'I if 34 , ?:ig'ff-swf ,A Vi -,QM f ,Vx..W,f.5 ,Wi 1 mae' ' QM 'suffer it.. - :tlift 'ft 341 .5 C V. f. . i M .' .W , Milt , My ' 3 fungi . -52:4 Jw- sm .. 4 fiibiif 4f,ge , l g,'L 2 '-f' 4 . tv, f wwf.,-'N gag- .51 'g:f"g'alfe55:4tfwy:CNi,E1f,i5f? ray? -P1534 if. Q' wi lfgsewg ir J. if ' .. V ' fif'ff'iZ'f?,Z'5 'ii .. A ,,,,, ' f' 5 mrigwfii Zfl"i?i1yfiE.5? . 'Q mag u I lw Another teacher who transferred from junior high, Mr. jerry Pickard, grades his unpassable grammar tests. as 15353 .5-V: - ,sgsqgjpfe .f.v- ,wt.a.1.s,fe-iw : fx. rf 1 , w frwzif anllkffrgft , .4f4:i?ff"1'.' f ' ' .4 W.. tit, mf.. --s ' H A W '?wa2f1l2m.Q2., .e, ' wk , " if ,u t 12 ft an at , v if' " il ' ci , , 'S 'lau- Yt :' H , vwfw-'f' .L Y-ff. :gf ste , A .V .3 .V ' ' it--mt ,. f"f"'Q.-1. RWFXU' A .454 Q miami . . 1 'f . l I Y t .-n "I really should clean my desk off," sighs Mr. Pat Coghlan, "but why waste the time." Doing an hourly chore, Mrs. Peg Melhorn takes attendance. Nr. Harold Stillwell glances at his notes before starting class. A new shop teacher, Mr. Tom Scott, supervises his class work. 27 it Mr. james McFadden leads his freshman-sophomore class into the school after an hour of soccer. NwTeaclww Bwlg Nwwclwiq -v-r, v...,n, .. 4"'d"P'1kn"f,,, 1 Him Atqhe end of the day, Miss leanne judge finishes last minute work. I fh Appearing stumped over a math problem is Mr. Eugene Patterson, alge bra teacher. IK 1 Teacher's aid, Mrs. Mary O'Day, files papers in the library. Mrs, Wilda Steggall, home-economics teacher, came over from the junior high. if Jai Earl Travers checks over a student's record with Mrs. Delores Rippenkroeger, guidance secre- 1 .-il' if fi' 1 3 Caught in one of his more mischievous moods, Mr, Richard Deal-ing Mr. Linden Bakera ninth grade science teacher who transferred fromjun- looks from his work on a student's science project. i0r high, is former professional photographer. Mr. Gordon Roxberg, a former American History teacher, is now the freshman-sophomore assistant principal. wmvqiuu L 'tl X: ,. 4, , Q' A math teacher who transferred from junior high, Mr. Tom Walljasper also coaches basketball and football. , "Teaching Spanish requires reading ahead," thinks Mr. Floyd Cowles. A former FMHS graduate, Mr. Gary McVey now teaches biology OQassTeox:ltes Have you ever wondered what family living was like? Teaching stu- dents to know themselves, their present families, and their future families are the aims of this class. Students discuss any topic such as dating, decisions, problems, and se- lecting a mate. Mrs. Alton, the family living teacher, also has question and answer time, movies, lectures, and research projects. Her theme for fam- ily living is "The family is the most important part of our society." Obswwef l 1 -,t.ztf...a 4 Ji ia.. WM, " 0 H -fi :rl . ll1Sim.av Mrs. lean Alton leads her class in a discussion about the number of children to have. 3 c g,, A. Inq!! Christmas was a busy time for the home ec. department. Mrs. Pointer's senior home management class decorated containers and filled them with cookies and candies to distrib- ute to patients at the Fort Madison Nursing Home. Afterwards the stu- dents toured the building. Mrs. Steggall's freshman classes in- vited their mothers for a Christmas luncheon during their regular class period. . l f 3? ti A A fy A ' l""'1. L ,ffz ,,-1' it A ,, .,,.., . .... .t...,. ..,. .t., t r l K ivf V, ,tgttki.-,g..QV.tgtf?.fttq , .vt W-rsvp: b Quit. 2 ' ,,.t.:X,fg,t.t5 fp Els. L. , A Mrs. Barbara Pointer smiles contentedly as she types a difficult test question l 'ff ' 1 , i . , . . ' Q- . i "N I S, Lx XX ,z wx A ., .3 ,T Rosie begins her week-end homework on Sunday night at 9:00. Rosie and Debbie prepare for their skiing trip to Vale, Colorado. Ti., ' arm With Deb's help, Rosie tries her second bite of cottage cheese. Among the titles of foreigner, es- capee from a penal institution, and an Aussie, our foreign exchange stu- dent was occasionally referred to by her proper name, Rosie Parker. Rosie came from the town of Hobart on the island of Tasmania off the coast of Australia. Being a foreign exchange student means receiving attention in a varie- ty of ways. Rosie was awarded a dif- ferent kind of attention in speech class when she was subjected to cot- tage cheese. Never having tasted it before, she considered it quite an ex- perience. Since Radio Club is always looking for a unique happening, Rosie was also lucky enough to be interviewed during the actual "first" bite. Her original comment: "I don't like it!" l2wBodms Split shifts seemed to keep the gym in constant use. Athletic prac- tices and physical education use the gym to 100W efficiency each hour. Each student is required to take the "Youth Physical Fitness Test" once every semester. Results are re- corded to provide a record. "Resusci- tator Annie" became an instant friend as both boys and girls classes learned the value of life saving mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Girls participated in volleyball, swimming, dodgeball, korfball, self defense, and recreational games. Boys activities included volleyball, badminton, soc- cer, flag football, trampoline, vault- ing bars, parallel bars, and horizontal bars. 'ly itt- 514 Miss Susan Williams wonders if the girls will ever learn to stay on their scooters. Q if t 2 t l ,V s at in 1 1, , at , QW ., i Q as ii 'lit 5 Q ll' T9 Q ,Q 'A , ff" ii' 1f',gi" fy Y, ' f 2 Q f A t r vs ,sti i 4: is i f ge gfk Va A ff i 1 s it it -35 ' , , , . Q .,,. Z P ' r v 'i A 1 41 ,X 5 t 1 Wi . gg. 55.1 ,given -. K 1 4 ,. ,- , ati E H11 ,Q 1 gl, ff lg' K, f 1 ni 31, F l 5211- 92 ' is sw Q.: Q X if .1 Q ,gs S 2. H. "Tex" Hay instructs a student on doing push-ups as part of his physical fitness program. 3 3. Veteran Latin teacher, Miss Ann Miller prepares for her next class. As part of his Spanish class Senor lose Perez points out one of the attractions of Mexico. Miss Connie Mason prepares a tape for one of her French classes. Lamguaglw wi "Two heads are better than one." Likewise, two languages are better than one. As well as promoting inter- national relations and creating an understanding among people, it is fi- nancially rewarding to know more than one language. Students can choose from French, Latin, or Spanish. Knowing Latin can aid one in understanding the English language since many of our words are derived from Latin. Y PJ Experimentation is the key to all knowledge gained in science wheth- er it is discovering an animal's reac- tion to a new vaccine or the reaction of two chemicals with each other. Everything that is taught in science classes has been learned through ex- periments such as these. Freshmen are required to take a general science course, but other students may choose from anatomy, physiology, biology, chemistry, and physics. i 5 .ual Resting for a minute, Mr. jerry Slykhuis thinks to himself that teaching biology and coaching basket ball can certainly keep a person busy. Biology students Victor Schorr, Tom Guzman, Beth O'Niell, and Kurt Ried carefully dissect a crawfish during biology class. """'W'F!, ..,, ' fe .ll ,nn- 1 , Mr. Willard Pickford contemplates a question about anatomy and physiology before answering. ,, .,,r Ls Ba 1 r"l if' 2 lug Mr. Larry Boyce shows astonishment during a rare moment when his class finally understands "Avigradro's Number." N F. -1 L3 Ht rat, .1 N Rm mpiu., ,W Times PJ mfQlwp A new white pick-up, a new lathe, two new teachers, and a new system for freshman-sophomore classes were among the changes in the in- dustrial arts department. Freshmen and sophomores were divided into four sections. Every nine weeks the groups moved from drafting to ma- chine shop to electricity to wood shop. A new 51,000 wood lathe was added to machine shop equipment. Building trades students completed their twelfth house. New faces were a common sight this year with the addition of Mr. Scott and a student teacher, Mr. Keller. Mr. Howard be- came an electricity teacher. A personal triumph occurred when Mr. Grohe purchased his very first pick-up truck. Speaking proudly about it, he stated that it will be es- pecially handy this summer for his carpentry jobs. Mr. Milton Kokjohn plans tomorrow's machine shop schedule. Senior Albert Heidbreder finishes his machine shop assignment by working on the mill machine. gfibgwear T E1 .,,,,,,.,? ...i . A 3'-E"iiqly'U . ,wwL"':. if ff i "'i"Wi 'W' fu. A i "Xi -s ' , i . . 1 . ' . , , 'Ei ,QS . M' ' " m Xkk-L , '.-is T Q2"m'i5ff' ' ' ' 1 . of -K . .F -'wx .gs ykg3,ga.f', , W Q 4 . ' W ' '-V an ' A 1 " M 53. Ni . , X Mr. Gary Grohe, mechanical drawing and woodworking teache r, takes measurements for a project. Freshman Tom Green gets an ok from Mr. Loring Snook for his wood project. xy' if "' Pl K L U ll!! Y 'i a D Changes In addition to living up to their reputation for torturing students with commas, infinitives, and Shake- speare, the English teachers spent a great deal of time modernizing and enlarging their courses for next year. Tentative plans are to offer a total of 24 courses ranging from traditional subjects such as grammar to new in- triguing courses such as science fic- tion and minority group literature. all Y , Q.,- .-.3nu..t.:f.. . Xi Before answering a question, Mr. Lawrence Crockett rethinks his answer. Miss Carolyn Wellborn checks her gradebook before figuring grades. Mrs. lean Everingham finishes checking a paper before beginning class. Q "W -Y' rfrrgx peciolb Holds Tear A close teacher-student relation- ship is provided in the Special Educa- tion Department. Most students at- tend some regular classes. Within the Special Education rooms students are given subject matter tailored to their individual abilities and needs. Student are also encouraged to partake in school activities and func- tions. They hold an annual Christmas tea for faculty members. Mrs. Norma Young substitute teaches for Special Education and many other classes :L .fm tg'-fa! 'f I Mrs. Genevieve james makes lesson plans at home while recovering from her hospitalization. She later returned to school. WW ?f'fif'1. i - V A V xg! N W 1 hx - , 5 9 . '3,5,j7sQ-ny, .- . t ..f.- M. ',.' ' tuba, fo, fs sw ., H W. . A V, s sfgfltgq,g'l:?.f.Zf:s,:: l ' L'3?'f?9ijj?515jvE A ' Q f .,,,, L,,. ..,,. ,.,A , ,, , ua' 1" A1 'zz' f -f In addition to caring for student injuries, Mrs. McGinnis n..'w,' gf. I """rw 1 nada aus- , ' N 3 Q 'rx "W x 4K xv t S it Mrs. lone McGinnis checks names off the list of students tested for color blindness. i L- also answers questions, gives advice, and offers consolation to students. ll? A N' www-.x,"--P- ' 4' M QH?,'wf5.Wff Nwcsef' ' CoEowTests The school nurse is an important part of school life. This is especially true at FMHS since approximately 700 students visit her each month. New additions to the nurses' office were an additional room and a color blindness test which was given to all vocational students. Mrs. McGinnis also acted as co-ordinator of the VD assembly sponsored by the local pharmacists. Two gentlemen, one from the State Department of Health and one from a drug company showed a film at an all student as- sembly and answered questions about VD and its prevention. Anoth- er program which was sponsored by the nurse was the artificial respira- tion demonstration given to PE classes. gum Attach Dvd? Did you know that the mainte- nance department consists of ap- proximately 7'Zs of the total school personnel in the building? These dedicated, hard-working people keep the school in good running condition, Shoveling the sidewalks and parking lots, keeping the regis- ters running, and the gum off the floor are among the odd jobs that plague janitors in a school with an enrollment of 1200 students. Each school day Mrs. Helen Smith takes care of the dusting, cleaning restrooms and locker rooms, and general straightening. Bob Huett, as he usually appears, goes down the halls with his mops. i l l Walt Green, one of the school janitors, takes time out to rest. i s. , Q at T-his year the cooks responsible for the marvelous creations made in the kitchen are from left to right: Virginia Kuhlmeier, Mary Neuweg, Mary Cooper, Lillian Lovedy, Bee Baldwin, Helen Richmond, Agnes Schiller, Betty Huett, Virginia Blint, and Kathaleen Thoman. Lynn Sheaffer goes through the a la carte line of assorted foods the kitchen now offers. fs 'i c.. t Law Clwwges Due to split shifts, the lunch room schedule was much different than in the past. The cafeteria was open at 6:30 a.m. for students or teachers who came to school without eating breakfast, It remained open until 2:00 p.m. When asked if she liked the new schedule, Kathaleen Thoman, head cook, replied that she likes this system much better than last year's. There was not a full hot lunch pro- gram. Only the al la carte line is open. Mr. Larry Kallauner patiently explains to Mr. Elmore why he can't have the keys to the car. De6ewSBv0D" eel Although the students are differ- ent, the experiences in drivers' ed are always the same. The same questions are asked and the same mistakes are made. We all experience the same spine- tingling fear when meeting our first semi on highway 103 and we all end up with a couple tires on the shoul- der. The drivers' ed teachers take us a long way in one short semester. From the very beginning when our knees knock and our hands sweat during the first trial run to the very last ride which we actually enjoy, drivers' ed is learning to park the car correctly in the right place after returning to school and confidently thinking, "Boy, that was a short ridel" "Uh, actually that's a . , . very good question, uh, . . Mr. Dave Elmore begins. 5 -.. yt' E X- - " - ' i "-""-.?1'. ,'5, 'lQ'il -bil XE' 41'-:fill s ' , Ll y r 515 . A' Ta '-fisgjw .- ft 'Q ' .. i' Srl. f sf wi' :? s:-:Fe c' 3 , ' Rs.. gy -' xg 5' . y ,V A . A , . -4 , '- -' ' 1-af , 1, Ki:-.jx.H A .Lg H -S, fs ,jp--55.52 "' ,.' 'pa' -A b. 1 'l3'v.p Wi 3- 'TSR Q Nz? -5. 4,5 FI l1":5:-'1- a . ea .yi K -elf if if Sm? 'l 3 Z W 1 YNY ,445 V, ,A- g-Sex ,K V . Qi it Q, - , Vg' .X .L ,ut S, . kt QQ-.1 9191. . .. - K - X .A , , AL' .I wa 3 . 'S '- A - 'e'l?"T'."'-sail 4 M 1 'X ' 3+ 1-'A+-th' Q 1, fi -.e f F5-. -s 'N iff- .4 N., imtiif. f ff ..'.Tl"'3"5i-we " " ' 'e' ws 1' .hgaflf-. - Ll' 'V' Q: W N4 ly- ,g..9. ff " Ivisks--fr 2?-if' ---5 his - -r ' - nf -x' .lf X ef- - fi L'-r' -v ,-g-- - 'M xi? -N '-.1--,. :,v?' K, .., . 5 - pw . , . - . , - A . -IX, x ixjch t w YTTX ,AQ - ..-. . 1--A..-. r . H. a:.N - , " t.-k 14- A. . 5' 'h .K-, St wrist- - , 'I. Cm i.,,..1- - N- 1-"X-if 1:1-.., X I ' K . ,ws Q Y' r un , - -gr ,--b 'I -R V. wifi? Q- ' 292 : . pj"" G- it Y XA 5' 533 ' ' l ' "KB-X TV M " 'ti ' :wg xv 1 .' +"1'rf----,J 'f . .. 'SS--04 ,, '. C. .ff -'Pf.,'.g3.'- 1 + : is pk 'YK-rw 5, NJ, . xs,XN,,.S --fs -A , eu-f Q ,4-z ,. " 'QQ .E - . .:. . -43' sl F -' fs- 'Q-. I rf! , tg. Ugg- ,-Ev. 551 tk, fx ,ms yr , CAM, ., K M - .sw Jffgf- -Y, 7323 ly- A+ S fl, ,abc V A -3 m,.,.,,.. I-X55 s -tre ., ,X , ea'--s-e if .QS-t'4m..,: ' l Mfr ' "fe" ' , . af 5 isfeff- Q' ,g.y"".. ag avi ' My 5 if -, 3 . ,W " 'T -YV -fx, : 'N L., M TN Y ...N -R " i' K .. -ec'-'ft"'iii1"r "' 'X . W: ffiwf V .W f s-.ff "'J"5"4.' - 51 - ' 7 H f' ya-qq'k2k:k1 'a,,, tv s. g L" . . .K inf W'-w???.'lx,:'?, I iwqsr Viv.-1 Q .-,QQZ-.. ,:,wj,'?, '4..V fi. r r , M - --i , 1 if an-,lfgfi-2 - '--' wf-V.: Qs.,,ge1g.3x'tg .,a..l??i'.rf, " z r f' 5' i ll'31'r'e'-9"3'Kw5?'9fJf-- - A ' I ' i' A" W. "i . N LEE, ,gg , Y A 9,3 .Q 5,5 Y- V -.die aS,A:QQ1i:. V tugging :Y L ' 3 ,?'4r'i , VF i 'ix 'T QTY 3 . AV ' .ve V 1'.i,l..l':'r"w , Ffh ?"A:gff5.v, 1,-g'-f:f'fs+,. s ..-.9119 L ,J-,-SQ" if H?'f'?s2.':f- . 1 -, "' ' Ai' si- ef Q ffl ,g'PgT'g1-,"f','i-ggglgfx f,'kL.?Y- : .' 'L' , W -fix' .H V il. A' tn f - Q, w,'.N,-avfr.0- A ':.xx?1rf-,.-.:,g,..Q.j'k:r,h',3.,v1,3 . LK lgrumi Q ,,-j:."',ys-fv 4 QALJEQI -fx, 0 A . N. K 'Q 1' -- .' 6 iw-J surf .Cv 7' iff? 'Q l, .tfffzyig-,gig 1. Y ntl. . - ' fm-.vm Wx svn:-"gL':w.'Q ' .Ii VW, Nl 4 ' --Q at - ' Q' 1 K L' 1 ,543 1. lf"n:.i:.".l Q'- .1f"" Q 1 . . - f -N' 'F-X 415 N.. gi 1 vs. ' it ,N-XM .- ' . L. "'N.22"tf'T.-'S ,.-AF5 sg- , -"rf: ' ' - K k'gf"'F" Q N if V1-' tp, . v Ay: -5, 7 , faqs? A S- W -it r - r 3. s -Wwi , ar -+-1 ' a K ' s. -'W 1 l frets-2 f"tf 'I Lv- 1 ' M a - 4 - N: ses-'W 'it c H 5- , as "A very funny thing happened to me in Drivers' Ed today, you see there was this very fast movin sign that jumped right out in front of me." Mr. Don Strong clears up a perplexing problem for one of his senior math students. Raises Q Math is an ever changing subject with new formulas and methods being developed all the time to re- place and add to the old ones. A per- son who took a certain math course ten years ago would find the same course slightly different today. The math teachers at FMHS keep up with the changes, each in his own way. Each tries to teach his students that math can be an interesting and in- triguing subject, even though it re- quires struggling with proofs, func- tions and formulas. Mr. Ben Skillern awaits an answer from an algebra student. In the quiet of his office Mr. lim Youel averages grades again. 55 arid' 191: . t . i, X t H ' Amazed at the reaction from his humanities class to one of his comments On 50C'9fY, MV- Robefl Fal1eY, EVHSDS the l9Cl9fn f0f SUPPOFL Mr. Robert Fahey helped in the organization of the homecoming Discussing the principles of Stoicism, Mr. Fahey points out the need for moderation. Topics Demmwl 03591, Speech include a multitude of top- ics this year ranging from interpreta- tive poetry readings to press confer- ences. Mr. Fahey stressed confidence and poise, urging students to remain calm even when they made mistakes. Speech not only taught composure, but also initiative in a crowd of peo- ple. Humanities, the study of man, was a course beginning with prehistoric man and his culture and progressing up to present day fads and mores. A more interesting aspect was the re- search done individually on a dead man, Hermann Beelman. This was done in an attempt to discover what an average man leaves behind when he dies. . if E . 'i Q A ' 54 ii, M it ' l hi? i n -'YW -' - ' tt' is ff ' ' ., ' . 1, rw gt Q 1 Y . ' 1 . 1- 9 1 I rf- mi l iw f' . ,, li 1 Q sl O - . s tw. -il l3ee Dee Dinnauer demonstrates her ability to batik, a method of dyeing cloth, to Mrs, Lowenberg as part of a class assignment. Mrs. Lorraine Lowenberg offers helpful hints to joe Chanlee about potato prints. . N?.,,Q itat? .xi r . .... .. f""' lm ,.f "' If AMN 'Ec- V .f f Q x 'YTN' A . .N-L4'T'w2.i3ffq Aff: - 4 7952?-1 , -f ,w'.,.t..Lt.:':1,, mg , ff., ,4 J' W 115:51 .lfttlfalff 1 irwqf flffff :Wit t, Q awgf ,X aww 5501.6 iam Mrs. Lowenberg arranged for her students to visit the art gal- lery downtown. During the visit students observed the varied talents of citizens from the sur- rounding area. They saw draw- ings and paintings of historical sites and landscapes of Fort Madison. Art students experi- mented with some of these techniques when they returned to classes. Another new experience was with an old Indonesian art called "batik," The media in- volved is wax and dyes. Many students invented new designs for macrame belts and purses. MowQoQos Vocal music saw more emphasis placed upon solos and small groups. This was due to the difference in the talents and interests of the students involved. For example, a freshmen- sophomore madrigal group was formed. Due to split shifts there were more freshmen and sophomores par- ticipating in all groups except the traditional junior-senior madrigal group. They performed in each town in the school district and at least once at each grade school in the dis- trict. Vocal music director, Teryl Otto, has been directing music here at FMHS for seven years Madrigals are: Row 7: Jackie Walker, Teresa Chesnut, Kathy McMillan, ler, Kevin Reeder, Bob Brockman, Gary Williamson, Duane Young Tim Laura Boeding, Polly Flach, Beth Benbow, lan Rea, Ruth Beecham, Deb- Love, Bob Cochran, john Hales, john Gross. bie Thomas, lane Haggard, Cindy Windsor. Row 2: Steve Crile, Dan Mil- Debbie Crosley plays the piano for girls glee club members, Bottom Row: Marcia Storms, Kathy Hammond, Tissy Kuhlmeier, Lisa McMillen, Deb je- rome. 2nd Row: jane Haggard, Elaine Boeding, Kelly Arthur, Hessy Smart 3rd Row: Kathy Rudd, Kim jeffries, Martha Baker, julie Burton, Carol Mil- er, Sue Noll, julie Steele, Lisa Easley, Georgia Hershire, Glenda Howell f Chris Cowles. 4th Row: Sue Burk, Kathy Feany, Ellen Lane, Cindy Snider, Sandy Sprunger, Pam Storey, Debbie Brayton, Connie Beelman, Cindy Carrel, Becky Fairlie. 5th Row: Tave Hass, Andy Masters, Kurt Ried, Bob Arnold, Tim jeffrey, Tim Hill, Steve Hales, Lee Geiger, David Lair, and An- nette Young. llheresa Chestnut and Carla Hanson Wait for their cue to accompany Madrigals. 51 'is 1 I lr Vlwwlm I V I I 1, 1,,,,,,T,,,1?.N,.M, a Ax.. 1 1 1 51 1 1 ' 13:1 1 11 gmfil 1! V' '4 1 1 1 fl f . 6 1 1 1 , 13 1 1 11 U10 i.,.,'1,,1 511113 wp X 1x'11-156252111 , Ki., fyfwn 1,- ld' Qt: ..,Q'h A QP: . steppers for Fort Madison Bloodhound Marching Band were twirlers Missy Thorn, Sherry n Teresa Chesnut, plus Kevin Murphy, drum major. CoQolQtops 0 I But Bcwwlf Plageal mf. Pint Sized band members posed a small problem for the 1971 Blood- hound Marching Band. Since both freshmen and sophomore classes were inducted into the band at one time, there simply weren't enough small and extra small sizes available. Realizing the situation, the Band Par- ents Club sponsored a raffle to pay for 8 new uniforms. New silver spats adorned the feet of marching band members while in the Rodeo and C,od's Portion Day Parades. New red drums also made their debut. These activities and the regular concert season rounded out the year for band. Christmas concerts for jackson and .Lincoln grade schools were performed this year for the first time. yung,-----s Coffin, Pat jones, Pat Young, Marcia Storms, Cris Busard, Sherry Sirii Sloat, Ellen Lane, Roberta Fairlie. Third Row, Left to Right: Burwinkel, Suzi Goodwin, Connie Hoenig, Lucy Alton, Kim Reyes, Hewitt, Kay Umthum, Candi Freese, Genia Sheerman, Dean Blan- Sue Morris, Dennis Doty, Jeff Diton, Carla Hanson, Cindy Roberts, Cowles, Sherri McVeigh, Tony Luetkehans, Sandy Lyle, Ken Render, avid Bengston, Tave Hass, loel Stein, Angelo Guzman, Linda Nutgrass, Deb Ireland, Patti Holland, Rick Atterbury. Fourth Row, Left to Right: Kathy Schneider, lean Rehm, Kenna Wright, Mary Kimble, Lindy Roberts, lanet Rupert, Alan Dewitt, Tim Hill, Steve Ort, Mr. Larry Miller, David Lair, jeff Wilkins, Kevin Murphy, Pat Padley, Brian Clemmons, Steve Freese, Steve Hoskins, Byron Williamson, lohn Peitz, Bob Chesnut, Mike Ahner. Ubwwgfallr I wwe A new librarian joined the FMHS library, but in reality she was a famil- iar face for most students. Miss ludy McCarty last year's PE instructor re- turned as assistant librarian after specializing in audio equipment at Iowa. Some 570 new books were pur- chased along with a new card cata- log updating the library. Rearrange- ment of shelves and study carrels also contributed to the library's new look. Filing another title card, Miss Mavis Whitmire demonstrates her years of library experience Miss judy McCarty is all smiles with her new job in the library. 54 I fwfpwwfa. , - Mrs. lane Miller studies the master schedule as she attempts to a Frank Smith, sophomore counselor, wel- es students into his office with a smile. 1, gras I Qfdlt, A . 0 djust a student's schedule. ' I .Ly s ' .,, 4' 'O AMQHF' mah A sal l ty I , ids The guidance department moved to new quarters in the English wing this year. In the spacious waiting room the intercom provides a musi- cal background as students inspect college catalogs and books on ca- reers and occupations. Due to the improved facilities, the counselors are better able to aid'students in get- ting maximum benefit from their high school years and to assist them in making decisions. M-. The improvement in one of his students' report cards seems to please Mr. Mike Calloway. Able l-WP A vital part of every school system is its secretaries and teachers aides. These dedicated people take attendance, deal with student problems, and help teachers prepare their les- sons. During the week before Christmas vacation, the teach- ers aides volunteered a unique new service. They provided coffee, many different varieties of homemade candy and cookies for the teachers. ,i i A l lg i 'iii l . i al . tl .V Q ' l a Mrs. Anne Steele helps keep Mr. Roxberg's office working efficiently. litl 51 J. Q, fza r- .fi-Z W Mr. Lewis' secretary, Mrs. Norma Brown, brings a student file up to date. A teachers' aide, Mrs. Florence Waldron types an English test for Mr, Wallerich. Q t . Ff1. .LA Mr. HilI's secretary, Mrs, Grace Cottle helps settle crucial problems. MVS- AfdiS WilS0f1 is 8 NSW IGSCHQVS' Hide WhO HISO works in U16 libfafl' Two new practical classes, new equipment, and a new approach to teaching helped to improve the busi- ness deparnnent Typing and short hand classes acquired individualized tapes and tape recorders to help stu- dentsrnamerthe keyboanland gmn speed and accuracy. Ninth grade typ- ing classes were also added. There was individualized lab instruction to help juniors and seniors develop skills in the business curriculum. Mr. Bowen taught a three week unit in data processing in his bookkeeping classes. Second semester saw the ad- dition ofa three day a week class in typing manuscripts and themes for college bound seniors. Participants did not receive a grade or credit, just valuable experience. Beginning janu- ary 24, Mr. Bowen also taught a one week mini-course in income tax from 12:00-1:20. 58 ,uv- f f B i f - .g gi , E?f?T' Mr. joe Bowen checks over bookkeeping balance sheets. F ii ' ,MM -i M Miss Margaret Walljasper tries to patiently teach her students to type. - 1.-. ,AW .,,. W., W, ,.,,.,,,.,. , ? . -rf -A I W Ghle, 8 fOfm6f DE Student Who worked his way up to manager at Ready to dictate to her notetaking class is Mrs. Lorena Bartlett Woolworths, talks with Don Schrepfer and advisor, Mrs. loAn Cartwright. Mr. Ti ff rf .N t la P. Mrs. Gloria Clay grades business math while on hall duty. Miss lean Janssen, OE teacher, is ready for Christmas. O at y ? .Hit , wiif' A if w QQ.-ga .ra 31 L , j H s M M at 1 ,y lv, ov Mr. Boyd Mueller ponders the validity of one of the answers given in a history class discussic 9 Mr. Bill Hoskins, a world history teacher, plans a big test while coaching Soaking up the sun while on hall duty, Mr. john Peters looks over his basketball team. class notes for American History. ,giv- l ll '-rw in M... l lkmerican government teacher, Mr. Bill lerome, quickly types up his latest test. .AG . g . Q., Jia.: ,, .. ,,.w""" ,wfkuj-' . iT".+,.., Ng..- 'r.. ave and study this vital newspaper article," urges international teacher, Mrs. Ruth Van Tuyl. Changes NM Yeafv Reading the paper daily, studying a special area of the world, and working on one special world prob- lem were the time consuming out- side class assignments for people taking international relations. Next year seniors may not have to worry about these problems. The social science department has proposed that international not be required. If this is approved, next year's seniors will be able to choose between world geography and international. Other changes hoped for are so- ciology offered both semesters and American History changed to one se- mester. World History could include semester courses of history of the Far East or history of Europe that could be taken separately. g W. K., In A igiatzg., .1 c ip. : I2 K I I .gQj..t-, c' , 4 'K , w , ,wt W . .-.-.-. Q P ' E I I ' it .. ul N5 'r,'..r.u- - :iff I Q ff' N .una K7 ., iii. , N . ggfj Q Giving a sly little smile, Mr. William Freese, Business Manager, announces the change in weather will not necessitate school cancellation. Mr. Robert Lewis, Assistant Principal for the morning session, corrects a ,5. 4, i. S, ,, . EIMQICIL, " . Nm. kmnw: t 1.1 f Z .. 'V VM. gib -new V s - I Mr. William Slicker, Assistant Superintendent and Curriculum Director and Mr. Earl Traver correct errors in classroom schedules. mistake that has been made in a student's schedule. if if I. . , ff fi '- ,,, 9 0 i iff, e 2 A 2 Dila? bg., I AM ,, ' 1,9 1- -7'-f .3 vw..--, If 1 l FF Seated at his desk Mr. Arnold Hill, FMHS principal, reviews the day's schedule. ' ' with Climtges Arthur Hansen inducts Deanne Dravis into National Honor Society. bn There were many changes that the administration had to work out this year due to the split shifts. Among these were the new schedules for the extracurricular activities, Athletics were scheduled from morning homeroom through fifth and sixth period until afternoon homeroom. Boys in athletics were not required to take PE. Club meetings usually had to be held at night so students from both shifts could attend. Activity buses also had to be rescheduled. Buses brought afternoon students who had to be at school before their session started and took morning students home who had stayed late. There was also a bus which left at 7:30 p.m. after the ninth grade bas- ketball practice. Another change was open campus which started second semester for the morning shift only. Due to combined efforts of adminis- trators and teachers, split shifts ran smoothly with a minimum of Droblems. afuwfofay, oaa1ble6'eowd0wu4 Hwyoaw. Buaaaiegowbolfnedffu jusbafldflejasfzm . . . af ldtlalwmdw. . . SCORE! QPOPJQ ' .jig U. .vf"...,gf .f,,::,.L1.ig.v. f "QMS -5 M,- N A A s, . '- , -. X fx :-VSBAAKV is-if-, . 1,5 svffffg-. . ,,.f1Q1,-. ,L - 59'- xi Varsity cheerleaders under Miss McCarty took charge of the conces- sion stand for various events during the past year. These included the FM Relays, the sectional and AAU Free- Style, and the FM Invitational Wres- tling Tournaments and all home bas- ketball games. In addition to their usual methods of supporting Fort Madison athletes, the cheerleaders provided an extra half-time attraction at two home bas- ketball games when they played against the booster club. Sophomore cheerleaders attended a cheerleading clinic at Fairfield which was sponsored by the Ameri- can Spirit Association of Kansas City. They were sponsored by Miss Wil- liams. Speech teacher Mrs. Melhorn who was recruited to act as 9th grade sponsor interjected some of her speech teaching tactics into her group. They were taught the impor- tance of smiling, speaking clearly, and using good form when cheering, . -X b.. . . 9th grade cheerleaders are 1st Row: Twila Glascock, Lina Hunsaker, Shelly Schulte. 2nd Row: julie Steele, Lynn Wagner. Top: Teresa Rashid. 10th grade cheerleaders are Bottom Row: Carol Schroeder, Kurt Ried, lane Dietshler. Middle: lean Bartlett, Lisa Easley, Lynn Law- 4' isps rence, Mary Thannert, julie Burton. Top: Dawn Hauch, Robin Kratzer, Sue Noll. Boost l-lowiwls Sophomore cheerleaders practice in the mornings for their next game. cheerleaders are from Left to Right: Kim Wilkerson, Polly Flach, Debbie Jerome, Sandy Otte, Kathy Riley, lan Rea, lill Pezley, Beth Benbow, Carey and Beth Sloan. cheerleaders Beth Sloan and Sandy Otte lead the cheering at a Sandy Otte congratulates Scott Nickel after he was named "Mr. Home- game, coming." Mr. McFadden became a great coach and competitor for FMHS runners. Cross Country team: First Row: jeff Stocking, Steve Azinger, jackie VanAken, Mark Davis, john Wellington, Mike Ireland, Mike Davis, Matt Mason, Dave Gunn, Tim Hill. Second Row: Bob Nutgrass, Kevin Steeples, Steve Hellige, Stan Schlicher, jay Skinner, Terry Dietsch, jerry jerome, jim Q junior Tim Greenwald was named best team runner for the varsity squa Muntz, Tim Greenwald, Dave judy, Earl Garland. Third Row: Bob Eng man, Dave Wilson, Bob Cullen, Mark Eliason, Mike Moeller, Tony Matt son, joe Thannert, Mark Kimball, Bryan Marsh, Duane Young, Coac McFadden. 401, 68 2. N viii i l Wi' ,, girth Q All ., ,A 11 K . Fl li- 1 ,. W.,11-.- .4 'W we . ' imfiw kb z S 4 W if Before the Burlington meet, these runners are relaxed. lim Muntz, an avid runner, showed much determination for the new sport, cross country. ri, , ,zfy,,-N,W9if. , 2 lr V ww .S J3i.,ff,r5FW -1 K ' M, K lay Skinner was named state champion for the mile team race in the AAA class. Owss its Debut FMHS's first cross country track team finished the season with a 4-6-1 record for dual meets. Varsity letter- men were Mark Davis, Tim Green- wald, lim Muntz, Bill Schneider, and Duane Young. Fort Madison placed first on the junior varsity level and third on SE-7 varsity cross country competition. Coach McFadden, a former All- American from Northeast Missouri State, has been a cross country champ 5 out of 7 times from 1965- 1970. Senior lim Muntz and freshman Bill Schneider continued to practice after the season ended in order to go out for AAU meets. 69 l 'J E e ai l The powerful Bloodhound defense tightens up for the fight against the Oskaloosa Indians at their Homecoming game. A sign of heartbreak, the penalty flag showed up in many of the Hounds games. 1--"""""' Q Scott Pickford, proved to be a tough player, but un fortunately wasn't able to complete the season. Cris McCracken places the ball for kick off. Team captains Torn johnson and Ray Burns discuss a penalty with the referee. First Row: Tim Booten, Pat Anderson, Robbie Simmens, Greg Hatch, Kevin LaVaIle, Gary Young, Dennis Nelson, Pat Mahoney, Rick Starr. Sec- ond Row: jeff Weisinger, Rich Myers, jon McDonald, Tom Owen, Neal Hurrmuth, Bob Engeman, Bob Arnold, Mike Basham. Third Row: Barry Sopher, Tim Love, Randy Beelman, Tom Guzman, Dave Kuhlmeier, Kevin Brosi, Mark Hewitt, Rodney Franklin, lim Harkey. Fourth Row: Warren Hoenig, lim Bartlett, Dave Glasgow, Monte Hellenthal, Dale Pohlpeter, l-lowwlsllmis BWQE7 "The heat was great for toning up muscles. That is, if it didn't kill you first." This comment came from one of the 1971 Bloodhound football players. It refers to the noon prac- tices held daily in "Athletics," the period alloted for practicing. Since it is during noon, the major adjustment was finding time for athletes to eat. Their record of 4-3-1 shows a de- cided improvement over the last 2 years. Defense was outstanding while penalties proved to be the major problem. The team's new strength was due to the combined efforts of junior and senior Iettermen and several sophomores who played varsity. Dan Moore, Bruce Hunsaker, jerry Odom, Kevin Reeder. Fifth Row: iCoachj Bill Jerome, Mike Arnold, Steve Wellman, Ray Burns, Tony Wolfe, Dan Burch, Harold Reed, Bill Harkey, tCoachj Pickford. Sixth Row: tCoachJ Walljasper, Pat McGinnis, Scott Nickel, Dan Booten, Scott Pick- ford, Mark Siegrist, Richard Neu, jeff Dimond, Tom johnson, iCoachJ Skillern. Top Row: iCoachj Youel, tCoachj Slykhuis. .F .. S5-3, 3, QP T wr A ' sqm New L' f- Q ,, Z .TF , LV 1 if -x Q jg 5 I ' , 2 c . j . A H1 - 9 vm ' Q A y c ' l ' i I j X A' , 7 A .1 v g i -4 V. -T T ' fi.. I . .K it I ,X J df... Q , 'i I 2' ,-an A ,Q ws' ""p1 'AQ' " lin V 4' .-A-1 1- "' f " it EY is 71 G1 60 4,23-455 . av- s Q' Q n n J 5 Av . ' ,f Hs qv 43 ? X 'R . N Q A Q ,Q 4 if ss 5' 15, . P .. :J !f ,, . I 5.3, A"W f2 54 A v,- Lf, yt M is 3 l 1 1 his ,,, S?" Q-7 V .wh 'Uk . c ,an urn, -, . L 'Vwx fa? 4, M f wwf ' ,3.w,,' 'ig 1' :2 f., . -W. ' .xy ,,'f.',' A' v , ,, L, 4. . '-31, , ,'fQf.,,, M, ,ff , .19 , K ' -43' 'f, f "Ugly, .3 , Li V ,- , . ,g xx -. 'fyls' ' ., . A , - 4 : vp ?f?m.4'.ff'ff'S" I w A A - A J' 5 F' .5 , ff .- ,er "-Q :M ...H Q - K.: , . A s L' ,K ,AY . W,z, bf, ,fy f ,' . 1"W.ggj,ff,l3U'aQ.,i - ,ff , . V Akin. ' ,,f.,- f, J Qrh . I K ,Y V F,N,,:f' N , :M h,2,fv,Q:..-ta...,:?. 1 1. . wx fu? 3,7 11? "Z 451: 45 f f 1 , ,,,a: , ., , , VM..,,-1634.-'xg-fL3Qr,,, QM Lv? I 1 :my f. A Magi' tffimwgyfws, .:s.Q,y,,,.mH ,M.,3.kl, I m,iq,,w ,, fb '9 f f 1 i . el x. 5 5 . Qt HP' - 1971 VARSITY RECORD FMHS FMHS FMHS FMHS FMHS FMHS 8 46 12 18 0 19 Keokuk Centerville Fairfield Davis County Oskaloosa Catholic Boys FMHS FMHS 6 0 Washington Mt, Pleasant Q m kt. QD. ,, Q J f '4 Y' Q ,Il 4' self., fi it E MQW! mu jeg WS? 1 'ff' -. on , A , ...Q . l I , 1 . I I . 1- s - f K, i ,ga , g - evr,a,qfQ3,v Misty' Auf W Jin. . Q : k 'f 2 Ev, X H :gaEM3 :g'2,! 1- A tzfgalst-,, V.: ' 'f' ' ' X f 1 Q 5 I wvmtcw if - 1 v 1 T 1- , fif?QM5?'1 "A 'Wi'-.,.ffL false . . g f gi Q7 ff pig' ?iftfq..,g,x5f.l1"Qff fl 4 'a 2 ' V we Nfftitig. I K 5 , :V RA f,.,,1 if uf',:ff,g',g,-,.?'r4f-rig 1 ,R - - . . K ,,,Vsgt,,,:p,f.5g,tsgj ,Q ,..,,fs'1 I ' V .j' ,, .. A . f sf.. ,Q A I x rv by X 3-M5 ML- 'Nm vu. -n-. . to l .Q wa F! xqf' -.x . El I 15 'N r . .M rw 9th Grade Football Team: 1st Row: Tony Hershberger, Richard Skeets, Ken Bold, Greg Pickard, lerry Leveling, Allen Gabel, Bob Dittman. 3rd Ron Prado, Mike Neice, Dan Stewart, Curt Youel, Pete Noll, Craig Blan- ROWI Coach RHQY, Coach Calloway, TONY Matteson, l21Ck PYOWGF, Mark chard, Dave Culion, Scott Cocoles, Ten Dohman, Miles james, Steve Bendlage, Steve Hales, Mike Cornelius, Rick Maier, jeff Leach, Dave Car- McVay. 2nd Row: -Rich Beelman, Phil Young, Wayne Chesnut, Phil Wood, I'0Cl'19fS, Dub Heflnigaff Dave Miieforte, Ffank Kienef, Pal Wiemanf Mike Underwood, Steve Troja, Greg Britton, Ric Sandoval, Rick Gonzales, Coach C0gl'1lar1. mlm rm wait ufiiww eww During practice varsity coach Slykhuis ex- plains the strategy behind a defensive stunt. 'f - , , .MMA ' . , , L ' - 9, ' ' " at ' f is 1 V - """P N-ly-..W,tM!'i,W""',.,..:.i,:4e Although they were not a winning team, the freshmen football team won a great deal of experience. Since most team members were inexper- ienced, this year's team suffered from a lack of "putting it all togeth- er. Leading scorer for the freshmen was Mark Bendlage while leading pass receiver was Curt Youel, Dan Stewart led in passing. Outstanding players were Steve Troja, Phil Wood, Richard Gonzales, Terry Matteson, and Richard Sheets. rf Terry Dietsch receives a snap from sophomore center Mike Basham. , ff! A95 f his A' ii- aff 1, ,, -t, Quarterback Dan Stewart makes a short swing pass to Mark Bendlage against Quincy. Qtr' its-.. 'N Wi ' 'Ox The Bloodhounds offense lines up against Catholic Boys with Gary Young ready to hike the ball. Qoplwmoftes Aw U The 1971 sophomore football team began the season with a fierce deter- mination to win. They finished unde- feated. Mike Basham received the conference coaches and sports- writers selection for first team. Other outstanding players were Tom Owen, Pat Mahoney, Kevin LaValle, Ernie Dawson, Charles Kruse, and Gary Young. Many of these team l members also played varsity. 10th grade team members are 1st Row: john McDonnell, Kevin Young, Randy Grossman, Mike Basham, Rich Starr. Top Row: LaValle, Mark Feeney, Bob Arnold, Tom Owen, Tim Booten. Tom Prado and Gary Young. 2nd Row: Greg Hatch, Pat Anderson, Pat Mahoney, Cary 1 I itll Kevin Lampe, a 98 pound junior practices free-style wrestling after the end of the regular season. 11Adumtw fovDi5l7iiob Eleven of FMHS's grapplers ad- vanced to district wrestling competi- tion in the 1972 season. Only 2 Hounds were able to enter state competition from the district tour- ney. Mike Basham once again quali- fied for state competition where he received fourth place. Warren Hoe- nig who entered as a replacement for Iowa City brought home eighth place. The Bloodhounds captured the SE 7 Conference crown for the first time. They had previously shared this title for 4 years. Seven individual conference champion titles were earned from the 12 weight classes. ln addition to these triumphs, the Hounds held an undefeated record for dual meets. Fort Madison also claimed 8 sec- tional champions at sectional tourna- ment. They were Curt Youel, Scott Pickford, Mark Seigrist, jeff Weising- er, Mike Hennigar, Warren Hoenig, Mike Basham, and Tom Owen. 3 t Maggy :fr ' Curt Youel, a young freshman at 105 pounds, positions himself for the referee for the start of the second round of a home meet. 14-4-0 For the second time in the school's history Fort Madison advanced 11 Hounds to district wrestlin competition. They are Kevin Lampe, Curt Youel, George Hayes, Dan Booten, Scott Pickford, Mar Seigrist, leff Weisinger, Mike Hennigar, Warren Hoenig, Mike Basham, and Tom Owen. wr I .,,.V,!..... V f. T if 1 Q5 A f -tb A ,3. -an M K V 4. I f f F5 3 1 Q x iff! e ' l f,,V f' tw, fin QM. 23 I gp, A "-zip f k f -in 329 'QW . QQQ11, , ' A 1' i bluff ,I I Baskmw auwlf l-loeuig ent PMI-IQ to ,,...-- leff Weisinger, a mighty junior at 138, watches for the referee's signal in order to start wor king on his Washington Demon. 17-4-0 FMHS FMHS FMHS FMHS FMHS FMHS FMHS FMHS FMHS FMHS FMHS 1972 DUAL WRESTLING SEASON 29 Burlington 62 Oskaloosa 54 Washington 47 Centerville 48 Davis County 61 Catholic Boys 24 Mt. Pleasant 38 Keokuk 45 Quincy Public 47 Fairfield 35 Ottumwa 80 ll junior Mike Hennigar at 145 pounds tries for escape points. 15-3-0 l Laying his prey down firmly, Warren Hoenig, at 155 pounds. goes for another 16-2-0 Sophomore Mike Basham at 167 pounds, who qualified for state tourna- lment for the second time, shakes hands before a home match. 20-1-0 Ready for a pin, Tom Owen a 185 pound sophomore tightens his posi- tioning hold until his Washington man gives in. 14-5-O me MPUHWHH H W V 5, FMHS's "Mr. Extra Large," Harold Ried, a senior at heavyweight, tangles with the enemy before the take-down at the Washington meet. 18-4-0 i 81 Dennis Meller, a senior junior-varsity Bloodhound wrestler, turns his challenger over to keep control. Mike Cornelis, a freshman wrestler, starts out cautiously as his match be- gins against a Fairfield Trojan, B2 ir' it "f f iii - Q - Curt jones, a junior-varsity wrestler, drives his opposing grappler into "wrapped up" position. Meeting his battle head on, junior Dan Moore begins a match. The FMHS wrestling team included from Left to Right: Bottom Row Up: lDennis Meller, Kevin LaValle, Kevin Lampe, George Hayes, Curt jones, Scott Nickel, Dan Booten, Scott Pickford, Mike Hennigar, Kevin Reeder, Owen, jeff Weisinger, Harold Ried, Dan Burch, Mike Basham, War- Hoenig, Mark Seigrist, jon McDonnell, john Hartley, Rich Kendall 1 185, junior Kevin Reeder patiently waits for the referee's signal to start next round in a junior-varsity match. W. ,,, .i mx' w 1 2 'l Don Padley, Gary Estrada, Greg Hatch, Dennis Nelson, Dave Eid, Tom Prado, Bob Decker, Bruce Wilson, Randy Lampe, Tim Booten, Steve Long, Steve Ritter, Rick Starr, Duane Young, Greg LaValle, Steve Stewart, jim Doherty, john Wittach, Mark Feeney, Dan Moore, Ernie Steffensmeier, Dave Burch, Tave Hass, john jensen, and Bruce Hunsaker. l-lowiwls , . 5 f w i ,iii 1 f "rt A contrast in feelings occurs as Coach Mick Pickford smiles confidently while first year Coach Mike Riley looks worried, ' .Maia pr ,,, ,Q .f .451 , 1? f lt, , " A' .ef Richard Gonzales, a freshman at 167, attacks a Centerville Big Red for a take-down position to earn more points. ii-5 Dave Meierotto pulls an Indian into a firm pinning position to make another victorious match. Dub Hennigar, a freshman, masterfully pins his opponent to finish a fine season. I Ready to begin a match, loe Schoeber concentrates on the referee 'i BD is I Q f' 'fi S' ' 'Q iw 1 y K Q Q! , if , .ei-'ff First year coach, Bill Harry watches his plers proudly as they show improvement. sf 1 wiv -Qpwi Freshman Brad Freesmeier tips a grappler into a pinning position for the referee. 9th GRADE RECORD FM 52 Quincy FM 75 Catholic Boys FM 23 Keokuk FM 40 Fairfield FM 25 Muscatine C. FM 36 Apollo FM 42 Catholic Boys FM 19 Muscatine VV. FM 26 Keokuk FM 26 Fairfield FM 60 Quincy FM 28 Apollo FM 28 Davis co. 'th grade wrestlers are from Left to Right: 7st Row: Miles james, Scott Boldt, Mike Cornelius, Steve Troja, Bob Dettman, Pat Wieman. 4th Row Iowles, Mike Underwood, joe Schoeber, Brad Freesmeier, Dave Culbert- Dub Hennigar, Dave Davolt, Charles Barfield. Phil Young and Randy on, jeff Morgan. Znd Row: Matt Flach, Rich Meier, Randy Burch, Dave Danover, managers are not pictured. fleierotto, Steve McVay, Bruce Balentine. 3rd Row: Phil Wood, Ken V, 1. - , ff f' B I V., -kg.. , " gi aff- -fig f' 'T il In ,. 1 Z Q 1' F f?'3. ig,1Qgff 9 f4,j, .f A In if 1 1. .- 1 S N, TQ? ,Y "IM A .. XM 'Q The 1972 Bloodhound basketballsquad included: Davejudy Mike Davis Pat McGinnis Bob Cullen Mark Hewitt jon Kirchner Coach Barne , , , , , , Y jerry lerome, Mark Davis, lay Skinner, Earl Garland, Dave Gerdes, Gary Hoskins, Mark Eliason, Rev Sanchez joe Thannert Tony Matteson, Mark W'll' ' i iamson, Tim Greenwald, Dave Wilson, Steve Hellige, Terry Dietsch, Kimble, Chico Wilkerson, and Coach jerry Slykhuis. B G95 iw In ' A. A Fort Madison hound tips the ball to eager hands at a home game. Coaches Bill Hoskins and jerry Slykhuis worry about the game's outcome. 1 i Pat McGinnis does warm-up exercises before the game. joe Thannert, a senior Bloodhound starter, shoots the ball. 1971-72 VARSITY RECORD FMHS Burlington 62 FMHS Oskaloosa 84 FMHS Washington 67 FMHS Centerville 55 FMHS Aquinas 60 FMHS Davis County 64 FMHS 79 Keokuk 62 FMHS Aquinas 51 FMHS 46 Mt. Pleasant 51 FMHS Fairfield 52 FMHS Burlington 68 FMHS Oskaloosa 60 FMH5 78 Washington 65 FMHS 57 Centerville 53 FMHS 88 Davis County 61 FMHS Mt. Pleasant 59 FMHS 75 Keokuk 78 FMHS 39 Fairfield 54 Stopping the action momentarily, senior Terry Dietsch sets up a play ' .Q J . Q f 4 'N' 'E X L o vw H 1'-if , ,M X- W, O ' I 'fb 246+ .Z I j h- , 1 ?' 6. cf' f' 4-, ,lt N Mg ' 3- 'Q' TT' ,fy .gif 1 I f 4' d 5 E f . 5 N ,EW E ., 6 E V f A 53 b4' ,A ,K 4' gr 1 ,,, ,,,.,...A 5 c I """""""""' --f' if n Y I IQ 0 ' , -'H Q in 1 7 . ' 4 A- f I 'Q ' 1 11 gk .. I I J ' 'Q i I4 iotlv Bwal2fEvew FM 60 Burlington FM 55 Oskaloosa FM 56 Washington FM 39 Centerville FM 75 Aquinas FM 61 Davis County FM 57 Keokuk FM 74 Aquinas FM 56 Mt. Pleasant FM 52 Fairfield FM 37 Burlington FM 40 Oskaloosa FM 54 Washington PM 60 Centerville 10th grade basketball team included: 7st Row: 3rd ROWJ Tim Hill, Dilfl C2li'Cia, Steve Foulke, PM 59 Davis CMV fQi't5:g?5:5gsL'tf i:.5z,!s:nstntazazteizz 3333-Olfl' 3553: TZESS' S3:ttE:'gS2t Ziff FM 42 Ml. Pleasant Wellington. 7nd Row: Albert Robbins, 'Kevin fTt9nS, Walter l'lGfm9S, Bill Boedifigf Bob Pal- FM 40 Keokuk Steeples, Pat Mahoney, Bob Engeman, Dave melef, CHYY N9l50l'L l3"fY 5Cl1if'lSl0Ck, manag- FM 60 Fairfidd Gunn, joe Butler, Bob Chesnut, Rick Marlette, ef, Mike Carson- l Sophomore Dave Gunn shoots from outside. Before halftime with the "Pups" leading, Gary Young hits a free throw. 90 'L if ff P 1' ? or xxx ,t x iv AS me SUff0Ufldin8S bil-If together, Tom Green drives fOr H basket. Freshman Randy Denning shoots a free throw at the Fairfield game. Cath l:imi5lvll-5 FM 51 Apollo FM 57 Fairfield FM 49 Carthage FM 78 Keokuk FM 66 Mt. Pleasant FM 64 Keokuk FM 40 Apollo FM 38 Quincy FM 67 Catholic Boys FM 71 Carthage FM 49 Fairfield FM 58 Mt. Pleasant FM 63 Quincy FM 78 Catholic Boys Apollo Tourney - 3rd Place 92 i 9th grade basketball ,members are 7st Row: P. I. Noll, Greg Britton, Tom Green, jeff Leach, Mark Bendlage, Mark Hellige, Greg Pickard, 2nd Row: Mike Niece, Rick Sandoval, Rich Sheets, Dan Stewart, Randy Denning, Doug Windsor, Dave Carrothers, Terry Matteson. 3r Row: Bob Dodson, Robert Daidone, Dave Lair Frank Kiener, Randy Lee, Steve Killoren, Da Hartley. Coach Mr. james Knapp. e With the freshmen well ahead, Mark Bendlage goes for another point. Di-In Stewart, who WHS voted m05t valuable DIGYEF bythe Squad ShO0tS fftfwv-nmwwm-,MWww,vm..MmJ 3335? me 7-wilt" , . . . 'Mx fm , I ,,,,..,,,,t-...,.,..,.,, W A-?5.V:',,.Lw . -'Y ,. .:-,-- f ,H tx . . . ,. a .-, .U K. ,i .. .Q- he Bloodhound freshman basketball team sets up a play for offensive ball control. Mike Niece hits another free throw pafdiapahmg' av 5cAO0L ,0Md Clfabsaepwseuiiagafpmmq spodxmamskp, wahpwmam Qhldembelougmg taolubs, deuobhgfifw 930950 paatofbiemseluem ORGANIZATIONS Q. ,Q uk H -Av-Qs A -,QM "Qowwlg's" Helps Although the Kilties finally have their new uniforms, they are not yet paid for. To help the Kilties, Orville Hunsaker manager of "Sandy's'f de- veloped a very unusual project to help raise the money. The project re- quired that each of the 37 Kilties spend one week-end as "Miss Sandy" during the busy lunch hours. "Miss Sandy" greets customers, wipes off tables, and gives suckers, wooden nickels, and "Sandy's" rings to children. At school she distributes VIP food certificates to her class- mates. In return for "Miss Sandy's" efforts, Mr. Hunsaker donates S37 a week tovvard the cost of the uni- forms. Kiltie officers are Sharman Cayley, president, Vicki Trollinger, vice-pres- ident, and Suzy Ammer, secretary- treasurer. Kiltie leader is Diane Mat- teson vvith Darla Kester acting as as- sistant. t Ln-n.'1 vr Kilties are from Left to Right: Karen Daugh- erty, Rosie Martinez, Becky Rashid, Vicki Trol- linger, Row 2: Cathy Williams, Norma Rashid, Diane Mason, Evelyn Coppage. Row 3: Darla Kester, Deb Walsinger, Barb Mapes, Toni Par- rott, Row 4: Pam Bubb, jill Bently, Peggy Ram- sey, Ursula Horn. Row 5: Toni Powers, Shar- kv bmw , , man Cayley, Renee Brandt. Row 6: Suzy Ammer, Debbie Faeth, Debbie Crosley. Row 7 Marcia Rea, Roberta Reyes, jerilyn Sanner julie Drew. Row 8: Terri Sampsell, Peggy Puma phrey, janet Welch, Betty Menke. Row Q Sheryl French, Ann Haas, Lucinda Thannert Cathy Archibald. z A f. P Q 96 ,- tr ,M V-.t,.,..,.,wwsr .. ' .ggqhmq L' Kilties Cathy Williams and Toni Parrott do the Highland Fling. Diane Matteson, Kiltie leader, gives assistant Darla Kester helpful hintl for the Homecoming half-time performance. i ,ir W.. op Left to Right: Mike Houston, Kathy Thompson. 2nd Row: Robin Holtkamp, .nee Brandt, Becky Pohlpeter. 3rd Row: Randy Matthews, Martha Baker, David HIT. e op Left to Right: Tony Luetkhans, Robin Kratzer, Patty Foehring. Znd Row: Deb Bohenkamp, Greg atch, Mr. Linden Baker. 3rd Row: lan Houston, Cindy McGlothlin, Miss Sue Williams. New OM: Pfwspm One of the projects sponsored by the newly organized Fort Madison Photography Club was the mini-gal- Iery of pictures posted on the win- dow of 310. Photography equipment was purchased with the help of the school district and a portable dark- room was set up in the girls' locker- room. ln return for financial aid, the members provided overhead transparencies for the teachers. These were a great improvement over the ones which had been used. Any size picture in black and white or color could be processed clearly and be enlarged or reduced to fit specific needs. Members of OE are from Left to Right, First Row: Rhonda Lovette, Shelly Decker, Debbie Arhold, Sue Quiesner, Miss yanssen Row 3 Cindy Clark, julie Drew, Paula Dettmers, Kathy Chaney, Martha Bergthold. Row Meflke, Michelle Hblellf Diana HYm9S, EVGIYU CODDBSF3 Klm Cfall Con 2: lanice Troutman, Pam Crull, Tammy Bonham, Kathy Niggemeyer, Mary nie LK-Ina, Vlflkie 59512- OE Pfwuides OE attempts to develop social leaders in office occupations by pro- viding them with incentives, recog- nition, and status. Civic projects this year were the traditional Halloween party for Head Start children and a get-together for local nursing homes. In order to become better ac- quainted and to promote profession- al relationships, the 20 girls hosted their employers at a breakfast at the Holiday Inn on December 8. Members attended the annual state convention in Des Moines on February 24 and 25. Competition this year was based upon the cluster con- cept. Contestants competed in vari- ous on-the-job duties. FMHS mem- bers entered communication, steno- graphic, clerk typist, and general clerical divisions. Throughout the year OE fund rais- ing projects included the sale of candy, stationery, jar-openers, cook- books, and bragbooks. OE student Sue Quiesner spends her working time in the principal's office of DECA are Seated: Carol Kenel, Diana Campbell, Giants, Leanna Donna Wyrick The Pantry Di f f Noble, The Pantry, David Thornton, State Standing: Don Schrepfer, Wool- worths, Larry Theile, Woolworths, Ron Rettig, Giants, Madge Hodge, Round-Up, Sally llm- berger, The Pantry, Richard Sweet, P.M. Places, David Findley, P.M. Places, Kensil Elkins, State Theater. DE P DECA club officers traveled to Des Moines in October for what they considered to be an impressive dis- trict meeting. Although FMHS had no nominees for district offices, they did have three delegates, Dave Fin- dley, Dave Thornton, Mike Brookhis- er, to represent their club. DECA prepares its members for their life after graduation by giving them half-day on-the-job experience during the school year. They are graded on their time in school and their working time. -17" P . ' ,-. 4.5, fa- ner DECA students are Mike Alexander, julie Bergen, lean Gillette, Mahlon Smith, Dave Long, Mike Brookhiser, Bill Long, lim Samples, Randy Mendez, d Danny Davis. -. 7- ,r 4? Bbztiwkszat .,,. . it 1 + .- 'X' -.A wt fy . , ii.. Eli "" o ,A ., .As Q . 3 i .1 Sandy Otte, Deb lerome, Barry Sopher, Bruce Sopher, Tim Love, and Scott Nickel grocery shop for Christmas baskets Changes Mewbwv Polwg To give recognition to a greater percentage of the good citizens and to increase the representation of the group, Citizens of the Month changed their membership policy. Alternating between junior and sen- ior classes, four girls and four boys were inducted into the club each month from September through Feb- ruary. Previously six people from each class were chosen twice a year. Projects this year included con- ducting the "Pledges for Peace" drive and the distribution of Christ- mas baskets in co-operation with Key Club. A senior scholarship fund was set aside. This will become ef- fective in five years after the interest on the money builds up. 00 all Citizens of the Month members are Top Out- side Row: Tony Matteson, Steve Hellige, jill Pezley, Laura Boeding, Becky Rashid, Rosie Parker, Debbie Thomas, Steve Wellman, Tom Guzman, Rex Orton, Tom Flach, Kathy Riley, lohn Gross, Charman Galey, Becky Bartlett, Carrie Richmond. Top Inside Row: Dave Glas- -wwwmuhg 'rf KN li tt.. .. ,,f"' ,JW ,..t it-M ff"'t7'l' ' 4 ni Mil ui- gow, Tony Wolfe, leff Weisinger, Rex Watso Bob Cochran, lan Rea, Kathy McMillan, Teres Chesnut, jackie Walker, Bonnie Bonar, Sylvi Pierrot, Phillip Garcia, Gay Gunderson, Poll Flach, Beth Sloan, Debbie Jerome. Botto Row: Cyndi Helling, Garon Wheeler, Scot Nickel, Sandy Otte, Diane Matteson. NEWS Kuhl meier, Steve Ort, and Debbie lerome tape their next program. SN Q QQ. M, Qclwolb "Now be quiet you guys, we're ready to record!" Amid all the noise and eating of food, the radio club did manage to record a weekly pro- gram between five and six minutes long. The program, geared toward the lighter side, reported on various school functions and activities. The five seniors worked towards informal broadcasts, making it sound conver- sational and interesting, rather than a number of dates and facts read off a sheet of paper. The program is sponsored by "North Central Public Service," is good news," doesn't apply to this program when Neal Dodd and Cyndi Helling get hold of the mike. IOI Thespian members are: Seated: Polly Flach, Dee Dee Dinnauer, Caron Wheeler, Lori Bendlage, Lisa Slicker, Gary Heifner. Standing: Vickie Trolinger, Gay Gunderson, john Gross, Keith Frantz, Debbie jerome, Cyndi Helling. , Fongovbtew Bmw lmspmes Twwldiow Have you ever wondered how new Thespians came to be initiated by wearing a dog bone around their neck all day? It all began many years ago with a Thespian barbecue in the social court. A janitor asked for one of the left-over bones for his dog and not wanting to carry it around all day he stuck it in a drawer in the library and forgot it. A couple days later the - wat L librarian happened upon it and be- came very mad, thinking it to be a joke played by the Thespians. ln fact, the organization was almost ban- ished until the janitor heard about it and explained what had happened. From that time on, Thespians have --,a.,.......,'-R, been inducted by wearing a decorat- .., 4 ""' ed dog bone around their necks. Thespians is an honorary organiza- tion for students excelling in the dra- matic arts. Through participation in plays, musicals, and speech team stu- dents earn ten points and are then inducted into the organization. I I Cay Gunderson, Vickie Trollinger, Cyndi Helling are Thespian president, vice-president, and tary. 102 f Highlighting this year's future nurse's meetings was the beginning of the American Red Cross First Aid Course. Two different classes were set up in order to fit in with split- shifts. For the convenience of the students, classes were held for two hours once a week for five weeks. After satisfactorily completing the course, wallet sized three-year certif- icates were presented to the stu- dents. Along with the First Aid Classes the FNA club also went on field trips to various hospitals and lis- tened to guest speakers. I' Hanson Karen Daugherty Mary Thannert Susan Baker Georgia Hershire, Debbie Monroe, Diane Fraise, Deb- 103 I0 PM lzepwsewb UQQIZ This year Model U.N. students faced the important task of repre- senting the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. They received first-hand experience of parliamentary diplo- macy when they attended the Iowa High School Model U.N. Session at the University of Northern Iowa at Cedar Falls, Iowa. Throughout the year the club sponsored several money-making projects to finance the trip. Members of Model U.N. are Left to Right: Keith Frantz, Gwen Wilson, Genia Sheerman, Randy Mat-1 thews, Gary Heifner, Duane Young, Lucy Alton, Sue Morris, Steve Clay. , Members Seated are: Abbe Miller, Debbie Walsinger, Pam Sandbothe, Rex Watson, Carla Hanson, Deb Matta. Standing are: john Cross and Bruce Towle 4 W V QC in 11'-M A fs., . 7,, W .,..., .-- F --.HY .Y -...Y, ww.---. -..- -..-..,.-., ..-.. ,,.......- ,.....-,v.,, ......,........U ,..v,.-....-. . ...-.- ..f---- Hershire, Dave Judy, Cindy McGlothlin, Mary Jaster, Debbie Deeds, EQ council members are, Bottom Row, Left to Right: Kathy Riley,Jan Cathy Wellman, Cindy Holland, Paul Burgan, Becky Schroeder, Gary Gay Gunderson, Sylvia Pierrot, Becky Rashid, Wendy Pickford, Cyndi Young. 4th Row: Doug Windsor, Tom Johnson, Deb Jerome, Lynn Schaf- Polly Flach, Cindy Windsor, Kim Harry, Heather Gladding. 2nd fer, Bob Brockman, Diane Matteson, Susie Horstman, Ruth Beecham, Morton, Shelly Schulte, Twila Glascock, Debbie Thomas, Neal Dodd, Rex Watson, Jill Bentley, Julie Burton, Pat Mahoney. 5th Row: Boley, Sandy Otte, Scott Nickel, Tom Guzman, Becky Bartlett, Ter- Mr. Ben Skillern, advisor, Tom Flach, Rosie Parker, Tim Jeffery, Jill Pezley, Chesnut, Jane Dietchler, Becky Engeman, Lisa Easley. 3rd Row: Geor- Tony Wolfe, Tony Matteson, Mark Eliason, Bob Engeman. Following the ideas emphasized at Camp Wa-ma-ka workshop, student council stressed the importance of leadership and co-operation throughout the year. Their projects included a monthly clean-up project in the parking lot, planning home- coming activities, keeping up the calendar in the MPR, and donating 5100. to the YMCA building fund. Adding spirit to the Christmas sea- son was one of their new projects. Through their urging, clubs partici- pated in making Christmas cards and displaying them in the MPR. The council was also responsible for de- corating the trees in the social court. "Why isn't the cover red and black?" This question frequently arose when students first saw the '72 Madisonian. The main reason for the color was that it is a change, the theme of this year's book. "lt seemed only natural for the book to change right along with the school." com- mented Diane Fraise and Pat Young, co-editors. For the past three years school colors had been used for the cover, but this year's design and theme demanded a change. Meetings were held from 12-1:27 rather than after school. There were conflicts with other meetings but nothing was more drastic than the long activity bus ride home. Since classes were always in progress, ac- tivities had to be held down to an unnatural morgue-like state as com- pared to other years. The highlight of the year's activity and a partial reward for all the time and effort contributed toward the book was a 5 day trip to visit Taylor Publishing Company in Dallas, Texas. 2 Copy editor Cyndi Helling studies old Madisonians with co-editors Pat Young and Diane Fraise. l Qfaircimget eww ff' Madisonian Staff members are from Left to Right, 1st Row: Tim Love. 2nd Helling, Diane Fraise. 4th Row: Kathy Crieb, Bruce Towle, Robin Hol Row: Renee Brandt, Vonnie Cole, Carla Hanson. 3rd Row: Wayne Chesi kamp, Marianna Haas. nut, Pat Young, Steve Goodwin, Pam Sandbothe, Bob Chesnut, Cyndi T06 l Members of Crimson and Black are Outside Pat Foering Lucinda Than COUUIE HOSVHS Saftf-lYlEf1SGf1, Ci4ndY Bafilellf LUCY AHOY", Gwen VVll50fl nart Dim Reeder Shirley Gray Betty Menke Lori Davolt Mary Hoback Sheffle Stewart Ch9fYl F"ef1Cl'1, Linda SDVIUS, IOYCG Calland- Rwis ' We With Miss judge as their new advisor, the Crimson and Black began the year with an editorial board instead of the usual editor and staff because the origi- nal editor resigned. Also new is the pub- lication board that decides matters of policy and censorship. A junior high col- umn was added since the paper was sold there for the first time during the second semester. The bi-monthly school paper filled with important recent news, personal opinions, and special articles, reached its subscribers on schedule. The paper sponsored a literary contest during the first semester. The winning pi- eces were printed in a special edition. First place winners were: joe Schoeber, short story, Connie Hoenig, essay, Me- lissie Clemmens, poetry, and Bruce Towle, photography. In the fall the twenty-five mem- bers of FTA visited lowa Wesylan College for prospective teachers' day. While observing some of the classes and sitting in during lectures the FTA members also observed the guys that looked available. FTA helped with preschoolers on the Head Start Program. Pupils at the high school who needed help in spe- cial areas are selected by their teach- ers for participation in the tutoring program. n 's. sM 5- A FTA officers, who work under direction of Miss Walljasper, are Debbie Crosley, vice-president, Pat Denning, treasurer, leri Wilkerson, secretary, Ruth Beecham, president. I-51,3 Mewbms bg Doing FTA members are: First Row, Left to Right: Lori Davolt, Winnie Herring, Charman Calevf Deb Cf0Sl9Y- Thffd ROW! Elaine Palfneleff Linda Palmer Terri Sampsell, Debbie Faeth, Vickie Trolinger, Barb Mapes, Beth Sloan. ef, Debbie Benner, Genla Sneefman, Kenna wright. Second Row: Pat Bradshaw, Ruth Beecham, Becky Bartlett, Shirley Gray, 108 fx.. Beth Scott, Elaine Boeding, Penny Hayes, and Karen Daugherty decorate the tree for Christmas in the Home Ec. room. :HA members are: Outside Row From Top slancy johnson, Laura Boeding, Linda Spring, loberta Reyes, Sandy Jensen, Linda Kelly, Debbie Beimer, Linda Palmeter, Karen Daugh- arty. Inside Row From Top: Mary Hoback, Sheryl French, Lori Davolt, Barbara Lozano, Cindy Bartlett, Elaine Palmeter, Winnie Her- ring, Debbie Thannert, Diane Gregg, Sandy Rippenkroger, Elaine Boeding. v-"""'fF 3 A W, ., vary ,,c..t :rm eww " twig" This year's national theme of FHA was "stable, home, stable life." The FMHS club demonstrated this idea by helping young children make val- entines for their families and giving an Easter party for elderly people at the Nursing Care Center. FHA kept busy with an activity planned for each month. They, along with fifteen other schools, attended the district meeting at the Burlington high school in September. For Homecoming the club gave the alumni tea and supplied pies for the pie-eating contest. During Novem- ber they sponsored the Sadie Hawkins Dance and held their annu- al Christmas party on December 16. For fun a suitable winter day was chosen for creating snow sculpture. The district officer and the 1972-73 president attended the state meeting in Des Moines. FHA completed the year with a mother-daughter ban- quet and a going away picnic for the seniors in the spring, l French Club members are from Left to Right, First Row: Sheila Morrisson, Gladding, Abby Richmond. Second Row Gaaron Wheeler Pat Mahoney lulie Sandbothe, Kim Fless, Robin Kratzer, Becky Schroeder, Heather Connie Beelman, Car0lMuIIer,1uIie Burton Ann Newberry VICKIS Butler wb l-lasts Vtsitofts If you ever take French, you will soon realize that it is all work and no play. Study is the rule when taking a language. That is why Miss Mason sponsors the French Club -to help give French students a place to "par- lez francais." The club offers infor- mation not ordinarily covered in class such as customs, food tasting, songs, and culture. French club had guest speakers from France or people who have vis- ited there. Since Canada is partly French cultured, Miss Mason showed slides from her trip there. Due to the success of car sticker sales last year, the club continued their sales. , 'I'l0 if 1 French Club officers are, Heather Gladding, Vice-President, Gaaron Wheeler President and Cc Beelman, Secretary-Treasurer. vu-A Ruu- .gamma U Q ,wg-Q M .2 w R .,,fv"r" A if gk v ,, ,., 1 :V W M. ' li fy ww v . X. R ,Ik V ,. k V .. , I an sf' V A ' Q W ' fill , ' ' 4 I f ,fn 4-1 -fy. , , , A , A7 , , s Q '-g."W,3,i5f , l ug v, ' K , ' W L 3 1 -Q-3' 1. W7 9 sf, -1 -Q, ' ., ' files' 4? y QQ' L an :rgkuf wTf 3'5. 1,125-A lv , 4' -.gem nf' ' ff R ' ,Q , g vs I " r V.: H iazili. 's ' t.5zSw"?'1f"!fv'f f ' wvx yo ..,..-- ..,,, W N., . ,,., W .,.., , .M ,www ff -1 - 1 naa- mm 9 M , ,,. ,M ,,,, .L , V H , , an M A j g - 5 sf I , , .5 V WN lm '- 'Qx Ax vb! Qi x , ,L I o A 1 Atltww To be in lettermenfs club, a stu- dent must earn a letter in a varsity sport and be selected for member- ship by a coach, With Mr. Youel as sponsor, there are currently 45 mem- bers. Every student who letters is not automatically a member of the group. Ss., Officers are Tony Wolfe, vice-presidentg Pat McGinnis, secretaryetreasurerg and jay Skinner, presi dent. Top to Bottom: jerry lerome, Rey Sanchez, Tony Wolfe, Dave Judy, Barry Sopher, Dave Glasgow, Pat Mahoney, Duane Young, Tom Owen, jay Skinner, Gary Heifner, Cary Young, lim Bartlett, Tom lohnson, Tim Q' Greenwald, Mark Davis, Tony Matteson, Steve Wellman, Terry Dietscll Bill Harkey, Pat McGinnis, leff Dimond, Scott Nickel, Cris McCracken jeff Weisinger, Mike Basham, Dan Moore, and Kevin Lampe. .gf af ' .ar wail, 5 I 5 . fftvkis-'U "T' 'V 2 -fleimtiffi'-fi if-yfjigw t 'ep Club members are Left to Right: Row 1: .isa Easley, Kurt Reid, julie Burton, Susan Noll, Slenda Howell, Lori DaVolt, Winnie Herring, .inda Palmeter, Karen Daughtery. Row 2: lean lartlett, LuAnn Hodges, Georgia Hershire, Sindy Snider, Terry Allen, Diane Menke, 'Vanda Shultz, loyce Galland, Gwen Wilson, Iindy Holland, Gale Rhode, Connie Hoenig. tow 3: lane Dietshler, Debbie Greenwald, Aaria Hernandez, Twila Glasscock, Teresa lashid, Linda Wagner, Debbie Beimer, Linda ipring, Mary Hoback, Elaine Palmeter, Row 4: Diane Kincaid, Stacy Schnider, Lina Hunsaker, Attending home games and rousing spirit are the major functions of pep club members. Mark Hauck, Sandy Ammer, Mary Thannert, Anna Phelan, Deb Hewitt, Debbie Beacle. Row 5: Cindy Bartlett, Linda Kelly, Shelly Schulte, Ginger Boley, Kim Harry, Robin Krat- zer, Lynn Lawrence, Carol Schroeder, Karen Siruis, loleen Crail. Row 6: julie Worden, Vick- ie Butler, Dawn Hauck, Ann Newberry, Mi- chelle Shreve, Pam Storey, Connie Beelman, Heather Gladding, Becky Schoeber. Row 7: lill Kratzer, Mary laster, Lynn Buckley, Beth Brosi, Carla Winkle, Kim Reeder, Angela Holt, Carol Miller, LeAnn Shaw, Kathy Bartlett. Pep Club Qpofzlas Qptnib Last year's inactive pep club was reorganized under the supervision of Miss Williams. The club's effort of promoting spirit was seen in the col- orful collection of pep posters lining the corridors, buttons designed for athletes, and lively skits presented during pep assemblies, They sup- ported the Bloodhounds at all home varsity games and each class attend- 'ed their respective games. 113 w1bToww ' cv Laughter, mingled with the con- stant munching on food filled the Science Club bus as it made its way to the "Windy City." The weekend was spent visiting the Museum of Science and Technology, Museum of Natural History, Adler Planetarium, Shedd Aquarium, and the Loop. Twenty-eight students, Mr. Boyce, Mr. McVey, Miss Williams, and Miss Stewart made the five hour trek. Mi- raculously the students stayed to- gether but the advisors had prob- lems. At the Museum of Science and Technology, Miss Williams failed to reappear at the designated time. When she finally returned, her ex- cuse was "I couldn't find a clock." The Science Club spent a weekend attending the Invitational Science Day in Iowa City. They also attended the Southeast Seven Science Day in Mt. Pleasant and the Hawkeye Science Fair in Des Moines. P3151 ' TN iv 4 X Science Club members are: Top Row, Right to Left: Diane Fraise, lan Rea, Suzy Ammer, Kim Chapin, Steve Hoskins, Pamela Sandbothe, Bruce Towle, Mary Hull, Debbie Reinhard. ln- side Row, Down: Genia Sheerman, loe Haas, Kathy Feany, Gary Heifner, Carl Clingman, Kim lefferies, Deb Bohnenkamp, Deb Morris, Kathy Snider, Siiri Sloat, Gary Nolan, Royal Cole. Outside Row, Down: Tim Jeffery, Nancy Iohnson, Carla Hanson, Charles Barfield, Abbe! Miller, Sue Morris, Lucy Alton, Deb johnson Ann Newberry, Mary Hauck, Pam Borger, lcd Schoeber. Bruce Towle, Vice-President, Mary Hull, Secretary-Treasurer, and Abbe Miller, President look over their collection fifty General Mills boxes collected to obtain a camera. 4 Y . f cfwtjl . X1 f.- wiq w , 'M xjfvqf fi cology Club officers and their friend are: Cyndi Helling, Presidentg Nancy johnson, Secretary, friend, Becky Bartlett, Trea- Jrer, and Marcia Storms, Vice-President. V l , , ,,,.,,,,,,... ,,,, .t,,,.,-., f x " X ' ' " X . '- Q VA IOY V VV X X VK V Q 1 ir! X1 XY., ll IIA . ' ' ' A 4 Q v f 4 ..,,,., - - i i ' c cology Club members are: 1st Row: Lori Da- ey, Patty Hoskins, Sheryl French, Elaine Pal- olt, Debbie Beimer, Linda Spring, Susan meter, Mary Hoback, Nancy johnson, Cienia aker, Winnie Herring, Linda Palmeter, Carla Sheerman, Becky Bartlett, Diane Fraise, Gayla lanson, Cyndi Helling. 2nd Row: Karen Chan- Wilson. QUPPOW Taking a stand on the barge harbor issue, and circulating bulletins on non- pollutant products were the Ecology Clubs major projects this year. They made a list of products such as: returnable pop bottles and milk bottles, and bread and sugar that was unpro- cessed or hadn't had the natural vitam- ins removed and too many food addi- tives added. They then researched the various stores and listed those carrying the products and those who didn't. This caused pressure on the stores in hopes they would soon begin supplying these non-pollutant products. They also wrote a letter to the city council pledging their support of KEEP's stand on the controversial barge harbor issue. 'I'I5 Mewbmship lwwows In the fall Art Club sponsored a parent-student conference con- cerning financial support to students planning to attend college and writ- ing letters to colleges. The club again sent S100 worth of art supplies to the "Forgotten men" interested in art at the Iowa State Penitentiary. The money raising activities that art club sponsored were selling candy bars and sponsoring a chili supper during homecoming. 'rl - 1st Row: Sandy Rippenkroger, Sandy Lyle, Lori Bendlage, DeeDee Dinnauer, Sue Morris. 2nd Row: Debbie Morris, Lucy Alton, Beth Sloan, Cathy Crabtree, Cris Schachel, Laura Kerns. 3rd Row: Renee Brandt, Sue Baker, Lois Humburd, 1- if 'S' r-Plrml 5 rf r . Ufiz , -'21-,sn Final-1 P A Q. Wu ...Q Susan Baker, Rosie Martinez, and Dan Boon help serve at the Art Club chili supper, one of their fund raising activities. 6 Xia' il W1 I .W . 'ff l l l . , 's,. . . Q . .- 4'i' L. Performing one of the endless chores involved with teaching art sponsoring art club, Mrs. Lowenberg works at the club's chili 't Zfaffvr 4 ,?1" ,yi Sheryl French, GeeGee Humburd, 4th Row Ron Berges, Bart Balog, Vonnie Cole, Polly Flach. 5th Row: Byron Marsh, Don French lohn Hales, Amy Cook, Terrie Padley. 6th Row Barb Mapes, David Sportsman, Rosie Martinez Herr' vera. in 'ini M ff? Concentration is obvious as Mr. Tom Scott and Mr. lose Perez plot their best strategy. Cl1essTeacl1es Bmw-- Unlike other clubs, chess club worked on no projects, raised no money, and planned no activities. Its members met once a week, Thursday night at 7:00, to get together and play chess. They concentrated only upon their opponents' strategy. Besides supplying entertainment, chess teaches clear, logical thinking which enables a club member to deal with other problems through the use of logical, systematic reasoning. 'U lg 1 wwsiv--with Chess Club members include from Left to Right: Robert Daidone, Charles Barfield, loe Haas, Keith Buriwinkle, Chuck Gonyaw, Bruce Towle, Tave Hass. 7 Olubillssists Reshelving books, passing out ov- erdue slips, and checking out books are just a few of the duties of the li- brary club members. Although the club seems like all work and no play, the members also manage to enjoy themselves. Fun activities included the Christmas party and a spring tea. 7 lZ , I F s if Library Club are: Left to Right: Debbie Hurley, Terri Andy Masters, Sue Burk. L31 Til? iii raise i w , as 1 -di Emi " ' V 1 V' f " , ff' - 1' . ' - . -4,34 if: 1' 1 '- W w "?i7f:2'A3533Q'? 05 N an 1 Z, , w ,, fig' Ml' 2' M flag' , , , , WN. , , .4 -ff 21,1-er,..,,,fg .W ' ,H 56 -L' we-1.7 ' ,L-. fg I w'15Tf'fzifQ. ,:?f"i'W" 7' ' I " M'-f'-'f'.ma Q. 'lf ill llliil is is Zi- 'f 5 V Q -' 1.jf " f . L 'I'.-iitlfi?lfs ffi2fis,ff F8 Vi ls i Vradenburg, Cindy Peterson, Tony l L i Raeann jones, jamie Wagner, Bob Buckley, Lori Vradenburg, Leslie Golden, Xavier Lopez, Dale Brockman. 'IIB NHA members are: Left Row: Dave Hunold, teve Hellige, Laura Boeding, Becky Bartlett, eb Jerome, Beth Sloan, Diane Matteson, olly Flach, Sandy Otte, Deedee Dinnaur, lackie Brockelman, Cathy Williams, Marcia D This new member holds his candle lit from the candle of knowledge. junior, Dianne Fritz, a new member of the National Honor Society, par- ticipates in the candle lighting ceremonies during the induction. Rea. Right Row: Tony Matteson, Gary Heifner, Gaaron Wheeler, Peggy Ramsey, Tom Flach Deb Matta, Pat Denning, Laurie Bendlage lackie Tate, Anita Munoz, and Cindy Windsor. .fl vnfr .:., , -4,,,.4e"f""" M .-r""""' Nl-IQ liwlucts New Members january 4th induction ceremonies of the National Honor Society brought in twenty-seven juniors and one senior, Rosie Parker. As an AFS student she is automatically entitled to membership. Students were se- lected by the teachers on the basis of scholarship, a 3.3 average, character, leadership, and service. Induction ceremonies were much more formal and impressive than in previous years. The members tried to improve their society by adding ser- vice projects and a junior Honor So- ciety. The 1971-72 Key Club theme was "Enrich Man's Existence." This in- cluded the areas of ecology, drug abuse, and minority groups. The club met their goal of having at least ten projects a month. The "little brother" project earned them the friendship of twenty-eight youngsters and their parents when key club members took the boys trick-or-treating and hosted a party afterwards. Members continued to keep in touch with their "little broth- ers" by taking them to the movies, having parties, and friendly chats. A local church service was attend- 4 ed each month in order to give pri- , macy to the spiritual values of life. X The club spent April 7, 8 and 9 in fm?" 11 ff' S' 7' Chicago at the district convention where they joined with other key clubs in summarizing projects and activities for the year. Awards were I made to top clubs in the district for f A i services performed. District officers f were elected. Last Summer ML Bowen, Neal While his "little brother's" attention is distracted during the Key Club Halloween party, Bob Ches-' nut, a sophomore who also acted as key club photographer, eyes the candy they collected while trick-or-treating. spent four days in Anaheim, Califor- T nia where they attended the Interna- tf f rj .4,.lgS.4a N. rye X - .M Dodd, lon Heckman, and lay Skinner tional Key Club Convention and . Training Conference. They also Kgg Q MU toured Disneyland. , Key Club members are: Seated, Left to Right: leff Stocking, Paul Burgan, Barry Sopher, Bob Chesnut, Spencer Steggall, Tim Hill, Rob Simmens, and- Tom Flach, Bill Harkey, Phil Wood, Kevin Steeples. Middle Row: Neal Steve Ritter. l Dodd, Tim Love, Bruce Sopher, Bob Cochran. Back Row: Bob Nutgrass, , tt.. .l i fr' me ri if Cey Club members and their "little brothers" Kevin Steeples, joe Schoeber, lay Skinner, jeff Stocking, Bob Nutgrass, Rob Simmons, Paul Burgan, ievin Reeder, and Spencer Steggall plan their trick-or-treating strategy before the Halloween party. is evin Steeples and Gary Young get their equipment ready before they begin to work. Tim Hi W f 35:4 vt Q' f' Q 6 Q Bill Harkey helps paint the Headstart Center. Pledaffevwdllvswwwwvfeiwsblfd sowofusembafmafeak , Sowvluwwaffwb wwvlwfpwwi someofusuasww. Iwdkmgdwglds, yowwdkyoww, mfeasemmga disousswusawleak opamwwweakstudwtstalh mpeauerew... SIUDENTQ fam wwf ,i m nv ,fu 5 P 1. 4, M -3-wgiiih. 1'4 746 wks! ink ?-Q3 an . Q .Ab ,, ,. ZW ,. Tiff "" 'w 1 f "' . ,wffji ff ' Wfliifv-5 14 'W ,wkxf Q Q Bendlage, Lori Bengston, Kathy Bergen, julie Bergthold, Martha Biegler, David Binkley, Mace Boeding, Laura Bonar, Richard Bonham, Tammy Boon, Dan Booten, Dan Boyer, Rich Ahner, Mike Ammer, Suzy Arnold, Debbie Arnold, Mike Arthur, Kelly Azinger, Steve Balog, Bart Bartlett, Becky Beecham, Ruth Belville, Letha flwwag Pat McGinnis and Bob Brockman lead chee ing at the powder puff football game Bradshaw, Pat Brockelman, jackie Brockman, Bob Brookhiser, Mike Brown, Peggy Bubb, Pam Buckingham, Carol Burch, Dan Burke, Bill Burns, Raymon Butler, Tom Campbell, Diana Chesnut, Teresa Clark, Shelly Cook, Amy .,,... Senior class officers for this year are Tony Wolfe, Diane Matteson, and Scott Nickel. Coppage, Evelyn Cox, Sheila Crosley, Debbie lay Skinner patiently explains during a Letterman meeting. 126 'Emi Pimolewv Crull, Pam Daugherty, Karen Davis, Dan Davis, Mark Denning, Pat Dettmers, Paula Dimond, jeff Dinnauer, Denise Dodd, Neal Dougherty, Mark Drew, .julie Dyer, Randy Eid, Karen Engeman, Pat Enger, Danny Enslow, Lee Eppers, Susan Estrada, Tom Evans, Linda Fairlie, Roberta Farmer, David Featherlngill, Leslie Flndley Dave '05 Flach, Polly Ruth Beecham and Pat Bradshaw study while others wait in line to quench their thirst Flach, Tom Foehring, Mike Fraise, Diane Freese, Candy Galey, Sharman Garcia, Philip Garland, Earl Gelsthorpe, Laura Gilbert, Michael Gillette, lean i.. 'Q Hayes, Randall Heidbreder, Albert Heifner, Gary Hellige, Steve Helling, Cyndi Hellweg, john Hellman, Fred Herring, Tom Goeke, Lindy Gross, john Gunderson, Gay Guzman, Angelo C-wyne, Richard Haendler, Robert Hales, john Hanson, Carla Harkey, William Hayes, Penny Scott Nickel shows strength as a Mr. Homecoming contestant Hobbs, Scott Holt, Leanna Holtkamp, Margaret Hooten, Becky Horstman, Susie Hotop, Carol Houston, Sherry Howell, Pam Huett, Michelle Theresa Chesnut takes time out for reflection Huey, Russell Hull, Mary Humburd, Lois Hunold, David Hunold, Paul Hymes, Dianna lames, Randy lerome, Debbie johnson, Nancy johnson, Tom jones, Pat Kenel, Bill Kenel, Carol Kester, Darla Kerns, Laura Kimble, Mark Kirchner, Carolyn Kirehner, jon Kuhlmeier, Tissy Lair, Tracy Lake, john Long, Bill Long, Dave Lovette, Rhonda Lozano, Barbara Seniors Roberta Reyes and Kelly Arthur attempt to block freshman Teresa Rashid in the tradi- tional powder-puff football game competition. Mapes, Barbara Martinez, Roselinda Mason, Dianne Matta, Deb Matteson, Diane Matteson, Tony Matthews, Randy McCracken, Chris McGinnis, Pat McMillan, Kathy Lozano, Rupert Luna, Connie '56 T1-i Muntz, lim Muth, Karen Myers, Michelle Neff Cheryl Nelson Barbara Neu, Richard Nickel Scott Niggemeyer, Kathy Mendenhall, Shelia Mendez, Randy Menke, Cynthia Miller, Abbe Miller, Debbie Miller, Dennis Mitchell, Mitzi Moeller, Mike Morgan, Myron Munoz, Anita Neal Dodd appears to be enjoying his position as master of ceremonies . - ,,, ,f , P H at " 151 .Q 'Y 1" 5 Q 419' tw- ...a.A,,, Evelyn Coppage, an OE student, works as Mr. Otto's secretary. 132 au l A Ort, Steve Orton, Rex Otte, Sandy Parker, Rosemary Parrot, Toni Pietz, Randy Peterson, Rick Pickford, Scott Pieper, David Pieper, Donald Pollmeier, Margie Power, Toni Queisner, Sue Ramsey, Peggy Rea, Marcia Redden, Shelia Reinhard, Debbie Reyes, Roberta ,Lori Bendlage and Dee Dee Dennauer are crowning Pat Denning Honorable Bowl Q . Ueefl APP lu Rhode, Scott Richmond, Carey Riddle, Gayla Ried, Harold Ritter, Pat Roewert, Eileen Rudd, David Samples, lim Sampsell, Terrie Sandbothe, Pamela Schachel, Cris Scott, Beth Seitz, Vicky Sheerman, Genia Scott, Robin Siegrist, Mark Skinner, jay 4 Slicker, Lisa Sloan, Beth Smart, Hesse Smith, Mahlon Sportsman, David Staub, Carolyn StCIair, Tom Steffensmeir, Ernest Stotlar, Robert Tackenberg, lim Tate, jackie Thannert, joe Thorton, Dave Towle, Bruce Trolinger, Vickie Troutman, janis Turner, Mary VanAken, lack Wagner, Karen Walsinger, Debbie fir ga .gn X V A , H V, , if Ai we , i taxa: " . ' , N 1- " f ,X Q-Q Both Rosie Parker and Becky Bartlett find an ordinary study hall interesting. s 35 55. ll Watznauer, Gary Weiler, Kurt Wellington, lohn Westfall, Rhonda Wheeler, Caron Williams, Cathy Williamson, Gary Wilkerson, Don Windsor, Cindy Wolfe, Tony Isl-I ' Allen, Terry Allen, Randy Archibald, Cathy Arnold, Mike 'V' Baker, Susan Barlow, Richard Bartlett, jim Beach, Betty Beadle, Debra Beelman, Randy Beimer, Debra Benda, Steve Benbow, Beth Bentley, jill 'IG Biegler, Becky Boeding, Elaine Boeding, Sandra Bonar, Bonnie Bowers, Mark Brandt, Raye Brandt, Renee Brasfield, Karen Brecount, Steve Brentise, ludy Brookhiser, Cindy Brower, Connie Buckley, Brad Burtalo, Terry Carter, Randy Chambers, Debby Chaney, Karen Clay, Steve Cochran, Bob Cole, Vonnie Colyer, Greg 'ua' Debbie Faeth and her partner join in the mad scramble to the finish in the sack-over-the-head race. Copeland, lanet Coppage, Bill Cowles, Desiree Crabtree, Kathy Crile, Steve Cross, Cheryl Cullen, Bob Davolt, Lori Decker, Bob Dent, Brenda DeWitt, Dean Dickey, Nancy Diton, jeff Dravis, Deanne Driskell, james Eaves, Sherryl Eliason, Mark England, Steve Estrada, Debra Faeth, Debbie Farris, Mike Fraise, Lloyd Franklin, Rodney Frantz, Keith Freel, Nancy Fritz, Dianne Gabel, Cindy Gintz, Connie Gonyaw, Chuck Goodwin, Steve Gray, Shirley Green, Denise Greenwald, Tim Gregory, Mike Gross, Elaine Guzman, Tom Haas, Marianna Haas, Ann Haendler, Marie Haggard, lane Hammond, Kathy Harris, Vickie Hartley, lohn Hayes, Donna Hayes, George Heidbreder, Dale Hellenthal, Monte Hellige, David Hellige, Dennis Helmick, Ronald Hennigar, Mike Herring, Winifred Hewitt, Mark Hoback, Mary Hoenig, Martin Hoenig, Warren Holtkamp, Robin Horn, Ursula Hoskins, Patty Howard, Greg Huebner, Kristi Hunold, Mark ireland, Mike Ireland, Sherry Ireland, Virginia james, Thomas Jeffries, Kevin Iensen, john Rex Watson, Wendy Pickford, and lan Rea are the junior Class Officers. lerome, lerry jones, Curtis ludy, David Kelly, Roger Kelly, Tim Kenel, Cathy Kenel, Walt Killoren, jeffery IJ Kimbrough, john Kramer, Tom Krogmeier, Keith Kudebeh, james Kuhlmeier, Dave Lake, Steve Lampe, Kevin Lauffer, Carol LaValle, Greg Leffler, Ronald Leisenring, julie Lingenfelter, Kim Love, Tim Lovette, Diane McCoy, Vickie McGlothlin, Cindra McCracken, Charles McGregor, Carl McMillan, Lisa Mason, Matt Masters, Alex Matthews, Nettie Meierotto, Ted Mendenhall, Dorothy Menke, Betty Meyer, Alan Miller, Dan Miller, lo Moore, Dan Moore, julie Morse, Becky 40 Morton, Marsha Murphy, Kevin Murphy, Pat Noll, Rick Northup, Larry Nutgrass, Linda Odom, jerry Oge, Sheri Orr, David Ort, Russell Palmeter, Elaine Palmeter, Linda Parker, Lary Passer, Randy Peitz, Mark Pezley, jill Pickford, Wendy Pierrot, Sylvia Pohlpeter, Dale Pohlpeter, Peggy Pollmeier, Donna Poulter, Randy Powers, Elaine Pumphrey, Peggy Raible, loanne Rashid, Becky Rashid, Norma Rathbun, Eugene Rea, lan Reed, Tim Reeder, Kevin Reeder, Wade Rehm, Dave PMI-IQ'ws Qlww ivtdwstzg .XM 135: 4-gt aw Lori Bendlage, Ann Haas, Pat Denning, and Cathy Thompson up in preparation for the powder-puff football game. Qu l During a study hall, Karen Chaney, a junior, gazes thoughtfullv at , the 1971-72 Madisonian spring supplement. l vw X I MA4 ,xl Rehm, joe Ried, Steven Riley, Kathy Robbins, john Robinson, Vanessa Roby, Stan Rossiter, jill Rupert, janet Russell, Gary Sanchez, Rey Sanders, Bill Sanner, jerilyn Saunders, julia Sawyer, Deena Schilb, Lewis Schivley, Steve Schulte, joe Scott, jim Seitz, Debra Sloat, Eric Smith, jack Smith, Kenneth Sopher, Barry Sopher, Bruce Spring, Linda Stancil, Bill Stauffer, john Steggall, Don Stewart, Steve Storms, Marcia Stotlar, Ruth Stotts, Sherri Thannert, Lucinda Thomas, Debbie Thomas, Lee Thompson, Cathy Thorn, Missy Toben, jim Tripp, David Umthum, Kay Vikturek, Kenneth Walker, jackie Ward, Mary Ward, Mike Waters, Linda Watson, Rex Weiler, Monte Weisinger, jeff Welch, janet Wellman, Steve White, Rick Wilkerson, jerri Wilkerson, Kim Wilson, Dave Wilson, Gayla Witte, Robert Wolgemuth, Randy Woodley, Donald Woodroffe, Kerwin Wright, Kenna Young, Duane Zumdome, lody Varsity cheerleader Beth Benbow waits ini t n icipation during Homecoming. Cheerleader Kim Wilkerson helps judge Mr. Homecoming. f . 1 s Qi", ff Mx Y. if 5 .if 5. Tim Love is displaying his "beautifuI" bod t h' f y o is riends. Gary Young competes for Mr. Homecomin g. I4 Abrahams, Melanie Alexander, Patricia Alton, Lucy Ammer, Sandra Anderson, David Anderson, Pat Arnold, Bob Atterbury, Richard Avery, Allen Baker, Martha Banion, Mark Barnes, Debbie Bartlett, lean Bartlett, Kathy Basham, Mike Baxter, Farron Beckert, Patty Beelman, Connie Bell, Sharon Benda, David Bengston, David Glenda Howell pauses to figure the answer to a question. 44 Bergen, Rozan Berges, Ronald Bergthold, joyce Bernard, Ted Blanchard, Dean Boeding, Wayne Boeding, Bill Bohnenkamp, Debra Booten, Tim Boose, Carla Borger, Pam Brayton, Debbie Brookhiser, Helen Brown, Cindy Brown, lack Bruns, Connie Buckley, Barb Burch, Connie Burk, Susan Burton, julie Tlwifu Wag Bob Chestnut, Anna Phelan and Rick Beelman hufry to homeroom. ff Burgan, Paul Butler, joe Butler, Vicki Cangas, Ray Carson, Mike Carson, Pat Chamlee, Marta Chapin, Kim Chapman, Mike Chesnut, Bob Clingman, Carl Cochran, Carol Coffin, Dorothy Cole, Royal Colyer, Lorna Conaway, loy Cowles, Brad Cowles, Christine Cross, Debbie Cross, Steve Crull, Theresa Crutchfield, Paul Daugherty, Bob Davidson, leanne Davis, Geraldine Decker, Bob Deitchler, lane Delgado, Rudy Denning, Ann Denning, Margaret Derr, Marlene Dettman, Mike Diaz, Russell Dickey, Rhonda Dietsch, Tina Dimond, julie Doherty, lim Dohman, Peggy Doyle, Elmer Drollinger, Linda Duama, Pat ' Durbin, lim Easley, Lisa Eid, Debbie Eid, Randy Engeman, Becky Engeman, Bob Evans, Patricia Faase, lim Faulke, Steve Feaney, Kathy 146 PMI-lQ'ms Take Feeney, Mark Fitzsimmons, Kathy Foehring, Kathy Foehring, Pattie Freel, Dana Frels, Denise Frisbie, Becky Garcia, Danny Garcia, Richard Garrett, Rodney Geiger, Lee Gladding, Heather Golden, Leslie Goodwin, Susie Graham, Sherri Gray, Ronald Pfvllivffvu Shelly Schulte and Ginger Boley relax Gray, Pam Gregory, Tom Grieb, Kathy Grossman, Randy Gunn, David Guzman, Aarin Haas, joe Hamilton, Betty Harris, Sandra Harry, Kim Hasenclever, Randy Hass, Tave Hatala, Danny Hatch, Greg Hauck, Dawn Hauck, Mary Heidbreder, Bonnie Heidbreder, Wayne Helling, Ronald Helt, Dee Ann Henninger, David Hermis, Walt Hesse, D. j. Hill, Tim Hoenig, Peggy Holtkamp, jeff Hoskins, Steve Houston, jan Houston, Kevin Howard, jeff Huett, Randy Humburd, G. G. Hunold, jean Ireland, Debbie jacobson, Robert jaster, Charlie leffery, Tim johnson, Deb jones, Rae Ann Kamp, Shelia Kendall, Richard Kenel, Mike Kimbrough, janet Kinyoun, Kevin Knight, Kent Kramer, Donna Kratzer, Robin Krebill, Rick Krogmeier, judy Kruse, Charles Kurtz, Kim Kutscher, Beverly Lampe, Randy LaVal le, Kevin Lawrence, Lynette Leafg reen, Ann Long, Steve Lovedy, Sally Lozano, Annette Lozano, Clarence Luna, lohn Mad Mah Mah 1 Q "l'm next?" thinks D she prepares for her l48 den, jeff oney, Linda oney, Pat -of -rf' I iane Kincaid as picture. Marlette, Rick Martin, Mike Masters, Andy Masters, Tony McCoy, Bev McDonnell, jon McPherson, Dana McVeigh, Sherry Meierotto, julie Meier, Bruce Melin, Vickie Menke, Becky Metcalf, Kathy Meyers, Rick Miller, Carol Moeller, Darrell Monroe, Debbie Morris, Sue Nelson, Dennis Nelson, Gary Newberry, Ann Nolan, Gary Noll, Sue Nolte, Robert Northway, Kevin Nutgrass, Bob O'NelI, Katherine Owen, Tom Padley, Don Painter, Tim .Z mv! I cop Lwwswmnemgz Parker, Tim Parker, Marty Pauly, Dennis Peak, Rick Peterson, Cindy Phelan, Anna Pohlpeter, Rebecca Power, Kathy Prado, Tom Pumphrey, Carol Pumphrey, Diane Rascon, joe Rashid, Karen Reeder, Kim Render, john Renne, Susan Reu, jeff Rhoer, Vickey Ried, Kurt Ritter, Steve Robbins, Albert Ross, Pam Rossi, Darla Rudd, jerry Rudd, Kathy Rudd, Mark Sandbothe, Steve Sanders, Steve i 5 Q :itll R s he sophomore class officers are Paul Burgan, Heather Gladding, and Gary Young. 149 Schinstock, Anne Schinstock, Larry Schneider, Kathy Schroeder, Becky Schroeder, Carol Schorr, Victor Schrader, Doyle Schrepfer, Tom Shaw, Lee Ann Shreve, Michelle Slee, Allen Schlicher, Barb Simmons, Robert Sirois, Karen Smalley, Sharon Smith, Gale Springer, Sandy Stansberry, Denise Starr, Rick Staub, Charlene Steeples, Kevin Steffensmeier, Mitchelle Stein, joel Stewart, Sherri Stigall, Spencer Stocking, jeff Storey, Pam Stukerjurgen, joseph Swingler, Debbie Thannert, Mary Thorton, jill Underwood, Connie 150 9010 E015 New k rr, Sophomore PE classes could escape the hot August weather Vela, john Vikturek, Maria Vrandenburg, Terri Wagner, Debra Wagner, janet Wagner, Kim Wagoner, jamie Wa Wa Wa Wi Wi After tying with another team for first place in the sack race sophomores Greg Hatch and Don Padley accept their prize. lsinger, Beth ters, Cindy tson, jan Wedel, Mickey Wellington, Greg West, Larry Wilbert, Dennis Williamson, Byron lson, Debroah lson, Linda Wiseman, Mary Witte, Gregory Wittich, john Worden, julie Worley, Bill Young, Gary 151 Allen, Theressa Allen, Mark Aguirre, Cathy Anderson, Scott Bachman, Bryan Barfield, Charles Baldwin, Paulette Balentine, Bruce Bartlett, Cindy Beckert, Paul Beelrnan, Dave Beelman, Rick Bendlage, Mark Bergen, Barbara Bernard, Carmen Biegler, Tony Blanchard, Craig Bogart, john Boley, Ginger Boldt, Ken Bolton, Trina Borger, Dan Bowen, Pam Brasfield, Sherrie Brentise, Cindy Brockman, Dale Brookhiser, Randy Brosi, Beth Brown, Kim Buckley, Lynne Buckley, Bob Buechel, Debra Burch, Randy Burk, Rodger Bunfvinkel, Keith Busard, Chris 1 fr Carpenter, jim Carrell, Cindy Carrothers, David Chambers, Bob Chamlee, joe Chesnut, Wayne Clemmons, Brian Coffman, jan Cole, Freddie Cooper, Tim Cornelis, Debra Cornelis, Michael Cowles, Scott Cramer, Debra 46" Culbertson, David Daidone, Robert Dains, janet Danover, Randy Davis, Randy Davolt, Darrell Decker, Gerilyn Deeds, Debra Denning, Barbara Denning, Randy Dettman, Robert Dettmers, Greg ,Ink DeWitt, Alan fL5,Q,'f3f Dick, Kenneth Dieterich, Brenda Dodson, Robert Dohman, Ted Doty, Dennis Doyle, Mary Z, Elmore, Audrey Eid, Debra Enke, Gene Estrada, Debra Estrada, Rosita Fairlie, Rebecca ' Farris, Penny Flach, Matt Fless, Kim Fowler, john Fraise, Russell Alan DeWitt is one of the smaller band mem- bers who made it necessary to buy new uniforms. .41 Freese, Steven Freesmeier, Bradley French, Donald Frisbie, George Gabel, Allen Galland, Joyce Garcia, Connie Gilman, Danny Glasscock, Twila Gonzales, Richard Gray, lim Green, Tom Greenwald, Debra Gregg, Dianne Haas, Elizabeth Haendler, Chris Hales, Steven Hamm, Connie Hammond, Karen Harris, loyce Hartley, Danny aFwSlwewEmjogH ' A 4 Hoemg, Connie Holland, Cindy Hollie, LaQuetta Hellige, Mark Hellman, Donna Hellweg, lane Helmick, Randy Hennigar, Dub Hensley, Mary Hernandez, Maria Hershberger, Tony Hershire, Georgia Hewett, john Hewitt, Debbie Hodges, Luann F A Peggy Miller, loyce Bergthold, Debbie Buechel, I1 bie Hewitt, Debbie Greenwald, and Donna Nei join the snake dance. ri F 4 Q., 'e 9 0 1 Holt, Angela Holtkamp, Gregory Honadel, Donna Houston, Michael Howard, Brad Howard, Carol Howell, Glenda Hoyt, Tony Huebner, Tracy Huett, Becky Humburd, Brian Hunsaker, Lina Hurley, Debra llmberger, Mark Ireland, Craig Ireland, Debbie james, Miles laster, Mary Jeffery, Kim lensen, Sandy jones, locelyn juarez, Danny Kanes, Donna Kelly, Linda Kelly, Wendy Kenel, Wayne Kiener, Frank Killoren, Stephen Kimble, Mary Kincaid, Diane Knoch, Carolyn Knox, Teresa Kratzer, jill Krogmeier, Leo Kurtz, Susan Lair, David Lair, Pat Lane, Ellen Larkins, lack Leach, jeff Lee, Randy Leffler, Alan Leveling, lerry Liggett, Richard Long, Lynn Lopez, Xavier Luetkehans, Tony Lyle, Sandy Maier, j. Richard Martinez, Eric Matteson, Terry Mclntosh, Brenda McPherson, Penny McVay, Steve Meierotto, Dave Meierotto, judy Menke, Debra Metcalf, Louis Miller, Dirk Miller, Peggy Mitchell, john Mixer, Larry Moehn, Mike Monroe, Donnette Moore, janet Morgan, jeff Morris, Debra Morrison, Sheila Morrissey, Regina Morse, Linda Nash, Danette Nelson, Donna Niece, Mike Noll, Pete Noon, Rick Older, Tim Padley, Pat Painter, Terri Patton, Carol Patton, Wanda Pickard, Greg Prado, Angelita Prado, Ronnie Putz, Todd 'C' During prehomecoming activities the "Bag Over the Head" race turne out to be very amusing as students blindly pursued one another. Rashid, Teresa Rea, jeff Rehm, jean Reinhard, Mike Render, Kenneth Reyes, Kim Rhode, Gale Rhoer, Paula Richmond, Abby Rippenkroeger, S l3fteslwewP iw l-l H, andy A freshman thinks, "Creme rinses are nice, but this is ridiculous!" Robbins, Ellyn Roberts, Cindy Roberts, Lindy Robinson, Coleen Ross, Kevin Ruschill, Pam Russell, Tim Salladay, Tina Sandbothe, julie Sandoval, Ricardo Schinstock, Maria Schneider, Stacey Schneider, William Schoeber, joseph Schrepfer, Patricia Schulte, Shelly Schuster, Gwen Scott, Yvonne Seitz, Rhonda Senf, Nancy 7 Shaw, Melody Shaw, Sandy Seeing no evil, speaking no evil and hearing no evil are freshmen Lynn Buckley, Gale Rhode, and Mary jane, Sheaffer, Lynn Sheets, Richard Shultz, Wanda Sloat, Siiri Smith, William Snider, Cindy Snyder, Douglas Soppe, Dale Spohn, Monty Staub, Diana Steele, julie Steffensmeier, Brenda Stewart, Danny Stewart, Kerry Stuekerjuergen, Greg Stuekerjuergen, lane Thannert, Deborah Thomas, Bill Thompson, Sandy Thorn, Dolly Thornton, Melody Troja, Steve Underwood, Mike Van Aken,1udy Vice, Rick Vradenburg, Lori Wagner, Lynn Watson, Greg Watznauer, Randy Wellman, Cathy Wiemann, Pat Wilkens, jeff Wilson, Gwen Wilson, jovce Windsor, Doug Winkel, Carla Qu-4 J sv' W Q 5 I mewGebafGoodf Wood, Philip Wyatt, Greg - Wyrick, Twila Youel, Curt Young, Annette Zumdome, Gary A ti fficers Phil Wood, Vice-President, Doug Windsor, President, and Shelly Shulte, Secretary-Treasurer, check the calendar Britton Gre . . 60 Abrahams, Melanie . .. Aguirre, Cathy ...,. Ahner, Michael .,, Aledia, Israel Alexander, Mike ..., Alexander, Patricia ... Allen, Mark ...,.,.. Allen, Randy ,..., . Allen, Terry ..,., Allen, Theresa ..,..,... Alton Mrs. jean .,... ,. 116 Alton, Lucy .....,.. Ammer, Sandra ,......, Ammer, Suzette .... Anderson, David ....,, Anderson, Patrick ..,.. Anderson, Scott ...... Archibald, Catherine Arnold, Debbie .,,... Arnold, Michael .... Arnold, Mike ,.... Arnold, Robert ..... Arthur, Kelly ..,.. ,... Atterbury, Richard ... Avery, Allen ,... ,.. Azinger, Steve .,.. Bachman, Bryan ..,. Baily, Barbara Baker, Mr, Linden .... Baker, Martha .,.... Baker, Robert Baker, Baldwin, Paulette ,,... Balen Balo tine, Bruce .... Robert Susan ....,.. .. g, ,.... Banion, Mark ..... Barfield, Charles ,... ,, Barlow, Barnes, Richard ....... Debra ......... 100,105,108,11L Bartlett, Becky ........ Bartlett, Mrs. Loren ..... Bartlett, Cindy ..,... Bartlett, james .... Bartlett, jean .,....,.... Bartlett, Basham, Kathy ......... ....144 ,...,152 ....52,122 ,....99 .,..144 ....152 ....136 ....136 .32 , 52,104,107,114,144 .144 .,..H...96,114,122 144 ifl91,9b,71f77, ..,,.,,,,....g6! H....98, 77 144 153 136 122 ,. .71, ,144 ..,...........122 ....51,71,77,144 .....51,122,129 H.....52,144 ......,..144 ....68,122 .,..,152 ..,....,,...97,3o ..,U.,.,97,51 144 ...116,103,115,136 .,.,......,.,...152 .,........,85,152 M.,..M116 ....85,117,114, 122 144 152 136 144 115 .59 .........107,109,152 136 ....83,7L .............66,144 U .... 111,144 Mickal .,... 78, 81, 83, 71, 73, 74, 76, 77 144 Baxter, Farron , , . Beach, Betty .,.. Beadle, Debra ,,.., Beckert, Gerry Beckert, Patricia . Beckert, Paul .... Beecham, Ruth.. Beelman, Connie ... Beelman, Dave ..,.. Beelman, Randy. Beelman, Richard ...,. Beimer, Debra ........ Bell, Barbara Bell, Sharon, .... Belville, Letha .,...... Benbow, Elizabeth .... Benda, David .......,.. .,........76, 145,152 107,108,109, 115 136 Benda, Steven ....,..,., Bendlage, Lori .,... 116,17, 102,119,122 Bendlage, Mark ......., Bengtson, David ..... Bengtson, Kathleen ..,. Benge, Richard Bentley, jill ..,.... Bergen, Bergen, Ber en Barbara .... julie , . . . . , Rozan g , .... Berges, Ronald . .. Berthold, joyce ....,. Bergthold, Martha ..... Bergthold, Marvin Bernard, Carmen ... Bernard Theodore Biegler,lAnthony .. A Bie ler David g , .. Biegler, Rebecca .... Binkley, james , ..... Blanchard, Dean .... Blanchard, Craig ..., .....,....H...f144 ....136 .,..136 .....,..........144 .........,..,,..152 5o,1o5,1o8,122,125 ..........110,51, 144 136 1 1 111115OQ67,136j 144 122 143 ........,....90,144 136 ,140 ,..92,93,76,77,152 .............52,144 ..,....,...52,122 .,...96, 105, 136 152 122 ....,,...,.144 .....90,116,144 ..,...144,154 122 H,...98, 152 144 152 ....,122 .....136 ...,,..122 ....52,152 152 ....76, Boeding, Elaine ....,. Boeding, jerry Boeding Laura .,... 50 Boeding, Sandra ...... Boeding, Wayne ...., Boeding, William .... Bogart, john ......... Bohnenkamp, Debra . Boley, Ginger .,...... Boldt, K enneth ..,.. Bolton, Trina .... Bonar, Bonnie .... Bonham , Tammy .,.. Boon, Daniel .,.,. Boose, Carla ..,. . Boose, Lurae Booten, Daniel ,....... .,..,.....,51,109 100, 109, 111, 119, .,.,...90 ... ...,. 97,114 ...,105, 146 ...,85, 76 .,...52,1OO .......98 ....,.......116 83, 78, 79, 14, 71 Booten, Tim ..... ..,....... 7 1, 83, 77 Borger, Dan .... Borger, Pamela ,.., Bowen, Mr. joe Bowen, Bowers, Pam ,..... Mark ....... Boyce, Mr. Larry ..... Boyd, Steve Boyer, Rich ...,,.... Bradshaw, Patricia ...,. Brandt, Raye .......,,.. Brandt, Renee .....,. 11 Brasfield, Cheryl .,...... Brasfield, Karen ........ Brayton, Debbie .... Brecount, Steven ..., Brentise, Cindy .... , g ..... Brockelman, jackie .,.. Brockman, Dale... ,.....114 ,....Hf1tki123 6j49,96Q97f106 , ........ .,, gi .,ff93,76 .....N.52,119 . .,....,......... 118 Brockman, Robert ..,..,. 17, 50, 105, 122 Brookhiser, Cynthia ..............,..... Brookhiser, Helen .... Brookhiser, Mike .... Brookhiser, Randy .... Brooks, Dennis 1 1 1 1 1 1 Brooks, Rodney Brosi, Beth , . , . .. Brosi, Kevin ..,.. Brower, Connie ,.. Brower, jack .,.. Brown, Cynthia .,. Brown, jack Brown, Kim . ...... Brown, Mrs. Norma .... ..,. Brown, Peggy .,,.. Bruns, Connie .,... Bubb, Pamela ..... Buckingham, Carol Buckley, Barbara ., Buckley, Bradley .. Buckley, Lynne .... Buckley, Robert . .. Buechel, Debra ... Burch, Connie .... Burch, Danny ... Burch, David ..,... Burch, Randall .... Burgan, Paul ...... Burk, Roger ,.., . , Burk, Susan ..,.. Burke, William .... Burns, Raymon ,.. Burtalo, Terry ...., Burton, julie ..,,.. Burwinkel, Keith.. Busard, Christine. . Butler, joseph ..... Butler, Tom ..,..,. Butler, Victoria .... ,. ..... 90 " .fff152, H..118, ..M15L H..83,7L QfffQTffQfffQf85 .90,105,120,121,145 fffQfffffQf51,11a .....fQf71,74 ""105'51'66'110 .f"ff .... h.,k117,51 .. ............ 51 ., ,.. 110 1 1 Calloway, Mr. Mike ... .... 55, 7 Campbett, Diane .... . ..,. 99, 12 Cangas, Raymond .,... ..14 Carpenter, james ,... ....... Carrell, Cindy ..... ,. .....,. 51, Carrothers, David . . . .... 92, 76, Carson, Michael .... ..... 90 , Carson, Patrick .... Carter, Randy . .. Bonnie Bonar points out an interesting occurrence in the gym to skeptical jackie Walker. Carter, Ricky Cartwright, Mrs. joAn . .. 'Chambers, Bob ......... Chambers, Debby .... Chamlee, joe .,..... Chamlee, Marta .... Chaney, Karen .... Chaney, Kathy .... Chapin, Kim . ,...,.. . Chapman, Mike ........ Chestnut, Robert ....... Chestnut, Theresa ...... Chestnut, Wayne ... Clark, Shelly ........ 'Clay, Mrs. Gloria .... Clay, Stephen .......,. Clemmons, Melissie .... ...51,50,S2,53 123 iClemmons, Brian ...... Clingman, Carl ......,.. Cochran, Carol ......... ochran, Robert ..... 17 Coffin, Dorothy ........ Coffman, jan ...... ... oghlan, Mr. Pat .... Cole, Freddie . .. ole, Royal ..... Cole, Vonnie ..., olyer, Greg .... olyer, Lorna . . . onaway, joy . . . onlee, David ook, Amy ....... ooper, Steven .... 14,115,125 ooper, Tim ......., Copeland, janet ...., oppage, Evelyn ..,. oppage, William .... ornelis, Debra ..... ornelis, Michael... orns, Tom ottle, Mrs. Grace .,,. owles, Bradley ..... owles, Christine ... owles, Desiree ..... owles, Mr. Floyd .... owles, Scott ....... ox, Sheila ......... rabtree, Kathleen .... rail, jolene rail, Kimbra ...... ramblit, Scott ramer, Debra ....... rawford, Mr. jim ,... .. rile, Steven ......,,... rockett, Mr. Lawrence . rodey,Debra ....,.... 1....96,51,1084 .. ......... 50, ross, Cheryl ..,..... ross, Debra .... ross, Steven . . . rull, Pamela ..... rull, Theresa ....... rutchfield, Paul .... ulbertson, David .... ullen, Rick ...... ullen, Robert ...,. ullen, Roy aidone, Robert . . .. ains, janet ...... anover, Randy ..... augherty, Karen... augherty, Robert .... auma, Pat ......... avidson, leanne ... avis, avis, avis, Danny ..... Geraldine .... Mark ....... ....96, 103, 109 avis, Michael ... avis, Randy .... avis, Rickey ..... avolt, Darrell .... .. avolt, David ..... ., ..... 59 .....153 .....,.136 ,...49,153 .......145 .....115,136 .................98 .....H.....114,145 ........,.......145 .90 52 106 120 145 ,100 ,165 .....76,106,1S3 H......98,123 fffff105f ffff52f ,19,50'100'120' ...U....H..5L f f f .59 136 107 153 .....H...,.114,145 145 136 145 .........,......153 .....9O,27,76 .............153 ..,....U.114,145 .....116,.106,136 .............136 ...........145 145 .....116, 123 145 153 .........137 ....96,98,123 .,.........137 ..............153 ....85,82,76,153 ............57 ....52,145 ....51,145 .........137 ............31 ....85,76,153 .........123 .....116,137 ......98 .....153 ........26 137 .40 ,123 ............137 .....145 .......145 ....98,124 ..,....'l45 .,.......145 ....85, 76,153 137 ....a7,1e,6a .....92,117 153 .........52,153 ...........85,153 ,124 .........,,...145 ........,....145 .......145 .......99,124 ............145 ....87,86,68,124 .......87,89,68 ...........153 .......145 153 .85 avolt, Lori ........... 107, 108, 109, 115, 137 awson, Ernest ......................... 14 earing, Mr. Richard ... ecker, Gerilyn ...,.. ....153 Decker, Mary ..... Decker, Robert . . . Decker, Robert .... Deeds, Debra .... Deihl, Earl Deitchler, jane ... Delgado, Rudy .... Denning Ann ..... Denning, Barbara.. Denning, Kyle .... Denning, Margaret Denning Pat .,,,.. Denning, Patsy ... Denning, Randy .. Dent, Brenda .... Derr, Marlene .... Dettman, Robert.. Dettmers Gre , g . , . Dettmers, Paula . ,. Dewitt, Alan ..... Dewitt, Dean .... Diaz, Russell ..... Dick, Kenneth ... Dickey, Nancy ... Dickey, Rhonda . .. Dieterich, Brenda . Dietsch, Rodney Dietsch, Terry Dietsch, Tina .,.. Dimond, jeff ..... Dimond, julie ..... Dinnauer, Denise . Diton, jeffrey ..... Dodd, Neal ....... Dodson, Doherty, Doherty, Dohman Dohman Robert... jim ..... . William.. , Peggy ... , Theodore Dorn, Christy Doty, Dennis ..... Dougherty, Mark .. Doyle, Elmer ...... Doyle, Mary ...., Dravis, Deanne ... Driskell, james .... Drew, julia ....... Drollinger, Linda .. Dumas, Rosalie Durbin, james .... Dyer, Randy ... Easley, Lisa .... Eaves, Sheryl . . . Eid, Dave ..... Eid, Debra .,.. Eid, Debra ..,.,,, Eid, Randy ........ Eliason, Mark john Elmore, Audrey ... Elmore, Mr. Dave . Emmett, james Engeman, Patty .... Engeman, Rebecca Engeman, Robert . . Enger, Daniel ..... England, Steve . , , Enke, Gene .... Enslow, Lee .... Eppers, Susan .... Estrada, Debra Estrada, Debra Estrada, Gary ..... .....83,137 ........145 ....105,153 ....66, 105, 145 145 145 ...,153 ....145 ..........145 ...........140 .....108,119, ........92, 124 153 137 146 .....85, 76,153 ..........153 .....98,124 .....52, 153 137 ...,146 ....153 .,..137 . .... 146 ..............,..153 ..87,88,86,68,74,76 .................146 ..........14,71,124 .,,...,....,.....146 .116,49,102,119,124 ..............52,137 101,105,120,124,129 .,............92,153 .,.......,....83,146 ,.....145 ........146 . ..... 76,153 .....76,153 ......124 ...,146 ......153 ......63,137 ....,.......137 .....86,98,124 ..........146 ...51,146,107,105, 66 i...III82f68l71f105f .83 153 146 137 153 ...,.,.90,68,71,105, 124 146 146 124 ....153 ..,.124 ....125 ....137 ....153 .....83 Estrada, Rosita .... ,... 1 53 Estrada, Thomas... ....125 Evans, Linda ...... .... 1 25 Evans, Patricia ..... .... 1 46 Everingham, Mrs. jean ..............,.... 40 Faase, james .,..,....................., 146 Faeth, Debbie ....... ..... 9 6, 108, 136, 137 Fahey, Mr. Robert ..., ,..,.....,. ..... 4 8 Fairlie, Rebecca .... Fairlie, Roberta .... Farmer, David ..,. Farris, Michael ... Farris, Penny ....... Feany, Kathleen .... ..........51, .....52, 153 125 ......125 137 153 ....51, 52,114,146 A policeman helps search during a bomb scare. Featheringill, Leslie Feeny, Mark ......., Findley, David .... Fitzsimmons, Kathy Flach, Matt ,,...., Flach, Polly .,., 116, Flach, Tom ....... Fless, Kimberly .... Foehring, Kathleen Foehring, Michael . Foehring, Patricia . Foster, Scott Foulke, Steven .... Fowler, john .... Fraise, David ....83, 77, ......99 .H.....H....H..8i e7,100,102,105,119 100,105,119,120, .,H....H....H.11Q .. ..fff97j107 Fraise, Diane ..... 103,106, 1 Fraise, Lloyd ...... Fraise, Russell ...,. Franklin, Rodney.. Frantz, Keith ...... Freel, Nancy .... Freel, Dana ..... Frels, Denise ...,., Freese, Candace . . Freese, Steven .... Freese, Mr. William Freesmeier, Bradley French, Donald ... French, Sheryl .... Frisbie, George .... Frisbie, Rebecca.. . Fritz, Dianne ..,,. Gabel, Cynthia .... Galey, Sharman. .. Galland, joyce .... Garcia, Connie .... Garcia, Danial ,... Garcia, Phillip .... Garcia, Rick .... Garland, Earl ...,. Garrett, Rodney .. . Geiger, james Lee. Gelsthorpe, Laura . Gerdes, Dave ..... Gerdes, Lynette .71 52, 102, 104 ....... ..52 .96f116l1 ....17,52 ......52 ........116 07,109,115 ffffffff119 76,100f108 .......,,go .....100 ffffEti'6a "ffff51 f Greenwald, Tim . Holland, Cindy ... Stan Schlicher fights a losing battle to remain alert during his seven o'clock class. Gilbert, Michael. , Gillette, jean .... Gilman, Daniel... Gintz, Connie ,... Gladding, Heather Glassock, Twila ...... Goeke, Lindy .... Golden, Leslie ... Gonyaw, Chuck ,. Gonzales, Alvino Gonzales, Richard Goodwin, Steve.. Goodwin, Susan . Graham, Sherri . .. Granaman, jerry Gray, james ...... Gray, Pamela ..,.. Gray, Ronald ...,. Gray, Shirley .... Green, Denise ... Green, Thomas .. Green, Mr. Walt.. Greenwald, Debra ..... Gregg, Diane .... Gregory, Mike ... Gregory, Tom ..., Grohe, Mr. Gary . Grieb, Kathryn . ., Gross, Ellen ...... Grossman, Randy Gunderson, Gay ...,, ... Gunn, David ..,. Guzman, Aarin . .. Guzman, Angelo . Guzman, Thomas. Gwynne, Richard. Haas, Elizabeth . .. Haas, joseph .,.. Hass, Marianna .. Haas, Roberta . . , Haendler, Chris .. Haendler, Marie.. Haendler, Robert ,... 62 .....,..125 .....99,125 ..........154 ............137 ...,.105,110,146 ....66, 105,154 ..........126 ....118,146 ....117, 137 ....,84, 76,154 ....106, 137 , .... 52,146 ......146 .....154 , ........... 147 ..............14e ..,21,107,108,137 ..............137 .....92,39,154 ....109, .44 154 ....87, 68,137 154 137 ......147 ,........39 .........106,147 .......,....88,137 ,.. ....,...... a3,77,147 ,.100,102,105,126 .. ....,.... 90,68,147 ...........,,..147 .....,......52,126 3e,71,10o,105,137 .,.............126 ........,......154 ,H..117,110,147 ........106,137 ....20,137,140 .......52,154 .......137 .....126 Haggard, Margaret . . Hales, john, .,..,. .. Hales, Steven ..,... Hamilton, Betty .,... Hamm, Connie ...... Hammond, Katherine Hammond, Karen ... Hansen, Mr. Arthur .. Hanson, Carla ,.51, 5 Harkey, james .,..... .. ,. .,.. 51,5Q .,...116,50, .U.51,70 51 2i103'106'114'115 1 1 1 1 1 Harkey,VVHhan1 .......,.... 71,120,12L Harris, joyce ...... Harris, Sandra ..... Harris, Vickie ... Harry, Bill ........ Harry, Kimberlee .... Hartley, Danny ... Hartley, Diana Hartley, john .,.,, Hartley, Ronald Hartman, Mike Hasenclever, Randal . Hass, Tave ........,. Hatala, Danny .... Hatch, Gregory .... Hauck, Chris .... Hauck, Dawn . .. Hauck, Mary ..., Hay, Mr. Tex .... Hayes, Donna ..,.. Hayes, George .... Hayes, Penny ....... Hayles, Randall ...... Heidbreder, Albert .. Heidbreder, Bonnie . Heidbreder, Dale ,... Heidbreder, Wayne .................... Heifner, Gary ...... 17,102,104,114,119 Heisig, Steven Hellenthal, Monte... Hellige, David ...... Hellige, Dennis ... Hellige, Mark ..... Hellige, Stephen .... Helling, Cyndi ...... Helling, Ron ...,.... Hellman, Donna .... Hellman, Fred ...,, Hellweg Hellweg Helmick , jane ..... , john ..... , Randy ,.... Helmick, Ronald ,,.. Helt, Dee Ann .... Hennigar, Dave .. Hennigar, Dublin . ,. Henniga r, Michael.. Hensley, Mary ... Hermes, Walter . ., Hermith, Neal ..., Hernandex, Maria Herold, Tom Herring, Tom ...,... Herring, Winifred , .. Hershberger, Tony . . Hershire, Georgia. ,. Hesse, Dorothy Hewett, john ..... ....105, .,..,92 .,...83 f11Q183i117'51i52 1 1 1 . .,.. 97, 83, 71, 147, ..QI79,03f78 ........109 92 ....87,68,100,119 ..101, 102,105, 106, 126, 100, .......90 ffff52 .. 1111a5,04f52 .. .... a3,78,a0 .........g6 .. ..... 108,109f .. ............. 76 ....51,103,105 ..........103 Hewett, Debbie ...,..............,.. S1 Hewitt, Mark ....,.,............. 89, 71 Hill, Mr. Arnold ...,.................., Hill, Timothy ..... 90, 51, 52, 68,120,121 Hinson, Mike Hoback, Mary ,..,,. Hobbs, Scott ,......107,109, 115, .....52,105, Hodges, Luann .... Hoenig, Connie .... Hoenig, Leroy Hoenig, Martin .... Hoenig, Peggy ...... Hoenig, Warren ..... .ff33f79f80Q71f73 ............52,105 Hollie, La Quetta ..., Holt, Angela . , , . ., . Holt, Leanna ......,. .....52 Holtkamp, Gregory . . Holtkamp, jeffery ...... Holtkamp, Margaret .... Holtkamp, Robin .,... Honadel, Donna .... Hooten, Becky Horn, Ursula .,.... Horstman, Susie ..... Hoskins, Patty ....... Hoskins, Steven ....,... .f' 97 106 96 138 .87 52 114 Hoskins, Mr. William ..., .... Hotop, Carol ....... , ,. 1 1 ea 114 1 1 Houston jan h ....... 1 Houston, Kevin ...., Houston Houston , Michael .. . Sherry .... Howard! Brad ....... Howard, Howard, Howard, Howard, Howell, Howell, Carol ......., Mr. Dean Greg .....,. jeff .,..,, Glenda . . . Pamela Hoyt, Tony ....... Huebner, Kristi .,.. Huebner, Tracy ... Huett, Becky ...... Huett, Michelle ... Huett, Randy ....... Huett, Mr. Robert ..... Huey, Russell Hull, Mary ............ Humburd, Brian ..,..... Humburd, Geonenne .... Humburd, Lois ........ Hunold, David .,..,. Hunold, jean .... 1 1 1 1 Hunold, Mike ..., Hunold, Paul Hunsaker, Bruce .... Hunsaker, Linda .... Hurley, Debra ,... Hymes, Dianna ..... llmberger, Mark ...., Ireland, Craig ...., Ireland, Debbie Ireland, Debra .... Ireland, Mike ..... Ireland, Sherry ...... Ireland, Virginia .... , jacobson, Donald jacobson, Robert .....,. james, Mrs. Genevieve.. james, Miles ............ james, Randy james, Thomas .....,.. janssen, Miss jean ..... jaster, Charles ....... jaster, Mary ....... jeffries, Kevin ..... jeffries, Kimberly .... jeffery, Michael ........ Ienson, john ..... jenson, Sandy .... jerome, Debora ..... 14, jerome, jerry ..... ...... jerome, Mr. Wilson ... 1 johnson, Debra ....., johnson, Nancy .... johnson, Tom ... jones, Curtis ,.,.. jones, jocelyn jones, Patricia... jones, Rae Ann ... juarez, Danny ....... judge, Miss jeanne .... judy, David ......... Kallauner, Larry ... Kamp, Sheila ..,.. Kanes, Donna. . . Kelly, Linda .... Kelly, Roger ...... Kelly, Timothy .... Kelly, Wendy ..... Kendall, Kenel, Bi Richard .... II 5 83 71 15's 1 '10o 101 102 105 11 ....87 ea 13' 7 .,.51 114 ..109 114 ' .,..14 71 ' ....82 83 ' a7'60'105" , I . 4 , ..........147 ..........127 ... , ,138 ..........155 ... , ,142 . .,....,.. 105 ...,,.....11S , , ,147 ........87,6O ........,.127 .....97,147 .......147 .,,..97,155 .,..52,53,127 ...,...155 .....155 .....138 .......14 ...,.51,155 .....155 .....13s .....155 ..,..155 ....,.9: ...,.147 ....41 .....,.111 ........155 ....116,147 .......11. .....11' .......14 ....,68,13i .....66,13: ....115,15 ,.......9: .....15' .....15 .......15' .....52,14 .....68,13i ..,.....13: ,..H19,13: .......14 ....,,...4, ....85,76,15' ..........13P .....5' ..,.14 105,155,15: ....13: 51,114,15 1,105,114,14 83,13: 107,109,15' 7, , , 1, 1 114 , 111 1 ,10 , ,13- 51,15 5 118,14 15 2. , , ,133 4: 14 15 109 15 13 13 15 83 14 139 Lake, john .,.. Lake, Steve .,.,. Lampe, Kevin ..,, Lampe, Randy ... Lane, Ellen .,... Larkins, jack ..,.. Kenel, Carol .... ,, ,99 Kenel, Cathy .... ,, 138 Kenel, Mike ... ,, 147 Kenel, Walter . .. ,,,,4 , 138 Kenel, Wayne. , . ,,,4,., , 155 Kiener, Frank .... ..,. 9 2, 76, 155 Kerne, Laura .,., ......,,, 1 16 Kester, Darla .,.... Killoren, jeffery ... Killoren, Stephen ... Kimble, Mark ..... Kimble, Mark ,., ......,..,96 ....107,138 ..,.92,155 ....68,128 Lauffer, Carol ..... LaValle, Greg ..... LaValle, Kevin ...... Lawrence, Lynette ,,.. Leach, jeff ..,,..,,. Kimble, Mary ...... Kimbrough, janet... Kimbrough, john ... Kincaid, Diane .... ....52 .'f.'f,a3','78, ....,.83, 51 52 , , ,.83 ,,...83,71,77,, .,,..92,76, 128 139 139 148 155 155 139 139 148 148 155 Meierotto, Duane Meierotto, julie ..,.. Meierotto, judith .... Meierotto, Mary Meierotto, Ted ,,., Meier, Bruce ......., Melin, Vickie ......,.. Melborn, Mrs. Peg ..... Meller, Dennis ....,... Mendenhall, Dorothy.. Mendenhall, Sheila .... Mendez, Randy ...., Menke, Becky ..... Menke, Betty .... Menke, Cynthia , . .. Menke, Debra .... Menke, Gregory ..... Messenger, Gerald . . Metcalf, Katherine ,, King, Rick Kinyoun, Kevin ,.. H 147 Kirchner, Carolyn .... ,..... 1 28 Kirchner, jon ...,,.... .... 8 7, 128 Klaason, john Kokjohn, Mr. Milton .... ,,,, 3 8 Knapp, james ......... ... Metcalf, Louis ....... Meyer, Alan ...... Meyers, Michele ..,, Miller, Abigail ..... .air, David ........ Knoch, Carolyn ..... M, Knox, Teresa ...... Kramer, Donna .... Kramer, Keith ,.,... Kramer, Thomas ..... Kratzer, jill ........ Kratzer, Robin ..... Krebill, Richard ... Krogmeier, judy ...,, Krogmeier, Keith ..., Krogmeier, Leo ..., Kruse, Charles .,.. Kudebeh, james .,... Kuhlmeier, Dave. ., Kuhlmeier, Theresa Kurtz, Kim ...,..,... ......,...... Kurtz, Susan ......., ........,...... Kutscher, Beverly ,... .,... ....,... 83 . ........ 20,71 ... ...., 51,14, 101 ' ' '97, '66,'11'0, 9792 '5152' r 1 f Leafgreen, Ann... ....,.. ,148 Lee, Randy .,... .... 9 2, 155 Leffler, Alan ,... ...... 1 55 Leffler, Ronald ... ....139 Leisenring, julie. ,,,.,, 139 Leveling, jerry ... ..,. 76, 155 Lewis, Mr. Robert ,,.., 62 Liggett, Richard . .,,... 155 Lingenfelter, Kim , ,. ....... .139 Long, David ,.,... ..., 9 9, 128 Long, Lynn ..... . ,... .155 Long, Stephen ..., ..., 8 3, 148 Long, William. .,,,..,............... 99, 128 Lopez, Xavier ......,........,..,,,. 118, 155 Love, Tim .,,. 20, 21, 50, 52, 71, 100, 106, 120, 139, 143 Lovedy, Sally .... ................ 1 48 Lovette, Diane .. , ,,,,,, 139 Lovette, Rhonda .......... ..., 9 8, 128 .air, Patrick ..... .air, Tracy ..., .92 155 155 147 139 139 155 147 147 147 ...139 155 147 139 139 128 148 155 148 155 128 velyn Coppage stops to chat with Mr. Robert ewis, Assistant Principal, while waiting for lasses to resume after the bomb scare. Lowenberg, Mrs. Lorraine .... ......... 4 9 Lozano, Annette ......,... , .... ,... 1 48 Lozano, Barbara .......... ..... 1 09, 128 Lozano, Clarence ..... ..,..... 1 48 Lozano, Rupert ..,.. .......,. 1 28 Luetkehans, Tony .... ..... 9 7, 52, 155 Luna, Connie ........ ,..... 9 8, 128 Luna, john ........,., .....,..... 1 48 Lyle, Sandra ,.,,.. .... , .,.. 1 16, 52, 155 McCarty, Miss judy ..... .......,.. 5 4 McCoy, Beverly , ..... ........ 1 48 McCoy, Vickie ......... ........ 4 1, 139 McCracken, Charles ..... ,,.,......... 1 39 McCracken, Christopher .,,.., 14, 71, 72, 128 McConnell, jon ............... 83, 71, 77, 148 McGinnis, Pat ....... 87, as, 14, 71, 72, 73, 74, 122, 123, 128 McGinnis, Mrs. lone ,.................... 43 McGlothlin, Cindra .,.. ,.., 97,105,139 McGregor, Carl . .,.., , ..,,.... 139 Mclntosh, Brenda .,.. ...,,... 1 56 McKeehan, Bob McMillian, Alicia... ........ 51,139 McMillian, Kathy ... .... 50,100,128 McPherson, Dana .... ......,.. 1 48 McPherson, Penny ... . ..,. . . .156 McVay, Steve ....., ,.... 8 5, 76 McVeigh, Sherry ... .... 52, 148 McVey, Mr. Gary , ., Madden, jeff .,.., .. .......31 Mahoney, Linda ......................., 148 71 Mahoney, Patrick ..... 90, Maier, john Richard .... Manning, Barton Mapes, Barbara ..... Marsh, Byron ..... ,75, 77, 105, 110, 148, 91 ,,,.,...B5,76,156 .....96, 116, 108, 128 .,.,,,..116,19,68 Marlette, Rick .... ......,... 90 , 148 Martin, Claude Martin, Michael ...... ........ 1 48 Martinez, Dominic Martinez, Eric ........ ........... 1 56 Martinez, Roselinda .... ..., 9 6, 116, 128 Mason, Miss Connie .,.. .......... 3 5 Mason, Dianne .,..., .... 9 6, 128 Mason, Matthew ... .,..... . .68 Masters, Alex ...... ....,...... 1 39 Masters, Andrew ..... ........, 5 1, 118, 148 Masters, Anthony , ..,,....,...... ,. .118, 148 Matta, Debra .................. 104, 119, 128 Matteson, Diane ..,.... 14, 105, 119, 123, 128 Matteson, Terry ............,...., 92, 76, 156 Matteson, Tony .,.,.. 87, 86, 68, 100, 119, 128 Matthews, Nettie .......... ,....... . 52, 139 Matthews, Randy ......,,,..,... 97, 104, 128 Meierotto, David . . . ,,.,, 85, 84, 76, 156 Miller, Miss Ann ..., Miller, Carol ....... Miller, Danny ...... Miller, Debbie .... Miller, Dirk .,..... Miller, Mrs. jane .... Miller, j O ....,.... Miller, Mr. Larry. . . Miller, Peggy ..,.. Mitchell, john .... Mitchell, Mitzi .... Mizer, Larry ..... Moehn, Mike ... Moeller, Darrell ... Moeller, Patrick Moeller Mike ....... Monroei Debbie .... Monroe, Donnette .. Moore, Dan ,........ Moore, janet ,...., Moore, julie .......... Moore, Miss Mary ...,. Morgan, jeffrey ,,... Morgan, Myron ,. , . Morris, Debra ... Morris, Susan ........ i.'.'116, 52, 104, 114 Morrison, Sheila ..,, . Morrissey, Regina . , . Morse, Linda ,... . . Morse, Rebecca . . . Morton, Marsha .,... Mueller, Mr. Boyd ..... Munoz, Anita ..... Munoz, Rita , ..... Muntz, jim .......... Murguia, Randie Murphy, Kevin .... Murphy, Patrick . .. Muth, Karen ..... Nash, Danette ,.... Neff, Cheryl ...,,. Nelson, Barbara ... Nelson, Dennis .... Nelson, Donna ,... Nelson, Gary .... Neu, Richard .,.. . 148 156 148 148 .27 .....82, 83 139 ....,ff99, '.'.'.'.96,'107, ...,.,.98, ff ff111, ...104, 114, '.'fff5'1',l11'0, .......5o, . . ffffff1'09, ....a2, 83, 71, .f f f f f f fas, '. '. '. .116, '5'2','1'1'4, ..,.........11Ol f f f .105, . .'.'.'5'2','1'1'9, .'f.'f6a','69, ...,52, 53, ., V, .52, f.'.'.e3','71', ....154, .....90, Newberry, Ann ,,.. .......... 1 10, 114 Nickel, Scott ,... ,,.,,,. Niece, Michael ......... Niggemeyer, Kathy ,,... Noble, june ,,.... ... Nolan, Gary ... Noll, Peter ...... Noll, Richard ,... . Noll, Susan ...... Nolte, Robert ..... Noon, Richard .... Northup, Larry ......... 75, 100, 105, 123, ...92, 93, 75, U. I. V. P. .. 51.4, ....93, 75, '66, Northway, Kevin ...,.......,.......,., Nutgrass, Linda ........ Nutgrass, Robert ..... 91 ,90, ea, 120, 121, O'Day, Mrs. Mary ,.............. ...... .eo 129 156 129 .83,13,19,67, 129 129 148 139 129 156 156 148 148 156 139 129 129 .35 148 139 129 156 .55 139 .52 156 156 129 156 156 148 129 148 156 139 156 139 .41 156 129 156 148 156 156 156 139 140 140 140 129 156 129 129 148 156 148 129 148 71, 126 156 129 .99 148 156 140 148 148 156 140 148 140 148 .29 ..........,.,..157' Otte, Sandra ......,.,. Odem, jerry ... Oge, Sheri ..,,, Older, Tim ,.....,. Olson, Linda O'Neal, Katherine . ,. Orr, David ...... , , Ort, Russel ,.,.. Ort, Steven .... Orton, Rex ,.,. .. Otto, Mr. Teryl ........ Owen, Tom .,..,.. 83 Padley, Don .,..,..,. Padley, Patrick ...,.,.. Padley, Terri ..... Painter, Terri .... Painter, Tim .... Palmeter, Elaine ... Palmeter, Linda ,..... ,.....71 .,..19,52 ......156 .....36,148 ,.,..,..140 ..,.......140 .,,.....,.52,101,130 .............100,13O ,67,100,105,119,130 ..........,,,,....50 7s,a1,73,75,119 ...,..U.,83,14B H...H....H,5L 130 151 156 ..,,....116 ..........156 ..,..108, 109,115 115 ,,...108,109 Reed, William .,.. Reeder, Kevin ..,., Reeder, Kimberly .,.. Reeder, Wade ...,.. Redden, Sheila ..... Rehm, David ..,.. Rehm, jean ........ Rehm, joseph ..,...... Reinhard, Deborah ..., Palmeter, Robert .... Parker, Larry ...... Parker, Marlon ..., Parker, Rosemary .... Parker, Tim ...,...., Parrott, Toni ....... Passer, Randal ...... , Patterson, Mr. Pat Patton, Carol ..,... Patton, Dale Patton, Mark Patton, Wanda .... Pauly, Dennis . . ,. Peak, Rick ....... Peebler, Sam Peitz, john ..... Peitz, Mark ..,...... Peitz, Randy ,..,,.,. Pepple, Miss Bonnie. Perez, jose .......,... Peters, Mr. Pete . .. Peterson, Cindy , . .. ., Peterson, Eric ..,, . . Pezley, jill . ,... ,. Pflum, james Phelan, Anna .... Pickard, Greg .,.,.. Pickard, Mr. jerry .... Pickard, Liz Pickford, Scott ..,.,.. Pickford, Wendy ..... Pickford, Mr. Willard. Pieper, David . .,... . Pieper, Donald .,.,.. Pierrot, Sylvia ....,. Pohlpeter, Becky .... Pohlpeter, Dale ....... Pohlpeter, Peggy .... ..1133,1rki'105 .......,.,,g6 1 1 .90 140 149 130 149 130 140 .28 156 156 149 149 .52 140 130 .. ....... 41 .....117,35 ..,.....,....... .60 .......,.H..118,149 ...,,.......,...,13O .67,100,105,140,142 ..,.. ..111,145 149 .....92,76,156 ............,... .26 .03,7a,79,70,71,130 ...,..........52,105 ......,...,,.83,37,71 ......... 130 .....,..,.. 130 ...,,100,105,140 ...... 97 149 ... .71 140 .. ..,.. 140 Pointer, Mrs. Barbara Pollmeier, Donna ... Pollmeier, Margie ... Poulter, Randall .., Power, Kathy . . . Power, Toni ,...... Powers, Elaine .... Prado, Angelita ,,.. . , Prado, Genevieve Prado, Ronnie ,..,. Prado, Tom , ...... Pumphrey, Carol .... Pumphrey, Diane .... Pumphrey, Peggy .... Putz, Steven Todd ..... .32 140 130 .....140 ....,,..149 .....96,130 ......140 156 Queisner, Susan ..., Rascon, joe .... , . , Raible, joanne ..,. Ramsey, Peggy ..., , Rashid, Daren .,,..., Rashid, Mary Teresa .. Rashid, Norma ...... Rashid, Rebecca ..... Rathbun, Eugene ,... .. Rea, janice ..,..,.. Rea, jeff ..,.,., Rea, Marsha ..... Reed, Timothy ..., 64 ....,..76,156 .....83,77,149 ..,..,..,,149 ....,...149 ....,96,140 ...,...,156 .....98,13O ...,... 149 ......... 140 ....96,119,130 ......,.. 149 ..,.,.......66,157 11Q1Q96,100f105 ,.19,50,67,10Q 114,137,138 M.,.,96,119 f 7 .96 140 140 105, 140 157 130 140 Reinhard, Mike ..,. Render, john ........ Render, Kenneth ...,, Renne, Don Renne, Susan .... Reu, jeffrey ....,... Reyes, Kimberly .... Reyes, Roberta .... Rhode, Gale .,,.. Rhode, Scott . . , .. Rhoer, Paula ....,.. Rhoer, Vicker ....... ..,.83,12,21,50 140 71, 121, .....107,111, 149 ...........140 ..........130 . ,....., 140 .....7,15,52 .........,141 ..M.103,111 114,130 .....,157 ......149 .....52,157 H...H....H.5L .....94,109,128 149 149 157 130 .,.......,.157,158 131 157 149 157 Richmond, Abigail ..., ....,.,.,,. Richmond, Carey .... Riddle, Gayla ...... Ried, Harold ,.... Ried, Kurt .,.... Ried, Steven ... Riley, Kathy ....,.,. 16, 67, Riley, Mr. Mike .,.,...... Rippenkroeger, Mrs. Dee Rippenkroeger, Sandy ......,.,, 116, 109 Ritter, Patricia ........., Ritter, Stephen ...,.. Robbins, Albert .... Robbins, Ellyn .... Robbins, john .... Roberts, Cindy ..... Roberts, Lindy ....... Robinson, Coleen ..... Robinson, Vanessa ..., Roby, Stanley ....... Roewert, Eileen .... Ross, Kevin ...... Ross, Pamela ..... Ross, Darla .... ,.,... . Rossiter, jill .........,,.. Roxberg, Mr. Gordon .... Rudd, David .,....,.., Rudd, jerry ., ....... Rudd, Kathy .... Rudd, Mark .,.. Rupert, janet ,..... Ruschill, Pamela .... Russell, Gary ....,,. Russell, Timothy .... Salladdy, Tina ..,.... Sanchez, Reynaldo . . . ,. St. Clair, Thomas Samples, james .... Sampsell, Terrisue .... ........ 9 6, 108 100 ....14,61,100 131 ......,....,.131 . ..,. 83, 81, 71,131 ,,..51,36,66,149 .,.......,...141 100,105,141,142 ......H....83,76 ,157 ........52,131 ....83,120, ...H,9Q 149 149 157 141 .....52,157 .....52,157 ......157 ..,.141 ....141 .,..131 ....157 ,,..149 ....149 ,.,.141 ,,...30 ..,...,.131 ..........149 ..,..51,52,149 141 157 ....19,52,11L ..........,141 . ..,.... 157 ..........157 ,...,87, 73,141 .....,99, Sandbothe, julie . .,.......,..,.,... 110, Sandbothe, Pamela ........ Sandbothe, Steven ..... . . Sandoval, Ricardo Sanders, Steven .,.. Sanders, William .... Sanner, jerilyn .,.., Saunders, julia ..,.. Sawer, Deena ...... Schachel, Cristi .... Schilb, Lewis ...,.... Schinstock, Ann ....... Schinstock, jose h P Schinstock, Larry ...,. Schinstock, Mary .... Shivley, Steve ..,..., Schlicher, Barbara ... Schlicher, Stanley ..... Schneider, Katherine . Schneider, Stacy ...,... Schneider, William ,... Schorr, Victor ..,..... Schoeber, joe ,... .52,106,111, ..,.92,91,56, 1 1 1 131 131 157 131 149 157 ...........149 141 141 .......,.....141 ......,....141 ....11e,131 ...,..141 150 .....90,150 ,.....157 ........141 ....,.....150 ....52,114, ,es 150 ........,.157 ..,.....157 ..,.....36,150 ....85,84,114 121,157 Schrader, Doyle . . . Schrepfer, Donald .... Schrepfer, Patricia . .. Schrepfer, Tom ....., Schroeder, Becky .... Schroeder, Carol .,... Schulte, Craig Schulte, Michele ....... Scott Beth ...... Scott, Chester Scott, james .., Scott, Robin ...,. Scott, Mr. Tom... Scott, Yvonne ..., Seitz, Debra Seitz, Rhonda ..., Seitz, Vicky .... Senf, Nancy .... Shafer, Mike Shaw, Lee Ann .... Shaw, Melody .... Shaw, Sandy . .,.. . Sheaffer, Carolyn ..,. Sheerman, Genia .,., Sheets, Richard ...... Sherwood, Gordon Shreve, Michele ..... Shultz, Nanda ..... Siegrist, Mark ,... Simmons, Robert .... Sirois, Karen .....,.,,.. Skillern, Mr. Ben .,.,... Skinner, jay .,.... 87, 15, Slacker, Lisa ..,.......,. Slicker Mr. William ....150 ........59,99 ............157 .............150 .....105,110,150. 1501 .....H.66 ...............141i Schulte, joe .,..... ..,. 66, 105, 146, 157, 159' Schuster, Gwen ... .. ....109,131 ..,..141 ..U..131' H..,117,27 .U,..157' ....141,142 ........157 ,....98,131 .,....157 .....150 .....158 ........158 ,. .,.,.. 105,158 H....52,104,1O8 111,114,131 .....92,76,158 ........150 .....,..158 ....83,78,79 74,131 .....90,71,12O 121,150 ...........111,15O .,.. ... 47,71 105 68,69,121,12Q 131 .........,..52,102 .....42,1 m0an,E0zaberh .... f116f14,67f100,100,11 Sloat, Eric .......,....., Sloat, jiiri ...,, ............52,141 52,114,1SQ Ken Henderson, multi-talented musician, does his rendition of "There's a Hole in the Bucket." .187,117,104,10B owle, Bruce. ....., . . Slykhuis, Mr. jerry Smalley, Sharon .. Smart, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Snider, Snook, Harriet .... Mr. Frank . Gale ...... Mrs. Helen jack .,.... Kenneth .. Maholon . . Ronald William . . . Cynthia ..... Mr. Loring Snyder, Douglas. . Sopher, Barry ,,... Sopher, Bruce .... Soppe, Dale ,...... Spohn, Monty ........ Sportsman, David .... Spring, Linda ,..,..,.. Springer, Sandy ........ Stancil, William ...... Stansberry, Denise ..,. Starr, Rickey ....... Staub, Carolyn Staub, Charlene .... Staub, Diana ..... Stauffer, john ...... Steele, Mrs. Anne .... Steele, julia .......... Steeples, Kevin .....,. Steffensmeierer, Brend Steffensmeier, Ernie .. ....87,36,71,76 ...........150 ..........51 .....55 ....150 .....44 ....141 ....141 ........99 .........,.158 ....51,52,15a ....fff71,100, ....20,21,100 .39 158 120 120 158 .................158 116 107,109,111,115,141 .....H...51,52,150 .............141 ...............150 150 .....83,71,7Z .83 Steffensmeier, Michele ...., ...... 1 58 141 Steggall, Don .,...... Steggall, Mrs. Wilda .. Stein, joel ......... tewart, Daniel .... tewart, Kerry ..., Stewart, Sherri .... tewart, Stephen . . . tigall, Spencer ....... tilwell, Mr. Harold. .. tocking, jeff ....,... Storey, Pamela .... torms, Marcia ... totlar, Robert totlar, Ruth .... totts, Sherri ...,..,.. trong, Mr. Don ...,.. tukerjurgen, Gregory tukerjurgen, jane ,.., tukerjurgen, joseph . . weezer, Darrell Swingler, Debbie ...., ackenberg, jim ate, jacqueline .... ate, james hannert, Deborah . .. hannert, joe ...,..., ...........150 ....158 ...........141 ..................56 .......51,52,66,158 ..90,e8,120,121,150 ..................158 N.. .H.52 .. ................ 39 ...............52,150 .....92,93,76,77,158 ,...........,...158 ......103,107,150 ....a3,52,115,141 ....90,120,121,150 ...................27 ,..30,66,120,121,150 ...............51,150 .H...51,52,115,141 ....,......141 ....141 .. ..... 47 ....158 .. .... 158 ....150 ....150 ......119 ........109,15s U....87,89,88,68 111 hannert, Lucinda ..,....,...... 96, 107, hannert, Mary Beth . homas, Debra .....,. homas, Lee ....... homas, William ... hompson, Kathy ..,. hompson, Debra hompson, Sandra .... hompson, Steve ..... horn, Dolly ....... horn, Melissa ...... hornton, David ... hornton, jill ....... hornton, Melody .,.. oben, jim ........,.. raver, Mr. Earl .. . . . ,.H......H..10l ....33,21,50,100 130 105 141 .H..97,14Q .........158 .........142 ...........158 ,...52,53,142 .99 150 114 ................62,29 roja, Steve ...... .,.......... 8 5, 76, 158 rolinger, Vickie .... routman, janis .,.. ripp, David ..,.. urner, Mary uttle, Mr. Larry mthum, Kay ........ nderwood, Connie .. nderwood, Mike ... ....96,102,108 ....142 ......52,142 .. ........,.. 150 . .... 85, 76, 158 Van Van Aken, jack ...... Aken, judy ........ Van Tuyl, Mrs. Ruth ,,.. Van Winkle, Vicky Vantiger, Paul ,..... Vela, john ..,...... Vice, Ricky ......,... Vikturek, Kenneth ,... Vikturek, Marie .... Vincent, Val Vrandenburg, Lori .,.. Vrandenbur Terri ... 8, Wagner, Debra ..... Wagner, janet ,... Wagner, Karen Wagner, Kim ..,.. Wagner, Lynn ..... Wagner, Tim Wagoner, jaine ........,. Waldren, Mrs. Florence .... Walker, jacquelyn . ........ Wallerich, Mr. Omer ..,... Walljasper, Miss Margaret.. Walljasper, Mr. Tom. ...... . Walsinger, Beth .......... Walsinger, Debra .... Ward, Mary ........ Ward, Michael ... Waters, Cindy ..., Waters, Linda ...,.. Watson, Gregory Watson, jeanette . .. Watson, Michael Watson, Rex ....,.. Watznauer, Floyd .... Watznauer, Gary Wedel, Michele .,.. Weiler, Eric Weiler, Kurt Weiler, Monte ,... Weisinger, jeff .... Welch, janet .,,.......,.... Wellborn, Miss Carolyn .... Wellington, Gregory ....., Wellington, john ....... Wellfort, William Wellman, Cathy ..... Wellman, Steven .... Wenke, Marilyn West, Charles West, Larry .....,.. Westfall, David Westfall, Rhonda Wheeler, Garon .,,. White, Richard ....... Whittach, john .,..,...., Whitmire, Miss Mavis ..... Wieman, Patrick ....... Wilbert, Dennis . . . . .. Wilbert, Frank Wilkens, jeffrey ..... Wilkens, jeffrey Wilkerson, Donald ... Wilkerson, jerrl .,.... Wilkerson, Kim ........ Wilkerson, Marshall Williams, Cathy ...... Williams, Miss Sue... Williamson, Byron .... Williamson Gar , y ..... Wilson, Mrs. Ardis .... Wilson, Bruce Wilson, Bruce L. Wilson, David ........ Wilson, Debbie L. Wilson, Deborah . .. Wilson, Edward Wilson, Gayla ..... Wilson, Gwen ..., Wilson, joyce . . .. Wilson, Linda ..., Wilson, Rick Wilson, Terrell Windsor, Cindy .... Windsor, Doug ..., ..,..12,68 .....158 .....61 ....158 ....151 ....158 .....142 .......151 H...118,158 .....118,151 .......151 ....151 .......151 ....66,158 ....,..118,151 100 ,142 ..............41 ..16, 50, .....31,71 ......151 ....96, 104 142 142 ....151 142 158 151 104, 105, 138, 142 ....151 .........52,142 ...83,78,80,7L 100,142 ....96,142 .......,40 ....90,151 .......68 .......105,158 100 142 .... 71, , ....... ... 154 100,102,110 119 .54 ....85,76,158 ...,.....151 ....52,158 ..........87 ........107,142 .....67,142,143 ......96,119 .....97,34 ....52,151 .....87,50 ........57 ....87, 68,142 .......151 ........115,142 .52,104,107,158 .............158 .............151 ..16,50,105,119 ..............92 Cindy Bartlett and Linda Kelly decorate the FHA Christmas tree. Windsor, Michael.. Winkel, Carla ...... Wiseman, Mary .... Witte, Gregory. . .. Witte, Robert . . . Wittich, john ..... Wolfe, Tony ...... Wolgemuth, Randy . ...A I Wood, Philip. . . , .. Woodal, Randy Woodley, Donald .. Woodroffe, Kerwin . Worden, julie ...... Worley, William ... Wright, Kenna .... Wyatt, Gregory .... Wyatt, Raleigh Wyrick, Donna .... Wyrick, Twila . .. Yaley, Greg . . ,,,. , , Youel, Curt ...... Youel, Mr. jim .... Young Young Young r , Annette . . . Duane .... , Gary ...... ....105,158,159 ...........158 .........151 ....83,1S1 ............142 ..............151 ..71 100,105,123 .....,........142 85 76 120 159 ..........,.142 ...,.142 .........151 .......90,151 .....52,108,142 ..........159 .... ..99 ....52,159 ,...78,76,159 ............47,71 ...........51,159 a3,es,50,105,142 ...71,77,105,12L Young, Mrs. Norma. Young, Patricia .... Young, Philip ...... Zemlicka, Theodore Zimmerman, Andrea Zimmerman, Drake Zumdome, Gary .... Zumdome, jody .... 143,149,151 ....42 .....182, 52,106 .85, 76 . .... 159 .....142 Peoplq INVOLVED READING signs PFZOMIQING "af NEW gow "af Busafeam, INVECHNG 2546!-IING OUT Maougk SELLING . . . Indushy, PROGIZESQING ffnougk aabmtiaing, compauus MOVING, IMPBOVING ffw Oonunuzuig, Cl-MNGING . . . SING qqsgxvg O .Mm f f E' Sn Mm... 'qw- Congra'rula+ions I972 GRADUATES .IDHN H. BRECK, INC For+ Madison, Iowa Subsidiary of QYANAMID AMERICAN CYANAMID COMPANY COMPLIMENTS OF THE FORT MADISUN DENTAL SOCIETY Francis J. Denner, D.D.S. Jake E. Rashid, D.D.S. Rober+ J. Doering, D.D.S. Harold M. Shroeder, D.D.S. Ronald Gunn, D.D.S. A. W. SchuH'e, D.D.S. A. J. Kokiohn, D.D.S. E. C. Tucker, D.D.S. a vm -as wr:-A-' . .2 . .. Paz- rsgszilg W masler of photography if xy f xi 4 3 xfxvrfa f XUA. 'X Ngf' 'I6 70 AUGE FLURAI. 00. Compleie Depar+men+ Downfown Siore "For+ Madison's One-Siop S+ore" 7I2 Ave G. 372-I82l WlLKEN'9 DEPARTMENT STORE INC A 1 I . , 728AveG- 372-29'4 Weve WAYNE 6 JOE 'Q "66" SERVICE r, Iowa Box 27 I 4+h S'I'ree+ S+ore 372-5556 372-2743 4+h and A V6 B --'I ' ,,,, ,, ,. -H . " " " 5. :H x 5.3 5 V I 5 5 x 1 5" - X fl 43? :75 'A T I .. 5 5 if ' S 2 EQ is. EEN, 4 4 5 ifi .. 'Q.7ffi.,,. K' .. f . f' . " .- . ' , 'Q '41 -,iff . X K ' A ' 5 2 W ' W. -:,: Ei? Zi ff if? 55 V 53 , fm ,,,, zyf if' . VH SEEQ Eiga gf'-'if 5 iw . 1 "i, 3131 E I3 ,Q 51525 . i f T Hg E555 'S2SM2iEN yE'7 5 BM W? f 4? s?,fH f .5 3 E32 2 gg we 1 J if EE! 2 1 S3 235 if Q Riggs :I "'T X a 'Jr E. i5 E E? 2275. E? Te if E 5? I gi R Q is S 71555, by 'ge 1, 2 T E1 5 ?51 x W V'-EH V55 T PM TT7 . x 1 1 f u -. s Ei.. , ..,, 111 . yur ggi! M5 9352 5 ,ES 3? 3 if Pi TTT1"" iw - . ,'h' -,"" ,,,' W .. ' 51:5 ,:, f' ,ERTTT T if Qgisigigii E.: .1.: mf "f' J. w,b" -i--: F + 3 mf' few-. . E? 91 5 Rf? gn 55? 1,,1- ff M- A wi W I! Y-2 -ew . g!,p i. ,,f I .1355 sm 53 :Er ew: X ,, :V 1 I X ggi T Q. TT7 T 1 5 153 f gi 553 E9 ' "Q -f' -255 'L If A 1 5 ::-' f' 'V --fi'W'w---i,f X gfvgif iii 3 2 5 fa EE24g QiQ f253Qi5i' e i5'E1 f. 533 ZETT Q F ' .s 7 g i 3255 W L gfflgi 1 ""TT-', "" Q ' --71 via 25. f . 1 1 ' 1, QVENVUV - fl H, . - H .1 , -K 1 T 4 Y 1 i ff . e A 'gag 1 --f- 'E Sf wit NG 5, J 25 3? T f75T T ETT, T as 3.55 57 J " 95 5,5 Vg' 3 21 ig Q 3? 3 7 f ff f f ,,, Q , 5 K Q :.- , 'T 1 " gl 1-4 ' . -1' 1 VB ' f ' T-'iv-2 ,, . ff Q if 'ML ,f,, 33 -.-- 5 22.2 . .' - " W? 5 2 Ehy, 5 . 90AH KWH-N 372-5982 Lf F INSURANCE ie C9 Healfh A+ DICK NORTHUP Pll.l.EY BRUSH STATE FARM AGENT fu fo 9 ve Li 0 X 'ire g +he example of his 'Iwo older bro+hers S+ H I g es drafiing work for Pilley Brush. NIE TER '9 FUNERAL CHAPEL l035 Ave. H Fori' Mad OP -i h I f EAS A - 'za-Sinn: FOR T MADISON EDUCA TION ASSOOIA TION Y REMPE MUSIC HOUSE 11.111- Paul Ma+hiasmeier +rea'I's Don Hellige 'Io a free ride. DOIV'9 RIVERSIDE MARINA FARMERS GRAIN AND SUPPLY 372-5924 Wever, Iowa ' HAR VE Y'8 " f STANDARD ssnvlcs Q' l4+h and Ave H I. Eas'I' End of Riverview Park 372-9762 372-6402 AHLSTRAND ELECTRIC 9ER v10E ' R I c KEITH AHLSTR ND I A I MES ' 6I3 Avenue G M Fori' Madison, Iowa all Q 372-2345 Beaufiful Floors DILLA vou I Floor Coverings 0ua'i+LiTgE1+j:gfjPe'i FuRNlruRE sf APPLIANCE 8II Ave. H 372-658I For+ Madison, Iowa Complimen+s of THE FORT MADISON NEW OAR DEALERS AQSOCIA Tl0N Ayers Mo+ors Cadillac, Pon+iac, Buick, GMC, Opel Doore Dodge, Inc. Dodge Cars and Trucks H 8: M Chevrolel-Olds, lnc. Home of Acfion Land Sheaffer, Inc. Chrysler-Plymou+h Hufchison Mo+ors, Inc. The Dealer Who Cares Jim Baier Ford, lnc. Ford Cars and Trucks Midway Mo+or Inc. American Mofors Dealer "Hari is where your home is" "The Windsor" HART MOBILE HOMES INC. Burlingfon Hill Hwy. bl PQgy Ramsey examines a brealz'fas+ sei as she sells Gambles 804 Avenue G """'4 'i"' 'i"' ' ' 372-6672 173 COMPLIMENTS OF FORT MADISON MEDICAL QUCIE TY GX CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF I972 Darla Kesier picks up her dry-cleaning from Troys. TROY CLEANERS J lx 707 Avenue H Convemeni' ELLIS Radios Srereos Tape Recorders TV Q TOMM Y'S MAIDRI TE SANDWICH SHOP 6 I 6 I 0+h S+ree+ ' my U , . f . y 9 ,Q 372-9875 ' -1 Q ' " Drive-In Service DR. G. M. PECK OPTOMETRISTS 7I6 Ave.G. DR. M. H. 372-232' , .72 J G- .i l Q, m f .5 3 -ki! 1 313562 ,, 2? - ' if iQw'2.gfQQfh-ugifuwms K J. Sim 7' W H1 , if sS" 555. viii? 5 ii ilfllgji 'E 3 ,fd f i .2 1 cgi Sam i Wi ig! Jig, 53 ' e g igiilfm ' 1- 11 1 ,Q A w , 1 "" S '22 i ' l S: T' . - , 3? 2 : , Elgin " Q g gi: :,,- sfiks m 955 ' 'mir-2? iw igli lsfl rr ' 1 gi 9 l : 5 . rf ' W, iii f, , f ' , xii i-ga ,Z 5 v ME ga s .. 4 1255 5515 in gaig fiiig li? 2155 I Q, in . :rf 5 : ,,,f .::.-4.2, 2, 4 sk Q: , , 5 if fe , -in Xe :- kfg,4ii- , 2 ' S' zii E sss 2 ' in ,JE .3 f:v '-1 '-55,2 QE F 'ffm 5 5 'I7 RUMP S YOUNG FASHIONS AND VARSITY SHOP 709 Avenue G 372 l48I .Iii :fin 5 - . MILE bl THE EITMAN SHOE STORE I IO Years in For+ Madison Phone 372-I843 723 Avenue G RTHO CHEVRON CHEMICAL COMPANY Ci For'r Madison, Iowa "Helping +he World Grow BeH'er" 2 , 2 9 8' H HARDWARE PAUL ELECTRIC One S1'op Service Elecfrical and Plumbing Supplies Denmark, Iowa 375-235I -5',f"' . Z' . Complele I' 0 Lune 'F an IDI 5 O , - Building Ma+eriaIs , fi lf" E BETTER ECONOMY LUMBER 82l Avenue G 372-I042 Wever, Iowa 372-4235 . I'l'Lw,, y ii" V V V , Q b A e.1',sQq .IN gg If f 3 I 'Aff' A q'1'I3f,xiL, Linn 1 I V 1-Ox 1" II .I ,I 'x - i ',,,w Q f Q , I' '-agpggiif -U, A IQ, Mg ?','2Q'f - f ,HIIIIH ,lun ' 4 , i?"f' I 1 I' lic, qffli ,I J, qvgfvg f ,, ,,i"'fv' aff ' ewaaw e euee w e e i - I M I. I I if 'nn Ill' - .I - 'Ili'-2r:'a"::-r.':ror-'af A ' ' I I I I mn ll! ' - ' 4, 14- - U ' 'f"' i E -5 . ' 5 Q -5+ In :MI A I, "' Qgxi-"3 II TI qt I I.: ff' of-In I I I . -:.-s... -.-,., . M. ,llnjl .. Ci! . Q I gg 2 Ti w e I' I f' 7"'T?9n1.J'w,f-,'f . 1 ..... I I ' ' " """51I4'V5'Il'a"".I, 'fis-'f:+vifuC':11v-n'.f.:eua1.:.u.'',-.t. E wwwakwo I WWMW I ...Wi iz I LEE OUUNTY SA VING9 BANK For'r Madison, Iowa 5 2627 Telephone: Area 3 I9, 372-2243 178 POLLARD DIE TCHLER THOMAS LAWQE 627 Ave. G "Congra+ula'rions MITCHELL WA Oli-ANER9 Class of '72" X Dale Spangler, adver'rising consul+an+ 'For KXGI k 'Hon prepares his farm program. Savings Accoun+s Real Es+a+e Loans FUR T MADISUN QA VING9 AND LOAN Insurance 702 Avenue G ENGINEERED Qi E x' BUILDING SERVICES, INC. r+ Madison, Iowa 835V2 Ave G GARNER Q5 L: . on v . V Paul Thampson, spor+s edi+or 'for +he Evenmg Democr 'I' ers FMHS evenfs wi'H1 pic+ures and ar+icles. 2236 Ave. L .1-f-f -"fn m"'83" Evsfvnvo DEMOCRAT F Q Y LA VERN'9 A Moen SERVICE Highway 62 and 5+h S+. For'r Madison, Iowa LAVERN PROUGH, Owner 1 , 1. ,. 1. .. I-A ,,6,,,,,m..w LA VERN'S 23V2 hr. 'rowing service car s'l'ar+ing equipmen+ Arms+rong +ires Sun engine +es+ers Day 372-8I77 Ni+e 372-7I58 FORT an ,Q MADISON AMBULANOE SERVICE 9I3 29+h S+. For+ Madison, Iowa LaVern and Ru'I'h Prough Phone 3I9 - 372-45I2 Fori' Madison Ambulance Service Subcon+rac+ed From Lee Counfy Ambulance Service, Inc. FORT MADISON ASSOOIA TION OF INDEPENDENT INSURANOE AGENTS Borgman, Vince J. Hei+zman Real EsI'aI'e Loans Hopkirk and Feigh+ner, Inc. Kem Insurance and Real EsI'a'I'e O'MaIIey-Ryan-SpexarI'h Agency Richards, C. E. Ins. Agency O Q:-l fl I . 7 f- --A347 Y - -A , , A YE .- - -Q, , V' "1 I I , Is I 1-"' .,,-. lc v . -Sf... ?- 1--'Y +-5 I I 5' nfl- - I"""'T:Nr I I L1 'T TN If-va Ti ' x 1- 1 IQ, I' 5 'Rv 'Vg iglxflx 6 N X h x T , ,u L ,Q X aI gx . V I . 2 . I IG 0 i h, at 44 2 EY Tv 'GM In R I XX if If-I. fi I :I I In WJ vV.J I I y ' NJN I I 1 H l WY Ia 'I I II Tl' III: X K 1' I 1 I I E T In .- vr fa 'WWE 'W' IIII-'I Th' ' I V I I I 5 .if rs 5, I :fix Ui ' - ii iyr-. 11 . 1 .IF v ' , I , I u . if I- I f I ,. I I E I I I I.-- .- I- I I II: I I V: as 1-" 5 :'......... ..- aw .NIH-:EE:::::lE:':lI:gigkigiiggieglk 54 NUI Iejf II. ' ' ' "" H ig ' A f f I' I ' I Y f f . I if I I " e Hung sous ,I E I' I ' .Li I , ,f f 5,5 ' I I if I 4 I f' A "' 534.1 5 I fix A 'QT 'E I I' 14 ' ff 'T ' K f ' I "u -L . l 3 -S x f 1 M . 1, 5 , 1-I 9 Xi Q. Ha, as in - - -. sv B :..-..v.:- . ,bl - - x l K: -T. x. . ..,: .rm ,ISIC-QV IAQ ' 'S ' A-, , ' -1 -.fx -X f . Tri,,m N - HE SSE 'S EIKMEYERS HARDWARE HeaI'ing and Air Condi+ioning Shee+ Me'raIs Con+racI'ors 8 I 2 I 8+h S+ree'r 372- I 403 When You Think Flowers. Think RITTERS Garden Cen+er and Flower Shop I2I0 Ave H. 372-I305 FORT APPLIANOE OEN TER ' 602 AVENUE G ' FORT MADISON, IOWA ' PHONE 372-3842 COMPLIMENTS OF JOHNSON PHELAN AND TUCKER an .rn 5 oll li A 1, HY- vss moo srorzs Y j' Ei -N .. , g fii 5, 'Q -E ve you a+ Hy-Vee Food Sfor PEPSI OLIENOHES FMHS THIRST Pepsi-com I BOTTLING OOMPAN Y r Z Keokuk, Iowa NONPAREIL TOOL AND ENGINEERING Precision Machining and Engineering 372-84I I Wever, Iowa as o,i., g A Wnf M i'i' I Q . me 9 Q' 'iff fm 1.1 1- 2 ij' Q v -M Vi I I ,Q 1. , gi - S ' I H'-x ' 'V ' U V ' Ll 'lt vi it A p i 'X I 1 L f I ', fir K, , -' A ta, A M -ff 5: 44.451 ... 'QQ ,en - frv -gf cl Bruce Hunsaker, Uean Kamsey, Rick Beiker, Rick Spring, Aian Brayfon, Dave Gerdes, and Mike Ahner represeni old and new FMHS sfudenis working for Mary 8: Sons. MARY :gt SONS I827 Avenue L "Fines+ Mea+s in Town" Accouni ai Fori Madison bank 8: Tr s+ Company FORT MADISON BANK 8: TRUST f XNGI4 INSURED 515, X OOMPAN Y sv-I 4, H. 4 U P I 0 is am C0333 -9-,I Hi- v. s. unorm FURT MADISON PLANT Finishes Division E. I. du Poni de Nemours 8: Co., Inc. 'v's?f2f s s 5 mf MP? Q WELL9' FABRICS -og N 825 Avenue G PIZZA :H 7,525-FEL' eos Ave. G ff X' 372-I05I 11" G R"'b v 2 ff 9 8 NA IFEH 'S , Pam Howell, and Eileen Roewer+ enioy working 2805 Ave L 372-6334 lls' during a'F+er school hours. NORTH CENTRAL PUBLIC SERVICE COMPANY gbnlwl DISCO I802 Avenue H For+ Madison, Iowa 372-5 I 5l Sopher Sopher The fabulous furry 'freak bro+hers say "Keep on +ruckin' Srs. Sponsored by "SQm'Op Pcwaf- ,UDIQVQ-Q1 Dan Moore y':T'20"'mf Myron Morgan . - 6 Z Murphy W f"f7, Love M '7 ' nw WMF! 7 For ihe pho+ographic record of your wedding, fhe services of a qualified professional phoiographer are essen+ial fo The Joy of 'rhis day CAM-ART STUDIO Since I946 Wes? Poini, iowa 52652 HU TOHISUN MOTOR SALES INC. 2336 Avenue L 372-4862 e I 2335 2 22313 Tift? M ,gggggt 5 Remember the days ' when a man took ride in I O ner? I wlgrgz the thmgs he made, o,o'ala:i: . ze.:-14 and there was no dlfference o:o:s'o'd , 15232313 between beaut1fu1 6f'f9.l: Eftgtfig and useful? Days of the .'o"s',' tgtgtgtgz craftsmen. They're .30-4.9.1 ' . st1ll here at Sheaffer. SHEAFFER, WORLD-WIDE, A i9XiI'0YIi COMPANY QHEAFFER PEN CU For+ Madison, Iowa 3OI Avenue H "One of +he pens of fhe Pen Ci'ry." QA NORIH!MMHUCAN VANLME9 Across Town or Across Nor+h America, Call Bryani' Moving 81 S+orage I506 Ave. M 372- I703 Neal Dodd and Mike Davis examine a +ype display. DODD IWUNHNUIMWDSIAHONFRY MEL 'Ss all-. 9 0 Heifner Jewelry Dee's Inferior Designs " Richard's Aufo Joseph L. Body Phelan Handy Baskei' ,. S Dr. R. R. Macxse Cushman Schlvley Cen+er Foundry Cen'rral W , Sfafe Hawkeye Fijhion InVeS+men+ Lumber Co, an K. 7 I 9 , ' yr 5 A If , , :gy . . . Saying J - Congrafulafions I fo fhe class of . ll72ll no 7 V f Q45 .-'Q FORT MADISON COUNCIL OF CHURCHES' Calvary Firs+ Assembly of God Church 0+ +he Nazarene Firs+ Bap+is+ Church Firs+ Chris+ian Church Firs+ Uni+ed Me+hodis+ Church Reorganized Church of Jesus Chris+ ' of La++er Day Sain+s San+a Fe Uni+ed Me+hodis+ Church Second Bap+is+ Church S+. John's Uni+ed Church of Chris+ S+. Luke's Episcopal Church S+. Paul's Lu+heran Church Union Presby+erian Church s ww vw im U L +-fff-fspggy fm- ff5LMgx,,q4 45LfL,Lxa: LQQL53 L S' Q 53 K L LL L fi M fx , iff ' ' LL " - LL .. L, j f?" L LL LQ .ew .. W 5:::gm,1w 'WLLL W L L.L- -A A LWI .fipnf I 1 k " an . LLLL L J A51 ' n r LLLLLL L, 1 ' Q 3 -E sfiwgf g gi jg,5i.f5" 4: ' J' . 5.-- rw, , ,, ff W ' ,. 1 ' k h .L b I I u- . LL, Vb V Q V i, l Y, . , LL M, V .0 L3 nw, gui L. Af ' I-' 7 s., 5 -e- flax vnunfnava Q D h v"1Hllt , -sIf"' Y gg'l'6 16 3 -n v."52'!. . f. .sr -, 4. . 5 I .-if , 4 ' "f"'f!'.,-V 'lin , Q -. ,V I ' ,TTVW ...,.. M , M V- , 3, ,VAV b, W.. ,A QA'V' - if i - .ww-mMw.L+:3,w.r, ,1 ,- in .., 59' . Pholo by: Bruce Towle Co-Editors: Dianelrause Pat Young Copy Editor: Cyndi Helhng

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Fort Madison High School - Madisonian Yearbook (Fort Madison, IA) online yearbook collection, 1976 Edition, Page 1


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