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MRP' Q r. V -Kyiv, Q .1 -Q 14? w, 1 ff' , ff! 556' 1 , , . ,S ' 359+ 3? in-1 1 Sabi' S 6, mv, ei 2 .lbs Nxt. h QQ 'N - u M 9 gli, - n 'L "- fx ff' il 4 ' 4 -:Q 1' N 'V .a 1, Y Jw A . '1 ,1 i ff 'F fi lvl 7 yn vo 5,1 w A I I 3 . ' l ' u . , f Q 114 I f v xy x x I I. , if A, 4 'r 'Ju fwg' . . , . . V, al., g , X' ',' ' Q, df' . g, " A v ,. ' , ."f N - If ' 85' 1 .Jil 'Q T 'f u-. if 1,1 .rl V Q v ' ' nk ny I 11' I Q-1 ,-.. if 4. , fp J 4: if 5- -, I Q11 z ", kg, .4 'hp . ' V K M ef Q. ' jf f, 5.5-A W. , QQ5 ing' ,, , Q, I - ryjuf. 9 f' ,wa 'nel' hw , 4 T 4,11 4- f dm l. 5 E1 if .4 'V'-in-QW.,-f, 5 C .'1'he. Mad1sonian Staff of 1958 yaji io-take a, tour through xr o 2- ,. - ,. Jffpgf-Ildadisoli f:l'lQ'rffchooffg..itd5,Plag'rna, the Blood- . 7" ,, .. guide. Wqsincerely hope that Plasma 1 "' "" dw " will billable to'help you recall many happy memories . 1 , ' of the past school year. lt's all yours, now, Plasma. 'T 'N 41 ., ,Q an l, - ". .V ii- , , 50: MM' , .K ,Q . . . ctiytelsa , as 5 'lr .1:,.L,.- . Ju-an ...... 1 . ,Q .ggtiugz CLASS First of all, I would like to introduce you to the members of the Class of '58. 0F'8 Q? V" ' . vw Q SENIOR OFFICERS: BACK ROW QL. to RJ: R. Knake, SENIOR SPONSORS: STANDING QL. to RJ: Mr. Fahey Student Council Representative, L. Brannon, Student Mr. Van Sickel, Mr. Hay, Mr. Page, Mr. Stump, Mr. Council Representative, C. Frank, Secretary. FRONT Sparenborg. SEATED: Mrs. Bartlett, Miss Miller. ROW: D. Stribling, Vice-President, J. Richmond, Student Council Representative, R. Harper, Student Council Representative. ffifi siiiwif?-fjpf-f1f:'. , . gs E' ,i l J e an Angell Llby' Penny Atlee Sharon Baker 6 Q 'n Terry Anders Patty Andrews Wayne Andrews Kenneth Baldwin Larry Bangert M1chael Barnes Ronald Bartlett Jack Berry Davld Boyles Larry Brannon Jud1th Bee lm an Darrell Benjamln Carol Jean Buck Nettie Cangas Robert Cashman Doreen Cherry 7 1.1 Kathleen Cooper Marllyn Cooper Dorothy Crambht Peggy Crow Bradley Cuthbert Howard Dalrymple .el Ronald Chrlstopher Dlxxe Clark Susan Coburn in L Sue Dalrymple Bonnie Dawson Nancy Deeds Roy De1tchler Norma Derrrck Margaret Early on Ye-Y z+r'w'5' xf Q- fh we Jul1a Evermgham Joy Faeth Norman Faeth Roger Gehle Gary Glassford Betty Goldenstem X. YI' mda Fexertag Clyde Frank Frances GAICIA ,BFE Peter Greiner Robert Gullick William Gullick Beverly Holmes Jerry Honadel Carole Huett AN X Barbara Hancock Robert Harper Patncra Hart Wayne Henmng Lo1s Hxlleary Kathryn Hlllgartner Myma Jobe Karen Keester Ronald Kelley Dxck Klzse Roger Knake Llnda Lamb cm ef TS f 1 ft! if is ll Patrxcla Hurst Mary I-lutchlson Yvonne Jeffery SHR wi" Rebecca Lane Ronald Laughary Gerald Leafgreen 1' Mark McK1eman Eddle Maag Jacquelme Manka 1 Norma Long Edward Lowenberg Mlchael Mclllece Sally Marshall Sherry Mathena Dolores Jean Matthews J-51 2 John Mercer Momca Mertms Harold Moore Mar1on Mosley Judy Muerhoff Duane Myers Q. 9' Q 1 K hp- Albert Pnvra Liane Qualls Gary Rainey S51 3 Floyd O'Ne11 Tom Pearson Joan Pendergraft Ronald Penrod Larry Persmger Nacho Prado Harlan Ross Margaret Rupert Claudxa Ruppenkamp Lorrame St Cla1r Shuley Sanders Wrlma Schantz ,V-vm, We W Glenda Smlth Ruth Arm Smlth Rlchard Smvely Joan Spoor Stuart Starr G:-111 Steeples 1 Y! 15 Terry Selby Davld Sheets James Sxrols Jerry Stxeger David Strxblmg Ruth Sturdevant ,- Marxlyn Taylor Patrxcla Thoman Tom Tmcher Larry Tuttle Robert Van Pelt John Vasquez R- L' kv' Francis Sunden James Sylvester Josephine Taschetta -in Wo N is mis Sharon Vaughn Roger Wallls Stanley Waterman U93 +1314-xg yyv 'NQ li.. 'if sq I . CO 'F U 'll ' 'K Woe: QM Connie Zahn 17 John Weber Nancy Wells .hm Wrlken Charlene Wilkerson Karen Wllson Donna Wrxght 1i,5s "Some of the happiest memories of school are those of the formals, parties, and other social activities. Come along with me and recall many of those happy hours." as ,,,-vi?" -v. Us -it 4. ,pw S as . Wlcqf, -QA.- . is Lena crowns the royal couple. Janet and David begin a progressive dance. f Seniors Welcome the Freshmen Every year the freshmen elect a king and queen for Freshman Day. Nominated and elected by their classmates, they are crowned at the Senior-Frosh dance. This year Janet Rhodes and David Brown reigned over the dance as king and queen. Topping the festivities, our exchange student from Indonesia, Lenawati Legiman, crowned the royal couple. The juniors and sophs sat this one out! The seniors practiced brotherly love this year by acting as big brothers to the freshmen. School spirit and friendliness prevailed as the seniors sponsored an all freshman talent assembly. The seniors hoped to make the freshmen feel welcome instead of em- barrassed. The make-up work linc after the flu epidemic. ln October tht' llii bug found its way to lfort lxlgidisoii, and the public highschool was hit first With more than lilty percent of thc student body ill. and the disease rapidly spreading to other schools, the entire public school system siispcndcd classes for tifo days, The following Monday thc line which wound into thc print'iptil's office for make-up assignments. was A sight to behold. Miss Walljasper's clerical training class frightj worked long and ltard in preparing literature for the annual Cliristnias Seal Drive. This section of the library is normally used for reference work only. Due to the crowded conditions, however, it is being utilized as a study hall. "--. Terry Ellis fleftj, and Roger Cummings Qcenter fore- groundj, are turning out useful projects. Someone seems to li Mr. Kokjohn's machine ave diverted the attention of shop class. L...-o- -1-4 'ra Xu A X Q U: 1 V 6 X i' n N x Af 7,f, , Q- ' MX Homecoming Queen Connie Zahn Ed Maag Dave Johnson Mr. Youel Bill Gullick Bill Schulte Harlan Ross Queen's Attendant Pat Hurst Terry Anders Richard Finley Larry Gustin Ronnie Kelley Gary Weddington Queen's Attendant Peggy Crow Jerry Honadel Frank Sunden Joe Doering Bryan Klein Roger Craig Queen's Attendant Liane Qualls Dave Stribling Jack Shacklett Ron Carr Ken Hart Roy Deitchler David Funkhouser Queen's Attendant Becky Lane Hal Moore Jim Wilken Mr. Peters Jerry Kamp Mac Mosley Phil Cannady Floyd O'Neil Varsity Cheerleaders Barb Muerhoff Carol Fisher Joy Faeth Mary Hutchison Fran Becker Bob Schroeder Roger McCannon Glen Lewis Homecoming sponsored and planned entirely by the Juniors is one of the most exciting events of the school year and certainly highlights the entire fall Festivities this year included a bonfire, pep rally parade and the dance after the big game In the parade first prize was won by the freshman class, fleft picture first row opposite pagej second prize by the Sophomore Girls Glee Club, fleft picture, second 108 I T0 .. -PADV W -A' - Q. si'- -ff-,H f.-f. 1 I . . . 2-331' A ,ns l, 1 'W , i.: -' ,,,.,.., s P I le . my illtjx 'H' '-v , fl xi - ' ling-...-.- 7-. ' ' :ff ' :hr -.L - il if Ll' Q 351243 -,, . 1' f, Hail QM OUT 'K L1 fi I W 1. ' ' - . Q 2' li: 'f '3?A':'i3'a'E'6 n ' .. N x 1 - - ' x 4. - A t Q A '49, x 'ff 4? -Q L 1- T f .-v-- - I' rj' Q-W 1 Hb, gi'1,..,?:., V f ,Y -, 5 N 5 X519 it Img - . y ' ,V , Y at 1' ,K ,,'f'-., vi' ' aigixn 1 Ljiflsai .,-fp , e + 1" -v iff- ' g - , W. fv' -H J '2' I . ,-Q---n..g,.,e, 5. 1 2 .v x VL 1 1 ' Q 4-L,lf,' , W Q " fo 3 X 4 ls 41" s Qs .' X' ,ie N. X ,' P The Homecoming Queen and her Court: FRONT ROW, L. to R.: Peggy Crow, Becky Lane, Connie Zahn, Lizme Qualls, and Pat Hurst. BACK ROW: Jerry Honadel, Hal Moore, Ed Maag, Dave Stribiing, and Terry Anders. X John and Janet were among the many who enjoyed the homecoming dance.. Roger Knake crowns Connie queen of the homecoming festivities. ,sr mum 'TVN-3 H Mxss Patty Hurst Queen's Attendant Homecoming Royalty Mxss Peggy Crow Queen's Attendant Miss Lxane Qualls Queen's Attendant Miss Becky Lane Queen's Attendant The Queen and her attendants, nominated by the Letterman's Club, were voted on by the student body. Connie was elected to reign over the Home- coming festivities . 27 1 fvv-I -Fx 1 0 P, f .xv-S PLAY CAST QSEATED Left to Right, V KokJohn T Mertens, B Muerhoff V Super, C F1sher,F Becker, L HnlZd3 QSTANDINGQ C Dorre11,G LEWIS, R Schroeder, R M1tche11 S Polack R Consbrock Here Comes Charlie A STAGE HELP QSEATED Left to Rxghtj It says rlght here 1n thlS etlquette book K Kutscher N Hoemg L Barnes M Stowe QSTANDINGQ V Johnson, R Button P Tucker 28 Don t muss me' I have become a father The lrves of Larry Ellrott fBob bchroederj and hrs Aunt Fanny fCarol l-rsherj are d1s rupted when Uncle Aleck Twrggs quam Polackj and hrs nephew Charl1efBarb Maerhoffj arrrve from the Ozarlxs to make thexr homes wrth the Ellrotts Ted QDrclt Consbrockj Larry s best frrend enjoys Charlre s company but Larry s francee Vrvran bmythe KerseyfV1ck1 iuperj rs thoroughly drsgusted wrth the Ozarkran especrally when Charlre turns out to be a grrl Aunt Fanny Vrwan and Vrvran s mother QLora Hnwdaj plot to remow. Charlre from Larry s favor Nora QTheresa Mertensj the m nd her boyfr1endQGlen Lewrsj and Mortrmer Smythe Kersey fD1ck Mrtchellj all added to the fun and Lest of the rrb txcklrng comedy The Junror Class presented a play that was truly a smash success. Actl Sccntl Macbeth Do it right or. . The Dry Dock is the center of activity. :Wqf Roger Knake waits to return Larry Bangert's serve. Dry Dock For the students of Fort Madison lligh School and Aquinas High School, a long awaited dreambe- came reality in November of last fall in the form of our new student center. Replacing the old Dry Dock, the new "Dock" is also utilized as a Junior Achievement Center. It came into being largely through the efforts of the co-chairman of the campaign, Mrs. Gordon Armbruster and Mr, C, E. Richards. With music supplied by The SEVEN KNIGHTS, the opening dance attracted an estimated five hundred students. This modern building is truly an accomplishment in which not only we, but the entire city of Fort Madison can take great pride. Dick helps Randy with her lessons as Mrs. Super and Mr. Snively "tend bar." The executives of a Junior Achievement company plan their company's business in one of the meeting rooms. til The SEVEN KNIGHTS furnished music for the formal opening of the Dry Dock. QI.. to RJ R. Walker, B. Cuthbert, W. Huett, L. Gustin, F. Lawrence, H. Moore P. Baughman. The assembl line of Junior Achievement located on the Y first floor of the Student Center. , 435 1 Summer... I957 Each summer the Fort Madison Indepen- dent Swimming Pool is the center of activity throughout the swimming season. Under the management of Mr, E. A. Patterson and Mr. J. Peters, the pool is staffed entirely by col- lege and high school students and is open for the enjoyment of all. Becky's sitting pretty. qi' "?7'R"g,. It seems that Susa.n's having motor trouble. Judy's practicing to be a washerwoman. THE ROAD ANGELS. QL. to R. Q: A. Privi B. Gullick, D. Gregory, R. Kelly. Tom and Roger look self-satisfied as they tr out the radio they made for a Science Club project. Students enjoy noon hour recreation in th gym during the cold winter months. A very attractive center of attention this year has been the main bulletin board. Through the efforts of the C8LB Staff, the student body is kept informed of all events o interest to F.M.H.S. C dt B STAFF: FRONT ROW, QL. to R. Q: G Smith, K. I-Iillgartner, J. Buck, N. Reid, B. Hancock, N. Deeds, P. Thoman, M. Cooper C. Huett. BACK ROW: B. Dawson, J. Siroi B. Cullick, L. Hilleary, J. Angell. 1-H 'Nh The "Road Angels" is a new addition to the list of active organizations around F.M.H.S. This club is a charter member of the N.H.R.A. KNA- tional Hot Rod Associationy. The club is spon- sored by Thomas Motors. The requirements for membership are as follows: he must have a driver's license, be voted in by a 2X3 majority of the club members, and if the future member has a car, it must pass a safety check. The present members include: Bob Gullick, QPresidentJ Jim Mason, qVice-Presidentj Ronnie Kelley, QSecretary- Treasurerj, Bob Mertens, Terry Anders, A1 Privia, Dick Gregory, and Carl Hellige. THE OFFICE GIRLS. qt. to R. yr J. Matthews, J Cooper, B. Dawson, P. Thoman, G. Smith, and L Hilleary. K' , Christmas Formal . I 4? 0 sro, C Q' iz. att v 1. .X NN- -we 4 C W nA'2r e A I .ffl ..-lil 1 The Royal Christmas Court. QL. to RJ: D. Snivelyg P. Hurst, R. Knakeg J. Beelmang D. Striblingg L. St. Clair, B. Cuth bert, Mr. Merry Christmas, M. Mertens, Miss Merry Chri The annual Christmas Formal, sponsored by the Citizen of the Month Club, was held on Saturday, December 21. Music was furnished by Ward Vance. The holidays provided the keynote for decorations, with silver bells on the walls, a large bell suspended overhead, red and white streamers extending from the Brad Cuthbert, Mr. Merry Christmas Monica Mertens, Miss Merry Christmas Dan McGuire, fSan1.a Clausj i 'WITH' 'f""' .ls ' ,- :gig . v I i sr ffff 1 'U 1 X, , if x 'ily -45: '1- r u ' ,'A3!2zae:2 is .-f 'lf stmasg Santa Claus fDan McGuirej5 B. Lane, H. Moore. bell to the walls, and pine boughs forming an arched entrance. During the evening Brad Cuthbert and Mon- ica Mertens were crowned Mr. and Miss Merry Christ- mas. Dan McGuire, playing the part of Santa Claus, added a comic touch to a gay evening. Dave escorts Lorraine to the coronation ceremonies 33 A Kiltie Formal FRONT to BACK: Jim Harlan, Judy Beelman, Harold Moore, Becky Lane, Gary Calhoun, Judy Everingham, Ronnie Smith, Sherrie Vaughn, Spencer Morton, Lorraine St. Clair. 1 The ptmch table is always a center of entertainment The seventh annual Kiltie formal was held on February 15, 1958. The Stan Black Quartet and valen- tine decorations provided a perfect atmosphere for Cupid to shoot his arrows through the hearts of one That punch is good, 1sn't rt, Hans? BACKGROUND L to Rl H Hoefcrly M Mertens, L St Clair FOREGROUND H Lawton, T Peck,P Tucker, D Schneider hundred eleven couples. Cupid was well aided in his work by the Kilties, whose accomplishments were ap preciated. THE GRAND MARCH, QL. to R. Q: Judy Beelman, Jim Harlan, Becky Lane, Harold Moore,Judy Everingham, Gary Calhoun, Sherrie Vaughn, Ronnie Smith. - . V152 ..- ' X .,, ,. 5 Q X Becky Lane and Harold Moore K, 'Ar X, 4 Vicki Super and Roy Deitchler Y Q ina i Liane Qualls and David Stribling Judy Beelman and Jim Harlan Jeanie Matthews and Roger Wallisg Joy Faeth and Tom Tincher Linda Feiertag and Tom Pearson 'fs?'a -' 4 4 I RQ! Peggy Crow and Bill Hayes P my Kay Cooper and Nick Johnson 'Av' 0144! 35 f, M. , l ' Q 133. 1 I C XXJA9 Mat g 'T o 10 01 . 5 C9 Q oo Q95 117011 I 957 Relays Queen and Her Court Miss Elizabeth Fisher Queen Miss Darlene Skinner 37 Miss Melva Lee Gibson Junior-Senior Prom.. . I957 Climaxing months of hard work by the Juniors, "Soft Summer Breeze " became a reality on Saturday, May 11, 1957. Preceding the formal, the Class of '57 were guests of the Class of '58 at a ban- quet held at the Country Club- Roger Knake was our toastmaster. The welcome extended to the Seniors by Brad Cuthbert, junior class president, was accepted by I could have danced all night. Dan McGuire, senior class president. After the banquet, the party left for the high school gymnasium, where they were ushered into a beautiful garden setting enclosed by a simulated stone wall. Soft, billowy clouds cen- tered around a huge star formed the summer sky. Artificial flowers, gaily decorated tables, and a foun- tain from which flowed colored water, helped carry out the illusion. Playing to the largest crowd ever to attend a Prom at Fort Madison High School, Gene Regur and his orchestra highlighted a wonderful evening. Leading the grand march are QL. to R.j C. Zahn, G. Guenther, B. Wilczak, D. Wiedmann, C. Tyler, C. Perry, P. Hurst, B. Cuthbert STANDING in front of the archway are QL. to R.j 'TOP ROW--T. Tincher, J. Faeth, P. Hurst B. Cuthbert. FIRST ROW--D. Stribling, K. Lang. Gary and Connie had a good time. Q 1 Adrniring the powder room are QL. to R.j STANDING--M. Taylor, G. O'Nei1, J. Watson, P. Andrews. SEATED--J. Manka, P. Berstler, J. Everingham. Time out. 'Eru- I SOPHOMORE SEXTET, QL. to R. Q: L. Neal, J. Kiel, L. Fehseke, S. Taapkin, B. Zahn, and D. Everingharn. I JUNIOR GIRLS' TRIO,QL. to RJ: K. Kutscher, K. Mekemson, C. Fisher. SENIOR GIRLS' SEXTET, QL. to R. j: C. Ruppenkamp, J. Faeth, J. Everingham, M. Hutchison, L. Lamb, J. Matthews. K . Sectional Music Winners SOPHOMORE GIRLS' TRIO, QL. to R. Q: L. Neal, M. Kimball, J. Pfautz. x The top ad salesman for this year's Madisonian. Thanls alot, Kay. Heroes of the deadline 'K of--:.. Packaged food stacked before Carol, Terry, and Jon will go in Christmas bagketg to needy Tell me, honestly, Lawrence, do you know the difference between families. a note and a rest? The J. A, program is a national organization spon- sored by local firms to help high school students to learn the fundamentals of private enterprise. Through the processes of forming companies, selling stock, manufacturing products, earning salaries, and finally liquidating the companies, students learn the problems of business management. SEW N' SEWS--OFFICERS, 1st HALF: P. Hurst, Pres., M. Hoenig, V-Pres., N. Fairlie, Sec., P. Crow, Treas. Officers, 2nd HALF: V. Super, Pres., V. Kokjohn, V-Pres., N. Hoenig, Sec., N. Fairlie, Treas. Achievers inthis company: M. Hoeing, V. Super, C. Zahn, J. Richmond, L. St. Clair, B. Dawson, M. Salles, E. St. Clair, N. Fairlie, C. Huffacker, T. Mertens, V. Kokjohn, P. Crow, R. Smith, N. Hoenig, J. Hoeing, J. Fencl. SCRAPPERS--OFFICERS, 1st HALF: L. Bangert, Pres., V. Watson, V-Pres., J, Kamp, Sec., S. Waterman, Treas. Officers, 2nd HALF: B. Brockrnan, Pres., J. Muerhoff, V-Pres., N. Ryan, Sec., S. Waterman, Treas. Achievers in this company: W. Brockman, K. Kramer, J. Muerhoff, S. Waterman, D. Hanville, L. Hilleary, D. Micheal, L. Bangert, J. Kamp, V. Watson, D. Mitchell, M. Horn, P. Stiefel, L. Boe, D. Cullen, N. Ryan. Junior Achievement CHEF D' JAYS--OFFICERS, lst HALF: M. Mertens, Pres., S. Vaughn, V-Pres., J. Beelman, Sec., B. Lit- vay, Treas. Officers, 2nd HALF: M. Mertens, Pres., L. Feiertag, V-Pres., J. Beelman, Sec., S. Vaughn, Treas. Achievers in this company: K. Powell, B. Lit- vay, P. Thoman, J. Beelman, M. Mertens, M. Kracaw, K. Tompkins, R. Lawton, S. Vaughn, J. Stellers, M. Korschgen, C. Bergthold, M. Rupert, B. Holmes, L. Feiertag, M. Weaver. ,Ni , ,fx Mac.. CHAMCO--OFFICERS, lst HALF: L. Brannon, Pres., M. Sanders, V-Pres., J. Kern, Sec., L. Lamb, Treas. Officers, 2nd HALF: L. Brannon, Pres., C. Fisher, V-Pres., M. Votzmeier, Sec., M. Sanders, Treas. Achievers in this company: G. Andrews, M. Votze- meier, L. Lamb, L. Tuttle, B. Green, L. Brannon, K. Hillgartner, M. Sanders, G. Fschmann, E. Wilmes- meier, B. Murehoff, J. Kern, C. Fisher, S. Bonham, L. Bentzinger, L. Rokoss. CAN-DU--OFFICERS, lst HALF: R. Roxlau, Pres., J. Borgman, Sec., B. Lane, Treas. Officers, 2nd HALF: R. Roxlau, Pres., B. Schulte, V-Pres., B. Lane, Sec., J. Borgman, Treas. Achievers of this company: R. Holland, B. Lane, M. Hirwinkel, J. Borgman, R. Mc- Cannon, J. Thomas, R. Roxlau, W. Schulte, D. Tim- mermeyer, M. Susich, D. Stribling, K. Kutscher, G. Holterhaus, R. Wollam, L. Legiman, C. Winke, B. Lemberger. PHONE-ETTS--OFFICERS, lst HALF: R. Wallis, Pres., D. Johnson, V-Pres., J. Cooper, Sec., D. Matthews, Treas. Officers, 2nd HALF: R. Wallis, Pres., D. Hitch, V-Pres., L. Asinger, Sec., B. Russell, Treas. Achievers of this company: D. Hitch, B. Gerverler, R. Wallis, J. Cooper, B. Crosley, L. Swenson, P. Tucker, D. Matthews, D. Johnson, W. Russell, K. Lirmenbrink, L. Dawson, M. Stowe, J. Nelson, P. Smith. Junior Achievement SHADRACS--OFFICERS, lst HALF: D. Benjamin, Pres K. Cooper, V-Pres., J. Everingham, Sec., P. Andrews, Treas. Officers, 2nd HALF: K. Cooper, Pres., T. Pearson, V-Pres., J. Everingham, Sec., P. Andrews, Treas. Achievers of this company: P. Andrews, N. Cherry, R. Sturdevant, D. Montgomery, E. Ludden, J. Nelson, R. Klise, D. Schneider, K. Cooper, R. Doer- ing, T. Pearson, D. Cenk, J. Everingham, N. Reid, L. Barnes. WOODCHUCKERS--OFFICERS, lst HALF: J. Sirois, Pres., B. Cuthbert, V-Pres., S. Coburn, Sec., K. Phelan, Treas. Officers, 2nd HALF: J. Sirois, Pres., V. Peterschmidt, V-Pres., F. Becker, Sec., K. Phelan, Treas. Achievers of this company: P. Greiner, S. Co- burn, J. Sirois, B. Cuthbert, J. Lambert, C. Frank, R. Deitchler, V. Peterschmidt, B. Qualls, C. Fraise, K. Phelan, M. Hutchinson, F. Becker, C. Riley, J. Pende- graft, L. Hnizida. SIAT-CO--OFFICERS, lst HALF: M. Mclllece, Pres., B. Linnenbrink, P. Harrington, Sec., J. Taschetta, Treas. Officers, 2nd HALF: M. Mclllece, Pres., C. Linnenbrink, V-Pres., P. Harrington, Sec., J. Taschetta, Treas. Achievers of this company: J. Taschetta, D. Hall, M. Doering, K. Mekemson, H. Ross, W. Linnen- brink, J. Manka, M. Mclllece, J. Rohmer, P. Harring- ton, J. Jones, D. Jeitz, C. Rashid. ..1 -- 5 69 al-'V 4. v J- Ai! . A,-.ww , ,Q 3 ,, 1 X AK . xl -. . Q X P 4 1 an-Q . Z' J 6 , HB" I S , . , . 0 I S v, Nt, I A " 0 .' ' s 'Q J. ATIONS 4 atv v "The extracurricular organizations of Fort Madison High School are many and varied. These groups, working toward a goal of bettering our school, provide fun and invaluable experi- ences in working together." Ml ,U is 5, .-., is G 1 i f if aff' ,A Ji. Brad Cuthbert and Monica Mertens were elected The National Honor Society is composed of students president and vice -president of the Student Council, the goveming body of F.M.H.S. The other members are the presidents of each class, the vice-presidents, and four representatives from the senior class, three from the junior and two each from the sophomore and freshman classes. Mr. Woods was the advisor. The council is divided into three committees: school spirit, service and assemblies, and social. Many worth- while projects, such as sponsoring bus trips to games, selling student tickets, conducting freshman orienta- tion and open house, decorating the Christmas tree, sponsoring the Easter and Thanksgiving assemblies, parents' football night, the Christmas basket, and a student exchange between F.M.H.S. and member schools of the new S.E. Six Conference were accom- plished during this past school year. The aim of the Student Council is to help and promote a better relationship between the students and between schools. Brad Cuthbert, Bob Schroeder, Carol Fisher, and Monica Martens were our delegates to the Iowa Association of Student Councils. THE STUDENT COUN CIL: QAROUND THE TABLE CLOCKWISEJ: L. Legiman, D. Stribl- ing, R. Knake, P. Crow, C. Fisher, B. Schroeder, P. Tucker, E. Marsh, R. Harper, Mr. Woods, M. Mer- tens, B. Cuthbert, J. Richmond, D. Schneider, P. Cannady W. Huett, J. Mc- Guire, J. Frey, T. Noonan, L. Brannon and C. Zahn. ! THE NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY, QFRONT ROW, L. to R. jr J. Richardson, S. Coburn, L. St. Clair, P. Hurst, J. ,i Everingham, C. Zahn, , i J. Beelman, P. An- ' drews, I.. Lamb, B. Lane, V.Super, and C. Fisher. BACK 'E ROW: J. spoof, J. A W' i Richmond, L. Hnizda, ,, in B. Schulte, R. Wallis, Q Q 5 L. Brannon, H. Law- - ton, R. Knake, B. Schroeder, D. Mitchell, B. Cuthbert, J. Tas- chetta, J. Faeth, C. Huett, and V. Kokjohn. who rank in the upper one -third of their classes scho- lastically, and who have attended FMHS for one year. Five per cent of the junior class and not more than fifteen per cent of the senior class are elected each year. The election is held after the semester grades are recorded in the office. Students are rated on scholarship, which is determined by the office, char- acter, leadership, and service. Any teacher in high school is eligible to rate any student for leadership, service, and character if he has had that student in class or study hall for one semester, or has supervised that student in any extracurricular activity. Students having the highest average rating are elected members of this organization. QB L. :EN MADISONIAN STAFF: QBACK ROW, L. to RJ: C. Starr, D. Mitchell, B. Guillick, L. Ban- gert, B. Schroeder, H. Lawton, M. Mclllece, B. Cuthbert, J. Sirois. QFRONT ROWQ: C. Zahn, J. Beelman, S. Coburn, J. Lambert, F. Becker, J. Richmond, V. Super, J. Cooper, C. Fisher. Madisonian Staff Every year the Madisonian Staff works hard to put out a good Madisonian and this year is no exception. Last June, Sue Coburn, Judy Richmond, Brad Cuthbert, and Mike Mclllece, went to the Iowa University Year Book Clinic, in Iowa City in order to bring you the best pos- sible year book. We hope that you will all enjoy it. f A' N SENIOR STAFF: fSTANDING, L. to RJ: Judy Rich- mond, Picture Editor, Mike Mclllece, Sports Editor, Mike Schrier, Staff Photographer, Brad Cuthbert, Edi- tor, Patty Hurst, Business Manager, Sue Cobum, Literary Editor. QSITTINGQ: Mrs. Everingham, Advisor. ACK ROW, L. to RJ: L. Dawson, V. Kokjohn, B. Russell, D. Watts, M. MaCabe, Hnizda, R. Wallis, B. Schroeder, C. Starr, L. Hilleary. QMIDDLE ROWQ: B. Limburger, K. McKemson, B. Muerhoff, C. Fisher, P. Atlee, L. Qualls, S. Vaughn, J. Everingham, A Sirois, C Van Auken S Ta kin FRONT ROW M Mertins J Thoman J Lambert, . . , . p . Q Q: . . , . K. Kutscher, L. Betzinger, J. Fencl, V. Super, J. Asthalter, D. Everingham, P. Andrews, B. Zahn, S. Schroeder. Y E.l:l:lw:lilrf"f"' M - H, 4 s s Citizen of the Month Club Each month three boys and three girls are nominated by the Citizen of the Month Club from one of the four classes. From these candidates, one boy and one girl are chosen by the student body to represent Fort Madi- son High School as "Citizens of the Month." The election is based upon the student's citizenship, ability, character, leadership, and participation in school activities. At the end of the school year, one boy and one girl are chosen from the senior members of the club by the student body as "Citizens of the Year." This year the club sponsored a successful campaign to raise money for next year's foreign exchange stu- dent. Under the direction of the Citizen of the Month Club, The World's Finest Chocolates were sold city- wide by students of F,M,ll,S. The Christmas Formal, sponsored by the Citizen of the Month Club, was very successful, and we hope they will make this event an annual affair. Officers for this year are Connie Zahn, president, Roger Knake, vice-president, and Judy Everingham, secretary-treasurer. This honor organization is spon- sored by Mrs. Ruth Van Tuyl, Q"'i.:f Hifi Citizen of the Month Club, U.. to R.j, STANDING: Mrs. Van Tuyl, E. Maag, D. Stribling, G. Weddington, L. Brannon, B. Schulte, R. Snively, T. Smallwood, E. Marsh. SEATED: D. Cuthbert, B. Wiedmann, B. Lane, H. Moore, B. Schroeder, L. Legiman, C. Zahn, presi- dent, J. Everingham, secretary-treasurer, F. Beckert, L. St. Clair, J. Richmond, H. Law- ton, B. Cuthbert, J. Beelman, M. Mertens, B. Zahn, N. Lane, D. Everingham, R. Knake, vice-president: C. Fisher, B. Muerhoff. QL. to RJ, BACK ROW: B. Lane, D. Snively, B. Schroeder, R. Harper, B. Cuth- bert, G. Cramer, D. McGuire, H. Moore, G. Weddington, R. Knake, M. Phelan. SECOND ROW: D. Everingham, M. Gordon, J. Everingham, C. Tyler, C. Zahn, J Asthalter, C. Fisher. FRONT ROW: L. St. Clair, M. Mertens, J. Pfautz, F. Beckert, V. Super, L. Legiman. Soon after her arrival in Fort Madison, our foreign exchange student Lenawati Legiman from Indonesia, was the guest of honor at a birthday party held in Mrs. Van Tuyl's home. Members of the Citizen of the Month Club, who sponsored the foreign ex- ison High School, helped Lena celebrate her birthday. change student plan in Fort Mad- U Um, 'Q sov- ,,4'! 4 4 4' .,,, p. Here Lena is shown with members of her American family, Bill and Judy Pfautz. Our Foreign Exchange Student During the 1956-57 school year, the Citizen of the Month Club directed a campaign aimed at bringing a foreign exchange student to FMHS. The drive succeeded in bringing, through the American Field Service, Miss Lenawati Legiman from Indo- nesia to our high school. Lena, as she is affection- ately called, quickly found many new friends and succeeded in spreading good will and friendship, among not only students of FMHS, but also among the people of Fort Madison. 49 Lena quickly became a part of our school. '2Fl!0""' 977 . , A A in 4, Q -.- Ilia , "Ti - 'H 'yt' .." ve' ' ' 5 ' f ' r -5 i ' i K .'4r,f' 'Y ' s , 5' . Nur y N-Eg The Library Club, an organization composed of students interested in books and library activities, is sponsored by Miss Buckingham. The purpose of the club is to improve the library facilities and to en- courage students to take full advantage of the library. Membership this year has more than tripled. Several worthwhile projects are undertaken through- out the year, including the annual Faculty Tea. In preparation for this event, the library is given a thorough "dressing up" by displaying all of the new books. President of the Library Club this year is Betty Jo Lembergerg vice-president, Jacki Mankap secretary- treasurer, Lou Ann Pennebakerg historian, Karen Kreighbaum. Under the direction of Mr. Van Sickel, the Phi Beta Chi Science Club has as its objective the further- ing of scientific knowledge to all students interested in this field. During the year each member constructs an outside project and presents it to the club. A variety of interesting programs, including outside speakers and demonstrations, highlights the meetings. Officers of Science Club are Jacki Manka, presidentp Dan Valentine, vice president. and Karen Mosley, secretary-treasurer. Science Club FIRST ROW QL. to RJ: R. Gerdes, Mr. Van Sickelj M. Marletteg J. Manka, president SECOND ROW: T. Peaisong K. Mosley, secretary-treasurer, K. Fishj R. Wallis. SEATED QL. to R.j: L. Jondall, J. Manka, vice presidentg B. Lemberger, presidentg L. Pennebaker, secretary-treasurerg V. Albers. STANDING: M. Tweedyg A. Rippenkroegerg P. Nelson, G. Frostg L. I-layesg P. Curtisg C. McPherson, J. Mahoneyg E. Hamessg R. Sandersj S. Baileyg R. Hill, M. Con- ley J. Sanders, L. Kirchner, S. Noong R. Smutzerg R. Clark, N. Grossenkernperg D Browng C. O'Donnell3 J. Mathenag K. Kreighbaum, historian. Library Club A , . X , , ... , . ., . ,kv r JUNIOR AND SENIOR MEMBERS, FRONT ROW, QL. to R. J: L. Boe, J. Faeth, F. Becker, J. Richmond, R. Sturdevant, J. Muerhoff, M. Hutchison. SECOND ROW: V. Super, C. Huffaker, K. Kutscher, G. Rice, V. Kokjohn, E. St. Clair. THIRD ROW: L. Lamb, B. Goldenstein, D. Cherry, J. Thoman, S. Bonham. FOURTH ROW: B. Limberger, K. Mekemson, B. Hancock, C. Huett, P Thoman, J. Taschetta. BACK ROW' D. Wright S Dalr m le J. Matthews L. Feier tag, L. Qualls, N. Reid, J. Pendergraft. J I l Y P I l Tri-1-li-Y, sponsored by Miss Jacobs, is an organi- the talent assembly held every spring. The officers zation for sophomore, junior, or senior girls. Their for 1957-58, pictured in the front row above, are: purpose is "To create, maintain, and extend through- president, Judy Richmondg vice-president, Judy Muer- out the home, school, and community, high standards hoffg secretary, Fran Becker. Treasurer, Joy Faethg of Christian character." Two annual projects ofthe chaplain, Ruth Sturdevalllz SCfgC3I1I-at-HIIUS, Mary Tri-Hi-Y are the mistletoe sale at Christmas time and Hutchison, and songleader, Linda Boe. SOPHOMORE MEMBERS, FRONT ROW, QL. to R. J: C. Washburn, C. Feiertag, C. Bonham, C. Colvin, P. Patterson, K. Mosley, K. Fish, M. Marlette. MIDDLE ROW: S. Schroeder, P. Crow, C. Van Auken, K. Francis, M. Kimball, D. Schneider, N. Hilleary, S. Nichols. BACK ROW: M. Bray, E. I-lilpert, J. Keil, J. Weiser, E. Schmidt, W. Ort, C. Straub. The Letterman's Club. BACK ROW, QL. to RJ: Mr. Youel, Mr. Peters, Mr. Jerome, B. Cuthbert, F. O'Neil, H. Melhorn, R.Knake, R. Finley, J. Kamp, M. Mosley, B. Klein, lvir. Patterson, Mr. Reid, Mr.Hummell. MIDDLE ROW: B. Gullick, T. Anders, J. Wilken, M. McCabe, P. Cannady, G. Weddington, S. Polack, R. Craig, D. Johnson, R. Harper, D. Mitchell. FRONT ROW: D. Snively, E. Maag, L. Gustin, H. Moore, D. Stribling, K. Hart, B. Schulte, G. Lewis, J. Linch. Letterman's Club G. A. A. The Letterman's Club is composed of letter winners Any girl who wishes to participate in sports outside ofthe major sportsg football, basketball, and track. The duties of the club are to nominate the Homecom- ing Queen candidates and the Relay Queen candidates and to sponsor dances. Ln the future, the Letterman's Club plans to set up a bulletin board for athletes who have achieved recognition in any ofthe three major sports, and to sponsor a basketball game between an all-star girls team and the faculty of our high school. The officers for 1957-58, include Roger Knake, presi- dent, Bill Schulte, vice-president, Dave Stribling, secretary, and Harold Moore, treasurer. The club's advisors are Mr. Youel and Mr. Peters. of physical education classes may join the Girls' Athletic Association. Letters and awards are based on a point system. After earning five hundred points, a girl may receive a letter. One thousand points earns a pin. Some of the group activities are tennis, basket- ball, skating, volleyball, swimming, hiking, and bowling. Each year, the GAA sponsors the annual Sadie Hawkins dance, and also enters a float in the Homecoming parade. The activities of the GAA are under the sponsorship of Miss Taylor. The GAA. BACK ROW QL. to RJ: M. Horn, P. Bergen, C. Narrigon, K. Womack, C. Narrigon, J. Cassady, J. Swanson, B. Eschmann. THIRD ROW: M. Kimball, G. Hartley, S. Schroeder, P. Crow, L. Feiertag, K. Fish, S. Vaughn, K. Black, K. Mosley, J. Nelle. SECOND ROW: M. Troja, C. Feiertag, A. Rippenlqoger, C. Day, L. Jondall, Miss Taylor, A. Cowles, K. Marsh, S. Mead, C. Washburn, L. Kirchner. FIRST ROW: S. Duncan, L. Hartley, K. Mercer, T. Fruegh, A. Sirois, S. Brown. 5.7K 2 THESPIANS: BACK ROW QL. to RJ: J. Richmond, K. Cooper, S. Coburn, B. VanPelt, M McKiernan, R. Deitchler, M. Mertens, J. Faeth. CENTER ROW: V. Super, V. Kokjohn, B Britton, D. Mitchell, B. Schroeder, G. Lewis, T. Mertens, C. Dorrell. FRONT ROW: L I-lnizda, B. Muerhoff, L. Barnes, C. Fisher. Thespians The National Thespian Society, Troop 229, or- ganized at FMHS in 1945, is under the direction of Mr. Fahey. A candidate for Thespians must earn his member- ship in the club by securing enough points, either through working on a production staff, stage crew, or by superior acting in a play. Judy Richmond was elected president of Thespians this year, Monica Mertens was chosen vice-president, and Sue Coburn was elected secretary-treasurer. Usherettes The Usherettes Club, a non-profit service organi- zation, is open for membership to all girls of FMHS. Of great service to FMHS is the Usherettes' smooth handling of admissions and programs at basketball games, class plays, music programs, and other activi ties. Sponsored by Miss Coffey, the girls meet once a month. Bertha Noon is presiding officer and Karen Wilson, is secretary-treasurer. USHERETTES: FIRST ROW fTop to Bottornl: S. Wilson, S. Noon, L. Allen, V. Albers K Wilson, Secretary-Treasurer. SECOND ROW: G. Scott, M. Sheets, C. Wyrick, B. Noon President. Y Speech SECTIONAL SPEECH CONTEST WINNERS, BACK ROW, QL. to R. Q: M. Mertens, J. Richmon, L. Lamb. FRONT ROW: H. Moore, V. Rice, M. McKieman. Not pictured M. Hutchison. Hal picks up a few friendly tips from good old "Unc1e Bob. r' F.M.H.S. speechsters, under the tutorage of Mr. Fahey, were very successful in speech competition this year. Seven Division I ratings were won in the sectional contest, with six competitors advancing through district trials to state finals. l Let us, Brethren, hear a few words from Mr. McKier- Ilan- Linda gives us her views on life. inf Kilties X ' I j ff!! The Kilties, costumed and modeled after the Scottish Highlanders of " Q, the State University of Iowa subject to very rigid rules, is a girl's march- ' ' ing organization which consists of thirty -six members and six substitutes. X N Any junior or senior girl is eligible to try out for membership in the Kil- Q ties. New members are chosen by a majority vote of the senior girls in 'J the group. Each year the members perform at football and basketball games. On special occasions the Kilties dance the Charleston and the Highland Fling for which they are noted. The Kilties sponsor the annual Kiltie Formal, and enjoy a spring trip upon completion of the year's activities. Mr. Duncan directs the Kilties and is assisted by Miss Simmons. Kiltie Leader, Miss Becky Lane CENTER QL. to RJ: J. Beelman, B. Lane, Leader, S. Vaughn. INSIDE ROW: V. Kokjohn, E. St. Clair, V. Super, T. Mertens, K. Cooper, S. Mathena, D. Cullen, A. Guzman, L. Bentzinger, J. Richmond, N. Adkins, J. Evering- ham, M. Jobe, M. Susich, S. Bonham. MIDDLE ROW: P. Andrews, B. Peacock, B. Crosley, J. Thoman, V. Mart- inez, L. St. Clair, C. Marsh. S. Sanders, L. Boe, M. Rupert, B. Goldenstein, K. Mekemson. OUTSIDE ROW: D. Wright, J. Taschetta, M. Cooper, M. Mei-tens, P. Crow, K. Kutcher, P. Hurst, D. Harris, B. Dawson, D. Cherry. 55 MUSIC fn 7 it "The music department of our high school offers the student an opportunity to learn music apprecia- tion, while he is contributing to school life. Come with me and meet Mr. Duncan, head of the instru- mental divisiou, and Miss Casteloe, head of the vocal division." Band Drum Major Jac ki Manka ii.:--the AV., .f 5 ,.Q4r--'aus -,N-,..r ..., g is., .gL,.. as ,,, Our high school band this year has a new instructor. He is Mr. John D. Duncan, who comes to us from Belmond, Iowa, where he was band instructor after returning from the service. Before entering service, he taught at Sherrard, Illinois. He received his B.A. and M.A. at the State University of Iowa. While doing post graduate work, he was personnel manager and librarian of the University Symphony Orchestra. The band this year has marched at half-time of football games, marched in the rodeo parade, attended the Burlington Area Band Festival taken part in homecoming activities, played a spring concert and acted as host for the Little Six Band Festival held here in Fort Madison. Our Pep Band this year started a rotation system by which all band members got a chance to play at pep assemblies and basketball games. The twirlers traveled to Ottumwa for the state twirling contest, and as usual, won many honors. There were also solo and ensemble winners among the groups sent to the state music contest. Gerald Shultz practice hard for the concert. The FMHS twirlers, Linda Feiertag, Bev Holmes, and Jacki Manka. Drummers Mike Kracaw, Gary Weddington, and V2 w, cafe:- 1333 i' wwf 1 -fu ,- Y-J .2 1? H. ww. ,L 'gy . 4: F2 1 frfgggil . S6119 :r 1 . 4, Tug.. .F-13. Our marching band. ll 9 Us v , px . 4 1' 1' fl f I dx xl ' 1 , , 41 X i H., 'F' V' ,.. V, . fy," -- , .- - - ' ki lx -:V if 'Zf"'g. 'V f -I' , A k 'a J' ' Y A ef- V 1215 Zu- Yaax-,"' . 9 4,115 "-"V x. I ' Y tiff .gn .. 1 .N 'GF- -1 .X 'L Our concert band . ill! Q i J 'I ' h ik 2 ,. P 'S , t i ' . i 0 T D A 1 Q 3 A .. F , 'UIQ ' -' - if Q -A q,-2 -, ,f ,, , 1 af: ar. A 'ea 4 . - K' L2 V+' 'Q .,. 1 R " ' 7 , t H. --34. ' Q ni , ., ' 11" . 'if' ATV 124' - ig: I , if :QQ ff' 's5f'lE' f I' W L , .YQE-.QQQV 1- T ' V g3gj:3'i'r Y U 0 Q fa gf 'Q' . W Q" 1-f JVW1 x li 1? nf f, .ref -J ' I V 5, sh, I? 4.9 'A . r. ,va Q .i . 'ik QF, 1'vn-.If0fr411'af:.-A-.WEA ei M, ,- Little Six Conference Mr. Duncan frightj, FMHS Band Director, consults Mr. A1 Bergstrom fcenterj, Washington Band Director, and Mr. Frank Piersol Qleftj Guest Conductor con- HS tympamst, warts for her cue Ceming the days activities' ' Sf' .A Q, 8 f :A Qi s 'ww - n 1 'L L. 18? 'xKf.jTf. x!vm2T- ggi 3 A-- . Q35 .fwfgg 3 37g"' ijs'3sa,f5Lg'j?! if F2 9: X XM -E I 'i?.+ 5, AJ' f1f.f3 5 , .3 A . r '. I Jw VK ,TSM js '-P-.'-4115 r ,H F l' K1 ' V, -,dt ' 'Spf - ix n " y, 'I 2 . I., 'N , L.- f g My . " I V 15- N ' W A I Q . 1' K I' ,Q n xl - Y 65- - lar i.A -I I .Af ,QA I, 4. ' 7- -- Q ' n' Q uf. '5' " X J ' 55'Q"fQ rf ' ' we 9 W P Q ? - q , ,15 f? I by usb 4 -Ak ,A A - 132 l Q' 13'-wif effk V 5 15 ff, 'Z f.. 'iv' xg' ,-5 . I L g ... rin J 5 ,, ,JI A g3J'1a'iQ' ' . .iq , ,. f ,E ' ' ng? 4 ! ' Senior Choir ' X 1 Yfftf an it FRONT ROW, QL. to R.j: K. Wilson, P. Hurst, Secretary-treasurer, L. Bangert, president, L. Legiman, vice-president, J. Muerhoff. SECOND ROW, fLeft to Front to Backj: P. Hart, M. Jobe, P. Andrews, J. Matthews, L. Lamb, R. Guzman, Y. Jeffrey, M. Cooper, J. Richmond, R. Smith, S. Dalrymple, D. Buckley, H. Lawton, P. Tucker, F. Garcia, D. Cramblit, S. Sanders, J. Faeth, L. St. Clair, M. Mertcns, J. Everingham, C. Zahn, S. Vaughn, M. Rupert, L. Tuttle. THIRD ROW: M. Hutchison, J. Spoof, D. Cherry, C. Ruppenkamp, B. Goldcnstein, J. Beelman, B. Dawson, D. Calhoun, T. Ellis, J. Potter. BACK ROW: N. Faeth, R. Wollam, H. Dalrymple, R. Gehle, R. Schroeder. LEFT CENTER ROW: E. Lowenberg, H.Clark, R. Klise, H.Ross. CENTER ROW: J. Angell, J. Nelson, D. Wright, G. Rainey. RIGHT CENTER ROW: B. Lane, J. Lambert, G. Lewis, R. Mitchell. C-4 K A A 5 aj T-T-7 - X 3 Senior girls' quartet. QL. to RJ: L. Lamb, J. Spoor, J. Faeth, C. Zahn. 1 , Senior boys' quartet. QL. to R.j: N. Faeth, R. Gehle, C. Rainey, R. Wollam. Treble Choir TREBLE CHOIR. BACK ROW, QL. to RJ: M. Gillandg C. Rashidg K. Kutscher3 F. Beckerg T. Mertensg C. Bergtholdg J. Jonesg B. Crosleyg J. Fenclg D. Cullen. MIDDLE ROW: N. Hoenigg M. Tullg J. Thomasg S. Bonhamg M. Sheetsg B. Muerhoffg V. Kokjohng L. Leafgreeng N. Werner. FRONT ROW: K. Mekemsong L. Barnesg V. Superi J. Lambert, secretaryg C. Fisher, presidentg L. Bentzinger, vice-presidentg L. Boeg P. Stiefelg J. Rohmer. I Boys' small group. QL. to R.j: P. Tucker, D. Mitchell, ' N. Faeth, R. Gehle, G. Rainey, R. Wollam, J. Potter, J. fi '54 Nelson. U 5 L k l Junior girls' trio. QL. to RJ: K. Kutscher, C. Fisher K. Mekemson. 1 , -. 4 , 6- Colonel Blair, former owner of the Ride 'em Hard Dude Ranch, dies, sup- posedly leaving no will. An air of mystery and suspicion prevails. Larry, the Colonel's adopted son qRoger Gehlej, believes there is one while Guldy, the ranch manager lHarold Clarky main- tains there is none. The situation be- comes more complicated as Lettie Blair QLinda Lambj, the Colone1's niece, with her Vermont dudines arrives. Led by Aunt Lavinia QMary Hutchisony and Emily QDoreen Cherryj, they liven up the scene. After a colorful fiesta scene, with the entire cast happily entering into the spirit of the occasion, the story finally comes ro a gay and l happy ending. The Green Mountain Girls upheld the glory of Vermont in an Arizona setting. Vocal Music Director, Miss Castelloe, Dramatic Director Mr. Fahey, and Student Di rector Joy Faeth pooled their talents to produce an operetta which played to a capacity audience. 64 Meet F Theresa Alvarez fleftj and Sally Mendez Qrightj lend color to the evening's performance with their interpretation of a Mexican folk dance. Arizona" The Spanish dancers add Mexican gaiety with thier fiesta CAST, QSEATED, L. to R. J: D. Calhoun, J. Matthews, J. dance. QL. to R. Q: C. Zahn, L. St. Clair, P. Hart, R. Nelson, L. Barnes, H. Ross, D. Cherry, H. Clark. QSTAND- Smith, C. Buck, F. Garcia. QStanding Q: F. Lawrence, J. ING Q: G. Rainey, M. Hutchison, H. Dalrymple C. Ruppen- Kimball. kamp, R. Gehle, L. Lamb, N. Faerh. ' ATHLE A 1 ---.1 'auf' ' ' 'Q X144 AWN fin tg, . O 7 s fl VARSITY CHEERLEADERS: Barb Muerhoff, Mary Hutchison, Joy Faeth, Connie Zahn, Carol Fisher Cheerleaders SOPHOMORE CHEERLEADERS: Susan Schroeder, Bonnie Zahn, Debbie Everingham, Barb Moore, Sheri Taapken, Jane Asthalter Qsubstitutel. ' 'Z' E.El.'unuI" . li Ili ml wig , FRESHMAN CHEERLEADERS: Sally Morton Qsubstitutej, Nan Lane, Kelly McCabe, Sharon Philpott, Sandra Buckley, Sharon Tincher. 68 Hal knocks down the flag as he goes over for a score. Football Hold him, Dave! Dropped near the forty yard line ., ,- X 1 K 17 , , ,gm ji QI. to R Q Coach Youel Assrstant Coaches Mr Jerome and Mr Peters Varslty The F M H 5 B1ood11ounds started and ended the 1907 season 111 a blaze o1 glory The 11u bug p1ay111g: an 1111130118111 role foreed 1111, re s111ed lllllb ot several games and the cance11a11on of the Bloomheld 1111 13 11111111 mth a 13 13 11e w1111 a hrghly rated COl1lI1lb1Z1 Mo 11.1111 and end 11 a hard fought seoreless 11e w11h heokuk 11115 team more 111,111 111111 1 1 pre season expectatrons In 1116. L1111e bn oo111ere11ee o1111 r wt d fealed r1o1nt1ng 12 G loss to Muscatnre OIILIINWJ tell 14 1" A stronber 13 11 11ng1o11 squad overpowered the 131ood11o1111ds 30 13 We lost 11 dose one Lo hrghly rated Mt Pleasant 6 Ill our last game 011111 sea on and ol the L1111e 511: Conference the Hounds battled Ixeokuk on ev L11 terms for 18 mrnutes and t1c,d the 1o11fere11ee Champs O O 1111111 1l11lL S111 standnrgs found 1'ort Madrson 111.d 111111 lVl1,1SC8I11lC Ill Iou th place Members of Coach Youel s varsrtx squad chosen to 111e 11t11e S114 111Co111erenee tearn 1n post season DZ1llOIll12D were 11:11 Moore Dave Slflbllllg and Mac Mos ley Moore also was ehosen to the honorable n'1ent1o11 11s1 01 1116 Iowa Darly Press Assocratron s all state gud squad ri Ron kdl Look at the blockmg' Drck Fmley Ron Bartlett Hal Moore Jrm Wrlken Phrl Cannady Roy Dertchler Cary Weddmgton Ktn Hart John Young, Harlan Ross Sam Polack v Floyd O'NE31l f X0 Drck Klrsc h ' .fx . , 'f. - , I - 1 - . 1 1 , I , -, .4 - ,A ' 2 '4 1, 4 va 'B X S in A , l 5 "1 ' ng. A gg . 5 V. .4-' - 1 n ' ' ' 1' ' ' I -- 1 Y f ' I : 5 A4 I N I v "2-' 1 3 A- -.. 1 1 1 - ' ' -V . ' 7 1" ,, T' 1. ' 1 1' Y ' ' ', 1 A ' '-1 ' 1 1 ' 1 1' 1 - In A , V I -. . 3 . . 1 a ' "J - V3 5 " r' '. - ' ' ' ' ' ' , , 11 , ' 1 a E111 , , , ' , . , . di ,K 1 . X - 1 ' 1 ' . 1 I A 'll' 'N A 1 H 1 1 1' - hwy V X - Washin ton 19-O. Next victim was Fairfield 27-6. 11o11ow1111 a d1s:1-1- 3 Ep 1 I ' ' - ' ' ', ' V - Q. ' 1' 1 - A -,T - . v 7- -' , 1 , ., 5 - , , . 1 4, , 4, ' V A 1 1 . , I - i 2' 4' X. - 1' ff If ' - 1 I ' , 1 . 1 ' ' . ., ...- . ' ' ' J 1 . 1 1:- 'K R., 14:-,ff '5 7 Q -A L, 1 xl 4 'L' gd 1 , , 1.-' 1 4 , A l Q FQ if an-Aus PV' MF? Q10 Drck runs mto trouble 1313. Vr- Q 9 X ,ff 27? A look at the Blood hound's bench strength Mrck Horan Ed Maag Dave Strrbhng Ron Carr Ron Krrchner Roger Crarg B111 Gulhck It's Hal arormd left end P 'ig 3 m ' 4 Bob Schroeder Bryan Klern Dave Johnson Larry Custm Henry Melhorn Jack Shacklett fl Wayne Andrews L43 If r' A vu. i f s x 4 .1 ..- Uk- esf 1. .X r Q, L , r ' ' 1 ' ' M n nn, , r rr r, r l' e Q r e r. . -r Y . fs., 5 U W: -cg.-yum whim! N. .4 l ill Q V K A S' s ., L X -. r K 1 1 4 ' x n 1 ,. -: ' 5 . 2.30 rg... h A A 'A 5 Q. I. 1... f J Q 4 nz- Q X gh.. .K an , wg' r .4 kr A -A . ' . M 1 'Q ' nm ,N .. G 1 3 fur k I 5 I ' . . 2 Sv 'V 'E av ' i fr S51 ff l I 1 K ' I a m ' 4 ' f' A 1 :vi vi 'H' is f Bill Schulte .-.- 3 - b ft' Mac Mosley Ay "" Harry Pendergraft ' XX ,lil BACK ROW, QL. to RJ: Mr. Hummell, P. Karczmarczyk, D. Hanks, R. Craig, J. Young, J. Kimball, D. Hatala, K. Hart, D. Shacklett, R. Kirchner, J. Linch Mr. Patterson. FRONT ROW: R. Guzman, E. Marsh, H. Power, W. Barr, M. Dunn, R. Armbruster, L. Schumaker. Sophomore Football The Sophomores, led by Mr. Patterson and Mr. l-lummell, split their two games. They ran wild against Keokuk and defeated the Little Chiefs 26-O. Although playing hard football against the Quincy Blue Devils, the Sophs were overpowered by the heavier Illinois team 31-13. Hal Moore carries the ball against Mr. Pleasant. 4. ,- 'px 'L , 1' ,W " , b f ' Dick Snively E' 4 N' X R s 2 5 ' Rigerllilbngaannon .J I 1 W Y f" g 3 -www- BACK ROW, fL. to RJ Mr. Hummell, B. Matthews, J. Frey, J. McGuire, J. Roberts, B. Patrigo, R. Hill, G. Martinez, D. Leach, T. Noonan. FRONT ROW: M. Boyer, V. Wright, D. Cutcher, D. Lane, B. Brannon, J. Schroeder, L. Coppage, Mr. Patterson. Freshman Football This year the freshmen, also coached by Mr. Patterson and Mr. Hummell, played only two games. Against Horace Mann of Burlington the frosh were edged out 18-14 in a hard fought gaune. In another close contest, the first of two scheduled games with Oak Street of Burlington, the Little Bloodhounds were downed 12-0. Sam Pollack cuts a sharp comer during a practice scrimmage. ur -gf! it A x r lb-pai 7 ra. , Bob Schroeder, Roger Knake, Harold Moore, Robbie Harper, Larry Bangert rig , ., v " ' .fa L VM, i- ' ,,fb.i.' VARSITY SQUAD, QL. to R. Q: P. Cannaday, G. Bartlett, J. Wilken, K. Tompkins, R. Finley, M. Horan, R. Klise. MIDDLE ROW: R. Hoskins, B. Schulte, H. Moore, R. Knake, L. Bangert, R. Harper, D. Snively. TOP ROW: Managers J. Linch and D. Mitchell, J. Kamp, D. Stribling, B. Schroeder, M. Korschgen, H. Melhorn, M. Schrier, R. Carr, Coach Reid Varsity Basketball The Bloodhounds, coached by Mr. Reid, began their season by rolling over Nauvoo, 60 to 54. Fort Madison's second game ended in defeat at the hands of Notre Dame of Burlington, 70 to 65. The Bloodhounds then rose to hand Bloomfield a 63 to 41 loss, and won over Washington, 58 to 38. The Fort Madison five received their second loss of the season from Keokuk, 66 to 43. Once again the Bloodhounds bounced back to outscore Fairfield, 74 to 54, and Burlington, 76 to 67. The Crimson and Black then went under to Muscatine, 61 to 45, Mount Pleasant, in an overtime, 55 to 50, and Carthage,74 to 56. The Hounds then dumped Ottumwa, 51 to 48. In their annual clash with Aquinas, F.M.H.S. bowed to the Dons by a score of 60 to 50. In their next tilt, Fort Madison outscored Washing ton, 72 to 56. Fast rolling Muscatine kept right on rolling by winning over the local five, 68 to 52. In their sec- ond meeting of the season, the Hounds lost to Keokuk, 64 to 52. Their third straight loss was at the hands of Ottumwa, 79 to 71. In the next game, Fairfield fell to F.M.H.S. by a score of 53 to 46. After this victory, the Hounds dropped one to Burlington, 85 to 62. The last regular game of the seasonproved to be a thriller, with Mount Pleasant winning in an overtime, 71 to 68. The season ended after the first game of the sectional tournament where the Hounds met defeat at the hands of Burlington, 65 to 57. In their last year as members of the Little Six Conference, the FMHS Bloodhounds finished the basketball season in a fifth place tie with Burlington. Rob Harper, Fort Madison's scoring ace, copped the conference individual scoring crown in a tight race with Muscatine's Gary Dankert. Jim Wilken, Bill Schulte, Jerry Kamp, Dick Snively, Mike Schrier tg ., Henry Melhom, Richard Finley, Kendall Tompkins, Ronald Carr, Phil Cannaday I Sophomore squad, BOTTOM ROW QL. to R. Q: H. Powers, R. Craig, J. Moyer, M. Dunn, J. Perry, E. Harper, D. Faeth. MIDDLE ROW: J. Young, B. Henning, E. D. Habig, T. Smallwood, T. Rashid, B. Kline, D. I-latala. TOP ROW, managers, W. Barr, P. Haggart, J. Kimball, B. Simmons, R. Bartlett, coach Mr. Marsh, Jerome. Fort Madison Opponents 51 Nauvoo 34 37 Notre Dame of Burlington 43 25 Bloomfield 32 42 Washington 37 52 Muscatine 70 32 Keokuk 45 44 Fairfield 43 39 Burlington 49 42 Mount Pleasant 41 44 Ottumwa 58 57 Aquinas 48 57 Washington 42 26 Muscatine 55 31 Keokuk 45 38 Ottumwa 44 38 Fairfield 55 33 Burlington 71 32 Mount Pleasant 56 Scorekeepers, Mr. Peters and Mr. Hays R. Hoskins, M. Horan, D. Stribling, M. Korschgen, G. Bartlett. 'gy Fort Madison 50 28 45 23 18 49 33 45 53 27 24 55 32 Xwf 4 rf 7 2 H Q . 1.- Freshman squad, BOTTOM ROW QL. to R. Q: S. Derrick, M. Wilkerson, J. Schroeder D. Lane, D. Leech, B. Brannon, V. Wright. MIDDLE ROW: B. Whitlock, J. Roberts T. Noonan, B. Patrigo, J. Moore, J. Frey, B. Johnson. TOP ROW: Managers, L. Andrews, B. Mathews, M. Helenthal, R. Abraham, D. Kutscher, M. Boyer, coach Mr. Humble. Opponents Gladstone Keokuk Aquinas Horace Mann Oak Street St. Johns Mt. Pleasant Mt. Pleasant Aquinas Keokuk Horace Maxm Gladstone Burlington Get that rebound 21 31 36 32 30 30 64 32 26 27 27 37 38 W'here's the ball? What's so funny, Mike? Q o X 1-117 W R 494 gi ... F' ig 'ai' . Q A , 4 '- f X' ' x n m. 552199 In the finals of the 100 yard dash at Don Robertson of Washington, third from left, finished first. Gary Wed- dington, Fort Madison sprinter, is second from right. the 27th Annual Fort Madison Relays, 1 i Track The FMHS track squad, ably led by Coach Patterson, was a constant front runner throughout the 1957 season. Weldon Ward, a big factor for the team during the cam- paign, scored all the locals' points in the State Indoor, where FMHS finished eleventh. Even though the Bloodhounds won three relays, the mile, the 880, and the 440, Oska- loosa edged Ft. Madison out of first place by a mere 8X9 of a point. A noteworthy showing was also made by the thinclads at the State Outdoor Meet, where they finished seventh. State Indoor .... Little Six Indoor . . Ottumwa Relays . . Quincy Relays .... Trojan Relays ..... Fort Madison Relays . . District Meet .... Little Six Outdoor . . State Outdoor . . . Drake Relays . . . TRACK MEETS ..11thplace . . 2nd place . . 2nd place 4th place 4th place . . 2nd place . . 2nd placd . . 2nd place 7th place Q . ....-.-a.accuc- . . .W. Ward, lst place in discus: 5th place in highjumpp G. Harper, 4th place in broad jump if Dick Wiedmann clears the high jiunp bar by several inches. xl, Undefeated, Weldon Ward is shown preparing to hurl the discus. The FMHS distance squad QL. to R.j R. Finley, R. Lowe, G. Guenther, J. Munoz, B. Cuthbert. 2-4- B. Lowe, G. Guenther, and H. Melhom lead in back- stretch of practice half mile. SPRINT RELAY TEAM. TOP ROW, QL. to RJ H. Mel- hom, P. Cannady, C. Weddington. BOTTOM ROW- R. Harper, W. Ward, G Harper. Dick Finley sails over highjump bar in spring practice. Harold Moore is off and running in a preliminary heat of the 220 yard dash at the Fort Madison Relays. These are the F.M.H.S. golfers who won the District Golf Meet. KNEELING, L.-R., Jim Sirois, Gary Bartlett, and Coach Milt Kokjohn. STANDING, Roger Knake, Mike Phelan Roy Deitchler, and Ron Bartlett. Golf In its fourth year, the Fort Madison golf team, coached by Milt Kolqohn made a commendable showing. Led by Mike Phelan, the only senior on the squad they compiled a record in dual meets of 8 victories and a long defeat to Muscatine In the state meet they finished 11th, and second in the Little Six Meet. Earlier in the year the golf team finished 5th in F.M.H.S. F.M.H.S. F.M.H.S. F.M.H.S. F.M.H.S. F.M.H.S. F.M.H.S. F.M.H.S. F.M.H.S. F.M.H.S. the Fairfield Invitational. Results in Golf Meets defeated Burlington twice defeated Keokuk twice defeated Mt. Pleasant twice defeated Macomb twice defeated Western Laboratory was defeated by Muscatine finished 5th in the Fairfield Invitational finished 2nd in the Little Six Meet won the District Meet finished 11th in the State Meet 81 Mike Phelan and Roy Deitchler take a break after a golf match. Jim Sirois completes a shot during golf practice. Mike Phelan shows the trophy that he won as medalist of the Little Six Golf Meet. e 5, I n. ..... On bench, Left to Right, J. Kamp, D. Watts, E. Marsh, W. Ward, D. Lel-lew. On ground, Front to Back, D. Meyers M. Phelan, R. Hoskins, S. Morton, H. Moore, B. Schulte, R. Knake. Baseball Squad The baseball team of F.M.H.S. was under the capable supervision of head coach Bill Purden. The Bloodhounds started off at a rather slow pace last summer, but they picked up later on in the season. The locals were depending on three hurlers for their victories: Mike Phelan, Roger Knake, and Jerry Kamp. Although the Bloodhounds lost a few teammates to graduation, they gained some more from the underclassmen. 83 Adminis ik BOARD OF EDUCATION, QLeft to Rrghtj Mr C E Rrchards, Vrce Presldent of the Board, Mr C J Johnston, Superintendent of Schdolsg Mr Walter Cooper, Secretary of the Board, Mr Ph1l Moore, Presrdent of the Board, Mrs Janet Klem, Mr E E Zahn, Mr Dave Paul TD nur li! an 'inn Mr C J Johnston, Superlntendent of Schools, Mrs Helen Dearmg Secretary to the Supermtendent The members of the Board of Educatlon devote much trme and effort toward the development of educauon m Fort Madrson A srgnrflcant achreve ment 1Il thls fleld was the authorxzatlon by the people of Fort Machson to contmue wlrh plans for a new hrgh school burldmg The blue prmt for the new school serves as background for these pages tration our sc w1t.h a Mr W ause 15 secr ,1 Arlo G Woods, Prmclpal, and Mrs. Amelda Noonan, Secretary to the Prmcxpal we-wang Woods 1S the man behlnd the smooth operauon of ol, and spends much of h.1S.,IlIIJ.6 111 Consultauon d guldance of students ASS1St6d by MlSl Berry ods handles all problems large and small whlch the proeessesof education Mrs Amelda Noonan tary to the pr1nc1pa1 85 MISS Cenevxeve M Berry Assliqrgio the Prmc1pal W xl 5 'YW '-v ff' Page 86 ask, Mx. Fahey Miss Simmons Miss Jacobs Mr. Grant Mr. Patterson Mxs. Everingham Mr. Sparenborg Miss Miller Miss Coffey Mr. Duncan Mrs. McCaslin Mrs. Bartlett Mr. Stump Miss Buckingham Mr. Meador Miss Costello Mr. Hummel Mr. Kokjohn ' 'fu Mr. Hexshire Mr. Youel 87 fy ,Z Mr. Van Sickle Mr. Jerome Miss Walljasper Mr. Hay Mrs. Van Tuyl Mr. Peters Miss Taylor Mr. R eid This year Fort Madison High School has seen the start of a brand-new club with Miss Beatrice Phelan as teacher-sponsor. The "Reading For Fun Club" is designed for any student in high school who enjoys reading books of his own choice. Miss Buckingham, school librarian and advisor to those who read for fun, sets aside several books on a variety of subjects each Monday which the club members are free to check out. A very interesting "Reading Laboratory" put out by the Science Research Association enables the students to evaluate their stories. For a brand -new club, "Reading For Fun" has had a successful year. Guide to picture: fl to rj R. Brown, assistant secretary, Miss Phelan, teacher-sponsor, B. Wolfe, secretaryg H. Larson and F. Schrader, co-chairmen of spelling and vocabulary. 88 lx W . Xl ,'3.LE."' K'-'s K l l In r X if X S ' X l A is -' L QQ-l no Q f .1 z an If ffl +1 .- M lf' e as , 1- . f U.. to RJ W. Byeg J. Harris5 D. Winkelg D. Collins. Mrs. Critchfield, janitress QL. to R.j Our Cooks--Mrs. Kutscherg Mrs. Dawsong Mrs. Thoman. A Maintenance Mr. McCaslin, Building and Grounds Supervisor Cafeteria "Sure loolc good, doesn't it, Marcia?" Monica, Dave, and Hal talk over the latest news. 4 Vxtlh V' ,, A 1 1. jgiggf avi at 3? 5:51211 M- W-:IW 1' i'G'qj-T1"f'f,,"5 , Q I I d hke very much now to mtroduce to you the underclusmen of F.M.H.S. Meet the Freshmen, Sophomores, and Iuniojfl' dl - 'Q 1i 1 f-. "" """' -sf l l ,1- Q- ...,,,. ,M :gms ' ,M -:mg Wgffr. Q, V nn- , ' --1-4 FE . ' " "':f www.. J "--X f'--na.. 'M,'.sa--fe'g,, ,...x. y-M -1-mit' -s-.., ,,,.,,, , gf.. f f-1 Q, .4 ,f A .fx-Q 3. l mf ' 194'-er li NM 1 v 1 a o 'Q 'ein' '3 3?6i..ff.,, f . ' ,K , 1 -s RJ V 4, w - , e, r fi Af-f--e-X . M ::,' 4 ., .. .- - x V Y .M , -. r. V1 .,.. Y- -I V, . ,- H , - -Q9 ,-- x -,.-, wqmwvwwviv W wvw,v ,,,,.m,...vf .. ww' Musa V 'W . I , 'TJ A-- 1- -X' 1 f. 3 :-, , ,., gsff' '41 .- V A -J, -fm x ' if 'nf' fs-4. ,:- 4 ' -, ,wqm - Y 1 ,J-fa ' ,' ' XP' ' MGH - T I t v . A ., s 4 44 ff' in N,,,5,f',?r:-'M 33y..- A 'M '- ,vma-,'4.vfm, """ . W .v 1 ' fn- Q ,ew -www. -. vs.. .A a ' ,..,.. nw s C - A . ' 0' .I . L fb., """"-1-- ' -W.-va-v...N JUNIOR OFFICERS: P. Cannady, D. Sch- JUNIOR SPONSORS: BACK ROW QL. to RJ neider, P. Tuckerg Student Council repre- Mr. Jerome, MI' Patterson, MI- Hllmmell- sentatives. L. Bentzinger, Secretaryg FRONT ROW! Miss 5imIH0HS, Miss Wall- C. Fisher, Vice-President. jasper, Mrs. Van Tuyl, Miss Castello. Juniors Nancy Adkins Linda Allen Leanne Anderson Gwenda Andrews Robert Andrews Gordon Bailey Linda Barnes Gary Bartlett Frances Becker Leah Bentzinger Carol Berthold Linda Boe Betty Boley Sharon Bonham if 4-J. v 3 -iff' A I 1' J '19 W- , .3 v A A N S' " I f 5 'L r A. S 1 ,J ,- vcr t .L fe 7. . 5 4 -Xb - T EQ" J L Q7 if fag. ' l 'I 5 x ' A '.' I Judy Branch Jim Brannon Wade Brennan Bob Britton Don Calhoun Jim Brown Roger Brown Ruby Brown Jack Butler 92 Audrey Calvert Ph1l Cannady Ronald Carr Q. Jerry Carter Harold Clark Maxme Clark Glenn Congdon Rxchard Consbrock Janrce Cooper Norene Corns Raymond Couchman Barbara Crosley Donna Cullen M1chael Daugherty Sue DaVolt Lmda Dawson Joseph Dearmg D1Ck Denn1son Ben Dodson James Doore Carol Dorrell Judy Dorrell Tom Earley Geneva Eschmann 4 Matthew Estrada Lynn Fazrlxe Judy Fencl Rlchard Fmley "' th' Carol Fxsher Davxd Funkhouser Rlchard Gxlchrxst Mary Gllland Patty Gllpln Betty Green Rxchard Gregory 4 cv Larry Gustm Betty Guzman Davld Hall Loxs Hanson, Wxlla I-lawkms 47 N'f' Esther He1dbreder Davld Henvllle Lora I-lnlzda Darlene Hoemg Norma Hoenxg 93 14' I -1-97 X '57 vv. -.J JA I al Y' Q5 7- wr' ng. ' ,Q K I , 1' ' "'. xx 1, . A N ' I 'tr I - f I J T" X A ., 1 In e ff 2 N A A 1 y ,Q ' J rf e. J 4 fx of V '. n I fl! 'K XA I V '- .. " ,J "' ' D 4. ' A A A 1 Y 4 4 ' ' , -J ' wr," y, Y X U h V , N. , A 6 '- - in ' x "gr vm -in sl - 5 lg ' f ' f ' Ite . . p ' f ,P J i ' , ff U A 1' of 4' V Q- . , . N' .JL Q ,cr ,. ' ' . 'lg' .UF " ' - ff W X ' ' I .:?Ql ..- A nl A V X I . , . . . 3 vw'-Z 6 9 'ji I h' ,ix x . e ' Q X ' N J, f - ab Z: Ji lt 5' ' aff . , ,y '. 'L Robert Holland Mick Horan Marjorie Horn Roger Hoskins Carol Huffaker I W A Donald Jarman David Johnson Vemon Johnson Joyce Jones 4, if LY, Q Y' N Jerry Kamp ' '17 ' X 5, . 'gif X ' Vicki Kokjohn D Melvin Korschgen Mike Kracaw eg A Karen Krieger , Karen Kutscher L W ' rf tt Jane Lambert Edward Lawlor Fred Lawrence Hanson Lawton sf- J Q v ' J "N Louise Leafgreen Betty Lemberger Glen Lewis , V- William Lucas D ' "' Michael McCabe Qr, lid LQ Roger McCannon A A . L Ak A Robert McManis, Don McMillen, Jackie Maag, Carolyn Marsh, Virginia Martinez, Kay Mekemson, Richard Miller Henry Meljom, Jerry Mendez, Donald Merritt, Theresa Mertens, Dale Michael, David Miller Av' Q "T Qu. . l 'nf L Q N. ' ' Q gk: -A , .3 N 8, A 5 S -W , ' N as 'f J "J Q E' 'Q ll '- " - V V V 42 A A ,A .Q J Richard Mitchell, Russell Moore, Larry Morrow, Barbara Muerhoff, Gloria Munoz, Gloria Nelson, Jerry Nelson 94 Bertha Noon Lynette O'Conner Elizabeth Olaga Barbara Peacock Harry Pendergraft Donald Peterschmidt William Perry Harry Polack James Potter Amparo Prado James Privia Carol Rashid Virginia Rice Jolean Rohmer William Russel Elaine St. Clair Mary Helen Sallee David Schneider William Schulte Robert Schroeder Mary Sheets Thomas Silvers Helen Smutzer Nancy Smutzer Joyce Smutzer TT' CJ fb ' 7 ' Q7, L' ,J ff, L3 x "" J if-uf mf ' 4 '- X V X 2 ' of Q Q 9 .NT1 S1 vs 5 .-'7 . T7 A .hw ' X Y Q3 nn' C: YD' .L vc, Q, , N I Y R 119 ' 5' 'Qs if -3- u John Sommers, William Stephens, Patsy Stiefel, Marilyn Stowe, Vicki Super, Martha Susich, Larry Swenson, Judy Thoman, Kendall Tompkins, Dorothy Tripp, Philip Tucker, Marilyn Tull, Mary Lou Tweedy. Tv l -9. bi ' T7 w-4 xl - , , l ki ll X uv 4 . ,ya 'Q p x " 7 is 4- -2 F. 'f' I -2, M: . 'If - " A , X .1 ,FQ ' A I 'W 4 A if UT I .Q .-. 1 P V -1- ' ' L V -eff -Q f -2 223 f' '33, ,M ! K 12' ,ir- S :L V . V I K James Vaughn, Gary Weddington, George Wellfort, Nancy Wemer, Ronald Wollam, Carolyn Wyrick, Robert Young. 95 SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS QL. to R. 5, SOPHOMORE CLASS SPONSORS QL. to R. j, SEATED: W. Ort, secretary-treasurer, P. FRONT ROW: Miss Buckingham, Miss Crow, student council representative. Phelan, Miss Coffey, Miss Jacobs. BACK BACK ROW: W. Huett, student council ROW: Mr. Grant, Mr. Duncan, Mr. Peters. representative, D. Cuthbert, vice-president. Roger Bartlett Sophomores Russell Addy Patty Adkms Sharon Ahlstrand Theresa Alvarez X 'J Raymond Andrews Ronald Armbruster Jane Asthalter Llnda Balley Ronald Ballard "1 Janet Barnes ,Z Walt Ban' Pat Bellew Gary Benjamm Ted Berry Pat Berstler Jerry Betherum Karen Black x, hy x EY 3. 'YQ .fr Conme Bonham Francrs Boone Barbara Boyer Lester Branch Mxranda Bray Evelyn Brennan Judy Brown 96 .f ' .- .Q . 4 QL ,Ya J xx A-5 a 2-,, J 5 H Q 1 ,qu x I - . gf. Eff R .1 il ' w ' - J 1 .r X r Q .2 1 X I A 5' J ,. ' - 4 -- ' aj .Y,f ,xx av f V, Y "I A C 5 J L . , 1 - ' ' K , 'vi .J '- J ' -.P .f f f 1 K A fray ' -v"' " " " ', ' ' ' I A 'J 'I : 'L Wayne Brennan Ramon Brown Sharon Brown Dennrs Buckley Chen Bunn Dorothy Burkholder Leroy Burwrnkle Lors Calvert Wendola Carter Carolyn Colvm Larry Congclon Jack Cossel Susan Cowles Roger Crarg Leslre Cramer Charles Crockett Patty Crow Roger Cummrngs Penny Curtrs Doug Cuthbert Barbara Davrdson Alberta Dodson Mrchael Dunn Darryl Ercl Terry Ellrs Sherry Engstrom Debbre Everrngham Davrd Faeth Eleanor Faeth Lrnda Fehseke Carol Ferertag Karon Frckel Kay F1sh Ronald Frsh Kay Francrs Margaret Freeman R1 Grlland y-1 K 'Q' I it .1 4-'X M 14 1-v 0 -J 9- 41 Z 1' gl Am 553455 'T' chard Genck Dennrs George Becky Gerdes Robert Gerdes John Geyer Robert ,W 'J V? 5.1 3' ff? 1 ' di N zffff 65x HUB! if 1 Z ' ,gd Russell Goosey Robert Guzman Dalbert I-iabrg Phrl Haggard Dennrs Hanks Lucrlle Hanson Ernest Harper 91 ,g R T.-'ir X ,,. is 'E X :' , N ,,, ' ,V V - ' ,, . QQ. .Q jx' "L .A ,ix a v E B fl , 1 . 532115 X I A 'W if-B3 R -. AV I N . i , I Ev L 1, 'xv r '--,Y X -0' I r' ' Q J .1 I W-hx f " , fuk -L -U ' af- r - , ' . 5-1 ' f, I 1 3 gQ ix, tm: E A " X , , - if 'wi' if A Pat Deahl it rv P V- 'tv K , f Ax .ff.i"'-M W ' 'XM J ' ' 1 . 5' . fa -vf , eg 43' l 2 ' 'cr N 'Dj W 'HF -' iv. K A E 1 AI u X Q U r-2 X 'Q X T X V , x - wir ., X' n B A r ' f V -P ,x I' -7' -1' .2 1 ,I Sl Kenneth Hart David Hatala William Henning Norma Hilleary Elaine Hilpert Judy Hoyer Wilbur lf-left Judy Hull Linda Ireland Ronnie James Peter Karczmarczk Frederrck Kent Jeanne Kiel James Kimball Marcia Kimball -rf if I, PY!-f J. lo- rl' 9 L., X -,Ad 1 .vu A aw J 141 it 3 -3 r l ol! N .Z ,2 lv- 'S s,,, 1 . 1 Ah ' x . 9- 21.4 ,D o'h fy A , ,f kg! Ronald Kirchner Bryan Klein Charles Knoch Vickie Lakey Terry Lassman Sidney Lemmon Sharon L1le John Lmch Carolyn Lorton Judy Mahoney Darwin Maring Margaret Marlette Edward Marsh Carol Maxwell Sharon Mead Sally Mendez Karlene Mercer, Dolores Merschbrock, Deanna Michael Kathleen Miller, Sally Montgomery Barbra Moore Janet Morrett, Karen Mosely Jackie Moyer Francis Munoz, 'N ancy Narrigon Linda Neal, Marsha Nelson, Patricia Nelsor Judy Newlon Harry Neyens Sandra Nickols Syble Noon, Kaye Lynn Oehler vi 98 1 f .- iN 145 u I. Q Q2 ,lla .ff 6 4 pg Q f A 0 H '1 'l ' '- kg ld Q , at of .D - . X . . NX -'fy' 'V-fig YI, A Q A4 A u - Q I J r ,Q 'E 'G R 9 . . '1 X 1 Ns 4? 1 'Xt Q' kr W . ' ' 1+ ' 'J " ' l -Wa' e , , VA 3 I ,ni vi, S gil I ,fs X ,ff 4' .L " I X 1, H- 'H " 'ln .A Y . - I , . . I , - - 9 J 'T y 1: 1 J i 1 - ,5 .wa T -N 45:7 ,,., 1- -9 .- --f Lap A. R I 75 K ey Z .9 V D "i Q 'A I -,-X I 1--' wif . ii Q? ' '4 ,ai -.Zi-v .R Q ff 4 1' ' A X' x 4 sv A f- Q -P I A ' -2 ,v ' .74 ,'-J ., -'Q . " Q' 1:7 l 'Q L A E f i q -sf' To 2. -,fl .. .J l D - ' N . . ' 1 U ,Q I r his fs -iv . N,- f "A - . V Willetta Ort Patricia Patterson . Terry Jo Peck Lourse Pennebaker A t A K John Perry f ,, T 1, W' -.n:-wi., , Susan Schroeder Larry Schumaker Beverly Shacklett Jack Schcklett Robert Srmmons Ann Sirors Thomas Smallwood Catherine Smith Ruth Smutzer Sharon Storms Carolyn Straub Sheri Taapken JoAnn Teel Henry Thye Jack Tieman -1"-7 fN 'UI fn r ... 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A , A. 7- . g - ,A A ,A A 44 L' L A ' :A 3 .4 'A 'A A ,. 4, V A r44A ' 14 I . -A M " 4 4 4- f 4 4 1- 4 5 5 AA ,A , . A AA AA A L A A A A. , A A A A A. , A A A .A -4 Q A ' 4 A 4' A4 1- . .- T, ' 4, - ' A A I ,Q 44 A ' A 1 L A 44 1A 4 T. f 1 ls Q, Aglh W x .T 'iff NNN M N Xi fi I E323 , l X h uw I .. 1 if , ' 35 af!! sg !.! ll Lg-' . x- - . get WILKEN S DEPARTMENT DRUG STGRE 728 Avenue G Phone 352 and 9165 HOBBY HOUSE 18th Street Pho For your hobby needs Model Airplanes Model Railroads-Crafts me DR 25215 4 CENTRAL RADIO a. TV sERvlcE 616-18th Street FOX THEATRE Best of Luck to the Class GAMBLES of ,58 "The Friendly Store" If you are ever at Greenwald's, see Ronnie Chrisfopher for the fines? lettuce. Then l'm sure tha? Joe Doering and Ed Lawlor will be glad to carry it for you. GREENWALD SUPER MARKET l934 Avenue H HUTCHISON MOTOR SAL ES INC Performance Champion for 1958 20th 8 Avenue DODGE S CONOCO SERVICE MERCURY Phone 9l44 L 2236 Avenue l- Fort Madison owc Fort Mod: son owo THE WRIGHT HARDWARE GARNER OIL CO Builder s Hardware Sporting Goods If s Smart To Save Glass Palnts Oils 2236 Avenue L Phone 9133 2502 Avenue L Forf Modlson owo Sherrie nd L nda e ready for fhe b g Fresh on Tha? s best fr d g s f CTIOTI I ' I ' . 1 . I V ' I f ' .. 5 N T Sis ' 1 f-- W 251 .. 'Vg 'Zvi' A' fl we - , 'I ' . 1 N .AT ,.. ' a i or i m ' man's ' ien , irl . inii ' . JCHN AMBQRN 8 P Y FORT MADISON SAVINGS BANK Ph h fQ l'y 708MAV THE LEE CIQLINTY MEDICAL ASSOCIATION COMPLIMENTS OF f,'UIlgfCLfU!llfiUlLS from PEPSI COLA The L1ght Refreshment EPS, 01-A N1 kin With Mr Hummel ct the door there s nothing to do but study World s Finest Chocolates ponel IS presentlng the campaign to the student body fl.. to R C Fisher V Super C Zahn L Legumun M Mertens MARY AND SONS GROCERY "Appreciate Your Patronage" We specialize in top grades of meats. Phone 2850-2851 Fort Madison 3IO2 Avenue L Iowa Compliments Of JOHNSON SI PHELAN Attorneys at Law When it is done with heat You Can do it better with gas. NORTH CENTRAL PUBLIC SERVICE th Street Phone 2762 Congratulations to the Class of 1958 FORT MADISON ASSOCIATION OF INSURANCE AGENTS Complzments 0 VINCE BORGMAN RASHID S RITE PRICE STORE Insurance Real Estate 2404 Avenue I. Lee County Bank Bldg Fort Madison owa Co y b aces h I Da e Ueftj d To I sphere apart Congratulations to the Class of I958 THE IOWA STATE BANK Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp II here? 23OI Avenue E IQsurmP Irs fruznznlff f Ifuszr uf lnstrume nl he pfllf 2 l NNIZDA ff A II -2-R-A Com! Iurfx Sf nmrs xmzrunrf LT jus! be znnmg STUDIO M Ifuszr the mztmnal language Ilusu the mtcrnatmnal fanguage Iluszc the Fl If stzal lan uagf It !'fl1f779 th: rzrzgn Inn' 11 znspzrf s man l Doc 1 U' A ' A I K, ' ,, E s ss 3: -. Q ff: 5 ' ' I' I go gf YIX EQ? Q . . Hou? ll',III't?Ill'Ilf II UFAYIIIIFISIITII K YT 3 X f , . ", ' '. A .'..' ,.I .'1I ?'l.I - U I X Q rv II ' 3 A I, , , f-Q I I fi I , . I p 1 ' - I C A X . '. , I A- - rw ll. We welcome you to our new modern dalry Ph 27 PETERSONS DAIRY WA H Sincere Good Wrshes I36O KXGI I36O "Friendly Voice of 'he Tri-Sfafcs" lt's on the air for Kay Cooper and Stan Waterman. Cold feet, Jerry? Ask Sherri about your shoes. 1 KERN INSURANCE AGENCY 1 fomplzments 83312 Avenue G Phone 6 or 8 OCHSNER CHEVROLET CO PAUL ELECTRIC Fort Madison owa Phone 720 612 Avenue G A sp els HESSE S Fomplzments Drs DOW 8K SWIFT Veterlnarlans Complzments 0 Charley and Herb STUDIE S SERVICE STATION Washing Lubrlcatlon Accessorles I602 Avenue E Phone 9121 fomplzments 0 Dr W F KAISER Optometrist 709k Avenue G Compliments Of RHODE S TEXACO SERVICE ff!- ' I I I I F C Darrell Benjamin is admiring a sport coat from the varied styles offered by B. B. HESSE'S SONS. For the Iatest in men' a par , top in at , Q Of ' ' 1 HOME FURNITURE COMPANY 610 Avenue Phone 633 Congratulatzons to the Class o 1958 FORT MADISON ROOFING Best 0 luck to the Class 0 8 SWEET BAR 'II02 Avenue E Ft Madlson Iowa COMPANY 939 Avenue I'I Phone 1516 MCMU RRY S BARBER SHOP Complzments State Theafer Bunldmg Speczalzzes Ln all lzazrcuzs Of ANTHES FORCE OILER COMPANY New shoes for school are a must and the EITMAN SHOE STORE 723 Avenue G IS The place to go Tom Smollwood IS shown presenhng the excellent Florsheim shoe from EITMAN S fine siock of foot apparel G A f , f , A , K V5 0 . I I . ll - - - ' ,P I I . . . . . . CONGRATULATIONS to the GRADLIATING CLASS OF I958 Better Things for Better Llvmg Through Chemistry HQENIG BROS GROCERY 1034 Avenue E Ph0rIe 1493 I nmplzmf nk RALPH B NIETERS FUNERAL HOME TIM S SANDWICH SHOP 1035 Avenue H 616 'l01'h Street phone Q5 Ff Mod'5o" OWU Ambulance Service af 'Y Amp ro Joan and Theresa Get c load of the Teen are ughmg of s foppers 31... LAMPE DRUG STORE which features a complete Ilne of cosmetics and drug accessorle IS located at 731 Avenue G Judy Richmond an employee at LAMPE S IS discussing a product with Mrs Glenn Peck K Joan Spoor shown here demonstrating a Hn Fl bum as always glad to acquaint you with the complete Iune of things nn musnc at the HARRY REMPE MUSIC HOUSE Be sure to stop In at REMPE S for the latest recordmgs and for all of your musical supplies FORD You Can Pay More But You Can t Buy Better THOMAS MOTORS Telephone I 530 Avenue G Fort Madison Iowa PAUL C BAUGHMAN The Scherfe Insurance Agency Inc Fort Madison Savings Bank Bulldmg Phone I04 Fort Madison owa Compliments SPOTLESS CLEANERS THE CLEMENTS INC Different Funeral Service Drive Carefully Fort Madison Iowa Phone 575 Compliments Of Dr. M. G. TINCHER Congratulations WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE 726 Avenue G Phone I626 FQRT MADISON DENTAL SOCIETY Robert.l Doerlng D D S Frank.l Denner D D S Alfred J Koklohn D D S J E Murrell D D S A W Schulte D D S P H Shreves D D S E C Tucker D D S Harold M. Schroeder, D. D. S. Complzments ENGEMAN HARDWARE MUERHOFF ELECTRIC I30I Avenue G Your G IL Dealer 628 Avenue G Phone 67 Phone 1861 lzxpert jeu elry and Watch Repazrmg SLIM S 66 SERVICE PVOVHPI Sefvwe 2'Ist and Avenue L S1-EIN 5 JEWELRY Tzres Bazterzes Ozl 827 Avenue G Phone 9151 Fort Mad: son owa Look who s L to R I A Wern r B Sch Ite B C fhbert Congratulatzons to the Servzce to Please Class 0 58 HEIFNER JEWELRY 0 D d h pen ay an Nlg 1 718 Avenue G 2426 Avenue L Fort Madison GL ts That Last WINKE SERVICE STATION OWU Men s Wear YOUEL S MERTENS FASHION SHOP Clothes Youel Lake I7 Years 0 Fashzon Leadershzp 833 835 Avenue G Fort Madison Iowa Excluswe Merchandzse Of ' I l 'mx - A - I ahead! I . . f, . A . ll f CC ' ,I f r v - ln Congratulations to the Class of "58" SCOTT'S Central Drug Store 18th Sheet and Avenue G Phone 397 Fort Madison Iowa C on gra tula tzons ro m THOMPSON 8. ENDERLE CAFE GLASGOW S TAILOR 706 18th Sfreei CLOTHING STORE For Young Men We Fave S K ll Green Stamps Plates .Served at All ltmes in 'CQ' Q-fi It s really great lsn t Hal? Why so glum L1ane'7 PETE HUGHES Cfnnzpliments of Quality Meats and Groceries 2805 L Phone 4 BENNERS SUPER MARKET Complete Line of Frozen Foods fongratulatzons to the flass 0 1958 fomplzmenhs 0 INDUSTRIAL PLUMBING on HEATING COMPANY Your Jeweler 805 Avenue G Phone 21 C V nAuken C W shburn C Felri g B Zahn A f A A f d .S S 'I v Lx. f ' ' I I Legs!! II. to r.I D. Everinghomg S. Schroederp "Good morning, Monica." . G 1 . a g . ' o 5 . forzgrczlzxlutzmzs floss 0 8 We re proud of you' We ve watched you through the years growmg up rn your home town We're glad to have been able to work with some of you In Junior Achievement why our free enterprise system rs the only way to have freedom of opportunity and how that In turn brings us the hrghest standard of lrvmg the world has ever known Graduatlon tame IS an Important step un your life we hope It s a happy step And that the years ahead hold peace, prosperrty and hoppmess for all of you Srncerely, W A SHEAFFER PEN CO I U There you have had a good chance to see f .l I . . . . y Famous for Fashions Since 1926 S 81 H Green Stamps with Every Purchase DILLAVOU FLOOR COVERINGS DELUX BEAUTY SALON Linoleum Asphalt Plastic Rubber Tile Window Shades Expert Laying Service 2733 Avenue I Fon Mawson OWU 729 Avenue H Phone 1716 Compliments PILLEY BRUSH COMPANY ATLEE LUMBER COMPANY Fort Madison Iowa Clean Flues Save Fuel phone 2563 Plastic Wall Tile, Venetian Blinds ' I of X C, gatulatzo S 5 6 MILLER JONES C0 Cl SS 0 8 Shoes or the Entz I' Lly HuTcHlsoN Moron SALES 809 Avenue G Me cury Co gratulat ns to the Class ofI958 THE LEE COUNTY SAVINGS BANK Member Federal Deposlt Insurance Corp. Y A typical Saturday night of the Dry Dock. 'on r ' n 0 nh - . ' fl f'5 ,. . . . f re am r n io Compliments of the CITY BUS LINE Congratulations to the Class ofI958 Compliments of . MAYTAG SALES St SERVICE KARL'S CAFE Del Brennemon-Owner Frozen Fruit Punch Home-made Ice Cream Broasted Chicken Home-made Pies Delicious Steaks 8. Chops FORT MADISON NEWS AGENCY 815 Ave G Magazines Cards and Wrapping Subscription Headquarters Compliments 0 POLLARD LAWSE 8: DEITCHLER Lawyers Lee County Savmgs Bank Building Fort Madison owa CENTRAL STATES INVESTMENT C0 American State Bank Bualdmg MERTEN S SERVICE STATION Avenue G 6th Street Fort Madison owa Kel J Pfautz 'eff-255225. dy for school U to 1 M Klmball L Leg man J Judy and Carol s lo o w as C Informa? 1 . 1 1 . . n . 1 Rea . . r. . ' , . a , . I, . . . V 3 Q : 'X , -J - 345 . . I 1.5 1 112 . ,l w as arm a ' ' . ., g,.f,,'.,1 ,-,'i1o,j-KT I Q -tug, C, P We the Staff Wish to AL knowledge Dllll A1 1bo111 P o L N101 .11 111111104 15111111 lx 1 111 1111111 11111 Biddlb 5111111 111119111 M1 I 11d Stodwr X111L11c111 1 L'1fbOO1x C 011111 lI1X M1111 SLI11111 'Sc11oolP1otog11pl111 11111111 111 CI11 f Bud Cuthbert 130 9 V J1 1 -- 1 ffsi' 1' ' . 5 ' -1 irglu. i"'g14 H- 1' "1 'L A111u1ic4111 Yearbook Co111pL111y--II411111ib:1l, Miss111111 1 A ' ' '1 ' - --1 1 1 ' -' - I ALI -- Q ' Autographs Autographs

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