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 - Class of 1953

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1 4, , L , 6 146 ,- -- 'Y,C.2,, , up 'Ig J ff' , xii? X yu M 9 iff Mfg 3F M M W W Wx J iff U MMyMff41q,fGj My L ,M My M W gf My ,, X ' :J Wu ffwwf M if W wg W I A fifi ff? QW 2 E P QM' , W. ,A XL W F' Vdjwffff WW' ff' S 1 'E 9 ' 59 " .- ' 'X 1 Mn, 'EA Tb if M gv Q U g . N . N X .' Ee S 5532 XXFLQ ff' f Mfmwffw Qi , EEWMUWK K gygm M n QQ Damn? , ' 72 P0445 'A Wi? Q 55 fl' if ML? Qypgowigffgy jka m im? wiv W, fifjfigfif MM fff wg WN w H . ',-., A,,. M 4 ' G M Q WF M i Wf?M WfwfM wyfysw if y EVM! wgifffw WHA J i 99,19 M, ifpWfgI5j,,'7W ffvffiff W fm , V.-1fj,,1v W, 'SZ W gay W M- Q 4 Wi?'+ff'ff2 fffffffffffffffffslv ff- f MQW J' ' My ffw V4 ff NNI f" ' 'I O AS" fwx 1? .,-0-- QQ Q4355KKU 457 f X f ll W X J X 1 xxR '2' QNX Q4 All " ,is MM QPQ.. ---' -v , 1 ' JQKT 31439515 Q?2SQQMQgi?i Z fEfR0ZEOf1ir ,E mW .1 Z- tw . .. Lk ,., f .5 ,... ,-- .. I FUHT MADXSON YUGH SCHUGL Fort Madison, low 21 r '-9 , , -4,- fffs' Nm 1 19 3 Home ORD Just as the Pre-hiadisou Square Garden Rodeo is a comuiuuity project which provides enjoyment for uiauy peopie of the Fort hladisou area, so does the Madisouian Staff hope this yearbook wiii prove to H he a treasure chest of very pieasaut memories of your high schooi days. In this hook we have tried to portray vividiy the classes and activities of Fort M adisou High School. T HE ST AFP 'M AK P 'iff' I 3'r1F""',,--ergfbu 5 ..::n.4fx ,ac f 1. .,,,,s ,. ,. ,. l MLM " .1 1 "'F"'4f: riff. H.. ' ' ff!-,-..A 'I . Allan' r. -, , . "'f'3'r" ":p,4j,L.k, -7 4 .4 ,,,, fj'-.,r'-3,.f?,Q.yrx ' "-"VM . ,, ,,- ' .. ' 'fvi 2.4. K yr . ff-,f . 1 ",1bM'f'.,,1' 1215.1 -.e , g::g.e:atfyiaf'v23i' , .hm 4 , .-,,,4..V1 .,.--- ' ,lu-Q1,,-is., ,',,.,,, nd' iff.. .ill ,QT U -.ftfov 'J s. N I ,. , C ,J N 5 T ?'."!j 4, ' -"A-',w:V!..1f-- ff-ali , -1 ff F: L X. ,.:1.,9f3,,Z:. Hg, . ,. L ,wyffawc A 7 ' N , Q 11' , 4: 6' -. 4' '+L ff.-f6:?4'.,, - .-,,i,..,.M -x 1.Pf:,gay x , S N x X N 'X X355 1 V I Al f ' ' m x y J- - x , X X X P f I ,l ,,.,.- - if ' - - as W x A51 : K . x. i ogigx zrn QI- . mf ,,,. Q X xv ' . wie 1 ky if ,-dw' iv iii Nw P 5 ,I 45,5 ,5 1 X gms E x 5 fm X .E 'Q 2' Q Q ?fiE5 ki M QM ig '3 X53 my xii 5 521 V-Q ?-Wg A W 1 ff" 'V Q1 1 X A I ,f Three big events of the- ycur wcrv: thn- crmvujngpof the ffl?-Illllliill king :md qm-vu In ' n ,A ut' a dd. tllKf,ffFbmHlBll to our -w ' X, yu sam thx- :mmml Chri. tma5','I'5q:i'f:uld thc K. Roman bzupqluwt wln-rv tl 'ns :Q short- :lgc of age- 1-:ms but not floor space. 1 f X 1 I ff , f" ,, gf f. 5, 'T xx' '-71 xx 2 iw 4 -.iff I g -Q Aly' M EM' H fag' FW ix "Nw i fsg af ,524 ,mv Qfks-iw.w?v-5Nw"2N'.w'w NWN. Vw lizlffm H3"sf25f1r' Wu A 1 .V :H U ,N V. . wzmwzimgiw,wx.7 -.7-,1'.W,wz11iJg,1wg. vfgz.gx,,,w,.5,, ,N v,Hg3,w ,mm ,,,17-Qmwalw-,kxgbw 4 4fQ.-QM, NW? Q fi K' -gm N Q4 U nl NMMA U, 7 ,M,..w,,A,,. m.gvM vw- w,.m4.g ,N .n.HVM,. vu ,Awww . , Q an .ww fn, W ,Q ,H M EWQKHW' 'f'iMWi'i2Qikiiihiikfm fe w fzsiifzfn- gggiik iw Wigiwisjfaai '-7: 5,213 :mwahLzaggaggmwzegiaggi - 1:5 A. kziliiixiiqiii 2521? wgawsiziiigfvgimxg Wi? . it ,U-511 N sqm, I'ggegiazgqiag-35.5212U-nw gziijvkziiv we 5175 Yi'fz,2ivgEirsEgiYg iii? fgiiiisimwkizii 7Q:E37fgf'fg2EiU'5g-59 5.131123 5553535 fl2qH'lffg,5LHgig5'45iLLift 'Q My I 1 U g?iV',1'fslii32ii-.iQ'TYU piizfizzzjirgfsigvl if . Q M Q E-153,91igigQgLiQQ51Q11U. - - Xggafl JI ziggy1gzgg112fEwejgsA A gas? - 'wiv-21111 B J I ma , f Q ,N - M - ff ""' Q ' ' db i?gjz tZ'?fiT4v'liw y 2??if5z . f k N I I I A if .-HW-1,:, 2 z gm 4 1 7 p g., ..-. ,.,:::-::. . fm -A M ' ,ae SY -:- f liivr :-:-.'2.-ra:-5,5-.'-:--::g:,.-sea Kwik 5 M ""'1 a' 2 , gawk 1 FEES? ' "'- , as 'A NL.: ,az 5 ' V 1 sf 0. W 1 M , 1 ty QF , , ,X 4 AQ . -V ,:E,.. SAEQQHGQQQQ' W f' ,Q M ggi.. . g A 1 : ' , A iw? -, Xwaf y-,ff x , " ' Mg. ' W VW . Q 1931 If ' ,. , X xii , 3 ,. A ,I . - s 1 , f-2f:.F-5'- ' ' 1 K, 1 K V w QM' ' .. A f V ,Q Q , ' ,- wr liggff fgfgffw A flfaisf ,,,. ,luv if .X 'fk . ,.,. . . ...Zi A ai. 3 NV V M y VM C .. E Wh Mi ESS? Li? ,ww X' ,NY I W Y qw ww gi Y 13335 9222 My ,ig :mag gf V ve if af vi ,Q if :Eff iii? F Q S M,g,gg,g3g . , V .Xq,g.A.,y1 ., clwkljisx gwgzyggff xx X I3'?TX'1 ' A ,iyfw -in .2 4 F hx 'yt r . as 951 wg 7?"'o' .-r fl .Q ' Vs! Ll'-C1 d Xi Sgr m studious class could only bc c ' f..f1'CSl1,Hll1,, X lc need X?" A 1, good to the las? drop. V, X 'xi , I ---dll!! ' X . 1 of?" 1 1 4 . 4 , ,ffm Q1 Q Po .ll'N""' X O x ,,, vi fr A' E i ww -swf- plug! K' A' ff' 2 437 ' z W gi, GW! x 4 g 'Q k sg ' M L 3 ig, .igix ,uf 'fs wfffb. ,WM 1 99 1 X X N X Y ' are qirected to ghc main attrac- tiiafT',f f--IIl3Ch1I11i.."ZO1l"j ' iark, get 5 41 Q .X iv Q 5 , sE:w!-VVhat, allcntt t" nobody to cat it?- Q X X J Qs, f V Q1 .A , fl J ax, 1 4 f wx First viow of thy 19535 NI2ll1iS0lli21ll.'f':Xt 21 pow wow. tlu- 111:11-llillc slump boys :Ars lmricfcd Oll tllc plan l5f1ll'tiUll by Big Cllifff Kukjolm. Lui. 4 av., ' 'Q , .442 1 , Q Q' gf XL Oh, my goodness. VVho's nvxt F--In tllc mg- ' while some Stllt1t'lltS cut their fA n'0q,i,L,QLMl,1,Q1f not like bexperts.-PQAII Q1 'u'l1S" -re-sult nt . X X :1 touchdown. I . N-"' ' 1 f 1 if 'YNY COWHANDS I 4 W 1 v- I .lf h7'7fP:f" 1" 'Fi 1 Q, 'W , ,. ' a ff!! I 1 : . , ' , 1 5 . ,O ,A f 'U' I ' 7X1 1 2,21 I czgb- Q HW U ' f QQ? fx 4 3 Q E ,,,.,.1--- I my 375 i f i ik 5533: g X it '-24 2: if f Q. i R QT5 S CQ N .C S, 2 -K ' Q4 Q e 5 Mr. ll. l,. H. Plschll qllIit'l'illtf'IlllQ'llt of Schools. SUPERINTENDENT 1, ., Mr. Pascllul. during his cight years as superin- tendent of the Fort Madison Puhlic Schools. has proven to he very capable and progressive. Mr. Paschal received his Bachelor of Arts and Science degrees at Parsons College :ind his Master of Arts degree from the University of Iowa. Because of his friendly and cooperative manner. Mr. Paschail is well-liked :ind respected hy the faculty :ind the students of FMHS. Mr. Robert Thomasg Mr. David Paulg M1'. Edward McKiernang Mr. Joseph Hutton, presidentg Mr. IA-onard Hardyg Mr. VV:-llter Cooper, secretary. The Fort Madison School Board members unselfishly give their time and energy in working for the betterment of the bublic school system. Their work is appreciated by the students, faculty and citizens. , 5 Sa-eretziry to the Snperintc-mlm-nt. 1 I A' Mrs. Velma Groves , r Mr. A. li. XVoods, High School Principal. PRI CIPAL Mr. WVoods. who did his undergraduzitc work at Northwest Missouri State lllCZiCllCY'Sl College and his graduate work :it the University of Missouri. has completed his second year as princi- pal of FMHS. As Student Council advisor, Mr. YVoods presented the adininistrationls View on the various problems and projects which were con- sidered by the Student Council. His pleasant inanner makes it easy for the students to approncll him with their problems. 'nhl K Mrs. Nvvllllil Groves, Sec. to Suptg Mr. H. L. H. Paschal, Snpt. of Public' Svhoolsg Mr. C. Fl. M1'C'z1slin. Snpt. of Buildings and Groundsg Mrs, Estln-r Bueker, Pnhlic- School Nurse: Mr. D. W. Krnznn, Unid- snnw' Counselorg Mr. A. U. Woods, High School .Principalg Mrs. Ann-Ida Noonan, Ss-0. to l'rincipal. PLANNING COMMITTEE .5 'basgv I W . X Members of the Planning Committee work in close cooperation with the superintendent in de- veloping detailed plans for the continued growth of the school system. S1-rr:-fury to the principal. Mrs. !hIll1'lll1l Noonan. Mail call. FACULTY xg xnxx ,j5e.m,,,,.' Miss Pearl H2lg1'L'Il9t f X Miss Tf' Wk qwg KU Huy Mr. NVilIiz1m Ha-ilmlwrg Mr. Ke-nt HL-rshire QS- VS aww i M xx .ix-35 rw. I,urvnu liurilc-tt Miss lin-m-View B1-rry as Jus:-pililw i'ni'fc-y Shirley Dick iam Iilltl'iliIlSUll Miss Paullim- Jzwnbs Mrs. Martini liuyos Mr, Mzlrvin f'ZliYt'l't wif H-1-fa '1 FACULTY fVir. iViK'C?lHiill, Mr. Milla-1' Mr. lflxmliu Ei 5 ,i ai? gf .., E in i paw' K ovjegv i Elia '1'c-avhcrs listen hm. 5 'ik , Mr. NViIlium Kzmppmf O f W4 Miss Ann Mille-r 556 LTY fl Mr. Howard Spm-cnlmrg 5 Mr. Fred Mr. Maurice Stump Miss Mary Taylm Nl r. Milton Kukju lin M 1' ,1 Donald Kruzun Miss Adu Maw Littlv Mrs. Mnlu-l fVli'l'uslin .,.m.,WW,,., 5 M - 3 Mr. lflllgvm- Path-rson Mr. John Pa-tors Mr. .lorry Phillips - ' l i 'ii 63 fl .3 ' 'Lil Mrs. L'rilc'lifin-lil X Q.: Lv. 'ff 0-. .X vi' , . , rf," 'in' , f o I 1 f Mr. Bye M r. Va u A ukvn Vlrs. liuili 'Vain 'ljuyl Miss Ma aret VVulljz1sper V . r49tY4 9'fV9'f""z ,pw 7 .. fu fpylfify - ill-f ' itiiiil Austin Sandroek, Pres.g Sally Graskewicz, Sec., 'l'reas.g Ray Schrepfer, V. Pres. SE IOR President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Class Colors Class Flower Class Jewel Class Motto Austin Sandi-oek Ray Sehrepfer Sally Graskewicz Green and Gold Camillia Emerald Learn to live and live to learn. wk av , J, Charles Alexander Deloris Breeze Doris Dalrymple Sally Graskewicz Frank Ande Ronald Bri Jane Dalryn David Urali Ilzlrlmru .Mugl- .'lllll'lll l':nnpln-ll Dunulll llmlgv linnulxl Gunn Gary Bihy Ula-0 CZll'lll4'llll Joyce Iivznms lirnvstn Gnzlnun Dunne liillnmn l'lll1!l'lll' lirundt Rox lirvvlilllg. Mary Clark l,Zll'll'll0 Uuwlvs Kill-nn Cross Ill-nn Feclle-r 'IH-rry lfrnnklin Ruger G4-mlm-3 Iiullznnl Henn'm'k Paul llunsnn r. llnng, 'l'vzu 9 4 up Qi 5' 'lk W if X if Chnrlcs Hawtrey Clinton Hovcrson Adonna Kent Lora I,cc Long Betty Hend' .lohn Howa Susie Kinca Robert Lon zgsff E IOR AS UN DERCLASSMEN Freshman Year: As hlnnhle freshmen, with lipstick- slneured faces :ind unusual costumes, wc were put on display for the rest of the student hody. Charles Alex- ander was chosen queen of the assembly and Beverly Yvilhelin was chosen king. Later at our class meeting we voted for our officers, Kenneth Campbell was elected president. Sum Resnick and Sherrill Rings were elected into the Dramatic Club. Sophomore Year: At last we could no longer be called freshmen. After Ray Schrefer was elected class president, we began to collect dues for our eventful junior year. From the juniors we also collected the knowledge that students werenlt to write on huildings in their efforts to proclaim homecoming. mrmu'rl Ilvssn- Phyllis IIUIIIIPS Sllirlvy lrvd lluyvr lillc-ll llllffnkm-r Shirley Jule- linux .Imwt Kuch-hm-I1 lim-tty I. ll'l'4'll Muringr l'1l'll1'ht Mzlrsll l'1lljL't'lI0 Hulrm-5 Jann-s an Porto ylilfhll 3 1 lingvr Ilupp v Yvunm- Km-lvl Slam xl x ms 1 V1-ul I.nss1nun VN mt 14 ld I vc-wtf Marsh lm s W u 'E N235 SE IORS AS UPI' F.RCI,ASSNI EN Junior year: Along with the privileges of initiating freslnnen, sitting upstairs, and having second floor lockers. we inherited many duties. Led hy our class president. Tracey Scholtz, we took charge of the home- coming festivities and football concessions. The junior class play, "June Dawn," was a great success. The junior and senior prom, "Alice in VVonderland,,' was said to he one of the most elaborate and hest planned in FMHS history. At the end of the year. Kenneth cl2lIIll7lK'll was elected student council president and John Napier. vice-president. Senior year: As seniors. we finally ruled the roost. VVe took charge of the freshman initiation and the fresh- man dance that followed. Yvith our senior pictures and the selection of !1llll0l1llC6IlI6IltS. we sensed that gradua- tion was not far off. Our four years at FMHS ended with Baccalaureate and Cl0IllIIlClll'CIllCllt exercises. Beverly McGchce Joan Myers Doreen Pollmcier McGrath Norman Rouse 3 Rochelle Mi John Napi Paul Prew Richard lllll ati.: ffm!-sy .e ' Q 1 nf' 1 if 6 ...,. KE Q 6.4.3. 1 S i :s-2:.-2::. .':.:1:.: .. is " 2 Barre-Il M illvr lunc- Nm-al xx-rvlf lim in S lll1ll'll4'k Marshall Millvr Joy m'm- Nvllv Glory R c-m- d lim-vwly Svllailc- 12223514155 .Q anws Millnwyvr .Imm-s Miivllvll Bn-Hy My:-rs Kay Parish Ulu-lcla Pm-l Paul Pohlpm-h-r - 'f- Sam Rvsnivk '.kw:1'Q"l'1sliil1'Eae"M NUFIIIGI linum . NC-R , Ivan Srllim-fn'r1lm'1'km:l' ,' "l'rac'r-yn Sehnlfzvfi' Ray S1-Iu'vpfs'r mek 3 E IDRS Tune-Mfluld Lang Syne Words by Dave Graham and Ernie Suter The time has come, the tests we've passed And it's time to say adieu It's been so nice to spend these years In this high school with you. Our high school days are ending now, And our high school joys are thrug VVe all are gay and laugh and play, But in heart we know we're blue. VVe'll all recall the rooms and halls, Our teachers and our fun. We'll all recall the games and balls, After our high school days are done. And looking back from years to come, Everyone will breath a sigh For all these days, these dearest days, That have gone so quickly by. And when in wandiring thru' the years, An old classmate we should see. Weill laugh we two, we may cry, too As we talk of fifty-three. Carol Schulte Donald Skin Bette Sturdevant Ernest Sut Donna Weiser YValter Vl'e - ft tr cf X wa Q .-...i., , 1 1- SID1Yl'liIllilll NZIIIUQ' Slll't'IlfIl'I' MllI'lilll Stuff N uwy 'l'lmrm:m liuynmmi Tripp Lupc- XYIISQIIUZ urly VYillu-lnl iilurin VVilk1-rsun livfty XVillits 'irgriniu Stunlv livifh Nv2lg1'lll'I' Gln-nn XYilsun y I51'vc-rly Stvvc Jul KHVIIII Yurih , ,!,,f4,fg,, Nl lll Watson fg Nmwy i'iVK'I'illjIil2IIll --- Sv1'l'i'ful'y-'l'rc-zxslllwi' David VVillu-nb f P11-siilvllf XV1-Indy Whirlrln-n -- Vim--l'l'0sillm-inf UNDERCLASS OFFICERS .I VNIUR CLASS 'l'nni Kutt1-llsh-th-- Sx1'l'4-izll'y-'l'l'1-znslirs-1' l1ill'l'y Minoru - l,I'l'Nill1'llt .loyvv Ih-nm-it Q Vi4'4--l'i'e-saiclvlit IIUMUR li VIASS FR ICSHMAN Cl..-XSS Harlmrzl Zahn - Vicv-l'r1-sirlviit Harry Frahm - Prvsimlcnt Nancy Billings - Svvrvtnry-'l'l'vusl1 liurlr row: Janet De Rosear, Norma Drew, Shirley Edgrington, Bill Faeth. Third row: Eddie Clark, Audrey Clemens, Bill Clendenen, Lee Cloud, Larry Cornell, Mary Bell Crain- hlit. Sandra Dance. Seeoud row: Nanev Blakelv, Donald Blanehard, Bill Bolton, Bessie Branch, Michael Burns, Jeanette Casady, Dorothy Clark. I l"ronf row: Edna Anders, Naomi Arnold, James Barr, Anabel Baughman, Rachel Becker, Myrna Beel- man, Joyce Bennett. UNIOR Burk row: Marilyn Hutehison, Joan Hymes, Jesse James, Joan Judy, Letitia Kent, Richard Kerr. Third row: Jerry Hooten, Keith Hopp, David Huebner, YVilliam Huett, Mary Huffaker, Gary Hughes. Sweorul row: Sim Griswold, Chris Hawtrey, Eugene Hayes, Patsy Heidbreder, Thomas Hetzer, Donald Hodges. Front row: Aaron Feinberg, Keith Fowler, Barbara Frantz, Charles Frey, Verne Fruehling, Sandra Fuget, Nina Gillette. wlf row: .Xrln-rw Ns-il, Larry Nulvlv, Jtlllll IH-zlm'm'k, Darla-m' Pl'I'SillfIl'I', liolwrt l'4-h-rxml, limmim- li4-ml. Ihirzl ruzu: Annan Mc-mls-z, I"ru11c'n-5 Mifclu-ll, Put Molina-, IJ:-lnrcs Muum-, Larry N10lH'l',liil'h1ll'd Morgan, lilll N'JlIlii'I'. mm! rnw: .Immm l,uxvc, Virginia l,uxuno, Cylltllill fVlc'Gvs-, .Ia-:1m'ulv lWl'Illtl7hll, Lam- Mzltlwlul, Donald Vlnrslx. liunulxi Mzlym-r. Imnl ww: lflclslil- Kilumicl, fR1'UI'Q1'l' lii1'1'lxm-r,'I'ul1i IilJlt1'llhf1'llt', Jllllj' liruvuw, Sum Kl't'ig!,'lllVlllIIl, Axllll In-wh. liuclmiy Limus. UNIOR lim-L' rmc: Sus- Xvlifllllllllll, Marilyn XYiln'zuk, Ric'lmrcl Willzlrrl, Kc-nm-th 'WilNun, Inu Wnllum, Uwvn minlyn Zoitl1-1',.I4-rry Dickinson. Thirfl row: Marilyn Sykm, Dash- 'l':lylnr, Fritz 'l'luun:1s, linln-rf Yun Alllu-11, Tom XvilHjilhlN'I', .loam ' Ri I1 ' ' n I Vkvllx, 1' snrrl Wlntm as 1. Nm-mfr! row: Rugs-r S2illllill'I'S, Jeuxim- Svlmilo, David SiIIlI1HUll,Jt'l'l'y SIM-, Shirlm-y Stuff, Duruilny Culhnlln l"rnnl ruff: lxlllltxtfl' Rivllzlrds, Donald Iiippvllkruvgn-r. Ilzlroltl Rohm-l'ts, .Inc Iiulxhins. Durlvm- lhxlnn Iluris Ruhlv ,av f IM:-If row: Lloyd Dodson, Betty Estrado, Nancy Everingham, Diane Foster, Kenneth Gardner, Betty Harmon. 'l'hir1l rom: Louise Chirsty, Barbara Cooper, Carolyn Cooper, Beverly Cross, Glenn Darley, Annette Davis, Pat Devine. Swcorzrl row: Marion Bohnenkamp, Bobby Boley, Patricia Brown, Ray Brown, William Burns, Barbara Busard, Larry Calhoun. Front rozfe: Dwight Anderson, Sandra Anderson, Barbara Andrews, Sara Lynn Blake, Eunice Blanch ard, James Blanchard, Richard Boe. UPHO ORE lifwk row: Sandra Mattox, Celia Mattox, Patricia Mayer, Janice Mikels, Theda Miller, Bobby Munson, Nancy Nelson. Third row: Phillip Knypstra, Karen Kron, Darryl Meliisson, Dale MeMillen, Fred McMullen, Jose- phine Martinez. Sweonrl row: Laura Ireland, Eddie Hill, Donald Hoskins, Georgia Huston, Margaret Hutchison, Fred- die Jefferson, Barbara Kelly. I"irxf row: Frank Harper, Ada Hawbaker, John Hawireyg Melvin Hayes, Loretta Hayes, Sally .Xnn Henning. 5 'E 1 1 liurlf rnzv: Silllllfil Sm'l1114-iclvr, Frank S1'h,11lte', N?llll'j' Sl'lllllIl1lkl'f', Gary Scoli, 'l'u111111y SllIlfl'l', D1111114- glll'I'NYUUli, lim-11v Suplu-r. Th iral rmu: Kay R1-1-ml,iialnmlclnnpv lin-yes, G1-orgrv R0f1'K'l'S, Harm-y li1nfl11'11l1c-rg, Arlvtta liuxlau, Ray halladay. ql'I'0lIl! mic: Mary J:1114- Phillips, Jvrry Pivkalwl, Jvilllilll' llllHIll'tl'l', Shirlvy l,0llllH'tt'!', l.11L'illo l,l'iYiil. Isal11-lI1- lla111i1'1-z, Divk RZIIIINUX. l"ru11l row: ',Ullll't'S l'av1111, Karvn Pz1r1'isl1, Allllil YlItgl'l'?lSS, FFlilll'1'S Nolte, F11-cle-1'iL'k Niclmls, l'lHI'i'lll'1' '1-r1'1' F. 1' 'f V-..-1 I 1 OPHO ORE liurlr row: Larry Xvlllllllll, l,nw1-ll xYOIll?ll'k, D01'ntl1y VVurr1-ll, Bill VVy0ff, Dick xvllllllk, IA-roy UVM'- lllllSl'l'. Thirfl row: W1-11rly u'llidKlL'll, SZlIlill'il xVl'I'lll'l', liarhara Whitv, lin-ly11 Wim-hlvr, David Wilkvn, llnhhy VVilsn11. Gerald VVEIS1111. Sl'!'4lIlfl rnzuz J1-rry 'l'11r111-1', Ja111n's Ifllrich, I4-o11a1'rl XYHSQIIUZ, 'l'ol1y XVPIVSOII, l'1Vt'lj'll YV11ts011, l'n-grgy xVl'lN'I', Riillqffll VVL'il1'r. l'vl'llllf rnru: Doris StilylillK', I,l'lllIlHl Sivvlwlvs, Harold Stk'llllt'llS, Darwin Swm-vm-r, Jam-l 'l'aylm', .li111111y VIVIIUIIIIDMYII, VVIH1111' Tory, .'Xl111a 'l'u1'y. E E., 11 ,lx 15 Q 3 5 liurlf row: Paula Deere, Marilynn Deere, Ann Sue Decker, Frances Davis, Mary Davis, Shirley Dan- ker, Margaret Daley, Charlotte Cramblit, Edith Cmwles, Darrell Couchman. Third row: Donald Copeland, Janet Consbrock, Dale Corwin, VVilliam Clark, Daniel Cherry, Marilyn Cartmill, Doris Carter, Barbara Calhoun, Jerry Bullard, VVS-sley Brown, Joanna Brown. Second row: Barry Brown, Richard Brown, Richard Brasfield, Sylvia Branch, Thomas Boyles, George Boring, Bernard Boone, Lola Boon, Doris Boley, James Bohnenkamp. Front row: Donald Boe, Roberta Blanchard, Nancy Billings, Jacqueline Berger, Carol Bennett, Glenn Barbe, Richard Baldwin, Ramona Bailey, Cherie Anderson, VVilliam Abraham. FRE HME liaek rom: Thomas Holt, James Holterhaus, VVilliam Hotop, Darlene Huffaker, Thomas Hurst, Juanita Hymes, Mary Ireland, Lawrence James, Nicky Johnson. Third row: Larry Hanger, Jack Genck, Dean Gaylord, Patrick Griswold, Richard Gibbs, Janet Holmes, Donna Hixson, Forrest Hawkins, Charlene Hatfield, Everett Gabel. Srfeonzl raw: Robert Faeth, Janice Fedler, Barry Frahm, Louis Frank, Judith Frey, Dolores Fruehlingr, Gordon Franklin, Freddie Funkhouser, Milton Fllget, XVilliam Gerhart. F1-our row: Larry Degen, Jerry Dial, Carol Dodson, Herbert Doty, Jerry Druppel, Jim Eberlein, Jerry Lee Emerson, Frances Estrada, Delores Estrada. ff? Iiurlr row: Frzuik Szuulnvul, Frm-cl Sclluilc-, liuln-rt Sanur, Dnllic liolnnc-r, liuclnm-y Szunlvrs, John Rich- nnnnl. Thiru' rmv: Ann Nvlsnn, Durutliy Un-l'l1l1lsz'l'. 'l'hoxnns Opp:-nln-inn-r, Aurml 0'Nm'ill, Clifton l,l'llK'lllll'll, l,nrry Pc-Hy, llonnlcl l'0h-r. Nvmnul raw: 'l'4-rrcin-v l,itth-, John I,ovingrim-r. .lzlnn-s I,uwcnlu-rg, Gilnn-r Lund, ll:-tty, Mc-nkm-, .lnnn-s fVlinn'r, l'n-njzunin lVIilzunln-r, Jzuwt Mill-ln-ll, Mzlrilin Mull, VVmn'llc Nluycr, Sully liiulmrcln, llnrln Nlnrphy. l"ruul row: l'lmrl1-s l.iHl1-, C'lmrl4-s Link, Dulnm I.il1', Fra-rl I,f'llfg'I'l"9Il, Larry lnmwwvll, Gnry Lnsswvll. Pnfriuk Lawlor. lhnn-tu Knscllvl, linger Kixwllllvr. Clurisc Lincoln. FRE H N lfrrrk row: Muylo Wilson, Arthur Wills-y, Vicky VVrig,rht, Suzzunn- Whitv, Mznwvllm- Willu-rson, l':inl Vl'rigrht, Harold NYilson, Bill xVl'lgIllf. Tllirrl rnvu: lim-verly 'l'4-mlrow, Mary Alicm- 'l'l1i1-lla-, Jllilllllil 'lllll'lIl'l', l'lY'2llli'l'h 'lll'llIll'llh0, Slmrun l'lll'i4'h Dixin- Lu- Vail-li, liusnlic' VW-lls, C0llHt1fl,l1Cl' Vllitls, li2l.l'lHll'El Zahn. Swrollrl l'1lTnQ'Z Mary Ima- 'l':u'kz1lwr1'y, .lohnny Susic-h, Shirlvy Starr, Jinnny Sl. John, Isla Sprcngra-r Carol Spurknmn, lk-ggry Spim-kc-rim-ia-r, .lunnitn Smnnn-rs, RunnlclS1nitl1. Frou! row: .luycc Sclllivkvr, Rulwrt Scoln-0, VVz1rr1-n Ss-lls, Nancy Slmcklvtf, llll'I'l'?lllK'l' Silva-rs, Dnnnlal Simpson. Claunlin Sissnn, Ann-lin Smith, Joycc Smith, .Inyvv Zounn Smith. I 37 v Q in f- I ,X-.1 ij ,T ff: L 477 f r gg D 1 ' ? 'i ,lr V1 K S- Q. wi 4 W fig? MNX linek raw: Mr. P4-ters, llllYlll hv2l.ll.l2lSUL'F, Donald Marsh, John Howard, Roddy Lilnus, l'4lllfl'1'l!l' Hayes, John Napier, Don Dodge, Mr. Patterson. Srfronal row: 'l'1'zu'ey Schultz, Holland HElllL'ill'k, Ernest Marsh, Larry Moore, .Xustin Sandrock, Kenneth K':nnpbell. lliin Nlvllee. l"ronf row: Dave Hllelmer, Eddie Clark, Rogrvr Sanmh-rs, .lohn Nviltb-Ull, lvun S4-hiefeiwlc-c'kvl', Keith xvEl2lll'l', Ronald Gunn, l5t'l'llHl'll Hesse, Rely Svlirepfer. LETTERMENS CL B 'Iver'-sp UWA X. Keith Wugiier .lohn Vfutson John Napier Pres. V. l'1'x's. See. 'l'r4-us. The l"NlllS I,etterinen's Club is colnposed of all the major and minor letter winners. The past year the club has been engziyged in sponsor- ing the sixth grade basketball tournainent. Part of the Letternienls Club work is the displaying of the trophies which were won by previous club members. It also has charge of some assemblies throughout the year. The Inost looked-after duty of the elub is the nomination of relay and ll0lHCCOIIllllg' queens to be voted on by the entire student body. Membership in this club is based on definite rzitings for partici- pation in the various sports. The liCttCI'IIlt'lllS club is under the supervision of Mr. Patterson. Mr. Peters, Mr. Hay, and Mr. Culvert. o VARSITY FOOTBALL A lligggllligllt in tln- lll00tlll0llll1lvS footlmall scason wan a glorious and llarcl fought Vivtory ovvr tln- liig livrlw ol' C'm-ntm-rvillv ISI-0. The tC2llIl c'l1'c'tc'cl MV' lwlcrxl IllgqvtlilllmllmlllllllllclNQln'l,:lt'llll':ll'lil. Mr' Nlvrlm lionniv Gunn as honorary tt'1lIIl captain and Ivan A ' A ' ' ' Sc-luic-f's'rrl1'c'kvr as tllv most valnalxlm- playvr. Bloocl- llllllllil plalvvrs also won inmliviclual honors. Kcitll llagnvr and lionnu' Cvnnn plavvql on tlli' svvoml :ull-vol1l'm-rvllvv tl'2llIl and .llllllllly YVatson. lvalt YVQ-st. John Ilowarcl. Ivan S4-lnivfurricn-ka-r, Larry ff? Nloorv and Donald Marsh rc-cm-ivml llonoralmlo nu-ntion. .lolln Howard rcc-civccl an llonoralxla- nn-ntion on tlu- all-statv football tcaln. .Xftvr Yictorp lim-lr 1'nlI'C Coax-h Kokjnlnn. Tom Walljaspvr. K1-ilh XVJIHIIUI' John Ilowsnwl. Paul l'ol1lp1-lm-r. H4-llc llavus. Ilarrvll Nlillvr. John ' ' S arsh. .lim TXIMQQ-0. l,:n'ry 1" Don Ulillll'll2ll'Il, lillclix' XIIIJIUIH Kolanrl ll2lIli'IM'l'C. .Xnslin ,1fl!llll'lK'k. flHIll'll I'0l0l'S, Nrfonll I'1IIl'I YValt XVANI, llonaltl Nl Xlnors-. Ivan Sl'lll0l't'l'Kll'l'li1'l'. lionahl linnn. Ilon Docluv, Roddy l.lIIlQlS.RliIliIl1l Mayor. Frou! ro: ilark. lu-nny iampholl. Romer 55lllllKl0!'S. Ray Sl'lll'L'Dl.k'l', Iirm-st Nlarwh. Hu-n-it liwhl. John Waison. Lune Vasqnoz. .Am - . lj . Qsxuww + MM faint? I .wiasi 'V N as f . Sgffmgwwaes Q Q. XS Nb' P i Jww X? ww 3 X li? . ' 1 ,gwixi 5 5 .mf will Sd MM 5 aw ' Qw.sfwa.W.f- ' we as A . .,.:g:Z: V lx gg? W9 ,.,W4,,s f is-1 I I 41" r A 14 X V 'fit 59 , f M. wwf iw W il K , v, ' 2 H AM,-aj fa ,-gf-W wg-sv V x'SfyZ?Jf:: 4 we 1 9uwm6w..y, mu-ww. 39 ' 'W,',+':sf , Lfjligfmu Pat Pattvrson took over coaching thc Junior Varsity squad this past ycar and showed tllt'Ill the way to play thc old gillllli of foothall. By the and of the season Illlllly of the sophomore hoys were praw- ticing and cvcn playing with thu varsity squad. .wxlou VARSITY wr- 'rlwy Kcoliuk 0 12 Carthage- 12 0 Quincy 7 12 Kc-oknk 0 6 Burlington 0 6 Mt. Pleasant 7 0 VVho said we couldn't? 011110 ORE QUAD Iiurlr row: John Hawtrvy, Frank Harper, Clarence Perry, Phillip K n y p s t r a, Melvin Hayes, Toby VVarson, Larry VVollam, Charles Haas, Leroy Ovvrhulser, Coach Patterson. Front row: Pip Salazar, Eddii- Hill, Dick Ramsey, Frank Schulte, Bob Munson, Jvrry Pickarcl, Leonard Vasquez. Hone Sopher, Darryl Mc'Kisson. lim-If ir-mv: Gordon Franklin, Warm-n Sm-lls, H1-rln-rt Duty, Larry Iiasswm-ll, 'l'oInIny Holt, Wm-mul row: Coavh Calvvrt, Clifton I' r i t 0 h a r cl, Larry D 1- g a n, Ric-liarcl Brasfivlcl. Paul Vl'right. l"rnnf row: Dar- re-ll lfouvlnnan, John Snsich, Danny Ulu-rry, .lohn Lovinger, l its 'L my V I ' Lined up for action. FRESH SQUA lim Hlwrlvin, J v r r y Dial. In-rry Drnpplv, Nicky Johnson, l'orn Upps-nln-inn-r, llill Wright. l'iI't'SllIllilIl football at l"NlllS sn-rvvs as a training ground for fnturc gridiron In-roles. This yvar thi- frcslnnvn wcrc- put through thcir p:u-1-shy Marvin Calvert. 'l'his was Mr. Cal- vurtis first yvar ol' l'02ll'lllll4Lf at FNIHS. :mil he cliai il fini' .ioh in tL'2lC'lllllgtil1' i'llllti!lllll'll- tals of football to thx- invnilwrs of thc frm-slnnan tm-mn. 'l'hc hoys finisln-al with a ri-cord of 0 won and All lost against trains in this vicinity. Two of tln-sv QIIIIICS wc-rc playml 1lg'IllllStjllll- ior varsity teams. All nn-inhc-rs of thc squad rum-civcd thuir '56 numerals signfying participa- tion in freshman sports. VV4: They Hamilton J. V. 6 13 Horavc Mann 6 27 Oak Street 13 27 Hamilton J. V. 6 18 Q .. .FE irzrlf row: liicl'nrd YVill:lrd, Holland l'l2lllC0l'li, K?IlIllxtll Calllpln-ll, Ronald Bruno, Sim Griswold, Larry YU!-li-, ljmmlgl Marsh, Ifmnl row: liddiv Ulzlrk, Norlnun RllllSt', l,arry Moorc, Keith XV?lQ.'Ill4'I', Vllillll XVall- lnspm-r. Ks-nny Gurdin-r, John XviltS0ll. V VARSITY BASKETBALL The IVMHS varsity cagcrs displayvd fight :ind spirit all through the season. Their new cozwh, Marvin Calvert, taught the- lnoys :1 brand of lvasketlmll that was interesting and pleasing to watch. Although ending the sca- son in Z1 lust place tic with liairficld. u look :xt the sc-ores shows quita :1 fvw small-niurgin losses. Keith 'lllxgv Wagner was the out! standing player for the liloodhonnds. VV:1g- ncrys slmrpsllooting Cllilllliftl llllll to lNfC0lllt' the top individual scorn-r in thc Litth: Six cl0llfCI'0IlCC with 239 points to his credit. One of thc top dcfcbnsivc players was John xviltfillll, :A little lnun with :1 big heart. Tha- rcnmrkalvlc thing about this yc:1r's squad was its, "Never say die." spirit. Kay lie-od, Dianna- Fostor, NEilli'j' l'lvc'l'il1g.rlxz1Il1 Nancy Slmvkle-tt, Shirlm-y Starr. lVl:n'ilyn I,l'l'l'l' Marry ,ll2lK'lUllN'TY'y, llllilllltll 'l'nrn1-r W C'mu'lws: Mr. Pvfvrs, Mr. Uzxlvvrt, Mr. l'z1Hvrsu JUNIOR VARSITY Ifurlf row: Dzlvicl Wilkvn, Shlrlelli :WIIIIJIQIVVQ Larry lmsswvll. IA-my Uvvl'I1llls4-r, Hill Clark, Toby VN'zu'- mn, Plxillip Knypstrn, Larry Wullmn, .lm-rry l,Y'lllllN'l. Mr. l'4-h-rs, l"runl row: Imullzxrcl Vas- qurz. Dwight Amlvrsun, Frilllk Svlllllh-. Hill NYyvtt, Dmmld Hus- kins, C'GlY'l'lll'l' Pc-rry. FRE SHMAN SQUAD 5 lffwh' rmu: VVUIIIIIIY Hurst, Shulent IVIZIIIIIQIPTQ Tummy Holt, Larry 1 l.ns'4wvll, Bill Vlark, Rodin-y Szlluh-rs, .lim IAlW1'lll7l'I'g', Paul VVrigh,f, I' an T Griswulcl, .lvrry I,I'lllll7t'l, i'uu4'l1 Pilttl'l'SUIl. l"rnnl rnzv: .'xlll'Ull 0'Nvill, Tum Oppvn- ln-ilm-r'. Nicky .Inlmmm, Ummlrl llew, .Iolm Riiqllllllllil, VV1-sh-y Brmvn, John Susich. John VVatson Larry Moore Ilrnmrary f'o-captain St. Joseph Burlington E T, LEEP, a VARSITY RECORD Central Nauvoo ......,..... Burlington Bloomfield Ottumwa ...... Fairfield Muscatine Vvashington Keokuk ................. Mount P le asant VVC 418 39 .......3l ........54 .244 .52 .57 ......50 They 341 54 4b 52 411 63 419 70 61 68 63 Swmh V Flfldic' Clark Ronald Bruno Sim Griswold Nurmzm Rc I ill SQ' llorm rr: ry f'u-rvapfuill liurlingtm Ottumwa Frxirficld Tom VValIjz1s1wr il K BASKETB LL VARSITY RECORD continued Ill ..,. . :UllSCIltillt' li loom fivlri ...... VVushingt Kcokuk Oll Mount Pla-:1s:1nt ..... Nl :wmnb ............. f':1rtl1:1gjv ......l-.Z VVQ L9 ......Ii8 ...53 51 ......5li .....'117 .....59 ........fi2 x DIS'l'IiIC"l' 'I'OL'RNANI NNT Ixvokuk ...................................... 41-O n I Ulllllll do tha Tl 61 52 51 A119 56 58 54- 76 60 37 L5 wy I K i 3 I K1-itll XYZIQIIIVI' Mus! l'nl1mlrlw Ijlllillfl Kvnm-th Uilllllllltql Iiullzlml Ilzuulcwvk M1'. Hay, Coach. VAR ITY BASEBALL Fort Madison's 1952 baseball team had a very successful season. They won their two sectional games and then, going into the dis- trict meet, they whipped New Sharon and Millersburg. This took the ball club to the state finals. They were nudged out of their first game - by Marengo. They achieved second place in the little six conference. BASEBALL RECORDS lVe They Burlington ...... .......- L 3 Mt. Pleasant .... ....... 1 l 1 Iowa City ..... .......- 11 2 Burlington ..... ....... 1 3 Muscatine ....... ......... 7 1 New London ...... ....... 1 3 1 Mt. Pleasant .... ............... 7 0 New London .... ...,........... 1 5 0 Iowa City ........................ Canceled Muscatine ........ ............... . ........ . 8 Sectional Tournaments Burlington ..................... ....... 5 2 New London ................. ,...... 1 6 :Z Districts Tournaments Millersburg ................... ....... 6 '1- New Sharon ............... ....... G 5 State Tournament Marengo ............... ....... 0 1 ls' rli row: VValt VVQ-st, John Howard, Darrell Huffaker, Keith XVagner, Kenny Gardner, Tom VS ill uspcr, Mr. Hay, coach. Front row: Kenny Kurtz Larry Moore, John VVats0n, Bill Schulte-bat boy, irrw Lasswell, Larry Noble, Donald Hoskins, 1 4, f fm vi ,1--Q Kvith Wngrm-r Larry Moore Kenny Kurtz llnrrc-ll Huffuk Larry Lzlsswvll YYzllh'r VVcst 'l'rnn Wzxlljzwpcl . John NV:1tsun . John Howard Kcnny Gzu'dm'r 4... 1 f vi, XXI! ,f 1171. QQ? H1 1 I , fe I n Jig? ww - In A. gfgii QQWQW N, K ,.,.. " f f XK J?1,,j, " XV W W 2 Mfg wn 5 4:3331 5' M JUNIOR VARSITY I1'n1'lr mic: Mr. Huy, l"lvs-rm-it Marsll, Kenny Gurcllwr, Bill Hue-tt, Jim Burr, Jinx Mm'- Gec. Frunl rnrv: Larry Noble, Domllcl Hoskins, Bob YanAukvn, V1-rn Frnchling, Larry Imsmvvll, Frank Harper. lim-If row: Mr. Patterson, coach, Rolland Hancock, Charles Haas, Toby Stigall, Keith VVagner, Darrell Miller, John Napier, Kenny Campbell, Tracey Schultz, Mr. Peters, coach. Third -row: Chris Hawtrey, student manager, LaVerne Horner, Gary Thompson, Leroy Overhulser, Dave Huebner, Sim Griswold, Darrell Huffaker, Honorary captain, Richard lVhiteman, Duane Sherwood, student manager. Seeonrl row: Bill Napier, student manager, Sonny Perry, Ronald Gansy, Kenny Gardner, Leonard Vasquez, Frank Schulte, Bernie Hesse, student manager. Front row: Toby VVarson, Frank Anderson, Donald Hoskins, Larry VVollam, Dwight Anderson, Bill VVyett. ARSITY TR CK AND FIELD Tracey Seholtz, I,aVerne Horner, Kenny Campbell, Dave Huebner, Darrell Huffaker. With, only eight returning lettermen Coach Patterson and his boys turned in a commendable record. Those who qualified for the State Dis- trict were: Bob Haas in shot put and discus, Toby Stigall in pole vault, and Dave Huebner, Harry Harper, Darrell Huffaker, Ken Campbell, I,aVerne Horner, and Rolland Hancock com- peted in the S80 and medley relays. The high- light of the annual Fort Madison Relays was our own medley relay team which definitely put on a show. Campbell, in this spectacular race, put the Crimson out in front on his 4-4-0 leg, Harper and Huebner followed suit. Then, with Horner's magnificent finish on his 880, the Hounds had a blue ribbon they could well be proud of. At a team meeting immediately follow- ing the season, Darrell Huffaker was elected honorary captain of the 1952 Fort Madison track team. Major letters were awarded to six seniors, seven juniors, and one sophomore. The seniors were: Darrell Huffaker, Harry Harper, Bob Haas, Toby Stigall, Gary Thompson, and Charles Van Pelt. The juniors were: l,aVerne Horner, Rolland Hancock, Kenneth Campbell, John Napier, Tracey Scholtz, Darrell Miller, and Keith Vlfagner. The sophomore was David Huebner. FMHS TH CLADS 21111 5th 4th 3rd 41th 1 iwkii 'E ww. All set'-lmsv or throw? Sim goes up and over while' Jim is gm-tting set for 41 throw. ,Zi- L... ROU ' ' l ,.. - gg ND UP 4? 5 ' lj W iff' 1 -5 A II' W 1 PM -4 X ti- -fhtl A 'X 0, M7 ,-'f'i-5, W vt!" xg ,J 'W fi E- J 'V 'iii K 5 -A .Z .. i L.- ,.-- X Wi i sy? j who W cJCYXiDz 5 W -5 W f 5 6 ,MMM ' X W -SQFJE lim-lr row: Tracey Scholtz, Austin Sandrock, Bill Napier, David VVilkens, Kenneth Gardner, Charles Haw- trey, John Napier, Barry Frahm, Kenneth Campbell. Frfnli row: Larry Moore, Jolm VVatson, Judy Kracaw, Marilyn VVilczak, Diane Foster, Carol Schulte, John Richmond, Gilmer Lund. TUDE COUNCIL Kenneth Campbell, President Carol Schulte, Secrctary-Treasurer John Napier, bvl1't'el,l'l'SlKl0llt At the close of the 1951-1952 school term Ken Camp- bell and John Napier were elected president and vice- president of the Student Council. Class representatives and four class presidents, chosen at the beginning of the school year compose the Student Council. At the first meeting Carol Schulte was elected secretary-treasurer. The Student Council sponsored many projects this year. One of the biggest was the programs for the football and basketball games. They also challenged Keokuk High to a "Get Out and Vote Campaign." Tile Student Council sponsored a Spirit Trophy, a Christ- mas tree with music in the halls, several Crimson Days, a bus to two out-of-town games, a pep assembly and a dance. Details for noon-hour recreation such as movies, basketball league games, pep and student assemblies were also arranged by the Student Council. Mr. VVoods is the advisor. Council in session lv 2. 2 wi 1' i , z 5 A Ji , , , Buck row: ltachcl B:-ckcr, John VVatson, Ronald Gunn John Napier, lvan Schicfcrdcckcr, Austin Sauclrock, Richard Rupcrt, Km-nm-th Camphcll, Tracey Scholtz, Beverly Wilhelm, Fran! row: Marilyn Wilczak, lictty llcndrcn, llarlcnc Uowlcs, Yvonne Kl'0ll'l', Sally Graskcwicz, Carol Schultc, Myrna BK'K'lIIlHlI, Suv VVcidn1ann, Shvrrill Rings, 'l'oni Kottcnstcttc. Noi piclilrzfrl: Sam licsnick. l'lach ycar, at thi- cnd of the first SCIlll'SttfY', lIlC'IIlllt'I'S for National Honor Society are chosen by the faculty. lfivc pcr ccnt of thc junior class and not more than T10 fiftccn por ccnt of the scnior class are eligible for incmlncrship. To lu-comc a lllifllllifff' of this honorary sc-liolastic organization, a student must have attcndcd FMHS for onc ycar and must rank in the upper third of his class. llowcvcr. scholastic ability is not the only necessary quality. A studcnt is also ratcd on scrvicc, leadership, and character. This is thc first ycar the society has had officers, and last ycar saw the hcginning of a spring installation ce-rcluony. 'l'hrcc lligrlu-st Ranking Seniors at Mid-year John Napicr, I'rcs.g Sally Graskvwicz, S4 lim-tty Hcndrcn,Joln1 Napier, Sally Graskcwicz. 'l'mq-Q-y Sl-lmltzv Y, Pres. lim-If rms: 'lllllll VVz1llj:1spcr, Austin Samlrovk, David fil'2llHllIl, Hill N?lllli'l',llllJl1l Kolh-llstvlh-, Sally Gruslcc- wicz, Sm- Wicxlnmnn, .loan Jumly, lic-Hy lim-mlm-n, Slivrrill liingrs, Frzink Svllllllv, lin-lnwtli fi2ll'Kllll'l', Ilwigrlil ,Xmlm-rszrn, lim-r'l-lt livzlll, Kc-nnvlli faunpln-ll. Sw-mul row: Yvonne K1-vlor, Carol Svllulh-, .lolin I,ox'ingrc-r. Sully liivliguwls. lliznn- l"oslvl', X2lllL'j' l'lVt'I'll1f.ElI?lIIl. .loyve Bl'IlIN'Tl, .lunc Null, lizly Sc'l1l'v:pfm-V, .lolin Nupivr. l"rnr:l mic: l,2ll'I'j' Moorv, .lolxn xvillisllll, Sliirlvy Jzunvs. Bzwlmrn While, Marilyn VVilc'z:ik, lin-vvrly lvllllvllll. lion Doclirv. Tlw cl1z1r:1cteristics which mu-ll stuclcnt Citizvn must posse-ss in order to bo ulcctud into the C'itizcn-of-tln-- Month Club arc: ability, lcadcrsllip. vllurzic-ter. and l'll2lZCllSlllIJ. Two students, il lmoy and :1 pgirl,:1rc elected cucli llllllltll ' lmy tllc cntirc student body to represent the svlxool :ls the CitlZL5ll-llfftllfj-TxIOIltll. I Tllis year tllc Club sponsored :L voting Cilllllllllgll to illfl1lC1lCC the parents of the students to Votv ln tlnv national elcc-tion. The Club also prcsclltecl :1 pcp IlSSL'Illllly. Mrs. Van Tuyl is tllc vlulfs sponsor. Szlllv nnll .lolln lwcolm- Hlt'Illll0l'S. Kenna-th C2lIIlDhl"ll, Pri-s.g Bs-tty Hx-mln-11, Sn-v. Trl' . Austin Seunlrock, V. Pres. ,K -4-fi vv Q in ,gunman Slumliny: Mr. llcinhcrg, 'l'oin Sclmfcr, Gary Scott, lticlmrd Hoc, .lcrry Hootcn, licnc Sophcr, Ki-ith llopp, Vhris lluwtrcy, Bill Facth. liuck row: Dluinc Shcrwoocl, Patricia Brown, linrhnrzi Anclrcws, Uwcn Zcitlcr. 'l'hir:l row: Bill Nupicr, Frank Schulte-, David XVilkcn, Dianc Fostcr, Ki-nncth G:1rmliicr,.lcrry l'ick:u'cl, Sn-- nnrl row: Clmrlcs Hflwtrcy, ivan Schicfcrflcckcr, lic-tty NVillits, Barry Frnlnn, liill Alwzilizini, Gm-orgc lioircrs. I"ronI row: .lini 'l'ho1npson, Ilurvcy Rotlicnhcrg, John Lovingrcr, Toby VVurson, .lini Mciicc, Sinn ltcsnick. .Vol piclurralz lid llill, ltoclncy S:1nclcrs,Jiin St. John, Don Pctc Onr of thi- most intcrcsting cxtru l'llI'I'lt'lll!ll' nctivitics in l"XIl.IS. is thi- l'hi llctai Chi Science Clulm. This cluh. with Mr. William Ilcinlu-rg as advisor. consists of thirty- onc stinlcnts intcrcstccl in scicntific knowlcdgc and progrcss. In :uldtion to :in intcrcst in scicncc, czich nicinhcr nnist sulnnit :i projcct soinctinic during thc school yi-ar. 'l'hc Scicncc Clnh. which lnccts twice :i lnonth has t'0llStl'llL'tl'tl :1 conclcnscr CllU1.'liCl'. lniilt :1 radio, sponsorcil :i C'hristni:is party. :incl cntcrcd :1 float in thc llonicconiing p:ir:ulc. All Scicncc Cluh students who wcrc intcrcstcfl purticiputccl in thc Annual Cliiczigo Scicncc 'l'onr. Vlllll' tour which was clnipcrronccl hy Nlr. :incl Nlrs. llcinhcrg. lzistcd for thrcc days. The Scicncc Vinh is constzintly trying to cnconrugc intcrcst in sciA cncc :mil In-lp cvcryonc to ri-:llimw its lIllp0l"t1lIll'0 in cvcryilny lifc. Sun: ltcsnick, V. l'rcs.g Churlcs Ilziwtrcy, l'i'cs,g Uhris llzuvtrcy, Svc. Trcas. FS. SCIE CE CLUB "VVlmt'll lmppcn if I turn this?" Proinising: lflinstcins e.,.f N., , . mt., fn., x"f'M .M-.siiik A an 2gzg5:,,.g ..'-'H' -"" . , W his hw . M M Q K .1 J, 5 .M , ,.,. ..., . ,. K , N 512145 :Em F 5 X b gf LQ: f, wb E: 4 VER lr Y "4 mv yi, if v i 'gi K W. ,1 gy V A ii,.Q.-Lau: -W X B fNf,fikf far f 5 . " . it , -I x X . MW Fm is fs X gf-32 ffm W5 x. f x 55 is Qi, N w Wg: ,QA EE? QQ ' K xx s wf ai . 3 gifarg , . -. gif Y , Wg 'W we F Q Ms, THE PIANS lfnrt Nlarlison lligh Sl'll0Ul Troop No. 229 ul' thx' Niltltlllill 'l'lim-spizin Sncivty was nrgnnizcrl in IU145 with Miss P4-:url lf. liuggm-iistos :ns tht- sponsor. lnitiutiml is hvlrl twicc' :1 yvzir for the stuclvllts sclcctml hy Nliss lhiggvllstos. 'l'lnf point systvlii is usa-cl with points g'lYl'll for work in any fivhl of clr:1n1:1tic-s. 'l'h1- project thc troop clmsm- for tha- l952-53 sclmol yawn' was thu- pr1'scllt:1tioll of two om--:ivt plays. Tha- plays wx-rc' rlirvctc-ml hy the- illlll'HIllJlll invniln-rs. Offic-1-rs for this yvur wt-rr: l'rcsi4l1-ut, Sum lil-sniulxg xil1't"lJl'tTSlllLfllt. She-rrill Rings: Sl'i'N'tllY'y'tI't'1l5llY'L'Y'. Carol Si'llllltt'. 'l'llvspi:ms vlvvtvml in l'lt'lH'll21Y'y wt-rv 'llU"l Iwftf"1SU'tff'- Nina Gillutt- Myrlm Sum lim-snivk, Carol Si'llllllt', Slivrrill Rings lhnlms ll mini lgl'l'llllIlll. Pvggy VV4-lwr. liicliurcl Kerr. Chris Iluwtrcy. Ke-nny Vl'ilson. :xml llam- fiflllllllll. "lU'1lll3'. ilfllllill . . "l'nli:mrl im-, girls . . . zlml hr suicl . . . Iiurlf row: Mr. Holclrvn, Saun Rvsnick, Ivan Sl1i0fvrIlr'1'k1-1'. :"l1lIll'fll r4,17c': George Rogers, Jim Lowa-11lwrg:, Dirk K1-rr, iiltllll H4-tm-r. Third row: Dick NVl!it0l1lilll, Bill Fwkllill, Jim MCG:-11, Rolwrt Van Aukvn. Nlffllllfl row: Austin Ssunlrock, Ilzlrvcy Kotlia-11ln-rpg, Bill :XlTl'ZlllZlITl, Gary Scott. I"ir.vf rnzv: Bob YVilson, I1Zll'l'y Nohlv. Hi-Y served as il mcctinw ilucc for hovs with thc P . purpose, "To create, 111z1intz11n, and cxtcnd tlll'0l'lg2,'llO1lt thu home. school. and colnmunitv hiwh st:111cl:1rrls of . Z9 Christian c-llziractcrfl Ili-Y sent two I11c111l1crs, 5:1111 Resnick and Harvey R0tllCIllTCI'g, to the Second Annnul H I - Youth and ciOVCI'lllIl61lt Conference ut Des Moines. The: local 1-l11l1's bill for il lcrislutivc rcsc:1rcl1 K'01llll'il was 5- passcd by the niodcl lCQ'iSl!ltl1l'C. Hi-Y also spollsore-rl :1 tcaclicrsl Baby Picture Contest 1l.IldlH'0llgllt Cac-il IS. lFcMillc's "King of Kings" to FMHS. :wir row: Sillll lll'SlllC'li, Tom Hvtm-r. Jim All-v Front row: Rohn-rt Yun JxllliPll, Ivan 'VI 5llil'f0l'llt'4'lit'l', Hz11'v1-y Rollu-iilwrar. Noi Piv- furwl: liill Bolton. "The IIlCt'tlIlg' will now come to order." Slunrlingf: J. Fasady, M. Huffaker, J. Kraeaw, J. Bennett, Y. Stanley. D. Melirath, l.. Long, G. Reed. J. Pollpeier, li. IXIIQIQ, ll, Becker, S. Kriegrhbaum, S. Keester, D. Stayline, Iiuelf ro1.:':MissJaeobs, liiyhlh row: Marilyn Hutchison, Sue VW-itlmann. Sl'1'!'Nfl1 row: J. Hymes, D. Worrell. U. Mcliee. Siwlll row: S. James, ll. VV1-iser, J. Kuclebch, N. 'l'hu1'mau, ll. Hendren. Fiflh H1102 J. Nelle, ll. Andrews, S. Blake, ll. Link. K. Kron. I"ourfh row: K. Parrish, I3.YK'l1i1e. S. Kincaid, li. VVatson, IS. Harmon, l'. Brown, ,L llawbaker. Tllirrl row: M. llutehison, I.. Christy. li. YViebler, N. Gillet, 'l'. Kottenslette, M. llecllllillh A. Richards. Nwvnul rome: H. VVillits, J. Neal, B. XVilhelm, .-X. llaugrluuan, A. I.cseh, J. Peacock, G. Zeiller. l"irsl rnze: S. Schneider, A. Davis, D. Foster, B. Stur.levant,l'1. Iluffaker, H. Schaile. Y. Keeler. 'l'ri-lli-Y. sponsored by Miss Jacobs. is open to any sophomore. junior, or senior girl who is interested in belonging to this organization which is mainly a religious group :md whose purpose isf"'l'o create, maintain. and extend throughout the home. school, and community, high standards of C'hristian L'll21I'1lCtC1'.H This year Tri- Ili-Y sponsored, for their large pojeets, an all-sehool talent show and pep assembly, Go-to-Church program during the Lenten season, a candy sale. two delegates to the Youth and Government Conference, a showing of movies-one of which was The King of Kings and the traditional mistletoe sale. ln addition to these, they sponsored many smaller activities. Induction for thirty- five members was held in the fall which brought the membership to a total of eighty-two for the year. TRI-HI-Y liurlf row: Yvonne Keeler, Pres.: Bette Sturclevant, V. "A ny new business ?" "WR-ll, what's going: on here?" Front row: Jovi lletty llendren, See. 'e Nelle, 'l'oni Kottenstette, June Neal, Marx lx I , . I res, , lui laker, .gg . :I , , .H N 2 +4 x.. fs at , Y 1 5 1 Q Sf: 0 'lf lluelr roze: Harvey RUtlll'llilt'l'gI, liill Abraham, Sally Graskewiez, Uharles Hawtrey, Doreen McGrath, Sain R"H'1ii'k- livifb' H4'llfll'Fll, Ilivk Kerr, Harry Fralnn, George Rogers, Sherrill Rin,-rs, John Hawtrcy, Carol Schulte, Richard Hoe., Pat Brown. Nancy 'l'hurman, Beverly VVilha-lm, I"ru1:f rom: Jerry Emerson Sally Richards, Isla Sprenger, Ada Hawbaker, Nancy l"iVl'f'lllg,Yllil!Il, Sara Blake, Toni Kottenstette, liarhara Andrews, Barbara Zahn, Louise cvill'iSty, NVQ-ndy VVhicl:ien, Miss Castelloe, Mr. Hutchison, RADIO STAFF "Madison Spotliteu is the title of the five-minute radio broadcast presented every Friday afternoon at 2:30 hy the Radio Staff of FMHS. The spotlite is broadcasted over the local radio station. KXGI. under the direction of Miss Castelloe and Mr. Hutchinson. Special reporters cover Various organizations, classes. and other activities around FMHS, and a group of script Writers assemble the material which is then typed into manuscript form for the announcer, Two main programs were presented this year. One was sponsored by the Dramatic Club and the other hy the hand and small musical groups. The local Radio Staff is a memher of the National Scholastic Radio Guild. Charles Hawtrey Sam Resnick Dave Graham Tracey Seholtz ,lim Blanchard lohn Hawtrey Dick Kerr Beverly VVilhehn Buck rouv: Miss Taylor, Delores ,Q 5 mr ' USHERETTES The Usherettes render service to the school by aiding those attending all events in the school auditorium. VVhether it be a basketball game, a matinee, or a play with reserved seats, the members of the ushering club are always present to provide for the comfort of the public. This group, spon- sored by Miss Bagenstos, elected Mary Belle Cramblit as captain for the year. I-luck row: Shirley Pohlpeter, Juanita H y m e s, Barbara Cooper, Loretta Hayes, Sally Henning, Frances Trancoso. Front row: Mary Belle Cram- blit, Donna Hixson, Charlotte Cramhlit, Deanna Steeples, Margaret Daly. The Girls' Athletic Association is open to all girls who are interested in sports. It has a point system based upon participation in tennis, basket- ball, hiking, skating, and volleyball. After re- ceiving' five hundred points, a girl receives a letter award and a pin is given for an additional five hundred. Other activities include making a home- coming float, a girls' basketball team which plays outside teams, and the annual Saddie Hawkins Dance. Miss Taylor, the girls' physical training instructor. is the faculty sponsor of the club. l'avon. Karen Parrish, Cynthia Mc- Gee. Rochelle Mikels, Betty Hen- rlren. Lora Long, Yirginis Stanley. Glory Reed. Mary 'Packa- herry. Pat Brown, Barbara White, Cherie Anderson. Wanetta Moyer. Carol Bennet. Front row: Delores Estrada. Celia Mattox, Doris Stay- line. Juanita Hymes, Sally Rich- ards, Barbara Zahn. Peggy Spiek- erneier. Juanita. Turner. Darla Murphy, Marilyn Deere, Betty Harmon. Betty Estrada. X 5 is Q " - aa . xv- -iq W.. My . ' as V ' . .WMHW Y fa . ,s a b , . . . .. . . ..,, . 1 ,W A - F 'H 5" - 1-, 9 to f " " A .- sm. Q K5 S Q lm? W 1 ,E it Q my J S W l X Wi 4' E A Ki W if A Q 4 w' riff iw tw., .,-. .- W. . . Rf ,Q ,s l 'T'Q.1i?9'l? Ig YN RFQ . Y V W , . ,.,:, ,Xi is, 0 t , ar tr lm S .X fx ,, ss, it s V ,. .5 wx ,ix XS, 3 H 1 Y , SQ we 5 5 V' H I 4 ' fy iw is Io I' if if i' lil l Ir X vs ,, 2' 555135 mi: The Madisonian staff was chosen at the first of the school ycar from the people who had signed up the previous spring. They met in September with Mr. Scronce of the Peoria En- graving Company. At this meeting, the 1953 Madisonian was laid out and a theme was chosen. 'T ' i" :Q 5,5 , ' The next important part in. the production of zfss, ,' pwp' if ,Al gr, ,Q i the yearbook was the solicitation ofladsz Every ,,fhfh:'flayq,n 2 it is fit' A, person who had signed up for Madisonian work :E ,az-:msn J was given a list of ten or twelve prospective : 1, r:,,:, '.-af: : 1: gl ,ip F,i,'1.:' advertisers, whom' they were to contact. This Y -i flulglvmirngg 'Ani ,::ift,, method of assigning a small number to each -A this I' 1:5 ,iffy Qilfugpil' person proved to be very effective. Zzz ,S-tfmfg ggi! When Mr. Sconce returned he collected the if Q. zJ'55:'. fp "" various snapshots and pictures that we had ' f.",,fsr egiwf 5, Q assembled. VVe received further instructions "" on laying out our dummy, and at this time, the , . " ' ' '1's write-ups were assigned to the members of the Austin Sandrock Mrs. McCaslin John Napier Stflff' The fouowmg two weeks were crammed Editor-in-Chief Advisor Business Manager Wlth actlvlty' John Amborn, our photographers cooperated tirelessly in taking pictures of our numerous clubs and organizations. The staff worked diligently on the write-ups and finally the typists prepared the copy. The covers were ordered, the copy was sent to the printer, the A pictures were sent to the engraver, and the staff M A D I S 0 gave a deep sigh of relief. lirwk row: Austin Sandrock, John VVatson, John Napier, Sam Resnick, Tom Vkfalljasper, Ray Schrepfer Bernard Hesse. Second row: Betty Hcndren, Sally Graskewicz, Yvonne Keeler, Shirley James, Betty ' d t I ne Neal Jovce Bennett Beverly Wilhelm Front row- Joan Mvers, Sue Kincaid, Donna Stur evan , . u ' , , , . . , Weiser, Carol Sch.ulte, Sherrill Rings, Judy Kracaw, Barbara Auge, Sue VVeiclman, Betty Myers. Oli innkl Sign up lwn-Y MAIN STAFF 1. 1: .,.. i5t'llllH' hfiltill'-lll'f lm-f .... ..... . ,..,.. .Austin S!llldI'0l'k Junior l'ililt0Y"lll'C inc-1 , ...... ....... . Indy Krucziw S1-nior linsim-ss NIIIIIHQCI' Junior lilisiilwas AIIIIIZIQIUY' A rt iudltor .......................... ..... .....John Napivr ........i0yc'v 15011111-tt Bvttc StllI'lil'V2lllt Af ,Q cf You nn-nn 'l'H.X'l'? ' ch industry . ,f Now I think-f - 0 lx rll 1 li lonl lxottcnstette, Sun Resnick, Austin Sandrock, Kenneth VVilson, Mr. Sparenborg, advisorg Bill N ipnr lolnl N lplt r, 'Vlarilwn Hutchison 'Xnmttc Richards, Rachel Becker. I"runt row: Marilyn Sykes, Jean- e L K with llllll lxru in Sallx brmskuxlw, loin Judy, Analmcl Baugrlunan, Carol Schulte, Betty Hcndrcn. CRIMSON and BL C C The Crimson and Black, more popularly known as tlie C and B, publislles accounts of all events that occur at I'lNIHS4-21SSt5IIll3llCS, atliletie events. club news, etc. For holiday issues something special in the way of color, pictures, or content is added. Juniors and seniors interested in journalism are eligible to work on tlie C and B, and sophomores gain experience in writing during tlle second semester. The main staff is composed of seniors. Their junior assistants will become the main staff tlie following year. Mr. Howard Sparenborg' is tlle faculty advisor. Deadline . . . ten minutes!" md thx-y :irc studvnts who lmvn- worked on 1-ltlla-r thc Crlmson :xml Black. thn- lifrrk rnzu: Bill Nnpim-V, gxlhtill Szal11lrm'k..Toyu- Bvllm-It, Marilyn lllltvhison, ,xllllvtiv liivhzllwi Enssurly, John Nupis-r, Sum Rm-snivk, Frou! row: livfty Ile-mlrvn, Judy Krsumw. Slu'rl'HI R In'zlsIu'xx'14-z. Faro! Sc-Imliv, Yvomu- Km-lm-r, Joan Judy, Nancy 'l'ln1lrmzm. s, .lc':un-1h- S hum, Sully SCHO0 SCRIBES Svhool Sc-rilws was 0TQillliZl'li last ya-ur ndisoniun. the Radio Stuff. or :1 Clllllbillil- ll of :my two. for two yn-urs. S S 1 3 'N "Now wv can :uld 1953 !" 6 SENIGR CHOIR Outside ".lI": .Terry Turner, Joe Robbins, Bob Munson, Ray Brown, Everett Marsh, Bob Van Auken, Riehard Rupert, Raymond Tripp, Sam Resnick, Charles Hawtrey, l D 'l' iKottenstettc Waney 'lllllll'II1'l,Il Dorothv Calhoun, Sally Graskewiez, Sam ra anee, on r -, i ,. . , I Gloria VVilkerson, Carol Sehulte, Bette Sturdevant, Dixie Sporkman, Marilyn Vllilezak, Doreen McGrath, Richard Vl'hiteman, Larry Noble, Lee Cloud, Neal Lassman, Ivan Sehieferdeeker, Bill Clendenen, Don Hodges, Melvin Hayes. Inside ".lI": Bill Faeth, I.arry Cornell, Ernest Marsh, Raleigh Weiler, Jim Blanchard, Everett Redd, Bob Long, David Graham, lna Jo VVollem, June Neal, Doris Ruble, Mary Huffalcer, Sheila Keester, Janet De Rosear, Phyllis Holmes, Darlene Cowles, .Ioyee Bennett, Dorothy Clark, Mary Clark, Myrna Beelman, Ellen Huffaker, Sue VViedmann, Betty Hendren, Beverly VVilhelm, Darwin Sweezer, Ronald Mayer. The Senior Choir is composed of select junior and senior glee elub members who are Chosen by Miss Castelloe, their director, during spring try- outs. The ehoir takes part in the Thanksgiving and Christmas programs, auditions at the Little Six All-State Festival, presents a spring concert with the various glee clubs, and provides vocal talent for the Baeealaureate service. TRIO Beverly VVilhelm June Neal Darlene Cowles The Senior Girlis Trio is eomposed of faltol Darlene Cowles, fllnd sopranoj Beverly VVilhelm, and fist sopranoj June Neal. The girls have sung for various organizations and meetings loeally. They'participated in the vocal contest both this year and last. Their repertoire eonsists of music ranging from elassieal to semi-popular numbers. X BOYS Q ARETTE The Boys' Quartette has sung at many service clubs, such as the Rotary and Lions, has taken part in the Race Relation's Serv- ice, entertained :it the Hindc'lJauehe New Year's party, presented selections at the Christian Church. and entered the All'State Vocal Music Contest. DRIGAL The Madrigal Group is composed of ten members who are juniors and seniors. They are: Qlst sopranoj JUIIC Neal, Dorothy Cal- houn, f2nd sopranoj Beverly Vvilhelm. Betty Hendren. Caltoj Darlene Cowles, Marilyn Hutchison, ftenorj Bob Long, Richard Rupert, Qbassj Charles Hawtrey. and Sain Resnick. The type of music sung in a madrigal varies from the usual. Each part has a separate tune to sing but they are sung so that they weave together and blend into one. The Madrigal received a second rating at the State Contest last spring. A 'Richard Rupert Even-tt Redd Everett Marsh Don Hodges Iiurlr row: Richard Rupert, Robert Longr, Sam Resnick. Charles llawtrey. Frunl rote: Darlene fowlcs, Doro- thy Calhoun, Beverly WVil- hehn, Betty Hendren. June Neal, Marilyn Hutchison. 'LL Mg ew H liuelf row: Mary Huffaker, June Neal, Nancy Thurman, Dorothy Calhoun, Doris Ruhle, Phyllis Holmes, Beverly Stevens, Toni Kottenstettc, Beverly VVilhelIn, Myrna Beefman, Betty Hendren, Doreen McGrath, Bette Sturdevant, Mary Clark. Marilyn Sykes, Ellen Huffaker, Darlene Cowles, Dorothy Clark, Ser-ond row: Dolores Moone, Gwen Zeitler, Shirley Staff, .loan Judy, Gloria VVilkerson, Janet Dc-Rosear. Ina Jo VVollam, Sheila Keester, Sandra Dance, Joyce Bennett, Carol Schulte, Guelda Peel, Annette Richards, Sara Kreighbaum, Dixie Sporkman, Ann Iiesch, Mari- lyn Hutchison, Nina Gillet, Patsy Heidbreder. Front froze: Virginia Lozano, Joan Hymes, Letitia Kent, Joan Myers, Frances Mitchell, Bessie Branch, Barbara Frantz, Jeanette Casady, Nancy Blakely, Pat Moline, Joan VVells, Dar- lene Persinger, .leneale Mclntosh, Rochelle Mikels, Sue VVicdmann, Marilyn Wilczak, Judy Kracaw. 9 The Senior Girls, Glee Cluh is composed of junior E and senior girls taking vocal music. They sang in the Thanksgiving and Christmas programs, took part in B the Little Six All-State Music Festival, participated in the spring concert, sponsored a dance, and worked at the concession stand during games. DES MOINES RQUP Two quartettes consisting of June Neal. Darlene Cowles, Richard Rupert, Everett Marsh, Janet DeRoscar, Doreen McGrath, Bob Long, and Sam Resnick, accompanied hy their music director, Miss Dorothe Castelloc, participated in the Iowa State Vocal Music Festival held at Des Moines KRNT theater November 29th. June Neal. Boh Long, Richard Rupert, and Sam Resnick had the privilege of attending last year also. Hack row: Sam Resnick, lflverett Marsh, Bob Long, Richar Rupert. Front row: Darlene Cowles, Janet Deltosear, Doree McGrath, June Neal. ' a YL'-3? ,, 3 in "S , f . i, 'M 1 ,nv- f ""' , K x Back roze: June Neal, Nancy Thurman Huck row: Mary Huffaker, Janet Deltoscar Secorul row: Betty Hendrcn, Sally Graskewicz Sffflllll row: Joyce Bennett, Joan Wells Front row: Dorreen McGrath, Beverly VVilhelm Front row: Marilyn Wilezak, Dorothv Llark SENIOR SEXTETTE Nancy Thurman, June Neal, Betty Hendren, Sally Graskewiez, Beverly Wilhelm, and Doreen McGrath compose the Senior Girl's Sextette. Marilyn VVilczak, a junior, is their accompanist. They enjoy singing cheerful music rather than tl1e solemn. Miss Castelloe is also their accompanist. UNIOR SEXTETTE The Junior Sextette was selected by Miss Castelloe during their sophomore year. Each year tlley advance, next year composing the senior sextette. They entered the All-State Vocal Music Contest. Sue VViedmann is their accompanist. WHATS Y E TERTAINMEN T ITHO Sandra Sci MAJORETTES Shirley James nu-ider, Georgia Huston, Jeanine Pohlpeter. The majorcttes are the high-stepping young ladies who lead the band, perform at outdoor activities before and between halves of the football games, and give stage performances. This year our drum major was Shirley James who has been a majorette for three years. The other majorettes were Georgia Huston. Sandra Schneider, and Jeanine Pollpeter. The majorettes, with their white satin uniforms, white high-topped boots, and white hats with large red plumes, added color and splendor to all the entertain- ments they participated in. BAND? DIXIE LAND BAND Thx' llixim-land Hand, 00lIlll0Stffl of six nn-nlhc-rs. has given much delightful vntm-rtainnn-nt in the way of tho "Dixie- lwatn for high school avtivitics and also contrihutvd its sharc of t'lltCI't!1lllIl1t'llt to tha- l'olio l31'm'i'it. 'l'rm'vy Svholtz, Ray Sclirvpfm-r,.lol1i1 Napicr, .lvrry Slew, N1-al LZISSIIHIII, Jinx 'l'hon1pson. MARCHING BAND Thr- liort Madison High School lllilI'i'lllllQ.f Band prosmitml snappy drills and music for our hoinc football ,vfaxncs and also purforincd at Burlington dur- ing tha- half of thc Madison vs Burling- ton foothall QOIIIC. This spring the hand attvndvd thu statu marching baud c-ontn-st hcld at Fairficld whcrc it rc- wivvd a Division 11 rating. CONCERT BAND Thr' main division of tha- FNIIIS lllStY'll!ll1'lltJll music ch-partnwnt. tht- comm-rt hand. consistvd of vigghty-four IIlL'IlllN'Y'S. lvndt-r thi' ahh' dirvvtion of Mr. Donald YV. Kruzan. thi- hand prvsn-ntvd its annual hand L-onccrt on April 28, 1953. playing a varit-ty of music and fe-aturing sn-vvral lllStI'lllIll'llt2ll combinations. Thr- instrunu-ntal groups fn-aturczl a woodwind trio. a B" 1-larinvt quartct, a niixc-d clarinvt quartvt, a 1-ornvt llll2lI't'tl7. a hrass qlI1ll't'tl'. a hrass quintvt. a lbrass scxtvt. and a chanilmcr group of brass that coni- l pctvd in tht' Stats Contcst. .'Xlthoug.5h the- lmanc as a group did not cnt:-r thi- contvst. many authorativn- pcrsons havv givcn favorahh' coin- nn-nts about the niannvr in which tht- hand has progrvssvd in thu past yvars. Um' of th: trips the convvrt hand took includm-d a short tour through Illinois. Tha- conca-rt hand has dont- nun-h through thc yt-ars to contrihutm- to the prm-stigu and woll-ln-ing ol' our school. E ASSED THROUGH T "All in the golden affer110m1 Full lcisurffly -we glide." These two lines from Lewis Carroll's intron? tion to his famous "Alice In WxvOIldCl'l1illClU dey the setting of the Junior-Senior Proin li May 9, 1952. Approxiinzitely 165 people attended the "IN IIz1tter's Tea Party," otherwise known :is Junior'Senior Banquet, at the Masonic lllfllll' The Mad Hatter himself, John hlvlltfillll, acted Adoration A ttruction Anticipation Fm . . .rn good! gi., My " in I LGIC IRROR INTO A WONDERLAND OF ENJQYMENT atcr of ceremonies welcoming everyone and oducing the other speakers. The tables were orated with programs, napkins, and nut cups iioned after the Mad Hatter's Hat. it the prom about 100 couples danced to the et, slow music of Ward Vance and his orches- who were seated at the entrance of the Queen Flcarts' Castle. The grand march lead every- through the magic Looking-Glass into the Land Wonder. Alice was the main attraction as she rd in the middle of the dance floor along with "Every 'l'om, Dick, and Harry's called John!" liven the "Mad Hatter" was called John! signs directing one to the different characters. The white rabbit, who looked as though he had stepped from the pages of the book, stood in his house and supplied the Card Men VVaiters with punch to serve the guests. The advice-giving caterpiller puffed away on his turkish pipe, while the guilty card men painted the white roses red. Twiddledee and Twiddledum gaily pranced on the west wall, and a huge butterfly swayed to the music of the orchestra. All evening the Cheshire cat grinned from ear to ear at everyone from his perch in a tree. "Why so glam, Betty?" Left, rightvlcft, right . . . 6,333 riff . .s.,,.' X I - K? Ni 5 Miss Susie Kinvaid 1952 HOMECOMING QUEEN D HER C0 RT The annual homecoming cele- bration took place on October 3, 1952. This year, as has been the custom for several years, the I.ettermen's Club nominated candidates for Homecoming Queen to be voted on by the student body. The girls chosen were: Sally Graskewicz , Bettv Hendren Donna , 3 Weiser, Susie Kincaid, and Shirley James. They rode in convertibles in the Homecoming Parade. That night, following the thrilling first half of the game between Fort Madison and Centerville, the queen candidates were escort- ed to the queen's stand in the cntr of th field. Miss Susie K. . Y xneaid was then crowned Homecoming Queen of 1952, by her predecessor, Miss Patricia Lobb. Miss Betty Hcndrcn Miss Donna YVeiser Miss Sally Graskewicz Miss Shirley James 11 s fx ' 'N Q2:-. 3?- , -if . -l3:v"11..iI -. .. 411 f:25'Eg.:j,: 1221:-' ,::1:-FQ: ::-::f33,:I:I3:E6E-. ' ' ?:fI""r gf me A 1 tj? was if as X i i 1 A f-gQ?':g2S 2 5 1 ,xii 4,2525 5 N A M ,A 5 :si ' -L , 512511 wi E 2 if .3 S V, ,,i.: ,. 1' s Q K A V V Q Wiz N ,N 1 K, Susie- KilIi'2liKi, 1952 Qin-vu, Mis. l,lHl4 Mi M Dewi- lilu-bln-l', Miss Sllirlvy Jumvs, Miss Domi s Plilllll Iohh 19 i"J A . lin I'iTL'SilIllilll Girls' Glu- Club. ulidvr thc lm uhrsiiip of Miss l,0l'0tilL' f':1stclloe-, dm'- oi ltui tin- ilont that took first prim' in thc l In Ii0IIll'C'0Illillg Pilflldk' El N 3 5 .,-. - ,L .. 'S'-4 5 :mums wig? 'oism-r, Bob xvillllxlliilil, Sim Griswold. Miss 51 KQIIVUII, Miss lim-Hy Ilvmlrvn, Miss Sully Uruskvwivz. Rivlmrd NVillurcl, 'l'r:u'vy Schultz, 'ss C':u'ls-iw 1,4-mon :md Mash-r lj0llg'i?lS VV4-isvr. HIGHLIGHT 1 ggm- Qfffi ggi s I Q ls If xg Q 1 if E ' 1 li' Y . F ? L VM MVN 1 W 124 ai s i EE 4.1, A -W 321' X .xr K '1 Wg 3 Riff many ! gg-1 if 1 I 3 w ..:.: .... .- z it Q Q s Em 6.14 x 54 ., A l 5 f 2 5 'G fi? 9 ' E V . -. J, -' -, Q 355 555 V W i af ' mf. Iwi R Y, if fg-w""z? lmii liuiim-lush-th-g l.m'ry l"ullvx', l'vg:gy xyt'lN'l'g Nancy l sw-ri1l,Lf4-, lxlyfllil lgl'1'llll2lllL Miss Mnraui, lizwlmrzi .Xugi-g ilviu Nlunrv, Put liruwng .lmwl NYUIIIHI, Diem Fusterg hmm Wllitv. SJllHll'il llziiwcg liylv lluln-rts, lim-vcrly VK illu-lmg Mr. l'zll'h-r. Dick Wliih-luzilig .Xncly Fllllln'igrl1l, llivicl Cirulumug .lovlm Uutliriv, Vlirie. Helwlroyg Milt WV. l'4-ivl'sull, Divk Ks-rrg :xml Mr. l.0Ym'l'i1lg:i', .lulm l'll'li72l llllillf-V. CURTAIN GOING UP Q l'll1' .XII Hvlimrl l'l:iy, ullllflillll Going Vp", was pn-- . . . . , . . , NlIlll'll Ill ilu- lllglll scliool dlltllltllllllll, l'4liru.ir5 20. Ilia mmm-xii' is u plzu' within :1 plan' with ilu- uvlure-a 4-von ,.,,, mimi l'rum lllt'.lllllllt'lll'l'. 'l'lu-.vast was Miss lllll'fl'L'SS, ss llivvrs, lizwlivl lil-m'kL'r: Hlsim' lllllilvr, Ninn Gillvttg mlvrs, Km-lilly XVilsung lillQ'li llll'l1ll'H, Sam livsnivkg iwlrvy. Cust ut' "l'urtnin Guingr Vp." ' Wlmm! VVli:1t gm-s nn lu-re 1 1952 liclay Que-cn. I' EEL Q EE D HER C0 RT rrotliy now rcigrns Z lin-tty flillllllllll, Suc Dress, Dorothy Dow, Mary Lou f,llDE'I1llK'lIIN'l', Betty Si'lllllft'. Miss Dorothy llow rcigncci over tllc Z211rl Annual Fort Bladisoii Relays. Higl1 school officials witllllcld the 11211116 of the queen until the candidates were actually 011 the ficld for the ceremony. She received lier crown of flowers fTOII1 Mr. Fred lflkstrand of Toledo. Iowa. wllo acted as Honorary Referee of the Relays. Miss DoW's ZittCIltl111ltS were Mary Lou Oppciilieimer, Sue Dress, Betty Schulte. and Betty Callioun. "Forward Time ont KILTIE FORMA The Kilties held their second annual Kiltie Ball on Saturday evening, February 111, V:1lentine's Day, in the high school gymnasium. Decorations appropriate for the Valentine season adorned the dance floor. Nuts and candy were used as center pieces and punch was served. About sixty-five young couples enjoyed the music of the Ray Ferris Combo, Special guests at the dance were the Kilties of former years. Former Kiltie leadeirs Dolores Vliilliams, Martha Stevens, Dina Brose, and Betty Hendren led the Grand March. nmreh !" for punch !" ai, K A s as r 'X x 3 C sa 1 fi Pk 33 g , if 3 3 U gg Q 5. ni 3' il FS gs ' Q is ji? Q Ks ,f'g'j.I'1 , lufxf L, 132 vu x if mm, " N V fa V E K I W A ' , Q K K J' 5 . A K 11 A' fi lv 4 'Rmb 5, Y N 5 l I x U 4 i 1 . J + WN UNIOR ACHIE E EN Junior Achievement is a national organization with branches all over the United States. Only high school juniors and seniors may participate in Junior Achievement activities. The five local companies were sponsored by Fort Madison business firms who provided advisors to help the boys and girls, but not to tell them what to do. ln this way the young people were taught how a successful business is carried on. At the beginning of a year. they must use their ingenuity to think of an article which they believe will appeal to the public, and which they can make and sell at a profit. Then the company must decide how much capital it will need and how many shares in the company it must sell to procure this money. Everyone has some responsibility and must do his part. At the end of the year each company sends one of its products into the national head- quarters to have it judged. Awards are given for the best product and these awards are presented at an annual banquet along with scholarships that go to the most deserving people and for which all seniors are eligible. Nancy Thurman, Johnny VVatson, Annette Richards Joan Judy, Ray Schrepfer, Bill Faeth.. v Mr. W. K. Ruppenkalnp. JA treas- urer. presented a 35500 college scholar- ship to Barbara Bagley and a 31.000 college scholarship to Elsie Cloud. Barbara and Elsie looked on as Su- zanne Dress received the 5100 Horace Moses Foundation scholarship froln Mr. Ed Thorn. Madison Manufacturers, who constructed bulletin boards, was composed of nine members and was sponsored by the VVright Motor Company under the ad- visorship of Dick Arie, Bob 0'Malley, and Claude Curtis. The officers for the first half year were: John VVatson, pres.: Do- lores Hump, v. pres.: Nancy Thurman, Sec., Dolores Rump, treas. any B57-. ul' my X111 1'11I '1'11111'11 IH'1'9L'll11'l1 Slllllllllk' 11l'1'sN 11'iI11 1111- 1'11:11'11'1' 1'111' 1111' .1111 1'1111111:1111, 1111-41111-1111 111' 1111-111 1'1-wl11-1'1i11- 1-1 1-11:1 1'11-1'-. 5111-1'1'1' 111111iw1111. 1111111111 11ll1'1'2I1xt'I'. I,:1X1'1'111' 1I111'111-1'. 111111 P-11z:111111' 1l1'1-ex. 1111 11111111--, 1H'1'1' 1111-:1s1111 111 1'1-1-1-110 1111-11' 1111- .X1'1-11 1'1111111:1115. sp1111s111'1-11 111 1i.X.1i.1. 1':111i11 s1111i1111, 1111112111 111111- 1l'1llll 1111- s1:1111111 11'1111'11 1111-1 1'1-511111 111 1111111 11ll8I1l1'NSlll1'll. 1111- :11l1'is111's N1'l'l'1' 1111-11 l1JlI11'11il, 1511 111111-11, 111111 1,1111 l,1111'1'1-111-1-. '1'111- 111'1l11'L'l'h 1'111' 11111 t'i1's1 111111. 111-1'11 5:1111 111'5ll11'1i. 111'1-s.: 1':11'111 501111111-, 111111 .11-1111 11,111l'j,I1', 1r1-:1s. 1"11r s1-1'111111 11:111' 1111' 111'1'i1'1-rs NYC' 1'-111'1-5.1 1':11'111 S1'11l'4l1'11l'I', s1-1',g 1111' Fi' l':1r111 S1'111'111-111-r, 11r1-s.q 11lIl1y Kr:11':111', 1'-511'1's,g Mary 11ll1'1'iI1il'l', s1-1-.1 111111 l':11'11l 1111x1:111. 1r1-11s. '1'1lA' W:1t'1'11 1'1111111:1111, 111111 11'111'1- rugn. 1'1111sis11-11 111' 1-11-11111 1111'111111-rx 111141 11':1s. s111111s.111'1'11 111 1111- YV. X 131111 1'l'1lL'1i1'11, 14111 S11-1111111-. 111111 1,Jlll1 1'111111111'y1-1' 115 :1111'is11rs, V111l1' 11f'1'i S111-:11'1'1-r 1'1-11 0111111111111 111111 1'1'l'N 1'111' 11111 1'i1's1 112111. 11'1'1'1-' .111s1i11 Sllll11l'4l1'1i, l11'1'5.Q 111111 b1'1111-11-1'111-1-111-1'. 1'-111'1As.: .111y1'1- 1gl'1lll1'11, 'N1'l'.1 .11-:1111'111- 1':1s:111 11'1':1s,g .'xl'l'11Il 1"1'111111'1'g:, 111111111 Y- 1'A 111111 lllllllJlgl'1'l'.1 111111 .1i111 yl1'f1t'1', s:111-s 111:111:1g1-12 '1'1l1' 111'1'11'1-rx 1111111-11 1'1II' 1111- s1-1'111111 112111, 11'1-1'1- 11111 N111111-1'. 111'1-N.: 1Yil1l h1'1111-11'1' l11'1'1U'I'. 1-111'1's.g S111-1'1'i11 Rings, x1-1-.4 211111 1'111'JlIl11I' '1'111'is1-11, 1I'1'llN. Sflfllllilljlf 1711-11 XY11i11'111:111, 1':11'111 S1'1lll111'. .I11111 11111111 N1:11'i1.1'11 111111'11is1111, Nrvflwrlz 1'11:11'11-x 11:111'11'1-1. 1'111'ix 11111 11'1'j', x1JlI'.Y l1111'1'11111'1'. 1111111 111-1-11, Sillll 111'Nll11'11, 1 1 1 1 Nlrulrlinyfz .X:11'1111 1"1'11l11l'I'g', 110111 XYi11i1s, 15111 5111111111 .1 111 11l'llll1'11, S111'1'1'i11 Rings, Smlrrlz 111111 S1'11i1-1'1'1'111-1-1111 11111 N:111i1-1'. UNIOR CHIE EMENT Slunrliuy: Jailvt Kudclwh, Donna VV0isvl'. Smfwl: Fritz Thonms, Boh Van Aukvn, Gary Hughes, Sue Wie-dinunn, Anzihel Bfllljlllllliill, Sara I,ou Kroighhanm. 1-nny Wilson, Inn Jo VVollzun, Neuicy Spriiigrw, lit-rmu'd Hrssv. The Baffin Hzuicly-Craft Coin- pany was sponsored by tht- NV. A. Sliraffm-r Pen Company with Con- rad Uillett, John Sln-offer, and Hay P0l1lIllt'yl'Y' as advisors. This group IH?llIllftll'tlll'f'Cl twi1n--wrnp- pod snuck howls and salt und pn-ppvr shake-rs. Officc-rs for tha' first half ws-rv IAIXYOVIIK' Horner. prt-s.g Xvillllttt Krzunc-r, V-pros.: Donna VW-iss-r, smug Sue- VVicd- inanin, trm-us.g Bob Vzlniihlkt-11. pro- dnvtion rmunigs-rg and Jann-t Kudc-he-h, salvs ilmlmpqvr. Uffiu-rs 4-levtm-tl for thu second half wvrc Fritz 'l'hoinns, pri-s.g Gary Hugln-s. v-pri-s.g .lame-t Kndchr-h, se-0.4 l5oh VanAuk1-n, trt-us.g Donna xVR'lNl'l', production riiniizigm-i'g and Wnnitzi Kreinn-r, sales imiimgra-1'. 'l'ln' Du-More Conlpuny was sponsored by thc E. I. DuPont do N4-nrnours Company with Mr. NTL'- Gvv, Mr, VVvidmann, und Mr. Svliliviclvr :ls advisors. 'l'ln-ir prod- uct, plastic tele-plionv hook covers. was inadv in two colors, light tan and dark hrown. Offict-rs for the first half wcrc' l5l'I'l12ll'll Hvsse. pre-s.g Donna Schmidt, v-pres.: Nancy SIJI'0llj,l'l'l', sc-c'.g and Dorothy Inikc, treas. Officers for thc sm'- ond half wt-rc' Ina Jo Mvllllillll, pn-s,g Larry Uornell, V-prt-s.g .lorry Augzv. sc-c.g und Nancy Sprs-ngre-r, trn-as. Index of Senior Activities Charles Alexander Band 1 2 3 4 Hi-Y 2 Orchestra 2 Track 1 Junior Achievement 3 Frank Anderson Glee Club 1 2 3 Choir 3 Football 2 4 Track 3 Barbara Auge G.A.A. 2 Klltles 3 4 Madlsonlan Staff 4 All School Play 4 Radio Staff 2 Tri-Hi-Y 2 8 4 Gary Biby Duane G. Billman Baseball 2 8 Track 4 Eugene Brandt Rex Breeding Vocal Music 1 2 Student Manager 1 Football 1 Science Club 2 3 Hi-Y 1 2 Doloris Breeze Band 1 2 3 4 Trl-Hi-Y 3 4 Junior Achievement 3 Ronald Bruno Burlington V2 year Basketball 3 4 Kenneth Campbell Citizen-of-Month-Club 1 2 Student Council 1 3 Pres. Basketball 1 2 4 Football 1 2 3 4 Track 1 2 3 4 National Honor Society 3 Cleo Carmean Glee Club 1 Band 2 3 Mary Clark Glee Club 1 2 3 4 Robes 4 Art 3 4 Darlene Cowles Glee Club 1 2 8 4 G.A.A. 1 2 Junior Class Play 3 Trio 3 4 Madrlgal 4 All State Chorus 4 'Glenn Cross Doris Dalrymple Glee Club 1 2 3 Kiltles 3 4 G.A.A. 1 2 Tri-Hi-Y 3 3 Pres. 4 4 4 Jane Dalrymple Band 1 2 Don Dodge Football 1 2 3 4 Student Council 1 Citizen-of-the-Month 1 2 3 4 Lettermen's Club 4 Joyce Evans Band 1 2 3 G.A.A. 1 CRB 2 Dean Fedler Glee Club 1 2 Terry Franklin Glee Club 1 2 3 Roger Gedney Dave Graham Stage Crew 1 2 3 4 Choir 3 4 Glee Club 2 3 All School Play 4 Operetta 3 Radio Staff 4 Citizen-of-the-Month 4 Band 1 2 4- ' Thespians 4 Sally Graskewicz Student Council 1 Secretary-Treasurer cf Class 4 National Honor Society 3, Sec.-treas. 4 Citizen-of-the-Month Club 1 2 3 4 Band 1 2 3 4 Vocal Music 1 2 3 4 Sextette 2 3 4 Choir 3 4 Cheerleader 1 G.A.A. 1 2 Radio Staff 1 2 3 4 CQB 2 3. Editor 4 Madisonian Staff 4 Tri-Hi-Y 2 4, Historian 3 Junior Achievement 3 4 Relays Attendant 4 Ronald Gunn Basketball 1 2 Track 1 2 3 4 Football 1 2 3 4 Lettermen's Club 1 2 3 4 National Honor Society 4 Rolland Hancock , Hi-Y 2 3 Lettermen's Club 1 2 3 4 Baseball 1 2 Track I 2 3 4 Basketball 1 2 3 4 Football 1 2 3 4 Paul Hansen Charles Hawtrey Junior Achievement 4 Science Club 1 2 3 4 Glee Club 1 2 3 Choir 3 4 Dramatic Club 3 4 Thespians 3 4 Stage Crew 2 3 4 Madrigal 4 Hi-Y 1 Student Council 4 Betty Ann Hendren National Honor Sdclety 4 Kiltles 3. Leader 4 Citlzen-of-the-Month 3. Secretary 4 Homecoming Attendant 4 G.A.A. 1 2 8, President 4 Tri-Hi-Y 2 3, Secretary 4 Glee Club 1 2 3 4 Sextette 2 3 4 Choir 3 4 Madrigal 4 C818 4 Band 1 Cheerleader l 2 Madisonlan 4 Radio Staff 2 3 4 Relays Attendant 4 Bernard Hesse Hi-Y 1 Radio Staff 2 Student Manager 2 3 C818 2 3 Madisonlan 4 Lettermen's Club 3 4 Junior Achievement 3 4 Phyllis Holmes Glee Club 1 2 3 Radio Staff 2 3 Tri-Hi-Y 2 3 Shirley Holmes Roger Hopp Science Club 1 LaVerne Horner Clinton Hoverson John Howard Football 1 2 3 4 Baseball 2 3 4 Track 2 3 4 Lettermen's Club 1 2 3 4 Madisonian 4 Fred Moyer Ellen Huffaker Glee Club 1 2 3 4 Choir 4 Tri-Hi-Y 3 4 Shirley James G.A.A. 1 2 3 Band 2 3 Tri-Hi-Y 2 3 4 Citizen-of-the-Month 3 4 Junior Achievement 3 Homecoming Attendant 4 Glee Club 1 Madlsonian 4 All State Twirllng Contest Drum Major 4 Yvonne Keeler National Honor Society 4 Madisonian 4 C8rB Asst. Bus. Mgr. 3, Bus. Tri-Hi-Y 2 3 President 4 Student Council 3 Citizen-of-the-Month 4 Band 1 2 3 4 G.A.A. 1 2, President 3 Junior -Achievement 3 Orchestra 1 Relays Attendant 4 Mgr. 4 Sh iela Keester , Glee Club 1 2 3 4 Choir 4 Tri-Hi-Y 3 4 Adonna Kent Susie Kincaid G.A.A. 1 2 3 Kilties 3 4 Tri-Hi-Y 2 3 4 Homecoming Queen Glee Club 1 Madisonian 4 Dale Knox Basketball 1 Track 1 Hi-Y 1 Janet Kudebeh Be Band 1 2 3 4- Tri-Hi-Y 2 3 4 -1 Junior Achievement 4 Orchestra 3 tty LaPorte Junior Achievement 3 Junior Class Play Neal Lassman Glee Club 1 2 3 Choir 1 Band 1 2 3 4 Hi-Y 3 Junior Achievement 3 Junior Class Play Dixie Land Band 3 Pep Band 3 4 Brass Chamber Group 4 Winfield Lawrence Lo Art Club President Science Cluh 4 Cheerleader 4 Basketball 1 ra Lee Long Tri-Hi-Y 2 3 4 G.A.A. 1 2 3 4 Kilties 3 4 Robert Long Baseball 2 Basketball 1 2 Choir 3 4 Glee Club 1 2 Madrigal 4 All State Music 3 Darrell Maring Er Football 1 4 4 Stage Crew 1 2 3 4- Junior Class Play nest Marsh Football 1 2 3 4 Basketball 1 Track 1 Lettermen's Club 4 Glee Club 1 2 3 Choir 3 4 I Eugene Marsh Everett Marsh Glee Club 1 2 3 4 Choir 3 4 Senior Index Cont'd Stage .QFEW l 2 3 June Neal Electrlclall 3 Citizen-of-the-Month 1 2 Baseball 4 Glee Club 1 2 a 4 All State Chorus 4 Band 1 2 Local Solo Contest 3 Sub State Solo Contest 3 Jim McGee Football 1 2 3 4 Basketball 1 2 3 4 Baseball 1 2 3 4 Hi-Y 2 3 4 Science Club 4 Lettermen's Club 1 2 3 4 Band 1 2 3 4 Junior Achievement 3 4 Beverly McGehee Glee Club 1 2 3 Junior Class Play Doreen Pollmeier McGrath Glee Club 1 2 3 4, Treas. 2 Sextette 2 3 4 Choir 4 ' Radio Staff 1 2 3 4 Tri-Hi-Y 2 3 4 Kilties 3 4, Pres. 4 Rochelle Mikels Basketball Team 1 2 Glee Club 1 2 4 G.A.A. 3 4 Darrell Miller Football 1 2 3 4 Basketball 1 Track 1 2 3 4 Marshall Miller James Millmeyer James Mitchell Football 1 2 4 Basketball 1 2 Stage Crew 3 Joan Myers Junior Class Play Glee Club 1 2 4 Dramatic Club 2 Tri-Hi-Y 3 Madisonian 4 J. A. 3 Betty Myers Glee Club 1 Ushers Club 3 4 Girl'S Trio 2 3 4 Sextette 2 3 4 Tri-Hi-Y 2 3 4 Choir 3 4 Kilties 3 4 Madrigal 3 4 Radio Staff 3 4 Relays Queen 4 Joyce Nelle Tri-Hi-Y 2 3 4, Historian 4 Junior Achievement 3 G.A.A. 1 2 3 Band 1 2 3 4 Madisonian 4 Kay Parrish Glee Club 1 Guelda Peel Ushering Club 3 4 Glee Club 4 Junior Class Play Paul Pohlpeter Football 1 2 3 4 Basketball 2 Paul Prewitt Glee Club 1 Band 4 Everett Redd Track 1 Football 1 4 Glee Club 1 2 3 4 Glory Reed Band 1 2 3 4 Orchestra 2 3 G.A.A. 1 2 3 4, Sec Junior Achievement 3 Tri-Hi-Y 3 4 Pep Band 3 4 Sam Resnick Dramatic Club 1 2 3 Science Club 2 3 4 Hi-Y 3, Pres. 4 Thespians 3, Pres 4 Glee Club 1 2 3 Choir 3 4 Madrigal 4 CSLB 2 3 4 Madisonian 4 Madisonian 3 4 J. A. 3 Junior Achievement 3 4 Junior Class Play 3 John Napier ' Voice of Democracy 3 4 National Honor Society 3, Pres. 4 A1l,SCh00l Play 4 Student Council, Vice President 4 National H0307 SOCWW Citizen-of-the-Month 1 2 3 4 . . Lettermen's Club 3 Sec. 4 Sherrill Rings CRB Staff 2, Sports Editor 3 4 Band 1 2 3. Sec. 4 Madisonian Staff, Business Manager 4 Radio Staff 2 3 4 Football 1 2 3 4 Thespians 2 3, Vice Pres 4 Track 1 2 3 Cheerleader 1 Basketball 1 2 Band 1 2 3 4 Hi-Y 1 2 Science Club 3 Dixieland Band 3 4 Brass Chamber Group 4 Junior Achievement 4 Sec.-treas. of Class 2 Junior Achievement 3 4 Tri-Hi-Y 2 3. Sergeant at Arms Citizen-of-the-Month 2 3 4 CMB 2 3 4 Madisonian 4 All School Play 2 Junior Class Play National Honor Society 4 Norman Rouse Basketball I 2 8 4 Letermen's Club 4 Norma Rouse Senhnflndex Lettermen's Club 3 4 Citizen-of-the-Month 4 Dixieland Band 3 4 Carol Schulte Central High 1 4 93 Confd Raymond Tripp Boys' Glee Club 2 Choir 3 4 Operetta 3 Lupe Vasquez Football 1 2 3 4 Basketball 1 2 Keith Wagner Gle Club 1 Glee Club 2 3 4 G.A.A. 1 2 B Madisonian 4 'l'ri-Hi-Y 2 8 4 Choir 4 Kilties 3 4 C318 4 Cheerleader 2 3 4 Richard Rupert Dramatic club 2 a, Prsldent 4 Monroe, Iowa I 2 Thespians 3, Secretary 4 Marching Band 3 4 National Honor Socity 3 4 Senior Choir 8 4 Student Council Sec. 4 Madrl al 3 4 Radio Staff 2 3 4 K Solo Contest 3 4. Glee Club 8 Pep Band 8 4 Boys' Quartette 4 National Honor Society 4 Austin Sandrock Science Club 8 Junior Achievement 3 4 Donald Skinner Football 1 2 Track 1 2 Hi-Y 1 2 Glee Club 2 Madlsonian. Junior Editor 8, Senior Editor 4 C8rB Sports Editor 2 8, News Editor 4 National Honor Society 8 4 Citizen-of-the-Month 3, V. Pres. 4 Hi-Y 2. President 8 Science Club 2 Student Council 3 4 Class President 4 Class Vice President Lettermen's Club 3 Football 2 3 4 Basketball 1 2 Track I Baseball 2 J unior Achievement Beverly Schaile Band 1 2 3 4 Tri-Hi-Y 3 4 Ii an Schieferdecker 2 4 4 National Honor Society 4 Football 1 2 3 4 Basketball l 2 Truck 1 2 4- Hl-Y 2 3 4 Science Club 4 Boys' Glee Club 1 2 Choir 3 4 Lettermen's Club 4 Junior Achievement I racy Scholtz Band 1 2 3 4 Track 1 2 3 4 Hi-Y 1 2 3 3 4 Dixie Sporkman Glee Clllb 1 2 3 Kilties 3 4 Choir 4 G.A.A. 1 2 Nancy Sprenger G.A.A. 1 2 Tri-Hi-Y 3 Band 1 2 3 4 Science C?'ub 3 Junior Class Play 3 Marlan Staff J. A. 3 Virginia Stanley Tri-Hi- 2 3 4 Football I 2 B 4 Basketball 1 2 8 4 Track 1 2 8 4 Baseball 1 2 rl 4 Lettermen's Club 8, Pres John Watson Baseball 1 2 8 4 Football 1 2 3 4 Basketball l 2 8 4 Track 1 2 4 Lettermen's Club 2 3 V res Citizen-of-the-month 2 Student Council 4 Class officer 8 J. A. 3 4 National Honor Society 4 Donna Weiser Bandl234 Orchestra 8 Glee Club 2 3 Cheerleader 3 Homecoming Attendant 4 Radio Staff 2 'l'rl'Hi-Y 2 3 4 Junior Achievement 3 4 CRB 2 4 Madisonian 4 Operetta 3 Relays Attendant 4 Walt West G.A.A. 1 2, Treas. 3, V. Pres. 4 Band 1 2 3 4 Beverly Stevens Donnellson High 1 2 B Glee Club 4 . Tri-Hi-Y Bette Sturdevant Glee Club 2 3 4 Clmir 4 Madisonian 4 Kilties 3 4 Orchestra 2 3 Tri-Hi-Y Sec. 3, V. Pres. 4 Ernest Suter National Honor Society 3, V. Pres. 4 Dramatic Club 3 4 Junior Class Play Class President 3 Student Council 3 4 Pep Band 1 2 3 4 Dixieland Band 3 4 Glee Club 1 2 3 Glee Club Librarian 2 Choir 3 V. Pres. of Art Club 4 Letterlnen's Club 3 4 Basketball 1 2 Football 1 2 3 4 Baseball 8 4 everly VVilhelm Class Sec. 1 3 Band 2 Glee Club 1 2 3 4 Tri-Hi-Y 2 3 4 Citi2.en-of-the-month Sextette 2 3 4 G.A.A. 2 Radio Staff 2 3 4 Kilties 3 4 Operetta 3 Dramatic Club 3. V. lres 4 All School Play 4 Choir 4- National Honor Society 4 Stage Crew 2 3 4 Gloria Wilkerson Bettv Willits N3UCY.rhUl'maml Junior achievment 3 4 Radio Staff 1 2 3 4 Band 1 2 3 4 Ray Schrepfer Girls' Glee Club 2 3 4 Tru-1i.Y 2 3 4 Class Vice President 1 4 Sextette 2 3 4 Science Club 4 Class President 4 Tri Hi Y 2 3 4 G,A,A. 1 2 4, Band 1 2 8 4 Kilties 3 4 Football l 2 3 4 Junior Achievement 3 4 Glenn Wilson Junior Achievement 4 Operetta 3 Madlsonian 4 Senior Choir 4 Glen Yurth SQSOKZKPQEOQSOCXPQSOQTOCX ktlibiriii-0f2i?Q5OG1?3-4 x CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1953 "Better Things for Better Living Thru Chemistry" Zi ?3 R56 iii 53451211 Fii if 7256 l-Zi 513i ?3 , Zi ii 3 D21 Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q 513 Q Q P Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q 2 .... The Three Stooges-VVha' happened, Buzz?-Come on kids, count! All dressed up and no place to go.-Hey, get off !-The roaring' "Twenties"-.- VVatch The hirdiq-! anxeexcxaocxcxmocxlvcxfxnvcxfzmocxaextxaocvocxfxacxxfxaocworloq,O4,O4,O4,O4,O4,O4,O4,O4,O4,O4,O4,O4,O4,O,,O4,94,O4,o, COTT' Central Drug tore Phone 397 18th Street and Avenue G Ft. Madison, Iowa b0CD1i0l0247lOl!721iQ75024P21P31PlO24P2021PCD4P2CP29345lO2C720l0lCPl4l4Pl4P24bC7OCDOlP24721Dl4720l1P2i u Pfl30fl!5KIH!5KZ'!3RT215ST2OfL51 xii 5131! .x Q if Q Q 12 Q U Q Q 0 D2020l0l0l4750lCKDO2C7245347ZCPC?O50245CP4 PZOZOZ05OZ4P547CPOlfi024PZOCD4i4Dl ?20204DOZO20203OCP47ZO303024iD203P3173XDCP3OCO3734b24P24P24D34D34b54754734b54 Freesmeieris Dairy Finest In Dairy Foods Fort Madison, Iowa PHONE 1730 X304DOCDOl1i4 5305030CP043031737CPO3035CD4O PCP05454DO50505050?O54PC34 Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q PSOZOSQDZGKO P51 '1x.XA 'Afz Q Q 0 Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q 2 D31724503321if5202043Pi!5203P31P24D247l4P3iPl47lQiCPlOlO30lOlCD30lC7l1S1PCZPl1i4PlOli15CXPl4DlK OUR BEST VVISHES AND A SINCERE THANK YOU TO THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1953 John Amborn tudio PORTRAITS OF QUALITY 70892 Avenue G PHONE 2882 PQ?72ibCF7CbOCbOZ473OlOCDC734ib02OCD1734KD4P43OlO2CJCDOl1Pl4Dl4P34PlO2fDllPl4b24blDl1bCIPOl1P3Pii .IQ-sw. ymfrq- crazy. Pom- pr:-Hy, girls!---.lust what I wnnivml! f SQ-4'l'm-in? l'lmmp - 9 Q Q T Q fir Q 126 Q -I I-2-I X31 731 I-Zi iii 33 Q Q Q Q Ci E? Q Q Q Q Q 9 Q O . - KDO3P347iK73034P345C7347347303P5CPiO3Pi4?34P3X30?C?2iP3iKPS ?iOCX?CP4Ji030503f ereis to good times and good friends may you always have an abundance of both THE COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY PC5?34KDiK:D4blibCX5l47C?iDl4DiI?C5l4D2Cli34DCXbi2CKy4X,,,XX XX 1PQXff.,xK xK.X7CYK,X7QXKD1K1Y7iXbCD4KlD47C 7309 Qxo4KDcx3cwccpccacooc:coooooo4x434ao4x9oooocmecx9oooocmQvooo43oCxwcoQcQ cn-:xg 2 314 iii if iii YL? F-Ii RTX F151 il! X11 i I-3-I 5111! iii 724 Pi! 1-3-I ?2i 5624 !-ii 3621 iii 562633- OKTX!-Z ENTER VILLE ' VA ,.'4:...' n Mk I Austin, you'rm- puttnigr it on crooks-d!wMy, Diane, how hm-coininp:,-'flioso silly seniors-VVho is flint?-And we in our llifllliOHDS--Si'll0llI spirit-Yeah! We'rv talking your picture. P24D21P3i5!XL5!YL5!iXYL51Xl5'!Y21!i5!Kb!X21FZ!!F211721?l'IiK1'O203!'3'OfD!k314?3-lkii!3311362432-45620-Ci!-3-Z3114!-3-Zki-Iii-O-Cibfbtbfbtbt Congratulations to the Class of 1953 For Financial Advice and Assistance You are Invited to sec The Lee Count Savings Bank 3202024 Pliblfbiibliblt 724324724924 P20lO21X3OlOl4DCP4745031733524735xT2O3ifX7fL5!?f2i5K1i?3'1Pfl!3K1H!5K1'0f2!Pfl5!Pfl5!Yl51 O Ol303!COZKCOZKlZ120ZK73C1733l2!JCOC17ZK3S1iiBZKP3i30330302021 00 O7Z1l503JZO5051iii0305OZ03Cb3OC3'4D?4Di03D547CD4PE!iOCP4K347547303D54CJ KD1JCPO24X:747302OCJibCPO2i D5020203b547204P474DO2020203CDZOZOSGDGOSQDZGDSOZQPSQCCDSOGGJSCDZQPZOZ4b302OZO2OC?0203 MCKi6IH3H Hardware Stoves-Bicycles-Sporting Goods Paints-Oils ir 2502 Avenue L Fort Madison, Iowa Como on Tom, that lazy smile.-Just a couple of goofy people-0. K. kids, this is the way it gon-s.-Nature Boyf'l'ypical freshman-Yes, we love the out-of-doors. 7CPOC304?7Z050Z17Z4720547ll7l475473DCP4ZC?2CDZ4DZ1D3QDZ472i PZiP504DO2054P202OZO'4 Q Q Q C Q 9 Q 55 Q Q 9 Q 9 Q S5 2 Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q T Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q 552051 iii AYLYKT24 Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q I S Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q iiC5lCDl1PQPfPlCK:X54D4DCD4DlOl!PQP472'OlC DOEOCPOEQX274734724X345043015030347l47l33CDl4iO3CKDOl4lC7l4Dl53C520lDl5l4KDOl1Pl1Ki7lC5lO31i1 M1114 BEATRICE FOODS CO. Cgkgiiiie Butter Meadow Gold Ice Cream Dressing itDZOSOZOSOZOZOCXDSOZOSK32024D2020320203Xi24KD1D21D3D3b3CJ24b21KbC7G1b21l21Q024D24KDll21 CONGRATULATIONS TO CLASS OF 1953 FOR SMART CLOTHES FOR YOUR WARDROBE SHOP AT B. B. Hesse's 81 S0n's D30242024P3P30iO24blOlCKD4Pl4P34D34KD4l1P3D2CKDCD24D54l4J24 2 'iAiY'ii'i5f517s2x' 'i'ii'i'- Ai 'fi' Y54i'iY'iX.A' 'i'i5f51i'iY54?'iiA-6 Q ii Q Q 9 Q Q Q CX.-. A:.A..-,.-! Q Q Q Q ar fi Q Q C! Q Q Q Q Q Q S2 gl Q Q 5? I S iii EE CE it Fr I, W..-,.......,......... CLEAN FLUES SAVE FUEL PILLY BRUSH COMPANY Fort Madison Iowa 724D242D3472030303CD37C03031DG4bZCbSOZ47Z4DCQC4 7ZO20Z47202021?34P3PCPOZC7G!?Z034D24bCb1734P24 WRIGHT MOTOR CO., Inc. CHRYSLER GMC TRUCKS PLYMOUTH Good Products T MAA-Good-Serxliceb-A O720503Ci034l3PZO3OEC5ZCDZ02051JCi53 D503PCPOEO24lEKiOCP4iO?5Z1h3C L... Sandy, where arm- your bobby-pins?-'Better not turn sideways, Ja-am-tts!-What, not fig'lltillQ'!- N trouble, gxrlu?--All right now, 11-t'slive it up.-Dm:n't worry Joyce, hc-'ll he there in u minute. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1953 . DANA BUSHONG YOUR JEWELER 805 Avenue G Telephone 21 Ft. Madison, Iowa We Give S8zH Green Stamps ifFifi!P2031P43021K57lO20CDOlO37lf75024P20247203P247ZCi024iO37CDC521i1724b2154P217215Z4724P2472OC 103 -1- mn, il. l rl I, Aiiiiliiliiii?3iPi54?3iPQ54?3il-311?3-11-3-I 3-12-3-lkiil-211 1 1 Compliments of Q . 1 l W 1 L K E N s ' 1 Q H I X S O N 1 S Department Drug Store Q li lg Shoes for Women 728 ' 730 Avenue G Y Visit Our New Y 707 Avenue G Q Toy and Gift Department Y 1 2: ALLEY INN SMITH CONSTRUCTION CO.. INC. . 1? Q Home Cooked Meals Tj General Contractors chan - soup 1 All Types of 3 Eva New Buildings and Remodeling 514 Avenue G PHONE 1167 E 718 8th Street Q Fort Madison, Iowa riPGJOGORTX7C20fL51Xl5C7L5ii547kTX?Q54525i?fDi?3i9349fD0s5i?f3i?3iPf31ivi'3iPQ50S5i?3-05501545626?13iYl54?'2'0S5?3i?f24P3iDGiF3-1PQ54FZ1O'3i il 12 ll Over 100 Years of Service lj KERN INSURANCE AGENCY Q lj li if 'r 2 Peter G. Kern Your SINGER A in, f Q Robert L. Kern Richard J. Kern SEWING CENTER +21 il g5524Pi50RT2i?Zi?fL54PZiPC2i?Z-1?Q54?Z1i?3-I?314l'Z4ix5i?Z-O13-Iiiitil-34 U 1 I 1 ' l Q Compliments of Q GREENWALD,S Qi lil HAWKEYE LUMBER co. g MARKET ll 1 -ff .lr 1,1 1, 25 1102 Avenue H PHONE 75 A! 1930 Avenue H PHONE 182 2P1314?fL545x50fL5CPf2O13i?fL50xT2iXLXPfb!?131i?fL50?2i?f3iKD0f3i?fL56i54i5'!5iiiP134?3ii'3-1f2i?3i?Z1i?3i!Q50xT2iXT2i?Ci7C20fL50x?i?31iKTXhC20fD! Q 15 B. A. GALBRAITH az co. 3 Management Consultants Ei Q A. Galbralth, C.P.A. Pres. 6 cg Member: American Management Assoc. Q Industrial Management Society pg Q Offices: Fort Madison, Iowa 5 Q Nauvoo, Illinois NXZX ?3-0C2i?3-0C20f2!5KZiPf3i5x5Of213'C2i?Z-0C2i?Z-1?fD4KT2i5s50fL54DC2i Q ii1-3-OC10x50K31i?3i?3i?3-062020-Z-i?3i?Iii4i42124552050-Z4 1. "' C l' f U Congratulations 3 omp lments O Q MERTENS THOMPSON and ENDERLE gg SHELL SERVICE STATION CONFECTIONERY Q Goodyear Tires and Batteries 11 706 18th St PHONE 654 Q Avenue G and Sixth Street 9-Y ' 2 PHONE 9109 Oiiif1030'Z'1F2ibZCP2iD30ZCi'l2'3'1P'L50ZCl'.T-li'3-1PfD4i-3-03CI3iOY2C?Zi?3iDC2i?Z-1734bC14?3iDsT2i?l'-iF3-0363-1CCFZ-iii-1YD4?3-I?3i OP3iOZ17217Z1ii75CK3'O24lifh305i554PiKD353i7CP4721lEC3CDilC702OCD'0i024iiiDEOCbi53i5iCK313l3550iili47CXiOZi337C347203KPZi7ZKl?DiKii3'5433!7?iC?i1O KDOCOCPOCOQDOQ-0CbcKDOCxK30Cx73OCbc DOCDf730lOCP1DCbii1DQPC7lOSC7C54blC7SCPC747lClPCD4PEO3CiP5lCDl7l1DlOlCDl45l47lC3lOl4PEO213lOE4Dl1PlCll1P2iPl1 ,Og,CX,O4,O4,Q4,O4,43,O4,O4,O4,O4,O4,Q4,Q4,OfyQ4,O4,qypO4:oc:c:c:o4woc:c3c:c9c:ocKyc:43c:ooooooooo1aoc:o1:cxmcboocx FT. MAD! N IOWA --- H-s PSCif7Ei73CP34PE4i4i4PSO3C73lDl4P347l7SO3PlPS4D3OZC5247lOl72Ol1K 105 DCD4KD4b2024b2OCP4bCP4XZP4KD4724?CD4 b24i?4bl4D24D34D24bCP4 The Clements' Inc Different Funeral Service Drive Carefully Ambulance Service Madison, Iowa Phone 075 The Store Where Smart Men Go MADISON'S MEN,S WEAR Botany 500 Suits Lee Hats Van Huesen Shirts Marlboro Sportswear Women's Sportwear We-re up lu-rv, Domm-Some 1 w 5, l 1 Sleepy time cQ?l.lSlfCOIl1C s glwe us rlce ln l g PC5054 D24 818 Avenue G PHONE 2977 ao4:cxaocaoc:ocao4:o4:o4ro10 il-3-W3 ii "'ifAHftax.x" 1ki!5C2i5-3i5xTxk3iiQ24kZi7243x50fD!ixT20G2tb243xT24bCDt7245xTz4 D21 Kai' D31 7s.XA 'AA' 721 i'i 'RZ' bfi i"4 V51 i'f DG! iff Kai' 'Rai' I-A-I i'-Q 562 Compliments of TROY LAUNDRY and DRY CLEANING Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q 5xTX1xT 'KZ' "AW 7515? 'AV 'A-1'A'5CD0-A3-A4 CENTRAL STATES INVESTMENT CO. American State Bank Building PHONE 166 Fort Madison Iowa .! PW! F-X W ,!-! , - . F-R DCE Compliments of SEARS, ROEBUCK and COMPANY Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q WM. C. LESCH Mens' Footwear and Shoe Repairing 615 Seventh Street Ft. Madison, Iowa Congratulations Class of '53 BENBOW COAL CO. H1671 Pvi F-2 AA - . VIRGINIA'S BEAUTY SHOP Virginia Ashby Phone 2347 612 Avenue E 4F-1F.!!v!YL54rk.2i?fLNKF.10x2i7fL5!A.Xi5!1s.21?fL!XlX?fL50fl5!P24F- Compliments of WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE 726 Avenue G Phone 1626 Compliments of IOWA THEATRE D34 Q Q Q Q 1 :gas EAST END FLORIST Joe Auge, Owner Phone 1241 708-8th Street Flowers Arranged for all Occasions 7215621 Q Q I-.- !-!n.2iF.!lQ.X7g2x!v'!1x.2xXvi3x.2xA.2xYL5!P24P21PfL5!5202l7fl517332l HOPKIRK INSURANCE AGENCY LEE COUNTY BANK BLDG. FORT MADISON, IOWA 73029 ' Ditixzf' Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q MCGEHEE CAFE ' Dinners and Short Orders 24 Hour Service 2517 Avenue L Phone 9164 72024DCD!72024ix5DCD1DG4P-!1x.2OfL5!asJxK.zDfL5!Fv'C7x20124!--1Fv'1 Compliments of W. S. EICHENLAUB Quality Jewelry 718 Avenue G Fort Madison, Iowa -I 113i D31 iii iii X24 YD! ii-4 YD! ii! Kb! iii ?3i XLS! 5-Zi P21 YD! ?3i X21 ?fD0ST2OS0fD!5C202O'2!KT21?3-lD20fD0-3-I524k21II-3i!-3 3202021 Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q 724 P254 !-, xx r.! A24 724 XD! P-'K 22.25 1-va R24 1-2 RA Fvi R21 I--1 rv? I-A-I Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q I-2-1 I-3-OZ!!-3-034 7-:-Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q T Q H .n. O D Q 's If L' g52'3iPf2OfZi7xT2i?fD0xT2Of31iV24?ZiYD!?Zi754Dx5OQT2CkT2OxT2i730Q502'?iififiiiii?fLY3k5Oi5OG2iPf20s5OfD4?3i?f2lFl'0C2ii'3-Iii-fl'Z1O'3'055K 1 I 9 Compliments of gg FORT MADISON SEED 8: 5 If FEED COMPANY S 3 Walter E. Sanford, Prop. ' Seeds - Flour - Feeds - Salt Q 20th ae Avenue L PHONE 9144 Fort Madison, Iowa il! ,A ,A ,P ',OW,,,,-,,,q.-. -, -A -. - Qb20ZO204D0iI74P3OCP4b4DC724DZ4?372O5C7CfZ479AD54PLA?S.lQ 'v Rl-v RlYlxY24KlViXVlXFl,5f?iY?v!?i54V-4754731 D ' Q ggi B A X T E R S Q ocHsNER's CHEVROLET Q Home Made Ice Cream Q Q Q NEW CARS and TRUCKS Q Pasteurized Grape Juice Q E Q CThe Health Drinkj ' SALES S RVICE Y if West City Limits Q 912 Avenue G ri 5lPZO2C7Z4D203C5031i473D?4D2D24?i54P2C?Z14DCP1bs5i?K QKT!X314?Z10RT24!i5C?Z'iiii?f21?ZiPS50RT2i?31iFI4XRT2iDRT2OK3iZ?I'iFZi T 2 Q HARRY REMPE MUs1c HOUSE Q C A N T R 1 L' s Q Q Band and Orchestra Instruments Q Q Accessories Pianos PAINT and HARDWARE 2 Private Instruction 2'-1 f Complete Record Department Y-P 710 7th sr PHONE 62 Q ' 715 Avenue G PHONE 1200 QK5iPCXD5GKTXD3OSOC2iD2O24XTXY24KTX?fD03020fL50xTXPfg54xTxQI-iiXTX?Ii7f2i?ZiKT20K31i?i5l?Zi7G2i?Z10QT20i50f2Q?Z-1!'34!'1-050Z4 Q - Q Compliments to the Comphments Class of "53" Q Q 1 MILLER JONES COMPANY. 3 TAS-1-EE 1.-REEZ 1 - 0 5 809 Avenue G Mr. and Mrs. Bagby 1 A Q 1- L-. L-. -l-.--.L-lL QP30504DC73iDCDOZC730iD4i1PZi7l4P375C73C75OlCPfL54Y2473QP34YES?-POx.2RPKv1S?f24?v!?KvX?i5!?'v!ik2RF-4?v!?-4 Y! - Z'I?f241'l'1 fl Congratulations 3 WA'I'SON'S A . Q DAUGHDRILLS, INC. Q SINCLAIR SERVICE 9 2 Q 1 Q Furniture and Rugs 1002 Avenue G 0 3Pf2i?f24?Zi7QT20i50C2iiY!f2i?fDK1'Z'1PC2i?3iF3'1KDf?34DZ17C2i!'Z11F3' J. . U . 5 BRUMM'S CLEANING SERVICE in YOUR FRIENDLY A" A ri PHONE 900 Q Q Fort Madison, Iowa 2252 Ave. L Ll STATE THEATRE Q 0 "WHERE QUALITY COUNTS" .,, Y 34704234ifJfD1?34?3'1?Z'1KT2i7'f20'3'1?Zi?I-OZOKZ-I!-Zi Ziiiiffiifx :l gili ?fI A. 3 FKDGZIOGQ ?f2'f?Z-i?f24?3-1?3i!Z0'Zi!fL5K?ZiikTiFZ'051 iii XSOQA' A Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q PlO37CD4720l0202f731JlO203CDZCblOl 731ilOlO4DOCDOCb021l473blDlO30l4735302C72CD34P2CZ1Dl473iOl4i4D3C7347l1P21P30l4DCDOZOCDOZOSOEOSOC RICHELIEU QUALITY FOODS PHONE 4 PETE HUGHES QUALITY MEATS and GROCERIES Complete Line of 2805 Avenue L BIRDS-EYE FROSTED FOODS 524b3b203J2CKP203P203b20303Cb2C73tb2CD32Qb34b24b202CD34KD4D2C O 4 I720302f743473020lCP3724DCPOi47Z1724734P20247l7247i Compliments of Charley and Herb STUDIE'S SERVICE STATION Washing - Lubrication - Accessories 1602 Avenue E PHONE 9121 b4DOCXP34K3C7CPCPCX7CP4PCXKDOCXKDO202054DCXP3C754P34P2 FRAY'S LICDISKI CLIAN II Sanitone Dry Cleaners 912 Avenue G PHONE 25 Pick-up and Delivery Karl K. Lemmon bCPO204D47202OCJOCDOCPO347CX7CDOCXKDC7?O37Cb474D4720l' Best of Luck to The Class of '53 GAMBLES "The Friendly Store" 302CP2OC30204DO24b5474D4D4DO547372472ib54721DCPCP3b24 VAN'S SANITARY MARKET "The store of friendly service" Quality Groceries and Meats PHONE 337 Free Delivery 236 Avenue E Fort Madison, Iowa D2OCXJ4D4734b2OZ472OZ4Z4537CDOZ4b4?4D2CDZ4i473hZ4D2' Congratulations ROSE FURNITURE 8: STOVES 811 Avenue H PHONE 917 HELLING'S FOOD STORE "Better Foods for Less" Free Delivery PHONE 653 Q 72020247CPO3iXDOCX73473iJ547CD024bCD4D502CDZO34PZCP2' O 7C4b3P3OSOSO347CD1COZ4D203473034b34b34i' 7202034 '305024P3PC747202C7435CXiOl4D3DlCb247347ZC5ZO54 5lO3724?347304?7Z021P547lOCP474:DO4DOZ4P247CDCDlJZ4?21 Paul C. Baughman The Scherfe Insurance Agency. Inc. Fort Madison Savings Bank Building Fort Madison, Iowa PHONE 104 P302024PCXblDli7C?P20302024JZ4PCP473OZC73OCXPCD473 Thru Iowa with the Boss Hotels Comfort without Extravagance Banquets and Parties given special attention HOTEL ANTHES PHONE 570 Fort Madison, Iowa Q MARY and SONS 2 Department Store Q Groceries - Meats - Dry Goods - Shoes Q 3102 Avenue H Free Delivery lg PHONES 2222 ll Q ll Q ll ll Q O Q Q Q li Q ll li Q Q ll ll Q li ll Q ll ll Q 2 Q l OF The Freshman King and Queen. 5fZO54?30Z4Dl0Z4D5fiOCD4D30547345lO2ib51bZ4P5C THOMAS MOTORS Bring Your Ford Home Sales 81 Service PHONE 1 P24 534 31P34K55x321k32i5x32iix31iif2i5K3i?3i?3iix320fD!?3iK5PQ5034?3-Z?3iI DILLAVOU FLOOR COVERING 731 Avenue H Fort Madison, Iowa Window Shades - Venetian Blinds - Traverse Rods O Q 0 Q 1' Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q H Q 'EQ Q ES Q 2, Q 'H Q QQ Q Q Q Q Q Q Q GEORGE NAIFEH MARKET For finer foods and better meats 1301 Avenue G PHONE 2772 P3031!fD030f35!3x3OfD!?3ib30fD!?3-Iis20f350f35!Fv!Pf35!r-!Fv'Os.2i "Say it with Flowers" from AUGE FLORAL COMPANY PHONE 56 712 Avenue G Fort Madison, Iowa Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q , - SMITH SEWING MACHINE Repair and Supply Brand New Sewing Machines 549.98 NECCHI ZIG ZAG MACHINES 3506 Avenue L PHONE 650 V351 LARKIN STANDARD SERVICE 10th and Avenue G Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q SMITH f' MOTOR K 'mf co. E E j Nash Sales and Service The World's Most Modern Car 1014-18 Avenue H PHONE 1670 Fort Madison, Iowa 303034D3034X3!3030f3Of350CD4?3-O4D4X30'-3ik3iPfD!lK3iPf35! 311 P31 F314 31 F351 X? I-3i 2915! I-34 X34 31 l-3-K F3'i D31 l'3'l 2-3-I P31 334 731 Remember your happy hours at- THE FOX THEATRE Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q SAVE WITH CASH AND CARRY CLEM 8: WELCH Cleaning Co. Office 941 Avenue H PHONE 7 31332013 Ai31i734?3iDCD47f3!if2f5-3i?3i?3i Q Q xv! x.!1x2O34.-.x.X,-.zx2vx.21,-.vg2vK.!s3!1x.2035! LINCOLN SNACK BAR "Good Food at Good Prices" 839 Avenue H Fort Madison, Iowa ye-sf 3.-i pew: -K-,Q 5.-i 51- 334 -,AX 3-f 5' -,g 3.-f K- -,Q 334 5.-,4 pry a-f pe-sz kAi 1-1 Q Q Q Q Q Q gr Q I HUETT BROS. GROCERIES and MEATS 2637 - 39 Avenue L RUDOLPH SCHLAPP Real Estate and Insurance 909 Avenue H Fort Madison, Iowa i3i 113i 313i ?3i X34 ?3i 531 V31 ?3i 7534 ?3i 5326 YD! ?3i if! I3 ?3i KT! P3 Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q HAMMEY'S ELECTRIC Philco. Admiral General Electric. Television 18 Avenue G PHONE 409 ,gg rw i-i i-i EA! ya k-i i-i rv k-i 3-i 3.-i i-,I i-i L-i 3-f k-i 1-f 1-.O !3i ?3i F311 ?3i F3-Z ?3i ?3i ?3i ?3 3i 3 3 I-3-I P34 I-34 F34 1-3-1 l'3'I D31 O D303130CD033303034 D31 33033303 730-3-I1-3-C3 3303031 Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q ,Q Q Q Q, Q 1 Q Q Q Q Q Q T Q Q Q Q Q 4 Q Q Q Q O 6 Q Q Q i 5 Q I Q .IL JE 324?2i?11i?Ii?KZil'I4?fD0"J4?k5iF2i?I-i5f14F34F2i 3 Congratulations 3 Compliments ELLIS and ETHEL HALL S CUSHMAN FOUNDRY gl Q Q MACHINE COMPANY Q HALL FUNERAL HOME Q Q Q Wholesale Auto Parts ll "The Last Full Measure of Devotion" Q 1032 Avenue H Phone 81 3 Df2i!'Ii7CDiFI'1?fL5Of10'3i TE Congratulations Q I g Q JOES FOOD MART i S METROPOLITAN HOTEL I ri Q Quality Foods Jordon T. Johnson, Owner Joe Sanford Q Ave G sl 6th St Phine 987 1501 Avenue D Fort Madison, Iowa IP f ' ' I Q 51720520554P52624Xflfili7STXkZli?3-i!'1i7f2i?3'iFI4bx5OfD0f20fD0'I- T . if Fort Madisons Most Reasonably 2 BECKER FOOD MARKET Q Priced Furniture Q 6 at The Complete Food Store 6 Food Phone - One - Oh C FLYNN and BOYLE Q 617 Avenue G Q Fort Madison, Iowa Q'72473Oi5O2015O24X202031YLY7f2iY2C?Zi721YL5C?liPkTX?i5!?i3Q!'li7f2i?I-0ST2OQT2i?Z-i?2'iX724PK3il'Z4?3i?fD4?I4i'I4iRT2i?i5iFli?301Zi I' 1 1 Compliments S " f iq THE CHILDREN'S SHOP Q O Q ll' 709 Avenue G Q T1M'S SANDWICH SHOP Valley Shadwell Rump ij Boy's and Girl's Tots Through Teens Q Q IIC?Z1i?i50IG1i?ZiX'1i5f.D4?K3i?Q5021!3i?Zi!31ii5!7s5i?:i?ZiYD4?3i731hlfzibflkiiXL??ZiDf24PfD'!?Zi?KI1i!31il'343nT2i1-iibfziifbikflibfziif 1' "' Q 6 Office Phone 2677 Res. Phone 1653-J Q . L. C. BURTON STEEPLES CONFECTIONERY 3 7041fQ Avenue G Q Q Fort Madlson' Iowa Q 3036 Avenue M PHONE 2742 5 D. Dorn-Salesman Res. Phone l0F2l 350347C3CP2C5C2i52C750CX730KT20CXPf2CDCXPi50x5C?Ii7x5i!f3iPKl'ilQ Pf2i?2i?'Zi?Z'0'3i7f24Pi5f?Ii1'l'i?3i?3'1?lil'lil'3CF3'17Z0'-T'iPl'fi Q , HOTEL LINCOLN Q I.G.A. SUPER MARKET GUST at CHRIS KIRIOPULOS, Prop. 1, U QQ LINCOLN SNACK BAR Q Open 24 hours 23 2404 Avenue L PHONE 302 2 Fleta Crank A -omni S:-f xvofeocfcwc-mio-:-1 a-:-Ore-rr:-z mock:-Ore: 1-3-1 m-:-Ocx -cxaxcfcz-:i e-:iaocsc-cagi:feex:4mc2cS:4 1-:arcsec-moe Sci S:-r I-1-OfL5O-Zi ii 1 Q Q Q Q Q Q Q T Q Q Q Q o Q vi A I Q Q Q 'I' Q Q Q Q Q Q Q 1. Q Q T Q Q 7G03K73D20303i3J3bC03l3030ZOZ1PSKC031 C051 O73 4? 1 P T 3'I?3'1?3'lP34?3i?3'1i3i?3i?3'1?3'O31l'3'I1'3'0'3'03'3'U'3'1!'3'030K3'1?3'1P30K3'l!'3'1Pf3'4?3'l303OK3'15303f33030304O Q Congratulations to the Class of '53 S AA A, Q 3iI'3'1lK32U'3i!'3i5320R32i?3i?3iI'3 iR32Of20K34!'3'UK32iTEIR.20'3'OK3!?3i'3i?3i 3 3 3 3 3 X3'fiK31fQ Q Q Q Q Q Q 9 'J 5 D Johnson 3, Phelan Pollard. Palmer, 8: Lawse L. 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Scovel, D.D.s. 2 Q Q Q -. .-.-. ,-.,-. ,-..-,A,-.-.,-F-P,-,,-,- - AW- - A - , - A Q vHS"iP'QYFv!2'-HYD'1Fv!FvHP'31Fv!Fv F- F- F-if-Orvwf-2 - 3 -I -2 33-3 DCO--090-3-090-3-09090910 117 PSOZOCDOCDOCXBQDZQ iii 521 iii D21 PZ! XLX ?3i Pi? 33 iii 4 P"fV54bC74iAiY'547C1DsA' 'Y'54Y54bgx' 'YYPCQKA' " '-024 x25f-!?fD4?fbCD50x2xPQ54724!-!?fL5i7s2sPi54X.1x!-!k.24K.2x Congratulations to the Class of '53 5' -,Q 56,4 k-i ysq 5.-,Q rw gg-,Q i-i 51-,Q saw pg-,Q sry X-,Q ' - ' X-,q R. L. Feightner. M. D. H. T. Werner. M. D. C. E. Heinmiller. M.D Leroy J. Dierl-rer, M. D. R. C. Mclllece. M. D. 1 O YD! Prvx .K YJ! xiii! -. F rank L. Lyman. Jr.. M. D George J. McMillan. M. D. RA F.-1 VLH! Fvx P654 xvx DG! F.-s K1 xv-s F-2 52.24 KA George C. McGinnis, M. D. H. D. Harper, M. D. G. E. Harper. M. D. ,-JQYDCX Frank Richmond. M. D. -. 721 KTA XTX XTX xii 1124 bfi 112i KTA V34 iii I-Zi ?Z A. C. Richmond. M. D. ,gg C-i 3-i Psa rv! been-!O rv RA rv! P-1 sv rv! F- V21 P-4 kv! P. X31 kv! 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Suggestions in the Fort Madison High School - Madisonian Yearbook (Fort Madison, IA) collection:

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