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'I7 I 1 ":'71 'W' Lg' 3 ' O wg' fm is U 57 Y Q27 3 Q' 0.- 0 Y -- Y- - -f-- V --Y -T:-ff.L...1f,. ,YY ef-Q--www. , , -- ?5:?a-:ni-:,n-f,...-2:.i -- 1-M--' '----'H ' ' 55 L5 rf. I 1 5 'cm X ak , .L TO EST 'Ll 'Q 621 if Y QQ WW 7989 S QI? I0 E Qf Za., Q00 af 1x be 0 MY B Yo 'O' A, ' bv Xm EQ! A Z ff 11 Hem: Aff 6 fb 'J 55 fb n OA WEN 6 F' quam Q 'fx 1,4 4, . 3' 3 :4' l . A, A .ng If 1 525 I .,,,:Y,,,, N3 mm." mink aff: !o"" me ofa S 0 ,, so 33 6 8 Q OO Q X 'B+ ALWAYSQ Q Xl T dl. -V, so 31 fa Q9 O 5 26 A Q vf CJXQ 9. CZ' BWVYWN 'W QQWMSMW 'SEQ Q L, Q 7? QQ, Q 1 lwh ,. ,. . ,. V K ,. 1 , .V I ' - 'f .-,. I A Y . . , , . x ... 1 . I UI. , 1. -q,,.v,: in I ' -1 T ,,r, , , ,, , ,, ff I . 1 1 - Illadiwnian Presented by The Class f 1948 1 5' 4-1.437 ,HW I 1 ,,f, w We the class of '48 dedicate our Year Book to the class of '49, may their sen- ior year be as happy and as joyous as ours has been. Good luck Iuniors. Miss Berry Mr. Nickle Mrs. Noonan Mrs. Howard Mr. Poschol 'my JW ll 495 3 'NVQ' 4 'MS' ig,- ox, -ww -31 N auf 0 .Dv ITUIIIK5 Alaove: Mr, Schenkeri, Sci., Miss Jacobs, Home Ec., Mr. Ekstrancl, Athletic Director, Mr. Freshour, Auto Mech., Miss Prindle, English, Mr. Patterson, Track Coach, Miss Miller, Latin, Mrs. Boyes, Math., Mrs. Ekstrarid, American History, Miss Lierly, Physical Training, Mrs. Bartlett, Commercial. Below: Mr. Formoe, Print Shop, Miss Little, Home EC., Mrs. McCasliri, Miss Gibson, Book- keeping, Mrs. Van Tuyl, Social Science, Miss Coffey, English, Mr. McCaslin, Wood Shop, Miss Berry, Math., Miss Castelloe, Vocal-Music, Miss Walljasper, Commercial, Mrs. Courtright, Social Science, Miss Bagenstos, English, fi f ' it-rx ghd' 'QV K1 Eta llffgf .c,f'3fN , is QM 5 N 1 N f C SC! l . ft Cf 5 7:45 7- 1 Q 0 9 is "We do solemnly swear to uphold the honor of our school, ond pre- serve the unity of our flag, which signifies achievement in knowledge, odvontcige in unity, glory in victory, ond honor in defeat." ..5... JJQQSQ TF Q G WCJ wx CQ Q X .vx Q,,,,m x 'il 5- 15 554, 1, Q C411 ' ?-3 1 N 69 GVUORS Senior Class Officers GERALD B. PRATT Football l, 2, 3, 4 Class Officer l, 2, 3, 4 Student Council l Crimson and Black Staff HAROLD E. BERGEE Student Council l, 2, 3, 4 Basketball l, 2, 3 Citizen of the Month l, 2, 3, 4 Dramatic Club 3, 4 Vocal Music l, 2, 3, 4 KEITH JAMES Football 2, 3, 4, Capt. 4 Basketball 2, 3, 4 Track 2, 3, 4 Lettermarfs Club 3, 4, Pres. 4 ..g.. DARROL L. SHREVE. Football l, 2, 3, 4 2 3 4 Track l, , , Lcttermon's Club 2, 3, 4 Counselor of Hi-Y 4 PHYLLIS JEAN CONLEE Pep Squad 3, 4 Crimson and Black Stott 4 Modisonnon Staff Glee Club and Choir l, 2, NEAL LAMPKIN Track 2, 3, 4 Madlsonian Staff BETTY CLEM Kiltics 3, 4 Dramatic Club 3, 4 Choir and Glee Cluli l, 2, Maclisonian Staff CHARLES W. CASADY Football l, 2, 3, 4 Lettcrman's Club Student Council I Class Officer l, 2 DOROTHY SLY Crimson and Black Staff Marlisonuan Staff Quill and Scroll Librarian 3, If f -'?-'tF'w"5- ..f, 2 , 1 4k '. "bra,-9'9 ' 1 ,E :' 'F N.. ' ,,,..fA A 3, V4 W , ,wt . . .,,.,, 4 .. 6 A, mf 4 f N C 1 YN , .1 M 15 , 3? ' . Y " ' I 3 IZ., VL - GRACE LOUISE BURKETT Pep Squad 3, 4 Madisonian Staff Glee Club l, 2, 4 Operetto 4 RICHARD J. CULLEN Band l, 2 Class Officer l ETHEL RUBLE Choir ROBERT L. GROVES Bond l, 2, 3, 4 National Music Honor Society 4 Track 2, 3 Class Offxcer 3 ANNABELLE PRIVIA FRANCIS ROAN Sports Editor Crimson and Black 4 Senior Choir 3, 4 Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4 Opercttci 3, 4 " 5'r-2'1" O 4 ,v, gf v r'f-As:-ev T ' ' I CHARLES E. UNDERWOOD Senior Boys Glee Club 2, 3, 4 Basketball 2 CHARLOTTE LAWLOR Quill and Scroll 4 Choir 3 Photography Club 4 Senior Class Play WILLIAM POLLMElER BEVERLEY MAY GROSSMAN Giee Club 1 EARL LOGAN NADINE PETERSON National Music Honor Society 4 Tlriespians 4 M Ci' ' St ff o isonion o Crimson and Black Staff 2, 3, 4 LOREAN BREEZE Choir l, 2, 3, 4 Madisonian Staff Small Group 2, 3, 4 TED R. CROSS Band l, 2, 3, 4 Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4 National Music Honor Clarinet Quartet 3, 4 MARY LEE FREY DWAYNE HARTMAN TERRY ANN KAMP Pep Squad 4 Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4 h' l 3 4 C oir , , G. A. A. I, 2 DONALD BURCH National Music Honor Society 4 Society 3, 4 ,v, ,Ai I gf- irfumrg.-sf? ' ' r FRANK B. WALLIS, JR. Dramatic Club, President 2, 3, 4 Thcspians 3, 4 Science Club 2 years Choir I, 2, 3, 4 Camera Club 2 years JEANNETTE CANTRIL Band I, 2 Orchestra I, 2 Madisonian Staff JIM JACOBSON National Music Honor Society 4 Student Council 2 Madisonian Staff Choir I, 2, 3, 4 JANE FELGAR National Thespians 2, 3, 4 Citizen of the Month I, 2, 3, 4 Student Council I, 2, 3, 4 Dramatic Club I, 2, 3, 4 WILLIAM G. GABEL Football I, 4 Basketball I Track I Letterman Club 4 Pl-IYLLIS JEAN DAUGHERTY Glec Club I, 2, 3 Librarian 2, 3 ,IQ 'ab f :Tung GARNITA MORREY Pep Squad 3, 4 Madisonian Staff Choir I, 2, 4 Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4 ROBERT I-IESS NEOMA WEVER Pep Squad 4 Madisonian Staff Student Council 2 Glee Club I, 2 BOB FARRIS Football I, 3, 4 Basketball 2, 3 Bond I, 2, 3, 4 ROSE MARIE BAKER Librarian 3, 4 Photography Club 4 G. A. A. 2 Madisonian Staff WILLIAM L, LEMON Science Club 3, 4 I Football I Glee Club I U ,v, : 11 v 15 4- "iii-1'-2? I 1 DARRELL WATSON Band 1, 2, 3, 4 PHYLLIS BROWN Band I, 2, 3, 4 Glee Club I Home Room Officer I VANCE MEYERTHOLEN WANDA LEA PEEL Mu Sigma I G, A, A. l, 2, 3, 4 Librarian 3 KENNETH MAGEL IONA WIGGENJOST Band 3, 4 Orchestra 3, 4 Camera Club 4 Central High I, 2 v'r-I'5-4 YVONNE CARTER RAY MORGAN Basketball at Richland, lowa, 3 JEANE EDDY Pep Squad 4 Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4 Chorus I, 2, 3, 4 Mu Sigma Sigma I CLARENCE COWLES Basketball Football PATTI HEATH Pep Squad 4 Photography Club 3, Th ' 4 espians Senior Class Play ' DAVID WHITCOMB Glee Club I 55" 19 1-sv, U , 4 fl 137551 if, v U lb. , I DOYLE Sl-IELLEDY Science Club Photography Club SHIRLEY A. BURDETTE Bond I, 2, 3 Pep Squad 4 Modisonian Staff GEORGE DENNING DARLENE E. MUNSON Band I, 2, 3 Pop Squad 4 WARREN R. DALE Track HEIRESS ST. CLAIR DORIS EVELYNE COOK Glee Club l, 2, 3 Chair 3 DAVID L. HAUCK Camera Club President 2 years Science Club I year Ch ' 3 our years Madisonian Staff MARY FELBAUER Usheretfe Club Librarian JAMES SAMPSELL L fd' 3 -an 'Ov I DORIS WRIGHT V National Music Honor Society 4 If Pep Squad 3, 4 ,Q ' ,Qi Choir I, 2, 3, 4 W Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 WILLIAM SALLADY I? 5 2 4 v gpm 'QL I ' 1 N. BRUCE NIELSON LAURA A. GRIMWOOD Glee Club I, 2, 3 G. A. A. I, 2, 3 Choir 2 Ushering Club 3, 4 EUGENE BINDEWALD Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Ch' 1 2 3 4 OII' , , , Boys' Octette 3, 4 E National Music Honor Societ JUANITA EID Dramatic Club 3, 4 Gee u a ir I, 2, 3 Madisonian Staff 4 Thespians 4 I CI b nd Cho JOHN HANSMAN Choir 4 Track 3, 4 Junior Class Play Science Club 3, 4 BONNIE JEAN GUNN Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4 G, A. A 2, 3, A Y 4 fi I J gfxzgf ELDA MAE CAFER Choir I, 2, 3, 4 Sexteffe 4 Contest 3, 4 Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4 EDDIE SMITH DELORIS DAVOLT Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4 Senior Choir 3, 4 Pep Squad 3, 4 G. A. A. 2 years Librarian I year FRANK I-I. GILLETT Science Club Vocal Music I, 2, 3, A Photography Club 3 ANNA MARIE LEVICK Band and Orchestra I, Pep Band I, 2, 3 ROBERT WILSON 2 I? 4 '-ix f b ln! Q , ta- 1235- lb' 1, JACK SLEE Track I, 2 Basketball l, 2 JULIA A. BUCKINGHAM Band I, 2, 3, 4 Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4 National Music Honor Society 4 All-State Band 4 JAMES R. BUDD National Music Honor Society Quill and Scroll Bausch 8. Lomb Science Award Music l, 2, 3, 4 PATRICIA WELLS National Music Honor Society 4 Pep Squad 4 Senior Choir 3, 4 Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4 LYLE OWENS Glee Club I ROBERTA MARLE HUTCHISON Ci. A. A. if DOROTHY A. BIERBAUM National Music Honor Society 3, 4 Editor of Crimson and Black 4 National Honor Society 3, 4 National Thespians 3, 4 PAUL BARD MACKEY Band and Orchestra 3, 4 National Music Honor Society 3, 4 M d' ' St ff a isonian a Chillicothe, Ill., l, 2 GLADYS l. COOPER Glee Club I, 2, 3 Choir 2 G. A. A. I JACK GROSS Stage Crew 3, 4 Football I, 4 DELORES RICHERS GEORGE KEMP fr- :ax v 'ff N, 4 .lift 1 : 1 r 4' 4 , I 7 NORMAN VANDER LEEST Football l, 2 Track I, 2 Glee Club l, 2 JOANNE BOLEY Pep Squad 3, 4 Homecoming Attendant 4 Operetta 4 Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4 TOMMY FRANTZ Football I, 2, 3, 4 Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4 Choir I, 2, 3,4 Madisonian Staff NORMA JEAN DORN Student Council 4 Choir I, 2, 3, 4 Pep Squad 3, 4 Madisonian Staff National Music Honor Society 3, 4 DONALD A. JONES National Honor Society 3, 4 Quill and Scroll 3, 4 Crimson and Black Staff, Co-Editor Student Council BEVERLY BROWN Pep Squad 3, 4 Crimson and Black Staff 4 Madisonian Staff Choir l, 2, 3, 4 MARY BETH JARMAN RICHARD COULSON Football 2, 3, 4 Thespions Vocal Music l, 2, 3, 4 Madisonian Staff JOANNE HARDY Thespians 2, 3 Kilties 3, 4, Leader Quill and Scroll 3, 4 Citizen ot the Month 2, SAMMY SK I NNER Student Manager 3, 4 National Honor Society Choir 2, 3, 4 Madisonsian Staff 3,4 3,4 Student Council, Vice President CYNTHIA BEELMAN Pep Squad 3, 4, President Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4 Junior Class Play Operetta 4 BILL DENNISON Student Council 4 Dramatic Club 4 Band I, 2, 3, 4 Madisonian Staff 4455 ,S "" 5-5.-:2' 41' s 1 4 , 'by 'gf' ' ' I ALAN C. DEMPSEY Band l, 2, 3, 4 Glee Club l National Music Honor Society 3, 4 Madisonian Staff BARBARA KIPP National Thcspians 2, 3, 4 Natronal Music Honor Society 4 Quill and Scroll 3, 4 Citizen of thc Month 4 LAWRENCE MATTESON Stuclcnt Council President Citizcn of thc Month National Honor Society Maclisonian Staff Football 3, 4 Track 3, 4 HELEN BROOKS Pep Squad 3, 4 Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4 Choir l, 2, 4 National Music Honor Society 4 CURTIS OLSON National Honor Society 3, 4 Freshman Class President Citizen of the Month l, 2, 3, 4 Football l, 2, 3, 4 VERA MAE MCPHEARSON Crimson and Black Staff Madisonian Staff Choir 2, 3, 4 Glce Club 2, 3 BARB THOMPSON Majorette 2 Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4 Choir l, 2 ELBERT BLANCHARD Basketball BETTY JOAN GENCK Pep Squad 4 Citizen at tho Month l, 2, 3, 4 Choir l, 2, 3, 4 Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4 National Music Honor Society HARRY D. WALLIS Football l, 2, 3, 4 Track l, 2, 3 Basketball l, 2 Student Council I NANCY JEAN CURTIS Band and Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4 Junior Class Play National Music Honor Society Madisoriian Staff JESS REID DON HONADEL Basketball 4 Science Club 4 Tennis 3, 4 Track l, 2 MARTHA DAVIS Glee Club 3 years Choir 2 years Pep Squad KARL KISTLER Madisonian Staff Glee Club l, 2 I? 'sf' '. 5559 " iv-29.4 :M 4 ix V' A.. A' I DOROTHY ANN SPRENGER Instrumental Music 3, 4 National Honor Music Society 4 Madisonian Staff Donnellson l, 2 EUGENE L. MATTESON Football 3, 4 Track 2, 3, 4 Maclisonian Staff Lettermen's Club MELVIN D. WORMAN Industrial Club Industrial Basketball League GARY THOMPSON Student Manager 2 Choir 3, 4 C1444 Song QTO the tune of the Whiffenpoof Songj To the booths down at the Dry Dock, To the place where students work, To the dear old football field we loved so well, Sing the high school students assembled with their roiees lifted high And the magic of their dreaming casts its spell. Yes, the magic of their dreaming of the scenes we love so well of the battlefields of glory and the rest We have kept school spirit foremost While high school years were ours Nou: uve'll leave and be forgotten like the rest. CHORUS: We'1'e worked long and hard for the goal we'zfe won Our last year The thoughts we have gained and the knowledge found Will remain Teachers and students working for all Let us upward through Learning's Hall Which will stay after pleasures fade Through the years. C' au Motto "We have committed the golden rule to memoryg let us now commit it to life." CLASS FLOWER-Gordenio CLASS COLORS--G reen cmd White CLASS JEWEL-Emerold .-'I QT Iliff O more 6AL'Ll'lL'e,, unior Class First Row: Darlene Angel, Joan Keester, Mary Lou Obel, Beverly Lacke, Margie Carr, Betty Jo Sheley, Donna Peckstein, Marilyn Wilson, Alice Mclntoish, Donna Logan, Jean LaVelIe, Leah Ramsey, Dolores Shepard, Kay Ferguson. Second Row: Louise Phillips, Elaine Couchman, Delores Huebner, Gloranna Peel, Jerry Dobson, Norma Hutson, Jackie Schneider, Marilyn Kennedy, Joan DeVol, Twila Richmond, Elaine Carmean, Evelyn McGee, Ora Hudson, Alice Daugherty. Third Row: Gene Hilsabeck, Gene Kirchner, Charles Kerr, Eleanor Weber, Arden Streetor, Jack Wallace, Carrol Papajohn, Keith Jarman, Jean Smith, Rose Schieferdecker, Donna Taylor, Pat Aye, Nancy Crank. Fourth Row: Bill Pickard, Dale Tout, Ray Holt, Bill Marlette, Don Lancaster, Marvin Watson, Leo Gillett, Rodger La Port, Tom Conrad, Tom Rump, Donald Marsh, Jim Stump, James Page. 4 - il - A unior Class First Row: Normo Wilkerson, Marilyn Marsh, Glennis Kerr, Josephine Kerr, Joyce Dunsworth, Joan Hughes, Joonne Cross, Vivian Steeples, Verlie Caffer, Jerry Harper, Mary Pavon, Joan Anderson, Lois Morette, Marlene Ransey. Second Row: Grace Hermuth, Darlene Gobel, Ester Dalrymple, Laura Drollinger, Mildred Blanchard, Cora Wagner, Muriel Dressler, Betty Parr, Naomi Shocklett, Dovie Reyer, Lois Schutte, Mabel Stinger, Ilene James, Bonita Prado, Ruby Miller, Hazel Metcalf, Betty Mattox, Third Row: Darlene Cornell, Donna Drollinger, Delores Hoenig, Lee Diton, Joe Dornberg, Freddy Anderson, Melvin McKoon, Dudley Noble, Bob Hutcheson, Donald Helsing, Robert Mekemson, Richard Griswold, Bob Reed, Jomes Groeskemper. Fourth Row: Joe Crull, Bill Hall, Marvin Worthen, Kenneth Skinner, Bill Hoenig, Bill Bowton, Edward Hetzer, Don Tweed, Bob Mehmert, Bert Browers, David Andrews, Raymond Pohlpeter, Larry Decker, Pete Stonsberry, Don Wolfskill, George Naifeh. 12I... W M jogefker gainn Sophomore Class First Row: Angelita Salazar, Evelyn Toops, Martha Ferguson, Wandalee Andrews, Beverly Parker, Cynthia Napier, Jayne Garner, Phyllis Trootter, Roberta Thiede, Mary Canlee, Loetta Kelison, Rose Mary Moline, Coleen Morgan. Second Row: Laura Vincent, Joyce Sanders, Betty Baldwin, Mryna Maxon, Joan Roof, Thelma Arnold, Cynthia McGee, Alice Johnson, Rosald Roan, Dixie Hovey, Carolyn Kistler, Norma Dale, Audrey Tucker, Deloris Cowles. Third Row: Dewayne Rings, Junior Hobbs, Larry Metcalf, Dick Conn, Dick Otte, Jake Rashid, Carrol Morris, Edwin Shumaker, Gary Herrmann, Donald Scott, Jim Sholtz, Kenneth Boeding, Ferral Turner, Jerry Sanders, Alvin Farmer, Jim Oppenhiemer. Fourth Row: Paul Schnieder, Jim Frey, Jackie Snef, Morgan Cooper, Jim Bartlette, Charles Miller, Bill Hayes, Alvin Hayes, Earl Hoenic, Jerry Andrews, Floyd Cowles, Frand Martinez, Brice Tory, Emo Shlack, Andy Cartmill. L22-. Tw' l Sophomore Class First Row: Priscilla Dean, Margaret Salter, Betty Sue DeMint, Gwen Smith, Lois Bubb, Lois Ann Harper, Marcine Denmaur, Elizabeth Dean, Neddie Blanchard, Elizabeth Stevens, Audrey Edlin. Second Row: Kenenth Boeding, Frank Bendlage, John Flach, Barbara Edlin, Mary Lou MC- Cullock, Jean Shaffer, Evelyn Lyon, Marilyn Kirchner, Pattsy Pinkston, Nancy Jones, Margary Wilkerson. Third Row: Leslie Stansbery, Ronald Shoop, Bob Snodgrass, Delores Walker, Marilyn Peal Beverly Wolfskill, Wanda Woods, Peggy Pope, Carol Bragonier, Bobby Spoor, Kipp Wells, LaVerne Haffner, Richard Link. 1 Fourth Row: Jack Cooper, Tommy Houwk, Jim Parsons, Eugene Maxfield, Ray Drummond, Dick Auge, Richard Pohlpeter, Richard Hamey, Wayne Bentzinger, James Byrd, David Rashid, Terry DeCoursey, Edward Whitcomb. 66 3 79 ever mdk Same mi5faAe .fggafn Freshmen Class First Row: Shirley Pickard, Beverly Hoenig, Betty Marsh, Cora Holland, Betty Hayes, Phyllis Hayes, Mary Jane Mclntosh, Donna Loony, Carol Hooten, Sue Hotop, Elizabeth Morrett, Kathryn Levick, Betty Howl, Raylene Keach, Betty Moncrief. Second Row: Joanne Finley, Wanda Stansbery, Kay Miller, Marlene Gillenwater, Jenny Gable, Rosella Bailey, Rhetta Brown, Willa Christy, Joanne Breen, Mari Sue Bowman, Martha Thompson, Janet Faith, Mary Breeding, Joyce Funkhowsier. Third Row: James Nolte, Tammy Funkhowsier, Shirley Graber, Shirley Coffman, Cora June Hendren, Joanne Dalrymple, Velda Dalrymple, Barbara Hetzer, Sara Everingham, Wanda Foster, Barbara Frey, Velma Carter, Ola Carpenter, John Meyer, David Cherry. Fourth Row: Robert McPhaiI, Thurston Newnham, Tommy Gunn, Holis Clark, Richard Nelson, Glenn Bramscom, Jack Cooper, Chester Dalrymple, Donald Copeland, Jack Morrison, Tom Cramblet, Robert Harris, Bob Cowles, James Cook. ..24.-. Freshmen Class First Row: Eleanor Ramsey, Ernestine Bates, Darlene Reid, Sylvia Peterson, Beverly Eschman, Maureen McFarland, Floretta Kirchner, Marleen McFarland, Beverly Davis, Roberta Boring, Jesse Limas, Alice Sandrock, Mary Lou Simpson, Carlene Reeder, Doris Lerche. Second Row: Alexander Porrez, Joanne Jones, Wanda Stanley, Pat Scovern, Joanne Worley, Roberta Pohlpeter, Pat Pence, Jeanette Noble, Jeanette Starr, Tommy Tucker, Hazel Taylor, Darrel Wyrick, Marian Hutchison, Margie Ellington, Janet Tucker, Doris Ekstrand, Barbara Jarmen, Wilma Eddy, Mona Whiles, Mary Whitcomb, Esther Ortez, Lucy Sandoval, Third Row: Kenneth Rippenkroger, Milton Penrod, Bob Phillips, Michael Kamp, Gene Shutte, Norris Easley, Bill Tyler, Charles Baily, Jerry Everingham, Robert Sprenger, Dick Davies, Dale Hutson, Larry Kester, Joe Ritter. Fourth Row: Michael Devine, Gene Blanchard, Bob Walker, Orin Stenger, Gordon Eschman, Virgil Redd, Donald Humburd, Bud Youngman, Ronald Decker, Art Kimbrough, Wendell Davidson, Doyle Tory, Paul Rockhold, Donald Upton, Wayne Robinson, Kenneth Ramsey, Harold Knox. -25- , V 5Oc:IETy CHEEY LEAdErs wif SUNCEVS bANd Quill AN C1 scroll cbolr 0rQANi zATIoNS CMAMATIC Club ATHLETCS Lilbrmms mdmTQOuNc1L CANQI B. NA-H., musis Homer so Zbon y gfame e H President, Larry Matteson, Vice President, Sammy Skinner, Secretary, Jane Felgar Officers Student Council First Row, left ta right: Ora Hudson, Norma Dorn, Jeanette Noble, Jane Felgar, Norma Hutson, Marilyn Kennedy, Second Row: Sammy Skinner, James Cook, Joe Ritter, Joan DeVol. Third Row: Jim Scholtz, Charles Miller, Larry Matteson, Bill Dennison, Harold Bergee, Don .lones. -2 3- " Cl' I 'lflf f' Olll UCZV 6 l"L' 1 ational Honor Society The Fort Madison Chapter of the National Honor Society was organized in I936 with the purpose of encouraging leadership, scholarship, service and character. To obtain membership in the National Honor Society a student must rank scholastically in the upper one-third ofthe Junior or Senior class. Only tive percent of the Junior Class and fifteen percent ot the Senior Class are eligible for election to membership during one year. A student is also re- quired to attend the Fort Madison High School at least one year before his name may be submitted tor membership. 1 Members of the Society are: Nancy Curtis, Harold Bergee, Jim Budd, Paul Mackey, Mary Beth Jarman, Dorothy Sprenger, Alan Dempsey, Julia Buckingham, Karl Kistler, Barbara Kipp, Norma Dorn, Juanita Eid, Joan Hardy, Bill Goble, Jackie Schneider, Jerry Dobson, Bob Mekemson, Donald Tweed, Marilyn Kennedy, Marvin Watson, Arden Streeter, Dorothy Bierbaum, Don Jones, Lawrence Matteson, Curtis Olson, Sam Skinner. 12 9... Lll'l'll0l1y H National Music Honor Society The purpose of the National Music Society is to create and promote interest in the field of music. Before gaining admission to this organization a student must show interest and ability in the field of music. To qualify for admission to this organization a student must ll? be in the upper one third of his class, l2J display good character and leadership, and be an outstanding member of one of the music groups of his school, such as glee club, band or orchestra. Miss Castelloe and Mr. Weddle are the directors, who submit the names of students eligible for membership. This year's officers are: Paul Mackey, Pres., Nancy Curtis, Vice Pres., Betty Genck, Treasurer, and Norma Dorn, Secretary. Members are: Paul Mackey, Nancy Curtis, Betty Genck, Norma Jean Dorn, Dorothy Bierbaum, Ted Cross, Bob Hess, Curtis Olson, Alan Dempsey, Harold Bergee, Pat Wells, Doris Wright, Frank Wallis, Gene Bindewald, Barbara Kipp, Lorean Breeze, Jim Jacobson, Mary Lou Obel, Helen Brooks, Joan DeVol, Julia Buckingham, Bob Groves, Don Tweed, Dorothy Sprenger, Evelyn McGee, Jim Budd, Nadine Peterson. -3 Q.. gwid I5 MAMA jigkfing jorv Citizen of the Month The honor of being elected into the Citizen of the Month Club is based on a student's character, leadership, and scholastic ability. Two students are elected every month, from one of the four classes. At the end of the year, two "best" citizens are chosen by the entire student body from the Senior members of the Club. This year's "best" citizens are Joanne Hardy and Sam Skinner. Betty Genck, Jane Felgor, Dorothy Bierbaum, Barbara Kipp, Norma Dorn, Beverly Brown, Alfred Cartmill, Larry Matteson, Curtis Olson, Tommy Frantz, Harold Bergee, Marilyn Kennedy, Jerry Dobson, Norma Hutson, Jerri Harper, Joan DeVol, Dick Griswold, Dudley Noble, Carrol Papa- john, Jack Wallace, Peggy Pope, Bob Reed, Gwen Smith, Cynthia Napeir, Carolyn Kistler, Gary Herrman, John Flach, Jim Oppenhiemer, Don Scott, Jeanette Noble, Barbara Jarman, Tommy Tucker, Bill Tyler. 131- ,Qt wart miffen, in flue .sjfamv uill and Scroll Quill and Scroll is the National Honorary Journalistic Society that is the goal of all journalism students. The Fort Madison High School Chapter was organized in l93O. Its purpose is to elevate publication standards. The following qualifica- tions are necessary to gain membership: ill must be at least of junior stand- ing, f2l must be in the upper one third of his class, l3l must have done su- perior work in some phase of journalistic or creative endeavor, 447 must be recommended by the supervisor and Q53 must be approved by the Executive Secretary. The supervisor for this organization is Miss Prindle. Members are: Joanne Hardy, Mary Beth Jarman, Don Jones, Jane Felgar, Jim Budd, Cynthia Beelman, Barbara Kipp, Dorothy Bierbaum, Charlotte Lawlar, Harold Bergee, Dorothy Sly. sg af Wewa" The Crimson and Black The Crimson and Black, Fort Madison High's school paper, is published bi-weekly by a staff of students, chosen from the Junior Journalism Class by the previous year's staff and advisor. CRIMSON AND BLACK STAFF Co-Editors C C C C C Dorothy Bierbaum, Don Jones News Editor C Harold Bergee Co-Feature Editors C Mary Beth Jarmen, Nadine Peterson Co-Sport Editors C C C C Bob Groves, Francis Roan Advertising Manager C C Jane Felgar Advertising Solicitor C CC C Cynthia Beelman Copy Readers C CCCCC Barbara Kipp, Dorothy Sly Proof Readers C C C C C C C C Joanne Hardy, Jim Budd Artist CCC CCCC CC C C CCCC CCCC C CCCharlotte Lawlor Business and Circulation Manager C C Jean Conlee Typists .C CCCCC CCCC C CCCC C CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC C.CC B everly Brown, Martha Davis Reporters C C C CC C C CC Vera McPherson, Gerald Pratt Advisor C C C CC C C CCCCCCCCCCCC CCCC C C. CCCCCC CCCCCCCC C CCCCMiss Prindle Printed by the Vocational Printing Classes Printing Instructor CC C CCCC CCCC C CCCC C CCCCCCCCC C C CCCCCCCC Mr, Formoe L33.. 0l'l'g7 Offy, Off? v adisonian Staff Presenting the Madisonian Staff of l948 whose privilege it was to present this book to you. May you receive many fond memories from it. First Row: Jean Conlee, feature writer, Betty Clem, feature writer, Jane Felgar, copy reader, Juanita Eid, feature writer, Barbara Kipp, feature writer, Dorothy Sly, proof reader. Second Row: Tom Frantz, feature writer, Cynthia Beelman, typist, Norma Dorn, asst. editor, Joanne Hardy, feature writer, Dorothy Bierbaum, sales. Third Row: Sam Skinner, editor, Frank Wallis, sales, Dorothy Sprenger, typist, Neomo Weber, art editor, Nadine Peterson, typist, Nancy Curtis, feature writer, Neal Lampkin, writer, Jim Jacobson, feature writer, feature Fourth Row: Curtis Olson, sales, Jim Budd, feature writer, Larry Matteson, layout, Paul Mackey, layout, Don Jones, sales, Alan Dempsey, feature writer, Eugene Matteson, layout. ...34- X4 Ecyvfxbru 7!L'vcl5 .fd J, Pep Squad fKiltiesj E. M. H. S.'s Scottish clad pep squad, the Kilties, entertained spectators between halves ot the football and basketball games with their snappy marching and formations. The highlight at the marching season was at the last basketball game ot the year, when the highland fling was given. At the end ot each school year the Kilties diligently practice with the band, before the two groups journey to Cedar Rapids for the "Southeastern lowa Band Festival," The group is composed ot 36 junior and senior girls. Members of the group are: Back Row, L. ta R.: Elinor VVeber, Rose Shietodecker, Dolores l-loenig, Lois Reed, Betty Jo Shcley, Marlene Ramsey. Second Row: Martha Davis, Darlene Munson, Shirley Burdette, Barbara Kipp, Cynthia Beelman, Garnita Morrey, Norma Jean Dorn, Terry Ann Kamp, Elaine Carmean, Neoma Weber, Nancy Crank, Pat Aye. Third Row: Mary Lou Obel, Alice Daugherty, Helen Brooks, Jean Eddy, Margie Carr, Arden Streeter, Norma l-lutson, Davie Reyer, Jackie Schneider, Jean Smith, Mary Beth Jarman, Graco Burkett. Fourth Row: Betty Clem, Jean Conlee, Twila Richmond, Pat Heath, Beverly Brown, Joanne 'Hardy iLeaderl, JoAnne Baley, Donna Peckstein, Delores Davolt, Pat Wells, Doris Wright. C35, Wahng M ieuen Dramatic Club The F. M. H. S. Dramatic Club was reorganized in l93l and since that time has sponsored many successful plays. Membership is limited to thirty- tive members and admittance to the society is gained through tryouts held at the first of the school year or through outstanding work in plays. The purpose of Dramatic Club is to produce plays, further interests in the tine arts, and to help develop self-assurance in its members by providing stage experience. All Club activities are under the direction of Miss Bagenstos. Letters are awarded at the annual banquet to members who have earned the required number of points for outstanding dramatic work. This year's officers were: Frank Wallis, Pres., Jane Felgar, Vice Pres., and Barbara Kipp, Sec.-Treas. Members are: Frank Wallis, Nadine Peterson, Charlotte Lawlor, Barbara Kipp, Richard Coulson, Jane Felgar, Joanne Hardy, Mary Beth Jarman, Eleanor Weber, Carol Bragonier, Dorothy Bierbaum, Helen Brooks, Joan DeVol, Jerry Dobson, Gene Hilsabeck, Eugene Kirchner, Beverly Brown, Juanita Eid, Bob Farris, Francis Roan, Patti Heath, Betty Jo Sheley, Arden Streeter, Jackie Schneider, James Grossekemper, Bob Mekemson, Bill Hoenig, Alice Daugherty, Bill Hall, Tommy Tucker, Bob Spoor, Jim Oppenheimer, Carolyn Kistler, Barbara Frey, Betty Clem, Harold Bergee, Bill Dennison, Sam Skinner. -36- HSGAQ v National Thespian Dramatic Society The National Thespian Dramatic Honor Society of the Fort Madison High School was organized in l945 to develop leadership in the field of dramatics. Eligibility for membership is based on a point system. Points may be earned by a major role in one full length play or two major roles in one act plays, a minor role in two or three full-length plays or three or four one-act plays. Efficient staff work such as student director, stage manager, property man- ager, electrician or other meritorious work on committees is accepted as meeting the requirements of membership as the equivalent of a minor or major role, depending upon the troupe sponsor, Miss Pearl E. Bagenstos. "Act well your part, there all the honor lies," is the motto of all Thespians. This year's officers are as follows: Jane Felgar, Pres., Barbara Kipp, Vice Pres., and Joanne Hardy, Sec. Beverly Brown, Juanita Eid, Bob Farris, Francis Roan, Patti Heath, Betty Jo Sheley, Arden Streeter, Jackie Schneider, James Grossekemper, Joan DeVol, Jerry Dobson, Gene Hilsabeck, Eugene Kirchner, Eleanor Weber, Carol Bragonier, Dorothy Bierbaum, Helen Brooks, Richard Coulson, Jane Felgar, Joanne Hardy, Mary Beth Jarman, Barbara Kipp, Charlotte Lawlor, Nadine Peterson, Frank Wallis. ...3 7... 'N 111 lil "" Y :fi x , Q25 " 3 'sm W 3 gg f ,:+,.:..,. , .. ..,. 'W , . xX.4 ,Q ,1 Q ,E ff, .:. ' is ha, fi ,N 2 Xsi , 1 f? ,V va JEL: Wigs-' f A Nw gm 77 Oll Clhl? 30 We Ushering Club On the fourth Monday of each month, one of the important service groups of our school will be found meeting in Room 306. The group discusses ways and means of promoting good order at all events held in the high school au- ditorium. Whether it be a basketball game, a matinee, or a play with re- served seats, the members of the ushering club are present to provide for the safety and comfort of the public. A student of Fort Madison High School who desires to become a part of this service organization notifies the captain, Charlotte Lawlor, or the advisor, Miss Bagenstos. He is put on probation during which time he must usher or take tickets for at least three events in the auditorium. After he has completed this his name is proposed to the club. This year, for the first time, the members of the club will receive insignia or letters. Forty points are required for an insignia and l5O points for a large "M" with a small "u" in the center. A chart is kept in Miss Bagenstos's room for observation of the points the members have earned. Most of the members keep a careful eye on the chart to see when they will receive their awards. The Ushering Club should be applauded for its faithful and unselfish service to others. Reading from left to right: First Row: Dick Pohlpeter, Ruby Miller, Marlene Clute, Mary Jane Mclntosh, Phyllis Hayes, Vivian Steeples, Mary Felbauer, Duane Rings. Second Row: Charlotte Lawlor lcaptainl, Jerry Harper, Carlene Reeder, Alice Mclntosh, Roberta Boring, Hazel Metcalf, Betty Parr, -39.. Il is " 'IAM J? JCM, Ulm Wamw Librarians Miss Zelma Sutphen, once secretary to Mr. Tiss, started our first group of unexperienced librarians in l928. Then the library had few books and few students. Now, twenty years later, we have a staff of twenty experienced librarians and over 5,200 books of every kind and description. Their present advisor, Miss Miller, took over the tedious task in l942. She looked over the entire stock and made a card file of every book that was in the library. She has trained the librarians in skill, efficiency, courtesy and responsibility. Of all the organizations in our school, the library is considered one of the service groups. It gives valuable training and background for future life. The knowledge you acquire in this organization will help if you are planning to attend college. This club does not have a constitution or hold meetings, but it does give credit to members in the way of letters or pins. lt is also counted as an extra curricular activity. Librarians are chosen on the basis of their neatness, dependability and courtesy. S Reading from left to right: 'First Row: Rose Marie Boker, Juanita Eid, Vivian Steeples, Hazel Metcalf, Second Row: Mary Lou McCullock, Darlene Angell, Muriel Dressler, Mary Felbauer, Barbara Edleng Third Row: Myrna Maxson, Virginia Drew, Betty Baldwin, Esther Dalrymple, Laura Grimwood, Betty Hayes, Marilyn Marsh, Hazel Taylor. Ink Slingers Each year the fellows in print shop band together and form the Ink Slingers. These boys have but one goal, to serve the school. Members: Kenneth Skinner lPres.l, LarMar Haffner, James Parsons, Howard Metcalf, Stanley Gelesthorpe, Kipp Wells, Edward Whitcomb, Bill Bowers, Bill Bowton. lr , nunwonx M, Camera Club Alvin Farmer, James Cook, Paul Rockhold, Patti Heath, Marjorie Carr, Gerri Harper. Tommy Funkhouser, Dick Rempe, Paul Schnieder, Tom Weiser, Florence Andrews, Pattsy Pence, Bob Hess. Buddy Youngman, Jerry Everingham, Wayne Robinson, Horace Mooney, Ferral Turner, Doyle Shellady, Bruce Bodin, Frank Wallis, Shirley Burdette, David Hauwk, Jim Jacobson. .-.4 21 Sm age, .Sym age, Lsjmolv U Science Club The activities of the Science Club were very numerous this year. This club was organized in l945. Since then, the activities and mem- berships have been steadily on the increase, under the leadership of Paul Schenken, sponsor, and Frank Gillett, president. The CIub's projects were entered in the "Junior Academy of Science," convention held this year at Fairfield. At the convention they listened to many interesting lectures and saw various projects and demonstrations. The Club's money making project was their annual dance. This year they had a movie dance, during the intermission they gave away "Minerva," a portable radio, The membership this year was mostly made up of girls. The boys were very happy about this outcome. Especially on the picnic. This year the picnic was held at Keokuk, although looking at the weather they said they were afraid they were going to have "bunsen burner wienersf' The officers of the Club this year were, Frank Gillett, Pres., Bill Lemon, Vice Pres, and Treas. The officers this year showed themselves very capable of the leadership of this fine organization. The following people are members: Frank Gillette, Bill Lemon, Robert Hess, Frank Wallis, Richard Coulson, Bill Hall, Joe Dornberg, Jerry Dobson, Ora Hudson, Jackie Schneider, Arden Streeter, Rose Shieferdecker, Jack Hansman, Bob Hutcheson, Bob Mekemson, Lee Diton, Elinor Weber, Twila Richmond, Fred Anderson, Don Honadale, Bob Spoor, Marilyn Wilson, ...43-. y0l,U" QOIUIH ggi Calgffel' .yll 340 W0l'l'liI'lg H Lettermenls Club First Row: Reed, Lumpkin, James, Frantz, Horn, Popojohn, Cortmill, Cossody, G. Mattson Second Row: Diton, Wallace, Pohlpefer, Griswold, Goble, Morlette, Olson, Noble, Ried, Shreve L. Matteson, Skinner, Logon. T44... Q SEER AMW DKK 'ff f N x XA N X X1 hhnb Q Owx . Sf X M MSW ujlle Smflgf .95 EYIOIEJH First Row, iett to right: Betty Gencia, Heien Brooks, Dorothy Bierbaum, Beveriy Locke, Norma Dorn, Jean Eddy, Mary Beth Jarman, Betty Ciem, Berry Dobson, Nadine Peterson, Betty Jo Sheiey, Deioris Devoit, Pat Weiis. Second Row: Terry Ann Kamp, Jerry Nashert, Vera McPherson, Eiaine Carmean, Mary Lou Obei, Cynthia Beeiman, Ethei Rubie, Beveriy Brown, Martha Thompson, Jean Coniee, Joanne Hardy, Garnita Ntorrey, Twiia Richmond, Beuiah Britton, Norma Hudson, Doris Wright. Third Row: Barbara Kipp, Lorean Breeze, Curtis Oison, Gene Bindewaid, Jim Jacobson, Richard Couison, Gary Thompson, Jack Hansman, Jim Budd, Frank Waiiis, Tommy Frant1., Sammy Skinner, Bob Hess, Francis Roan, Leo Giiiet, Richard Griswoid, Doyie Sheiiady, Frank Giiiet, Ronaid Shoop. Senior Choir This year the Senior Choir has given a weii baianced iine ot pertormances. First on the iist ot activities was the Annuai Christmas Program. Among the seiections ot this program were two songs 'from the Messiah and other songs and soios trom a cantata "Led by 0 swf." During Christmas vacation a group ot eight singers, chosen by their 'teiiow choir members, attended the Aii-State Choir Festivai which was heid in Des Moines. Those inciuded were: Dorothy Bierbaum, Betty Gencia, Pat Weiis, Doris Wright, Curtis Oison, Jim Jacobson, Sam Skinner, and Bob Hess. The choir participated in the dedication ot Fort Madisorfs new radio station, They aiso song 'tor a service, sponsored by the ministeriai association, which brought a distinguished speaker to the Fort Madison pubiic. This year the tradition ot presenting an operetta was revived with the production ot a Latin American show entitied, "in Gay Havana. .... Gay costumes with bright coiars, aiong with strictiy Latin American music, gave the audience an evening ot tine entertainment. Next came the Littie Six Choir Festivai which was heid in Ottumwa. The moss rehearsais and concert given by the choirs were under the direction ot Mr, Miiton 'from Kansas City. variety was added to the concert program by a vioiinist, Mrs. Anderson, who was a native resident ot Ottumwa. One ot the young women from the group sang a very beautitui soio. The choir received a division ii rating at the State Choir Contest heid at Fairtieid, iowa. Ciimaxing the year's activities the choir presented a program at the Baccaiaureate service. -4 6- ' . .... ff: r l f Q 4 X7 x Q E' Q, X ' 252 I' ig' W' 'H se, N, ,Y 1 1 9 J, 3 - Q s is A .Qin 6 Y V Q Y if ' X, . 3 Q , fi Q ,ii I .ai Q -'L 1 I ,F z I 4 X P X .5 :-:,:, -.Q 3: K . 41. E x Sophomore Girls' Glee Club V : A fu' 4-vV, .r r l fl - X as ,A .I To Freshman Choir i l l l 9 WE- - as. "2 f - ff 35 1 r , 1, X "' 6 13 ,. QV Q? Q Q 2 Q, at 1 wg-Q. 7 Q .22 6 Freshman Girls' Glee Club l-:Q ! ii . lfllliu Sophomore Choir W'-v' Senior Boys' Glee Club "In Gay Hovcmo Des Moines Group Senior Girie' Giee Club Senior A 8. Senior B Sextet 66 Girls' Trio Drum Majorettes The Drum Majorettes are the high-stepping young la- dies who lead the band, per- form at outdoor activities, before football games, and are present for the flag rais- ing. The Drum Major this year is lovely Joan DeVol, who has been a majorette for 'two years. The other majorettes are Ora Hudson, Dona Tay- lor, Beverly Parker, and Macine Denmeir. Girls who are desirous of becoming majorettes go through a competitive ex- amination that is given by the band director, Mr. Wed- dle. Orchestra Evelyn McGee, Robert Horns, Geraldine Harper, Verlin Dickmen, Nancy Jones, Mary Bell Seimon, Marilyn Kirchner, Rosaland Roan, Velda Dalrymple, Patricia Elliott, Iona Wiggenjost, Mary Feldbauer, Joan Anderson, Kay Miller, Jinny Gable, Paul Mackey, Jim Budd, Julia Buckingham, Wanda Woods, Anna Levick, Don Tweed, Mike Devine, Dorothy Sprenger, Alice Johnson, Cora June Hendron, Nancy Curtis, Martha Ferguson, Jim Schultz, Bob Mehmert, Bob Groves, Bob Cowles, Harold Knox. -50- sg! .-31155 gan!! jrom razifv Concert Band Personnel, reading from left to right: First Row: Paul Mackey, Jim Budd, Anna Marie Levick, Jenny Gables, Kay Miller, Carrol Wal- lace, Judith Croskeryg Second Row: Ted Cross, Julia Buckingham, Phyllis Brown, Wanda Woods, Dixie Hovey, Bill Dennison, Donald Scott, Beverly Davis, Michael Devine, Bob Mehmert, Dar- rell Watson, Doris Ekstrand, Jane Felgarg Third Row: Lois Harper, Kay Levick, Maureen Mc- Farland, Mary Jane Mclntosh, Phyllis Hayes, Duane Owens, June Dressler, Evelyn Toops, Martha Ferguson, Leslie Stansberry, Iona Wiggenjost, Nancy Curtis, Alan Dempsey, Kathryn Ferguson, Donald Tweed, Lawrence Rosenbaum, Patsy Wright, Marleen McFarland, Cora Hendren, Alice Johnson, Dorothy Sprengerg Standing: Jimmy Scholtz, John Napier, Joan DeVol, Evelyn McGee, Nadine Peterson, Harold Knox, Jimmy Bartlett, Tom Tucker, Arthur Buck- ingham. Band This year the Fort Madison High School Band welcomed Mr. Fred Weddle, the new band director. Mr. Weddle took the place of our former band di- rector, Mr. Carl Nelson, The first part of the school year was spent working on football routine. The F. M. Band marched at all of the home games and journeyed to Keokuk for our game there. Concert band rehearsals and practice for contest competition kept us busy during the second semester. This year, under the direction of Mr. Weddle, an Instrumental Music Booster Club was formed composed of the parents of band and orchestra members. The purpose of the club is to raise money for the instrumental department. A new merit system has come into effect this year, points are given for public appearance and home practice. The ranks advance from Private to Major. Stripes are awarded each rank and Majors receive letters. This year a pep band, which played for pep assemblies and basketball games, was formed under the student direction of Don Tweed. .-51... Woodwind Ensemble Clorinet Quartet Woodwind Quortet amy gow Jerry Morilyn Keith 6114 Wan Gan E .fd llfllznclerfuf jAin9,, , Rs iff-, f a JL, A z- Q2 f X I ' 7 Y " 5 nf Ns -6 QR, X ef M ,gf X"'.--i-if ,z X20 Qlxxvff A X-ws f ' Ml ig."-""T.E1 f Q "-JN X ood howls Bolstered by the return of eight let- termen this year, the Bloodhounds came through with a tie for third place in the Little Six with Keakuk, our down river rival. Playing five games at home, and four on foreign fields the "Hounds" won three games, tied two, and lost four. October l7, the "Hounds" entertained the Muscatine "Muskies" on their stamping ground and came trotting off with the "Muskie's" scalp, to climax the homecoming festivities. Coach Ekstrand turned out a surprisingly strong team this year, in spite of the bad season last year. Several of the players were selected for "Little Six All Star" team, includ- ing Alfie Cartmill and Larry Matteson on the first team, "Dutch" Horn, Tommy Frantz and Carrol Papajohn on the second team and Keith James, Dudley Noble and Bob Reed received honorable mention. Larry Matteson was placed on the first all state team and Alfie Cartmill and Tommy Frantz received honorable mention. First Row: Sam Skinner, Dick Davies, Dale Hutson, McKinley Carmill, Joe Crull, Don Heising, Earl Logan, Jim Poepsal, Pete Sansbury, Bob Mekemson, Gene Bates, Bob Reed. Second Row: Darral Shreves, Gerald Pratt, Bill Gable, Bob Farris, LaVerne Haffner, Gerald Bryant, Jerry Andrews, Ronald Shoop, Bob Hutcheson, John Flach, Junior Pohlpeter, Marvin Watson, Curtis Olson, Marvin Worthen. Third Row: Pat Patterson, Coach, Charles Cassady, Larry Matteson, Gene Matteson, Tommy Frantz, Carrol Papajohn, Jack Wallace, Lester Horn, Keith James, Jess Reid, Dudley Noble, Richard Griswold, Coach Fred Ekstrand. Little Six Standing Burlington 6-O Ottumwa 4-l Fort Madison 3-2-2 Mt. Pleasant 3-2-2 Keokuk 3-2-2 Muscatine 2-5 Fairfield l-6 Washington O-5-l Football Schedule 1947 Quincy 7 6 Fort Madison Ottumwa l9 Fort Madison Fairfield 7 Fort Madison Centerville l3 Fort Madison Burlington 77 7 l8 Fort Madison Muscatine 7 7 O Fort Madison Washington O Fort Madison Mt. Pleasant 6 Fort Madison Keokuk 7 l2 Fort Madison 77-57- The Bloodhounds eadon of 1947-48 The Bloodhounds, coached by Mr. Fred Ekstrand, ended the season with high spirits and the privilege of knowing it was a job well done. Although the team's final record was 7 wins and l3 losses, they fought hard all the way, with a determination to play well and to win. The Bloodhounds were led by Captain Alfy Cartmill, a very fine player. Along with him was Keith James, high point man of the season. These fellows will leave the team this year, but with prac- tically the whole team remaining, next year's season has great promise. Again, as in previous years the Blood- hounds were lacking in height, but they made up for it in ball handling ability, speed, and lots at teamwork. Dec 2 Dec 5 Dec I2 Dec l6 Dec l9 Dec. 29 Jan 2 Jan 6 Jan 9 Jan I3 Jan l6 Jan l7 Jan 23 Jan 27 Jan 30 Feb i0 Feb I3 Feb 20 Feb 27 'Man 4 Fort Madison Fort Madison Fort Madison Fort Madison Fort Madison Fort Madison Fort Madison Fort Madison Fort Madison Fort Madison Fort Madison Fort Madison Fort Madison Fort Madison Fort Madison Fort Madison Fort Madison Fort Madison Fort Madison Fort Madison Dallas City Burlington Ottumwa Keokuk Fairfield Alumni Mt. Pleasant Keokuk Muscatine Central Washington Quincy Burlington Ottumwa Fairfield Mt. Pleasant Muscatine Washington St. Joseph Keokuk 'District Tournament At Burlington Here Here There There Here Here Here Here There Here There There There Here There There Here Here Here -5 8- Student Managers Sam Skinner, Dick Davies, McKinley Cartmill First Row: Jake Rashid, John Flach, McKinley Cartrnill, lsaac Marshal, Hank Bendlage, Jerry Andrews, Second Row: Jim Bartlett, Lavern Haffner, Wayne Bentzinger, Gary Herrmann, Ronald Shoop, Bill Tyler, and Coach Pat Patterson, -59- --w i -KQV 'X V, H - Q -fa - W1 -- - ,-15,23555n,.5.,..g55:5:5:4gg:,:15:--:, Q f- , . -' 'w.'.'W9 .3 ,,.-.-.-E1:FEI5:I-I:f,:r?'53: ftldf- "Isa . ,. S W ,. C , WM A 5 E-:.:... ,vw V. 1. 1' . N' f " . , -::-a:-:::-- Ny,.i.::.,-:AA -3,9 A wg ,, Q, 5,5 E: x- .: ' -vi .va :Z ,, ,sh ., sw, , M f -ww .. .:.. wwwy vs ,W il I 3253 2: 5-1 ' gg. ,, , x 5,92 x 6 X Qcv 9 vb gig W NE' 'X X fix we QA V5 1' Q 2 A, 4 . W 'S QQ Q Q ig? Qu 2 Q X Q A mo I H Q .W Z Q5 Q 3 Eff' :2 ii 3 'I I K X . ..., A . Q s , AQ A Q 4 Q me ' 4 'Y . D Q W Q Q '19 " Q AQ X Qi ' 'ws A 9 MW o ,zmfsaw 5- 2 M.,:,.w afm,y gg , . ,Alf .W w - , X 54 gl 0 WW, 3 Q 4 - 1, Q 31 . 15 4- MLS. -I fa Q Xa Vs, . .W ,- vw- ,ww.:wmQ:- , 1.1-:Q af. . , Raj: If ' . wwzxwww-a .:og. - 'V Qrw:-.Q 9 - .X ,, A.. 1, ,. , , Q-weW4.'f"fI ' 1. :. :Z-.. 3 - P 1 - " , 23 " 5 - -' . : . :aww ,www vm, ..,,w,f, -1. .. ,. -fig. '- f-1, . . , mm ,?i:3jwff.',,gf Q 324.2 X f. gm we ,xg ' Q z - Y ' - . .. .. - gm. 3 5, 3 3. :Q , gig 1 , qw ,.-: -::gg5?:5g5:Eg,,:,fs,g .5 f . sg. -QESQV :.- ...ra-I I 5, '1 ,- + Hi. 1. Q - 1 I '- ' vkwaw-N:4 w '.,4 - 2 .5 5 4 -sv.: : f- Q, ,. A -.A :- . 5. f,f-Qyegvzg' 1 4: 5 "Q 'vm-ff www 1 v. X- - 1 N V. - wg. 15.5" wt - 5:35:35--:5g: 811.5 b--'Z fix WW' 1.1. 4' : S, .. - - . -. z - 3-xs5sx3Sv5'5.f 'jfg .. W, .WM , ,. .. my Q Q :s:::f.Q:g1g-.,. Q , , ,. ,, av A . " ld QQ -5 1 :23 '--: , g 'f' is l ,Q if " W6 ,fb 'AU' g. ,E N W 'G Q I . on P ,,.--fm, B 4 , M an W. .K 4 .fa Track To start the I948 track season five senior cindermen journeyed to Des Moines on March 29, where they competed in the Iowa Amateur Athletic Union Trackmeet. The boys making this trip were Gene Bates, Don John- son, Jim Kennedy, Larry Matteson, and Neal Lampkin. They were accom- panied by Athletic Director, Fred Ekstrand. On April 3 the Fort Madison track squad, under the direction of Coach Eugene Patterson, competed in the State Indoor Trackmeet, where Keith James placed fifth in the mile run, and the 880 yard relay team captured fifth in that event. Six days later, on April 9, in the University Fieldhouse at Iowa City, the Bloodhounds surged to second place in the Little Six Indoor Trackmeet. A quadrangular trackmeet consisting of athletes from Burlington, Keokuk, Quincy, and Fort Madison was held at the Fort Madison athletic field on April I4. In this meet Fort Madison again took second place stand, bowing only to the fleetfooted Burlington Greyhounds. On April I6, Coach Patterson's track squad, which consisted of eight boys, traveled to Oskaloosa to compete in the Oskaloosa Relays. The Blood- hounds took fourth place in this meet. In a dual trackmeet with Burlington April 20, the Bloodhounds were beaten by the upriver team. On April 23 and 24, a squad of eight trackmen represented Fort Madison at the Thirty-ninth annual Drake Relays. Alfy Cartmill set a new record of 208 feet and 2 inches in the football throw. Keith James placed fifth in the mile run, and the 440 and 880 yard relay team missed qualifying in each of those events by one-tenth of a second. On April 27 the FMHS Bloodhounds won the Ottumwa Relays Champion- ship for I948, and became the proud possessors of two trophies. On April 30 Fort Madison held the I8th annual Fort Madison Relays. Over 500 athletes from Iowa, Illinois, and Missouri participated, with Bur- lington taking top honors in the Class A division, Fort Madison second, Iowa City third, and Ottumwa fourth. On May 7, Fort Madison took third place in the District Trackmeet held in Ottumwa. The boys who qualified for the State Trackmeet were Keith James, Alfy Cartmill, Isaac Marshall, Richard Griswold, Gene Bates, and Neal Lampkin. On May I4 at the Little Six Outdoor Track meet at Ottumwa, Fort Madi- son won Second honors. Finishing up the I948 season, the boys who qualified in the District meet motored to Ames where they represented FMHS in the State Outdoor Track- meet. ,62- ,Q Y .W ,V f -1 1 , li,--',.3..-4 s G i:,.,f.. s wr-mws1'm,a1 . vw '- ?"' 5 4. iv x4"'V. om ecom in 9' u een Miss Beverly Brown, and ner attendants Miss Joan Hardy and Miss Joanne Baley Y64, I my om. Miss Joonne Boley, ond her ottendonfs Miss Cynthia Beelmon ond Miss He!en Brooks ,,55,- K 5 S S E Z 2 5 3, F i 35 5 N 2 2 si unior Snior rom On Moy 8, 1948 The students of F. M. H. S. went for 0 cruise on the Mississippi Belle They steamed down the river ond beck ogoin on 0 four ond one-holf hour trip of FUN 84 LAUGHTER Iunior Senior B A N Q U E T U7 U7 Boo Uv Lox Q1 C CD0 LD M fi 2 Q -AI E NE Sw K SL Y Qu'-fm 3 gh guix Q -an Q ' "' f , .v ,. vw ,- ,, ,, V, f Ka. 1 . .- . lc, "1 Y' ska s -f , M F? 352' 5 QM ,gh .WM rg. Q w MW' 2 N u 1 X. F I ' I Y 1 ff? Senior Class Will I, Shirley Burdette and I, David Houck being of sound minds and bodies do hereby will, with all honorable intentions our window third floor south side No. 3, to Jack Wallace and Peggy Pope. I, Dorothy Sprenger, do hereby will my lonely l?l seat in Physics to any girl who wants to be alone Cwith the boys that isl. I, Dot Sly, will my position as copy reader of the C 84 B to anyone. I, Bill Dennison, do hereby leave my favorite pin up girl Con my locker doorl to Leslie Stansbury. She'll treat you better than those sheep, Les. I, Norma Dorn, being of sound vocal cords do will my dainty quiet laugh to none other than "Golden Voiced" Roz Roan. I, Danny Wallis, being also of sound mind, hereby bequeath my beauti- ful curly blond hair to James Cook, and I hope you do as well as I have. I, Joanne Boley, will my contribution to "The Perfect Girl" column, to that cute freshman Mari Sue Bowman. Although she apparently won't need it. I, Gladys Cooper, will to anyone the power to stay out late and still arrive at school the next morning. CD0 they need it?J I, Beverly Grossman, will to Sue Hotop, my giggle. I, Julie Buckingham, will the numerous pictures adorning my locker to Evelyn McGee. The pictures-not the fellas. I, Gene Matteson, will my manly physique to Jim Oppenheimer. I, Neoma Weber, will my farmer's stride to the McFarland twins. We, Doris Wright and Garnita Morrey, will our positions as secretary to Miss Costelloe to anyone with no use for a study hall. l, Martha Davis, will my No. 9 shoes to Marily Kirchner, here's hoping she doesn't get lost. I, Dorothy A. Bierbaum, will the secrecy of my middle names to Jeanette Bedford Noble, plus my amazing ability to drive a car and live, she needs it more than I do. I, George Kemp, will to Melvin McCoon my English Desk, and he gets blamed for all the initials carved on it. I, Betty Genck, will my large collection of nicknames and also, my desire to be tall to Joan Anderson. I, Iona Wiggenjost, will my bass violin to Catherine Miller. I, Jeane Eddy, will my two dimples to one who can really use them, Tommy Tucker. I, Heiress St. Claire, will to Roz Roan the school and the school, hands off S. B. I, Cynthia Lou Beelman, will the braces on my teeth to Joyce Funkhouser, and I hope she enjoys them. I, Elizabeth Marsh, will my place in Cafeteria line to Lizzie Stevens, and also my attendance to Ernestine Bates. I, Deloris Devolt, will my seat in Study Hall with Gary Herman to Cynthia Napier. I, Deloris Richers, will my ability to land and permanently keep a husband to all who will put it to good use. l, Tommy Frantz, will give my Chrysler to anyone who will give me 52,000 for the rattles. I, George Denning, will my driving habits to Robert Harris. I, Bob Farris, will my "48" class ring to Bev Davis. I, Sammy Skinner, will my Bachelorhood to absolutely anyone. I, Don Jones, will my pipe and tobacco to Cynthia "Smoky" Napier. I, Harold Bergee, will my trick diamond ring to a similar practical joker. 1.74, I, Frank Wallis, will the name "Casanova". I ,Alan Dempsey, will my Ford to some ambitious soul who can put it to as good a use as I did. I, Bob Groves, will my ability to be "wide awake" to Leslie Stansberry. I, Phyllis Brown, will my excess height to Joan Breen. I, Charlotte Lawlor, will my liking for out of town boys Cespecially onel to no one--I'm enjoying it too much myself. I, Anna Marie Levek, will my Spanish book to Betty Howell. I, Laura Ann Grimwood, will about 4 inches of my height to Jo Anne Roof. I, Mary Lee Frey, will to Marlene Ramsey, the school-including R. H. H.?? I, Charles Edward Underwood, will my wavy hair and my homework head- aches to Ronald Decker. I, Elda Mae Cafer, will my long and curly hair to Barbara Frey. I, Ethel Ruble, will my ability to get along with teachers to Dovie Reyer. I, Rose Marie Baker, will my speech notebook to anyone thinking they need an "A" in speech. I, Phylis Jean Daugherty, will to Ange Pothitikis my ability to scare people Imore funl. I, Nancy Jean Curtis, will my altitude to anyone in need of it. I, Juanita Eid, will my red hair and height to Nancy Crank. I, Robert Leland Hess, will my voice to anyone who can stand it. I, Jim Jacobson, hereby will my position on the Madisonian staff to some other Iindustrious?D student. IYou'll be storryl. I, Gene Binderwald, being of sound mind, take everything with me. I, Frank Gillett, will my ability to be a woman hater to my cousin, Leo, who will need it. I, Curtis Olson, will my personal magotism and robust paunch to anyone who thinks he can carry as much weight around this school as I have. I, Helen Brooks, hereby will my long hair to Cora Wagner. I, Bruce Nielson, will my numerous car troubles to George Felgar. I, Alfred Cartmill, will my ability with women to Elmer Beecham. I, Neil Lampkin, will my track shoes to Alvin Farmer. I, Dwayne Hartmen, being married to no one, will wait for you know who myself. IWhat a selfish attitude.l I, Jean Conlee, will my position as business and circulation manager of the C. 8. B. to Ora Hudson. May she be able to keep the names, numbers, rooms, and addresses straight. I couIdn't. I, Patti Heath, do hereby will free of charge my bashful ways with the opposite sex, to Bill Tyler. I hope he eventually gets over it. I, D. Nadine Peterson, of the city of Fort Madison, County of Lee and State of Iowa, being of sound mind and memory, do hereby make, publish, and declare, this to be my last will and testament-my wordiness to anyone who cares to take the change. I, Wanda Lea Peel, will my six semesters of shorthand to anyone who cares to take it. I, Jean Cantril, will my red hair to Wilma Eddy. I hope you can make better use of it than I have. It's never brought me anything but trouble. I, Jim Budd, bequeath my "cute" blond hair to any junior boy who wants to go with a redhead in Washington, Iowa. I, Lorean Breeze, will my position as Librarian to Muriel Dressler. I hope you have as much work whoopsl I mean fun, as I had. I, Beverly Brown, will my ability to keep them all guessing to-Waitl I'd better not, I may need it a few more years. I, Roberta Hutchison, will my place in L. Bartlette's class to anyone who really likes to have fun. I, Mary Beth Jarman, will my ability to go with two or three men at the same time and keep them all happy, to Mary Lou Obel, she's doing a good job of it now! I, Shirley Burdette, will all the fun I've had in High School Iincluding my lessonsl to everyone. Now comes work. -75- I, Gene Eschman, will with the greatest of pleasure, my GRADES in Schenken's class to anyone. Just anyone, I want to get rid of them. I, Jane Felgar, will not fha, fooled you, didn't l?l will my book knowledge to anyone. l'm taking it with me I I I I I I I, Donald Burch, will my place at Breen's to Georgie Felgar. lHamburgers and alI.l I, Dick Cullen, will my super-duper '48 gait car to Donald "Duck" Heising. I, Charles Cassidy, will my "cute" ways and sweeping personality to Robert Walker. Carry on, ol' boy. I, Yvonne Carter, will my cast to anyone that would like to jump out of a window! I, Lois Huett, will my bashful ? P P? ways to Joan Jones. It comes in handy in a class. lWhen you don't know the answers.l I, Betty Clem, will my carefree ways and "lousy" habits to Barbara Jarman. lI've got to act grown up now, l'm graduatingl I, Grace Burkett, will my sparkling eyes and short hair to Barbara Frey. I, Darlene Munson, will my place in cafeteria line to Loretta Kellison. I, Annabelle Privia, will my four classes in the morning and work in the afternoon to Deloris Honeig. I, Pat Wells, will my place in sextette to Roz Roan. I, Vera McPherson and I, Doris Cook, will our inability to get away with playing hooky to anybody who thinks they can. I, Warren Dale, will not will my car or Pattsy to anyone. I'm taking them both with me. I, Mary Feldbauer, will my quiet mannerisms to Joan Anderson. I, Keith Jamse, will take Cynie with me, but will my place on the football squad to Dudley Noble. I, Marjorie Joanne Hardy, will my position as Pep Squad Leader to anyone who will meet the requirements. I imagine that next year's class will choose a good one. I, Ray Morgan, will my ability to get "A" in Miss Coffey's Class to anyone who can keep it up. I, Lyle Owens, will my handsome looks and physique to "Skippy" Mek- emson. I, Kenneth Magel, will my Senior year's books to the next Junior who comes along. I, "Pee Wee' Watson, will my height to Dudley Noble. I, Bill Lemon, will my sure fire "little gem" reducing machine, Personally Guaranteed, to Melvin "Earthquake" McCoon. I, Ralph Parrett, will my ability to be consistently late to Durwood Early. I, Jean Conlee, will my fallen arches from selling popcorn at the Strand to whomever takes the job next year. I, Jack Hansman, after due thought and consideration, and finding to leave, take my own leave. I, Gene Bates, hereby will my great speed in track to Dick IProl Griswald. My "Bookie Joint" goes to my accomplice in crime, Twila Richmond, quote Martha Bergman. "Anybody who wants the navy can take my place," quote Dave Besser. I, Elbert Blanchard, give my nickname "Squirt" to anyone who can qualify. We, Gerald Pratt and Darrol Shreve, will our yearning for the wide-open spaces to anyone who has over 9,700 hitch-hiking miles to his credit. I, Neil Lampkin will my track shoes to Alvin Farmer. I, Duane Hartman, being married to no one, will wait for you know who myself. IWhat a selfish attitude.l I, Jean Conlee, will my position of business and circulation manager of the C. 8. B. to Ora Hudson. May she be able to keep the names, numbers, rooms and addresses straight, I couIdn't. I, Pattie Heath, do hereby will, free of charge my bashful ways with the opposite sex to Bill Tyler. I hope he eventually gets over it. I, D. Nadine Peterson, of the Coty isn't this page in once already? -7 6- C'laAA Ilia ten, Freshmen: I In the beginning the citizens of Fort Madison said, let there be a High School and there was one. And the High School was without form and void, and darkness was upon the face of the faculty and the faculty said let there be light-and there was the class of "48". l5O strong beginning its fresh- men year. And the faculty saw the class and saw that it was good. And the faculty said let the class elect its officers, and we elected our officers. Then the young Adams and Eves said let there be light for the lower hall as we cannot see our way. And the upper classmen said, thou shalt walk in the Valley of the shadows henceforth, until the third year of thy lives. And the faculty said the new class shall apply itself diligently to its duties. And there was brought forth straightway, those new creations of Algebra, Civics, Latin, and English, which tested us both day and night. Again the freshmen cried-Let there be extra curricular activities for without them our Alma Mater is no garden of Eden and there were brought forth assemblies, plays, dances, operettas and picnics. And the fall, winter, and spring were the first year. Sophomore-:sz Friendly classmates, fellow sufferers, lend me your notes, I come here to be tested, not to learn it. The evil that men do lives after them and the good is oft interred with their bones. So is it with High School. Let's throw out the bones and study something else for a change. The instructor has told us that Caesar was ambitious. Let it go at that. What wants to argue? Come I to speak in teacher's class, there are my friends, faithful and just to mel But teacher says I am rambunctious and Teacher is an honorable per- son. She hath brought many captives home to the office. Whose protests did the general corridors fill. Did this in teacher seem ambitious? You all did see that this six weeks I thrice presented her with a polished apple. Which she did thrice accept. Yet teacher says I am rambunctious, and sure she is an honourable person. I speak not to disprove what teacher did, but here I am to speak what I do know. She did love me once, not without causel What cause withhold her then to mourn to me? My downfall is in the detailed study of Caesar. And I must pause in my High School career til she hath pity on me. uniors: Half our high school-days of yore Two more years and then no more. Lest our parents brave and bold, To a college we be sold. Ah but college, large and fair, We will not be haunted there. , Yet our teachers-old and strong, Say that college is no song. Ah but we so smart and bold, Take no heed from teachers old. Young but once-we say to these, ln our fair effort to appease. Look! the clock there on the wall, l've wasted half my study hall! Daydreaming!-oh what will teacher say. "lf no work, there'll be no play." After school she'll keep me in, Four o'clock for such a sin. l'm just an average student Cl'll tell herl Don't you see? l'll bet the same once happened to thee. Wait now teacher-don't get mad. Why, I can't take that grade home to dad! He'll say l've played and that won't do. In his language play's taboo. Maybe you're right teacher-l'd better get to work My dad's too big to be played for such a jerk. Good night teacher and thanks a lot,- l guess you're about the best of the lot. Teachers aren't so bad after all. They're here to help us and that's about all. This thing called knowledge, that's OK too. Guess l'll try it-haw 'bout you? Teachers may have been here for 75 years, But she's not too old to knock down my ears. After three years of play, the moral in mind, Maybe 'twould be better to hit the grind. Seniors: Four long and tedious years ago our fathers brought forth on this school, a new class, conceived in knowledge and dedicated to the proposition that, all children should suffer respectively. Now we are engaged in our fourth year testing whether this class or any other class so conceived and so dedi- cated can long endure. We are met on a great event in our education. We have come to dedicate a portion of our annual, as a memorandum for those who here gave their brains that this class might live. It is altogether fitting and proper that we do this. But in a larger sense we cannot dedicate, we cannot consecrate, we cannot hallow this portion. The brave men large and small who struggled here, have consecrated it far above our poor power to add or subtract. The world will little note nor long remember what we say here, but it can never forget what we did here. We here highly resolve that our leaders have not striven in vain, that this class, under God, shall have a new birth of knowledge, and that this class of the people, by the people, and future leaders ofthe people, shall not perish from the world. ..7 3.. z 'M-'M NSA? A ONLY THE BEST NAMES WATCHES Elgin Tru-Blu and Art-Carved Diamonds Wcglavsvng Swank - Kreisler - Deltah - Campus - Jewelry Hamilton Meeker - Rolfe - Cameo - Leather Goods Gmliiggines Holmes 81 Edwards i847 Rogers WYleV Community and International Sterling Silver Westfield Our 26th Year In Fort Madison . S. EICHENLAUB Quality Jewelry 718 Avenue G McKiernan Hardware STOVES - BICYCLES - SPORTING GOODS 2502 AVENUE PAINTS - OILS L FORT MADISON, IOWA Richelieu Quality Foods Phones 4 ond I4 Pete Hu Inu QUALITY MEATS and GROCERIES 2805 Avenue L Complete Line of BIRDS-EYE FROSTED FOODS XR fw- uwzzffzfv f? ' -1 l7'fff?9"'u1m1M was 'E' ' 203 Elf: EL'- . M KL ITS . . fQ.5ff1g4f CARL K. LEMMON Co-Owners ANDRE LA FONTAINE l 4 Q HIRAM'S PAINT and HARDWARE Edward R. Cantril, Proprietor 725 AVENUE G CORBIN HARDWARE PRATT 8. LAMBERT PAINT D A N A B U S H Q N G pen J44f0,m,QAef FEATURED IN R L RIPLEYS BELIEVE IT OR NOT FORT MADISON, IOWA THE PEN CAPITAL or AMERICA PAUL F. KERN CLEANINGCO. MORE FOR YOUR CLEANING DOLLAR ALWAYS Phone 159 824 Avenue G Phone I59 WIN KE SERVICE STATION EREDRICK'S GARAGE Beimer Bros., Prop. Telephone 45 and 4'I 1204-06 25th Street FORT MADISON, IOWA FRONT END REBUILDING STANDARD OIL 8. GAS NNE WHEEL ALIGNING- AuTo.LITE BALANCING J CARBURETOR 2, ELECTRICAL DELCOREMY I SERVICE CARTER CARBURETORS BRAKE SERVICE ATLAS TIRES 81 TUBES HOME FURNITURE CO. FORT MADISON, IOWA 620 Avenue G Phone 633 Authorized KRQEHLER Dealer 0 66 ?0l' Ice Cream ft :A BlSl'l0P'S CONFECTIONARY LEROY BEAN THE COMPLETE FOOD MARKET Pho O OH! COMPLIMENTS OF fndawtrial PLUMBING sf HEATING C0. one 816 606 Avenu G FORT MADISON, IOWA LEWIS HARDWARE Sherwin-Williams 821 Avenue G Products Phone 860 FORT MADISON, IOWA COMPLIMENTS OF YOUELS "Clothes Youel Like" 724 Avenue G FORT MADISON, IOWA BERGMAN'S REXALL DRUGS NEW LOCATION - 823 - G Phone 73 81 9148 DRUGS SUNDRIES SODA FOUNTAIN HOME MADE ICE CREAM PRESCRIPTIONS GIFTS APPLIANCES BLOCK JEWELRY STORE "Across from the Strand" 35- 552: f'l'.':,- .. .. ,. ,.. .,:.,,, : :,,,: ,.,,. Q ,H ..,. J a5:,E,,:5:.,,g:55g555g5j ,1:g55g1ag.'::1 :zg-::,.,5 My NXQ,Qs? MQW6M WW A, 2 , ,LKWQSM , Q 5125.2 ,v.,,. E ,. , ,. :Tug .,.,..:::.: A 'j Qgggsilg F RNITU E x A we N 'N V--1:-v.--H ---, Q ..,,. H H V X 5 S Wx xv ' f 'li' , X. W t A .2 X .. ' g-- V 2.55. 51 x' 83? I 5 S ., N' :P 5 X 22 f I xx 5 5 3 .5 . if . ' FT: MAD HW 'WW ...i COMPLIMENTS MEDWEST TRANSIT LINES fl' z- bfi., A""' ..,1 , -ff. " is-3' 2 .sqm ' .. .. v. - I-V.X..,.y.a,. UFLV ' .iz- .27 -T". L.-gi." 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Suggestions in the Fort Madison High School - Madisonian Yearbook (Fort Madison, IA) collection:

Fort Madison High School - Madisonian Yearbook (Fort Madison, IA) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


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