Fort Madison High School - Madisonian Yearbook (Fort Madison, IA)

 - Class of 1947

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Fort Madison High School - Madisonian Yearbook (Fort Madison, IA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Cover

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Yin-s .947 omhn 5 l l ,4-" -Q 151 1320 Q55 -U z V S U", it 0 S4 0 S If -5 X 13 E LS fail +2 'V' x C Q! -5 6 C? fx- QQ Lu P- up H. fr 4 ! :SQ- A 0 F O' -5,90 6' 9' 9 lp 0'9- fa O 'ICI WTP '01- deff QlXf 0353521 5-3 om 'D L' fb 09. I X"4 46, WJ 2 ETS ci -5 "HQ s..U-5 :ch-soxxn vrqk M8392 i 1-,cm dy-ggcb cQ"P Q frzflg Sidhbc "7 at X 'GN 24,39 43 fvdfgw mo f' VP, 5 -1 F . 5 fy vi,-: sm N75 XE 9 Q Q X46 0 1' I X fx - " 'fb 'I f i"o"-L4-U L W ,,,:-- , cf: 0, 5.5--Ee-- -u i3'.-'!'g-El'?v?:V ,, C , ,fy as L O, Ugf Zisl 3t.Q.'i'Ss1 K Q,,", SQ C w z 4 -1 'iV"',0. xssi 'LSU-I 5 --,4-'4':,-- C uni. Awww h Q 5 I E fmV E ,f I Q1 5' E ,QR li f N M . A, , Q - ' if-ff E ' IIIIIIIIII: -2- 5 K H ACK 'W lj72JM5,fER FE'9hTNnR l - P24 KEN f4AVHHbN 1740 W Xi-1' Sv JACK 3 44 37 38, DARREI 0 F5qksoNq RA f735 37 3,5- Lln s We the sensors dedicate our Annual to the Student Councul whose Ideals have been a guld Ing force during our hugh school years Sfffffi if C X ,W M 5555115 EMERSQN 7 Wglqkf N lfrurffsanr LA GHETIZE 7 I7 +5 Ulla gh - 11 V'7 ffm' -3- u Bfawfgad J i l U I - , ' A l I A , - 173 0 1 V-7 F - JIM, Q p sh s 's '7 -sz il l ge f -sl Loi " f '1 . ' . .H ' 9 Dx Lf X -- r-J :WUI 'e ' 1- If ll XW L,l Le! x 14 cl . E Bah J 'I rj " F 4 H4 '7 xg, :xii ik N325 16 THE HOUSE ON I 8TH STREET 'M' Hmwwllf N1 rf' .---ski-4-Y5'M,g.',..., QW,,,,,,..-m-vl""" VSV' N a-'vp-sw 'YA 0 ,q1h"Kf31"1Ii9wU9- FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS 5 AND THEN THERE WERE NONE Drab, rr up ARCH OF TRXUMPH T7-1 2 7 MII? ' SHE WENT TO THE RACES -8 xW, X if ,. . , ., -'N f'gw,4L"?Qwg x .i Qi' .-... ....... - . QL!! iii!!! 3881313 .. - .. - , 2 :rains 'sitting Q 553555 3. 5 233,13 -I: - -:Eine ff .. X 16. l Secretory Mrs. Howard Superintendent Horlcnd L. R. Poschol -10- 1 Z: A 9 L n 'Sn -. 4 rv 4 .- -J I' G ur CJ FX P ACF f 1 n I Pr ,1 N1 1- C1 SUE' ff my 5 L. ,4 51' LM SDH n rw K1 GI' G SSB IV 1 In S 5 -I et 3 or-gc. 11- qw t VC fr rl I ,O 4051 I A or :-rf H SCM ez-:ml . . 1- or-Q1 seed fd f bl U' irzdludfa "e C " f' S O you sur I I d mf If 9 1- 'A ce -,Ss lui J ly ,, 0 l. ,mr U25 HO lzdont 1 I Hp'- al DDL If 10" PDfP7'A1,qD,SDN IDL! !"""""''.w1w.1-,, S frgf,f.,.LDV::VV V VV Nm"A"'1 '-'14-.vm Vlad- ff it 5- -"f'f ."- :Eff f . ' " '- Q . .5 'r-!-h,k,'ffs,.- I 1-' f: rv.. ,.f- -, ,, . xii. my V " waz" ',,. ,:, , A F A l' U: '-'Vi IQ. .in ,-, . ':"' xx -Lffe - .rw lp.:-. - . , . "'f" 2 ,rr f.: y:,'X:W lt" 15" 5-'3 "1.4 A' 1 :-.!:.p,'- 'WV br' 'N-'77, .7 ,Q-'--..-,v. .-ings TV, :VII V . - - .Mgt-. I CMH V VV AV - , ,V I-V,, tigl -,-.. . . ".'-571'-' -.' ' P5 .ri Q ff ,,,, VV - ...w VF Vw, , , . 4- LV , AVA KM. V. -1 -"HV: r, . , - -' 'PPI fx. jr ,. N4 5' ':- x .fr fg,1f.,.P .1 , J-V,l,C,tVV'V. AV -V ' - - ' V-AI.:-:V V :V V.. ,V rj- uf-Oth JV! is 5,1 VVUJV "'V -I ' -' -'N 'f'xIf,."f- N, ,M , ' V""-J'- cg j,-,jf.,: I. ,A "3-. 1 N "'-' H411 2':.,- Q-hz., ,MA.""' 1 'rl :.?VrCV4VVV:V V V . MJ., LV., :.V1V,AVr:. 'WVU f ., 1 VN- fluff Joppnf h K ',-M311 5'2I"fp- v,,, , mr' I"-"4"'1' 571. Q H 1. Mkuam 'C fff' -'Cl 13.1-' -,- . ,. - V --w..JA.'h,1C M., ,. ' ' -f' c--,,A-If 7,,. . , ' -' ' 'hu re. - S n Y. - , , M - -:Jr -up-.. .. , 'H 99 '.:':'.: M, .- . C 4 Chfgh 1,9 F -V L-f' .tr-4, WMI,-l Vt - 5--1, ,fp 5,18 ,'I'P'.. 1 ,, ' ' ' X' '- -- +I- .1'7' " '+ -' -F Haig'--rf f , K' ' H Y I "EW CRM' I Lf 'Lo ---C-"C'f:."e, 55- ., , xt' 4'C :se Cf '1'i':'cevf.-. -, .. ' -r vr.. .,- . H .f--1 1-U-.-----ff -w- . .ww - .1 -f1f- w . ,. , .. ,, 4. fm., V, 4V VV V. 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Q. -.'- cf- .1 U V..J,nT wil: one S IVV VVVV V .xVrV.. 4.9,-5 fl! TV VII: HMV VV., V1.7 .meg end: 51.1113 is mu AV V -fic?-ff. ' 'fhli' :iw . ." "'1'S-if-nl-fu . .- 'en' f-'17 V .4 .ggngr O- th V . 4. .,,.4VeVV, ,M .V V .. c ,ffl I N r ,,, -. no ,ff f.-, , ...-pl. V.-A - . - L 5 ,, 4- 'V--111 U- -1 1, , 2. ' "5-v -' .JN X 9 lf! de--O 5 '.:1,-1,-T... .fm ' I --T 2-:'.' fv-.IN V A C". K' ""?ed qj' 0 H 'MU J' A H- 1 - T :M-.fy 4, . F V" A I-1-v 1. W ,A, , V -4, Q 'Inj zr. crior 5- - , u - 'IN rf-U41 V V. V - -fe. -- U .IU I " ff W, H .X ' 'f-f-f"' -f'-'J:A'i:,- V. ' ' .A 1 up " ur j,, S an bA b' S0 '--M '0c.::': -1' , -f--4' -fJ.i pp M., ' "' ' .e ' - ' , gg,-LM, O. SV, :MV-V NVQPJ. ,lctip V H .c...,o RW rfhli 6 0.3, :Vx VVVVV VI.V.4.-14.-Vqj :,VlV,n: er: VVF VIV V- 4 A ,ya 6 ,VV 1 J, .t -V. 1- C373 e -A-.0 4 e Q g,g,,,.. .jp r " -C rx.,-.: . .,.J. , I h ' -" llc tl: 5 ,, 0 can-, . .. l , IV V V V 1 f LcI....4 fn ,.,U:e P aildr ns bil-y f-,J . -"f" . 'fff h N559 ' - -f1ff,Vf9 O. pe son 4- ser: lure, 5 "' ' .1-Wfff, uf, , . . ' ' " '- fllle 'mg .Mx ,V M" JO.-' 0. sac MMP! V91-ty tru O :'L..P:,1, 7 ' I . .U Pd ' R- Pl hu o of School: Principal William B Bogar Secretory Mrs Noonan Ass't. Principal Geneyive Berry in ll'll5fI"all0I'l Coordination of school activities is necessary to maintain a smooth running organization The administration serves as the force which attains this coordination by scheduling classes and extra curricular activities assigning teachers and students duties keeping stu dent records and advising students in various ways Striving to promote efficient work the ad ministratuon makes the year profitable and enjoyed by all In doing this it is necessary to establish rewards and punishments to pro tect the rights ot all connected with school functions. lt is- the aim of Mr. Bogar and Miss Berry to send into the world good citizens who will be a benefit to society. -12... Longuoge Msss Prmdle Muss Muller Mnss CLCU Bogenstos Mrs Mc:Coslun Mnss lrwun Formoe Athletics Mr Patterson Mr Soderquust Mr Anderson Mr Ekstrond Comrnercuol Mass Wolljosper Mrs Bartlett Msss Gubson 13 f 2 Vocotionolj Mr. Kokjohn, Mr. Mcfloslin, Mr. Mothemotucs Mr Anderson Muss Berry Soclol Scuence Mrs Courtnght Mrs Von Tuyl Home Economics Mass Luttle Mass Jacobs Scnence Mr Schenken Muss Thompson I4 CLCLL N r W 1 . , ' '1"i'l"'-' 2 . ' , . i . . I . 3 . , ' Student Service Mrs Noonan Mrs Bueker Miss Miller HCM Music and Art Miss Castelloe Mr Nelson Miss Waisenan I5 Physical Education: Mr. Ekstrond, Miss Lierly RUBINOFF AND HIS VIOLIN Notorious Senwr 4 is I IC 'Plea , I O I 32 I M . vaiullllullnlnnuullusalnunluuullnlluqgplluuu1nil 4 C: '3'-'22 I , Cb I , 4 l ,nlIllllulnilliiillnllllluuullnnluluulnuuuunf l JIM DOW Sennor Closs Presudenf 4 sketboll I 2 3 Ofboll I 2 Notuonol Honor Society 3 Cmzen of the Month 4 u I ond Scroll 3 4 PAT SMITH Glee Club 4 Pep Squod 4 Notuonol Honor Socuety 3 4 Yearbook Edutor 4 Mnxed Chorus 4 Scuence Club 3 4 NORMA BETHENOD Notuonol Musuc Soclefy 3 Crimson ond Block Stoff 4 Student Councul I 2 Mnxed Chorus 3 Cmzen ofthe Month 2 3 4 u I ond Scroll 3 4 I8 1 llN CURTIS sl bull lun ClorLs Gr Lxlftff, M1 lv L, GEORGE FEEDER kCflJOll Fuxflwall 4 - fii Annual Clwrlutmas Program l BETTY SANFORD LL Ll Crmson ani Block ST Sluflgrwl Ccunfll 3 lXL 5 Homcroom O TICCF l ll l ml al ALBERT CHRISTY Yparlook Slaff 4 Ccclar Vale Kansas Monmoulh lllmols EVA STIGALL C0 Clulm l P n Sauarl 3 4 D W YOUNG Stage Crew 4 Fcngcr Hlgh lChucago a 3 l 9 K RONALD DURHAM km all Y orloflf Staff A S lQrQC Clu' xs O C Tonms Team ILENE JONES ur cc Clul l auol 3 Nafvonal Muslc Soclety 4 r mson and Block Staff fl oll 'J' F' WAYNE DeMlNT cc Club I 2 Mnxed Chorus l 2 4 Annual Christmas rogom l 2 Scucncc Club 4 DOROTHY MORRISON Sluclcnl Lnbrorlan 3 4 ICHARD AUWAERTER Sclcnce Club Prcsndcnf A skctlall l 2 Narvonal Muslc Society 3 Student Councll 3 nl l Term 5 A 46 ...- "5 ERNESTINE RAS-llD Pop Squad 3 4 Naflonol Muslc Soclcfy 3 rlmson and Block Stoll Student Councnl 4 Natlonal Honor Socuety 3 Qunll and Scroll 3 4 U I I XKL , l 9 4 4 A 4 4 x T Q. . I I I . I I -l I Il I , Cm, . li, W , I f--7' l muff- Clllll 2 3, A : 'f I Il Bok 21 3, 4 1, Y ' "V C I J, 'f'fI'llf'O 3 A - if K I M:xUflCl1QVu5 1 9 3 4 M -l w E4 - -Y I S1 V- A-134 ,lux 5, r .4 I V X I, . EO, ct. 4 K. will 4 3 f . 31 A I A g , A I I I I . I : I ,I ,gs - I X I -iii 'Q I I I gl S fl ,2,43,4 'J ,. I X cp ' , Eg: out 11 - i Dromafsc Club A l I I C X : : Oulll an Sc! 3, 4 I 'J I I I I I : 1- : ol-Y Cl lvl 2,3 T' I . - 1 ff 4 . 9 I G' f f3f 4 , , I . , , M H' Cfiiru l, 2, 3 . I P -3 omg 5Cf'l3,lT I I V' I I I I - : I Jr I . I I I . . I . I T I I , I - : I Y I I I I U I I . R ' I I . 3 1 I Ba 1 ,v , 4 I -3 I I ' GI, 13,4 I I BOL,2,3,4 or , I - - - I I Q I I I I I I V I I 3 . . . . , I I I - C I FRANCISCO ORTEZ Student Manager I 2 Gcc Club I 2 IPrcs Research Commuttce Student Councll 2 A Stage Crew 3 4 Madrsonlan 4 BESSI E DALRYMPLE ee CIul: I Mnxcd Chor lx 4 4 acc Help 4 Annual Chrrstmas Pogram I 3 4 Small Assemlzlucs 3 Procluctron Staff 3 BILL STEMPEL 0 Clulu I 3 Prcsrdent of Orqanrzatlon 4 otluall I rarnatlr Clulv I Cnmson md Black a t 3 rack I MARILYN CASADY ee Club I Pep Squad 3 4 IPrc S National Music Society 4 Yearbook Staff 4 Mrxcd Chorus 3 4 Gnrl s Scxtette 4 I-IILBERT COWLES ALICE GEIGLEY Pep Squad Productuon Staff 3 Student Councul 3 Yearbook Staff 4 Homeroom Offncer 2 Poster Work 3 4 1' -.Q wr -1... mv muffin 'HW 49 BETTY BREEN Glec Clul: Pep Squad A A Productlon Staff 3 Pe Club 3 DON LEWIS 5k0tI all I otraall I tcrman x Clulv 2 3 All State Team 3 4 Honorary Captaxn A Tcnms 3 4 II-Ilgh School Champ Snnglei 3l MARY BURKETT PCD Squad 3 Student Councll 3 Home-room Otflcer I Mu Srama Sngma I JAMES PARRISI-I ee Clulv I Mlxcd Chorus I Small Assomblrcs I BONNIE SNYDER ce Club I Pc Squad 3 A Student Councul 3 Yearbook Staff 4 LeROY MENKE Q IQARBXXIXA CI ANK YIITWI I KIVI U CII I21 xgu I H Comrnltfcr I IOHN DUNCAN NNNA RUTH IHOMAS Iwccrl I III I As orrblwcs IAY Iv-'XSHID oskcmoll I orIvo'I n4I nhcstro I 2 Small Asscmblwos I 2 Contest IFIr5t rn Stoic Music ? 31 HELEN LONG un or G 'N Lr mxon on: EIU k Ktc cw Chorus RPNOCJVCII Cornmwffmm II .fcrII Cnoor Lcodcr 4 DEAN DUNSVVORTH occ Club I Annual Chrustma Program I 2 :mall Assemimcs Scvencc Club 3 Q 3153 14' BILL KIPP r m uf C'uU Thcapwcm Dromot Jf C JV :I r QC cc Clut 2 Track I IOLA BURGHO EER 1 L nor C Q O Info I-Ielp 4 nf' Act PIC' H Eff ILL ANSON fvofrmoll Vu c Presrdcnf 4 ack I Lettumon urtxock bf I I1 TPC n?n P I-IAZEL MCGLOTHLIN A Yyurbook :Taft 1 Office Help 3 Home Room O Nur QENE DQVOL NRCTEQII I OTIJQII I ack I n:I I LCIt0rm0nQ CILID 3 4 DI-IIRLEY RAHN cc Club I Prcvrienf KG rI 5 Heffel P Squad 4 Student Lnbron n Ynortwook STQH 1 wed Chorus I 7 Q 1 I I 1 I l E E I I I ' I I I I I ' I of - f I A ow om I Q 1 I W I C' 'C ' if VC-Im 5-Iunff .I fi . M I CMI Iv 3, 4 II CIr1l.R VIIQI, A PV' Iucf in Staff I,1I, 3,4 Cgwwwa Q I- FII I4 Nm" 4 I I mx W- '-rg A I - It ' Y 3 CII I 3 own Uni swm 1 4 : , I I I I f' I I I I I I I I I F ',,Irwrv, V. X' ,n'. A - - ,X fx A I INN IrnI "Q vhflf J Jurvmx Cwczx- I'-L.. .1 . I ppp 3'IUn'1J A ' I - PW- I Pun! I 17,3 -1 . , I 'Lan 35 I" 0.2:-'-'r'I P I 1' , MY.-Q CTHIIVI I Q I .1 I I Q ' V Q 9 A ,,,,V,W,, QM, II 4 . If flucfom IH ,, I I I I I I I 3 I I B ,Ai I . F A .?3, -1 Eff' F,I,"f ,I , Ay ' I I sruiumf Qgunnu I 2, 4, 4 V 11511, .. i , L M Chr' 4 O' Ill' I-Ivvx .3 A1 . ' TV ' 2' E' 4 ,V XXI .III LII'--I "" 3- . 3 X OLMHX I 4 , , I .. Yu Q. ' 4 I".,'IIC'3W I - 3 " I IW., Q , k.1 3 . I -I Cn on or , M ' A I - ' J , Mc , 3, 4 I I I . l I I ' A I I I I ,. , f I :I ' I ' 5 Ii , 2, 3, 4 1 1 P, , 2 I I . HO I, P, 3, 4 . O" 'f"3'4 - . . G, ,mu , - f f 0 I . . I ' . I I . f w 1. 2 ll I I-I . . I I I . I I 5 : - , I ,N I CI L rm 3 : 'W' I ' 'fl' h I Eu., ,2,3,4 VIVX-. .A A N , - FO I 2' 31 A ., 5, A OI II clncl E LI LS -' -, . E21 l'2?'33' 4 I. . Q 1 . 1- I I I I . I ' I - , - I ,I ,123 - . GI' 12,314 , :-X i . Cp X ' . f 7 - : ' G 3 . - I , H :VI ' L I I I 4 lu LII I I II I Q I THOMAS HENSLEY cc Clul l Dramuhp Clulu Junlov Class Play Mnxcfl Chorus 3 4 Annual Chrlslmos rogram l 2 Smal' Assomlslnos 3 JEAN CORNS A Usheretfe Club 4 Stu cnt lubrarlan WlLLlAM PIKE ec Club l 2 3 4 Natxonal Muslc Soclefy 4 Sfudcnf Councll 2 Yearbook Staff 4 Mixed Chorus I 2 Annual Chrnsfmas 3 Program l 2 3 4 FLORENCE PERRY GEORGE NAIFEH B skctlaall l 2 3 Football l 3 ack l 2 Clas Treasurer 2 Clos Secretary l Sophomore Class Plc PAT SALLEN y2 i I X wb -a -5 HN! "'? 513 ,-I' ...d JEAN McFARLAND Glco ul: Yearbook Staft 4 Mlxecl Chorus Senna DERALD DRESSLER Baskc pall l Junior Class Play 3 Small Assemlplncs 3 CHRISTY YOUNG Glcc Band 2 Annual Chrlsfmas ogram l 2 3 Small Assemblncs l Glrl s Soxfctfe A Profiurtuon Staff 3 JAMES MANARD ee Club l Accompamsl 3 Band 3 4 Orchestra 3 4 r Cholr 4 2 Mlxcd Chorus Senuor C Small Assemblrcs l 2 BARBARA WARD Pcp Squad 3 lLcadcr Queen ll-Alomccommg Af Tcndantl Crrmson and Black Sfa Junnor Class Play 3 d croll Club l TIS STEEPLES Glce Club l Production Staff 3 Ink Slnngcrs 4 horr 3 4 f 4 BOB SHEPHERD Basketball I 2 otball I 2 ack I 2 Lctlcrmans Club 3 MILDRED MITCHELL CARL CARLSON cc Club I 2 l-ootball 4 Track 4 nxcci Chorus I 2 Scucncc Club 4 Photography Club 4 NORMA SIMPSON Offlcc Help 3 DON OPPENHEIMER Basketball I 2 F otball I 2 3 ack I 2 Yearbook Staff 4 Tennis 2 Ink Sllngers 4 BEVERLEY CARR Natnonal Music Socucty 4 A A nd l 2 Yearbook Staff 4 Crtlzen ot the Month 3 4 Science Club 3 4 iid 1 " m . Q O Ile 5 9 Il? 5-fd -O' I . - A L . Nl . CMT ' T . 5 ' A N N A co LJ 5 - CU T . 4 . A 4 A gg A :.s- 45.35 - 3-5,-by A - ' -I I1 -Iii. :::'15f1lQIz.Qf:E: :ff-if-:EQ N , ' .V , ' , ,1:p.,.l.4..,.. Z , ,.4.: In . f" 4,,..:5f '- f 1' W ,K N . If M ' 9' 1. ....... Msg. 1' 4 S , 1 .-,. 4 ' Q Ow 0 ' " O Q . vw - A 3 2 NW I s . w I Q N A A Aw P -, , ' 2 A A ' .,. A Lo 5 A mx A "C REQ gk 1 S I x- 23 INEZ RASI-IID Pep Squad 3 4 Natnonal Musnc Soc ety 3 Crimson and Black Qtoft 4 Sensor Chorr 3 Assembly Con-mntec Q I and Scroll 3 4 BERNARD LOWERY Glee Club I Natlonal Music Soclety 3 nd I 2 chestral 2 3 Homeroorn Ottmar 3 Contest Ilnstrumontalj HERBERT PATTERSON Ink Slungers IPres dcntl T ack 2 3 4 Letterrnans Club 4 Yearbook Staff 4 BILL BOWERS Ink Sllngers 4 JIM SUTER J e Club I 2 Cheer Leader 4 Student Councsl 3 Annual Chrlstmas Program I 2 Mlxed Choru Ink Slmgers 4 ACK WHITE Football 2 3 Poster Work 4 bmall Assemblies 3 Ink Sllngers 4 'I AL NE CHRISTY G A Mol OAI' III 0 FRAI C 5 ODELL Goo Club I 2 Mlxcfi Chorui 4 Ann al Chrlifmo P og am I 2 JO X MCGUIRE Pep quo Gloe Clulv JOHN -IAAS JUNIOR Tra lc 3 nd I fh 5 ra I Contct lnstrumontalj RU HIE BLANCHARD Cuz DON A' D GILLENWATER kcfl all I Foofball 2 3 Junlo C aw Play 3 Poster Work 3 Nmxmxxyymwmmmw , 2'5- -sw' 3 Q I 'X X X Rx x 's 24 EMERSON VVRIGHT Prcslrlc-nl Junlor C L1 Thcspnon Dramatug Cudy 3 Naflonol MI o Student Councll Wrmllcnt National Honor Socmty 3 -1 All State Tcom IHonorolllm Mc-ntnon JOY GROSSMAN IL LII U mrctto CII 1 1 Sfudc-nf LIIIVQIIOIW Mixed Chorus A Confcsf IMuslcI G1rIQ Scxtctlo A 3 ROBERT BROWN MYRTLE ENRIGHT ce Clur I Ushcretm Club IProbldcnl Mlxccl Chorus I 2 Annual Chrlsfmos ogram I 2 3 Glrle Soxfcltc 4 A JACK LANE GICC Club I Baskefboll I Football I 2 Mlxed Chorus 2 3 Small Ascmtxllcx 2 BERNICE LONGWITH Glcc Club 3 4 nd I Yearbook Staff A Mlxed Chorus 3 4 Annual Chrlstmos Program 3 Contest 3 4 1 A A : I - I I I I I I , . Q 3 . I ' I Im - 'F I So ' 4 I my Q I Iwi Suuly 3 -1 C' I I ' I - L. . I W , 2. I 3" 1 : ' . , ' 'SWL W, Inws Q f ' ' I ' : , .ff ' I . I I I I ' I Q I I -our I X3 go I "' I G'-I-CII ga 4 . tv - 5I' .I A IV ,N ,4 . ' - . f 5 I I ., ' r r , ,4 - I u II I ll I I I I I I I I ,Ag : I J " I r -,a 3 4 . : I I I . I I l I I I I I I I GI R ,2,3,4- BQC ,2,3,4 I : .PF Afff' O"1,f2'3"4 I I T.A.I I I ' l I I I I I I I T I : ,2,3,4 Glcc l1,l : I 'Z I ' ' I I , '4 : I . I I I ' I I u ,L I I 2, Ba , Ba: J ,2,3,4 : : ,rl 'fu . I ' ' I ' ' I I --H I Q I WILLIAM MCELWEE Them on Dramatic Society 3 Pres :lent of Organ lotion 4 Jun or Class Play 3 nl I rgl'115trO I C t zLn ofthe Month Z GRACE CLARK ec Club Mixrrl Chorus 4 Annual Christmas Prog Small Assemblies I 2 Contest 4 LOUIS MILLMEYER WESELENE BAQNEY Dramatic Club 4 Sturlent Council I 2 nfl I National Honor Sof et 3, Citizen of the Month I Science Club 3, 4 DICK GASTON B sketboll I, 2, 3 otboll I 2 , ack I, , Lettcrman's Club 4 Homcroom Officer I Small Assemblies I 3 BETTY PERSINGER Mu Sigma Sigma I Glcc Club I Student Council 4 Yearbook Staff 4 Junior Class Play 3 Office Help 3, 4 TONI QANDOVAL MARJORIE CORNELL oc Club 2 National Music Society Mixed Chorus 3 4 Annual Chnstmas P ogram 2 3 4 Cheer Leacer 3 4 MARCELLA SCOTT Drornatic Club 4 8- B Sta Pep Squad 4 Science Club 3 4 nd I C ARLIE HYDE skctboll I 2 3 otboll I rock Lettermons Club 4 Home-room Officer I Small Assemblies 3 ELEANOR DEAL Pep Squad 4 Washington High, Washington, Iowa DONNA SAUNDERS ec Club I, 2, , Pep Squad 4 Crimson and Black Staff 4 Drum Majorcttc I, 2 Citizen of the Month 2, 3 4 Cheer Leader 3 -mXXWm3w wwv, I ,I I I I I I I , I , ' ,4 I V 1 ru V , - gurl, ,2,3,24 3' A : ,.- '. ,4 I I I I I 4- ff- . ' GI 3 4 I - W , , Gly 1,2 I I ' , ,i,2,4: v ' ,' V' ' ' . Pep Club 2, 3 Pres, l4I I I I ll - . I . - . . C. . ff4 : Ba ,2, 3' I I I I I I u ' I : If I ,'2,'3,'4I BQ 234II T 'f2f3f4 r 1 1 . ' y 4 ,2 34 I I I I I I f' I . l o I . IO 153344 I ' I' , - l l I f I XI l 5 I I : I I I I I l : I Gl 3 4 I I - I 1 I CARLENE CHILES Pep Squad 3 4 Dramarnc Club 2 3 Prc Th spnan Dramaflc So 3 Crimson and Black Staff Natronal Honor Soclcty 3 all a cl Scroll 3 VIRGINIA l-IAWES Gee Club l 2 Crumson and Black Staff Band 3 Homcroom Offuccr 3 Science Club 3 CELIA BONHAM Glee Club 1 Per: Squad 3 4 Offncc Help 3 Small Asscmblucs BETTI E HOVEY Natlonal Music Socnefy Queen 4 nd l 2 crestra l 2 Drum Maporetfe I 2 3 Scvencc Club 3 4 4 W NNX S' f 3 5 5 ? f 7 f 5 f 7 X 26 ALBERT l-IUMPHREN aflnall l S ucicnf Councll 2 k Homcvoam Officer l Small Assemblies l Stage Crow A TOMMY HYDE F csketlvall l 2 otball l lrxflcrmans Clul 4 Hom roam Offuccr 3 Po 'cr Work 3 LOYD STARR skctlzall l 2 .wludcnf Councul ack l nal l Scncncc lub 3 Teams 3 A Ycarlvock Staff 4 2 I I X Y - X g . xX XX x . x I Il I I l I I I , : I . : Fo ,2,3 , ' I I ,S ,i : - Tlrac' l,2,3 7 L ' - I I ,2, ' .1 Qu' n ,4 l : : ' I ' I I - I - I I I I I I I , I I BY 2 j3i4 I I Fo , , , Peo Squad 4 - : Tfcck 32,314 4 I V, ' 'D 2 I 0 - - 1. - I I I I I I I I I : n I ! I Ba ,, 3 1 I . f' 3 T ,2 ' : I BQ ,2,3,4 3 - - C 'A I I ' ' . I .I ' I I I I I I . . 3, 4 : B , ,3,4 of. , ,A I ' ' , , ,4 I ' : I . . I l ll I I I ITS A WONDERFUL LIFE 27 Q- ' W , -M' 'W -. A l 05, Ufl PJ 0 lll' lU05 Lett tO rnght umor Cl Iss ROW l ROW ll ROW lll ROW IV Nancy Curtus Dorothy Bnerbaum Beverly Peterson Yvonne Carter Lots Huett Lorean Breeze Anna Levlck Verlne Cater Terry Ann Kamp Germaine Naschert Doris Wrnght Delores Davolt Pat Wells Barbara Kspp Garnlta Morrey Sam Skunner Don Jones Laura Grlrnwood Jeannette Cantrnl Barbara Thompson Cynthla Beelman Beverly Brown Mary Marsh Elnzabeth Marsh Juanita Eid Martha Bergman Beverly Grossman Phyllls Dougherty Betty Genck Dorothy Sprenger Martha Davis Ethel Ruble Vlfarren Dale Horace Moone Donald Douglas Norman Vanderleest Tommy Frantz Lester l-lorn Bull Coppage Kenth James Duck Cullen Charles Casady Albert Blanchard Vurgll Cronk Darrel Shreve Walter Benbow Gene Matteson Alfle Cartmull Jack Gross Jess Read Neal Lampkln Gary Thompson Albert Schlegal Ralph Parrett l-larold Bergee Gerald Pratt Bob Blndewald Kenneth Magel Charles Hlrschler Lawrence Matteson Danny Wallxs Jack Slee Edward Moone Y .ao Clarence Cowles Left TO right ROW li Grace Burkett Joanne Boley Jean Conlee Joanne Hardy Betty Clem Bonnie Gunn Pat Heath Helen Brooks Jean Eddie Neoma Weber Norma Dorn Mary Feldbauer Doris Cook Vero McPherson Fannie McCullock Roberto Hutchison Dorothy Sly rl-,h unior Class ROW ll: ROW lllg David Whitcomb George Denning Duane l-lartman Mary Beth Jarman Jane Felgar Annabelle Privio Iona Wiggeniost Mary Lee Fry Heiress St. Clair Dolores Richers Shirley Thompson Charlotte Lawler Darlene Munson Shirley Burdette Phyllis Brown Nadine Peterson Julio Buckingham Paul Macke Bob Hess Jim Jacobson Frank Wallis Bob Groves Francis Roan Arnold Rodvick Marvin Rodvick Karl Kistler Bob Wilson Gene Eschman Jim Sampsell David Besser Harold Phillips Bill Lemon Don l-lonadel ROW lV: Charles Underwood David Houck Doyle Shellody Bill Gabel - John Crume Richard Coulson Bruce Neilson Robert Cromblitt James Funkhouser Bob Cramlet Tom Conrad Allen Sylvester Harold Toops Vance Meyertholen Jack Hansman Jim Budd Curtis Olson .Bw Cl I' 5 C'l'e I'0lUll'lg Left to rught ROW l Alrce Mclntosh Ruby Muller Geraldine Harper Jene Hansen Erlene Muller Dovle Reyer Loss Morrett Darlene Angell Joanne Hughes Joyce Dunsworth Darlene Cornell Joan Anderson Sophomore Cl Iss ROW ll ROW Ill Joann Keester Elalne Eggers Hazel Metcalfe Marilyn Wllson Leah Ramsey Patsy Anthony Marlene Clute Ilene James Gloranna Pee Lorene Huffaker Mabel Stenger Esther Dalrymple Eugene Ksrchner Dale Tout Verlle Cater Grace Herrmuth Donna Logan Jean LaVelle Loss Reed Betty Matrox Dolores l-loenlg Marvin Watson Leo Glllett ROW IV George Felgar Tom Welser Thomas Rump Edward Hetzer Junlor Pohlpeter James Gelsthorpe Burt Brower James Grosenkemper Kelth Jarman Don Wolfsknll Gene Hllsabeck Left to right Sophomore Cl Iss Qow I Row ll tow Ill Row Patsy Aye Barry Parr Elnnor Weber Arden Streeter Elaine Carmean Mary Lou Obel Laura Drollmger Twula Rrchmond Donna Peckstenn Jackie Schneider Jerry Dobson Marulyn Kennedy Naorm Snacklett Muriel Dressler Beverly Locke Elaine Couchman Jean Smlth Norma Hutson Evelyn McGee Donna Drollunger Donna Taylor Joan DeVol Ora Hudson Alnce Daugherty Louuse Plmllups Katherine Laswell Joanne Cross Margie Carr Helen Hutchuson Jack Wallace Joe Dornberg Bob Reed Pete Stansbery Kenneth Skinner Jrrnmy Stump Rose Sclmeferdecker 1311 Bowtan Dlton o Mekemson o Hutchison Hoenxg Carroll Papayohr Donald Tweed Dudley Noble Rnchard Grnswold Garold Bryant Donald Lancaster ' l'l'l Lett to rlght ROW l Mary Ruth Conlec Loetta Kelllson Marllyn Peel Colleen Morgan Ang lata Salazar Vlrgunla Llmas Manulla Guzman Joyce Sanders Jean Shafer Beverly Woltsklll Marjorle Wrlkerson Alice Johnson Lois Ann Harper Elizabeth D an FI'LSlll'l'lll1 C llss ROW ll ROW :II Patsy Plnkston Prlscella Dean Jean Steyans Mary Crapper Laura Vlncent Patty Culbertson Dhyllls Trotter Cynthla Napier Gwen Smith Loss Bubb Peggy Pope Carolyn Krstler Wanda Woods Al. John Mendez Frank Martinez James Parsons Carroll Morris Rlchard Hamey Darrell Yaley Qtanley Gelsthorpe Knpp Wells James Frey G ralda Andrews John Flack Harry Andrews Paul Schnelder Eugene Maxfnel Tommy Houck Dwayne Rungs ROW lV Ferrell Turner Marlon Vasquez Jerry Saunders Bruce Boclln William Hayes Bryce Tory Ruchard Pahlpetcr l..eMar Haffner Gary Herrmann David Rashad Donald Scott Jam Scholtz Jake Rashad Leslne Stansberry rx oert Kr Bus Q j J as Ac 'c I, ,- xf 2 J 2 . 3 . d . L. 1 A H .z -32- If reshmgm Class Lelt to Right ROW I Joan Roof Betty Baldwin Betty Holland Delores Cowles Norene Cambre Nancy Jones Marilyn Kirchner Rosalind Roan Helen Powelson Audrey Edlen Beverly Parker Betty DeMint Wanda lea Andrews Paulene Owens Barbara Edlen ROW Il ROW Ill ROW IV Thelma Arnold Myrna Maxson Evelyn Toops Audrey Tucker Mary Moline Virginia Drew Carol Bragonier Jayne Garner Mary McCuIlock Dixie Hovey Norma Dale Bobby Briggs Emil Schlak McKinley Cartmill Elmer Beecham Ray Drummond Richard Conn Terry De Coursey William Boley Bob Spoor Robert Snodgrass Richard Otte Jim Oppenheimer Alvin Farmer Ernest Hobbs Edward Whitcomb Richard Link Earl Hoenig Isaac Marshall Floyd Cowles Alvin Hayes Ronald Shoop Charles Miller Jack Senf Morgan Cooper Edwin Shumaker Thomas Hartley Bert Hawkins Howard Metcalf Kenneth Boeding LaVerne Haffner A i aaa 71 oflo Use today Tomorrow may never come G55 Co Ol Aqua and snlver fcljd flillllfl Whute Rose add Ol!! Tune Remember Me And ot the lazy summers at the swlmmmg pool Ot football games and dances and the Kultues grand Remember us As freshmen small we all recall the sensors looks And going hom at night from school wnth musty books And thunk ot all the times at Thompson s and the Grill Remember us We can see the players proud upon the tloor We can hear the band and bell ot victory For we re the crowd that always wandered through the halls And had to sutter x nth our long detention calls But we had gobs a d gobs ot tun In spate ot all Remember us By Barbara Ward Donna Saunders and Barbara Crank 34 Cf W C! 3 f - f , jf y . C! I, Do you remember all the days we spent at school, A ,six QX 1 Z 5 3 3 g QP? XPQHJGLA The Student Councll now twelve years old has always represented the thoughts and Ideas ot the entlre student body lt has also established many tradntlons at our school The prnnclpal and assnstant prnncnpal attend all meetlngs as representatlves of the faculty The president tor the follow :ng year rs chosen ln the sprung nomlnated by the lunuor class and voted upon by the student body MEMBERS Emerson Wrlght Presxdent Harold Bergee Bull Anson Vlce president Jane Eelgar Betty Perslnger Secretary Dudley Noble Francisco Ortiz Bob Mekemson Jlrn Dow Rnchard Grlswold Bull McElwee Carolyn Klstler Ernestlne Rashid Loss Bubb Bob Groves Charles Muller Weselene Barney The Student COUHC11 ,influx 36 CC A 7? Q ,ey 3 OMZJCLIQ 5 A8810 Wnth a Madison tught hght' and a Say What do we all say? the student body wlshes to congratulate the Pep Club for all ot nts fine work ot the past year Represented by the cheerleaders the splrlt ot the club has helped our team through many a hard fought battle The Pep Club the organlzatuon trom whuch F M H S selects nts cheer leaders was flrst suggested by Muss Nicholson former Amerlcan hnstory At that tame there were even members In the club which now has tltteen members Mass Lnerly IS now the faculty advisor A word ot pralse IS also due Mar gone Cornell president and Keith Jarman secretary treasurer MEMBERS Marjorle Cornell Darlene Angell Keuth Jarman Joyce Dunsworth Helen Long Joan Hughes Jrm Suter Marjorie Carr Joanne Hardy Joan Anderson Joan DeVol Pat Heath James Grosenkemper Juanlta Eud Darlene Cornell Pat Wells Joanne Cross Laura Ann Grnmwood Pe Club 37 U A J C2 77 teacher, in the fall of l94-4, and was developed by the tour cheerleaders. T L. l P MEMBERS M Al! jlllf, ig? igfarce, ILP QZPA H With a roll of drums and the cry, "The Kilties are coming!" the Fort Madi- son High School Pep Squad made its debut in the fall of l933. Since then the "Kilties" have performed at the half of many football and basketball games. The group has been featured in stunts with fusees and flashlights. On November 20 the Pep Squad gave an exhibition for a number of Iowa bandmen who were interested in forming such groups in their own schools. At the football game in Muscatine the new uniforms were worn for the first time. Members are elected each year from the junior and senior classes by the senior members of the squad. The new members are elected on the merit of their marching ability, leadership, willingness to follow orders, and good personal appearance. For the first time in its history the Pep Squad has had its own drummer, in which capacity Beverley Carr served this year. Marilyn Casady, President Bonnie Snyder, Secretary-Treasurer Barbara Ward, Leader Doris Wright Inez Rashid Betty Clem Donna Saunders Pat Smith Betty Breen lola Berghoffer Dolores Davolt Eva Stigall Ernestine Rashid Beverly Brown Joanne Hardy Helen Brooks Grace Burkett Mary Beth Jarman Jean Conlee Anna Ruth Thomas Carlene Chiles Cynthia Beelmon Ilene Jones Barbara Crank Celia Bonham Marcella Scott Eleanor Deal Norma Jean Dorn Shirley Rahn Joanne Boley Garnita Morrey Gwen Curtis Virginia Hawes Barbara Kipp Joan McGuire Florence Perry Alice Geigley -33- Pep Squad .7 fl!5 !Al3 .S?9ll'l! The Girl s Athletuc Assocuatnon as one of the school clubs open to all gurls who are Interested xn sports Thenr asm us to promote good sportsmanshup and to keep physically tit Thenr actlvutles unclude basketball volleyball and hllung The annual Sadie Hawkuns Dance IS sponsored by thus Group Mzss Lnerly the gurls physical traunung Instructor as the faculty sponsor of the Club Here s to them and what they stand for sportsmanshnp athletnc abnluty companuonshup co operatnon and good tnmes together MEMBERS Betty Parr Roberta Hutchuson Naam: Weber Jane Felgar Ruby Muller Naomi Shacklett Juanrta End Mursel Dressler Buelah Bntton Laura Ann Grsmwood Kathenne Lasswell Myrna Maxson Alice Mclntosh Marilyn Wnlson Patsy Anthony Mabel Stenger Betty Jane Holland Bonnle Gunn Hazel Metcalfe Joanne Hughes Jean Hansen Glornanna Peel Elalne Couchman Mary McClulIock Verlse Cater Joan Anderson Darlene Cornell Joyce Dunsworth Pat Heath Joanne Cross Wanda Peel Darlene Angell Loss Phlllnps CAA lClIflgQI"0lfl5 U The Phi Beta Chi Science Club was originated to promote student interest in science. Talks by the members or by visiting speakers about different scientific achievements compose the meetings' programs. This year the Club presented a Victory bell to the school for the victorious basketball games. The club is sponsored by our Science teacher, Mr. Paul Schenken. MEMBERS Richard Auwaerter, President Don Jones Ronald Durham Vice President Karl Kistler Weselene Barney Sec Treasurer Curtis Olson Jim Budd Bill Lemon Harold Bergee Ernestine Rashid Beverley Carr Inez Rash d Alan Dempsev Marcella Scott Bill Denison John Duncan Jane Eelgar Frank Gillett Jack Hansman Joanne Hardy David Houck Tom Houck Bob Hess Doyle Shelledy Pat Smith Bonnie Snyder Floyd Starr Emerson Wright Helen Long Ralph Parrett Wayne DeMint Frank Wallace 40 Suence Club m ca ,aw The lnk Slnngers were organnzed thus year by the pruntung students They are one of the most actlve groups of the school prnntung signs the C 81 B names on statnonery programs and donng all the odd jobs of prnntnng for the school The boys sponsored a very successful dance thus year entitled Destry Rides Agaun Besldes being so successful the dance was quite dufterent from any dance the school has ever held and every one enloyed themslves um mensely The boys deserve bzg applause for their hard work and may their organlzatuon flourish In the years to came MEMBERS Herbert Patterson Presudent Mr Formoe Faculty Advnsor Otis Steeples Vlce Presndent Bull Bowers Jack Whnte Secretary Treasurer Don Oppenheumer Jam Suter Sergeant at Arms Charles Hlrschler Ink Shngers 66 77 fl UA , ,df attending oll events un the school oudltoruum The co coptolns shore the responsubuluty of beung certonn thot eoch mem These people should be opplouded for theur worthwhule efforts M E M B E R S Alice Mclntosh Hazel Metcolfe Ruby Muller Betty Porr Dwoune Rings Vnvuon Steeples Moble Stenger 66 77 The Usherettes wos orgonuzed to provnde o uniform method of oudlng those -42, Wa Q I0 all QFBCLITL The Lubrary un the Fort Maduson Hugh School was started by Muss Sutphen once secretary to Mr Tuss un l928 ln l942 Muss Muller took over the po sutuon Our lubrary has grown a great deal ut now contauns 5 O05 books Thus year for the furst tume the lubraruans wull receuve letters They are chosen for theur unterests un luterature and un broadenung theur knowledge of books A lubraruan must be dependable and above all neat Thus year thcre are three gurls as ugned to each peruod workung un shufts The Lubroruans for thus year are Wanda Peel Dorothy Sly Lorean Breeze Betty Sandford Mabel Stunger Phylus Daugherty Dorus Wrught Hazel Metcalfe L1brar1anS Jean Corns Muruel Dressler Ester Dalrymple Rose Marue Baker Dorothy Morruson Julue Buchungham Marulyn Marsh 66 A J 97 .-43,. Our grinding cameras focus on the "director" and "technicians" who have worked on this production with the hope that it will be a "box office" favorite. There have been many trials in meeting the requirements of the "call sheet" but they have been overcome with no great hardships inflicted. When the final "scene" was completed and the "rushes" reviewed, the "crew" heaved a sigh of relief, realizing that the "feature" is now ready for "re- lease", being sufficiently censored by the Bogar office. With their work successfully completed the members of the staff leave a word to the departing seniors- "LET 'EM ROLL?" THE l947 MADISONIAN STAFF Editor ..............................................,....,......... Pat Smith Associate Editor ...................... ......... W eselene Barney Business Manager .....,,.,.....,.......... ......,... E merson Wright Assistants to Business Mgr. Gene DeVol, Francisco Ortiz, Jim Manard Sports Editors ......................,.... ......... B ill Pike, Bill Anson, Don Lewis Typists ................... ......... B etty Persinger, Hazel McGIothlin, Francis Odell Art Editor , T ,Albert Christy Assistant to Art Editor .......... ..,...... A lice Geigley Photographer ........,............... ......... F loyd Starr Senior Activities ............... ......... B everley Carr, Bonnie Snyder Feature Writers ......... .......... S hirley Rohn, Bernice Longwith, Jean McFarland, Marilyn Casady Lay Out ................. .......... H erbert Patterson, Don Oppenheimer, Jim Suter Faculty Advisors .....,.. .......... P Ars. McCasIin, Mr. Formoe The Madisonian -44- MEMBERS Sta gizbeaclgne af iibawn U The Crimson and Black School Paper is published bi-weekly by the students of the Senior High School. Circulation this year was approximately 400 copies, The Staff is chosen from the Junior journalism students by the members of the previous year's staff. Everyone looks eagerly forward to the edition to read all the latest news events and school gossip. C8113 ff Editor .......................... Managing Editor Sports Editor i Business and Circulation Mgr. Carlene Chiles Norma Bethenod Jim Dow Marcella Scott Virginia Hawes, Betty Sanford Tvpists .....................,.......................... ........ News Editors ........ Copy Editors .......... Barbara Ward Inez Rashid, Ernestine Rashid Proof Editors ............ ........ D anna Saunders, Ilene Jones Feature Editor ............. ...,.... B arbara Crank Artist Bill Stempel Advertising Manager ....... Advertising Solicitors ....... Faculty Advisor .......... Printing Instructor Fx 1. Q 5 1 .1 Z ii , i ........Helen Long Jane Felgar, Francis Roan Miss Prindle Mr. Formoe i - Q if , . , - X . Z ', J 1 .- ' i 66 77 ecelofion What is the purpose of Dramatic Club? lt furthers interest in the fine arts, and it helps to develop selt-assurance in its members by providing stage ex- perience. All club activities are under the direction of Miss Bagenstos. MEMBERS Carlene Chiles President Weselene Barney Jane Felgar Vice President Harold Bergee Barbara Kipp Secretary Treasurer Carol Bragonier Walter Benbow Dorothy Bierbaum Beverly Brown Joan DeVol Joanne Hardy Victor Hutchison Mary Beth Jarman Bill McElwee Nadine Peterson Francis Roan Bill Stemple Frank Wallis Emerson Wright Betty Clem Richard Coulson Jerry Dobson Bill Hall thomas Hensley Bill Hoenig Ilene Jones Marcella Scott Sammy Skinner Bob Spoor Jim Oppenheimer Gene Hilsabeck James Grosenkemper 46 Dramauc Club DREAM DAZE TOM SAWYER AMERICAN PASSPORT .M471 fgroducfiond 3400! .jJeroe5 77 The Fort Madison Chapter of the National Honor Society was formed in 1939 to create worthy leadership, to encourage character development, and to promote enthusiasm for scholarship. ln 1946 seven members of the Class ot I947 were chosen to membership, and in l947 eight more of this class were elected by the faculty. Emerson Wright Jim Dow Victor Hutchison Pat Smith Weselene Barney Carlene Chiles Ernestine Rashid Bonnie Snyder Bill Anson Beverley Carr MEMBERS Norma Bethenod Barbara Ward Richard Auwaerter Helen Long Don Jones Sam Skinner Dorothy Bierbaum Larry Matteson Curtis Olson Shirley Rohn NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY W. 48 66 77 lfll'l'l0I"QZf?llQ The Quull ond Scroll orgonnzotnon us o Notuonol Honorory Journolustlc Society It as the gool for which oll gournolusrn students strave Its purpose ns to elevote publication stondords ond to Improve the stondords of the lnstntutlon Membershup IS bo ed on the merits of the student s work for hrs poper ond has scholostnc rotung Corlene Chlles Borboro Word Ilene Jones Inez Roshud Ernestune Roshud .lam Dow Betty Sonford Borboro Cronk Helen Long QU I LL AND SCROLL MEM BERS Normo Bethenod Dorothy Buerboum Jone Felgor Jnm Budd Mory Beth Jormon Joonne Hordy Borboro Kupp Nodme Peterson Dorothy Sly 49 uruc LOI'ld The National Music Society is for the purpose of creating and promoting interest in the field of music For admission to this organization a student must be in the upper one third of his class display good character and leadership and be an outstanding member of one of the music groups of his school such as band orchestra or glee club A member of this honor society should show ability and interest in the the names of students who are eligible for membership MEMBERS Richard Auwaerter Bill Stempel Bill P ke llene Jones Marilyn Casady John Duncan Emerson Wright Bernard Lowery Bettie Hovey Beverley Carr Ted Cross Nancy Curtis Bill McElwee Marjorie Cornell Alan Dempsey Gwen Curtis Jim Suter Dorothy Bierbaum Norma Dorn Curtis Olson Bob Hess Betty Genck Shirley Rahn Ronald Durham 66 77 ' or music field. Miss Castelloe andhMr. Nelson are the. directors, who submit NATIONAL MUSIC HONOR SOCIETY cc 77 dfJ?llQI'6l 8 "Act well your part, there all the honor lies," is the motto of all Thespians. Membership in the Thespian Society is the highest dramatic honor that a high school student may attain. Eligibility for membership is based on a point system Poirit are achieved for any work in connection with a high school play Students who qualify for membership are approved by the sponsor Miss Bagenstos MEMBERS OF TROUPE 229 Bill McElwee President Emerson Wright V Pres Carlene Chiles Sec Treas Sam Skinner Walter Benbow Joanne Hardy Dorothy Bierbaum THESPIANS Barbara Kipp Bill Stempel Thomas Hensley Pat Smith Weselene Barney John Duncan Jane Felgar 51 MEMBERS U g Mloufafion U In l944 a new organrzatlon was formed under the sponsorship of the Student Councul lt as an honor socnety Each member as chosen tor has scholarshup abllrty as a leader wnllnngness to cooperate and attitude toward school actsvltues an general Thus he IS chosen for has qualntles as a good cutnzen as the name of the club nmplles Thus year the organuzatnon has worked un connection wnth the local cnvuc plannang board to help nmprove our town Weselene Barney Presldent Bull Anson Vuce Presndent Norma Bethenod Secretary Emerson Wnght Donna Saunders Bull McElwee Joanne Hardy Alfred Cartmull Jane Felgar Harold Bergee Curtis Olson Betty Genck Bettse Hovey Jnm Dow Dorothy Blerbaum Gene DeVol Beverley Carr Dudley Noble Joan DeVol Sam Skinner Norma Hutson Bob Reed Jam Oppenheimer Carolyn Klstler Walter Benbow Bonnne Snyder Richard Auwaerter Norma Dorn Marilyn Kennedy Caroll Papalohn CITIZEN OF Tl-lE MONTH CLUB 52 QIUOI' gfdfid M!! We the Senaors of Fort Madason Hagh School County of Lee State of Iowa Class of l947 beang of sound and dasposang mand and memory of full legal age and not actarag under duress menace fraud or undue anfluence of any person whomsoever and consaderang the uncertaanty of thas lafe do hereby mcake publash and declare thas to be our last wall and testament hereby revokang all former walls and codacals by us at any tame heretofore made And so-thas saad class of 47 bequeaths to our beloved Junaor fraends as a whole our naghtly seats an detentaon hall besades our sophastacataon whach you automatacally acquare To the Junaor garls we Senaor garls leave our front row assembly seats are they ever super' If doubtful about the latter just ask any of us To the Sophomores who wall be an our footsteps an two years to come we leave our talent for startang new tradataons such as very few dances the shaftang noon hours and our stylash haardos ancludang the straaght bangs of the garls and those luscaous waves of the boys Carry on' To the no longer green Freshmen we wall our unbelaevable test grades an Ameracan hastory along wath our pravalege to leave assembly farst Of course you may have to waat a few years for thas maraculous glorafacataon but tame alone as all that as needed To Mr Bogar we leave our many adeas for establashang more rules and regulataons Woe to the FMHS student bodaes an years to come I RICHARD ROBERT AUWAERTER wall my homework to any unfortunate ones who enjoy studyang I m through wath at I WESELENE MARY BARNEY wall my posataon as the only garl ara trag class to NANCY CURTIS wath the hope that she wall carry on wath equal success 0? I NORMA JEAN BETHENOD wall my thard year Spanash class to whoever thanks he can bluff has way through I RUTH LUCILLE BLANCHARD wall my long haar to whoever wants at I am suck and tared of puttang at up I CELIA BELLE BONHAM want to keep everythang Ive got except my excess weaght whach TWILA RICHMOND can have I WILLIAM MERLE BOWERS wall my enormous drum set to everyone Come down and play at any tame I BETTIE JANE BREEN wall my attractaon to C C H to DARREL SHREVE Keep up my good work I ROBERT VANDALIA BROWN wall my knowledge of Macbeth to SOUIRT BLANCHARD I IOLA RUTH BURGHOFFER wall my long skarts to CYNTHIA BEELMAN I MARY ELIZABETH BURKETT wall my loyalty to one man to BEVERLY BROWN Good luck Bev I CARL CARLSON wall my abalaty to get graduates for steadaes to any other boy who succeeds an doang at I BEVERLEY SUE CARR wall my posataon as drummer for the pep squad to EVELYN M CEE Here s hopang you don t get the bawlang outs that I dad 53 1' I I l I I . I I I I I I A I I I I' I I- . V I I I f ' . . ' I I D I . . I 'T I ' 1 I I . A I ' I I . . . . I , f . ' I I I I, WILLIAM GIVENS ANSON, will nothing to no one. l'm Scotch. I I . . . , . . I ' I ' I I I I ' ' I I I I , . I I ' , , . . . . ' II II , , II II I ' ' I I I I ' ,I . 1 A . -: 1 . - . I MARILYN JEAN CASADY wall my typang speed to whoever starts out by not Iookang at the keys I RACHELLE CARLENE CHILES wall my utter dasgust for detentaon halls study hall passes guest slaps and class admats to the maaoraty of FMI-IS I ALBERT RAYMOND CHRISTY wall my hand at the paants and brush to HAROLD BERGEE I EDITH ALENE CHRISTY wall my A sl should have gotten an my Englash IV class ta any braght Iattle Junaor who can make the grade namely JEANETTE CANTRIL I GRACE MARIE CLARK wall what I dadn t learn an shorthand to MARY MARSH I MARJORIE CORNELL wall my extraordanary Iakang for all the teachers especaally commercaal teachers to MARY FELBAUR I doubt af she needs at I JEAN LA VERNE CORNS wall to ROSEMARIE BAKER the Iabrary at FMHS and here s hopang she doesn t get the cards maxed up' I HILBERT COWLES wall my Massoura accent to anyone anterested n becomang Presadent I BARBARA JANE CRANK wall my bleached fore lock to ORA HUDSON I GWENDOLYN DOROTHY CURTIS wall my quaet ways to LOIS REED I BESSIE ELLEN DALRYMPLE wall my great care an dravang a car to NORMA DORN THOMPSON I DORRIS WAYNE DE MINT wall my charmang personalaty and my black locks to J IM JACOBSON I GENE RICHARD DE VOL wall my power an puntang a football fafty fave yards to DUTCH HORNE and may he be able to punt farther than I I FRANK DALE DINWIDDIE wall my authoraty an study hall to anyone who thanks that he can get by sattang wath has steady every day I JAMES ROGER DOW wall my extraordanary aptness an makang touch downs to RICHARD GRISWOLD May he be lucky an trappang on a football ara the end zone I DERALD DEAN DRESSLER wall my brown eyes and damples to VIRGIL CRONK Maybe you can put them to use I JOHN DE VOL DUNCAN wall my beat up bass horn and bull faddle to TERRY DE COURSEY I DEAN ALLAN DUNSWORTH wall my quaet ways and hagh grades to BILL DENNISON I RONALD EDWIN DURHAM wall my maraculous basketball aptatude to JOE DORNBERG May he get the pleasure of dressang once I MYRTLE MARIE ENRIGHT wall my heaght to LAURA GRIMWOOD Use at to the best of your abalaty I STANLEY FAIRLIE wall my place an wood shop to all boys wantang to get out of school subjects I RICHARD KENNETH GASTON wall my excess weaght to BILL LEMON I ALICE JEAN GEIGLEY wall my abalaty to draw durang class to anyone who has enough courage to try at 54 , . . , . I I . . . . i I, ELEANOR JUNE DEAL, will my nickname, "BubbIes," to BARBARA I DONALD LEE GILLENWATER wall my wavy haar to LYLE OWENS IGood luck wath your crop Lyle I a Jov MARY GROSSMAN w.aa my 9.9919 to NORMA DORN I JOHN JOSEPH HAAS JUNIOR wall my saze twelve shoes to DARREL PEE WEE WATSON I VIRGINIA ALICE HAWES wall my calm smooth temperament to PAT WELLS Oh well I dadn t plan to leave anythang anyway' I LARRY HAWKINS wall my tlartang eyes and my damples to NEAL LAMPKIN I THOMAS ROYCE HENSLEY wlll my abalaty to get anto trouble to ROBERT BRIGGS I LETHA RUTH HOLLAND wall my strakang personalaty to BETTY GENCK I BETTIE JEAN HOVEY wall my posataon an marchang band to JOAN DE VOL at she can stand at I ALBERT FRANCIS HUMPHREY wall my aballty to get back to the same steady on the average of once a week to KEITH JAMES I VICTOR JOHN HUTCHISON wall my braan an the chemastry lab to JIMMY BUDD As at he weren t an Edason ll already I CHARLES JOSEPH HYDE wall my kack oft technaque to anyone who as fortunate enough to get to start In every game I TOMMY JAMES HYDE wall my center posataon to BILL MARLETTE I RUTH ILENE JONES wall to NORMA HUTSON my habat of always sayang the raght thang at the wrong tame I GEORGE WILLIAM KIPP wall my courage to stay away from garls to BILL DENNISON I JACK WALTER LANE wall my tall dark and handsome look to STAN LEY GELSTHORPE I DONALD ROBERT LEWIS wall my athletac skall to HARRY SOOKY ANDREWS I HELEN FRANCES LONG wall my nackname Butterball to ROSALIND ROAN I ESTELLE BERNICE LONGWITH wall my pataence to snt through the same movae twelve tames wathout becomang bored to any one who as crazy enough to do at I BERNARD LEMAR LOWERY wall my second chaar posataon In band to TED CROSS He can take care ot both tarst and second chaars' I WILLIAM DUNCAN MCELWEE wall to RAY HOLT my thoughtful and just temperament I JEAN MARGARET MCFARLAND wall my seat an senaor Englash to JOANNE HARDY Good luck Joanne' I RUTH JOAN McGUlRE wall my cold stare to BETTY SUE DE MINT I HAZEL MARIE MCGLOTHLIN wall my capabalaty to get along wath Mrs Bartlett to MARY FELBAUR I JAMES ROBERT MANARD wall my colossal blutt talent an all classes to JAMES GROSENKEMPER 55 I A I . A . , . I , . I I I U I II II I I ' I ' 1 1 1 - I I I I I I ' , . I I I I . . . . I I - , . I I U U A.. V ' After all these years we, Charlae and I, dad somethang datferent. I I I I 1 I A 1 I ' ' ' ' II II I I ' ' II II I I I I 1 I 1 I 1 I I I . A . . 1 I ' I I ' ' If ll - 1. 1 I RICHARD MARSH wall my abalaty to get along wath teachers to FRANK WALLIS I LEROY THEODORE MENKE wall my forwardness to GEORGE FELGAR I LOUIS GEORGE MILLMEYER wall my ease an startang a conversataon wath BONNIE SNYDER to FRANCIS ROAN I MILDRED ANNETTE MITCHELL wall my dancang rhythm to GARNITA MORREY I DOROTHY ALICE MORRISON wall my speed an typang to MARTHA DAVIS I GEORGE WINFORD NAIFEH wall to my good fraend BILL COPPAGE all the splanters that I leave after two years on the basketball bench I FRANCIS DEAN ODELL wall my bashfulness to JESS REED I DONALD LEE OPPENHEIMER wall my gran to CYNTHIA NAPIER I FRANCISCO ORTIZ wall my posataon as student manager to SAMMY SKINNER and KIPP WELLS I JAMES EMMET PARRISH wall the whole works to whoever wants at I HERBERT WAYNE PATTERSON wall my posataon an the Matteson Brothers car to NORMA DALE I FLORENCE ELLEN PERRY wall my wealth of Dallas Cnty boys to HEIR ESS ST CLAIR I JUANITA PEARL PERRY wall my self conscaousness and stubborness to VERLIE CAFER I BETTY JEAN PERSINGER wall my short short permanent to NANCY CURTIS I WILLIAM JOSEPH PIKE wall my eyebrow raasang to ELBERT BLANCH ARD to use as he pleases I AURORA MARQUE PILOTO wall my amaabalaty toward Mass Jacobs I SHIRLEY ANN RAHN wall my excellent Pl Spanish to ZEKE RODVIK I ERNESTINE LEONA RASHID wall my super duper 34 Ford V8 to ALAN DEMPSEY an case has collapses before next year I INEZ RASHID wall the game of Flanch to GARY THOMPSON I RAYMOND ALFRED RASHID wall my consaderataon for teachers to CHARLES HIRSCHLER I GEORGE REEDER wall my heaght to MARVIN WORMAN I PATRICIA LOUISE SPLLEN wall my posataon an P T classes to KATH ERINE LASSWELL I had my fun now at s your turn I Torsaa MARIE SANDOVAL waaa my puracfaaoaafy to BENNY PRADO I BETTY LOU SANFORD wall my job of supplyang the C 81 B staff wath salted peanuts to next year s typast I DONNA NELLE SAUNDERS wall my loyalty to one fellow and everyone knows who to JOAN BOLEY I MARCELLA MARGARET SCOTT wall my boots and saddle to anyone who wall answer to the name Zelda I ROBERT STANLEY SHEPHERD wall my manly physaque to FREDDIE ANDERSON I NORMA JEANNE SIMPSON wall my Englash skall to anyone who thanks he can use at 56 I I 1 1 ' 1 1 I I I I 1 1 1 1 I I ' 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 I I I - 1 1 ' I I I 1 1 ' K- . . . . . I J I 1 1 r ' - 1 I I - - 11 - 11 I I ' I I I I ' A x y . . ' ' I . , . I I ' 1 1 , . 1 1 1 I I 1 1 1 ' II II ' II ' II I I 1 1 I PATRICIA ANNE SMITH wall my unbelievable desare to be fraendly whale tryang to meet deadlanes for the yearbook to next years yearbook edator Keep smalan' I BONNIE JEAN SNYDER wall my typang speed and accuracy to no one I m goang to keep tryang I GLORIA LA VADA SNYDER wall my speed an leavnng Thompson s at I OO and beang an Englash IV by I O5 to GRACE HERRMUTH I FLOYD JAMES STARR wall my place an all of Mr Schenken s classes to LEO GILLETT I OTIS LEE STEEPLES wall my stage settang skull to MARVIN WATSON I KARL WILLIAM STEMPLE wall my cartoonlng and football fame to DUDLEY NOBLE provaded that he follows the traanang rules stractly and draws only non commercaal cartoons Thank at s worth ut? I EVA MARIE STIGALL wall my dates wath out of town boys namely Keokuk Burlrngton Muscatane and Faarfaeld to DOLORES BUTCH DAVOLT I JAMES MARCUS SUTER wall my straaght haar to CARROLL POPA JOHN I FLOYD STOUT wnll my after school workang to all unlucky part tame workers Now I m goang on full tame I ANNA RUTH THOMAS wall my power to say the wrong thang at the wrong tame to anyone as unfortunate as I am It s got me anto enough trouble I BARBARA DARLENE WARD wall my posutaon a Pep Squad leader to any person wath patnence strong voace and nothang else to do I JOHN JACK WHITE wall my love of runnang an the halls durang class tame to all of next year s Senaors I hope you get by as well as I dad I HOWARD EMERSON WRIGHT wall my strakang personaluty llnterpret that as you washl to GEORGE NAIFEH I MARY CHRISTY YOUNG wall my carefree easy goang temper to PHYLLIS BROWN It s a reluef to get rad of at' I D W YOUNG wall my floor stare an speech class to JACK HANSMAN After all Mnss Bagenstos must talk about somethang C arid .ilwforg I943 44 THE CORN IS GREEN Thankang of ourselves We are PRACTICALLY YOURS you lucky hagh school we the Freshman Class of l943 44 entered the bualdang that farst mornang much to the dasmay of the upper classmen To top at all off we had trudged along the boardwalks an front of that palace on l8th street about 8 o clock only to fand one of the many regulataons on the campus NO TRESPASSING However we fanally managed to get our regular assembly seats on the lower floor of course and those ancredable fascanatang days NEVER TO BE FORGOTTEN began Startang out to accomplash our share of the work whlch was not too much for the farst year we elected as our offacers Weselene Barney Carlene Chlles Herbert Patterson and George Naafeh Haghlaghts of thas year ancluded The basketball fave beang defeated by Central at Sacred Heart Hall Honor study halls oragnnatang wath student proctors supervasang Cutazen of the Month Club newly organlzed by the Student Councal Two students 57 1 1 . . . 1 1 1 1 . . . . . 1 1 1 , . 1 1 1 ' 1 1 ' 1 1 1 . . . , . 1 1 1 - - ' - 11 11 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 - - , . . 1 1 . , . 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 . , . . 1 1 1 1 1 ' , . . . , . . , . , . Z . ' a . . 11 . 1 1 ,, . . . 1 1 1 ' 1 , . . 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 , . 1 1 ' 1 I I ' from each class were chosen as the best citizens each month. Emerson Wright and Weselene Barney represented our class in this club the first year ..... The C. 8. B. Formal was the beginning of another tradition ..... The end of the beginning finally arrived and we advanced to the Sopho- more year. As a whole unit our words to the upper classmen were, "Please, PARDON MY PAST. We'll make up for it," i944 45 TOO YOUNG TO KNOW EASY COME EASY GO were our thoughts of the first year but now we were faced by a few more handicaps for we were now sophisticated Sopho mores and we had to prove our name by having a little responsibility inflicted upon us During this year our leaders were Bill Anson Norma Bethenod Richard Auwaerter This year a Gold Star Service Flag was hung in the lower hall dedicated to the seventeen FMHS graduates who gave their lives in World War ll Norma Bethenod Bill Anson Donna Saunders and Billy McElwee were chosen as Sophomore Citizens of the Month Ray Rashid won first place in the state contest in student conducting Our biggest privilege this year was that of being able to attend the Prom with an upper classman June came next and we were free to enjoy a swell vacation at the Dry Dock and swimming pool if no other place was within our scope I945 46 THE TIME OF THEIR LIVES Probably the greatest difference in our school career occurred this year for we were now considered upper classmen After three short months of vacation we were prepared for the SHOCK of trudging up the SPIRAL STAIRCASE to find our new assembly seats We hope for the rest of the students that they install escalators soon For our leaders in the school activities this year we chose Emerson Wright Bill Anson Norma Bethenod and Richard Auwaerter Six new teachers joined our faculty this year including our new principal Mr William Bogar Along the sport line Madison smashed Muscatine in football I2 O with big Chods two touchdowns Among the many fine assemblies enjoyed by the entire student body were the Wade Trio C E Jones the chemist and a very nice program to salute the War Veterans The band won S50 first place marching in the Nauvoo Grape Festival parade Francisco Ortiz rejoined our classes after serving one and a half months in maritim service The Broadway musical BEST FOOT FOR WARD was presented as the Junior Class Play with Carlene Chiles and Bill McElwee playing the leading roles under the direction of Miss Irwin mitted to Quill and Scroll were Ernestine Rashid Inez Rashid Carlene Chiles .lim Dow Norma Bethenod Ilene Jones Helen Long Barbara Ward Barbara Crank and Betty Sanford National Honor Society members chosen from our class were Pat Smith Weselene Barney Carlene Chiles Jim Dow Victor Hutchinson Ernestine Rashid and Emerson Wright Homecoming Day which consisted of a morning assembly pep assembly afternoon parade 58- 1 1 1 I ' 1 1 I I I 1 ' 1 , . 1 1 1 ' 1 1 . , , , , , ..... , . . , , ..... 1 1 . .. D . , - .. . .... I 1 1 , .....Ad- I I I I I I I I , 1 1 1 1 , , ..... I 1 1 uptown and a bonfsre sn Rsvervsew Park was arranged by the Junsors To end our octsvstses for thss year on May 4 we organszed a colorful Prom for the enjoyment of both Sensors and Junsors A nsght club Club 46 was the theme A huge fan of colored metallsc paper covered a great portson of the wall behsnd the orchestra of Don Dobson A fence of zebra strsped paper surrounded the dance floor Huge palm trees wsth balloons sn them stood on esther ssde by tables and chasrs covered wsth zebra paper l946 47 AND NOW TOMORROW On September 3 I946 we entered snto thss hsgh school to start a new year for the last tsme After a class meetsng Jsm Dow Norma Bethenod and Pat Smsth were elected as offscers Emerson Wrsght repeated the oath for student councsl pressdent A new student councsl system was begun wsth members from each class chosen as representatsves Helen Long Jsm Suter Marsorse Cornell and Kesth Jarman were chosen as cheerleaders Bettse Hovey was crowned homecomsng queen at the Washsngton football game Her attendants were Donna Saunders and Barbara Ward A large vsctory bell to be rung when we emerged the vsctors sn basketball was presented to the school by the Scsence Club A new organszatson tl'e lnk Slsngers was formed thss year and sntroduced as a club at thesr novelty western dance Destry Rsdes Agasn Don Lewss won a place on the fsrst basketball team of the lsttle ssx conference All tar Team Emerson Wrsght placed on the second team and Alfse Cartmsll recesved an honorable mentson Sensors voted snto the Cstszen of the Month Club thss year were Bonnse Snyder Rschard Auwaerter Jsm Dow and Bettse Hovey March 7 the Sensor Glee Clubs and Chosr presented Dream Daze a musscal revsew starrsng Bsll Stempel and llene Jones March l8 the Junsor and Sensor Classes presented a three act play entstled Doctor s Orders Baccalau eate Servsces were held Sunday May 25 and we recesved our dsplomas Thursday nsght May 29 Four memorable years of our lsves are now complete but we look ahead wsth the thought AND NOW TOMORROW' Uellfif 0 f QCII' Ssnce our Sensor year ss the most smportant year of all hsgh school days we thsnk st would be wsse to remember a few of the smportant dates September 3 We began our last year by gsvsng loud cheers for our class sn contrast to the meek yells of the so called green freshmen September l3 The begsnnsng of our football season and socsal events wsth the Macomb game csnd the tradstsonol Sensor Msxer Both were splendsd vsctorses on our part September 23 We welcomed the return of Msss Bagenstos who had recovered from a long sllness October l2 The band went to the State Band Contest at Fasrfseld and won second place October I9 The Ksltses made thesr fsrst appearance sn thesr snappy new unsforms at the Muscatsne game 59 I I ..... I I . . . . I - 1 I r 1 - 1 1 , , , . .... y , ..... I ' 1 - 11 4 F 11 - I . .... S e T , " 1 1 1 ' V 11 , ,, . . . . , ..... , . . . ,, , ss . . l' ... , I , ..... 4 11 1 ll , ..... . 11 ll 1 October 20 Muss Nancy Lee Kumbrell appeared with the chonr and Sensor Glee Clubs for the flrst Vocal Vesper Servuce of the year October 25 Homecomnngl An assembly pep rally parade and bonfire headed the celebratlon thus year During the half of the Washington game our queen Bettie Hovey was crowned by the Junuor Class President Bob Groves The queen and her attendants Barbara Ward and Donna Saunders reigned at the l-lomecomung Dance November ll The Keokuk Chiefs fought a hard battle on the football field against the Bloodhounds However they were defeated l4 O November l5 We had a very colorful and entertalnung assembly given by three bland Mexucan boys who sang and played many popular songs November 2l We were honored to have as our guest speaker Lt James Whntaker survivor of the Eddie Ruckenbaker plane crash November 22 The Freshman and Sophomore Classes presented theur class play The Adventures of Tom Sawyer under the durectnon of Mass lrwln November 23 The annual Student Council Formal was held an the settlng of Pnlgrnm tnmes December 20 The Glee Clubs and Sensor Chour presented parts of the Messiah as the annual Chrustmas program lt was broadcast over a gone an operatnon January l7 Clyde Bryant a blind planlst of Keokuk pres nted assembly of popular and boogie woogne music January 25 Destry Rides Agaxn a novelty western dance was pre sented by the Ink Slnngers February ll C E Jones gave a lecture on atomic energy February 28 Fort Madison won from St Paul s of Burlington nn the Sectuonal Tournaments March 4 The Bloodhounds tangled wnth Burlington for the Dustrlct Tournaments March 7 Dream Daze was presented by the Sensor Chour and Glee Clubs March l4 The annual Local Vocal Contest A great number of students participated March I8 Doctors Orders was presented by our The-spnan Troupe The cast was composed of Jumors and Seniors March 2l The second band concert of the year Aprul l8 Junior Class Play May 23 The beglnnung of Senior Week the Sensors gave theur class play The hnghlnghts of the year were fun and entertaining for everyone S long everybody 60 l l ' 1 1 1- l I - I A I I ' I I . , 1 I T . , . ll ll ' ' - A I I ll ' II l- ' handie-talkie system to the bedside of Miss Castello, who had recently under- 1 I. 4 . D .' I e II ' ' ll J II ' f gl I II . . . . . I O Mane Qs 6293 3 WAS Bm! All through football and basketball season our band under the dnrectson of Mr Carl Nelson provided snappy muslc during the games and entertaanment at the half ID thenr colorful crimson and black uniforms Thu muslc was highly appreclated by the crowds gath ered as It added to the atmosphere of good school spnrnt Every school should have a good band to repre sent lt' We are proud to say we are more than amply provided A group of Southern Iowa Band Directors were the guests of Mr Nelson and our school band on Wednesday November 20 The vnsutors were entertained by the band and pep squad Cn October l7 the band journeyed to Ottumwa to take part In the Iowa Centennial Celebration After sufferlng from a flat ture the members arruved and put on a splendid show October 2 the distract Marching Band Contest an which our band competed was held at Fanrfueld 62 I I I 1 ' 1 ,C , . . - .1 - 11 1 K - - 11 . . , 1 . 1 1 , . 1 l , , 'f,- ' l A 1 l l Trombones Bully McElwee Emerson Wright Ray Rashid John Haas Jr A C Rodvuk Dorothy Sprenger Alice Johnson Eb Saxophone Bob Earns Janne Eelgar Marvin Worthen Bob Mehrnert Ray l-lolt Darrell Watson Tenor Saxophone Bob Groves Oboe Paul Mackey Bettne l-lovey Eb Alto Clarinet Anna Marne Levnck ZYYWJJSZQWI Bass Drum Nadnne Peterson Sade Cymbals Beverley Carr Tympanl Evelyn McGee Flutes Judith Croskery Shurley Walton Duane Tackaberry Plano and Bells Jum Manard Tuba John Duncan John Napier Baritone Horn Donald Tweed Jrrnmy Scholtz Bassoon Jim Budd Clarlnets Bernard Lowery Ted Cross Rlchard Auwaerter Weselene Barney Phyllis Brown Julua Bucknngham Shurley Burdette Darlene Munson Dlxle l-lovey Wanda Woods Loss Ann Harper Harold Johnston Corners Nancy Curtis Dolores Rrchers Eloyd Starr Iona Wnggenjost Bull Dennison Leslie Stansbery Donald Scott Evelyn Toops French Horn Joan DeVol Beverly Davls 63 I I I I . 3: gp , . :: :.- Alan Dempsey 3 +7 :: It 1 DRUM MAJORETTES The majorettes are the high-steppers that lead the band. This year our drum major was pretty, blonde, Bettie Hovey, who has been an active member of the orchestra, concert and marching bands. The majorettes add color and splendor to all the entertainment they provide in school ac- tivities. Their costumes are made up of white satin dress uniforms, white high-topped boots, and white hats with large red plumes. gli i 1 MEMBERS Bettie Hovey Joan DeVol Ora Hudson Dona Taylor Beverley Peterson BATON TWIRLERS This group of baton twirlers is an entirely n w organization lt was started by Carl Nel son in October l9-'16 The baton twirlers is an all girl organization consisting of twenty members Each girl is also musically inclined Mr Nelson has stated that they will be ready to entertain at basketball and football games beginning next school year 64 l . T Ta .. : 5 'ZW lg- l 51 'W JJ ,SJ Omkedzm Turnung from marching to classncal rnuslc our school orchestra under the baton ot Mr Carl Nelson presented good musuc throughout the school year Thls organization composed of boys and gurls provnded music for the auduences durung play season The gurls appeared un varrous colored MEMBERS Nancy Jones Marilyn Knrshner Geraldlne Harper Harold Toops Joan Anderson Mary Felbar Wanda Foster Roberta Thuede Bull McElwee Rosalnnd Roan Verlue Dlckson Roberta Pohlpeter Ray Rashad Alice Johnson John Haas Jr Bob Mehrnert Paul Mackey Bettue Hovey Anna Marne Levuck Nadlne Peterson Shnrley Walton Evelyn McGee Judith Croskery Jnm Manard Bernard Lowery Ted Cross Julua Buckingham Wanda Woods Loss Ann Harper John Duncan Nancy Curtls Iona Wlggenyost Evelyn Toops Donald Tweed Jnmrny Scholtz Beverly Davus Jlm Budd I C Q I i formals and the boys wore dress suits. -65- Senior Boy's Glee Club Sophomore Girl's Glee Club Freshman Girl's ond Boy's Glee Club Senior Girl's Glee Club GirI's Double Sextette -67- Modrigol Group Boy's Ocfette Sophomore Boy's Glee Club Q55 in CHOIR MEMBERS SLNIOR CHOIR Dressed an their tradltlonal robes of crlmson and black the Senror Cholr presented musuc and colortul entertannment tor the student body and the publlc The Chour and Glee Clubs presented the tnrst vocal vesper servlce ot the school year October 20 The program consnsted ot several selectuons by each group and two selectuons by Mass Nancy Lee Knmbrell who appeared as guest sololst November 5 our Cholr had the honor at appearing wnth Dave Rubunoft the noted vlollnlst The Cholr accompanied Rublnoft whsle he played Deep In My Heart The dnrector ot the Iowa Wesleyan College Cholr Invuted our Chour to a mass performance at the Messuah held at Mount Pleasant Iowa The trap was called oft due to the Illness ot Mass Castelloe The annual Chrlstmas program was cancelled because of the contlnued Illness of Mass Castelloe However the Cholr and Glee Clubs presented several selectxons from the Messlah an Friday afternoon December 20 under the dlrectuan of Mrss Mary Lourse Severens The program was broad cast over a handy talkue system to the bedsrde ot Mass Castelloe On March 7 the Sensor Cholr and Glee Clubs presented a musical revlew entitled Dream Daze whlch might have been mlstaken for a Broadway musucal wlth llghts costumes talent and the best ot popular musnc The Dream Daze was one of the hugh llghts ID entertainment thus year ROW I Dorothy Blerbaum Beverly Brown Elda Mae Cater Marjorle Cornell Norma Jean Dorn Bessne Dalrymple Juanita End Betty Genck Joanne Hardy Vera McPherson Germanne Naschert Shnrley Rahn Anna Ruth Thomas ROW ll Chrnsty Young Bernnce Longwuth Gwen Curtus Florence Perry Dons Wrnght Marllyn Casady Lorean Breeze Dolores Davolt Charlotte Lawlor Barbara Klpp Joy Grossman Jean McFarland Pat Wells ROW lll Mary Lee Frey Pat Smlth Gene Bundewald Tommy Frantz Harold Bergee Jrm Jacobson Blll Stemple Curtls Olson James Sampsell James Budd Walter Benbow Carl Carlson Wayne DeMrnt ROW IV Frank Glllett Francrs Roan Sam Sklnner Jam Suter Dave Houck Tom Hensley Jack Lane Francxs Odell Bull se Doyle Shelledy Ronald Durham Bob Hess I . , . I I I II Il Il ' II , . , . ' 1 ' Il ' ll ' I I I ' II Il ' ' ' I I I I ' 11 11 - A - - - Q ' 'f,. I , , 'f I ill A 1 1 2,1 ' -, J fl I lg' - I i amz' 5 A I Z X G Higllligllls in I-'10 5 of Spur 5 ? S ? X X I Y 2 K Jaffa 4 A :ff-i, , X !, ,-LL,gf7 ! X ff ' ' -ff ff ff' " X" , f' rut Lf' Firt Row Johnson Casady, Crull, Mekemson, Olso, Reeder, Cowles, Carlson, Horn, Heising Kirschner Hutchison Second Row Cartmill Matteson, Roan, Benbow, Diton, Popajohn, C. Hyde, Skinner, Ortiz, Early Reed Bryant T Hyde James Worthen Wallace, Frantz. Third Row Soderquist Ekstrand, Stempel, Shepherd, Anson, Wright, DeVol, Dow, Matteson, Reid Noble Griswold Lewis Macomb Ottumwa Fairfield Centerville Burlington Muscatine Washington L , Mt. Pleasant , Keokuk Muscatine Burlington Washington Ottumwa Fairfield Mt Pleasant Fort Madison FOOTBALL SCHEDULE 'I946 Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Madison Madison Madison Madison Madison Madison Madison Madison Madison LITTLE SIX STANDINGS L. O O 2 2 4 3 6 6 T. l l O O I 2 O l Pts. l38 l46 l l4 IO7 42 26 40 26 W ,fn V' ,W me Z?AOC!A0lfU'l 5 Handicapped by an inexperienced and light team, Madison came through with an extremely mediocre season of two wins and seven losses. The "Bloodhounds" started with a l4 to O win over a highly rated Macomb eleven but went into a losing spree of seven straight games. The Hounds met up with one of the heaviest lines in the state in the Ottumwa aggregation and were spilled to the tune of l9 to O on a rain- soaked gridiron. The "Trojans" likewise took one from the Hounds by pushing over one to win 6 to O. The "Big Reds" of Centerville followed Fairfield with a l3 to O win to keep Fort Madison from entering the scoring column. Tangling next with the Burlington "Greyhounds" the Madison squad was caught on its heels, for the "Casket City" boys pushed over two touchdowns in the early minutes of the game on long jaunts and went on to tally two more in the second quarter to win 27 to O. The A'Bloodhounds" finally reentered the scoring column when they blocked a punt on the Muscatine 5-yard line and scored on the next play. But the forward wall and "Tommy Bloom and Company" weren't to be stopped for they literally ripped the Bloodhounds to shreds and took a 32 to 6 win. ln the next two games Madison lost two heartbreaking thrillers to Wash- ington and Mt. Pleasant. Washington took a 34 to l-4 win while Mt. Pleas- ant came across with a l2 to 6 win. ln the final game of the season on Armistice Day the revived Bloodhounds found new strength and crushed the Keokuk "Chiefs" l4 to O. Q-.Q .74 E! JA Ollll if Basketball season I946 47 This season the Bloodhounds finished their games with a win nine lose ten record. In the Sectional tournaments they won from St. Paul's of Burlington and received the District Tournament Plaque. However, when they traveled to Fairfield for the District, they were again defeated by the Burlington Greyhounds. We had just a fair season this year-placing sixth in the'Little Six Con- ference. Emerson Wright and Don Lewis were placed on the All-Conference teams. Wright made the second team, guard position, while Lewis received a forward position on the first team. Although lacking considerable height compared to our opponents, the team showed plenty of good spirit and fight. Emerson Wright was elected the honorary captaincy of the l946-47 season while Alfie Cartmill was chosen to lead the I947-48 season. We lose some of our best players this year-Lewis, Wright, the two Hydes, DeVol, and Auwaerter. However, we have many more experienced big players coming up. 172- Lyn .fgcfion Little Six Standings W. L. Pts. Muscatine 13 1 549 Ottumwa . 13 1 643 Burlington 8 6 579 Washington 8 6 659 Fairfield . 7 7 535 Fort Madison 5 9 485 Keokuk O 14 395 Op. Pts 401 386 480 579 552 612 589 VARSITY BASKETBALL: From left to right: Skinner, Durham, Griswold, C, Hyde, DeVol, James, Dow Lewis Soderquist T. Hyde, Cartmill, Aawaerter, Wright, Reed, Dempsey, Ortiz. l '. ' l ,iz il 1 Second Row Rump Mekemson Miller Shoop Hutchison Hall Dornberg Heising Pohlpeter Watson Otte Wells 73 JUNIOR VARSITY: First Row: Anderson, Papajohn, Noble, Marlette, Worthcn, Wallace. xgfl .xdcfion Away December 6 Muscatine Fort Madison December 20 Washington Fort Madison January 3 Fort Madison Mt. Pleasant January lO Otturnwa Fort Madison January 28 Fairfield Fort Madison February 7 Fort Madison Keokuk February l 8 Fort Madison Oskaloosa February Burlington Fort Madison 21 ,742 At Home November 29 January February ll Fort Madison Burlington Fort Madison 44 Dallas City Fort Madison Mt. Pleasant l4 December I January February I4 Quincy Fort Madison Ottumwa 53 Fort Madison Alumni Fort Madison 35 December i3 January February 24 Fort Madison Muscatine Fort Madison 30 Fairfield Fort Modison Catholic Central 29 December 2 January Fort Madison Washington Keokuk Fort Madison 1 is Homecoming Student Managers Letter Club flag As early as 1919 Fort Madison boys were setting records on the field and track, Through diligent efforts and hard work this sporting activity was kept going so that Fort Madison might be among those schools who spon- sor a track team that makes a name for itself. lt was not until the year 1930 that an annual track meet, held at Fort Madison, was established. This was called the "Fort Madison Relays". ln the spring of 1930 the first meet was held. Davenport succeeding in carry- ing off the top honors. These annual meets were continued, and now it is an important event on the track calendar. The Fort Madison Relays is one of the last track meets held every season and is always regarded as the track event of southeastern Iowa. First Row-Reed, Andrews, Besser, Scholtz, Miller, Bates, Flach, Hamey, Shoop, Wolfskill, Watson, Cowles, Wells, Lampkin. Second Row-Diton, Matteson, Marshall, Stempel, Griswold, D. Rashid, Dornberg, Bryant, Hutchison, Turner, Dale, Skinner. Third Row-Oppenheimer, Jarman, Spoor, Schneider, J. Rashid, Johnson, Boley, Conn, Cartmill, Naifeh. Fourth Row-Ortiz, Carlson, Hayes, DeVol, Shreves, Matteson, Gaston, Shepherd, Heising,Mekemson, Phillips, Marlette, Papajohn Stansbery, Brower, Herrmann, Hansman, Patterson. 1' f as Q MM ll 'JM 56 X X X M X 6 X ! gf 4 5 I f if W7 1 7 9 Q .' O - mi - q' .ff fffl . :HU . ff W f ff .4 - , f f f "Aff, V, Q i lf? Q , ff fs 77- School yeor 1946 47 witnessed the birth ot onother trodltuon trosh :nutuotuon Thus octnvuty ns governed by the Student Council 78 Zgzzocl on fA0 Sane! Q, .' finial 5 U --.A 1.12 A ini- gS70l'l'l0tAlng Me Kaya At three on Frldoy the olumm foculty ond students greeted the porode wondered wnth at to town Next the bonfure then the gome ond gloriously donced In the Gym 79 MTR' A . 9. N -A , 1 ' t t ff , g Q s Q ' Q M A or - 1 v , Pi .nr it he ' ,-- a ig A ' Mfg, '. , ' I ' . ,gi I . OI' 1 I 1 - 1 i, .. t SAO CKLJII f ,H 061 9 We enjoyed good entertolnment the reloxotlon wos tune Lt Wutoker Doc Lawson the Blind Mexlcons all of them gove us their best 80 , l CL en 3 130 ' :J 'I K lg'T:'1fM- , 'Z f dy. I 1 1 I . I 1 jf! fAe EJ llfle Bright warm days the rustle of dry leaves and September ns here Frlendshvps are renewed wnth a pzcmc a game or maybe just a coke ady omc, 61.65 3 P M Open those gotes trme to do 0 little reloxmg maybe ot the othletlc fmeld or soy how obout cn boot rude? Watermelon? Boy we could use some coulcln t we gurls? 82 6 C , 6 0 'Q ' 1 Q I . V , , fl X as 7 , 3 I , xl Z1 e ,"Ye, V.ngs . 7' l I H ' ' I I V I I ' ' I ' I ! ' g' fem 65" ie M lv 8 jm f 017101160 e werent very old then sux or seven A few yecars sure have mode 0 difference Wonder where we will all be next yeor thus Time 83 Wg f l1I'l6! may It l'1osn't been easy, lots of work, endless deodlmes, but now that lt's oll over, we'd luke to try ogom 84 . A l W ' 7 erm al' ' ' I . ,- A .X ,,.,. ,..1,,,,e..,.,',,M V My M iw F X, , . . I Y k A x . S , - 5 TII 9 llll 0 i Tull The Clouds RON B51 WW eg? X xfg A vs 15? V Vu 0' J .Th Wu Q - 6? ff' V jf N, , --'7' "' 7 i 4 ji.: y Z 5 'fj?fIf. 1 I I I Qxfx at fkivxxig A th UNHED Electruc AUTO LITE Servlce - e Dy SERVICE FREDERICK S GARAGE FORT MADISON IOWA PHONE 45 1204 oe zsfh STREET AUTO LITE A C PUMPS OIL FILTERS DAYTON BELTS UNITED MOTORS BATTERY CABLES CARTER CARBURETORS WAGNER LOCKHEED I9I4 947 YHA Keauty Shoppe COMPLETE BEAUTY SERVICE OF Is OMC: Beauty IS Our Busrness 2507 A e L Ph e 357 u orized N - X Ky Motometer - Ow n nero XXC yr! I I 0 - 0 - 0 0 0 0 0 0 - 1 Terms: Accounts Due 30 Days - V2 Percent Interest per Month Thereafter 0 Permonenfs 0 Hoir Dresses O Dyeing 0 Bleaching ocia nicures ll ' 0 ll v . on DANA BUSHONG AMN .2411 ffl? FUIJA Cl' FEATURED IN P. L. RIPLEY'S "BELIEVE IT OR NOT" FORT MADISON, IOWA THE PEN CAPITAL or AMERICA For Sharper Styles MURRAYS FOR MEN ARROW SHIRTS MCGREGOR S ORTSWEAR JANTZEN SWIMWEAR AND SWEATERS WILSON SPORTING GOODS 0 833 875 AVE G PHONE 2087 O 0 I FREEMAN SI-IOES 0 McKiernan Hardware STOVES - BICYCLES - SPORTING GOODS PAINTS - OILS - BOTTLED GAS 2502 AVENUE L FORT MADISON IOWA Rlchelneu Quollty Foods Phones 4 and Pe te Nagin eA QUALITY MEATS AND GROCERIES 2805 Avenue L BIRDS EYE FROSTED FOODS 'A' Complete Line of t .....-.W,.?"'-' ri. Prescriptions Drugs Sundries Cosrnetucs School Supplies Stotlonery Hollmork Greeting Cords Scott's Central Drug Store Corner 'I8th Street and Avenue G FORT MADISON IOWA A I K . 3 O i 2 0 ' 4 is vs 2 . eq S x ' 2 A O t S . 4 ,, 5 N 2 ,E 1. -1 3 ' f I . if if , as I Z A t H , O 1 t . N A .y . w V A W s . M Q , 4 V if , 245. 0 51 A lbw' J, 0' A . V ,W " t ' W ma-an -5 M. Fniv 'sm " ' W' fe ' ' A ..r. , me 'M e is , , K6 ,. ,... ...,. : 1 - - .,.t,,,,3,::,, ,,. . Q -, V, , W V . A' ,I ' 1 . ,S -. -A 'Q Q ? I,r:.,,.:., Y A ... AQWNLQ ' -u-- 1 t I 3 " B me WATC H ES 01119 the Kat 7IameA EI Tru Blu and Art Carved Dlamonds gun Waltham Bulova Gruen Swank Krensler Delfah Campus Jewelry l'l0m'llO"' Meeker Rolfe Cameo Leather Goods Long: nes Wyler Westfield Holmes 8. Edwards l847 Rogers Commumty and Internatlonal Sterling Sulverware Our 25th Year In Fort Madison S EICHENLAUB QUALITY JEWELRY 7l8 AVENUE G l yt E 5 . 4 5 Q ,F . i I k Y L-'ff sw 1-dems l . K W y k A W' nkqgw rw A l l l l l l l - l O O l -',,,,,..--1-"' CQMPLIMENTS MIDWEST TRANSIT LINES CALL 900 Brumm s Cleamng Servlce Where QUALITY Counfs 2522 Avenue L FORT MADISON IOWA 5 Q , . 'I K In ' i ,"J-'fy . 3 . 7 . N ' , . , I . I - I , TQ ,. , ' Q I I f Q , ' , , mtg - f .ar In - , , QW: - .' 'I' . f az M V, I I I .-WAxzgNw,a' bfi N: G:.f1,7,M .,, , I.. w V u-.v--wg-f. nf' ,am ,, 1 . .W , . N "w ,,M..sL..1:,Q.,..-..m.,N,' ,J".?"'f'......,..WV , W, . ,,,,,,,,,,7 ,,,, 4.--.,,w. - K W Y V YA I 0 0 II n W , I , W, , ,, -,...., ,,,,,, -.--.. W- mn-, 1.4-T? -V- A --- A, . ,,.,.,.,--...N -t 'Q' 1 e r e Most Modern Shoe Store In Southeastern Iowa Visit 0 Florsheim I Roblee Boy Scouts Roblee Jumor Buster Brown WOMEN S SHOES Selby Archpreserver Arr Step Forest Pork 'S 45212 KI DX es has rs -Woes ff tear.: 55,4 3701? V553 EITMANS 723 Avenue G Telephone 306 J MEN'S 8. BOYS' SHOES S Good Products Genuine Parts and Accessories Complete Service Wright Motor Co Chrysler Plymouth International Trucks C o 1802-1810 Avenue H Phone 674 'S 'K A Q3 LJ.: III LLUJDN 11.4 zu Im ITS K .5 CARL K LEMMON Co Owners ANDRE LaFONTAINE W.. - I ..., M- M"""""" '. I HIRAM'S PAINT and HARDWARE Edward R Contrul, Proprietor 725 AVENUE G FORT MADISON, IOWA CORBIN HARDWARE PRATT 8. LAMBERT PAINT ., ' I 'Yx 'nh 1 " Yr ' I Nix A xg W My x .V m ' Q , W - , .T I , X -V, fu 2 Q -. l 1 -K K 155335, Vg ' l'V , I X ,vim N, fl .3 ' ,3 ""tg,! u 1' I-L .,,,,.,. A - 1 ' uyifllflf k7'fI"T'L" v A mir! " 1 . - ' ' x 3 Q 151,11 R' 'XL' S f-'I Sf- ! , ',f:.u.I I I ' x M I , ,,, ,,,,, , , W, , ,H ,,Y , , ,W ,H , Y, ,,, , , , ,, W .AWWYW 'WWW Zerclae ewelry Store L B Hardy Proprletor j Y'

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