Fort Madison High School - Madisonian Yearbook (Fort Madison, IA)

 - Class of 1915

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I ARTHUR KLEPPISCH W P KLEPPISCH CLAYTON L MATSON GRAND THE TRE PATHE GOLD ROOSTER Onl the BY Theatrlcal est M Attractrons FEATURE MOTION PICTUREQ WE SOLICIT YOUR PATRONAGE Come Once and Youll Come Agam Increase Your Prospects by gettmg a practlcal modern and busmess hke trammg 1n Bookkeepmg Cost Accountmg Bank mg Busmess Enghsh Commerclal Law Ofhce Trarmng Shorthand Typewntxng CIVII Servrce E c The posxtlons held by our graduates show what thxs 1S worth The Fort Madlson Buslness College A F WHITE PFIDCIPRI v . u - ' H gg H 'W V L L. , . , --- .. , - 1 1 ' 4 s s v 1 v 1 I I . . , . Have Your Sult and Overco a Made to Your Measure GLASGOW TAILORS t FOR THE BEST CIGARS ICE COOLED CANDIES MILLER S 710 S d S h 257 J I Select the Pattern Select the Style 500 Sult or Overcoat 30 Patterns 1 Styles WHY PAY MORE? W. A. BEESON R. L. GRAY IN AND TRY 9 econ t. 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LEND Us YOUR EAR E have come to stay and w1l1 apprecxate your patronage We cater to the better class and w111 not allow any drunkenness loud or bolsterous language Come IH and get acquamted Arcade Bowlmg Alley D T LANCE Prop WOOD Asslstant Mgr Protectlon for Valuable Papers and Jewels Have YOU a Safe Deposit Box? E are re odel ng our Bank ng Offices and Vaults and w ll have better fac 1 t es than e er for the conven e ce of our custo ers Boxes can be rented by the year very cheaply Our xcan Bank Protect on Companys Electr cal Steel Lm ngs and Alarms IIIII' Munson ELYIIIEH mn The Hawkeye Lumber Co Bulldlng Materlal PHONE 786-Y A R SMITH Grocer 606 SECOND STREET For the Best of Wood and Coal call on F. H WEBER Phone 81 M 1026 FRONT STREET O W ' 1 I . v W m i - ' . i ' ' . i i i i v i n H1 . o vaults are protected by the Amer- . i , i ' i -.-,'-, H. , ' . T I ' , ' I I 0 0 0 0 4 0 Studebaker SOLD BY Auto Supply 81 Engme Co E CORSEPIUS Manager 612 614 Second St eet Fort Madlson Iowa NAN NOS 8: STAFOS The Only Steam Cleaners and Dyers 1n the Clty We are able to Dye any k nd of an Art cle PLUMES A SPECIALTY 815 SECOND STREET Funeral D1rectors PERFECT SERVICE CHAPEL PA RLORS Lee County Bank Bu1ldmg Phone 194 The Olympla Shoe Shmmg Parlor and Cleanmg Estabhshment 826 Second Street BERGMAN Sells the Best Planos for the Least Money 813 SECOND STREET DECREVEL STUDIO Where Quahty 1S Paramount Studxo on Ground Floor 809 FRONT ST. FORT MADISON, IOWA l Little Star Cleaning 8: DyeilgICoiTII 8: MATTIE B 8: WALT H CLEMENTS IOS WEISBRUCH Clements Undertaklng Co Nauvoo, Illmols Fort Madison, Iowa X I.. C R Laundry For Good Work and Qulck SCIVICC CALL 150 J WANTED ryb dy t d I- l yt lk lllk W W C XQSIDY S 1 A H f Phone 257 Y 729 Front St For that Nobby New Sult or Overcoat Call at B Gockel X Son Taulors Clothlers Hatters and Furnlshers Trunks and Bags As Good as the Best BENDLAGE 8: EWING Barbers 825 SECOND STREET Sunslune Pantatorlum For Good Work sw sEcoND STREET ALPERS Suxts Cloaks Sklrts and Mllhnery Telephone 341 Y SECOND AND PINE STS 0 O I I I - - - Eve o o know we are in th Secon land business again. Have the largest stock in the ci y. If you want to sell o b y an hing, see us. We and have 150 stoves, come in while stock is . . omplete. If you do not i eyour stove xchange it for one you wi i e. o o I g LY uccessor o . .Sone O o I 9 ' ! O O . , , . Clever, Up to Date MILLINERY Popular Pr1ces E 8: l.. 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M PAYNE F i Vi u Make up Your Mind 1 - ' 'hr Lqtgh Svrhnnl Hmm ixutmnu Ekmnhrr VOLUML XVII NOVLMBER 1915 NUMBLR 1 Contents Staff LITERARY Poem Fall CONTENTS MARGUERITE DAvIs 16 Aunt Mar1a Talks The Sub Just a Dream The Race Fear Drought Autumn Edltorxals Socmal Athletxcs Locals Alumm Exchange Jokes LOUIS KOCH 17 ARDELLA DEITRICK 17 EMILY HITCH 17 FLRN KERN 17 PAUL WHALLON 17 ANNA MCKITTRICK 17 EMILY HITCH 17 MARY PHLLAN PAGE 29 - Q Q .. ........,................................... .. ................. 1 ,H ". .................. .................. .................... 3 H ' " .................. ......... ..,................. 4 H ". ............................,.... ........... ............... 6 H " ......... .................................. ....... 8 U " .......................... .................. ............... 9 H " ........... .................................,.................... 1 1 "Deserted" .............. ........................................ . . 12 H ". .................. ....................,..................... 1 2 H " ........ ............... ..................,.................... 1 3 A ,'19. ' ' . ...,............. ........,........... ......... ..,............... 1 4 ' . ....,........................................ . ........................ . 18 ' ...... .......................... ................................... 2 2 '. ..,............... ...... ...... ...................................... 2 6 . .................................................................. 28 Sarah Hamxlton 16 Uhr Lqxgh Sfrhnnl Ghmrn Pubhshed November December March and May By The Fort Mad1son Hxgh School Txmes Assn Entered as Second class Matter Fort Madxson Iowa. Subscrxptlon Prxce per Year 75 Cents Smgle Copxes of Regular Issues 15 Cents Smgle Copzes of Annual 50 Cents EDITORIAL STAFF Joseph R Thomas 16 Ed1tor 1n Ch1ef Louls Koch 17 Florence Tennant 18 Marxon Hamllton Anna McK1ttr1ck 1 Katherme Doerr Hazel Janse 17 Robert Casey Paul Shreves Lee Wayland Frank I-Iueser 16 Emxly Hxtch 17 Bernard Glaha 16 Robert Ekms 17 Paul Whallon 17 MANAGING STAFF Assxstants L1terary Assxstant Lxterary SOCIRI Ass1stant Socxal Alumnz Athletlcs Ass1stant Athletlcs Jokes Ass1stant Jokes Art1st Assxstant Artxst Reporter John Arnborn 16 Busxness Manager Leonard Stxdley 16 Harold Hoffmelster 17 Asslgtants George Conradt 18 ADVISORY COMMITTEE J W Fxsh Mxss Selma Stempel Mxss Glenn Ogden 9 4 o ' ' , '16 ........................ .................... ' ' ' , ' 7 ............... .... , ........... ' ' ' , '16, ........... .................................... . ' , '16 ......................................... ..... . .. ' Day Newsom, '17 ........ ................... .......... A s sistant Alumni , '16 ,......... ............... .. ........... ' , '17 ........ ........................... ' ' FALL MARGUFRITF DAVIS 16 HESE are the days of nusty purple h1lls On sturdy stalks of purple asters dear Of splendrd goldenrod to deck Earth s bxer Of meadows yellowmg to the rlpplmg r1lls Our old gnarled apple trees yleld up themr store To cxder mllls that dup so luscxous sweet In vmeyards gatherers wxth eager feet Brmg m the grapes upon the store house floor Kmd Nature gzves us Fall as her best pr1ze Her last and as the downy swan doth float Along mn sxlence as a tmy boat Untll hfe s end comes so 1n song she d1es se as e me I l I- ll Sm as THE HIGH SCHOOL TIMES XX I 5 Ill-11 ?u.r ff -' lx ' f ,L ,Q llllllllllngla faq L I TERA AUNT MARIA TALKS LoU1s Kocx-x 17 HEM adverhsements you see In the newspapers suttxnly "d read nnce an hxfalutm an I reckonalot o people 13 G1 , ,A After Aunt Marla Hncks had del1vered herself of th1s I3 l C7 w1sdom she stopped expectantly and as Iknew she ' ' 4 " X was eager to tell of some 1nc1dent I pohtely lnqunred what she meant Well she began Las winter S1 he come to me wnth a pxece cut out 0 a paper an sez e Thxs suttenly reads good tew me look at It Marlar It wuz an advertisement wxth the p1cture of a feller w1th long halr an furren lookm whxskers who called h1mself Perfessor Vanntelh or some s1ch sort o dago name In the prxntm he sez he wud teach anybody to play the cornet In three months for only twenty five dollars an rf the person failed after follerm dzreckshuns he wud g1ve two hunerd dollars fur forfelt That there sez S1 Is my 1dear uv a good bargam an I m a gonna take 1t After I gmt so s I km play Tur key zn the Siraw I km make good money at the Hawkms Corners dances Sez I tew hlm sez I Yew mus be gettm crazy why twenty years ago yew wore the skxn off n your hps try1n to play Annze Rooney but never cud g1t further than tum ta tum Then S1 begms spoutm poetry frum the dxckshunary I gmve hun las Chrxs mus QI d sent all the socks I hed on hand tew the heathensl the way he allus does when he wants to show how xgnerant women IS 4 xi ip, .tix x' xl 'dxf I - ,.,t x 4 ' . ,Ur ' 5 : Z I "" - ra 1 I ' I' , f Q I 'I I A uf, Q5 .1 m ' X I 'um ' ' " I f .- ,e Y -4 - Ng 'sf .-.... 4 A 1 A K fin- cl Q'IL, Q 1 ' ' - 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 mi 1 . , - . ,, '-Q took mn by em every year, anyhow S1 was,once. QM. 1:32 ,T . . , . f.J."l 7 fs - M I n 1, n , ' . . . . I I V 1 0 1 1 I - , I 7 . , . I, . v . . . . , . , . . I .y . , l . . , , . . . , . I I , 1 A , . I . ' I I . , , . . , . ll - H ' ' , I All - I 1 ' 1 , ' . , . . , , N , ll ' 7 , . .. . . . , . . . I ' 1 I THE HIGH SCHOOL TIMES Sez he kinda puffed up like MUSIC hez charms tew soothe a sevage tew rend a rock or Spllf a kebbage an after I g1t so I k1n play youll dm1t that you re wrong bes1des even 1f I cant learn tew play I k1n earn tew hunerd dollars easy Of course after that nuth1n cud stop S1 He sent the money and bought a second hend cornet In the nex mail he got h1s fust struct1on books an a wr1tten greement Wh1Ch sez somethin about tew hunerd dollars up above an down below sez If after pract1c1n five hours a day fur three months an fa111n tew play The Star Spangled Banner the pupil w1ll TCCCIVC the han some forfe1t I d1dnt understand it nuther d1d S1 but we s posed that lt wuz all right S1 pract1ced hard the fust weeks He even shaved off h1s beard so s he cud pract1ce mov1n his l1ps at the lookin glass the way lt sed 1n the books After a while he got so he cud blow long mournful sounds l1ke the beller uv a sufferin cow an short loud grunts thet sounded l1ke a hippypotamus down a well Jest the same though he wuz glttln more discouraged all the Ilflle an after Jake Mosser down the road axed h1m how the s1ck calf he heard down here every CVCHID wuz gettin along he says MHTIHT I dont like a Cornet an I believe the two hunerd or bust I mus say thet fur downright st1ck to xtiveness S1 hez got every thin in the kentry beat He d commence at seven oclock after a hard days work an toot away on thet horn t1ll twelve oclock The rest uv us hed to keep cotton 1n our ears all the time an even then the h1red man qu1t cause he coundl t g1t enough sleep When the three months were over at last S1 looked as pale as a shadder from the late hours an overwork but on the last day he perked up consxd able He bought a new su1t an we went to the Clty tew colleck thet two hunerd The perfessors office wuz in a d1rty look1n old bu1ld1n After cl1mb1n two fhghts o sta1rs we cum tew the room wh1ch contained two cheers an a table piled full o musxc structxon books an greements all ready tew send out A l1ttle bald headed smooth shaved feller w1th a cast 1D one eye wuz s1tt1n at the table an sez S1 tew h1m sez he Is the perfessor in? Why sez the man I m h1m Hm m sponds S1 Well I cum fur my two hunerd dollars Here s the greement here s Mariar who k1n swear thet I tooted thet doggone horn fur five hours every day an I k1n soon show yew that I can t no more play Star Spangled Banner then fly cum on shell out 5 1 1 I n 1 1 1 . , . . , , . 1 I , I . . , . 1 1 I 7 ., . , . ' 1 , . . , . 1 ' 1 ' - 1 , 1 . . , 1 , . . , 14 ,, . . . , . , . , . ' 1 . . , . . , . li v 1 . , . . . . . , . I . 1 . ' - ' 1 1 I . ' ' Y Y . . , . . l , 1 1 . . . , . 1 . , . , . Y 1 1 strain uv playin' one wud bring on my rheumatiz, but I'm gonna git thet 1 .1 , . . . . . . , . , . ' 1 1 1 ' 1 , . . . , . 1 . , X , , 7 ' 1 l ' 1 , . . , . 11, , . . . , . . , . . , . , . . . l 1 ' 1 ' 1 ' 1 1 I . - ' h . . . . , , . . 1 1 I 1 ' 1 u 5 1 4 1 ' 1 I 1 ' L1 1 , 1 - I ' 1 ' 1 - 1 I I ' ' I , . I 1 ' I , 1 1 1 ' THE HIGH SCHOOL TIMES You you ve made a mxstake sez the httle feller The con track sez thet 1f you fa1l tew learn ter play yew gxt tew hunerd dollars but xt may take five years ten years or a hfetune but mf ye dont learn m three months yew glt a han some forfext a free contxnuatlon course rn Cornet mus1c 1nvented by me Then he saw the rumpus he d r1z an made a bolt fur the door pst two lnches ahead of S1 who fell down the first fhght of staxrs after hun When we reached the s1dewalk the perfessor feller wuz out o s1ght an there wuz nuthm fur us t dew but to go hum The fust thzng S1 dnd when we arrove there wuz tew haul out thet horn an fire xt down the well Its funny but now a days I never hear anythm about good mvestments or the benefits uv muslc from hxm TI-IE SUB ARDELLA DEITRICK 17 vfxs T was ten m1nutes of four by the assembly clock and xg 57 many a paxr of anxxous eyes watched the hands eral mmutes of restlessness the bell rang and books If g?3wllXCf'J!, were closed w1th a bang for thxs was Fnday and -J A kr after school a mass meet1ng was to be held to arouse enthusxasm among the students Saturday we were to play a team that had the reputatlon of bexng the strongest team ln the state and lf we won the Southeastern Champxonshlp would be ours For an hour or more school yells and songs rang through the usually sllent rooms while many a weak vozce dxscovered strength It had never known before Saturday dawned clear and crxsp Th1s pronused swlft playmg and good results By two th1rty the largest and most enthusxashc crowd ever assembled 1n the town was waxtmg xrnpatlently for the whlstle that would start the p1gsk1n down the held Some were ln the bleachers others ID cars and stxll others more excxted walked up and down the s1de lmes Dunng the half hour that followed the well prac tlced yells tore the anr as the teams assembled on the gndmron Every where comments were heard concernxng the strength of the opponents They are a husky bunch but we can hold them' We must do It I hear Brown 1S playmg full back agam Yes and he IS the strongest man they have M1d yells and comments the whxstle sounded All 6 ss s y . , . s ... ' , - . . ' , 1 . . . l . , 1 7 . . , . . . 1 . . . , sn , . , 1' 1 ' I ' U ' Y 1 ' n n Y ' V - . ' 1 1 ' ' I! , . Y , . fflfrf' 1 3? . . ' mg ,, S V2.4 y which seemed to move slower than usual. After sev- R K ff ' , , . Vi: r . I . . . V ,6 1 1 5 . 1 . . 7 . - . ' . . I . l . Y ' 1 - ' , A - , . ss 11 U - yy li I , . . . . . ,, bn . - , ' n - - THE HIGH SCHOOL TIMES noxse ceased every sense was alert and all eyes were centered on the field By the end of the fxrst half nexther sxde had scored due to the excellent trammg of both teams The crowd was xn suspense banners were waved frantlcally and yell masters ran madly up and down the hnes havmg for the t1me become human jumplng Jacks ln thexr efforts to create greater enthusxasm The th1rd quarter started durmg whxch the players engaged 1n a hard struggle and still the score remaxned the same Before the end the wh1stle sounded Fellow hurt Who was nt? The full back' Would he be able to flnxsh the game? No hrs ankle was spralned' Our last chance was gone as all depended on hxm Who would take hls place? Why .Tack Fellman the sub full back Nothmg was expected from Jack as he was a freshman and had anxrous glances of many eager spectators seemed to mdncate that they had gxven up all hope The wh1stle sounded again the fourth quarter started wxth .lack realxzmg that hrs playlng mlght w1n or lose for the Alma Mater He had seen the glances and was determlned to make good lf he should be gxven the opportumty One of the opponents has the ball He fumbles' Just as the op posmg guard reached for xt Jack snatched rt and dodgnng an end dashed down the field He IS tackled he clutches the ball txghter He as down' No' He xs on hrs feet aga1n and 15 strugglxng onward The crowd pressed forward Thoughts rush madly through his braxn Now s my chance The team depends on me I must do mt' In l'ns mad rush he glances at the bleachers but nothxng 1S d1st1nct except the goal posts yards away He 1S stopped agam' He staggers I must go on' I must go on' he murmurs Stxll he struggles forward Just a few feet more At last' He throws lumself on the ground the ball goes over the lme just before the whzstle sounds The v1ctory IS ours and Jack the sub 15 the hero 7 1 ! I ' 1 , . ' -. . . . 5 1 . . . ns ,, 11 . , . . - 11 KI - 11 91 - 11 H . . . , . . ,, ' I . ss . ,, ss I p , ' ' - H ' I never played on the team, so, as he appeared on the gridiron, the ' I I 1 I . . ' u , . ,, . ' . . . . ' . - If li ' n . ' . . . . . . ' , vf"'5'0'3T of Q E THE HIGH SCHOOL TIMES JUST A DREAM EMILY HITCH 17 sat around the fire that nlght Father Mother Beth and I How well I remember' I lay before the open flre rn the grate makmg bu1ld1ngs wtth my blocks Father sat on one slde w1th h1s arm around Beth wh11e Mother sat on the other her pretty fingers busy at some fancy work Father smoked h1s long meer schaum plpe and Beth looked mto the fire I knew what she thought of we d1d It often together weavmg dream stones from the tmy 1nv1s1ble creatures and strange black shadows We stayed just that way for a long txme Presently Father started to tell us a story It was that old one about the flax when the lxttle gtrl count ed the sparks as they flew up the ch1mney He had just fimshed the story when old Mose called Father 1nto the hall and soon Mother and Beth followed I lay there thmkmg and dreammg Pretty soon some one was talkmg I couldnt tell gust who xt was Then I couldnt under stand what It meant but now I know One spark one spark one spark more of my lxfe slowly dymg out Ah soon I shall d1e Gone forever and who w1ll m1ss me? What have I done to deserve th1s slow horr1b1e death wh1ch I know 1S commg to me? My whole l1fe It seems has been preparmg me for th1s slow torture How I wxsh 1t would cease When I was young I looked forward to what seemed to me then my hfe as I would l1ve lt Do you hate nasty cellars where you l1e an the cold dreadmg the approach of a horrlble rat wxth black beady eyes? Do you hate the sharp blade of an axe? Do you hate even the thought of that awful rendmg stroke that tears clear through the heart of your sutferxng body? I was happy when I held the new leaves each sprmg Then I longed to be away IfI had but known' The w1nd as lt s1ghed through the leaves or moaned thru the branches pleased me But that awful longmg was st1ll 1n my heart And now when l1fe IS gomng gomg slowly never to return my heart ached as lt never d1d before For what good have I done 1n my 11fe? I have warmed the llttle boy who rs sleepmg so soundly on the hearth rug before me I slowly opened my eyes The Ere had nearly dxed away leavxng the room almost dark only a soft pmk glow through the Whlte ashes I sat up and slowly one by one a few last txny sparks made the1r rxb 8 1 , . .113 :IQ S 1 ' X ' . . ', . ' A , , 'fo 05 ', . . . . . I . 1 v ' A 4 fx U Q3 . . . ' 4, . ii 35 ,bi , of 'I 'D - , . I , ' so ,, . . , . . , ,. , 1 - . 1 I ii 1 n 1 1 ' 1 ' 1- Y 1 ' Y ' 1 1 , . I , . ' Y . , . ' 1 , . . . . 1 1 ' t 1 ' I 1 . 11 , . ' 1 1.-1 1 . l n 1 I ' THE HIGH SCHOOL TIMES bon hke way up the ch1mney Father came 1nto the room soon saylng Wake up B11ly boy I have some pleasant news Torn has been here from Caroway s plantatxon and he says that we may have the two Shet land ponles And that IS the reason I had forgotten all about the sad story of the wood fire unt1l now THE RACE FERN M KERN 17 fk,.,,, HE McFarland home was saddened by the death of the the father and husband W1th1n the house were con R3 ,A GE-1 '03 and Jack Dorothy the youngest was SIXICCD mne Q11 K CMJ teen year old Jack had just returned from school cealed Mrs McFarland and her two ch1ldren Dorothy Word had been recelved that Mr McFarland had mortgaged h1s home for a large sum of money to en able hlm to carry on h1s busmess Th1s came as a shock to the entlre household and Jack reallzed at once that he would not be able to re turn to college He longed to complete h1s educatxon but sa1d nothlng to anyone about 1t untxl a month had elapsed after h1s fathers death Then one day at the dmner table he spoke to h1s mother on the sub ject I am very sorry my boy rephed h1s mother but we must take thmgs as they come Young Dorothy seemmg to real1ze how Jack must feel saxd Jack you w1ll go back to your unxversxty and finxsh your course xf I have to go on the streets and beg I mean to find a way for you Bless you httle sxster but I am afra1d you are too young to real xze our s1tuat1on The next mornmg whxle walkmg down Maln Street she notlced a large poster ln glarmg colors Approachxng she read HORSE RACING Aucusr 15 Make entrxes before June 30 Inquxre at office 2nd floor corner Mlchxgan Boulevard and 18th Street F1rst Prxze S5 00000 ' ' 1 1 11 - 1 ' 1 1 , . 1 - - 11 1 . , . 69.1. X A12 . I ' - I A X s.. x ',, I ' .J , , Q I f 9 . l . 5 fpx X ' 1 1 1 ' iff' 1 I fy? - - ' . E ' 1 5 ? 'gal F ' I ' - , - - 1 . . . , , . 11 ,, . . ll 1 1 1 - 11 1 1 5 5. . . . . . 1 1 11 11 . . . 1 ' 1 ' . . . ,, 1 1 . , I 1 1 - 1 1 - - THE HIGH SCHOOL TIMES She read quxckly and hesmtated a moment then re read It A thought dawned upon her Could she rnde? No she had not r1dden for at least two months She had been xn the hab1t of takxng a long r1de every mornmg when the a1r was fresh and pure and before the sun had rzsen but her horse had not been xn trammg for a long tlme Stxll she could employ someone to r1de for her No that would not do e1ther for then she would not be helpmg Jack If she could only rxde' Why couldn t she? After consxderxng xt all mornxng she resolved to enter and to rnde her horse Bob She would not tell anyone except the man who would enter her as one of the contestants Hastxly she went to the office and goxng to the clerk asked to see the manager After wa1t1ng an mtermmable t1me as xt seemed to her she was mvtted to come 1n How do you do saxd the man at the desk as he slowly turned around Are you the man who has charge of the racmg Yes Im Mr Tolhver the manager Have you a frxend or rela t1ve who w1shes to enter? Yes slr It IS myself You? What' Am I dreamlng? Surely a young gurl hke you doesn t w1sh to race? lmpossxblel You would be thrown and maybe knlled I am not thlnkmg of the consequences for myself only for my brother I have declded that I w1sh to rxde As t1me went on Dorothy and her horse were xn traxnmg and the day of the race arr1ved Jack had asked her to accompany h1m but she had polltely declmed Two hours before the event she went to the grounds and pre pared for her part The hostler was attendmg to her horse The first bell rang telllng them to be ready As the horses and the1r mounts ap peared the eager fans cr1t1cally watched them Jack very enthus1 astlc was saymg Number nxne wxll w1n and not knowmg h1s s1ster was the rxder remarked to a frlend how much the horse was lxke h1s s1ster s The horses were all m l1ne The smgnal was g1ven All started Number one was xn the lead Dorothy at once knew xf she let Bob out now he would be txred before the race was over so she held hmm back Several r1ders were m advance of her In a few seconds Bob was last 10 1 ' ' ' - - 1 . . ' . , . ' . D . ' . l Q ' , . . I . . . . Y Y , . ' . ' n . . . . . . . . u . ,, I I ' H ll ' I H 1 yy Il 1 ' ' , . , . - I ' ll ll ' 11 , . "Who may your friends be?" ll ' ll .. . . . 1 ' ' ' IU As - - 7 l I I 1 , - 1 . I . - u ,, . . , 1 ' 1 ' , . sl . . . ,,l , , , , 1 1 1 1 ' I i 1 I THE HIGH SCHOOL TIMES They had only two more rounds' She leaned on Bobs neck whxsper mg ln hls ear Go Bob we must WID' He seemed to understand for he qmckened hxs speed He soon gamed on them all but one could see that xt would be close Whlte Cloud was xn the lead Number one soon txred and fell back She knew xt was gomg to be hard to gam on Whlte Cloud Bob we must wm' We must w1n' Do your best' Bob contmued galmng but they had only a quarter of a mxle to the tlnxsh The spectators were shoutmg Bob made an effort to pass Whlte Cloud Go' Bob I know youre trred but we must' Faster' Please' Bob responded wlth another blg effort for hls m1stress The manager was shoutxng Go Bob' Go' Bob d1d go gaxnmg the race by one foot When the race ended hxs rxder slxpped from h1m exhausted A crowd gathered but Mr Tol hver reached her first and then rushxng through the crowd came Jack she asked to see Bob As they entered the stall Bob looked longxngly at hrs mxstress w1th an express1on of satlsfactxon on h1s face Dear old Bob she saxd we won You are a hero' The crowd had followed them and as she stood pattmg Bob Mr Tollxver took from hls pocket a wallet contamlng the prlze As Mr Tol hver presented lt to Dorothy he expressed h1s admxratxon and con gratulat1ons Wnth flushed face Dorothy recelved the prxze modestly thankmg hxm then she turned to her brother extendmg the wallet to hun He looked at her queshonmgly Take It Jack I dld lt for you I want you to go back to col e e FEAR KA la Edgar Allen Poe I PAUL B WH.-u.LoN 17 ' ICK tock txck tock Why dxd you do xt? Why dld you do 1t7 mocked the clock whose very txck I had grown to hate The house cat wh1ch had always purred so contentedly before looked upon me wxth accusmg eyes and shrank from me when I sought to stroke zt I could not forget the deed even the wxnd as xt came down ' 11 , . 1 ' ' . . . sc . ,, 1 ! 1 ' , . , . . . . . ' .. V . I ' ll -H 1 - n . , , . . . . n ,, I 1 1 ' ' . v . . i , . . . . ' I ' I - . 1 . I 1 who had recognized her in the race. After she had rested a short time ' ! H u - U av 1 4 v ' ' l I ' . . V . . . - . l . ' . . ' Q , ' I li o I a ' 1 ! ' ' 1 g H . , l . , . .... ,, , , , . . . 1 I , . I . . THE HIGH SCHOOL TIMES the ch1mney howled the accusatlon My nerves were gone I slept only to dream of gallows and of graves W1th shakmg nerves and blood shot eyes crmgmg at the sound of a voxce I tr1ed to drown my sorrows rn hquor Stmll ln my drunken tits I could see the fingers of the dead man pomtmg at me and could hear hxm say Frxend betrayer mur derer fiend' DESERTED ANNA McK1rrR1cK 17 MQWM HE old frame structure weather beaten and dxlapxdated stands alone IH a deserted farm yard The w1nd has .J IAN 12 Q Q: - , - 1 , e i. ' L ? played havoc with the shattered shingles of the slop- , f ing roof. Rusty hmges loosely attach several broken, X P: ,fm X . . . ' My Q' fl - I d a I I unpalnted shutters to the crumbly sldes of w1ndows Boards are here and there worm eaten and decayed Weeds ID the neglected yard are so h1gh as to almost shut off the v1ew of the house A sohtary owl rests upon the frayed doorstep and lends xts mournful cry to 1ntens1fy the dreary lonelmess of the place The home once hvened by happ1ness and cheer 1S now sadly d1smal1y deserted DRQUGHT EMILY HITCH 17 HE quxet country road sleeps laz1ly through the summer day Not a breath of amr shrs the dr1ed leaves on the trees Through the stxll atmosphere comes only the monotonous drone of bees or the subdued call of a smgle bxrd as xt H165 across the expanse of blue sky The sun beats down on everythmg steadxly and merc1lessly The road lS ttuckly carpeted wxth dust whxch has spread from passmg vehxcles over the waysnde plants and flowers These are thickly populated w1th grasshoppers whxch when they jump from stalk to stalk send down a mxnxature shower of dust THE HIGH SCHOOL TIMES AUTUMN MARY PHFLAN 19 7 rw cv, 7 E sat alone 1n the tw1l1ght Grandmother and I The ? only llght 1n the large l1v1ng room was thrown out from the old fash1oned fireplace Queer shadows Y flxckermg here and there made more uncanny the R -as f cracklxng and falhng of the glowmg embers We had ci-If 1-A sat 1n s11ence for oh' so long a t1me The dull sound of the leaves fallmg and now and then a low mumbl 1ng of the w1nd SWC8p1Dg the leaves along made us feel glad for a little warmth wxthm We both gazed 1nto the fire then I broke the sxlence Tell me Grandmother wh1ch 1S your fa.vor1te season? Lost 1n reverxe for a moment she d1d not answer and I qu1etly sa1d M1ne IS the Sprxng And why the Spring? Because I answered then l1fe seems to begm the b1rds smg anew the t1ny blades of grass peep through and oh' everythmg IS just bubbhng over It seems the lxttle rob1n w11l burst hlS throat w1th song The card1nal calls and all the world crxes Spnng Is Here Ah yes she answered IIS sprmg for then the heart IS young but all through my l1fe I have loved the autumn the tlme It 1S now Then nature IS preparmg to settle down and rest You see my dear I am 1n the autumn of l1fe Wlth the sweet memory of the sprxng Tell me I Sald why you l1ke the t1me when as the poet sa1d The melancholy days are come The saddest of the years No my ch1ld she answered not the saddest but the sweetest They are the days when the sunsets are the finest makxng us remember the hand of H1m who IS master of all And then the woods IS full of wonders' Each leaf IS a del1ght to the eye The orchards are hangmg w1th fruxt the fields are splashed w1th yellow pumpkins the nuts are 1n the woods the squ1rrels are busy and fr1sk1ng and the b1rds do not forget to sxng I remember the sweetest song I ever heard was a cardz nal s love song and yes' It was 1n the autumn Then the joy of the well f1lled cellar' The wlnter supply arranged on the good roomy shelves the b1ns of potatoes red and yellow apples squashes and sweet potatoes all snugly fixed for wmter' And so my dear each season has 1ts own wonders I . , . fi ...4 Ii. 1 ' 1 E L . . . . - N ' o 0 T 1 . l - .. .1 I ' I , ,. , , fl Q 1 1 3, , : . . . 9,55 1 I Q . . . ' - , Z .. . . . ,, 1 1 ' . 11 . . . ,, , . sl . ,, ss ,, 11 . . . . 1 I 1 1 1 ' . . 1 . , H , . ll ,, ss, - - . 1 1 1 ' , . ' U I . . . . ,, , . u ,, . 11 . . . 1 1 1 K 1 1 I1 H . ,, ss 1 1 1 ' 9 1 1 1 , - , . . ll n Q a 1 1 1 , . ll ' 11 I I ' THE HIGH SCHOOL TIMES PNA' X rf 3, ,411 ff 61 KQ Z QNX- gl' 3 41? llflglllll, j 4 1 V 1 we if f,5,,fnw1,5pl ,L X Q ,L K is fans '-iii: The Faculty The new scholastxc term has produced a faculty mn whxch many new members appear From that of last year there remaln Superxn tendant F A Welch Pr1nc1palJ W F1Sh M1ss Glenn Ogden M1ss O11ve Terrxll M1ss V1nn1e Garret M1ss Selma Stempel M1ss Leonora Carr M1ss Helen Jones and Mxss Ella Bower The new members are M1ss Hazel Hess1nger M1ss Gertrude Whltmore M1ss Zeola Barge Mr P L Brownell Mr J A Kempkes and Mr C W Weeks M1ss Barge xnstructor m Enghsh obtaxned her A B degree at Drake Umverslty Her last engagement was at Sanborn Iowa. M1ss Hesslnger whose specxalty xs Latm IS an honor graduate of Wnttenberg College She comes here from Denmark Academy where she taught Latm and German M1ss Whxtmore who serves as mathernatlcs teacher was last em ployed 1n Wxnfield Iowa as pr1nc1pal She 15 a graduate of Parsons College Fa1rHeld Mr Brownell Manual Trammg teacher graduated from Gr1nnell nn 1913 He was formerly pr1nc1pal ID Chafin N D Mr Kempkes who pres1des 1n our perfectly equxpped labora tory and also does hxs best to br1ng out a. wlnnmg football team, recelved h1s d1ploma at Iowa C1ty Last year he used hxs coachlng ab1l1t1es ln Columbus Junchon Prof Weeks, the new musxcal chrector, needs no 1ntroduct1on Though he has res1ded 1n the cxty a comparatxvely short txme, he has 14 V f' ":7f'l'!- 'S - . f:i,:'N 'S f ,, M-13' 5 A w . Y f 'iifrf' J 11 L I Ulm' A 'if-fi. 'ff 'I ' ' '5 5 lil f '1a?'if'l' ff . 4 I i ff' 1 ,A 2 , :Upi,.,LC, ,rf .I , Y I . , A , .QEJUA , .l ,c -: aff f fl l ' ffiuf:f1f "'1f L N . 1, X U . X A - lk,- gf lv , fb, l 4 e , . K za J ww A I , 1 -I l lfllll ., ' ,I+ iam eff pall ' , My l, ll Wow A , uf uf HQ gg . ' 1 - I ' I A , 1 . I , x .1 Ii ,.. V.. AN, i.c, ,,Q,, .yloi-ff I NJ, 2.1,-U. ,,j,,I:, ' 1 :L 'fgw rrpnm lm I m il 4' -ZZ- -A ar 1 -:F Mzllw- Www Ar' Retail' I . I ,. , ' "" '1Q " " ' " " "'?'ifU324 - . ,:. k I .-5. -, -F-.tu-wi f. Eg. .Y m ymvtg ,- . ' , . . . . . ' . , . . . v . . . , . V . , . , . . 1 . ' . . I . 1 . . . 1 . ' I . , . . . , . . . 1 . . . v . y - . . . . . , 1 C ' ' , . ' I Y . ' I 1 - . 1 U I a a fi n ,, . , - THE HIGH SCHOOL TIMES made many acqualntances and frxends He has begun the organxzatxon ofa fine chorus and the school hopes he w1ll soon form a good orchestra and glee club LOUIS KOCH 17 IV'll1S1C We are very glad to have Professor Weeks w1th us thlS year The mterest rn smgmg 1S shown by the fact that practlcally every pupxl has gone to Professor Weeks to have hxs vo1ce tested and classltied Let us all co operate and work up the muslc 1D our school Other cxtxes of th1s sxze have large orchestras and glee clubs Why cant we? SARAH HAMIL TON I6 A Banner Year After three short months of vacatlon we are agaln back at our desks Some of us spent the tune xn makmg trxps others at hard more returned to our lessons why should not all of us work toward reusing the standards and honor of th1s school? By study and appllca txon we could do thrs very eas1ly Wrth a un1ted and enthusxastlc student body of over two hundred young people we should be able to make the season of 1915 16 a banner year 1n football basket ball track work forensxc work and general scholarshzp We should make It a BANNER YEAR 1n everythlng W1ll you not do your part? JOSEPH R THOMAS 16 A New I-hgh School Agam thru the ed1tor1al page of the T1mes the hmgh school students w1ll attempt to convmce the taxpayers that Fort Madrson needs a new h1gh school bu1ld1ng A real and not an xmaglnary 15 labor QI, and others spent it at home. But now, that we have once 16 THE HIGH SCHOOL TIMES problem presents itself It is Overcrowdzng Next to efficient in structors each student should have at least one place where he can study his lessons and hear the instructions of his teacher that is he should have an otlice which he can call his very own this 1S solved by giving him a desk and seat Under the present crowded conditions in our high school this seemingly simple requirement IS not met for there are more students than there are seats The school officials are trying thelr best to allevlate conditions Last year nineteen new seats were put in while this year nineteen seats have been added but there are still several pupils without desks The fault does not he with the school heads as they have done all they can in adding new desks so the power to act now rests with the people of Fort Madison Surely without exception our citizens w1sh Fort Madison to be the leading city of the power zone A start toward that position has already been made by the acquisition of several new come new high school students In the light of previously stated facts that the high school is at present overcrowded it is easily apparent that with the addition of these new students a building will be needed in a very short time Since it will be needed soon why not get busy now? The sooner the building is completed the sooner Fort Mad1son will be benefited by it Many times we have heard it said that we will get a new high school when we show that we need it This we have already done We also have shown ourselves deserving by the fact that new and varied courses of industrial work have been introduced and maintained Indeed the very fact that the enrollment jumped from two hundred and five last year to two hurdred and thirty four this year proves that the pupils have shown a very decided mterest 1n the Fort Madison High School and therefore deserve a reclprocation of interest on the part of Fort Madison citizens The rest of this book could be crowded with other arguments on our side of the question such as The need of a science laboratory it is detrimental to have both primary and high school pupils in the I . . . . , . 1 u H . . - . . I I ' I V factories. With factories come new families, and with new families ' V I ' . L . - . I 1 Z ' Q THE HIGH SCHOOL PIMES same bu1ld1ng the need of a gymnasnum of some kmd the fact that other towns are buxldmg Hne new lngh schools for mstance Burlmg tons new one hundred and fifty thousand dollar bu1ld1ng The purpose of th1s art1c1e II hope I have stated It faxrly IS to enllghten the people of Fort Mad1son as to the present crowded condxtlon and the crymg needs of the future Here s to a NEW HIGH SCHOOL BUILDING' JOSEPHR THOMAS 16 ' 17 1 1 f - yu . THE HIGH SCHOOL TIMES WISE! i t A yi, ...Au'u.L. Xk KATHERINE DOERR 16 The Ph1lomathean Soclety gave a Progressxve party on Frxday chaperoned by M1ss Barge assembled at the home of Grace Schulte for the fxrst course of eats whxch consxsted of sandw1ches p1ck1es and Waldorf salad Lookmg around for somethmg sweet they dlscovered V1da Skyles well supphed wnth c1der apples and doughnuts Then hastenmng to Helen Wmns they found an abundance of 1ce cream and cake From thence they were conveyed by 2J.l1tO111Obl16S to the Hughes home nn the country Here they had a most dehghtful t1me poppmg corn and roastxng marshmallows On Saturday evenxng September 11 Mr and Mrs .T W F1sh ass1sted by Mr and Mrs F A Welch dehghtfully enterta1ned the specxal teachers and the faculty of the H1gh School After a most dehcxous pxcnxc supper was served the guests assembled on the spac1ous veranda and the rema1nder of the evenmg was spent 1n socxal conver satlon Mar1e Weber 13 pleasantly enterta1ned the members of the Ph1lomathean Socxety on August 19 at whlch the engagement of M1ss Zella Byram and Mr Ham1l Graham of Denver Ilhnons was announced On Monday evenxng September 27 occurred the first number of the Lecture Course gxven under the management of the Teachers Club It was attended by a large and apprecxatlve audxence In add1t1on to the1r vocal mus1c the Weatherwax Brothers appeared as a trumpet quartet that was a del1ght to all present In the preparat1on of thls feature of the program a vast amount of paxnstakxng care was exer clsed wlth the result that xt lnstantly won the admxrahon of all lovers of good mus1c Two of the brothers appeared as very able readers 18 .M A lv , , fl 'I '. . - s as - 1 ,, jr I X - - Q I Q ' 7 .5 f I ' ,G - 'Q Y T f G ' S 10 D 5 '41 lt as 4 - f 7' Q N A M -:X N . . nn . ,, . evening, October 1, in honor of their new members. A jolly crowd, D . , . . , u ' 1 THE HIGH SCHOOL FIMES 19 each an art1st rn h1s work The Teachers Club greatly apprec1ates the loyal support of the pubhc Frlday mght September 24 a crowd of young people mostly .Tumors took advantage of the perfect weather and held a campfire rendezvous over the hxlls After hlkmg 1'-IVE mrles on the Burlxngton road eats were served A large campfxre was bu1lt and the rest of the evenmg spent m tell1ng stones After the football game at New London on Saturday September 25 Superxntendent Hayes glve a receptlon at hrs home xn honor of the defeated New London team Several Fort Madrsonlans were present The Class of nmeteen fifteen was greatly compl1mented by the unusually fine banquet extended to them on thelr graduatlon by the present Semors The supper was served by the ladxes of the Presby terxan Church 1n the Sunday School rooms of the church The colors used m decoratmg were those of the Sennor Class Ropes of purple blossoms to all parts of the room At one end was a fan hke decora txon of purple and s1lver the central theme of whxch was the class pennant of 1915 The electrlc hght globes were shaded by purple and sxlver streamers and the tables also carr1ed out the color scheme The flowers were wh1te and purple On the place cards were handpamted baskets full of vlolets Even the menu and toast program was wrxtten 1n purple on gray mottled paper The menu was follows Fru1t Cocktaxl Creamed Chrcken Mushroon Pattxes Potato Croquetts Peas Hot Rolls Pxckles Preserves Combxnatxon Salad Wafers Brxck Ice C1 eam Cake Coffee Mmts After the supper many excellent toasts were glven and the grand march began at about 9 30 ID the Masomc Temple Here the color scheme was just the reverse The cellmg was lattnced ln colors of the Class of 1916 and the hghts too were shaded by blue and gold stream ers The dance programs were of blue leather wrth gold cards for the glrls and penclls for the boys The class emblems and words Jumor Prom were stamped on them ID gold There were many enjoyable . . . , . I , 1 1 1 1 , . r 1 I y 5 2 . . . I 1 . . 1 . 1 and silver alternately led from the central dome, a mass of wisteria 1 ' ' I ' 9 . g - I , . : y ' 1 Y - n 1 . , 1 ll 4 , . U . . 20 THE HIGH SCHOOL TIMES dance numbers Games were provlded for those who d1d not dance and the evenmg closed happzly for all A very pleasant socxal atTa1r was g1ven 1n honor of Mxss Lora Plerce of Bloomfield The shack at Black Hawk Helghts was the scene of the merry party conslstxng of Mr and Mrs J G Sutton Mxsses Plerce Terrtll Jones Ogden Amborn and Saunders On the thxrteenth of August Mlss Stewart Mrs Casey MISS Nettle and Mr Charles Doerr enterta1ned a number of Sen1ors at an all day pzcnxc near Brxdgeport The day was spent 1n the open and dxn ner and supper were cooked over a campfire The party made the homeward trxp ln autos by the llght of a full moon The p1cn1c was g1ven as a farewell to summer good tzmes on the openmg of school Mass Zella Byram s many frlends made durzng her several years stay here as Latxn teacher of the Fort Madxson H1gh School w1ll be pleased to learn of the announcement of her marr1age on September 22 1915 to Hamnl Graham of Denver Ill The ceremony took place rn Beecher Chapel and as both br1de and groom were graduates of Knox College 07 the mxnxster OmC13flI1g was Rev W11l1am Lampe of Wm field Kansas also of Class 07 The ceremony was strxctly a Knox affalr only graduates or students of that college took part ln It The chapel was beaut1fully decorated and the weddlng was attended by college fnends and relatlves of the br1de and groom Hazel Kennedy 12 was marr1ed to Robert Heath Wardle on Thursday July 29 1915 at the home of her parents Mr and Mrs Herbert J Kennedy the Reverend Doctor Graham ollicxatxng They are now makmg thexr home at Brocton Mass Marguente HoH'me1ster 10 was marrxed on .Tune 17 1915 to Carl Grlesel The ceremony took place ln the Ep1scopa1 Church Doctor Rudd otlic1at1ng The br1de was attended by her sxster Julxa Hoff mexster 12 Mr and Mrs Grxesel are now maklng the1r home ln Burl mgton at 1714 Summer Street Hazel Wellmgton 14 and Guy Yaeger of th1s c1ty furnxshed someth1ng new and novel nn the way of elopements by runnxng away on a motorcycle to Keokuk where they were max-r1ed on June 6 1915 On Saturday evenxng August 28 1915 occurred the marr1age of Elma Colvxn 12 and Robert L Houston The ceremony took place at the home of the br1de s parents the Rev Barnett otlicxatmg The happy . . . . , , 1 1 1 ' 1 1 ' 1 . , ' . , . . , . . , 1 1 1 1 1 ' , . . . . . . . 1 1 ' ' , . 1 1 ' , . 1 , . , . 1 1 1 1 1 1 - . . , . , . . . , . 1 1 1 1 ' 1 . , - . , . . . . , . - . - . . , . . . 1 1 1 , . 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 ' ' . , . . 1 1 - THE HIGH SCHOOL FIMES couple are at home to thexr many frlends on the grooms farm near Denmark At the Presbytcrxan manse on September 29 occurred the mar mage of Arthur Mxller and Irxs Schafer Rev W Graham officlatmg The groom 1S one of the best known young men 1n the c1ty where he conducts a clgar and confect1onery store He IS a graduate member of the F M H S Class of 12 At the res1dence of the brxdes parents Oquawka Ill on Tues day September 28 Allen Howard 07 and Margaret Felxege were un1ted1n marrlage by Rev Blout of the Methodlst Church They w1ll make the1r home temporarlly at Oquawka where Mr Howard has been employed for several months past Then' permanent home w1ll prob xnterests Mzss Marle Schaper 10 the daughter of Mr F C Schaper of th1s cxty was one of our October brldes She becan'e the wmfe of Dr Roy C Dav1s a promment pract1c1ng physlcxan of Detroxt Mxch The Tlmes IS your paper Do your best to help lt along for 1ts success depends upon you and your athtude toward xt Thzs year we are runmng the T1mes ln accordance w1th the best busxness prmcxples and next to keepmg up 1ts hmgh llterary standard the paramount purpose IS to make lt pay ' 21 ably be in Florida, near Hamilton, where Mr. Howard has real estate THE HIGH SCHGOL TIMES my L 1---.f .Z Lg, M' PAUL SHREVES 16 On September 7 the season started wxth th1rty men out Coach Kempkes bemg pleased wnth the number started ID to harden them up Although we lost some of our stars of last year the Freshmen brought IH valuable materxal After the first week of hard practxcxng under the excellent coachmg of Mr Kempkes sxgns of a good team were shown At the end of the second week a game w1th New London was scheduled to be played on the New London grld :ron The tr1p was made 1n autos leavlng Fort Madxson at 11 30 and a.rr1v1ng at New Lon don at 2 P M The team was then ushered to the dressmg rooms and g1ven the whereabouts of the Held In a few mlnutes they were on the field runmng sxgnal pract1ce then after klCk1Dg a few goals the game was called Fort Madxson won the toss Hueser who recexved the ball was downed on the 40 yard lme Makmg thexr down our boys worked the ball down to the half yard l1ne but fa1led to make the down Thxs gave the ball to New London They ran xt out about 30 yards and lt was agam transferred to Fort Madlson A few downs were called and the first quarter was up Changxng goals the ball was 1n Fort Mad1son s POSSCSSIOD In thns quarter Captam Lyens proved hxs ab1l1ty as a half by makxng the first touchdown The goal was mlssed The ball was brought out and New London recexved A few downs were called and the wh1stle blew for the half In the second half New London recexved and agam worked to the 30 yard lme There the ball was gxven Fort Madxson by a poxnt W1th Fort Madxson defendlng the opposxte goal the ball 1n New London s possessxon was agaxn punted to the Crxmson and the Black Everybody, thelr hearts set on another touchdown worked hard and gamed the su: yard hue. At thxs polnt, 22 , a K f' ' .WM ' Allxl I . I 1, 'Af V rs A lj, -:N . 'nl'-,. Qt' .XX II, va xx Xxlx ibxlll' 1 'xl im, 4" V, .lwllv ' " fl-'ff 'V' 1' ' 1-, HX llr ji" , l3'f:'-445? ' 1 1 , . . i , . . v D Y . , . ' -. I . , 1 . . - . . . Q 1 . . s . : ' . , . . . . , ' 1 I I . . , . , I I THE HIGH SCHOOL TIMES 23 Captaxn Lyens recelvmg a forward pass crossed the l1ne for the second touchdown The game was ended the score was Fort Mad1son 12 New London 0 The first b1g game of the season was played wlth the Burlmgton H1gh School team on Saturday October 2nd Captaln Lyens of the Fort Madlson team won the toss and chose to defend the southwest goal Burlmgtons quarter back klcked oft to to Gordon on hls 10 yard lme from where he returned the ball ten yards In the followlng attempts to buck the opposmg hne one of our men fumbled the ball It bemg recovered by a Burlmgton player From the 30 yard lme Burlmgton hammered her way down to Fort Madlsons five yard lme where by a l1ne smash she made her first touchdown However McFarland fa1led to kxck goal The score was Burhngton 6 Fort Madmson 0 McFarland krcked off to Gordon on the 15 yard lme Gordon returned the ball ezght yards From there xt was worked to the 30 yard 11ne at whlch poxnt a Burlmgton player xntercepted a forward pass The ball was then worked back down the field to the exght yard second touchdown McFarland klcked a goal makxng the score 13 to 0 In the second quarter Burhngton made two more touchdowns But our team pxcked up wonderfully at the begmnmg of the second half there bexng no touchdowns made 1n the thlrd quarter In the fourth quarter however one more touchdown was made by the opposmg team McFarland agaln klcked goal and the final score was Burlmgton 33 Fort Mad1son 0 Of the locals team Shea Gordon full back and Fnnley left end worked hard at all t1mes and certamly deserve credxt for the pep whxch was shown by them Burlmgton brought down a great number of autos and rooters there be1ng thnrteen of thenr cars lxned up on the Held FORT MADISON 12 KEOKUK 0 On Saturday October 16th was fought the real bxg football game of the season We played Keokuk on our home grounds As space does not perm1t a deta1led account of the game I w1ll mentxon only a few of 1ts features Commg xn a specxal car the Keokuk team brought up an zmmense crowd of rooters The xnterest zu th1s contest always runs h1gh and , 2 ' . 9 , . , . . , . I Q . . . ' . , . . ! l 9 - , . ' . : . 1 l ' Y ' Q . . . . line, from where Captain Wolfmeier plunged over the line for the . , . , . I 1 : ' . 9 ' . - 1 . ' 1 Y V 1 I . . . 44 ,, I --. V ' l Y I l 24 THE HIGH SCHOOL TIMES when the game was called the s1de l1nes were crowded w1th football enthus1asts The first quarter was devo1d of any spectacular plays and no touchdown was made untxl ID the second quarter when Captaxn Lyens shpped over the lxne for our f1rst touchdown However we fa1led to k1Ck goal The second half was character1zed by hard playmg on both s1des and also by Keokuk s numerous attempts to galn on forward passes In the last quarter Fmley Fort M3d1SODS rxght half lntercepted one of these passes and wxth the Keokuk team behmd hun raced 65 yards to Keokuk O The playmg on both s1des was excellent and the heroes of the day for Fort Madlson were Fxnley Lyens and Gordon It takes teachers students and money to make a H1gh School but all the teachers all the students all the money 1n the world w1ll not make a school a success unless there IS plenty of genuzne enthus1asm whlch must sprmg from the hearts of all concerned We would all l1ke to see the Txmes acknowledged as the best I-hgh School paper 1n Iowa, but how many of us w11l really work toward 1ts gammng that pos1t1on7 goal, making the second touchdown. Final score: Fort Madison, 12- THE HIGH SCHOOL TIMES 5 f ?fiXX 8 - A gp gp X ROBERT CASEY 16 M1ss Irene Thurston 16 1S recovernng from a serlous attack of typho1d fever Mxss Charlotte Welch of L1ttle Rock Ark formerly a member of the Class of 16 of th1s school was here on a V1Slt th1s summer the football game at New Tondon September 25 but the ram forced those who went ID cars to hasten back wxthout attendmg the recept1on whxch had been prepared for the Fort Madxson people A number of students of the Fort Mad1son I-hgh School exh1b1ted the1r sk11l as tonsorlal art1sts on some young and unsophnshcated fresh men As a result they took a few days vacat1on Ed Doerr 16 spent the summer v1s1t1ng the falrs and other pomts of mterest ln the West September 27th the hngh school enloyed a few select1ons by the Weatherwax Brothers quartette whlch appeared 1n the evemng at the Baptxst Church the first of a lecture course glven under the auspxces of the Teachers Club Raymond Weber unt1l recently a member of the Class of 16 of th1s school has successfully passed the entrance exammatxons at the Boston School of Technology M1ss Katherme Doerr 16 IS out of school on account of slckness Mabelle Stowe 15 V1S1tCd school September 27 25 f s X, . ft' I If ' ' I 1 my Mat f All A number of people from Fort Madison High School went up to THE HIGH SCHOOL TIMES x ,, ft-Riff' LEW J ROBERT CASEY 16 Mrs Clementxne Sheaffer Waldron 07 and daughter Cynthma spent the early part of the summer ln the cxty w1th Mr and Mrs W A Sheatfer Dr Fred Sallander O8 has gone to London for post graduate work xn London hospxtals Harrmgton Pollard 09 has started practxcmng law here Alfred Benbow 09 spent has vacatxon 1n the cxty Mxss Opal Watk1ns 09 has returned from an extended tmp through the West Mlss Molhe Cruxkshank 10 has returned to the State Un1vers1ty at Iowa Cnty The engagement of Mxss Mar1e Schaper 10 to Dr Roy Davls of Detrolt Mnch was announced recently Mrs Hattxe Rollet Andrews 85 of Oregon Ill V1S1I8d Geo Rollet thxs summer Mr Guxdo Stemple 83 ofB1oom1ngton Ind was here on a short v1s1t the latter part of July Mrs Emma Robers Yotter 84 and chlldren of Hanmbal Mo spent a short txme here thxs summer Mr and Mrs Kuno Doerr, '90 and '91. and ch11dren, were ln th1s cxty on a V1S1t durmg June, 1915. Mrs. M. T Walker, '90, of Beaumont, Texas, and chlldren, v1s1ted her mother, Mrs. A Hexsey, durxng the early part of the summer. 26 I I V jf' . x , M - rxmi ',.:'- 5 3 ' V gi- 'T ,xg X X 'L' .Ziiil-Q ,Elf if R H 5 A S A ' ' I I D D olsnq-'-5 Z? ',' F I I . , . - ' v 1 1 v 1 I I 1 , , . . 1 Y ' , . . . . I 1 ' . - , . 1 1 , . . , . . 1 I . . , . 1 1 ' . , . U ' . , . . ' 1 1 1 '1 ' . , . I Y 1 1 '1 , . . 0 ' 1 1 1 '1 THE HIGH SCHOOL TIMES M1ss Ida G Schlapp of Ch1cago Ill V1SltCd a month w1th her mother Mrs Geo Schlapp MISS Emma Potts 94 wh11e v1s1t1ng 1n Des Moxnes th1s summer was suddenly taken 1ll and an 1mmed1ate operat1on was found neces sary The engagement of MISS Evelyn Wahrer 95 of Chxcago Ill was announced recently Shlrley Vance Schell 95 of New York IS ID France w1th the a111es drmvxng a motor ambulance Born To Mrs Grace Knoch Hattel 99 of Ch1cago Ill a daughter Mrs L1nn1e Reeves Doern 04 and Dr Samuel Reeves 04 were called here early th1s summer by the death of the1r mother Joseph Morr1son 06 of Ch1cago Ill spent h1s vacat1on 1n th1S cxty w1th h1s mother Fred Wahrer 06 has begun the pract1ce of med1c1ne here v1s1t1ng fr1ends 1n Fort Mad1SOH Mrs Madge Watkms Thorne O6 spent a few days here th1s sum mer MISS Pearl Schxer 10 was marr1ed to Mr V1ctor C Hurt 11 on September 1 MISS Mary Casey 11 has returned to the State UH1VCfS1tY at Iowa C1ty Harvey Cregan 11 1S complet1ng h1S course at Drake Un1vers1ty Dell Scott 11 has gone to the umverslty at Iowa C1ty MISS Lou1se Amborn 12 has resumed her stud1es at the Un1 versxty of Ill1no1s M1ss Kather1ne Roberts 13 has returned to the un1vers1ty at Iowa C1ty M1ss Helen Packer 12 IS teachmg Domest1c Sc1ence at Keokuk MISS Nel11e Young 12 expects to graduate th1s sprmg from the State Teachers College at Cedar Rapxds Mlsses Martha and Esther Benbow 12 and 13 are attendmg col lege at Cedar Falls 27 ' 1 '1 1 Y 1 1 I 1 '1 Y Y 1 1 , . , . -' ' ' 1 v 1 'v ' ' - 1 1 ' 1 1 ' 1 7 , . 1 1 1 '1 , . . . V 1 ' Mrs. Anna Schlapp-Siemantle, '06, of Cimorron, New Mexico, is I ' I 1 ' . . , . . , 1 1 ' ' 1 1 . , , . 1 1 1 I ' 1 1 ' 1 1 ' . . , . . 1 1 , , . . . . 1 I ' . - 1 ' ' 1 1 , . . , , . 1 1 ' THE HIGH SCHGOL TIMES l Wu NJ f rn 35 MARGARET HUGHES 16 We beg to apolog1ze for the lack of comment xn our Exchange department But there IS one b1g reason for thls no matenal upon whxch to comment We are puttmg out our fall number earl1er th1s year than formerly wlth the result that only those exchanges whxch came 1n very early could be commented upon A great number of last years annuals have been ma1led out so a good number of exchanges are expected ln return The benefits to be derxved from a large exchange department can hardly be over estxmated It IS by see1ng other school papers that lt 1S poss1ble to recelve many new 1deas not only by comparxng our product1ons wnth the1rs but thru the crxtncnsms ln the1r exchange department to learn what they thmk of us Below are cr1t1c1sms upon those 1ssues wh1ch have been recexved If you have not been mentxoned knndly remember that we wxll get you rn our Chr1stmas number Lewxs and Clarke Journal Spokane Wash You certainly have a very attract1ve journal Although you have an exchange edxtor we searched ln vam for h1s department Newton1a Newton Iowa We looked over your annual wxth great mterest It would be hard to zrnprove on the arrangement of the materxal and the quahty of the cuts Your Exchange IS very clever 28 All- Y ff" - I sl' , Y Q' 'sk K XV flzlfllg 'gifs' '55 'T' Rx 1 .N if We ve' ' ' e if ,A f 7 5 ! ' - 1 'f l ,gmt . - . R' Y ' gg -1, 1 ' ---ily,-1 ' .9j . 1 1 , . , ' . . . . ' , 7 , I . , . . n 1, - - as . H . 1 1 -1' ' 1 an - ,, i . 1 1 - , Q . . . . as ,, . Your Education IS Not Complete Unless you read a Daily Newspaper No tudent man o o a ca corn p eh d t e b de field of ac y lesh ed cat ona fcl es ha been aug ented by kno ledge de ed f om the olu s of an up to the m n te t uthf lne spaper The Daily Gem City 3. O CO al a es o th s o d el e e It e h ce to g go w ld bo t e hes th all the intellectual n s of th d y KEEP IT IN YOUR HOME For Yourself and Family PHONE NO 9 and we will deliver it immediately A Square Deal to All the People All the Time TIMPE Sz SCHROEDER FORT MADISON IOWA N A PIANO To get Kurtzmann Quality 1n P1anos at Kurtzmann P r 1 ce You Must Buy a Kurtzmann Piano Come in see and hear our Player P1 anos We carry a complete line EASY TERMS Sheaffer Jewelry and Music Co. FORT MADISON, IOWA Dainty Jewelry Everyone admires pretty Jewelry If well selected it shows good taste and Adds Much to Your Personal Charms We will be GREATLY PLEASED to have you come to our Store and look over the new de signs in Jewelry that we are now showing Sheaffer Jewelry and Music Co. FORT MADISON, IOWA . . . I s , r w m n n - r en much in h roa r s tivit un s is u i l a iiti s m w - - 8 '- ' ' 9335" riv r c mn - - - W ' I i u , r u w . - H 0 o I i is br ad, nservative, truthful and fearless newspaper filled with news, ed- 5' ucation nd inter ting, fr m i l - f cality an s wh re. gives its r ad- - , - I ers a c an learn what is oin n l in the or a u th rn and lurnis them wi ' ew e a . l 1 1 7 1 . . 29 THE HIGH SCHOOL TIMES FRANK HUESER 16 E K Gee' I can hardly walt untll school starts so I can see the Freshmen B G tm Sten IV, Have you a Gregg Wrrter here? Mxss C No I havent got none here yet M1ss B fm Eng Lxt first day of school, We wxll try to have somethmg arranged on the walls so th1s w11l look more hke an Englxsh room Student It looks more l1ke a bare den now M1ss Byram wh1le vxsltmg our school met Robert Casey and the followlng conversatlon ensued Why how do you do Robert How much have you grown thls summer? Oh about two or three pounds Yes but how many feet? I just have the same two G S Do you conslder Dornestxc Scxencea SCICBCCQ Mr Kempes Yes mn thxs case A whxsper nn the front room then saxd How about Chrxstxan Scxence7 B W Is Phys1cal Geography an xnterestxng subject? Mr K Certalnly lt 1S a freshman study Mxss C Inn Sten IV, Leah translate those words I just d1ctated L C I cant I havent got em all V Y Ll 1 p . 77 . I ls . ,, - . N v n .. , . . . . l ss . n . sl . ,, ll D , . H IL VI , . N H I H . U u . . . . ,, l u . . ,, . . , . I - 1 I ll n o ' H . u . . . . ,, . n . . . ,, . .. , . . . I u . . . , ' ll , H v 1 1 n . .. . . ls Your Home Equlpped for Electrlclty M h U El WIRING AND FIXTURES Fort Madlson Electrlc Supply Co F T 1 ph 308 Y MISS L BRUEGENHEMKE MILLINER StF HAVE YOU TRIED Purltan Flour GET IT FROM The Santa Fe Department Store 2602S t F A Ph 219 H W Knemeyer MEAT MARKET F sh d alt M ats 2637 S t F A Ph 52 C Make it ore Modern by t e se of ectricity I 933 ront Street ee one - 2515 an a e Avenue I O C ? re an S C an a e venue an a e PROFESSIONAL DIREC I'ORY C W ll XHRPII NI D P111 Sltlilll and DUI eon 7125 Second St Phone 79 DI R NI SIOIII IJer1t11-st 7264 Second Street Over Sheaffer s Je elry Store C X N Off ce 703i Seco d Street lll9 I Smlx I, I IIIIOIJI It Me ber of U C A Gr duatc of P S C Chlrop act cs Fo He d Roo 2 .Ta es Block IJ I P H X N IPPIIILISI Lee County Sa xngs Bank Bldg I IxXS seascs of Wo 16 1 and Chlldren 8171! Seco d Street R IN J U H N SON 703i Second Street J P CRI IKSIIAN E1n.11111'1l Xgent Abstl Lots ot Iltle Ground Floor Kennedy Bldg IDR I4 I LOIRIRIGIIT Dentlst Phone 107 J Rooms 13 and 14 Lee County Sav ngs Bank Bld CIO P YI, B ANTHI5 Room 4 James Block Real Lstate A lnsurfune Phone 632 M I I AI James Block HOI IXIIIK 6. PAXNI I11su1P111fP A I.IPll I state James Block IxILI 8: SCIIROI DI R Real I state I mans and Insux 11119 Roo s 3 and 4 Lee Co Ba k Bldg VNII Ill ll Fl SIOI Electr cal Scalp Tre tment Man cu mg Fac al. Massage Sh mpoo g Ha D ess g Phone 454 1196 P e St et A GILI XND Accldent Health and I 1fe Insul an P9 824 Second Street GI O Ii S'1I W XIV1 Lfm 5 91 Lee County Sav ngs Bank Bldg 4 r . I'. If u , . . . J. NI. 'I SICY, -I. D. v . I. ,., 'O' ., 1-1 1 ' n Q Pu- 11, 2 111.0 ' ' ' ' ' fl ' . .. ,t . -, J 4 , ,Ol m . . . a Y . . ., ' r i ' untain W a . : 111 , m . Ii. C. . 1 I ZE.' IJII. W. I. 'Q QTICX ' ' t Di n 1 v' -. n . I. ft' 1' J. Il. "I LICY Lilwyel' L11 wyel' . . I 'C . K 1 f -, 1' v ,- I J ,. . Q ' Off. I I 1 ' . i L K qw , X ' If W I rv 1 c ,f , ,f 4. , A L 1 I , . . I. C. Q' I H ' 1' I IQ C C ' 1 4,1 r . 1 JL l 1 7 J 1 1 -f . - . , 1 1 , I if' m , . n . ,Q ' 'U Q B' L' .jj ' EIC '11 If 'SI ' 1 i a , i r' Q 1 , i , a in , ir 4 1' 1 I 'I I A r Min. ' . , in re ' f 'T 1 1 x w A ' JA ' D . . 1 D 1 X 1 ' A - V . I . . I 1 i . Dr G A Starkweather Phys1c1an and Surgeon Hes e Bu ld g DR N E COLBY Dentlst He se B ld ng DR F C ROBERTS Phys1c1an and Surgeon o 1 Herminghausen and Hermmghausen Lawvers 22 P eSt t Drs Gumwood 8. Relmers F59 Far Nose and 'lhxoat P rt M a g Ba uauag L C W EBLR Attorney at Law B NIRS C W EDBANKS etF g dCh pdy 705F t5 C W WFIIKS d Pl y P Stud o 8: D spl yRoo sM q ette Bldg T l 115 J DR C I DALEY Obteopathlc Phvslclan 8111 SECOND STREET Oppost Ox-ph DR F C CARD Osteopathic Physician Resd e8cOFEi e 629Th dSt eet J HEARST The Insurance Nlan of The New York Llfe Ins Co S800 000 000 00 Assets Dr John R Walker Dr V T Doerlng Marquette Bu ld ng EDWIN URFER Farm Machinery The Square Deal Store Phone 8 Y 705 Second Street HOTEL ANTHES Fort Madison Iowa Amer1can Plan Rates S2 50 and S3 O0 JAS BOYLE Prop V s i in s ui i A . Dem cra! Bui ding - 0 in ree .' , Y ' 9 J r fr ' , 1 , L! - - X u o a ison Savin s rx . James lock L '. . . 7 iT X. . L ' S Hairdressing, Shampooing, Scalp Treat- Vocal Teacher and Dealer in Pianos m n , acial Massa e, Manicuring an a er ianos an iro o i i a m ar u . ron treet C - ' 1 . . . I . . U 1 i enc c , ir r 1 e eum 1 L' . 1 I ' 1 I' , . I I I I . , . THE HIGH SCHOOL TIMES L S gnvmng synonyms for departed Couldnt you say d1e7 When you d1e you depart H R hn Anc H1st What color IS rt when xts IS green? C L at fxrst Athletlc Assoc1at1on meetmg We wxll now recexve nommatxons for a yell mxstress Freshman Mr Presldent I nommate Merle Meyers F H rn Com Geog They dont F8156 much of anythmg mn Mexxco now do they? Mr F Nothlng but cam and IIS not ht for sugar Mxss S Who was Florence N1ghtmgale7 Freshman Some army corpse Mnss B Blodwm tell about Bryant s schoolmg B W Oh' He snow balled Mlss B What was one of Bryant s PFOIBSSIOHS7 He got marrled M155 B Eng III l Do you know that poem the Deacon s One Horse Shay? Mmss B Well xts not exactly beautlful Mr Fxsh sa1d The best loke I have heard around thxs school IS the double seats 1n two rows m the assembly Mxss B If there IS anyone who can wr1te poetry we would hke to have nt for the T1mes E D Shea here can wr1te swell poetry Shea Oh I can only I haven t txrne DRESSING ROOM SNAPS Mr K Harry IS the only one who 15 lnelxglble I N Aw he amt nelther We all take algebra together R walkxng up to our tacklxng dumrnyl Is thxs a dummy L No Freshle that IS a sack of hard c1der M I know what s the matter wnth you too much hard c1der Thats nght we have a whole bunch of It at home G S It takes mxlhons of sxlk fibres to make a thread Mr F Not mxlhons G S Well oodles then 31 , . is J, n , 1 . , - I ' YY , . ,- u . . . . ,, K 1 1 1 1 ,I ll 1 I , I ' ' - ' I' . if ' ' Il 1 I I ' K. ss , - . . I 1' yi tl 1 1 1 V V, 1 ' If ' ' Il ll II 1 H ' 1 ' YI .: , . . if - 11 1 ' if I ' U! L S 6 Cl ' YI . K ' ns n , . . . . , IV Shea G.: "Yes, I do." . I u . . ,, 1 I ll 4 o 1 1 l: KC 1 1 , I 1 K I I I' n - n . .: , , . U 1 ' !1 : , . I 11 . . . . . ,, ' lf 1 1 1 1' . .. , . . H. . I ' ' 1 H ' ?" C. i: if , 1 1 1 1 'y' E . sn . . . ,, . .. , . H. R.: H ' ' , ' .H I ss . . . ,, . ll . . ,, l ss ,, . .. , . LISTEN If you w1sh f1rst class work cons1st1ng of Portra1ts and 1n Colors Panoramlc P1ctures Home Portra1t Speed Plctures Flash Llght P1ctures of the Home or Busmess Place g1VC your order to The Wallace Studlo and get Results Phou 692 J 80912 Second St Bulck Motor Cars D44 D45 D46 D47 D54 D55 Roadster S 950 00 Tourmg Coupe Tourmg Sedan Roadster Tour1n g Car 985 00 1350 00 1875 00 1450 00 1485 00 uto Sales Co L S HARTER Mgr FORT MADISON IOWA For Guns, Ammumhon, Motor cycles, B1cyc1es and Accessones Go to C. C Wllllams 110 Plne St Phone 86 X RADE what you DON T want for somethlng you DO want at Biggs Second Hand tore Nuf Sed Phone 86 M Fort Madlson lce Cream Manufaclory Ice Cream and Ices of Every Descrlptlon Guaranteed to be Pure and Wholesome 1401 FRONT STREET e 7 VA V 1 l 0 ' l A . , , , . 3 - X . , I 1 - ' 7 ff - 97 - ! 'i l O Mrs. J. J. Schneidermeier, ro . 0 0 . . I Masden Land Company H. H. MASDEN, Manager Sells or Exchanges Real Estate Merchandise and Insurance HALLOWE'EN Post Cards Place Cards Masks Favors Hats Napk1ns Return Balls Blowouts Nut Cups Candy Boxes Orange and Black Cardboard Gold and Black Crepe Paper Decorated Crepe Paper for Your DCCOFBIIOHS DODD PRINTING C0 114 Market Street THREE IN ONE MEAT MARKET y A t lty PROMPT DELIVERY FORT MADISON SECOND HAND STORE J s DESPAIN M g 62317 Ph 66OM 915 ront Street Phone - 1 9 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I C O - - Phones 77 and 193 SCHAPER 8: KOCH 1030 Fourth Stree Alwa s im o Please Their Customers in Quai and Prices. . . , ana er ront Street one - 1 x 4 Q . , . f rv r KA 1 . , xr fi Yes, We Have Everything that Goes With the Rebuilding of Old Shoes. Quality and Dexterity is our Motto. C A COURTRIGHT 8: CO CORNER SECOND AND MARKET For Good Work T y th Model Laundry Adu Ch P p 223 CHESTNUT STREET S0 J RAY E GERBER Flour Feed and ee d 6 A J BENBGW Wood and Coal Ofli 686 J 192 M R d Add 99F Stationery Office Supplies Dodd Prmtmg Co 0 o 0 I' C 7 e a ott. ro rietress Corner Thir and Vine St Phone 1 - Pho 31 . . Printing 6 ron . ce Phone Residence Phone ' ' ' 0 0 ' , 2 ourth ' Yes We Have Everything that Goes Wlth the Rebmldmg of Qld Shoes uahty and Dextemty IS our Motto C A COURTRIGHT 8z CO CORNER SECOND AND MARKET For Good Work T y th Model Laundry ll Cht P 1501 RAY E GERBER Flour Feed and ee A J BENBOW Wood and Coal O53 Ph 686 J 192 M R d Add 92 F th Pfllltlllg Statlonery Offlce Supplles Dodd Prmtmg Co 1 o o o I' C 7 Ade a o t, roprietress 223 CHESTNUT STREET Corner Third and Vine Sts. Phone - Phone 631 I'OI'l . ce one Residence Phone ' 9 our '

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Fort Madison High School - Madisonian Yearbook (Fort Madison, IA) online yearbook collection, 1918 Edition, Page 1


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