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 - Class of 1908

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':: O E5 Nj POR MAD SON H Q H SCP COL v--4 1 :H u-4 r-4 P-4 SOCIAL SETTLEMENT WORK EDNA HEISING VAL1- DICTORIAN NE QUESTION wh1ch confronts os WH every c1ty lS how to 1mprove the .1-Z-'i x condxtlons of the poorer classes ll V ll rlslfius---E QQ E , ,us so Q,,,WffJ,!j it A ' Many plans have been tried, but so fl far the social settlement movement XXKQLX Educated men and women have -v x XO opened soclal and educat1onal cen QUIK ters called settlements ln the poor est dxstrxcts of the ClflCS Recog l has been tl1e most successful nuzxng the need of estabhshmg closer relatlons between the two classes of socxety the poor and the wealthy they l1ve ln these settlements not because It IS a pleasure but because they Nant to 1mprove the cond1t1ons of a large class of people by gxvmg them every opportun1ty for culture At the same t1me these settlement workers secure for themselves a broader vxew of l1fe through contact wxth the common people The purpose of all settlements IS very sxmxlar That of Hull House as stated ln 1tS charter IS To provxde a center for a h1gher cxvlc and socxal 11fe to 1I'lSt1tl,1f6 and mamtam educatlonal and phllanthroplc enterpr1ses and to lI'1V8Stlg3.tC 'and 1mprove the condltxons ln the lndustrzal dlstrxcts of Chl cago Th1s vnrtually expresses the purpose of all settle ments Fxfty years ago these soclal and educatlonal centers were unknown the movement d1d not orlgmate untxl 1867 At that t1me the need of soclal reform was strongly felt m Eng land Doctor Arnold Fredenck D Maurxce and Thomas THE HIGH SCHOOL 'IIMES I-Ixll Green all scholars and educators of that country became deeply mterested ln the xmprovement of exnstmg condltxons and through then nnfluence certaxn Oxford students began a reform movement Thenr mtentxon from the first was to establxsh homes smnlar to the present settlement but not untxl 1884 was the first regular settlement Toynbee Hall founded at Whntechapel near London Three years later the movement had spread to the Umted States and the College Settlement nn Rxvxngton street New York had been opened There are really three kmds of settlements-church col lege and soclal but the chnef dxfference hes In the name and not m the purpose or actxvntxes All settlements depend to some extent on the hberahty of thexr frxends and patrons m many cases the buxldxngs and specxal equnpments have been donated by people who are nnterested nn the work A char actenstnc feature of all settlements IS that the resxdence of all workers IS more or less temporary and that wxth the excep txon of the head worker and at txmes an assxstant the res: dents pay thexr own expenses Each settlement begxns nts their nnterest nn nts hbrary penny bank gymnasium and boys and g1rls clubs and classes Then after gaxnmg the Conti dence of the parents the sphere of xts work IS xncreased Im provement of the streets and houses m the poor dxstrxcts ms usually the first cxvnc work attempted The prommence of a settlement depends largely on the scope of xts work and on the number of people whom xt reaches therefore all the larger and more xmportant settle ments are situated ln the large cxtnes In New York the Col lege Settlement xn Rxvmgton street wxth Mlss Wxllzams at nts head the East Sxde House under the management of Clarence Gordon and the Nurses Settlement whose founder and head resxdent ns Mlss Wald have become wxdely known The Roadside Settlement Des Momes IS the only one nn Iowa It IS a small anstxtutnon but has a wxde moral and socxal mflu ence Hull House and The Commons are the largest and most prominent settlements m Chxcago and possnbly nn the work among the children of the neighborhood by arousing THE HIGH SCHOOL TIMES Unxted States Jane Addams as founder and head worker of Hull House and Graham Taylor of The Commons have been unttrxng m themr efforts toward soc1al reform Jane Addams spent at least five years nn preparmg for her work From chxldhood she had been deeply xnterested nn the apparent mequalntnes of manknnd But not untnl she had vxsxted the larger cxtnes of Amerxca and Europe dxd she thoroughly realmze the necessxty for socnal reform or feel any desxre to take up such work At length she confided her plans to Mlss Helen Starr and the two set out on a tour of mspec tnon M1ss Addams went to London to study the manage ment and condxtxons at Toynbee Hall whxle Mxss Starr de parted for Italy to study the lzfe of the Italxan peasants A half year later January 1889 they were lookmg for a suxtable locat1on nn Chxcago to begm thenr settlement A house the former resxdence of Chas J Hull sntuated m the heart of a manufacturzng dxstrxct ln the mldst of a foretgn old dxlapxdated houses and frontxng an extremely dnrty and poorly lxghted street seemed to afford every opportunxty for whnch they were lookmg Durmg the summer the necessary repanrs were made and ID September 1889 the house was opened as Hull House Social Settlement. The enterpnse 1m medxately gaxned favor A kxnder garten and day nursery were the first thxngs attempted Then ln order to further gam the confidence of the parents receptxons were gxven to whxch they were xnvxted Separate receptlons were held for each nattonahty and when the Italxan women wxth thexr al most eastern habxts were lnvxted they sent thexr husbands tn stead of commg themselves All such dxfficultzes had to be overcome and xt was some txme before extensxve plans could be maugurated In spite of thxs fact, the first five years were marked by rapld development and nnprovement The num ber of buxldxngs was mcreased to four clubs for chtldren and adults were organxzed sanxtary and legal reforms were under taken, and a branch hbrary and readmg room were estab hshed . I V - V I - . , ' . ,, . . . . ,, . O 1 , . ' - I I I I I v . i . ' . . . . . v . . . and poverty-stricken population, surrounded on all sides by 1 - . ' . I I . I V . I , . I , - ' - I . . . ' . , - THE HIGH SLHOOL TIMLS At present after nlneteen years growth the act1v1t1es of Hull House may be summed up as socml educatxonal rellgl ous and cxvxc Hull House theatre has been the scene of many mterestmg amateur plays gxven by the club members ln Greek German and Italmn as well 'Ls Enghsh These serve both as an enterta1n1ng and educahonal factor Con certs and rec1tals are also frequently g1VCl'1 by the members of themr musxc school One a1m of Hull House IS to p1OV1ClC every posslble form of recreatlon and entertaxnment there fore It has mamtaxned dancmg classes and other clubs wluch have no dxrect educahonal purpose There are thxrteen clubs for amusement and enterta1nment w1th an average of forty members each Nevertheless eclucatxon IS the underlymg mot1ve ofall Hull House clubs although ln nnny cases It IS not evndent to the members some clubs and classes however are orgamzed expressly for that purpose and many entex pr1ses such as the labor museum bmdery b1anch hbrary and klnder garten are purely educatxonal 'lhe labor museum shows an attempt to mstruct the fore1gn element especully the peasants m the evolutxon of the manufacture of home made cloth and garments and the growth of the tresent method of factory sp1nn1ng Classes ID dres makmg m1ll1 nery and embroldery occupy thls room also a temtxle hop 1 small manufacturmg enterprise the products of whxch are woolen blankets and drapery towels ln pattern and rugs Allmdustrxal classes have large membersh1ps lhe Boys Club has one thousand members and smce January 1907 hms occupled 1ts own bunldmg which has all the necessary eqtup ments for work ln lron wood, and prxntmg Rel1g1ous mstructlon IS not a part of the Furl ose of Hull House but the Sabbath IS always observed usually by S'lC1Ctl concerts or by Umverslty Extens1on lectures gxven by the faculty of the Unlversxty of Ch1cago Poss1bly the cxvxc accomphshments of Hull House have had 'ls wlde an mfluence as any oflts other undertakmgs From the very beglnnmg the res1dents have labored for the 1mprovement of thexr surroundmgs The samt try co wdltlons s r . , . .. 1 Y 1 . r, z , ' ,c . , , c, c . . 1. , ' C ' 1 , 4 I 1 D , . . - - v 1 I 1 - ' A , - 1 1 I ' , , . . . . .. 1 5- q . t , " 3 ,Z , 4 1 . I ' 1 ' . . . ,. x, L . . I I I 5' . , . . . , .I- , . , . J J v v - L v -1 . 4 L x A 1 '. 1 .Z l. A' . C W CRUIKSHANK SUPERINTENDLNT OF SCHOOLS THE HIGH SCHOOL TIMES of the nexghborhood were xnspected and improved Through thenr efforts factory leg1slat1on was enforced schools were re paxred and petxtxons were sent ID for a publxc play ground for the chxldren Even the causes of truancy among the school chlldren have been carefully mvestxgated for the purpose of suggestmg remedxes for the ev1l The res1dents are vxtally xn terested ln the welfare of thexr nexghbors and at present are co operatxng wlth state and munlcxpal authorntles 1n securmg all necessary reforms Hull House IS no longer an xnstntuhon of four bunldnngs the growth of nts actlvxtxes and undertakmgs made at neces sary long ago to mcrease 1ts snze Many thxngs have been changed all buxldxngs are provxded wxth modern xmprove ments The furmshmgs are plam but durable and every thmg IS kept scrupulously clean glvmg the whole estabhsh ment a comfortable home lxke appearance Even now the avaxlable space IS not sufliclent to accommodate all who wxsh to come The average attendance for one week IS nme thou sand people men women and chnldren and twenty fxve resldent workers together wxth about seventy five non resn dents are engaged xn provxdmg xnstructnon and amusement for them Madge C Jemson says One person cannot have a settlement a settlement IS the mteractnon of a group of peo ple and a commumty The organzzatlon of all settlements as practxcally the same as that of Hull House By Amerxcanxzxng the forelgn elements and by ransmg the standards of the poorer Amerncans nt IS hoped to make these classes among the most progressxve nn the country Some of the forengn populatxon have formerly belonged to better classes of socxety but have been reduced to poverty by unexpected calamxtnes others have always been poor but they too have good charactenstxcs and are ready to make use of every opportunnty for nmprovement Work among such people cannot be fruxtless They attend the clubs and classes at the settlements learn more of what as go mg on ID the world and finally leave the nenghborhood to be gm lxfe elsewhere on a nobler plane. In thns way they make 1 1 ' 1 . 1 1 . . . . . . . 1 . . . . . . . ' - ' 1 1 ' , - 1 ' - . . . . 1 1 1 ' . . . ' - - - 1 - et . . , ' - - 17 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 . . 1 . . . 1 Y 9 I . . 1 ' - I - 0 n ' 1 THL HIGH SCHOOL TIMES room for more people at the settlement and can at the same tnme pass on the benefits whxch they have recexved As a mun1c1pal power settlements have become an xmportant fac tor Whenever the residents complam of condxtlons m then' dlstrlcts reforms are mstxtuted and put mto force throughout the cxty therefore settlements are a benefit to both r1ch and poor They cannot be controlled by one person nor w1ll thelr benefits be confined to one class Such xnstxtutxons are of xnflmte value and nothmg can better show thexr growmg xmportance than the lncrease ln the number of workers or the way m whxch the settlement movement has spread not only nn Amenca and England but ln Contmental Europe Even Japan Indxa and New South Wales are lnterested m the movement and have opened mstxtutxons wxth sxmnlar actnvl t1eS In order to thoroughly reallze the greatness of thns work lt must be remembered that all settlements are purely volun tary undertakmgs People are not hxred to open these homes themselves but xn others thexr a1m IS to put all people on more nearly the same level And IS lt not an msplrxng xde1l7 Do they not deserve praxse for what they are do1ng7 Thelr IS a hfe of self sacrlfice and self denlal for the benefit of the masses It IS an mstance where humble begmnmgs produce great results Llttle g1rl as she knelt to say her prayer Mama my prayer IS so long can I say the one the nurse says ln the morn1ng7 Mama Why does the nurse pray? Lxttle gxrl Yes she says O Lord have I got to get up? Ex Teacher Johnny what IS a hypocr1te7 Johnny A boy wot comes to school w1th a sm1lc on hxs face r . ' - I . Q ' . ' I 2 . . . Y I . . ' . . i Y 1 Y Y . . ' - l . 1 . ' but do so of their own free will. They are not interested in Q . . . . . Q , N T '-' 4 . ' . ' 77 ff 71 ... , I ' ' ff ,Q ... y I ff ' ' TQ ... , A --ff 1 . - 77 AS IT SHOULD BE T IS UPON the outskirts of Damas Ya! K-PY' cus and near the Pool of Astarkan that there stands a School of the Prophet One June day Aurang zeb the President of the fifth form 1 4 X, gy ,ff-Q called a form meeting after the eloquence he told of the hau ht WJ spirit and unwarranted prxdf ost the sixth formers Let us adopt some means he exhorted of lowering their pride and obnoxious bearing Has anyoneasugges tion? Then up rose Azzarkal the impetuous the undaunted OIIC Mr President quoth he I propose that when each member of the form comes tomorrow morning his head be girt about with an elaborate turban of crimson and orange the symbol of our form Thus shall the sixth formers be Filled with envy and the green monster shall devour their haughty pride But interposed Sohocon the timid they may resent our splendor and cause trouble Then shall the master be displeased Be it so responded Azzarkal if they wish to cause trouble they may attempt it But let it be understood that if they become too over bearing we are able to carry them in a body and e1ect them into the Pool of Astarkan ill Il VP J. A. J., '10 Il V1 an 'Em 5'1" - Tj ist x r t evening dismissal. With glowing Q 1 'Q I I . THE HIGH SCHOOL TIMES So xt was settled and the next morning all the fifth for mers even Sohocon the timid came decked in their gorgeous turbans But the sixth formers were filled with scorn Hold your peace said they the fifths shall not have them long Then was Azzarkal pleased for he bethought hnmself that he was a great fighter and boasted much of his strength A week passed two weeks and still the fifth formers wore their turbans Then did occur an mcndent which broke the pride of a vain boaster and enabled the sixth formers to maintain their position as head of the school One moonlight evenmg Azzarkal was strolling wnth sev eral others down the quiet road which leads to the Pool of Astarkan Have you noticed said he in a loud voice that we are still wearing our turbans'9 We have notxced answered a hollow voice from the shall be the first to doff hns gorgeous head gear Never' shouted Azzarkal come forth from thy hiding and I shall show you who is best man I see you fear me he added then I shall fetch you forth Want you here you of the fifth See a. vahant man overcome some skulkmg coward As he dad near the bushes a great commotion arose nn a little by path Amid reports such as a gatlmg gun produces and accompanied by the fumes of burning brnmstone a. form black huge and awful rolled heavily into the road Two great eyes each shlmng like a thousand candles dxd glare upon the fifth formers With a shriek they did flee down the road toward the Pool of Astarkan Azzarkal became separ ated from the others and wnth that terrible pursuer fled be tween high stone walls down a path which ended abruptly at the edge of the pool But Azzarkal had no thought of stopping when the pool was reached Wxth a leap which did tear his turban from his head and hurl It lnto the slimy water, he plunged far outward . : . . ' ' . . ' . . ff 77 ' Y! Y Y if I : ' - I , - ff ' If ' ' ' ff 1 ! ' ' M Q! ' 91 ' I roadside, "but Azzarkal, the impetuous, the undaunted one, ' 71 Q' ,Y ff ' ' ' 1 ' 17 ' 1 if ' l A ' O 7' 9 . - D . . , ' . I 1 I I 7 . . ' ' . . . v . ' v 1 l I 1 ' 1 ' v I J L PACKER PRINCIPAL Ol' HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL TIMES and struggled on tall he sat ham down upon a lattle hallock of turf wath has feet sunk deep an the oozy mud When finally he dad summon up courage to look about the apparataon was gone As Azzarkal the ampetuous the undaunted one sore an body and thoroughly humalaated an sparat dragged hamself through the mare to the bank of the Pool of Astarkan a voace quaetly called has name Who calls? the boaster s voace was low and meek Tas I Tas Sohocon What was at? Has at gone? Wall at return? Ah Azzarkal at was nothang to fear Nothang to fear' Do you not fear a horde of eval sparats? It was no eval spaa-at It was only some saxth formers an one of those amported contraptaons they call automobales Kand lady Don t you know at s wrong to fight? Small boy Yes m when Im gettan lacked Lattle fours an hastory L1ttle fours an French Makes a baseball player Sat upon the bench Teacher tof natural hastoryl How many specaes of kangaroo are known to exast? Pupal Two just the same as any other creature the kangaroo and the kangarooster Freddae lat the table Oh mama' are you gomg to gave all that ace cream to Mabel? Mama No my dear thas as for you Freddae My goodness mama what a lattle bat - . . . . 1 . 1 a 1 1 . . I - Y' 71 1 ' res - 1 ' as ac ' ' ' ' vs u - - 71 1 v ' ee - - - - 11 N . . . . . . . . ,, - at 1 -1 91 at 1 1 ' 1 - -aa T ' I N . . . 1 1 V ' 97 . N . - 11 ' ff ' T- 99 - , ra ' , . 1 I 11 N - - rv .1 ' ' , . ,, - - n ..- 1 ' , HELEN KELLER SARA STARBURG SALUTATORIAN ELEN KELLER stands out before 'sexy the world as a woman who al lg f wbijg -3 cultxes has won success through her courage and perseverance Q Possessmg only three senses taste w ww , touch and smell and bemg de haf L?-l 'I prxved of the most lmportant ones dvi! Z2- besldes bemg speechless she was certamly a p1t1able creature But she possessed that w1l1 power whlch made all thmgs possmble and constantly looked forward to a txme when she mnght make her l1fe a success Thls purpose was only 'nccom plxshed by degrees It took a great deal of force and deter mmatxon on her part The flrst great thmg she dxd wis to learn to read ra1sed letters wxth the axd of a teacher then to wr1te and finally to speak Next she saw the lmportant need and value of a college educatlon She was prepared for thls work and made wonderful progress On entermg college she fully realxzed her deficxencxes yet endeavored all the whnle to look on the brnghter sxde of l1fe Her college educatlon was a decnded success as It qualxhed her ln varnous subjects xn whlch she was especlally mterested Influenced by thls tram mg she began to take an actxve part mn llfe especnally ln thc work of axdmg bl1nd chxldren She vxsxted them read to them and trxed to comfort them and lS domg such work at the present tune She IS also mterested 1n polltxcal and soclal affalrs and is eager to become fam1l1ar wlth all current events l 3 ' :Y 't I l 4 , LL -,K ' . ' H il I though surrounded by many d1ffl- I TT ' ' F X f 1 S " i I ,IQ . . - J IHE HIGH SCHOOL TIMES of the day ln fact she has made more of her l1fe than one would expect under such clrcumstances and thus we can truly say that her career 15 marvelous Today she has the honorable t1tle of Bachelor of Arts from Radcllffe College IS a fluent speaker of five languages author of a well known book and the fr1end of many noted men and women of Amer1ca Such IS the posxtxon to wh1ch she has elevated herself Helen Keller was born June 27 1880 1n Tuscumb1a Ala bama Her parents were very respectable people and qulte well educated In her mfancy she became deaf and bhnd the result of a fever Consequently she could not speak As she developed she began to show an eager d1spos1t1on and a longmg for a way mn wh1ch to express herself as dld those about her She would touch the laps of people whsle they were speakmg but could not understand what xt all meant The desrre to express herself 1n a more deftmte way be came greater but prospects of any educatlon for her seemed gloomy untll her father heard of the Perknns Inst1tute a school for the deaf and bhnd He was successful ID securxng was about seven years old Mnss Sulllvan s manner of mstructmg was excellent She would glVB Helen a certaln object and spell nnto one hand the name of the word wh1ch the object represented whlle Helen placed her other hand on Mxss Sullivan s lips to grasp the meanmg At once she trted to 1m1tate by sound those words wh1ch her teacher had spelled and soon she learned the names of snmple objects such as chalr book hat etc another helpful thmg Wh1Ch Mnss Sulhvan d1d for her pupxl was to take her out xnto the woods and let her obtam an ndea of na ture She became acquaxnted wnth the flowers trees and blrds The next step 1n her educatnon was to learn to read and also to count Cardboard Sl1pS w1th prlnted words on them were gxven her and she soon learned that each word repre sented an object act or quahty In thas way she learned to read 1n Prxmary books, and by contmued readmg her voca U 1 9 1 1 ' ' 9 ' ' i 1 1 . . , l I , . 1 U Miss Sullivan, who arrived in the spring of 1887, when Helen I I . . , . . I . . I I V 9 9 'G 4 V 1 ' I I l ' I - I ' ' s . THE HIGH SCHOOL FIMES bulary was increased She was taught to count by Stringing beads and the various forms of arithmetic were understood by using kinder garten straws Helen Keller was not taught in a short time but day by day she learned new ideas It was hard for her to grasp new thoughts because she could neither see nor hear But Miss Sullnvans earnest sympathy with Helen made it pleasanter and easier for her In 1888 Helen went to the Perkin s Inst: tute nn Boston where she met many wxth similar afflnctxons She and her teacher also visited noted places in and around Boston She now appreciated things as never before She had received such a training in the form and use of words that she could write quite well It was a real pleasure to her and she took great delight in communicating to her many friends telling them of her advancement Not only could she write with a pencil at this time but she was also very competent with a typewnter The movement of her fm gers was quick, and her mistakes on the typewriter were few because she actually learned to speak She was taken to Miss Fuller Principal of the Horace Mann School who took care ful pains in teaching her Whenever she made a sound she would place Helens hand over her face not only that she might feel the pos1t1on of her tongue and lips but also the vibrations Helen began to imitate her and soon learned to put xdeas into words Practice was her only watchword and by this she conquered In 1893 Helen Keller began to study the histories of many natxons Latin grammar and arithme tic under Mlss Sullivan In 1894 it was arranged that she should go to the Wright Humason School for the deaf in New York Cnty with Miss Sullivan as attendant Here she might learn hp-reading more fully than she had but her success was not promising As Miss Keller grew older she began to feel her need in helping the blind, and leading them into the new world whxther she had been brought This called for a qualiiied education so she entered Cambridge School in 1896 deter I 1 , . . , . . 1 . . , .- ' I 1 1 ' I . 1 . ' 1 I In 1890, Miss Kel1er's long wished for desire was granted, v 1 ' 1 I I . . I . , ' I ' 1 . . . , . , l . - 9 ' I , . I I Q 1 ' 1908 LA SS OF .- .- N- .- f-1 -Q ,. -1 ..- ..- Q.. - ..- ,.. .- E EE 32 o. xi :ES DEQ J. UV.. m-Hg 52 L53- BV 32:5 12? Elf: ,-f:,: ..::Q- ..-f-1 3:..J9j:4 L.-.'1--- iflfi' 52222 -545.1 ?,Qf: L-::"'V "Trix: lf: 'Q '-1'-If 3-s-m 1::':. U7Q1',3 , -L, If E25 if-215 -ZLQCLZ -3.u ?"7 wfr Zhi ,Liz lf.- Z?- EBQ 4wj 531 'J-52 :P" Ed 61. mv I' -: 3? io .I 'J THE HIGH SCHOOL TIMES mmed to fit herself for Radchffe It was lndeed very dliticult for her to understand the mstructors and also for them to understand her She would place her finger on their lips when conversing with them but durmg classes Mlss Sullxvan would go with her so as to communicate through her hand all that the instructors said At th1s school Miss Keller selected such subjects as Latin German English and took speclal de light rn readmg class1cs In 1897 Miss Keller was first exammed for Radchffe Mr Gxlman prxncxpal of the school read the questions and she repeated them to make sure she understood The examma tnon was successfully passed and she entered upon her sec ond years work at Cambndge electnng algebra geometry phys1cs astronomy Greek and Latm Her final examxna t1ons were taken ln 1899 and in some studies she received honors Now she was thoroughly prepared for Radchffe Some of her fr1ends were anxious for her to go and compete w1th her more fortunate companions while others said it would be foolish and that she would not make a success But she fol lowed the instructions of her own mxnd and thought xt the best thing to go At Radclzlfe College she mdeed reahzed her defic1enc1es but dxd not allow them to mterfere with her happlness She was deprived of lectures hbrarxes and theatres but on the other hand the instruction she recenved was 1nsp1r1ng and the prxvrlege was gxven her of electmg studies Another hindrance was that the books which she stud1ed were not prnnted for the blmd so she had to have the subject matter spelled into her hand Consequently nt took her a great deal more time to prepare her lessons than lt took her companions She enjoys most her study of hxstory and literature She has her own favorxte authors and loves to make a broad study of their works What Radcliffe has done for Helen Keller cannot be fully est1mated It has taught her to cultxvate to the fullest extent whatever talents she possesses and truly she has done this and more than th1s It has also brought cheerfulness into 1 1 1 1 ' 1 . . 1 I 1 - , . . 7 7 I 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 ' . . . . - 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 . , . . . 1 THE HIGH SCHOOL TIMES her heart and has made her feel her need of helpnng others After leavxng college she has spent a great part of her tlme nn wntxng She has wrxtten a book entxtled The Story of My Lxfe Essay on the Hand Optmnsm and an Essay on Radchffe College portraymg xts anus and xdeals All these books and essays tend xn some way or other to xnstruct and encourage the blmd Her work among the blnnd ns remarkable She has re lxeved much of thelr suffermg and especlally that of Tommy Stringer who has been deaf and dumb from mfancy At the age of five years he was an nnxnate at the hospxtal at Alle gheny Penn She whxle vlsxtmg there happened to hear of hum and xmmedxately raxsed money to send hxm to the Per kms Instxtute where hxs progress was rapid At the age of seven he could read raxsed letters and soon began the study of grammar history and mathematics Helen Keller belxeves that deaf and blxnd chxldren should not be permxtted to remaxn quxet nn the house but should be urged to go out xnto the open axr and play wnth other chnld ren In this way they will become more famnlxar wxth life and nts surroundmgs They should also become accustomed to touch peoples hps when they are talkxng m order that they obtaxn a better understandnng of the words of the language It IS xnterestxng to compare Helen Keller wxth others who are bhnd who have had perchance more advantages than she Laura Brxdgman who xs deaf and blnnd has made qulte a success of her lnfe but xs not talnng the same enthusnastnc xnterest nn other people as Helen Keller Lmme I-Iaguewood and George Malls are progressxng rapndly but the results of thexr learning are not as prominent as those of Helen Keller Mass Keller can use the typewnter successfully has a great love for music and enjoys painting and statuary On account of her keen sense of touch, she recogmzes the character and dtsposntnon of not only her friends but also any wxth whom she may come xn contact In fact Helen Keller has accom plxshed an achxevement surpassxng that of any blxnd person havmg heanng. , . . . I . . . . . ,, . ' 71 'I 17 Y' ' ' 11 ff Y Y I . ,, . . . . , . I . , - , . I ' I . . . . . , . I I I ' . . . . . . . I - 1 . . . , . . . . . . . I I I . . . . ' I I . . . . . . . . I . . . . . I . . . . , . . . . . . . I . 0 1 ' . . . . . . THE HIGH SCHOOL TIMES What helped Mlss Keller to make such of her lnfe IS her gentle and cheerful nature Her heart ns always full of sun shme and she constantly longs to help some one Instead of scornxng her lot as some nn her case would do she has taken It as a matter of course and xs trymg to encourage others who are thus affhcted The theme of Mxss Keller s work 15 patxence and per severance She believes that the great demand of the world IS not so much for scholarshxp as for actxve and energetxc servxce Durnng her struggle she has found out that neces sxty teaches patxence and obednence By becomxng xnterested mn college aifaxrs she has learned to help others and fully occupxes her tune nn domg good Takmg unto consxderatnon her nusfortunes what noble work has she not accomplzshed' Thxs should be an xmpressxve lesson to us who have all the possnble blessmgs and yet perhaps are not puttxng them to the best use We should learn by the success of thxs hfe to apprecxate our talents and to cultxvate them and by so doxng gxven us a wonderful lesson may xt have :ts xnfluence for good' Fxrst urchxn Papa wlll you gxve me a good whxppnng? What for? I want to go swrmmmg and I don t want to be bothered wxth a future Aman was once asked to speak at a banquet After many men were called upon for speeches and the crowd was growxng txred the toastmaster nntroduced hxm Mr B wnll now gnve hxs address My address gentlemen sand Mr B ns 231 Park Ave S W Goodmght Teacher In the sentence Patrxck beat John wxth hns fists what 15 Patrick? Bright boy- He s Insh 1 . ' . y I . , . . I . 1 ' I 1 , . . . . ' . . v ' ' . . ' . . ' . 9 . U 1 give our inspiration to the world, as she has done. She has G . . . . . ,, . . . . ,, if 17 N ' ' ' ' 17 . . Q' 19 ' ' I I ' ' ef- ' ., . . . -1-M I n a 1 I ' ' 97 I - ev v ' 99 The Class H1St01'Y MARGUERITE L ATLEE HO OF us wxll forget that memora able September day m 1904 when we hke chxcks emergmg from thenr quxet lxttle world and comxng mto the bewxldernng nolsy brg one passed from the grades m whxch thlngs seemed comparatnvely sum ple into the more complex hte of the I-hgh School where so many people were gathered together and where we seemed of so httle xm portance Our chxef d1st1nct1on at that tnme was our Freshman lxke appearance and actnons But bemg quxte a bnlhant body we soon learned how to fmd our vanous class rooms and perform our dutles wxthout attractxng undue attent1on from others Beyond zndxvldually gettmg lnvolved 1n some dntlicultles we progressed well and our Freshman year closed nn tnumph Of course we suffered many gxbes from Profes sor Barrett but as every class before us had passed through that stage we were not espec1a1ly embarrassed Prospects at the begmnmg of our Sophomore year seemed decxdedly tame' We had shed our verdancy and consequently had ceased to amuse the hlgher classes but we had not yet reached the Jumor era, where we could be d1s tmgulshed as the connng Senxor class Durxng that year the Senxors and Jumors xndulged ln several class contests but we figured m only one feature Ill I rr,r r r , ll l!Lta ll I 1 1' 1 - ' - l 1 where they seem so infinitely small: I ' . . . . . . 1 . ' ,, - , . . 1 . . . - ' 1 I 1 I , . ' ' Q! ' 0 - ' Q . Y ' - Cf - - .91 - . 1 . . . . EDWIN DUDLEY LOCAL EDITOR HAROLD LANSING EDU011 IN CHIP!- THE HIGH SCHOOL TIMES The Sen1ors wlshed to advertlse the1r class so one day a huge 06 ln red and black appeared on the Assembly room floor That was too much for the .Tumors and after vlgorous erasures the 6 became a 7 But that also was doomed to a speedy death Some enterprxsmg sp1r1ts of the Sophomore class w1th one sweep of the pamt brush changed that 7 to an 8 and there we shone ln all our glory Moreover 08 appeared on all the waste baskets and class room doors and the barns m the nelghborhood of the school The teachers however dld not take kmdly to all thlS and Mr Kendrmck then prmclpal gave several boys a very nn structwe lesson 1n the art of scrubbxng and ere long the sur roundmgs once more assumed a peaceable aspect In that year also the class organlzed and selected the class colors black and gold Meetmgs were held qu1te often but no busmess of partxcular xmportance transacted The Junxor year opened wxth the usual nvalry between classes The Sen1ors purchased some gaudy green and gold hats whlch bemg unbecommg and detractmg from themr d1g nlty the Jumors consxdered best to remove Immedxately some of the hats dlsappeared The Semors were not at all pleased wxth the mterference and m order to retahate hxd all our books and hld them so well that we got a half hohday That wasnt just what the Senzors had rn tended but naturally we had no objectlons In the sprlng of the year we declded to make a class Hag so one evenmg all the gxrls met at the home of Beulah Artz where the flag was made and durmg the last week of school lt was floated above the bu1ld1ng At the begmnmg of th1s our last year lt seemed strange not to see our former schoolmates the Class of 07 In spnte of the antagomsm that mvarlably exlsts between two successmve classes we were always frlends and our class re gretted thelr departure As far as class dlfferences are concerned thls year has been free As Sen1ors our dlgmty would not permlt us to Y YY 17 ' cc so re 11 - 1 1 ' ' Q! 77 1 1 ve 11 - ee 99 ' 1 ' 1 . . . 9 I I . . . . ' 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 ' 1 . . 1 1 ' , . . . . Y Y 1 1 1 . , . . . , . 1 1 i . 1 1 1 ' ' 1 Cf? 77 , . 7 - 1 . . . . ' Y THE HIGH SCHOOL TIMES rouse up the Junlors and the .Tumors themselves have been very qu1et Our finances were rather low at the beglnnmg of the year so we endeavored to ralse money by outslde affalrs Before Chrlstmas we gave a musxcale ln the Assembly room of the Hlgh School whlch was a declded success After Chrxstmas we decxded to further 1ncrease our funds by g1v1ng a supper It was well attended and tinan clally was even more successful than the muslcale The management of the school paper came mto our hands thzs year as Semors and under the management of Harold Lansmg and Olhe Bucholz has been conducted as mn prev1ous years In thls accountl have not trled to enumerate the varlous teachers we have had durxng our Hugh School hfe for wlth the exceptxon of M1ss Kennedy we have had dxfferent ones each year We are pleased wnth the present faculty and wxth Mr Packer as prmclpal thus has been the most beneficnal year we have experxenced gether and now that we have come to the partmg of the ways we hope that the best wnshes of our teachers and school mates w1ll go wxth us as each of us goes forth mto the broader walks of hfe A httle gxrl being sent to get some mxlk from a nelghbor returned wlth the mformatxon that they had none Well what was the matter? asked the mother They dndnt say rephed the l1ttle one but I suppose the cow 1snt laymg now Fnrst tramp KID the road Why dont you go ln The dog looks alrlght Don t you see hxm wagglng hrs tall? Second tramp Yes and he s growlmg too I dunno whlch end to belxeve I Y I , . 1 , . I ' 1 1 ' , . I 1 . S l I , . . . ' . 1 ' v We have worked hard, and had many pleasant times to- I 1 1 O0 if , . ff ' l 71 ' ' if 1 9 ' 1 ' 77 ' ' ,gnu 1 - ' I ' I - - so -JY I ' ' ' fi CERVERAS PB 1...- ROM THE very day the Smxths and gb Jones began to raxse fowls for the N D market and for then' own use they 6 40154, J never could agree Not on any ac I rv count of rxvalry m trade but be cause the chlckens were stubborn X' XQ Q 5 and lrked to Hy from one yard to the other Such boundarxes as Ke x'b":jkX fences and screens were of no value The two fam1l1es mnght have called thmgs even and con tmued 1n frxendshxp but xt was not done The real trouble was thus Smlth kept h1s chlckens on the west srde of has house and on the other sxde of the fence Jones had h1s vege table garden Jones kept hxs chlckens ID the barn and on the east sxde of xt Smlth had hxs flower garden Jones never could see the use of havmg a flower garden and Smith dld not care for vegetables Under the c1rcumstances there could be nothmg but trouble brewmg and xt soon broke out zu the hos t1l1ty between the boys and gxrls of each famlly But there was one member nn each famlly who objected to the warfare and regarded lt wxth the same v1ew as the chlckens Ed Smxth was a weak cnppled boy of ten Txm Jones was a large brown eyed Newfoundland who dehghted to run and scamper across the fields Prevlous to the feud they had been good fnends and compamons but now they gazed at each other one wxth sxlent wnstfulness and the other wxth lmpatlent barks I I I D vw 1 And H " V4 i. L IQ? -U - T ,frm x . ' . v - fi 2 it - ' THE HIGH SCHOOL TIMES Sharmg Ed s hkmg for Tnm was a long legged brown bantam rooster of Spamsh ancestry Cerveras as he was called had many xdeas of h1s own xmportance xn the ch1cken colomes and IH general He would strut about wlth hls head ln the a1r or stand on one leg hstenxng and lookmg mtently for fights among the chzckens so that he could show hls authorxty as peace maker He and Tlm were on good terms but to all other dogs he was a terror In the rear of the Smlth s and .Tones houses was a pond surrounded by wxllows and thnckets The boys had often hunted there for small game and Tlm agaznst hxs Newfound land nature had become mterested 1n huntmg One afternoon ln the summer two of the Jones g1r1s took thexr baby brother down to the lower end of the lot for an afternoons frolnc on the grass Ed Smlth was sxttlng on hls back steps watchmg them wnth aheavy heart Two of hls brothers were ID the shrubbery that surrounded the pono hunt mg and Tlm Jones was with them Cerveras had been strut tmg around the yard m h1s usual haughty fashnon when he suddenly flew over the fence 1nto Mrs Jones flowers But th1s dld not seem to suxt hun for after a httle scratchmg and pxcknng he strutted towards the Jones g1rls Before he reached them there was a call of Helen' Jessxe' from the house and the g1rls ran ln leavxng the baby sxttmg m the grass They were not gone long but when they returned Cerveras was gumpxng up and down near the baby h1s feathers ruffled and hxs eyes blazmg wxth fury The gxrls screamed and then stopped horror strlcken Mrs Jones then came out and she snatched up the baby w1th a scream Then her husband appeared from wnthm the house What IS lt? Whats the matter? he called But when he reached them Cerveras was calmed and stood makmg ex ultant llttle chuckles and on the ground before hxm lay a rattlesnake Ugh' what an ugly looking thmg' crxed Jones Who kllled lt? The rooster sobbed Mrs Jones He saved the baby s . , . . . I ' , . . , I - . . . . . . Y . - - I 1 . - 1 I . 0 ' - , . . . , . . . . . , . . ' 'l . . . . . . . v ' I - 1 1 . . . . . ' c . . , . , . if . ,, . . . - r 1 ' s a . , ' . . . ff ' ' 9 71 . . . v I ff ' 99 I ee ' - 19 Qt If ff 4 , . . HAZEL AMBQRN ALUMNI EDITOR OLLIE BUCHHOLZ BUSINI ss MANAGPR THE HIGH SCHOOL TIMES llfe I shall never shoo hun agam out of my flower garden Shouts were now heard from the d1rect1on of the pond and presently the Smmth boys emerged from the shrubbery wxtha Coon 1n their POSSCSSIQD and Tun boundxng besxde them O father' father' one of the boys called We ve got the coon thats been catchxng our chlckens' Tun kxlled hxm' That so? cr1ed Sm1th conung out of the cellar Then he caught sxght of the Jones fam1ly and stopped Come here to the fence' called Jones as he advanced wlth outstretched hand Lets have an end to thus quarrel Ill change my poultry yard and you change yours That brown rooster of yours IS a regular Napoleon on the Held of battle s1de of the fence My boy Ed s been cryxng for hxm for four months Come over to supper all of you Guess so cant we wlfe? Yes answered Mrs Jones huggxng the baby but tell Jane not to put herself out any Father Who as the best wnter 1n your class Bobby? Bobby Jack Bulgar he wrxtes the excuses for every fel low xn the class I love to look at you uncle Why s that nephew? Cause xt makes me feel good to thmk that I mlght have taken after you, but dndn t The duck takes to both water and land for dnvers and sun dry seasons . . . ,, 1 QI 17 1 ff 1 1 ' ' u , . . . . . ,, Y! 11 ' ' ' , . . , . ff 77 ' ff I ' 1 17 "And that Tim of yours is too fine a dog to keep on one . , . . 71 . , . ff 1 ' 71 I ff 17 ' ff 1 ' 1 I 77 ,, . . . ,, T I ff ' - ' - ' 91 rt 17 QI 1 if ,, . . . ' 1 Uhr High Svrhnul Flimrn Publxshed Quarterly by the Semor Class of the Port Madlson Hxgh School PRICE PER TERM 45 CENTS EDITORIAL STAFF HAROLD LANSING 08 Edxtor In Ch1eI EDWIN DUDLEY 08 Local HAZEL AMBORN 08 Alumnx BEULAH ARTZ 08 Lxtcrary HOWARD FAIRCHILD 08 Exchange FRED SALLANDER 08 Athletxc MARGUERITE ATLEE 08 Socnl LILA DAWSON 08 MANAGING STAFF OLLIE BUCHHOLZ 08 Busmess Manager HARRY KAMMERER 08 Assrstant All students and members of the faculty ure requested to coutrnbnte artxcles for publxcahon Address all busmess commumcatxons to the Busxness Manager Address all arhcles mtended for publlcatlon to the Edxtor m Chlef matter PYTHIAN PRINTING U0 5 Lx' TDINTRT MADISON IOW In presentmg thns the mnth commencement number of THE TIMFS the outgomg staff CICSIFCS to say a few words ln partxng We w1sh to thank the 1dvert1sers 'md those who have had part rn makmg the paper a success In Splfe ofthe money strmgency very few of the merchants refused to take advertmsmg space whlch shows that THF Tmlfs ns an espe clally good advertlsmg medxum We also Cleslre to thank the teachers who have done much for the paper and have come to our ard when we were m chfhculty Hopmg that next years staff wlll contlnue the publncatxon we step down and . ' . - - , . -. I .X , Y .... , . V ,... y .,,, . V . , . , . . Y V I - - ' I ' K . , . ' ' ' ' . S I V Entered at the Postoffice in Fort Madison, Iowa, as second class I 4 pzfiiffll. . A . . V . Y? 17 ' - I . . 1 C L . . ' ' ' QQ , 75 ' - , I 1 - , . . . , . A , . . . . I 'll-Ili. HIUH SCHOOL TIMES out but w1ll tlw Lys have ple1s1nt memorxes of T1111 HIGII SCHOOL TIMI s CDCIIJ3 We regret very much the decxslon of Prof C W Cru1k shank to resxgn as supermtendent of our publlc schools He has been w1th the schools seventeen years f1rst as prxnclpal of the Hlgh School then as supermtendent He has always had the best lnterests of the school ln v1ew and has succeeded ln glV mg 1 fine school system to thls cxty Under lns supervxslon out Hxgh School has been ransed from a mere vlllage school and placed on the fully accrednted 11st of the State Umversnty of Iowa Th1s recognmon 1nsures to our graduates admls 910D to thus 1nst1tut1on and all other colleges and UIl1VCI'SlflCS wlth wh1ch xt IS affihated w1thout exam1nat1on Of the total number of graduates of our I-hgh School Prof Crulkshank has sngned the d1plomas of 254 or 81 per cent of the entlre number H15 admmlstrahon thus covers so large a portxon of the hfe of our pubhc schools that h1s ret1rement must mark an epoch m thelr h1story and now that he IS to go from us to accept '1 sxmllar pos1t1on mn a ne1ghbor1ng cxty we desxre to extend to h1m the best wxshes and kmd regards of the pupnls teachers and cxtlzens ofthe cxty he has served so long and well CDCIKD The Jumor class has elected the staff for next years T1M11s 'md better Judgment could not have been made The followmg are the othcers Ed1tor1n Ch1ef Clarence Hull Lxterary ErlaSm1th Local Tressa Mmtchell Exchange Alfred Benbow Alumnx Lena Mohne Soclal Cheryl Thorn ber, Athletxc Ross L Lalrd Busmess Manager Dee Young ' , , , - ef . , 4 1 . 1 . 1. . 11 c . 1 , . u . 1 - 1 , . 4 . 1 1 5 Y 1 C 1 . 1 ev . M ' 1 . . - - ' C 1 1 1 1 1 l 1 1 1 ' , . , 1 - THE HIGH SCHOOL TIMES At last our Hxgh School days have drawn to a close To some It w11l mean the begxnnxng of 11fe s work and others who wxll be permltted to goto college w1l1 lxve the1r Freshman days over agam In regard to teachers the Semor class of 1908 has been very unfortunate havmg had from two to four through H1gh School wnth almost half of our ongmal number That number wnll now say farewell to Hlgh School school mates and teachers and start anew our separate walks of life May kmd Provndence attend our bemghted way 1 ' u ' . new teachers each year. But we have succeeded in coming V - 1 I 1 HOWARD FAIRCHILD EXCHANGE EDITOR BEULAH ARTZ Lm' RA RY ED11 ox CLASS PROPHECY ERCHUG' Kerchug' I-lonk' Honk' and the large red automobxle came to a full halt What was to be done? We were tourlng among the rulns of anc1ent Greece when the accxdent happened ln one of those secluded deavored to find out what was wrong I determmed to explore thms regxon of anc1ent myths I wandered for some t1me and on my return to tl1e car stopped to examme the rums of an old bu1ld1ng An lI1d1Sl1I1Ct form appeared and a low vo1ce sfud Be not afrand I am the goddess Sybxl, follow me I followed for some ttme when she suddenly stopped on the slde of a h1ll 1n whxch there was a small cave Agaxn the voxce commanded Enter and the future w1ll be revealed unto you Here was my chance' Why not learn the for tunes of all of my classmates' I made my wxsh known to the goddess who recexved It favorably Be careful she sald Do not touch the leaves on the floor Sure enough on entermg I beheld arranged 1n groups all around the cave leaves so tmy that they were scarcely v1s1 ble Immedxately my attentxon was attracted to a group of green leaves perhaps because of thexr brxlhant colorxng and perhaps because I thought they sulted the class wxth whose fortunes I was concerned but the goddess kmndly mformed me that we had outgrown the green stage and that they repre sented the llves of the Freshmen ln the Fort Mad1son Hxgh School Bemg then commanded to stoop and gaze mtently at the first leaf I did so and was surprxsed to find prmted thereon 1 r 'c fi I- l M-M A ! i I ' 1 i l , 1 - I 1 a ? 1 7 i I ,, j . . . . , spots so peculiar to that country. While the chaffeur en- Y ' 1 Y ' ff ' ' 19 ' I I I I ' I . ,, . I 77 - ' ' I ff 99 ' ' 7 I ff 11 I v - 1 : ' ' I THE HIGH SCHOGL TIMES nn small gxlt letters the words Fred Newk1rk The goddess extended a small wand whxch she carrled and stxrred the leaves and before my startled eyes arose the v1s1on of a school house Could nt be possxble that Fred was so fond of school that he was takmg a post graduate course' But no mn the scxence room of the bunldmg was a small weazened pro fessor teachmg a class 1n physxcs He wore glasses and from the terrnfied expressxon on the face of the class m front of htm I gudged he must be very cross Other vxsnons came xn rapnd successnon A crowded Opera House appeared next Two gxrls entered by the stage door but because of the large hats wh1ch they wore Iwas unable to see thexr faces The show proved to be the Merry Wndow and the gnrls whom I saw were Marguerlte Atlee who was starrxng wxth the company and Llla Dawson who was the pxamst Thus scene had just dtsappeared when a man nn the Harold Lansxng had become a. society man' I was told he had overcome hls extreme bashfulness and was quite a favor 1te wlth the lad1es As a large red leaf floated before my eyes Iobtamed a vxslon of a beautxfully gowned gxrl It was Grayce Fruehlmg and she had at last obtamed her wxsh travelmg m Europe Next a large college campus presented ntself to my vlew A bevy of glrls were playmg basket ball nn the gym at the end of the campus Soon I dxscerned among the crowd of gurls the three xnseparables Hazel Georgxa and Lucnle A large automobxle passed down the street of a crowded Western town In xt was Paul Hoffmenster who had gone west ln search of gold but not findmg what he was lookmg for he had become a veterxnary surgeon and was apparently makxng a success at the work I saw next a tall, dark halred gxrl Who could thxs be? I was forced to ask thus questxon of the goddess who mformed me that xt was Hazel Benbow She told me that Hazel had added sax xnches to her helght smce I last saw her She latest fashion passed, surrounded by a crowd of young folks. THE HIGH SCHOOL TIMES seemed to thxnk that hard study ln Hugh School had stunted her early growth But strange thmgs w11l sometxmes happen' Olhe Buch holz far from bexng that quxet reserved boy we knew m school had become a sport He was portrayed as bettmg on the races and seemed to be havmg the txme of hrs hte Paula Ernst now appeared She was teachmg a class nn domestxc scnence m one of our large colleges She was to be marrxed soon and thus glve her abllmty as a cook a more prac tlcal test Then a street ln Fort Madlson came mto vxew From the crowd of people Ijudged something unusual must be gomg on and the goddess sa1d that a very celebrated man had ar rxved in town that mornmg On the corner of Market and Second streets stood a large tent A man wxth a small wooden hammer ln h1s hand was tappmg a bell to attract the attentlon of the passerby Bert Lansmg had contlnued 'knock mg The scene sh1fted and I saw the ms1de of the tent A large crowd was standmg around a queer looking object It was an a1rsh1p and the famous xronaut Sabert Hamxlton was about to make a trlp Pug was certaxnly trymg a I-Ilgh Lxfe The next scene was on the outsxde of the tent A news boy was exhlbxtmg the funny sectxon of the Chxcago Amen can As a man stepped up to buy a copy I saw ln the corner of the paper the words Edwm Dudley Joke Edxtor N doubt Dud recexved h1s expermence as Local Ed1tor of THE TIMES J1mm1e Paddleford was wxth a crowd of young folks and seemed to be argumg some questxon The goddess saxd that she as usual was trymg to convmce the gxrls that her name was really Jnmmxe As these gzrls started to move away they turned to gaze 1nto the street They proved to be lookxng at a very ludxcrous figure that of an organ grlnder leadlng a monkey by a strnng that fthe man not the monkey was no other than Howard Falrchxld Howard had h1t upon a very odd way of grlndmg out a lxvmg V V , . . I , - ' I I 9 ' 11 . , - ' I ' fl ' 91 .-. . 0 l 11 . 9 I ' I ' D I ff ' ' 77 ' ' THE HIGH SCHOOL TIMES Bxrdxe Schulte and Edna Hexsmg were puttxng knowledge mto the heads of the younger element 1n our publxc schools Just as a leaf bearxng the words Ted Schler Presxdent s wlfe passed before my eyes a gust of wxnd blew mto the cave takmg the leaves wnth It I was dxsappomted for I could not learn whether Ted s future would be 1n the whxte house or whether her husband was merely the presxdmg officer of 1 small labor unlon What was to be done' I had been cautxoned on entermg the cave to close the door because the goddess sald that Zephyrus who controlled the west wlnd was angry wxth her and that nf the wxnd blew 1nto the cave she lost her power untxl she could obtam more leaves However she consoled me by saymng she would conduct me to the home of the three Fates Clotho Laches1s and Atropos She lead the way to a large tree when suddenly before me I saw a brlght lxght and as soon as my eyes became accustomed to thxs I saw a spm nxng wheel wxth yards and yards of thread spread on the ground Sxttxng near were the Fates the spxnners of the thread of hfe When Sybxl explamed my errand they stu-ted the loom Clotho spmmng Laches1s markxng off the allotted spaces and Atropos cuttlng It called out the name andtellmg what each span contamed Wxll Harper and Irene Jackson were educatmg thelr race nn Afrxca Harry Kammerer was a c1v1l engmeer and donng thxngs xn Panama Lena Martzn had succumbed to Cupld s charms Margaret Laxrd was a nurse and had been the means of brmgmg many people to strength and happxness Mllton Lehn1ng was a college boy as was also Fred Sallander Fred was excellxng mostly rn athletlcs And now last but not least Sarah Starburg one of our brlghtest and cheernest classmates was man-med and hvmg a quxet peaceful hfe I requested the fates to tell me the future of my teachers The first name called was Professor Crmkshank, Mt Pleasant Iowa and then the rnachme snapped and broke Ieagerly sought the Fates to repa1r lt but was mformed that It would take some tlme Dlsappomted I hurr1ed back to the automo bxle and found the chaffeur nnpatxently waltmg my return - cv - - 1 ' 1 . ,, . . 1 1 , . . 1. 1 1 . . . 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 ' 1 1 V - ' 1 . , 1 -1 1 1 1 1 . . . . . N . . ,, . . . , 1. . 1 1 1 I , . ' 1 1 . 7 MARGUERITE ATLEE SOCIAL EDITOR FRED SALLANDER ATHLILTIC EDITOR Locals 'ew I I1 ,"l'3""7"d B A to Fred N Say Fred nf you wxll carry me to the brxdge on your back I ll carry you to school tomorrow Hxram Stebblns physxology Can you klll a tapeworm by starvmg mt? Mlss Cummms Amer L1t Olhe what was the mam thought ln Lowell s vxsxon of Snr Launfall7 Ollxe B Good and ev1l Mlss C Yes thats rnght med1a,val hxstory Hlram Stebbxns and Harry Jones of the Sophomore class have dxscontxnued the1r school studxes Mxss Key a graduate of Denmark Academy Denmark Ia has entered Hlgh School as a member of the Junxor class Olhe Buchholz and Harold Lansmg were nn Burlmgton Monday Aprxl 20th on busnness connected wxth THE TIMES Rolhn Hopkxrk 08 qunt school nn Aprml 1n order to enter the insurance busmess under the firm name of Hopklrk Bros We wxsh hxm every success m hxs new enterprzse Mxss Cummms to Harry K who xs wmdxng hns watch That rnxght work on a preacher Harry but lt doesnt go wxth me MISS Edna Hexsmg 08 has made an unusual record durmg her four years m the hlgh school She not only won first honors of her class as a student but has left a most unusual record m regard to attendance and punctuahty havmg at tended throughout the entlre four years of her hlgh school course w1thout bemg absent or tardy . 1 .1 0 K I' N A V , ..' ,'.. ffl. 'ffgv 7-Q C ,NH .:i:,, "' 1 .4 ' an 'i r ' ':,',-H: ,' t ,.---:"FE'-V 5 ' 4.74 , H -V,m!M 7 A - ,.L------ 41145 - YY H ,rf T -- P ef If, o Miss Cummins fin D. German,--"Next let us pray." ,, . . . . .- , ' 7 17 . . . . 1 . PM . ' ' M . . 1 . , M . . . . -1 , . , . . . ,, ' JY ' 77 ' N 1 - ' r in - 11 ni' Q ' v 1 - I 7 'I . . . . 1 ' ' ' ff 91 Y 1 ' . . , . . . . I 4 1 K q . . 1 1 P ff ' - 1 ' 9 I 79 . . . . . I 1 - 'IHE HIGH SLHOCL f1MI1b Mxss Cummlns to Harry E who has been out ofthe As sembly room twenty m1nutes eatxng datesl You have v1o lated the laws and regulatxons of the Fort Madxson Hngh School Harry What ns nt to be a good athlete? Ask L'urd the runner who also ed Faxrchxld our best sprxnter has been a wonder wxth the gnrls There was a young lady named Ted Of whom xt was often sa1d She never was able To eat at the table But out ln the pantry 0h Lord' Some of the Junlor boys w1l1 probably graduate m kmck erbockers from present xnd1cat1ons Un Amer L1t Where have you heard of the North church before? Tressa M to Paul H I never sausage eyes as thme Paul If you would only butcher hands nn mme Grace F Hive you a pm? L M fabsent mlndedlyl N0 have you? Lena M seemed affected when the hxstory of St Chrxsto pher was related A Freshman nn far Albuquerque Wrote home in a hand rather yerque That lf stall m the mood and the walkmg were good He d be home to hear Dud read hxs essay Whlle on the way to Fanrfxeld Falrchlld was the amuse ment of 1 faxr baby Ask hlm Mnss Esther Segum 11 spent Sunday May 3rd vlsxtmg m Nauvoo . . -J, . - 77 , . 4 I . C . v .... ff l l I ' 77 I l ' - ,Q-n 77 Sabert-"In Boston." J I 77 J ' ' 17 fl ' 11 -1 C ' .gn 11 . - ' , 4 -, . . - ff ' 1 I . I ' 11 , - ' ' V n 1 Q 4 1 1 1 THE HIGH SCHOOL TIMES Mlss Katherme Knoepfler of Cedar Falls wlll spend the last week IH May xn thls c1ty Mxss Cumm1ns In what way dnd Longfellow dlffer from other wrmters of h1s tune? H L He never got marrxed Lxla D mn German Margarethe stand am feuster Margaret stood on the fence Mxss Kennedy Translate that sentence usxng the Roman army for supporters Ask Dudley who Accelerxmus IS The Hlgh School Txmes Mr H W L Dear S1r Please find enclosed 15 cents for wlnch bawl me out m the next lssue of The Txmes Yours respectfully Ross L LAIRD Mlss Cook ID hlstoryl Sabert what was done m 4477 M1ss C ID B Enghsh It sounded l1ke you were mov mg chaxrs around D Young No ma am we were walkxng around wlth our eet Mlss C Well xt was somethmg as bug as chalrs Mr Packer ID Com Arxth Mlss Artz please explam your so1ut1on7 Mxss Artz Well 1904 was a leap year Mr P It xs strange that the gxrls always know when nt xs leap year fHeard mn B Enghshl I wouldnt use the green covers I presume they w1ll be reserved for the Freshmen 0ne of the Junnors has a decndedly vegetable look car roty halr a turmp nose reddlsh cheeks a sage look and a green appearance I . . -J, . ' . . . . ,, JY ' 17 ' 1' PM 11 ff 77 . -,, . v 5 v 11 1 . I - ' cf - 11 1 ' Q- ' in - 11 , . Sabert-"The mile run." . . ,Q-N. . - ' ' 11 ff I ' ' ' T 1 u f 11 . 1-N . . . . ,, . , - 4. . ,in . . . . . , - 11 ' ff 77 L ' I J . . . - 11 ' - ,tn 1 . n : - v 1 ' THE HIKJH SCHOOL TIMES Lxves of Senxors all remmd us We can strxve to do our best And departmg leave behmd us Note books that wxll help the rest Hazel A ln arlthmetxc A curved l1ne IS one that 1sn t stralght Wlth smllxng face and outstretched hand She met hlm every day And eager for hxs commg watched Whene er he was away But st1ll he dld not haste to come Or flattered seemed to be For she was only a gxrl m love And a letter carrxer he Pat t2 a m and a httle lntoxlcatedl Although I favor destroymg all soclety rellgmon and government theres one thxng I wouldn t abohsh and thats lamp posts The chlcken How s your appetlte these days old man? The bull frog Not very good I feel bloated when I eat a few flnes How s yours? The chzcken Poor I just pxck at thxngs Dad sand the noxsy youngster there s a bug rattlesnake under the bed' Alrxght sald the old man composedly Dont pester hun and make hxm sprung h1s rattle cause lf you do and your mama wakes up thar ll be the devxl to pay' Mxstress to walter Ann you have broken the nose of thns beautnful Venus Yessum but you need nt thlnk Im goln to pay for her her arms wuz chpped off when I come ,, . . . I I ' U1 . . . N - - 1 1 . ..- - n ,, . . . Y 1 1 1 Y 1 1 1 11 . . . ,, . q ... . . . . , 1 1 1 - 1 - 1 11 .. . ' ff I ' if , . 11 1 - 1 ra - ev - - - n 1' , . rv 11 - - Q1 1 - 1 1 as rf ' 11 - ff , 1 1 - . . . . , . 1 I ' fa 1 . - - 1: . 1 - - 11 ve 1 - , . , ' 1 ' 11 LILA DAWSON SOCIAI EDITOR PAUL HOFFMEISTER PRI-s1DhN'1 OF Shmolz CLASS Fort Mad1son H1gh School Through a M1croscope BY A SENIOR 08 IGHT THIS way ladxes and gentlemen only five cents to see the wonder of the age' Thxs way please' Come ln ladxes and see the sxghts Money refunded nf you are not satxsfied Dxrectly ln front of you xs the Fort Madxson Hxgh School buxlt m 1895 not 1905 Come nn through thas entrance please At your rxght rs the ofhce of the superxntendent Profes sor C W Cruxkshank That growlmg noxse whlch you hear ns only Mr Cruxkshank frownmg at some poor Freshman caught m the act of throwmg a paper wad at hrs teacher At your left IS the first room Here all Freshmen commence thexr school hfe We wxll not tarry longer on thxs floor but go upstairs to the Assembly room and dxscover :ts mysternes Those double doors lead mto that room Those eagles that you see adornmg the walls were kxlled by the yamtor whxle he was duck huntxng last autumn The person whose vonce you hear ns Mxss Cummxns She IS probably scoldmg the Semors for studylng too hard The lady who ms comxng thxs way rs Mxss Cooke She ns noted for her wxnnmg smxle And now ladies and gentlemen you wnll please turn your attentnon to the pxc ture on the front wall The pxcture represents old Fort Madn son the bombardment of whnch forms the chief amusement for ndle Freshmen From the number of holes an xt you wnll learn that rf a Freshle ns good for nothing else he can at least shoot straxght Next let me mtroduce you to M1ss Mzles who trles to 3. 'Y lr S S aff' f ar riff., S S if . . ? 1 1 E ' F . ' ' V' I I ? ' I 5 - 1 I n u ' n THE HIGH SLHOOL 'llMI S teach the Freshmen and Sophomores to speak plaln Engllsh rather than talk w1th thexr hands Dont be alarmed That IS no wmd storm It 15 only Mlss Kennedy runmng through the hall after a Latxn student That no1se over there ID that recxtatlon room IS a Semor class meetmg not 1 Wxld West show They are dec1d1ng on thelr banquet In the room just opposnte are the Freshman and Sophomore marble teams battlxng for the champ1onsh1p of the Fort Madlson H1011 School Those boys ln the corner are Jumors lookxng for thexr hats whlch have mysterlously dlsappearcd No those stazrs do not lead to heaven they take you to the lab ratory where more odors are manufactured mn a mmute than a cheese factory could make m a year That door at the top of the staxrs leads lnto the attxc where the human skeleton IS kept for safety One of the Sophomore gxrls knssed It so much recently that lt lost all of 1ts teeth The gaunt gentleman com mg up the stairs IS Mr Packer prnnclpal of the H1gh School and guardian angel of the harmless Freshmen If you cant stand that nomse close your ears It IS only the Glee Club prac tlcxng They may know the theory of musxc but the theory tnme IS drawlng to a close sol w1ll now mtroduce you to each member of the Senxor class FlfSt let me make you acquamted wxth M1ss Luclle Crouse class fhrt and staff artxst of Tm: T1MI1s Next lS Edwm Dudley Dont feel offended at h1s1okes They l1ke thelr orxgxnator are harmless You no doubt have heard of Fred W Sallander before our great athlete and runner He IS a second Dufl'y Margaret La1rd IS one of the elongated members of the class Th1s person l1ttle IH s1ze but very much 1n evldence IS Hazelle Florence Benbow Notlce the way she spells her name Here IS one of the mxportant mem bers of the class Harold Lansmg Ed1tor1nCh1ef of THE TIMES Rlght after hxm Mr O P Buchholz called Buckles for short He xs the Busmess Manager of the same pubhca tlon and the Edxtor 1n Chxefs companlon 1n crlme Th1s IS Paul Hotfmelster presndent and grand mogul of the class - . 4. . . . . . . . . . . . . . s C . - 1 c , 0 - ' 1 . , . . . l ' ' l 1 I I ' 1 ' I ' - . . i . y and the putting into practice are two different things. Our . . . , C . . . . ' ' fi' Q . 77 ' , . . , . . . . . , C 4 . , , ' ff 'li ' ' I . , . . . 1 , . L , . . - . . -. - . ,, I l .77 ' ' N fo . . . , ' - . . , . . . . . , . THE HIGH SCHOOL TIMES W1tl1h1m IS Lena Martm She IS lnterested 1n lustory for just 1s Chnstopher d1scovercd Amer1ca so was she a drscov erer of C11r1stopher Here ns our great mxle runner Mr W1l ham H Harper Next IS Fred Newk1rk Dont move If he should step on your toe you would not feel It The young lady w1th the dreamy look 1n her eyes IS Grayce Freuhlmg Tlus short heavy set fellow IS Howard Fa1rch1ld a member of the tr1ck team and manager of the base ball team Lxla Daw son please p13.I1lSt for the Glee Club The person wmkmg l11S eye at you 1S Harry Kammerer He has gotten the hab1t from Wlnklllg at the Sophomore gxrls R1ght after hun Ted Schler the nerv1est one 1n the class The g1I'lSll1dY1DgSO d1l1 gently IS Irene Jackson Here allow me to make you ac quamted w1th Beulah Artz and Paula Ernst the noxsxest of the the busy members also Edna He1s1ng sage and valedxctorlan The last three but fa1r members of the class are Marguerxte Atlee Jxmmxe Padellford and Georg1a Davls It IS now 4 p m and as xt IS tune for the Senlors to de part the exhnbltmon ns over Curses on thee l1ttle bore Barefoot boy w1th cheek galore W1th thy outgrown taut knee pants And thy no1sy senseless chants W1th thy frowzy halr and frxll Flecked w1th sawdust from the nnll W1th thy red hps red no more Kxssed by sweetmeats from the store Eggs and bacon grease and ham Smeared w1th blackberry JUICC and Jam M1SCh16f rolllcks on thy face Saucy smxrk and droll grlmace Could I ever w1sh thee Joy Thou would st spurn xt, barefoot boy crowd. Next is Byrde Schulte and Sarah Starburg, two of CHARACTERISTICS CLASS OF 08 GEORGIA MABEI. DAvIs south to go through I-hgh School with us She has a good dns posntxon but nnclmed to become obstmate Is always ready to say a good word for the boys When she thxnks that she IS rxght Her opmxon cannot be changed wxthout a fight HAZEI. MARGUERITE AMBoRN Hazel stands well In her class studxes bemg thxrd an the class percentages She IS qulte studxous but stxll has plenty of txme to have enjoyment A gurl who wlth her snule does charm As all who come In contact wnth her will learn OLLIE PHILIP BUCHHOLZ Olhe IS the busxness manager of 'THE TIMES He lS a good hustler and IS always occupxed wnth plans A boy who as manager of THE TIMES Shows he has abllxty for busxness In that lxne BEULAH BESSIE Anrz As lnterary edxtor of "THE TIMES', she has often showed her abnhty as a story wrxter Beulah always trxes to please everybody has succeeded nn becommg an expert roller skater ' Always ready wlth pen and Ink, To write a story as she thmks" George, as she is better known, came from the sunny , . ,, . l. . 0 . . . ,, ,, . . . 7 . . . ,, . . . , ,, . V! fi 99 I .. . . . ,, : . . . . . THE HIGH SCHOOL TIMES LUc1LE SUZANNE CROUSR Lucxle IS the artxst of the class and the school Her sketches have frequently adorned THE TIMES She IS so cmlly mclmed when her lxbrary dutles permxt She wxll some day an artnst be Wlth talent and ablhty PAULA CLARA ERNST Paula ns one of the tall pretty members of the class Very entertalnmg and becomes qulte talkatlve when convers mg wlth the opposxte sex She IS tall and wxtty Pleasant to talk wzth and also pretty MARGUERITE LESLIE ATLEE A very COHgCI'l13lg1I'l to work wxth Marguerxte IS well llked for her pleasant ways and sunny dlSPOS1llOH She as one of the popular gxrls of the class Of all the glrls she IS the sweetest Some nught say she even as prettxest HAROLD WILLIAM LANSING He xs a great Latln student Harold IS very mdustrxous when 1n mxschlef As edxtor ID chlef of THE TIMES he IS very successful The less one thmks the more he talks LILA EVA DAWSON Lxla IS a good class hustler She IS very amxable and gen tle m her manners She xs very mus1ca.1and xs pxamst for the Hlgh School Glee Club To those who know her not no words can pamt And those who know her know all words are faxnt FRED WARNER SALLANDER Sally as he IS commonly called IS one of '08s star athletes Fred us a good athlete m all branches of sport re 11 - 1 . fr ' - 1 V . . . ,, , . rf - - v - 11 rf ' - 1 . . . ,, I . . . . . . N ,, . M - 11 , . ef ' v I ' n . n H - ' I IHE H1111 QCIIOQL l1M1 Y IL of the pop11l.11 loys ol the e11ss YV11I1 1 IS 11 1 tlOI1 A boy who ew 111 be UI d the f'O1dCT ol 111 tow I1 1s Quneo fame 1s 111 1tl11ete 1 1e11o14.11 S111111 Lo111s1 5111111111111 S1ra IS one of o111 very 111dus1r1o11s 111L111'oers 11z1v111g secured QLLOHK1 honors 111 t11c c11ss S1 19 not 11ve11 to f 1 o11ty but 1tte11ds to her own busmess She IS 1 111.11der1 seen not l.e 11d Bec1use she speaks so seldom I-1111111111 510111 L11Ns1NG To thls young 111111 was g11.e11 the honor ot 11e111v ellss YI ember of the Glee Llub He 15 .1 11.1111 workex He N111 no doubt become .1 prof As he IS made of the r1g11t stuff J11v11v111- JUN1 PADFI 1 FORD J1mm1e, Contrary to what 11er 11 1111c llI1pllLS 18 1 g 1 She 1S Hood n11ured 1nd very .1111121ble Alw1ys re1dy for 1 good t1111e Laugh and the world 11111115 wlth you Weep and you weep 1lo11e 111 L1111s 011 111s111 Pz111l1s the presldent ofthe Semor e11ss 1.1111 111s been re eluted sever 11 tunes 1-le 19 well l1ked 11111 19 Z1 good c11s 1c1der Very goou .1t 1111person.1t1r1g the Dutchm 111 For It s .11w.1ys f.11r weather When good fellow 1 get together MAKcv111r LY11.11 5e11111 11 hyrde 19 one of the qulet and 1111assu.111n4111e111he1 s ofthe cl1ss 1nd employs 11er tllllC well She IS qunte I11119lC 11 md 1 1 sk111fu1 1 1'f11St A 111z11de11 of whom It IS often told F1111 111 sp1r1t she never was bold' ., E, O Q .. v. Ek. O1 ' 1 ' ' ' 1 " ' ' 1 " :111 132 sy 11:11 uf- VQ . ,, I V , 1 . , .F 1 . I . 5 . Hz sz' I 1 -fo " Q 1: 1. R , -- ' b ' x- 1 - ' .1 . ' . -i' i ' 2112 16 '. r'v- tti I s f f l x w 1' ' orator. Herbert is quite 2111 z1cco111p1ished singer. being 21 1- - ' . " ' ' ' '. vt I Y ' Y K' ' ' 1 ' 2 '1r. " A - . . ' ' 1. 1 7 . ' 1 Af z V ' . PA . 1: 'J H f fn Q 11. V 1 f l - ' 1 ' - ' 2 . .1 - 1, , , A ,. I ' vp 1 1 1, . K V . - - 17 . , 1. - . . . . 7 ' ' . ' . . - .- 6 . . -. ' . '1 fz: .51 . ' fs. ' . llllf Hlbll SLIIOOI HMLL lllll Ax 1' red IS the Cl1lIHIlQI1llLlV5 wemqht ot the Cl lss fll1UlYTOllL'1 of lus d1st1nCt1ou He IS good I1 1turc,Cl tho f l1 111Cl1I'lCCJ to be tome stubborn Seems to have .1 weakness zu h1s l1e 11t for 1 ee1t.11n Scn1o1 gui Never trouble trouble lllltll trouole lxoubles R ou MAl4GAliPl Lowuw LAIRD MdFgfllCt h1s decwled opmzons of her own and expxtsses them too But she 11 ms 1 good dzsposmon 1111115 1lw.15 ll ng to ZlSS19t othe1s She can ask flueshous that 1 WISC m Ln 1 aunot mswer Phe words flow from her mouth 1 sunbeams LPNA ETIA MARTIN Lenas d 1rk eyes l1lVL, wrought havoe uuong th othu sex fI1OlCtl1'lIl once She has opuuons of he1 own and de tCI'lTt1DCCl to Carry them through Inelmtd to oecome some what stubborn Her eyes hke stars oftw1l1ffhtf111 Lxke m1d111gl1t too her dusky h 111 Emxm Pwr DUD11 1 'lhxs young fellow IQ very easy gomg 1nd1s noted fO1 shngg tr'1nslat1ons 1D LHUI1 Fdwm IS very well hked for h1s humorous ways though 1I'1CllIlCLl to hot a1r SOINf't1l'llCb He has made a b1g h1t vuth a certam Semor g1rl Alw1ys 111Cl1l1Cd to talk 1nd ehatter He makes .1 person full of laughter F111 F1111 sA Seuu 11 Thls auburn haued Q1r1 has 1 great mterest IH X M L, A ceret'111es especnlly short ones A pleasant full to t1ll1 wnh and g'lYCO1llPE1I'1lOI1 though mchned to become con ce1ted Her charmnng f1ce md eyes so fazr Have Caught m xng .1 wondermp st uc ,. , 1 . . ,. , 4 Y -4 4 ,XJ F111 'Nl 51-."'11eK. 1' - 1 'Vw 1: 'f- - iw ' .'.' ' , ' . ', - 2 ' . . ug' " ' 1 ' . - , , . " - 1 ' 1 1 i -f 1 1 '77 7 , . 1 ' ' 4 ss .,Lsk. k ' , . 25: ' ' 1 ' 2 ' 'sz wi - i Q ' 1' ' 5 .15 S ' : 1 "' ' ' is F . Are caught by the moving stream." " z . z P 4 ' H 1 ' e ' 1' . ' 1 . 4 1 r .V ' " ' 1 ' ' ' 1 T .- . , b . , i 4 - 7 K . e Y s .N ' 1 x A ff ' ' r A N , .n . . H . , 1 .- - v fr vs i .5 Q v 5 , K , . , , . . 5 1 " a f. ' . ' - ff ' r , X, ' , . ' . "' 4 z 1 ,,. z . THE. HIGH SCHQOL TIMES HARRY FDYVARD KAMMhRPR Harry lb one of the class fhrts h1s f1eld of actxon lymg Chxefly among the under graduates He IS very qulet untll he becomes well acquamted when he becomes qulte tallmhve par tlcularly wlth the gurls Wxth h1s black and charming eyes He has succeeded m cntchmg 1 Sophomore prxze IRENE PKISCILLA JACKSON Irene ns a hard and fanthful worker She IS very qulet and unpretentxous but her ldeals are h1gh and she has the perseverance that wms Hard work turns labor xnto pleasure Whxch to her ns more than lelsure EDNA FRIEDA HEISING Edna ns the valedxctorlan of our class also one ofthe her a1m bemg to better herself xntellectually It 15 better to study and work Than to have a good txme and shnrk Howrum NELSON FAIRCHILD The above young man us a very popular boy Sxnce com mg to thls cxty he has become quxte a sport He has a pleas mg dnsposxtnon and IS qmte amnable when the gxrls are near When Howard on h1s unage doth gaze He does not seem at all amazed But when h1s clothes fit pretty well He exclaums I feel pretty swell WILLIAM HENRY HARPER W1ll1am xs one of the studnous members of the class He IS unassummg and strxctly rmnds h1s own busmess He has succeeded nn becoming a good runner and IS a member of the track team He IS always wxllmg to fmd Thmgs and facts that wall better h1s mind . ' . I . - ,, . . i . I . . . ,, . I . Y C' ' 7 . . . ,, . . . E hardest workers. She has no time for the pleasures of life, fl ' I ' ' if ff - ' l I 5 . Y ' 5 yn ., . . . I . . . . ,, F001 -BALL TEA 4. X.-1 .- ,.. 4-1 ... ... ..f ...- .- I-1 .J .- -1 .4 .- - ..- U6 OE 33 O'Z.'-- L-N115 -115 11-3 ,E-19 '-.ZD- -rs "IL-:Z-1 E... ua 3 -:"5 :gl 2-licrj 315-2 E5'V' '34-+3224 3'--.: --HLA .SLI-Z 2:95 f 27m E323 3 -:E fii' C?- -u :ES Eli' 1.2! ""'-a is ,jg 507 I THE HIGH SCHOOL TIMES GRAYCI- CAROLYNP FRUILHLING Grayce IS very eloquent 1n dxscussmg physmal laws She xs xlways wxllmg to do her part m makmg matters a success She has very charmmg manners Inchned to make axr cmstles In all my dreams Her fa1r face beams NIIITON EARL LPHNING Mxlton IS one of the xndustrlous 'md 'lmbltmous boys of the class He has 1 quxet unpretentxous nature always wnllmg to help 1 nexghbor out of dxstress The glrls do not seem to bother hxs busy braln I know how to talk to advantage most Of all green words Of tongue or pen The greenest are these Nlneteen and ten Fmrst fool Was xt a sad play? Second fool Yes even the cha.1rs were ln txers Tramp Say boss you havent achme xn yer clothes have ye? Old man No my man, I have not But how dld you guess lt? As a work of art the self made man lsnt ln xt wxth the self made woman Dxd you have any trouble ID learnlng to play the Cornet? None worth mentxomng All the nelghbors were poor shots ff Y ' 1? K , . 1 C e K . . 5 I ' I h K . , , ' . "Although I can never boast, 77 H I ' - 11 I ' -JY ' 77 ff ' ' ' 7? ... ' , ,, . . "" 1 1 17 ff ' - , , ' 7? . , . . . ff ' ' ' 17 ,, . . . 79 Class Stat1st1cs BEST NAIURILD L1la Dawson 4 Jxmmxe Padellford 3 Margaret Laxrd BUSIEST BIGGEST KNOCKER Herbert Lansxng 13 Fred Newklrk 3 Georgxa Davns 1 Mos'r HANDSOME Edwm Dudley 11 Fred Sallander 3 Howard Faxrchlld LAz1EsT Sabert Hamllton 5 Fred Newklrk 2 Harold Lansmg 2 Mosr POPULAR Bov Howard Falrchlld 4 Fred Sallander 3 Mosi POPULAR GIRL Marguerxte Atlee 5 Lula Dawson 4 Hazel Benbow 3 MosT CONCEITED Hazel Amborn 10 Ted Sch1er S Byrde Schulte PRLTTILST Lena Marhn 10 Ted Schxer 2 Hazel Amborn 1 CLASS HUSTLER Paul Hoffmexster 9 Lnla Dawson 6 Olhe Buchholz 3 Mos'r STUBBORN Fred Newknrk 6 Lena Martm 4 Grayce Fruehlmg 4 ! ,qu LLLLL L as so L L L 'll 3 ' I 4 0 0 1 1 I we I I ' . 3 ' ' . 5 ' . 2- Ollie Buchholz, 43 Hazel Benbow. 49 Irene Jackson, 3. . 5 ' . 9 , 2- THE HIGH SCHOOL TIMES LPASI AIIRPLIAIPD Szra Stuburg 8 Edna Hexsmg 6 Fred Newklrk NOISITSI Pu.ulHoffme1ster 4 Beulah Artz 4 Lena Martln CLASS FLIRT H xzel Benbow 7 Luc:1le Crouse 6 Harold Lansmg 3 I-IARD11ST 'ro RATILE. Grayce Fruelllmg 4 Harry Kammerer 3 Edwm Dudley BEST ATHLFTP Fred Sallander 23 Beulah Artz 3 CUIPST Hwel Benbow 10 Marguerlte Atlee 4 Paula Frnst WIRF PU1 LFR Ha7cl Amborn 5 Lucxle Crouse 5 Herbert L'1nS1ng 4 BRIGHTLST Edna HC1SlI1g 10 Sara Starburg 3 Marguente Atlee MLUCESI S1r1 Shrburg 7 Wxlham Harper 4 Byrde Schulte Mosr ORIGINAL Beulah Artz 12 Edna H61S1I1g 2 Edwm Dudley 2 Mosi GRACSFUL Margaret Laxrd 5 Marguerlte Atlee 3 Jnmmle Padellford WITTIEST Ollle Buchholz 4 Edwm Dudley 3 Beulah Ariz 4 MOS1 PROMISING- Luczle Crouse 5 Marguerxte Atlee 3 Margaret Laxrd 3 NEATLS1 Paula Ernst 7 L1la Dawson 6 Hazel Amborn 2 2 L' ,Q " .9 ' .5. 1 1 ' ,L l .: ' H2- 2 .1 ' .ls ' - L I 1 i 3' 4, . I 17 I 1 I S . 3 A A ,. 22 . 4 in ,Q - - 3- " . : ,ua ' .3. . . 1 ,Q " .,g ,3. Y l 'I il. I I ' ' .9 ' l .9 .- 1 Il ' I.: . !' .5 ' 1,1 - A at i is if 52" S4 E ,lf ' wg EFZJQDSUQ T THE begnnnmg of the school last year efforts were xmmednately made to secure a Hugh School Glee Club That Mr Packers desxre has not been ln vaxn xs shown by the repeated requests that the Glee Club has re cexved durmg the year to smg m pubhc places They have always offered themselves wllhngly and under Mr Packer as leader lt has developed xnto afnrst class glee club The mem bers of the Glee Club are Harold and Herbert Lansing Vxctor Hurt Theodore Rnchmond Paul Hoffmelster Alfred Benbow Wnll Tuttle Ross Laxrd Dell Scott Mr Packer leader and Llla Dawson pmanxst Mxss Davxs mus1c teacher m the pubhc schools for the past sxx years has resxgned her posxtxon She has been very successful as musxcal dxrector and secured forthe H1gh School last year the elegant Chase pxano that now adorns the As sembly room Her successor has not been selected Aprxl 9th the Athletlc Assocxatxon gave a musxcale ID the Assembly rooru for the purpose of raxsmg money for the track team Over thirteen dollars were cleared He ' If I were to steal a klss would xt scare you so that you would scream?" Maxden "I couldn't Frrght always makes me dumb " , ' Lfvffj X . - f- 'io 4,1 . V' .- -7 ,EJ A j 5 5- '. --9' 1 " . 4 f, xg J . I, L4 X F . A x x 1 4 - v gr 1 , ' :ic CQ ws s GN , fa-52, X ,Q yr-'- N :"f:1 ' '41 15.2--.S 1 ' ' - -gl-gr -- .-Y K g V ,1 L .i.'L-ff ' -L. V--H--W - - 4' - i qu , , 73.111 , 7, we C , ,-'41 T T --F lr? ' lX J' , f' - .Q . Nei.. la.. , . . . 1 ' ' 5 l ! 7 l 1 1 l 1 ' P I 1 ' I , . 1 1 - 1 , . . BASE-BALL TEAM 4.4 .- -.- .,.. ,- ... ...- 11. D 55 3? FE. ,-NJJQ15 ELT-5-E x..l:,,:.'2 '..m EEG.: ,J V Z .J V3 -3-:Q gs...- EVE? .Ei-If -3 E455 4 : 5:13.41 H3.. 303 Giro Ir :Its ::: .SOE 2220 Wav:- CEQA.:-1 fffd , ff V4 Sigh' C XXX! fvf x lx! CTTELS an ' -C B' 'x Earl Corrxgan 07 h1sch'1rge of the Armour Packmg C Branch House at W1ch1ta Kansas 'Ind the 'adjacent ter rxtory Charles Zwald 07 IS home fl om Hxghland Park College Des Momes Ia Mxss JCSSIC Hopklrk O2 has returned home from Coeur de Alene Idaho where she has been teachxng scl1ool John Scovel 02 a graduate of the Iowa C1ty Dental Col lege IS practncmg 1n Halley Idaho Mrs George Sxemantel IS ID the clty vxsxtxng her mother Mrs Henry Schlapp Mrs Slemantel tnee Anna Schlapp was a member of the class of O6 Letha Malcolm 06 was marrled Feb 20th to Mr Ralph Thomas They are hvmg ln Marcelme Mo The nnrrlage of Walter Wagoner and Pluma Shreves 04 occurred on Apr11 15th They w1ll make thelr future home m Portland Oregon Born to Mr and Mrs Albert Doerr of Asxentos Mexxco on March 26th a son Mr Doerr was a member of the class of 86 Rolla Amborn 07 and Nelson Kammerer 07 are home from Ames where they have been attendlng college After mxssxng a half year at the Cahfornla Umversxty Ned Roberts 02 was promoted from first sergeant to captam later to l1eutenant and then to 'ldjutant general ' 1' ' -.2 . C f' ,--A awe: -. .-1' f . -are G., 9 i , I I. ff" A V4 I . P , ,f 1 V I , , , A I ri- 4 ,ix , X i "Z '-, -- 1 f 4 - A ff . .elf ., , 4, f . ..'v - V t' "- C. ' ' N xt L f , L 4.3 f ,gi-f - ' , .ygg V X 4' ' ' 1 . , .W V V L 1-jfp ' 1 ff ' , . 1 ,, . , . O., . , , Q 4 ' 1 , , . t . Y 1 , . . . . , V 1 I ' , . , - Y I ' ' I 1 , . 1 ' 1 ' . , . ' I 1 I , . . . , , , . . . I I I Y 7 , . I , . y x 7 . . P X 'We' XXCHRNGE gliihp 'ityqigg X7 ui' Lv E DESIRE to thank all school and college papers at thls tame that have exchanged wlth us durmg the past year The crntxclsms m our exchange column have been made with a vnew of helplng other papers and we have trxed to xmprove our paper through crxhcnsms we have recexved We dld not fancy the cover of the Aprxl Spectator Lounsvmlle Ky but xt enclosed good readmg matter The Rustler Fremont Neb There IS a good lmprove ment ID your cuts You have good readmg materxal and wxth good cuts your paper would be excellent The Quarterly Tatler New York Cnty Most of the readmg matter xs very good though some of xt reads as lf xt were fourth grade work A change xn the cover des1gn would be a great nnprovement the present desxgn IS too monoton ous and sombre Dallas Cmty Ulll Hxgh School and Denmark Ia Academy have each 1ssued an Annual thus year whxch was then' Hrst attempt at thxs lme of work The papers area credxt to the two schools The Unxt and Orlole Grxnnell Ia appear to have the best business management of any papers that we have re cexved I X f w- L-s' v at x K 'lk -Q ,. r w wxnx V ff' li, , in s, ,- ' .ll fin, N ' va " ,' I .'.-,." g K M P4 1 , , l lf' , - r lt ' ffpf - .xi ' f ,' . vw -L R - if , A Qx gl E f- 1 -f ' 7 f U I ' ' ff 15 ' . . ' .I . . I ff ff ' ' 1 1 ' ' ff 7, ' , . 1 Q . . v l I 'Y . I 1 1 W, I 'Q ' ff ff ' ff ' ! Y 'f . 5 C I THE HIGH SCHOOL TIMES We have recemved annuals from several dntferent colleges wluch were very good but they 111 hcked storles and good heavy readmg matter The Yellow Dragon Hong Kong Chma has been a frequent vxsxtor durmg the year We hope xt may contmuc to come The Spectator Coffeyvxlle Kansas We have recexved the Commencement number The readmg matter xs very good but a few more cuts would lmprove the paper greatly The Bulletm Montcla1r N J Several numbers have been rece1ved durmg the past few months We were well pleased wlth the pubhcatlon the athletxc department bexng especxally good We pr1nt below a few of the many crltnclsms we have re celved durmg the year by other school and college papers The Hlgh School Tlmes Fort Madzson Ia ns an excel lent paper on account of xts neat style The cuts and hterary department are especnally good The Dxctum Est Red Bluff Cal Fort Madxson A good all round paper whxch seems to be well supported The Hxgh School Monthly Cleveland Ohxo The I-lxgh School Tmmes Use a better quahty of paper Otherw1se the Txmes IS good The cover IS especrally Chrxstmasy The Orxole Grmnell Ia The cover desxgn of The H1gh School Tunes Fort Mad1son Ia IS very artxstlc A Chrxstmas Burglar IS a very xnterestxng story The Oracle Bakersfield Cal The josh department xn The Hlgh School Tzmes nn the Chrxstmas number is very good The joshes are not personal, for that reason the other schools can enjoy them The cut for the athletncs ns keen and shows ormgnnahty L Y . 1 y C I . y rr H . I 1 I ff Q7 I u Y 5 ' l I 1 ff ' 71 ' V V ' ' I M ' ' 11 ' ' v v -u ' ' -J ' 77 ' I , . "The Comment," Keokuk, Ia.: "The High School Times," te - M ' , H ' I I ' . ,, . . ff - n - l - M , , .. . . ,, . . . . ,, Y I '1 ' . ,, . . . , . of n , ' ' 1 1 " ,, . . ,, . . . I n . U THF HICH SCHOOL TIMES The C1.rd1nal Plattsburg N Y Phe Hxgh School Tlmes Fort M1d1SOH IS 1 very good paper Its cover 'md cuts are very Hue The I-Ilgh School Txmes Fort M1dlSOD Ia put out a r'1ther small but very good Sprmg number The art1 cle on the Ides of March showed much thought 'md 1 good deal of orxgmalxty The cover wae very neat SENICR CLASS YELL Allegwron 1llag1zec Alleg lzon ges Lte Hxgh School Semors of 1908 Alag'1lack '1l1g1lacl Alagalack gelate Roz1l'1 lozala r1nc1t P'lt1ent1'1 0111111 L v1nc1t SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Presldent Paul Holfznexster Vlce Presxdent Howard Faxr chlld Treasurer Fred Sallander Secretary Ollxe Buchholz Sergeant at Arms H1zel Benbow Take away that mock turtle soup It has a PIECE of cel lulo1d comb m It Waxter Beg pardon sxr It xs not a comb It IS a pxece of celluloxd xmztatlon tortoxse shell Mrs Talker John I'm ashamed of you You yawned twlce at Mlss Hawkms thls afternoon John Well you always Sa1d I never opened my mouth m company 1 I gf ' 11 Y 4 rr' ' . , , . .. . ,, . . YY ' ' 17 ' I L Y 'I I ! . A .- ff 77 k . . L . ,Z 4 ', 2 , I , . , . . . t. , I c . The Black and Gold are certainly great. 1 51 1 V! I . I 1 . .L .Z . . t . 1 . 1 . - . V . - ' 9 , 2 . ' : ' ' , c , if ' . A . . ,, . ,, . . , - , . I . . . . . . ,, ff u 11 1 v . . . . ,, , . ff ' -1- y I 5 ' 91 Santa Fe Lwery a e C Trump 8a Sons Propnetors Fmest LIVCIY 1n the C1ty Hack Calls Answered Promptly at all Hours Give us your Commence ment Work Sat1sfac tion Guaranteed BELL PHONE 57 J MISS VAL PHONE 57 1205 FRoN'r STREET FORT MADISON, IA. NO NEED OF GOING OUT OF FORT MADISON FOR YOUR N 1CkI6, Silver Platmg p ep ed to do all k baseb e look R N KERN 'Box Statwnery Tablets and Post Cards e finest and mos complete l1ne in adison can be found at - Pythian Punting Co. ' ' Printers and Stationers L 1 l I 1 I 1 I I We are r ar inds of plating and can make your silverware and - urn r like new I O I ' - Th ' t , ' - , ' ' Ft. I M I '1 Slocum Ice Cream Co. Ice Cream Lodges Soc et es and Chu ches Supphed G ve us a T al FORT MADISON IA. S. 81.1. C. ATLEE LII M B R R BUILDING MATERIAL ETC WHOLESALE AND RETAIL FORT MADISON IA WHOLESALE AND I RETAIL , i i r i ri Bell Pho ' 912 sEcoND STREET ' I 9 I , , SJ VW sa M Wg" HZ ' - 1.-:ef THLETICS m the Hrgh School dur1ng the past year have been more successful than rn any prevxous sea son especrally 1n regard to finances wh1ch have never been strong A vote of thanks IS due to Mr Packer for hls efforts and zeal ID raxsrng money He has always trled to 1nsp1re the puplls of the school to attend the games and sup port the teams but to no avaxl The prospects for the comxng year are very good and some fine work IS looked for BASE BALL HS FM 0 The first ball game of the season was played at Keokuk Aprll 4th We were defeated but put up a good game Our battmg abrhty was not good securmg but two hxts whlle Keo kuk got four Lansmg pxtchmg for Fort Madxson pxtched good ball for hrs first game 1n that pos1t1on Keokuk made two runs an the second and one 1n the rnnth mnmg Brown for Mad1SOH caught a fine game catch mg three Keokuk runners at second LINE UP Fort Madlson I-I Lansmg 3rd base Stebbxns lst Faxrchlld 2nd Lalrd l f Sheumate r f Benbow cf Brown c B Lansmg p a .gr ,f 1' f' .. - ,' J V ' E' Z , iw I 'r,. ff" ", "f E214 Q72-P' . 'L' , sf . '45 ' A , ' fb 'J ' A . ffl -' xx N I' f.gAj,TJ.v' If 6 "4:I. " -'T' 1 'za 1 4 ! 1 , . K. . ., 3- 'r. . H. S., . 1 I , . , . v K 1 ' ' Y I . . . 1 I . , V - . '- - . 1 Q I 1 Q ' ' , 4 ' . . .g , . .5 , . .Q , .3 . ' , . PHE HIGH SCHOOL TIMES Keokuk Wooley 3rd base C Kmg lst Pechste1n 2nd P Kxng s s Duncan l f Denero r f Parsons c f Baer c Wexsmann p MHS In one of the fastest 'md most spectacular games of Hxgh School base ball Keokuk took the second game of the season on Aprll 11th Keokuks two scores were made on errors whxle Fort Madxson made her run on huts Sallander made our score on hrs two bagger followed by a sacrxflce and an out Benbow prevented Keokuk from scorxng more than once mn the sxxth when he caught Wooleys fly and then cut off Baer at home by a good throw Baer scored Keokuks second run on a safe hxt and Pech stem s Hy to La1rd whlch for some reason Laxrd refused to accept FT M H S 7 B C In a close game Fort Madnson beat Elhotts Busxness Col lege of Burlington on Aprxl 18th We scored two runs 1n the first mmng off Snmon s dehvery But Elhott scored three the other one but Fort Madxson finally won ln the nmth by a battxng rally scorxng two runs Fa1rch1lds one handed catch of Parkers l1ne drrve was the feature of the game LINE UP Fort MadlSOD Brown c B Lansmg p Sheumate 1st base Fa1rch1ld 2nd H Lansmg 3rd Sallander s s Iamrd l f Benbow c f Scott r f Elhotts Buslness College Johnson c Snmons p Parker 1st base Warner 2nd Elhott 3rd Wxnkmnson s s Gross l f Nassum cf We1mer r f TRACK TILAM The track team composed of Lalrd Harper Lansmg Hamxlton Faxrchlld and Sallander Journeyed to Fa1rf1eld May lst to take part m the S E Iowa H S meet The "" 1 ' . 1 1 ' 1 . ' , . .g . . .5 , . .3 , . .3 , .Q ' , . FT .... , 1-K. H, S., 2. 5 C C ' c , . 1 ' 1 l , . . . . ., -E. . ., 6. ' - , . runs in the third. First one team would be ahead and then l . . , , , . . 'T' 1 -1 1 1 1 -1 1 : . 9 - ' 1 1 , - -9 -' . . .g , . .g , . . . , . I , i 1 '1 - .Q 1 1 1 . 1 I ' , . .Q 1 ' '1 1 1 11 l 1 - - I V 1 ' 1 I 1 1 , . , 1 1 ' . . , , . ' w l i ri L 1 i LADIES, WHEN IN BURLINGTON BE SURE TO CALL AND SEE The Latest in Millinery MRS. G. MOARD 406 JEFFERsoN STREET BURLINGTON, IOWA F C SCHAPER Fresh and Salt Meats Cholce Hams and Bacon of Our own Curmg Choxce Kettle Lard BOTH PHONES NO 77 608 SECOND ST 1030 FOURTH ST FVN 05 f"'N F5 fV'N f'V'N fV'w f"N F6 fVN fVW PVN 333333 Ehart s REFRIGERATORS ICE CREAM FREEZERS HAMMOCKS LAWN MOWERS CROQUET SETS WATER COOLERS FRUIT JARS AND CANS JELLY GLASSES or PALM LEAF FANS Whchshall tbeP Ou P cswll p s yo 1 tasthegood 333333 FVN fVN FVN f'VN fV5 P5 fVN fVN 'VN fVN ff BURLINGTON S BIG STORE Dry Goods Cloaks Suxts Waxsts Sk1rts Mlllmery Jewelery Furmture Rugs Curtains 5 and 10c Department Etc Etc BE SURE AND VISIT OUR STORE WHEN' IN BURLINGTON .I 3 3 ' 3 , 3 31 3' 31 43 31 3 . u . kia e u jus r ri swi1I Q3 EI'IART'S Q ' 3 ' ' 3 ' ' , 33 . 3 5 - I-f 'Twlll Soon Be .lune ' ND youll Want your vacat1on su1t Why not get the kmd that W111 make your vacat1on a a joyous one 7 l1IThe greatest enjoyment we have IS to have our fr1ends ad m1re our clothes Th1S 1S abso lutely true and Well all have to fjIOur greatest des1re 1S to bu11d such clothes and the fact that our busmess IS growmg IS proof of the assert1on Why not get 1n l1ne and g1ve us a tr1al7 Edd. Lindsey Maker of Nobby Clothes for Men FORT MADISON IOWA I I I 1 - admit it. :: :: :: :: I PHE HIGH SCHOOL TIMES weather was bad but the track was good Seymore and Corydon tred for first honors followed by Ottumwa Fort Madxson Farrtield Keokuk Allerton and Bur hngton respectrvely Sallander took first rn the 440 yard dash mn 53 1 5 seconds and half m1le IH 2 09 Harper took thxrd m thrs event A1 Kkoxux Qumcy won the H S Trl Sttte Meet at Keokuk May 9th scormg 28 pomts Fort M3d1SOH and BlggSVllI6 tied for sec ond w1th 19 pomts followed by Rock Island wzth 18 pomts Spr1ngfield8 La Harpe 4 and Carthage 3 Keokuk drd not score a poxnt Sallander won the 1 2 m1le ln 2 12 and took second ln both the 440 ymrd dash and broad yump Harper won the m1le run m easy fashlon IH 5 O2 Lanslng took thlrd place ln the dlSCllS throw IowA CXTY Four members of the track team went to Iowa Crty May 11th to take part m the Interscholastzc Invxtatlon meet Iowa Cxtg H S won the meet wxth 38 pomts Sallander of Fort Madxson succeeded rn wlnmng two polnts zn the 440 yard clash Mama IS rt swearmg to say that these stockxngs ought to be darned? No Walter Walter looked over them agam noted the holes m the knees and feet and shook hrs head No he saxd theres no use of my saylng It It wouldn t be half strong enough Teacher What IS an excuse? Pup1l An excuse IS somethxng you cant thlnk of when you want It 1 . 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 . . . ' 2 , , v 1 1 r ' - 1 ' I , , c . 1 , 1 , . . Y . . 1 N . . . . v 11 ee 11 , . 1 - ff 11 ' Cf 1 ' 1 1 . . , . . ff - n . H . . , . 1 11 Commencement Program EBINGER GRAND MONDAY EVENING JUNE FIRST 1908 EIGHT OCLOCK Invocatnon Song Old Black Joe Boys Hxgh School Glee Club Essay Helen Keller Sara Louxse Starburg CSalutatcrxan5 Oratlon The Amerzcan Navy Herbert Lansxng CSelected bv Class! Essay Soczal Settlement Work Edna Fneda Hexsmg CValed1ctornan7 Song Merry June Glrls Glee Club Address Dr H O Rowlands fPastor Calvary Church Davenport Iowal Song, al When Brzght Flowers Bloom bl The Mzll Hxgh School Chorus 9 Awardmg of Dxplomas Hon W S Hamllton Hazel Marguerite Amborn Beulah Bessxe Artz Marguerxte Leshe Atlee Hazelle Florence Benbow Luclle Suzann Crouse Georgxa Mabel Davis Lxla Eva Dawson Paula Clara Ernst Grayce Caroly ne Fruehlmg Edna Frxeda Helsing Irene Prxscxlla Jackson Margaret Lowrxe Lazrd Lena Etta Martm Jxmmxe June Padellford GRADUATES Ted Teresa Schxer Margaret Byrde Schulte Sara Louise Starburg Ollxe Phxlxp Bnchholz Edwxn Paul Dudley Howard Nelson F axrclnld Wxllxam Henry Harper Paul Lewxs I-Ioffmenster Harry Edward Kammerer Harold W Lansxng Herbert Stowe Lanslng Mxlton Earl Lehmng Fred Newklrk Fred W Sallander 1 1 ' . 2 u ,, , . , .. 3 u ,, . 4 . u . ,, , . 5 'Il . ,,' 4 . 6 ," "..,...t. V. ' ' 7 . ......,. . ..,....................... . ...... . . . . 8 u . ,, H I H . .......... . . . . . When You Entertaun Your fr1ends or .fv'1en you are on a banquet comm1ttee you are lookmg for the damhest thmgs you can buy Our fancy bottle goods and other h1gh grad groeenes w1l1 be of mterest to you Come 1n and look the good thmffs over any t1me Bayles 8: Martm, Grocers Casper He11 Brewmg Co BURLINGTON IOWA H W BOHNERT Agent FORT MADISON IOWA 621 SECOND STREET BELL PHONE 69 Y I 9 T 1 1 . O Q . . . X! D 7 ' I I O O O 1 I I , 1 1 i CHRIS. BUESUHER PACKING UU. ESTABLISHIVIENT 46, UNDER GOVERNMENT INSPECTION We Cure All Our Own Meats Home Made Sausages A Spemalty 'I'hPbl hp k Ma1n Shop and Packmg House 536 Second Street I 13 tSt Ed FORT MADISON IOWA ' I 'tdtoCallandI pt O S d Pac ing House A 1 BRANCH SHOPS1 2637 Santa Fe Avenue, H. C. Hoff- meister, Mgrg 27 Fron ., Beelman, Mgr. Hawkeye Lumber Co J. T. M KITTRICK Ma g A11 Kmds of Lumber Llme Cement Hard Wall Plast er Corrugated Steel Culverts and Anythmg 1n the Bmldmg Lme WE WANI' A SHARE OF YOUR PATRONAGE Make the Start To Day! 0 LESIJH Xa SUN DEM ERS t d g h h yo do t ha e pay oth peopl s b lls FINE W h no loss s to pay yo trad here SllP Pit 716 SECOND STREET Tmgwald Bros FORT MADISON IOWA R ht the Co The S P Pond Company QINCORPORATEDI WHOLESALE DEALERS IN BUTTER EGGS AND POULTRY Manufacturers of Pure Ice Cream 1112 FRONT STREET FORT MADISON IOWA f I - I I I l J I O I ' I I I - in 5 , Z- I I . I I 4 ' w II 111 I .. 5 I ' 3 , I - :ui . 3 0 I . I . . I I 1 " I 1 1 " I I ' - I I W I I - 1x I I N 2 no I I I 2 . 2 D 0 R4 - 9- cv :: "" 6 H '1 I ' 93 I Va 5 hw 0 na I I cv Q, 4 I 0 I B rv- 0 0 H' I '1 o Q' '-1 s 5 I I 5 N 7.1 I I I 3 6' .51 p E- cv '-5, sv I fl! 27 . m '1 Q wg 2 S. O 4 ,,, ' H 0 C H- ,... I I I : 2 H- A Q vm - 0 0 0 I I I I - - - - - - I 1 I H - - - -I M I-I AMBORN Coal and Wood 1026 F o t St Both Pho es KARL BULL FLORIST Cut Flowers and Floral Emblems A W RICHERS WHO SALE N RET Strlctly FIFSI Class S08 Seco dSt Bell Pho e W W Landes Grocenes and N OIIOIIS No 1337 FRONT STREET LH RUMPXLCU Grocenes 623 Seco d St Both Pho es fllilum Eruegenhvmpkr NEWEST CREATIONS IN SUMMER MILLINERY LOWEST PRICES No 2515 SANTA FE AVE MarshalI's Elgar Store PIPES and Smokers Artlcles FINE CONFECTIONERY GEO. H. MARSHALL, Prop. 2619 SANTA FE AVENUE W N BROWN Hardware and Tinshop No. 2628 SANTA FE AVE, I r n ' n I BELL PHONE 155 LE A D AIL . Illinois Coal I n . n - I I I n . n . . I ' 1 SPALDING INSTITUTE A HOME SCHOOL FOR LITTLE BOYS UNDER TWELVE YEARS OF AGE The School Year Begms Tuesday, September 1, 1908 A Fxne New Burldmg Now Ready for Use X l' X! HE Sisters of the Order of St Benedlct for many centurxes the greatest educatxonal cxvxlxzmg and Chrrstramzmg force nn the Cathohc Church have m these schools and therr surroundrngs probably the most beautxfnl locatnon for educatronal purposes m Ilh nous The Academy and Instntute sxtuated on a hexghth command a magnrficent vxew of the lordly Mrssxssxppr and the Iowa bluffs beyond In thexr dxversrfied beauty the smtes are well adapted to xnspxre rest and thought whlch ever exert such a powerful xntluence over the moral physrcal and nntellectual lnfe The grounds are beautnful and extensmve atfordmg ample opportumty for out door exerclse The healthfulness of the positron ns unrrvalled The sanxtary condrtxon of the buxldxngs has been pronounced perfect Pure anr pure water and care ful ventrlatxon are xmportant factors xn the hugh stand ard of health that has always prevarled among the pu pxls Practrcal hygrene IS made a study m all classes Darly exercrse nn the open axr IS requrred when the weather permrts When the weather rs not favorable gymnastics furnish healthful xndoor exerclse St Mary s Academy FOR YOUNG LADIES Nauvoo, I1l1no1s Academrc, Mus1cal and Co1nn1erc1al Depts CATALOGUE SENT ON REQUEST - I - - L I . . . . I il tkxy' . , d f,.,, . . . . . . K 'N 1' I 1 1 XML 7:-' I . . . . . . 1 af ' 4 r ss Ng: - l A 9 1 I I,,i T, . J- p . K 146951 ' F Q fied. . . A341 ' '-35 r ' l 1 1 ' f f . . . . - 1 - . 'QL' ' . . . . . n 'f: ' 1 v ' 4 . . . . . 1 S 1 l l 1 l I l l I i 1 w i i ' 1 o o Q o o 0 Printers and Stationers H W DODD M g Special Attention Given to School and College Printing Send to us for Sam ples of Commence ment Invitations and Programmes Esti mates for any gClass of Printing Promptly Furnished FORT MADISON :: IOWA Pythian Printing Co SAMUEL ATLEE P d t CASE V P GEO M HANCHETT Ca h CARL E STOECKLE A t C he ALBERT R BENBOW A 1 C he ESTABLISHED 1888 Lee County Savmgs Bank CASH CAPITAL S50 000 00 SURPLUS FUND 310 000 00 Allows Interest on Deposxts Safety Deposlt Boxes Rented IH Burglar Proof Vault All Transactxons Confldentlal DIRECTORS SAMUEL ATLEE W N BLACKINTON M CASE GEO M HANCHETT WM F KIEL J M AUGE I CI-IOICEST CUT FLOWERS 1 and Funeral Designs BELL PHONE 201 Y Greenhouses 8th and Broadway if :IH -H5 Svternhrrg Hnhrriakrr Emhulmrr PHONES Bell Res. 194 Y Office 194 J Hubnnger 48 No 721 FRONT STREET Q I - l l ! 1 I ! 1 , resi eu M. , ice resident . . , s ier .. ,Ss.3Sir . , ss.35ir I I , . , . l1l.1 1 - I - 1 - gi P l I I I1 l 1 I 1' I I I Q O . I I , I . PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY HOI IXIHK BROb INSLRANKE AGENLY Marquette Bldg J I, MAI OXI I DI NTIST Hesse Bulldmg Fort IM:8..dlS0ll Ia DR If In COI RTRIGHI DFNTIST Rooms 13 14 Lee County Bank Bmldlng Un Donnellson every Tuesday and Wednesday J DH b W IN AHRI R Office 7125 beeond St Resxdence 1007 Fxfth Street DENTIST Lee Lounty Bank Bunldmg EYFSIGHT SPEQIALIST Metropolltan Block FOR INSURANCE GO TO C I OKI II James Block I CHI IKbHANIx REAL ESTATF AND FINANLIAL AGENT D Ii NI QCONII DENTIST 7264: Second Street H XXIII PON K I RAII I I LAWYERS Office Lerner Pine and Thxrd Streets DR If A WOODNIANSEI DENTIST Stevenson Bulldlng DR J NI HOBBS DENTIST Fort M3dlBOD Savlngs Bank Buxldmg Rooms 4 5 and 6 Both Phones DR I, I WAHRER Ofiice over German Arnerlcan Bank Bunldmg Vs H ORINIWOOD NI D OLULIST AND AURIST Fort Madxson Savxngs Bank Buxldmg ILBERT PERSON Real Estate, Loans and Insurance DR J Ii WALKER Marquette Bulldmg I " ' I ' 1 I I nr 3 , . . 7 . V . T N 1 Y VN - 1- 1 J, f . J. . I Q I I In 1 I ' 'I . DR, IC. P. HAZICN CAXII' THOMAS J 11 , . . , . J. '. ' I O' . LI I f '. 1. C J A , 1 I Ii. ...kt 'CJ !L Jr fins JG' I , , . . Y-E W 1 x ' . . . . A 1 'A ' ' A ' , . , - ' 1. 9. Q F. . i A 7 4 . . - W I I 1 . PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY JOHN DOW NS 8. SONS General Insuruncf Marquette Bu ldmg H A ALBRIGHT LOANS INSURANCE REAL ESTATE James Block Room 8 Insurance O R JOHNSTON Clerk of the Dlstrlct Court LAWYERS If H WEBER Coal Coke and Wood 1016 Front St Bell Phone 91 eorge Phxllp Neal M D Iowa State University 1874 216i PINE ST J M CASEY M D 72715 Second St DR W C KASTLN PHYSICIAN 8: SURGEON Office and Res dence 817i Second Street THEO ERNST J eve eler 716 SECOND STREET GEO ROLLETT GROCERIES Agent Chase 8: Sanborn Teas and Coffees 703 Second Street FRED SOECHTIG Groceries BELL PHONE 130 J 1735 FRONT STREET GEO B STEWART LAWYER Rooms 5, 6 and 7 Lee County Bank Building W. C. MARSH Contractor and Builder Estimates Furnished on Work Phone 137 Y Residence 331 FOURTH ST. 1 ' I , W- A- SCHERFE - HEHMINGHAUSEN 8. HERMINGHAUSEN I 1 l S 1 ll l 1 3 l I ? lv I lg ' l . . I 1 , A ' . M. I - .... . - . . .. -... G . . , u A I Y Q 1 . Y F I 4 4 I 1 i I I I D O Y O U R E A D THE BUHLINGTIIN HAWKEYE9 IOWA s BEST DAILY READ THE SPORTING NEWS Suhscnhe In day Thres Months SI 0 I Whe D p JACK HILTZS POOL and BILLIARD ROOM t ll USE THE SOAPS THAT MADE IOWA FAMOUS BIG 4 TOILET SOAP Mag1c Washer Laundry Soa MANUFACTURED BY IOWA SOAP CO .Fern Lfiranh Glhnrulatrn T Q 1fyKa Ch t th y d ly Gardner dc Gould BURLINGTON, IOWA 228 230 S Thxrd St GHAS WISSMATH Xb SUN PACKING CUMPANY PORK PACKERS Choice Kettle Rendered Lard, Hams, Shoulders Bacon, Fresh and Salt Pork All Kinds of Sausages FORT MADISON .0 0 0 0 0 IOWA n in Burlington ro in at 1 I ' ' s You willbe reateda right The ny Paper that Stops when the Time is Out. 203 N. MAIN ST., BURLINGTON, IA i Q " he uai in " O The ocola.eCreams e all P 'mitate. The original man- f ture on by ' I 3 X ' f - . I Sm1th 8: Sm1th Da1ry AERATED MILK AND CREAM Wholesale Cream Orders Gwen Speclal Attenuon Two Dehverres Da11y F 1rst before Breakfast Second 1000 A M STOP THE WAGON OR PHONE US Bl1Ph 37.1 Ms Vl1207 401 Front Street Fort Madrson Iowa O O O e one 8 is. a. - - 1 I 1 H 1 - - 1 Q 1 l H - - 1 1 I I 1 Sm1th Sr. Sm1th Da1ry AERATED MILK AND CREAM Spec1a1 Attent1on Two DCIIVCTICS Dally F1TSt before Breakfast Second 1000 A M STOP THE WAGON OR PHONE US 1Pho 378.1 M V l 1 401 Front Street Fort Madlson Iowa . Q Q Wholesale Cream Orders Given I Bel ne iss. a. 207 I S SCHRAMM C0 BURLINGTON S LEADING DRY GOODS HOUSE Exclusive Styles in Our Ready to Wear Department of Tailor Made Suits Silk Costumes Silk Coats Auto mobile Coats Jackets Silk Skirts Wool Sk1I'tS Lmg er1e Dresses, Linen and Cotton Wash Dresses, French Hand Embroidered Wa1sts Tailored Silk and Cotton W aists A P BROWN P d t S J MASONS t y CAPACITY 35 000 POUNDS PER DAY Brown Paper Company Straw Wrapping, Rag Wrapping and Building Papers Patronage of home merchants solicited. No order too small for our attention, nor too great for our capacity. HDNDHMDIQ 'P "D'd.1'i "C ' Id--P W -.. . ... I I I 1 I l I I 1 1 1 ' I l I l I 1 1 1 1 ' I I I I 7 Z - - I I K Q l - - i l I . . , resi en . . , ecre ar I SIEMERS FURNITURE STURE The Store that Leads m Style uahty and PFICC SIEMER S That s All Larsen's Bakery I DO YUQEZQTT THE The Quahty Shop The Evening Democrat IS THE BEST Everythmg fresh da1 the h1ghest stan 10 CENTS PER WEEK dard of quahty we wm vuun eamennee ' D 't d' F1:10ylz THE CHICAGO SHOE STORE B C DAVIS Latest Styles 1n Footwear Our Summer L1ne IS Complete 809 SECOND STREET . FORT MADISON IOWA 9 ' 1 9 7 1 f ' -' y and always o ivere o dy t 5 me an th X --......f SWEEP E Z 15 a sc, and carpets keeps down FIVE PER CENT DISCOUNT FOR CASI-I FIVE PER CENT DISCOUNT FOR CASH B B I-IESSE Sc SONS BIG CLOTHING sToRE We Carry the Largest Stock of CLOTHING HATS CAPS and FUR NISHING GOODS II1 the Clty One Prlce to All CORNER SECOND AND PINE STS FORT MADISON IOWA A CLEAN SWEEP WITH SWEEP E Z entxhc preparatlon to be used m sweepmg floors carpets and rugs It col lects all d1rt destroymg the germs thereby keep mg the atmosphere clean and pure It cleans and brlghtens the rugs and the dust whxle sweepmg Sweep E 2 reducmg the use of the Its use IS a sure and ev erlastmg precauhon to the house wlfe agamst moths and msects A NECESSITY NOT A LUXURY FORT MADISON SUPPLY CO RU P 81. SIEMER GROCERS BOTH PHONES No 719 SECOND STREET GERBER 85 HART WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS IN SLEEPY EYE AND OTHER HIGH GRADE FLOURS All Kmds of Feed Both Phones FORT MADISON IOWA l I 4 1 ' . :: , - - . .D ,nm ,,,. , . . . . Y . . , . Lg S I , ' , ' Af dust rag to a minimum. 1 ' ' 1 ' fy . . ' V .. S ' . :Z 1 I . The Second Hand Store Second Hand Goods Bought or Exchanged for New Stoves our spec nalty The Smger and Wheeler Wxlson Sewnng Machmes on Easy Terms Needles Oxl and Repaurs Goods on Easy Payments W W CASSIDY 8a CO 625 snconn sr BELL PHONE 297 Y TEACHERS 223355 e...:.,.., "f-f'ff:,,"r.Y:: .wabg 4 h ?""f1...f.,f..""",'L".31'c1,:.7"""f'4.I'4.f"3 7 P11 Address D LIUSSELIAII A I hui. Gmdhhdmadolkn Qdacv I. HUME BAKERY G A MCALLISTER Prop WHOLESALE AND RETAIL BAKERY GOODS AND- ICE CREAM Excursion and PICUIC Orders a Speclalty Bell Phone 381 M 711 Front Street FORT MADISON IOWA A W SMITH Contractor and Bmlder a BELL PHONE 105 Y No. 425 FRONT STREET A H KNNEIJY Staple and Fancy Grocenes BOTH PHONES 2639 SANTA FE AVENUE I . ' . ' 86 I , . , , . . I . , . re oua wan ou e , and hm' ouasaa wr me a . an ma you, free, our 68- Illus- trated Cat and a I lot page what man o ur an , I m w at oumayacoom ' 0. . , . ., I I l I E l I EDUCATE FOR BUSINESS AT JUHNSUNS BUSINESS UUILEGE FORT MADISON IOWA IA School Established 1879, SOME SMALLER SOME LARGER NONE BETTER All are higher priced and you can pay more money elsewhere but you don t have to This school has done much for others and pleased them It may do as much for you and lighten your labor shorten your hours increase your pay TRY IT THE FIRST MONDAY IR SEPTEMBER P f 1110111211 CORNELL COLLEGE MOUNT VERNON, IOWA FFORDS excellent facilities for securing an education. Courses in ARTS, SCIENCES and ENGINEERING compare favorably with the leading colleges. ACADEMY, NORMAL and COMMERCIAL COUR- SES are strong and well taught. Special advantages in the SCHOOLS of MUSIC, ART, and ORATORY. FORTY EXPERIENCED PROFES- SORS and TEACHERS. Superior Facilities inthe way of APPARATUS, MUSEUM, LIBRARY, and LABORATORIES. Social, Literary and Moral influences admirable. Expenses moder- ate. For Catalogues, etc., address President Wm. F. King, LL.D. l A FEW OLDER I I 1. I I I Doerln g' ea Market We Sell Swifts Premium Hams and Monells Iowa Pride The Two Best Brands Home Made Sausages Our Specialty Choice Fresh Meats of all Kinds BUIII PIIIIIIBS H37 SBGUIIII SI. L1fe Insurance bles a ma to g o d a d d The ns e t k pt e of h s b a 1 ppl ed od h lt for he A d h net eko ex Buy It To-day p y If tg ge on o h Io d t e o de 1 th th Bankers' L1fe of Des Momes sp dt be 51600000000 t of 51200000000 d ell oeythnayothe be P3117 Foftsedou nd dde I E O ARMSTRONG 935 Fourth Street FORT MADISON, IOWA R N JOHNSON LAWYER 729 A Seco d St eet Frank Prichett PLUMBING GAS STEAM AND HOT WATER FITTING 819 Second Street J. A. TROJA B1cYcLEs 8c sPoRT1NG Goons 912 SECOND STREET Schmidt Bros. FISH, CUTLERY AND SPORT- ING GOODS 1535 SECOND STREET ,-,WBA .M ,V ,WE in A .,,, Hn. I fp-Q--me-,A -V-A --- - - - - -- ---A-f -- . I Ena n 0 n oing Iter he is ea . i urance mon y a esu h work I i rain, his h nds. In his ife he su i fo , clothing and s e er ot rs. He dies n is insurance money provides the same things. You can't tell what is going to hap- pc nx we rn Iyear. It will a o that mor a y ur home or farm and leave cas r eb s and funeral xpenses. Y u can get a square a wi e I! ha ai o neficiaries , , . ' I has asse s , , . an s s insurance - for lessm n a n r relia I com- racs n y rnamea a rss to I I I O e g 1 , . I n r I 1 . 1 1 O Q Q T 1 I THE LATEST STYLES IN SUMMER MILLINERY Can be found at MRS E K Rolancls 712 SECOND sr F A A M B O R N HABERDASHER Hlgh Grade Furmshmg Goods Knox and Stetson Hats Clothmg to Order Chas A Stevens 8c Bros Ladles Sults No 720 SECOND STREET R N KERN General Repeurmg of AII Kmds GUNS and LOCK WORK 206 CEDAR STREET -I Just Recexved New Lot Ladxes and Gents Tans and Black Txes Colomal and Buckle Oxfords FROM Sl 25 to S3 00 Mxsses and Chnldren s FROM Sl 00 to S175 Boys and L ttle Mens FROM Sl 50 to S2 50 ALEX ll SGHMIDT The Shlleman Anthony .I I-Ielhng REAL ESTATE LOAN AND INSURANCE BROKER Real Estate a Specxalty R 0 I Bl k Bell Ph 465 X EXCELSIOR STEAM LAUNDRY JOHN A CHOTT Proprxetor Estabhshed 1881 BELL PHONE 37 Y 213 217 CHESTNUT STREET The Fourth Street Jeweler Remember when you buy Jew elry, that tlus store sells on small prohts and has no expense 1122 FOURTH STREET GO TO Busy Bee Confectlonery FOR FINEST ICE CREAM SODAS IN THE CITY ALSO FINE CANDIES ROBERT A. AMBORN, Proprietor 823 SECOND STREET I I - - - I I l . . . . v 1 . . n ' I . . . - I Q - I 1 I -.-.--in-'.:WE"A"HTM'4 TT M I .... ..- I u n I - v v , . . . v ' ' 1 - 1 - Y i I I I , - -7 A- - . n 1 ' Q 0 m3 James oc one - 1 - - I . . I B F SHREVES The Hardware M Hardware, Keen Kutter Cutlery Detro1t Whlte Lead Works Pamts, Agncultural Implements Bmder Twme, Rope and Cordage Stoves, Steel Ranges, Ice Cream Freezers Etc OU WLL N THE GOO S S ELL AS ELL AS THE PR CES IGHT 725 SECOND STREET :I I: FUHT MADISUN, IUWA l.-l-- l I C C 7 1 3.11 Has What You Want in U Y I FI D W W

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Fort Madison High School - Madisonian Yearbook (Fort Madison, IA) online yearbook collection, 1914 Edition, Page 1


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