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C715 FURT LEWI RIITC CA 5'0rf lewis, Waslziugfvu Summer 1951 Tahle of Uontents Tiff 'ii' YA' HEADQUARTERS STAFF . CAMP LIFE . . GENERAL TRAINING. . RANGES ....... INFANTRY BATTALION . ENGINEER BATTALION . . OUTSTANDING MARKSMEN. . RECREATION . . . CADET GGMPANIES . . I C -2- ,W , , ,. .,.,,,Y ., ww.. Y...., , W, ,, ,. .V,. -.. .W . We Vvv.. Y ,Y.,, .,,-, ,..,,.-...4 --- V -- A-Y' V, . W , EW, , .,,.,., Editorial Staff fi A 1 1 .Q 1 1 1 Q Q 1 C ' W. L. H ' Lloyd E. Best apiggk Gfficegnter james R. Wheeler Editor Y Associate Editor .1 4 1 1 a ef 1 3 1 ? I 3 x ' 3 1 S1 L Matth1es Kurt 0 Lmn IHfanf1'Y Ed1tor Engmeer Ed1tor s Hank N Mu1v1h1ll Antone C Van Vhet R0beft K I-Clk Aft1St Art:1st A111511 3 , K 1 . '1i.Qflf7 1 ' zs?4g!,.-' : Q' ' 1 ' ,. . ' ' . , 'if - -W? ' . 5 ' K f .-...., m2i' .. . . 1 f- - itil -. 141 -. : f . - ' ' . fe 1 -.HT G-f-wg-2ff1igfii1a,s g f, -' Y 1 '- ' 7' f Q . 156 553 ' - . . V. 1- .ij .1 .gf 5 L. ,gi -It ' f K V f . fi wif K' . 'EW' f , L Q-ff 525V K i'fle'i-.w 1. 3? fu e .- '- 14' --W...-1.,fiS122! " K K K sf? rs' fir ' ' 4 ifwsf--. 72 Z All ' . ".Z:'4 ':: - -5-.E- : . . ,g-, 1-1' if-ggiitsw. - ' 3 My f .-,. 1.53- !: , .. .. .-1. - ,,- . xiiif'f'W?:tTl:. - ' ffiif , ,- 'ifhzz-aw ' -sri.-U t.: 9. ,i:e-f.fy gsf.Ss f1gf,, . ' - s ' Dedication LIEUTENANT GENERAL ALBERT C. WEDEMEYER On July 31st of this year, Lieutenant General Wedemeyer, Commanding General of the Sixth Army will retire after a long and eventful career in the United States Army. As Commanding General of the Sixth Army he was responsible for the establishment and functioning of the 1951 Fort Lewis ROTC Camp. In recognition of his outstanding record and his active interest in the furthering of the ROTC Program, "THE RECALL" is respectfully dedicated. -4- ff U K , l Camp Commander COLONEL ERCIL D. PCRTER The appointment of Colonel E. D. Porter, Professor of Military Science and Tac' tics at Montana State University, as Camp Commander for the 1951 Fort Lewis ROTC Camp was announced by General Wedemeyefs Sixth Army Headquarters early in April of this year. Colonel Porter, an Infantry commander with 34 years commissioned service, com' manded the 71st Infantry Regiment of the 44th Infantry Division in the European Theatre during World War II. The success of the 195 1 ROTC camp was due to no smallkmeasure to the experif enced guidance of Colonel Porter and his understanding of the particular problems of college students suddenly transformed into soldiers for six packed weeks of field training. -5- l 1 'I i l l 1 l l 1 . 4 3 l 3 l 32 1' 3 l l l 1 . i l l E i 4 la" H+' mf -af nf xv Forward During the second week of June, 195 1, activity began in preparation for the 1951 RCTC Camp at Fort Lewis, Washington. Under the leadership of Colonel E. D. Porter, officers and nonfcoms worked hard to set the stage for the six weeks of intensive training that were to follow. By the end of the third week of June preparations were complete, and ROTC students began to arrive. Some cadets reported early and were therefore awarded special details-policing the grounds, setting up volleyball courts, etc. Some cadets reported at the correct time. Some reported late and were "awarded" demerits for their efforts. When the last trooper had wandered in, a total of 1169 Engineer and Infantry ROTC cadets were safely bunked under the watchful eye of the U. S. Army. These cadets, con- centrated in a part of Eastern Fort Lewis, had come from 32 different colleges and uni' versities in 14 states, Hawaii, and Alaska. During initial processing we learned how to wait in a line and to acknowledge that we had received umteen pieces of valuable clothing and equipment for which we were financially responsible. Newcomers to army life found that a few men can serve meals to many cadets provided the cadets walk, eat, and leave in a hurry. We also learned how obnoxious a shrill whistle in the hands of a first sergeant can become, especially at 5 : 15 in the morning. After the introductions were' over, the instruction began in earnest. The most memorable of the early instruction was PRI, otherwise known as Preliminary Rifle Inf struction and several other distorted and unusable word combinations. The extensiveness and thoroughness of this course so impressed the cadets that they added several verses con- cerning PRI to the popular marching tune "Sound Off." In our military science classes at school we had been absorbing or trying to absorb the theoretical side of the many and varied subjects necessary for an officer's education. Here at Fort Lewis, for the first time, we were able to learn by doing. The practical field training made possible by the facilities of the camp supplemented our theoretical know' ledge and enabled most of us to understand more clearly what our PMS E? T's have been endeavoring to dun into our heads. Weapons were given particular emphasis. We spent four days on the rifle range firing, coaching, and pulling targets. Many of us made "expert" and won medals that we may proudly display at military functions back home next year. We fired most of the other infantry weapons-carbines, pistols, machine guns, mortars, etc. This was familiarization firing and it did just that. The weapons that we had previously seen, disassembled, and been told about came alive in our hands. During the first half of the six weeks' camp the courses given the infantry and the engineers were roughly parallel. However, the paths of instruction parted during the last three weeks, with particular attention being given to the more specialized subjects applicf able to each branch. Near the end of july the camp slowly drew to a close. With travel pay in our pockets and varied memories of our six weeks' tour with the army in our minds, we departed for home with gusto. To those readers not acquainted with RCTC camp, this book should provide a picturefstory of our six weeks' training. For those of us who attended camp, the following pages should help us recall our life at camp. I . R Eyes Right!! 9 Camp Executive Officer The Camp Adjutant position was filled by Lieutenant Colonel George B Cullison He 15 the Associate P M S El? T at Montana State University in Missoula Montana Formerly a Major Cussison received his promotion during the second week of summer camp. Colonel James M. Churchill occupied the position of R.O.T.C. Camp Executive this summer. He handled the administrative details of the camp for the camp commander. During the academic year, Colonel Churchill is the Professor of Military Science and Tactics at the University of California in Los Angeles. ' .1 Adjutant Headquarters Staff Sf3 SECTION QL. to R., Lt. Col. Rougeg Maj. Deang MSgt. Longg SFC Townsend. f , s 4 Q' -W 1 .45 J ,, M.. T 4 -X W + Q It-K T .2 , ,x VL if ' V ? MARKSMANSHIP fKneeling L. to R9 Msgr.Fau11mefg REVIEW BOARD CL. to R-J Lf- Col. J0hr1S0nsLt. Col. MSgt. Johnston. fStandingl Capt. Kingg Lf, Col, Mad, Fowlerg Lt. Col. McCarthyg Lt. Col. Tryon. doxg Maj. Phiar. - Q I .- w,.M,,,,. .,,, ...LM .... W.. ...MV A448 i 1 1 3 1 w I 3 i i 1 Headquarters taii PERSONNEL SECTION-1st Row QL. to RJ MSgt. Jones: Lt. Col. Costellog Capt. Mumford. 2nd Row: MSgt. Arthurg SFC Andersong Sgt. Surrattg MSgt. Otis. 3rd Row: Sgt. Crehang SFC Jewettg Sgt. Dordickg MSgt. Petersong MSgt. Danksg MSgt. Sayre. RANGE SECTION-Kneeling QL. to RJ MSgt. Alviarg SFC Strojnyg MSgt. Gage. Standing: MSgt. Boyerg Capt. Beaulieug Lt. Col. Ballg Maj. Martin. TRAINING AIDS SECTION-Kneeling QL. to RJ SFC Browng MSgt. Greeneg SFC Gruenig. Standing: Sgt. Feeneyg Maj. Whiteg MSgt. Koehler. ...l2.. n' W ' """"1 Headquarters Staff Sf4 SECTION-lst Row QL. to RQ MSgt. Carpenterg MSgt. ThompsonfBowerg MSgt. Thorarinsong MS,qt. johnsong MSgt:. O'Neil. 2nd Row: MSgt. Hunterg MSgt. Mortong Lt. Col. Wilsong Capt. Forsbergg Capt. Burgess. PIO SECTION--Kneeling QL. to RQ MX Sgt. LaBeurg MSgt. Gallowayg SFC Bailey. Standing: MSgt. Les' lieg MSgt. Dowdeng Maj. Packmang Capt. Hunterg Sgt. Solem. ATHLETIC Ei? RECREATION SECTION-Kneeling QL. to RQ MSgt. Forceg Maj. Hurleyg MSgt. France. Standing: Lt. Kramerg MSgt. jacksong Capt. Dussaq. ,B-. Headquarters Staff J-ugsk R N- -' M' X 1 K 1 ,- ,.. ,X x...p, i ,X X Sfl SECTION-KHe21iHg'fL to R-J Sgr- Fosren SEC HISTORIAN E-YMAIL SECTION-QL. to RJ SFC Yar Necag SFC Hunter. Standmg: Sgt. Esseryg MSgt. Robmf broughs SFC Woods SFC Djetzg Capt' Windsor. song MSgt. Stevensg MSgt. Lehman. . H E A by 1 ' 45" f 9 f 1' QNX Q. Q 7 'Q' 59 I6-'il I I is 4 np Qgbkm' 2 l'an"'1xfs1x . - dw !l,1,- , R IN 7 """l"cZf I all j 4 M is f X iv W , Q 1 na! 'M W ' A ' '-- , 4- X H f- WA I- N Y'-' ..l4... Arrival N Some came a long way. Sqymg Qgimg at nighyu WHS l'CZlL1y WIICI1 WC arrived. -.151 , f 'hun annum "" 'A Processing Forms and more forms. X NX ig 65' 006,59 'i -lb1 -3 . ef- , .V Yxvx' "Capt", No shiny ones? 603 0 MSN Processing fiflj, It Tickles Barracks Life Learning the hard way. There was no maid service ..I8-. Willing hands. Hope I never see another one. Routine Nothing but cash. A good time was had by all ,l9, PT - M4 ,W 1 ,..4..4 Get it down. All the way up .1' S yi I - 1 IS . . STRETCH -20- Drill 82 In peotion Close it up. The Dress is right. 'I ...J L rn. .A Nw: 2 T Some got Demerits. -2l- , -,X Wv.Ww Y ,.... .rv -Y..f,. Y W Y-Y---. vfrr vw...-. ,vVfYv Y ilvr .V .U ,Y Retreat Formations D1rty R1f1e. Fall Out! Port Arms! Dress R1ght-Dress "" """'! T Regimental lleview i 4 l 1 l They're all there. 1 I l l 1 xl 4 . I I 1 I e l l 4 4 l Highball. WJ J, f Officers front and center! 3 l 1 ,V n- ,fer l . ww e , Ml A v J 4 1 4 1 l Eyes Right! 2 ll Sighting and aiming exercises. Gathering in the inner circle. inc-MM' Y' A little to the left PRI S ' 1 . " " HV W 4 L M ' MIM -'-3: V fl . . J - ' ' 1 . f' .fx ., ' ,V 4 ' - 11 5, L f 'luvn . an .' .... wsy, ra ,'- .vv , -H 4 1 N 'w ' 4 , W, W.. , , ,I 1, 5 .. M..-.,,,,., .4 'Hwfz M mf -5. . R-I.7Q,iwn. Aj-5. - , - :diy My my I. . i s Kjwg gr! , ,L v,MH.5: ..v I --. V: f .. Mark' -- W ,gif .2 ' . LM 0, f ff ' Q i .. .- , VV'- , , ,I , '- v' -- , A A , ' "' 'T ' ,Q , . m ay V232 - f . ' A gngvkn-.1,,d:.f,bk My W in. 1 J 7 Q 15 fy , y - j Y' Ml, W gi ' , .,, .,5-I gf- X ,:.f.3.,yg-fa if-.55 , A: -73,154 V ,, W . . ' , - - , W ,V 0 5 " Af, ,X - QW- I ' L y P A f ' It's 100721 right -or 10096 wrong. x , , . ' F Q ' I' ..25.. Are you learning anything? Map Reading Where's North? You are now at . "Good cover on the right flank." .. 26 - What a. view! Field Fortifications 1 3 iz' 'K" ' 2' Doesrft hurt a bit. Boo! Minimum safety clearance-two feet. A Q :EV W kk. tsmitl-QQ Ouch! Field Fortifications Five gallons of oil and check the gas. f Ranges M I Aim and squeeze. Immediate action. ....30.. Operation paste. 1000 inch Carbine range. Ranges Did I hir ir? Space twenty! Ranges m..,,mx Black sights, black bull! , M z' f, mkfm' F .e -lwwgm. , Some good, some bad. ' Might make expert. M32 , ee ,e ,e A ,,MAM e MMM , e ,J Ranges Can't mark it, no holes. Pull and mark target five. 1 Big improvement! Any second's? And the Mess Sergeant said "You here again." Range V eeee eeee s as A M . fwfi ' fs. ' M, ,.. ' vs-W" m, v -ui" Looks good from here. h E -34- it , ,k F, g ,V ' 'Y 5 , 7 . Lo, This waiting kills me. . .-A.....,., anges Four Maggie's! Mfl Pencil in action. ..35.. Only nine rounds. mmm? 3 1 1 V' Battalian Commander lniantr Battalion Lt. Col. Richard W. Mabee bestowed high praise on the cadets of the Infantry Battalion when he stated that it was a privilege and an honor to serve as Infantry Battalion Com' mander for the 1951 ROTC Camp. The cadets in turn were honored in having Col. Mabee, a veteran battalion commander of the famous 11th Airborne Division as their CO. Col. Mabee began his army career as an en' listed man 17 years ago, won an appointment to the U.S. Military Academy at West Point in 1936 and was commissioned four years later. He is presently assigned as the PMS fi T at the University of California at Santa Barbara, Cal. BN. HQ STAFF-Kneeling QL. to R., MSgt. Gradyg Sgt. Rodneyg MSgt. Warreng SFC Fowler. Standing: Capt. Barnesg Capt. Bastag Lt. Col. Gasperinig Maj. Palmg MSgt. Morris. l -36- Infantry Committees - WEAPONS COMMITTEE-Sitting QL. to RQ MSgt. Fox: MSgt. Dana: MSgt. Mescherg MSgt. Conger. Kneeling: MSgt. Shackelfordg Capt. Cookg WO Rogneyg Capt. Dillong MSgt. Byrd. Standing: Capt. Phillipsg lst Lt. Ringelg Maj. Dobrinicg Capt. Snyderg MSgt. Hansen. TACTICS COMMITTEE-Kneeling QL. to RQ SFC Dunng Sgt. Johnston: MSgt. Dalyg MSgt. Welnetzg SFC Purolg SFC Gardner: MSgt. Snodgrass. 2nd Row: Capt. Ellis: Capt. Walsh: Capt. Hallg Capt. Wood: MSgt. Bell: SFC Beckum. 5rd Row: Capt. Creighton: Capt. Heftg Capt. Eldridge: Maj. Dadismang Capt. Moellingerg lst Lt. Knight. GENERAL SUBfCOMMITTEF.+Sitting KL. to R., MSgt. Bridges: SFC Storeyg SFC Talk' ingtong MSgt. Helms: MSgt. Moore: SFC McCoy. Kneeling. SFC Newby: Maj. John' song Capt. Noonan: Capt. Powell: Capt. Emery: MSgt. Baldwin. Standing: Capt. Webb: Capt. Frazee: Capt. Hooper: Maj. Mar' ting Maj. Lowe: MSgt. Dodd. -37- 4 lnfantr 00 Staffs COMPANY "A" STAFF-Kneeling QL. to R.J MSgt. Sauter, H. J., Sgt. Street, H. R., MSgt. Bartolec, S., Chaudron, D. L. Standing QL. to R.J MSgt. McCann, A. D., Capt. Had' ley, A. C., Capt. McBride, W. C., lst Lt. Kryzanowsky, C. D., lst Lt. Spence, C. K. "Baker" Company was ably led by Captain A. E. Isner during the six weeks of camp. Captain Isner is the P.M.S. E? T. at Brown Military Academy in San Diego during the academic year. He was with the 65 th and the 106th Infanf try Divisions in World War II where he received the Bronze Star. In the ranks of "B" Company were found a number of good shots. They carried off the streamer given to the best company in the battalion for marksmanship. Another dis' tinction peculiar to the men in "B" Company was the mustache rage that sprang up after the first few weeks. Perhaps they were anticipating a little too strongly their commissions as second lieutenants. - .-f"3 Captain W. C. McBride held the reins of "Able" Com' pany in the infantry battalion. The Captain, after having served in the European Theater in the 36th division and the Far East in the 86th division, became assistant P.M.S. Ei T. at the University of Idaho in Moscow. He was friendly and always open to logical suggestion, thus gaining the respect and cooperation of his men. ' Since "A" is the first letter of the alphabet, the cadets naturally felt that they were the first in the battalion. In essence, their assumption was correct. They became first in the marching order first in line for K.P., first for range firing, and first for guard duty. The local belles in the area said they were first there too. COMPANY "B" STAFF-Kneeling QL. to RJ MSgt. Flem ming, C. B., SFC Fulton, A. J., MSgt. Curtis, B. E.g SFC Robbins, L. T. Standing QL. to RJ lst Lt. Peterson, T. H. MSgt. Baldwin, J. L., Capt. Isner, A. E., 1st Lt. Moore, R. H. Ist Lt. Rothemund, J. J. 1 lnlantr Captain G. E. Deane, P.M.S. Es? T. with Oakland Public Schools in California served in the 36th Infantry Division in the European Theater. He was assigned as company commander of "Charlie" Company this summer. One of his policies was to have a suggestion box installed for the cadets to put their opinions of the methods used in their instruction and discipline. The men in the company felt that they were always at the rear end of everything, and soon began to refer to them' selves as the Ntailfendersf' "Charlie" company enjoyed the privilege an publicity of having among their numbers almost all the college AllfAmericans west of the Mississippi. lmzyl' 'QA I gg. Go. Staffs ti? COMPANY "C" STAFF-Kneeling QL. to RJ MSgt. Bar ger, A., lst Lt. Scott, S. D.g SFC Shaver, G. M. Standing QL to RJ MSgt. Tadday, H. F., 1st Lt. Jordan, H. C., Capt Deane, G. E.g Capt. Proctor, G., MSgt. Bailey, W. E. ,f i of D 41' I 0 'iw' t Illlll r , '42 -ew - -39- Infantry Training I Ars. X Infantry cadets use the coach and pupil method during instruction on 3.5 inch rocket launcher, 1 , 5,31 r 7- au, 45-0v27,:.f ,si Lg M. Q, lgyggw awawe . sg 'sf 3 A I ng! l , nf' an wayne-W-' " 4 fre A wr'-. The destructiveness of the Army's new flame thrower is demonstrated by a cadet. The students had the opportunity either to fire or witness a demon' stration firing of most of the infantry weapons during the six weeks' encampment. Rifle Marksmanship Un the ready line. Pit duty was part ot the training. Back to the salt mines Weapons Training Quizzes came often. Draw! f eg ee Q I. fl A Well ventilated classroengg Remember that PRI. -42- Bayonet Trammg e Touche? Charge of the light Brigade Smile when you say that, podnuh. '- 43 - ma'-Afw - - W V Visit of Inspection Eff? "' walk i AIWQYS posing, ' -fa. How to p1ck K.P. s. ur-'f ' ..44.. .ll Hanging UU "' "' uh Machine Gun Training iTT-,,, W- On the line. l f ii, Good position, but where did I you get that hat. "S queeze off single rounds men , You're on your own. Automatic Rifles ,,.f . ' Read 'em and weep. Z Qn the double! Instructor, coach, pupil. 146- L A as-f ez 1 Rocket Launcher and Flame 'Phrower i N0 kicks here! Handle with care Are you ready? Dry fun' 1 ...41... Y More Training Saturday makefup for them. Camera shy. Modern travel. Silhouette firing - 48 - . Engineer Battalion Lieutenant Colonel Wilby was our Engineer Bat' tallion Commander during summer camp. Upon his shoulders rested the responsibilities of Battallion or' ganization and the determination of the methods in which the engineer cadets were to be instructed in each course-plus the wellfbeing of the men them- selves. Colonel Wilby served as Gf4, 81st Infantry Divisf ion during World War II. He received the Legion of Merit award, and is now with the University of Idaho at Moscow, Idaho. His theory that if a program is exact in detail, it will be good in every way, made our six weeks' train' ing a complete success. We, the cadets, would like to congratulate you, Colonel, on a job well done and add that it was a pleasure to serve in your command. BN. STAFF-Kneeling R., MSgt. Hardeman, S., MSgt. Bailey, W. M., MSgt. Cureton, R., MSgt. Lake, D.M., SFC Barnes, H.R. Standing QL. to RJ Capt. Maxson, J. A., Capt. Grey, D. E: Lt. Col. Gray, J. B., Capt. Cuniffe, D. R., Capt. Dennis, D. H. a 150-. COMMITTEE No. 1-Kneeling QL. to R.J Sgt. Sneed, C. R., SFC Duncan, A. R., MSgt. Oliszewski, C. Standing QL. to R.J Maj. Camp' bell, T. J., lst Lt. Gaiter, B. G., Capt. Blair, J. D., Capt. Hughes, J. W., Capt. Gulley, R. A. COMMITTEE No. 3-Sitting QL. to R.J SFC Franklin, J. H., MSgt. Blecha, A. E., MSgt. O'Neil, H. E. Kneeling QL. to RJ SFC Briscoe, H. R., Capt. McCarthy, lvl. J., Capt. Elison, R. J., Capt. Armstrong, A. C. Standing QL. to R.J Capt. Griess, T. E., Capt. Young, S. H., Maj. Lamutt, F. R., Capt. Demchok, A. J. COMMITTEE No. 2-Kneeling QL. to R.J MSgt. Koebrick, D. J., MSgt. Russell, O. L., MSgt, Lollar, L. B. Standing QL. to R.J Capt. Grey, D. E., Maj. Wood, V. D., Capt. Davis, J. E., Capt. Rowen B. C., Capt. Campbell, C COMPANY "E" STAFF-Kneeling QL. to RJ MSgt. Scottg MSgt. Ballardg SFC Putnamg SFC Silva. Standing: 1st Lt. Greeng Capt. jonesg Capt. Fenwickg MSgt. Petersen. Captain L. C. Baird commanded "Fox" Company, with his hard work and likeable manner helping him gain the confidence of his cadets. ,Captain Baird served as a Major in the Pacific Marine Air Wings in Hawaii during World War II. He now occupies the position of P.M.S. fi T. of Sacramento High Schools in Califomia. The merit-demerit system functioned rather active' ly within the company with one cadet hitting the' jackpot for '51 demerits in two consecutive days. The system proved effective, and the company went on to take high honors in drill and leadership in exercise of command. Captain M. H. jones had the responsibilities of commanding "Easy" Company. A veteran of the European war, the Captain followed up his work with the 61st Signal Battalion, and now teaches ROTC Signal Section at Washington State College in Pullman, Washington. It wasn't too long after the initial indocrination until platoon leader Scott had turned the company's vocal talents into the "Jody Chorus." Thereafter, they were referred to as "those ...... singers." COMPANY "F" STAFF-Kneeling QL. to RJ SFC Panekg MSgt. Hokensong SFC Gleason. Standing: SFC Necag Capt. Bairdg Capt. Bernardig MSgt. Clifton. Engineer 00. Staffs The men in "George" Company, commanded by Captain Richard D. Starling, were not the first to sing while march' ing, but they followed up with a great variety in "Jody" songs, during the latter weeks of camp. The company was also noted for its nightowls. Lights never seemed to be out on time. Captain Starling served in the 983rd Heavy Artillery Battalion in the Southwest Pacific during World War II, and is now P.M.S. Ea? T. at Santa Barbara High School in California. When asked his honest opinion of "G" Com' pany, the Captain stated, "This is the best company." COMPANY "G" STAFF-Sitting QL. to R., MSgt Bzdekg MSgt. Douglas, MSgt. McAllister, MSgt. Thompf son. Standing QL. to R., Capt. Young, Capt. Parkerg Capt Starlingg Capt. Jung, Sgt. Derringer. COMPANY "H" STAFF-Sitting QL. to R., SFC Strojnyg MSgt. Beller, SFC Tatum. Standing CL. to R., Capt. Martin, Capt. Hodges, Capt. Flathers. 153.- Long will be remembered the Saturday morning inspecf tions given by Captain G. H. fwhite gloves, Hodges. The demerit lists were long, but the results proved high. Captain Hodges, a field artillery officer in the Pacific theater during the last war, is now instructing at the University of Calif fornia at Los Angeles. The company was noted for its excellent drill and marks' manship throughout the six weeks' session. 'X ' f - -A M-ff ' ' . . L,.A ,, ,, , , Practical engineering training. Lay ho! Heave! X -54- Workfsaving gadget. 'Pools and Rigging 24 men and a rope Ughfnfhfu ' V WV ! 1 I' I Still trying. 'Pool and Rigging I w Slice me off a pound. Rid'em cowboy! Demolition and Rigging Breakfast from 0600 to 0603 Wonder what's in there. SITEQE KNOTS ? LRSHINGS Hot detail Knotftying EXCICISCS Uamouflage and Field Fortifioations 11 Iv mm v '. wwf-Q: ',-f, hi I' f ' ' M. f V, , sf li Q lj Q , V , - My TNQ W . 34" ,fm Vw. K Am , q1 w" 11 v4,g l f... ff- ew. Nm 'sp 5 f r "'?Xww-Shy ' ' ak 458 f fi 1 1,' ? Q M Q W 2 2.91-6 1 L ,. ,iw .W W5 in... K-LM "rf A 'W '9- Wx? H-,L 99 A. " 'eu i i i i i L A Water Purification Coagulation, filtration, disinfection, . . . consumption Every part is important. Water Purification We drink this stuff? . and it comes out here i . Q fir' -fig H 4 Gil? i -51-. Purification by aeration V i i Bridging Cadet engineers begin construction of a treadway bridge with the assistance of a brockway truck. Bridge nears completion. Engineering builds muscles Bringing Infantry foot bridge going up. Engineers test their work Hip boots are standard equipment. - 63 - 4 , Y""'Y"" ' W" Bridging 1 T The easy way. Raft construct1on. it iffimgix -21 3' NSW WW' fx ' Aww ul Howard H. C, Yu Univ. of Hawaii High scorer Co. A Dale E. Dobson Iowa State College High scorer Co. F Edward L. Stonebreaker Company C 1 Ray H. Renz Univ. of Washington High scorer Co. B - N . fx Phillip H. J. Schultz South Dakota State College High scorer Co. G -65- 'T -1. l 1 W. llutstanding Marksmen M-l llille Top marksman of the M-1 Rifle at the 1951 Fort Lewis ROTC Camp was Cadet Edward L. Stonebreaker, from Pomona Cole lege, Pomona, California. Stonebreaker fired a 196 out of a possible 210, winning thegtop place from Cadet Edgar T. Gaulke by one point in the standing position. Perry W. Squyres Univ. of Colorado High scorer Co. E Edgar T. Gaulke Colorado School of Mines High scorer Engineer Battalion and Co. H Mount Rainier Trips i'i'5m.,. fx k. 1 1 v' K sp J . .,, a 1" W. 'A , ww W A-iw a, ,. V . ' ,. . 3' ma f- . . , One round, ball ammunition-Lock and load! "Guests of the U.S. Army trips every week. I hate photographers! Construction Engineers. Mount Rainier Trips Busses take us everywhere. Field Refrigeration. HCP" Snow was new to some. - 61 - More Busses V,,w,? , . , V Fort Lewis Seenes Y 1 w I i Post Bank. Jensen Memonal Gym. Memorial Stadium. e kg- . .- Permanent Barracks. Fort Lewis Seenes Careyflqrench Memorial Theater 91st Division Memorial flt wasrft like this in Julyj. Beach No. 1. Post Chapel. Burning shoe leather. SKKYZYXDOQ. Dance N .. PowfWow. EIIIUBS No comment, f A good time was had by all Sports and Iidcreation The beaches were popular. Up and over. - 12 ... F Recreation strike ball. The people were friendly Who's got the bottle opener? Three Spades, W -1a- 4 port and Recreation 1' y 'iqvffi Golf was enjoyed by many. 19th Hole. ..74- -ru-na CAD-av NECQSPQPER .. N s 9 NP' Xl Ta lm Q53 or "Sound Off" was the name self ected for the 1951 R. O. T. C. -,,,, weekly newspaper published by the Cadets attending the Fort Lewis Summer Camp. Edited by Cadet Robert E. Pet' rini, the paper featured news of the various activities during the six weeks' camp period. Each of the seven R.O.T.C. companies was rep' resented on the staff by reporters I f A who covered the news of their inf ., dividual units In addition, the ,....n publication also maintained coverf age of the other camp activities such . ,i . as sports and recreation. Humorous QF y 1 p V W N features and cartoons rounded out A 'P' ' 2 the newspaper. Rgbeft Petrini Thomas Scully Editorfinachief Associate Editor Assisting Petrini on the staff were Thomas Scully, associate ed' itor and reporter for "A" companyg Leonard Franco, sports editorg Richard Schenk, artist and reporter for "C" cornpanyg Master Sergeant Frank Galloway, advisorg and Reporters Thomas Ambrose of "B" company, Charles King of "E" com' pany, Edwin Kyle of company, joseph Lacy of "G" conipany, and James Bright of "H" company. The paper was distributed each Friday afternoon during the camp period. Printing of "Sound Off" was handled by the R.O.T.C. Public Information Office and Message Center. ..75.. VT C CC Tllltlllml Gompanies ,A COMPANY, lst Platoon, 1st Section: Ist Row fL. to RJ Miller, C. L., Eberly, D. HI., Sylvester, D. R., Seaver, W R., Rust, L. W. ,Bagnall, M. L., Darling, J. E., Murphy, J. C., Engel, W. F. 2nd Row QL. to RJ Hubbard, R., Basj sett, C. J., Rodriguez, J. A., Hanel, R. D., Hall, D. C., Ourada, M. J., Flanagan, L. B., Rathbun, R. H., Dutton, C. L., Hafner, M. J., Clark, R. 3rd Row QL. to RJ Bonacich, G. P., Bassett, H. M., Baird, R. E., Rickard, W. H., May' berry, R. W., Enders, P., Crowder, P. J., Chaffin, E. C., Soulen, P. B., Turnbull, R. W., Turner, J. A COMPANY, lst Platoon, Znd Section: lst Row QL. to RJ Harper, M. E., Vanoni, G. B., McClintock, L., Hori, K., Clinton, J., Graham, T. B., Elliott, J. E., Korplea, W., Watanabe, S., Neithercutt, R. W., Callahan, B. L. J., Smith, W. 2nd Row,fL. to R.J Fox, R. A., Eyman, R., Hamilton, W. M., Leggett, R. T., Bass, T., Apuna, S. K., Fyshikoshi, J. H., Carter, J. C., Clinkingbeard, J. R., Gibson, W. K., Griffes, R. B., Currie, J. D. 3rd Row QL. to R.J Martin, L. J., Colson, J. B., Johnson, H. D., Ripke, R. E., Bennett, L. M., Koenig, C. L., Rogers, R. G., Par- mentier, S. J., Goerner, F., Rubin, H. P., Skinner, L. L., Davey, R. J. r -16- l - ..,... ...gpm , v --------W A COMPANY, 2nd Platoon, lst Section: lst Row fL. to R.J Badgley, J. H., Kiyota, K., Needham, D. R., Baker, H. W., Skovlin, J., Bush, E. M., Sellin, P. R., Besecker, D. L., Robinson, H. F., Mitchell, G. W. 2nd Row QL. to R.J Cox, A. D., Louthian, W. E., West, K. L., Chapman, R. B., Buchanan, J. B., Hill, J. C., Bunker, E. F., Thompson, K. H., Nuttman, L. V., Irwin, R. F. 3rd Row QL. to R.J Leonard, J. R., Rauhut, M. M., Nichola, W. G., Shelton, G. C., Elliot, R. C., Haller, J. B., Backstrom, D. H., Wetmore, E. L., Elwell, C. C., Nielson, A. E. A COMPANY, 2nd Platoon, 2nd Section: lst Row QL. to R.J Blocker, A. S., Hayes, G. L., Jacobs, R. E., Covey D. C., Diehl, L. C., Young, J. E., Howard, H. R., McMath, G. A., Kawamoto, A. M., Hoffman, S. A. 2nd Row QL. to RJ Owens, E. Yu, H. H. C., Igawa, S. E., Shiramizu, H., Rickman, J. H., Avevedo, G. A., Derby, L., Steffenson J. L., Baurnwoll, L., Robinow, L., Coons, R. N. 3rd Row QL. to R.J Curran, J. A., Kenyon, W. E., Keogh, R. B., Helmick, F. J., Lewis, J. L., Callihan, D. A., Vanderlinde, G. A., Harvey, J. E., Porte, R. A., Macmillan, J. D. ...771 1 A COMPANY, 3rd Platoon, lst Section. 1sl.Row fl... to RJ Maule, R. W., Leverett, J. B., Kofoed, E. F., Klise, J. E., Hall, G. E., Nichols, C. W., Sullivan, R. K., Pratt, M. C., Lawson, C. G. 2nd Row QL. to R.J Kim, F. M. H., Rigby, W. Carson, J. G., Mellas, N. C., Winckler, R. T., Yost, G. E., Biddle, B. D., Murphy, D. E. 3rd Row CL. to R.J Covington, E. B., Anderson, F.. W., Hazzard, D. G., Lucas, D. G., Raymond, W. J., Tam, E. D. O., Riley, P. W., Rice, D. A., Hibbs, J. G. A COMPANY, 3rd Platoon, 2nd Section: lst Row fL. to RQ Munro, R. D., Larson, D. E., Rovetti, H. D., Lee, Gorrie, R. G., CruzfVazquez, A., Williams, J. J., Inouye, J. T., Sherlock, T. H., Sears, R. 2nd Row QL. to R.J Pitts D. W., Sullivan, W. H., Sturrock, R. L., Nakagawa, I. H., Takatori, C. T., Cully, F. R., Keast, A. F., Mack, J F ' N., Thompson, T. C., Lanahan, W. J., Beacon, J. E., Bond, H. E., Wheeler, C. C., Meyers, J. A., Woolhiser, L. D. Westwick, R. J., Wilcox, D. R., Jones, R. S. 3rd Row QL. to RQ Moar, T. P., Haskins, D., Edwards, G. J., Lynch, WI. --vpn-spy.. B COMPANY, lst Platoon, lst Section: lst Row CL. to RQ Gallinatti, J. B., Shattuck, W. M., Gilmartin, E. J., Chat' ain, R. L., Reed, J. A., Bergen, J., Terjeson, R. G., Prehoda, R. W., Reardon, R. J., Deskis, A. J. 2nd Row CL. to R.J I Furst, W. C., Call, E. D., Aldrich, M. I., Lindsay, D. B., Brome, J. L., Countryman, J. S., Rademacher, R. J., Gephart, F. C., Hart, N. W., Quinn, P. W. 3rd Row QL. to R.J Mead, J. E., Priester, W. A., Myers, H. M., Williamson, E. J., Jensen, V. E., Mulcahy, J. M., Mackay, C., Kyanz, D., Graves, A. A., Gilmore, J. F., McGoldrick, A. B COMPANY, lst Platoon, 2nd Section: lst Row fL. to RJ Bell, R. J., Rothaus, W. J., Ebesugawa, L. I., Sanders, N. L., Beaumont, R. V., Shoho, M. S., Mann, E. E., Jr., Taylor, R. C., Alencastre, M. D., Ikeda, M. 2nd Row QL. to R.J Keen, J. L., MacKenzie, S. C., Beelman, D. C., D'Agostino, J. P., Scheuber, P. J., Dillon, W. E., Quenemoen, R. L., Keen, T. B., Jr., Sherwood, F. H. 3rd Row fL. to RJ Bamford, C. F., Eckles, D. R., Stenbeck, J. R., Stafford, C. D., Gryczan, E. J., Gulick, D. E., Scully, T. J., Lee, S. W., Savage, L. J., Moser, R. A. . ....,- 1 -4 B CCMPANY, 2nd Platoon, lst Section: lst Row QL. to R., Bogard, K. R., Gartman, F. T., Hinckley, V. C., Smith, G. L., Etcheto, J. J., Mattevcci, A., Reilly, J. P., Renz, R. H., Wardinsky, W. F., Battaglia, P. A. 2nd Row QL. to R., Closson, P., Landels, W. A., Pearl, P. W., Hein, A. M., Munro, D. E., Urguhart, R. C., Borg, L. G., Stevens, R. S., Hinkle, R. G., McMurtrie, D. A. 3rd Row QL. to R., Gilman, C. M., Whalen, B., Hardenburgh, J. M., Gerkey, G. E., Cole, F. H., Burgess, B. B., Ralphs, J. L., Knight, R. S., Mitchell, T. A., Weirick, A. C., Van Rees, D. D., Kellogg, H. B. ' B COMPANY, 2nd Platoon, 2nd Section: Ist Row QL. to R., Arakawa, S., Ito, S., Nishijo, H. Y., Lust, C. W., Nic' oll, W. A., Funai, M., Mavity, G. N., Cockrill, L. M., Storey, S. R., Tchelistcheff, D. A. 2nd Row QL. to R., Tak- ushi, D. K., Oates, J. H., Zwicker, G. L., McConnen, R. J., Higbie, D. M., Carmichael, L. E., Burnett, D. T., Strand, M. K., Kuster, L. D., Mowery, P. D., Bergstrom, L. R. 3rd Row QL. to R., Chinn, W. E., DePriest, R. L., Barr, R. D., Kelly, M. V., Hull, D. M., Robbins, D. E., Allen, J. B. Hollis, R. R., Carroll, L. R., Wommack, J. E., Cole, D. D.- Self, K. Q 9 B COMPANY, 3rd Platoon, lst Section: 1st Row QL. to R., Peyton, V., Cullen, J., Bowman, H. N., Ruth, C. W., Alexander, G., West, G. B. E., Miller, J. J., Rocca, J. V., Beauchamp, G. G., Cummings, D. W., Kimura, M. 2nd Row QL. to R., Erickson, R. V., Woollett, J. S., Brown, W. A., Sauls, G., Davis, S. A., Johnson, S. E., Horton, E. E., Ege' land, R. A., Long, R. S., Pepiot, M. D., Herstrom, F. W., Douglas, M. A. 3rd Row QL. to R., Jasperson, R. W., Hockett, V. L., Jr., Leik, R. K., Anderson, R. A., McNamara, J. A., Kuhus, J. B., Everly, J. J., Scotten, G. F., Cook, R. C., Gatheral, R. J., Nelson, F. J. 4 B COMPANY, 3rd Platoon, 2nd Section: lst Row QL. to R., Winkel, C. G., McDowell, T. E., Graham, P J., Yamaf moto, F. S., Hirata, T. R., Kirkwood, L. G., Harris, D. A., Humphrey, N. C., Guthrie, R. E. 2nd Row QL. to R., Castillo, F., Teter, D. E., Paynter, K. S., Cooper, J. S., Tiernay, W. R., Allred, D. L., Rogers, J. T., Reid, J. A., Pendleton, G. M. 3rd Row QL. to R., Miller, J. E., Larcombe J. R., Wayman, V. O., Wolf, J. H., Sage, J. S., Hurley, W. E., Saxon, K. W.,' Jr., McCombs, R. P., Shields, T. M., Pitkin, P. B. -81, ,V , . ,, Q 3 A A In A g, gf 'K 141 A I , ' -gf . , 'LY" .",. " 3' L 6 W. ' f ff 'A if? . 1' ' gl Q , 'C gf svn ,A A, 3 M J 7 ,Tl 'Y' - , X f - ' X Yifx' 4 is 'fr 1 qw A V ,Q ,V . VV K i ,vi VE, M : rf , ' 4 rg, VI m t Q E V WVU N1 g' A: 95:1 In , 5 ., xy ,J mf R Xb 0 ' NxQ,f, Q V A Q A1 gf Vk-', i an lx A ' A, A y f' Q NJA V , 1 " V Qi W v my " ' A V . I gi Y .L , 5 If , 4K,: I , ,N h i, , H V i. Q 34 E Q A V. 1 N QL ' Y K X f 4 , 1 ' 2f wf , ' "-:+ 'W X V,.V T .V :QM A A, LE ,. VVVIK gl L gg. WL , I V I if , 1 K j 51 'VIA F? L- K7 f ' ,. ' .V , , W , h , N, J 1 yi ,'-. 1 A Fl' f, 2 ,' 2 Y A N, ' iff' K' ff? ', ,iv - ,r + ,, A ,I+ f 9 fm ' Q A Af- W k an " f . X Q:Q V J f 'h f - ' ! ig ' lr iil K X4 , 1 ti' ' 7 'xx K' i i 5 2 44 'q ' if W, W fx i g! ' 5 M , , .FT x I ' N4 I 'A 'V I A X fi, W k.: ' WAV K Q 1 My I 7. x, , 'I f ..A Q K H : ' N,.?f H ' Q .fb W- I iA wk A if , X Q .A A , Rl ' m,A- " V f " iff fm' V , ' a ' - C COMPANY, Znd Platoon, lst Section: 1stRow IL. to RQ Herron, W. H., Gray, D. C., Hughes, C. E., Johnson, J. D., Hirose, G. S., Kam, W. Y. B., Jimenez, R. P., Gillespie, J. T., Glubrecht, R. H., Harcharik, S. J. 2nd Row QL. to RJ Hackett, W. P., Hayes, J. W., Holzman, I. B., Jacobs, A. W., Hemmer, B., Gibbs, R. M., Gray, B. P., Hana' walt, R. V., Iverson, F. A. 3rd Row QL. to RJ Johnson, C. E., Howell, J. L., Gilkey, G. S., Jacobson, E. L., Hosley, E. H., Grossman, C. F., Karlson, W. H., Johnson, D. W., Hirsch, R. S., Hoffman, R. H., Hein, J. f C CCMPANY, 2nd Platoon, 2nd Section: lst Row QL. to R.J McCauley, D. P., Leter, R. E., Levy, S. I., Melson, J. M., Mehlhoff, F. L., Lehman, D. E., Miyatake, Y., Numbers, M. D., Noland, A. E., Cliveira,.J. L., Jr., Lee, J. M. 2nd Row QL. to RJ Larson, H. D., Mullen, C. E., Kennar, P. D., Koenig, L. R., McLaren, R. B., Kiefer, L. C., Laird, H. A., Lahr, J. A., McCurdy, E. W. 3rd Royv fL. to RJ Kring, P. L., Miksits, J. P., Moss, M. L., Langmas, S. A., Lindberg, K. W., Levra, R. E., Matthies, S. L., Lothrop, J. H., LeClaire, R., Knight, R. G., Motsenbocker, W. F. .-83- l, f ,,,. K ff-. ,A i xi b " tx. ' -.,i' a 5 my ax . , J "" Q, , gs-'a' YM 'v ' gy? z,,'Y X I X X' N . MX sway "Lf Q' hw- ' 16 A 0 ,i W, ' A 6. ' ' I , 1- 4 , L 4 it X xi if 'M ' .4 .Eng , H. -Q f"2'P-fa 31, .ne f,5f: ?1 JH 'VIN ,V -id' , gf xx 5 Q itrxe " A A , ,, 'QD ?f ff- "' 24- Q Y V! fx, f,,,w'l 5 - 14 V ' -5 5' ,t I ,, u vt is 5 S in 1 fu A-Q V? i 1 . g My 2 J K ' FP' 5' " I, TM ,mf Y gg "J J s xg 5 1 wg ' Q af' gi 1, , ,f , vi Lg ,A Ks ,R 43 ,Q Q , -Y a .N 'X i H . 4 4 V -A A , . ,EA .I -V A . . x V ,. K .ikh 5 5 "H: T 1 5 . .. .- . fgg - L- i 'X ,, L " l , gi x g I 3 T I, ,. T, y lp QA - X Vw , 1 Q , ' Vi' I 1, J KA ' I 5 ,Y 3 x V K E In J 3 kk N f f ' 1, V 1,3 Engineer Uompanies E COMPANY, lst Platoon. lst Row QL. to RJ Butler, J. E., Card, T. J. 2nd Row QL. to RQ Anderson, H. I., Boothroy, D. E., Burgan, E. C., Chuber, S., Dahlberg, I. W., Aiello, A. C., Froyd, R. H., Cherok, L., Ferguson, M. A., Grimmett, J., Clark, F. 3rd Row QL. to R.J Finegar, W. A., Christensen, H. V., Clendening, D. M., Dobrovolny, A. D., Burch, R. L., Boyd, C. L., Eakins, C. W., Diebold, F., Adams, J., Beckley, D. J., Delimont, D. C. 4th Row QL. to R.J Coulson, R., Adams, J,, Allen, E., Diver, C. J., Grady, R. F., Coleman, S., Cutter, J. D., Davidson, H. C., Clarke, F., Dempsey, E. V., Burton, G. E. Sth Row QL. to RJ Divine, L., Anciaux, W. J., Beverage, L. D., Glad, A. D., Evans, W. O., Duer, B. G., Bayer, W. S., Bradley, W. R., Adams, H. D., Bochow, C. E., Davidson, J. M., Bauf mann, H. U., Abele, M. B. E COMPANY, Znd Platoon: lst Row QL. to R.J Loenshal, H. K., Hayes, W. J. 2nd Row QL. to RJ Maliner, M. M. Heyrman, J. S., Massey, J. E., Meyer, R. J., Krumm, F. H., Laybourn, W. E., Hautala, D. E., Nelson, J., Lincoln, M. R 3rd Row QL. to R.J McCarthy, T. P., Keil, B. L., Kirk, E. M., Emerson, J. L., LaBouff, G. J., Nash, R. W., Johnson C. B., Itaya, R., Jankowski, E. J., Long, F. M., Holbeck, H. J., Hash, G. M. 4th Row QL. to RQ Hirsch, R. L., Kvenf volden, K. A., Jacobson, W. N., Holland, S., Mace, D. J., Lutge, H. R, Kaylor, H. C., Jenkins, C. B., Jeffrey, W. R. Muffly, E. L., Moore, B., Mulvey, R. F. Sth Row QL. to RJ Lindquist, J. T., Hpley, R. J., Lockridge, J. P., Hansen K. E., Miller, D. E., Labriola, F. J., King, C. G., Hoagland, B. H., Martin, J. C., Kurtak, R. L., Johnson, R. G., Gil lette, J. E., Maguire, J. D. - 85 F COMPANY, 3rd Platoon: lst Row QL. to R.J Sharpe, C. W., Ruehle, W. H., Newman, D. J., Patterson, R. B., Schwartzberg, F. R., Shaw, G. W., Sayles, G. R., Owens, R. J., Williams, C., Robbins, C. 2nd Row CL. to R.J Stocking, G. L., Sublette, R. W., Parker, E. L., Rubins, M. W., Siebels, M.-, Whitten, T. J., Weiser, G. T., Swanson, K. E., Simmonds, R. A., Over, G. L.. Young, R. E. 3rd Row fL. to R.J Whitehurst, R. J., Roberts, D. L., Scheirf meyer, H. J., Zachelmeyer, N. P., Reschetz, R. R., Swanson, B. D., Ruby, D. P., Phelps, R. L., Riggs, J. H., Wein- berger, M., Tolman, W. R. 4th Row fL. to RJ Schmidt, R. A., Rowe, W. T., Poulsen, H. R., Schick, D. E., West' lund, F. G., Thomas, D. W., Zwainz, R. E., Walton, K. D., Tagg, A. R., Squyres, P. W., Shipley, K. L., Tilman, N., Stites, W. D., Zinn, N. D. , - x F COMPANY, lst Platoon: lst Row QL. to R.J Cauthorn, J. E., Omi, G. M., Basye, E. R., Farr, L. W., Brown, D. C., Hirschfeld, D. E., Barnum, G. O., Clinkenbeard, W. L., Hughes. F. T. 2nd Row QL. to R.J Dobson, D. E., Compton, L. J., Cox, R. G., Brown, W. R.,Lush, R. S., Altman, B. C., Anderson, M. T., Alexander, M., Burdick, R. L., Bothe, H., Veatch, F. M., Bontadelli, J. A. 3rd Row QL. to R.J Alteneder, A. W., Galvin, J. S., Schlesing, D B., Snell, R. J., Michel, J. D., Bublitz, K. E.,Bellis, G. B., Bruzek, S. R., Cooper, F. S., Barich, S. J., Curzon, J. E., Harrison, D. 4th Row QL. to R.J Dailey, E. J., Greene, G. O., Dickson, R. A., Champion, C. A., Dingman, J. C.- Jesse, H., Cody, J. A., Brown, E. P., Delano, E. B., Bradley, R. L. 1 , -se- .,. 4.2. .,.,, A., F COMPANY, 2nd Platoon: lst Row QL. to R., Knowles, R. D., Mundt, P. A., Loeb, R. M., Hudson, D. E., Stone R. C., Jurca, S. T., Kyle, E. S., Sherrill, R. R. 2nd Row QL. to RJ Maddocks, L. M., Lochmann, W. J., McLaughlin R. C., Jensen, R. N., Patterson, F., Depuy, G. W., Jefferies, G. W., Geer, E. D., Moore, L. W., Madison, S. E. Browne, J., Parker, W. S. 3rd Row QL. to RJ Fleming, K. V., Hevland, L. W., Liebetrau, W. H., Nielsen, G. K. Kerwin, R. L., Arnaldo, E. C., Wirden, F. H., Leitz, E. E.,Manning, L. E., Little, R. C., Leaf, C. W., Merritt, J. L. Johnson, L. W. 4th Row QL. to RJ Zedalis, J. P., Lowery, R. A., Goss, J. W., Marron, H. R., Light, R. L., Strat- man, J. F., Kauppila, R. A., Hruz, F. M., Pohlman, R. L., Oglesby, T. H., Hayes, P. L. 1 x F COMPANY, 3rd Platoon: lst Row QL. to RJ Olson, O. E., Weinhardt, J. W., Schlosser, R. B., Nass, M. E.- 7 Phillips, J. D., Nemmers, J. C., Robinson, C. T., Titus, H. A., Gray, J. E., Jenkins, R. D. 2nd Row QL. to RJ Stodf dard, C. M., Sabitay, A. S., Pilkington, H. L., Self, E. M., Duranceau, F. J., Rodolakis, M. S., Ytzen, G. R., Zorbas, A. J., Powell, L. E., Ryder, W. B., Campanella, F. M. 3rd Row QL. to RJ Roberts, J. G., Rider, E. F., Knox, C. R., Sisley, M. D., Thomon, W. H., Peterson, R. L., Stabenfeldt. G. H., Watters, L. A., Sullivan, M. J., Newton, B. G., Sims, E. A., Thompson, J. D. 4th Row QL. to RQ Stevenson, J. L., Vance, C. W., Steig, M. M., Tietjens, J. A., Seipel J. R., Nash, C. P., Sise, D. HJ, Fisher, R. B., VonFumetti, C. W., Richmann, J. A., Steele, R. K. i 87 ......- ...... --.....-..4 -W . ...H AV.-.-A - ' H r G COMPANY, lst Platoon: lst Row QL. to RJ Doyle, B. D., Fairchild, R. B., Boyd, C. L., Govett, R. W., Dohse, W. E., England, M. N., Fosha, A. A., Beasley, E. 2nd Row QL. to RJ Davison, W. E., Deyo, R. D., Gibson,,W. K., Bausch, E. V., Fesler, R. E., Cook, W. B., Ellington, W. B., Diekmann, E. F., Cormany, R. H., DeVaney, D. S., Floyd, C. 3rd Row QL. to RJ Boyle, S. E., Connors, J., Bitzer, W. T., Cohen, M., Bruck, E. K., Arduser, J., Christ' ian, C. E., Frost, D. W., Bspey, D. L., Colthurst, E. L., Coker, G. T., Davis, E. W. 4th Row QL. to RJ Foster, W. A., Bowman, J., Bryant, J., Erdman, R. D., Andrews, G., Fullerton, G. S., Bloess, J. J., Anderson, C. A., Chamberlain, R. S., Butler, H. H., Armstrong, J. T., Jr., Ault, J. S., Baumann, G. E., Botts, J. H. ' G COMPANY, 2nd Platoon: lst Row QL. to RJ McCullah, F. P., Mullins, J. A., Jones, R. A., Morel, R. C., Kelley, J. E., Norris, W. S., Miller, C. E., Larew, R. E., Lacy, J. M. 2nd Row QL. to RJ Masson, D., Huff, J., Hackel, W. K., Hansen, G. B., Holmes, W. H., Lyster, W. N., Mesmer, J. F., Mechling, M. W., Green A., McDowell, C. M. 3rd Row QL. to RJ Kent, H. C., Hanson, H. S., Hukill, W. V., Hooper, P. C., Koontz, R. D., Minor, F., Jacobs, S. M., Maddy, C. E., Kackman, A. H., Linn, K. O., Mitchell, T. L. 4th Row QL. to RJ Lovejoy, H. E., Holmberg, R. A., Hertig, J. L., Holtz, R. G., Marolf, R. G., Lassen, B. A., Norton, P. R., Milbradt, E. D., McLaren, T. M., Kellar, R. H., Linn, K. W,, Kyler, G., Johnson, B. C., Johnson, T. E. 1881 G COMPANY, 3rd Platoon: lst Row QL. to RJ Rucker, W. H., Jr., Steele, A. E., Shelton, E. K., Cannon, C. A., Tooley, J. C.,Tervooren, H. P.,Thomas, T. H. 2nd Row QL to RQ Ruehle, R. L., Techau, W. D., Stewart, R. D., Seibert, K. T., Williams, R. A., Rose, A., Ruppert, T. A., Waller, R. S., Reese, R. R., Turner, R. S. 3rd Row QL. to RJ Wendlandt, R. E., Vermilion, M. R., Pratt, D. S., Schriever, B. N., Thomas, W. P., Quick, T. E., Smith, M. H., Petty, J. S., Wilkinson, R. J., Vienhage, R. P., Roder, H. M. 4th Row QL. to R.J Schultz, P. H., Spencer, D. W., Reagan, J. T., Parson, E. S., Soehlke, R., Rierson, R. D., Wolf, H. W., Strawn, W. A., Slader, W. A., Werhane, R. L., Shumaker, W. A., Willard, R. W., Traeder, W. J., Westfall, C. H. H COMPANY, lst Platoon: lst Row QL. to R.J Branby, D. J., Buford, J. T., Gagne, J. M., Freebersyser, G. J., Foster, J. T., Higgins, H. H., Best, L., Heeger, C. H., Frost, 2nd Row QL. to R.J Burgess, C. A., Brown, D. E., For' est, R. D., Bowline, W. H., Arnold, W. S., Burnham, K. E., Bryant, B., Estes, J. C., Fishel, M. D., Henny, R. L. 3rd Row QL. to R.J Boyd, D., Cole, D., Bleyhl, A., Cella, D. R., Briggs, J. H., Cho, A., Hansen, R. G., Chapman, D., Dowell, R. W., Dinzole, J. W., Clements, W. W., Hansen, P. G. 4th Row QL. to RJ Hartup, J. C., Duesenberg, A. W., Yuhas, M. L., Cohen, P. E., Handel, J. R., Baker, R. W., Dempster, A. G., Dobratz, W. R., Chajnacki, R., Gaulke, E. T., Brumbaugh, L. A., Bright, J. H., Evans, E., Franklin, M. E., Curtis, R. G. -891 H COMPANY, 2nd Platton: lst Row QL. to R.J Laferla, P., Jensen, C. R., Koederitz, T. L., Jarnison, R. E., Iverson, K. D., Larnpson, R. J. Krueger, C. F., Pagel, W. C., Kenehan, J. C., Meier, G. E., Mendonca, R. R. 2nd Row QL. to RJ Levin, E. I., Kelleher, D. M., Lee, D. L., Jones, S. A., Malin, C. O., Meader, R. W., Lausen, V. H. 3rd Row QL. to R.J Highes, C. K., Jennings, R. F., Hoag, G. L., Houts, K. E., Holland, J. P., Lehnertz, C. A., Paine, D. P., Lamb, J. G., Lytle, R. F., Parsons, G. L. 4th Row QL. to RJ Krugier, J. T., Roach, W. D., Mutti, D. A., Ove, R. V., Mat' tox, D. L., Mitchell, L. C., Nails, O., Macrnurrough, M. C., Koch, M. J., Ludlow, W. B., Jones, C. K., Majors, C. E. H COMPANY, 3rd Platoon: Ist Row QL. to R.J Sanders, C., Stewart, C. G., Wheeler, E. W., Stafford, D. E., Wig- gers, H. R. 'Znd Row QL .to R.J Peter, C. G., Perkins, R. J , Stevens, E. G., Schlichtman, A, J., Van Vliet, A. C., Wickey, R. D., Swonigan, H. F., Vanfossen, D. F., Worthen, R., SosafSantos, J. D. 3rd Row QL. to R.J Assuras, A. G., Simpson, H. G., Thurston, J. P., Ravicz, A. E., Westritk. D. H., Wells, G. C., Walbrecht, M. R., Schaffer, L. D., Steller, M. A., Virtue, J. D., Silver, H. F. 4th Row QL. to R.J Royce, R. E., Shroyer, H. W., Wheeler, J. R., Richards, J. W., Tarum, C. T., Richardson, O. L., Puelle, W. K., Woodward, R. I., Wharton, G. W., Satterlee, G. L. Sth Row QL. to RJ Prouty, R. A., Sinderlar, A. A., Rotschafer, L. H., Sullivan, R. H., Woodrow, J. L., Ward, F. W., Wal' cher, R. D., Taylor, R. H., Sedlacek, M. F., Senna, G. E., Soltoe, P. C. -90- 7, . . H 7,- sf?g,g5i,1,,,r:w,,-g5'ggg1g,1e-pg' t'gsa,,5g.f I iff" -V fi Ji? , .-H"21.,' ' -.KTM ' '1ii'I':i,', .2':".i.5 : g3'Yjg:+" fffi me ,Lf"',U:x- yfg I - 4 is .F ,. . E L . . . ' if - f if f' f Via.-.... We, the cadet editorial staff, feel that certain acknowledgment is due to those people behind the scenes without whose help the 1951 RECALL would never have become a reality. They are: 1. The Morley Studios in Tacoma, who took all of the group pictures in the book. 2. The Pioneer Press of Tacoma, the printers and lithographers who published the book. ' 3. The Fort Lewis Signal Personnel, who took many of the pictures and ran processing on many others. 4. Captain Hunter, the yearbook officer, whose organizational abilities, photographic work, and ideas formed the very nucleus of the RECALL. Recognition is due also to all officers, N.C.O.'s, and cadets, whose patience and cooperation made the yearbook work more pleasant. 191.- - W, , im. A, as 551 1 4 I 'F 'Y' U if J f 1 5, Q wx , I Q HL...

Suggestions in the Fort Lewis ROTC Camp - Recall Yearbook (Fort Lewis, WA) collection:

Fort Lewis ROTC Camp - Recall Yearbook (Fort Lewis, WA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 87

1951, pg 87

Fort Lewis ROTC Camp - Recall Yearbook (Fort Lewis, WA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 58

1951, pg 58

Fort Lewis ROTC Camp - Recall Yearbook (Fort Lewis, WA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 47

1951, pg 47

Fort Lewis ROTC Camp - Recall Yearbook (Fort Lewis, WA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 71

1951, pg 71

Fort Lewis ROTC Camp - Recall Yearbook (Fort Lewis, WA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 90

1951, pg 90

Fort Lewis ROTC Camp - Recall Yearbook (Fort Lewis, WA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 43

1951, pg 43

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