Fort Lewis College - Katzima Yearbook (Durango, CO)

 - Class of 1967

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Text from Pages 1 - 196 of the 1967 volume:

7 1 ,- ' xK""'94.",-1,-. . N - rw:--. ,, ,ww 4 v 'M' 'A - -.nv...,,, The 1967 Katzima of Fort Lewis College Durango, Colorado Doug Ross Editor Kathy Sullivan Associate Editor Richard Korns Advisor Staff Judith Sit-tler Mariane Ambler Dennis Geesaman Photography Clarence 'Rielce. Photo Arts Studio Doug Ross Gil Campbell Ralph Sundquist Advisory Committee on Student Publications Mr. James A. Johnson Dr. Paul J. Armleder Robert Atkins Ronald Helland Mr. Richard Korns Cheryl Olson Dean JoAnn Whitsitt Of all fhe fhings +o decide upon in puffing a year- book iogefher, perhaps +he hardesl' is +he dedicafion. Where do you draw 1'he line befween dedicafion and +he senfimenfal. beiween frue expression and lhe pseudo-characferizalion of people? So inslead of gushy. senfimenfal breakdowns of one person's aH'i- 'I'ude +oward anofher, why noi make 1'he cledica+ion apply fo ihe people who counf? Therefore-here's 'ro +he guy wifh 'rhe book under his arm: fo 1'he preH'y lil-l'le gal wifh +ha+ fascinafing walk: +o fhe parly-fhrowers and 'I'he pariy-goersg 'ro +he clown who sei off 'lhe cherry bomb a+ 3:30 A.M.: lo anyone who ever yelled oui' of a dorm window lin viola- Hon of Housing Rule 70A-683 I-Qi. And a bil' of recog- nifion goes 'ro 'rhe people who inhabiled dark corners and lurked info a classroom which smelled suspiciously of a 'res'I'. Here's lo 1'hose who made 'I'he grades lo come back anoiher year, and +o +he ones who didn'+. Also, a happy cup can go +o l'ha+ gang of insfrucfors, adminis1'ral'ors,. and ianifors who kepl' 'lhe sanify of FLC on an even keel. And lesf we forgef, rose pefals and cologne fo one person in par'I'icular: 1'ha'l' li'Hle guy ou'l'side in ihe lounge who may have slepl, s'I'ared our of a window 'For hours, or noi have done anyfhing excepl' leave us alone so lhai we mighl ge'r 'rhe Kal-zima '67 'l'o you-lhe people of For+ Lewis College. QI Wm 1" . .51 1 1 , - .- , A H' h"'3'-H' f' ' l .-w-,4N- ..... .45 , .N- ,url ui rr-f " .J .Ji - A '11 ,Ah T in an ll: ? .-.I :Liv ,. .,n,.. is "" H ' --mx 'Vs Ns.- 'msn "Nm, 1 .N I .,, 4 ., 4, .Q - 'iv w "'--. 'Flin Fori' Lewis College. Whaf is if? Where is ii- going? H"s small. You fool: a look around. Wha+ did you firsi see? There were no masses of people from edge io edge of 'Phe campus, no pro1'esi's from 'rhousands of s'ruden+s abouf God knows wha'I', no 'frafernilies or sororifies, no crammed- +oge'l'her buildings, few classes over 50 or 60 and some under 20 in aHendance. All in all, Forf Lewis College was spacious, growing and ye'r si'ill a small college. I+ is small, af leasf in populalion and area. A newly arrived sfudenf migh'l' have been dis- mayed a'l' +his. You be+ your poor old Granny's lefi' over- shoe i'r's small, buf- 'lf ir " V 'SQJ1--"7 .ggdi . QR gl Y ,W-T,-Q... I .' '1 , ,, af- -fir, A. I nfflffiil, ,A 4,,e'C5.d A ,... H 4 - . . . Ye+ +his same sfudenr could have delved deep- er and seen . . . a cons+an+ly expanding ins1'i'I'u'rion of higher learning: a place where mounlains domi- nale fhe scene, enhancing 1'he spacious, clean beau- ly of lhe campus: a classroom where lhere was sfill an empfy seal: +he new buildings, and 1'he ones be- ing added fo lhe horizon line: and, perhaps besl' of all, a lo+ of insfruciors no'r foo busy io gel' +0 know him. H' was a place he could gel' individual, person- alized insfruclion: a place he could refain his indi- vidualily, yer be a pari' of his surroundings: a place where his own decisions could delermine rhe breadfh of his educalion. ' So he wasn'+ impressed. "Big deal." H' wasn'+ pu'r here +o impress him. 'I hmileil e . . mmf- ri We-' ",.....-' , ,..dd"f-'C qi-fl . 5 . ,.f .s'-I -, T-T. -2-'j 'WB ',.i.'sn.. -rv-. 'v '-, ,-L' lliffq I ,xi Q H- ,,, rap?-na. r A. - ,928 N2 , gi' 3. ak- I af 'T .i" 'Y' NLF' 7 ff' - 'F 'lb "Qu ...U- r 1 5. ? 'S 'X .I . fx 1 -uf . E 01' 14 This s+uden'l' migl1+ have looked siill again and seen a coed running foward Cooper +o gel in on 'rimeg or inadequafe sea+ing capaciry in +l1e gymnasium: a long walk +o fhe 'rop of +he hill, or downrowng a confused mass of sfudenls wondering nWl16'l' nex'I'?" af never- 'rhe-same-'rwice regisfrafionsg a mile-long line 'ro buy books +l1a+ were sold our before he go+ in+o 'Phe book- sfore: an overcrowded dormifory room or 'lwog a park- ing problem, wifh complicarionsg or ofher s'ruden+s like himself, being bored fo fears in a lecrure. He look 'ihese +hings in and evaluaied, decided. He mighi' have adiusfedg he mighi' have de- par+ed, discouraged. The de+er- mining faciors weighed upon him. He had +o abide by The faci' +ha'r 'rhe "For+" was small, someiimes limifed in curriculum, growing, and accompanied by fhe usual problems of an expanding col- lege. And +o boo+, fhere was no greai' cify surrounding if 'ro pro- vide unlimifed fun and games. 5 0 t"M H' had a liberal ar'l's sysiem 'rhaf broadens edu- caiion and viewpoint if wasn'+ big, specialized, or grea1'. Digging even deeper, lhaf sfudenf could have found room for improvemenfg groused aboui' +he cafeleria food and dorm life: ha+ed 'lhe cold morn- ings, had hangovers, failed a les? and had 'lo "book" all nighf +0 do if. Jus+ as easily, he could have had a siimulafing informal discussion wi+h a professor. Skied, danced, da+ed, laughed, loved. , , KI !Afk v' mcg? Y lx J vi 41 - .- V 5 ff' L Y' r u f rife? ,ag-a-.4 fp-1 . -ww , I .-4,. , .wr '11 S", - , I ,,,'.- , ,1..K ... ' 4 . ,. - 'gl D R. ., f . ,H H 'N5t,g". 'x X . I.,-f , I X w C 5 ',1.-br - , x-X. vxfx 'flj-'.'lJ...-1,,1' la- In "lL 141' xxx. 3' ,' "fn -F' n .Y '.' ' , ,, :EVE-. L1 - -, -W, mm . ,. ,-x y iw',5 X mt D., . . 'X , , Y if I I f- -"-Tj. fl, if f qlmgif, 3:11 r' 5' 4' ' 'r' 'FIJI ' 553: V' ffl- . Lf f -',,"j'fii 5:1 Wpfg s ' H ."'-YV-C 'X -514' b .- ., wg. fn. -H+ .' -. -. JR- q' ul 'l,. N51 " V wi, ,,.4 U A A-si - . . 5 . ,J ,- , 7f,g :,,1,g- ,. ,ffl-+ A A ' 'V ,.,.": 'C ---4 .f :.-3,--.. ,4-- . -I '..1"-':"'I ',7:1"s,gf1s"'Nfflf T v E'-L. ,lr RU!-.1 x '. 3 ll: K 4. -v-,f.."1fK-f . lr, .- , Wx.. A J 5-' .t- -. U .90 f. ,. " Eff M-'gif . 31 ,x tk, in 4 X Q I 'A .1--.J v 'f y 2' I . ' '34 'FF'- - . .-, 1, ,. .' Ql- "',f4N':f l f N:-.lf 1 ,r '. I' A 1 '- ' ' .." M 7' ' .l 1N7x'-kfjfx, - 'fuk' ,' N I' YQ' gf" bl C 2.4. t r .!w--":."- rf.,-' ,f . l -.,. . A". , , A - . ,- , 4 'J , -' 7 ' ". R ' fg. . 1 !' uf! A ff.: -,ff 1 - I ' . k ' 4' f' X P-35 I-I X -, ,Vx C: xx .. J' 'I Q ' ' 1 ck- r I I-L 1 ,gk 1 :N 3- .LA ft -1 ,-. ' -.J .c. t .- . , . 1 Sw . ff.. , Q x- , A V,-M Q, 1 'Y ' 44 . 9 1 1 4 I 0' 4 .. Ai , . xl , 1 L-' - 15 I ' , J "' 1' A X111 assi' " ,L R Az '.' f 4 .I l . f 'H ' -'iq T -- -' -f -v-,----v--1-1 ,, , V A . , ,,n' ., 1 qw..-.-2 fF'-U"'.m?'-1'ffZ: -. "'f'Zi""T ,Zf' 7r,1f-'Krew-"fwvf1fQf K, --fem Hail: ,.l.L,,U..H,L H329 ,X Jiri K-qgyn IXVIIA !.' U.. I h ,Y I ! U I ,,.A,'H,',1'f mm, 1- mg,,v.5"-' .-.R Y - - - " 1 ' IV, nj,-M, li, Ty , H WW. V, ,Q Mi' .I-fi! H vm, , ' . , -1.-1 . ' 1' ' - -N I , P,-,L M ,l M XJ.-y 1-,A Q X , 'N ' u,-" ,, ll' , ' ' "f" " ' , 1 pf. 4 I X , . ' 5 4' my ,r , V , " -.., 5 A., U M ' J' The President of Fort Lewis College Dr. John F. Reed Edwin W. Wallace Dean of Sluclenls and Special Assislanl lo Jrhe Presiclenl Nicholas J. Heidy Eclucalional Advisor 'W 1 Dr Kennefh W. Eubcmks of Facul+y"' 'Dean Eubanlcs resigned as Dean of Facully and +oolc leave of absence from his professorial dufies in January fo lake +he posifion as Dean of 'rhe College of Liberal and Fine Arfs wilhin The Univer- sily of Liberia syslem. As of May I, Dean Taylor and 'rhe five division chairmen were filling The gap in Jrhedoffice un+il a new Dean of Faculhf would be name . JoAnn Whifseff Associafe Dean of Sfudenfs 'M " "":' 'xg' ' "f' f'3' : "' T2-U' 1'-'ff 11? Fl"'.'?,Qfrr"i9's:L' vi , ,J 1, .. L: -li: -,L 4,5-i '- in ' A Y - M ' -' -. ..- A'-,-A, , .- -5.-P-'--'-'gif-1, :A-'Y' 'W 'F ., ,,,, .. 5, X . .i- l 1 ' , lv gr' li"-' f ' sff,.'a,,5., lllllliill r. -..ft4'3i?rii-i5'-"At'l43TTi'- James Johnson Direcfor, lnformaiion and Services -s iii H ' Daniel E. Black , Business Manager 'ii 5 i A , Amr ' '3-3 TF if agiagg, N- i Norman Bender Special Assis+an+ +0 I +i1e Business Manager Bennie Edmondson Assisiani' Business Manager i f- R R . yn- i 1 ,,-. .1 ,p-. ww- - i V . J-'nw , x X R, S? 1 ',- xo . umNM3 y,mW:ef--N, K .4 V. I. A mmf. . . '4 Charles H. Reid, Jr. Direcior of Admissions K and Records 4 JI u' il' . 'N-A, , -LQM., V I6 Donovon Snyder Admissions Counselor Ted Leyerly Assis'l'an+ +0 +l1e Direcfor of Admissions 8: Records Mi' 'X "' A Della Johnson Assislanf Resiclenl General Bill R. Pugh Direclor of Housing ,X H . W , Joe Wolcott Assisfanf Direclor of Housing We Moved o Librory . . . Nicknamed "SadIer's Folly," affer fhe idea of di- :irecfor of fhe Forf Lewis College Library, Graham Sad- Ier, fhe mass-book moving proiecf Iasf March came off like beer af fhe Schlifz family reunion. No "folly," fhe proiecf enfailed moving 35,000 volumes from fhe old library info fhe new one. A caII was senf ouf for volunfeersg classes were dismissed for fhe day, and fhe library sfaff crossed fheir fingers. Scheduled for a Monday, if was a greaf chance for a fhree-day week-end. A few skepfics fhoughf fhe Forf Lewis "apafhefic" sfudenf body would all head for Timbukfu or Lower Ipswifch. Perhaps a few did. Bur 'rhe "apa'rhefics" came nearly one fhousand sfrong fo move fhe books by a human chain-"Proiecf Book Binge" was underway. Three and a half hours Iafer, fhe move was finished in whaf would have ofherwise been several weeks' work for fhe library sfaff. Nof all work, fhe book move had enferfainmenf and food galore for fhe volunfeers. The Nova Sole Quinfef and fhe Raider pep band played while free Cokes were passed ouf fo reiuvenafe fhe workers. A buffef lunch provided by Saga Foods ended fhe proiecf on a filling nofe. Bufch Prior and Harlan Sreinle ran info a problem or fwo. 1 'Q . L'i,1uq-rs,-9.-.,,,.,.,.' 'Q ' ' The fhousands of volumes suffered Iiffle in fransif. Only a few were dropped, and fhey were "old" any- way. Nary a book was Iosf in fhe shuffle as each was properly placed in fhe new library. A Iof of goofing around nafurally accompanied fhe work. Ever fry fo suppress a fhousand college sfudenfs banded fogefher for a mufual cause? Forfunafely if wasn'f "Berkeley sfyIe," buf insfead was a bafch of good nafured cafcalls, wresfling, pracfical iokes, foofball, and even a game of rnumblefy-peg. Buf as far as a serious combined efforf was con- cerned, fhe proiecf couIdn'f have been more success- ful. Everyone from Presidenf Reed on down parfici- pafed, including Chad and Jeremy and Wahleah Luian, Miss Indian America XIII. Professors, adminisfrafors, sfudenfs, and even some fownspeople became one as 'rhey made "SadIer's Folly" info one of fhe finesf exam- ples of cooperafion Forf Lewis College has ever seen. Looking a greaf deal like one of fhe FLC sfudenf body, Dr. Duane Smifh was one of fhe many fac- ulfy members helping ouf. 'I ' . 'ix' gl ' k ' -Q, 1 -4.1 .2 -,Q -1- ..q- 'Q 'P .YA 0 I,.,' 4 1 - .I gk '.. x I. "I , Q , in A I I J . . . , ' 4- . , 1, - 1 - Q 3' , , ,. . 1 Y 'ya' !3'9.' Ifg. ' 5 1, f -' ' 4 'ws .off ' ' - ,. -' . - . .lf A. ' ' V .1-' ,U P4 ' 1 :iq - Ha- ,v.fL-,."'f'- ' A . v -1. .ft "" f -'., I. 1? .' Z f ' f 9 - tiff- 1.-. f . ' ,A . .42 ' F X , .. . j .AQ il ' V . . :VV .pf l . ' 9. f I , .' -. Wil- Q -'nf A Q 54 B' gwgs-f, . 1 . Q . H A ' Q... us- -myt- P ' M' -vu . .1"i'I5"r , H ,ff - -- - Q u"'et: ffl.-4 - Ml V Q .L-Mal..-t ryv- ., -M " '- .--. 1. ,, wwf '-L ' V.- .1- 1 If-f... , ,.,, ,,-,M J' 0 x ... ' 21-1' I fl ,-2 ? -Y 4 'QT-f.g1EZ-ff,:f2F5sgG V- M V-,f ' : LiQ i,,1'3i!L:.n-Iii., - e . f,- 'FI 'ef -, 1.0 A uv ' ' if. ' S ' A,.-.L-4.44Z::ig , , , , 20 Books? Whai' books? Oh, 'ihose books!" I '1.Qv4--- slny I UL- . ,Mu-sg Y 'Q-ffm,-, ' 1 .-iz' W:-' ' K ' '- -. 2-5--M L' ' . . ew' - A. ' A if Ff. .-n 'L L. . . - if, lx-q,x.'.,-V - . A .Fairly 1 F' ml - , - 1.1-42 , ' 1 1 , V if ,K . .,V,. -,,,s,,-n,,.y,. .-Ar.--.,,,:.,. 5 K, 1 4. . ,' ' , , ,, ,-., ,: ,L vi .1 5, U .V .V .kg - W, 4 .,,, ,. .. , , . v x. ,N V , i , - Y , , ESM ..'..'ii'kd l.i"ft1 bills. . ..-JL -fn-I QR 'KV XT' -"-J '-'-' 5 V"., .gf- i 'L vw- -f 5.1! Q., . Wim pu.. .5-. ' 3 -w ' - svn ., .gd ,w,-A I '1a."', 3 ,. Q, T-P Ah. spring! And a young man's 'Fancy finds him forgefiing The books-iiieraliy. so 'rhere he was, wi+h his li1'He red wagon, ings. He said he fhoughf if sounded like fun- seidom missing a 'rrip befween 'rhe build- 21 f"" Presideni' John F. Reed-perhaps 'Hwe proudesi' man on campus affer Hue fremendous 'rurnoui' 'For 'rhe book move. 22 T? N . I , V. , , Miki? -' U ' lla P' Graham SadIer's idea dispelled any +hough'rs of "s+uden+ apa+hy." "Apathy - WhoT's dot? Sompthin' T' ect?" F . 'i -Q. I u. i l Pl F fl X is lill gi-1 .Li As Carol McKnngh1' sand 'ro +he Kahima edi'ror: "Don'+ you dare prinf Thar pic'lure!" Hmmrnmmrnm. l The unbroken human chain moved over 'ren Tons of books-I0,000 an hour, 'ro have fhe new library operable The day afler 'rhe book move. Miss Indian America Xlll, Wahleah Luian, worked 'ro move 'rhe books from Jrhe library she once sfudied in. Wifh her, Chad and Jeremy helped ou? before fheir concerr 'rhe same nighf. "' 23 ,""iK,. Vx" 'N .8 K , VM A .Q ,Nu . 'W , dljf-mum! , mv H .1--.Q , . ., YQ X " , 'K W N M ji " ' W A 1 ,. 1 1 if. Ax , W' Q' -Jr' x Q 1 ' " "" 4 ' " 0 ' , z, aqq X e 7 1fg:.4,:,fN A ,, Q gp ' Y , , ' tyw , , n , A 4 , - ik. , -asf ,, : C Z '.-dim 'Sf if rr. 1 "' - xg. "' JSF Mmm! qu N . .am ' I ss xqk' 'E 1 W ' "' 'W' Q 'fqs-N'J-TI . t . QQ S+ ,.+ if Ewa V ., 44 F1-. , 4' 65? rt, it 4-QJ f Q iid ix Q, X . ,m x ,:' . V-. kms-Gu.- KQV: S A W Y' M4 .VI '51, 2- ,,s... fi-V gf!-' .. A , " 1 v p"3-v , V . ... "' V: J, 'J' ' 5'1" """- " Q57-. th Q-Y' I ,M ' i '11r 1- u I J' 2' 45-5,51 W ,wg 1' ' , ff -...f -'QQEF , -.Ts .Q-. il 'rw 0 as 'V N t, -, 5 - ' :ST 1 5.1-Q., 1 - -A ex' JETS' n ' .ryvif , 'V 554.- 41 ,Q . -s... . F 1' . - ...fs n , -:Aw .1 A .p ' va' ' A' lv- Y I-' .--1 us' 5'.I'?"'.5 -: YM .I ,Q fi! no-f S1 1 . ti-9,-.a - ' . A s f ,-1' " 'V- - as . -' 4- 1' cf , ffl' - - "2" , V 5 .. - 4 X 'T - - - . . 2 'hx-af, --x'1'f.' , "- - 6 V 1 wx... ,' Q 1 J V i -'.:,.- 135.311, Q-'. ,ir '-un .r'.,1,us J. . M ' 1, - . ,, u . gk , 1' '-4 u - ,. AY., a ' Ju.. V I 255 , " - V ' -' 1 gr N: 'W f rf . r - . O.. ' . "ff ' J, -, , '- , "' ' . ' "' P' AJ' -AQL -'ss . -3, .,, li. " , A -ak. - V -Q 'Q ' -. 'av' F-H -A - 93 P' v ' 'X . 'fi V f ' ui L u 4 ' -' ,ui '- H -V-it X-Q M M , ,A '4-fr, fhlss- .hgh- Q .. . r-elm fn V- J itvk . -- A V . . A ' I -, 'X V sl tub.. x J -'X-2' - -,.. A v- - , - N .b. 'L ' . . - , ,IA-lx f-, H V I . I ' zy- V V- , N' -L is-. ,F 3- ' 7 T ' L '94 "-- '-X--,. Nr N- J. . X' 'R a 5 h- yr- T ' - r. lx' 2. 5 ' .K ,Wm E I '3. " , X R-- 'S' 3 '- 4. 1, ' N v . o D s -A 4' iz. . lf was a long year. One of furmoil and sfudy. worrying abouf grades, The Bomb, and Vief Nam. If was also a year of one person's life displaced info a world which has no equal, no counferparf. If all depended upon one's viewpoinf, each individual's oufloolc and efforf, as fo iusf exacfly whaf was found in fhaf world. Buf whafever fhe year produced, if was one more experience for someone in a whirl- wind of expanding viewponifs, affifudes, and ob- servafions. Some changes came abouf, some did nof. buf somewhere, somehow, somebody broke ouf. 'QF- i E!! -3 LM. rmqgf "l am +he s+one-waiching, wai+ing for whom or whaf I lcnow not The world passes me: l wail' . . . won- dering aboul 'rhis mass of humaniiy wifh all Hs hurry and hus+le 'ro ge+ where if musl, wonclering also . . . why? l wail, for a sfone is of no imporlance . . . " 1'Q'-Q'-'47 "Q','f F77-77 T M, wh 4' . .JVM , K, I---Lg. limi? "I am Ihe cigareH'e-burning, disiniegraiing info char un'I'iI I am gone, crushed by him who car- ries fhe worId. My Iife is shori-no longer 'rhan 'Ihe impafience which caused my whifeness 'Io become 'l'he unceriain gray of an ash carried by 'Ihe wind. I wai1', dying by inches . . . " " f W 'wht -- -.,-4.A.j "I am ihe gloom-bringing rain and misi' and cold fo cause a cringe wiihin, which pushes mankind Io fhe brink of no reiurn. I have no conscience. I am Ihe work of men and gods, of 'Ioo much knowledge and Ioo IiHIe 'l'hough+. I waif, for eferniiy is my home and folly is my birfhpiace. I can waii' forever . . . " rf - P' "I am ihe learned-hurrying +0 find, +0 ob- serve, fo bring +he burden +0 ifs resfing place I, 'rhe impa+ien+, do noi' +arry. I cannoi' wai'I' . . I dare no+."- Cs fl . .Kr ""'7f' ' Q lun' .A V I F 'if' L-f ,I JZ! 1 ' 'iq 1 f,,,,T,.., ..,,. X - , f....-..,,,.......T.f, Homecoming 1 966 iv-. IZCTQJ-.N 11. -Lv i. H ' H. .r , 1,,,,,.fm-,,,r 5 Forf Lewis College had ifs Homecoming '66 in ihe form of "The Spirii' of Raider Heri+age." I+ was a look info +he pas+ and glamour of fhe U.S. Cavalry Raider. The color, romance, pride, and deferminafion which befii- +he Raider was manifesfed in his symbol here, ai' 'l'his college, and reconsirucfed 'For all fo enjoy. Loolc back and remember. n'f'k R if -AP If-I fiQ,,,m A Blend of Raider Trcdifion 33 I dellca+e finishing 'iouches . . . The Friday before Homecoming '66 was a flurry of acfiviiy. encom- passing everyihing from lasi-minuie scrambles 'ro assemble 'floais io dec- oraling for 'rhe dance and "chowing down" al' ihe banquei honoring +he fooiball ieam. The "R" was lighied by fhe Shalalco Club and Jrhe cheer- leaders cheered . . . fr' 'E7i.lgi ., '- .-..13'nl.l ihe symbolic "R" . . . The Spirit of Raider Herifclge . . . There were fhe usual hang-ups: "Where did fhe miserable sfapler go?" "How do you expecf me 'ro finish fhis fhing if I fake fime for +ha'r?" Buf before fhe day was done. fhings shaped up-organizers gof organized, followers followed. 'rhe girls dashed fo clean fhe painf from noses and elbows and gef dressed for dinner. There was liffle resf be- fween iumping poinfs, yef fhe progress and worlc necessary 'ro prepare for Homecoming '66 were somehow accomplished. The mess of painf and crepe paper disappeared in final efforrfs fo make "The Spirif of Raider l'lerifage" fruly meaningful. a fasf 'Feasf . . . ix a pep rally 35 when anxious momenfs come before ' wi . . . 'ihai' ever-memorable delicious surprise . . u ' 5 :sl ml..-hz QE' 2 f r 'ws 1 ru 'uw I' -.fu Vg- afa- - E Hi xi" I: - n. .ugh 71 :ka ,x ff I .1,2a.!,. JH, 'ig-4:2 f , , J 1 - U l I li 4 W A "? u vi . . . +l1a1- brings a few fears ll ua "gl- fr. 4- 11 ,fx 'r . . and a smile. 43 1' ATTer The suspense and exciTemenT of The cor- onaTion, wiTh STudenT Body PresidenT Mike SmiTh crowning Miss Judi Shaw as I966 Homecoming Queen. The ForT Lewis gym began To swing wiTh The exoTic sounds of The New Socieiy. A "barock" Tolk singing group, The New So- cieiv enThralied Their audience wiTh a fabulous va- rieTy and versaTiliTy. Who could TorgeT. once having heard, The screamingly Tunny iokes i"Weicome To Durango's largesT universiTy."i and haunTing melo- dies i"Sun Rise, Sun SeT"i. Uxugri, ,XA I ii .L,f:--5.e'f-wiirlffyfgf , n-v 1 wfgf 9 ,11f3r+g'z1 W 1 1 f ,Z'. . -f .f, f X. ar? Jane Mahan Ellen Zabel 1 ' -, , . . , l .15 KV C Marlene Howard Joan Turano Eddie Jo Shirlc ns 4" YH7 W I 11214 I :Id 'L The winning 'floai' in The compelrifion was, appropriafely enough. The Queen's carriage. buiH' by 'rhe LeH'ermen's Club. ,,,. - ,.,. I. ,,. lilii Ou'r of 'fha da s gone b fhe old "Fort" was a o ular s rn- Y Y- P P Y bol of "The Spirif of Raider Herifagef' a n nh nhhh f Oh yeah? U GOOD Ai' F05 li. 5 L- ,H Hostess Ladle YIIIFJ i? And of course, who should lead The TesTiviTies buT The Raider Marching Band, resplendenT in Their TradiTional U. S. Cavalry uniforms. The iudges were impressed by The splendor and color of T floaf, awarding H' second place in The compeTiTion. . tl .ui "Y J ""-gf" H I"-':', I'-. '.-31 ' FW' I .i"-4-'fff."'. 1 -"lI"' .gli-fb! -I . wt., ., I 1 'I q r 4 . 'F E Lf: -- 0 - . -W' Llfngu --A - ?,' t K I' is 3 ' it d r "Era - -N. A " . E' I I - W5 Q ,L , -. H 'I z x 's .P S x 'Q ' . was i' 'rf ' ' 3 - - iff' E'-A Q. If 1 Y " I ' sv," We i as - 'L' S H I Y . , fsx I' ,,.-as f --V.-... 1 - - K ' if 1 ' ' I- +3 i: ' ':-CIC'-4'-a'-'TparQ'?'.JQr' .. V f fs? ' ,ni - , --'W ' ' -Q . ,. I ' ' Ai 1-iq-, In spiTe oT The Tervor and spiriT builT up wiThin The Team by The Homecoming TesTivi- Ties, The Adams STaTe College Indians overwhelmed The Raiders 4I-7 To mar The af- Ternoon. The Indians began Their scoring spree wiTh a 59-yard drive. ending wiTh paydirT coming only Tour minuTes aT- Ter The opening kickoff. By halTTime, The score was a dis- hearTening 35-O. The Raiders parTially held Their own during The sec- ond halT, giving up Two more Touchdowns, while making one oT Their own. The Tinal score was no measure oT The hearT and guTs and desire To win among The Raider gridmen. 4 A grim deferminahon desire Clearing The way for a crash Through The middle iv! K., I . 'r ., - V hm.. M XW. N , 4 , ,?Ql3 C oore . . . deadly, dangerous, dynamic. ,.-'C . 7 . H ,, Okay, so where . didi1'go!?" A 14,4 .31 W, -A 3 fi? KAPowa "You idiofl Can'i' you see he clipped him??" . . . "Tl1a'l"s a liHle be'H'er!" Q LEW19 RA gas Mr. AI Ruland. a special ieacher and friend fo more fhan lus'r a few on 1'he FLC campus dedica+ed work wifh 'rhe music deparimeni a+ For? Lewis. .ra-vf "few A M awarded a silver plaHer by his Raider Marching Band in appreciafion of his years of un- d..,,,, W ,W - M J, Queen Judi Shaw awarded +he Aufumn Cup +o Vic Knight presideni' of +he winning LeHer- men's Club in 'The floai' compefifion. The Raiders wenT inTo Their background and came up wiTh The man who scored The TirsT Touchdown Tor old ForT Lewis lHesperus versionl. Vic KnighT awarded a plaque To Mr. Reuben Heflin. as a TribuTe To his TeaT. BeTTer luck nexT year. 46' l A new TradiTion was sTarTed beTween The naTural rivals, FLC and Adams STaTe, during Homecoming '66, The Raider muskeT will pass beTween The Two Teams each year aT The end oT The annual grid clash. The winner geTs The gun. The loser geTs The razz. And so The game ended. The Raiders had losT. BuT The loss of a Homecoming game is never such ThaT iT can'T be TorgoTTen or aT leasT puT aside unTil The chance Tor redempTion reTurns during The nexT Homecoming. And The hearT and soul ThaT wenT inTo The game was sTill wiThin The players. They had given Their all, as TooTball Teams do aT every Homecoming, and no more can be expecTed or more respecTed in man Than ThaT. 1 f fl A , I The disappoin+men+ of losing The game didn'+ hang around long. Sludenls changed info 'rheir formal "duds" and converged upon 'rhe gym for 'rhe dance. Sofl music and secrel glances combined wi'rh 'rhe special someone Jro make "The Spirilr of Raider l-leri+age" ring +rue and be remembered. And Jrhen i'r was over. A few scraps of paper ruslling in The breeze were all +ha'r was lefl ol: Homecoming '66, Scraps of paper and a lo'r of memories. .wg -...r,...-J af 41 TcllenT Extroordinciire The Roider Music Mcikers ' The ForT Lewis College musicians are an ouT- sTanding group. Under The leadership oT AI Ruland lmarching bandl and Fred SchmidT, lchorus and concerT bandl These people have impressed audi- ences all over The SouThwesT wiTh Their TalenT. SevenTy-Tive sTrong, The marching band made a Trip To Denver To presenT a halTTime perliormance ai' a Denver Broncos TooTball game. Marching and playing aT Homecoming and The oTher home TooT- ball games aT FLC. The colorful musicians surprised The specTaTors wiTh someThing new each Time. The sevenTy-Tive member chorus made several appearances ThroughouT The year. including song- TesTs aT ChrisTmas and caroling Tor The paTienTs aT The Two hospiTals. The concerT band wiTh iTs TorTy members played Tor The lisTening pleasure oT The FLC sTudenT body and made a Tour of New Mexico and Arizona during The winTer TrimesTer. Mr. AI Ruland, direcTor of The marching band. Mr. Fred Schmidt direcfor of fhe concerf band and chorus Westerners' Week '66 i...,,,,Y. N.. - ""-- M L., was -'x,.- ., dvi. ., -'zi The advanrages of a coed college realized 'rhrough a rhree-legged race. , ,L 1 ., - ze: i s L3 -7 "ii -.-,. 1 ,,'.X 1 , ip' L The hand . . . walch lhe hand!" Weslerners' Week a+ Forl Lewis dawned wilh 'rhe naming of Weslerner Queen Suzanne Nugeni and con- rinued Jrhroughoui wilh a spiri'r of fun and games in a Wesiern vein. The week was broughl To an end wi+h a rompin' s'rompin" Fine Arls Program fealuring George l'lamil'ron lV along wilh Dorsey Burnerl and his band. Wesrerners' Week is one of +he olclesl' celebraiions on campus. Hs flavor and weslern aimosphere have a place among 'rhe even'rs on The campus primarily be- cause FLC is Wesi. Hs hislory. locaiion, and spacious selling have 'rhe charm and color 'rypiiied by 'fhe cow- boy's cullure. The Forl' ilself is diverse and of many cullures. buf 'rhe cowboy was firsl in Hs hislory and should be remembered as such. Wesferners' Queen Suzanne Nugenf was crowned ai' "High Noon" by Wesierners' Club presidem' Monie Mills. as candidaies Lindy Ricedorff and Debby Neelan looked on wi'rh escorfs George Walrers and Kelly Elkins. II' ""' ,- A "',,T,TSl-14. . . - K xxx, The wafer-balloon may look like a hor clog. buf Andrea Barlow soon discovered olherwlse. Y"--' -'rw' ' .....--5' - ..----5 -WA Alan Waide wifh his rongue-bifing horseshoe pirching sfyle was vored "ringer" of The affernoon. Debby Neelan-Wesfern royalfy and a phofogenic filly. For 1'he firsl' 'Hme. The Cow- .+. Ifw, ,fqiw 'i TLI, l boys clefearecl The Indians- T af Tug-O-War. Small wonder. 5l L ndy Ricedorff AHendan1' ll Debby Neelan AHendan'r 1966 Westerners Queen Suzanne Nugenf if , K Perchecl "like vulfures on a piclcel' fence." Jrhe crowd awaired 'rhe kill in 'rhe Tug-O-War. 'hi-F" The amusing and highly 'ralen+ed George I-lamilfon IV enlerfainecl a+ 'rhe Fine Aris Program and Wesiern dance. we Pleasing Royally of 'rhe West ' U I "Yaaaaaaaaa!" 53 gl .- f.,-., ,R , K' -..nfggf-" 12"-2' 5 L ,Ag ,uigm I .. V , A 3, W U. 1 2 :ul -- " ' ' an . 1-'v--4-f---M,-.9 .--.wggfg-Ba. va? M ' ' 4' '.'.,.5,:!1' 4?X' f i: E?-:I ,,:L4 Y '4 A 1- -R ' ,.'- . z- V, ' L! t, 2 ', A ,5 , 5 ' ' , 3 ii'w.-- kW Q ' .. I ,- L 1. - ".. , L ' I f , .. .v. ..'.! , .f 'ga' . "" ' -'I J " A, 1 . Q nz-.4 ,, 11 Lg . -4: 1- ..- 1 -1 fi .5 , I1 no 1. 1- ,,...KJq . g . ' 3 Q I . ,, an - :Q aifizl 4 ,, , . ...- 47"--. ,Mia-5,91 .A,...- A-A , , - . f , N 5 V 4, ,,: ...+. , X -if M.: .1 -f -S 4-.. :I A,-: Y ,- 'J' .- -.. -L 1-,M-4-. ,M-1" - . A- . , '. ,V gg,-"' 154'-.1 9 ' 1 q V k- 4 HI ,4,,.,.G-fm-,,:,f. 5 M , N --,, L, 1 11. 3 Q- J, Q - , - L., ,W W , . ,..-7.4 .-5. X ,Y A , i L-N 'f":'Z,-g-in .1 'J ,353 . ' "- .',r75".n" - Fl. ,d Jimi: H . . J..-., . . -L5 .if-..Qa-2.-, , I , -fu Y .var ,fi L T y - . -f' . - .,,., L J- 'w ' ' fu. .,ve.....-1 1-' V ?.T-H - K " fig AV. " 3 'fp H ' -,,-.- 1' .t 1 . Q as , ' 1 . H,Q..,5-2-eiiia "T Q A Ea V, ' wi E ZX 21' il ' We , . f .A -wma - P -. , 7. , 1 ' ' a ,-,,4- .:r ,gr X N X' 5 " ! A . it N , 'X vm: I i m v J !!WIY!'J'EJU5'f"I4"4l7"f' Hill'-P-4 L- W' ' sux I , I 4 a L, Q--4. 1. .R mf aff 11 ml '- . . . . , m . 'fn l '- mf Q 'ii if fa .,A , . w75f:g,': fw'W? was - gl - , , -.le Y 7 . f k . ' , Fw 5 q 'A" Wg W M ' L I gg, ' M 1 ' L - 59 2- , N? v W' A TM, , ' rg " 1 - ji -:QU W wwgwmwf , W .7 . W W f' r-:-r ..4f- 'Wi ,ml , W? u'4 X l I i r xr i 'x P M TTYX . T I " . . .- 1 . . 1 pf're:2?i 15? im- , +1 -- " f'r-5.111241 -Cv! f 'fs ' ie-,aL The caroling by The choir loroughT a liTT To The paTienTs in The hospiTals. Cooper HaII's Tree-moving program Took a loT oT work and sweaT To compleTe in Time Tor Tinal iudging. l ChrisTmas' universal meaning has come To be exempliTied aT The ForT. There are The gaieTy and sponTaneiTy oT The YuleTide To be Tound in The painTing oT The murals on The STudenT CenTer windows: The mad, mad, mad. mad husTle To decoraTe The residence halls Tor The Noel Award compeTiTion, erecT Trees and lighT The luminaries-noT To men- Tion The biggesT grin anyone ever saw, spread across The Tace OT a Tive-year-old Trom San- Ta RiTa. Mix all of ThaT wiTh a mild case OT hys- Teria abouT Tinals lurking around The corner, and The ChrisTmas season aT ForT Lewis is hecTic buT wondrous. The WesTerners' Club seT up The Tree in The lounge. 'li' IT Il Bob Ausfm accepfed 'the Noel Trophy for winning Crof fon Hall from Dr. W. P. Ball of The Sfafe Board of Agricul- ure. Buf if is a chaos fhaf no one seems fo mind. All of fhe people lasf December gafhered force fo malce Chrisfmas '66 af Forf Lewis College equal fhe feeling and warmfh of pasf Noels. Tradifion carried on, some of if passed fo people nof here before fo experience. fo marvel af 'rhe frans- formafion of a campus info a gliffering expression of "good will foward men." Adding fhe lighfs and final fouches, men of Croffon Hall found r work paid off. 4,115-4, , I- 5" 1 1 M Xi y X iwk- W N And Then There was The parTy. The SanTa RiTa ChrisTmas ParTy is enioyed as much by The sTudenTs as The kids. Trying To geT a scared Three-year-old doll in a TaTTered dress To smile, or keeping Tab on a more exuberanT liTTle boy, had iTs own unique reward. Kids are kids. buT The TacT remained ThaT These were special-Tew of Them had ever known whaT iT was like To have more candy Than They could eaT, or geT more Than a single giTT aT ChrisTmas. The whole poinl is +ha'r Chrisfmas any year al Forl Lewis College will mean whar Chrisr- mas I966 mean? +o lhe srudenls and faculfy . . . as long as 'rhere is a small child in Sanra Rira who doesn'1' always have enough lo ear and doesnur live in a suburban ranch house. l 1 1 ,Fm 1 .1"'l"b.:T" .P A f . 'A 'Ai . gs 1 ' 'N ' ' I-C QQ' 3 . 'A n ' m.?',l .-xp ' rx! M ii 3 U' I .IQ 'sim '55 xgiw n X-Nag rxfzitfz HeorT Week BroughT Fund ond Gomes, 51, 966.53 s A T . "iiif"j'i.":'.if'E'5l 'Q R . . , A mi hT swin and a bi denT Tor A. J. 9 V 9 Q Miller during The car bash, wg This moTley TaculTy Team claimed They could Tromp The SenaTe . . . and did. The i967 l-learT Fund Drive had more meaning To The parTicipanTs Than iusT The saTis- TacTion oT a iob well done. IT was a Time Tor a liTTle "unlaxing" before mid-Terms . . . a Time when The dreary winTer drudgery could be relieved wiTh laughs, wild imaginaTive ideas Tor "raunchy riders" in The bed race, The selecTion oT a SpiriT King and Queen. a liTTle car bashin' aT Ten cenTs a swipe. and, iusT generally speaking, a Time Tor a real bash Tor everyone involved. BuT The purpose behind all oT The kidding around and laughing was very real, very impor- TanT To The people who needed The resulT oT The I967 HearT Week aT ForT Lewis-SI,966.53. Mike Russell and Candy Hurd were crowned SpiriT King and Queen. S if 'iwgi -':.,A1:"' ' The road-running Wesiern- if" ers didn'+ wasle any 'lime in fheir wilcl. winning race down lhe hill. Y 'rhe Bafile of lhe Bands such a ballle Elaine Berry and George Wallers helped Two Weslerners' Club ieams collec+ over lwo hundred dollars. 'S , sf, ii f ,W . T, . Tlij, I " ax The annual bed race during l'learT Fund Week lived up To iTs repuTaTion. In The TunniesT. laugh-Tilled conTesT all year long. The compeTiTors vied Tor The cov- eTed Bed Race Award lThree sTale cookies and a doughnuT holel. using a varieTy oT modiTied, high perTormance, supercharged Slumber Slings wiTh inTerior brakes. The vicTors in The shoe leaTher compeTiTion were The inTrepid, always Tough WesT- erners. knocking down a slick 5:4I.OOOOO7 Tor The winning Time. NOT Tar behind came The CroTTon-Camp-Snyder Team wiTh noT a bad Time oT 7:38.lOO989O. The EscalanTe- Palmer-Cooper racers came in Third wiTh a mark of lO:O2.339, Tollowed by an unoTTicial enTry which Tinished lasT wiTh a disappoinTing Tour hours, eleven and l7f43 min.: They had a raTher doubTTul Tale abouT a large aardvark in The road ThaT overTurned Their bed and Trampled The rider. ln The RaunchiesT Rider conTesT. Harlan STeinle dazzled The iudges wiTh his devas- TaTing hearl'-design B.V.D.'s and a TeTching WWII Army surplus head covering lacTually a modiTied Mo-Ped racing helmeTl. Officials reporTed aTTerwarcl ThaT casualTies were lighT, and despiTe The insisTence oT The unoTTicial racers, mainTained ThaT iT was The wrong season Tor aardvarks. -----St.. Q i "Whoa. dammi+!" "Careful how you falk, gang. We're being wa+ched." gd SL The gala social affair called for flue mosl' formal in aHire. Selling back up 1l1e hill proved +0 be one of H18 more precarious evenls. "You're kidding! Run over by a BED?" Sf NA 1 '1 4 .41 :ul 'V f"'lgf.-'.LiJ. is new The Sexy Sena+e Sei' of Pai Parr, Lisa Dickens, and Jane Mahan "in- spired" 1'he S'ruden'r Sena're's losing efforf. "Touch H' and you're fiunkedlu Mike Skuria. Phil Devore, and Russ Yaies discovered +ha+ FLC facuiiy members can be 'rouqh in areas ofher fhan +he fesiing sysfem. The SenaTe-FaculTy baskeTball game, The crown- ing oT The SpiriT King and Queen, and The Ba++le oT The Bands made Tor exciTing and exhausTing Friday and SaTurday nighT enTerTainmenT during HearT Week, bringing 5603.29 inTo The l-learT Fund. The long-awaiTed SenaTe-FaculTy game proved To The younger buT less experienced SenaTors ThaT There was sTill a loT oT Tire leTT in The FaculTy crew. The Leg- islaTors iusT couldn'T keep up wiTh Jumping Jim lJohn- sonl, Sure ShoT STan lEngleharTl, Ole Doc lSmiThl, Fire- ball Frank fBowmanl, and The resT oT The TesTing Team. The Tinal score oT bl-43 would have been an even Tar- Ther spread had noT ReTeree l"JusT a Toul"l Joe WolcoTT aided The SenaTors wiTh his poor eyesighT. SaTurday nighT's BaTTle of The Bands dance Tound The gym packed wiTh sTudenTs awaiTing The crowning oT The SpiriT King and Queen. Candy Hurd and Mike Russell shared The honors, wiTh Dave Shrum making The oTTicial announcemenT. The BaTTle proceeded, and The l'lilTon Trolley group claimed The besT lor loudesT or wildesT or someThingl band award. "Now, you puT your righT TooT ouT here . . . " The BaTTlers . . . and The band. Above: Dave Shrum crowned SpiriT Queen Candy Hurd and Took advanTage oT his posiTion as dance chairman. A Tierce compeTiTive spiriT. enTwined wiTh The desire To obTain money Tor a worThy cause. adorned The eTTorTs Tor The HearT Fund Drive on Sunday oT HearT Week aT FLC. CollecTion Team capTains Olin SmiTh, Don Tin- nin, Mike Skuria, and Bob ATkins jumped To Thelcall oT l-learT chairman Carmen Crone and led Their Teams To a whopping gaThering of SI.25I.O2, bring- ing The ToTal Tor The week To Sl.966.53. Olin's Team led in collecTions, winning sTeaks Tor lieuTenanTs Ed Zink and Sam Juliano and TickeTs To movies aT The Kiva Tor The resT of The Team. 1 l'learT Fund Week aT ForT Lewis College was a Io+ oT Tooling around-aT loT oT laughs and goof- ing oTT-buT iT also had The pride of accomplish- menT wriTTen inTo iT. And This Tooling around by The college crowd, so oTTen criTicized Tor age alone. resulTed in coin collecTed Tor The NaTional l-learT Fund-quiTe a loT of coin, in TacT. Mixed wiTh The Tund and games oT l-learT Week aT The ForT, The spiriT and idea behind The NaTional l-learT FoundaTion came ouT in an overall picTure which could leT The people involved sTand a liTTle Taller because of Their conTribuTion To The I967 l-learT Fund Drive. .4f ,R ,f , ff 3414? Mountain Magic of "Chrystal Chalet' Adorned Winter Formal Winter Formal-a world where the sott sounds ot the orchestra playing "Deep Purple," the en- trancing aroma ot cologne. the sight ot elegant dresses. and the teel ot the candle's gentle heat are each known not by the senses. but by a mood. Once the gymnasium was tilled with raucous yells, the sound ot stomping teet, the glare ot blaz- ing lights-but suddenly it transtormed into a win- ter slci lodge with mountains tor the baclcgroundi and the sott strains ot dance music permeating the "Crystal Chalet." The ieans-clad troops, led by COAC chairmanf Del Ottinger and Winter Formal chairmen Jane lvla- han and Jim Dale, waded into the mass ot girders and bleachers: a magic world emerged. The ceiling dipped and a wall became a window through which dancers would gaze at mountain pealcs, capped with snow by the artists' brushes. A revolving kaleido- scope ot color hanging trom the ceiling would re- tlect shitting hues upon the taces ot the couples. 68 The big evening arrived. and in the winter slci setting, Dolph Kuss seemed somehow "right" as the Master ot Ceremonies. l-le dramatically announced Barbara Cottman as Snow Queen. and Kathy Sulli- van and Linda l-loward as princesses. All too soon it was time to leave the little world ot the "Crystal Chalet." The gowns, long white gloves, and tuxedos had to be stored away, almost reluctantly, until another year. Masier of Ceremonies Dolplw Kuss Mr Ski an person. discusses Hue problems of Jrhe worlcl-or more likely his slcl learn. Blushing Bea uiy-Queen Barbara Susan Bick Ellen Faulkenburg GreTchen Mason I 967 WmTer Formal Queen Barbara Coffman BeauTy is where you Tind iT, and The I967 WinTer Formal had a surplus. Queen Barbara Coffman and her princesses, KaThy Sullivan and Linda Howard, regally adorned Their Thrones. The aTTending nominees Tor The royal posiTion were noneTheless resplendenT Tor The highlighT oT The winTer TrimesTer so- cial season. lncluded in The bevy oT beauTies were: Sue Bick, Ellen Faullcenburg, GreTchen Mason, Sharon I-leidy. Peggy Wilcox, and Vicki French. Sharon Heidy fu. Q5 Peggy Wilcox Vicki French ff ja! mf Fffi vq WX ., 1- , W fi KWM s ,wizlii W " 1 ,N 1 -TTS "" My 1 X' ? fp W v 19 ' -L' Q R N 1 1" wily ug 9 A 7 . J, r 1. , JY lan . ,H 'M , F- 1-1 , ,,,.' 31-:rg r'-A. f' fi, iw fc' AA' , '-NL Ef'f1Q7fi2? Lfs.1.-.w i .305 , ff ASW'- . fflfglslgyif .5251 :L I-,,,.r,1? vgiq:-7 ,nw . , gg -:H fm "img, 3 W , 2, mn:-,V " 5 5 ' 1' 'TFWHM' Am , uvzffe-L .,:'if3Qf1J- I . Uv. f? K- - 'x X f 1 Bw... I, IA 41 a 4' E831 ' af Hohzoni Dciys Welcome Home Miss Indion Americci XIII Wahleah Luian. Miss Indian America XIII, was wel- comed home again as guesT oT honor during The second annual I-Iohzoni Days celebraTion. Thrilled aT The oppor- TuniTy To reTurn To her old campus, bur homesick as a resulT, Wahleah vowed To be The TirsT one back on The campus in The Tall when she resumed her sTudies. Thursday nighT oT I-lohzoni Days Tound Miss Luian being honored aT a bangueT aT The Holiday Inn. Follow- ing The dances presenTed by various Indian groups. Irene Begay and RoberT Gonzales were crowned Princess and Brave of l'lohzoni Days. I-lighlighTing The Friday acTiviTies. The Pow Wow in The gym was a shimmering blaze oT dancers, laughing and whooping Their way across The Tloor. si!! - "Welcome home Wahleahu was The recurrenT Theme of I-lohzoni Days. I-lere, Mike SmiTh, sTudenT body presidenT, presenTs Miss Indian America XIII wiTh a Token of The sTu- denTs' admiraTion. -.WX T9 During The Pow Wow, a number oT "paleTaces" were presenT, aTTesTing To The laclc oT hard Teelings over a cerTain hisTorical incidenT involving a large number oT naTive Americans and The U.S. 7Th Cavalry. SaTurday Tound The Shalalco Braves Taking on The WesTerners in a TasT-moving game of baskeTball. No Tomahawks were allowed and The Cowboys managed To avenge The aToremenTioned acTiviTy aT a cerTain river in lvlonTana, 5I-34 lconsiderably less lopsided Than The CusTer clambakel. As The all-Too-brieT holiday ended, The WingaTe Valley Boys came around To bring The second annual l-lohzoni Days To a sTompin' close wiTh music in a wesTern vein lno one expecTed The BosTon Symphonyl. AlThough shorT in Time, I-lohzoni Days represenTed hundreds oT years of Indian culTure-a culTure ThaT will conTinue To be a reminder oT much of The heriTage oT FLC. i ATTired in Their hisTorical dress, These "war- U I riors" presenTed an amazing display of agiliTy and Hmmmmmmmmm YEAH TooTwork in a Shield Dance. f i His. 5. Irene Begay shyly accepTed roses Tor royalTy as PresidenT John F. Reed announced her Princess of l-lohzoni Days. gum YE. '- Ei ,. ng 1 LQ' 1 M W x vi Y 1 I R IL LA4 xii! A N X 'Tv hn.gAv.- . ,- V-. !I I, , fi'i'..'f, X 1. A 5 5 Q., 6. ' A ,. x .,' B ' . M vs., . v x , N'- 5 xv N .1 ' 'fn l-Lg 7,1 , Mi A. 3" QQ:-fff" "k'i 4 my -M :lu I w' N M .51 'Lia 5 -gf K 1 ' , . "" 'Y S ' f k "V. Af' ' 1,3 - X fir:-., -A - ,W-A f- Y .. .. JJ? L A J,.Kf,- , , . U,..f,,,- ,qw A r 6 ' -1 T if J-1, . ' Emi-' ' :F I 'PTE 4 Y f Roberr Gonzales and Irene Begay were an- nounced as Brave and Princess of Hohzoni Days llefll by Presidenl' Reed and Wahleah Luian, Miss Indian America Xlll. Miss Luian was 'rhe guesr of honor as rhe Shalako Club welcomed her back +o her campus. She was looking for- ward 'ro relurning ro FLC +o resume her siudies and renew old friendships. Right One of 'rhe younger ser basics in 'rhe adorafion of +he en- francinq Wahleah. The acffon was l1o'r and heavy during l'l1e loaslcefball game befween nalural rivals. The Cowboys and Hue Indians. as flue Weslerners' Club downed Hue Slmalalco boys 5 I-34. l .x . . I L fx. I l l l l - l nil X p Holmzoni Days or "Clays of beaul'y" were especially appropriafe. consider- ing fhe appealing qualifies of 'Hue guesl' of honor. X-f' K 1 in 4? 'X The American Indian has a proud heriTage and a rich culTure ThaT is all Too quickly disappearing. l-lohzoni Days, wiTh The cosTumes. TradiTional dances and ceremonies are a symbol oT This culTure. Nine per cenT oT The FLC sTudenT body is comprised oT Indians. a represenTaTive group oT young people making Their adapTaTion To a modern socieTy. Their abiliTy To carry some of Their rich pasT inTo a diTTerenT way oT life is a TribuTe To Them. The dominaTion oT one culTure by anoTher is a sad Thing aT besT, buf The Indian sTudenTs aT ForT Lewis have managed To adapT and sTilI keep a parT oT "The old ways." And The blend oT culTures hope-Tully need noT cause Them To lose sighT of Their pasT. Tor in Their hisTory There lies a lesson Tor all mankind. if T H . TA xx-I ga X X I I Vg- fill , XX it l 'X K' if V , If Lffx-I X .yii . li -l ' ' , .T if ' T ai ' f T ' Q: A sg, -ale! .llllfl in e . y ii J F .Q , ff in LW Ei . ,1 A QQ ' i, li li 'U' i fl I In 1 . T , . ., x.. T, .. Pkg-' , ., 8,3 T 'Q U al N 4 1, t l l X' , fi r h V 1 , F' X I T X ' T V 'G 3 5 T. - - f . f T., , fs T li 1 I 1 4. 5 V f 'W .mf I i l -, , tial . e M lf ill 1. v i"li'f'e A V I as l .-. , X gl un 'li ' T 'T 1 X k j X, if W i' 'l I 1 ! kv l A l l V Tic Xlv lx, 1 'nf i is T 'T fx T' " , - 'Y'lE':1I i .9-1-3 ' , 'fi mr vb, "4 l..1.f"f yi ff . 2 "'X"'r ' A" 'f' c ' 'fp' wld lfvlf 5 ff - i V -fr as - . 1 'W' 3 v , - Q Q -J, , 4 ,7 ,I .., . yu in W-i,f.g',.1l"'r321,i 'lllll,1illl'l'r,-1 - 1 " 4, ix' 1 f5,f' "'.:1 2.1. '- fn 'T l 'ilk H T A Y-i . -l' , 'gl-' , . :'gKnME1u.1f' - ll ll llll' ii I is , ii 1 ' 'X ing 1 s ' ?jrL.fA5w -IAA in "7 V E -' Q g H v , . c A li I , Q ' -,1 Q51 1-1-' . Lx: , , QA ,-'f'.1 Q ' I 5 -VH f T 77 5. 47 ny,-, M, . :V :fra . T N ' .T Q.-'E 1'1" FLC Theotre - A World of Active Reolity The Fort Lewis College Players represent much more than merely the plays they produce in the Fine Arts Theatre. They are a group dedicated to long hours ot brain-busting rehearsals. set building, scene painting, and the endless list ot things necessary to the producing ot a play. The Players are not exclusive-anyone desiring to learn something ot the theatre, be it acting or ham- mering a thrice-used nail into a set, may become a part ot the magic ot the stage. It is its own world, with an intectious bug that catches the unaware and tlings them into the midst ot one ot the busiest places on the FLC campus. lt is the students' world-a place tor learning. broadening an outlook. For in the theatre, one learns ot reality. The man who knows a stage knows pain, love. mishap. ecstasy. For that well-stated Shakespearian line. "All the world's a stage . . . " applies to and screams plaintively to the politicians and diplomats who seem to dangle the world on a string, praying that it won't break iust betore an election. And it is theatre. be it Shakespeare or Shaw that brings man eyeball to eyeball with the things men know but seem to torget most otten. Chin deep amidst all this are the Fort Lewis Col- lege Players, producing and planning, learning the "go" and "whoa" ot the theatre through such notable plays, as "Tweltth Night," "All My Sons," and "Li'l Abner" seen on these pages. 78 -N mi, 'J :IQ 1 P I K. i " - 3 N "I u V. I It .. qv .-A A, W fuf:-1 P 4 M, " '- ,H x 9 ,1 Z QL Fi. sf I Y ' A. X 54, -2- ,Q I -sn. , . -, -Kala 1 1 ' Q F " r W' .,. 4 s. '-Twelfih Night" William Shakespeare's "Twell:lh Nigh+" wasilhe lirsl of The Bard's works 'ro be produced on rhe Fori- Lewis slage. l'r was well handled by 'rhe aclors, who inislered lwirh no lirrle difficulryl Jrhe Middle Eng- is . A romanlic comedy. "Tweli+h Nigh1"' was di- recled by Richard Marrs and learured Rex Dunlap as Duke Orsino, Gwenda Augusline as Lady Olivia, Linda Madera as Viola, Chuck Lanza as 'rhe irrepress- ible Sir Toby Belch, Paul Hamillon as Fesles, Jerry Gularle as Malvolio, Jim Ferguson as Sir Andrew Aguecheek. Marilyn Menasian as Maria, and Thom Phillips as Sebaslian. The plo'r is a common one of Shakespeare's, wi'rh confusion reigning supreme as masquerades. misraken idenlilies. misguided love. and pranks adorn +he srage. The Duke loves Olivia, Olivia loves Viola lmasquerading as her dead brolher Sebaslian. who shows up 'ro srraighlren our whar could be a slicky siiualionl, and Viola loves lhe Duke. Sir Andrew loves anyone who will pul up wi+h him, while Mal- volio chases afler Olivia. Adding To Jrhe mess, Sir Toby and Jrhe fool, Fesfes, pull prank alrer prank io complelely foul up the works. Bu+, as is only proper, everylhing seHles To a dull roar, wiih each characler finding his proper place. All who seek love find il' lexcepl' 'rhe prideliul Malvolio, who lhealrically speaking, is lell oul' in 'l'he rainl. Sir Toby Belch belches and life goes on. Duke Orsino lRex Dunlapl and Viola lLinda Maderal evenlually Tall in love afier he discovers she isn"r a soil boy. Sir Toby Belch lChuck Lanzal and co- horfs ploi lo upsel 'lhe amorous Malvolio's plans. ,A Z4 W -. V fl ki 4. 5, v . Q Us S Having challenged The slranger. Viola lLinda Maderal +o a duel, Sir Andrew Aguecheek Ulm Fergusonl finds +ha'r he hasn"r +he courage and skill he supposed ,he had. Sir Toby looks gleefully on. Maria lMarilyn Menasianl lisiens skeplically as Jrhe egolislical Malvolio lJerry Gulariel makes a bid for her favors. Drama Awards Sonny Smith Actor of the Year And Directors' Award X Gwenda Augustine Actress of the Year R. Chris Piers Directors' Award 'S ,-gf Ann Holt Supporting Actress of the Year John W. Frank Directors' Award Rex Dunlap Supporting Actor of the Year Searching forMorc1IiTy All My Sons Leaves Audiences STunned The inTense conTlicT OT man againsT his con- science and The moraliTy of man were The issues Taken on by The highly dramaTic Theme of ArThur Miller's "All My Sons" produced lasT winTer by The FLC Players. The gnawing agony oT discovering ThaT his TaTher had commiTTed murder by deliberaTely send- ing ouT deTecTive aircraTT parTs Trom his TacTory dur- ing World War ll, Tears Chris Keller beTween loyalTy and repulsion Toward The man he worships. The TaTher, Joe Keller, Trying To raTionalize sending American piloTs To Their deaThs and leTTing his parT- ner Talce The blame, ends up a Torn ruined man. l-le deludes himself inTo believing he did iT Tor The sake of The business, ThaT iT acTually was his parTner's TaulT. Keller's suicide comes abouT as The only means oT escape from himselT. "All My Sons" was direcTed by David Berg and excellenTly porTrayed by The casT oT Sonny SmiTh lChris Kellerl, Ralph SundguisT lcloe Kellerl, MarTy l-lawley lKaTe Kellerl, Ann l-lolT lAnn Deeverl, Rex Dunlap lGeorge Deeverl. Ann Teague lSue Baylessl. Thom Phillips lDr. Baylessl, .lim Ferguson and Dawni Gaslcill lFranlr and Lydia Lubeyl, and Richard Hoover lBerTl. The high drama of "All My Sons" leTT a shock- ing bruTal TruTh wiTh iTs audiences. The problems explored in The play are real-and mosT perTinenT wiTh relaTion To Today. In discussing The moraliTy oT man, The horrors of war, and The prevailing aTTiTudes aT The end oT a war, ArThur Miller hiT hard and deep. The acTors had an appreciaTive buT sTunned audi- ence when They were Through. An angry Chris reads The suicide noTe senT by his broTher Larry. Near The breaking poinT, Chris' TaTher, Joe lRalph Sund- quisT2, lisTens wiTh KaTe lMarTy Haw eyl and soon aTTerward commiTs suicide himself. Ann Deever waiTs Tensely Tor The re- acTion. The Direcror- Mr. David Berg. The 'rormenred face of Joe Keller, lRalph Sunclquisfl, expresses somehof 'rhe deep feeling of guilf wifhin himself. as Jim Ferguson wa+c es. 0 l l., ., .. '- George Deever fRex Dunlapl poinrs an accusing finger af Chris Keller as he sformily Tells Chris 'Thai' his fafher is To blame for sending our clefecfive air- crafl' parfs and shifring lhe blame. The casl' of "All My Sons": Jim Fergu- son. Dawni Gaslcill, Rex Dunlap, Richard Hoover, Ann Holi. Sonny Smifh, Marry Hawley, Ralph Sundquisf and Ann Teague. WiTh a whoop and a holler. The FLC Players slammed inTo Their Third maior producTion oT The year wiTh The musical comedy "Li'l Abner." The play. based on The Tamous comic sTrip oT Al Capp. cenTered around.The eTTorTs oT Abner Yokum lLex Lubchencol. lvlammy and Pappy Yokum lGwenda AugusTine and Jim Fergusonl. Daisy Mae Scraggs llvlar- Ty l-lawleyl, and The numerous nervous DogpaTch. U.S.A. characTers To save Their beloved Town Trom desTrucTion. DogpaTch has been selecTed as The mosT unnecessary place in The counTry, and is soon To be The scene oT an aTomic TesT siTe. Abner, as usual. is pursued by Daisy Mae. who has noThing less Than maTrimony on her mind. And Abner. in his naive way, has anyThing buT marriage in his plans as he is spiriTed away To WashingTon Tor TesTs To deTer- mine The eTTecT oT lvlammy's special body-building Yok- umberry Tonic on his overgrown soul. In The meanT-ime, General Bullmoose lSTeve Luianl and Evil Eye Fleagle lGilberT TeTonl ploT To do away wiTh The poor counTry boy aTTer They secure The secreT oT The Tonic. The DogpaTchers rally To save Abner Trom The evil Bullmooseg chaos reigns as The governmenT is Trying To evacuaTe The DogpaTchers beTore The bomb is dropped. BuT as good musT come Trom The good hearTs oT The innocenT, The DogpaTchers' Town is saved aT The lasT momenT by The discovery ThaT The sTaTue oT The Town hero, General JubilaTion T. Cornpone. is a naTional shrine. Daisy nabs Abner and all is well. ThroughouT The delighTTul TanTasy, The characTers Take Time ouT Tor song and dance To add To The lilTing Tlow oT The comedy. lvlr. Dale O'KeeTe direcTed The sTage acTion while Mr. Fred SchmidT handled The musi- cal aspecTs oT The producTion. i i? "Li'l Abner" The nefarious Evil Eye Fleagle lGilberT TeTonl demonsTraTes The power oT his verasiTizin' TruTh whammy To General Bullmoose lSTeve Luianl and Available Jones lWayne Dalel. Below. Marryin' Sam lThom Phillipsl and Daisy Mae lMarTy Hawleyl do a soTT shoe To "PasT My Prime." l Q "Drink up now, boy!" exclaims Mammy Yokum lGwenda AugusTinel y To Abner lLex Lubchencol as she pours down The Yokumberry Tonic while Pappy lJim Eergusonl looks on. The crowd W5I+S for 'rhe Kickapoo Joy Juice 'I'o fake Hs devas1'aHng effeci' as Lonesome Polecai' IK. D. Selphl and Hairless Joe Hack Crowe provide a wee mp of 'rhe concocfion for 'rhe governmen+ man ". . . And wha1"s more. you're gonna have To go To work!" warns Mammy Yokum as she 'fries +o convince fhe Dogpafchers of fheir fare if Jrhey agree To 'rhe govern- men+'s demand 'ro evacuafe. Mr. Dale O'Keefe. Direcfor We Were Entertoined By . . Addiss and Crotut The New Society Bolo Sete and the Monterrey Jazz Festival x. .1 A "X ri X Q- -, ,m,, wr.,3ug Witt ' tml -,, Chod ond Jeremy The Denver Symphony Orchestra George Hamilton IV -3,1 'vying'-,Avwy l 1 .'. x 'V n I 1 - 2' V N- 4 . ,Y y. ni ' . ' . M! 6 ity 1 U ML "n. A-f ,ji 2 mfftwg, .9 ' ' vs ff gf 'K F. 4 ,L r I 4 5, H' ' a Ji .Jw P! 1 - p Q r,, -f, . , lf! ? I -an ri HIP ,Ji x V w 4 .-4441-.qlxhnl I966 Raider Football Squad BACK ROW: Coach Joe WalcoH, Mike Gale. Denney Schillhuis, Bill Reynolds. Ron Jones. Julian Harvey. Coach Lou Cullen. ROW 4: Ed Nelson, Gene Slevenson. Al Torske, Tom l-lillon, Dick Peavey. Jerry Williams. Gordon Lowell. Ron Barsanli. ROW 3: Larry Walker, Rodney Sandner. Dick Lemmon, Bob Boione. Ran- dy Blackmon, Rich Smiih, Joe Wasko, Sam Juliano, Jim Hari. Bulch Prior, Larry Keenan. ROW 2: Jerry Thrush, Dan Hulchi- son, Karl Marinsek. Jim Srrahan. Jim Williams, Bob Milchell, Dave Windyka, Tony Carney, Rich Nacewicz, Chelo Moreno. Wayne Woodhouse. ROW l: Joe Scarpino. Ken Widhalm, Don l-lodges, Ron Drake, Bob Krul, Chuck Wiening. Bob Porler. Lloyd Moore. Mike Blair. Dean Pederson. Bill Bridges, Dan Anlolik. Football 90 The I966 Raider gridmen had a Tough Time oT iT. The Team goT OTT quick and hard wiTh wins over Colo- rado STaTe College, College oT SouThern U+ah. and a Thrilling come-Trom-behind 33-29 vicTory over Colorado School oT Mines. The only loss in The TirsT Tour games was To WesTern STaTe. l-lowever, Then The Raiders losT Their sTeam and dropped Their nexT Tive games To end The season wiTh a 3-6 record. ParT oT The reason Tor The slowdown was The heavy percenTage oT iniuries among The sTarTing crew. The loss oT Lloyd Moore midway Through The season cosT The oTTensive drive oT The Raiders. while iniuries To Larry Walker and Bob Krul TurTher hampered The Team. DespiTe Their win-loss deTiciT, The Raiders puT To- geTher some impressive season sTaTisTics. ouT-doing Their opponenTs' ToTal passing yardage, TirsT downs. oTTen- sive plays, and punTing. The passing game was sTrong. wiTh quarTerbacks Chuck Wiening and Randy Blackmon Tossing The pigskin 2l7 Times. Wiening had a 52.3 per cenT compleTion average and Blackmon a 38.7. Lloyd Moore was his usual dynamic selT, leading The backfield wiTh I,OO6 yards gained by passes and rushing. Chuck Wiening was named Back oT The Year. wiTh linemen Wayne Woodhouse and Larry Walker car- rying oTT Raider oT The Year and Lineman of The Year honors, respecTively. Woodhouse was also named I967 Raider co-capTain along wiTh Bob PorTer. Larry Walker didn'T even give This CSC back a chance. -'lg I. -' :'T1'E?3' No chance Tor The opposiTion here as Dan AnTolik hauled down This pass. AnTolik inTo The line. 9I Rciiders Finish Wifh 3-6 Record FLC Opp. 27 Colorado Sfafe College 0 29 College of So. Ufah 2I 7 We-sfern Sfafe College 3I 33 Colo. School of Mines 29 2I New Mexico Highlands 58 7 So. Colorado Sfafe College 25 7 Adams Sfafe Col ege 4I II-Iomecomingl I3 Wesfrninsfer College 2I I8 New Mexico Wesfern U. 24 Won Three-Losf Six I966 Leffermen Anfolilc, Dan Blaclcmon, Randy Blair, Mike Carney, Tony Drake, Ron Harvey. Julian Hodges, Don Juliano, Sam Keenan, Larry Mifchell, Bob Moore, Lloyd Moreno, Chefo Nacewicz, Rich Nelson, Ed Peavey. Diclc Pederson. Dean Porfer, Bob Prior, Bufch Russell, Mike Scarpino, Joe Schilfhuis, D. Slcuria. Mike Smifh, Rich Walker, Larry Waslco. Joe Widhalm. Ken Wiening, Chuck Windylca. Dave Woodhouse, W. Wofowey, Jerry Team Sfafisfics Firsf Downs By Passing By Rushing By Penalfy No. of Passes Aff. Complefed Yards Gained Touchdown Passes Passes I'Iad Infercepfed No. of Rushing Plays Yards Gained Yards Losf Nef Yards Gained Tofal Number Offensive Plays Tofal Offense PunfsfYds.fAverage 35f388f39.6 Tofal Poinfs Touchdowns Run! Pass Exfra Poinfs Field Goals Coaches WoIcoI'I', Cullen Opp. FLC I4-4 I56 37 53 95 88 I2 I5 I64 2I7 72 94 I,I I3 I,509 I I I2 I0 20 432 405 2,579 I,6I5 I28 409 2.45I I,206 548 622 3.690 2.7I5 4-2fI 683f40.0 250 I62 34 24 23fI I I2fI2 30-34 I5-24 4-6 I-5 Blaclcmon. Moore I22I on an end run. ' J up . -4 I -.I v.- 1 if -1- 95+ K if El 'i,.,h ff Tpl Bob Krul breaks hard +o lhe righl' of a CSC defender, in a classic s+iff-arm move. Lloyd Moore displays +he sfyle ihai' made him The leader in pass receiving wll'h 606 lolal yards gained 'For a l2l-yard aver- age per game. uk P U' I An alerl Chuck Wiening. Back of lhe Year. checks +he field for an open receiver. Too much Highlands for 'loo few Raiders. --'11 H' fakes more Hwan one fo slrop Lloyd Moore. u-l-1x- ' i'1i'l"' is1i"q'q. Qi' S1 , xl Qqiili"'.'W l ,qi ., x A A X 1.' L The winning combinafion-music. cheers. and The Raider squad. "Bus'l' Him!" Bciskefboll Finishing on The wrong side oT an 8-I3 season's record, The Raider baskeTball squad ToughT hard To mainTain an even balance during The TirsT six clashes. The Tide Turned when The UniversiTy oT Al- buquerque surprised The Raiders wiTh an 88-bl de- TeaT, and Tor The nexl' Tour games, ForT Lewis was upended by The opponenlrs in each clash. The Raiders made a slighT comeback againsT The highly raTed Highlands UniversiTy, WesTern STaTe, and Adams STaTe roundballers beTore slip- ping back inTo a Tive-game slump. AT The end oT The season, ForT Lewis was again on The upswing wiTh Two vicTories in The Tinal week oT courT acTion. STars Tor The season were Dave STearns and Lee Walker, each wiTh an average oT nearly 20 poinTs per game. STearns, as well as Al l-lurd, Vic KnighT, Larry Taylor, Bob Ervin and Bill lvleTz, leTT The Team as Seniors. DespiTe The loss oT several key men Trom The squad, The Raiders can look Torward To a promising I967-68 season wiTh The reTurn oT STeve Sanders, Lee Walker, Don SchuTz, and Ron Gray. The Raider Basketball Squad 5 U if J A ,A 'Fl 4 i r- ..I, ,xiii l BACK ROW: Coach Don Whalen, Bob Ervin, Lee Walker, Bruce Sieve Sanders. Bill Meiz, Dave Slearns, Larry Taylor, Ron Gray, Sauer, Jim Decker. Tom Wolfe. Don Schulz, Marvin Voss. Al l-lurd. Jim Collon, Vic Knighl, Jim Hair lmanagerl. Duane Bolloms llrainerl. FRONT ROW: Coach Duane Lewis. Cagers Finish 8-13 TOTAL FLC CPP, NAME FG PCT. FT. POINTS AVG. 67 We5lern Slafe College 82 S'lSc':iI'I'lS I76 67-9I Gy-and Canyon College 79 Walker l72 47.8 72-96 Wayland D. SCl'iU'l'Z Cglleqe of Sanfa Fe GFGY 8.l Vlfegfminsfer Decker l College of Soulhern Ulah 68 A- l'lLfFCl 32 4l -6 39-57 IO4 4-2 Universily ol Albuquerque 88 V- KmQl"T 27 26-2 25-33 74 3-5 Vyfegfmingfer S6FlClGI'S Colorado Slale College 90 T- Wolfe 29 36.3 4-l4 62 3-D CQIQI'-ado S-Tale Cgllege Taylor 20 I5-2l 55 Highlands Universily 83 B. Tlbblll 2 40-O l- 2 5 l.6 Adams Sfafe CQl:ege EFVID l O- O 2 .7 Adams Siale Col ege 87 - Wesaern Sh-ne College 88 EIEPTOTALS 676 43.6 332 500 l672 79.5 Co eqe of Sania Fe 65 ' - Highlands Universilry '23 TOTALS 698 46.5 376 562 l727 82.2 Universiry of Albuquerque 80 S- I G, R d 10 H1 IQ66-67S New Mexico Weslern Univ. 95 Inge ame ecor S or S eason N Gfahzd Canaan Sollegel Poinls: Lee Walker l33l SW GXICO SS SFU l'llV. ' I : Wayland BapHs+ College 76 Fred Goals Dave Siearns ll4l Free Throws: Lee Walker Rebounds: Don Schulz ll9l 97 'ff' 2-4 W 44" .,,,-vvvvfvlhap .. . .Uv-4'-UIQ' .Mgt is gg: LQ! ' My "Don"I' look ai me in Thai' 'fone of voice!" Veieran Raider Al Hurd charges info Hue aciion for anoiher Fori' Lewis bucket 98 Dave Siearns moves in for a shoi' xr' The "pzazz" and lense fervor of +he ever-presenl' failhlul fans have a meaning 'ro 'rhe players Thar can'+ be measured. Or if I+ could be measured. il would have To be done by 'rhe Jream. for if is Jrhey who hear lhe cry. "Rel . . . you're nu+s!" ' . 1 ..'L,4.. Not All of the Dromo Was on The Court - 6 . NY '1 . zl,'J jg 99 11' l -:li ""JW'l' - .:- Qwsgzi' Eyes on ihe baskel, Ron Gray leis ihe ball fly while his opponeni arrives Too lale fo inierfere. Dave Siearns makes an ailempl' ai grabbing Jrhe ball while feammale Jim Decker, in background. wafches. 1 "QP S 4 1 Coach Whalen presenrs Dave Srearns wirh 'rhe gameball award for The oursfanding player of The year. Behind are Larry Taylor, Bruce Sauer. Don Schuh, and Bob Ervin. f- I X, 'll'-f K J A. L' 'f.kwR-.H ' ' M -M 1, , Wres'rlers Cholk 6-5 Record - Firsi Winning Seoson Team Record FLC Opp. 5 Adams Siale College 33 I7 New Mexico Slaie Universily I8 24 College of Souihern Ulah I I I9 Denver Universily I4 25 College of Soulhern Ulah 8 I3 FI. Hays Kansas Siale College 24 2 Weslern Siale College 28 23 Denver Universily I3 25 New Mexico Slale Universily 6 22 Kearney Siale I I I8 Fi. Hays Kansas Siaie College 2I Individual Records WI' W L T I23 Richard Bonavenlura 4 6 O "'I3O Mel Smilh 9 2 O I37 Carl Roih 5 3 O I37 Harlan Sleinle 2 I O I45 Gary Walker 6 4 I I52 Sid Snyder 2 6 I "iI6O Dave Hayward IO O I I67 Mike Schmalz 3 3 O I77 Denny Schilihuis I 3 O I77 Gordon Lowell I 3 O HwI'. Richard Bender I 5 0 Siraining Io overlhrow his opponenl in 'rhe Jr I- - .. I37 Ib. class, Carl Roih seemed Io have 'rhe up- l Que 'fled for NCAA Compeqllllonl per hand here. Gary WaIlcer's Forl Hays Siaie opponenl' didn'I like 'Ihe way Jrhings were going. , ,-.V ,fur . Af- "'tf:-+--- 1...- r . T. l 7 5 fi fm. fly, Q QW VI' f O I -M, N W-U Y-..'3'e--H -Q , ' V -A s"' ' T251 'QQ ,M - ' xjfffl' , - . ,H . A V - 0 . ' V , - ai. L . "N 'f Y- V Y -7 - tv. , -., A.-. ,,,, - '. """-I-1 ' 'frfiif "You . . . lughll . . . really oughl' 'ro give up." "NOT unlril . . . lgroan, wheeze, panicl . . you gel your hof brealh off my neck!" Denney Schillhuis had +0 scramble hard Jro avoid being pinned by his opposilrion. "Touch me and you're dead!" T ' ' -fg.e.L-T Head-busjrin' Mei Smiih geis ready 'ro down his malrch-maie in ihe I30 lb. class during 'rhe Fr. Hays Kansas meer. rr LEWIS caufgg Dave Hayward's compe+i'rion found our iusi how Tough he could be on +he mai as he foughi his way +o a IO-O-I record and a chance ai NCAA compe- Jriiion. Above and iefrs Dave iockeys for posifion. Then works a neai' 'rake- down. Coach Jerry iv1cCoilough briefs his ieam wiih pre-maich advice and encouragement f' o- n .A 'ali 1 Linda Miller Debbie Moore Cheerleaders e ..,. Q Y, f r..' W , aj Sunny Wiikind lr T' xi, Pi-4 , N' - ' -Q . - ' e 3,1 S L 'S mb! Q., " ns' 'S' A Greichen Mason Connie Wood FROM LEFT-Julie Frazier, Mary Lou Macy, Sue Biclc, Candy Hurd, and Michal Wilson. f V ,Q TJLX, :Qu X, 'ffm o , f- . ,Q , v X ,pr If .-1 A , JUL lr: . . 'F--. . A K' A f 1 ' H If ,. .LH ' ,. 1 llll June, sue. and Mary LOU. Hillfoppers l 2 1- f-.W -, -..,..?.,1,, H, sh Funny-You-Should-Menlion Depl. Seems lhe inlrepid edllor of l'l'1e Kalzima did I+ again. He goofed and walked info +l1e Camera range . . . uh . . . honesl' he did, folks . . . i'r's no'r really +l'1e way if looks . . . lwonesll Gel' H righl +l1a+ Hme. Candy and-finally serenely swinging-Mike. 'G if A5 Usual, Coach Dolph KU55' Ski Jfeam made 5 The Team slip a liTTle, receiving TourTh in cross-counTry, Skiers Hove Good Seosong To N.C.A.A. Championships sTrong showing in compeTiTion. The Team showed ouT- sTanding skill and promise Tor TuTure years as Tour men wenT on To The N.C.A.A. championships aT The end oT The season. Skiing againsT Tough compeTiTion and much larger schools in The RMCA conTerence, The Tough-To-beaT FLC squad placed well. In The ForT Lewis lnviTaTional, They Took TirsT in The cross-counTry, Third in The down- hill, and sixTh in The jumping and slalom evenTs. AT The UniversiTy oT Denver meeT, The skiers Took TirsT in The cross-counTry, and placed second, TourTh and TiTTh re- specTively in The slalom, downhill, and iumping. During The WesTern STaTe meeT, TirsT in cross-counTry, second in slalom, and TourTh in downhill and iumping wenT To The FLC squad. The Yampa Valley College meeT saw T' -, ,, r, in Four Go sipond in slalom, sixTh in iumping and sevenTh in down- : . In The N.C.A.A. Championships, Jim ToTTey made a good showing, Taking TenTh in The slalom, ThirTieTh in The downhill and TourTeenTh in The Alpine combined evenTs. Lewis MaTis, an excepTional cross-counTry skier, won second place in ThaT evenT, while Jack LuTkin Took TenTh place and Mike Devecka sixTeenTh. The l:orT Lewis Team Tinished an ouTsTanding second in The overall cross-counTry sTandings. Mike Devecka was sevenTh and TwenTieTh in The jumping and combined Nordic evenTs. FLC Treshman Jim Miller represenTed The UniTed STaTes in inTernaTional compeTiTion lasT winTer in Nor- way, Sweden, and Finland. ""7"9. 3 .'f' Nordic Team BACK ROW: Tom Besh, Jack LuTkin, Coach Dolph Kuss, Frank LuTick, Wayne Fleming FRONT ROW: Mike Devecka, Lewis MaTis, PaT Miller. I08 Na. Tiny JN' 40 Af A Q'- W' A, ps." MIC, ,Y -R 'iii' .4 ,Z f I 3 P an -.aff J KL LW' hp , fJ. Alpine Team Leif io riqhi: Jim Tofiey. John Fleicher. Coach Kuss, Joel Baker, James Pyies, Tim Decker. Noi shown, Jim Miller. pf ,Aj 'fiim 1 ' M Q W , I no , 54 r, s A F5 ,. AN. FLC OPP. I27.4 New Mexico Share Universiiy I34.7 l38.2 Brigham Young Universiry I58.8 l4O.7 New Mexico Universify I78.3 Ar right Terry ShorH works our on +he sfill rings in one of The Three meefs, Below, John Gohn swings over +he side horse in his rou+ine. Left Bob Mi+chelI on fhe high bar. 5-A Wifh sTrain showing on his Tace. Shrum works Through his rouTine on The rings. The sidehorse presenTs a challenge oT balance and agiliTy Tar The versaTile gymnasT. Dave Shrum Paces Team As All-Around Leader Finishing his career as a ForT Lewis gymnasT, Dave Shrum led The way Tor The resT aT The Raider squad and earned The mosT poinTs Tor The Team as an indi- vidual parTicipanT. Shrum perTormed on The Trampoline, side horse, parallel bars, and' on The sTill rings To earn recogniTion as The mosT ouTsTanding and valuable per- Tormer oT The gymnasTic Team. Bruce Hesse whips around 'ihe sidehorse, sfriving ro relain his balance and preseni a favorable showing for ihe iudges. A clifficull' 'resf for precision planning and execulion. The floor exercise requires spli'r-second Timing for a high rafing. John Siock was one of lhe primary conlesfanls in ihis evenf. John Slock balances himself before landing in 'Phe longhorse evenlz iflT5iT',iFT:'T"f'f,. ""'I' L" M 4 :El xg fg,pmmKiWqM.HY-ini XE? ju' ' " 'ffl' ' 3 ' ,ii F I . 1. y- Gm l 1lli1i.:I'af5'fE:fi'l i i , -:at pysizi i Q'l'1',"lfE2i'l" 'iii IM: f lil Ii 1. we ii- 1:i:,,gTL'l1r.,- iii- ii i i. ig!!! 13 l 1 . ..:TI' I.: ., . 4' g,,Y.r.7-.:,e:w f , l'Ql'sz..,w" ' li 5--lfilllhjliisf A N ,I in ,iq i. 3. l' . l . , H1 i , Img -wsimie 'limi iii, L W , :,- ' Q, ng.: ' xi, 4 3 ' , in A,-., in i. . ,RHI ful iff- Li.: .-fill? inf? i. ' mari. 'Gb N J0- rv 4 mm -Q53 ll- '?1gsig,5i f-li.lli lim !NWJmgj4W at-" , ,ijlgi 'I ini' ' '21, llrgwil 'iE,'l.ff4iQ 3 1 AETJHMQ i 1' i a i Bruce Hesse pauses upside-clown for a momenl before conrinuing his ring rouhne. Terry Shorh' carefully swings over Jrhe handle on lhe sidehorse. i 1 1- 1 3- , 1 NX g A , ff +V. ' " 'ag FLC Nefmen Go Undefeoled lmhnum , . 'iii e Harley Johnson Gil Walier The Fori Lewis College iennis Team pul oui' an oulslanding eliori in Jrheir iirsl' undeiealed season. The leam can also claim ihe disiinciion of being l'he only FLC sporis ieam in recenl' hislory +o chalk up an unblemished record. Coach Aubrey Holderness' neimen. Greg Fry- back. Jerry Malberg. Gil Waller. Harley Johnson. Larry Kovacic, Don Bohlen. and Wayne Dale raclced up eighl' consecuiive wins againsi Colorado Siaie College l4-31. Adams Siaie College l4-3, 7-2, 6-3l, College of Sania Fe i9-O. 9-O. 9-Ol, and New Mexico Highlands Universiiy i9-Ol. Larry Kovacic led ihe singles 'ream wilh a 7-O record, while Fryback, Malberg, and Johnson each had 7-I marks. Waller came ou'r wiih a 6-l. wi'rh Bohlen l4-41 and Dale ll-Ol finishing behind him. The doubles reams, Fryback and lvlalberg, Waller and Johnson, Bohlen and Kovacic, slapped 'rheir oppo- nen+s' pride by siorming Jrhrough undefeaied in 'rhe eighl' maiches. ' -if 'M M .-:J . ' , ' .fiwv fr.-1 1 ll u K N I Greg Fryback and Coach Aubrey Holclerness S 'Q-1 QQ 68 EW AGL ' 'L' i f lf- L 1 ,A ' v ,ii 3' E Z A - if , ' 455293 ,ixluvlf-,i' :xi -LIN b - flr ' ,f"f.-rg-L'-Q I-1 t' ' -1" V M3 'Q' f fx: F5 --ws "7f?f',21+H . W . ,V . x F W 4 x ,tw Q' '. -v-s-qi... - , ' 1 131514 ,Q , M II7 Who's Who in Americon Colleges ond Universities Ronald Ad ary Lynn Falconel-li e+l1 Bledsoe Roberl Drover Raymond Hogler Twenly Forl Lewis College siudenis were singled our for membership in 'rhe I966 "Who's Who Among Sludenis in American Colleges and Universiliesf' Roberi' Ledger was selecled for +he honor for The +hird s+raigh+ year. as was Jerry Wolowey. Linda Mc- Connel received The honor for Jrhe second year in a row. The seleclion was based on scholarship, leadership. and co-operalrion in educalional and exlracurricular ac- livilries and promise of lulure success. There is no compelilrion among ins1'i+u'rions bu'r ralher lhe selec+ion is an honor ex'rended To 'rhe s+uden'r by his alma mafer. 14 " -' Y ll, fi ir. V Roberf Ledger Ronald Helland Deborah Keel Q-1 Marvin Lifvin L+-5 Lewis Mafis Who's Who . Linda McConnel go Lloyd Moore .WM x .'ff'F1'??f:QS"IQ5d-4:3 " -gn . , 13 QERQQS I Judiih Shaw Edmund Scribner David Shrum :wi Michael Skuria Elwin T. Smifh Jerry Wofowey R. Michael Smilh Raymond Wilson 1" 3 '19 L. .-is U. -:. Fr? 'f x,s Q Sf vis' qis f'i iw -'?""' I X R H xx X gi A X i1!'!!!f"7:....----Q :f--f-' . .il TOP LEFT-Gordon Myers. Julie Rowe, Thom A. Phillips. Phil Linda Frisby. Pam Messinger, Jerry GularTe. Doug Ross. 'FRONT ShowalTer. Dawni Gaslcill. Ann L. Teague, John W. Frank. E. T. LEFT-RoberT C. Piers, Rex V. Dunlap, PaTric1a Parr, JudlTh Cox. "Sonny" SmiTh, Jenny Muller, Dave Crawford, Alexis Lubchenco. Alison Richards. Kelly Becker, Annie T-loIT. Jim Ferguson. Fort LEWIS One OT The largesT and mosT acTive clubs on campus, The ForT Lewis Players Take charge oT all The plays and TheaTre workshop producTions un- College Players der The supervision oT Mr. Dale O'KeeTe. "TwelTTh NighT," "All My Sons." and "Li'l Abner" Took up The greaT- esT porTion OT The year Tor The Players. Rehearsals and producTions Tol- lowed heel To Toe all year long. BeTween maior producTions, several TheaTre workshops were produced, TeaTuring avanT-garde TheaTre and slceTches wriTTen by sTudenTs. l-lighlighTs in oTher acTiviTies Tor The club were a hayride, slcaTing par- Ty, The Foreign Film Series, and The Drama Awards BanqueT which honored ouTsTanding individuals in The TheaTre. FuTure plans Tor The Players include an expanded TheaTre program and The ioining oT The NaTional CollegiaTe Players. an honorary TraTerniTy. Club oTTicers were: PresidenT, Sonny SmiTh: Vice-President John Frank: SecreTary-Treasurer, PaT Parr: Librarian-hisTorian, Susan Monk: COAC represenTaTive, Lewis l-lamilTon. i,-,- - Cai -. tv. GQ T, ,.., ,, -- Freshman Class Officers Sfeve Smifh. Ron Pefligrew. Paula Sfreiff. and Leslie Lewis. The Freshman Class had fhe fask of painling fhe big Raider "R" af fhe oufsef of fhe year. Ofher accomplishmenfs included a March of Dimes Drive. fhe sponsoring of a dance in co-operafion wifh fhe Wesferners' Club, parficipafing in fhe Hearf Fund Drive, and helping decorafe for Homecoming and Winfer Formal. Officers included Ron Peffigrew, presidenfg Sfeve Smifh, vice- presidenfg Paula Sfreiff. secrefary: and Leslie Lewis. freasurer. STANDING: Tom Armand. SEATED: Ellen Zabel. Dianne Aflcins. Nof shown: Ken Bled- soe, fall vice-presidenf. I "FII lluncu El IFJ! :R Ill llillil: .. m .- P' Senior Class Cfficers Three guesf speakers and a follc-singing group were buf a few of fhe eyenfs highlighfing Senior Class gafherings. Seniors gradu- afing in December of l966 were honored af a banquef held af fhe Holiday lnn. For fhe firsf fime in Senior Class hisfory, fhe class builf and enfered a floaf in fhe l966-67 Homecoming Parade. Class meefings held af fhe Holiday lnn usually began wifh a speaker and were followed by discussions. The seniors held a so- cial as a lasf gef-fogefher before graduafion in April, climaxed by a banquef. Class officers were Tom Armand. presidenf: Dianne Afkins, vice-presidenfq and Ellen Zabel, secrefary-freasurer. l25 l26 WesTerners' Club The WesTerners' Club, one oT The mosT acTive and besT-organized clubs on campus, sTarTed The Tall Tri- mesTer wiTh a sTeak-Try aT The sTone house. Their MounT- ed Color Guard, consisTing oT riders John Baird, Jon l-loTchkiss, Allan Waide, Sid Snyder, and MonTe Mills, perTormed aT TooTball games and rode in The Home- coming Parade. Balloon Tossing, egg Throwing. and horseshoe piTch- ing were enioyed by The whole campus during WesTern- ers' Week. Oueen Suzanne NugenT and her aTTendanTs, Debbie Neelan and Lindy RicedorTT, were presenTed wiTh silver belT buckles, and The queen received a whiTe STeTson. A wesTern dance TeaTuring George l-lamilTon lV and Dorsey BurneTTe climaxed The week's TesTiviTies. Square dancing every Wednesday nighT was an- oTher specialTy oT The organizaTion. WiTh The advenT of ChrisTmas week, The WesTerners adorned The big Tree in TronT oT The academic building, changed The lighTs under The ramp, decoraTed The Tree in The upper TOP ROW: Wesley Jones. John Baird, Elaine Berry, Joe B. Cellar, Sandra Frizell, Ellen Faulkenburg, llene Leonard, lrene Leonard, RuThanne STephan. Suzanne NugenT lReporTer and WesTerners' Oueenl, RoberTa l-lunTingTon, Dion Luke, Paula STreiTT, Vicki Pargin, Sandy Allred. MIDDLE ROW: Harry Bax- lounge and Trimmed The sTairway wiTh pine boughs. Two WesTerners' Club Teams neTTed over Two hundred dollars Tor The l-learT Fund Drive. The club won The Bed Race and seT up The sTage Tor The BaTTle oT The Bands. The group organized and sponsored a Rodeo meeTing aT which over one hundred were in aTTendance. including Dean Wallace, PresidenT Reed and several counTy commissioners. A guard rail was consTrucTed on The campus road as a resulT of WesTerners' iniTiaTive. A WesTerners' dance was held TeaTuring The Dennisons and The woodwork on The chapel and ouTdoor signs was sTained and reiuvenaTed. A campus clean-up day preceded graduaTion as well as a Tormal dance in honor of The graduaTing seniors. AcTive oTTicers included: MonTe Mills, presidenT: Joe Gellenbeck, vice-presidenT: George WalTers, COAC represenTaTiveg RoberTa l-lunTingTon and STeph- anie Love, secreTaries: and Suzanne NugenT, reporTer. Sponsors were Dean WhiTseTT and Mr. l-loward. sTrom, Donna Lee McCoy, Jimmie Sorrels. JoAnn WhiTseTT lspon- sorl, Ronnie Jackson, lrene Jordan. CurTis Jordan, Richard Bash- or. BOTTOM ROW: Ted Chandler, Chris Gray, Allan Waide, MonTe Mills lpresidenTl, George WalTers lCOAC represenTaTivel Kelley Elkins, Paul Krabbe, John Keenan, Eldon Simmons. Newmon Club Named aTTer The CaTholic Cardinal. Newman. ForT Lewis College's Newman Club has played a very acTive role in promoTing acTiviTies and religious discussions Tor The sTudenTs of The College. The year's acTiv- iTies were launched by a picnic aT The be- ginning oT The year and included a Talk by Dr. Armleder on God and Philosophy, a Three-parT discussion on The DeaTh of God, a lecTure by Warren WiTTe Trom The Amer- ican Friends Service CommiTTee on Con- scienTious ObiecTion, a discussion on The Mexico ProiecT by FaTher PaT Murphy and PaT O'Malley, a Two-parT discussion on The Problem oT Evil. a Talk by Dr. Spencer on EvoluTion and The Church and a guesT lec- Ture by FaTher Michael Byrne. Newman Club also sponsored several Tilms which included "Who ls God?," "Crisis oT FaiTh," "New- man's Biography," and co-sponsored The movie "Parable." Club oTTicers were Chris Monley. presidenTg Clyde Benally, vice-pres- idenT: Leslie lvers, secreTary: and RuThanne STephan, Treasurer. Qs BACK-Thomas Manfred: MIDDLE-Tom Fachan. Jim Gores, Mike FleTcher: FRONT-Chris Monley, Andrea Bryce, STeve SmiTh. STANDING-Doug Ross: MinTer. SEATED-Larry Walsh. Ron Helland. Jan Phi Alpho TheTci loTa Pi, ForT Lewis College's branch oT Phi Alpha TheTa, a naTional honorary hisTory TraTerniTy, Tuhcills iTs-aim oT Tur- Thering The sTudy oT hisTory and iTs re- laTed Tields. Membership requiremenTs were raised lasT year, demanding a 3.3 average in 20 hours oT hisTory and a 3.0 average in Two-Thirds oT all oTher sub- iecTs. During The year The club hosTed several guesT speakers, among whom were Mr. Periman, Dr. Din and Dr. Fox. OTTicers included PresidenT Dave Shrumg Vice-presidenT Bob Ledger, and Secre- Tary-Treasurer Mary Lynn FalconeTTi. Q- '1 .3 ' 75 . 1 9 K ig. l27 LeTTermen's Club LEFT ROW, FROM BACK: Ron Helland, Dick Bender, Joseph Scarpino, Mike Russell, Bruce Hesse, Dave WerTs. Mel SmiTh. MIDDLE ROW, FROM BACK: Tom Wolfe, Mike Skuria, Wesley Jones, Rich SmiTh, Larry Walsh, Ron Jaynes, Jim Doyle. RIGHT ROW, FROM BACK: James Decker, Lloyd Moore. Larry Keenan, Ken Widhalm, John STock, Ron Drake. Vic KnighT. One oT The besT-loved acTiviTies aT ForT Lewis College is The ChrisTmas ParTy Tor The children oT SanTa RiTa, sponsored every year by The LeTTermen's Club. The Roaring TwenTies Dance is anoTher annual specialTy oT The organizaTion. For Homecoming '66, The LeTTermen sponsored The guesT visiT oT Mr. Reuben Heflin, who scored The TirsT Touchdown in The hisTory oT The school. The club's consTrucTion oT The Oueen's FIoa+ won TirsT place in The Homecoming parade. The LeTTermen also worked concessions Tor The sporTs acTiviTies and ushered aT many social evenTs. OTTicers include: presidenT, Vic KnighTg vice-presidenT, Jim Decker: secreTary-Treas- urer. John STock7 and COAC represenTaTive, Dave WerTs. Infer- Vorsily Chrisficin Fellowship . ' 'WL' r.. STANDING: Irene Leonard. SEAT- ED: Ilene Leonard. John Keenan Kay Rosengarlen, Vicki French. FROM LEFT: Ron Slanek. Bob AI'- kins, Dianne Alkins. Ellen Zabel, Jan lvlinler. Kalhy Sullivan. Tom Bene'l'I, Tom Armand. r I B One of rhe newesr organizalions on campus is The Inler-Varsily Chrislian Fellowship. Officers in- clude John Keenan, president Gloria I-lood, vice- president Kay Rosengarlen, COACg Judy Johnson, secrerary: and Gary Casady, lreasurer. The group holds a Bible siudy ar each of ihe weekly meeiings and hopes in The near Iulure 'ro hosl guesl speakers and sponsor social aclivilies. Ski Club Bound by a murual love of win- ier snow and challenging slopes, Jrhe Forl Lewis Ski Club organized a Irip io Vail as one of iis many proiecls during 'rhe year. The skiers also en- ioyed movies. sponsored a dance and helped lo sponsor 'rhe Winler For- mal. Oilicers are Bob Alkins, presi- denl: Dan Larkin, vice-presidenlp and Ellen Zabel, secrerary. l29 SfiC. BACK ROW: Cheryle ChrisTensen. S a n d y Nicholson. John GaTes. Carol McKnighT, Debbie M o o r e . FRONT ROW: Ron Jaynes. STeve Sanders. JeTT Rodewald. Phil Devor. Organizing and arranging Tor all Fine ArTs EvenTs and guesT speakers is The Task oT The SenaTe Scheduling CommiTTee. The group sponsored orienTaTion dances aT The beginning of each TrimesTer lasT year. The com- miTTee also was responsible Tor The scheduling oT The Sunday nighT movies which oTTered an appealing varieTy To campus moviegoers. John OaTes served as chairman oT The SenaTe Scheduling CommiT- Tee, while Debbie Moore acTed as secreTary. SCEA FROM BACK: Judy SiH'ler, Frank Kinion. Dennis McCargar. Ron l-lelland. John Gohn. Vicki French. PaT'Ti ArmsTrong. STudenTs and Teachers were guesTs oT The STudenT Colorado EducaTion Associa- Tion's Apple Polishing l-lour held aT The be- ginning oT The school year. Over one hun- dred sTudenTs represenTing various high schools in The basin were in aTTendance aT SCEA's FuTure Teacher's Day. Club mem- bers helped The Kiwanis Club in puTTing on The Pancake Supper and assisTed in The seT- Ting up oT book displays. eTc. Tor The Colo- rado EducaTion AssociaTion ConvenTion. SCEA members also helped wiTh decoraTions Tor Homecoming, ChrisTmas, and WinTer Formal. Club oTTicers were: presidenT. Ron l-lellandg vice-presidenT. John Gohn: secre- Tary-Treasurer, Vicki French: and COAC rep- resenTaTive. Frank Kinion. 47 -LL l l l i f BACK ROW: Anna Lee Early. Lufher A. Ghahare. Larry Tsosie, Clyde Benally. MIDDLE ROW: Joan D. Delgai, Jenny Muller, Roberr W. Loescher. FRONT ROW: Jalce Pioche, Anna Boyd, Charles Cambridge, Virginia Frank, N. G. Tale. sponsor. Sholciko Club The Shalalco Club relrained Hs 'rifle as official lamp-lighier for +he college lasi year, lighring Jrhe "R" during Homecoming and dec- oraiing +he campus a+ Chrisfmas wi+h ihe beauiiful Spanish-origi- naied luminaries. The group pariicipaied in ihe Jrradilional Tug-O-War agains+ 'rhe Wesrerners' Club during Wesrerners' Week and climaxed 'rhe year wifh 'rhe l-lohzoni Days lDays ol: Beaulyl. Fori Lewis' Wahleah Luian, Miss Indian America, as a member of Shalalco Club, af- lended The feslivilies. Hohzoni Days feafured a Navajo Band concert a baslce+ball game wi'rh The Wesierners' Club la rivalry noi' new or exclusive 'ro FLC . . . remember Cus+er?l, an Indian fashion show, and a wes'rern dance feaiuring fhe Wingale Valley Boys. Officers for 'rhe Shalalco Club were: president Bob Loescherg vice-president Clyde Benally: secre'rary-Jrreasurer, Arlene Toledo. l32 -K1 "" ,, Organized on an experimenial basis, Mears dormi- i'ory was noi subiecl' lo sei quiel hours, room checks, or room inspeclions. The women of Mears Hall, being upperclassmen, were responsible lo 'rhemselves and lo each olher. They had an eleclecl council of five mem- bers which helped lhe sludenis resolve conflicis and sei' Jrheir own guidelines. Holding an inlroduclory open house. hosling The Chrisimas Facully Tea al Dr. and Mrs. Reed's house, selling mums al Homecoming 'ro raise money, planning and hosling a Valen+ine's pariy and a iea for women graduales were bui' a few of 'rhe accomplishmenls of ihe "Mears Gals." The coeds aided Saga Food in serving and decoraling al' alhleiic ban- queis, prepared a pep scroll for a bus 'rrip lo Golden, Mears Council STANDING-Sandy Nicholson, Anna Boyd, Mrs. Lewis. Cheryle Chrislensen, Sandi Smale, Sue Terrill, and Kay Wallis. SEATED-Can ole Higgins, Lindy Ricedorff, Carol Mc- Knighl, and Jan Fullcs. :J celebraled each woman's birlhday ai informal gel-lo- gelhers, senl appropriale cards and noles 'ro liaculiy and slalff members for birlhdays and siclcnesses, and adopied a hall song enlilled "Have Fun." Along wilh pariricipalion in regular college-sponsored funciions, 'rhe women of Mears evalualed Their sysl'em and suggesied guide lines for iuiure upperclass women's residence halls. Fall Council members included Pal Wells, Cheryle Chrisrensen, Kay Wallis, Lindy Ricedorlf and Sandi Smale. Winier council members were Carol McKnigh+, Carole Higgins, Jan Fullcs, Kay Wallis, and Anna Boyd. Sue Terrill and Sandy Nicholson served lhrough 'rhe year as iunior counselor and dorm secreiary, respec- lively. Assislani head residenl was Mrs. Duane Lewis. r O BACK ROW-Deanna Swifl, Jeri DeVries, Kaihy Allum, and Sandy Allred. FRONT ROW-Kaihy Sullivan, Mrs. Ashbaclc, Dawni Gasgill, Sandy Towne, Karen Miles and Paula Pargin. A collegiaie fashion show modeled by sev- eral Cooper coeds highlighled ihe fall Jrrimesier. Cooper Hall opened iis inner lounge ihrough- oui lhe year 'ro give campus siudenls access 'ro . ils fireplace and hol bulslered popcorn. Cooper girls ushered for 'rhe Denver Symphony and served as hoslesses io all campus dorm members during 'rheir Chrislmas open house. The Cooper cons+i'ru+ion was rewriHen To serve lhe indi- vidual needs oli lhe dorm, and S+. Pa+riclc's Day was honored wilh an open dorm and enlerlain- menl for lhe guesls. The girls were on call for all campus aclivilies and iobs lhal required a helping hand. Officers were Kaihy Sullivan, pres- idenlg Deanna Swilil, vice-presidenl: Mariane Ambler, secrelary-ireasurerg and represenlalives Karen Miles, Paula Pargin, Dawni Gasgill, Becky Ruffner, Kalhy Allum, Sandy Allred, Jeri De- Vries and Sandy Towne. Sponsor and head resi- deni was Mrs. Ashbaclc. Sponsoring fhe Sfuarf's of Durango Dance and financing fhe producfion of a sfudenf direcfory were fwo of fhe main accomplish- menfs of fhe Men's Residence I-lall Associafion, The group esfab- lished fhe precedenf of oufsfanding faculfy and sfudenf awards and has helped in fhe promofion of an honor dorm as well as fea- furing an all-dorm inframural sporfs program. Realizing fhe neces- sify for anofher sidewalk, fhe club sponsored 'rhe consfrucfion of one connecfing Palmer and Escalanfe fo fhe back-parking Iof. The of- ficers include Jay Davidson, presidenf: Terry Alley. vice-presidenf: and Dick Vogel, secrefary-freasurer. STANDING: Deanna Swiff. SITTING: Frances Ruddock. Barbara Coffman, Paula Pargin, Jane Mahan, Marnie O'ConnelI. Men's Residence Hall Assn. BACK ROW: Bill Blunf. Chris Johnsfon, Dick Vogel, Pefe Forwood. MIDDLE ROW: John Weri-z. Ken Olson, Richard Shoup. Terry Alley. FRONT ROW: Dennis Prafher. Mr. Lewis lSponsorl, Jay Davidson. Women's Residence Hall Assn. The Women's Residencrl-lall Asso- ciafion was founded fo furfher fhe wel- fare of fhe sfudenf residenfs, promofe inferesf in residenf affairs and develop responsible cifizenship fhrough self-gov- ernmenf. Officers are presidenf, Ivlarnie O'ConnelI: vice-presidenf, Barbara Coff- man: and secrefary-freasurer, Vicki French. Represenfafives were Frances Rud- dock, Becky Ruffner. Marilyn Layfon, De- anna Swiff, Jane Mahan. and Paula Par- gm. I33 Women Student Assistonts From Lett: Sandy Stone, De- anna Switt, Margie Fenhag- en. Susan Terrill, Mrs. Ash- baclc, head resident. Mrs. Lew- is. 'assistant head resident, Judy Sit-tler, Sue Biclc and Car- ol Simmons. I34 l Men Student Assistants l BACK ROW: olzn smaih, Jesse wood- house. Mr. Lewis, sponsor, and Derrill Johnson. FRONT ROW: Del Ottinger, Ron Jaynes. Carl Roth, Bob Woodward. Harlan Steinle, Don Koethe. Bruce Hesse, John Gates and Don Hill. Selected on the basis ot leadership, maturity. scholarship, experience and interest, the student assistants were awarded the taslc ot aiding the head resident in co-ordinating super- vising and developing their residence hall programs. Willing to give freely the time, energy and talents needed tor the successtul performance ot their iobs. the student as- sistants very capably tultill an important and demanding statt position. wmii, Business Club Compiling a survey on sfudenf spending for fhe lndependenf was fhe main proiecf of fhe Forf Lewis College Business Club. Members Sfan Graffis, Jim Lee, Harvey Crowley and Ralph Hagan represenfed Forl' Lewis af a symposium held af Denver Universify and 'rhe enfire group en- ioyed a dinner feafuring a guesf speaker af fhe Holiday lnn. Officers included Jerry Dunn, presidenfg Ralph Hagan, vice-presidenf: Cliff Rhead. secrefary: and Harvey Crowley. freasurer. Sponsors for fhe club were Mr. William Hollis. Mr. C. P. Hous- fon and Mr. Aubrey Holderness. STANDING: Del Offinger. FIRST ROW: George Walfers and Yvonne Clemenf. SEC- OND ROW: Sunny Wifkind. Clyde Benally. Frank Kinion and Mr. Pugh. sponsor. THIRD ROW: Ellen Zabel, Kay Rosengarfen. Mary Lou Macy, and John Safes. COAC The Clubs and Organiza- fions Acfivifies Council has fhe momenfous fask of budgefing for all clubs on campus. Vice-presi- denf of fhe sfudenf body, Del Offinger, served as chairman of COAC. Among ofher accom- plishmenfs. Council members did an excellenl' iob in planning and programing Homecoming and fhe Winfer Formal. Also wifhin fhe workload of COAC was a pre-budgefary planning schedule. This included ifemizing all ex- pendifures for clubs and organi- zafions for fhe following year. BACK ROW: Don Kirby. Tony Carney, Bill Bridges, Phil Devor. Tom HOSSB. Mike Carrufhers and C. P. Housfon. sponsor. MIDDLE ROW: Mike Tierney. Alan Wilson. Don Gibbs, Larry Dixon. Bob Gilmisfer, Sfan .Graffls and Calvin Haning. FRONT ROW: Rick Olson, Bill Armsfrong. Cliff Rhead. Harvey Crowley, Jerry Dunn and Ralph Hagan. I35 cgi Fixes. is , L -1:1 -J ,., ' 1' ls The STudenT SenaTe TuncTional? Or is iT oT liTTle use To FLC? QuesTions OT This naTure came ThroughouT The i966-67 leg- islaTive year. Always a TargeT Tor criTicism, sTudenT governmenTs have These issues Thrown aT Them. Many sTudenT governmenTs are oT liTTle value, buT This wriTer believes ThaT The ForT Lewis STudenT SenaTe has a TuncTion and a value Tor The college. BeTore The skepTic screams and ranTs, leT me say This-who seTs up The Fine ArTs programs, organizes Homecoming. l-learT Week, WinTer Formal, and sponsors dances: who esTablishes budgeTs Tor The clubs and handles The enTire sTudenT body acTiviTy Tund? And who hollers The loudesT, and com- plains The mosT if his club or peT proiecT didn'T receive as much money as he Tigured iT deserved Trom sTudenT Tunds? The same skepTic who didn'T voTe in The lasT SenaTe elecTion. or didn'T go To SenaTe meeTings To speak Tor his causes. I don'T see how anyone Taking no in- TeresT in his governmenT can have enough knowledge To say whaT is righ+ or wrong. The ForT Lewis College STudenT SenaTe works noT To govern buT To represenT. And if iT isn'T Truly represenTaTive, remember- represenTaTion is a muTual proiecT. Doug Ross "x The ForT Lewis College STudenT SenaTe operaTes on a roTaTion basis. Comprised oT 'FiTTeen members. iT has Tive new members each TrimesTer, elecTed Tor Three TrimesTers. i , , . PresidenT Reed and Dean Wallace conTer during "The Greai' DebaTe" over The STaTe Board oT AgriculTure's TraTerniTy ban. AdminisTraTion members oTTen aTTended SenaTe meeTings To advise and To provide needed in- TormaTion. STuden'r Senofe All 1 lla F ,lg Sfuclenf Body Presidenl' Mike Smlllm slrived for more sludenl voice in college affairs. more inleresr from Jrhe sludenls. fl fl 'BTW' V, ...A ,,, A A: 11- 'Q I Q 3 ., ',.'. f'."..'f ' i , L. iggm:-,,.,:-Y, , ,-L., . iggsgfiiff' . id- Senalor Clay Alexander lcenlerl oullines for 'rl'1e Senal'e's consideralion. a proposal 4- 5 Senale officers: Maragaref Bisio, recording secre- lary Har lefll: Del Olllnger. vice-president Mike Smillw. presidenl: Sleve Marlin, lreasurer. "JK 5-5' F.- 'fi People Dr. l-lerloeri E. Owen Biological Science if Division Chairmen As Jrhe College grew. +he pos- sibilily increased +ha+ Jrhe number of academic divisions would expand be- yond Jrhe five divisions siill in eiieci March I. I967. M - L J I I so i 1- l H 'arf :b r . iii Y 2 lu 4-5 J: , I" . V. n .fi .-:T 1- X if i 'z GH ' , l ' An s ' ' ' i ldv' Y f 4 vfcwii- V f I , Y - 'I ' V ' f. ' Q 1 L5 rigifs Dr. Dolphus R. Dawson Business and Economics Nz. Dr. Willard O. Bowman Educaiion Dr. Roberi W. Delaney Dr. Herberi' Hari' Humanmes Physical Science I40 C.- Richard Dee Anderson Dr. Paul J. Armleder James R. Baker lvialhemaiics Philosophy Engineering 9 B Richard W. Beeson David Berg William T. Bowen Sociology Speech ancl Theaire Sciences in' ' ' tjT'? - '. i-' f-1 J .. . -, .,,. Y .. -. L, 1. .., Dr. Frank O. BOWf1'1Bl'1 JF- Burl V. Bredon Donald D. Bushnell Frederick F. Cannan Geology English lviaihemaiics English l42 A 1. Randolph Consianlrine Jr. Edward F. Craig l-0UlS C- Cullen Malrlnemalics Business Eclucalion Head l:0O'fl36ll COHCl'l 'ff'-5, EAL ,fi . lt, - ,.,. "'n ,4"ls" . ' i . .Nl ' 4d""5 I ' , ll vi I V A - 1 111. 43' if J. i f 'V' 'i"H:'?a N ll! ' . '- '- " .V , ,ajtg A 1 int:-v' "fa fr ,fe ?'d" 7 1 "1 Wi? ffx Q Klifl- 11- 'cv Lili!! iw. wi f "" Q 3. 'Vial V 1 , :1 ,rx I , I3 avsizqlx -VH 1 1 X .i -J 2-Q., f.. SQ W Maria Delaney Dr. Alan S. Dewey Languages Economics 45"-. Sianion Englelwarl' James A. Erdman Dr. James G. Erickson Peier Fagerlin rf Biology Biology Agricullure Dr. Maynard Fox Dr. John Gee Rurh W. Gregory Dexrer K. Griffi+h Li+era1-ure Elemenrary Ecluca+ion Physical Educalion Business Roger G. Gymer Physical Sciences William W. Hollis Business F, Dr. Gina P. Harvey Aubrey E. Holclerness Languages Business Eclucalion C. Pai' Housion Lyle Howard Business Aclminislralion Language George W. Luna Jerry M. Kaufman Richard Korns Mafhemafics Business Journalism 84 English l l Richard L. Marrs Perry L. Maxfield English Chemislry Paul Moravek Kennefh l. Periman Physics l.i'l"eF6i'UTS Dr. Raymond A. Marquardi Business 84 Economics i ,P k Jeanelie P. Marlrin English Dr. Ray M. Reeder l-lislory V an OH-0 Rohde Harry Rggenberg DF. Edwin ROSer'llCI'5HZ Engineering Malhemerics Music QQ "T I fem Philip Rowe Lawrence A. Schaal Dr. Duane A- Smifh English Bolany l'lfS'fOry Dr. Alberl W. Spencer Dr. N. G. Tale Dr. Frank D. Tilcalslcy Dr. Donald F. Whalen Biology Diregfor of Teacher Ed, Psychology Direclor of Afhlerics 'Suu ' 1 4 X 1 f-W Seniors Ronald Adams Jamie Allen Tom Armand Diane Allcins Roberf Nrkins James Aumiller Alice Barry Glenn Barlh Reed Beclcler Richard Bender Margarel Bisio Freddy Brandenburg ' " "'.f'f.!,ll6- Qisillla . ,,,1. Q Jack Briggs John Burns Jess Campbell Michael Carrulhers Dale Chavez Palrick Conley Cheryl L. Conner John Colfer 1 l . 5 fn ix Harry Covinglon Carmen Crone Harvey Crowley Diana Darmour James Decker Roberl Ervin Irene Eubanlcs Joan Evans Joseph Evanoslci Mary Falconelrli James FeHes Jan Frisby 7' , Lfgfi-g-5.f' L 't.-15 'Fggf 53 lggfzl 'Q -PTM li Al Richard Fuller Evalena Garrison John Gales Jack Girardi Sreven Gladsrein William Gohn Slanley Graffis Ralph Hagan x l ln 5 .i., .N Min 11 lr. i G' Q N is s "lx e i ""f-H-.y.,.,.iw,-1.-..... .... Calvin Haning Ronald Helland Loren Herlinger Melva Hills Janice Holcomb James Hanks BreH Henry Cheryl Hill C. Scofr Hodges Thomas Hosea 'lg Hank Hassler Nancy Herring Kirk Hills Raymond Hogler Marlene Howard 'fin ' 5 R' D , 1 we K I '-, li . ' , 2' . ' ' Y L,.1,,! R 1 , I - -Q' 1 ll. s 2- li. R AEM' .wil all l .1 3 4 52731255 R ' sf . . Rodney Humble John l'lun'rer 35 J, Mary Ann l"Iun+sman Alberl' l-lurd Ronald lhnfeldl Pamela Jennings if .. a X l lll. fa in 7' ,1 Q : wir ' g is ,,. l 1 ' ,fl 51' fl l ll a ' , ISO Ji. .. ummm Thomas Jennings Deborah Keel Gay Kinkade Vicfor Knighf Wallers Knowles Russell Lamberf Paul Langer Roberf Ledger Norman LeMo+e Marlin Lifvin Lillianne Malberq Sfephen Marlin Lewis Mafis Dianne Ma'Hhews Alice Maxell Linda McConnel M. ll Mary Ann McNamara H. Sfephen Millage Janel' Minfer Michael Monell Donald Moore Nora Mosher Ernesi' Nicholson Richard Noble Samuel Noble Thomas Orbesen Keifh Olcamolo Alberfa Pargin ,ini 'Q i 4 'W n , ,tfizxsi Charles Raclemacher Charles Rea Billy Rounclrree James Sanders Edmund Scribner Judi Shaw Slrephen Showalier Dave Shrum Ada Jane Silver Milce Slcuria R. Michael Smilh Roberi Srnirh ?"! Licurgo Solo Joseph Sielmarlc William Sieward Ralph Sundquisl Clark Thorne Donald Tinnin Joan Turano Viola UHon Barry Weinberg Michael Wesbroolcs Chuck Wiening Troy Wilhile 4-vs, Q' Middlemen Qu,- , 1 s.. A-ilflix K .i 1 I ' ' IU at B li " ui Clyde Benally Bill Berg Larry Berryman Edison Bia Susan M. Biclc William Binder James Bisio Jol1n Blueyes William Blunl James Brammer Bill Bridges Mariorie Briggs Alvin Buerger Pamela Burlon Gil Campbell T-l 'im vi., N 6 -5 Bri.. -, i s"fE'.i" ' A ,Q . Karla Aber Musaed Al-omaim William Aillcen Kalhryn Allum Sandra Anderson Paul Andre Lanning Andrews James Anesi Nelson Angapalc William Armslrong Charlofie Allwey Adil Auian Roberl Ausfin William Bailly Joel Baker Roloeri Baker Beverly Barlcer John Barnes Elizabeih Beam William Bedford Malcolm Campbell Gary Casacly Melvin Cassady Michael Carroll Chrislopher Chavez Cheryle Chrislensen James Clark Carol Yvonne Clemeni' Kennefh Clemenis Carol Cobel Barbara Coffman Sharon Converse Jucliih Cox Dave Crawford Linda Cundiff Jucly Daly James Davenporf Barbara Lee Davis Amila Dawson Donald DeLuche Phillip Devor Lisa Dickens Lawrence Dixon Roberi Drover Marilyn Drew 1 in -,.-.A i 1 E 4 A .1 xx ' ff- . ,".. 1 V-hi :, 'i 2-' ...L - ' ""'WXx il, 4 '6- ui' f-er W , W ' L SN T? A: L K 30- .5 ' 1' ,fzfff i- l ,W 1 : Q : f: : : . 'Z' 1 ,4g:?:1i:E5EZf::. -A -Y:::: ' i5EiE?':':-Q'iZ. - ' 1 Ll' L. I W ' W F 4 iyg? . Y .-3, V, ll K J I be ix, l Q l J L, 5 ' 6 ll ill - 'fa ' H1 lf V la L iii iii' Xl il ..,.,.: -ffl.: +' :L-sq. . .'f'f-- vs' -g,f7'.?r"'!50',f wr -: - - ff Susan Droll Lucille Elclcer Gerald Esler Alloie Espinosa Edward Falconelli Node Farmer Marla Farrow Harry Fasseff Ellen Faullcenburg Margarer Fenhagen Wayne Fleming Charles Francis John Frank Virginia Frank Vicki French Linda Frisloy Sandra Frizell Larry Frohardf Alford Fuchs Dawn Gaslcill , 2, -JRR ISF . x ig' i 234 G-Kg faq, g ll . LJ x-' , i lil ii ' Hi' ,Qi 1 Q 'Q 'f f in 4 S s.. 1-" ,, ,af ' -l'y -Q lv,-" My Q y ,A x all A .1-.. T , 1' 1"'X X.l CQ? 'KG' Ken George lonne Giesen John Glass Sharon Golighlly George Gragg Chrisfopher Gray Judilh Gray Darrell Green Denise Green Grace Greenlee Charles Gregg William Gregg Jerry Gularle Jack Gummere William Hackelhal Pairicia Hamillon Paul Hamillon Jerry Harvey ivlarilwa Hawley Janice Hayden David Hayward Gordon Heermann Sharon Heidy Marcia Helmericlcs Irma Henderson Nancy Henry Bruce Hesse Carole Higgins Caflwy Hill Donald Hill S+epl1en Hines Bruce Hiserofe Ronald HiHi Karen Hogan H. Gordon Hogue Richard Hopkins Reid Hoslcie Janel C. Huner Candace Hurd Jerry Huichison Amelia Jacobs Gary Jacobson Ronald Jaynes CharloH'e Jemewouk Sfephanie Jirnerfield Bruce Johnson Derrill Johnson Irene Kalerak Rulh Kehir Daryl Kingsolver Ray Kinkade Gerald Kramer Paul Krerschmar Barb Krul Vicioria Kuehling Bruce Kulp Eugene Laloriola Alf Janel' Lamberl' Vicky Lambo David Lanning Charles Lanza Daniel Larkin Marilyn Layron James Lee John Lisler Roberl Loescher Roberr Loos Percy Loyd Jon Lufkin Mary Lou Macy Linda Madera Jane Mahan 199: . , 'J P ,- -,-X' v- i, . in. I ' 4 I D if Michael Olcamura Paula Pargin Virginia Parker Palricia Parr Juanila Pelagio James Percival 15' X 'Xa 1 is F Q X' if , 6' , 1 f Y '33 A fc' Q h A .aug i. ., 1..:" if N 1,. f I' A C Q 1 Y x . X 1 i A lp 155- Q..- f.:,' M 3' .il ln!! , 'I sg syn- . - Ln 'L i E. in f ' , '. -is, " , - 3. V -J . V Y R 'ix 1 X . J XA A .. .. in J f "il 1' wx. ' V ali! Q F" - X .A 1 Y . , -.4 32. I . limi I . .A '. f J A " 'i .visiflfgl-ls ' A .gr ADA h .Eg -as -. . 4, 'Ji Kennefh Marlin David Marfinez Clinlon McAuliffe Dennis McCargar William McCormick Carol McKnighl' Kennelh Melz Jan Miernyk Lesfer Mignerey Karen Miles Monle Mills Susan Monk Jean Moreharl' Ballard Morris Jenny Muller Glenda Munro Debra Neelan Larry Neely Jeffrey Nelson Susan Nevins Richard Newland Sandy Nicholson Chris Nielsen Elizabelh Nugenr Terry O'Brien v,k, . 1 l il Xlgki Lf 'Q 'Q V K R ' , 1 1 , "rf ' , We 2 X l l i'-ff? G' r-is , MQ my r ' 1 A ! i l X limi fvx if wi " 'K. ,i,, . , 11. ,sikfi Nancy Pelerson L. Diane Periigrew Charlene Phillips Thom Phillips Roberi Piers Daniel Predovich James Pyles Pairicia Quink Phillip Quink Slephen Quinn Mary Riley Carol Roberison James Roclcelmann Judy Rodman Randy Rodman John Romero Doug Ross Roger Rossi Carl Roih Michael Ruloridge Linda Rudd Frances Ruddock Rebecca Rufiner Howard Saclcefl Jay Sampson Rodney Sander Fred Schmeir James Seale Georgia Seibel Marlha Serna Trudy Shafer s,,J,, -1. . If' O La E , FV . X - . flu fab- ,s,. Eddie Jo Shlrk April Showal+er l ' .V W' ' Sharon Shingler 'L I K 9-. Ghz. Q-A-N -15' Sidney Snyder Wayne Soclerberg Gary Sparks Daniel Slangby Harlan Sleinle John Sfoclc Kaihleen Sullivan Suzanne Sweinam Mary Lou Taclcil-l Lewis Talk Tom Talley Suzanne Tarr Ann Louise Teague Charles Temple Susan Terrill E. 45 mi Q ,yxx .jf ,Af l NW. 'w J f J. Phillip Showaller Karen Showaller S'rewar'r Sileniman Virgil Silver J. D. Simmons Judy Silfller Sandra Smale Jim SmH'h Melvin Smilh l. 'Sz , 1 43 mfg 4 A3 16:23 -F l l if S if 1' 6' f 1-7 xl ii V X if I A .. .L 4.7573 'Sv G 4 if 5 f?f-5 .-'. 'sl i c' ', 4' T , i -V y if: 3 ig x " 1. is , I x ' f A f ' 101 A L 2 ,u fvh Jerry Williams Lewis Williams Lloyd Wolfe Jesse Woodhouse Roberl' Woodward Brian Thies David Tiano Bob Tibbii' Michael Tierney William Todd Arlene Toledo Sreven Tomsic Larry Tsosie Wilberr Tsosie Phyllis Tucson Sarah Valdez Gene Valencia George Vellman Melvin Veo Ron Vincenl' Richard Vogel Larry Walker F. Kay Wallis Larry Walsh George Waliers Denis Wesl' Freeman Wheele Gary While Gay Lee While Jerry Whiierock il ' Ti l i if , r' Denny Wrighl' Russell Yares Harley Yeager Lynda Zoolc E- F ua' 1 rf!" Freshmen an ai Gail Abboll Terry Aber Sfeven Adams Jo Alexander Pliyllis Allen Allen Alligood Sandra Allred Mariana Ambler Connie Armfield Paiii Armsirong Carl Arnold Kennelh Asp Dolly Barr Frances Barry Ronald Barsanli Kenny Beam Evelyn Becenfi Gladys Begay Irene Bogey Lorene Bekis Mildred Benallie Clnesfer Benally Ray Berry Thomas Besh Belly Billie John Biiah Willis Boyd Mildred Joanne Branson Loreffa Briggs Celesie Brooks Lee Brooks Andrea Bryce Roberr Burns David Cabo? Kafhryn Caine Roberr Candelaria Judy Carmaclc Ginger Carminari Brian Carver John Chevarillo Seung Choi Margarer Coburn Henry Crowe Lavon Crowley Randal Cullen James Daley Danielle Dawson Timolhy Decker Jane Denham Helen DeVries Donna Dickens Jodene Dish lnefh Diswood Charles Donkle Keiih Dossey Michael Downing John Drake Donald Driver Corinne Duran Anna Early Darrell Ehmann Kelley Ellcins R. Glenn Ellioli' Margarel' Evans Nancy Ewing Nancy Fleming Michael Flercher I66 l s 'X .. ,I ,,..N 5, wi - iN , 5 h Q ED i Q ll . n, '72, ' I . be , C f"9'X 1-v J . 1 5536 ni.. 1 .een-4" -- l if Q. 5' vu- ir valign x' X 'l , sn., ,F f'W42"'F' ill ,g .Y A i gg 'C Y i Qr r :ill Fin ' ff Janie Hoselfon Roberfa Hunfingion Daniel Hurchison Phil Hu'Hon Donald lsgar Chris lfhomifis Dixie Jacobs Lillian Jaramillo Judi+h Johnson Roberl' Johnson Curlis Jordan Laurence Kelley Bryon Fosler Marie Francis Sherry Frank Julie Frazier Lucy Gallegos Dennis Geesaman Connie Gifrlord Burley Glasscoolc Roberl' Goheen Clarence Gohn Lois Gohn Roberl Gonzales Richard Green Beverly Grorh Jim Hair Rufh Hamilfon Charles Hare Arlene Harrison EloVonne Harrison Ken Haugl-rl Sieve Helman Clarence Helmericks Jerry Henderson Rex Henderson Marfha Henio Ronald Hensinger Bob Herfinger Gloria Hood Kirlc Kimble lrene King Barbara Kinnaman Sfephan Kippenberger Krisiine Kirlceeng Odd Kleppenes Twilla Klusman Kaihleen Knauber Carol Knuckles Donald Koihe Ray Lammon Ann Lansing Marlin Larson Ruih Lee Irene Leonard Leslie Lewis Kenneih Lindsey Judy Logan Helena Lopez Siephanie Love Michael Lucero John Luian Francis Lufick James Mailland Thomas Manfred Karl Marinsek James Maihews Linda Mailoclc Virginia McClain Roberi' McCormick Shari McCormick Vicki McCrory Penny McFarland Mildred McKay Shirley McKibben b I li I68 36 y ff' G- i . ll K i fl Roy McLaughlin William McMahon Roberi Medearis Owen Melville James Miller Pafrick Miller Danny Mobley Margie Morland Alexander Muldoyul: Rose Muniz Michael Murray Mary Naranio Hazel Naionabah Ronald Neil Sarah Norfon Evanne Olfersfein Lynda Palmer Thomas Panfer Kaihleen Parker Marcia Pa'r'ren x lf, .A- +45 i l 1 fund Htl? fifb. ll Q sin, ff-wif , x V, mx H NAA El e 5. YV- .X ,W Wa, , as 1 .X - 41 Q f, vl- 1 -- fn v ,fu yay ll i '- 1 f -c a X A 'g""J fr, N 'A-X lov l 5 F TN l l 1 1-Q lj: ' - 'A ,--'.:,,f't Vx: 'M nm., AM. 'X .uw f, .. ,-if .'f1"1N5.'f3 X 4' ' L' .: '., -. 1 ' - J-'.'f.-Yfgwfs .- , R 1 lx. r, Marlin Pallen Geneva Paulelc Jon Payne Ken? Paylon Guy Pfalzgralf Jalce Pioche Jacqueline Pos? Roger Pfolemy Joseph Purlcaf Diana Reed Glenn Renz William Rodgers Danny Rodman Kay Rosenqarlen Par Roiunno Mike Sclwelsfrare Kafharine Scoil' Denny Sechrisl' Theodore Severin Richard Shoup Carol Simmons Deborah Silrner Adina Smarl' Harrison Smifh Sfeve Smifh Chris Speidel Ronald Sfanel: Calvin Srein I69 Rufhanne Slephan Jerald Slrauss Paula Slreiff Sheila Sullivan Cynfhia Swanson Deanna Swifi Roberl Tahe Kafherine Temple Dennis Terry John Thompson Dennis Tiepelman Eddie Toledo Shirley Tom Ben Tomasi Lawrence Tooley Sandra Towne Lois Vallo Kay Vesper Carolyn Vollmerl' Palii Wailley Kaihleen Waldorf Gerald Walker Laura Walker PauIe+'re Walling Monroe Warren Vida Way Leslie Welsh John Werfz Kenneih Williams James Winlers Jane Willcind Eloise WiH Roger Wiliern Connie Wood Roberl' Wood Ross Worley Terrance Wrighf Kenneih Yarcho Donna Young Slanley Zuni l70 Du f I 41 f iv 443' , 'sf U ,!Ll':1', rl...1: sz.. V J L il," 4 in I , - l , W A ix li l J ' T l , LL 'VW ' 5-Q,-g , i - ' ' V T , T .Tx 'ini E, , .1 , 1' 3 ,N ,i X , " - 9 1' s . , ' Ls.: 1 if:-"ig iiignifij . I i '1'- .s, -4- ine- .g- l f fl' , l 'se su., !lp1,i,i-w Winter Trimester Photographs 'vggtgq . 'qgffl A T x. if' f"':n- 581 5:- Seniors Charles F. Kinion Dana Lea Noe T Sandra Lee Seavy George F. Seirz id . ' 4 N . ,. l Keilh A. Snowbarger Naomi B. Tucson Jerry Arlhur Wade ' Richard W. Williams Tools Bayless Esfella L. Benally Sandy Benzel Agnes Bramwell Michael J. Campbell Chrisiine Charley James T. Dale Joan D. Delgai Gerald Alan Heil John Oliver JoweH' Ilene Fay Leonard Waller Dale Lynch James M. Mayer David John Nolan Carmeliia Maria Oresco Commencement Exercises Find 156 Receiving Diplomosp Gov. Love A sTanding-room-only crowd saw The ForT Lewis College Class oT I967 receive Their diplomas on April I6. ParenTs, kid broThers, liTTle sisTers, big sis- Ters, and relaTives oT every kind converged upon The FLC gymnasium To aTTend The ceremonies. The TirsT ForT Lewis commencemenT To be held indoors in Tour years. ln spiTe oT wind. weaTher, and an overTilled gym, iT was an impressive ceremony. Governor oT Colorado John A. Love. scheduled To be in aT- Tendance buT unable To Tly To Durango because oT The high winds, addressed -The graduaTes by a Tele- phone-loudspeaker sysTem. l-le also Tormally dedi- caTed The new library-classroom complex, saying iT was To be Tor "The besT educaTion possible Tor Tu- Ture generaTions." OuTsTanding scholars Tor The Class of '67 were many. Summa cum laude honors wenT To Linda Mc- Connel and Raymond I-logler, while magna cum laude graduares were Jean Anne LuTgens and Charles Wang. TwenTy-Tour oThers received cum laude honors. The dedicaTion oT The library by Governor Love was compleTed when The symbolic key was passed inTo The hands oT ChieT Librarian Graham Sadler. James M. I-lunTer, archiTecT. passed The be- ribboned key To Duane Lucas, CraTTsman ConsTruc- Tion Company, who passed iT To PresidenT ArThur Sheely oT The STaTe Board oT AgriculTure, who pre- senTed iT To ForT Lewis College PresidenT John F. Reed, and he To Sadler. .sim . ll' 1 V . vl 9fYrc'Lrsa.i " T .... 7- I.. .E , '- Q DedicoTes Librory ..f'!?" 'r ez . 'S gg J l A-:Wi " l 6--ik -' kg gy.. air -1. sig. 5 'T 1 Q H. J D Vi, 1. 'll e xr' ' ' 15" v T ur rl. i T3 ' . P9 uw QS: 1 1. 3 I all Lili' . .5 , ,W Kg. ,i, '04 V. ..,. , Oh. buT iT was a long, long Time STudenT body presidenT STeve Mar- Tin lcenTerl. vice-presidenT Jim Dale lleTTl and sTudenT senaTor Larry Fro- hardT waiT To ring The bell. announcing The coming of The graduaTes. ,I Vu, gndriggsg .., .pf wgur' v In . . A . ' -,,.z, ' ss' wh. Q. ,h 4 Nw . . 11 LS-. .a V -- - 4- ,v -. I1- 5 if 4. 4 f 1 Q Q L, ,aa L Lf! I QL 1 X X XXX X' uk ' J-"nn" Much of Fori Lewis hisiory has been caplured by phoiographer Ralph Sunclquist here c:augh+ "un- aware" on 'rhe oiher side of lhe camera lens. The clemure appearance of gracluaie Cindy Lee Wrighl: Or is Jrhai a smile of 'rriumph as she gazes upon her name on 'rhe diploma? Parenls, relalives and 'friends of 'rhe Class of '67 iammed 'l'he new library- classroom complex follow- ing 'rhe declicaiion during The gradualrion ceremo- nies. Fort Lewis College Graduates April 16, 1967 Bachelor of Arts Degrees Ronald George Adams lcum laudel Randa Aguilar lcum laudel Verna Charline Anderson Palricia Anesi lcum laudel Thomas Lee Armand Lebareel Aslanian Floyd Lee Barreir Margarel Ellen Bisio Thelma A. Black Kennelh Dean Bledsoe Berna Deane Briggs Michael Sherman Buchanan Bonnie Jean Bulcher Slanley A. Campbell Earl Slephen Carroll Michael Kenl Carrulhers Doris Chaney Joanne H. Colley Cheryl Leora Conner lcum laudel John Richard Colfer Marvin Dale Crow Harvey Gene Crowley lcum laudel Alice E. David Jerald Larson Dunn Jan Thomas Eagleman Mary McCracken Eagleman lcum laudel Hugh Leonard Easlerday Norma Jean Ervin lcum laudel Roberl Thomas Ervin Joan D. Evans lcum laudel Elaine Elma Evensen Mary Lynn Falconelli lcum laudel Alan Lane Ford Jan Lee Frisby Richard D. Fuller John S. Gales Anna Louise Girodo lcum laudel Srephen N. Gladslein John William Gohn Roberi J. Grale Slanley Keilh Graflis Elberl Russell Gragg Kennelh Wayne Guzik Buford Hackney lcum laudel Ralph Alberl Hagan Calvin Lewis Haning Ronald A. Helland Richard V. Heller Gloria Brazeal Henderson lcum laudel Brell C. Henry lcum laudel Nancy C. Herring lcum laudel Raymond Louis Hogler lsumma cum laude Janice Rose Holcomb Rodney Merle Humble Mary Ann Hill Hunlsman Pamela B. Jennings Thomas Jennings Neil Waller Jochen William Jerry Johnson Deborah Anne Keel lcum laudel Merlon Taylor Keel Ardilh Julene Kehler Thomas Charles Kirby Viclor Marvin Knighl' Joseph C. Krobolh Paul E. Larimore Roberl Francis Ledger. Jr. lcum laudel Jean Anne Lurgens lmagna cum laudel Lillianna Marie Malberg Herberl Andrew McDaniel Bachelor of Arfs Michael Clyde Mcdonald Mary Ann McNamara Paul E. McNul'ry Marie Ellen Herrera Meslas Harold Srephen Millage Janer Gayle Minrer Donald E. Moore Lloyd D. Moore Ernesjr E. Nicholson Richard Louis Noble Dana Lea Noe Judirh Anneira Norlon Bruce F. Olson Alberla L. Pargin lcum laudel Meredirh Lynn Palfen Virginia Palrerson Floyd Ray Perkins James Chrislopher Perry V Oscar Jay Pererson Wabel Rachad Pharaon Frank L. Phelps, Jr. James Roger Reed Jeanne A. Reed lcum laudel Billy Edward Roundrree Roberr Michael Smirh Licurgo G. Solo Barbara Jo Srocker lcum laudel Ralph E. Sundquisr Gregory C. Thompson Kennerh E. Trone Craig Lorn Wallace Chai-Ho Charles Wang lmagna cum laudel Joseph M. Weaver Barry Michael Weinberg Michael Wallace Wesbrooks Ellannelie Whirworlh Peggy Ann Wilcox Troy Wilhire Raymond Wilson lcum laudel Krisrine Knous Worley Cindy Lee Wig'ron Wrighr Ellen Jeanne Zabel Bachelor of Science Degrees Ruben B. Aguilar Mike F. Andrearla lcum laudel Dianne Wood Arkins James Carllon Aumiller Glenn R. Barrh Roberr L. Bradford Jack LeRoy Briggs Donald l. Chikuma Harry Randolph Covingron Louis Bouviere Dills John G. George Roberr S. Hays, Jr. Bachelor of Science Richard Lamar Hefheringion Kirk William Hills Gary Roger Jameson Russell B. Lamberi Paul David Langer Richard G. Lemmon Marlin V. Li'rvin Linda Gale McConnel lsumma cum laudel Charles Edward Melvin John R. Miller Frederick James Moore Aubrey Clemenl' Morgan Roberf Leon Morrow Diane Dee Newbrough Samuel E. Noble Ofis Preuir Charles Dale Rae. Jr. John B. Robinelfe Julius William Ryfer. Jr. Donald McKeown Shailuck Michael Slcuria, Jr. lcum laudel William Bruce Sieward Donald L. Webb lcum laudel Charles Emanuel Wiening Alvin L. Williams Jerry L. Worowey lcum laudel Associate of Arts Degrees Bonnie Mae Bensman Chrisiine Elaine Dunn Vicioria Anne Kuehlinq Jean Ellen Meyer Linda Lou Rudd 1' '11 1'.1 1111' - Q1111 11 , 1 ., , 1 . ' in 1 . . 1 11' :rf 1f111 1 ,1 , 1111111' "' 11 111111 '11 111.-' 121' 1 ,-i1.P1-111'11T11111111f- -71' 111111 1.1'.111111s.Tfff1113L11 1 1111 1111" 1 -. .-1 L-1 ' 111 111. 'Y '!i14Fl1f"1 1Q 1-if 'Tm E11 Ji' " 17 .11 .1-11-1 11.1 1' 1,11-1111 1-1. 11 11111111.1111-11 1116 .11-1111 1 111.1.w I. V1 "I 11 1 , 11 , -11-1' ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 H: N. ,111 M11! 1' N17 - rag 1 ' X , 1 ,.. 1 1 1 ,, 1- . "u , 1 ,J 1' ,111 1 ' ," 1 , 1 . V 1 ' 1 'gf 1 11 'I 11 1 11 4 1 1 1 1 W ' 1 1 1 1 11 ,Y 1 1 'H1,."'111 1. 111 114 X- ,zrwf a' '1. 11 , '11 11 1 1 11 I1 .1 1 1- ,W 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , X 11 F. X 1 ,- 1 , 1 ,111 '1 11 1 1' . 11 W , , Q 7.11 1 LQ ' 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1p,J1a1o11, 1 1 1 . . . 11, . . .,,.,, 1 1 F , 1 1 11, - 1 . 1 1 1 , 1 1 -1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 '1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 .1 1 I 1 1 1" 1 1 ' '1 1111 1 1 1 .1 1 11 1 11 I .1 1' 1 ' 1 1 1 ' 1 '1 1 1' 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 f 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 'I I 1 1 1 1 1 The Kaizima has been presenied 'I'oo soon for rhe memories fo have become los'l'. As a memory book H' is designed 'For much la'l'er, when fhe fog had blurred fhe sharp images of lasi' year. This is noi' fhe complered novel, buf has been meani' 'lo bring a laugh, a +hough'l'. Bui' when rhe years have caused a momeni' of forgeifulness, fhen perhaps fhis Kahima can call our of 'l'he darkness a li'Hle of 'l'he lighr of I967 . . . X. l82 1 J f ' 1 H!" I Q J 1 fi, TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY "The World's Best Yearbooks Are Taylor-made" A-I '- A..-A x v -E. 41 1 3 . .El " b . 4 W ...,,R V -- 'r f -. ' 7' , , , Y ., . ,W N. A , z , 4 . , 1... . V .RX , Ex ,

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