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 - Class of 1918

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53534 "LUl1D!!JDOll!JU4 V V V 'V - A u 0 M A o v Q v o Q v r io-pgs 0 Lwgpyqpyyqpgglo ' E 5 -.213 I ' 5 Q K ww: flben in the Service 5 A of Ebeir Gountry j Paul Barrows Rufus Keller E Roy Ahrend John Kirk 4 : Greeley Camp Homer Lee E Q Arthur Carter Lee Lockhart E ' William Center Ralph McClelland 3 John Davis Robert Cree E 5 Clarence Eliason Luther Hickman , 5 George Farmer Bruce Lockhart I Clarence Fish John lWcCunnij? E Arthur Fitzmorris Wali'er Morrisoii E Lyle Friend Roy Pengra E Louis Braden Walter Phippeny Arthur Erickson Truman Reed E Victor Candlin Max Schenck ' Donald Adams cami sfoaghaz R ' K ' d d N bl F' f Q Fgevd Ggelrhfjzd Peierg Eiilmeiy E 3 Fred Gibson Clarence Turner g Wallace Hopkins Verner Vanderlip Q 5 William Hurley Valiant Nims ' George Iroan Charles Query 5 1 Raymond Wolfe Lloyd Ewing 4 2 Harold King Albert Adams E Ralph Baird Victor Jones I T John Kyle james Durning 1 3 4 M E: 3 5 am I 'k fi AM MfMLNMM1MnN4M MMM AMMIMJMJ M 5 l E 5 P 1 1 2 Q L 3, g , 3 L 3 3 E 5 i 3 E 2 5 E E T 3 3 K 5 E 27 Q 2 HON. JULIUS C. GUNITER 5 - Governor of C I d E 2 L Z E 3 fi 3 mm "' 'ww ml Ei Q 3 1 5 3 L 5 E 3 2' L 2 CFICHC Eg ' K 5 Ia Q 3 POIJDRC Q K 4918 E 2 2 Q 3 3 5 5 L - K L 1 Q . L - L L 2 Aa , A e - 'Y Vvl FVWVVWF' W TNI 'VV VlvxH!xZj'1f!xEv1mE5,1lIYv'D1 YIIJVIEIVDYVITY-VIH ii TABLE OF CONTENTS FOREWORD DEDICATION TRUSTEES OFFICERS OF ADMINISTRATION WHAT C. T. C. IS DOING FACULTY IN MEMORIAM ALUMNI ASSOCIATION CLASSES- Progrzim for Commencement Grziduate College Senior College Junior College Summer School Country Schools STUDENT ACTIVITIES- Athletics f The Press Clubs and Grganizations The Stage Religious Sororities and Fraternities YE COLLEGE DAYS . ADVERTISING - A - - - L - - , Q - - , A LU4 - - A - - LWJJLUJLKQCILUJLUJIXVJLU-IDUQI V ' ' ' ' ' PEYIVM1: 0 A A VNVB1 A PfM1DiN1I'6X1PfM1?fM1Pf8flPfNPfDflPfB1hiX1i i" " VAT " " " A " 'C' ' 4 :ZJLKJJAALXAIXA LVN V LU-ILUJLUJ V' 'V RWJLWARVJHVADSARUJLKVJLWALWAKUJLKVJKWJDSA V DJJ DJJ LUJIUJIL I IC 1' E 5 E Z Z Z E FOREWORD THE staff of the IQI8 Cache la Poudre presents this book, hoping, in the -beginning of a new era for C. T. C., that by furnishing a permanent record of the year's activities it may help to strengthen its Alma Mater as a college and add to the bond between its members and friends With this purpose in mind the staff has tried to express in terms of the print- ers art the beauties in nature that the campus holds and has attempted to indi- cate the progress and prosperity of Colo- rado Teachers College YN1PfN1PfN1I'fN1YN1PfN1TfX1FfYlPPt1YX1h'N1D'N1 D"s1D'X1 IYX1PfX1lYY1 KYYIIYN1 5 5 5 llnhn Grant Glrahhr 4 4 S, L E E E E E E E E E BQ 5 flu nur presihmt E E E 'E E E Q ii me rmapsflfullg hrhiratr this unlume 3 2 E 5 5 5 EQ E E E 1 5 S E E Q 4 E 3 Z ,5 ' ' v I1 U 4 ,-N 2 ' 5 E -A M K Y aw , 5 L 5 5 5 L Q 5 5 Q 3 Eg 5 kc' Es I E ,E , 'il - AY 2 P lfffzfrf J'Il77l17lL'l' znakes Il jJa1'11di.vU it 0 LQLILUJ V LUJDU-ILWJJ V 'LUJLUJDUJLUILKVJLUJLKVQLXVJ V LUJDUJDUJ V V LUJLWIJLUJLWJJIXWJDUJDUJLUJ V V LUJLULU 4 4 4 1 5 E 5 A E Q E - E Q In E In E Q 1: E Q 'I E 2 Er E ii 5 1' E ja Q E - E 2 I 5 1' E 2 :I E ir E :I E Ir 1, A E . Pleasant it fwas, 'when fwoodx -were green E Eu I g P6YlI'fA1hiN1 " " " "" "' A A A PGYIIYM1 A A A h'A1ffA1l'6YI A V81 A rf8tlP01KYA1rfA1I'm1MX1PfM1P6's1P6N1 " 3 , 8 ' ff 5 I Q 4 Q A 2 I ' E 5, E 5 I 5. E 5 E 5 E 5. 3 v 'E 5 E Q Q 2 I 5 ' 3 A I Q 4 2 C Q 0 l l-UJDUJ V D!!-ILU-ilk!!! - I - I LKVJJLUJ - - - - V V - - - - - - I LWJJLKVJLVALWAUQAIPQJJLWALWIJUUJDQANALKVJIXW V IXZQLU-ILWJJLUJLUJ V LWAIXVJLKUJLKUJLKVJDFALXVJLKVJDUJLQMLKVU A democratic' road to learning VNM1 A h0dV8s1I'6X1MY1 VAX1 A IY6t1 P6'fIP6X1P6N1P6X1PfA't1I'01F6't1h6N1P01IYB1Fli'dffA1PfA1 A VN A VEGVRGVA1 A P6N1f01h'8flPfA1 A MVVNVN A A Vid ! 5 5 Q Q gy, L L L Q K . E E E E' Q E E E L 3 L L K E Q L 2 L L llfflfft' 'LL'i.YL1'll77l is .rrulylll Z V4 5 . i Q 3 E - 5 Q 55 5 5 5, Q E E L 3 E Q T E 4 5 55 EQ QW U Q S Q 2 5 Q , Q kg .4 j1laz'z' of beauty and a joy formfm' VNVNPEVMWVNVBVVN " " 4 " 4 " 4 " 4 " " 1 " ' MN1 A IYA1 " " " " 4 " " P06 " DSN1 " " 'LKYIJLKWJLUJLU-ILWJLWA - A UGA - - - A L04 A -L A - - - - - A DSJJDUJ - - ,. - - - A - - - L04 - - LEG - - - - A - - - 2 Here 1: Zaugfnf the dzgnziy of labor F06 " mmmmmmmmmmmmii 'Q E E E E E E E E E E E 5 E E E E E E E 'E E E E E E E E Fi iz E E , Q Z Z Yozzlffy fount of kzzzmvledge Vid A V51 A PBGMX1 A VNVYIVNG P01 PfYlnfN1Pf'TIPfN1YYlFf VGGMWAVA1 'i 5 5 5 51 5 5 5 5 5 5 E 5 5, E Q 5 Z 5 5 E 5 5 Q Q 5 0 VRGVMDSVVN LUJ LKJJLKALUJLUJLUULUJLUJ PJILUUIXJJDJJ DA IXA ... ..A ..A A. .v. ... ..A LUJ ,.,. LUJLUJ .,. LKJJDJ Lg: 1 1 E 'E 1 X3 'Q 1 ,Q In 4 Q 4 Q Q Q 3 2 7 3 5 5 E3 5 5 BOARD OF TRUSTEES HON. HENRY P. STEELE ................... Denver HON GEORGE E. SULLIVAN .... .... G unnison HON H. V. KEPNER ........... ..DenveE HON. GEORGE D. STATLER .... .... G reeley HON VVILLIANI P. DUNLAVY ..... .. Trinidad 5 HON RQSEPHA PULFORD ...... .... D urango 3 HON NIARY C. C. BRADFORD ..... ..Der1ver 3 2 Oficers HON. H. V. KEPNER 5 PRESIDENT HON. VVILLIAM P. DUNLAVY VICE-PRESIDENT Q MR. A. J. PARK 1 SECRETARY 3 3 I J 5 lIHlE1' 5HI1Kv1 l 14 1LlUTEUMITEUIAQUlQHlMUl ,VJIUI i . 55 5 5 5 5 -5 T OFFICERS OF ADMINISTRATION JOHN GRANT CRABBE .... .... P resident of the College T i .GEORGE D. STATLER .... .............. T reasurer A. PARK .................. .......... R egistrar ALBERT FRANK CARTER .... ........... L ibrarian 3 . GRACE CUSHMAN ........ ..... A ssistant Librarian 5 ' MARY E. COCHRAN. .. ..... Library Assistant Ti VVILLIAIVI B. PAGE ..... ............ L ibrary Assistant - R. G. DENIPSEY ........ Superintendent of Grounds 5 J. P. CULBERTSON .... .... s ttt-ttttty ts tht President 3 A. W. YAICH ..... V ...... ........... R ecord Clerk 3 RALPH S. BAIRD ..... 3. ..... Stenographer 5 , FRANCIS lVI. ERICKSON , . .Stenographer 3 ERlXfIA COONS ............ ..... S tenographer 2 FLORENCE WILLIAMS ..... sttnsgtsphtt- 3 GEORGE WILLIAMS . . . .... Bookkeeper 5 5 T I 3. 3 5 5 Q Ei Q C -1 iViHIQfil.xXDNE'KHKi lmlmnuJ I V V VILVJIXVJLWJJDGQV V 'V V V i f MV AVNV VvV V" V" V-lbVNLW!4LWl-llJ!l-lVUUJVLKVJLWAlfWll,. 5 E Q 1 v E It E - E Q E ju E ja E 5 E , 0 5 5 WHAT C. T. C. IS DOING 5 E Colorado Teachers College is taking a high place among E teachers' colleges in the United States. ln spite of changed con- E ditions because of the War the College has an enrollment of over E one hundred students in Senior and Graduate College. The ' graduating class of this year is the largest class in the history of E the Junior College. Sending these people out as high school, grade, E rural, manual training, music and domestic science teachers, the E College is influencing in a large Way the future of the West. K C - A Conservatory of lvlusic is now firmly established that holds E a great future in store. The ideal of this department is to train E ' teachers for public school work and as teachers of voice, violin, pipe E organ, piano and orchestral instruments. E Athletics have found a definite place in the life of this institu- E tion. ln 1918-19, the men's football and basketball teams will E 3 Q Q 5 5 5 5 Q Q 3 5 Q 5 5 2 5 3 1 take an active and prominent part in the Conference games with other Colleges of the State, after their work of 1917-18. An op- portunity may be given the girls' basketball teams to take part in intercollegiate games. Definite training courses for athletic coaches will be offered. Dramatic Work has always taken a large part in College life at C. T. C. To this has been added intercollegiate debating and oratory will probably be introduced. ' Witli a promise of a new domestic science building, the College plans for the best Home Economics department of this section of the Country. The llflodel Cottage has done much toward this. " " " A A " " " ' " A 'I TA " " A A I7iYITfM'l?75liYM1 A V' Z 16 6 5 , C . QJLk9J'LUJLU-ILUJ' 'LUJIUJIXWV ' V 'LEG' 'LUJIJUILUJLUJ' 'LUJ IXV4 ' V' ' E f 4 I 2 ? e E 2 2 E - E 5 E E Q 2 I - E E i I c , 2 5 E l I I 'I - A - '!A9U' 4' fLkUJ' - A , A ' A - - - L04 - - - A - ' ' V ' V V - - - A UUJDUJ - - - A A - - - - V ' ' - - - - JOHN GRANT CRABBE, A.B., A.lVI., Pd.M., Pd.D., LL.D.' President, 1916 A.B., A.M., Ohio Wesleyan University Pd.M., Ohio University, 1897 LL.D., Berea College, 1909 , Pd.D., Miami University, 1909 LL.D., State University of Kentucky, 1911 Phi Beta Kappa v-v v-v v'v 4 v-v vAv v-v v'v v'v v-v v-v v'v Av v-v v'v v'v v-v v'v v-v v-v -v v-v v-v v'v v'v v'v 'v ' 4 11 4 ' 4 4 4 1 4 4 1 4 ' 1 ' 4 416Y14Yl4 41101141414 MYI4 411414114 4YN1 41014 4 414 4 4h'A1 E E E E E E E E E E g E E E E E E 'E 'E E Ii E E E E E E E 'E E E E 'E E E E E 'E E E E E 18 5 5 6, ' IXUJIXWJLUJDUJLUJ ' ' LU-IDUIILWALUJLUJ ' ' ' 'LU-IL!!-ILUJLUJ ' 'LWJD-V1 ' 'IXVJLWJJDSJJLUJ ' ' ' LUJD841 ' 1 ' M M M ? I ? 3 5 z 1 ALLEN CRoss AB A M Actlng Dean of the College P1OfESSO1 of L1te1atu1e and Enghsh 1906 AB Unlvelslty of IHIDOIS 1905 O lYiX1Y'Klf6X1PfDf1f0flMN1n A I'KX1MN1MYlI'fA1-fN Pf86" " "fA1h'A1" " o 4?fNs ' ' "' A 'V 'V Y A .. 5 U E1 9 0 Q 1 , .., . . D - 'Q r 2 A.M.,University of Chicago, 1906 5 . - ' - A A A I A 'V 19 - C , Q 5 5 Q Q Q 5 Q 3 5 5 5 5 1 EI E1 E 5 5 E1 E 5 2 " . ' ' LUJDQALWIIJQI-I ' - - - - - - - A , A - - - - - - ,. - ,. - - - - - - - DSMLWALKVJIXVJLKWJDSAIXQQ ' D!!-190415314 ' ' THOMAS C. AICCRACKEN, A.B., AM. Dean of the Graduate College Professor of Education, 1914. "He hall: a tear for pity, and zz hand open ay day for melting rl1a1'ify" JAMES HARVEY HAYS, A.B., A.M. Dean of the College Professor of Latin and Mythology "None k7Z0'LU him but to lrrve lzimj None name hun but to'." GURDON R. ll'.lILLER, Pl1.B., A.B., Pl1.D Dean of the Senior College Professor of Sociology and Economics, 1905 "My mind I0 me a kingdom is" Pr-v vwv 20 L7MLlNR1!L7l M l MlL 1 2 I E 5 FRANCES TOBEY, B.S. Dean of the Junior College Professor of Oral English, 1906 E -7 rr f , ' 9 An an el. or zf not 9 1 1 2 An enrtlzly jmragorf' 2 E 2 5 2 2 2 5 5 3 l HELEN GILPEN-BROXVN, A.B. ' 1 Dean of Women, 1914 I 5 "Her fwayx are fway: of pleasantzzess, 14nd all her palhs are peace" l 5 g E I L E 1 .12 . 5 E 1? E 1,2 Q E2 Q T, lr 421 SAMUEL M. HADDEN, Pd.B., A.B., A.M. Dean of Practical Arts, IQOI ' Q' . . V21 A4, "I'm sure fare 11 an enemy lo 1zfe" lm il Y 2, or or Eorr 1 1 1,111 ,EEE E 1 or 1 1 -1 1 hi QKHSEFQHFLYYIHQYNAXTY1 Ylllf UIQ: Y1lV1L3WT'10'1l1'X'ff 1? M 'VZ VM iVfT1EhYY!lYY1l1fVV11Ni11 VYFAJII iff Yxlif AVN!! x1EifiiHi5W i.ll'l 21 Qifsfxl FRANCIS LORENLO ABBOTT, B S A M L C 3- LEVERETT A. ADAMS, A.B., A.M., Ph.D Q Professor of Biology, 1906 MRS. LELA MAY AULTIVIAN, Pd.B., Pd.M. Training Teacher First Grade, x916 HTIIU, deep, yet clear ' Tho' gentle, yet not dull" V-v . vya 22 2 Q E ' MM1 MM , 1 9 f r l F . ., 1 u Professor of Physics, 1900 q "For e'en Zlzo' fvanquished he fould argue still" E 3 Q E E E E A E l Q 0 X 0 E E 'Q Q E E Q 4 "It is not good that man should be alone" E E QHLQHLYZU M GEORGE A. BARKER, B.S. M.S. Professor of Geology and Geography, IQI4 "FII put a girdle round aboul the earth 171 forly minutc'.v" 3 1 MARVIN F. BEESON, A.B. Ph.D Professor of Education i917 Who1n, -well znxpired, the oracle ro nuanced fzuzsext of men l 2 I 3 L .l-OHN R. BELL, Pd.B., Ph.B., A.M. Principal of the High School and Professor of Secondary Education, 1914. Q "W'!zo has looked for the best in atlzerx and L gi-ven them the bert he had" L l . 5 L lvv:IEvIvv: Ivw: Ivy: Ivv: vvliiv-Ji IVV. !v.viv.vEvv. Evvpfvi ivwi gvvi - 0 Zo - M RALPH T. B1sHoP Professor of Printing, 1917 "He airways blithely doe: his .vtunt W'ifl1 rheerful and undaunted front." A A CHARLES J. BLOUT, A.B.,'A.M. g Instructor in Chemistry, 1915 "Find: tonguex in trees, books in the running brooksj .rermons zn stozzex, and good zn ofuory- 5 lhznf' ' Z 5 5 I I 2 A RAE E. BLANCHARD, A.B. 5 High School Preceptress Instructor in English an-d Literature "Enjoy your dear fwil and gay rhetoric" 5 . VMVNVNVNVNMMVN A MHVNVNVNMHVMVNMX1 A MYIPKSG A A A A P06 A IYA1 ' V11?1'0'wnyi 24 QlqW Ww M - 4' q Librarian, 1901 E ELIZABLTH CLASBY ASS1StHHt xn Home Dconomxcs and fvzftzw z: hfr own reiwazd MARY F COCHRAN, A B Ass1stant Lxbxauan Inst1ucto1 m Llbxary Scxence 1916 Ilatlz lhy lozl om bool: mn.fu1ned lhe mzdnzghl 0119 , ' C I , R ,- . . . ' I 0 .R . Q 4 A I . . 4 . R A , . V R D R . E C R K Q L I , , ., 3+ 2 2 ' x 3 pg 1imm lV,Qv,wW,Q,1,m,m,-NE,,s,mm,muznmfmzm1iF 25 ALBERT F. CARTER, A.B., M.S. :E HBEfLUIlI'L' the fury of a patienl man" ' Z 1' . Q E IC 2 g E A-A .-. .-A .,. .-A v. -. .-A ,A AA ,-,A JEAN CROSBY, A.B. Instructor in High School History, IQIS "They Iauglz that win" R, GRACE CUSHMAN, Pd.B. Assistant Librarian, Instructor in Library Science, 1913 "A creature not Zoo Izrighl or good For human 7zature's daily food" 5 I 5 Q 'Q 5 5 5 5 1 5 r Q E Q is I E is 9 5 LUCY B. DELBRIDGE Instructor in Violin, 1917 Z "find mi.ftre.v.v of herself, Zlzo' China fall" 3 . . mmmmmm . . . . Q . nm . mmmm " " H . . . Q 26 , ' Q3ElKZxm fmImU fL 4 X 5 "W ' 4 4 E 5 HULDA A. DILLING, B.E. ' 9 Training Teaeher, Fourth Grade, 1917 "Not stepping o'er the bounds of modesty" V E 2 3 1 E E 2 5 2 E o Q E Q e E g 4 . 2 K 5 0 E 6 E 2 5 - 3 1 4 5 EMMA CHARLOTTE DUMKE, A.B. Z 2 Instructor in Reading in High School, 1913 Z "She 'war zz skillful mistress of lzer art" Q 5 Q 1 W Z E 3 E nw, 4 1 E l 0 1 5 1 3 5 5 0 Q 2 EDWIN STANTON DUPONCET, Ph.D. Q 1 Professor of Foreign Languages, 1915 . 6 "Gr0fw.r, lifves, and dim' in single ble.rsedr1z'.r.f" , 5 ' Q 5 1 W ww W i 27 AAAAIAA ' GEORGE W FINLLY B S Professo1 of Mathematlcs 1912 Ho could dzxtznguzsh and dzfvzde a hazr tluzxt south and southwest .rzde AINIY RACHEL FOOTE, A B , TIHIHIIIU Teache1 Slxth Glade Sho monks behafoex and aft: juxf ax Jho ought ' z I 1 I E 1 'f 1M11 MM I M M M M IQ 5 ' ' ' 2 E ' 4 . 4 4 , .. E 1 4 1 I - ' Q 4 h I 1 K 2 5 5 h K ...Q A, . f ' g H 1 h " 2 z 5 5 K 5 V CHARLES M. FOULK, Pd.B. g Instructor in Manual Training, X914 Y "We grant, altho' he had much fwit, ,L He fwax fvery shy of wing it" li ' w . 5 f Ivnvv:: vi vvi vv: I lHIvxfiE.Z-igvaiir.. 28 T F I ou t - - - - - - 1 - .1 ..1 -. M 1 H vv 0'. aPm1h'8s1nrfA1 RALPH GLAZE, B.S. Professor of Physical Education and Hygiene, 1917 "W'ho fan be fwixe, amazed, temperate and furious, Loyal and neutral, in a mofnerzf' MYIVM A VDIIMYIMX1 A MVVRGMMVMVA1 A VMVNMX1 A CHARLOTTE HANNO, AB. Assistant in High School Modern Languages, 1916 NV 00 "Nothing is i111po.v.vible Io Il willing heart" APAYIDNA YQVVNIV 000000 JOSEPHINE HAWES, A.B. Assistant Professor in English, 1917 "Hn lofveliness I newer lerzcfw Unfzl .elle .fmzlfd on me" 'VNfNfV 000 1 1 E 3 2 A ' 2 E E Q if Q so 3 5 gl 5. if 2 E 2 1lWJ 29 1 1 1 3 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 3 3 3 1 1 1 3 3 5 1 1 1 ? 'XV-ILU-iLK!llL'!lJLkV4LWA'V V LUV! V V V DSIJLWIJDQIJLU-I V V V V V LUJNADUJLKWJNAULKQUUUJLWJLU-I V NJJLWJJLMW O A E Vi V E Q ENIIVIA T. HENILEPP, B.S. A E Training Teacher, Eighth Grade, 1917 E "Tell her of thirzgf that no gross ear can hear" E 4 E E E E E E E E 1 E E E JACOB D. HEILBIAN, ME., AB., Ph.D. Pl'OfCSSO1 of Educational Psychology, IQO8 "Speak soft, and smile when you do Jpeak, pray" E E E E , E 'E E E E E Instructor in High School Latin and LUCILE HLLDEBRAND, A.B. E C ' Mathematics, 1916 E "ff still small "L'0iI6U E E 4 ' " A P6N1DWflI'6Yl A k" " " " " IYSYIVRGI V ' A A MY1F6X1PfA1" PfDdPfA1 " " A " A IRYINO 30 - A A A A A ,A A,A A,A A A A ,A A UUJLW4 A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A IXVJLKYANJJIWIJIXVJLWXILWA V D314 ' 9841904 AGNES HOLMES, Pd.M. Instructor in Industrial Arts, 1914 "The noblest mind the best contentment has" E. A. HOTCHKISS, A.M. Principal of the Elementary School, 1917 "He had a head to fontri-ve, zz tongue to peryuade and a hand to execute" 5 E E E E A 5 A A 5 Q Q E 5 5 E Q I 3 - 1 ll X E E i WALTER F. IsAAcs, B.S. Professor of Drawing and Art, 1914. flIVh0m all men call friend" 5 ITN " " " " P6X1n " ' 1TlA1i " ' DWG " VNMVI ' u ' " " " '4 " " " V A MN1 " A FIN " " g 5 li nf if E 1: If li If li If nl 1: It nf If V 1, r I, 31 vpwqpwgvw vpqgvl vpggpwqpgqv v 0 opyqv v v,vLyg,q1,Q,qvLgy4oLQj41,yy,yv vp3J4 RIILDRED DEERING JULIAN, B.S. Kindergarten Training Teacher, IQI4. "Bcn11iy and glndrzesx and ligfzf for the T7lOI'I'0iCU JOHN C. JOHNSON, A.B., 1X Associate Professor of Biology, 1915 Hi: His head unmellofwed, but lzix judgment ripe ycfarf but young, his experienfe old E 3 E is. 5 E E 1 E E E E E e E E E E E E E E E E JOSEPHINE KNOYVLES KENDEL Instructor in Voice, 1917 "On ilu' air, as bird: in 1nead0fw.r, Sweet fmbodzment of song" T E 3 1 K v-v v-v yy vw 'iv 32 F ' AA iMIQiQ m ?1QELAQq?2qB?Uxn LUXLR! . Y L JOHN CLARK KENDEL, A.B. 3 Director of Conservatory of Music, IQI4 5 "T!1i.r Quay ffm noise fwnx, if mine far be Iran" V L i Z 3 Z L 2 ' Q Q ELIZABETH HAYS ICENDEL. AB. Training Teacher, Fifth Grade, 1896 Q "Oni of fha rzbznzdzlrzre of the hearf, flu' 111011111 Iflfllkffflli Q 3 I Q s Z RIARGARET joy KEYES, A.B. Assistant Professor of Phvsical Education and Q - Dramatic Interpr-eration, IQI4. L liyflfll you do danrc, I -tcislz you Qcrrr' I1 fc nw' of lllz' .rea 5,5 Tha! ynzz mighl m'1'r do 7101lIi7Iy lm! fflllfv gg . H L I 9.3 -J.: 5 Q 5, if i 5 Q Professor of Aguculture 1917 Hz: message fwzll be .flzort and fvolulzle NELLIEB LAYTON PdB AB Instructor rn Musrc 1914. By muxzf guztkened, her heart taker zn the whole '7.L'0l'ldU LUCY MCLANE, A.B. Instructor in High School English, 1915 "In :mall proportion Awe just beauty .fee And in short measures, life may perfect be lu3qLk!LLkU4LkV4LX!L1lxV:DUJLkUJlX!J4 LWA V V V LKVJPUJ V V Vl3UJlX9lLWf4'V VIXVJ V V'lX!l-lbw!-lDUJl3!!JDU4D!!J . 5 5 1 3 J. HORAQE KRAFT, AB., Bs. Q . 2 5 2 Q 5 5 9 Q 1 ? V 9 5. 2 5 if P6YI ffA1P6N1ffh1 A 4 im1PfA1nouiYA1rm1 A 4 A an PfA1iTA1lYA1fm1lYA1 A ab 34 vv D O 5 I 5 "LUQLU-l'LU-l' " LU-l'LWlIlX!l4' VLWIJLVALUJLKVJLUJLUULWJJVLVALKUJVLKQUVLKVJLWAVLKVJLWA' WILLIANI BARNARD NIOONEY, A.B. Director of Extension Service, 1907 "Phi1oJophy is nothing but discretion" ' Z WILLIAM B. PAGE, M.D. Assistant Librarian, 1916 5 2 "Di.m'etion of speech 15 more than eloquence" Secretaly of the Board of Trustees Large 'was hz: bounty and his soul .fi7lCEl'6,, 5 Q A. J. PARK 5 H I is ,W W A A A A Wd A MN1 A KYA1- A A A PrAY1D6N1?fA1 ll A " " T" A ' i l ' YWHQEi 35 Y -Z P M M ,, 5 HELEN PAYNE, B.S. . Director and Professor of Home Economics, 1917 L "Smiling bark on all fwlm Jmiledn K Y 2 5 5 I 1 - z z o 9 FZ ' ADDISON LEROY PHILLIPS, A,B. 5 Associate Professor of English, 1915 E O - - , uI'ffl'1f6 ma' ax one Swim lower ,115 fz'llr1fwm11n" 1 Q 1 o 5, U O ' l 45 I Q V I Q ' 'K ' Li Q K 3 1 ' r 9 EDGAR D. RANDOLPH, AB., A.M. V Professor of Sociology, 191+ 5 "High erected tlzoughts .vented in the lzearf of O rourtesy" F P , 2 , w1 1WvW1Q1myfurymmrrimvimmmmlrmimi 36 Qgfggigivol M M15 UF AAI CHQ sf U3',I,U,!,AA5U5!fU O5ILU1KZ3fQEK7.,l!L ,J,x,1iWi LUll,1,11UA1M ,QUUAAKUX ,VJI U1 LQ UAW U1 Q MJIUI UU AAIAAIXU U U1 V UIl:Q4iLf,iJ,Ll 51,0315 D 3 ' L li Q l C. H. WOLFE i l Publicity Man, 1917 E gf "He will have 1ej?zihedfzq01'ld better Man fm g oznz lt" - E 4 L 2 U Z f ga D fi E 4 2 3 Q E f 5 f F , FRIEDA B. ROHR, A.B. Training Teacher, Fifth Grade, 1914 ".Rc'j1ro0f on her lip, but a smile in her rye" 4 1 K 5 9 C 4 ' 4 5 g i 1 I Q 9 Q 5 1 , I 5 L P LILA MAY ROSE, Pd.M. , i Instructor in Music, 1916 E1 "Blade mlzsiml p1'0jvlm1'iz'.v of lll'igllf6'I' a'z1y.v" E. ,,4f ' QQ 'Y' E fliimfixifii H'VT'F'x1T11jY1 ivfiifi i'Yf1K'1ZY1Ei1i1Tf1 TFL Yi ff xi ff1LrfK111YLY1hYiTf5'1iWn Y51YjiiI17Y1kE1T1Yi1'FiEHBYi7ffYf1Yi'1HYY :WEP Ki 9 P- U I Lwqpgqv v vpggy o -vpwqpxyqvpgyqnv v opggqv 0 Q v 0 0 Q v va vpgmnwnwv 0 omg 5 5 OTTO W. SCHAEFER Q Professor of Book Binding, 1918 4 "Order is Heawcniv fmt l:zfw" ln 9 if 5 U 51 In 0 4 J is 4 4a 0 4 3 0 .W 5. 5 5 EDITH STEPHENS, A.B. Assistant Librarian, 1917 "A: good as a play" v .?f"'4::I,f1 5-,..N GK, ,fs 1 , ff ':1?f'2.r' "' ' ff FW .viii W. 'g'M1V x-sf '13,-, my 2 10 ' 0:q:i:fsgf523jw.,., , f 1 ,mm ..,,, , , ,A , f'fW,as'zj':: F.. , f - wig-'f:2faf'fa:firf!?42iP:ff1 -, . - 1 W M M ' fififqgzm , ' fu' :lil liitit-f'1C'. '11S:N.,,tf' .. '22-1" -I 7 H arf" 5 , ' 1fsf.,i, " ff vv wwf' N 0 1 2 Z GLADYS SCHARFENSTEIN, Ph.B. L Instructor in Household Arts, 1916 "Her 'very fl'0'7.U7ZJ fairer far Tlzarz xmzles of other mazden: are." " Wifi " VNVN " P151 A " " A " " VN " " anmmmmuwmmmamffmmfi 38 T 3 "Wf1e1'e more il mean! than meaty the ear" 0,981-ILUJLUJDSJJ ' 'DMXAW-I ' LWJJDSUUUJ ' V LU-ilk?-I DSJJLWJJLUJ V LU+lD!l4LKWDU-INALUJLKQQDUJIXVJLUJWADSIJ VNVNVNYMVVNVNVNMMMW JOSEPH H. SCHRIBER, A.B. Professor of Rural Education, 1915 Director of the Department of County Schools "Report me and my fazlre arighf' KYNor6N1MN1 I . 1 I 2 5 FRANK W. SHULTIS, M.Ds. A.B., A.M. Professor of Commercial Education, 1911 'X f 2-19 Q me :-an - , .v-- ' g,4:gW, 2e:,ff1-zzrtawgi-72 tea -' 11.21. 1: if VMVNVNVA1 A VNVNMVVNVNMVMVVNMYI a h'iN1DWr1I'6Yl A A a 'W' a a VRGIM1 o VNVMY A rfA1D'A1h6N1 P01 A it V, " ':'.vI.771f, A -jL4f.7.'."I a-1. -. K 'ff '.'-5:11 . 1 y 1 , "Tiki-'1'.,.I-21 T53 Q3g,,,:3,:.:f.-,.+y ,,.-M5-H , .54-3,g,?-yi, ff .... . ,. .. f. r- 'U 'iw' v 'Z 4011-ff: , , - L, 4-.,-f., ,. 5.1-1-rs: .V Q5 '47 4 I ,iw-tgf,-,":1' ,W , ,:ff"" -' ,:',j,H5,2'5,:1f Evgggygi., ,f .-, .,., .,,,.',,f1, , -it -1- yli, V 14 QL'-:' .V f 4151 ...' l l" f . H 'lA"1 , 5,293 1 ,614 1 ' Y 1 f ' 1 ' 4 , ,' A 4 rg, ' 4.4 1 14 '14--" 'ff' 3,3 ,IQV ,, ,., Q 'sg'?.?1d 1-sg::551.t, Qjifan, ,041 Y ,..,,3 , BELLA BRUCE SIBLEY, A.B. Training Teacher, Second Grade, 1900 "Bid me di.rrour1c, I will enrlmnt thine ear" ' if lik 13 'f t' '.., -.....-.4 1.7.13- f- 4' ' f' . '- Y. 1- '-',v U'T'1':" '-"W-:kt 1.1,-:"" ':a'R"4f-':f. ff '- '- -'Qmemwi-ff. 'Lf f'l'53"E'f'3qQfji':X",1fsQ1g - ?fA1TfA1K'fSfIr6N1?fA1i'6N1K7A1PfA1?fDdPfA1Pm1f'0fII6N1P6X1 A VNMHMMMWMUMVMYMVVNMWMWMVVA77ni1?75i17ai1l'KT1TTf1h3'7Iit 39 1 I P 1 M111 I Km- 1' ' JM I 5 5. Q 2 3 1 1 1 1 3 3 1 5 5 5 A O ' EDWIN B bN11T1-1 BS A X1 Professor of H1 on and Polltxcal Scxence 1914. mould zaihez fm c' 101' Z1 fffmn and rc'-quid 0 my ffllo 171171 Ifmfz fo lm 1' 771lIIl"J of gold NELLIE BIARCARET STATLER Pd.B. LLB. Training Teacher, Third Grade, 1912 "find made Jzzzzxfzino in ll shady f1lm'r" MMMM1 M,M ,MJ M MM! M MM M M' ' . ff 1 . 1 , . -Y .L f . . 'Si .-- ' , HI , , . 1. A if - . . jr -H -- ' . ll , -.V V N u 14 U 1 CLARA HARRISON TOWNE, B.S.. Ph.D. Professor of Psychology, 1917 "Be Jllfl' of it: givvr' me tho ofulm' proof" 40 'QrA4l.m QWQU MAINJAA A IMI MlMlM. MLUfl E3lMF,UH, ' JENNIE TRESSEL, A.B. . Instructor of Normal Courses in High 9 School, 1916 I ' 0 "True ru the dia! to the JINZU Q ez 1- ef 2 222: .3 521211421 U ' A-ww ' , 2 '--- ? -f - V H V. A -,.: f - ' O 'Z' ,,,,. - D ' 5 5, do , .4 E 'L-4s.""-,ff A ' ,' ,' 4 ' I ,, 112' 5 - .La 'f'v:H?f , X V ' EDNA YVELCH Pd.M. , c Y ' 'V . . - . ' iff Instructor in High School Commerclal VVork ag V . . D "1 he Jewel of J1zcz'c'.fJ 15 favzftafzry I0 jJm',lJ0.fc' F ' ' '- -x-.M " wi: . L-V 1mf . a?",f v..- 4 f Q . 5 I 0 i l , l -'-.21-:7':'H1:if:f" ' ' ff ' fi' ,P '.:l?53J" ',1'55 E1Pw?k? ,Q-I ffm. 2-Wi V, ,.,H V , Qgf,2w fjyfp ,, 4, V- U o 9 5 Ir 9 9 0 , AIEHU BENTON NVHITE, B.S. 9 Director of Commercial Education, 1916 :Q ullfly llI'!U'f ir Iikz' a .ringing bird" -I ql x D U DUJDQALKV-ILUJLUJ V' ' LU-WU-I ' "' ' LUN! V DSIJLU-I A A A A A DUJLKW A V A A A A A A A A A A A A A A I C A A A . Q 5 5 5 3 3 ? 3 1 1 5 1 GRACE WILSON, A.B. Assistant to the' Dean of Women, IQIS "A friend may 'well be reckoned the master- A piece of nature" M. EVA VVRIGHT Instructor in Piano and Pipe Organ, IQI7 "In the .foul is music playing To the heating of the heart" 'T FRANK L. WRIGHT, A.B., A.M. Professor of Education, 1915 "None hui himself can be hi.: parallel" if VKIVA1 A VNMVMWVNVDGVNMV " VBYIPOG " " ' D61 " " 4 " D91 " " ' " " " " " " " ITN " i" ' A 42 4 ULXQQLKQJ DQAU U '!"IlLQj4DxyJU U U UILLUQULQAU 'l,Qj,jDQj,2"LLUJ,l J. P. CULBERTSON S.!rB4U"W9 C H ? s SLWJ 5 f QL Secretary to the President, 1916 "That both may fworle fwell and haxtilyu Q.fr54Y'4nGX.j' VNU," .C V N xfy N x HH A. W. YAICH Record Clerk ix only people who possefx jfrmnexx, who can jm.r.feJ: Irue gnzllenz'J.v" 'Q Z E 3 g C C K 3 L L L " VNMVVMMW VN " I'6X1T6Yl A A VNPQYI A D01 " A MYIITN A 0 A MX1MYlIYB1hiN1I'Bx1n Ii 43 1M MMM' wMnMfMMmnLAsM K 3 f in illemurium 4 Q :- 5 5 1. fl iliax Sheath h "LEW life 111215 an inspiration, A Em mvmnrg ez hvnrhiriiuu In 3 iliv-:.4IW: mgmwmmmmiaaiwiw WW, 44 I ,VJEUEAA MM!M,M AAfA,1,,AI,xAIM,lLU3IXE5E7AWQ5AA M , MVJJQ C T C ALUMNI ASSOCIATION Pzfszdmf BERTHA H VVHITNIAA Greelq IfZC?PIFfZd6l1f W G BLAIAE Pueblo Dzstz 161' Vice P1 uzdfnts W E BAKER Tellunde D E WIEDXIAN Montrose GEO YOUIXG julesbmg Aucr RUSSELL Denvm FLORA FARRIAGTON Longmont I-fy: vw: mvdvv: ww: :VT I Q I . 3 . I 5 2 E I 9 I E 5 9 5 E E E W' ', ......... ..... 4 . ' 1' Y, 7 TI'F?I.fUI'ClIJ ..., f ..... 'Qji '15, oULl2ERTSO1Q,,GfCe1ey K 3 . . U IPQ. 2 ' . I I 3 I L 5 I I 3 fi I J evvmxuwmvwmm -v 'wmv ' v v 1' 'I 'Q v vmmvwwv v vmmmmvm 5 E 5 SENIOR COLLEGE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION President ,..... .............................. J . C. KENDEL Secretary-Treasurer ....... . - .... ..... J EAN CROSBY Vice-Presidents LILA BENTON 1914 RAY FITZMORRIS 1915 TRUEMAN REED 1916 A B Ross 1917 GEORGE YOUNG IQIO JOHN JOHNSON 1911 JOHN MCCUNNIF 1912 VERA MALLON 1913 COmm1ttec-:s Resolutzon Commzttee JOHN C JOHNSON FLORA FARRINGTON LILA BENTON Audztzng Commzttee EDITH HEATH MRS GILPEN BROWN 2 2 E 5 'KYA1 O' A 1 A VM A VMVA11, " ' A 46 . Av, wxwfvf v'-vuwwaxv- v ww-vw ' -v' A'w4 w4 . Z I K I K Z L L I L L 5 I L L 3 L I Q L 3 E 3 L 5 L 2 L 2 LL. JF1 CLFISSE E4 W1 42:1 K IfHE1EiTx'51qYVd1l1VLY1Tx7F1E03 E1Ui.M'x'F1Tx?1V1K1T1L5'ffA1hLQN'V11i'Vr311lW'lQx H im U fiMzN1W'lm fm IFN UU-V CW'F1TC' 47 . E E mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Mfivmmvvu , E 5 I l ' E , fy 4 Rf E E E ' 4 . C , ' 4 E E FL . ' E E ESTHER GUNNISON Student Body President E Y E 6 ? z 7 ' vvivvvwl Nrxfvwf 48 E E E E QI WUQ - - - - - - NIJ' A - A A - V - - ,. - - V V A - ai V - . A - V - .. ' V WN D - - A - - VH D013 aI7idal'6N1aPm1MX1oX3 AVMMVVNQVNTAMMMVVNA COMMENCEMENT WEEK JUNE 9-SUNDAY Baccalaureate Sermon ....... ........,.. . . . 3 :00 P. M. Vespers .........,..................... . . . 4:30 P. M. ' JUNE IO-MONDAY , Graduate and Senior College Fete ...... .... . . . IO :00 A. M. Junior College Fete. ............ . . . 2 :oo P. M. Annual Class Play ...................... . . . 8:15 P. M. JUNE 1 1-TUESDAY A P6Ylh'A1ffA1DiN1MYl A Last Chapel Exercises. ..................... . . . 10:00 A. M. President's Reception .... - .................. . . . 8-1 1 P. M JUNE 12-WEDNESDAY Annual Commencement ................... . . . . 10:00 A. M. Alumni Business Meeting ........ . . . 2 :30 P. M. Senior College Business lVIeeting .... . . . 3130 P. M. Junior College Business Meeting .... . . . 3 :30 P. M. . . 8 Alumni .Reunion ............. . . . :00 P. M. E E E K E 5 Z E 5 ffD41I7'SfIPfidi'0flPfM1P6X1P6N1ffA1P6X1i " " " " " " " " " i7M1Pm1Pfit1 a PAX1I'6YID6YllYifI E'lNFl7lI'fBfI " ' 'UE 49 IVUIXUJLLMIDQIQDQALKQQU v U v 9 vlpyqv v v 0 U R M , v o Q vpqgpyggv o Q l CREDDZIC cottece 4 4 I O 4 Y Acting Dean Graduate College C ez Q 1 BERTHA DURNING l President Graduate College Q. Q , Q A R" A P06 A PINVNVN A 'l " " ' PfB1lY3fl" " ' " ' V A l A h'A1ITid" " " " " " A A xl C0 5 'r 1 E 1 E GURDON RANSOB-I HIILLER ' o Q o Q A I Q Q Q ,LAM MILA I IMM M M M 1 1 ' 5 E E E E E I P P 1: 'T 5 3 X GRADUAT11 COLLLGB CFFICERS C IJl'l'5iK1l'7ZZf ..,... .... 1 3ERTHA DLTRNING Q Vice-P1-esidmz .... .... I OSEPHINE HAWES Q 1 SFC1'f'1f!lI'j'-T7'l'H.V7l7'F7 ............... ....... R TYRA VVOOD 3 I li Commlttees 13 Ezztwtaifzzlzfnt C 2 IVIYRA VV OOD LTESSIE SHAW C Studwzt C0llll1!iffF6 ,I JOSEPHINE HAWES OCTAVIA HALL GEARY EVERETT 'I 1 RejJ1'f.vf11tatiws to Student Council 1 QCTAVIA HALL GEARY EVERETT ' . V I 1, 3 L .5 1, l - .xzS,':.A-A ' " 'VV v'9IvNi'sfx7INrNi YV' VVTVN1 4 51 QJLUJLWIJLWIJLUUDQALUJS' "MAMA ' DUJLWJIXYJJLU-I V V ' LUJLUJLU-ILUJ ' ' VJDUJLUJLUJDQJILXWILMVQDUJ D04 LX? 5. g GRADUATE COLLEGE ' f Q E lVIRS. AGNES BRADY, A.B., A.M. ' Greeley, Colorado 5 Major-Languages and Music Q 1 Spanish Club, French Club , "She has a stern look but a gentle 4i heart" Q GEARY EVERETT, A.B., A.M. Q Greeley, Colorado ju Major-Education 4, Student Council, Education Club, 4 Y. M. C. A. In "Ble.vred are 'the hwy, for ihey :hall ohtazn more h1uine.f.v" O OCTAVIA HALL, A.B., A.M. 4, Colorado Springs, Colorado I Major-Home Economics 4' Delta Phi Omega 4, Student Council, Home Economics Club ' "ModeJly and greatnesx do go hand 5 in hand" 'I KATHERINE KANE, A.B., A.M. 4 Greeley, Colorado ,I Major-Education 4, Education Club ' "A .rtaid and quiet follofwer of knofwl- ' edge and book lore" ' ALICE SCANLAN, A.B., A.M. 2 Aspen, Colorado 5 Major-English L Pi Kappa Delta Q Debating Club, Annual staff, Y. W. , C. A., Vice-Pres. Education Club, Sec.- Treas. Rural Club ' "To lhofe who lznofw thee not, no , 'words can paint thee" ' JESSE SHAW, A.B., A.M. 9 Greeley, Colorado Major-Education . Univ. of Calif.-Summer School '15 Q Delta Psi Education Club, Y. M. C. A. Q "For he is 'wire if I mn judge him" Q, lV.l:ADAlVIE GUILLIFORD-SMITH, ' A.B., A.lVi. 5 Pueblo, Colorado 5 Major-French Diplomee of Amiens, France 0 Sorbonne, Paris 5 Conservatoire de Paris French Club, Spanish Club 0 "The mind'.r the standard of the fwo- 5 man" Q MYRA WOOD, Ph.B., A.M. Greeley, Colorado 5 Major-Music Q Denison University Denison Conservatory of Music Q Mathematics Club, Sec.-Treas. Grad- E f--H uate College "Music hath pofwer to charm the .raw- ' age breast" 9 O MYIDSYIL A VN A Pfi1I'fA1K'm1hix1h'ifITfA1PfA1PfA1l'fA1Pm1" " MYlMX1" " " 'PfKllYN- D01 A' '-' 52 ' LUJLWJLUJLKQULWJLKUJLUJLWA LUJD-VJLU4LK!4lD!A!LU-l ' D!!-IDU-ILUJLU-lLU1LK!l-llfUJl39J ' LU-ILUJILQ SCDIO CLLCCC GURDON RANSOM MILLER Dean of Senior College 2 E E E E E E E P 1, 5 E E E E E E E E E E E C C C C CECILE E. ISBILL 4 President Senior College E E vAv'N1Nf v-v v-v v-v v-v v-v 'NA"' LUJ ' ' -' " 'NIJ' l l " 'DSULWJJLWJ T. 3 SENIOR COLLEGE Pwsidwzt ..... IfiL'l"IJl'f,5idl'7lZl . . . Szlcrzfizzry ..... . . . TI'l?flA'Ill Il x .... OFFICERS .. . . CECILE ISBILL 'VERA BUCK . . . ESTHER GUNNISON Fall-YVir1te1' Terms- HEBER BENJAMIN Spring Term- BENJAMIN NIORRISON , R0jJ1'esz'11Iafiz'z'.r fo Sfzzdrnt Cozznfil EMMA BILLINGTON I 1 COLC3Al'E ELMER "" "'T'Vf"" IW Q 751 SENIOR COLLEGE STEPHEN ARTHUR AXTENS, A.B. Greeley, Colorado Colo. Agricultural College C35 Lambda Gamma Kappa College Orchestra "That man 1111151 daily acixer grow 1I7110.f1'.fe111'1'11 1.r 1111111 11im.velf to k7Z0'T.U" H EBER BENJAMIN, Pd.M. Greeley, Colorado Treas. Senior College, Dramatic Club, Crucible Staff, War Council ",-1 1111171 1111111 110 11o1zo1' in hire nfwn t'0Il7llI'jlU EMMA BILLINGTON, A.B. , Pueblo, Colorado Delta Phi Omega Vice-Pres. Y. VV. C. A., Student Coun- cil, VVar Council, Crucible Stalli, Home Economics Club "Me11 are 511111 Jq1111s11y tlzings, T111'y 10011 fwell but they fwont l'LUL'fll'H VERA H. BUCK, A.B. Greeley, Colorado Colorado College KID History Club, Debating Club, French Club, Spanish Club, Sec.-Treas. Pi Kappa Delta, Orchestra, Y. W. C. A., Dramatic Club, Editor-in-Chief Cache La Poudre, Vice-Pres. Senior College "C, T. C. .rayx-'N0111' but 111f1'5e1f l'll7Z be 110' 1'qz11z1"' Gan, BURFIELD, Pd.lXI. Greeley, Colorado Y. VV. C. A. Vice-Pres. Home Eco- nomics Club "Heart 011 her lifu, and 10111 101111111 h1'1' nyfx, Soft as 11c'1' 1'1z1111f, and 111111131 ay 111'1' skzef' ' .ANNE JOSEPHINE CosoRovE, Pd.M. Nleriden, Iowa Drake University, lowa Iowa State University English Club, Sec.-Treas. Newman Club "Show IIJ hafw divine II t11111g ll 110111111111 1'11111c2' bf made" LIZAEETH Davis, Pd.M. Denver, Colorado Sigma Sisrma Sigma Story Tellers League, Primary Club, Second Grade Assistant, Treas. Y. XY. C. A. "She wax made for 1111111131 111015, For playful fwil 111111 1llIlj1l1l'l'H ELIZAB ETH Dono E, A.B.l , Y I Denver, Colorado Sigma l psilon Glee Club, Y. VV. C. A. "li'z' 0141511 fiflllff' Illlll' 1r1n1'fL'1'1 nl 1111 melody of fl1'l' m'r1i1'1"' Wlwl VVWIWI V LKVJ V LKVJ LWJJUUJLKVJLWIJIXWJ V LWIIUUJ V V V V V Nil V V IXUJLWIJLUULXVJDQIJUUJLKQQLKVJUQJJ V LWJJLWJJIXVJQ E Q SENIOR COLLEGE . LUCINDA FARNSWORTH, A.B. if Denver, Colorado V - Colorado Woman's College Q31 E Delta Sigma Epsilon National Story Tellers League, Y. W. E C. A., Glee Club, Dramatic Club E "It'.f the songs ye Jing, and the :miles ye fwear, ' E That'.v a makin' ihe .runrhine efvery- E fwhere" E ELIZABETH FISHER - fl E Akron, Colorado. University of Colorado C35 5 E Basketball, Dramatic Club, English ' E Club ' "Today 'whatever may annoy E The fword with me is 'joy, just joy"' E ALICE M. FRASIER ' Montrose, Colorado E Y. W. C. A., Mathematics Club If I c0uldn'l, hofw could I?" E HOPE GLOYSTEN, Pd.M. E Hastings, Colorado 5 Y. W. C. A., Story Tellers League Q "A maiden .the of modest 4way.r" E MRS ANNA SCHEFFLER GREENE, E A.B. ' Denver, Colorado E English Club, Crucible Staff "Faithful, gentle, good, , V Wearing the roxe of fwomanhoodu E E XE DiX1VA1" " " " " Pm1P01" " A A " ' " l " A VNVNVNMVMYMV A P6N1I'm1VA1P6Yl" " ll A56 Colo. Agricultural College Q11 E "Experience, joined to common,' E To mortal: ir a p7'0fZlidE7ZC6U A E BEATRICE GEDNEY, A.B. A 'Q' Denver, Colorado . University of Colorado frj 3 University of Denver frj 5 E Story Tellers League, Newman Club E "Her brain: are infversely proporiional. to her size" 4 E PAULINE GILBERT, Pd.M. ' E . Lamar, Colorado E Stephens College E Delta Phi Omega Primary Club, Y. W. C. A. ,E " auburn lock: so artly tfwined, E Whose efvery hair a friend doth ind" Q Q MARY E. GILMORE, A.B. E Greeley, Colorado E Debating Club, Y. W. C. A., Rural E Club "I -would if I fouldj Q 'lfV!J'LWlJD!ll N!Jl5!lJ'LKVJ' ' " 'D!AlfX9Q'l33!Jl+KV-I' " V " lX5il'U!lJLWl4'LKW l 4 A Q 4 SENIOR COLLEGE E E ETHEL M. HENDERSON, A.B. ' Greeley, Colorado . Ru1'al Club, Y. W. C. A., English Club E "They need not ask you what you E lenofLu" E ANNA B.,HENNICK, Pd.M. . Sharon Springs, Kansas E Pi Kappa Delta E Sec. Debating Club, Rural Club, Eighth Grade Assistant E "Against 'whom the eworld could not Q hold argument" 1, ,P CATHERINE HAMILTON, Pd.M. ' Denver, Colorado mi Denver University CID 'Q I English Club, National Story Tellers League, Y. W. C. A. 1: "She fwallzs in harmony like the nightj 1, A heart fwhose lo-'ue is innocent" ' E Lois HICKMAN, Pd.M. E Greeley, Colorado ls Y. W. C. A., Fifth Grade Assistant ' "A day for toil, an hour for sport, C Butfor a friend life is too short" . ni AZELIA M. HILL, A.B. 4 Beloit, Kansas E Kansas State Normal Q11 ' "Attempt the end and nefver stand to ' doubt" . A E BEULAH GRAY HOLLAND E "Those fwho knofw thee lznofw all E swords are faint" . MARY HOWARD, Pd.M. 'Q Champaign, Illinois . University of Illinois Q25 Kindergarten Club 1 s "Wise to resolfue and patient to re- - . '5 3 form" Z 1 CECILE E. ISBILL, A.B. . Greeley, Colorado University of Colorado C21 4 Pi Kappa Delta E English Club, Dramatic Club, Pres. Senior College, Pres. Rural Club, Edi- 4 tor-in-Chief Crucible, Pres. Crucible . Staff, Pres. Debating Club, Sec. Stu- dent Council K "Self refuerenre, self knofwledge, self . control, These three lead life lo sofvereign 0 jJofwer" . Q In h'A1PfA1I'fDflV8fIl7'M1Pf6fIPfiflTfA1TfDrll'6N1" KYA1I'fA1" l'6Yh A " " " " " " " P6YlhiYlK'6YllYM1i'6YIhiN1n 15 57 if Ml ff 5 SENIOR COLLEGE Q BEVIE T. JOHNSON, A.B. Q e Greeley, Colorado VVar Council, English Club Q "She ix zz jrarf bf all lllat .rlze haf mei" HAZEL KENNEDY, Pd.M. Greeley, Colorado "1lfIy fozzguc' fwithin my lipx 1 rein, For fwllo lalles mzzrh must talk in fukzizzn 3 FRANCES KING, A.B. Otis, Colorado University of Colorado Qzl Delta Sigma Epsilon "lVl1a1 mmzol arf and l71dIl.ffl'jl per- ' form I Iflflfil ,vfiwzfc plan: tlle fJl'0,.7l'L'J'J' of lhrir foil" JEANNETTE KUSSART, A.B. Greeley. Colorado 5 Sigma Sigma Sigma Spanish Club, French Club l ULFI1I'7ll7lg by .rfudy mmf lu' neon, 'Trims lIl',L'l' fnlalled from Jon 10 son" LELA KYLER, AB. Greeley, Colorado Colorado Rural Club, National Story. Tellers League, Nature Study Assist- ant "Thai life if long wlzirh a11.rf'wz'1'.f liff'.f grraf md" 3 NYINA LILLEY, A.B. ' Redlands, California -3 "Of nuzzzgzari gmzfle, of I14fI'l'li0IIJ mild" B. H. MORRISON, A.B. . Ault, Colorado Dlelta Psi Pres. Y. M. C. A., Student VVar Coun- cil, Rural Club Z "The friend of flu' fwlmlf .N'lI00l,' Y! 1, BIARY NEELAN-D, Pd.lXfI. i Greeley, Colorado Sec. Mathematics Club, Y. XV. C. A. "Silc'711'L' and Jolilrzrle, Thx' .r0r1l'J limi friz'1zd.v" 1, ' E 58 AM 4 4 5 N 4 ,n J I 4 3 3 5 3 3 5 Q L ' SENIOR COLLEGE GRACE PADEN, A.B. Carr, Colorado Alpha Sigma Alpha Pres. Education Club, Y. VV. C. A., Kindergarten Club "Loyal and true, .the fwar newer' 100 tired, foo busy, to help .vomeorze in nerd" GEORGIANNA PROSSER, A.B. Cheyenne, VVyoming I Oberlin , , Colorado University Education Club, History Club "True merit is like a rifver, the dRL'f7I'1' it rrzny, the len noise iz' znaleef' FLORENCE RARDIN, Pd.M. Colorado Springs, Colorado Home Economics Club "Tr1z5zffwarIhy in all tl1ifzg.f, From the greaicyl to ffm lem!" L .L ETHELYNE RHINER, Pd.M. L Greeley, Colorado Alpha Sigma Alpha Mathematics Club "None knew llzee lun' in low' Ilme, Num' nzmzf thee lmi iv praiyc ther" RIIRIAM EL1aERTA SMITH, A.B. Greeley, Colorado Alpha Sigma Alpha Art Club, Third Grade Assistant "If mlm' .ffm knew an evil llzrit, :fm Denver, Colorado Delta Phi Omega P P Y. W. C. A., Primary Club, Story Tellers League, First Grade Assistant "Her ilZfZll!?7II'L' 1111171111 lm 7fZI'!ZJ'l1I'L'f1U FRANCES SXVENSON, Pd.M. , ' Denver, Colorado "Good lzaizzrf i.r ffm Jlllljhilll' of hu- m1z111fy" , LORRAINE SVVETT . . Olathe, Kansas Stephens College C25 3 a Education Club, Home Economics Club g + "Noi anylllirzg is ffll'l'F llllf .ffm fnulri F E gain" tg- 2 V " - 7 51mrr1V,'r5rW,1Q,rr,rUry,'ormmmmgm mfr,iW,Q1r'1f1r'1nVilr'Q1lwlnifwinirlwnifwifr mufmilralr'n1"'in1i1WdiT17d irmmtc 59 ' - L L L E Jllmkf no cfvil word" RENA L. SMITH g L L 3 L L L , L L E 5. 0 'UU-I V V LWJJLVJ-I A A LKV-I A A A A A A A A A A, A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A NA A A ,A A A A A A A A A A .+ E 5 ll . SENIOR COLLEGE lt 0 5 Q' PATTIE WHITEHOUSE, A.B. nf Versailles, Kentucky v 5 Margaret College C35 I' Q Columbia University E . Kentucky State Normal If Delta Phi Omega ' Q Y. W. C. A., Aft Club, English ciub 1 4, "I fwixh to create things and lifue to see E .3 the results of my creations" , r r 1 I, NELLIE WALTER, A.B. ' Greeley, Colorado , 9 Sec. Mathematics Club, Y. W. C. A. ', 4, "She measure.: her thoty A-with .vilente" E 1 1- E jr NELLIE L. WITTER, Pd.M. 'I :I Aspen, Colorado E Mathematics Club 1 ,Y 1 "Worth, courage, honor, there indeed 5 5 Your .furtenanee and birthright are" ' 5 ESTHER GUNNISON E Q Pres. Student Body, Pres. Dramatic E 5 Club, Chm. Student War Council, Y. E E W. C. A., English Club, Assistant Oral E English Dept. Q "Great thot: like great deed: E 5 Need no trumpet" E o , 4 5 DELLA A. YOUNG, A.B. E Greeley, Colorado 5 Y. W. C. A., Assistant in Commercial 9 . Dept. g "The Triple Alllianee of the three 9 great PUQUETS'-10712, sympathy and E E: help" E 5 E 5 C 3 MRS. SHIRLEY EYLER, Pd.M. E ' Denver, Colorado E 5 ' Chicago Art Institute QLD Q Art Club Q E "Her daneing it the admiration of all" qi E' 'E Q nf 5 HOWARD B. KELLY, Pd.M. 'Q 5 Greeley, Colorado E Dramatic Club, Student War Council, l, Q Business Manager Cache La Poudre ' Q Assistant in Commercial Department 1: , "Of all the hleuings, ,' . Ladies are the soothin'e,vt" U Q I, Q Q 5 Q Q I: 9 li 1 ,A VNVNPEYIVMVM A P0115 A A A VNVMVMVNFEWTGWMV A VNMVVNVNMVVMVBGVNVNVNDZV A A Pfiflil 60 NIJ V 'LUJLUJDQIJ - - 'DQ-IDU4 - - LUJDU4 - , V pm Q A , - U 1 ,U v 0 Q upgwpgqpyyqppjq 1 IIE J DDIGR OLLG G 6 FRANCES TOBEY . C g Z P d f S ond Year Class LOUSTALET JOHIX SON Dean of Jumor olle e resi ents 0 ec T Winter Quarter c innamon AAAAAMYIA LAIL PHIPPENY Spring Quarter mmmmmmm . A A A 'S' A VMMVVNMVVA1 A VYVKIMYIVNMX1 A a'V6X1V8s1IYN4o :Yo AVNA A I A Tivxivi 'A Vi' rn' m1rn1rm:-mrm1 Q ITN1IY'Yl . .Q . mm . . rm.. FQI QT' QT mumud 61 SECOND YEAR CLASS OFFICERS ' Fall Quarter Prfsidmzf ...... ........... A .......... A LFRED BAXTER Vice-Presidwzr .... . . . LOUSTALET JOHNSON Sl'L'I'1'flIl'-1'-TI'FII.VllI'II ......................... XXICTOR JON ES Q Winter Quarter Prfsidwzz' ...... .................. L OUSTALET JOHNSON Q Iliff'-PI'U5idl'1lf .... .......... Y 'ERA 'TODD S1'z'rr'1'f1ry-T1'vf1.v11r11 .................... . . . HELEN BATES Spring Quarter P1-axidwzt ...... ...................... L AEL PHIPPENY Vice-P1'1avidfnt .... , .... YVERA TODD E Srfrfmry-Trn1x111'f1 . . . ............ . . . HELEN BATES Rz'jH'1'sv1z1'11z'im',v to Sfllllfllf Cozznfil HELEN DYER GRACE CRAYVFORD ALFRED BAXTER L- 2 E K L V 2 IH 'W fd 62 AAlAAsA AAAAAA 1-.A f.A,-.A lzxAl1xAlA.A Mn M Mmmrmzlfo . . 5 5 E 5. 5, Q 5 5 5 5 EI 2 1 3. I 5 5 2 Sigma Sigma Sigma 1 Eyes. ij. W. Cf A. ' A r ' D . 4 . ll . . " gl El JUNIOR COLLEGE LELA BlAY ALVLTRIAN, Pd.B. Trinidad, Colorado Sec.-Treas. Dramatic Club, Glee Club, Story Tellers League, Primary Club, Music Club, Crucible Stal? "I3r0mc:7z eyes, hrfmwz hair, and L1 happy .vmile make II fair rr1mhi11aZio1z" MRS. IRENE AUGUSTINE, Pd.B. Basalt, Colorado Vice-Pres. Primary Club "She will alfwzzyx lmfue frierzd.r" MAEEL ATKINSON, Pd.B. Colorado Springs, Colorado Sigma Sigma Sigma "The envy of many, the glory of one" BESSIE ANDERSON, Pd.B. Colorado Springs, Colorado "fl Qvalflrllz fwilh all 4u'omr1n'.r ideals, !ll7Zhlll07Z.1' and Jym,lmll1ze.r" FLORENCE ANDERSON, Pd.B. Wheat1'idge, Colorado Rural Club, Story Tellers League, Y. WT. C. A. "For her, methlfzky Ihe angel fwill fie- ride There is zz halmzfe 011 the fredii side" ETHEL AKEY, 'Pd.B. Vklray, Colorado Y. W. C. A. ' "Fair and fJIlI'6'u HELEN BATES, Pd.B. Greeley, Colorado Delta Phi Omega Primary Club, Dramatic Club, Sec.- Treas. Second Year Clasf, Cache La Poudre Staff "Liked here-liked lhere-liked every- ashore" HEI,EN L. HATE, Pd.B. Denver, Colorado Dramatic Club Stow Tellers League, bozrzetzlrzes zmznzng ,vomelimey roy, lf! she zzezm j 1l.v lo jvlrnxei' I w7"v-v' ir ' T77'7"lx7'7P'VlV'l"YN'l I"VVS'N'S"l""'l"T"'l Yv- ' irifihfiimilwlvwl lil! O "A string fwhich hath no discord" 4 EO BURBRIDGE, Pd B Platteville Colorado 0 V 9 V LKVJLWJJDQXIXVJLWI-ll!!-l-7 EXW! ' ' V LKVJLKW V LKWJLXV-IUQJJLWJ-ILE!-lLWJllU!!4N!JDUJ,. 5 ' E ' JUNIOR COLLEGE ' it E 5 L E Q OLA BERNER, Pd.B. E 5 Loveland, Colorado E 5 Y. W. C. A. E 9 "I came here to study and to think" E 0 Q 4 , LUCILE BROWN, Pd.B. E Q Altamont, Missouri . Stephens College, Mo. Q41 - Q Education Club, Story Tellers Z 5 "The heart that friendship truly Q 5 fwarm.f" E 0 1 i GRACE M. BURKINS, Pd.B. E D Romeo, Colorado E Delta Phi Omega ' 3 "I'll het you're married before I am" E 0 4 ' E 5 MAUD BRUCE, Pd.B. 'Q ' Denver, Colorado Q ' Primary Club E Colorado Un1vers1t5 C Rural Club The man that maker a charaeter make: foes NIARJORIE BROWN, Pd B Altamont MISSOUFI Stephens College CI Educatlon Club She look: and art: lzke zz queen RUTH BALDWIN Pd B Hudson Colorado Treas Home Economlcs Club All .my that .rhe z.v fazr and square UCILE BULL, Pd B Delta Colorado Glee Club Rural Club English Club Y W C A Cabinet She filled the azz fwzth gladsome :ony 0 0 D G . . .G , ,E . . . V ID E . fl 5 U 1 ju :I Y , , In , ' ' Q . 5 o ,, . ,, 0 5 , , . . 0 i I 5 , Q 5 R. L . . 1 5 , , , , 5 H . . . . .1 by U o ., 5 9 . 0 64 R - .A laaaaaal MAA I Vid MYIVNMVVNYA P013 E JUNIOR COLLEGE ELIZABETH BLIEFERNICH, Pd.B. Pocatello, Idaho Central State College KID Oklahoma State Normal "To be .rloao in fwordr ir a 7.0017107115 greatest 1'zrtzze" MVVN A VNVNMVVM A Vi' OLIVE BECK, Pd.B. Denver, Colorado Colorado Woman's College CID Delta Sigma Epsilon Kindergarten Club "Everything that is exquisite" CLARA BEANIER, Pd.B. Hailey, Idaho Idaho University QIJ Story Tellers League, Education Club "She ir pretty to fwalle with and ta talk -with and pleasant to thinle of" IXNGIE BRODIE, Pd.B. Denver, Colorado Sec.-Treas. Story Tellers League "There aint no use in all this strife Of hurrying pell-mell Jtraight thro life" :DNA Avia FERN BROVVNING, Pd.B. Cherryvale, Kansas Kansas State Normal Primary Club, Spanish Club "Harte doth the hwy hee improve eafh .fhining hour" A xi"'P6X1DiYIIf8s1P0d A HELEN BRUCE, Pd.B. Paonia, Colorado Alpha Sigma Alpha Y. W. C. A., Education Club "Thert"r little of the melancholy ele- ment in her" O EDITH M. BUGGER, Pd.B. Arriba, Colorado "I may do ,vornetlzing .venxatimzal yet" 'P' P-21 0252 UQ 5 +4 9' lf' .S on E, Dgji-I1 .iF 'C FE QW CD FD .77 0 fi 2 ni D- O IVV ,L Ir Newman Club, Story Tellers League l "Three-fozn'th.v of her-genizzr. if Ont'-fozlrfll-jzlst fun" g- . EL Q 1'WN,Qn!g1mmmm1m lmjm 'EERE?lmTY3IrEY?I'1Ei 65 5 E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E li E E X5 A JUNIOR COLLEGE A Vid A MWVNVMMVVSGVMVN Q VNMV A VN EUNICE BRIGGS, Pd.B. Cedaredge, Colorado Primary Club "W'ith zz .rtrong body goex zz :irony mind" GLADYS CQADVVELL, Pd.B. Canon City, Colorado Y. W. C. A. "Not looking for notoriety" ALICE ADELE CALLAHAN, Pd.B. Colorado Springs, Colorado Delta Sigma Upsilon Newman Club "A maiden trim, fwhose faery eyes .vholw her fvzgor and funn" VNVKIA IVIARY CANFIELD, Pd.B. Denver, Colorado ah'N1r6YI Newman Club "Sweet lookx hy human kindness bred" EVELYN CAPPS, Pd.B. La Veta, Colorado V 4 VNMYIMYIVSYIVA1 A D'Dflr01f6YI A V51 A Y. WV. C. A. "kVhal'J the ure of kicking when there'r things to do instead" ARMANDE CHOURY Pd.B. 7 San Luis, Colorado Pres. Spanish Club, Education Club, Newman Club "Her enthusiasm know.: no bounds" Jessie COBB, Pd.B. Fowler, Colorado "Nothing .vo hard but .rearch will find zt out" I HAZEL Cox, Pd.B. Cripple Creek, Colorado Vice-Pres. Kindergarten Club "In her tongue i5 the Iafw of kindness" oI'6'flVA1MYIah6N1o O " " " TfS17Tf01lYM'lffM1?fM1 " " " VN " " " " " " " " ITN " MYIVNPIA1 " PGYI A :VN " " " " MN1 50 6 G - U lr 9 5 ll 2 f ' D A . , . . 5 v ' , - 5 4 3 P " ' , D . H . A , - 1 U rr ' . 5 1 Q - in o . . A .I - I A N A ' E 9 . , ,Lv , r . . I , . . I . H , l - . Q :I , . . Y, D ' .' ,, 2 o 0 " 'f6N1I'8fIrf8f!lYA1K'fA1PfA1iWrl?6N1h'h1i'fA1 A " " " " " " " " A P01 A l i A JUNIOR COLLEGE CLARA COOPER Pd.B. ' Golden Colorado Sigma Upsilon Pan Hellenic Sr. W. C. A, fl girl xo riendly kind and gay Ana' po.vse5.ror 0 many a double A .IARE ELIZA CORLETT Pd.B. Monte Vista Colorado University of Colorado CIJ Alpha Delta Pi Y. W. C. A. Will .someone kindly take care 5 rflzix child" Q A MARION COYVGILL, Pd.B. 5 Denver, Colorado Delta Sigma Upsilon 4 J "H true girl, admired by all" . D Q' GRACE CRAWFORD, Pd.B. Greeley Colorado Student Council 0 ,foftest manners unafefted mind LILLIAN M CRISWELL Pd B Paoma Colorado VMVA1 A FMYIPAYIPKM1 A A A A r6'tIr01r0drm1rrA't1r6N1r6N1P6X1 A VECIDAN1 DJJLUJLUJDQIJ V ' LUJLUULUJLWJJDUJLUJIUJ ' V l 0 E , 'Q E 'E E 0 fl' 1:0 1:0 'E 1:0 C l:0 E 1:0 1:0 12' 1:0 0 : ., : . 1:2 1:0 NM 1:0 M - 1:0 -.H l 1:0 i 0 ' 5 - , E 'Q M 0 S.. t E 'E 0 . . rm1rrmrm1rm1fF Alpha Sigma Alpha E Y W C A Education Club National K Storv Tellers League The mzldext manner and the gentler! E heart Q GRACE D CROSBY Pd B E Denver Colorado E Delta Phr Omega E Gaze info lzer eyes and you .tee an angel E Gaze a lzftle longer and you ree an . im 0 AI ICE ELIZABETH CUNLINIGHAM E Pd B E Cripple Creek Colorado E ewman Club Slle har many namelexs fvzzfuex E 0 K Hr:LEx DARLINGTON Pd B E Berthoud Colorado E Tho is two: k 15 Jzlenre sn dom' fvutue . 0 0 0 E GT QQLUJ V LEU V LUJLUU V V USIJLWJJ V LU-IUUJLUJ V LWALUJ V L04 V A - - - - - - - V 5 . JUNIOR COLLEGE In 1' NIERLE DAUGHERTY, Pd.B. 1' Fort Morgan, Colorado 1, Y. W. C. A. "Slow to form friendxlzip, but frm and 4 u 1 constant" in 4 Q ,I Q CLAUDIA DAVIS, Pd.B. 5 Erie, Colorado Q "Stand fart" 5 v GENEVIEVE DAVIS, Pd.B. 9 Fort Lupton, Colorado it Rural Club, Y. W. C. A. "I can fwaxte more time in half an lzour 0 Tlzan mort folks can zn a -week" , . , LILLIAN DAVIS, Pd.B. Holly, Colorado ' Sigma Sigma Sigma Q National Story Tellers League 5 "And 'violets tran.rform'd to eyes, Enrhrined a foul Lwitlzin tlzeir blue" 9 5. . JOSEPHINE DELLA, Pd.B. Red Cliff, Colorado ' Newman Club Q "To lenofw her 'was a liberal education" Ei , NIELDA DEVLIN, Pd.B. 5 Hale, Colorado Newman Club, History Club, Basket- a ' b ll 5 "Yes, a good lzeart is hers" ., , ! 'NLIARGARET DESMOND, Pd.B. . Denver, Colorado "Be tlline ofwn :elf alwayr, and tlzou art alfwayr lofveal1le" 9 5 Q . AGNES DILLON, Pd.B. 5 Denver, Colorado Sigma Sigma Sigma Q Dramatic Club D "To tlzee alone be praire, 5 From 'LL'f1077l our joy descevzdx, , Thou clzeerer of our dayf' . , Q Z 1 ohms A A A A A A arfidn aPf5'fIPfA1l'6X1'Al'fiflrfA1aI'fA1I76N1h'8x1 I'6Tfl 'F' 68 4 5, V V V LQIJIXWIXW V IPSALWJJIJSRLKVJLWIJDSUDSIJLQIJLKVJLWA V V LKVIILWALKUJLKVJLWALWIJLVIJ DQJJ V V UU-I V WIJUUJ ,I , V 5 N JUNIOR COLLEGE 9 Q ' DIARY TILTON DOOLITTLE, Pd.B. V Pueblo, Colorado O Mankato, Minn., State Normal 5 Primary Club "I'd rather he called a 'Jtijf' than a 5 fqiirti'-U 5 NIILDRED DONALD, Pd.B. E New Harmony, Indiana 5 Sigma Upsilon 5 Pan Hellenic, Rural Club, Y. W. C. A. 4 "With the weight of the Lworld on my 4' Jhozzlders, homo could I grofw up?" In 9 LUCILE DUNLAVY, Pd.B. , Trinidad, Colorado 4, Delta Phi Omega ' National Story Tellers League, Pri- ' mary Club, French Club, Glee Club 9 "What'y the are of filming fwhen there 5 are so many other things to do" , NIARGUERITE DUPUY, Pd.B. Montrose, Colorado ' Alpha Sigma Alpha 9 Y. W. C. A. "The force of her ofwn merit makes . her way" V 0 HELEN DYER, Pd.B. ' Pueblo, Colorado O Delta Sigma Upsilon 4, Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, Pres. Home 4- Economics Club, Society Editor Cruci- f ble, Associate Editor Cache La Poudre, Q Second Year Representative Student Council - D "Go fwhere you twill in ten mile.: 'round . There if none more good and fair" o ELIZABETH BOYCE DWYER, Pd.B. 5 Boulder, Colorado Y. W. C. A. I "'Ti5 fuirtue that doth make a fwoman 5 most admired" ju IVA G. EDGERTON, Pd.B. In Carbondale, Colorado ff "l ha-ve a heart with room for efvery 1, joy!! ' VIRGINIA EASTON, Pd.B. 5 Trinidad, Colorado 5 Rural Club, Y. VV. C. A. , "fl fwomanlv soul, most soft, yet wrong" 9 Z ' P2 2 vv A ' Vfv vvI" 'I vvv-sf vw' Ivvlv-v vvvvrqvifrsfvlvvivxfvv v I 23. LUJLWII V LUJLWXILUJ LUJDSIJLUJLUJLWIJLWJLKQQLUJ LUJ V V V V V V NIJ V UUA! V LU-XLW-IDSIJLWIJDSJJ! E J UNIOR COLLEGE Vlrrvrxrr: FRANCES ELIAS, Pd B Rock Sprrngs Wyomrng Musrc Club Rural Club I Io-'ue Ihr' truth Fl 75 Z 'P W T' 5 O Pl H PU Q- UCU C: 71 rw D UQ o C fl o F1 sv Q-1 O .!. .!. V AS. .!. 3. .!. DSJJLKVLAZ. LUJDUJ V V V MAL .!. .!. .!.iA!. V V V V V A V V LUJDSIJLUJ V V .!. .!. .!r LWALWAJA .!..D!A V V DSIJLWIDQALKVJLKUJ A : : A : . L: ' Q -0 K: Q : X ' , b 4' N ' ' .4 rr - M 1 . 3 S ' X I. ' fb r' O 1 . I 'PAYIWHAOAA VM ahiN1D'idI'6N1r6N1uaVNaaonaaPf6rInaP6YlAooar01rfA1aK76N1V6fIDiX1P0fIrm1ar6X1l'fA1 Prrmary Club 411 the fwozld Iofves zz guzet gn! DOROTHY En GLISH Pd B Grll Colorado olo Agrrcultural College CID Srgma Upsrlorr Rural Club Im thankful 01 the man that zn wanted the zest cure CLARA ERICKSON Pd B Greeley Color ad -1 modext fzuoman nefvez talk: 0 he: re PHILLIS EVANS Pd B Pueblo Colorado Srgma Upsrlon Aapoleon fwfr: lztile too But you leno-'Lo -what he dzd . NORA Frmx PdB 7 T2 f PH: 'lr NO 5,2 'NG' 'Qt 5? N E? 'Lend B mmm :OZ S32 5 50 wi. 05 Eo- CTO IRENE FOLEY Pd B Greelew Colorado Art Club A1tEd1tor Cache La Poudr O zz .rhzevwd and care ul mznd NIARY FLOOD Pd B Denver Colorado Newman Club Vrce Pres Hretory Club fl true 7l277d z.v ll 11 eaxzne P06 AVNWG I DSYIVNA 3 5 Q Q Q 5 if Q fl - '70 l,LU-ILUJLU-IDUJLKVJDSJQBPUJ V D314 ' LEU ' D841 ' NALWLIIXUJDQALKQUDQA V 'Nil - - - - - A - A ' ,. ,. - ,. - - - - - - - 'N JUNIOR COLLEGE 1 SUE FORESMAN, Pd.B. Denver, Colorado Story Tellers League t "On one she rmiled, and he fwar hlersedu FERN FOSTER, Pd.B. Loveland, Colorado Y. W. C. A., Story Tellers League "Fm going to fwrite zz letter nofw to-' ESTHER FRY, Pd.B. Fort Lupton, Colorado Home Economies Club 2 "Common tense is an uncommon thing" LUANNA M. FULLER, Pd.B. ll Longmont, Colorado 4, Sigma Upsilon 1- Dramatic Club 4' "Ninety-nine per rent 17erfert- Il Fnrxing her only fault" 3 I l lXfIAE GALE, Pd.B. Canon City, Colorado A "Think of eaxe' hut fwork on" 1- ' 'Q LOTA GIBBEON, Pd.B. l Greeley, Colorado Sigma Upsilon Seventh Grade Assistant, Y. W. C. A. If 1 "Fooli.vhnes.r ind.: no fruitful soil here" 'I ALICE GILMORE, Pd.B. Colorado Springs, Colorado 4 Delta Phi Omega ,I Y. W. C. A., Colorado Springs Club Ll . . . 1 "lf'arzety 1: the ,rirzre of lzfe- She talks .ro fart her tongue bluff" 'l 1 HELEN GOQDKINS, Pd.B. 1, I Loveland, Colorado 4: Denver University C17 I Mathematics Club 1' 'zz bright and rhining light" .l J I! 'n 1 4 ,I h'h1TfifllYBdn " " " IYB1MYlVDd" VNMVVNMWVNWNWNVNMHVNMV ' lTlP6YlP6Yl?6Y7di1F7oi17oi1FKY?7'ifl'f T1 E 5 Q' 5 5 5 Q , - - 5 E JUNIOR COLLEGE FLORENCE GRASS, Pd B DEHVC1 Cololado Newman Club 0 keep me zmzofeiztl .Make others great Ordway Colorado 0 study .fhe took mort cafe and mort heed AGNES GRIFI-IN, Pd B Cedaredge Colorado State Normal Gunmson C3 termsl Prlmaly Club Story Tellers League Theyze only truly great rwho are t1 uly good JULIA GUENZE, Pd B Sterlrng Colorado Newman Club Prrmaly Club Loaded fwzth conrnentzozz: thoionesr LUCILLE GUILLET, Pd.B. Cortez, Colorado Y. W. C. A. Primary Club "Good, true and loyal-would there were more like you" AGNES DAVENPORT HALE, Pd.B. Grand Junction, Colorado Story Tellers League, Primary Club "There Profs. and I :hall ne'er agree" VERA HABiILTON, Pd.B. Greeley, Colorado "A merry heart that laugh: at rare" HELEN C. HAMMOND, Pd.B. Lake City, Colorado Colorado State Normal CID College Glee Club "A modert maid, ye! relf-porsesred withal" gstwguwppgvayqvfumvuyqppgvvvgwvvv pwg vvvvvvvpgwvo vuyqpgw b Q Q 5 Q Q .. Q ., . 5 ,U 5 NIINA GREVER, Pd.B. y 5 Q .. Q H . . . 4 11 5 L 5 5 5 , 5 3 5 5 vw! Iv-v V 0, "'LUJD!!-1 LU4lXWJ" 'DUJ" D!JJLW-lLWl1LkV4'D!JJ'N!JLWl1"'l3!JJ 'LKVJ0 4 1' S JUNIOR COLLEGE ' 4 0 ,l ju , E , lV.l:ARIE MEREDITH HANSEN, Pd.B. E 4' Denver, Colorado E ll Delta Sigma Epsilon 4, Home Economics Club, Education Club E I Pan Hellenic E 4' "Not heraure she'.v gay and pretty, 11 Nat heeauye 5he'r gay and Qwitty, E ' But because rhe har ze eharmu Q 5 NIARY O. HARNION, Pd.B. ' 4, Greasy Ridge, Ohio 4 4 Y. W. C. A. E Q "She shall he a leader of the young" Ia ' Q ALICE HARRINGTON, Pd.B. ' Q Butte, Montana ' 5 Sigma Sigma Sigma 0 Home Economcis Club E 5 "Her look eornjnofei and steady eye . :P Berpolee of matehlesr constancy" In E 1 5 HELEN HAY, Pd.B. E 1' Ouray, Colorado Q Alpha Sigma Alpha E 1, "She'll rurely he our rod and staff" C 'u ' ' MARIORIE F. HIGGINS, Pd.B. E 7 Denver, Colorado . J Sigma Upsilon Q Denver University g , Primary Club, History Club . 4' "When I grofw up, I am going to he a 5 teacher" ' 0 if EVALINE HOLLISTER, Pd.B. lg 5 Leadville, Colorado . , Sigma Sigma Sigma Q National Story Tellers League, Kin- . D dergarten Club , "It'.r niee to he natural Q When you're naturally niee" . 0 4 4 4' IDA MAY HULME, Pd.B. . 9 f ' Stroud, Oklahoma 1, I English Club 4 "Serenely mowing on her Quay" 4 4 Q E . Q MABEL HULTQUIST, Pd.B. Il Laird, Colorado O ' "She speaks, heha-'ues and arts jurt a.r ' she ought" q 9 .. I Z ly l Q 3, :,1n1,v,f,'m.umvw,Q,I W1vv,Q, ,AIumfmmfm,Qg,0' mm,mW0,,Q, V5,i,WQ,I,WWrW1m,Q,,Q,rmfwgffiii 73 MLW-l V LKVIJLUJ V DUJ V V V 'IXQUIXWLUJ V 'LUJ V DUWUJDQGLUJDSJJUUJD-QQ - - , 'D!!l" ' - - - - - - - A - - - A l , 4 - E JUNIOR COLLEGE E 0 - E F Q l ALICE HUMPHREY, Pd.B. E 5 Twin Falls, Idaho V Vice-Pres. Story Tellers League, Art ' 9 Club C . "XI good woman newer dim" E , 4 C Q E ANNA M. JENSBIA, Pd.B. U Newton, Iowa V 5 Cedar Falls, Iowa KID C 5 "fl mind Ierene for contemplation" E 5, E 5 HELEN A. JOHNSTON, Pd.B. E V Denver, Colorado E 0 Y. W. C. A., Kindergarten Club 9 "I'l1 .ray what I think" 4 . LOUSTALET JOHNSON, Pd.B. 4 0 'i Greeley, Colorado 2 8 Mathematics Club, Y. W. C. A. cab- 4 ,I inet, Pres. Second Year Class V 9 "ThiJ woman hafh-some fwitrhing E z'harm" Q 1 ' BERTHA JONES, Pd.B. E 1, ' Brush, Colorado E X Sigma Sigma Sigma ' Glee Club E V "Lang Ii-ve Zhe merry heart that laugh.: . 9 hy day and by night" E 5 Q RIARY ESTHER JONES, Pd.B. E . Kemmerer, VVyoming E 5 University of Vllyoming 9 Primary Club, History Club E , 'lKind 'wordy are the 7Tlll.Til' of the 4 5 world" . 0 Q VICTOR W. JONES, Pd.B. ' 1 Q Denver, Colorado . Lambda Gamma Kappa D Y. M. C. A., Sec.-Treas. Second Year V . Class I , I' "Newer let yourself grofw lzurrzed or ' jr -worried or flzzrriecf' E 4 , 1' 'I V DOROTHY ELIZABETH KNOTT, Pd.B. lf 5 J Denver, Colorado ' :J Sigma Sigma Sigma II , I Story Tellers League, Primary Club v l rf . ' ' lr 4. Ir .the not more than pazntzng ran :J exprem, E :I Orvgzggihfzzl jnoetr fanry -when they E 5 If 5 E Q ' X " " " " " " ' " " DWCIDGYIPAYIPKN1 " " " " " rf5X1DGi1n " ' " " u?fA1PfiN1h3N1ITKl " SO 74 -f JUNIOR COLLEGE ELIZABETH LABRIOLA Pd.B. Denier Colorado Newman Club P'lea.rant and f01l7'l'6'0IlJ to efveryone x TXIARY AEN LAMMA Pd.B. La Salle Colorado Blessed fzoiih zz maze! lemper lVIARGARET LAING, Pd.B. 4 Colorado Springs, Colorado E Story Tellers League, Eight Grade Assistant 0 "This maiden of diligence and happi- new" Q MAY LAMBIE, Pd.B. Z Denver, Colorado, Graduate Western Institute of Music C 2 and Dramatic Art 1 4, Art Club ,Q "Silence is the perferiert herald of joy!! JEAN LAIVIBIE, Pd.B. Denver, Colorado K - Western Institute of Music and Dra- .9 Q E E C C C ? C fl H C E C 1' i f T . A E Q Z matic Art Art Club "fl yuiet and pleamnt manner fzuins Z many friend.f" HAZEL LANDERS, Pd.B. Eaton, Colorado "C. T. C. will mist her" GEORGIA LAPPIN, Pd.B. Pueblo, Colorado Pi Kappa Delta Spanish Club, Debating Club "ComprJrure is thy l'1I!l7'77ZU HEI,EN LEAVENWORTH, Pd.B. Bonham, Texas 1, North Texas State Normal CID Primary Club ,555 "Good nature rolled: honey from Q- 1 every herb" L 5 ., - A A E I PAYIITMIYRGMYI A A A " ' " lYh1lYA1" A " " " V6fl!'fM'IPfA1D6X1 " ' A A D'A1h'X1 A " " ' A A T5 C, - - - - - A - - .- - - - - A - - - - - -l- - A - - -,- - A - A - - A IXW-ILWIJDU-l V - A - V - - LVALKV-l A - - In in E ' JUNIOR COLLEGE A n , R 5 Q NIARIAN LEAVENVVORTH, Pd.B. 5 Bonham, Texas 0 North Texas State Normal , Primary Club "A friend in need is a friend indeed" 0 ' CLYDE LENTZ, Pd.B. Q Delta Psi 5 "He fweafue: about hinuelf ez fworld of Q mirth" 0 0 D JOSEPHINE LOVE, Pd.B. Colorado Springs, Colorado 9 . . . Sigma Sigma Sigma Q "She ir ez quiet girl, at times" H 5 0 Q' LILLIAN LOWE, Pd.B. D Glenwood Springs, Colorado 2 "Thou hast .fo good ez heart" Q 0 . NIILDRED LYoNs, Pd.B. . A Greeley, Colorado "Laugh and the fworld lezughr with 0 you" Q GEORGIA EVELYN NICNEIL, Pd.B. ' Greeley, Colorado Q Y. W. C. A., Rural Club, sec.-rms. , 1 History Club "W'ho dares speak syllable against her?" E A if Q GRACE MASON, Pd.B. , b Greeley, Colorado . "I47ere I queen I newer would allofw E Z, war" ' l o O ' LENA C. MAYER, Pd.B. 0 Longmont, Colorado , Alpha Sigma Alpha Y. W. C. A., Education Club, Pres. 9 National Story Tellers League l Q' "Truth and quality -will efuer he thy . V y-my name" 0 I l l IWW 76 L- JUNIOR COLLEGE AA 'lXV+l" l3!llLW!ll3!Al'W!J' Q C Q I5 E ABIGAIL MARY NICCARTHY, Pd.B. E Segundo, Colorado E Newman Club I E "Wham the use of Qcorryzng! If you lwant to lznofw anything, ayk gue.ftionr" E ANNA MCCARTY, Pd.B. 4 Hannibal, Missouri E ' r 1 O E E , Q Q 4 f Q Q E E f E E Q Northern Normal DeKalb Illinois English Club "She knocws fwhereof she :peaks RUTH MCKINLEY Pd.B. Canon City, Colorado Rural Club, Y. W. C. A. f "I ear not" MARJORIE MCCUTCHEON, Pd.B. Greeley, Colorado Y. VV. C. A., Home Economics Club Delta Phi Omega "In her riendship there ix nothing insi1zcere" GLADYS NICLEAN, Pd.B. 4 English Club, French Club E "I'll :lo or die" E RONIAINE MCVEY, Pd.B. ' . Fort Morgan, Colorado 0 Sigma Upsilon Dramatic Club, Y. W. C. A. "One hour zz clay to study, One hour in which to eat, Tfwo hour: to think hofw tired I am, And tfwenly hourr to sleep" HESTER! NIONSCH, Pd.B. Pueblo, Colorado g Music Club "One fwho will alfways be true" EDNA NIORGAN, Pd.B. Denver, Colorado L Story Tellers League, Pres. Art Club, Art Editor Crucible '24 faithful fworleer and a lrzm friend" '- E Tvv: fvv: VV: lvw. fry, 'fv:yV,c7f,--,E me VVW4 T7 Lamar, Colorado , .ll5kVJLKVJD84lU!lJlXVJ LWlJ ' IWMWADSADQANJJLKWLWA V PU-ILKVJPUJ ' IXUILWJ-l 7 LKVJ IXVJDUJ V V IPSJJLKZQLKZU D E1 E Q 0 5 JUNIOR COLLEGE 1 Q E ' E , NIILDRED AKIAYES, Pd.B. E 5 Fort Smith, Arkansas E Delta Sigma Epsilon . . 5 Sec. Home ECOHOIIIICS Club D "find 'Heath that mask of 'wit and fun ' 5 A warmer, truer heart 1ze'er heat" E ' E Q LYDIA NIORGAN, Pd.B. E E 3 Louisville, Colorado , ' University of Colorado C15 9 "To he merry best beromer you" E Q 4 gt MARY E. MORROW, Pd.B. E Scottsbluff, Nebraska 9 Sigma Sigma Sigma E 5 ' Dramatic Club, Student War Council, g Crucible Staff, Pres. Newman Club, 9 Vice-Pres. Pi Kappa Delta, Seventh E Grade Assistant E "To .ree her i.f'to lofue her ' And lofve hut her forefveru E 9 0 GRACE ELIZABETH NELSON, Pd.B. . VVindsor, Colorado V Story Tellers League, Rural Club E Hllfirdom renters here" E ' E 0 Q . FRANCES NEVINS, Pd.B. 5 Grand Junction, Colorado . . "1 am content, fontent ar I mn he" Q . Q 4 0 FLORENCE NEWTQN, Pd.B. E Q Denver, Colorado E 5 Delta Sigma Epsilon Q Y. W. C. A., Crucible Staff . "Let'.v .ree you play basketball" E 1 3 E ' HELEN NOTT, Pd.B, ' 9 Kiowa, Colorado E Delta Phi Omega 5 Spanish Club D E ' "W'ith a record of broken hearts E Q Patched together for fresher rtart.f" 4 5 E Q 4 5 ELLEN 0,DONNELL, Pd.B. E 5 1 Trinidad, Colorado E 5 Newman Club E "She adorns all that :he toufhe:" ' 'E ' E 0 . 4 " ' " A A " " " VNVNVN A " " " DZYIVA1 A A VNMYMVMWVM A A 1VSflVA1l'fA1lTAN1l'6N1PfA1sl ' 'TS Q ' LKVJLWIJLWIJ V LKVJ' V UUJIXYIJ' - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - NIJ - A - - - - - - - - - - - - - - A A - - - E ., 4 JUNIOR COLLEGE . 'E 'Q Q A MARY O,ROURKE, Pd.B. E 5 Fleming, Colorado ' Newman Club E :I "Eaflz mind has its ofwn mind" Q In Q 1' JUANITA G. GWEN, Pd.B. E II Osawatomie, Kansas E ', Kas. State Normal, summers '15-'16-'17 E 4 Primary Club, Story Tellers League, Y. W. C. A. E "I'we loft my heart, but I don't care" E E E NIILDRED PAGE, Pd.B. , Greeley, Colorado E "A Jmile that fwim the way" Q 1- E 1, LETITIA A. PEARCE, Pd.B. g 4 Denver, Colorado . University of D'enver Q15 Vice-Pres. Mathematics Club ' "A heart ay big as Zlze world" O E ' E 5 HAZEL E. PENLEY, Pd.B. E 5 Sedalia, Colorado K Y. W. C. A., Home Economics Club 5 "C0mj10sure is thy charm" L 0 2 LILLIE PERKINS, Pd.B. . Eaton, Colorado U Y. W. C. A. 9 "Al: merry as the day if long" 9 5, E EDITH PERRY, Pd.B., E Braymer, Missouri Music Club 3 "fl gentle maid of modest ways" D 9 Z Avls PETIT, Pd.B. 5 ' Greeley, Colorado Z Sigma Upsilon 5 "lVhere are you going, my pretty maid?" 5 "Far ll ride in my flifu-ver. Come on," L , .the raid" 3 9 I' " " " " " " ?fA1n " " A " A " " " " " ' A " lV'T'V "'Y TSI ' lHUlHq l "lkVslLUUlJs9'-XLKU-ILKVJLWJJIJUJ LKQUQ E A Q JUNIOR COLLEGE I E E E FLORENCE PHENIX, Pd.B. E V Greeley, Colorado E "Her cheerfulness is an ojfshoot of her goodness" E 4 , LAEL PHIPPENY, Pd.B. E Greeley, Colorado E Pi Kappa Delta Pres. Mathematics Club, Y. W. C. A., 0 , English Club E "Let us enjoy pleasure fwhile fwe can" . GLADYS PICK, Pd.B. ' Colorado Springs, Colorado E Colorado College CID ' Capt. Basketball Team, Spanish Club g "1Wis-chief, tlzou art afoot" E E PANSEY EDITH PIERCE, Pd.B. ' Longmont, Colorado E Sigma Upsilon ' E Y. W. C. A. E "Yes!erday is gone and no studying done, but zfomorrofw is coming, so let E us ride all day today" E BIIRIAM POMEROY, Pd.B. , Westmoreland, Kansas ' Alpha Sigma Alpha Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, Education Club "Happy am I, from care 11771 free, W'hy aren't others conterzled like me" BIZRNICE POTTER, Pd.B. Arvada, Colorado Y. W. C. A., National Story Tellers League "'Tis only noble to be good" HELEN POTTER, Pd.B. Arvada, Colorado Y. W. C. A. "Hnd in mind very wise" MAY RAFFERTY, Pd.B. Kline, Colorado Spanish Club ' "flln.uays ready to be of help" Z K 5 ' A v-v v- --'r-vi 'vw lvv v-vvv' i 80 QQ V 'NIJ' - A - - - - A - - - - A - - - LKV-ILWIJ V V V V 'DUJ V IXVJ V V V V 'V IXUJLWARVJIXVJDQA V UULU Q E 2 5 , JUNIOR COLLEGE Q - E 5 0 . I RIARY EDNA RAVVLINGS, Pd.B. , Monte Vista, Colorado E V "fl pleasant face, a happy soul" If E Q C 5 'E ' BARBARA REED, Pd.B. l V Evans, Colorado V 5 "Health and happiness mutually heget E , eaeh other" ' E 5 E 5 5 AGNES REH, Pd.B. . V Durango, Colorado 5 Newman Club, Primary Club V 5 'Modesty and goodness go hand in E Q hand" 'Q Q BENETA REID, Pd.B. ' , Dearborn, Missouri E Missouri University E Warrensburg State Normal Home Economics Club V "Good nature is the J'llllJlIi7lL' of hu- 4 manilyu ' 4 NONA REYNOLDS, Pd.B. 'Q La Veta, Colorado E "S4zceet looks hy human kindness bud" . - E PAULINE REYNOLDS, Pd.B. E Q Greeley, Colorado E Primary Club, Associate Editor Cruci- . ble Staff "Al miracle alone would take her from E 2 her work at any lime" E 4 HELEN RHOADES, Pd.B. E J i Brush, Colorado E Sigma Upsilon E 4, Kindergarten Club J "Small in stature hu! big in grey mal- E 3 Mr" E 1' E E ,, NIARIAN RIDLEY, Pd.B. . ' Estherville, Iowa . Primary Club ' "She hath Dianrzlr ici!" V T Y. - 2 f T i' C7 " " ' " A " P6Ylh'iflPfiflP6N1lYA'll'f3flDiYl?0d A A A l'6YllYEflDiYlh'ifl A ll " A VKITIAYIVBIVKIFIN A A w id S1 K JULIA SCHLUPP, Pd.B. l :UT AIMM ,VJ MM ,MiM1EMIMMlM 1 MIMTMl!QH M M Q? JUNIOR COLLEGE ALVERNA ROBERTSON, Pd.B. Trinidad, Colorado Mathematics Club "A frank and open fozzntenancen BEULAH ROBINSON, Pd.B. Colorado Springs, Colorado 5 Sigma Sigma Sigma ' Primary Club K "She is pretly, she is shy, Bn! there's mischief in her eye" ? BQINNIE ROSENTHAL, Pd.B. L -Iamesport, Missouri Stephens College Q Sec. Education Club, Dramatic Club, Story Tellers League Z "IVith eyes tha! looked into the soul ' Brighi and hlafk and hurning as a foal" SQ EDITH SANDEN, Pd.B. 7 Ault, Colorado X. W. C. A. . "Her heart is an orean 'wide and deep E lVhz're sfwirling waves of friendship sweep" ELLA R. SCANLAN, Pd.B. 5' Aspen, Colorado Rural Club, Education Club, Y. XV. C. A. Q "1'Vho mixes reason with pleasure and fwzsdonz fwzth mzrZh" Z K E Longmont, Colorado Rural Club, Newman Club "ForInne slips around her Quay" 5 x N E ANNIE l-NQARIE SCHNEIDER, Pd.B. Denver, Colorado Q 5 Indiana State Normal KID K 4 Pi Kappa Delta ? 4 Pres. History Club, Debating Club, 3 Y. W. C. A. 5 "She has a desire to animate the world" MARIE SCOTT, Pd.B. I Platteville, Colorado Spanish Club K "Persuasion tips her langue fwhene'er she speaks" gg s 9 4 -4 ilivdldllli VV v1D1EfN'3i liK'IlYH 82 .il .55lll:Ql'5QLKI ,Q WAVES l HUM1 iQ S. 5 JUNIOR COLLEGE E2 3 2 l CRYSTAL M. SCOTT, Pd.B. 4 Medicine Bow, Wyoming l Q Y. W. C. A. S 42 "Knitting, always knitting" S - E 2 I FERN A. SCOTT, Pd.B. 3 . . Golden, Colorado Z 3 Debating Club " "'Lajf' efuery time you feel tickled and ? giggle once in LI fwl1ile" g Q ,l EDITH SELBERG, Pd.B. l Greeley, Colorado Z 2- "Woz'k jimi, then res!" , Q I 5 HAZEL SHANK, Pd.B. . -' Grand Valley, Colorado V l Story Tellers League I ' j Hlflfomcn :will lowe her that .rlze 1: a 5 4 -woman" ' L I l 2 4 3 FAYE SHIELDS, Pd.B. 5 Stockton, California "fl merry heart goes all the clay, 3 A I-ad one tires in a mileu Q GERTRUDE SHIELDS, Pd.B. L 3 Stockton, California 3 "Newer kwa: a flofwer more modest" g g T W LETTY SIMPSON, Pd.B. Q l, Eaton, Colorado 5 Q, Delta sigma Epsilon u E "A handsome face ix a .vileni recom- PM E mendatioff' -2 el 4 MRS. CARRIE PARKS SIPPLE, Pd.B. - --. Denver, Colorado L Rural Club 3 F5 '24 -woman original and firm" '55 Q1 ld "-'Q I . , .. . , Q Eg ' li., QI! K I I ,Io I willY1HUMWhfAuo1WW'I'1'fY1Y1oI1IouoIWIWummImvolmizmwimffamrfnltlwtwm,omQmfffmfngfiIraifmmnnmri , S3 V V DUI V D814 V 'V DUJLWXINIJ V' V V D-V4 V V V V - A , -,. -, V' V - - - A 'N!J" UUlLXU!LWJ4LW!JD!!4D!Al,9 'E - 4 JUNIOR COLLEGE . 5 1 AGNES SLINDEE, Pd.B. lg Longmont, Colorado Y. W. C. A. cabinet, Education Club, ' Home Economics Club E "Friend.rhip like herr gifver an order E of nobility" E CARRIE SMITH, Pd.B. E Montrose, Colorado 0 St. Paul Business and Normal Col. C25 . Y. W. C. A. "W'hen her mind is ret then argue not" E 0 ELEONORE P. SMITH, Pd.B. 'Q Buford, Colorado E Home Economics Club E "Al perfect -woman, nobly planned i To fwzzrn, to eomfort, and eommamlu E 0 E LUCILLE SMITH, Pd.B. E Glenwood Springs, Colorado E "Golden 'words from her lipr do flow" E 4 1 ALFRED T. SNEDGEN, Pd.B. E Hartington, Nebraska E Lambda Gamma Kappa . E "It ir newer too late to learn" E H.AZEL STALEY, Pd.B. E Colorado Springs, Colorado , Colorado College C25 E Delta Sigma Upsilon E "You're a good kid and 'we all like you" E 0 BLANCHE STONE, Pd.B. Q . Ogden, Utah A Q Delta Sigma Upsilon V English Club Q "Maiden.l with meek brofwn eye: . - In fwhose orhr ez .rhadofw lier Like the :lurk in evening rkiesu 1 0 HELEN STONE, Pd.B. :li E Denver, Colorado . Orchestra, Y. VV. C. A. E ",4lv.uay.r someihing on her mind" E E ' ' E E E 84 4k El B , J D 3' " f ,, 1 ji 'I 9 . . U 7 . . . . . . , :I 1' I 1 1 J l ' H 0 o Ia , I' . . . ., - . ' - qV E n f f , , H D , 5 L . . If D , ll "A daughieruof the golds, difuinely tall Il jf JJ 9 , , . . . 2 o '. . . ., ' ' . ff f -- ' 5 , , Y , , 2 I ?fB'll7'h1PBt1l'fSt1TfM1Pf8flP6YlffB1ffA1?fB1i'fB1lfM1 A MYllYM1MYllYA1l7i'11P6N1 A l'6Yll'6Yll73TllTM11YA1 A ' l l 'LUVJLWJJLVJJDMXUUJLUJJD-!lJ"'UQJJ' 'lk!QLUJLUJ'lfU-I'DUJ'LWJ' 'l3UJl3UJlX!l4' In 5 - ' 5 J UNIOR COLLEGE 5 5 1' JOHANNA SUMM, Pd.B. I' Red cliff, Colorado :I f'She looks ahead for larger conse- ir 4 queues" 4a ju Q EMMA SWANSON, Pd.B. 5 Canon City, Colorado 1, "For she is a jolly good fellow" :I ia ju RUBY TOBIAS, Pd.B. 5 Colorado Springs, Colorado 5 Primary Club 4' "Thy studious mind is efuer efvidezztn EULAH TAYLOR Pd.B. Wenatchee Washington elta Sigma Epsilon Naot orfward but modest and sfweet of dzspositiorz ELEANOR THOMAS, Pd B Castle Rock Cololado Y W C A Cabinet Home Economics Club A guzet lhotful good sznreze lass RUTH H THOMAS, Pd B Castle Rock Cololado Y W C A Pies K1nderga1ten Club Efuer ree rom marry and care OUISE THOMPSON, Pd B Denver Cololado elta S1gma Upsilon Home Economics Club and most dzfuznely azr lW:ARY ELILABETH TITSWORTH Pd B Greeley Colorado H VV C A Domestic Science Club A .vtrazglzt orward and unobtrusrve person . 85 4 LllLllA,U5LQ!!,L,.Ull,UUl MlUll 5QWHWQWHiLUtU M?QUTQUlQUlQW7lL7A3MMUA . JUNIOR COLLEGE VERA I. TODD, Pd.B. Goodrich, Colorado Pi Kappa Delta Rural Club, Orchestra "Charitable and indulgent to efueryone but herself" H. A. UNDERHILL, Pd.B. ' Greeley, Colorado Major-Industrial Arts Y. M. C. A., College Orchestra "The most unassuming of our men" RAMONCITA VIALPANDO, Pd.B. Weston, Colorado Newman Club "The one fwith the bright, big, brofwn eyes" HELEN MCGIRR WALSH, Pd.B. Greeley, Colorado Sigma Sigma Sigma Glee Club, Newman Club "Her silfuery Ivoire is the rirh fvoiee of a summer bird" ANNA LAURA WALTER, Pd.B. Greeley, Colorado Y. W. C. A., Primary Club, Story Tellers League "The sehool 'will be better for having lenofwn her" WINEFRED WARREN, Pd.B. Gill, Colorado Delta Sigma Epsilon . Home Economics Club, Education Club "Ever gentle, good and true A friend to me, a friend to you" ESTELLA WETHERALD, Pd.B. , Cripple Creek, Colorado Delta Sigma Upsilon Pres. Pan Hellenic, Mathematics Club, Crucible Staff, Y. W. C. A. Cabinet "From the time she jirst entered col- lege, :we ha-'ve lofved her as fefw others here" ESTHER L. WHEATLEY, Pd.B. Snowmass, Colorado Gunnison State Normal Newman Club, Primary Club "There is nothing that -wins friends like a bright, cheerful smile" vv vvv-v vv 86 3 JUNIOR COLLEGE g FERN WHITE, Pd.B. Norwood, Colorado Alpha Sigma Alpha 4 Education Club, National Story Tellers League "Yon are tra-veling to one destination -happiness" NIARIAN F. WILBUR, Pd.B. 3 Colorado Springs, Colorado 3 English Club, Crucible Staff, ' Y. W. C. A. l 4 "AI quiet, demure lassze 'fwhose thots 7 ' newer stray from her studies" RUTH E. WILDER, Pd.B. . Pueblo, Colorado , , 1 Sigma Upsilon Kindergarten Club "And fwe say this prayer as fwe look af her so fair, 0 Please hring him safely bark to her again" YVETTE WILLIAMS, Pd.B. , Alamosa, Colorado "It is not alfways personality but per- - se-verance fwhieh fwins" ' LILLIAN WILSON, Pd.B. l Wellington, Colorado . Y. W. C. A., Primary Club, History ' Club Q "Sineerity is an openness of heart" Q E LILY WOLFE, Pd.B. 3 Loveland, Colorado History Club "W'insome and 1nerry,' liked hy all ' who lznofw her" E RosA WOLFE, Pd.B. ' Loveland, Colorado i History Club 4 "Conseientiousness and sincerity re- Q fvealedh E FLORA BERNICE WooDwARD, Pd.B. l Medicine Lodge, Kansas ' Rural Club "AI student, eonserfuatifue and sedate" g Z 0 E E lvvlv' ' 'V' I I""lv'7 V' ST l,D!lJ'lfkV-IVLKVJLKVJVLKQULVJJV ' V 'LWAIXZGLKZQLKVJLXVJINNLWAIXUJLKYA' ' 'LKVJLWJJ' ' ' VDUJDUJ! 4 ,I 4, qu J UNIOR COLLEGE 4 . ,I 1 QI MARJORIE BERGEN, Pd.B. 4 tl Colorado Springs, Colorado Sigma Sigma Sigma College Orchestra, Y. W. C. A. "All that efuer fwa: joyoux and clear and fresh, Thy nzusir doth .mz'pa.v.v" 4 n ,A 4 4a 5 5 :I 1' BLANCHE DEMPSEY, Pd.B. ll Pueblo, Colorado 4 Newman Club, Rural Club "Laugh and be fat like me" 11 5 ir 4' N'EMESIA PAYNE, Pd.B. ' Erie, Pennsylvania Edinboro State Normal Q15 Y. W. C. A. "Full many a flofwer ix born Zo blush un.veen" In In ju In 3' NIARIAN DORIS BUTLER, Pd.B. f 4' Denver, Colorado 5 Y. W. C. A. "They call her dignified fwho lenogw he1"' ALFRED BAXTER Pd B Greeley Colorado The man 1 ho gayly doex hzx L-work LEOTA NANKERVIS Pd B Idaho Springs Colorado She gzvex a pleasant fuzefw o the .rmall lrzals o exzxtence HELEN GEIGER, Pd B Pueblo Colorado E E MYIVNVNVNMVMVMVMMVNVNMVVNMMMVVNMYIMN1 A VA1P6YlffB1l7iN1l7iYl :I E In E ju E 5 - . f , ,, f E il E "Her harmony is splendid" l f 'E ia E 'L A " A " " " " A A A A A " 4 " " A " " ' " VA1P6Yl" " ' " " " " it ' ss V V ' LW-IDGCILUJ V LUJ A A A A A A ,A A A A ,A A A A, A A A A A A LU-ILU-I A A A A A A ,A A ,A A ,A A ,A A A A. A A A A FRCSI-MCU EDWIN B. SMITH Freshman Class Advisor Presidents of First Year Class am: -' - . .- 24.1 5 af ' ,ig f Af , 2 A 2 Q 5 A5 f UK? A ,ff SY X . f: iillffi' ' ERLE INGLE Winter Term INNIE ARFSTEN Spring Term P01 nPfA1MYla AVNVNMVMVVNAMVQVNVNMVVNQ AVNVNMWMMVNAVNA o A 5 A A oK'fA1hWrlP01P6N1AP6N1hiX1 E MYIMYIVMWNVNVMVN VNVNMMMVVNMVVNVNVNVNVNVNMMVN A h'A1D'iflP6'dMX1MN1h'81h01 MUHMqCA MIM1 M MQMRJMI MIM QQH1 f FIRST YEAR CLASS OFFICERS President ....... Vice-President . . . Secretary ...... Treasurer .. President ...... Vice-President . . . Secretary-Treasuz ez President ...... Vice-President . . . Secretary-Treasui ei v-vvv Fallrferm ...HAROLDPRESTON ERLE INGLE HELEN KING .'..FRANCEs SCOTT WinterTerm .........................ERLEINGLE Spring Term vv CARRIE MAY DIGGS . . . FRANCES SCOTT . . . INNIE ARFSTEN CARRIE NIAY DIGGS . . . FRANCES SCOTT Q fi 5 Q 3, Z Q K E L E E .E E 5 L Z 7 Z L VVIQ 90 I Q 5 1 3 QlzwwgilwwlevmmttzfIMweIMIMIMIMIMIMIQIINIMHMWQKQZQMEQQMISQMFMUIw1IEAQH2iQEQAFIAILV'M1?f 1. I li' I is 2 IQ Z 4 ,Q a .5 2 Q I Q 4, L Q Q Q Q 2 I 5 Q 5 I , 5 I L - 3 2 I .1 5 1 5. 3 2 I 3 2 3 2 Q, l Q . 5 I Q FIRST ROW-Marie M. Helfron, Esther Kinder, Marie Inge, Carolyn M. Ellis. bg 'Z' SECOND ROW-Bessie Sickelbower, Frances Lee Norman, Gertrude Alps, Glenn Eaton. Pg A. THIRD Row-Margaret Clark, Lucile H. Tobin. 2 5 FOURTH Row-Marian Thompson, Julia Evans, Margaret Phelps, Verna Davis. 2' FIFTH Row-Ona Stautz, Abigail Harvey, Myrtle Patterson, Gertrude Cosslett. 43, , ,, U ,-W , , , ,, E ,..,,, ,, ,,,, wr, ,.., .-, We ,,a ,...,,s-.,,.,,,,Y If if 31 1Lj'1IV-V1Q1'f'vQ1V'V1Q1l'-f'f1mhmmm m IlvILV31lV1ivllllmllvf vllllvf vu lily YLILlVY1lI'ZYQ1YYILiZiiZ,i -I 91 A e 5 s L L 3 L 5 L 3 L L 3, L L L Q I I It Q E 5 Z lg V .'lX!fUNJl 7 LUJLUJLKV-1" LKVJLXVJUSI-ILWJJLKVJLKVJWW ' Q 4 5, E Q 0 Q E - E . , 5 - 'E 9 1 E 1- 1 E 1- E 1- 1 E I 1 E Q 1 - E 9 Z 1 5 'E Q E Q 1 5 5 . Q 9 Qi 'E 91 E Q E 5 E 5, E 5 E Q . 5 C 0 E 2 5 Q 5. 'E 1- 1 E 0 E 5 :I - E 5 E 1- E In If 5 It I5 4 P In I: In - 1' 5 FIRST ROW-Olive Wilson, Vir inia Rae, Anna McAloon Carrie Ma Di Us. li E v Y gb 5 SECOND Row-Mary Clynke, Genevieve Arnold, Irene Spaulding, Mary L. Hays. ' 5 THIRD Row-William Allman, Erle Ingle. ,I FOURTH Row-Louise Syp, Sylvia jane Pickett, Florence E. Hill, Gladys Scanlan. , 5 FIFTH Row-Gladys Poole, Ruth G. Hoag, Tom Vance, Christena Brooks. p 4 lr " 4 " ' " " VN " " " " ' " ' A " A " " " ' TINVA1 " " " " PfA1PfDflhf8x1TbN1I'fh1VifI" 92 4 4 0, A A A A A ,A A A A A A A A A ,A A A A A A V LUG V DEQ V lkw V V V' V LKWJLXVJ V V UQIJLWIJLWJJLWLI VWQ jr ' In ' 9 Q E Q C 5 E :f E :I E 5 E Q 1 5 il I E Q Q 5 E Q E 5 I E E 1- E If E E 1 5 0 E I 0 Q E p C p C 5 4 In E I1 E - E 5 Q Q Q In 4 'I E Q7 Q 11 E E 4 V 1- ' E - E Q I 5 1 Q - E in 9 'I 0 4 . FIRST Row-Roberta A. Stitt, Norma Miller, Lavinia Olson, Ethel Patt. V SECOND ROW-Myrll VVOod, Madge Richards, Dorothy Van Deusen, Mary Corrine Yard. g -? THIRD Row-Louise Anderson, Marvel Snook. '- N FOURTH Row-Nsra Roop, Ethel Dorothy Alpert, Glendolyn Knowles, Ruth Speers. V 1 FIFTH Row-Lillian Seastrand, Mary McCarthy, Mildred Brady, Cecilia A. Lyons. 4 Y' WNVNMVMWVNMVMVMVVNVNMVMVMVVNVN A . A l'fB1l7'M1f6't1l'6'fll'Ki'll'f5x1l'fiflffB1 l""'l"'lVx7g- 'VT' 9 3 V! I Q O 3 l l ! 1 . A ' , "UU-I ' UU-I ' IAN" FIRST ROW-Lucretia Lantz, Ida Hart, Alice Herndon. SECOND Row-Bertha Marsh, Edith Shaddle. n THIRD ROW-Victor Candlin, Innie Arfsten. 1 WW . 9 4 E, QQLQPTUIHUUUWMLJCQQMIQHISAWM, AMa i M M aQA1LQXsfQ5Q1FUHUfTMrM1L41fQBlSm2x13,gg3 Q a f iw W f me gggggk .41 0594 A 2 Nw -1hx . f! 338000 0054177 1.55 1 if f si A 1 5 Quang 3 13 0 fdyv 5 Sy UV ., i " Cf f 2 fW 'I f u up Q 4 'pg J Q 2 fiiifigmw fobad Q 2 D , U , a igghgghuhmggibk L 8Eg Q00 JQ UQD 'IQYLI nh l A , g 4- zwasbmgodffod gg Ub fW5i"'E' 1f-.'1'fs ' uw 00 WwQ,o .03 S .An 1 C f x K 'OW :if 1232? 5 E X -' I 170 1 om Q if - 3 Q W Kwizn E 2 ' N- i, - X . 2 -' W N .A 5 mf X 'X 1' V H Q f w ff A E ff' j 5 f L i 21,7 , ..i::,-, - 4,-,. -1 ,. , ,. v. ' - K 1 L l T Q L 3 L l L 2 5 51 5 Q S E 54 ? Z ,W 1- 1 Y xy Q Q QQ Li , Fi: pg 621 K4 V3 R .PF 'ii PE 3 1? Q3 1YZYiYfii'ifilL'?ViF'LYHIS'LAiEfii Www Vvfsai -f11flVT1.71TY17xlii:1Y ll 95 3 53 E5 Kg 1? Q Q Q vLgy,1 ,U,1ULU.lNA"' IMA-'i"' ' 'VLUJIXQCIIXVJLUUV V VIJUJDSALUJUUJLISJ-!U84ILWJJ'LU4l5!JJ,9 DEMONSTRATION SCHOOLS Dotted here and there along the country road within a distance of ten or twelve miles from the Colorado Teachers College will be found several modern and attractive brick buildings which represent the educational ideals of the people in the rural districts of today. These demonstration schools are: Ashton, I-Iazeflton, Bracewell and New Liberty. The training teachers or supervisors of these respective schools are: Miss Eleanor Salberg, lVIrs. Grace Peterson Hunt, lVIiss Laura V. Riley, Mrs. Inez Emer- sen Reynolds. With the present members of demonstration rural schools Teachers College is enabled to give 36 students actual rural school experience each year where conditions are materially different from those in cities, towns and villages. A In these schools Teachers College co-operates with taxpayers of the nearby districts to equip buildings, both schools and teacherages. These teacherages which have been built to respond to the difficulties of teachers Ending convenient boarding places are built on a bungalow style and are tastefully and attractively furnished. The training teacher along with two student teachers, as is the plan for next year, work together and live together in the teacherage, which is now Wa part of each model rural school equipment. The Demonstration Schools are under the direction of the county superintendent of schools and the department of country schools and the director, Prof. SI. H. Shriber, who assumes direct supervision. The Departments of Agriculture, lvlanual Training, lNIusic and Domestic Science are giving weekly lessons in their respective lines in these schools in order to vitalize and motivate the regular subjects taught. The assistant teachers or student helpers are changed monthly. During thglfirst few days the new assistant simply observes, then she gradually assumes the duties of work in classes assigned her until she takes full charge of all classes. Student teachers are rated at the end of four weeks' training in the Demonstration Schools by the regular teacher and the director of country schools upon the following general points: I. Physical and Native Efficiency. . . . . . I3O units II. bleasure of Instruction ..... . . .130 units III. Preparatory Efficiency . . . . .130 units IV. Acquired Efficiency .......................... 110 units The rating system tends to intensify effort and encourage a definiteness of purpose and aim which should characterize the work of the rural teachers especially. On May 25, 1917, was held the first Annual School and Community Day. The program which was furnished by the four schools consisted of: I. General Exhibit. ' II. Lunch. III. Program. IV. Athletic Events. AYVIYA1 W VNVMVYVMMWMVVNMVVMMVMVMX1 a A TfA1P0dfY5X1K'6N1 VNVM1 Q si Q 5 si si Q 5 Q a 5 Q Q 2 ' 9 6 3 f 3 1 I lu ? , Hazelton Rural Demonxtration School and Tezzfherage Inrlzzded 4m T' n 1 :P I lx 2 . W K E E g g AAI M AAI WNUTQHIEAMKEEQU P E l ' 5 5 K Z 3 K I g E L New Liberfy Demonstralion School and Tearlzerage Included ll l ' ' 97 N .f7slzton Rural Delmomtration Srhool and Teaflzerage Inrluded Bracefwell Rural Demovzdratiorz Srhool and Teaclzerage Inrlzzded 5 5 5 E 5 5 5 Q 5 5 Q Q D01 VNVNVNDSVMV AAVMVNAAVNAMYIVMMMAAAVNAAAAMVVMMWAVKIMVVNAMVMVVMA P01 YA' " " A WAY! " ' A A ' " iYA1PfM1P01h'A1" " " " A A ' " ' V061 " T01 A " " " " " " 'O 98 V 'LU-lUUJLk9L!LUJ'l5!!JLUlD!!-I' 'LUJ' 'DsWDUJ'LWALUJ"D!ANADUJLK9JLUJLUJ'LUJLUJ'LUJLUJLWAlg SUMMER SCHOOL IN C. T. C. The Summer Quarter is the greatest quarter of the school year. Last summer we had about 1,200 students enrolled, this being the largest enrollment in the history of the College. The Summer Quarter gives teachers an opportunity to "keep up" with the swift strides that are being made in education these days. They also have an opportunity for a vacation in the West and week end excur- sions into the mountains. Our faculty is greatly strengthened by many teachers and instructors from all over the United States. lVIany entertainments of both musical and dramatic nature are given. Last summer We enjoyed a musical program every Week, given by the Philharmonic Crchestra. The Dramatic Club, the French Club and the Spanish Club also gave entertainments in the Open Air Theatre. The biggest and greatest part of the Summer School is the series of lectures given by prominent educators from all parts of the United States. Last summer we heard such men as G. Stanley Hall, S. C. Schmucker, James E. Russel, O. T. Corson, lVl. V. 0'Shea and many others. These men gave lectures on education, psychology, biology and current tendencies in other educational lines which were both instructive and entertaining. The lectures alone are Well Worth the time and money spent by the teachers in coming to the Summer School. A fh16X1h6Yl A MN1lYA1l'fDfIMX1i A AlI'6YlI'fAYls A MYLIYNVRCI A DiX1h'M1?fA1MN1 A l ' 99 7 ,MMMM,M , AA M,MlM 's AN INTERLUDE 3 There aint no use of kicking- There aint no use to slam, The book is all done printed And it am just what it am. The foreword is stated briefly- Q The faces are mighty long- Some caps are hidden-chiefly, O, there's lots of things gone wrong. If the Annual Staff's gone madg lf the faculty cracks a teeny smile lt's worth all the trouble we've had. Cf course we know the manager Woufld never have gotten thru, If he hadn't had his little girl - To keep him from getting blue. Bennet's run his feet off, And Frances' workls well done, The weight that Helen lifted lVIust have weighed more than a ton. lrene is sure a dandy, She simply can't be beat, And Alice, before she left us, Did things with one grand sweep. 3 Q 3 5 5 5 Q 5 'T But shucksl Why should we worry 5 5 3 it 5 Chick and Helen medals won, 3 Relieving us of many a worry. Now Chick has gone sailing right on - 2 To kill our last in a hurry. K If Germany would win this war, l And we should be the loser- They'd change our beautiful French name To "Verstecken Sie Das Puderf' But such a great calamity 'Ne'er over us shall come, K Because our boys have gone to help Send' William on the run. 1 3. . 51 a n A A -41 1 A-rm1h3YIa A- MMVNVNMWMHMYIAVNA A' 100 vsfvv vvvfv Ivy vv scunenc 2 EICCIUICIES V IV' " VW' ' IH' EXE HH EiyvvgyE1"-"QH""x'v1QHyQ1TV"'1Q1YV"1Q1lVN'1Q1"yQv1LfS'1I1'm1"vf1il'1Q'f1VQ'1H1"d"Cj1 101 wul vwa rv vuwwuv viv v 'm v 'www v W afnuezncs A A " " " ' " ' " PfA1P6Yl" " ' IYSGMY1 A MYIVN A' VMVNMY1 A A r6YhY6fIrf6dVA1" " VNL 102 I0-3 U V'Lk!43V'Lk!'lV V V'V'V V V V V V V V'LK!ll LWllLU-!LUJV V'l5Ul!VLU-I LWJWQJJLWJJUQJJDUJDSJJ OUR COACH Coach Ralph Glaze, Dartmouth '06, came to C. T. C. the fall of 1917 to take charge of athletics. In Dartmouth, Coach Glaze was a star all-around athlete in football, baseball, track and basketball. Since leaving college he has followed ath- letics as a profession. In the season of '09 and '10 pitched for the Boston club of the American League. In 'II he was with the lVIontreal club of the International League. lXfIr. Glaze coached the Dartmouth football team of '06 and the baseball team of '07. He coached the '07 football team of the England High School of New York. In '08 he coached the Rochester University football team when it won its first inter- collegiate championship of New York State. In the spring of '10 he took charge of athletics at Bavler University in Texas, where he was coach. During the seasons '11, '12, '13 he won three state championships in basketball and baseball. The rest of the season of '13 he spent in officiating football games in the south. During the summer of '14 he pitched in the Western League until fall of '14, when he took charge of athletics at the University of Southern California. The seasons of '14 and '15 he coached at the Drake University in Iowa until he came to Greeley to ally himself with C. T. C. Coach Glaze has established athletics on the highest standard that C. T. C. has ever known. ll YA1 A ll MYIVA1 A A A P01 A A VN b l A A " " " " A A " " Pf611I'rDrI- i??Ai1rhi1Fmi1rK'flrr5N1Pf6a1 I -1 Y 5 L 5 o U O 5 Q I , r Y U FOOTBALL A : ln 1918 C. T. C. experienced a very good year in football. Although she claims T 5 no victories, much credit should be given the football team. A School not starting until October and a scarcity of men caused a great handicap A to our season's work. There were only about twelve men that reported for practice A and only a few of them had any experience. Our coach was the cause of success, for A he developed a very fast team considering the material he had to work with: lt was A hard work for the boys, but with Glaze as the backbone and pep-maker, all were very E much interested, not knowing the outcome. Q After three days' practice the C. T. C. squad journeyed to Boulder to play C. U., ' a team that was much larger and had been practicing for a month. This game gave ' 5 Glaze an opportunity to size up the material at hand. The result was defeat, but T5 Q showed signs of improvement with more practice. - ? 2 Our next game was with Aggies, at Greeley. The team went down to defeat E , again, but showed from hard work it was improving every day. E With a Fighting spirit it met Laramie twice. They. won .by one touchdown on ' 0 their own grounds and also defeated the Teachers on Thanksgiving day at Greeley, ' A by one touchdown. E Q 2 Score g Q Boulder 59-C. T. C. O at Boulder E 5 Aggies 2C-C. T. C. 7 at Greeley ' E Q Laramie 6-C. T. C. O at Laramie E O D. U. 14-C. T. C. 6 at Greeley ' D Laramie 8-C. T. C. O at Greeley E 5 - ' E 5 Q C Q Q E , 4 :I 4 E1 , , 4 - E C W VVWVV VVFNIETE A A A A VMVN MN1 A I'fEf1rrAX1l'fm1 'O 104 J D OTTWOTWWOAAWTTWAT TIOAQQT NALUJLWA V LWALKUJLWJJLKZQLWXILWA A A A A A A A A A A A LU! A A A A A A A 'bkUl" LK!l! A A A A A A A A A 0 - A- - v - . 5 5 5 5 5 5 E 5 5 5 5 5 5 Z E E E MMVMVMVNMVMVMVVN A MYIVA1 A MVMVVNMVMVVNVMMN1 0 vwwvvvssvvvvvvirwwwmmvmvedmmwwwmwmmm BASKETBALL Although the team annexed no championship laurels, and was handicapped during the first of the season due to the small Gym., its exhibitions were characterized by determined fighting, steady improvement and individual ability. At the end of the season, the men having become accustomed to their new positions, the team began to show excellent form and to exhibit real team work. With "Opie". Carter, who was considered one of the best centers in the state for his size, at centerg Hottle and Walsh at guard and With Bracevvell and Baxter, sensational basket throvvers, made a new record for C. T. C. lt was this team, featured by the brilliancy of Carter, the speed and aggressiveness of Walsh and Bracewell, the consistency and fighting spirit of Baxter, Hottle, King and Jones, which furthered C. T. C.'s basketball aspirations. Teani Forwards-Bracevvell, Baxter, Preston Guards-VValsh, Jones, Hottle,King Center-Carter Score Aggies 35 C. T. C. 1 3 D. U. 20 C. T. C. 21 Mines 21 C. T. C. I7 Mines 8 C. T. C. 45 Boulder 35 C. T. C.' I9 Aggies IQ C. T. C. 20 IVV! 107 wxivwwwu v' v v v v v vmmwu v 'w4ww.1 v v v v 'A' vwu' -'V-v" " L Z I K f 6.0 'A'-I A NIV A' XA- E K I I g H A VNA C l A A 'A AMY! AMYIA A O 'JW4 ' ' WA ' M M K,7!lF:4 1 2 5 5 5 2 5 3 1 Q 2 'i J 4 4 1 4 fi '4' i - 'fv'vv vvvv'g GIRLS' BASKETBALL-SECOND YEAR This year, as never before, second year is full of the spirit of progress. This fact has well been shown in the recent organization of the girls' basketball team. The prime object of the team is to raise the standard of girls' athletics in the school and to get the girls to realize that the responsibility rests upon them and that they are the most important factor in putting the school in a position of athletic honor and su- premacy. When the call for players came out in the Crucible, in the early winter, almost every girl heeded it and came out with great enthusiasm. Not only.did the girls play during class time, but on Saturdays the gymnasium was never idle. And even now, when it is so hot that the wagons go around with their tongues out, you can see an eager bunch of girls in the gymnasium practicing to win the championship. So far we have only played two games, one with the High School, in which we were defeated 20-17, and the other with first year, when we won 18-IO. We will play several more and hope to win them all, for through us all is a pride, a loyalty, a zealousness Which, though we know it not, can never be found except in the ever-flowing spirits of the second year girls at C. T. C. IOS! wwuum v vw4 vA v 'M" '1' v -'uw' v vm' wxwv vm w4' v v v 'mm x K Z Q St'1'0lZLf Yrm' Hzukclbrzll Tram 5 5 5 mg E E E E E 5 i E Z E Z E MYIVNAMMA a I'f8f1l'6YIaP6YIPfA1 aIYA1 h6N1A A aV8a1Pm1a aV8fIMYlAI'6N1o A A AMWMVVMMVMVAMVVNVNMVVN 5 C V V D841 V V D814 V UUJLUJLKWDUJUUJLU-IUUJUQIJIXU-I V DUJLUJLUJLUJ V UUJIXUJIXVJLU-ILWLILUJLWIIDUJNV V V V GAA 5 Q 5 5 2 5 Qi 5 Q Q 5 5 2 1 1 5 5 5 1 ,r FIRST YEAR BASKETBALL TEAM The first year girls have shown more interest in basketball this year than has ever been shown since the college began. Wlien lVIr. Glaze scheduled his basketball class he hadn't taken into consideration that there were about six hundred girls in the college and that one out of every five liked to play basketball. When the hour came for the class to meet, many students crowded into the little gym. Mr. Glaze saw at once that this would never do and told all second-year people to please step forward and he made two classes of the first and second year students respectively, but the first year class was still too large and had to be divided into four classes in order that each girl might play. It was a hard matter to select the team, because there were so many good players. In fact they were all good and better. At last the following players were picked for the first year squad: Ennie Arfston. Amy Brown, Lillie Seastrand, Ruth Meacham, Bessie Rhoades, Irma Carson, Viola Smith, Caroline Ellis, Mary Hayes, Elizabeth Rule, Louise Syp, Sarah Dillon, Rose Drtina, Helen Gilbert, Miller, and Sylvia Pickett. Ah! what a time we did have when we played the high school. Of course Lillie played against her sister Ruth and my! the scramble they did have. You know Lillie is the older of the two, but Ruth is almost the larger. Ruth played against Gertrude S., but that's nothing new to see them fight, because they practiced on it before the game. VVell, I guess it did rufide up Ennie's feathers when their jumping center hit her hand instead of the ball and kept Ennie from it, but that was stopped before the game was over. Yes, Bessie fell down as much as usual, but she would rather get the ball than save her skin. You bet Amy was right there, she could make a tie ball any old time and save it going to the other end. Carson had to make most of the baskets, because Pickett had her mouth all dolled up before the game was over. I guess high school thought they would put us on the blink and win the game, but the Freshmen changed their thoughts, because Freshie's won by a score of I7 to IO. First year played second year, but lost owing to the fact that second year pulled box's rules on them unexpected First year expects to play these two teams again and come out winner if possible l'h'8f1 0 A A MYlMX1Pf8fl.a ?6X1i'fA1h'idh'A1P6YIl'6N1PfA1l'6X1TfA1Tfid?6Yli'fA1hiN1 A A ' 'VY' 'VI 5 1 , . I . , 5 E 2 111 MMM vvkv vwukv "' " "v www4 v,' 'vm 2 Firxt Year Baxkelball Team 4x 4 4 1 QJUUJ A - - A - A - - - - LKVJUQJU - - - - - A UQIILUJLU-I LWIJDUJDQJJLUJ ' I ' ' ' " 'llfU4lLlUJlX!ll V NIJ WJ Q Q t 5 . . U 5 " BAXTER fr u 5 PORKY 4, Everyone is familiar with the name and ' the smile of Baxter. This is Porky's second ' year in baseball and he sure has-made good. ' To catch a Hy was a common thing for him, 0 and he could always be depended upon to do - 5 his part. ji 'r Q Ia - , ' 'I in In 5 JONES "CHICK" Our speed artist was the old reliable on third base. We regret to say he leaves us ' this year, but we Wish him success in the big- ger game of life. U ATKINSQN i ' "BURR" l Our south-paw Helder. This is his first ' year in baseball, but he could be depended upon for a hit and a sure fielder. P I P P 1, 4 f. - - .Q K 3 " " " DSYIPISYI ' ?fM'lPfDflTfM1TfDflf'fB1l'fC11i'fB1l'fRflIYD1TfSfl A MVWNA " " " " " VNVN :MV " l i 113 'LKV4lfWlsl!fUU"' 'LU-1D!!+l 'DU4 LU1LU-I V V LUJ' V 'lXVJ" Nf4l'l5!lJ 9 o if 1 1 Q . E D 5 4 s U T K SNEDGEIN 6 I ' iiSNOOKIEN 3 , Qur steadfast and most efficient pitcher. Q 5 Snookie has another chance next year, and we , hope he comes back to work again under the . 5 old purple and gold standard. Q U 0 l . 4 , . Q 0 V , Q 5 C U . . 6 4 ' Q 5 MQCLELLAND . : "MACK" . E His work on Hrst base was par excellent. Q He fulfills all the requirements of a hrst base - . ' man. lXfIack is a Junior, so we hasten to wel- . ' come him back next year. , 0 ' - , 4 Q K A Y O fr U U U - JOHNSDN Z 5, 'KJOHNNIEU 3 The old stand-by and who is good in any , l line of athletics. He is at home behind the L U bat, and can he depended upon at any stage of L 5 the game. QQ Q L U Q L Q I it Q v L 5 f Q A in a'Pf8i1I'A I'6YIPm1FfA1KYA1rm'I A A MYlPf01Im1I'm1 A KTM A V61 A so IYKIMN1 A MVVMVNVNMMVN' 114 ri Ei 5 3 i 5 3, 3 2 2 5 2 mM1t.Ai1 MMI MJ M MI M1 NAM NJTUIIESEI PRESTON "BRICK" He is a modest lad and does not have any size to speak of. He can be depended upon for fielder or catcher. He is a quiet, unassum- ing chap, and We hasten to Welcome him back. WALSH HFANNIEU Our all-star short stop. His playing is con- sistent and speedy. Some day we expect to see him with one of the big leagues. ww: A , 911495-1211.-3: g.'g:,g,Q,m-, .:.5, 2 Wav it 5+ Haw gfggwiig, 1 V ' 'f ,ii t,,, 2 fr 11 1 fi J, 7 HYLA 3 Another recruit Who showed unusual abil- A -. ity at second. He will be back next year to Qrrf ' ' 4 f 2-f . 2 re-enforce the team. r l i 5? ".' ag 1' -f 1fi"vfff'f7e! ' 'V 7 -Q i ii fi -fi - - to , , ll lWlW YW Vlvvbflflgll 115 at 5 E Q 5 E 5 Q 5 o In 5 5 5. ju in Ir in o ju 5 l Q 1 ,I 1 41 1 ,u 1 qu 5. Q Q 5 5 5 Q 5 E 5 5 Q 1 5. ,- - - - - - - - - - - - LUJDSA - - - - - - - - - - - - - - V LW!! ' ' 'DUJLWIJLUJUUJLKUJLUJLUJLU4 ' ' Q-. . , - ,Na . I T f TENNIS The Teachers College was well represented in tennis this past year. We did not have very many good players from which to pick teams to represent us in contests with other schools. However, we were very lucky to have four young ladies and four young men who had had some experience before and who, in the tournament here and at other schools, proved to be the real tennis players of the school. lVIiss Rosa Myers, winner of the ladies' tournament the year before, proved her ability by Winning it again. She defeated Miss Mae Scotland by a very close score. Miss Lucille Chase was one of the best players in school. She reached the semi- finals in the ladies, singles, when she had the misfortune of breaking her arm while trying to crank a flivver. Miss lllaggie Miller was also a very clever tennis player. In the semi-Hnals she was defeated by Miss Scotland. Mr. Raymon Hunt, "all-comers champion" of the college the year before, was not permitted to play in the college tournament, but played Mr. Baxter for the school title, Winning from Baxter in three straight sets. John Neutze was also a good tennis man, steady and reliable. He showed up Well in the college tournament and outside matches. Mr. Hunt and Neutze won the men's doubles from White and Johnson Without any trouble. In our tennis matches with the Aggies We came out victorious both times, win- ning two doubles and two out of four singles each time. The singles were featureless, but the doubles were closely contested both times. However, We Won and that is what we wanted. We hope to play them again this year, also some other schools, and know the school will do all it can to help us win. l D015 0 W . mm . m . . . mmm . mmmmmmmm. . mmm . 116 5 Q Q Q 5 5 Q Q 5 5 5 3 5 5 Q 1 5 Q 5 5 5 5 5 5 gg D314 V V V V 'NIJ V U04 V V 'LX!llLK!'JLK!!JlXVJ 'LUJ - - - - - -,. - , A,. - - -,. - - - LUJD-VLILKSUIPSJ-I V NIJ' D!!! V ,TRACK Nlore interest has been displayed. at the beginning of the 1918 track season than for several years past. Some promising athletes reported for practice, but unfavorable weather prevented good training. The first intercollegiate track meet was held in Greeley April 26th with School of hlines and Colorado Agriculture College. A summary of Teachers College track material includes the following: Atkinson, high jurnp and discus, 0. B. Carter, sprinter, hurdler and pole vaulterg Walsh, sprinter, Baxter, nniler and high jumper, Glen Eaton, distance runner, Tom Vance, distance runner, Ben Morrison, veteran sprinter, Pink Anderson, hurdler, and Preston, distance runner. I .-v -Av I v-v v-v v-v v-v v- v-v- v- v-v' 1-v v-v' -v-vrvv vv YA1APfidAif8fIrfM1h'ifIrfSfli'6N1'r3N1TfA1AI'm1AI'AN1AhiX1A A A A A A A AKYNA A A A A A A A 117 Lgy,1 ,.vp,y4 vpgy41,yy4vvpQ,qpQ14v1,gy4vvv vvvwqvvvv 1 1 1 5' 1 if ' 5 5 3 5 K 1 E 2 ? 3 E 'i E Z 4 5 I 5 3 3 Q 3 Q 5 il - Q 3 -Z H6 ' 5 4 3 Q 3 I I 5 ? 3 E f ? E f Q 5 E 3 4 3 4 3 3 : as 1 ,E EZ. ' E Eiwvxgyvvlwygl1Q1V'yQdNQ1PNyQ1f"VyQyFQ1i'QVV'41Q1v'yQ1'FQ1 H iS1IV'1Q1'V1Q1V"I1Q1"'yQ1"NyQ1YH VVIQI H H E1iZii"'Q1fifi Hi7QJI1fQpfH C LU-l'lfU4D!l4 LX!!J"" LUJLW!4LUJ' 'LW!J" LK!llLUJLUJLU-lLWflIIfW!4LkWlX!ULUJUU4' V ' 'DU4 D 2 D 51 0 5 5 Q 5 5 4. 5 Ee 5 5 CACHE LA POUDRE STAFF 5 9 5 Editor-in-Chief ..... ..... ..... V E RA H. BUCK E' Business f14fmW,- ....... ........ H OWARD B. KELLY 4, . ' Assistant Business Zllzznager ...... DOROTHY VAN DEUSEN Q , dssociate Editor .... . . ..........,. HELEN DYER Art Editor ..... ...... I RENE FOLEY Literary Editor. . . ..... ALICE SCANLAN Photogrfzjnher ......... ..... R ALPH BENNETT 5 5 5 Q 1 V Athletic Editor ........A ........ H ELEN BATES g dsxixtant Athletic Editor. . . ......... VICTOR JONES 9 Higlz School Editor. . . .... FRANCES REYNOLDS I ' o Z 5 Q Q 5 Q 4 'I 4a - ju 531 A V861 A Q a o VSGDSYIDSX1 A' A A " A A A " A " A A ' " " ' A P6YlIYA1MN1 " L 120 -, ,Z 4 v mmmmuwmmmm m v v muwmmmmnxw v mzxwuwnxwuwmuwm !W 2397 4 ff f If 1 I 0 'X , , f r 1 N. '59 fx 1 , 4 9 ' 'Q , "C'zj.'C!?' !3ZIZL"7Y'Z'V'Zf5'SI1':fi14.'g 5312. " ffZZ?,'If! 211- ,Al-7!'Q1P"'l5'WA7 " ' ,, M- M4.w. W,...M.,. www wwf... :N Bd' M. .ann , ff W I6 ,f Mw- f0 ' , 4 , ' A 'Zefzvr' ?'kiL'-J 44, 4 -fl , ,J ,'zE -..W:.. fy 4 Wiiimm ' 1 ,,. 1 :WW f vpwy ,vw W V IYN1D'X1TfN1PfN1PfX1PfX1h'N1 W A A A A A A A A A A Ah'idI'0r1P01PriflPrA1l'm1rfA1rfA1lYA1Pm1I'fA1hiN1D'8dA A A AfAi'6N1FfB1ITA1A A MAMA Ir' 5 ' THE CRUCIBLE The Crucible is a weekly newspaper published by the college students, and is devoted to literary and other activities of Colo- rado State Teachers College. Crucible Staff for 1917-I8 Editor-in-Chief .................. Business Illazzager. . .dissociate Editors- Klssocizzte Editor Literal' y ...... .......CECILE E. ISBILL ...VICTOR G. CANDLIN . . .PAULINE REYNOLDS RALPH BENNETT ANNA SCHEFFLER GREEN EMMA BILLINGTON ALFRED BAXTER A'f'lZ6'fif' " FLORENCE NEWTON fllumnz ..PROF. C. JOHNSON Jokes- . . ESTELLE WETHERALD HEBER BENIANIIN Society . . . ........ lVlARY NIARROVV Art ...... .......... E DNA NIORGAN I. H. S. ......... ..... D APHNE STODGHILL Training School .... ...... B ERTHA DURNING Music ......... ..... L ELA lVlAY AULTBIAN Departnzents ...... ...... A NNA B. HENNICK Wlz0's Who ........ .... E STHER BARDWELL CUIIZPHS Comment ................. MARION WILBUR Crucible Organization . President ............................. CECILE E. ISBILL Vice-President ..... .... P ROF. C. JOHNSON Sffcretary-Treasurel .... HEBER BENJAMIN f T rf" -' ' 'fa'-' 'r' Q K L E Z MIAA MMM1U1I1wm1gQfMuMMN4 NJ,MM1MM1MMJmMAQJWff,S1l1Mrm? 1 3 I 4, I I 3 L 4 I . I 4A I I 41 I 4x N 'P I 3 T L 4 I 4k b I 4 4 ,I . 3 3 I 2 I Q ' Q I Y 4 I I , IL ,Q I L -I EQ I 2 L vV1Q1I"xA""V'1Q1 Mg, ,g,m,5mr5,'mm w,Q,1,'5,m,rrmfW,Q,mLrmvNr'r1Qm,mmrN,0,1r5irrg, v,g,e,mmmVm,M0,f5p,mWQ,2r 123 I Q 0' V LUJLUJLUJLUJLKV-IUUJLWJJIXQU V LW!-IIN!! V I-UJLUJIXVJDUJIXQQ V UM! V LWAIAUJIXVJDUJIXVJLWAINA V V LWALWJJLKUJLKVJLQ E 4 E E The County School Exchange f' Sewing' ' E Sewing apron, hemstitched towel, cap, E - W lgeinmedhpaltlch, oger-hand lpatch, button- E -H oes, gmg am ag, stoc inet, darning 0 pubushed by the Cglgradg Rural Club and three-cornered darn. General exhibit of The Department of County Schools of The Sewlng- E State Teachers College of Colorado. gi Manual Training . geialgfhgdlggi1E,2ig1?epa1'tment of Prmtmg' Gug' glriginal things in whittling, sloyd work, E Published monthly during the School Year h' Agriculturje' V 1917-1918, A SSHGFGII fl1SDl21Y of the products of the field, orchard and garden from the entire V Entered as second class matter at the post- i3,nR22,1xl2y'w,I:E5gaEmgi2S 0515222 Esrglglwi: E ?Bfgi?tiJniralGSia?l?ofcgggiiciy School Exchange" ings Qf history of Corn from Seed ger' . . . t. , mination to mature stalk. Noxious V Editor-in-Chief ................... J. H. Shiibel Weed exhibit-mounted A d U Director of Department of County Schools eral Qchibit in adriculthr Hy E00 1:-en' E Managing Editor .....,........... Julia Schlupp ' 5 9 WOT - :C i. Drawings-Art. C . In linear perspection in p'ctu s f d A Sllggestlve PI'0gI'9.II'1 for School ferilces, telegraph poles, ego. Ilg1'ag1t'i11ig-,gas ost . ' 21 0 , , h d, h - , ' and Communlty Day. liogkuligusszrntrief a asslrifrsllecklaiiodfslccgptez . W ' ' t' 1 . ' It is always interesting to have a groupnof 0fOIiaer1Fyvfwg?Cfgrgsg1S1 Egftd egjghgqagg? E four or five one-room schools arrange a Joint tyating animal life history 0905,-aphy E D1'0gTH1'l'1 and exhibit afil Central Sqhool Of the literature, etc., so arrange to tall 5 story! group, each school taking a part in the pro- I i ' Q gram. The following is offering as a sugges- J- Singing-All schools together. tive P1811 Of procedural Patriotic-America, Star-Spangled Ban- E 1. Patrons and children of the several schools ner' ' E are requested tof assemble at tithe central K- Athletic Events. school or place o meeting on e morning Boys: ray Si-anding broad jump: cb, Re- . of the exhibit at 10:30. gay ,Gages my 50-ya,-d dash: id, Running 2. Arrange a brief program of songs, readings nioa, Jlfmp' 1 I V and speaking, begilfning after c11:00 a. m. g'H'SlSelllfl7 4012115 daily fb? Bcelay race: E and iasting until 12:00. aneous- .fab f?e'1eg:ed face, 1 f h Cb! Potato race, Ccj Sack race. . 3, Patrons and chi dren o the various sc ools are asked to bring baskets for a picnic or 1' Genera' program' community dinner and to provide a little 1- Work out m teachers meetillga com- V extra for visitors, plete program for the day beginning at . 3. ITL 4. The School Exhibit-Nature and material 2. Exercise special care in logkincf after CSU8'SeStiV95- every detail oflhthe exhibit, artis?ic ar- I an Language- rangemen, qua ity o work, and proper . Booklet on any of the following: The gmtgrlalfor the mollntmgs' . E ,potatoy sugar beet' bean, pea, Cabbage, . ppomt a committee of ladies, and E corn, noxious weeds, vegetable garden, mel? 1f.neCeSS?1'y' from each dlstflct to poultry, farm animals, home sanitation, aiilifrcjgrgfirrylng out asslgned parts of E etc D. - . ' 4. It might be 1 t t' f l b- Ge09"3PhY- school to bselect itsnogsriscldlirs 22 sifrgi-A E Relief map of Colorado, relief map of any boiize loyalty and 100-al pride. E continent, Composition relief maps of 5. Each SChOOl might commit to mem- county, state and country, mounted on Oljy The D2-fTi0tiC S91'ViC6 llildel' "Flag 0 compo board. Composition: 1-3 flour, 1-3 Ritual" given in the new State Course salt, 1-3 plaster of Paris: map of any of Study onlthe last pages of the book. E kind usmg water colors of delicate tints. 50110015 to give it in unison. E c. Arithmetic. V Best general display from any or all grades, Showing accuracy, good form, The Teacher's Prayer E proper headmgs of papers and original E tdlevices for teaching numbers through May every soul that touches mme- d SegI1x1Lc32i.hip B-e ig thg slightest contact-get therefrom some E - - oo , lndividual specimens of writing, includ- Some Hthle grace' one kindly thopghtf E mg. movement exercises' Small letters, One 1nsp1rat1on.yet unfelt, one bit of courage E capitals, figures and words. gorbthe digketlgpi Sify' Q59 ggeftlgn of faith ' . o rawfe e 1C enmg 1 s o ie, e Elementary Industmal Work' One glimpse of brighter skies beyond the E C13-Y modeling, woodwork, raflia or r-eed gathering mists, ' K mat. .wma 01' Feed basket. paper cutting, To make this life worth while and heaven a Stefwlllflg, WOVEN U19-t4Y31'I1 or cloth. surer heritage. Q 0 'E E E Q . L A sa h'A1l76YlP6N1h'M1DiN1K'fA1 A 0 A A Vid A A I'0di'6i1iA A' A 124 C v- Q. E 1 VA 5 'fe if mi ,f Ng I . ' 5 NR 4 E gl, 1 T : Z 5 5 g Y 2 5 3 5 Q- 2 LL WrW WFwW,Q,'r5,1,v0i mrml IVCJQJ-'H ,d A ' LM I ! -W " " " ' , V' -V V QQ .5 K Z i W X 3 S Q MATHEMATICS CLUB Z The lVIathematics Club has for its purpose the furthering of A L Ei interest in the study and teaching of mathematics. This has been carried out this year by the monthly meetings, which have com- Q bined educational programs and good times. The members have Z 2 become quite expert in the mathematical versions of buzz, stage- coach, bird, beast or fish, and dominoes. The introduction of astronomy into the mathematics department this year furnished new L 3 and interesting material for the programs. . K Officers MR. FINLEY ....... ................ H md of Depzzrtmenz' LAEL PHIPPENY .... ............ P rexident LETITIA PEARCE ..... ..... I fire-President MARY NEELAND .... . . . ....... Secretary Members Alice RI. Frasier Thomas Dillon Ruth Hoag Loustalet Johnson Bernice ones Ruth Meacham Alvin lVIcClell1nd Mari lVIuland Letitm Pearce lldxrth Patterson Helen Gookins Lucille Hildebrand ' J Lael Phippeny Sylvia Pickett Barbara Reed Ethelyn Rhiner Alverna Robertson Siebert Siebring Nellie Walters Estella Wethe1'ald Beulah Holland Nellie VVitter lVIyra Wood Iva Scott Ei I PN WIVVIVY vv 126 'V IL EQ 5 E 5 X K M s 2 Q 4 L 2 s Q 2 Q Q Q z Q Q L 1 4? 4 L , Q , 9 fi L 1+ Q 1 Q 2 2 Z Q A L 5 Q Z Q2 gas, 21 5 3 Q V V V L04 V DSULWIILKVIJNIJ-V VBUJHV- V V LUJDUJLXVIJLWJJLUJ V LUJDU4 V V DOJ HISTORY CLUB Organized October I3 1915 L PURPOSE--TO aid persons majoring in History and others interested in the study of history work for the year' to read and discuss the new War books. Honorar Members Y Prof. Edwin B. Smith lVlrs. E. B. Smith Jean,R. Crosby Officers Presidenl ....... .....,... A . NIARIE SCHNEIDER Vice-President .... ......... M ARY L. FLOOD Secrcftary-Treasuzei ...... EVELYN NIACNEIL Sergeant-at-Arnzs ..............' .... G EQRGIANA PROSSER Student Members Vera H. Buck Mildred Dawson lVIelda Devlin Mary L. Flood Isabelle Haley Margaret Hanson lVIary E. Jones Anna MacLeod Adraith D. Farr Mary Nixon Georgiana Prosser A. lldarie Schneider Lucille Sides Isabel Towne Lillian Hilson Lily Wolfe Rosa Wolfe !HE E 5. Q 5 5 if 5 5 1 4 Margaret Desmond Evelyn MacNeil 5 ? 4 7 5 5 1 2 . W h'A1Pm1 " Pf5X1MX1 " MYI PKYITOFI " " A FfDdl'6YlD'iX1lfi1i A " ' " A ' " MW AFQYIL A 128 .MA 0 4 1, O 5- ,. ' 524, . , A.. - Q viii!-ra: .'!7'-uf, xg ,A , ml ?'w-gfQ'if,3 ' Q 3 ' -i-544. :V 'Q . A - ,isqkrkh ,.: -A , .iii , I. M ..-A T, y ,.sf?..q,,, 5-:,V:g4,,3.+fX .- V . N B. mt, gxwg, 1.-, . . f. 4 V , - 'a'fgagxr5aie,X? ,A , u. A .,.. ., ,NH vi-,A ,xg ,.-..,x,. NV , M, , y .A ,. .A , xg A5-' ,, 1, wf,,fV,.3,Q fag,-.3 X1 .V-.X .V .. gg. 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X, ,, ,,.?q,.,AVxs5,,, mx... ,, 2, K. , .. . x , . W.. N ., g.,,,, ., ' rug. :vp--.3kV5,. cm- V.:-, M. NV. V. QV--:.w,fy-,lyk .- V. . ., we-.V ..-, , V we MV.: , wg-.K -1. .L -.,-f-V- V V "' '- ig,,v,v:?E5ieQisf Q:-:fy wg, -.i-.H -Xk xs wi Q : .KSA L. V .ggi gm ' A A . . V . A K ,AQ 5.....bk L, - . 11.1.1 31, fx- . if - AV. 79-z-:V V. QL,-31,4 V. K ,,,fgV.,:Q ,fi h. A "-Q: 'L - . V' - A ' J 9434.1 . a yu 2, ., f:,g,,g:1.,4 , -fu'--AV-VQgg,:,'. fg..-gVf,g+.f1-:2,,- .Q-'fp - Q 1:,1 . ' X I-,LE Q V 1.-'g 5155 1: g -fr' ,, . -iffywy - . VM V. " - A o v - - V1 ' 'P W V V V V . 'I Q 'S'gQH',.,RMlly.,w1iigf1l: fa?If" A 1 Q'-53.5 Iiizfl xflv l "', XTfg'.C533TN2JW3g?.Qi3w 1 y HN.. 2 , -Vg, N :.H.,:.y , V. V gg. .,.3..-s.ry,943-N, -YVAVV, . V z . x v a V .- L - ,Q-Ijvmrzeiggymixig q - -.2 , W V , , A Vv mvawm 5 " 'fN',Q,Q x'Q1QQw ', W ,Q ,N "-LV . ff,-' .V 3 wgigg - . f V. wig ' , 5, 'V -.jgxw zwlqq. iw.: '17 '- ':,Lriw5x,'Ng.-V.."-"Reb-M: ,gig ' VM MQ, f:V- uw? QM, ,, ...XA Q' ' "' V-'P:QwsS.V,,. -WSF,-W H ,..,F,,.,,,,,, ,M . P . 1 ,f ww w, -. " 1, Q45 3. X N wjgmi-5, ag :gA?g1ga:g4iwi534,3AV3b . v ' F' , " v ,x ki ll X, Q. . I x L., K 2 C Q 35 . , 'V .qi , - V . xw uk 4.55 . , . fiviy 2 1 I " V ' y -. QV, - V, . .. W ,,,,.,.q9K.+,.,V.,.. N. . r . .,..Qk ., 3,j:,! , ...V.k' K, 'Hrs-VIV',Ks5bIi.i-k,Zx,di'uQgSXg: , - -f .gm . V Mui,-, mf - p 5 '2f1g.,:'a ' w. .- ' . 5 - A , ' v lm ' V .V , -J, q s 111 jfg,A5-,:V.s: , - . igqyg' V ,ggxh Q . l g . W Xxfwff Q Q V: QWQ A Wm . WITH O I 0 . v 4 V . mv 4 il m LKQQUSJIUUJJQAAVQDSNLKWJLUJDSXI V NA - - LU-ID!!! - - - - , A - - - - - - - A A - - - - - - - - - , V V V NATIONAL STORY TELLERS LEAGUE Organized IQI3 Entered National League 1915 Advisory Members lVIiss Foote Mrs. Aultman lVIiss Statler Patronesses Mrs. J. G. Crabbe lVIrs. E. A. Cross . lVIrs. S. llfl. Haddon lVIrs. C. H. Wolfe . C Officers :E LENA MAYER ..... .......... ......... P 1 -mam 6 EDNA NIORGAN .... ......... I' fice-President V ANGIE BRODIE ....... ....... S ecretary-Treasurer i V ELIZABETH DAVIS .... . .......... Corresjionding Secretary E E Members 'Q Lela lVIay Aultman Blargaret Kronen E Angie Brodie llflargaret Laing . lVIargaret Cooper Grace Nelson . Elizabeth Davis Bernice Potter g Bertha Durning Fern White K Sue Foresman Fern Foster , Lena lllayer Janet Amsbury , Edna lVIorgan Rena Smith E Dorothy Knott Irene Lakin E Alice Humphrey Agnes Griffin E Florence Anderson Juanita Owen , Helen Bate Lela Kyler E 'Clara Beamer Amy Schlessinger E Martha Blank Lillian Davis E Lillian Criswell lVIiriam Pomeroy , Cora Dalby Laura Walter E Lucinda Farnsworth Adah Smythe g Beatrice Gedney lVIiss Bastedo , Hope- Gloystein lllarie Hastings K Agnes Hale Hazel Shank 4 Catherine Hamilton llflinnie Rosenthal , Evelyn Hollister Lucile Brown E lVIabel Hultquist Lucile Dunlavy E C C , Q Vid A KYA1TfA'fA1h'SfI ' A " " A " ' a ia " " ' A A A ' " " A xI'6YlP6N1Pfifli'fiGDWflFOHiI 130 I s 3 ' V 'DUJD9Ul5Ul'LUJLUJlX!!JLGllLWAlLW!Jr' LK!4l'LUJ'DUJ"' 'LU-ILKQQLWJ-ILUJV 'IXWDSJJLWJ-l'lXUJ NATIONAL STORY TELLERS LEAGUE Story telling is becoming a revived art and novx here is this more evident than in our college with its flourishing Story Tellers League. The League was organized in 1913 under the able direc- tion of Miss lVlarg1ret Statler who is still one of our most enthu- siastic advisors and of whom we are especially proud as she is co- author with E. A. Cross of a recently pub.ished book entitled Story Telling for Upper Grade Teachers. The League meets every two weeks throughout the year and the years work a party is given each spring at which '1 beautiful program is presented. Last spring the theme of the program was the evolution of the story and was as follows: . Prologue-The Present. H. From the Annals of the Ancients. . Cinderella. 2. Red Riding Hood. A n . Today's Version of Nledieval Theme.-Kipling. IV. From the Annals of the Past to the Present. . Reading from Homer. . Ruth and Naomi. . Hiawatha. , The Gainsborough Lady. . A Tribute. V. Epilogue-The Present. A VNVNMVYVNMVMV' MVYA "V VV',!AA!xA!.'A!tl,cALl'LKVJP!lJ"LUJLKWJD!!JDOULW!J',!A'LWll'"'NIJ' Fl- 2' SD i-1 Zi. ru cn VO Z3 r-4 If-4 23 r-4 r-4 O O C-' v-1 CD rn U1-POJNP-4 H Q A F-h U3 FT' C . Q., A lf! 5' e V 0 V1 FP O '-e 'G ff Q. ft IIT N D QQ : E? Q N O N, C 5 A 5. H 313 rx ann O D O P-h M I IVV DiYII'fRflPr5X1h6N1PliX1ffA1I'6X1P6N1Pf8fl A K'6YIPfA1T6Yl A 5.5lA!,A!cf!JA!c V I ' ' ' ,!,c,!Al,!Al,!,J ' ' 'A 9. o 0 slr ' argues "1 D,-9 o Wm., ELRFJ5' Q ,Q-fr-:.Q :r o 5 fD5"'mn" .. Q g-r-rEfr'D"1 o:'d"'3O 9 OQSDGU3 - :F will if 52,355 mr-T3-UQ D fin,-.Ugg ., :i-mmm ' 'SUS-m 22203. . H-s 4 'sooo 5, agree 5 Haas' 9-126:10 En BQ:-1'5" of U3.o'-:ide 42900 nf-gt'Dr- ' :img 5. ELSE' ' lwf' ' :ii , mai: l4,'.Dr-r - 9 we o . Ogg . ini.,-3 -. O 0 ELEPO-D' - Wmma- 'l H'-io L. D ,hr 1 fr e - Siam 0 'Trina 0 'Z 72 -Sl 'Z 'l QT' I 131 J LKVJ V V V V UUJNAIUG!-ILUJDSIJ V LKVINAIXZQIXVJJIXVJNALKW V V V L04 V ,. - , 2 5 5 li E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E V E , E E 'LUJDUJDUJLWlILW!J'LK!'l'DUJLKVJDGJJ'LW!JLU4LUJDUJ' VDUJLWJJ 33 'MAMA' V " LU-1LK!Q"LU-IUMLUJ' V ' 'UU4 " LUJD-VJ' 'lXWJ'LUJ' EDUCATION CLUB Founded 1917 GRACE PADEN ............................... President ALICE SCANLAN ....... .......... V ice-President NIINNIE ROSENTHAL ..... .... S ecretary and Treasurer DR. BEESGN ..............FacultyAdvisors MR. WRIGHT Geary E. Everett Katherine Kane Joe Montague Grace Paden Lucile Brown Marjorie Brown Clara Beamer Armande Choury Lillian Criswell lldrs. Wright Senior College Lorraine Swett Georgianna Prosser Edith Ramsey Alice Scanlan J. R. Shaw junior College Fern White Patronesses Lena lVIayer Miriam Pomeroy lVlinnie Rosenthal Agnes Slindee Gladys Scanlan Mrs. Beeson . Our Education Club is an organization of those who are par- ticularly interested in Nlodern Educational movements. The pur- pose of the organization is to foster an active interest in all edu- cational matters for personal and institutional good. The more recent magazines and books are read and discussed and from time to time addresses are given by men of prominence. The meetings are not formal, but social harmony and good will prevail, and-a great deal has been gained by this free intercourse. Readings and music, both vocal and instrumental, have been a prominent feature of the meetings, which are held regularly every second and fourth Thursday of each month. MY! 0 A MVVNMYIVBIVA1 A VNMVMMVMVNVNMV " ' P6Ylh'8YIMX1I'6YI A A A '01 A a a A VN D 134 ' - - ,. - - - V - - A , A V L04 V LWAILKVQLWJJLWIJLVJJLVJ-1 V V LU-lLUJL0U,5 KYYIVYI 'A' 'A' 'A' ' " "'T"' I'Pfl"fN1I'fN1I'fN1lYN1I'fN1ffN1I'fX1YY' ' TNH"xHPf'YIh"'T1Pf"N?I A DGYIPEYIDQX1 ' P01 P01biYI A I'm1I'm1hiN1 a PAVPANGVA1 A nI'6X1Ni"af6YIo QPO1 'S' VN P F' 'r 1, P 1, P 1, PINMYI 'Z' V81 PfRflP6N1MN1I'fA1h'A'lP6N1P01 A MYIP01 A MYIMX1 annum billillllllllnlnldiflffllllsl QLXUJBQALQADSUJLKQQU UDQAULQALXUJU I U U 'uw' U ULXUJU U ULXUQLQALKUJLQALXUJU U U UDQAI PRIMARY CLUB 'Ihe Primary Club is an organization for the benefit of those interested in primary Work. The meetings 'ire held once 21 month. which 'L social time is enjoy ed. Advlsors lX'Irs. Lel'1 Aultmfin Nliss l.X'I"LI'g'11'Ct Statler Jeanette Amsbury lVIrs. Augustine lVIa1'th'1 Blanc Eunice Briggs Fern Browning lVI'rrjorie Claussen Ruth Colwell Vlary Doolittle I ucile Dunlavy Elizabeth Day is Erma Elliott Agnes Griffin Lucille Guillet Mabel Hultquist Agnes Hale Ada Higgins ll Irs. Bella Sibley Members Evaline Hollister Dorothy Knott Helen Leavenworth llflarion Leavenwy orth Iaunita Gwen lVIiss Reynolds Agnes Reh Beulah Robinson Rena Smith Gladys Scanlan Xdwrion Ridley Ruby Tobias Dorothy Van Deusen Lillian VVilson Esther Wheatly' Laurft Walter vvvvv-vvxf . 'Q Q C 'E 4 E E E E C 4 E C 7 C O A program relating to primary' Work is given at each meeting, after - C C 7 . c c L c c r , K , 1 2 1 C 7 ? . L L C 7 2 E Z C Y E E 1 c ' 7 c l c 7 ' C It 1 C C lb 4 C C X E A : TINA oIYA1hWdI7iN1 N r I P E P 1, , 5 I, E E 'E 136 5 1 3 2 E E E E E E E E E 5 E E 5 5 'Q 'Q 3 5 5 5 K rmrm rmrm VN1VYlIYX1 "' "' " rm .ILMV1 Vxliovf fi aoaasaansaonaaaa na m an 137 ' WW V Wil ' U84 7 " ' IXYALWIJLWJJLWIJ - - - A - - - - LKUJDUJ A - - A - A - A - A LKVslLX!!JLlVJlX!ULKUsllXVsl l Q A E o Z 2 E 2 0 - e E EL CLUB ESPANOL The plan of club Work in Spanish was first inaugurated in C. T. C. in the year 1915, and has continued to the present date. Last year the club met bi-monthly at the home of some mem- ber for a couple of hours or sog but this proved unsatisfactory, and this year Spanish students have devoted an hour every week, at the time of the regular class hour, to club work. The purpose of this organization is to create an interest in the study of the Spanish language and Spanish customs. The best Spanish literature has been taken up in class study, and interesting programs have been given, such as the singing of Spanish songs, debates given in Spanish, Spanish games played, Spanish plays pre- sented, and once an observation tour of the campus was made, nam- ing and listing in Spanish all objects seen. This Work is made paramount by the ever-increasing demand for teachers who have both a technical and a speaking knowledge of the Spanish and English tongues, caused by our intricate rela- tions With South America, and the dropping of German from the curricula of almost all schools in the United States. It is also of inestimable value to the student-teacher planning to teach in the Southwest. i E E E E AVNVNVMMVVNVNMWQ aVA1P6N1n a A a AVSYIADNAVMVNA IYNMN1 'E E E E E E E 'Q ' E MYI A VN A MYIVB1 A VNMVVM A P6YIDiN1" " '4 " " " " ' A " ' " ' h'B1Fm1MN1 A VN A Kimi! 138 M NX N, V VLWIJLUJLWAV LU-1' 'DU-IVLUJ FRENCH CLUB The French Club was organized in IQI5 to give an oppor- tunity for French conversation and for a social evening every three Weeks. This year, since the war has brought such a demand for French morning as a conversation class. Greater interest has been shown in the Club than ever before as French is, without question, a 'ccomingn language. With our boys on French soil, every one feels more akin to France, and through a knowledge of her language America will become even closer related. France has shown the stuff she is made of and the World has gained a new respect for her and for her tongue. the Club has been organized purely for Work, meeting each Monday ITIDSVVRGPEVMN1 A P06 A Vh1h'iflh'A1Fm1 4 " A A h'M1PfirlPf8fIPm1I'6'fIPfA1h0rI" " ' A A " " " C" A " 139 ls U A AA A U U U U U KA AA A U U U U ,,A A ,A AA A, , A A 9 U Uukjx Q 3 5 . HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Q The Home Economics Club was organized in the Spring of Q IQIO and has now closed the most successful year of its existence. , The Club has met once a month at the Cottage to discuss current . problems in the field of Household Science and Art. 5 E kj: NIiss Payne 0 bliss Scharfenstein i 1 4I 5 5 HELEN DYER ..... GAIL BURFIELD .... MILDRED MAYES . . . Faculty Advisors Officers lVIiss Redifer lVIiss Clasbey . . . . . President . . . Vice-President . . . . . . Secretary . . . Treasurer RUTH BALDWIN ..... ELEANOR THOMAS ..........,.. .... R rpm-ter A A A 5 Q Agnes Slindee Q Emma Billington Q Hazel Penley 5 Eleonore P. Smith ' Florence Rardin Nora Finn Alice Harrington ' Louise Anderson Ida Hart lVIrs. Inez Haine Esther F ry Alice Quinn Gladys Pool U D O I I I I I O O D O 4 Members Edith Ramsay lN'Iarie Hanson Louise Thompson Winifred Vvarren NIarjorie lVIcCutcheon Anna -Iensma Josephine Crippa Lorraine Swett Verna Davis Adele Seem Ethelda Rusk Beneta Reid Octavia Hall Q D IVOYIO A AVNA A AVN MVMVA AVNVNVNMHAMVAMMVNMWVNA A A 140 DSJJDUJLUJDSJJLUJLWAI ' V ' LU-IIXUJLKYIJLU-I V - E VN1PfN1P0rlMN1h6X1h'8t1DiX1 A A VMVNMVMVVNMVVNVNMVMX1 A A VNVN A VYIPPGPVN1 VYIVYI S ? 5 5 Q EI if QVNKTNMN1 A 'A' 'A' 'A' VA1KYRfl'A'I'6YlIYAX1'3' 'A'T'i' 'A' 'FVEGT' A A A A A A A 141 Q-'uw ' ULQALLQJU U 9 U U U 9 UDQAULQAUQWQ U ULKVJLQAULQJJ 5 Q 5 Q f I l 5 5. Q ART CLUB Qrganized I 905' Advisory Members I Walter F. Isaacs Agnes Holmes Morto "Beauty is truth, truth beauty"-Keats Patrons and Patronesses NIL C. H. Wolfe A hlrs. C. H. YVolfe EDNA MGRGAN SHIRLEY EYLER IRENE FOLEY . . INNIE ARFSTEN Innie Arfsten Genevieve Arnold Bertha Durning Irma Downes Shirley Eyler Irene Foley Alice Humphrey Florence Lowe IXfIrs. Z. X. Snyder Oflicers President Secrcftary Treasurer . ..... Clzairnzan Executive C0771711iffFF Members Jean Lambie IVIay Lambie Edna lVIorgar1 Nannie Mills Emma Rule lVIarvel Snoolc Miriam Smith Frances Scott Pattie Whitehorise VMVA1 A A VMVMWNMVVNMYVNVNVMMV A. Pfifli A A, A MN1VA1" " P6YlVA1hidMN1P01 A A A D01 A A 0 142 LKZCILUJLUJLU-IUU4 V LVJJLKVJLKVJIXQULUULWIJLKVQILKVJ V LUJ V 'LOJLKV-ILUJ V MNAKDQLWAKVJNA V DS'-ILUJ V D04 " A" DSYIVA1 " " " " VN A D'811I'fDdD0fIT6X1D6N1h'D1?fiX1?fA1l7idMN1 "'I""'I'N IW 143 ENGLISH CLUB President ...... Vice-President ..... Scfcretary and Trmsuzcfr Bevie Johnson Anna lVIcCarthy Cecile Isbill Anne Cosgrove Catherine Hamilton Erle Ingle Gladys lWcLean Esther Gunnison llflyrll Ford Bflarie Inge Rae Blanchard Officers JOSEPI-IINE HAWES .. BEVIE JOHNSON CATHERINE HAMILTON Members lN'Ir. A. S. Phillips lX'Ir. E. A. Cross Josephine Hawes Lucy lVIcLane M V L04 V V' 'V V LUJLUJLKWLWJ-!LUJLX!lllXVJLWAIN!J Ralph Bennett Pattie Whitehouse Ethel Henderson Grace Bruckner Frances Williams Alice Scanlan Edith Shaddle Anna S. Greene ITSGITA1 A A A P01 " " " " ' A MY! " ' " A " TKNMYIPIA1 " PEYIMN l'fNh'Dfll'6N1" I'6YlPfM1PI8t1 A A O 144 LKALUULUUIXJ-lbbll JJJLUJLUJUJJ LKIILUJLUJLUJLKA LUJIXA V A ' IXJJAJJLKJJIXAIXAIXJJLY LUJIXJ-LVJ LWALUJLUJ V ' LUJLWJPUJ ' QJQIIQUIUIUUUUUUUUUUUUUU ' UU' 'UU I I I I 'NIJ DJWUJLU4 AAUJJ LU-lLUJ,..A LUJDJJLUJ 'NALUJ' V AAI s "U9'UUU'l'Ul,XQ,1I'4'9"LkUJl,QjJU fi!LM C Pm1bi'fIPf6d A I'6YlFfA1?rA'IK'0flfriN1FfA1 . A 4 A A A A ?f5YlI'fA1P0dIm1l'm1 A WNVNVNVN 15 V LUJLQLILKWDSA VJLLVQ V V V V 'V V LU4 V L04 V - A - - ,. - - - - - V IXVIJNJ-l RURAL CLUB The Colorado Rural Club Was organized April I2, IQI5 Honorary Members President ,..... Vice-President . . . SfC2'eta1'y-Twaszzl f 1 Bessie Callahan Ralph Bennett B. H. NIorrison Glen Eaton Rowena Kah lVIary Hays Hazel Justice Alice Scanlan lVIary Gilmore Cecile Tsbill Genevieve Davis Blanche Dempsey Jessie Cobb Ethel Alpert Nora Roop Lela Kyler Mr. Vance Florence Anderson Professor H. Shriber Professor Kraft lvliss Jennie L. Tressel Officers Members CECILE E. ISBILL . . . MARY GILMORE . ALI CE SCANLAN Grace Nelson Cecilia Lyons Fannie lXfIcWhorter William Allman Clyde Lentz Gladys Scanlan Anna Hennick Norma llfiiller Virginia Easton Carrie Parks Sipple Vivian Zinn Ethel Henderson Evelyn lNIacNeil Ruth lVIcKin'ley Dorothy English Gertrude Cosslett W. Burbridge Julia Schlupp The County School Exchange is a paper published by the Colo- rado Rural Club. The articles for the paper are written by faculty members, members of the student body and progressive teachers throughout the state. This paper is printed in the print- ing department of the college in the Guggenheim Hall. Editor-in-Chief ..................... PROF. J. H. SHRIBER Managing Editor... ..... JULIA SCHLUPP 0 aPtA1rf6s1DiN1I1AV8flPm1arfA1a ai PBx1PfA1aTm1FfA1IY8flI'fA1APfbrIio h6X1IYid4 a:oPm1I'rA1rm1K'r5YlP6'dO 146 -1 4 4 P M M1 M1 M A 3 3 3 , 3 3 3 3 C3 3 3 ig 3 3 L 3 3 3 33 f 3 Q 3 Q Z 3 3 3 Ei iv? M E im E m5m5 m,W2 WMC, Q ,,.-C.Hmmm hw0,uf,QfQ rg,frfQ1 N,5U V 147 9 2 5, 5 5 5. if 4 41 4 41 4 qu EI 5 Q Q 5 5 5 5 Q 5 5 5 4 4l 4 4a 5 5 5 E E 5 Q 5 5 v I V V V LW!-IlX94lD!A'V V LWJJLW-ILUJLUJLW-I V V UGJJLULIIXVJDUJI-WHXVI V - - V' V ' WWWLWA V V V THE WAR COUNCIL The War Council was appointed to look after alll War prob- lems which are confronting American Colleges during the present war. Chairman Bevy Johnson A Nlary Morrow Erle lngle Heber Benjamin ESTHER GUNNISON Members H. B. Rlorrison Emma Billington Howard Kelly Esther Bardwell Elizabeth Tulley A a P01 A P18111 IYM1 A K'fA1PfNia PAVVMVMMYIMMVMVM A Frm A rm1PfA1u ITEGPAN1 4 1454 A A-A - Y- A - - - - M LUJ ' 'IXWBUJKWIXUJNALWA ' DUJDUJDUJ V DUJLWADSJ-i V NIJIXVJLUJ 1 5 4 D 4 4 4 1 Q E E 3 E I, E 'I E 2 2 2 5 5 E 3 Q 5 Z 3 'E E Ir E E 5 E . 5 2 if 5 5 4 i 149 INA 'KA AJK I xxfxlA.!x4E'sA MINS STUDENT COUNCIL President . . . . .. S eeretary Members President President President of Graduate College. . . . . . President President President Rejnresentatifoes of Graduate College Representatifves of Senior College. . . Representatives of Second Year Class .... Representatives of First Year Class. of First Year Class .,....... ESTHER GUNNISON .CECILE E. ISBILL of College ..................... DR. G. CRABBE of Student Body ..... .... E STHER GUNNISON .BERTHA DURNING of Senior College ........,...... CECILE E. ISBILL of Second Year Class ..... LOUSTALET JOHNSON ......ERLE INGLE 'I OCTAVIA HALL G. EVERETT ji EMMA DILLINGTON ' ll COLGATE ELMER lb HELEN DYER -4 GRACE CRAWFORD L ALFRED BAXTER ,f EMMA RULE L. THOMPSQN ' 1 HAROLD PRESTON, X u 4, I. Pres. Fall Quarter vvvv IM 'I :I 'I OPUU - - DSU" A - DSA - - - A - - - - - A - - - - ,A - - - , - - A LWJLU-I ' DGIJLUJLUJLUJLU-ILWIJDQLXLUJLKZULWIJ' V 4 I 5 I 4 I 41 I 4 4 I 4 I 4 1 tl -I 1 I 5 MYIIYBIA A 0 Q IYNA AMYIA a a n MX1PfifIPfA1P6X1P6N1h6YlP01oIYA1h'A1IfA1VA1AnTf8dfm1P6YIAPfM1 l5l IQRQAWVJLKUJLWADSVJDQA " Nil ' LW!-I ' ' ' U04 7 KVJKWNNKVJWAUQA ' D314 7 l5!!-ILKZULWIJDSALWA . ' DSJJLNYIL9 Q E :I E Q 'Q ju E If E Ir E , 1 3 . D 2 5 5 E Q 1 5 E In E ju BIOLOGICAL CLUB E , 4 E The function of the Biological Club is to bring the newest data 0 1, on biological subjects under direct discussion and observation. Any E Ig one interested in this line of Work is welcomed at its meetings, 4 1, Which, in the Winter time, are usually held in the biological lecture E room. In the spring and summer months, emphasis is placed upon E Z field work. Hikes and excursions are taken to various points of E ju interest. Shorter collecting trips also often follow the regular E ju day's Work. E i' A trip every student should take is to the heron rookery near E i' Bracewell. There nearly a thousand great blue and black-crowned E i' night herons may be seen flying, feeding, nesting and the young in 2 E' various stages of development. E 1: A visit to Shark's Tooth hills is also of interest, because there E fossil teeth of sharks of ancient days may be found quite often. E ji The large number taking these trips under the direction of the E 5 Biological Department quite fairly indicates the reason for the E Q , existence of the Club. E Q , E if 5 Q 1 5 1 - E - E s - E Ir ' 1- E Q E 5 E - E - E E E 5 5 O'Pfi1D'M1Vi1DWflTfB1" " " lYDflVM1l'fB1f6X1 A A 6 A D81 A Did A " Pf6X1P01hfA1P6YI " " A" " L" mb 152 V VLWJJVLU-XLUJLUJDU-l'D!!Jl5!J4' 'LUJIJGIILWJJLWJJLKYIJWV V 'LU-ILW4' ' 'LU-1 3 U I 6 5 VNMN1 A Pf6s1PfA1Di'dVi'PfDflKY8fIPfA1Pf8fIh'A1I'6X1P6X1T6X1WfIPm1 A AMN1 O C 1 !m .. - xi 1 1 g e E Y. W. C. A. Q Q Advisory Board lvlrs. E. A. Cross lvlrs. H. NI. Bull llflrs. R. Bell Nlrs. D. lVICCreery l llflrs. J. A. Weaver Nliss llflildred Julian lVIrs. Helen Gilpin-Brown Bliss Hulda Dilling lVIrs. J. G. Crabbe Nlrs. Z. X. Snyder lVIrs. M. NI. Dodds Bfliss Frances Tobey llfliss Linnie Coyle lVIiss lVIerle Kissiclc- lVIiss Grace Wilson Cabinet, 1917-I8 HELEN BATE ........................ ....... P resident ENHVIA BILLINGTON .... .... T fice-President E BESS DAVIS ...... Q ..... ...... T reasurer AGNES SLINDEE ...... ..... S ecretary LOIS HICKNIAN .......... ..... D efvotiomzl LQUSTALET JOHNSON . . . ....... Bible Study lXfIIRIAM PONIEROY ..... . . . Wo:'ld Fellouwlzip MARGARET COOPER . . . ..... Social Service E ELEANOR THOLIAS ...... . . . lllusic-Poster ESTELLA WETHERALD .... ............. S ocial R. LUCILLE BULL ...................... dssocizztiozz News E Cabinet, 1918-I9 Q GAIL BURFIELD ..................... ....... P resident HELEN DYER .......... .... l fire-President IRENE LAKIN ........... ....... S ecretary FANNIE NICVVHORTER . . . ......... Treasurer L ESTHER GUNNISON . . . ........... Devotional HELEN VVILLIABGS .... .... I7 Vorld Fellowship lVIARIA INGE ......... ...... S ocial Service LILLIAN CRISWEIJL . . . .... Bible Study EMNIA RULE .......... . . . lllusic-Poster ' BLODWIN GRIFFITH .... ............. S oeizzl E ALICE HERNDON ...... . . . Alssociation lX7ezUs E 4 'E 1 4 5 e I VV vv v-V0 154 V5 5 Q4 ,A E4 AAMM M M! AAIMJNAIMJNJ NJ 2 5 5 5 5 1 3 I 5 l l 5 3 3 5 J 1 35 A , I 3 , .2 l Q Y5'51n WvviWvvr'VlWrNrWrN swrwvv nwiw Wlwmumi IWVN IW VN IW Wrw WWW 4 4 1 1 0'LkVJLKW4LWALUJlJUl V LWIJUUJDU-I - A A - ' - - - A - - - - ' ' , -LkVJLW11l3UslD!!4Ds!41LUJ ' ' ' 5 'E Q E 5 E 5 e E 0 A 3 0 3 5 5 E Q E 5 E 5 E In 4 In wg 'I C fl E Q' 4 9 E 5 E 5 E fl 1 5 4 5 E 9 0 s E 5 . ' E 0 Z E 5 E If Q fu 0 5 E Q C i p 1 E 5 E 5 E ju C Ia Q In E 9 4 5 . ju 4 'I 4 9 0 If ' O 4' FIRST ROW-Agnes Slindee, Emma Billington, Bess Davis. ' 5 SECOND ROW-Lucille Bull, Helen Bare, Miriam Pomeroy. 4 . THIRD Row-Estella Wetherald, Lois Hickman, Loustalet johnson: E 4 E o m . rrmrrm . rm . " ' . . .. . .. . . . rm . " . " . mm f? 156 -'I 4 5,LWlJ 'l-V - A - - ' - 7' ' V - - "I-KVJ V D!!-I ' 'DNWJ LKQULXQQIWAUMVJ LWALWA LWA ' D314 ' ' , 2 A E ju Q Q 5 E E 5. THE CATHOLIC STUDENTS' ASSOCIATION 5 U C , OF AMERICA -E I PURPOSE+T0 promote loyalty and good fellowship among E 0 Catholic students. A 0 . IVIOTTO-And the truth shall make you free. E 9 4 3' ' Patronesses E 11 E 5 lVIrs. C. H. Modar lVIrs. IVI. J. Walsh E 5 lVIrs. F. J. Schick E ju , , , 1 Spiritual Advisor , 5 Rev. Raymond P. Hickey E If E Q , Officers i 3 4 1917-18 President 1918-19 E o IVIARY E4 MORROW NORIVIA THERLOCK E ' Vice-President ' ' CASSIE COLE CHARLOTTE w1NANs i o 4 5 Secretary , - E 5 ESTHER BARDWELL SARAH DILLON E ' TI'FdSH7E7 ' I ANNA MAE PGSER ANNA MCALOON 9 , Winter Term 1917-1918 E Secretary-Trezzsurffr ................... ANNE COSGROVE 6 In E , The Colorado Newman Chapter of C. S. A. A. has just 3 , finished a very successful year. 3 ' We were represented at the National Convention, held at ' Cedar Falls, Iowa, December seventh and eighth, by lVIiss Norma l ' Sherlock. At that time we extended an invitation to the national ' organization to hold their next annual convention in Greeley. ' ' This invitation was accepted, and we are all very enthusiastic and ' ' hopeful. . E I: We have had some very delightful times this year, both in our I 3 meetings and at our parties. E 4 fx 2 0 i ' 157 it 1 Q 2 I 5 Q 4 M M M 5 4 4 E Q 2 3 F f 0 lH 158 'ILM' UDQLHXUJU UDQJJDQQDQAU ULKQQILQALQAQ U ULKQQDQAULKQIU Q ULXUQULQALQAU ULQJJDQA QH 'A' V"lV'FlVxT""""' ' 159 is V LUJ V V LXVJIWANAIXVJ -V 'V' V l9!lJ'V LKZCILUJV V"V -V' V' V V LUUV LXVJLKVILUJLXU-lLUJLUJLUxl,9 YMCA College Chapter Orgamzed December 18 1917 OPE1cers for X ear 1917 18 Pzeszdent B H NIORRISON Vzce P1 eszdent ALFRED BAXTER Cabmet H Benymmm R11 mond Hunt Vlctor Jones Stfmlex R11ev Board of Aldvlsors H Blout Ralph Glaze G W Fmlex J C Johmon J B Whlte 2 Q 5 5 3 5 5 5 Z' P6YIMN1VNMN1ViX1VNMY1MX1hiN1hiX1hfA1VA1 A Pm1PfA1MX1h6N1V6Y1 A h6N1l'6N1D'B1 A Q Q' 5 3 5 5 5 1 3 . .I . . 7 Q '7 E5 n . Q - - 1 ..... ................. . . g SFC7'GfKll'y-Tl'l?H57l7'Fl ............... RALPH BENNETT . 1 1 'V . Y Q . 3 C C A 5 1 Q 5 Q 5 5 5 5 2 W 1 SQ Q2mmlmM MIM1M1,M MwrWAmUmM MHgWmHm l Z 4 4 Q , E 2 E 2 1 4 A 4 Q l - 2 E E E C Q 4 E Q 4 A 'E 2 4 3 2 - L 5 4 5, L E - L 2 f F 3 1 u 5 I I 4: 4. - 1- ii 0 DUJD!!-I - - " LV - - - - - - - - - - - A - - - - - ., - - - - - - - - - - - - - ., - - - ., - ., - - LUJLULI DQJJLWAIXVJLKUI 5. 5 Ir it 51 1' In 5 5 5 2 5 i 4 4l 4 Q 1 43 I qu 4 41 5 E 5 5 5 I , I THE YEAR The eo opemtxon of the rellgxous organlzwtrons 1n the college hws been splendld thls xear It IS nothxng new for the New m1n Club fxnd the Young Women s Chr1st1'1n ASSOCIQYIOH to work to gether but xt 15 mthex novel to have the help of 'L Young hlen s Chustmn Assocmtlon lVIan5 of the b1ggest thxngs of the wear hwe been put through bx the co operfmtlon of these three orgamza t1ons The Northfield Progmm and the Student Frlendshrp Fund st'1nd out 'ls the two blg student movements and the three rel1g1ous org'1n1z1t1ons dre known 1s the rewl force bdck of them ' 'c c 1 -7 . 7 c , . . . . c 1 ' ' ' I f y , L A c c ' ' c . c . 7 -' L 7 ' c ' . c c c c c c c. c 4 . mmm im " ' " " " " " " N m. " " ' " H " " ' " ' H ' " " " " 162 Lgyqvpwgpwgpguv v v 0 v o v Q 9 vpgqpwqo v11,Q14l,w4l,Q1,1p,y4 Lgy4v vpggqv v v f 2 Fm i ,un I A i H E 1 1 il CH E face JWTTTT TT7mv?TTmTm? 163 0 I I " ' DUJDUJ '- V I, V IJUJLWIJLKV-IIXVJIXVJLKVQIIXVJ ' "USU 5 5 P : THE DRAMATIC CLUB 9 ?' Honorary Members l Nliss Tobey Mr. Cross l lvlrs. Gilpin-Brown Miss Stevens ' lVliss lVIcLane lVIiss Keyes 3 lVliss Dumke U 5 Active Members O Q ESTHER GUNNTSQN ...... i ........... .... P resident 5 LELA MAY AULTIVIAN . . . . . . ...... Secretary , HEBER BENJAMIN ..... ............ T reasurer ' Helen Stoddard Howard Kelly 5 Elizabeth Coolidge Colgate Elmer Q Romaine McVey Helen Bate 5 Lou Anna Fuller Minnie Rosenthall ' lVIadge McNew t Helen Bates f Elizabeth Fisher ivrafy Morrow ' Cecile lsbill Peggy Eldridge Vera Buck Agnes Dillon I Raymon Hunt 3 The Dramatic Club of the State Teachers College reorganized . in September with a complete membership of 20 talented students D of the Department of Oral English. lt is the only club in con- . nection with that department, except the Debating Club, which has by its vitality perpetuated its existence, under the direction of I 5 3 Professor Finley. The Dramatic Club was organized in IQI4, by a group of five girls. During that year the small group of interested girls did quiet work in connection with the Drama League of the city, read- ing and selecting suitable plays for presentation by the National Drama League and the schools of the city, and assisting in other activities connected with the Spring festival of IQI4. A constitu- tion was made in which membership was limited to twenty persons, whose admission to the club depended on scholarship and interest in interpretation in Expression. The club was in its beginning com- mitted to some deHnite educational work which would be recognized as being significant and worthy, by the departments of English and Oral English. Since that time the Dramatic Club has been a working club, holding few purely social meetings, and presenting in public one or several scholarly studies each year. A MYIA VKIA A A aPm1hi'flt6X1Pf8dPfA1Im1PfA1h'6fIPm1tfSdI7iN1h'A1atfM1aI7Wda 164 5 2 E 2 7 5 T L 2 5 Q Ir L L L , L r 7' L QUJQf V LUJLWIJLUJDQI-ILUJ V IXVJ V V LWJ DUJLKVJLUJLKQULWJPUJLUJ V V V NIJ V ,O E 5 A . , 1 . Q . . Q 0 K 3 I 5 . Q . Q 5 , 5 5. 2 Q 45 Ki? E EQ L jf I!Y1XH1vvQH IV'V1QylH W,Q,r,mrg',WQ,'W,Qg'mI,5J m,rV,W,Q1 U fum m,WQ,nW,Q,r,vrr1 r51W,0,ff,+', gm,i,fy,w,7y,1fQi1W,Q , m,V'pj 165 ' 1 I 5,9914 ' LKUJIXWJV A V UOQIXVJLWLI V 9941914 7 7 LKUULWNKVJ ' 7 ' ' " l'W!JUUJUUJU!lJLWAlXV4l5-914.5 1+ 'E 5 E C E E C COLLEGE ORCHESTRA ,' The College Orchestra has been a very helpful organization in E ' school affairs this past year, giving several chapel specials and playing E 1, for all the principal college entertainments. In Mayf, with the as- 'Q 3 sistance of the College Glee Club, a concert Was given for the E l benefit of the college students. E The orchestra consists of eighteen musicians, and is under the E direction of lVlr. Raymon Hunt, a student at the college. No E credit is given for the Work done in this orchestra, but as soon as any 4 member has advanced far enough, they have the privilege of entering E Q the Philharmonic Orchestra, the best orchestra in Northern Colo- E rado. E The orchestra plays all the standard grades of music. Several E ' numbers composed and arranged for the orchestra by Nlr. Hunt . ' have been played at some of the concerts. . , 1 1 Members I 9 , RAYNION H. HUNT, Director Z 5 First Violins- Bass- . 5 lVliss Stone lN'lr. Carter E ' lvliss Bergen . E . NI. H . Clarinet- E ISS gms Mr Raikes ' llfliss Delbridge ' . 5 Second Violins- Cofnff- I ' lVliss Cunningham NIT- Axtens Q . . . 115355 goid Saxophone- E 135 UC Rd . Sh 5 Miss Holmes T aw E 5 Viola- Plano? . E Miss Perry NIISS Geiger I 5 Cello- r Drums- Q1 Dr. Adams lVlr. Davis 5 U 51 5. 5 A D " A A A P01 A MY! A A K'6YlPm1PfA1h6YIi'm1 A " A " " A VDHKYRGPKDHDKX1 A l7ix1lYAfl A V" "" " 166 l - 'DU-ILKUJ - - - - - - - A - - - Ax - - LKZULUJ - - - A V - A - A LU-ILUJDSUUUJ V V D!!-I V V V V LU-19941394 4 41 V? The 711771436 -f , f 2? 8 Si? 5' V? "rf ft 4 Y 2 2 2 C f6X1P6N1I'm1Pm1I'fi1PfA1h'A1Pm1D'A1rf6fI!'fA1rf6'fIa A ahfiflou a A a n al'0rIPm1ah6X1u..anur0r1hiN1a 167 v v v vwirv wu v v ' v v wwnnxwv v v ' vwm vmuw THE FORUM The Forum Debating Society was organized at the beginning of the year 1916. lt has been very active, holding regular meetings each Week of the school year. Crganized and extemporaneous de- bates have been given, together with parliamentary drill. Due to the untiring efforts of our enthusiasitc instructor, Professor Finley, intercollegiate debating has been started in C, T. C. and six out of eight of the college teams have been successful. Oflicers Q Our Coach .... ........... P RUF. G. W. FINLEY President. ....... ...... C ECILE E. ISBILL Secrcftrzry and T7'l'!I5'Zl1lI ....... ANNA B. HENNICK Reporfer ........ ................. V ERA H. BUCK Members . Alexander Calvin Iva Scott Anna Hennick Vera Buck Lail Phippeny lVIary Gilmore A. Marie Schneider Georgia Lappin Alice Scanlan Ruth lVIeacham Fern Scott B. H. lVIorrison Jessie Shaw William Allman Glen Eaton lVIiss Henry Cecile E. Isbill 168 A V V V V V VLWJVIXVJ VLWIJV VDUJV V'VLXyl LwA'ukyv1 'l'wALwlulXy+l . 3 AYYA A aV'i'N'V'i'lYS'P'i'A A AVZVYVVZVNVNVNWYANXTYMVAVYA A A A QYAMWQ 0 aI'6N1P0s1hWrlPm1aPfi41P6X1MN1I'm1Y' lvv tvviv-v 1 169 I 5 2, ' LV!JLK!llLUJLU-IDU!" V V LUJLUJRVJNHKUJLWANAKWNAKVJNAAVJNAMAAUJWQQDSMAWKVJKVJRVJKVJDSAAVJLWA I QvM I . -.,,.5: ",.2z225i:2:5:i'1f , '--My l':52'il-'iifif' 'ffiv'-:Yr ,.Qf1" Q -or-ag ,zines 2-ffl-2-f --"ar-if Z , If ,e :W...-U--:,:,,45:".:.1:::? kml' Q , Anna Hennirlz AFFIRIVIATIVE TEAIVI Vs. WYONI disarmament X X I A A N21 X - . '.a:::,-::1:,:,,:4:::,:, ,I,25s52g:g:g5,: gazgggzg-p 'fjil V- ,V fi..-1 " V-lx Na- '-+'.,,,- C 551232-i5mNtGe.,x'fQ ' Qzs es csc K N X 1 N N X :ss is Q INTER-COLLEGIATE DEBATING TEAMS 4 i ' - .wi-:r:1-"'-'-e:-:sy.1-,eg,23111,amz,5:-ygwizllfzfv,4:,1,::q5:g, ' :vzlcii EfE2E2E2EiE1:6Z- I , ,.,, I 1 , f 1 X , , z f f 4", f, f Q 40 'f f My P' ff 1 f i , f , , W ' , A ,,, , Z f f , if f ' al x ,gf f W ff"f , 1 ' 1,601 f 1 f , of f ,, if fr ff 111' Y Q f . ,9 g C4 r ,225 w,,,,.,47 , 4 , ,lb 0 f f 4, ,W -1" ' ,Q 'YQ W W f ,aff '21 wg, M , yn, .f A V 2' 'f 09 ff , '40 34 J 5:-f-Q A"" ' A' Vera Burk ING U. Resolved, That the treaty of peace at the end of the present War shall prov of the individual nations by some sort of peace league. ide for X - -x ,..4'- 2 N fa.. .ages I f... - X' 'W ' '- sfo X H N wk, s :-I: "was, 5 X sw: .. ., .xuxmfwei 1-'1:,.: -""' ' ' ' 1 K- ' wg .. '-"12'14" YN 'f' '7' X "P -ES:2?S X I A 1- Vera T0dd . Georgia Lappin NEGATIVE TEAIW vs. AGRICULTURAL COLLEGE Decisions-2 to I in favor of C. T. C. Unanimous in favor of C. T. C. I A VNMMVNMVVNVNVNMWVNVNVNMVMWVMMW " VNWNVNMWMV " " K'6YlPfDfIn K78Yl " A P01 A 170 ls 9 ,. - - - - - - - - g r I - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ,. - LKVJDUJLKZLI V V LUG V LEU V 7 V 'LWA LWADUJ i . ' I TER-COLLEGI TE DEB TI G TEA 0 9 , -Q U ,. " 3'3"':' - ' l' : z H , . mf:-:2:r4:1:21:fm-4,-42g1:5:1:55:2',:.:1:,:3I-5:54 p ' ..., gffifii. , .f":22Er2:E:E:E x Er::i:5:Ei1E2E23fEfE2E2I2:i'I12-'.1- 2- U ' """ 3 f ,. .ae:efsE52s2f ,. ,,,. 425-sf. 1111f211f2f1'2'--515552: 2:25 .- . ..,. - I- r':,2i'QZ fI.I232Qsi'gs5si214sif22QsEl2121'- 25:-3 f 9 ,,., , .- -1-z-5 121:12-ne.s.:::22':gif-fzz '- CEP' '-: fi 'zfjfif-. ' ' 5-W' . o , U 5,.7,,,,,.,.,.:.,,.,,r,,.,,,M W..,y6,,,,,,2,.24:,..I.-.,. . 0 "" I ' - '42 :,4.4?f?5:5,g5:g:3:, .5 0 A. Marie Sfhneider Lai! Plzipjneny ' AFFIRMATIVE TEAM vs DENVER U. , . . . Resolved, That cap1tal and labor should be compelled to settle the1r dlsputes by 4 . . J arb1trat1on. 9 . 7 I . .,,,. 4 If-:I f I ' -I-55 ','- . 1' , , - 9 I, , , ,4.A I I,..:,-.,...,-I.-.,,.fm,:.I,.,,.I.-.,...,,,,.:.:.,.:ag.,, .,.,:,x. q:.Q,,,w.:frzI f A--.'2:af.'..:,f.-.:.,z:. .,.. v.:.:v....f.f-I.-W .',, O ,,2f,,2.gg3i ...,. 4 ..-., .- ..,.,,.- . ,1.,..w ....,v. .. --.. - 9 I " f ' .- .2.,'...,.. I.-.2..:,.f.Q, -.-g.::m,,.,:.,-,,,..f..-, 524 I, I 1, 4,51 ,ffjfi-may fgww-I .V ,' . .-I45,.:.:4k.,.,,.::f..,,.,,.,,,,, W W- . I rqggwgf ,-.,.4-1.-1:-1-2-4:-:sf-1:-..,.:-:---I 4 " ' . 11 - 2I2'Q?::::aE:':"' 'I - 4 'f-' I I ' . 4 ' - ' I . . . I ffflfcf' Sfanlan Cerzle Ixbzll I 1 .i NEGATIVE TEAM vs. DENVER U. 4 . . . . . Dl'CZSZ0lZA'iUU2lI'l1fT1OLlS ln favor of C. T. C.g 2 to I In favor of Denver U 0 'I 1 , Q4 . 7 ' ' LWALWALWNXW A - - A - - - -, - - ' UUJ ' ' NIJ ' WAUFAWAKWWW 7 LU-1 ' "PNN 5 C Z 5 E E C E 5 C Q E C 2 E ' E ' E o HHONORARY FORENSICH E . C . . 5 A, Q I 5 - . E 6 I 1+ f i! 2 1 ju 4 5 . 5 A ' P - 3 D C ' FRATERNITY ' . Q U 1 , C 6 Q D I C . g P C 9 ' ' I Q 5. 3 O . 4 4 ' 5? ' 172 ' 5 . in Q PI KAPPA DELTA National Honorary Forensic Fraternity COLORADO BETA CHAPTER Founded in .1912 COLORS-Red and While Z K Honorary Members Faculty Dean Frances Tobey Professor G. W. Finley Miss Emma Dumke Q A Fourth Year L Cecile E. Isbill Vera H. Buck Alice Scanlan . Third Year K Anne B. Hennick L Second Year 3 Vera Todd Lail Phippeny Nlary Nforrow A. Marie Schneider Georgia Lappin 2 V Xfifli yvlvylvvlfyl i2 Si ifii HHH iZSi HSE H32 iiii ifii iZSiT'fiiZSi iiii fjyixfj iiiiiifii EZ if iiii EZ Si V11 KH izSiilvvfjIilvfyjjilvvfl1ilVvCj1iVV!f3H1sZ3i HSI f',fS'H f-ij 173 LUJLU4 ' V ' LUJDUJLUJLU-IDSIJLUJIXVJIXVJ V ' ' DQALVALUJDUJLUJDSIJDUJLUJLWAIXUJLVIJLWALKUJIXUJ " " " VN " " " PKYIVM1 " " " " VKIDWYI " ? ' " D01 " " " " ffiflfmfl " " " " " 4 " 174 Q 7 IXVJLWIJ V P314 7 LWIJLKWJLUULWJJLWJJIXYIJLWIJDUJ ' 7 7 'LWIJLWJ-I ' DUJLWIJ V "P-VJ LKVJLKVJ ' NAL E o 4 GLEE CLUB The Glee Club this year has devoted its interests to Red Cross E Work. It was deemed unwise to attempt a long tour, so our Work E has been confined to Weld County, Where the Club has taken part ' in the raising of over one thousand dollars for Red Cross. E The final program given at the college on Friday, May 17th, : closed their season for the year. The program was as follows: E PART ONE 0 "Beloved, It ls Morn" ................. ..... A Zyard Z GLEE CLUB E "Keep the Home Fires Burningl' ....... ........ N ofuello ' "Because" ........................... .... B lHardeZot ' GLEE CLUB 4 Vocal Solo-"Land of Mine" ............... .... Il 4facDe1-mia' ' MARGARET CLARK e "Rose of My Heart" ,................... ....... L ohr ' 'lMah Curly Headed Baby" .............. ...... C Zutsan 1 GLEE CLUB , Piano Solo-"Prelude" .................. .... R achmaninof 4 RUTH RICHARDSON ,I "Laddie in Khaki" ...................... .... N owello GLEE CLUB .I Reading .................................. . . . Selected E LUCINDA F ARNSWORTH ,I Vocal Solo-"I Hear a Thrush at Even ...... .... C adman if ELIZABETH DODGE .I "Little Grey Home in the West" .......... ..... L ohr 0 "Pack Up Your Troubles" ............. ..... P oiwell E GLEE CLUB 'Q Violin Solo-"Kuiawak" ............... . . .Winiazuski E lVIERN SNooK E "The Hoodoo Tree" E HELEN WALSH E PART TWO E 4 The Snoolc Sisters presenting a musical novelty E A PART THREE E Four Dances of the Long Ago : Sailor's Horn Pipe Minuet Scotch Reel E Holland Dutch Shoe Dance E Patriotic Living Pictures . A Cheerful Giver Spirit of Liberty Q A Cry for Aid Spirit of 1918 O , E " " P6X1PfA1" " A xi A A ' " " " " l A " " DWGVSG " R W A ' " " PfM1flN A PKYIDSYISO 175 L L L K 5 5 L 5 L.. Q L Q Z Z 3 Z E E - Y 5 - Z K Y 5 2 1 Q 5 iz 5 5 5 o 9 H H H H V-VIQI U mi H H HPFQ1WQ1 H Wi K HEY fi H V1Hi QJLWIJLWAV V V 'LK9-IRVJLKVJLWAIXVJIXUILWA' 7 'LWIJL9-V4LUU" "' 'LU1"'LUJLU4DUJ'LUJLWl4LW4,0 Q E 5 P , 4 Q' 0 - E Q C E v E , 4 Q 'Q Q 0 , 4 5 4 , Q - E Q 4 , Q Q E 5 Q , 4 , 1 2 Q , 4 E o I Z Q E 5 E - Colorado State Teachers College offers! an ideal opportunity E for students Wishing to prepare themselves to become specialists in E T music. The conservatory offers superb training for those who Wish l to become performers or teachers. Students in the public school E 4 music course have the advantage of securing not only theoretical E but practical Work in teaching in the training school Where, under E careful observation, the students teach and receive the beneht of E expert criticism of their work. College glee clubs, choruses, and E the great lVIay Festival give the students the opportunity of becom- E ing acquainted with the world's greatest choral Works. Frequent E recitals are held in the conservatory, where the students have an : opportunity of appearing before a select audience as soloists. Q Colorado Teachers College offers an ideal place for the study . of music Where in a healthy, moral atmosphere and ideal Colorado . 5 weather, students may secure most competent musical instruction. . Q 3 Q .. 4 T 4 '77 VV -vw-vsjvi aHiX1I'6YIa aI'fA1P6X1IYA1h'A1Pm1rf811I'fDrlm A APAVAVMVKIVKIVNVEGVNVMA A A QPAYIIYBYIA A A 177 V LWJLUJLUJ V DUJLWJJ NAA' DJJLUJDUJ i mg v- v vpgyqpggqpgyqv 13141 Q .v.1w,11,gy4Nv 9'Uf9D,UJ9 U- U'9A Ul,QA"LQj.1l,Q,QN'1U v v v ppgpqgpwggyqpggqxv 2 'N . , 5, W W W WWW W W - A - - - - a -,. At- - - a 7 ' 7 ' IXVJPUJPU-l ' ' IX!!! V 9314 ' 7 UU! ' UU4 ' 'i Q E A E A MUSIC 4 , C The college conservatory was organiaed at the opening of the E fall quarter 1917-1918, with J. C. Kendel as director and teacher E of public school methods, harmony, and voice, Miss M. Eva E Wright, director of piano and pipe organ, Mrs. Josephine Kendel, E associate teacher of voice, lVIrs. Nellie B. Layton, associate teacher E of piano, Miss Lucy B. Delbridge, teacher of violing Dr. H. W. ' Burnard, teacher of flute and oboe. ' That there was a demand for the conservatory is shown in the ' fact that the department has been paying its own way during the ' entire year, which is an enviable record considering the unsettled E 5 conditions of the country and the newness of the venture., The ' pipe organ, which was installed during the year, has proved a won- ' derful addition to the department and has created an unbounded E enthusiasm amongst the student body for that master instrument. E - The following programs have been presented by the musical faculty E 2 during the year: E A 5 Pipe Organ Recital 5 Thursday, Qctober 14, 1917 E Miss Wright, assisted by lVIr. Kendel Suite Gothique ..................... Introduction, Choral Priere 'a Notre Dame HI Toccata IV 3 a. Evening Star .... b. Alba ........... ............ Honor and Arms .. . ......... . . . . MR. KENDEL 5 Toccata and Fugue D lVIinor ......... Finale La Symphonic No. 6 Cljathetique a. To Lucasta . . . b. Tommy Lad . . c. Route lVIarchin MR. KENDEL Andante Cantabile . . ......... . . Finlandia ....... I .....BoeZ111fzn, 1862-1897 3 . . . .Wag1ze1', 1813-1883 . .............. Nefvm .. . .... Ifrzndel . . .B1zclz, 1685-1740 . . . . . . Tschailaowslcy 5, PVa1-ff . . llfffzrgetsofz .. . ...... Stock . . . . Tsclzzzikozvsky .. . Sibflillf, 1865 - I vvvwyvv vw'-fflvv V-vi' I I I O ' A VKIIYB1 A MVVN VNMV VNMVMV A A A APfA1ITN1AAA A A Al 179 Conservatory of MUSIC Recrtal JOHN CLARK KENDEL Basso JOSEPHIIXE E. KNOWLES KENDEL Soprano M. EVA .WRIGHT Pianist QJLVIJLKVJ ' 7 LUJ9!!-IDQJJDSIJLUJ-' 7 ' ' NA ' ' 7 ' ' lXVlLUUPUlUU-lV3Ql5!l4LWAlX9ULKVJlX!ll,g f E jr College Chapel, Tuesday, December 18, 4 p. m. E 3 . . , Q 3 E 1- E 1- E 2 1- ' E Ir , C , E ju E 1- E - E ? Q o H E 5 E 5. 5 5 5 5 5. 5. Q Z 5 Q 5 5 5 5 5 Q 5 5 2 Aria-Hear lVIe Ye Winds and Waves from Scipio .... Handel MR. KENDEL The Wind on the Heath ............................... Lohr One Year CIQI4.-IQISD.. .... When ............................ ..,..........Barleigh . . . . Josephine Kendal Invictus ............................ ............ H uhn MR. KENDEL Hark Hark the laark ................ .... S chul1ert-Liszt Nocturne in F Minor ................. ........ C hopin - Miss WRIGHT Rolling 'Down to Rio ................ .... E dwarf! German Deep River .......... ............. ........ B u rle1gh Bango Song ......................... ........ H omer MR. KENDEL Prelude in C-sharp lVIinor ............... ..... R achmanino Miss WRIGHT Song C5 cle-On Jhelum River .......... Amy Woodfo1'd-Finden MR. AND MRS. KENDEL Accompanists-MRS. KENDEL, Miss WRIGHT Pipe Organ Recital MISS M. EVA WRIGHT Assisted by JOHN CLARK KENDEL, Basso College Chapel, VVednesday afternoon, 3 :3O o'clock PROGRAM Praeludium and Fuge, E. Minor, Cathedral .,........ J. S. Bach Walther's Prize Song, Meistersingers Nuremberg ........ Wagner ln Summer ...................................... Stebbins . "But Who May Abide the Day of His Coming" Recitative and Aria from the lVIessiah. . MR. KENDEL .....Handel Scherzo, Sonata ...................... .... G uilmant To a Wild Rose ..... Berceuse ............ Traumerei ............ a. The Two Grenadiers. . . b. Noon and Night .................. c. Me and Mah Little Banjo ......... MR. KENDEL Largo, New World Symphony ........ Toccata, Suite ............... ... McDozuell Stone . . . . Schumann ....Schumann . . . .Hawley ... .... Dichmont .....D'z10rak .. . . . Rogers P061 A-.A D01 A IYNVSS1 A biN1V8s1IYid A VMVNVMVMVKIMV A KYSYIVNMX1 A " A A VNVKIVNVNVKVNMX1 A IYDGIYSCIIYA1 1 'Q 5 5 5 E 5 E 180 ' WWWNHWKWWA' 'LU-IVWUJLUJT' 'LKUULWALKVJLVIJ' ' ' ' VWAWNVWALQ C K 4 E 'E MUSIC FESTIVAL 5 C The music festival which was held April 30th, May 2nd and 3rd, IQI7, was a i decided artistic success. The festival which entailed an expense of 52,900.00 was a ' decided success financially and artistically. E The first evening, the oratorio "Elijah," by Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy, was ' given by a chorus of two hundred, assisted by the Philharmonic orchestra of forty. ' The soloists were: Soprano, Mrs. J. M. B. Petriking alto, lVIrs. Bessie Dade Hughesg ' tenor, Horace P. Wells, basso, Henri Scott. E The second evening, "The Bohemian Girl," by Balfe, was offered with the follow- E ing cast: ' E Count Arnheim CGovernor of Presburgj ...... Frederic W. Clark E Thaddeus QA proscribed Poiej .......... .... lV Iatthew Auld Q Florestein QNephew of the Countj .... .... R alph English . Devilshoof CChief of the Gipsiesj .... ....... J ack Mosher . Captain of the Guard .............. ...... G eoffery Phippeny . Arline QDaughter of the Countj ..... .... I osephine K. Kendel . Buda QHer attendantj ..... ................... L ela Aultman Queen of the Gipsies ............................ Vera Gillett E The last evening, the crowning event of the festival, was a concert by the New E York Symphony Orchestra. Walter Damrosch, conductor, with Efrem Zimbalist, E violin soloist. Q The program was as follows: ' Overture-"Mignon" ............... . . . Thomas g Symphony in B lVIinor Q'fUnfinished"D . . . .... Schubert , 1. Allegro lVIoderato , 2. Andante Con Moto 4 Concerto for Violin with Orchestra in E Minor ..... Mendelssohn 1 I. Allegro Molto Appasionate 4 2. Andante 4 3. Allegro Molto Vivace V Q EFREM ZIMBALIST a Caj Scotch ldyl 4 Cb, Gigue From Henry VIH ..... .... - .Saint-Saens . Cab Prelude to "Lohengrin" .......... .... W agner 0 Cbj Prize Song from "Die Nleistersinger . .... Pffagnez- 4 Allegretto from Symphony No. 8 ...... .... B eethofuen 1 lllarch from "Aida" ............ ..... I ferdi 4 C E 4 Q 5 lh"1lh'1VB1'IH 181 ? S E 5 25 5 Q Q Q asanaaoaa-A aarfA1aaV0daaPm1uoa- aax3M'dnNi"l?'f01 I vw !YN1lY'X1K'fYI VYIPIN1 Z 3 5 E E3 2 ? A ,S QL,.,A1,M!,M,Al,M,kAlMJMJA,J,MAAlAA!,xA MJ MJMJ MIM QHQH 4 E 3 3 5 2 l .2 l i .l Q A .S , 7 VNVRI A A L A VNMX1 A A A rrifIIYA1I1A1 A IYNPIN ' A A A " ' A K'0fII'6'flP6X1PfA1Pm1h'A1PfA1rm1P01 A M'11rf8t1IYAN1 LWAIIXV-ILKVJLUJDUJLKQQLU-ILUJV VDOLIVLWJJ' 'Wil' V 'LK!L!DUJ'LWfllLUJUGJJLKV-Il3UJ' 'LU-IU!!-1,9 I ig' e eng E Z g E E E E 5 E E 5 'Q VNMVVNMVVNVNVMMVMVVNMWMMMVMVVNMMMVY'I'6YIMX1h'A1MN1P6N1DiX1P6N1 A PfA1h'8t1 A P01 A E E A VA1h'A1DiYIPm1h6Yl A IYA1 A A' A A A A EEN A h6X1h'AX1VA1h6YlhiYI A VAYII'6YlI'0f1r6N1rfm1 'D 184 . 4 Q E E DELTA SIGMA EPSILON 'Q NATIONAL SORORITY E - Founded Ohio State Normal, 1914 ' COLORADO GAMMA CHAPTER E Installed in State Teachers College March 3, 1916 ' Absorbed Phi Sigma Phi, Local Sorority, founded 1911 E COLORS-Olive and Cream FLOWERTC7'Ed77Z Tea Rose E JEWEL-PEdI'l TNSIGNIA-Shield, Circle, Scroll, and Cornucopia E C OPEN MOTTO-"Nilzil Sine Laboren E Patronesses E C Mi's. C. J. Blout lVIrs. J. C. Camfield E Mrs. W. B. Mooney lVIrs. C. C. Urie . Mrs. J. B. White lVIrs. F. L. Wright . House Mother and Patroness-Miss Florence Redifer , Faculty Advisor and Patroness-lVIiss Florence Rediier 4 E Sorores Apud Magistros . lldiss Florence Redifer o E Sorores In Schola E Fourth Year-Frances King 0 Third Year-Hazel Staley ' B Second Year E Winifred Warren Alice Callahan . Estella Wetherald Helen Dyer . Louise Thompson Bessie Jepperson E Marie Hansen Mildred Mayes . Marion Covvgilil Beulah Taylor E Florence Newton Mary Titsworth E Blanche Stone Lettie Simpson . First Year . Helen Smith Ruby Cassin . Lucretia Lantz Helen Jenks E Olivia Jacobson Ruth Richardson E Wilma Shaffner Gladys Calhoun . Pledge-Gladys Poole . Honorary Members ' Harriet Fulton Gladys McDonald Lucinda Farnsworth Olive Beck 4 Q . 4 YVIVV WI i 'V 'W 185 DUJUUJLUJDQIJLKVJ V LQAIDUJ V DSJJUUJDSJU V V D-V14 V LWAILULILWJJ A A IXUULKBQ A A A A A A D-U4 A A, A A LWJJIXV-INXIDQIJ ,D - 1 Q Q E E A E E E Q 5 5 g L VV "' VV "' " 'v v-v v-:vmv-:vHvv: QS E 3 ,VDMIUUJDGIJLUJLUJ VLKYJJV ' 'NA' ' 'l5!lJUGJ-ILKZUDUJDQIJ' 'LU4' ' 'DUJ 'LUJ' UNA , . A L L Q L Q s 1 Q 1 2 WxL31lHIH LGLW V'V101'!LVV11lvV!D1fl1Vv3UfvLi1''IVE F! ii 1K'1L1x'VW1U 1WT01xWLx1l1QLhQLW 'VID 187 'Nil V LUJ ' A A ,A A A A A A A ,A A ,A A D!!! A A A A DM! A A ,A A A A A A A A A D814 A A A A A A A A A A A A IQ r I, 'S' VDCIMYI VYIVA1 VN 'S' wi' 'S' A Q 5 5 5 91 5 5 5 5 3 5 5 5' E 21 A A MY! A DiX1I'6YII'6YlVMVNMN1VNMVVMVMVMVMMVMWMVVNVNMVMMMVVNVNMVVNVNVNVNVNMVVNMV 188 3,DsV-ll3sVs'U!1lll3sWslUsV+lLW!J ' IXVJLQIILWA YXQQIXVI IXWJIXUIDSA V ' 7 Wil " I ' 'V ' P94 ' DU-IUUJ , Q 4 Q Q U Q SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA E ' IOTA CHAPTER E C 5 National Pedagogical Sorority, founded Virginia State Normal, 1898 . Iota Chapter installed in State Teachers College, Colorado, 1915 Q . Absorbed Chi Alpha Theta, Local Sorority, founded 1909 , COLORS'-PU7'pI6 arid Wlzite FLOWER-Purple Violet J-EWELLPEIITZ Q 5 INSIGNIA-Skull, Crosslzorzes, Triangle, Circle ' 3 OPEN IVIOTTO-Faithful Unto Death ? 5 NIAGAZINE-Triangle E Q' E . Patronesses E ' llflrs. J. R. Moore Miss Keyes E ' Miss Sharfenstein Mrs. B. B. Sibley E ' Mrs. Baldwin Mrs. C. T. Neill 5 2 Lillian McCracken Mrs. A. B. Godfrey E 5 lVIrs. F. N. Spaulding Q E E Sorores In Schola I Faculty-Emma Charlotte Dumke 1 ' Senior College ' 5 Bess Davis Evalyn Hollister E ' Helen Williams Jeannette Kussart . Q Florence Fish Helen Stoddard E O Second Year , 5 Helen Bate Agnes Dillon , E Mabel Atkinson Bertha Jones , 5 Marjorie Bergen Dorothy Knott , 5 Lillian Davis llflary Morrow . Alice Harrington Beulah Robinson , 2 May Harrington Helen Walsh , . Josephine Love , 9 First Year ' Q Innie Arfsten Marie Hastings ' 5, Helen Gilbert Jeannette Kinnilcin ' ' Marjorie Harrington Gertrude Farr 5 Pledge -lVIarie Juel N C 5 Z ' Q ' A0 1. Tvwvvvv f- v-iv-vw-v vvvv V-qv-.f vvvvvvfv-Qlvvi: vw: rvffv-v: mvf Q5 189 1, IXJJIXAIXIJ' ,-.- -.A ,-.-.,A -.,-.A ,-A IXJJLU-IUKJJ LUJDJ-1 LKALU-I VYIPPGVYI P01 PfYIPf'dPfYIPfX1D'YI VYIVYI VYIVYI ioaaaaAAAVNWGQQaAAAAAAIYNQQAaaaaaoanaaaoaaaooooAAQVNVNA VYlIYX1h'N1 KYYIVN1 ITYIPKYIPKX1 KYNQVYI MYIVA1 " A A " " ' " " " "' "' T' " " ' " ' A A VDdPfA1l'6Y1h6N1I'6N1I'6N1'l A' 90 DUJ DUJ ' V V LUJLWALUJ ' ' LU-ILUJLUJDSI-ILWIILKQULW-ILUJ - - .,- ..,. -, - LUJLUJ - - - - -v v-v v-v v-xr v-v v-v - - - , , MVMVVNYMV a VNVA1 A VN AAQIYRGVBX1 AVNAVMVM1 5 5 5 L L 3 L DUJLUJ ' ' V LK!!-IvK!4lLKUl!LK!f1V"LKV1 IJ!lJ V UQA IXVJ IXUIIXQU ' I ' ' DSJJLKVJLELILKUQXLKVJLUJLUJLUJDQJ-1 h'N1PfN1IfX1TfN1l'fYIIYN1 'A' 'A' 'A' 'TYIIYYI A' 'A' 'A A 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' KTY1 Oilllllllillll llll Ollblllll lblllll DELTA PHI OMEGA Founded 1905 U 9 V 9 V V - - - - .U ' ' ' l l bca AA COLORS-Violet and White 1 , FLOWER-Violet STONE-A77Z61.'lly.S'f Patronesses lVIrs. S. lvl. Hadden Mfrs. I. B. McCutcheon Mrs. G. R. lXdiller lVIiss Mildred Julian Mrs. Gwain Miss Elizabeth Kendel Mrs. Lyndall Snyder Miss E. Maud Cannell Emma Billington Dorothy Shattuck Hazel Woodruff Helen Geiger Helen Nott Leota Nankewis Helen Bates Lucile Dunlavy Blanche De Wisse Mabel Hopkins Eudora Babcock Inda Bunnell Glendola Knowles Miriam Davis Mrs. Stella C. Wood Active Members Fourth Year Pattie Whitehouse Third Year Second Year First Year Lucile Wisecarver' Octavia Hall Marion Shattuck Beryl Townsend Alice Gilmore ' lVIarjorie lVIcCutcheon Janet Robie Grace Crosby Jeanette Amsbury Grace Birkins Alma Sherman Helen Wheeler Bflodwin Griffith lVIarion Thompson Pauline Gilbert MVAMVA AVB1VNVN A A A A A A A A A A AMN1A AVNA l HZ-l1.Jl1flLlK:l 193 5 Z 5 Z Q 2' IC 1 1 5 3 D01 ' MYIPKA1 0 IYB1PfN" " " " V81 A " ' -' " " " " hO1 ll'6N1PfDfl" ' " " P063 9 . E E E Z E E E 'E g Lbllkl-lLk!JAAfUJlX!JL!JLKAUJ-llkll LKALKLILKIILKALKJJLKJ-I UJJUJ-ILUJ LKJJLUQILKJ-ILUJlX!JLbQLUJLK!-I DJJIXXILUQI 5 5 5 ' 5 Q 5 Q 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 :Q 5 Q 2 5 2 'lk9ULUJ" lkV4WJJ'LUJ' 'DUJLU4' 'LWIJVLKWJLWADQAIVD-W4'LKV4'LkV4' ' ' 'LVL Pf8flh6N1D'NMYIP6YIo AVNVNVSVAYQVN E 'E E E E E A E E E E E 0 2 0 E 4 E 1 4 0 3 1 '-' " " " hiYllTM1h'M A VMVNDGVMVVNVNVNMWMMVDQVNVNVNVMMV A A 1MN1I'f3N1 A A T' 195 E E E E E E 5 2 5 Q 1 5 MMMA M A... .,. A. - .,. ., .,A MMM A IXJJ V A VNMX1 A P06 A P6YlP6YIPfh1h'A1Pf8fI A IYif1D6YlP6N1DiYl A ff66IPf8flDiX1hiYIh01 A A A 'SNC A Vid A VA1hiYPfRdVAX1lY'X1 A AIYMA Q '-' 'A' W "' "' "' W Y AA ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA National Pedagogical Sorority, founded Virginia State Normal, 1901 COLORADO BETA BETA CHAPTER Installed in State Teachers College February 19, 1916 Absorbed Theta Zeta Beta, Local Sorority, founded 1901 COLORS--Pearl White, Palm Green, Crimson and Gold FEOWERS-Narcissus and Aster TNSIGNIA-Crown and Star QPEN MOTTO-Affiff, Seek, Attain MAGAZINE-Tlze Phoenix QWeekZyD Faculty Advisor Miss Helen Payne Patronesses E l.VIrs. D. Heilman Mrs. E. M. Nusbaum ' Mrs. W. li Moody Mrs. E. B. Smith Mrs. A. F. Carter Mrs. J. D. Davis Dr. Clara Town Third and Fourth Years Alice Mason Miriam Smith ,vt IXVJ U Q 5 g K Grace Faden Edith Ramsey 'E L L Z 3 Ethelyne Rhiner ' T Second Year 3 Miriam Pomeroy Lena Mayer L Lillian Criswell Helen Bruce L Helen Hay Fern White E Marguerite Dupuy Lois Tuttle Q First Year Frances Scott Nora Cutting Y Irene Spalding Marguerite Jones i' Carrie lVIae Diggs Genevieve Dupuy T Margaret Phelps lVIaria Inge IE Vera Weidman Neoma Erickson Florence Bond If Q 7 LL liilxfiiixvgxifji i'Ei7'1r3iVYfTl1'F1 ViE1lxN1Q1Tf3'1"f1lKiEf1i :wr xi lvflvillvllvl iid1iT51l151''1r3'1lxD'iLz'5'1B'E'1l1TfiEr71TiuTEiii? i5YYi1HTfiiT1'rY Iii 197 IXVJIXVIBVN VUQALKVJLWMLWADSAV V V V V V V V VV V VN!-lbw!-IV VLUJLWJ49 Q 4 Q C C Z E 5 E E E Q E E E E 'E E E P :S1 A D81 A A A A A " 4 " 4 " MX1DiY1IYA1Pfh1DW11 A ' " " " " TH'11'4iL'-hi' H- '-' 'A' 198 - -f. - - A DUJLKW- - - - A - - -,. - - L LUJLUJ ' ' IXQULUJLUJ V ' USQLU-ll3UJLU-! K'fA1PfA1" " " PfidI'6YIV8fIP6YlVA1PfSdI'f8dVM1VA1ITM1" " " " " A " " 'A' 'A' 'A' AY1 A' 'A' " A 199 .,m uwWA ' ' U '- U uw Q . ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' LXVJ v v 0 AA IXALWIJ 9 9 V Q I DQqLx,q ' . 9 Q 9 Q 9 Q 9 Q 9 Q 9 Q 9 Q 9 Q 9 Q 9 Q 9 Q 9 Q 9 Q 9 Q 9 Q 9 Q 9 Q 9 Q 9 Q K U If Q P ' 1 Mfbigb ' Y . ' " ag Q O 1' . , 5, -w'miZ5 . 3? 1, I 'I ' -' Y-I 9:-ff 'KT ' -55,5 , O A ' ' ' 'V 'fri K- H ' ff" ,ii 5 . - A W 9 , x .. ,Mk ,Y ,eggim D fe1 f .:a,f,,fwW, ,. 4,276 . 1.-z -V-:-4.--19 , 7. . , " "L' '?"4"f23?' "2 'L 'W ' fi: ' X fem 325:42 sf "' 1 ' 1- fzfafwsi t 5l?55?1'L95 42: f 1, f Vfi f-Pfffffs 4 1? 2E,:,:5a::'-'f1,2, fy: f' 5 L ww ' -' ' -PM ,,xnwJ1aw.M,', 'Q 5 js- 'j ff 'L1'T'2? sie: , A, NW-,QW --ff--V.. AL , , ,dvylirlr ,V , .Qui 4, 1, wr, ' .?,,2'9i?fzF1 '2::::fr--2811 , ,.f.2:1- " -- , Lgg 2:44 ,J .5 fi " fir' .-g-.-V mmf' -..,,.., , . f-1-:...f..-..4, ,,,,.J:,.Lv1f,1? Q 9 Q 9 Q 9 Q 9 Q 0 2 Q 9 Q 9 Q 9 Q 9 Q 9 Q 9 Q 1 qi Q 9 Q 9 Q 9 Q 9 Q 9 Q 9 Q ' vv vv r ' ' D4 IVV vvfvv V-v VV VV VV C i I mi O 1 ' " 5 5 I v-Y! ,., Q A Q Q Q tml A 9 200 Q U Q U ULQALQA9 v lv 0 o'y,w4 v1 v v o pml' v Q 1 Q SIGMA UPSILON Local Sorority, 1905-State Sorority 1909 COLGRS-Turquoise Blue and Blade FLOWER-Pansy STONE-Turquoise llfIOTTO-Nlliid Dies Sine' Facie Patronesses Mrs. Herbert Bonnell Mrs. E. D. Randolph lVIrs. M. F. Beeson Mrs. A. D. Keltner lVIrs. Harold Decker lklrs. Walter Hay den Ruth Gray Clara Cooper Phillis Evans Ruth Wilder Romaine McVey Helen Rhoades Marjorie Higgins Dorothy English Mary Pancake Lucille Akers llflarjorie Mellow Mrs. T. L. Boye Faculty Advisor lVIiss Rae Blanchard Active Members Edith Stephens Third and Fourth Years - Elizabeth Dodge Lota Gibbeon Second Year Mary Butler Mildred Donald Louanna Fuller Pansy Pierce Ada Higgins Avis Petit Bernice Nalon First Year Beryl Foster lVIarion Retberg Florence Wilson Lillian Nlagnuson mi 1 l I lvvlwiwl NWW hHm hEVikEdmWHH1QJKluNWHvcxiutuifxiifll 201 V LW-ILUJ V L04 V LKWLU-l V ' V A A V A A A A A A A A A A ,A A A A A A A A A A A A A A L04 A A A A A A O E K 'Q E E E 5 5 5 O VNMYIVA1 A VNMYIVNMN1 A 5 5 5 5 5 E E E E E E E E " MN1MYI" " A A A " " A A A D01 A " ' A " " " rrdlhfim " A A P013 202 44 4 4 4l 51 5 4 I 44 4 lu 4 4: 4 . 4' E 5 0 0 Il X Q 5. In Ia 44 0 If 0 0 'l Il Ir 5 5 Q fu If . 0 D 0 In o 'r 5 'I 3+ Q, Wf,v5mmfN,C,,W,C,,m W W '- 203 2 2 2 IUC' UU KQLIUUUULQAQKQLIQOUULXUJOUUUI ULXQQUUU T I PAN HELLENIC The Pan Hellenic Committee is composed of two members from each Greek letter sorority in the school. lt has its officers and hold meetings in the conventional manner. The purpose of this committee is to settle all difficulties that may arise among the sororities or between the school and the 2 sororities. Pan Hellenic must recognize and approve any group of girls, their moral and intellectual standing, who may Wish to organize a g Greek letter sorority in this institution. It makes and governs a system of house rules for all sororities. 3 Pan Hellenic endeavors to elevate ideals of the school and tries 3 to promote a general good feeling of democracy among the students. l , i i l l A A A Vid A A' A 'A I A I ! A A A 204 AA AA AAI MIM AA - -wx 'fy l ', S 4- l I HZ , , ..,, , E , , , , gr. ' 6' 5 .., ai - 4 ,s A - 2 , q -. .- . W, .,.., W.. ..,f,:,w ' . .. H' 2411. ,-, 43 I . 4 , . f :.:, N . I 536:-:-fl.: f l '..- 11551 ' .Q f I iff: .zz 1' ,.... Q a J.. -1- s-:mi ...- , ,af f , V e .. - W ,cn N sg M ' .3 f V P ,, 4 S f A QSM V wg -1 s 1' yu A, , ' 64 f ,X ,ge ' W ..,. . 4 f V 'E f as v Qt, X s 0 f f 4 pf 1 9 2 v f Q, .f , f t ., 4 r s 1 ,. ai 4 5 7 1 Q. 0 r ff! 4, Q ff 6 if " VK KI 7 f fp , ,A- 3, 3 3.23 Q ' ' ."'111':"-.7 'Ig fi 2 ' 2 5: 'I - 1 ,,.,gW1 Qaf, , fu, .fwwf - ' ' I-'ff-bsfptxi X Q ,. , I I , WV sy g - - ,rs 7 ,, gf ,. ,mr ,-e-5:5-e,:.,,,ff,-r. - V l Q '- S -. 1 f " K 1, f , J . . X l i., VY gg, .. TOP CENTER-Estella Wethe1'ald, President, Delta Sigma Epsilon. M SECOND ROW-Helen Geiger, Delta Phi Omegag Josephine Love, Sigma Sigma Sigmag Lillian - I Criswell, Alpha Sigma Alpha. 1 THIRD Row-Frances Scott, Secretary, Alpha Sigma Alphag Mildred Donald, Sigma Upsilong - 2, Marie Hansen, Delta Sigma Epsilon. w Q FOURTH Row-Clara Cooper, Sigma Upsilong Bess Davis, Sigma Sigma Sigma, Blodwin Griffith, Q Delta Phi Omega. Vliiii ' A MMVA1 A A A A I'6Y1I'm1Pri'fl A A VSGMN1 A " " " " ' A A l l i lv 1" 'H 205 IXA LU-I' 'LWALUJ'lU4'DQALU4B!ALWALWAD!A' LWNlUllWJ'LWAD!A'LUJ"'LUJNA l'PdV'dPfYlh'A1P01 A A l'fOrlh'irlMN1f6N1I'6YlITB1 A PKYIVN1 Q n Q Q ' Q Q I Q D Q E E , A Q Q MWMN1 A A MYIVB1 A VNIWGMH VN A " " " " " A A A D'St1P6YlD'A1PlAYl A VA13 4 206 LU-ILUJDSJJIJQJJIXVJJ V LUJLUJLUULUJ V LXVIILKQULKQLIDSJ-I V - - - V V ,... ,. - V V V V V V 5 5 5 2 E I E E E E E E E DELTA. PSIH, , g I Organized February 4: 1913 COLORS1Gl'6FH and Wlzite V A A in -FVLOWER-Carnation Fratres Apud MHg1StfOS Dem lVIiller A 'i Dean' lMcCracken Professor Finley Professor Wright Professor MeCunniff Professor Blout V Fratres In Schola George Adams Henry Anderson R1lph Bennett Hstrold Bricewell Tom Dillon Elmer Hicks Clyde Lentz Alvin Adcfflelland Ben lVIorrisor1 Jesse R. Shaw VNVMVNVKI A A A A MMMVVNMWWNMVVNMVVNVNMVMVMMVNMV A A A A A VMVNMYI A I A D01 O Z 'Q 5 U 5 . if V C Q K D A . Q A O A . 7 C 2 L 4 gn Everett Clyne Harold Preston O O 5 O P U D U , , ' ' l y , l 2 A 207 5 U 1 5 2 5 2 5 5 5 3 5 Q Q at 5 5 5 5 2 1 5 5. 5. 5. 5 , 5 ' . lllllllllllllll VV """' "' "" IYYIITN1 "' "' Y' 'A' VY! "' PKYIVYI "' "' l77ID'YITYlPfN1 " ' 208 5 F ZBeIta 3551 ilaunur Bull Donald Adams Arthur Carter I is 0 Q v v v v U v v 9 v v Q Q Q v v v MM Z 2 f ' lil? Q 922 'E f ll' x ? A 1 5 r z Clarence Fish Arthur F itzmorris Wallace Hopkins John Kirk s Lee Lockhart John McCnnniff Walter Phippeny Gilbert Stodghill Elmer T urner Clarence Turner ? Verner Vanderlip X X N X xx W E 5 3 5 K 5 i QLKWJDUJUQJJDSA' ' LUJUU-ID-WJ V DUJLK!lllfU4LU-ILUJ ' ' LWAUUJLUJ ' LUJI!-VJLk!4lDUJL5!lJDUJLKVJlJ!!J ' DUJDSIJDQAIXVJ V 3 5 Q Q Q LAMBDA GAMMA KAPPA STATE FRATERNITS. Organized November 3 I903 COLORS-Old Gold and Black FLOWER-Violet Fratres Apud Magistros Dean Hadden Dr. Adams Professor Abbott a s 1 Jones Carter Hunt Snedgen Baxter Professor Professor Professor Fratres In Schola Atkinson lngle Smith Dwrllng Elmer King Isaacs Kendel lVIoone5 Axton The keynote of the Lambda Gamma Kappa f11tern1t3 Brotherhood The full meaning of this Word IS not learned until the tests of obedience endurance self sacrifice development of the social side in 1elat1on to life hard work in school 'md for Kappa li e piepares each member to pass these tests 100 per cent Q Q f 5 , D 5 U U f U O U O 5 , VV ll ' . . . . 5 C v 5 4, , , . 5 . 7 .S 5 H fn C If C uf . .' C 1 : the fraternity, acting like a man, are passed. Lambda Gamma . 1 'f ' C C C . . 5 5 E Q' P O 5 Q 5 2 2 0 210 U 5 Q EI Q' Q 5 2 5 Q E1 3 3 Q 51 Q Q , 5 5 4 qu 4 lr o 4 4 O I PfX1PfYII'fX1Pf'fHYN1 AVSGVSYIQoaoaaanPfA1oaP6N1P6X1I'6N1osoaaaoI'fN1Pm1Im1PfX1 PfN1D"Yl VN1h'N1PfYIITYl -Y-rvvv MMLQALUJ v wr' MAMA ' mmm v W4 ' ' ' ' ' v M ' ' wlwlmlmwlwzlmlxwlxvllxw l E E E E E E M, ,A -,,M,M,M,M-n,,u ,,,, W , -,r.,M-M, z E l I i 2 Yiamhha dbamma kappa 5 5 ilaunur Bull E l g g Albert Adams , Paul Barrows T K N iel Dilrkee E E Clarence Elison i L Frank Farmer E 5 L Luther Hickman Q E William Harley l 5 Victor Jones T Q Harold King ' Homer Kyle ' L Henry Kyle E f John Kyle E Walter Morrison ' T E I rl Varvel ' I i 3 I I ' -4-n-ll--M ----- l---l-ll-l1-u-.- -W ---- ' E E E E 5 E 212 ""LUJDUlI "LU4LU-lD!l!"LUJ'LUJDU4LUJLOU'LWJLU4LUl"' -"!,Q Q' E 5 o Z 5 E if E 5 z 5 . 5 . ' 'E Q' 4 Q . ' E Q Q 3 I Q 4 5 E Q Q E Y - coLl.e e Davs , ? 213 l vvvovayqv vuyqopgqwqrvpggv Q v v 0.0 vwqpwgo VAUJLQALLQA s hx AA Q v 0 Q v 9 , E Q A A E sf 55 ,sing V 55 XG K Q 1 7x 6 Nr ll , A is 3 5 'sg X20 'K r 12 E sa - - Q ff My.. Q9 .fy . c s , we X X Q2 vs, Rfxf "W Kfa 9 Q ,VKX X vs 'ww Xwe W' M A W -9 its 'X C IX W. wg e ibfmvc ff f 1 Q Q Q E CALENDAR 3 October I-School opened with the reception line in the new dean's office. Good supply of raw material CFreshmenj. October 6-O joy! the Freshman Frisk. Bring knife, fork and spoon UD. October I2-The faculty gives its f'How do you do.', October 18-C. T. C.'s biggest day. Gov. Gunter was our guest. c o er 1 -'ec. f' c oo was iven a rousin we come a e s a ion 1 en e s Orb 5 MAd g g 1 trh tt b3Kd1, 2 choir. ovem er - A OO raise in one- 1a iour 'or ie u en rien s i un . 0 N b 4, d llfl f tl Std tF dhpFd' 9 We1'e you at the bonfire? l 5 November 21-Student body president is elected. U . November 23-This is the day we showed our pep. Score was 14-7 in favor of D. U. V We'll show you next time, D. U. E U , November27-Dr. Adams was escorted from his home to chapel, You canlt Stay D away just because voulre going to be married. 0 November 29-December 3-Vacation! December 8-Jimmy McFadden came to chapel. 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-Io-11-12-13-14- 0 I5-I6-I7-I8-SCIHO1' College! D . . . 5 December IQ-RCg1StCTlHg for winter term. o , December 21-Santa comes to chapel. "Keep to the right." E o I 5 5 5 Q-'fig-' ' . K' ?i . I :HQ in T i 1' fee . . . i . f .- A . . S, . '- .. E ' O 4.5211 ' Y A Ts-vff s?Z':f. 5 K ' Zii':ff::'iV2i T U3 . Li-.G ' " fills, ' 0 "'- 1 Q . f1f4fi ' - i A' S K I la aaaaaa a-AMYIA aIm1 aaaaaah'3fIhiX1D6Ylo 'WD 214 ' 0,9314 V LUJLWADUIIJSQ LUJ - A - A - - ,- Ac - A - - - - ,- - - - ,- A ,- -. - - - - - - - - LWJJLKZULUJLWJJDSIJ V LWADOUD-U4 I 4 tr -lanua ry January January 21 61 I I Vacation Was Hooverized. Ground for the new gymnasium Was broken. 9-Another faculty froliiication for us. i january I5-College panic! Look out for the cyclone. Who got out of Randolph's room first ? January 20--Red Cross Gauze Room was opened. january 25-A peep into Fairyland-the kindergarten party. February I5 February 1 8 February 22 February 25 -C. T. C. wins two debates and Senior College entertains with a dance. -Rapid progress on the gymnasium considering the Weather. -The Colonial Ball. In the afternoon C. T. C. defeats D. U. 30-28 at Eaton. The annual for 1918 is announced. The Assistant Business lVIanager of the annual is engaged. lklarch II-Dean Cross gives lliiss Wright an "intelligent" look. Nlarch I5-Privates Lee and Pengra were visitors on the chapel platform. C. T. C. 4 4+ 2 4 gores llflines 45-8. St. Patrick's Day Dance given by first year class. E K Z E X5 if E E 5 E 5 E E E 5 3 5 5 i 5 5 vvfv " A MWVNMVVNMVVMVM A IYSYHYA1 A A " A " T" T" " " T" A :h'A1IYDflh6N1I'f8i1 A 1 D 215 5 LUJDSI-lLU4DUsllX!l!D!l-I V' V LUJIXWUQIJLU-!D!lJLU4 l3U4LU4LU4 V NIJ V DU-XLUJ V V IXVJLWJJDSA V V V DU-S V ,U lllarch 1 8 lVIarch IQ lVl'1rch 27 Vlarch 28 April - April - April - r , , I 1 1 . -If you Want to earn a Cum Laude, don't call a term a term-call it a quarter. hir. VVright disqualified. -The Handsome lXfIr. Swan-Vive La Mr. lVIorey. One-half day vacation at end of Winter term-Rah, Rah, Prexyl -Tennis courts ready for business. . -Again C. T. C. wins laurels on the forensic floor. Where is that triangu- lar woman? tains the old and new Y. W. C. A. Cabinets. O Where, O where has the April fool stunt gone? C. T. C. is glad to Welcome lVIr. Hanks. Dr. Winship tells about the road to Ft. Yates. Snow, snow, beautiful snow, instead of spring, beautiful spring. April -The trustees visit C. T. C. The patriotic tank is eamouflaged by Isaacs, April - April I9- Adams, and Hadden. Byron King entertains the student body. The Arbor Day program. The weather was better than it was last year. , E E E E 'E E E 'Q E E 'Q E A a MWVEGVMVNMVVNVA1 A A D01 A l'AYIhiY1PfBflhi'dK'6X1 E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E 1 llflareh 30-Installation of first honorary fraternity in C. T. C. lVIrs. Crabbe enter- 1 2 3 5 8 MWVNVMVNVNMVMVMVVMA A A s o A A aI'6N1o A PfM1K'6YlITOdh6X1a AVNVNAVNVNA O 216 A 3 N ! 5 Aff fx ?: L51 ' NIH lk E . Tri V -V ' 'LUJLUJ" 'HWJLWJJHYALKUIDQAVLWANALWALVAVDQAV V 'LU1LUJl3841LVJf1LUJ'LWJ4LUJU8Q' O aaooAaol'6Ylrm1IY8fI IT' A 'I , 'e 1: F v-v l I VNVNMVAMV . mmmm , -WA A MX1DiYlVA1h6YlD6N1 n ri '.'-v w I-3ln.j' . --f f : A mf. .W 1. , , aI'6YlI'01lYA1A Y X , N fd N , fl Q XXX I X , A , 1. ,1 l I . J ,pi MQW: U , V. l . 4 " ."'A'1'1' J.Y".'3' .u aur.Jm ..f.1 il,'1ll' Aw ' "M 'L , I ,,v ,f"X, , X QXX si 4 fi'b'xX?f" ff W A A ff fx X X" N 4. fxcgxg IHYH: I7iN1oVi'o PfA1IYA1nVi' i lvvl Y-v vw wxf'vii 217 V LW!-lbw!! ' DUJ V UUJLUULUJDQJJLKUJ A A A A A A A A A A ,A A A A A A ' A A A A A A A A A A A A ' LW!-ILUJLUJLUJUUJ D INSIGNIA DAY lt's impossible to tell outside of Chapel much difference between the Freshmen and the Junior College Seniors until about time for Insignia Day. A few days before the Seniors begin stretching their necks and getting fans for the ordeal. The Fresh- men rush madly about looking for White dresses and shoes to Wear on the dignified occasion. The Student Body President begins to be nervous over the ordeal of having Dr. Crabbe put her hat on. fHer, of course.l A general tension' is felt throughout the school concerning the appearance of those black robed Hgures and so it must all be relieved by a rousing good time at the Hays Picnic in the p. nl. Last year the annual Arbor Day program was given on Insignia Day, too, which made the day a full one. 7 E Z VV - ' v-v v-v 218 v UIXQQLXUJIXUJLQAUVI Q v vpwgvuyqpqgvpwgpryqpwgpggpggqv 0 Q vpmgpggv v v ULXQJUWU ,MAAA AA AA Z , Q 3 , 3, i 'flirt Q HAYS PICNIC Here's one of the times the faculty Works and the students just enjoy themselves. If you don't believe it just look at the pictures of them. They look as though they have had plenty to eat. We sure did. We Wonder Where some of the Profs. took domestic science that they learned to cook in tubs and dip with shovels. Everything tasted good, though, and the ball game afteiwvard between faculty and students was sufficiently exciting, though We've forgot- Q ten what the score was. L X u gn z L L Z y , , NW. v"""VV IW W IWF"W WVV WIWIW IVV WW i 219 .MW V LKUJLVAUUJ V UQARQQLKVJWVJLWII ' V LWIJIXUQLWIJLWXXLKQUUU-llflul 7 LWINILKWJ 7 LUUIXV-IU!!-I ' J E P E Q E 5 E Q Q 0 Q 5 E 5 E 5 E Q E 5 E Q Q Q E 5 E Q E Q Q Q Q 5, E 5. ' E 0 Q 5 FRESHMAN FRISK 2 g Seniors all come out and frisk with the Freshmen the first Friday after school , opens just to shovv them how to do it. The faculty are also invited to he'lp the Fresh- E Q men see what a good time they can have at C. T. C. E Q The new students are taken through the campus to see its beauties at night and E U lest someone lose his way, Japanese lanterns are given to all and a procession is formed E U that Hnally ends its march in the athletic held. What for? A bonfire, of course. 4 5 A good starter for the pep needed to last through the year. 0 0 Q - 2 5 E D Q ' E ' E In E It Q Il Q ja E 3 E Q1 Q Ia g ji 4 Q Q 5 5 Q' E 0 Q 0 C 1 E lPf8fIPfA1MYlD6X1 A A A A A A PfA1VA1" " " " I'm1P6N1 A I Wm ' v " " DiX1h'A1" " " " TKYWKYIFE 220 Z Z 5 5 5 - - U - A A ' M , NJMJ v v mm v mm, 2 L E Q' I E E COLONIAL BALL a About a week beforehand, Martha Washington sent an invitation by the Y. W. E C. A. to all the girls in college asking them to a ball in the Training School in honor E of her husbandls birthday. . Did they go? I Wish you could have seen them, and the costumes certainly sur- 6 passed those of past years. Everyone agrees that the twenty-second of February would 4 not be complete Without that annual dance. 0 C 4 1 Q 4 5 2 Q Z C C - Q Q 4 4 Q 4 3 2 . - 2 if MS1 iWxQ1 '1Q"iTiTj"n fgvvvldygy ffl l 221 A A -.A A.- ,-.A AA A-A A - . g 5 5 E E 49?5gL,63kM MAY FESTIVAL ' The lVIay Festival, which had been held on the campus each spring for a decade E I lVIay twenty-fourth, "A Festival of Internationalisrnf' or "The Growth of Love in the ' Wo1'ld," was presented by groups and individuals from the grades, high school and college. ' Surely there is no more beautiful place than the college campus to have pageants and festivals. We hope they have come back to stay. Z 5 Q 4 C E E E E ' C I ni previous to 1915, was revived again this year under the supervision of lVIiss Tobey. E P P Q I C if C C E C 'E C Q P6YID6N1I'01hWflDiX1 A " ' A l'6X1hGN1DiN1hfDflIYA1Pm1Pf8d " " " A VN A A " ' " " ' s 222 ' E IC E E E E 5 DUJLUJIJU-!LU4'LUJUUlUUJ" D!ll' V 'LUJlXVJLk9UDUJ'WLUJ!XV4lD!l4' 'LWA" lX!l4LW+l L 3 R ' z L Z Q ? E2 E vw'v-vlv-v vvlvvlvv i ' vv vv vv v-sf lvvVfv'vvf0 :-:..,, -1 LU-lLUJD8!JfUJ'LWJJ ' NIJ' ' ' ' ' LU-l" 'LW!fIDUlD!!J'LWl4LU4LUJLEQLU-l'LUJ PfYlPfN1D'N1PfN1h'N1PPdPfN1D'X1"' "' 'A' "' "' 'A' "' "' PfYID'YIPlX1PfYIPfYl h'N1I7'YIPfX1PfYI AMVVNYA ADQGVSYIA A A A A AI'AYlPrAX1K'6N1Pf8fIAP6'flh'8flAI'l8fII73'flP6N1Wd'i'DiN1'U VY! 'V ITYI 2 M1mm M Mmm IMQMMMQMMMF V L 3 L Z I QUERIES a If Gurdon Ransom Miller, would it give Helen Payne? If Samuel Milo Hadden automobile, would A. J. Park? If William B. Mooney, would Frieda Rohr? If Frank Lee Wright, would Amy Foote the bill? When Lela May Rose, did it make Ethan Cross? L NOTICE-VVe asked Mr. Morrison to demonstrate the bear hug. Look on opposite page. E ' ' FLETCHIERISMS - I Two meanings of I. W. W.-I won't Work and I Weary Willies. You can tell what kind of a man husband is by looking at his wife. He Who says "I should Worry," gives an honest confession of grasshopperishness. Those Who think more of prosperity than of posterity ought to be hung. It takes a million years to evolve a man. It takes a second to destroy him if he 5 doesn't pay attention. 3 We hope lVIr. Finley had a sufficient supply of underwear to last through the 5 Winter. Those Who do not see the joke are referred to Mr. Wright. lVIr. Kendel-Don't sit down on the last line of a hymn. - Bright Senior-I only spoke ungrammatical once in the evening. and the minute I - done it, I seen it. Dr. DuPoncet-Take your seats and pass them up quickly. K- ' CJOAX continued on page 2585 E' I ll 45 225 DU-1931413814 V- DUJDUJ ' LUJLU-IDU-I V LUJLUJDQJJ ' V DSIJDUJLUJLUJLKZGDSIJLUJLUJ 5 K , Z A VNVNVRGKYM A 5 MVMVVNVN ,vmvm11AA'vvvAvmmmmmm 5 5 5 4 5 5 Q 5 E 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 4 4 0mmmmmmmmmmmmmnnnnnnunnnunnmmunnnmnnnnmmm 5 5 5 3 5 KYYIPPG VYlI'fN1PfN1PfYlh'X1PfN1I'fYlPfN1Pf5X1K'0fIP6Y1h6X1I7iX1 5 226 , E HIGH sen-mol. 3 E 'Q E E ga E E E 5 fi E 5 E E E 'E VX1 '. VN1VYIlYYIvVVN1 VYIXYX1 AI'6N1rfA1Ni"AD6X1l'6YlA A AMWAYIA A A A A A A A A A AMYIAPINA A IDDUSCFKIHL ' Wm' ' 'I-gffi im 'W Yi 227 1' -U 10. 7 QLQALXQL19 U YLQA' U 'LXQJ CDQQU 9 'DSA O . -SENIOR ' CLASS Class Oflicers FIRST TERM President SECOND TERM DEWEY DARLING LEO DILLON Vice-President ARTHUR LIKANDER STELLA YVILLIANIS Sccrclzzry STELLA WILLIAMS JAMES FORSYTHE Treasurer IRENE GUILLETT IRENE GUILLETT Counsrlors .............. MISS ROSE AND RUSS DUIVIKE CLASS COLORS-R601 and Blue CLASS YELL QLocomotiveD H S-e-n-1-o-I S-e-n-i-o 1 S S S-e-n-1-o-r-s CWhist1e Boom Seniors D v-V 0 V g 5 E 5 'Q E E E E E E E E E 5 E g E E E 228 AA ,JAR ,LAIAA!fLAl,LAAA,, vvvv vv Ml. 2 ADDIE PROCTOR l "I may look like the chief mozlrner, f but Fm 71013 3 11'OWARD FLITNER "And he by no unrommon lot, Q W'aJ famed for 'L'l?'l'1l6.f he had not" L 'S JULIA BLAIR Z "Life is one long hlujf with her" L DOROTHY SPARLING Q "W'e think The needx a hirrnugh 2 xilmzveru L 3 JOSEPHINE WAGNER "fl floxed mouih mifhex no flies" 4 ARTHUR DUCKER 5 "Has ,41'thzzr the tF7'll'E,I ace fwon- ? der" I SYRENA VVADSWVORTH K V"I adore beautiful and highly .frezzled" L A1'LANTA LEVAN L "pVllHl4'LC01lld happen if she befamz' L color blind and muldn'l recognize L 4'R6dl ll 3 T L -2 L 5 f Q -j?Mv'vf'mlvv:EZnvV,:vIvv: Imlvvrvxfd Q:vw: fvv:'Ivv: 'vvW:f zvv:Ivv: ivvzvwi 'fofwivivvf I-rv: 229 D!JJl5!!J" ' "" 'LUJDU-I' 'LUJ ' ' ' 'DUJ'l3!l-XLU-1' "LU4LWJ-ILU-1 5 2 5 4 R 1 RALPH SMITH "Delights in Lwashing his face in the clouds efvery morning" MARTHA WILBUR I "Her eye was mild, her expression meek, And she kept thai -way from fweele E to fweeleu IRENE GUILLETT "Why does Bob lofve anything he leases?" FRANCES REYNOLDS "If you pepless bunch of people 9 don'! fwalee up, this Annual is . going to he a jizzlefu K v 'Z 0 9 , KENNETH SHAXV K D "They say C. T. C. girls are old mzzidish, flirts, and homely, but Q he a'oesn't think so" 6 Q Z E STELLA WILLIANIS I Q "Why is the Recorder's office in the . Court House so popular fwith her?" - L 0 f MARY SPANGLER g . "Silence maiden, ihy tongue outruns D thy discretion" K 9 , , 5 ROBERT GRAHAM K 7 "Time to go dofzcn ,and ha-ve a L Q smoke" . Z Q Q Q 5 5 A - vwfvv 5 aim! as rr5X1Pm1aIYh1D6X1P6N1h'A1-4ah6YIrfA1PfA1rfB1r6N1Di'floaaaraa aaaahfmal 230 ' - - - A , - A91 - - - A V DUJ - - V - - V D!!-I - - LUN! - A , ' WU4 - - LWALUJ V - - - - - - - LWRLUJ - A - - - - - - JOHN BRUCKNER "Alz! I hafve an inspiration" GRACE ANDERSON "Sometime: she sits and ilzinle: and .fometzmes :he just nts" MARGUERITE CULLINGS "HH -voice and nothing else" LILY ERICKSON 1'Sl1e'J there, yozffue go! Za gifve her fredii" VVARD LOWRANCE "A uniform, zz uniform, my lzingl- dom for a zznzformlu GERTRUDE 'VS'CH'OON MAKER "A .fnrzpper-up of all uneamidered lrifle.r" GERALDINE F LITNER "Those 'wfl0 rem!! 'when :he began, hafue long .rinre died" GLADYS SMITH "I'm from the rozmtry and I d0n'! care who lenofw: zz" MVVNVNWCWVNVSGVNVMMYIVNVN A A A I 0 PfifIPf8flDiX1n A na VRGMN1 A VNKYNVA1 A DiYnfaN1.m1n6X1ffNMN1 A 231 qqMiMIM1MQMM M q M. 2 y . EDITH MCCULLURI - "She remind: us of a marble 5 Jt:1Zue" E3 3 3 GLADYS ANDERSON 3 "I'll speak lo ilzee in Jilenceu JAMES FORSYTHE DOROTHY JOHNSON I century" CLARA DVORAK 3 2 i T "I fzcixh I rould be a-Jerene-a-man" R Q Z r L 3 QQ Q L "Brainlf'x.v marfuel of the twentieth Q I "She if winding up the fwatrh of her fwif. By and by il fwill Jtrikeh iM'fWlW WIWVV lHaVS1hH1 hK1bU1hHHE11V51 'VPN W W VV iFy 'EZ :Q rrsilmfd 232 MMQ,MMmauM.MM rl E T COMMENCEMENT EXERCISES Class Play ....................... ............... M ay 31 3 3 , l Baccalaureate Sermon. . Class Day Exercises ......, Reception by Seniors for Juniors 4 ....3 p. I'1'l.JL1I1C2 ....2p.m.June4 ....4p.m.June4 i Graduating Exercises ............. ...... 8 p. m. June 5 Reception by Faculty to Graduates ............ 9:30 p. rn. June 5 A Cast for Class Play-May 31 UTHE RIVALSU 5 By R. B. SHERIDAN f Sir Anthony Absolute ................... .... A lfred Dilling E Capt. Absolute ....... .. .... Arthur Ducker 2 Mrs. Malaprop ..... .... M arguerite Cullings Lydia Languish ..... .... S tella Williams Faullcland ..... ....... L eo Dillon ' Julia Melville .... .... F rances Reynolds - Lucy, the Maid ..... .... lV lary Spangler 5 Acres ............. . . .James Forsythe Sir Lucius O'Trigger. .. .... Robert Graham I Fag .... ......... .... W V ard Lowrance 2 David . . . .... Clyde Thompson 3 Coachman .. . ..................... ..... I ohn Bruckner . SCENE-Bath, England E TIME or ACTION-Five Hours ji 5 5 E i 233 5 g S K i M M. " " " ' " V " LEqLUJ'LVlJDUJ'DUJLkVJD!ALWJ4LW!J"'LW!-lLW!J' V ' ULUJI CLASS PROPHECY One time as I. H. S. lay slumbering, yes sleeping, it had a very mysterious dream. ln this dream there came before the mind of the great school the creepy future of these people. The honorable Marguerite Cullings was arrested on a New York street for disturbing the peace by loud laughter. Near this street was a sign "Notice-Kenneth Shaw, a Professional llflanicurist of Cats' and Dogs' Toe Nailsf! Stop! Look! VVhat is this coming? A walking telephone pole? Oh, no, itls only Ralph Smith advertising the Tom Thumb Company. ln the meantime Robert Graham nearly became a great man, but his master duties of a large family makes him hold his own by knockouts. VVell, who would have ever thought it? Edith McCullum is now an instmctor of the feeble minded people at Nut Town. The dream brought in Gertrude Schoonmaker as a great psychologist and revealed all the mysteries of soul affinity. She resolved upon the art of wooing. The idea of a man like Adrieth Tarr having a motto like this: "T will never take advice and never believe anything people tell me." Anyway, he is making a very successful teacher of history and fussing. Clyde Thompson is a success- ful farmer now, but he keeps Esther Culver busy knitting socks for him. Clara Dvorak, who was once a Longmont belle, is now gray with fret and worry. In this wonderful dream, Leo Dillon became a steam laundry expert and invented a steam roller which would press clothes and roll the roads, making a speed of 400 miles an hour. Stella Williams went to Paris to meet her lover and is not a social butterfly there. There came a change in the dream. Glen Thomas was married and didn't finish his college course. He is now a "hen-peeked husband," as he just won't quit smoking. Arthur Ducker married a New York society girl and is finding it very hard to live on just a businessman's salary. Carl Lawrence, poor lad, his greatest ambition is to get a wife. John Baleant, an unsuccessful Hsherman, is making strikeless matches. The attractive little man, John Bruckner, grew better looking every day, but now he has a saddened expression, as he lost his heart in June. John Brunstein, a wonderful man, is a genius. He invented a hair pin that wouldn't come out under roughausage. llflary Spangler was always different than other girls and now is pro- fessional in the art of wooing and Hbbing. Ruby Thomas is an onion peddler in Evans. Rex Delling has grown fat from leisure, for he has always spent his time fussing the C. T. C. practice teachers, but all in vaing he is still an old bachelor. VVould you have ever thought that James Forsythe would have become so infatuated with Canon City in 1918? He is back there for a life sentence now. A sad climax in this dream was when Ward Lawrence was almost at the climax of wooing when Cupid missed his target and now Ward is boarding at the Bachelors' Quarters. Now we hear of the most famous people of the dream. lVlr. Tenny and lVIaude Elam, who are now the famous actor and actress, staging 'Wlatrimonial Comedies in Loveland." lt is strange that Elizabeth Dickerson is a Swede because she shows it, is a fusser and everybody knows it. Gb, my! Dorothy Sparling always was a wonderful girl, but always was too fond of Eat-on. Well, well, Syrena Wadsworth is up in Alaska, married to a bar- keeper and now is the cabaret entertainer as well as teaching the Indian pappooses. You will find that Atlanta LeVan is a designer of fancy graduation dresses in a New A P01 -r at A 'r w .1 ' A VNMYIVN or A r0dMflh'A1I7'Dd P0ma DWKIVA1 A W 4 ' 234 x ' V 'V " " ' " LVJJLKZQLKVJLVAUPA V ' ' IXVJ '5 " K York Company. Oh, yes, Frances Reynolds is a leader of pep movement, which is trying to revolve the world around faster. Now Lilly Erickson comes slowly in the Q dream as a Hoor walker on the sixth floor of Crosby and Hildabrand nut factory. l Can you imagine Josephine Wagner as an expert folk dancing teacher in the far off 2 dry land school? just think of Irene Guillett being an old maid school teacher, now teaching in a mining camp and her most amusing pupil being Robert Graham. Martha Wilber is now famous. She is the inventor of the stickless pins and needles. Yes, l Dorothy Johnson is the wife of an ancient ,man who believes that she should do all the work. And he sits around all day. Did Vivian Gifford ever smile? Yes, she usually smiles out. She now is smiling out loud for the mocking bird talking machine. These - students became members of the college faculty: Fay Straley, teacher of fussologyg Bramlet Wade, a teacher of loveg Howard Flitner, an expert proposerg Addie Procter expert teacher on courtingg Gladys Smith is teaching a course on marriage. These - subjects are all required. Finally as I. H. S. tossed and tumbled through this dread- l ful dream, she awoke with a groan. Was this what her dear sons and daughters had - come to, those for whom she had tried so hard to plan a successful future? But there , I is hope yet that they will prosper and fulfill the ideas of the dreamy school of l. H. S. E 5 2 s Y l 2 5 w 5. L , Q E Q 5 L Q 5 3 t i L l 3 2 , 5 f' 5 .. 7 r gs G5 ' sf. i, .7 235 Q A v 0 0 v w v v vpgqpwgpgqv v 0,0 0 U-vpgwvpwgppgv v oyxw uw T 5 5 5 5 E5 5 5 5 3 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 E5 5 1 1 JUNIORS COLORS-Red' and Black Officers FIRST QUARTER President SECOND QUARTER CURTIS BELL ELDRED TINIOTHY - ' Vice-President KENNETH SHAW RUTH REESE Secretary LOLA LEE LQLA LEE Treasurer KATHERINE HENRY KATHERINE HENRY Class Cozmxflor.. .............. ..... M ISS WELSH CLASS YELLS Boom-a-laka. Boom-a-laka Bow-Wow-Wow. Chick-a-laka. Chick-a-laka Chow-chow-chow. A Boom-a-laka-chick-a-laka Who are we? Industrial Juniors Can't you see. Now how could the Senior have reached such a height Had he not been a Junior and fought the hard fight? To dovvn the poor Soph, who worked with a will To shake off the title of "Freshman," 'tis fit to kill. So here's to the Iuniorg all bow your heads lovvg Without this poor hero, would we have Seniors? No! So down 'on your knees, every fellow be sure, And give thanks to your stars you were once a junior 'I 2353 SQMQMQM1MLM4AAN4MaM1M1MLAMMIMJM MMM QM1MMsM mmmHm Mum1wUnmQ Q ' IN-A fxix . L E , :Q K 41 Q Y I. ,- 3. 554 5 if - 3 -J 1 l 41 g 5 E li g SI eg 5 Y Eg? 5 haf Q 'RQ Rf, 5 is' 4 Q E23 32 immEiHWW1f3n1f31W1Qi uNW V'N'Vx"VlvvI WTNaWVVrNlWWWWLff3i1Wu,Q,,Wm v,fy,mvv,Q,r,NQ,wIQfd3E I 2 I E E T SOPHOMORE E Q E OHicers E FIRST TERIVI President SECOND TERM 'Q CLARENCE ADAMS LESLIE MCWHORTER E C Vice-President E 3 CHARLES HOUSTON CLARENCE ADAIVIS ' . ' Secretary E 4 FRED GIBSON EVA BOYER E 9 Treasurer c o LEOTA JAIWES LEOTA JAMES 4 l ' Sergeant-at-Alrms E 5 ALBERT CARTER LLOYD CHRISMAN E o Q Class Counselor ..................... IVIISS JEAN CROSBY ' P E CLASS MoTTo-Finns Nonduzfz 'Q l CLASS FLOWER-WlZif6 Rose' E o a 6 CLASS COLORSLMd7'0OH and White E Z DO YOU KNOW that We are- ' 5 First Sophomore class of I. H. S. Q First class to entertain the eighth grade. 9 First Sophomore class to attend the banquet. 9 That we are the largest class in I. H. S. . That We have more "pep,', "loyalty," than any other class of 5 1. H. S. - O That you may expect great things of us in the future. , The Sophomore Class, as a Whole, extend their hearty thanks 2 to Miss Crosby, our class counselor. To her We owe a great deal 9 of our Success and pleasure. ' 5 E CLASS YELL , Rizer racker Q F irecrackers V Q' Sis boom ba gh Sophomoresl Sophomores! 2 Rah! Rah! Rah! o 5 . C 238 'i"VS'l'6X1K'fB1 A AMVDZN1 DSYI ,A MYIVMPEX1 A h6N1P6YlhiN1 Q Z 5 5 E E E E E g. E . E E E E 5 E 5 5 E rm1rm1rm1rm1rrm . mrrmmmmnm . rmrrmv 'u 25 3 3 S 5 Q Q Q Q 5 Q Q Q 3 Q 5 5 5 Q 5 ff Q Q Q 5 Q 5 WMV 1MMMMIMIMMI MMI IMIMINJMIMIMJM , RAMMLIMIMI FRESHMAN CLASS IQI9 Oflicers FIRST TERM LLOYD CHRISMAN .............. ...... 1 . President 5, GREELEY TIMOTHY ........... .... I fm-Pfazamf o JOSEPHINE SHRIBER ... .. . ....... Secretary ORA WILSON ..................... .... T reasurer 0 SECOND TERM ' GREELEY TIMOTHY .....,...... ..... 1 . President 5 ARTHUR ALDERETTE ... .. Vice-President 3 2 JOSEPHINE SHRIBER ............ ..... S ecretary . ORA WILSON ...................... . . . Treasurer THIRD TERM o GREELEY TIMOTHY .............. ..... P resident , ARTHUR ALDERETTE .......... ., Vice-President , -IOSEPHINE SHRIBER . . . ..... Secretary ORA WILSON ............. ........... , .... T reasurer . RAE BLANCHARD ....................... Class Counselor 9 , CoLoRs-Blue and Gold CLASS SONG CTur1e "The Campbells are Comingnj Q 9 The Freshies are coming, Oh-ho, O-ho, , The Freshies are coming, Oh-ho, O-ho, . The Freshies are coming, are coming, are coming, The Freshies are coming, Oh-ho, O-ho. ' We're young and we're verdant, oh this we know: l 'Tis said that all Freshmen on earth are sog 9 But we've the pep, and snaps, and jazz, , And oodles of ginger, just watch us go! We,re strong for athletics, Oh-ho, O-ho, 5 We're strong for athletics, Oh-ho, O-ho, ' We're heroes in basketball, football, and track, , And fine, noisy rooters we do not lack. , We shine in our classes. We're all out for A. L . Wexll plug and welll cram for exams, but say! We step out to parties in gallant array. ' You'll End us good fellows, Hurrayl U 5, CLASS YELL : Boom-a-Lacka, Boom-a-Lacka, L Bow, Wow, Wow, 5, Ching-a-Lacka, Ching-a-Lacka, 5 Chow, Chow, Chow, 9 Boom-a-Lacka, Ching-a-Lacka E Who are we? . Freshies, Freshies, can't you see? 5 v ' Q 240 I M M M 5 5 2 l. 1 3 1 3 5 E2 WIW IVVIVVINNV' 'V rfmrfiflaao-a.VNa, aP01PfA1Aafm1AoTf8s1aP0daP01P0do- AVNIEN1 ,Al MVQJ NAM AAAAAAI ,-,AIAA AA AAI,-A l I 5 T 5 5 3 1' ADULT CLASS The Hrst arrangement for admission of adult students was made in Marcl1, 1914, and, although many adults attended summer 4 school, not many came in the regular school year. Hence, no class organization Was made until the fall of 1917. 5 The present officersrarez President .......... ..... V IOLET NIUNTER 5 Ififg-P,-mfzffnf ..... .... A RTHUR B. T1-QNNEY 4, Sffcretary. ....... .... S OPHIE R. ROMIRE ig Treaxurer ........ ....... ......... H E LEN DAVIS The Class chose Bliss Tressel of the High School Faculty as advisor. I 5 4 S rw W W W raw 24 Qi l 1 QEMUfLfU1TUUUgI1AYZlHAYLfHDAQF,QImAMN4MlMLUlMMMMMwJMMMmMHAWm MWWmMIM1MMmm MQHM l s T v 5 Y Q - Qi A QA ,T A 2, - EC -- 3 A 2 l l l E 5 Q E E 7 . A 4 El ll l 3 2 lk - Z , E Z .2 - l SQ Fl 2 PM 3 E? Q, Z' bil '-' L Qfl il' 4 , El . . . . . . Q FIRST ROW--VV1n1frecl Hall, Helen Davls, Sophxe Romlre, Gladys McCown, Mrs. Mollle jones Q SECOND Row-Mary E. Bruce, Florence Howard, Violet Munter, Anna Borchard THIRD Row-James R, jones, Arthur B. Tenney, Eric Smith ,ig ffusvw . , , El. ffgl inf- - 1 league ,XX A T fn ---,MW 1 'f Q , S .ll N fr-Sl' 'tl ull!! I T- 6 W...-,,,.w U lu U ,- A v A U A A 0' ,U Q , lx U V , -. - - - A - - - ' - - WNW! f 'xx fl L its V Y , I D X li l ' .J W - ' J FOOTBALL I. H. S. 1917 The best team in the history of Industrial, was the opinion of critics and sport- lovers alike when the curtains fell at the close of the 1917 season. Playing in the Northern Colorado Conference for the hrst time, and against some of the best teams in Colorado, the team made a very remarkable showing, taking third place in the race with three victories, one defeat and two tie games, besides winning two non-conference games. An abundance of good material was at Coach Glaze's disposal, but on account of the late beginning of school, the team did not get into form until the season was well advanced, and until the only defeat of the season was already on record. The real fighting spirit of the team was shown in the last three games, when they played tie games with Greeley High, and Eaton, and then won from Boulder by a one-point margin. Prospects for a winning team next year are exceptionally bright, as all of the back field and most of the line men will be back for another season. Among next year's team will be seen Alderette and Greeley Timothy, two promising young stars. The letter men for the season were: Capt. Foley, E. Timothy, Greeley Timothy, Dillon, Alderette, Bell, Smith, Frazee, A. Delling, R. Delling, NIcWhorter, Anderson, Wright, Lekander, Offerle, Lowrance and O'Connell. H Capt. Foley was re-elected for next year by a unanimous vote of the letter men. Our record for the season of 1917 is as follows: CONFERENCE RECORD Oct. 13-I. H. S. 21 Longmont at Greeley 7 Oct. 20-I. H. S. 0 Ft. Collins at Ft. Collins 39 Nov. 3-I. H. S. 36 Loveland at Greeley O Nov. 2C-I. H. S. 7 Greeley High at Greeley 7 Nov. 24-I. H. S. O Eaton at Eaton O Nov. 29-l. H. S. 7 Boulder at Boulder . 6 NON-CONFERENCE Oct. 6-L H. S. 82 Cheyenne at Greeley O Nov. Io-I. H. S. 28 Laramie at Laramie O 0 A A A A A A Pm1h'A1PfDfIl'fA1I'f8fliA MN1D6N1VA1r6X1PBx1 nh'M1 " " " A MMVNVA1 A 244 UUUUUUU ULQAOUU 9797900VUQLKQQUUQUULQAUUUDQAULQAUUULKQQ MM ..A ... .-. ,.,, ., ... ..A ... .A ... ... ... MMM ... ... .A .,. ... .v. .,. .,. .,. .,. A, ,J A-A n , 4, r lr r lr r P P P P C E Q E Z W M E " . mmmmmmm " . mmm ' J ' " " ' J " mmmm" " " " " ' mmmm . FEE ic 1, 1, 4 ,-UVM EUIIMTUT LUlQ!lIU!lf,UHL,d MM .Q IHU MlTEU U E 3 1 I Q BASKETBALL 1. H. s. 1917-1918 E3 Basketball, just like football, found Industrial in the field with a strong team. The lack of a good place to practice was all that kept them from making a bid for the state championship. However, we have a 'good claim on the northern Colorado championship, having defeated all of the strong teams in this section, excepting Eaton, who refused to play us. Practice was not begun until January first, and then all of the games, excepting the last two, were played away from home, which makes our record still better. The lack of team work was very evident, but it was due mostly to the changes in the line-up, several of the team enlisting in the army during the middle of the season. Q The completion of the new gymnasium will help next year's team very much and Industrial should be a strong contender in the championship race, as four of the letter In 3 men, besides several of this year's second team men, will be back next year. E 5 The letter men for the 1917-1918 season were: G. Timothy, Capt. Bassinger, g E. Timothy, Dillon, O'Conne1l, Offerle. I 3 Our record in games played is as follows: I. H. S. I5 Ft. NIorgan at Ft. hflorgan I2 I T I. H. S. 42 Sterling at Sterling 36 I. H. S. 39 Cheyenne at Cheyenne 27 3 I. H. S. 39 Laramie at Laramie 31 I. H. S. 24 Ft. R-Iorgan at Greeley 22 I 3 I. H. S. 20 Golden at Greeley 32 Q Q TRACK 1. H. s. 1918 E -5 Prospects for a winning track team are exceptionally good this year. Several of Q last year's team are back and a good number of promising recruits are out every day working out under the able coaching of Coach Glaze and Ben lVIorrison. Industrial has entered in three track meets this year, namely: The Northern Colorado at Ft. Collins, a dual meet with Greeley High and the State lVIeet at Colo- rado Springs. Industrial made a good record last year, and is determined to carry off first honors this year. I Q I - Z 1 3 I 5 "" PTlEi if?G W W 'WIT' ,246 TMl , E y 7 a E 3 5 1, E 3 4 4l C g 5 5 5 E - I E E C 4 Z Q O - Q 1 . Q . :W W WrN,Q1mW,0,mr1mY5'mW1W Nb 247 Q if ,. ,u 4 ,u 4 ,u 4 ,r A Q 5 Q 5 Q 5 3 5 5 5 Q Q 5 Q c V V 'LOU'LU4"LUJLK!ULUJ'LW!JLU-lLUJlXVJ' 'DUJLWlJ'LUJLW!JD!lJLUJLUJLK!!4DUJD!ALWALK!lI" LUJIX!lJ GIRLS' ATHLETICS The l. H. S. girls are right there when it comes to athletics. They have proven their ability as basketball players in the two games they have played, the first being with the Hrst year College class, in which the H. S. girls lost only by a small score. The second game was with the second year College class. The H. S. girls defeated them with a score of twenty to seventeen. The girls worked hard and showed fine team work. lVIargaret lVlcCune playing right forward made many splendid baskets and Ruth Seastrand, left forward, proved herself a valuable helper, also making clever baskets. Gertrude Schoonmaker and Violet lVIunter held down the college forwards by their close' guarding. Julia Blair and Edna Seastrand, jumping and running cen- ters, were well matched up but they certainly succeeded in getting the ball. The girls all showed pep and enthusiasm by coming out to practice every night. The line-up is as fdllows for the first team in basketball: Ruth Seastrand CCaptainj, left forwardg Gertrude Schoonmaker, right guardg Violet hflunter, left guard, Nlargaret NIcCune, right forward: Julia Blair, jumping center. Substitutes: Sarah Paine, Ruth Reese, Lillie Erickson, and Lola Lee. , Tennis is the chief game of the Spring and Fall Terms. Last year the girls played twice a week, but by the .end of the term some of them had become splendid players. Frances Reynolds and Gertrude Schoonmaker holding the best playing record. A tennis tournament has been held each spring. V... , .-.L - ,gi " " A " " " 'hiY1fm1I'01r01ffA1 i A ITN A A A VBIPKN1 6 PINDSYIPISYI A A " " " 4" A A 248 WIJLWJLUJ' " "'DUJ'LK!I-l' ' V VLKWUJ' "LUJ 'LUJLU-lLkW" "'LWl4Lk!'JD!JJLUU,9 2 PfN1IYX1. VYIIYN1 KYX1 PIYIPPG AVA Al'6X1MN1Ahi's1Km1A A A A AVAYIIYRGA A A A A'i'I'rA1Pm1lYidMX1Pm1A A A A A A A A A A APMVNAYYA AMX1PfA1f6YF'i" VY! IYYIl'fX1lYN1 5 S 5 Z '4 ffl 04: Aj ofa Ir ju A rj A 5 Dir :Ir aj 5. 5 E 5. 2 :jr Aja ji Ir jr gin 5- rj A -Y 249 2 Q 5 L 3 3 3 3 3 3 2 3 Q MCB. The object of our Y. W. C. A. is to be of assistance to the girls, no matter of What denomination, who enter our High School. In place of the regular meetings, We have recently organized a Biblestudy class, which is taught by Rev. Cremeans. We are studying the life of Christ. Cabinet 1917-1918 Q IVIAY HAYNES ................................ Prcsidmt E LEOTA IAIVIES ...... .... I "ice-President 1 BERNICE CASE ....... ...... S ecretary IYIARBIORY DOVVNER ................. .... T rmszzrer 'I Cabinet 1918-1919 3 , I-IAZEL HILL ...,............................. Preridffnt E VIQLET BROOKS . . . .... Vice-Pzvsidezzt 11 ELSIE MILTON ...... ...... S ecretary Q 3 IVIARJORY DOWNER . . . .... Treasurer 5 I 7 5 2 i WihK11VS1HilHlH Wi'1EE'1hVE1HiHi 250 IQUlHUUWHUlQU5Qf!VM1QU'HlUQU TAQU HIGH" Since this great conHict began, the thinking men of America have realized as never before the great need for trained men. In order to be of greatest service to humanity, men must be trained spiritually as Well as intellectually and physically. In the past the great ideal of tolerance in American institutions has tended to exclude religion from the schools. Cf course, no thinking man could advocate the teaching of dogma in our schools, but the future safety of America as a nation is involved if the teach- ings of the greatest teacher, Jesus Christ, are excluded from our schools. The principles underlying the constitution of the High Y Club may be found in the teachings of Christg the only requirements for membership are clean thinking and clean living. Two Bible classes, Catholic and Protestant, have been organ- ized and unless there is a violent reaction, the spiritual side of the High School life will be Well cared for in the future. The High Y Banquet The High Y Banquet was the greatest accomplishment of the season. Eighty-five enthusiastic boys attended and listened to a distinguished speaker from Denver and to the toasts of our own boys. E Klum :oi hfrffi i'E'iETil7fiilFiiVNxo1 K1hYS'xmuYYil1Yi'M1'z'lxVFr.V'Vfjii1'tx'il1Ywm.Ii"Woz :mimi 251 ' V V V V LKVJWWQWALWA - - - - - - - , - - ,. - - - ,. ,. - - - ,. - V - A .. .L A - - - A - . ,. . UM! - - ,. - - - - - - - P6X1P6N1rfA1A A J gee! 2-,ptr - W ! - N ix I ls K as T MUSIC The llflusic in l. H. S. has kept many of the students in school. Nothing is more vigorating than good lively music, as We all know. On Tuesday of every Week, the Whole chapel period is taken up with chorus singing and it is certainly good singing. Miss Rose, who is the H. S. director of music, is very enthusiastic and a splen- did director in every Way. It is to her We owe much of our success in chorus singing. The Orchestra is another means of our success. The High School Orchestra was just organized this year under the direction of lvlern Snook. It has proved a great success in every Way and has made a "hit" wherever it has played. The members of the Orchestra are: First Violin ............... Second Violin .... First Cornet .... Second Cornet .... First Clarinet .... Second Clarinet .... Saxophone ....... Traps .... Piano .... . . . . .Nlern Snook . . .Lorrain Brooks xl Harvey lblathias l Greeley Timothy . .Herbert Ostling . . . . .Dean Raikes . . . . .Emery Bassinger . . . . Kenneth Shaw ...... John Davis .. Stella Williams . mmm . m . mmmmmmmrri AVMA AI'6X1APBvlrfA1VA1A ADNA AYVAPAYIVNA nj U 5 nj nj 9 9 Q rj rj all Q 5 5 o 0 nj A 5 all aj 21' 5 Aj rj Aj 9 5 0'K'fDdPfB1h6Yl A VDGPKVVA1 A MY! A D'A1VDdP6N1VAYl A 252 vm v wruwwam ' 'mwemnmmrxwmwrmvws v -v wwamuw v mmm v umxwm v wa v Everyone rs talkmg about dorng your brt The grrls of I H S are showrng therr patrrotrsm rn connectron Wrth the Y NI C A Work The first month of school the grrls were drvrded rnto four drfferent groups The groups were named 'rccordrng to the lrne of Work they drd The knrttrng squad started on therr knrttrng but later gave rt up on account of the shortage rn yarn but they drd other Work The sewrng squad made bedsocks hosprtal garments and pajamas lVlrss lVIrldred Vlorrovv was charrman of thrs squad The entertarnment squad of Whrch Mrss Hazel Hrll rs charrman sold popcorn candy sandwrches and other good thrngs durrng the football season The purpose of thrs squad was to rfuse money for the Red Cross The substrtute squad of Whrch lVIrs Jones Was captarn was composed of grrls who were unable to Work and meet Wrth the other squads They substrtuted for other grrls and squads The Hrgh School as a Whole gave half of the class dues toward the Red Cross and Y M C A The students bought two one hundred dollar lrberty bonds the money berng grven by the students themselves as a Personal Sacrrhce Fund Erghty srx dollars was grven to the unror Red Cross Thrs gave a Red Cross mernbershrp to every student Everyone rn I H S rs alWa5s Wrllrng to do hrs part and grve hrs servrces rn everythrng that Wrll help hrs country rn the present strrfe 4l y I 1 . C . ' . y . . 1 I 1 w T Q - l , . - . C . V I . I . Q 4 9 0 ' E A MVWNVNVNMVMVVNVNMVVN A I A A IYSYIVB1 A MX1 A MVWNVNVNMVVN A l y' A -- 'V' 253 MMMMMIMAAAARAMI AAI M1 MlMM. , 3 ,,, Z 5' ffl B-X 235 a , 1 eras , iq 5925? ' 12.5 ' - - Q 5 RE-:Z vuiw J Q Q F 5 3 L4 Ee ,ff , B Q K . f i f 4 W 5 6-"l L X Iii. , Nlfg H- 'li , 9,5741 mm 5 i Q l ' 3555 K X f 3 5.20 X 1 ,ruff 262 HQ E ll:-Ill 3 Y xK- : -i :B QQi7?U',' ly- - -'Earls Parka S-4 I. H. S. Track Meet 5 100-yd. laugh-Olga Sputh. Running broad grin-Harold English. 200-yd. yell-Al. Dilling. Mi. of talk-lVIarguerite Cullings. 50-yd. dash of powder-Vera Graham. 140-yd. giggle-Julia Blair. 880-yd. Hirt-Lola Lee. 'i High jumps for exams-John Brunstun. Weight lifting-llfliss lVIcCoWan. Slammer thrower-Lillian Qstling. Standing broad smile-Vivian Gifford. Dis-cuss thrower-James R. Jones. Q Champion gum chewer-Geraldine Flitner. Highest jumper-Skinny Smith. Want Ads By Mr. Teney, a life stenographer. By Rey. Jones, someone to listen to him argue. By Mr. Brunstun, someone to appreciate his abilities. By K. Shaw, someone to lend him note books. 5 By Dapline Stodghill, Cfueibie notes. By Frances Reynolds, someone to buy an Annual and show pep. Bmw W WW? E54 l M MMMM:MMMMiMimiyA1i1vUM.-aMM ,MMiMmnnvw UaMrm0- ff I Favorite Sayings of Our Faculty lVIiss Blanchard-"x, y, z." Mr. Bell-"I only wish to make a few announcements and say a few words." Miss Crosby-"Look it up, but I am positive I'm right." Miss Dumke-"As I said before." 3 Miss lVIcLain-"I guess nobody is going to the banquet, as there aren't any names down." Miss Tressel-"The dry lander's are alright, because I come from there and know." lNIr. Blout-"Have you ever heard the story about-?" lVIiss Hanno-"0ver in Europe, it's like this." Miss Rose-"Open your book to IZQ and everybody begin on the Hrst note. '77 Ready, begin . Miss Hilderbrand-f'You may work, for tonight, the next twenty-five problems." Miss Welsh-"Please keep your own seats in chapel. What Would Happen If- Al Delling should lose his voice. That someone should stop sending Miss Crosby bouquets. Greeley business men gave us talks. We had any more desperate cases like Ward's and Lola's. Nobody ever stood in the halls or talked. Teney should forget to use big words when talking about Matrimony. Some of the girls could do something without our preceptress finding it out. Syrena Wadsworth could find out who sent her highly scented, yellow paper roses. The adult class voted as a whole, contrary to the wishes of various members of the faculty. She--"She told me you told her that secret I told you not to tell her.', He-"The mean thing, I told her not to tell you I told her." She-"I promised her I wouldn't tell you she told me, so don't tell her I told you." E. Jacobs-"This is a swell floor to dance on." H. S. Girl-"How do you know-you've been on my feet all evening. E. Jacobs-"Well, I had to stay in the hallf' W. Lawrence-"What time does Industrial History start ?" Miss C.-"Eight o'clock." W. L.-"Well, don't wait for me.', Bob-"What's that noise P" K. S.-"Oh, that's the emotion playing across my face." Bob Graham's favorite sport-teasing Irene Guillett. Heard in class: "Does Bob P!! always love people he teases. They had never met be-4, But what had she 2 care, She loved him IO-derly For he was a 1,000,000-aire. In the parlor there were three, She,,the parlor lamp, and he, Two is company, no doubt, I I I K I I I I I I I I 3 I I I I I L I I I I I I I I Z So the little lamp went out. it 1131101 255 V' VLVALUJLUJLUJV V l'UJV'DUJLU1bU1LU4lX9LILUiD8J4VL0JV V V V 5 2 5 I 5 . 7 1 kA1MX1AAAA'3VI'T'AVA1AFfA1Pm1AAA AAAMVVNVNMVMWVNMVAVNMMYA VVLi'x IYN1 I.TiYxLYZYmLvm I 'L A VN A A A A " A " ' A " " " ' 'A PfA1D6N1I7iYlfm1n " " 'lI f'K'11f6YI 'l' I 256 V l , v lm C I T T L L L . . Q SDCCIHC acknowledgment of the friends 3 and boosters Whose interest and enthusiasm has helped make this book as good as it is, L is impossible, but especially do We Want to g mention The W. H. Kistler Stationery Co. ' The personal help and direction given by Mi. Milligan of this limi and the personal g interest shown by Mr. Verron cannot be v measured in dollars and cents. Each year the expense of the Annual is g carried largely by the merchants of l Greeley. They have done their part again Q this year, although the demands upon them g have been heavier than ever before. If this book pleases you, do your part by looking Z through the following pages and then by Q patronizing the men Whose names you iind i here. L ,, , ,, , F 3 .Q SQ LE Ki? lhAuVEimlmlhmmlh'SHEV1l1VKlElhvSlhYil1'HmNHlhH'Mi7lEKTlhH'lk'Li1id'lh'5lb'1i'lEZn7HEl1H'Hi1E.1iih'DllE1'fYlHYYlHYHKD 257 'Lk!QLUlLU4" "-'IXUJDUJ ' "-LUJDSULVU-ILUJ ' ' I LU! 'LUJ ' V ' DU-WEN THE HOME OF GOOD MEALS AND GOOD ROOMS Hotel ex and Cafe MASON 8c MILLER, Proprietors 708 Eighth Avenue Open Day and Night Quick Service Phone Greeley 658 GREELEY, COLORADO It's ,Quiclier and Cleaner to C0016 20226 Gas Dr. Crabbe Qin chapelj-'4You are all ex- pected to attend the show at the Club House, Friday afternoon, given by the faculty. This is not to be a dress u ff 'r ' - p a a1. Wear jyoui best smile and nothing else." Dr. Towne Ccliscussing hallucinationsj- 'LA real girl isn't here." Kelley Qwith much gustoj-"Thatis right." Not one in 6oo, Kelley? Methinlis youlre too particular. '.52,Q'E1,Zj HUDBITS Lllilll 81. IIIVBSTIIIBIIT UU. FARHNLQNDS INSU RANGE- w. c. ROBERTS, Manager Phones Greeley zoo and 1300 CITY PROPERTY Lal-lollette 81 Jackson Barber! Eighth Ave. Greeley Mrs. Wierersbach-"Did you kill any moths with those mothballs I sent you for?" Dr. Wierersbach-"No, I tried for three hours to hit one but I couldnit do it? Has anybody given Dean Hadden a bid to a fudge party yet? Young man to Mr. Hunt-"Have you seen Dorothy Knott?" Hunt-HI have Nottfl Dr. Beeson in Ed. 11-'tDoes anvone recall thestatement made by Nicholas Blurry Mut- er. 5 2 E VNVNMWMVMX1 A PfA1P01h'RdPfA1I'6Yl A PAYIPIKIIYA1 A !'fiX1Pf8flD6N1K'fiflP6X1PfA'h01K'6X1I'fdrl A DSYIIYN A VNMYIVDFI 0 VMMVVA1 A VN A P01 0 Pfirl V5N1VA1P01ahiYlf6YlPf5N1IY8dFIBs1io o n A o n oPfA1 l'6X1o oIm1 4lY8fl nl'm1rm'Irm1'O : fin Ai I1 I '11 AE 5 it i W : 81 , f 5 Q ' ,I l I Xi f z 1 B si A1 5 R 15 zifi :,: 3 g I if ' at E My 3 Si QhtIIe7:15 E 5 . 3 .M Th . 5 Ag - , 1' Y s s I . I Q? l I 5 O I I E ""' ' "V 'l+U+INA" UUJLVIJ DUJ -V '50 4 'I C ' 5 . U -1 Q T ' -. ,-:Sie .-1-zirfff 7357351537 5 WSE E 1 -4 -IEQEQEI5' -':IEfEf1:ff - - 2- 425:22 . ' ' ' 5 I 'I ' 5 'r . 4 -.3 5 :gg ,.::::::A:f' Q 4 ' ' .v ', -1 , A ' 'gr :gr 4 33:51:15-' , ., . " -. - ' ', ,1 kg s Hart 4-' s lt Sehaffner hhhh h s s M31-X A Manhattan Clothes Shlrts s a Nettleton Stetson Shoes I Hats e mimi 5EE5Ef55E,gg:5:1::: ,Li 3 Y f- 311 .5.Q:gg:::- : : -sl f "o' j 'litikfi 'fs , x A 1 f, f , fl I 1 Q El K 1 , I ,a I 1 .qvuulnongh rw- 7f x Z x lk H Schaiinor cb Mu: exhs cLo'rm-Nc co. I '- , - GQEELEY COLO. ' 4' our urest tom" - ' IYYIIYYIFIN1 al'4I'm1aiYAI78f1a aP6Yl4DSX1oI'0dI'0rII'6N1I'm1PfA1a W' 259 5 I 2 Lei SHAW be your buy word gg A GOOD PLACE THE g E TO BUY GREELEY Q S H Q E S LAUNDRY COMPANY E 5 I High Grade Work I L ITHE L L"' I FRENCH DRY CLEANING L 3 ' ' I 8 0. ly PRESSING-DYEING is . ELEYSALO STEAM CARPET CLEANING Q I , A I A RILEY S 5 E For Photos E E A El Q E Kodak Finishing , E E2 T E if 583335 Heherts Lean Xe Investttent Go. E 2 INSURANCE- w. c. ROBERTS, Manager Phones Greeley zooanatao CITY PROPERTY gg I . , E E The M. J. Nelll The Klng E 3 Furniture CO. Lumber CO Q ' E K HAPPY HOME BUILDERS QQ E 5 - DEALERS IN E A Marry. the Girl E We'll "Furn1sh the House" lg E BUILDERS' HARDWARE E . DIL, LEAD, GLASS l 2 N E L S O N POSTS AND WIRE E E Th, Jeweler ROUTT COUNTY NUT COAL Class Pms Made to Order LIGNITE LUMP E 3 S24 Eighth Street GREELEY Phone Greeley I2 I e 260 Q? 5 Q Q es 5 t K K 5 El Q l Q ta 3 Q l I l 55 li E2 Q li Ei 2 1 3 3 I 2 l 3 3. l Z rt 1 Qs, ,id ffl LAL LTtL'X7lFL QIQQ ,-EQJI QEf5Q!i!Ql,LXl:fmtMlMlMtEEMt 1MfUHfMUI,kUfFQE?S7UUI1 Let SHAW be your buy wora' he Cash Grocery 825 EIGHTH STREET, GREELEY PHONES 207, rss YOU WANT GOOD GROCERIES, OF COURSE But you also Want the PRICE right Give us a trial order, if We don't prove that We have the best in quality and price, then We7ll refund your money. Phone orders given special attention. D. H. Williams 86 Co. College Store Books and Stationery, Art Materials, College Jewelry, Pennants, Banners, Confectionery, Ice Cream, School Supplies, Fountain Pens, College Novelties Cor. 9th Avenue and 16th Street Heard in the corridor Tuesday after- noon. Freshie to Upper Classman: "Say, where do you get those things you put your nationality on ?', Mr. Kendel, half asleep: "I have only one objection with Friday-it's too close to Monday." 533335 Roberts Lean Xu Investment Un. FARHNLSNDS INSURANCE- W.G.Fi0BERTS, Manager Ph0nesGreeIey2D0and1300 CITY PROPERTY FROM THE EXTENSION DEPART- MENT Dear Mr. Bennett- In answer to your inquiries in regard to the correspondence course which you would like to take would say: Before entering our school every one must have a certain amount of education. If you can answer the follow- ing questions correctly and receive roo per cent or over we will give you a life member- ship on receipt of fees: 1. Is smoking on the campus immoral? If so, why not? 2. How far is it about a mile from your home? 3. What would be the difference inthe cost of high living if sand were substituted for sugar? 4. Who is the Editor of the Curcible, and why do you want to know? 5. Who was the author of the Monroe Doctrine? 6. Whoa started the war and where does he tend bar now? Answer any 6 questions and mail to W. B. Mooney. The E. H. SOPER IMPLEMENT CO. 720-722 Eighth Street FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE AT THE CONVENIENT CORNER EPPLEN'S Eighth Avenue at Ninth Street Phone Greeley 66 GREELEY, COLORADO U1 ELxiVW'l- r0nYYrVr'LTW"r1'fr'NrEi W'roiT"'fiI:11'ViEeTuVNyg1 lvf1P'T,lIQI Prh'Kil?eVSiTi7x'Tdi iglfifi rn. i rm QJLQAIAUJV LU-IIJSIJ DSJJ DSIJV-LWJDSJJ V 'V V' NIJ V' Ve V V VlU3!4LWJl'WlU-VJUFJJLUQ V LWALWJJ 9 5, Z Q here apjlzmrs VX1VYlPl'X1 VY! g as Foam! l A FAMOUS French poet tells us that he trav- b eled over three Continents in search of happi- . ness and found it at last around his own fireside. 5 The greatest happiness you will ever know will be in the home you have made or Will make for your g loved ones. 5 The better you build and plenish the greater E your sum of felicity. Ei . . . The material elements, such as furniture, Con- D tribute mightily to the power and Charm of the .MLA V V ,SALKVJ V LVNLKQQUSAKVULKVJ V UOU V DPA V UU-1 V LWIJIXVJIXVJLWIJLKVJIJUJIXZQIXVJ 5, 6 D ,, Q ' 2 F s- D' 5 ,Q Fa E EB ' 5 3 H rv UQ fb '4 E, . gg D-A ' Cn ' ff :s fb QQ 5 9, s fb if U 5 U1 3: 5' 3- o 5 E13 O DT lj 0 -1- 3 5 2 fi' . .S1"'P4 if SD -+ 5 0 G 2 5 Z2 5 ',, l,.f.fHrL.1,3ff5'1-N '4 H 2 r 5 "" at--'Y 1 fn N O 'S T 2 T '. .flilailf .M D "" gj ' E 9- W rn Q D EF lk?" H 0 ,.,a f-f 5 'U 3 fr o D' , 42 B 3 P-4 FD 5 5321! - 5- CTL: 'Il D 'ax A ' A 3 E. .f. mm ga fn H 4 5 CD Q-I fb ,E ' UQ rpm To U . D 3 3 E, - :I ' C- 5' 2, ' Q Eh '4 'H' E C 5 O 5 0 W rr' 5 3 9 E l 5 Q H4 FD fu "h'M1oKTA1oPbYlr6X1IYNr6YIVA1a'i'aaaAMMVNVNVRGAWNAVSGMVAMVVMVKIAAAQAAAAQAAAVNVNA aVA1Pm1hfA1avS'ai 2 6,2 T L E Volume I GREELEY, cotoiumo, JUNE 5, 1918 Page I BIOLOGICAL PROFESSOR MAKES STARTLING DISCOVERY J. C. Johnson Has Learned Interesting Facts in Re- gard Inheritance C. T. C.eeProfessor J. C. Johnson, the well known Bi- ologist of the Colorado State Teachers College, has just presented to the Biological world one of the most in- teresting discoveries which has been made since Dar- win's discovery of Revolution. The Professor has spent the greater part of his time since he has been at' C. T'. C. in tracing out this interest- ing fact. He is now having his treatise on the subject printed in book form and will distribute copies free gratis. The Curcible is putting forth its best efforts to ob- tain the material for publi- cation before the book is put on the market. Up to date, however, no contract has been made. The discovery made by the professor is one which has puzzled biologists for years, that is, why are wooden legs not' inherited. After several years of experimenting in which the professor traveled over a large part of the campus making investiga- tions, he has at last found the reason. At a banquet given in his honor last night by the mem- bers of the Feline Vivisec- tion Club, of which Dr. L. A. Adams is President, Mr. Johnson made the following, startling statement: "After making a thorough study of a number of Egyptian Mum- H1165 and also of some of the notorious Fossils now con- nected with C. T. C., I am convinced that wooden legs are not inherited, because they are artificial." M FEAR POPULAR COLLEGE PROFESSOR LOSING MIND Ge0f'Qe W. Finley Makes Statements Which Cause Much Comment C. T. C., June 1.-It was reported here today that George IV. Finley, who for a number of years has been an active member of the State Teachers College Fac- ulty. IS losing his mind. Members of the faculty anfl students are both very much COUCGFIIGG. as Mr. Finley has always been considered a large asset to the College. His demented condition was first noticed when on the chapel platform the pro- fessor began raving about a triangular woman. It is thought while in this condi- tion he still thinks in terms of Geometry and applies them to the other things which enter his mind. He is not as yet considered dangerous and is still at large. Dr. Towne has been asked to try one of the famous Penn Tests on him at an early date. CACHE LA POUDRE MANAGEMENT CLEARS QUARTER MILLION Management Said to Have Made Fortune TRIAL PENDING C. T. C., June 1-iVord was received here today that H. Gr-after Kelly, who for the past six months has been acting in the capacity of Business Manager of the Cache la Poudre Company, had been indicted by the Federal Grand Jury and placed under bond of 5llZ5,000, which was furnished by Victor Jones, pending trial set for June 15. Rfhen arrested last night, Kelly made the following state- ment to Ciub-reporter H. C. Benjamin of the Curcible, after he had been warned that anything he might say would prob- ably be used against' him later. I admit "I have made a small fortune by overcharges, but am confident that noth- ing can be proved on me, as I have covered my work care- fully. The money has all been placed in safe keeping." "My phenomenal success," Kelly stated, 'tis largely due to the assistance rendered me by R. T. Bennett in procuring snapshots of the buildings and grounds which were indis- pensable in this work." It is understood that' Bennett also has a police record and will also share in the profits. He is now behind the bars in the Culbertson jail in the absence of adequate bond. Investigation was first started last Monday, when it was reported that' the person in question had entered Nelson's Jewelry Store and had asked the latest prices on diamond rings. It is understood that Kelly will retain the noted labor lawyer and agitator, Jessie R. Shaw, as his attorney. PLEASE NOTICE In this edition there are some full page advertise- ments and a number' of smaller 01165. The me11 whose names appear on these pages consti- tute Greeley's must reliable merchants. As far as possi- ble give THEM your business. They are looking for results, don't disappoint them. EDITOR. LAFOLLETTE 8: JACKSON Barbers The Greeley Loan Company REAL ESTATE INSURANCE LOANS s Shaw Your Buy Word? Roberts- Loans Investments Bonds HLEFTY LOUIE" BAXTER WEARS "HIS" WHITE COLLAR TO C. T. C. Famous Athlete Gives Sur- prise to Friends and Others C. T. C., June 1.-"Lefty Louie" Baxter, alias Porky Baxter, alias A. Baxter, the Cinlfamous athlete of the Colorado State Teachers Col- lege, appeared in our midst' today wearing an almost white collar., This is the second time in the history of the institution that this has occurred and President Crabbe has asked the State Board to consider making this a legal holiday in re- membrance of the occasion. It was rumored that Lefty also wore a coat instead of the usual gray sweater and for a time this caused con- siderable comment, but the statement was later denied by V. N. "Chick" .Tones who claims to be personally ac- fiuainted with Louie. "I have every reason to he- lieve," Mr. Jones stated to the Curcible reporters, "that the latter charge brought against Mr. Baxter is false. I am sorry to say that I have known him for some time and cannot believe that he would be guilty of this." R. T. Bennett, one of the swiftest camera men on the Curcible stad, made several desperate attempts to obtain a snapshot for publication, but was unable to do so be- cause oZ the large crowd which surrounded the sub- ject. Mr. Lefty stated that while he did not care to have it made public, he came to get his Sum Loudy Recommen- dation from the College. HOT DISCUSSION OCCURS AT MEETING OF WELL KNOWN CLUB A. F. Carter Expounds The- ories of Hoover and of St. Paul C. T. C.. June 1.-A warm discussion occurred at the last meeting of the Ancient Order of High Brows, which took place a short time ago. In the course of the meeting it was suggested that at the last meeting of the. year, which will be some time 111 May, a dinner should be given and each member of the agonization should be taxed to pay for same. A. F. Carter rose to his feet immediately and lnade 2- lengthy address on conversa- tion as laid down by Hoover. He also referred to a Dassage of scripture which he. said applied to this rJa1't1f?U1H1' case and had been written especially, it seemed to him, for this occasion. The quoi tation was as follows: tI1 meat maketh my brother to offend I will eat not meat while the world stands." At the close of the heart-render- ing address Lorenzo Abbott arose and with tear-dimmed eyes moved that' the dinner be called oft in the name of patriotism. Viihen he had finished, the rioinll-any UNHH1- mously voted to do away with all useless expense and each signed 21 P19039 promising to spend no mon- ey for unnecessary things. N. B. fCopied from Gree- ley Tribune Republican two days laterl. The IVeld Coun- ty Auto Company announces with pleasure the sale of two new 7-passenger Buick Sixes -one to liilr. A. F. Carter. the other to Mr. Lorenzo Abbott, both wealthy College professors. JUST SAY YOU SAW IT IN THE CURCIBLE V SC X :IQ U U -mr ga gffcus-0 N, K 3 W D-4 m ECO ' En Taxi S 'W S g H O :D H SJ CSE 3020: H70 gk XJ S SV 0 'FU Q Z 3- FD? xp? 3-D-E5.'g.SgHWg ,B -Aa-H - C H J, .IJ 'THQ X su C3 H H Cn z :ff-'HMS'-W C' N- A I : 1 O CJ Cffvzm ZPHEE 0 'X'S5'y2'L"""W4 -7 'Mild is L Q QQ 5+-JUL-rjoimm !"" 5' U' oagiffzg i5i"4' ', I gf OU P-1 UUQU :gg D'-+2525 Z 5 X' XyXl,k4,-,1-.X Q UDOUD 0 X02 WZ: Ego QQQQS 2 -25 ,Sigh P' v 'L ,... v-o-.""S1 J PJ ' 'C 21 QS, 0 Qwyzwf. zaaaaag- fn J ,, Q ' a S11 +-4 Z v-1 Q Q QHWE 7 EX D ' ,T Pd Om If im wmwv ,A NX ,X N- 5? HUQO :DQPUWOQQMCU EI' ie wi Daz WUXN ty, 5 '-',-,, Q 2 H, FD-H rl I x ' gd Cnr-+2 CD Wywg,-Q23 ggo gg- E Zjffmggdi I'-' x ,Q U1 Pvc "f 252202 Smgdg SS, 22, I L Z W PY- 00 o D. Q V, an gm F, E. ,Q my gk ,N V - Z Z O - -I Q' E In fa- -- 24. g O w U' U1 .xx,,, ,,,-.. - I . U U, 3-+mCD .O 'D 50 mg, Hagan .. X -H. Uv Db 7-' gg an-' 22' ?,,,?iSa K :gm fn 25 QM D is raw S 5 ,-, U1 Q 'S' :V 0:1 - ,- Swv C F1 I L4 ':' E5 55522 2252535 O ' 5 www P-rj FJ 4Q"O-I4 QQ Bmw gg O Q go o 3519235 C7 'D zfm cn. m . -Us W W 3 PU QQ 74 m - gg O:-'i'hfS9fff"f'3 n:,,2Ow::- QED, 'N4 E sm 3"'2F:5'5S"i fp Www? 2 Iblli ,S A U' rf F' "'1Cf'h ME. JU z...U Q Q2 iaasgwgg 542529 'Uv -, Y C3 CD E as '.:rbK:i1U.:,D,...?Tru 0GUQ"fD"o-057 m K Q U1 F Q m Q., haw Q cw 20121 Q. W QVUHUQ P1 4 Q: :2:?POzU25 Waaimmmro Q Q LS, VU ' Q H Z "" t-'CD S" :sg E530 o B V7 .5'mD-WSH n--1,4 M2250 Q25 O 91,4 51: ESV, Pmwmz "HN52g.f"NfJr QQ F B S 5 Q C3 EO Qi 227-Z b-43,3-QQ Eg game S Q Es' C3 Q' 5,91 ... H' EW ff: 353351: 55232556 UD- 2 L Env Z e-r ro :I 'fl FCE M amz ti O mm mm Q Q52 D-aa we U1 m , S: " CD Z 9, w 2553,-Q V" :are ws: 5- OO 14 5 m 332. is 9Ugw's?Z FD 5-21355 5 S Fffgj 52 Z S2 305 521,53 fag? Sl ZQEW' Q - ' CD m 49' swam 'ig ,- if ww Q 2 2 2522 Q- K Q +4 : 4 :sm 555,12 Q-:Ea-2 2 Ki. fr' . Y M- ,, 3, inf" "NLiZS'1h'LY1Ul"i'iEZ3iii5iixN N'EhVE1kHhHihK1hH'1HULEZiHilxVS1hEf1v51hE'ikH'LEHhi!EliH1EhVS1mv1 ' 'VVVYX' LTEi'VVlVYlVW1"V fv YYYVVVI WYIVVV? X TmmLmffmm mmmmmmI m11WQ,sjyQmmW' WWWWiW" A 264 5 M 5 KS .5 .5 1? E?E lUtFHlQWQU WQUMlUltMlUltVQ5EiELQWQVSAUE?QUlHUlQxUK7A lMllQlfQ3Q E- Q 5 te 3 Let SHA W be your buy word 1 3 BYRON W. KING SAYS: S . 61 , gf if '- -- - - drive five miles to take a girl - 5 to a lecture and six, eight or ten homef' 3- ttwh b d b I 3 imjg S:.S.:'.t,.a:... i..t,'3l? e..tf5.J3:f5 R. G. MARTIN 5 ltwh - . ' K 5'13,2.:3gT3.tQ.5teS.212eeofsiieitz Grocer Q 1C CII to ut a t ' ' 5 Soup? p it e mole water 1n the 926-928 NINTH AVENUE L is KKI n 2 Bm and Speak at the GREELEY, COLO. Q Q The Clark 8a Faulkner .tgtfssifg A1zs:.e2:ELg.i2?mg S'eeP1eS Q 3 CO. Morrison-I can go with any lady in this L -N College I please. L PRESCRIPTIONS Everett-Yes, but you don't please any. Q E PURE DRUGS AND MEDICINES Professor. Smith-Why is B. C. placed 3 Q LeWeQ'fHei,S and Baseball Supplies afe3.i2iw2..?1zi25.,3fSf:teis:.t Seeeizit. 5 tl1lCt1C Goods were very queer'and when they didn't know L if AHSCO Cameras 303:22 for certam they put it B. C. 'Bout L e Q 3 LOANS, ' 3 FSSNUDSANCE Roberts Lean Xt Investment Ge. Q 3 - w. c. ROBERTS, Manager Phones Greeley zoo anutaou CITY PROPERTY t i 1' O-K Laundry Co. E - Romaine McVey says: Q Under Same Management Pm glad We had that Dram-Club Q Q 5 Years Special. The practice I got being THE HOUSE THAT QUALITY BUILT a bride Will sure corne in handy. Q 3 818 Tenth Street E l Phone Greele 't Y 127 S- For CITY PROPERTY Q 35 of lEg1ljIl'lD'EXLS l . . ts. 209 Opera H owe Bmldmg kit E21 Wilt? THE CURCIBLE Page 2 All The News That's Fit To Print land some that isn'tD -i- l WORKNlEN'S COIVIPENSA- TION LAW GIVEN TRIAL AT STATE INSTITUTION Chief Justice Crabbe of Su- preme Court Hands Down Decision C. T. C.-In the case of J. H. Shriber versus the State. in which Shriber sued for damages because of a broken arm caused by cranking a Ford While Working for the State, the State was vic- torious. In making his de- cision Chief Justice Crabbe stated that in View of the fact that the Plaintiff him- self had been instrumental in causing the State to pur- chase an automobile that he was himself to blame. Shri- ber introduced evidence to the effect that he had used his persuasive powers to in- Huence the purchasing of an automobile in preference to the Ford, but this was ruled out by the court. We Would Advise Our Friend Atkinson to Stop at the J. T. CLOUGH FURNITURE C0. and Look Over Their Line of House Furnishings Roberts Loan and Investment Co. What Would Happen if G. E. EVERETT Failed to Go to Chapel? ANNOUNCEMENT Curcible Nlanagernent Completes Contract for New Cereal Story The Curcible, 'always up to the minute, always giv- ing the people as little for their mroney as possible, takes this opportunity of announcing to its victims the closing of a contract with lVlr. Tooth Bar-kington for his latest cereal story complete in this issue, t'The Mysterious Card." The story will begin on page three of this issue Don't fail to see it! WANT ADS VVANTED-By several Fa- culty members-the editor of this paper. XV A N T E D-Gentlemen in charge of wood working department wishes to pur- chase good second hand cus- pidor, cheap. FOR SALE-Several 1918 Annuals. No advance in price. DON'T fail to get a copy of the Curcible. Dean Cross Says: I have no use for the young man who Shoots Craps Attention Mr. J. C. Kendel!! Why Not Try one of LaFollette cfs Jackson's Hair c u ts ? Dr. Crabbe says 1 Stand in the Halls The Greeley Loan Co. REAL ESTATE INSURANCE LOANS Camouflage Artists Expert Painters and Decorators Uriginal Designs Our Specialty Hadden Isaacs Adams Guggenheim Building GREELEY, COLO. Phones--Busy Will Miss L. Smith Please Call and Get Her Receipt ? LET SI-IAVV BE YOUR BUY VVOFQD LUJ L' PM -,- - A - - - - - - - - -, ' -' 'V'-A"DUJN' 'J V V ' ' 'LQ E Z The Stewart S tu d 1 o 1010 Nmth Avenue For Better Class Photos Spec1al PFICCS to College Students Kodak Fznzshzng lry,Q,mm1,Q,WsW,Q,,Q, 1,Q,,Q1 Q11mmhQ1mm1o1 mLUl1m'mum1onmmd4Y ' I' Z 5 g . A ' K 5 E E 5 E E 5 . 1 5 L 5 . . l 1 EWU! ,Ll.QIlIDllID,INLQIl MLXALW QIQUIHUlQH,M1M NJNJAA AAIAA Mlq5UE.E Let SHAW be your buy word A good agency connection is the best insurance to the young teacher. Investigate 'the Albert records for the past thirty-three years. Write for our special offer to Normal 'Graduates Registration 'in four oflices for the price of one. Helen Nott-Aw, listen now, don't be too hard on Dr. Beeson. He's the dearest mang I just love him to death. Eaton-Are you in love with some partic- ular girl? Vance-Yes, I am. Eaton-Is she in love with you? Vance-Uh, uh--you don't know how good 7 I stand. Albert Teachers Agency Eaton-Then she isn't a particular girl. DENVER I I NEW YORK 522 Symes Bulldmg SPOK4gIzIg1fih AVCUUC Mr. Finley will not meet his class in De- CHICAGO ' 25 E. Jackson Blvd. Payton Building femafm today' TO OUR CHAPEL EXERCISES Oh, it's easy enough to applaud When the speaker is witty and bright, But the students worth While Are the ones who can smile When the point is far out of sight. Dr. Crabbe Cto Dr. Winshipb-Well, what do you think of our school? Splendid discipline, isn't it? By the way, what was it struck you first as you entered this room? Dr. Winship-A paper wad. Baxter admits he can jump 7 ft. 2 in. Baseball uniform. Everett Klein and Alvin McClelland can be found during class periods at the corner Pool Hall. IN MEN'S BIBLE CLASS Morrison-"Professor, how did the Chil- dren of Israel cross the Red Sea ?" D-ean Cross-"Well, I couldn't say. I wasn't there." 1 LOANS, ' BONDS, H0llBflS l.03ll gb lllVeSlmBlll Go FARHNLQNDS INSURANCE- W.C. ROBERTS, Manager Ph0nesGreeley200and1300 CITY PROPERTY f' The Master e'ffe ' 1 0fDeszgning Q99 , if ' , 'ra as has created in Roberta Corsets ,' r! not alone the sweeping lines of ' 9 ' I . the Back-the Front has equally f 4 l ' graceful lines giving the natural ' ll' curve above the waist. I in Q f ' if eg Roberta desi n' k - 551112.-. Y , I ' 'af 'bl ' g mg ma es pos ' 7 fha si e a corset for every type of X I, I .. -, , se .- . , f , s figure-tall or short, stout or in i-if Slender 417 E H Self-adjusting shield under , X lacers also permits freedom in il, QT K lacing. ' l I Models Retailing at Q 3,131 1' l.dCGd" MI6'CZS P' The Park Merchandise Company 709-711 Eighth Avenue - GREELEY, COLORADO lHEBiFfiEdhKi mPEiF3iWEmmE5 KiViYl fWiHTEiE.?fW : V i?'lVil1Dl:ilfl: hi 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 2 3 3 l .5 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 MJ Aalfaalaa 3 3 3 3 Q l a z WI Lei SHAW be your buy wora' The Quality Tailoring FOR MEN Dependable Materials, Special Design and a Real Fit in the Season's Newest Weaves and Colorings, with a Service of Satisfaction The Moore Auto Supply and Tire Co. Headquarters for Tires and Auto Supplies SI-IARPLES, The Tailor VULCANIZING Be Measured Today l a Specialty gfgcgsglaigigigfgiviggaing 829 Ninth Street IOZI-23 Elghfh Ave. Phone Greeley 8:2 1 4 . 'ggfilggj Roberts l.0all gb lllvesllllelli GU. FARHNLQNDS INSU RANCE. W. C. ROBERTS, Manager Phones Greeley 200 and 1300 CITY PROPERTY The J. D. Potter Plumbing and Heating Co. General Plumbing and Hearing Contractors SANITARY PLUMBING AND SCIENTIFIC HEATING Phone Greeley 288 808 Coronado 'Con rt Mr. Blout Qto chemistry classj-"Now, I want you to understand this clearly: Oxygen and hydrogen look just alike, smell just alike and taste just alike and both are in- visible, odorless and tasteless." Dr. Hielman in class-"There's a new Dr. Towne Cexplaining to Dir. Crabbe, who was visiting classesl-'4We are showing the learning capacity of animals and lower intelligences, so Miss Nott is demonstrating for us." Bates-"Do you ever think of me ?l' 1 I , Jones-"Yes, you are constantly in my 3 game Ive heard of that they play with dice. mind-H 5 I think they call it 'shooting crabbsf " Bates-'lHow small you make me feel." -f---fn rf f- - .fi i-txxxi'KVv:v2'Q'v1 ""'Ti':f-12vx:vT,'v'vrf's2fsErs7fjff-' T-ive vvrrvrvefvw . toni Vmmomitmimmmouiiimriuirlmmitroiuni urirhoiurmrnmuifmrnion wrfuiiuoiiorurxitinrioiirni 2 v-pgqvvv vgmgpgyq v vpggpggvvpggqpgyqopggqvxvvvvvpyggpwgpwgvvvfoQ-LQ 2 Q - E ? Q v Z 2 4 E 5 0 Q f ? R11Cy S for Pkofos E Q 3 5 Kodak E'nz'56ing ' 1' 2 zif w Wf'mg, Q - ' ff? X JM E : ' 5 5 5 Q A A VMVMMXIMYI a A F0dP01 Didh'6d" Tm1K7idPfix1PfA1" ' A MYIDZYIMN1 a'PfA1i7'A1Pfi11l'01KYB1PfB'IPf8fIPfA1I'fRf1'D THE CURCIBLE Page 3 THE BEST PAPER IN THE U. S. A. Qflpologies to The Denver Pestj SOCIETY The Tappa Keg Frater-- nity, which has replaced the old Lambda Gamma Kappa organization, held its annual formal Ckegj opening last night at the Glaze Poker Room in the basement of the Library Building. Refreshments were served fwhy, of course, that was what the party was forb and everyone reported an enJ0y- able evening. The Curcible Society Editor arrived on the scene at 3 a. m. and found the room beautifully deco- rated .with empty bottles, half smoked cigars and so forth. POSITION OPEN Mr. Brick Preston, who in- tends to accept the office of Student Body President next year, wishes to have the political boss, who elected the Student Body President this year in opposition to the Baxter-Jones-Kelly gang, call at his office some time soon. Mr. Preston said: "This is the first time in my memory that the President has been elected in opposi- tion to this gang. It was a master stroke in politics and will go down in History. The person who dealt the blow is the person I want for my campaign manager, as I feel sure that the same bunch, along with several hundred others will oppose my election." "Sororities take notice." The 0mega Hotel First Class Popular Rates Special Inducements Offered to Get-Men-in Uniform 1827 Eleventh Avenue Overworlceci P Reacl CARD OF THANKS The Editor of the Curci- ble takes this opportunity to extend his thanks to a member of the Royal Fam- ily, Prince Albert, whose help in editing this paper has been indispensable. We Suggest HAW ' For Your Buy Word Let the Gold Dust Twins Do Your Work Darling-Shaw Get a copy of the New Book just Out "How I Reached My Present Social Position" By TOM VANCE THE MYSTERIOUS CARD Just before the war broke out across the sea, Stanley Russel, then a student in New York City, was spend- ing his vacation in Paris. Dining at a popular cafe there one evening, a beauti- ful woman passed by his table, smiled. and inclined her head slightly in his di- rection. Her face seemed familiar, but he could not place her. She finished eat- ing, and passed out again. His eyes followed her to the door, and just as it closed behind her, he noticed her handkerchief which she had dropped by his table. He picked it up and rushed after her, and as he did, it all came back to him: he re- membered her as the Rus- sian Princess he had met earlier that year on a trip to the capital city of that country. He reached the door just in time to see her whirled away in a luxurious limosine. He then looked at the dainty perfumed handkerchief, and found folded within a small card about the size of a call- ing card. In the upper right- hand corner was a serial number. Below were four lines of printing. Russel was quite familiar with the French language, but this appeared to be written in a dialect, and he was unable to translate it. Calling his waiter, he asked if he would kindly read the inscription. The waiter glanced at the card and said: "Pardon, M'sieur, there are one or two words which I am unable to read. VVith your permission I will take it to the manager who will gladly tell you." Five minutes later he re- turned, accompanied by the manager of the cafe, who placed the card before Rus- sel and said: "Sir, we must ask you to leave immediately. yVe can- not cater to any one in such a business as yours. You will be asked to pay for nothing you have eaten, only leave at once." Too surprised to speak, Russel did as he was told. Returning to his hotel he approached the counter and purchased a cigar. The clerk seemed very friendly, and as he was becoming more curi- ous than ever, Russel handed him the mysterious card, and asked for the translation. The clerk glanced at the card, returned it, turned to the bell hop and said: fContinued on page 43 ONE INJURED, THREE FRIGHTENED IN SERI- OUS AUTOMOBILE ACCIDENT ON STATE HIGHWAY. Huge Teachers College Fliv- ver Crashes Into Sudent, Causing Serious Injury C. T. C., June 1.-NVhile coming through the campus at a terrific rate of speed, the huge Ford automobile, owned by the State Teachers College, and driven by an employee of the institution, crashed into a group of stu- dents who were on their way to class this morning at 8:10. The four young ladies in the accident have not as yet been identified and are now in the hospital in a serious condition. One young woman it is un- derstood is seriously iniured and up to the time we go to press had not recovered con- sciousness. The other three are also in a dazed condition due to fright and have not been able to give a clear statement as to how the ac- cident occurred. yVitnesses to the accident say that the Ford was going down the hill in front of the Library Building, when the driver appeared to lose con- trol of the powerful machine, and headed toward the group of by-standers. The car then skidded into the barb wire fence lately erected by Mr. Dempsey and stopped. The driver stepped from the car unconcernedly and asked the she unconscious victim if was hurt. Receiving no an- swer he again climbed aboard and drove away. The number of the ma- chine was taken and was found to belong to the Col- lege, but up to date it is not known publicly just who the culprit was. ROBERT Loan and Investment Co. - Read Wes King on "How I Beat SnecIgen's Time" E. Kloio-S Book The Greeley when gn Need T0-N1oHT zz ..Got o Degree Loan Company ee oouege Aud. H H. HOTTLE g:1tdQ9n't REAL ESTATE Eaton 81 Lentz eagpeak on PRI u Y INSURANCE Grave ,Eovolooino CE-fgIEXg5ql31RIgLE LOANS Diggef-9 Persona1Modesty" fu-A 1 4? 2 AQU1HUMf:Q1Q3gyAqmmm.IKUqm1m X M M LM JAM MMAEXVDILA M g 1wmMwmmmwmmmQqMM,Am2 MM La SH 2 A W be your buy wora' E Go back to the Sim I H l E5 With simplC f D S .1 ef be Contented L 5 S' 1 ood' 51111916 plea L 5 1mp e clothes. Work h d sures, E 5 play hard. Work af , PYHY hard, Q 5 Sleep. Do it au' fit' fCCreate and lg 5 WE H U T 2 Q C o u S1 Q 5 -Herbert C - 5 - Hoover Q 5 T or L - H E E Ei MODEL FLOUR MILLS gg 3 Mille H - g rs of SNOW-FLAKE1, Flour E E GREELEY, CoLoRAD0 E LOANS BONDSZ 5 INSURANCE. WIC-R0BERTS,l:A?EglQlr 85 UD' FARM LANDS ' .ZH 5 B F!1oEsjLeeley200and1300 CITY leggpERTY ' - Y 4E g H P. L. LEE V cc uccessors to Ramsel' Dry Goods Co. 2 ooL1E1gIS EJELE STQREU C Lee Bros, l E T ' l WESQZEE YOU M0133 ash Hardware CO, E 3 D EADQUARTERS FOR Cutlery, Hardware Q lj! Goody, S6068 Etc' Stoves and Ranges 3 824 Ninth St' Greeley C 1 9 O O. 1 DU NHAM :ff?eEEig52'325ffSfffa2Qn2ug1geLmg i T66 .,6'ZUgfg,- ITHIENGSCWE LOOK FQRWARD To I 2: xeanu rr:s'p short talks in cha e 1 l a Coronado Building Of oggiffoaxfhep . ll C rlnual. a Rl?l5:iCli01?gSStOn-Tom Vance ought to have -5 Bggllvg-7113713 . Q VV I as legs hke our Canary- l ,a mmm'fmmmmmmmmmE,,YW W - ' W U NJM AfJMaAtM.M Lvtlfcal M MMtMeIXLtQltQAt Lei SHAW be your buy word Seastrand's BOOK STORE E. SEASTRAND, Proprietor BOOKS, STATIONERY, VVALL PAPER, PICTURES, PICTURE FRAMING SCHOOL BOOKS AND OFFICE SUPPLIES COMPLIMENTS OF Adffd Bros. 711,47 H057 Ziff 0,700 570175 Phone Greeley 77Fl 922 Ninth Street MARLBOROUGH THOMPSON CANDY STORE TRANSFER AND STORAGE COMPANY LIGHT LUNCHES AT ALL HOURS FRESH HOME MADE CANDY 930 NINTH AVENUE, GREELEY Opposite Sterling Theatre NYGREN 85 LARSON Gree1ey's Leading Movers Baggage Prornptly Ca-lled For and Delivered Phone Greeley 921 Oflice: 718 9th St., Greeley, Colo. 532323 Heherts Lean 8e Investment Ile. FARHNLSNDS INSURANCE- w.c.R0BERTs,Manager PhunesGreeley2DDand13UO CITY PROPERTY SAFETY DEPOSIT VAULT IN BASEMENT COMPLETE SAVINGS DEPARTMENT Travelers' cheeks issued payable throughout the United States and foreign countries without identincation Hrs! ofiomzl were GREELEY, COLORADO . United States Depository Oldest National Bank in Weld County. CAPITAL, S100,000 SURPLUS, S100,000 ASA STERLING . ..... ....... . .. President R. F. GRAHAM ............ Vice-President J. M. B. PETRIKIN ........ Vice-President J. S. DAVIS .......... ............ C ashier C. J. SEEM ......... Assistant Cashier johnny had to say a piece At the Flag Day celebrationg He was a patriotic lad, And he dearly loved his nation. He couldn't choose which piece to say, So he tried to learn a dozeng And when he walked upon the stage His head was just a buzzin'. He started once, he started twice, But he couldn't get awayg And then poor john got desperate And the audience heard him say: "When freedom from her mountain height, The flag of liberty unfurled, My country, 'tis of thee, she sang, And fired the shot heard round the world. "Away down south in Dixie land, Old Ironsides at anchor layg Ring, grandpa, ring! the boy cried out, For Sheridan's twenty miles away. 'tShoot if you must this old gray head. Americans can know no fear, While they march through Georgia on The midnight ride of Paul Revere." J tmWmRf ' l'N'1r31'VV'I' 113il1ix"1l'V1fx1'Lz'ZYiE1 Y15HYiZ S1171 if it it THE CURCIBLE Page 4 The Cufcible PUBLISHED JUNE 5,1918 Solely for the Benefit of The Editor-in-Chief Entered in C. T. C. as low class matter and passed by the State Board of Censors under the Acts of 1918. STAFF Editor-in-Chief. . . ......... ......... I DA KNOW B, S. Manager. . . Associate Ed... ............,.. . . . . .. . . .ERNA QUARTER 'SNOBODY HIRED HELP Literary . . Athletics Jokes Art Sacciety . .... . . . WHO'S WHO ......... Crampus Comment .... ELLA VATOR ...On leave of absence . , ,DELTA PHI IAM AIN'T NONE SO THE PEOPLE MAY KNOW Chick Jones doesn't smoke Fatimas 'all the time. No, he sleeps once in awhile. H. C. Benjamin is not a native of Greeley. Well known profs. who don't call for their change- E. A. Cross, Ralph Glaze CDenver papers please copyb. Contributions to this column badly needed. We were asked to talk to the Student Body at Chapel today, but had a date with our girl. We lose money on every Annual we sell, but we come out alright because we sell so many. We will meet all people mentioned in this issue at the Cache la Poudre oiiice in the Guggenheim. Choose your cwn weapons. U THE EDITOR. THE MYSTERIOUS CARD fContinued from page 35 "Bring this gentleman's things down: he won't stay here tonight." Russel, of course, remon- strated, and even refused to leave. The official bouncer was called, and our hero found himself outside with his luggage piled 'round him. With a bag in each hand he stalked down the street. Rounding a corner with his head down he collided with a man Who grunted. "I beg your pardon," and then, "well, Russel, when did you get in?" And Russel recognized his old school mate, Bennett. "Just got in," mumbled Russel, not wishing to let his friend know what had happened. Bennett imme- diately invited him to share his apartments and soon the two were chatting, telling experiences and asking ques- tions. "By the way." said Russel, "do you read French?" "Some," replied his friend, whereupon Russel produced the card which had already caused him so much trouble. Bennett read it, handed it back and said: "Russel, I am surprised and disappointed. I asked you to stay with me tonight, but now I must take back that invitation, and ask you to leave at once." Too angry to ask for an explanation, Russel stalked out of the room and down the steps, determined that before he slept he would know the meaning of the four lines of writing on the card in his possession. It was now quite late, and the only forms of life to be seen were a taxi driver pacing back and forth beside his cab, a cur slinking into an alley, and a policeman cov- ering his beat. There is no one, it is said, who is as accommodating as a French policeman, and re- memlbering this, Russel thot that at last he had found some one who could clear things up for him. He pre- sented the cop with a good cigar and asked his now oft repeated question. To his surprise and horror his new found friend closed an iron hand around his arm, and said, "Sir, you are under arrest." Russell's first night in jail was a sleepless one, and as he paced the floor of his two by four cell he tried vainly to imagine what his fate would be. Daylight came at last and shortly after he found himself before a stern- faced magistrate. Russel did not understand all of the proceedings, but he gathered that he was to leave for the United States of America in about two hours, by request of the French Government. In other words, he was to be deported. Aboard the ship he said nothing of his experiences, but he could not forget them. Nor did he show the card, which still remained in his possession. After three days of monotonous seagoing, however, his curiosity got the better of him. He had become acquainted with a steward, who was a likeable Frenchman, and thinking no possible harm could come to him now, he once more asked for the translation. The steward read the card, and gave a shrill whistle. Two ships plain clothes men came running and after a hurried consultation, Russel was placed in irons and thrown in the hold of the ship, where he remained for the rest of the trip. About two miles out from the New York harbor the ship stop- ped, a boat was lowered and friend Russel placed aboaid. I-Ie was rowed ashore to an inconspicuous landing place, while the ship steamed into port. Russel went to his apart- ments and immediately took from the bottom drawer of his desk a package of en- velopes marked C. In the third envelope in this pack- age, he placed the card. Busy straightening out his affairs, the card was grad- ually forgotten, and it was two months before it entered his mind again. One evening, just as he was leaving Ye Little VVhite Shop, he came face to face with Vic Jones, an old friend he had not seen since his college days. Together they attended a show and then went to Russel's rooms to talk over old times. Seated in Russel's comfort- able apartment, Jones was soon telling of his experience across the sea and the trou- ble he had had in getting out of the war zone. IVhen he mentioned Paris, Russel recalled his own experiences there and told them to his friend. Then he went to get the card thinking Jones would be able to translate it for him. He took out the package of envelopes marked C, took from this the third envelope, and found the blame card was gone. Let SHAW Be Your Buy Word The Greeley Loan Company REAL ESTATE INSURANCE LOANS Soper Implement Co. GREELEY ROBERTS Loan and Investment Co. GREELEY TO-NIGHT! See Fannie Walsh in His Latest Song-Hit H. JICEQNKS At the Gables CAptsj Continuous From 8 P.M. to 1 A.M. AL BAXTER'S LATEST HAWAIIAN SONG-HIT "My Lou-Lou" Now Being Featuredi at DELTA SIG Jesse Sl1aw's New Book on "I-Iow I Keep My Sfiapeu 5 5 2 e nxwvuwvwi -' -v ' s awn' 1 v'wwAwu 'mmm vi '- ffm -2 5 1 5 1 1 l . 5 We E. H. Soper Implement K Company 720-722 Eighth St. .":'xN -ww 54: , ,,x. M xx. 7 M - is-tw ' , ,. ..-- Z 'Pt li j . ,ffffg ' ' f , .t .W ' wfg' ff ' Q AL- I - :1 I1 l r Q , y ., ' A 2. ' b- ' 511 . f .A --mm - .Aw if fa ir' r t ist ." ,m y ' ,'-ff-i V5 77 I , LI -,g Zami: - lliiify mfv ' I-J'4-Z4 1 .If lil if af -,.f:f.galFP. "t acit .2 Z .play ". '-:iEf"QY - X 7 fiix ' .TV -Chx'Xi" fl' Xfqayi -. L Patriotism fffbezzf mm' mm' Flag Waving and patriotic demonstrations are good, but our greater need is Wheat and beans for the boys at the front who are fighting for each one of us. The Huber Light Four will pull three plows in any ordinary soil eight inches deep. Will save enough labor 5 3, L L 1 in one season to pay for itself. For demonstration, call 3 on The Soper Implement Co. f Ii' if 2"5 .? Lei SHA W be your buy wora' Sherman Mereanule Co. 826 Ninth Street E ,THE STORE THAT BUYS FOR CASH AND .I SELLS EOR CASH, SAVING THE CONSUMER 'Q S zofz, OVER CREDIT PRICES Fresh Medi and Gf'0C67'i6S Phone Greeley 675 For Pure, Wholesome, H0me'M3de Klein says: "I never ask the old man for Candies and Ice Cream money -for clothes or college feeshor any E See the thing lllke that, but I have to someumes for E . nleieqesglglelsaxlgkeo 31:5 and garettes and E Olympla Candy Co. t E ' E The Sweetest Store 'Q with the LOWEST PRICES Y HEARD AT TEE PAGEANT 1 E Phone Greeley 1037 regeglbrlis IzI:dcllI1Ec:1?ea3v33rr1leIE.Vey certainly E COR. EIGHTH AVE. AND NINTH ST. Klein-Yes, in more ways than one. lg 533225 Roberts Loan 8e Investment Gu. INSURANCE- w. c. ROBERTS, Manager Phones Greeley zooanuwoo CITY PROPERTY E For Everything . ..... STARTING ' Musical LUUKFDR LIGHTING 4 rms SIGN Exsenvnce AND HEXT MUSIC CO. 4:2 feel "21'Si?.l e O--GO--JI E. F. KIMBREL, Manager Q G G nl . . KEY ' 827 EIGHTH STREET H F DIC 1 ' Phone Greeley ll86W 1015 Enghth Avenue Q S d E Stewart .tu io ' The Greeley Loan Company FOR E REAL ESTATE BETTER CLASS INSURANCE PHOTOS LOANS I I 1010 NINTH AVENUE if X'VlvVI'R"V' 'V VV IVVIVVIVVIVV '1QWW1yQ1EWW11Q1 Mine M l , - Lei SHAW be your buy wora' Q C C J. C21II1C1'OI18CSOHS H. Baab 85 Sons , SPOT CASH STORE G . TOCKVZEI Clothing, Shoes, Fufnishings Tmnlw, Bags, Suizfcczses Phene Greeley 220 . 815-817 EIGHTH AVENUE 819 NINTH STREET , - 9 V Y ' S Back to Nature . , C Wallace Nutting Views Dr' Crabbe Says : Reproductions Wear Your , Van Briggle Pottery Best Smile and A Z Picture Frames Nothing Else 533223 Roberts Lean 8e Investment Ge. FARHNLSNDS ' INSURANCE- W.C.ROBERTS,Manager PhonesGreeIey2UOand1300 CITY PROPERTY . C wveee in Need of 'Good Printing can Up g PHONE GREELEY 1097 Announcement! F' S. PAVITT I . aalit Trinfer ' VVe take this opportun- Q 'v ' , Job Work, Programs, Booklets ' lty to announce that the Commercial Printing ofEvery Kind E Annual H-lanag-en-lent Union National Bank Block, Greeley, Colo. : meet all coniers at the office With 3 Winchesters and 5 l l The , Smith 85 Wessons any time , after publication of this Neill Lumber I hook. - CO4 e C W ' "iriP25,,Q1 1Q1 WWyg1ygywwygpygjiwlgyywgg mrvwr-emi mirei',grfiri1emm,W Fiiyiilimlffj ' 4" !+K!4l r' 'Vi ' ' " "'-" V ' ' ' 'l A z 1 La SHA W be your buy we "Costly thy habit as thy purse can buy, but not expreesecl in fancyg rich, not gaudyg for the apparel oft proclaims the man."-Polonius' advice to . his son Laertes, in '4Hamlet,,' Shakespeare. Hibbs Clothing Co. G004Cf0f5ff25f5ifE0 PAUL DILL'S D. R. McArthur 86 Co. I General Hardware - E PERFECT FITTING GLASSES GREELE'Y', COLORADO Are a Pleasure to Wear K The office of the Dean of VVomen must be Prof. to Dillon-"VVhat,s a connoiss ' E we like best spend lots of time there. sewer is." v-4 H War is Hell H ' and Sherhets L an Annual Phone Greeley 799 Y 3' Greeley I . , Fi- MUTZHH Sterling Ft. Collins L L THE STORE FOR THRIFTY PEOPLE l 7 WOMEN'S WEARING APPAREL, SHOES AND DRY GOODS E We Sell For Less 5 'an A' -A-VNVNVA1 0. A P01 A Pf6flPm1f6N1TfA1PfA1l'm1 A- ar A D81 0 278 E Q a very nice place because many of the girls DillonT"Don't you know what a r Q 0 E 533323 Hoherts Loan Xe Investment Go. E INSURANCE- W.C.ROBERTS, Manager PhonesGreeley2ooand1aoo CITY PROPERTY ga E Sherman said GRAY S E BRICK ICE CREAM Q But he never managed A SPECIALTYX E Q E lg T . ' mmmmmr' 'v m v' v 'vi uw 'Jewel vt v v m l - tv - - - - - - , E Let SHA W be your buy word Q E 5 The Tnbune-Republlcan I GREELEY'S GREAT NEWSPAPER 2 Alwezye for the Welfare of the Community E Friend ofthe Teachers College and its Hundrfeds oftgtttdents E - CHAS. HANSEN, Editor , GREELEY, - - COLORADO YOU CAN RELY ON D H - KILEY Toe Toner E We Clean Anything Cleanable Alterations on Ladies' Garments a Specialty 9 THE RED AUTO DELIVERY SERVICE CALL GREELEY 227 ' 914 Ninth Ave. Greeley, Colo. 533335 Roberts Loan 8b Irvestment Go. INSURANCE- W.C.ROBERTS, Manager Ph0nesGreeIey2U0andl300 CITY PROPERTY 1 at J. A. ERICKSQN Z Grocer ' 908-910 NINTH AVENUE Phone Greeley 421 g A COUZENS 8: DAY CQ W, GILBERT I Skeet flletezl 2 . "THE REXALL STOREU ' 814 Coronado Court 4 - .. E Drttggiyt GREELEY COLORADO PM Place ' Phone Greeley 345 G R E E L E Y , 2 4 Imifiillnl Q . rm . m m .. mm . . Q A . .rrm.m1rm1rm1 . Hifi 279 Lei SHA W be T your buy wora' Don't Hide P. O. HANSEN Your Money GREENH OU SE i CUT FLOWERS , at Horne BLOOMING PLANTS lg . If everybody did that, business would Everything Else in the: Floral Line E Q be as dead as if everybody stopped 'Q . Work. Let your money Work for you Telephone Greeley U5 E , in a Savings Account at this Bank. Greenhouses, 712 Thirteenth Street E ' Four Per Cent Paid on 3? : Time Deposits The Park E 5 Resources Ofoer 51,500,000 Merchandise 2 5 Greeley C0111 pany E - Natlonal Bank 709-711 EIGHTH AVENUE 5 Greeley, Colorado E S3353 HUDBITS l.02lII Xu Investment Go FARNLNLSNDS E INSURANCE- w.c. ROBERTS, Manager Ph0nesGreeley2U0and1300. CITY PROPERTY E . , 5 - Reefer 5 The 2 5 The Store for Thrifty People E' H' Soper -2 , GREELEY Implement Company . O STERLING ' FORT COLLINS 720-722 Eighth Street ' - FORHT MORGAN . - E 9 - 1 E 7 77 "Greeley S Progresszfve Store Q 5 5 Bull-Housh Dry Goods Co. 2 g New Location S02-S04 Ninth Street 2 5 COLLEGE STUDENTS-Nlake This Store Your Headquarters E - E Let SHAW be your buy word The WILSON J J Hershiser ' AND NOTIONS New Stock PFICSS Reasonable Ice Cream Fresh Fruits . Vegetables GREELEY COLORADO TELEPH0NE507-T . 583323 Roberts l.0HIl'8u lllV8SlIlIBIll UO. FARAQXNLANDS . D I NSU RANGE. w. c. ROBERTS, Manager ones Greeley zoo and 1300 CITY PROPERTY , -- . 9 GRADUATION GIFTS ' BOOKS, PICTURES, ETC. ' ., S The Geo. D. Horne Book Store ' li College Supplies e 4 EATON, CRANE 8c PIKE STATIONERY VVATERNIAN'S FOUNTAIN PENS Established 1885 Party Favors and Decoratior 0 Q A MeCuteheon SEETHE . 4 Hardware Co. CROCKETT-MOODY 4 Hammocks, Croquet Sets, Lawn ' Iv Tennis Supplies ' . . F 4' Full Line of Summer Sporting Goods or ' , DRY GOODS, NOTIONS I ll Phones: Greeley goo and 901 Etc. ' . gr Q A Q ' E 3 lv , 5 - . E 5 GRUCERY CASH GROCERY 5 2 1, Opposite College Campus K , - ' . . . 5 3 As consistent W1 h he tlmes Q Q 5 Ph Z 5 E I 3 li HP'Qlfj11Q1lvV1Q1 E E H Wig! K HIVVXQI H Kly'V'V"QmQ11"'vVQMQUV"'1Q1 Ei H01 Elrvfn Vvlvvlygiym i"'f31 yf3y1'ff3'ff'Hl'Vlq"7l'fg1 yf ififU:f 281 - - - - V V V 'V 'V -V V" V LXVNUUJLUJLKVJJLUJLKVI-ll3UJ 2 Loo SHAW be oooo buy ooofor T The Colorado Teachers Agency - 3 3-3 4 Kit og B '1o1' g DENVER COLORADO FRED DICK A. NI, NI WE PLACED A REASONABLE NUMBER OF TEACHERS A 3 COLLEGE GRADUATES IN GOOD POSITIONS LAST YEAR LET US SEE WHAT WE CAN DO THIS YEAR REGISTER NOW O O1reeu11r1, , 'A , lpanager ' I T' 5 L.-fl I - ' The o f 3, Lest You C - 4: K , Home of 2 F f J "LJ Ja Good Urge OES ' SHOES 5 f 5 . fklflfy C010 2 53.322 Rubens Loan so Investment cn. ? INSURANCE w.c.RoBERTs,Monager PhonesGreeloy2o0ana'13oo CITY PROPERTY 2 FREE 1 I 2 A POSTAL CARD OF FZFLWAYS REL'ABL?S'E o . I V 9 5 " Ye Lzffle White Shop" ' A ' 5 To Place in Your Annual " Evgggfgfgwdyeerv g CALL FOR Ig SHOP PHONE GREELEY 46 - YE LITTLE VVHIT 1 fi We Sell Lumber I The S. 31 S. Q Lumber Co. Q . Phone Greeley 55 610 Ninth St. 5. I7 282 Q 5 C, E 1 W h-1 tMec JM 2 S C 5 0 Lei SHA W be your buy word 3 1 l R K I . 0 N . 1 Z 3 0 umon at1one Ban t 3 Q 3 Students, Accounts E Solicitecl 3 5 E W L t t CAPITAL, 35100000 2 5 SURPLUS, SlO0,000 5 A - ., ' ' Q 3 58333, Roberts Loan 8h Investment Go. FARtl.tSNDS L 3 INSURANCE- W.C.ROBERTS,Manager PnnnesGreeley20oanu13oo CITY PROPERTY ET 2 , 2 DGVSNEY' SHUTZ Dewey Darling L - Ot Ing CO' Elephant Jockey g STEIN-BLOCH 1 . Q - Highfclass A Walking Advertisement 5 5 Clothmg for Men ' of ft 024 Eighth se., GREELEY, coLo. MeHCH'S FOOC1 3 Q- A a an 'XELX' V en ear E D yNigtl11t School Op Stix S1-iny Time E! it , if-XF, 2 f fl 1 3 Phone Greeley 63F1 GREELEY, COLORADO tg 1 -v e ti 'gi'mmf,tm-v,mt,WQ,w,tr,mW,Q,v,g1,WQ,W,Q,tr,hmtlnvmmhmr,tr,mmrghfytm itemhwm 283 o v v pgyqv vpyyqpwjqpwqv vpggq vpwjqv Q v vpmlppgpgyqvppgv Q 0 v vpyepyq Lei SHAW be your buy wora' 724 NINTH STREET PHONE GREELEY 32F1 3 7 1'L' W 'WBT Emerg ,..,.,,....., 4, ,A?q emma ee Lii figwiwi ' TE, T eine Q 5' me i es, 4 "' ' , MFHWF' EEEE If 1' if lm 4, .,.. f,. I hlhv 1 1 E,QE E: E ' EE'E P:" E E"E'E ,- Judging from the jokes M1'. Foulk cracks one might think he had spent the greater part of his life as a carpenter on a vaude- ville stage rather than in the contracting business. Vance-Friends, Rornans, Countrymen, lend me your ears- Mac-VVhy don't you use your own? 532333-M E Roberts Luan8e Investment Go FARHNLSNDS INSU FRANCE- w. 0. ROBERTS, Manager B ui C k WELD COUNTY GARAGE Home of the Buick Phone Greeley Q2 810 Tenth St. FRED SCHICK, Manager "WWW VN IW :W rr M MM M M AAlAAlAA ,MJ f IQ 7 Z he ' E N 1 Great W estern ' C E Sugar o E ' Q E A Few Interesting Facts 4 SHOWING WHAT THE BEET INDUSTRY NIEANS TO E NORTHERN COLORADO . E C Cash Disbursements in 1914 by Six of the Z Northern Colorado Beet Sugar Factories: E CLarger items of disbursements only are included belowj 'Q Amount Paid Farmers for Beets in 1914 Cwithin radius of 25 milesj, 55,269,439 ' Amount Paid Factory Employees in 1914 ............d. .. .,....,c... 51,317,384 E Amount Paid for Freight CIncoming and Outgoingj ,1,-.1.,....... 152,330,404 ' ' Average Number of Men Employed in Factories During Campaign ,-..... 2,585 ' Average Number Farmers Raising Beets 1,,.11...,..................... 3,540 ' Average Number Field Laborers Tending Crop .,.... .. .......,,.,,.,...v. 8,489 ' Average Number Teamsters and Laborers Handling Crop 1.,............. 2,420 E Average Number Coal lVIiners Employed in Mining Coal for Factory Use-- 3oo ' Average NumberQuarrymen Employed in QuarryingLimeRock for Fact'yUse 250 ' C FREIGHT SI-IIPNIENTS TO AND FROM FACTORY ' CDoes not include miscellaneous shipments of Factory Suppliesl ' C Beets CCarloadsj .d,..,........ ..-, - L ....,..,........ 26,140 Q Coal CCarloadsj .... ..- A 3,532 . Coke CCarloadsj - - -. - 3o8 . Rock QCarloadsD .... -- 1,777 . Sugar QCarloadsj .... .. ....................v...1w..,. 5,579 . CATTLE AND SHEEP FEEDING OPERATIONS : Cattle Fed on Pulp and Molasses by Farmers ........ 51,964 , Sheep Fed on Pulp and Molasses by Farmers--- --- 152,055 3 Tons Pulp Fed .........,.... ........... - -- 315,657 Tons Molasses Fed .,.. ....... - - - 11,512 3 7 The industry affords employment, either in Whole or in part, to 2o,ooo breadwinners Within a radius of 25 miles. I , v l1731Lif11Hi1I?f3Qi '1'F31Li'MhYYiT'1 rii Kilim 'F31i 1YYxIYLY1lx"Vf31h'K15SiWY1HYihi1'fW5fx'dYYihTI1YLYr1Z S1219 Yr F1Q1'fi'1FT1Y3"1"FL3'i id 285 i UU' Q ' 'B!NLK!ll LU4NA" 'LK!4lDU4bUJ LUJ' LUJ 'LUJ'LWA" LWA'LUJDU4 2 I T 5 5 1 I 1 3 3 I Lei SHAW be your buyiword e Get to Know The Sterling Market Co. H. C. CUSHMAN, hdgr. The Home of Quality Products Choicest Corn Fed Meats Fish-Vegetables-Poultry Foreign and Domestic Cheese PHONES: GREELEY 286, GREELEY 185 Sterling Block. Greeley, Colorado F.A.GATE FOR Horn ess and Saddlery GREELEY, COLORADO BYRON W. KING SAYS: 1'The only time idle hands look good to me is when they are fixed by the und'ertaker." "It used to be that selling an article made in Germany was like selling a Yankee wooden nutmegs. All it needed Was 'made in Germanyf One day the kaiser slipped and upset Hades and on the bottom was the label 'Made in Germany."' I BYRON W. KING SAYS: "I'm for peace if we have to make pieces to get it." "If you keep up this Pro German talk two years the United States Hag will float in every street and alley in Berlin. Keep it up Eve years andthere will 'be no Berlin." Hurrah for King. 80 lllVBSllllBIll UU. FARHNLQNDS 583523 H0lJ9rlS LUBII 'NSU RANGE- w. c. ROBERTS, Manager Phones Greeley zoo and 1300 CITY PROPERTY SWMQIWMMQ FEATURE PICTURES VAUDRVILLE AND ROAD SHOWS V VVe resurrected this from a 1915 Cap and Gown: , "What we say and what we thinkf' What she says-"Oh, professor, I went over to your ofiice three times to report on that book but you vveren't there." What she thinks-"I Wonder if this sob stuff will get by? Delta Phi Girl to Lambda Gamma-"Yes, I'd just love to goto your dance with one of your rusheesf' What she thinks-"I would like to see him first: wonder if he wears tan button shoes." Isaacs-"Sure you can borrow my dress suit." . Inside-"D- it, and I just had it cleaned." 3-REALS-3 THE HOUSE NEXT DOOR . Presented by h LAMBDA GAMMA EVERY NIGHT THIS YEAR Accompanied by ALPHA SIGS "" " ' A A: A- A A P01 A lfm1,0 :A PKMVKIII A rm1rfA1V8rlf6Yl A A IYA1 A A 'i" " ' NIJ ' 'UUJLU-lD!lJ"DxWLU4l' 'WA' ' V 'LU4l"LUJ' U!JJ"l+U-l' N' 7955" The W. H. Kistler Stationery Co. College Annuals D' E N V E R . COLORADO VNMVVNMYIMWMV1 A n " ffifh A A A " " l?6X1IYA1lYAX1I'fAX1PfA1l'O1hiX1MN1 A A I'fh1h'B1lYis1 A O 987

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