Fort Lee High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Fort Lee, NJ)

 - Class of 1936

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Fort Lee High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Fort Lee, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Cover

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..,-4 Q rf H g : W" 1 fs 1-1 A-Jwhv " -.0 B ,x .H uf Q4 K my 2 23' 0 ,yi 'j3,1vWu.,- , v',, ww , ' W x Q' " -524 2 .-W1 -H -' - 2 g k? gl ' N i 65 iff, ,F 1 i v? ,, -V.. ' -,1 aux W .-. N 1 kai Mb? -4 W X 'W m rf pr, R Q aa ,K wx, gif 5 15,3 W r ffm, 1, nm an an 1, K,,fxMg .M HL, W 1' ws 1 -.5 I Qi 5,9 wyjg, M '?' 1' -4... 45F?."i " V U" I H , i " if sg, 45 A-if 55:-.1 aw ,gp.,4geng4uhnv1Wf"""1f MMM M,-um .fm - 45 W 5 M, .. W, Q., A"'YW:r 1. uw- .FHM b ""1-nav-4" fn MJ fn, AQ' V1 .- - 1.-nan-HMA I A if WWW WWW wW,,,W N N N 1 4 1 , 'Hi i F, ,ww 5wf,,gM .fm gg I mx Q. W ww! CH 1 .nf . 4.. 1 'f'fif.f Q, HR 'iffli W W ..,' '.'. ' . V A+ Y- ',.: N?'S:s'?vf .',. Ss-it f z - ' S 'Vi 1 1.- . A-1f L,,' i I-if T A WL.- fn , . f ' f V if "L..' ' ' h- iv, 1 m' . A 2 2? W ,"'k Q'L H -K In 'HJ .K Q ' 5 2 L V LUME av Q A T I l DEDICATION A deep sense oT appreciaTion prornpTs The PublicaTions STaTT To respec:TTully dedicaTe This book To l-lugh C. WhiTTemore. Mr. WhiTTemore esTablished The TirsT news- paper To be regularly published in ForT Lee l-ligh School, and Tor The Tour years oT iTs exisTence served as iTs capable adviser. LasT year. wiTh The union of The Two school publicaTion groups, he assumed The TaculTy ediTorship of The PIONEER. His assisTance and advice, while serving wiTh us This year, have been invaluable. FOREWORD WiTh no newspaper To demand iTs Time and energy, The PublfcaTions STaTF has olevoTecl iTselT solely To The issuing of This volume oT The PIONEER. We have compiled an annual which we sincerely hope will accomplish The pur- pose-ThaT oT preserving, in a Tangible Torm, The personali- Ties and acTiviTies oT your high school liTe. May This book, in TuTure years. resTore Tading memories oT happy days. BOARD OF EDUCATION MR. JOHN F. WHITTEAKER MR. JOSEPH COOK Vice-Presiderd MR. ORESTE CASSI MR. JOSEPH CELLA MR. GEORGE I-IEUS Rresideni' MR. JOHN C. ABBOTT, JR Clerk MR. RUDOLPH HOOK MR. GUSTAV L. MEYN MR. WALTER OETTEL MQW Forl Lee Senior-Junior High School Facully MR. JAMES B. THOMPSON, M.A., Supervising Principal MR. ARTHUR E. STUKEY, M.A.. Principal MRS. MARGARET KUHLMANN, A.B., Assislanl Principal MISS ESTHER ANDERSON, B.S., Home Economics: MISS ANNA BERGSTROM, Arilhrnelic 81 Spell- ing: MISS MAUD BRADY, M.A., English Bi Social Science: MISS MILDRED BRADY, M.A., I-Iislory 8: Economics: MR. EDWARD BRIDENBURG, Manual Training: MR. LEWIS F. COLE. M.A., General Science 8: Chemisfryg MISS HELEN DRUMMOND, A.B., Social Science: MISS LOUISE DUTT, M.A., Languages 31 Geomelry: MISS FRANCES FITZGERALD, B.S., Librarian: MRS. ELLEN FOLEY, Ph,D., Physics 81 Guidance Adviser: MR. J. M. HANNA, M.A., Commercial Subiecls: MISS EDITH JONES. Arilhn-iefic 81 Lalin: MISS WINIFRED JOYCE, B.S., Typewriling: MISS DOROTHY MAJOR, A.B., Physical Educalion: MISS HARRIET MEEKER, M.A., English: MR. O. HOWARD MILLER, M.A.. Biology: MISS VIRGINIA MIXER. A.B., Drama Xi English: MISS ESTHER NEVILLE, M.A., English: MISS NELLIE OETTEL, Malron: MISS MARJORIE ORTLIR, Ari: MR. CHARLES PRALL, B.S.. Music: MRS. MARY OUINN, A.B., Malhernalics: MRS. MARGARET REHBERG, English 81 Social Sciences: MISS ELLA REIERSON, General Science: MISS MARION SCANNELL, B.S., Commercial Subiecls: MISS LOUISE SCI-IWAB, Special Group:MR. LLOYD N. SPENCE, Physical Educalion: MR. CARL B. STRONG, M.A., Algebra 81 Junior Business Training: MRS. RUTH SUNDBERG, A.B., English: MISS EDITH VOREES, M.A., Economic Subiecls: MISS AMELIA WALLER, M.A., French 81 German: MISS ELEANOR WARREN, M.A., French 81 Spanish: MR. HUGH C. WHITTEMORE, Ed.M., English 8: Publicalions: MR. G. LEIGHTON PHILLIPS, B.S., Music 81 General Language. Qk Il., PIONEER STAFF CLARK FOSTER, EdIIor-In-CI'wIe-I FRANK BERNARDO, AssIsIanI EdIIor MR, WHITTEMORE, FacuIIy AcIvIser Copy EdiIor, RUTH NAGLE: LiIe-rary EdiIor, THOMAS DALTON: BusIness Manager, PHILIP ZALINGER: AVI Edifor, WILLIAM CROZIER: Layouf EdIIor, LILYAN GABRIEL: Exchange ECIIIOV, ROSE DI VINCENZO: CIrcuIa'rion Manager, ANTHONY FERRARO: Head TypIsI, STELLA SALUS- SOLIAQ Copy Reader, EVELYN FISHER: Copy Reader, GLADYS WEAVER: Phofogrepher, JOHN BANNON: EdiIorIaI AssIsIanIs, ALBERT BENEDETTI, JOSEPH BOTTINELLI, ANITA FEUERBACH: Business AssIsIanIs, ALBERT I-IEINS, BART TARANTO, EDGAR LASSINS RENATO CASINI, FRANK FRISCI-I: Typis+s, GLORIA BACCHETTI, CATHERYNE EHRHARDT, HELEN LIMBACH, EDNA KAI-IL, CONCETTA MAISSANO, FRANCES PICCIRILLO, MARGARET SEDLAK, FLORENCE VOLLINGER. CONTENTS SENIORS CLASSES ORGANIZATIONS JUNIOR I-IIOI-I ADVERTISEMENTS ...s-. i.,'Eg- 'l..l.' PII' ' l". :fl p S :Us ' I Visa, f .1 'T . f 0 WHAT LL I DO NOV? hill... 'IL f'Nf-w T NH COULD DO OUT- .-Y Bows CUTTING. IN AT ouR TOANcEs METHOD OT WARNING uP ATTER A cmss KN TM. cow Aubuokum f' f' VP f X TT Q 196' O .SOME oF THE B015 STILL R00 EFFORTS OF THE COOKQNC O '96 Dow T Avvnmfm THE pf' 1 N CLASS w Cqozlqk CLASS OFFICERS EMILE MONNIER Presidenf HENRY ORTLIP Vice-Presidenf ROBERTA NELSON Secretary FLORENCE WETTER Treasurer CLASS DAY COMMITTEE ADVERTISEMENT COMMITTEE ROSE DIVINCENZO ELMER HEUS Chairman Chairman MARIE MANZO WILLIAM CROZIER THOMAS DALTON CHARLES KURZ LILYAN LIBERMAN EDWARD SMOLIN COMMENCEMENT COMMITTEE CLARK FOSTER Chairman VIRGINIA CLENDINEN ELEANOR GERARDI ETHEL MOELLER SENIORS WN' . fg. SENIQRS .qu WILLIAM R. ALLEN Varsily Baslcerball Caplain, Sludenl Council, "The Milca- do" LOUISE P. ANTONINI N. J. S+a+e Chorus, "The Mi kado", Srudenl' Council. ANDREW BAIN V' +llVri+Be'r- arsily Foo ba , a s y ask ball, Traffic Squad Presiclen+. MARY A. BARRY Variery Show, Baslcelball, Base ball. JOI-IN BART!-I Srudenl Council, Variely Show, lnlernal Accounling Club. WILLIAM BERNARD G-lee Club. SADIE F. BRAUN Baseball, Library Slafl. GLADYS BROWN Baslcelball Caplain, Sleno-Type Club, Glee Club. DOROTHY CANNOCK French Club, Glee Club. RITA CARLSON Glee Club, "The Mikado," Va riefy Show. INEZ V. CARRARA Glee Club, French Club, Vari ery Show. RITA CAST-ELLINI Sleno-Type Club President Co Y Club, Glee Club. TWELVE SENIORS SIGURD CI-IRISTIANSEN Variely Show, Class Baslcelball, Class Foolball. LINWOOD CLARK Hi-Y Club, Variely Show, Ber- gen Counly Band. VIRGINIA M. CLENDINEN I-Ionor Socielry Presidenl, Co-Y Club Presidenl, French Club. WILLIAM T. CROZIER Sluclenl Commission Presidenf, Varsify Baslcelball, Junior Class Vice-Presidenl. 94' THOMAS J. DALTON Eorf Lee-der Slall, Publicalions Slafl Lilerary Edilor, Varsily Baseball. ANTHONY DeFABEES I-Ii-Y Club, Lalin Club, Sludenl Council. MARION B. DEMPSEY Baslcelball Caplain, Glee Club. ROSE B. DNINCENZO Sleno-Type Club Secrelary, I-lonor Sociely Secrelary, Pub- licalions Slalll Exchange Edilor. MARY R. DOLAN Pliilalelic Club, Dramalics, Lal- in Club. JAMES E. DONAHUE Variefy Show, Class Baseball. CATHERINE DOWDELL Sleno-Type Club, Glee Club, Baslcelball. CATI-IERYNE A. EI-IRI-IARDT Library Sfafl, Sleno-Type Club, Baslcelball. TI-IIRTEEN JACK il, RS MW FRED ELBRECHT Class Baslcelrball, Class Volley- ball, Variely Show. DOROTHY C. ERNST Traffic Squad Secrelary, French Club, Publicalions Slall. l.ORRAllXlE F. FABRY N. J. Slale Chorus, Sludenl Council, Sreno-Type Club. ANTHONY FERRARO Publicalrions Slaff Circulalion Manager, Variery Show. JK.. ANETA FEUERBACH French Club, Co-Y Club, Pub- licalions Sfafl. RENATO A. FLAIM Traffic Squad Caplain, Varsily Baseball, Finance Comrnillee. CLARK T. FOSTER Publicalions Slarf Edifor-in-chief Honor Sociely Treasurer, N. J. Slale Orcheslra. LILYAN G. GABRIEL Co-Y Club, Publicafions Slall Layou+ Edilor, French Club. ELEANOR OERARDI Sreno-Type Club, Co-Y Club, Finance Connmilfee. MARGARET E. GLAAB Office Assislanl, Glee Club, Library Slalzl. LESLIE R. HART Varsify Baseball, lnler-Class Play Conlesr, Variely Show. MARY P. HEFFERAN Baslcelball, Volleyball. FOURTEEN SENIORS ALBERT A. I'IEINS Hi-Y Club, Varsi+y Baskelball Glee Club. ELMER G. HEUS Hi-Y Club President Honor So- ciely, Siudenf Commission. MARGARET V. HEWITT "The Mikado," Variely Show, Bergen Counly Chorus. WILLIAM I'IOI:I: Variely Show, Hi-Y Club Treas- urer, "Seven Keys 'ro Baldpalef 17 If WILLIAM A. HOOK Sfudenl Commission Vice-Presi dent Varier Show, Class Bas kefball. ELLEN ISAKSON Library Sialit Glee Club, Vari ery Show. MARY ELLEN JACOBS Dramafics, Varielry Show, Cook ing Class. EDWARD J. JOCKEL Variely Show, Glee Club, Tumb- ling Club. HARRY R. KING Junior Class President Infernal Accourning Club, Manager of School Savings. ALBERT P. KLEBS Class Baseball, Class Baskelball, Lafin Club. CHARLES J. KURZ Drama+ics, Banking S+aPF, Ber- gen Counfy Chorus. LILYAN LIBERMAN Baske+baII, Dramalics, Baseball. FIFTEEN , I ' Q0...,.,.,...J-- HELEN G. LIMBACH Sludenl Council, Sleno-Type Club, Dramalics. LILLIAN M. LUND Glee Club, Volleyball, Gilberl and Sullivan Niglwl. CONCETTA J. MAISSANO Sleno-Type Club, Library Slaicl, Baslcelball. CLARENCE W. MANN Glee Club, Gilberl' and Sullivan Niglwl, Variely Snow. SENIO MARIE L. MANZO Honor Sociely Vice-Presidenl, German Club Secrelary, Phila- 'relic Club Secrelary. PETER MARINO Honor Sociely Secrelary, Var- sily Baseball Caplain, Sludenl Commission Secrelary. DOROTHY A. MEYER Library Slall. D. EDITH MEYER Sleno-Type Club, Erenclw Club, Dramalics. R S 1 i I I M ETI-I EL M. MOELLER Glee Club, Variely Show, Com- mencemenl' Commillee. EMILE M. MONNIER Senior Class Presiclenl, Hi-Y Club, Erenclw Club Vice-Presi- clenl. CECILE 0. MUINIDINGER Co-Y Club, Sleno-Type Club, Glee Club. RUTH V. NAGLE Co-Y Club, "Daddy Long Legs", Publicalion Slall News Edilor. SIXTEEN F rnj,ll4 SENIORS ROBERTA l. NELSON Honor Sociely Presidenl, Ger- man Club, Senior Class Secre- lary. HENRY ORTLI P Senior Class Vice-Presidenl, Hi- Y Club Chaplain, Lalin Club. ELMER G. OTVOS ww LORENCE E. PETERSON Variely Show. FRANCES lvl. PICCIRILLO Sleno-Type Club, Baslcelball, Variely Sliow. FRANK PORRINO Variely Show, Class Eoolball, Class Baseball. Orclwesua,hiiililierlc-aLciSSullivan g ' ' Erenclw Club President Co-Y JOSEPH PENTIEALLO Variely Show, Band, Orclweslra. Club, Lafin Club. 'WHQ E-N-Q"'-N l.UCll.l..E C. RICE Baseball, Arl Class. lRElXlE C. ROSENTHAL Glee Club, Dramalics, Baslcel- ball. ROSE lvl. ROSSI Baslcelball, Eorl Lee-der Slalil, Gilberl and Sullivan Niqlwl. S-l'El.l-A SALUSSOLIA Baslcelball Caplain, Variely Sliow, Publicalions Slalil Head Typisl. SEVENTEEN Mx FRANK J. SAMOL Variely Show, "Mrs. Wiggs of +l'1e Cabbage Pa+cli", Class Teams. CARLYLE G. SCI-IAUBLE MARGARET M. SEDLAK S'reno'Type Club. Co-Y Club, Library Slafl. WILLIAM I-I. SHAW Variely Show, Class Baslcelball, WWI" CLAIRE A. Sl-IEEI-IAN Sleno-Type Club, Library Slalil, Variely Show. EDWARD SMOLIN Finance Commillee Chairman, Caleleria Bookkeeper, School Banker. CATI-IERYNE L. SOMMERI-IALDER Library Slalf, Sleno-Type Club. GEORGE SFI-RIDDE SENIORS 1 . I. i' . 1' FRANK J. TESTA Variely Slnow. FLORENCE F. WETTER Slenoflype Club, Slale Type- wrilinq Conlesr, Senior Class Treasurer. BRUCE R. WOOD Sporls Manager, Traffic Squad, Sludenl Council. S+d + C 'l, German Club Vice-P es'd I, U en Cum' Sfudenl CounL1lI,I.ClassF BISSFZI- Co-Y Club, Frencln Club, Or- clweslra. EIGHTEEN In Memorzam March 5 I9I9 March 20 l935 N I FRANCES CASSANDRA FERRANTE lillllili ' " ' "Wir" - 'lllpih ll P . eiiaileiiil., 'R p l l . lull! ,S r ' 9 "Doc" Aiimwno :gf i s ll X" ,W 9 l' was ELECTED lliigi -SW- 'N i 6 "MosT T1'o'Pk! LXR. -EI? ,, ' X 7 fl l wwe MANY i iff 'fs E, , ppqrianrs . xg reg X . 010' Us ' - . -Q xx '-. F . Ill.-lil' lllillrllll I 1' L lull il lllllhl l "l'll'l I ll 343: ,,5: l ll' i M 1 V ' I ln. Ki' wap J slay NN l!r'n wi-:Y is ow Au ' MQRGM -iv ,, I .I ,, -Ii I I- ww ,- nail AROUND TELLONJ ALL- Milk N4 lxllxllxia i I f , ll x.1AY5 Anixgi-AD x.ocKEK I il M Hmm Nigiiasiasy, fb af - 'R i. ui Q -i, , +,, 59,f C. 3 'l ' 9 Til' 5 ,flilllw R' i 5 lv' ., X 'QW A is ,ill l'w-gm ' N Jw li ii lfwlld-lu' I i . N N N ' X 5 iabufh- l2,..f,i,,f grim. gi p1numllllulwa11110ZZl J OUR .BEST 3 gi. Xi l il jli'.i'Q1'lT X XX 11-i-xg TRWNDLKEST Nl ei Hi ? E xgloeow Ms am: R J, ,W soon swim 1 I A msn' OT f.. 20 G X flioss Ne BOOKS 1' ll RN R lv AT ii-us Tmmns A ' i if-'ill ' X lui J - . -ii H N, l l ll -ll ' v. cqoziqa A TWENTY SENIOR PREFERENCES Eriendlies+ . . l-laridsomeslr Prelliesl' . . Eavorile Jreaclmer . . Eavorile sludy . Favorile aullmor . Eavorile poel . . Eavorile orclweslra . Eavorile radio program . . lvlosl popular boy . lvlosl popular girl lvlosl brillianl . lvlosl cynical Mosr clebonair . . Elmer l-leus . William Shaw Marion Dempsey Mr. Wl'1iH'emore Office Praclice Sinclair Lewis Edgar Guesl' Guy Lombardds Jack Benny's . Bill Allen . Marie Manzo Clark Eosler Thomas Dalfon Emile lvlonnier pr .:I 11,51 -I il' X It ....-I V: I Illuql l i'- IIli'I'I 'ls' ' I I I I I fv ff -IfI!II:H:I'fIg.II I , fp , I'I IlI'I. !Ii!I .- I' 'lu l' fe, I,I,, ' I , L Q Y MII' 'I 'I 'I ,Quill I, fi'i . I 1 ' X' ,ff 90 'T 1 1 ' All I ll 'J I Lf' 'Zio 'F ' X l I W4 V53 jf. 'PETE 'rvxmuo ATTRNBKSTES I-XI5 " Success To NJHEATXES ' . V . , EARTH TESTING- .SONE OT HIS "' WIT ON AN PRDDST Ii i ., ' , I . i nik, y ADMIRER OF HIS I Z jf' I Ag G ' NN U JEILH. 'mmuw Cefuuucf ' X I Islam Has- f',5,2 'l .I i ? , fixvfmirc STIIDY A 0 ' I II . xX,, ,, M.N, WI.X,, I Ilfyql I' I:lIll'lll"' X N V slfij Iwlvl: l Il. X N 10 I A ' 3,2 WILLIAMQCUTIEQ SHAW X ,V 4 lll!g'2f,f Assuvxmc, 'mm' DAz ED PHX E ' I QQ I "'-1- Look ov Imuwsome MQN hfslfflg lx Z"'5"0e R I.I1"2'e6R '41 . ggzggggy TAMUIJS use Ov f 0 W" oim LYPQXNG Lixw L ' 9, 28 Xxx N A l X 5 'PLAY WCROZIEP :2-PF'El5IQIEIIEl2'E'i5l5iiill'l Il-lE!Ill'IIIlIlglEfIi ,xiii-EIII:Is.Q, I III:-IEII.-E-I:-III" ' Isl:-:I I !.'!iI lair IIS- mi :III.,lI.g'I: W y , I I I IIl.IEsi::iElilP I ', E L F 5 l':I 'EI N hir" Illlilili ilii "-. in ' 1 I I,,Il HEE5. 1 Q l 4 li In x EF 'v 5 ...I .tl 5:5 'I t . -nA NIH .AVI Q 7 ' g A Ill 5955 fl llll 1 , ,If .'I,iI I X ,, f +. I Yyog i my ' 2.65 I5 'Q O f ,M ,fl rfb rw, lfgf "' ,,. ,J I 'I, WW l f Ii'I,I, ,- llhill '., KI. It I I Ii !I'Il lil 'I"' -IIII-I' .II f II'II I .II 5 'lui' l Ill. I. . 4 'Illll 'lI.'I'1 !'-l 1 Igligllgi ' fff J llll 'I , K I'lI"' 4 f I I' vu, 'IR ll ,1 I I xx i PIII. I, I I r "l-. ' ' f l"I' ' if ohv, l llilllilu V I ! ' A :G QI l... l I 7 I. wgzliyfslgf I,!l H .ll lulugr . ' ,il ' ' - 'lil I, JI" " - II. !'.: s'!I'f 1 Af" " I I I ' 1' 4 ' K - r 5 x x .- x' I ' f X NN THE sewn X RX I I 1 Mosl original Besl allwlele . Besl all-around fellow Besl all-around girl Besl aclor . Besl aclress Besl sludenl Besl mixer . Besl dressed g'rl Besl dressed boy Besl dancer . Wifliesl Merriesl Sleepiesl' SENIOR PREFERENCES Bill Bernard . . Pele Marino . AI Heins Dol Ernsl Les l-larl . Rullw Nagle . Virginia Clendinen . Bill l-loolc Edilh Meyer . Bill Allen . Gladys Brown . Jolfmn Barllw . Florence We++er . Doroflwy Meyer TWENTY-ONE Name Convenienf Roufine Frequen+Iy Reason 'for- Cognomen Reachon Found Remembering ALLEN Bill Of course Crooning Baskelball career ANTONINI Lou Wouldn'l' ihaf Teaching music Musical falenl be funny BAIN Andy Graaf day Going fhe rounds Look oi dalerminafior BARRY Barry Oh yeah In 20l Bows and ribbons BARTH Snackery Carry on Making merry Wealfh of wifficisms BERNARD Bill He's noi Wilh pipe Maslery over mirih fooling. BRAUN Sally I had a righi Wifh Lorry Aloofness 'ro do if BROWN Happy Wha+'s going ln conversalion Dancing on ionighl' CANNOCK Dol' Oh my Silen+ Meek manner CARLSON Red For goodness Wifh Marie Lack of inferesf sa e CARRARA lne l'm so misun- Making glad 'The hearf Pleasing personalify derslood CASTELLINI Bubbles All righl' Looking for +he gang Modes+y CHRISTIANSEN Sig Tha'r's wha? ln fha library Ruddy complexion you fhink CLARK Lindy Weil a minufe ln 203 Trumpel' fooling CLENDINEN Ginny Whai d'ya mean Wifh Muriel Scholarship CROZIER Buff Yeah. Huh Wifh Peie Brillianl' baskeiball DALTON Red Maliefa career Laughing wifh Barfh Inferesf in humor o 1 DeFABEES Tony Hey Raspuiin in 207 Aimless aciivify DEMPSEY Jack Yeah. Huh Chewing gum Smiles DOLAN Cosy Idon'i know ln 'rhe library Promises fo be good DONAHUE Jimmy Oh yeah Wiih Hooky Counienance of cheer DiVlNCENZO D. V. Waif, l'II gb n a ilusier Thai "A" in hisiory ask him DOWDELL Kiiry Going +o +own Wilh Riie and Cecile Lusly laughfer EHRHARDT Honey He's a goon Anywhere Baskefball ELBRECHT Dufch Whai d'ya mean Noisy Boisferous hehavior ERNST Dofs Gee, golly Colleciing old rings Shapeliness FABRY Lorry You're a goon Wiih Sadie Gleeiul giggle FERRARO Tony Raspuiin In chemisfry lab Consiani congenialify FEUERBACH 'Niia No sfuif Conversing Seeking saiisfacfion FLAIM Ray You ask him On +raflic Physique of power FOSTER Clark For crying oui Aiiending io Scholarship loud Herald-Tribune GABRIEL Gabe Whafa "wheel" Munching on a sandwich Comeliness GERARDI Gerry Oh, Florrie Wiih Florrie Perpelual blush GLAAB Glaabi Sure 'thing In ihe office Her grin HART Les Icraves il' Full of fun The humor habif HEFFERAN Siannie Whai' do we eaf Bound for Ridgefield Voice qualily HEINS Maxwell Take if easy Wi+h S.l,G. Good 'fellowship HEUS Heusey Grea+ slulii Roaming in high spiri+s Self-assurance HEWITT Marge Oh yeh Eaiing Odd earring colleciion HOFF Hofiee Hello, landsman In 'rhe library Sfafue TWENTY TWO Name Convenienl Rouline Frequenlly Reason for Cognomen Reaclion Found Remembering HOOK Dubbar Slinky Wilh lhe boys Rollicking reaclions ISAAKSON Shrimp Aw, gee In 2I4 Denlyne gum JACOBS Jake My goodness In Ieasl expecled places Alibis JOCKEL Jiggs Okay In lhe hall Variely show viclories KING Kingy Ah wouldn'l kid you Busy wilh banking Financial lacililies for lhe world KLEBS AI Nice going Wilh Henriella Slrelching his slrides KURZ Charlie Noghing bul lhe Recklessly running Dramalic diligence esl LIBERMAN Lil Foy cgfing oul Looking lor lhumblacks Sporling symploms ou LIMBACH Skell Honesl Unoblrusive Dainly dignily LUND Lil Gee In lhe cale Enduring reserve MAISSANO Connie Whial so you Wilh Rosella Sporling lendencies ' l in MANN Dubber Thal's a choice ln lhe hall lnslanl inleresl MANZO Marie Then lhe lighl As lhe obiecl ol Winning ways slarled allenlion MARINO Pele You've gol some- Parling wilh palience Modesl manner lhinq lhere MEYER D. Doolles I love lile Trying lo remember Her lroubles MEYER E. 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Friendship WOOD Woodsie Take il easy In Palisade Horsemanship WOOLSON Skeela Droop In arl room Jesls TWENTY-THREE Tl-IE CLASS WILL-AND WILL NOT TWENTY-FOUR We who are aloouf fo pass from your life are fhe class of I936-a class, fhe like of which you've never before seen and never again will know. In fhis class you will find a combinafion of excellences fhaf you would search for in vain in any ofher group. We have come fo fhe conclusion, affer modesfly considering our qualificafions, Thar fhe besf of fhe under-graduafes are nof worfhy of fhe leasf fhaf we can offer. We are fhankful for Their exisfence, however, because fhe inevifable comparison does much fo prove our superiorify. We have leff fhe recipienfs of our generosify unnamed because if is possible fhal' in fhe scramble for honors self-annihilafion may be fhe resulf. Flaim leaves his wresfling experience fo fhe aufhor of fhis-physical reacfion is imminenf. Carlson and Cannock leave fhe lasf laugh fo fhe one who lighfs his cigar wifh an icicle when everyone presenf says if can'f be done. The Meyer girls leave in fhe excifemenf and no one is fhe wiser. Limbach and Lund leave knowing fhaf fhey're forgeffing somefhing and fearful if should be. mafhemafical knowledge fo fhaf person fo whom sleep comes sheep hop fhe fence. l-le will find if adequafe. unwarranfed folerance foward our successors, "They're more fo be pified fhan censured." Fosfer leaves-defermined fo find beffer employmenf for his mind. Dolan fakes her diploma and leaves your conclusion fo yourself. Gerardi leaves her doubfs abouf The Junior class unvoiced. lsakson leaves a feminine frown upon any iubilanf Junior-why should fhe rascal fha? if's nof whaf Brown leaves her affer less fhan fen Moeller leaves an be happy? Hoff leaves unworried abouf his supreme sacrifice-fhe severing of fies wifh old Forf Lee. Wood leaves his new philosophy fo whom if may be careful." King leaves 'rhe Ladder of Success fo fhe Juniors-fhe mosf successful will nof be able fo rise fo fhe lowesf rung. How sad! Rosenfhal leaves fhe quesfion, "Are fhe boys fhe fo be answered by a knowing undergraduafe. Harf and Allen leave a message for fhe feachers if looks suspiciously like a corsage of poison ivy. Bernard bequeafhs his sense of comedy value fo fhose who will puf if fo good use. Dempsey besfows fhe name of 'rhaf beaufy soap fo anyone who will enclose a sfamped, concern, "lf you can'f be good, genflemen fhey appear fo be?" in fhe language of flowers, and self-addressed envelope. Barry wills her suspicions of Sanfa fo some ofher skepfic, perhaps M. Sommerhalder. Heins leaves lovely Sylvia fo fhe mercy of fhe Junior boys. Marino leaves us all aware of fhis frufh, "The force of his own merif makes his way." Gabriel bequeafhs fhe secref of her smile fo all, "lf you would be happy, learn fo please." Orflip and DiVincenzo will food for fhoughf fo fhe numskulls needing nufrifion. Monnier leaves us wifh fears for democracy when he reminds us of suggesfed com- munism in fhe movie "So Red fhe Rose." TI-IE CLASS WILL-AND WILL NOT Shaw and STridde will Their copy of The song "STay as Swede as You Are" To The TirsT admirer oT Garbo wholll have iT. TesTa and PenTiTalIo leave everyThing-The doors are being waTched. Liberman and Sheehan will Their 'willingness To pose Tor The phoTographer To Those who also care To remember. Ferraro leaves The IocaTion oT The FounTain oT YouTh To The Junior class. I-le believes ThaT perpeTual youTh is The only Thing ThaT will make graduaTion possible Tor mosT oT Them. Rossi and Rice leave more Than They'lI ever know-we Torged Their signaTures IXXI. Somrnerhalder and EhrhardT leave a doubTTul desTiny as a giTT To Those who like guessing games. EIbrechT leaves-and iusT makes iT. Smolin leaves This impression, "I am a man and no one can be indiTTerenT To me." ChrisTiansen and Klebs leave an enviable assorTmenT oT labels, wrappers, and carTons To The one who longs Tor ThaT "giTT. absoIu+eIy Tree." Crozier leaves no one To Till his shoes-so They will be used Tor classrooms. HewiTT and WeTTer leave-and aren'T sorry. BarTh leaves us laughing-which is as iT should be. Salussolia leaves her abiliTy To play baskeTbaIl To nexT year's IoaskeTbalI Team- They'II need iT. Carrara leaves To all who know her a sip Trom The cup oT happiness. lvlanzo leaves her hearT as an open book-so ThaT you may read and marvel aT iTs perTecTion. Piccirillo leaves her smile To anyone who can use iT. Sedlak leaves a dream' oT riches and Tame To be conTinued by you aT your leisure. Schauble leaves To all This requesT-"The man oT one Thing is The man oT success. Please, Tind one Thing and do iT Tor me. I don'T wanT To be a Tailure." AnTonini and Fabry leave us cause Tor worry. They besTow upon JoreT Their musical inclinaTions. DaITon bequeaThs The disTiIled venom oT beauTiTul insulTs To nexT year's Senior cynic. Jockel and Clark leave The happiness oT helping oThers To Those who also derive pleasure from eiecTing humaniTy Trorn revolving doors. Jacobs leaves her poIiTical views To all. lShe sees no reason To obiecl' because The A.A.A. is a blow To The Big Bad WoIT. IT piggies are precious, IeT him eaT cake.l Kurz and Donahue each leave a pockeTTul oT sunshine-or is iT iusT a shine on The serge? Woolson and Ranges will Their inTeresT in reTinemenT and cuITure To Larry Blades. Samol leaves The mischiefs ThaT are pasT, and promises To be good. CasTellini, Dowdell, and Mundinger will a Theme Tor The Tardy, "The proud will sooner lose Their way To school Than ask iT." Feuerbach leaves someThing To keep her in The minds oT Those who wouldn'T "by chance" wanT To TorgeT. Clendinen and Nelson besTow noThing upon The undergrads, Tor They keep The secreT of scholasTic success To Themselves. Nagle leaves her abiIiTy To have pleasure aT The maIe's expense To The "worldly wise" l"larclwicks. TWENTY-FIVE TWENTYASIX Ofvos gives noihing-bui he's willing io Jralk business. Bain leaves +his iruih, "My desire is ro make whaf hasie I can io be gone." l-lefieran and Peferson leave inioxicafed wifh whar 'rhey've seen and heard, while mosl' of us leave iusi drunk wifh delighr. Porrino leaves us wiih a simple ceremony--snaiching fhe diploma on +he run. Ernsi leaves casualiies of cupid's cussedness. l'leus bequearhs a freasure in felephone 're-mp+a+ions. Don'+ crowd boys! l-look wills his repuiaiion as "mas+er oi his feel and cap+ain of his soles" 'ro any dancing one who proves worihy of if. De Fabees wills his words of advice 'ro someone who easily forgeis-The saiesl' obiecr of his benevolence. Maissano leaves her geographical knowledge fo +hose who wouldn'+ mind arriving a+ surprising desiinafions. Mann bequeaihs 'rhe bases of bliss 'ro Those who would make learning enjoyable, "Slumber on. l-le ihar sleeps feels noi Jrhe growing pains oi educa+ion." Braun and Glaab leave iheir sympaihies io ihose who are so bankrupr in imaginaiion as 'ro be unable io appreciaie +his class will. All oihers give noihing iill ihe Share-+he-Wealih movemeni gefs 'rhe official sramp of approval. CLASS SONG Tune: LIGHTS OUT Good-bye For? Lee On Jrhis momenious day we parl' We'll always keep A fond allusion in our hearis The hour has come for parring And proudly forih we'll go lnro ihe world Each +o conquer every foe. On Jrhis las'r day When we leave your porials sirong Each one recalls Joyous hours spenr in song. Bur Jrho we leave in sorrow We'll iravel liie's long road Success we'll seek Slill remembering you Fori Lee. Lilyan Gabriel CLASSES TWENTY-EIGHT J U NIORS CLASS OF T937 ln Their Treshman year, The class OT I937 won The inTerclass baseball championship. They were also The TirsT Treshman class To hold a Tormal graduaTion. During Their sophomore year, They won The inTerclass baseball championship. Their play THE FTORIST SHOP was vicTorious in TheT year's inTerclass play conTesT. ln Their junior year, The girls won The inTerclass basl4eTball Championship, and The boys, The inTerclass baseball championship. They won The inTerclass award Tor The second consecuTive Time wiTh THE HAPPY JOURNEY, and one member oT This group won The individual cup. The class oTTicers were: KenneTh Schauble, presidenT7 Warren Campbell, vice-president Heinz Meis, Treasurer: Helen lTlconen, secreTary. The TaculTy advisers were Miss Joyce, Miss Scannell, and Miss Warrn. SOPI-ICDMCDRES cmssoriwe Early one morning in lhe monlh ol Seplember, l935, The sophomores were admilled lo 'lhe Senior High. The sophomores were well represenlecl lhis year in The Variefy Show and on all arh- lelic leams. Some sophomores look perl in lhe school play DADDY LONG LEGS. Olher drama sludenls formed lhe casl ol THANK YCU, DOCTOR, lhe sophomore class's enlry in lhe inlerclass play confesl. The home room advisers were lvliss Waller, Miss Dull, Miss Vorees, lvlr. Miller, and lvlr. Hanna, I TWENTY-NINE X.! ff A Pm A ff: LEARNING- gy-L? T0 Dmvca FO vi . THEpRn.3JPlXl IOR I A . 1 L 9 N N n f Y, ,, +.4.,., '.' - . W'2'u'.u' '. '. . '- f.-:ff .-,.g.-.W-. V, . ., .-., 58 , , -29:21:11.220 5 ,'. "4 ' Q .- . . . ,lu .'. .,,i. N' '- 'Q ' "1 ', .'g.". ., '.-.'- 'U ' '. ': '. fl, .' 1, .. ,l I vm A. - n . . , , . ., . 3 5 I 'I ' a '.' "A"-' I . , . . -, v . . , . . 1 u'v","l ,n.'::'-.'1" .3 '." 0 '.,'. ' . I " I ' ? My O f M I 0 x 'Y , L, Q JM Q '1:-f -- , N1 +, WHY Ib IT THAT -50 MANY PEOPLE 1-:Ava FQNEND5 AT LUNCH -TIME? X 1 'H cms? ,wNRw axWWy HAVE ANY ,Io v EFFECT5 ,, , om THE sronemrs f YN QNX , VX X' YK is-.7 wi x MX X THROMIINQ- ERASERS Kgfiffi? V 4 KEPT THE 3A5E- Q J ' Eg ,f BALL- PLAYER5 12 5 IN TPIVX Downwa- W THE COLD LJQNTER - QQ 'A --sfur 1 T'- ORGANIZATIONS Tl-l I RTY-TWO THE CO-Y This year, The career of The Co-Y girls began wiTh a Trip To WesT PoinT. AnoTher OT Their evenTs was a "weeny roasT" To which They inviTed The l-li-Y boys. During The year, They helped The TraTTic squad by lceeping order in The caTeTeria line aT lunch Time. Some of The girls also parTicipaTed in The play "Seven Keys To Bald- paTe" which was produced by The Hi-Y. The officers OT The Co-Y were: Virginia Clendinen, presidenT, Gladys Weaver, vice- presidenT: and Louise AnTonini, secreTary4Treasurer. Miss Anderson and Miss OeTTel were TaculTy advisers. HLY CLUB Organizing a Traveling DepuTaTion Team on "Peace," presenTing The play "Seven Keys To BaldpaTe," consTrucTing and operaTing a Y.lvl.C.A. World War RaTion l'luT aT The Fall Bazaar, posTing movie bulleTins, sponsoring a saTeTy campaign, giving aTTer- noon dances and ushering aT various evenTs were some oT The many acTiviTies sponsored by The Hi-Y Club This year. Elmer l'leus was presidenT: KenneTh Schauble, vice'presidenTg l-larry King, secreTary: William l-loTT, Treasurer: l-lenry OrTlip, chaplain: and l-leinz Meis, hisTorian. Mr. Miller served as TaculTy adviser. Tl-TE SENIOR l-IONQR SCDCIETY To promoTe worThy leadership, To encourage The developmenlr oT charac3Ter, To Turlher scholarship, and To increase The desire To render service among The sTudenTs oT This school are The aims oT The l-lonor SocieTy. ln order To increase The working c:apiTal oT The Scholarship Loan Eund, which was sTarTed lasT year, The l"lonor SocieTy sponsored a Tall bazaar. This bazaar neTTed SI93.39, malcnq The ToTal oT The Tund fiS4l6.7l. The oTTicersgRoberTa Nelson, presidenT: Marie Manzo, vice-presidenT and Treasurer: PeTer Marino, secreTary. The TaculTy advisers were Mrs. E. Foley and Miss E. VVarren. SENIOR STUDENT CGUNCII. The Senior Council is a parT oT The sTudenT qovernmenT whose purpose is To lceep The homerooms acquainTed wiTh The acTion oT This governing body. This orqanizaTion is divided inTo Two groups. The STudenT Council consisTs oT Two members Trom each homeroom. The STudenT Commission, The oTher qroup, has The only oTTicers elecTed by The enTire sTudenT body. They are as Tollows: William Crozier, presidenT, Charles LieaTa, vice-presidenT' Elmer l-leus, Tinance commiTI'ee represenTa- Tive: and Gladys Weaver, secreTary. Mrs, Quinn was sponsor: Miss Meelror and Miss Scannell, Tinance advisers. Tl-TIRTY-Tl-TREE THIRTY-FOUR FRENCH CLUB The purpose of lhe French Club is +0 furlher +he knowledge of +he French language and cusloms. The meelings are conducled enlirely in French. Sfudenls receiving "A" a+ The end of fhe lirsl semes+er in second year French and all Jrhird-year sludenls are enfilled lo ioin. One of lheir mosl successful aclivilies for lhe year was 'rhe cooperalion given lo +he l-lonor Sociely lor +he la++er's Tall bazaar. The meelings were conduc+ed by Muriel Ranges, president Emile Monnier, vice- presidenlz Margarel Haalcer, seci-e+ary. Miss Warren acfed as sponsor. STENO-TYPE CLUB Each member is a sluderil' of The 'rwo mosl' valuable commercial subiecis, shorlhand and lypewrihng, and The club endeavors lo slimulale friendship berween +he many fulure slenographers and secrelaries. The high spol ol lhe club's aclivilies was The annual Sleno-Type dance, which +his year was The mos? successful of all years. The meeiings were conducled by Rila Caslellini, presidenl: Marge Sedlalc, vice- presidenlg and Rose DiVincenzo, secrefary. The success of +he Sieno-Type Club is a resull of lhe inleresl and cooperalion ol ils adviser, Miss Scannell. TI-IE FINANCE CCDIVIMITTEIQ A sysTemaTic and accuraTe record oT all moneys received and disbursed by exTraf curricular acTiviTies was recorded by The Finance CommiTTee which meT weelmly. The club was organized Tor business purposes and Tor This reason holds no social aTTaurs. There are six members, under The supervision oT Ivliss Scannell and Ivliss Schwab. The oTTicers were: RenaTo Flaim, chairman? and DoroThy Sillery, secreTary. SENIOR I-IIGI-I TRAFFIC SQUAD The Senior I-Iigh TraTTic Squad has endeavored To Iceep up The policy oT previous years: namely, To keep order and quieT in The corridors and To Tollow The Tigure eighT plan in The passing oT classes. AT all Times The sTudenTs are obliged To Iceep To The righT. To cuT across The line only in The cenTer and To pass around The men on dufy aT The norTh and The souTh ends oT The halls, The commiTTee had as iTs oTTicers This year: Andrew Bain, presidenTg Chadwick Garoni, vice'presidenT: DoroThy FrnsT, secreTary: and RenaTo Flaim, capTain. Ivlrs. Quinn and Miss QeTTel were TacuITy advisers. TI-IIRTY FIVF TI-I I RTY-SIX VARSITY BASEBALL Eor The eighTh consecuTive Time, The VarsiTy BasIceTbaII Team under The leadership oT Coach Spence came Through wiTh The Bergen CounTy League TiTIe. This year, how- ever, The sguad shared honors wiTh Lodi. The varsiTy lineup was Bill Allen and Mario De Pedrini as Torwards: Milce CaTania and PeTer Marino, guards: and BuTT Crozier, cenTer. The Team won Trom Congers, DumonT, WesTwood, LyndhursT and The Alumni: IosT To Pearl River: and divided Two games each wiTh Leonia and ClosTer. VARISITY BASKETBALL As This issue oT The PIONEER goes To press, The EorT Lee baseball Team has virTuaIIy won The Bergen CounTy InTerschoIasTic League championship by winning all oT The eleven games played so Tar. Again This year Mr. Spence has placed a well balanced Team on The Tield and IT promises To have an excepTionaIIy good season. CaTania is a piTcher oT abiIiTy, and De Pedrini, his baTTery maTe, hiTs well. The inTieId. wiTh CapTain Marino aT TirsT, Elaim aT second, I-IarT or CuTrupi aT shorT, and DaITon or Bowen aT Third is a Tine Tielding uniT. The ouTTieId is made up oT heavy-hiTTing Blacles, The Tlashy-Tielding Grsino, and The TIeeT Callagee. if' ' " ii' , r A if GERMAN CLUB Der Deulsche Verein, whose main inleresl is lo aid in The furlhering of German, held ifs meelings on Jrhe Third Eriday of each monlh. During lhe meerings, reporls on currenl Topics concerning Germany were presenred. games were played, songs sung, and popular and classical music enjoyed. Drama appeared occasionally in lhe form of dialogues and shorl scenes. The dihferenr forms ol enrerrainmenr were direcred by rhe program commirree, which succeeded in developing a closer friendship among lhe German sfudenrs. The meerlngs were presided over by Elmer Heusp George Srridde was vice-presidenlq and Marie Manzo, secrelary. Miss Waller was Lho 'liOCUliy adviser. LAUN SOCH Honor srudenrs of Lafin I and all srudenfs of Larin ll, III, and IV may consrirure rhe Lalin Club. This sociery endeavors ro encourage Lafin scholarship by providing a reward for achievemenr in Jrhe srudy. Clark Eosfer was president Bernard Smolovir, vice-presi- dent and Eleanor Krall, secrerary. Miss Durr was The faculry adviser. Tl-HRTYSEVEN THIRTY-EIGHT DADDY LONG LEC-ES This Term ForT Lee's annual school play was "Daddy Long Legs" wiTh BerT Ward and RuTh Nagle in The TiTle roles. The charming TrusTee who TirsT inTroduces Judy To Daddy Long Legs was played by Emily Naerhlich. OTher TrusTees were Edgar Lassins and James Wangeman. Daddy Long Legs Turns ouT To be The very nice John PendleTon, Judy's roornmaTe's uncle, wiTh whom Judy has Tallen in love. Judy's roommaTes were played by KaTherine Felner and Lucille ElTenbein. Lucille's broTher who Talls in love wiTh Judy was played by William Nealon. DRAMA I Drama I, a ninTh-grade class, made a good beginning and promises an acTive upper- class group Tor nexT year. Their TirsT producTion was "BroThers," a peace play given Tor ArmisTice Day. Several members oT This class showed The righT spiriT in Trying ouT Tor The school play, and more Than a Tew had parTs. One leading parT and mosT oT The "children oT The orphanage" were chosen Trom This group. The choice OT Drama I Tor The one-acT play conTesT was "The TrysTing Place." ATTer many disappoinTmenTs and much real work, The play was produced in a saTis- Tac+ory manner. DRAMA H The hero and heroine, as well as several leading parTs Tor "Daddy Long Legs," were selecTed Trom This group which also presenTed "The Real Gloriail aT CliTTside Park T-ligh School. From This class and Drama lll were casT The characTers in "The Happy Journey," The play enTered by l:orT Lee in The N. J. Forensic League ConTesT and laTer in a sTaTewide compeTiTion in which iT received The iudges' TirsT-class award. Drama ll supplied The casTs Tor The plays "Op O' My Thumb," given aT The convenTion OT The NorThern New Jersey LiTTle TheaTre League: "Pearls," l:orT Lee's TirsT radio DRAMA HI The TirsT class To be called Drama ll! was organized This year under The direcTion oT Miss Mixer. Make-up arTisTs, sTage help, assisTanT coaches, voice specialisTs, Ticl4eT dramaTic broadcasT' and "The ChrisTmas Carol. enThusiasTs, business manager, errand boys, adverTising agenTs, and general nuisances have all had a chance To pracTice Their arTs. To Their crediT came The besT individual cup award, The producTion oT "Two Crooks and a Lady," and "The ChrisTmas Card." Adorg an l acTresses appeared in public perTormances, and valuable baclcsTage assisTance was given by The sTudenTs oT Drama III Tor any perTormance wheTher Tor class, assembly, or public producTion. THIRTY-NINE FORTY WMLATHJC CLUB As The PhilaTelic Club enTered on iTs ninTh successive year, iT played a larger parT Than ever in The liTe oT The school. The club Took an acTive parT in The l-lonor SccieTy Fall Bazaar. AT Chrislmas Time The club sonT albums and sTamps To Bergen Pines l-lospiTals. This year marked The enTry oT The club in The Third lnTernaTional ExposiTion aT The Grand CenTral Palace. lTs membership was increased To TwenTy-Tive, wiTh The Tollowing oTTicers: Edgar Lassins, presidenT: l-larold Richardson, vice-president Edna Kahl, secreTary: RuTh Nagle, represenTaTive To The NaTional l3ederaTion oT STamp Clubs: Nicholas Noolas, sergeanT-aT-arms: Muriel Troy, conTesT commiTTee7 Carl B. STrong, TaculTy adviser. UBRARY STAFF "Books are The happiness oT man," and books are The happiness oT The Library STaTT. The Library STaTT, which consisTs oT sevenTeen members, meeTs once each week. These regular meeTings Tend To increase The sTudenT's knowledge oT greaT books and oT greaT wriTers. Also, To arouse This inTeresT sTill TurTher, The STaTT visiTed The New York Public Library aT ForTy-second STreeT. The STaTT is ably supervised by Miss FiTzgeraId, school librarian. GIRLS' BASKETBALL For The Third consecuTive year, The girls' inTerclass baskeTbaII championship was won by The .lunior Girls. The compeTiTion beTween The Juniors and Seniors was very keen This year. BoTh Teams looked Torward To winning The championship. LasT year The Seniors deTeaTed The Juniors. ln This year's game, aT The end oT The TourTh guarTer The score was Tied. Two exTra periods were required beTore The winning poinT was made. The Team was coached by Miss DoroThy Major, gym insTrucTor, as were Teams re- presenTing each oT The oTher classes. Tl-IE ART CLASS This year The arT classes have accomplished many Things including oil-painTings, char- coal drawing, pasfel and waTer color work. To increase Their knowledge of arT, They have Taken numerous Trips To diTTerenT museums and arT exhibiTs. The arT classes, under The direciTon oT Miss OrTlip, ended Their school year wiTh an exhibiTion oT The year's work. FORTY-ON F FORTY-TWO BAND The Junior-Senior High School Band This year had TiTTy members. Field drill was omiTTed This year. In iTs sTead Mr. Prall organized a year-round symphonic uniT. lvlosT oT The ousTanding conTribuTions were made To The many ouT-oT-school organi- zaTions. The mosT imporTanT school TuncTion Tor which The band provided music was The circus. The band is organized Tor The speciTic purpose of TosTering civic co- operaTion. JUNICDR-SENIOR SYMPI-IONIC ORCHESTRA The orchesTra comprised TiTTy-nine members who, direcTed by Mr. Prall, conTribuTed To The ouTsTanding evenTs oT The year such as The school play, The Hi-Y play, Physical EducaTion program Trom The grade schools, and commencement They senT Two represenTaTives To The All STaTe OrchesTra which perTormed aT The STaTe Teachers ConvenTion in ATlanTic CiTy and also aT The lvleTropoliTan Opera House in April. This year seven members Took The All STaTe OrchesTra examinaTions. SENIOR l-HOT-l SCHOOL CHOIR The choir parTicipaTed in a concerT in November To send represenTaTives To The All STaTe Chorus. They planned To malce some conTribuTions To The assembly louT owing To a Tull schedule noT much was accomplished. The ouTsTanding presenTaTion was The GilberT and Sullivan lvlusicale ThaT was given wiTh The aid oT alumni and The newly-organized Civic OrchesTra under The direcTion oT lvlr. Charles A. Prall. FORTY Tl-lRl.E W JUNIOR I-IIGI-I FORTY-SIX i l MNMORlMGH CGUNCMWW The Junior l-ligh Council is made up of sevenllliileighlh, and ninlh-year slrudenls. Each homeroom is enlilled lo one represenlalive lor every lwenly sludenls or fraclion lhereol. +s purpose is lo promole lhe general welfare of Jrhe school loy giving The sludenls The opporlunily lo lake upon rhemselves some of The responsibililies ol good cilizens and good leaders. Myles Kilcarr, nin+h-year commissioner, is chairman: Joan Tracy, eighlh-grade com- missioner, is secrelaryf and Peler Rohr represenls 'rhe sevenlh grade. MUSEUM CLUB Trips lo museums, discussions, and demonslrarions aided The clulo in accomplishing ils purpose +o learn more abouf Nalural l-lislory. During lheir club period 'rhey correlaled inlormalion concerning science worlc and made exhibils lhal were pul on display. Bird, lndian, and nalure conlesls were also high-spols of lhe Clubls aclivilies. James Kruge was president Franlc Anlonini, vice-presidenly' and Muriel Orsino, secrelary. ff' ' ""' 7-1 The Forl Lee Junior l-ligh School Choir This group gave a mosl inleresling and inspiring program al Easler under 'rhe direc- lior of lhe new Junior High School supervisor, Mr. G. Leighlon Phillips. The concerl consisled ol choruses, solos, lrios, and inslrumenlal groups. GAMESTERS CLUB ln order lo learn 'lhe diflerenf lypes of games Thai sludenls may play in Jrheir leisure lime, lhe Gameslers Club was organized. Due lo 'rhe greaf number of pupils inreresled in lhis 'rype ol Thing, Jrwo sponsors, Miss Schwab and Miss Neville, were necessary. ln addilion lo chess, checkers, pinochle, and rummy, some of lhe new games learned were "coffee pol," "snap" and "you," Ann Poilras acled as presidenl, wilh Blasco Buscemi, vice-presidenl, and John Verdi, secre+ary. FORTY-SEVEN FORTY-EIGI-IT JUNIOR I-IIGI-I STAMP CLUB The Sramp Club exisls Io srimulale in 'rhe slrudenrs of Ihe sevenlh and eighlh grades an inleresr in sI'amps. Graleiully Ihey accepl Ihe advice of Miss Edirh Jones. Donald Cavaliere acled as "pcsI masler general" of The group, and Remo Segallo as clerk. JUNIOR I-IIGI-I TRAFFIC SQUAD The Junior High rralliic squad is made up of Iwo boys from each homeroom, chosen and encouraging senlimenls of order and respecl school. The squad meers once a week 'ro discuss Ior Ihe purpose oi mainfaining for Ihe righrs of olhers in The Irarlic problems wirh Miss Jones, Iheir adviser. The officers are: I-Iarry Allison, chairman and Nicholas Noolas, secrelary. Tl-lE TRAVEL AND EXPLORATION CLUB The purpose oT This club is To Tollow The advenTures oT modern pioneers. This year The members enjoyed Richard E. Byrd and Lincoln EllsworTh. The oTTicers are Dallin Clausen, chairman: and KenneTh WhaTley, secreTary. I-IANDICRAFT CLUB JusT one year ago The T-landicraTT Club came inTo exisTence wiTh RiTa STol4es as presidenT, Sarah ScoTT as secreTary, and Mrs. Sundberg as sponsor. They meT every Wednesday, The Third period. AT ThaT Time each girl made her own arTicles. The girls This year limiTed Themse res To crocheTing poclceTboolcs, collar and cuTT seTs, and haTs and scarTs. This club has spenT many enioyable as well as proTiTable hours wiTh This worlc. FORTY-NINE FIFTY JUNIOR HIGH CAIvIERA CLUB Wifli fhe aid of Ivliss Orflip, fhe Camera Club was able fhis year fo feach ifs mem- bers somefhing abouf phofography in fhe making. Throughouf fhe year fhe club proved very successful and useful by working in fhe darlc- room, developing andprinfing picfures for fhe PIONEER, and picfures of fhe clifferenf proiecfs fhaf were serif fo Trenfon. The club also held a sfudio hour affer school. Arax Simsarian was presidenf: James Bigqio, vice-presidenf: Edward Walfers, secre- faryt and Evelyn Suffon, freasurer. JUNIOR HIGH ORCHESTRA Wifh fwemfy-nine members and Mr. Prall as direcfor fhe Orchesfra fhis year was quife successful. They parficipafed in all Junior High assemblies and also proved very helpful af fhe ninfh grade commencemenf. THE HOBBY CLUB The Hobby Club was composed of a group ol boys from lhe ninlh grade, who chose il for 'rhe opporlunily if presenled lo malce useful arlfcles from malerials available in rhe manual Training deparlmenl. Some of These arlicles were sailboals, eleclric molors, birdhouses, radios, and small cedar chesls. Under fhe supervision ol lvlr. Bridenburg, lhey mel once a weelc in lhe shop lor a filly-minule period. For an ouling lhe club wenl on a "ho+-dog" roasl. HOME NURSING CLUB The l-lome Nursing Club, composed of Junior High girls, was organized lor prnclical nursing ol a sorl. lls social aclivifies included an enlerlainmenl lor lhe l-losless Club. I+ also presenled a Red Cross play +ha+ proved a success. Marie Caruso was ils president Miss Villano, ils sponsor. FIFTY-ONE FIFTY-TWO Tl-IE I-TQSTESS CLUB Two successTul years have been compleTed by The l-losTess Club wiTh Filomena Mar- Tino as presidenT and Miss BergsTrom as sponsor. OpporTuniTies were given members To learn more abouT Table seTTings, manners, and oTher branches oT homemaking. The club was called upon in many occasions which demanded knowledge of These arTs. ln one meeTing iT was The hosTess oT a similar organizaTion, The Home Nursing Club. Tl-IE ORANGE AND BLACK DRAMATIC CLUB The Orange and Black DramaTic Club's main obiecT in meeTing was To geT more people really inTeresTed in some oT The inTeresTing phases oT The drama. ln order To do This The club spenT mosT oT iTs Time on reporTs concerning educaTional maTTers. Every week a diTTerenT Junior l'ligh homeroom enTerTained The club wiTh shorT plays, charades, panTomimes, and reporTs on drama. The members Took a Trip early in The year To see "Jumbo." This year's oTTicers consisTed oT DoroThy Drake, presidenT: and BeTTy LauTenschlager, secreTaryg while Mrs. Rehberg served as TaculTy adviser. i NATIGNAL JUNICDR I-IONCDR SCDCIETY Scholarship! Service! Leadership! Characlerl These are lhe qualifies for which fhe Narional Junior Honor Sociefy slands. Slarling ihe year wilh eighf members, +he For! Lee Chapler doubled i+s enrollmenl during lhe fall lerm. The officers were: l-lelmul Schranlc, president Edward Waller, vice-president Rila Sfolces, secrelaryy and Theresa Lyons, lreasurer. The facully advisory council consisfed of Mr. Cole, Miss Neville, Mrs. Sundloerg, and Mrs. Kuhlnnann. FIFTYVTHREE APPRECIATION This PIONEER would noT be compIeTe wiThouT an expression OT appreciaTion Trom The STaTT To Those who assisTed in producing The book: The local esTabIishmenTs who sub- miTTed adverTisemenTs3 Ivliss OrTIip and The camera club, who made The amaTeur phoToqraphs: Mrs. Mildred Clarlc, whose view oT ForT Lee lTrom The STaTe oT New Jersey DeparTmenT oT AgricuITurel is reproduced on The TIyIeaT3 The Townspeople who aTTended The beneTiTg The TacuITy who allowed Their classes To be disrupTed in order ThaT phoTographs mighT be Talceny and The I-Iigh School Unil' oT The P. T. A. who generously paid Tor a Tull-page adverTisemenT and Then donaTed The space To The sTaTT To sell To oTher adverTisers. ADVERTISEMENTS nr I ROBERT STUART, Treasurer HECTOR GRUPELLI, Secrefary THEODORE STENDEL, Presiden+ and General Manager SCIENTIFIC ENGRAVING COMPANY PHOTO-ENGRAVINGS OF EVERY DESCRIPTION IN ONE OR MORE COLORS DESIGNING AND ILLUSTRATING FOR CATALOGUE AND ADVERTISING PURPOSES O Telephones CI-Iickering 4-I396, I397, I398 406 'ro 426 WEST 3Is+ STREET NEW YORK Telephone CI-Iickering 4-3960 APEDA STUDIO Photographers for the 1936 Pioneer PHOTOGRAPHY IN ALL OF ITS POSSIBILITIES 2I2-2I6 WEST 48+h STREET NEW YORK CITY Phones FOr+ Lee 8-0092, OO93 HOEBEL Florist New Conservatory Route One and Six FORT LEE, N. J. Health and Physical Education The SAVAGE SCHOOL conducls an accredlied course in The theory and practice of health and physical education: prepares men and women I-Iigh School graduates to Till positions as supervisors, directors, Teachers, and leaders in colleges, schools, playgrounds, recreation and cornmunily centers, carnps, clubs, and industrial organizations. Catalog Upon Request Employment Bureau for Graduates Register now for class entering on September 25, I936 Graduates of This three year course may com Iete the Bachelor of Science Degree require- me s in one additional ear at certain recog- P nf y nized colleges. SAVAGE SCHOOL 308 WEST 59+h STREET NEW YORK, N. Y. YEARS OF STUDY IN SCULPTURE AND DESIGN ENABLE US TO CREATE MEMORIALS SUITED TO TI-IE MOST EXACTING REQUIREMENTS Riverside Monument Works ROCHELLE PARK . . NEW JERSEY C. G. SNEFFERT I72 Lalce S+., Englewood, N. J. Visi+ors are welcomed to view +l1e process of carving memorials Telephone EOM Lee 8-Ol32 Esialolishecl I863 PALISADE MEAT MARKET RUDOLPI-l HOOK, Prop. Hygrade Meafs, Poulfry and Provisions - Sea Food, Vegefables and Delica+essen Free Delivery l65 MAIN STREET Telephone FOri Lee 8-O43l TARANTO Sl CO. Choice Mea+s, Fruiis and Vege+ables 4+h STREET and WASHINGTON AVE. COYTESVILLE, N. J. Complirnenls of . . . DR. D. EIGENFELD 0. K. DELICATESSEN CHARLES SCHEIMER I90 MAIN STREET FORT LEE, N. J Telephone FOr+ Lee 8-OOIO RIGHTER'S PHARMACY I43 MAIN STREET FORT LEE, N. J. Telephone CLilIside 6-O93I PADISADE Rexall DRUG STORE, Inc. AT THE JUNCTION PALISADE, N. J. R. E. GHENT Plumbing, Hea+ing, Me+aI Work Oldesl Plumbing and I'Iea+ing Eslablishmenr in Eorl' Lee-Esfablished I895 I 656 PARKER AVENUE FORT LEE, N. J. P. Napoli Sz Sons, Inc. J E W E L E R S 3 Sfores 208 Main S+. 730 Anderson Ave. For+ Lee Oranfwood 454 Cedar Lane Tea-neck Esrablished I9I4 Class Emblems of former years replaced ai' nominal fee Blue M0011 Ice Cream Ihe iavorile af school cafelerias, hospifals, golf and couniry clulos . Ihe choice of all who demand good ice cream . . . +ha'r's good Ioryou.. There's a Blue Moon Dealer in Your Neighborhood . . AI' Your Service BLUE MOON ICE CREAM CO. Bergemhield, N. J. Phone CLiFFsIde 6-I I27 Dr. Curry and Grantwood Dr. Carhart Lumber Co., Inc. D e n 1' i s 1' s Lumber and Millwork "AT THE JUNCTlON" 359 OAKDENE AVENUE GRANTWOOD, N. J. COMPLIMENTS - QF - JOSEPH COOK Complimenls of . . . T. J. DERFUS and ASSOCIATES FORT LEE, N. J. Telephone EOr'r Lee 8-3206 OUALITY SERVICE F . A . M A J 0 R I E COAL - KOPPER'S COKE - FUEL OIL I646 MAPLE STREET FORT LEE, NEW JERSEY Telephone EOr+ Lee 8-3064 WHEN YOU SEE RED or WHEN YOU FEEL BLUE Meel me af REDWOOD TAVERN Cocldail Bar and Grill WASHINGTON BRIDGE PLAZA FORT LEE, N. J. SCHLESINGEIVS "GOOD CLOTHES" BERGENLINE AT I4+h WEST NEW YORK Compliments .1 O-li, A. JOHNSON l P ct msmurt Courses of intensive character, preparing for various occupations in busincss and for the professions of accountancy and shorthand reporting, and including both technical and cultural subjects, are given at Pace Institute for men and women in daytime and evening classes. The courses include the following: Accountancy for C.P.A. Practice Summary CC.P.A.J Accountancy Accountancy and Business Administration Secretarial Practice Shorthand Reporting Shorthand Speed Classes Advertising and Marketing Selling and Marketing Credit Science Bulletin, interesting vocational booklets, and class dates are available upon re- quest. Inquire of the Registrar lwy per- sonal call, by letter, or by telephone, BArelay 7-8200. Visitors are welcome. PACE INSTITUTE 2.151 36'RT5'W COMPLIMENTS OF... FORT LEE ATHLETIC CLUB, Inc. COMPLIMENTS OF . . . LAWRENCE A. CAVINATO Sound Instruction Founded i865 RIDER COLLEGE Authorized Degrees -- Placement Service - College Activities Fall Term Begins September 8th WRITE FOR CATALOGUE Trenton, N. J. Cornplimenls of . . . E . G E R B E R Sfafionery Phone EOM Lee 8-2498-W GEORGE E. ABBOTT Pianos Tuned and Repairecl Musical lnslrumenls 2069 LE MOINE AVENUE FRED ELBRECHT PAINTS and HARDWARE 474 MAIN STREET Wesf Forr Lee. N. J. SI at-jim miveiwirc BOROUGH HALL DIVISION SUMMER SESSION JUNE 3 and 22 COLLEGE of ARTS and SCIENCES Day and Evening Courses leading +o degree B.S. or in preparalion 'For Law School. Fall Term Sepf. I4. SCHOOL of LAW Three-year Day or Evening Course leading lo degree of LL.B. Pos? Graduaie Course leading +o degree J.S.D. or LL.M. Fall Term Sep+. 2I. SCHOOL of COMMERCE Day or Evening Courses leading +0 degree B.S. in Econ., or B.B.A. for High School Teaching and in prep- araiion 'lor Law School and Ceriiliied Public Accounling Examinafions. Fall Term Sep+. 22. COLLEGE of PHARMACY Day Courses leading +o degree Ph.G., Ph.C. and B.S. in preparaiion for Medicine and Drug, Chemical and Biological fields. Classes begin Sept 2I. Regis+rar-96 Schermerhorn SI. Brooklyn, N. Y. Phone TRiangle 5-0 I 50 COMPLIMEI-ITS 1 QF .- GEORGE HEUS I MILK BUILDS HEALTH USE ITLIBERALLY Telephone UNIon 7-3825 I. GOLD, Prop. UNION CITY BUTTER 81 EGG CO. Wholesale Dealers in Buffer, Eggs and Cheese 645 BERGIENLINE AVENUE UNION CITY, N. J. PRINTED AND BOUND BY THE COMET PRESS . . . . BROOKLYN ,v ha " FAQ-yawn-P940 1 K ,whim . K ' HWFFSQ V V, " -V nf.: .Q ,Mgmt ,. , , fy .Aftq t . g:iliI':b vhsgja. Q K I nm 1 aff.. a 1. 5" 9, " 'St X x 5. QW m A 4 .. . 8, 1. ,M N - ., 1 , V 'WR '- f' 'a w ' . - ' if 11' ' gf: H lk! Nt is sr 'C H1 'A , Q K, im 1 'I if X ' J' rm Fw 'fs lf? .f-,- .. I r yr , , - ' z 3',1',S I. - - 22515 WZ! ' '!i.': 4? ry, , . ' 515' 3 vp Y. - .U-, N x wnfi-A .-. 1 war. ' '1 se-I' '

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