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22 4 M. wa- .--n-...1 -..Q- 'Will' 4 .U 1 e. qu 1 'A if 32 W, If - ' 'f 1 32 uC in ctxci f My kv 7- 4 - I r 'S f , -K , ' A 4 x x. M, cg., V ...Q-" 1 fl 523 "Q 'ige-Q12 'X ., -,..,-M., -rv-v -'an r ' ' r.' -.,gL. v ,. .at .79 in I 1, V. 'W , -,..Q.ffa"7t 74, Lf W, E555 A .,.'--.-.-1 q.,4 w ' N ' 1 .,1,.,..-.. . f 4 I '15 -1-' '14, ' K . -1- , . ""'if'?f9i'2Tii .S A . 1 i . 1 2 E ,Q ',-'jim-1, - M. , N , . ., . Nw 1 , , I . V v . fii? W I :- -O ...D L f-1? fi' Em ff TABLE OF SCHOOL BOARD. AD MINISTRATION . DEDICATION . . FACULTY . . HONOR PAGE , , STAFF' . . SENIORS ..... UNDERCLASSMEN ACTIVITIES . SPORTS . . SNAPSHOTS . . . ADVERTISEMENTS CONTENTS SEATED: Mr. Mitchell, Miss Johnson STANDING: Mr. Heard, Mr. Chase SEATED: Mr. Bowen, Mr. Wagner, Mr. McGahen STANDING: Mr. Sturdivant, Mr. Shallenberger SEATED: Mrs. Donner, Mrs. Moore, Mr. Port STANDING: Mr. Anderson, Mr. See SEATED: Mrs. Szall, Mrs. Carnahan, Mr. McGinnett STANDING: Mr. Rudolph, Mr. Wright To the Class of 1958: Now that you have completed high school, you can look ahead to broader opportunities. Many of you will continue to advanced schools, others will feel that your best opportunity is in immediate employment. Whatever you do, the rewards that you receive from life will largely depend upon the service that you are willing to render. It is my sincere hope that your experiences at Fort LeBoeuf have been of value to you, and that you will take full advantage of the oppor- tunity of citizenship in a democratic society. Cordially yours, Earl C. Stubbe Dear Students: You have a new school, a skilled faculty, approved courses, the latest in teaching aids, a progressive Board of Education, and an attractive program of extra-curricular activities. These things, wonderful as they are, do not in them- selves guarantee that you will become a good student or a respectable citizen. You alone determine the road you wish to travel. This road can be made easier for you by energetic application to the job at hand, high ideals, respect for others, and the ability to make right decisions. These are the things that insure success in life! with best regards, C' Zj4AM.J ' C. Warren Dingle x --tt," MRS, AD A CARTER I -A Mrs. Carter, you have watched us grow from one room school houses to a school system modern in every way. Though the road has been hard your courage and determination have kcpt you with us. It is with pride that we dedi- cate the 1958 Sentinel to you. Mrs. Carter, advisor of the Junior Tri-Hi-Y, serves refresh- ments at a party. MR. CHARLES MILLER Guidance and Attendance MR. STANLEY MAURER General Music and Chorus MRS . MARIE SMITH Guidance and Social Studies FACULTY MR. CHARLES BowMAN Voc. Agriculture MR. JOSEPH SHE SMAN Geography and Mathematics MRS. DELLA MARSH Secretary 5 MR, B. M. THOMAS Driver Education MR. JACQUES GELINAS Languages and Art MR. CARL BEANE Commercial MRS. DOROTHY DINGLE Librarian MRS. ISABELLE SHESMAN English MR. CARL OLSEN Industrial Arts MISS ALICE KRE LLNER Commercial MR. NORBERT CYTERSKI History and Reading MR. RICHARD DE LUCA Geography and History MR. JOHN RUSSELL Social Studies MRS. NIEDZWECKI Girls' Phys. Ed. MRS . JEAN STULL Art MR. DAVLD CARNAHAN Mathematics MR. LEWIS D OVE History MR. CARMEL BONITO Phys. Ed. and Health MRS. MARIORIE RHEA School Nurse MR. R. A. LAWRENCE Science MRS . MARY CROOKER Home Economics MRS ADA CARTER Mathe maucs MRS. SHIRLEY BROWN English MRS. ELIZABETH DAVIS MR. DANIEL KARG Home Economics Yfnn An-in-.1o..-.. MR. EDWIN ORRIS Math and Phys. Ed. MRS, NORMA WILCOX Geog. , Eng. , Art .af , MRS, SARA STULL Secretary MR. JAMES WOLFE Science Club MR. JOSEPH MASLANIK English MR. EDWARD CULBERT SON Science MR. MELVIN ROSIER Voc. Agriculture MR. ROBERT MAC CUBBIN Band MISS DOROTHY WAD SW ORTH Librarian WE HONOR Yo? MISS LOIS BYERS FOR R 'l' ,Q. 'wr X ,fr ,www dep ent. WE DEEPLY REGRET YOUR LEAVING BUT OUR LOSS IS GROVE CITY'S GAIN Q I' STAFF FIRST ROW: Richard Jenkins, Osborn Moore, Gerald Bemis, Wallace McCall Sr., Seth Himrod, Forrest Moore. SECOND ROW: Earl Steva, Fritz Bliley, Henry Steva, Leon Sweatman, Louise Pifer, Charles Laughery, Klein Barnhart. FRONT: Paul Reynolds. BACK ROW: Irene Anderson, Fred Roberts, Guy Anderson, Rebecca Hoffman Mrs. Jackie Smith, Mrs. Minnie Briggs and Mrs. Louise Chase serving, us at lunch time. T' of gf Ready to serve us are Mrs. Alward, Mrs. Hazen and Mrs. Moore. 10 Manager .QXQQXQS NYM X X Vx 4 X. ELIZABETH ALLEN NATHAN H. ALLEN Captivating and capricious, Works with zealg A popular girl With wholesome appeal, F.H.A. 1,2,3,4g F.B.I...A. 2,3,4, Prcsident3gTri -Hi-Y 2, 3, Treasurer 45 Bisonalities 2, 3, 43 Class Secretary 3, Treasurer 4, Junior Play. BILL BAINBRIDGE Comical and curious, Athletically inclined, He 's a little of Lewis And Graham combined. Lettermen's Club 2,3,4g Hi-Y 2, President 3, 45 F. T. A. 4, Sentinel 4g Science Club 4g Football 2,3, He 's not a giant, But on the mat He 's mighty strong, We're sure of that. F. T. A. 3,4g Lettermen's Club 3,4 Hi-Y 2, Secretary-Treasurer 3 Vice-President 4g Sentinel4g Library Club 23 Spanish Club 33 Chorus 2, 3, 4g Boys' Quartet 3, Wrestling 1,2, 3, 4. IVA MARIE BAUGH MAN Iva's rather a shy Little lass, We hardly know Co-Captain 4, Wrestling 2, Cap- m Shea in our Class' tain 35 Squad Leader 2,3,4g Chorus 1, 45 Junior Play. MARY ELLEN ANGERETT Slam, Bang, Chuckie, Laughg Cheer and smiles mark her path. F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 4g F. B. L. A. 2, 3, 4g Tri-I-Ii-Y 3,4g Spanish Club 35 G. A. A. 3, 4, Bisonalities 45 Chorus 4, Junior Playg Basketball 3gVolley- ball 3. FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF ERIE Waterford Waterford Office Pennsylvania 12 r.H,A. 1,43 F.B.L.A. 4gTri-Hi-Y 4. AUDREY BLILEY She 's always cheerful, Always jumpin', Never happy 'Til into sumpin'. JOHN BRIGGS Gallant and good looking, Car of his own, Friendship for all He has constantly shown. F. F. A. 1,2, Treasurer 3,4, Hi-Y 3, Treasurer 4, Lettermen's Club 2, 3, 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basket- ball 1, 2, 3, 4, Junior Play. F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, Secretary 4, History Club 1, Historian 2, Science Club Vice -President 2,G. A. A. Secretary 3, President 4, Tri -Hi-Y 2, Sec- retary 3, President 4, U. N. Dele- gate 3, Bisonalities 1, B u sine s s Manager 2, 3, Editor 4, F. T. A. Sec- retary 3, Sentinel Business Manager 4, National Honor Society 3, Sec- retary 4, F. N. C. Vice -President 4, Chorus 3, 4, Junior Play, Basketball 3, Volleyball 3. JAMES BRIGGS Nimble and quick, Takes up little space, But at wrestling He is really an ace. F. F. A. 1,2,3, Lettermen's Club 3,4, Hi-Y 3, 4, Football 1, 2, 3, Wrestling 2, 3, 4. SCHWEIKERT FUNERAL HOME Phone 215 l Waterford, Pennsylvania 13 PEGGY ANN BLUM Friendly and reserved, In her own quiet way, You '11 find her in Home -ec At least once a day. Tri-Hi-Y 3,45 F.B.L.A. 3 4 F H.A. 1,2,3,4. IIM BRUMAG IN Small but persuasive, As a playboy he 's known, But, when tested, he's able, As our school plays have shown. Hi-Y 2,3,4, F. T. A. 3,4, Band 1 2, 3, 4, Chorus 4. sw54B - ' MARLENE BURDICK Warm, vivacious, Cute and petite3 To sum it up, Marlene is sweet. F. H. A. 43 Majorette 33 History Club 23 Chorus 2, 3, 4. LLOYD L COLE Modest and mirthful, A studious lad3 Seldom, if ever, Will one find him sad. Lettermen's Club 2, 33 Baseball 1, 2,3. JOAN COFFIN Frolicsome and friendly, A nurse soon to beg To her many good friendships, Good nature is the key. D F. N . C . Historian-Parliamentarian 43 F. T.A. 3: F. H. A. 1, 2, 33 National Honor Society 3, Treas- urer 43 Bisonalities 2, 33Iunior P1ay3 History Club 23 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4. THE RANCH MOTEL "Comfortable accommodations in a quiet atmosphere" 8 miles south of Erie on U. S. 619 14 LARRY CISSON Kind of quiet, Kind of shy3 We wish good luck To a real swell guy. Hi-Y 3,42 Science Club Crew 3, 4. ROBERT COLE In his mechanics He works with zest. His quiet disposition Compares with the best. 33 Stage SU SAN DURAN Dynamic and daring, Shows school spirit, When she leads a cheer, You're sure to hear it. F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, History Club 1,2, Science Club Secretary- Treasurer 2, Bisonalities 2, Assistant Editor 3, 4, F. T. A. Vice-President 3, President 4, D ra ma ti c s Club President 4, Spanish Club 3, National Honor Society 3, 4, I u n i o r Play, Student Council 3, T r e a s u r e r 4, Basketball 2, Cheerleader 2, 3, 4, Chorus 1, 2, 3,4, Octet 3, Ensemble 4, Sextet 4. ROBERT CROCKER A friend to Brighten up the way, Not too solemn, Not too gay, Stage Crew2, 3, 4, Lettermen's Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4. PATRICIA CZESNOWSKI Merry and mischievous, Her chatter gaily flows, Her twirling is good, As everyone knows. F. B. L. A. 2, Treasurer 3, 4, F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, Parliamentarian 4, Bison- alities 1, 2, 3, 4, Sentinel 4, Twirling Club 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, Dramatics Club 4, G. A. A. 4, Chorus 4, Twirl- img 2,3, Head Majorette 4. DR. HAROLD G. HOOD Dentist Waterford Pennsylvania MARVIN CROSS Seldom misses Fun or food, You'll always find Marvin In a very good mood. Sentinel 4. SAMUEL ELDER With Sam the rink Really rates, When he 's not in his Plymouth You'll find him on skates. F. F. A. 3, Basketball 3. JOHNNY ENTLEY DORRIE ERDMAN Iohn always puts his foot In trouble3 He's here, he 's there, He must be double. F. F. A. 13 Baseball 1. RONNIE FINCH Don't be too serious For it 's wrong, Take life easy And you'll live long. F. F. A. 23 Football 2. DAVID ETHRIDGE King of the jokers He was voted3 For keeping things lively He 's very well noted. Chess Club 132: F. T. A. 3,42 Hi- Y 3,43 Dramatics Club 43 Science Club 1,2, 3,43 I.ettermen's Club 3,42 Band 1,22 Sentinel 43 Junior Play3 Wrestling 3,4. HASKINS GROCERIES 81, MEATS Waterford Pennsylvania 16 Happy and say. The fun-loving kind3 What troubles she has With her famed absent mind! F. F. A. 1,23 Tri-Hi-Y 3,43 Science Club 23 Bisonalities 2, Art Editor 43 Dramatics Club 43 F. N. C. 43 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 Junior Play . RONALD GIBSON On the quiet side And friendly too, His sleepy eyes are Laughing at you. FRAN GRAHAM Talkative and talented, A dancer divine, Her personality sparkles , Like grandfather's wine. F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, President 4, Chorus 1, 2. DONALD HALE This moment he's amusing, Next moment serious, His moods are spontaneous, Remarks are delirious, Lettermen's Club 2, 3, 4, Band 3, 4, Dance Band 3, 4, Baseball Mana er EUGENE GRAY Blushes when girls Give him a smile, This keeps his face red All the while. Lettermen's Club 2, 3, 4, F. T. A. 3, 4, Hi-Y 3, 4, Secretary 3, Drama- tics Club 4, Band 2, 3, 4, Sentinel 4, JuniorPlay, Football 1, 2, 3, Base- ball Manager 1, 2, 3, 4, Football Manager 4. LEORIA HARTMAN Efficient and energetic, Does all well, She's brownette and friendly, g CONNIE H R Which is easy to tell. 3, 4, Football Manager 2. AGE Ch Glint of mischief In her eye, Twirling is where Her interests lie. F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Song Leader 3 F. N. C. 2, Bisonalities 1, 2, 3, 4, Sentinel 4, Student Council Treas- urer2, Tri-Hi-Y Historian 4, Drama- tics Club 4, Twirling Club 3, 4, Vice-Presid ent 3, G. A. A. 3, 4, Cheerleading 1, 2, Twirling 2, Head Flag Twirler 3,4, Octet 3, Ensem- ble 4, Junior Play, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4. HEARD'S DRUGS I Waterford, Pennsylvania I 'I'l Ol'l1S 2, 3, 4, F. H. A. 2, 3, 4. -.M , ,A M ARTHA ANN HIMROD She's smart and cute and Full of fun, Has a smile for everyone. F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Bisonalities 2, 3, Dramatics Club 4, F. T. A. 4, Tri- Hi-Y 4, Sentinel 3, 4, Art Club 2, 3, Chorus 1,2,3, Secretary 4, Dance Band 3, 4, Octet 3, Quartet 1, 2, Madrigals 1, Sextet 4, Ensemble 4, Junior Play, Class Secretary 2, Cheerleader 1, 2. BOB MC LAUGHLIN Quiet and friendly, With always a smile, We know that he'l1 Go many a mile. JOHN MC CLELLAN Sturdy and steadfast, The strong silent type, Pleasant and friendly, With seldom a gripe. F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 3, Lettermen's Club 1, 2, Vice- President 3, President 4, Football 1,2, 3, Defensive Captain 4, Bas- ketball 1, 2, 3, 4. MARSH SALES AND SERVICE Walnut St Waterford, Pa. ' I IR RU TH ANN KERR A charming manner And dependable way, Ruth gets things done Without delay. Student Council 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 2, F.N.C. 1, 2, Secretary 3, F. T. A. Secre- tary 4, Dramatics Club 4, Sentinel 4, Cheerleader 1,2,3, Octet 3, Chonis 1,2, 3, Board Member 4, Band 1, 2, 3, President 4, Junior Play, Basketball 3. VERE K. MC WILLIAMS His eyes spell mischief, His smile spells Hi! We all like him, I-Ie's one swell guy. F. F. A. 1,2, 3, 4, Sentinel2, Secre- tary 3. la? if VINCE MC WILLIAMS JIM MARKHAM Mechanically minded, Our hot rod king, About cars and dragging He knows everything. F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, Sentinel 4, Drama- tics Club 4, Basketball 1,2, 3, Sen- tinel 4. JOYCE POPOVICH Ambitious and able, She works all the while, Everyone shares in the Warmth of her smile. F. H. A. 1,2, 3, 4, F. N. C. 2, Tri- Hi-Y 3, Dramatics Club 4, Spanish Club 3, Sentinel 4, History Club 2, Chorus 4, Class Secretary 4, Junior Play. JERRY MYERS Jim's a leader With personality plus, He's cheerful and friendly And a favorite with us. Student Council 2, 3, President 4, National Honor Society 3, Presi- dent 4, Science Club 3, Bisona- lities 1, 2, Editor 3, Business Mana- ger 4, Sentinel 3, Co-Editor 4, History Club Chaplain 2, Hi-Y Chaplain 3, Dramatics Club 4, F. T. A. Parliamentarian 4, Library Club President2, SpanishClub 3, Basket- ball 2, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, President 2, 3, Chorus 1,2, 3, President 4. JIM RHEA Loves to hunt, This out-of -door lad, Whether at fishing or hunting-- He isn't bad. F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, Bas- ketball 2, 3. Taciturn and truthful, Never goes astray, He does all things In his own quiet way. Basketball 2. STANLEY MITCHELL, INSURANCE AGENCY " Insurance at its best" 330 Walnut St. Waterford, Pa. I9 CAROL RINDFUSS Good -natured and cute, A whiz on skates, With all her friends She really rates. F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 4. ALICE ROBINSON A smile of sheen, Large eyes of brown, Here's a young lady Of proven renown. F. B. L. A. 4, History Club 2, Tri- Hi-Y 4, Bisonalities 2, 3, 4, Chorus 1, 2, 3. wW"'..ff1H '- .- SHIRLEY ROBERTSON So efficient, quiet, and Industrious, She sets an example for The rest of us. F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Bisonalities 1, 2, 3, 4, F. T. A. 3, 4, History Club 2, Sentinel 4, Band 1,2, Uniform Custodian 3, 4, Chorus 1,2, 3,45 Madrigals 1, 2, Dance Band 4, Oom - Pah Band 4. H.D. DOOLITTLE High St. Waterford, Pa. 20 CAROLYN ROBERTS Red hair and righteous, Has character sublime, Always has her homework done, And done on time. Science Club 2, Dramatics Club 4 Bisonalities 4, Sentinel 4. RICHARD ROWLAND This boy is never Ln one place for long, He seems to be quiet, But that's where you're wrong. F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 45 F. F. A. Basket- ball 2, 3, 4, Wrestling 4, Band 1, 2, 3, Chonis 1. if '.. 'L 3' -i.'r5.- NANCY SEE "Fender Bender" Of the '58 class, Art work interests This cute little lass. F. H. A. 1, 4, F. T. A. 4, Spanish Club President 3, Sentinel Art Edi- tor 3, Co-Editor 4, Bisonalities 1, 2, 3, Dramatics Club 4, Art Club 2, 3,Student Council 3,4, National Honor Society 3, Vice-President 4, Cheerleader 1,2, 3, Chorus 1, 2, 3,4, Madrigals 1.2, Junior Play, Class Secretary 1, President 2. DON TURLEY Don is lots of fun We found, He's quite the guy To have around. Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Sentinel 4, Football 1, 2, Basketball 1, 2. RICHARD H. SMITH With all the girls He's quite a sheik, You'l1 plainly see shy-- 'Tis that physique! Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Lettermen's Club 2, 3, 4, Student Council 2, Vice-President 3, Science Club Vice-President 3, President 4, Sentinel 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 2, 3, 4, Wrestling 3, 4, Baseball 1,2, Chorus 1,2, 4, Junior Play, Squad Leader 3, 4. RYAN HARDWARE "Paint, glass, housewares, builders' hardware and plumbing supplies" High St. Waterford, P I 21 3.. THOMAS SHARPE Dashing, distinctive On the basketball court, But then Tom does well In any sport. F.F. A. 1,2, 3, 4, Treasurer 2, Vice-P r e s id e n t 4, Lettermen's Club 1, Secretary 2, 3,4, Sentinel 4, Baseball 1. 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. BRUCE WAGNER A shy little smile On a six foot guy, Basketball and baseball Rate real high. Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Bisonalities 3, Letter- men's Club 2, 3, 4, Chorus 1, Sen- tinel 4, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Football Manager 1, 2, 3, Basketball 2, 3. -.U -wg? 5 . GLORIA K WEBER NOLA WEED Our gal Nola Likes to sing, Has a witty remark For everything. F. H. A. 2, F. N. C. 2, Library Club 2, Historian 3, 4, National Honor Society 3,45 F.T.A. 4, Sentinel 4, Bisonalities 3, 4, Dramatics Club 4g Junior Play, Chorus 1, 2, 3, Librarian 4, Ensemble 45 Sextet 4, History Club 1, 2. KEN WISE " Worry little, Study less," That's my idea Of happiness. 3 4 Sentrnel 3 4 Twirling 2 3 4 Hi'Y 3-CUHPIHU1 42 Band 11 Chow Jumorplay Basketball JOHN WHITNEY 4g Football 1,2g Basketball 2. RUTH ANNE WISE CARL WOLFROM Always a twinkle Good -natured and gymnastic, ln her eye. With shoulders wideg Her quiet manner A truly good fellow We cannot deny. In whom to confide. F.N.C. 1: BiS0H2-lities 4: Drama- Lettermen's Club 4s F. F. A. 3,4 tics Club 4: Band Chorus Football 1, 2, 3, Co-Captain 4. 1.2, 3, 4g Junior Playg Basketball 2. Bill Bainbridge, VICE-PRESIDEXIT Elizabeth Allen, TREASURER Joyce Popovich, SECRETARY John McClellan, PRESIDENT SENIOR OFFICERS FOR THE CLASS OF '58 BURGER AND O'BRIEN East 3rd St. Waterford, Pa. 23 "CLASS CLOWNS" Dave Ethridge and Franny Graham "MOST ATHLETIC" Audrey Bliley and John McClellan x l fx ffl f X "BEST LOOKING " John McClellan and Joyce Popovich y X I K X 4 -Z if "SI-lORTEST-TALLEST" f gl Audrey Bliley and Don Hale X J X X of ,X 1 -I X J ,f I I "BEST DRESSED" I Ka M DAIRY STORE Bruce Wagner and Joyce Popovich 118 Main St. W aterford, Pennsylvania I 1-I ff K! Z7 fif- AW? Kg f? A g "MosT POPULAR" 5-X ..-1 'L XX Jim Markham and Audrey Burey Z5 z Bl' eyg A Z ff X X, Y 12' ----f "x' . Z Z K f""'V- i Xx- Tikr Y ii, 5 , xx X -Z X, mf- V N 3 f K 'll - i- K A 1 - S- X f X XZ XJ Martha Himrod and Bill Bainbridge BEST DANCERS "MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED" TALLEST-SHORTEST Iim Markham and Susan Duran Connie Hager and Nathan Allen RIGHT 8a STEARN'S FORD 293 Main St. Cambridge Springs, Pennsylvania "A-1 Used cars and trucks" NAME Liz Allen Nathan Allen Mary Angerett Bill Bainbridge Iva Baughman Audrey Bliley Peggy Blum Jim Briggs John Briggs Jim Brumagin Marlene Burdick Larry Cissbn Joan Coffin Lloyd Cole Robert Crocker Marvin Cross Patty Czesnowski Suzy Duran Sam Elder John Entley Dorrie Erdman Dave Ethridge Ronnie Finch Ronnie Gibson Frannie Graham Eugene Gray Connie Hager Donnie Hale Leoria Hartman Martha Himrod Ruth Kerr John McClellan Robert McLaughlin Vere ,McWilliams Vince McWilliams James Markham Jerry Myers Joyce Popovich Jim Rhea Carol Rindfuss Carolyn Roberts Shirley Robertson Alice Robinson Rick Rowland Nan See Tom Sharpe Richard Smith Don Turley Bruce Wagner Kay Weber Nola Weed John Whitney Roberta Wick Ken Wise Ruth Wise Carl wolfrom 26 r CAN BE FOUND Home -Ec Room Wrestling Mat In Bob 's car In the gym In the Commercial Room Anywhere Typing Room On the Mat In his Hot Chevy Taylors Skating Rink Back State At, Taylors Art Room Baseball Field Skat Station Collecting Money Student Council Skating Rink Around Pinball Machines Basketball Games Tobogganing At the back Exit At the Skat At F. H. A. Meetings Taylors Twirling Practice In Cafeteria F. H. A. Just Around In Girls' Octet In the Gym In Room 123 Ag Shop See 's In the Halls Pool Hall On Horseback At F. F. A. Meetings Not in Schol In the Commercial Room Band Room Art Room Taylors Back Room In the Office Pitcher's Mound At Letterman 's Club Anywhere but School Baseball Practice Home Room 125 In Chorus Behind the Curtains Home -Ec Room In Study Halls In Mill Village Football Field NI.---1 -n- A LWAYS WITH Audrey A grin Joyce and Audrey Dave Ethridge Marlene Burdick Mary Angerett Leoria and Iva His sweat suit His Bankbook A Girl Iva B. Movie Projector School Nurse Bob McLaughlin Tom Sharpe Ronnie G. Liz Books The Dingle Boys No Pencil or Paper Knee Socks Bill Bainbridge Sandy Food Kay Weber Ethridge Merle or Martha His "ROD" Peggy and Iva Birds Boys A Basketball Lloyd Cole The "BOYS" His Dodge One of His Harem The Gang Dave His "MERC" Kay and Fran Shirley A Bookkeeping Book Iva and Peggy Cars Leon A Baseball Girls Marvin Cross Marlene Fran and Carol Her Driving License Stage Crew Ruthie Wise Don Turley IIM John Briggs i KNOWN Fon Telling people what she thinks Running in halls after school Her Muscles Winning Jitterbug Contests Studying Shorthand Working on Blsonalities Quiet Manner Pinning Opponents Eating Flirting Having Boyfriend Troubles Giving Speeches in English Arguing with Jim R. Studying Space Working with Stage Crew Pumping Gas Leading the Twirlers Singing Dragging Clowning Giggling Getting Mrs. Shesman Disgusted Combing his hair Getting Robbed Causing a Riot Blushing at Girls Wearing Knee Socks Selling Milk at Lunch Cooking and Sewing Driving a Truck Cheering Presiding over Class Meetings Watching for Flying Saucers Driving his Chevy Doing English Doing Everything Hunting Wearing Fancy Clothes Working at Taylors-?? Drawing Typing for Bisonalities Her Trumpet Drawing Fashions Playing Pinball Machines Bending Fenders Good Cider "FIXING"' T.V. 's, motors, etc. Wrecking Cars Hunting Ice Skating Talking Farming Driving Sleeping in School Horseback Riding Being TINY NATIONAL BANK OF UNION CITY Union City, Pennsylvania Wattsburg, Pennsylvania I n--l..r.. B- -nag - -au 6 XX xi ,xx f +A X X W X , x , X X X f I L X X X X Wt NJn'514 in Q wg 5 H N31 E"w'4-N X Q one 1-w7"""" Richafd rsarbafa Core I john Cole Marv Barak Robert Brock' AY Bakef lohn . Yauhne Dubosm' xosgph Donnell aus?-We Dim?-8 's lohaima Dam Ctookef Brad Richard Gilmore JUN wnuam rardman edwards S3 m Patty Ia mes Lynda Gray H3W1eY Hill Humes Marian I ohn Arthur Frank Iwin Leech Leuschen Leuschen My Q ' -4 ,. A flu 1 431 E , I il WAGMAN 'S VARIETY DEPARTMENT STORE 246 North Main St. Union City, Pennsylvania "Self-service for your convenience" Marsh May Mcmdle MCCSH 28 Donna Elaine I a mes Bill Harrier MCC1e11an Melvin McGiHne tt Kiobeff T CL-311e 11 fude Mime P3111 MitChe11 'iv Dgnn 3 More-an Dome M0Sief 101111 Nrchols 34:1-garet M1 s om 'chael PeUl10c If Fern Peters Linda IDR S Phelps David - Pifef Nancy Y POUHOUS Nancy . .1 Ponef David Lana Laurene Lawrence Powell Powers Pude Pude 'rib ll Sandra TOITI Ted Frances Reynolds Roberts Robinson Runser HOME IMPROVEMENT SALES AND SERVICE Shirley Jan wayne Harry , d See Th mas 530 Cherry Street Waterford, Pennsylvanra S f an or Steen 0 "Heating, plumbing and wiring" 29 Ev ewn W amton mes V an Zandt S goiak A1109 ,, f Edw in Mar 9,3161 W OH soey W ick JUNIOR OFFICERS weed Pr6SiClSI1t ..... Donna Morgan Vice-President . Vince McWilliams Secretary ..... Dottie Mosier Treasurer ..... Harry Thomas SEALTEST ICE CREAM AND DAIRY PRODUCTS Rieck Dairy Division I 21st and State Sts. Erie, Pennsylvania I SOPH OMORE President ,.... Vice-President . . Secretary .... Treasurer . . . OFFICERS . . .Tom Owens . Sandra Weber . . . Sandy Lee Phyllis Sedgwick Afllold Allen Niiojgjfgta Alma Ardufni Martin Armagost -z 'ilu D Allen Ofothy B. F. GOODRICH STORE 17th and State Streets Erie, Pennsylvania I Phone 23205 I 31 Delores sames Bearce Barron Get ald t Ralston Benneu HaXbCY Beefnan Be3,V6IS -an f I grgll ,., Shirlel' pearl Boleraiz d gobefl Blum Richai Blose L' nda Blileh' ggllixy on W illiam Brace W A LKER BROS . BUICK william ramen nurse Bevefhg 31026 Helen BIOZZX SCPHO A fl Carol Brenda Clarence Phyllis Laffy Carnahan Chase Chase Combs CIOSS Maria Leonard Judith Larry Ronald Camerlo Danylko Dawson Dietrich Doge 143 Erie St. l f Edinboro, Pennsylvania Delbert Roger George Caroljean Karen 'When better automobiles are Donnell Eickley Erdely Ethridge Fenner built, Buick will build them. " I 32 gaY101-d Fisher David Froess Dons Fogelbach Karluee n Gibson Priscilla John Geblel- David Glenn GibS0n Mary Graham W111f.-rm Gribbjn James Hafbach f0yCe Haibach Joyce Hammon Dale Han-is Mary Havican Annice Haynes Barbara Sandra Gordon Timothy Leonard Holewski Holmes Jarrett Jarrett Johnson PHOTO Donna Rebecca Robert Carol Barbara Jones Kaufmann Kelly K err Kirsch 'Hill Ill Auikhlu Geraldine Kathie Mary Lou John Sandy Kitelinger Klaus Kuhns Lawrence Lee TAYLORS DAIRY BAR Waterford Pa I s e I QQ Richam . sow Maiinowsm Lesik 6 - 4 5 'lit N' Diane ' D5 IOYCC Maru Victor MamoSS M311OYY Latw , ward Meruli laggefi N1cL3AlShhn may o-7' Lewis N OCX Mc N616 NLCCXGHS3 Stephen yames Morris nord MOON Frank M003 we Www' SCP H0 Metzle-1 SANITARY FARMS DAIRY, INC. 521 E. 18th St. Erie, Pa. we um -QMS, Ra -au James J am es Fred Morvay Moyer Musolff Mary Lou Dennis Oless O'Su11ivan Vic tor Tom Carolyn Jeannette Dgnald Owen Owens P eel Peel Pe,-mock David Marjorie Dennis Richard Richard Il th ' Buy e packages mth the Petersen Peterson Pifer Pifer Rawggn I big red check mark. " 34 I ob e 1- Laffy Robertson Patricia Robilmon Barbara Russell Ted Salchak Pauune f W ' SanFrore110 Phyuis Sedgwick Mari' Lou Slodownick gfarcia C arolyn - Swidemki Rflberr Terrm Clyde Tf0Jak -'O-in Turner Barbara MO RE Twatgoski James Va Richard Carol Philip Lois Van Zandt Verbanac Vogt Wagner Warner Ioan Eleanor Elizabeth Sandra Freida Wasiela Watson Watson Weber We1Z Nancy Joan Norma Norma Anthonb' Williams Wilmire Wolfrom Young Zeus 35 H Zandt SHREVE'S CUT-RATE GAS AND GROCERY 86 Waterford St. Union City, Pennsylvania "Best quality for less. " :revies fa- 1 FIRST ROW: R. Fenner, A. Eliason, L. Fox, J. Gardner, S. Hazen, K. Farnham, R. Reddy, R. Hershey SECOND ROW: C. Hart, D. Edwards, N. Gardner, K. Holmes, S. Glenn, J. Egelin, N. Gentile, B. Holmes THIRD ROW: A. Green, D. Erdman, S. Hahn, W. Flint, M. Hilbert, B. Froess, N. Forsyth. FOURTH ROW H. Faustine, F. Farley, J. Grumblatt, W. Gaber, H. Hewitt, R. Dingle, T. Falconer, D. Hull. ABSENT P. Gebler, D. Holmberg. FRES FIRST ROW: L. Crocker, R. Crawford, J. Burek, J. Chase, E. Denham, N. Belt. SECOND ROW: M. De- muling, C. Burns, S. Brace, B. Caserta, J. Bliley, M. Chase, S. Brown, H. Cross, V. Daley. THIRD ROW: M. Bangert, G. Dahn, M. Burge, C. Clarkson, M. Brown, V. Coon, S. Bang, M. Dunavin, S. Aldrich, B. Baker, K. Chaney, J. Beeman. FOURTH ROW: B. Canfield, M. Canfield, R. Cook, J. Brown, T. Cole, A. Curtis, K. Crooker, T. Coffin, C. Crawford, B. Cramer. ABSENT: L. Angerett, S. Cross. PIFER'S COMPANY "School and chartered bus service" Mill Village, Pennsylvania FIRST ROW: R. Mitchell, W, Lang, J. Kulesa, G. Kroh, T. Leuschen, R. Percy, D. Melquist, W. Page, J. Nichols, J. McKinney. SECOND ROW: M. Koole, K. McLallen, C. Lininger, S. Petrick, L. Jones, M. Kibbe, C. McCartney, J. Osborn, V. Peters, J.O'Sullivan. THIRD ROW: J. Moses, K. Kreider, G. Lindsley E. Marsh, K. Olsen, B. Mosier, J. Mitchell, J. Lewis, D. Peebles, M. Lee, D. Moraski. FOURTH ROW J. Percy, T. Monroe, H. Martin, M. Holst, T. Moraski, W. Mahle, D. Htunes, W. McLaughlin, W. Loper J. Ostryniec, E. McGahen. ABSENT: J. Ott. HMEN FIRST ROW: G. See, E. Smith, J. Lawrence, R. Stewart, W. Rothstein, R. Walker. SECOND ROW: J. Vanlandt, D. Scott, G. Warner, F. Popovich, M. Rudolph, J. Phelps, P. Tebalt, J. Wolf, D. Wokulich. THIRD ROW: M. Wagner, W. Reed, C. Wells, B. Sanders, K. Smith, W. Robinson, G. Scott, J. Robinson, J. Zwilling, W. Willey, K. Schweikert. FOURTH ROW: D. Ray, F. Pfeffer, R. Ritter, J. Polancy, J. Weber, T. Stewart, W. Shaffstall, R. Steffy, J. Turner. ABSENT: S. Willey, R. VanDyke. J. Skeel, M. Pulos, G. Phillips, C. Smith, M. Post. BOSTON STORE Erie, Pennsylvania P 1, 521, :if ff, ff, ' .. ww 4,:'-my Q -Vw-A i,J.:,.f,f, f 3 2 " 7 'lwiggj zw Q 5 J, FIRST ROW: R. Oberlander, L. May, B. Mitchell, K. Matha, M. Hinkle, J. Palmer, A. Pett, G. Myers, D. O'Sul1ivan. SECOND ROW: L. Powers, B. Chaney, D. McWilliams, P. Brozell, P. Chase, M. Nelson, A. Herman, A, Brozell, THIRD ROW: M. McCall, M. O'Conner, B. Paczynski, L. Alberts, K. O'Brien, A. Beightol, D. McWilliams, A. Malinowski, B. Burdick, A. Lillibridge. FOURTH ROW: D. Nick, G. Osborn D. Manross, B. Kerr, G. Rathburn, D. Donnell, F. Orr, R. Hess, B. Brown. ABSENT: H. Armagost, M. Major. RADE FIRST ROW: T. Szall, K. Brown, S. Steen, W. Winkelman, L. Stark, R. Zacks, K. Schwab. SECOND ROW C. Thomas, M. Terrill, M. Toney, C. Robinson, M. Russell, M. Trojak, P. Slickanich. THIRD ROW M. Small, J. Swiderski, I. Brozell, M. Van Dyke, R. Steinbrink, C. Canfield, P. Schon, P. Webster, S Bearce, I. Beale, J. Burdick, R. Zimmerman. FOURTH ROW: P. Roberts, H. Curley, D. Wolf, R. Steffy R. Chase, L. Rinderlie, T. Weiser, G. Wolf, T. Burger. ABSENT: R. Fish. PULAKOS CANDIES, INC. 926 State St. Erie, Pennsylvania I HA .-.1.,......-., Q- -:..... .. -..---..-- -A . --AA -- I 39 FIRST ROW: D. Burek, R. Brown, D. McKinney, G. Coffin, R. Williams, M. Briggs, T. Brown, T. Dingle, J. Burawa. SECOND ROW: V. Donnell, B. Sanford, M. Deland, S. Carrier, C. Bangert, B. Blose. J. Briggs, S. Bemis, B. Carnahan. THIRD ROW: N. Danylko, M. Dennington, C. Cross, B. Chase, D. Ester, E. Bas- tian, E. Crocker, S. Allen, E. Tebalt, S. Brown, V. Barton. FOURTH ROW: W. Curtis, D. Burkhardt, D. Cross, S. Brown, R. Carr, D. Black, K. Watts, R. Briggs, J. Dietrich. P. Clarkson. ABSENT: Deanna 'YTH G FIRST ROW: D. Faustine, D. Hagan, D. Klapthor, R. Stahlman, F. Dukich, S. Lesik, T. Gibson, K. lg- nasiak. B. Hagan. SECOND ROW: J. Haupt, J. Froess, A. Heintz, G. Guyer, J. Holst, M. Huffman, R. Fen- ner, C. Froess, S. Finchio. THIRD ROW: D. Gardner, R. Heard, N. Holmes, S. Haynes, M. Green, L. Powell, J. Fogelbach, K. Ennis, J. Jameson. FOURTH ROW: K. Hanas, T. Holder, M. Eickley, F. Hart- man, R. Humes, L. Hecker, R. Eddy, R. Farley, J. Kline, A. Enstrom. ABSENT: R. Gocal, C. Herman, J. Edwards, I. Gaber. Christiansen. BECKWITH'S TEXACO SERVICE CENTER Waterford, Pennsylvania 0 I Tnnrrinn 'IQ SL 97 at the Y PhOfl6 9861 R va f ill-: gggesv ,Q,,jyQg,g , 13 gigs: g . ,Q V2 11: g 2:72 .-r:..1.5z.s' V Wi' 'XR x fia , .1-, .2 '7g,.f' Q ,,. .A mx .nz-az K A Eg 4 W 1 ' I 'Vg eff: ' H ,, ,f JA 1--iilsn f2Sx3f1"Wx'Sij? 'x1 nga' g 1545 W , js.pqYf3wxQkg31m5i239 ., Sf . , ,. Nz A Fil .. i ,kb Q-2 I 1 ff--gym? kg' 1. 1 - Lwmvfft A -241"n5b!r?xx5f'T5 A. as - , Q - .T i!.D1ll5i-IQFIIIQI IIIBIHTJIIIEUIIVHIII E2 CLASS GFFICERS Wm . , ,f Ay! 7, A ' f - N fe, M 5. Q v X -f 357 , V v ' P' 1 i sy " 44 EL 7 V fl, .4 i P -f . , , 3 1 V7 I ,N ' ' .na PM , 'gk A -5 . X? In ,. H- GRADE '7 President .... Kathleen Sweeney Vice-President .... Jerry Mahle Secretary. . . . Sandy Turner Treasurer. . . . Bill Salchak KINGEN CHEVROLET muh sr Waterford. Pennsylvania I GRADE 9 President. . . . . Norman Belt Vice-President . . Clara McCartney Secretary. . . . Judy Ott Treasurer. . . Judy Phelps GRADE 8 President Ricky Gilmore Vice-President Cheryl McReynolds Secretary Diane Mitchell Treasurer Kathleen Kline lx XZ Rf!! YJ NATIONAL HONOR SCCIETY FIRST ROW: Mr. Carnahan, advisor, Susan Duran, Nan See, Jan See, Audrey Bliley, ,Tim Markham, Mr. Stubbe. SECOND ROW: Ruth Kerr, Nola Weed, Shirley Robertson, Linda Phelps, Lynda Humes, Peggy Osborn. THIRD ROW: Bill McCall, Mary Lou Khuns, Carol Kerr, Carol Wagner, Becky Kauffman, Mary Havican, Richard Malinowski. President - Jim Markham Vice-President - Nan See Secretary - Audrey Bliley Treasurer - Joan Coffin Mr. Dingle presents pins to the new members at the induction service held February 27, 1958. The National Honor Society is unique in that it is the only organization in the school where the members are voted in by the faculty. High standing in scholarship, leadership, character, and service are the general requirements of all members. The main activity of the year was the N.H.S. induction of probationary members for the school year. The Society also bought an engraved, padded book for the display of the permanent membership roll. 44 JOHN F. KHUNS LUMBER COMPANY I Lumber, Hardware 85 Paints 21st and Parade St. , Erie, Pennsylvania I STUDENT COUNCIL FIRST ROW: Mr. Miller, Advisor, Peggy Osborn, Anna Herman, Susan Duran, Sally Brown, Carol Kerr. SECOND ROW: Nancy See, Ruth Kerr, Caroljean Ethridge, Nancy Forsyth, Becky Herd, Sally Kuhns. THIRD ROW: Bill McCall, John Brown, Ernie Smith, Eugene Davis, Noel May, Bob- by Humes, Terry Szall, .Tim Markham. Early in the year the Student Council served as host to six members of the Student Council of Girard for a full day of school, followed by a party that night at the home of Lynda Humes. Officer-training classes sponsored by SC have proved very successful. Other projects in- cluded record dances after the home basketball games on Friday nights, and making prepara- tions for a foreign-exchange student program. S President: Jim Markham Vice-President: Lynda Hurnes Secretary: Peggy Osborn Treasurer: Susan Duran "Gee thanks, Lynda" PIONEER GARAGE I WCS! 12th St. F'riP Ppnncvlvnnin I FUTURE TEACHERS of AMERICA FIRST ROW: Mrs. Smith, Advisor: Margaret Wick, Peggy Osborn, Susan Duran, Ruth Kerr. SECOND ROW: Harriet McClellan, Shirley Robertson, Nola Weed, Jan See, Nancy See, Martha I-limrod. THIRD ROW: Nathan Allen, David Ethridge, Gene Gray, Jim Brumagin, Jim Mark- ham. ABSENT: Bill Bainbridge, Bill McCall, Bobbie Wick. "Teacher for a day" This organization explores all the phases of teaching as a profession and attempts to make better citizens ofits mem- bers. Activities for the year included visit- ing area colleges, teaching school fora day, taking a trip to a distant college, sponsoring a tea for the faculty and FTA members in honor of Miss Johnson and graduating mem- bers. WATERFORD G. L. F. President: Susan Duran Vice-President: Peggy Osborn Secretary: Ruth Ann Kerr Treasurer: Bill McCall Historian: Margaret Wick Librarian: Bobbie Wick Parliamentarianz Jim Markham ,4- 46 I Depot Road Waterford, Pennsylvania I FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA l D as FIRST ROW: Miss Krellner, Advisor, Sandy Reynolds, Linda Phelps, Elizabeth Allen, Donna Morgan, Dottie Mosier, Fern Peters, Patty Hawley. SECOND ROW: Lana Powers, Iva Baughman, Mary Angerett, Linda Bettilyon, Sandy Weber, Joan Wasiela, Sandy Lee, Phyllis Sedgwick, Joan Wilmire, Barbara Holewski. THIRD ROW: Leoria Hartman, Alice Robinson, Peggy Blum, Connie Hager, Barbara Twargoski, Mary Lou Slowdonik, Joan Turner, Carol Kerr, Barbara Kirsch. AB- SENT: Patty Czesnowski The F .B.L.A. Club endeavors to help students make wise choices of business oc- cupations. They sponsor several fund raising pro- jects each year -- candy sales, movies, and bake sales. This year the club sent twenty-seven delegates to the State F .B.L,A. Convention at Galen Hall Country Club in Warnersville, Pennsylvania. I President: Linda Phelps Vice-President: Donna Morgan 4 Secretary: Sandy Reynolds Treasurer: Pat Czesnowski Reporter: Elizabeth Allen 4 "Candy Canes for sale." MERRILLS' I A11 banana Ar m.,.f,.,......n... f.-:-- ,-,--, n I 47 FUTURE HOMEMAKERS of AMERICA FIRST ROW: Liz Allen, Mary Angcrett, Ruth Kerr, Marlene Burdick, Roberta Wick, Frances Graham, Linda Phelps, Audrey Bliley, Donna Morgan, Connie Hager, Judy Phelps, Virginia Coons, Betsy Canfield, Bunny Holmes, Eileen Marsh. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Davis, Advisor: Susan Duran, Carol Clarkson, Dolores Wo- kolich, Joann Osborn, Martha Brown, Joan Wilmire, Marjorie Peterson, Pauline SanFrotello, Doris Fogel- bach, Sandy Lee, Phyllis Sedgwick, Joan Turner, Sharon Cross. THIRD ROW: Mary Kibbe, Darlene Holm- berg, Anna Green, Dorothy Green, Freida Welz, Barbara Holewski, Mary Lou Oless, Judy Dawson, Norma Wolfrom, Annice Haynes, Rebecca Kaufmann, Carol Kerr, Karen Smith, Bonnie Sanders. 1 1, . - .- - .. MW. ,, - FIRST ROW: Nancy See, Elaine May, Marilyn Chase, Nancy Gardener, Diane Martens, Janice Beeman, Mary Bangert, Janet Mitchell, Clara McCartney, Marlene Burge. SECOND ROW: Leah Angerett, Shirley Glenn, Darlene Morasky, Vivian Daley, Lois VanZandt, Corliss Liniger, Joyce Manross, Karen Fenner, Pat Czes- nowski, Martha Himrod. THIRD ROW: Cheryl Smith, Faye Popovich, Leoria Hartman, Peggy Blum, Joyce Popovich, Iva Banghman, Phyllis Combs, Winona Willey, Janet Bliley, Sally Brown, Carol Rindfuss. In January representatives attended the State Farm Show. The club held a Mother-Daughter Ban- quet and presented a Style Show in May. Reporter: Roberta Wick President: Frances Graham Vice-President: Linda Phelps Treasurer: Donna Morgan Historian: Connie Hager Secretary: Audrey Bliley JACOB HALLER CO. Erie, Pennsylvania 48 FUTURE FARMERS of AMERICA FIRST ROW: Larry Fox, Sam Elder, Richard Bliley, James Briggs, Carl Wolfrom, Vince McWilliams, John Briggs, John McClellan, Tom Sharpe, James Rhea, Bob Mitchell, Frank Pfeffer, Herb Hewitt, David Hull. SECOND ROW: Mr. Karg, Advisorp Joe Dingle, Larry Turner, Ricky Dingle, Bill Gribbin, William Loper, Billy Brace, John Lawrence, Robert Kelly, Leonard Johnson, Jerome Polancy, Merlin Post, James Mc- Clellan, James Haibach, Mr. Bowman, Advisor. THIRD ROW: John Duboski, Richard Finnegan, Anthony Zeus, Sam Gray, Paul Mitchell, Vere McWilliams, Bill Edwards, Tom Moraski, Gaylord Fisher, Ronald Dodge, Leonard Danylko, James Nichols, Jack Burek, John Percy. FOURTH ROW: Robert Ritter, Alvin Eliason, Robert Blose, William Burge, William Rothstein, William Gaber, Robert Percy, Dick Hershey, Frank Mezzacappo, Robert Van Dyke, William Erdman, David Glenn, Eugene Denham, Jim Kulesa. V President: John McClellan Vice-President: Tom Sharpe Secretary: James Rhea Treasurer: John Briggs Reporter: Richard Bliley Sentinel: Vince McWilliams "Loose Screw?" The F .F .A. participated in activities at Penn State and have appeared many times on WICU TV in Erie. They also produced the Grand Champion steer at the Northwestern Pennsylvania Livestock Sale at Wattsburg last fall. PRESQUE ISLE PLASTICS, INC. West 12th St. Erie, Pennsylvania 50 I FUTURE NURSES CLUB FIRST ROW: Mrs. Rhea, Advisor, Karen Fenner, Trude Milne, Barbara Cole, Donna March, Johanna Crooker. SECOND ROW: Mary Lou Brockway, Shirley Boleratz, Joan Coffin, Dorrie Erdman, Marion Irvin, Nancy Pontious, Shirley Sanford. Members develop a wider knowledge of nursing and its associated fields by studying and practicing nursing and visiting hospitals. Projects include working in the nurse's office and assisting with the physical examinations in the Waterford and Mill Village Elementary schools. President: Nancy Pontious "Lights please!" Vice-President: Audrey Bliley Secretary: Trude Milne Treasurer: Barbara Cole Reporter: Dorie Erdman Historian: Joan Coffin HOLEMAN'S CLOTHING STORE High St. Waterford, Pennsylvania "Clothing and shoes for the entire family" I LIBRARY CLUB FIRST ROW: Doris Fogelbach, Mary Havican, James Barton, Kathleen Gibson, Carolyn Crawford, Faye Popovich. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Dingle, Advisor, Rebecca Kaufmann, Joyce Haibach, Nancy Robinson, Kathleen Olson, Kathleen Sehweikert, Nancy Reed, Margaret Wagner, Marlene Rudolph, Judy Ott. THIRD ROW: William Rothstein, Samuel Hazen, Fred Musolff, Emery Metzler, Larry Robertson, James VanZandt, James Ostryneic, Eileen Marsh, Gale Lindsley. Members of the club work in the li- brary during their free periods, assisting the librarian and students using the library. They also learn to "process" a book, that is, they learn to classify, catalogue, number, and shelve it. President: Kathy Gibson Vice-President: Mary Havican Secretary-Treasurer: J im Barton "Getting ready for the rush." BUTCH CHAPMAN R.D. 42 Waterford, Pennsylvania I "First grade cabbage" I 5 SR. TRI-HI-Y FLRST ROW: Delores Wokulich, Diance Martins, Norma Young, Iva Baughman, Audrey Bliley, Harriet McClellan, Peggy Osborn, Lynda Humes, Martha Himrod. SECOND ROW: Johanna Crook- er, Pat Hawley, Fern Peters, Linda Phelps, Phyllis Sedgwick, Sandy Lee, Pat Czesnowski, Liz Allen, Mary Ellen Angerett, Nina Farley. THIRD ROW: Joan Zwilling, Alice Robinson, Peggy Blum, Joyce Popovich, Carojean Ethridge, Connie Hager, Mary Lou Kuhns, Janet Bliley, Carol Wells, Sally Brown. ADVISOR: Mrs. Crooker. Every other year the club sends two members to the Tri-Hi-Y U.N, General Assembly. Other club activities included the annual induction ceremony, party for new members, and a mother-daughter party. Some of the projects undertaken were: preparation of Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets, selection of "Family of the Year," and showing movies for student assemblies. President: Audrey Bliley Vice-President: Donna Morgan Secretary: Harriet McClellan Treasurer: Liz Allen Chaplain: Peggy Osborn Sergeant-at-Arms: Lana Powers Historian: Connie Hager Reporter: Mary Lou Kuhns ' 'Mind your manners! " BREITWEISER'S BOAT LIVERY WEST LAKE ROLLERCADE 52 I Phone 4571 Waterford, Pennsylvania I I West Lake Erie, Pennsylvania HI-Y FIRST ROW: Larry Cisson, John Leech, David Pifer, David Powell, Ken Wise, Mr. Russell, Advisor. SECOND ROW: Bruce Wagner, Hal Beavers, David Ethridge, Harry Thomas, Bill Bainbridge. THIRD ROW: Vic Mallory, Dick Smith, Nathan Allen, Eugene Gray, Don Turley. The Hi-Y is affiliated with the Y.M.C.A. and plans many joint projects. Included in this year's activities were: Jet Dance, Class Dance, Basketball Games, and a Swim Party. - uv If .-5 vil, fig -inf, 'Saw President: Bill Bainbridge Vice-President: Nathan Allen Secretary-Treasurer: Iohn Briggs Chaplain: Ken Wise SHALLENBERGER CONTRACTOR SL BUILDER ERIE DAILY TIMES I Phone 5933 Waterford, Pennsylvania I I Erie, Pennsylvania I JR. TRI-HI-Y FIRST ROW: Mrs. Carter, Advisor: Betty Jane Bloss, Judy Briggs, Shari Allen, Marjorie Huffman, Carole Froess, JoAnne Foress, Vera Johnson, Nancy LeSuer, Judy Kerr, Karen Ennis, Sally Carrier, Judy Young, Kathleen Sweeney, Barbara Wilmire, Elizabeth Smith, Charlotte Bangert. SECOND ROW: Elizabeth Bas- tian, Doris Ester, Beverly Carnahan, Barbara Sanford, Sharon Bemis, Virginia Donnell, Rebecca Fenner Janice Fogelbach, Gretchen Guyer, Marjorie Loper, Sandra Turner, Elaine Symaniski, Marie Deland, Bev- erly Roberts, Marikae Sorvelli, Susan Thayer. THIRD ROW: Mary Ann O'Conner, Donna McWilliams, Bar- bara LaDow, Carol Gillilan, Martha Van Dyke, Mary Stewart, Patricia Webster, Patty Slichanich, Phyllis Peterson, Janet Hoehn, Jane Allen, Hazel Burlingame, Virginia Patchen, Joann Rhea. FOURTH ROW: Dianne McWilliams, Loretta Powers, Joan Polancy, Beverly Chaney, Mary Nelson, Carole Canfield, Til- lie Trojak, Charlotte Robinson, Annette Gibson, Charlene Pennock, Kay O'Brien, Diane Mitchell, Janet Havican, Rebecca Shallenberger, Kathleen Kline, Sara Brown. ABSENT: Ann Beightol, Eileen Crocker, Nancy Holmes, Mary Green. President: Donna McWilliams Vice President: Kay O'Brien Secretary: Kathleen Kline Treasurer: Rebecca Shallenberger "Party Time" The club endeavors to strengthen and develop bodies and minds, worship God, and work together for a finer community and a better world. The club took part in 'LTeen Talks," contributed to "World Service," filled Christmas baskets and was available for services wherever needed. Social activities included parties and projects. GEIGER 85 SONS NATURAL STONE CO. I STRONG TRAILER SALES 2954 West Lake Road Erie, Pennsylvania I I Phone 3-4251 Erie, Pennsylvania I - . HISTORY CLUB FIRST ROW: Kay Krieder, Marty Canfield, KathleenOlson, Cheryl Smith, Sandra Holmes, Doris Fogelbach, Mary Havican,CarolWagner,James Barton, Eileen Marsh, Mary Demuling. SECOND ROW: Marge Peterson, Sandra Petrick, Nancy Robinson, Judy Skeel, Joan Zwilling, Martha Brown, Sally Brown, Janet Bliley, Gae Phillips, Corliss Liniger, Judy Ott, Joan Wilmire. THIRD ROW: Pauline SanFrotello, Dianne Martens, Helen Brown, Caroljean Ethridge, Joyce Hamilton, Shirley Boleratz, Karen Fenner, Barbara Russell, Marcia Smith, Rebecca Kaufmann, Joyce Haibach, Annice Haynes, Frieda Welz. FOURTH ROW: Richard Pifer, Dennis Melquist, Victor Owen, Emery Metzler, James VanZ.andt, Fred Musolff, Norman Belt, John Gebler, Ernest Smith, Richard Malinowski, Dave Peterson, Mr. DeI.uca, Advisor. ABSENT: Mary Lou Oless. i 0 .sqm "Look what I found . . ." President: Mary Havican f Vice-President: James Barton Secretary: Carol Wagner Treasurer: Doris F ogelbach Reporter: Sandra Holmes -sm. My, BROWNS 5 85 10 MILL VILLAGE FEED SL SUPPLY 56 , . . . . .,it-L-a n----.....-..... I I Dhfmp wffd 4562 M111 Villaqe. Pennsylvania SCIENCE CLUB FIRST ROW: Dick Smith, Bob McLaughlin, Mary Brockway, Barbara Kirsch, Barbara Holewski, Bar- bara Mosier, Shirley Bang, Delores Wokulech, Marian Irwin, Shirley Sanford, Lloyd Cole. SECOND ROW: Noel May, Clarence Chase, Richard Rawson, Bill Bainbridge, Dave Ethridge, John Gebler, George Er- dely, Frank Mezzacappo, David Pifer, Walter Shaffstall. THIRD ROW: Mr. Lawrence, Advisor: Don Ray, Richard Stewart, Bill McLaughlin, Ted Cole, Nathan Allen, John Leech, Tom Stewart, Richard Malinowski, Steve Moore, William Rothstein. Some of this year's projects included setting up a weather station, conducting a study of atoms, radios, and telescopes. President: Dick Smith Vice-President: Richard Malinowski Secretary: Noel May Treasurer: Richard Rawson Reporter: Barbara Kirsch "Who's calling, please?" W. T. GRANT CO. SCHLURAFF FLORAL CO. K7 I 18 West Qth Rr Crip. Dm-m 1 A ' CHESS CLUB hid FIRST ROW: Jerry Bennett, Kay O'Brien, Annette Gibson, Charlene Pennock, Cheryl McReynolds, Richard Stewart. SECOND ROW: Clarence Chase, Sam Hazen, Donald Pennock, Victor Owens, Arnold Allen, David Peterson. THIRD ROW: Tom Stewart, Dennis Melquist, Fred Musolff, Ernie Smith, George Erdely, Larry Robertson, Bob Blose, Richard Pifer. President: Fred Musolff Vice-President: Sam Hazen E Secretary-Treasurerg Noel May This was the Chess Club 's second active year at Fort LeBoeuf. The members compete on a scale to ob- '-Whose tum is it?" tain one of the five varsity positions. This year the club participated in an inter-scholastic contest with Cathedral Prep of Erie. CA-RO Dress Shoppe 8a Bridal Salon ERIE BUSINESS MACHINES 109 West 9th Street Erie, Pennsylvania I I 242.5 Peach St. Erie, Pennsylvania GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION FIRST ROW: JoAnn Rhea, Mary Angerett, Connie Hager, Trude Milne, Nina Farley, Nancy Gen- tile, Kathy Klaus, Dianne Martens, Ioan Wilmire, Lois Klaus, Mrs. Niedzwecki, Advisor. SEC- OND ROW: Loretta SanFrotel1o, Martha VanDyke, Audrey Dennington, Carol Gilliland, Mary Stewart, Pat Webster, Pat Slickanich, Mae Russell, Florence Hicks, Barbara LaDow. THIRD ROW: Peggy Osborn, Donna Marsh, Laurene Pude, Lois Marzka, Charlotte Robinson, Pauline SanFrote11o, Janice Lewis, Betty Baker, Patricia Beale, May Kaufmann,FriedaWelz,Vivian Daley. ABSENT: Audrey Bliley, Marian Irvin, Ginny Patchen. President: Audrey Bliley Secretary: Kathy Klaus Treasurer: Nancy Gentile GAA MOTTO: A Sport for Every Girl and a Girl In Every Sport. "Roll 'em, girls" Af" TIMES PUBLISHING COMPANY L. PRESS SL COMPANY l2th at French St. Erie, Pennsylvania 1206 State St. Erie, Pennsylvania LETTERMEN'S CLUB FIRST ROW: Dave Ethridge, Bill Bainbridge, Jim Briggs, Eugene Gray, Tom Sharpe, John Mc- Clellan, Carl Wolfrom, John Briggs, Bruce Wagner, Bob Crocker, Don Hale. SECOND ROW: Mr. Bonito, Advisorg Harry Thomas, Frank Leuschen, Eugene Davis, Bob McLa1len, Art Leuschen, John Leech, Dave Powell, Dave Pifer, Nathan Allen. THIRD ROW: Noel May, Clarence Chase Bill Gaber, Bob Terrill, Dick Vogt, Ted Salchak, Vic Mallory, Butch Beeman, Tom Owens. Any boy who has earned a Varsity letter in one of our four major sports is eligible to join the Lettermen's Club. To raise funds for Senior Varsity Men's Jackets, the club sponsors the annual Varsity-Faculty game and has charge of the concessions sold at our athletic events. OFFICERS "Pepsi Please" President: John McClellan Vice-President: John Leech Secretary-Treasurer: Tom Sharpe KUHARSKY BROS. , INC. HAGAN BUSINESS MACHINES 2425 West 12th St. Erie, Pennsylvania 1317 State St. Erie, Pennsylvania VARSITY Ruth Ann Kerr Ian See Sandy Weber Linda Phelps Laurene Pude Lynda Humes O'DELL JEWELER I I PERRY SQUARE CLOTHES 34 West 10th St. Erie, Pennsylvania I I 7th 81 State Sts. Erie, Pennsylvania CHEERLEADERS Ruth Ann Kerr, Lynda Humes, Sandra Weber, Laurene Pude, Linda Phelps, Jan See. This is a group of energetic cheerleaders who do their best to promote school spirit and urge the team to victory. in if 'f is QI AM MM M 24 West 10th St. Erie, Pennsylvania 7th SL State Erie, PeDl1SylV21Hi-3 JUNIOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS FIRST ROW: Nancy Forsyth, Becky Heard, Nancy Holmes, Sally Kuhns. SECOND ROW: Betsy Canfield, Judy Phelps, Mary Terrill, Sally Ritter. SUBSTITUTES: Kathy Sweeney, Sharon Bemis. ,1YV. 1 The Junior-High Cheerleaders are-selected ,,,. from the Seventh and Eighth grades to urge the iw 1 h. Junior-High Basketball team on to victory. H f ' , 1? I 5 A C They earned money for new uniforms by 'W' "mx Q holding cake walks, candy sales, and other ""' I activities. 'mm A M X .. 40.4-. 491 ,ova-ff uns. MRS. MARY MERRITT LINDSLEY PLUMBING 84 HEATING Notary Public Waterford, Pennsylvania 64 Ph 251 WRESTLING CHEERLEADERS Bunny Holmes, Gail Lindsley, Karen McLa11en, Kay Kreider, Caryln Crawford. J?J 5:2 9 O t?s 3afQ Qff jfiui I 4' 5088 0 " Q df? ,502 O can 3,99 gg- gg ,569 3 s.f..6Wf' Am -'-J Q ng Jaipu Q0 0 CDOOOCO o?5'Q0 . -I I-5 I THOMAS JEWELER 1 R. D. 1, Waterford P sylvania 3 west 331 5 ' p Erle, ennsylvania .I L -I as BISONALITIES FlRST ROW: Iva Baughman, Mary Angerett, Audrey Bliley, Susan Duran, Johanna Crooker, Mar- garet Wick, Pauline SanFrotello. SECOND ROW: Sharon Hahn, Nancy Reed, Kathy Olsen, Barbara Holewski, Doris Erdman, Joyce Popovich, Kathy Klaus, Phyllis Combs, Sandy Holmes. THIRD ROW: Mr. Beane, Advisor, Shirley Robertson, Barbara Kirsch, Carolyn Roberts, Liz Allen, Connie Hager, Mary Lou Khuns, Mr. Russell, Advisor. FOURTH ROW: Iames Bendig, Harry Thomas, Dave Pifer, Jim Markham, Pat Czesnowski, Bobbie Wick, Barbara Russell. ABSENT: Audrey Bliley. Bisonalities, the school newspaper, was put out in monthly editions. Members included club and activity reporters as well as regular members who wrote for each edition of the paper an article of fifty words or more. The paper went to press after each member had completed his assignment. 'L ,H M H Editor: Audrey Bliley THE STAFF GOES To WORK Assistant Editor: Susan Duran Business Manager: I im Markham CHET SEYMOUR I I 66 EXCAVATING 8a GRADING SERVICE I ohnnp som Warerford. Pennsylvania I I Phone 2262 Waterford, Pennsylvania MOORE 'S AUTO SERV ICE SENTINEL Subscription Manager: Pat Czesnowski Business Manager: Audrey Bliley Co-Editors: Nancy See, Jim Markham FIRST ROW: Miss Krellner, Advisory Ruth Ann Kerr, Carolyn Roberts, Joyce Popo- vich, Audrey Bliley, Roberta Wick, Pat Czesnowski, Liz Allen. SECOND ROW: Jim Brumagin, Nola Weed, Susan Duran, Connie Hager, Martha Himrod, Jan See, Nancy See, Marvin Cross. THIRD ROW: Ron Finch, Vince McWilliams, Dave Ethridge, Don Turley, Bruce Wagner, John Leech, Harry Thomas. FOURTH ROW: Denny Pifer, Eugene Gray, Richard Smith, Tom Sharpe, Nathan Allen, Jim Mark- ham. "Our Top Ad Salesmen Getting off to a good start" The Yearbook Staff of 1958 has worked hard to bring you this edition of the SEN- TINEL. Meetings were held every night after school in addition to the many evening meetings. What Next?l GERALD BEMIS RUBY REYNOLDS BEAUTY SHOP COMPLETE INSURANCE SERVICE 67 I DI-1nnoRRR1 Lalnfnrfnrrl Dnnnevhmnin I I Warnrfnrd Dnnnculvnniq I LE BOEUF PLAYERS FIRST ROW: Martha Himrod, Ioan Egelin, Karen McLallen, Anna Arduini, Donna Marsh, Peggy Osborn, Sandra Weber, Susan Duran, Ioan Coffin, Phyllis Sedgwick, Joan Wasiela, Eileen Marsh, Nancy Forsyth, Marie Carmello, Mrs. Shesman, Advisor. SECOND ROW: Nola Weed, Nancy Pontious, Fran Runser, Dot- tie Mosier, Ioan Zwilling, Nancy Reed, Kathy Olson, Kathy Gibson, Caroljean Ethridge, Helen Brown, Joyce Hamilton, Shirley Boleratz, Patty Robinson, Carol Kerr, J' an See. THLRD ROW: Ruth Ann Kerr, Margaret Ann Wick, Johanna Crooker, Laurene Pude, Connie Hager, Kathy Klaus, Barb Twargoski, Mary Lou Slo- downik, Polly Donnell, Barbara Holewski, Barbara Kirsch, Norma Young, Carolyn Peel, Dorrie Erdman, Nancy See. FOURTH ROW: Kasson Crooker, Eugene Gray, David Ethridge, Jim Ostryniec, Hal Beavers, Wally Page, .T im Hill, Bill McCall, ,T im Brumagin, J' im Markham. President: Suzy Duran Vice-President: Peggy Osborn Secretary: Sandra Weber Treasurer: Donna Marsh "Who dl1l1f1iI?" Historian: Lynda Humes The LeBoeuf Players' first activity was a trip to Cleveland where thirty members saw the renowned Musicarnival do a production of "South Pacific." Three one-act plays were presented on November 21 and 22. The titles were: "The Ugly Duckling," "Trifles," and 'iSunday Costs Five Pesos." Plans for the year included the construction of scenic units which are now available for class plays, making them more colorful and realistic. SEYMOURS RELIABLE IEWELERS FAIRCHILD MANOR 708 State St. Erie, Pennsylvania Rt. 6N and 19 Waterford, Pennsylvania STAGE CREW FIRST ROW: David Peterson, James Trojak, Gary See, Robert Fenner, Gordon Crow, Dale Harris, Mr. Olson, Advisor. SECOND ROW: Larry Cisson, Robert Crocker, John Whitney, Richard Pifer, Larry Robertson, Tom Coffin. ABSENT: James Barton, Ted Robinson, Eugene Davis. The Stage Crew sponsors the Winter Carnival every other yearg works at plays, parties, dances, and all activities which take place on stage. Manager: Robert Crocker Treasurer: James Barton "Quiet everyone . . . lights . . , curtains" I DR. C. K. BARTON BEACON TOOL COMPANY Ph. 99617 Rrr 19 Waterford Pennsvlvania I I R.D. M4 Erie, Pennsvlvania if 5 ' Sv s avr 41 M. wk A I 44' W . 55+ PY 1 :Y qi? -Q fm- M nw 5 ig? Q, 4 LLV, J' 451' Q ff Lass? ' V W iii? 4? W mf 'r . +V , , a g W V V ii w Q' rv, it W M k Q, f,f':' ,Z T7 3 ff Af! W U an if Af - f. . ' W ' Kina 'V 4, w -V 'nk Q . Sf W' W ,,- ' SW 'ai iv W Q'- 51' Q V, V5 -ig i 'F vs 223, i? ' wi? 1 1,3 1 l 1 if Ki K , ,ai GH CHORUS FIRST ROW: Sharon Cross, Nola Weed, Mary Lec, Martha Brown, Gae Phillips, Bobbie Wick, Marlene Rudolph, Janet Mitchell, Marlene Burge, Joanne Osborn, Ruth Ann Wise, Ruth Ann Kerr. SECOND ROW: Phllis Combs, Diane Martens, Laurene Pude, Donna Morgan, Caroljean Ethridge, Leoria Hartman, Joyce Haibach, Helen Brown, Sandra Holmes, Faye Popvich, Joyce Manross. THIRD ROW: Tom Moraski, Bill McCall, Pauline SanFrotello, Harriet McClellan, Susan Duran, Peggy Osborn, Jan See, Doris Erdman, Marlene Burdick, Marcia Smith, Pat Hawley. FOURTH ROW: Harry Thomas, Jim Hill, Jim Moyer, Bob M f . . . . , cLa1len, Ken Wise, Robert Steffy, David Ethridge, Ernest Smith, Eugene Davis, Gerry Bennett, Eugene Denham. President: James Markham Secretary: Martha Himrod Librarians: Nola Weed and Jan See CHOR US OF FICE RS The DISTRICT CHORUS members, Jim Moyer, Jim Markham, Kasson Crooker, Nola Weed, Susan Duran, practice for the dis- trict chorus festival. The CHORUS activities included the an- nual Christmas concert and party, radio and TV appearances, and a concert tour to some of the nearby schools. A Spring Concert and the Baccalaureate Service ended the year. "The Clean-Up committee gets to work after a Chorus party." WATTS RESTAURANT CONNOR'S SHARPENING SERVICE 71 I A I hihfn.-4',..-,I n,........1......:.. I -Ii . . . , QJIIIZI MAIORETTES FRONT ROW: Maria Camerlo, Marry Brockway, Pat Czesnowski, Joanne Rhea, Pauline SanFrote11o, Joan Wilmire, Roberta Wick. SECOND ROW: Mary Lou Khuns, Barbara Russell, Marcia Smith, Connie Hager, Margaret Wick, Brenda Chase, Judy Ott, Carol Wagner. TWIRLING CLUB The flag twirlers at the Memorial Day Ceremony RUSSELLS HOUSE OF FURNITURE I I STURROCKS PET HOSPITAL I f'l1nr-rn Cf l.1,.---t--,l n . . I I --- - BA FRONT ROW: Halbert Beavers, Ricky Dingle, Danny Proper, Howard Marten, Sam Hazen, Albert Barnett, Ruth Wise, Jim Brumagin, Don Hale, Gene Gray, Jim Hill, drum major. SECOND ROW: Shirley Robert- son, Loretta SanFrote1lo, David Hall, Richard Walker, Ricky Cook, Virginia Peters, Virginia Patchen, Nancy Williams, Cheryl Smith, Peggy Osborn, Polly Donnell, Ricky Farley. THIRD ROW: Joyce Moses, Charlene Pennock, Annette Gibson, Kathy Kline, Becky Shallenburger, Fred Gribbon, Jo Crooker, Jim Ostryniec, Carol Ethridge, Kay Kriedcr, Janet Mitchell, Audrey Dennington. FOURTH ROW: Jim Moyer, Lois VanZandt, Arnold Allen, Emery Metzler, John Brown, Allen Chase, Ronnie Cross. Jo Crooker substituted for Elaine May at District Orchestra President: Ruth Kerr Vice-President: Bill McCall Secretary: Tom Owens Librarians: Don Hale Jim Ostryniec Uniforms: Shirley Robertson Drum Major: Jim Hill The Fort LeBoeuf Band has been given many honors including district and state band members plus several first place per- formances. The band also made tours to several other schools and football games. "Follow the black dots." CROSSROADS DINER 74 l.G.A. GROCERY STORE H c " ' ef--U I I Pfiinhnm, Pennsvlvania f ET' wx' 1 Q: 4 , yi 'HT mmf' .41 ax V...r X a 3-ig. A .M , 2 a'9 " k STE g R h A AZ: A A K X68 'K ' . ZF wg, ,,. ., , W v X ,, ,ff R ,N Q gf , 2 . Y.. Y Q,-1,5 ,Q M. 'J V W Ei V X, f' Y Q V '55 w 3 :fl 5 if X ff' X ff' vw QQ, ,gb rn L ., , , I , r Xi X lm MW' ' X ,fimfx A ' K5 . , FF. A N 1 .M I ! ' x Lggeix H , 4m 1 ' X ' ' ,H AI vt tg A ' Q H E: K J, A A.,, 5 jg vu t A- . , K 7" 1 . 8 il iw! A-kgfw : ff ' - ' za. 5 :za al Q f 5 U YH1IlEIlFNHf51!E1E -llilfflii . . n- . . , . . . QUEENS AND Norman Belt -Kathy Olsen "DAR Award " Susan Duran "VOICE OF DEMOCRACY CONTEST WINNER" Linda Phelps "CHERRY PIE QUEEN" Donna Morgan "APPLE DESSERT QUEEN" Susan Duran 'CHARLES PALMER DAVIS AWARD" Roberta Wick Martha Himrod BETTY CROCKER AWARD "AMERICAN AGRICULTURIST FOUNDATION AWARD" 78 EAGLE HOTEL I I I. R. ST. JOHN AGENCY I 32 High St. Waterford, Pennsylvania I I Phone 5021 Edinboro, Pennsylvania I AWARDS , - , Marlene Rudolph and Norman Belt Mrs. Smith gives the annual United Nations "AMERI " CAN LEGION AWARD 1957 Test Award to Jim Markham and Nola Weed. N i A three way tie between Susan Duran, 'E Audrey Bliley, and Nancy See was finally E broken with Audrey coming out on top. 9 "D, A.R, AWARD" Y 1 "1957 PROM: STARDUST" Queen - Faye Marsh King - Bob Brace Prince - Ben Lewis Princess - Io Beckwith Crown Bearers - Robbie See Susan Jim Markham "STATE LIVESTOCK QUEEN "District Chorus" Lynda Humes EDINBORO FURNITURE AND APPLIANCE I ROOSEVELT INN - 79 I Edinhhfn pnnnculunniu I I D 'n J.Ln v- - -- f f ka Mike Merritt 1 K K Tom Sharp DA . ,V 5 A X. P "J 2 ' X J ,L fi R ! ey A' A sv l 'Most valuable Baseball players" "Most valuable N951 May '56 ' '57 Basketball D13-YET" "Most valuable Wrestler" Tom Sharp an ,Pi- "Most valuable Football Players" Mr. Bowman hands the F. F. A. awards re- John McClellan and Richard Smith ceived in Harrisburg to Jim Rhea and Tom Sharp. F. F, A. PROJECT -BOOK WINNERS John and Tom show a winning book to John Duboski, Bill Brace, Wayne Steen, Lenny Danylko, and John Briggs. John McClellan Tom Sharp "AMERICAN AGRICULTURIST "F,F,A, DE KALB AGRICULTURAL FOUNDATION AWARD" ACCOMPLISHMENT AWARD" SUROVlEC'S GENERAL ST RE AND I I O SERVICE STATION CURL-EY'S CAFE 80 I n n IN Jin hlfn-nu-frm-fl Dnnncu'lU2f1iSl I I St. Waterford, Pennsylvania I ww ,MQW QM MA 89841- WW' V ml BASE FIRST ROW: Tom Sharpe, Dave Pifer, Vic Mallory, Mike Merritt, Tom Owens, Robert Crocker, Frank Leuschen, Ben Lewis, Manager Mark Allan Briggs. SECOND ROW: Manager Don Hale, Bill Roberts, Butch Beeman, Debbie Donnell, Richard Vogt, Bruce Wagner, Ted Robinson, Hal Beavers, Manager Eugene Gray, Coach Carmel Bonito. aa s .qw ii ' -. L .in "Who 's winning, Vic?" -I I- MARY AND BOB'S RESTAURANT R. L. SHADE R.D. 8 Waterford, Pennsylvania I I Our stalwart young INFIELDERS, Frank Leuschen, Art Leuschen, Mike Merritt, Dave Pifer, Ben Lewis, and Tom Sharpe, '76 Waterford St. Union City, Pennsylvania BALL Our rough and ready outfieldersz Dave Powell, Bruce Wagner, Vic Mallory, Bob Crocker. Tom Sharpe, Tom Owens, Vic Mallory, ready to catch a few. Frank Leuchen, Mike Merritt, Dave Pifer and Ben Lewis, Fort Le- Boeuf's infielders. UNION CITY CHAIR CO. LEE'S GROCERY Union City, Pennsylvania Mill Village, Pennsylvania FOOT ' .... A Ln rl l .Q FIRST ROW: Art Curtis, Art Leuschen, Jim Lawrence, Eugene Davis, Butch Beeman, Clarcnce Chase, John Duboski, Denny Pifer. SECOND ROW: John Briggs, Dave Powell, Richard Smith, Bill Bainbridge Bob McLa11en, Frank Leuschen, Bob Terrill, Dick Vogt. THIRD ROW: Eugene Gray, Coach Bonito, John McLa11en, Tom Owens, Carl Wolfrom, Dave Pifer, Harry Thomas, John Leech, William Gabor, Coach Shesman, Coach Orris. I CAPTAINS: Carl Wolfrom John McClellan Bill Bainbridge "Fort LeBoeuf's backfield in 'action. "' THOMAS MOTOR COMPANY 84 61-63 FROZEN FOOD CENTER I North Main St. Union Citv. Pennsvlvania I I 23-25 Market St. Union Citv. Pennsylvania I BALL 4 41 Four of Our Linemen: Frank Leuschen, Harry Thomas, John Leech and Bob Terrill. Richard Vogt centers the ball whilelim Lawrence, Eugene Davis, Butch Beeman, and Clarence Chase from the backfield look on. Linemen: Bill Gabor, Dave Pifer and Robert McLa11en. Art Curtis, Art Leuschen, John Duboski and Denny Pifer Ready for Action. RAY'S ATLANTIC I I ALTMANS FARM SERVICE sToRE I 71 North Main sr. Union city I I 136 South Main sr. Union city I S22 X . 4- 'A A V ,JA iff, A 'QQ JUNIOR HIGH FLRST ROW: Don Humes, Frank Haibach, Tom Stewart, Ray Steffy, Terry Daruda, Rubert Steffy, Andy Lenart, Gary Wilson. SECOND ROW: Larry Fox, Jean France, James Bendix, Gordon Hoff, Bob Wolko- lich, Daniel Cross, Jerry Mahle, Charles Steffy. THIRD ROW: Mr. Cyterski, Head Coachg Mr. Culbert- son and Mr. Wolf, Assistant Coaches, Bill Lang, James Turner, Terry Wiser, George Rathburn, Lawrence Sabatino, James Delf, Eddie Stackowitz and Richard Stewart, Managers. FOURTH ROW: Mr. DeLuca, Head Coach: Charles Weber, Robert Humes, Richard Eddie, Mark Briggs, Ricky Gilmore, Jerry Hershey. ABSENT: Sam Hazen. 86 BASKETBALL FIRST ROW: Iohn McClellan, Dave Powell, Butch Beeman, Halbert Beavers, Debbie Donnell, Jim Stewart. SECOND ROW: Mr. Orris, Coach, Dick Finnigan, Art Curtiss, Dave Pifer, Tom Sharpe, Victor Mallory, Tom Owens, Ricky Stewart. "I've got it! " "Over here! "Drop it! " NORTHWESTERN RURAL ELECTRIC LAKE LEBOEUF DRIVE IN N' EAT CO-OPERATIVE ASSOCIATION, INC. Waterford, Pennsylvania Cambridge Springs, Pennsylvania 87 .1-'15 affix' - o 4 Q if 151, x b i H ., s . f 5 R :::.::i' Lf -V1 - :,:::f'f?:f' . ' 2 . :qw i f :yi YQ-IZA ,L ,W ,. Xfl:f'zMt:2' if, ,W . ..4,W,:5Q f 1 "iii likirfm. .. ,M QQ 641335. Q 1353325 1 3 mix' .Qs .23 , msgpl - 2553? r " . ' I I ' V '- - -HSIIIIllIlll!-1511Dlllll11l5llllKi'll'lllNIE- 'H' 1 L "BODY BEAUTIFUL" HEY Mommy look at me! " "Is my rouge on straight?" "Sentinel Crew" "A10hal "GooI Goo!!" "Me Scalp Um" ., Ki J "The SACK LOOK" SHIELDS 8a BROWN Backhoe 84 Highlift Service Waterford, Pennsylvania HOTEL CONGDON I Union City, Pennsylvania 92 "Reception for QUEEN of the MOO'S" Let 's be Friends! FIRCH'S SUNBEAM BREAD RA COP TEXACO SERVICE 129 North Main Cambridge Springs I X ,, f X1 ' fps U,-.4 -, 3.-9 I I 1 K W .v A A U . 4-fn li'Pfu"v- 71 N, . W ,Q -.:LQq.ig,x,L1.2iln5.5-. Q, ., -X ,, , " -' ' ' ,!f,"' : - w 1, ' Ar Q -Hn .3 . m F 4. TI A ,. .Jn . 5 A f. fi 1 1 -1 nf?-4 Z ' if-its ng. V: '-f 7 A 33. fav awww, . ,H V K I r 'sf of A 2 'LL in 1 F 1 'X is '. .,,.7 ,3,.', 4? ik' ' 'D iff is J 2 I Y E fag I-like ' ik , sg, ff" 'Q -A 5 FLOYD B. HINKSON INVESTMENTS Phone 3091 Waterford, Pennsylvania COMPLIMENTS OF DR. GRONCESKI Union City, Pennsylvania FLAMINGO MOTEL 3005 West 12th St. Erie, Pennsylvania SWEET INSURANCE AGENCY U . . . nion City, Pennsylvania Cambridge S prings, Pennsylvania W. R. SMILEY 8 SON, GENERAL SAWING R. D. l Waterford, Pennsylvania RESLINK G WIGGERS MOTOR CO. Erie, Pennsylvania COMPLIMENTS OF UNION CITY TAXI UNION CITY LOAN, INC. 1 155 N. Main St. Union Cit y, Pennsylvania DR. FLORIAN F. FLOREK 27 Market St. Edinboro, Pennsylvania COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND FAMOUS CLEANERS 1419 West 26th St. Er ie, Pennsylvania Best Wishes for Future Success MERRILL HART MC CULLOUGH'S DRY GOODS xt 5 f Wattsburg, Pennsylvania 'X wV X SUSOL BROTHERS 2419 West 12th St Erie, Pennsylvania WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE TT..-. A.. f'-I 4-11 'D nv-v1nn1 1-ran-I 9 f'n-v--v-v Dorm-nQx11 't1Qh'i 2 'X , va,-A K . 77 STAFFORD'S GROCERY ' Wattsburg, Pennsylvania COMPLIMENTS OF THE A G P Union City, Pennsylvania Yao 1 1 " -3 A I 1, ,. Z. Q HARRY's DONUT SHOP 4014 Peach St. Erie, Pennsylvania I .. -- ,,,, hr ,V vi COMPLIMENTS OF THE UNION CITY DINOR WATERFORD HOTEL 213 High St. Waterford, Pennsylvania RZ' COMPLIMENTS OF JOE SPUSTA l8th G Sassafrass St. Erie, Pennsylvania HUMES AUTO AND TRACTOR SALES l7 South Park Row Waterford Pennsylvania "v -. STERLING MILK, INC. 3330 Peach St. Erie, Pennsylvania 'l NCRTHWESTERN RURAL ELECTRIC m ... - COOPERATIVE ASSOCIATION, INC. U Cambridge Springs, Pennsylvania SMILEY'S l9 N. Main St. Union City, Pennsylvania CLIFFORD HAYNES GENERAL INSURANCE 115 High St. Waterford, Pennsylvania MANDEL'S MEN'S AND BOYS' CLOTHING G SHOES 10 North Main St. Union City X yt . 355,6 7 1 Y gvurfme XE??XX 71 Wd TREAT'S MEN 8 BOYS' WEAR 28 North Main St. Union City, Pennsylvania ERIE COUNTY IMPLEMENT 5245 Peach St. Erie, Pennsylvania HAROLD H. MALLORY PLUMBING G HEATING Waterford, Pennsylvania JOHN REJZER, WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTOR 17 Market St. Union City, Pennsylvania COMPLIMENTS OF GAYLORD G. SEE John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Company CHUCK'S BARBER SHOP 202 High St. Waterford, Pennsylvania in M , . .---Yr, 1 71-f V ! ' PC lf, 7 Q , ...K I w J,.1f . W. ,. , ff, . ,X I . , A, ',-. F' K" MY.. - 1 1 I T X , . I t . ,, j 7. . -.v 1 4. .V Qi-1 1-'.-CV,'.?. -. ,V .f-gg., ' ' " -yi!-V ' QA .- --1':-'fimif Vefffxf. ---..-, . -. V. , -.ri fl .4 Z.-V j, vj.'V uk , ""1'f ' ,1,-51... -fl-A ff" ' ' - , '. - f AY 1. V 1'-. ' .MII ' V - 4 ,i ---af . -A V V . ' :Ag V:- .V - , --L'-ft ', Q V. 'V 'ir' . Qvg ' ' "5fzA,fg' rf ,JI , - K -I i . 1. ., 1 .ywvwgyf u V fi . .V - .. ' Q' .' 'l'11'i':- 'iff ' W kg - - 1 " fig, f. 1. 1,7 ' 4, ' '-'ij 7, .V V. '. ,A . ,. . '- , - .- J, ...Q .,-.-,p .-- -..--.-,.L., +11 J ' V'4'g'fVvL.3! ".'1,Q - "f!g."4'-" V, -- .1 ,. . L3 1, 'Q ..,.,Q:g zz 1 .'L,-Vw.r- ,,,,QTr, l, -.a A ,lv -1' ,,..- 1, . . A127 . wa- 1-N, . V' g..,,.,-V., G.: .1517 3. 1-A L 'A -.-Q ..o.',' 'Q Vs.. - 5 ,,,,,.,L 1. 1 - 'E .Z-I' V-41 I v 3 -.- ' ., .. , . " . 1.4 ,, VV-,. 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Suggestions in the Fort Leboeuf High School - Sentinel Yearbook (Waterford, PA) collection:

Fort Leboeuf High School - Sentinel Yearbook (Waterford, PA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Fort Leboeuf High School - Sentinel Yearbook (Waterford, PA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Fort Leboeuf High School - Sentinel Yearbook (Waterford, PA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Fort Leboeuf High School - Sentinel Yearbook (Waterford, PA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 22

1958, pg 22

Fort Leboeuf High School - Sentinel Yearbook (Waterford, PA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 43

1958, pg 43

Fort Leboeuf High School - Sentinel Yearbook (Waterford, PA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 30

1958, pg 30

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