Fort Leboeuf High School - Sentinel Yearbook (Waterford, PA)

 - Class of 1957

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55 :QE ' 5 we : 51 V: . y, ,K K E 2 E lif- , in I -Sf-.E 1, .-- . 7.1 ii? ' .ww Q 1. ,L 5 1' L ci ,,.- . il , 'at ,,V ,i YJ :G ma' H 1 ." DQ , ,, im " ..- . '95 E le. Tl A, g. 1 1 Ra' . ,,. ' 53 .,. . .7 . W.. ..,, Y. " .1 - ,ig i.J FORT LE WATER BOEUF HIGH SCHOOL FORD, PENNSYLVANIA u My A DMINIS TRA TION lun: To the Class of 1957: Your class is probably the smallest, at least in the for- seeable future, that will ever graduate from Fort LeBoeuf High School. We all know that quality is not dependent upon size. Your class has been among the pioneers incur school, and has helped establish traditions, ideals, and a school spirit that will be treasured by succeeding classes. You have encountered many problems during your school years, and you will continue to encotmter trying situations in the future. Your schools have attempted to help you develop the skills, attitudes, and ideals that will assist you in meeting these problems intelligently. I sincerely hope that your past twelve years have beet prontable for you, and that you havebeez properly prepared to ind your way successfully inour modern democratic society. Good luck and happy living to all of you. Cf ZQAAQ If 2 Dear Students Fort LeBoeuf High School offers you the opporttmity to develop the traits of character necessary to good citizenship It is here that you give your first serious thoughts to pre paration for life. You study toimprove mmds and bodies You learn to cooperate and to get along well with other people. Social events athleucs art. music specialized courses and service activities open doorways of educational opportunity to all who wish to learn. Let me assure you that the faculty and educational facilities of Fort LeBoeuf High School are provided by the citizens of the commtmity for one big purpose to help you become responsible, well educated men and women. Your high ideals, commendable spirit scholastic attainments and devotion to worthy causes prompts me to say I am proud of youl Accept my congratulations for setting high goals m life SCHOOL BOARD FRONT: Mr. Leo Wagner, Mrs. Chloeva Moore, Mr. Willis Mc Ginnett. BACK: Mr. Adrian Sharpe Mr. Edward Shallenberger, Mr. Ar- thur wright, Mr. Eugene Rudolph. ABSENT FROM PICTURE: Mr. Gay- lord See. FRONT: Mr. Emest L. Heard. BACK: Mr. FRONT: Mr. Lee Port. BACK: Mrs. Lura John Porter, Mr. Clarence Chase, Mr. Har- Donner, Miss Ellen Johnson, Mrs. Carrie old Dewey. Bemis. 4 ww' FRONT: Mrs. Shirley Colvin, Mrs. Marian FRONT: Mrs. Helen Barton. BACK: Mr. Jos- Carnahan. BACK: Mr. Stanley Mitchell, eph Kerr, Mr. Ronald Burdick, Mr. Alton Mr. Bryon Bowen, Mr. Kenneth Briggs, Mr. McGahen. Wellman Falk. 3 DEDICA TION MRS . ELIZABETH DAVIS We gratefully dedicate this issue of the Sentinel to Mrs. Elizabeth Davis. To you our friend and advisor, we wish ever increasing pleasure and happiness in life. You are a constant source of help to students in all departments and a very valuable guide to those Off to work. enrolled in the Home Economics curriculum. We are grateful for your utmost co -operation in our school activities, clubs and sports. It is with a deep sense of appreciation that we honor you with this dedication. 4 SECRETARIES Della Marsh and Sarah Stull FACULTY SPANISH Nino Bucarelli ENGLISH Mary Majdanik MUSIC Robert MacCubbin and Zerelda Young HOME ECONOMICS Elizabeth Davis and Mary Crooker 091990000000 LIBRA RIAN Dorothy Dingle ART Carol Stubbe and Lois Byers COMMERCIAL Pearle Malone and Mary McLaughlin D GEOGRAPHY Joseph Shesman, Norma King, and Richard 5 DeLuca --'H FACULTY N K 5191 F gn in C A P , x ... R Q 4 sw. ' SCHOOL NURSE Marjorie Rhea GUIDANCE Marie Smith and Charles Miller PHYSICAL EDUCATION Sonya Utterback and Carmel Bonito ,qi SCIENCE Ray Lawerence and Robert Baker Charle MATHEMATICS David Carnahan, Ada Carter and Edwin Orris ENGLISH Zona Miller, John Lawerence and Joseph Maslanik .. fu . if , J. , J.. f AGRICULTURE AND INDUSTRIAL ARTS s Bowman and Carl Olsen HISTORY Benson Thomas, Norbert Cyterski and Lewis 6 Dove QUN s f?" ' 'bn Sa , SENIORS D RUTH ANN ALLEN Petite. . . likesdancing . . . she tackles a job and the thing is done. Chorus 1,23 F. H.A. 2, 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 35 F. B. L. A. 2, Cheer- leader 3. CAROLYN BATCHLET Pleasant personality . . . likes playing the piano and singing, lots of luck goes to Carolyn in her future plans as a secretary. Chorus 2, 3, 4, F. B. L.A. 2, 4, Newspaper 4g Yearbook 3, 4, Madrigals 2g Girls Ensemble 4, Senior Play 4. IO BECKWITH Friendly and popular . . . a whiz in sports . . . her future lies in nursing. Student Council 2, Vice-Presi- dent 3, Chorus 1,2g Ad. Ed. Group 4gTri-Hi-Y 1,2,3, Presi- dent 4, F.T.A. 4g F.N.C. 33 Cheerleader 1, Manager 4: G. A.A. 3, Vice-President 4, Year- book 2,3,4g Girls Basketball 2, 3,43 Junior Play 3g Senior Play Manager 4, Class Officer 4, D. A.R. Award 4. FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF ERIE Waterford Office 8 RUTH BEMIS Cute and pert . . . Ruby loves to tease . . . " labor omnis vincit". Chorus 2g Ad. Ed. Group 45 Dance Band 1,2,3,4g Band 1.2, 3,43 Tri-Hi-Y 4, F.T.A. 4, F. N.C. 2, 35 Spanish Club Officer 4g Senior Play 4. ROBERT BRACE Flashy new car . . . enjoys hunting . . . to success he's sure to find a path. F.F.A. l,2,3,4gF.F.A. Officer l,2,3. ff ROBERT E. BRIGGS You never know what's on his mind . . . Bobbie's special interest is model airplanes. F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4. BARRY F. BURDICK A guy everyone likes . . . rates football high . . . made an excellent model in the senior play. Chorus 2, 3, 4, I-li-Y 4, Letter- man's Club 2, 3, 4, Basketball Manager 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Madrigals 3, S e n i o r Play 4, Class Officer 3. ROSEMARIE CISSON N X I WILLIAM E. COWLEY Happy go lucky . . . will talk about anything, anytime, any place. Chorus 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Senior Play 4, F.F.A. 1,2,3, 4, Chorus Officer 3,4, Band Officer 4, F.F.A. State Band 2, 3, 4, F.F.A. Officer 3,4, F.F.A. Basketball 3,4. NORBERT CROSS Never a dull moment when Bugs is around . . . fills the end and tackle slot in foot- ball! Letterman's Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 1,2, 3, 4, Wrestling 3, Letterman's Club Officer 3. "Rosie's" talents lie in the field of art . . . this versatile gal also plays the accordian. Chorus 2,3,4, Ad. Ed. Group 4, F. B. L. A. 3, 4, Newspaper- 3, G.A. A. 3, YB3l'b0Ok 3, 4, HOLEMAN S CLOTHING STORE JUDY DAVIS Cute, peppy . . . full of fun . . . a live wire. Chorus 1,25 F.H.A. 1,2,3, Officer 45 Ad. Ed. Group 4, Dance Band 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4g Tri-Hi-Y 3,43 F.T.A. 4, Newspaper 4, Yearbook 3,4g Girls Basketball 33 H is tory Club 2,3g Senior Play 4, Dis- tricr Band 3, 4. DONNA EDDY Sandy hair and sparkling eyes . . . Donna's the class sharp-shooter. Chorus 23 F.N.C. 2,3,4g F. B.L.A. 2. RICHARD IAMES FENNER Tall, athletic . . . and "nice" . . . class president for three years. 4 Letterman's Club 2, 3, 4g Year- book 3, 4g Basketball 1, 2, 3,2lg Football 1, 2, 3, Senior Play 4, Class President 1, 3, 4. HA SKIN' S GROCERY I0 JEAN GRAHAM Quiet and dreamy . . . Jeanie enjoys listening to the radio . . . there's a nursing career coming up. Chorus 2, F.N.C. 2, Vice- President 3, President 4, F. B.L.A. 2. CRAIG HOLMES Shines in basketball and foot- ball . . . a capable president of Student Council. . . sure to succeed in the business world. Student Council President 4, Newspaper 3, Letterman's Club 2, Vice-President 3, President 4, Yearbook 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 2, 3, 4, F. F.A. 1,2,3,4g F. F. A. Re- porter 3. MARTHA KERR MARILYN LE SUER A sincere girl . . . always willing to lend a helping hand. Chorus 1,2, 35 F.H.A. 2, Li- brary Club 1, 2g Tri-Hi-Y 3, F.N. C. 33 F. B. L.A. 45 G.A. A. 3, 4g Dancing Club 3. DAVID KILBANE This boy's first love is farm- ing . . . coon hunting is a special hobby of his. F.F.A. l,2,3, 4. ROBERT KNIGHT Small but mighty . . . "Little Caesar" likes football and wrest- ling. Chess Club lg Letterman's Club 3, 43 Football 3, 43 Wrestling 3, 4, Squad Leading 3,4. HEARD'S DRUG STORE 11 At home in a kitchen . . . an avid baseball fan. Chorus lg F.B.L.A. 2, 4. BEN LEWIS A great guy . . . enjoys base- ball. . . a dead-eye in arch- ery. Student Council 4g Ad. Ed. Group 43 Chess Club lg F.T.A. 45 Letterman's Club 3,43 Base- ball 3, 4g Basketball 3, 4g Squad Leading 3,45 Treasurer F.F.A. 4. BILL LEWIS Industrial Arts rates high with Bill . . . can always be found working in room 126 . . . a farmer he will be. FAYE MARSH A sharp dresser . . . lots of ability . . . dancingandsports are her firsts. Student Council Secretary 3, 43 Chorus 23 Ad. Ed. Group 43 Tri-Hi-Y 3, President 43 F. T.A. President 43 F.N.C. 2,35 F. B. L.A. Secretary 33 Twirling 2, 3, 43 G.A.A. 3, 43 Yearbook 3, 43 Spanish Club 43 Girls Basketball 1, 3, 43 Twirling Club President 43 Junior Play 33 Senior Play 4. IOYCE MARSH Sparklingpersonality. . . full of clever new ideas . . . en- joys reading in her spare time. Chorus 13 F.H.A, 43 F. B. L.A. 3, 43 Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 4s G. A.A. 3, 43 Spanish Club 43 Girls Basketball 1,3,4: Junior Play 3g Senior Play Student Director3 Class President 2. WATERFORD G. L. F. 12 ROBERT C. MC CALL What will the band do without Clem? . . . misses school or fun either . . . likes mechanics and shop work. Chorus 2,33 43 Ad. Ed. Group 43 Oom-Pah Band 3, 43 Band 1,2,3, 43 Stage Crew 43 F.T. A. 4. WESLEY MC GAHEN Blonde wavy hair describes Wesley . . . Agriculture is his main interest . . . hunting is for him any time. Lettermen's Club 43 F.F.A. Basketball 3,45 Football 2.3, 43 Wrestling 33 F.F.A. 1,2,3, 4. JANET MC MAHON Known for her red hair and her hot trumpet . . . aiming for a nursing career. Chorus 2,3,4g Ad. Ed. Group 45 Dance Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Oom- pah Band 4, Band 1,2,3,4g F. T.A.4g F.N.C. 2,3g G.A.A. 3.4, Spanish Club Vice-Presi- dent 4, Girls Basketball 2, Mad- rigals 2,33 Senior Play 4, Dis- trict Chorus 4. MIKE MERRITT A neat dresser . . . Mike's main interest is in that "hot Buick". Letterman's Club 2, 3, 4, Span- ish Club 4g Baseball 1, 2,3, 4. CHARLES MURPHY DONNELL OSBRON A nicer fellow is hard to find . . . Donnie's pride and joy is his little red sports car. Chorus lg Ad. Ed. Group 43 Hi-Y 3,4g F.F.A. 1,2, Secre- tary 3, President 4. FRANCIS O'SULLIVAN Rather quiet . . . likes to hunt and fish . . . will someday be a farmer. F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4. An easy-going guy is Chuck . . . plans to make welding his Job next year . . . likes hunting and hot-rods F F A 1 2 3 4 PIONEER GARAGE GRACE O'SULLIVAN Small, but neat . . . Gracie shines in the commercial field . . . reading is her past- time. Chorus 2,35 Ad. Ed. Group 43 F. T.A. 43 F.B.L.A. 2,3,43 Newspaper 33 G.A.A. 33 Year- book 43 Senior Play 4. NANCY K. OSTRYNIEC This s n a p p y head- majorette likes dancing, and bowl- ing . . . will make some doctor a good medical secre- IAIY. Chorus 1,22 F.H.A. 3, 43 Tri- Hi-Y 33 F.N.C, 23 F.B.L.A. 2, 43 Twirling 2, 3, 43 News- paper 2, 43 Twirling Club Secretary-Treasurer 43 Senior Play 43 F.F.A. Queen 4. DAVID B. PETERS Easy-going and always game for fun . . . Dave heads for the engineering world. Student Council 3,43 Ad. Ed. Group 43 Hi-Y 33 Stage Crew 3, 43 F.T.A. 43 Senior Play 4. TAYLORS' DAIRY BAR 3 I 4 FRANCIS RINDERLE Everybody knows "Franie" . . . an outstanding hurler for the successful Bison baseball team . . . will argue about anything. Lettermen's Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Baseball l,2,3,43 F. F.A. Basketball l, 2, 3,45 F. F. A. Officer 1, 2. WAYNE L. ROBINSON A nice guy whose favorite sub- ject is math . . . rates high scholastically. Hi-Y 33 Stage Crew 43 F.T.A. 4. JANE M. ROSSEY Pleasant smile and a friendly manner describes Janie . . . stenography is her chosen field for the future. Chorus 1, 23 F.H.A. 2,3,4g F.B.L.A. 4, Cheerleaders 2, 3, F.B.L. A. Secretary 4. LINDA RUSSELL A slow start, but a fast finish . . . dry humor with keen wit . . . blows a cool clarinet. Chorus 2,3,4g Ad. Ed. Group 4g Dance Band 43 Oom-Pah Band 3,43 Band 1,2,3,4g F. T.A. 4g F.N.C. 1,2,3g G. A. A. 3, 43 Yearbook 3, 45 Spanish Club Officer 45 Girls Basketball 1,3g Senior Play 45 District Band 4g Class Of- ficer 2g Band Officer 2. CLARA MAE Sl-IIELDS Capable class treasurer for six years . . . we all think Mae Mae's mighty sweet. Chorus 1,25 F. H. A. 2,3, 4, Cheerleaders 1, 2, 33 S en io r Play 4g Class Treasurer 1, 2, 3, 4g F.H.A. President 4g Year- book 4. TELL'S LOG CABIN RESTAURANT 15 MAY ELIZABETH STEEN Always willing to help . . . this hard worker hopes to be a missionary in far-off India. F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, F. B. L. A. 3, 4. ROBERT WADE There's only one Bob and everyone knowshim . . . al- ways being kidded . . . a great guy for sports. Basketball 2, 3, 4g Baseball 3, 45 F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Letter- men's Club 2, 3, 4. JAMES ROBERT WALLS This guy's main interest is music . . . Jim sets the beat on the bass drum for the band. Band 1, 2, 3, 4. KENNETH WEILACHER A favorite class is Agricul- ture . . . Kenn devotes most of his time to farming . . . owns a nice stamp collection. F.F.A. 2,3,4g F.F.A. Basket- 1 ball 3, 4, Class Officer 2. is MERLE E. WILMIRE An all right guy . . . full of wise-cracks . . . is liked by all. Student Council 3g Chorus 4, Ad. Ed. Group 4, Band 1,2,3,4g F.T.A. 4, Spanish Club 4g Sen- ior Play 4g District Chorus 4, Band Officer 3,45 District Band 4. KIN GEN CHEVROLET 'I 6 RICHARD WILLIAMS Wrestling wins a vote of approval from "Wi1ly" . . . hunting also rates high on his list. Chorus 1,2,3,4g Ad. Ed. Group 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3, Football' 1, 2, 3, 4g Wrestling 3,45 Senior Play 45 Class Officer 2. DELORES ANNE YOUNG A girl of few words . . . Delores has a special knack in the home- making department, F. H. A. 3, 4g F. B. L.A. 3, 4. DQ -, z , . .4 f , if . V ,g . , y J ' f' ' , .A ' I . ,-: w . - . ft ,I 'J' 3 F 7' ' . - 33 f-4 . s is S f? 7- . . Q' 1' , . :,, . if . v -S -ff 3 , - ' 51 A " .. f -K 'b 5' , - n . JM f 4' 3 v, ' . ,g 'k"'W. 31, S we -J - A-iffgi Q 5 , .Q lsif' X 4 'I 4f'f7'X ,KV ,Y ' su ' x , z ,A. L igg-i,3 , i. -.H " ' r ff- V f' , 1 I ,W ,x- f . . , ' of - ' 4 L V ?S ' S f Q 4? CLASSES 1 wg 44 ,M . ,gi J, ., :fu 3331 Q f A A 'E- N 'Q L iw? , 'V 'kvfkgi Mx ,z , f fx-'V+ Q , as-5:,faa?f3fgWMAa3if?fS5'i4W?' - 1' 5 , ' 4 ' :Q 1: ff' S Qi' A I ' S 'V Y V 'ff f if 'f'T5?f: -f 1?-53 4. N H, See u -0. Q.,- Kia l Elizabeth Allen V181 ,f--3 an fa' , Peggy Blum V it . '-4-1 Away Larry Cisson ez: X I "E nf , , Robert Crocker 'W' 3 il 'R 'L K s Q -- ,J ra A ,bmi Nathan Allen m Ni. . , :Qi I ' u- james Briggs ,,.., A ay f Ioan Coffin J 3 yi R' 1 y Q, X Marvin Cross 'X' John Entley Dorrie Erdman X .IUNIORS WWW ,Q-.-.w N-r ' an Q M A Mary Angeretr Bill Bainbridge Audrey Bliley ' Li .'r ll ' 7,r4"'N f""X 1-3,-r is John Briggs Marlene Burdick James Brumagin Lloyd Cole 589' 4 H fl ggs- A:,, sf K 1 .,r,.r at Richard Cole Patty Czesnowski K Janice Estes OWEN PONTIAC 18 r 34 Susan Duran " rv - , ,,:r.r WF David Ethridge ' ear Q . f sf XX fp alia ,Y ! . ffl? , Wav" 3, 'CW Robert Cole ,fa-Q E x ,Ml Sam Elder ,..,,.a , 3 Ronnie Finch il ,. s .Jo il' 5.3 A Q C., X mf' 4 Robert First 1 Q I "'-Ii. . fi, A ' 'Wi l, Eugene Gray J 'F-'Er ,J -qv' 'S , rr Jean Jones sri' W x - 1 John Mclaughlin J :is James Powers Alex Galbraith Q-Q QQ + My is , Connie Hager if Ruth Ann Kerr HQ' . 1' V: ik' ,- Vere Mcwillia ms ti J X-4 Rexx new 1 Nd. asv-el James Rhea r sl? Rennie Gibson J 5 ,V Donald Hale .W . 'f's M? A - 4' Q . K ' - , - Y Y ,M -" . in , Q. as Q safety, . d X. f' Prinscilla Major ' ,AI , L S yy-an s at . Q .. A tb 4. y as I Vince McWilliams Rfb Carol Rindfuss I AND M DAIRY STORE I9 5' James Glover 'GI F.. Le ora Hartman James Markham fe Q it . R Jerry Myers X Q43 Allen Roberts JF, Frances Graham 7 IL 4--A nv, ' 1 Martha Himrod 75 'F H ' 1.L'fl"f John McClellan Joyce Popov ich Carolyn Roberts .M :za , " fs,-w rf:.r,,m . 2:25 2 A If' 5 , - V, 3, I m - is we W fri f W - Q 'W r U- H' qua- V can i ,. ir,-. UD 23" :. .-4 fD '4 FU O U' CD -1 4-o rn O FJ Ib ,.- ,.. 0 FD 73 O O' ,... D ua O :I DU ,.. 0 21" W P1 D- Z O 21 B- FD I3 Q- H-o C O. ,... f-Q D' 'JU CI :I rn fb v-1 'Z N D O N4 Ch ID FJ dy 5 I. Q' X ' ,. i f B ,iqqq .. Tom Sharpe Darlene Shick 'iz Bruce Wagner Gloria Weber wil? 7 i il Kg- 'Y' L ,. mr ' , 'KQQQMW D a gg 1 ' Xin... is " we fail" Kenneth Wise Ruth Ann Wise CLASS OFFICERS Bill Bainbridge, Vice-President Audrey Bliley, Treasurer Bruce Wagner, Secretary Alex Galbraith, President, was absent from picture. Richard Smith Nola Weed Carol Troyer , f.. .5 l Que- 3- 2 V' ,s1M:A, . L Donald Turley B 4 qflll, ,, John Whitney Roberta Wick H. D. DOOLITTLE 20 IN MEMORIAM DAN LITTLE CLASS OF 58 21 In Y A 1 D 71 - M Paul Bardwell J Q? J Eugene Davis S ' J "' 9 .gg i"F'j William Erdman YK' ' Robert Galbraith .MW Patty Hawley SOPHOMORES of f F "Y"-vwwm 'Q ,oe Mary Brockway A- MW' , Joe Dingle A .ki . X Nina Farley i we ,LA 3- Brad Gilmore Q23 'J K i ' James Hill 1 . X fefsi if P John Burek Pauline Donnell Richard Finnegan W I G .1 gs F , " , mi ,1.' ' i , ' Sam Gray F J 4 ? , D A 5 13. J I 'ii' J ' J j G Russell Hull K ,V .W K F iw. Ego ""i S sf .3 Barbara Cole Johanna Crocker I J M, ,T x f , 'Q 651, 54' xi A! sf'? I ' John Duboski William Edwards We-lr v-.1 Yvonne Fish Judy Gaber Party Haskins 1 E.:-1. Lvnda Humes MARSH SALES AND SERVICE 22 ME Dixie Hawley V F v Marian Irvin John Leech v P X Q, .JT Elaine May 558 2 ,W lf Qfqrrr' Robert Mc Lallen Max za. , fi 'I I Gi f, -tl-24,3 'W fa ef-P -r W . V fw- w jf E , Lt, L P, g :,:" z V ,.:a Artuur Leuschen Frank Leushchen David Little ma s :c- Donna Marsh tl' W 'P rr M ' W w A 4- , 57 n Q , t , ,Q James McArdle William McCall Harriet McClellan Melvin MCGUIDCII L f an-. 3,3 is-an 2' V' ie- e f "" it Trudy Milne Paul Mitchell Donna Morgan 1 Dottie Mosier 'Ns If We Y ' K "'l V' i Margaret Osborn Fem Peters Linda Phelps su ova' i f-wr 21 as like t g I e?lf"1.1 .t'. I ,,kt i In , :,' V .J k qu-nn. O 4 r,:,, .,2, L Nancy Porter David Powell LHH8 Powers S.. David Pifer ,, at .T M l Laurene Pude RUSSELLS' HOUSE OF FURNITURE 23 S+ Nancy Pontious VUWNX In-fx' ,try fi' Lawrence Pude wr , A iris Sandra Reynolds Thomas Roberts Theadore Robinson Frances Runser in X- 5 L,:o -V ' ' L f A if I K I I gf' ' r f-A ' 'f!, i .1 -I zfiii 'UQ' I I I ' I. f -.L' f" 1 -- hox , A -V was I I I 1142 I I I' . , W I I i 6 x Vkr. . V,:. K K , K L ,ii V V ? I EI I VV 3 'K I 'g ,.', I K , -lgi 5 ZVV j I E I 'o-R ' 'lf 'I I Jan See Wayne Steen James Trojak Evelyn Van Zandt Joel Weed CLASS OFFICERS Donna Morgan, President IBD SCC, Treasurer Harriet McClellan, Vice-President Donna Marsh, Secretary was absent from the picture. Margaret Wick Edwin Wolf Shirley Sanford , . an . ,st . N. Q ,Ml if -. nr L . ,f sv Z 7. I .,. ... , E-,gil ,yi- -R 'PS-3 5 Eg: gps Alton Waldron JENKINS' TRACTOR SL IMPLEMENT SERVICE 24 ff J 5? 'iv-I FRONT ROW: Pat Robinson, Phyllis Sedgwick, Barbara Twargoski, Maria Pulos, Carolyn Swiderski, Sandra Weber, Barbara Russell, Joan Turner, Freida Welz, Carol Wagner. CENTER ROW: Norma Young, Joan Wasiela, Lois Van Zandt, Mary Lou Slodownick, Marjorie Peterson, Pauline San F rotello, Beverly Wilson, Jo Stauss, Joan Wilmire, Marcia Smith, Anthony Zeus, Edward Zacks, David Petersen, Jack Snyder, Clyde Trojak. BACK ROW: Duane Hamilton, Richard Pifer, Rodger Verbanac, Richard Vogt, Ted Salchak, Kenneth Mosier, Philip Warner, Dennis Pifer, James Van Zandt, Richard Rawson, Larry Robertson, William Roberts. 9TH GRADE FRONT ROW: Linda Bettilyon, Brenda Chase, Shirley Boleratz, Pearl Blum, Anna Arduini, Maria Camerlo, Beverly Brozell. CENTER ROW: Butch Beeman, Clarence Chase, Gerry Bennett, Carol Carnahan, Dorothy Allen, Delores Bearce, Helen Brown, Arnold Allen, Jim Barton, Jim Brozell. BACK ROW: Bill Brace. Richard Bliley, Halbert Beavers, Robert Bloss, William Burge, Art Dahn, Martin Armagost, Larry Cross, Art Brozell. li Sul DR. HOOD 25 his ,W ijt? i , . t , It FRONI ROW: Barbara Kirsch, Pat Maxson, .T oan Lesik, Anna Leonard, Joyce Hamilton, Sandy Lee, Mary Lou Kuhns, Mary Lou Oless, Carol Kerr. CENTER ROW: Lewis McArd1e, Richard Malinowski, Robert Kelly, Frank Mezzacapo, Jeanette Peel, Carolyn Peel, Diane Martens, Kathie Klaus, Jim Moore, David Kostovick, Emery Metzler, Victor Owens, Noel May. BACK ROW: Quentin Knight, Robert Hecker, .Tim McClellan, John Lawrence, Floyd Moore, Victor Mallory, Thomas Owens, Howard McLaughlin, Stephen Morris, Fred Musolff, Dennis O'Su1livan. FRONT ROW: Kathleen Gibson, Donna Jones, Joyce Haibach, Annice Haynes, Karen Fenner, Charlotte Hecker, Sandra Holmes, Doris Fogelbach, Rebecca Kaufmann. CENTER ROW: Gaylord Fisher, Myrle Grate, Leonard Danylko, Dave Hedderick, Barbara Holewski, Priscilla Gibson, Mary Havican, Mary Graham, Joyce Dietrich, Eloise I-ligley, Jim Haibach, Timothy Jarrett, Larry Dietrich, BACK ROW: Bob Terrill, Roger Eickley, Leonard Johnson, Dale Harris, Art Gentile, Eugene Gaerttner, John Gebler, Ron Dodge, Bill Gribbin, George Erdely, Deb Donnell, David Froess. BURGER AND O'BRIEN 26 fn Q 1 f W wt rg .v v FRONT ROW: Marlene Rudolph, Mary Sullivan, Grace Warner, Kathleen Schweikert, Meg Wagner, Cheryl Smith, Judy Skeel, Jeanne Van Zandt, DeanneScott. CENTER ROW: Richard Walker, David Pulos, Delores Wokulich, Winona Willey, Pauline Tebalt, Gladys Scott, Bonnie Sanders, Karen Smith, Carol Wells. Joan Zwilling, Carol Waldron, Roger Waldron, Gary See. BACK ROW: George Wilcox, Robert Ritter, Thomas Stewart, Robert Van Dyke, Bob Steffy, Walter Shaffstall, Larry Ruggles, William Rothstein, Ernie Smith, Richard Stewart. ABSENT: Sandra Willey. 8TH GRADE FRONT ROW: Carolyn Crawford, Betty Cramer, Joanne Egelin, Nancy Forsyth, Barbara La Dow, Wilma Flint, Judy First, Dorothy Edwards, Nancy Gentile. CENTER ROW: John Edwards, Ken F arnham, Vivian Daley, Hope Cross, Darlene Holmberg, Dorothy Erdman, Sharon Cross, Linda Jones, Glenda Dahn, Nancy Gardner, Shirley Glenn, Larry Fox, BACK ROW: Fred Fries, Fred Farley, Harold Faustine, William Gaber, Rodney Fish, Tom Falconer, Alvin Eliason, Jim Gardner, Bob Fenner. f 5 WATERFORD HARDWARE 27 Q W? -we FRONT ROW: Katherine Chaney, Martha Brown, Marilyn Chase, Virginia Coon, Betsy Canfield, Carol Burnes, Sally Brown, Shirley Brace, Carol Clarkson, CENTER ROW: Michael Ball, Eugene Denham, Marlene Burge,JanetBli1ey, Sandra Aldrich, Margaret Boswell, Leah Angerett, Shirley Band, Mary Bangert, Janice Beeman, Norman Belt, Lloyd Crocker. BACK ROW: Ricky Cook, Ted Cole, Jack Brown, Bob Chase, Art Curtis, Kasson Crooker, Jerry Burek, Jim Chase, Ken Byerly, Jim Burdick, FRONT ROW: Janet O'Sullivan, Darlene Moraski, Judy Phelps, Karen McLa1len, Gae Phillips, Judy Ott, Faye Popovich, Sandra Petrick, Joanne Osborn, CENTER ROW: Virginia Peters, Janet Mitchell, Nancy Robinson, Joyce Moses, Kathleen Olson, Downia Peebles, Barbara Mosier, Earl McGahen, Merle Lewis, Jim Nichols, Bob Mitchell. BACK ROW: Dennis Melquist, Jim Ostryniec, Tom Monroe, Merlin Post, Wally Mahle, Tom Moraski, Bill McLaughlin, Howard Martin, Frank Pfeffer, Walter Page. WATERFORD LUMBER CO. MENEFEE GULF SERVICE v CLASS OFFICERS Marlene Rudolph VICE-PRESIDENT Judy Phelps TREASURER J' im Ostryniec PRESIDENT Judi Ott SECRETARY. was absent from picture. FRONT ROW: Karen Holmes, Mary Kibbe, Diane Grate, Lois Grate Kay Kreider Sharon Hahn Bunny Holmes, Marion Koole. CENTER: Gordon Kroh, Bill Carter, Charlotte Hart Corhss Lminger MBFIOD Hilbert, Gale Lindsley, Clara Hartman, Anna Green, Peggy Hart, Ken Herman Tom Leuschen B111 Lang Philip Gebler. BACK ROW: ,T im Kulesa, Sam Hazen, Jim Turner Don Humes Herb Hewitt Marv1n Holst, J' im Grumblatt, Bill Loper, David Hull. STURROCICS PET HOSPITAL CHUCK 'S BARBER SHOP 29 .1 FRONT ROW: Loretta Powers, Tillie Trojak, Phyllis Peterson, Raylene Steinbrink, Rebecca Shallenberger, Loretta San Frotello, Marge Toney, Patricia Slickanich, Mae Russell CENTER ROW: Meredith Smal.l, Mervin Small, Kern Schwab, Bill Winkelman, Charlotte Robinson, Pauline Van Zandt, Patricia Schon, Patricia Webster, Mary Stewart, Martha Van Dyke, Lawrence Sabatino, San Steen, Terry Szall, Ron Zimmerman. BACK ROW: Al Pett, Dennis Wolf, Gary Wilson, Louis Rinderle, George Rathburn, Ray Steffy, Phillip Roberts, Larry Stark, Richard Zacks, Danny Proper. ABSENT: Joe Swiderski. 7TH GRADE FRONT ROW: Sue Elder, Joanne Gardner, Kathryn Coburn, Janet Fries, Audrey Dennington, Anna Herman, Linda Colegrove, Evelyn Green, Patsy Chase. CENTER ROW: George Dietrick, Fred Gribbin, Arthur Entley, Carol Gilliland, Annette Gibson, Janet Havican, May Kauffman, Susie Hull, David Frantz, George Heintz, Tom Hawley, Ricky Gilmore, BACK ROW: John Falk, Melvin Eickley, Harvey Dewey, Clarence Brown, Howard Galbraith, Jean Frantz, Terry Daruda, Frank Haibach, Richard Hess, David Faulhaber. E, L, HEARD 81: SON WATERF ORD HOTEL ,, , ,,. 'iP'F',3 5 FRONT ROW: Arleen Malinowski, Mary Ann O'Connor, Donna McWilliams, Alice Leonard, Mary Major, Kathleen Kline, Dianne Mitchell, Dianne McWilliams, Cheryl McReynolds, Virginia Patchen. CENTER ROW: Wi1liamMitchell, EdwinMorrison, John McCall, Charlene Pemiock, Lois Klaus,Bernadette Paczynski, Kay O'Brien, Susan Kirmeyer, George Myers, LynnMay, Ronald Oberlander. BACK ROW: Elmer Lemock, Mike McCall, Floyd Orr, Danny Manross, Gary Osborn, Dennis Nick, Robert Kerr, Eugene Patterson, Albert Lillibridge, Kenneth Matha, Donald O'Su1livan. FRONT ROW: Patty Brozell, Barbara Burdick, Jane Allen, Hazel Burlingame, Beverly Chaney, Patty Beale, Anita Breitweiser, Lynda Albert, Mary Beeman, Mary Terrill. CENTER ROW: John Brozell, Albert Bamett, Kenneth Brown, Hugh CLu'ley, Dale Bardwell, Sandra Bearce, Elizabeth Bastian, Jean Bissell, Alice Brozell, John Brown, Thomas Crocker, Bernard Davis, Harold Armagost. BACK ROW: Terry Weiser, Joe Beale, Ronnie Cross, Ralph Carr, Carl Bltun, Jim Bendig, Roger Ehret, Donnie Black, Tom Burger, Bob Brown, Allen Chase. ABSENT: James Delfft. i l CURLEY'S CAFE EAGLE HOTEL 31 NAPSHO TS We D Ar the Prom Senior Class Officers Dig that Crazy handshake! ' - The Senior Class as seen in 1951 Off to first Demod dass! FIRST ROW: Bob Wade, Chuck Murphy, Bill Cowley, Bob Brace, Al Fish, Craig Holmes, Harry Mark- ham, Norbert Cross, Wayne Sipes, Ed Falconer, KenLester, Bob Hartleb. SECOND ROW: Delores Young, Rosemarie Cisson, Muriel Pangborn, Marilyn Le Suer, Nancy Ostryniec, Clara Mae Shields, Jane Rossey Joyce Marsh, Ruth Bemis, Donna Eddy, Kay Fish, Dick Williams. THIRD ROW: Jim Walls, Merle Wil- mire, May Steen, Diane Ehret, Grace O'Sullivan, Kay Sanborn, Jean Graham, Mary Dolan. Ruth Ann Allen Doris Burton, Linda Russell, Janet McMahon, Faye Marsh, Dick Fenner. FOURTH ROW: David Kilbane, Larry Hawley, Richard Rodgers, Robert McCall, Don Osborn, Richard Ormsbee, Harry Sanborn, William McSrraw, Barry Burdick, Paul Wester, Jim Oblinski. SKAT OIL COMPANY NAOMI CLUTE'S COTTON SHOP 32 6 , 'Y 1 C.. j .. A CTI VITIES S TUDENT CDUNCIL FRONT: Peggy Osborn, Susan Duran, Nancy See, Faye Marsh, Lynda Humes, Craig Holmes, Dick Smith, Ben Lewis, Jim Markham. BACK: Joanne Egelin, Rayleen Steinbrink, Carol Kerr, Richard Mal- inowski, Eugene Davis, Kasson Crooker, Myrle Grate, John McCall, Jim Gardner, Mr. Miller, Advisor. TRI-HI-Y FRONT ROW: Mrs. Crooker, Advisor: Fern Peters, Doris Fogelback, Eliza- beth Allen, Audrey Bliley, Sandra Lee, Donna Morgan, Lana Powers. CENTER ROW: Mary Lou Kuhns,Doris Erdman, Peggy Osborn, Harriet Mc- Clellan, Mary Angerett, Peggy Blum, Pat Czesnowski, Joan Coffin, Jo Stauss. BACK ROW: Pat Hawley, Darlene Schick, Joyce Popovich,Lynda Humes. Jo Beckwith, Jan See. . QE. , 'w LM 34 a. 4 7 4: 1. , Q 'R gk, 1 2+ , g .Qtr 5 fi- ,."'., ' s , t , 2 Z was A i J PATTEN and COMPANY HUMES AUTO SALES i . Hl-Y FRONT ROW: Dave Ethridge, Na- than Allen, Jim Brumagin, Eugene Gray, Larry Cisson, Bruce Wagner. BACK ROW: Mr. Russell, Advisor: Ken Wise, Barry Burdick, Jim Mark- ham, Dick Fenner, Don Turley, Bill Bainbridge. M A S S I I k-kL . , JUNIOR HI-Y SEATED: Larry Stark, Bernie Davis, MikeMcCall, George Myers, Terry Szall, Bill Mitchell, .T im Nickols, Bob Mitchell. STANDING: Joe Beale, Frank Pfeffer, Tom Monroe, Bob Steffy, George Rathburn, William Loper, Ricky Steward, Bobby Page, Mr, Shesman, Advisor. JUNIOR TRI-HI-Y FIRST ROW: Virginia Patchen, Susan Kirmeyer, Diane McWilliams, Donna McWilliams, JoAnn Gardner, Mary Major, Kathleen Kline, Diane Mitchell, Jean Bissell, Beverly Chaney, Rebecca Shallenberger, Tillie Trojak, Mae Russell, Karhrine Coburn, Evelyn Green. SECOND ROW: Judy Phelps, Betsy Canfield, Bunny Holmes, Barbara Burdick, Patty Beale, Shirley Brace, Jane Allen, Hazel Burlingame, Mary Kibbe, Marian Koole, Patsy Chase, Deanna Scott. THIRD ROW: Alice Brozell, Carol Waldron, Grace Warner, Pauline Tebalt, Carol Clarkson, Marilyn Chase, Janet Bliley, Virginia Coon, Kathleen Olsen, Gale Lindsley, Shirley Bang, Lynda Albert, Clara Hartman, Sandra Aldrich, Karen Smith, Anna Green, Nancy Reed, Sandra Bearce, Kathleen Chaney, Jeanne Van Zandt. FOURTH ROW: Karen McLallen, Corliss Lininger, Winona Willey, Joy Robinson, Joan Zwilling, Anita Breitweiser, Charlene Pennock, Kay O'Brien, Leah Angerett, Gladys Scott, Mary Beeman, Mary Bangert, Janice Beeman, Carol Wells. ADVISOR: Mrs. Carter. MCCALLS' GARAGE THE SHOWBOAT MOTEL FUTURE HOMEMAKERS of AMERICA A fi' F. F. A. Livestock Queen Nancy Ostryniec CHERRY PIE CONTEST WINNERS Linda Phelps, at left, who was the winner, is shown with Leora Hartman, run- ner-up. Z aussi? Pi .1 Betty Crocker Award Grace O'Su11ivan HOLDING PENNANT: Joyce Marsh, Shirley Boleratz. FRONT ROW: Mrs. Davis, Advisorg Fern Peters, Lana Powers, Donna Morgan, Susan Duran, Judy Davis, Clara Mae Shields, Margaret Wick, Johanna Crooker, Nancy Ostryniec, Ruth Ann Allen. CENTER ROW: Carol Rindfuss, Audrey Bliley, Nancy Porter, Peggy Osborn, Jan See, Linda Phelps, Martha Himrod,Jo Stauss, Marjorie Peterson, Pauline San Frotello, Connie Hager, Harriet McC1ellen, Diane Martins, Joan Wilmire, Carol Kerr, Annice Haynes, Mary Lou Oless, Doris Dogelback, Freida Welz, Rebecca Kaufmann, Roberta Wick, Francis Graham. BACK ROW: Shirley Robinson, Barbara Kirsch, Elaine May, Darlene Schick, Pearle Bltun, Charlotte Hecker,.Tean Jones, Elizabeth Allen, Mary Angerette, Lynda Humes, Joyce Popovich, Patty Czesnowski Laurene Pude, Delores Young, May Steen, Mary Lou Kuhns, Phyllis Sedgwick, Jane Rossey, Janice Estes. 066 4.3! A. M-Mm, LOCKWOOD PENZOIL SERVICE BECKWITH'S TEXICO SERVICE 36 FUTURE FARMERS of AMERICA 3 PROJECT WINNERS FRONT ROW: Bob Brace, .Tim 'F W WA' LAN'AAA ' 'EAR' Glover, .Tim Rhea. BACK ROW: David Kilbane, John Briggs, Don Osborn, Paul Mitchell. F. F. A. BASKETBALL TEAM Wesley McGahen, Ken Weilacher, Jim Glover, Bill Cowley, Jim Rhea, Francis Rinderle. FRONT ROW: Mr, Bowman, Advisor, Vere McWilliams, John McClellan, Francis Rinderle, Tom Sharpe, Don Osborn, Bill Cowley, Jim McClellan, Bill Gribbin, Leonard Johnson, Wayne Steen. CENTER: Leonard Danylko, Anthony Zeus, Robert Kelly, John Lawrence, Bill Edwards, Joel Weed, Alton Waldron, Alan Roberts, David Little, Paul Mitchell, John Duboski, Vince McWilliams, David Kostrovick, William Brace. BACK ROW: Jack Burek, Richard Bliley, Frank Mezzacappo, William Burge, Floyd Moore, Ronald Dodge, Wesley McGahen, Sam Elder, Francis O'Sul1ivan, Charles Murphy, James Haibach, Gaylord Fisher. LINIBLEY PLUMBING AND HEATING H. L. MERRITT 37 BAND ,m,,-x DANCE BAND FRONT: Judy Davis, Mr. MacCubbin, director, Ji m Ba rt on , Caroljean Ethridge, Ruth Bemis, Linda Russell, Emory Metzler. BACK: Richard Walker, Walter Shaffstall, Janet McMahon, Martha Himrod. Fort Le Boeuf Band shown marching at Edinboro College Home - coming Parade. BAND OFFICERS SEATED: Jim Markham, Judy Davis, STANDING: Jim Hill, Bill McCall, Merle Wilmire, Bill Cowley, Sam Hazen, Ruth Bemis, Shirley Robertson. f? Mr. Richard Thompson, direc- tor of music at Union City, is shown conducting one of the numbers pre- sented at the Christmas Concert by combined bands of Fort LeBeouf and Union City High Schools. This com- bined band of over one hundred pieces presented a concert to both communities during the holiday sea - SOD. FORT LE BOEUF RESTAURANT BREON'S ATLANTIC SERVICE 38 DISTRICT BAND SEATED: Ruth Ann Kerr, Linda Russell, Elaine May. STANDING: Jim Markham, Merle Wilmire, Judy Davis. These students were chosen from the Fort Le Boeuf Band to participate in the District Band Concerts given at Girard in Febru- 3I'Y. BAND MAJ OR: Jim Hill. ROW ONE: Linda Russell, Elaine May, Johanna Crooker, Diane Martens, Bonnie Sanders, Marlene Burge, Janet Mitchell, Joyce Moses, Jerry Bennett, Annette Gibson, Helen Brown, Jim Ostryniec, Fred Gribbin, Rebecca Shallenberger. JoAnn Osborn, Martha Brown, Ruth Ann Kerr. ROW TWO: Charlene Pennock, Janet Havican, Kathleen Kline, Lois Van Zant, Kay Kreider, Merle Wilmire, Bill cowley, Ruth Ann Wise, Noel May, Don Hale, Eugene Gray, Emory Metzler, Clarence Chase, Diane Mitchell, Jack Brown, Caroljean Ethridge, Jim Brumagin, Ruth Bemis. ROW THREE: Janet Mc- Mahon, Richard Walker, Joe Dingle, Louis McArd1e, Loretta SanFrotel1o, Elmer Lemock, Herb Hewitt, Richard Cook, Merle Grate, Tom Owens, Shirley Robertson, Bob McCall, Rich Williams, Ed Zacks, Jim Markham, Jim Barton, David Hull, Judy Davis, Sam Hazen, Howard Martin, Ernie Smith, Halbert Beavers. ROW FOUR: Peggy Osborn, Kasson Crooker, Pauline Donnell, Bi11McCa11. James Walls, Mr. MacCubbin, Director. ABSENT FROM PICTURE: Ricky Dingle, William Rothstein, Walter Shaffstall. H 3 m Y' 'fr' SOLO 050 MIKE'S BARBER SHOP FAIRCI-llLD'S MANOR 39 Flag Twirlers are Janice Estes Marcia Srruth, Priscilla Ma1or, Bobby Wick, Connie Hager Drum Major, Jim Hill, shown with Fort Le Boeufs Majorettesg Carol Wagner, Brenda Chase, Barbara Russell, Mary Brockway, Patty J Cznesnowski, Joan Wilrnire, Mary Lou Kuhns, JUNIOR HIGH BAND ROW ONE: Jim Ostryniec, Diane Martens, Bonnie Sanders, Marlene Burge, Janet Mitchell, .Terry Bennett, Joyce Moses, Janet Havican, Fred Gribbin, Rebecca Shallenberger. JoAnn Osborn, Martha Brown, ROW TWQ Kay Kreider, Lois Van Zandt, AnnetteGibson, Charlene Pennock, Kathleen Kline, Audrey Dennington, Cheryl McReynolds, Helen Brown, Pauline Van Zandt, John Brown, Allen Chase, Dennis Melquist, Virginia Patchen, Jack Brown, Clarence Chase, Arnold Allen, Chery1Smith, Faye Popovich, Linda Colegrove, Diane Mitchell, Caroljean Ethridge. ROW THREE: Merle Grate, Elmer Lemock, Loretta San Frotello, Richard Walker, Bobby Fenner, Mervin Small, Albert Barnett, Vivian Daley, Virginia Peters, Ed Morrison, Ronnie Cross, Lawrence Sabentino, Tom Crocker, Kenneth Farnham, Sam Hazen, Herb Hewitt, David Hull, Emery Metzler, Noel May, Jim Barton, Halbert Beavers, Ernie Smith, Howard Martin, Danny Proper, Carol Gil- liland, Mary Stuart, Phyllis Peterson. ROW FOUR: Louis McArd1e, Tom Owens, Kasson Crooker, Fred Farley, Philip Warner, Ricky Gilmore, Tom Burger, Bob Kerr, Richard Zacks, Ed Zacks, Ricky Cook, Mr. MacCubbin, Director, James Walls, Student Director. SHADY - LAWN FARMS GEORGE PORTER 81 SONS - Allis Chalmers Implements 40 Nancy Ostrymec Head Majorette CHORUS DISTRICT CHORUS Shown at the left are members of the chorus who partipated in the District Chorus Festival at Coch- ranton. Ruth Ann Kerr and Janet McMahon are standing in front. Standing in back are: Jim Mark- ham, Merle Wilmire and Barry Burdick, GIRLS OCTET FRONT ROW: Patty Hawley, Susan Duran, Ruth Ann Kerr. BACK ROW: Harriet McClellan, Comiiel-lager, Martha Himrod, Janet McMahon. FRONT ROW: Miss Young, Director: Sandra Holmes, Joyce Haibach, Marcia Smith, Ruth Kerr, Patty Hawley, Nola Weed, Connie Hager, Nancy See, Paulene Donnell, Barbara Holewski, Carolyn Batchlett, Doris Foglebach. CENTER: Ruth Ann Wise, Marlene Burdick, Joyce Manross, Marlene Higley. Johanna Crooker, Linda Russell, Janet McMahon, Alice Robinson, Bill Cowley, Bill McCall, Jim Hill, Merle wil- mire, Georeg Erdley, Nathen Allen, Margaret Wick, Frances Runser, Eloise Higley, Caroljean Ethridge, Audrey Bliley. BACK ROW: Shirley Robertson, Doris Erdman, Susan Duran, Roberta Wick, Pauline San- Frotello, Harriet McClellan, Halbert Beavers, Rich Williams, Bob McCall, John Leech, Jim Markham, Beverly Wilson, Diane Martens, Martha Himrod, Kathleen Gibson, Rosemarie Cisson. ABSENT FROM PICTURE: Barry Burdick, Lora Hartman, Victor Mallory, Carol Troyer. PIFER'S COMPANY School and Chartered Bus Service 41 THE SENTINEL Nancy See shows a sketch for the yearbook to Nancy Ostryniec, Jo Beckwith, Craig Holmes and Barry Burdick. is if 42 Esiaivg sf I I 1 S Jim Markham points out an unusual picture on the lay-out mat being prepared by Rosemarie Cisson and Grace O'SulLivan as Carolyn Batch- 3 lett, Martha Hi mrod a nd Buster Davis look on. si ,, S B Seniors who worked on advertising and lay-out mats are: SEATED: Clara Mae Shields, Judy Davis and Linda Russell. STANDING: Janet McMahon, Dave Peters, Dick Fenner, Wayne Robinson, Miss Byers, Advisor. 7 SI-lAFFSTALL'S TEXACO SERVICE RUSSELL WEED 'S QUALITY SERVICE BISONALITIES STANDING: Miss Malone, Advisor, Susan Duran, Lynda Humes, Alice Robinson, Bruce Wagner, Jim Markham. SEATED: Audrey Bliley, Shirley Robertson, Nancy See, Ian See. 'Milf gi J ' I I SEATED: Nancy Ostryniec, Pat Czesnowski, Elizabeth Allen, Margaret Wick, Judy Davis. STANDING: Janet Bliley Martha Himrod, Joyce Marsh, Kathy Olsen, Joan Coffin, Nola Weed, Johanna Crooker. The Newspaper Goes to Press ANHYDROUS DISTRIBUTORS INC., BULK STATION at MILL VILLAGE MILL VILLAGE FEED and SUPPLY 43 "H" FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA SEATED: Darlene Schick, Sandra Reynolds, Donna Morgan, Nancy Porter. STANDING: May Steen, Peggy Blum, Delores Young, Nan- cy Ostryniec, Mary Angerett. SEATED: Joy c e M a rs h, Carolyn Batchlett, Jane Rossey, Grace O'Su11ivan. STANDING: Harriet McClellan, Elizabeth Allen, Mari- lyn LeSuer, Martha Kerr, Rosemarie Cisson, Pat Czesnowski, Miss Mal- one, advisor. FUTURE NURSES' CLUB FRONT ROW: Janice Estes, Jean Graham, Frances Tebalt, Johanna Crooker, Margaret Wick, Connie Hager, Roberta Wick. BACK ROW: Mrs. Rhea, advisor: Ruth Kerr, Donna Eddy, Trudy Milne, Barbara Cole, Mary Lou Brockway, Nancy Pontious, Pat Haskins. LENT Z' GROCERY STORE MILL VILLAGE ELECTRIC The Stage Crew sponsored a fortune teller as their project. Wayne Robinson, disguised as "Swami", stands beside their sign along with Larry Cisson, Dave Peters, and Jim Barton. FOR'U?4E Yiilif? I The gym became an indoor camival in February when the Stage Crew sponsored the Winter Carnival in co- operation with every club in school. ,gm Y., Mr. Olsen, Stage Crew Advisor, listens in as Mrs. Stull has her fortune told by "Swami". SEATED IN FRONT: Jim Trojak, Eugene Davis. BACK ROW: Dave Peters, Larry Cisson, Bob McCall, Wayne Robinson, Jim Barton, Dave Peterson, Mr. Olson , Adv isor, LEE'S GROCERY COLVIN'S DAIRY 45 - I n PANISH CLUB 'Y FRONT ROW: Susan Duran, Nancy See, Janet McMahon, BACK ROW: Merle Wilmire, Nathan Allen, Jim Markham, Joyce Popovich, Mary Angerett, Linda Russell, Ruth Bemis, Mr, Bucarelli, Advisor. HISTORY CLUB FRONT ROW: Joyce Haibach, Marcia Smith, Barbara Russell, Mary Lou Kuhns, Mary Havican, Rebecca Kaufmann, Carol Wagner, Barbara Kirsch, Doris Fogelbach. CENTER ROW: Mr. De Luca, Advisorg Sandra Holmes, Karen Fenner, Annice Haynes, Joan Wilmire, Jo Stauss, Pauline San Frotello, Margie Peterson, Diane Martens, Eloise Higley, Mary Lou Oless, Helen Brown, Shirley Boleratz, Carol Ethridge, Joyce Hamilton. BACK ROW: Victor Owens, David Peterson, Jim Van Zandt, John Gebler, Richard Pifer, Fred Musolff, Walter Shaffstall, Myrle Grate. COCKERHAM PAINT CO. CHEERLEADERS VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Lynda Humes, Suzan Duran, Ruth Ann Kerr, Mary Jo Humes, Jan See, Linda Phelps, Laurene Pude. JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS FRONT ROW: Pauline San Frotello, Sandy Weber, Carol Kerr. SECOND ROW: Rebecca Kaufmann, Phyllis Sedgwick. TOP: Joyce Haibach. Advisor: Miss Utterbach. JUNIOR HIGH CHEERLEA DERS Karen Mc La llen, Gae Phillips, Joanne Egelin, Kay Kreider, Nancy Forsyth, Bunny Holmes, Betsy Can- field, Center: Judy Phelps. GIRLS' A THLETIC ASSOCIA TIUN FRONT ROW: Miss Utterback, Advisorg Johanna Crooker, Shirley Brace, Audrey Bliley, Nancy Porter, Roberta Wick, Laurene Pude, CENTER ROW: Janet McMahon, Peggy Osborn, Harriet McClellan, Mary Angerett, Jo Stauss, Shirley Bang, Diane Martens, Mary Brockway. BACK ROW: Mary Lou Kuhns, Jo Beckwith, Joyce Marsh, Trudi Milne, Darlene Shick, LETTERMAN'S CLUB FRONT ROW: Dick Fenner, Francis Rinderle, Ben Lewis, Rich Williams, Wesley McGahen, Barry Burdick, Craig Holmes, Norbert Cross, Bob Knight, Bob Wade, CENTER ROW: John Briggs, Tom Sharpe, John McClellan, Bill Bainbridge, Dick Smith, Jim Briggs, Don Hale, Bruce Wagner, Eugene Gray. BACK ROW: Mr. Boniro, Advisorg Art Leuschen, Frank Leuschen, Dave Powell, John Leech, Tom Owens, Dave Pifer, Mr, Shesman, Advisor. RIEC K DAIRY CO. 48 FUTURE TEACHERS of AMERICA 1 5 FRONT ROW: Eugene Gray, Audrey Bli1ey,Grace O'Su11ivan, Susan Duran, Ruth Bemis, Shirley Robertson, Linda Russell, Joe Beckwith. BACK ROW: Dave Ethridge, Jim Brumagin, Nathan Allen, Rich Williams, Merle Wilmore, Bob McCall, Ben Lewis, Joan Coffin, Janet McMahon, Mrs. Smith, Advisor. LIBRARY CLUB FRONT ROW: Mrs. Dingle, Advisor, Nancy Robinson, Mary Havican, Kathy Gibson, Jim Ostryniec, .Tim Barton, Faye Popovich, Judy Ort, BACK ROW: Karen Holmes, Carolyn Crawford, Nancy Reed, Marlene Rudolph, Joyce I-laibach, Sam Hazen, Bill Rothstein, Fred Musolff, Kathy Olsen, Gale Lindsley, Dottie Mosier, Downia Peebles, Sandra Reynolds, Ed Zacks, Emery Metzler, Victor Owen. WALKER BROS. BUICK 49 SENIOR PLAY is F 2 ,. l - .fri W - 1., ,,,, 3 ., r -S'f.,.'f1 'fr , 5: zqa' N arf. 1 LVL ,, f . W3 2 ' g R YQ f A " - 'Sr' r , 1' .1 1 - - 4:22 , ' . - , If" A last minute word from the director, Mr. Russell, to the Frenchman played by Bill Cowley. 'Q 'Wi at Fx E R,'fs is 2 'If' in gf-w1f?iss 5-ff . - A .Vg it , ogy -- A ii Tf5?17f?i '?25f ' : eleleelle N ga.. ,L T 1 ,..,.,,,.., li - M p x ,P Curtain Time! Merle Wilmire, well disguised, pulls the nose of the leading lady, played by Judy Davis, in this scene from "Don't Take My Penny". Shown at the left is Carolyn Batchlett. FRONT ROW: Carolyn Batchet, Linda Russell, Janet McMahon, Judy Davis, Ruth Bemis. CENTER ROW Mr. Russell, Advisorg Jo Beckwith, Joyce Marsh, Clara Mae Shields, Nancy Ostryniec, Grace O'Sullivan BACK ROW: Ben Lewis, Dave Peters, Dick Fenner, Merle Wilmire, Rich Williams, Bill Cowley, Bob Knight. W. M. CRANDELL INSURANCE AGENCY 50 JUNIOR PLAYS SCHOOL DA ZE STANDING: Larry Cisson, Bob McLaughlin, Ruth Ann Wise, Priscilla Major, Joyce Popovich,Carol Rindfuss, Martha Himrod, Joan Coffin, Richard Smith, Bill Brainbridge, Dave Ethridge. SEAT- ED: Mr. Lawrence, Director, Gene Gray. ITCHIN' TO GIT HITCHED STANDING: Vince McWilliams, John Briggs, Bill Bainbridge, John McClellan, Mrs. Davis, Director. SEATED: Janice Btes, Susan Duran, Connie Hager, Audrey Bliley. GHOST FARM Jim Markham, Jim Brumagin, Nola Weed, Ruth Ann Kerr, Nancy See, Doris Erdman, Bobbie Wick, Mrs. Crooker, Director. CLUBERTSON HILLS GOLF 8a COUNTRY CLUB CHESS CLUB The Chess Club, under the direction of Mr. MacCubbin, is a new club formed this year. Pictured are some of the intent games that took place for the final play-offs. Q tr iitn JM! ' hw W X i G J A ww :J W, M V J xgfyj W - 1, J ttii t ii - iiiii Mhh h y J ' fin, PM k I 2 Ta f PA TROL B0 YS FRONT ROW: Mr. Dove, Advisor, Jim Trojak, Norman Belt, Arnold Allen, David Hall, Albert Barnett A1 Chase. BACK ROW: Larry Robertson, Larry Merritt, James McArdle, Joe Dingle, Marvin Holst, Art Curtis, James Van Zandt, Jim Bendig. STAFF f , H ,P , 5 s il I 5 2 Q CAFETERIA STAFF Mrs. Hazen, Mrs. Vogt, Mrs ., . F' I Batchlet, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Briggs I Mrs. Alward. ' r 5 1 1 Lf rxrr 2 P N. for A 3 3 h 5 CUSTODIANS FRONT: Mrs. Hoffman, Mrs. Anderson. BACK: Mr. Da Valle Mr. Bums, Mr. Anderson. PRESQUE ISLE P LA STICS 53 BUS DRIVERS Mr. R. Steva, Mr. Sweatman, Mr. H. Steva, Mr. Himrod. Mr. Jenkins, Mr. F. Moore, Mr. McCall, Mr. O. Moore, Mr. Bliley. SEEN AROUND SCHOOL Fern shows them how. .K R ' Santa gets a coat of paint. X. it fb I 2 S 'N flag Turning out a new piece of enameled jewlery. Off to Wasserdorf, 5 B' fl' 29" ,dm-WWW :QQ W qrrl J , Checking in with the hall monitor. Get it straight, Turley. JOHN F, KUHNS LUMBER CO, 54 cr' aa? 4 I ," I ill' 1 I :Hr Q! I ' V gg Q:"'A"',-49,2 A THLETICS ,' MJ X40 V' F, Wi'-In . J? V X 41 wk 'Z fm 1 e 1 f, W if . ,, 1 U '2 .. fr ..,. "' ' Q x ,XKMV 4, . A ff? Q 3 X .,.L,,,,, U 5 xv -X, m f Q , . 4,17 ww , 'f , A 5 ,W . , . x A X., V - NW7, X 5 1 . . ,ff L. X- ,A Vi, , 3 A g VIA, 3 NEMA i E : E Z A , 'Y' . 2 v ,, UZ xg X K v - . :M 'Q vt EXWA Three husky linemen, Craig Holmes, Bugs Cross, and John Mc- Clellan, pose with Coach Bonito and Coach Shesman. Shown in action are Richard Smith, Frank Leuschen, and Rich Williams as Dave Powell throws a pass downfield. FRONT ROW: C. Holmes, R. Smith, R. Knight, B. Burdick, R. Williams, W. Bainbridge, D. Powell, F. Leuschen, T. Owens, I. McClellan. CENTER ROW: T. Robinson, I. Duboski, V. Mallory, I. Leech, D. Pifer, N. Cross, K. Mosier, R. McLal1en, E. Gray, A. Leuschen. BACK ROW: Mr. Bonito, Coach, B. Wagner, R. Beeman, H. Beavers, A. Curtis, F. Musolff, S. Morris, A. Gentile, R. Vogt, R. Blose, C. Chase, W. Gribbin, W. Gaber, D. Harris, Mr. Shesman, Assistant Coach. RITZ RESTAURANT 57 BASKETBALL DAVE PEER UAV Forward Guard E POWELL Dave Powell, Robert Wade, Ben Lewis, John Briggs, Tom Sharpe, Craig Holmes, Dave Pifer, Mr Cyterski, Coach. ESSLEY APPAREL and EDINBORO CLEANERS 58 CRAIG HOLMES Center TOM SHARPE ROBERT WADE Guard SANITARY FARMS DAIRY 59 Forward BEN LEWIS Guard J. V. BASKETBALL Art Curtis, Jim McClellan, Richard Finnegan, Bruce Wagner, Bob McLallen, Dick Smith, Vince McWilliams Mr. Cyterski, Coach. JR. HIGH BASKETBALL FRONT ROW: Jim Gardner, Tom Stewart, Alvin Eliason, Butch Beeman, Halbert Beavers. .T ean Frantz. Tom Burger, Ricky Gilmore. BACK ROW: Mr. Orris, Coachg Junior Falk, Don Humes, Dale Harris, Jim Grumblatt, Floyd Moore, Victor Mallory, Tom Owens. Wally Mahle, Tom Moraski, Jim McClellan, Deb Donnell, Louis McArd1e. 60 if C oa ch Delluca shows a couple of his younger team members the "how" of the sport. Shown on the mat are Art Leuschen and Myrle Grate. WRESTLING Richard Williams, at the left, who is captain of the wrestling team, works out with another Senior, Bob Knight. FRONT ROW: Noel May, Art Leuschen, Myrle Grate, Ernie Smith, Larry Pude, Sam Hazen. BACK ROW: Mr. DeLuca, Coach, Richard Williams, Bob Knight, Denny Pifer, Nathan Allen, Frank Leuschen, George Erdley, Ted Salchak, Dick Vogt, Merle Wilmire. SWEET INSURANCE AGENCY THOMAS MOTOR COMPANY BASEBALL EASTERN COUNTY Q CHAMPIONS nulnunnunuqg Q Ki' in " .ga ' Q T l I "Strike 'em out, Bi11!" "Nice catch, Arnold," FRONT ROW: Dave Powell, Ben Lewis, Tom Sharpe, Arnold Loop, Mike Merrit, Bill Canfield, Bill Marsh, Bob Crocker, Dave Pifer. BACK ROW: Mr. Bonito, Coach, Gene Gray, Managerg Frank Leuschen, Bruce Wagner, Bob McLa11en, Art Leuschen, Don Hale, Manager. DR. SPROUL, Dentist LAKESIDE SERVICE STATION gf -in . ,QD qi. 'Q' ' li .. g g 1,5 if Ml Q -. .M ... rv 4' 9 It wait 5, iw tv .nn nn- ww L ,,, k XL Y e ef M mm.. . , -4' ., 371 I my OUTFIELDERS: Frank Leuschen, Art Leuschen, Mike Merritt, Dave Pifer, Ben Leiws and Tom Sharpe . r N Q ' ' . H' W ' if i ' '-egg' A ws, rf r g, ,w-, fm A "Another homer, Mike." INFIELDERS: Bob McLa11en, Bruce Wagner, Bill Marsh, Bob Crocker, and Dave Powell. "Chuck it in, Tom. -ann. iv 's 'Q M., - 1- ,.,. vim A xi' ,, uv- --if" Q ,dx f .- x v .1 ' be ' .Q tr -NN, "Over the fence, Bob." JACK FROST DOUGHNUT AL'S AWNING SHOP Q, ,e SPOR TS SNAPSHO TS Pin 'em, LeBoeuf! The Spectators It couldn't be that bad. Sink it, Mallory! 5 JUNIOR HIGH FOOTBALL FRONT: Dennis Pifer, Tim Jarrett, Merisith Small, Bill Lang, Gary See, Gary Wilson, Tom Lueschen, Bob Steffy, Deh Donnell, Don Flook, Mr. Orris, Coach. BACK: Mr. Cyterski, Coachg Richard Pifer, Tom Stewart, Wally Mahle, Ray Steffy, Jerry Burek, Terry Durada, Jean Frantz, Ricky Dingle, Rodney Fish, Don Hurnes, Mr. Dc Luka, Coach. SCHWE IKERT FU NERA L HOME 64 NAPSHOTS Florida in February, The Side Show. X 1. T T ' f A i Q in At the Blue Christmas 'll'-" Ball. it ,ta Two birds and a cage, as Clara Mae W.. , Cherry Pie Tasters. ja mes Barton Beethoven. Yea Team! T is if'-f"' Who has my other stapler? K Ric ky Farley and Crazy-Legs Holmes. , Charger. WAGMANS VARIETY DEPARTMANT STORE OLDS the FLORIST MERRILLS' PHOTO STUDIO CROSSROADS DINOR I. R, ST. JOHN " INSURANCE 85 REAL ESTATE COOPERS' BROWN'S 54 to 31.00 STORE STERLING MILK L. PRESS SL COMPANY ERIE TIMES FAMOUS CLEANERS LINN CLEANERS ERIE WHOLESALE GROCERS ROOT'S MOBIL HOME SALES EDINBORO CLINIC GUS AND GENE'S TEXACO SERVICE PECHIN IEWELERS TREATS' MEN AND BOYS CLOTHING STORE GEORGE PTASICK, IEWELER GATES DRUG STORE S. S. MC CURDY ATHLETIC SUPPLIES BISBEE IMPLEMENT COMPANY RIGHT AND STEARNS ERIE BUSINESS COLLEGE 66 NN J 51 15 gl INTER-COLLEGIAT P FAUORY HOME OFHIE Kunsos City

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