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if -vw-,, ,N - -' W Mg'Hi'.4fLxl.f-9' " ' 1 wh. F, mf..,M.,M,.,,.. M, i . 4, R as by vp U-. Q' ff A 6 wi WW J x., xy if ' J gg ,R ,S ,uf fy W xg A f J Ng Wg V Q19 ' n 'J EQ J Kiflii SV if' 'QQ "" ' , 'v If ' ' " ' ' 7, fi f , ,V ,. QM, , , Q QAF' K M a .o""?1 ?M A 5 fifixgfx ,a . ' phi' EAL L I I :Lx 'ik' 'L "46lb2f" 1 i' is 'L 1 sa M . A atfi' I Q '- . Af: xv Cj A 4:1 E ' -QQQ i 1 ' ax ff C555 Q5 c ' W ' .a- ' ' -' A , 2 6 H -A ' cu H ., - 4 an I 1 :Eg QQ . Q' . l 1 G t-7 J' Af ' .4 ' 1 : A , A95 ' Q 'ff f . A V ,, QW -A Q If 5 Q V if V' A K K 0 C !.4 1. - 9' . ' V 2 g I ' 5500 ' fp H Q . ' if 9 , - , I s I , n Q, Y' I ti V, . .,,Nl,i4 ' X ' , i . A I fn h w V .Z tl X ' ok' .W 2 , s QL' Xxx! v W Q in : .1 lf. dv , ' A ' "' 1 p ., , , A 1 - ,, , if 9 A ' X v. i-557 . Q ' ' f J -fo, . "fir at '-St 'Qi T' g 5 K Ol Jar -, ' 1 Q.. In 'Jaipur , Q x I. G K 1 . ' ' 3u': Q2 It fu fu 1 H , ' J .4 gigs af M K.. , ' I .1 Q V ' H ' X + - 'f 1 v X ' M .. 'V Ri iff I 'AJS 4 ks? ' L , 5' 4 4- 1 1, W v , F' 'L ki 'I H A . y ' 'Q ' 9 , f .W . Q QQ W vu M l' " Q- . r A -iirf 5 'a V n V 1 if ,,. ff f ' u Q ' . Q if ,H U , . , 0 I , ' k I U PA ,his .wg I 0 Q 435' Q 1 will A. ., If . We' O , in M. U11 f , A ,f ,J,Wf14L 4 1 'H 1 J F1TIjxUDERDALE HIGH SCHOOL FT. LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA 12,4791- Jfw W M M ZZ EQ? jaw! U JL 'J Zia! My - N ' Zxwba fd7'40Od!!eJ 1960 .' W Y : arf' ., . 1 HX -f W ,.- K-chaps ny ,V 'M J H 4 .. V XJQ . ' ii f ix, X L K MQW' , W ,ff 1 Aw. ' 4 ,' pt . -- , A , ,,, . . "iff A . 5 if zz: E ff' ' bbid 5 fi l 1 i 1 '5 A '3 ,x 1 ...ww-' if gow 3.119 , v :MRM3 -u P ll- V ,Q fi ,ig Z., 7, , LOCKHART STADIUM sits lonely and naked of its crowds a few hours before a game. The city opened this long awaited stadium for the first time during this fall of the 1960 school year. The Table of Contents of LOOKING FORWARD our students see jobs and industry await- ing them. AThe city's businessmen are helping prepare them for their future through Junior Achievement. Nancy Connor does a JA task. ' ' v "SEE YOU at the library," has become the latest saying around LHS. The Ft. Lauderdale Public Library has become a second home to many studious Flying Lis such as Toni Morris and Sus Friedberg. the 1960 Ebb Tide Lists Divisions of This 'Yearbook Introduction ...,....... Table of Contents ............ ..... Faculty and Academics Activities ....... ------page -page ------page ------page Organizations ....,. ..,.., p age Sports ..........,... . ......... page Clubs ......... page Seniors ....... ......... p age Superlatives ,.... ......,.. p age Juniors .......... ...,..... p age Sophomores ..... ......... p age Advertisements -, ......... page Index ......... T.- page ' A PAST FLYING L, lim Leavitt, talks to a pep assem- L'H'S' IS In the Eyes of the People bly. He, like many other of our city residents, has taken time out from his busy schedule to help this school. GLITTERING in the very nucleus of Florida's T famed Gold Coast is Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Em- bedded in the heart of this breath-taking metrop- olis is Ft. Lauderdale High School. The city gives generously to the support of this high school, not only through physical means but in the indefinable, illusive thing called friendship. Lockhart stadium and the new Ft. Lauderdale public library were opened this fall to the student body of Ft. Lauderdale high. They have since be- come an integral part of its life, as has Junior Achievement and the service clubs sponsored by the city residents. Scholarships and donations offer further proof of this cityis dedication to youth. Because of all these things, Ft. Lauderdaleis Ebb Tide staff would like to dedicate this year- V ,ag book to the city of Ft. Lauderdale with gratitude. Our Gratitude and Respects to . . the City HERE WHERE LAND meets the 26 seas, the north meets the south, and the old meets the new, thousands -of people come annually. The six miles of beach lined by hotels, shops, and palm trees are certainly a magnificent View to all who see them and provide a fabulous background to many enjoyable times. ' r l INDIAN LEGEND DECLARES New River came into being in a single night after a terrible earth shaking cataclysm. Today, New River, which flows through the heart of Fort Lauderdale, although it is only nine miles long, is known as the deepest river in the world for its length and width. Ft. Lauderdale, the City With the Young Heart A Cityis Past, the New Frontier FROM MILITARY FORT to municipality is the line of evolution that Ft. Lauderdale has followed since 1838. The town got its name from Major Maitland, who was in command of the fort when it was first built and whose family name was Lauderdale, according to the Ft. Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce. In 1900, the city had a population of 57, when it was incorporated in 1911, it was a mere 175, in 1960, it is pushing 100,000. The city plans to celebrate its Golden Anniversary in 1961. - ln the past thirty years, particularly since World War ll, Ft. Lauderdaleas phenomenal growth has been the subject of countless articles. MAYOR of Ft. Lauderdale, John Russell, and an alumnus of Lauderdale High School, speaks at club meetings and assemblies taking time from his numerous duties to aid LHS students in various ways. EACH DAY, at lunch or after school the students of Lauderdale High rush downtown to shop, work, or per- haps just visit the city's residents, further cementing city- school relations. 5. Glimpsing a Great City of Today FT. LAUDERDALE got its name, uVenice of America," due to the fact that it has so many tropical water-ways, as does its Italian counterpart. There are an estimated 165 miles of inland canals or approximately one-tenth of the city is water. It is also one of the very few cities in this country in which it is possible to travel to the center of the most modern yacht basin in the world, Bahia Mar. Port Everglades is the deepest port between Norfolk and New Orleans. Ft. Lauderdale is very distinctive in every way, which makes its residents very proud. YACHT AFTER YACHT fill the Bahia Mar Yacht Basin. This yacht basin, owned by Fort Lauderdale and situated in the heart of this fabulous city, is the largest and most modem one in the world. ' ,mf , , , ,Muni City and School Progress y lN THE HEART of the city of Ft. Lauderdale, emotionally and physically speaking, Ft. Lauder- dale's facluty and students feel that they are repre- sentatives of the city. Because of this the standards of the high school have placed it in the top one per cent in the state. The faculty realizes the importance of develop- ing the entire individual, scholastically and emo- tionally, so that one day he might take his place in the community. SCHOOL AND COMMUNITY work closely to- l gether in P.T.S.A. Taking advantage of conference l day is Coach Dyers and Mr. and Mrs. Louis Lambert. Faculty, Academics EVEN THE ADVANCED STUDENT shows his true character when the teacher leaves the classroom. Mrs. Spencer, the absent teacher, teaches the two advanced classes progressively, by arranging the chairs in a circle so that each student gets more individual attention. When she returns the class will settle down to study and discuss the next scene in MacBeth. -J 9 THOSE INTELLECTUALLY inclined must at one time or another hit the books. Roger Parks, National Merit finalist, shows this by his deep, solitary meditation. A MIDDAY MEETING of Lauderdale students sounds of "Have you had the history test yet?" and "Wow! Did you see that French assignment?" L.H.S. is proud of its top- notch academic record. High Academic Standards Make Lauderdale Proud LAW., LAUDERDALE STUDENTS get in those last minute conversations before boarding the buses and heading for home at the end of another busy, interesting school day. L.H.S. in Top Percentage of State FORT LAUDERDALE HIGH, as compared aca- demically to other senior high schools in Florida, ranks in the top one per cent. Although the school had only one student ranking this year in semi-finals of the National Merit Examination, its past record in that category has been acclaimed all over the state. These accomplishments, along with others, reflect the sincere, unwavering efforts of the administration and faculty. Both are constantly striving' to improve the educational program and carry it out effectively. Fort Lauderdale High offers three major courses of study: science, business, and academic. The levels of' instruction are advanced, general, and special, so that students are able to learn in accordance with their own talents and abilities and to lay a foundation for their citizenship in the America of tomorrow. Fort Lauderdale High is proud of the achievements of its present student body and its alumni. The school is greatly responsible for the success and prominence of many of its former students. nv .. 5, ILS' 'I ugh. gS BIRCRREWER contemplatigig, pondering or dreaming as he studies a few of his students, Frank Clark El ie Marcum usan son and Rex Petro. Very seldom does this busy man have time to really observe those whom he serves as he appears here enjoying one of those spare moments. Mr. Brewer Reports Upportunities in Education Principal BI-emvel-'S First Year MANY STUDENTS never see this pose of Nh' Brewer as he givw announcements over the P A sy tem durin 'LTO GIVE EVERYONE an adequate opportunity to educate himself to his fullest extentf, was the principalis outlook for LHS this past year. This has been Mr. Brewerls first full year acting as principal for our school. During the last five years at Lauderdale, he has held the offices of Dean of Boys, Assistant Principal, and at the present time Principal. During the beginning of the second semes- ter in 759, when Mr. McComb, our former principal left, Mr. Brewer took over as acting principal. Mr. Brewer was in active duty during World War II and the Korean War. One could probably say he is still in active duty. His main interest is in guns, rifles, and pistols. He is now Vice President of the Hollywood Rifle and Pistol Club. From the students point of view, Mr. Brewer is the most beloved principal ever. He takes much of his personal time to help us with our activities, such as dances, teas, parades, plays, etc. To him, the Flying L's come first. homeroom period. Much work is accomplx hed by this quick and thorough method. THE FIRST FEW DAYS of school are always the busiest for Mr. Elder and the rest of the administrative staff. With a variety of questions on his mind, new student, Bill Michow and his mother approach the assistant principal perplexed by the ever-present problems of the first day at a new school. Successful Year for New Assistant Principal Work and More Work Is Keyword MANY FACULTY MEMBERS have new posi- tions this year, as Mr. Elder, our assistant principal. Previous to his arrival at L.H.S., he taught at Glenville State College, Glenville, West Virginia. Progressing from faculty advisor of the EBB TIDE in 1957, to Dean of Boys in 1959, Mr. Elder con- tinued on his path upward as he became assistant principal for the 1959-60 year. Among his many responsibilities is the job of checking students' credits and plans for the future in order to place them in courses which will bene- fit them most. Always ready to take time out from his own work to help one of us, Mr. Elder holds an esteemed place in the hearts of LHS students. y Holding an A.B. degree from West Virginia University and an A.M. degree from the University DAY 15 NEVER DONE for this mn who PM his df Pittsburgh, Mr. Edgar B. Elder rr wen qualified heart into his job. As Mr. Breweris iight arm his u work and responsibilities are endless. for l'11S pOS1t10I1. The Deans Give Advice and Aid WILL YOU EXCUSE my absence? May I quit algebra? Will you help our club? These are all questions the deans hear daily. They answer with a smile and a friendly suggestion. As Dean of Girls, Mrs. Hutchinson plays a big part in Melody Circus as director and writer. She received her B.A. and M.A. at Marshall College in Huntington, West Virginia. Mr. McDermott was Dean of Boys for the first time this year. It was his fourth year here. He spent the other three years as a math teacher. He said this year as Dean of Boys was "a lot differ- ent" than his other years here. Mr. McDermott received his A.B. at Marshall College and M.Ed. at Duke University. The deans council with any students that need it. They also are in charge of absences and help with extracurricular activities. Discipline is one of their unpleasant but necessary duties. Sunup to Sundown Dean s Work I Never Done A WARM SMILE and good advice are always found ONE OF the new recruits at LHS Michael Hatch with Dean Hutchinson as she solves many of the prob- seeks advice from Mr McDermott His work is solvm lems brought to her by the students. She is always the boys problems on campus and helpin them willing to help. Dorsey O. Maynard, v. N. 's--fsfrum.. .- -f ...M MANY BUSY HANDS SKIM across keys, file cards and records throughout the course of a day in the guidance depart- ment. Mr. Maynard, Mr. Smith, Mrs. Senn, and Elsie Marcum are working diligently as they attempt to get everything done. There are no "average" days for those who work in guidance. Each new day presents its own work and problems. Guidance Department, Helpers of Student Body Guidance Provided for Students Ruth Hendrick, , Maryville College, ONE OF THE MOST serviceable,departments on A-B. the campus is the Guidance Center. As an aid to both students and teachers, it serves a double Veazey Holt, Broaddus College, W.v.I.r., .A.B. purpose. The testing program is an important part of guidance work. At least eight major tests are given each year with a countless number of other less im- portant tests. Among the maj or exams administered are National Merit tests to juniors, S.C.A.T. tests and College Boards to juniors and seniors. Other scholarship tests are given also. T In addition to testing, the Guidance Center is responsible for scheduling and registration every year and college and career counseling. The l.B.lVl. machine, which has been a source of laughter and confusion and yet an infinite help to both the office and faculty is located in the Guidance Center. lt, like the guidance counselors, is indispensable to Lauderdale High. Marshall College, A.B., M.A. J. P. Smith, University of Iowa, B.A. ff Lauderdale's Outstanding Library PARTICIPATION in the Traveling Science Li- brary is one of the many ways our school keeps abreast of the growing interest in the fields of science and mathematics. Lauderdale is one of the four high schools in the state chosen to take part in this special program. About every three months a shipment of valuable information arrives at LHS in the form of books from this traveling service. The library is building its own collection of books in the areas of science, math, and foreign languages with special encyclopedias and diction- aries. Emphasis is also placed on volumes of mod- ern history and works by contemporary authors. An added service of the library this year has been the placing of reference books in the study halls. Any student may enter the library's training program and receive credit toward graduation. Lauderdale High can be proud of its fine library and outstanding librarians which serve as an ex- ample for other growing schools in this area. Our Library "CARDS AND MORE CARDS," exclaims Miss Zola Mae Blakeslee as she trains the assistant librarian students in their jobs. '4One for each student must be placed in orderf' she says. Keeps Students Ahead of Times HOW TO USE a library with all its reference books and other helps is some- thing a student must learn early in order to be successful. This year Miss Ivy Berryhill has shown many students, especially sophomores, the library's im- portance. Zola Mae Blakeslee, l Florida 1 State University, B.A. Ivy Berryhill, Brenau, B.A. lT'S NOT PUNCH AND JUDY, but it is the Pardoner's Tale, and it is just as enjoyable for this advanced senior English class. Special projects such as this make English a challenge for ambitious students and prevent boredom for the ad- vanced student. Variety is the spice of life in all English classes at Lauderdale High. English Classes Are Made Interesting at LHS. WAS IT an amusing topic or maybe this student just has an appealing way of presenting his speech. We'll never know the cause for amusement in this class. Marina G. Burdick, English, Brooklyn College, B.A.g Columbia University, M.A. George Geldbaugh, English, Latin, Fairmont State College ,Mfw A.B.g West Virginia University, M.A. glgdys Spencer, Englishg University of New ' ampshire v 1 Ann Evans, English, Florida State University, i ii Uni' versity of Virginia, M.A. Lucille Poole, English, Georgia te Col o' Women, AB. 'll , 1 1 John Carter Weldon, English, 'wi f ntucky AB., M.A. 'Q 'C J ff ,. gy i 1 ids? ,f K . Vocabulary Is Important Throughout English Year 1 i, KI W .ap""V' Clark, Duane N. English? Ufgggffftagilina "IS THAT THE REAL THING?" is the thought this picture reveals of Noel AB in Ed Doepke during 4'When Shakespeare's Ladies Meet" along with Jo Ann Sharp, ' Dottie McDonald, also Sylvia Cross. Freeman, Elizabeth D. Manhattanville College of the Sacred Heart B.A. Pinder, Elizabeth I. Florida State University B.S. Ogden, Jr., Marvin I. University of Florida B.A., M.Ed. Rickman, Murrel University of South Carolina. A.B. Pepper, .lane West Virginia University Columbia University B.A., M.A. Shekmar, Llewellyn Georgia State College for Women University of Georgia A.B., M.A. L.H.S. Student Aided by Literature FOUR YEARS of nouns, verbs, adverbs, and English teachers are needed in order for gradua- tion. Literature plays a big part to every college- bound student and is included in every grade. With this there are many activities which make English very interesting. There are plays, puppet shows, skits and art exhibits. Mrs. Shekmar is in charge of the English De- partment fthis also includes languagesj. Many English teachers are stressing vocabulary and many varied tests have been given, taken from the college board examinations. The seniors are putting on Macbeth and Hamlet with the aid of Mrs. Spencer this year. These dramas are composed of the members of two dif- ferent classes of which there are thirty students in each class. AS A PORTION of the biology program, the students are requested to learn the names and location of the main bones in the body. Attentively listening to Mrs. Bazonas, as she points out the bones on a skeleton, her class struggles to compre- hend these important points. Nowadays it is a challenge of modern science to train your mind to understand. Anatomies and Expressions Studied in Science Atkinson, Mahlon Yale University B.A. Beale, Robert C. Temple University B.A., M.A. STROKING THE FEMUR of one of Mr. Leer's skeletons, a student observes the bones of the body. Sophomores make up the majority of the classes in biology, learning many terms of plant and animal life. Traveling Library Fulfills Knowledge 'gWHAT IS A GERM? What is HZO? When do I know when to pour in the water?', These are the typical questions asked of the teachers in the science department by bewildered sophomores, striving juniors, and over-confident seniors. There have been more chemistry and physics classes than ever before C12 chemistry and 5 physicsl. From the advanced physics courses often there is a Physical Science Study Committee. Among other activities for students, there are educational films scheduled for most of the biology classes. Films have been proven an excellent sup- plement for the classroom lectures. This year General Motors gave an assembly for all of the students, aimed mostly for those inter- ested in the field of science. The science department under Mrs. Nelms has had a successful year by the enrollment in various classes offered. In chemistry the main vanced and general are to learn symbols, valences, and how to write various types of equations. Sec- of the most important objective for both ad- ond semester is a study elements, their compounds, composition products, etc. Advanced physics is mostly all principles and theories. by New Challenge . . EXTRA READING, notebooks, projects, and research papers are among the requirements for some science classes. Interest and additional time are needed for the making of these projects. 1104? f Bazanos, Blanche M., Georgia State College, BS. Bryant, lla Mae, Florida State, B.S. Caldwell, Clois J., U. of Miami, B.S. DeMoss, Ruth B., Glenville Teachers College, A.B., Gillette, Bob L., Georgetown College, B.S., MS. Leer, Howard B., Manchester College, B.A., B.S. Mathews, John C., Emory University, B.S., M.Ed. Nelms, Ellen G., Georgia State, B.S. Sauve, ,lerry Mark, U. of Notre Dame, BS., M.S. 41" pr ,. 3 511 "MAN, THIS is a tough test!" complains some of Mr. Alfonse's plane geometry students as seen taking one of his tests. The students thought that math would never be so hard. Alfonse, Clarence, Wisconsin State College Carlisle, Terry, York University Lee, Daniel P., U. S. Military University of Arizona B.S., M.S. MANY CANS OF MIDNIGHT oil have been burned for our many mathematics courses offered in L.l'I.S. Une of the toughest courses is solid, dealing with figures of the third dimension, taught under the instruction of Mr. Lee and Mr. Spauld- ing. Trig follows solid, offering just as many brain teasers as solid did. The next math in complexity is Algebra ll which is a more detailed course than Algebra I, dealing in three and four unknowns, and in graph- ing of points other than straight lines. College review math and plane geometry stand about side by side as far as roughness of a course. C. R. reviews Algebra I, plane geometry, simple computations, and covers Alg. II, including the slide rule. Plane geometry, obviously, deals with figures lying in planes. General, practical, and business math are offered to those students not planning to specialize in mathematical fields. Although these courses are general, one is able to enter college with them. STUDENTS WISHING to increase their mathematical inclinations are atten- tively listening as Joe Jolly and Ted Johnson demonstrate a problem in "solid." Formulas, a small artistic ability and of course a small bit of brain, are the necessary equipment for taking this course. Senior, Robert P. Potomac State University of Wyoming Florida State University AB., Pc. Spaulding, George f P. Oklahoma University Miami University s 2 B.S., M.E. Sullivan, John L. Austin Peay State Teachers College B.S. Charles S. Eastern Kentucky State College CALCULATING HER time wrong, .lan Cooper fears BS. to open the door to her math class. HWhat will he say?', wonders Jan. 'Tm sure I heard the bell ringlv P' f ppii VanArsdal1, ,.., aie 3 ,J and Division, Basis of Math Work for Students A PROBLEM in Algebra I is contemplated and mused over by Clifford Cater as he does his daily homework necessary to keep an advantageous grade average. These important math classes induce concentrated thinking, as well as a secure future in the mathematical field. By the large enrollment of students, math appears to be a much liked course. History Is Made Every Dayfi Moan Students .y-nw' f f ' 1 ' W4 Tm? ., , y .fx , , G .3 fa ' ' 'f ',", sr-ay' ffl Davis, Paul J. Otterbein College Ohio State University B.S. Harper, Max W. Universit of Y Missouri A.B. M.A. DeMayo, Dorothy Southeast Missouri State B.S. Lowks, Marion O. Rio Grande College Ohio State University B.S. Dyess, Jesse Florida State University B.S. Malloy, Frank W. Clarion State Teachers College University of Pittsburgh B.S. Fish, Weus H. Hanover College Butler University A.B., M.S. Maltby, Loren J. Florida State University B.S. F reiday, Ernestine Cottey Junior College University of Missouri B.S. Packard, Charles E. Dartmouth College University of Miami A.B., M.Ed. 'CWHERE is Miss Freiday's 3rd hour Modern European history class?" This is Hveryi' suspicious looking for the class, which is studying about the French Revolution. All Outlines and Dates Memorized 'LYOU MEAN l can carry a gun?" is a ques- tion asked when one of the many American Gov- ernment students interprets one of the sections in the Bill of Rights. Government also deals with fields of local, organizations. To promote citizenship and more effective offered. If you want to know about we live, World state and national governmental a better understanding of good encourage participation towards a democracy, the P.A.D. course is a wider view of history and want the history of the world in which History is highly commendable. Modern European History and Contemporary History are studies of current events in both Europe and the United States. Florida History offers you an excellent oppor- tunity to learn all about the state we live in, the Sunshine State. Because it is required by the law, all Lauderdale students take American History. The course is designed to teach American citizens the facts about their native land. as . y SO THIS IS WHERE the Modern European history class is, in a Thanksgiving assernbly. Although there is no history studying here, the assembly proves very educational. Listening and thinking over what was said brought a spark of faith in all the minds of those present. Students Learn Problems of the Different Eras THE AMERICAN HISTORY class of Mr. Malloy is all attentive as Jerry Stewart points out the territories of New England. History helps one realize the relationship between the different countriesg the famous eras of past history. - in '1 2 W 'vi Rickard, Geneva 1 Flgrida State M ' niversity 5, V V, ., University of .Q " -' Georgia ' B.A., M.A. 4. M 1 Schmidt, Maurice C. University of i ' Michigan A.B., M.A. ,I V 15..- Jett, Doris Florida Southern """ ' AB., MA. t t tt s ' Q N, V j L iv ' tiyl i , Kallaher, Tattie Fontbonne College THEY LOOK like telephone operators taking notes but they,re only Linda Kallaher, Paula Frazier, Paige Estler, Bob Mathis, and Cynthia Sobeck doing dictaphone work for Spanish. Many have profited from this experi- ment for learning. Language Laboratory Begins With Good Prospects FRENCH CLASSES under the direction of Mrs. Kallaher, have had an adventuresome year in French culture through cele- brating various French holidays. Suzie Rablen, Bobby Loos, .lay C-oeffrey, and Tommy Riles look at the map of Paris at the different designs of the streets. THE LATIN trophy, vyhich is an annual award, is presented to Carolyn Evan this year. Presenting this trophy is Cathy Pierce, our Student Council i+E3T?f773i V Pharr, Jarrett C. 1 "' University of . a X . rf e Chattanooga ---- si AB- V i i gf. t . . if A t is-f Sears, Lillian ' 1 A 'Nl m Wesleyan College " "' ' 1 A.B. V .SMT I . . C- LMSC Q .4,, president. lt's our lucky second time in two years to receive this trophy. and Ends Year With Anticipation for the Language Students Enjoy Learning "O TEMPORA! O MORESV' O what times! O what customs! ls just one of the few quotations learned and used in the Latin classes. L.H.S. is the only school in the county which gives interested students the opportunity of advancing their knowl- edge of ancient Rome and its customs through the courses in HI and IV year Latin. "Hasta la Vista!" "See you later," say many Spanish students who enjoy speaking in languages other than English. With the great opportunity of speaking Spanish in nearby islands, it is the most popular language at Lauderdale. Offering four years of instruction, some students are capable of speaking Spanish as fluently as English. 'LSil vous paitf' 'GPlease," is a word greatly con- centrated on in French class. A beautiful language to speak and hear, French is also widely used in Florida today. Our pupils are taught to correspond in this language as well as learn the grammar, making them feel as if they were in gay Paree. Culture is stressed, as in most any other language, as well as trying to understand the different countries today. Future "WHAT DO YOU have there, Kay Burch?" exclaims Ralph Rickard as he pauses over her shoulder to take a look at the poster for the Summer Session in Mexico. MOH, MY BACK," is the key phrase during a round of "row, row, row your boat." This is a new form of keeping fit as seen during beginning of the year girls' physical education classes. J Margaret Alston, Harding College, Searcy, Arkansas, Pea- body College, Nashville, Tennessee, B.A., M.A. Dorothy Barringer, Marshall College, Huntington, West Virginia, A.B. Herald T. Greene, University of Iowa, B.S., M.A. Joyce Lihan, Bowling Green State University, B.A., B.S. James Edward Maurer, LockHaven State Teachers Col- Healthler lege, B. . Robert Schmelz, Florida State University, B.S., M.S. "I, 2, STRETCH those muscles, 3, 4." These are familiar words during a physical fitness exercise. Here the girls are doing one of the many activities for the course, which extended for three weeks. The trend of physical fitness is stressed through classes of both boys and girls. L.H.S. Physical Education Beneficial "HUP, TWO, THREE FOUR, your left,-your left,- your left, right leftf' are the calls given by our gym teachers as the boys go through their three-week drill period. While the boys are marching, the girls enjoy volleyball for a full eight-week period, ending with a thrilling two weeks. During the latter time the boys were battling in football, Following the girls, volleyball comes whisket, where the females try to play an awkward game of baseball without touching the ball with their hands. The boys, in the meantime, are going through a rough physical fitness test, which is being stressed more than ever. The gym instructors feel that you must be physically fit before you are able to do anything else. Having dis- covered new muscles, the boys are set for their basket- ball sessions for a six weeks. Later in the year the girls take on paddleball, basketballg the seniors trying their hand at football, gatorball, and group sports. Stressed in Physical Education AS HE SKIMS over the top, Bill Finkbeiner shows good form during an acrobatic practice in a gym class. Acrobatics have been proven to be one of the more popular events during the year. HJUST A LITTLE more and l'll be at the top," mutters Joe Tucker, during a physical education class. Improving the muscles can be done in more ways than one. an-"""" X a Nia r it if 'IAQ' X90 , ,,.,,cc Jfyfiiftt Af fig, ,,,,,,f V T if , ,,, y ,:,,Z,Q,o,aQs,qfgfQ g uy- t was 4 4 6, y Meigs. Q MN gs -to or Q 4 fwasey can f 4 y 43? 39" ' f't?1'aig'g'?,? 4 499.6 1 r -fa fr 'MQ W w Ziifffsyt , Q ffaljpgfa 1. Q5 4' H ,ga fo A we services Machines, and Busy Hands Comprise Business Office Practice Course Success OUR NEW -DEPARTMENT creates enthusiasm! The Business Department of Ft. Lauderdale High now has in full swing a realistic and practical course operating through the cooperation of the teachers of the various business subjects. Through the Office Practice-Machines Depart- ment, which has been in operation only one year, future office workers and secretaries-to-be are learning the use of simple mechanical devices which will help speed-up and educate them for their future duties. The ditto machine, which duplicates rapidly, is one of the biggest aids for our busy office staff. Everything from contracts to letters are Hrun off" on this marvelous device. Other machines, the stencil, tape recorder, and fundamental appliances of a P.A. system are also in use. "KEEP IT NICE and straight" remarks David Derthuch to Tom Teidman as they "shave" a few inches off a board. "Shop" is fun but educating. Burnsted, Sylvia W., D.C.T.g Indiana State Teachers College, Florida State University, B.S., M.S. Hayes, Harold B., Journalism, University of Texas, University of Nevada, B.A.J., M.E. Kruse, Avis W., Bus. Ed., Northwest Mis- souri State Teachers College, Columbia University, B.A., M.A. Smith, I. P., Bus. Ed., University of Iowa, B.A. Decker, Arthur G., Indust. Arts., Duke University, New York State College,' A.B. Holmes, Barbara A., Home Ee., Ohio State University, B.S. Martin, Kendrick W., Mech. Dr., Illinois State University, Florida State University, B.Ed., M.A. Terrien, Yvonne D., Bus. Ed., New York University, Columbia University, B.S., M.A. Engle, Mary, Bus. Ed., Berea College, Duke University, A.B., M.A. Kruse, Andrew K., Northwest Missouri State Teachers College, Columbia Univer- sity, B.A., M.A. Smith, Marie W., Bus. Ed., Indiana State Teachers College, Pennsylvania State Uni- versity, B.S. Wilkins, Nell, University of Florida, A.B., M.A. Music, Art Enjoyed, Educational HAND THE FLYING L Marching Band!" are the proud words of Mrs. Wm. Bennett as he intro- duces his HA" band at football halftime shows. The band also plays at pep assemblies, band con- certs, and State Tournaments, where we were rated straight Superior. Daily drills and constant practice are the things that make our band tops as they march in the blue and white uniforms that sym- bolize our Flying L spirit. Many of our beautiful art displays and posters are products of a fine LHS art department. Ad- vanced art Works with chemical, metal and glass textures. Beginning classes learn types of printing and basic design under Mrs. Force's direction. 'Tirst year here and she is topsln are the com- pliments to Miss Chung who now is leading the chorus department. Beginning chorus students study breath control, fundamentals of music, and sight reading. Members of Girls, A Cappella Chorus and Advanced Mixed Chorus, are chosen on ability, PUTTINC THE finishing touches on a project are Marilyn Dichtenmuller, Cheryl Nodurft, Mac Baily, Wallace Knop- snyder, Kathy McC1'ary, and Dede Mathis. sing at programs, State and District Contests. Music, Art Improve Student Interest at L.H.S. OPEN WIDE the mouths of the advanced mixed chorus as they sing for one V- A P A of the assemblies. They perform for the students, faculty and dignitaries. Notice B that the skill of following the conductor is done with the eyes. emlelt' T S If William H. A? ,al ' 'W University of H' Miami Pj' if ,A B.A. . '1 -: -- V . J l Chung, Ruth O. Cincinnati Conservatory of Music Florida State University B.M., M.M. Force, Lorraine Southwest Missouri State College 1 HMUST KEEP the records straight!" is our motto says Mrs. Senn and Mrs. Purington. The office never anticipates a dull moment. Business and business and more business keeps our office staff busy. L.H.S. Office Personnel THE "BOOKS" tell the story as Mrs. Finnell, our school book- keeper, converses with Mrs. Leer about "money matters." The moving space may be limited but very important business is completed here. "ffwxM,y,, If KLAUDERDALE HIGH SCHOOL," repeats Mrs. Shipe many times a day. She answers all sick calls in the morning and some days our absentee list is quite long. Help Faculty, Students THE LIBRARY secretary doesn't have it easy by any means. Mrs. Miller's duties are numerous but she loves books and students. THESE-CAFETERIQX WORKERS are Cleft to rightl Mrs. Pauline Adams, Mrs. Agnes McGee, Mrs. Gertrude Thornton, Mrs. Elizabeth Jenkins, Mrs. Jessie Phares, Mrs. Mary Norvell, seen here during a planning session for the noon day meal for hungry students, office personnel and faculty members at Lauderdale High. These People Offer Many Services to L.H.S. HERE THE CAFETERIA workers are seen during their day "THEN, GIVE ME, back my money," says Dave Mantwill' of endless work which is that of preparing, scooping, tasting, to Linda Trauthwein as he discovers the prick has gone up. and dipping the food for those eating lunch in the School This year the Student Council and business department cafeteria. students have maintained the bookstore. ALL .wrfgg-'L gf, -,,.- - V WW--ww ,I I 5, . ..,, V 5 as .M sf, M so ,, e so K ,,j n, Y l 5, 1 4. Mx .7 L.H.S. Helps, Cheers Handicapped THE 1959-60 SCHOOL YEAR was filled with many activities for the student body. Parties, dances and plays filled the year. Twirp season, Homecoming scholarship tests, each activity was an adventure. ln December, the school presented in cooperation with many civic groups, a party for the handicapped children of Broward County. By this they were able to help those less fortunate than themselves. Fort Lauderdale takes an active part in the school's activities. Between the two is a bond of mutual interest and continuing cooperation. alll' Y X 1 NMATILDA, MATILDAX' sings Flying L's Howie Di- Blasi, Bill Karley, and Ken Krassy at the Christmas party given for handicapped. Activities CHEERS OF JOY, BEAMING SMILES, serious conversation, undercover planning, and a little "goofing off" is a part of all activities. LHS' homecoming bonfire proves no exception. Flying L's Kirk Wickersham, Jan Cooper, Sue Diak, Nanci Green, Pat Butterfield, Jane Graham, Bonnie Ulrich, and Howie DiBlasi show the many aspects that make up LHS activity. H iz il ll li THE TURN-OUTS for the Junior Varsity games were grand, as shown here. The sophomores really rejoice as their team went on to victory. Led by the J.V. cheerleaders, all yelled to their hearts' content. The "Baby L's,' were well supported by the entire student body. The sophomores display true "Lu spirit. New System, New Fad, Make Debutg Success Ahead The IICW 'gGLAD YOU,,, Says Matthews to fad fOr gif1S and b0YS, 'f00, is modeled by I-IYHDG Beatty as Molly French and Pat Zimmerman look on at the KHTSICI1- Thet' Were WOU1 in all 591150115 and With all "Get-Acquaintedv Dance sponsored by Juniorettes. All en- attire. They're neat!" joyed it. '59-'60 Year Off to Good Start OH! SEPTEMBER? Up comes another school year. The '59-'60 year was greeted by 1700 or more smiling, flushed, and bewildered faces. The first big uboostn of the year was the annual ,luniorette "Get-Acquainted Dance." Did you yell at our first pep assembly? Did you get a good look at our team? And, the first game? What a game! The new Lockhart Stadium was dedicated. Junior Achievement? It is an organization to further the interests of students in business. The "Pig-Skin Prom? was held after the Central Catholic game. Everyone had fun. A new system for grades, names, and teachers has made its debut at L.H.S. Errors in schedules were humorous and embarrassing. A successful month began a successful year. The crowning touch was the announcement that the '59 EBB TIDE made "All-Americanf' SENIOR PRIVILEGES are being taken in advantage as Soph. Jim Bromwell. lugs many books belonging to Bev Heacock and Bob McArthur, as they chat between classes. ,5,ff,!M'f ,ffffyyff frfffilyf f , . W. V V M Wmfyif. tp. Wfifzff " ygliffeifgyff 51? z,435y,,yyZ2v,g,f,f:6iz 1, 5 TH chatting, and just plain everyday noise that they hear dur E WALLS STILL RING out with songs of yelling, ing school hours, between classes. Second Month Full of Events, Fun OCTOBER 2nd started the month off with a big fight, meaning the North Miami-F lying 'LLM game. Following the game, was the "Key Club Sweetheart Dance" with Noel Doepke wearing the crown. Fort Lauderdale High played the role of host for the Florida Scholastic Press Association Work- shop. Also, the Student Council Workshop was held. Key Club had another drive for the "Savings Accountsf' October Qth? Anchor Clubls annual Spaghetti Dinner was held before the uL,s,, vs. Hialeah game. The Calendar Girls were chosen and Lei Lani Kapona was named cover-girl. Halloween Weekend . . . Anchor Admiral, Dennis Hutchinson, was crowned following the Lauder- dale-Stranahan game. ,luniorettes and Wheel pre- sented the "Halloween Howlf, ARE THEY BEATNIKS? No, not really! lt's just Sandy Aanes and Bob Perrigo having a chat at the Juniorette and Wheel 4'Halloween Howl." All Activities Start Rolling as the Year Progresses THE ANCHOR CLUB'S Spaghetti Dinner was wellfat- tended and enjoyed as displayed by Jim Matthews, Susan Orr, and Roger Parks! Looks like Jim is having trouble!!! ALL LISTEN as Mr. VanArsdall gives some discussion and advice at the Student Council Workshop. Marsha Kingsley begins note-taking as Mrs. Kallaher listens agreeingly. 'N far? 5? tial' X' MQ' 3? fl f'?,+ " 129' QQ, 6 gig X 'lfxkvlt iii, Q ' F1 e't'f ' t ,,.f,.U',,.,,"ff5 . '- iff? lfjffr 1 L ries? 5 -r: agQ'taffN ,kt. ,,, , i Q"'lCTi'1' 4 eff W,' , fbi, 1 e fl f ,gil t 'ati .- ri' 5 tv A l, . x r 4 Q CIVITAN CALENDAR GIRLS smile proudly as they were chosen, with Lei Lani Kapona as cover-girl, for this year's calendar. From left to right: Bonnie Ulrich, .ludy Allen, Jeri Starr, Carole Workman, Sandy Doake, Linda Edwards, Noel Doepke, Betsy Fishburn, Janet Thurlow, Linda Hamish, Marsha O'Neill and Louise Quinn. Centered, is Lei Lani Kapona. I NOW IS THE TIME for all good uGirls' L" initiates to put on their finery and parade around. Judy Allen and Kathy Fair- field dream of doing this daily. Don't you? Walking backwards, crawling, bowing and yelling, 'Tm a dirty ratgl, wearing plaids with stripes, heels with flats, walking around with a megaphone or flippersg this is life? It's a bet that this day will not be forgotten. THE WINNER: Key Club walked away with lst prize of the Thanksgiving Basket competition. Giving thanks are Skip Beisler, Joe Pesek, and Bill Millikan. There's food aplenty! The winning display was a table-setting of the first Thanksgiving with a sign stating "Remember." Homecoming, Dance, Thanksgiving, Tea, All Add to the Football Finaleg Parade, Action! THE FIRST GAME of the month was against Coral Gables. Following the game, was the Civitan patio dance. The following week was Homecoming Week and the activities were well attended by a great number of the student body. The game was played against Norland and Sylvia Cross was crowned the Home- coming Queen. Anchor Club took first place honors in the float competition in the service club division. Sophomore Tri-Hi-Y took top honors in the interest club division. The next event should be presented in a formal manner for it was the first formal dance of the year. The Junior Class presented its '4Quiet Villagei' and it was hailed a stunning event. OH! SILENCE DAY is as painful as going without a coke as proved by Carolyn Smith as she silently corre sponds with friends. THE SENIOR TEA was hailed a stunning event and well attended. John Barker headed the reception line and introduced parents to Sandy Aanes. HE'S OUR REPRESENTATIVE! Congressman Paul Rogers spoke to the junior and senior classes about our nation's standings and defense efforts. Festivities, Superlatives Work Increases as Year Goes on THE DATE, November 26th, strikes a thought in everyone's mind that is almost unerasable. This date means Thanksgiving. Key Club took the first prize in the competition of Thanksgiving baskets. The senior Superlatives were announced as fol- lows: Most Popular, Noel Doepke and Bob Berry- hillg Best All Around, Cathy Pierce and John Barker, Best Looking, Alice Schmidt and John Stimpsong Most Intellectual, Sharon McMillan and Roger Parks, Wittiest, Chickie Sharp and Carl Smith, Most School Spirit, Ann Fleming and Joe Jolley, Friendliest, Bonnie Ulrich and Joe Pesekg Most Dependable, Marsha Kingsley and Bill Milli- kan, Most Talented, Laura Mullins and Pete J ensen, Most Athletic, Marilyn Floyd and Tom Crawford, Best Personality, Sandy Aanes and Dennis Hutchin- son. "QUIET VILLAGE," the Junior Class Dance, was deco rated in the African theme as Pat Zimmerman shows off the "pot" with Pam Farrish and Sandy Forman looking on. 4 I .411 ' HAPPY? That is an understatement! Miss Sylvia Cross displays her feelings as she was announced '4Homecoming" Oueen of 1959. Color Day, Bonfire, Dance, "WE DID IT AGAIN!" cries Nancy Sumwalt as Shar- leen Able, Joan Critchley, Jeri Bittner, Gwen Rea, and Linda Sumwalt jump for joy as Anchor was announced Game, Make a Success Highlight ls Crowning of Queen 'THE HOIVIECOMING WEEK began on the 9th of November with all the student body dressed up in the Flying "Ln colors of blue and white. Tuesday night was the annual uBonfire,', "Snake-dance," and "Student Council Dancef, Thursday came and the finishing touches were put on the floats. Friday came. Lockhart Stadium never looked so good. The game was played against Norland and the Hlfsi' came out vic- torious with a 51-0 score. Sylvia Cross took all honors as she was crowned Homecoming Queen. After the game, was the patio Homecoming Dance sponsored by Sinawiks. HAMMERING, PAINTING, etc., all go into making a float. Anchor Clubis 4'Viking Ship" is prepared by chair- man Nancy Irish and crew. xi ff "winner" in the "Homecoming" Float Competition. ' home victorious as the defeated Vikings hang dead over This is Anchor's 5th year at winning this event. The the sides of the ship. Singing as they rowed, "We, float was a giant Viking ship with Flying "L's" rowing came, We saw, We conquered." ful Homecoming, Floats and Parade Lead Way will xx 1 f 2 T lam ,f-1f-i,p- 2 are . A YEA, TEAM! Coach Duke Maltby gleams as he shakes BONFIRE? Yes, an enormous crowd gathered for our hands with Norlandis coach. Our first victory with a 51-0 annual Homecoming Week events. All yelled to their score. Yea '4L's." extent and danced and ran to their utmost ability. ,fi HYEP! They're comin' home for sure," chats Carol Waite X xg to her friends. All the girls dress up in college sweatshirts X , and prepare for the coming collegiates. If ff, abs. COLLEGE? It isn't too far away for some students as l our seniors. Cathy Pierce and Nancy Cantor browse around an.d hunt for the college of their choice. Play, Xmas Party, Concert Make Month Active KONE-TWO-THREE! No, no, do it againf' shouts Randy Williams, drum major, as he works with Diane Jorde, Judy Jackson, Richard Workman, Toyette Ditzler, Molly French and Dale Nicholson. They are preparing for a band concert, one of many during the year. Much hard work is involved. f W ' , f ,,,, . W f ff ' 44 DON'T STAND there laughing, help me up! I" screams Jerry Pfeiffer. The Senior Class Play, '4Charley's Auntf' was pre- sented on December 10 and 11. Jerry Wells seems to be full of mischief as Dana Kott, Suzanne Crawford, Dick Beatty, and Mary .lo Erskine laugh on, during rehearsal. THE ANNUAL SERVICE CLUB PARTY- for the under- privileged children got underway in fine style. Students interested in working, sign up as Sue Rablen and Steve Wallem. Eighteen Days Filled With Work DECEMBER? This word brings chills to our minds for more than just "Winter," This month has 31 days, but the L.H.S. student body was in school only the first 18. The seniors happily put on for the senior English classes the two plays of Macbeth and Hamlet. The seniors also had their Class Play. The sophomores had their class elections and qualified persons took office. Wheel Club pre- sented to the students a "Bob Green Dance." The annual Christmas Party, on the 20th, was thoroughly enjoyed by the children as well as by those who worked. STUDY! STUDY! Study! Jenny Holt takes the last few minutes before exam-time to review. Jerry Pfeiffer seeks to catch a glance too. MARE THEY GETTING a little heavy, Mary?" asks Clark Blake. What a life! Boys don't have to open doors, carry books, or pay on dates. Victorious Basketball Season Greets New Year Exams, Twirp Season Hit L.H.S. NATIONAL SENIOR HONOR Society opened the new year with the initiation of seventy worthy students. College Board Examinations greeted both juniors and seniors 'in an effort to fulfill one of the most important college requirements. The Fort Lauderdale basketball team achieved success through ability and strength displayed against all opposing teams. Stomp and Chomp, sponsored by Navigator, pro- vided an excellent opportunity for the girls of L.H.S. to date the boys of their dreams. Sinawicks' Theater Party, Iuniorettes' Pizza Party and Key Clubis Sadie Hawkins Dance added further gaiety to 'LTwirp Season." Exams already? After a two-week Christmas va- cation, students returned to school to find long and late hours of study a necessary factor for that passing grade on semester exams. January greeted the second semester with several showers and cold weather as our band proved its capabilities at concerts. HSHOUT, STUDENTS, shout," yell the cheerleaders, as they lead the student body in cheering our basketball team on to victory. Homework and Activities in Full Swing at L.H.S. HWE, THE CLASS OF '62," tells Sophomore Class President Updegraf to his class, 'cmust get into the swing of thingsf' The first sophomore assembly was a real success. ON "WHITE SHIRT AND TIE DAY,'l the senior boys spruce up. Displaying fine attire are: Charles Ullian, Bob Coles, Mike Williams, .Iohn Wymann, and Don Gilbert. THE PUBLIC LIBRARY facilities were used immensely around exam time. Toni Morris, Sue Freidburg, ,loyce Casoria, Dennis Prisk, and Dotty McDonald, spend many hours in research. Not only during exams, but almost every night the library is visited by many L.H.S. students. To us, this library means a great deal. ff 2 gf. ef VALENTINE CARDS couldn't he any cuter. Sally Miller hunts for "the perfect one" and the choice was difficult to make. Cupid helped her out. THE HIGHEST HONOR any girl may receive is the title "Miss Fort Lauderdale High." This was won by Cathy Pierce, most gracious and deserving. if 4 Z 2 . , 2 1 t . 715' fa' J I Q ez ONE OF FEBRUARYS HIGHLIGHTS was the crowning of Ann Fleming as Basketball Queen. Her attendants were Patti Cavaretta and Kathi Fairfield. THINK! THINK! THINK! Senior Placement Exams are nothing to be sneezed at. Silence was golden. English, math, and everything else had to be known. February-Filled With Follies, Hearts, and ueens THE FLYING NLM Follies competition was won by HCornanche Kid," well presented by luniorettes. Cayly and vividly dressed, the girls performed splendidly. Placing were: Sinawiks, secondg Key, third. The auditorium was filled to capacity and the Follies was thoroughly enjoyed by all. Placements, Games, Concerts, and THE FIRST WEEK OF February was welcomed with open arms by all students except seniors. Senior Placement Exams were given. Sadie Hawkins Dance, February 6th, placed a beautiful and fun- filled end on HTwirp Season." Looking around, one begins to see little Cupid at work. Valentine's Day came and went, but many sweet memories remain in students minds for Tri-Hi-Y presented the annual "Sweetheart Dancef' The highlight of the month was the Flying HLH Follies, where Miss Cathy Pierce was crowned "Miss Fort Lauderdale High? luniorettes won the Studies, Make February Complete top honors in skit competition. The Flying c'L,s', basketball team still held strong! L.H.S. couldnat be any prouder. Miss Ann Fleming was basketball queen. The 2nd semester couldn't have gotten off to a be-tter start. The Flying MLW Band gave their third concert of the season. Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors enjoyed assembly programs. Our yearbook was sent to press. February was one of the greatest months of the school year. Senior Dance, Workday, Junior Play, Headline April "EUROPE IS REALLY DIVINE," states Nancy Spiegal to a "sold,' customer. Nancy worked at a travel bureau on Senior Workday. It was enjoyable. 1 WORK! WORK! WORK! Seniors don't come to school, hut they do work. Bill Graham is practicing for his job. Variety in the jobs is really amusing. NO-NOT A MURDER on the campus! It's just a rehearsal of the Junior Class Play, 'Tiger House." The cast and pro duction staff, under the skillful direction of Mrs. Elizabeth Freeman, devoted long hours of hard work to produce a success ful play. Kay Burch and Martha Meyer were the student directors. f"'1P tv . Y A CHEERING TRYOUTS are tedious, but so much fun. Many girls strive for the honors. Practice everyday is a must. Practicing now are Penny Trahan and Marilyn Cavanaugh. HWindyN Month Brings ,Toy to All MARCH, the Hwindy' month, came upon us rather quickly. Reports cards came out after a few days. Cheering tryouts began. Fifty or more girls fought hard and worked to make the "Varsity.', On the third of March, the United Nations' Examination was given. On the twelfth of March, College Boards were given again. On a later date, National Merits were given. The seniors began long, hard preparations for their last gift to the student body of L.H.S., the Senior Class Dance. This dance, one of their last projects, was to be the grandest, and it was. Anchor and VVheel Clubs worked vigorously, too, to produce Melody Circus in April. "Tiger House,'7 the Junior Class Play, made its debut to the sophomores on March 31, in the auditorium. March could be labeled as "work month." Lau- derdale students were "busy as beesf' joining in together in projects of various types. HHARD WORKERS" is a good description of Shelley Meyers and Diane Leonard. The Ebb Tide Staff is a work- ing group, but fun is managed to be had, also. i 'S-TT pi.. V,.gj'l ,A ag. "YOU HAD BETTER ASK THEM EARLY," tells Steve Walhom to Ralph Rickard before asking Nancy Cantor and Sharon McMillan to the Senior Class Dance. Funfilled Month, Year Almost Over l APRIL FOOL? No, not really. The only ones who were fools were those who didn't participate in the month's activities. To begin things, there was the annual 'cPan- Americanw assembly. That Friday night was the Spanish dance on the patio. Student Council speeches were given and some of the choices were pretty tough to make. All in all the election pleased everyone. This month reminds all of Christ for the Easter Assembly, on the 14th, was attended by serious and respectful students. The seniors then broke out in a roar as they left our campus in a 'churrynl ll 'Tun Dayf' Sen- , fr a ior Skip Day, had now come. The long year finally fb' 1 came to the time that they, too, as others have done, I f legally 'cskipn school. The concluding event of the month was the ubig timel' for the sophomores. They presented to L.H.S. their first dance which was thoroughly en- joyed by all who attended. "IS IT LONG ENOUGH?" wonders Mary Locherie as she tries on a few dresses. She has to look just 'right for the Sophomore Class Dance. Spring, Melody Circus Give Boost to All Students LTD MAKE A CUTE ONE, wouldn't I," says Lynne Karsten to Nancy Sumwalt. Charleen Emery looks for her costume for Anchor Club and Wheel's '4Melody Circus." Variety acts of all types were to be performed and the theme 'LAround the World" led to many ideas and inspirations. "WELL, IT'S NOT TOO LONG NOW," sighs Carol Waite as she counts the remaining days until graduation. This year of school is almost over. HOLE!" Steve Teeter goes to town as he beats out Latin rhythms. The Pan American Day assembly was thoroughly enjoyed by all students in attendance. HCUTE LITTLE THING, isn't itll' remarks .lim Harri- son to Ralph Rickard. Preparation for the Civitan Easter Egg Hunt is more fun than work and one gets a warm feeling. "THERE,S ONLY A little way to go!" states Hap Bon- ham as he aids Sue Nevin in a little recreation on Senior Skip Day. ,r Q as ,px 2, ,Q J,-""' ' X Q, 41 " "" E ' ,Lf if SENIORS, this is it! Yes, it's almost over as the graduates- to-be prepare for their final exams. "Review" is one word that is frowned upon. 'TLL JUST DOZE for a second," says hopeful Bob Berry- hill, as he tries desperately to get some rest. This senior graduation practice is hard on the feet. The Final Month Makes Grand Exit for May Brings Grand End to Year! THE EBB TIDE is here! Now is the time for all good boys and girls to get out their pens and start signing. This is the month for seniors. Class Night, Bac- calaureate, Prom, etc., ends up three wonderful years at L.H.S. The band gave another concert which was well- attended and thoroughly enjoyed. Reviewing for exams took up a great deal of time, but the fun of parties was there, too! New staff members for the EBB TIDE were chosen, service clubs added to their clubs, or- ganizations chose new officers, and things are being prepared for the new school year. The month of May finishes a fine year. "I HOPE THEY FIT! 'cause they will go perfectly with my dress!" remarks Noel Doepke. Buying shoes for the prom is not an easy chore. WHATS AHEAD? Louise Quinn and Pete Cavelier look ahead into the future for the answer. ls it college, career, or marriage? The answer will soon he found. HARD WORK for seniors!! Class Night is their big moment but much work is needed for preparation. Nancy Sumwalt paints vigorously but happily. Successful Yearg Prom, Skip Day, Prelude to Graduation . 'LTHEY CAME OUT GOOD THIS YEAR!" EBB TIDES, EBB TIDES, and more EBB TIDES . . . they're everywhere. Classes don't get much accomplished as displayed in Miss Flriday's class. Pens were never put through so much extra writing as now. Each yearbook has to be covered with names. . fl Sai' ks iftfid 3 ,V xg, ,i 1 ,wf", , ., ay' I 4,5 if -N 4 .. M , lm .V 'SQ' 4 ggy, A K' .1 , f k H fx , Q, lk 3 , W, , V ,R ef -W ' X fn' -' ' 071 1 ,, gk , 'f S 9 gn w H nw' Z3 tw . I 3525 - SQ? X KL f , - .fi A if gif ,'i A Q, Q fx I ,fag fm X u fu, as I , , + 4 5 1 4 A 4 4 fw- Q J x , S 'W ' t 1 X X I X, fif'f,Q Q 5, 4 6 4 i' ,xv 1-gl? , ' Ag" , -Vw.: y." x V - V 6 A 1. ,. f 4 nc Z I 1 9 I f ' ' ,n ' K 'X , , 1 , .H A, f .. 4. V , , Q " " K ' H4 . -t.. ,F fl ,tt f' 'f K! I an - . is 1 M 7 , M" W lr Q -ln! ., ' C "4 4, , ' : ' . 84, 'P 9, y . 9 1' I ,A in 4. I 'Sf W 'N If 'J 'iS , 5. W 'W ,, June . . the End or the Beginning GRADUATION seems so far away but in a sec- ond you are confronted with graduation. Class Night begins Graduation Week and the de- serving receive awards for their effort put forth during the year. Next to follow is Baccalaureate Service and all are attending to hear Words of in- spiration, meaning, and truth. Then for a conclus- ion, on go the caps and gowns, accompanied by class rings and handkerchiefs. The receiving of the diploma is about ten seconds in length but it is remembered for the rest of your life. Congratula- tions and wiping away of tears, are a part of grad- uation, also. Everyone then Hmakes the rounds" to parties throughout the entire night. The next day one tries to remember if it is all over or was it a dream. The future holds many surprises, but plans are made in the senior year for the immediate future. Some go on to further their education, some follow the road to a career, and others settle for marriage as their future. Lauderdale is proud to say that we have quite a great percentage of our graduating students who are on their way to college to gather more information for their benefit. The toughest job for the seniors is to say a final ugood-byei' to the school which has been a big part in their growing up. They will all be back at one time or another but the final 'iso longv is a sad and unenj oyable event. Back You to Stand igainst the Best in the Land". 3 L.H.S., Serving School and City WHAT is more exciting than. a parade along the streets of the city? And the Lauderdale band is at the head. A civic organization holds a banquet and is entertained by one of the Lau- derdale choruses. EBB TIDE and Navigator work hand in hand with the publications of the city. The student councils and the other repre- sentative organizations link school and city to- gether in mutual respect. These are the organiza- tions which represent LHS, the students, to the parents and their friends, the citizens. They make the tradition of Lauderdale High. THIS is an organization? Oh well they get the work clone on Navigator, as Tracy Mark Niki Crossman Joanie Critchly know. rganizations ha.. If, Y' BEFORE this yearbook comes out there is a lot of behind the scenes little known work Layouts copy cutline crop-pictures, taking pictures, selling ads, and selling yearbooks. Charleen Emery and Betsy Sheard EBB TIDE staff members, make sales while John Rather, Skip Beisler, Bob Depardo and Bonnie Ulrlch look on MUCH TIME AND ENERGY are given up by the Student Council executive officers in making Fort Lauderdale High School the finest in the state. However, Jerry Stewart, vice-president, and Cathy Pierce, president fstandingl, agree with Ginny Douchan, secretary, and Mary Rickey, treasurer, that their time and energy are spent on a worthwhile project. The Executive Student Council Leads the Students and Raises E.S.C. Sponsors the Homecoming I "THE FLYING L55 are deadf' With this statement Cathy Pierce opened the first pep assembly. Then and through the rest of the year the Executive Student Council was leading and helping the student body. Each Flying L is a part of the Student Council for Student Council is the student body. Each student may vote and participate. f The Student Council sponsored the Homecom- ing activities, including the parade. The long- awaited moment finally arrived and the Home- coming queen was crowned. She was Miss Sylvia Cross. With Citizenship Week and the pep rallies the Student Council raised the school spirit so that everyone knows the Flying Lis aren't really deadg in Spirit they shall never die. Bell, Patti Russell, Arlene Hayes, Vicki Fuhrer. HELP IS WHAT our appointees gave our officers. They are Nancy Huff, Lesley Carpenter, Charlene Able, Nancy E.S.C. Works Hard All Year WORK, WORK, WORK, nothing but work! This is what the Executive Student Council has been doing for the student body this year. They have given up their free time and their study- halls. Did you attend the Flying L Follies? Did you follow the Code of Good Sportsmanship the Stu- dent Council endorsed? Were you one of the one- hundred-seventy-five people who attended the workshop Student Council sponsored? All these things were made possible by the Executive Stu- dent Council and their cooperation with Inter- Club Council and Legislative Student Council. Cooperation was the key to all of their activities. Student Council had charge of the book-store for the first time this year. They sold paper and other school supplies. ln addition to this they joined forces with the chorus to sell candy. Both bars and boxes of candy were sold. The Student Council also issued student cards which are popular money-savers. This activity and all the others were led by the Executive Student Council. They supplied the leadership. The Spirit of the School SOPHOMORE REPRESENTATIVES, Nancy Meadows, Lenore Alpert, Jim Pfeifer and Linda Harberson stand by the cases which hold symbols of the victories of those before them, knowing they too are now Flying L's. THE SQUAWK BOXES are in the charge of .lim Mathews Ccenterl, Secretary of the Interior, and his appointees. They are Denny Terr, right, and Bill America, left. SECRETARY OF COMMERCE, Bonnie Ulrich, with her appointees, Don Noland, left, and Pat Butterfield, center, ap- proves all posters before they are placed on campus. "PUT DOWN THE CHAlR!", says Lynn Williams, Secretary of State, to Steve Wollam, right, as Kay Burch, center, looks on. Lynn and these appointees are in charge of all student assemblies. The Legislative Council Represents the Students Keeps Student Body Informed HELP! HELP! This is the cry the Legislative Student Council has been answering all year. This is the part of the Student Council whose job it is to supply the Workers. They have helped with all the Student Council projects and activities this year. They are a very necessary body. Every member of the student body is represented in the organization. Each home room president at- tends the meetings of Legislative Council. During their meetings one could sit and hear Frank's gavel strike marble when a motion wa either carried or rejected. Occasionally the rap of the gavel was to restore order, however, the meet- ings were usually very orderly and calm with mo- tions being carried, reports given, and projects discussed according to parliamentary procedure. To anyone outside it was only a low hum of voices. HIS THAT WHAT we discussed?,' asks Legislative Council president Frank Clark. Linda Sumwalt, vice-president, Ralph Lehr, treasurer and secretary Sally Kerr seem amused as they look on. DeEtte McPheron, Sally Kerr, Bunny Ernst, Nan Hoy, Judy Whalen, Janet Thurlow, Mary Jo Erskine, Bonnie Hall, Patti Radke, Susie Rablen, Judy Allen. SECOND ROW: Bob Keeng, Ted Johnson, Steve Olewecki, Mary Merolle, Karen Jenson Linda Sumwalt, Lynne Karsten, Judie Cooper, Gail Kohler, Betsy Fishburn, Bonnie Hauch, Berle Overman, Cindy William son, Connie Coons, Bryan Payne, Jerry White. THIRD ROW: Lynn Barton, Clark Blake, Art Hollerback, Ralph Lehr, Don Gustafson, Bill Florence, Tarzi Pardue, Jack Mahood, Leo Burkey, John Barker, Bill America, Ralph Rickard, John Zam sey, Bruce Marino, Fritz Ernst, and Eddie Kerlin. LEADERS OF THEIR CLASS are these board members: Doris Bridges, Babs Osbourne, Judy Jackson, Susan Anderson, Ruth La Varco, Molly French, Judy Tucker, Sandy Aanes, Marsha Kingsley, and Joyce Casoria. In the second row are seniors, Robert Hanks, Dennis P1-isk, John Barker, Roger Parks, Woody Maxwell, Bill J arrell, Al Kubala, and Don Ralston. These people are a part of the reason the senior class has had a successful and prosperous year. The Senior Board Has Meets During Their Lunch Hour FOOD IS MUNCHED and motions passed when the Senior Board meets. All their meetings are held during their lunch hours. They hold discussions ranging from what to serve at the Senior Tea all the way to what gift the senior class should leave the school. The money-making projects of the senior class were their dance, their dues, and their play. The projects were all a financial success. Speaking of Work, did you hear about the Senior Work Day this year? Yes, the Senior Board was in charge of this also, as they were of so many other activities. This year under the able leadership of John Barker, their president, and Mr. Spaulding, their sponsor, they led the senior class through a suc- cessful and profitable year. a Very Successful Year TRAGEDY OCCURS Senior Skip Day for Bill Smith, Joe Pesek, Doug Cook, John Barker, Marilyn Etheridge, Babs Osbourne, Carole Harberson, Bonnie Ulrich, and Leslie Carpenter. BUSY IS THE WORD to describe Jerry Stewart, president of Inter-Club Council, and Nancy Huff, secretary. Plan- ning, work, and worry were all parts of their jobs. I.C.C. Unites All Lauderdale High UTHE MEETING will now come to order." There are few students in this school who have not heard at least one of the members of Inter-Club Council make this statement. Inter-Club Council contains the presidents of all the clubs on campus. Homecoming floats are discussed and everyone wants to know when they have to register to have their basket in the Thanksgiving contest. Whether each club can enter a girl in the Civitan Calendar Contest might be another problem to be discussed. This council is one reason there is so little friction between clubs. It gives them a place to solve their problems peacefully. One of the duties of the Student Council is to unify the school and its various organizations. A large part of this responsibility is carried by the Inter-Club Council. Inter-Club Council Keeps Peace Between Clubs THE MEMBERS of Inter-Club Council are pictured above. In the front row are Bonnie Hauch, Marsha Kingsley, Joyce Casoria, Mary Rickey, Nan Hoy, Cathy Pierce, Bonnie Ulrich, Bobbe Stevens, Kim Lehr, Gail Linane, and Betty Pierce. The second row contains Doug Cook, Jerry Stewart, Sharon ShiplCY, John Ellis, Dick Wolfe, Dean Demmery, Karen Shoe- maker, Dave Taylor, Joe Sasadu, and Bill America. Not pictured are Joe Pesek, Roger Parks, Dennis Prisk, and John Barker. THE EDITOR, Nancy Spiegel, prompted, scolded, and pushed all through the year to make deadlines. It was she who had to teach the staff members what to do and how to do it. EBB TIDE Judged All-American SCREAMS, LAUGHTER and shouts of joy arose when the staff was told that their yearbook, the EBB TIDE, had been judged All-American. There were only two other books in the same class which received this award for their last year's book. The lights often burned late during the school year as staff members raced to beat a deadline. Besides the time put in taking pictures, more time had to be spent writing copy andarranging the pages. als my picture ready?" and "Can you take a shot real quick now?" both became common questions to Bob Eighmie. Nancy Spiegel, -the editor, was more used to copywriters like Gwen Rea and Nita Bartz asking, 'LCan you help me with this for a moment?" Did you see the Indians in the halls that said, 'LHowl With an EBB TIDE, of courselu? All the staff members were selling the yearbook. Nancy Sumwalt, circulation manager, hit off the annual sales campaign with that as her slogan. Ads were also sold by the staff. All the members worked hard on this and all their other jobs. '60 Yearbook Staff Hopes to Equal '59 Book BUSILY SCHEDULING pictures, Sylvia Cross, assistant editor, works in cooperation with the EBB TIDE photog- raphers. Sylvia schedules all pictures and assists the editor. THE CIRCULATION MANAGER, Nancy Sumwalt, is' in charge of distributing and selling the books. Checking receipts and asking students to buy their EBB TIDES were parts of her job. I y ADVERTISING MANAGER, Linda Heep, was put in charge of selling and designing ads. "Only twenty dollars for a half page" became a common part of her sales talk. BUSINESS MANAGER, Bonnie Hauch, was prone to think of bills, checks and cash when doing her work. Money orders, a real problem to most of the staff, seemed to give her no trouble. Staff Records Joys and LEADING AND GUIDING the staff has been the job of these sponsors. Helping without pushing, they have led the staff. They are Mr. Harper, Miss Pepper, Coach Hayes, and Miss Engle. Sorrows of the Year Staff Has Many Good Leaders A LITTLE BIT OF scolding, a lot of laugh- ing, and even more Work have gone into this year's EBB TIDE. The editor, Nancy Spiegel, and the sponsor, Mr. Harper, were usually the ones that had to give that little bit of scolding. One of Nancy's unpleasant tasks was telling staff members that "You must make that deadline!" There was an associate editor in charge of every section of the yearbook. These girls were among the hardest working members of the staff. The others members worked under them. Money was the main Worry of the business manager, Bonnie Hauch, whereas Nancy Sum- walt, circulation manager, worried about the number of EBB TIDES sold. Sylvia Cross, assist- ant editor, and Linda Heep, advertising man- ager, were also kept busy. This is the second year that Dianne Leonard and Shelley Meyers have been on the staff. Larry Hamilton, a former staff member who graduated last year, has come back to volunteer his time and service as a photographer in cooperation with the student photographer, Bob Eighmie, and with Mr. J un. WHAT ARE these staff members looking at? It is only the photographer as he snaps their picture. Sitting are Betsy Sheard, Jerry Pfeiffer, Cindy Adamo, and Sandy LeGrand. Standing behind them are Charleen Emery, Jennifer Holt, Jeri Bittner. and Woody Maxwell. Not pictured is Diane Leonard. I 5--n1f1-an-ez .-wan-tmxvn-1. gm-a ff., , num-si .nnwnml yvwn-W w-mwfnmfwd.- sam V., . b',4 W SMILING PRETTILY, these girls and their masculine counterpart, Larry Hamil- HLATE AGAIN!" is what Mr. Jun, ton, take time out from their busy schedules to pose for an EBB TIDE camera. a photographer for the staff, seems They are Martha Meyer, Larry Hamilton, JoAnn Sager, Judie Cooper, Pam Sweat, to be muttering, as he waits for a and Trudy Giberson. staff member. EBB TIDE Staff Keeps Busy Through the Year GRINNING HAPPILY are these girls, Sally Miller, Laura Lea RESTING FOR A MOMENT, these staff members, Mullins and Margaret Bennett in the first row with Billie Sue Carol Waite, Nita Bartz, and Susie Guthrie sit while Katsikas, Bev Heacock, Shelley Meyers and Carol Harberson Gwen Rea and Bob Eighmie stand behind them. behind. SCURRYING, HURRYING and bustling, Vicki Todd has scooted through the year from deadline to deadline. As editor of the Navigator she has been busy all year doing work, work work! Paper Comes Out Twice Monthly TYPEWRITERS CLICKED, pencils raced and people hurried as each edition of the Navigator was sent to press. This paper came out once every two weeks for a grand total of sixteen issues. The Navigator room buzzed busily each day fifth period as the hard-working staff com- piled information and wrote stories for the forthcoming newspaper. Much time was spent planning and arranging the paper. This paper, which was between six and twelve pages long, was financed by subscrip- tions and by local advertising. Mail-away sub- scriptions were available this year at a slightly higher rate and a discount-was given to home- rooms that had one hundred percent of the students subscribing to the newspaper. All the Navigator staff worked hard to give the student body the best representation of news possible and to present entertainment as well as the usual news. Navigator Staff Writes Stories, Gets Subscriptions, PLENTY OF HARD WORK is nothing unusual for these girls. As leaders on the Navigator Staff, they have had many op- portunities for it. Each of them has worked hard in her own field to make the Navigator a total success. They are, left to right, Noel Doepke, make-up editorg Sandy Aanes, feature editorg Sally Shank, assistant editorg and .loanie Critchley, sports editor. t s,-aussi SEARCHING FOR information are these reporters, Bonnie Baltier and Sherrie Reilly. Digging for facts to go into their stories is a main part of their work. and Puts Out the Paper Staff Sponsors Stomp ,Nl Chomp BEING OF SOUND mind and body . . . This is a familiar phrase to most of Lauderdale's students. It was one of the most common phrases in the Last Will and Testament of this yearis senior class. Each person in the senior class tells what he would like to leave behind to an underclassman, the classes of the future, or to the school. These things range from dirty gym suits to the best of luck. Stomping 'ni Chomping was all in style at the annual Stomp in' Chomp, sponsored by the Navigator staff. This is held every year during the Twirp Season, when girl invites boy. The staff does both of these things in addition to putting out the newspaper. It contains, in addition to the news stories and the features, letters to the editors, columns and cartoons. L HELPING Niki Crosman, advertising manager, as she types are these staff members: Chris Bergh, business man- agerg Al Kubla, cartoonist and Jean Pfeifer, circulation manager. LOOKING OVER the equipment are Dave Shaft, left, and Price McIntosh, right. Coach Hayes, the sponsor, watches on. This group forms an important part of the staff. 1 QL. X ,A xiii W I . fL"'74a,, 'F sig: H212 .f XE. . ,gi 5, , an Y THE WOODWINDS pose in the top picture. In the rear row are Darlene Simons, Pat Hall, Gail Davis, Reed Parrish, Frank Brown, Ed Cooke, Tom Quina, Richard Workman, Jerry White, Brenda Stanley, Victor Danart, Bill Shumpert, Art Holler' back, Murray Hinckley, Homer Forster, Ralph Rickard, SteveMarcum, Gale Rayburn, Peggy Jacobsen. In the second row are Wendy Nelson, Toy Ditzler, Pat Warren, Dianne Coleman, Gail Stone. In the next row are Sandy 'Brader, Carolyn Evans, Randy Williams, Deena Tanton, Mary Jenne, Jim Phillips, Dianne Jorde, Judy Jackson, Joan Thiel, Marcy Mul- ford, Barbara Wright, Mark Seip, Leonard Tocci, Larry Smalley. THE BRASS section is pictured in the bottom picture. The back row contains Mel Waskow, Ron Konecny, Darrell Rushton, Bob James, Denham Clements, Gale Nelson, Molly French, Jim Hairston, Herschel McDonald, Ronnie Hughes, Dan Warner, Judy Tucker, Stan Harrocks, Gene Schnell, Lanny Miller, Jim Tucker, Dale Nicholson. Kneeling are Jim Matthews, Kenneth Beimly, Greg Lawrence, Denis Englund, Bill Carter, John Ramsey, Lamar Black, Carl Ball, Herb Glatfelter, Dave Berry. f, f ,Q IN THIS HALF-TIME SHOW at Lockhart Stadium, the Band and the majorettes display their skill in marching formations. AMID THE CHEERING THRONGS at the pep assemblies sat the Band. The members played on these occasions and the strains of "On, On Lauder- dale" often filled the campus. In this way the band members tried to help raise the school spirit. Tired feet and sore legs were often among the rewards of the Flying L Band when they practiced on Wednesday nights. These practice sessions every Wednesday night were in addition to the hour they spent practicing each morning during first period. During the year the Band gave several free con- certs at the War Memorial Auditorium. Everyone, cluding the general public, was invited to these. MARCHING DOWN the field to the tune of "On, On Lauderdale," Randy Williams, drum major, leads the Fly- ing L Band. f is L BEATING DRUMS and clashing cymbals can be heard when the percussion section, including Kurt Pendergrast, Dave Taylor, Mike McCray, Lanny Hiday, Rus Hendon, standing and Mary Jo Erskine, Marvin Smith, Teddy Hoffman, Zell Porter, kneeling, practices. A Baby L Band Is Formed by the Sophomores 1 THE BABY L BAND is made up of the sophomores in the above picture. In the back row are Bob Trull, David Wargo, Bill Cross, Jeff Nolan, ,lim Warner, Mike Federline, Benjie Edwards, and Bob Mathis. In the front row are Janet Bowers, Mary Low Juntila, Barbara Stevens, Ann Sokolowski, and Karen Jensen. Marched During Each of the Half-Time Shows WITH BOOTS POLISHED, batons cleaned, and uniforms pressed, the HB" Corps marched at all the home football games. They are Susie Kingsbury, Barbara Ringer, Judy Hickman, and Sharon Dixon. FOUR MEDITATING BEATNIKS, Judy Hickman, Sharon Dixon, Barbara Ringer, and Susie Kingsbury, sit and think after a big half-time show during which they wore these outfits. The Girls Sold Football Programs SHOUTING, LAUGHING, AND WORKING, the Maj orettes have gone through the year. In satin and in velvet they have marched at the football games. Only after hours of twirling, practicing, and working were they ready for their first half-time show. After primping, polishing boots, and powdering their noses the Majorettes strutted onto the field. Then, and only then, they appeared in the colors of their Alma Mater. Selling programs of all the home football games was one of their less glamorous jobs. Both squads passed out programs at the concerts which the Band gave for the public. The MA" Corps wore velvet, While the HB" Corps wore satin. The "Bn Corps is a training corps. All of the girls must serve one year in it before being promoted to the "A" Corps. The majorettes marched with the band in several parades this year. Among these were the Orange Bowl and Lauderdale High's Homecoming. RESTINC DROWSILY, after a long practice session are these majorettes, Pat Nichols, Marilyn Joslin, and Beverly Evaps. Behind them are Pat Johns, Judy Boyd and janet av in. Choristers Practice Before School DO RE ME . . . The voices rise again and everyone knows that one of the choruses is practicing. lf it's before school, it would probably be the Choristers, for they practice each morning. During school, however, it would more likely be the Girls, A Cappella Chorus. They meet during school hours. Both of these choruses are sponsored by Miss Chung. Sandy Doak is the president of the Girls' A Cappella Chorus and Nancy Meisenburg is the president of the Choristers. These three people have all done much work. The Girls' A Cappella Chorus has a concert each year, and in addition, gives other performances. It attends state and district contests, and several clinics. Choristers often give performances for various civic organi- Nancy Meisenburg David 0SliH zations, at assemblies at Lauderdale High School, and for PRESIDENT SECRETARY . . . . Martha Meyer Phoebe Bowne other schools 1n the area. Members are chosen for 1nd1v1dual BUSINESS MANAGER LIBRARIAN t l 13 d b'l't , Sandi Doak Judy Dolliver a En tin fihl 1 Y . d h 1 f TREASURER VICE-PRESIDENT o o ese groups earn money 1n or er to e p pay or Not Pictured fNot Pictured? their trips and expenses. The Choristers Perform Before Civic Organizations STANDING ALERTLY in their black and white uniforms, these members of the Choristers prepare to sing. In the back row are Tom Vogel, Jerry Schoyan, Pete Mack, John Martin, and Dave Oslin. In the second row are Sherrie Parish, Carol Cornelius, John Wanamaker, Jim Marsacotta, Jim Schoyen, Martha Meyer, Judy Dolliver. In the front row are Sue Elliot, Princess lmbargo, Pat Cross, Barbara Johnson, Nancy Meisenburg, and Carol Worthley. Girls, A Cappella Chorus Has a Spring Concert 'M my lil 42" A BLUE BLOUSES and white skirts are worn by these Girls' A Cappella Chorus members, Roberta Drouillard, Gayle Tomp- kins, Kathie ZurBurg, Carmen Russele, and Phoebe Bowne, in the back row, with Joyce Culver, Dede Blanton, Carol Worthley, and Mary Spain in the front row, as they pause before performing. Sandra Doak President Pat Snyder Librarian Phoebe Bowne Vice-President Judy McNeece Secretary-Treasurer fNot pictured? LEADING HER STUDENTS as they sing is i Miss Chung, the sponsor of all the choral groups on the campus. This is her first year of teaching Lauderdale High's singing students. 'gxgii '2 VV, 4, V 4 7 5 Zami? f - 1 ' ",' :ff , 4 .f -, ,V M1 f af we , . ' ', rw' ff,' 5 , , . .f ' :Vi i f" 5 ' .V5V'1V't g.:VZ.Vf 1,1 'V f , ,,,V, V 'V ' K , , ,f fn ,f.- V,VV,V, ,V1,VfVV,V. , V ,,,f'VV,5 , ' ' QM V'hk , V Qi VVVV, ,'k, , l"', V 3 ' ,V ' ,pf '- Q7ffii5Q 'V "LL' 'LLV' ' . ' if J tyrs ' at .,VV V ,V VVA, , . V, , V r f , I i rinr it w ,r 1 .9 f, ' f -1.1 "' '.', fwi ' .. ' , ,, ' ' ff " 19 . f ,W ,. - ,, , . , ,'A' ,, -,,',' "-, , gg, H , Jrlyr 4 ' 7 - f .f rvamf ref Wfvivw evans ' " - ',., 1 -- at ' I J. 'f ,", V I , J '5 f , 7' , j,, V 'j V f V ,,,, - "VM . ye ,V , . V V H . ' Vy. Q 1 K ' -, . ,, VV,V VV 1 iV i I I - -"' ' , y rv 7' t DOWNSTAIRS IS WHERE these Choristers are headed. In the left row, from top to bottom, are Ken Dean, Dick Snyder, John Martin, Richard Palmer, Margie Emery, Betty Pierce, Gail Johnson, Donna Cornelius, Barb Johnson, Princess Imbargo, Gail McDonald, Beverly Button, Elsa Gordillo, and Sue Elliot. In the right row are Jeff Nowland, Jim Geary, Pete Mack, James Schoyen, Colleen Cook, Carol Cornelius, Judy Dolliver, Mary O'Brien, Sherrie Parish, Suzanne Crawford, Barb Miller, Sara Dew, Dot Houlihan. Jean White. Advanced Mixed Chorus Sings for Students Is the Largest Choral Group VOICES RING at the three assemblies during the year when the Advanced Mixed Chorus sings for the entire student body. These assemblies occur at Thanksgiving, Christmas and during the Easter season. The Advanced Mixed Chorus practices at least five hours each week. The members, chosen by audition, are the largest choral group on the campus. Th. I . . - OFFICERS ARE Pete Jensen, presidentg Dave Oslin, vice-presi- ls clorus helps ralse money for then. ex dent, Jean White, recording secretaryg Carol Cornelius, corres- penses and trips by Selling Candy and having pondmg secretary, Princess Imbrogno, treasurerg and Sara Dew, I l librarian, bake sales at various times during the year. The Chorus Members WHIRRING THROUGH the minds of these Chorus stu- dents are notes from the music they're learning. Some oi them are studying sheet music while others study the board. GATHERED AROUND the piano before an afternoon practice are the Sunmaids, Lauderdale High's quartet. They are Kitty Mason, Gayle Tompkins, Phoebe Bowne, and Mary Spain. Help Pay Their Expenses THANKSGIVING CAME and with it came the annual 'Thanksgiving Assembly at which the Choristers sing each year. They are pictured above with their director, Miss Chung. The Members Practice Regularly HAPPY FACES, crisp uniforms, and good singing, all went into making this year's choruses. These in- cluded the Advanced Mixed Chorus, Fort Lauderdale High School Choristers, and the Girls' A Cappella Chorus. There were also a girls' quartet called the Sunmaids and a boys' quartet called the Sunstrokes. Both, the Advanced Mixed Chorus and the Girls, A Cappella Chorus, competed in the state and district contests. The advanced Mixed Chorus earned Hsupe- rior" ratings last year at both of these. Members of all the choruses raise money to help pay for their expenses and trips. They do this by having bake sales and by selling candy. Regular practicing is required of all members. The members of each chorus have been carefully selected and must be willing to work. W1 L vicfory 1 shown Joyb? Casoria, Aanes and Susie TM Rablen. Season to Season Flying Lis, Tops TOUCHDOWNI Home runl Hole in one! The sports activities of our school are the highlights of the year. Lauderdale athletes are the representa- tives of school and city to southern Florida. Top quality in sports and sportsmanship is the trade- mark of Ft. Lauderdale High School. The citizens of Fort Lauderdale support wholeheartedly the Various teams and events in which our school is involved throughout the year. Young men and women playing fairly and doing their best for their school are respected not only by their classmates, but by the entire city. 'tGOSHl If he had only . . ." runs through .lim Wettengel's Coach Green's, Ray Millerls and Mike Tuft's minds. Sports HIT WAS A TERRIFIC CAME! Congratulations!" Vicki Todd assures Flying L football player, ,lay Yurchok as he comes off the field after the climax of another victory for LHS. Not only the players, coaches, or cheerleaders worked for this victory, but the whole student body was behind them all the way, as in everything that Lauderdale attempts. 4- 3 Q 'hs 4,5 M Lis Fight for Victory as Season Draws to Close IT'S THE HIALEAH GAME: the air is filled with sus- pense as one Flying L is finally overtaken after long and exciting run. L's Regain Optimist Trophy After PLAYING FOR THE FIRST TIME at Lockhart Stadium was this yearas Flying L's. Duke Malthy coached this hard fighting team for the second year. The Flying L,s started off the football season in poor style. In their first scrimmage they battled the Central Catholic Raiders, their cross-town rival. The score was 0-6 with Central Catholic scoring their lonely touchdown in the first half. McArthur was the next team on the Flying L's schedule. The Flying L's did not score but held their opponents to a single touchdown. Bad luck hit the Flying L's in their game against North Miami. They suffered a defeat with a final score of 0-14. ln the hard-fought game against Hialeah the score was tied with neither team reaching the goal or scoring. Miami Jackson served the Lis worst defeat they TWO FLYING L's meet with a West Palm Beach Wildcat in a muddy battle for the ball as teammates rush to their aid. Downing South Broward I4-7 had yet had. The score was O-14. In their sixth game the Flying Lis scored at last. They plowed their way to two touchdowns and then lost with a score of I2-33. uDrag those Dragonsi' was the cry that issued from the stands at their next game. It was close with the score I8-19, the Lis losing hy one point. Coral Gables was next in line. The L's were again defeated with a score of 6-27. Miami Norland was the first team to fall he- neath the Lis spikes. This game was a great victory with a score of 51-O. The Optimist trophy was regained at the South Broward game, when the Lis won with a score of 14--7. Some of the outstanding players were Ted John- son, the captain, Bill Quinn, most valuable player, and Hal Fugate was all-county. Www SLIPPINC PAST a stumbling Stranahan dragon, the Flying L's Bob Perrigo sprints down the field picking up a first down for the L's. Bob Berryhill Hal Fugate Roger Wise Al Kubala J ay Yurchuck Tim Winningham VARSITY COACHES Duke Maltby, Bob Beale, Jerry Sauve, and Bob Schmelz discuss offensive strategy for the coming game. f ,f4u 4,. A , t o T eiifi B , I ,,f,. . I ,I C I,, .5 ,.-, if 17052321 I f , in f f ' F, Z ,f 'z ,gf ,,..i giyoy' r" .ifff o, ' of IN-IURED L Dick Wilcox C0I1S1'afl11HteS the team after HALFBACKS Jerry Stewart and Dick Kirk listen eagerly their first win of the 1959-60 season over Miami Norland, 35 5161-nfaced Cgach Maltby gives them last minute in. 51-0. structions. WHILE KEEPING a watchful eye on a closing in Centralfiatholic Raider, halfback Dick Kirk manages to elude still another would-be assailant by mere inches. Qj K. Wg, 1 1- CIA 49' 'iff 'k 12 4,9 f , A2 11 b5 Q S072 ' M Y I , 0 Q as " sr ' 9' 1 K E o ,f i P T we W' 1 Q A .Y K. 'ARIDING HIGH!" is Coach Maltby, seated on the shoulders of gridders Ron Hartnett and George Leatherbarrow, after directing the team on to romp the South Broward Bulldogs 14-0 and regain the Hollywood Optimist Trophy. ATTENDING TO THE football uniforms and equipment, for the 1959-60 season, are from left to right, managers Ron Francis, Stan Kubala, Bill America, and Jim Bahl. ,ci 'Q It Q "LETS GO, you guys!" yells Ron Hartnett, spurring the team on, as tension mounts in the Stranahan game. The L's were edged out 6-0 for their first loss to the Dragons. Don Sutton Howie Di Blasi Dick Wolfe Bob Perrigo .lim Irby Russ Fraser uinn and Johnson WITH A MIGHTY thrust our Flying L makes the first downg much to the dismay of the Hialeah players. Who was best, we'll never know, the score remained 0 to O. THE FOOTBALL awards were a thrilling climax to the 59-60 football season. Coach Duke Maltby presented the Most Valuable Player trophy to Bill Quinn as quarterback Captain Ted Johnson looked on. Awarded Honors FAITHFUL NUMBER '439," Bob Berryhill, sprinted the length of the field for a touchdown that led to a hard fought victory for the L's in the Miami Norland game. L's -..,,,,. . ,.... 26 I 1 l FIRST ROW, left to right: Bill Ziess, Bob McCarty, Craig Stone, Charles McNeilly, Rickey Grossu, .lim Perrigo, Marshall Stonger, Bobby Halliday. SECOND ROW: Harvey Tallman, Pat Moore, Jack Mahood, Ray Langston, Paul Tocci, Mide Skoglund, Bill Fackler. THIRD ROW: John Meehan, Earl Collier, Clark Murry, Jerry Platt, Art Croxton, Jim Thompson, Jim Updegraff, Barry Gauch. FOURTH ROW: Bill Bittner, Brason Willis, Ken Walker, Ken Forsgren, Bill Edwards, Doug Speaker, Happy Davis. FIFTH ROW: Bill Adler, Mgr., Frank Abodesso, Herb Emmons, Steve Jones, Bob Clenin, Bill Brighurst. ,I.V. Brightens Flying L's Football Future u NO POSING for this shot as Happy Davis receives the 6'Most Valuable Player" award from Coach Dyess, the Junior Varsity coach. 1959 RESULTS OF THE JV FOOTBALL TEAM L's ....... ........ 2 O Pompano Beach .,,...,.r,,. 13 L's ,,,,.., .....,.. 3 8 Miami Norlancl .,,,,rrr...... 0 L's .,,..,. ........ 1 3 West Palm Beach ........ 14 Lis ......., .... 6 Hialeah ............ .,... 1 4 Lis .....,., .,..... 2 6 Central Catholic ....,,...,.... O L's ........ ....... 1 41 Stranahan .r,..... ..... 1 4 L's .,...... ..... 1 4 South Broward ..,.. ..,... 6 Coral Gables ...... ....... 2 7 'H UNDER THE QAPABLE leadership of Coach Harold THE CROWD RAISED the roof after winning a battling game Hayes, the Flying L basketball team really worked against Edison. to w1n. Flying L's Flew THE '59-'60 FLYING L basketball team was a squad studded with top scores and smooth defensive maneuvers. Under the influence of high point man, Stan Wood, the team, coached by Hal Hayes, opened the season with a 72-69 victory over McArthur. Lauderdale captured the McArthur Holiday Invitational Tournament when our team of pre- cisioned hoopsters topped the Norland Vikings and Pompano Beach to snare the champion's crown. The string of victories stretched on-and- on as West Palm bowed to Lauderdale, 71-65 and was followed on the list of defeats by Miami Edison 73-70 and Miami Norland 69-39. Pompano's Golden Tornadoes snapped back, though, to squeeze out a victory against the Las with a final score of 73-71. The Mustangs and West Palm Beach were next to fall to the Flying Lis with final scores of 72-69 and 81-65. The games followed and scores mounted up and the season ended with a satisfactory victory against Stranahan 71-68 in the semi-finals of the district tournaments. Three of our outstanding players, Stan Wood, Leo Burkey, and Rex Petro, were proud to ac- cept the honor of being selected for the all- star team. Through the Season 'AWAY TO MOVE.,' yelled someone in the breathless crowd as Rex Petro made a quick reverse in midair during the South Broward game. SCHEDULE L'5 Opp. score 56 Central Catholic ,CCC,A C,,.....,..... 5 2 73 Miami Edison .,.,C ..V-C.. 7 0 63 South Broward ....., ,aa.fa- 6 2 69 Miami Norland A...., -4-,, . - 39 71 Pompano Beach aa,.. aaaAA-- 7 3 72 McArthur ..,.......,t,... af----- 6 9 71 West Palm Beach ...,.c,,. Vfffwf V 6 65 76 Stranahan c.,..,.cVcc.. -A----- 9 2 67 North Miami ....V .74A---- 7 6 69 McArthur .c,.,....,,,.... -ffAA,. 5 5 75 West Palm Beach ...,. ...---- 6 44 84- Miami Norland ...... --,---- 7 3 44 Stranahan ...ccccc,... Vaa-- 4 9 71 North Miami .,ccc... .-.-- 9 1 65 Miami Edison ccci.. -aaaAaf - 73 63 Coral Gables ,i.... .. .----.Y- 69 6111 South Broward .....ccc .-----va 6 3 IN A CONFUSED SCRAMBLE our star Larry sim, re- 70 Central Catholic """' 61 trieves the ball. 77 Pompano Beach MAAA- ----,--,- 8 2 FIRST ROW, left to right: Rex Petro, Bill Millikan, Ed Tompson, Zeke Nealey, Larry Denison, Keith Allen. SECOND ROW. left to right: Steve Lee, lnanagerg Leo Burkey, Stan Wood, Larry Starr, Dick Wolfe, Jim Wrains, Joe Van Voast, Don Zimmer, manager. 12.713 Stan Wood Leo Burkey .lim Wrains Keith Allen Lette1'111e11 of the FLYING L's Burkey and Starr wrestle against Mustan jump ball. 44 Larry Starr Rex Pen-0 Zeke Nealey Bill Millikan Larry Dennison 9 60 Basketball Team g for AWED FACES relate tense action in the Lauderdale'Stran- ahan game. '60 Junior Varsity Basketball Team Was Tops THE JUNIOR VARSITY went far under the coaching of Coach Greene. Victorious Junior Varsity Team THE JUNIOR VARSITY opened the season with a victorious applause. They fought long and hard to uphold the famous title, Fort Lauderdale Flying L basketball team. With Greg Vanderveer the top scorer, the Junior Varsity won twelve out of nine- teen well played games. With luck, not to exclude determination and Flying L spirit, the J .V. team end- ed the season in glory. '4Tbe boys that have the best chance of making Varsity next year are Greg Vanderveer, Mike Tufts, Paul Tocci, and Ray Miller," stated Coach Skip Greene. BRANSON WILLIS is performing the usual Junior Varsity feat of capturing the ball for the L's. TOP ROW, left to right: Ernest Wale, Greg'Vanderveer, .loe Camery, Mike Tufts, Jack Mahood, Ray Miller, Jim Updegraff, John MacNamara, Jim Wettengel. BOTTOM ROW, left to right: Bill Davis, Bob McFall, Clark Blake, Paul Tocci, Jack Myers, Doug Speaker, Bob Lewis, Paul Baker, BOTTOM: Steve Lee, manager. gg - - .21 vu v 1 -1, ll -Q -Q. -uv-fs... 11 .1 1- .-- v- 11 -, ,-4, ,.- ru. Coach John Sullivan, David Oslin, Joe Pesek, Pete Mack, Don Sullivan, John Curtin, ,lim Brindell. 1959 Golf Team uTee'd,7 Off Great Rivals FEB. Stranahan 13 Placed 1 1th in Conference Southwest 13 FEB. FEB. FEB. MAR. 12 MAR. 26 APR. APR. 10 Lauderdale 0 Central Catholic 8 Lauderdale 3 Lauderdale 2 Seacrest 1 South Broward 347 Lauderdale 386 Pine Crest 285 Lauderdale 304 Pine Crest 10 Lauderdale 1 Stranahan 318 South Broward 341 Lauderdale 380 Gold Coast Conf. Tournament 11th THE 1959 GOLF TEAM completed their sea- son defeating Stranahan and South Broward in a medal contest at which the total scores were com- piled. ln another match meet they defeated an- other great rival-Pine Crest. The team, with a total of nine members this year, practices at the Sunrise Country Club on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons and at Lauderdale Country Club on Tuesday and Thurs- day afternoons. The all-boy team competes in two different types of play each year. In match play the scores are recorded by the hole whereas in medal play the total scores are compiled. The returning lettermen: David Oslin, Don Sulli- van and Joe Pesek, join old members Tony Porko and John Curtin in addition to four new mem- bers plus Coach ,lohn L. Sullivan in an opti- mistic outlook for their 1960 season. BREATHLESSLY, Sandi Forman finishes the first leg of a medley relay, doing backstrokeg while Diane Dunn and Sue Healey encourage Bunny Emst, leaving the wall. FIGHTING for the finish, Jeri Bittner and Sandi Forman complete the breaststroke of an individual medley in friendly competition during daily aftemoon work-outs. Flying L Tankers Plunge Forcefully FIRST ROW, left to right: Bunny Ernst, Sue Healey, Charity Hunt, Peg Laubheimer, Jeri Bittner, Diane Dunn. SECOND ROW, left to right: Pat Moorehouse, Louise Stevens, Judy Whalen, Greta Englund, Linda Golomis, Sue Kremers, Kathy Knowles, Michele Hand. THIRD ROW, left to right: Coach Mrs.. Lihan, Pat Zimmerman, Barb Henderson, Valerie Silva, Pat Knowles, Alice Osinga, DeeDee Mathes, Sandi Forman, Marty Tomblin. lg 'V' V .. X B, - "ALL'S WELL THAT ENDS WELL" are Mrs. Barringer's final words to Barb Henderson and Michele Hand as they complete their last laps of workout. Into 1960 Season Seven Lettermen Return WITH AN ABUNDANT SUPPLY of juniors and sophomores, our returning lettermen: Bunny Ernst, Diane Dunn, Jeri Bittner, Sue Healey, Sherri Wat- ters, Peg Laubheimer and Charity Hunt, and Coach Joyce Lihan are looking forward to a successful 1959-1960 season. The team began conditioning on land, working on apparatus and exercising. November 9 found them at Sunrise Pool, swimming a two-mile work- out from 3:00 until 5:30 every afternoon. Three outstanding victories began last yearis season, which finished with a total of five wins and six losses. With a third place finish in Cold Coast, County and District meets, the Lis took 11 girls to the state meet in Saint Petersburg where they placed seventh. Record-breaking victories were shared by Bunny Ernst and Diane Dunn in the Gold Coast meet. At the state meet Bunny set a new record in a photo- finish 100-yard butterfly race against an all-time rival. Sue Healey, Captain Diane Dunn Jeri Bittner Bunny Ernst Peg Laubheimer Charity Hunt Coach Lihan Sherri Watters, Manager Lis 65 Southwest .....t 56 Stranahan .t.... 64 Seacrest .,..,.,,..... 32 Coral Gables ,...... 58 McArthur ............. 47 Miami Jackson 61 Lake Worth ..,.... 43 S. Broward ....... 39 N. Miami ,,....... 38 Palm Beach ...... 45 Pompano ..... third-County third-Gold Coast Conf. third-District seventh-State 69' Opp. 30 1 39 21 63 48 25 52 56 48 50 Captain Denny Cahagen Bob Browne Rush Burkhardt Phil Christ Coach Carlisle Woody Maxwell Jud Mason Jim Harrison Fred Henderson Rick Inglis -TCITY Knight Steve Day The Mighty Tankers "TAKE YOUR MARKS, Go!" are the familiar words heard by Rush Burkhardt ill and Steve Day at daily afternoon workout. Break All Previous L's 1959 Season a Big Success FULL OF TREMENDOUS POTENTIAL Flying L tankers began their 1959 season, not with a splash, but with daily workouts on Stranahan field. Diligent practice and strong desire enabled the team, con- sisting of seventeen members, to place third both in the county meet and the Gold Coast Conference. Under the guidance of Coach Richard Fetters, the team, beginning in November, worked out from 7:15 to 9:00 in the morning and from 4-:30 to 6:00 in the afternoon at the Casino Pool. Practice payed off as the L's broke all previous records when they defeated their biggest rivals of the entire season, Stranahan. As another successful season came to a close, the returning tankers for the 1959 season looked for- ward. The returning lettermen are: Rush Burkhardt, Phil Christ, Denny Gahagen, Bob Browne, Woody Maxwell-Juniors, Steve Day, Jud Mason, Rick Inglis, Fred Henderson, ,lim Harrison and Jerry Knight. L's Opp. 55 Southwest ...A. ,.,.,, 4 0 76 Stranahan ..,, .,, .. 1 9 62 Seacrest ..e....,.,e ,A,,,,, 1 5 24 Coral Cables .,,,.. ,,77,, 7 1 57 McArthur ...,..,,.MAe .....,. 2 2 13 Miami Jackson .,7,, .,,,.. 8 2 68 Lake Worth 17e,1v ...... 1 8 34 Soth Broward ..,,.., ....,.. 6 1 42 N. Miami .e,e rr.., .,,,.. 5 3 50 Palm Beach ,,,.,.. ...... 2 7 52 Pompano ...,,c .,.... 4 3 second-County third-Gold Coast f i fth-District eighth-State , -1 .gl W K I K W in .,, 'K .,.Nk. K . f f ' -nww-vw't ' . ' Kf,2.,5,,-2 K .Mk K H by ,M Wk ., ,W',gy,.. K QM A. KI -'N . . ,NM .,,M3aggs3f t A , . K . P ny- v Witktta.. ,f , rr., - i fi' -- tw sim" ' T1 ,J1:: gm '--' ,ALL BIRD? PLANE? No! Just Flying L diver Woody Max- well, elected 1960 Boy's Team captain. Records in Stranaliail Meet, 76 to 19 FIRST ROW, left to right: George Mason, Steve Day, Fred Henderson, Fritzie Ernst, Mike Moore, Torn Hancock, Jim Harrison. SECOND ROW, left to right: Phil Christ, Jerry Knight, Bruce Kohl, Lee Kingsmill, Rick Inglis, Bob Betz, Rick Forum. THIRD ROW, left to right: Jim Greene, Pete Steffus, Joe Bullock, John Magnes, Lees Schaedel, Woody ,Maxwell FOURTH ROW, left to right: Coach Terry Carlisle, Norman Stevens, Charlie King, Denny Gahagen, Rush Burkhardt, Gerry Harland. i 1 L.-ni' 51 FIRST ROW, left to right: Denny Kerr, Guy Metzger, Howie DiBlasi, Denny Prisk, Ken Krassey, Bill Quinn. SECOND ROW, left to right: J. Schoyen, Price McIntosh, .Ioel Rogers, Gary Bloom, Jeff Little. THIRD ROW, left to right: Mgr. Glenn Schmidt, George Leatherbarrow, Ed Thurston, J. Schoyen, Mgr. Dave Shaff. Flying L Cross-Country Team Ends JET-PROPELLED Howie DiBlasi flies over last of hur- dles showing the superb form that won him first place in the annual class meet. qw 1 1959 Relay Sets New Record THE FLYING L Cross Country Track team com- pleted their 1960 season with seven Wins, an un- defeated slate. They received top honors by winning both the Gold Coast Conference meet and the Mi- ami Invitational meet. At the state meet they ranked in third place. The 1958-1959 team also enjoyed several out- standing performances. Their 880-relay composed of George Moraitis, Howie DiBlasi, Gary Bloom and Dennis Prisk broke the school record running the distance in a 1:31.1. Jeff Little also shattered a record in the Miami Invitational meet, jumping six feet and four inches in the air. The team placed second in the county meetg fourth in the group meet and sixth in the state meet. Workouts are held daily every afternoon during last hour physical education period. Opp. 52 Miami Jackson .....,, 63 Southwest ..,.,,-.........,,,, 57 Miami High Relays ....... 72 U of Miami Relays .,,.. 411 Stranahan Dual ...... 50 Coral Gables lnvit. Gold Coast Conference .--.,,-..-. w,,,,, 86 South Broward lnvit. L's 64 -mi 42 54 82 third place County ..................... .. second Group ..... ...... f ourth State ..... sixth MILERS J. Schoyen, D.AKerr and G. Metzger complete final laps in afternoon practice. Undefeated Season With 7 Wins Coach Ty Smith Howie DiBlasi Dennis Prisk Ken Krassey Bill Quinn Guy Metzger Jeff Little Gary Bloom Joel Rogers 1960 Flying L Diamond Men Have Team ,, 1 1 , L,f I , , '58 2, si, L ,6 Lf L FIRST ROW, left to right: Tom Scott, Bill Jarrell, Ron Hartnett, Doug Cook, Bob Perrigo. SECOND ROW, left to right: Clark Blake, Mike West, Happy Davis, Phil Pickett, Jerry Plat, Bill Blomgren. THIRD ROW, left to right: Ed Kerlin. Lonnie Parrish, Dave Jackson, Don Colquitt, Bill Bittner, Bruce Kuhl, manager, Coach Paul Davis. BASEBALL SCHEDULE A or FT. LAUDERDALE HIGH SCHOOL '60 . U75 March Stranahan Home we March MacArthur Home we March Broward Home +399 March West Palm Beach Home 'Y' April Stranahan Away 794 April Horland Home tif Apfll Pompano Away iii APf1l Central Catholic . Home if Apffl MacArthur Away if April Broward Away if APFQI North Miami Away P APUI West Palm Beach Away April Morland Away ii May North Miami Home May N. Miami Away i May Pompano Home Home ,C Y A May C. Catholic Away 'GHIT AND RUN" player Clark Blake steps up to the it Indicating games that count for the State Tournament plate for batting practice in afternoon games. if Indicating games that count for the Gold Coast Conference Reinforced With 1959 Team Beat School Rivals HARD WORK and tiring practices were rewarded by a nine win, eight loss record in 1959. During their season, the boys defeated Ft. Lauderdale Flying Lis greatest rivals-South Broward and Stranahan. This year's 1960 team spent every afternoon at Holiday Park until dark, in practice for their first game, March 18. Among eighteen members on the 1960 team, seven were returning lettermen: Doug Cook, Ron Hartnett, Bill Jarrell, Bob Perrigo, Dave Johnson, Tom Scott, and Don Colquitt. These boys vied with new members for respective positions: catching, Clark Blake and Bill Bitt- nerg third base, Alan Jones and Ron Hartnett, shortstop, Happy Davis and Jerry Platg first base, Bill J arrell and Jack Myersg second base, Doug Cook and Ed Kerling pitchers Bill Blom- gren, Lonnie Parrish, Mike West, Tom Scott, Phil Pickett and Don Colquittg outfielders, Bob Perrigo, Dave Jackson and Tom LoCasle. Out of eighteen members, eight, being al- most half of the total number were sophomores. Bill Jarrell and Doug Cook were the acting field co-captains and Bill Jarrell was named the official captain by Coach Davis. Eight Sophomores HAH! GOT 'YAI shouts Bob Perrigo as he touches Ron Hartnett at home plate in an afternoon practice game at Holiday Park. f' Q- 1 Doug Cook Bob Perrigo Bill'Jarrell, Capt. Coach Paul Davis Ron Hartnett Tom Scott Dave Jackson Don Colquitt ...,.. is N, s Um K it x Y 'Na -" T.. ucv' ., . VIZ' 1 A f ' -" L 1 r A i . X X' as 1 - John Barker Rita Brown Jerry Pfieffer Pat Oehman "NOW, I'VE GOT to hit it just right," Pat Butterfield Marilyn Floyd J oe Jolly Bill Smith thinks Joe Jolly. Tennis is a great deal of work, but certainly a lot of fun. Tennis Lettermen Prove Their Skill on the Courts FIRST ROW, left to right: Janet Mulcahy, Nancy Sumwalt, Skippy Coles, Linda Sumwalt. SECOND ROW, left to right: Marilyn Floyd, Rita Brown, Pat Oehman, Nan Hoy. 1 y l i , t x .. 53, A 25.37831 - .- 'ffl-' FIRST ROW, left to right: Pat Butterfield, Bill Smith, Jerry Pfeiffer, Joe Jolley. SECOND ROW, left to right: Ernie Harden, Ricky Holton, Jim Gardner, John Barker. ' ' ' SWIFT ACTION returns the ball accurately as Jerry Pfeiffer Wlnnlng Tennls Teams prepares to return the next oncoming one. BOASTING THE best record of all the sports the 1958-59 netmen swept through a 7-win 2-loss record. Led through this successful season by Jerry Pfeiffer, John Adler, and Dick Grim the L's tennis team whizzed through all local teams and captured the Broward County championship for the second consecutive straight year. Due to bad luck they placed third in the Gold Coast tournament only two points behind the winner. At state tournaments in Gainesville the boys placed fourth against twenty-five different schools, which ended a tremendous year. Jim Gardner and John Adler were presented Most Improved Player and Most Valuable Player. The netmaids struggled through a five win and a three loss season under the guidance of Marilyn Floyd and Elaine Bettis. The girls placed third in the Broward County tournament and placed fifth in Gold Coast Conference. Because of last minute replacements the netmaids placed eighth in the state tournament. Returning lettermen for the 1959-60 season are Jerry Pfeiffer, Jim Gardner, Joe Jolley, Amy Sleek, Marilyn Floyd, Sharleen Abel, and Denise Schuller. This season the team hopes for a true Flying L Victory. .Y E ,Q-'Ziff I I 952' Q in WM gl Te N43 lf J,V, CHEERLEADERS are Pay Klement, Nancy Cone, SITTIN' on top of the world, varsity cheerleaders ex- Judy Bass, Janet Thul-IOWV Karen LQRQQL1, PICSS differences of opinion O11 the hOIIlCCOII'1lHg ElCllVl- ties. . 7 . ' ' . Laudei dale, We 16 Flglltlllg f01 You Noel Doepke Susie Rablen Ann Fleming Sandy Aanes .ludy Allen Captain Vicki Todd Sylvia Cross Co-Captain Joyce Casoria Sue Diack Kathy Fairfield ,.,..,s-X LQ 4. "WERE from Lauderdale, couldn't be prouder, if you can't hear u now, we'll yell a little louder" cheer the varsity squad with a hidden SPIRIT-Joe Jolley. '43 Miss Margaret Alston Steadfast, Loyal, Faithful and True HTOUCHDOWNQ Touchdown! Touchdown, Boys," you o - ' ' made the touchdown, Hwe'll make the noise!" cry cheer- Cheerleaders Spirit Remains leaders from a happy huddle' HWFYRE FROM LAUDERDALE, couldnit be prouder. If you can't hear us now, then weill yell a little louderf, These words echo across the cam- pus as another sports season gets underway. Our cheerleaders, standing before a roaring crowd, wear- ing trim blue and white uniforms, eyes sparkling and faces beaming, lead the fans in cheer after cheer for the mighty Flying L,s. The l959-1960 varsity squad leads the student body in its support of the various sports events, keeping up the spirit in victory as well as defeat. They spend long hours of practice under the ca- pable leadership of Miss Margaret Alston, so that every chant, cheer, and song will have that Lauder- dale look of perfection. The Flying L varsity cheerleaders are Seniors: Noel Doepke, Captaing Sandy Aanes, co-captain, Ann Fleming, Joyce Casoriag Vicki Todd, Sylvia Crossg Juniors: Susie Rableng Sue Diackg Judy Al- len, and Kathy Fairfield. The Junior Varsity con- sists of Sophomores: Judy Bass, captain, Pat Kle- mentsg Karen LaRue, Nancy Cone, co-captain, and Janet Thurlow. From Follies to Freedom Shrines THE CLUBS OF a high school, interest clubs, service clubs, honorary clubs, are outlets for the interests and abilities of its students. For those in- terested in music, in drama, in sports, in photog- raphy, in science or a language, there is a group of people with similar talents. Ft. Lauderdale is involved deeply, through its civic groups, with the clubs of Lauderdale High. The various clubs are sponsored by civic groups of a similar type. Lauderdale High's clubs and club members represent the school in the community. "SOME SPACHETTI maybe?" asks Nancy Sumwalt of Harry Marshall at the Anchor Spaghetti Dinner. Charleen Emery, Jeri Bittner watch. lubs xxx "E if lm LAUDERDALE High School is very proud to have the French Club among its 50 clubs. This club goes beyond the usual school activities by supporting an orphanage in France. Here are a few members: Nan Hoy, Donna H l V' t All tti Pe Mitchie, Valerie Hummel, Ljmn Van Arsdale, Bea Carroll, and Corrocci, Bunny as en, incen e , p Pete Zwick. Honor Society Now Bigger and Better Than Ever il 'Q-' - ff, PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY Roger Parks Ken Krassy Susan Straker TREASURER , HISTORIAN SPONSOR "KEEP YOUR FEET FLAT on the floor," says Nancy. Bell Virginia Michie Miss Rickard Jerry Pfeiffer to Denny Kerr while measuring for caps and gowns. FIRST ROW, left to right: Lynne Williams, Sharon Miller, Nan Hoy, ,loanie Critchley, Sandi Forman, Judy Powell, Sylvia Lawrence, Judy Allen, Jean Fair. SECOND ROW: Susie Rablen, Patty Jo Pickrel, Tom Hancock, Paige Estler, Karen McCarthy, Linda McElfresh, Margaret Bennett, Bob Feldman, Jim Harrison, Bunny Ernst, Sue Healey, Susan Bard, Cindy Adamo. THIRD ROW: JoAnn Sager, Ginny Baldwin, Marilyn Dichtenmueller, Sharon Wright, Ron Neufeld, Phil Keating, James Ross Brindell, Warren Williams, Peter Zwick, Price Mclntosh, Joe Sarne, Bonnie Edwards, Martha Ann Meyer, Ginny Douchan, Martha Luce, Pam Farrish. FOURTH ROW: Randolph Mulford, Tom Riles, George Mason, .lim Ahrens, Jay Rogers, Kirk Wickersham, Dick Kirk, Ricky Holton, Jim Gustinella, Rick Inglis, Terry Patton, Ron Hartnett. Pete Anderson, Dave Shaft, Ken Parry, Ralph Rickard, Sandy Christian. l N FIRST ROW, left to right: Janet Herzog, Laura Mullins, Carol Miller, Elsie Marcum, Joyce Volpe, Betsy Garrison, McMillan, Helen Mendel. SECOND ROW: Pat Wright, Leonard Tocci, Jeff Thurlow, Jack Wayne, John Ramsay, Linda Tremblett, Nancy Huff, Pep Miche, Carolyn Evans, Barbara Pritchard, Denise Schuller, Carolyn Willis, Sharon Tammy Townsend, Ann Kirk, Bill Jarrell, Susan Straker, Lorna Hummel, Ann Porter, Lila Vostitek, Bonnie Hauch, Bill Hebert. THIRD ROW: John Barker, Lesley Carpenter, Betsy Sheard, Nancy Sumwalt, Bob Browne, Jerry Pfeiffer, Bob Loftis, Dick Wolfe, Roger Parks, Sandy Lewton, Bill Coldbergh, Jenni Holtstein, Guy Metzger, Ann Ursini, Cathy Pierce. Impressive Initiation Begins Thrilling Year for New Members THE ROOM WAS SILENTQ Four candles were lit and four words were repeated. Leadership, Schol- arship, Service, Character. Seventy juniors and sen- iors watched and listened breathlessly. Parents looked on with pride as the initiation ceremony of the National Honor Society was carried out. Honor Society projects included the tutoring of fellow students. This service is extremely valuable to the student body. Members measure seniors for caps and gowns. Each year, they award a scholar- ship. National Honor Society is the greatest scholastic achievement available to high school students. Mem- bership is much sought after. The standards of Honor Society are that you must maintain a 3.2 average for at least two semesters before you are considered for membership. We are happy to say our Honor Society con- tains the highest membership in Lauderdale I'Iigh's history. There are some I-10 members. This means one out of every thirteen students or SCR of our student body belong to this outstanding society. We surely hope our school may continue expand- ing its membership and be outstanding in top scholastic achievements. gig, Future Homemakers Highlight 5 MODELING, THE DRESSES they made, at the Future Homemal-:er's Fashion Show are Mary Westberry, left, and Pat Hall, right. PRESIDENT Pat Hall VICE-PRESIDEN T Mary Westberry' SECRETARY Ruth Keyes TREASURER Kitty Mason Aff' HISTORIAN Gayle Tompkins PARLIAMENTARIAN Gail Davis COUNTY COUNCIL MEMBER Sally Ackerman SPONSOR Miss Holmes Hzr' fa ., fi Year With Their F.H.A.7ers Are Always Busy "OH CEE, all these outfits are so beauti- ful I don't know which to choosef' were the Words of the judges who had to choose the winners of F.H.A.,s annual fashion show. The purpose of F.H.A. is to prepare the members for their future duties of cook- ing, cleaning, and understanding the care of an American home. Along with this the girls have many projects which they must accomplish. Bake and candy sales are worked in between the times when they aren,t working on their Thanksgiving bas- ket, Homecoming float, and planning for their district meeting. F.H.A. also is a big promoter of Civil Service Work, giv- ing a helping hand in many community programs. A funfilled time is had by all during their field trip to the University of Miami when all the girls visit the campus' huge home economics building. We can see from their many activities the members of F.H.A. will be greatly exper- ienced and will make better homemakers for our future generations. ,, wr A ,O if 2 F 5 U 'ffiilfi , Viv 4 v-....,,,, ,, HAVING A POSTER PARTY at Mary Westherry's house, the girls work on posters advertising their free modeling course. HGOOD-BYEH wave the girls from Future Homemakers as they get ready to visit University of Miami's economics Annual Fashion Show department. FIRST ROW, left to right: Bonnie White, Gini Foote, Kaaran Leeson, Jodie Surmiak, May Westberry, Sally Ackerman, Cheryl Palladino, Marilyn Merrick. SECOND ROW, left to right: Gayle Tompkins, Pat Hall, Linda Ashe, Ruth Keyes, Arlene Leonard, Kitty Mason, Lynn Van Arsdall, Judy Dolliver, Gail Davis. Members of the Future Nurses Club Practice Ki" 4-""f"" ffl 'Z ,A gg- vv -1 X PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT REC. SECRETARY Judy Jared Karen Krpata Diane Clemes CORR. SECRETARY TREASURER SPONSOR Donna Cecconi Linda Reed Mrs. Wilkins Speakers Highlight Meetings OUR FUTURE NURSES sometime will surely perform many of the services done today by registered nurses in our hos- pitals. Now they are taking steps toward that end by hearing guest speakers, giving aid to the Easter Seal Clinic, and helping at various hospitals in the area. Guided by their sponsor Mrs. Wil- kins and the 1960 officers, the club has shown great promise of a bigger and better future for its graduates. The large membership has made the club especially successful this year. The purpose of all career clubs is to inform their members as to what their future job will entail. Future Nurses club has certainly done an admirable task in this. is . . Aj" A L E:-V i lg K . .. l lx Jane Alland, Beverly Button, Judy Canavan, Lesley Carpenter, Sandy Carrol, Colleen Cook, Anita Cox, Barbara Crossman Jane Dages, Sharon Dixon, Lenore Elferdink, Georgette Francfort, Jeannette Francfort, Linda Golamisg Nancy Greig Lynn Hodges, Nita Howard, Joyce Joy, Keis Lord, Martha Luce, Gail McDonald. Duties in Hospitals and at the Easter Seal Clinic 0 WN? AT THEIR JOB, Ulrich are anxious , 6.7 ,-v Y. Carol Miller, Virginia Morris, Linda Reitanino, Ruthanne Riggs, Linda Shovelton, Judi Smith, Cathy Selevekos, Chris Thixtong Mary Thompson, Linda Trernblet, Bonnie Ulrich, Virginia White. Future Nurses Nancy Greig, Barbara Slipsnot, Linda Reed, ,ludy Jackson, Linda Shovelton, and Bonnie ly awaiting their turn to help the children at the hospital. YOUNG FUTURE NURSES, Bonnie Ulrich, Karen Krpata, and Georgette Francfort, happily go about practicing little yet important duties. v .1- -I 1 l FRONT ROW, left to right: Judy Spooner, Joan Heddleston, Gail Stone, Karen Martin, Pam L'Hommedieu, Cindy Kent, Ann Ursini, Micki Barrett, Lounette Mock, and Barbara Pritchard. BACK ROW, left to right: Sandee Gall, Cynthia Sobeck, Eric Miller, Linda Adkins, Karin Shoemaker, Greta Englund, Charity Hunt, Claudette Wilson, Arlene Leonard, Sandy Lewton, Larry Molyneux, and Lynne Reilly. F.T.A.'ers Raise Money for Scholarship Fund F.T.A.'ers Plan for Career HI KNOW I'll be an easy teacher and I won't give any homework over the week- endsf' might very well be the words of one of our Future Teachers members. Along with teaching the Future Teachers have several bake sales and a rummage sale from which the proceeds go toward a scholarship for some deserving student. The main purpose of the club of course is preparing the members for the future occupation of teaching. They often have guest speakers come talk about the advan- tages and disadvantages of this profession and help cultivate the students ways of thinking so they may develop leadership PRESIDENT YICEEIEEEIDENT ?E53Rg3TARY and teaching abilities. With this back- Karin Shoemaker 0311 6 9St0I1 U Y POOHCI' TREASURER PARLIAMENTARIAN SPONSOR ground the members of F.T.A. have a good Cindy Kem Karen Martin Mrs. DeMay0 start on the profession. French Clubbers Care for Orphans in France Vive France! Vive France! fl PARLEZ VOUS FRANCAIS?" ii - . 'EDO ' you speak French?" Of course you do if you belong to the French club. Better f ' known as "Bonne-Volontef, or uGood , Will," the French club plans their year and projects to raise money for their orphanage in France. Many bake sales are worked in while the members plan the large Christmas party, After Christmas the splendor of'a Mardi Gras arrives for this busy organization. Splashy costumes are worn to school and a merry time is had by all. A spectacular rummage sale is held before Christmas to provide funds and presents for their orphanage. Of course we must not miss the purpose of this Club. TO make and develop friendly OFFICERS KNEELING, left to right: Nan Hoy, presidentg Lynn Van Arsdall, vice-presidentg Nancy Irish, secretaryg Bunny Haslam, . treasurerg STANDING: Jeff Fair, parliamentariang Kay Knopf, chap- understand their ways and customs. lain, Steve Wollam, parliamentarian. relationship among French people and FIRST ROW, left to right: Bobbi Loos, Susie Rablen, Cathy Pierce, Georgia Slupe, Dot lfgulihan, Pep Michie, Arlene Hayes, Margaret Bennett, Bea Carroll, Kathie ZurBurg, Joyce Volpe, Susan Bard, Gale Nelson, Helen Mendel. SECOND ROW, left to right: Alen Spinger, Michele Kuhlmann, Linda Tremblett, Nita Bartz, Lynn Van Ausdall, Sandy Gall, Vincent Aletti, Tammy Townsend, Kay Knopf, Laura Mullins, Olimoia Rodrigues, Carolyn McCormack. THIRD ROW, left to right: Jeff Fair, Susan Straker, Steve Wollam, Valerie Hummel, Tom Riles, Dan Warner, Peter Zwick, Dana Kott, Ted Maynard, .loe Geoffrey, Martha Meyer, Linda Kallaher, Denny Lake, Dale Bielek, Carole Harberson. 1 1 ..l Members of Latin Club Tour Historic Vizcaya, Latin Language Still Lives Today iii TO BECOME BETTER acquainted with the an- cient Roman language, customs, and traditions, and also gain a thorough knowledge of the practi- cal and cultural value of Latin are the main ob- jectives of the HLaeti Romani" club, guided by Miss Sears. Much appreciation is given to the Latin Club for their bake sales, and their participations in the Homecoming Floats and the Thanksgiving basket. As an annual activity of the club all of the mem- S bers make box lunches, bring rolls of film for in their cameras, and prepare themselves for a fabu- lly lous day at Vizcaya, a museum containing Roman and Greek culture located in Miami. At the end of each year the club holds a party, at which all the members dress in the original Ro- AT A LATIN CLUB MEETING, some members don Roman man attire and participate in the gala activitles of costumes to put on an amusing play. ancient Rome- FIRST ROW, left to right: Nancy Greig, Mary Ann Sarne, Susan Stites, Paula Reed, Sandra Carroll, .Iudy Bass, Sandy La Grand, Lee Ann Pointer, Loretta Bourque. SECOND ROW: Linda Reed, Sherry Reilly, Elsie Marcum, Ginny Baldwin, Joyce Vossler, David Mantwill, Carolyn Smith, Brenda Leech, Linda Mclilfresh, Pat Klement, Patty Jo Pickrel. THIRD ROW: Lila Vostitak, Jo Ann Sager, Grant Clark, Lorna Hummel, Susan Straker, Dave Shaff, Lloyd Straits, Linda Jones, Karin Shoemaker, Suellyn Rupchock, Betty King, Connie Coyne, Pat Wriglit, l 1 Museum of Classic Roman and Creek Culture FIRST ROW, left to right: Judy Jackson, Connie Sasadu, Janet Thurlow, Sally Kerr, Kathy Farrington, Cathy Solovikos, Peggy Selby, Annica Millsaps, Bonnie Hall. SECOND ROW: Pat Finnerty, Judy Powell, Cindy Adamo, Maria Cecil, Kathy Brolon, Karen Winters, Joe Pesek, Mike Self, Rita Brown, Pam L'Hornrnedieu, Randy Norton. THIRD ROW: Pam Farrish, Joe Sasadu, Bill Wilson, John Curtin, Pete Mack, DeHaven Flemming, Dick Beatty, Ann Kirk. THEY CAME FROM OUTER ROME. These inspir- ing Saks Fifth Avenue creations are modeled by serene Roman maidens at the Latin Club Party. Margaret Bennett, secretaryg Anne Kirk, presidentg Linda Reed vice-presidentg and Patty Pickerel, treasurer. THE OFFICERS, left to right, are: Karen Winters, reporter, Spanish Club ls Praised for Promoting a Better PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER Deena Tanton Gwen Rea Nancy Sumwalt Linda Kallaher REPORTER PROGRAM CHAIRMAN PARLIAMENTARIAN SPONSOR Nancy Huff Ron Newfeld Ralph Richard Mr. Pharr FIRST ROW, left to right: Angela Santangelo, Judy Spooner, Joan Hedleston, Karin Martin, Sally Miller, Jeanne Cleary, Georgia Slupe, Barbara Pritchard, Nancy Cone, Betty Goggans, Jan Parks, Nancy Huff, Pat Johns, Sue Elliott. SEC- OND ROW: Lee Ann Pointer, Sharon McMillan, Joanne Keaton, Kay Burch, Linda Little, Paula Fraizir, Carol Bloch, Kaaran Leeson, Brenda Stanley, Pat Nickols, Suzie Guthrie, Domilie Greene, Vicki Reed. THIRD ROW: Sue Heath, Patty Pickrel, Linda Reed, Nancy Jarrell, Deena Tanton, John, Neuharth, Ralph Rickard, Linda Kallaher, Bobhe Stevens, John Friese, Pat Coss, Sharon Weir. Understanding o Neighbors South of the Border FIRST ROW, left to right: Penny Faron, Judy Dolliver, Leilani Avon, Sherrie Parish, Barbara Stierwalt, Joan Vrana, Cynthia Sobeck, Joyce Polsac, Lynne Reilly, Nancy Fetzer, Carmen Russell, Daryl Stimpson, Judy Cooper, Carol Worthley, Barbara Seward, Bunny Hajduk. SECOND ROW: Sandy Jennin, Janet Breen, Karen Di Vico, Lynne Karsten, Marie Luce, Carol Cornelius, Collen Cook, Lorna Hummel, Diana Mangold, Dawn Alfred, Penny Trahan, Marilyn Jones, Mary Pomery, Sue Combs. THIRD ROW: Betsy Sheard, Charleen Emery, Ron Neufield, Joe Sarne, Zell Porter, John Mc- Nally, Linda Jones, Steve Teeter, Dan Warner, Doug Bell, Dan Kelly, Nancy Sumwalt, Linda Harberson, Mary Merolle. Club Sponsors Gala Pan Anlel-ican Dav The Norland Bull is killed aboard the Spanish J Club float during this yearls Homecoming Parade. On the float are Barbara Pritchard and Qcoiwio ESTA USTED?,' That cute girl in your 5te"eTeetef- first hour class flashes a winning smile at you and makes this strange sound. What do you suppose she's trying to accomplish? Why, shels a member of Spanish Club who is trying to display her lingual talents by inquiring about your health! Spanish Club is composed of Lauderdale High students who are interested in the Spanish language and culture. Their aim is to promote greater interest in Spanish and to create better understanding between the United States and Spanish speaking countries. In April they presented a Pan-American Dance and Pan-American Day, both of which were a tremendous success for the school's Spanish enthusiasts. The Spanish Club holds a high position in the school because of the interest of its members in all the Spanish speaking countries of the world. DO Press Club Members, the Journalists of Tomor- PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY Gail Linane .lane Beasley Sue Gibson TREASURER CHAPLAIN SPONSOR Steve Wollom Noel Doepke Harold HaYe5 Lights Burn Late in 114 "HAVE YOU WRITTEN YOUR letters yet?" is a common statement which may be heard around the campus annually. The letter that is to be Written is for admittance to Press Club. Press Club is for students who have taken Journalism l and who wish to further their future in the writing profession. Many times the oil is burning in room 114 to the later hours in the night. Mem- bers help the staff of the Navigator to get the paper out on time. Their annual proj- ect is the Flying L handbook which an- swers the important questions concerning our school. This past year they combined with mem- bers of the Ebb Tide for the ' Florida Scholastic Press Association held at Lau- derdale High School. Sandy Aanes, Richard Bacon, Bonnie Baltier, Susan Bard, Chris Bergh, Jerri Bittner, Sue Combsg Nancy Conner, Connie Coyne, .loan Critchley, Niki Crossman, Don Davis, Barbara Deverell, Deane Dudang Charleen Emery, Trudy Giberson, Jane Graham, Nanci Greene, Carol Harberson, Jennifer Holt, Nancy Huff. row, Publish the Flying L Handbook for Students Linda Kallaher Billie Katsikas Tracey Mark Price McIntosh DeEtte 3IcPheron Virginia Michie Babs Osborne Jean Pfeifer .loseph Pesek Gwen Rea Sherry Reilly Thomas Rjles Sally Shank David Shaff Fran Shearer Nancy Spiegel Virginia Todd Pat Zimmerman arg, "REGISTER HERE, PLEASE," was spoken by the girls sitting at the typewriters before starting of the southern district F.S.P.A. LISTENING ATTENTIVELY are students during the South- ern District Conference of the Florida Scholastic Press Asso- ciation at L.H.S. FIRST ROW, left to right: Judy Jackson, Pat Gross, Mary Jo Erskine, Pep Michi, Diane Leonard, Teresa Caudill, Sandy Doak, Cis McGuire, Suzanne Crawford, Barbara Pritchard. SECOND ROW: Lesley Carpenter, Guy Metzger, Bill Millikan, John Barker, Dick Beatty, Dan Mundrick, Bob Snyder, Helen Nankin, Charleen Emery. THIRD ROW: .lim Bundy, Darrell Rushton, Dana Kott, Marvin Day, Al Muzzell, Richard Workman, Jerry Pfeiffer, Ken Richart, Bob Browne. Thespians Double Membership in Exciting Year Thespians: The Show Must Go On "CHARLEY7S AUNT" "Macbeth', '4Ham1et,H "The Night Christ was Born? all were spectacular productions from which Thespians gained almost forty new members. Thespians is a national organization. This means once you are a member you continue all through your later years as part of the club, no matter where you may go. Thespians attempt to establish high standards of excellence in all phases of dramatic arts and to create an active and intelligent interest among students. The , qualifications for membership are at least seventy lines in a three-act play, or over PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY . Susan Straker Richard Workman Nancy Spiegal 5311128 hundredfhqolurs workionc a production. TREASURER PARLIAMENTARIAN SPONSOR e motto 0 esplans is Act well your Helen Nankin pat Gross Jane Peppgr part, for in that the honor lies." PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY AII18I'lC8. Pam Sweat Beverly Evans TREASURER CHAPLAIN SPONSOR Sarah Dew Barbara Miller Mr, Suave Allied Youth: Fun Without A.Y.7ers Attend Convention DRINKING, whether for depression or pleasure, is completely utaboow to our many Allied Youth members. Expanding each year the Allied Youth club strives to form better adults out of our many teenagers, making them realize the many more enjoyments they can have without alcoholic beverages. Making sure spirit was high, A.Y. mem- bers made the jinx dolls available through- out the football season. For an enjoyable time to be had by all, a free dance in March was put on by the members. You can be sure of a wonderful time in the A.Y. club, for at each meeting there is a completely different program, including guest speakers, parties, or just plain discussion among the members. Alcoholic Beverages THE ALLIED MEMBERS in the front row, from left to right are: Gail Beckett, Barbara Miller, Barbara Seward, JoAnn Linthicum, Donna Sanders, Lynda Bryne. SECOND ROW, left to right: Beverley Evans, Bunny Hajduk, Sharon Dixon, Marvin Mickow, Bill America, Fran Fine, Pam Sweat. Although the Allied Youth Club may be small in number they have high goals and each member upholds the club's high standards. FIRST ROW, left to right: Bob Trull, Ralph Rickard, John Neuharth, Ed Bates. SECOND ROW: Bill Pointer, David Mant- will, Zell Porter, Bob Holliday, Eric Miller. THIRD ROW: Pete Zwick, Patrick Grumbar, George Verdegem, Larry Smalley, Warren Williams, Randy Roark, Grant Clarke. The Services of Audio-Visual Benefit All Students HCOMPLICATED? You can say that again!" exclaim the officers who are from left to right: Warren Williams, George Verdegen, Larry Smalley, Patrick Grumbar, Ed Bates. Lights l Camera ! Action ! HWHERE CAN I FIND someone who knows how to operate this machine?" groans a depressed teacher. To come to the rescue, a boy, a member of the Audio-Visual Club, appears to operate the moving picture projector. Also among their various projects the club is in charge of tape recorders, slide projectors, record players, and has a library of films and records. The members have gone to a motion picture theater to learn ,the operations of the equipment necessary for showing motion pictures. Also they took trips to the county office. For L.H.S. students who are looking for a future in a field of operating various machines dealing with pictures, the Audio Visual Club can greatly benefit them. With today's complicated machines the need for more experienced operators is vital. Library Council Works Hard for Benefit of All Books Reviews Are Given HHELPII IF I am asked another ques- tion I will screamln These must be the reactions of Library Council members at the end of a busy day. The students participating in Library Council are a service to both fellow stu- dents and teachers. This year they were the proud winners of the Annual Thanks- giving basket contest. Many members have shown their talent by working on- displays and book reviews for teachers. The book reviews have simplified the task of many to select interesting literature for outside reading. One yearls work in the library is re- quired for membership in the club and a class credit can be earned by hard and deserving workers. THE INDUSTRIOUS officers of library council are, left to right: Ken Richart, second vice-president, Sandy Christian, first vice-president, Jean Fair, president, Aleta Durden, treasurer, Diane Clems, secre- taryg and Barbara Koppleman, corresponding secretary. FRONT ROW, left to right: Nancy Barbarita, Jean Fair, Loretta Baurque, Carol Worthley, Pat Nichols, Florence Sim moms, Sandy Christian, Pat McClung, Diane Clemes. MIDDLE ROW, left to right: Judy Hagen, Pam Duncan, Jenny Spamam, Donna Lou Fackler, Sylvia Boath, Sandy Ellis, Jean Vreeland, Joyce Vossler. BACK ROW, left to right: Colleen Cook, Ian Devereaux, Dan Kelly, Dave Waterhouse, Jim Walton, Ken Richart, Valarie Hummel, Susan Hurnberley, Sherri Parish. V V ,. an i. va .writ ,fglwffl l PRESIDENT , A 1 XVLCEE-PRESIDENT Dean DCUUUCTY I PM t,Ni?1'man Pierce HRACK THE VIKINGS" say the funfilled Aviation members as they ride SEC.-TREASURER! . SPONSOR their Homecoming float. They are always willing to participate in all Kitty Page X Q , . 5" X-Daniel P. Lee activities. Aspiring Young Members of the Aviation Club 1 "ALL ABOARDH and we are ready to go into the wild blue yonder, as the Aviation members board this sleek four engine plane. ' "HOPE SOMEDAY WE CAN WORK on a plane like thisf' says Dean Demmery, Kitty Paige, Norman Pierce, and Betty Pierce. ASSEMBLED HERE are the air-minded members of the Aviation Club. As part of their fun, they visit different airports and inspect the many kinds of air vehicles. Many of these members have plans of flying planes, and going on to careers in 8.V1Ht101'1. Look Toward the Future Aviation Members Eager to Learn AIR-MINDED STUDENTS of L.H.S. can be found at an Aviation Club meeting or participating in one of the club's various interesting undertak- ings. A program of constant and various projects is the key to any clubis success or failure. Aviation Club's cotton candy stand is a familiar sight at all home football games. An interesting and informative display of scale model planes, rockets, and launchers can be found in the school library. Pictures of different types of planes distributed by the club can also be found in many classrooms on the campus. To promote interest and further education in the field of aviation a trip to an air base was under- taken. While there the members toured various kinds of planes and the many sections of the base, such as weather, and maintenance. John Berryman, Bill Bradshaw, Norma Bristol, Bill Eldridge, Bob Foley, Barbara Gale, Mike McCrayg Betty ,lane Pierce Roy Reynolds, Jerry Schoyen, Jim Schoyen, Marie Shinnick, Dick Snyder, Nancy Spiller. v Camera Club Sponsors Annual Photo Exhibition On the Spot Photographers HWOW, WHO TOOK THOSE pictures?', were the questions raised when the class dance photographs were returned to their owners. This is one of Camera clubs big- gest projects during the school year. Along with class dances the members of the club photograph the many athletic and social activities happening around the school. Even if you can just snap a switch, the camera club will be an aid to you. The members are trained in developing, print- ing, blowing up and the taking of photo- graphs. They are taught the methods of getting the most out of a shot and how to obtain the most in cropping a photo. F or the members, field trips are taken to provide some entertainment. AN INTEREST IN PHOTOGRAPHY is one thing these boys have in common. Camera Clubbers are, FRONT ROW left to right Howie D1Blas1 Randy Williams Price Mclntosh Dick Beatty, Steve Teeter, and Bob Eighmie. SECOND ROW left to ri ht are Kirk Wickersham Ken Parry John McNally Spike Gibson, Richard Workman, Joe Jolley, and FRONT ROW, left to right: Richard Geronemus, Bob Holliday, Judith Watega, Pat Gross, Pam L'l-lommedieu, ,lerry Free- man. SECOND ROW: Dennis Warren, Bruce Bell, Bob Mathis, Ernest Harden, Gary Bloom, Ken Parry, David Mantwill, Barry Biehel, Eric Miller, Joe Sasadu. THIRD ROW: .lim Bieniek, Doug Bell, Harvey Manning, John Curtin, Clark Congle- ton, Pete Mack, DCHHVCH Fleming, Tom Votou, ,lack Wayne, Karen Shoemaker. Dark Room Maintained by Science Club Scientific Minds Meet WHETHER THEY BECOME Einsteins or not, our members of the Science club work with as much diligence as they know how. The Science Club of Ft. Lauderdale il High School promotes interest in the vital q"'T'7 field and encourages those who are con- sidering a career along scientific lines. Many of their meetings are honored by local scientists who relay their knowledge to our much interested students. Some of this knowledge is applied when these future '7'v? scientists build their homemade rockets and soar them to astonishing heights. The Science Club plans for some interest- ing trip either to a local airbase or research center to gather knowledge and facts for vast discussion material. PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT Joe Sasadu Jack Wayne PROGRAM CHM. PARL. Clark Congleton Peter Lewis Members SEC.-TREAS. Pat Gross SPONSOR .l. C. Mathews QUEEN NANCY SUMWALT AND KING JOHN STIMPSON pose here after being crowned at the Annual Sweetheart Dance sponsored by the senior Hi-Y and Tri-Hi-Y. Lambda Chi Tri-Hi-Y Presents Easter Assemblies Sally Ackerman, ,lane Alland, Nancy Barbarita, Micki Barrett, Joan Betts, Carol Bloch, Barbara Bosterg Billie Bowling, Maxine Boyette, Jalana Carpenter, Kay Clark, Sally Clark, Nancy Conrath, Barbara diCiovannig Lenore Elferdink, Linda Elferdink, Charlene Emery, Margie Emery, Mary Grant, Carol Hale, Carole Harbersong Judy Haskins, Claudia Haupt, Ruth Hedstrom, Jan Hempsted, Princess lmbrogno, Lynne Karsten, Joanne Keaton. Beth Kinek, Kaaran Leeson, Sandy LeGette, Arlene Leonard, Dottie MacDonald, Gloria McDonald, Linda Manhardtg Mary Jo Menefee, Marg1e'Nelson, Marsha Pelleteri, Judy Perkins, J an Pope, Barbara Pritchard, Louise Quinng Sharron Reichert lan Rimderka, Denise Schuller, Cookie Shaw, Carol Sheridan, Marie Shinnik, Darlene Simmons, Amy Sleek, Georgia Slupe, Karen Stifel, Barbara Thibault, Donna Tight, Ruth Weiss, Darla Wilkinson. Party Is Given for Sun Dial School MWHO GETS THE CREDIT for the Christmas and Easter Assemblies? They dovthose hard working, good planning, down to earth Lambda Chi-Tri-Hi-Yer's. ln their third and final year of Hi-Y these ambitious young Women are doing their projects with a pro's touch. To help spirit these gals make and sell those great blue and white shakers for the football and basketball games. A much appreciated party for the Sun Dial School is their project to the community. When the girls arenit busy working on their floats and baskets they take part in Y.M.C.A. activities. 'The members of this club are Working to promote the high standards of Christian leadership throughout the home, the community and on the campus. The members strive to practice what they preach as they set forth good examples before their classmates and plan many worthwhile projects. Lambda Chi-Tri-Hi-Y is for sure a most worthwhile club for worthy seniors. THE OFFICERS, left to right, are: Sue Nevin reporter, Carol Worthley, parliamentarian, Sharon Shipley, secretary, Kim Lehr, presidentg Linda Marable, veepg Joanne Prues, treasurer. FIRST ROW, left to right: Mike Moore, Dave Oslin, Ken Lippman, Larry Martin, .Iohn Ellis, John Wanamaker, .lim Bromell, David Clark, Bob Brown, Jim Gibson, Walt Sanderson, Bob Morissette. SECOND ROW, left to right: Bill McCarthy, Dennis Kerr, Ray Schmidt, Dave Jackson, De Haven Fleming, Tom Scott, Roger Davis, Tom Monkus, Bob Coles, Jim Abbott. Boys' Hi-Y Strives for Brotherhood in School ass, M0533 nw , sir' PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY ,Iohn Ellis Ken Lippman Larry Martin TREASURER CHAPLAIN SPONSOR Raymond Schmidt .lim Updegraff Mr. Fish Y.M.C.A. Is Their Sponsor "LET US BE FAIR AND HONEST, and let us be respectful," are the intentions in mind when Boys, Hi-Y Club sponsors their Clean Scholarship Week. Among the projects of the Hi-Y Club the fellows have several car washing days. Their main project is the annual Boys, Hi-Y Sweetheart Dance. Each club nomi- nates a King and Queen to represent them, and at the dance, to which everyone is invited, a King and Queen from all the candidates are chosen, and they represent the Hi-Y Club throughout the year. The Hi-Y Club is sponsored by the Y.M.C.A. and was established to maintain a high standard of Christian relationship in school, home, and community. Chi Tri-Hi-Y'ers Cap Homecoming Parade Honors Scrapbooks for the Blind AFTER CAREFUL THOUGHT and vote the Greek name Chi was chosen by the sophomore girl members for their new Tri-Hi-Y Club. Each year the choice of a Greek name is given to the girl members who will keep this name through their three years of high school membership. As soon as a name has been chosen the girls plough right into their activities, setting dates for bake sales and designing X-mas baskets for needy families. During the year the girls assemble scrapbooks which they present to the children at the blind school. Also along this line the members collect and donate thousands of magazines to our many hospitals in the county. To promote a clean Christian Way of living is Chi-Tri-Hi-Y's main objective through the year. al gun., A PRIDE and an asset to their club, the energetic officers of Sophomore Chi-Tri-Hi-Y are, left to right: Berle Over- man, chaplain, Jerry Dealph, historiang Sally Kerr, vice- presidentg and Mary Jenne, president. FIRST ROW, left to right: Bonnie Hall, Mickey Day, Dormilie Greene, Janie Harris, Vicki Reed, Barbara Crossman, Sue Kingsley, Sharon Lindhammer, Linda Favre, Kimi Klisch, Berle Overman, Betty McNaull, Nancy Cone, May Jenne, Connie Sasadu. SECOND ROW: Rita Brown, Varyl Stimpson, Mary Lachrie, Vici Zeive, Judy Bass, Betty Goggans, Joan Liebel, Carmen Russel, Sally Kerr, Nancy Fetzger, Linda Thistlehwaite, Carol Everitt, Donna Sanders, Betty Pierce, Polly Ambrose, Fran Fine. THIRD ROW: Lynda Harrrish, Sharon Possinger, .lan Parks, Carole Houston, Suzi Smiggen, Margie Clinton, Brenda Leech, Jerry Delph, Gail Heath, Connie Coons, Cheryl Nodurft, Carroll Workman, Linda Harberson, Sharon McCormick, Pat Oehmann, Linda Esner, Sandy Steele, Barbara Barnes, Christine McClean, Barbara Miller. Girls' L Club Members Maintain Bulletin Board PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY AUD Fleming .loan Robertson Dede Birely TREASURER CHAPLAIN SPONSOR Pat Johns Susie Rablen Miss Alston CONFUSED AND BEDRAGGLED the L Club initiates are won- dering what's next. You can tell by the picture that the L Club went all out this year to make this initiation one LHS will never forget. ' Girls' L ls an Honorary Club "TO PROMOTE GOOD SPORTSMAN- SHIP" is the aim of Girls' L Club. Girls' L is a honorary club Well on its way to success. Among the club's various projects, the bulletin board of events and scores, is one of the biggest. The members of the club sell Flying L stationery as one of their ways for raising money. The cleaning of the trophy case is the main project of the club. To be invited into this club a girl must have lettered in the sports of: swimming, cheerleading, tennis and majorettes. After receiving an invitation each of the girls must go through the initiation which con- sists of wearing an outfit out of this World. A girl who is outstanding in sportsmanship is awarded a medal at the season's end. Sandy Aanes, Sharleen Abel, .ludy Alleng .leri Bittner, .ludy Boyd, Joyce Casoriag Noel Doepke, Diane Dunn, Bunny Ernst. of Events and Scores of All Sports fjw 4, ,M ii- H like 77" i. 5, A2 g Y is T f f Beverly Evans, Kathy Fairfield, Marilyn Floyd, Sue Healey, Charity Hunt, Marilyn Ioslen heimer, Pat Nichols, Denise Schuller, Amy Sleek, Janet Tavlin, Vicki Todd, Sherrie Wattersi Q fff 5 I 5? ,, ,Wig an ff i " E THE SPORTS EVENTS for the coming week," HERE AR H says Kathy Fairfield as she hands the list to Dede Birely. ROLLING IN THE MUD while performing their cheer is done all in fun by the new members of Girls' L Club. Marsha Kingsleyg Peggy Laub at L.H.S. Boys' L, Honorary Athletic Club, lnitiates Letter- Trophies Kept Spotless HCRAWL TO THE GOAL posts and climb up on the crossbarf, was one of the many orders given to new initiates of the Boys? L Club. The best initiations ever, were held for those boys meritorious of the chance. The Boys? L Club consisted of the largest membership ever, made up of those fellows who lettered either as player or manager in their particular sport or sports, which include: football, basketball, baseball, ten- nis, swimming, track, and golf. The task of making our trophies spot- less and trophy cases clean was handled cooperatively by Boys, L and Juniorettes. At the end of this year a Boys, and Girls, PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY Tom Crawford Ron Hartnett Doug Cook L pifriy was held to help promote Closer TREASURER CHAPLAIN SPONSOR relationship between the clubs. Tim Winningham Al Kubula Duke Maltby SHINE 'EM UP GOOD! Boys, UL" Club tackles the job of polishing up our trophies. The job is long but very rewarding in its own respect. Looking with admiration at some of the trophies are Jerry Pfeiffer, Tom Crawford, Doug Cooky and Dennis Prisk, standing with Hdust cloth in handf' men of the Various Sports With Mllnusuall' Antics FIRST ROW, left to right: Phil Christ, John Zeien, Dave Oslin, Ted Johnson, Ray Gaiefsky, Jim Bundy, Al Kubala, Dave Jackson, Don Sullivan, Rex Petro, Bob Perrigo, Dick Wilcox, Ken Krassy, Don Zimmer, Doug Cook, Steve Day, Guy Metzger. SECOND ROW, left to right: George Mason, Rush Burkherdt, Bob Snyder, Dennis Gahagen, Dick Kirk, Russ Fraser, Roger Wise, Tim Winningham, Dennis Prisk, Joe Adamo, Jim Harrison. BACK ROW, left to right: Fred Hender- son, Howie DiBlasi, Harry Hambut, Jerry Pfeiffer, Don Colquit, Tom Crawford, Bob Berryhill, Jerry Knight, Larry Starr, Hal Fugate, Tom Scott, Rick Inglis, Joe Pesek, Joe Jolley, Jay Rogers, Woody Maxwell, and Ron Hartnett. "YES, SIRI" remarks Judy Allen to letterman Russ ,A Fraser. The initiates take orders from all lettermen. Judy, in her fine attire, stayed on bent knees for quite a while. 'A"v"f ' s' -fwfr 4, T34-Q . - -:rn I -Q ROLLING AROUND IN THE MUD gets "under your skin," as the Boys' "L" initiation shows. Embarrassed? No, not really! Just a little flushed. Itis not an everyday happening. FRIENDLY SMILE AND SINCERE IN- TEREST make D.C.T.'ers successful and worthwhile, as demonstrated by Susan Brophy. D.C.T. at All-Time High, Sends HALF WORK, HALF SCHOOL is experienced by Judy Cochran who works afternoons in a lawyer's office. Carol Annis Susan Brophy Herbert Bruce Kathleen Burns Judy Cochran Edward Cochrane Anita Cox James Edison Ethel Hartigan Gail Kohlmeyer Ruth Lovarco Sharon McDaniels Robert Morris Virginia Morris Tillie Morse Loretta O'Kelly Sandra Richards Judy Robert Becky Soblit Lana Watson Delegates to the District and the State Conventions Club Adopts Family WORK, WORK, WORK, is the require- ment of the hard working D.C.T. students. For discipline and supervision Mrs. Sylvia Burnsted is always on hand. One of their annual projects is attending the state and listrict conventions. They have all-time nigh membership of twenty-five. This year, during Thanksgiving and Christmas, they adopted a family in order to meet the fam- ilyls needs. D.C.T. members have four classes and then report to their respective jobs. For better association they are given an "Em- ployer-Employee Banquet? The experience gained by these students will have a great effect upon their future. f"! iff' PRESIDENT Linda Edwards CORR. SECRETARY Karen Johnson WORKING EFF ICIENTLY at her secretarial job, Gail Kohlmeyer is gaining valuable experience for the future. "STAMP 'EM OUT" is the echoing cry of the members of D.C.T. as they proceed steadily in the Homecoming Parade. VICE-PRESIDENT Ruth Morris TREASURER Sara ,lo Curd Q f f SECRETARY Nancy Barbarita SPONSOR Sylvia W. Burnsted PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY Mary Rickey Bonnie Aunapu Jane Graham TREASURER PARLIAMENTARIAN SPONSOR Linda Bruaw Sue Combs Mr. Gillette Pep ljs Weire From Lauderdale . AMONG THE CROWD in the stands comes a loud BOOAH! These are the cries and cheers from the uthroatyw Pep L's. Mr. Bennett has been a big asset to this club, as he has thought up many of our most popular cheers. The Pep L's in turn help the cheerleaders with their tremendous vocal support. Pep Lis have meetings in the afternoons to go over the new cheers. Printed sheets are distributed during the different times in the year. The spirit which they maintain is the backbone of our school. Enthusiasm is one thing that comes natural to them. They are commended all the time for the boost and moral support they give the school. All are proud to say L'l'm in Pep lfsf' Burst Forth in Membership and Spirit 5 , ..a. . 4 f RELUCTANTLY members of Pep L's stroll back to class after participating spiritedly in a Pep assembly. Being a member they are all seated in a reserved section for the rallies. l THIS IS IT!-after waiting many years, we finally have our new and most modern home field. Lochart Stadium is situated so that no matter where you sit you see everything. 'LENORMOUSU is the word for this group which is made up of the loyal fans who cheer the Flying L's on to victory at athletic events. Not only do Pep L's promote good sportsmanship in the competitive sports, they also emphasize it in the classroom. '6Got That Spirit? Yea, Manlw Exclaim All Members Nauti-Nymphs Present Water Shows for Charity Synchronization to Perfection TO MAKE the long work worthwhile this year for the first time the A squad members of Nauti-Nymphs have received their letter consisting of two N's. A and B squads are chosen each fall after a six weekis trial period. These Flying L syn- chronized swimmers perform in two shows during the year which they produce them- selves. Along with performing in some benefit shows the girls also perform in pools at various hotels in Ft. Lauderdale and also on Miami Beach. The girls swam last year in a contest against Central Catholic and received more points. A contest such as that has been the first of its kind for the Lauderdale WITH THEIR LEADERSHIP and ingenuity, Sharon Shipley, captain, ' ' ' . and Louise Quinn, co-captain, were invaluable to their club. With their glfqlsf' Also time glrls compete In the State aid, Nauti-Nymphs put on outstanding shows at various pools. Wide COUIPCUUOU C3011 YCHT- B CORPS MEMBERS in the FRONT ROW are Linda Marable, Kay Carson, Fran Koontz, Dawn Aldrick, Peggy Stevens and Gail Linane. In the BACK ROW, left to right, are: Sally Edwards, Susan Bard, Lenore- Alpert, Princess Imborgo Joan Betz, Ginny Baldwin, Dianne ,Iorde, and Lana Alpert. QQ' V "A" SQUAD MEMBERS of the Nauti-Nymphs are shown above wearing their new letter sweaters. From left to right are Bonnie Aunapu, Barbara Osbourne, Sharon Shipley, Louise Quinn, and Faye Eddie. The members of this team are chosen after a six weeks' trial period, on the basis of their co-ordination, ability, and willingness to work. DIVING OFF THE EDGE of. a pool are these members of the Nauti- Nymphs, Lin'da Marable, Susan Bard, Bonnie Aunapu, Diane Jorde, and Louise Quinn. WHILE HAVING SOME FUN at practice, Faye Eddie got stuck in a lawn chair, That's what you get for clowning around, Faye! Anchor's Float Victorious in Homecoming Parade r A l , 1 1 ' l Sharleen Abel, Harriet Allen, .ludy Bass, .lane Beasley, Jeri Bittner, Ginny Douchang Charleen Emery, Bunny Ernst, Marilyn Etheridgeg Sandi Forman, Carol Harberson, Linda Harbersong Lynn Karsten, Sally Kerr, Vicki Leairdg DeEtte McPheron, Elsie Marcum, Betty Pierce. Anchor Admiral Crowned "WE CAME, WE SAW, WE CONQUERED,,' be- came the 1960 chant which carried Anchor,s home- coming float to its fifth annual first place victory. Following the award, Anchor sponsored their annual Spaghetti Dinner and dance afterward. Dennis Prisk, defeating the four other candidates-John Barker, Ted Johnson, Al Kubala and Bill Millikan, was crowned Anchor Admiral. Christmas brought many additional activities to Anchor Club. lts members co-operated 10029 in the Christmas party for the handicapped children as well as answering Santa Claus letters. They went caroling at the different nursing homes around town and adopted again their annual Anchor Christmas family. Anchoris year round projects consisted of helping at the Fort Lauderdale Oral Schoolg Coral Pines Nursing Home and the T.B. Heart Center. ln the spring Anchor joined Wheel in producing their an- nual Melody Circus. UMMMM SMAACK! or congratulations, Denny Prisk, on gecorning Anchor's second admiral, says President Joyce asoria. 1-f? 1-AX Q K7 PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT ,loyce Casoria Kay Burch PARLIAMENTARIAN SENIOR DIRECTOR Nancy Surnwalt Sylvia Cross CHECKERED TABLECLOTHS, autumn leaves, and plenty of spaghetti, all went into making this year's spaghetti dinner a success. Cathy Pierce Sally Shank Carolyn Smith Linda Sumwalt Bonnie Ulrich ix SECRETARY TREASURER ,loan Critchley Sharon McMillan JUNIOR DIRECTOR SPONSOR Gwen Rea Mrs. Burdick 'ss CHAPLAIN Nancy Irish SPONSOR Mrs. Smith Y ANCHOR L'S MAN this float in the annual Parade. They won the first place with their float and its theme, HWe came, we saw, we conquered." iff. J Y xfl Junior Civitan Club Sponsors PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT Richard Wolfe Ralph Rickard TREASURER CHAPLAIN Price McIntosh Steve Day SECRETARY J im Endicott SPONSOR Mr. Lowks Easter Egg Hunt Calendar Is Main Project CCNOW THE COVER GIRL for the 1959- 60 Civitan Calendar is, Miss Lei Lani Ka- ponaf, That's what was said at the annual Civitan Calendar Girl contest of this year. Along with that of choosing a cover girl, twelve other girls were chosen to represent each month. Selling the calendars was one of the club's big projects. Also among the Various projects there are those of selling Flying L sweat shirts, tee shirts, and Christ- mas fruit cake. lf you have lost anything, the club maintains the lost and found. The club also sponsors the Easter egg hunt for children at Holiday Park. International Civitan Club sponsors the Junior Club, which is a service club for boys who are willing to work. Jim Ahrens, Jim Ball, Barry Biebel, Charles Bullion, Pat Butterfield, Tom Daleg Jan Devereauz, Fritz Ernst, Homer Forester, Bill Grahm, Bob Halliday, Jim Harrison, Fred Henderson, Hohn Hunter, Dick Jaeger, Bob James, Ted Johnson, Joe Jolley. fm. 'ix in ' ,, Ed Kerlen, Kim Lowry, Peter Mack, John Mantle, ,lim McVey, .lim Miller, Tom Mueller, Bob Parker, Jim Perrigo, Mike Rhodes, Joel Rogers, Ray Schmidt, Eugene Schnell, Bill Shumpert, Jeff Thurlow, Ralph Williams. RING THAT BELL, BOYS, and keep up that spirit! Tom Mueller, left, and Ray Schmidt, right, celebrate a touchdown by ringing the Flying L bell which was intrusted to Junior Civitan this year. ff x X RQ, M X ix 2-0 341 2" f, 7 l L Q, n g ,,.5,,.',, 4 1,2 W- , 4 9,-, I ,Q 2 1 1. f Q W A - X y , , ,, 'wmv if EXCLAIMING OVER this yeaisicalendar is Alice Schmidt, last year's cover girl, as she buys a calendar from two ,lunior Civitan megibersg .lim Harrison, left, and Dick Wolfe, rig t. SCRIBBLING Pat Moorhouse's name on a piece of paper, Gene Schnell, sitting, grins to discover that he and Robert James, right, have succeeded in selling her a fruitcake. K 2 LLL IA1 Juniorettes Welcome All to Lauderdale With uGet "HERE IS THE BULLETIN," says Noel Doepke to Sue Gibson, .luniorettes operate the "Information Desk" in the hall. Running errands and guiding lost souls are everyday OFF TO CORAL PINES, a home for the senior citizens of our community, is Vicki Todd. The .luniorettes cooperate with other clubs in brightening the lives of the aged people. routine. B 4-5. Sandy Aanes, Judy Allen, Bonnie Baltier, Linda Bruaw, Lesley Carpenter, Sue Diack, Noel Doepkeg Linda Douglas, Bonnie Edwards, Mary Jo Erskine, Kathy Fairfield, Ann Fleming, Marilyn Floyd, Sue Gibson, Nan Hoy, Judy Jackson, Billie Sue Katsikas, Sheri Kleiger, Karen La Reau, Karen McCarthy, Nancy Meadows. Acquainted Dance" Members Always Busy as Bees FRIENDLY SMILES are received from the elderly people at the Coral Pines Home in Oakland Park, where Iuniorettes spend many hours doing service work. There are eight main projects which fill their busy year. These are: Get Acquainted Dance, Halloween Howl fwith Wheel Clubl, Thanksgiving Food Drive, Pizza Party, messenger desk, Lauderdale Logs, basket- ball programs and Coral Pines. Mrs. Jett and Mrs. Wilkins are the sponsors of this active club where many functions are carried out. The membership is at a high thirty-six and continues to grow with the girls who are able and will- ing to be in this club. The girls enjoy doing various tasks and carry them out with a pleasant smile. Pat Moorehouse, Linda Osterhoudtg Mary Rickey, Betsy Sheardg Fran Shearer, Vicki Todd. ix 'IF' 54..- i PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY Marsha Kingsley Gail Linane Susie Rablen TREASURER CHAPLAIN HISTORIAN Molly French Pat Zimmerman Nancy Bell PARLIAMENTARIAN SPONSOR SPONSOR Nancy Huff Mrs. Jett Mrs. Wilkins 'iTHERE'S ONLY ONE WAY to get rid of them," remarks Bill Smith to Nan Hoy. The removal of Linda Heep and Bill Millikan was quite a panic! The Halloween Howl was a success. 5-W "-'- - ' W i v PRESIDENT FIRST VICE- SECOND VICE- REC. SECRETARY CORR. SECRETARY Dennis Prisk PRESIDENT PRESIDENT Jack Wayne Steve Marcum TREASURER Jim Matthews Randy Mulford SPONSOR SPONSOR .lim Tucker CHAPLAIN PARLIAMENTARIAN Mr. C. Packard Mr. C. Smith Walter Burkhart Mike Williams Junior Exchangens Freedom Shrine, on Display y N D A Y I' ' A Help Beautify Grounds A NEW ADDITION to the club projects at Fort Lauderdale High this year was Junior Exchange's activity calendar. Jim Ball, Mike Williams, and Jim Tucker post the activities for the week. AMONG THE FOUR boys, service clubs at L.H.S. Junior Exchange Club has es- tablished itself for the purpose of encourag- ing a higher quality of citizenship in the school, community, state, and nation, and for being of service to the school. This club's distinguishing factor is clearly visible in its selection of members. The male students are chosen for their leadership, citizenship, scholastic average, and their ability to accept responsibilities. Helping to maintain the landscape, and to Mclean upl' the agriculture -department of Fort Lauderdale High were two of the new projects undertaken by this ever pro- gressing club this year to render service to the school. On many an early Saturday morning these cluhhers could be found around the campus intensely occupied by their work. Other projects include car washings, and painting the fire evacuation signs on the auditorium seats. I ENERGETIC JUNIOR EXCHANGERS try their hand at turn- "WE THE PEOPLE - - -H reads C1I1dY AdfiIH0 to Billie ing scads of crepe paper and cardboard into a work of art for Sue Katsikas from Junior Exchange Freedom Shrine. their float, entered in the Homecoming Parade. in Main Hall, Symbolizes Our American Heritage dcrq' Peter Anderson, Carl Ball, Richard Beatty, 'Lamar Black, Howie DiBlasi, Bill Dixon, Dennis Englundg Mark Gibson. Michael Glenn, Thomas Hancock, Richard Inglis, Jeff Little, John McNally, Daniel Mundrickg Francis Murphy, Zeke Nealey, Ronald Neufield, Kenneth Parry, David Schaff, Steve Teeter, Warren Williams. PRESIDENT Joe Pesek VICE-PRESIDENT Ralph Lehr REC. SECRETARY Ray Langston CORR. SECRETARY Jerry Pfeiffer TREASURER Thomas Riles SENIOR DIRECTOR Guy Metzger SPONSOR James Maurer SPONSOR Terry Carlisle Key Clubis Savings Bank Strikes It Rich in '59 Rally Honors Today's Youth Keeping up with their long standing tradition of a top service club, the forty members of Key have ended one of their most successful years. Serving both in school and community, Key Club has handled such projects as pep tags, Faculty- Varsity basketball game, and the giant Youth Rally held in the War Memorial Auditorium each year. Key started their year with Welcome Day, handing out pencils and' maps to the incoming sophomores. On October 2, the name Key Club bellowed through the 'school as the members held their annual Key Club Day. Shirts and ties were worn by each member as they sold student directories, solicited for bank accounts, handed out free pep tags, and advertised their dance after football game where their Key Club Sweetheart, Miss Noel Doepke was crowned by Mr. Brewer. In the latter part of the year Key held their Sadie Hawkins dance where the gals could ask the guys for a evening of fun, especially when they try Key's special Kick-apoo joy under your account? Skip Biesler agrees wholeheartedly. jl1iCC- HWHY SALLY, of course, you can trust us with your money," assures Poe Pesek, "Your savings will be placed safely in the bank PRETTY Noel Doepke vvas crowned the "Key Club Sweetheart" for 1960. lt was a hard decision for the Key Club to makeg Just look at the fine beauties they had to choose from. Going from left to right: Kathy Pierce, Marcha Kingslv. Noel Doepke, Sylvia Cross, Patti Caveretta. ' '41 48 2 !"" CT' Lynn Barton, Skip Beisler, Tom Brolliar, Jim Bundy, Ed Carlson, Frank Clark, Happy Davisg Dennis Cfohogen, Bob Hall Roger Hanks, Ron Hartnett, Temple Jalrell, Denny Kerr, Harry Marshallg Woody Maxwell, Bill Millikan, Don Noland, Steve Olowecki, John Ramsey, Don Rolston, Jerry Stewartg Jim Updergraft, Joe VanVoast, Mel Waskow, Jerry White, Steve WoHom, Stan Wood, John Wrather. IR Service-Minded Junior Sinawiks Give Their Time Lana Alpert, Lenore Alpert, Margaret Bennett, Dede Birely, Patti Cavaretta, Sue Combs, Carole Cooper, Jan Cooper, Judy Cooper, Pat, Durrence, Terry Fleming, Wendy Gill, Pam Gilstrap, Sandy Jenin, Diane Leonard, Louise Quinn, Anne Rush, Alice Schmidt, Judy Tucker, Lynne Williams, Vicki Zeve. "WOULD YOU LIKE to swing?" asks Bev'Heacock. The Sinawik girls are frequent visitors to the Shulton home for the handicapped children. MFT. LAUDERDALE HIGH SCHOOL." says .lan Cooper cheerfully as she answers the switchboard while working in the office. and Energy to Help Others Ci' RECORDING SECRETARY, Virginia Michieg CORRESPONDING SECRETARY, Beverly Heacockg TREASURER, Sue Setzg PAR- LIAMENTARIAN, .loanie Robertsong CHAPLAIN, Martha Meyerg SENIOR DIRECTOR, Jeni Holtg JUNIOR DIRECTOR, .lean Pfieferg SOPTEIOMORE DIRECTOR, Carroll Haynesg SPONSOR, Mrs. De -I0ss. PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT Bonnie Hauch Betsy Fishburn Their Gift Is Giving 'CTO LIVE in loving service-3, this is the goal of members of the Junior Sinawik Club. Their spare time is filled with worthwhile projects. At Christmastime the girls tie gifts for the United Fund. They help handi- capped children at the Schulten School, Their work is invaluable at the Mental Health Association and the County De- tention Home. At school, club members work in the office during the school year. Sinawiks sell Flying L pennants to the student body every year. In February the girls opened Twirp Season with a greatly successful theatre party. Near the end of the year, Sinawiks present a scholar- ship to a deserving senior. These girls know the true meaning of living in service, for their every action does good for someone. 'LTURN THE TIDE ON NORLAND,', chants Sinawik's members as the "Bubble Girls" run along side their prize-winning float in the Homecoming Parade. The girls put in a lot of work on this float, but their effort was not in vain as they won the second place prize, -'fi in I :vga IRR , be NHOW MUCH?" asks Marilyn Etheridge and Nancy Irish as they rush to buy Lauderdale dolls from Wheel Clubbers Rex Petro, and Ken Krassy, before they are all sold out. Constantly on the Go, 'LOOK AT those muscles ripple," jeers Ralph Lehr as Tarzi Pardue pitches right in to help move furniture. The members are always willing to help where help is needed. Wheel Club Serves L.H.S. PRESIDENT Doug Cook 1ST VICE-PRESIDENT Tarzi Pardu 2ND VICE-PRESIDENT Thirwall Bonham REC. SECRETARY Bill Smith CORR. SECRETARY Don Zimmer TREASURER .lim Brindell SPONSOR Mr. Lee SPONSOR Mr. Holt is S .fn John Barker, Bob Berryhill, Clark Blake, Bill Blomgren, Bob Browne, -John Conness, Tom Crawfordg Larry Dennison. John Ellis, Hal Fugate, Don Gasgarth, Lewis Glenn, John Harr, Lanny Hidayg Arthur Hollervack, Ricky Holton, Hans Johnson, Bill Karley, Dick Kirk, Ken Krassey, Al Kubulag Jack Mahood, George Mason, Roger Parks, Rex Petro. Jim Pfeifer, Dick Snyder, Paul Tocci. A Help Needed? Wheel Club to the Rescue , TO HELP THE STUDENTS and faculty at Lauderdale High School as well as help the community is the goal Wheel Club Kirk is striving to obtain. Wickemham Through the school-year Wheel Club has maintained both of the parking lots which are used by students during the day and at night by the adults taking classes. To keep up with school spirit the club sold Flying L twins which are a familiar sight in Lauderdale Highis students' cars. Delivering books to Roger the teachers at the beginning of the school year was an added Wm assistance and informing students of coming events, through the sign of events. During the month of September Wheel Club members were seen at the Courthouse renewing driver's licenses for students and faculty. To get the student body in the Halloween mood the club put on the Halloween Howl. One of Wheel Clubis biggest projects is that of Melody gagrchuck Circus. Melody Circus, put on in April, consists of Wheel Club members, Anchor Club members, and other Lauderdale High students, performing at War Memorial Auditorium. The End of a High School Career THE CLIMAX TO an eventful three years at Lauderdale High has come at last. Soon you will no longer be students, but alumni. ltis too late to do the things that were missed before. Standing on the threshold of a new world, you realize that now you must take your place in the community that has provided the education that will mean so much in future years. Scattered throughout this nation and, perhaps, others, the class of nineteen sixty will always be bound together by their unending Flying L spirit. 'Gee 4 ig gr i ?o.,'.u quam ,,-,Win v lo -0 ,,,,,, HAPPY SATISFACTION seems to be the pre- dominant thought at the Senior Tea. Held at the Governor's Club, it was the first of the long- awaited senior activities. eniors rx SECOND LUNCH HOUR is seldom called by its rightful name these days. Senior lunch has replaced it at least in the mind of every senior. With a few exceptions, seniors have a lunch period all their own. Gail Mc- Donald, Kitty Page, and Marie Shinnick are enjoying a leisurely lunch. It seems that lunch hour comes in handy when Kitty needs to do some undone homework. S .M , SENIOR CLASS officers .ludy Jackson, Treasurer, Dennis Prisk, Vice-President, Sandy Aanes, Secretary, and John Barker, President, led the Senior class of 1960 through a successful year. Class of 1960 ESCALATOR TICKETS to the second floor? Come now! Isnlt that a bit far-fetched? Neverthe- less, itls a tried and true fact that sophomores will buy anything, and seniors are more than willing to sell it to them! Surely seniors arenit that sneaky! Why, one would think that they would be serious and mature, looking always toward their futures. Seniors are supposed to be known for their diligent studying and the manner in which they lead the school. One visualizes them at the Senior Tea, being measured for caps and gowns, engrossed in placement exams. But, after all, seniors are human beings, too. Perhaps their odd behavior is due to their reluc- tance to leave a part of their lives behind them, for as the year ends, ,one notices them lingering a little longer at their familiar meeting places as if they might not see them again. At last comes graduation, and the class of 1960 faces the world. asf -adm THE SENIOR CLASS is very grateful to Mr. Alfonse, Mrs. Shekmar, and Mr. Spaulding, who are just a few of the many senior advisors who have helped the class of '60 this year. SANDRA JEAN AANES Class Play, 3, Class Office, Secretary, 3, 4, Class Dance, 2, 3, 4, Best Personality, 4, Queen Candidate: Homecoming Queen, 3, 4, Navigator, 3, 4, Feature Editor, 4, Cheer- leader, 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain, 4, Girls' L, 3, 4, Juniorettes, 3, 4, Pep L's, 8, 4, Press Club, 3, 4. JAMES WALKER ABBOTT Class Dance, 3, Football, 3, Senior Honor Society, 4. MARY ELLEN ABBOTT SALLY ANN ACKERMAN FHA, 4, Council Representative, 4, Girls' Tri-Hi-Y, 3, 4. JOSEPH SEBAST IAN ADAMS Band, 2, P.T.S.A., 2, 3, 4, Football, 3, Allied Youth, 2, Audio-Visual, 2, Baseball, 3, 4. LINDA LEE ADKINS Class Play, 4, Future Teachers, 3, 4, Girls' Tri-Hi-Y, 3. JANE ESTHER ALLAND Future Nurses, 3, 4, Pep L's, 4, Girls' Tri-Hi-Y, 4. JAMES W. ALLISON WILLIAM L. AMERICA JANET CARYL ANDERSON Future Teachers, 2, 3, 4, Pep L's, 2, 4, Spanish Club, 4. Z . I E Top row: SUSAN ANN ANDERSON Future Teachers, 2, 3, Girls' Tri-Hi-Y, 33 Senior Legislative Board, 4. SYLVIA PATRICIA ANDERSON CAROLLYNE ANTOINETTE ANNIS Class Dance, 35 C.C.T., 4, Pep L's, 3. LINDA JOYCE ASHE French Club, 4, Pep L's, 4. JOHN EDWARD AURELIUS Transferred, Heights High School, Cleveland, Ohio. Bottom row: DIANE JEAN AVEY Transferred, Willow Glen High, San Jose, California, 25 Navigator, 3, 4. PATRICK RILEY BACON RICHARD PAUL BACON Transferred, Southeastern High School, Detroit, Michigan Mixed Chorus, 2, Press Club, 2. SHIRLEY LEE BALDWIN Transferred, Monrovia High, Monrovia, Indiana. CARL VERNON BALL, JR. Band, 2, 3, 4, Junior Exchange Club, 3, 4. NANCY JULIA BARBARITA Class Play, 4, D.C.T., 4, Secretary, 4, Swimming, 2, Li grairy Club, 2, 3, 4, Recording Secretary, 4, Tri-Hi-Y , , 4. J UDITH ELLEN BARBER Tri-Hi-Y, 2, 3. JOHN KILBOURNE BARKER Class Play, 3, 4, Class Vice-President, 3, Class President, 4, Class Dance, 2, 3, 4, Latin Award, 2, Best All-Around, 4, Boys' State, 3, Secretary of State, Inter-club Council, 4, Legislative Student Council, 2, 3, 4, Basketball, 2, 3, Tennis, 4, Senior Honor Society, 3, 4, Wheel Club, 2, 3, 4, Corresponding Sec., 3, Anchor Admiral Candidate, 4. MICHAL ANN BARRETT Tri-Hi-Y, 4. MARLENE J AYN E BEATTY Tri-Hi-Y, 2. RICHARD EARLE BEATTY Class Play, 3, 4, Football, 3, Gymnastics, 4, Camera Club, 4, Junior Exchange Club, 3, 4, Latin Club, 3, 4, Thes- pians, 3, 4. Transferred, Shannock Valley, Rural Valley, Pa. ANTHONY EDWARD BECHTOLD FRED MILTON BEIMLEY Band, 2, 3, 4. KENNETH GORDON BEIMLY Football, 2. ANTHONY JOHN BEISLER, III Class Dance, 3, 4, Key Club, 2, 3, 4. Future Teachers, 4, Latin Club, 2, Spanish Club, 3, 4, S 15 1 gl 'rj FV, ., 3221 ' fi ff: fr-QJN .f,."""' , I ,i ' ...wr 461' ,QR BRUCE MORRIS BELL It . 0,J.1xfs-185 M M ,g,,,JzR,o'r- lay . JULQ.: ,44441-milf. DOUGLAS RANDOLPH BELL Class Dance, 4, Pep L's, 4, Science Club, 4, Spanish Club, 4. NANCY FLEET BELL Class Play, 3, 4, Class Board, 4, Class Dance, 2, 3, Senior Honor Society, 3, 4, Treasurer, 4, Juniorettes, 3, 4, Historian, 4, Pep L's, 2, Tri-Hi-Y, 2, 3. CARMEN ANTHONY BELLASSAI CHRISTIANA BERGH Navigator, 4, Business Manager, 4, P.T.S.A., 3, 4, Senior Honor Society, 3, 4, Pep L's, 3, Press Club, 4. CHARLES EDWARD BERK DAVID ALAN BERRY Band, 3, 4. ROBERT JOHN BERRYHILL Boys' L Club, 3, 4, Football, 2, 3, 4, Track, 2, 3, 4, Wheel Club, 3, 4, Class Dance, 2, 3, Most Popular, 4. JOHN TODD BERRYMAN Transferred, Coral Gables Senior High School, Coral Gables, Florida, 4, Aviation Club, 4. MARGARET JOAN BETTS Transferred, York Mills Collegiate, Toronto, Ontario, Can- ada, 4, Nauti-Nymphs, 4, Pep L's, 4, Tri-Hi-Y, 4. ROBERT G. BETZ Swimming, 4, Audio-Visual, 3. BARRY MICHAEL BIEBEL Class Board, 2, Civitan, 2, 3, 4, Science Club, 4. JAMES NORLAN BIENIEK Science Club, 4. FRANCIS LOUISE BIGGS Youth For Christ, 3. DENOE ANN BIRELEY Class Dance, 2, 3, Homecoming Queen Candidate, 2, Legislative Student Council, 2, Swimming, 2, 3, Allied Youth, 2, 3, Girls' L, 3, 4, Secretary, 4, Sinawiks, 2, 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y, 2, 3. WILLIAM GEORGE BIXLER CAROL ANN BLOCH Pep L's, 3, Spanish Club, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Tri-Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President, 3. GARY MICHEL BLOOM Track, 2, 3, 4, Science Club, 2, 3, 4. JOHN MICHEL BOETTNER Transferred from: Staunton Military Academy, Staunton, Virginia. WILLIAM BOLCH .F"7' digs? if ws' ... -fs- Q ti 1. ,js 4' 113 if Q' off, new I up flu, ELON NELSON BOLTEN THIRWALL WILLIAM BONHAM LYNDA HOPE BOSTAIN Pep L's, 2. BARBARA COVERT BOSTER Transferred from: Gallia Academy, Gallipolis, Ohio, Class Play, 3. CHARLES S. BOUGHER SANDRA MARIE BOUGHTON Future Teachers, 2, 35 Girls' Tri-Hi-Y, 3. SHERRELL ALLEN BOWEN Football, 2, Boys' Hi-Y, 4. BILLIE JEAN BOWLING Transferred from: Durham High School, Durham, North Carolina, Class Dance, 23 Girls' Tri-Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4. PHOEBE INEZ BOWNE A Cappella Choir, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President, 4, Choristers, 4, Librarian, 45 Youth for Christ, 2, Sunmaids. JUDY OLIVIA BOYD Majorettes, 3, 4, Captain, 3, 4, Girls' L, 43 Future Teachers, 2. GLORIA MAXINE BOYETTE LOWELL LOMAN BRADLEY Transferred from: Rush-Nerietia Central School, Nenrietta, New York. CORINN E DELLA BRAMER PANDORA VIRGINIA BRANN Library Club, 2, 3, Girls' Tri-Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4. ROBERT DENNIS BRENNAN SHIRLEY ANN BREWER Class Plays, 3, A Cappella Choir 2, 3. DORIS ELAINE BRIDGES Transferred from: Stranahan High School, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. CHARLES THOMAS BROLLIAR Class Dance, 2, 3, 4, Executive Student Council, 3, Ap- pointee to Secretary of Interior, 3, Legislative Student Council, 2, 3, Key Club, 2, 3, 4-. SUSAN EVELYN BROPHY Transferred from: Guernsey Grammar School, Guemsey, England, French Club, 2, 3, 4-. GORDON J EFF ERY BROW NE ROBERT BRANOT BROWNE GEORGE E. BURKE Class Dance, 35 Swimming, 2, 3, 45 Boys' L, 45 Senior Honor Society, 45 Pep L's, 3, 45 Wheel Club, 2, 3, 4. WALTER ENSLOW BURKHARDT, JR. BARBARA ANN BUI-,LION Class Board, 35 Class Dance, 45 Legislative Student Coun cil, 35 Swimming, 2, 3, 45 Boys' L, 2, 3, 45 Junior Ex change Club, 2, 3, 4, Chaplain, 45 Press Club, 4. JAMES O. BUNDY Class Plays, 35 Class Dance, 2, 3, 45 D.C.T., 25 P.T.S.A., 3, 45 Legislative Student Council, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President, RICHARD KENT BUSCHE 35 Band, 25 Boys' L, 3, 45 Key Club, 2, 3, 4, Class Di- rector, 2, 35 Thespians, 45 Football Manager, 3. PATRICIA ELMA BUTLER EQLLEN BURCH, JR. Pep L's, 4, Youth for Christ, 3, 4. Football, 25 Basketball, 2, 3, 45 Cross Country, 3. CHARLES ROBERT BURGESS LEE CHRIS CAMMEN BARBARA LOUISE CAMPBELL Transferred from: Pompano Beach Senior High, Pompano, Florida, P.T.S.A., 4. NANCY R. CANTOR Latin Club, 2, Pep L's, 2, Girls' Tri-Hi-Y, 2, 4, Class Dance, 2. EDWARD T. CARLSON Key Club, 2, 3, 4. LESLEY ANN CARPENTER Executive Student Council, 4, Tennis, 2, 3, Class Play, 4, Class Dance, 2, 3, 4, Future Nurses, 4, Senior Honor Society, 3, 4, Juniorettes, 3, 4, Junior Director, 3, Latin Club, 2, 3, Pep L's, 2, Girls' Tri-Hi-Y, 2. IALANA MARIE CARPENTER GLEN WALLACE CARTER JOSEPH RANDOLPH CARTER Science, 2, 3, Industrial Arts, 2. NANCY LYNN E CARTER Class Dance, 4, Class Play, 4,.Tennis, 2, 3, Manager 3, Pep L's, 4, Spanish Club, 2, 3, Girls' Tri-Hi2Y, 2,- 3. WILLIAM JON CARTER Band, 2, 3, 4. .IOYCE CAROLANN CASORIA Anchor Club, 2, 3, 4, President, 4, Class Board, 2, 4, Inter-Club Council, 4, Executive Student Council, 3, Sec- 3 Cheerleader 2 4 Allied Youth 2 Girls retary of State, , , , 3 , 9 ' L, 4, Pep L's, 2, 4, Queen Candidates: Miss Fort Lauder- dale High. PATTI JO CAVARETTA Sinawiks, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Tri-Hi-Y, 2, Class Board, 2, Vice-President, 2, Class Dance, 2, 4, Queen Candidates: Homecoming, 3, Key Club Sweetheart, 4, Prom Queen, 4. PETER RAYMOND CAVELIER DONNA MAE CECCONI Transferred from: Iron Mountain High School, Iron Moun tain, Michigan, 4, Future Nurses, 4, Tbespians, 4. PHILLIP CHRIST .lunior Exchange, 2, Class Dance, 4, Swimming, 2, 3, 4, Boys' L, 2, 3, 4, Pep L's, 3, 4. EVELYN KAY CLARK Class Play, 3, Class Dance, 3, 4, Legislative Student Council, 2, Spanish Club, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Tri-Hi-Y, 4. FRANK CLARK, J R. Class President, 2, Class Dance, 2, 3, 4, Superlatives, Most Likely to Succeed, Boys' State, 3, Inter-Club Coun- cil, 2, 3, 4, President, P.T.S.A., 3, Executive Student Council, 3, 4, Vice-President, 3, Legislative Student Coun- cil, 4, President, 4, Basketball, 3, 4, Key Club, 2, 3, 4, Florida Youth Advisory Council, 4, Optimist Award for Leadership, 3. EILEEN PHYLLIS CLARK Allied Youth, 2, Girls' Tri-Hi-Y, 2, 3. SARA JANE CLARK Future Nurses, 2, 3, Press Club, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Tri-Hi-Y, 4. DIANE CLEMENTINE CLEMES Future Nurses, 3, 4, Library Club, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club, 3. FREDERICK COBBS IUDITH ANN COCHRAN g.g.T., 4, P.T.S.A., 4, Allied Youth, 4, Girls' Tri-Hi-Y, DOUGLAS EDWARD COCHRANE D.C.T., 4. MARGARET DIANE COLEMAN Band, 4. ROBERT TUCKER COLES Boys' Hi-Y, 4. CLARK LELAND CONGLETON Baud, 2, 3, Latin Club, 2, Science Club, 3, 4, Aviation Club, 2, 3. EVERETTE MANLY CONGLETON NANCY JANE CONRATH Class Dance, 3, Pep L's, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Tri-Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4. COLLEEN DIANNA COOK Mixed Chorus, 2, 3, 4, FHA, 4, Future Nurses, 3, 4, Library Club, 2, 3, 4, Nauti-Nymphs, 2, 3, Pep L's, 4, Girls' Tri-Hi-Y, 4, Youth for Christ, 2, 3, 4. DOUGLAS WATKINS COOK Class Dance, 2, 3, 4, Inter-Club Council, 4, Legislative Student Council, 3, Football Manager, 3, Baseball, 2, 3, 4, Basketball, 2, Boys' L, 3, 4, Secretary, 4, Press Club, 4, Wheel Club, 2, 3, 4, President 4, Exchange Student to Stranahan, 3, Delegate to Wheel Club International, 2, 3, 4. CAROLE MARIE COOPER Transferred from: Geneva High, Geneva, Illinois, Class Play, 3, Sinawik, 4. IANICE ANN COOPER Transferred from Pine Crest, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Class Play, 3, 4, Clsas Dance, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus, 3, French Club, 4, Future Nursw, 3, Pep L's, 2, 3, 4, Sinawiks, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Tri-Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4, Parliamentar ian, 3. CAROL SUE CORN ELIUS Mixed Chorus, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 4, Chorister, 4, French Club, 4, Pep L's, 4, Spanish Club, 3, 4, Youth for Christ, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President, 3. DONNA LOU CORNELIUS A Cappella Choir, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus, 4, Pep L's, 4, Spanish Club, 3, Youth for Christ, 2, 3, 4, Secretary, 4. ANITA LOUISE COX A Cappella Choir, 2, D.C.T., 4, Future Nurses, 3, 4, Youth for Christ, 2. SUZANNE CRAWFORD Class Play, 4. THOMAS JOHN CRAWFORD Class Dance, 2, 3, 4, Most Athletic, Football, 2, 3, 4, Basketball, 2, Baseball, 2, 3, Boys' L, 2, 3, 4, President 4, Wheel Club, 2, 3. 4. WILLIAM M. CRENSHAW JUDITH ELLEN CRISS Future Teachers, 2, 3, 4, Senior Honor Society, 3, 4, Spanish Club, 4. ADRIENNE LOUISE CROSMAN Class Dance, 2, Navigator, 4, Advertising Manager, 4, French Club, 4, Nauti-Nymphs, 2, Press Club, 3, 4. SYLVIA LOUISE CROSS Class Office, 2, Vice-President, 2, Class Board, 2, 3, Class Dance, 2, 3, 4, Queen Candidates: Homecoming, 3, 4, Miss Ft. Lauderdale High, 3, 4, Miss Melody, 3, Sweetheart, 2, 3, 4, Homecoming Queen, 4, EBB TIDE, 3, 4, Assistant Editor, 4, Cheerleaders, 4, Anchor Club, 2, 3, 4, Pep 's, 4. ll SARAH JO CURD JUDY DIANE DAVIDSON Transferred from Phillips High School, Birmingham. Ala- bama: D.C.T., 4, Treasurer, 4: French 3. DEBORAH DAVIS .IOHN PETER CURTIN Transferred from St. Benedict's Prep, Newark, New .Ierseyg Football, 2g Audio-Visual, 43 Pep L's, 4, Science Club, 3' 4' GAII.. LINDA DAVIS Band, 2, 3, 4: FHA, 2, 4. JANE DAGES MARVIN EUGENE DAY Transferred from Northside High School, Atlanta, Georgia Class Play, 35 French Club, 39 Thespians, 3. 4. BARBARA DIANE DANNER THOMAS JOSEPH DAY BARBARA BARTLETT DAVIDSON Transferred from Miami Edison, Miami, Florida. dp My V1 X WW' KENNETH ALAN DEAN Transferred Amherst County High School, Amherst, Vir- ginia, Choristers, 4. DIXIE LEE DEIDERICH DEAN SCOTT DEMERY Inter-Club Council, 4, Civil Air Patrol, 3, 4, Aviation Club, 3, 4, President, 4. LARRY CLINTON DENNISON Transferred from Crandon High School, Crandon, Wis- consin, Basketball, 3, 4, Wheel Club, 4. DAVID ESMORY DERTHICK Legislative Student Council, 3, Vice-President, 3. BARBARA MARY DEVERELL Transferred from Central Catholic High School, Ft. Lau- derdale, Florida, Class Dance, 3, Press Club, 3, 45 Span- ish Club, 3. SARA LOUISE DEW Mixed Chorus, 2, 3, 4, Librarian 45 Allied Youth, 3, 4, Treasurer, 4, Pep L's, 25 Girls' Tri-Hi-Y, 2. HOWIE DI BLASI Class Board, 2, Class Dance, 2, 3, 45 Football, 2, 3, 4, Track, 2, 3, 4, Boys' L, 2, 3, 4, Camera Club, 4g Junior Exchange Club, 2, 3, 4. BARBARA DI GIOVANNI Class Play, 4, Spanish Club, 3, Girls' Tri-Hi-Y, 4. TOYETTE IRENE DITZLER Band, 2, 3, 45 Spanish Club, 4. SANDRA DOAK Class Play, 3, 4, Class Dance, 2, 3, 4, A Cappella Choir, 3, 4, Librarian, 3, President, 4, Inter-Club Council, 4, Choristers, 4, Treasurer, 4, Pep L's, 4, Girls' Tri-Hi-Y, 3, Thespians, 3, 4, Civitan Calendar Girl, 4. NOEL LYNN DOEPKE Class Dance, 2, 3, 4, Most Popular, 4, Queen Candidate: Miss Ft. Lauderdale High, 2, 3, 4, Miss Melody, 2, Homecoming, 3, 4, Basketball, 3, Prom, 3, 4, Cheer- leaders, 3, 4, Captain, 4, Navigator, 3, 4, Make-up Editor, 4, Future Nurses, 4, Juniorettes, 2, 3, 4, Pep L's, 4, Press Club, 2, 3, 4, Secretary, 3, Vice-President, 4, Civitan Calendar Girl, 2, 3, 4. MAUREEN GAIL DOERFLER Mixed Chorus, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Tri- Hi-Y, 2. JUDITH SUE DOLLIVER , Mixed Chorus, 3, 4, Allied Youth, 2, 3, Choristers, 4, French Club, 4, Girls' Tri-Hi-Y, 3, 4, Spanish Club, 3, 4, Sunmaids, 3. PATRICIA ANN DONAHUE A Cappella Choir, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus, 4, Chorister, 3, 4. SHIRLEY FAY DONAHUE JUDITH KAY DOTT S Class Play, 3, 4, Class Dance, 2, Queen Candidate, 2, Miss Melody, Pep L's, 2, 3, Secretary, 2, Girls' Tri-Hi-Y, 2, 3. LINDA .IO DOUGLAS Class Dance, 2, 3, Tennis, 2, Girls' State, 3, .Iuniorettes 2, 3, 4, Latin Club, 2, 3, Pep L's, 3. CHARLES DOVES SUSAN CAROL DREBBER Transferred from South Broward High, Hollywood, Florida 1 DEANNE YVONNE DUDAN Class Dance, 2, 3, 4, Girls' State, 2, Swimming, 2, Allied Youth, 2, P.T.S.A., 4,Press Club, 3, 4, Girls' Tri-Hi-Y, 2. CAROL LYNN DUNLEVY Class Play, 4, Senior Honor Society, 3, 4. ALETA FAYE DURDEN Library Club, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer, 4. LINDA FARRELL EDWARDS Queen Candidates, 3, Sweetheart Queen, Miss Melody, A Cappella Choir, 2, D.C.T., 4, President, 4, Choristers, 3, Civitan Calendar Girl, 4. IOLENE MARIE EICHENBERGER Transferred from North Side High School, Evansville, Indiana, Mixed Chorus, 2, French Club, 2, 3. LYNDA KAY ELFERDINK Future Nurses, 2. LENORE ELFERDINK JOHN EDWARD ELLIS Inter-club Council, 4, Boys' Hi-Y, 3, 4, President, 4, Wheel Club, 4. CI-IARLEEN M. EMERY Class Play, 4, Class Dance, 2, 4, EBB TIDE, 4, Anchor Club, 3, 4, Historian, 4, Latin Club, 3, Press Club, 4, Spanish Club, 4, Thespians, 4. MARIORIE LENOR EMERY Mixed Chorus, 4, P.T.S.A., 2, 3, 4, Future Nurses, 2, 3, Girls' Tri-Hi-Y, 3, 4. DENNIS OLIVER EN GLUN D Transferred from Pasadena High School, Pasadena, Cali- fornia, Band, 3, 4, Track, 3, Junior Exchange Club, 3, 4. MARY IO ERSKINE Class Play, 4, Class Board, 3, Class Dance, 2, 3, Band, 2, 3, 4, Legislative Student Council, 4, Iuniorettes, 3, 4, Latin Club, 2, 3. MARILYN ALYCE ETHERIDGE Class Board, 4, Class Dance, 2, 3, 4, A Cappella Choir, 2, Mixed Chorus, 2, 3, Executive Student Council, 3, Appointee, 3, 4, Legislative Student Council, 2, Anchor Club, 2, 3, 4, Choristers, 3, Secretary, 3, Latin Club, 2. CAROLYN ASEWATH EVANS Latin Award, 2, 3, Band, 2, 3, 4, Librarian, 3, 4, Senior Honor Society, 3, 4, Latin Club, 2. FRANK PETER FABINO Transferred from Blue Island, Blue Island, Illinois. DONNA LOU F ACKLER Transferred from Colonel White High School, Dayton, Ohio. SUSAN ALICE FIELD WILLIAM LEWIS FINKBEINER Class Play, 4, Pep L's, 4. CHARLES WILLIAM FISCHER BET SY F ISHBURN Future Teachers, 2, 3, Treasurer, 2, Latin Club, 2, Pep L's, 2, 3, Sinawiks, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President, 4, Girls' Tri- Hi-Y, 2, Legislative Student Council, 4, Tennis, 2, 3, Student of the Month, 4, Class Dance, 2, 3, 4, Queen Candidate, Miss Melody, 2, Miss Fort Lauderdale High, 4, Civitan Calendar Girl, 4. MARY ANN FLEMING Class Dance, 2, 3, 4, Superlatives, Most School Spirit, Queen Candidates, Miss Melody, Basketball Queen, EBB TIDE, 3, Inter-Club Council, 4, Legislative Student Council, 2, Cheerleader, 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain, 2, Girls' L, 3, 4, President, 4, Juniorettes, 2, 3, 4, Pep L's, 3, 4, Spanish Club, 2, Girls' Tri-Hi-Y, 2. WILLIAM Del'lAVEN FLEMING Boys' Hi-Y, 4, Latin Club, 4, Science Club, 3, 4. WILLIAM FLORENCE Football, 2, Junior Exchange, 2, 3. MARILYN NANCY FLOYD Class Dance, 2, 3, 4, Superlatives, Most Athletic, Band, 2, Tennis, 2, 3, 4, Girls' L, 3, 4, Juniorettes, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club, 2. LARRY JAN FOGLOSON Tumbling Team, 4. ROBERT FOLEY Band, 2, Aviation Club, 3, 4. VIRGINIA FOOTE DEAN FOTOU RUSSEL EDWARD FRASER Class Dance, 2, 3, Legislative Student Council, 2, Foot- ball, 2, 4, Track, 2, 3, 4, Boys' L, 3, 4. GERALD FREEMAN FREEMAN Transferred from Bayless High School, St. Louis, Missouri 2- ,...., KJ 13" ffm? fra A13 MOLLY LOU FRENCH RAYMOND WAYNE GAIEFSKY Class Play, 3, Class Office, Treasurer, 3, Class Board, 3, 4, Class Dance, 2, 3, Band, 2, 3, 4, Legislative Student Council, 3, French Club, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President, 4, Jun- iorettes, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4. SUSAN JANE GAISF ORD Transferred from Providence High School, Burbank, Cali- fomia, Class Play, 4, Class Dance, 4, Pep L's, 4. SUSAN ELLEN FRIEDBERG FHA, 4, Library Club, 3, Pep L's, 4, Civitan Calendar Girl, 3. ELIZABETH GARRISON Future Nurses, 2, 3, Senior Honor Society, 3, 4, Latin Club, 2, Pep L's, 2, Science Club, 3, Youth for Christ, HAL CARLTON FUGATE 2, 3, 4, President, 3, Vice-President, 4, Latin Award 2. Class Play, 4, Class Dance, 4, Football, 2, 3, 4, Basket- ball, 2, Allied Youth, 4, Boys' L, 3, 4, Wheel Club, 3, 4. ALICE-MARIE GERICKE Transferred from Edgewater Senior High School, Orlando, WALTER FULTON Florida, Science Club, 3, Girls' Tri-Hi-Y, 3, 4. DENNIS EARL GAHAGEN Class Dance, 2, 3, 4, Swimming 2, 3, 4, Boys' L, 3, 4, - Boys' Hi-Y, 4, Key Club, 3, 4, Pep L's, 2, 3, 4. DOROTHY MAE GIBSON l79 HI SCHBDL SEEMS AS THOUGH the old ragging system has returned. Possibly, it's twirp season as Mary Jo Erskine makes a sophomore hold her books, but what is he doing with Bob MacArthur's too. JIM ROBERT GIBSON Civitan, 3, Boys' Hi-Y, 4g Pep L's, 4. MARK CLYDE GIBSON Class Play, 43 Audio-Visual, 3, Junior Exchange, 3, 4, Aviation, 3. DONALD JOHN GILBERT CAROLYN LOUISE GILROY Anchor Club 2 3' Pe L's, 33 Spanish Club, 33 Class Dances: 2: 3,-,4. p DANIEL JOSEPH GLADU Transferred from Cardinal Mindzenty High School, Dunkirk, New York, Class Plays, 3, 4. SAMUEL ROY GLAVAS x , -:Nur IK -.4 -cn. 3 HALF THE FUN of being a Senior comes from the special emblems most Seniors wear. These include the year guard, senior key, and perhaps most important, the class ring. Randy Williams and Nancy Conrath can't decide which style they like best. JUDITH ELAINE GOLSTEIN MARY' AGNES GRANT Transferred from Kingston High School, Kingston, Penn- Transferred from Mother McAuley, Chicago, Illinois, Pep Sylvania, Class Plays, 4. L's, 4, Girls' Tri-Hi-Y, 4. ELSA GORDILLO LUTHER GRAY JOHN DOWD GORNTO JOHN B. GREENWOOD Transferred from Central Catholic High, Ft. Lauderdale, Class Dance, 2, Florida. LINDA SUE GRAHAM lCJfT1:glCIA3H4-GG-IOSTD 3 B d 2 P L' 4 1 A . 1 . ass ays, , 3 ass ance, 5 an , g ep s, 5 Class Play' 4' Class ,Dance' 4' Allied Youth' 3' Nami' Science Cluh, 2, 3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer, 3, 43 Thespians, Nyrnphs, 3, 4, Pep Ls, 4, Thesplans, 4. 4 Parliamentarian 46. WILLIAM EDWARD GRAHAM F A d L k F , Ill' , Egillsfglsgirirzrgl izijffch O6-fit, 3? emy' a e Orest 1 Audio-Visual, 3, 43 French Club, 3. I PATRICK ALAN GRUMBAR fi qi f 6P 13" ,auxin ' :Q s wi ...rl JONNY HAAR ' Transferred from Aufbauch High School, Kaisenslauter, Germanyg Wheel Club, 3, 4. CAROL ANN HALE Class Dance, 2, 3, Allied Youth, 2, Nauti-Nymphs, 2, Pep L's, 23 Girls' Tri-Hi-Y, 4. PATRICIA IRENE HALL Class Dance, 3, Band, 3, 45 Inter-Club Council, 4, FHA, 2, 3, 4, Historian, 2, Secretary, 3, President, 4. ROBERT GEORGE HALL Class Board, 2, 33 Key Club, 2, 3, 4. JAMES DOUGLAS HAIRSTON Transferred, Pasadena Senior High School, Pasadena, Texas, 4, Band, 4. NELDA SUZANNE HANELINE Girls' Tri-Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4. ROGER EDMUND HANKS Class Play, 43 Class Board, 4g Class Dance, 3, 4, Execu- tive Student Council, 33 Secretary of Interior, 35 Key Club, 3, 4. CAROLE ANN HARBERSON Transferred from Holy Name Academy, San Antonio, Florida, EBB TIDE, 4, Anchor Club, 4, French Club, 3, gg Pep4L's, 4, Press Club, 4, Girls' Tri-Hi-Y, 45 Class ance, . ERNEST D. HARDEN Transferred from 'South Dade High School, Homestead, Florida. ALBERT T. HARLOW STANLEY WALTER HARROCKS Baud, 2, 3, 4. ALICE VIRGINIA HART Girls' Tri-Hi-Y, 4, Youth for Christ, 3. ETHEL JEAN HARDIGAN Transferred from Abraham Clark, Roselle, New Jersey, D.C.T., 4, Assistant Treasurer, 4. JUDITH ANN HASKIN S Transferred from Oak Park River Forest High School, Oak Park, Illinois, Pep L's, 4, Girls' Tri-Hi-Y, 4. MARTHA CATHERINE HASLAM Latin Award, 2, French Club, 3, 4, Treasurer, 4, Latin Club, 2, 3. RICHARD HASTINGS BONNIE LYNN HAUCH Class Play, 3, Class Dance, 2, 4, Latin Award, 2, EBB TIDE, 3, 4, Business' Manager, 4, Legislative Student Council, 4, Senior Honor Society, 3, 4, Latin Club, 2, Sinawiks, 3, 4, President, 4, Girls' Tri-Hi-Y, 3. CLAUDIA RAE HAUPT Allied Youth, 3, Pep L's, 3, 4, Girls' Tri-Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4. ROBBIE NELLE HAYES BEVERLY THERA HEACOCK EBB TIDE, 4, Class Play, 4, Class Dance, 2, 3, 4, Pep L's, 4, Sinawiks, 3, 4, Corresponding Secretary, Thes- pians, 4. SUSAN GAY HEATH Spanish Club, 4. WILLIAM TRUFFLER HEBERT II Latin Award, 2, Senior Honor Society, 3, 45 Tumbling Team, 2, 3, 4. RUTH LENNIA HEDSTROM Class Play, 4, Girls' Hi-Y, 4. LINDA HEEP Class Dance, 2, 3, 4, EBB TIDE, 2, 3, 4, Advertising Manager, 4, Anchor Club, 2, 3, 4g Choristers, 4g Pep L's, 35 Spanish Club, 3. .IANICE H. HEMPSTEAD Class Play, 4, French Club, 3, 4, Pep L's, 4, Spanish Club, 4, Girls' Tfi.Hi-Y, 3, 4. .IANET CHARLOTTE HERZOG Senior Honor Society, 3, 4, Spanish Christ, 2, 3, 4, Secretary, 3. SAM FRANKLINE HIGGINS MURRAY LEON HINCKLEY Band, 2, 3, 4. BETTY JANE HINKELMAN Transferred from South Broward High Florida. ROBERT HOLIDAY Class Dance, 3, Science Club, 3, 4. Club, 2, Youth for School, Hollywood, JENNIFER HOLT Class Play, 4, Class Dance, 2, 4, EBB TIDE, 4, Senior H01101' S0CiCiY, 4: Pep L's, 2, 3, Press Club, 3, 4, Sinawiks, 2, 3, 4, Parliamentarian-Historian, 2, Senior Director, 4, Tri-Hi-Y, 2, 3. ELIZABETH JEWEL HOLTON Library Club, 2. FREDERICK J. HOLZER JAMES HOUSTON SALLY ANN HOWARD Library Club, 2. HARRIS WHITFIELD HUDSON Band, 2, 3. NA VCY KAY HUFF Cla' s Play, 4, Class Treasurer, 2, Class Board, 2, 4, Class Dance, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Award, 3, Inter-Club Council, 3, 4, Secretary, 3, 4, Executive Student Council, 3, 4, Legis- lative Student Council, 3, Senior Honor Society, 4, Junior- ettes, 2, 3, 4, Parliamentarian, 4, Latin Club, 2, Press Club, 3, 4, Spanish Club, 4, Reporter, 4. BONNIE JEAN HUIZENGA Class Dance, 2, Tri-Hi-Y, 2. LORN A CREE HUMMEL , Latin Award, 2, Senior Honor Society, 3, 4, Latin Club, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club, 3, 4. VALERIE LOUISE HUMMEL French Club, 3, 4. LINDA ANN HUTCHINSON Class Plays, 3, Mixed Chorus, 4, Swimming, 2, 3, Future Teachers, 2, 3, Girls' Tri-Hi-Y, 3, Thespians 4. PRINCESS ELSA IMBROGNO Transferred, Greenwich High School, Greenwich, Connecti- cut, Class Board, 3, A Cappella Choir, 3, Vice-President, 3, Mixed Chorus, 2, 4, Treasurer, 2, 4, Student Council, 3, Choristers, 4, Nauti-Nymphs, 4, Pep L's, 4, Girls' Tri-Hi-Y, 4. JAMES RAINES IRBY Football, 2, 3, 4, Track, 3. NANCY BEACH IRISH Transferred, Morristown High School, Morristown, New Jersey, Class Dance, 4, Anchor Club, 3, 4, Chaplain, 4, Future Nurses, 3, 4, Secretary, 4, Youth for Christ, 3, 4. DAVID ANTHONY JACKSON Hi-Y, 4, Baseball, 2, 3, 4, Boys' L, 3, 4. J UDITH ANN JACKSON Class Play, 4, Class Office, Treasurer, 4, Queen Candi- date, Miss Melody, 3, Band, 2, 3, 4, P.T.S.A., 3, Student Council, Legislative, 2, 3, Juniorettes, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club, 2, 3, 4-, Reporter, 2. BARBARA JEAN JACOBSON Girls' Tri-Hi-Y, 2. TEMPLE WILLIAM JARRELL I Class Board, 4, Latin Award, 2, Basketball, 2, Baseball, 2, 3, 4, Senior Honor Society, 3, 4, Key Club, 2, 3, 4. PETER KRISTIAN JENSEN Most Talented, 4, Mixed Chorus, 3, 4, President, 4, Chor- isters, 3, 4. PATRICIA ANN JOHNS Class Dance, 4, Majorettes, 2, 3, 4, Captain, 2, Band, 2 3, 4, Girls' L, 3, 4, Treasurer, 4, Spanish Club, 4. BARBARA ANN JOHNSON Mixed Chorus, 2, 3, 4, Allied Youth, 4, Choristers, 4, Pep L's, 4, Youth for Christ, 2, 3, 4. JOYCE JOHNSON KAREN ANN JOHNSON D.C.T., 4, Correspondent, 4, Student Council-Legis., 2, Future Teachers, 2, 3, Secretary, 3, Library Club, 2, Girls' Tri-Hi-Y, 2. ROBERT JOHNSON TED MORRIS JOHNSON Class Dance, 2, 3, 4, Executive Student Council, 2, Legis- lative 2, 3, 4, Football 2, 3, 4, Captain, 4, Track 2, Boys' L, 3, 4, Civitan, 2, 3, 4, Director, 2, 3, 4. JOSEPH P. JOLLEY JR. Superlative-Most School Spirit, Tennis, 2, 3, 4, Boys' L. 4, Civitan, 2, 3, 4, Corresponding Secretary, 3, Spanish Club, 2. JUDITH WYLENE JONES CHRISTINA J. KALASHNIKOFF Transferred from Seacrest High School, Delray Beach. LEI LANI REBECCA KAPONA LYNNE MARIE KARSTEN Class Dance, 4, Legislative Student Council, 4, Allied Youth, 2, Anchor Club, 3, 4, Spanish Club, 2, 3, 4, Thes- pians, 3, 4. BILLIE SUE KATSIKAS Class Play, 4, Class Dance, 2, 3, 4, EBB TIDE, 4, P.T.S.A., 2, 3, 4, Future Teachers, 2, luniorettes, 3, 4, Pep L's, 2, 3, 4, Press Club, 2, 3, 4, Girls, Tri-Hi-Y, 2, Treasurer, 2. JO ANN MARIE KEATON Class Play, 3, 4, Spanish Club, 3, 4, Girls, Tri-Hi-Y, 4. ROBERT CRAIG KEENA Transferred from Central Catholic, Fort Lauderdale, Fla SAMUEL DENNIS KERR Transferred from Hubbard High School, Hubbard, Ohio MARY BETH KINEK Transferred from Ottawa Hills High School, Grand Rapids. ROYAL HEWETT MARSHA ANN KINGSLEY Class Board, 3, 4, Class Dance, 2, 3, Most Dependable, 4, Inter-Club Council, 4, Executive Student Council, 3, Leg- islative Student Council, 2, Cheerleader, 2, 3, Girls' L, 3, 4, Juniorettes, 2, 3, 4, President, 3, 4. ANN MARIE KIRK Class Dance, 3, Inter-Club Council, 4, Senior Honor Society, 3, 4, Latin Club, 2, 3, 4, Secretary, 3, President, 4, Spanish Club, 3. SHERRIE DIANNE KLEIGER Transferred from East High, Denver, Colorado. BARBARA ELLEN KLUKOSKI Majorettes, 2, 3, Girls' L, 3, Girls' Tri-Hi-Y, 2. THELMA KNOWLES Transferred from South Broward High School, Hollywood, Fla. ROXIE C. KOHLER GAIL ANN KOHLMEYER D.C.T., 3, 4. JOE ROBERT KON RONALD HENRY KONECNY Band, 2, 3, 4. EDWARD CHARLES KORMANYOS, JR. DANA MALCOME KOTT Class Play, 4g Class Dance, 35 Legislative Student Council, 39 French Club, 4, Thespians, 4. KENNETH JOHN KRASSY Class Dance, 3, 49 Legislative Student Council, 3g Foot ball, 3, Track, 2, 3, 45 Boys' L, 4, Senior Honor Society 3, 4, Vice-President, 49 Wheel Club, 3, 4. CAROLE ANNE KROETZ Class Dance, 2, 3, 45 Class Board, 4. KAREN DIANE KRPATA Future Nurses, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President, 4, Library Club, 2, 3, 4. K' l ALBERT AUSTIN KUBALA Class Board, 4, Class Dance, 2, 3, 4, Navigator, 4, Foot ball, 2, 3, 4, Boys' L, 3, 4, Chaplain, 4, Future Teachers 43 Press Club, 4, Wheel Club, 3, 4, Chaplain, 4. LAWSON LEDRAN LAMAR Transferred Pine Crest Preparatory School, Fort Lauder- dale, Fla. BARBARA E. LANE Transferred, Sebewaing Public School, Sebewaing, Mich- igan, 4. RICHARD LEE LARSON GEORGE J. LEATHERBARROW Class Play, 4, Class Dance, 4, Football, 4, Track, 3, 4 KAARAN DEE LEESON P.T.S.A., 4, FHA, 4, Future Nurses, 4, Future Teachers, 4, Tri-Hi-Y, 4, Spanish Club, 4, BILLIE LOU LE GETTE A Cappella Choir, 4, Mixed Chorus, 2, 3, Choristers, 4, Youth for Christ, 3, 4. SANDRA JOYCE LE GETTE Class Dance, 2, 3, Tri-Hi-Y, 2, 4, Historian, 2. CAROLYN K. LEHR Inter-Club Council, 4, Pep L's, 2, 4, Tri-Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4 Treasurer, 4, President, 4. ARLENE LUELLA LEONARD 5.'IgS.A., 2, 3, 4, FHA, 4, Future Teachers, 4, Tri-Hi-Y DIANE CECILIA LEONARD Sinawiks, 3, 4, Girls' Tri-Hi-Y, 33 Thespians, 3, 45 Pep L's, 2, 35 Class Play, 3, 45 Class Dance, 3, 43 EBB TIDE, 3, 4, Sports Editor, 45 Executive Student Council, 3, Legislative Student Colmcil, 3. MARGARET MAE LEONARD Civil Air Patrol, 3, 4. SANDRA LEE LEWTON GAIL LAUREI LINANE Juniorettes, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President, 43 Press Club, 2, 3, 4, President, 4, Pep L's, 2, 3, Nauti-Nymphs, 3, 45 Spanish Club, 2, Girls' Tri-Hi-Y, 2, Class Board, 35 Class Dance, 2, Inter-Club Council, 45 P.T.S.A., 2, 3, 4, Allied Youth, 3. KENNETH LEROY LIPPMAN Senior Honor Society, 3, 4, Vice-President, 4. ELIZABETH JANE LITT Transferred from Stranahan High School, Fort Lauderdale, Florida. JEFFREY BERK LITTLE Transferred from Charles Boehm High School, Morrisville, Pennsylvania, 25 Track, 2, 3, 4, Junior Exchange Club, 4. GARY EDWARD LOADER ROBERT O. LOFTIS, JR. Senior Honor Society, 3, 4. PHILIP EUGENNE LONG Class Dance, 2, 4, Football, 2, 3, 4, Track, 2. PAULA MARIE LORD GEORGE SPAHR LOSEY RUTH LOVARCO D.C.T., 4. DAVID N. LOVING KATHRYN LUDWIG GRACE LUKACHER Transferred, Berkeley High, Detroit, Michigan, 2g FHA, 3 TEXAS LUTHER ROBERT WILLIAM MacARTHUR Swimming Team, 3. DORTHY A. MaCDONALD Class Play, 3, 4-g Class Dance, 4g Tri-Hi-Y, 4. LINDA MANHARDT Future Nurses, 35 Tri-Hi-Y, 3, 43 Class Dance, 3. JESSE TELF ORD MANN ELSIE WHITE MARCUM PCP L'S,2- Latin Award, 2, 3, Anchor Club, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer, 3, Future Teachers, 4, Latin Club, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club, 4 CAROL ANN MANNING Class.Play, 4, Class Dance, 2, Library Club, 2, Girls' TRACEY JAMESON MARK Tn'H1'Y' 3' 4' French Club, 4, Navigator, 3, 4, Press Club, 3, 4, Girls Tri-Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4, Thespians, 3, 4, Tennis, 2, Class Play 3, 4, Class Dance, 2, 3, 4. HARVEY DAVIS MANNING, JR. JUDITH ANN MARKER DAVID ALBERT MANTWILL Class Play, 4, Golf, 2, 3, 4, Audio-Visual, 4, Latin Club, 3, 4, Science Club, 4. HARRY ALLEN MARSHALL Transferred from Leon High School. Tallahassee, Florida Class Dance, 2, 3, 4, Key Club, 2, 3, 4. LINDA KAY MARABLE Class Play, 4, Class Dance, 3, Legislative Student Council, 2, Debate Club, 3, Nauti-Nymphs, 3, 4, Pep L's, 2, 3, Spanish Club, 3, Girls' Tri-Hi-Y, 3, 4, Vice-President, 4. ROBERT W. MARSHALL JAMES LAWRENCE MARTIN PARLAN MICHAL MCCRAY Transferred from University High School, Columbia, South Carolina, Tennis, 2, Boys' Hi-Y, 4, Secretary. SHARON ALLISON MCDANIELS D.C.T.. 4. ROBERT JAMES MATT Basketball, 2, 3. GAIL MCDONALD Class Dance, 2, 3, 4, A Cappella Choir, 2, 3, 4, Librarian 3, Mixed Chorus, 4, Librarian, 4, Ch ' te , 4, FHA, 2 JAMES C' MATTHEWS 3, Future Nurses, 3, 4, Press Club, CglS3.ri1. CECIL LOCKWOOD MAXWELL GLORIA WEIR MCDONALD Cla Board, 2, 43 EBB TIDE, 4, P.T.S.A.. 2. 3, 4: Legis- L. - A C d 2. -1 1T.-- '- latii. 2, 3, Football, 2, Boys' L, 3, 4. atm Wu ' l GH S 11 H1 Y' A KAREN LARUE MCELHATTAN VVILLIAM KENYON MCCARTHY Class Dance, 2, Majorettes, 2, 3, Girls' L, 3, Pep L's, 4 Senior Honor Society, 4. Girls' Tri.Hj.Y, 2, 4, ' CECILE FRANCES MCGUIRE Class Play, 3, 4, Class Dance, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club, 2, Sinawiks, 2, 3, Treasurer, 3, Spanish Club, 3, Thespians, 3, 4. SHARON OGREETA McMILLAN Class Dance, 2, Latin Award, 2, Most Intellectual, 4, Anchor Club, 3, 4, Treasurer, 4, Future Teachers, 2, 3, Secretary, 3, Senior Honor Society, 3, 4, Pep L's, 2, 3, Press Club, 2, Spanish Club, 4, JUDY ANN McNEECE Class Dance, 2, 3, 4, A Cappella Choir, 4, Secretary- Treasurer, 4, Mixed Chorus, 2, 3, 4, Secretary, 3, Legisla- tive Student Council, 2, 3, Library Club, 2, 3, Pep L's, 2, 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y, 2, Secretary, 2. DEETTE FRANCES McPHERON Class Dance, 3, 4, Legislative Student Council, 3, 4, Cheerleader, 2, Anchor Club, 2, 3, 4, Press Club, 2, 3, 4. SUSAN PRINCE MEADOWS Class Play, 4, Class Dance, 2, 4, Pep Lis, 2, Tri-Hi-Y, 2, 3. URSULA NANCY MEISENBURG Class Dance, 3, 4, Inter-Club Council, 4, Mixed Chorus, 2, 3, 4, Student Director, 4, P.T.S.A., 2, 3, Choristers, 3, 4, President, 4, Tri-Hi-Y, 2, 3. MARY I0 MENEFEE HELEN ANN MENDEL Transferred from Pompano Beach Senior High, Pompano Beach, Florida, 2, P.T.S.A., 2, 3, French Club, 3, Future Nurses, 3, 4, Future Teachers, 3, Senior Honor Society, 3, 4. MARILYN ELIZABETH MERRICK Allied Youth, 2, FHA, 2, 3, 4, Pep L's, 2, 3, 4. GUY HENRY METZGER Class Dance, 2, 3, 4, Legislative Student Council, 3, 4, Track, 3, 4, Cross Country, 3, 4, Swimming, 2, Boys' L, 3, 4, Senior Honor Society, 3, 4, Hi-Y, 4, Key Club, 2, 3, 4, Senior Director, 4. VIRGINIA LEE MICHIE Class Play, 4, Class Dance, 3, Swimming, 2, Future Nurses, 3, 4, Future Teachers, 4, Senior Honor Society, 3, 4, Historian, 4, Latin Club, 2, Pep L's, 2, Press Club, 4, Sinawiks, 4. ANN MARILYN MILLER CAROL MARGUERITE MILLER Class Dance, 3, Latin Award, 2, 3, Future Nurses, 3, 4, Senior Honor Society, 3, 4, Latin Club, 2, 3. JAMES ARTHUR MILLER Civil Air Patrol, 2, 3, 4, Pep L's, 4. WILLIAM JOHNSON MILLIKAN, JR. Class Play, 3, Class President, 3, Class Board, 2, 3, Class Dance, 2, 3, 4, P.T.S.A., 2, 3, 4, Vice-President, 4, Execu- tive Student Council, 45 Co-Ordinator, 4, Legislative Stu- dent Council, 2, 4, Treasurer, 2, Basketball, 2, 3, 4, Senior Honor Society, 3, 4, Key Club, 2, 3, 4, Secretary, 2, Harvard Book Award, 3, Anchor Admiral Candidate, 4, Most Dependable, 4. STEPHEN LEWIS MINER LOUNETTE MOCK Class Dance, 3, Future Teachers, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club, 3. THOMAS PETER MONKUS Hi-Y, 4. CASTLES WILSON MOORE, ,I R. Hi-Y, 4, Pep L's, 4, Science Club, 4. ROGER MORRELL ROBERT EARLE MORRIS D.C.T., 4. RUTH ANTONIA MORRIS Class Play, 3, 4, Class Dance, 3, A Cappella Choir, 2g D.C.T., 4, Vice-President, 4, Legislative Student Council, 39 Pep L's, 2, 4, Spanish Club, 3, Tri-Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4. VIRGINIA LEE MORRIS Latin Award, 29 D.C.T., 45 Future Nurses, 4, Senior Honor Society, 4. ROBERT L. MORRISSETTE Hi-Y, 4. LAURA MATILDA MORSE Transferred, Wilmington Area High School, New Wilming- ton, Pa.g D.C.T., 4, French Club, 3. THOMAS KURT MUELLER Civitan, 2, 3, 4. LAURA LEA MULLINS Class Play, 4, Class Dance, 2g Spanish Award, 3, Most Talented, 4, EBB TIDE, 4g P.T.S.A., 2, 3, 43 Legislative Student Council, 2, Choristers, 3, Student Director, 45 French Club, 4, Future Teachers, 2, 3, Treasurer, 35 Senior Honor Society, 3, 4. DANIEL JOHN MUNDRICK Junior Exchange Club, 2, 3, 4, Corresponding Secretary, 3. ALBERT EDWARD MUZZELL, JR. Class Play, 3, 4, Class Dance, 2, 3, 4, Pep L's, 4, Thes- pians, 3, 4. SHELLEY LYNN MYRES Class Dance, 2, 3, EBB TIDE, 3, 4, Associate Editor, 43 Legislative Student Council, 2. RAY B. NAGELL HELEN JANE NANKIN Future Teachers, 2, 3, Vice-President, 2, 3, Latin Club, 2, Thespians, 4, Treasurer, 4, Latin Award, 2, Class Play, 2, Class Dance, 2. GALE LEE NELSEN Transferred, Fordson High School, Dearborn, Michigan, 2, Class Dance, 3, Band, 2, 3, 4, Secretary, 3, 4, FHA, Sec- retary, 3, French Club, Treasurer, 3, Calendar Girl, 3. WENDY VEE NELSEN Transferred, Fordson High School, Dearborn, Michigan, 2, Band, 2, 3, 4, Secretary, 3, 4, Queen Candidates: Melody Circus, 3, Civitan Calendar Girl, 3, French Club, 3, Re- porter, 3, Spanish Club, 3. MARGIE R. NELSON Allied Youth, 2, 3, Future Teachers, 2, Latin Club, 2, Nauti-Nymphs, 3, 4, Pep L's, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Tri-Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4, Class Dance, 2, 4. SUSAN ELLEN NEVEN Spanish Club, 3, 4,, Girls' Tri-Hi-Y, 3, 4, Historian, Legislative, 2, Class Play, 3, Class Dance, 2. JEFF SCOTT NICHOLSON DONALD FORREST NOLAND Class Board, 3, Class Dance, 4, P.T.S.A., 3, 4, Executive Student Council, 4, Legislative Student Council, 2, 3, Allied Youth, 2, 3, Key Club, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President, 3, Pep L's, 4. DANIEL LEWIS NUGENT LORETTA ANN O'KELLY D.C.'1'., 4. Top row: Bottom row: JOHN WAYNE ORBERG JUDITH ANN PANZER Audio-Visual, 2, 33 Library Club, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus, 4. ANN LEE PARKER Queen Candidate: Calendar Girl, 2, A Cappella Choir, 2g BARBARA LEE OSBORNE Inter-Club Council, 2g Mixed Chorus, 3, Student Council, Legislative, 2, 3g Girls' Tri-Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4. WILBUR J' OSENGA CILCILIA JOY PARKER JERRY LEE OWENS Aviation Club, 4. ROGER BYRON PARKS ' National Merit Finalist, 4-g Most Intellectual, 4, Senior Honor Society, 3, 4, President, 45 Wheel Club, 3, 4. KATHERINE PADEN PAGE HARRY LANDIN PEARCE Class Dance, 23 Tennis, 2, 3, Aviation Club, 2, 3, 4. Class Play, 45 Senior Honor Society, 3, 4. Top row WAYNE T. PEDRAZAS Transferred, Central Catholic High, 3. MARSHA ANNE PELLETERI Girls Tri-Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4. IUDITH ELAINE PERKINS Inter-Club Council, 3, Girls Tri-Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4, President, 3. ROBERT GLENN PERRIGO Football, 2, 3, 4, Baseball, 2, 3, Boys' L, 2, 3, 4. JOSEPH ALBERT PESEK, III Class Board, 2, 4, Class Dance, 2, 3, 4, Friendliest, 4, Inter-Club Council, 4, Student Council, Executive, 2, Student Council, Legislative, 2, "3, Golf, 3, 4, Boys' L, 4, Key Club, 2, 3, President, 4, Latin Club, 2, 3, 4, Vice- President, 3, Press Club, 3. A Bottom row KAREN ELLIS PESEK Class Play, 4, Class Dance, 2, 4, Allied Youth, 4, Future Teachers, 2, Pep L's, 4, Girls' Tri-Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4. MARTHA JANICE PETERMAN Transferred, Abbeville High, Abbeville, South Carolina, 2, Youth for Christ, 2, 3. GERALD P. PF EIFF ER Class Play, 4, Class Dance, 3, 4, Latin Award, 2, 3, Inter- Club Council, 4, P.T.S.A., 3, 4, Student Council, 2, Ten- nis, 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain, 3, Captain, 4, Audio-Visual, 2, Boys, L, 3, 4, Boys' Hi-Y, 4, Senior Honor Society, 3, 4, Key Club, 2, 3, Corresponding Secretary, 4, Latin Club, 2, 3, Pep L's, 3, 4, Thespians, 4. PHILLIP EDWARD PICKETT Baseball, 3, Science Club, 4. HENRY JEROME PICOZZI Cla-ss Play, 4. '6LET'S GET THIS SHOW on the road," these eager seniors seem to say as they are first in line for the Senior Skip Day motorcade down to Greynolds Park. For the seniors, this is a rare privilege to which all look forward. CATHERINE JOAN PIERCE Class Plays, 3, 4, Class Dance, 2, 3, 4, Latin Award, 2, Student of the Month, 4, October, Superlatives, 4, Best All-Around, Queen Candi- dates, 4, Homecoming, Queen, Miss Fort Lauder- dale High, Girls' State, 4, Secretary of State, Inter-Club Council, 3, 4, Latin President, 3, 4, Student Council Exec., 2, 3, 4, Sophomore Rep- resentative, 2, Secretary, 3, President, 4, Anchor Club, 2, 3, 4, Sophomore Director, 2, Historian, 3, French Club, 3, 4, Senior Honor Society, 3, 4, Latin Club, 2, 3, 4, ViceaPresident, 2, Presi- dent, 3, Pep Lis, 2, 3, 4. NORMAN LESLIE PIERCE Aviation Club, 3, 4, Vice-President, 4, Civil Air Patrol, 3, 4, Security Officer, 3, Training Officer, 4. JOANN MICHAL PISANO LEE ANN POINTER Class Play, 4, Allied Youth, 2, Latin Club, 2, 3 ,4, Pep L's, 2, 4, Spanish Club, 3, 4. IANIS CAROL POPE Girls' Tri-Hi-Y, 4, Transferred from Stuart High School, Stuart, Florida. ELEANOR ANN PORTER F.H.A., 3, Latin Club, 2, Pep L's, 3, Girls' Tri- Hi-Y, 3, Transferred from Morse High School, Bath, Maine, 2. M 4. - .274 STOPPING A MOMENT to think about their wonderful years at L.H.S., Mike Williams and Sue Setz talk of graduation which is so near and yet so far. LOUISE ELSIE PRIES DENNIS PATTERSON PRISK Class Offices, 4, Vice-President, 4, Class Dance, 4, Out- standing '4L", April, Best Personality, Inter-Club Council 4, Student Council Exec., 3, Student Council Legis., 3, 4, Football, 3, Track, 2, 3, 4, Boys' L, 3, 4, Chaplain, 2, 3, President, 4, Anchor Admiral. BARBARA ULEN PRITCHARD Class Plays, 4, Class Dance, 2, 3, 4, Future Teachers, 4, Senior Honor Society, 3, 4, Spanish Club, 3, 4, Girls' Tri-Hi-Y, 4. JOANNE MARY PRUES Nauti-Nymphs, 2, Pep L's, 2, Girls' Tri-Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer, 4. WILMA E. PURSEL Allied Youth, 2, 3, Pep L's, 2, 3, 4, Sinawiks, 2, 3, 4 Tri-Hi-Y, 2, Swimming Team, 2, Class Dance, 2, 4. 9 ELEANOR LOUISE QUINN Class Dance, 2, 4, Future Teachers, 2, 4, Nauti-Nymphs, 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain, 4, Pep L's, 2, 3, Sinawiks, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Tri-Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4, Civitan Calendar Girl, 4. WILLIAM CHARLES QUINN PATRICIA M. RADKE DONALD EDWARD RALSTON Class Board, 4, Class Dance, 2, 3, 4, P.T.S.A., 3, 45 Student Council Exec., 3, Secretary of Commerce, 3, Stu- dent Council Legis. 2, Track, 3, Boys' Hi-Y, 4, Key Club, 2, 3, 4, Pep L's, 3, 4. JOYCE ELAINE RAMEY F.H.A., 2, Transferred from Mt. Gilead High School, Mt Gilead, Ohio. JOHN CHARLES RAMSEY Band, 2, 3, 4, Assistant Drum Major, Legis., 4-5 Key Club, 2, 3, 4. 3, Student Council WILLIAM, NORMAN RANDALL Vbijy, ,la ,v. RICHARD THOMAS RANEY Swimming, 2, 3, Captain, 3, Boys' L, 2, 4. CLORA MAE REDDEN 2, 3, Science Club Transferred from Shady Springs High School, Bearer, West Virginia, 3g Class Play, 3. CILIA ANNE REED SHARRON ROSE REICHERT Girls' Tri-Hi-Y, 3, 4. MARY JANE REMDEIKA ROY ADRIAN REYNOLDS Aviation Club, 4. JOHN MICHAEL RHODES Class Board, 3, Class Dance, 2, Footb 2, 3, 4. SANDRA NADEEN RICHARDS D.C.T., 3, 4. all, 2, 3, 4, Civitan BARBARA ANN RICHARDSON KENNETH ARTHUR RICHART Class Play, 3, 4, Latin Club, 3g Library Club, 3, 4, Vice- President, 4, Thespians, 4. BETTY JEANETTE RIDDLE Transferred, Auburn High, Auburn, Alabama. JOHANNA ROBB JUDITH ANN ROBERT JOAN ROBERTSON Class Play, 35 Class Dance, 2, 4-3 P.T.S.A., 4, Student Council, Executive, 2, Swimming, 29 Girls' L, 3, 4, Vice- President, 4-3 Sinawiks, 2, 3, 4. MAGARET ELIZABETH ROOF Library Club, 3. JOHN CARRY ROONEY Transferred, Christian Br0ther's Academy, Albany, New York. GREGG T. ROWELL SUELLYN F AYE RUPCHOCK Class Play, 45 Latin Club, 2, 3, 43 Girls' Tri-Hi-Y, 4. DARRELL JAMES RUSHTON Class Play, 3, 43 Class Dance, 3g Band, 2, 3, 43 Allied Xouth, 3g Thespians, 3, 4. PATRICIA GAIL RUSSEL Class Play, 3, 4g Class Dance, 2, 3, 43 Queen Candidate: Sweetheart, Miss Melody, 2g Inter-Club Council, 33 Stu- dent Council, Executive, 4g Student, Legislative, 3g Pep L's, 2: Spanish Club, 2, President, 3. RAMONA ROSA LEE SANDERS Transferred, Sarasota High, Sarasota, Florida. WALTER MCLUREN SANDERSON Boys' Hi-Y, 43 'Pep L's, 4. DENNIS PETER SANTELLA CHESTER JOSEPH SASADU Inter-Club Council, 43 Latin Club, 43 Science Club, 2, 3, 4, President, 4. ALICE ANN SCHMIDT Class Office, Secretary, 23 Class Dance, 23 Best Looking, 43 Queen Candidate: Sweetheart, Miss Fort Lauderdale High, Prom Queeng Civitan Calendar Cover Girl, 33 Nauti- Nymphs, 3, 43 Pep L's, 2g Sinawiks, 3, 4, Recording Secre- tarv, 4. RAYMOND LEROY SCHMIDT Student Council, Legislative, 2g Civitan, 4g Boys' Hil- Treasurer, 4. BARBARA JANE SCHNEIDER DENISE SCHULLER Tennis, 2, 3, 43 Allied Youth, 2, 3, 43 Girls' L, 43 Pep L's 2, 43 Girls' Tri-Hi-Y, 3, 4. THOMAS EDWARD SCOTT Football, 33 Baseball, 2, 3, 4, Boys, L, 4, Boys' Hi-Y, 4. VIRGINIA SECORD GUY WORTHINGTON SEESE LARRY SEIFERT JOE LEWIS SELLERS SUZANNE SETZ Class Dance. 2g Sinawiks, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer, 4. VIRGINIA AGNES SHAFFER Class Dance, 2, 3g Band, 2, 3. CHARLENE IRENE SHARP Class Plays, 3, Class Board, 3g Class Dance, 2, 3, 4 Wittiest, 4, Allied Youth, 2, Pep L's, 4, Sinawiks, 3 Girls' Tri-Hi-Y, 2, Vice-President, 2. .IOANN MARGUERITE SHARPE Class Play, 4, Girls' Tri-Hi-Y, 3. HARRIETTE ELIZABETH SHAW Gir1s'Tri-Hi-Y,2, 3, 4. vr of 3 J f 3. J ,f f, ,f i JACQUELINE SHAWIN SHARRON ANN SHIPLEY Class Dance, 2, Inter-Club Council, 43 Future Teachers, 2, 'Nauti-Nymphs, 2, 3, 4, Captain, 4, Pep L's, 2, 33 Girls' Tri-Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4, Secretary, 4. ELIZABETH ANN SHEARD Juniorettes, 4, Senior Honor Society, 3, 45 Future Teachers, 2, Latin Club, 2, 3, Spanish Club, 3, 4, Girls' Tri-Hi-Y, KARIN LOUISE SHOEMAKER 2, 39 PGP U51 25 C1355 Board, 25 Class Dance, 21 31 49 Class Play, 3, 4, Class Dance, 2, 3, 4, Inter-Club Counc'l, EBBTIDEAS TeHH1S,2,3- l 4, P.T.S.A., 4g Future Teachers, 2, 3, 4, President, 4, Latin Club, 2, 3, 4, Science Club, 4. SHARON FREDERICKA SHERER LINDA SHOVELTQN TY3J1Sf9I'f9dfl'0m5 EMOH High SC11001, ENOH, 0hi0- Class Dance, 45 Future Nurses, 2, 3, 4, Chaplain, 3, Latin Club, 2. CAROL GAY SHERIDAN FLORENCE GRACE SIMMONS Girls' Tri.Hi.Y, 4, Transferred from: West Orange High School, West Orange, New Jersey. - MARIE JOAN SHINNICK DARLENE SUE SIMONS Mixed Chorus, 4, Pep L's, 25 Aviation, 4. Band, 21 31 45 Girls' Tri-Hi-Y, 4- THELMA AMELIA SLEEK Tennis, 2, 3, 4, Allied Youth, 3, 4, Girls' L, 4, Nauti- Nymphs, 2, 3, 4, Girls, Tri-Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4. GEORGIA ANN SLUPE Class Plays, 3, 45 French Club, 4, Pep L's, 4, Spanish Club, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Tri-Hi-Y, 4. LARRY SMALLEY CARL BERTRAND SMITH Class Dance, 2, Leg. Student Council, 2, 3, Football, 2, 3, Track, 2. .IAN SMITH .IUDITH LYNNE SMITH A Cappella Choir, 2, 3, 4, Future Nurses, 2, 3, 4, Pep L's, 2, 3, 4. WILLIAMS ROGERS SMITH Class Dance, 2, 3, 4, Class Board, 3, Leg. Student Council, 23 Tennis, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club, 2, Pep L's, 4, Wheel Club, 2, 3, 4, Sec. 4. PATRICIA ANN SNYDER A Cappella Choir, 2, 3, 4, Librarian, 4. RICHARD LEE SNYDER Mixed Chorus, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President, 3, Choristers, 4 Civil Air Patrol, 4g Wheel Club, 2, 3, 4. RGBERT ALLEN SNYDER Class Play, 3, Swimming, 3, 4, Boys' L, 4, Thespians, 4 BECKY ANN SABLIT Transferred from Thomas Jefferson High School. Rich- mond, Virginia. EDWARD PAUL SPARKS .lunior Exchange Club, 2. JILL SPAVIN Q Transferred from Pine Crest Preparatory School. XANCY MAUDE SPIEGEL Class Play, 3, 4g Class Dance, 3, 4, EBB TIDE, 3, -1, Editor, 4g P.T.S.A., 4, Allied Youth, 2, Press Club, 3, 4, Spanish Club, 3, 4, Girls' Tri-Hi-Y, 33 Thespians, 3, 4, Secretary, 4. NANCY JOAN SPILLER Cisil Air Patrol, 4. CHARLES STARS LAWRENCE WAYNE STARR Basketball, 2, 5, 4, Boys' L, 3, 4. JOAN STEELE Transferred from Logan High School, Logan, West Vir- ginia. KAREN KELLY STIFEL Spanish Club, 35 Girls' Tri-Hi-Y, 3, 4, Parliamentarian, 3, Chaplain, 4. CARMIN PATRICK STILLMAN fin" JOHN FRANKLIN STIMPSON, JR. Class Plays, 3, Class Dance, 3, 4, Best Looking, 4, Leg. Student Council, 3, Football, 2, 3, Thespians, 3, 4, Sweet- heart King, 4. SUSAN JOYCE STRAKER Class Plays, 3, 4, Class Dance, 3, 4, Latin Award, 2, In- ter-Club Council, 3, 4, P.T.S.A., 2, Leg. Student Council, 3, Future Teachers, 2, 3, 4, President, 3, French Club, 3, 4, Senior Honor Society, 3, 4, Secretary, 4, Thespians, 3, 4, President, 4, Latin Club, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer, 3, 4. ELISE STRAUGHAN KIRBY STUMPFF NANCY NEILSON SUMWALT Class Play, 4, Class Dance, 2, 3, 4, EBB TIDE, 2, 3, 4, Circulation Manager, 4, Tennis, 4, Swimming, 2, 3, Anchor Club, 2, 3, 4, Junior Director, 3, Parliamentarian, 4, Future Teachers, 2, Vice-President, 2, Senior Honor Society, 4, Spanish Club, 4, Secretary, 4, Sweetheart Queen, 4. LEILA JOANNE SURMIAK F-H-A., 45 Library Club, 2, 3, Treasurer, 3, Girls' Tri- Hi-Y, 2. DON SUTTON KEN R. SWABLE VERNICE SWABY Civil Air Patrol, 2, Pep L's, 2, PAUL SWINDELL Class Dance, 2, 3, Aviation Club, 3. DEENA LEE TANTON Class Play, 4, Class Dance, 3, 4, Band, 2, 3, 4, Inter- Club Council, 4, Latin Club, 2g Spanish Club, 3, 4, Presie dent, 4. WILLIANI PAUL TARQUINE Football, 2. .I ILNET LEZABETH TAVLIN Majorettes, 2, 3, 4, Band, 2, 3, 4g Girls', 3, 4. DAVID H. TAYLOR STEPHEN JAY TEETER Junior Exchange Club, 45 Spanish Club, 4. BARBARA THIBAIILT Class Play, 45 Class Dance, 45 Pep L's, 2, 49 Girls' Tri- Hi-Y, 3, 4. DAVID CHARLES THIEME Clax Dance, 4. CHRISTINA ANN THIXTON Future Nurses, 4, Pep L's, 2, Girls' Tri-Hi-Y, 2, 3. KAREN BETH THOMAS JANET LEE THOMPSON gg 'Sb '-I.-' -17" 'lsgmv JOAN MARIE THOMPSON MARY MARGARET THOMPSON Future Teachers, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer, 3. LINDA ETHEL THORSTENSEN Girls' Tri-Hi-Y, 2, 3. EDWARD M. THRUSTON IEFFERY REID THURLOW Civitan, 3, 4, Sergeant-at-Arms, 3. DONNA LOUISE TIGHE Transferred, Harriton High of Lower Merion, Rosemont. Pennsylvania, 4, Latin Club, 45 Pep L's, 4, Girls' Tri-Hi-Y, 4. PAUL RICHARD TIMLER .IEFFERY H. TITUS LEONARD RICHARD TOCCI Latin Award, 2, Band, 2, 3, 43 Senior Honor Society, 3, 4. VIRGINIA KENYON TODD Class Board, 3, Class Dance, 2, 3, 4, Superlatives, 4, "Most Likely to Succeedi' Navigator, 3, 4, Editor, 4, Cheerleaders, 2, 3, 4, Captain, 2, Girls' L, 3, 4, Parlia mentarian, 43 Juniorettes, 2, 3, 45 Pep L's, 4, Press Club 3, 4. Y TOP ROW? Bottom Row: MYRA GAYLE TOMPKINS JUDITH ELLEN TUCKER A Cappella Cl'10i1', 2, 3, 43 Chflfisiefs, 49 FHA, 31 49 PCP Class Board, 4, Class Dance, 3, Band, 2, 3, 4, Student US, 23 Sllnmalds, 4- Council Legislative, 2, Pep L's, 2, Sinawiks, 4. TAMARA KAY TOWNSEND French Club, 4, Spanish Club, 3 LINDA MAE TRAUTHWEIN Pep L's, 4, Girls' Tri-Hi-Y, 3. LINDA JANET TREMBLETT Latin Award, 2, French Club, 3, 4, 3, 4, Latin Club, 2, 3. TRONCIN, THOMAS LEE 1 Girls' Tri-Hi-Y, 3. Senior Honor Society, CHARLES MUNRO ULLIAN HELENE MARIE ULRICH Class Dance, 2, 3, 4, Friendliest, 4, Student Council Secre tary of Commerce, 4, Anchor Club, 4, Future Nurses, 2, 3 President, 4, Nauti-Nymphs, 2, 3, Girls' Tri-Hi-Y, 2, Civi tan Calendar Girl, May, 4. ANN LYNN URSINI Future Teachers, 4, Senior Honor Society, 3, 4. RICHARD VALENTINE LYNNE VAN AUSDALL RICHARD WILLIAM VREELAND Class Play, 3, Class Dance, 2, FHA, 2, 3, 4, French Club, 3, 4, Vice-President, 43 Future Teachers, 2, 3, Girls' Tri-Hi-Y, 3, Youth for Christ, 2. BRUCE EDGAR WAGNER Class Board,,.2, Class Dance, 2, 3, 4, Legislative Student BARBARA DIANA VOGEL Council, 3, Football, 2, 3. JOYCE CAROL VOLPE Class Dance, 3, Future Nurses, 2, 3, 4, Secretary, 3, PATSY L' WAGONER Senior Honor Society, 3, 4, Girls' Tri-Hi-Y, 4. CAROL WAITE LHf'A HELEN VOSTATEK , l Class Play, 3, Class Dance, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club, 2, EBB Latin Award, 2, 3, Senior Honor Society, 3, 4, Latin TIDE, 4'gA11ied Youth, 2g FHA, 3 4. Spanish Club 4. Club, 2, 3, 4. 4 ' ' THOMAS EDWARD VOTAN ELIZABETH ANN WALDRON Latin Award, 3, Science Club, 4. Pep L's, 3. ROBERT WALE JUDITH WALEGA Transferred from: Fairhaven High School, Fairhaven, Massachusetts, Spanish Club, 4. SUSAN WALLBANK .JOHN CHARLES WANAMAKER Transferred from: Columbia High School, Maplewood, New Jersey, Choristers, 4, Boys' Hi-Y, 4. DONNA BE WARDEN Girls' Tri-Hi-Y, 4. DANIEL WARNER Class Dance, 2, 3, 4, Band, 2, 3, 45 French Club, 2, 3, 4, Parliamentarian, 35 Spanish Club, 4. DENNIS BLAINE WARREN Transferred from: Lebanon High, Lebanon, Indiana, Science Club, 4. MELVIN BARRY WASKOW Latin Award, 2, Band, 2, 3, 4, Quartermaster, 4, Camera Club, 2g Key Club, 2, 3, 4g Latin Club, 2. DAVID GRAHAM WATERHOUSE LANA FAYE WATSON D.C.T., 4, Chaplain, 4, Legislative Student Council, 2, Allied Youth, 2, Girls' Tri-Hi-Y, 2, 3. QW' JOHN BRUGE WAYNE Latin Award, 2g Junior Exchange Club, 3, 4, Recording Secretary, 4, Latin Club, 2, Science Club, 2, 3, 4, Vice- President, 4. RUTH ELLEN WEISS Transferred from: Bensalem High School, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Girls' Tri-Hi-Y, 4. JERRY EARL WELLS Class Plays, 4, Swimming, 2, Thespians, 4. WILLIAM DOTSON WELLS, JR. French Club, 2, 3, 4, Tumbling, 3, 4. MARY LOUISE WESTBERRY Class Play, 3, Props Committee, 3, F.H.A., 2, 3, 4, Treas- urer, 2, 3, Vice-President, 4g Youth for Christ, 2. ROBERT WHALEN ERNEST EUGENE WHEELER Class Play, 3, 4. BONNIE JEAN WHITE F.H.A., 2,'3, 45 Calendar Girl Candidate, 2, 3, 4. WILLIAM I-IARIVION WHITE Class Play, 4. RICHARD WILLIAM WILCOX, JR. Class Dance, 2, 3, Class Board, 35 Inter-Club Council, 3 Football, 2, 3, 4g Boys' L, 3, 4, Civitan, 2, 3, 4, Vice President, 3, Senior Director, 4, Service Club Alliance, 3. DONNA LOLITA WILHELM Spanish Club, 4. DARLA HOPE WILKINSON FHA, 2, 4, Girls' Tri-Hi-Y, 4. MICHAEL HOLT WILLIAMS .Iunior Exchange Club, 3, 4, Parliamentarian, 3, 4. RANDALL CONRAD WILLIAMS Class Dance, 2, 4, Band, 2, 3, 4, Drum Major, 4, EBB TIDE, 3, Inter-Club Council, 4, Legislative Student Coun- cil, 33 Camera Club, 2, 3, 4, President, 4, Press Club, 43 Wheel Club, 2, 3g All-State Marching Band, 4. CLAUDETTE P. WILLIS MARY C. WILLIS NANCY ANNE WILLIS Future Nurses, 4. SUSAN .IEANINE WIMBERLY A Cappella Choir, 23 Mixed Chorus, 3, Library Club, 4: Girls' Tri-Hi-Y, 2, 3, Secretary, 2. FREDRICK E. WILSON TIMOTHY LONDAS WINNINGHAM Transferred from St. Leo Preparatory College, St. Leo Florida, Football, 2, 3, 4g Boys' L, 3. 4, Treasurer, 4g Civitan, 3, 4. ROGER A. WISE Transferred from: Central Catholic High School, Class Dance, 4, Football, 2, 3, 4, Boys' L, 3, 4, Wheel Club, 4. GERALD ALLAN WISENER Transferred from: Hagerstown High, Hagerstown, Indiana. RICHARD WILLIAM WOLFE Football, 2, 3, 4, Basketball, 2, Civitan, 2, 3, 4, Chaplain. 3, President, 4, Senior Honor Society, 3, 4. STEPHEN GABELER WOLLAM Class Board, 2, Class Dance, 2, 3, 4, Executive Student Council, 3, 4, Department of Commerce, 3, Department of State, 4, Allied Youth, 2, French Club, 4, Parliamentarian, 4, Key Club, 4, Pep Lls, 2, 3, 4, Press Club, 3, 4, Treas- urer, 4. STAN WRAY WOOD Track, 3, Cross Country, 3, Basketball, 2, 3, 4, Outstand- ing L, 4, Key Club, 2, 3, 4. RICHARD HOWARD WORKMAN, JR. Class Plays, 3, 4, Class Board, 3, Class Dance, 2, Legis- lative Student Council, 2, Band, 2, 3, 4, Camera Club, 4, Parliamentarian, 4, Thespians, 3, 4, Vice-President, 4, Aviation Club, 3. CAROL ANN WORTHLEY A Cappella Choir, 4, Mixed Chorus, 3, Choristers, 4, Civil Air Patrol, 4, Library Club, 4, Spanish Club, 2, 3, 4, Youth for Christ, 2, Aviation, 4, Girls' Tri-Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4, Chaplain, 2, 3, Parliamentarian, 4. JAMES LEWIS WRAINS Basketball, 3, 4. WILLIAM I. WRIGHT DONALD HILL WRIGHT Class Dance, 3, 4. PATRICIA WRIGHT JAY ANTHONY YURCHUCK Latin Award, 2, 3, Senior Honor Society, 3, 4, Latin Club, Football, 3, 49 Outstanding L, 4g Wheel Club, 4, 2, 3, 4. JOHN ARTHUR ZEIEN - Class Dance, 2, 33 Legislative Student Council, 2, 3, 4 BQNNIE JOY WULK , , , Football, 3, Track, 3, Basketball, 2, Boys' L, 4, Kew Milwaukee Lutheran High, Milwaukee, Wisconsin Club, 2, 3- CHARLES SAUNDERS SCHELL ROBERT JOHN WUNSCH Transferred from: Abington Senior High School, Abington, Cmtan' 3' 4' Pennsylvania, Wheel Club, 4. These Are Choices of the School THE FOLLOWING PAGES contain pictures of those students, picked from their class, by their class. as the most outstanding in selected categories. These students. and the students of their class, will now become citizens of business in the corn- munity. They soon will take jobs, become mar- ried, or go into entertainment. The .students of the Class of '60 are all out- standing, but they too had leaders. Those se- lected well deserved the votes they received. Congratulations are indeed in order. X.. Ng ew--A CLAPPING, WHISTLING, and comments are heard by Lei Lani Kapona, Linda Heep, and Noel Doepke, three Homecoming queen candidates, as they parade by. Honorees MOH, NO, NOT ME!" cries Sylvia Cross as she is announced Homecoming Queen of 1959. Sandy Aanes and Judy Allen seem to be just as joyful. Two of the escorts, Ted Dye and Doug Cook, seem quite calni while .lohn Stimpson, Sylvia's escort, tightens his arm and clinches his fists in an over-joyful manner. ,gg 22I Wj ,,,, ,. , , , Q 4 M Aw!! mga fb ' V ,. Q-Mn f -f MM!-4,,, J , X L! V W M, W f f, f f " 4, W- - K 2 K f 5 Z 1 f 1, Q. Q ww A Q .5 ff' 4 'IV' VH ,fu . .-4, ,'-f. 4 f X. g , 7 F Q ?"VfM-W, 1 1 1 ,Q . I I 1 . A I . ' Y w , 1 Q, I 1, I dy A f ' fe V . V . if 5 ,. ' A " l fy ,Ties " , .hr Q 'K rv, " JW? T, x I2 , A X H7111 ,V X 3' any 2 ,f A 4 " f ' p L f A f f , ' ' ,,, mf, 4 , 2 fl' , , , , , f fur if , U Q ,,,ad ' I I 1 I 4' ,-v ' kr ff 7 G1 Z rm? f 5 F X A, f J , J. A f , 4 . 5 , f Qkx4Y ' n'q G 1 ,e, pi' , 9 f A fa Uwg if mf' ' if A 1 Cf A A .xl 1 I ' A x' s I 4 We 1 f Q 1 , "5 ,, , ,gy 5 W 2 ,, X if 4 1, 'W ' 0 " f' ' ' ,, ,I +4 uv 4 z iiw'fm,, ,I-I 1 K 74 1 1 41 JVW 4-n in KW K ly fr 1 'lf .' h ,.,' 'f ,,,, , , f A 417 M J li X , 1 if MD' A , .f ffJ'c2 f fv 58 ,. Q X , ip' , , , fy. 6 J , ws' N M I f. I I ., es, , ,, ,, V 1, 1 rpg y , ,f 4 ,-', ' V .1 I-f f, f ,A .H VMFQKW i3.K1jv ,fx Y ag imizzf ff, '77 '43 74, MW ,WWW ffff 0. f CthyP HP' ' o . U ,A Best All-Round I 'Si x x. f x .ff x f A Q f K W fly f ' . ,ff if x ,jf ff ,f .J f X' I .1 ,' I- X x f f gf f ff f J- an I 5 nr- 'i' i E . , I 541 ,!, f f ' 'ff ' ,ffm ,, xg? 1 f' , ,wig mi J-vzrj, I 1 7 f' WWW , .,f,,f . ff , , ,.,,. ,, . , , - 'N f K '412f'f"f-mf" -ff " 1 ' 10 WIQW.-,, " 755-1" 'L':9vZW'4"f7g' .ff I V w .M W! , ' -W Wgv, 'ffmvflf I ff ,4 wg ff! f f ff , . lv: f, .341 K 54, ' V, X ,W-5, f w 'J ,yu , y ,ffwff .-if fw f- M I 51, 4.74 Q ,A MM, .7 V I ,- , wo V, Q ' f V f ,, W"W"",','w ., K ,. 'V' ' ,, ' ff wg ffm f ., , +V l , fffiwz 3k,,.,f,4,, ,M ' ' , ' qy1Q4.m,fWi'f ,ff ,f ,W , f Q ,H W, ,,.,, ,fy , W' ,, V , ' -gif, ii f K ,.,,.,,. V, ,, , iff - I j, W I I f ,,,,v,,fwgf'- ff-QW, MW, ,,.n,,,,,,f,f-fwf' N ' M, , 'WMM W f '?,g'9Wf .J Y X f I VW, f f J, , , , , f-M! ,, ., f I I in 4 X K I .,.,,, X , I V , ,4.M,M , , W I MMM, I f ,z,,s,W.. ,, , k .W ff , H Nw ,. 4, ff' fl' ,gy Q 4 " v 'Q 1. .. Q ,1- .Q f W9 Kygq , AQ- N 1 , f - ,,1, , f:yfJ"fTi337: -Mm mv 'f fwlifw Most Athleuc ' Nw ' I , ,.,, W, " . 'mf AW,i,!,!f,4jWp,J!fM. f N 'i , f 'W' " .www ,.f7jf' Wh' , I . X ' , Q 4 A .- 'f , - , I I ,j?1f2U' U! I MQ? A , A fmvpggq O , ,fwww ...f ,, - V, i,l , .Z 4 ff V 5'mmf,,., "'v fm " , W3 "WM , ww fy , W A, , I ' ' .L fav, , ,,, ,, W , ff ,,f,. ' , 44 9 f gif! its x Marllyn Floyd Tom Crawford ,Mic , I I 4 a fur ' ' ? w- - , 1411, ' -0- '-nv-i1"" Best Personalitv Sandy Aanes Dennis Prisk ,T my um: 41.1 ig, s 1 y A1 , , . J' I ' WM V+' 4 f 4 4 1 I yin zz, 4 'S 3 2 22 - Y 1 23l S5 5 wx, 1 . K - if 3 fv ff . ln-8 '-kim ' , f , I if Q ' ' f 'f ,. 2 mx' - X X jlyfefsi A w x J x I X I X . A-X 4 Y 1,4 N 4. ggi: 1 P Tf , in 5. 'ls xg m r!-2 X . xi -. X 'F fn Y Q as Q 'S 1 6 Q. A i sign--Ji: M SK Q . E .h rebzm xf - wg. X- ,Ax 1 ,W ,QQ Qgwgl .L.: XX ,,.,1K K E 2 ,L A , X K.A 'w .gi ,X 4 SN X1 Q' l2L.,a-hun Q 1 ,, fx, 4, , f, - 3. mv, glwv ' ' '-wmmwzfv' "' Q , ,AA ,., U + , 1 X , ' ..-,, V' '- -1.4 , 4 1-ggizazrf . SAA 'v' ,..".,..-" -5 If ' ' , ' 5 ,K 5' Ju' A .um - ,Ma ,gig ff 1 . Y-W www 'A "1 -figfg. .V 1 'M , V V' Q fjfwzf . 4 Q 1 ,,1a'fi'iL, f - ,f1W"f'-ef V, I f....aQ1 ,, ,.fffiv+',?ff,f.... , , , A ' Mg., fl! , A ' 42- ' , y it ,q ., I P ,,. V1 . ann.,-,. j, .g ,ug 1 q:Ez,.fM, 34' -' fn ' - .,, ff-4' f- .A ,C s' -f A4 ww Az wi ' , 'nilvdu . f V , gk v MQ. - W,-' A - gffzw' fr:-wry M ' 5, 1 ,0j,.::a,,1 .. ,Ewa , glue: x V ,.' 1 'S ,aj 'fu "7 1 ,. ,A ,, .1 Y. .-z- f i3af,,.z EF 1e'j,,g,f, 4 li WW A 5 if . w , rn ,. ,wi AV ' -U 1 1 ,v'v' ' 1 I 43.4.13 'gciyfu , ,r' 1, V, .'i,E'f:if' , .- f ' We ?f ' -1-' V' 9" -11' ' V . V 1-., 'Q 7 7 K - 1 . . 5 fi ,. 1 -1 ' " 5' fu ' A .wiki wfwfng 445 v. ' ,- ' w ,pun-.M -'fy f' .W g. ' ' ml' 1 Q4-v. Q 233 "'- V eqf ,wif " 777 ,f ,Q 4 f v A CVFT 1, 1, Mm Arm, mmmg " . , f , , 4 I Va i' I , f f Vik Ak L ,f,Cf, , f . - 2 Y 5 5 . . X..,X, ws, V ' J EK Miss Cathy Pierce i 5 f ,www .- -Q,-.awk arf' ,1 K' Four Beautiful Queens Are Seated Miss Linda Heep, candidate for Homecoming Queen, escorted by Bob Berryhill. Miss fudy Allen, candidate for Homecoming Queen, Miss Fort Lauderdale High, Prom Queen, escorted by Russel Fraser. Miss Betsy Fisliburn, candidate for Miss Fort Lau- derdale High, escorted by Roger Wise. Miss Kathi Fairfield, candidate for Basketball Queen, escorted by Dick Kirk. Miss Vicki Todd, candidate for Miss Fort Lauder- dale High, Prom Queen, escorted by Jay Yurchuk. Miss Sandy Aanes, candidate for Homecoming Queen, Miss Fort Lauderdale High, Prom Queen, escorted by Bob Perrigo. Miss Marsha Kingsley, candidate for Miss Fort Lauderdale High, Prom Queen, escorted by Doug Cook. Miss Joyce Casoria, candidate for Miss Fort Lau- derdale High, escorted by Howie DiBlasi. f'L,r' ,KM Among the Sixteen Lovely 760 Candidates Miss Leilani Kapona, candidate for Homecoming Queen, escorted by Henry Picozzi. Miss Cathy Pierce, candidate for Homecoming Queen, Miss Fort Lauderdale High, escorted by Bill Millikan. Miss Sylvia Cross, candidate for Homecoming Queen, Miss Fort Lauderdale High, escorted by Ted Johnson. Miss Susie Rablen, candidate for Homecoming Queen, Miss Fort Lauderdale High, escorted by Jerry Stewart Miss Noel Doepke, candidate for Homecoming Queen, Miss Fort Lauderdale High, Prom Queen, escorted by Bill Quinn. Miss Patti Cavaretta, candidate for Basketball Queen, Prom Queen, escorted by Mike Rhodes. Miss Ann Fleming, candidate for Basketball Queen, escorted by Jim Wrains. Miss Sally Shank, candidate for Homecoming Queen, escorted by Stan Wood. 'S 15 3 'Si r i Underclassmen Important at L.H.S. THIS HAS been an eventful year. Successfully the sophomores have launched a wonderful high school career. Certainly they have proven that in the next two years L.H.S. may expect great things from its graduating class of 1962. A high school was once compared to a sandwich. The sophomores and seniors were the bread, but the juniors were, and are, the filling-the real meat of the sandwich. The juniors have indeed mani- fested their capabilities in each project undertaken. Underclassmen you were but you will soon be seniors. BEFORE, AN EMPTY GYM, an ugly pole, an unsightly basket are things which seem almost impossible to convert into a dreamy setting for the first dance of the year. Underclassmen TENSION MOUNTS as candidates for each of the sophomore class offices await their turn to speak. 5'It's so much easier to write a speech than to deliver it," seems to be the common thought among these nervous sopho- mores. The election of sophomore class officers is usually delayed until November to give the classmates a chance to get acquainted. Flying L Classes of '61 and '62 UNDERCLASSMEN ARE often teased and stepped-on, but really are a great part of school life. Being a majority in number, their contribu- tions are many. The underclassmen present dances, a play, and participate in school functions by having officm 'in their class and in student council. The sophomores and juniors go through the period of 'cgrowing pains" to form a tight, well- organized class, of which they and others can be proud. Yes, a salute to the underclassmen is necessary. BOB-A-LOOI The most popular object produced in the shop classw this year seemed to be bongo drums. Harry Polliam is making these drums. nderclassmen HERE'S TO YOU, Alma Mater sings the entire student body at a pep assembly. This song sinks deep into the hearts of all Flying L's. School spirit is something that is precisely valued at Ft. Lauderdale High. Sophornores, juniors and seniors together portray their spirit in song. I I PRESIDENT AND VICE-PRESIDENT worked closely together this year to make the class of '61 the best at Lauderdale High. Jim Brindell, the president, presided at all Junior Class Legislative Board meetings, and Sandy Jeni.n worked as the chairman of the class dance, '4Quiet Village." The four Junior Class officers devoted their combined time and efforts toward the goal of making their class projects successful. Class of 761 CALLING ROLL and writing the minutes have been among the many jobs Sally Miller, as secretary of the Junior Class, has had. MONEY SPENT, money received, and money on deposit have all gone into the records Bonnie Edwards, Treasurer, has kept. 1 PRETTY SMILES and beautiful gowns set Homecoming "COOL, MAN, COOL!" thinks Steve Olowecki as he hangs Queen candidates Sally Shank and Susie Rablen aglow as his Christmas stocking, expecting big things from that they ride in the procession during half-time activities. little round man with the rosy cheeks. Class of '61 Abel, Lillian Abele, Eva Adams, Truitt Agnini, Michael Ahrens, .larnes Aldrich, Harold Allen, Charles Allen, Harriet Anderson, Peter Andre, Barbara Andre, Stephen Andrews, .lames Angell, Nancy Argyros, Elizabeth Arnold, Robert Ary, Charlotte Aunapu, Bonnie Baer, Judith Baird, Charles Baldwin, Virginia The No Binnix, Robert Bittner, J erilynn Black, Lamar Black, Merrie Jo Bland, William Blanton, Linda Blomstrom, Maureen Blume, Marilyn Bombard, Susan Bonvechio, Robert Bordinat, Gene Bowers, Janet Bowers, Jeanette Boyes, Arla Brader, Sandra Ball, James Baltier, Bonnie Barbatsuly, Eleanor Bard, Susan Barnes, Mark Barrick, George Barton, Harold Bartz, Nita Barzilay, Bonita Beasley,'Jane Becker, Bonnie Beckett, Glenda Bell, Ada Bell, Lloyd Bennett, Margaret Bergh, Katrina Bevan, Robert Beye, Lorraine Bielek, Dale Bingham, James Longer Baby L's Are Respected Bradshaw, William Bragg, Lewis Breen, Janet Breese, William Brindell, James Bristol, Norma Brown, Franklin Brown, Raymond Bruaw, Linda Bruce, Herbert Bruschi, Joseph Brusick, Janice Burch, Kathleen Burkey, Leo Burkhart, Judith Burkhart, Katherine Burns, Kathleen Busler, Faith Butterfield, William Button, Beverly by Seniors and Looked Up to by SOPl101f110I'6S ,J Cahill, Leonard Canavan, Judith Carlsen, Frances Carr, Sharon Carroll, Beatrice Carter, Daniel Cartwright, Marjorie Caudill, Theresa Cavelier, Eric Chanady, William Christian, Sandra Clark, Sandra Clarke, Grant Clayton, Frances Close, John 247 I Class of '61 ,yi Cunningham, Janice Dade, Robert D'Angelis, Susanna Davis, Donald Davis, Edwin Davis, Roger Day, Camille Dazey, Maralee Dean, Albert Closter, Thomas Cobb, Kenneth Colquitt, Donald Cornbes, Susan Conaway, William Conboy, Thomas Conn, Carlton Conness, .lohn Connon, Terry Connor, Nancy Cook, Johanna Cooper, Judith Coss, Patricia Cowgill, Dale Craig, Robert Criss, Susan Critchley, .loan Crowe, Lawrence Culver, Joyce Cunningham, John "GO GET 'EM, girls! encourage looker ons, as Linda Bruaw and Pat Zimmerman try to make off with the scaffold. DeFrances, Ray Delano, Barbara Dempsey, Arleen Dennison, Ronald DePadro, Robert DeYoung, Henry Diack, Susan Dichtenmueller, Maril n Dixon, WiUiam Docen, Peggy Doetsch, Gordon Doriff, James Douchan, Virginia Drum, Diane Duke, Rosemary Dunn, Diane Durand, Stella Durrence, Patricia Duvall, Lawrence Dye, Theodore if ff 1' 5' 1 Eddie, Faye Eden, James Edwards, Bonnie Edwards, Dennis Eisner, Kathleen Ellis, Harry Endicott, James Engelhardt, James Ernst, Mary ,l" K i 1 12'-S. wr' 4 ' 'ff T- ' faqs-'FW-' Class of '61 f- .I gi , ,X ' .L , 4 . I ' I, 5 4 D A I V Ll -.'- , W " 1 ,A I, if f 5,5 a f Q, r . e s ,Q s 3 s , In 1 M t.- , , gi 9 5-f as D 3 , sr-'e et' i , ,K J, s gn V if X fi fflifilif 'ixn li "fu-5 249 Estler, Katherine Evans, Beverly Eve, Lindsay Fabiano, Janice Fair, .lean Fairweather, Geo Falls, Gary Farrish, Pamela Feldman, Robert Flato, George Florman, Nils Fogle, Thomas Forman, Sandra Fox, Lois rge Francfort, Georgette Francis, Ronald Franz, Linda Frazier, Paula Friese, John Froling, Dale Class Dance and Class Play, J uniorsi Projeem Fugate, George Fuhrer, Victoria Gadd, Randall Gall, Sandra Gardner, James Gasgarth, Donald Cass, Robert Geary, James Gentry, Jayne Gernon, Frank Gheen, J oan Gibbons, Gail Giberson, Gertrude Giblin, Frances Gibson, Harry Gibson, Susan Gieges, James Gilchrist, Connie Gilstrap, Pamela Glenn, Lewis Glock, Paula Goddu, Barbara Goddu, Joseph Godfrey, Ernest Goebel, Patricia Graham, Jane Graves, Curtis Gray, Fred Green, Nancy Greene, Thomas Griffin, Elimbeth Griffin, William Griffith, Ruth Gustafson, Fred Gustavson, Tyler flh' of the Year, Bring Their Ties Closer Togethei ' if r- 4 fx A 'S af Alf, it 4 X 'I 'Y '53 ,345 fiii J wg 1 f Gustinella, James Guthrie, Suzanne Hoag, James Haines, Howard Hale, William Hall, Sandra Hamilton, Thomas Hammond, Alexander Hammond, John Hancock, John Haneline, Donald Hanna, Calvin Harris, Dawid Harrison, James Hartnett, Ronald Class of '61 Hoffman, Steven Hogan, Terry Hollerbach, Arthur Holton, Raymond Honour, Derek Hopkins, Mary Horton, William Houlihand, Dorothy Howard, Susan Hoy, Nantelle Hudlett, Patricia Hudson, Ralph Hunt, Charity Hunter, John Hursey, James Harwood, Blaine Hayes, Arlene Hayes, Judith Haynes, Donald Healey, Susan Heasley, Alice Hedleston, Mary Henderson, Fred Henderson, Karen Henderson, Linda Hess, Paige Hewett, Ann Hickman, Judith Hicks, Sandra Hill, Millard Himes, Judith Huston, Ronald Hutchinson, Janice Inglehart, James Inglis, Richard Ives, Cheryl Jared, Judith Jenin, Sandra Jenkins, Susan Johnson, Gail Johnson, Hans Johnson, Karen Jones, Alan J ones, Linda J ones, Rodney J ones, Sidney Joslin, Marilyn Class of 761 J unghans, Janet Karley, William Karnatz, Walter I ,ix " 15,3 7 ff? Vi 4 5 sf ,Z "SHARE AND SHARE ALIKE" does not seem to be an objectionable idea to Ralph Lehr and Judie Cooper as they sip coconut punch at a tropical Junior party given by Roger Davis. ' Keating, Philip Kelly, Daniel Kelvington, Craig Kennedy, David Key, Doris Kidd, Virginia Kingsmill, Lee Kirk, Richard Kisslan, Dorothy Klima, Robert Knight, .l ere Knopf, Katherine Knowles, Kathleen Koontz, Francella Kremerr, Susan Kubala, Stanley Kuelbs, Wayne Kuhl, Bruce Kuhlmann, Michele Lamar, John The Class of 761 Soars to the Top With Hlgll Langner, Paulette Lanning, Judith Laubheimer, Margaret Law, Michael Lawrence, Sylvia Leaird, William Lee, Joseph Lee, Steve Lee, Wilson LeGrand, Saundra Lehew, Donald Lehr, Ralph Lewis, Peter L,Hommediev, Pamela Libotte, Edith Lillie, Joan Linthicum, J o LoCasa.le, Thomas Loos, Roberta Love, Sharon Lowa, Ann Luce, Martha Maddux, J ay Magale, Eugene Magness, John Malet, Eddie Malone, David Manning, Sandra Manno, Carmelina Mantle, John Martin, Jacqueline Martin, Karen Martorelli, Richard Martorelli, Robert Mason, George l','i9Q, A A -KMC' 7 , f" " X Z ""' " aeii i Honors, as Scholars Prove Their Great Talents Matonis, Stephen Matson, Carl Matthes, Diane Mattull, Terry Maul, Sandra Melfi, Thomas Menendez, Donald Merolle, Mary Merritt, Richard Messler, Fred Mickow, William Miller, Dorothy Miller, Eric Miller, Mary Miller, Mason Class of 761 McLean, Nancy McNally, John McQueen, John McVey, James Nealey, Otto Nelson, Barry Nelson, Diana Nelson, Sanford Neufeld, Ronald Nevharth, Alwin Newart, John Nichols, Patricia Nicholson, Dale Norse, Norman North, June Miller, Sharon Mills, Dinah Mitchell, John Moore, Michael Moore, Toby Moorehouse, Priscilla Morsicato, James Mulcahy, Janet Mulford, Marcia Mulford, Randy Murphy, Francis Murray, Dickron McCarthy, Karen McClung, Patricia McCormick, Carolyn Mclllfresh, Linda McElroy, Brenda McGee, Sandra Mclntosh, Price McKenna, James Norton, Donald Norton, George O'Brien, Mary Oleson, Lois Olowecki, Steven O'Neil.l, Marsha Ormsly, Turanne Osbome, Josephine Oslin, David Osman, Janet Osterhoudt, Linda Palin, Patricia Palmer, Frank Palmer, John Parcell, Samuel Pardue, Tarzi Parish, Sherrie Parker, Loni Parrish, Reed Parry, Kenneth Class of '61 Patton, Terry Pederson, Janice Pellicci, Joseph Pendergrast, Kurt Pendleton, Donald Perez, William Petro, Rex Pettit, John Pfeifer, J ea.n Pickrel, Patricia Picone, Ruth Pisano, Joseph Plummer, Linda Pointer, William Pomeroy, Mary 7K7 Class of 761 Reinoso, .lose Reynolds, Patricia Richards, Larry Rickard, Ralph Riekel, George Rickey, Mary Riles, Thomas Ringer, Barbara Roark, James Robb, Johanna Robbins, Charles Robinson, William Roddenberry, Richard Rogers, Joel Rogers, Patricia Rose, Robert Rossman, Janet Rush, Anne Rush, Sandra Ryan, Dennis Rayburn, Gale Rea, Gwen Ready, David Rebholz, Vincent Reed, Donna Reed, Linda Reilly, Lynn Reilly, Sharon Reinholz, Virginia FOUR PAIRS of weary legs take a breather as everyone prepares to make Sager, Jo Ann Sabatini, Donald , V! , ZZ' I' 'Er Same, Joseph Schadel, Lees Schilling, Faith Schott, Gerald Schoyen, James Schoyen, Jerald Shaff, David T' ,ff I 1 V! "':a-f- j 1. if" 1" 4 , f 1 , ,' the junior dance a huge success. Class of J r j Shapiro, Sherry Shaw, John Shearer, Frances Sheehan, William Shutes, Paul Sledge, Henry Smith, Justine Smith, Marvin Smith, Richard Sneed, Neal Snyder, Leslie Spain, Mary Spillane, Cornelius Stanley, Brenda Steffes, Peter Steinlage, John Stephens, Norman Stevens, Barbara Stewart, Gerald Stitt, Barbara Class of '61 Troncin, Michael Trubey, Roger Tucker, James Tucker, Joseph Turner, Dianne Ullian, Arthur VanAllan, Walter Vanderlinde, Marilyn VanMeeteren, Robert VanVoast, Joseph Vossler, Joyce Walther, Robert Warren, Patricia Welch, William White, Jean Straits, Lloyd Streeter, Robert Stuart, Sandra Sullivan, Donald Sweat, Pamela Sweetman, Elizabeth Symonette, J amos Tankovich, Louis Tackbarry, Cheryl Taylor, Betty Taylor, Carolyn Theil, Joan Thomas, Carole Thomas, Wayne Thompson, Daniel Thompson, Edward Thornton, James Tipton, Venia Tillotson, Penny Todack, Thomas White, Jerry White, Lynn Wickel, Frances Williams, Lynne Williams, Sandra Williams, Warren Wilson, .Jerry Wilson, Kathleen Windham, William Winters, Karen Wolf, Nell Wonson, Susan Wrather, John Wright, George Wright, Sharon Zalaznik, James Zimmer, Donald Zimmerman, Roberta Zorburg, Kathleen Zwick, Peter .Q-. Class of 61 Allen, Judith Anderson, Joseph Anderson, Martha Ashcraft, William Bennix, Robert Boyes, Arla Brusick, Janice Button, Beverly Canevan, Judith Carlson, Fran Cleary, J earme Connin, Terry Coss, Patricia Cowgill, Dale D'Angelis, Suzanne EVERYONE IS listening attentively during an assembly con- SNOW IN FLORIDA? Why yes, we have everything cerning world problems. Assemblies play an important part in E. J. Holt and Sue Combes make snowballs and begin the school life and add a bit of variety to our everyday routine. to realize what goes on up north. Class of 761 Day, Stephen DePadro, Robert Dixon, Sharron Edwards, .Ioan Ellis, Sandra Fairfield, Kathleen Gardner, Terry Garofald, Jerry Greene, Judith Grinis, Robert Hill, Raymond Hodges, Lynn Holt, Ellen Huskey, Becky Innes, James Jacobson, Margaret Iarrel, Nancy Jorde, Diane Joy, Joyce Kallaher, Linda Kaunitz, Peter , Keating, Philip Keyes, Ruth Knopsnyder, Wallace V Kollar, Michael Loveless, Linda Luce, Martha Meyer, Martha Miller, Daniel Miller, Lanny Morriss, Ray Norton, Randy Pail, Carl Parcell, Samuel Peterson, Carol Class of 761 5 tg ,. 1 'Wa A FEAST AND A PARTY-all in one-. This is great! Sherry Shapiro, Tom Riles, Trudy Giberson, and Roger Davis thoroughly enjoy a wonderful evening. Dining and dancing make a person feel great. Parties, such as this, put fun into school life and give one a chance to relax from school tension. NOW T0 GET' IT UP," thinks Sanford Nelson. "I made it cheers Ray DeFrances. The boys' physical education classes are working on fitness. Pickerill, Connie Pickett, Sandra Poole, Antoinette Porco, Anthony Porter, Zell Powell, Judith Powers, William Proctor, Robert Pulis, June Quina, Thomas Rablen, Susan Ready, David Rice, David Risling, Dolores Shanady, William Shank, Sarah Sha.nnon, Albert Skip, Mark Sobeck, Cynthia Sparks, Guy "MAKE CERTAIN you give the correct information," remarks Mr. Brewer, to Sue Gibson and Pat Moorehouse at the .Iuniorette information desk in the main hall. Class of '61 Spooner, Judith Symona, William Wickersham, Kirk Stolzenburg, Bing Toothman, James Wolfanger, Ruth Stone, Gail West, Pamela Wright, Barbara 5 ,X Q "WE'RE OFF!" Nancy Cone, J.V. cheerleader, and other sopho- mores, Mary Lockrey and Jeff Sheard to name a few, are off to their first football game. Jwff, ,, "IT SURE IS HOT out here!" sighs Sherry Shapiro. Waiting for those girls in P.E. to hit 'the ball is like racing two turtles. AWED BY THE TASK set before them - the task of guiding the Class of '62 -the Sophomore Class officers hope to make this class as successful as the classes of other years. Under the leadership of their President, Jim Upde graft, Sally Kerr, treasurer, Betty Pierce, secretary, and Carolyn Smith, vice-president, the sophomores will take their places as true Flying L's. Class of '62 Ackerman, Janice Adamson, Paul Adelman, Claudia Adler, William Aletti, Vincent Alley, Marvin Allred, Sharon Alpert, Lanna Alpert, Lanore Ambrose, Pauline Ammerman, Phyllis Anderson, Eddie Anderson, Patricia Angle, Richard Archer, Barbara Atkinson, Kathy Avon, Leilani Bailey, Malcom Baker, Paul Baldwin, Phyllis Barnes, Barbara Barnhill, Carol Bass, Judith Bates, Ed Bayuk, Barry Beairsto, Jean Beer, Nancy Beimly, James Beldin , Bendon, Bittner, Wayne James William Blackbum, Lanny Blake, Blomgren , Blume, Bockman Boeckler, Bonnet Boorman Booth, Bourgu Boylan, Clark William Richard , Diane Daniel Shelia Victoria arbara e, Loretta Anne f, B Bradley, Amy Bragg, Richard Brastrom, Jo Braune, Monty Brawle y, Charlia Brewer, Charles Bringh Bromw Brown Brown, Brown, urst, Bill ell, James Kathy Brown, , Gerald Rita Tracy Bullion, Charles Bullock, Joseph Class of '62 Bumgarner, Mary Burke, Pamela Bushe, Walter Butler, Wayne Byrne, Lynda Carkner, Cathrine Carroll, Sandra Carter, Clifford Carver, Celeat Cavanaugh, Marilyn Cecil, Anna Chaddock, Craig Christian, Robert Chunn, Jain Clark, David Clemente, Philip Clements, Denham Clenin, Robert Cline, Robin Clinton, Jennie Clinton, Margie Cole, Judith Coles, Ann Collier, Earl Colquitt, Bonnie Cone, Nancy Connolly, Robert Cook, Henry Cook, Ed Couns, Constance Corson, Marie Kay Coyne, Theodora Cross, William Crossman, Barbara Croxton, Art Currier, Richard Currier, William Currin, Vance Curtis, Ann Dade, Thomas Dartlow, Linda Davis, Harry Davis, William Day, Margaret Dealpli, Jerry Denart, Victor DeVaux, Carol DeVico, Karen Dexter, Dan Dotson, Stephen Drabbe, .lean Drake, Gayle Driesslein, Ronald Drouillard, Roberta Drum, Daniel DuBoise, Robert Ambitious ophomores Get Into the Swing HON, ON, LAUDERDALE, we are right . . .!,' sing the spirited .l.V. cheerleaders, Karen La Rue, Judy Bass, Pat Klement, Nancy Cone, and Janet Thurlow, as they lead the Homecoming parade. ON WEEKENDS, sophomores head for places of relaxa tion. Jim Pfeifer went to Birch State Park, but it doesnt look like he is relaxing at all. Duckworth, Larry Duncan, Pamela Eberhard, Elizabeth Edward, Benjie Edwards, Bill Edwards, Sally Eickstaedt, Susan Eighmie, Robert Eldridge, William Elliot, Susan Emmons, Herb Engle, Carol Englund, Greta Ernst, Fritz Eskew, Bill Esner, Lynda Estler, Tyler Everitt, Carole Eyman, Russell Eyre, Diane Fackler, Donald Fair, Jeffrey Fairchild, Ron Falls, Gary F aron, Mary Farrell, Richard Farrington, Kathrine Faure, Linda f Thmgs Wlth Hard Worli bu Lots of Fun Feeney, Donald Ferguson, Jess Ferwerda, John Fetzer, Fred Fetzer, Nancy Finnerty, Patricia Fleming, Terry Flesh, Terrence Flood, Marcia Forden, Roy Forsgren, Ken Forster, Horner Forum, Rick Foster, Mex Fowler, Marian Fowler, Robert Franefort, Jeannette Freeman, Shelia Freiday, Karen Frye, Robert Gaiefsky, Laureen Galamis, Linda Gauch, Barry Gerhert, Lois Gericke, Grace Gerohernus, Richard Gibson, Helen Glatfelter, Herbert Glenn, Michael Goggans, Betty Goodwin, Sam Green, James Greene, Domilie Greig, Nancy Grinnell, Norman Grosser, Richard Grosset, Garnet Gustafson, Daniel Haack, Thomas Hagen, Judith Class of '62 ON THE ROADS to victory the Chi 'Tri-Hi-Y Homecoming Hoat proves that long hours of hammering, cutting, and stuffing pay off in big dividends as the sophomore girls win top honors. Haislet, Linda Haiyneux, Larry Hajduk, Clara Hall, Bonnie Ham, Charles Hand, Michele Harberson, Linda Harper, Jacqueline Harnish, Lynda Harris, Jane Harris, Marsha Harrison, Godfrey Hart, Joe Hart, Paulette Haskins, Gary Hatch. Michael Hath, Doug Hausier, Louis Hawkins, Kay Hayman, Martha Haynes, Carol Heath, Gail Henderson, Barbara Henderson, Marilyn Henderson, Monty Hendon. Russel N Hicks, Judith W Hiday, Lanney v Higgins, Beverly Higgins, Teresa Hinson, Jim Hoffman, Ted Hogan, Paul Holliday. Robert I-Iopson, Judith Houston. Carole Howard, Nita Howlett, Noel Hutcheson, Nancy Hutchinson, John Hynes, Patricia Jackson, William Jaeger, Richard James, Dobert James. Robert I edlicka. .lan Jenne, Mary Jensen, Karen Johnson, Barry Johnson, Warren Johnson, Wesley Jones, Cynthia Jones, Linda I ones, Marilyn Jones, Ruby Jones, Steve Kaiser. Christine Katt, Loren Kelly, Dan Kelley, Patrick Kerr, Sally Kersly, Christopher Killing, Kenneth King. Charlie King, Elizabeth Kingsbury, Susan Kleinschmidt, James Klement, Patricia Klisch, Kimi Knowles, Pat Krolm. Robert Krus, Robert Kull, Karena Lally, William Lambert. Ronnie Langston, Charlie La Reau. Karen Lawrence, Thomas Lear, Steve Lee, Thomas Leech, Brenda LeLand, Elouise LeMieus, Bob Lerner, Barbara Class of '62 Lewis, Robert Liebel. Joan Lindhamm. Sharon V Link. William Lipscomb, Loretta Liston, David Little, Linda Little, .Tay Littlejohn, Charles Lochrie, Mary Lord, Kristin Lowry, Robert Loy, Bonnie Luke, Charlene McCarty, Robert McCormack, Sharon McCra.ry, Kathy McDonald, Herschel McFall. Bob McFarlane, Margaret McCain, Mike McGee. BillY Mclntyre, Marilyn McLaughlin, DenniS McLean, Christine McNaull, Betty McNellis, Ann McNeilly, Charles Procrastination Doesngt Help the ophomores as A TYPICAL SUNDAY afternoon for many sophomores finds two outstanding members of the Class of '62, Carol Haynes and Lanny Hiday, sunning on the beach. .5 .-1 vu!- LOQUACIOUS sophomores gather in front of North Hall, awaiting the 8:10 bell when they will all go happily off to homeroom and another busy day. saw, mr, N 1 15 'x ,r .V -5 'P Z " " ' R Lg ll 5 Semester Exams Count a Great Deal in ,l ji Mack, Peter BJHCNEIIJIBYB, John Madray, Ronald Mahood, John Mangold, Diana Manning, Arlene Manning, Ronald Marcum, Stephen Marino, Bruce Marshall. Patty Martin, Doreen Martin. John Martin, John Mashley, Myron Mason, John Mathis, Howard Mathis, Robert Maynard, Ted Meadows, Nano Meehan, John Michalel, Daniel Mickow. Marvin Michie, Phillip Miller, Barbara Miller, Raymond Millsaps, Annicia Mincey, Linda Moore, Bonnie the End Moore, Jerry Moore, Pat Morgan, Mary Morris, Edythe Murphy, Kathleen Murray, James Myers, .John Nankin, Edith Nausleix, Brent Neel, Pamela Neese, Betty Neidhart. Rick Nelson, Ray Newton, Donna Nives, Bob Nixon. Dorothy Norclurft, Cheryl Norton, Anne Nottger, Robert Nowlin, Jeff Nyman, John Ochsenknecht, Sandra Oehmann. Pat Oestee, John Ogden, Charles 0'Grady, Karen O'Laugh1in, Falene Orr. Susan 1 1 , Class of '62 Orth, Donna Osinga, Alice Overman, Berle Palkovie, Edward Palliam, Harry Pardue, John Parker, Robert Parks, Janet Paton, Janet Paul, Russell Paxton, John Peck, James THE BIG NIGHT has finally arrived for these two anxious sophomores Linda Harberson and Pat Moore, as they get ready to leave for an evening of fun at their sophomore class dance. Pederson, Gary Pedersen. Jacquelyn Perrigo, James Peyton, March Pfeifer, James Phillips, Roger Pierce, Betty Pierce, Elizabeth Platt, George Pollitz, Patricia Polsac, Joyce Popham, John Possinger, Sharron Potokar, Dennis Powell, Jane Prickett, James Procter, Betty Pyle, Robert Raney, Hugustus Rase, Robert Read, William Redden, Patricia Redington, Robert Reed Vicki Reitano, Linda Ricely, Richard Richardson, Stephen Riggens, Billy o., I f ,jr vi Q T Q 1 1 - ' , ,- if I If 2. ,Q ,t ll Ie- I 5 zf 9. pf r X l - .3 ,. vt 55 , , mv- 41 ff. 1. in v ,J . -, , 1 5 We "A ' Q al' ,, 1, ww, pffwfffiig, 'ij 'f f ' 5, V 1' -4'-t I f I fy , gf , , ,.., 4 . -1 er 1YZl5fi' X w, ff ,I I gig .4 z sc, it , -W f , "J ... ' 7 W I M I. ig., 4? J by 1 f 4 ? ff W 6 M72 , 1 ff .M 'a ,-. 5, , 1 f I f , 4 ff V di f ,pw ff ? f K- A A.. W J 5? ,N fu, 4 J 'vt 'Tr Ritter, William Roberto, Carole Robinson, Sandra Rodgers, Robert Rodriques, Olimpia Rothauser, Franklin Ruck, Claudia Russell, Carmen Ryan, Clement Saltz, Bonnie Sanders, Donna Sanders, Elizabeth Santagelo Angela Sarno, Judith Schell, William Schmidt, Glen Schnell, Gene Schuller, Susan Schultz, Charles Scott, Ronnie Seal, Patricia Selby, Peggy Self, Michael Sergei, Lorraine Sethness, Dorothy Sevy, Reggie Seward, Barbara Shaffer, William Class of '62 Sheard, Jackson Shelton, Tom Shook, William Shsadu, Connie Shultis, Lorean Shumpert, William Silva, Linda Singer, Suzanne Skoglund, Michael Slack, James Smiggen, Suzanne Smith, Carolyn Smith, Elaine Smith, Judy Snyder, Ronald Snow, Morris Snow, Rosemary Solovikos, Catherine Solokowski Anne Spaman, Jennifer Springer, Alan Stafirn, Robert Stanley, William Starn, Nancy Starr, Jerri Strawbridge, Kay Steele, Judith Steele, Sandra Steinlage, Adolph I ,,,,',', Q., j I , t r 7 275 ttf, In-f 5 As Wonderful Year Draws to Close my t Stephens, Peggy Stevens, Barbara Stierwalt, Barbara Still, Sandra Stillwell, John Stimpson, Daryll Stiles, Sussan Stone, Craig Sullivan, John Sumwalt, Linda Surne, MaryAnn Sweet, Micke Symons, Gary Tacy, Robert Tallman, Harvey Tasco, Ronnie Tawhon, Dan Taylor, Mirian Tedefline, Mike Thistlewaite, Linda Thomas, Neil Thompson, Darlene Thompson, James Thurlow Janet Tighe, John Tocci, Edward Tomlin, Martha Trahan, Penny ophomo Trull, Bob Tuck, Jonnie Tufts, Mike Updergrafts, James Urabano, Carol VanAllen, Majorie Van Horn, Vicki Vastine, Nancy Vecchio, Dolly Vecchio, Donald Verdeaen, George Viti, Richard Vrana, Joan Vogt, Betsy Wagner, Christopher Walte, Sandy Waitow, Jim Wale, Ernest Wlalker, Kenny Walsh, William Wanamaker, Nancy Ward, Terry Warner, Charles Warner, Robert Warren, Richard Watkins, Mike Watson, Mike Watts, Carol IC 4 ,7 v Look Back Upon uocessful First Year of Weaver, Doug Webbon, Bruce Weber, Sherrilyn Weller, Kurt Wettengle, Jim Whalen, Judy Wheeler, Larry White, Virginia Willets, Pete Williamson, Cindy Willis, Branson Wilson, Terry Wilson, Bill Wineburg, Donna Winter, Jeffrey Woodhry, Suzanne Workman, Carole Yokel, Teresa Young John York, Vivion Zeiss, Bill Zeve, Vicki Ashcraft, William Batista, Cora Bourque, Lorretta Burgess, John Bushe, Walter Clee, Gerda Activit Coombs, Mary Drawbaugh, Donald Edwards, Joan Fine, Frances Freiday, Karen Gidner, Hilary Gouveia, Joanna Grinis, Robert Harlan, Jerry Hinant, Kent Huskey, Becky Jones, Laura Jones, Susan Kun, Susan Lawey, Judith Niylor, Steve Linda James Partlow, Phillips, Stanger, Marshall Stevens, Don Umstead, Dottie Yossler, Joyce Weir, Robert Weir, Sharon Williamson, Linda ies ,4 f ff! ,ff f my M School and City Exchange Help FRIENDSHIP! This word is under-rated when used concerning the students of Fort Lauderdale High and the local businessmen. The businesses in our community are always will- ing to help us out either by buying an ad, donating items of all kinds, or cooperating with us on Senior Work Day. Stores of all kinds, drugstores, hobby shops, car dealers, dress shops, etc., make up the community and help make up this 1960 EBB TIDE. A big wllhank Youw is necessary and indeed in order. "HE'LL TAKE THE AD," says Nancy Sumwalt to herself as she tires to shoo her butterflies away and give a smooth sales pitch to Mr. Radanof of Lincoln-Mercury. Advertising I I i THANK YOU soooo much says Nancy as her business transaction is topped off with a friendly departure. Givin herself a pat on the back she decides that it was her charming personality and good salesmanship that sold the Ad. Feeling quite content with herself she knows that she won't have to do it again, well, not until next year V jf mat .Xxx J Tom S d B b C p Brolliar A B 'After the Ball Is Over . . . The Crowd Meets at the EGG and YOU NORTH FEDERAL HIGHWAY "Don't Cry ,f- . Y , Gver Spilled Milk" :TI Xxx Be insured by R. B. LEONARD Insurance Agents 420 Broward National Bank Bldg. Nancy C t 1- lx fi.. 5 ,. ks if mm., N 'X-N..-.N ,, V.-f' ,m.3 . sw, W, . Q... rf", x.. ,fs . "Music, Music, Music" MAN, LIKE i SAID. S "MUSIC" TED HUSS Hi Fidelity Sound Systems I978 E. Sunrise Blvd. P D Dick W Jud "Doctor, Doctor, coo you 'fell- Whot will moke my tummy well?" ICO MEDICAL ARTS PHARMACY 7I5 E. Broward Blvd. DONT BE LEFT BEHIND QMM-in FT. LAUDERDALE LINCOLN-MERCU RY I2 E. Sunrise Blvd. Babs O Barber 'House of Separates" ,,V,,., ,V,,,,, Bangles, Beads?" INSURE THEM WITH - Chris Trvixfon LINDSEY INSURANCE AGENCY 200 E. Broward Blvd. "Pat them Together aaa what have you gat?" OuHi+s From FENTON'S II6 S. E. 2nd ST. Dede BireTey Lyn G "GO, l., GO" Every A+hle+e Knows BRCWARD SPORT SHOP Is fhe Place +0 Go 25 SOUTH ANDREWS Dave Sharron Thieme Shear' The Pcnuse That Refreshes FT. LAUDERDALE COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. 644 S. ANDREWS AVE. FIDELITY TITLE AND ABSTRACT CO I9 S. E. THIRD AVE. Now Is The Time To Stake Your CIQImI "Your Dreams Com Come True" BOATARAMA INCORPORATED 7I8 N. W. 6+h Ave. Berryrl-' M ffvg "They've Got S-S-Sfeom Hem" SEVEN HOUR LAUNDRY 307 N. W. Is+ Ave. "Rome Wosrft built in 0 day" Bui' we can 'rryl GEORGE T. CARTER 81 SON Construction una N. E. 4+h sr. "You'lI look sweet upon tne seot ot o bicycle. . ." FIRESTCNE STORES 529 E. Las Olas Judy Haskins "Anything You Con Do I Con Do Better" HOBBY HCUSE 33 S. E. 2nd S+. B Hy P' C thy P' VJ W ' e If fra Q .,- V fe . fl LX? ' A A 1 "We oin't got o barrel of money" We sove it oll! ATLANTIC FEDERAL SAVINGS and Loan Association 1916 . " 5 H. P. Greep, President Q. I I. 1 Offices at: Sunrise Boulevard and N. E. 17th W , f' --" i IIlIlf'ef5 .np ,. bnllfiifpgj ' 1523 South Andrews Avenue n,,..iggggg5Pj1- IllllIllllllllllllllqwllllllllllllV Phan JA 3 5406 V-'39 fy H QKQRA N I 1 4' e - Linda 'Heep This Gentlemen Is of I-Iis Best STERLING'S Men and Boys Shop 2:8 s. W. :S+ AVE. Dennison "Dorff Fence Me ln" I Wont l.ANDl J. A. ME ROLLE Realtor 60-F Coral Shopping Cenler i ii Q lil W i f all llllwi i N .iljbllw i , ,wlllif Q5 Wu MJ, JJ, ,yy QJMKXUA Ligsfgyrlfjtlibe Qwcnd My may be quite Continental ll BUT . . . this gal prefers DIAMONDS! CROFT JEWELER Governor's Club Holel Building To Avoid This Sort of ii Thing, Dine of Your Neorest Rohch House A 5 Tail Sl i Ki. E, .M E T X so A iv 3 The Crowd RANCH HOUSE RESTAURANT, INC. 30I6 N. E. l2'H'1 Terr. "Cookie, Cookie" STEVENS BAKERY 2II S. W. 2ncl S+. Don? Penis! Abb Koen' Your Money ls Safe in BRCWARD NATIONAL BANK S. E. Is+ Ave. FT. LAUDERDALE '6Sundae Sweet Sundaev Hap h Mary o rs CHEMIST SHOP The WorId's Mos+ Unusual Drug S+ore 8I7 EAST LAS OLAS "School Doys, School Doysn BROWARD BUSINESS COLLEGE 370 S. E. 2nd ST. Marily Eh d fdNX.,f ,L ,Mama-11 POWELL MOTOR COMPANY I333 N. Federal Highway THIS SURE BEATS . . . Dennis I-Iu'rcI1inson "True Surrey WITII the Fringe on Top" They Moy Be "I-levirmg Q I-Ieet'WcJve," But We're es Cool es Corn Be. STANDARD REFRIGERATION AND AIR CONDITIONING 520 N. E. 34+h ST. QX 'invit- -Neffr rx CHARLIE MCCARTHY TV AND APPLIANCES Ba rba ra Deverell Climb an ine Bandwagon, Jain 'ine Swing Tnat's His Weakness Now" sERvic:E WITH A SMILE BLACK ANGUS 2750 N. Federal Highway g Cook J. T. REESE TAXIDERMIST INC. l9l8 S. And l l Skip Beisler We Live in Two Dittererit Worlds" l'm All Yours in Buttons 'ri' Bows" BRANNINS SOUTHLAND FASHIONS 7I7E L Ol Mike Williams C l Jan Gail C l H b Cooper Llnane M G ll ll Climb The Stairway To The Stars Gowns From CHARLENE'S 2209 Hollywood Blvd. HOLLYWOOD "I-Iome on Tne Ronge" RANCH HOUSE RESTAURANT 30I6 N. E. I2'rI1 Terr. Sally Miller Jerry Wh "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" FRANCIS K. EDDIE Hair Fashions I5 I 5 S. ANDREWS Mrs. Edd Vicki Todd Sl'eve Wollam Topper NOT . . . Snips cmd snails cmd puppy-dog mils UT... SUGAR and SPICE 3350 N. E. 32 S+. A pretty girl is like Cl melodyn THE BRID'E'S SHGP I228 E. Las Olas Blvd. Jelena Carpenler She washed that mon right out of her hair" JOSE HAIRDRESSER 3IO0 N. E. 9+h S+. 2226 S. E. I7H1 S+. Nancy Sumwalf Tarzi Perdue Ralph Lehr Always on The go! WITHERS VAN AND STCRAGE, Inc I2 I 5 Flager Drive "Beep - Beep" "Beep- W new Beep" l Spavin Jenni Holf MIDAS MUFFLER SHOPS 22I2 Soufh Andrews Ave. DIACK INSURANCE AGENCY, Inc. Be Safe Be insured 9l4-9I8 N E 20+h A Live In The r 15134 ,, f Leap of Sherry Shapiro RABLEN-SHELTON INTERIORS 609 Eas+ Las Olas MANOR LAN ES BDWLING ALLEYS Dave Berry Barry Beeble Princes lmb Take Q dere Bowling I5I7 N. E. 26+h S+. WILTON MANOR I-Ie's not worriQd I-155 insured, LINDSEY INSURANCE AGENCY 200 E. Broward Nelson PIZIO'S D RIVE INN Moms Mio Whofo Pizza Nl'-,WM I505S Fd I 4. V L N Q if I Tl X x ,V 9' i ,, Q JZ Q t 'Vi . 54 Congrowlofioms, CIGSS O PHOTO ARTS STUDIO 358 S. Eg 2 S+ree'r Hal Fuga+e Mr. Henri For The besr dressed meri iri Towri , . . HENRI'S Custom Tailoring 9I6 W. Sunrise Blvcl. TUXEDO RENTAL WEDDINGS ' PARTIES ' DANCES Service with ci smile LAUDERDALE DRUGS 23l2 S. W. 4+l1 Ave. Peggy Jacobson Sa ndy LeG rand "Take Q Slow Bom To Gmc" A Boat From BQATARAMA 7l8 N. W. 6+h Ave. The Crownimg Blow MCCANN HARDWARE, INC. I N. W. Is+ Ave. A 'I ar W .Lg At' . ! ',, 'x I-nf, 'pp . , no Q My :AH 3,541 312' 5 , -,fe I ff'-ff' TT --,utzegztif ' Qi: 7,3 L3,557'v3'2: 51- F?" 4 '- fb L15-::1gz..z.g -.g- 2- ' Z". :rf V S- ' ' -' " 1 arg. I inn!! 235523513 ZEISCEZCQLQIIS 335335-Z5?Z53C'+' .' E p 1 .,. f 5 . 1 .--QQ..- s F ' - I " A A - ... -. ' .- .A. 32335323 " '5-C-fif'-5+ 1 '1"L vi pu 'N . 51- Y. - A 3' ' - if , 30 K, IN MEMORIAM Vicki Leaird's winning smile and sparkling eyes always seemed to draw others to her. She seemed to possess boundless energy as shown by her avid interest in sundry activities. She was an outstanding leader and par- ticipant in cheerleading, Vice-President of Student Council, Junior Honor Society, all church activities and mariners. Although Vicki never reached her desire to become a Flying L, she was selected an honorary member of Anchor Club. Vicki's high moral standards plus her faith and interest in others, set her apart from her classmates as being one of the most respected and well liked girls of her community. .Q A IN MEMORIAM Jim Meehan brightened the lives of many of his classmates, with witty conversation and humorous gyrations. Jim transferred from Rocky River High School in the beginning of his sophomore year. Although he was never able to complete his three years as a Flying L, his happy and carefree manner was a delight for all who knew him. Sports, a particular outside interest was one well participated in by Jim, as he was often seen skiing through the waterways. Making people happy and able to enjoy life is a gift from God and Jim used this gift with utmost sincerity. FACULTY Brewer, Joseph A, 11 Elder, E. B. 12 Hutchinson, Nan Mrs. 13 McDermott, M. J. 1-3 Alfonse, Clarence 20 Alston, Margaret Miss 26, 134 Atkinson, Mahlon 18, 128 ' Barringer, Dorothy Mrs. 26, 95 Bazanos, Blanche Miss 18, 19, 133 Beale, Robert 18 Bennett, William H. 29, 68 Berryhill, Ivy Miss 15 Blakeslee, Zola Mae Miss 15 Bryant, Ila Mae Miss 19 Burdick, Marina. Mrs. 16, 145 Bumsted, Sylvia Mrs. 28, 139 Caldwell, Clois J. 19 Carlisle, Terrell 20, 96, 97, 159 Chung, Ruth Miss 29, 75, 77, 74 Clark, Duane 17 Davis, Paul 22 Decker, Arthur 28 DeMayo, Dorothy Mrs. 22, 114 DeMoss, Ruth Mrs. 19, 155 Dyess, Jesse 9, 22 Engle, Mary Miss 28, 64 Evans, Anna Mrs. 16 Fish, Wells 22, 132 Force, Lorraine 29 Freeman, Elizabeth Mrs. 17 Freiday, Emestine Miss 22 Geldhaugh, George 16 Gillette, Robert 19, 140 Greene, Herald 26, 79 Harper, Max 22, 64 Hayes, Harold 28, 120, 64, 67 Hendrick, Ruth Mrs. 14 Holmes, Barbara Miss 28, 110 Holt, Veazey 14 Jett, Doris Mrs. 254, 118, 149 Kallaher, Tattie Mrs. 24, 115, 36 Kruse, Andrew 28 Kruse, Avis Mrs. 28 Lee, Daniel 20, 126, 156 Leer, Howard 19, 18 Lihan, Joyce Mrs. 26, 94 Lowks, Marion 22, 146 Malloy, Frank 22, 23 Maltby, Loren 22, 83, 136, 41, 82 85 Martin, Kendrick 28 Mathews, John 19, 129 Maurer, James 26, 152 Maynard, Dorsey 14 Nelms, Ellen Mrs. 19 Ogden, Marvin 17 Packard, Charles 22, 150 Pepper, Jane Miss 17, 64, 122 Pharr, Jarrett 25 Pinder, Elizabeth Miss 17, 114 Poole, Lucille Miss 16 Rickard, Geneva Miss 23, 108 Rickman, Murrel Mrs. 17 Sauve, Gerald 19, 82, 123, 124 Schmelz, Robert 26, 82 Schmidt, Maurice 23 Sears, Lillian Miss 25, 116 Senior, Robert 21, 8 Shekmar, Llewellyn Mrs. 17 Smith, Charles 14, 150 Smith, Marie Mrs. 28, 145 Smith, John 28, 99 Spaulding, George 21, 61 Spencer, Gladys Mrs. 16, 9 Sullivan, John 21, 93 Terrien, Yvonne Miss 28 VanArsdall, C. S. 21, 36 Weldon, John 16 Wilkins, Nell Mrs. 28, 112, 149 Funnel, Helen Mrs. 30 Leer, Virginia Mrs. 30 Miller, Margaret Mrs. 30 Purington, Loretta Mrs. 30 Senn, Leona Mrs. 30 Shipe, Marie Mrs. 30 SOPHOMORES Ackerman, Janice 266 I DEX Adamson, Paul 266 Adelman, Claudia 266 Adler, William 266 Aletti, Vincent 266 Alley, Marvin 266 Alfred, Sharon 119, 266 Alpert, Lanna 142, 154, 266 Alpert, Lanore 59, 142, 154, 266 Ambrose, Pauline 153, 266 Ammerman, Phyllis 266 Anderson, Patricia 266 Angle, Richard 266 Archer, Barbara 266 Atkinson, Kathy 266 Avon, Leilani 119, 266 1 Bailes, Malcom 266 Baker, Paul 266 Baldwin, Phyllis 266 Barnes, Barbara 133, 266 Barnhill, Carol 266 Bass, Judith 104, 116, 133, 145, 266, 268 Bates, Ed 124, 266 Bayuk, Barrs 266 Beairsto, Jean 266 Beer, Nancy 266 Beimly, James 266 Beldin, Wayne 267 Bendon, James 267 Bittner, William 267 Blackborn, Lanny 267 Blake, Clark 44, 60, 157, 267 Blomgrem, William 157, 267 Blume, Richard 267 Bockman, Diane 267 Boeckler, Daniel 267 Bonnett, Shelia 267 Boorman, Victoria 267 Booth, Barbara 267 Bourgue, Lorretta 267 Boglan, Anne 267 Bradley, Amy 267 Bragg, Richard 267 Brastrom, Jo 267 Braune, Monty 267 Brawley, Charlia 267 Brewer, Charles 267 Bringhurst, Bill 267 Bromwell, James 35, 267 Brown, Kathy 267 Brown, Gerald 267 Brown, Rita 133, 102, 267 Brown, Tracy 267 Bullion, Charles 267 Bullock, Joseph 92, 267 Bumgarner, Mary 267 Burke, Pamela 267 Bushe, Walter 267 Butler, Wayne 267 Byrne, Lynda 267 Camery, Joel Carkner, Catherine 267 Carroll, Sandra 118, 267 Carter, Clifford 21, 267 Carver, Celest 267 Cavanaugh, Marylyn 49, 267 Cecil, Anna 267 Chaddock, Craig 267 Christian, Robert 267 Chunn, Jain 267 Clark, David 267 Clemente, Philip 267 Clements, Denham 69, 70, 267 Clenin, Robert 267 Cline, Robin 267 Clinton, Jennie 267 Clinton, Margie 133, 267 Cole, Judith 267 Coles, Ann 102, 267 Collier, Earl 267 Colquitt, Bonnie 267 Cone, Nancy 104, 133, 118, 267, 268 Connolly, Robert 267 Cook, Henry 267 Cooke, Ed 70, 268 Coons, Constance 60, 133, 268 Corson, Marie Kay 268 Coyne, Theodora 118, 120, 268 Cross, William 71, 268 Crossman, Barbara 112, 133, 268 Croxton, Art 268 Currier, Richard 268 Currier, William 268 Currin, Vance 268 Curtis, Margaret 268 Dade, Thomas 268 Darthlow, Linda 268 Davis, Harry 153, 268 Davis, William 268 Day, Margaret 133, 268 Dazey, Maralee Dealph, Jerry 133, 268 Denart, Victor 69, 70, 263 Devereau, Jan 125 DeVaux, Carol 268 DeVico, Karen 268 Dexter, Dan 268 Dotson, Stephen 268 Drabbe, Jean 268 Drake, Gayle 268 Driessein, Ronald 268 Druvillard, Roberta 75, 268 Drum, Daniel 268 DuBois, Robert 268 Duckworth, Larry 269 Duncan, Pamela 125, 269 Eberhard, Elizabeth 269 Edwards, Benjie 71, 269 Edwards, Bill 269 Edwards, Sally 142, 269 Eickstaedt, Susan 269 Eighmie, Robert 128, 269 Eldredge, William 127, 269 Elliot, Susan 118, 269 Emmons, Herb 269 Engle, Carol 269 Englund, Greta 269 Emst, Fritz 97, 146, 269 Exkew, Bill 269 Esner, Lynda 133, 269 Estler, Tyler 269 Everitt, Carole 133, 269 Eyman, Russell 269 Eyre, Diane 269 Fackler, Donald 269 Fair, Jeffrey 115, 269 Fairchild, Ron 269 Falls, Gary 269 Faron, Mary 119, 269 Farrell, Richard 269 Farrington, Kathryn 269 Faure, Linda 133, 269 Federline, Michael 71, 269 Feeney, Donald 269 Ferguson, Jess 269 Ferwerda, John 269 Fetzer, Fred 269 Fetzer, Nancy 133, 119, 269 Fien, Frances 133, 277 Finnerty, Patricia 269 Flemming, Terry 154, 269 Flesh, Terrence 269 Flood, Marcia 269 Flowels, Linda Forden, Roy 269 Forsgren, Ken 269 Forster, Homer 146, 269 Forum, Rick 97, 269 Foster, Mex 269 Fowler, Robert 269 Francfort, Jeannette 269 Freeman, Shelia 113, 269 Freiday, Karen 269, 277 Frenzel, Mary 269 Frye, Bobby 269 Gaiefsky, Laureen 269 Galamis, Linda 269 Gale, Barbara 127 Gauvcia, Joanne 277 Geary, James 76 Gebert, Lois 269 Geides, Judy 277 Gericke, Grace 269 Gerohemis, Richard 129, 269 Gibson, Helen 269 Gilliman, George 269 Glatfelter, Herbert 69, 70, 269 Glenn, Michal 153, 270 Goggans, Betty 133, 118, 270 Golamis, Linda 94, 112, 270 Goodwin, Sam 270 Gouveia, Joanne 270 Green, James 97, 270 Greene, Domilie 133, 118, 270 Greig, Nancy 116, 112, 270 Grinnell, Norman 270 Grinis, Bob 277 Grosser, Richard 270 Grosset, Garnet 270 Gustafson, Daniel 270 Haack, Thomas 270 Hagen, Judith 125, 270 Haislet, Linda 270 Haiyneux, Larry 270 Hajdulc, Clara 123, 270 Hall, Bonnie 60, 133, 270 Ham, Charles 270 Hand, Michele 94, 95, 270 Harberson, Linda 59, 133, 145, 119, 270, 274 Harper, Jacqueline 270 Hamish, Lynda 37, 133, 270 Harris, Jane 133, 270 Harris, Marsha 270 Harrison, Godfrey 270 Hart, Joe 270 Hart, Paulette 270 Haskins, Gary 270 Hatch, Michael 13, 270 Hath, Doug 270 Hausier, Louis 270 Hawkins, Kay 270 Hayman, Martha 270 Haynes, Carol 155, 270, 272 Heath, Gail 133, 270 Henderson, Barbara 94, 95, 270 Henderson, Marilyn 270 Henderson, Monty 270 Hendon, Russel 69, 71, 270 Hicks, Judith 270 Hiday, Lanny 270, 272 Higgins, Beverly 69, 71, 157, 271 272 Higgins, Teresa 271 Hinson, Jim 271 Hoffman, Ted 71, 271 Hogan, Paul 271 Holliday, Robert 129, 271 1-loyson, Judith 271 Houston, Carole 133, 271 Howard, Nita 112, 271 Howlett, Noel 271 Hutcheson, Nancy 271 Hutchinson, John 271 Hynes, Patricia 271 Jackson, William 271 Jaeger, Richard 271 James, Robert 271 James, Robert 146, 271 Jedlicka, Jan 271 Jenne, Mary 133, 271 Jensen, Karen 60, 71, 271 Johnson, Barry 271 Johnson, Warren 271 Johnson, Wesley 271 Jones, Cynthia 271 Jones Linda 119, 271 Jones Marilyn 119, 271 Jones Ruby 271 Jones Steve 271 Kaiser, Christine 271 Katt, Loren 271 Kelly, Dan 271 Kelley, Patrick 271 Kerlin, Eddie 60, 147 Kerr, Sally 60, 133, 145, 266, 271 Kersly, Christopher 271 Killing, Kenneth 271 King, Charlene 97, 271 King, Elizabeth 118, 271 Kingsbury, Susan 73, 133, 271 Kleinschmidt, James 271 Klement, Patricia 104, 116, 263, 273 Klisoh, Kimi 133, 271 Knowles, Pat 94, 271 Krohn, Robert 271 Krns, Robert 271 Kull, Karena 271 Lally, William 271 Lambert. Ronnie 271 Langston, Charlie 271 LaReau, Karen 104, 148, 268, 271 lawrence, Thomas 271 Lear, Steve 271 Lee, Thomas 271 Leech, Brenda 116, 135, 271 Leland, Elouise 271 LeMieus, Bob 271 Lerner, Barbara 271 Lewis, Robert 272 Liehel, Joan 133, 272 Lindhamm, Sharon 133, 272 Link, William 272 Lipscomb, Loretta 272 Liston, David 272 Little, Linda 118, 272 Little, Jay 272 Littlejohn, Charles 272 Lochrie, Mary 44, 50, 135, 272 Lord, Kristin 272 Lowry, Robert 272 Loy, Bonnie 272 Luke, Charlene 272 McCarty, Robert 272 McCormack, Sharon 135, 272 McCrary, Kathy 29, 272 McDonald, Herschel 69, 272 Mclfall, Bob 272 McFarlane, Margaret 272 McCain, Mike 272 McGee, Billy 272 Mclntyre, Marilyn 272 Mclaughlin, Dennis 272 McLean, Christhre 272 Mcxaull, Betty 133, 272 Mcfiellis, Ann 272 Mcxeilly, Charles 272 Mack, Peter '74, 76, 93, 147, 129, 273 MacNamara, John 273 Madray, Ronald 273 Mahood, John 60, 157, 273 Mangold, Diana 273 Manning, Ronald 273 Mnrcum, Stephen 273 Marino, Bruce 273 Marshall, Patty 273 Martin, Joh:n 273 Mashley, Myron, 273 Mason, John 273 Mathis, Howard 273 Maynard, Ted 273 Meadows, Nancy 59, 148, 273 Meehan, John 273 Michabel, Daniel 273 llickaw, Marvin 273 Michie, Phillip 273 Miller, Barbara 133, 123, 273 Miller, Rasmond 79, 273 Millsaps, Annicia 273 Mincey, Linda 273 Moore, Bonnie 273 Moore, Jerry 273 Moore., Pat 59, 273, 274 Morgan, Mary 273 Morris, Edythe 273 Murphy, Kathleen 273 Murray, James 273 Myers, John 273 Nankin, Edith 273 Nansleix, Brent 273 Neel, Pamela 273 Neese, Betty 273 Neidhart, Rick 273 Nelson, Ray 273 Newton, Donna 273 Nivea, Bob 273 Nixon, Dorothy 273 Nordurft, Cheryl 133, 29. 273 Norton, Anne 273 Nottger, Robert 273 Nowlin, left 76, 71, 273 Ny-man, John 273 Ochsenknccht, Sandra 273 Oehmann, Pat 133, 102, 273 Oestee, John 273 Ogden, Charles 273 0'Grady, Karen 273 0"1aughlin, Falene 273 Orr, Susan 36, 273 Orth, Donna 274 Osinp, Alice 94, 274 Overman, Berle 60, 133, 274 Palkofvie, Edward 274 Pulliam, Harry 274 Pardue, John 274 Parker, Robert 274 Parks, Janet 133, 118, 274 Patin, Janet 274 Paul, Russell 274 Paxton, John 274 Peck, James 274 Pederson, Gary 274 Pederson, Jacquelyn 274 Perrigo, James 274 Peyton, March 274 Pieifer, James 157, 268, 274 Phillips, Roger 274 Pierce, Betty 266, 274 Pierce, Elizabeth 62, 76, 133, 144, 274 Platt, George 274 Polljtz, Patricia 274 Polsac, Joyce 119, 274 Pagham, John 274 Possinger, Sharron 133, 274 Potokar, Dennis 274 Powell, Jane 274 Prickett, Manes 274 Procter, Betty 274 Pyle, Robert 274 Raney, Hugustus 274 Rase, Robert 274 Read, William 274 Redden, Patricia 274 Redington, Robert 274 Reed, Vicki 133, 118, 274 Reitano, Linda 274 Ricely, Richard 274 Richardson, Stephen 274 Riggens, Billy 274 Ritter, William 275 Roberto, Carole 275 Robinsin, Sandra 275 Rodgers, Robert 275 Rodriqnes, Olimpa 275 Rotbauser, Franklin 275 Ruck, Claudia 275 Russell, Carmen 75, 133, 275 Ryan, Clement 275 Saltz, Bonnie 275 Sanders, Donna 133, 123, 275 Sanders, Elizabeth 275 Santagelo, Angela 275 Sarno, Judith 275 Schell, William 275 Schmidt, Glen 275 Schnell, Gene 69, 70, 147, 275 Schuller, Susan 275 Schultz, Charles 275 Scott, Ronnie 275 Seal, Patricia 275 Selby, Peggy 275 Self, Michael 275 Sergei, Lorraine 275 Sethness, Dorothy 275 Sevy, Reggie 275 Seward, Barbara 119, 122, 275 Shaffer, William 275 Sheard, Jackson 275 Shelton, Tom 275 Shook, William 275 Shsadu, Connie 133, 275 Shultis, Lorrean 275 Shumpert, William 275 Silva, Linda 275 Singer, Suzanne 275 skoghmd, Michael 275 Slack, James 275 Smiggen, Sumnne 133, 275 Smith, Carolyn 38, 116, 144, 266, 275 Smith, Elaine 275 Smith, Judy 275 Snyder, Ronald 275 Snow, Morris 275 Snow, Rosemary 275 Solovikos, Catherine 275 Solokowski, Anne 275 Spaman, Jennifer 125, 275 Springer, Alan 275 Stafirn, Robert 275 Stanley, William 275 Starn, Nancy 275 Starr, Jerri 37, 275 Strawhridge, Kay 275 Steele, Sandra 133, 275 Steele, Judith 275 Steinlage, Adolpbe 275 Stephens, Peggy 276 Stevens, Barbara Tl, 276 Steirwalt, Barbara 276 Still, Sandra 276 Stillwell, John 276 Stimpson, Daryll 1.33, 119, 276 Stites, Susan 116, 276 Stone, Craig 276 Sullivan, John 276 Surrwalt, Linda 60, 41, 144, 102, 276 Surne, Mary Ann 276 Sweet, Miche 276 Symons, Gary 276 Tacy, Robert 276 Tallman, Harvey 276 Tasco, Ronnie 276 Tawhon, Dan 276 Taylor, Miriam 276 Tederline, Mike 276 Thistlewaite, Linda 133, 276 Thomas, Neil 276 Thompson, Darlene 276 Thompson, James 276 Thurlow, Janet 37, 60, 104, 268, 275 Tighe, John 276 Tocri, Edward 157, 276 Tomlin, Martha 94, 276 Trahan, Penny 49, 119, 276 Troll, Bob 71,'124, 276 i Tuck, Jonnie 276 Tufts, Mike 79, 276 Updegraft, James 153, 145, 132, 266, 276 Urabana, Carol 27 6 VanAllen, Majorie 276 Van Horn, Vicki 276 Vastine, Nancy 276 Vecchio, "Jolly 276 Vecchio, Donald 276 Verdeaen, George 276 Viti, Richard 276 Vrana. Joan 276 Vogt: Betsy 275 Wagner, Christopher 276 Yalte, Sandy 276 Waltow, Jim 276 Wale, Ernest 276 Walker, Kenny 276 Walsh, William 276 Wanamakei Nancy 276 Ward, Terry 276 Warner, Charles 276 '-Yarner, Robert 276 Warren. Richard 276 Watkins, Mike 276 Watts, Carol 276 Weaver, Dong 277 Webbon. Bruce 277 Weber, Sherrilyu 277 Weller, Kurt 277 Wettengle, Jim 79, 277 Whalen, Judy 277 Wheeler, Larry 277 White, Virginia 277 Willets, Pete 277 Williamson, Cindy 277 Williamson, Linda 277 Willis, Branson 277 Wison, Bill 277 Wilson, Terry 277 Wineburg, Donna 277 Winter, Jeffrey 277 Woodbry, Suranne 277 Workman, Carole 37, 133, 277 Yokel, Teresa 277 Young, John 277 Zeiss, Bill 277 Zeve, Vicki 133, 154, 279 JUNIORS Abel, Lillian 41, 58, 145, 245 Abele, Eva 245, Adamo, Cynthia 64, 108, 117, 151 Adams, Truitt 245 Agnini, Michael 245 - Ahrens, James 245 Aldrich, Harold 245 Allen. Charles 245 Allen, Harriet 145, 245 Allen, Judith 37, 60, 104. 134, 148, 238, 261 Allison, James 245 Anderson, Gilbert 245 Anderson, Martha 245, 261 Anderson, Peter 151, 245 Andre, Barbara 245 Andre, Stephen 245 Andrews. James 245 Angell, Nancy 245 Argyros, Elinbeth 245 Arnold, Robert 245 Ary, Charlotte 245 Au'1upu,"Bon.1ie 140, 143, 245 Awalt, Edward 245 Baer, Judith 245 Baird, Charles 245 Baker, Michael 245 Baldwin, Virginia 108, 116, 142, 2-15 Ball, James 85, 14-6, 150, 246 Baltier, Bonnie 67, 120, 148, 246 Barbatsuly, Eleanor 215 Bari, Susan 120, 142, 143, 246 ' Barnes, Mark 246 Barjclg George 246 Barton, Harold 60, 153, 246 Barrilay, Bonita 246 Bartz, Nita 65, 246 Beasley. Jane 246 Becker, Bonnie 246 Beckett, Glenda 123, 246 Bell, Ada 246 Bell, Lloyd 246 - Bcllassai, Salvatore 246 Bennett, Margaret 65, 108, 117, 154, 246 Bergh, Katrina 246 Bevan, Robert 246 Beye, Lorraine 246 Bielek, Dale 115, 246 Bingham, James 246 Binnix, Robert 246 Bittner, Jerilyt 41, 64, 94, 95, 107, 134, 145, 246 Black, Lamar 68, 69, 70, 151, 246 Black, Merrie Jo 246 Blackburn, Lanny 246 Bland, William 246 Blanton, Linda 75, 246 Blnmstrom, Maureen 216 Blume, Marilyn 246 Bohh, Gloria 246 Bombard, Susan 246 Bonvechio, Robert 246 Bc-rdlant, Gene 246 Botsiord, Norman 246 Bowers, Janet 246 I Bowers, Jeanette 246 Boyes, Arla 246, 261 Brader, Sandra 69, 70, 246 Bradshaw, William 127, 247 Bri-SZ, Lewis 247 Breer , Janet 247 Breese, William 247 Brindell, James 93, 156, 244, 247 Bristol, Norma 127, 247 Brown, Franklin 69, 70, 247 Brovrn, Raymond 247 Bmw, Linda 140, 148, 247, 240 Bruce, Herbert 138, 247 Bruschi, Joseph 247 ' Brusiek, Janice 247, 261 Buckley. Roy 247 Burch, Kathleen 25, 59, 144, 247 Bnrkey, Leo 60, 90, 91, 247 Burkhart, Judith 247 V Burkhart, Katherine 247 Burns, Kathleen 138, 247 Bush, Walter 247 Busler, Faith 247 Butterfield, Patrick 33, 59, 102, 103, 146, '247 - ' Button, Beveny 76, 112, 247, 261 Cahill, Leonard 247 fhnavan, Judith 112, 247, 261 Carlsen, Frances,247, 261 Carr. Sharon 247 Carroll, Beatrice 107, 247 Carter, Daniel 247 Cniwright, Marjorie 247 Cates, Edward 247 Caudill, Theresa 122, 247 Cavalier, Eric 247 Chanady, William 247 Christian, Sandra 125, 247 Clark, Sandra 247 Clarke, Grant 247 Clayton, Frances 247 - 309 Haa James 251 Cleary, Norma 247 Close, John 247 Closter, Thomas 248 Cobb, Kenneth 248 Cole, Judith 248 Colquitt, Donald 100, 101, 137, 248 Combes, Susan 140, 154, 248, 262 Conaway, William 248 Conboy, Thomas 248 Corin, Carlton 248 Conness, John 85, 157, 233 Connon, Terry 248, 261 Connor, Nancy 4, 120, 248 Cook, Johanna 248 Cooper, Judith 60, 65, 119, 141, 154, 248, 253 Coss, Patricia 248, 261 ' Cowgill, Dale 248, 261 Craig, Robert 248 Criss, Susan 248 Critchley, Joan 41, 57, 66, 108, 120, 144, 248 Crowe, Lawrence 248 Culver, Joyce 75, 248 Cunningham, John 248 Cunningham, Barry 248 Cunningham, Janice 248 Dade, Robert 248 D'Angelis, Susanna 248, 251 Davidson, Judith 248 Davis, Donald 248 Davis, Edwin 248 Davis, Roger 132, 248 Day, Camille 248 Day, Stephen 96, 97, 137, 146, 262 Dazey, Maralee 248 Dean, Albert 248 DeFrances, Ray 248 Delano, Barbara 249 Dempsey, Arleen 249 Dennison, Ronald 249 DePadro, Robert 57, 249, 262 DeYoung, Henry 249 Diack, Susan 33, 104, 148, 249 Dichtenmueller, Marilyn 29, 108, 249 Dixon, Sharon 73, 112, 123, 262 Dixon, William 249 Docen, Peggy 249 Doetsch, Gordon 249 Dnriff, James 249 i Douchan, Virginia 58, 108, 145, 249 Downes, Timothy 249 Drum Diane 249 Duke, Rosemary 249 Dunn, Diane 134, 249 Durand, Stella 249 A Durrence, Patricia 154, 249 Duvall, Larry 249 Dye, Ted 249 Eddie, Faye 143, 249, 297 Eden, James 249 Edwards, Bonnie 148, 244, 249 Edwards, Dennis 249 Eisner, Kathleen 249 Ellis, Harry 249 Ellis, Saundra 125, 262 Endicott, James 249 Engelhardt, James 249 Emst, Mary 60, 94, 95, 108, 13-1, 145, 249 Estler, Katherine 24, 250 Etling, Douglas 250 Evans, Beverly 72, 73, 123, 134, 135, 250 Eve, Lindsay 250 - Fabiano, Janice M. 250 Fair, Jean 108, 125, 250 Fairfield, Kathleen 37, 46, 104, 135, 148 Fairweather, George 85, 250 Falls, Gary 250 Farren, Donald 250 Farrish, Pamela 39, 250 Feldman, Robert 108. 250 Plato, George 250 Florman, Nils 250 Fogle, Tho:-nas 250 Forman, Sandi 39, 94, 108, 145, 250 Fox, Lois 250 Francfort, Georgette 250 Francis, Ronald 85, 250 Franz, Linda 250 Fraizer, Paula 24, 250 Friese, John 250 Froling, Dale 250 Fugate, George 250 Fuhrer, Victoria 58, 250 Gadd, Randall 250 Gall, Sandee 250 Gardner, James 103, 250 Gardne", Terry 262 Gasgarth, Donald 84, 157, 250 Gass, Robert 250 Gauoh, Barry 250 Geary, James 76, 250 Gentry, Jayne 250 Geoffry, Joseph 250 Gernon, Frank 250 Gheen, Joan 250 Gibbons, Gail 250 Giberson' Gertrude 65, 120, 250 Giblin, Frances 250 Gibson, Harry 250 Gibson, Susan 11, 148, 251 Gieges, Jannes 251 Gilchrist, Connie 251 Gill, Winifred 114 Gilstrap, Pamela 154, 251 Gledge, Henry 251 Glenn, Lewis 157, 251 Glock, Paula 251 Goddu, Barbara 251 Goddu, Joseph 251 Godfrey, Ernest 251 Goebel, Patricia 251 Graham, Jane 33, 251 Graves, Curtis 251 x Gray, Fred 251 Green, Nancy 33, 251 Greene, Judith 262 Greene, Thomas 251 Gregory, Max 251 Griffiv, Betty 251 Griffin, William 251 Griffith, Ruth 251 Grosset, Garnet 251 ' Gustafson, Fred 251 Gustsvson, Tyler 251 Gustirella, James 251 Gutherie, Suzanne 65, 251 gi Haines, Howard 84, 251 Hale, William 251 Hall, Sandy 251 Hamilton, Thomas 251 Hammond, Alexander 251 Hammond, John 251 Hancock, John 251 Haneline, Donald 251 Hanna, Calvin 251 . Harris, David 251 Harrison, James 51, 69, 96, 97, 146, 251 Hartnett, Ronald 84, 85, 100, 101, 108, 136, 153, 251 Harwood, Blaine 252 Hatch, Mike 252 Hayes, Arlene 58, 252 Hayes, Judith 252 Haynes, Donald 252 Healey, Susan 95, 135, 252 Heasley, Alice 252 Hedleston, Mary 252 Henderson, Fred 96. 97, 146, 252 Henderson, Karen 252 Henderson, Linda. 252 Hess, Paige 252 Hewett, Ann 252 Hickman, Judith 73, 252 Hicks, Sandra 252 Hill, Millard 252 Hill, Raymond 262 Himes, Judith 252 Hodges, Lynn 262 Hoffman, Steve 252 Hogan, Terry 252 Hollerbach, Arthur 60, 69, 70, 252 Holt, Ellen 141, 262 Holton, Raymond 252 Honour, Derek 252 Hopkins, Mary 252 Horton, William 252 Houlihan, Dorothy 76, 252 Howard, Susan 252 Hoy, Nazgtelle 50, 62, 102, 107, 108, 148, 252 Hudlett, Patricia 252 Hudson, Ralph 252 Hunt, Charity 94, 95, 114, 134, 252 Hunter, John 146, 252 Hursey, James 252 Huston, Ronald 253 Hutchinsen, Janice 253 Inglehart, James 353 Inglis, Richard 96, 97, 106, 108, 137, 253 Innes, James 262 Ives, Cheryl 253 Jacobson, Margaret 69, 70, 262, 304 Jared, Judith 112, 253 Jarrell, Nancy 262 Jenin, Sandra 154, 244, 253, 302 Jenkins, Susan 253 Johnson, Gail 76, 253 Johnson, Hans 84, 253 Johnson, Karen 253 Jones, Alan 240, 253 Jones, Linda 253 Jones Rodney 85, 253 Jones, Sidney 253 Jorde, Dianne 42, 69, 70, 142, 143, 262 Joshlyn, Edgar 253 Joslin, Marilyn 72, 73, 135, 253 Joy, Joyce 262 Junghans, Janet 253 Kallaher, Linda 24, 118, 262 McElroy, Brenda 256 McGee, Sandra 256 McIntosh, Price 67, 98, 108, 121, 128, 146, 256 McKenna, James 256 McLean, Nancy 256 McNally, John 151, 256 McQueen, John 256 McVey, James 147, 256 Maddux, Jay 255 Magale, Eugene 255 Magness, John 97, 255 Malet, Eddie 255 Malone, David 255 Manning, Sandra 255 Manno, Carmelina 255 Mantle, John 147, 255 Martin, Jacqueline 255 Martin, Karen 118, 255 Martorelli, Richard 255 Martorelli, Robert 255 Mason, George 96, 137, 255 Mathis, Carol 255 Matonis, Stephen 255 Matson, Carl 255 Mathis, Diane 29, 94, 255 Mattull, Terry 255 Maul, Sandra 255 Melfi, Thomas 255 Menedez, Donald 255 Merolle, Mary 60, 255 Merritt, Richard 255 Messler, Fred 255 Meyer, Martha 65, 74, 115, 155, 263 Mickow, William 12, 123, 255 Kaiser, Christine 253 Karley, William 33, B4-, 253 Kamatz, Walter 85, 253 Kaunitz, Peter 263 Keane, William 263 Keating, Philip 254, 263 Kelly, Daniel 125, 254 Kelvington, Craig 254 Kennedy, David 254- Kent, Cynthia 254 Miller, Daniel 263 Miller, Dorothy 263 Miller, Eric 255 Miller, Mary 46, 65, 99, 118, 244, 255, 297 Miller, Mason 255 Miller Sharon 108 256 Mills.,Dinah 256 ' Mitchell. John 256 Key, Doris 254 Keyes, Ruth 263 Kidd, Virginia 254 Kingsmill, Lee 97, 254 Kirk, Dick 83, 84, 108, 240, 137, 157, 254 Kirkland, Beverly 254 Kisslan, Dorothy 254 Klima, Robert 254- Moore, Michael 97, 256 Moore. Toby 256 Moorehouse, Priscilla 94, 149, 256 Morsicato, James 256 Mulcahy, Janet 102, 256 Mulsford, Marcia 70, 256 Mulford, Randy 84, 150, 256 Murphy, Francis 84, 256 Murray, Dickron 256 Knight, Jere 96, 97, 254 Knopf, Katherine 115, 254 Knopsnyder, Wallace 263 Knowles, Kathleen 94, 254 Koert, Abbie 254 Kollar, Mide 263 Koontz, Franella 152, 254 Kraynak, Edward 263 Kremerr, Susan 94, 254 Kubala, Stanley 85, 254 Kuelbs, Wayne 254 Kuhl, Bruce 254 Kuhlmann, Michele 254 Lamar, John 254 Langner, Paulette 254 Lanning, Judith 254 Laubheimer, Margaret 135, 254 Law, Michael 254 Lawrence, Sylvia 254 Leaird, William 254 Lee, Joseph 254 Lee, Steve 254 Lee, Wilson 254 LeGrand, Saundra 254, 305 Lehew, Donald 254 Lehr, Ralph 152, 156, 253, 254, 299 Lewis, Peter 254 L'I-lommedieu, Pamela 129, 254 Libotte, Edith 254 Lillie, Joan 255 Linthicum, Jo 123, 255 LoCasale, Thomas 255 Loos, Roberta 255 Love, Sharon 255 Loveless, Linda 263 Lowa, Ann 255 Luce, Martha 263 McCarthy, Karen 108, 148, 256 McClung, Patricia 125, 256 McCormick, Carolyn 256 McElfresh, Linda 108, 256 Nealey, Otto 151, 256 Nelson, Barry 256 Nelson, Diana 256 Nelson, Sanford 256 Neufeld, Ronald 151, 256 Nevharth, Alwin 256 Newart, John 256 Nichols, Patricia 125, 135, 256 Nicholson, Dale 256 Norse, Norman 256 North, June 256 Norton, Donald 257 Norton, George 257. 263 O'Brien, Mary 76, 257 Oleson, Lois 257 Olowecki, Steven 60, 84, 153, 245, 257 0'Neill, Marsha 37, 257 Ormsly, Turanne 257 Osborne, Josephine 257 Oslin, David 74, 76, 93, 132, 137, 257 Osman, Janet 257 Osterhoudt, Linda 257 Otis, Edward 257 Pail, Carl 263 Palin, Patricia 257 Palladino, Cheryl 257 Palmer, Frank 257 Palmer, John 257 Parcell, Samuel 257, 263 Pardue, Tarzi 60, 156, 257, 299 Parish, Parker, shmie 14, 76, 125, 251 Lani 257 Parrish, Reed 69, 70 Parry, Kenneth 151, 257 Patton, Terry 257 Pederson, Janice 257 Pelleteri, Joan 257 Pellicci, Joseph 257 Pendergrast, Kurt 71, 257 Schoyen, Jerald 98, 127, 259 Pendleton, Donald 257 Perez, William 257 Peterson, Carol 263 Petro, Rex 242, 89, 90, 91, 137, 156, 157, 257 Pettit. John 257 Pfeifer, Jean 121, 155, 257 Pickerill, Connie 264 Pickett, Sandra 264 Pickrel, Patty 116, 257 Picone, Ruth 257 Pisano. Joseph 257 Plummer, Linda 257 Poe, Elizabeth 257 Pointer, William 257 Pomeroy, Mary 257 Poole, .Antoinette 264 Porco, Anthony 264 Porell, Peter 257 Porter, Zell 69, 264 Powell. Judith 117, 264 Powers, William 261 Proctor. Robert 264 Pulis. June 264 Quina, Thomas 264 Rablen. Susan 43, 60, 78, 104, 108, 134, 149, 245 Randall. Laurie 264 Rayburn. Gale 68, 69, 70, 258 Raymond, William 258 Rea, Gwen 41, 65, 118, 121, 258 Ready, David 258, 264 Rebholz, Vincent 258 Reed, Donna 258 Reed, Linda 116, 258 Reily, Lynn 258 Reily, Sharon 67, 116, 121, 258 Reinholz, Virginia 258 Reinoso, Jose 258 Reynolds, Patricia 258 Richards, Larry 258 Rickard, Ralph 25, 49, 51, 60, 69, 70, 124, 146, 258 Richardson, Teri 258 Rickel, George 258 Rickey, Mary 58, 62, 140, 149, 258 Riggs, Ruthanne 258 258 Riles, Thomas 108, 121, 258, 263 Ringer, Barbara 73, 258 Rissling, Dolores 264 Roark, James 258 Robb, Johanna 258 Robbins, Charles 258 Robinson, William 258 Roddenberry, Richard 258 Rogers, Joel 85, 98, 99, 137, 258 Rogers, Patricia 258 Rose, Robert 258 Rossman, Janet 258 Rondebush, Stephen 258 Rush, Anne 258 Rush, Sandra 258 Ryan. Dennis 258 Sabatini, Donald 259 Sabeck, Cynthia 24, 259 Sager, Jo Ann 65, 116, 259 Sanders. Donna 259 Sanders. John 259 Sarne, Joseph 259 Schadel, Lees 97, 259 Schilling, Faith 259 Schott, Gerald 259 Schoyen, James 74, 76, 98, 127, 259 Schroggin, Joseph 259 Seip, John 259 Shaff, David 69, 98, 108, 116, 121. 127, 151, 259 Shank, Sarah 66, 121, 144, 245, 264 Shannon, Albert 264 Shapiro, Sherry 301, 259 Shaw, Johnny 85, 259 Shearer, Frances 149, 259 Sheehan, William 259 Shutes, Paul 259 Skip, Mark 264 Silva, Valerie 94, 259 Sisson, Dinah 259 Sledge, Henry 259 Smith, Justine 259 Smith, Marvin 69, 70, 259 Smith, Richard 259 Sneed, Neal 259 Snyder, Leslie 259 Sobeck, Cynthia 264 Spain, Mary 75, 77, 259 Spillane, Cornelius 85, 259 Spooner, Judith 114, 118, 265 Stacey, Tahia 259 Stanley, Brenda 69, 70, 259 Steffes, Peter 97, 259 Steinlage, John 259 Stephens, Mary 259 Stephens, Norman 259 Stevens, Barbara 62, 259 Stewart, Gerald 23, 58, 62, 83, 85, 153, 259 Stitt, Barbara 259 Stolz Stanley Stokel, Barbara Stone, Billie Stone, Gail 69, 265 Straits, Lloyd 116, 260 Straughan, Elise Streeter, Robert 260 Stuart, Sandra 260 Sullivan, Donald 93, 137, 260 Sweat, Pamela 65, 123, 260 Sweetman, Betty 260 Symona, William 260 Symonette, James 260 Tankovich, Louis 260 Tackbarry, Cheryl 260 Taylor, Betty 260 Taylor, Carolyn 260 Theil, Joan 69, 70, 260 Thomas, Carole 260 Thomas, Wayne 260 Thompson, Eddie 260 Thornton, James 260 Tiedeman, Tom Tipton, Venia 260 Tillotson, Penny 260 SENIORS Aanes, Sandra 36, 39, 61, 66, 78, 104, 120, 134, 148, 229, 237, 238 160, 161, 221, Abbott, James 132, 161 Abbott, Mary 161 Ackerman, Sally 110, 111, 130, 161 Adamo, Joseph 137, 161 Adkins, Linda 114, 161 Alland, Jane 112, 130, 161 Allison, Jim 161 America, William 59, 123, 161 Anderson, Janet 161 60, 62, 85, Anderson, Susan 61, 162 Anderson, Sylvia 162 Annis Carollyne 138, 162 Ashe, Linda 111, 162 Aurelius, John 162 Avey, Diane 162 Bacon, Patrick 162 Bacon, Richard 120, Baldwin, Shirley 162 162, 302 Ball, Carl 69, 70, 151 162 Barbarita, Nancy 125, 130, 139, 163 Barber, Judith 163 Barker, John 39, 60, 122, 157, 160 163, 61, 102, 109, 225 Barrett, Michal 114, 130, 163 Beatty, Marlene 163 Beatty, Richard 34, 43, 117, 122, 128, 151, 163 Bechtold , Anthony 163 Beimley, Fred 163 Beimley, Kenneth 69 Beisler, Anthony 38, 163 Bell, Bruce 129, 164 70, 163 57, 152, 153, Todack, Thomas 260 Trubey, Roger 260 Tronein, Michael 260 Truman. David Tucker, Jim 69, 70, 150, 260 Tucker, Joe 27, 260 Turner, Dianna 260 Bell, Douglas 119, 129, 164 Bell, Nancy 58, 108, 149, 164 Bellassai, Carmen 164 Bergh, Christiana 67, 120, 164 Berk, Charles 164 Berry, David 69, 70, 164, 301 Berryhill, Robert 52, 82, 84, 86, 157, 164, 231 Berryman, John 127, Ullian, Arthur 260 Van Allan, Walter 260 Van Dale, Raymond Vanderlinde, Marilyn 260 Van Meeteren, Bob 260 Van Voast, Joe 90, 153, 260 Vossler, Joyce 260 Vreeland, Jean 260 Wallace, Robert 260 Wallbank, Susan 260 Walther, Robert 260 Walters, Sherrie 95, 135, 260 Warren, Patricia 69, 70, 260 Welch, William 260 West, Forrest 84, 260 West, Pamela 265 White, Jean 76, 260 White, Jerry 60, 69, 297, 70, 153, 261 White, Lynne 261 Wickel, Frances 259 Wickersham, Kirk 128, 157, 265 Williams, Lynne 59, 108, 154, 261 Williams, Ralph 261 Williams, Sandra 261 Williams, Warren 261 Wilsey, Grace 261 Wilson, Lee 261 Wilson, Kathy 261 Windham, William 261 Winters, Karen 261 Wolf. Nell 261 Wolfanger, Ruth 265 Wonson, Susan 261 Wrather, John 57, 153, 261 Wright, Barbara 69, 70, 265 Wright, George 261 Wright, Sharon 261 Wright, William 261 Zalaznik, James 85, 261 Zimmer, Don 90, 137, 156, 261 Zimmerman, Roberta 34, 39, 94, 121, 149, 261 Zurburg, Kathleen 75, 261 Zwick, Peter 261 Betts, Joan 130, 142, Betz, Robert 97, 165 Biebel, Barry 129, 14 164 164, 301 9, 165 Bieniek, James 129, 165 Biggs, Francis 165 Bireley, Denoe 134, 135, 154, 165 Bixler, William 165 Bloch, Carol 118, 130, 165 Bloom, Gary 98, 99, 129, 165 Boettner, John 165 Bolch, William 165 Bolten, Elon 166 Bonham, Thirwall 51, 156, 166 Booth, Sylvia 166 Bostain, Lynda 166 Boster, Barbara 130, 166 Bougher, Charles 166 Boughton, Sandra 166 Bowen, Sherrell 166 Bowling, Billie 130, 166 Bowne, Phoebe 74, 75, 77, 166 Boyd, Judy 72, 73, 134, 166 Boyette, Gloria 130, 167 Bradley, Lowell 167 Bramer, Corinne 167 Braun, Pandora 167 Brennan Robert 167 Brewer, Shirley 167 Bridges, Doris 61, 167 Brollier, Charles 153, 167 Brophy, Susan 138, 167 Browne, Gordon 167 Browne, Bob 109, 122, 132, 137, 157, 168 Bullion, Barbara 168 Bundy, James 122, 137, 153, 168 Burch, Eollen 168 Burgess, Charles 168 Burke, George 168 Burkhart, Walter 137, 150, 168 Bums, Kathleen 168 Busche, Richard 168 Butler, Patricia 168 Cammen, Lee 168 Campbell, Barbara 169 Cantor, Nancy 42, 49, 169 Carlson, Edward 153, 169 Carpenter, Jalana 130, 169, 298 Carpenter, Leslie 58, 61, 109, 112, 122, 148, 169. 303 Carter, Glen 169 Carter, Joseph 169 Carter, Nancy 169 Carter, William 69, 70, 169 Casoria, Joyce 45, 61, 62, 78, 104, 134, 1-14, 169, 238 Cavaretta, Patti 46, 154, 170, 239 Cavelier, Peter 53, 170 Cacconi. Donna 107, 112, 170 Christ, Phillip 96, 97, 137, 170 , Clark, Evelyn 130, 170 Clark, Frank 11, 60, 153, 170, 228 Clark, Phyllis 170 Clark, Sara 130, 170 Clemes, Diane 112, 125, 170 Cobbs, Fred 45, 170 Cochran, Judith 138, 171 Cochrane, Douglas 138, 171 Coleman, Margaret 171 Coles, Robert 45, 102, 132, 171 Congleton, Clark 129, 171 Congleton, Everette 171 Conrath, Nancy 130, 171, 180 Cook, Colleen 76, 112, 119, 125, 171 Cook, Douglas 61, 62, 100, 136, 137, 156. 171 Cooper, Carole 141, 154, 171 Cooper, Janice 21, 33, 154, 172, 296 Cornelius, Carol 74, 76, 119, 172 Cornelius, Donna 76, 172 Cox, Anita 112, 138 172 Crawford, Suzanne 43, 76, 122, 172 Crawford, Thomas 84, 136, 137, 157, 172, 230 Crenshaw, William 172 Criss, Judith 172 Crossman, .Adrienne 57, 67, 120, 172 Cross, Sylvia 40, 63, 104, 144, 172. 221, 234, 238, 239 Cunningham, Joan 172 Curd, Sarah 139, 173 Curtin, John 93, 117, 129, 173 Dages, Jane 112, 173 Danner, Barbara 173 Davidson, Barbara 173 Davidson, Judy 173 Davis, Charles 173 Davis, Deborah 173 Davis, Gail 69, 70, 109, 110, 111, 173 Day, Marvin 122, 173, 302 Day, Thomas 173 Dean, Kenneth 76, 174 Deiderich, Dixie 174 qilemmery, Dean 62, 126, 174 Dennison, Larry, 86, 91, 157, 174 Derfhick, David 28, 174 Deverell, Barbara 120, 174 Dew, Sara 76, 123, 174 Di Blasi, Howie 33, 84, 86, 98, 99, 128, 137, 151, 158, 174 Ditzler, Toyette 42, 69, 70, 174 Doak, Sandra 37, 74, 75, 122, 175 Doepke, Noel 17, 37, 52, 66, 104, 113, 120, 134, 148, 175, 231, 239 Doeriler, Maureen 175 Dolliver, Judy 74, 76, 111, 119, 175 Donahue, Patricia 175 Donahue, Shirley 175 Dotts, Judy 175 Douglas, Linda 148, 175 Doves, Charles 175 Drebber, Susan 175 Dudan, Deanne 120, 176 Dunlevy, Carol 176 Durden, Aleta 125, 176 Edwards, Linda 37, 139, 176 Eichenberger, Jolen 176 Elferdink, Lynda 130, 176 Elferdink, Lenore 112, 130, 176 Ellis, John 62, 132, 157, 176 Emery, Charleen 50, 57, 64, 119, 120, 122, 130, 145, 176 Emery, Marjorie 76, 130, 176 Englund, Dennis 69, 70, 151, 177 Erskine, Mary Jo 43, 60, 71, 122, 148, 177, 180 Quinn, Elinor 37, 53, 202, 131, Etheridge, Marilyn 61, 69, 145, 156, 177 Evans, Carolyn 25, 68, 69, 70, 109, 177 Fabiano, Frank 177 Fackler, Donna 125, 177 Field, Susan 177 Finkbeiner, William 27, 177 Fischer, Charles 177 Fishburn, Betsy 37, 60, 155, 177, 238 Fleming, De Haven 117, 129, 132, 134, 178 Fleming, Mary Ann 46, 104, 148, 178, 235, 239 Florence, William 60, 178 Floyd, Marylin 102, 135, 148, 178, 228 Fogleson, Larry 178 Foley, Robert 127, 178 Foote, Virginia 111, 178 Fotou, Dean 178 Fraser, Russel 84, 86, 137, 178 Freeman, Gerald 129, 178 French, Molly 34, 42, 61, 69, 149, 179 Friedburg, Susan 4, 45, 179 Fugate, Hal 82, 84, 157, 179, 304 Fulton, Walter 179 Gahagen, Dennis 96, 97, 137, 153, 179 Gaiefsky, Raymond 84, 137, 179 Gaisford, Susan 179 Garrison, Elizabeth 109, 179 Gericke, Alice 179 Gibson, Dorothy 179 Gibson, Jim 132, 180 Gibson, Mark 128, 151, 180 Gilbert, Donald 45, 180 Gilroy, Carolyn 180 Gladu, Daniel 180 Glavas, Samuel 180 Goldstein, Judith 181 Gordillo, Elsa 181 Gordon, Ronald 76, 181 Gornto, John 181 Graham, Linda 181 Graham, William 146, 181 Grant Mary 130, 181 Gray, Luther 181 Greenwood, Jack 181 Gross, Patricia 122, 129, 181 Grumbar, Patrick 124, 181 Haar, Jonny 157, 182 Hale, Carol 130, 182 Hall, Patricia 69, 70, 110, 111, 182 Hall Robert 153, 182 Hairston, James 69, 70, 182 Haneline, Nelda 182 Hanks, Roger 61, 153, 182 Harberson, Carole 61, 65, 115, 119, 120, 130, 145, 182, 296 Harden, Ernest 129, 182 Harlow, Albert 182 Harrocks, Stanley 69, 70, 183 Hart, Alice 183 Haskins, Judith 130, 183 Haslam, Martha 107, 115, 183 Hastings, Richard 183 Haueh, Bonnie 60, 62, 63, 109, 155, 183 Haupt, Claudia 130, 183 Hayes, Robbie 183 Heacock, Beverly 35, 65, 154, 155, 183 Heath, Susan 184 Hedstrom, Ruth 130, 184 Hebert, William 109, 184 Heep, Linda 63, 149, 184, 240 Hempstead, Janice 130, 184 Herzog, Janet 109, 184 Higgins, Sam 184 Hinckley, Murray 69, 70, 184 Hinkelman, Betty 184 Holliday, Robert 184 Holt, Jennifer 44, 64, 109, 120, 155, 185, 221, 300 Holton, Elizabeth 185 Holzer, Frederick 185 Houston, James 185 Howard, Sally 185 Hudson, Harris 185 Huff, Nancy 58, 62, 109, 118, 120, 149, 185 Huizenga, Bonnie 185 Hummel, Lorna 109 116, 119, 185 Hummel, Valerie 107, 115, 125, 185 Hutchinson, Linda 186 Imhrogno, Princess 74, 76, 130, 142, 186, 301 Irby, Jarnes 84, 86, 186 Irish, Nancy 40 115, 144, 156, 186 Jackson, David 100, 132, 137, 186 Jackson, Judith 42, 61, 69, 70, 113, McPheron, De Ette 60, 121, 195 Manhardt, Linda 131, 192 Mann, Jessee 193 Manning, Carol 193 Manning, Harvey 129, 193 145, 117, 122, 148, 160, 186 Jacobson, Barbara 186 Jarrell, Temple 61, 100, 109, 153, 186 Jensen, Peter 76, 186, 226 Johns, Patricia 72, 73, 118, 134, 186 Johnson, Barbara 74, 76, 187 Johnson Joyce 187 Johnson, Karen 139, 187 Johnson Robert 187 Johnson, Ted 20, 60, 84, 86, 137, 146, 187 Jolley, Joseph 20, 102, 105, 128, 137, 146, 187 Jones, Judy 187 Kapona, Lei Lani 37, 187, 239 Karsten, Lynne 34, 50, 60, 119, 130, 145, 187 Katsikas, Billie 65, 121, 148, 151, 188 Keaton, Jo Ann 118, 130, 188 Keena, Robert 60, 188 Kerr, Samuel 59, 98, 99, 108, 132, 153, 188 Kinek, Mary Beth 131, 188 Kingsley, Marsha 61, 62, 135, 149, 188, 223, 238 Kirk, Anne 109, 117, 188 Kleiger, Sherrie 148, 188 Klukoski, Barbara 188 Knowles, Thelma 189 Kohler, Roxie 189 Kohlmeyer, Gail 138, 139, 189 Kon, Joe 189 Konecny, Ronald 69 70, 189 89 Kormanyos, Edward ,1 Kott, Dana 115, 122, 189, 305 Mantwill, David 31, 116, 124, 129, 193 Marable, Linda 131, 142, 143, 193 Marcum, Elsie 11, 14, 109, 116, 145, 193 Mark, Tracy 121, 157, 193 Marker, Judith 193 Marshal, Harry 153, 193 Marshall, Frank 193 Marshall, Robert 193 Martin, James 194 Mason, Katherine 77, 110, 111, 194 Matt, Robert 194 Matthews, James 34, 36, 59, 69, 70, 150, 194, 305 Maxwell, Cecil 61, 64, 96, 97, 137, 153, 194 Meadows, Susan 195 Meisenburg, Nancy 74, 195 Mendel, Helen 109, 115, 195 Menefee, Mary Jo 131, 195 Merrick, Marylin 111, 195 Metzger, Guy 8, 98, 99, 109, 122, 137, 152, 195 Miohie, Virginia 107, 108, 109, 115, 121, 122, 155, 196 Miller, Ann 196 Miller, Carol 109, 113, 196 Miller, James 147, 196 Millikan, William 38, 90, 91, 149, 153, 196, 223 Miner, Stephen 196 Mock, Lounette 114, 196 Monkus, Tom 132, 196 Moore, Castles 196 Morrell, Roger 196 Morris, Robert 197 Morris, Virginia 113, 138, 197 Morrissette, Robert 132, 197 Morse, Laura 138, 197 Mueller, Thomas 32, 147, 197 Mullins, Laura 109, 115, 197, 220, 224 Mundrick, Dan 122, 151, 197 Krassy, Kenneth 33, 98, 99, 106, 108, 136, 156, 157, 189 Kroetz, Carole 189 Krpata, Karen 112, 113, 189 Kubala, Albert 61, 67, 82, 84, 136, 137, 157, 190 Lamar, Lawson 190 Lane, Barbara 190 Larson, Richard 190 Leatherbarrow, George 84, 85, 98, 190 Leeson, Kaaran Dee 111, 131, 190 Le Gette, Billie 190 Le Gette, Sandra 131, 190 Lehr, Carolyn 62, 131, 190 Leonard, Arlene 111, 114, 131, 190 Leonard, Diane 49, 122, 154, 191 Leonard, Margaret 191 Lewton, Sandra 109, 114, 191 Linane, Gail 62, 120, 142, 149, 191, 296 Lippman, Kenneth 132, 191 Litt, Elizabeth 191 Little, Jeffrey 98, 99, 151, 191 Loader, Gary 191 Loftis, Robert 109, 191 Long, Phillip 84, 191 Lord, Paula 192 Losey, George 192 Lovarco, Ruth 61, 138, 192 Loving, David 192 Ludwig, Kathryn 192 Lukacher, Grace 192 Luther, Texas 192 MacArthur, Robert 35, 180, 192 MacDonald, Dorothy 17, 131, 192 McCarthy, William 132, 194 McCray, Parla.n 69, 71, 127, 194 McDaniels, Sharon 138, 194 McDonald, Gail 76, 159, 194 McDonald, Gloria 45, 131, 194 McElhattan, Karen 194 McGuire, Cecile 122, 195, 296, 302 McMillan, Sharon 49, 109, 118, 144, 195, 244 McNeese, Judy 75, 195 Muzzell, Albert 122, 197 Myres, Shelley 49, 65, 197 Naggell, Ray 198 Nankin, Helen 122, 198 Nelson, Gale 68, 69, 115, 198 Nelson, Margie 131, 198, 302 Nelson, Wendy 68, 70, 198 Neven, Susan 51, 131, 198 Nicholson, Jeff 198 Noland, Donald 59, 153, 198 Nugent, Daniel 198 O'Kelley, Loretta 138, 198 Orberg, John 199 Osborne, Barbara 61, 121, 143, 199 Osenga, Wilbur 199 Owens, Jerry 199 Page, Katherine 126, 159, 199 Panzer, Judith 199 Parker, Ann 199 Parker, Cecillia 199 Parks, Roger 10, 36, 61, 199, 108, 109, 222, 157 Pearce, Harry 199 Pedrazas, Wayne 200 Pelleteri, Marsha 200, 131 Perkins, Judith 200, 131 Perrigo, Robert 36, 82, 200, 84, 86, 100, 137 Pesek, Joseph 38, 61, 232, 200, 93, 117, 121, 152 Pesek, Karen 200 Peterman, Martha 200 Pfeiffer, Gerald 43, 44, 64, 200, 102, 108, 109, 122, 136, 137, 152 Pickett, Phil 200, 100 Picozzi, Henry 200 Pierce, Catherine 42, 58, 62, 227, 2211, 25, 46, 109, 115, 236, 239, Pierce, Norman 201, 126 Pisano, Jo Ann 201 Poe, Elizabeth 201 Pointer, Lee 201, 116, 118 Pope, Janis 201, 131 Porter, Eleanor 201, 109 Pries, Louise 202 Prisk, Dennis 231, 61, 160, 202, 45, 98, 99, 136, 137, 150 Pritchard, Barbara 202, 109, 114, 118, 119, 122, 131 Prues, JoAnn 202, 131 Pursel, Wilma 202 142, 143, 154 Quinn, William 202, 84, 86, 98, 99 Radke, Patricia 60, 202 Ralston, Donald 61, 202, 153 Rarney, Joyce 202 Ramsey, John 60, 69, 70, 203, 109, 153 Randall, William 203 Raney, Richard 203 Redden, Clora 203 Reed, Gail 203 Reichert, Sharron 131, 203 Remdeika, Jane 203 Reynolds, Roy 203 Rhodes, John 203, 84, 147 Richards, Sandra 203, 138 Richardson, Barbara 204 Richart, Kenneth 204, 122, 125 Riddle, Betty 204 Robb, Johanna 204 Robert, Judy 204, 138 Robertson, Joan 204, 134, 155 Roof, Margaret 204 Rooney, John 204 Rowell, Greg 204 Rupchock, Suellyn 204, 116 Rushton, Darrell 70, 205, 122 Russell, Patricia 58, 205 Sanders, Romona 205 Sanderson, Walter 205, 131 Santella, Dennis 205 Sasadu, Chester 62, 205, 117, 129 Schell, Charles 219 Schmidt, Alice 234, 205, 147, 154 Schmidt, Raymond 32, 205, 132, 147 Schneider, Barbara 205 Schuller, Denise 205, 109, 131, 135 Scott, Thomas 206, 100, 132 Secord, Virginia 206 Seese, Guy 206 Seifert, Larry 206 Sellers, Joe 206 Setz, Susanne 206, 155 Shaffer, Virginia 206 Sharp, Charlene 206, 233 Sharpe, Jo Ann 17, 206 Shaw, Harriet 206, 131 Shawin, Jacqueline 207 Sheard, Elizabeth 64, 207, 57, 109, 119, 149 Sherer, Sharon 207 Sheridan, Carol 207, 131 Shinnick, Marie 159, 207, 127, 131 Shipley, Sharron 62, 207, 131, 142, 143 Shoemaker, Karen 207, 114, 116, 129 Shovelton, Linda 207, 113 Simmons, Florence 207, 125 Simons, Darlene 69, 70, 207, 131 Sleek, Thelma 208, 131, 135 Slupe, Georgia 208, 115, 118, 131 Smalley, Lawrence 68, 69, 70, 208, 124- Smith, Carl 208, 233 Smith Janet 208 Smith, Judith 208 Smith, William 61, 208, 102, 149, 156 Snyder, Patricia 208, 75 it Snyder, Richard 208, 76, 127, 157 Snyder, Robert 208, 122, 137 Sohlit, Becky 209, 138 Sparks, Edward 209 Spavin, Jill 300, 209 Spiegel, Nancy 63, 209, 121, 122 Spiller, Nancy 209, 127 Starn, Charles 209 Starr, Larry 209, 90, 91 Steele, Joan 209 Stifel, Karen 209, 131 Stillman, Carman 209 Stimpson, John 223, 232, 210, 130 Straker, Susan 210, 108, 109, 115, 116, 122 Straugban, Elise 210 Stumpff, Kirby 210 Sumwalt, Nancy 281, 299, 40, 50, 53, 63, 210, 102, 109, 144, 118, 119, 130, 144, 278, 279 Surmiak, Joanne 210, 111 Sutton, Don 210, 84, 86 Swable, Ken 210 Swaby, Vernice 210 Swindell, Paul 210 Tanton, Deena 69, 70, 211, 118 Tarquine, William 211 Tavlin, Janet 72, 73, 211, 135 Taylor, David 68, 69, 211, 71 Teeter, Stephen 211, 119, 128, 151 Thibault, Barbara 211, 131 Thieme, David 211 Thixton, Christina 211, 113 Thomas, Karen 211 Thompson, Janet 211 Thompson, Joan 212 Thompson, Mary 212, 113 Thorstensen, Linda 212 Thruston, Ed 212 Thurlow, Jeff 212, 109, 147 Tighe, Donna 212, 131 Timler, Paul 212 Titus, Jeff 212 Tocci, Leonard 69, 70, 212, 109 Todd, Virginia 220, 298, 66, 104, 212, 79, 226, 238, 121, 135, 148, 149 Tomplins, Myra 213, 75, 77, 110, 111 Townsend, Tamera 213, 109, 115 Trauthwein, Linda 31, 213 Tremblett, Linda 213, 109, 115, 113 Troncin, Thomas 213 Tucker, Judith 61, 70, 213, 56, 154 Ullian, Charles 213, 45 Ulrich, Bonnie 230, 37, 59, 61, 62, 158, 213, 33, 57, 113, 144 Ursini, Ann 213, 109, 114 Valentine, Richard 213 Van Ausdall, Lynne 214, 107, 111, 115 Vogel, Barbara 214 Volpe, Joyce 214, 109, 115 Vostatek, Lila 214, 109, 116 Volau, Thomas 214, 129 Vreeland, Richard 214 Wagner, Bruce 214 Wagoner, Patsy 214 Waite, Carol 51, 214, 65 Waldron, Elizabeth 214 Wale, Robert 215 Walega, Judith 215 Wallbank, Susan 215 Wanamaker, John 215, 74, 131 Warden, Donna 215 Warner, Daniel 69, 70, 215, 115, 119 Warren, Dennis 215, 129 Waskowv, Melvin 69, 68, 70, 215, 153 Waterhouse, David 215, 125 Watson, Lana 215, 133 Wayne, John 216, 109, 129, 150 Weiss, Ruth 216, 131 Wells, .Terry 46, 216 Wells, William 216 Westberry, Mary 216, 110, 111 Whalen, Robert 216 White, Bonnie 216, 111 White, William 216 Wilcox, Richard 216, 83, 84, 137 Wilhelm, Donna 217 Wilkinson, Darla 217, 131 Williams, Michael 217, 45, 150 Williams, Randall 45, 68, 69, 70, 180, 217, 56, 71, 128 Willis, Claudette 217 Willis, Mary 217 Willis, Nancy 217 Wimberly, Susan 217 Wilson, Fredrick 217 Winningham, Timothy 82, 217, 84, 136, 137 Wise, Roger 82, 218, 84, 137, 157 Wisener, Gerald 218 Wolfe, Richard 218, 84, 86, 90, 109, 146, 147, Wollam, Stephen 298, 43, 59, 218, 49, 115, 120, 153 Wood, Stan 218, 90, 91, 153 Workman, Richard 42, 69, 70, 218, 122, 128 Worthley, Carol Ann 218, 74, 75, 119, 125, 131 Wrains, .lim 218, 90, 91 Wright, Bill 218 Wright, Donald 218 Wright, Patricia 219, 109, 116 Wunsch, Robert 219 Yurchuck, Jay 82, 219, 79, 84, 157 Zien, John 219. 137 CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONS Allied Youth 123 Anchor Club 144, 145 Audio Visual 124 Aviation 126, 127 Band 68, 69, 70, 71 Boys' Hi-Y 132 Boys' L 136, 137 Camera Club 128 Chorus 74, 75, 76, 77 D.C.T. 138, 139 Ebb Tide 63, 64, 65 French Club 115 Future Homemakers 110, 111 Future Nurses 112, 113 Future Teachers 114 Girls' L 134, 135 Honor Society 103 Junior Civitan 146, 147 Juniorettes 148, 149 Junior Exchange 150, 151 Junior Sinawik 154, 155 Key Club 152, 153 Lambda Chi Tri-Hi-Y 130, 131 Latin Club 116, 117 Library Council 125 Majorettes 72, 73 Nauti Nymphs 143 Navigator 66, 67 Pep L's 140, 141 Press Club 120, 121 Science Club 129 Senior Board 61 Spanish Club 118, 119 Student Council 58, 59, 60 Thespians 122 Wheel Club 156, 157 K 313 W' Hf,3lwf'f ff jo fo My ' 47 iff W M ,W ff Nw WML Q YJ N W sf ' 1 . 24 .Q i U1 '- - H K wb ' , 11, L if H20 Vi 2 pw RTE 4412? 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Suggestions in the Fort Lauderdale High School - Ebb Tide Yearbook (Fort Lauderdale, FL) collection:

Fort Lauderdale High School - Ebb Tide Yearbook (Fort Lauderdale, FL) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Fort Lauderdale High School - Ebb Tide Yearbook (Fort Lauderdale, FL) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Fort Lauderdale High School - Ebb Tide Yearbook (Fort Lauderdale, FL) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Fort Lauderdale High School - Ebb Tide Yearbook (Fort Lauderdale, FL) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Fort Lauderdale High School - Ebb Tide Yearbook (Fort Lauderdale, FL) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Fort Lauderdale High School - Ebb Tide Yearbook (Fort Lauderdale, FL) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 92

1960, pg 92

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