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M, 1 .1 ,, ,....,,f"" 'v 1' "" h af q 2 -- , , ' h u rl: f --X '- ,A ,,,,, fn, 1 L.,----7 4 44 , 1. 1- in f n Q 1 1 1 1 :- .M E 4: J 42 1 f-, 1 .Lug ,. .f "1 in ,, V... if L1 5352! '11, ff! 'asf 1. , 'rs i .. M' ' 1 wah 133. f, . 3 ,, 'zY.s.4'nig 'Q eg , ,, v im, V ,, LX 5, If ,Q I , . ,M . - ,, sw' if ' " '15 fail! ' " 'r ' fs-Ta, 1' E' ., a g, . may 1.5, H. - 31' nf fl, i 1' 4 Llgfi. --, Mi' af -. .,,, .,.,.A ,EN , 9. , , ,, . ggyggg. dm,- Q 4h 'PS . .V,,. wi-ff'-, N L 'H T " .4 U Q 1 Us 1 Q ff 4 . D , ."" Q xykl ,.:. Y 1 A L 51: .ilfam ,xi ,, , ,u-,W - I sys - Q a 'T if , , H' A :f"'1' , av X A 'ff ,Am av X, ,w irfwf . ,, IV V . ,. ,Ti ' S- ' NF V vw s if, ' 1.1! 1' "if, P ' "ilk, 1 .R N nr- 1 Jr-'F i F Mia.,-Y, , I . Q,RJ:.,.F ,- X J' Q ' y 1 v -at-5 ,, f ' ' ' ?v?5w35fa.. , ,. X! . "5:,,,?1 5 Wg. M- 'if , 1, '- x u u ' ,-, ' ' Q 5' A ' ,mi flag, Qi' .X .Q-if 'z . :Mg 1' l g 1 ,Q 'wa 1 1 H X A 1" n.'.,,:- .ww 1.L,1.'.,,,. ,Q-, .,'. F'iir4f.aWff' ,. 1' I .f gm. 1.. is V, , Q., t I X , A A , , , , , in f J r ,fr- .. M 2 ' W 1 41 'WXK' F - v i i. ' ,vi 'LW up mn M' Es :dl . Q au? 1 ' me - f, .535 C N LJLQ 51. X f ff ff: MQ 1, ' X . gy X , Zi, 'ff ' " . - N an 1 f a Q M11 ff 9 m G f, Q 1 L3 'Q I I., 'J I f "ff . ,, K, A kg 6 ,. Y 55: 2 1 'lv . 7 ' U 1 f I Q Hal. ZW' ,W-r ' Q, ' E 'I ' if A , 4 3 iff, Al, I. 4, nl 'xg ,Q fx, . f, V , uw- Aa-Q - eye: qi . 1 1, 4 v '52 H af' gr fi W., ,,. 'IGI Vw Z-g 'J 22242 - ' 1 , . ,, . M41 . , w iff' 25.1 EBB 'TIDE FORT LAUDERDALE HIGH SCHOOL Mf'ff07 W This Is Your Year You, fhe awed sophomore, enfering Lauderdale High for fhe firsf fime: fhe hard-worlcing iunior, filled wifh expecfancyq fhe self-assured senior: whefher a big wheel or a small, leader or follower, from fhe meekesf fo fhe mighfiesf Flying L . . . THIS IS YOUR YEAR. lf is a year filled wifh many liffle momenfs which in fhemselves mighf have seemed insignificanf buf when all blended fogefher malce up your year. There are momenfs of laughfer, of discovery, of excife- menf, of sfudy, and somefimes disappoinfmenf. Buf fhey are all shared whefher if is cheering your feam fo vicfory or defeaf, cramming for mid-ferm exams, or disfribufing food fo needy families af Thanlcs- giving. You spend fime af club meefings, parfies, afh- lefic evenfs, plays, and even in fhe library sfudying. Each evenf holds a special significance because you are a parf of if. You are fhe hearf of your school: fhe machines and fools wifh which fhe year is builf. We dedicafe fhis boolc fo you, fhe sfudenfs of LHS, for wifhouf you fhere yould be no year for us fo record. You are an essenfial parf of whaf made fhe l959 year a memorable one, disfincf from ofhers because if is YOUR YEAR. Your Year Dedica+ion. a , Adminis+ra+ion , , FacuHy and Academics School Life , Organizafions Spor+s , Clubs a Honorees. , Seniorsa a Juniors ,, Y, ,, , Sophomores Adverfisemenfs , PaQe page Page page page ,, vpage P699 page P696 page PaQe P599 2 , fw 'xv ns yixvf. 9 f- A 1 I -.awafwj W mf .4..5gfY,21 ' 1- ? - . .ky , . W K X f 'Z' L I 1 5 4 51 PM 1 3 3 . il ww' .W 4 ' ,,,, ' , ' QWQQKQE Q 'iw A, 3 ,A f Q , Faculty and Academics To lhe faculfy and adminisfrafion al Lauderdale High, you as an individual are imporlarrl. You are noi' iusl' a name on a rollboolc, buf a person wilh individual problems and ideas. You greel fhern in lhe halls wifh respecf buf also a warm "hi," as friend fo friend. A friendly alrnosphere pervades fhe classrooms, which makes you feel the feacher is always willing fo help you in any way he can. He is ever ready To give advice whelher ifs a puzzling "frig" problem or a personal one. Bu? wilh fhe ringing of fhe final bell af 3-30, a feachers iob sometimes iusf begins. He will offen spend many hours grading papers. allending Club meefings. and chaperoning dances When lhe EBB TIDE deadlines sfarf creeping up or Navigafors don'f arrive unlil midnight, The advisor is righf fhere fo help. This feeling of friendship perhaps acrounls for fhe splendid rooperaliori be+ween faculw and sfu denfs af LHS and for the respecl you hold for each leacher af Lauderdale lnlioh e lbs Rv, K1 ' M., . as - K if l fx new i Q, .W , S , . ' V 0. Q , s 5 l Efficient Long afler you have graduafed lhis yearbook will conlinue To bring you happy memories of your days here ai Jrhe Forl' Lauderdale l-ligh School. Recorded here on lhese pages are piclures of friends you have made, leachers who have inspired you and evenls +ha+ siirred your spirit Because of you, and olhers who have come before you, Forl Lauder- dale l"ligh School will conlinue To be a significanlr parl of Jfhis won- derful cily. This boolc is noi only a hislory of Jrhis school bu+ also of you and your communily. I-larry F. McComb Principal Anewiob... "Ac+ing principal" is Mr. Brewers official fifle since Mr. McComb's promofion fo fhe counfy office. Previously, Mr. Brewer served as our Assisfanf Principal. Whafever fhe fifle, Mr. Brewer's iob is ex- fremely imporfanf. If is his responsibilify fo checlc sfudenfs' credifs and fufure plans in order fo place fhem in subiecfs fhaf will be of benefif fo fhem. He helps develop criferia for selecfing sfu- denfs for fhe new advanced courses. Mr. Brewer has several oufside in- feresfs as well. He is a fine marlcs- man and is a member of fhe Na- fional Rifle Associafion. He served acfively in fhe US. Navy for eighf years during World War ll and fhe Korean War. He is an officer in fhe Naval Reserve. Acfing Principal Mr. Joseph Brewer has a smile and a friendly word for all. Hands Hold Reins of Lauderdale High "The purpose of fhis school is fo educafe each person so fhaf he may fulfill his greafesf capabil- ifies. lf is our responsibilify fo fhe communify fo do fhis." This sfafemenf sums up in his own words Mr. Mc- Comb's affifude foward his job as principal of H. Lauderdale High School. In fhree years of -service in fhis capacify Mr. McComb has infroduced many improvemenfs. This year an increased emphasis on scholarship has been encouraged by Mr. McComb. Each sfu- denf is nof expecfed fo make sfraighf "Ns," buf is aslced fo do fhe very besf work fhaf he can. The in- froducfion of advanced classes is one mefhod of scholarship promofion which has been successful. The number of scholarships available fo sfudenfs has also been increased. Mr. McComb has faughf for I9 years. Before he became principal, he served as band direcfor af l..H.S. He has a BA. degree from fhe Universify of Miami and an M.A. from The Universify of Miche igan. Mr. and Mrs. McComb have fwo children, Franlc, ll, and Anne, 6. Mr. McComb made many worfhwhile confribu- fions fo our high school in his fhree years as prin- cipal. He is now worl-:ing on a special assignmenf for fhe counfy. During Mr. McComb's absence, Mr. Brewer is serving capably as acfing principal on a 'remporary basis. Secretary 'ro 'the principal is a busy icb bu? Mrs. Leer eff cienf y handles her many VSSCCV'filD' 'T' s Free advice offered wifh a friendly smile is iusf one of fhe many and varied iobs of Mrs. Nan Hufchison, Dean of Girls, and Mr E. B. Elder, Dean of Boys. Boys, Girls Find Friendly Advice and Aid Mr. Elder is Dean of Boys af L.H.S. As such, he checks affendance records and counsels wifh boys who have problems. He considers helping fhese boys his chief responsibilify. He worlcs wifh individu- als who need aid in adiusfing fo fhe high school curriculum. This is Mr. Elder's fourfh year af Ef. Lauderdale High. He faughf English here for fhree years and was head of fhe deparfmenf for fwo years. He also served fwo years as faculfy advisor fo fhe Ebb Tide sfaff. Before he came fo Ef. Lauderdale, Mr. Elder faughf for six years af Glenville Sfafe College, Glenville, Wesf Virginia. Mr. Elder holds a BA. and an MA. degree. Mr. Elder is married, and he and his wife have fwo lovely daughfers, Mary May, aged 8, and Adena, IZ. As Dean of Girls, Mrs. Hufchison is in charge of girls' affendance and discipline problems. She worlcs closely wifh fhe girls' service clubs in fhe capacify of a co-ordinafor. She also schedules many sfudenfs. Dean Hufchison has a Masfer's degree in guid- ance and speech from Marshall 'l'eacher's College in Hunfingfon, Wesf Virginia. She was a dean and head of fhe physical educafion deparfmenf af fhe school where she faughf before coming fo Eorf Lauderdale High. Mrs. Hufchison is married and has one daughfer, Lynn, aged IZ. She is very acfive in Alpha Delfa Kappa, a feachers' honorary sororify, and fhe local Pilof Club for business women. Her main inferesf is dramafics. She has direcfed liffle fheafer plays. Taking 'lime ouf from fheir busy day, Mrs. Hufchison and Mr. Elder relax fOr iusf a few minufes. ffioo Person .X sw ,-. '-. we Y -,,,... . 5 .fy . f -:J V 5 4 1,741 f ' 4373 -- -. f Mrs. Bauer, boolclceeper for LHS, is always ready 'lo help some confused club 'rreasurer slraighlen oul' his books and loills. nel Works Hard , Q - Mrs. Blaclr, office clerk, doesrff spend all her 'rime al' +he mimeograph machine for she has many olher various jobs. lx Mrs. Shipe, office secrelary, pufs our fhe daily bullelin iusl a few ol lhe 'rhings +ha'r keep her busy each day. V, VVYI4 ,,,,, --.f , . . f-5--,...,f,. ,een-.---11, - . f- ,. I aux 4 K X 1-Will and fhe absenlee bullelin. Bul' The bullelins and a buzzing swilchboard are l Tifraiing an acid during his fiifh hour chemisiry class, Clark Conglefon seems engrossed in his work. "Oh, do l have io?" moans Edirh Liboiie as her bi- ology class prepares 'lo bisecf "pickled" crawfish. .ip Mr l Wo.. Experimenfing wifh refraciion are Dave Thompson Sputnik, utnik, and "AHen'rion, World!" When +he Russians senr aloir Jrheir earih saielliie, Spuinik, The world did sir up and lake noiice. This revolurionary lilnlle ball oi insirumenis helped bring aboui an unparalleled emphasis on science. Educaiors every- where now see ihe need for advanced science courses in schools. Much has already been done in our schools lo meei l'he challenge of modern socieiy To produce minds able io cope wirh iis complex problems. Fi. Lauderdale High is doing iis pari io siep up science educaiion and io encourage more siudenls +o rake science courses, ln 'rhe biology seciion, Jrhe advanced classes place more emphasis on deiail. Siress is placed on ihe planr and animal kingdoms and Jrheir relaiionship io man. These classes sludy exiensively ihe siruciure oi ihe human body and la+es'r research discoveries in +he field oi medicine. Exira reading, noiebooks, proiecis, and research papers are among Jrhe reguiremenis in advanced biology. Mel A+kinson Applied Science Yale Universify. BA. Blanche Baza nos Biology Georgia Sfaie College, B.S. Roberf C. Beale Biology Physical Educaiion Temple Universiiy, B.S. lla Mae Bryani Biology, Florida l-lisiory Florida Siare College BS Ruth DeMoss Biology Glenville State Teachers College, A.B.: West Vir- ginia University. M.S. s. L. x 6-g T Ricky Bushy, and Fred Stresau in physics class. Robert L. Gillette Biology Georgetown College B.S.7 University ot Ken- tuclry, M.S. Howard B. Leer Biology Ettective Living Manchester College A.B.7 Purdue University B.S. Lunik Put Future Scientists on Their Toes Students who wish to continue taking science atter com- pleting the required year ot biology may talce chemistry and physics. General chemistry classes this year correspond to last year's college prep classes. Advanced chemistry is de- signed to challenge gitted pupils. An up-to-date lcit ot instruments, worth 5200, tor measuring radioactivity has been donated to the chemistry department by the Federal Civil Detense Administration. Chemistry students use the instruments in learning to detect radioactive taltout. A spe- cial sicence assembly included a demonstration by otticials trom the American Museum ot Atomic Energy in Oak Ridge. A completely new program has been introduced through the physics course this year. The Physical Science Study Committee turnishes all equipment, boolcs, and tests. This new program is based on practical application ot theories, eliminating all memory worlc. John C. Mathews Ellen G. Nelms Robert Prim Physics Chemistry Chemistry Chemistry Georgia State College Fairmont State Teachers Emory University, B.S.: tor Women, B.S. College. A.B. Dulce University M.Ed. Making no bones about it, this biology class partici- pates enthusiastically in class discussion. ...-nh-' ,549 r n,.. f 242 'f ,. Y 1' u . ' ' . 9: .lf-. eat O 4 i Y l T i Music, hamburgers, everyThing as in America," exclaimed Ahmid Mowlana, visiTing iournalisT Trom Tehran, lran, as he describes The likes OT Teenagers in his counTry To The journalism sTudenTs, in a Talk which included many oTher inTeresTing Things abouT himselT and his counTry. Students 'Ponder Wealq and Weary, Over "Why is English a required course?" gripes The average high school sTudenT. WhaT he doesn'T re- alize is +ha+ English is The mosT imporTanT subiecT he Takes. The abiliTy To express his ideas clearly is a skill ThaT will come in handy ThroughouT his life. Being able To read, speak, and wriTe English eTTec- Tively is necessary in every course oTTered in any school. lT makes communicaTion possible. To be a success in any Tield requires a basic knowledge OT English. The English deparTmenT here aT Lauderdale High School includes a varieTy OT courses. These oTTer The basic TundamenTals and applicaTions OT The wriTTen and spoken Torms oT The language. Sophomore English emphasizes The diTTerenT Torms OT liTeraTure wiTh deTailed concenTraTion on The shorT sTory. The TenTh graders also receive an in- TroducTion To Shakespeare's wriTings as They sTudy his greaT play "Julius Caesar." ln The iunior year, English includes a review OT grammar and a Thorough course in The develop- menT OT American liTeraTure. Some classes use a special word book TO improve Their vocabulary Tor College Boards and NaTional MeriT Exams. English I2 concenTraTes on The origin and evolu- Tion OT English liTeraTure. Seniors Trace The gradual TormaTion OT The English Tongue Through prose and poeTry. This pasT year, Mrs. Spencer's TirsT hour class Took on as a proiecT The producTion OT Shake- speare's "lv1acbeTh." The play was presenTed aT a special English assembly. ln addiTion To These basic English courses, The school oTTers Business English, which is especially designed Tor sTudenTs who are planning To aTTend business school when They graduaTe. The division OT English classes inTo regular and advanced secTions is an innovaTion This year. Ad- vanced sTudenTs are required To read books on a high vocabulary level. Classics are required reading. The qualiTy OT work, noT The quanTiTy, is sTepped up Tor advanced sTudenTs. They are given increased oppOrTuniTy To express originaliTy and iniTiaTive in a varieTy OT ways. Speech and Journalism come under The English deparTmenT's iurisdicTion. Journalism Teaches news- paper wriTing and managemenT. Speech deals wiTh spoken English. STudenTs learn To Talk beTOre a group. Speech ll is a course in drama. Marina G. Burdick, English: Brooklyn College, B.A.: Columbia Universily, M.A. Duane N. Clark, English: Universify of Soulh Carolina, A.B.: M.Ed. Ann Evans, English: Florida Sfafe Universiry, A.B.: Universify of Virginia, M.A. 4-5' , George A.B.: We Geldbaugh, English, Lafin: Fairmonr Siare College, sl Virginia Universily, M.A. Harold B. Hayes, Journalism, Hisfory: Universiry of Nevada, B.A., M.Ed. Rulh N. Hendriclr, English, Guidance: Maryville College, A.B. ,g J., if l 'lil ui' f A- Q' , Marvin I. Ogden, Jr., English: Universiry of Florida, B.A,, M.Ed. Elizabeih I. Pinder, English: Florida Slare Universiry, B.S. Lucille Poole, English: Georgia S+a+e College for Women, A.B. olumes of Literature Harold Solomon Speech Dramaiics Berea College, B.A. Gladys Z. Spencer English Universify of New Hampshire, B.S. A. J. Swirbul English Duquesne Universify, B.S. fQ fl l John Carfer Weldon English Universily of Keniuclcy, A.B., M.A. Murrel Rickman, English: Universily of Soulh Carolina, A.B. Llewellyn B. Shelrmar, English: Georgia Sfafe College for Women, AB.: Uniyersily of Georgia, M,A. Charles A. Smifh. English, Guidance: Florida Srare Universify, BS.: Universiiy of Miami, M.Ed. and rammar Rules Discussing foo+ball, Allan Aunapu and Tom Jacobsen are wailing 'ro enler +he scene as rheir English class acls oul' "Macbe+h." l Affer 'fhe Lafin fesf, Joe Sasadu, Doug Farquhar, Pefe Anderson, and Paf Durrence play a game of "Lafin." Miss Sears uses fhis game, similar fo bingo, fo aid sfudenfs in learning vocabulary words. MI-Iolal Bonjour! Salvelw Language Students Cry Doris Jeff Spanish Florida Soufhern College, AB., MA. Taffie O. Kallaher French Spanish Fonfbonne College, PMB. Jarreff C. Pharr Spanish Lillian Sears Lafin Wesleyan College, A.B. Universify of Chaffanooga. Hola! Bonjour! Salvel You language sfudenfs willl recognize fhis universal greefing-l-lello! The pur- pose of our language classes is nof only fo feach fhe sfudenfs fo spealc and wrife Lafin, Spanish, and French, buf also fo acguainf fhem wifh fhe culfurel of foreign lands which creafes a beffer undersfand-l ing befween counfries. l Lafin, somefimes spolcen of as fhe dead languagef comes fo life af LI-IS. lf is a sfudy nof only of gram-l mar buf Roman hisfory and culfure. lf is a basis forl many of fhe ofher languages and is a good baclc-4 ground for our own English. , The Spanish sfudenfs will fell you fhaf here in Soufh Florida fhey have a wonderful opporfunify for speaking fhe language wifh our many Spanish neighbors. Affer sfudying fheir life and cusfoms, we recognize fhe greaf influence in our own life-fhe archifecfure of our homes, fhe vivid colors of our dress, and even fhe Spanish words we use every, day, for example, "pafio "and "mango" l Liferafure and arf flourish in Paris buf fhe French sfudenfs lcnow +ha+ you don'f have fo go fo Francel fo feel fhis excifing and romanfic afmosphere-iusfl spend 55 minufes a day, l8O days a year, in French class. They Give Music to Hear, and Art to See . . and The band played on." Any member oT LHS Band, under The direcTion oT Mr. BenneTT, will Tell you ThaT iT cerTainly does play on, and on, and on. The TundamenTals oT music are incorporaTed in The pracTice and preparaTion Tor The many acTiviTies which include: TooTball halTTime shows, pep assemblies, concerTs, and DisTricT and STaTe ConTesTs. Daily drills are aimed aT mainTaining The very high sTandards oT a Double A Class School. The blue and whiTe uniTorms and The TradiTional "Charge!" have become a symbol oT The unquenchable ForT Lauderdale l-ligh spiriT. The appearance oT Lauderdale l-ligh is grea+ly beauTi- Tied by The arT deparTmenT. Advanced arT classes deal mainly wiTh experimenTal arT-working wi+h TexTures, chemicals, meTals, and glass. AT The presenT They are painTing a mural To be placed in The library. The begin- ning classes learn Types oT prinTing and basic design. They'do some porTraiT work and when anyone needs a posTer, They're whizzes aT ThaT. Led by Mr. Bekemeyer, The members oT The FT. Lau- derdale chorus are singing ambassadors'ThroughouT our ciTy. ln The classroom oT beginning chorus, sTudenTs sTudy The TundamenTals oT music. breaikh COl'1iFOl. and "Don'T asl: quesfions, iusT admire iT," says Leo Mizell as she sighT reading. Members oT Girls' A Cappella Choir and SHOWS her modern arf TO JOM Boke- Advanced Mixed Chorus, who have been chosen be- cause oT general musical abiliTy, prepare Tor Their many programs, and STaTe and DisTricT ConTesTs. Herman S. Belremeyer, Chorus: Florida STaTe UniversiTy. B.M.E., M.M.E. William H. Benna'H', lnsTrumenTal Music, Band: Universify of Miami, B.A. Lorraine Force ArT SouThwesT Missouri STaTe College, A Brass rehearsal! and moduIaTing waves of harmony reverberaTe from The band room as members pracTice long hours To perTecT Their num bers Tor disTricT. U? Paul J. Davis, Social Studies: Otterbein College, B.S. LAECS , Dorothy P. DeMayo, Social Studies, English: Southeast Missouri State College, B.S. Jesse Dyess, World History, Physical Education: Florida State, B.S. fbi Wells H. Fish, World Geography, World History: Hanover Cal- lege, A.B.: Butler University, M.S. Ernestine Freiday, Modern European History: University ot Mis- souri, B.S. Rose B. Galla, World History, Biology: University ot Pittsburgh, AB.: University ot West Virginia, M.A. Historians Make Nightly Visits to Libraly "We, the people ot the United States, in order to . . ." Betore graduating trom Ft. Lauderdale High School, every student be- comes tamiliar with these tamous words, while in United States History class. ln this required subiect we study the history ot America preceding its actual discovery, the tactors that have intluenced our des- tiny-both events and people, and the workings ot our democratic government. American Government is a specialized study ot the mechanics ot our government: the President, the Senate and House ot Representatives, the Supreme Court, and the Laws ot our land. Problems ot American Democracy, bet- ter known as P.A.D., stresses the impor- tance ot every individual's participation tor an ettective democracy. lt promotes an un- derstanding ot good citizenship and en- courages its use at home and at school. As the class traces l8th century map changes, Ron Magahay waits tor The course in World History gives an the bell- overall picture ot the development ot the world and it teaches the importance ot Simplifying her oral report, Mary Smith writes examples as the class making people everywhere lncreaslngly ln' copies. terdependent. Modern European History and Contem- porary History are both a study ot current , events and as a result the news magazines become the number one seller on LHS campus. Florida History is an analysis ot our own Sunshine State, trom the settlement ot Saint Augustine to the modern thriving in- dustries. While studying the History ot the South we discover.the invisible thread that ties the South lands together. The purpose ot education is to develop well adiusted, happy'individuals who will tit into the community, accepting the re- sponsibilities and obligations ot a democ- racy. Truth and tact are ranked tirst in the Social Studies classes, where students are considered citizens ot today as well as ot tomorrow. History repeats itselt-but don't you repeat history. 2 2 2 Digging for +he soluiion fo Mary Beih Ricker. gg' unanswered quesiions in 'rhe library are Ron Cameron, Randy Baukney, Flo Neilson, Sue Nelson, and As she covers 'rhe Common Marker, Gloria Gall poinls our answers +o Gene Ekholm's Max W. Harper, Social Sludiesg Universily of Missouri, A.B., M.A. Currerll evenls quesllon in llls Newsweek' Frank W. Malloy, American Hisloryp Siafe Teachers College, B,S. Loren J. Malfby, American l-lisiory, Physical Educalion: Florida Slale Universiiy, BS. . .Wy , ,. v '? I A g A Charles Packard, American l-lislory, Driver Educaiiong Darfmoulh Universify, A.B.7 Universily ol Miami, M.Ed. Richard Page, American Hislory: Easfern Kenlucky College, B.S. Geneva Rickard, Conlemporary Hisiory, American l-lisioryq Florida Slafe Universiry, A.B.: Universiiy of Georgia, M.A. Maurice C. Schmidt Michigan, A.B., M.A. American Government American l-lisioryq Universi+y of 5, KW is 'i ff' . - J . ffs' 1 "' f Q 5 'N' 3 5 :V 'gl' in . ' J ef J Q, . lv 1 "Two lines perpendicular . . ." "ThaT's The Theorem and This model proves iT," says George Bonham as he shows Larry Buchanan one oT The models made by The sTudenTs in Mr. Spaulding's solid class. Lis Are Kept "in the Swimn as Visions of In This complex and compeTiTive age oT rockeTs and guided missiles, maThemaTics has become ever- increasingly imporTanT To everyone, parTicularly To "Today's sTudenTs, Tomorrow's leaders." MaThemaTics is one oT The oldesT, iT noT The oldesT, subiecTs TaughT in The many educaTional in- sTiTuTions oT The world. No one naTion discovered The beginnings oT maThe'maTical knowledge, buT each naTion borrowed The knowledge oT anoTher, adding someThing in Turn, a never-ceasing process ThaT has and will conTinue To go on ThroughouT The cenTuries oT The TuTure. The maniTold divisions oT maThemaTics as we know iT Today. such as ariThmeTic, algebra, and TrigonomeTry, were unheard oTg Thus maThemaT- ics was TaughT as one inclusive course. The lViaThemaTics DeparTmenT oT l:orT Lauderdale High School eTTecTively TuncTions under The direc- Tion oT Mr. George Spaulding, TogeTher wiTh his sTaTT oT nine highly-Trained Teachers. Many TacTs and Tindings produce a clear picTure oT The excel- lenT gualiTy oT This deparTmenT. Many sTudenTs, upon bidding Their Tinal Tarewell To ForT Lauderdale l-ligh, will enTer inTo The wide, wide world OT business. OThers will pledge Their loyalTy To Uncle Sam Through miliTary service. STill oThers will seT sail on The good ship "lviaTrimony." For These sTudenTs, courses porTraylng a more per- sonal ouTlook on maThemaTics are oTTered, such as bookkeeping and junior-senior maThemaTics. These courses deal wiTh such uTiliTarian subiecTs as main- Taining personal and simple accounTs, Social Secur- iTy, insurance, insTallmenT purchases, and many oThers. IT you are college-bound, and have a general educaTion in mind, plane geomeTry is The course ThaT will be The excellenT aid To you on The way To higher maThemaTics. College-review maThemaTics is highly recommended, presenTing To The sTudenT noT only The TundamenTals oT ariThmeTic, algebra, plane geomeTry, and The slide rule, bu+ also a brieT en- counTer wiTh some advanced maThemaTics. This course aids in reTreshing your mind and making you a beTTer and more capable maThemaTics sTudenT in college. CandidaTes Tor The EinsTeins and Von Brauns oT The TuTure, who are planning To enTer The Technical or scienTiTic Tield, will include in Their curriculum courses in plane geomeTry, Algebra II, solid geom- eTry and TrigonomeTry. lviaThemaTics can never be emphasized enough when one is considering a TuTure in a Tield such as This, wiTh iTs hosT oT excellenT opporTuniTies. "Using 'the slide rule is 'ren limes easier lhan mulliplyinglu Mr, VanArsdall shows Judy Griffin how 'ro use lhe slide rule. 1 I , uv I J . 4 CC 77 7S CCY? 4 cf . 3' 4" i' .". f O . , , I 7 is Turn George Spaulding Solid Geomerry Trigcnornelry Universily ol Oklahoma B.S.: Universily of Mi ami, M.Ed. John L. Sullivan Algebra ll Plane Geomerry Auslin Peay Slale Teach- ers College, BS. J. S. While Algebra l General lvlalh Weslern Kenluclmy Slale, BS.: Florida Slale Uni- versily, MS. C. S. VanArsdall College Review Marh Easlern Kenruclcy Slale. BS. he Clarence Alfonse, Plane Geomelryg Wisconsin Srale Teachers Col- lege, B.A. Daniel Lee, Malh: US, Mililary Academy, BS.: Universily ol Ari- zona, MS. M. J. McDermo'H', Practical Malhg Marshall Colege, A.B.: Duke Universily, M.Ed. Charles McKinney Algebra Jacksonville Slale leg Universily, MS. Col- e, BS.: Florida Slale Roberl Senior Malh Alclerson-Broaddus, AB. in Into Angles and Circles "Ma+h can be Orberg as he inreresl' in lhis inleresfingf' Mr. lvlcllerrnoll lells Jack shcffs hirn hgff rs Fnd lhe per cenl of problem. 1 BJ Ls. 55-f Too many cooks spoil The broTh, buT noT Tor Shirley Bailey and Meg Grover. 'l Planing is all in a day's work Tor l-lowie DiBlazi in shop class. 'Do It Yourself' Becomes the Password Sylvia W. Burnsfed, D.C.T.: lndiana STaTe Teachers College, B.S.g Florida STaTe UniversiTy, M.S. ArThur G. Decker, lndusTrial fNrTs: Duke UniversiTy, A.B.p Oswego STaTe College. Barbara A. Holmes, Home Economics: Ohio STaTe UniversiTy. B.S. Andrew K. Kruse, Mechanical Drawing, ETTecTive Living: NorThwesT Missouri STaTe Teachers College, BS.: Columbia UniversiTy, MA. Kendrick W. Marfin, Driver EducaTion, ETTecTive Living, Mechanical Drawing: lllinois STaTe Normal UniversiTy. B.Ed.g Florida STaTe Uni- versiTy, M.A. John Williamson, Driver EducaTion, Physical EducaTion7 Florida STaTe UniversiTy, B.S. X s X X Q ? ri Q s LR, s T ,. . .LSR "l-ley, sTop ThaT noise." "Turn OTT Those ma- chines," cry sTudenTs who occupy neighboring class rooms To The workshop. SympaThy is wiTh you buT if you only knew The Tabulous Things Those boys build: waTer skis, book shelves, beauTiTul bowls, and all sorTs oT preTTy and useful obiecTs. The boys in mechanical drawing plan houses while home economics sTudenTs learn abouT color and design To decoraTe Them. Pupils oT eTTecTive living learn abouT household managemerfr and D.C.T. sTudenTs prepare Themselves Tor Their Tu- Ture occupaTions. The landscaping deparTmenT planTs shrubbery on The school grounds and aT The same Time learn whaT makes Them Tick. Drivers educaTion sTudenTs scooT around Town in Their "Merry Gldsmobilen geTTing ready To pass Their driving TesT. The subiecTs above may be varied and perhaps you Tind iT hard To see a relaTionship beTween Them. They are alike because oT The do-iT-yourselT meThod in which They are TaughT. By acTually cre- aTing yourselT, The producT abouT which you are sTudying, you learn iTs True value. The experience oT learning by doing is one +ha+ will never be TorgoTTen. Mary Engle, Personal Typing Typing If Berea College, ABQ Duke Universify, Mfx. Avis W. Kruse. Typing I, Typing II: Norfhwesf Missouri Sfafe Teachers College, A.B.7 Columbia Universify, MA. Virgil Morgan, Shorfhandr Indiana Universify, B.S. 4,620 Busy Fingers Tap, fap, fap, busy fingers fype away while fhe scrafching sounds of pencils swiffly crossing once fresh sheefs of paper come floafing ouf of fhe shorfhand class. These sounds and many more come from various classes which rnake up fhe Business Educafion Deparfrnenf. Under fhe direcfion of Mrs. Nell Wilkins, if has fen clifferenf courses. The deparfmenf includes: Infroducfion fo Business, Business English, Office Pracfice and Machinery, Shorfhand I and II, Book- keeping I and II, Typing I and II, and Personal Typing. The courses prepare sfudenfs fo enfer fhe business world, following graduafion. They are, also, beneficial fo fhose planning fo enfer colleges and universifies. Shorfhand dicfaiions are made fun when Mr. Morgan cracks iokes. 3' 7 J. P. Smifh, Bookkeeping: Iovia Universify, BA. Yvonne D. Terrien, Bookkeeping I. Business English Office Pracficet New York Universify, B.S.' Columbia Universify, MA. Nell Wilkins, Typing I' Universify of Florida AB. M.A. Wear ut T pewriters T85e6 74w5 67-Bhy 8e e754 f7hI Why did I have fo miss horne keys! W...-uf' 083, my, Displaying her graceTuI Technique, Mary Sue Wilson gives aTTenTive iuniors a demonsTraTion on The Trampoline during six+h hour gym period. Physical Fitness Is the Theme, Healthier Tipping The ball over The neT, Judy McNeece Ties The score in an inTer-class Tournament Gail Macdonald and Jean Engle baclc her up. Physical EducaTion is The subiecT1 "Physical FIT- ness" The Theme: You are The TargeTg and heaI+hier bodies The goal. Don'T you remember Those clever obsTacIe courses you so willingly ran over and Through, up, around, and under, especially under . . . can'T you iusT Teel your belly scrape MoTher NaTure's grimy Tace. This was a parT oT The Physical I3iTness TesT given by The NaTionaI Junior Chamber oT'Commerce wiTh The cooperaTion oT The Physical EducaTion DeparTmenT. Physical EducaTion is required by The STaTe oT Florida DeparTmenT oT EducaTion. In order To grad- uaTe, Three uniTs oT crediT musT be earned in grades 9, IO, and I I. Physical EducaTion is oTTered as an elecTive in The I2Th grade. Classes meeT Tive days a week wiTh The purpose oT building an eTTi- cienT, well-coordinaTed individual possessing enough sTrengTh, speed, agiliTy, endurance and slcill To meeT easily The maximum demands oi The day. TesTs are given on all acTiviTies and areas: oral, wriTTen and pracTicaI. The girls' deparTmenT led by Mrs. DoroThy Bar- ringer Tried Their slcill aT soccer, gaTorbalI, wislceT, relays, baslceTbaII, Traclc and Tield, soTTball, Table Tennis, paddleball, and badminTon. They Tound ThaT These sporTs helped To build Tirmer muscles and Margaref Alsfon, Physical EducaTion: Harding College, BA.: Peabody College, M.A. Dorofhy Barringer, Physical EducaTion: Marshall College, A.B. Clois J. Caldwell, AThleTic Direcforp Millsaps College, B.S. Joyce Lihan Physical EducaTion Marion O. Lowlrs World Geography B.S, Bodies the Goal were good Tor The Tigure conTrol. BuT The one sporT ThaT became a TavoriTe To all, and proved To be The besT body builder, was gymnasTics. This was given aT inTervals ThroughouT The enTire year. Pyra- mids, rings, bars, Trampoline, and Tumbling were included under The heading. Poise, charm, hygiene, and personal grooming are sTressed. Whenever pos- sible proTessionals or experTs are inviTed Tor dem- onsTraTion or Iecrure. Mr. James Maurer led The boys' deparTmenT Through The year, a year consisTing oT miliTary drill, TooTball, Track, Tield, and gymnasTics. The Tive besT Traclc sTars Trom each class goT TogeTher Tor The inTramural Traclc meeT. The Top winners were Taken To lunch. All These sporTs help To build sTrong bodies Thus lceeping To The Physical FiTness Theme oT The year. You mean To say ThaT you haven'T noTiced The almosT MisTer Americas sTallcing around our cam- pus? AlThough social dancing was noT scheduled. iT was noT enTirely dismissed. On cold days records were broughT ouT and The laTesT dance sTeps were pracTiced. The year came To a close wiTh co-ed sporTs. SoT+baII and volleyball were The games played, and win or lose iT was loTs oT Tun. Bowling Green lSTaTe UniversiTy, B.A., B.S. Physical EducaTion, Ohio STaTe UniversiTy. A-. fmfi Richard B. Feffers, Physical EducaTion: Universify of Nofre Dame, B.S.: Indiana UniversiTy, M.S. Herald Greene, Physical Educafionp UniversiTy of lowa, B.S., M.A. Be'Hy R. Jones, Physical EducaTion: KenT STaTe UniversiTy, B.S. "The daring young man on The flying Trapeze" is Frank Gallo. The rings he is using are a parT of The new gym equipment James E. Maurer, Physical EducaTion: Lock Haven STaTe Teachers College, B.S. Prudence Penney, Physical EducaTiong George Williams College, B.S. RoberT Schmelz, Physical EducaTion: Florida STaTe UniversiTy, B.S. T me if fig iii f it MQ' 1 ' T' 4 "Problems, problems, problems all day long" could well be considered The waTchword oT The Guidance DeparTmenT oT l:orT Lauderdale High Q-, School. The purpose behind This deparTmenT is To help each sTudenT progress saTisTacTorily To- ward his high school graduaTion and aid each sTudenT in his preparaTion Tor oTher Tields. The Guidance DeparTmenT iTselT consisTs oT various secTions headed by highly-Trained guid- ance counselors, under The over-all supervision oT Mr. Dorsey Maynard. The secTions include: sophomores, Mr. Veazey HolT: iuniors, Mrs. Oc- Tavia Cisco: seniors, Mr. Charles SmiTh. Mrs. RuTh Hendriclc also Talces care oT seniors and local scholarships, while Mrs. LoreTTa P. Puring- . .. . -s'A- .. . N Ton, The Guidance DeparTmenT secreTary, is in charge oT parT-Time worlc and worlc permiTs. fi.. Q., An exTensive TesTing program is only one oT . The many invaluable services exTended by The Guidance CenTer To aid The sTudenT. Sopho- H 9. , mores are given reading TesTs and CaliTornia 2. ' y' ' MenTal MaTuriTy TesTs, and iuniors are given i I h 3 ' 5 School-College AbiliTy TesTs. For The seniors, To p -in whom TesTing suddenly becomes and is ex- Finding ouT early abouT college possibiliTies, sophomore Diane Jorde, in conference wiTh Mrs. Cisco, is iusT one of The many sTudenTs who lceep The guidance counselors busy as They seek inTormaTion and advice. Ae nology, A.B. D. O. Maynard I T- T- Guidance DirecTor - iiiii ii -5 V . T , Marshall College, A.B., MA. f V f K , y Charles A. SmiTh g :- im , . V - Q Guidance Counselor 1 I, ' . V ' ii . English i i Ll-1 ,V I Florida STaTe UniversiTy, . " BS.: UniversiTy OT Miami, "' - i f ' by ' X , DoTs and more doTs is all Larry Buchanan sees as he M-Ed' -. ' - it helps Guidance CenTer grade The many TesTs They X , adminisTer. iff' 1. Guidancels OcTavia D. Cisco, Guidance Counselor: Marshall College, A.B.. MA. RuTh Hendrick, Guidance Counselor: English: Maryville College, A.B. Veazey HolT, Guidance Counselor: WesT Virginia lnsTiTuTe OT Tech- Their Business fremely imporfanf and an essenfial facfor, fhe program includes such fesfs as College Boards given in January, March, and May: Nafional Merif Scholarship Exam in April: Scholarship Qualifying Tesf in Ccfoberg and fhe California Menfal Mafurify Tesf. The Guidance Cenfer also aids in scheduling of classes, enrolls all new sfudenfs, issues work permifs, helps fhose infer- esfed in parf-fime worlc, schedules conferences wifh scores of represenfafives from fhe armed services, colleges. and local vocafions, and sponsors "College Nighff' On fhis nighf, each senior in arlendance is given fhe opporfunify fo obfain valuable informafion from represenfa- fives of fhe school in which he is inferesfed. Boolcs, pamphlefs, cafalogues, and vocafional files are available fo each and every sfudenf. Working, wifh fhe Guidance Deparfmenf is Mrs. Lee Senn. fhe regisfrar. If is Mrs. Senn who lceeps on record each grade and fesf marlc of any sfudenf who has ever affended Forf Lauderdale l-ligh School. Fixing anoiher franscripf is iusf parf of fhe iob done by Mrs. Senn. regisfrar, and Mrs. Puringfon, guidance secrefary. LHS Library Has Almost 11,000 Books "Mos+ people read books!" buf Linda Spear, Bill Con- way. and Barbara Sfolnel aren'f: lhey're filing The broken bindings. "Here a boolc, fhere a boolc, everywhere a good boolcf' The library of Forf Lauderdale High School, under fhe supervision of Miss Berryhill, head librarian, offers nof only a valuable service fo fhe school, buf also fo fhe communify. Four days a weelc fhe library is open from 7:l5 a.m. fo l0:3O p.m., a highly advanfageous service fo everyone. Nighf librarian is Miss l'lansen. Many useful arficles are found in fhe library such as an excellenf collecfion of almosf I l,OOO boolcs, a verfical file, maps, globes, magazines, audio-visual maferial, newspapers, encyclopedias, aufhor maferial, and a World Aflas. Progress forges on, and fhe library is no excepfion. An elecfric charging machine has been added, enabling fhe sfaff fo sfamp cards in half fhe fime. A porfion of fhe sfaff consisfs of sfudenfs, earning one credif foward graduafion while being frained fo lcnow fhe library, enabling fhem fo help ofhers. Ivy Berryhill, Library: Brenau Colfege, BA. Zola Mae Blalreslee, Library, Florida Sfafe Universify, B.A. Dorofhy B. Hansen, Library: Universify of Minnesofa. B.S. f ,:1:,, W , ..,, Having capably served lhe sludenls af LHS for 'rhe pasr I3 years as lhe bookslore manager, Mrs. Margarel l-ludson re- 'rired al lirsl semesler. Peiile and pleasant Mrs. Adalene Thomas +horoughly enjoys working wilh The sludenls al Ll-lS in her job as lhe new boole- slore manager. These Persons? Work Is Never Done The people responsible for The daily lasly lunches are Mrs. Mary Norwell, Mrs. Pauline Adams, Mrs. Elizabelh Jenkins, and Mrs. Francis Rand, manager. Q Q, ff -. , , - WM-4f"'M" ' , ,110 -- 'sn 'W-Q Zz """-is A W, Smiling af one of +he slories her sfudenrs have wril-ren, Mrs Evans rhinlcs, "Only one hundred more papers fo read." Will l ever 'reach Jrhem how 'ro speak?" wonders Mr. Sol- omon, 'rhe dramalics feacher. Deeply engrossed in +hough+, Coach Hayes s+ares off inlo space while Mr. Van Arsdall, Mrs. Galla, and Mrs. Burdick enioy a hurried lu n ch. Wm A.. ? 42 fn SCh001e Life i f bell 'onli 'lihe' lesl Slrayihigol Q bmp-'deiU'd1Ciftqun5reTe5fjcef2'firhe'gL ded er Sergey ediiwrraxriwieiaiiidfe ed were things cremmedfih Abefyreeng 'jhieieyourfscihoelulife: TliGT6y::El'f?Gl The ,' eyenfgj Hlomecomrihgf Fiyingfi L lioilieisgiclessi pieysj A " abd fheprom, i e V f Y ' 'These rhinqs happen every yeer.'Bui'r :+hisi year ibrouglalimainy 'rhinqsiwhich were different Remem- ber lheifirsl pep assembly as you Scrambled for e se-el and 'rhe band played "Tom Dooley." When fhe firsi cool blasl of winfer hi? lhe hells of LHS, you girls came lo school wiih red and blaclr legqings and crew necks lo malch. A+ periies. you were eager lo dence lhe Lymbo or fhe Calypso es someone played ihe bonqo drums. Afler fhe movies or e game, you dashed our for pizzas or headed for a drive-in resfouranf. These are lhe liffle momenfs you'll remember ebouf LHS along wifh the big ones. These are the +hings +ha+ melee lhis year dilferenf from ofher years. v W 7' -ev vw . ff' , M. nv ff I 9211, - 1, . . -'rv ,.f..-.. "VL , . '-'- J' QQ, 14 f 51, 't'-il Y .4 'Q rl. Q3 :Cf-5 L."-'ff :ca-.'-3' xl .hx Ska. ,. .gg 44: Q.. .,,-. '.-iii - -. w. - .3-55, .1 'jf - . ., . , -, . ,Hag ,,,f..., 1 , ,., 4.f-1.1:-W1 'T ,gig J-79343 - 1 1 .V .-., l, .,- X My J f, V V AL QAHV I q'g W' ,. I ' , "W"7R9 ',"5 .- fa ' ' ' .-f-1-1 af V f f :-" -7 'L WWW? 'W9.Yf'ff9m9Q5Qw Wfjg? 'M' Egxgqias vu.. f f Y , ff, - 'tv"..!i' WQM 2 is 1 . -T., Q P.,1 ,, EEQESWQK as T Q 'nfzwfwr rs-w-s+uf sy, ' ,J-. ' ' 5- 'TTY' 15.7 JT, ' I . .. . ,, . .,V, ,, ,m,c,,MM , I 5 I V,,. 3,Mb EAIIV. , .Y Inu, fd .- f .W - "' f jf ,aw , N . . 0 1 ,T ,i 4 2 r 5 l gil fc f 5 it T' 'W T TO JEAN PFEIFFER HER FIRST WEEK AT LHS IS THRILLING Monday. The final day To be enioyed aT The beech. Jean and Ted Dye splash away Their lasT Tree hours. Fall, Fun, and Tuesday. The TirsT day is always The hardesT, They say. Poor, WGCTHSSGITGY. Sven GT a bewildered Jean, asks direcTions Trom Bob Berryhill while New SCl'100l iT really she TranTically Tries To Tind her classes. d09SFl'T 'Take long TO gel' inTo The old grind. Even Football Go Hand in Hand The TirsT Touches oT Tall were in The air as sTu- denTs, sporTing sunTans and looking as iT The TarThesT Thing Trom Their minds was sTudy, Tlocked back To The hallowed halls oT L.l'l.S. This year Tor The TirsT Time The service clubs had inTormaTion desks in convenienT places around The campus To help The bewildered sTudenTs Tind Their new classes. Sopho- mores, wiTh ThaT Toggy look on Their Taces, wan- dered around The halls Trying noT To geT in The way oT The seniors, who were Taking Their new posiTions oT glory very seriously. The "G-eT AcquainTed Dance" broughT The sTudenT body TogeTher Tor The TirsT Time To The sTrains oT "Tears on My Pillow" and 'lT's All in The Game" as waxed by Their Tavor- iTe recording arTisTs. Who will ever TorgeT The TirsT pep assembly? OuT on The bleachers in The broiling heaT, yelling our hearTs ouT, we proved ThaT The spiriT was as greaT as ever. ThaT TirsT TooTball ga'me againsT CenTral CaTholic l-ligh Tound The Flying L's, shakers in hand. cheering Their Team on To vicTory. The clubs on The campus had membership drives and picTures were Taken Tor EBB TTDE, alThough no one's hair seemed To look quiTe righT or ThaT Tie wasn'T sTraighT. Everyone was seTTling down To The rouTine of class work, Tun, and sTudy ThaT characTerizes Lauder- dale l-ligh School in SepTember. Hooping iT up on The Key Club paTio, BeTsy Fishburn seems To be Thoroughly enioying The laTesT craze To hiT Lauderdale. Hula Hoop advocaTes claim ThaT This unusual 'Form oT exercise is good Tor everyThing ThaT ails you, Trom exTra pounds To gouT. ' ,4 . I u 4 ' .4 ZAM T0 2294 ' Sugar ' Suugum . X I - 7 . V - 4 , , rr 7 V J g,:. f ,L,. lhe pooch can'l gel our Thursday, leachers loo, gel inlo lhe swing ol lhings by Friday. lhe end ol lhe lirsl wonderlul week. sleepy Jean oul ol lhe assigning homework on lhe lhird clay ol school. Jean gels Whal's lhis, Jean, daydreaming already? She sack on lime. her rusly brain in working condilion wilh a slill Biology can'l exaclly be blamed, il's been some week. session. to Make the First Weeks at LHS Sparkle F. Look familiar? Pal Brown and Wayne Wilson enjoy a snack al one ol lhe mosl lrequenled hangouls in lown. Jerry's is lhe proverbial landmark 'lor hungry Lauderdalians. Recognize lhese feel? They belong lo Linda Rand, Ed Ham- illon, Pal Zimmerman and Bruce Dempsey who were among lhe crowd lound bopping lo Rickey Nelson's lalesl hil al lhe Juniorelle Gel Acquainled Dance, This evenl ushered in lhe social season al Lauderdale and helped lo losler many new friendships. ed! ,gl Q T Back To old Naples Tor Tone nighT wenT Francie Mc- KnighT, Ronnie Cameron and Dora PeTerson while They enioyed The sumpTuous Tare provided by Anchor Club' aT Their annual SpagheTTi Dinner. Checkered Table- OcTober, monTh oT wiTches racing across The dark ominous sky, creeps in sTealThily. L's were whirled up in The round oT acTiviTies wiTh a spiriT-sTreaked pep assembly beTore The Tension oT The long- awaiTed game againsT STranahan. VicTorious spiriT spilled over inTo The Sinawik Swing aTTer The game. The Baby L's, The Sophomores, Took on The big responsibiliTy when They elecTed Their class oTTicers and did a wonderTul iob. This was The monTh oT hula hoops and Rickey Nelson, Tall ouTTiTs and par- Ties, and TirsT six weeks' TesTs. LauderdaliTes came ouT "en masse" Tor The away game aT l-lialeah l-ligh School and we were swepT along Toward The spec- Tacular Homecoming Week. Weary and worn, sTu- denTs had iusT seTTled back inTo The old rouTine aTTer l-lomecoming when reporT card Time rolled around, bringing wiTh iT long Taces and happy smiles. l-low Those Seniors sweaTed when Scholarship QualiTying TesTs appeared, meaning ThaT college Time was coming closer. l-ligh spiriTs prevailed as L's gaThered Tor The NorTh Miami game, Tollowed by JunioreTTe's Pigskin Prom. Thus anoTher monTh slips inTo The shadow oT our memory. tudents Stew as cloThs, candles on The Tables, and preT'Ty waiTresses added a greaT deal Toward TransTorming The caTeTeria inTo an lTalian resTauranT. Lis. Oh, my aching TeeT! These Two seniors Tinally gave up all ThoughT oT proprieTy and kicked oTT Their uncomTorTable high heels while serving aT The senior Tea. This year, Tor The TirsT Time, The Tea was held in The beginning OT The year To give Seniors' parenTs a chance To geT acquainTed beTore graduaTion. Teenage manners and morals were The Topics under discussion when well-known columnisT, Ann Landers, came To Lauderdale High. Miss Landers, who in realiTy is married and has a Teenage daughTer, gave inTeresTed Seniors The lowdown on proper daTing behavior, answered quesTions, and read some OT her Tamous "Dear Ann" leTTers. Civifan Calendar cover girl, Alice Schmidt smiles regally whlle she proudly dlsp'ays her impressive lrophy. Surroundlng her ls The bevy ol 'lwelve glamorous Lauderdale glrls who were chosen as girls ol lhe monlh ln Clvll'an's second annual Conlesl. School wings on With Q' if ?Vj V 6 9, I flu :Tyr xr gr lv ,l f l l Jigga ' , 1 I isp The solemn, happy faces of lhese inlriafes rellecl 'rhe serious- ness ol rhe occasion. as +l1ese girls pledge lhelr devolion lo upholding lhe high slanclards ol: Their club, tud M a B Word "You can buy a l959 EBB TIDE lor only 400 pennles, SO nick- les, 40 dlmes, I6 quarlers, 8 hall:-dollars or four dollars," so wenl fhe adverllsemenl and apparenlly Phil Pauze and Bob Greve loolr Pally Nlclcle al her word because here lhey are pennies in hand. ro gel' an EBB TIDE. l-lorror of horrorsl They have only 399 pennies! Neverlhe ess 'hey gel lheir EBB TIDE. Every year during lhis season, you see slrarge faces appear ir 'lhe familiar lhrong ol sludenrs. These weErd apparllions are usually found wllh loorba 's oaslrelballs ard lenrls l:nal's raped lo lhelr hands: 'rhey have pfglalls, wear burap sagkg and Qld swea+ sulls and rnalce a genera'ly lrlghlenlrg speclaoe, These are The mlghly L's varslly lerrermen who were f"v4?ed Info The l. club and sllll wonder, If aller rha' dal, ol lerlure, 'T was vforlh E+, , L 'aa 4 f: 06 35 -4 "Oh, Sandy, how wonderful!" screams Carol Zimmer as candida+es receive 'rhe news Thai Sandy Koch has been chosen Homecoming Pefife, blonde Sandy Koch beams happily as she is awarded ihe iiile and crown of i958 Homecoming Queen by Bob Lewis, presideni of fhe Siudenf Councii. Homecoming Weeli, Brim Full of Activities, Spiri+ ran high as L.H.S. s+uden+s, chaniing and cheering, charged breafhlessiy Jrhrough Jrhe sfreeis during +he S+uden+ Councii's Snake Dance. queen. Thrilled nominees, Sylvia Cross, PaTTi CavareTTa, Aanes are among The TirsT To oTTer congraTulaTions. and Sandy Every Tall The Time rolls around when The Ta- mous Flying L spiriT reigns supreme on The L.H.S. campus. During Homecoming weelc, exciTemenT elecTriTies The air and enThusiasTic sTudenTs Tind plenTy oT ouTleT Tor Their boundless energy. The TesTiviTies began on Monday nighT wiTh The STu- denT Council sponsored snalce dance and bon- Tire. The sTreeTs oT downTown Lauderdale rang as voices shouTed, "Give me an 'L'!" LaTer ThaT evening couples danced To recorded music on The ouTdoor blaclcTop area. Wednesday oT Homecoming Week was de- clared "color day." Flying L's cooperaTed by wearing blue and whiTe To school. Thursday was The day oT The gala Homecoming parade. Club members goT ouT oT classes To decoraTe TloaTs. ThaT aTTernoon, sunburned and grimy, They viewed Their "masTerpieces" as The TloaTs wound Through Town. Friday nighT The Lauderdale Flying L's meT The Curley KnighTs on The gridiron. SpiriT was high, buT noT high enough, as Lauderdale surrendered To a superior Curley eleven. Climaxing The ac- TiviTies, lovely Sandy Koch was crowned Home- coming Queen Tor I958 aT halT-Time. Has Finally Arrived .. ..."J"' ' Anchor clubbers whoop for icy aTTer hearing ThaT Their Scalp 'Em Theme won The coveTed TirsT prize in TloaT com- peTiTion. "IT ain'T much buT iT's a TloaT," proclaims a sign on The enTry of Mr. Sullivan's homeroom To The Homecoming TloaT com- iTion. A bar oT Ivory in a iar oT waTe'r, ThaT's noT a TloaT. P Ol' IS li? Where else buT sunny Florida would you Tind bermudas aT a Tormal dance? In spiTe oT Ronnie Cameron's unusual aTTire, he and Barbara Roman seem To be having a wonderTul Time as They "live iT up" aT The Junior Class Dance. Amid cries oT "BeaT Those Cavaliers!" The L's ushered in November. CiviTan presenTed iTs Cal- endar Girl conTesT, choosing Alice SchmidT as The "loveliesT oT Them all." EBB TIDE sTaTTers were kepT busy as yearbooks wenT on sale and The sTaTT along wiTh NavigaTor Traveled To Miami Tor The l:.S.P.A. ConvenTion. This was The monTh oT open house as P.T.S.A. pre- senTed a geT-acguainTed nighT Tor parenTs and S.C. sponsored College NighT. When PasTernak reTused The Nobel Prize, iT seemed The library iusT couldn'T keep a copy oT "DocTor Zhivagou on The shelT very long. BuT sen- iors Took Time ouT Trom reading To give The Senior Tea aT The Lago Mar. Juniors, noT To be ouTdone, puT on Their class dance, "MoonlighT in AuTumn," wiTh a huge Scarecrow highlighTing The cenTer- piece. WiTh The TirsT icy blasTs, girls donned The new- esT Tad, colored TighTs wiTh crew necks To maTch. Sgueals oT delighT were heard on The nighT service clubs delivered inviTaTions, and cries oT "l'm a raT" could be heard Trom The paTio on l. Club iniTiaTion day. AT The TradiTional Thanksgiving assemblies, Wheel Club placed TirsT in The Thanksgiving bas- keT compeTiTion. As Thanksgiving arrived, The L's Took oTT Tor a Tew days vacaTion. The college kids were home, "Gigi" was playing aT The Florida, and leTT-over Turkey was in The icebox as Thanks- giving passed and November slipped inTo our memories. All morning The hush was eerie. LHS was as silenT as The Tomb. Silence Day had arrived. Then, Third hour pep assembly came like a welcome balm To nerve-wracked sTudenTs, Their peppy cheers rang ouT To leT Broward know The mighTy L's were ready Tor The grid baTTle ahead. The annual Thanksgiving Baskei' ConTesT sponsored by JunioreTTes makes Tor healThy compeTiTion among The clubs. Carl Adams, Todd Grehl, and John Barker do some lasT-minuTe repairs on Wheel Club's prize-winning enTry. 1 v y 'Af 1 rv 4 W W 1 4 Do ilwese 'ren s+uden+s loolr familiar? Tlieylre Lauderdale's schol- aslic claim lo lame, We Na+'ona Meril Scliclarsluip finalisls Gayle Sawyer, Nancy Pell, Pal Boelli Dave Zwiclc, Dave Pender. Skip Gaecle Vince Anlcineli, Squire Krov, Bob Lewis, and Eric Ericson. Lauderc.lale's own Rovers feamfng Dave Zwick, Allan Aunapu, Fred Millon and Laffy lnibaw be? cu' anoflier of llneir swinging rock and roll soecia Yes. ovember Brings Football Finale to LH A flaming balon is skillfully lwandled by "A" corps lwirler, Gloria Gall. Comple+e'y encircled by flames, Gloria seems unconcernecl as slie and llie resl ol llwe maiorelles calmly perform during a speclacular ball-+ime slnow presenled by llie band. Z - ,ik fy S s-Y K Wei and bedraggled Naviqaaor Plnolograpber Mary Sue Wl'son iusl bad lc gel Wal "ore less sr?" beffre claslning Icr slneller in llie gym. x 1.45 Wild anfics feafuring Judy Orr and Woody Max- well were parf of fhe skif puf on by Junioreffes and Key Club for fhe lasf pep assembly of anofher successful foofball season for fhe L's. The season's firsf baskefball pep assembly found high spirifs prevailing as opfimisfic sfudenfs were seen cheering fhe feam fhey ranked as fops. .1 'V 2 2 Q, 2 l 5 December swepf in, and wifh if, acfivifies galore for seniors. Their class play, "Ten Liffle Indians," was a suspense fhriller de luxe which affesfed fo fhe hard work puf in on if. Then came fhe long awaifed' fime-Senior Superlafives were fo be selecfed. Each senior deliberafed and came up wifh his choices. The class held ifs breafh waifing, fhen one week before Chrisfnnas, fhe final resulfs were made known. Wheel Club members presenfed fhe annual "Sanfa Claus l-lop" wifh Bob Greene, WINZ disk jockey, as emcee. As holidays drew closer, school days seemed fo gef longer and looks of anficipafion fook fhe place of fhe doleful expressions usually seen on fhe faces of Lauderdaleans. Chrisfmas Carols emanafed from fhe cafeferia, and beaufifully decorafed frees. wreafhs, and finsel were presenf everywhere. When vacafion af lasf came, fhere was a mad rush fo finish fhaf lasf minufe shopping and gef everyfhing caughf up before Chrisfmas. Thaf fhe College men were home, is a facf which could easily be gafhered from looking af some of fhe Senior girls' faces. The end of fhe holidays plunged us info anofher monfh. ' New hands fake fhe reins as Mr. Brewer addresses fhe sfudenf body for fhe firsf fime as Lauderdale's principal. ?"'?f'o! NG 5 5UC'5'b C'5'r3""'5"" -5 G-Y "5'f5'd'5U 'fi' 5DC"'P":'-S 6pO'6uSe 55' We Seed' Ciass' pVOdUC+TC'W of 'Ten LiHe fc: afs December Jingled in, Bringing Holida Fun True holiday spirii is er-ered ,ken Yfeffme brfwgs dass asserrv bueg ard C'f'5'f'a5 pals MTL a SEVICLS VQPL. Unifing as one, "e Seve- 2-eff:-e 2 .bs 55 Lee:ie':ia'e Hgh gale a Cffrffas sary ':' "eva fafd p4,s':e ,f Vrdcapped CHI' dre' 1 "fe wee. Ke",' Fa""e:1 rd Velcfffa Ccmbs 5"'3'T1Df 'Q .P M pacvf Jf:::.e. sl Wearing long socks, fhis year's rage on campus, sophomores Harrief Allen and Nan Hoy frod along on one of fhe few cold days lasf winfer. Affer frigid femperafures fhe year before, everyone was pleasanfly surprised af our fropical weafher fhis year. id-Year Exams Cause E1 "Oooh!" groans Dozie Nelson, "why did I waif Fluffy of orry January exploded in wifh firecraclcers. parfies, and resolufions. College sweafshirfs, in vogue once more, were an imporfanf ifem in everyone's wardrobe. Everyone was hav- ing one lasf fling before exams as fhey pulled ouf fhe old bongo drums and danced fhe calypso. Spending mosf of fheir fime af fhe beach, fhey discovered a new hangouf, fhe Cafe Sienna. New hands foolc over fhe reins of LHS as lvir. Joseph Brewer sfepped info his new role as acfing principal. The seniors sfruggled fhrough college board exams and rushed fo guidance cenfer wifh fheir college applica- fions and scholarship forms. Mr. Maynard announced fhaf LHS had five seniors qualify as finalisfs in fhe Nafional Honor Sociefy Scholarship compefifion. As Casfro and his rebels charged around Cuba, several Lauderdalifes made fheir way down soufh fo have a loolc around. They re- furned wifh many fales for curious friends. Jusi' one of fhose affersschool rush shofs!" Mr. Jun donafes his fime fo help fhe EBB TIDE sfaff wifh fheir phofography. hgh .. 'ff a U g ,.' A . Q A L?-,- n ' FV we ' fl 14 A 4 E ..f e LSL - I so long?" Despairingly she hifs fhe books and sfarfs cramming for semesfers. ONE DAY OF FREEDOM FOR L's . . . 'Tesfs already? Buf we iusf gof baclc from vacafionlm screamed sfudenfs as ex- ams popped up, Wifh fhe aid of No-Doz pills and blaclc coffee fhey affempfed fo cram info iusf one weelc a whole semesfer's worl4. Radios blared ouf "Smoke Gefs In Your Eyes," "Pipe Dreams," and "One Night" while "Maverick" galloped across fhe TV screens, aiding sfudenfs nof in fhe leasf in fheir lasf minufe search for lcnowl- edge. Affer exams, a day off offered plen- 'ry of fime fo go fo fhe beach, fo sleep. and fo resolve never fo procrasfinafe. A day off, fhaf is, for everyone buf fhe EBB TIDE sfaff. As fhe L's plunged info second semesfer. fhe band presenfed a free concerf and fhe maioreffes flipped fheir bafons fo fhe "Washingfon and Lee" march. Baslcefball season was in full swing, also, and January soared ouf in high spirifs as Alaslca was proclaimed fhe 49+h sfafe. in Januar at LHS 'xr' ' e 1 , '. 5 E Qi "Slurp, 's good," says Wendy Taylor as she, Mercer McClure, Cary Griffin, Karen Sfevens. and Nedra Shulfz ravenously parfake of fhe double-scoop sundae used in faking a Senior Superlafive picfures, Congrafulafions were in order for Bob Barneff affer he re- ceived fhe Thom McAnn award for oufsfanding afhlefic and scholasfic achievement 2 k 0 The "crowning" highlighT To an already perTecT evening was The presenTaTion oT Miss ForT Lauderdale High, Sharon Coons, aT The Flying L Follies. February, The monTh oT hearTs and Tlowers, was hummed in, To The noT-so-romanTic sTrains oT "Char- lie Brown" and "Three Cool CaTs." "Twirp Season aT lasTI" squealed The girls as They goT ouT The old buTTerTly neTs and bear Traps To grab ThaT special guy Tor The "STomp and Chomp." BuT as The weelc climaxed wiTh The Pizza ParTy and Sadie Hawlcins Dance, gals were bemoaning Their empTy poclceTs. ValenTine's Day came aT lasT and evening broughT a romanTic aTmosphere as Sandy Koch and Bob Bar- neTT were crowned SweeThearT Queen and King. The Anchor slciT "Books 'n Blues" Toolc TirsT place in "Musical Madcaps" as S.C. presenTed The Flying L Follies. The evening was highlighTed by The crown- ing oT Miss ForT Lauderdale High, Sharon Coons. Six Dragons invaded The campus Tor Three days as The STranahan-Lauderdale exchange sTudenT pro- gram was iniTiaTed. ShouTs OT "l've been brain- washed" echoed around campus as seniors poured Trom The audiToriurn aTTer The long day oT PlacemenT TesTs. ln a candlelighT ceremony, Honor SocieTy iniTiaTed TiTTy-Tive new members, TorTy iuniors and TiTTeen seniors. STudenTs Toolc a special inTeresT in The Jaycees convenTion honoring The "Ten OuTsTanding Young Men" oT The naTion. Reason? PaT Boone was among The Ten young men. Shalcespeare's populariTy had guiTe a boosT when The cinemascope producTion oT "Richard III" arrived aT The Colony. Seniors decided even a Three-hour movie version was beTTer Than reading The play. The L's vicTory over Edison ended baslceTball sea- son and The Tinishing Touches were puT on anoTher monTh as Judy Colby was crowned BaslceTball Queen. H50 l0n9 'FOI' 6 While." say LHS exchange sTudenTs, Suzie Rablen, Tarzi Pardue, Barbara Hepp, John McElTresh, Doug Coolc, and Sandy Aanes, as They leave "ye old alma maTer" Tor a Three day visiT To STranahan High. The exchange promoTed beTTer Teeling and creaTed a friendship beTween The Two usually rival schools. "Oo-ee'oo-ah-ah!" chanTs Judy Jackson, porTraying The "WiTch DocTor" in JunioreTTes' Follies slciT, "Splish Splash." They received second place, while Anchor was awarded TirsT, and Sinawilc and Exchange Tied Tor Third. "Didn'l forge? your sludenl' card, did you?" aslcs Nancy Sumwall as slwe lreals Jolwn Slimpson lo a movie during Twirp season. "Mama mia, lliis is greallu exclaims Ron Magalfiey as he slarls fo gobble up lwis lasl piece of pizza al llwe annual Juniorelle Pizza Parly. Februarfs Follies Filled Full of Fun .-I Valen+ine's Day is celebraled by Jerry Sfewarl as lwe greels Suzi Rablen willn a lwearl' lull ol candy. "Hi! We're from S+ranal1an," say line big orange bullons worn by l'l'1e sludenls parlicipaling in lime exchange program belween Lauderdale and Slranalnan l-ligli Schools. Meei' a few of The inmales of The Cloisiers, a home for The menrally ill. On slage rhey may be inrnales bul a+ Ll-lS we lcnow Jrhem as Dick Beaily, Pai Gross, Nancy Spiegel and Sandy Doalc, members of ihe casl ol "The Curious Savage." e comedy presenied by +he Junior class. March Moves Merril in Bringing Easter "Fill 'er up, sir?" aslcs Pele Evelefh. March I8 saw all The Seniors al worlc ro conlribule io The Senior Worlc Day Scholarship, which will beneiil six of The worlhy graduales. so "Oh! I found anofher one," cries Jodie Gilroy. The Junior Civiian Club's Easier egg hun+ proved a huge success wilh all 'lhe local lois. L . fi 41' March shivered in on rhe cresr of an unseasonable cold spell providing a chilly se'r+ing for +he Flying l.'s viciory over Srranahan in Jrhe swim meel. Also, sporlswise, seniors came our vicforious in Jrhe in+er- class Jrrack meel and baseball +ryou+s go+ underway. Juniors made fheir debul info +he world behind Jrhe loollighls wilh Jrhe comedy produclion, "The Curious Savage." Seniors presen+ed "Nep+une's Palace." The soil lighls and slow music almosl lulled fhem inlo 1corge++ing 'rhar lhis was Their lasl' class dance. Science sludenfs were given a special assembly by lhe Nuclear lnslilule al Oalc Ridge. There was a discussion on "The Afomic World"g buf 'rhe big Thing on +he seniors' minds was 'rhe problem of finding a iob 'lor Senior Worlc Day. When The day 'Finally rolled around close +o SOO seniors invaded +he world of business +o earn money For 'lhe six scholarships +o be given on class nighr, The highlighf of 'rhe monlh was lhe Easler Holi- days. Everyone made plans For parlies and lazy days a+ 'rhe beach wi+h +he annual college crowd. Vaca- fion over, sunlanned l.'s refurned lo school and an- ofher monfh faded from view. Co-chairman of fhe Senior dance, Bruce Dempsey, and division chairmen, Dian Scoll and Sandy Koch, discuss p'ans for decoraf mg for "Neplune's Palace." Happy LHS-ers spend a confenfed Sunday affernoon lazily soaking up fhe sunshine, and "Rain, rain, go away!"-and if did affer successfully soaking Faye Eddie, Skip Beisler, and Molly Nicols. A P L C I' C C PS "I'Il go if you bring me flowers," feases Nancy Connor be- fore she accepfs Lindsey Eve's invifafion fo fhe Sophomore Class dance. April arrived bringing wifh her a wave of spring fever. Wifh summer already in view, sfudenfs slowed down fo fhe pace of spring and fhoughf of love. Balloons, clowns, and preffy girls filled fhe sfage of War Memorial Audiforium in Anchor and Wheel Club's annual variefy show, Melody Circus, The crowning of Miss Melody climaxed fhe evenf-filled evening. War Me- morial was also fhe scene of Key Club's annual Youfh Rally. Guesf speakers were polifical leaders from all over fhe sfafe and enferfainmenf was provided by local per- formers. Aspiring iournalisfs gof a glimpse of a real, live news- paper as Press Club journeyed fo Miami fo visif fhe Miami Daily News offices. Miss Sears, Lafin feacher, was vofed Hfeacher of fhe year" af Ll-lS and iuniors gof fheir firsf fasfe of compefifive fesfs as Nafional Merif Exams were given fo fheir class. Romance was in fhe air as Flying L Romeos escorfed fheir flower-like Juliefs fo fhe sophomore class dance. Summer fux and shimmering formals in pasfel shades blended in rhyfhm as couples danced fo fhe sfrains of "Come Soffly." As graduafion drew near and college plans became vifally imporfanf, seniors fook weekend visifs fo prospec- five campuses and refurned fo Ll-lS wifh a collegiafe air enveloping fhem. Shoufs of "C-Bof fhaf Spirif? Yea, Man!" echoed fhrough fhe gym as cheering fryoufs wenf info fhe final week. E frying +o larger such +hinqs as school. , V ,,,V 'il 1, sf 9 ,, , jf +I 04,4 , . PARTIES GALORE IN APRIL . . . Even April showers failed lo lceep Lauderdale sludenls away from 'rhe beach. Beach parries, colce- 'rail parries, bermuda parlies or whalever Ihe ex- cuse mighl have been, Lauderdaliles were on Ihe parly craze. Wheel Clubbers, in keeping wilh Ihe Ieslive mood, presenled Their annual Service Club Ball lor l.l'lS's seven service clubs. Wilh baseball season in lull swing, Ihe foolball hero was lorgollen. April Fool's iolces began Ihe monlh, bul lor seniors, Ihings were Ialcing on a srrange seriousness, as April passed from view and l.'s wenl inlo Jrhe final monlh. Lazily in With a Wave of Spring Fever 'Era 1 ..- "Don'+ gel' your hopes up," says Jeff Lilfle lo himself as Jill Spavin falls for lhal old April Fool's Iriclc, "lI"s empryf' Four lovelies, Suzi Smifh, DeElle McPheron, barbara Roman, and Marsha lvlilson, make up a porlion ol: Ihe Melody Circus chorus line. AT lasT iT had Tinally arrived! May was here in all her glory wiTh summer noT Tar behind. May didn'T come alone, Tor wiTh iT came The much awaiTed arrival oT The EBB TIDE and a round oT signing parTies, some- Thing new Tor The sophomores and a Tinale Tor The seniors. As Tor The iuniors, They were noT lagging be- hind. The lasT minuTe plans Tor The prom kepT Them Too busy To noTice The absence oT The seniors on Senior Skip Day. Crazy shirTs, sTraw haTs, and bermudas were The order oT The day as The rowdy upperclassmen roared down To Greynolds Park Tor Their day oT legal- ized skipping. AlThough iT was The lasT monTh oT school, May rushed by very quickly as iuniors and sophomores goT ready To Take on Their posiTions as upperclassmen and seniors, looking a liTTle dreamy-eyed, primed Them- selves To Take Those Tinal sTeps. Then, aT lasT, prom nighT arrived. Girls, wiTh Their hair pinned up, dashed downTown Tor Those lasT minuTe necessiTies and nervous boys phoned To make sure ThaT The corsage would be ready on Time. The Junior-Senior Prom had arrived. The girls in shimmering Tormals and The boys in Their whiTe dinner iackeTs almosT TloaTed on air as They skimmed around The dance Tloor aT The l'lollywood Beach l-loTel. Following The dance, They donned bermudas and aTTended a movie aT The GaTe- way. From The movie, They Trailed ouT To The CounTry Club Tor a splash parTy and Then climaxed The evenTs wiTh an appeTizing breakTasT on SaTurday morning. As The Prom nighT Taded inTo memories, May slipped inTo The pasT as June was here aT lasT. "ls This The same girl who siTs nexT To me in geomeTry?" wonders Bob Berryhill as he escorTs his Cinderella, Jan Cooper, To The prom. Wafch ouT 'For Bruce' cries Ava Ann Camp as Bruce Dempsey begins To bop PaT BooTh wiTh a canoe paddle, Backed by Jane Hodge and John Herrick PaT is ready To sTrike back This and oTher such anTics were all a parT oT Senior Skip Day. K-..1v --Q .nw--:J f -,. I wp.-v Aching fee+ are In order as f'ese s'x scfe Sf3"4C'S Gecfge M:'a"'s J.dv C:'b-,' JQL' Orwe' Nedra Schuh, Bob Bevel' a'd Janice Mivigan sLcp fc res? awrer gradeafien VELSGVSGI 5? War Memefa. Ma ail Foretells the Coming of Summer F x. K. - 1. 4 X- qw? Q., 5 .1 .5 "Oh, sign mine!" :fes C' :REQ Sfarp es Af- Few'-g and LW' '5fa'e'f excewge 'Ver ref. EBB NCES. "Hooray!" sF:UsJe1 Jazksc' 1 e1e"s. Ce'-ef and gay. re :Vos " 'L' f. 'z :-pe's s'e c'ger P-as fe sidh Be Steadfast, True and Faithful ,Tune Means Graduation June came upon us all loo soon. Too soon were lhe seniors al- lending Class Nighl and seeing lheir lriends, members ol lhe Class ol '59, receiving awards lhey so richly deserved lor lhree years ol service and devolion, All loo soon lhey allended Baccalaureale service and lislened lo inspiralional messages lhal were lo mean so much lo lhem. Messages lull ol phrases such as "mililary service," "college educalion," and "your responsibililiesf' And loo soon came lhal lasl nighl when, dressed in cap and gown, lhey passed across lhe slage al War Memorial Audilorium. The handshalcing, lhe lears, and lhal diploma in lheir hands all seemed so unreal as lhey sal and lislened lo Mr. Brewer as he gave lhem lhal lasl bil ol advice. And allerward lhe parlies, Oh, lhose parlies! On one ol lhe grealesl nighls ol lheir lives, ol course, no seniors could be expecled lo gel in lill dawn and allhough lhe aura ol gradualion slill hung in lhe air, lhey revelled all nighl. Then on lhey wenl lo lhe sun-sparlcled days ol houseparlies where lhey reminisced logelher and cried a lillle over "old" memories ol Lauderdale, slill lresh in lheir minds. Finally lhe lime came when lhey relurned, by ones and lwos, lo sland misly-eyed belore main hall lo say, "Thank you, Lauderdale." iusl lhal and nolhing more, loelore selling oul lo make lheir lives and lulures. mg L Blue and White I V if Q 4. 0' yl af u pq ..Q ,f A ,, , 'E 5 J u if K, Y, :A . Organizations Working on your behalf, +he organizalions are perhaps one of ihe rnosl imporiani phases of your year: Sludenl Council, ihe publicaiions, and ihe music groups. malce up ihe orqanizaiions. By eleciing Slrudenf Council olilicers in 'rhe spring and homeroom represenlraiives in ihe fall, you have a voice in lhe governrneni ol LHS. Wheiher plan- ning ihe year's aclivifies or represenling you To lhe faculfy and adrninisirafion, SC. seelcsiio keep your inferesf firsi. The music groups pracficed long hours perleciinq fheir slcill fo perform for you ai' assemblies and cori- cerfs. The band added zesl' and sparlcle fo pep as- semblies and provided enferhaining half-Time shows during foofball season. The chorus weni carolinq fhrough fhe halls af Chrisimas lime and added a revereni' air fo fhe Easier assemblies wiih lheir beau- fiful music. The band and chorus have been your represenialives. The publicafions, Navigafor and EBB TIDE, keep you informed on school news and record and por- fray fhe evenfs of your school year.. Each organization worked hard 'rhis year. Winning many awards and displaying a norable record of service. fhey have been yourhambassadors reflecfing you fhroughoui the communi+y and siafe. 4 l Fulfilling 'lhe mosi' highly respecfed posifions on 'rhe campus ol Forl Lauderdale High, 'lhese officers of Execuiive Sludenl Council are looked up lo by lheir fellow classmales as lhey represenl 'rhem in lheir school and communily. Presidenl' Bob Lewis leads This group which includes Treasurer Mary Sue Wilson, Secre+ary Calhy Pierce, and Vice-Presidenl Frank Clark. Time-consuming dufies of The appoinlees lo lhe secrelary and lreasurer include mainfaining records and files, selling book covers, and l.D. cards. Piclured lefi 'I'o righfz Nancy Huff, Marilyn Elheridge, Secrelarial appoinleesg Bill Dunifon, Virginia Douchan, and Bonnie Coles, appoinlees 'lo lhe Treasurer. Cooperation in an A sharp rap of Presidenl Bob Lewis' gave! calls logelher anolher rneeling of lhe Execulive Sludenl Council. Wilh lhe assislance of Inler-Club Council and Legislalive Council, lhey seek lo serve you- The Sludenl Body ol Forl Lauder- dale l'ligh School, in lhe besl pos- sible way. This energelic group sponsors many aclivilies which include l-lomecoming Week and lhe Flying L Follies, bul The main goal is a unified sociely, The lacully work- ing closely wilh lhe sludenls lor school bellrermenl. Active Democracy ln order +o esfablish a beller underslanding and cooperalion among The high schools of Brow- ard Couniy, lhey successfully or: ganized 'and pul info aclion a plan of Sludenl' Exchange. Wilh +he same purpose in mind, a Code of Good Sporlsmanship was wrillen by a commillee made up of offi- cers of each high school. This code would aid in crealing a salisiaclory conducl and a closer relalionship be'rwe,en schools in +he classroom as well as on Jrhe gridiron. One of 'lhe mosf imporianf iobs in Sludenl Council is +ha+ of +he Deparl- mem' of Slaie. lncluded in lheir busy schedule is lhe planning ol all as- semblies. Pulling 'rheir heads Jrogelher are Secrelary of Slaie, Joyce Casoria. and her appoinlees, Marsha Kingsley and Ava Camp. Combining depar+men+s, Secrelary oi Commerce Don Ralslon and his ap- poinlee S+eve Wallam approve a posrer drawn by Sandy Koch of lhe Publiciry Deparlmenl. Sandy and Leo Mizell head commirrees of decora- lion and give any promolion ideas or 'arf work needed during lhe year. l 'Q , .6 02 ...- 4 fx 5 ,ps- Anofher energefic group, devoling much of Their lime and slcill foward malcing a beller school, Secrelary of Inferior Roger l-lanlns, cenler, and his appoiniees Tom Brolliar and James Mallhews are responsible lor rhe PA. syslem and all sound equipmenr for assemblies, dances and plays. Sfriving fo malre fheir class anolher of "+he besf LHS has ever seen," new- 'corners lo lhe Sludenl Council lhis year were lheseg Sophomore represenr- afives: Ken Parry, Charleen Able, Kay Burch, and Jim Brindell, Have you ever wondered who puis oul your penny saving siudeni cards, or who runs ihe concession siand al iooiball games, or who supplies ihose so helpiul iexl book covers? Maybe you've wondered who iakes charge oi selling Jrhe iabulous class rings oi which we're so proud. The answer io your ciueslion is ihe Legisla+ive Sl'uden'l Council oi Lauderdale l-ligh, The power behind ihe Execuiive Siudeni Coun- cil. The members who belong io ihis im- poriani organizalion are presidenis oi each individual homeroom: seniors, iuniors, and sophomores, who meel lo discuss ihe school's many complex problems. Sugges- lions from you, The siudeni, are usually broughl up in Legislalive meelings by your homeroom represenialive who in iurn brings imporianl iniormaiion back io lei you know whal has been planned by your Council. Knowing lhai we all cannol' iake an aciive pari and aiiend a law-making body meeling, ihen, we console ourselves io lhe iacl ihai ihere is lhe good old American way our ioreialhers inlroduced many years ago-represenlaiion. f xr' - Officers for The Legislalive Sludenl Council are: President Bill Duniiong Veep, Jim Bundy: Secreiary, Joanie Criichleyg and Treasurer, Sally Shank. Council Leads School in tudcnt Activities Fir-sl row, le'H 'lo righl: Nancy l-luii, Paliy Russel, Diane Leonard, Ann Parker, Linda Bruaw, Joan Jansen, Sue Diack, Fran Carlson, Barbara l-lepp, Bonnie Coles, Charlolie l-luey, Delille McPheron,l-larriai Basseii, Molly French, Judy Jackson. Second row: Tom Riles, Ken Krassy, Guy Meizger, Mike Kollar, Luiher Gray, Tarzi Pardue, Dick Kirk, Bill Kenl, Ronnie Donald, Ronnie Cameron, Jim Bundy, Hcward Haines, Ted Johnson, Bill Duniion, Gary Simmons, Doug Cook. Third row: John Barker, l-lap Bonham, Jim Aherns John Slimpson, Marvin l-le-nshaw, Mackey Alley Lloyd Siraiis. Squire Knox Noell Vawier, Joe Pesek, Mercer McClure, Doug Mc- Laughlin, Ray Dye. Tom Brolliar, Jerry Sluarl. Friendly Enemies Promote Understanding il lui' K Q it 5 1, Firsl' row, leff 'lo righl: Sally Young, Judy Perkins, l-larrial Bassell, Grelchen Meisenburg, Joan Jansen, Ginny Frykman, Susan Gibson, Linda Spear, Pafly Russel, Calhy Pierce, Nancy l-lull. Second row: Doug lv1cDermoll, Gary Simmons, Larry l-lamillon, Susan Slraker, Barbara l-lepp, Bonnie Higgins, Dian Scolf. Dean Farrish, Bill Wilson, Bob l-lunf, Charles Capron, Third row: Frank Clark, Berl Rowell, Larry Wicksell, Squire Knox, Carl Adams, Dave l-lenry, Norberl Marlin, Bob Lewis, Bob Barnell, George Bonham. "A regular lil' Uniled Nalions ol Lau- derdale l-ligh" could be a way lo de- scribe LHS' busy lnler-Club Council. Only i+'s more 'lhan lhal-i'r's a frame- work Tor all Lauderdale l-ligh School clubs. The presidenls ol lhe clubs and organizalions comefro The meelings armed wilh peace pipes. There They discuss 'rhe scheduling ol lheir individual proiecls, "Clean-Up Week" llhe club's own proiecll, Flying L Follies skils, Homecoming floals, and lhe procedure. lenglh, lime, and place of each indi- vidual club meeling. They assisl each club wilh ils parlicular problems and work 'foward a beller underslanding among lhemselves. Allhough afler The rneelings lhey may carry, noi bury, lhal Tomahawk- when if COnCem5 Ofher Clubs' lnfer-Club Council Officers, Frank Clark, President and Nancy Huff, lhey are, in l'Fu'l'l'l, 'l:I'l9HClly GHSVTIIGS. Secrelpry. are "busy" planning lhe nexl mee'ring's agenda, Firs+ row, leff fo righfz Penny Sakmann, Sandy Koch, Kafhy Coffman, Judy Colby, Sharon Osferhoudf. Second row: Miki l-lerberf, Sandy Johnson, Ginger Humphrey, Paf Dunsworfh, Sharon Newsham, Ginny Frykman, Mr. Spaulding, Sponsor. Third row: John Brown, John Orman, Ralph McMillan, George Morai- Hs, Jerry Licklider, Norberf Marfin, Mr. Morgan, Sponsor. Fourfh row: Mercer McClure, Joe Young, Larry Thibauf, Allan Aunapu, Larry Buchanan, Dave Vecchio, Tim Dugan. The Senior Class presi- denf, Carl Adams, worked hard fo make fhe Class of '59 an unforgeffable and successful class. Chicken or hof roasf beef sand- wiches, desserf, milk, and careful, hon- esf work and fhoughf are fhe orders of fhe day, once each week, when Senior Board meefs during second lunch hour for discussing and planning fhe senior acfivifies fhaf fhe under- classmen look up fo and envy. Being so highly admired, fhe board has fo sef a good example for fhe resf of fhe sfudenf body in fheir acfivifies. The Senior Board consisfs of fhe vice- presidenfs of fhe senior home rooms. Board Plans Senior Activities Ambidexfrous Nedra Schulfz is eafing while busily faking nofes af one of fhe Senior Board luncheon meefings. Befween classes, Suzi Smifh sfops Board member, Judy Colby, fo pay her senior dues before spending if on sornefhing else. .--A S "An iron 'Fisf in a velvel glove," Jeannine Pilrman was lhe capable edifor of lhe '58-'59 EBB TlDE slall. Jeannine lcepf lhe slali on ils foes guielly yer firmly during lhe busy year and succeeded in pulling our an excel- Ienl boolc. EBB TIDE taff Worlcs for Always ready wilh a smile and a helping hand was Sandy Johnson, Business Man- ager of rhe sialic. Sandy was kepl busy wirh adver'risemen'rs and +he financial dealings of rhe EBB TIDE. L Righl hand man +0 rhe edilor and an invaluable helper 'ro The slaii was Karen Srevens, assislani edilor. Ka- ren's iob consisfed mainly of lhe endless scheduling of piclures. Top Honors Ediror , Jeannine Pilrman Sporls Ava Camp, Diane Leonard, John l-lerriclc, Assislanl Edilor , , Karen Slevens Dick Grim Business Manager S Sandy Johnson Senior Pages Pam l-lycle, Judy Philporr, Pal Boorh Marry King Wendy Taylor, Bonnie r-lauch, Bruce Dempsey Organizalions Suzi Smirh, Nancy Spiegel, Judy Colby Clubs Junior Pages Sophomore Pages Circulalion Manager Acrivilies-Fealures Phorographers Norma Combs, Nancy Sumwalr l auf' The never-firing sponsors, lefr lo righl, Mr, Swirbul, Miss Engle, Mrs. Force and Mr. Elder, loolc crilically a+ lhe '59 EBB TIDE. Mr. Swirbul pul in counlless hoursproolreading, correcling and suggesling layoul changes. Mr. Swirbul came fo us from Tampa and is spending his lirsl year as EBB Ann Fleming, Shelley Myres Jane l-lodge, Sylvia Cross Copy Wrirers Judi Wrighl, Sally Sparlcs, Linda l-leep, Gayle Sawyer Mr. Jun, Randy Williams, Larry Hamilron ln 'lhis lypical pose, Marry King circulalion Manager llnis fear lceps labs on EBB TlDE orders and e1penses,NC' Tl, was she in charge ci al yearbook sales bjr c:r+ir-ed rc be of greal' help TIDE advisor, +0 Uhef Sidi: me"'be" .. i -i -s ' as if f f ' Ili M f ff' i Good examples of fhe marvelous mixfure of "beaufy and brains" which was found fo be so prevalenf on fhe '58-'59 sfaff were Jane l-lodge, Sylvia Cross. Judy Philpoff, Paf Boofh, Pam Hyde, Ann Fleming, and Shelley Myres seafed af fhe fable. EBB TIDE Staff Records Laughter and Tears Wifh a loud ring of fhe sixfh hour bell on Sepfember 2, l958, fhe firsf meefing of fhe '58-'59 EBB 'l'lDE sfaff began. The members who wandered in were seniors who had been on fhe sfaff before, including fhe edifor, Jean- nine Piffman. Some were new members. Jun- iors and seniors alilce had beenichosen fhe year before affer being highly recommended by fheir English feachers for fheir wrifing abilify and desire for hard worlc A brand new addi- fion fo room ll7 was personified in Mr. A. J. Swirbul, fhe new sponsor. Deadlines were posfed and fhe sfaff began worlcing affer school, on weekends, on vaca- 'rions and, much fo fheir feacher's dismay, in ofher classes. Sfaff members could be seen running baclc and forfh fo Phofo Arfs and Mr. Jun, fheir phofographer, or fo fhe office. Picfures were falcen and refalcen, layoufs were ripped up, headline and copy counfed. and deadlines missed. Buf, when fhe year's end came, fhey realized wifh a sigh of relief fhaf if was finished-fhe EBB TlDE was ouf Examining picfures and layoufs for fhe '58-'59 EBB TIDE, Linda l-leep and 5lUClel'l'l'5 Were Q?1'lY Slgnlnq 'lllelli names and John Herrick sfrive for perfecfion. all over fhe sfaff's prized, freasured pages. Aggie-2vf"" 'W' 415254 Chosen for 'their ar+is+ic and wriling abilily, some of flie EBB TlDE'S slafl members included Nancy Spiegel. Sally Jo Sparks, Judi Wriglif, Gayle Sawyer, Suzi Smillw, Diclc Grim, Judy Colby, and Randy Williams. of 7 8-75 Year in Words and Pictures .f 371' I' xf' 7 Working on EBB TIDE 'rlwrouglw every vacalion and holiday finally has ifs reward as Diane Leonard, Ava Ann Camp, Larry l-lamilfon, Bonnie Hauclw, Bruce Dempsey, Wendy Taylor, Nancy Sumwalf, and Norma Combs gel' 'rlieir own picfures falcen. Presenfing 'rhe '58-'59 Navigalor ed- iior, Miss Sharon Coons. A ierriiic example of fhe lacr lhal women are noi 'rhe inferior sex, Sharon lecl Jrhe siaff 'rhrough a successful year. 'yan Under fhe kindly buf siern supervision of Coach l-layes, ihe Navigalor slalf published an ouislanding newspaper. Prize-Winning Are fhese girls really enioying Their work? Cr are Their smiles lor 'rhe camera? "You'll never know," grin Diane Avey, reporierg Mary Belh Riclaer, promoiion manager, and Bonnie Linane, business manager. "Who are 'rhese smiling, aclive girls?" you ask. Why, +hey're Karen Wood, circulaiion manager, Gloria Gall and Carol Zimmer, radio managers: ancl Kaihy Coffman, adverlising manager, on lhe Nayigalor siaff. 1 I i NAVIGATOR noops to Scoop the News N My L w I E v . ,fl Hard working reporlers Vicki Todd, Nancy Pell, Noel Doepke. Sandy Aanes, Dian Scoll, and Gene Ekholm hroughr in rhe news for fhe Navigalor. Their articles and learures give enioymenr lo everyone. The Navigalor is a four To eighl page newspaper which is pul our semi-monrhly. The slall which creares 'rhis excellenr newspaper is seleclecl from Coach l-layes' lirsr year journalism sludenrs, who have a "B" average during Jrhe year. Sharon Coons is edilor Jrhis year. Under her careful supervision lhe '58-'59 Navigalor slall has had a climaclic year. Among rheir accomplishmenls is a gold lrophy received lhis year lor placing firsr in The crealive wriling division ol rhe Florida Scholasric Press Associarion. No? only has rhe slall pur oul a superb newspaper, buf They, also, sponsored lhe "S+omp 'n Chompf' one ol lhe highlighls ol Twirp Season. . ,r . ..,, I I Sf- , 1 K' Q. - -v I .X ,- A ' Pu++ing fheir imaginalions fo work, carroonisr Kirk Wickersham and pholographer Mary Sue Wilson make lhe Navigafor more inleresfing. i Flashing fheir preHies+ smiles for fhe EBB TlDE phorographer are Barbara Tavlin, sporfs edirorz Lyn Chaffee. layoul eclilorz and Barbara Roman, lealure edilor. X61 X , ,. --ff: .afi- 55 u X i an 4 X , X x . fr A.-C , . 'QE' X' may sf 'lim 'Aish io 6 5 x f X Cl'1arles Ca pron Presiclenf Drums Roll, Cymbals Clash, 401' ' , , f, u Wig! GX x as I A0 of Jolwn Sweilzer Drum Maior Wendy Nelson Secretary Gale Nelson Secrefary Par Earley Librarian Firsl row, leff io righf: Jolin Sweilzer, Roller Becklwarl, Judy Jackson, Randy Williams. Second row: Wendy Nelson, Donna Kenyon, Margarel Jacobson, Gale Rayburn, Norma Cornelius, Toyelle Dilzler, Ari l-lollerbacli, Larry l-lamilJron.Tl1ird row: Pal' Earley, Nancy Sclirnidi, Gail Slone. Gayle Davis, Diane Coleman, Carl Flowers, Dennis Englund, Ken Beimley, Melvin Waskow, Gary Simmons. Four+h row: Mr. Benne+'r, Darlene Simons, Reed Parrisln, Par l-lall, Tom Quina, Franklin Brown, Lamar Black, Wlnii l-ludson, Jim Marlwews, Jim Tucker, Rex Pelro, Carl Ball. Fil'+l'1 row: David Taylor, Jay Morrissey, Kurl Pendergrasl, Mike McCray, Bill Sclwrnidi. Trumpets Blare as Season Begins Firsf row, leff +o righf: Marsha Mulford, Diane Jorde, Barbara Wright Joan Thiel. Second row: Brenda Sfanley, John Dushek, Richard Workman, Jerry While, Ralph Rickard, Murray Hinkley, Zell Porler, Third row: Ronnie Konecny, Darrell Rushfon, Jim l-larper, Judy Rivers, Barry Leslie, Larry Smalley, Carolyn Evans, Leonard Tocci. Fourih row: Clark Conglelon, Bill Carler, Rick Balch, John Ramsey, Kenny Laury, Dale Nicholson, Hap Bonham, Judy Tucker, Slanley Harrocks, Gale Nelson. Fif+h row: Leo Burkey, Dan Werner. Bob Hunt Charles Capron, Marvin Smilh. JN rr . , , if A ,R 7,. William l-l. Bennefr Direclor - is L ,i,,-. .. W L X F 's-, m y Q-V 1 0' " , " -i S I .,,, Gary Simmons Vice-Presidenf , . is xy V cfs Bl F' X 5 Jay Morrissey Quarfermasier xi' .f f ' I John Ramsey Assisfani Drum Maior Carolyn Eva ns Librarian 1 s l, if .pf - 7 X Firsf row, lefl lo righh Judy Jackson, Randy Williams, Joan Thiel, Mary Jo Erskine, Carolyn Evans, John Dushek, Brenda Sfanley, Judy Rivers, Trish Basseff, Dianne Jorde, Roller Beckharf, Barbara Wrighf. Second row: Gail Sfone, Darlene Simons, Gale Raylaurn, Jerry Whife, Barry Leslie, Larry Smaelly, Richard Workman, Leonard Tocci, Margaref Jacobson, Donna Kenyon, Wendy Nelson, Toyeffe Difz- ler, Third row: Nancy Schmidf, Paf l-lall, Larry l-lamilfon. Murray l-linckley, Arf l-lollerback, Carl Flowers, Tom Quina, Franklin Brown, Reed Parrish, Ralph Rickard, Gail Davis, Nor- ma Cornelius. ll trikin 9 the Band, LHS Many hours of hard work and prepara- fion have made fhe Flying L band a living example of our school spirif. Blisfers, sore feef, and sweaf furn info sparkling per- formances by fhe loand. Under fhe direc- fion of Mr. William Benneff, hours of marching on fhe foofball field and weekly secfional rehearsals helped fhe band make an enviable record in fhe sfafe. Rroiecfs during The year included foofball half-fime shows, pep assemblies, evening concerfs af War Memorial Audiforium, Disfricf and Sfafe compefifion in marching and concerf, parades including fhe King Orange Bowl Parade in Miami, and many ofher commu- nify acfivifies. Firsl row, leff +o righl: Rex Pefro, Rick Balch, Jim Maffhews. Whif l-ludson, Ken Beimly, Bill Carfer, Lamar Black, Carl Ball Clark Conglefon, Jim Tucker. Second row: Mike l-lursey, Kenny Laury, Jim l'-larper, Gary Simmons, l-lap Bonham, Sfanley l-larrocks, Dale Nicholson, Mel Waskow, Darrell Rushfon, Ronald Konecny, John Ramsey, Gale Nelson, Judy Tucker, Molly French. Third row: Dan Warner, Leo Burkey, Bill Schmidf. Marches to State-Wide Recognition H--1 E Firsf row, lefi' fo righ+: Par Eariey, Marvin Smirh, Kurr Penderqrasr, Deena Tamron, Second row: Charles Capron, Jay Morrissey Mike McCray, David Taylor, Zeii Forfer. "Af ease."-And How! Jay Morrissey fakes advanfage of his bass drum io carch a Iiifie shuieye before fhe homecoming parade. "A+ aHenfion."-The scene has changed, "Rip Van" Morrissey combines his eficrfs wifh The res? of fhe band fo proudiy iead ihe homecom- ing parade. Senior "A" Corps MaioreTTes are busy wiTh Ias+ minuTe preparaTioris beTore leading Their lasT Homecoming parade Tor Lauderdale l-ligh School. "PracTice malces perTecT" as many hours oT work go inTo every per- formance given by These maioreTTes. Karen McElha++en Barbara Klulfoslii KEY l'l0Wef x ' X x N X ' 'F-X X X 'K fi'- Tm g f T A Ng 45 ..Xs '51 G Y' Gloria Gall Capfain Our Flying L lv1aioreTTes conTribuTe sparlcle and acTion To The success oT The marching bancl. These devoTed girls prac- Tice Two hours per day and musT give much OT Their Time To perTormances wiTh The band. They are TeaTured in The TooT- ball halT-Time shows, parades, concerTs, counTy and sTaTewide compeTiTion, and represenT Their school in communiTy ac- TiviTies. SpiriT and devoTion have Their reward Tor The "B" corps maioreTTes as They Try ouT Tor The coveTed posiTion OT "A" Corps maioreTTe. Each girl musT serve on "B" corps aT leasT one year beTore com- peTing Tor The advanced corps. One oT The conTribuTions boTh maioreTTe corps give To The school is ThaT OT providing programs Tor The home TooTball games. JaneT Tavlin Ya '7' f w ur' fa 'ii 9 'I L X f L n F arf 1 Susi Smifh 1 Q 1 y A I ' T 7 ,xi E. y ..ffgf1fyj gh , l Y S Grefchen Meisenburg Mariann Ccnnor Linda Spear Firsi' Lieufenanf Second Lieuienani' Lauderdalefs Majorettes Whirl and Twirl Pai' Johns P33 Ry Adding spirif and enfhusiasm To The majoreife ccrce, fhese 'B' :Ups refrbers have marked diligenfly ihroughcmh fhe year. Lefi' io right Janie Brasil Paf Nichfs Sue Mad efcrv Eevefy Evans, Caphain Judy Boyd, Sharon Dixon, J.dN, Larfscf Bafbafa R,'KQ'E" Ahh LQ.-.a, .lili Making an enviable record in his lirsi year a+ Lauder- dale. Mr. Sieve Belcemeyer direcled +he chorus in many programs and performances. Loolring over new arrangemen+s are Dora Peierson, Ronnie Cameron, Norberi Marlin, and Mariha Meyer, Jrhe Chorisier officers. Lauderdaleis Twent -two Voice Keyboard Giving many hours of +heir fime, ihese proud, lalenied Chorislers add a musical aimosphere 'ro our school. The girls, lop lo looilomz Linda Purcell, Linda Edwards, Marlha Meyer, Ellen Lund, Pal Donahue, Laura Lea Mullins, Diane Blodgeil, Nancy Meisenburq, Eleanor Grace, Beverly McBain, Sally Jo Sparks, Dora Pelerson. The boys, lop lo boilomz- Mac Marlin, Max Worihy, Bill Taylor, Skip Gaede, Ronald Cameron, Bill Kenl, and Bill Wilson, ,Q -C Q- , ! Composing Hue Sunmaids 'fs ,eaf afe Eevef ,' M:Ba7r- Sa' Sci" 'Aan Sse 'Wie' a':i Jud, Ccwfef. Tas ge-: 'as as:-safe: a' sefefa 'es'a.fa"s afd : ,bs in Chorus Ensemble Bafbefseco ceadefs afe oeifg refivezi a i Q-'ef fee ccw+fy. Once 'fofe oeooie are rea zfg "ef safe ' Ffefcan fmsc. FC"'Ca'e i-iigiw iwas Pac H5 own bar- cefsncs Q'CoCS fc' severai years. Tee giffs C-af'e' 'S Howe as We Smviaizis. AW- cfe wnc 's i'i6'63'GC if bafberveo singing Wa, 'f, cf :cf 'Vs ':,af'e'. Befefi, Mc- Ba", Maw' See W7isc'. Da' Scoffi and Jac, Genre' afe 'nemoe-'S oi We qrouc 'rs ,ean Tse cc,s cc-'fe'oaf+ 05 ffe Simfvabs is a Ci.a"e' NHC? goes of Fe fafr-e of SL."Si"Cf9S. EW W?'so', Biff Kem, Nor, bef' Van", afd Bob Swisiier 'eafn up io :cfm "is efsefnole. Trey combine Covi- ec, wee Ve? ""TL,S-Cdi +aieei's 5' aii of Meir ceffcfwafces, Tae Smsvoiesi pro-fide e"e"ai'fne" ie' ai? of 'Fe ciass dances. Tney Fare aisc fface 'faff appearances a' cfvic arc soda' auairs. LHS is very probe ci rrese greens. Familiar faces a' a 57: 5' es 'feze 4' ed 5" e's E' 'ffzz' E' Ke" c Wyse" Van" 7 -'5 55'-A 1 ' 'se':s:s 2" ew vcff- 'e" aaswaees as "e SJ: 1 5 S R, 'Qi' n . ' C7 0 6 ii? A 4. I L 7-. ' k ' x .74 i 5 in f- I s , , 'V' he 543 Q 'ie in ii rr' ff ' li' ag , -f ' 5 2 , 1 ,V 5 5 4 1 .M f ? I - L-A--u-1 f ' Groups Merit Recognition The piano se'-es as a ::"5:"ace ssc' 5" "9 cause Wa' 'e- 5fesF-es fe' Eea':' 3'a:e Pf'a"'a Neue a'j L'-aa Edwardg, A , az , V 4 '5 r ' Z? ' U: 32 i K xxx H362 QQ, L ,, l Y as x 4 I fx ,:fN sf Q' 'Q we i C is y A 9 ,. ' 1" f Z-,fy z,,. gg, f ' ' , 4, , ti I if A, S , 9 4" w.4' . J J f , M J, ' , A, , ' i -. ,-fy-f' , .,,. - 2 S Firs+ row, leff io righf: Dora Peierson, Grace Lukaclwer, Maureen Doeriler, Mufzie Bauer, Bunny l-laslam, Toni Morris, Billie LeGeH'e Sara Dew, Judy McNeece, Jan Wl'1i+e. Second row: Isabelle Mincey, Nancy Meisenburg, Beverly Mc'Bain, Jan Cooper, Ann Lynn Brown, Colleen Cook, Marllia Meyer, Carol Cornelius, Susan Wimberly, Judy Dolliver, Brenda Mclnlyre, Diane Blodgeff, Carol Worllnley, Barbara Jolwnson. Third row: David Oslin, Duane Webb, Dick Snyder. Torn Greene, Bill Myers, Mac Marlin, Jerry Wilkins, Pele Jensen Ronnie Cameron, Mark Sclwneider, Joe Hines, Advanced Treble and Bass Blend in eng "All sei' for a song-ieslw are The Advanced Cliorus officers. They are Bill Kent presidenlg Judy McNeece, corresponding secrelaryp Marllwa Meyer, accompanist Norberr Marlin, recording siecrelary, and Dick Snyder, vice'-presidenll., ' V! ,- The "Girls' A Cappella" officers are Presidenl Sally Jo Sparks, Vice-Presidenl Princess lmbrogno, Sec' relary Bonnie Pallerson, and Treasurer Mary Sue Wilson, Wi+h songs in The air, The ForT Lauderdale T5 l-ligh Schools Advanced Chorus, under The direcTion oT Mr. S. Bekemeyer, perTormed aT The Thanksgiving, ChrisTmas, and EasTer as- semblies Tor The enTire sTudenT body. Un- Tiring in Their eTTorTs To provide a musical aTmosphere, These singers pracTice aT leasT Tive hours a week. The largesT vocal secTion on campus, Advanced Chorus has earned The envy oT oTher schools in compeTiTion. The oTTicers, headed by PresidenT Bill KenT, f helped To plan Their inTeresTing programs. Chosen aTTer an audiTion beTore Mr. Beke- meyer, The membership reguiremenTs in This group are a knowledge oT music and a sin- cere eTTorT To work. is. Proudly aTTired in new ouTTiTs, Girls' A Cappella Chorus has conTribuTed Their mul sical TalenTs To LHS Through The enTire year. WiTh a selecTive membership, This group is chosen on The basis oT TalenT, co-operaTion g JT and musical abiliTy. Included in Their busy ig schedule oT programs are The annual ChrisT- mas pageanT, presenTaTions Tor various civic organizaTions and school assemblies. Judged H U H a superior chorus, A Cappella aTTends dis- D0 Re M' - -- Eeflk EVEN mOm'f1Q OW SGGDY Clwfiifefi WEST TC TricT compeTiTion in Miami and compeTes wiTh oTher sTaTe groups in Tampa. pracTice and plan Their busy schedule, 'Say It With Music, - Theme of A Cappella Firsf row, leff To righfz Gail McDonald, Sally Jo Sparks, Judy Burkharl: Margie Becker, Mary Spain, PaT Snyder, Shirley Brewer. Second row: Princess lmbrogno, Judi SmiTh, Phoebe Bowne, Eva Abele, Eleanor Grace, Joyce Johnson, Belsie Parker, Grace Wesfberry, Judi Judson. Third row: Gayle Tompkins, Mary Sue Wilson, Donna Cornelius, Linda Purcell, Marie Riedel, KiTTy Mason, Bonnie PaTTerson, Donna Wiseman, Sandy Doak. i A3 fmigq .1dg5rq.g1QSinQE v?e.rel.lj.5b'ahg3qaj fha diggs ms ,s.i1.,+he il.walyg,Af .fag 4sfia1a.+11afsveii?SQ''fralmysi fha ,Qpenrnlg vuggfaiffjar?fisQ,swff:faf',3faar+i.s11 gmai-i'+siif.iQibany2fiasi2.flame ' 'si l Junegfy Q lheis' l rea ms V enigsys ffhai' ' you iwsefrei in .The 5gfsndss'ahaerii3fg l'or l+hern1Qlli 9 i - s Q yimssrlafyyou who were privileged 'ro be on 'Phe learns' made ,lhel olhersi proud by' showing a lrue. iighfinq. Flying L spiril. Bur lhe olhers cheering you on. gave you courage lo fighf when losing and pride 'ro accep+ a win graciously. Eaqerly rushing lo gel your sporlsrnanship cards, you lypilied lhe spiril which prevailed in all lhe sporls events of lhe year. This spirir is lhe lhing lhal has broughl fha Good Sporfsmanship lrophy +0 Lauderdale High many limes. Wilhoul your supporf and backing, fhe evenls would be empfy and meaningless. Too ofren sporls are lhoughf of in lerrns of lhe players on lhe reams. Bur LHS needs noi only Hs arhlelic slars, buf il also needs you, ifs loyal fans, shouling "We're wilh you. Team, so liqhllu ix 55, 1 rm' 4 n. 1 ff 5 ,W 4, lrqs ' if 447 K , 1" 4-"M 1 L v .- n Q D, 1' V 5 4 fn' 'ki A Avfc ,R 1 f. 7 fir? ,VV ,' ' "",f:A '.,-v VW 'A+ k, 53? X 'f ew I ,f 'fi 3, 5 i i 5 X f f , Y ' L J . . Q K s ., ., ., Mi V f. I-fx 1 I V LV , . up , ' ,nfs , '- Q X ' AA . . VV V. - 5 -AAA . N K- b ,. K, . - .iff-fx "'f ,.,' f, 4 Q ' 'xslt wg- k ,A.', X " X ekfqa fl r K . 63. . wx' QL Y S Q. f- V, i 3,5 J "k- 3, +J,iv,gX" - . - -'Lf 'K x I ' L F ,, . . in 5 2 V ' ' ' ' 4 L2 "x V - ' 2 -4 V A 15' ' -f V -N: 9 W'i.Xxf,EXQl:fQz:v. .. if X ' 5 has 5 tus, , , y JA, 1rQ.!g .i m. l ,kQQ2X:VkEw.,x?fVx -,sy-5-igk X - XX. fgfiw . qgirixxl . V 2? X 1 .1 -, , .5AkL,, ,. g X K , ,,'L 5,-g...M:gg,.a 'jf-311,-. I . X- 5 5 2. Q . 'L 1 ., , W- - 'lfiff fi sv A as Sam 1 Q , I , , M , ' Q iff axaf9f'f:a, . Q, , ,Q x. Norffh-Miami T' X ' ' QQ. , . ' , I3 L's Q - Y iff V 5 J -'T , Wu ' ,L-Q V .Q '51 Ag Q '-ig,M', 'V V 'FTB' W ' FKA! I. J .1 ui s K - . Q .2 . V4 is - -GX fw 'A ,H X -lifigffechy K . i 1 -. ll fy L! M - V X Q r .fi Z -.g 2 . , 5'----v'Eji-fxwk Fx X.gk-Ma K. 5, .ffii .f,, 11 QENRX N 4,.Q,.xfg'if.xx x V. . S i VK I -.' . ""- . Q K 1 K + wk XM s' N 'ff - X V f L, 4' 'H' fu- 5 3" ' g'i'f'f M. F, -' . i S -5- HOU ii-',:'3l!b ff -iff' Q .313 3 LqS" i.f Y'1:',57'w 1 V -' 1 .331 I L Q' .fi 'XX 'jf' "5iS"3CYfV - .X -- t -'Q 5 fx A 519:11 f '-"Y , X Q3 , x.if'1:5 J., ' X is X Lf A wa, 9 5. V''ir-jj-.i4.51'i5,2i,:25i-X--K'Lg, u'g,5,7Q,L-wg? gm' lg A kg! gi g 5 A .Q ' , V.. . N." K. rv. -.,..g,f.1, f - f ' 1 gh f .X Q -.sf V, 'Q r. ., K: ?"--- :A-,.Kggs ix Q X X, if 3 1 rw .2 '-is 'fb' f" ,af '3 'M , , , fm sci sf Q. x . a5,, fegfgdfal Geeks , f .25 X Q jj 2 L'5 X 1 -6 gy: +431 4g1..? fi .. ,QQ 2L+.r:.!, .. A 3 J' . K 'Q g'pP7f"iRff5 NH -xl, f- Yi W ,gf , '2 a 1' 5 KV" W 'XA Jfki' xx .' .7wSQi?'X W' .hw YQ QYHLXQ txifvj' i fed, ' X K ' ' A ff" 41. ,f'7t'i"'S--'--31 'H 'l " 'Aff X Hit .-1 ASQ X - H Mglfgsgi . -35,3 X f sk., 53-5 -- 3 I, V 1- 'ff V A fi 3,ix,fg1-gm. 'rv-35--., 1 : Q.,-jg ' ,Q Aqf ,.. J Q, nwxy. ,Y .Y , 5 1,1 q b,gw3k.q. . H- A 5 X Qqsmvtg K ,Q 5, Q N5 .At Q, 36, gg .5 mikgmgd,-p,Mi:.kKs XI, HN, 'L ' x. .,gl.4fQ,:.q! I r x Q .X .5 ,.k ur 7: K I Q N .N X Q L , 1. 'Q , , , V A I ,X X' '. VIE'-3 A -- A 4, Q . l ,V . . , Flying Lis Kick This year, wiTh a new coach aT The helm, Dulce MalTby, our Flying L's won The ciTy cham- pionship by beaTing STranahan and CenTral CaTholic. They also Tinished second in The NorThern Gold CoasT ConTerence wiTh'a 5-4 record Tor The season. Opening The season againsT a cross-Town rival our Team baTTled CenTral CaTholic inTo submission early in The game and lcepT up The pressure in The second halT To down The CenTral CaTholic Raiders, 34-O. Playing our TirsT game againsT STranahan Seniors, our valianT Team leTT noThing To be de- nied as They scored Twice in The TirsT halT and Then seTTled baclc To TighT oTT a rugged group oT desperaTe Dragons, I4-I3. On GcTober II, our Team paclced up Tor Their TirsT away game oT The year. A large con- TingenT oT ForT Lauderdale Tans Traveled wiTh Them To waTch The L's bang ouT a 33-7 vicTory againsT The l"lialeah Thoroughbreds. Archbishop Curley invaded STranahan Field, surprising everyone excepT Their own gaThering as The KnighTs beaT The L's. 27-O. The NorTh Miami Pioneers caughT The L's oTT balance, 20-7, Tor The second sTraighT year in a row. Lauderdale rebounded 26-O Trom These Two losses whipping The Miami Tech Blue Devils. Even Thoughwe Tell To Coral Gables, 34-O, The game was noT a compleTe loss. Junior, Tom CrawTord, brolce a Florida high school punT record To The delighT oT all The Lauderdale Tans. CrawTord booTed The pigslcin 82 yards. The L's rebounded Trom The Gables wiTh a 38-I3 Trouncing oT The Miami Beach Typhoons. Wrapping up The season playing our Tradi- Tional rivals Trom SouTh Broward, The L's ToughT hard buT The Bulldogs surged ahead in The sec- ond halT To deTeaT The TighTing L's. 25-13. The Flying L's Tallied I65 poinTs in 9 games while Their opposiTion scored I39 poinTs. The L's, averaging 244 yards per game, were squeezed ouT by Their opponenTs who averaged 253 yards per game. Allan Aunapu closed ouT The '58 season be- coming All-CounTy and Gold CoasT ConTerence Tullbaclc. l-le also led The counTy in rushing wiTh 7.29 yards per carry. Aunapu was 6Th in The counTy, scoring 8 Touchdowns. John Orman was 8Th in The counTy wiTh 6.l7 yards per carry and George MoraiTis was I lTh wiTh 4.89 yards per carry. Bobby BarneTT, guarTerbaclc, was elecTed CapTain oT The mighTy Flying L's. Off 958 Football Season HusTlirig halfbaclr George MoraiTis romps pasT sprawling CenTral CaThoiic Raiders wiTh minuTes remaining in period Three Tor anoTher Flying L TD. Coach Caldwell, aThleTic direcTor. ponderousiy plans L's spcrTs schedule. . ,ff Why, H , , 4 wig y f ,ii W AWW of ,. Tom Mafhis wx M2 .Qing . f ,. , 'MW , 2 QV V ' ff ! . em! ,Q 3 I 'V ,,,, ,, , ww' , -All , X .' - f I 6211, C1 fu 'QQ 0 Dave Zwiclr Ted Johnson Mackey Alley George Morai+is Bobby Barneii' Diclr Wilcox Breaking clear wiihin ihe firsi four minutes of lhe game, Orman scampered 57 yards for a iouchdown. Allan Aunapu Bobby Berryhill Al Kubala Winningham dale-Beach game wiih Assislanl Coaches Bob Beale and Bob Schmelz, ,aa f. ,rpg ,cn ZH 'W Tim Head Coach Dulce Maliby plans siraiegy for 'rhe Lauder- Firsi row, lei? +0 righlz Mackey Alley, Tom Malhis, John Orman, Bob Barnelf, Tom Crawford, Allan Aunapu, Ralph McMillan Dave Zwick, Bill Sanders, George Morailis, Mercer McClure, Jerry Licklider, Tom Burke. Second row, leil lo righlz Carl Ad- ams, Roger Wise, Leonard Lewis, John Zeien, Dave Vecchio The "Mac's," Alley and Ralph, madly scramble bul where has lhe ball gone? This "quar+erback sneak play" picked up a firsi-down for lhe L's. Richard Wolfe, Mike l-leckerl, Jack Waldron, Ernes+ Harden, Bob Whalen, Bob Berryhill, Randy Baukney, Dave Pender. Third row, leH'+o righ+: Doug Cook, Dennis Hulchinson, Gene Lonq, Jim lrby, Tom Scoll, John Slimson, Ted Johnson, Hal Fugale, Bruce Wagner, Joe Adams, Jay Yurchuck, Leslie Sui- Crashing head-forward for a louchdown, Fullback Aunapu, vo+ed Mosi Valuable player, again crosses lhe goal for fhe L's. lil" ',u- Q-eQ.,'Q,F"f i' 1 " ' ' -I . 1 :iii lllr i 3 5 I ii fi 'R P K I X 4 fi 9 a-1: r '11 - 5 4.-wwf'-A 1 , x A '1Sf'l ,- ' - ,-le..-,V -we . ,, IL' A A " :' 7 ,Hymn ' ' 5' ' ' ' 'J .- ar' .- M lon, Carl Smith. Fourih row, lelf lo righlz Howie DiBlasi, Sieve i' Ai f'Q""" ' Fcgel, Dick Wilcox, Ronnie Barslci, Bill Dickson. Bob Perrigo, Al Kubala, Ken Krassy, Ray Gaiefslcy, Tim Winningham, Jim Russ F,-,ner Ralph McMillan Abborf, William Usry, William Quinn, Russell Fraser, Doug Jerry Liclclider John Orman Scoff. Norfh Miami is 'raclcled as a Flying L gels his manl Senior Varsify loolball equipment is lmepr in lop conclilion lhrough 'rhe efforfs of managers Tom Smith, Doug Cock, Jim Bundy, Assislanl managers: and Head manager, Bill Dunilon. -s ' gl Confusion and deligh+ reign as arhlefic awards are announced ai i'l"lG annual Flying L fool- ball banquel. Ray Gaiefslcy Bobby Barneh' and Allan Aunapu, chosen by 'rheir leammales as Capiain and lv1.V.P., respeciively. are congralulaled by Coach Duke Mallby. Hal Fuga'l'e Bill Sanders Carl Smi'I'l'1 Doug Scoif Tom Crawford Dave Pender Mercer McClure Roger Wise Howie DeBlasi Bob Perrigo IW ? , ' fe' Q. ' 42.27 - 472' ' . .:e, ' f . Q ul Q 1 I 1 ,4 it K Y ?,a! ,,,f , , , ff W f ff-.. '- M ' QV 4 A2 X ' ,W 41 I ,wwf f , Q 4 f S f 0 1, 4' 1, f 44 f -M4 I, ke - i f . ,B ig . ,, .. ,M 4 3 1 1 qw?-ff ff f L 5 fn, 4 P, y Q J X45 ' Y ' , ,Af :M ,f 11,2 V - , A, U, w, f,,, Y . 41 ,v ,. mga ,V ,, H , ' ,. .'ree l Zi ff 5" V' - :i v VW i' f W! ff? f f mfg f 1 f ,W fag, ff 'fa .1 f A I if 2 ' , f 3 7 4 W ,g 4 A F I X r " f' f ' f if Q i. l i n i 3 2"f'.,y , , 7' M X' ing! 4 ya 4, i LK ' .. - M 4. A A-'Xia Firsi' row, lei? lo righf: Donny Colquill, John Lamar, Randy Mulford, Hans Johnson, Tom Van Allan, Roger Huslon, Don Sabalini, Duane Dunham, Bill Maflhews, Bolo Bevan, Bill Perez, Ralph Lehr, Sieve Olowecki. Second row: Dennie Edwards, Sieve Lee, Ed Good, Bill Dixon. Don Garbee, Lennie Cahill, Sian Kubala, Bill Karley, Arfhur Ullian, Wall Karnafz, George Fairwealher, Terry Maliull, Francis Murphy. Third row: Jimmy Carrulhers, Manager: Jerry While, Neil Spillane, Ronald Francis, Don Gasgarfh, Jack Palmer, Bill Leaird, Lynn Barfon, Bob Dade, Mike Kollar, Howard Haines, John Conness. Jerry S+ewar+, Manager: Jim Ball. B BY as Displa FIGHTI G PIRIT . Coaches John Williamson and Jesse Dyess congratulale M.V.P. Frances C. Baby l.'s, lhe fulure Flying L's, race down lhe field for an- Murphy' ofher TD. Z -ly, Coaches Dyess and Williamson direcf Lauderdale J.V. Losing Champs An iniury-riddled Flying L baskeTball Team closed ouT Their l958-59 season wiTh 4 wins and I5 losses. Don MerediTh, John Leaird, Bob Longo, and Dene Fkholm were a Tew oT The boys plagued wiTh sickness and broken bones during The season. The L's opened The season againsT a sTrong Miami Jackson guinTeT, losing in The Tinal second, 43-4I. ReTaliaTing wiTh high spiriT, The Lauderdale cagers dropped cross-Town rivals, CenTral CaTholic, 39-32. Traveling To WesT Palm Beach, The L"s encounTered sTiTT opposiTion succumbing To The WildcaTs, 66- 56. l-lialeah behind "Boom Boom" Bernie BuTTs ouTscored The L's, 96-68. STranahan, Miami Edison, Pompano Beach, and SouTh Broward were losses Tor Lauderdale. Dick RoberTs and Gene Fkholm's Tine shooTing carried The L's To a close buT cher- ished 6l-57 vicTory over The Pioneers. A lasT second Toul Shar by a Cavalier squeezed Coral Gables pasT Lauderdale, 43-42. Gene Ekholm and Dick RoberTs swepT The L's over CenTral CaTholic Tor The second sTraighT Time This year, 47-46. WesT Palm again proved To be Too much as They downed The L's To a close buT winning score oT 62-60. Charlie Moore and Gene Fkholrn hi+ I8 poinTs. SouTh Broward, l-lialeah, and Pompano Beach were again downialls Tor The Flying L's. ln a close and exciTing game, The Pi- oneers Trom NorTh Miami edged The L's, 69-68. Charlie Moore led The game wiTh 26 poinTs. FighTing all The way down The wire, The cagers dropped a hearT-breaking 74-7I loss To STranahan. Jackson beaT Lauderdale by a narrow margin. Ending The season in glory, The Flying L's displayed Their True spiriT, whipping Miami Edison, 68-60. The Lauderdale cagers ToughT againsT bad breaks, exTremely Tough opponenTs, and iusT overall bad luck. WiTh all oT This againsT Them, They sTill managed To Turn in a cred- iTable perTormance each game Tor Their many loyal Tans. Narrow margins in Tive or six. games gave prooi ThaT The L's were TighTing hard. ln several games, only a bas- keT or Two kepT The L's Trom winning. Always displaying ThaT Flying L-spiriT and deTerminaTion, The Flying L baskeTball Team ToughT a hard baTTle To The end. A round oT applause goes ouT To Gene Ekholm, Charlie Moore, and Dick RoberTs who scored con- sTanTly in all The games. Rex PeTro receives congraTulaTions Tor his ouTsTanding perTorm- ance on The J.V. Team which earned him a sTarTing posiTion on The VarsiTy squad. Encounter a Season With Stiff Competition I959 BASKETBALL SCHEDULE L's Qpponentg L'g Opponents 4l Miami Jaclfson 43 47 Central Catholic 46 39 Central Catholic 32 60 West Palm Beach 62 56 West Palm Beach 66 55 Hialeah 68 39 South Broward 46 50 South Broward 56 68 Hialeah , 96 45 Pompano Beach 74 54 Miami Edison 74 68 North Miami 69 60 Stranahan 74 7I Stranahan , 74 4l Pompano Beach 75 54 Miami Jaclcson 55 6l North Miami 57 68 Miami Edison 60 42 Coral Gables 43 Flying L, Larry Starr, waits anxiously as Stan Wood tights tor the AN GBQBI' Cheer. a look ot leisure. and a serious gaze, paint the rebound. faces ot Bob Longo, Jim Wrains, and Bill Millikan. ,. f f I I N '-P Q .1 , . IFS! 7 W iw, at M' f 5' 'L i 0 V' If 4 ,, ,,,, M, U -.1 , V ' y, ' , , J, f f Wx ,, 4 ' W. ff 4 4'1- 7 my f, A if 'Z -4 1 Q V . 1 I . : 2 in rx . ff x ' 4 QQ., 1, ,:..,.g ' A My-. M!wwmg,f, ,.Q,,. ., I .1 . 5.7.7 -,.,,:, ' g :fffg:,..,, if A QW, 6 Q, fab A ,,,f, 1 2 , if W 4 E 9f J.V, Coach, Skip Greene, becomes engrossed in +he final seconds of ihe game. I959 J.V. BASKETBALL SCHEDULE l-'S Opponenis 42 Miami Jackson . 6 6 , 49 4l Cen+ral Calrholic , 46 4l Wesr Palm Beach , 48 39 Souih Broward , 40 49 Hialeah ,, ,, ,, N, M 62 74 Miami Edison ,,,, , , 60 45 Shanahan , ,, ,, ,V 33 5l Pompano Beach , , 53 45 Norih Miami ,, 67 Q 76 Coral Gables 6, ., 6 64 5 50 Cenlral Caiholic .. .. .. 42 67 Wes? Palm Beach . 54 60 Hialeah , , . . , , 56 ' 40 Souih Broward , , , , ,, 57 62 Pompano Beach , , 48 49 Norih Miami ,. 6 67 ig Arching wiih perfeci' form, Leo Burney sinks final poinfs. 58 Miami Edison ,, , 54 JUNIOR VARSITY Displays Future Flying L Power Firsf row, leff fo righf: Willis Fugafe, Lewis Glenn, Dick Kirk, Jim Keil, Leo Burkey, Sieve Lee, Larry Duckworlh. Second row: Don Zimmer, Manager: Alan Jones, Zeke Nealey, Ed Thomason, Tom Hamilfon, Rex Pe+ro, Keiih Allen, Ron Dennison. 14 ,. 204 433 M M George Morai+is Jerry Lickiider Allan Aunapu Mercer McClure Vaulfing fhe bar, Ken Krassy adds decisive poin+s +0 +he L's score. K s T 3 rig J ......1 ,x . Q . , W . .-W A b .ww Lunging form. Jeff Li++Ie Ronnie Whaley Howie Di Blasi Dennis Hu+ci'1inson 7s TRACKM N over Jrhe high jump, +rackman Jeff Li++le displays fine 1K The l958 Cross Counfry frack feam led by Guy Metzger, Ted Meyer, Bill Taylor, Ronald Beaffie, Olin Burch, and Lee Vaughn fallied one win and five losses. Wifh fhree refurning leffermen, nexf year's squad is expecfing a greaf improvement. The l958 Track Team capfured fhe Hia- leah Invitational, Miami High Relays, and fhe Universifyiof Miami relays. Wifh flying colors, fhey wenf on fo win fhe Gold Coasf, Counfy, and Disfricf rifles. Placing fiffh in fhe Coral Gables lnvifafional and second in the Sfafe, fhe Flying L's completed a suc- cessful season. Wifh refurning leffermen, Allan Aunapu. Howie DiBlasi, Dennis l-lufchinson, George Moraifis, Jerry Licklider, Ronnie Whaley, and Jeff Liffle, The l959 Track Team looks .4 A fi-Wig? , 1-,t...,.,, A .-mf, - hopefully forward 'ro a prosperous season. n bmp: Leff fo righf: Ollen Burch, Ron Bealfie, Bill Taylor, Lee Vaughn, Mackey Alley. Ted Meyers, Guy Mefzger. First in Goldeoast Conference and District Firsf row, leff fo righf: Bob Berryhill, Guy Mefzger, Jerry Licklider, Doug Scoff, Mercer McClure, Allan Aunapu, George Moraifis. Howie DiBlasi, Dennis l-lufchinson, Ken Krassy, Tom Mafhis. Second row: Ronald Whaley, Ted Meyers, Mike Chilfon, Fred Wilson, Lee Vaughn, Doug Farquhar, Russ Frazer, John Zeien, Jeff Liffle, Paf Fleming, Third row: Jay Yurchuck, Bill Karley, Frank Clark, Lenny Cahill, Bill Dickson, Ralph Lehr, Dave Vecchio, Jay Rogers, Don Ralsron, Dennis Englund, Jim Ahrens. Fourfh row: Ollen Burch, Bill Taylor, Gary Bloom, Jim Ball, George Leafherbarrow, Jack Palmer, Mike Kollar, Randy Malford, Don Gasgarfh, Mackey Alley. Fifth row: Bob Barfanowifz, manager, Dennis Kerr, Don Pinfo, Ron Beaffie, Jon l-laar, Jim Schoyen, Torn Cook, manager, David Shaff, manager. 9 Coach Ty Smifh clocks L sprinfers in warm-up. a quick pre-mee? l958 TRACK RESULTS Firsiz Hialeah lnvilalional Miami High Relays Universify of Miami Relays Gold Coasl Conference Counly Dislricl' Second: Soufh Broward Invilalional Slale lzillhi Coral Gables lniylaiional Losl': Dual lo Souih Broward I 959 TRACK SCHEDULE February 26--Class Meel March 6-Souihwesl and Miami Jackson, al' Moore Park. I3-Miami High Relays, al Moore Park. 20-Universily of Miami Relays, al Uniyersily of Miami. 26-Slranahan, al Slranahan High School. April 3-Coral Gables lnvilalional, a+ Universiiy of Miami. IO-Gold Coasi' Conference, al Moore Park. I7-Soulh Broward lnviiaiional, al' Hollywood. 24-Counly Meel, a+ Pompano, May 2-Disfricl Meel, al Moore Park. 9-Slale, a+ Gainesville. L's Cross Counirymen round las+ lap of pracfice, before Jrriangular meet iv" Leff fo righfz Coach John L. Sullivan, David Oslin, Don Sullivan, Joe Pesek, Bill Keane. John Curfin, David Manfwill, Tony Porco. Our GOLFERS Tee Off With Fresh Team I 958 GOLF RESULTS L's Opp. 3 Miami Edison .,,,Y,, ,,,,,.. 9 6 Soufh Broward ..... ...,, 6 I2 Soufhwesf ..,..vv.,, ,L,,A O I2 souih Miami ..... ,,,di o 3 Miami Beach ....... vaaaa 9 5 Pompano Beach .,,.., ..... 7 I I MacArfhur ,,,L,,AA,.. ,,,,, I O Miami Edison ....... ..ww. I 2 IIV2 Soufh Broward ..,Y, .. V2 I I Soufhwesf i,........ ..LYL I I2 Soufh Miami ....,,,,. focc. 0 I2 Macfxrfhur ,,,L..,....,.. ..... O Gold Coasf Conference ...... ..V....,. I sf Sfafe Tournamenf .........,Y,,i ,,,,.. I Ofh During his second year as Golf coach, Mr. Sullivan guided fhe feam fo anofher successful season, finishing fheir schedule wifh a record of seven wins, four losses, and one fie. Dick Meyers led fhe feam fo vicfory in fhe Gold Coasf Con- ference by gaining a firsf place in fhe Sfafe Tournamenf. Ouf of fhe sixfy compefing schools in fhe Sfafe Tournamenf, fhe L's ranked in fhe 'Iop fen. Many hours of pracfice make Bill Keane's sand shof seem easy. - - - - . 6 ff. FW- ' be ':: A . . . V ,, , ,H " K I . 6 . I .1 --.- by I f, . Q 'S-ry? fzgvl xi rw -asf ' I ,. I ,K " I ff""r mf 'B 5 i W- 4 M we Firsf row, Ie'H fo rigIa'f: Berfa Gardner, Peggy Laubheimer, Jean Kuhlman, Mickey KuI1Iman, Mrs. I.iI'1an, Bunny Ernsf, Ka+I'1y Knowles, Bobbie Loos, Jeri Bi'rIner, Sue I"IeaIey. Second row: Diane Dunn, Sherri Wa+'rers, Linda BIanIon, Linda Rand. Miki Herberf, Bev Forman. Dede BireIey. CI'iari+y Hunt Sandy Forman. IVIERIVIAIDS Reinforced With Joyce Lihan L s Opponenha Coach 25 Pompano 60 46 McArIInur I I 32 Coral Gables I 54 33 Shanahan QI 75 Sou-Ikiwesf ,, 9 69 Seacresf , I5 42 Miami Jackson 44 I2 Pine CresI I 74 3I Nor+I1 Miami 54 77 Lake WorII1 , 75 43 5ou+Ii Broward 42 40 Miami Beaclw. I4 50 5ou+I1 Broward ,B I 36 CounIy MeeI , SGCOVICI GoId Coasf Conference , .V Second Dis+ric+ MeeI SIXIIW SIaIe Meef W Sixfh Bev Forman Dede Birley Mick! I-Ierberf Linda Rand A Q. is Swimming 'rhe breasfsiroke, Linda Rand, Dede Bireley, Miki Herbert, and Bev Forman glide across fhe pool. 14 Fresh Sophomores The Flying L Mermaids complefed fheir I958 swimming season wifh 8 wins and 6 losses. The girls finished 2nd in fhe Counfy meef, 2nd in fhe Gold Coasf Conference, 6fh in fhe Disfricf, and 2nd af Sfafe. Mary Briggs paced The Mer- maids af sfafe, winning fhe IOO yard back sfroke. The girls' ZOO yard Medley Relay feam consisfing of Mary Briggs, Lora Golden, Miki Herberf, and Bev Forman sef a new record in fhe Gold Coasf Conference. Dede Bireley, Joannie Roberf- son, Lyn Chaffee, and Linda Rand won fhe girls' 200 yard Free Sfyle Relay in fhe Gold Coasf. Wifh an abundanf supply of new sophomores and rerurn- ing leffermen, Linda Rand, Bev Forman, Miki l-le'rberf, and Dede Bireley, Coach Mrs. Lihan and fhe remainder of fhe feam are looking forward fo a very prosperous season. "Swimmers, fake your mark, swimmers, gef sef, go!" Miki Herberf skims fhe wafer surface in splendid racing form. 5 i f . .' ease - fi-'-we +1-fs- -is -so -r QVMATQ' Q-me . - "Splish, splash, l'm faking a bafh," sings Bunny Ernesf as she complefes her final lap during workoufs. to Insure Success Swimmers gafher ai' edge of pool fo cheer fheir feam fo vicfory. F'rsi row leH +o ri hh Sam Parcell, Jerry Knight Denny Gahagen, Tom Raney, Wall Burkhardl, Jud Mason, Mike Moore, Tom Hand- : , g cock. Fred Henderson, Lee Kingsmill. Second row: Curl Graves. Phil Christ Tom Bard, Jim Harrison, Sieve Day, Rlclc lnglls, Bob Browne, Ted Dye, John Duncan. Third row: George Rickel, Woody Maxwell, Coach Richard FeH'ers, Bruce Dempsey, and Bob Snyder. Denny Gahagen Woody Maxwell Richard FeHers Coach of ii r e ...L 2 4 ,ig iis riii if ' D i X ii ii- Wall Burlihardf Tom Raney Phil Chrisf Bruce Dempsey P X rg 'Q gl xl ww f f X my fi ,, . M 1 " , ' ,Tir ' 4,2 -wfffi vf ' - ' 1 f7f"502ff4 ' ,V T 3 A ' f-v' M , f ' V ' V iff "Vi , W ' V , V V I,,V , Flying Through The air wiTh The greaTesT of ease are L divers. Bruce Dempsey and Woody Maxwell. Lis TANKERS Rank The Flying L Tanlcers ended Their I958 swimming season with 7 wins and 6 losses. They placed 3rd aT The CounTy meeT and 4Th aT boTh DisTricT and STaTe. Jim Souder was STaTe Champion in The breaststrolce and was chosen Tor The All-American Team. Jim Maclcie captured second place honors in The bacIcsTroIce aT STaTe. The I959 Team. under Coach Richard FeTTers, has six reTurning Ie+Termen: Woody Maxwell, Phil ChrisT, Tom Raney, WaITer BurIchardT, Bruce Dempsey, and Dennis Gahagen. ExpecTaTions are high wiTh The aid of newcomers. Cold weather and early morning hours prove no barriers Tor swimmers. I958 SWIMMING RESULTS I.'s OpponenTs 48 Pompano , ., . . 37 3I MacArThur . . 22 29 Gables , , , 57 59 Shanahan ,, , 25 58 SouThwesT , s,,, ,..., 2 7 65 SeacresT ,,,,., .,s,.. ,s,,., 2 I 20 Miami Jaclfson ,, ,, 66 26 Pine CresT ,,,,,,,,, Y, , 60 26 NorTh Miami ., ,. ,,,, ,, 60 52 Lalce WorTh , ,A , 33 33 South Broward .,.... ...... 5 3 56 Miami Beach s,,,, ,.... 3 0 36 SouTh Broward ., 50 County MeeT , .,ss...,.. . ..... Third DisTricT MeeT .I . .,... FourTh STaTe MeeT ., ., FOUFTI1 Fourth at State Meet Divers on The boys' swimming Team are Bruce Dempsey, Woody Maxwell, and George Riclcel. 1 Firsi row, leff To righh Ron HarTneTT, Tom ScoTT, Tom CrawTord, Hal FugaTe, Bob BarneTT, Doug Cook, Tom Lo Casale. Second row: Coach Paul Davis, AssisTanT Coach John Williamson, Bill Jarrell. Dene Ekholm, Bob Perrigo, DwighT HoTT, Tim Shelby, PeTer Anderson, fXssisTanT Coach Ronnie Welch. I Going back for a fly, ouTfielder Hal FugaTe reTires The side. DIAMOND MEN The I958 Flying L's Baseball Team ended Their season on a winning noTe as They have Tor The lasT Tew baseball seasons. Behind The piTching oT Dan RoeTelle, and The hiT- Ting oT shorTsTop Bob BarneTT, The Flying L's man- aged To win I3 games while losing only 37 Two oT The Three were losT To WesT Palm Beach and Miami Edison by The score oT 2-l. The L's Took The Gold CoasT Conierence This year wiTh a perTecT record oT 9 vicTories and no losses and Took second in The DisTricT. Bob BarneTT led The l.'s hiTTing aTTack wiTh a .368 baTTing average good Tor Third place in The CounTy baTTing TiTle, Tom CrawTord was anoTher Flying L whose baTTing average was in The 300's. The I959 FT. Lauderdale Flying L's Baseball squad behind Coach Davis and AssisTanT Coach John Wil- liamson has The appearance oT being one oT The mosT balanced squads Davis has had in a Tew years. The leTTermen ThaT are reTurning Trom lasT year's Team include: second baseman Doug Cook, Third baseman DwighT HoTT, uTiliTy inTielder Bob Longo, uTiliTy ouTTielder Dave Jackson, piTcher PeTe Ander- son, shorTsTop Bob BarneTT, and caTcher Tom Craw- Tord. Bob BBHIGH' Tom Crawford Dwighf Hoff BH! Jarrell ut Hit 11 Opposition While pracficing, Tom Crawford and Pe're Anderson learn +ha+ bunfing can be an effecfive weapon. i 1 5.1-if Doug Cook Hal Fugafe Tom SCOH Coach Paul Davis Af home plafe Ron Harfne+'r is fagged ouf by Gene Ekholm - Charles McKinney Coach John Adler, Dave Durrill, and Dick Grim led The I957-58 Flying L neTmen To The besT record in Lauderdale's Tennis hisTory by posTing six wins and Two losses. STranahan and Pine CresT Tell as The L's garnered The CiTy Championship. Lauder- dale ouTplayed all oTher counTy Teams Tor The Broward CounTy Championship. The Flying l.'s upseT Miami Beach and swepT pasT SouTh Broward To capTure The Gold CoasT ConTerence TiTle, placing sixTh in The STaTe TournamenT aT Gainesville, The L's rounded ouT The year. LasT year The neTmaids led by KaTy Kirlc and Elaine BeTTis won six games and losT Three. The l.'s were The CiTy Champions and runners-up in boTh The CounTy and Gold CoasT ConTerence TournamenTs. The neTmaids placed TourTh in The STaTe Tour- namenT. ReTurning This year wi+h Three leTTermen each: Linda Jones, Marilyn Floyd, Elaine BeTTis, John Adler, Diclc Grim, and Jerry PTeiTTer, The I958-59 Flying L Tennis Teams are loolcing Torward To a very prosperous Spring Campaign. l-ligh hopes are being held Tor The Gold CoasT ConTerence TiTle. NETMEN Win Conference, John Adler Jim Gardner Jerry PTeiTTer C0'CaPia'f' John Herrick Co-CapTain Dick Grim Joe Jolley L's nefmaids. Linda Jones and Marilyn Floyd, work ou? affer school. ETIVI IDS 4th in State I959 Linda Jones Sharlee Abel Wendy Taylor Captain Elaine Bellis Marilyn Floyd Jan. 28 Norlh Miami Amv Sleek Co'C'PI'I" Feb. 4 Cenlral Calholic lboysl Feb. I I Coral Gables Feb, 25 Hialeah Mar. 4 Pine Cresl Mar. II Slranahan Mar. I4, I5 Counly Tournamenl Mar. 25 Miami Beach Prudence Penney Mar, 27, 28, 29 Soulh Broward Tournamem' Coal' Apr. I Soulh Broward Apr, 8 Palm Beach Apr. IO, I I, I2 Gold Coasl Tournamenl' Apr. I7, I8, I9 Slale Tournamenl Firsf row, Iefi 'Io righ'I: Wendy Taylor, Amy Sleek. Elaine Be+'ris, Coach Prudence Penney, Linda Jones, Marilyn Floyd, Sharleen Abel. Second row: Denise Schuller, Sandy Brader, Marlha Luce. Befsy Sheard. Lesley Carpenfer, Nan Hoy. Janel' Mulcahy, Ki++y Page. Sandy Aanes Ann Fleming Vicki Todd Marsha Kingsley Noel Doeplce Sharon Coons-CapTain Judy Colby Nedra SchulTz Carol Zimmer-Co-capTain J.V. and VarsiTy squads ioin in some cheers beTore The sTar+ oT The Snake dance. LAUDERDALE "LeT's go, Flying L's, leT's go!" is The Tamiliar cry oT The cheerleaders. The Var- siTy squad Tor This year is made up OT nine iunior and senior girls, who lead The Tans, as They rooT The Flying L's onward To vic- Tory. Sharon Coons and Carol Zimmer head The body oT girls as capTain and co-capTain respecTively, Tor The T958-59 season. A high iump and a low voice are The Trademark OT The girls. They musT aTTain a "B" average To be eligible Tor The squad. The VarsiTy is chosen in The spring Tor Their abiliTy, grades, and characTer. Hope- Tuls pracTice every day Tor Tour weeks, To learn The basic TiTTeen cheers. They are iudged while cheering TirsT in groups and Then individually. The TinaIisTs are chosen by The TaculTy. The Junior VarsiTy squad is composed oT Tive sophomores chosen each AugusT. Jun- ior VarsiTy cheerleaders head The moral supporT oT all The JV Teams. Leading The J,V.'s This year are PaT Zimmerman as capTain and, KaThy FairTield as co-capTain. Every day The girls can be Tound prac- Ticing in The gym To obTain The precision Timing ThaT is so necessary in cheerleading. WiTh The able help oT Miss MargareT Als- Ton The Flying L cheering group has be- come one OT The TinesT in The sTaTe. Even a beafing downpour doesn'T discourage Flying L SpiriT Larry ThibauT, Cheerleaders - 'Got That Spirit, Yea Mani, Leff lo rigl1l': Pal Zimmerman, caplaing Kafliy Fairfield, co-capiaini Judy Cheerleaders saluie 'rlie Flying L's baslmelbail learn. Allen, Nancy Greene. Suzie Rablen. Spirif and cheerleaders join +0 spur 'rlwe leam on lo vicfory. 1'-sf Miss Margarel' Alsfon coaches 'flue girls. "Go, Lauderdale!" slwoul peppy L cheerleaders as flney give spiril' To sludenls a+ flwe annual Snake Dance, commencing 'llne Home- coming iesfivifies. v 4 Vg' x..- if Clubs Encirciing aimosi every sruderwr ai LHS, clubs bring you Jrogefiwer io share muiuai irireresrs and promofe common service proieclrs. They give you an ouiief for your energies and a piece +o deyeiop ieedersiwip ebiiifies. Wiiiw Tiwirry-Two clubs on carri- Vpus, iiwereis one Thaw' His The persona? irslreresrs of each or you: wiwelrher if be a language club, hon- orary ciub, career club, service club, or a refiqious dub. ' V There was a Friendiy rivalry among ihe ciubs as yovr ciub cornpefed for Na+ piece in-Hfae' Homecom- iriq parade. Tiranisqiyinq baske? compefifiorm, -and We 5C'iiiS3. Remember We excifed rush To be 'firsf To Lim 'ri .a c-filer? SH:-3-e4 cr' a new idea or 'fo grab a p.frf,pef"l'.'e ,naw-'Yer in We mam' ficieis, pen' oariff, 'Faleffi igaie"1'af' ard ff'fw?'e:: ofirier riwifigs -,TU aiwayz emi ' Hai 4 Bu' "ir-' A'-mf 'ie -'l'Jf'j'if5'c1'9'j ri'.a'rv, i'i"er'e wa-, f, +hrga,'j1 if if ', W' f-ri wade' -ffm wfrir +G' qefrer gf' rr yer", M reg, 're f'kC'3i ann 'Tom' mm-M Yi U fm wi We ffi."2"c'3f rraf',' fer We imrw .am-e i fr iffrer a'1'1','r cJe:15oiJ "1 Heeiy iam Mei The lender- 'Vw' head 'rece Huh: work WVU hx? fgifyrin Oiora-, ffiii'1" ' firm' iify "aye 'IC"P 11 'LP wC"L Wie? 'v1:j'i6 or We 'v'a'.- a. 9 .-' e' The www uve bv wwf We acer vw' 'er 'ff'-ev' 're ".'.'1E'i' teh "C: e.e'v K"z"e" offie"-'stef is. r " Hb. 55 sm 'ala ,J if .qixl George Bonham Mackey Alley Anne Bryan Norma Combs . .jf Presidenf Vice-Presideni' Secrelary Treasurer - A N nel E "SiHin' and sippin', chifin' ,-5 A tm and chafin' are Virginia, '45 B Ma? .5 Ls B . l Leo Mizell Virginia Fine MV- S0lOmOI'1 Mrs. Jones Chaplain Reporier SPOFISOF Sponsor LLIED YO TH Stresses Teen Abstinence Firsl row, lef+ fo righl: Dede Bireley, l-larrier Allen, Dezzie Nelson, Miclci l-lerberr, Gail Alexander, Sherrie Hebert Ava Camp. Second row: Denise Schuller, Judy Pawol. Thelma Sleek, Gloria Rirchie, Ginger Fine, Barbara Joshlyn, Beverly Evans, Pam Swear, Gayle Sawyer, David Oslin. Third row: Gloria Gall, Marjorie Shore, Gail Linane, lvlaclcey Alley, Jim Couller, Norma Combs, Burch Bonham, Sandra Culp, Leo lvlizell. Ju: J George, Bill, l-lap, and Sara af fhe informal parf of an Allied Youfh Meeiing af fhe Youfh , House. , f LKJ . 7' Ii Everyfhing buf fhe "kifchen sink" goes info fhe suifcase as Sara Dew, Gloria Rifchie. Barbara Joshlyn, and Virginia Fine, pack for fheir frip fo Buckhill Falls, Pal' Radke, who also wenf fo fhe convenfion, had gone fo gef fhaf forgoffen arficle. From looholio Bevera es Among Student Body Jusf a li'H'le "friendly persuasion" as Gail Linane, coaxes Mackey Alley fo ioin in fhe Allied Youfh Pafio Dance 'Following fhe Coral Gables game. "Make mine a coke, please!" These are fhe words spoken from an Allied Youfh Member as he makes his decision of faking fhaf firsf boffle of beer or nof. Af some fime in a sfudenf's life, 'rhere comes a momenf fo decide. Allied Youfh fries fo prepare a person for fhis and explain fhe effecfs alcoholism will have on his body. Speakers come and dispufe fhe fancies some people believe abouf alcoholic beverages and lay fhe frue facfs before fhe members. Af fhe beginning of fhe year a pafio parfy was held affer school for all inferesfed in joining fhe club. The free fruif punch and homemade cookies made fhe A.Y. parfy very successful. During fhe foofball season if wasn'f unusual fo see iinx dolls of fhe rival school's color adorn- ing school books, purses, and nofebooks. Affer fhe Coral Gables Baskefball game one could hear fhe sfrains of music coming from fhe pafio. Since fhis was fwirp season, fhe girls grabbed fheir favorife parfner and danced fo fhe music of records af A.Y.'s free dance. lndeed Allied Youfh proves fun and amuse- menf can be found elsewhere fhan in a boffle. Eric Cavelier Jim Ahrens Randy Roark Presideni' Vice-Presideni' SecreTary Mike Hursey Rick Munger Clarence AlTonse Treasurer Parliameniarian Sponsor Across The classroom windows hang solemn pieces oT black maTerial. An ominous milk- whiTe screen pierces The prevailing darkness. A shorT click and harsh whirr emanaTe Trom The curious silence which perdominaTes The classroom Tilled wiTh hisTory sTudenTs, and Paul Revere gallops madly across The screen on a huge horse. This is a sample oT The Audio-Visual Club in acTion, a club which carries ouT many imporTanT duTies and serv- ices To The school each and every day. Each member is Trained To seT up, operaTe, and mainTain The mulTiTucle oT eguipmenT under The club's charge, such as record play- ers, slide proiecTors, movie proiecTors, Tape recorders, and an exTensive library oT Tilm sTrips and records. The members oT The club parTicipaTed in Tield Trips To The counTy oTTice and To a local TheaTer, wiTh The expressed purpose oT Tur- Thering Their knowledge oT audio-visual eguipmenT and iTs operaTion. Audio-Visual Club is consTanTly sTriving To comprise more and beTTer ways oT serving The sTuclenT body. LHS Eyes, Ears Depend on UDTO-VTSUA FirsT row, leTT To righT: Mark Gibson, PaT Grumbar, Terry PaTTon, Michael l-lursey, Cecil EllingTon, Warren Williams, John Hageman Mark Schneider. Second row: Bing STolzenburg, Jim Ahrens, Eric Cavelier, Bill Keane, Bob Belz, Rick Munger, Larry Smalley, Bill Poinfer, Randy Roark, Jay Rogers, John Orburg, John Brown, Blair l-lanna. Firs+ row, lefi 'io righf: Jerry Owens, Jerry Schoyen, Jim Schoyen, John Hageman, Roberr Foley, John Herrick, William Bradshaw. Do+ Garer, Kirry Page, Margarer Leonard. Second row: Spike Gibson, Bob Walls, Richard Workman, Larry Wicksell, Roger Parks, Clark Congle+on, Norman Pierce, Dean Demmery, Mike McCray. VI T10 CL B embers Visit ir Base Planning fhe iiinerary for 'rheir +rip 'rhrough ou+er space, Vice'Presiden'r John Herrick, Treasurer Billie Bowling, Secrefary KiHy Page, and Presidenf Larry Wicksel, sei zero hour for blas'r off. gui' Skyward gazing siudenrs will mosi' cer- rainly sei' iheir course in a clireci' rouie foward 'lhe Aviaiion Club. A program of consiani and various proi- ecis is ihe key io any club's success or fail- ure, Aviaiion Club's co1'+on candy siand is a familiar sighi' ar all home ioorball games. An inferesiing and iniormafive display oi scale model planes, rockers, and launchers can be found in 'rhe school library. Piciures of differeni 'rypes of planes, disiribuied by 'rhe club. can also be found in many class- rooms on The campus. To promoie inreresi and iuriher educa- 'iion in ihe field of aviaiion, a irip 'ro an air base was underiaken. While ihere, 'lhe members ioured various kinds oi planes and 'rhe many seciions of ihe base, such as weaiher and mainfenance. Renral of a plane enabled each member 'ro experience The pleasure and exciiemeni of flying. The club plans fo buy a plane in rhe iufure, so fha? each member may have rhe oppor+uni+y +o +ake flying lessons. Larry Hamilfon John Sweii-zer PI'eSid0h+ Vice-Presidenf Judy Judson Tom Smilli Secretary Treasurer Camera Club advisor Ed Maser and guesl speaker Oscar Bird examine +lwis "mas'rer- piece" done by one of 'flue aspiring phorograplwers in llwe club Shutterbugs Join the CAMERA CLUB Mr. J. C. Mallwews, Mr. Oscar Bird, and Mr. Edward lvlaser, Jr., sponsors ol The Camera Club, are respon- sible for ine embryo plwolograplners learning The arl of 'raking piclures, developing, and prinling. Promoling inleresi' in plwolograplwy is llie main purpose of The club. Camera Club proiecls included The laking ol pic- lures ai all class dances and llie lorrnalion ol a lrusl fund for llie darkroom of line lulure science building. A plwolo conlesl was also lweld, willi any sludenl our- side of line club eligible lo parlicipale. Firsl row, lefl fo righi: Randy Williams, Skip Gaede, Pally Nickel, lvlarly King, Dick Grim, Bob l-lunl. Second row: Fred Slresau. John Sweiher, Bob Parr, Bob Rube-ck. Tom Smillw, Larry l-lamillon, Mark Schneider. .em is Flwl 'ow' lea' +0 "l9l1'l'5 5' -9 5C'+'i'C3 Marie M"so" Judy Judscs l."::e Va-'abe Brbara T'c'has Margare' l-laggsvorn Lynr- Qfs'-er. Second row: Jar Jachsor De-e Ccrsgze S"re, Tir' 'rss' Ee"-e Ee"'s Fsre Eye' Phfis Chambers Karer' Klfsch. Third row: F: Ness' S5-gre Q55 Ty.. Jexbse- J:--f l-455, y-,AVS-5 Nyce Tn. SN-75, Jcg. VJ-,G Ka! W- panic, Caro, Te-pr. DEBATE CL B Discusses ontroversies The spirired s+uder+s of sixrh hosr speech class com- prise lhe small, bul exrrerhely acrife rnernbership ol: rhe Debare Club, sponsored by Mr. l-lerold Solornor. Plars have been made 'ro open The membership in rhe lurure fo any sludenl showing a sincere ard expressed inreresr in debare. The imporrance ol research in debare and presenralion of rnareriel are qreafly emphasized. Alrer exrensive planning, prepararion, and pracrice. cornperi- +ife bCU'S 6"e l"8lC rJ"hi' 'Pg Cltlb ang y-ffb debafe leams from orher schoo's, such as rhe bour wi+h Pine Cres? or fhe 5,562+ ' ls l?oss7a' Educados Preferred ro American Educa+'o'-7 Macy csefel asd irnporranr purf poses are sough+ 'hrosgh depe"'o. Desire creales an acrive inreresl' in diseases and corress efenfg, Debamiq also aids in Hairirq ore 'C shin? More cieerlf and logic- ally, and ro fhir-if on h'g :ee', l "You may be right" seems' r: rrrk 'foe-Preides' Ts' Jacob' se' as re 's'e's 's Veasxer Marca M'Lso'. Mr. So:"'r Sporsor Nerve Tla':e Pres'- des' a'd Ja' Jackass Seye- farf 's'-es nerr: 2' "e" cha':e 'o spear. D.C.T. Members Give Banquet to Create Understanding Between Employer Employee An honest day's work is the essence ot selt-satisfaction, an important branch in the tree ot happiness, and a guide to purpose and accomplishment in one's lite. Members ot the Diversitied Cooperative Training Program, who automatically become mem- bers ot the club, are seeking and tultilling these and other goals each day ot the school year, establishing the toundation needed tor a rich and usetul lite atter leav- ing the little world ot "Lauderdale High." The student interested must be a junior or senior with a high scholastic average to be eligible tor this program. D.C.T. stu- dents attend school in the morning, work in the atternoon, and study at night. D.C.T. Club sponsors the adoption ot a tamily at Christmas, and an Employer-Employee Banquet. Linda Carolyn Bence Biggers Judy Caren Cathcart Comer Nancy Sandra l-lorner Kirkland Representing a few ot the many DCT members who work diligently on the place cards and programs to the coming spring banquet are Gail Kohlmeyer Tim Dugan. Sandra Richardson and Judy Cathcart Kitty Brown , . Tim, Dugan Gail Kohlmeyer Manning Mcgranahan Shirley Peferson Presicleni' Sandra Richards Gloria Rilchie Mahlon Weavers Jacqueline Williams f' ff' 1 74 n 0 Q 1' 24 51 W .. 'ai - UU! ff? W' E-f Nancy Barbara Sara B511 Sylvia .Trevor JOSl'llYfi Hackney Crhig Burnslecl VICG-Presidenl' Secrefary Treasurer Sergeani-ai'-Arms Sponsor .-, e"" 1-S -'S 3' 5'-23"-, Working +he nigl'1fshi'H al 'l'l1e school library, Roberl Ferrine and Lois Bell are invaluable aids ro 'rhe librarian. Bon Voyage! Michele Manning and Sara Hackney, represenling flue local club, are off +o lhe .Sfare Convenfion. if Grefchen Meisenburg Ava Ann Camp Paf Hall MGVY WeSTbe'fY Presiden-T Vice-Presidenf Secrefary Treasurer i-'fi' Qt' f Wendy Nelson Rosemary Cafanzaro Gale Nelsen Barbara Holmes Repo'-1-er Parliamenfarian Hisforian Sponsor FUTURE HOMEMAKERS Follow Motto Rushing 'io help Grefchen Meisenburg finish her new fashion before fhe show, Jean Murdock measures fhe final sfep, fhe hem. Apparenfly, F.l-LA. girls like fo eaf. Daddy Dafe Nighf and an Award Dinner were puf on by fhe club. Several girls fried fheir skill af cooking for fhe club's progressive dinner while a few ofher girls played hosf fo fhe enfire club slumber parfy which followed fhe dinner. An annual proiecf for Fufure Homemakers of America is fheir Fashion Show. This year, being no excepfion, girls from all over came and modeled clofhes fhaf fhey fhemselves made. Prizes were awarded for fhe besf clofhes. Program meefings were a big ifem on fhe F.l-l.A. agenda. Guesf speakers included: an inferior dec- orafor who falked on home and yard beaufificafion. a minisfer who spoke on family life, and several ofher falks given on home and family life. Fufure Homemakers' year came fo a close wifh a disfricf meefing in Pompano. There fhey compared fheir proiecfs wifh ofher clubs in fhe area. These eager beavers always keep fheir eyes open "Toward New Horizons." Promofing beffer home relafionship and recogniz- ing fhe imporfance of good homemaking is whaf F.l-f.A. members sfrive for af LHS. Firsf row, leff fo righ+: Elsa Gordillo, Bonnie Wlwife, Wendy Nelson, l-larrier Adams, Gale Nelson, Gail McDonald, Marilyn Merriclr Second row: Sue Criss Muizie Bauer, llene Miller, Jean Murdock, Caro.-Ann Hagen. Ava Camp, Grefclrien Meisenburg, Mary Wes? berry, Srirey Bailey. Third row: Harrie? Rornauser Lynn Van Ausdall, Joyce Wells, Ann Porfer Sandy Culp Jean Ballard, Ki++y Masor, Gayle Tcfnplcins Pa+ l-la'l. as Members Move "Toward New Horizonsw An apprehensive glance is given by Elsa Gordillo af Syble Kelley as 'rlwey malre flveir way pasl' flee judges in F.l'l.A,'s annual Faslnion Snow. By +l1e loolrs on fhe faces of some of frese Fuiure Hornernalrers llieir progressive dinner sure is a big nil, XJR? ----LIZ - glhi 5 E . ,if Q ,lf A Tae- w i S Sally Young Sharon Bahr Sharon McMillan Bonnie Ulrich Mary Thompson Presiden+ Vice-Presidenl' Secrefary Corresponding Treasurer Secrefary FUTURE NURSES Perform Duties Similar to Florence ightingaleis and Clara Bartonas L W Eva Abele Jane Allancl Sally Clark Diane Clemes Colleen Cook Sharon Dixon Lenore Elferdinlc Judy Filzmaurice Befsy Garrison Sandie l-licks A . ' 1 ,L , Lynn Hodges Karen Krpala Mary Melzger Sue Middle+on Carol Miller Busy as usual, Mrs. Wilkins prepares a bandage in The healTh room QT The school. lnserT shows The club's oTher devoTed sponsor, Miss Bazanos, who gives much OT her valuable Time To The club. Judy Pawol 1' Helen RuTherTord Si Joyce Pugh Linda Reed ll Following in The TooTsTeps OT Florence NighTingale and Clara BarTon, The l3uTure Nurses here aT LHS perTorm many services To The school and To The communiTy. The purpose oT The club is To promoTe inTeresT in The Tield oT nursing. AT Their meeTings The members heard inTeresTing and inTormaTive speakers. The club's adviser, Mrs. WeisbarT, spoke aT one meeTing on The opporTuniTies and phases in nursing. An X-ray Technician Trom Holy Cross Hosp- iTal gave a Talk on The progress recenTly made in X-ray Technology. The FuTure Nurses have many worThwhile proiecTs. Each ChrisTmas They Trim a Tree Tor The handi- capped children aT The EasTer Seal Clinic. This pasT year aT Their ChrisTmas parTy, The girls broughT giTTs which wenT To The lvlenTal HealTh SocieTy. The club is planning To make bandages and bedcovers Tor The Cancer SocieTy. A member oT The socieTy will show The ambiTious l:uTure Nurses how To make These arTicles Trom old bedsheeTs. ln addiTion To all This, The club holds bake sales, and enTers inTo cam- pus acTiviTies. Early in The year, FuTure Nurses Toured The l:orT Lauderdale Beach Physical Therapy DeparTmenT. This spring They busily planned Tor The sTaTe con- venTion in April. This annual evenT was held in Orlando. lnspecTing a machine ThaT will play a maior role in Their TuTure careers Karen WinTers, Linda Reed, Bonnie Ulrich, and Linda ShovelTon waTch The Technician demonsTraTe uses of The X-ray. W Linda ShovelTon Judi SmiTh iQ Nancy Trenor Karen WinTers KaThie Zurgurg Y W2 1 'x 'L-1 ,. 'gp 0 X - , ' s Squire Knox John McElTresh Nancy Pell Barbara Roman Bonnie Coles Miss Rickard PresidenT Vice-PresidenT SecreTary Treasurer HisTorian- Sponsor ParliamenTarian "Couldn'T you sTreTch if a Tiny biT and say l'm Tive TeeT?" begs Don MerediTh as Mary Sue Wilson Takes his cap and gown measuremenTs. The meeTing was called To order and suddenly The lighTs wenT ouT. BuT Barbara Roman, caps and gowns chairman, conTinued explaining The proce- dure Tor measuring each one OT The Tive hundred seniors. l'lonor SocieTy meeTings aren'T usually in The dark, alThough in February, The club held a candlelighT iniTiaTion ceremony Tor TiTTy-Tive new members, ForTy iuniors and TiTTeen seniors made up The iniTiaTes. Along wiTh The big proiecT oT measuring The seniors Tor caps and gowns, The club has oTher proi- ecTs, also. "l iusT can'T seem To undersTancl This Algebra," is a Tamiliar phrase To club members. For The members spend Time each week TuToring sTu- denTs who are having problems in any subiecT. 'l'hroughouT The year, The club honored Those sTudenTs who made all "NSU by posTing Their names on large posTers in The main halls each six weeks. This year, To aid S.C. in Their scholarship-promoTing campaign, They began puTTing The "l-lonor SocieTy ThoughT Tor The Weelc" in The bullerin each Monday. On Class NighT, The socieTy ioined wiTh many orher clubs, and gave a scholarship To a deserving senior. The club closed The year wiTh a record mem- bership. -and VincenT AnTonielli HarriaT Ba55eT+ qi B T Gloria Gall Barbara Hepp Chris Bergh Pal' BooTh KaThy CoTTman Eric Ericson Beverly Forman iv my if, V33 Y -asf Bonnie Higgins Marianne Jennings Marfha King Bob Lewis Philip Pauze February, HO OR SOCIETY Taps Fifty-five ,,. . s' 'N ' L, Q Jfgx , x 1 I ll" x 9 6 Leff row, boH'om fo 'I'op: Ann Ursini, Judy Criss. Par Wagoner, Laura Lea Mullins, Barbara Prifchard, Lavola Dolson, Befsy Garrison, Anne Kirk, Ken Krassy, Bill Heberf, Guy Melzger. Middle row, boffom +o fop: Cafhy Pierce, Pep Michie, Harriar Basse'H', Jim Harper. Righ+ row, boffom fo lop: Janer Henog, Linda Tremblerr, Virginia Morris, Bonnie Hauch, Carol Miller, Nancy Bell, Carolyn Evans, Joyce Volpe. Shirley Tomlinson, Sharon McMillan, Lila Vosfafek, Nancy Richardson, Lorma Hummel, Pal Wright Carol Dunlevy, Leonard Tocci, Bill Milliken. Susan Srraker, John Barker, Harry Pearce, Sandy Lewlon, Jerry Pfeiffer, Bob Loflis, Roger Parks, Bonnie Linane nor picfured. Jeannine Piffman Judy Philpolr Mary Berh Ricker Dick Rober+s Gayle Sawyer 'T x H Bernard Simbari Russell Simbari Mary Sue Wilson Max Wor+hy Judi Wrighr Carol Zimmer Dave Zwick FUTURE TE CHERS Open Door to a Profession Showing Fulure Teacher possibililies by assisling lheir S -o--' ' - leachers in a daily assignmenl are, Presidenl, Susan Slrakerg Vice Presidenl, Helen Nankinq Secrelary, Karen'Johnson: and Treasurer, Laura Mullins. Allhough lheir main inleresl is leaching, Fulure Teachers have spenl a lol ol lime on money raising proiecls. Why? So lhal some worlhy sludenl may go lo college wilh lhe help ol a scholarship. l-laving several bake sales and a rummage sale have helped greally in lhe Fulure Teacher scholarship drive. Besides lund raising aclivilies Fulure Teach- ers have nol neglecled lhe real purpose ol lheir club. Fulure Teachers learn aboul lhe opporlunilies in leaching, cullivale lhe qual- ilies essenlial in a good leacher, and losler lhe developmenl ol sludenl leadership. On Cilizen Day each member was given lhe chance lo subslilule lor one ol lheir leachers. The club held several program meelings dur- ing lhe year wilh speakers who lalked aboul , 5 lhe advanlages and disadvanlages ol leaching 'i and on scholarship possibililies. Wilh lhis 'W background lhe members ol Fulure Teachers now have a good idea as lo whal makes a good leacher. Firsl row, lefl 'lo righl: Sandy Boughlon, Lounelle Mock, Joan Lillie, Andy Kenl, Karen Marlin. Second row: Miki, Herberl, 'llene Miller, Shirley Tomlinson, Sue Wagner, Karen Johnson, Linda Marable, Laura Lea Mullins. Third row: Susan Anderson, Lynn Van Ausdall, Linda Adkins, Helen Nankin, Sandra Lewlon, Susan Slraker, Claudelle Willis, Berla Gardner, Karen Shoemaker. Pfbs Linda Spea r Presideni "Off we go inlo lhe English classes," sing Ilene Miller, Linda Spear, and Alera Faye Durden, as lhey leave home base, rhe Library, +o complere 'rhe mission of giving book reviews, anolher one ol: rhe many services lo lhe sfudenls. Nancy Barbarila N N X Beverly McBain Vice-Presiden+ Diane Clemes Recording Corresponding Secrelary SBCTGIBFY "Where can I find Moby Dick?" "Who wrole Hiawa+ha?" These ,A are a sample of lhe gueslions Library Council members musr answer " V l I V I every day. The young librarians work lo slimulalre eflecrive use of , -. 4-if 'rhe library. Bolh slrudenls and leachers benefil from This service. , Vg ' Book reviews submilled 'ro English classes by members of Library , 71' - , 5 'I' Council simplify Ihe seleclion ol oufside reading and malerial for 1 C I '. 1: proiecls and reporlrs. P ' - I - 67 Members of The Library Council musl show a parlicular inleresl A in Ihe 'lunclions of lhe library and lrhey should have complered one - I, year's work lhere. A class credil may be earned by lrhose sludenl I' ill" lf' 7' I' librarians who need il and who have worked hard enough 'ro earn il. I. "il Jodie Surmiak Miss Berryhill Treasurer Sponsor LIBR RY CDU CIL Is Helpful Aid Firsl row, Iefl fo righlz Sherri Waflers, Befh Argyros, Pal McCIung, Charlayne Dameron. Nancy Barbarila, Jean Venia Tiplon, Alefa Durden. Second row: Maureen Blonslron, Penny Tillofson, Carol Snowden, Sydney Bel'z Mundrick, Gloria Rilchie, Peggy Roof, Bonnie Parker. Third row: Jackie Van Allan. Barbara Koppelman, Beverly to All Fair, Jodie Surniiak , Ilene Miller, Linda McBain, Linda Spear Sue Friedberg, Colleen Cook, Sandra Manning, Ken Richarr, Pam Swear. Randy Roark, Barb Slokell, Pan Brann. Anne Rush, Sandy Chris+ian, Diane Clemes. F1 x fl all 1 """ bv-j ,i,,,wj f f a Os '7 i,ff44,,f3fg"i 'UW' Y was as - 532 1 T f Bobby Longo Dick Grim Bruce Dempsey Dave Henry Mr, Malfby PreSid9IlT Vice-Presidenf SecreTary Treasurer Sponsor Medals and honorary memberships are oTTen given Tor meriTorious service on The Tield oT miliTary baTTle. Following This esTablished cusTom, The leTTer and an inviTaTion To ioin Boys' L Club are awarded To Those deserving sTudenTs as a lasTing TribuTe To Their excellence on The Tield oT aThleTic baTTle. K To be eligible Tor membership in This honorary club, The sTudenT musT have parTicipaTed and leTTered, eiTher as player or manager, on The varsiTy sguad oT some phase of aThleTics: including TooTball, baskeTball, base- ball, Tennis, swimming, Track, and golT. ProiecTs are many in Boys' L. AT all baskeTball games BOYS' L, Honorary The boys can be seen aT work mainTaining The reserved seaTs. They also, wiTh The help oT The JunioreTTes, keep The Trophy case shiny and spoTless. A TalenT show was held by Boys' L on March 28, To deTermine The besT TalenT Trom The sTudenT body oT ForT Lauderdale l'ligh School. The sTudenTs praTicipaTing perTormed beTore Their classmaTes and iudges aT The assemblies held Tor each class during The day. ATTer The judges made Their Tinal decisions, prizes were awarded To The winners as Tollows: FirsT prize, SIO7 second prize, S53 Third prize, 952.501 and The saTisTacTion, happiness, and presTige oT being a winner of The Boys' L TalenT Show. Club for Outstanding Can These beauTies be members oT The ZiegTield Follies? Or maybe Parisian chorus-line dancers doing The Can-Can? No, They are iusf The L Club iniTiaTes, displaying Their exquisiTe dress and superb TalenT. ,'-, Z With a strum ot the guitar, Bert Rcwel starts sing'no and the qirls Start sw-.iconing as the Talent Show gets underway, "Oh, please let me sit in the reserved section," pleads Ralph Mc. Millen ot L Club members. John Orrnac and Mercer McClure. Athletes, Highlights Year With Talent Show First row, left to right: Phil Christ, Jerry Licklider, Allan Aunapu Dick Roberts Marshal Nance. Charlie Moore. Dennis Gahagen Howie DiBlasi, Doug Cook, Walter Burkhardt, Tom Mathis. Second row: Jerry Pteftter Guy Metiger, Don Pinto, John Adler, George Mcraftis, Bob Barnett, John Orman, Tom Crawtord, John Leaird Bob Longo, Mackey Alley, Dave Henry. Woody Maxwell, Bruce Dempsey, Dave Jackson, Dennis Hutchinson Tom Raney. if- ..-if g4vC"' "' ,.. .-1... - s......-.-.-sau 1 I 1 ' i ,. A 1 3 i l l I " ! Ll' 'J,. 1 P. v. 4,, gk 9' ,. 925. .J -HIT.-,,-a" " 15? 181- -' tg. ex.-4.5 ...,--5,-1 ' nf,?'. .lf,,.-fi' ,IU-'nvug if D "'W',vu3i:s?"'.i,. -1563141 ..,, W . . ,,,., ,. ., 1 ' ,W ,....,J1-gy--,-.... 2446- '--W ,,, - 'I-gvfls " g... fe .--of Sharron Osterhoudt President 5l'16VOf1 COOHS Suzi Srni+h Bev Forman Joyce Lihdfi ViCe-Pl'9Sidenl' Secretary Treasurer Sponsor GIRLS, L Promotes inor Sports With K Q-f ly , f f , 5 4 3 f 1 'Q 'C 57,5 'Q ,554 04 Y x 3? 5 11 I Q fr , ,7 4 'I 55 W, I f jf , 1 51 ," f 5 ,4 -l s -C C 'i Ann Sandy Elaine Dade Marianne Aanes Beffis Bireley Connor ifnt T ' f-i Fleming y r , 3 fa ,,y, '1 - fa 5 yew 5-.X in Bonnie Kay Pal' Marilyn Gloria Miki Floyd Gall Herbert Higgins l'lower Johns Linda Marsha Karen Babs Sandy Karen Jones Kinqslev Klish Klulioslii Koch McElha'H'en W , ,'Vy, if y-,r z , -fy ' : 'Q Gretchen Joan Linda Jane+ Vicki Carol Meisenburg Robertson Spear Tavlin Todd Zimmer ii' Wt P' 'Q . V . . 4 'nl n 5 1 Caughl' cluring Their lunch hour on iniTiation day, The cheerleaders L's. Go!" Bulletin Board Telling "l'm a raT, l'm a raT," was The chanT oT Girls' L iniTiaTes as They hobbled Through Lauderdale halls in one high heel and one Tlat. Hundreds oT Tiny pigTails covered Their heads while ropes held up Their sloppy slcirTs. BuT iT was worTh iT because Those iniTiaTes are now members' oT Girls' L. Club. This is an honorary club open To any girl who has leTTered in one oT The Tollowing sports: swimming. major- eTTes. Tennis, and cheerleading. The girl musT be approved by The club and Then receives an invi- TaTion. Cleaning The Trophy cases is The club's major proiecT. alThough This year They decided ThaT They would help promoTe minor sporTs. A bulletin board was erecTecl wiTh scheduled evenTs and resulTs of such sporTs as golT, Traclc, and Tennis. Each year Girls' L honors an ouTsTanding girl aThleTe wiTh a Good SporTsmanship award given aT The Awards Assembly. PromoTing good sporTsman- ship is The aim of Their club ancl Girls' L members Try hard To live up To This goal. 96104. .ack gcc enTerTain The amused bystanders wiTh a mighty cheer of "Go. of Events and Results ...Ap Conferring on The blueprints Tor The Girls' L Club bulletin board are Bev Forman and Ron Faul, "de- signer." "What would l do wiThouT my Flying L Stationery?" exclaims Elaine BeT+is, as she caTches up on her cor- respondence. - , M To be a Laeli Romani, lhe reguiremenl is g ,x g a passing grade in l.a+in. Under Jrhe super- - ,.Vs Q VH. H ,X R ff F vision of lhe s+a+e's besl Lalin leacher, Miss rr. x r X, f Vg: s 1 ref" a IW U I Q ,rl f Sears, Jrhese "Happy Romans" became bel- An - Q '1 R Q fer acquainled wilh Jrhe ancienl Roman lan- K. . ii? ai? l New .,.L f , 1 , guage, cusloms, and Jrradilions, and also gain a Jrhorough knowledge of lhe pracfical . and cullural value of Lalin. The bi-weekly Q meelings are never somelhing lo miss: 'rhe members are kepl enlerlained by Lalin R games and various skiis. , Some proiecls +ha+ keep all occupied l are bake sales, a Thanksgiving food basket 4 3 Y, eg, a Homecoming lloai, and an annual end- of-lhe-year parly. To make ihis parly really aulhenlic, all are donned in homemade lunics and iogas, wilh prizes going +0 Jrhe mosl original. On a suilable day for all, lunch boxes are packed, cameras galhered, and all board lhe "Blue Goose" for lheir annual 'rrip lo Vizaya, a museum of Roman and Greek cullure. Laiin Club officers prove 'lhaf +he glory of ancienf Rome is no+ lost ln classic garb are: Anne Kirk, secrelaryg Joe Pesek, vice-president Cafhy Pierce, president Jerry Pfeiffer, reporlerg and Sue Sfraker, lreasurer. Members of LATIN CLUB Attend ROMAN Firsf row, lefl' fo righl: Gail Sione, Susan Bard, Cindy Adamo, Bob Feldman. Lee Ann Poinler, Lynne Williams, Wendy Gill. Second row: Paula Frazier, Linda Douglas, Linda Mclalfresh, Sandi Ziebarf, Jo Ann Sager, Pam Parrish, Bobbie Loos, Kay Burch, Margaref Bennell. Third row: Pam Gilslrap, Sandy Jenin, Lesley Carpenler, Ralph Rickard, Don Davis, Dave Shall, Tom Barrick, Vincenl Rebholz, Sharon Wrighf, Carol l-lriczo, Bonnie Edwards, Belsy Sheard. 3 shun! 5 5 X-.1 I 1 i B x I P l lla! a ,L- A'Hirecl in +he sfylish dress of 50 B.C., lhese members ol Larin Club prcudly display prizes won al' 'rhe Larin parly 'For 'lhe mosr aurhenric ccsfumes. "Discus 'lhrowing can be very exciring roday as well as in The days ol Caesarfl Think Jerry Pleiiler and Bill Ken? as lhey 'rry lheir skill. Jack Wayne :ooks on admiring Bill's Classic and wailing his lurn af rhe Larin parry. Part in Authentic Togas y Firsl' row, lefi' +o righl: Calhy Pierce, Lynn Caldwell, Sally Young, Mary Jane Gouveia, Sue Combes, Randy Mulford, Judy Allen Diana Nelson, Nanci Green, Mary Je Erskine, Judy Jackson, Second row: Lila Vosrarek, Vicki Fuhrer, Pal l-ludla'r+, Marilyn Floyd Palmy Jo Pickrel, Linda Reed, Karhie ZurBurg, Sherry Reilly, Marry Rickey, Sue Healey, Jeannie Crirchley, Margie Carfwrighf Bunny Ernsr. Third row: Carol Miller, Karin Shoemaker, Par Wright Sueliyn Rupchock, Susan Srraker, Helen Nankin, Warren Williams Bernard Simlaari, Jerry Pfeiffer, Russell Simbari, Davie Manlwill, Anne Kirk, Par Zimmerman, Sally Shank, Sharon Bahr. lg, D .M V ,I X 4, Sli-i ifjliliwimlxfi. V- " i X -f ' ' X f f Y! ' A 6,5 Q .L ' fi by V. ffivmf ffffff- 1 f rf Q 1- A 'nga Qffjizeg' ffh Y flfr Ly L '- , f rf ' I , I ,,,,, 1 jr 4 A f ev, 59? 2 2' 'jfs 1, fi fyff if ff y Pally Russel Elsa Gordillo Presidenl' Vice-Presidenf Mary George King Kay Clark Secre+ary Treasurer John Sweilzer Nancy Bell Parliamenfarian Program Chairman , ,NM ,. , , ,X ' We W 15 "Us+ed es hermosisimo!" Jrhis LHS srudenr seems +0 rhink as he draws near for a closer look of 'rhe club's prize winning enlry in lhe Thanks- giving program. SPANISH CLUB Has Firsf row, le'f+ +o right June Norrh, Mary Jane Pereira, Karyll Kelchum, Margie Wrighr, Linda Heep, Lee Ann Poinler, Babs Osborne Nancy Spiegel, Pal' Buckley, Wendy Nelson, Elsa Gordillo. Second row: Karen Srilel, Barbara Prirchard, Maureen Doerller, Sandi Doak, Sue West Joanne Kealon, Linda Marable, Bonnie Hauch, Judy Dolliver, Tarny Townsend. Third row: Deena Tanlon, Carol Dunlevy, Beverly Evans, Susan Nevin, Lynne Karsren, Donna Cornelius, Lorna Hummel, Charlorle Huey, Ann Lynn Brown, Barbara Di Giovanni Alice Gericke. K , F 'f , 'n w ' W i V V Q if Q E . fe -3 f an Firsfwrow, lef+ fo righf: Darlene Burrasky, Cherly lves, Gwen Real JO Dee Corey! Diane Ciemes Kam Fairfield, Nancy Connor, Jean Pheifer, Toni Morris, Parry Seal, Carol Ann Worlhley. Second rowi Susaii gibson, PBonrLie JBZl'rier, Rosemary Duke, Trudy Giberson, Georgia Slupe, Palrly Russel, Sandra .Brader SWS GHS . U y Hayes, Nancy Carfer, Kalhy Kelchum. Third row' Janis Brusick Carol Bloch Mari Sue Wilson, Anne Kirk, Sue Jenkins, Pam Swear, Ma G K' f Sh cj I 'I Y Walson, Jane? Breen, Nancy Bell, Diane Morris. ry eorge mg' esy ear I aio Cornelml Sue re?- Prize-Winning Year in Activities MW" Sponsor Los Companeros Espanoles gof in fhe spirif of homecoming week and "Fomen'rar el lnleres en el Espanol," or "To promore inreresl in Spanish." This is 'rhe basic aim of Jrhe Forl Lauderdale l-ligh School Spanish Club. Spanish siudenls are given a chance +o learn a liille more aboul' lheir subiecl by parlicipaling in various aclivilies of 'rhe club. This year lhe Spanish club has gone way ou'r in Their purpose lo creaie a beiler un- dersianding beiween ihe Spanish and American counlries Through language, cus- foms, and culiure. By showing movies on Spanish speaking counlries and playing hosi To various speakers who have visired or aciually lived in a Spanish speaking coun- l'ry 'rhe members of The club have formed a deeper undersianding of lheir "Soufh of +he border" neighbors. Good luck followed The club Jrhroughoui 'rhe year as Spanish club candidale for cal- endar girl, Cheryl Ives, was chosen To be picfured on 'lhe May calendar. Second prize was awarded lo ihe club for 'rheir Q Thanksgiving baskel and for lheir Home- coming iloal' in l'he inl'eres+ club division. A successful year ends as Spanish siudenls Thru ihe Mill." V 'J s 'W' enfered a floal' in The parade. Their Theme This year was "Run The Knighls :EEUU say, "l'lasl'a la Vis+a." A fr V ,W f ,, 7 J, , M , Y , ' L44f,..f?M' ay l ' 'l a I " 0 j' i 1 'V ahh .il .4 f ,259 l29 E s TQ, . 1 s . xx- fi! X . as Q 3 A' " -Q N' . - 3 Nibbling hors d'oeuvres and sipping punch, Treasurer Gale Nelson, PresidenT Gary Simmons, Vice-PresidenT Molly French, Parl,iamenTarian Dan Warner, and SecreTary Joyce Volpe Take Time ouT Trom The gala parTy and hold a cozy "TeTe a TeTe" around The punch bowl. Sampling scinTillaTing Paris nighT-life, French Club members dance aT Their TesTive ChrisTmas parTy held aT The Coral Ridge YachT Club. FRE CH CL B Celebrates M10 eux Noelw "Bonne VolonTe" is The oTTicial name oT The French Club aT L.l-l.S. TranslaTed This means "good will." The name is signiTicanT in ThaT The purpose oT The club is To promoTe undersTanding oT French culTure and The French people. This purpose is accomplished Through various proiecTs. i FirsT row, lefi' To righT: Molly French, Gale Nelson, Margie Wr Panzer, Penny Salcmann, Bill Wells. Second row: Joyce Volpe, D Bonnie Coles, Marianne Jennings, Gary Simmons, Daniel Wa ighT. iane rner, The members oT The French Club have "adopTed" an orphanage near Paris. They held a rummage sale To raise Tunds Tor The children in The orphanage. A gala "soiree" aT The Coral Ridge YachT Club climaxed The ChrisTmas season. The club also celebraTed The Tradi- Tional "Mardi Gras." Sue Brophy, Sandra Arnold, Debbie Parker, Virginia Michie, Judi Donoghrie, Linda TrembleTT, Nancy lrish, Gayle Sawyer, Nan Hoy, PeTer Zwiclc, Bunny l-laslam. Third row: CaThy Pierce, Tracy Mark, Joyce Wells, Donna Johnson, Susan STralcer, Valerie l-lummel, PeTe Lewis, Marvin Day, DoroThy Roseman, PaTricia BasseTT. Jan Cooper, Lynn Vanfxusdall, Pal' Grumbar. if 33 8' R ill? R is THESPI NS Initiate As Berl Rowell Presidenf J -di Wrighr Secre+ary .if-f fl' Linda Mi.nclriCk Vice-Presiden+ Kalhy Coffman Chaplain C . Q - 'YS 4 " S' ' x fl" fm .P G 1 Jay Morrissey Treasurer Sharon Coons Parliamen+arian piring Dramatists A darkened lhearer, a candle-lil slage, and eagerly awailing pledges, provide rhe almos- phere for 'lhe Nalional Thespian Sociely in- ilialion. Crealed lo promore l'he dramalic arls in rhe high schools, il is an organizalion of srudenrs who are inreresred in some phase of rhearer arl. Thespians srrive 'ro esrablish high srandards ol excellence in all phases of dramalic arls and lo creale an aclive and inlelligenl' inleresl among srudenls. The gualificalions for mem- bership in lhe honorary club are al leasl' sev- enry lines in a lhreeeacl play. or over one hundred hours work on a producrion. The laces of Tragedy and Comedy, lrowriing and smil- ing, are symbolic of lhis club. Qulsranding work done in rhis lield oulside ol school is also recognized by lhe members. The mollo is al- ways lell in lhe hearls and lived in The lives of lrue Thespians-"Ad well your parl, lor in lhal' lhe honor lies." Firsi row, lefr 'ro righh Torn Cook, Jean Pelracca. Wendy Taylor, Ava Camp Linda M.,ndr'ck Jay Morrissy, Sharon Cccns Kalhy Coff- man Nancy Pell Doug McLaughlin. Second row: Tracy Mark, Sharon Newsharn Bonnie Lnane Berr Rowel Jim Bray Allan Aunapu, Gonna Johnson Mark Schneider, Judi Wrighf. I D NAUTI-NYMPHS Ca pfain, Ginny Frylcman NOT a splash is To be heard as six idenTical Tigures slide inTo The coolness oT The Casino Pool. No, They aren'T por- poises or Tish, buT The NauTi-Nymphs oT l..l"l.S. They are presenTing one oT Their chariTable shows: This Time Tor The VeTerans. Besides These beneTiT shows, The NauTi-Nymphs also perTorm Tor hoTel audiences in ForT Lauderdale as well as Miami Beach. The enTerTaining acTs which They presenT are planned and cosTumed by The girls Themselves. They also parTicipaTe in compeTiTion boTh locally and sTaTe-wide. The hard worlc each day on all Their rouTines proves beneTicial as They sTrolce Their way To TirsT and second place vicTories. Any money received Tor ouT- sTanding perTormances is puT inTo a Tund which is used FirsT a STar. l Co-CepTain. Janis Milligan aT The end oT The year Tor Travel expenses To sTaTe compe- TiTion. AT The beginning oT The year There is a six weeks' Trial period during which The many hopeTuls learn The various balleT sTunTs. NOT unTil aTTer This period are The A and B squads chosen: and Then on Their co-ordinaTion and abiliTy. So Tar This season These Flying L synchronized beauTies have given Two big shows, each wiTh a diTTQerenT and or- iginal Theme. BuT This is iusT The beginning Tor The Team as They con- Tinue Their hard worlc and perTecTion oT each sTunT unTil They Teel They are equal To The besT in The sTaTe. Then a Present Water Show With Circus Ballet Act i First row, lett to right: Debbie Davis, Babs Osborne, Meredith Haskins, Bonnie Ulrich, Bonnie Aunapu, Fay Eddie. Sec- ond row: Sue Diaclc, Gail Linane, Sharon Shipley, Linda Marable. First row, lett to right: Diana Nelson, Colleen Cook, Margie Nelson, Fran Carlson, Louise Quinn, Pat Reynolds. Second row: Ginny Baldwin, Alice Schmidt, Lynn Graham, Anita Roncaglione. bent llflee. and finally a ballet leg. f :H , . ,, ,. ri -1 -. 'J-. ,, X7 1. ' I' Crt' 'ti' 'Z Q V- ,, 44,1 , ' 1 2. l ,. - ,. ,xf",' I' . ' l ' 7 'nil X53 P Ly M - xi.- Esxx iii. gh' --V.. ,, 4 c C--5. ,I -A Nt .Ui .1"' 1 f , W qi JI? 1 if ERB. SEB "lT's The spiriT behind The club ThaT counTs," agree oTTi- cers, Joan Jansen, presidenT: John Herrick, vice-presi- denTg John Herrick, vice-president and Mary Rickey. Treasurer. Gwen Rea, secreTary, is noT picTured, Amidsl' The yelling and cheering oT The Pep L's, The Flying L's have scored The deciding Touchdown in The STranahan game, and Lauderdale goes home wiTh anoTher vicTory. "We're wirh you, Team, so TighT," rings TorTh Trom The lips oT The loyal Pep L's who help cheer The Flying L's on To vicTory aT aThleTic evenTs. For several years They have rooTed Tor The L's Trom Their reserved secTion in The TooTball sTadium, buT This was The TirsT year They were able To have a Pep L secTion in The Flying L Gym To yell Tor The LHS baskerball Team. NOT only is Their school spiriT shown Through Their wiTh Twins, iinx dolls, pep Tags, boosTer pins, and carrying blue and whiTe shakers. Besides The promoTion oT good sporTsmanship and school spiriT in cornpeTiTive sporTs, Pep L's emphasize iT in The classroom as well as on The Tield. The club iTselT parTicipaTes in many acTiviTies, as enTering a TloaT in The Homecoming Parade and a skiT in The Flying L Follies. Truly The Pep L's are helping To mainTain The TradiTional high school spiriT on which our school was may be seen wearing blue and whiTe ouTTiTs adorned builT. PEP Lis, Largest LH Club, Encourages Firsf row, leff To righT: Marilyn Merrick, Sally Jo Sparks, Linda Menendez, Bonnie Anapu, Carol Swedroe, Linda Bauer, Jean Murdock, Jo Ann LinThecum, Marcia MiTson, Lynn DuTcher. Second row: Nedra SchulTz, Lyn Gilroy, Ginger Humphrey, Sue Wagner, Kay Williamson, Mary SmiTh, Ava Camp, Linda Marable, PaT WermuTh. Third row: Joan Jansen, MarTha Currier, Karen STevens, BeTTy Pierce, Ronald Cameron, Bernard Sirnbari, John Herrick, Russel Simbari, Bob Lewis, Carol Ternplin, Flo Neilson, Janis Milligan. cheering, buT also in Their dress and acTion. Members 'll -l i l I Firsl row, lell lo righl: .Pehny Salcmann, Sandra Clarlc, Sandy Jenin, Harrial Allen, Mary Rickey, Linda Bruaw, Sherry Reilly, Wendy Gil' Billie Bowling, Sandy LeGrar'd. Second row: Jean Pleiler, Jean While, Nancy Connor, Ellie Barbalsuly, Sherry Shapiro, Susie Rablen, Dfana Nelson, Linda Heep Sally Miller. Third row: Russ Frazier Bonnie Ballier, Joan Lillie, Marilyn Dichlennnuelier, Vicki Fuhrer, Clnarlclle Huey, Pally Reynolds, Sue Combes, Judie Cooper, Karen Klisch. Joyce Pugh, Linda Jones. Fourlh row: Belly Taylor Gall Johnson Gail Alexander. Sue Diaclc, Sue Jenlcins, Jane Graham, Bonnie Edwards, Mary Sue Wilson, Janel Breen, V'rg"'a Ba dw'n, Carol Snowden Jusline Smilh. Good Will, Sportsmanship, and School Spirit Firsl row, lefl lo righl: Karen Marlin, Cindy Adamo, Harrial Bassell, Sharon Coons, Judi Smilh, Gwen Rea, Cheryl Ives, Carole Taylor, Sharon Oslerhoudl, Linda Oslerhoudl. Second row: Karen Winlers, Bunny Ernsl, Sue Gibson, Sandi Ziebarl, Pam Farr-ish, Marsha O'Neill, Carmen Manno, Kalhie ZurBurg, Judy Powell. Third row: Sue Healey, Pal Durrence. Ann Porler, Rosemary Dulce, Carol Zimmer, Dian Sccll, Bonnie Linane, Pal Zimmerman, Linda Henderson, Trudy Giberson, Carole Bloch. 1 Firs+ row, lefl' 'ro righi: Linda Menendez, Marcia Mi+son, Karhy McKamey, Susan Anderson. Second row: Janis Milligan, Babs Osborne Ka+hy Coffman, Nancy Pell, Sue Gibson. Third row: Karen Sievens, Gloria Gall, Lyn Chaffee, Dian ScoH, Ken Varney, Tom Jacobsen Carol Zimrner, Pal Dunsworfh, Sally Shank. If 3 fig PA 2 25253 2355 Young Journalists in PRESS CLUB how In fhe busy prinfing room of Jrhe Miami Daily News, Mary Sue Wilson, Kirk Wiclcersham, and Sharon Coons scan a newspaper "hor off The press." 15719 M 2, W, "Heads will roll!" mighr well be ihe 'lille for fhis floal. Press Club's enlry came Jrhrough wi+h firsl prize in +he Homecoming Parade in Jrhe inferesl-club division. PRESS CLUB "Where? When? WhaT7 and Why?" These are iusT a Tew oT The many guesTions answered in The Press Club's annual proiecT: The Flying l. l-landboolc. The boolcleT is composed of inTorma- Tion concerning school organizaTions, clubs, school rules, and The procedure Tollowed in our classrooms. Press Club was organized To TurTher inTeresT in journalism and To help The NavigaTor STaTT in any possible way. Many Times The lighTs can be seen burning laTe inTo The nighT in Room II4 as The members Told our newspapers and organize Them To be disTribuTed The nexT day. Special inviTaTions are given To sTudenTs who have Talcen Journalism I and have wriTTen a leTTer expres- sing Their reasons Tor wanTing To become a member. FooTball and baslceTball seasons Tind The busy members selling boosTers To encourage The sTu- denTs To supporT Their Team. BuT Their pride and joy was The Homecoming FloaT, "Behead The KnighTs," which won TirsT place in The InTeresT Club Division. The acTiviTies oT The year are high lighTed by a visiT To The Miami Daily News, where They see a Tullscale newspaper in acTion. Bonnie Linan PresidenT Sal y Shank Vice-Presideni' Noel Doeplce Secretary KaThy Mccamey Treasurer Lyn ChaTTee ParliamenTarian Harold l-layes Sponsor f , ,.., . 3 . ff as as .f ,Q , A seg. ' A ' T3 4 4 , ' 'iii-gi' ' ,SJ I , , 'N f nu? +V T 'Q as I K , iffy! 'VJ .,.,i . , :Pai .' mf-'15 'F-T Q: rf.. Z K i' rfiiffffu in Clearly: Pen Is Mightier Than the Sword FirsT row, leff To righT: Nancy HuTT, Nancy Spiegel, Sharon Coons, Noel Doeplce, Karen Wood: Second row: Vicki Todd, Barbara Tavlin, Joan Jansen, Virginia Humphrey, Ann Bryan, Sue Wagner. Barbara Deverell. Third row: Sandy Aanes. Mary BeTh Riclrer, Bonnie Linane. Richard Bacar, Gail Linane, Mary Sue Wilson, Tracy Mark. .i..l sffrfy qfm , Q- Tl 4-0 'aff ms' I Firsf row, leff fo righfz Bob l-lolliday, Paffy Nickel, Paf Gross, Befsy Garrison, Alice Gericke, Louis Reinoso. Second row: Cecil Ellingfon, Jerry Freeman, Joe Sasadu, Roller Beckharf, Barry Leslie, Dean Parrish, Eric Miller. Third row: Skip Gaede, John Herrick, Clark Conglefon, Harvey Manning, Gary Bloom. SCIENCE CL B Launches wn Rockets "Double, double, foil and froubleg fire burn and caldron bubble." Officers of Science Club, John Herrick, vice-presidenfq Dean Farrish, presidenf: and Clark Conglefon, secrefary-freasurer, prepare fheir own special formula of wifches' brew as Mr. Prim, sponsor, wafches approvingly. . s Recenf scienfific discoveries have elecfrified y, fhe world. Scienfisfs have achieved new sfafure Y as missiles and rockefs blasf off from every available piece of flaf land. The Science Club - of Ff. Lauderdale l-ligh School promofes infer- , esf in fhis vifal field and encourages fhose who are considering a career along scienfific lines. fs, rx Af meefings fhe club members hear falks by local scienfisfs. They also see facfual movies on scienfific subiecfs. Some of fhe sfudenfs in Sci- ence Club have launched homemade rockefs. Lasf year fhe Science Club planned and builf a darkroom. Bofh club members and chemisfry .W sfudenfs have found fhe darkroom very useful in fheir experimenfs. Anofher proiecf fhe club is planning is a periodic charf of fhe elemenfs which will lighf up. Such a charf would be used fo feach sfudenfs fhose all-imporfanf valences. The Science Club excursion lasf year was a fascinafing experience. The members spenf a day af Pafrick Air Force Base, locafed iusf off Cape Canaveral. They foured fhe base of op- erafions for our nafion's missile proiecfs. The frip was so successful fhaf if may be repeafed fhis year. Wilh a fanfare of bugles in lhe back- ground, 'rhe Sweelhearl King and Queen are crowned al' lhe annual Boys' l-li-Y Sweelhearl Dance. Membership in lhis club, sponsored by lhe Young lv1en's Chrislian Associalion ol Forl Lauder- dale, is open lo any boy in lhe school. if The members nor only learn lhe Chris- lian principles bul apply lhem lo lheir lives as lhey slrive lo creale and main- 'lain a feeling ol brolherhood lhroughoul 4' A N, lhe communily as well as al school. "Keep your eyes in lheir sockels . . . No noles in your pocke'rsl" These words of wisdom were 'rhe slogan of lhe Clean Scholarship Week, anolher l-li-Y proiecl. The purpose of lhis campaign was lo encourage honesly and lo discourage chealing. They also presenled lhe re- ligious Thanksgiving and Easler Assem- blies. Discussing Hi-Y fulure plans are Treasurer, Torn Smilh, and Dick Grim, vice- president while president Doug McDermoll', lislens approvingly. Other officers are Bob Hunl, secrelary: Dennis Knowles, chaplain, and Mr. Cain, sponsor. BOYS' HI-Y Crowns Sweetheart R0 alty Firsf row, leff +o righf: Frank Gallo, Buck Greve, Ralph Evans, Sieve Vandiver, Larry Thibaul, Bill Greve. Fred Wilson, Jack Owens, Ken Lippman. Second row: Bill Wilson, Dennis Knowles, Doug McDermo++, Wayne Schofield, Kennefh Thornlon, John Ellis, Mark Schneider, Bob Hunl. Third row: Bob Ruback, Bill Adkins, Doug Scol-l, Alfred Karslen, Mal Smilh, Ed Delz. W .. r ' , '55 ' .uv :V , HWY 1 f 7- F , 'fy-f,f ry V, nf, if f", '-f,,M ' ' ,f f ,,, , Q ies v ' Susan Barbara Jan Gibson Whifcomb Rossman Presidenf Vice-Presidenf Secrefary OMEG TRI-HI-Y Is Rolling slowly along af firsf and fhen gaining speed and new members, fhe Sophomore Tri-l-li-Y originafed. The girls, full of vim, yigor, and fhe desire fo do somefhing for fhe good of fhe school, joined up and began worlring. Heads crammed full of ideas, rollboolcs filled wifh members, and worlc needing fo be done, fhe club sfarfed forming proiecfs. To supplemenf fhe freasury, a balce sale was held and furned ouf fo be a financial success. A A, ,l," Q- V U X fg 'YQ T ni T X ', , 'V QQ ? ,M 1 I ff A I X X r fps ' ' fl Af - Sf Jusfine Teresa Bobbie Smifh Caudill Sfevens Treasurer Chaplain Hisforian and Parliamenfarian Off to a Good Start To fulfill fheir goal and purpose of creafing good Chrisfian fellowship, plans were formed fo visif several of fhe cify's churches and sfudy ofher religions fo bring abouf beffer undersfanding befween differenf faifhs. An old-fashioned gef-fogefher af Birch Sfafe Parlc and a car wash were a few more ideas fhe Omega group formulafed fo hold fhe inferesf of fhese girls who eagerly waif fo do all fhey can. Firsf row, leH' fo righi: Sandy Chrisfian, Befh Argyros, Jean Whife. Cindy Adamo, Nancy McLean, Karyll Kefchum, Dozzie Nelson, Nancy Connor, Barb Rowe, Jan Rossman, Nancy Angell, Gail Beckeff, Nifa Barfz. Second row: Sue Gibson, Anne Rush, Pam Wesf, Terry Hogan, Barbara Whifcomb, Jusfine Smifh, Vicki Fuhrer, Carol Snowden, Kafhie ZurBurg, Lynne Williams, Faye Eddie, Paf I-ludleff, Diane Jorde. Third row: Charloffe Ary, Suzie Gufhrie, Paf Nichols, Judy l-liclcrnan, JoAnn Sager, Sue Diaclc, Virginia Douchan, Virginia Baldwin, Carol I-lriczo, Bobbe Sfevens, Carolyn Mccormiclc, Loraine Beye, Trudy Giberson, Teresa Caudill. Mrs. Galla Sponsor LAMBDA CHI TRI-HI-Y Has Wet Meeting Judy Perkins PresidenT Ca rol Bloch Vice-Presiclenf M Sue Wag ner Secrefary Kim Lehr Treasurer Carol WorThley Chaplain Jan Cooper Parliamen+arian "The meeTing oT Lambda Chi Tri-l-li-Y will now come To-Splash! Bubble! Bubble!" This was The beginning oT a rarher unusual, exciTing, and weT Junior Trial-li-Y rneeTing. The Casino Pool was renTed and Tor one nighT became The siTe oT The meeTing wiTh Judy Perkins presiding. Their imaginaTive minds creaTed an ouTsTand- ing TloaT Tor The Homecoming Parade and They were awarded Third place in The inTeresT clubs division. The beauTiTul girls dressed in an array oT lovely colors made "Every Flying L Will Shinel' The cenTer oT aTTracTion. "PlymouTh Rock" was The Theme oT The Thanksgiving BaskeT, and Through iT They con- TribuTed a greaT guanTiTy oT canned goods which made Thanksgiving nicer Tor some needy Tamily. The members oT This club are working To promoTe The high sTandards oT ChrisTian leader- ship ThroughouT The home, The communiTy and on The campus. They all pracTice whaT They preach in Their own lives as They sTrive To be good examples beTore Their classmaTes and plan many worThwhile proiecTs. Firsf row, leTT To righT: Karen STiTel, Yvonne BrackeTT, Judy Perkins, Barbara Deverell, Nancy BarbariTa, Susan Meadows, Karen Pesek, Toni Morris. Lana WaTson, Phyllis Clark, Toni Jones. Second row: Marsha PelleTeri, Mary Jo MeneTT'ee, Judy Cochran, Denise Schuller, Nancy Spiegel, Pandora Brann, Sally Ackerman, Billie Bowling, Tammy Townsend, Carol WorThley, Sue Wagoner, Sue Anderson, Claudia l-laupT. Third row: Nancy ConraTh, Linda Marable, Kim Lehr, Louise Quinn, Margie Nelson, Ann Parker, Dede Bireley, Carol Manning, Linda ManhardT, Ann PorTer. Thelma Sleek, Chris ThixTon, Lynn Van Ausdall, Vicki NewTon, Sharon Reichert FourTh row: Barbara Thomas, Barbara ThibauT, Carol Bloch, Linda Thors'l'ensen, Susan Wimberly, Judy DoTTs, Sue Nevin, Sharron Shipley, Lynne KarsTen, BeTsy Sheard. Arlene Leonard, Marge Shove, Donna Warden, Nelda l-laneline, Margie Emery. A 'fr' hmm 6-9 we ,m, 1 A 4 nv emi' 7' . f"'r . as Rx fi' . x w' Q' 3, Bonnie Higgins .wr fi!! PresidenT Janis Milligan Vice-PresidenT v by 5 df., 3 X. ,. i T 1 " 4. V- i,x. . 5.5, V,.g.,,' Q ss' . ii.i Q . J swf .1 Ginny Frykman Q Secrefary Ca rol Zimmer Treasurer Flo Neilson Chaplain Mrs. Rickman Sponsor Charity Open House "Pass The pasTel" says a BeTa Tri-l-li-Y member aT one OT The cuT-and-pasTe parTies as They make scrapbooks To be disTribuTed aT local hospiTals. Many oT These hard-working seniors Tormed This club in l957, when They TirsT became members oT The sophomore class oT Ll-IS. They puT Their ChrisTian ideals inTo eTTecT in The many worThwhile proiecTs. One oT The mosT ouT- sTanding was a chariTy open house held Tor,The ben- eTiT oT The reTarded children aTTending Sun Dial School. They also helped disTribuTe The Tood To The needy Tamilies Tollowing The Thanksgiving Assem- bly. The Treasury is never lacking during TooTball sea- son and The successTul sale oT The Flying L shakers. Bonnie PaTTerson's house was TransTormed inTo a "blue and whiTe mess" as The girls puT Their TrusTy scissors To work. Less original, buT sTill pracTical, were Tri-l'li-Y's bake sales, Tamous Tor Their de- licious cookies, cakes, and candies. Birch STaTe Park became The seTTing Tor The MoTher-DaughTer Picnic. Enioying momenTs OT seri- ousness and momenTs oT laughTer TogeTher, iT cre- aTed a closer relaTionship beTween moThers and daughTers as well as Torming many new acquainT- ances. AlThough BeTa Tri-l-li-Y members are always busy wiTh Their many acTiviTies, They are never Too busy To live up To Their purpose. Held for the Retarded Firsf row, leTT To right Penny Sakmann, Sally Jo Sparks, T-larrieT Adams, Shirley Bailey, Sherrie T-leberT, Lynn DuTcher, Linda Menendez, Thene Ruggie, Diane LiberT. Second row: Marianne Connor, T-larriaTT BasseTT, Donna l-lurlbuTT, Jean Murdock, Ginny Frykman, Jean PeTracca, Nancy ArnoTT, Suzi Anderson, Joan Jansen. Third row Elsa T-lvide, Donna Johnson, Karen STevens, Tracy Mark, PaT Duns- worTh, Meg Glover, Bonnie l-liggins, Lyn ChaTTee, Jan Milligan, Sandra Culp. R -w Firsl' row, le'f+ fo righf: Wendy Taylor, Karen Wood, Barb Greene, Linda Brown, Sharon Coons, Pai' Earley, Lori Abadessa. Seccnd row: Lynn Caldwell, Carol Swedroe, Mary Hildebrandt Pai Boofh, Bonnie Pafferson, Nancy Schmidt Gail Nelson, Sandy Arnold, Jan Jackson. Third row: Kay Williamson, Mary Sue Wilson, Mariha Currier, Flo Neilson, Doroihy Rosen, Carol Templin, Carol Zimmer, Harrial Ro+hauser. Judy Johns, Ava Camp. Sun Dial hildren by BETA TRI-HI-Y Amids+ 'the gay red and while crepe paper and paper hearis, Bob Barneli and Sandy Koch reign af +he Sweelhearl Dance fesfivihes. Bela joined wilh Hi-Y and presenfecl fhe Valen- +ine's Dance. "Don'+ cuf fhe carpef, iusl The crepe paper!" says Bonnie Pallerson, chairman of The shaker commiffee, as she and Flo Neilson make shakers for ihe 'loolball games. 39 f ' " f:"?p Miss Barringer Sponsor Miss Burdick Sponsor Anchors Aweigh! Flanking "Admiral" Mercer McClure are Anchor Club officers Susie Smillw, Secreiaryp Sandy Johnson, Vice-President Barbara l-lepp, President and Elsie Marcum, Treasurer. ANCHORS Battle Cry, 'Scalp gem, arries Jane Jerri Kay Joyce Lyn Norma Joan Beasley Biifner Burch Casoria Chaffee Combs Crifclwley Sylvia Pairicia Marilyn Beverly Sandra Lyn Barbara Cross Dunsworrln Eilwridge Forman Forman Gilroy G-uergia Linda Mary Ginger Pam Lynne Sliaron DeE++e Heep Hfldebrandf Humphrey Hyde Karslfen McMillan McPheron lll:0fW6rCl ever, backward never" is lhe spiril lhal led Anchor Club lh li I roug anolher successlul year ol serving lhe communily and school. Several annual proiecls such ai lhe Spaghelli Dinner, car wash, and driving lhe c orus lo Lanlana head lhe lisl which conlains a lol ol new proiecls. Working al lhe Forl Lauderdale Oral School w ' ' as a new experience lor many Anchor girls who had never come in conlacl wilh deal children. Aiding in communily lund drives, many Anchors worked lor lhe l-learl Associalion, Cerebral Palsy Clinic, and. also, lor lhe Telelhon. Busy club members redecoraled lhe leach ' l d ' ' ers ounge an al lhe same lime sold Flying L scrapbooks. Towards lhe end ol lhe year, lhe Anchor- age was opened lor lhe use ol all clubs and organiza- lions. Besides serving lhe communily, Anchor members have displayed lheir arlislic and dramalic lalenls by winning lirsl place in lhe homecoming parade lor lhe lourlh conseculive year and look lirsl place in lhe Flying L Follies. This year Melody Circus, which is co-sponsored wilh Wheel Club. was held in lhe War Memorial Audilorium. Two dances were given lhis year. Qne was a lree dance given aller lhe linal baskelball game by Anchor and Juniorelles, and lhe olher given aller a loolball game. Al lhal lime Mercer McClure was crowned Anchor Admiral. Club to Victory in 7 ,,. ,-'I W' ii Marcia Calhy Jeannine Mifson Pierce Plflmah V, .. is -.T 5' 1 X Barbara Nedra Sally Roman Schullz Shank Q'-T A I Q-2, . f K' 1 7 , 5 x-.. ' X ,. s ....,' 1, Nancy Sue Mary Sue Sumwall Wagner WilSOr1 Anchor's mighly chief L, lhe eye-calching allraclion ol lheir li.-5l.prize lloal, slands. wilh a war-like expression, as head ol his lribe during a scalping session. Anchor Club girls played lairy-godmolher on Halloween. They look small-lries lrom lhe Lauderdale Oral School "lrick-or lreal- ing." T iss ir 2 r w! YU' Working annual Anchor Spaghelli Dinner are Susie Smilh, DeElle Mc- Pheron, and Lyn Gilroy. hard lo prepare an aulhenlic Ilalian selling lor lhe ll iz' lg- :I-ll llllll In ..:lllll'. J nv, aw- A T TTT?-1'1f5Q'111- . ffp -. "IT, '51 T, ' T 9 Dave Henry PresidenT Squire Knox Senior DirecTor 'Q Mr. Maurer ' -. Sponsor . ,1 Yfzgzfy' 3' T' - Don Noland Doug McLaughlin Ralph Lehr John McElTresh Vice-Presiden+ Corresponding Recording Treasurer SecreTary Sec.-efary Key Club has a long-sTanding record oT service To The school and To The communiTy. This year The boys have mainTained This TradiTion. The club sTarTed oTT wiTh a loud bang by sponsoring "Welcome Weelc." Mem- bers gave ouT name cards and pencils which said "Welcome To l..l'l.S." This promoTed a Triendly aTmosphere during The opening days OT school. Key Club also was in charge oT selling pep Tags beTore each TooTball game. These lifrle whiTe squares oT cardboard did Their parT in spreading school spiriT on.campus. PxnoTher useful Key Club proiecT is The sTudenT Telephone direcTory. This handy liTTle boolc is published annually and sold Tor The nominal Tee OT TiTTy cenTs. When Twirp Season rolled around, Key Club was in There piTching as iT presenTed The "Sadie Hawlcins Dance." This evenT gave The girls a chance To inviTe "The man oT Their dreams" ouT Tor an evening oT Tun. OTher acTiviTies sponsored by Key Club are The FaculTy-VarsiTy baslceT- ball game and The YouTh Rally which is held each year aT War Memorial AudiTorium. IT is obvious ThaT The sTudenTs OT l:o'rT Lauderdale l-ligh owe 7 C 7 a voTe OT Thanlcs To This service club Tor The many beneTiTs iT gives Them. KEY CLUB S e come ee aunc es l'These Key .Club direcTpries sure' do come in handy." Thinks Jerry BiTTner as she D -. .fb g ' mf :ll Q D Ed Frank Beisler Bonham Brolliar Bundy Carlson Skip George Tom Jim Clark i V.: A J 7 F xo Y we D 531' m y l Doug Denny Bob Roger Ron Bill Denny Farquhar Gahagen Hall Hanks Harinell Ja,-rel Kerr a s-5 . rw- f g if fi? 'Ek " 'fl Z.: .fl I vi X John Harry Woody Guy Bill Charlie Leaird Marshall Maxwell Mehgar Millikan Moore School Year, 19 8-19 9, With Friendl - I .'L. A iff, 'rfb -Q? Iii, , l ' V I' . 7 k Q A Dave Joe Jerry Don John Tom Jerry Pender P6S9lf Plellief Ralslon Ramsey Rileg Slewarl " I- . 4 4 A - J A . Melvin Jerry Waskow While Ali, Sla n John Wood Zeien lk Q GS- l 'qjif' 4 Bruce Dempsey -I .va A fi Sieve Olowecki Spirit "H"s all in a day's work for us Key Clubbersf' wearily exclaim Jerry Slewarl, Tommy Rules Don Ralslon, Joe Pesek, and Don Noland, as 'lheir chore of cleaning up lhe palio iusl begins Mr Decker Sponsor yn-1 Mr. Sullivan Sponsor Bill Wilson Dick Wilcox Jerry Licklider Joe Jolley Dove Hochslrasser Presidenl Vice-Presidenl Secrelary Corresponding Treasurer A hush lell over lhe audience. Everyone was lense. Twenly-live prelly girls in lhe linals crossed lheir lingers and held lheir brealh. Then lhe momenl came lhal every- one had been wailing lor, lhe dream ol every leen-age girl. Alice Schmidl was crowned lhe Civilan Calendar Cover Girl. This year, ninely-lhree girls parlicipaled in lhe conlesl and aller modeling, lirsl shorls and lee shirls, and lhen lovely lqrmals, live judges chose a girl lo represenl each monlh on lhe Civilan Calendar, plus lhe eover. Junior Civilan, sponsored by lhe lnlerna- lional Civilan Club. can besl be described by lhe word "service" The club is com- Secrelary posed ol oulslanding boys, willing and able lo make lhis school a beller place. Among some ol lheir proiecls are selling lee shirls, sweal shirls, and lruil cakes during Chrisl- mas lime. "l-las anyone seen my geomelry book?" "No, bul l've losl by English book." Slu- denls who have losl, or misplaced anylhing, will probably lind il al lhe Losl and Found, mainlained by Civilan and al lhe cosl ol a lew cenls, il can be relrieved. This money is used lo purchase books lor lhe library. a service benelicial lo all. April lound lhelbusy members playing Easler Bunny lo hundreds ol children al lhe Easler Egg l-lunl held al Holidayl Park. UNIOR CTVITAN lub Calendar Cover- A perlecl lil!" commenls Richard Wolle, as he and Jerry Licklider sell Dave Zwick a Civilan lee shirl. ,W ,W Hochslrasser as he allempls hiding an Easler Egg during Civilan's annual Easler Egg Roll held al lhe War Memorial. 19 neil Wig! 1 Allan Jim Barry Tom Pai' Sreve Ronny Aunapu Ball Biebel Burke Buiferfield Day Donald :xv W 1 'jail I E ., . x tv'-K .-' ,gh- V 'i-5 5 M' Y 2 James' Par Q S+eVe Skip Jim James Mike End'C0l'f Flemlnq Foqel Gaede Gibson Harrison I-ieekerr Q96 I . 1 X'g,, Ted Bob Mercer Ron John Norberr Jim Johnson Longo McClure Maqahey McQueen Marlin Miller Girl for 19 9 Is Chosen From 93 Beauties 5 .. Y 1 , an ' Ralph oe NUQef'l inn Rickard Rogers 'Q i 'un Befl' Larry Tom Jeff Rowell Thibaui Tilchin Tl'1Ufl0W Tim Dick Bob Winningham Wolfe Wunsch Poise and personaliiy plus are 'rypified by Judy Allen an enrry in fhe Civifan "Girl of ihe Monih" coniesr 1 Dian ScoH Presidenl' Kallny Coffman Vice-Presideni Bonnie Higgins Secrefary Marslna Kingsley Treasurer Judy Orr Chaplain Sharon Coons Q Parliamen+arian O. D. Cisco Sponsor Doris Je'H' Sponsor' ,luniorettes Run Errands, Give Out Sandy Judy Susan Nancy Bonnie Nancy Lesley Aanes Allen Anderson Arnoli Ballier Bell Ca rpenler Judy Sue NO9l Linda MarY JO Kalhy Ann Colby Diaclc Doeplfe Douglas Erskine A Fairfield Fleming Marilyn Molly Ginny Judy Nancy Judy Sheri Floyd French Frylcman Griffin Huff Jackson Kleiger The Soufh Broward dummy hangs deiecTedly as The JunioreTTe-Key Pep Cam- paign comes To a Thrilling climax aT The Flying 'L's vs. Bulldogs game. ..Ah HI . . .. . . . , . Gfusfkyga , come on, 1 IT up again, pleads Cary GriTTin To Judy Griffin, while Judy Jackson geTs her Till oT doughnuTs aT JunioreTTes' annual Halloween Howl. Information bout LHS Bonnie Gail Kaifhy Flo Linane Linane McKamey Neilson T ! Sharon Linda Sharron Bonnie Newsham OsTerhoudT OsTerhoudT PaTTerson iz 'N in-" Q if Q Q 'sw is Susie Vicki Carol PaT Rablen Todd Zimmer Zimmerman ii' .x K "Busy day! Busy day!" say Nancy Huff and Sharron OsTerhoudT as They busily sTuTT envelopes Tor PTSA. JUNDRET lNfOQMAT lf55En lm M' L "May l help you, please?" This is The loyword Tor JunioreTTes who work aT The inTormaTion desk in Main Hall aT l..H.S. The JunioreHe Mes- senger Service has proved To be an invaluable Timesaver Tor Teachers and sTudenTs alike. The members oT JunioreTTes know The deTi- niTion oT The Term "Service Club." and Tollow iT. The many acTiviTies They sponsor are well-known around The school Tor Their varieTy and origi- naliTy. AT The beginning oT The year, JunioreTTes held Their "GeT AcquainTed Dance." This was iusT The TirsT oT many proiecTs. The girls also sponsored The Halloween Howl and The Pigskin Prom. As iT These weren'T enough proiecTs Tor one club, JunioreTTes planned and sponsored many oThers. During Twirp Season Their Pizza ParTy added To The Tun. The girls in The club annually conducT The Thanksgiving BaskeT ConTesT. They award a prize To The club ThaT prepares The mosT aTTracTive baskeT oT canned Tood Tor a needy Tamily. Each year, as graduaTion rolls around, sTudenTs rush To buy Their "Lauderdale Logs." These records recall The evenTs oT The year. ' is Q .s , Sv .X .Sqft X ss X 1' 'Az' 'Ni l5l UNIOR EXCHANGE Motto, 'Service for Bob l-lunT Jay Morrisey Gary Simmons Dan Munclrick Phil Pauze PresidenT Vice-PresidenT Secrefary Corresponding Treasurer SecreTary Dennis l'-luTchinson Mr. Packard Chaplain Sponsor Richard BeaTTy Junior Exchange Club is one oT Tour service clubs esTablished Tor The purpose oT promoTing high qualiTy in The Tield oT ciTi- zenship, perTaining noT only To school, buT The home, communiTy, sTaTe. and naTion. The club's membership is comprised oT ouT- sTanding male sTudenTs, selecTed Tor Their excellence in various imporTanT qualiTies. On every Junior Exchange Club pin, The words "Service Tor UniTy" can be Tound. The many proiecTs and services underTaken by This club clearly show ThaT These Three words mosT cerrainly do noT go unheecled. Two scholarships ToTaling S200 were awarded by Junior Ex- change Club To a deserving senior boy and girl. AT The begin- ning oT The school year a car wash was organized, operaTing under The TaciliTies oT a local service sTaTion. This Tun-Tilled acTiviTy was'a liTe-giving boosT To The club Treasury. NOT To be ouTdone, The members also parTicipaTed in an inTer-service-club ChrisTmas parTy Tor The handicapped children oT Broward Coun- Ty, mainTained The landscape oT Sun Dial School, sponsored The paTio dance aTTer The TirsT baslceTball game oT The season. han- dled The moniTor service during The course oT each school day, issued social securiTy cards To sTudenTs wishing Them, and placed prayer cards in The caTeTeria. Lamar WalTer Howie William Bill Bob Thomas Black Burlchardl' DiBlasi Dickson Florence Greve Hancock Dgug Jim Randy Ken David Dick Tom MCDermQ-,H MaTThews Mulford Parry ShaTT Sharp Smifh nit 7, Expresses Aims of lubis Activities Going over lisfs of names and averages of which a boy and a girl will be clnosen for Erclnanqes scbolarslrip awards are PM Pauze Bob l-lunl, and Jim Tucker. 'E Jolnn James Sweifzer Tucker Dave Jack Vecclnio Wayne - Q lx Y' "' A:'y1iWw-H4 I , gi Scrubbing 'fheir cus+omer's car dlgevy ciurrg Efcr angels car-wasln, on annual money-making prol- + are Dick Sharp, Bob l-lunl and Jay Morrissey . 5 ' ., 3? ,, .f.. K N - l , ' 0 "Hey, buddy!" beckons lwall monitor Denns l-lulrclninson +0 Jol-n Barker N er ,cur pass? You know you ca'i'+qel'ril1ere wI+l'ou' CPE. 'Nw ivqiy, '44 .o H a rrial Bassell Presideni' M rs. Delvl oss Sponsor Pulling 'lhe 'Finishing Touches on 'lheir Homecoming floal which +ied for lhird place, are Rene Carr and Dede Bireley. Pal Boolh Wendy Taylor Vice-Presideni Recording Secrefary W qi ,e f 1 if W , i Q , 'jr i-'I f l sg 5 i. - 1 9' ag ge' - D' 1' -. ., ' I i i" 2' i ,. ' ww yi ' 'I ' r A. 1 f ' . P f if 1 znii rg V ..iEi,n'r 'SKKJX8 .finial ' I ny, . K url lil! -- Cecile McGuire Rene Carr Corresponding Secrefary Treasurer JU IDR SINAWIK, New Girls, The firsf day of school can be hard for a new sludenl like Carolyn Bergdahl bul Mr. l-loll and Sinawilc, Bonnie Oros, help her feel a+ ease and Teach her The ropes of L.H.S. "Now hold if: l only wanl one." replies Dave Johnson +o Bonnie l-lauch and Karen Slevens, who are selling lheir very popular Flying l. pennanls. i i Cal. -ei 45 1"' J Linda Jones Bonnie Coles Judi Srnifh Jan Cooper Mar+ha Meyer Chaplain Parliamenfarian Senior Direcfor Junior Direclor Sophomore Direcfor Hisforian Club, Has Successful First Year Wifh iusl a lirrle over one year under lheir bell, fhe Junior Sinawiks are beginning a suc- cessful life a+ Ll-IS. The service club caplured firsl' place in lasl year's lollies and lied lor 'fhird l'his year wilh Jrheir skil. They also Jriecl lor 'lhird posi+ion 'rhis year in lhe l-lomecoming Parade. Working hard io raise money for a scholar- ship +o be given +o some deserving senior, mem- bers wash cars, have bake sales, and sell Flying L pennanrs. Each member musl have len or more service hours monlhly which may be oblained by work- ing lor lhe bellermenl ol rhe school or rhe com- munily. This year Sinawiks work each hour in lhe office, help a+ lhe Unired Fund, Menlal l-leallh Associalion, Schulfon School, and Junior l-laven. Currenlly Sinawiks are financially helping +he arl' deparlmenf conslrucl a porlable mural 'ro Bonnie Au napu Dede Palli Anne Judy Bireley Cavareffa BVYGV' Cooper Belsy Barbara Bonnie Beverl Y Fishburn Greene l-lauch Heacock be placed in The library. A' P X ve, '- Jenny Janice Nancy Jean Judy Wilma Louise Holi Milligan Pell Pleife Philpol+ Pursel Quinn 4-3' -a Q X 1 l Mary Be+h Joan Alice Sue Chickie Mary Karen Ricker Roberfson Schmid? Sefz Sharp Snniih Sievens WHEEL .. Qs 9 ac I Carl Mackey Adams Alley V. Bob BarneTT Bill DuniTon Larry Buchanon Bill KenT PresidenT FirsT Vice- Second Vice- Recording PresidenT Presideni SecreTary , B i"iii,i, fi ' V T -ge.. J. 5 T .cci , c i if "" "wif 5 T B E S ilci T S , ,555 . Sjfh, John Barker Jim CoulTer Mr. Lee Mr. l-lolT Corresponding Treawrer Sponsor Sponsor Secre+ary B .. X NNW My-1 'N-m..,g 'Nunn r--....,,N I "Charge!" say The Wheel Club Members as They prepare To enTer The Bob Hap Berryhill Bonham Jim Bob BI'lFlClE5ll Brgwne Homecoming Parade wiTh Their ouTsTanding TloaT. A familiar sighT seen hanging Trom The mirror oT all besT-dressed cars is The Flying L Twins. PaTienTly wai+ing, is Carl Adams, who is geTTing The license Tags Tor Those Teachers who waiTed unTil The lasT minuTe To buy Theirs Through The Wheel Cluli. CLUB Whirls Through Another Big Year C? R:-he 23,9 TC., vm Ce"'e":h Cggk C,a,,::,3 gee, Cay I Jchhy A G'-" Fee- Kuhaa -W' rr, hed Bib TC' 3'3" 355,29 ii' l ,Q , --7 rfehshex Jch' Taz? Lens Me'h e Mefec 'h P-lfC"d,LS Nehce OFFE' Perdue Re, V Drk' gr' D34 :za-5, DC- Dave P-evo Racers S'-V-h S-,dy Vf 'g--5 Zw-H-ef Z.,,'Cy Helping mainfain V!'ee' C..b's eg' C? ::'r'f'g evehhs, Yccefed 'h fhe Wes? pafPIr-g 5:5 Tcdd 3-'eh' ehd Jchh Barker se? up hhe ehfers. Pfcfecf 0? rhe Wheel Club" is a Famihar ag' efcfd LHS. The boys I' +55 club C9"'C"'T 'hehy hsefd servfees whfch he-Vp +o 'hefe cu hfgh schcofceys 'hehe deasanf. The VVheeF Chb Parldhg Lo? has cer- fefhff sfofec a gfeaf bee' +0 s+uder1+s MCH ehcpgh ho here cars. Each fear rhere Ye a 'rec dash TO sufchase Whee' Cub Vfheef C146 has fhahf ohhef crdecfs. The heirs :oose"a+e ,Ahh Ahchor Cub If cfesehfhg 'Melody C7'c-s. The Fhxe' sfcfefs. Af-yohe who vfshes 'C pee 'he fS5'f."Q soece cfovfdec 'ms' hare a shbkef. Men-bers or hhe dub-a'sc rr e ce'?"g Va? af hAch'. The Ts 50' ihe b8'S:-+ C: ecuhs a'+eh':"g f'7gh+ school. Ser-Ace Cfub Bah Ts ako ssoheefed by Wheel. A frro'1e,'-fhahffcj ::'o'ec' fs fhe 5a'e 05 Fffrg L HJEPS by Vfheev CUE: mehvw- bers. As e feseh of 'he' exon: Theie srvaU bfue ahd whwe yehh cows adcfh eferf BJ:5.55b?9 esece. VVhee! Cub ehmehf gf-'ee a S100 Schof- arshio 'o che of rhofe deseffThq S6"'C'S. if , ' Ii . N rf v ' 1 6 3 ir 'x 1, Y 'w s gf W, ...A-... 1 ya 511' lx, 'YQ 5 L 4 X ' . , 1' mggfgf 'z 1.3 lu 3 .4-"' H onorees Alflhoughias individuals you rnighl' nor have re- ceived an honor, you had ai parl 'by selecling ihose who did. Remember iiawsloiig ,you pondered over whom lo selecr for eechrlille and eagerly awailed The Naviqalor announcing The nannesnof The super- lalives. Y " T T The queens were elso chosen by youp Excirernem' mounled as each beauliiul Homecoming candidale slepped onlo lhe loofball field. There was a hushed silence and lhen: "The i958 Homecoming Queen is-Miss Sandy Koch." ' Laler lhis year, as lhe lime came lo vore for Miss Forl Lauderdale High, suspense reigned again al LHS. Flying L Follies ended your supposilrions when Miss Sharon Coons was proclaimed queen and her lhree afrendanls announced. As loaslce+ball season drew lo a close, you had rnany speculalions aboul which girl 'rhe leam would gelecl as queen. l-lallrlime of lhe Edison game saw Miss Judy Colby ushered onlo lhe floor and crowned baslcelball Queen for l959. Each lime vo+ing loolf place. you were always anxious fo learn lhe resulls. Bu? for Prom Queen, you were lcepl wondering for several rnonlhs. Thai 'night Ol nighls ,"' The Junior-Senior Prom, finally arrived and Miss Barbara Guercia was presenled as Prom Queen. Four queens, lourleen candidafes, and Twelve superlafives make up the l-lonorees for l959. Those you have selecled well deserve fhe voles you have given Them. Q ' 'X , ' 4, w " ' ' . 1 f ,,a 3 - Lfff " f .? .-,, K! ,K . LV V i If r , 5 4 Ui' Y '-AV . ' N ' f ., f' lw, , 1 3? X " N,Vx '15 f yi 'X ,,.V ,fa 1 33 , fm f , 4 , Q A f , L ,. 7 , 6. - i z , 's , K -. - , f M , "Nu" ' ' . Q ,nie av -vm... 5+ f ,Q 7 ee WTI' rf? WX ff rf-':'2a. fx , W if 'Rf , ff ,, Zfww af Most Likely to Succeed ,. fm' aw, , 55, , , , ew1m:f:fww'ffffiv4 ww f N , ,, , V ' 2 Q, , M 'fi' ff 7, gf' . f Q25-' 1 'ff4:.'f,iWv I Ff2wf9wp1 V1 ' Q fe f' f Wy , , 4 1 1 , f f , " 4 1 4 X ,ef 0 4 ' 4 4 ' , , V- 'V , 1 4 ,, 1,1 A , fm ,,,, X mf f ,,h, ,vllrl W ,, 4 2 f , ' 71 W fx. X vui fkfwqr ' f" , W ,ff WW ' Q 'V' Q, fi ,GM , Vi 1 A e Z ,,,, .ff 1 V ' " nf f ,, M ,I ,fi - 1 1 w "Il - K5 ' KATHY COFFMAN BOB LEWIS , , , , ff A A Q. ' A 71 el . R Q X ff x. 5 v N Best Looking X BARBARA GUERCIA JOHN ORMAN 4 I u af 2-New J I f',i.jgJ'g?.1-A-,..,.f ,K 1' E 1' ' .- - if, x Q, 1,3-. ,NME l v A ,- ff 4s an f,s' 4 5 fy!-ring., li 3 2 5 zz i 1 . :ua Q tum EZ I 1 'E sf- f 3 .. . 'v , ::. - 7 1: QW' 5 Q : l!Ql -,s ,A Q -' mqwu Q. 7 E190 -:Q s 'f P: . Z! Q - . s ... '-T ,. "Al ' " E 44 '- i b 9 'if + ' 9 U H, , 7 5. . 'QQ'-. ' " f n .k F 1 .A ,P H . : '-sg yfurff 45, i H A. - sf i W 'fA.a.if? wL Q A n- - 15, gf .,,. f'5f35,N-qv' ..z' , Twp f,.,,Q..,f v Q., .K4-l,:, -Q. , 'T -4. ' 4 5 if i f 4 f mfg I fi. f 7 ' ff ,J , ' ff ffg X , X 4 W, , X", WV' ' f ' 'V :. f f 2? ' iii? YQ H- iq um, f 7' 4 fl " .JT , " .V ,,4f,,fx, , - , A V 'Vs fff ,f f'7'A2 f , Q' 6' ff s l. L vf 1, K1 i ., I f - 'wif' 1zZf' 'Q-ff at 4 43. .L"":f ,ff ' W , ,, - f ' -. I 1' e!v!',f? .V -1:!Y:ft,f' 52.4. 9934, k ,ll-Y, I ff-34 .Y V .a, ard.,-jygl-., 1 un VA ,S f fs mfg?" ?gQ",'17i 'Wersi mg!! -Lf, i.,?'. 112:63- , 's :J-'Q' -V' "1 . f,u'b,'s!? 'Q' 435 'lsEi?Ji'gE"g 1, wif .Q A -I lf.: fl.. V H? I.,-D,,,.,1.. , v ll fn , . A ,.,f -N pv , -1 "" v , Sl' 1 ?' 'fn'f"'1 " K 1 . ff: :YL 1 5 -L di' '4 ':u'."Q, - . A , , 4 , 1 . V .H ., A K.. yy ax L, 4 -A r ,g ,ff 1 . 6 Y Q Q wplm . sx Q5 Q. k NQN XS 3' x 4 Q ,, Q 5 NK is 3 P X xx f. . QE , X Q5 Q. X X xv 21 5- XY XX Q fn - Q, fl a ,K - ' Aga A -T ff. f X X 1 K - 5 .iiesxiffisk r Q V X X RQ X fx- X W Q- x X f"'2 Q 2? fi' X A EQ X we Most Dependable me ... NW SANDY JOHNSON BILL DUNIFON . lv s 5 i 3 ? 5 i-if-CWA 4 'Y 7, i -Q,xf'N K, Aa' ffl? Most Intellectual NANCY p:LL V YC: X ' ,uf-ya gf " f 'Ov 5 VVA, ,jf f , ' ., . 2 ,. , '14, W, . , 4,,A :fy , V, QA I if fy ,, Q ' ' 1 ,,V L 'Z ' L ' A f , W ,,AA li? Q 4 fffif Mmvffw-zmk ff' f ff MW ,W 5? in 'Q yf. 46 Q fa f fb Q ff f W www 5 4 f X ff in 'rw-. ff K,-M thletic BEV FORMAN ALAN AUNAPIJ X-3: X Q ff Q of yy' 'u 6 W.-. . e - Q 1 ?f.:s'0. f .Q f,0'.. r G - Most School Spirit BARBARA TAVUN LARRY THABAUT Rf Rf R' f 5. K ' ,W jjdv. , ,, , ff 'Z f f I ' ff fff f f f , f A f fl, ,Z A , 4 f f ,Y ff 134155 f X I, :Qin - HOMECO Miss Sand K f, " .A 7 F! 1 "h' ' , ji , ,W f X f J f ff mfg! !! X, f X f if ,14A, , J ,,.., 15544 f .f MW, :fm f ,fk jg. y+ V v, M M? ' ' ' f A f f in 9 4 3 1 ? A gig? 1 f gQ,f6RT LAUDERDALE HIGH 4 2 1 , 1 1 2 a ' 4 Miss Sharon Coons I7 .1 2' u lf BASKETBALL QUEEN Judy Colby W . K A pf Q, x Q 'PROM QUEEN Barbara Gaercia I75 Fourteen Lovely ueen Candidates Miss Sharron Oslerhaudl, candidale for Miss Fori Lauderdale High Miss Carol Zimmer, candidale for Homecoming Queen, Miss Form' School' escorled by Doug Farquhar, Lauderdale High, Prom Queen, escorfed by John Qrman. Miss Kafhy Fairfield, candidaie lor Baslcelball Queen escorled by Miss Barbara Guercia, candidale for Miss Forl Lauderdale High. Roberf Longo, Prom Queen, escoried by Woody Maxwell. Miss Nancy ArnoH-, candidale for Homecoming Queen escorled by Miss Sylvia Cross, candidale for Homecoming Queen, Miss Forl Sfan Wood, Lauderdale High, escorled by Ted Johnson. Miss Nedra Schull-1, candidale for Homecoming Queen, Miss Forl Miss Alice Schmid+, candidaie for Miss Forl Lauderdale High, Pron Lauderdale High, Prom Queen, escorled by Dave Henry. Queen, escorled by Roberi Berryhill. Form a Beautiful Picture . 3, .1 Aux 41.5-mx , za 4 Z,il L us 13", , Q, My f ,gr was fe, , Ms, ,yr ,f aff" ',, ,Z . W. - QTY? .wif :mv A 4 ' - Wifi 'L ' 4, 6 yy., . L uv by ' 3 Q' - 2-fi' 52.3, z '1 5. .fffi Siva as " 'V 'I' 'f ' Z 4 a V44 1, 1. 4, ff 2,3 W, ,fre Us V42 " 'Q , f- ,AM,,'i. ,, V, ATV 'ae 7' ,, . an a, 5 L QT. 1 4 . ' 'M' 'I 1, Z 1' Z3 1 'ft P. Mfg, ..., have I. Miss Noel Doephe, candidale for Homecoming Queen, Miss Fort Lauderdale High. Baslcelball Queen, Prom Queen, escorled by Mercer McClure. Miss PaHi Cavarefla, candidale for Homecoming Queen, escorled by Noell Vawler. Miss Judy Colby, candidale 'For Hem Lauderdale High, Baslcelball Queen, Prom Queen escorled by George Morailis. ' ecoming Queen Miss Forl 7' 1- Miss Sharon Coons, candidale for Miss Forl Lauderdale High, Prom Queen, escorled by Bill Dunifon. Miss Dian Scofl, candiclale for Miss Forl Lauderdale High, escorled by Dick Roberls. Miss Sandy Aanes, candidale for Homecoming Queen, escorled by Bruce Dempsey. I77 Seniors A Senior al lasll Youaslcepf repealing 'lfhe 'phrase as if il held some kinds of magic in il., ll hardly Seemed possible 'rhal Three years had fadediiinfo rriemories and lhis was your las? year salLl'lS. K , ' Lillle lhings look on special significance, each evenl' became a memorable occasion, and ifhings before unheeded were laughable and lovable., New friends became dear, old ones dearer, You alrlrended each evenl wilh 'rhal key phrase,"This is 'rhe lasl . . ." The las? pep assembly, and homecoming, 'rhe las? class play, Flying L Follies, and beach parly wilh your favorile friends. You wanled each one 'ro be lhe besl for il was your lasl. You ioined in wilh enfhusiasm al' all lhe long awailed "senior ac'rivi'ries": senior lea, worlc day. and skip day. Suddenly before you realized il, June had arrived and your las'r year had come To a close. As The aclivifies of lhe prom. baccalaureale, and class nigh? slipped inlo The pasl, commencemenl was al lasl upon you. You were ready for lhal all- imporlanl, final slap our of 'rhe halls of LHS. "Here's lo you." lhe seniors, an imporlanl parl of your "Alma Maier, Forl Lauderdale High." --1 H. 5, .Q f 133, , ,qi I 34' 5 ? x . 4 1 -K 1 L, - 5 A J Y J J 4 , , The Class of l959 was led Jrlwrouglw a busy Senior year by ils officers. Treasurer Presidenl' Secrefary Vice-Presidenl' SHARON OSTERHOUDT CARI. ADAMS KATHY COEEMAN MERCER MQCLURE LORRAINE FRANCES ABADESSA HARRIET LOUISE ADAMS Transferred from Glen Rock Senior High School, Glen Rock, Transferred from Pine Cresl, Ferl Lauderdale. Florida. 3: New Jersey, 47 Tri-l-li-Y 4. El-lA 43 Pep L's 41 Tri-l-li-Y 4. HEDY MARGUERITE ABRAMS Transferred from Oak Ridge, Tennessee, 4. CARL MORGAN ADAMS Wheel Club 2, 3, 47 Legislalive Sludenl Council 3: lnl'er- Club Council 41 Class Vice-Presidenl 27 Class Presidenf 43 Eoolball 2, 3, 4: Track 2, 37 Class Play 3, 4: Class Dance 2 3 4' Chorus 2, 3, 43 Eulure Nurses 3: Pep L's 31 Tri-Hi-Y 4. Lorraine Abadegga Hedy Abrams Carl Adams l-larriel Adams Palricia Adams CLASS OF ' WILLIAM HOWARD ADKINS, JR. Hi-Y 4: Pep L's 4: Track 3. JOHN HAYWARD ADLER Transferred from Pine Cresf, Fcrf Lauderdale, Florida. 3: Boys' L Club 4: Track 4: Tennis 4, Co-Caplain 4. MARIUS RANDOLPH ALLEY Allied Youfh 3 4, Vice-Presidenl 4: Boys' L Club 43 Civil Air Pafrol 2: Wheel Club 3, 43 Execufive Sludenlr Council 4: Foofball 2, 3, 4: Traclc 2, 3, 4: Class Play 3: Class Dance 2 3, 4. SUSAN ELIZABETH ANDERSON French Club 4: Juniorelrres 4: Navigafor 4, Assisianl Edifor 4: Pep L's 2, 3: Press Club 3, 4, Presidenl 4: Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3. 4, Hisforian 4: Legislafive Sludenl' Coun- cil 3: lnfer-C'ub Council 4: Class Play 3: Class Dance 2, 3: Class Legislarive Board 3: Quill and Scroll 4: Civilan Calendar 3: Radio S+afT 4. PETER JAMES ANDREWS Transferred from Brockville Collegiale lnslilule and Vocarional School, Broclwi le, On+ario, Canada, 2. VINCENT ANTONIELLI Senior I-'lonor Sociery 3, 4: Larin Award 2: Mosf ln- fellecfual 4: Nafional Meri+ Scholarship Semi-finalis+ 4: Na+iona Honor Socieiy Scholarship Semi-finalisl 4. SANDRA LOUISE ARNOLD Trans?erred from William Penn Senior High School, Yorlc, Pennsy'vania, 4: French Club 4: Pep L's 4: Tri- l-l?.Y 4. NANCY GAY ARNOTT Debafe Cub 4: Junioreffes 3, 4, Senior Direcfor 4: Pep L's 3, 4: Spanish Club 2: Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4: Class Play 3: Cass Dance 3: Homecoming Queen Candidafe 4. SHIRLEY ANN ATKINSON Transferred from Audubon High School, Audubon. New Jersey, 3. ALLAN JAY AUNAPU Boys' L Club 4: Civifan 2, 3, 4: Thespians 3, 4: Youfh for Chris+ 2: Legisla+ive Siudenl' Council 3, 4: Foo?- ball 2, 3, 4: Traclr 2, 3, 4: Oulslanding L 4: Class Play 3: Class Dance 2, 3, 4: Mosf Alhlelic 4. Wiliam Acllrins John Adler Marius Alley Susan Anderson Peier Andrews Vincenl Anlonielli Sandra Arnold Nancy Arnofl' Shirley Aflrinson Allan Aunapu 1 'FQ 'Q i -194,0 dv 11235 few.. x, massive? U73 Sharon Bahr Shirley Bailey Lorne Bain Jaclc Baird Jean Ballard Roberl Barnell Ronald Barslci Roberl Barlanowilz Helen Barlnovslcy Eliza Bassell CLASS SHARON LEE BAHR Allied Youlh 3: Fulure Nurses 2, 3, 4, Vice-Presi- denl 3, 4: Lalin Club 2, 3, 4: Lalin Award 3. SHIRLEY JOAN BAILEY Tri'Hi-Y 3. LOREN DONALD BAIN JACK ALBERT BAIRD Tennis 2, 3, 4. JEAN VERONICA BALLARD FHA 4. ROBERT PAU L BARNETT Boys' L Club 3, 4: Wheel Club 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3, Presidenl 4: Legislaliye Sluclenl Council 2, 3, 4: Inler-Club Council 2, 4: Class Presidenl 2: Foolball 2, 3, 4. Caplain 4: Baseball 2, 3, 4: Sludenl' of +he Monlh 4, December: Oulslanding L 4, Seplember: Class Dance 2, 3, 4: Besl All Around 4: All-Counly Baseball 3: Sludenl of Ihe Weelc 4: Anchor Admiral Candidale 4. RONALD JAMES BARSKI ROBERT STEPHEN BARTANOWITZ Track 4: Avialion Club 4. HELEN JOY BARTNOVSKY Pep L's 4: Spanish Club 2, 3: Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Legislalive Sludenl Council 2, 3: Tennis 2, 3. ELIZA HARRIAT BASSETT Allied Youlh 2: Senior Honor Sociely 4: Pep L's 4: Sinawilcs 3, 4, Secrelary 3, Presidenl 4: Spanish Club 3: Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4: Legislalive Sludenf Council 4: Inler-Club Council 4: CIass Play 3, 4: Class Dance 2, 3, 4: Class Legislalive Board 2. OF '59 MUTZIE MADELYN BAUER Chorus 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 45 FHA 43 Fulure Teach- ers 2. RANDALL FOSTER BAUKNEY Foolball 2, 4: Track 23 Class Dance 2, 3, 4. BONNIE DAILENE BECK EMILY GAYLE BECKER Transferred from Campbell High School, Smyrna. Georgia, 2: Chorus 23 FHA 2: Pep L's 2: Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 43 Tennis 4. ROLLER CQNRAD BECKHART Mulzie Bauer Randall Baukney Bonnie Beck Emily Becker Transferred from Exeler Township High School, Roller BGCIKIUGVI Reiffron, Pennsylvania, 25 Band 2, 3, 4: Science JGVTWGS Bell Club 4. JAMES EDWARD BELL Transferred from Marianna High School, Marianna Florida, 3. LINDA JANE BENCE DCT 4, Pep L's 3. KERRY CONRAD BENOIT CAROLYN DEE BERGDAHL Transferred from Ridgewood High School, Ridge- wood, New Jersey, 4, Pep L's 4: Tri-Hi'Y 4. Linda Bence Kerry Benoil C I dh ANNA ELAINE Barns f"OQn2j'gef,,Q Debale Club 4: Fufure Teachers 2: Girls' L Club 43 Tennis 2, 3, 4, Co-Caplain 4. 'Rae With the Key Phrase, This Is the Lastf on Sidney Belz Mary Biggers Thomas Bird Carol Birlc Wendy Blackburn Diane Blodgell I SIDNEY BETZ Library Club 2, 3, 4. MARY CAROLYN BIGGERS Transferred from Easl High School, Knoxville, Ten- nessee, 31 DCT 47 Fl-IA 4. THOMAS GRAHAM BIRD Transferred from Adrian High School, Adrian, Michigan, 4: Swimming 4. CAROL BIRK WENDY DALE BLACKBURN FHA 2: Fulure Nurses 21 Pep L's 3, Treasurer 3, DIANE ELIZABETH BLODGETT Chorus 2, 3, 41 Chorislers 4. WALTER HENRY BOGUE, JR. Transferred from Lynbroolc High School, Lynbroolc, New York, 21 Civil Air Palrol 3, 4. JOHN DAVID BOICE Transferred from Mars High School, Mars, Penn- sylvania, 2. GEORGE GRIFFITH BONHAM Allied Youlh 3, 4, Presidenl 41 Band 2, 3, Key Club 3, 45 Lalin Club 2, 31,lnI'ersClub Council 4: Lalin Award 31 Class Dance 2, 3, 4, PATRICIA GAIL BOOTH Allied Youlh 23 EBB TIDE 4: Senior Honor Sociely 3, 4: Pep L's 4: Sinawilcs 3, 4, Vice-Presidenl 3, 42 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 41 Legislalive Sludenl Council 2, Lalin Award 2: Class Play 3, 43 Class Legislalive Board 32 Nalional Meril Semi-Finalisl' 4: Class Dance 2, 3, 4. Waller Bogue, Jr. John Boice George Bonham Palricia Boolh Their Lips, Final W'hi1'1 of Activities Begin LINDA LOU BOWER Allied Yourh 2, 3: Pep L's 2, 3, 4: Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Class Play 4: Class Dance 2, 3, 4. JANES WINSTON BRAY JR. Allied Youih 2, 3, Parliameniarian 3: French Club 2, 3: Thespians 3, 4: Class Play 3, 4. JOYCE ANN BREED Chorus 2, 3: Fufure Teachers 2: Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. CAROLYN JOYCE BROWN DCT 47 Legisl,a+ive S+udenr Council 4. JOHN JOSEPH BROWN Transferred from Lakeland High School, Mohegan Lake, New York, 2: Audio-Visual 3, 4. STEPHEN WENDELL BROWN FRANCES ANNE BRYAN Transferred from. Ashely Hall, Charlesion, Souih Carolina, 3: Allied Youih 3, 4, Secreiary 4: Debaie Club 47 Press Club 4: Sinawiks 4: Tri-Hi4Y 4: Youih for Chrisf 3: Class Play 3: Class Dance 3, 4. LOIS LORRAINE BRYAN DCT 4: Fuiure Teachers 4: Tri-Hi-Y 3. LARRY EARL BUCHANAN Laiin Club 3: Pep L's 3, 4: Wheel Club 3, 4, Vice- Linda Bower James Bray Jr. Joyce Breed Carolyn Brown John Brown Sfephen Brown ,AZ -, ,nf V ,, M-wtf, ang, ilk. l ,mn-L. 'I -, Presiden+ 4: Class Dance 2, 3, 4: Class Legislalive Board 2, 4. DAVID CROCKER BUFFINGTON Pep L's 3. Frances Bryan Lois Bryan Larry Buchanan David Buffingfon 12? CLAS OF ' THOMAS HENRY BURKE Civifan 2, 3, 4: Foolball 2, 3, 4: Class Dance 2. ANTOINETTE HELEN BURKEY Fuiure Nurses 3, 4. WILLIAM JAMES BURNS DCT 4. DARLENE ANN BURTOSKY Spanish Club 3, 4. RICHARD JAMES BUSHEY BARBARA LYNN CALDWELL Allied Youlh 43 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Fulure Nurses 2: La+in Club 3, 43 Lalin Award 3: Legislalive Sludenl Council 2. RONALD CURTIS CAMERON Chorus 2, 43 Chorislers 2, 3, 4, Vice-Presidenf 4: Pep L's 4: Science Club 33 Wheel Club 45 Legis- larive S+uden+ Council 4: Class Dance 2, 3, 4. AVA ANN CAMP Allied Youlh 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 2, 31 EBB TIDE 3, 4: FHA 3, 4, Vice-Presidenl 3, 4: Pep L's 43 Spanish Club 2, 33 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 43 Thespians 3, 4: Execu- 'rive Sfudenf Council 4, Class Play 3, 47 Class Dance 2, 3, 41 Civilan Calendar Cover Girl 3: Queen Can- didalez Melody Circus 3, Sweelhearl 2, 3. CONSTANCE JOESHINE CAPITOLO Transferred from Edison High School, Miami, Florida. CHARLES FREDERICK CAPRON Audio-Visual 3, Band 2, 3. 4. Presiclenl 4: Infer- Club Council 41 All-Counfy Band Clinic 4. Thomas Burke Anioinelie Burkey William Burns Darlene Burloslcy Richard Bushey Barbara Caldwell Ronald Cameron Ava Camp Conslance Capilolo Charles Capron '55, 3-asia' 6 Rene Carr Carol Carroll Karen Carrufhers Roberf Carfer, Jr. Rosemary Cafanzaro Marilyn Chaffee Phyllis Chambers Lefricia Cianciarulo Joan Clark Edward Cobbs CLASS OF '59 RENE BETH CARR Allied Youfh 4: Pep L's 3, 4: Press Club 3, 47 Sina- wilcs 3, 4, Junior Direcfcr 3. Corresponding Secre- fary 4: Tri-Hi-Y 2, 4, Secrefary 2: Tennis 3: Class Play 3, 47 Class Dance 2, 3, 4. CAROL LYNN CARROLL Tri-Hi-Y 2: Class Dance 2. KAREN ANNE CARRUTHERS Spanish Club 4. ROBERT LLOYD CARTER, JR. ROSEMARY CATANZARO Transferred from Semple School for Girls, New York, New Yorlr, 4: Debafe Club 4: FHA 4. Parlia- menfarian 4: Spanish Club 4. MARILYN CHAFFEE Anchor Club 3, 4, Naviqafor 4, Layouf Edifor 4: Pep L's 2, 3, 4: Press Club 3, 4, Parliamenfarian 4: Leqislafive Sfudenf Council 2, 3: Class Play 3, 4: Quill and Scroll 4: Class Legislafive Board 3: Class Dance 2, 3, 4: Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Parliamenfarian 2. K PHYLLIS ANN CHAMBERS Transferred from Soufh Bend Cenfral High School, Sou+h Bend, Indiana, 4: Debafe Club 4. LETRICIA CATHERINE CIANCIARULO FHA 2. JOAN MARIE CLARK Transferred from Garden Cif, High Scl-col, Long lsland, New Yorlc, 4: A'lfed Youll: 4. EDWARD LYMAN COBBS Transferred from McKinley High School, Sebrirg Ohio. 3 if JN Kafhleen Coffman 'rw' Judy Colby f W , 1 U ,ty 'I I vr 6 .re 91 , ' I 4? .,, i H " I ' W? 013 fly fi? G' Q7 Florence Coles Norma Combs Caren Corner Mariann Connor Thomas Cook Sharon Coons Larry Cooper Cinda Corcoran CLASS KATHLEEN ELEANOR COFFMAN Cheerleader 2: Senior Honor Sociefy 4: Junioreffes 2, 3, 4, Chaplain 3, Vice-Presidenf 4: Lafin Club 2: Navigafor 4, Adverfising Manager 4: Press Club 3, 4: Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, Presidenf 2, Parliamenfarian 3: Thespians 3, 4, Chaplain 4: Execufive Sfudenf Council 2, Sophomore Represenfafive 2: Legislafive Sfudenf Council 3: infer-Club Council 2: Class Secrefary 3, 4: Class Play 3, 4, Assisfanf Direcfor 3: Class Dance 2, 3, 4: Mosf Likely fo Succeed 4: Quill and Scroll 4. JUDY LYNN COLBY Cheerleader 4: EBB TIDE 4: Junioreffes 4: Naufi- Nymphs 2, 3: Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3: Class Play 3: Class Dance 2, 3, 4: Queen Candidafe: Homecoming 4, Wheel Club Sweefhearf 3: Class Legislafive Board 4: Pep L's 4. FLORENCE LOUISE COLES Transferred from Soufhwesf Miami High, Miami, Florida, 2: Civil Air Pafrol 2, 3, 4, Second Lieufen- anf, Adiufanf 3: French Club 3, 4: Senior Honor Sociefy 3, 4, Hisforian 4: Pep L's 3, 4: Sinawiks 3, 4, Parliamenfarian-Hisforian 4: Execufive Sfudenf Council 4: Legislafive Sfudenf Council 4. NORMA JEAN COMBS Allied Youfh 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4: Anchor Club 2, 3, 4: EBB TIDE 3, 4: Pep L's 4: Tri-Hi-Y 2: Class Play 3, 4: Class Dance 2, 4. CAREN SUE COMER DCT 4. MARIANN CONNOR Maioreffes 3, 4: Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Girls' L Club 4. THOMAS ALLEN COOK Thespians 3, 4: Track 4: Swimming 2: Class Plays 3, 4. SHARON COONS Cheerleader 2, 3, 4, Capfain 2, 4: Girls' L Club 3, 4, Vice-Presiclenf 4: Junioreffes 2, 3, 4, Parlia- menfarian 4: Navigafor 3, 4, Edifor 4: Pep L's 4: Press Club 2, 3, 4, Secrefary 3: Tri-l-li-Y 2, 3, 4, Vice-Presiclenf 2, Presidenf 3: Thespians 4, Parlia- menfarian 4: Legislafive Sfudenf Council 4: lnfer- Club Council 3: Sfudenf of fhe Monfh 4, Novem- ber: Class Play 3, 4: Class Dance 2, 3, 4: Besf All Round 4: Homecoming Queen Candidafe 3: Quill and Scroll 3, 4. LARRY LABBON COOPER Transferred from Vero Beach High School, Vero Beach, Florida, 2. CINDA VlVlAN CORCORAN Allied Youfh 2: French Club 3, 4: Lafin Club 2: Tri-l-li-Y 3, 4. NORMA LYNN CORNELIUS Band 2, 3, 4: FHA 4: Youfh for Chrisf 3, 4. Norma Cornelius l OF 759 JAMES FREDERICK COULTER Allied Yourh-43 Pep L's 4: Wheel Club 2, 3, Treasurer 4: Execurive Sludeni' Council 21 Legislal' ive S+udenI' Council 2. 3: Class Vice-Presidenr 3 Track 2: Class Play 3: Class Dance 2, 3, 43 Boys Sraie 3. 4, CHARLES ALFRED COUNTS Golf 23 Traclc 3. bnewm WILLIAM H. CRAIG, JR. DCT 3. 4. Sergeanl'-aI'-Arms 4: Legislarive Sfudenr Council 3. Seniors enferfain Iheir parenfs ar Ihe annual Senior Tea held in 'rhe Lago Mar Horel. Barbara Hepp offers Ronnie Cameron and his SANDRA JEANNE CULP Transferred from Shanahan High School, FI. Lau- derdale, Florida, 3: Debare Club 4: FHA 45 Tri- Hi-Y 4. licious coolcies and sandwiches. JOHN HENRY CUMMINGS III SARAH JO CURD Transferred from Phillips High School, Birmingham, Alabama, 3. James Coulrer Charles Counfs lll William H. Craig, Jr. Sandfa Culp morher punch, and smiling, asks Ihem 'ro help Themselves Ia 'Ihe de John Cummings III Sarah Curd ea cf? ,f X33 i A 3 ' . Q a if Y ,368 -ill Ivlarlha Currier Ch I D ar ayne a David Day Rila Declcer Roberl DeFrance Edwin Delz Bruce Dempsey Donald DesCamps William Diclcson John DiSa'yo CLASS MARTHA JANE CURRIER Allied You'Ih 2: Pep L's 4: Tri-Hi-Y 3. 42 Class Play 4. CHARLAYNE VIRGINIA DAMERON Library Club 2, 4: Pep L's 4: Youfh for Chris? 3. DAVID CHARLES DAY RITA RAY DECKER Nauri-Nymphs 23 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3. ROBERT LOUIS DEFRANCES EDWIN CHARLES DELZ Hi-Y 3. 4: Lalin Club 3: Class Dance 4. BRUCE HARVEY DEMPSEY Translerred from Audubon High School, Audubon. New Jersey, 21 Boys' L Club 4, Secreiary 41 EBB TIDE 4, Key Club 3, 43 Thespians 41 Class Play 41 Class Dance 2, 3, 4: Swimming 2, 3, 4. DONALD LLOYD DESCAMPS Camera Club 37 Science Club 3. WILLIAM LAMONT DICKSON Fooiball 4. JOHN RICHARD DISALVO OF' RONALD JOSEPH DONALD Civiian 4: Legislafive Sludenl Council 4: Class Dance 2, 3, 4. DIANE FLORENCE DONOGHUE Transferred 'From Scorch Plains High School, Scolch Plains, New Jersey, 4: Debale Club 4: French Club 4. PHILIP LOUIS DUBOIS, JR. TIMOTHY ALBERT DUGAN Civil Air Parrol 2, 3, 4, Securiry Officer 4: DCT 4: Thespians 2, 3: Avialion Club 2, 3. DIANNE MINNIE DUGDALE Fulure Nurses 4. JOHN DUNCAN Transferred 'from Creydon Hall Academy, Ailanlic Highlands, New Jersey, 4: EBB TIDE 4: Swimming 4. WILLIAM SANFORD DUNIFON Pe L's 3 4' S anish Club 4' Wheel Club 2 3 4 I3 I I P I I I I Chaplain 3, Firsl Vice-Presidenl' 4: Execulive Siu- denl' Council 2. 3, 4, Vice-Presidenr 3: Legislarive Srudenl Council 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 2, Presidenr 4: lnler-Club Council 3, Presidenl' 3: Foolball Man- ager 4: Class Play 3, 4: Class Dance 2, 3, 4: Mosr Dependable 4: Boys' S'IaIe 3: Homecoming Chair- man 4. WILLIAM LINCOLN DUNLAP PATRICIA LEE DUNSWORTH Anchor Club 4: Pep L's 3, 4: Press Club 3, 4: Tri-I-Ii-Y 3, 4: Class Play 3, 4: Class Dance 2, 3, 4: Class Legislafive Board 4. LYNN ELLEN DUTCHER Allied Youlh 4: Debaie Club 4: Pep L's 3. 4: Tri, Hi-Y 3.4: Class Play 3. Ronald Donald Diane Donoghue Philip DuBois, Jr. Tomolhy Dugan Diane Dugdale John Duncan William Dunifon William Dunlap Palricia Dunsworlh Lynn Dulcher 'QT December, Suspense and Mystery Reign LESL-IE JOAN EARICH Transferred from Huniingfon High School, Huni- ingion, Wesi Virginia, 3. PATRICIA CAROL EARLEY Band 2, 3, 4, Librarian 4: Spanish Club 2: Tri-Hi-Y LeSll,e,EarlCh 4: All Counly Band Clinic 3, 4. Pafricia Earley CAROL LEE EASTERBROOKS CECIL AMZI ELLINGTON Transferred from Greenville High School, Green- ville, Norih Carolina, 2: Audio-Visual 3, 4: Chorus 2. 3: Chorislers 3: Science Club 3, 4. SANDRA JEAN ENGLE ERIC GUNNAR ERICSON W Carib' Eafierbrooks Transferred from Kimball Union Academy, Meriden, CeC'l Ellmglon New Hampshire, 3: Senior Honor Socieiy 4: Span- ish Club 4: Naiional Merii Semi-Finalisi' 4: Naiional Honor Sociely Scholarship Semi-Finalisi 4. JAMES DONALD EVANS Hi-Y 4. RALPH EDWARD EVANS Hi-Y 4: Pep L's 3. PETER HOOKE EVELETH Transferred from Woosfer School, Danbury, Con- nec+icui', 3: Track 4. Sandra Engle Eric Ericson JAMES DOUGLAS FAROUHAR Class Dance 3: Boys' Slafe 3, James Evans Ralph Evans Peier Evelelh James Farquhar Key Club 4: Spanish Club 2: Track 4: Class Play 4: VI111 Seniors Present Ten L1ttle Indlans' DEAN THOMAS FARRISH Transferred from Hempslead I-liqh School Hemp slead, New Yorlr, 2: Science Club 3, 4 P es denl 4 lnler-Club Council 4. DAVID RALPH FASHENPOUR Transferred from Warren G. Harding ren, Ohio. 2. RONALD GLENN FAUL Audio-Visual 2, 3, 4, Secrerary 3. JOHN RAMON FEENEY ROBERT FERRINI Boys' L Club 4: DCT 4: Foolball 2, 3. ROBERT AREND FERWERDA Spanish Club 2, 3. CAROLE ANN FIGLEY DCT 3, 4. VIRGINIA MARR FINE Allied Yourh 2, 3, 43 Fulure Teachers 43 Class Play 3, 4: Thespians 3. 4. GEORGE PATRICK FLEMING Civifan 4: Traclc 2, 3, 4. CARL FLOWERS Band 2, 3, 4. Carole Eigley Virginia Fine George Fleming Carl Flowers 4 Pe L53 CLASS UF '59 STEVEN GERALD FOGEL Transferred from Miami Senior High School, Miami, Florida, 2: Civilan 3, 4: Foolball 3, 4: Class Play 3, 4: Class Dance 4. BEVERLY LUCILLE FORMAN Anchor Club 3, 4, Parliamenlarian 4: Debale Club 4: Girls' L Club 3, 4, Treasurer 4: Senior Honor Sociely 3, 4: Pep L's 4: Swimming 2. 3, 4, Caplain 4: Class Dance 3: Mos'r Alhlelic 4. WARREN LEE FORNEY SANDRA GAYE FRAM Tri-Hi-Y 3. GERALD JOHN FRENZYLL Pep L's 3. DAVID NORLING FRIEND Transferred from Fr. Meyers Senior High School, FI. Meyers, Florida. 3. FRED ROBERT FRY VIRGINIA LEE FRYKMAN Juniore+'Ies 2, 3, 4, Hislorian 3, 4: Nauli-Nymphs 2, 3, 4, Co-Caplain 3, Caplain 4: Tri-HIVY 2, 3, 4, Hisrorian 3, Secrelary 4: lnler-Club Council 4: Class Play 3, 4: Class Dance 2, 3, 4: Class Legis- lalive Board 4: Work Day Chairman 4. LEROY LEWIS GAEDE, JR. Transferred from Hunlinglon Eas'I High School, Hunlinglon, Wesl Virginia, 4: Camera Club 4: Civ- Han 4: Science Club 4: Class Play 4: Boys' Glee Club 4. GLORIA JEAN GALL Allied Youlh 2, 3, 4: Band 2, 3, 4: Maiorgelles 2, 3, 4, Caplain 4: Girls' L Club 3, 4: Senior Honor Sociely 4: Navigalor 4: Press Club 3, 4: Spanish Club 2. 3: Class Play 4: Class Dance 3: Radio S'IaIf 4. Sleven Fogel Beverly Forma n Warren Forney Sandra Fram Gerald Frenzyl David Friend Fred Fry Virginia Frylcman LeRoy Gaede, Jr. Gloria Gall ,nun l "QQ was 453' 79 tg'-Y av ypx 614' 15 AL' ' J' , I If ,L f- UV ,lf 5 L v 9 ,f Am 1, . .4 if- ! lf a 7 ., . J i f' I anIc GaIIo Dcrofhy Gare+ Paui Geberi' RCHBNKJ GiUm5n Joseph Girnore Chrisfopher Gizzi Marilyn Gfover Diane Godfrey John Gceriirz KaihIeen Gorvia CLASS OF 59 FRANK PAUL GALLO I-Ii-Y 4. DOROTHY MARIE GARET CMI Air Pafro' 2, 3, 4: Aviaiion Club 23.4. PAUL HENRY GEBERT RONALD CLYDE GILLMAN JOSEPH SMITH GILMORE Transferred from Union High SchooI, BurgeHs+own, Pennsyhfania, 3. CHRISTOPHER A. GIZZI Transierred from Soufh Sigh SchooI, Cleveland, Ohio, 4. MARILYN ELIZABETH GLOVER Transferred from Woodward High School, Cine cinnafi, Ohio, 3: Nauii-Nymphs 3: Pep L's 3, 4: Tri- Hi-Y 3, 4. DIANE MARIE GODFREY Fuiure Nurses 2: Lafin CIub 2, 33 Nauii-Nymphs 2, 3, 4. JOHN GOERLITZ KATHLEEN ANN GONIA if Mm W fm "'f?J-W Ronald Gordon Mary Gouveia www? Eleanor Grace Bill Gray Barbara Greene Todd Grehl Billings Greve Claus Greve CLASS RONALD LEROY GORDON MARY JANE GOUVEIA Fufure Nurses 2: Lafin Club 4. ELEANOR LESLIE GRACE Chorus 2, 4: Chorisfers 4: Tennis 2. 3: Girls' A Cappella Choir 3, 4: Blendeffes 3, 4. BILL HOWARD GRAY Audio-Visual 4. BARBARA LOUISE GREENE Allied Youfh 2, 33 FHA 2, 3, Vice-Presidenf 2: Pep L's 2, 3: Sinawilcs 4: Tri-I'Ii-Y 4: Legislafive Sfudenf Council 2: Class Play 3: Class Dance 2, 3. TODD MICHAEL GREHL Wheel Club 2, 3, 4: Legislafive Sfudenf Council 2. BILLINGS GREVE Transferred from Tudor I-Iall, E+. Lauderdale, Flor- ida, 4: I-Ii-Y 3, 4. CLAUS GREVE I-Ii-Y 3, 4. ROBERT FREDERICK GREVE Audio-Visual 2: Junior Exchange Club 3, 4, Sec- refary 3, Sfafe Presidenf 4: Spanish Club 2. CARY ERNEST GRIFFIN Allied Youfh 2, 3, 4: Camera Club 2, 3: Chorus 2: Fufure Teachers 2: Pep L's 4: Spanish Club 3: Wheel Club 3, 4, Chaplain 4: Golf 2: Tennis 3: Class Play 3, 4: Class Dance 2, 3, 4: Friendliesf 4. HOWARD JANSON GRIFFIN I-Ii-Y 4. Howard Griffin Roberf Grave Cary Griffin OF' JUDY GRIFFIN Allied Youlh 2: Cheerleader 2: Juniorelles 2, 3, 4: Tri-I-Ii-Y 2, 3, Treasurer 3: Class Play 3, 4: Class Dance 2, 3, 4: Miss Melody Candidale 2: Wil'- fiesl 4. JOHN RICHARD GRIM Boys' L Club 3, 4, Vice-Presidenl' 4: Camera Club 4: Fulure Teachers 2: Hi-Y 4, Vice-Presidenr 4: Pep L's 4: Thespians 2, 3. 4: Baske'rbaII Manager 4: Tennis 2. 3. 4: Class Play 4. BARBARA LEE GUERCIA Anchor Club 3, 4: Tri-I-Ii-Y 3: CiviI'an Calendar 2, 3, 4: Besl Looking 4: Homecoming Queen Can- didare 2. DANIEL PATRICK HAAS Civil Air Palrol 27 Track 2. CARL HACKERT Transferred from While Plains High School, Whi+e Plains. New York, 37 Swimming 4. SARA WYNELLE HACKN EY Seniors are an aHenI'ive audience when visifed by Ann Landers. The well-known "Problem-solver" spoke frankly on Iwo imporranr subiecfs .,.parenIs andfor sex. Carl Hackerl Sara I-Iacknev DCT 4, Treasurer 4: Furure Nurses 2. Judy Griffin John Grim Barbara Guercia Daniel Haas , co I 'Q' fel?"- me., 'SV' 4'-"7 W if John Hageman Carol Hagen li., W Margarel Haggslrom 3,7 - Terry Hamby Richard Hamill Lawerence Hamlilon Terry Hammer Frederick Harend+ ug Ben Hargreaves Juclilh Harness CLASS JOHN HENRY HAGEMAN Audio-Visual 3, 43 Pep L's 3: Class Play 3. CAROL ANN HAGEN Transferred 'From Memorial High School, Wesf New Yorlc, New Jersey, 2: FHA 3: Fulure Nurses 47 Class Play 4. MARGARET HAGGSTROM Debale Club 43 Pep L's 2: Spanish Club 23 Tri- Hi-Y 2, 3. TERRY ROLAND HAMBY Class Play 4. RICHARD C. HAMILL Allied Youlh 3: Civilan 4: Baslcelball 2, 3, 4. LAWERENCE F. HAMILTON Band 2, 3, 4: Camera Club 2, 3, 4, Presidenl 4: Civil Air Palrol 2. TERRY ANN HAMMER FREDERICK WILLIAM HARENDT Transierred from Penn High School, Pillsburgh. Pennsylvania, 3. BEN HARGREAVES Transferred from Pompano High School, Pompano. Florida, 2. JU DITH MAE HARNESS Transferred from London Soulh Collegiale, London Onlario, Canada. OF 759 JAMES ERNEST HARPER Transferred from Lake Shore Cenfral School, An- gola, New York, 33 Band 4. SALLY ANN HART Transferred from Sfranahan High School, Ff. Lau- derdale, Florida, 43 Fufure Nurses 4. NANCY HARTIGAN Transferred from Abraham Clark Hih School, 9 Roselle, New Jersey, 4. CAROLE ANN HAUPT Allied Youfh 4: Fufure Teachers 4: Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. JOHN EDWARD HAYES Transferred from Niagara Falls High School, Ni- agara Falls, New Yorky Youfh for Chrisf. PHILIP McCOY HEASLEY SHERRIE JEAN HEBERT Allied Youfh 3, 4, Spanish Club 21 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4. DONNA MARIE HENDERSON MARK HENDERSON Transferred from Plymoufh High School, Plymoufh. Massachuseffs, 4. DAVID BRYANT HENRY Transferred from Shawnee-Mission High School, Kansas Cify, Missouri, 25 Boys' L Club 3, 4, Treas- urer 4: Key Club 3, 4, Treasurer 3, Presidenf 4: Infer4Club Council 43 Swimming 2, 3: Class Dance 3, 4: Besf Personalify 4: Class Legislafive Board 3: Anchor Admiral Candidafe 4, James Harper Sally Harf Nancy Harfigan Carole Haupf John Hayes Philip Heasley Sherrie Heberf Donna Henderson Mark Henderson David Henry ,- I 54' If-.O ,an ,A . Taj .f .gm I li S H 3,35 l"' Q ky 'VX -ff" 2, fbm l Seniors Boast of Five Honor Society and BARBARA LYNN HEPP Anchor Club 3, 4, Presideni 4: Chorus 2: Senior Hon- or Sociely 3, 4: Pep L's 4: Tri-Hi-Y 2: Legislalive Siu- deni' Council 3, 4: Inier-Club Council 4: Class Play 3, 4: Class Dance 2, 3, 4: Girls' Siaie 3. MICHELE PATRICIA HERBERT Allied Youlh 2, 3, 4, Vice-Presidenl 3: Furure Teachers Barbara HEPP 2, 3, 4, Parliameniarian and Chaplain 4: Girls' L Club Michele Herbelul 3. 4: Pep L's 2, 3, 4: Youih for Chrisi 2: Swimming 2, 3, 4: Class Play 4: Class Dance 3, 4: Class Legis- laiive Board 4. JOHN BEACH HERRICK Transferred from Peioskey High School, Peloskey, Michigan, 2: Civil Air Pairol 2, 3, 4, Cadel Adiulani' 3, 4: EBB TIDE 4: Pep L's 3, 4, Vice-Presideni 4: Sci- -ence Club 3, 4, Vice-Presidenr 4: Tennis 2, 3, 4: Avia- +ion Club 2, 3, 4, Vice-Presideni 4. JERRY ROY HIBBS MARIE MILDRED HICKEY BONNIE L. HIGGINS Transferred from Shaker Heighis High School, Shaker Heighis, Ohio, 2: Chorus 2: Girls' L Club 4, Chaplain 4: Senior Honor Sociely 3, 4: Junioreiles 3, 4, Sec- reiary 4: Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, Presidenl 4: Inier-Club Council 4: Tennis 3: Class Play 4, MARY MARGARET HILDEBRANDT Anchor Club 3, 4, Chaplain 4: Chorus 2, 3: Fulure Nurses 2, Treasurer 2: Larin Club 2, 3, Reporfer 2: Pep L's 4: Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4: Class Play 3, 4: Class Dance 2.4: Friendliesi 4: Miss Melody Queen Candidaie 2, 3. KERMIT JOSEPH HINES Chorus 4. MARVIN HINSHAW Transferred from John Marshall High School, Los An- geles, California, 4: Legislalive Siudeni Council 4. John Herrick Jerry Hibbs M ' H' key BOZITS ,lf,,,,,,. DAVID Joi-IN Hoc:-lsrRAssER Civilan 3, 4, Treasurer 4: Execuiive Sfudenl Council 3: Legislaiive Sludenl Council 4: Class Treasurer 2: Track 3: Class Dance 2.3.4. V Mary Hildebrandi Kermil Hines Marvin Hinshaw David Hochsirasser Ten National Merit Scholarship Semi-Finalists JANE ELIZABETH HODGE gfaltmera Club 21 EBB TIDE 4: Tri-Hi-Y 2. 3: Class Play DAVE R. HOOBER Class Play 4. Jane Hodge NANCY ELIZABETH HOOD Dave HOOPG' Transferred from Thomas Jefferson High School, Rich- mond, Virginia, 4. NANCY SUE HORNER Transferred from Whifesburg High School, Whifes- burg, Tennessee, 27 DCT 4. RONALD ROY HORROCKS SANDRA HORST French Club 21 Pep L's 2 Nancy Hood ' Dwlei-ir HOTT NNY Baseball 3. JANICE LYNN HOWARD Chorus 2: FHA 4g Pep L's 2: Tri-Hi-Y 2. VIRGINIA ANN HUMPHREY ,i,, Anchor Club 3, 4: Naufi-Nymphs 2: Pep L's 2, 3, 47 ' ' , Press Club 3, 4: Spanish Club 27 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 41 Class Play 3: Class Dance 2, 3, 4: Class Legislafive Board 4. fm Ronald Horroclcs ROBERT MOLYNEAUX HUNT, JR. Sandra l'lOf5+ Band 2, 3, 4: Camera Club 2, 3, 47 Hi-Y 4, Secrefary 43 Junior Exchange 3, 4, Presidenf 4: Science Club 3: lnfer-Club Council 4: Lafin Award 37 AllaCounfy Band 3: Dance Band 2, 37 Spanish Club 3, 4. .,-W. Q M U, Dwighf Hoff Janice Howard " Virginia Humphrey Roberf Hunt Jr. , , f TW' l CLASS OF 7 BARRY HUPLITS Camera Club 4. DONNA HURLBUTT FHA 2, 3, Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. ELSA LITA HVIDE Transferred from Pine Cresi, Fl. Lauderdale, Flor- ida, 3: Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4: Tennis 3: Class Play 4. PAMELA JEAN HYDE Allied Youlh 2, 3: Anchor Club 3, 4: EBB TlDE 3, 4: Pep L's 3, 4: Spanish Club 2: Tri-Hi-Y 2: Class Play 3: Class Dance 2, 3, 4. JANICE CAROL JACKSON Allied Youlh 2: Debafe Club 4, Secrelary 4: Pep L's 3: Spanish Club 2: Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4: Spanish Award 3: Class Play 3, 4: Class Dance 2, 3, 4. GAIL ANNE JACOBSEN THOMAS GEORGE JACOBSEN Debale Club 4, Vice-Presidenl 4: Press Club 4: Track 3: Class Play 4: Class Dance 4. KAREN STEPHEN JAMES Allied Youlh 4: Pep L's 2: Tri-Hi-Y 2: Class Play 3, 4: Class Dance 2, 3, 4. JOAN ELIZABETH JANSEN Allied Youlh 3: Nauli-Nymphs 2, 3: Pep L's 3, 4, Vice-Presidenl' 3, Presidenl 4: Press Club 4: Tri- Hi-Y 4: Youlh for Chrisl 2: Legislaiive Siudem' Council 4: lnler-Club Council 4: Class Legislafive Board 2. MARIANNE ALICE JENNINGS Allied Youlh 3: French Club 3, 4: Senior Honor Sociely 3, 4: Lalin Club 2. Judy Johns David Johnson Donna Johnson Sandra Johnson Linda Jones Marilyn Jones Pairicia Jordan Barbara Joshlyn Judiih Judson Donna Julin CLASS OF 759 JUDY ILENE JOHNS Allied Youih 3, 4: Spanish Club 2: Tri-Hi-Y 2, 4. DAVID CURTIS JOHNSON DONNA LOUISE JOHNSON French Club 2, 3, 4: Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Thespians 2, 3, 4, SANDRA ANN JOHNSON Anchor Club 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3, Vice-Presideni 4: EBB TIDE 3, 4, Business Manager 4: Pep L's 3, 4: Tri-Hi-Y 2: Class Dance 2, 3, 4: Mosi Dependable 4: Homecoming Queen Candidale 3: Class Legis- laiiye Board 2, 3, 4: Senior Tea Chairman 4: Melody Circus Chairman 4: Siudeni of Ihe Week 4, LINDA BEAM JONES Girls' L Club 4: Pep L's 374: Sinawiks 3, 4, Chap- lain 4: Tennis 2, 3, 4. MARILYN SUE JONES Transferred from Oak Park River Foresi High School, Oak Park, Illinois, 4: Pep L's. PATRICIA EARL JORDAN Transferred from Rocky Mouni Senior High School, Rocky Mouni, Norih Carolina, 3: Pep L's 4. BARBARA ELAINE JOSHLYN Allied Youlh 3, 4: DCT 4, Secreiary 4: Pep L's 3: Tri 'Ii Y 4 JUDITH ARLENE JUDSON Transferred from Shamrock Valley High School, Rural Valley, Pennsylvania, 2: Allied Youih 2, 3, 4: Chorus 2, 3, 4: Debaie Club 4: Laiin Club 2, 3, Treasurer 3: Library Club 3. DONNA IRENE JULIN Laiin Club 2. 'f , ,Ni CM,- f.., I ,aff-Q 443' g - Qgif btw ,O --ww-fr1f!V Alfred Ka rslen Michael Kaunilz Linda Kegler William Kenl Donna Kenyon Marlha King Mary King William King Sandra Kirkland Karen Klisch CLASS ALFRED KARSTEN I-Ii-Y 2, 3, 4. MICHAEL COLLWYN KAUNITZ LINDA DALE KEGLER WILLIAM EDWARD KENT Chorus 2, 4, Presidenr 43 Chorislers 2, 3, 4, Business Manager 37 Male Chorus 3, 4, Lalin Club 23 Wheel Club 2, 3, 4, Recording Secrelary 47 Legislalive Srudenr Council 43 Track 31 Larin Award 2: Class Play 4, Assislanl Sludenl Direclor 4, Class Dance 2, 3, 4: Sunsrrokes 2, 3, 41 All Slale Chorus 4. DONNA LEE KENYON Band 2, 3, 4. MARTHA ANN KING Camera Club 2, 3, 4: EBB TIDE, Circulaiion Man- ager 4g Senior I-Ionor Sociely 3, 41 Lalin Club 2, 47 Pep L's 3, 41 Science Club 4: Lalin Award 2. MARY GEORGE KING Allied Youlh 2, 3, Secrelary 33 Spanish Club 3, 4, Secrelary 4. WILLIAM RONALD KING SAUNDRA MELSON KIRKLAND Allied Youlh 27 Chorus 3: DCT 43 Tri-I-Ii-Y 2, 3: Class Dance 2, 3. KAREN KLISCH Debare Club 47 Girls' L Club 3, 4: Pep L's 4: Swim- ming 2. DENNIS KNOWLES I-Ii-Y 2, 4: Track 2, 3. Dennis Knowles OF '59 VAN WILLIAM KNOX Chorus 2: Chorislers 2, 3: Male Chorus 4: Senior Honor Sociely 3, 4, Presidenr 4: Key Club 2, 3, 4, Corresponding Secrelary 3, Senior Direclor 4: Pep L's 3, 4: Legislalive Sludenl Council 4: lnfer-Club Council 4: Tennis 2, 3. Manager 2: Sludenl' of Ihe Monrh 4, Oclober: Class Play 4: Class Dance 3, 4, Ernmcee 3: Anchor Admiral Candidale 4: Nafional Meril Semi-finalisl' 4: Lafin Award 3: Honor Sociely Scholarship Tesl' 4. SAUNDRA JEAN KOCH Cheerleader 2, 3: Girls' L Club 2, 3, 4: Juniorelfes 2, 3: Pep L's 4: Press Club 4: Larin Award 2: Class Play 3, 4: Class Dance 3, 4: Homecoming Queen 4: Queen Candidaiesz Sweefhearr 3, Miss Forl Lauderdale High 3, Baslcelball 3, Prom 3: Civi- I'an Calendar 2, 3: Key Club Sweelhearf 4: Pub- licily Direcror for Sludenl Council 3, JEAN MARGARET KUHLMANN Transferred from Cenlral Cafholic High School. Forl Lauderdale, Florida, 3: Swimming 3, 4. DENNIS KULL KATHLEEN ELAINE LAMBERT DOUGLAS COCKCROFT LANCE Lalin Club 2: Track 3: Tennis 2, 4: Class Play 32 Class Dance 2, 4, Van Knox Saundra Koch Jean Kuhlmann Dennis Kull .2 C7 Ten Li'I"IIe Indians, an Agalha Chrisfie Thriller, was presenlecl by The Senior Class in December. Bob Hun+ gives srar, Gloria Maddox, sfage direclions in a play rehearsal. Kafhleen Lamberi Douglas Lance, Jr. rw ,fwfqa ,Juli S' 'Q-f' CLASS JOHN EDWIN LEAIRD Boys' L Club 4: Key Club 2, 3, 4: Baslcefball 2, 3, 4. WAYNE ROY LECKIE Transferred from Wesl Palm Beach High, Wes? Palm Beach, Florida, 3. RICHARD PAUL LEE Transferred from Pine Cresr, FI. Lauderdale, Flor- ida, 3: Audio-Visual 3: Debaie Club 4i- Spanish Club 3. JUDITH VIRGINIA LEGRAND FHA 4: French Club 2: Pep L's 3, 4. GEORGE HARVEY LE MIEUX Pep L's 3. CAROLEE ANN LEONARD Transferred from Ceniral Caiholic High School, FI. Lauderdale, Florida, 3: Pep L's 3. HERBERT BARRY LESLIE Band 2, 3, 41 Civilan 23 Science Club 4. JAMES LYNN LEWIS Golf 2: Track 3. ROBERT FREDRICK LEWIS II Audio-Visual 23 Senior Honor Sociefy 3, 4: Larin Club 2, 3, Pep L's 2, 3, 47 Wheel Club 2, 3, 4, Firsr Vice-Presidenr 3, Iniernaiional Firsf Vice-Presi- idenl 41 Execulive Siudeni Council 2, 45 Inler-Club Council 3, 45 Junior Class President Laiin Award 2, 3: Siudenl of Ihe Monfh 4, Seplemberg Class Play 3, 4: Class Dance 2, 3, 4: Mosr Lilcely Io Succeed 4g Boys' Slaie 31 Anchor Admiral Can- didaie 4. DIANE LIBERT Allied Youlh 47 Tri-Hi-Y 4. OF, JERRY DAVID LICKLIDER Boys' L Club 2, 3, 4: Civilan 2, 3, 4, Junior Direclor 3, Secrelary 4: Fooiball 2, 3, 4: Track 2, 3, 4: Class Legislalive Board 3, 4. JUDITH ANN LIESE Transferred from Danbury High School, Danbury, Conneclicul, 3. BONNIE MARIE LINANE Allied Youlh 2: Juniorelles 3, 4, Junior Direclor 3: Navigaior 4, Business Manager 4: Pep L's 4: Span- ish Club 2: Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, Treasurer 2: Thespians 4: Class Play 3, 4: Class Dance 2, 3, 4: Besl Person- alily 4: Queen Candidalez Sweelhearl 3, Key Club Sweelhearl 4: Quill and Scroll 4: Radio Slaff 47 Civilan Calendar 4: Class Legislalive Board 2: Press Club 3, 4, Vice-Presidenl 4. DAVID LINSDELL ROBERT JAMES LONGO Allied Youlh 2: Boys' L Club 2, 3, 4, Presidenl 4: Civilan 2, 3, 4: lnler-Club Council 3, 4: Williesl 4: Baslcelball 2, 3, 4: Baseball 2, 3, 4. ROBERTA ARLENE LOVENDAHL Fulure Teachers 2: Pep L's 2, 3: Class Legislafive Board 3: Class Play 4. KAREN ANN LOWA Pep L's 2: Trivl-li-Y 2. WILLIAM JOHN LOY Baseball 4: Class Play 4. STEPHEN H EN RY LU LLMAN Transferred from Admiral Farragul Academy, Toms River, New Jersey. 31 Baseball 3. 4- ELLEN LUISE LU ND Chorus 2, 3, 4: Chorislers 4: Civil Air Palrol 3: Tri-Hi-Y 2. Jerry Liclclider Judilh Liese Bonnie Linane David Lindsdell Robe rl' Longo Roberla Love ndahl Ka ren Lowa William Loy Slephen Lullman Ellen Lund Summer Seems Close, as April Brings Suntans, HELEN POLLARD LYERLY Transferred from Miami Edison High School, Miami, Florida, 4. BEVERLY ANN McBAIN Chorus 4: Choris+ers 4: Library Club 2, 3, 4, Vice- Presidenl' 2, 4, Presidenl' 3: lnler-Club Council 3: Mosl' Talenled 4. Helen LYe"Y MERCER LEWIS MCCLURE Beverly McBain Allied You+h 3: Audio-Visual 3: Civilan 2, 3, 4. Senior Direclor 4: Lafin Club 3: Thespians 3, 4: Legislafive Sfudenl Council 4: Class Vice-Presidenl 4: Foolball 2, 3, 4: Track 2, 3, 4: Baslce+ball 2: Class Play 3: Class Dance 2, 3, 4: Mosl Popular 4: Boys' Sl'a+e 3: Anchor Admiral 4. DOUGLAS SCOTT McDERMOTT Transferred 'From Shanahan High School, Forf Lauder- dale, Floricla: Hi-Y 4, Presidenf 4: Junior Exchange Club 4. JOHN ROSS McELFRESH Senior Honor Sociely 3, 4, Vice-Presidenl 4: Key Club Mercer MCQIUVQ 2, 3, 4, Recording Secrelary 2, Vice-Presidenl 3, Douglas Mcljermoff Treasurer and Chaplain 4: Pep L's 3, 4: Class Dance 2, 4: Boys' S+a1'e 3: Lalin Club 2. MARGE ELAINE McFETRIDC-3E Transferred from Gainsville High School, Gainsville, Florida 4. ROBERT MCGRANHAN DCT 4: Traclc 2, 3. BRENDA JOAN McINTYRE Transferred from Souih Broward High School, Holly- wood, Florida, 4: Chorus 4. MARTHA KATHLEEN McKAM EY Juniorerles 4: Press Club 3, 4, Treasurer 4: Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, Vice-Presidenl 3: Class Dance 2, 3. paw xh- John McElliresh. MW MCFGWQS PATRICIA ANN MCKERNAN Tri-Hi-Y 4. Roberl McGranahan Y :wr Brenda Mcln+yre Mar+ha Mcliamey Palricia Mclfernan 4 Baseball, and College FRANCES ELLEN MCKNIGHT Transferred from Soulhwesl' High School, Kansas Cily, Missouri, 3: FHA 43 French Club 4: Tri-Hi-Y 4. DOUGLAS CAMPBELL McLAUGHLlN Key Club 2, 3, 4, Sophomore Direclor 2, Junior Di- reclor 3, Corresponding Secrelary 4: Thespians 4: Ex- eculive Sludenl' Council 3, Secrelary of lnlerior 3: Students to Lauderdale Legislalive Sludenl Council 2, 4: Class Play 3: Class lzfamies lVlCKnlQlf'T Dance 2, 3, 4: Lalin Club 2. Douglas McLaughlin ROBERT CURTIS McLAUGHLlN Transferred from Sl. Leo Calholic Preparalory School, S+. Leo, Florida, 31 Foolball 3: Track 3, 4: Swimming 3. RALPH WOODROW McMlLLAN Boys' L Club 47 Civilan 2, 3.4, Sophomore Direclor 2: Legislalive Srudenl Council 4, Foolball 2, 3, 4: Class Play 3, Class Dance 2, 37 Oulsfanding L 4. SUSAN MARY MACDONALD Allied Youlh 3, 4: FHA 47 Spanish Club 2, 3i Youlh for Chrisl' 2, 3, 4. Roberl' McLaughlin Ralph McMillan GLORIA JEAN MADDOX Thespians 43 Legislalive Sludenl Council 2: Class Play 41 Class Dance 2, 3, 4. RONALD ERNEST MAGAHEY Civilan 4: Class Legislalive Board 2. MARTHA ELIZABETH MANN Pep L's 3, 4: Tri-Hi-Y 2. MICHELE JOAN MANNING DCT 3, 4. TRACY JAM ESON MARK Susan Macdonald French Club 4, Navigalor 41 Press Club 4: Tri-l-li-Y GlOFlG Maddox 2, 3, 4, l-lislorian 2: Thespians 4: Tennis 2: Class Play 3, 45 Class Dance 2. 4. Ronald Magahey Marfha Mann Michele Manning Tracy Marlc 4.5 2 CLASS OF ' DONNA KAY MARSHALL Transferred from Pompano Beach Senior High School, Pompano Beach, Florida, 4. NORBERT ORRIN MARTIN Chorus 2, 3. 4, Recording Secre'Iary 41 Chorislers 2, 3, 4, Vice-Presidenl 3, Presidenl 4: Civi'Ian 2, 3, 4, Corresponding Secrefary 3, Dislricl Secrefary 4: Civil Air Pa'Irol 2: Legislalive Sludenl Council 47 Inrer-Club Council 43 Sunslrolces 2, 3, 4: Male Chorus 3, 4, Class Dance 2, 3, 4: All S'raIe Chorus 4. DIXIE LEE MASON Transferred from New Caslle Senior High School, New Casrle, Pennsylvania, 3. JOHN RICHARD MATHEWS THOMAS FRANK MATHIS Boys' L Club 43 Wheel Club 3, 4, Legislalive SIU: denr Council 3: Foolball 2, 3, 4: Track 2, 3, 4: Class Dances 2, 3, 4. GRETCHEN LUISE MEISENBURG Allied Youlh 21 Maiorellres 2, 3, 4, Second Lieu- 'lenanl 4: FHA 2, 4, Hislorian 2, Presidenf 41 Girls' L Club 3, 41 Tri-Hi-Y 3.1 lnlrer-Club Council 4: Miss Melody Queen Cancliclale 21 Class Plav 4 LINDA ALICE MENENDEZ Allied Yourh 41 Pep L's 43 Press Club 3, 4: Tri- Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Class Dance 41 Class Play 3, 4. SHARON KAY MENZIE Transelfrred from Foresl Lalce High School, Or- lando, Florida. 3. DONALD RAY MERIDETH Transferred from Noblesville Senior High School, Noblesville, Indiana, 37 Allied Youlh 32 AUCIIO Visual 3: Wheel Club 3, 4. MARY GARDNER METZGAR Fufure Nurses 3, 41 Tri-I-Ii-Y 2, 3. Donna Marshall Norber'I Marlin Dixie Mason John Ma'I'hews Thomas Marhis Grelchen Meisenburg Linda Menendez Sharon Menzie Donald Mericlelh Mary Melzgar Theodore Meyer Roberl Middlebrooks Ilene Miller Roberl Miller Janis Milligan Kalherine Mills Hazel Mincey Maxwell Mincey Marcia Milson Leonella Mizell- CLASS OF ' THEODORE SIDNEY MEYER Track 3, 4. ROBERT LEE MIDDLEBROOKS I-li-Y 3. ILENE PHYLLIS MILLER FHA 3, 4: Fulure Teachers 4: Library Spanish Club 2: Class Play 3, 4. Club 3, 4 ROBERT EDWARD MILLER Chorus 2, 3, 4: Track 2, 3. JANIS RUTH MILLIGAN Transferred from Springfield High School, Spring- field, Ohio, 2: Nauli-Nymphs 2, 3, 4, Co-Caplain 4: Pep L's 3, 4: Press Club 2, 3, 4: Sinawiks 4: Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Vice-Presidenf 4: Class Play 3, 4: Class Dance 3, 4. KATHERINE MILLS Transferred from Soulh Broward High School, Hol- lywood, Florida, 2. HAZEL ISABELLE MINCEY Allied Youlh 3, 4: Chorus 3, 4: Tri-Hi-Y 2, 4: Legislalive Siudenl Council 2, 3, 4: Tennis 2. MAXWELL WAYNE MINCEY Fooiball 2: Track 2, 3. MARCIA MITSON Anchor Club 3, 4: Debale Club 4, Treasurer 4: French Club 2, 3: Lalin Club 2: Pep L's 2, 3: Press Club 3, 4: Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3: Class Play 3, 4: Class Dance 2, 3, 4: Class Legislalive Board 3. LEONETTA MAXINE MIZELL Allied Youlh 3, 4, Chaplain 4: Tri-Hi-Y 2: Execulive Sludenl Council 4, Publicily Direclor 4: Legislalive Sludenl Council 2: Class Play 3, 4: Class Dance 2, 3, 4, Charles Moore, Jr. George Moraifis Howard Morehead Roberl' Morice Diane Morris Janei Morris John Morrissey, Jr Linda Mundriclc Jean Murdock Nancy Murphy CLASS CHARLES EDWARD MOORE, JR. Allied Youih 3: Boys' L Club 4: Key Club 2, 3, 4: Baslrelball 2, 3, 4. GEORGE REYNOLD MORAITIS Boys' L Club 4: Wheel Club 2, 3, 4: Legislalive Sludenl Council 2: Foorball 2, 3, 4: Track 2, 3, 4: Class Dance 2, 3, 4: Class Legislaiive Board 4: Mosl' Valuable JV Foolball Player 2. HOWARD STEPHEN MOREHEAD ROBERT MORICE Transferred from Rifenour High School, Overland, Missouri, 3. DIANE MAE MORRIS Spanish Club 3, 4. JANET STREET MORRIS FHA 3: Spanish Club 2: Tri-Hi-Y 2. JOHN WESLEY MORRISSEY, JR. Band 2, 3, 4, Quarlermasler 4: Junior Exchange Club 3, 4, Vice-Presidenl 4: Thespians 3, 4, Treas- urer 4: Class Play 3, 4: Class Dance 2, 3, 4. LINDA JANE MUNDRICK Fufure Teachers 2, Parliamenfarian-His+orian 2: Li- brary Club 2, 3, 4, Vice-Presidenl 3: Thespians 4, Vice-Presidenl 4: Youlh lor Chrisl 3: Class Play 3. 4, Assislanl Direcfor 3, 4: Class Dance 2: Tri-Hi-Y 2. JEAN ANN MURDOCK Allied Youlh 2, 3: FHA 4: Pep L's 2, 3, 4: Tri-Hi-Y 4: Legislalive Siudenl Council 3: Class Play,4. MARY NANCY MURPHY Transferred from Molher McAuley High School, Chicago, Illinois, 4: FHA 41 Tri-Hi-Y 4. RONALD GARY MURRY Ronald Murry OF'9 RALPH MUSCATEL WILLIAM HENRY MYERS Transferred from York Communify High School, Elmhursf, Illinois, 3: Chorus 3, 45 Chorisfers 3. 4: Male Chorus 3, 4. MARSHALL EDWARD NANCE Boys' L Club 4: Debafe Club 4, Presidenf 4: Lafin Club 2: Wheel Club 2, 3, 4: Iner-Club Council 4: Foofball 3: Traclc 2, 3. 4: Class Dance 2, 3, 4: Class Legislafive Board 3. MARY ELIZABETH NEAL FLORALEE NEILSON Allied Youfh 4: Debafe Club 4: Fufure Teachers 3: Junioreffes 4: Lafin Club 2: Pep L's 4: Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Chaplain 2, 3, 4: Class Play 4: Class Dance 2. PATRICIA GAIL NELSON Allied Youfh 27 Pep L's 3, 4: Spanish Club 22 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4. Ralph Muscafel William Myers 7 ,Q .W 1 'T 4 " ' 1 'ai ,,i, sir", 1 1 L A . -I -,5',494Q'- fs., 'T' ,3 1 5 1 'Er rv' Dv: "J ,, ' 1' QTT'W'dTTW ...SI-1 -.s'-rw. My "GoocIby, LHS!" Judy Colby and George Moraifis realize fhaf fheir high school days are fasf becoming fond memories, and fhey find if hard fo say goodby fo "good, ole LHS." Floralee Neilson Gail Nelson Marshall Nance Mary Neal ' IU K f A CLASS SONJA ELAINE NELSON Transferred from Ceniral High School, S+. Paul, Minnesola, 3. SUE ANN NELSON Fufure Nurses 2, 3, 4: Lalin Club 2, 3: Class Play 3. TH ERESA SHARON NEWSHAM Junioreffes 3, 4: Spanish Club 2: Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3: Thespians 4: Class Play 3, 4: Class Dance 3, 4: Class Legisla+ive Board 4: PTSA 4, Vice-Presidenl 4. DARLENE MARIE NICHOLS PATRICIA OMERA NICKEL Band 2, 3: Camera Club 2, 3, 4, Secrefary 2. 3, 4: EBB TIDE 4: Library Club 3: Science Club 3, 4. Secrelary 4: Class Dance 2. JANICE LEE NORTH ROBERT ELLIOT ORBERG, JR. Camera Club 3: Chorus 2, 3: Science Club 3: You'Ih for Chris+ 2, 3. JAMES FRANKLIN ORGAN III JOHN ORMAN Boys' L Club 4: Wheel Club 2, 3, 4: Legislaiive Sfudenf Council 3: Foofball 2, 3, 4: Traclc. 2, 3: Oulsfanding L 4, December: Class Dance 2, 3, 4: Besl Looking 4: Class Legislaiive Board 2, 3, 4. JUDITH DEANE ORR Transferred from Logansporl High School, Logans- porl. Indiana, 2: Juniorelles 3, 4, Chaplain 4: Pep L's 3: Tri-Hi-Y 3: Class Dance 3. 4: Class Play 3, 4. OF' SHARRON MARIE OSTERHOUDT Cheerleader 2, 3: Girls' L Club 3, 4, Presidenf 4: Junioreffes 2, 3, 4: Pep L's 4: Tri-Hi-Y 3: Class Treasurer 3, 4: Class Play 3.4: Class Dance 2, 3, 4: Girls' Sfafe 3. RICHARD LEROY OTT Chorus 2, 3: Chorisfers 2, 3: Debafe Club 2: Pep L's 2, 3. JACK EMORY OWENS Allied Youfh 4: Hi-Y 3, 4: Pep L's 4: Class Dance 3, 4. DEBORAH STILES PARKER Transferred from Scifuafe High School, Scifuafe, Massacuhseffs, 4. JOHN ROBERT PARR Camera Club 4. JOAN FRANCES PATRICK Transferred from Sfranahan High School, Ff. Lauler- dale, Florida, 4. BONNIE LOUISE PATTERSON Chorus 3, 4, Secrefary 4: Junioreffes 4: Lafin Club 2: Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4: Class Play 3. 4: Class Dance 4. DENNIS ALFRED PAUL Transferred from Mineola High School, Mineola, New York, 2. PHILIP CLARE PAUZE Transferred from Amhersf High School, Amhersf, Massachuseffs, 3: Chorus 3: French Club 3, 4: Senior Honor Sociefy 4: Junior Exchange 3, 4, Treasurer 4: Pep L's 3, 4. JUDITH ELLEN PAWAL Transferred from Lincoln High School. Ellwood Cify, Pennsylvania, 4: Allied Youfh 4: Fufure Nurses 4. Sharron Osferhoudf Richard Off Jack Owens Deborah Parker John Parr Joan Pafriclc Bonnie Pafferson Dennis Paul Philip Pauze Judifh Pawal Seniors Burn Midnight Oil As the Deadline Allied Youih 3: FHA 2, 3, Secreiary 3: Senior Honor Socieiy 3, 4, Secreiary 4: Navigaior 3, 4, Public Relafions Manager 4: Press Club 3, 4: Sina- wilcs 3, 4: Spanish Club 2: Thespians 3, 4: Class '41 Play 3: Mosl' Inielleciual 4: Naiional Merii Semi- ft' Finalisi' 4. Nanci' Pell DAVID ROYHL PENDER David Pender Key Club 3, 4: Legislaiive SI'uden+ Council 2: Foo?- ball 2, 3, 4: Baslceiball 2. DORIS MAE PETERSON Legislaiive Siudeni' Council 3. SHIRLEY JEANNE PETERSON DCT 3, 4, Presideni 4: infer-Club Council 4. CATHRINE JEAN PETRACCA Allied Youih 4: Tri-Hi-Y 2, 4: Thespians 3, 4: Class fi: Play 3: Class Dance 2. JUDITH ERNESTINE PHILPOTT Doris Peierson Shirley Peierson Band 2, 3, Librarian 3: EBB TIDE 4: FHA 2: Senior Honor Socieiy 3. 4: Pep L's 4: Sinawilcs 3, 4: Spanish Club 2: Class Dance 2, 3, 4: All-Counfy Band Clinic 3: S+a're Band Clinic 3. DONALD BENJAMIN PINTO Boys' L Club 4: Track 3. JEANNINE DORIS PITTMAN Anchor Club 3, 4: Chorus 2, 3, Secrefary 3: EBB TIDE 3, 4, Ediior 4: Senior Honor Sociely 3, 4: Pep L's 3, 4: Press Club 3: Spanish Club 2: Tri- Hi-Y 2, 3: Youlh for Chrisi 2, 3, 4: Class Play 4: A Class Dance 2, 3.4. KAY FRANCES PORCH ER Caihrine Peiracca Judiih Philpofl JOYCE ANN PUGH Allied Youth 4: Fuiure Nurses 2, 3, 4: Laiin Club 2, 3: Pep L's 4. Donald Pinlo Jeannine PiHman Kay Porcher Joyce Pugh yin- t 'N'-p for Themes Creeps Up and Exams Appear LINDA FAY PU RCELL Chorus 2, 3, 4: Chorislers 4. LINDA FRANCES RAND Girls' L Club 3, 4: Legislalive Sludenl Council 3, 4: 'Swimming 2, 3, 4: Class Play 4: Class Dance 4. JO LEE REED Chorus 2, 3: Lalin Club 2: Library Club 2: Lalin Award 2. BETSY MARIE REINHOLZ LYNNE LORAINE RENDER Fulure Nurses 4: Tri-Hi-Y 2. KATIE LOUISE RICHARD Tansferred from Srranahan High School, FI: Lauder- dale, Florida, 2: Chorus 2: Shorlhand Award 3. ELIZABETH HELENE RICHARDI NANCY ELIZABETH RICHARDSON Transferred from Jefferson Senior High School, Roanolce, Virginia, 3: French Club 3, 4: Spanish Club 4. MARY BETHUNE RICKER Band 2, 3, Librarian 3: Camera Club 2: Senior Honor Sociefy 3, 4: Navigalor 4, Promolion Man- ager 4: Pep L's 4: Press Club 3, 4: Sinawilcs 3, 4, Corresponding Secrelary 3: Class Play 4: Quill and Scroll 4: Broward Counly Band Clinic 2, 3: Radio Sfafl 4. RENWICK RICKER Transferred from Howe Mililary Academy, Howe, Indiana, 3: Navigalor 4, Car+oonIsl' 4. Linda Purcell Linda Rand Jo Reed Belsy Reinholz Lynne Render Kaiie Richard I T7 'Bm ff., 'GQ hwy 'Si Elizabefh Richardi Nancy Richardson Mary Riclrer Renwick Riclcer 14 CLASS OF 9 MARIE RIEDEL Transferred from Hanerhill High School, Hanerhill, Massachuseffs, 4: Chorus 4. GLORIA GAY RITCHIE Allied Youfh 3, 4: DCT 4, Chaplain 4: French Club 2: Fufure Teachers 2, 3: Library Club 2, 3, 4, Chaplain 4: Pep L's 2, 3, JUDITH ANNE RIVERS Transferred from Clay Counly High School, Green Cove Springs, Florida, 3: Band 4. RICHARD GUY ROBERTS Boys' L Club 4: Senior Honor Sociefy 4: Wheel Club 2, 3, 4: Legislafive Sfudenf Council 4: Foof- ball 2: Baslcefball 2, 3, 4: Class Dance 2, 3, 4: Class Legislafive Board 2. 3. JERRY WRIGHT ROBERTSON MICHAEL LOUIS ROGERS Transferred from McDowell High School, Erie. Pennsylvania, 4. SANDRA SUE ROHR Band 2, 3i Tri-Hi-Y 3. BARBARA ANN ROMAN Allied Youfh 2, 3, Hisforian 2: Anchor Club 2. 3, 4, Sophomore Direcfor 2, Chaplain 3, Senior Di- recfor 4: Senior Honor Sociefy 3, 4, Treasurer 4: Lafin Club 2: Navigafor 4, Feafure Edifor 4: Press Club 3, 4: Class Play 3, 4: Class Dance 2, 3, 4: Girls' Slafe 3: Quill and Scroll 4: Civifan Calendar Girl 4: Radio Sfaff 4: Class Legislafive Board 3. DOROTHY ANNA ROSEMAN Transferred from Qualcer Valley High School, Tufs- dale, Pennsylvania, 4: French Club 4: Tri-Hi-Y 4. DOUGLAS ALEXANDER ROSS Transferred from Silver Lalce High School, Silver Lalce, Massachuseffs. 2: French Club 2. Marie Riedel Gloria Rifchie Judifh Rivers Richard Roberfs Jerry Roberfson Michael Rogers Sandra Rohr Barbara Roman Dorofhy Roseman Douglas Ross Harriel' Rolhhauser Alberl Rowell Roberl Rubach Ann Ruggie Larry Rule Richard Russell Elinor Rulzke Penelope Sakman CLASS OF '59 HARRlET KAY ROTHHAUSER Transferred from Fayelleville High School, Fayelle- ville, Norlh Carolina, 2: FHA 4: Tri-Hi-Y 4. ALBERT CHARLES ROWELL Chorus 3: Civilan 4: French Club 2, 3: Thespians 3, 4, Presidenl 4: lnler-Club Council 4: Class Play 3, 4: Class Dance 2, 3, 4: Mosl' Talenled 4. ROBERT EDWARD RUBACH Camera Club 4. ANN PARTHENIA RUGGIE Transferred from Pine Cresl, Fl. Lauderdale, Flor- ida, 2: Allied Yourh 4: Press Club 4: Spanish Club 3, 4: Class Play 3, 4: Class Dance 2, 3, 4. LARRY SPAULDING RULE Transferred from Riverside Mililary Academy. Gainesville, Georgia, 2: Legislalive Sludenl Council 4: Baskelball 2: Class Play 3: Class DBMS 3. 42 Swimming 3. RICHARD ALFRED RUSSELL Transferred from Hauppauge High School, Haup- pauge, New York, 3. ELINOR MARIE RUTZKE PENELOPE SAKMAN Transferred from Highland Falls High School, Highe land Falls, New York: 2: Allied Youlh 4: French Club 4: Pep L's 4: Tri-Hi-Y 2, 4: Civilan Calendar Girl 4: Class Legislalive Board 2, 4. EARL VERNON SAMSELL Track 2, 3. Em, Samseu WILLIAM MORRIS SANDERS, JR. William Sanders, Jr. Foolball 2: Track 2. John Sanlord Palli Sawyer Leonard Sayers Kalhy Scarr Nancy Schmid? William Schmidl Mark Schneider John Schuller CLASS JOHN WEST SANFORD PATTI GAYLE SAWYER Allied Youlh 3, 4: EBB TIDE 41 French Club 3, 45 Senior Honor Sociely 3, 4: Spanish Club 2: Class Play 37 Wellesley Book Award 25 Nalional Meril' Semi-Finalisl 4. LEONARD FRANCIS SAYERS Transferred from Soulh Broward High School, Hol- lywood, Florida, 4. KATHY SCARR NANCY KAY SCHMIDT Band 2, 3, 4: Tri'Hi-Y 4. WILLIAM FREDERICK SCHMIDT Band 2, 3, 4. MARK MILTON SCHNEIDER Audio-Visual 41 Camera Club 2, 3, 4: Thespians 2, 3, 4. JOHN RANDOLPH SCHULLER Track 2. NEDRA JOYCE SHULTZ Anchor Club 3, 4, Cheerleader 41 Pep L's 3, 4: Science Club 2: Spanish Club 21 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 37 Legislalive Sludenl Council 2, 3: Class Legislalive Board 2, 4: Class Play 3: Class Dance 2, 3, 4: Mosl' Popular 41 Queen Candidaiez Homecoming 3, 4, Baskelball 3, Melody Circus 3, Wheel Club Sweel- hearl 3. DIAN DAVIS SCOTT Chorus 2, 37 Chorislers 2, 3, Treasurer 31 Junior- elles 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3, Presidenr 41 Navigalor 43 Pep L's 4: Press Club 3, 4: Spanish Club 27 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 37 Youlh for Chris'I 25 LegisIa+ive Sludenl' Council 31 lnler-Club Council 43 Class Dance 2, 3. 4: Queen Candidalez Miss Melody 37 Radio Slalf 4: Quill and Scroll 43 Sunmaids 4. DOUGLAS STEVEN SCOTT Transferred from W. K. Kellogg High School, Hickory Corners, Michigan, 27 Hi-Y 314: Pep L's 45 Foolball 3, 41 Baskelball 43 Tennis 3. Douglas Scoll Nedra Schullz Dian Scoll OF' RICHARD DALE SHARP Junior Exchange Club 3, 43 Swimming 2. JERRY LYNN SHOE Transferred from Hasry High School, Thomasville, Norlh Carolina, 2. WANDA GAYE SHUMATE Transferred from Woodrow Wilson High School, Beckley, Wes? Virginia, 4. D-Day has arrived once again for Seniors as They prepare for The Florida Slale Placemenl Examinarions, which were held in lhe Bapiisf Church. RUTH ANN SHUTES Fuiure Nurses 2: Youfh 'For Chrisr 2, 3. BERNARD JACOB SIMBARI Bewd 5imba.'i Russell Simbari Allied Youfh 35 Senior Honor Sociefy 3, 4: Lafin Club 2, 3, 4: Lafin Award 2, 37 Pep L's 3, 4. RUSSELL DONALD SIMBARI Allied Youfh 3: Senior Honor Sociefy 3, 4g Lafin Club 2, 3, 47 Pep L's 3, 41 La+in Award 2, 3. 'ffm C51 Richard Sharp Jerry Shoe Wanda Shumale Ruih Shules 4775, Gary Simmons Lawrence Smiley Judilh Smirh Malcolm Smirh Mary L. Smiih Mary S. Smilh Richard Smirh Thomas Smilh Wayne Smilh Lesler Solcolwslci CLA S GARY FRANK SIMMONS Band 2, 3, 4, Vice-Presidenl 4: French Club 3, 4, Presideni 41 Junior Exchange Club 3, 4, Secrelary 45 Legislaiiye Srudenl Council 4: Inler-Club Coun- cil 4. LAWRENCE EDWARD SMILEY JUDITH ELLA SMITH Transferred from American Communiiy School, Paris, France, 21 French Club 2, 33 Sinawiks 3, 4, Senior Direcror 4: Swimming 2, 31 Class Play 4: Class Dance 4. MALCOLM OPIE SMITH Hi-Y 2. MARY LOTA SMITH Pep L's 43 Sinawilcs 3, 43 Tri-Hi-Y 4. MARY SUZANNE SMITH Allied Youlh 2: Anchor Club 2, 3, 4, Junior Di- reclor 3, Secreiary 4: Maiorelres 2, 3, 4, Co-Cap- 'Iain 4: EBB TIDE 3, 47 Fulure Nurses 47 Girls' L Club 3, 4. Secreiary 4: Pep L's 2, 3, 4: Legislaiive Srudenr Council 2: Class Dance 2, 3. RICHARD PATRICK SMITH Transferred from Hammond High School, Ham- mond, Indiana, 4. THOMAS FRANKLIN SMITH Camera Club 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 2, 3, 4: Hi-Y 4, Treasurer 4: Junior Exchange Club 4, Senior Di- recior 4: Execulive Sludenl Council 3: Foolball Manager 4. WAYNE SMITH Transferred from MI. Lebanon High School, Pills- burgh, Pennsylvania, 2: Debale Club 4. LESTER PATRICK SOKOLWSKI Boys' L Club 4: Civil Air Pafrol 2, 3, 43 Pep L's 2: Axhalion Club 3, 47 Fooiball Manager 3. OF 959 MARY ANN SOMMESE Fulure Nurses 2: Pep L's 3. WILLIAM RAY SPADE Class Dance 4. SALLY JO SPARKS Clnorus 2, 3, 4, Presidenr of Girls' A Cappella 4: Chorislers 43 EBB TIDE 4: Pep L's 4: Tri-Hi4Y 4. LINDA ELAINE SPEAR Maiorerles 3, 43 Girls' L Club 41 Library Club 2, 3. 4, Secrelary 3, Presidenl 4: Inler-Club Council 4: Class Dance 3. LILLIAN EDITH STARN Camera Club 2: Tri-Hi-Y 2: Class Play 3, 41 Class Dance 3. KAREN LEIGH STEVENS Allied Youlln 2: EBB TIDE 3, 4, Assislanl Edilor 4: Pep L's 3, 4: Press Club 4: Sinawilcs 3, 43 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3,41 Class Play 31 Class Dance 3, 4, HENRY JOHN STORCK Transferred from Miami Mililary Academy, Miami, Florida, 3. FRED EDWIN STRESAU Camera Club 4: Pep L's 2, 3. JO ANN STUMPFF Transferred from New Trier Township High School, Winnellca, Illinois, 3: Swimming 3. ROSS HOOD SULLIVAN Youlli for Clirisl 3, Mary Sommese William Spade Sally Sparks Linda Spear Lillian S'l'arn Karen Slevens Henry Slo rclc Fred Slresau Jo Slumplf Ross Sullivan , Commencement Was Marked by the Turnin WILLIAM VICTOR SUPER Transferred from Morlon High School, Berwyne, Illi- nois, 3. DIANE HELENE SUTHERLAND Transferred from Slranahan High School, Forl Lauder- dale, Florida, 2: Pep L's 3. William Super Diane Sulhefland CAROL JEAN SWEDROE Pep L's 4: Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Class Dance 2, 3, 4. JOHN WARREN SWEITZER Band 2, 3, 4, Drum Major 4: Camera Club 2, 3, 4, Chaplain 2, Vice-Presidenl 3, 4: Junior Exchange Club 4, Spanish Club 4, Parliamenlarian 41 Execulive Slu- den'I Council 3, Secrelary of Commerce 3. ROBERT TIMOTHY SWITZER Debale Club 41 Hi-Y 21 Execulive Sludenl Council 3. W- SANDRA TAMUCCI Carol Sweclroe John Sweilzer Transferred from Sacred Hearl Academy, Slamford. Conneclicul, 4i FHA 4: Fulure Nurses 4. GLORIA JEAN TARAPACKI BARBARA LOUISE TAVLIN Navigalor 4, Sporls Edilor 47 Press Club 41 Mosl School Spiril 4: Radio Slafl 4: Ouill and Scroll 41 Class Dance 47 Class Play 4. WENDY ANNE TAYLOR EBB TIDE 3, 4: Pep L's 3: Sinawilcs 3, 4, Secrelary 41 Robe,-J, Swifzer Dance 3. 4: Class Play 3, 4. Sandra Tamucci WILLIAM DAVID TAYLOR Chorus 2, 37 Chorislers 47 Civil Air Pa'Irol 27 Track 4. Gloria Tarapaclci Barbara Tavlin Wendy Taylor William Taylor Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Thespians 3, 4: Tennis 2, 3, 47 Class of Class Rings, Pointing Toward the Future HARRIETT CAROL TEMPLIN Debale Club 43 Fulure Teachers 4: Pep L's 4: Spanish Club 27 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Class Play 47 Class Dance 3. Joi-IN THIBAUDEAU LARRY LEE THIBAUT I-larriei Templar Band 2, 3, Assisiani Drum Maior 3: Civiian 2, , 3 'lolm Tlilbaudeau I 3 4 Hi-Y 4: Class Dance 2, 3, 43 Mosl' School Spirii 4, Class Legislaiive Board 4: Flying L Spirii 4: Legislaiive Council 4. V DAVID ROBINSON THOMPSON, JR. Civilan 2. FRANCES JANE THORNTON Pep L's 3. KENNETH GAVIN THORNTON l-GUY Lee Thibduf HIVY 4. David Thompson, Jr. THOMAS SEYMOUR TILCHIN Civilian 4: Laiin Club 27 Legislalive Siudenf Council 2, 3: Class Play 3, 45 Class Dance 2, 3, 4. SHIRLEY ANN TOMLINSON Debale Club 4: Youih for Chrisi' 2i Class Play 4. PATRICIA ELIZABETH TOPPING Allied Youih 3: Spanish Club 2: Tri-l-li-Y 27 Youfh for Cllrlsli 2' Frances Thornion Kenneih Thornlon STEPHEN VEE VANDIVER Hi-y 4: Class Play 4i Class Dance 4. ,w-fn.. Thomas Tilchin Shirley Tomlinson Pairicia Tapping Siephen Vandiver CLASS OF 359 KENNETH CLIFFORD VARNEY Press Clab 4. LEE MARTIN VAUGHN Ci-.ill Air Pa+rol 2, 3: Track 3, 4. NOELL PAUL VAWTER I-Ii-Y 4: Leqislalive Sfudenf Council 3, 4. DAVID ALFRED VECCHIO I-Ii-Y 2, 37 Junior Excnange Club 3, 43 Leg sla+ e Srudenl Council 3, 41 Track 3, 41 Class Dan Z 3,4. LOUIS RADFORD WADE Class Play 3, 4. JACK DEWEY WALDRON Transferred from Baldwin I-Iiglw Scliool Florida. 33 Foolball 4. WALTER GIBSON WALE ROBERT STANLEY WALLS Aviafion Club 3, 4. MAHLON GERALD WEAVER Audio-Visual 2, 3: DCT 4: Track 2, 3. EDGAR DUANE WEBB Transferred from Boone Higli School, Orlando Malilon Weaver Florida, 2: Cliorus 3, 4: Clworislers 3, 4 M EdgarWebb Cliorus 3, 4. David Wellens Joyce Wells Pa+ricia Wermulh Eleanor Wer'Iz Suza n ne Wesl Grace Weslberry Ronald Whaley Richard Wheeler lvl ww' C' T n Alberl' Whifehead Larry Wiclcsell CLASS OF 959 DAVID RICHARD WELLENS JOYCE MAE WELLS FHA 4: French Club 3, 4. PATRICIA LOUISE WERMUTH Pep L's 4. ELEANOR LEE WERTZ Nau+i-Nymphs 2: Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3: Legislal' Council 27 Class Dance 2. SUZANNE HELENE WEST Spanish Club 4. GRACE WYMAN WESTBERRY Chorus 47 FHA 3: Youfh for Chrisi 3, 4. RONALD TAMMIE WHALEY Band 2, 3: Track 2, 3. 4. RICHARD HAROLD WHEELER ALBERT JUNIOR WHITEHEAD Transferred from Florida Mililary Ac Lauderdale, Florida, 3. LARRY JAMES WICKSELL Avia'Iion Club 3, 4. ive S+udenI ademy, FI. CLASS JACOUELYN LOU WILLIAMS DCT 4. ELIZABETH KAY WILLIAMSON Debale Club 4: Pep L's 4: Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Parlia- menlarian 4. WILLIAM MICHAEL WILLIS ANITA LOUISE WILSON MARY SUZANNE WILSON Allied Youlh 2: Anchor Club 3, 4: Chorus 4, Treas- urer 4: FHA 2: Senior Honor Sociely 3, 4: Lalin Club 2: Navigalor 4, Pholographer 4: Pep L's 3, 4: Press Club 3, 4: Spanish Club 3, 4: Tri-Hi-Y 2, 4: Execulive Sludenl Council 4, Treasurer 4: Lalin Award 2: Class Play 4: Class Dance 3: Class Legis- Ialive Board 2: Radio Slafl 4. SCOTT CURTIS WILSON Transferred from Hoi Springs High School, Ther- mopolis, Wyoming, 4. WAYNE FRANCIS WILSON Allied Youlh 3: Hi-Y 3. WILLIAM FLEMING WILSON, JR. Chorus 3, 4, Vice-Presidenl 3: Chorislers 2, 3, 4: Civilan 3, 4, Junior Direclor 3, Presidenl 4: Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Legislalive Sludenl Council 3: Inler-Club Council 4: Baslcelball 2, 3, 4: Track 2, 4: Class Dance 3, 4: Sunslrolces 2, 3, 4: Boys' Chorus 3, 4. JOHN CHESTER WING Transferred from Maumee Valley High School, To- ledo, Ohio, 2: Debale Clula 4: Class Play 4. MICHAEL BRENT WOLLAM Hi-Y 3. KAREN WOOD . Transferred from Elgin Academy, Elgin, Illinois, 3: Allied You'Ih 3: Navigalor 4, Circulalion Manager 4: Press Club 3, 4: Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4: Swimming 3: Class Play 3: Quill and Scroll 4: Radio Slaff 4. Ka ren Wood OF 759 VALORYS CATHERINE WORDRUP Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3. DILLARD MAXWELL WORTHY Transferred from Soufh Broward High School, Hol- lywood, Florida, 23 Chorus 2, 3, 4: Chorislers 4 Senior Honor Sociely 4. BARBARA JEAN WRIGHT Transferred from Shanahan High School, Forl Lau- derdale, Florida, 3: Pep L's 3: Class Play 3. JAMES NELSON WRIGHT JUDITH ANN WRIGHT Chorus 2, 33 EBB TIDE 4: Senior Honor Sociefy 3, 4: Lalin Club 27 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3: Thespians 2, 3, 4 Secrerary 4: Legislarive Sludenl' Council 2. MARJORIE ELIZABETH WRIGHT EBB TIDE 37 French Club 47 Spanish Club 4. Valorys Wordrup Dillard Worlhy u. "Hail, King of Sco'IIand!" scorns Macduif, played by Bob Hun+. Seniors enlhusiaslically wilnessed an English Class's produclion of MACBETH. Judllh Wrighl' Mariorie Wrighl 45 Barbara Wrighl James Wriqhl ., CLASS OF ' ALICE YARR JOSEPH EDWARD YOUNG Transferred from Forlc Union Mililary Academy, Fork Union, Virginia, 31 Allied Yourh 3, 4. JUDITH DARLENE YOUNG Youlh for Chrisl 3. SALLY ANNE YOUNG Fulure Nurses 3, 4, Presidenl 41 Lalin Club 3, 4: Pep L's 47 Youlh for Chrisl 2, 3, 4: Inler-Club Council 4. Alice Yarr Joseph Young Judilh Young Sally Young William Young Carol Zimmer David Zwiclc Wayne Zyra WILLIAM IRA YOUNG Transferred from Srranahan High School, Ferl' Lauderdale, Florida, 3: Hi-Y 4. CAROL ANN ZIMMER Cheerleader 3, 4, Co-Caplain 4: Fulure Teachers 2: Girls' L Club 4: Senior Honor Sociely 3, 4: Jun- iorelles 2, 3, 4, Sophomore Direelor 2, Secrelary 3: Navigalor 4: Pep L's 4: Press Club 3, 4: TrilHi-Y 2, 3, 4, Secrerary 3, Treasurer 4: Lalin Award 2: Class Dance 2, 3, 41 Queen Candidalez Key Club Sweelhearl' 4, Homecoming Queen 4: Civilan Cal- endar Girl 4: Radio Slall 4. DAVID REYNOLDS ZWICK Transferred from The Principia, Sl. Louis, Missouri. 3: Male Chorus 3: Senior Honor Sociely 4: Wheel Club 3, 4: Foolball 3, 47 Class Dance 3, 4. WAYNE EDWARD ZYRA Transferred from Cenrral Carholic High School. Forl Lauderdale, Florida, 4. WL, i""Ff' 'ZF' Qp.a-!- 7m ' A happy, high-spiriled boy wilh a sunny personalily, Frank l3ailey enioyed each minule ol The day. Wilh a warm smile for everyone, he was always ready for lun and laughlrer. l-le loved all soorls and as a member of Jrhe J.V. Foofball Team he showed leadership and rhe True Flying I. Spiril. This exuberanl spirir was nor conlined lo sporls bulr was a parl ol his everyday life. Allhough he lound each mornenl lull of excilremenr and wonder, Franlc was a sincere and serious boy, eager lo learn all he could. l-lis church was very im- porlanl lo him as he nol only believed in, bul lived his Chrislian principles, Today he is in our hearls as a challenge lo lead a beller life and as a friend lhal we shall always remember. E lx 1 A-fa... ..i.,,,. lv fwi 'ibegfpiudehi -H125 Q-ca me ef feelihg Juniors From Hwe firsf day of your lurmior year, you had a feeling o? newly acquired imporraruce, for you were rrp logger "Baby L'sf' You were 3rree+ed wifh respecir buy"Hw'eis,em42ors eggHooked upfio by We sophomores. f ' i,Y6fuA,er3?eirecf irrfo"mOre,,acTiyiiIeS Hires year and 'KV" Vrvefi,more'reQQ:5onS?bfli'HeSf'Memfgergf of-your 1ofasSiy'i9Sfere4fe3eC+ed iowplosirfori 51 ofQ1eed4er3Fr?p g erieonq 6? feaiiyf y6eig5'p,grnglee15Qy'fHg sQh6eoif,j:ic?f, tI4ajf 5? bgimg a y ferfdferfoor 'Wei sQ1oHor3r1ere'7 :fuer beirrgr ready ro face H16- fufurei ??Fce,frf'fe V5HfiifGgLf.- 'i:'V Ciegses were harder H-vis fyear ,1'. was spew? in Hue library WMI: emllege 'fQ71tBVQ!'fCQ +0 be ready 'Whaf was the dare of We rGe?fysbfur5 Address? WH4'1 was +519 four+b pr'es3dern'?"fyou pore- dered aa you drufgqiefi ffvrouqh US, H3s+ory.A1Jusi when you Wwuqhf you had masrered 'Wwe amend- werrfz fo We Cff?V'ififKJf?flvU you were swamped ir a more of fFf1rwf,+w forrvwlae an-'i mienaez, , '- But wrrrelww you IFOLWQCW Miarofy Lafkw, and your OH'-ef '-7D'JVS85 arf! a+ Inf? 4? was May. Pemember ,ww uf rims 5-,wr1'ofiH pfarwferi file rug evevh of five lurufsv Se vrff . rr V'r"'rf1- TH: Ho!!-,wfoi Beaftr Hfwef we-1 We '-euzrg fc-r fra? er:f5,aI'+ed eferwncr. If we-2 fa 'NGN Vvffu re"er"rvP'Gf'f You Me"-Hly W6"'iW6"i We ze'-.pri -as fre Finn! e-fefvhz of r.'w"e +04 Hi-ge if a ' feeerffvi We is ejifeavw flea? von weve 'PNN fo f'ep -PM H190 EMOSS ,N A, x , 'A l K 5X ... 1 ,. , qifg- '- 11 : x X x , . . X X- 97- .f -X x . wx- - X.. N. ' M-xx, ' xx- QQ, - -f ,Mg -X-- My awwzfi. NX" ' -X , sn. X by X' 'x A , ,.,. E N X 5 ,gi X W. F Q' XA ,f 'lbw . T , A ii . N0 X A 1 41.503 5 1- .p.g..g., Iugsquj- . ur..-v.-. .- .4 , nv...- - nrwfr. ' :U :S Xi 1 Sig fxfgimx N X 3 ww, ,b ffgxwf - .ex ag X 4. my Q H wage? xx 0 l .X -Af -. 4, A 1 553. V' fi 'V I , ,. 3' "Q E' QE Q 'hu Bergh, Chrisiiana Bergevoy, Gail Berk, Charles Berry, David Berryhill, Roberf Beiz, Roberi Biebel, Barry Bieniclc, James Juniors View Lauderdale in a New Li Biggs, Frances Bird, Mary Bireley, Denoe Bixler, George Black, Glenda Bland, William Bloch, Carole Bloom, Gary Boeiiner, Michael Bollon, Elon Bonham, Thirwall Boorh, Sylvia Bosiain, Linda Bougher, Charles Boughion, Sandra Bowen, Sherrell Bowling, Billie Bowne, Phoebe Boyd, Judy Boye'He, Maxine Brackell, Yvonne Bragg, Lewis Bramer, Corinne Brann, Pandora Brewer, Shirley Brolliar, Charles Brophy, Susan Brown, Franklin A They Become Dignified Upperclassmen Browne, Gordon Browne, Roloerr Bullion, Barbara Bundy, Jim Burch, Ollen Burgess, Roberf Burke, George Burlchardf, Wal+er Busch, Richard Bufler, Pafricia Canfor, Nancy Carlson, Edward Carpenfer, Jalana Carpenfer, Lesley Carroll, Roloerf Carfer, Glenn Carler, Nancy Carfer, William Casoria, Joyce Cavareffa, PaH'i wnvlw WHO' ww! Q. , .M Q jak .X .nf 'Wi K f A 8 1 Q W X A . 'ff' k! N i Q. xr .SE I L ,,,,i,sQ my az.- l w f CR . QQ X wi 7Y' 7 afar-ezf:+2QefA-f 'vffi Cox, Anile a 1 f Q,e.Q'....O 5 fWYflr"9o?94'f"'+1'rr A.. 1 , .5 li ff! Crawford, Tom Lauderdale's own diplomafs, Calhy Pierce and Karen Peselc, discuss Sovier affairs as 'rhey hold up 'rhe "Iron Cur'rain" in a gym class gab-session before roll call. CL SS OF 760 Crenshaw, William Criss, Judifh Croff, Clovis Cross, Sylvia Crossrnan, Adrienne Curfin, John Danner, Barbara Davidson. Barbara Davidson, Diane Davis, Charles Davis, Deborah Davis, Gail Day, Joseph Day, Marvin Declcard, Don Deiderich, Dixie DeLand, JoAnn LeLeeuw, Carol Delvlilly, William Demmery, Dean .1 'sf WW swf"-'af QS, gt, ee, Dennison, Larry Derlhiclc, David DeVaul+, Keirh Deverell, Barbara Dew, Sara. DiBlasi, Howie DiGiovanni, Barbara Di+zler, Toyerle Then' Class Dance Rewards Juniors i Doak, Sandra Doepke. Noel Doerfler, Maureen Dolliver, Judy Donahue, Shirley Dolson, Lovola Dolls, Judy Douglas, Linda Dowds, Richard Drebber, Susan Duclan, Deanne Dunlevy, Carol Durden, Alera Durham, James Edwards, Linda Elferdinlc, Lenore Elferdinlc, Lynda Ellis, John Elmore, Doris Ely, Darlene me f f '52 4 M . 1:25 . . A ,....f,.,,H W, ,Zi ,.. - W , ugly .1 5 4 , of , .l aw , ,-y fag Q L1 1, " 2 w i 5' . A W , ,,,,. 4 A 2, ,r 4 A 4 4? fs f azsvrafr-" ' 0' 'Y 0 wwf? V A I 4 0 I W' A . V M f wf W A my I VW! W, 1 if ivy 9 am' Nofe passing is slill "in 'lhe groove," according 'ro Be+sy Fishburn and Ernesl Harden. Bul' Coach Malfby doesn'+ seem 'ro Jrhink Jrhe no+e perlains 'lo U.S. Hisfory. CLASS OF 760 Gilberf, Donald Gilroy, Carolyn Gladu, Dan Gordillo, Elsa Gornfon, John Graham, Lynn Graham. William Gray, Lu+her Greenlree, Mary Gross, Pairicia Grumbar, Palrick Haar, Jonny Hale, Carol Hall, Roberf Hall, Parricia Haneline, Nelda Hanks, Roger Harberson, Carole Harden, Ernesl Harlow, Alberl' Gnbson, Mark Glddens, Sandy I Hart Alice Harrigan, E+l1el "Gafl'1er Ye Rosebuds while Ye may," appears. io be Mary Jo Er-slcine's mario as she fakes advaniage of Twirp Seasdn +o' fake Jim Bundy +0 'lbe Naviga+or's annual Siomp and Chomp. ' CLASS UF '60 '-num. .34 C ik-ff WHY 4' .v" Haskins. Judy Haskins, Meredifh Haslam, Marflwa Hauch, Bonnie Haupr, Claudia Hayes, Robbie Heacoclc, Beverly Heath, Susan Hebert William Heclrerf, Michael Hedslrom, Rullw Heep, Linda Hempsreacl. Janice Henderson, James Herzog, Jane? Higgins. Sam Hill, Carol Hinckley, Murray Holliday, Roberf Half, Jennifer Hollon, Belly Holzer, Fred Howard, Sally Hower, Kay Hudson, Harris Huff, Nancy Huizenga, Bonnie Hummel, Lorna Semester Exams Brin uch tudy for Hummel, Valerie l-lurH', Thomas Hulchinson, Dennis Hulchinson, Linda lmbrogno, Princess lrby. James lrish, Nancy Jackson, David Jackson, Judilh Jacobson, Barbara Jarrell, Bill Jensen, Peler Johns, Palricia Johnson, Barbara Johnson, Joyce Johnson, Karen Johnson, Tecl Jolley, Joseph Jones, Anloinelle Jones, Judy Karslen, Lynne Kafsilcas, Billie Sue Kealon, Jo Anne Keena, Roberr Kelley. Sylale Kerr. Samuel Kinelc, Mary Befh Kingsley, Marsha Juniors Vlfhile Twirp Season Provides Fun Kirlc, Anne Kleiger, Sheri Klima, Roberf Klulcoslci, Barbara Knopsnyder, Wallace Knowles. Thelma Koeri, Abbie Kohler, Roxie Kohlmeyer, Gail Kon, Joseph Konecny, Ronald Koppleman, Barbara Kormanyos, Edward KOH, Dana Krassy, Kennelh Kroeh, Carol Krpara, Karen Kuloala, Alberl Lamson, Alberf Lamar, Lawson 0' "l'd love 'fo go!" squeals Judy Haskins as Frank Clark finally asks her for lhal all-imporlanl dale 'ro The Junior-Senior Prom. CLASS OF '60 Larsen, Mary Jo Larson, Richard Laury Kennelh Lealherbarrow, George Leeson, Kaaran LeGel'le, Billie LeGeHe, Sandra Lehr, Carolyn Leonard, Arlene Leonard. Diane Leonard, Marqarel' Lewis, Leonard Lewfon, Sandra Linane, Gail Lippman. Kennerh Lilrle. Jeffrey Loader, Gary Loflis, Roberf Lolciec, Edward Long, Philip Losey, George Lovarco, Rulh hx " - W yn m 3 ,Qt t c. 3, -O" if 1. .wp X fw 1 ," . t :Z A 4 Q. Q S- A - 4,3154 Q' .ng . 'LJ ff: ','-F gfk .L K . .I . mn- ,,,, kwa.. .1 .H 5 sq., ': Manlwill, David Marable, Linda Kay Marcum. Elsie Marlcer, Juclillw Marshall, Harry Marshall, William Marlin, Lawrence Marlin, Mac A Last It's Prom Time ith Juniors Mason, Kallierine Mallhews, James Maxwell, Cecil Meadows, Susan Meisenburg, Nancy Menelee, MaryJo Merriclc, Marilyn Melzger, Guy Michie, Virginia Miller, Carol Miller, James Miller, Marilyn Miller, Roberi' Millilcan, William Minen, Sleplnen Mock, LouneHe Monlcus, Tom Moore, Casfles Morris, Roberl Morris, Rulh ld-A fx 'VW V'- Q ,A f v f f,v,,4' Excitedly Nagell Ray Nanlcin, Helen Nelsen Gale Nelsen Wendy Nelson, Margie Nelson, Tom Nevin, Susan Newlon, Vicki Nicholson, Jeffrey Noland, Donald Norwood, John Nugent Dan O'kelly, LoreHa Orberg, John Osborne, Barbara Osenga, Wilbur Ousley, Sandra Owens, Jerry Page. Kalherine Panzer, Judifh Plannin for This Morris, Virginia Morrissefle, Roberl' Mueller, Thomas Mullins, Laura Munclrick, Dan Munger, Richard Muzzell, Alberl Myres, Shelley Lavish ,, ,,. 'ki f7 Geniuses a+ work? No Bll urnn Don Surlon and Dean Folou are foreigners in Jrhe slrranqe world of sludy Theres research o be done and books 'ro be read CLASS OF 60 Parlcs, Roger Pavlish, Tony Pearce. Harry Pedrazas. Wayne Pelleferi, Marsha Pereira, Donna Perkins, Judy Perrigo, Roloerf Peselc, Joseph Peselc, Karen Pelerman, Marlha Peferson, Dora Pfeiffer. Gerald Piclcelf, Phillip Picozzi, Henry Pierce, Calherine Pierce, Norman Pisano, JoAnn Poe. Be'r+y Poinfer, Lee Ann Z' :Aw .4 '-ur xr J rg "J, I-fr . - i ' :- uh 5 I I 'W 5 1,-Q .Q I., 7 54 'le X P. .-. AW A , ska- . ' 'lj ' ! V ' nu l Lt ci-. '- ...s 33 L.. if..:Q" 'vu' 4.- in ."- flff 53' .41- QE -it ,lf 1105 Robert Judiih Roberlson, Joan Roberson, June Roof, Margarel' Rooney, John Rowell, Gregory Rupchock, Suelly Rushion, Darrell Fl Helpful Juniors Gladly Offer Their id to Russel, Pairicia Rufherford. Helen Sanderson, Waller Saniella, Dennis Sasadu, Joseph Scanlon, Geraldine Schmidt Alice Schmidt Raymond Schneider, Barbara Schuller, Denise ScoH, Thomas Secord, Virginia Seese, Guy Sellers, Joe Selz, Suzanne Sharp, Charlene Sharpe, JoAnn Shaw, Harrie? Sheard, Elizabefh Sheridan. Carol 'W if s my la' , f , f , V ., , ff gf, I Q be I jf Q , f Q , dp , yy ' 1 Ii!!! if 7 A Shinnick, Marie Shipley, Sharron Shoemaker, Karin Shove, Marjorie Shovellon, Linda Simmons, Florence Simons, Darlene Sisco, Roy SC1'1i01'S OH That Eventful Graduation ight Sleek, Thelma Slupe, Georgia Smalley, Larry Smilh, Carl Smi+h, Jane+ Smirh, Judifh Smifh, William Snyder, Pafricia Snyder, Richard Snyder, Roberf Soblif, Becky Sparks, Edward Spavin, Jill Spiegel. Nancy Spiller, Nancy Sfarn, Charles Sfarr. John Sfarr. Larry Sfeele, Joan Sfifel, Karen ,f'1": 'me Stillman, Carmin Stimpson, John Stolze, Marilyn Stralcer. Susan Straughan, Elsie Stumpff. Kirby Stutz, Carl Sumwalt, Nancy Surmialc, Joanne Sutton, Don 6 7 7 Let S Head for the Beach! Shout jubilant Swable, Ken Swaby, Vernice Swensen, Curtis Swindell, Paul Tanton, Deena Tarquine, William Tavlin, Janet Taylor, David Tebo, Joan Thibault. Barbara Thieme, David Thixton, Christina Thomas, Barbara Thomas, Karen Thompson, Ben Thompson. Joan Thompson, Mary Thorsfensen, Linda Thurlow, Jeffery Thrus'l'on, Edwynn Tirnler, Paul Tilrus, Jeffrey Tocci, Leonard Todd, Virginia Tompkins, Myra Townsend, Tamara Traulhwein, Linda Trimblefi, Linda Troncin, Tom Truman, David Juniors Anticipating a Wonderful Vacation Tucker, Judilh Ullian, Charles Ulrich, Bonnie Ursini, Ann Usry, Gerald Valenrine, Richard Valenfine, William Van Ausdall, Lynn Vogel, Barbara Volpe, Joyce Voslaielc, Lila Vofau, Thomas Wagner, Bruce Wagner, Susan Wagoner, Palsy Waife, Carol Waldron, Elizabefh Wale, Bob Wallbanlc, Susan Warden, Donna HTPIGTBIS a me'l'hod 'fo my madness groans Jill Spavin as nurse Bonnie Ulrich checks her lemperalure When I have an ailaclc I miss Senora Kallahers Spanish +es'r!" CLASS OF 60 Warner, Daniel Warren, Dennis Waslcow, Melvin Walson, Lana Wayne, John Weiss, Rulh Wells, Jerry Wells, William Wemes, Norman Weslrloerry, Mary Whalen, Roberl Wheeler, Ernesl While, Bonnie Jean While, William Wilcox, Richard Wilhelm, Donna Wilkinson, Darla Williams, Michael Williams, Randall Willis, Claucle+'re I' "Nex+ year il' will be our +urn," are +he lhoughfs of Ted Johnson and Sylvia Cross as lhey dreamily wafch lhe excifed seniors gelfing ready for lheir annual Senior Skip Day. CLASS OF '60 Willis, Nancy Wimberly, Susan Winlclepleclc, Palricia Winningham, Tim Wise, Roger Wisener, Gerald Wolfe, Joyce Wolfe, Richard Wollam, Sleve Wood, Sian Workman, Richard Worlhley, Carol Wrains, James Wrighl, Donald Wriqhl, George Wright Parricia Wrighf, William Wunsch. Roberl Yurchuclc, Jay Zeien, John Ji :gm Y' Ll . .V .. Q - A Q - sl s k 4 ff ,L 14' F-1 1' ,,,,..4 e is 1 , I. Q wi, 4 1 I w 1 3, L 52 ,j,,, 1' Sophomores 'Your flrsryear al LHS, and you enrer lnro every- thing yyilh an enlhuslasm and spirir +ha+ characrer- ?Zes sophoroofe's.During +hSs all-Emporlanrr year, you fouod, ,lhal sen-Sorsjviere lnofgsofforbhzfdino ras Jrhe-y heel Seeded, ellholeigh rfhey harrassercfz you Qonslanr- lyrfffrher firsff yorrl g-alnedf oonlidehce' las you 'leerrfieol fhefwayffrhrou'gh,fhe neezewolfhallvfeysf by lhe end of fhe ilinaw lineW'1borh'ifers'es of fhe 'fAlma:MalerQ" Y' 's f Juslaas ,fhe words 'Whe' las?" were one Jrheslipsiof ihe seniors, you lcepl saying' Hihe flrsffglherelfwas The firsl assembly, class clance, and 'rhe fire? cigb meeling you alofenoledz each of lhese flrslsflilleel you wilh awe and wonder. ' f "Sophomores are our besl cusfomersf' exciarrned lhe upperclassmen. Bur in spire of 'rheir leasing: you kepf righl on buying lhe mos? shakers. calendars, and Flying L fwins. You nor only cheered 'rhe lc-uclesi' al lhe baslcelball games. buf you also led fhe Alll "A" Honor Roll. , Though you may have fell small and insignificanf in pep assemblies as fhe juniors and seniors swarmed past They realized fhal if 'rhere were no sophomores fhe sluclenl body would be incomplele. Officers who led Hue Sophomores in Jrlwal all-imporlanl lirsl year al Ll-lS Pfesldenl' Vice-Presidenf Secre'l'ary Treasurer JGVVY Slewarl Sandy Jenin Mary Rickey Sue Diaclc CLASS OF 961 Abel, Slwarleen Aloele, Eva Adamo, Cindy Adams, Thomas Agnini, Mike Alexander, Gail Allen. Allen Allen Allen l-larriel Judillw Keilh Linda ve, Allison, Jim Anderson, Joe Anderson, Marrha Anderson, Peler Andrews, Jim Angell, Nancy Argyros, Belh Arnold, Roberl Ary, Charlofle Asher, Phil Aubry, Parricia Aunapu, Bonnie Baird. Charles Baldwin, Virginia Ball, James Ballier, Bonnie Barloa, George Barbarsuly, Eleanor Bard, Susan Barrick, George Barron, Harold Barlz, Nila Barzilay, Bonila Beach, Roberl Beaflie. Ronald Bealfy, Richard , Becker, Bonnie CLASS Beye, Lorraine Bielek, Dale Bingham, James Binnix, Roberr Bissinger, Sandy Birrner, Jerilynn Black, Lamar Blackburn, Lanny Blackwell, Donald Blanron, Linda Blomsrrom, Maureen Bombard, Susan Bonvechio, Roloerl Boorman, Rae Ann Boyes, Arla Becker, Mariorie Beckerf, Glenda Bell, Ada Bell, Lloyd Bellassai, Salvalore Bennefr, Margarel' Belron, Kafhryn Bevan, Roberr UF 761 Brader, Sandra Bradshaw. William Breen. Janel Breese, William Brindell, James Brislol, Norma Brown, Ann Brown, James Bruaw, Linda Bruce, l'lerber'l' Bruschi, Joe Brusiclc, Janis Buckley, Palricia Buckley, Roy Burch, Kaihleen Lauderdaleis Bah is rrive and Plunge Burflcell, Franklin Burlcey, Leo Burlchari, Judy Burlnharl, Kalhy Burns, Kalhleen Bush, Waller Busler, Failh Bullerlield, William BuH'on, Beverly Canavan, Judilh Carlsen, Frances Carr, Sharon Carrulhers, James Carler, Dan Carlwrighi, Mariorie Cafes, Ed Cauclill, Teresa Cavelier, Eric Chamberlain, Jerry Chanady, William Chrislian, Sandra Clarlc, Sandra Clarlce, Gran? Clayfon, Frances Cline, Robin Close. John Cobb, Kennefh Cohen, Merrilyn Colquifl, Donny Combes. Susan Comer, Mary Conaway. Willia Conboy, Thomas Cone, William Conn, Keilrh IT1 Bewildered Into the Whirlpool of ctivities Conness, John Connon, Terry Connor, Nancy Coolc, Johanna Coon, Arihur Cooper, Judifh Coss, Pafricia Coslellc. James Cowg'l Dale Craig, Roberf Crlss, Sue Crifchley. Joan? Crowe, Larry Culver, Joyce Dade, Reber? D'Ange'ls Sasarna Davis Donald Davis Edwin Day, Cam? le Day, Slephen Dean, Alberf Delzrances, Ray Delano, Barbara Dennison, Ronald DePadro, Roberi' DeWiH, Don Diaclc, Suzanne Diclwrenmueller, Marilyn Dixon, William Dixon, Sharon Docen, Peggy Downes, Timolliy Drum, Diane Dulce, Rosemary Dunlwam, Duane Dunn, Diane Durand, Slella Durrence, Palricia Dushelc, Jol'in Duvall, Larry Dvorak, Sue Dye, Ray Dye, Ted Eddie, Frances CLASS OF '61 Amazed a+ all +l1ey're hearing, +l1e Sophomores lis+en excifedly as ine various campus clubs. organizafions, and ac'rivi+ies are explained +o 'llwem in +l'1eir firsl' as- sembly af LHS. Eden, Jim Edwards. Bonnie Edwards. Dennis Eisner, Kallwleen Elliolf, Nancy Ellis. Sandy Endicoll, James Ernst Bunny Efling, Douglas Garbee, Donald Garcelon Jean Gardner, Berla Gardner, James Gasgar+h. Donald Geary, William Genfry, Jayne Geoffrey, Joseph Gernon, Frank Evans, Beverly Eve, Lindsay Fabiano, Janice Fairfield, Kafhie Fairwealher, George Farrish, Pamela Feldman, Reber? Firzmaurice, Judy Flafo, George Flesh, Terrence Flynn, Maureen Forman, Sandy Folou, Dean Francforf, Georgeffe Francis, Ronald Franz. Linda Frazier, Paula Friese, John Froling, Dale Fuga+e, Willis Fuhrer, Vicki Gadcl, Randall Gagne, Carol Gale, Barbara CLASS OF '61 A 'lwo-way radio connecfs Jane Beasley's home wi'rh Mr Ogden's English class, allowing Jane To parlicipaie in class discussions and for each +eacher 'ro give 'rhe as signmenls direcfly 'ro her. Q yw. New Routine Graves, Curlis Green, Nancy Greene. Judilh Greene, Thomas Gregory, Clarence Greve, Bonnie Griffin, Belly s.Grifli+h, Rulh Grofsliy, Marlene Guslafson, Fredrick Guslavson, Tylar Gusfinella, James Gulhrie, Suzanne Haag, James Haclcmer, Larry Haines, Howard Hall, Leslie Hammond, Alexander Hammond, John Hancock, Thomas Gheen, Joan Gibbons, Gail Giberson, Trudy Gibson, Harry Gibson, Susan I Gieges. James Gilharl, David Gill, Winifred Gilslrap, Pamela Glenn, Lewis Goddu, Barbara Goebel, Palsy Good, Edmund Gooden, Susan Graham, Jane Be ins for ophomores ih Haneline, Donald Hanes, Terri Hanna, Blair Harrison, Jim Hariness, Rober+ Harlne+'r, Ronald Halch, Michael Hayes, Arlene Hayes, Judi+l1 Haynes, Don Healey, Sue Heasley, Alyce Hecllesion, Joan Henderson, Fred Henderson, Karen i ii- S ports, Pep Assemblies, Clubs, and Henderson, Linda Hendrickson, Gerard Hess, Paige Heweli, Lorraine Hickman, Judy Hicks, Sandra Hill, Craig Hill, Millard Himes, Judy Hiney, Susan Hodges, Lynn Hoffmann, Sleve Hogan, Paul Hogan, Terry Hollerbacln, Ari Holion, Raymond Horion, William Howard, Sue Hoy, Nan+elle Hriczo, Carolyn Work! l-ludle++, Palricia Hudson, Ralph Huey. Charloile l-lunl, Chariiy l-lunlerf John l-lursey, Michael l-luslon, Ronald l-lulchinson, Jan lnglis, Richard lnnes. James Ives, Cheryl Jacobson, Margare+ Jarrell, Nancy Jenin, Jenlcin Sandra s, Sue Johnson. Gail Johnson, l-lans Johnson, Karen Jones. Alan Jones, Linda Jones, Sidney Jorde, Dianne Joshlyn, Edgar Joslin. Marilyn M '," if , 42 1- ,+, NJ. "5 '13L:ii.5,2f:??Z? c . N 9 f ' uygi? CLASS OF '61 lf's lhe same old roclr buf in a new selling and filled wilh food for needy families. Sue Combs and Sherry Shapiro carefully examine iusl one of +he many Thanks- giving baslcefs donaled by LHS clubs. l Joy, Joyce Kaunilz, Peler Keane. William Keafing, Philip Keil, James Kelley, Daniel Kelvinglon. Craig Kennedy, David Kenl, Cynlhia Lawhon, Richard Leaird, Bill Leavifr. Ronald Lee. Sieve Lee, Wilson LeGrand, Saundra Lehew. Donald Lehr, Ralph Lenwell, 1 Kelchum, Karyll Kelchum, Kalhryn Key, Doris Keyes. Rufh Kidd, Virginia I King, Royal Kingsmill, Lee Kirlc, Diclc Kisslan, Dorofhy Knight Jere Knowles, Kalhleen Koller, Mike X Koonlz, Franelle Kraynalc, George Krerners, Susan Kubala. Sfanley Kuhl, Bruce Kuhlmann, Michele Lamar, John Lamson, Judy Langner, Paulelfe Lanning, Judy Laubheimer, Margarel Law, Michael CLASS OF '61 Wi+h quesiioning looks, Bonny Balfier and Judy Allen lislen affenlively as Jerry Slewarf, class presidenl, and Miss Bryant sponsor, explain 'rhe year's proiecis ai a sophomore board meeling. 4'i1 . 2 an 4 A 5 1.' A if l ,A ,, u ,. 14 al "2 4 I L.: ,a .I Michelle Lu' 'Mr' X y ., 5 ,Cr I Lewis, Pefer Libolle, Edilh Linrhicum, Jo Ann Loos, Roberla Loveless, Linda Lowa, Ann Luce. Marrha McCar'rl1y, Karen McClung, Palrricia McCormack, Carolyn McCoy, Judy McCrary, Charles McDowell, Linda McElfreslw, Linda McElroy. Brenda 6Best Yetf Exclaim Sophs Enthusiastically McElroy, Linda McGee. Sandra Mcln+osli, Price McKenna, Jim McLean, Nancy McQueen, John McVey, James Maddux. Jay Magness,Jol1n Malone, David Manning, Ronald Manning, Sandra Manno, Carmen Manoslw, Sandra Marlcel, Peggy Marlin, Karen Marlorelli. Richard Marlorelli, Roberl Mason, Georgia Marhabel. Arrlwur Mafhis, Carol Mafonis, Srephen Malson, Carl Mallhes, Diane Maffull, Terry Maul, Sandra Maver, Thornfon Merolle, Mary Merrill, Richard Meyer, Marfha Midclleron, Sue Miller, Eric Miller, Sally Miller, Sharon Miller, Tom 1 As The Prepare for Their Class Dance Mills, Nancy Mifchell, John Monfefusco, James Moore, Mike Moorman, James Morgan, Ellen Morsicafo, James Mulcahy, Jane? Mulford, Randy Mulsoro, Marcia Murphy, Francis Murray, Diclcron Nagell, Dennis Nealey. Zeke Nelson, Barry Nelson, Diana Nelson. Sanford Neufeld, Ronald Neuhar'rh,'Jol'in Nichols, Palsy Nicholson, Dale Nicol, Molly Norse, S+ansbury Norlh, June Norron, Randall okeiiy, Sleven Oleson, Lois Olowecki, Sleve O'Neill, Marsha Oslin, David Osman, Pauline Oslerhoucll, Lincla Olis, Edward OH, Kennelh Ousley, Judy Pail, Karl Palin, Palricia Palleschi, Barbara Palmer, Frank Palmer, John Parcell, Samuel Pardue, Tarzi Parish, Sherrie Parker, Barbara CLASS OF '61 Finished pracficing for The day, Jrhe J.V. cheerleaders, Susie Rablen, Pal Zimmerman, and Judy Allen, wail for Nancy Green and Ka+hy Fairfelcl ro give Jrhem ai chance al lhe "cool, cool wafer." Parker, Belsie Parker, Bonnie Parrish, Carson Parry, Ken Pascal, Ken Pa++on, Terry Paxlron, John Pedersen Janice Pellelreri. Joan Pellicci, Joel Pendergrasi, Kuri Pendlelon, Donald Pereira, Mary Jane Perez, Bill X Porler, Quina, Rea. Gwen Ready. David Rebholz, Vi ncenl Reed. Donna Reed. Linda Reilly. Lynne Reilly. Sherry Reinholz, Ginny Reynolds, Palricia Pelro, Rex Peliii, John Pfeifer, Jean Piclcell, Sandy Piclcrel, PaH'y Picone, Rurh Pierce. Elizabelh Pisano, Joe Plummer, Linda Poinfer, Bill Poole, Anloineiie Porco, Anlhony Porell, Pefer George Powell, Judiih Powers. Douglas Thomas Rablen, Susie Rayburn, Gale CLASS OF 961 Beaiing a cafchy ryhihm, Sue Gibson, Pal Zimmerman Ray Delzrances, and Susan Bard clap Their hands.,i0m ing Pai Builerfield as he pounds ii our on his bongo drums, al' one of lhe sophs' many parlies. Q A m As the Rickard, Ralph Rickel, George Rickey, Mary Riggio, Richard Riggs. Ru+h Riles. Thomas Ringer, Barbara Rissling, Dolores Roark, James Robinson, William Roddenberry, Richard Rogers, Joel Rogers, Palricia Roncaglione, Anila Rose, Bob Year of 19 8- 9 Draws to a Close Rossman, Janel' Rowe, Barbara Rush, Ellen Sabalini, Donald Sager, Jo Ann Sanders, John Sarne, Joseph Sayers. Paul Schaber, Belly Schadel, Lees Schilling, Susan Schmilz, Maxine Scho++,- Gerald Schoyen, James Schoyen, Jerald Scolf, Carol Scoll, Jay Scofl, Palricia Scrogqin, Joseph Seal, Palricia Selliff, Donna Shall, David Shanlc, Sally Shannon, Alberl Shapiro, Sherry Shaw, Johnny Sheehan, Bill Shelby, Tim Shivers, Phyllis Shoolc, William Shules, Paul Skinner, James Smilh, Jusline Smifh, Marvin Smilh, Richard the Once Bah 'CBJ is Are Now Mi hty is Snowden, Carol Snyder, Leslie Spain, Mary Sparks. Guy Spillane, Neil Spooner, Judy Spridilc, Judee Slacey, Tahia Sianley. Brenda Sleinlage, Adolph Sreinlage. John Slevens, Bobbe Lee Sfephens, Louise Slewarr, Gerald Sfimpson, Shirley SMH, Barbara Srolcell, Barbara Slolzenburg, Bing Srone, Gail Slrails, Lloyd 5 Srreefer, Bobby Sullivan, Donald Sullivan, Terrance Swear, Pam Sweelman, Leanne Symonerle, James Taylor, Belly Taylor, Carole Taylor, Susan Thiel, Joan Thomas, Wayne Thompson, Eddie Thompson. Pafricia Tiecler-nan, Tom Tillolson, Penny Tipron, Jenia Todaclc, Thomas Troncin, Michael Trubey, Roger Tucker, James Tucker, Joseph Turner, Dianna CLASS OF 961 "Noi all 'A's'l Only 'Ns' and 'B's'l" says Ken Parry To Cynfhia Adamo as 'rhey sign rhe honor roll. Sophomores really pul' 'rhe upperclassmen To shame when fhey led Jrhe honor roll one six weeks. Ullian, Arlhur Van Allan, Jackie Van Allan, Tom Van Meeleren, Bob Wagner. Chris Warner, Roberr Waflers, Sherri Wesl, Michael Wesl, Pamela - Q mis Vf-'cc-'E Barbra VJL'4e Jae' Vf?"e Qe"f vfl'--2 Ly-- VJ':ke'sFa"' KV? Vfkef :'a"es 1 I VJ' K-5 Je"f Vf 'a"s l.'f"9 Vl' 'a"'s Qin! V!f 'a"s Se'd'a VJ' ',..-S VXA'-Q-1 Vfnsgf Gale Y W':::' K5LL"'f'T VI?-d4a"' W"'7a'n Vf'Le's, Ka'-5' W'se-'a' Dena V!:':, We' Vl:5e"ge' RUE W -f- S :A- f--I V!'a'Le'. JCL' x'X S4a'c W. "e Eehf Yeege' 'Ne'd Zesaf' Se':i'f- Z"-'e D21 Z"'-'e""a' PaL":'e ZL.'bp'Q Ka" ee V!":jF' Ef:'E:a'a V!-:QV Gevge CLASS OF '61 Baby L's fhundered :N L?e 5Te'd '1 H'gH spYri+s as +455-e :fre gf: s'a Wed of ?He7r wfngs as J.V.'s. I:e-:ie-sa" Eatf Q: ac a seascv ci 'Free wf's and 'Ive ':ss .-... . , 1 Y , 3 3 5 U Q - 0 "' i - -1 - ll , , .s v 1 In f ' FQ s qv' ,. ,,,,,, ,, L xl S111 Zig: Pefer Beaiey Jane 'lf ' -,l' "Os I Soon i6lii'6!' i'he'dismissal bell ringefin. The affer-ii i noon, you swarm 'lhrouqh lhe doorways, Scramble lo your cars. and horn our of lhe parking lol lo swell lhe heavy liallic of Forl Lauderdale. There is a feeling of harmony which exisls be- lween you, ihe sludenis of LHS, and The local businessmen. They are always willing 'ro buy ads in ihe newspapers, yearboolc, and class play programs. They donaie many ilerns for 'rhe dances and Home- coming lloals. Wiihoul Their cooperaiion and help. Senior Work Day would loe an impossibilily. You swarm lhe slreeis palronizing 'lhe slores of Forl Lauderdale which form ils pulse and are ils life and sirenglh. They are 'rhe ones lhal have helped 'lo make lhis annual possible for you. Y"" J ,gf A--sg 5 , 9-li .,'. 6 CAROL CARTER Headquarfers for PENDLETON SPORTSWEAR and LANZ ORIGINALS Locafecl Downfown Across from fhe Posf Office Judy Griffin l Doug McLaughlin Ginger Humphrey Flowers Say It Better Congrafulafions and Besf Wishes fo fl1e Class of l959 GRANT'S FLOWERS I509-A Easf Las Olas Blvd JA 2-8l I5 Be a Good Sport Try MALLISON'S 202 S. E. 2nd Sfreei' Rick Munger, Pem Demille. Bob Hall Pai' Boofh Todd Grehl CROFT'S JEWELERS Headquariers for . . . CLASS RINGS CLUB PINS GOVERNOR'S CLUB HOTEL BUILDING Dennis Hufchinson Suzi Smi'I'I1 An Arrangemenl' of "American Beau+ies" +o Exlend Our Very Besl' Wishes lo 'lhe Class of '59 CHARLENE'S Fashion Lounge and Bridal Solon 2209 Hollywood Blvd. Wabash 2-56l3 HOLLYWOOD, FLORIDA Ava Ann Camp, Sandy Johnson, Barbara Hepp, Barbara Roman, Barbara Guercia .gl-. Save It for a Ronny Day at FIRST NATIONAL BANK Congra'I'uIa+ions and Bes+ Wishes Io 'rhe CIass of I959 FIRST NATIONAL BANK in Forl' Lauderdale, Florida The Drive-In Bank MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Pa++y Nickel Nancy Schmidi' SUGAR AND SPICE Has Everything Nice Spechhjng hithe Unusual DELICATESSEN-CATERERS i Barbara Hepp 3350 N. E. 32 S+. Miles Corner Get in the Swing of Things Attend DELLE ACADEMY OF DANCE Featuring . . . MODERN TAP TOE BALLROOM DANCING North Andrews CHRISTENE DE LAZZERO WHISTLE BAIT in Thai' Ou'I"Fi+ From BELK-LINDSEY IOI Soufh Andrews Avenue Mary Sue Wil Jim Coulier DON'T Do I+ Yourself! Call GILL CONSTRUCTION II3 S. E. 2nd S+ree+ Jackson 2-2864 N Cary Griffi You'lI Be the APPLE of Her Eye When You Take Her to CREIGHTON'S for APPLE PIE "THE WORLD'S BEST APPLE PlE" Sandy K h Da HI11' CREIGHTON'S RESTAURANT AND GIFT SHOP nded by DUNCAN HINES Do People Soy . . Barb Guercia Aqua Furor OR Ah . . . Coiffure - Just for You - We Will Cul . . . Shape . . . Sl'yle and Wave Your Hair We Are Experls in All Branches of Beauly Cullure JOSE HAIRDRESSER 3l00 N. E. 9+h Sl. Harbor Beach Plaza Near Ocean of Cleveland l7'l'h Sl'ree'l' Causeway IT COULD HAPPEN TO YOU Be Insured With LINDSAY A INSURANCE AGENCY . 200 Easl' Broward Blvd. Office Number 3 P.O. Box 8l5 Call Jackson 3-20l3 Nancy Arno'H' Every+hing From A 1'o Z Can Be Found Where You See . HOBBY HOUSE "On +he Pogi' Office Corner' For a Car Fit for a King or a Queen - See KING MOTORS 700 Eas+ Sunrise Boulevard Ja 3-732i New and Used Cars RENTALS . . . TRUCKS Mary George King To Salisfy Your Sweel Tool'l1 Go +o STEVENS BAKERY 2II S. W. 2nd S+ree+ Jackson 2-224l Pele Clemenis Carolyn Biggers Anyone for . . . ? BROWARD SPORT SHOP Has a Complele Line of Sporfing Equipmenl' 25 Sou+h Andrews Ave. Mackey Alley el' l V For Anything From Athletes Foot to Zymosis . . . We Have the Pills to Cure Your llls CORAL PHARMACY 3058 N. Federal Highway Mary Hildebrandt fill The Best Investment on Earth Is Earth Get the Latest Dirt on Real Estate- Homes, Acreage, Lots From- EAST CCAST PROPERTIES IlI2 South Federal Highway Logan 4-l700 Jackson 2-8589 BART AND MARGORIE SPIEGEL Joe Young For PURE Pleasure . . SMOKING X? A. 7 22""1 Keep Your Car in Shape by Having It Serviced at HAROLD'S PURE OIL STATION 822 N. E. 3 Avenue HAROLD ARNOTT, Prop. Ann Bryan. Judy Orr, Gail Linane, Judy Griffin I THE C l. NY Have +l1e Popular Beach and Sporfswear So Much in Demand a+ Popular Prices You Demand SEE OUR SMART STYLES AT BOTH LOCATIONS 2480 E. Sunrise Boulevard Lynn Gilroy and Marcia Miison Gal+ Ocean Mile Barbara Roma T Don'+ Be Sfranded Wifhoui' a Car Buy a Mercury, H"s Besl' by Far FT. LAUDERDALE uNcol.N-MERCURY co Corner of Sunrise and Andrews Ave. Dave Zwiclc Get That Professional Look AHend BROWARD BUSINESS COLLEGE 370 S. E. Zncl S+ree+ Ja 2-04II Penny Sal: Go Where All the Gong Goes See You a'I' PIZlO'S I505 S. E. 6 Ave. Norma Combs There's an Easier Way +o Move!! Call FORT LAUDERDALE TRANSFER II29 Wesi' Broward Jackson 2-l454 Don Ralsron Straight From the Horse's Mouth "For fhe Besi' Riding in Town" Gef on Hue Trail fo BIRCH PARK STABLES Birch Park Logan 4-97l3 Bev Forman l333 N. Federal Highway Wilma Pursel Jo Ann Sfumpff D D d ee u an DeE'H'e McPl1eron Don'+ Be a Sigh Looking for a Good Time Thal' Will Bowl You Over? See You a+ LAUDERDALE LANES l9l0 S. W. 40+h Avenue 32 Auloma'l'ic Lanes Reslaura nl' Complerely Air Condirioned Cuslom Drilled Balls While U Wail l Sh I Holland Don't Be Half Safe Be Completely Safe With . . . R. B. LEONARD INSURANCE COMPANY General Insurance 4l3 Broward Nafional Bank Building Jaclcson 3-439l C ol Leonard Francie McKnigl1+, Bill Myers, Rennie Riclcer, Dede Bireley, Barb Greene Bob Huni, Joan Roberfson, Dan Mundriclc, Ann Fleming, Dick Sharp Anytime ls a Good Time for the Good Taste of COKE Sign of Good Tas+e FORT LAUDERDALE COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO 644 S. Andrews Avenue Gumamp Lolllpop " BROWN'S 5 81 I0 gfopfmwqw ls the Place to Shop! I5l0 Sou+h Andrews Ave. We're Noi' Beefin' When We Say 'The Besi' Meaf in Town" Comes From HAINE'S MEAT COMPANY l20 N. E. 2 S+. II' Makes Good CenI's Io Save aI' BROWARD NATIONAL BANK 25 SouI'I1 Andrews Ave. C IAd WE GIVE . . . Service-As Close As Your Telephone BUSINESS EQUIPMENT COMPANY 209 E. Las Olas Blvd. 3I5 N. E. 3rd Ave. Wendy TayI ,E ff ,X hi -,J AMERlCA'S FASTEST GROWING NEWSPAPER FORT LAUDERDALE NEWS eehnrwq p"" Q, QSFEDEMT O f ' Ailan-he Federal mum , S f , -is V --u - bg: V x 4-'I 'Ns S- 'Tix if URRMSCIV I ngs AND LOAN Assoc-Af-ON ' I .:.!'T5a:5:Hr F . wif, 1 ,"f: 5 ' rf: I rub- A Mm 1-1. P. Greep, President a Phone JA 3-5406 ' V .' Mann Office: 5 T' P I -'l ..-. ,-- , . ..!!!U"i'Z'2"?H , V' X T En g H Sunrzse Blvd. and N. E. 17th Way .rg gmwi L I , - - 1 - E "' - So th Side Office: 1523 South Andrews Avenue ' 4- - g Save The Smar+ Way - Through fhe KEY CLUB SAVINGS BANK 13 5 A .ur Q" 'B ,U ,. N, h A ' . 1-H-. . . 5 -:MJ leaf 94 We can 'Fill By liquid or pill Your every prescriplion An ounce or a +on. Larry Thibau+, AI Aunapu MEDICAL ARTS PHARMACY 7l5 Eas+ Broward Boulevard You'II Sleep Better on a BROWARD MATTRESS 3805 SouI'h Federal Highway JA 3-I980 JA 2-I I00 Pam Hycle, Mr. A. J. Swirbul I'M ALL WRAPPED UP IN STEREOPHONIC TAPES TED HUSS HI FIDELITY I978 E. Sunrise Blvd SUNRISE John Barlrer From Liberace 'Io Jerry Lee We have 'Ihe piano +o 'Iii your need. DAVIS PIANO STORE I I I SALES - RENTALS - SERVICE - 429 SouI'h Andrews Ave Ralph McMiIIan Pe'I'e Jensen Even if you haven'+ Ihe riches of KING MIDAS you can own a muffler b 3222 A NIL' I I 'I I " II-zzz.. 532-55 2:35 Y I I III 5- 1 N 1 1 Sv- ,il f FREE I5 MINUTE INSTALLATION FACTORY LIFETIME GUARANTEE 22I4 Souih Andrews Ave I Bruce Dempsey XM I fr TOPPER'S RESTAURANT Specializing in CLUB BREAKFASTS LUNCH EONS DINNERS Bes+ Sandwiches in Town Pasfries Baked on Ihe Premises Wedding and Bir'I'hday Cakes Made +o Order Your Hosf. . . GUS DUCAS Your Hos'I'ess. . .TINA DUCAS Open 24 Hours a Day FOR RESERVATIONS CALL JA 4-2342 I80O Eas'r Sunrise Boulevard Linda Heep . H- . . , as-xp? .fy , - K- ,, :Arr "5,i,f,1.F,..-1 . ,,-Lf--i "ff :kjfqqgff-ff ', - . 41--1' .f::?ub,1,,2, ,fq1f'iI, : I " " "VK - . ' -Ifwiiv-Ah J, " ,111-1 . at - ' A ' W2f1"M. w?Qng-.si7?v. V' 0 'Mfr - .-:Z Loca+ed . . . DOWNTOWN NEXT, TO THE POST OFFICE JA 2-5468 Miss Mary Hildebrandi' Congratulations, Class of '59 PHOTO ARTS STUDIO "Jus+ Across fhe S+ree'l"' 358 S. E. 2 S+ree+ HPORTRAITS THAT LIVE" Specializing in S'l'eaks 2750 N. Federal Hwy. LOGAN 4-8I2l FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA AMERICA'S FASTEST GROWING NEWSPAPER FORT LAUDERDALE NEWS v 1 - 1 H X N '1 A bo! l 1 A Q, V 1 ri 9,6 , L f V 'AL li w' .AU Q51 .165 Ji NJ vnu NPA. cgi +0 X 5 fly in P Sl Congratulations x IA. N Fla, J ,Jt,'f'.efV, if AQ, 'lf From One ot the Ji 'bf Av AVL' V V, X Graduates ,L rj-.Cl Ur xr' Lil Civ ,NUM Q nl M t, J Los x if x 'Q lf f'I if 7 QM Plantation Isles REAL SOUTHERN COMFORT Watertront'Homes, Peters Road, Plantation, Fla This Was Your Year You, fhe awed sophomore, are no longer fhe fenderfoof, for you have spenf your firsf year af LHS. You, The hardworlcing iunior, have had your expecfafions fulfilled, for if was a greaf year. You, fhe senior, who began fhis year wifh fhe cry "Seniors af lasf," can hardly believe if has come fo a close. There were many liffle momenfs which in fhem- selves mighf have seemed insignificanf buf fhey blended fogefher fo form fhe year. lvlomenfs of laughfer, of excifemenf, of sfudy, of achievemenf, and somefimes of disappoinfmenf, buf all were shared . . . THIS WAS YOUR YEAR. As fhe year closes, you can loolc baclc wifh fond memories over a wonderful year. As sophomores you are ready fo assume your new responsibilifies as juniors. As iuniors you are filled wifh excifemenf as you realize fhaf you are ready fo enfer your final year as a Flying L. As seniors, in cap and gown, you musf say "good-bye" fo LHS for you have falcen fhaf lasf sfep ouf of 'I'he halls of Lauderdale High fo fhe sfrains of "Pomp and Circumsfancef' You, senior, iunior, and sophomore, are fhe hearf and soul of our school: fhe machines and fools wifh which fhe year was builf. You are whaf made l'-759 a wonderful year, disfincf from ofher years because if was YOUR YEAR. Alma Mater We hail Thee, Alma Maier And sing Jrhy grear praise In loyal devofion Remembering rhy days. Be sieadicasl, True, and lailrhiul Flying l.'s blue and while. l'lere's +o you, Alma Maier Forl' Lauderdale l-ligh. When from Thee we've deparfed And lifes baH'le's on, Thy spiril shall guide us To eierrial dawn. McComb, Harry ,,,,...A Brewer, Joseph .,... Huichison, Nan .,..,, Elder, E. B. .....,,,,,,,,r,, , Alionse, Clarence ....... Alsion, Margarei ,,.. Alkinson, Mahlon ...,.,,.. Barringer, Doroihy Bazanos, Blanche .... Beale, Roberl' ........ Bekemeyer, Herman Bennelrl, William ,,.,,.. Berryhill, Ivy ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Blakeslee, Zola Mae Bryanr, lla Mae ........ . Burdick, Marina ..... Burnsred, Sylvia ...,.. Caldwell, Clois ...... Cisco, Ociavia Clark, Duane ....... Davis, Paul ,,,.,,...,.,.. Decker, Ar+hur .......... DeMayo, Dorolhy . DeMoss, Rufh ..,..... Dyess. Jesse ,,,,,..,,,.. Engle, Mary ..,.,,..,,..,. Evans, Anna Marie Feffers, Richard Fish, Wells ,,,,,,,,,,,,, Force, Lorraine ....., Freiday, Ernesline ,,.ffffff'ii'6f 2I, 25. 25. I2. I2, 40 IO 6I I08 I03 I2 I44 II7 80 72 I7, 66, 67 27. I2, I5, 29. I2I 27 269 I 44 22, II3 25, 79 26, ISO I5 I8 22 I8 I3, I54 I8, 85 23 6I I5 25. I7 Galla, Rose ,...................,, ,..,,,, I 8, 29, Geldbaugh, George GilleI'I'e, Roberl' ,.,...,,,., Greene, Herald ..,... ,,,,, 2 5, Hansen, Doroihy ..,.... .......,,.....,,..,.........., Harper, M. W. .....................,,.....,............,, , Hayes, Harold ..........,. I5, 29, 64, 88, Hendrick, Rufh ...... ........................... I 5 Holmes, Barbara ....... ................,..... 2 2, Holi, Veazey ..... 26. Jeff, Doris ........... ......,.. I 6, Jones, Behky ...,.... ........ 2 5, Kallaher, Taffie ..,, I6, Kruse, Andrew ,,,.., ,,,,,, Kruse, Avis ......... ,,..,,, Lee, Daniel ....... ..,,.,,.,.,.....,, Leer, Howard ..... ......,..,,,..,,,.,,,., Lihan, Joyce .,,,.,,,..,,,, ,,,,.,,, 2 5, 94, Lowks, Marion ,,,,,.,.,.,. McDermoI"r, M. J. McKinney, Charles Malloy, Frank .......... Malfby, Loren ......,,,.,. I9, 8 Marrin, Kendrick Maihews, John ...... Maurer, James .......... Maynard, Dorsey .,.,.. Morgan, Virgil ...... Nelms, Ellen ......,.. Ogden, Marvin ..... Packard, Charles Page, Richard ....... Penney, Prudence Pharr, JarreH' .............. Finder, Elizabefh Poole, Lucille ......... Prim, Roberi' ........... Rickard, Geneva .... Rickman, Murrel ....... Schmelz, Roberl ..... Schmidi, Maurice Sears, Lillian ........... Senior, Roberi' ...,....... Shekmar, Llewellyn Smilh, Charles ....... Smilh, J. P. .,.,.., . 29 96 I8 6I I8 I04 I5 I3 89 27 I9 I37 26 II6 I54 I50 IO6 25I 22 23 2I I3 I24 25 2I IOO 0, 84, I22, 242 22 25, I46 23, 60 I2. I3 I5, 265 I9 25, IOI I6, I29 I5 I3, I38 I9, Il8 I5, I42 25, 80 I9 I6 2I I5 I5, 26 23, 92 Index Solomon, r-larold ,,,,,, ,,,..., I 5, 29, IO6, III Spaulding, George ,,,, ,..,.......,,.,.. 2 0, 60 Spencer, Gladys ..... .,.....,,......... I 5 Sullivan, John ,...,. ............. 2 I, 93 Swirbul, A. J. ...... ..... I 5. 6I. 302 Terrien, Yvonne ........ .................. 2 3 Van Arsdall, C. S. .... ....... 2 I. 29 Weldon, John ........... ........... I 5 Whiie, J. S. .......... ........... 2 I Wilkins, Nell .......... ...... 2 3. II7 Williamson, John ..... ...,... 2 2. 85 Bauer, lscah ...,...,.. ........... I I Black, Janice ......... ........ I I Leer, Virginia ........... .... 9 Puringlon, LoreH'a ,..... ,...... 2 7 Senn, Leona .............. ........ 2 7 Shipe, Marie ......... .... I I Thomas, Adalene ..... ....... 2 B Adams, Pauline ........... ....... 2 8 Jenkins, Elizabelh ........ ,....... 2 8 Norvell, May ........... ....... 2 B Phares, Jessie .........................,.... ....... 2 8 Rand, Frances ................................. ....... 2 B SOPHOMORES Abel, Sharleen ........................ 57, IOI, 260 Abele. Eva ............ ...................... I I6, 260 Adamo, Cindy .... .. I26, I35, I40, 260 Adams, Thomas ...J...,..................... . 260 Agnini, Mike .... ...,...................... 2 60 Aherns, Jim ......... ...... 5 8. 9l. I03 Alexander, Gail ..,,,,,,....,...,,..,,,, IO6, I35, 260 Allen, I-larriel ,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,. 42, IO6, l35, 260 Allen, JudiI'l'1 .... I03 I27, I49, 260, 269, 272 Allen, Keifh .................................... 89, 260 Allen, Linda ....... ...... 2 60 Allison, Jim .......... ..... 2 60 Anderson, Joe ....... Anderson, Marha . Anderson, Pe+er ..... Andrews, Jim ........ Angell, Nancy ..... Argyros, Berh ...... Arnold, Roberl' ....... Ary, Charlofie ....... Asher, Phil ........... Aubry, Pa'Iricia ....... Aunapu, Bonnie ...... Baird, Charles .......... Baldwin, Virginia ..... .. ,,......,.......... 260 .. ...... I6, 98, 99, 260 I40, 26I I2I, I40, 26I I40, 26I 26I I33, I34, 26I I35, I40, 26I Ball, James .......... ............... B 5, 9I, 26I Baliier, Bonnie ....., ....... I 29, I35, 26I, 269 Barba, George .......... ......,............,...... 2 6I Barbalsuly, Eleanor .... ............. I 35, 26I Bard, Susan .........,.. .... I 26, 26I. 273 Barrick, George ,,.,. .................... 2 6l Barron, Harold ....... ........ 8 5. 26I Barlz, Niia ............... .... I 40, 26I Barzilay, Bonifa ....... Beach, Roberl .... Beasley, Ja ne ,.,,,. Bea'r+ie, Ronald ,.... Beaily, Richard ....... Becker, Bonnie ....... Becker, Marjorie .. BeckeH, Glenda .... 26I 26I I44, 277 9I, 26I I52, 26I 26I 26I I40, 26I Bell, Ada .............. ............ 2 6I Bell, Lloyd ............... ......... 2 6I Bellassai, Salvaiore ...... .......... 2 6I BenneH, Margarer ...... ,... I 26, 26I BeHon, Kafhryn ,.... Bevan, Roberf ...... Beye, Lorraine ..... Bielek. Dale .............. Bingham, James ..... Binnix, Roberl ..,.... Bissinger, Sandy ...., Biflner, Jerilynn ....... .. ,,,.,........ 26I 85, 26I I40, 26I 26I 26I 26I 94, I44, I46, 26I Black, Lamar .......... 66, 68. Blackburn, Lanny ...,. ................ Blackwell, Donald ..... Blanron, Linda ......... Blomslrom, Maureen Bombard, Susan .......... . Bonvechio, Roberl' ........ Boorman, Rae Ann Boyes. Arla ............ Brader, Sandra ....... Bradshaw, William ..-. Breen Jane'I ............. Breese, William ..... Brindell, James ........ Brislol, Norma ...... Brown, Ann ...,.... Brown, James ...... Bruaw, Linda ...... Bruce, Herber-I ....... Bruschi, Joe ....... Brusick, Janis ...... Buckley, Pa+ricia ...... Buckley, Roy ....... Burch, Kalhleen ,..... BurkeI'I', Franklin ., Burkey, Leo .,.,. Burkharl, Judy ..... Burkharr, Kalhy ...... Burns, Kalhleen .. Bush, Waller ........... Busler, Failh ................ Builerfield, William BuHom, Beverly .,....... Cahill, Lennie ........... Canavan, Judiih ...... Carlsen, Frances ...... Carr, Sharon .......... Carrulhers, James Carier, Dan ,,,,.,,,,.,..,,,,... Cariwrighf, M ariorie Cafes, Edward .......... Caudill, Teresa Cavelier, Eric .......... Chrislian, Sandra ....... Clark, Sandra .......... Clarke, Granl' ....... Claylon, Frances ........ Cline, Robin .......... Close, John ........ Cobb, Kenne'I'h ...... Cohen, Merrilyn ..... Colquiii, Danny ..... Combes, Susan ....... IOI, I29 57 74, 9 I , 'sifiiisf . 67, 68 ...fQ"'ii'if no I27, I35. Comer, Mary ............. ..,......,,,... Conaway, William .... Conboy, Thomas ........ Cone, William ....... Conn, Keilh ........ Conness, John .... Connon, Terry ............,.................... Connor, Nancy ........ 48, Cook, Johanna .,................ Coon, Arlhur .......... Cooper, Judilh ....... Coss, Pafricia .... Cosrello, James ..... Cowgill, Dale ......... Craig, Roberf ........ Criss, Sue ............... I29, I35, I35. Crifchley, Joanie ................ 58, I27 Crowe, Larry ........... Culver, Joyce ......... Dade, Roberi ................ D'Angelis, Susanna Davis, Donald ........... Davis, Edwin .......... Day. Camille ...... Day, Slephen ,,AA ,.,,,. 9 6, I49, Dean, Alberf ,,,,,, -.---w,,,--A....' Delzrances, Ray .,,.,A ,.,,, 2 64, Delano, Barbara ,,,,,,,, ,,,w,,,,,,, Dennison, Ronald ,,A,w, ,,,,,,,, DePadro, Roberr ,,A4,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, De Wifi, Don ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,A,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Diack. Suzanne ,... 58, I33, l35, l4O, 260 Dichfenmueller, Marilyn ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I35, Dixon, William Y,,,,,,,,.,,-,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,v,,,, 85, Dixon, Sharon ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,, 7 I, II6, Docen. Peggy ,.,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Dowds, Dick ,,.,,,,,,., ,,,,,,, Downes, Timofhy ,,,,, ,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,, Drum, Diane ,...,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Duke, Rosemary ...... Dunham, Duane . Dunn, Diane ,,,,.. Durand, Sfella ...,.., Durrence, Pafricia .,., Dushek. John ......,,, Duvall, Larry ..,... Dvorak, Sue ..... Dye, Ray ..,,.. Dye, Ted ...,.. Eddie, Frances Eden, Jim ...,,,,,..,. Edwards, Bonnie ...... I29, I35 94. . .,.f"1iiQi7iSsi 67. ....,.....fffffff7s'1'ii 32, 96. 48, 133, 140, 26i7l8-5 Edwards, Dennis . ....... 85, Eisner, Kafhleen , ,,,,,,,,,, , Elliof, Nancy ,,,,,, ,,,,,,, Ellis. Sandy ...... ...........,.,.,...,, Endicoff, James .. ....,..,.,,,,,,,,,. I49, Ernsf, Bunny ,,,,,.,, ,,,,, 9 4, 95, l27, Efling, Douglas ....,.,,,,....,..,.,,.,, Evans, Beverly ....,,,, .,,,, 7 I, IO6, l28, Eve, Lindsay ..,...,....,..,,,....,,.......,..,,, 48, Fabiano, Janice .,,,,,,,,...,,,,,...,,,.s.,.,,,,,,,,,,,, Fairfield, Kafhie .... 4-I Fairweafher, Geor e Q Farrish, Pamela ,,,.,.,.,..,....,..s l26, Feldman, Roberf . .,.,. Fifzmaurice, J udy ...... Flaro, George ,....,... Flesh, Terrence ..,.. Flynn, Maureen .,... Forman, Sandy .,,,.. Fofou. Dean ......,....,. Francforf, George'He Francis, Ronald .,,,. Frazier, Paula .,.. Franz, Linda Friese, John ,... Froling, Dale Fugare, Willis ..... Fuhrer, Vicki ,.,.,..,.... Gadd, Randall ,,,,.,. Gagne, Carol .,.... Gale, Barbara .,....... Garbee, Donald .,.,. Garcelon, Jean ., Gardner, Berfa ,..... Gardner, James ...,.,... Gasgarfh, Donald ,...,. Geary, William ,,,,., Genfry, Jayne ...,.., Geoffrey, Joseph ..... Gernon, Frank ,,,,.... Gheen, Joan .......... Gibbons. Gail ,,,,., fffff"i'iif"i'55f' ,47, IO3, l29, I76 I35. I26. I I 6, I44, 94, 85. I26. 89, as. ,,,ff"61'lif"'i26i 1fIf'iiEf?i'i Q Giberson, Trudy ...,....,,,. I26, I35. 140. Gibson, Harry .................,,..,................4 - Gibson, Susan .,,, 59, l27, I35, I36, l40. Geiges, James ....... Gilharf, David ....., Gill, Winifred ....... Gilsfrap, Pamela Glenn, Lewis ....... Goddu, Barbara . Goebel, Pafsy .....,. I 26, I 35, l26, 89. l4O. 263 264 273 264 264 264 264 264 264 264 264 264 IOO 264 264 264 264 264 264 264 264 264 264 264 264 264 264 264 264 264 264 264 264 I35 264 265 265 265 265 265 265 265 265 265 265 265 265 265 265 265 265 265 265 265 265 265 265 265 265 265 265 265 265 265 265 265 265 265 266 266 266 266 266. 273 266 266 266 266 266 266 266 Good, Edmund .... Gooden, Susan . Graham, Jane Graves. Curlis Green, Nancy .....,.. IO3 Greene, Judifh 85. l27, 266, 272 Greene, Thomas ....,.,,.....,....,...,..,,,..,. 74. Greve, Bonnie .. Gregory, Clarence Griffin, Belfy ...... Griffifh, Rufh ......,..,,.. Grofsky, Marlene .........., Gusfafson, Fredrick ,,..,.. Gusfavson, Tylar .,.,.,.,.., Gusfinella, James .... Gufhrie, Suzanne Haag. James ..... Hackmer, Larry ..,,. Haines, Howard ..,.,... Hall, Leslie ...,,.....,.,,.,... Hammond, Aelxander . Hammond, John ....,.. Hancock, Thomas ..... Haneline, Donald .,,. Hanes, Terri .,,...... ,..fff'Ei-IEE l52. 96, Hanna, Blair ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, I 08, Harrison, Jim .,,...... ......... 9 6, 149, Harlness, Roberl' .,,..,.,..,..,.....,......,.....,,,, Harlnelcl. Ronald ........,,.. 98, 99, I47, Hafch, Michael ..,,. .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Hayes, Arlene .. ..,.,,, ..,,,,.,,,,, , , Hayes, Judifh ,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I 29 Haynes, Don .. Healey, Sue ..... ..... Heasley, Alyce .. Hedlesfon, Joan ,....... Henderson, Fred ...,,.. Henderson, Karen .... Henderson, Linda ,,....... Hendrickson, Gerald ......, Hess, Paige ..... Hewel-l', Lorraine Hickman, Judy ...... Hicks, Sandra Hill, Craig ..,.,..... Hill, Millard ...... Himes, Judy ...... Hiney, Susan ,, Hodges, Lynn Hoffmann, Sfeve Hogan, Paul .,,,.. Hogan, Terry ,....., Hollerbach, Arf Holfon, Raymond .,... Horfon. William "6lif"iEif"1'SE fQffff'5i5f ""'i"'i5Ei 1f."'i'Z6. I I 6, .,.f""1"1'23f ..Qf'i'1'li6i 68. 66, Howard, Sue .,....,,, ....,....,...,.......,,.,,.. I-Ioy, Nanlelle ,,,,, ,,,,.... 4 2, IOI, I30, Hriczo, Carolyn ,,,, ,,,,, I 26. l4O. Hudleff, Pafricia ,,.... l27, l4O, Hudson. Ralph ....... ............................ Huey, Charlo'I'l'e ,..,. .,...... 5 8,, l2B, I35. Hunf, Charify .....,.. ................. 9 4. Hunfer, John .,.,..,,.,... ...............,...,. Hursey, Michael ,..,.,,. Husfon, Ronald ..,... Hufchinson, Jan . Inglis, Richard ...... Innes, James .......,. IO8. 85. 68. ...,..Qffff'iiiEfi Ives, Cheryl .,,,........... ...... l 29. I35. Jacobson, Margaref .................... 66. 68. Jarrell, Nancy ...................,.,,.....,..,........ Jenin, Sandra ,,,,.. .....,. I 26. l35, 260. Jenkins, Sue ..... ............. l 29. I35. Johnson. Gail ...... ................... I 35. Johnson, Hans ,..... ..... 8 5. Johnson. Karen ..,,. I2O, Jones. Alan ...... ....... 8 9. Jones, Linda ....,......... ......... . Jones, Sidney ,,..,.,,...,................................ Jorde, Dianne . ....... 26, 67, 68, I4O, Joshlyn, Edgar .,.. ....,..,.........,................. 1 1 Joslin, Marilyn ,,... Joy, Joyce ........ Kaunilz, Pefer .... Karley. William ..,,,.,. Karnaiz, Walf ,..,,,, Keane, William .,..,,. Keafing, Philip ,,,.... Keil, James .,........, Kelley. Daniel .........,. Kelvingfon, Craig Kennedy. David ....... Kenf, Cynfhia .,.,..... 268 268 268 85, 9 I 85 93, 268 268 IO8. 89, 268 268 268 268 268 Kelchum, Karyll ....... .............................. 2 69 Kefchum, Kafhryn .... I28, l29, I4-O, 269 Key. Doris ,..,.......... ................A.....--.-. 2 69 Keyes, Rulh ,..., .............. ..... 2 6 9 Kidd, Virginia ,, ......... 269 King, Royal ,,...., ............. 2 69 Kingsmill. Lee ......... 96. 269 Kirk, Dick .............. ..... 5 8. 39. 269 Kisslan, Dorofhy ..... .....-...... 2 69 Knighf, Jere ........... ........... 9 6. 269 Knowles, Kafhleen .,.... ................ 9 4. 269 Koller, Mike ,,,,,,,.,,,., . 58, 85, 9l. 269 Koonfz, Franelle ..,.,.. .................... 2 69 Kraynak, George ..... ...-...-. 2 69 Kremers, Susan .... ............ 2 69 Kubala. Slanley ...... ..... 8 5. 269 Kuhl, Bruce ................. -......-. 2 69 Kuhlmann, Michele .... ...,. 9 4. 269 Lamar. John ,.......... .... 3 5. 269 Lamson, Judy ...,... ..... 7 l. 269 Langner, Paulerfe .......... ......... 2 69 Lanning, Judy .................. ............ 2 69 Laubheimer, Margaref ,,,.. .,... 9 4, 269 Law, Michael .........,.,...... ....-.... 2 69 Lawhon, Richard ...... . .......... 269 Leaird, Bill .............. ........ 8 5. 269 Leaviff, Ronald ..... ..................- 2 69 Lee, Sfeve ..,.......... ...... 8 5. 89. 269 Lee, Wilson ...,.... ............... 2 69 LeGrand. Saundra ............... I35. 269 Lehew, Donald ....... ............................. 2 69 Lehr, Ralph ..,.,,.... 85, 9l, I46, 269 Lenwell, Michelle ...... ....................,-.- 2 69 Lewis, Pefer ........... ........ I 30. 270 Libofre, Edifh .,........ .........-.. I 2. 270 Linfhicum, JoAnn .......-..-.---..--..- - 270 Loos, Roberfa ,.... ..... 9 4. I26. 270 Loveless. Linda ------.-----.--A-- - 270 Lowa, Ann .......... ---------- 7 I. 270 Luce. Marlha ., ...... lOl. 270 McCar+hy. Karen .... --..4-.....-- 2 70 McClung, Pafricia ,,.... .,.. I 2l, 270 McCormack, Carolyn ,,,,.., l4O, 270 McCoy, Judy ......,.... ............ 2 70 McCrary. Charles ..... ......... 2 70 McDowell, Linda .... ......-.. 2 70 McElfresh, Linda .,.... ..... l 26. 270 McElroy, Brenda ....., .......... 2 70 McElroy, Linda ..... . 270 McGee, Sandra ...... ...... 2 70 Mclnfosh. Price .A..----- - 270 McKenna, Jim ..... ......-....-- 2 70 McLean, Nancy ...,... ..... l 40. 270 McOueen, John .,... I49. 270 McVey. James ..... --.--- 2 70 Maddux, Jay ....... ------ 2 70 Magness, John ......... ------- 2 70 Malone, David ....... ----.-- ------ 2 7 0 Manning, Ronald ....... .................... 2 70 Manning, Sandra ,... ,...,. l l2, l2I, 270 Manno, Carmen . ..,....... l35, 270 Manosh, Sandra . ................ 270 Markel, Peggy ........ ........-- 2 70 Mar-fin, Karen ,.............,.. ..... l 35. 270 Marforelli, Richard ...... ......... 2 70 Marlorelli, Roberl' ....... ....... 2 70 Mason, George ...... ...... 2 70 Mafhabel, Arfhur .. ....., 270 Mafhis, Carol ....,. 27 I 3ll Malonis, Slephen Malson, Carl ..,,.. Mallhes, Diane ..... Mallhews, Bill ,..... Mallull, Terry ...,... Maul, Sandra ...... Maver, Thornlon .. Merolle, Mary ..., 85. Merrill, Richard ,,,,,,,,,,,.4,,,,,,,,,, Meyer, Marlha ,,...... 72, 73 Moore, Middlelon, Sue . .. Miller, Eric .,... Miller, Sally ...... Miller, Sharon Miller, Tom .,,,.,A Mills, Nancy .... Milchell, John .,...... Monlelusco, James Mike ....,...... Moorman, James ..., Morgan, Ellen .,....... Morsicalo, James ..,,.., Mulcahy, Janel ..,,.... Mullord, ' Randy ,...... .,... Mulsoro, Marcia .,.... Murphy, Francis ,,., Murray, Dickron ...... Nagell, Nealey Nelson, Nelson, Nelson Dennis ...... , Zeke .....,...,,,.,.,.,.,. Barry .,.,...,..........,, Diana .... 42, I27, Sanlord ..,,.,...,....... Norlon, Randall ,A,... Neufeld, Ronald ,,,,., Neuharlh, John Nichols, Palsy .,... Nicholson, Dale ...... Nicol, Molly .........,,.. Norse, Slansbury ....,,,, Norlh. June ......,,...... O'Kelly Sleven ..... Oleson, Lois .............. Olowecki, Sleve ..... O'Neill, Marsha ,...... Oslin, David ........ ,..,. Osman, Pauline ..,,...... Oslerhoudl, Linda ....,, Olis, Edward .,.,...... Oll, Kennelh ....,.. Ousley, Judy ..... Pail, Karl ...........,. Palin, Palricia ..,....... Palleschi, Barbara ,, Pellicci Palmer , Frank ..... . issimiiil. 7I, II6, I38, iss, 85, I27, I52, 85, i'55,"'i 5514246 f,Q"'i'iiQii"i'2i6Q 67, 68, 2 s,,,s.... 48, ff'i'25 85, I47, I35 74, 93, IO6. I35. I5I Palmer, John .....,,A,.. A......... 9 5. 9l Parnell, Samuel ...,.. ,..........-------- 9 6. Pardue, Tarzi ..u..u.. ..... 4 4. 58. I57 Parish, Sherrie .... ,..........-.. I 29. Parker, Barbara Parker, Belsie ,,,,.. Parker, Bonnie ....,.,,.....,.....,A,A,- - l2l Parrish, Carson .......................,..-4-.-------..4 pany, Ke.. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 57 I46, I52, 272 Pascal, Ken ....,A, ,.....,f,,----------f---------- Fallon, Terry ,A.,.... ..-.-.-.------.---------- Paxlon, John ....... Pedersen, Janice ....,. Pelleleri, Joan .... , Joel ....,,..... Pendergrasl, Kurl ..,,,., Pencllelon, Donald .... ,Qfff'BE,"iQ6 iiiiif i Pereira, Mary Jane ,.,.,......-.-.--..A-------- l23 Perez, Bill ......................--------.4---f--f----- 85 P91-ro, Rex ,-Y,,,,,,,,,,,,, 66, 68, BB, 89, I57 Pellil, John .,,....,........A,A--.f-A-----ff--. -f----e-- Pfeiler, ,lean ,,,,,,,,,,,, 32, l29, I35. I55 Pickell, Sandy ............,,...-.-.-----.A.---.---- -ff-- Pickrel, Pally .....,.. ....A-----.----.---fA---4 I 27- Picone, Rulh ..,........ ----4f--.------f Pierce, Pisano, Elizabelh ..... Joe ..,,....... I34, Plummer, Linda Poinler, Bill ............. Poole, Anloinelle .... Porco,'Anlhony ..... . Porell, Peler ,.,,.,,. Porler, George ...... 67, 69 Powell, Judilh ,,,,..... ....... I 35 Powers, Douglas .............,,.....,,,............... Quina, Thomas ........,.....,......... 66. 63. Rablen, Susie ..,, 45, IO3, I35. I5I, 272, Rayburn, Gale Rea, Gwen ............ Ready, David ,,..... Rebholz, Vincenl ,..... Reed, Donna ..,,,... Reed, Linda Reilly, Lynne .. Reilly, Sherry .,,... Reinholz, Ginny .... Reynolds, Palricia .. Riles, Thomas ..... I28, 66, 68 I34, I35 I26 II7, I27 I27, l35 Rickard, Ralph ..,.,,,,,,,,..,,,,,, 68, I26, I49, Rickel, George ,,,,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 96, 97, Rickey,'Mary ......., I27 I35, 260, Riggio, Richard ...,....... ........,..............,. Riggs, Rulh ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 58, I47. Ringer, Barbara ,,,, ,,.,,,,,,, 7 I, Rissling, Dolores .,,,.,.,,,, ,..,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Roark, James ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, l08, I2l, Robinson, William ,,,,,,,.,...,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Roddenberry, Richard .....,.,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Rogers, Joel ....,,,,,...,,,,,,,,,,,, 9l, IOS, I49 Rogers, Palricia ....... Roncaglione, Anila Rose, Bob .....,.,...,, Rossman, Janel .,,... I40, Rowe, Barbara .,.... ..........,.... I 4O, Rush, Ellen ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I2I, I40, Sabalini, Donald ,,,,... ,,,,,,,,, 8 5, Sager, Jo Ann ....... I26, I40, Sanders, John ..... ..,.,.,......... Sarne, Joseph .,... ....... Sayers, Paul ,,.... ...,.. Schaber, Belly ...... ....... Schadel, Lees ,.,.. . ,..... . Schilling, Susan .. ..... .. Schmilz, Maxine ..... Scholl, Gerald ,,.,.... ..,,,,....,,,,.,, Schoyen, James .. 9I, I08, Schoyen, Jerald ,.,.. ...... I 08, Scoll, Carol ,...... .........,, Scoll, Jay ........... .....,. Scoll, Palricia ......, ....... Scroggin, Joseph ,....... ....,,,.,.,... Seal? Palricia ,,,....... ..,.. I 29, Sellill, Donna .,,.. ,...,..,,...................,...... Shall, David .......,...........,......,,.,.,,.,, l26, Shank, Sally ,,,,,,,,,,,, I27, I36, I37, l45, Shannon, Alberl ...,.................................... Shapiro, Sherry ..,....................,.... I35, Shaw, Johnny ,..... .......... Sheehan, Bill .,.... .......,.. Shelby, Tim ....... ..... 9 8, Shivers, Phyllis ,,,,, .......,,,, Shook, William ....... ....,.. Shules, Paul ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Skinner, James ,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Smilh, Jusline ....,. I35. I40, Smilh, Marvin .. 67, 69, Smilh, Richard ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Snowden, Carol Snyder, Leslie Spain, Mary ..,..., Sparks, Guy ,..... Spillane, Neil ,, Spooner, Judy ...,..., Spriclik, Judee ....,. Slacey, Tahia ,.,.. Slanley, Brenda . Sleinlage, Adolph ....... I2I, I35. I40, i"ffQQQflQQfQQffQ"'isf' f,fff"'ia's'f' ,. 67, 68, 273 273 273 273 273 273 273 273 273 273. 274 273 273 273 273 273 273 273 273 273 273 274 274 274 274 274 274 I24 274 274 274 274 274 274 274 274 274 274 274 274 274 274 274 274 274 274 274 274 274 274 274 274 274 274 274 274 275 275 275 275 275 275 275 275 275 275 275 275 275 275 275 275 275 275 275 275 275 275 275 275 275 Sleinlage, John ,....... Slewarl, Gerald ..,, 45 Slimpson, Shirley ....... Slill, Barbara ........ Slokell, Barbara ...,.. Slolzenburg, Bing ,.... Slone, Gail ............ Slrails, Lloyd ........ Slreeler, Bobby .,...... Sullivan, Donald ,,..,.. Sullivan, Terrance ........... Slephens, Louise .............. Slevens, Bobbie Lee ,.,.,.. , 58, 85, I47, 260, I4O 27, I2I, 06, 68, I26. Sweal, Pam ,,,,,,,,,,.. ,,,,, I 06, I2I, I29, Sweelman, Leanne ......................... Symonelle, James ...... ......,.........,........ Taylor, Belly .,,.,........ ...... I 35. Taylor, Carole .,,.., Taylor, Susan .... Thiel, Joan ..,......... Thomas, Wayne ....,,,, Thompson, Eddie . Thompson, Palricia Tiedeman, Tom ........ Tillolson, Penny ...... Tiplon, Jenia .....,.,. Todack, Thomas .... Troncin, Trubey, Tucker, Michael ....... Roger , .,..... James ........ Tucker, Joseph ,,.... Dianna . Turner, Ullian, Arlhur ..,........ Van Allan, Jackie ..... Van Allan, Tom ....... Vanmeeleren, Bob ..,. Wagner, Chris .......... Warner, Roberl ........ Wallers, Sherri .,,,. Wesl, Michael ...... Wesl, Pamela .......... Whilcomb, Barbara ,,....., While, Jean ..,..,..,............ While, Jerry .......,... ..,.. While, Lynn ,,.,...... Wickersham, Kirk ..... Wikel, Frances ,..... Wilkins, Jerry ,,...... Williams, Lynne Williams, Ralph ,....... Williams, Sandra ,,,, Williams, Warren .. Wilsey, Grace ....,.. Wilson, Kalhryn ........ Windham, William .,,,.., Winlers, Karen .......... Wiseman, Donna Woll, Nell ............. Wollanger, Rulh ....... Wonson, Susan ...... Wralher, John ...,.... Wrighl, Barbara .....,. Wrighl. George ....... I35. f 'ffff"'i'2i'f I 2 I , .. 66, 68, I53, ""'fffQQQ"'Q'si. l2I, 85, Q,Qfm5ii,""i'i'i', ffffffff"'i'li6.' I40, I35, I40, 67, 68, 85, I47 65, i3e, .,..fffffffffff"25.i 126, I40, lO8, I27. II7, I25, Wrighl, Sharon ..... ...... I 26. Wynne, Belly ..,,.... ............... Yeager, Wendy ..,,.... ,,,.,.............. Ziebarl, Sandra ,,.,...., ..,,........ I 26, I35 Zimmer, Don ........................ 59. I57. Zimmerman, Palricia 33, IO3, I27, l5I, 272, 273 Zurburg, Kahlleen .... II7, I27, I35, I4O ' l3O Zwick, Peler .................................... . JUNIORS Aanes, Sandy ..,, 35, 44, 65, IO2, IO3, I37, l5O, I77 Abboll, James .................................... 82 Abboll. Mary .,,... Ackerman, Sally ...,.,,, Adamo. Adkins, Joe .......... Linda ...,. ""'i""ffffff"i'liiA 82. I2O Alland, Jane .......... Allen, Raymond ....,. America. William I I6 Anderson, Janel ...,.... Anderson, Susan .. Anderson, Sylvia Andre, Barbara ,. Annis, Carol ,,..,... Areli, JoDee Ashe, Linda ......... Aurelias, John .,,,... Avon, Richard ........ Bacon, Palrick ...,,,,. Bacon, Richard ..... Balch, William ,....., Ball, Carl ...,,,,,,,i.,,,,, Barbarila. Nancy ,.... Barber, Judy ..,........ 38 Barker, John ,.,..... Ba rrel'l, Micki ,,.,,,,,,,,, Barlosch, Mary .,,.. Basserl, Pafricia ..... Bales, Gwendolyn ...... Beally, Marlene ........ Bealnly, Richard ....... Bechlold, Anlhony Beimly, Fred ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Beimly, Kennelh ..... Beisler, Skip ,,...,,., Beldin, Lois .,.. Bell, Bruce ...,.. Bell, Douglas ,,.... ...f,"'1'26f"ilii I29 67, 68, 66, 68, 121, I4I "5iif7i3i3Fi'ii57i''i'5'3'. 157, 235 ff"5'5,"'i'3'6' 66, 68 48, I47 1 1 I Burke, George ........ ...........,................. Burkhardl, Waller 96, l23, l52, Busch, Richard ...... .......................... Buller, Palricia Canlor, Nancy ......... Carlson, Edward ..... Carpenler, Jalana Carpenler, Lesley ........ Carroll, Roberi ........... Carier, Glen ........ Carler, Nancy ..... ffffff"'iZ7',' ...f."'i'2'5',"'i'56'. ...fffffff"'i25, Carler, William ....,.,, ,,,,,,, 6 7, 68 Casoria, Joyce ,..,, ..,,.,, 5 7, I44, Cavarefra, PaH'i ......... .,,, I 55, I76, Cavelier, Pele ,.,,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Cianchelia, Geraldine ,,,,,,,,...,,,,,,,,,,.s.,,,, Clark, Frank .,,..... 56, 59, 9I, I47, 238 Clark, Kay ........ Clark, Phyllis ..,.. Clark, Sally ........ Clemes, Diane Cobb, Linda .,... Cobbs, Fred ..,......... Cochran, Judy .....,.. Coleman, Diane Coles, Roberl ..... I4l , II6, l2l,' l29 I4l, 66. Comly, Joanne ..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,., Conglelon, Clark ......,. 67, 68, IO9, l38 Congleron, Manly Conralh, Nancy ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,- I4I, Cook, Colleen ,..,,,,.., 74, II6 l2l I33 Cook, Douglas .... 44, 58, 82, 83, 98, 99, Bell, Nancy ....,....... .... I I9, I28. I29, Bellassai, Carmen ..,., ,................,.......... Bellville, Edward ........ ...........,..,....,.... Bergh, Chrisliana .. Be rgovoy, Gail ..... Berk, Charles ..... .. Berr David I I8, y. ..A,..,....... Berryhill, Roberi .,,, 32, 50, 80, 82, 9I, Bell, Bob ....,.,, Biebel, Barry ...,... Bieniek, Jim ...... I78 IO8, I49. Biggs, Frances ....................,................,..... Bird, Mary .,.,.,........,,..................,...,.....4.... Bireley, Dede .... 94, Bixler, George .,....., . Black, Glenda ..... Bland, William ........ Bloch, Carole .,... Bloom, Gary ....,,,,.. Boerlner, Michael Boiron, Elon ............. 95, I02, IO6, I24, I55, 236, 284, I29, I35. I4l. 9 I , I 38, Bonham, Thirwall .... I2, 58, 67, 68, l07, Boolh, Sylvia ..,,.. Bosfain, Linda ........ Bougher, Charles ,..... Boughlon, Sandra .. Qff"i'2'6i l2O, Bowen, Sherrell .......,.....,A,.................. 4-.... Bowling, Billy .....,,..... IO9, lll, 135, I4I Bowne, Phoebe ......,...,.....................-.,. 75 Boyd, Judy ,........ Boyelle, Maxine . Brackeli, Yvonne . Bragg. Lewis ., Bramer, Corinne . Brann, Pandora . Brewer, Shirley ....,,,.,. Brolliar, Charles ........ Brophy, Susan ......... Brown, Franklin Browne, Gordon ..... Browne, Roberi .,,.. Bullion, Barbara .. Bundy, Jim ....... Burch, Ollen .,.......... Burgess, Roberl ..,.. I4I l2I, l4I, 57, 58, I47, iiifffiffifiikiifiiiikisi 96, I56. ...ff"55f"'i R71 9l I57, Cooper, Carole ..,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,, I55, Cooper, Janice .... 50, 74, l3O, l4I, l55 Cornelius, Carol ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 74, I29, Cornelius, Donna ......,.s,.,...,,,,, 75, I28, Cox, Anil'a ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,-,,,,,,, Cranchelfa, Geraldine Crawford, Tom .... 82, 84, 98, 99, l23, Crenshaw, William .... Criss, Judllh ,...................,,.,.. II5, II9, Crofl, Clovis .......,...............,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Cross, Sylvia .... 35, 62, II4, l76,'239, Crossman, Adrienne ....., Curhn, John ......,......... Danner, Barbara .... Davidson, Barbara Davidson, Diane Davis, Charles ..,...,.. Davis, Deborah ........ Davis, Gail ............. Day, Joseph ........ Day, Marvin .. Deckard, Don . Deiderich, Dixie Deland, JoAnn ,..,.,.. Deleeuw, Carol ....... De Milly, Pem ..... Demmery, Dean .. Dennison, Larry .....,. Derlhick, David ..,,,,. DeVaul+, Keilh ,.....,.. fffff"53i'i'3'3'. A ,,,.. 65, sa, ffffff"ii36f ffffffiiilif I09, 88. Deverell, Barbara .................... I37. l4I, Dew, Sara ,A,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,.. 74, IO7, DiBlasi, Howie ........ 22, 82, 84, 90, 9l, I52. DiGiovanni, Barbara ...............,..,.,.,. I28, Dililer, Toyeile, ..........,..............,.. 66, 68, Doak, Sandy . ....................... 46. 75. l23. Doepke, Noel ,.,. 47, 65. l02, I03, I37, I77, Doerliler, Maureen ....,... 74, l28, 240, Dolliver, Judy ,......... ........... 7 3, 74, Donahue, Shirley .... Doison, Lovola ..... Dolls, Judy ......... Douglas, Linda ......... Dowds, Richard ,....... II9, l4I, I5O. IOO, Drebber, Carol .,,... Dudan, Dee ...,..... .......... 2 40, Dunlevy, Carol .,s,. ,,,,,, I I9, l28, Durden, Alelra ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, I 20 Durham, James ...,. .,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,. Edwards, Linda ,,,,,, ,,,,,,, 7 2, 73, Elierdink, Lenore ,,,, ,,,,,,, I I6, Elierdink, Lynda ,,,,,,,, Ellis, John ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,, I 39, Elmore, Doris ,,,,,, Ely, Darlene ..,,.,,,,, ,,,,,,, Emery, Charleen ,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, Emery, Mariorie ...,..,.,. ,,,.,,.,,,,,,,,,,,, I 4'I, Engelhardi, James ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Erskine, Mary Jo ..... 68, l27, 24I, Elheridge, Marilyn ,,,,, ,,,,-,,,,,,, 5 6, I44, Evans, Carolyn ,,,,,,,, ,,,,, 6 7, 68, II9, Falanga, Helen ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Finkbeiner, William ...,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Fishburn, Belsy ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 32, I55, Fleming, Ann .,.. 5I 62, I02, I03, 24-I, Fleming, DeHaven ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I24, ISO, Florence, William ,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I 52, Floyd, Marilyn .,...,,, ,,,, I 24, I27, I5O, Fogelson, Larry ,..,.,. ,,,,,,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Foley, Roberl .,5.,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Fraser, Russell .......,...... 82, 84, 9I, I35, Freeman, Gerald ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, French, Molly .,..,. ,,,,,,, 6 8, I3O, ISO, Friedberg, Sue ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I 2I, Fugale, Hal ,.s.,, ,,,,, 8 2, 84, 98, 99, Fullon, Waller ,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,-,,, Gahagen, Dennis .,... 96, l23, I47, Gaielsky, Ray ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 8 4, I82, Garrison, Be'rsy ,,,,,,, ,,,,, I I6, II9, I38 Gericke, Alice ....,,,, ,,,,,,,,, I 28, I38, Gibson, Dorolhy ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Gibson, Jim ,.,,.,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, I 49 Gibson, Lois ....... .,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,, Gibson, Mark ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, I 08, IO9 Giddens, Sandy ,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Gilberl, Donald ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Gilroy, Lynn .s.. I34, I44, I45, 242, 25I Gladu, Dan ,....,,,..,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Gordillo, Elsa .........,..,............. II5, I28, Gornro, John .,,,., ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Graham, Lynn .......,. ,,,,, 5 I, I33, Graham, William ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Gray, Luiher ,,,,.,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, 5 8 Greenlree, Mary .5.,.,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Gross, Pairicia ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,, 4 6, I38 Grumbar, Palrick ...,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,, IO8, I3O, Haar, Jonny ............. ....,,,, 9 I, III, I57 I-lale, Carol ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 2 42, Hall, Palricia ,,.....,.,,. 66, 68, II5, II6, Hall, Rober+ ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I4-7, 242, Haneline, Nelda ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I4I, Hanks, Roger ...,,,,,,, ,,,,, 5 7, I47, Harberson, Carole ,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Harden, Ernesi ,,,,,,, ,,,,,, 8 2, Harlow, Alberl ,,,,,, ,-,,,,,,,, Hari, Alice ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, Hariigan, Efhel ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,-,,,,,,,,, Haskins, Judy ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, 2 43, Haskins, Meredi+h ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I33, Haslam, Marlha ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. Hauch, Bonnie ........ 63, l02, II9, l28, I55, Haupl, Claudia ...,........,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I4I, Hayes, Robbie ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, Heacock, Beverly ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, ,,,, I 5 5, I-lealh. Susan .,,..,,,,, ,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Hebert William ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,- I I9 Heckerr, Mike ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 32, 149, 243 Hedslrom, Rufh ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,-,,,,-,,--,,,,,---,,, Heep, Linda .... 52, I28, 135, 144, 243, Hempsiead, Janice ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,-,,,--,, Henderson, James ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,--,,,,,,- Herzog, Janel .,.,.,.,, ,,,-,, I I9 Higgins, Sam .,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, 240 295 240 240 240 240 240 240 240 240 240 24I 240 24I 250 24I 24I 24I 24I 24I 284, 297 24I 24I 24I 24I 24I 24I 24I 24I 24I 24I 24I 24I 24I 24I 24I 24I 24I 24I 242 242 242 292 242 242 242 242 242 242 242 242 242 242 283 242 28 I 242 242 242 242 242 243 243 246 243 243 I 54, 243 243 243 243 243 243 25l 243 304 243 243 243 243 3l3 Hlllr Corol ---------,'--,'--- ----,-,,,Y.Y-Yw.... 2 43 Loader, Gary ,,,,,, ,....,....,,,, 2 46 i-iinskioy. Murray ,....... .. . 6 7. 68. 243 Lani., Bob ..,,.A. ,. .. 1 19, 246 Holliday. Roberr .... ... . 1 38, 243 Lokieg, Ed ,,A,,,w 3,,,,,,,,, 2 46 Ho1+. Jennifer ...... .... 1 55, 243 L6..g, Philip ,3,34,,, ,,.,,,, 8 2, 246 1'1O11'Ol'1- BETTY --4-4-- VY........ 2 44 Losey, George ,A,,, ..,,,...... 2 46 1'1o1ion. Risk .r.. 223222 1 00 16V6r66, 126414 ,33, 2...,.. 2 46 Holzor. Fred ..22.... 3.2.... 2.22. 2 4 4 Ludwig, 146+14y ,,,,A ,,,,3,,..,3 2 47 1-lowardr Solly ---f- ---f'------44-4---,- 2 44 Lulcacher, Grace .... ....... 7 4, 247 1-lowefr K'3Y -------4--------4---------44---- 70. 124, 241 Lufher, Texas .,,...,.... .3,... 2 47 Hudson. Horris .-..-................3Y...............,. 244 Mccarihy, William ,....22 ,..2...223223232..,... 2 47 1-11111. Nancy ,2,. 56, 58, 59, 137, 150, 151,244 MCCOYI Beverly --,-.,-- nkn',7,,,.,-.,,,,,.,,Y,,, 2 47 Hnizonoa. Bonnie .,,.,,,.3.,.....3,.......,.......... 244 Mccray, Michael ,,,3,,, ,,,,,. 6 6, 69, 109, 247 Hummel- Lorna 4----4-4 v--44-4,...-4----...3 1 28. 244 Mccuhjheon, Alice ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,...,...2. 247 1-lummel, Valerie . ,,,.,,,,,,,,,,, 119, 130, 244 MCDanielSI Sharon --------,-',,Y,,--,--,, 247 Horn. Torn ,,.,.rrr......A.rr,..............,.....,,,,3.,,, 244 1,1606..61.1, e611 66,,6 , 24, 75, 115. 247 1'1u+chinson, Dennis ,,,, 82, 90, 91, 123, 152, Maljanald, gloria ----, ,A-,------wA-,,---',,--- 2 47 153. 2441 281 McE1haHan, Karen .... ....,, 7 O, 124, 247 1'1U+Cl'11"'5O'1r 1-incla -----f --4----------------- 2 44 McGuire, Cecile .,.... ..,.,..,....... 1 02. 247 lmbrogno. Princess . ,,,,, 74, 75, 244 Malqinley, William ,--Q-,VVw7-----,-,-----,-Y.A,,.,,, 247 irby. Jinn ....-,,,--.... ..,,,.,,. 8 2. 244 McMillan, s146r6n ,,,,......,. 116, 119, 144. 247 1V151'1r Na1'1CY -----44------------------- ---4--- l 30. 244 1vic1X1eece, Judy ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,.,,,,,,, 24 74, 247 Jookson. Dove ------------,,Ya--,,.,Y.----.-.- 123. 244 Mcrheran, DeE+1e .... 58 79. 144. 145, 247. Jaclcson, Judy .... 58, 66, 68, 127, 150, 151, 295 244 MacAr+hur, Robe-r'r .,.................................. 247 Jacobson. Barbara ..............,, ,,,,...,,,.,...,. 2 44 MacDonald' Dererliy ,,-,,,.,,, 247 Jarrell, Bill ............... ,.,....,... I 47, 244 Mannarar, Linda ,,.,,,,,,. .,,, 1 41, 247 Jensen. Pe+e .... ,,,,,, 7 4, 244, 303 Mann, Jesse ,--,,,A-4Y,A- ,-,,,----A,., 2 47 -1Ol1V15r P51 ----f------- -'-f.- 7 1. 1241 244 Manning, Carol ....,, ..,.. 1 41, 247 Johnson, Barbara . .,,,,,,.,.,... 74, 244 Manning' l-la,-Vey aaaal---,---,-,-,,,,A,,.-,,, 138, 247 Johnson. Joyoo --------..o--.----.-......----...... 75. 244 Mamiwill, 0688 ,................,...... 93. 127. 248 Johnson. Karon ......-.------.................. 120. 244 6.6618 Linda ..., 111, 120, 128, 133. 134. Johnson, Ted ..,...., 58, 80, 82, 149, 179f1Q44 Q , 57 141, 248 Jolley, Joe ...,,...,,.,,,,,,,..,...66,.,,,, 100, 148, 244 6 curn, Esie. ............. .... 144. 248 Janes. Anroine-He .,....,....,.,,,,, 14181244 iarker. Ju, 1 ............... .r-----.--. 248 Jones, Judy ,A,a-A--,- ----aA,a,-,-----------",. ff-.244 Mi3rS1'1a1lf'r1"6S- ....,...,..... ......,,... . . 147. 248 Kars+en. Lynne .........,,.,... 128, ,141, 144,f' 5 Mars ll xpfilliannkmjm, -,,,.-- , ,,,,,,,,- 248 Kalsilras, Billie Sue ....,,,.,.,.,...,.,.,. ae ,,,......,.. 45 Mail-rin, Larry --------' f .--- H ----------,-Y,,--,- 2 48 Keaion. JoAnne .... ..... ,,,,...isf, 128, 245 nlfahrin, Mac ----,,A-----, 4Y-,-' 7 2, 74, 243 Keena. Rober+ ........, ,1 ........ 5 .............. ... Zflfa Maganu lqirr -----,a,-, A --,-,,. H 75, 115, 2 Keiioy. Sybls .---....--- A .,.- s -- ..-.. 4 -.-- 115.1285 16161114 W, 368.66 ...... ..... ' 517. 1524 2 Kerr. Donnis ---...... y' ......-...-...... 191.'14ly245 1s21axwe11,Ceci1 .,., 4 96 7, 123 147. 1 . Kinik. Mary Befh ,, ...........,....... .....,...,...,.. 2 45 , . I 58 Kingsley, Marsha ..,, O3, 124,l 150, eadawa, Susan nu V-,,A-,--,, , 248 ' 'I Meisenbllirig N ncy 6 ........ 72. 248 Kirk, Anne .,..,,...,.. al . 126, 127, 129, Manaree, M ry a ,-,,-,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 141 248 Kleiger, Sheri .. ,.,...,.,..,.... , ..,......,. 1 150, 45 A .Me iel,, Maril -,--,A,,-,--,,-, ,Y 115, 248 Klirna. Roben .r.......... 124 ...... gi ............ M Zee., ony ,,,, 91, 119, 12 146, 147, 248 Klulcoslci. Barbara ......,,, 70, 124, 2 5 1 lvl el-,2 , Virginia --,,-,--, ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, 1 3 O, 248 Knopsnyder, Wallace .ff ,...,,..,.....,....... ,J245 , , Carol -----,Va--, 1 6, 119, 127, 248 Knowles, Thelma ...,.......,. ., .,............. 245 iller, Jarnes --V,,,,-- A ,,,,,,,,,,,,., 149, 248 Koer+, ....... .......,......22 f -....-.... Miller, Marilyn -.,,, 2,,,,YY,,,,,,,,,,,,,,2,,,,.,,.. 2 Kohler, Roxie ..,.,..,........... X .,..,.......... 245 Miller, Reberlr ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 248 Kohlmeyer. Gail .............. ........ 245 Millikan, William ,,,,,,,, 87, 88, 119, 147 248 Kon, Joe ............, ............... . ....... 245 Minen, Sfeplwen ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,...,,,....,. .. 248 Konecny, Ronald .,,..... ...,. 7 , 68. 245 Mock, Loiinelrfe ,,,,, ,,,,,, 1 20, 248 Koppleman. Barbara .... . ..,..... 121, 245 Menlqus, Torn -,,,, .,,,,,,,,,, 2 48 Kormanyos. Edward ..........,....,,........,,. 245 Moore, Cagffeg , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. , 248 KO171, Dana .,..2.,..........222....................222..... Morris, Rgbeff -----' -,,,,,,,,,-,-,,, 1 19, Krassy, Kenneih .,,, 58, 82, 90. 91, 119, 245 Morris, Rall, -------,",'.V.---,-,A-- 74, 129, 141 248 Kroefz, Carol ..,.,....,.....,,.,.,...........,,,......... 245 Morris' Virginia -,,iwl,,,,Y,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 249 Krpafa. Karen .................,,,...,..... 116, 245 Morrisgeffel Robe.-4 ,,A,A,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,-,,,,,, , 249 Kubala, Alloerl ,,... .,.,.... 8 O, 82, 157, 245 Mueller, Thomas -iwrilliVA,Iai,-.i,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,.,, 249 1-GVTWSOU. Albelul -------- --------s-------s-s----- 2 45 Mullins, Laura ,,,, ,..., 7 2, 119, 120. 249 Lamar. Lawson ,....... ,.,..3 2 45 Mundrielr, Dan N ,,,,,,,,, 152, 249, 297 Larsen. Mary Jo 2 ssss.-------- 246 Manger, Rick ,,.. ...... 1 08, 249. 281 Larson, Richard .......... ................. 2 46 Miiuell, Allg,er+ ,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 2 49 Laury, Russ ..,......,............ ....... 6 7. 68. 246 Myres, Sl-,elley ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 6 2 249 Learherbarrow. George ...... 91. 246 Nagell, Ray iiIwiiiayiiiiii,-,,',,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , 249 Lee-son. Kaaran ,..J......... .-------....- 2 46 Nanliin, 1-1-elen ,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,., . ,,,,,,, 1 20, 127, 249 LeGe+1e. Billie r..... so 74. 246 1s161S6n C5616 ,..,.,., 66. 67, 68, 115. 116, 130. Le-Gehke, Sandra ........6... 246 249 Lehr. Kim ....,........ ...... 1 41. 246 18161666 wendy ,,,, 66, 68, 115 116. 128 249 Leonard Arlene ....... ........... 1 41. 246 Nelson Margie ,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,. 133, 141, 249 Leonard, Diane ......,.... ...... 5 8. 63. 246 Nelson Tom A,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 249 41.SOf151'C1,VPAQ1'Q..il1e.L ....... --.s.. 1 O91 246 Nevin, Susan ,,,,,,,,,v .,,, 1 28, 141 249 Lewis, Leonard ..,..,....,,.......,,........... 82. 246 Newfon, Vicki ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, 1 41, 249 Lew1'on, Sandra ....,.,......,.,.... 119. 120, 246 Nicholson, Jeffrey ,,,,', ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. 2 49 L1F1Gf1S, .... Noland, Dgnald --',,,, ,,,,,Y 1 2471 Norwood, John ..,,. .....J.......... 2 49 Lippman, Kennefh ...... ........,........... 2 46 Nugent Dian ,,,,,,,,,, ,..,.. 1 49 249 Li+1le, Jeffrey ........... .--.... 4 7. 90. 246 O'Ke11y, Lore++a .... ..........- 2 49 Orberg, Jack ..,.....,., ........,....,........ 2 1. Osborne. Barbara ....,....... Osenga, Wilbur ......, Ousley, Sandra .... Owens, Jerry ,..., Page, Kafherine ,. Panzer, Judi'1h ,,.., Parlcer, Ann ....... Parlcer, Joy ,,,,,... Parks, Roger .. Pavlish, Tony .,., Pearce, 1-larry ,.,,... Pedrazas, Wayne Pellejreri, Marsha ,.,... Pereira, Donna ..,.... Perlcins. Judy ..... 128, 133, 136 ..'fffff'ii'69 109, 130, 58. 141 fff"i65."'i'i9i ii'ifiiiii"i"1i9 ...ffffiiiliii 4'iQ Perrigo, Bob .,,..................... 82. 84, 98. Peselc, Joseph .......,...... 58, 93, 126, 147 Peselc, Karen .,,,.......,.........,.............. 141. Pe+erman, Mariha .,,....,,.......,.,............,.... Pelrerson, Dora ,,................,. 34, 72, 74, Pfeiffer, Gerald .... 100, 119, 123, 126, 147, Picke'r+, Phil ,,,,,,,.., Picozzi, Pierce, Pierce, Norman .,,,, Pisano, Jo Ann .... Poe, BeHy ......,,,.,. Poinfer, Lee Ann .. Pon+ero, Carol ..... Por1er, Ann ......... Pries. Louise ......., Pri+charcl, Barbara . Prues, Joanne ,,,. Pursel, Wilma ..... Quinn, Eleanor Quinn, B111 ...... Radlce, Paiiy ..... H e n ry ....,.... 7 7 Caiherine .... 27, 59, II7, 119, 130, 145, 109, fffff7ii26i"i'28. ,...f'iii'5f7i4'i. fQQIfQ"i'i'9.'i'i28. ..,.QQQQQQfQ"i'55f''2'5'i'. .,133,141,155, 82, 149, 250. Ra1s'ron, Don ....,.....,.,.,. 57, 91, 147, 251, Ramsey, John ....... ......,.,.,,,..,. 6 7, 147, Raney, Tom ........ ........,.... 9 6, 123, Rapport Toby ...,... .................... Reed, Anne ....,,.,... .....,.......... Reicherf, Sharron . ..,,,. 141, Reynolds. Roy ...... ,,......... Richardson, Barbara ....,.,..... Richari, Kennefh ..... ,..... 1 19, Riddle, 8eHy ..,........ ......... Rimdeilca, Mary ....,, ,.,.. Ringer, Roberl .... ,,,,, Robb, Johanna , ..,,...,.,......,,....... . Roberl, Judi+h .,,, ,,,........,.,...,...........,,. Rober+son, Joan . 124, 155, 252, Roberson, June ......,.,.................,.. Roof, Peggy ,,,.,,.. ....,.,..,,......6. 1 21 Rooney, John ..,...,,, ......... Rowell, Gregory 2...... ..,........,.... Rupchoclc, Suellyn .,..........,,....,.....,... 127. Rush+on, Darrell 2....,....,,..........,..... 67, 68 Russel, Pafricia ......., 58, 59, 128, 129, Ru1her1ord, 1'lelen ..,,........,,..,,.......... 117, Sanderson, Waller ,..... ..,.....,.... San1el1a, Dennis ..,,.,. .. , ............ Sasadu, Joseph ,...,.....,.,,.............. 16, 138 Scanlon, Geraldine ....... Schmidr, Alice ....,... 35, 133, 155, 178. Schmidt Raymond .,,.... Schneider, Barbara ,. Schuller, Denise ,..... ....... I 06. 141. Scohk, Tom ..,...,..,.... .....,.. 8 2, 98, 99 Secorcl, Virginia ....... ,.,.................... Seese, Guy ........... .,........,. Sellers. Joe .,... ...........,.,. Se+z, Suzanne ..,...., ,.....,... 1 55, Sharp, Charlene ,...,.. ,...... 5 1, 155, Sharpe, Jo Ann .... .......,...,...,........,..... Shaw, 1'1arrie'r ....,.,........,.....,.......,.........,.... Sheard, Elizabefh ........., .. 126, 129. 141, 1 i Sheridan, Carol .. Shinnick. Marie ., Shipley, Sharron ........ I33, l4I Shoemaker, Karin .,.... I20. I27, Shove, Mariorie .,,, ..,,.w,,.. I 4I, Shoyellon, Linda ,,,,, ,.,,,,,,, 1 I7 Simmons, Florence ...,..,.... Simons, Darlene H ,,-,--,w., 66, Sisco, Ray ,,,i,,, ,,,,,,,,,w,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Sleek, Thelma .,,, ,,,,,,, I O6, I4I, Slupe, Georgia ,,.,-n.,,.,,,,, I29, Smalley, Larry ,,,,. ...,, 6 7, 68, l08, Smilh, Carl ,,,A,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,, 8 2, 84, Smiih, Janel ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,.,,,,,,,Ai,e,.,,,,,,,,,,, Smiih. JUCli'lI'1 ..,,.,, ,,..,. 7 5, II7, I35, Smilh, William ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,e,,, I OO, I57, Snyder, Pairicia ..,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,, 7 5, Snyder. Richard ......, ....... 7 4, I57 Snyder. Roberi ........ .......,,,. 9 6, Soblil, Becky .,.,.... ...,...,...,,. Sparks, Edward .,,,..,...,..,..,......,.,,....,...,.,.. Spavin, Jill ..,,.,...,.,..,......,,.....,..,.......,..,. 49 Spiegel, Nancy .... 46, 63. l28, I37, I4l. Spiller, Nancy ..........,.....,....,.,......,.,,......,. Slarn, Charles . ...,... 25l, Slarr, John ...,.......,..... Siarr. Larry ...... ...... B 7, 88. Sleele, Joan ...,......,..,.. Sliliel, Karen ,,,,,,,,,,, ...... I 28, l4I, Slillman, Carmin ..... .,...........,.............. Slimpson, John ...,................ 45, 58, 82. Slolze, Marilyn ,....,.,,,,,...,.,............,......... Slraker. Susan .,., 59, II9, I20, l26, I27, Slraughan, Elsie .... ,..... Slumplif, Kirby ,..,. .................,.....,........ Slulz, Carl .......,.. ...,,............................. Sumwali, Nancy .,,,.... 45. 63, I45. 247. Surmiak, Jo Anne ..,,.,.................... l2I. Sulion, Don ,,,,., ..........,..... 8 2. 250. Swable, Ken ...... ............-. Swaby, Vernice .. ..... .. Swensen, Curl' ........ ....,................... Swindell, Paul ...... ....................,.......... Tanlon, Deena .....,... ........ 6 9. l28 247. Tarquine, William .,... ........................... Tavlin, Janel .......... ....... 7 0. IZ4. Taylor, David ..... ...,. 6 6, 69. Tebo, Joan ,.........,..,... .,... - Thibaulr. Barbara ...... .... I 4-I. Thieme, David ...... .......---,,- Thixlon, Chris ..,.. ....... I 4I. Thomas, Barbara .. ..... I I I l4l Thomas, Karen --,--,-------4--- Thompson, Ben .. A...-.....-- -- Thompson. Joan .. -----.,-- -- Thompson, Mary ......... ...-. I I6. Thorslensen. Linda ...,. ----.- I 4I. Thurlow, Jeff ,.......... ---44 I 49. Thrusfon, Edwynn .. ---4v--w -- Timler, Paul ....... ...........----------- ------ Tifus. Jeff .............-....------------------- ----------- Tocci, Leonard ..,.......,......... 67. 63. II9. Todd, Virginia .... 65, I02, IO3, I24, I37. Tompkins, Myra ...... -------- 7 5. II5. Tovirnsend, Tamara ...... ....... I 28 l4l. Traurhwein, Linda ..... -------------------- Tremblell. Lincla ...... . ------- II9- I30. Trenor, Nancy ..... -------- I I3. Troncin. Tom ....-..... ------------- Truman, David ....... ---------------- Tucker, Judiih ..... .------------ 6 7- 681 Ullian, Charles .. ...----------------------- ------- - - Ulrich, Bonnie ......s I I6, I I7, I33. Ursini, Ann ..........- ---------------------- I I91 Usry, Gerald .......... ------------------- 8 21 Valenline. Richard ----------------------- ------4------ Valenline, William .-..-------------------- ---- 8 81 Van Ausdall. Lynn .... II5, I20. l30 I4l. 252 253 253 253 253 253 253 253 253 253 253 253 253 253 253 253 253 253 253 253 253 253 247. 253 253 253 253 253 253 253 254 254 254 I30. 254 254 254 254 254 254 254 254 254 254 254 254 254 254 254 254 254 254 254 254 254 254 254 254 254 254 254 255 255 255 I 5 I . 255 255 255 255 255 I I7 255 255 255 255 255 255 255 255 255 255 Vogel, Barbara .. Volpe. Joyce ,,,.... II9, I30. Voslalek. Lila ..,. II9. I27 Volau. Thomas ,.,,,,,,.s.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,, Wagner. Bruce ..,,..,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 82, Wagner. Susan ........ 45, I20. I34, I37. Wagoner, Parsy ,..,.., ,,,,,, I I9, I4I, Waile, Carol ..........,,.,,, ....,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Waldron, Elizabelh ,,,, ,,.,v,,,,,,,,,,,, Wale, Bob ...,.,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, Wallbank, Susan Warden, Donna ..... Warner, Daniel ...... Warren, Dennis . Waskow, Melvin Waison, Lana ..., Wayne, John ...,. Weiss, Rulh .... Wells, Jerry ..,..,.,,.,, Wells, William ..... Wemes, Norman Weslberry, Mary ..,..s. Wheeler, Ernesl ........ Whalen, Roberl' l4l 67, 68, cfieiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii 141, 127, 75, II5, II6 82. While. Bonnie ......... ..,.....,......,..,. I I5 Whiie, William ,..,, ....,.......,,.,,,.......,.,.,. Wilcox, Dick ..,.... ..,.. 4 5, 80, 82, I48. Wilhelm, Donna ..... .,,........,...,.,.......,.. Wilkinson. Darla ...,..,,............,......,....,....,.. Williams, Michael Williams, Randall .... 63 Willis, Claudelle Willis, Nancy ....... ,66, 68, IIO. l57 Wimberly, Susan ...... ....... 7 4. l4l, Winklepleck. Palricia .. ,.,...,...,.,...... .. Winningham, Tim ....... ,,..... 8 2. I49 Wise. Roger ........,..,.. .,..... 8 2. 84. Wisener. Gerald .,,,., Wolfe. Joyce ....... Wolfe, Richard ....... ......... 8 2. l48, I49 Wollam. Sieve ........................,..,........ Wood, Sian ,,,,...,,,,,.,,. 87, 88, I47, Workman, Richard .,..,.....,. 67. 68, I09. Worlhley. Ca rol Wrains, Jim ............ Wrighl, Donald ..... Wrighr, George Wrighl. Palricia ,,,.. Wrighr, William ,..,,. 74. I29, l4I, 87, 88, II9, I27 57. I79. Wunsch. Rober+ .......,. e............ I 49 Yurchuck. Jay ....,....................... 82. 9I. Zeien, John ........................ 32. 9l. I47. SENIORS Abadessa. Lorraine ......-...............-..... I43 Abrams, Hedy ...................,,................... Arams, Carl ......... 38, 60. 82, I56, l80 Adams. I-larriel .................... II5. I42. Adams, Palricia Adkins, William - I 23. Adler. John ..................-......... IOO. Alley, Marius ......,. 58, 80. 82. 9I. IO6. l23. I56, ISI Anderson, Susan ,,,,.....,.. I36. I42. l50 Andrews. Peler ........ ................------------ Anlonielli, VinCer1l .........-.. 39. II8. I67 Arnold, Sandra ..................-.-... I30. I43 Arnoll, Nancy ........ I42. I50, I76. I8O Alkinson, Shirley ................-..-.-.-.......-.------ Aunapu. Allan .... I5. 60, 80. 82, 84. 90. l23, I3I, I49. I69, l8l Bahr, Sharon ............................ II6. I27. Bailey. Shirley .................... 22. II5. I42 Bain. Lorne ..... ---------.--------------- Baird, Jack ...... ..........-.....-.----.--.---- I 00 Ballard, Jean ....................-....-..-.------- ------- Barnerl. Roberi .... 43. 5l, 80, 82, 84, 98, I23, I43, I56, I70 Barski, Ronald .........................- ---------- 9 2 Ba rianowilz. Robe rl .,..... .,...............---- Ba rfnovsky, Helen ....... ........ Basseii, I-larrial ..., 59 Bauer, Mulzie .,,,.,......, Baukney, Randall ..,..... Beck, Bonnie ,,.,,,,,,,, Becker. Gayle .......,., Beckharl, Conrad ,,.,,,. I I8. I I9. I42. 74, II5. I9, 82. 66, 68, I38 Bell, James ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, s,,,,,,,.s,,,,, I 49, Bence, Linda ........ ,,,,,,,.... I I2, Benoil, Kerry ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,..,, ,,,,A.,,,,,,,,,, Bergdahl, Carolyn ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,s,, IS4, BeI'Hs. Elaine ...,.... IOI III, I24, l25. Bell, Sidney .s.,,s.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ss,, I2I, Biggers. Mary ,....., ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I 2I, I84 Bird, Thomas ,.,.,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, 9 6, Birk, Carol ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,..,,,,.,, Blackburn, Wendy ...,. Blodgerl. Diane ...... Bogue, Waller ,,,,,. . ...ff"9i5fiiiili'.' Boice, John ......,.,..,.s,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I7, Bonham, George ,,..,,., 20, I06, I07. I47 Boolh. Pairicia ,,,. 39, 50, 62, ll8, I43, I84. Bower, Linda ..,, Bray. James ,.., Breed Joyce ..... Brown, Carolyn .... I34, I3l, iii Brown, John .s,,,A,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,-,, 60, Brown, ,Shephen ,,,,,,,sA,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,s,, , Bryan, Frances .... III. IO6. I37, I55, Bryan. Lois ...,.,,..,,...,,.,,.,,...,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, II2, Buchanan. Larry ............ 20. 26, 60, I56, Buifingron, David .,,...,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,s,,,,,,,,,,, Burke, Tom ,.......,,.,... ,,.,,,,,,, 8 3, I49, Burkey, Toni ..,,,,,,.. , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , Burns, Bill ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,.,,, I I2, Buriosky, Darlene ,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Bushey, Richard ........,.....,..........,,..,,, I3, Caldwell. Lynn .............,,.,,....,.,... I27, I43 Cameron, Ronnie .,,. I9. 34, 38, 58, 72 I34, l57, IS6. Camp, Ava Ann ..,. 50, 57, 63, IO6. II5, l3I. I34,- I43, I86, 282. Capilolo. Connie ...........,.......,.....,,,,,,,.,,,,,,. Capron. Charles .....,. 66. 67, 69, Carr, Rene' ,,,,,, ,.,,,,,,,,,, I 54, Carroll, Carol .,,. ,,,...,,,,,,,,,,s,, Carruihers, Karen Carler, Bob ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, Cafanzaro, Rosemary ,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,. Calhcarl, Judy ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Chaffee. Lyn .... 65, I36, I37, I42, I44, Chambers, Phyllis ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I I I, Cianciarulo, Lelricia ..........,.,..,,,,,,,,, I I I, Clark, Joan .....................,..,,,,.,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,, Cobbs. Ed ................,..,,.....,,..,,,,,..,,,.,,,,,,, Coffman, Kaihy .... 5l, 60, 64. II8, l3I. I50, I6l, I80. Colby, Judy ..,. 47, 5I, 60, 63. I02, I50, I77, IBS Coles. Bonnie ..,. 56, 58. II8, I30. l55, Combs, Norma .... 4l, 63, I06, I44, IBB, Comer, Caren ,.,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I I2, Connor, Mariann ............ 7I. I24, I42. Cook, Tom ....,.,,,.,,.,,,,,,.,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,. 9l,I3I, Coons, Sharon ..,, 44, 64, I02, I24, l3l, I37, I42, I50, I70, I73. I77, Cooper, Larry ....,,.,....,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,-,,, Corcoran. Cinda ,..,.......,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Cornelius Norma .........,,.........,,.. 66, 68, COull'er. Jim ..,.,,... ....... I 06, I56, I89, Counfs, Charles ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Craig. Bill ..........,....,.....,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, II3, Culp, Sandra ........ IO6, III, II5, l42, Cummings, John ,,.,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,A,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Curd. Sarah .,,,..,.,.,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Currier, Marlha ,.,.,,,,.,.., ,,,, I 34, I43, Dameron. Charlayne ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,, I 2I, Day. David .......,..,,.,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Decker. Rila .........., ,.,,,, DeFrances, Bob .,.,.,,.,,, Delz, Ed ........,................,.,...,.....,,.,.,, 139, Dempsey, Bruce, .... 33, 47, 50, 63, 96 122, 123, 147, 163, 178, 190 DesCamps, Lloyd ..................,,.....1,,,,,,,,,, Diclcson, Bill .,,.,,,,,., .,,.... 8 2, 91, 152, DiSa1vo, John .,.,,.,... ..,.....,,,,,,,,..,,,,,,,, Donald, Ronald .,...... ...... 5 8, 149, Donoghue, Diane ,,,.,,,.. 111, DuBois, Philip ,,,,, 1, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , Dugan, Tim ...... .,,,, 1 12, Dugdale, Dianne ......................,.,.,.....,...... Duncan, John ......................Y...........,,..,. 96, Dunilon, Bill .... 56, 58, 83, 156, 166, 178 Dunlap, Bill ,,,,.....A..........,...,........,...... 191 Dunsworih, Par ...,.... 60, 136, 142, 144, Du1cher, Lynn ,,,.,.,,. 111, 134, 142, Earich, Leslie ,,..,..,....,,...............,,.....,,....,. Earley, Pal' ,A,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 66, 69, 143, Easlerbroolcs, Carol .,,,......,,...................... Elcholm, Dene .,,.........., ....... 9 8, 99. Elcholm, Gene ...,..,., ,... 1 9, 65. 88, Ellingfon, Cecil ..,.,... .,......... 1 08, Engle, Sandra Jean . ................. 24 Ericson, Eric .,..,,,., ,..... 3 9, 118, Evans, Jimmy .,..... ........,.....,.... Evans, Ralph ,,,,.. ...,.,,.,....,.. 1 39, 192 Evelerh, Perer ................,.......,,.......... 46. Farqulnar, Doug ,,,,........ 16, 91. 147. 179 Farrish, Dean ...... ..,..,.,........4,-.... 1 33. Fashenpour, Dave ,,,,A....... Faul, Ron ,,.,,,....... ...44. 1 25, Feeney, John .,,. A-A...,.A,,,------- Ferrini, Bob .....,.. ....... 1 12. 113 Ferwerda, Bob .,........ ...,............f,, Figley, Carole Ann .. ............... 112 Fine, Virginia ..,..... ...... 1 07. 109 Fleming, Pal ..... ...... 9 1, 149, Flowers, Carl .,,................,.....,.- 66. 63. Fogel, Sleve ..,.,,,....................A.... 32. 149 Forman, Bev ,... 94, 95, 118, 124, 125, 169, 194, Forney, Warren ..,.............................A-A,.,,, Fram, Sandy ......,. Frenzel, Jerry ,..,... Friend, Dave .,.. .,,..........,...,....,,.,f Fry, Fred ,..,.....,,..,.V..............,,--,,-----, - Frylcman, Ginny ,,,, 59, 60, 132. 142. Gaede, Sliip .,...,,. 39, 72, 110, 138. Gall, Gloria .... 19, 39, 64, 70, 106. Gallo, Franlc ,,,,,,,,,. Garel, Dorolhy ,,,,. Gebert Paul .....,., Gillman, Ronald .... Gilmore, Joe .A...... Gizzi, Chris ........ Glover, Meg ,,,.... Godfrey, Diane ,,,, Goerlilz, Jaclc ,,,,,., Gon1a, Kalhie .,,,..,.... Gordon, Ronald ,....,,,,, Gouveia, Mary Jane Grace, Elanor ..,,........... ...... 25, 150. 149 118, 136 139 109, 22, 142 """22,'9s, Gray, B111 ............,,,, . ,.,,,,,f,4,f,----,---, - 127 75, Greene, Barbara ,.... 143, 155, 196 Grehl, Todd .....,, YA... 3 6. 157. 196, Greve, Bill .....,,,. ...,..,.A.---- 1 39. Greve, Buck .,,,,,........,,.,..........----,------- 139 Greve, Bob ................,,A...,,,,...... 35, 152. Griiifin, Cary .... 43, 151, 157, 160, 196. Griffin, Howard ,.........,..,,......,,,-------------,,. Griffin, Judy ,,,, 21, 150, 151, 165, 197. Grim, Dick' ...,.oo,.,...... 63, 100, 110, 122, Guercia, Barbara .... 144, 162, 176, Haas, Daniel .... Hac1cer1, Carl ........ Hackney. Sara .....,., Hageman. John ..,,. fffff"ii0'0',' 197, 113. 109, Hagen, Carol-Ann ,..........,. ..... 1 15, Haggsrrom, Margarer .,,.. ,... 1 11, Hamby, Terry .,.,................ ,................... Hamill, Dick .........,.....,,,.,......,.....,........... Hamillon, Larry .... 59, 63, 66, 68, 110, Hammer, Terry ....... .,,,,,.,,...,................. Harendr, Frederick ..........,, ..........,.......... Hargreaves, Ben ......... ....... Harness, Judy ...... ....... Harper, James .... ....... Harl, Sally ...........,., ...... Harrigan, Nancy .,....... ..,.... Haupl, Carole ...,.,.....,. .,..... Hayes, John ,.,,,.,. ..,.....VA.....,.... Heasley, Phil ...,,. .....,.................. Heberr, Sherrie ,,,,,.. 106, 142, Henderson, Donna ..,..,,,..,.............,...,....... Henderson, Marlc ........,,,,..,,,,.......,,V.,,,4.,. Henry, Dave .,,. 122, 123, 146, 168, 179 Hepp, Barbara .,,, 47, 58, 118, 144, 189, 282 Herberl, Milci .,,, 60, 94, 95, 106, 120, 1"1erric1c,John .,.. 50, 62, 109, 131, 134, 100 Hibbs. John ...,.............,.......,,.........,......... Hiclcey, Marie ..,..............,.......Y.............,.... Higgins, Bonnie ,,...,,. 118.124 , 142,150 Hildebrandl, Mary .... 143, 144, 160, 290, Hines, Joe ......,....... .,,,,........ 7 4, Hinshaw, Marvin .,.,.... ...,............. 5 8 Hochslrrasser, Dave ....... ...... 1 48. 200. 1-lodge, Jane .,,,,.......,. ....... 5 0, 62 Hoober, Dave ...... Hood, Nancy ...... Horner, Nancy ....... .... 1 12. Horroclcs, Ronnie ...... ...,,........ Horsl, Sandra ,,,... ..................... Ho1'r,,Dwigh1 ,..,..... ......... 9 8, 99, Howard, Janice ........ ........................... Humphrey, Virginia .....,,. 60, 134, 136, 201, Hunl, Roberl' .... 67, 110, 139, 146, 152. 201, 205 Huplils, Barry .,,.,.........,............ Hurlbulf, Donna Hvide,, Elsa ....... Hyde, Pam ...... Jackson, Janice Jacobsen, Gail ....... 142. 62, 51. Jacobsen, Tom ................ 15, James, Karen .....................,.,... Jansen, Joan .... 58, 59, 131, Jennings, Marianne ...... ..,... Johns, Judy .................. Johnson, David ....................... Johnson, Donna .... 130, 131, Johnson, Sandy .... 60, 61, 144 Jones, Linda ,,,,,,,,,,,, 101, 124, Jones, Marilyn ..............,, Jordan, Pal .,........ .a.,,, Joshlyn, Barbara .. Judson, Judi .... Julin, Donna ...,..... 106 75, Karsren, Allred ,,,,... Kaunilz, Milce .....,,,,,,.......,..,..... Kegler, Linda ..................,,.....,. Kenr, Bill ........ 58, 72, 73, 74, Kenyon, Donna ........,,,,....,.,,...... King, Marrha King, Bill ..,.... King, Mary ....... Kirlrland, Sandra ,, Klisch, Karen ....... Knowles, Dennis ..,......,., 141, ..QQf'ii2'0','i ifflfviiiifi 142 144, 202, 111, 143. i'i'1',mi'3'1Qf ia-4,7ii'4'2',i 118, 130 143, -142171.04 166, 203 135, 155 i""m'1'09i7i'i'3 110, 111 "ff"-ilsiii' 'i'29,'7'1Vs-0' 'i'i'0."ii'i'9i' 1-257-2041 112 124, 135 118, 146 124, 143, 205, Knox, Squire ..,............. 39, 58. Koch, Sandy ,... 36, 47, 57, 60, Kuhlmann, Jean ..,............,....... 198 198 198 198 198 198 198 198 198 199 199 199 199 199 199 199 199 199 199 200, 284 124. 200 138. 200 200 200 200 200, 305 200 200 286 201 201 201 201 201 201 201 201 144, 280 153. 297 202 202 202 302 202 202 202 202 142, 202 202 203 203 203 282 203 203 203 203 203 203 204 204 204 204 204 204 204 288 204 204 204 205 172, 286 205 Kull, Dennis ,.,..,.....,.,, ..... Lamberl, Kalhleen .... ....... ...,.,......... Lance, Doug .....,.,. .......,............,,...... Leaird, John .,,,.. .,,,,,. 8 8, 123, 147, Leclcie, Wayne ....... .........., . Lee, Richard .......,., .,... LeGrand, Judy ........ ....,.., LeMieux, George ...,,.. ,,,,,.,,.,,..,.,,.,,,. Leonard, Carol ..... ,.................., 2 06, Leslie, Barry ........................ 67, 68, 138, Lewis, Jim ..............,....,..........,..,..............., Lewis, Bob .... 36, 39, 56, 118, 134, 157, Liberl, Diane ...,............,.,.....,...,.,..... 142, Liclclider, Jerry .... 60, 82, 83, 90, 91, 148, Liese, Judilh ........,..,..........................,..... Linane, Bonnie ........ 64, 131, 135, 137, 168, Linsdell, David .....,.........,.........,.....,,.....,..,,. Longo, Bob ...... 87, 88, 122, 123, 149, 179, Lovendahl, Roberla ,.., .....,,,,.....,,,..,,,,,, Lowa, Karen ...,......... ....... Loy, William ...,,,,,, , ,....,.. , Lullman, Slreve ..... .............. Lund, Ellen ......... ...........,................ 7 2, Lyerly, Helen ..,,,,,,,,,,..,,,,,,.,..,,,,,..,,.,....,.,.. McBain, Beverly .,,. 72, 73, 74, 121. 163, McClure, Mercer .,.. 43, 58, 60, 82, 84 91, 123, 144, 149, 164, 178, 180. McDermo+1, Doug ........,,.. 59, 139, 152, McE11resh, John ...........,,,,. 44, 118, 146 McFe+ridge, Marge ,,,, ,....,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, McGranahan, Bob ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, ,,,,,, 1 1 2, Mclnryre, Brenda ,,,,., ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 7 4, McKamey, Ka1hy ......,,.,.. 136, 137, 152, McKernan, Par ,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,--,,,,,,,,, , McKnigh'r, Frances .,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,, 34, 209, McLaughlin, Doug ..., 58, 131, 146, 209, McLaughlin, Bob Mcivlilian, Ralph .,,...., 60, 82, 03, 209, MacDonald, Susan ,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,----,--, Maddox, Gloria .,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,-,,,,,, 2 05, Magahey, Ronnie ,,,,,, ,,,,,,, I 8, 45, 149, Mann, Elizabelh .. Manning, Michele ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,-- ll2, Mark, Tracy ..........., 130, 131, 137 142 Marshall, Donna .. Mmm, Norberr .... 60, 72, 737, 74, 149, 1 1 Mason, DIXIS .,,,,,, ,,,,,, ,,,,, , , ,,,,-,--,-,-,-,----,,- Marhews, Richard ,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Malhis, Tom .,........ 80, 82, 91, 123, 157, Meisenburg, Gre1chen .... 59, 71, 115, 124. Menendez, Linda .......,,.., 134, 136, 142, Menzie, Sherry ...... Meridelh, Don ....,.. .,,.. 1 02, 118, 157, Melzger, Mary ........ Meyer, Ted ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 91, Middlebroolcs, Bob ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Miller, llene ......,s,,,,,,,, 115, 120, 121, Miller, Bob ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Milligan, Janis .... 51, 132, 134, 136, 155, Mills, Kalherine ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Mincey, Isabelle ,,,,,..,....,,,,..,,,,,,,,,,,.,. 74, Mincey, Max ,,,,,,,,....,.,,,,,,,,,,,.,.,,,,,,,,...,.,,. Milson, Marcia ..,. 49, 111, 134, 136, 211, Mizell, Leo .......,.,..,,.. 17, 57, 106, 211, Moore, Charles ...,,,.,,.,, 88, 123, 147, Morairis, George .... 51, 60, 79, 80, 82 91, 123, 157, 178, 212, Morehead, Howard ,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,, Morice, Bob ......,...,..,,.,. ............,............ Morris, Diane ........................, ............... Morris. Jane'1 .............................,............ Morrissey, John ,,.. 66, 67, 69, 131, 151, Mundriclc. Linda ................,... 121, 131, Murdock. Jean .,,, II5, II6, I34, Murphy, Nancy ,,,,,,Y,,A,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,A,,Aw, Murray, Ronald , Muscalell, Ralph ,,,,,Y,, ,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.A,,,,, Myers, Bill ,,,,,,,,,,,,A,,, ,,,,.,,,,,.,,-,,. 7 4, Nance. Marshall ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, III, I23, Neal, Mary ,,,,,,,A,AY,,,,,,,,.,,-.,-,,,,.,.,,,.A,,,,A,,,A, Neilson, Floralee ,,.. I9, III, I34, Nelson, Gail ,,,,,,, ,,,,, Nelson, Sonia ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Nelson, Sue .,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Newsharn, Sharon ,..A,. 60, I3I, Nichols, Darlene ,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, NICIKSI. Polly ..........., 35, IIO, l3B, Norlh, Janice ,.,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Orberg, Bob ............................. ' ......,. Organ, James ,,,,....,,,.,,.,.,....,.....,,.,....,... Orman, John .... 5I, 60, 80, 82, 93, I62. Orr, Judy .............,.. 40, I50. 2I4, Oslerhoudl, SharFon .... 60, I24, I76, OH, Dick ................. .................,.......... Owens, Jack ....... .,...... Parker, Debby ,..... .,.... Parr, Bob ........ ......................... Palrick, Joan ., .,..........,..........,............ .. Pallerson, Bonnie ........ 74, 75, I43, Paul, Dennis ...............,,............. Pauze, Philip ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. 35, IIS, l52, I53 Pawol, Judy .............................V.. IO6. II7 Pell, Nancy .... 39, 65, II8, l3I. Pender. Dave ...... ...... 3 9. 82. 34. Pelerson, Doris ..... ........................V...... Peierson, Shirley ........ .........,,......... Pelracca. Jean ...,... .......... I 3l. Philpol-I, Judy ..... ........ 6 2. II9, Pinlo, Donald .,.... .................... Pillman, Jeannine ...... 6I, I I9 Porcher, Kay ...... .................YY.-,-- I I7, Pugh, Joyce .... Purcell, Linda ..... 72. Rand, Linda .,.. ,..... 3 3, 94. Reed, JoLee ........ ..............-...-------- Reinholz. Belsy ........ ..,......v----------- Render, Lynne ,.,,...,, Richard, Kalie .............. Richardi, Elizabelh ...........................f-,---- Richardson, Nancy ...........................-..---- Ricker, Mary Belh .... I9, 64, II9, R1cker, Rennie ......... ......f4..........,--4-- Riedel, iMarie ...................... R1l'ch1e, GIor1a ...,....,....... IO6. IO7. Rivers, Judy .......................-.....,.------------- I78 Roberls, Dick .,.. 88, II9, I23, I57, Roberlson, Jerry ................-.........---------- Rogers, Michael ...........................---, ------- Rohr, Sue .........u.....................--- ---------------- Roman, Barbara .... 38, 49, 65, II8, 212 212 212 213 297 213 213 143. 213 2I3 214 214 214 2I4 283 2I4 214 214 157, 2I4 298 151. 215 215 215 215 2l5 2I5 215 215 -2I5 215 155. 2I6 2I6 216 2l6 216 216 2I6 216 2I6 216 217 217 2l7 217 217 217 217 2I7 155. 217 297 218 218 218 218 218 218 218 218. 292 Roseman, Dororhy Ross, Douglas .,,... Rolhauser, I-larriel II5, I43 Rowell, Berl' ........,,,,,,,, ,,,,, I 23, I3I, I49 Rubach, .Rober+ Ruggie, Thene ...... Rule, Larry .......... Russell, Richard .. Rulzke, Elinor ...... IIO, I39 I42 Sakmann, Penny .,,.,,,. 60, I35, I42, 2I9 Samsell, Earl ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, Sanders, B1ll ........,.....,....,....,,,,,,,, 82, 84, Sa nford, John ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Sawyer, Gayle .... Sayers, Leonard .. 39, 63. IO6, II9, I30 Scarr, Kalhy ..,,.......,,,,...,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Schmidt Nancy ., Schmidl, Bill ........ 66, 68, I43, 220, 66, 68, Schneider, Mark .... 74, I08, lI0, I3I, Schuller, John ,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Schullz, Nedra .... 43, 5l, 60, I02, I34, I64, I76. Scoll, Dian .... 47, 65, 73, l35, I36, I77 Scorl, Douglas .....,.,.....,.......... 82, 84, 91 Sharp. Richard ,,.............. I52, IS3, 22I, Shoe, Jerry .......2...,... ..........,,.,,,,,,.,.,,,, Shumale, Wanda .....,. ....... ............,., Shules, Rulh ....... Simbari, Bernard II9, I27, I34, Simbari, Russell ..........,. II9, I27, I34, Simmons, Gary .... 58, 59. 66, 67, 68, l52. Smiley, Larry ......,.........,..,.,......,...........,, Smilh, Judy ............ ...........,.,....,.... Smilh, Mal ...,... ...........,...... I 39, Smilh, Mary ...,......,............. I8, I34, I55 Smilh. Dick ............,..,................................ Smilh, Suzi .... 49, 60, 63, 7l, l24, I44, 222, Smifh, Tom ......... ..... 8 3. IIO, I52, Smilh, Wayne ......,. .......................... Sokolawski, Lesler .... .... ..........,.... Sommese, Mary Ann .................,.........,..., Spade, William .................................,...... Sparks, Sally ..,. 63, 72, 74, 75, I34, I42, Spear, Linda ..,..... 27, 59, 7I, I2I, l24, Sfarn, L1ll1an .............................................. Slevens, Karen .,.. 43, 6l, I02, I34, I36, I54, I55, Siorck, Henry ........ ...................... Slresau, Fred .......... .,...... I 3. IIO, Slumpff, Jo Ann .... ........... 2 23, Sullivan, Ross ..... ........ Super, Bill ..........,.. ..............,.., Sulherland, Diane ....,........................... Swedroe, Carol .................... I34, I43. Sweilzer, John ............ 66. 68. IIO, I28. Swilzer, Tim ...................................... .. I I I. Tamucci, Sandra .....,..... Tarapacki, Gloria Tavlin, Barbara ......... Taylor, Wendy ,,...... 63, IOI l3l I43 l54. I ' 224, 299 Taylor, B1Il ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 2 24 Templin, Carol ,,,,..,, Thibaudeau, John .. Thibaul, Larry ,... 39 Thompson, Dave ,,,... Thornlon, Den Thornlon, Frances Tilchin, Tom ,,,,,,,,,,,,, Tomlinson, Shirley ,. Topping, Pal .....,.... Vandiver, Sieve ,,,..... Varney, Kennelh ....... Vaughn, Lee ,,,,,,,,-,,, Vawler, Noell .,..,, Vecchio, Dave ...., Wade, Radford ,,.... Waldron, Jack ..... Wale, Waller Walls, Bob ,,,,,,,,,,,.,, Weaver, Mahlon Webb, Duane ..... Wellens, Dave . Wells, Joyce ,....... Wermulh, Pal' ....... Werlz, Eleanor .... Wesl, Suzanne ..,...... 72, 9I. III, I34, I4-3, 225 .60, I02, I39, I49, 225. 30I I2, I3, 225 I39, 225 I49, 225 III, II9, I20, 225 I39, 225 I 36, 226 9 I , 226 58. I78, 226 60, 82, 91, 226 82, 226 226 226 II3, 226 226 IIS, I30, 227 I34, 227 227 227 Weslberry, Grace ....... ........,.,,... 7 5, 227 Whaley, Ronnie .....,..,, ,,,,,,,, 9 0, 9l, 227 Wheeler, Richard .,.,,.. ,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 2 27 whafehead, A16611 ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, H ,,.,,,,,,,,, 2 27 Wicksell, Larry .,.,..,.., ,,,,,,,,,, 5 9, I09, 227 Williams, Jacquelyn ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I ,,,, I I3, 228 Williamson. Kay ............ III, I34, I43, 228 Willis, Bill ,,,,,,,,.,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 2 28 Wilson, Anifa .........................,,....,...,....,... 228 Wilson, Mary Sue .... 24, 39, 56, 65, 73, 74, 75, II8, II9, I29, I35, I36, I37, I43, l45, 228,285 Wilson, 5661+ .................,...,,,.....,.,..,.,,,,,,,, 228 Wilson, Wayne ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,, 33, 228 Wilson, William ..,......,,. 72, 73, I39, I48, 228 w1ng,,1611n ,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,.,,,,,,,,,, III, 228 Wollam, Michael ..... .2.........,...............,... 2 28 Wood. Karen ..,............. I2, I3, I4, I43, 228 Wordrup, Valorys .,,.....,,..,,,.,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,.,,.,, 229 Worlhy, MGX ............ ...,.,,,,,,,, 7 2, II9, 229 Wrighl, Barbara .. Wrighl, James . Wrighf, Judi ...,..... Wrighf, Mariorie . Yarr, Alice ,....., Young, Joe .... 229 63, II9, l3I, 229 I28, I30, 229 60, 230, 290 Young, Judy ....................,........................... 230 Young, Sally ..,.............,,.. 59, II6, I27, 230 Young, William ....,..,.......,,,,.....,.,.,,.,,....,,. 230 Zimmer, Carol .... 36, 64, II9, I24, l35, I36, I42, I43, I5l, I79, 230 Zwick, Dave ..... 39, 80, 82, II9, I48, I57, 230, 292 Zyra, Wayne ...,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , 230 3l7 2,5 iii it ,ff Je? MQ? ' gy' 9 96 JV 59? ggi' ' uf wack' M 02' r of ' X' CT' , , We Qx 7 yQja7Ja.9'Q DW LV Li!! 55, 5,365 fkx 4rWdq,,fv HQ, 0 Jw Q-if Z,fm,, if W MW DK - LL fy-11,1 yflffl, OD fef. Qui, ' bf W6-L. fn. A J . ' ,f7Lf'f7's . fly? ,tg 1, flfnd w--.+,1,4-If iz 95?-Q20 ffw Q1 Dm, ' Cl1f2-0JLu.?-'C9u.uJvL.:d- Lbifflbmowu, fwmw-.Qu. Www Tfmmf? flaw XG EQEXETER . X vb. 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Suggestions in the Fort Lauderdale High School - Ebb Tide Yearbook (Fort Lauderdale, FL) collection:

Fort Lauderdale High School - Ebb Tide Yearbook (Fort Lauderdale, FL) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Fort Lauderdale High School - Ebb Tide Yearbook (Fort Lauderdale, FL) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Fort Lauderdale High School - Ebb Tide Yearbook (Fort Lauderdale, FL) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Fort Lauderdale High School - Ebb Tide Yearbook (Fort Lauderdale, FL) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Fort Lauderdale High School - Ebb Tide Yearbook (Fort Lauderdale, FL) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


Fort Lauderdale High School - Ebb Tide Yearbook (Fort Lauderdale, FL) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 316

1959, pg 316

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