Fort Lauderdale High School - Ebb Tide Yearbook (Fort Lauderdale, FL)

 - Class of 1958

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Fort Lauderdale High School - Ebb Tide Yearbook (Fort Lauderdale, FL) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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1 1 - - l l 1 5 -A ,,,,-.,-N. , .f ,' ,--V f. 1 ..,:v P . I., .X ' V1 "oi I' H -I . -...Y . ' X 1 . , . . . A, ., , . p '.' ,J 'J','.,'.. pq .ff , , - - .. A ' nu.--., 'L 41' -. if-f 5 'v- v ' M4 . Agn- - .f ru 'Srl .-, ' .. ..1' ,I-06' , , 5. 'HQ ' :tru . . ,ull -'f J 1 ,, 7 74. ful . 1' ,w.' "A ,,4 , ' Q 1 or fy .' pf... I . ', ,,, ,. .,- . '21, ' .gm rl 1"' L Jqfg- r f 4'4,. yr' H4145 - 1 ,,. .1 ""' ' ' .1 1 ' 'nf . '- I .1 " I , .,",,- 5-4:- -I7 ,.. W. V, my 1. -M z.,-- x . nf- f un- - R '-4wK..,, . 4' 7:1 V, ., X 'Z F -1 " 5 ,,.V Ru. - 'I , A V., - 9' ' W. 115' 1' -iv ig W .. J 1'-,--fw. 1 - ,,jg ?91. 'Q-173 ' u " "M 'fx I 3 yi' ., fii?m751' 1- Jr . LU ifv. 4 I A . N H fuck .1 , 'D b. "1 .gp of . ft, i 5 . 4 1 W4 , Q t y I 'if 4 vr 1 PT' v"L.',f 5' fs -15 + ,E fx". M N, Em: . 1 R WW ' A .Jia 5 f r ' ' L It r 515 ,I ' ' sr ' . '35 I I ' V - X I zejji, L 1: 31 r , Q v1 ' , 'Ya , 4- x aj 2,5 'qv N kr , , 1 :wig , E? ,Q 1 q 7 xsf , ' L, V, 4 af r 1 -3' df. ' r XY I-I' x ' .ng rw."5 a n .J 3'-fs 1 fu, A ' 1' 2" - E f 0 A 1 f if :- T.. J' . .55 -'vita W2 LJ A' f ,4-A 5. nfl. gl H.. 1 V' . . fi' T . ill W5 fl- 1 -v 4 1. 4 -WL .rdq Y-f - ,, . ',1 w R ,1 A :L,- Xxxlggy9 ,g N A A 1 , W, f 11, 4 f- ' , I 1 ni:g,,.ga1 The Qspzkzf of FORT LAUDERDALE HIGH SCHQOL l958 EBB TIDE Fpri Lauderdale, Florida The pzrzf l Momenfs fo remember . . . momenis of laughfer, momen+s of wonder, momenfs of srudy. fr all are a pari' of a school spirif-a spiril' +ha+ has given slu- denis momenfs +o remember since Lauderdale High opened ifs doors io ihe 'firsi' Flying L way back in 1915. A 0 This Flying L boy and girlqare no different They, foo, will have rheir momen'I's fo remember-a fool- ball game and 'l'he cheering fans, chegnis'l'ry, Lauder- dale Follies, club meefings, and homework. In all fhese ihere is found an undefinable subsfance- School Spiri'I'. ' They'll remember fhe good-nafured rivalry be- fween fhe classes. Bui' +hroughou'I' fhe rivalry fhe fhread of uni'I'y is sfrong, and whelher +hey're 'Phe awed Sophomores, 'l'he working Juniors. or +he mighfy Seniors-wherher fhey're big wheels orliffle wheels, leaders lor 'Followers-+hey're all working fogelher fo make For'I' Lauderdale High wha'I' ii' is -'Phe bes'I' school in l'he world. fy, " "5 W O , ,,..k N, f 7 df gr , , af fo 5 X W, f 1 Tfft 0 Q f f A W .A f f The The Qspzfzf in the Administration- "Readin', ria+in', and 'rifhmeficf' Perhaps af some schools feachers are jusf robofs fhaf feach fhe fhree "r's." Nof so af Forf Lauderdale High. A 'leacher af L. H. S. is a person who fakes an inferesf in fhe sfudenfs. Besides sfaying up half 'rhe nighf grading papers. he is fhere fo help decorafe your Homecoming floaf. A missed deadline? There's fhe advisor doing his parf fo gef fhe paper fo press. They are nof iusf robofs, buf people, and nof only people. buf friends, demanding liffle more fhan respecf and cooperafion. You are noi' iusf a name or a face fo a feacher af Lauderdale buf an individual, wifh individual problems and ideas. ln fhe halls of L. H. S. friendly "hellos" are ex- changed befween friends - feacher and sfudenf. Whefher he's sfricf or lenienf, ioking or serious, fhere is fhal' generosify and earnesfness in fhe faculfy member of Forf Lauderdale High found sel- dom in ofher schools. There'll be many a momenf for Flying L boy and girl fo remember abouf fhe faculfy - for each feacher possesses, foo, fhe School Spirif - fhe Spirif fhaf dominafes everyone who's a parf of L. H. S. W I 1 A4 s X 4 ?"'.'f 11 y , -fug . iz., J , 'A nf A' P iix 17 W, QQ? mai 5 3 af' 1 f an 1' Liv: Y fi A 4 3? 'l 2? x S an 2? 2 if lwa QI ,G . M fp f - 1 af, ff ,,,,,,.hw+ 4 I all it 3 55 3 VE 'M , f f 5 f, 1 f, f as f,.q gif 1 gn -V43 fi s"ff ??Q5H E4 'WM .mr Q, , , nge. w-my w 3' ,- new Q I it E The iri+ of For? eviden! our coming fify bi fad' . mqny ' our civic leidlgrs ai ' A H Lau yy " dale, h School gradiiaies. Q he ng is? ped mln fliasifpar: xllbe rained by ihe class of l958, as if has beieif in pasf years by oghes gr ling classes: w 1 I feel sure 'lhafimgny ci cyflea erszf 3 2 fomorrow are amp g yo I H ode a+- hi if Ebb Tide will bring appyy orgies 'F houlr ears here ai' Forf aulie al High School. 5 'y Harry F. McComb Q iiil i .Q Aff ifli Principal' if ' 3 B Q ti? L an . 1- 23" JZ.. ln his second year as principal of Forf rdale High Mr. Harry F. Mc- ? liafrmasieredgylihe in'l'rica ' of managing L. H. S. Every 'd'a'y'he-Q-deals-, wifh sfudenrs' problems, supervises school aciiviiies, and helps develop cifizens. Mosi of all he encourages fhe sfudenis io uphold ihe fine school spirii' fhai has always reigned af Lauderdale. Hep foo, has a spiri'l' ihal' malxes fhe sfudenfs proud. Al' almosi' every game, dance, and many club meefings. Mr. McComb is noi' iusl' an on- loolrer bui' a par? of fhe acfivifies. He, un-' doubiedly, has one of fhe roughesl' iobs fhere is, 'ihough no one would realize lhis 'From ihe well organized sysiem he has es- fablished. Before becoming principal, he 'l'augh'I' Music and direcfed fhe band. He was granfed his B.A. al' 'l'he Universify of Miami and his M.A. af ihe Universify of Michigan. Since graduafingj Mr. McComb as faughl' eighfeen years and served here as principal fwo years. He is fhe 'faiher of +wo - Franlr, IO. and Anne. 5. Fred Huff is fhe assisfanf principal of l.. H. S. He spends much of his fime in conference wifh fhe club presidenfs since one of his biggesf iobs is regulafing all club acfivifies. Mr. Huff hails from Wesf Virginia, He affended Marshall College where he was granfed his B.A. He received his M.A. af Springfield College in Massachuseffs. One of his claims fo fame is fhaf he coached Lew Burdeffe, ace Milwaulcee pifcher and hero of fhe l957 World Series, in foofball while Lew was in high school. Alfhough he is lcepf very busy, Mr. Huff finds fime fo play a liffle golf. Among his hobbies- are drawing house plans and raising grass. Joseph Brewer is Dean of Boys. A nafive of Soufh Dalcofa, he received his B.A. af Yanlcfon College and his M.A. af fhe Universify of Florida. Dean Brewer is an acfive member of fhe Nafional Rifle Associa- fion and holds an experf marlcsmanship card in pisfol shoofing. Mr. Brewer is a commanding officer in fhe Naval Reserve. He has been in fhe Naval Re- serve for fiffeen years and was on acfive dufy eighf years in World War II and Korea. Dean of Girls is Nan Hufchison. Mrs. Hufchison is a nafive of Wesf Virginia. Before becoming Dean, she faughf Physical Educafion and worlced in fhe Guid- ance Deparfmenf. Always fond of dramafics, she has direcfed several class plays. ln her home sfafe, Mrs. Hufchison received her B.A. and M.A. af Marshall College. Nan Hufchison Dean of Girls and Joseph A. Brewer, Dean of Boys. 6,1-. Clarence Alfonse Margarel' Alslon William Armslrong Mel Allcinson Clarence Alfonse, Teacher of Plane Geomelry and Algebra l, was granled his B.S. a+ Wisconsin Slale Teachers College. Margarei' Alsion sponsors Cheerleading and 'reaches Physical Educaiion. She gol her BA. ai' Harding College and MA. al Peabody College, William Armsfrong received his B.S. al lndiana Universily and his MA. al Florida Slafe Universily. He coaches varsily Foolball. Q Mel Aflcinson +eaches Science and Elecfric Shop. Mr. Allcinson was granred his BA. al Yale Universily. His nalive slale is New York. Dorofhy Barringer received her BA. a+ Marshall College. Mrs. Barringer 'reaches Physical Educafion and hails from Wesl Virginia. Blanche Bazanos was granled her B.S. al +he Slale College for Women in her home slafe which is Georgia. Miss Bazanos reaches Biology. Roberl Beale, leacher of Biology and Physical Educalion and coach of lhe J. V. Foolball leam, gor his B.S. al Temple Universily. William Benneff was granfed his BA. a+ lhe Universily of Miami. Mr. Bennerr is lhe direclor ol lhe Marching and Concerf Bands. lvy Berryhill was granied her BA. al' Brenau College. Miss Berryhill is one of lhe Librarians. She is a nafive Floridian. +en cenl' pack of paper, please!" has a familiar sound fo Margarel Hudson, boolcslore manager. , X lvy Berryhill .D . 'N Dorofhy Barringer LH Blanche Bazanos Roberl C. Beale William H. Benneii i ig Q 3. vu-nv 95 f . ,Q ,.?f1 V, f Q -V 5, V, - . . V . . 6 ,jfmn 493. .f ff ' ' .1 lla Mae Bryan? Sylvia W. Burnsfed Clois Caldwell Jack W. Chapman Duane N Cl rk Facult Ocravia Cisco Arrhur Decker Rufh B. De MOSS F 3 if u gf- x if , 'Zfl ' 'i l wma lla Mae Bryanf was granred her B.S. ar Florida Srale Universiry. Miss Bryanr 'reaches Biology and rhe Hisrory of Florida. Sylvia Burns+ed, Diversified Cooperarive Training. gor her B.S. ar Indiana Srare Teachers College and her M.S. al Florida Srare Universiry. Clois Caldwell received his BS. al' Millsaps College in his narive slale ol Mississippi. Mr. Caldwell is Alhlelic Direcfor. Jack Chapman 'reaches World l-lislory, works in Guidance. and coaches J. V. Baskerball. He gol his B.A. and Mfx. al Marshall College. Duane Clark was granred his BA. and M.Ed. al' rhe Universiry of Soulh Carolina, his narive srare. Mr. Clark reaches English. Oclavia Cisco is a Guidance Counselor. Mrs. Cisco received her BA. and MA. ar Marshall College in her nalive sfale of Wes? Virginia. Arfhur Decker, feacher of Woodworking, was granled his BA. al Duke Universiry. Mr. Decker is a nalive of New York. Rulh De Moss reaches Biology. She received her BA. a'r Glenville Slale Teachers College and M.S. alWes1' Virginia Universily. L. L. Dimon was granled his B.Ed. and his MA. ar 'rhe Universiry of Toledo. Mr. Dimon 'reaches Praclical Marh and Biology. .rlliyylwi VD I Wax Dorsey Maynard and Veazey l-loll scan lheir mail al lhe 0W beginning of a busy day of counseling many sludenls Y igg m 9. T" L. L. Dimon .r H E. B. Elder Mary Engle Ann Evans Richard B. FeH'ers Wells H. Fish E. B. Elder gol his BA. a+ Wes'r Virginia Universily and MA. a+ The Universi+y of Piflsburgh. He is EBB TIDE sponsor and Teaches English. Mary Engle 'Teaches Personal Typing and also Typing l. She received her B.A. al Berea College and her Mfx. al' Duke Universiiy. Ann Evans was granled her BA. from Florida Slale Universily and her MA. from The Universily of Virginia. Miss Evans is a 'reacher of English. Richard Eeffers was granled his B.S. al The Universily of Noire Dame and his M.S. al' lndiana Universily. He Teaches Physical Educalion. Wells Fish received his BA, al Hanover College and his M.S. al Buller Universiiy. Mr. Eish 'reaches World Hislory. Lorraine Force was granied her B.S. in her nafive slale by Soulhwesl Missouri Slale College. Mrs. Force Teaches Ari. Ernesiine Ereiday received her B.S. al' Universily of Missouri in her nafive slale, Miss Freiday reaches Modern European Hislory. Jane Garber, Tennis coach and 'reacher of Physical Educalion, hails from lndiana. She was granled her B.S. al De Pauw Universily. G. O. Geldbaugh received his BA. ar Fairmonl Sla+e College and his MA. ai Wes? Virginia Universiiy. He 'reaches Lalin and English. Faculty Mrs. Jessie Pharris. Mrs. Thelma Michael, Mrs. Erancis Rand, Mrs. May Norvell, Mrs. Pauline Adams, and Mrs. Elizabeih Jenlcins are 'the able caieleria slaif. G O Geldbaugh Lorraine Force Ernesline Freiday Jane Garber if Marfha Gowans Rurh Hendrick Barbara Ann Holmes Veazey Holi 11 law JW Harold Greene Max Harper Harold B. Hayes Ru+h D. Hems Marfha Gowans received her B.S. af Wayne Universify. She is one of lhe Librarians and in charge of Audio-Visual. Harold Greene reaches Physical Educahon and is +he Tennis coach. He received his B.S. and MA. af +he Universify of Iowa. Max Harper reaches American Hisrory and Problems of American Democracy. A+ +he Universify of Missouri he received his BA. Harold Hayes received his BA. and M.Ed. af +he Universiry of Nevada. He 'reaches Journalism, Hisfory of +he Sou+h, and is a Foorball coach. Rufh Helms received her BA. and B.Mus. a+ Doane College. Mrs. Helms reaches Typing l and is a nafive of Nebraska. Rufh Hendrick was granfed her BA. al' Maryville College. Miss Hendrick reaches English. She is from Tennessee. Barbara Ann Holmes reaches Home Economics. Miss Holmes was granred her B.S. al' Ohio S+a+e Universify and hails from Ohio. Veazey Holi received his BA. af Wes+ Virginia lnsl'i+u're of Technology. He +eaches Wood Shop and is a Guidance Counselor. Doris JeH received her BA. and MA. a+ Florida Sou+hern. She feaches Spanish. Mrs. Jeri' is a na+ive Floridian. Faculty Mrs. Leer is sealed. Mrs. Puring+on, Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Mefzger. and Mrs. Senn are slanding. These women are seen working in 'rhe offices every day. Doris Jeff cz: - lx' Belly R JGHSS Tallie Kallaher Andrew K. Kruse 'F r ,i r'rrl, ' , U. ' , , . n i eg, - -f 2 6 f 4, , My A, Q 5 ' 1. ,. ,,ifi.g.? g '- ,iafi VV,. , 'wx Af V , f Q Q - ',,' ,f fA',, 3, or is Avis W. Kruse BeHy Jones reaches Physical Educarion. She received her B.S. a+ Kenl S+a+e Universi+y in her nalive slale of Ohio. TaH'ie Kallaher received her B.A. af Fonfbonne College of S+. Louis Universily. She reaches French and Spanish. Andrew Kruse, Mechanical Drawing and Elfeclive Living Jreacher, gol his B.S. al Norfhwesl Missouri Slare College and M.A. ai Columbia Universily. Avis Kruse received her B.S. a+ Norihwesl Missouri S'ra+e College and her M.A. al Columbia Universily. She Teaches Typing. Daniel Lee, 'reacher of Plane Geomelry and Aviaiion, gor his B.S. al' lhe U. S. Mililary Academy and his M.S. a+ Universily of Arizona. Howard Leer reaches Advanced General Science and Landscaping. l-le go+ his B.A. a+ Manchesler College and his B.S. al Purdue Universily. Joyce Lihan, Swimming coach and Physical Educalion leacher, was granled her B.A. and B.S. al Bowling Green Slale Universily. Evelyn Livdur was granled her B.S. al Miami Universily in her nalive slale ol: Ohio. Miss Livdur 'reaches Shorlhand. Franlc Malloy was granled his B.S. by lhe Pennsylvania Slale Teachers College. Mr. Malloy leaches Uniled Slales l-lislory. we f?ww Daniel P. Lee Howard B. Leer Joyce Lihan Evelyn Livdur Faculty Bill Weber and Llewellyn Shelcmar discuss lhe problem al hand while Daniel Lee Fred Hull, and Sylvia Burnsled lis+en in before a lacully meehng alrer school. Franlc W. Malloy 'F z i Llp y ,sf VIH, . 1 ' Z ,-4 1 LOFBH J. M5llbY Kendrick W. Marlin John C. Malhews James E. Maurer DOrSey O Maynard M. J. McDermoH Charles L. McKinney John B. Miller 'JAY' 4 Loren Malfby received his B.S. al Florida Slaie Universily. He reaches Unired Slales Hislory, Driver's Educalion, and Physical Educalion. Kendrick Mar+in, Driver's Educalion and Mechanical Drawing, received his B.Ed. al Illinois Slale Universily and MA. al Florida Sfale Universily, John Malhews, ieacher of Physics, received his B.S. al Emory Universily and his M.Ed. af Duke Universily. James Maurer received his B.S. al Lock Haven Srale Teachers College. l-le reaches Physical Educalion and is a nafive of Pennsylvania. Dorsey Maynard is Guidance Direcfor and 'reaches Algebra ll. Mr. Maynard received his B.A. and his MA. al Marshall College. M. J. McDermoH received his BA. af Marshall College and his M.Ed. al Duke Universily. l-le +eaches Junior-Senior Mafh. Charles McKinney, Algebra l and Praclical Marh, gor his B.S. ai Jacksonville Srale Teachers College and M.S. al' Florida Slale Universily. John Miller reaches Bookkeeping and Algebra l. l-le received his BA. al Florida Soulhern and his MA. a+ New York Universily. Virgil Morgan leaches Shorrhand and General Business. l-le received his B.S. al Indiana Universily and is a narive of Indiana. Facult Maurer, Elder, and Maynard look over Mr. McComb's shoulder as he compares noles wifh rhe deparrmenl heads - Miller, Rickard Ne ms Barringer, and Spaulding. A S. if ," ' Virgil L. Morgan F5 V rl gf' :ji V .9 ' - Lg mgffm M! 'ls J me . . -ligfii Ellen G. Nelms Marvin Ogden Charles Packard Jane Pepper ElizabeTh Pinder Lucille Poole RoberT Prim '15 'very- 5 Ellen Nelms aTTended Georgia STaTe College Tor Women. She received her B.S. Trom This college. Mrs. Nelms Teaches ChemisTry. Her naTive sTaTe is Georgia. Marvin Ogden aTTended The UniversiTy oT Florida where he received his BA. and M.Ed. He is an insTrucTor oT English. His naTive sTaTe is Florida. Charles Packard received his BA. aT DarTmouTh College and his M.Ed. aT Miami UniversiTy in Ohio. He Teaches UniTed STaTes HisTory and Driver's EducaTion. Jane Pepper is an insTrucTor oT Speech and English. She aTTended WesT Virginia UniversiTy where she received her BA. She is a naTive oT WesT Virginia. JarreTT Pharr aTTe-nded The UniversiTy oT ChaTTanooga in Ten- nessee where he received his BA. He Teaches Spanish and is a naTive oT Georgia. ElizabeTh Pinder is an insTrucTor oT English. She aTTended Florida STaTe UniversiTy where she received her B.S. Miss Pinder is Trom Florida. Lucille Poole is a graduaTe oT Georgia STaTe College Tor Women. IT was There ThaT she was granTed her BA. Miss Poole is now Teaching English. RoberT Prim is a graduaTe oT FairmonT STaTe Teachers College. He was granTed his BA. Trom There. Mr. Prim Teaches ChemisTry. He hails from WesT Virginia. Geneva Rickard received her BA. aT Florida STaTe UniversiTy and her MA. aT The UniversiTy oT Georgia. Miss Rickard Teaches ConTemporary HisTory and UniTed STaTes HisTory. Murrel Rickman is a graduaTe oT The UniversiTy oi SouTh Carolina where she was granTed her BA. She is now Teaching English. Mrs. Rickman is a naTive oT SouTh Carolina. BeTTy Runyan is in charge oT The vocal music program oT The school. She received her BA. aT Morris Harvey College and her MA. aT Marshall College. Rol::erT Schmelz is a graduaTe oT Florida STaTe UniversiTy where he was granTed his B.S. Mr. SchmelTz is now Teaching Physical EducaTion. He hails Trom Ohio. Maurice SchmidT aTTended The UniversiTy oT Michigan where he received his BA. and MA. He Teaches American GovernmenT and Problems oT American Democracy. Ggneva Rickard Murrel S. Rickman Wwe 'Q x . x 'li JarreTT C. Pharr BeTTy M. Runyan RoberT Schmelz Maurice SchmiclT "2 i F 3. .- .Q - s - -es, V , F , N.. A A iiss T ' X .. ...exe ks.. . - ,s i g 4.4 A Faculty J. P. Smilh George Spaulding Gladys Spencer 5 of 91' Roberl P. Senior Llewellyn B. Shekmar Frances Shofner Charles Smm, Lillian Sears is an insrruclor of Lalin. Miss Sears is from Georgia. She was graduafed from Wesleyan College wilh her B.A. Roberl' Senior hails from Wesl' Virginia. He gradualed from Alderson-Broaddus College and also received his B.A. from ihere. He reaches Algebra l and Plane Geomelry. Llewellyn Shekmar is an inslruclor of English. She received her B.A. from Georgia Siaie College for Women and lhen received her M.A. al' lhe Universily of Florida. Frances Shofner reaches Biology. A nalive of Kenlucky, Mrs. Shofner received her B.S. al' Wesrern Kenlucky Srale and her M.A. al The Universiiy ol Florida. Charles Smi'l'h reaches English and works in lhe Guidance deparlmenf. Mr. Smilh received his B.S. al' Florida Slale Univer- sily and his M.Ed. ar Universily of Miami. J. P. Smi+h was granled his B.A. from Grinnell College in Grinnell, lowa. Mr. Smilh leaches General Business and General Malh. lowa is his nalive slaie. George Spaulding leaches Solid Geomelry, Trigonomelry, and Algebra ll. He received his B.S. al' Oklahoma Universily and his M.Ed. ai The Universily of Miami. Gladys Spencer was granled her B.A. from lhe Universiiy of New Hampshire. She 'leaches English. Mrs. Spencer is a nalive of The slale of Conneclicul. John Sullivan ieaches Algebra ll and Plane Geomelry. He received his B.S. from Auslin Peay Siaie College. Mr. Sullivan is a narive of lhe slaie ol Kenluclny. Carol Howard Turner is an inslruclor of English. Mrs. Turner was granfed borh her B.S. and M.A. from Ohio Slale Universily. She hails from Wesl Virginia. C. S. Van Arsdall reaches College Review Malh. Mr, Van was granied his B.S. 'From Easlern Kenlucky Slale College. William Weber is Varsiry Baskelball coach and he also leaches Uniled Slales Hislory. Coach Weber gor his B.A. from Concord College and M.A. ai Marshall College. Sue Wildey was granled her B.A. al lhe Universiry of Miami. Mrs. Wildey reaches English. She hails from Ohio. Nell Wilkins is an insirucior of Business English. She received her B.A. and M.A. al fhe Universily of Florida. John L Sullivan Carol Howard Turner C. S. Van Arsdall William T. Weber Sue M. Wildey Nell Wilkins fe. N 'Q I ' . Q, vii! m i 1 1 J X if 'K 4 wx. Q uaiaxlk W ' ',?Q'53' T2 FF? ".fj.Mlff ,'?2'sf",. A f Mfwf f 1 Sfkf? . 4 , X , f J f if 5-V' 7'2" 4 '4,,gw44a- ,U b :f ' X ff A, ff V , I, ., ,,,. .W 1 ,Q 4 4.5 Uf:'N?'X5fi23 1 L f X ,I Z, ff ,Gif Q? ,gflw X ,,fg.wsr , f ' I I S' f , vw,-W., I W f "if: ' ' ,ff:W?JS , 3 W, , WA , +4 f 1 f if , , f, Y 14. fm fvff, fffhffff X. 4, ifgff ' s'fJ"2'f L gf' 1 my I , w- vs I M If ' , K .4 fff' 7 lA ' f,, f ' , f U I ff V .1 f The lozfzf in the Sophomores Living a life lower ihan 'lhaf of an amoeba. a Sophomore ar L. H. S. musi prove his worihiness. gHe seems lo possess a lrincl of evident' School Spirii-fhe energeiic kind fha? makes his seciion yell ihe loudesi' ai' foofball gamesg 'Phe lrind ihal' malres his class buy more Flying L pennan+s, voodoo dolls, F-lying L fwins, and calendars fhan does la Junior or a Senior, for fo the Sophomore 'these fhings are fhe fhings fhai count "Firs+s" mighf well be fhe mosr imporfanf word fo fhe Sophomore-his firsf foofball game, firsf assembly, firsf formal dance: his life is aglifier wi+h fhe firsi' fhai seem fo overwhelm him as he eniers Lauderdale High. There are many momenrs 'lo remember as a Sophomore. Remember how you fried fo cover up fha? you didn'i know fhe Alma Maier ai' 'Phe firsi' assembly: and remember how eager you were for fhe Senior fo sign your EBB TlDE. As Sophomores, Flying L boy and girl 'feel raiher small and insignificanfg buf Forl' Lauderdale High would noi' have fhe School Spirif rhaf if does, were if noi for fhe Sophomores. Officers who led Soplwomores llwrouglw an exciling lirsl year i Nancy Huff Frank Clark Sylvia Cross Alice Scl1micl+ Treasurer Presidenr Vice Presidenl Secrerary lass of 760 Q .. 5 QQ W s 14 -Q Aanes, Sandra Jean ' Q' L f A .L Abborr, James Walker dx - gan X ., 1X 3' 'LQ .W L X A Abbolr, Mary Ellen Q 5 " V L Q "Q " - 9- , Ackerman, Sally Ann 'N Q.Q L- iq Q Q. ,x Q Adamo, Joseplw S. I A " ' Q QQ QQ ,Q Q ii Q i - Q-1, 'X 95 it is X" - my L' R QQQ at Q a gh, Q - I fzfvr T xx Q .AQ-,, a, Q x Xx Q L+ f l F' in Xml A J Adams, Viclor Franklin wmv 'v A 0 Adkins, Linda Lee -0-.T iQ T '59 A f Q 'Z Alllefeld. Lynn Murray Q Q in M A ' L. Akers. Joanna Lee :Q ,f ,Q ' Q. 'J Alland, Jane Esrlwer M E ' xg: Y L A sig? X X X l as L L , L Allen, Ray Edward Q fix . Ab A 1 Aloi, QnarlesQQWilliam Q QQQQQQ as Q fi 'Nj in gafi Q S Qf Q ' - Q Amerlca, Wllllam Lewlg g if 3 Q K ' 35,9 Q , Anderson, Jane? Caryle f 'Q if -K d.. Q Q J 7 Anderson, Susan Ann A8 K, f il A N 'ii A ij.. -V ' x ' 4 Q "'l""' r J l V 1 K , , '. "xr -1, Anderson, Sylvia Parricia Andre, Barbara May Apgar, Parricia Lee Appleron. Roberr Leo Arerz, Jollee Ann Arsenau-+, Ellen Marie Avon, Riclnard Clrarles Ayre, Margaref Mary Bacon, Parrick Rily Baines, Neal Linsey Ba cn, Rick Wiiliam Ball. Carl Vernon Bannon, Sfewarl Jerry Barbarira, Nancy Julia Barber, Judy Ellen Barella, Mary Ann Barker, John Kiibdurne Barrerf, Michal Ann Basserl, Parricia Carolyn Bafeman, David Ronald Bales, Gwendolyn Nadine Baxler, Mary Ann Bearry, Marlene Jane , Class of '60 Beimly, Kenne+l1Gcrdon Beisler,An+l1ony Jolvn - 'A :L 533 ' 5 fi , , ffl' .- "' Ai? ni! i ' , i fr: A S , iia i 1 13' LJ ' 43 X -wr fr f. A- -v--f 'xr Y , r :tr r- f Q5 I ii ' -lg . 1-I E' r. -r ' r i l K+ .- ri :eq , 'N Q il! az-1. Q Xin 'Q' ry X B- 1 L Gil , , 2 gf 5- : K -K Lv I fi' A TI' ""' 4 I x ffl. Ninn: L I VAVA H islf r L U , , 'fQ :Q . M M fr or .-M. 2 , L , ' X f l Q f . for ' gg c, U ,. ik 'f' X ' i l ' 2 f .N v . g f , y X 8 X I X A in ' ' 5' . 5, . . L f". . As -M 'ix Beckman, Vick: Ann 4"' "' I spy, 2. Q C.. i Bel1r,JOn "" Q L- . , Beimly, Fred Milfon , Q- ' rr X ' or A tv ' 1 X ', , x I 'f , I ii . , 2 .L I I, H-EW Y x f .B fn , ,354 Bell Dougias R. ,ns 5, ex 1: A ,ga 55 . , ag 1 Belll, Nancy Fleer V L- M i V 'vw X Bel-, Palriiila Q, , ,,,,.- 6 Q- 4, Q 'fi Bellville, Edward C. ' ii V A i df Berk, Clnarles a l , Qi' ' X 'w..a.-L V, 1 X 2 ...I W-S si' p X r -q 1'0- -sl 5- .,..., .. jj N A .W ,b m , ik XM Berry, David Alan Berry, Frank Morris Berrylnill, Roberl' Jolwn Berryrnan,Jol1n Todd Berz, Bob George Becl'1lold,An'rl'lony Edward Biebel, Barry Michael Bieniek, James Norlen Biggs, Frances Louise Bireley, Dede Ann Bixler, George William Bland, William Frederick Bloch, Carole Ann Bloom, Gary Michel Boichol, Donald Bonham, Thirwall William Boolh, Sylvia Virginia Bosfain, Linda Hope Bolley, Marilyn Bougher, Charles Sherman Bough+on, Sandra Marie un ,u1f1S0fL.H. .Arr ve 2 .Am Bowling, Billie Jean Bowne, Phoebe lnez Boyd, Judy O. Boyelle, Gloria Maxine Brackell, Yvonne Bragg, Lewis Arnold Bramer, Corinne Della' Brann, Pandora Virginia Briegel, Samuel Carrick Brolliar, Charles Thomas Brophy, Susan Evelyn Brown, Franklin l-loweel Browne, Gordon Jeffrey Browne, Roberl Branl' Bruce, Ronald Edward Brunn, Carol Mani ! Barbara Ann Burch, Cgilrelnes ZW Burgess, Roberl' Burlce, George Ernesl' Burlrhardr, Waller Enslow Burnes, Sandra Sue Busch, Richard K. Buller, Palricia Elma Camman, Lee Canfield, Richard James Canior, Nancy Ryan Carlson, Edward Theodore Carpenler, Jalana Marie Carpenler, Lesley Ann Carr, John Fredric Carler, William Carfer, Glen Wallace Carler, Nancy Lynn ystified and Confused on First Da Casoria, Joyce Carol Cavarefia, Pairie Lee Cavelier, Perer Raymond Chapman, Vivien Lee Chrisf, Philip Chrislian, Richard Charles Cish, Linda Clanion, Julia Juanila Clanfon, Shirley Ann Clark, Carol Sievens Clark, Frank Clark, Kay Clark, Phyllis Eileen Clarlc, Sarah Clemes, Diane Clemenline Clemons, Suzanne Cobb, James Allen Cobbs, Fred James Cochran, Judy Ann ' Cochran, Resa Anneffe "Twirp season" makes experr climbers of Bruce Wagner, Joe Pesek, and Carl Smilh. Ded Bireley, Chicky Sharp, and Louise Quinn 'fry 'ro coax ihe 'rerrified bachelors down. lass of 760 ... Coffey, Roberi' Coleman, M. Diane Coles, Robe-r+ Tucker Comly, Marie Joanne Conglehan, Clark L. Congleron, Evererre Manly Conralh, Nancy Jane Cook, Colleen D. Cook, Douglas Warkins Cooper, Janice Ann Cornelius. Carol Sue Cornelius, Donna Low Cosiello, Berh Eleanor Cox, Anifa Louise Crawford, Thomas John Crews, Brenda P. Criss. Judiih Ellen Crolir, Clovis Leon Cross, Sylvia Louise Danner, Barbara Diane Davidson, Barbara Davis, Annefle Davis, Charles W. Davis, Deborah Davis, Gail Linda Day. David Charles Deckhard. Franklin Lamar Deiderich, Dixie Lee Deland, Jo Ann . f.. " gn 1 1 , LE ,, V., 4- ,i -.. 2' , 'Q- "- 1 - .. I9 "- .-S 'L F Q,,5?g5i,fst:e?'- , - V532--25:38 'Y' Nf rgggfewegzi. X X ifgfi -1 . ,An 5: Rf' I MV' is " -sf QL., z WI 3255 -EL, i, D aNd -. T? X, ,- S Fgix ,QL iraq ilabaawwg A v i - s 'in' A L F, Z I1 2 DeLeeuw, Carol Lou Delvland, Diana E. Delvlilly, William Pernberlon Demmery, Dean Scoll' Derflxiclc, David Emory DeVaul+, Keillw Arlan Dew, Sara Louise DeYoung, Frank David DiBlasi, Howie 3211: i rm.. zlirikflllf "Our firsr assembly!" Soplwomores are running for class' offices. "Thar was a good speeclwg give lum a big ima!" Class of 60 ., ,TKFQQEES D l r! 2 ! is 0-T w-,.-rl W., ec.: 4, . ,- gn 4' qv .,z I I EQ L is 6 is-1 v - DiGiovanni, Barbara Dirzler, Toyerle lrene Doalc, Sandra Doane, Rose Marilyn Doeplce, Noel Lynn Doerller, Maureen Gail Dolani Jeanne Dolliver, Judy Sue Donaliue, Palricia Ann Donahue, Shirley Fay Dorson, Lovo'a lrene Dolls. Ji.di+ln Kay Douglas, Linda Jo Drum, David C. Dudan Deanne Yvonne Dunlevy, Carol Lynn Dupont Roberra Mai-Ie Durden, A era Faye Dardin, Vivian Bunifa Durlwam, James Tlwomas HU! H Dushelc. John ,William Eber+s. Carol Louise Ediniield, Willene Edwards. Linda F. Ellerclinlc, Lenore Rae Elferdirilc, Lynda Kay Ellis, John Edward Elmore, Doris Ann Ely, Darlene Elizabelh Emery, Charleen Mary Emery, Mariorie Lenore Englehardl, James Joseph Erskine, Mary Josephine Elheridge, Marilyn Alice Evans, Carolyn A. Club Bids, .V. Victories, Twirp Season Dates 1- ' "79l- Evans, Frank Edward Finlcbeiner, William Lewis Fishburn, Be+sy Lee Fleeger, Samuel Bennehl Fleming, Ann Floyd, Marilyn Nancy Florence, William Irving Fogleson, Larry Jan Foley, Roberl Marshall Fosler, Nancy Carolyn Fraser, Russell Edward French, Molly Lou Fuelling, Judy Ann Fugale, Hal Carllon Fullon, Walrer Raymond Gahagen, Dennis Earl Galvin, Joan Barbara Garner, Sandra Elaine Garrison, Elizabelh Drake Gericlce, Alice Marie ,,f,.,f. A W? , , M L ' In : ff' if f If , f i' I iii it L' 4 7? 'P' ' -83:11 i R ii", R it , , -.. .f ' 5 f-L, 'fw 0' 'Mi ,, "Zu, T, EFL fy, ,Ugg 4 Lf , 2 414 N , ny fm uf y , ,yy ff ' ff , i J x xg I X., 7 l Giardina, Michael John Giardina, Torn Anlhony Gibson, Dorolhy Mae Gibson, James Roberl' Gibson, Lois Meeks Gibson, Mark Clyde Giddens, Sandy Elizabefh Gilberl, Donald John Gilroy, Carolyn Louise Gould, Sharon Gowen, Lin'ron Errol Gray, Lulher Oscar Greene, William Grealhouse, Meridee Greenwood, Jack Buckley Are a Few Excitin Firsts That Thrill ophs Gross, Pafricia H. Grumbar, Parrick A. Hale, Carol Ann Hall, Pafricia Irene Hall, Roberl George Hammond, John Hays Haneline, Nelda Suzanne Hanks, Roger Edmund Hanna, Richard Elroy Harlow, Alber+ Harrocks, S+anley Waller Hari, Alice Virginia Haskins, Meredifh Ann Haslam, Marfha Ca+herin Hauch,,Bonnie Lynn Haupf, Claudia Rae Hayes, Robbie Nelle Heacock, Beverly Thera Healh, Susan Gay Hecker+, Mike 6 M ,- f, in 'KV' if X funk if V QI I 'XFN ' X 1 , Z .HAS 'X f f , R iiii 'Z li 'bs ' A if V 3 H , wi? 'R 4 :If-N S 4 ' . I V f i "Sophomores make lhe besl cusl'omers," Jeannine Pillman and Chuck Schmid? declare as They sell Their shakers and dolls lo Judy Dolliver, Bonnie While. and Don Ralslon. Class of 760-,, Hill, Carol Gene Hinckley, Murray Leon Hodgin, James Holland, Sheila Holliday, Roberl' George Holt Jennifer Holfon, Belly Jewel Holzer, Frederick Hoogslra, Edilh Sandra Hornbuckle, Jerry Clyde Howard, Sally Ann Hower. Kay Elaine Huber, John M. Hudson, Harris Whilfield Hull, Nancy Kay Hughes. Peggy Ann Huizenga, Bonnie Jean Hummel, Lorna C. Hummel, Valerie Louise Hufchinson, Dennis H. Hedsfrom, Rulh Lennia Heep Linda Hempslead, Janice H. Henderson, James Lewis Herberl, William Teuffler Herzog, Janel Hicks. Donna Kaye Hicks, James l.u1'her Higgins, Sam Franklin 7' H , Q SW in A 1, 5'4- C X l-lulchinson, Linda Ann lrby, James Ranier Jaclcson, David Anlhony Jaclcson, Judirh Ann Jacobson, Barbara Jean Jarrell, William Jensen, Peler Chrislian Johns, Pal Ann Johnson, Barbara Ann J. V. spirif spelled vicfory for Baby L's as lhey slormed over opponenls Norlh Miami l9 fo O. Flying L fans enioyed 'rhe colorful acfion of lhe Junior Varsily squad. lass of '60 liii 1 'Ar-L uf. Ai, f Wo 0-. Q f. ,,,,, "w, ' W 227, We 1 'ff Q lg i :hm 'Q' f an 2 y,, f 2 'Z A Z ' f f,Wl,,j,2gQQy f f 1 ff"Xf U ff' Zy,,a. 3 Viyyyy 3 P , ,V ,,,,, 4 y ,Q I, ,,,, ,KU f -' -. gf , 4' X ,, 1' . ,gig 7 ly ,QE ' V 55, x, ,',, fr', ' lim S., f ,ZX wr' f' ,yy l ,ff,:w1':vf "As, , ' -Q A' Johnson, Joyce Frances f Johnson, Karen Ann Johnson, Ted Morris Jolley, Joseph Pringle ' 'Un , ,f 5,1 X . , jyff, X Jones, Anloinelle Ann , W Jones, l-lerberf Earl 03 'li f Jones, Judy Wylene , Karnalz, Samuel Lawrence Karslen, Lynne Marie Kafsilcas, Billie Sue Y.- f 4 " . Kealon. Joanne Marie -- ,Aa Z 'nhl' H Kelley, Syble Blanch H I 44' Kelly, William Dale 'Wf x Q?" If Khouri, Linda 2 V' , i Kimball, Alan Edward no ' 1, x fx , ,W 2 f ' ,Q I X I ,V , , ,V :yV,Vf,, Kingsley, Marsha Ann Kirlc, Anne Marie Klima, Robe-rl Charles Klulcoslci, Barbara g, 44 K vm. ,, V, sf - . , ,V L If X v L V Knopsnyder, Wallace l-larry Koblmeyer, Grail Koerl, Abbie Oakes Kohler, Roxie Kon, Joe Rober+ Konecny. Ronald Henry Koppelman, Barbara Lee Kormanyos, Edward Charles Ko+'r, Dana Malcome Kowil, Susan Krassy, Kennelh John Kroelz, Carol Ann Krpala, Karen Diane Kubala, Alberl' Auslin Lally, Roberf John Larsen, Mary Jo Pride Runs High as OPI-IO CRES ork TzU5a!.5. Q. BN' 2 Larson, Richard Lee Laury, Kennelh Russell Law, Michael Alberf Lawhon. Richard Sfephen Leclere, Wayne Charles LeGe+'re, Billie Lou LeGeHe, Sandra Joyce Lehr, Carolyn Kimble Lenz, Joan Mary Leonard, Arlene Luella Leonard, Diane Cecilia Leonard, Margarel Mae Lewis, Leonard W. Lew+on. Sandra Lee Linane, Gail Laurel Lindsay. Jean Sampson Lippman. Kennelh Leroy Loader, Gary Edward Lofris, Roberl Odom Lolciec, Edward S. ? 15-W-. Losey, George Spahr Lovarco, Rurh Luczyslci, Joseph Edward Ludwig, Kaihy Ellen Luiher, Texas MacAr+hur, Roberr William Manhari, Linda Ann Mann, Jesse Telfopdi Manning, Carol Anne Manning, Harvey Davis Marable, Linda Kay Marcum, Elsie While Marker, Judirh Ann Marshall, Roberi William Mariin, James Lawrence on First Big Project . . . the Class Dance Marfin, Mac Burns Mason, Karherine Gilberf Mast Carol Rurh Marr, Roberr James Mai'+hews. James C. Mauser, Donna Marie Maxwell, Cecil Lockwood McCann, Pairicia McCar+hy, William Keyon McCoy, Beverly Ann McCray, Parlin Michael McCu+cheon, Alice Ann McDaniels, Sharon Allison McDonald, Gail McDonald, Gloria Weir McElhaHan, Karen LaRue McElroy, Linda Ruih McGuire, Cecile Frances McKinley, William Edward McMillan, Sharon Ogreeia J Y is .gi f .- Kay Clarlc and Jack Wayne have found Miss Bryant advisor lo rlneir class, a big help wilh many plans and problems. Class of 760 Merzger, Guy Henry Miclwie, Virginia Lee Middlelaroolcs, Frankie Lourelle Miller, Annie Marilyn Miller, Carol Margarer Miller, James Arlliur Miller, Roberl Randall Millilcan, William Johnson Minen,S'repl1en Lewis Mize, Marcia Carolyn Monlrus, Tom Pefer Moore, Caslres Wilson Moore, James Alexander Moore, Roberl Swain Morrell, Roger Morris, Roberl' Earle Morris, Rurh Anfonia Morris, Virginia Lee Morrisselle, Rolaerl Lucien Mullins, Laura Lea , 5 5 f X N F f McNamara, it , .. Dennis McNeece, Judy Ann McPl'1eron, DeE++e Frances Meadows, - Siusan Prince g Meisenburg. " 'V' Nancy ' 'I r Melclwiorre. Carol Ann " i i Menefee, ii Mary Jo Q Merriclc, ., 5 X Marilyn Elizaberln i Meschen, - Bonnie Ann V '21 li, 'X i C5 g . L Six x 'N 1 X , , be 5 1,3 4 1 2 sf f ,, , 5 L 3' A ' J X , L Ni V: r 1 - -r "' - 1 j -as , Mundrick, Thomas Arlhur Dan John Munger, Richard Evans Muzzell. Alberl' Edward Myres, Shelley Lynn ' Nankin, Helen Jane Neese. Linda Queen Nelson, Barbara Grace Nelson, Margie Nelson. J. V. Cheerleaders show sporlsmanship and spirnf as 'rhey bring Soufh Broward Cheerleaders lo meel' Lauder dale fans. - , - - -, Class of 60 Nevin, Susan Ellen Newlon, Vicki Diane Noland, Donald Forresl Nordhofl, Larry Lynn Nugenf, Dan Lewis Orberg. John Wayne Osenqa, Wilbur J. Ousley, Sandra Ellen Owens, Jerry Lee n Panzer, Judifh Lynn Parker, Ann Lee Parker, Joy Parks, Roger Byron Parsons, Esfher Elizabefh Pasquali, Arfhur Armand Pearce. Harry Landin Pelleleri, Marsha Ann Pereira, Donna Lou Perkins, Judy Elaine Perrigo, Roberf Glenn Peselr, Joseph Alberl Peselr, Karen Ellis Pelerman, Marfha Janice Pelerson, Dora May Peferson, George Pafriclc Pfeiffer, Gerald Pefer Piclceft Phillip Edward Pierce, Carherine Joan Pisano, JoAnn Plant Gloria Dae Poe, Be++y Gale Poinrer, Lee Ann Ponlero, Carol Ann Pope, Pafricia Ann Orientation Gives OPHOMORE Chance Porler, Eleanor Ann Povis, Margie Powers, Beverly Fearn Price. Helen Alene Pries, Louise Elsie Prves, JoAnne Mary Pursel, Wilma Edifh Quinn, Louise Eleanor Radlce, Paffy Merle Rals+on, Donald Edward Ramsey. .John Charles Rapport Toby Lee Reichert Sharron Rose Reynolds, Roy Adrain Richards, Sandra Nadeen Richardson, Barbara Ann Richardson, Priscilla Fernandez Richart Kenne+h Ar+hur Rirndeilca, Mary Jane Ringer, Roberf Lawrence Ali Roberson, June Lee Robert Judee Ann Roberison, Joan Rober+son, Mary Sue Roof, Margarei Elizabeih Rowell, Greg Todd Rupchoclc, Suellyn Faye Rushfon, Darrell James Russel, Pairicia Gail Rufherlord, Helen Elizabelh Sanderson, Waller McLaren Saniella, Dennis Pe+er Sargis, Beverly Winyard Sasadeusz, Ches+er Joseph Scanlon, Geraldine Marie to how THEIR ehool to Green Freshmen Scarr, Kalhy Schmidt Alice Ann Schmidt Raymond LeRoy Schneider, Barbara Jane Schuller, Denise Schul+z, Ronald Richard Scoli, Jay Lloyd Scofi, Tom Edward Secord, Virginia Lee Sellers, Joe Lewis Sefz, Suzanne Seymour, George Waller Sharp, Charlene Irene Sharp, JoAnn Margueri+e Shaw, Harriaifee Sheard, Elizabe'I'h Ann Sheridan, Carol Gay Shinniclr, Marie Joan Shipley. Sharron Ann Shoemaker, Karin Louise Shovellon, .,s .. -f Linda Simons, Darlene Sue Skiving+on, Sharon Clare Sleelc, Thelma Amelia Slupe, Georgia Ann Smalley, Larry Russell Smiley, Larry Smifh, Carl Berfrand , Smifh. wx NWN Dale Russell f fs as Q Cafhy Pierce, Bill Millilcan, and Elsie Marcum work hard and ceaselessly on fheir muchvanlicipaled class Class of '60 .t Q x Smifh,Jane'r Lynn fm M M , Smirh, Judilh Lynne S fs - ANN Smifh, William R. fy, K , W Snyder, Palricia Ann W S ' ' J Snyder, Richard Lee ' ' Snyder, Roberl Allen C rw Solley, Carole Lee , 'ca - is 'Q Sparks, Edward f Spiegel, Nancy Joan Spiller, Nancy Joan is 1 A in Sfarn, Charles Palon Slampfli, Marlha Elizabelh Kr Slarr, John Walls Slarr, Larry Wayne Sfevens, Roberl' Charles Slilel, Karen Sfiles, Carole Ann Slillrnan, Carmin Sfirnpson, John Franklin Sfolze, Marilyn Anne Sloner, Marqarel' Louise Slralier. Susan Joyce Slrumpff, John Kirby Slulz, Carl Alberl Sumwall, Nancy Neilson Surmialr, Leila JoAnne Suffon, Leslie Donald Swable, Ken Richard Swaby, Vernice Marie The Sophomore dance was a real big success! Jusl' ask Jan Cooper and John Slimpson. Bul Rirler Taylor looks as if he is going lo break in on Jan and John's liflle worlcl. Class of 960 . Q' Lai Swensen, Curlis James Swindell, Paul Symmonds, Renee Thornlon Tanlon, Deena Lee Tarquine, William Paul Us Tavlin, Janel' Taylor, l-lenry Rifler Thibaulr, Barbara Thixlon. Chrislina Ann Thomas, Barbara Lee Thomas, Karen Belh Thomas, Wayne Alberl Thompson. Jane? Lee Thompson, Joan Marie Thompson, Mary Margarel Thorslensen, Linda Elhel Thurlow, Jeff Reid Timler, Paul Richard Tilus. Jeff l-loplclns Tober, Nancy Louise ,gc Tocci, Leonard Richard Todd, Virginia Kenyon Tompkins. Myra Gayle Traufhwein, Linda Tremblelf, Linda Janel Troncin, Thomas Lee Tuclcer, Judilh Ellen Ullian, Charles Munro Ulrich, Bonnie Marie Ursini, Ann L. Valenline, Richard Valenline, William Charles Van Ausclall, Lynn Vogel, Barbara Diane Volpe, Joyce Carol Vosfafelc, Lila Helen Vo+au, Thomas Edward Wagner. Bruce Wagner, Palricia Ann Wagner, Susan H. Wagoner, Palsy Lee Wai+e, Carol Annelle Waldron, Elizabelh Ann Wale, Bob Elermann Wallbanlr, Susan Mary Mm .W ,ff I ff X 4 , X , I f Z , f W 0 Wallers, Dave Ward, Wanda Jane Warden, Donna Youn 'uns Become Old Timers as N 1 wiyfw, ,,., , H 'T ,'," f 'Qi """ ' 'fm 'f i ' " - ,f 1 4,2-wff,-" 1 7, A ' ",, ' ' ' ' Q if ' ' . , , X 1 4 --" Eff - , , 7,Wf X ff , ,if G Q 5 ,, V,j.,!,,f,i f-,. , .V , , I X g film" X 4 ,il f 2 35 E , . , .K 1, , W X f 1 X 'ia. 5, -, T f a,,i ai-.3 T Ag: f - , Agfa, ' .f-s - : .14-. ww-1 , fp: My J ef My ,,y,,V I A , f fi? T ' zigfi' ,fr a ,fi r T V V f'if ff ,a i f ywffi ' V. ,f ,V W 7 j f12'fi1,'1pf K fy xf,m'iW ,, 1 fi Q, 1 -' ig, ny - ff r Xgnffw, 43,5 ,::,f, f , 45,y,f1,f,f v ,fg , , ',f,wgffQf 4 , 'f , . ,iggff fff74,ff ', fi f,f,wf, 1 , ,, .V - -. ,,,, , ,NW V X, V- sf 4 M, , ,, ,. ygf , ,f X f f 1 J .y 1 f"p,iWnCf f ef ff x Af, 4 M W 1 !f f 4 f nf " , fi y f lm Of f f ff 4 Zz, j f f , f , f , 7 f ,s S Asif r Y 1 eff., , . Y , , , , I f ,rp 14,0 Warner. Daniel Warren, Dennis Blaine Waslcow, Melvin Barry Walerhouse, David G. Walson, Lana Faye Weiss, Rulh Ellen li z:- if if in Wrains. James Wriqhl, Don Hill Wright George Howard Wells, Jerry Earl Wells, William Wesiberry, Mary Louise Whalen, Roberi' Sianbury Wheeler. Ernesf Eugene Whife. Bonnie Jean Whiie, William Harmon Wilcox, Richard William Wilhelm. Donna LoLi+a Wilkinson, Darla Hope Williams, Mike H. Williams, Randall Conrad Willis, Claudefie Pepper Willis, Nancy Ann Wilson, Henry William Wimberly, Susan Jeanine Windham, William Douglas Winklepleck, Pairicia Jane Winningham, Tim Londas Wise, Roger Arfhur Wolfe, Richard William Wollam, Sieve Wood, S+an Wray Workman, Richard Howard Worihley, Carol Ann Eventful Year Draws to a Close Wrighi, Pafricia Wunsch, Roberf Young, Carol Sue Yurchuclr, Jay Anfhony Zeien, John Arihor Zuver, Dick Kenneih M, ,XM , ,,,,, , , L,pq4,V! if' f. e num .N Sn., "Cr - Y Q' i , - V if i , -, I 4, L . Q tri: A I 7, 5 x 1,3 Q Vw - f A , S , X 45? ALA .,- V W , , ,W 'V - 1' c ' , , - - . "V ""' " fh- fd' i ,w 4 f ' hecgpzkzf in the Juniors The Junior is 'ihe soul of fhe school for ii' is he who has his 'loofsfeps mosl' firmly planfed in Fori Lauderdale High. No+ rhe ruler, nor 'lhe greenhorn, he is 'I'he worlcer. He does noi' receive ihe glory or fhe privileges of 'lhe Senior, and he does noi receive The aH'en'l'ion and leasing given fo fhe Sophomore. I+ somefimes seems he is an invisible parf of fhe greai machine lrnown as L. H. S. As Juniors, Flying L boy and girl work on ihe class play and dance. They begin ro 'ihinlc of lhe 'fufure-college? worlc? marriage? buf 'lhese 'l'hough+s are losl' in a maze of chemisiry nofes. Then comes The momenl' 'lo remember. May arrives and in beauiiful surroundings, dressed in shimmering gown and handsome +ux, lhe Junior presenis fo fhe Senior-ihe Prom. The Junior, perhaps, possesses more School Spiril' ihan any o+her--'I'he Spirif ihaf makes him 'l'he worlcer of Forl' Lauderdale High School. 'ibn 1 EISS fi 7 1 Y, 1' ll ph' aww? lie L f Huw, svn' .Ie These class officers led us lhrough our second year al Forlr Lauderdale High Bob Lewis Presiden+ of' uf 1 M fi. . . vw' ,. " V " f J, My Q f 1 ff X I 5, fi Kaihy Coffman Sharron Os+erhoud+ Jim Coulfer Segrefary Treasurer Vice Presidenl' f . Q , ...,- 3 ' ff -, ,fr z- -, lA",- T Adams Carl Morgan Adams l-larriel Louise 2 f 5 for L Adams: Pafricia Gail Li g VAX X ,, 'wx 1 1 is Q X W nc, Y Q. "f""' ' 35, , X ' A z,,,,y XL Adlcins, William Howald " Akers, Arlhur Michael V Alley, Marius Randolph N945 f' Zffl Alexander. Linda Lee 'fy Qnvf K 5 f A in ffl L i Anderson, Susan Elizabe+l1 Andrews, Pefer James An1'onielli,Vincenl' Verardo Arnoff, Nancy Gay Arlcinson, Shirley Ann Aunapu, Allan Jay Class of 9 Baddoclr. Thomas F. Bahr, Sharon Lee Bailey, Shirley Joan Bain, Lorne Baird, Jack Alberf Balmer, Linda Rufh Ballard, Jean Veronica Barker, Diane Marie Barnelf, Roberl Paul Bar+anowi+z. Roberf Barlnovslcy, Helen Joy Barslci, Ronald Basseff, Eliza Harrial Bauer, Mufzie Maria Baulcney, Randall Fosler Beck, Bonnie Dailene Beclcer, Emily Gayle Becknarf, Roller Conrad Beier, Lee Bell, James Edward 43 Bence, Linda Jane Benoi+, Kerry Beflis, Anna Elaine Befz, Sydney L. Biggers, Mary Carolyn Birlc, Carol Ann JU IOR Prepare for anEXcitir1 Year NXRX ,: .- Blackburn, Wendell Dale Blaclrwell, Sfephen Sewell Blodgelf, Diane Elizabelh Bogue, Waller Henry Bonham, George Griffifh Boofh, Palricia Gail Bordeaux, Milfon Lee Bower, Linda Lou Braman, Roberl Bray, James Winsfon Breed, Joyce Ann Brown, Carolyn Joyce Brown, John Joseph Brown, Sleve W. Bryan, Frances Ann Bryan, Lois Lorraine Buchanan, Larry Earl Buffingron, David Crocker Burke, Thomas Henry Burkey, Anfoinelle Helen rr. H' N 1, n l 2 ' K 1 f Ev ' I Q y i ' r l V xxx ,V 55? 5 Burns, William James X L"" A Burraslcy, Darlene Ann l xx ' Busliey, Richard James Caldwell, Barbara Lynn Calloway. Virginia Kaye Cameron, Ronnie Curfis .. 3. Crammed Full of Work Camp, Ava Ann Capron, Charles Fredrick Carr, Rene Befh Carroll, Carol Lynn Carler, Roberl' Lloyd Casrronova, Joseph George Carl1car+,Judi1'l'i Ann Chaffee, Marilyn Clwesbrough, Thomas Tale Clwrisrian. l-lerberr William Cianciarulo, Lerricia C. Clarlc. Joan Marie Clemenfs, Pefer Cobbs, Edward Lyman Coffey, Cecil Andrew Coffman, Kaflnleen Eleanor Colby,Judifl1 Lynn 5 Coles, Bonnie Louise l Combs. Norma Jean i Comer, Karen Sue I W l i l . as S , " 4 and Fun A Fl6SS of enllwsiaslic U. S. hislory sludenls look on while "Wee Willy" Weber poinfs ou+ on 'rhe Uniled Slales map +he +rail Davy Crockefr made across Lake Michigan. Class of 759 Conglelon, Elsie Marliel Connor, Mariann Cook. Thomas Allen Coons, Sharon Ann Cope, Gene Bernell Corcoran, Cinda Vivian Cornelius. Norma Cole, Coleffe Nancy Couller, James Fredrick Craig, William Crist Thomas Eugene Cummings, John Henry Currier, Marlha Jane Curufhers, Karen Dameron, Charlayne Virginia Danos, Janel Gail Decker, Rila Raye Delzranoes, Roberl L. Deiner, Charles Richard Delz, Edwin Charles 46 error, N QM' 9 4 ' 6 2 fi i , , , 4 ' ' 'Wa fi' f 's f .A J , ,1 -, '45 no if ,,,ff, gf? ag W an ,Al , ing.. ,M, ,740 ,, A , V . " , F, ' ' -' x, I ..f fr- 'rlr Q ff f, rair f f ff, x ff f X f 'I , -,y-417' " 1 s A few 'lorlunale luniors lingle wifh excilernenl when lhey become lhe loolball heroes of lheir physical educalion class. They even learned Jrhe "once" baffling ,-. Class of 7 is 'wg- Q, fe he if, AW' Q 7 " jf' , l 1 7 ifis??,'9f. f., . ,gf 6 l f,,, , AI, V, , , 5. 11'- .z , uw, Dempsey, Bruce Harvey DeSalvo, John Richard DesCamps, Lloyd DeYoung, Henry D. Dickson, William Lamonr Dogarin, Darlene Donald. Ronald Joseph DuBois, Philip Louis Duqdale, Dianne Dorolhy Dunifun, William Sanford Dunlap, William Lincoln Dunsworrh, Palricia Lee Dulcher, Lynn Ellen Easlerbroolc, Carol Lee Earley, Palricia Carol Elling+on, Amzi Cecil Ellis, Palricia Engle, Beverly Ann Engle, Jean Ericson, Eric Gunnar47 Evans, James Donald Evans, Ralph Edward Farrish, Dean Thomas Farquhar, James Douglas Fasenpour, David Ralph Faul, Ronald Formulas, alences, and Equatlons Feeney, John Ramon Ferrini, Rolaerl Ferwerda, Roberl Figley, Carol Ann Fine. Virginia lvl. Fisher, Charles W. Flemming, George Pal' Flowers, Carl Fogel, Sleven G. Forman, Beverly L, Forney, Warren Lee Fram, Sandra Gaye Francisco, Janice L. Frenzel, Gerald John Frylcman, Virginia Lee Gall, Gloria Jean Gallo, Frank Paul Garel, Dorolhy Marie Geberl, Paul Henry Giblin, Anne Elizabelh 48 rl - 1 gg , -,g, , , l Goerlilz, Jack Goefz, Kennefh Rober+ Gonia. Kafhleen Ann Gordon, Ronald Leroy Gouveia, Mary Jane Grace, Eleanor Leslie ' Bewilder the Usually Bright JU .j. t wh Q., " K X hail 4 f x N . V ss IOR Grady, Bruce Winsfon Gray, William Howard Greene, Barbara Louise Greenlaw, Harry John Greenwood, Alvin F. Grehl, Todd Michael Greve, Billings Greve, Rolaerl F. Griffin, Cary Ernesr Griffin, Howard Janson Griffin, Judifh Grim, John Richard Guercia, Barbara Lee Haas, Daniel Pafrick Haclcerl: Carl Haclcney, Sara Wynelle Hageman, John Henry Hagen, Carol-Ann Haggslrom, Margaref l-lamby, Terry Roland 49 Lesler Solcolowoslci David Thompson Cinda Corcoran Mike Wollam and Mary Hildebrandr wonder is I+ Faberge7 Fly Spray7 Old Fores+er7 Shuclcs' l+'s only hydrogen! Class of 59 Hammill. Richard Lloyd Hamilron, Larry Floyd Hammer, Terry Ann Hanes, Ted Jay Harenof, Fredrick Hargreaves, Beniamin Harness, Judilh Mae Haupt Carol Ann Haynes, Linda Ann Heasley, Philip M. Hebert Sherrie Jean Helzer, Diana Rose Henderson, Donna Ma Henry, David Bryanf Hepp, Barbara Lynn Herbert Michele Pafricla Herod. Caran Sue Herriclc, John B. Hibbs. Jerry Roy Hickey, Marie Mildred 50 " ' " "J W1 Ugyfllflf' I IP Llp!-xv '4Y"' Dwi! ..---J. 6' A 'firfdl 1, , WW iff. Q The Guidance Cen+er's College Bullelins prove 'ro be Jrhe needed help when John Orman, Nancy Arnoii, Dave Zwiclr, and Barb Roman sfarl planning 'lor 'those fulure years. Class of ' r'-sr tl l ig . 757- ., '71 1 9 1 74 f 1 I 0 I .ww 7 A X 4. V ,V,f , -" ,4 ii V .. , I i W. 559' . . X H QE! V X Q , ..-N , 4 -fee . A '1 is QW" 'S ' fi, g KW, . infra. f ' Wy, , ,f . N . . WW , ' W - WZ "'rr i . f 7 - ' .f .12 WN -4 A 1-I ' f , ,I L ..... . , y. 3 'K f' l J if lf ,V fl - 'Q' 4 f 1 .1 is il' , cv i x . W -., K. 3 i X V . , 1' 5. ' 4... K J 'K wx, 'egggy f J fff ,V,. I ' fe I , I ' . ,-4--W , yy, X My - ,wg ll Agn yi ,V A4 1 J errr J 4-9 iv 'fiff 'f ' V '1 ' ,i ' X. V, 3 ly . f , ' n 'Mk 1 , N ff,, I M , 1 J Z2 fi f 7 .A ' A ff ' ' I V ' ik I , I i H i E T . W i QI 1 . " 31 7 X 1. Higgins, Bonnie Lucy Hildebrandt Mary Margare Hill, Susan Ann Hochslrasser, David John Hodge, Jane Elizabeih Hoober, David Roberl Hopkins, Donna Jean Horner, Nancy Sue Horroclcs, Ronald Roy Horst Sandra Holi, Dwighr Eldon Howard, Janice l.ynn Humphrey, Virginia Ann Hunf, Phyllis Ann Hunl, Roper? M. Huplirs, William Barry Hurlbuli, Donna Marie Hvide, Elsa Lira Hyde, Pamela Jean Jaclcson, Janice Carol 51 Money Makln Projects Class Play Johnson, David C. Johnson, Donna Louise Johnson, Sandra Ann Jones. Linda Sue Jordan, Palricia Earl Joshlyn, Barbara Elaine Julin, Donna lrene Junkins. Judilh lrene Karslen, Alfred D. Kaunifz, Michael Collwyn Kegler, Linda Dale Kenr, William Edward Kenyon, Donna Lee Kerlin. Harry Leroy Kefchum, Richard Graham King, Marfha Ann King, Mary George King, William Ronald Kirkland, Sandra Klisch, Karen .,,. . .W 5 Q, ., N,f-sv- K F' n X .i, , ...lg qi I- , J s 551 V: Y Q s J ka iilfl J -f , Kocli. Saundra Jean Knowles, Dennis B. Knox, VanWilliam Kulilman, Jean Kuil, Dennis Raymond Lambert Karlwleen Elaine and Class Dance-Build Treasury Lance. Douglas C. Leaird, Jolwn Edwin Lecirie, Wayne Roy Lee, Richard Paul LeGrand, Judi+l1 Virginia LeMieux, George Harvey Leonard, Carolee Ann Leslie, Herberl' Barry Lewis, James L. Lewis, Roberl' Fredrick Liberf, Diane Liclclider, Jerry David Liese, Judiilw Anne Linane, Bonnie Marie Linsdell, David Alwyn Longo, Roberf James Lovendahl, Arlene Roberfa Lowa, Karen Ann Loy, William John Ludwigsen, Joy Ann FF ' 'i-"wi-fi 5 ,EQ ,,,,. , pr 5 xx 3 as lc, is ' 'Q T' . 11"-r Q Q is 3, - , X . J 'js E .f -fi ff 3 'G ' Q 4' X ,--5 lm ,ima - Agx "' ?7' 'TQJZI " gf- f ' ' .t g,,,,,,:1i,4 W. . 1-'VL ,, , ' , 1 5 The iuniors tolerated the new lunch system ot eating with the underclassmen although they were outnumbered by ihem the middlemen found them not so bad at all. Class of Lullman, Stephen l-I. Lund, Ellen Luise MacKeller, John A. Maddox, Gloria Jean Magahey, Ronald E. Mann, Elizabeth Manning, Michele Joan Mark, Tracey Jameson Marlin, Norbert Orrin Mathews, John Richard Mathis, Thomas Matthews, Gary Phillip McBain, Beverly Ann McCann, Nancy Sharon McClure, Mercer Lewis McDermott, Douglas Scott McDonald, Susan Mary McEltresh, John Ross McGranahan, Robert F. Mcliamey, Martha Kathleen 54 x Jim Bray srraighrens his lie while Carol Cornelius combs her hair before rhey have rheir picrures raken for rhe EBB TIDE and sfudenr cards in 'rhe audirorium. Class of 9 Qffmwl on lb- McKernan, Pafricia Ann McLaughlin, Douglas C. McMillan, Ralph Woodrow Meers, Marian Bond Meisenburg, Grerchen Meissner, Joan Arlene Menendez, Linda Meridefh, Donald Roy Messier, Fredriclc Merzger, Mary Gardener Meyer, Theodore S. Middlebrooks, Roberf Lee Miller, inane Phyllis Miller, Rober+ Edward Milligan, Janis Rufh Mills, Karharine M. Mincey, Hazel Isabelle Mincey, Maxwell Wayne Mirson, Marcia Mizell, Leo Maxine 55 fmt Nx 5, Y 5 Y M! N , f I Moore, Charles Edward Moraifis, George Reynold Morehead, Howard Sfephen Morice, Roloerf Kennefh Morris, Diane Mae Morris. Janef Slreef Traditional Junior-Senior Prom Morrissey, John Wesley Morrow, Sdndra Ann Mundriclr, Linda Jane Murdock, Jean Ann Murray, Ronald Gary Myers, William H. Nance, Marshall E. Neal, Mary Neilson, Floralee Nelson, Gail P. Nelson, Sonia Nelson, Sue Ann Newsham, Sharon Niclrel, Palricia O. Nichols, Darlene M. Norlh, Janice Lee Orberg, Roberf Elliol Organ, James Franklin Orman, John Orr, Judilh Deane 56 is. f l 2 wwf' , .,g, -'1i1 Q care by Rv W , N .'-, r -",' 1 ,., .,r,f,.,, YV . , , VV,., , A 1125? A . . f 1 ,,,, " f , JJN, J 'A ' Q fl I 1 , ' A Q r:i,.i.. ? V. 'L' 'V V 155, " '?f't,f1 1 -. 3 .ax -fi , m37 , way Osferlwoudr, Slfarron Mane OH, Richard l.. Owens, Jack Emory Parr, Jolwn Roberr Pa++erson, Bonnie Louise Paul, Dennis Afrecl w r' 21, fr V ,. .Nw 4, 4 f - 645 'W sv -J ' 7l 1 Y A " I I . Z ' L ' 1 lx Y x ' X Honors the Graduatin Seniors 1 V X . t' mm 61 3 mia as kcsjf IL L ,, -!'?'P G1 4. V 4-A Q, ' me JF A J Wig X Pauze, Philip Clare Pell, Nancy Anne Pender, David Roylwl Penron, Carolyn Mary Pererson, Doris Mae Pererscn, Kelrre Irene Pe+ersCn,Sl'1irley Jeanne Perracca, Jean P?1Ilpof'l,Jucli+l1 E. Pnfsrry Dennls Edward Wed' Janie Pller Bnce Leon Plr'::, Denacl Benfamfn P'L'r'war Jear-nfne Dons Pcrcner, Kay Frances Pcvas' Bcnfe Jca' P-gr. Joyce Arr P,rce . Lrcia Fay Rand, Lrda F. Rane' Rfnard T:'n Y 57 I Dave Henry, Dave Pender Cinda Corcoran and Julie Meers were among many willing juniors who signed up for commilfees 'ro worlc on fheir class dance "Tropical Paradise Class of Reed, Jo Lee Reinholz, Befsy Marie Render, Lynn Lari Reynolds, John W. Richard, Kalie Louise Richardi, Elizabefh H. Richards Paul Eu ene - Q Richards, Cafherine T. Richardson, Ronald C. Riclcer, Mary Befh Riclcer, Rennie Rirchie, Gloria Gay Roberfs, Richard Guy Roberfson, Jerry W. Rohr, Sandra Sue Roman, Barbara Ann Rosbury,Ar1hur Harold WY 15, Rolhauser, Harrier Kay 5' Rowell, Berl Charles Ruggie, Thene 58 Gloria Gall Ginger Humprey Janice Jackson Wendy Taylor Susan Anderson and Barbara Hepp put llwe finishing fouclwes on llie cenlerpuece for 'flue Junior lass of 7 Russell, Riclnard Rulzlce. Eleanor Marie Samsell, Earl Sanders, William Morris Sanlord,Jol1n Wesl Sarvinas, Paul Sawyer, Palli Gayle Sclnmidf, Nancy Kay Scl1mid+, William Frederick Scl'1eider,Marlc Millon Schofield, Wayne B. Sclwuller, Jol'1n Randolph Sclriulrz, Nedra Joyce Scolr, Dian Davis Scoll, Douglas Sleven Slwarp, Richard Dale Shoe. Jerry Sl1ules.Rull1Ann Simbari, Bernard Jacob Sirribari, Russell Donald 59 Simmons, Gary Frank Skinner, Donna Lee Smirh, Charles Monroe Smilh, Judilh Smirh, Malcolm Opie Smifh, Mary Lora . Y i :la ,N gi' -Q an UNIOR Look Forward to Their RHI? la. Smilh, Mary Suzanne Smifh, Thomas F. Smirh, Wayne David Sokolowski, Lesler P. Solberg, Dolores Ann Sommese, Mary Ann Sparks, Sally Jo Spear, Linda Elaine Slarn, Lillian Edilh Slevens, Andre Tall Sfevens, Karen Leigh Srorch, Henry J. Srresau. Fred Edwin Slumplf, Jo Ann Sullivan, Ross Hood Surherland. Diane Helene Swavely, Thomas H. Swedroe. Carol Sweet Marshall Sweilzer, John Warren Swirzer, Timorhy Roberl Tarapaclce, Gloria Jean Tavlin, Barbara Louise r Taylor, Wendy Taylor, William px Templin, Harrier? Carol I . ,F Final Step...That of Bain a Senior Thibau+, Larry Lee Thieme. David Thomas, Bonnie Evelyn Thompson, Benjamin Thompson, David Thomson, Colin Hedor Thornfon, Frances Jane Thornfon, Kennefh Gavin Tilchin, Thomas Tomlinson, Shirley Topping, Pa+ricia Towle, Cynlhia Ann Troxell, Roberf Evan Vandiver, Sfephen Vawfer, Noel! Vaughn, Lee Vechio. David Vicari, Barbara Ann Wade. Cynfhia Gawdy Wade, Louis Radford I9-hx Wil 1? li f A -N A 1. ,LN A N i Q x X 4 9' Q 0 ,L i T gf 7 :egg 521' -' fi, nh " W 1 i :A x Lv' W "f" 1 fs- , Q ' S. L L x ii rg We L We , There goes fhe bell! Here comes ihe crowd! Second lunch hour sfudenls relucianlly leave 'rheir daily galherings 'ro venfure lorlh fo iiffh hour class. Class of 759 ...- Walcernan, Sue Waldron, Jaclc . Wale, Waller Gibson Walls, Roberl Sranley f 2 an ir., Y 4' 'iffy r Weaver, Mahlon Gerald 3 o y' Webb, Edgar Duane by - L ' Wellens, David Richard Wells, Joyce May Wermufh, Parricia Louise fi A Z f x 9,6 S Q f . 1 QI. X Zim E I 5 5 ff ' ff :if , M X 1 Werlz, Eleanor Lee West Suzanne Helene Wesiberry, Grace Wyman Whaley, Ronald Tammie Wheeler, Richard Harold '7 'f77' 77W7"WW Whifehead, Alberf 'X 'zlfz Wiclcsell, Larry James Williamson, Elizabelh Kay Willis, William Michael VVilson, Anile 62 A., gf" gl 5 i f '-if gy.-.,, , 'Q' ' 'L '41 L. 'S FAM ,,,, , Q O. Z '75 ,G i 2 Y r S , Z" 5 , -gb, f , as Q-1--,,. .,,, L ,A .L 1 17 wr-We M ' W Y c ff ' ,ri f 9 Z X ...Zh 0+ 50 5:3 Qk ?i ii, 1? 510' sg L' 4 f Z V is hi , L ge , 4 L ,,f' 2 f f fr' i . fif. E ,, J' 0 . ,,., 's I ' gfigf- ff f I 1 L' 1, 'i" -L , . B J Y! i ' I 4- .: - -.- V 4 ' L L L L L rirl s 'nf I 'MVK' , V,VV I V L, , QV:-5,4 , , , , , , , I L Q -f-if . 4, 1 ,i 1 f , . 1 ,-i' 1 V 1:7 A X U 4,4 , L ,ji J Li" , P fi " 1- Lf ,,,, I rf, wffvag ,W jj w How was fhe Prom7 Fabulous' Tlred7 Who, us? Ginny Fryman, Mackey Alley, George Morailis and Nedra Schulfz sleepily relurn from 'rhe Prom and aller- Wilson Wilson, Wilson, Wilson pw, ., typ ai. Class of ' Wing, John Wallam, Michael Wordrup, Valorys Worlcman, Nikki Worlhy. Maxwell Wright Barbara Jean Wrighf, Judilh Ann Wrighl, Mariorie Wull, Raymond Young, Joseph Young, Judilh Young, Sally Young, William Zimmer, Carol Anne Zwiclc, David Reynolcl 63 'H A ' V any ,, 4 1 V. MV K aff' ,, 'V 'tr' f "A 'ow ,Vw 4 ,C K, K ml ,V . ag W " 411' D X . x , I I ,jg M234 446 b , f 4 'wfglw 5, 'W-' f Z The Cgpzkzf in the Seniors "We are Seniors ai' las+!" is ihe cry of every up- perclassmanjas he reaches his finalyear. No longer 'mus'r i'1'6"l0O,iCHU,P,,'l'O oifhers, for he is now looked y-up io- .y e, y ' l my ' my p - 1 ll o He has 'I-he cenferiseciion, pepieralliesiiaend all ihose lame conveniences g+ha+geewi+h1being ra isgmzer af Fori' Laudercielelljligh iSCi16Cis,The iiies +ha'r include only Seniors are his-l-Senior Worlg' Day, Job Poppa Day, Senior Slrip Day, and4Sienior Tea. i V j The Spirii of Lauderdale seems more imporiani somehow: and everyihing musi be 'ihe very besi' because i+ will be his las+. Whereas 'ihe Sophomore deals in firsfs, fhe Senior experiences ihe many lasfs-+he lasf Homecoming, lasi pep assembly. lasf dance, lasf class. ihe crowd's las? beach par+y, and ihe lasi' exam. As Juniors, Flying L boy and girl only mused on +he fuiureg as Seniors 'ihey musi noi only ihinlc bu? fhey musi do. A+ lasf fhe ac+ivi'I'ies 'lhai' have fhe air of finaliiy aiiached +o fhem arrive: Baccalaurea+e. Class Nighi, and Commencemenh and afier Commence- menf +here are bigger shoes io fill and new roles fo be played. The 'lhree years are over: ihe years rhai seemed so endless have come +o an end. 1' ff i 11 Y -4 A W '-. , ,si Q B i ' ri ' f s A M CLASS OF 19 8 'A . We followed our responsible class officers Through a rewarding and successful Senior year. Mickey Tarler Linda Leaird Joe Jackson Jim Bowen Vice Presidenf Secrefary Treasurer PVe5'd9"1T JOHN MARTIN ABEL Band 3. ROBERT ABEL WAYNE F. ABELE Transferred from Trinify Lufheran l-ligh School, Ff. Lauderdale Florida 2: Golf 27 l'li-Y 3? Baslfefball Manager 3. JO MARY ABHAU Allied Youfh 3, 4: Debafe 2: Fl-lA 2: Fufure Teachers 2: Navigafor 4: Circulafion Manager 47 John Abel Roberf Abel Press Club 3. 4: Spanish Club 2, 3i Class Play 3 Class Dance 2. 3, 4: "l Speak For Democracy' Confesf Winner 4: Exchange Club Speech .Con fesf Winner 3i Quill and Scroll 4. THOMAS SOLOMON ACKEL. JR. Transferred from Riverside Milifary- Academy Gainesville, Georgia, 2: Boys' L Club 4: Base ball 3. RICHARD MILTON ADAMS Transferred from Coffageville High School, Cof fageville, Soufh Carolina, 3: Wheel Club 3. 4 Foofball 3, 4: Oufsfanding L 4. Jo Abhau Thomas Aclce Q,- ETS' fl . SE IGR JUDY ANN ADDY Fufure Nurses 3. 4, Presidenf 4: LaI'in Club 2. 3, 4, Reporfer 33 Pep L's 4: Thespians 3, 41 Youlh for Chrisl 2, 4: Class Play 3, 4. BARBARA JEAN ADKINS Lafin Club 3, Reporfer 2: Library Club 3, 4, Vice Presidenf 4: Pep L's 2. VIRGINIA LEE ALEXANDER Chorus 2. 3, 4: Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Presidenl 2, Chaplain 3: Infer-Club Council 2. DONALD ROBERT ALLEN Transferred from Longmeadow High School, Long- meadow. Massachuseffs, 3: Class Represenfafive 3: Track 3, 4. JOHN HOWARD ALLEN Golf 3: Legislafive Sfudenl Council 2. RICHARD LEE ALLEN Transferred from Murphy High School, Mobile. Alabama, 4, DCT 4. THOMAS WARD AMENT Transferred from Redford High School, Defroif, Michigan 2: Allied Youfh 4, Pep L's 4: Spanish Club 2, FRANCES GEIGER ANDERSON JOHN TAYLOR ANDERSON Audio-Visual 21 Pep L's 4: Boys' Sfafe 3. RICHARD ALLEN ANDERSON RICHARD GEORGE ANDERSON Transferred from Proviso Township High School, Maywood, Illinois, 2. Richard Adams Judy Addy Barbara Adkins Virginia Alexander Donald Allen John Allen Richard Allen Thomas Amenl Frances Anderson John Anderson 'TN 'am R. A. Anderson R. G. Anderson SENIOR TIMOTHY ERNEST ANDERSON Transferred from Janesville High School, Janes- ville, Wisconsin, 2, Civil Air Pafrol 3. WALTER THEODORE ANDERSON. JR. Transferred from Vero Beach High School, Vero Beach, Florida, 4: Boys' L Club 47 Key Club 4: Foofball 4: Traclc 4. SCOTT ROBIN ANSELMO Allied Youfh 4: Civifan 2, 3, 4, Vice Presidenf 4, Junior Direcfor: Senior Honor Sociefy 4: Navigafor 4, Edifor 4: Spanish Club 2: Execufive Sfudenf Council 3, Secrefary of Commerce 37 Class Vice Presidenf 2: Baslcefball 2, 3, 4: Class Play 31 Class Dance 2, 3, 43 Boys' Sfafe 3: Class Represenfafive 21 Legislafive Sfudenf Council 47 Quill and Scroll 45 I-li-Y 2. CAROL ANN THERESA ARCULEO Transferred from Long Beach High School, Long Beach, New York 23 Allied Youfh 41 Pep L's 3, 4: Tri-Hi-Y 3, 47 Class Play 3. 4: Class Dance 4. PAMELA MAEVE ARMSTRONG Transferred from Wauwafosa High School, Wau- wafosa, Wisconsin, 3: Tri-Hi-Y 4, Parliamenfarian 4i Class Play 4. GAIL HARRIET ARNINK, HENRIETTA ASHE RICHARD MICHAEL ASHLIN Legislafive Sfudenf Council 3. RANDOLPH KALANI NUI AVON Transferred from Coral Gables High School. Coral Gables, Florida, 4. MIRIAM ANN BACHTOLD Transferred from Forresf Township High School. Forresf Illinois, 4: Chorus 43 Tri-Hi-Y 4. SENIORS JAMES HALL BAKER Pep L's 4: Foolball 2: Traclc 4: Aviaiion Club 3. ELEANOR ELIZABETH BALTHASER Pep L's 3: Science Club 3, 4, Presidenr 3, 4: Spanish Club 3: Inler-Club Council 3, 4: Tennis 2, 3: Thespians 4: Class Play 4: Youlh for Chrisf 3. MARIA ORLIMPIA BARELA Spanish Club 2. JERRY ALLEN BARENDT RICHARD ALAN BARNARD BARBARA ANN BARNES Fulure Teachers 2: Lafin Club 2: Youlh for Chrisl 2, 3, 4. STEPHEN PAUL BARNETT JUDITH ANN BARRETT Transferred from Sharonville High School, Cin- cinnafi, Ohio, 4. SALVATORE BARTI LOTTA Transferred from Wesl' Side High School, Newark, New Jersey, 3. GEORGE LENIOUS BARTLETT Allied Yourh 4: Hi-Y 3, 4, Presidenl 4: InI-er- Club Council 4: Foorball 2: Class Play 4: Clegg Dance 3. James Balmer Eleanor Balfhaser Orlimpia Barela Jerry Barendl Richard Barnard Barbara Barnes Srephen Ba rn ell' .I udilh Ba rre+f Sa Ivalore Ba rIiIo'H'a George Ba r+leH SENIGR DENNIS LYNN BARTON Boys' L Club 4: Civifan 4, Senior Direclor: Track 2. 3. 4: Cross Counlry 3, 4. JAY BRUCE BARTZ Wheel Club 2, 3. 4: Legislalive S'ruden'I' Council 3, 4: Foolball 2, 3. 4: Baslcelball 2. BERTHA JO BASS Cheerleader 2, 3, 4, Capfain 2, 4: Fulure Teachers 2, 3, 4, Presidenl 4: Girls' L Club 3, 4, Parliamen- Iarian 4: Senior Honor Sociely 3. 4: Junioreffes 2. 3, 4. Secrelary 3. Vice Presidenf 4: Legislalive S+uden+ Council 2. 3: lnler-Club Council 4: Class Secrelary 2. 3: Class Play 4: Class Dance 2, 3. 4: Miss Melody 3: Girls' Sfale 3: Class RepresenIa+ive 4: Winner of UN Con'IesI 3: Besl Personalily 4. RICHARD EVANS BEALL VICKY LORRAINE BEALS FI-IA 2: Tri-I-li-Y 3: Tennis 3. CHARLES DONALD BEATTY Traclc Manager 2. BLAIR REED BECKER Transferred from Oakwood High School, Daylon, Ohio, 3: Swimming 3: Class Play 3. 4: Class Represenlalive 3: Thespians 4. SANDRA KAY BECKER Chorus 2: FHA 2: Fulure Nurses 2: Pep L's 2, 3, 4: Tri-I-li-Y 2, 3, 4. BGVIIWG B555 ICIWGFCI Beall Viclcy Beals Donald Beally .42 Xi sZ1w ' gif 7' - 5 1958 Donald Bednar Richard Behre DONALD LAWRENCE BEDNAR Transierred from Marion High School, Cicero Illinois, 2. RICHARD THEODORE BEH RE Transferred from Dobbins Technical School, Phila- delphia, Pennsylvania, 2: French Club 4. NANCY ANN BEIMLY Allied Youih 2. 4: DCT 4: Pep L's 2: Tri-I-Ii-Y 2, Nam: Beiml 3, 4, Secreiary 3, 43 Class Dance 2. il-OES Ben LOIS ANNE BELL Senior I-Ionor Socieiy 3. 4: Spanish Club 2. RONALD DOUGLAS BENTLEY Allied Youirh 41 Foorball 2. CAROLE ANN BERARDI Anchor Club 3. 41 EBB TIDE 3, 4: Spanish Club 2, 33 Tri-I-Ii-Y 27 Thespians 4. Secreiary 4: Legis- Iafive Sfudeni Council 2, 3: Class Play 3: Class Dance 2. 3. 4: Allied YouI'h 4. Ronald Benfley Carole Berardi BARBARA ELIZABETH BERDAY Civil Air Palrol 2. 3, 47 French Club 2: Aviarion Club 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 2, 3, Vice Presideni 4. RAYMOND PAUL BERLETT II Science Club 4, I-Iislrorian-Librarian 41 Pep L's 4. LESLIE JACOB BERNER DCT 4. Barbara Berday ROBERTA ELAINE BERTHOLF Paul Be'IeII Fufure Teachers 4-I PGP I-'S 4- Blair Becker Sandra Becker Leslie Berner -'-1 Roberfa Berrholi seph Besl' edericlc Be+c R Chard Bewley Donald Biclcha SENIORS JOSEPH PAUL BEST Transferred from Hughes High School, Cincinnali Ohio, 2 FREDRICK CHARLES BETCHER RICHARD F. BEWLEY Transferred from Barslow Senior High School, Ba rsfow, California, 3 DONALD EMIL BICKHAM CONSTANCE ANNE BIGGERS Transferred from Easf High School, Knoxville, Ten- nessee, 4. EMMA LEE BIXLER Conslawe Blgqers DCT 47 Legislalive SIuden+ Council 2. 3: Class E ma Bixler Dance 2 NICHOLAS BLASKY. JR Transferred from Middle Township High School. Cape May Courf I-louse, New Jersey 4 BARBARA ELENE BLOCKER Allied Youlh 2, 3, Secrerary 3: Larin Club 2, Secrelary 2: Press Club 47 Execulive Sludenl Council 3, 4: Class Play 4: Class Dance 3, 4: lglfEglZSBl?LiSkl2!r Thespians 4: Legislalive Sludeni Council 3. ERANKIE DOLORES BLOCKER DANIEL WADE BLUST D lores Bloclcer niel Blusl ' E IOR VERNON CLAY BOHANNON Allied Youfh 2. 3: Band 2, 3, 4. BARBARA CATHERINE BONVECHIO Transferred from Vineland High School, Vineland, New Jersey, 3: Pep L's 4: Spanish Club 3: Tri-l-Ii- Y 3, 4: Class Dance 4. LAWRENCE RAY BORREGARD Allied Youfh 45 Wheel Club 43 Baslcefball 2, 3. 4. RONALD L BORRESEN DEANNA THERESA BOUCHER Transferred from Ufica Free Academy, Ufica, New Yorlc. 2: Chorus 2. PATRICIA JEAN BOURKE Transferred from American School, Eleufhera ls- land, Bahamas. 3: Junioreffes 3, 4: Press Club 3, 4: Chorus 4: Key Club Courfesy Sfudenf 3: Tri-I-Ii-Y 3: Class Play 3: Class Dance 4. JAMES MELVIN BOWEN, JR. Key Club 2, 3, 4: Execulive Sfudenf Council 3, 4. Vice Presidenf 3: lnfer-Club Council 4: Class Presidenf 4: Sfudenf of fhe Monfh 4: Class Play 4: Class Dance 3, 4: Thespians 4. KATHERINE ANN BOWLING Transferred from Durham High School, Durham, Norfh Carolina 4. VERNON BURKE BOWLING ANN MARIE BOYACK Fufure Teachers 2. 3: Pep L's 2, 3, 4: Tri-I-Ii-Y 2, 3, 4. 74 if Af--'-Q Edward Braddy Marilyn Bradley EDWARD LAMAR BRADDY Boys' L Club 3, 4, Vice Presidenl 3, 4: Key Club 2, 3, 4: Foolball 2, 3, 4, All-Counly 2, 4, All-Conference 3. 4: Baskelball 2: Baseball 2, 3, 4: Ou+s+anding L 3, 4: Mosl Afhlelic 4. MARILYN JANE BRADLEY Girls' L Club 3, 4: Library Club 2: Tri4Hi-Y 3, 4, Vice Presidenl 4: Legislalive Sludenl Council 3, 4: Swimming 2, 3, 47 Class Dance 2. A T 0 t a I 0 f 7 5 JUDITH DAPHNE BRADY Transferred from Wauconda High School, Wau- conda, Illinois, 3: Pep L's 4: Tri-Hi-Y 4. VERNA JEAN BRAGG BETTE JEAN BRAUN Spanish Club 2: Class Play 4. JOYCE CAROL BRIDGES Allied Youlh 2: Chorus 2, 4: Library Club 4, Joyce Bridges Mary Briggs ,. ' I W I ' .' ' g rw Judi'I'h Brady Verna Bragg Belle Braun Treasurer 4: Pep L's 2: Press Club 2, 3. 4: Tri- Hi-Y 2. 3: Class Dance 2. MARY ELLEN BRIGGS Anchor Club 3, 4: Fulure Nurses 3: Girls' L Club 4: Senior Honor Sociely 3, 4, Treasurer 4: Legis- lalive Sludenl Council 2: Lalrin Award 3: Oul- slanding L 3: Swimming 2, 3, 4: Class Dance 2, 3. MARILYN JEANNETTE BOYD Anchor Club 3, 4: Chorus 2, 3, 4: Chorislers 3, 4, Presidenl 4: French Club 3, 4, Vice Presidenl 4: IDRS Makes Our Lalin Club 2, Reporler 2: Pep L's 4: Thespians 3, 4, Vice Presidenl 4: lnfer-Club Council 4: Lalin Award 2: Class Play 3, 4, Sludenl' Direclor 3: Class Dance 2, 4. WILLIAM JOHN BOYE Band 2, 3: Hi-Y 3, 4, Secrelary 4: Spanish Club 3, 4: Foolball 4: Track 4: Class Play 3. 4: Class Dance 3, 4. MARILYN CAROLE BOZO Transferred from DeVilbiss High School, Toledo, Ohio 4. Marilyn Boyd William Boye Marilyn Bozo AB 'Q,1i1,,.i9' ,,,.. wk? -mat Thomas Broqden Linda Brown Diane Brownell John Brownell l-MW Brownell THOMAS MALCOLM BROGDEN JOHN CARL BRUHN Band 2. 3. 4. Drum Maior Asslsfanf 3. Drum Maior 47 Key Club 3. 4: Thespians 3. 4: Class Play 3: Class Dance 3: All County Band 37 Class Repre- senfaflve 4. Chorus 2 3 4- Tri-HE-Y 2 3 4 Treasurer2 VTce President 3. DIANE FERGUSON BROWNELL Transferred from Monfgornery Blair Higl- Schoof Silver Spring Maryland 2' Chorus 2 47 Latin Club 2t Pep L's 2 3' Trl-Hi-Y 4. Lafin Club 3. 47Tri-Hi-Y 3. Class the Largest E ver to Attend L.H.S. JQHN D. BRQWNELL DOROTHY HELEN LEACH BUCHWALD Transferred from Forf Myers High School, Forf Myers. Florida. 47 Girls' A Cappella 4. Transferred from Thomas Jefferson High School. Councrl Bluffs Iowa. 3' Exchange Cub 4 Pres:- denf 4, JACK RICHARD BUCKLEY Transferred from Arfs High School. Newark, New TrivHI'Y3 4. JGWEY' 3- Dee Browning John Bruhn Sue Bryanf Dorothy Buchwald Jack BUCUSY , Emu-- SENIOR PAUL RILEY BUNDY Audio-Visual Club 2, 3, 4, Presidenl' 4: Band 2, 3, 4: Science Club 3, 4: Legislafive Sfudenl Council 4: lnfer-Club Council 4. CAROL BUNNER Maiorefies 3: JunioreHes 2, 3. 4: Press Club 2, 3, 4, Vice Presidenf 3: Tri-Hi-Y 2, 31 Class Play 4, Class Dance 3. ROBERT LANCE BURN Transferred from Savannah High School, Savannah, Georgia, 2. JANE ANN BURNS Tennis 3, 4: Furure Teachers 3, 4: Lalin Club 2: Lalin Award 3. CLAUDE GEORGE BURRELL BETTY LYNN BUSBY Maiorelles 3, 4: Girls' L Club 4i Pep L's 4. DAVID GORDON BUTLER Transferred from Vero Beach High School, Vero Beach, Florida, 2: Track 3: Youlh for Chris+ 3, 4. JACK BUTLER NANCY JUANITA BUTLER Transferred from Andrew Jackson High School. Jacksonville, Florida, 2: Chorus 2. CHARLES MICHAEL BUTTERFIELD ..-,- E IOR LILA GAIL BYRD EBB TIDE 4: FHA 2, 3, 4, Secrefary 2, Presidenl 3. 4: Library Club 2, 3, Secrelary 3: Pep L's 2. 3, 4, Secrelary 2, 3: Youlh for Chris? 2, 3, 4: Execulive S+uden+ Council 4, Secrelary 4: Infer- Club Council 3, 41 Class Play 3: French Club 2. ERNEST WAYNE BYRD Spanish Club 2: Wheel Club 3, 4: Foolball 3, 4: Class Play 4: Class Dance 3, 4. ODETTE JOANNE CABALL Allied Youlh 4g French Club 3, 4, Presidenl 4: Pep L's 4, Tri-I-Ii-Y 2, 3: Legislalive Sludenl' Council 3: Inler-Club Council 4: Swimming 2i Spanish Club 2, 3, 4. JOANNE CACCIATORE Girls' A Cappella 4: Library Club 3. RICHARD LEE CALVERT DANIEL MARTIN CALVEY Transferred from Norwich High School, Norwich, New York, 23 Larin Club 2. ALYCE JO CARDEN VALERIE MAE CARGILL Allied Youlh 4: Pep L's 47 Spanish Club 2: Tri- I-Ii'Y 2, 3: Execulive Sludeni Council 4: Legislalive Srudenr Council 2, 3: Class Play 3. 4: Class Dance 2, 3, 47 Swimming 2. JUDY CARMEN CARLENE FLORENCE CARROLL Navigalor 47 Press Club 3, 4: Tri-I-li-Y 2, 3, 4? Class Play 3, 41 Quill and Scroll 4: Class Dance 41 Thespians 4. Gail Byrd Wayne Byrd Gdeile Ca ball Joanne Ca ccialore Richard Calverl Daniel Calvey Alyce Jo Carden Valerie Cargill Judy Carmen Ca rlene Carroll E IDR RAYMOND PARDUE CARSON Wheel Club 2. 3, 41 Foolball 2, 3, 4: Baslcelball 2. 3, 43 Boys' L Club 4. LARRY JAMES CENTERS Foofball 2. 3, 4, All-Conference 4. LENORE BETH CHADWICK Allied Youlh 4: Fulure Teachers 21 Pep L's 2. 3: Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4: Legislalive Srudeni' Council 3. 4: Class Play 3: Class Dance 3, 4: Class Repre- senlalive 3, 4. SANDRA CECILE CHANDLER HAZEL REBECCA CHAPMAN DOROTHY CORRINE CHARTER Chorus 3, 4: Fulure Nurses 3, 4. Treasurer 'Ii Laiin Club 25 Pep L's 4. JUNE ANN CHATLAND Transferred from Norlh Miami I-Iiqh School, Norlh Miami, Florida. 3. TOM MYANNE PATRICIA CHECK Transferred from Durham I-Iigh School, Durham, Norlh Carolina 4. DARLENE MARCHETA CHIPCHASE Transferred from Parma Senior High School, Cleve- land, Ohio. 2: Chorus 2: Fulure Nurses 4. FRANCIS MICHAEL CHIRICO Transierred from Edgewaler I-Iiqh School, Orlando Florida 4: Chorus 4: Chorisiers 4. Mar+ha Choal Diane Chrisl 198 MARTHA MARIE CHOAT Transferred from Sheffield High School, Sheffield, Alabama, 37 Pep L's 47 Youfh for Chris? 4. DIANE ELEANORE CHRIST Spanish Club 2: Thespians 4. SONJA MARIANNA CHRISTENSEN Band 3, 41 Chorus 2: Library Club 2: Tri-I-Ii-Y 2. JAMES HARRY CHURCHVILLE Transferred from Soufh Broward High School, Hollywood, Florida, 3. EVA MAE CISCO Transferred from Williamson I-Iigh School, William- son, Wesf Virginia, 45 Allied Youfh 4: Maioreffes 41 Eufure Teachers 4: Junioreffes 4: Senior Honor Socieiy 4. HERBERT EDWARD CLAGGETT Boys' L Club 4i Baseball 3, 4, M 1 I 4-4 M JA il And fhen fhere were fhe ones w o worked hard in fhe cafeferia. WALTER RAYMOND CLEMENT GSOFQG Clemes Transferred from Cenfral High School, Syracuse New York, 3. GEORGE HECTOR CLEMES Allied Youfh 4: Science Club 4. Sonia Chrisfensen James Churchville Eva Mae Cisco Edward Claggeff Walfer Clemenf ,Mun-.. uf' E IOR LARY ANDERSON CLENDINEN Chorus 2, 3, 4, Vice Presidenr 3: Chorisrers 2, 3, 4, Manager 37 Wheel Club 2, 3: Youlh Ior Chrisr 47 Legislarive Sfudenr Council 2. 4: Sand Men 3. EDWARD LEE CLINE Band 2, 3, 4, Legislahve Sludenr Council 2. 31 Dance Band 4. FREDERICK ALLEN CLOUSE Civil Air Parrol 42 Hi-Y 2. LEILA ANN COAN Transferred from Coral Gables High School, Coral Gables, Florida, 33 Allied Yourh 3, 4, Presidenr 4: Anchor Club 4: Pep L's 4: Class Represenralive 4, Inrer-Club Council 4. DONALD DEAN COFFIN Boys' L Club 3, 47 Tennis 2, 3, 4, Co-Caplain 4. CURTIS RAYMON COFFMAN Track 2. MAX MARKLEY COLE, JR. Boys' S+a+e 3. LINDA WYNNELL COLLIER Allied Youlh 31 Chorus 2, 4: French Club 4: Pep L's 4: Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4: Youlh for Chrisl 4. JANE ALLEN COLLINS Transferred from Adrian High School, Adrain, Michigan, 2: Chorus 2, 31 FHA 4: French Club 3. 4: Furure Teachers 4: Tri-Hi-Y 3, 41 Swimming 2, 3, 4. VIRGINIA CAROLINE COLLISON MGIOVGIIGS 2, 3, 41 Fufure Teachers 2: Girls' L Club 3. 4: Juniorefres 3: Class Dance 3, SENIORS JOHN ALLEN COLOUITT Boys L C ub 47 Tracn 4: Swimming 2. WILLARD WAYNE CONE JACOUELINE BROOKS CONLIN Library Ciub 2: Pep L's 4' Thespians 4. ROBERT GRANT CONNESS Bcys' L Clin 4t Foofbaii 2, 3, 4. JERALD ALLEN COOK Band 2, 3 4 Vice Preside-nr 47 Larin Ciub 2, Dance Band 4. JACK MILBURN COOPER LARRY LEBRON COOPER PAUL MEREDITH COOPER Transferred from Hickory High School, Hickory. Norrh Carohna, 4. FREDRICK JOHN COPLEY HLY 3, 4, Hisforian 4: Pep L's 4g C'ass Dance 3, 4 JOHN STEPHENS COPPIN Transferred from Grosse Poinie High Schooi. Grosse Poinre Michigan 3: Focrbail 4: Track 4 Ciass Dance 4. Jh 1'r+ A 0 n Coqui Wiliard Cone Jacqueiine Confirm RoL1er+Conness Jeraid Cook Jack Coope Larry Coope Paul Coope John Coppf Fredrick Copiey n E TOR FLORENCE ANN CORBETT Transferred from Oswego High School, Oswego, New York, 3. GAYLE ANN CORYELL Allied Youfh 47 Naufi-Nymphs 2, 3, 4: Pep L's 2, 3, 47 Spanish Club 2: Class Play 3, 4: Thes- pians 4. JEAN PATRICIA COSTELLO Transferred from Hialeah High School, Hialeah, Florida, 31 Chorus 3. 4. SHEILA MARY ELIZABETH COSTIN Allied Youfh 43 Anchor Club 2, 3, 4: Chorus 3, 4, Vice Presidenf 4: Chorisfers 4: Girls' L Club 3, 43 Pep L's 47 Wiffiesf 4: Thespians 3, 4: Execufive Sfudenf Council 4: Legislafive Sfudenl' Council 3: Swimming 2, 3: Class Play 3, Class Dance 3, 4: Class Represenfafive 3, 4. MARGARET ANN COU LTER Transferred from Soufh Broward High School, Hollywood, Florida, 4. ANGELA MARIA COVELLI Transferred from New Casfle High School, New Casfle, Pennsylvania 2: Pep L's 45 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4: Swimming 2. EVA THERESA COVENTRY Transferred from Grover Cleveland High School, Caldwell, New Jersey, 3. NANCY KAY CRAVEN Transferred from Sf. Pefersburg High School, Sf. Pefersburg, Florida. 3: Girls' A Cappella 2. Margaref Coulfer Angela Covelli 1958 JOHN IRBY CRENSHAW DOUGLAS LAWRENCE CREPEAU Civil Air Palrol 2, 3, 4: Science Club 4. ROBERT JAM ES CRISSY Transferred from Aquinas High School, Rochesler, New Yorlc, 2: Golf 3, 4, Capfain 4. CHARLES PHILIP CROSS Allied You'I'h 4: Civilan 2, 3, 4. Secreiary 3: EBB TIDE 3, 4: Class Represenialive 2. 3. 4: Class Treasurer Z: Class Play 4: Class Dance 2, 3, 4: Friendliesl 4: Thespians 4. LAWRENCE DONALD CROSS KARON CULVER Transferred from Soufh Broward High School, I-lollywood, Florida, 3. JAMES CURRAN Legislafive Sfudenl' Council 4. JUDITH FAE DAMRON Chorus 2, 3, 4: Chorisiers 4: Tri-Hi-Y 4: Tennis 2. MARTHA LYNN DAVIS Spanish Club 2: Tri-I-Ii-Y 2, 3, 4. JERRENE ANN DeBRAY Allied Youih 4: Pep L's 4: Spanish Club 2, 3: Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3: Class Play 3, 4: Class Dance 2, 3: Thespians 4. Eva Covenlry NGVICY Craven di.. 'wav John Crenshaw Douglas Crepeau Roberl Crissy Philip Cross Lawrence Cross Karon Culver James Curran Judilh Damron Marfha Davis Jerrene DeBray ,mu ,asm inf' m 'TRW A-5 Donald Declcer Joseph Della Valle Norman DeSha Marie Desmond William Dellmer Nancy DeVeaux Barbara Dexler Ronald Diclcs Thomas Dielz Julia Dillard SENIORS Civiran 3, 4: Civil Air Palrol 3, 4: Lalin Club 2 Science Club 3, 4: Swimming 2. JOSEPH ALBERT DELLA VALLE Spanish Club 2, 3. PHILLIP NORMAN DeSI'IA Band 2. MARIE W. DESMOND WILLIAM FREDERICK DETTMER Allied Youih 4: Civil Air Palrol 2: Spanish Club 2. 3: Youlh for Chrisl 3, 4. NANCY RUTH DeVEAUX BARBARA ANN DEXTER Pep L's 2. 3, 4, Rresidenl 4: Spanish Club 3, 4 Hislorian 3: Tri-Hi-Y 4: Inler-Club Council 4 Class Play 3: Class Dance 4, RONALD TODD DICKS DCT 4: Golf 2. 3: Class Dance 3. THOMAS JOHN DIETZ Spanish Club 2, 3: Fulure Teachers 3. JULIA RAE DILLARD Allied Youlh 2: Pep L's 2: Tri-I-Ii-Y 2, 3, 4 Secrelary 2. Presiden+ 4: Legislalive Sludenl Co cil 2. lnler-Club Council 4: Class Dance 2, 3 SENIOR MARIAN GAY DOCKERILL Larin Club 2: Pep L's 2, 3: Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3: Class Play 3: Class Dance 2, 3. JOHN HARRISON DOEL Transferred from Coral Gables High School, Coral Gables, Florida, 2: Boys' L Club 3, 4, Presidenr 4: Wheel Club 3. 4, Vice Presidenl 4: Execulive Sfudenr Council 4: Legislarive Srudenr Council 4. Presidenr 4: Inler-Club Council 4: Foolball 3, 4: Baseball 2, 3, 4: Sfudenr of Ihe Monlh 4: Besr All-Around 4, PATRICIA RAE DOEPKE Cheerleader 2, 3: Girls' L Club 3, 4, Secrelary 4: Juniorelres 2, 3, 4, Senior Direclor: Navigalor 4, Business Manager 4: Press Club 3, 4, Presidenr 4: Legislafive Sludenr Council 3: lnler-Club Coun- cil 4: Class Dance 2, 3, 4: Baslcerball Queen 3: Homecoming Queen 4: Quill and Scroll 4: Mosl' Popular 4. MARSHA JEAN DOERFLER DCT 4: Fulure Nurses 2, 3, 4, Librarian 3: Class Play 3. JOHN ROBERT DOIG Boys' L Club 4: Traclc 3: Cross Counrry 2. NORMAN KEITH DONALD Transferred from Admiral Parragul Academy, S+. Pelersburg, Florida. 3. NANCY SILVA DONALD Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4: Allied Youlh 4: Pep L's 4. CARLYN ANN DONATH Transferred from Soulh Broward High School. Hollywood, Florida, 3: Cheerleader 42 Chorus 3, 4: French Club 3, 4: Senior Honor Sociely 4: Juniorerles 4: Pep L's 4: Tri-Hi-Y 3, Hisforian 3: Class Play 4: Class Dance 4. MICHAEL FRANK DORMAN Transferred from Tilden Technical School, Chicago. Illinois 3. P MICHAEL CAMPBELL DOUG-LASS Band 2, 3, 4. Gay Doclrerill John Doel Parricia Doeplre Marsha Doerller John Doig Keirh Donald Nancy Donald Carlyn Donarh Michael Dorman Michael Douglass JU? M Sandra Dram Joseph Duffy Gail Dufresne Todd Dunn William Durgy SANDRA LEE DRAM Tri-I-Ii-Y 2, 3. 4, Vice Presidenl 3. JOSEPH DENNIS DUFFY Transferred from Pope Pins High School, Passair New Jersey, 2. VIRGINIA GAIL DU FRESNE Our Days Are Crammed THEODORE OSBORNE DUNN Chorus 2, 3, 4, Presicleni 41 Chorisiers 3, 41 Pep L's 4: Spanish Club 2, 3. 4, Vice Presidem' 3. Presidenl 4i Wheel Club 2, 3, 4, Secreiary 4: lnier-Club Council 41 Track 3, 41 Cross Counlry 3, 41 Legislalive Sluclenl' Council 4. WILLIAM R. DURGY Boys' L Club 41 Civilan 2, 3, 41 Legislaiive Slu- cleni' Council 2, 31 Class Represenfalive 4: Fooif Marcia Durham David Durrill lung-A... ,.,. .,-, ,,,. . .AQ-nl ball 3, 4i Baskelball 2, 3, 41 Track 3, 4i Mosi Popular 4. MARCIA KAY DURHAM Chorus 4i Chorisiers 4i Fulure Nurses 2, 31 Tri- Hi-Y 2, 3i Thespians 4. DAVID COLE DU RRILL Band 21 Boys' L Club 3, 41 La'Iin Club 4: Pep L's 41 Wheel Club 2, 3, 41 Tennis 2, 3, 4, Caplain 31 Class Play 41 Class Dance 4. With the Many BARBARA KATHRYN DUTTON Transferred from Key Wesi High School, Key Wesi Florida, 3: DCT 41 Library Club 3. ROBERT LEDWIN DVORAK Transferred from Reseda High School, Los Angeles California, 3. SUSAN LORELEI DYE Spanish Club 21 Tri-Hi-Y 3i Swimming 3. Barbara Du++on Roberl Dvorak Lorelei Dye -Z AQ :Qi James Eassey Shelby Eaves Barbara Edwards Jerry Edwards Terry Edw JAMES EASSEY FRANK A. EHRHARDT Transferred 'From Miami High School, Miami, Track 2: Legislative Student Council 2. Flo rid a, 4. SHELBY JEAN EAVES Transferred from Middlebranch High School, Can- RICHARD EHSTER SYLVIA KAREN EKMAN 'l'OI'1. Ohio 2: Allied Youth 4: Anchor Club 2, 3. 4: Tri-I-Ii-Y 3: Legislative Student Councl 2 Cl s Pep L's 4: Tri-Hi-Y 2. 3, 4: Class Dance 3. Dance 4. Activities That Make Us SENIORS BARBARA ELNOR EDWARDS DCT 4: Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4. JERRY EDWARD EDWARDS WILLIAM TORRENCE EDWARDS, JR. Chorus 2. 3. 4: Chorislers 3, 4: Football 2: Sand- men 3. ROBERT LOUIS ENICH Audio Visual 4. THOMAS LEONARD ENSIGN fi Li' w .M 1' A Q' Frank Ehrhafdf Richard Ehster Karen Elcm Robert Enich Tom Ens it ff: - 'f'-Vi are 'm SE TOR LINDA RUTH ESHLEMAN Fulure Teachers 2, 3, 47 Senior Honor Sociely 3. 4i Lalin Club 2, 3. 4: Pep L's 2, 4i Lalin Award 2g Class Dance 3. KENNETH ESKINS Science Club 3: Youlh lor Chrisl 3, 4, Presi- denl 4. BRUCE LAWRENCE EVANS Audio-Visual 2, Chorus 2, 3, 4. Chorislers 41 Pep L's 47 Class Play 43 Class Dance 2, 3, 43 Thes- pians 4. LINDA ANN EVANS Transferred from Laconia High School, Laconia, New Hampshire 4: Chorus 4: French Club 4. WILLIAM ALLEN EVANS Boys' L Club 47 Civilan 3, 4: Hi-Y 3: Execulive Sludenl Council 3: Golf 2, 3, 4: Class Dance 2, 3, 4. RONALD SHERROD EWARD Allied Youlh 4: Band 27 Hi-Y 2: Baslcelball 2. 41 Traclc 3, 4: Class Dance 2, 3, 4. PATRICIA JEAN FARLEY Allied Youlh 4: Anchor Club 2, 3, 4: Cheerleader 41 Press Club 3, 4, Vice Presidenl 47 Swimming 3, Manager 3: Class Play 41 Class Dance 2, 3, 4. FRANCES FARMER Transferred from Union High School, Union, New Jersey, 43 Allied Youlh 41 Nauli-Nymphs 2, 4: Tri-Hi-Y 2, 43 Class Represenlalive 4. JUDITH DARNELLE FERGUSON Anchor Club 43 EBB TIDE 2, 3. 4, Eclilor 41 Lalin Club 2. 3: Youlh for Chrisl 2, 3, 47 FHA 3, 4. Vice Presidenl 2, 3, Slale Vice Presidenl 4. JOE DOYT FERRELL Transferred from Norlh Side High School. Ferl Wayne, Indiana 3: Allied Youlh 41 Civilan 47 Class Dance 3. 4. E IDR JOHN KARL FEUERBACH Transferred 'from Lalcewood I-Iigh School, Lalcewood, New Jersey, 3. DOROTHY FAY FIELDS Pep L's 4: Tri'I'Ii-Y 3, 4: Lalin Club 4: Allied Youlh 3, 4. MARTHA LEANAH FISH Pep L's 2: Tri-Hi-Y 4. ELEANOR DIANNE FISHER Anchor Club 2, 3, 4, Vice Fresidenl 4: Fulure Nurses 2, Vice Presidenl' 2: Girls' L Club 4: Tri- I-li-Y 2: Yourh for Chrisl 4: Execulive'SIudenI Council 2, 3, 4, Represenlalive 2: Inler-Club Coun- cil 4, Secrelary 4: Swimming 2, 3, 4, Manager 3: Class Dance 2, 3, 4: Girls' Slale 3: Class Repre- senrarive 3: Courlesy Sludenl 3: Mosl Lilcely 'ro Succeed 4. GAY MARIAN FISHER Tri-I-Ii-Y 3. GLORIA GRACE FISHER Chorus 2, 3, 47 Chorisrers 4: Legislalive Sluclenl Council 3: Class Represenlalive 4. RAYMOND JOHN FLACH Transferred from Cranford High School, Cranford. New Jersey, 3. PATRICIA ANN FLATTER Transferred from Maumee High School, Maumee. Ohio, 4: Tri-Hi-Y 4: Allied Youlh 47 Fulure Nurses 4: Band 4. REBEKAH LUCILE FLEEGER Transferred from Burler Senior High School, Buller. Pennsylvania, 4. WALTER JAMES FLEMING Allied Youlh 4: Baslcerball 2, 3, 4. John Feuerbach Dorolhy Fields Marlha Fish Dianne Fisher Gay Fisher Gloria Fisher Raymond Flach Parricia Flaller Rebekah Fleeger Waller Fleming E IOR CAROL SUE FLINN Allied Youlh 41 Anchor Club 2. 3. 4, Junior Di- reclorq Cheerleader 2, 3. 4. Co-Caprain 2: EBB TIDE 41 Girls' L Club 3, 4, Presidenr 4: Tri-I-Ii-Y 2, Presidenl 2: lnfer-Club Council 2, 43 Class Dance 2. 3, 43 Class Represerrlalive 4: Mosl School Spirir 4. WILLIAM ANTHONY FLINT Transferred from Winlhrop High School, Winlhrop, Massachusells 31 Traclc 4. PATRICIA ANNE FLORENCE Pep L's 4: Tri-Hi-Y 2.4. PAULETTE SHIRLEY FLOWERS Allied Youlh 41 Chorus 4: Youlh for Chris? 3, 4. JAMES RICHARD FOLEY Transferred from Marysville I-ligh School, Marys- ville, Michigan, 3. NANCY ADELE FORSGREN Allied Youlh 43 Library Club 4: Spanish Club 2: Tri-l'Ii-Y 4. JEANNE LaVERNE FORSTER FI-IA 27 French Club 3, 4: Fulure Teachers 2, 3, 4: Larin Club 4: Tennis 2, 3. THEODORE ELVIN FOSSLER Chorislers 2. MARGO E. FOSTER Transferred from Pine Cresl' I-Iigh School, FI Lauderdale, Florida. 3: Aviahon Club 3. 4. His- Iorian 3, Secrelary 43 Civil Air Pafrol 3, 4, -lan IZVGSGV Virginia Fugale 1958 JOAN MADELINE FOWLER Anchor Club 3, 4, Hisforian 4: Class Dance 2, 3: Infer-Club Council 3: Legislafive Sfudenf Council 2, 43 Pep L's 4: Press Club 2. 3, 47 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Presidenf 3, Vice Presidenf 4. JAN MOFFETT FRASER VIRGINIA KIMBROUGH FUGATE Chorus 2, 31 Class Dance 2, 3, 4: Class Play 3i French Club 33 Legislafive Sfudenf Council 3: Navigafor 4. Sporfs Edifor 4: Press Club 3. 4, Parliamenfarian-Hisforian 41 Quill and Scroll 47 Thespians 4. MARGARET ANN FULLER Transferred from Branford High School. Branford, Connecficuf 31 Pep L's 4. LAWRENCE JAMES GABRIEL JUDITH ANN GAGE Transferred from Cambridge Springs High School. Cambridge Springs, Pennsylvania 4. CARL WILLIAM GALINAT Transferred from Schenley High School, Piffs- burgh, Pennsylvania, 2. NANCY MAY GARCELON Transferred from Boofhbay Harbor High School, Boofhbay Harbor, Maine, 3: Pep L's 4. RALPH DANIEL GARNER Margafef Fuller Lawrence Gabriel Judifh Gage 7' , W . .4 flu' I ff, . The Flying L Spirif is symbolized by our class rings. Ralph Garner Nancy Garcelon Carl.Galinaf I 1 9I E IOR ROSS GARULSKI MARY SUELLEN GEARY Swimming 3: Tri-I-lifY 4: Allied Youlh 47 Class Represenlalive 4, RONALD FRANKLIN GEIGER Alhlelic Manager 2, 3. 41 Chorislers 31 Civilan 2, 3, 4, Sophomore Direclor, Vice Presiclenl 3, Presidenl 4, Slale Ll' Governor 3, Slale Chaplain 43 Execulive Sluclenl Council 2, 3. Represenlalive 2, Secrelary ol Slale 3: Poolball 2: lnler-Club Council 4, Legislalive Sludenl Council 4: These pians 3, 4: Class Dance 23 Class Play 3. LYNN MARIE GENNARIA Allied Youlh 3. 4: Chorus 2, 3: Class Play 3. 4: Pep L's 41 Thespians 4: Tri-I-li-Y 2. 3, 4. JEWEL MARIE GEOGHAGAN Anchor Club 3, 4, Class Dance 23 Girls' L Club 3, 4: Legislalive Sluclenl Council 2: Maiorelles 2, 3, 4, Firsl Ll. 4: Class Represenlalive 4. ANNETTE CHRISTINE GEORGE Chorus 2, 3, 4: Legislalive Sludenl Council 31 Tri-I-li-Y 2. SUE ANN GETTINGER Transferred from Mishawalca High School, Mishas walca, Indiana, 2: Allied Youlh 41 Civil Air Palrol 2: Class Play 3. 41 Thespians 45 Tri-I-li-Y 2, 3, 4. Treasurer 2: Class Plays 3, 4: Thespians 4. MARY MARJORIE GIBSON Chorus 2. 3, 4: Class Play 3. 4: Press Club 4: Thespians 47 Tri-I-'li-Y 2. 4. Treasurer 2. DONNA LEE GIEGES Band 41 Maiorelles 4: Pep L's 2: Spanish Club 2 WALTER JUSTIS GLENN Science Club 3, 4: Spanish Club 2. E IDR JUDITH LOUISE GOGGANS AIIied Yourn 4: Spanish CIub 3i Tri-I-II-Y 2. 3. LAURA LORETTA GOLDEN AfIied Yourn 4: Anchor CIub 2. 3. 4. Parliamen- rarian 4: GirIs' L CIub 3. 4. Treasurer 4: Pep L's 4i Execurive Srudenr Council 2. 3: LegisIaIive Sru- denf Councii 2. 3. 4: Swimming 2. 3. 4. Caprain 4: Mosr AII'uIe+ic 4. CHARLOTTE WANDA GORDON Pep L's 4. JOAN KATHERINE GRAVES Transferred from Cosriocfon High SCIWOOI. Co- snccron Ohio. 2: Band 2. 3. 4: FHA 4i Furure Nurses 3. WILLIAM PIERCE GRAVETT Band 2. 3. 4i Key CIUIJ 4. CAROL ANN GREEN Pep Ls 2 Tri-Hi-Y 2.3. PATSY GREEN Transferred from PaIaIIca Senior I-IigI1 School. PaIarIra. I:Iorida 47 DCT 4. JOHN IRVING GRIFFIN Aimed You'rI147EBI3 TIDE 4. JAMES ERNEST GRONOUIST Audio-VisuaI 21 Key CIub 2, 3. 47 LegIsIaI'ive S+uden+ CounciI 2: Foo+baII 2. 3. 4: CIass Dance 2. 4. ROBERT LEE GULICK LegisIaIive Srudenr Council 27 CIass Dance 2. 3. Judi'rI1Gogqans Laura GoIden CI1arIoHe Gordon Joan Graves WiIIiam Graverf Carol Green Parsy Green John Griffin James GronCIUI5T Roberr GuIicIf 'Q E IDR. KENNETH JAM ES GURRY lnrer-Club Council 3, 4: Lalin Club 3, 4, Presidenl 3: Legislalive Sludenl Council 2, 3: Senior Honor Sociely 3, 4: Wheel Club 2, 3, 4, Presidenr 4: Class Dance 2, 4: Boys' Slale 3: Frienclliesl' 4. FRANK CALVIN HADLEY, JR. Boys' L Club 4: Chorus 2, 4: Chorislers 4: Legisla- Iive Sludenl Council 2, 4: Spanish Club 3: Traclc 2, 3, 4: Cross Counlry 2, 3. DENNIS KEITH HAGE Chorus 2, 3, 4: Chorislers 3, 4: Oulslanding L 3: Traclc 2, 3, 4: Cross Counlry 3. REBA ANN HAINES Pep L's 4: Tri-Hi-Y 2. MARGARET NELL HALENKAMP Transferred from Bay Village High School, Bay Village. Ohio 2: Tri-Hi-Y 3. 4. DOROTHY ANN HALLQUIST Chorus 2: Senior Honor Sociely 3. 4: Swimming 2. PATRICIA ANN HALSTEAD Transferred from Connorsville High School, Con- norsville, Indiana 4: FTA 4: Band 4. CHARLES EDWARD HAMILTON Transferred from Ml: Vernon High School, Alex' andria, Virginia, 4. JAMES HOWARD HAMILTON Avialion Club 2, 3, 4, Presidenl 4: Civil Air Palrol 2, 3, 4: Foolball 2, 3: In+er-Club Council 4. Margarel Halenlcamp Dorolhy Hallquisl ng., I f' f, ,' ':5i,V5fiiw' f . -... .J " 198 NORMA JEAN HAMILTON GIVISI A CBDpel'a 3, 47 Pep L's 4: Tri-Hi-Y 2. 3, 4, Chaplain 2 Secrerary 3. NANCY LEE HAMM ER Transierred from Johnsfon Cenrral High School, Johnslon Pennsylvania 4. KAREN HANKS Allied You+h 3, 4, Chorus 2: Class Dance 2, 3, 4: Class Play 3. 4: EBB TIDE 4: Execulive Sludenl' Council 4, Pubiicily Direcfor 4: Fufure Teachers 4' Navigafor 4: Pep L's 41 Press Club 4: Tri-I-Ii-Y 2, 3: Thespians 3. 41 Quill and Scroll 4. PATRICIA ANN HANSEN Mafcreiles 4: Tri-I"li-Y 4. RICHARD ALEXANDER HARPER JAMES GILPIN HARRE Tranierred from New Trier High School, Chicago. I V155 37 Swimming Manager 3. SHIRLEY JEAN HARRELL A ,fed Yourh 4: Class Play 37 Pep L's 3r Thespians 4' Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3. 4. LINDA BELL HARRIS Cfvil A'r Pairol 27 Swimming 2. JAMES EDWARD HARTSEL Band 2, 3, 4. Presideni' 4: Boys' Slale 31 Dance Band 3, 47 Exchange Club 4, Vice Presidenl 43 Inrer-Club Council 4: Naiional Meril Semi-Finalisl 47 Senior Honor Sociery 3, 4, Hislorian 4: Mosl lnfelleclual 4. Linda Hangs James Harfsel Parricia Halslead Charles Harnillon James Hamillon Norma Hamillon Nancy Hammer Karen Hanks Pafricia Hansen Richard Harper James Harre- Shirley Harrell 'ss fl we , if CH' ,Al SE TOR HOMER JACKSON HARWELL. JR. Hi-Y 3, 'Ii Pep L's 43 Spanish Club 2: Track 3. 4. RONALD LOWELL HATCHER Boys' L Club 4: Key Club 2, 3, 4: Thespians 4: Legislalive Sludenr Council 4,. Vice Presidenr 4: Fooiball 2, 3, 41Track 3. JUDSON DANIEL HAWLEY DONALD LESTER HAWTHORNE Execulive Siuclenl Council 2, 3: Foolball I: Bas- lcelball 21 Traclc I, 2, 3. SANDRA LEE HEDERA Pep L's 4, Tri-I-Ii-Y 3, 43 Treasurer 4. NATALIE HELLER Transferred from Roosevell High School, New Yorlc, New Yorlc, 2: Allied Youlh 47 FHA 4: French Club 2, 3. 4, Secrelary 33 Fulure Teachers 3, 4: Library Club 33 Pep L's 4. BARBARA EURETTA HESS Chorus 2, 3. CAROL ELAINE HESSLER Transferred from Miami Senior High School, Miami, Florida 4. PATRICIA HETTINGER Transferred from Wesl High School, Manchesler New Hampshire, 3: Allied Youlh 4: Pep L's 3 Tri-HIAY 3, 4, Parliamenlarian 4. IRVIN GEORGE I'IETZLER Boys' L Club 41 Golf 2, 3, 4. E IOR JOE SHELDON HIBBITTS Transferred from Andrew Lewis High School, Salem, Virginia, 4. LAWRENCE WINTHROP HICKEY Tennis 3. BARBARA ISABELLE HICKMAN Transferred from Tifusville High School, Tilusville, Florida. 4: DCT 4. Vice Presidenl 4. BETTY MAE HIGGINS Allied Youlh 3, 4: Pep L's 4. SUE ELLEN HIRSCHFELD Transferred from Ossining High School, Ossining, New York 2: Science 3, 4, Vice Presidenl 4: Swimming 3. 4. CHARLES IRVINE HOLDEN Execuliye Sludenl' Council 4: Foolball 3, 4: Key Club 2, 3. 4. PATRICIA HOLDSWORTH Chorus 2, 3, 4: Chorislers 4: Pep L's 4, JOHN WILLIAM HGLIAN Transferred from Chaminade High School, Mi- neola, New York, 2: Audio-Visual 2: Swimming 2, 3. 4. PATRICIA MAY HOLLIDAY Transferred from Lawrence Peck High School. Toronlo, Canada, 2: Allied Youlh 4: Class Dance 2, 3, 4: Class Play 4: FHA 2: French Club 2, 3: Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4. Treasurer 4. LINDA MOULTON HOLMES Transferred from Evanslon Township High School, Evanslon. Illinois 3: Chorus 3: Tri-Hi-Y 4. Joe Hibbills Lawrence Hickey Barbara Hickman Belly Higgins Sue Hirschfeld Charles Holden Palricia Holdsworlh John Holian Palricia Holliday Linda Holmes f:5'l,x,.:-f:',- ,,,Vff yy? A ,,., if X W f x f Keifh Hollon Richard Horn AUTRY KEITH HOLTON Band 2, 3, 4. RICHARD LESLIE HORN Execurive Sruclenl Council 2, 3. 4. Secrelary of Inlerior 3: Tennis 2: Swimming Manager 3: Class Dance 2, 3, 4: Class Represenlalive 4: Alhlelic Manager 4: Nalional Meril' Semi-Finalisl 4: Ex- change Club 4, Treasurer 4. Bruce Howell Those Exasperating SE LINDA ANN HOWELL Allied Youlh 3, 4: Pep L's 4: Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3: Class Play 3, 4: Class Dance 2, 3: Thespians 4. JOHN ALDEN HOXIE, JR. BUFORD BRUCE HOWELL Legislalive Sluclenl Council 2, 3: Class Play 3: Class Dance 3. Linda Howell John Hoxie GLORIA ANN HUGHES Allied Youlh 3, Chaplain 3: Pep L's 37 Tri-Hi-Y 2: Youlh for Chrisl' 4: Legislalive Sludenl Council 3. MEREDITH JAMES HUMPHREYS VIRGINIA ANN HUMPHRIES Chorus 3. TOR Tests Tax MARILYN ANN HUNT Girls' A Cappella 2, 3: Chorislers 4: Sunmaids 4: EBI3 TIDE 4: Fulure Teachers Z. 3. 4: Pep L's 2. 3, 4: Spanish Club 2, 3, 4, Secrerary 3, Vice Presi- deni' 4. ELIZABETH JOANNE HUNTER Transferred from Trinify High School, Washinglon. Pennsylvania, 3: Pep L's 4: Tri-Hi-Y 4. Gloria Hughes Meredilh Humphreys Virginia Humphries Marilyn Hunl' Elizabelh Hunler 4,6129 ,aff Q?Ai4fz 2- L LWWiW22fff Q W... 'Yr QS? ""MTf'T?7 James l-lurlbufl' Gwen I-lursey Jolwn l-lursey Glenda l-luslcey Toni lnslceep JAMES WILBUR HURLBUTT MARGARET ANN ISMER LEE STUART IVES EDNA Boys' L Club 4: Foolball 2, 3, 4. Pep L's 4. JOSEPH ALEXANDER JACKSON Boys' L Club 4: Senior l-lonor Sociely 3, 4, Presi- JOHN HERSCHEL HURSEY dear 4: Key Club 2, 3. 4, Secrefary 2: In+er-Club The Brains of Many Aspiring Collegians Council 4: Class Treasurer 3. 4: Baseball Manager 3: Class Play 4: Class Dance 2, 3, 4: Boys' Shale 3: Mosl Dependable 4, HENRY LOUIS JANDA TONI DeWlTT INSKEEP Allied Yourli 4: Juniorerles 3, 4: Navigalor 4: Pep L's 4: Press Club 3, 4, Treasurer 4: Tri-l-HAY 2: Legislaliye Sludenl Council 2: Class Repre- senlaliye 2, 3, 4: Class Play 3, 4: Class Dance 2, 3, 4: Tbespians 4. Foorball 4. Margarel' lsmer Lee lves Joseph Jackson Henry Janda Arlliur Jolwnson A f""' W be '--M ' V-flfi? Alan Johnson Palry Johnson Richard Johnson Sharon Johnson Deanna Jones Barbara Joneg Jannice Jones Marqaref Jones Tirnorhy Joslin Fredericlc Joyce SEN IORS LEONARD ALAN JOHNSON Transferred from Miami Milirary Academy, Mi Florida, 4. PATTY LOU JOHNSON Pep L's 3, 4. RICHARD STANLEY JOHNSON SHARON KAYE JOHNSON Allied Yourh 2: Furure Teachers 2: Juniorerle 4: Class Dance 2, 3, 43 Lalin Club 2, 3, 4. AMIE DEANNA JONES Pep Ls Z: Press Club 3, 43 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3,41 CI 5 Play 3, 4: Class Dance 41 Thespians 4. BARBARA DARLEEN JONES Library Club 3. JANNICE RACHEL JONES Transferred from Miller Junior High Sch I Macon, Georgia, 2. MARGARET ANNE JONES Girls' A Cappella 2, 3, 4: Chorisrers 3, 4: Fu? e Nurses 2, 3, 4: Pep L's 4: Yourh for Chrisr 2 3 TIMOTHY JAMES JOSLIN Audio-Visual Club 2, 3: Band 2, 3. 4i Sale Dri g Club 2. JOHN FREDERICK JOYCE Senior Honor Sociely 3, 4. E IOR JAN HOWARD JULIAN Science Club 3: Spanish Club 2. MICHAEL HENRY KAERICHER Bafld 4' Civiiofl 4 Treggurer 47 3, 4, Chapfain 4: Senior Honor Sociely 4: Spanish Club 3: Narional Meri+ Semi-Finalisf 4. MARGERY LEE KAPPHAN Chorislers 4: Girls' A Cappella 2. 3, 4: Fulure Nurses 2: Library Club 2: Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Class Play 4: Fulure Teachers 2. CAROL ANN KARNEY Allied Youih 2, 31 French Club 3: Tri-I-Ii-Y 3, 4: Class Play 4' Class Represenlalive 4. NORMAN WILLIAM KASCH Audio-Visual 2: Wheel Club 4: Track 2. 3, 4: Cross Counrry 3. 4: Class Dance 2, 3. JEAN LEE KASTEN Transferred from Edgemonl High School, Scars- dale, New Yorlc, 2: Civil Air Palrol 3, 4: Nauli- Nyrnphs 3, 4: Legisla+ive Sfudenl Council 3. JUDY LEE KEATON Senior Honor Sociely 3, 4: JunioreH'es 4: Nauli- Nymphs 2, 3: Tri-Hi-Y 4: Class Play 4: Class Dance 4: Class Represenlalive 4. ROBERT LEWIS KEIRSTEAD ELIZABETH ANN KELLY Transferred from Wes? Philadelphia Calholic High School, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 3: DCT 4: Tri-I'li-Y 3, 4: Swimming 3, EVALYN DIANNE KELLEY Chorus 2, 3, 4: Librarian 3, 4: Chorislers 3, 4, Librarian 3: Sunmaids 4: French Club 3: Library Club 2: Mosl Talenled. Jan Julian Michael Kaericher Margery Kapphan Carol Karney Norman Kasch Jean Kaslen Judy Kealon Roberf Keirslead Elizabelh Kelly Evalyn Kelley -:arg 7 .ff WT? SE IOR JUNE RUTH KELLEY Transferred from Tollenville I-Iigh School, Slalen Island, New Yorlc, 3: Chorus 4: Fulure Teachers 3: Tri-I-Ii-Y 3. BRUCE LYLE KEMNITZ Transferred from Easl High School: Madison, Wis- consin, 4. PAUL KETTLEBAND NANCY JEAN KILBERG Chorus 2, 3, 4: Tri-I-Ii-Y 2f 3, 4. MICHAEL ARTHUR KIMMEL DON LEE KIMSEY BARBARA IRENE KING Allied Youlh 4: FHA 4, Parliarnenlarian 4: Pep L's 4: Tri-Hi-Y 4. BARBARA JEAN KING Girls' A Cappella 2, 3, 4, Presidenl 4: Chorislers 4, Secrelary-Treasurer 4: Juniorelles 2, 3, 4: Pep L's 2. DEANNA FRANCES KING Ivlaiorelles 2, 3, 4, Caprain 3: Girls' L Club 4: Pep L's 4: Spanish Club 2: Girls' Srale 3. VERLA ILEEN KING DCT 4, Chaplain 4: Tri-I-li-Y 2, 3, Chaplain 2, 3. Joan Kinsller Kalfrina Kirk if f f 19 if ,, ,,,,,, A - . sf z I - f ,I r f ' 4 I 1' 'Y 198 JOAN MARIE KINSTLER Fufure Teachers 2, 3, 4, Secrelary 3: Science Club 4: Class Play 47 Class Dance 3. 4. KATRINA IRENE KIRK Anchor Club 3. 4: Girls' I. Club 47 Pep l.'s 45 Spanish Club 2: Tri-Hi-Y 27 Tennis 3, 4, Caplain 4: Class Dance 2, 3. 4: Class Play 3. BARBARA ANN KIRSCHNEK Transferred from Elyria High School, Elyria, Ohio, 3i Chorus 3. DONALD JOSEPH KISSLAN Boys' Sfale 3. SUSAN CAMILLE KITTREDGE Cheerleader 2, 3, 4, Co-Caplain 4: Girls' L Club 3, 4, Vice Presidenl 4: Juniorelles 2 3, 4. Presi- denl 4: Execulive Sludenl Council 2, 3, 4, Repref senlafive 2, Secreiary 3: Inler-Club Council 4: Key Club Sweelhearl 4: Class Represenlafive 2, 3: Besl All Around 4. LOUIS JOHN KLAIBER Transferred from Buchlel High School, Akron, Ohio, 3: Thespians 3, 4. PAUL JEFFREY KLEBER PATRICIA JEAN KLEIN Pep L's 2. i "Somebody help mel I clon'+ like shori haircuIsI" Barbara Kirschnelc Donald Kisslan Susan Kilfredge Louis Klaiber lafxa Palricia Klein Jeffrey Kleber Z X" W SENIOR PAUL KENNETH JOHN KLIMA DCT 4: Larin Club 2, JON OSCAR KLINGEN PAULA DIANNE KLUKOSKI Tri-Hi-Y 21 Pep L's 27 Chorus 4. MARIJANE KNIGHT Translierred from Weslbrook Senior High School, Weslbrook, Maine. 3: Pep L's 4. EDWIN HAMBLY KOERT Foollaall 2, 3, 43 Track 3. LILLIAN CAKES KOERT Allied Youlh 4: Anchor Club 4: Tri-Hi-Y 2: Swimming 2: Class Dance 4. GARY HAYDEN KOPP Hi-Y 3, 47 Tennis 2. JUDITH ANNE KOPPEN Transferred from Schodack Cenlral High School. Casllelon, New York 33 Allied Youlh 47 Pep L's 4. JERRY EARLE KRAFT Golf 27 Track 3, 4. RICHARD ARTHUR KRAUSE Civifan 2, 3, 4, Junior Direclor 3, Parliarnenlarian 4, Senior Honor Sociely 3, 4, Reporler 3: Execulive Sludenl Council 3, Vice Presidenl 3: lnler-Club Council 2, 3, Presidenl' 3: Class Presidenr 21 Larin Award 2, 3: Class Dance 2, 3, 4: Class Repre- senlalive 41 Harvard Book Award 3: Sludenr of The Monlh 4. SENIORS 7'e's:e-"ec: :fem Reg"e I-IQI' SCLCCI Ceve'e'd OV: 3' A leo YQJL 4' FHA 4' Peo L's 4. LINDA LEE LANCASTER T'eos:e"ec :fem Cefoffe Cc"ff'-r'?+y I-I'gH Stes: Celfoffe pee' 've"e 4' Awed YC..'LL' 4' C"Z:',S 4' Tr'-I-4'-Y 4. VICTORIA RAE LANCE Treosieveo 5'3" Wes'de4e Hoe ScFeo'. I-Ief'1"+on Oooefo 3' GFS' L CLE 4' S'--'f'1"'ff'g 3 4. VICTOR ALLEN LANFORD Foofoef 2. EDWARD COURTNEY LANGE ALTON GLENN LANGFORD. JR. VICKI MARIE LARKE GEORGE WESLEY LARKINS A5fed Yoh? 2' Cevvere Cub 3, Vice Presldenf 3' I-II-Y 3' Lain Cob 2 3' Pep L's 4: Thespens 3 4' Cess P'ey 3' SI-.fTmm?nq 3: Safe Drlwng CIQID 3' Yosl- lor CEFS? 2. 3, 4. SUE MICHAELE LAUBHEIMER Trensiefred from Mefweroneck Senior High Shoo! Memeromedc New York 4. JOHN CHARLES LaVAKE Transierfed from Pdncefon I-IIQI1 School, Prlrwceic New Jersey 3: Senlor Honor Scciefy 4. Joy Lako+e L 'oe Leocaeoef Vicforfe Lence Vrcfof Lerord Edward Lange GIenn Langford X Vick? Larke George Larkins Sue Laubheimer John LaVeke 465 Nav-N fm j,fws ga I "Ffa f ..., If ., ,-tv, '47 S IDR LINDA ANNE LEAIRD Allied Youlh 4, Chaplain 4: Anchor Club 2, 3. 4, Sophomore Direclor, Secrelary 3. Senior Direclorg Cheerleader 2: EBB TIDE 3, 4: Spanish Club 25 Tri-l-li-Y 2: Youlh for Chrisl 27 Legislalive Sludenl' Council 2, 3, 4: Class Secrelary 4: Class Dance 2, 4g Class Play 47 Frienclliesl 4: UN Conlesl Finalisl' 2. EVELYN JANICE LEAMAN Transferred from Wareham l-ligh School, Wareham, Massachusells, 2, Tri-l-li-Y 2, 3, 4. DALE EDWARD LEE Wheel Club 2, 3, 4, Secrelary 4: Legislalive Sludenl Council 2, 3, 41 Foolball 2: Class Play 4: Class Dance 2, 3, 4. FRANCIS RAWLS LeVAR Traclc 2, 3, 4. ALAN JOSEPH LEVY Allied Youlh 47 Boys' L Club 4: l-li-Y 2: Key Club 2, 3, 4, Vice Presidenl 3, Presidenl 47 Naviqalor 43 Execulive Sludenl Council 27 lnler- Club Council 4: Foolball Manager 2, 3: Baseball Manager 31 Class Play 3, 47 Class Dance 2. 3, 4: Boys' Slale 3: Class Represenlalive 2, 33 Quill and Scroll 4. JUDITH ANN LINDOERFER SHARON LINHART Transferred from Franklin l-ligh School, Columbus, Ohio, 21 Civil Air Palrol 2, 3, 47 Library Club 2, 31 Avialion Club 3, 4, Treasurer 4. Alan Levy Juclilh Lindoerler WLM ,MZ- 1958 BEVERLY ANN LINTON Band 2, 3, 4. Librarian 3, 43 Dance Band 4: Laiin Club 3. BONNIE HARTWELL LISTON Lalin Club 2: Pep L's 27 Spanish Club 3. 4 Secrela ry 4. JOHN EDWARD LLOYD CARLA DIANN LOCKLAR Bonnie Lislon John Lloyd Diann Loclalar David Long ff ' N, X , I QW' Allied Youlh 4: Pep L's 2, 4: Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4i Class D 4 GDCS . DAVID LONG Execulive Sfudenl Council 2. JOSEPH DAVID LONG Transferred from Alberlville High School, Alberl- ville, Alabama. 4. KENNETH LONG MARY DENISE LONNGREN Chorus 2. 3. 'li Spanish Club 2. MICHAEL PAUL LOVELESS Transferred from Plymoulh High School. Plymoulh, Massachusells 2. ALLEN WALTER LOWRY BETTY JO LOWRY Jose h Lon P Q Kennelh Long Mary Lonnqren Allied Youlh 2: Pep L's 4. Michael Loveless Sharon Linharl Beverly Linlon ...J i fr Mlwivmw ,A .M . , ,V , V "f '13 iff Allen Lowry Belly Lowry swan 5 if 1, . '-5 A Pm-. 'Sib- ,. U' ,L SENIORS RICHARD LUDWIG NANCY ANN LUMBARD Transferred from Slrong Vincenl High School, Erie, Pennsylvania, 3: Fulure Nurses 3: Science Club 3: Tennis 43 Swimming 3. ALICE RUBYE LAVERNE LUNSFORD Chorus 2, 4. MERVIN FERRIS LUNSFORD CHARLOTTE ANNE LYLE LegisIa+ive Sludenl CounciI 4. MERILYN CONSTANCE MacDONALD Senior Honor Sociely 4: Spanish Club 2. GLENN HALKEY MACKAL Allied Youfh 4: Camera Club 3: Pep L's 4. JAMES MACKIE Boys' L Club 3, 4: Legislafive Sludenf Council 3, 41 Swimming 2, 3, 4. CLYDE MCKENZIE MADDUX Translerred from Tiffon High School, Tiflon Georgia 2. MICHAEL LYNN MAHAM Civil Air Pa+roI 3, 43 French Club 2, 3, 41 Aviahon Club 4. ' "" g.L.., E IOR KATHLEEN LILLIAN MAGUIRE Transferred from Richfield Springs Cenlral High School, Richfield Springs, New York 2. JUDITH ELIN MAIN Transferred from Sloningron High School, Pawca- Iuclc, Conneclicul, 2: Tri-Hi-Y 3. ANTHONY C. MAINS DONALD LEE MAINS Transferred from Normandy Senior High. SI, Louis, Missouri, 2. GARRETT FRANCIS MAINS JEAN LESLIE MAKEMSON EBB TIDE 4: Fulure Nurses 3, Secrelary 3: Senior Honor Socieiy 3, 4: Lalin Club 27 FHA 27 Thes- pians 4: Legislalive Sludenr Council 4, Secrelary 4: Class Play 3, 4: Class Dance 2, 3, 4: Juniorelles 3, 4, Junior Direclor, Parliamenrarian 4. HUEY GRIFFITH MANGES Legislalive Sludenl' Council 2, 3, Traclc 2. KENNETH RAY MANHARDT Transferred from DuPon'r High School. Jaclcson- ville, Florida, 4: Foorball 47 Class Play 4. ANNA MAUD MANN Allied Youlh 2g Navigalor 43 Pep L's 2, 3, 4: Press Club 3. 4: Spanish Club 2: Tri-Hi-Y 2, 37 Class Dance 2. 4: Quill and Scroll 4. JUDITH MANUEL Kalhleen Maguire Judirh Main Anlhony Mains Donald Mains Garrell Mains Jean Malcemson Huey Manges Kennelh Manhardl' Anna Mann Judirh Manuel 1 2 1 f fo WuIIuam Markham Rober+ MarIcwaIIer Gran+ Marlow Perer Marrin WGIISF Marrin WILLIAM ROBERT MARTIN Transferred from I-Iingham I-Iigh School, Hingham, Massachuserrs, 3. ORIN EDWARD MARVEL Larin CIuI:: 2, 3, 4g Science Club 3, 47 Yourh for Chris+ 2, 3, 4, Vice Presidenf 4. Da , Skip Day, MARTHA JANE MASON DCT 43 Spanish Club 21 Tri-I-Ii-Y 21 Chorus 2. SPIRO JAMES MASSEROS Transferred from CenIraI High SchooI, CharIo'I'Ie, NorIh Carolina 4. MARILYN JUNE MATTEWA Transferred Irorn Wesf Orange High SchooI, Wes'I' Orange. New Jersey, 4. Spiro Masseros Marilyn Marrew v K A 1 I ,Lew ' ,fa-f It 1 Jesse Mailhews Jane+ Maxwell Roberf May Helen McCaIIis+er Rulh MCCSIIISIGV JESSE RUFFIN MATTHEWS, JR. JANET JOY MAXWELL Fu+ure Nurses 2: Girls' L Club 2, 3. 4: T Swimming 2. ROBERT EDMOND MAY, JR. ri-I-Ii-Y 2 Key Club 2, 3, 4: Thespians 3, 47 Baseball 3: Clas DAVID GERALD McCANN Transferred from Hunisville High School. Hunfsville, Ohio, 25 Chorus 2, 3, 4: Choris+ers 3, 4, DOROTHY MURIEL McCAW Transferred from H. Franlc Carey High School, Franlclin Square, New Yorlc, 4-. and SENIOR Class Dance Play 3, 43 I-Ii-Y 2, 32 Youih 'lor Chrisl L Club 4. HELEN MELBA McCALLISTER RUTH ANNE McCALLISTER Chorus 3. David McCann Dorofhy McCa 3: Boys' W James McClain Finally Arrive JAMES DAVID MCCLAIN Spanish Club 2. JOHN MICHAEL McCLUNG JAMES HAROLD McCORMICK Track 2, 3. 41 Cross Couniry 4. Michael McClunq James McCormick Wh. X IQ .NQQ 4-19? William McCoy Sandra lvlcCranie Charlene McDaniel Richard McDerrno'rl Belly McDiarrnid l-lerlZ1erlMcCvraw Linda lvlcllwain Andrew Mclnlyre Howard McKinney Geraldine lvlcLaughl SENIORS WILLIAM BRUCE MCCOY Spanish Club 3, SANDRA SUE McCRANlE DOROTHY CHARLENE McDANlEL Allied Youlh 4: Pep L's 21 Tri-Hi-Y 3.4. JOSEPH RICHARD McDERMOTT Allied Youlh 4: Boys L Club 4: Naviga Sporls Edilor 43 Baslcelloall 2, 3, 4: Track Quill and Scroll 4. BETTY LOU McDlARMID FHA 41 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. HERBERT RANDOLPH McGRAW LINDA ASENITH McILWAlN Tri-Hi-Y 43 Allied Youih 41 Spanish Club 2. MALCOLM ANDREW McINTYRE Civilan 2, 3, 41 Hi-Y 41 Traclc 4: "School 3, 4: Mosl School Spiril' 4. HOWARD GERALD McKlNNEY GERALDINE McLAUGHLlN Chorus 2, 3, 4. SENIORS NANCY LOUISE McLENDON Lain CIz.b 2, 47 Ycurh rar CI'ris+ 4. GERALD McMICHAEL JOHN DAVID McMILLIN Nancy McLendon Geraid McMichael David McMiIIin Boys' L CIub 3, 4: Key CIub 3, 4: Legislafive KGIWQIII MCNEIIY Srudem? CouncEI 4: FooIbaII 2, 3. 4: BaskeI'baII 2, 3. I I I , - 4 Baseoai 2, 3. 4, Lafin Award 2, 37 Boy 3 Srare . KENNETH JAMES McNALLY CMI Air Parro' 27 I'Ii-Y 2, Treasurer 2: Spanish CILIJ 27 Eoerbaif 2. WILLIAM DIMMITT MEIER HT-Y 2 Secrerary 2' FoorbaII 2, 3, 4. RALPH DAWSON MERRITT, III Banc 2, 3: C,vii Air ParroI 47 I-Ii-Y 3i CIass Dance 2. JOYCE ELLEN MERRY DCT 4 Treasxer 4. ELIZABETH IRENE METOTT Band 2 3 4, Secrerary 4. ANNA JOAN MEYER Euhire Nurses 47 YOUII1 Ior Chris? 2, 3, 4. MAXENE LILYAN MEYER Fufure Nurses 3, 4, Secrerary 4: Larin Award 2. Pep L's 4' CIass Dance 4. WiIiiam Meier RaIpI1 Merrirf Joyce Merry EIizaI3eII1 Meforf nna eyer Maxerie Meyer '15 CT? rw- '19 'vw- X.,- ?"WT':'4' rw? MK Carolyn Micelich SENIORS Rose Micleile CAROLYN MARIE MICETICH Transferred from Harper High School, Chicaq Illinois 2: French Club 2 3: Thespians 4: Cla Play 4: Pep L's 4. ROSE MICLETTE SUZANNE MILES Suzanne IVIIIGS EBB TIDE 4: Pep L's 4: Spanish Club 2, Trees Henry Miller 2 Paul Miller Peler Miller Judiih Mills Frederick Millon UVGF . HENRY EDWARD MILLER Band 2, 3, 4: Civil Air Palrol 2: HIAY 2. PAUL ANDERSON MILLER Pep L's 4: Class Play 3. PETER ALAN MILLER Swimming 3, 4. JUDITH LYNN MILLS Pep L's 4: Tri-Hi-Y 3: Youlh for Chrisl 3: Tenn s 2, 3. WILLIAM FREDERICK MILTON Transferred from Miami High School. Miam Florida, 3: Wheel Club 4. ROSEMARY MINCEY Beverly Mix Ronald Mogg Rosernar Mine ,,, Y ev N. Gilberi Miichell 198 GILBERT STEWART MITCHELL LegisIaI'ive Siudenr Council 2. , , BEVERLY PHYLLIS MIX g Spanish CIub 2. 3: Tri-Hi-Y 3. 4: LegisIa+ive S+u- . den? Council 3. RONALD CHARLES MOGG MARY MILLER MOORE Girls' L Club 3. 47 Juniore++es 4: Tri-Hi-Y 2. 33 Thespians 4: Class PIay 3: Swimming 2: CIass Dance 2, 3. 4. SHARON MORRIS i I I Transferred from S+. Pelrersburg High School. SI. Perersburg, Florida. 4: Fu'Iure Nurses 4-. MARILYNN MOSACK These are iusr a Iew of our disfinguished Transferred 'from John MarshaII High School. qraduaies. CIeveIand. Ohio, 3. WILLIAM ESPER MOSES Transferred from New Kensingion, High School, New Kensingion. Pennsylvania. 37 Tennis 3. 4. LARRY LEE MOSTOLLER Transferred from Wes? Newion High School. Wesf Newfon. PennsyIvania. 3: Band 3, 4. RAY WATTS MOULTON Mary Moore Sharon Morris Marilynn Mosack WiIIiarn Moses 'FN Ray MouI+on Larry Mos+oIIer ,, ff Karhleen Moynih'an Palriclc Mulcahy Larry Mullen SENIORS Transferred from SI. Mary's High School, New Ballimore, Michigan, 4. JOHN PATRICK MULCAHY Boys' L Club 4: Key Club 2, 3. 41 Foolball 2 3, 4: Mosl Valuable JV Player 2. Vernon Mullins LAWRENCE GEORGE MULLEN Transferred from John Adams High School, New York, New Yorlc, 2, JOHN VERNON MULLINS FFA 2, DIANE HARRIET MUNRO V Transferred from Thornlon Township High Schoo Dane Munro Harvey, Illinois, 23 Lalin Club 21 Tri-Hi-Y 3. 4 Richard Myers RICHARD EARL MYERS Hi-Y 3: Golf 2. 3. 4. DAVID WENDELL NARDOZZI LEE STEPHEN NEALEY I:ooIball'2: Baslcelball 3, 4. NATHALIE ELAINE NEEDLES N I Chorus 2, 3.4. David Nardozzi Slephen ea ey Nalhalie Needles Judilh Needs JUDITH ANN NEEDS Anchor Club 4: Class Dance 3. 4: Class Play 3. SEN IORS MICHAEL EDWARD NEEL Hi-Y 3, 4: Spanish CIub 3. DANIEL REED NELSON Chorus 2, 3, 4i Chorisrers 3, 47 I-In-Y Looking 4. JUDITH MARGARET NEWBU RY Tri-I-Ii-Y 2, 3, 4: CIass Represenrafive 3. MURRAY GARRETT NEWMAN Chorisrers 3, 47 Key CIuI:: 4: FoorbalI 2, 4. MARY LOUISE NICHOLS Furure Nurses 3, 4, Vice Preside-nI' 3, Cha Pep L's 2: Youfh for Chrisr 2, 3. 4. TERRY WALLACE NICHOLS Transferred from Norrh High SchooI, C rn NCR Ohio, 2: Civiran 2, 3, 4: I-IifY 3. 4, Vce Pes denr 4. ELMER JOHN NOLTE PATRICIA IRENE NORSE Civil Air Pa+roI 2, 3, 4: Pep L's 3. 4: Spa h CI b 2, 33 Tri-Hi-Y 2: Yourh for Chrisr 2. BENJAMIN JOSEPH ODEBRALSKI Transferred from CarcIinaI Mindszen John NOH School, Dunkirk, New York, 4. P I ca N se TERRY HAMILTON OLIVER I-Ii-Y 23 Foorball 2. SENIURS WESLEY OLIVER Audio-Visual 21 I-Ii-Y 2, 3, 4, Presiclenr 2, Chap Iain 3: Track 2. ELIZABETH LILA OSLIN Chorus 2, 3, 4: Chorislers 4: Spanish Club 2 Tri-I-Ii-Y 2, 3: Class Play 3. JAMES EDWARD OUSLEY DOLORES NANCY OVELLETTE DAVID LEROY OVERMOYER Exchange Club 41 Traclc 2, 3. 4: Cross Counlry 2, 3. 4: Exchange Club 4. TOM OWEN Transferred from Norlh High School, Columbus. Ohio, 3: Baslnelball 35 Traclc 4. ALLAN RICHARD OWENS BARBARA LOU OWENS Allied Youlh 4: Chorus 2: Class Dance 2, 3: Tri- I-li-Y 2, 3, 4, Chaplain 47 Ivlaiorefles 3: Pep L's 4: Swimming 2. James Ousley Dola es O ellelle David OVQVVVIOYGV TOF0 Owen -'Q-..-v 1958 CHARLES MICHAEL OZMENT 'V,:-::Qf-:- l--M Kfz- Q I-1'f-- Cff-f -.--- ., f,.., ..v,.,-, 3 PATRICIA ANN PALLESCHI LAWRENCE ALTON PARKER KENNETH GERALD PARNELL JAN HARLEY PAYNE L'-V 2' :::':i 2. MARGARET CAROLE PAYNE WALTER RODMAN PAYNE III MARLENE PEARSON RICHARD ALLAN PECK "a':le"e:: 5'3" f"'e :ze Ve Sf I4 Q Li':as'e' CiA::"'e 3' Pe: LE 4 BARBARA MAXINE PEKALA C-5-,g 2 2 44 J,":'e'Les 4' Pez Ls 2. Rbfafc r' 'bafe P-:ka 'V-I ' 'Q -be -'nr-. s X Q rl A "'3' 1 X Q.. ..+ 'R'j3,,s. M In I 5 W' Q Rl ..,,, xg ,,,. .4 all-. 1' 9 " 1 Xi' 1u.-!' . , 1 .. ff of Q Thomas Pember Allen Perron David Perron John Perrau John Pelers John Pellis Danny Phelps George Pierso Phyllis Pierso on air SENIORS EDWARD THOMAS PEM BER Allied Youlh 41 Key Club 2. 3, 4: Legislahve Sludenl' Council 3: Baslcelball 2, 3. 43 Class Repr senlafive 4. ALLEN LAWRENCE PERRON DAVID ROCHEFORD PERRON Lalin Club 2: Lalin Award 2. JOHN PERRAULT JOHN RONALD PETERS Allied Youlh 4: Boys' L Club 41 Civilan 2, 3. 4 Secrelary 3. 4: Foolball 2, 3, 41 Traclc 3, 4: Cla Play 3, 4. JOHN LEO PETTIS DANNY R. PHELPS Transferred from Weslern Hills High School, Ci cinnali, Ohio. 3. GEORGE A. PIERSON PHYLLIS ANN PIERSON Transferred from Winler Haven Senior High School, Winler Haven. Florida, 3. DON WAYNE PLAIR Transferred from Sneads High School. Snead Florida, 3. SE IDR PAUL GIRVAN PLUMMER DONALD POINTER PEGGY LOU PORTERFIELD DCT 4. JAMES LEONARD POSKITT Transferred from Miami Jackson I-Iigh School, Miami, Florida, 3. DIANNE MARIE PRANKAS Transferred from Cenfral Cafholic High School. Forf Lauderdale, Florida, 2: Tri-I-IIAY 2, 4. LINDA MARIE PRICE Allied Youfh 27 Library Club 2. 3, 4, Chaplain 4: Youfh for Chrisf 2, 3. MILLICENT EUGENIA PRICE Anchor Club 3. 43 Chorus 2, 3. 43 Chorisfers 3, 4, Secrefary 3. Librarian 4: Sunmaids 3, 47 EBB TIDE 3, 4, Business Manager 4: Execufive Sfudenl' Coun- cil 4: Secrefary of Sfafe 4: Lafin Club 2, 3, 4, Vice Presidenf 2. Secrefary 3, 43 Youfh for Chrisf 2, 3, 4: Besf Loolcing 4: Class Dance 4. ROSEMARY SUSAN PRICE Transferred from Academy of Nofre Darne, Belle- ville, Illinois, 4: Girls' A Cappella 4. JULIA JUDY PRIESTLEY Transferred from Pine Cresf I-Iigh School, Forf Lauderdale. Florida 3: Chorus 3. CAROL ANN PU RCELL Transferred from John Marshall I-liqh School. Cleveland, Ohio, 4: FI-IA 4: Pep L's 4. Paul Plummer Donald Poinfer Peggy Porferfield James Poskiff Dianne Pranlcas Linda Price Millicenf Price Rosemary Price Judy Priesfley Carol Purcell k :YWWY I I .rl Q 1 We " .g xL gs 1, Call Q' Q, f-4-L.. .S-Q 'fl -0, 3-fx K ff R WF? Nor, H7 s David Purinton Lois Pyett Joan Quigley DAVID BERNARD PURINTON Transferred from Ritenour High School, St. Louis Missouri, 3. LOIS EILEEN PYETT JOAN MARIE QUIGLEY Transferred from Chichester I-ligh School, Booth- wyn, Pennsylvania, 3. We Attend Each JANICE ANN QUINLAN Future Nurses 37 Latin Club 2, 3: Tri-I-Ii-Y 2, 3. NANCY JANE RABLEN Chorus 2: Class Dance 2, 3. 47 Class Play 3, 4: Secretary 4: Latin Club 27 Pep L's 4: Tri-I-IIAY 41 Thespians 4. GERALD FRANK RADKE Ciyitan 43 Chaplain 45 I-li-Y 3, 4, Treasurer 47 Pep Gerald Radlce Norma Ralph ,sf-fan., I I i 5, V , C. ,y I.. -if 4 -1 , :jg , av' A "Y , QQ ,,i X , ,V. , Q .Qi - in. , Janice Quinlan Nancy Rablen L's 4: Spanish Club 3: Football 2. NORMA ELIZABETH RALPH Chorus 2. 3, 4: Chorislers 3, 4: Sunrnaids 4: Pep L's 4. JAMES CONWAY RATLIFF Band 2: Boys' L Club 47 Class Play 4: Key Club 3. Activity, Wistfull 4: Latin Club 4: Pep L's 4: Science Club 3, Secre- tary-Treasurer 3, Tennis 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain 4, SAMUEL CLAUDE RAWLS Band 2, 3, 4. CAROLYN SUE REASER DCT 41 Class Dance 2, 33 Class Play 31Tri-Hi-Y 3. James Ratlill Samuel Rawls Carolyn Reaser ,fi ,f ,f. Y 7' mga " :ri ,ef 2' I- T.-Jr fi 1 Wafer Reed Page Re?IEy Reber? Rem Afan Rem Cyvfkfa Repass HENRY WALTER REED CYNTHIA ELIZABETH REPASS BUYS! L Cub 3 4, Secreiafy 4' Cvkem 2 3 4: Trans5erred Hom M?3Fcrd High SCLQOI M7506 I-QQASIERVE 535695 CCMCEI 2 3 4' Fcc+baII 2, 3, Massachsefk 27 Spank? CD5 27 Tr?-H'-Y 3 4 4 AI'CC-MY 4 A"-CCPfE'e'Ce 4' Baske+baI3 3' Cass Ray 3' Cass Dance 4, Tfeck 2 3 4'O.1+sfefoTwg L 44 SANDRA LEA REYNOLDS Rep L's 3. PAIGE LYNNE REILLY THOMAS MARK REYNOLDS Remlnlselng Over D ur Past Three Years TQGCASVS 4' T"'I'I"Y 4' LLOYD MANTELL RICE, JR. Sdemce Cub 4. ROBERT LENWOOD RENN C'c',s 2 3 4' CFof's'efs 3, 4' Cass Pfey 37 Cass Def:-e 3' Trespefs 4. ROBIN ALAN LOUIS RENO RICHARDSON I n 4 A Trefwsfeffed from S+, Barbara High S Egg! P5315 , CW A I Page j' pines 4' Cfvffaw 4' Scefte CUEG4. C p sa' I " 'I "' mgrg Reyne Us TLcmaS Reywccs L 3-fd R726 I-1effyR C'ef:1 R30 1 R cfafc 'Is 'E ,3- 'arf xy '3' -'Fit' 'V' , Yvonne Richard Geraldine Riley Ken nelh Riley Mary Rininsland Wanda Robbins Sarah Roberls Karen Robinson John Rodberg James Roderi Daniel Roellele ck SENIORS YVONNE KAY RICHARDSON DCT 4. GERALDINE RILEY KENNETH CLARK RILEY Allied Youlh 41 Audio-Visual 2, 3, 4, Secrelary 3 Treasurer 4: Science Club 3, 4: Spanish Club 3, MARY LEE RININSLAND Allied Youlh 33 Chorus 41 Library Club 21 Pep 43 Spanish Club 2: Tri-I-Ii-Y 27 Thespians 4: CI Play 3. WANDA ANN ROBBINS Pep L's 2. SARAH ANN ROBERTS Pep L's 3, 4. KAREN RUTH ROBINSON CAROL JOHN RODBERG Allied Youlh 43 Band 2, 3: Ciyilan 4: Class Dan 2, 3, 4. JAMES JAY RODERICK La+in Club 23 Pep L's 4. DANIEL WILLIAM ROETTELE Translerred from Weslern Hills High School, C cinnali, Ohio, 2: Allied Youlh 4: Audio-Visual 3 Boys' L Club 2, 3.4, Treasurer 4: Hi-Y 4: Legi Ia live Sludenl Council 31 Baseball 2, 3, 4. SENIOR ROBERTA ELIZABETH ROLLINGER Pep L's 2' Tr'-I-II-Y 4, DOREEN MAE ROONEY Trarsierrao 9:1 Paxrerm I-Ilgk Scro: I-Iar Vsbxr, Pesrsyvaea 2' DCT 4 Reperrer 4' Sefcr I-Ieecr Seeery 3 4' NavTga+er 4 Ass7s?an? Edror 4' Press CJ: 4' Ycfe :cr CI-rT5r3 4: QL! and Scre' 4' Cass Recrese Lafve 4' Urtffed Nailors W"ner 2, BARBARA ANN ROOSA A Ted Yeafr 4' C'cr,s 2 3' Tr'-H7-Y 2 3, 4, Vice Presser? 2 Presvoefr 3 Secrerary 47 Inrer-Club Ce-r:c7I 3. ARTHUR PHILLIP ROSEN Transferred grew Jern Adams HTQIH SCLOOI, Sourh Bewd lrdafra 2: Aecfo-Visuai 3 4, Vice Presfdenr 4: Frerxci Cab 2 3 4' Farure Teachers 2, 3, 4: Pep L's 4. ALLEN MOREY ROSS, JR. CRAIG ALEXANDER ROSS HY-Y 2 3 4, CI'ap7afr1 2' Spanish CILI3 2' Youie for CI'r'sI 3. ANN LOUISE ROTHAUSER Tranierred rrem Fayerrewfe Senknr I-Ifgrx Scrcd, Fayerfevfle NcrrH Cercfha, 3: French Cfub 4: Faire Nurses 4. CAROL ANN ROTHROCK Cbofus 2, 3 43 Pep L's 4: Tr?-H7-Y 3. 4' CIass Ray 3. AUDREY LOUISE ROYCE Transferred from Brockion I-Hgh School Brock D Massachzserfs, 3. RONALD JOHN RU BACK Rccerva Rc, mger Doreew Rocrrey Barbara Roosa I fx P 'H 3, E' ,A LAI. Arrrer Rosen C37 A'Ter1 Ross Crafg Ross Ar1r1.Ro?ra s r Caro' Rcrrrecc Audrey Royce Jcrrw Rleack gnu., V' .., 'CCY ,vs 'Q ff' .MSN N75 ,f hr Saba Ruck Janer Rurnpel Roswirha Rund Thomas Russell Richard Ry Kenneih Sadar Richard Sanders Grace SangsI'er SENIORS SABA RENE RUCKS Transferred from Norlh Miami High School, Norlh Miami, Florida. 23 Pep L's 4. JANET ANN RUMPEL Allied Youlh 4: Tri-Hi-Y 4: Pep L's 45 Chorus 2. 3. 4. ROSWITHA RUND THOMAS L. RUSSELL Golf 2, 3, 4. RICHARD GILBERT RYAN Transferred from Lancasfer High School, Buffalo, New York, 3. KENNETH JOSEPH SADAR RICHARD HAROLD SANDERS Golf 2, 3. 4. GRACE ANN SANGSTER Transferred from Rocky River High School, Cleve- land. Ohio. 4: FHA 4. LAURA ELLEN SANGSTER Transferred from Rocky River High School, Eileve land, Ohio. 47 Pep L's 4: FHA 4. Palrricia Sarvis Gunfher S555 Joyce Sa nra 198 JOYCE MARIE SANTA Tri-I-Ii-Y 2, 3. PATRICIA JOANN SARVIS Allied Youlln 2: Inler-Club Council 4: Pep L's 2, 3, 4: Tri-I-Ii-Y 2, 3, 4. Presidenl 4, GUNTHER ADOLPH SASS I-li-Y 3, 47 Spanish Club 2. PATRICIA MARY SAVOY VIRGINIA SAWALLIS Fulure Nurses 4: Allied Youlln 43 Tri-I-Ii-Y 2, 3, 4, I-Iislorian 3. PATRICIA ANN SAWYER Transferred from Newporl News I-Iigli School. New- porl' News, Virginia, 4. BENNY SCERE Transferred from Meadville I-Iigh Sclwool, Mead- ville, Pennsylvania, 2. CHARLES FREDERICK SCHMIDT Transferred from Midland I-Iigln Sclwool, Midland, Texas, 21 Lalin Club 25 Wheel Club 4: Execulive Sludenl Council 4, Treasurer 42 Tennls 3' 47 Class Represenlalive 3, 47 Class Dance 4, GLENDA DARLENE SCHNARS Tri-I'-Ii-Y 2, 33 Pep l..'s 2, 4: Class Play 3: Clworus 3. Pafricia Savoy Virginia Sawallis Palricia Sawyer The queslion, "WI'1aI slnall I do a er qracIuaIIon?" perplexes us. Benny Scere Glenda Sclinars Cliarles Sclwmidl Inav, f Y iam... .ps NP" W JN Barbara Schoyen Jellirey Schullen Ronald Schweilzer William Schwier Richard Scollr Mary Belh Seman James Senlco Fredericlc Sevison Barbara Shaller Irene Shallcross SE TOR BARBARA EVELYN SCHOYEN Civil Air Palrol 2. JEFFREY HENRY SCHULTEN Boys' L Club 4: Youlh for Chrisl 2, 3, 4: Swim- ming 2, 3, 4. RONALD LEE SCHWEITZER WILLIAM PAUL SCHWIER RICHARD DWIGHT SCOTT Transferred from Kellog High School, l-liclcory Cor- ners, Michigan, 3: Boys' L Club 4: Hi-Y 4: Pep L's 4. MARY ELIZABETH SEMAN Transferred from Colonel While High School, Day- lon, Ohio, 2: Pep L's 2: Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Class Play 3, 4: Thespians 4. JAMES PAUL SENKO Boys' L Club 4: Wheel Club 2, 3, 4: Execulive Slu- denl Council 2: Legislalive Sludenl Council 43 Class Vice Presidenr 3: Foolball 2, 3, 4: Track 3, 4: Boys' Slale 3: Class Dance 2, 3, 4: Besl Person- alily 4. FREDERICK McKINLEY SEVISON, JR. Transferred from Carlerel High School, Wesl Orange, New Jersey 3: I-li-Y 4: Pep L's 4. BARBARA MAXINE SHAFFER Allied Youlh 4: Pep L's 4: Tri-Hi-Y 4: Legislalive Sludenl Council 4. IRENE ALICE SHALLCROSS Pep L's 4: Tri-Hi-Y 4. SENIORS Fujure Teachers 2, 3, 4: Hi-Y 4. WILLIAM EDWARD SHEARL Transferred 'Frorn Powell High Sghgglx Tennessee, 2. ROBERTA ALICE SHEPHERD Girls' A Capella 2 3. 4. SUSAN LEE SHERRY Transferred from Kenosha High School, K o a Wisconsin, 3i Tri-Hi-Y 4. LON KENNETH SHERWOOD Golf 2, 3, 4. LARRY EDWARD SHINNICK Allied Yourh 47 Class Dance 4: I-li-Y 4: Lal 3: Pep L's 4. CAROL RUTH SHULTIS Furure Nurses 3, 4: Lalwn Club 2, Secr Spanish Club 4: Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, Secrefary 2. ROBERT JOSEPH SIEGER Transferred from Lyons Township High Sc Grange Illinois. 3. AMY ELEANOR SIMMERMAN Chorus 2, 3, 4, Vice Presidenl 3: Juniorel e 3 Robe Jr S ege Legislalive Sludenl Council 2: Spanish Cl Io 2 Tri-Hi-Y 2. RUTH OLIVIA SISSON Transferred from Murphy I-ligh School. All I Georgia. 3: Pep L's 4, Our alhlelic Teams praclice hard Io gel inlo shape. '6"'lh . -I 1 - SENIOR DAVID WOODROW SJODIN Band 2, 3, 4, Dance Band 3, 4. ROBERT B. SLANE Transferred from Annapolis I-liqh School, Annapolis, Maryland, 23 DCT 4, Presidenf 45 I-li-Y 3. GEORGE WILLIAM SLEIGHT BRUCE FRANK SMALL Science Club 3. JUDITH KESLER SMALLEY Allied Youlh 4: Chorus 2, 3. 47 FHA 21 French Club 3, 4: Spanish Club 2, 4, Chaplain 4: Tri-Hi-Y 43 Class Play 3, 41 -lhGSPlGNS 41 Wlnnef Ol FHA Fashion Show 3. DAVID PAUL SMITH DOROTHY LAFAYE SMITH JAN ELLIS SMITH Allied Youlh 4: Key Clulo 2, 3, 41 Execulive Siudenl Council 4, Presidenl 4: lnler-Club Council 3: Class Presidenl 35 Sludenl oi The Monlh 4: Class Play 37 Class Dance 2, 3, 41 Mosl Lilcely Io Succeed 4. MICHAEL STANLEY SMITH NANCY JEAN SMITH Spanish Club 23 Tri-l'li-Y 2, 3: Civilan Calendar 4. Bruce Small Judilh Smalley David Smilh Dorolhy Smilh ...,.g. ,.., , AZ f' ff 1958 RICHARD LEE SMITH T'arf'faf'eo 'fam F"-af'fa'w C ,I -r- 11,1 O"T"W..f' I, SCL Naacy Sm Para 'afca 3' Boys L Cao 4' Sf, M :33 4 WILLIAM EDWIN SMITH RONALD SNARE GEORGE ARTHUR SNOW LOUISE ELLIE SORY A . I , , ec Ycjw 2 3 4' XAIFCFCE C Lb "WF 3 4' Tm-H.-Y 27 S1.""f"vg Maaagaf 4' Cass Dance 2,3 4- JAMES BURTON SOUDER r.I,,,I J. T'a1s'afr-as vc' Sf. Pafefsbaro I-Iwcm S 0 S , , . . S .4 -Iv Pvafic ff' Fafca 3' Su, 3 4' Exdwancfa v-.,, S , Qb-4. f'T'V"'T1f7" Rwcward Sfmh WII.lam Smffh RcnaId Snare VIRGINIA LOUISE SPEAR 69055 Sgj Y Afed Ychk 3 47 Clams 2 3 4: Pap Ls 4 T HT-Y 4A JEAN ELIZABETH SPENCER C?ar,s 2 3 4' Spank? C.b 27 Cass Dan SUSAN JEAN SPILLER Spank? CLE 27 Trl-HI-Y 23 Sfffmfdnq 2, Jan Smlfh M icI'waeI S mifh IAS James Soudar V1rgmIa Spear Spe ca a Sp' We 2 .1 535' Q -,.. I2 SENIOR GEORGE CARL SPRINGMEYER Transferred from Wesr Lafayelie High School, Wesr Laiayelle, Indiana, 2. LINDA ANN STAFFORD Allied Yourh 4: Anchor 2, 3, 4, Secrelary 4: Pep L's 4: Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Vice Presidenr 2, Hislorian 4: Class Play 4: Class Dance 2, 3, 4. RICHARD WALTER STAFIRN Transferred from Allenrown High School. Allen- Iown, New Jersey, 2. RAYMOND STANFORD Civil Air Palrol 2, 3, 4: Science Club 42 Pep L's 4: Aviarion Club 3, 4. FLORENCE SOPHIE STARN Transferred from Pleasanlville High School, Pleas- anlville, New Jersey 2. NANCY JANE STEED Larin Club 2: Library Club 2. 3, 4. JILL A. R. STEELE French Club 2, 3: Navigaror 4, Adverrising Man- ager 4: Press Club 3. 4: Yourh Tor Chrisl' 3. 4, Sece rerary-Treasurer 4: Quill and Scroll 4. DOROTHY ARLINE STEINBUCH Anchor Club 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3, Presidenr 4: EBB TIDE 3, 4: Senior Honor Sociely 3, 4: Spanish Club 2: Legislalive Sludenr Council 3: lnler-Club Council 4: Tennis 2, 3: Mosl' Dependable 4: Class Dance 2. 3, 4. SUSAN VERA STELT Chorus 2, 3, 4: Chorisrers 3, 4. JOHN DANIEL STEPHENS. JR. Allied Youlh 4, Vice Presidenr 4: Baslcelball 2, 3. 4: Class Dance 3, 4. l SENIORS 'TP TD MI , J.cJ-If Sfev DENNIS BLAINE STEVENS T'eCIc 2' 5esle'ba' 2, 3. JUDITH LOUOMA STEVENS DCT 4- Peo Ls 2- TF-I-I'-Y 2 3. DIANA MARIE STIMMAN . ,. Drama Svrmrv-an Wfifefn Sfdze WILLIAM LEON STOLZE Beske?be' 3' Track 4 CHARLES MARTIN STONER Trerrsfefred from Beaver I-IEQII ScI'ooI, Beaver Perm- SYIVEVTDE 3' C3355 Pfay 4' TI'eSp7ans 47 Cfass Dame 4 CIfarIes Sfoner BERRY ANN STRAIT BW SW FI-IA 4 Vice Presfdem' 47 GFr's' I. Cub 4: Spanish CLI: 2' Try-I-IIAY 27 Swmmfng 2 3, 4, CAROL ANN STRICKLAND DCT 4. GLENDA LARUE STRICKLAND CeroI Irf ,end TT. R' Ckorus 4' Tri-HI-Y 3 4, CI'apIa7n 4. JUDITH KAY STROHL GLORIA JEAN STURM AI'Ied YouI'I1 3, 47 Chorus 2. 3, 4, Secreiaryfreas- Urer 43 Pep L's 4: Spanish CIub, ParITemenI'arIan 47 Tri-I-Ii-Y 4? C'ass PIay 3, 4, Judifm Sffc I , , I' 6 C 5 S"Ur'w l ,Qu CIE? " 5 5 4, 'Q .iff I 9 JN: 1""'w IW: I Pa? f-exger 5 " , X" f Q S, ' ' I x '-E" I James Suil Mary Sulcys Miriam Summers JAMES MARION SUIT Transferred from Annapolis Higl'1 Scliool, Annapo- lis, Maryland, 4, MARY JOAN SUKYS Allied Youll: 4: Tri-Hi-Y 4. LESLIE MIRIAM SUMMERS Transferred from Norllri Side Higli Sclriool, Forf ROQSF Surnmey Gerald Sweilzer Driving Club 2, 3, Presiclen+37Tl1espians 4. GARY WALTER SWINEA Transferred from Toccoa Falls lnslilule, Toccoa Falls, Georgia, 2: Baslcelball 2. MARY EDITH SWISHER Cliorus 2, 3, 4: Girls' A Cappella 2. 3. The Prom., Baccalaureate, and Class Wayne, Indiana, 2, Spanislv Club 2, 37 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3. ROGER ALLEN SUMMEY Transferred from Lincolnlon Higlw Scliool, Lincoln- Ion, Norlli Carolina, 31 Class Play 47 Class Dance 45 Tlwespians 4, GERALD WILLIAM SWEITZER Band 2, 3, lnler-Club Council 3i Class Play 41 Sale Gary Swinea Mary Swislier Elaine Tallenl LOIS ELAINE TALLENT Allied Youlln 4: Pep L's 2. 3: Tri-Hi-Y 4. WILLIAM MARSHALL TAPPAN Clworus 2, Pep L's 2, 3: Legislalive Sludenl Council 2, 3: Foolball 2: Swimming 2: Class Play 47 Class Dance 2, 3. 4: Class Represenfalive 2, 3. BARBARA JOAN TARDIF FrencI1Club 2: Fulure Nurses 3: Tri-Hi-Y 3. William Tappan Barbara Tardil , I.-,sb ,f 'Wm iw .KT fe? Maurice Tarler Richard Teil Jane'rTen+scher1' Joanne TerrY Dallene -I-liomas MAURICE GILBERT TARLER Allied Youih 4: Key Club 2 3, 4: Execuiive Siu. de-nl' Council 2 3: Legislaiive Siudeni' Council 4? Class Vice Presideni' 4: Class Play 3, 4: Class Dance 2 3 4: Thespians 4: Wifiiesl' 4. RICHARD GARY TELL Night Bring to JANET CAROLYN TENTSCHERT Tri-I-Ii-Y 2, 3, 4. JOANNE ALICE TERRY DARLENE ANN THOMAS Fuiure Nurses 3. 4, Secreiary 3, 4, Disirici Secre- fary 3, 43 I-affn Club 4: Pep Lls 4: Youih for Chrzii 2, 3, 4. RONALD LEWIS THOMAS Golf 2, 3, 4. FRED TIBALLI TONIE ANSEL TONEY All Diredor: Senior Honor Socieiy 43 Legislaiive de Us an Air of Finality IIVS 3. ANNELLA GLENN TRAVIS Pep L's 4, STEPHANIE FRANCES TREACY Transferred from Julia Richmond High School, Ne York Cily, New York 3: French Club 3: Fu Te achers 4: Pep L's 4: Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4. Ronald Thomas Fred Tiballi Tonie Toney Annella Travis Slephanie Treacy if 'UQ' 'ri 54X E., ied Yourh 4, Hislorian 4: Civiian 3, 4. Se or S+ ni Council 4: Baskeiball 3. 4: Class Represenra SENIOR RAE MARIE TRENT PETER ALLAN TUFTS Avialion Club 4. GALEN FRED TUSTISON Transferred from Admiral Farragul' Academy, ST. Peiersburg, Florida, 4: Band 4. BETTY SUE TUTTEN Anchor Club 2, 3, 4: Maiorelles 3, 4g Girls' L Club 4: Senior Honor Sociely 3. 4, Secrelary 4: Tri-Hi-Y 2, Hisrorian 27 Class Represenialive 23 Class Dance 2, 3, 4. ROBERT YOUNG TWOMBLY Transferred from Arlinglon High School. Boslon, Massachuseiis, 37 Traclc 47 Exchange Club 4. JOHN RICHARD ULLOM Transferred from Winfersville High School, Win- Iersville, Ohio, 3. DORIS KATHERINE UMENHOFER Transferred from Toccoa Falls lnsrifule, Toccoa Falls, Georgia, 3: DCT 4, Secretary 4. WILLIAM ROY UNDERWOOD DOROTHY MAE USTIK BILLY JOE VAN ARSDALL Allied YOUH1 4i Chorus 3: Hi-Y 2: Golf 23 Class Dance 3. SENIORS JOAN VAN DEN BOSCH -'E"S:E"53 5'3" 531' 3':--Ai': S .---::: -:':i :' 'e: -s4. JEANNINE GAY VAN DER VEER 'D--..L x.,-..: . THOMAS VICTOR VARNEDOE H'-V 3 4' Spe"s' C -: 2. WILLIAM THURMAN VAUGHN. Vwee 3,2 2 3 4. SONDRA LEE VERDEGEM "i's'e"e: 5':" Eesice I-'z' S' New -e'ss. :, JESSE VICTOR VITIELLO GRETCHEN VON WALDBURG " ' XV-- 3,-JA--- ". "---'... " A E"f' J 4 v-: ::,.: 1 S-: 1 C-- ':' C"'s'3 4. ALAN EUGENE VORDERMEIER F::':a 2 E 4' "au 4' HA-V 2 4. SAMUEL RICHARD VU LPIS ?'i"E:E"-EC "3" Sc," E':f.i': H' Q .-.352 Ezfce 3. DAVID MARSHALL WAHLBERG J 2. 1955 ,.A, 'Qu IQ' :K 1 'R is f ,Lugz y .4 f' O David Wahllnom Barbara Walker Byron Walls Gene Wallers Anlhony Wallers Jon Warner Wayne Warren George Washinglon Diane Wallcins Susan Wallers SE TOR DAVID MULFORD WAHLBOM Givil Air Parrol 2, 3, 41 Avialion Club 2, 3, 4, BARBARA JANE WALKER Anchor Club 2, 3, 41 EBB TIDE 3, 4: Spanish Club Z, 3, Tri-I-IiAY 2, 3: Legislalive Sludenl' Council 2, 3, Class Play 3i Class Dance 2, 3, 4, BYRON LEE WALLS DCT 4, Youlh for Chrisl 3, 4. GENE WALTERS Transferred from Unionlown Joinl High School, Unionlown, Pennsylvania. ANTHONY WALTERS JON PAUL WARNER Transferred from Syracuse I-ligh School, Syracuse Indiana 4. WAYNE WILSON WARREN Allied Youlh 43 Band 2, 3, 4: Camera Club 3, Presi- clenl 3: Delznale 2, 3: EBB TIDE 2, 3, Inl'e'r-Club Council 4. GEORGE ANTON WASHINGTON Track 4, DIANNE WATKINS Allied Youlh 4: Anchor Clulo 2, 3, 43 Girls' L Club 3, 4: Pep L's 4: Tri-I-Ii-Y 27 Legislalive Sludenl Council 2: Swimming 27 Class Play 4: Class Dance 2. 3, 41 Civilan Calendar 3, 4. SUSAN ARDIS WATTERS Furure Teachers 2i Girls' L Club 3, 43 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3. 4, Treasurer 3, Presidenl' 4: lnler-Club Council 4: Swimming 2, 3. I-Iarold Wayne Linda Weaver I ,. f-,f wor,1fffff-f,f,yf, V., f r-14, .,. ,, ,W f' ' , " 'wif 1 ' -if 54,5 ff if lp an f i f QQ, gg rf? f 3 ff Q33 2 , We f 1 T f ff , :- f I , ,y?fMf", ,, U 'f i '2 jZ'2fX I l i f .1 I ' 'X ' in.. ff , fl, , ,cya z4,'4f.:f.fzy7.4f' 1 ff ,, ,, ., 421 I Wy, 198 HAROLD ARTHUR WAYNE Allied Youfh 4' Science Club 3. 4, Secrefary- Treasurer 4' Spanish Club 2. LINDA LEE WEAVER Anchor Club 3 4i Maioreffes 2 3, 4, Capfain 2, 41 Girls' L Club 3, 4, Parliarnenfarian 3: Spanish Club 2: Leqislafive Sfudenf Council 4g Class Dance 2. CLIFFORD ARTHU R WEBER Transferred from Arnifyville Mernorial High School, Arnify, New Yorlc 2: Chorus 3, 43 Chorisfers 3, 43 Chorus Accornpanisf 3 47 French Club 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3, 47 Youfh for Chrisf 3, 4, TERRANCE K. WEED Camera Club 3: Hi-Y 37 Youfh for Chrisl 4. ALLAN PAGE WEEKS Transferred from Graham-Eclces High School, Palm Beach, Florida, 27 Allied Youfh 4: French Club 4, Parliarnenfarian 47 Lafin Club 3, 4, Presidenl 47 Pep L's 4: Infer-Club Council 4: Class Play 47 Class Dance 3, 4: Boys' Sfafe 3: Thespians 4. ROBERT S. WEESE Transferred from Liberfyville High School, Liberfy- ville, Illinois: Band 3. BARBARA ANNE WEIK DCT 47 Senior Honor Sociefy 3. GEORGIA LEE WEISS Transferred from Andrew Lewis High School, Sa- Iern Virginia, 2: Chorus 2: Pep L's 43 Science Club 2. DIANNE ELIZABETH WEISSENBORN Transferred from Briarcliff High School, Briarcliff, New Yorlr, 23 Fufure Nurses 47 Tri-Hi-Y 3. Clifford Weber Terrance Weed ,ic , If" -7 - 1, Dianne Weissenborn Georgia Weiss Barbara Weik Allan Weeks Roberf Weese ,. 1. .,.., 5 ,wmwylag , WTKY' We were sad when fhe day came fo check in our books. IH'- 5. un., Us 5...-X Arlhur Wells Edna Welsh Veronica Wenlzel Gilberl Wermulh Franlc Wesley Doreen Welhey Vance While Anne Whilney Elizabelh Wiclcersham Sandra Wienlce SENIORS ARTHUR McCLELLAND WELLS. JR. EDNA MAE WELSH Transferred from Olney High School, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 3: DCT 4i Tri-Hi-Y 3. VERONICA MARIE WENTZEL Chorus 2. GILBERT JOSEPH WERMUTH FRANK ROBERT WESLEY DOREEN ELEANOR WETHEY Anchor Club 43 Senior Honor Sociely 3, 4: Lalin Club 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3: Lalin Award 2, 33 Mosl lnlelleclual 4i Nalional lvleril' Semi-Finalisl 4. DONALD VANCE WHITE Hi-Y 3, 4: Pep L's 4: Foolball 2: Allied Youlh 4. ANNE BARRETT WHITNEY Allied Youlh 41 Fulure Nurses 43 Pep L's 45 Span- ish Club 2: Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3: Legislalive Sludenl' Coun- cil 21 Class Play 3, 4: Class Dance 2, 3, 43 Thes- pians 4, ELIZABETH ANN WICKERSHAM FHA 2: Fulure Teachers 4, Secrelary 4: Junior- elles 2, 3, 4, Youlh for Chrisl 2, 3, 4, Secrelary 3: Class Play 4. SANDRA JUNE WIENKE Transferred from Tonawanda High School. Tona- wanda, New Yorlc, 4: Swimming 4. E IOR DOROTHY DIANE WILCOX Allied Yourh 3: Girls' A Cappella 2, 3. 43 Pep L's 2. DALE ANN WILLETS Fuiure Nurses 2. 4. Treasurer 2: Tri-I-Ii-Y 4. BARBARA JANE WILLIAMS Transferred 'From Mamaroneck I-Iigh School, Mama- roneck, New Yorlc, 4. BARBARA JEAN WILLIAMS Chorus 2: EBB TIDE 3. 4, Assislani Ediior 4: Jun- ioreHes 3. 4: Pep L's 4. BRUCE GASTON WILLIAMS Transferred from Suwannee I-Iigh School, Live Oak. Florida, 3: Chorus 3, 4. BRUCE J. WILLIAMS LEWIS EDWARD WILLIAMS LONNIE WAYNE WILLIAMS Transferred from Miami Edison High School, Mi- ami, Florida, 3: Camera Club 3. SUE ANN WILLIAMSON Allied Youih 4: Band 2, 3, 4, Librarian 3, 4, Sec- relary 4: Furure Nurses 4: Tri-I-Ii-Y 3, 4: Safe Driv- ing Club 2. GAYNE ENGNE WILSON Transferred from Gwnn Park Senior High School, Brandywine, Maryland 2: Chorus 2, 3, 4: Civil Air Pairol 3, 4. Doroihy Wilcox Dale Willeis Barbara Jane Williams Barbara Jean Williams Bruce G. Williams Bruce J. Williams Lewis Williams Lonnie Williams Sue Williamson Gayne Wilson is QSM? C2 Judilh Wilson Paula Wimberly Beniamin Wilherell JUDITH BETTY WILSON PAULA LOUISE WIMBERLY EDWARD BENJAMIN WITHERELL. JR. Library Club 4i Spanish Club 2, 3. 47 Youlh for Chrisl 4. This Is Not the End-but CARROLL ELAINE WOOD Lalin Club 4. LINDA JANE WOOD French Club 4: Nau'fi-Nymphs 2, 3, 4, Caplain 41 Pep L's 2, 3, 4: Spanish Club 21 Class Dance 2, 3.4. PAUL RICHARD WOODALL Elaine Wood Linda Wood ball 3, 41 Legislalive Sludenl Council 2: Oulsland- ing L 4. MARGARET LYNDA WORSHAM Transferred from Oalcmonl' Senior High School. Oakmonl, Pennsylvania, 3: Allied Youlh 47 Pep L's 4: Tri-I'Ii-Y 4. BARBARA ELAINE WORTHY Transferred from Civic Memorial High School, the Beginning Belhallo, Illinois, 4. JAMES WRIGHT ROBERT McGREGOR WRIGHT Execulive Sludenl Council 3: Legislalive Sludenl' Boys' L Club 4: Foolball 2. 3, 4: Baslcelball 2: Base- Council 2: Tennis 2: Class Dance 2. 3. Paul Woodall Lynda Worsham Barbara Worlhy James Wrighl McGregor Wrighl HM Rulh YBSQSV George Yeoman RUTH ELLEN YAEGER Transferred from Poriland Senior High School. Poriland. lndiana, 2: Chorus 2. GEORGE ARTHUR YEOMAN Spanish Club 2, 3, 4: Class Play 4. CHERYL BLAMPIED YOUNG Transferred from Harwich High School, Harwich, Massachuseils 2: Allied Youlh 3: Chorus 2, 3, 4: of Whatever Laiin Club 2: Tri-Hi-Y 4: Thespians 3, 4, Treasurer 4: Class Play 3. ELLEN WILLARD YOUNG Tri-Hi-Y 3. 4: Thespians 3, 4: Allied Youih 4: Pep L's 2: Class Play 3, 4: Class Represeniaiive 4. MARY LOU YOUNG Laiin Club 2, 4: Pep L's 4: Science Club 3, 4: Willa Young Paul Ziebari fm Cheryl Young Ellen Young Mary Lou Young Youih for Chrisl' 3, 4: UN Coniesl' Finalisl' 2: Thespians 4. WILLA MAE YOUNG Transferred from Schoharie Ceniral High School, Schoharie, New Yorlc, 4. PAUL JOHN ZIEBART, JR. We Want to Make It JAMES FRANK ZILBAUER ANNETTE FRANCES ZINNO Transferred from Bayside High School, Bayside, New 'Yorlc 3: Tri-Hi-Y 4. ROBERT JACOB ZU LLICK Eooiball 23 Track 2. James Zilbauer Annelie Zinno Roberi Zulliclc 1... Vivid As silenT, overawed sophomores, we Tiled in- some Trom Naval Air, some Trom STranahan, now uniTed aT L. T-T. S. as The Class oT '58, We were sTrangers moving awkwardly abouT, longing To be a parT oT This cold, menacing sTrucTure-FT. Lauder- dale High-wiTh iTs endless maze oT oddly numbered rooms and widely Traveled halls. We elecTed our TirsT class oTTicers: Jan SmiTh, ScoTT Anselmo, BerTha Bass, Susie EaTo,n, and Phil Cross. As exuberanT underclassmen we cheered ourselves hoarse when our Team rolled on To vicTory aT our TirsT TooTball game oT The year againsT DayTona. Eager To be- come a parT oT L. l'l. S., we ioined many clubs and worl4ed on many school proiecTs. The highlighT oT our TirsT Twirp season was The "Sadie Hawlcins Dance"g The girls oT our class were exTremely anxious To ask ouT Those neaT Junior and Senior boys. Our spiriTs were high as our TirsT Homecoming season approached. The snake dance, parade, The game wiTh Miami Beach, and The dance drew a large aTTendance Trom our class. We hearTily supporTed our baslceTball Teams ThroughouT Their seasons. Bermudas and lcnee soclcs, l4ilTs and whiTe buclcs headed The long lisT oT Tads. ATTer reTurning Trom our glorious ChrisTmas holidays, we were horriTied aT The prospecT oT our TorThcoming semes- Ter exams. Our TirsT class dance, "April in Paris," was meT by enThusiasTic planning. The decoraTions Memories Are Recalled were lavish, and The Tlower-covered EiTTel Tower was praised by all. As The year drew To a close, we aTTended baseball games, Traclc, and swimming meeTs. AnTicipaTing The coming Two years, many oT our girls energeTically Tried ouT Tor maioreTTes and cheerleaders. We Toolc on an air oT sophisTica- Tion, paid our class dues, cuT classes, goT caughT, souped up hoTrods, and sTill gazed wiTh wonder- menT and awe aT The wise, wiTTy, all-imporTanT Seniors. AT lasT, as Juniors, we were aclmiTTed To The secreT realm oT The upperclassmen. We could geT preTTy chummy wiTh The Seniors. The campus was geTTing smaller every year. Our class leaders were Diclc Krause, Jim Senlco, BerTha Bass, and Joe Jaclcson. lvlosT oT our social liTe was overshadowed by The problem oT passing U. S. l-lisTory and chem- isTry. We cheered our TooTball Team To an un- deTeaTed season. We proudly presenTed The TirsT dance oT The year, "Colonial Ball," and nearly Troze aT STomp 'N' Chomp, one oT The many evenTs oT Twirp season. Our ChrisTmas holidays were spiced wiTh The aTTendance oT The Shrine and Orange Bowl games and open house New Year's Eve. We were exciTed aT The prospecT oT producing our TirsT class play, "Qur l'learTs Were Young and Gay," sTarring many oT our TalenTed classmaTesg Lawrence Edward Berry PaTriclc Carl Birlc PeTer BorTle John Randall Collier RoberT Minor l-Taslcins Paul James Hurley It Q- f i- - unlmer Bonnie Lee Kallman !'!"ln-P As We Glance Into the Past if was a huge success. Our clubs worked hard plan- ning skifs for fhe Flying L Follies, and fhe Service Club Ball af fhe Governor's Club l-lofel was an oufsfanding evenf of fhe Easfer season. Cifizenship Week was highlighfed wifh fhe elecfion of Sfudenf Council officers, in which several of our class secured offices. We were shocked and bewildered affer faking Junior College Boards. The Prom af fhe l-lollywood Beach l-lofel and fhe affer-prom acfiv- ifies were long-fo-be-remembered evenfs. Wifh fhe close of an evenfful Junior year, house parfies were aHended by many independenf members of our class. Nof wifhouf a fouch of envy, we wafched our Senior friends march wifh dignify fo fhe sfrains of "Pomp and Circumsfancef' Finally fhe long-awaifed year began. A feeling of unbelievable power gripped each member of fhe Class of '58, Jan Smifh was Presidenf of fhe Sfuclenf Council, while Jim Bowen, Mickey Tarler, Linda Leaird, and Joe Jackson led our class. We held fhe offices of fhe clubs and led fhe feams. Trips fo fhe Guidance Cenfer were' a sign fhaf many of us were planning fo affend college: fwinkling engagemenf rings were evidence of ofher plans. Sfudying for college board exams and scholarships haunfed fhe minds of many. Wifh fhe beginning of our lasf foofball season, we eagerly fhronged fo fhe games: a large group of us leff school af noon fo affend fhe evenfful Key Wesf game. The premafure burn- ing of fhe bonfire fhreafened fhe success of Home- cominghwhich was climaxed by fhe crowning of Queen Paf Doepke. We fook advanfage of fhe final chance fo fake ouf fhaf secref love by plan- ning many parfies during Twirp season. Our Senior Class play, "There Go fhe Grooms," was a comedy enioyed by all. We complefed our semesfeir exams wifh a feeling of ease, knowing fhaf fhere would be only one more frial. Grimly, buf deferminedly, we filed fo fhe Firsf Bapfisf Church fo fake our Senior Placemenfs. Eager fo parficipafe in Senior Work Day, we obfained iobs wifh businesses fhroughouf fhe communify. We presenfed our final dance, "Nighf on fhe Nile." The Senior Tea and Skip Day, days we had long awaifed, finally arrived. On Class Nighf we wafched proudly as many of our class- mafes were presenfed scholarships and awards. Wifh fhe arrival of Baccalaureafe and Prom Nigh+ many fond memories were recalled. Our Commencemenf was marked by fhe furning of our class rings, poinf- ing foward fhe fufure, and fhe singing of fhe final lines of our Alma lvlafer: . . . "Thy spirif shall guide us fo efernal dawn." As we, fhe Class of l958, fhink back on our high school days, we say, "Thank you, Forf Lauderdale l-ligh School, for fhree won- derful years." Ann Keefe Kafhleen Marie Lynch Sandra Janei- Moody Lawrence Spaulding Rule Gordon Lyle Schofield Frank Paul Sfamm Graduates 1- Roberf Joseph Pimenfel is fix ,fax fl ,I The pzfzf in the Organizations The School Spirii' of Fori Lauderdale High is perhaps more imporiani' in 'lhei Organizaiions +han in any o+her phase of school aciivifiy. Organizaiions include ihe Siudeni' Council, ihe publicafions, and 'ihe music groups. Modeled afier ihe organizafion of our Naiion. ihe Srudeni Council is 'I'he governmeni of L. H. S. H' seeks represeniaiion for every Flying L. ln ihe Sfudeni' Council meeiings, decisions are made which chari' fhe year's aciiviiy. The Council, being our school government is our link wi+h ihe govern- menl' of 'ihe cify. Navigaior and EBB TIDE, newspaper and year- book, are our publicaiions 'ihaf poriray life ai' L. H. S. +o 'Phe oufsider. These publicaiions display in fheir pages 'ihe Spiril' rhaf prevails on campus. Music has long been man's only universal lan- guage. Being oufsranding in fhe siaie. 'ihe Band and Choruses have shown ihe Spirii of Lauderdale by 'l'heir long hours of hard pracrice, frying 'io per- 'feci' a seleciion fo be presenled fo 'ihe public. They mighi' be called our singing good-will Ambassadors. The Spiril' so viial 'I'o Fori' Lauderdale High School is found ai iis heighi' in ihe Organizaiions. :T li"F'1' VV I ' y rr? - ,,J23aJt, ,,i gp Q l .Lv .W N V ,V H N I 1 W , v,,v?a1:fi ,gffgvxw 2 , w ,.. 1 D W. dl. it. V7 , mv V K 1 ' - ' a in jg,.... 3? gf , V," I- ,Ji .4 , , tif H my fi "" 1 :, 'W' -1 V,, .. I - f . 17 : D - , 1 6,10 : gl " 11:2-2 . V! s J "M Q - tu ffs ' A 1 :L ,fa y 1 ,s Q. 1 4 ' A 'A W Q win . Mk ' E lf, ,L if ,X 'Q i xmi"fi.. 519 '. A A ,J K my -ff K, 'I' 9 1 3 The Execufive Sfudenf Council is under fhe leadership of Doug McLaughlin, Secrefary of inferior: Bill Dunifon. Vice Presidenfg Millie Price, Secrefary of Sfafey Jan Smifh, Presidenfg Gail Byrd, Secrefaryp Chuck Schmidf, Treasurer: and John Swerfzer, Secrefa ry of Commerce. EXECUTI E CDU CIL tages Follies Execufiye Sfudenf Council carries ouf fhe wishes and ideas of fhe sfudenf body. Addifional goals are unificafion of fhe clubs and organiza- fions, fhe developmenf and growfh of vifal school spirif. and fhe promofion of beffer infer-school relafions. The Council offers opporfunifies for fuller co-operafion befween sfudenfs and faculfy. fhrough school and social acfivifies. The officers and fhe secrefaries are elecfed by fhe iunior and fhe sophomore classes in fhe s rin' . The nexf fall fhese officers choose assisf- P Q anfs which are besf qualified fo help fhem during fhe coming year. Chuck Schmidf, head of The Treasury Deparfmenf, enioys looking fhrough fhe safefy deposif vaulf af fhe bank wifh his appoinfees, Bobbie Blocker and Dick I-lorn. The Secrefary of Sfudenf Council, Gail Byrd. is kepf busy wifh her various dufies. l-ler appoinfees: Diane Fisher. Sheila Cosfin. "Two bags of pop corn and fhree cokes. please." The Sfudenf Council operafes fhe concession sfand for all home foofball and baskefball games. Joe Pesek is in charge. ' . , , fMWN. ,Y f" Honor tudonts Chosen A The Sophomore represenlalives are Jerry Pfeiffer and Joan Roberlson from Rogers Junior High and Calhy Pierce and Joe Peselc from Sunrise. sim: cnossme The Commerce Deparfmeni, headed by John Swerlzer wifh appoinlee Tom Smilh, is in charge of all adver- Jrising. ll' is also responsible for all poslers displayed on campus. Mr. Van Arsdall, advisory Karen Hanks. arlislz and John Doel, represenlalive from Legislalive Council, discuss ideas for a posler adverlising lhe sale of book covers, one of Execuiive Council's many proiecls. T7 Secrefary of Slafe Millie Price and appoinlees Jim Bowen and Susan Kiilredge, plan for assemblies lhaf will be beneficial, as well as enioy- able. lo all. The Inferior Deparlmenl is headed by Doug McLaughlin wilh ap- poiniees Chiclc Holden and Dave l-lochslrasser lnol picluredl, Their main duly is lo se-'r up The public address syslem for school luncfions. I E A special meeiing is held fo discuss lhe plans for The I'-758 Flying L Follies. They mus'r decide on a 'rheme and Jrhe dafe, The crowning of Miss L. l-l, 5. musl' also be planned. T Y J l G2 A-Q..,:s nf:-:Ji H l ' f my-fy we ' ? "Around 'rhe World in 80 Days" plays Jrhe band as The candidales ascend prelly young miss is in place wilh crinolines fixed and poses iusl righl, Bill Homecoming Queen is Miss Pal Doeplieln Pal is picrured as she lirsl hears around her, she seems lo have regained her composure and smiles. Dressed Earl Jan Smilh, Presidenl' of 'rhe sludenl body, crowns Pa+ Forr Lauderdale l-ligh's 1957 Homecoming Queen. , aayiffff- .. wage: 1,1 ' KN EW ,A M .- , 965 3 W o f W XC: 4. 4: z f J 3' 5 ,, f ,XV K i fa .- , weft: ffzifa .i,.',-gf' 'K 1 -f . Jw ' f"f?,a:-'Al-zfeiyyfr-ai , ff L f Sm lay? , 'aw ' if-.4,,:m , ' . . ... W , I ,. X Ref ,,,, W Z , .fa ,-f. f. A. , wma Par makes a pre++y picrure on +he gold Jrhrone. iB0nfire Burnin E1 The Queen's float When each Dunifon announces. "The I957 The glad news. Wilh her courl in a gown of red and while, kes News , "Which bonfire is +his7" Some- 'lhing wenl wrong in I957- alrer all Jrhe wood had been galhered and piled up. Jrhe "Goblins" ser fire io il a nigh? early. Everylhing wen? off fine, Jrhough, for when called upon. The kids broughl in wood for Jrhe "scheduled" bonfire and snake dance. HoMECoM1No Highlights Flying L Football Season Plans for Homecoming sfarfed weeks in advance. Commiffees were formed, posfers made, floafs designed, and fruclqs borrowed. Color Day began fhe fesfivifies, and every Flying l. appeared in fhe fradifional blue and whife. One bonfire was burned premafurely, buf an emergency nofice puf ouf by fhe Sfudenf Council broughf more fhan enough wood. As fhe flames of fhe "scheduled" bonfire spurfed upward, silhoueffed snalce dancers shrieked around ifs base, Couples rocked fo "The Jail- house Rock" af fhe dance on fhe Baslcefball Courfs. Finally on 'lhaf warm November day. fhe band played, fhe floafs moved: fhe l957 Home- coming parade rolled fhrough Lauderdale showing ifs floafs. Riding in fhe lafesf model converfibles were fhe Queen candidafes. Friday nighf fhe sfands were jammed, fhe crowd was fense for a vicfory, and fhe feam was spoiling for a fighf. Af fhe half, Miss Pal' Doeplce was crowned Homecoming Queen. When all was finished, fhe crowd sfood in a clamoring group and roared in unison over 'lhe vicfory, for fhe l.'s downed Miami Beach. Loolcing baclc, one would have fo say "lf was a wonderful Homecoming!" It MQ' , f,.,,pallil"' A, -" ' i X V f Q 'x 'L -- 1 .--i -. In lx Fi c wi llllll lllll i i T s who play Us gef beafl" won fhe confesf for fhe besf floaf in fhe Home- c rr' cl Parade, Os Diclc Krause was Chairman of The IQS7 Home- coming fesfivifies. He was helped by ofher mem- bers of fhe Sfudenf body. Dick was vofed Novem- ber Sfudenl' of fhe Monfh for fhe wonderful iob he did on fhis all-imporfanf annual proiecf. f Firs+ row, leTT To righ+: Judy Jackson. Marilyn ETheridge. Dede Birely. Linda Leaird. Jean Murdock. Helen RuTherTord. Nedra .SchulTz. Don RalsTon, Ann Fleming. Shelly Myers. Judy Tucker. Sue Anderson. lsabelle Mincey. Judy Mclxleece. Linda Rand. Second row: Woody Maxwell. Jean Makemson. Marsha Kingsley. Jim Curran. Bill DuniTon. Tom MaThis. Don Noland, Barb l-lepp, Jim Bundy. Ron Geiger, Jay BarTz. Lora Golden. Ray Schmidt Frank Hadley. Barbara Shaffer. Lenore Chadwick, ScoTT Anselmo. CharloTTe Lyle. Paul Bundy. Third row: Jim Senko. Jerry PTeiTTer. John Greenlaw. Mickey Tarler. John Zion. Tod Dunn, Tim SweiTzer. Jim CoulTer. Carl Adams. Tonie Toney, Lary Clendinen. Tom Tilchin. Noel VawTer, Bill SmiTh. Jim Mackie. Allan Aunapu, Wall' Reed, Richard Workman. Dave McMillin. LECI LATI Seeks Representation "No TaxaTion wiThouT represenTaTion." is a slogan ThaT was heard a Iof in America aT one Time. LegislaTive Council seeks To see ThaT everyone is represenTed. Of course They don'T Tax people. buT The governmenT oT L. l-l. S. is run democraTically, and iT seeks represenTaTion Tor every person in The school, The members oT l.eqislaTive Council are The PresidenTs oT each homeroom. Each member reporTs back To The l-lomeroom The Things The Council decides on. Suggeslrions are also Taken by The PresidenTs Trom many l-lomeroom members back To The Council. LegislaTive Council is The manpower behind ExecuTive Council. lT supplies workers Tor The concession sTand and sells book covers and sTudenT cards. 5 gg? Leading The LeqislaTive Council Through This year were Jean Makemson, secreTaryp Bill Millgan. Treasurer: John Doel. presidenT: and Ronnie HaTcher. vice presidenT. lnler-Club Council is an imporlanl branch of l'he Execulive Council. I+ is com- posed ol: Jrhe Presidenls of 'rhe various clubs and orgaruizalions on lhe campus. Hs pur- pose is lo promouke harmony among The clubs. lr is also anorher form out represenra- Hon for each individual. The Council has several meelings during Jrhe year: olfen Jrhese meelings are aboul proiecls which are open lo all clubs such as "Clean-Up Week." The lnler-Club Council regulales rhe proiecls out each club and ir musl ap- prove lhem. Mr. l-lull, assislanl principal, works closely wilh lhe group. f-fr -4 I Vice Presidenu' of Sludenl' Council Bill Dunifon auromafically serves as Presidenl' of The Infer- Club Council. Diane Fisher is rhe able secrelary uhis year, l rl "' E' For All as Does INTER-CLUB COU CII, Firs+ row, le'H fo righf: Pal' Doepke, Allan Weeks, Ann Parker, Gail Byrd. Bill Duniucon, BerHua Sarvis, Susan Kirlredge, Eleanor Balfhaser, Bev McBain, Sharon Coons, Leila Coan, Judy Addy. Alan Levy, Odelue Caball, Joe Jackson, George BarHe++, Wayne Warren, Frank Clark, Gran? Four+h row: Marilyn Boyd, Ronnie Geiger, Jim l-larlsel, Jan Smifh, Tod Dunn, Ken Gurry, Paul Bowen, Doro+hy Sfeinbuch. l Bass. Second row: PaHi Carol Flinn. Third row: Marlow, Barbara Dexrer. Bundy. Bob Lewis, Jim ,- "l-low many more lines of copy do I need?" "Are you sure +his pic+ure's ihe righl size?" "My page is done!" "Have you seen 'ihal piclure l losi' yesler- d'ay?" This is iypical sixih-hour almosphere in The Ebb Tide room. EBB TIDE taffas Work Is Never Done Judy Ferguson is The busy Ediior oi lhe Ebb Tide. l-ler biggesl iob is being general direclor-in-charge of everyihing. This includes giving ideas for pages. piciures, and copy, and proofreading once 'lhe page is compleie. N faith .1 f . A XXI K x f 49 'YU CTN-,N K X 1.3 - X CD ' IN' will hifi I f X 4 ff N A ff x g Barbara Williams, Assisianr Edilor, looks up from scheduling piciures. Aside from 05 helping Judy wiih her edilorial work, Jrhis is Jrhe Assis'ran+'s biggesi' iob. Judy Ferguson Mr. Elder lakes his usual careless pose in lhe only easy chair ai L. H. S., while checking over The pages. l-le supervises +he slaii wiih a 'rwinkle in his eye. acrs as chief-ioke-cracker. and runs a special limousine service for picking up lunch and faking home rypewriiers. ln his spare lime Mr. Elder is head of 'ihe English Deparimenl, V' f f , , . f sa gem Z . , l Qi ,,,i, V 1 I In .c , NX ' K' ' 9 " E ' "15"f7" MV-, E W ffgn, . ,.,, r ,f , . ' 553' ,M ' , , M., ,. 13, V. 1, I ,, If I Barbara Walker is in charge OT The sale oT The EBB TlDES as CirculaTion Manager. She also has charge of The disTribuTion oT The books when They arrive in The spring. fggji' '1 ,sf .L A , fi ' . f I 4, Millie Price keeps all The sTaTT's money sTraighT. The expendiTures range Trom Three cenTs Tor a posTage sTamp To several hundred dollars Tor colored pages. Her TirsT iob is puTTing everyone f I .1 ', 'ffl' QTU, Xxj I m e To work selling ads. The EBB TIDE is blessed wiTh The mosT Tashion- able phoTographer in Town. Mr. Jun is be- wiTching in his bermudas and sTraw haT. lT is rumored ThaT he wears his haT To bed. Seriously, The sTaTT is cerTainly lucky To have such a cornpeTenT phoTographer across The sTreeT. The advisors Tor The sTaTT are Lorraine Force, Blanche Bazanos, E. B. Elder, Mary Engle, and Llewellyn Shekmar. Mrs. Force helps wiTh all The arT work and gives good ideas Tor layouTs. Miss Bazonas helped Barbara Walker wiTh The sale of books: Miss Engle scheduled all The Senior picTures: Mr. Elder and Mrs. Shekmar prooT- read all The Tinished pages. gil' 1- X, E. B. Elder Barbara and Judy smile wiTh relieT as The lasT pages OT The book are Tinally shipped off To Texas Tor The publishers. No wonder They are Ihappy. The pages are only Three weeks aTe. mms, L' ,xx Jean Makemson. Johnny GriT- Tin, Linda Leaird, and Suzie SmiTh go Through The Tiles To check The spelling oT names and each person's acTiviTies. This is The mosT Time-consum- ing parT oT The Senior pages. STaTTers bleed, chop, and cuT as The EBB TIDE begins To Take shape. Does iT sound more like a hospiTal Than a year- book room? Words such as These Tly as deadlines loom inTo view. STaTT members are chosen by Mr. E. B. Elder, who care- Tully scruTinizes each applicanT Tor The sTaTT. STudenTs are chosen Tor arT and wriTing abiliTy. Typing is also helpTul. STudenTs musT be highly recommended by Their English Teachers. Many hours oT hard work are puT inTo The EBB TIDE, which happens To be one oT The largesT yearbooks in The sTaTe. Many Times on SaTurday, insTead oT a sunny day aT The beach, The sTaTTers are pounding away on The TypewriTers in good ole' II7. More Than once has The STaTT worked unTil aTTer 9:00 P.M., Trying To geT Their various secTions com- pleTed and senT To press. EBB 'FIDE Records The club secTion was done by Suzanne Miles. Marilyn l-lunT, and Millie Price. Clubs is one oT The biggesT iobs in The book because There are so many people wiTh whom you work. 1 iii Karen STevens, Phil Cross. and Ava Camp are The busy sTaTTers on The sporTs secTion. They can be seen running Trom one end oT The aThleTic Tield To The oTher or aT any L. H. S. sporTs evenT in SouTh Florida Trying To geT a new angle Tor a picTure. pizza! A Q . "I'II do iT Tomorrow!" seems To be The mumble oT words coming N ' "y'V in ff yg. 2 Trorn Johnny GriTTin as he lies down To resT. AnoTher sTaTT member 1 -'X 'V ' - f ggi. has gone down under The weighT and IaTe hours OT The Ian ii . - ' ' ' minuTe rush. ,S . K r. V t g..r . 4 ..4. We A " T . M . ii V i ' , L "riff ',,.. , i " ' .4 1 gyy, V, 'yyg i The organizaTion secTion was planned by Margie WrighT, MarTy King, and Sandy Johnson. All Three were new To The sTaTT aT The beginning oT The year. They run all over Town To geT "iusT The righT seTTing" Tor each picTure. W. -.-f".--L. Year at LH. . lnTerviewing All-CounTy TooTball players. John Doel and Eddie Braddy, is all in a day's work Tor Karen. No wonder preTTy girls wanT To be on The sporTs secTion oT The EBB TIDE. 6 B s The EBB TlDE STaTT would like To Take This opporTuniTy To Thank The many business con- cerns in ForT Lauderdale Tor The use oT Their buildings in our picTures. We would also like To Thank Mr, Jun and Mr. Elder Tor running all over Town To geT The picTures and The Teachers aT L. H. S. Tor leTTing us Take every- one ouT oT classes. P- j. x 'h fe 1 7 Gail Byrd and Jeannine PiTTman draw up The Sophomore pages. While everyone else is enioying Themselves aT ChrisTmas parTies, These Two girls love To work on The EBB TIDE. Wendy Taylor and Carol Flinn are in charge oT acTiv- iTies. They have Tun geTTing The TiTTh'hour sTaTT To help decide The seTTings Tor all The superlaTive picTures. For days They walked abouT asking. "WhaT was The Tad in OcTober?" or "WhaT was The hiT song oT January?" Tor The calendar. Carol Berardi, Norma Combs, and Pam Hyde maTch picTures wiTh names Tor The Junior pages. This someTimes proved To be quiTe a problem. They Too spenT much oT Their ChrisTmas vacaTion aT school working on The EBB TIDE. 'Tig f.,-iff.nff if Karen Hanks and DoroThy STein- buch Torm The sTaTT's arT deparT- menT. They make posTers in The Tall and spend The winTer planning new and original layouTs and draw- ing clever caricaTures. Gail. Carol, Suzanne. Johnny, and Jean seem To be quiTe exciTed over The new ideas They've Tound in The annuals. . f L aff K 'N 4 G 3, AW A W ?,,,., . , .iv Q f Y EWU! 'ill k, ' n ....-....-. , X Q f ,W . - 4 A my ff , f f - - Q , , J f 1 ,,' A K' 1 , . I O Q W' 4 " f 'Y 0 Ol ,. Z' Aw -f Usually the table is not so neat, usually the typewriters are not so idle, usually the hair is not so smooth. and never is Coach's smile so broad. Rick McDermott , ' " Ginn Fu ate reporters. AW4 Alan Levy, Anna Mann, Toni lnslceep, and Sharon Coons are busy Navigator L.H.Sfs NAVIGATOR Ranks xii! H W 3 I 4 'T' Y 9 I Sports Editors n , T' Second in State Contest L. t-l. S.'s Navigator has long been one ot the top school newspapers in the state. It has made great prog- ress in the capable hands ot Harold Hayes, who ma- iored in Journalism at the University ot Nevada. Added this year to the paper are columns on world news. Written interestingly, these columns have certainly served their purpose, which is to malce the teenager on campus more intormed on world happenings. Scott Anselmo heads the statt and is the tirst gentleman to do so in some time. To be on the Navigator one must take and do well in Journalism I. The otticers are chosen by Coach Hayes tor creative ability and reliability. The paper is published semi-monthly and runs trom tour to eight pages. Its price is I5c a copy. Ctartoonist Karen Hanks goes over some possible pictures with Carleen Carroll, who is the student photographer, 53 f- k '2::::i. -"' ' ,V fri. r ' .. YK I A' J J . , . . X g,.v . 1, 251 is Q f". ii .,", 2' K i i i 'IN ' - ffm'- 'Q 7 '. . . ,J b V. V-V-www ff L, 1-1,-V X .gz.r'rw- A v - e4.5.,,4-W. ,.,, Q, . ,,M.,g.-,- ,Q ,.,. M ...,, XML ,,,,3ig41, , 1 fe ..., ' X N. 7 K 49 Q V AN 4 E- , i 1' V 7 f x .'g.,'.Q.-g:5::1e'g,v. - -Q, 1-. srzsvg ,-i.,.ay,q-ai 'ff' my - ..55.1::.,'v-Magi' Q jd. '71 Firsf row, sealed, lef+ fo rigl1'I': Sue Williamson. Jolwn Sweilzer. Roller - Pliilpoii, Sonia Clwrislensen, Darlene Simons, Bonnie Me+o'r+. Sue Carl Flowers. Roberl' Foley. Fourfh row: Pal Earley, Par Hols+ead, Diane Coleman, Larry Hamilron, Paul Bundy. Melvin Waslcow. Jim Rawls, Ed Cline, Carl Ball, Marilyn Floyd. Clark Conglefon. Third Boliannon, Milne Douglass, Tim Joslin, Bill Sclimidl. "ZF I60 William H. BenneH, Direclor CO Beclcliarl. Deena Tanlon. Second row: Wendy Nelsen, Judy Rohr, Jim Harlsel. Third row: PaHy Nickel, Mary Befli Riclcer. Norma Cornelius, Toyelle Dilzler. Firsf row, risers: Donna Kenyon, Harper. Second row, risers: Wayne Warren, Bill Carler, Claude row, risers: David Taylor, Jay Morrissey. Larry Tliibauf, Vernon Individual piclures, firs+ row, lefi' +0 rigl1'r: Larry Thibauf, Assislanl Drum Maiorg Bonnie Melolr, Assislam' Secrelaryz Judy Pl'iilpoH'. Assis+an+ Librarian. Second row: Milne Douglas, Quarrermasler. CERT BA D Earns All ks , k f 3 First row, seated, lef+ fo right Par Bassett, Pat Platter, Keith Holton. Galen Tustison. Second row: Richard Workman, Murray Hinckley, Henry Miller, Nancy Schmidt, Mary Jo Erskine, Joan Graves. Third row: Larry Smalley, Barry Leslie, Mike Kaericher, Leonard Tocci, Carolyn Evans, Bev Linton, Fourth row: Gale Nelson, George Bonham, Ronnie Whaley, John Bruhn. First row risers: Bob Hunt, Gary Simmons, Ronald Konecny, Judy Tucker, l-lap Bonham, Molly French, Stanley l-larrocks. Second row risers: Whit Hudson, Jirn Mat- thews, David Siodin, Larry Mostoller, Bill Gravett, John Ramsey, Gary Matthews. Third row risers: Dan Warner, Jim Bundy, Charles Capron, Jerry Cook. Individual pictures, 'First row, left +o right: Jim l-larisel, Presi- A y dent, Jerry Cook, Vice President: Sue Williamson, Secretary. ,., 'W an .V 5, . Second row: Bev Linton, Librarian. - I " John Bruhn, Drum Maior H' - :, 3 37 K Yzmffgf Z , 'yi A g uperiors at State Contest R -rv 'R i i Q L BAND Eerrre S Swim and Way Throu h the Year. J 4 5 Many hours of hard work and prepararion have made K ' ii 'fi' ' iQ x lhe Flying L Band a living example of our school spiril. ,, X L- , Band proiecls for l'he year have included foolball half- D Y is f i Jrime shows, pep assemblies, six evening concerls in 'lhe Qi' War Memorial Audilorium, Dislricr and Slale Conresrs f ,i D' in loolh marching and concerl, and parliciparion in several ' f in - parades, including Jrhe King Grange Parade in Miami. 4 "Y Sealed, le'F'r +o righlz Mike Douglas, Vernon Bohannon. 1 w L Sfanding: Pal Earley, Charles Capron, Jerry Cook, David Taylor, Larry Thibaufr, Wayne Warren, Jay Morrissey, 1, , Joan Graves. y I ia if yi 1 l Q l X L if is 1 , Q' -, 2 lA l x YT. . ,.., rpiw ii. Y , 2 Q 1 Firs+ row, leff +0 righr: Henry Miller, Roller Beckharr. Galen Tusrison. John Sweilzer, Pal' Basselr, Sue Williamson, Deena Tamron, Pal Flalrer, Bonnie Melorl. Second row: Diane Coleman, Parr l-lolsiead, Mary Jo Erskine. Carolyn Evans, Bev Linlon. Barry Leslie, Larry Smalley, Richard Workman, Jim Harlsel, Mike Kaericher, Leonard Tocci, Wendy Nelsen, Sue Rohr. Third row: Toyerre Dilzler, Nancy Schmidl, Mary Belh Ricker, Judy Philpolr, Norma Cornelius, Larry Hamilron, Carl Flowers, Paul Bundy, Murray Hinckley, Sonia Chrisfensen, Darlene Simons, Parry Nickel, Donna Kenyon. U, , , ,V f I My ,Y V 5 f f A f f f V 'y -f 2 .. f , , , ,I , , , , , g . . , ,, pf, f ,gf X f ,f g 5 5 U W 1 f , . L ae . V, , i , , r J ff Q fr J ei f Q , , J 5 ,iriy f i L Z? J , 0 L f ' ,B YSL xg 1 f ' A inf ii, ,U ' iiiiig Civ' 7 1' i if 2 ...., I fy: lr 1,1 V- iw? t X ,I 5' 7 h f x V. I ' ,f M . it V , as, A ix - I W, V!! al - ' rx. f glxiilx Bl- xl t ,ff ' . A J Q .f-3, jf' I K g 1 H i A , . r Q A ' If ,f fl ,QQ 7' QT , V - ' X - 6 it diff! , W! V ,V , 1' I .L . 1 2 , riff ' ' xx - ER L L xi ., xt A ri I fi 1 , 4 K ,' if ' 'I 1 - ' I 'K Ki 07" . vu Xl :,, ,f ' Tel 1 fx 4, ,r R ,gi ,, l 8 .. 7 X- y , Y' L ,-ei ' 422 L f 'P -xg. A 5 , .. ,. C A V I I fi ' ' E f I l' J' -I-. . i -'ly li D i Ulf , il' 1 V ' l QQ, y ' W ' - 4 5 .f -, , ' ,Iii V f r " . .1 , ' f ' " ' J i, 'Y ff ,., , ' i , , -: 2 1 ., , ,sz , A I ,. -., ,, I My Zi ,f , , '63 .di .Q I J t I , ,X A , , , rg! E Qi X i w. V ,. - -fa err i ' ' 'mi - L 'x -. 1- i. - iiiul XE' 4 , 'V ft ' V A id " ff F . , ,i wel l.iaUBf?kQArVi VOQT l'G?T 570' I mf 'N Firsl row, leff fo righf: Marilyn Floyd, Whil' Hudson, Bill Carler, Larry Mosloller, Claude Rawls, Jim Harper, Ronald Konecny Sam Briegel, Clarlc Conglelon, Carl Ball, David Siodin, Jim Marrhews. Second row: Molly French, Gale Nelsen, Judy Tuclcer George Bonham, Gary Malfhews, Bob Hun'l', Melvin Waslcow, Darrell Ruslon, Gary Simmons, John Ramsey, John Bruhn, Slanley Harroclcs Hap Bonham. Third row: Tim Joslin, Jim Bundy, Bill Schmidl. F05 K-wr. The Merry Music Makers of +he Dance Band provide en- rerlainmenl for many evenls around campus. They are, seared, leff 'ro righlz Larry Thibaul, Richard Workman. Wendy Nelsen, Jim Harfsel, Bev Linlon, Carolyn Evans: sfandingz Jerry Coolc, Larry Smalley lminus pianol. David Siodin, Ed Cline, Bob Hunl, Hap Bonham, Gale Nelsen, Slanley Harroclcs, LEW- N, "ii Z Coming inro The homesrrelch of The Homecoming parade is The L.l-LS. Marching Band led by Drum Maior John Bruhn. 5 QU at 'fi 2 Y so ii S Q l H' 1 1 8 ,,..-an .5 ANR' Q rlx, Linda Weaver, Caplain, and Jewel Geohagen, Co-Caplain. Our sparkling lvlaiorelres have been an invaluable conlribulion lo The Bandis success. The lvlaiorelles, lhrough rheir many hours of hard praclice, have presenled Jrwirling roulines of high gualily. The girls design and nnalse Jrheir own coslumes for hall-lime shows, and also produce and sell The programs for loolball garnes. AJURETTE Add Verve 6 5 v Q- . 1 Ji A x 1' ,. 4 QQER Tis 1 '-Q X I X 9' K in I , 2 Q' : .- I el -Q ,f "A" Corps Maiorelles malce a prelly sigh? +o be proud of, don"r lhey? Pal Johns. "B" Corps Caplaini John Bruhn, Drum Maior: If and Linda Weaver "A" Corps Caplain. C45 . 99 Q i 6 its Q . as - -, ',e,,UL- "A" and "B" Corps Maior- elles pracliced very hard 'ro perfecr lhe ou+s1'anding 'Rh X R Q Deanna King 4 Grelchen Meisenlourg X Suzi Smilh C f sg ,.. rps Ma ore ies afe. e o rl Pa Hansen Karen McEna an P Jo S 1ann Connor Bars ra Khzkoskl Jan avfn n a ear r wes Kay Ho E25 M4 2' Vi' , my rg ,av .1594 w ' Yi if .ffl ,1- v K ,gf fa' 4, A -ff 5 A Qi If e If A I ff Bax 1 A ,S x ' A ,, rm 41 Y, fa Firsl row, lefi lo righ+: Evalyn Kelley, Marcia Durham, Sue Slelr, Barbara King, Marilyn Hunt Millie Price, Judy Damron, Belly Oslin, Gloria Fisher. Second row: Dwane Webb, Sheila Cosrin, Norma Ralph, Dian Scoli, Norberi Marlin, Tod Dunn. Bill Myers, Squire Knox, Marilyn Boyd, Margarei Jones, Par l-loldsworfh, Cecil Ellinqlon. Third row: Bruce Evans, Frank Hadley. Dennis Hage. Ronnie Cameron, Cliff Weber, Lary Clendinen. Terry Edwards, Bob Renn, Diclc OH, Bill Kenr, David McCann, Bill Wilson. CHDRI TER Are Select Vocal Group J, , w Y r K! 'J Chorisiers help malce Melody Circus a big hir. Chorisler officers for I95B are Marilyn Boyd, Presidenf: Barbara King, Secrelaryi Dian Scolf, Librariang Terrance Edwards, Norberf Bef+y Runyan Marlin, Vice Presideni: Bill Kenf, Business Advisor MGWQGV- Bill Wilson, Bill Kenf. Norberf Marfin, and Tod Dunn make up fhe singing "Suns+rokes." Againsf fhe background of memory move fhe sophisficafed silhoueffes of fhe Chorisfers, as, in formal black and whife, fhey enrich assemblies fhroughouf fhe year. November yields fhe mighfy "Hymn of Thanksgiving," and Chrisfmas echoes rollicking rhyfhms of "Sleigh Ride" and haunfing nofes of "O l-loly Nighf." Easfer morning, fhe Resurrecfion is heralded wifh l'landel's friumphanf "l'lalleluiah Chorus." Well-known fhroughouf fhe communify for fheir parficipafion in many civic acfivifies, fhe Chorisfers are successfully fulfilling fheir purpose: To form a more advanced performing choral group, our singing ambassadors. Members of fhis selecf vocal body are chosen by invifafion. Voice qualify, sighf-reading abilify, scholasfic average, music appreciafion, and characfer are considered. Abilify and fraining have fheir rewards, and Chorisfers have earned many superior rafings af infra-sfafe confesfs, Sfafe Chorus Compefifion, and Sfafe Music Clinic. , l 5 Looking like sun- flowers are fhe Sun- maids. Evalyn Kelley, Millie Price, Norma Ralph. Marilyn Hunf, and lasfly, Marcia Durham. Sunmaids and Sunstrokes Add Zest to Songs Miss Runyan 'reaches a Beginning Chorus class. This is a fypical scene. Whaf, no boys? Too bad, girls. Led by Miss Belly Runyan, Forl A A Lauderdale l-ligh School's Ad- gf A l L N ' vanced Chorus was recognized as L yg Q 1 i ,fi B . A one of The besr Chorus groups in g B A 'lhe slale in l957. l H .ga 41. T3 Q? Q The Advanced Chorus is 'rhe J' 7 .W W ,, largesl' on L. l-l. S.'s campus. ll 4 ,,s, J Q it fills lhe audilorium wilh music al 'A A L3 I' 5 fx 'll Q Thanks-giving, Chrislmas, and Easl- er assemblies. The Chorus 'lravels 'lo Dislricl Meeling in Miami and lo Slale Comperilion in Tampa annually. They have received All Superiors al bolh conlesls for several years. Tod Dunn heads lhis large group as Presidenl. The members Firsf row, leff +0 righlz Mary Longrin, Gloria Fisher, Milzie Bauer, Billie LeGel"re, Rulh LaVorco, Babs Johnson. Miriam Bachlold, Barbara Pelcala, Isabelle Mincey, Glenda Slriclcland, Joyce Bridges, Pal' Bourke, Jackie Conlin, Linda Collier, Janel Rumpel, Evie Kelley, Donna Hopkins, Gerry McLaughlin. Second row: Norma Ralph. Coleen Cook, Sara Dew, Mary l-lildebrandl, Nancy Meisenburg, Cecil Ellinglon, Bill Wilson, ADVA CEDCHORUS GetSAl1 uperiors Carlyn Donalh, Second Soprano Seclion Leader: Tod Dunn, Presidenlp Marilyn l'lun+, Allo Seclion Leaderq Bill Wilson, Vice Presidenl: Virginia Alex- ander, Firsl Soprano Seclion Leader are 'rhe Advanced Chorus officers. Barbara King, Presidenlg Jean- nine Pillman, Secrelary, are lhe leaders ol A Cappella Choir. Nc., ! 1 - .4 ... , ,S Hmlgl PT A ts 1' fi 43 , R ' Q wx if A N A R . 1 Pal Holdsworlh, Jean Spencer, Carol Cornelius, June Kelly, Frank Hadley, Bruce Evans, LaVerne Lundsford, Joan Meissner, Virginia Alexander, Linda Brown, Ginger Spear, Margaref Jones, La Faye Smiih. Third row: Dennis Hage, Bob Miller, Frank Chirico, Gayne Wilson, Ber'r Rowell, Bob Renn, Terry Edwards, Tod Dunn, Cliff Weber, Leon Croft Murray Newman, Bill Taylor. Max Worihy, Dick Snyder, Dick OH. Robed in The Jrradilional Lauder- dale blue and while, A Cappella Choir lends boih beauly and ialeni ro many assemblies ihroughoul' Jrhe school year. Olher aclivilies in- clude parriciparion in rhe annual Chrisimas pageanl held in War Memorial Audilorium and pres- enlaiions given in lhe various Jun- ior l-ligh Schools in lhe cily. Membership is seleclive, based on vocal laleni, co-operarion, and general musical abiliry. Try-ours are held before Miss Runyan, and orhers are promoied from ihe Beginning Music class. A Cappella lravels To Miami and Tampa lo +ake pari in Disirici and Slale vocal compelilion. A CAPPELLA Is an All-Girl CHDIR Firsi row, leff +o righ+: Miss Belly Runyan, Margie Kapphan, Marcia Durham, Gail Adams, Roberra Lovendahl, Marilyn Elheridge. Amy Simmerman, Marcia Mize. Cherie Young, Jeannine Pilrman, Judi Smirh, Par Snyder, Nancy Tober, Sally Jo Sparks, Toni Morris, Gail McDonald. Second row: Naihalee Needles, Judi Wrighl, Gloria Planl, Pal Donahue, Belly Oslin, Jean Cacciiore, Sue Sfelr, Dorofhy Wilcox, Carol DeLeuw, Ani+a Cox, Joan Galvin, Bonnie Palierson, Eleanor Grace, Ann Parker, Phoebe Brown, Doroihy Charler. Third row: Mary Rininsland, Sheila Coslin, Gail Tompkins, Killy Mason, Carol Cornelius, Dian Scoll, Margarel' Jones, Paulelre Flowers, Rosemary Price, Mary Gibson, Doliie Buchwald, Norma Hamilton, Linda Edwards, Ellun Lund, Susan Wimberly, Barbara King. fli- QW F ' -fy. , gs.- W if M,x,.,,,,, Q: f , ff ff .xvwxwyx The pzkzf in the Activities Acfivilies are l'he life of a school-lhe everyday happenings from lhe 'Firsl' foofball game lo lhe lasl exam. The aclivifies of L. H. S. go on confinuously. While +he Prom and 'lhe Homecoming are 'l'wo of 'lhe big evenls of 'lhe year, 'lhey are no'l' The ihings which malce l958 sfand oul' in our memories 'From all lhe o'l'her years. They occur annually: bul' only in lhis year did we hum "April Love" on 'lhe way lo lhe game, dance lhe all-popular sfroll, or 'lell cruelly iolces. This was lhe year lhe fashion designers came oul' wi'l'h The crew neclc swealer, and every well-dressed girl lurned l'he hands of 'lime baclc 'lo 'lhe roaring '20's. 'lo appear in 'lhe saclr dress. These are 'lhe 'lhings we shall remember: bul' mosl' of all we shall remember 'lhal' 'lhey were drawn 'logelher by l'he School Spirii' of Forl Lauderdale High School in l958. The.Doors of L. "Could you Tell me where room SOIA is?" "WhaT, you mean There is no such room?" L. l-l. S. swarms wiTh eager sTu- denTs on SepTember 4, l957, The TirsT day oT school. Flying L's immediaTely dive inTo acTiviTies, clubs, and The TooTloall games. JunioreTTes sTarTed The year oTT wiTh a "GeT AcquainTed Dance" where all are wearing The Key Club "name Tags." Cheer- leaders and Tans cheer The L's on To a vic- Tory as They romp over Jackson Generals in The TirsT TooTloall game oT The year. NoT much new in Tashion wear added over The summer as The ivy-league is s+iII predom- inenT. The cruelTy iolces are geTTing crueler. The hoTTesT TV program is The new roclc 'n' roll show, "American BandsTand," which is playing Elvis' big one, "Teddy Bear"q on This noTe, SepTember roclss ouT. Loolcs raTher lonely, doesn'T iT? The megaphones are There: where are The Cheerleaders? 1 H. . openiniEPTE BER Oh, ThaT TirsT day oT school! The bells, The crowds. and conTusion every- Sophomore class oTTicers. Nancy l-luTT, Treasurer: Franlc Clarlc, PresidenTg Alice SchmidT. SecreTaryg and Sylvia Cross, Vice Presi- denT: ably lead The class ol: '60 Through iTs TirsT year aT Lauderdale. "We're loyal To you, Lauder- dale!" sing The Flying L Cheerleaders as They lead The exciTed Tans in The L vicTory song. ATTer every Touchdown The crowd sings This L song. AnoTher Touchdown is scored. 1 Two L's go To "Trick or TreaTl" -nh... ows This advice as she purchase Trom Carol Flinn. Buy your EBB TIDES now! Toni lnskeep makes her alendars, Spa hetti aka U OCTOBER OcTober Tlies in on a SpuTnik, The TirsT earTh saTelliTe. The big L's shine as They come ouT on Top oT WesT Palm in a biTTer grid baTTle, and vicTory makes The spiriT- charged dance aTTerwards sparkle even more Than usual. Allied YouTh comes up wiTh a novel morale boosTer in voodoo dolls oT rival Teams compleTe wiTh pins. Anchor Clubbers dusT oTT The old menu book and Miss Ava Anne Camp is chosen over 60 girls Tor CiviTan Calendar Cover girl. PresidenT Ronnie beauTiTul Trophy To a beauTiTul girl. dish ouT a Tine plaTe oT spagheTTi Tor all - L. l-l. S.ers. The hall rocks To "You Send Me" as we geT our TreaT Tor Halloween aT l-lalloween l-lowl, co-sponsored by Junior- eTTes and Wheel Club. WiTh The Halloween Tricks behind Them, The Sophomores seTTle down To elecTing Their class oTTicers. OCTO- Geiger presenTs The T ...I 4' ber sails ouT on a gusT oT exciTemenT. "Good ole' Home Cooking!" Anchor girls prove The modern young lady can really cook as They busily V prepare chocolaTe cake Tor Their annual SpagheTTi Dinner. , 5- "Allah! Alfahl' chanT The new Girls' L Club iniT?aTes as bow To Their "superiors?" aT This annual L Club aTTair. I73 ,JTKJ Y' VEMBERIMUJS liomecomin to Fans Homecoming arrives aT lasT. and Trom a long line OT TloaTs in The parade, Anchor's "ConTucius Say" Takes Top honors. HighlighTing This never-To-be TorgoTTen week is The Thrilling l. vicTory over Miami Beach and The crowning oT Homecoming Queen, Miss PaT Doepke. PerT, blond Susan KiTTredge is chosen by Key Club To reign as Their SweeThearT. "Oh no, noT Twirp Season already!" is echoed by gals as They drag Their guys To The NavigaTor's STomp and Chomp, Junior- eTTes' delicious Pizza ParTy. or Key Club's rocking Sadie Hawkins Dance. Twirp Season, geTTing a laTe sTarT in I957, covered November and December. L Club iniTiaTes suddenly appear wiTh TradiTional pigfails, pails, and TooTballs. Finally November brings "Tropical Paradise." The Junior Dance. TeaTuring soTT lighTs, slow music, and billowing skirTs. AnoTher monTh whirls ouT. Wheel Club wins Twice! The Wheel Club won TirsT prize in The Thanksgiving BaskeT conTesT, and -Their original boaT-Theme TloaT placed second in The annual Home- coming Parade. I74 Pat and Susan Get Titles Shocked Pal' Doepke and blond Susan KiTTredge scream Tor ioy as They hear PaT has been elecTed Homecoming Queen. l.aTer PaT, along wiTh Cindy Cisco, Millie Price, and BerTha Bass, has reason To congraTulaTe Susan when The Key Club boys voTe her Their SweeThearT Tor The year. .il J "lT's anoTher Touchdown Tor The l.'sl" While The Tans go wild over The added 6 poinTs, Ginny FugaTe seems compleTely obliv- ious To The ex- ciTernenT. S h e c a I m ly walks along reading her magazine. JusT kiddingll Ginny is checking her program To see who scored The Touchdown. She is sporTs ediTor of The NavigaTor. Two "Taceless" sTep-ladder To painT The gianT Trees on The SouTh Wall Tor Their class dance. "Tropical Paradise." Junior girls sTand gingerly on a Q Elyin L Girls Take Over in DECEMBER Mickey Tarler, Brirish snob in "There Go 'rhe Grooms," +he feel of Hillbilly Blair Beclcer and Gayle Coryell, a belle. J- V' loses his dignily al real cule Soulhern December iingles ing and wilh long-awailed holi- days almosl upon us, lhe L's lalce The opening game of 'rhe Baslqelball season from Soulhwesl' High. Sparkling holiday spiril is presenl as chorislers and dramalisls slage lheir much-enioyed Chrislmas as- sembly. Juniorelle and Key Clubs also heighren Chrislmas spiril wilh a Nalivily scene placed on Jrhe lronl lawn of L. H. S., while Anchoraclub ieslively decorales lhe cafeleria. The Senior class again lries ils hand al The 'lhe,a'rer, presenling a comedy, "There yGo' +l1eGrooms," sWheel, Club sponsors afree dance where everyone learned lo do "The Slrollf' Miami disc ioclcey, Bolo Greene, was masler of ceremonies. Senior Diclc Krause is chosen sludenl of the monlh for December. All Lauderdale High walls impalienlly, and al long lasl' vacalion has arrived. Merry Chrislmasl is heard frequenlly around L. H. S. as lhe Chrislmas cheer mounls. The Dramalic classes presenl' lhe annual play, and a Chrislmas lree decorales Main l-lall. Leila Coan and Wayne Byrd walch Jim Senlco and Lillian Koerl "dance lhe bop" al lhe "San+a Claus Hop." Disc-ioclcey Bob Green was masler of ceremonies al Wheel Club sponsored dance, Boys Have Ball as Girls Pay Bills "Come on, Li'l Abner, and dance!" plead lwo Daisy Maes as lhey 'fry 'ro gel lheir reluclanl beaus 'ro "Turkey Tro+" wilh lhem al lhe Key Club's annual "Sadie Hawkins" dance. IW I U V 54:2 "Pizza, Pizza, Pizza!" is everybodys cry ai 'rhe Vg:,,, Juniorelle Pizza Parly. Girls were again picking up than +he checks. III!! inns: l75 ill!! Anybody have a soap-box? Now would be a good 'lime lo give a speech as Flying L's, wi+h full siomachs, congregale near doors of The caleleria. 320i ln Florida? One of 'rhe coldesl winiers in The hisiory of 'lhe siale makes Bonnie Kallman "buf'ron up her over- coal." Cramming for Exams Starts in JANUARY X 9 Q Exams aren'+ 'rhe only lhings one crams for in January. The EBB TIDE SMH crarns for a February deadline. "P, S, We missed ill" "Brr! Can lhis be Florida?" Lauderdaleiies queslion when The mercury plunges io 320. Those crew-neck swealers Thai everyone golf for Chrisl- mas sure come in handy as ihe coldesl winier in 'lhe hislory of The sfafe chilled the halls ol L. l-l. S. Cold or nor, ihe inevilable cramming comes in'ro vogue as sernesier exams rear 'lheir ugly heads. A+ lasl, when i+'s all over, we heave a deep sigh and selile baclc lo awaif ihe 'feared resulis. EBB TIDE sialiers do Their share ol cramming as Jrhey rush wildly +o and fro 'lrying vainly +o gel cap- lions, counls, and copy for lhe February I dead- line. Sludenr Council chooses Bobbie Blocker as January's Siudenl of lhe Monlh, and January soars oul on Jrhe U. S. sarellile, Explorer. fi-Sanuk W, , W llll.! -. - ips Millie Price. preT'Ty Senior, is crowned SweeThearT Queen by King John Doel aT The l-li-Y ValenTine Dance. 'f"'Q-Q - fu fi. 5 Q M' s V ' 3 ff :ag . A Senior PaT Farley works in a grocery sTore on one of her class's biggesT proiecTs-Senior Work Day. The Class of '58 seT a goal ol: 55,000-The money To be presenTed To Ten Seniors Tor scholarships. Juniors Barbara Roman, PaT BooTh, Barbara Hepp, Nancy Pell, and Gail Sawyer read many scripTs and Then decide on "Junior Prom" as The class play. Ll. BaskeTball Queen Carlyn DonaTh reigns over The BaskeTball Home- coming Game wi+h her Two Junior class aH'endanTs, Sandy Koch and -Q22 -' ' U' Q Ned ra SchulT2. as T i fi r 1: f- iw . - , ,rf Tn" T - 'F I ' f ' Q. 4 T T it f S A " i I ll 5 , . is f I ff- ' ' I .. ,- ,TN ...zu .',, ,, ,TA A I X , . . xi' Q -, L , 1 5 2.5 rrs' f , ei T' Q af, T. T , Q " T7 T Perl' Linda Leaird smiles broadly as Ken Gurry names her Queen of The Melody Circus. Miss Melody wins a wardrobe worTh several hundred dollars. Three ueens Reign Over FEBRUARY February Tinds Junior girls wiTh Talse pony Tails "AT The Hop." Things are more serious Tor Seniors as They Take a day OTT Tor Senior PlacemenTs. Some L's are seen limping Through The halls aTTer l:.l-l.fX.'s SkaTing ParTy. However, These spry l.'s limp Fiqlii To The Melody Circus. "S5,000l Whew! ThaT's a loT oT money." The class oT '58 proudly seT This amazing goal Tor Senior Work Day. Winding The monTh and season up, The Flying L Cagers down The Miami Jackson Generals 65 To 63. AT This Homecom- ing game, preTTy Carlyn DonaTh is crowned '58 BaskeTball Queen and The Tinishing Touches are puT on anoTher monTh. I77 MARCH Blows in U' With GL, Follies ...ns ,jug ,Z sn-Lei dale High. Nine preTTy girls make nine preTTy smiles as They siT on Their regal Throne. These are The candidaTes for Miss ForT Lauder- MARCH Crowns Miss Millie Price March breezes in wiTh much hard work on The parT of The Junior class Toward Their class play. "Junior Prom." Baseball season begins wiTh TryouTs and Then swings inTo reg- ular rouTine. JunioreTTes sponsor The second annual Campus Carnival. All clubs parTici- pafe, and for one nighT L. H. S. is Trans- formed inTo The wonderful world of carnival Tinsel. glamor. and gaieTy. The Seniors ini- TiaTe Their lasT big proiecT before gradua- Tion, "NighT on The Nile." The class dance Takes us far back in Time To ancienT EgypT. The land of The Pharaohs: and leaves us, when iT is finally over, wifh sTars in our eyes. CruelTy iokes are back in force, and sun Tans are in sTyle again afTer The long, cold winTer. The Flying L Follies "leave us laughing," and Miss FT. Lauderdale High, The beauTiTul Mil- lie Price. is announced. WiTh This highlighT of The year pasT, March leaves L. H. S. ' T iii 2 f' f i 1 i In a gown oT red neT and shoes of red saTin, Millie Price, Miss ForT Lauderdale ul High. flashes her famous Mississippi smile. 2 ff ' 'T A I78 V, X, , , , T ' vi , March is geTTing mighTy close To June, so The Guidance Counselors are busy answering quesTions like-"Do I have enough crediTs?" Do you Think I could make Duke?" or for a few "How long do you Think iT'll be before l can geT ouT of here?" Mrs. Cisco and Mr. Chapman calm iiTTery nerves and answer all quesTions very undersTandingly. "Seniors sTarT someThing new!" ln The pasT. moss has always been used To decoraTe The roof of The gym for class dances. buT The Senior Dance, "NighT on The Nile," is differenT. The moss was found To be harmful To The floor so The Seniors are using parachuTes. us' , - Wil: 3 422' Y M ly . X A ,I -4 I 'W 'H145,41n,wyfxnp Walk lhrough lhose doors, Oh Youlh- Young man so slrong and lall. Young women pure and lrue- And kneel lesl you should lall. Yield up your heighl and slrenglh, Your lrulh and purilyg Receive Chrisl's message here: l-lis love will make you lree. Throughoul lhe coming years When lear and doubl arise Wilh l-lim slep lorward unalraidg Wilh you lhe lulure lies. by Nancy Pell Junior al L.l-l.S. i Ahm - Lev' Sophomores Rule APRIL As Their Dance Is Given "April Fool!" cries everyone as April arrives. "Rock and Roll ls l-lere lo Slay" by Danny and lhe Juniors is heard as Sophomores lake over lhe monlh and lhe gym. They are decoraling lor lheir lirsl big high school proi- ecl. The Class ol '60 presenls lheir dance. "Showboal." The gym is lovely in a riverboal decor as girls in soll paslel gowns llil by wilh beaus sporling while dinner iackels. Easler vacalion slips inlo view and everyone makes plans lor parlies, wiener roasls, and lazy days al 2,32- lhe beach. Vacalion is over and sun-burned Flying l.'s We've been caughl! We slaged lhis piclure. ol lhe Sophomore dance in November. Now we l1f1Cl Olll' lhere will be no more moss, "Tricks" are lhe rage ol lhe campus on April Fool's day. Job Poppa Day puls John Rodberg and Edwin Koerl lo work. relurn lo school. Seniors begin lo gel a wisllul look as lhey realize lhal lhere's only one more monlh lell, as April pallers oul. .1-"f'f! , 4 f Alf! ffl 91 I 44' 4? S PHI , L- f LQ ..,, 0 'AM af? sgw " 4-S ,R 1-1,..,.-1---- f- .. '-,ani ' Q ik Q f ' o 4 1 5 . sf' x ff V f f X f - z '537V f , Wg 'A ,f X - 2 ff 7 Y, if W f ff 1 n Q my fff - M V f, . W- ., ff f X f f 4 ' f g, L4 ,MA ,If ' XA , .f , 1 - ,'.' 5 i 4 'Z , V, ky Q X f f f, ,gn 4 Aff , X ,f ,, fm LM f y,f,fA..Z,M,: ,, M! 'X Wlfflff l W! f f f of ,sf -4 1 1 ,W 1 2, f 5. 2 Us X X ,N ,. ,. f fa .XZ f,5.76? ygun--" W , ,Z , , V ' 5 x ' 1 i X 1 4 51 1- nvauv' ,Q W X? if ,,....w--'--- ...--'M-'W' -Q- Q m 5 Q 'T'-1 , v"'R QQ-Y ,Q as W. , ug, nit r - ,A x 5' C "WD, - f Q ,vm - fn. sg .ue me 1 dak Wg, ly. v 2 2 -few' ma sf' 'SLK- waiw ,idgf . 1'-Maw. ! M. -My f 1 V' fe 'Qff f f f .Af - fr f"!, , ,, m,, A f 4 '1 f f" f 132' A f . . 1-1 2' Z M 1 K '21 X f L Z ff , ,f Z 25 w K 1 G li, A ,5 ll, D I Q 1 Mau pr. 0 I X, 6 o 0 xi 4' :J a 4 4 'H , , H gf 1 ,4 gi. '..g,, ' I J , M", M :V f Q UW: 1 I s 1 Z 9 in 'bg 4 ff, , f 'TSW , n s Q- Wg " if " '- 2 f.1. ' 3- . Y 1 ' 1" ,A , xl 'X ' sn Ki 1 ' Y O 4 "4 1 Q- .'f f ff, f? 4 , 1 ' n 12, than nf 0 , ,vwwm - My ', ?"""' I. W Ma 'wk , . My .,. 5 .5- ,v .fd 1, Q f WA, I .. af L , 1 L -fx, Jgw - wwf. Q Ax W nn f www, -nw N X. 'H M?-w'x v wx ' f-A M is K A KL X X Q . , 35,45 X' Q fig: X K M.: X. gwgmxgkjhm ,wsu -sw M ir, ' fxwil, X f 'ws as if X3 wx L -X A g . VX V L ,X 5 .-, .SA , X M. Y X ,Jim - M ' '-.. X . - 'fx if Wittiest SHEILA COSTIN MICKEY TARLER . - Q Wi .M- e 1 ,, -mme.: .- Q51 5 . Se? wg 'Q .. X X 9 x Q Y' x ggi EX WT gh I e. ,.e,,q M ost Likely to Succeed DIANNE FISHER JAN SMITH . ff? 1 ,,MWTf'?"Q'f21 1 ' ' 11, uf V , , .f .,. ,4 , P AQ Most Athletic LORA GOLDEN ED BRADDY ' 3' ff, I. gfgx f 4 V 3 Q 1, Best Personality BERTHA BASS JIM SENKO MISS PAT DOEPKE Homecoming Queen B 7"""-w. Miss cARLYN DONATH Basketball Queen Miss Mums PRICE Miss Fort Lauderdale High J Q, qs tv A J' ahh x I 'z 34 H Miss KAREN EKMAN Prom Queen CANDIDATE L. H. S. crowns several Queens. wilh each Queen chosen a dihcer- enl way. The loolball Jream piclxs len candidares for Homecoming Queen, and Jrhen The school voles. Three girls are piclced by The bas- lcelball Jream lo run for baslselball Queen. The Jream also piclcs lhe winner. Every sludenl in lhe school nominales a girl for Miss Forl Lauderdale High, lhe 'ren girls wilh Jrhe mosl number of voles be- ing candidales. The school Jrhen voles a winner. Prom Queen is selecled 'lhe same, bui' only Seniors and Juniors may vole. Miss Dede Bireley Homecoming Queen , ' -, 1 1 . Y 9' I ,Zi W , X , , JA ,j Miss Berfha BBSS Miss Susan Kiffredge Homecoming Queen Key Club Sweelhearl- Miss Forl Lauderdale High Homecoming Queen Prom Queen Miss For? Lauderdale High Prom Queen Wifh courl, Millie Price and John Doel, Queen and King of Jrhe Sweerhearl' Dance. smile broadly. Hx, Miss Sharon Coons Homecoming Queen Vi T 1 Wim Miss Carol Flinn Miss Forl Lauderdale High ,Q Miss Lynn Gennaria Homecoming Queen Miss Forl Lauderdale High i if ,,.,.,m.,.,......... Miss Noel Doeplre Miss Forl' Lauderdale High msg Miss Sandy Johnson Homecoming Queen Miss Ava Ann Camp Civilan Calendar Cover Girl eg ir S, ,R 3, K M Miss Nedra Schul+z Baslcelball Queen Ava Ann enlers fo accepr her +rophy for being selecled as Cover Girl for The i958 Calendar. Miss Linda Leaird Miss Melody L in ,lv , V, .4 L ,QQ gli A ii 2 fl' f i V' J , ,Q M ,s,i , Miss Candy Cisco Miss Sandy Koch Miss Dianne Waflcins Homecoming Queen Homecoming Queen Miss For? Lauderdale High Miss For? Lauderdale High Miss Pdf? Lauderdale High Prom Queen Baslcelball Queen Prom Queen Prom Queen I99' The pzfzfin the Sports y s y Winning 'or losing., ihe Spirifiis always presenl' ai' evenfs in which lhes Flying Lfs are playing. The Spirif displayed by ihe fans in 'the crowd, by rhe feam on ihe field. or by fhe coaches on 'ihe side- lines-rhis Spirii' is never s'I'illed. We somerimes are prone 'ro ihink rhar all rhe Spirii' is in 1-he grandsrand. This is noi' +rue. The real Spirif is 'lhe kind 'lhai' makes ihe player refuse +o quif when he is iniured. I+ is fhai' Spiri+ which makes 'l'he ieam keep frying when rhey are losing. The Spirif is 'l'ha+ which gives fhe Flying L's 'l'he desire fo play 'For his school-'lhe desire 'io make Lauderdale H16 very besi' in every way. Good sporfsmanship is no+ only a greai' desire fo win buf also a gracious accepiance of a loss. I+ fakes a greai' deal of Spirii' io 'Fill 'I'his definiiion. buf i'l' is ihis charac'l'eris+ic fhai' has given fhe Good Sporfsmanship Trophy fo Fori' Lauderdale High School many rimes. is x. jak , ,. ix. L. I I 'I ' v ...M . . . A 1-Q - E ,M 1 , 4 2 '.'a' avi, . 1 ' 14 -M , he-F f Q M-J i ifi l if F5 32' k if Q? 1 Q B .I957 'SCHEDULE M Miami Jaclzson ..A.......... 6 ', Us Key Wes? .....................,.. 0 - Us Wesl' Palm ,Beach ............ I2 Us Souih Dade .................... 6 L'5 Archbishop Curley l M L's Nor-lh Miami .. Miami Tech .. Coral Gables Miami Beach .. Souih Broward ff i , 3 f FLYING L's, Cold Coast Conference Champs "Raw, buT ready," were The words oT Coach Bill ArmsTrong aT The opening OT The T957 TooTball season, wiTh The L's maTched againsT The Generals oT Miami Jackson. The Flying L's were sTriving Tor anoTher unblemished season. Since enTering The Gold CoasT ConTerence in l955, The gridmen have broughT The league Trophy home every year. STarTing The season was one oT The TinesT back- Tields in The sTaTe: halTback WalT Reed and work- horse Tullback Ed Braddy, boTh nominees Tor All- STaTe: Ted Anderson, The speedy boy who consisT- enTly goT The L's ouT oT TighT spoTsg and quarTerback Dave McMillin calling The plays and doing an ouT- sTanding iob on deTense. One oT The biggesT surprises was The Lauderdale line, which was supposed To be The L's weak spoT buT Turned ouT To be a sTrong poinT. John Doel, Tlashy L cenTer, and Tom CrawTord, The golden- Toed sophomore, were There on deTense. AT guard sTaTions were Larry CenTers and Bob Conness going boTh ways Tor The L's. Tackles were Dick Adams and Ron l-laTcher, big men in The L's Torwarcl wall. On The Tlanks were Bill Markham and Jim Senko holding down The oTTense, wiTh Ray Carson and Paul Wood- all, who recovered every Tumble wiThin reach. In The opener againsT Jackson, WalTer Reed sTarred by making Three specTacular TDs, while Ed Braddy and PaT Mulcahy each made one. The school record oT conversions was Tied when Torn CrawTord, The Team's only sophomore, kicked an exTra poinT Tor every TD. Nearly 6,000 Key WesT Tans and a 450-sTrong conTingenT Trom ForT Lauderdale waTched halTback Ted Anderson run 88 yards To score a Touchdown Tor The L's. Fullback Eddie Braddy was The sTar oT The second quarTer, running Tor Two TDs and con- necTing on a 20-yard pass To Jim Senko. The L's CrawTord compleTed Three conversions ouT oT seven To help make chowder ouT oT The Conchs. A I7-game winning sTreak was ended by The NorTh Miami Pioneers, who had specialized in Trim- ming Gold CoasT second raTers, when They sTunned Lauderdale Tans by ouTscoring The L's, in a close one, 7 To 6. SpiriT was aT iTs highesT as The daTe oT The Coral Gables game approached. The besT pep assembly oT The year was sTaged Tor This game, and shouTs oT "Disable Gables" were heard around campus. The L's played a magniTicenT game, and aT The halT The L's had made Il TirsT downs and Gables only Two. Lauderdale was leading I3 To 6. Paul Woodall had scored The TirsT TD, and McMillin caughT a pass Trom WalT Reed To run Tor The second one. ln The second halT, however, The Cavaliers surged ahead and deTeaTed The TighTing L's 32 To I3. The Gables deTeaT was soon TorgoTTen as The big game oT The year was drawing nigh. AT The annual Homecoming game, The L's were piTTed againsT Miami Beach. To make iT a perTecT nighT Tor The Lauderdale Tans, The Flying L's bounced back aTTer losing To Gables , To champion over The Beach boys I4 To 6. Wrapping up The season in a TradiTional way wiTh Their TradiTional rivals on Thanksgiving nighT, The Flying L's played The SouTh Broward Bulldogs There, in TronT oT a crowd oT 7,500 screaming Tans. A TooT lTom CrawTord'sl, a fullback lEddie Braddyl, and a Tumbling Toe added up To The Gold CoasT ConTerence Trophy Tor The ForT Lauderdale Flying L's as They downed The Bulldogs I4 To I3, in a game as Thrilling as The close score indicaTes. i Crowds cheering, shakers. pennanTs, and voodoo dolls Tlying, The cheerleaders and SpiriT greeT The L's as They open The l957 season. Fans go wild as Reed scores L's firsl louchdown of 'rhe season. Q,i Firsi' row, lef+ 'lo righi: Dave Mclvlillin, John Doel, Diclc Adams, John Pelers, Larry Cenlers, Bill Durgy. Bob Conness, Wal+ Reed, Wayne Byrd, Jim Senko. Chic Holden, Ar+hur Johnson, Ron Hafcher, Ray Carson. Ed Braddy. Bill Armsfrong Head Coach Roberf Ferrini, Lee Ives, and Lesfer Solcolowski are managers. 1:5 . s s.. if ,Q Q iv 'X if 9 r X ' A ii QM! S Y Clois Caldwell A+hle+ic Direcfor Bob Schmelz Duke Maliby Line Coach Line Coach Harold Hayes Bob Beale Junior Varsily Coach Junior Varsify Coach I Lf, Q WF' Second row: Torn Malhis, Jack Copen, Jay Barlz, Marshall Nance, Dave Pender, Alan Vordimier, Mackey Alley. Bill Markham, Ed Koerl, Paul Woodall, Jim Gronquisi, Ted Anderson, Marshall Sweel, Ken Manharl. Third row: Lee lves, manager, John Baddock, Bill Sanders, Jerry Licklider. Carl Adarns, Tom Crawford, Alan Bradd Voted MVP Q .3 W-.....,. .ok 4 X'-vw ' 1 Aunapu, Mercer McClure, Bill Meier, John Orman. Fourfh row: Pal Mulcahy, Bill Boye, Murray Newman, Doug Scoll, Sieve Fogel, Torn Burke, Dave Zwick, Bob Barnerl, George Moraiiis, Ralph McMillan. Q5-f 5 i 2 Three years of good playing paid oil for Eddie Braddy as he was voled rnosl valuable loolball player oi 'lhe l957 season. .ia- 1 "Gold Coasl Champs aqainlw proudly lauqhs Clois Caldwel as he presenls Coach Armslrong wilh 'rhe I957 Conference lrophy. Dick Adams Mackey Alley All-CounTy ' -ng-'sd' W" ' t' ,,,, f , , ' Mg V, , Q TA V my 2 To 1 f 4, K fwwkf y 7 f .sf ., W1 V , , f. X, fff , Y i A M1 WW 7 sy ,f 4 fl 1 , 1 V We ., , 4 bf e 4 ' 40 4 y, -, ' ' V in J' i I V .f if 4, ' -f Q9 , 4 f l A? 4 fs' aff' . f - I -Y 4 Bi--fs fray, ffg,o,L'ff.vL 08,1 ' 1 Alan Aunapu Ted Anderson All-CounTy l f 'Z , 4 ' V' , 'J T E-32 . ,s dd . :ff W if f ,, ff Wa' - T iffy! 7, W, X ,, ' . s ,, Q . Y.'Z'J'3'r'7'5I5 -, f V "" 1 V . Bobby BarneT+ JEY Bafh Terrific block by Markham helps L's score again. L Pi skin Carriers Capture Titles The l.'s boasTed Ten men on The All-CounTy Team, Tour men on The All-ConTerence Team, Two men made All-STaTe, and one L, WalTer Reed, received Honorable lv1enTion on The All-SouThern Team. Braddy and Reed were lisTed on all Three Teams while- Mclvlillin made All-ConTerence and CounTy. Markham was on All-ConTerence. Adams, Anderson, CenTers, Conness, Doel, Sen- ko, and Woodall all came in on The All-CounTy Team. These eleven boys made iT possible Tor The l.'s To bring home The ConTerence Trophy. Ed Braddy Wayne Byrd I Ray Carson Larry CenTers All-CounTy All'CounTy All-ConTerence , Aii.s+a+e ..-v""' ,Auf "Make 'rhaf kick!" Coaches Bill Armslrong and Bob Schmelz yell as 'rhe Flying l.'s fry for 'lhal' vital exlra poin+. Ari Johnson Ed Koefl' Bob Conness All-Counly John Doel All-Counly V 5 Bill Durgy Ron Hafcher Q, ' v il ,A ii ' 4 ci f Q l Q I Jim Gronquisl' 'fl 'X Mi f, ,,. V in 223 --1, . 26 fx, if qi, V , I .Y ' A A . 2 i , ,,, wI .,, a' " I ,E f 1 ...Q f 'fb Q ,z Wfj, , f L , V, ,,,,,, A I .lf .. , 2. v ff w 'f2m,, V f 'MM ,QL ' f.- ' , if .. V ' ' 't W5 yjiz J, Chic Holden Bill Markham All-Conference Tom Mafhis As he 'rears down The field for anofher specfacular 'rouclwdown, Reed keeps a wary eye on his man D M M, ' ,S Have Outstanding Backfield ave c ilin AH-Counfy All-Conference George Mora+is Pai' Mulcahy John Pefers Wal+ Reed All-Coun+y All-Conference All-Sfafe -. , NA 1. Murray Newman John Orman Jim Senko Paul Woodall All-Coun+y All-Counfy Los L's ,.....,..,...... I9 l-'S .............,., I9 Cenlral Cafhglic -A,,.,A--- L's .A.,..........V, I2 L's ,,.,.........,,, 40 0 L's ........,.,..... I2 L's .,,...........V. I3 L's ..........,..,,. 7 Tin 4 1 Lose 111 I 957 SCHEDU LE Nor+h Miami ,,,,L.-,,.,.,,',,. McAr+l1ur .,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,I,,,A , Pompano ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, -,,-..- Shanahan JV's snow slrong defense. Miami Beach ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, Coral Gables ,,,., ,,,,,,, O 0 I3 I3 L's --......,,,..... I3 I4 I2 26 S0uI'l1 Broward ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Johnson Acclaimed Mosl valuable player, Ted Johnson, accepfs Ilne covelecl Iroplvy awarded bim for a iob well done during '57, , .. l """"""""' pn-uf ,lb ,z, ,WMI 1 B1 QI ' I ' 'I A ' ' ' I ' B QIKLQM I il ,.,,, ,I IW T I I, I IIIIIIM g.eI.I5M,.:,, ...,,.,.f'f ' ,.z P ' i""' nm ' ' r I ffl wa l I I 1' If ea w ee-+1-me "ma ' " l "',. li, an 5:3 - ' " -,LL ' gf, gi f I ' "oa , 2- I ai Q I I ff, V A ' In I .I I,IaI I 3 ,533 .sy , Ia a I H w ' f if -v-wares I I I ,,f - ,I I , I. I If ' ig," . f A ,eyeing 'WS I I gn, ,7 .I I 'TY R, IAQI v 'C KJ N! Firsl' row, leff 'fo rigl1'I: Bob Whalen, Howie Di Blasi, Tim Winninqbam, Milne Heclcerl, Bob Berrylwill, Bill Quinn, Carl Smillw. Second row.: Bob Perrigo, Bill Florence, Bill Tarquine, Jolwn Slirnpson, Gene Long, Diclc Wolf, Leonard Lewis. Third row: Alan Birclw, I-lal Fuqale, ge-dkJolvInson, Roger Wise, Bruce Wagner, Riel: Munger, Russ Fraser.Four+l1 row: Jon Belnr, Jay Scoll. Bill Valenline, Jim Irby, Al Kubala, ic Wi cox, Sou+hwes+ ,... Key Wesi' ......,.... Miami Jackson .... Miami Tech ..,...... Miami Soufh BASKETEERS Take to the Hardwood Green buT deTermined, Flying L Cagers hiT The hardwood wiTh an opening vicTory over 5ouThwesT 45-32. The L's paced The Tloor Trom The sTarT, lead- ing The Eagles by aT leasT six poinTs ThroughouT The game. The nexT Three games, Key WesT, Miami Jaclrson, and Miami Beach, were losses Tor Lauder- dale clribblers. Their second vicTory was over Miami Tech 45 To 29. Losing To NorTh Miami by a close score, The L's reTaliaTed wiTh wins over Archbishop Curley and SouTh Dade: however, beTween The laTTer games Miami l-ligh downed The L's. Home games, Key WesT and Miami Edison, were losT, buT The L's rallied To Thrilling vicTories over STrana- han 54 To 50 and SouTh Dade 52 To 36. WiTh Three minuTes To go in The STranahan game, The L's seTTled down To play The game They lcnow so well. Riclc McDermoTT was The engineer oT This comebaclc Train wiTh The aid oT STeve Nealey and Charlie Moore. The SouTh Dade game was The besT Team eTTorT oT The season Tor The L's who scored Their TourTh Gold CoasT ConTerence win againsT Three losses. The Cagers sparlcled Through The shooTing oT John Leaird, WalT Fleming, and Tonie Toney. Coral Gables proved a biTTer downTaII, Tollowed by a Triumph over Miami Tech 48 To 37. The L's Bill Weber T Coach F i were deTeaTed in Their nexT Three games wiTh SouTh Broward, Miami Edison, and NorTh Miami. The Flying L's ouTscored Curley during The TirsT eighT minuTes oT The Lauderdale-Curley game To win a 68-3l vicTory. The L's were downed laTer by STrana- han, Miami l-ligh, SouThwesT, Miami Beach, SouTh Broward, and Coral Gables. The Flying L's Tinished The season on a high noTe, deTeaTing The Generals oT Miami Jackson 65-63. The lasT Three minuTes oT This exciTing game The Tans were noT oTT Their TeeT. They were cheering Tor The Tive boys ThaT were malcing sure They wenT ouT in a vicTory. The season ended wiTh The Cagers carrying Coach Bill Weber ouT on Their shoulders. Win or lose, The Flying L Cagers had a successful season wiTh The discovery oT Three ouTsTanding Sophomores. Lauderdale l-ligh's record oT 28 poinTs per game was brolcen by 6 TooT 2 inches Riclc McDermoTT, who scored 30 poinTs in The SouTh Dade game. A successTul season, noT always win- ning, noT always losing, The Flying L Cagers proudly displayed The TradiTional ForT Lauderdale persever- gnce, deTerminaTion, and mosT oT all, ThaT FighTing piriT. J. D. S'l'epheng Riclr McDermoH' T T Tonie Toney WalT Fleming Don Meredifh Charlie Moore Ray Carson i i Dick Rober+s Tom Pember Lanky McDermo'r+ soars 'io 'The raffers To Jruck The winning poinis in+o fhe baske? while 'ihe fans cheer wi+h exci+emen+ as 'rhe L's win over Shanahan 54-50. wi we i 3' f 3 C L95 s ei e m s 4 Q? i i e , H 2 , Lauderdale Ca ers Show Fine 5 Bm DUVQY ScoH Anselmo um . Q Q up W , l A ia, 1 4 Fi htiug Spirit + 1 'D II? Q is J. D. Sieplwens Jrwisfs 'rhe ball inio ihe baskei' +0 Hue surprise and deliglwf of Hwe bug-eyed speciaiors as The firs+ polni of fhe +l'arEHIng game is scored. 1- Ronnie Eward Sieve Nealey JOM Leiifd Daffe MCMHIM Ass1s+an+CoacH Firsl row, lefi 'io righf: Larry Borregard. Manager: Dick Wolfe, Doug Cook. John Barker, John Hammond, Bill Milliken, Bob Longo, Bill Wilson, Jack Chapman. Coach. Second row: Sian Wood, John Zion, Bill Valenline, Larry Slarr, Tom Crawford, Hal Fugale. UNIOR C GERS Split Season Jackchapman I 958 SCH EDU LE Larry Siarr siars again as he dodges S+ranahan's ailempi +o block his shoi. ' Soulhwesl ........., I7 L's ,,,.. ........ 4 3 Miami Edison ....,, ......... 6 0 Miami Jackson ..............,.,. ...... ,,.,.... 3 6 Norfh Miami .................,L, 4l Miami Beach .,....,. ,.,,, ,,,,.,,, 7 0 Archbishop Curley .....,.... 40 Miami Tech .......,..... .,..... ,.,.., ..,.,,., 2 7 S 'rranahan .,............,.........,. 38 Norih Miami .......,............ ,..... ,.,...,. 4 3 Miami High ....,.e,,. ......... 5 9 Archbishop Curley ...... ,,,,.... 3 I Sou'rhwes+ .....,,,.,.... ......... 2 3 Miami High .........,.......,,,.. ..... ........ 5 2 Miami Beach .,,..... ......... 4 6 Soufh Dade ...........,...,....,. ..... ......,. S o ufh Broward ...... ,..,.,... 3 6 Cenrral Calholic Miami Edison .,..e, Sfranahan ........ Souih Dade ...A Coral Gables .,..,. 24 . ........ 43 Coral Gables .. ......., .33 . ...,,... 46 Miami Jackson .. ,,...... .40 Miami Tech ....,...,........,,,.. 34 I Ls-Mn SOUHN Broward The Dragons clefealed The Baby Ls 36 To 33. John Barker hangs suspended in mid-air as ieammales Longo Hamill, Wood, and Wilson walch open-moulhed for him +o recover The ball. H W' 1 - ng Z' 1 . 'lb- , if f - 1 . 1 ' r S f 'EV 2 Q 0 " ij: 14 S ffl' ' I DU! r D ,ug"Q in ij G A L's IZV2 I8 I7 3V2 7 9 7V2 I7V2 I5V2 IB 1 John Sullivan Coach Bill Evans Roberi Crissy V lrv Hehler ULF TEA Tees Off s New Coach Directs I 957 GCLF RESU LTS Pine Cresi' ....... Coral Gables Shanahan "B" ..... Riverside M.A. .,......... . Wesl Palm Beach ....,. Coral Gables Miami Beach Shanahan "B" ....... Miami Edison Soulh Broward .,..... S+a-le Tournamenl' ............ Gold Coasi' Conference Firsl' row, leff fo righi: Dick Myers. Ronnie will, Bill Evans, Coach John Sullivan. Opp. 2Vz 9 l 3V2 5 3 4Vz V2 ZV2 0 5+h lsf Thoma s, lrv l-lelzler Ken Sherwood Dick Myers Tom Russell, Roberl' Crissy. Second row: Ken Sherwood. David Manl- TW U WI ,J .il 1 FirsT row, leTT To righT: Dee Dudan, Mary Jo MeneTee. Sue l-lircshTelcl, Bev Forman, Micki T-lerberT, Mary Briggs. Lora Golden. Jane Collins, Nancy SumwalT. Nancy BarbariTa. Second row: Coach Lihan, Wilma Pursel, Susan I-leaTh, Jean l'lirschTeld, Dede Bireley, Linda HirschTeld, Judi SmiTh, Joan RoberTson, Virginia Michie, Jo Akers. Linda Rand. Divers on The girls' swimming Team are V. Michie. J. Akers. and L. Rand. Lora Golden Linda Rand MERMAIDS Splash Opposition to Cop Second Spot Honors Flying L Mermaids compleTed Their '57 season placing second in The Gold CoasT meeT and winning Third place aT STaTe. They smashed The previous l6O-yard medley relay record aT The Casino Pool. The new Time esTablished was l:43. Mary Briggs, Bev Forman, Sheila CosTin. and Lora Golden composed The relay Team. The L's splashed Through high school compeTiTion winning 9 ouT oT a ToTal oT ll meeTs. DespiTe biTing winds and lowering TemperaTures oT 320 The Mermaids oT '58 sTaged Their early morning pracTices wiTh deTerminaTion. The six reTurning leTTermen, includ- ing CapTain Lora, are expecTed To lead The girls Through a successTul season. T .,.. . Vw "T" rf g an I 5 X ' 3' " ilii. 'U X f 1 'gf i ' T' . i - 9 up 'T .Tf 1 .A 4 J Q ...- 7 an Bev Forman Miclci HerberT Mary Briggs I957 SWIMMING RESULTS L's OPPS. 68 Miami Beach ...,., ....... I 8 58 SOUH1 Broward ,... ,,,,,., 2 7 57 Pompano ........... ....... 2 9 2l Coral Gables ...,A ..65 66 Sfranahan ..... ....... I 8 5I For? Myers .,.,... 26 I5 Pine Cresf ...,..... .....,. 7 I 59 Miami Jackson .... ..,.... 2 7 53 Miami Jackson ...... ....,.. 3 2 52 NorI'I1 Miami ...... ,.......,. 3 4 69 Soufh Broward ,... .,,....,.,..,. I 5 Infer-Couniy ........,..... ...,,,. S econd Goldcoasi Mee+ .....,., ....... S econd Disrrici' Mee+ .,....,.. .,,.. F our+I1 Sfafe Meef .. .. .,..... Third Four of H19 Ieam awaif Iheir signal. "On your mark! Sei' sei! Go!" i Pying L schedule. J, f gift! 4 , ,.,L.-.- if ii.-.. fx ERMEN A r i L h h Q - ,, , fy. f:fk. kV 3 V Q Q . fm" ff' Y iff' -,"'f. of Coach Richard Fe'Hers John Colquiii- Jim Mackie yi M . 1957 SWIMMER Rank I-hgh 111 State l ll y , 29'-'Q 4 A Flying l. lvlermen swepi Jrhrough Their i957 swimming season 'lo place second and lhird in Siale and Dis+ric+ compelilion respeciively. , ,f 7 " 'V" f I Second place honors were won by 'rhe L's a+ bolh lnler-counly and 3 WY Goldcoasl mee+s. Lellerman Dave Pollock once again copped All- Dave Henry in A American honors for free-slyle. The l958 Mermen under lhe coaching of Fl. Lauderdale's new swimming coach, Richard Feilers, are looking forward lo a successful an season. The L's boasiing only five lellermen welcomed ihe arrival ofa y 'ill Jim Souder, a le++erman from Sr. Pelersburg. Jeff Shullen, Jim Maclcie, M Diclc Smiih, and Souder are expecred +o aid in The drive for Slale ' i f i i ,,fff"""! ,. Dick Smifh Wealher is no barrier To 'rhese boys, for ihey work our a+ any lime of year. J, -.1 WMZQQ-g..w'f1 ' '- Mfr-sz, ff ff - I " '-" 4 we W. ' . ff KV f , ..1 V 9' 1 I 1 . f ., ,. . ,, ffm. . wkfo f w f A .af ,Af AV , .. f I- -f A '-f', - -' . , ,. fwfr -aww,-4 ' ff ' .. 1, 1. .-5-f'f+'aW -- W.-vw ,.., ,ff ,w ff zf -'fe , ,f,ff ff-,4 f,.,,- . .V A ,mn - . . .,ii.0. . W .. .V -,-.ff ,f l WV ,i,,. . if ,- if f'-c' - ge. 1- ' nga 4,3 ' f- , ,, ' .. ,fv ,-f f of hh, V , f. . mx. F ., ?!fg.77Q!T VV ,4 " ' - x 2 ., . - . - -f..vf:f'Y'fir " . f ffaf"" V -ff-5 . . 1ffz1""Q-'44 ' ' aff " , , ,I i V 4' N - f ' " " as f ,iii -, lg ,355 - 1 -4 az - mxsagq. , ei. 1 , , V J 17.7, . - ffer ax . - 1 i f 1... H a v' W if A ,V --:fy-' 1.:. 6 1 A? - . M' ' f F car .-V N - i f 2 V, : -' g VK w i mf' f-'ff . V f 'M' H f VAS " , 5555, - f'5i:'jg.ff.,,-fgpfj' I fy my, , .y-,limi b 9,7 89 ,4 .. K ! V .,,g . MW - x , iv. M ,Ng , . .. A - H J -,..g,?.7:,--X K5 Y , A. - .. . , . ..,. ,M We .. . ,. . .f Vyggg .g . Under New Coach Into 19 8 Season 1957 SWIMMING RESULTS L's OPPS. 57 Miami Beach ...... . ........ 29 46 Soufh Broward ..... ........ 3 8 59 Pompano .......,....,,, ,,,,.... 2 6 I8 Coral Gables .,.,... ........ 6 I 66 Shanahan ..,...... .....,.. I 2 42 Pine Cresi .,.,.,.,. ..,,,,., 44 54 Miami Jackson ...., ........ 3 2 4I Miami Jackson ...., ...,.,..... 44 49 Soufh Broward ..... ............... 3 6 Infer-Counfy ...,...,...,. ....... S econd Goldcoasi Meef ........ ........ S econd Disfrici' Meel' ......... ......,.... T hird Siafe Meei' ......... ........ S econd Three of The boys' swimming ieam push off Io finish fhe heal. fi-in Firsf row, Iefi 'Io righh Bruce Dempsey, Jim Mackie, John Colquilf, Dave Henry, Je-if Shulfen, Richard Smilh. Jim Souder, William McCarIhy. Second row: Coach Feffers, Dan Mundriclc, Woody Maxwell, Roberi Browne, Philip Christ Dennis Gahagen. Walier Burlrhardi. Guy Mefzger, Pem DeMiIIy. - eeeee is 1 film? W.,-M-,A--' gg f .. A--H-fc -Meg "' L " "" 'T ' KSTQTI... 5 -W-1----:fe-ee A A-e'i' ee -'laws '-"4" -- :ef-' ' """' ' A awww-- 'X 'L ' in ".--.-'us' l'lTF!.!f'5,e-W . re-'yy' T 1 rr A' as Q - ao... f my-by .Amie .L g M... ' f - n . ITL .-A V' Q' 2 " Aff-- ---- IP. Y" '3' A -' L- : -is . i' ' T I Hz' ' Q -' T L . wtf 'vi sr A ' ' ' 'T X , .rw R uf B-4, 5 ' ' i 4 ii '31 'Qi T Q , ,N -or ' 'Ql....l'a H Q sa: 'Mig IH 'fi' A- A ' in .gf V I 53 shi Firsl' row, leff 'lo righl: Bill Durgy. Bill Markham, John Pelers. Tom Malhis, Marshall Nance, Wall Reed, Alan Aunapu, Max Mincey, Tod Dunn, Frank Hadley. Jerry Licklider. Second row: Howie Du Bois, Dennis Hulchinson, Dave Overmoyer, Marshall Sweet Paul Richards. Dennis Barlon, Ted Anderson, George Morailis, Norman Kasch, Pal Flemming, John Orman. Third row: George Pierson, George Washinglon, Jim McCormick, Bob McGranahan, Mercer McClure, John Doig, Tom Owens, Malcom Weaver, Denny Hage, Pal Mulcahy. Dave Hochslrasser. Fourlh row: Andy Mclnlyre, Alan Vordermeier. Jim Irby, Lee Ives, Bill Boye. Jim Baker, Dennis Knowles, Bob Twombly, Bill Adkins. Fiflh row: Dick Adams, Arl Johnson, Ted Meyer, Herbi Chrisfian, Lee Vaughn, Lloyd Rice, Mike Chillon, Bill Kenl, Dave Neccio, Gary Bloom. Sixlh row: Olen Burch, Bob Berryhill, Rus Frazier. Ted Johnson, Billy Quinn, Mackey Alley, Carl Adams. John Behr, Bob Coffee, Francis Levar. Sevenlh row: Bob Miller, Carl Siulz, Managers. I 957 TRACK RESU LTS L'g ,,,,,,,, ,,,,.,,,, 8 9 Norlh Miami ....v...........,..... 34 , - L'5 ,,,,,,,, ,.,,,,,,, 8 9 Miami Jackson .... ........ 3 4 fi ' L'5 ,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, 76 Hialeah ,,........,.,.. ,....... 6 l Soulh Broward L'5 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,, 88 Miami High ....... ........ 6 3 Norlh Miami Firsl-Miami High Relays Firsl-Broward C0Unl'Y Third-Miami lnvilalional Second-Dlsfrid Meel Sixlh-Miami Relays Third-Siale Meal' Firsl-Soulh Broward lnivalional Firsl row, lefl lo righl: Tom Owen, Dennis Barron, Tod Dunn. Second row: David Overmoyer, Jim McCormick, John Doig. and Bob McGranahan are lhe members of 'lhe Cross-Counlry Team, Ty Smi+h Coach 'S Q Tek Jim McCormick 'B . 'Xa and its ,, eg . Rounding The final lap, lhe Flying l.'s pul in 'rhal' push ro break lhe lime in a praclice session. :lim McCormick Iunges over rhe high lump fo ser anolher oulslanding record for 'rhe fraclc learn. sligaaaliw L. l958 TRACK SCHEDULE 20-Hialeah a+ Moore Perl: v f Feb. ' March 7-Hialeah Hexagonal a+ Moore Parlr I4-Miami High Relays al' Moore Park 2I--Miami Universify Relays i 25--Soulh Broward 29-Florida Relays af Gainesville April 3-Coral Gables Relays 9-Gold Coasl Conference ai' Moore Parlr I8-Souih Broward lnvifafional 24-Counly Meel' ai Pompano May 2-Regional ai' Moore Parlr IO-S+a're al' Gainesville TRACKMEN Add Another Successful Year Ted Anderson Dennis Bar+on John Doig Bill Durgy Denny Hage Jerry Liclclider Wall' Reed David Overmoyer ' " YN 'Y QQ, +ve ' f 1'-fy. ' i iq, if , Ai. y, , x. LJ- Li . eff 'ur Y - - , L, 3 :Au anus- 5 ga- - 7 .,,4 . ' flees? r ,E 'Ar ' ff- ,gf ,,-I .N K, .?,,6,, '1-an a vi ,wr r T , 'cf f if 'Hp QQ , 2 H "b, s 'f' f 1 3 W4 l Q A - Z , ' " .. ' ,.,- ' , V T yay- -ina 4 Jani. .,i',? , 3 . L, .V . 1 -Q 5 X Oi ' f M 1' fa: f4 f X K WW ,W rw , f f f K ,Y fvffffgtf If 2 .Wf,w14f"+' prxfygy, ' 5: gf-pf rj -- 'r wefwf 4' f .ui if In I nw aff ,gg X ,I 7, f ig, if ,fl A ' in T 43, y.f,if,4 7 , gm' I ,gig fry, ff zhgg -Mfr-'T, M' , '91 -1 Tw 5 ffm, ,f 4-,avg-4w67,sf,gM,vLp' ' ' 1 , f. . A ' ' I , gg " ,ig fp .J ' T ' ., f f f'f., ,k,,'7"355 " 31 .Lv , X ,Z49'WW,.f'A Ziff . ff, igiffffjj 'T' A I 'ij' ' ' Bob Ba rn eT+ ,.W. Paul Woodall John Doel :jx ffyyjg-,g r yn! ,MXH ' P Coach Paul Davis demonsTraTes proper grip while an aTTenTive Team gaThers around. BASEBALL Team Takes Baseball season Tor i957 ended successTully lasT year wiTh eighTeen wins and only one loss To Their record. The Team. under The direcTion oT Coach Paul Davis, Toolc TirsT place in The Gold CoasT ConTerence: TirsT in The SevenTh DisTricT: and made The Semi-finals in The STaTe where They losT To SarasoTa, 4-3. Senior Gary Simmons was The Team's leading hiTTer, baTTing 348. while Paul l-liggs was The number one piTcher, winning Ten games and losing one. Eddie Braddy, a senior This year. led The Team during I957 wiTh The mosT hiTs. 78. and The mosT baTTed in, 58. The Flying l.'s were leTT diamondless This year as Their Tield was Taken over by The ciTy, buT TorTunaTely They were able To move To Holiday Parlc. WiTh only six reTurning leTTermen, The Team had To begin The season wiTh many new recruiTs. Paul Woodall Tags Bob BarneTT ouT as he slides in aT home, buT iT's all in a day's pracTice I Coach Paul Davis Doug Cool: Tom Crawford Gold Coast Conference i957 BAS Cenlral Cafholic EBALL RESU LTS Curley ........,..,.,.,.,,,., Pompano Miami Edison .... Norlh Miami .,v, Wesi' Palm Beach Curley ,..,..,,.,,........ Soulh Dade ,.......... Miami Beach .,.. Souih Broward ...,. Soufh Wesl' ........ Miami Tech ...... Key Wes? ...,..,..,,., Soufh Broward .,,.. Norih Miami .,..,..,,..,. Miami Edison ....,.,,..,, Wesf Palm Beach Miami Jackson ......... Key Wes? ............. OPPS. ....,...l3 I I 5 'im . Time passes slowly for an enlhusiasiic leam, while each player awails his 'lurfl af bal- Q 4, ' ' ii' 4 A r ef' 5 I 5 , ' 4 he Ed Braddy V ..-1 r fr- A .,.,1 .z r. ,J 4 4 I, y is Vip .fl .1 s1f.- 5 4 -fig' f 1. 4 ra. el .. B "iw hi 1-I ,, N 5' 1 " iw lf . U ,, . f M' Q 'fe U : I A ,Valid VA rv ij, if 1 ff .. if 1 - B 'fl' 4 - B il ii ivy: In "' ' B f'ff "l 4 B A 'Q 4 .. we an K Dave McMillin li' jf' 'di' E ' 'szff .ff Y" 3' ' U' .s "Q yy V 223 'i D Farsi row lefl' io rigl1+ Franlc Evans Jerry Pfeiffer Dave D rrull D an C ffm Jm Railili, Joh Adler Dick Grim Second row Ray Allen Jack Baird Squire Knox Doug Scoll Bull Srnifla, Jo 5+-+5 112131 rf -Hr' +w++M as rv fn?" Q 9"9"',i 4-' Fix? wi-5 7" 4 . of 1-A - ,.. ..-V, .A' .1-arf' 244, li Lauderdale NETME Complete ueeessful TENN Season i958 SCHEDULE Jan. 3 l-Pompano Feb. 5- Feb. I2-Hialeah Feb. I9-Coral Gables Feb. 26-Pine Cresi March 5-Shanahan March I2-Miami Beach March l4, I5-Couniy Tournameni March I9-Souih Broward March 27, 28, 29--Souih Broward Tournameni April 2-Key Wes? April IO, ll, I2-Gold Coasl' Tournamenl' April I7, IS, I9-S+a+e Tournameni Jerry Pfeiffer John Adler . ..i:A:g4,,,2,a-ffffffffff i" .1 ,l ,. Ill I KaTy Karl: A CapTain L ' f .rj y Elaine BeTTis M ., , . .ITT K 5. 3,,.,- vi ., - ,,...x.. V, -gf . , .,.. . . vi T ,.- -, e.H-"'1,..f 4 K 1, 'f y vA,., D. Durrill reTurns a scorching neT shoT To D. Grim. Nancy Lumbard Linda Jones WiTh Tive wins and Two losses, The Flying L girls' Tennis Team Tinished TourTh in The STaTe TournamenT Tor a successTul season in l957. They challced up vicTories over NorTh Miami, Coral Gables. Miami Beach, DayTona Beach, and Key WesT, and losT To Pine CresT and SouTh Broward. The I957 co-capTain, Alice Argyros, received TirsT place in The singles in The second division, while The capTain, Jackie Collum, wenT inTo The STaTe TournamenT, undeTeaTed, where she placed second. KaTy Kirlc, 1958 girls' capTain, was chosen mosT improved player. The boys' Team Toolc second place in The CounTy TournamenT and Tied Tor second in The Gold CoasT ConTerence. Under Coach Skip Greene, They Tinished Their season wiTh 4 wins and 4 losses, winning over NorTh Miami, Miami High, SouTh Broward, and Key WesT, and losing To Coral Gables, Miami Beach, Pine CresT, and DayTona Beach. Jane Burns Marilyn Floyd Jane Garber Coach FirsT row, lefi' To righT: Coach Jane Garber, Marilyn Floyd. Nancy Lumbard, Elaine BeTTis. Jane Burns, KaTy Kirlc, Linda Jones. Bonnie Higgins. Second row: Denise Schuller, KiTTy Page, Wendy Taylor, Eleanor Grace. Linda Douglas, Lesley CarpenTer, Be-Tsy Sheard, BeTsy Fishburn, Amy Sleelc, Nancy CarTer. Q4' e..,, - 3' ., 'axX1 l.auderdale's Flying Cheerleaders span The L gym Tloor To lead The fans in a cheer Tor . Have GGOT That piriti The Team. Margaref Als+on B9f+l1B'B6SS Advisor Capiam WiTh The coming oT spring, The VarsiTy Cheering Try-ouTs geT under way. The hopeTuls pracTice aTTer school Tor weelcs To learn and perTecT The TiTTeen cheers used Tor eliminaTions. On The lasT day Those ThaT are remaining Trom The Three previous eliminaTions are judged in The Tinals by TaculTy members. This year's squad has nine members, wiTh lvliss lvlargareT AlsTon, Advisor. You can always spoT our squad, wiTh Their neaT ouTTiTs, loads OT pep. and precision cheering, absolurely The besT in The sTaTe. Even a Tield lcnee deep in waTer doesn'T daunT Their spiriTs. "We're Trom Lauderdale, couldn'T be prouder," They shouT1 and so we are. sy is if , , mf r ,, V 4 X fi I V WL , 5,1 The Flying l. Cheerleaders Torm The 4 H A' Well-known HV.. for vlcTory cheer. I .V 4 g, ' . , r u, , ,1 ,, .4 4 1 . . ,4 fy fag JY if 'si f V ul, Q 7,477 ,f f lg! , , I Z ' Q ,yu sf f - W ..4, V 3 f ,, ,sv A 47 , 7 if f x 'lv QV f 4 fr if 4 Q 2 . , av 4 4 9 4 4, MJ " 5 f 11 1 7 'w ,fs Z 4 4' 4 ai .W f , , . , f ,fy V ' 11 537 i f 1 if 'HS' Q 4 if y jfs -P V , H sw ,Krazy ' ,. ? 9' 'W' A iff? W 2 y 4 . X.-A iff ' ' 9 if W i i , ,QT ii X X X I 5 9! ff ff, Q , ' 1-.fw , H 5574.1 . . ,, I , if l?7?if -5 , pf , , 'xy isri . 'f , 43122 ' ff l ' f ' 2 1-fWi f ff! ny -affix' , , Q 4 'fyfxiw ' 1i.ff',.-3 ' ,-,' , ,. r5,,f,! X ig 2 ' r 7,5 M' Z' 'fi'f1La.- N -- f f ,sr V ,,., fe f l V , f g 'X i f VW ? iirif me A A '- ,gfwi ,ff ,V ,. -V ,ss ,fm , iw f X , , f' f ff WE, , ' 4 1 3" ' H, ,' 'W fgylpwhi' C' QVC ,ffl "5 df! 'r "4 f fi' r 1 ' gggff, 1 if , ' .. 41424163 Wi? My r, SpiriT Andy MclnTyre and CapTain Berfha "We're gonna' rock Curley TonighTl" yell Tans and Bass dernonsTraTe vicTory cheers Tor The pep Cheerers as They spur The L Cagers on To vicTory again. assembly. Sharon Coons Carlyn Donaih Carol Zimmer Pal Fafl9Y Carol Flinn Susan Kilrlredge Sandy Koch Slliffon OSl9fl'1OUCl+ Coecaplafn J V CHEERERS Are Tlying L Born' Leff fo righh DeErie Mcprerson Ann Ferriimg Sandy AGNES JOYCE Cascria Mars?-e KIrigs'ey, and Vicki Todd. "Figlw+! Fighfl Fighfll' ye'l lhe Flying L Cheerers for lhe Cagers. JV's are Sophomores, chosen each Augusl. The Cheerlead- ers praclice long hours lo gel lhal iumpmiusl a lillle higher" and lhal voice 'liusi a lillle lower." Leading The girls in fheir snappy cheers aricl chamls are Caplain Viclci Tocld ancl Co-Caplain Ann Fleming 'rhis year. l .Aw , Q 145, . L. as ,aw The pzfzf in the Clubs There is a club on 'ihe Lauderdale campus 'For every inieresi: career club, language club, honorary club, and religious club. Each one's main obieciive is fo be a service +o Fori' Lauderdale High School and io furlher i'l's school spirii. Clubs bring people 'iogeiherq i'l' is 'ihrough clubs 'lhal' friends are made as 'ihey worlz hand in hand, side by side, on a project Teachers and siudenfs are broughl' closer iogefher 'ihrough 'iheir common inferesfs in a club. Wiih fhirfy-+wo clubs and nearly 'l'wo fhousand sludenis, ihe campus is always busfling wiih aciiv- ifies-balce sales, calendar sales, shalzer sales, rum- mage sales, and Flying L fwin sales. There is always a sale of some kind on ihe pafio. The daily bullefin is filled wi'I'h club meefing clafes 'and slcii' rehearsals. lf's all a whirlwind of ac+ivi+y of which every L is a part Two new service clubs were added 'io 'ihe campus l'his year-Junior Sinawilr and Junior Exchange. Junior Sinawilr is a girls' club which was formed foo lafe fo be included in 'I'he EBB TIDE. Boih clubs are looking 'Forward fo many years of service fo L. H. S. Clubs are an impor'l'an+ parf of ihe School Spirii' of Forl' Lauderdale High: if is here fhal' many 'Find an ouflei' for ihe Spirif fhey possess. Ii My Z vii frm-W f f Joe Jackson Granr Marlow 7 Presiden+ Vice Presidenf I Wm - l 'irwig' r 5, .I lla A Geneva Riclcard Sponsor Scholarship, characler, leadership, and serv- ice are gualilies considered before one is in- viled inro lhe Honor Sociely. The Honor So- ciely of l958 has amended irs Conslilulion ro slare lhal' a 7.2 average is needed To receive an invi+alion info Jrhe club, ralher Than a pre- vious 7.5. An Honor Sociely member can nor receive a "C" on his reporr card. Each year Jrhe members Jralce charge of measuring Jrhe Seniors lpr Jrheir caps and gowns. The Honori Sociely members also run a luroring service for all srudenrs. Berry Turlen Mary Briggs Jim Harlsel Secrefary Treasurer HiSiOI'i6f1 A big proiecr of rhe Honor Sociely is The measuring of caps and gowns. Here Carlyn Donalh measures Carles Ozman for his gown while Jeff Schulren loolcs on. The Honor Sociely is happy lo have The Sfale Honor Socie-ry President Tyll Van Geel, from Soulh Broward visir one of Jrheir meelings 'X wlv, J . elf, Fontor Sociefy Presidenf Joe Jaclcson leads candle-liglul inifiarion wiflw 'Hue lnelp of Jim Harrsel, Mary Briggs, Granl Marlow, and err a Bass. HO OR OCIETY Has Select Membership - ef 4. nf. 'x X I "" SCOTT Bedlma Lois Anselmo Bass Bell 4 M D fa., 2 7, , , ,I in ,ip ' , 1 ff J Linda Eslwlernan measures Marilyn Huni J " yi "-6 J for cap size wlnile Fred Joyce iols if V Y' " 4 ' of Clown. ., 'blfg' I ' f Candy Carlyn Linda Ken Cisco Donaflw Eslielrnan Gurry W f E Doroflny Fred Milce Judy Dick John Hallquisl Joyce Kaericlier Kearon Krause Lavalue 5i""" A, lr up I VV , , x P, , I ff 'Q K VM Merilyn Jean Doreen Dofgfhy Tony Doreen McDonald Malcernson Rooney 5+eff,bUCli Toney Weiilqey L, 1? 1- Q a gr 5, 'B , K X. . . N. g g 5 Xxx an ,,- I' ' 3' W if-X. Y 'n pfi e 1 ri m . X Q 'FP s ,. 'lib-N a 'VNV if --'V 1 . N , 6 . . ,. av, Xxiwzwx gsm. ri J., . dw- ., i ,ive W fm fa Q A gsm Firsi' row: Carol Berardi, Leila Coan, Par Farley, Jewel Geoghaghan. Mary Hildebrandt Linda Leaird, Caihy Pierce. Second row: Marilyn Boyd, Norma Combs. Judy Ferguson, Lynn Gilroy, Virginia Humphrey, DeEHe McPheron, Jennine Pillman. Third row: Mary Briggs, Sheila Cosiin, Carol Flinn, Lora Golden, Pam Hyde, Elsie Marcum. Millie Price. Fourih row: Joyce Casoria, Sylvia Cross, Beverly Forman, Linda Heep. Kary Kirk, Marcia Mirson, Barbara Roman. Fiffh row: Lynne Chaffee, Shelby Eaves, Joan Fowler. Barbara Hepp, Lillian Koerl. Judy Needs, Nedra Schullz. Anchor Club disringuished ilseli again 'lhis year by Jrhe produclion of ilrs annual co-proieclr, Melody Circus. Funds from This enierprise and oiher proiecis such as ihe Spaghe-Hi Dinner and dances aiier games are used for financing non-money making services for Jrhe school and communiry. Reading +o blind srudenls, working in rhe school Guidance Cenier, arranging programs for resi homes, and sponsoring a Chrislmas program ai' a iuber- culosis hospilal are a few of lhe annual proiecls. "Don'+ Gum Up rhe Works" signs placed over drinking founlains was a new service io 'lhe school. The members are selecled Jrwice a year on 'lhe basis of leadership, char- aclrer, and scholaslic averages. To remain a member, M t n Jrhe girls have lo mainiain iheir average and a specified Soplwmole Elsie Malcum Wmls 'n llle Gmdance Depamimenl number of service hours. Organized in l953, ir has re- as a service +o,her school while adding ro her Anchor hours. . . . 1 ' manned an ouislanding service cub. ia' 1 , f-fuzkaglgi! f o" i"'3'.fQ:'?5 + V' , Y , ,,V,, we a 41" 4 iv, , 2, K ye j "fit-1 5 Q M, fl' Variety Show elod Circus is Big CHDR Project Q 4, I: 1 1 K"f sf., fi 'Wifi' 5 fir ff 1 Dororhy Sreinbuch Diane Fisher Linda Srafford Presicie-n+ Vice Presideni Secrefary Sandy Johnson Doroihy Barrinqer Giadys Spencer Treasurer Advisor Advisor Barbara Waiicer Diane Wafkins Linda Weaver Doreen Werhey Mary Sue Wiison mil' "Do you know Jrhese iwo girfs?" "Does +he face iook vagueiy Familiar?" They are Anchor girls, in iheir debui on'+he srage, in Anchor's Melody Circus. ,D M4 'O pinqs! Weasel" Josf look ar rhai defe spegherh, Anchor chefs. Sreia and Leia pags C chow. swf 'S AL, Ronnie Geiger Sc3o'rlAnSelVT1O John Perers Mike Kaericher Arrhur Decker Presideni' Vice Presicienl' Secrefary Treasurer Sponsor SEPT, za ' SEPT,27 DCI 4 OCT 12 UCI I9 DCI Z6 OCI 31 NOK 8 NOK I6 NOV 28 M. .Manson ,.r, KEY WEST w.PhLM Bucs-1 Soma Dams ,,,e Cumev Noam Mmm coffin Mmm Tfcu Colm Gnauzs milf 'sr Mmm BEACH co ,gr S. Bnowlmo 0, ,, PIOJECY OF JR. CIVITAII CLUI W., JW 1 i ' .rm' ' ffl? 3 . f S " .f Y 'ZVXX ,Z Dave l-lochslrasser UNIOR CI ITAN s Bu11der Civilen keeps lhe lens posh ed on The loolbali scores Wilh lhese qianl poslers rhel hang ar places on campus. fel tif 3 of Berry Tgm Biebel Burke hil Donald Cross Decker Durqy in 'Q rvrs - l W s ss c JOQ Bobby Mercer Andy Ralph Jglley Longo McClure Mclnlyre MCM,ll,5n M.: cf, X I Y . at ef fu 2 Terry Bill Robin John Dick Duc Nichols Quinn Richardson Roclberq Wilcox Wolfe M1 T 1: C 1 -R. ii in X i n ' .f , sf' K Q, 'T-Q K I f jg! if Ng- , .' Mdfiin Jerry Larry Dick Norberi Radlce Thibauf Krause Corresponding Chaplain Hisforian Parliamenlarian Secre+ary of Good Citizenship Civiian made headlines ihis year wiih iis beauiy conlresi. The calendar has been an annual proieci Tor several years, and in Jrhe pasi Jrhe boys have chosen ihe girls io represeni The various rnonihs and ils Cover Girl. This year Jrhey siaged a beauiy coniesl' wiih more Than sixly girls pariicipaiing. Miss Ava Ann Camp was chosen Cover Girl of 'The i958 Calendar. Losi anyihing? You'll probably Tind ii in Jrhe Losi and Found main- iained by Civiian. Under ihe capable leadership oi Ron Geiger, Civiian has rendered many services io Jrhe school. They posi several giani Scoreboards on various paris of ihe campus wiih ihe scores of ihe Flying L iooiball learn. They sell Truiicakes, L "T" shiris and sweal shiris, and pennanis. l 'li you con? nave a pass, ii's 'foo early +o enler ine bu.ld- ing Son!" advises vffse old Andy Mclnfyre +o Scoii' Anselmo. or A in b sl" sa s 'Non ie? fre see fE7s is a big decisi 1 you ow. cy. y V Ga" Eyrd as Ronnie Geiger and Dennis Barion fall her info a Cfvisan Ca'erdar. , ' Z Qs? Q , 7 Z Ji Ted Johnson Sophomore Direcior 'WS W 4, 2 ig: ' mf' 7 T Bill Wilson Junior Direc+or , i'L""hf X . ""fm.f ,. Q- 'E J' .2 2 " 1 L Jerry Liclclider Junior Direclor ,S for Dennis Barion Senior Direcior 0 f - f Tonie Toney Senior Direcior X , 'Af fs ia' 5' . Susan KiTTredge BerTha Bass Carol Zimmer Dian ScoTT Presideni' Vice Presideni' SecreTary Treasurer JUNIGRETTES Give Pizza Party Pizzas! CheTs! Fun! These words ring ouT The nighr oT The Pizza ParTy, which is now a "musT" on The social calendar oT every Flying L. This enioyable evening was a Twirp season evenT and preceded Key Club's Sadie Hawkins dance. One goes Trom lTaly To The hills all in one nighT. The JunioreTTes sTarTed The year oTT righT wiTh a "CveT AcguainTed Dance." They were really on The ball as The Coral Gables Game approached, puTTing posTers everywhere To boosT school spiriT. Thanksgiving Tound The JunioreTTes busy on Their Thanksgiving BaskeT ConTesT. The baskeTs oT Tood are given To needy Tamilies in The communiTy. College nighT was a help To many a conTused Senior as he made his decision on whaT school To aTTend. AT ChrisTmas, The JunioreTTes co-sponsored a NaTiviTy scene on The campus. Campus Carnival Day is a big day aT L. H. S. This gala evenT consisTs oT everyThing Trom club booThs and concession sTands To wild animals. This year's Carnival had a Queen and King. The JunioreTTes make all The bas- KaThy CoTTman Chaplain X. Jane Garber Advisor keTball programs, and aT The BaskeTball Homecoming game They give Tree programs wiTh The BaskeTball Queen's picTure on The TronT. They also puT up The large "Welcome" gymnasium before all home baskeTball games. banner in The Z? " ,iss 'Qi PaT Carol Candy Sharon Noel PaT Carlyn Bourke Bunner Cisco Coons Doepke Doepke DonaTh .fx "i, ii V Lwrmu rm L. i 9 T -as .is ' 'ix K g ' up Bonnie Nancy Toni Sharon Judy Barbara Marsha Higgins Huff lnskeep Johnson KeaTon King Kingsley T TT P "1,-' .vi ... : f.- . -,, g . ' -. s'- .V lv- ...... .r 1 . ' C , as - T - A - F' 5 F 5 1 " Q T T 5 3 T if f . ii T . T' 'ii - TT s T T T is if C V V,f.- , . ,. :Civ-- - AL asv? vi H, v. s K , Jean Millie Sharon Sharron Judy Barbara Amy Makemson Moore Newsham OsTerhoudT Orr Pekala Simmerman Lauderdale Log Brings Fondllflemories gun. YE? ,si 5 i Ociavia Cisco Advisor D ls "Gel il while i'r's hofl My. These Pizza Parlies are fun." "' as r igs 'T i 1 R f ' 5 , ' . 'fl . ' ,-59M Linda Ginny Frykman Judy Douglas Sandy Koch 5. ,Y fx Vicki Todd Hisforian Griffin c X 7. Bonnie Gail Linane Linane Elizaberh Barbara Wiclcersham Williar'r1S y if ly umm" , qhbvanww, Urgenl messages? This is The place! l+'s The JunioreHe's messenger service, a handy and much-needed service which was begun for lhe firsl' lime 'lhis year as anolher worihy projeci of lhe Juniorelies. Serving Jrhe office siail by de- livering messages is The main oloieci: however, direcling los'r Sophomores lo hidden rooms proved helpful. Susan KiTTredge reigns as Key Club's SweeThearT. Is New Event '..' -f.-- ' To T iirs - iisc X ii K Pdf! C ' 'fi " T . is W T 1 ' T Q e 'iififiiff ,T T ' 1' 'AA T r 'i'T x ff , ' T 4-'4 r r Alan Levy John lv1cElTresh Squire Knox. PresidenT Vice Presidem' Corresponding V, V IVVV SecreTary 5 STudenT's money! Pep Tags! Sadie T , ' T l-lawkins Dance! These are iusT a Tew oT , y V The man acTiviTies ThaT Ke Clubbers ' 717 Y . . Y 1r'f have engaged in This year. The Key Sav- ' 'i' ,r r if ings Bank has proven beneTicial To The T sTudenT body, while Pep Tags have c l helped boosT The spiriT aT games. This Q Y Jack Champan year's Sadie Hawkins Dance, wiTh every- ACTVISOF Thing Trom Li'l Abner and Daisy Mae Why! 3- "BuT you simply have To have a sTudenT direcTory!" say fi is persisTenT Key Clubbers as They TesT Their salesmariship. - ,. ifZVV,i ' ' T' 2 F25 i ji ' V, 4 5, fi .J-Q. , X ,fi X I i wi J Clois Caldwell Advisor geT-ups To Kickapoo Joy Juice, was enioyed by all. Plans Tor Key Club Day were begun aT The sTarT OT The school year, and The resulTs gave Tull evidence oT The work ThaT wenT inTo iT. Key Club Day is an annual evenT oT The club. On This day, Tree pep Tags are given To The enTire sTudenT body, The club also crowns iTs SweeThearT on This highly evenTTul day. Frank Jim Bill Ron Chic Joe Bill Clark GronquisT GraveTT l'laTcher Holden Jackson Jarrell Q. PaT Murray Don Tom Dave Joe Jerry Mulcahy Newman Noland Pernber Pender Pesek Pfeiffer at LH fi A 1 I .V . 'V 41551.-. , ,. 'Q wi5Es'ffiL, 5 i2 Bi M' kan Recording Secre+ary -1 Dave Henry "A penny saved is a penny earnedfi Suzanne Miies 'fakes Huis advice as sre deposits ner nneney in fre Key Cab Savings Bank, Tne Key Cfubbers are Squire Knox and Mickey Tarer. Tnls was Jraken in The C I J b rc 0 nn , .9- - it ff, 9 Jenn Leaird kr,-'T Don Raision 4- Donr ge Oisn-can randi boys? The Key "ers casiy semis ine pefo for The Sadie Haffkins dance maybe? 'gifi Q ,L A I . Y 7 Xjfflzr y. I a ir ik Ted George Anderson Bonham 1'-24 sg-H1 S V" Jim Ed Bowen Braddy WW "X -f f.-'min ', - ' A . Tornfny John Broliiar Bruinn l ii , I :fy y Q-if V TC.. f G- 1 T 1 ' WV , p n H QQ. X TX - .f Jlrn Ed BU'TdY Carlson "Zi Bob May ffm Jr if Jim Raiiiff Dave Charles McMii3in Moore iyii J "f i KT"1 ' P' r f 3 ,7 T .. A J' Melvin Sian Wescoff Weed N i ,gf ,, X . - ,X gp, B X B ll L Carl Dale Lee Adams Corresponding Secrefary L E ,N ul' if "7 Diclc Todd Dunn Adams Recording Secre+ary j A ,I 561 -My 'ff L Mackey A ley gn o Barnell Treasurer Ken Gurry Bolo LewlS Presideni Firsi Vice Presideni' WHEEL CLUB Presents 'Ff""'+L 'sa 1? "" Q7 John Jay Larry Bob Larry Wayne Ray Barker Bariz Borreqard Browne Buchanan Byrd Carson rdcb , L P B lco Bnec L L i "., X . iw I -Q x I A . G Vkzxi J I , 5 I K , y f, . . ,gg . V- . 5 .-fi 7 f..rkV A ' K F Vk,h , ay K 2- if an... Q K L x 4 V "" ' ' 4-3 1,iB'r L vii gi , , ' V V ,iyxggil xy -:rg-3 L L , .L - , 4 Lrhr , .L H y, ,L LV yyyf L Lf H - fu A A y, Tom Y Bill Dave ' Todd Norman Bill Tom Crawford Dunifon Dllfflll Grelil Kasclw Kenl Mallwis Marshall Jolwn Diclc Cl'lUCli Jim Bill Dick Nance Orman Rolnerls SClHT1lCll' Senko Smillw Snyder Nu. TX , s Ga s John Doel Daniel Lee Veazy HolT Second Sponsor Sponsor Vice Presideni' Service Club Ball High School Parking Lot Is WHEEL CLUB Project As The wheel goes, so goes The year, Turning ouT new and varied proiecTs Tor The Wheel Club. Never To be TorgoTTen, however, are The success- Tul annual proiecTs: The Flying L Twins, Melody Circus, Service Club Ball, The car loTs, and license renewals service Tor sTudenTs. This year The club has sTarTed paving Their park- ing loTs Tor The convenience oT school buses as well as The sTudenTs' cars. A long-Time ouTsTanding boys' service club. Wheel has done much Tor The school in oTTering assisTance To handicapped sTudenTs. Some oT The smaller buT very useTul proiecTs are Turnishing each class room wiTh a podium and each Teacher wiTh scraTch pads. AT The TirsT oT The year, Wheel had all The Tlags cleaned. Organized in l95I, Wheel Club has shown wis- dom in Their selecTion oT members, chosen annually. Jay Bariz sells Flying L Twins To a Flying L girl. l These Twins rnarlc an L. H. Sfer anywhere: almosT every car-owner has Them hanging Trom Their rear- 'T view mirror. Doug Cook Fred MilTon Bill Vaughan Jim 'E is .l CoulTer Q . -A George MoraiTis "LeT me have iT," cries Larry B Dave chanan. and Ken Surry is Zwick obliging iolcer. Slap-shclc comedy has a hey-day in a Melody Circus minsTrel acT. ll Larry Brownell Jim Harlsel Bob Greve Dick Horn Dennis l-lulchinson Presidenl' Vice Presidenl' Secreiary Treasurer Chaplain EXCHANGE Is New Boys, Service Club "Crime Prevenlion Week" was a proiecl' spon- sored by a new club al Eorl Lauderdale l-ligh School, The Junior Exchange Club. This organizalion is one of Tour boys' service clubs. Irs purpose is lo encourage a higher gualily ol cilizenship in lhe school, cily, slale, and nalion, as well as being of service lo lhe school. A The club has already dislinguished ilself by ils seleclion ol members. The boys were chosen on The basis of leadership, scholaslic averages, cilizenship, and lhe abilily lo accepl responsibilily. Loolcing forward lo many years al L. l-l. S., The club hopes lo add ro lhal spiril which prevails here. Jim l-larlsel, Vice President wriles The Conslilulion for newly-formed Exchange Club. A new boys' service club has been needed al' L. H. S., and These Twelve boys were proud lo be charler members. MW' Gran? Marlow proudly gives Bob Twombly his new Exchange Club pin, 242 2 l E 9 wx , . i Gene Cope Ronnie Donald Granl Marlow David Overmoyer Jim Souder Edward Sparlcs Bob Twombly 4 W Q 7 Sue Hirschfeld, Vice Presidenfz Harold Wayne, Secreiary-Treasurer: Paul BerleH', Parlia- men'rarian7 and Dean Parrish. Lab Assislanr lead 'lhe Science Club's many proiecls. Eleanor Balfhaser, +he President is of invaluable assislance fro rhe advisor, Mr. Prim. f ' ' nf in ,ff ff , fm . ff ,Q ez fi XL fiiifkn putnik parks S CIE CECL B Members Spulnilcs cerlainly 'lurned 'the eyes of America on Science. H' surely sparked inlereslr in 'rhe Science Club of For+ Lauderdale High School. This club is lead by Eleanor Ballhaser. The members sludy all phases of science and do research on proiecfs in iheir spare 'l'ime. The proiecls lhey malce are enlered in 'rhe Science Fair al 'lhe Universily of Miami. The club is open 'ro any inleresled sludenl al L. H. S. ll is a fairly new organizalion and is busrling wilhideas. Firs'l' row, le'F+ fo rigl1+: Robin Richardson, Mary Lou Young, PaHy Nickel, Ken Riley, Waller Glenn. Joe Sasadeusz, Cecil Elling+Qn, Sue Hirschfeld, Eleanor Balrhaser, Pal Gross, Joan Kinsller. Second row: Jack Wayne, Gary Bloom, Doug Crepeau, John Herriclc, Paul Berlefr, Harold Wayne, Orin Marvel. Paul Bundy. Ray Slanford, Don Decker, Dean Farrish, Jerry l'lornbUCl1l9. '53 ff' X'f""5 ' - inf' , - V N ' 'Y' If f ' fi C6fOl Flinn Susan KiT'lredge PaT Doepke Lora Golden Joyce Lihan Presideni' Vice PresidenT SecreTary Treasurer Advisor Good Sportsmanship Honored by GIRLS' L Annually, Girls' L Club honors some Senior girl by presenTing her wiTh The Good SporTs- manship award. This is given aT The Awards Assembly. The Sea Symphony is an evenT looked Torward To by all, This is presenTed by The Girls' L Club. Girls' L is an honorary club. Any girl ThaT has leTTered in a maior sporT aT ForT Lauderdale High is eligible Tor inviTaTion. However, she musT be approved by The club. IT is made up oT girls in cheerleading, Tennis, maioreTTes, and swimming. AnoTher proiecT oT The club is The polishing oT The Trophy cases. ,f Of "Oh no! Look aT her!" Words like ThaT could only mean one Thing - iniTiaTion inTo Girls' ll L. The iniTiaTes musT come dressed wiTh pigTails, sloppy cloThes, and anyThing else a girl Nsex, wouldn'T be caughT dead in. Whenever a superior L club member is seen They are To bow: p ff This includes GeomeTry class, hall, or oTher embarrassing places. ,cl ,- 5111- ' GB r ' . f BerTha Marilyn Mary BeTTy ' Busby V 'Brig-gsm V Bass Bradley lx YW"- , .Aa "HT i Carolyn Sharon Sheila Diane Beverly gloria Collison Coons CosTin Fisher Forman Gall , M E if 3 y. NM .5 7 'al' 61 me ' I Jewell Miki Deanna K.3+y Karen N Sandy Geohagen He-rberT King I Kirk Klish Koch 15' Vicki Jane? Grelche Lance Maxwell ",.1 ' .aw-N S I 5 Millie Sharon Linda Osl' erhoucll Rand .wlxx Y x ,J- XX G F 'PU' 1 Q V Suzi A ii Berry Belly Sue Diane Linda Smi+h Slraif TuH'en Walfers Wallcins Weaver Such pre++y girls!" L ini+ia+es louch noses 'lo +he palio. 'Q S Berry S+rai+ and Sandy Koch polish Jrhe lrophy cases "Jim, clon"l moan sol" soolhe lwo L club members as 'lhey pul' a boy 'lo becl in The boys' heallh room. k..NM,,l,, ls il' "Aiax"? ls il' "Old Du+ch"? No, i+'s "Bob-OH! Clean and ' ' polish lhal old "Blue Goose." Dennis and Jim. and she'll soar Q 'lo viclory. BOY,S L CL B Mana es Health Room This is "London Bridgen? Don'Jr be alarmed! These newcomers are iusl looking Their Sunday besl and proving wha'l good members lhey are. 3 Munn, ' John Doel Eddle B"adClY WalTer Reed Dan RoeTTele Bill ArmSTrOng Pfesidenl' Vice Pfesidefll' SecreTary Treasurer Advisor l' ' ll ll ' J V IT you have ever seen The Flying L Blue Goose, you should realize how T It worThy The proiecT oT polishing iT is. This is The school's bus ThaT TransporTs The EW ' K X 1 Teams To away games, and keeping iT in condiTion is one oT The duTies oT The Boys' L Club. The group also mainTains The Trophy cases in The Main Hall. 2 T -, f ' - 0 , , , , Tfacipgff 5 H , I Are you Tired? Rundown? Does your blood Teel Tired? Don T Take GeriT-ol! ax A Q? Go To The Boys' HealTh room, mainTained by The Boys' L Club, f G ' Q -, el Any boy having earned a varsiTy leTTer in a compeTiTive sporT in The school Eu is eligible Tor membership upon approval oT The club, These boys share iniTia- fc X Tion day wiTh Girls' L: The boys carry Their books in a buckeT, and wear The 'I' "' T- . 4 cloThes They wear in Their sporTs. "Ah! Don'T be so modesT!" lsn'T This iusT like our muscle men? Here is one receiving anoTher Trophy. Firsf row, lefT To rigl1T: Joe Jackson. Bill Evans, Bill Durgy, John PeTers. Alan Levy, Frank Hadley. Tom Ackel. Second row: WalTer Reed, Ed Braddy, Dave McMillin, Bob BarneTT, Dennis BarTon, Chico Longo. Bob Conness, Jim Senko, Dan RoeTTele, Paul Woodall. Third row: Jim Mackie, Ray Carson, Jim RaTliTT, Dave Durrill, Dean CoTTin, Irv HeTzler, Francis Le Var, Johnny ColquiTT, Dave Henry. JeTT SchulTen, Lee Ives. Ronnie HaTcher, PaT Mulcahy. BONNE ULU TE Has lVIardiGrasPa1't Cliff Weber Nancy Rablen Allan Weeks Treasurer Secrefary Parliamen-larian xjy' I 'Q Q T ' J ia '1 :Q-I., ' K- 'a-:aw'nU""' if ,J gy V ,Je lf-I s G 2 Each year Bonne Volonfe, or fhe French Club as if is commonly called, has a Mardi Gras Celebrafion. Much f, planning and worlc go info fhe celebrafion. However. if is . ,A ' 'G Q is felf fhaf ii' was "worfh if all" when fhe evenf fakes fi' fs: " 3 place. Taffie Kelleher Marilyn Boyd Odene Cabal! The club enfers a floaf in fhe l-lomecoming Parade Admo' Vice Pfesldeni Pfeslfleni and also a baslcef in fhe Junioreffes' Thanksgiving bas- lcef confesf. Under fhe capable leadership of a real French girl, Odeffe Caball, The club has had a good year. They offen hold balce sales for financial help. Firsf row, leff +o righfz Janie Collins, Joyce Volpe. Judy Smalley, Carlyn Donafh. Marianne Jennings, Linda Evans. Marcia Mifson, Molly French. Second row: Nafalie Heller, Gayle Sawyer, Allan Weeks, Philip Pauze, Dan Warner, Arf Rosen. Gary Simmons, Susan Brophy, Ann Rofhauser, Bunnie Coles. Third row: Nancy Rablen, Joyce Wells, Dona Johnson, Marilyn Boyd, Michael Maham. Cliff Weber. Berf Rowell, Bill Greene, Linda Wood, Odeffe Cabell, Cinda Corcoran. CLUB Visits Places of PA ISH Culture .x Todd Dun n Presidem' il Doris Jeff Sponsor -'Uh M arilyn Hunl' 5- Vice Presidenl '5 , ' sx Bonnie Lislon Secrerary "Good nighl, Sweel' Prince," say rhese Senorilas as members of k rhe Spanish Club rake a few minures our for a liHle mid-day siesl'a. Q l - LOS COMPANEROS ESPANOLES Many ol: lhe slrudenls who have an inleresl in Spanish have parlici- pared in Jrhe various acrivilries of lhe Spanish Club This year. Their purpose is ro creale a be'r'rer underslanding berween lhe Spanish and Z' Suzanne Miles c u 4 American counrries 'rhrough language. Treasurer A+ lhe end of Jrhe school year lhe enlire club boarded The Blue Goose and headed for Vizcaya for lun and enlerrainmenl. A happy V day was spenl observing l'he anliques ol Jrhal' grear eslalre and was finally wound up by a picnic al Greynolds Parlc. Firsi' row, lefl' 'lo righf: Kay Clark. Harrier Bassefl, Parry Russel, Ava Ann Camp, Ann Fleming, Carol Worrhley, Darlene Burfoslny, Bonnie Lislon, Janel Herzog. Second row: Cary Griffin, George Yeoman, Mary Sue Wilson, Richard Lee, Ben Wilherell, Barbara Dexrer, Program Chairman: Judy Smalley, Carole Bloch, Diane Morris. Third row: Gloria Slurm, Parliamenrariani Suzanne Miles, Su- zanne Clemons, Odelle Caball, Todd Dunn, Dave Durrill, Marilyn l-lunl. Palricia Basself, Joe Jolley, Mary George King, Nancy Bell. We i 4 " I i rf? 250 LATI CLUB Annually Visits Vizcaya Firsl row, lefl' fo righ+: Joyce Pugh. Linda Tremblelf, Jeanne Forster, Marilyn E+heridge, Linda Eshelman. Miclci Barreii, Levola Doison. Caihy Pierce, Virginia Michie, Nancy Huff, Judy Jaclcson. Second row: Mary Hildebrandt Deena Tanion. Linda Douglas, Millie Price, Ki+'ry Mason, Sharon Johnson. Sharon Bahr. Bersy Sheard. Ann Porier, Sue Nelson, Dorolhy Fields, Susan Bryani. Third row: Karen Shoemaker, Lila Vasialed. Helen Namlcin, Joe Peselc, Mercer McClure, Jim Ralrlifli, Eddie Derz. Hap Bonham, George Bonham, Anne Giblin, Pai Wrighlx "Hold slill now," coaxes Calhy, pinning a Jroga on a Laeli Romani. ln Roman aliire. Nancy Huff and Linda Eshelman are dressed for X lhe Larin Club Parly, held annually in lhe spring by 'lhe Lalin Club. f lf, 153' as , .N cf, T 4 'M "2 1, I W x 4 WA f . 'f ' - iv T X W L ff L Allan Weeks Cafhy Pierce Millie Price Sue Sfraker Lillian Sears Presidenl' Vice Presiclenf Secrefary Treasurer Sponsor , r g As members of The LaTin Club, sfudenfs gain a more Vg, Thorough knowledge of Roman Traclifions and language. T ' K, my They learn To unclersTancl beTTer The pracTical and culfural value of LaTin. AT meeTings, The members are enTerTained yy by LaTin games and skiTs. f r The LaTin Club Takes an annual Trip To Vizcaya, a museum 'r 'lr I ugvgvu H of Greek and Roman culfure. OTher proiecfs include bake V "" 'da sales, a Thanksgiving food baskef, Homecoming floaT, ancl an encl-of-The-year pa rTy. Judy Jackson Jerry Pfeiffer Reporfer Repoder Membership is open To anyone who has passecl LaTin. In To aS,LAETI RO A I Attend aParty Fir5+ row, left +0 righf: Alice McCuTcl1eon, Judy Addy, Mary Jo Erskin, PaT Wagoner, Margie Nelson, Carolyn Evans, BeTsy Harrison, Mary Lou Young, Bunny l-laslam, Nancy Canfor, Sally Young. Second row: Elsie Marcum, Doreen Wefhy, AnneTTe Dairs, Anne Kirk, Leslie Carpenfer, Granf Marlow, Darlene Thomas, Nancy McClenclon, Carol Miller, Diane Godfrey, Lee Ann Poinfer. Third row: Allan Weeks, Susan Sfraker, Lorna Hummel, Roberf Lewis, Orin Marvel, Clark Conglefon, Dave Durrill, Jerry Pfeiffer, Larry Buchanan, Linda Shovelfon, Sue Rupchock, L.H. .D1'amatistsBe10n 'LQTHE PIANS Qs' is x ,.. .y 1 1 .. B33 -can x lift Cheri Young is 'lreasureri Carol Berardi, secrelaryi and Marilyn Boyd, vice presidenl' of rhe honorary dramaric group, Thespians. "We made ill" were lhe words exclaimed by several sludenls afler lhe produclion, "There Go Jrhe Grooms," had been given. They had received invilalions for membership in Thespians. Sludenls inleresled in dra- malics who have earned 'rhe necessary number of poinls, which are given according lo Jrhe number of 5. Presidenl' Gran? Marlow and Advisor Jane Pepper lead fhe dramalic club Through an exciling year of proiecrs and plays. lines or hours of worlcing baclcslage, are annually in- viled ro join. Thespians have aided Jrhe advancemenl of dramalic arls in The school by providing sporlighls for lhe slage and mirrors for lhe dressing rooms. Firsf row, leff fo righf: Judi Wrighr, Louie Klaiber, Allan Weelcs, Judy Smalley, Gayle Coryell, Lynn Gennaria, Shirley l-larrell, Dick Grim, Bruce Evans. Eleanor Balfhaser. Second row: Jerrene De Bray, Marcia Durham, Mary Belh Seman, Anne Whilney, Sue Gel- Tinger, Jacqueline Conlin, Diane Chrisl, Ellen Young, Toni lnslceep, Millie Moore, Linda l-lowell. Mary Lou Young, Judy Addy. Third row: Deann Jones, Cherie Young, Sheila Coslin, Carol Berardi, Nancy Rablen, Lynn Micelich, Mary Gibson. Gram' Marlowe, Carlene Carroll, Karen Hanks, Bobbie Blocker, Ginny Fugare, Jean Malcemson. Fourlh row: Marla Schneider, Marilyn Boyd. George Larlcins, Gerald Sweilzer. Roger Summey, Charles M. Sroner, Blair Becker, John Bruhn. Bob Renn, Maurice Tarler, Ron Geiger, Jim Bowen, Bob May, Danna Johnson. tudent LIBRARIA Conduct Book Reviews Linda Mundrick, vice presidenT: Miss lvy Berryhill. sponsor: and Beverly McBain, presidenT, enioy a period oT relaxaTion Trom The rush oT a busy day in The library. Linda Spear. secreTary: Joyce Bridges, Treasurer: and Linda Price, chaplain. are capable assisTanTs in aiding sTudenTs in reference work on Themes and essays. Q-'Y 'F AH "Boolcworms" are oT chieT imporTance To The mem- bers oT The Library Council. These sTudenTs are oT equal imporTance To The school library sTaTT Tor They supply The needed assisTance during The rush hours in The library. The purpose oT The Library Council is To sTimulaTe inTeresT in The school library and iTs TuncTions as well as assisTing The school librarians any Time when necessary. M ,lsr .QM-W Members are chosen on The basis oT a compleTed year's service in The library and a deTiniTe inTeresT in library work. Membership is also open To sTudenT li- brarians who are earning a class crediT. RenovaTion oT The library and boolc reviews Tor English classes are proiecTs oT This club. Firsf row, leT+ To righT: Sally Howard, Marilyn STolze, Carol Manning, AleTa Durden, Jodie Surmialc. Second row: Diane Clernes. BeTTy l"lolTon, Pandora Brann, Ilene Miller, Linda Neese. Sydney BeTz, Marilyn Doane. Third row: PaTTy Nichel, Nancy BarbariTa, Karen Johnson, Ben WiTherell, Gloria RiTchie, Nancy STeed, Don Declcard. --.Q 253 l NAUTLNYMP1-15 Cop Ninth Spot in the Nation Linda Wood Captain Ginny Frykman Co-Captain PRECISIONISTS Are Tops in State M lo f A t I H+ ght' J dy C lby Gayle Coryell, Jean K ten, Joan Jansen, Ginny Frykman, Linda Wood. if ' fl Q K' Members oT The "B" Team, leTT To righT: Debbie Davis, Bonnie Ulrich, Louise Quinn, Carol Hale, Merry Haskins, Sharon Shipley. NauTi-Nymphs is a girls' synchronized swimming Team. ApplicanTs musT compleTe a Trial period oT six weeks and pass a synchronized swimming TesT. The girls are judged also on sTroking and skills. The Team has been very ouTsTanding in The naTion as well as in The sTaTe. Taking TirsT in The sTaTe Tor The lasT Tour years, They won sixTeen medals and Tive Trophies. They also received The honor oT being ninfh in The naTion. NauTi-Nymphs give shows aT various local hoTels and also Tor chariTable organizaTions, enTerTaining Their au- diences wiTh waTer balleT TeaTs. Coached by Linda Wood, capTain, and Ginny Frykj man, co-capTain, The Team pracTices Tour days a week To improve Their skill Tor compeTiTive swim meeTs. A The girls oT "B" Team pose before beginning a show. it ,- 51 at . . ,i W, . 'fi T Q 1-Km' I f . 9 5 1 'T fi 'A"Team's "Parade of The Clowns" is a waTer balleT acT. Z v Af ' "1 I, ' V f' 2 ' , gl ' TW T , PRESS CL B Makes 66Flying LMI-Iandbooks "Flying L" l-landboolcs are Jrhe main annual proiecl of +he Press Club. The Q boolclels are composed of informafion concerning school organizalion, clubs. i M. 1 4 Pal' Farley Pal Doeplce g , Vice Presidem classroom procedures, and school rules. Presidem. . ., Anolher big proiecl of Press Club is , selling "boosJrers," popular sporls pins designed in Jrhe shape of a foofball, baslcelball. or 'lhe sporl lhal is in season. They give a Thanksgiving baslcel' and par+icipa+e in Jrhe Homecoming parade. N Flying L Follies, and Campus Carnival. le 'si '3 f is me "' f 3 'X "' Simon GOODS Once every year Jrhe members 'ralce a Harold Hayes if Secreiary 'rrip To Miami lo visil' lhe newspaper SP'-'Mo' A office. P The purpose of Press Club is 'ro fur- Jrher lhe inleresl of journalism. A leller 7 is wrillen felling why The person wishes , 'ro ioin Press Club. The club lhen decides on The person for membership. 'V Toni lnskeep Treasurer 3 X Ginny Fugale Nt Parliamen'rarian Q 3 P 1, x ...S Q. 92 X s T 3 P Linda Menendez and Pa+ Dunsworlh presenf Carlene Carroll, lhe Navigalor pho+ographer and a member of The Press Club, wi+h a sfrobe lighl. N i Anna Mann, Jill Sleele, Mary Sue Wilson, and Sharon McMillan sell handbooks for lhe club. "Hey, kids, wanna buy a boos+er?i' Noel Deopke lries hard and eu. 'xi X Aol' succeeds in selling some To Dian Scoif, Bonnie Linane, and Gail Linane. Did you know Press Club has Scrapbooks and handbooks galore? Well, 'rhey ceriainly do, and here are Bobbie Blocker, Deanna Jones, Karen Hanks, and Joan Fowler working on more 'lo add 'ro lheir colleclion. spirin Journalists Join PRESS CLUB Off 'ro Miami we go! Marcia Milson, Janice Milligan, Carol Zimmer, and Pal Bourke prepare ro have lun on rheir annual press club Trip 'lo Miami. -ic 5 gli ,W 'iran fp? ff' Wednesday nighl again and Gloria Gall, Barbara Roman, Susan Anderson, and Karhy McKamey gel The Navigaror in shape ro sell. -S 2 fins Q J' xx""i 257 x, i Tala Cm ALLIED YOUTH? Presideni' Miki I-lerberT ' ' . . Vice Presidenf Allied YouTh in previous years has been a club wiTh only average aTTendance. This year iT reached iTs peak oT one hundred and TiTTy members lTs purpose is To reach and Teach all sTudenTs oT The harm ThaT alcoholism can have upon one s liTe and happiness Allied YouThs proIecTs include The selling oT Jinx Dolls, rummage sales and a Tea To acquainT sTudenTs wiTh The club's members Allied YouTh seeks To impress upon The minds oT The Teenagers oT Today ThaT Tun and exciTemenT can be had William Bem, Mahion wiThouT The drinking oT any kind oT alcoholic beverages Weber Jones ATkinson Advisor Advisor Advisor sf Firsf row, lefT To righf: PaT FlaTTer, Nancy Forsgren, Gayle, Coryell, Judy Smalley, Joan Jansen. Lynn Gennaria. Barbara Roosa, Diann Locklar, Isabelle Mincey, Barbara Owens. Second row: Merilyn Merrick, Be-TTy Higgins, Jerrene De Bray, Anne WhiTney, Linda Collier. JaneT Rumpel, Nancy Spiegel, Ellie Sory, Linda Leaird, Linda STaTTord, Miki l-lerberT. Toni lnskeep. Shelley Myres, Dede Bireley. Carol Hale, Margie Nelson. Third row: JaneT Danos, Diane WaTkins, Sheila CosTin, Barbara Shaflier, Allan Weeks, Virginia Fine, Leo Mizell. JaneT Anderson, Abbie KoerT, Wilma Pursel. Bill DeTTmer, Wayne Warren, Cary Griffin, George Bonham, G. L. BarTleTT. FourTh row: ScoTT Anselmo, Joe Ferrell, Julie Meers. Ronnie BenTley, Virginia Spear, Virginia Sawallis. Norma Combs, Dan Roeffele, Tom AmenT, Jan SrniTh, Mackey Alley, Harold Wayne, Glenn Mackal, Tom Pember. Tonie Toney, Rick McDermoTT. Membership Increases ., . ai, Somelrhing musr be hilarious!" Wendy 1, Taylor buys a Jinx Doll from an Allied r Youlh member. ' , A , 1. V W, ' V -.1 V M 1 i . , i ' , fi ' , 7 ffm 5, if is r f Q its , 1, . if - f,f , f, Zgffaf f f mpg I ding f L5 C' 25 'f -8 1 Firsf row, leff +o righlz Jean Murdock, Linda Lan- Casler, Leila Coan, Lillian Koerl, Gayle Sawyer, Sherrie l'leber'l', Barbara Roman, Pal Hellinger, Marilyn Sfolze, Francis Farmer, Second row: Sharon Bahr, Judy Koppen, Nalalie Heller, Joy Lalcola, Sue Geflinger, Lois Gibson, Val Cargill, Linda l-lowell, Lee Ann Poinfer, Mary Belh Seman, Carol Arculeo, Dee Dudan, Clnickie Sharpe, Carol Flinn. Third row: Odefre Caball, Melanie Rehm. Gloria Gall, Barbara King, Carol Berardi, Anne Bryan. Don Meredirh, Barbara Joshlyn, Gloria Rirchee, Gloria Srurrn, Nancy Pell, Karen l-lanlcs, Pal Farley. Sandra Burns, Ava Ann Camp. Fourfh row: Mac Marlin, Wayne Wilson, Ronnie Eward, Jirn Bray. E. J. Van Arsdall, J, D. Sfephens, Maurice Tarler, John Rodberg, Mercer McClure, Larry Borregard, Mary George King, Lynda Worsham, Paulelle Flowers, Nancy Donald, Alan Levy. fr Linda Leaird, Chaplain: Jim Bray, Perliarnenlarianz Ava Ann Camp, Treasurer, MGD! GQOVQQ King, SSCfel'ary: J. D. Slephens, Second Vice Presidenlq Tonie Toney. l-lislorian. '57 C7 P Gail Byrd Nancy Pell Mary WesTberry Par Hall Presidem' SecreTary Treasurer Hisforian Judy Ferguson Vice PresidenT Public RelaTions Berry STraiT Barbara Holmes Vice PresidenT Advisor Program of Work As a service To The school. F.l-l.A.'ers made drapes 'lor The Home Economics Lab. G Barbara King ParliamenTarian Wonder IT she's making This Tor The Fashion show7 Darla and Ilene work hard on Their garmenTs Tor This ,111 I 1 f 5 OTTen when F.l'-LA. holds a bake sale They bake in The Cya, Mary Berry, Nancy, and Janie model dresses in The Fashion s ow, "Look aT Them Tancy Sunday-go-To-mee? in' cloThes, Lula Bell!" These back-woods girls were knocked riqhT oTT Their TeeT aT modeled by FT. Lauderdales preTTiesT sTu- denTs. This Theme aTTorded an excepTionally successTul sewing conTesT and Tashion show Tor F.l-LA. Kiwanis Club inyiTed The FuTure Home- makers To presenT The show again aT The Governors Club l-loTel on May 3. The win- ners oT The school periformance modeled in This. Cn February I2 The FuTure Homemakers oT America sTaged anoTher exciTing evenT. STudenTs and Teachers alike showed whaT They could do on skaTes aT This roller skaTing parTyl lT you've noTiced a cerTain dazzle abouT The Home Economics DeparTrnenT, your eye will caTch The draperies made by F.H.A. They keep in mind Their rnoTTo, "Toward New Horizons." Cit Slickers See Hicks in FHA Show 34. Firsl row, leff To righT: Gail McDonald, Joan Graves, Laura Sangs+er Berry STraiT, Ava Ann Camp, Joyce Johnson, NaTalie Heller, Joy LakoTa. Grace WesTberry, Judy Ferguson, Grace SanqsTer, Second row: Mary WesTberryr llene Miller, Nancy Pell, JaneT Morris, Carol WaiT, Carol Ann Hagen, PaT Hall, AniTa Cox, KiTTy Mason Barbara King, Gail Davis Darla Wilkinson, Carol Purcell, Gail Byrd. The laTesT Tashions in Teminine apparel in Sally my V fi Vice Presideni if "" r .. , T. gaining.. ,a I .,'. 13' W f l ' Judy Addy Presideni' A Sharon Bahr Darlene Thomas W s mg Q , ,, . ff Vw , f Tw f Q, , 7 M.. DoroThy CharTer Maxine MSYGV Treasurer SecreTarY Mrs. Nell Wilkins Advisor Hospital ork S Done TUBE NURSES Ks Q 2 im' f I ff! A 0 :yu 4 I T V ff i , ,Al Chaplain f Q r 1 y 5. ,mer 5, Corresponding SecreTary X a A 3 ff f f 1 T., . . . A A ' ,',, 1 Louise Nichols . -1 . if 455 i 5 as Sharon McMillian Librarian "Come now. Open your mouThl" are words spolcen daily by FuTure Nurses in The girls' healTh room. The healTh room is one OT Their largesT proiecTs. The girls lceep iT spoTless and are very eTTicienT wiTh each paTienT. Two oT The members work each hour as nurses Tor any girl needing TirsT aid. Besides The school healTh room, F.N.A.'ers also work in The local hospiTals and healTh socieTies To gain experience. This club was organized To help girls who are inTeresTed in nursing To obTain The inTormaTion and experience needed Tor nursing as a career. The club also Teaches iTs members home nursing. G2 X Darlene 41. . - f f ii 'ff . iw , T A 42' i 1 Marsha Doeriler KJ., 'Q 'tfmr Carol EberTs mv f f yf 1, fo ,f ff, ,fy fb I f f f 56 X y , X ff ff! W f X f W X ff 7 f fix My f f X, sf x Q X ff Le Chipchase Clarlc f iriii T , f "Tf' f q 1 i'-. , v V ' "k. ' ff! .nw 4:1- ,. 2 ,fy .4 1.3.-:ggi , . ,em 1453 ,mi . ' -"'- . T, . 1 ., T ii y . , , f ' fiffi '-.' V! f fi if I, I U, I fm., 'V I 'T 1 T , . - f X T f T ..ii. ff f iii. ,. e I .T .W T ,e :V , 4 fu: f ' I -wfwimif U " f' 1' 'E ef- 2' rf, -. 1 - 1 ,1,Vw 1 1 gy' -1 i . , -'.' iqf,,, .QA-Um u f- Vg ,'.,,,,, ,ff .f,- 4 ' . ,. , A .. . 2 , if I png, r'g, T ' 'if,i is ..'. T T Q ilis 1 HOFG , 1 . . 'ssi ,ss , . g ADW ff ,M .. , , 5 -4 4 K 3g1g.,f'921sf sf 7' w 1 ,JM ,,.,, - , , .T , J gig Q .5 i I 3555 ix , . l '77 ff . M M is . f 2 Carol Miller Linda i f Margie PaT BeTsy ElTerclinlc ElTerdinlc Emory FlaTTer Garriggn iiiies , "'i " ' 1 "'i ,, ' . V- . .4 f V T T .si. N V , , z W'f" 4 " 4' -f -' 'ffhfffp ffl -f ,'-, X1 I J, . ' X X-'51i4,., A f" ' . 'JXz,2.g: f..-' , . -fi y i ' .1-I 2- ,A 1 "- . 1' ' " 2 f--. " N 555221 ,k'- f. ., ..., . 2 T ' I I , 'ff'. 1 sii U I ' ifikup . ' X T, Qfiffffiflff 4 , ' . -ff' ,T . f 1 "" ' f i . . ' - , 1. w , , 4 f fi . T i'i..i,, Joyce Virginia PUQT1 Sawallis Linda ShovelTon Carol ShulTis Judi SmiTh Andrea STevens Ga dfifff IE, Cl3lQLng+,?Qdrf5Q1T? Hgalth RQOII1 1f13int3111Qd If and Linda. TJ J?-JT" ' . WK ! vzrrx fx - Bef? Ccsre' 9 l.'nd5 Hdghhson ,. -- it On Ll.- EW .N Margarer Sforwer X.. X RE RSE wr ? 17 f' V f 6 ' I Heaffrirccm mefrmrenance is anofrer profecf of The Fufure Nurses " of Amerie. Bcmrie fakes 'EHS pe+?en+'s femperafure, T n gnves Her a gfamrg smI'e MICH makes any person Feel 507 befrer in a Hurry. Wx 7 XX M , Vx 75 Arrerke Dafa ' 2,32 ' fwfggg L22 ,T . -A64 A F! ,AA Ti f' . , A fm , f ' 4,3 f -W 5 ,Q 4, ' ' I . 2' B g vu. 7. Q, if . r I 420' .4 an Bennie KBVSFI Kewmerx Kroera , ,. 1 L .. ,F f' QL ' Barbara Mary 'Frames T. rompscn , N f ' ' . ' Mx, ,' , " ' 5' Q6 Qffr . ei? V 1, I 1 13- , M' -, ' ' 5 Lm..L i, 4 Z' f XJ Linda Mary Anne Menrardr Me-her Meyer 5? 11.375 Borwrwre Dafe Srde "D+, :mw- X UW" W W, ,..:-'m ,Cn ,rp 7 1211 Say Friendliness S Encoura ed by UTURE TEACHER ff! fff f f if iw WV ri,s i,ri T rcss fax .--' g..-gy , ,gf,fPz', X 7 ff? X Berlha Bass Nancy Sumwal+ Pregidenf Vice Presideni' lla Mae Bryani' Elizabelh Pinder Advisor Advisor Elizabelh Wickersham Secreiary Belsy Fishburn Treasurer Say hella . . . Be friendly . . . A smile receives a smile . . . These are iusl a iew of lhe molloes urged by lhe Fuiure Teach- ers of America club members. ll's so easy io be nice ro someone new il you will Jrry. This career-aiding organizalion sponsored The "Be Friendly" campaign, waged espe- cially Tor The new sludenls al Lauderdale l-ligh. An assembly was included in Jrhis proiecl and Jrhese new L.l-l.S.'ers were inlro- duced lo our high school. The l:.T.A. club hopes ro esiablish a permaneni "Be Friend- ly" campaign in Forl Lauderdale l-ligh School, The purpose of Fuiure Teachers is To pro- mole an inleresl in Jrhe field of leaching as a career. Plans ol: individuals are discussed, and each member learns informalive Tacis abour his Tuiure iob. Those inleresred in leaching may ioin. Lauralea Mullins Hisforian Billie Sue Kalsilcas Corresponding Secreiary Firsi' row, lefi' fo righ+: Judy Criss, Charles Shannon, Karen Peselc, Lounelie Mock. Jeanne Forsier, Joan Kinsiler Lauralee Mullins Jean Lindsay, Sandra Boughlon. Second row: Billie Sue Kalsilcas, Pa+ l-lalsiead, Beisy Fishburn, Berlha Bass Naialie Heller Karen Johnson, Susan Anderson. Sandy Le Geri, Louise Quinn, Miki l-lerberi. Third row: Janei Anderson, Floralee Neilson KiHy Mason Helen Namlrin, Ari Rosen, Claudeile Willis, Karen Shoemaker, Nancy Sumwali, Sharron Shipley, Susan Sfralcer Beisy Sheard Elizabeih Wiclcersham. + Y, x ., - I "A, I..'C K ' f Presideni I L Sponsor m an ' Vice Presidenf 'SX N , '1- Q- 1 Secrefary 1 1 . AUDIO-ffgl-AL Equipment iigigs s O p e 1' a t e cl b j' C L L' B AA I AGaN'-til!ilci-L-'L'e' "e :'c'-25-2 ash QC i'i..CE'Ci?: e e,c':--' -5 ec- M " 5:'::. 'A ce 5 "',".,e' "e 11,5 ,., , . 9,27 5 "'..S' ' - : G.. ': E'CC"""6"C': A' M A' 'f'- Qvu.- ,- ,: f.- A-A,-Q :,,.,. f:.:: -,. ,.-:, -- U--- ,...--,..,..--,...,, sa First row' leg +0 rgghf: Ckafeg C59-y .fJ'5'-?- ".'.fei'.e'. Sefzond f9vfi,?':'i': -ee -:" E':-'-' 5' '5'ee'e '.'e':e' 53:2 Je 3e'e Ce"e'45 La"f' SWE ev Ml5':'a C U 5' -5": "9 "5 4 ii 'I I '-" ' John C. Flynn, Isl L+. ff IIN, y I 'ji' Q I b,'Ab John Herrick, Isl L+, I ' ' , -'If -133 5, qw..,.,,9 .,n'--hsicw' ' f V as QQ ' A 4,9 , is W f 'f :5 ' Cade+ Adiufanf Mil'-ff fbv' l 1 I Barbara Berday, Isl L+. f . , ,'f', W A,,,, , Female CXO CIVIL AIR PATROL if ig, AQQWX 1- rf," ,,-X f ' mf If, Jim l-lamilion, 2nd L+. Michael Mal1arn.2nd Li- auxiliary ro lhe U. S. Air Force Finance Officer macle up of young men and women M L volunreersv .who have ioinecl lo serve Jrheir coumlry and furiher na- Jrional inieresl in aviaiion ancl The sciences. Capt David McLaughlin John Herrick asks a superior officer aboul his problem. Sfanding in fron? of The American flag. Jrhese lhree boys proudly salule. The boys in liqhl uniforms are L. H. S. sludenls Jim Hamilion and Mike Maham. Firsf row, lefl' 'ro rigl1+: Paul Plummer, Dorolhy Garel, John Herrick, Par Norse, Jean Kaslin. Doug Crepeau. Jim l-lamillon, Barbara Berday. Second row: Sharon Linharr, Ray S+anford, David Wahlbom. Siephen Blackwell, Gayne Wilson, Ralph Merrill. Michael Maham, Ellen Lund, Margo Fosrer. ii! Firsi row, lefi To righh Par Norse, Paul Plummer, Jean Kaslen, Linda Douglas, Dorolhy Gare+, Kiriy Page, Margo Fosrer, Jim l'-lamilron, Barbara Berday. Second row: Ellen Lund. Don Gilberlf, Bob Walls, John l-lerriclc. Gerald Sweirzer, Pele Tulrs, David Wahlbom. Srephen Blackwell, Larry Wiclcsell, Ray Sranlord, Michael Maham, Sharon Linharr. Girls line up 'for inspeclion. AVIATIO Enthusiasts Enjoy CL -f Airplane enlhusiasis are nalurally drawn 'ro 'lhe Avia- rion Club. This club is sponsored by Mr. Daniel Lee, who alrendecl Wesl Poinr. The club sruclies aeronaurical science and also follows Jrhe mos? recenr scienrilic happenings in lhe world. The club plans To buy an air- plane lo help iurlher inleresl in avialion in 'rhe school. As a service lo lhe school, The Aviarion Club runs 'rhe colron candy machine ar Sporr evenis. Jim Hamillon and Milce Maharn presenl lhe ' colors. D. P. Lee Advisor M a rgo Fosfer Secrefary Jim l-lamilion Presidenf Barbara Berday Vice Presidenl' Sharon Linharl Treasurer We xg ii U , r I 5 ,f Ld ff an 2 ,F 150 ff .W M fr 'sv A , f D.C.T. Members Hold Employer Richard Bob Barbara Allen Slane Hickman Presidenl Vice Presiclenl' " 'W .5-Vfmgs as M X nl ., Z' NGUCY Leslie Emma Marsha Beirnly Berner Bixler Doerller f' jg W -x g i' "K an ,..---my QE ' ,A ll " ' E V gli l ,. Barbara Palsy Elizabelh Paul Edwards Green Kelly Kllma Shirley Pelerson '57 y V -A lllv x K I V' K X is Judy Sreyens 268 'T'-5? it I 4 X 'S frfs for N Al ,V K' gf H' ,ff f f .:'-' V . Doris Joyce Verla Umenhofer Merry King Secrefary Treasurer Chaplain 11 Barbara Dullon 'Yr ,K 4. Marlha Mason Peggy Carolyn Yvonne Porlerlleld Reaser Richardson A 1 A ,. -1 S ., Carole Byron Barbara Slrlclcland Walls Wells Richard Slalirn if X Q? X Edna Mae Welsh Employee Dinner ' 'e'Tf"f'Y 5. n ,I 5. y.. , v--.J ' 2' s s e Doreen ROD Rggney Diclcs Reporler SergeanT-aT-Arms fri? if 'E-1 Sylvia BurnsTecl Advisor ,- 1 Bill Craig, Michefe Manning Caroie Figley. and Charles SmiTh Talk over The new and inTeresTing experiences They Tind in Their work. They are The only iun'ors who Take parT in The D,C.T. program. DiversiTied CooperaTive Training Club was organized Tor sTuclenTs who wished To combine a worlc-a-day world wiTh high school. Only Juniors and Seniors are eligible To parTicipaTe in This program. Anyone who Talces parT in The program becomes a member oT The club. They musT main- Tain a high scholasTic average. The members receive Train- ing and develop slcills Through acTual worlc experience. D.C.T. provides a gradual TransiTion Trom school To employmenT. The sTudenTs in D.C.T. musT Tollow a rigorous schedule. They aTTend school in The morning, hold a iob in The aTTer- noon, and sTucly aT nighT. The club's main proiecTs are an employee-employer bangueT in The spring and The adopTion OT a Tamily aT ChrisTmas Time. Leslie Berner is receiving valuable experience in repairing Tishing lines and neTs. Doreen Rooney looks up a price lisT in The Tiles aT ReTail CrediTs. She, like all oTher D.C.T. rnernbers, aTTends school in The morning and works aT a business Tirm in L , 269 FS? if T 91 , Proudly displaying lhe school llag are Joan Jansen, Vice Presidenlg Wendy Blackburn, Treasurer: Judy Dolls. Secrelary: Barbara Dexler, Presidenl. "We're lrom Lauderdale: couldn'l be prouder. ll you can'l hear us now, we'll yell a lillle louder." This is lhe purpose ol Pep L's: To provide a cheering seclion al games and lo assisl lhe cheerleaders al pep rallies. Each member wears blue and while apparel lo lhe aclivilies. The only gualilicalion lo ioin is lo know all lhe cheers. The Pep L'ers encourage good sporlsmanship among lhe sludenls al games as well as al school. Previous lo lhis year, Pep L's was a small club. Under lhe capable leadership ol Miss Belly Runyan, advisor, lhis club has reached a membership ol over one hundred lilly L. l-l. S. slu- "Peppy Pep L'ers" are all smiles relurning lrom a game. denlis llwls Year' PEP LQER Cheer the Team to Victory Firsl row, lell lo righl: Pal Johnson, Bonnie Ulrich, Judy Mclxleece, Donna Skinner, Lois Gibson. Toni Morris, Diane Leonard. Mary Roberlson, Susan Meadows, Carol Rolhrock, Roberla Lovendahl. Denise Schuller. Second row: Louese Quinn, Nalalie l-leller, Sue Wagner, Bonnie Meschen, Janel Anderson, Ginger Fine, Barbara Wrighl, Wendy Blackburn, Kim Lehr, Joy Lakola, Jean Murdock. Linda Marable. Third row: Sheila Coslin, Mary Sue Wilson, Jan Cooper, Carol Clark, Bob May, Tom Amenl, Glenn Mackal. Bernard Simbari, Dick Oll, Janel Smilh, Norma l-lamillon, Diane Sulherland, Judy Fuelling. A FM 3 , in ! Q rg W ' 'Y 'Om 4 v Cornrnillee chairmen are Dick OH, Sue Wa ner John Her g I . rick, Donna Skinner, and Palrie Russel. Belly Ru nya n Advisor Pep L'ers sil in a reserve seclion al' games lo cheer The 'leam on. Firsl row, lefi' 'ro righh Diane Demand, Pal l-lanse, Judy Addy, Sharon McMillan, Carol Young. Joan Lerry, Pally Russel, Jo Anne Prues, Judi Smilh, Billie Sue Kalsikas, Margarel' Leonard, Linda Jones, Jerrene De Bray. Second row: Reba Haines, Sandy Hedera, Thelma Sleek, Margie Nelson, Mary Ann Sommese, Gayle Coryell, Carol Purcell, Linda Bence, Joan Jansen, Bunnie Coles, Vernice Swaby, Sally Clark, Pal Ellis. Third row: Karen Sfevens, Gail Linane, Lynn Micelich, Sharron Shipley, Russell Simbari, John Herrick, Jack Harwell, Philip Pauze, Judy Dolls, Jennifer Holi. Qu fir- . .gg M, -1 K T? ,N ii gihl V Q Zig 5 Q 'T , 1'A' ii Q, s. T' T xy .1 il , ,- ' , ' , g 3 . 'A , X ' --V I .',' ,, . i in .g i ' x , X. . Q5 521 , 4 A if i T i Sharon Kafhy Carol Judy Coong Mcifamey Zimmer GriTTin PresidenT Vice PresidenT SECFGTGYY Treasure' Floralee Ginny KaThy Neilson Ffykman CoTTman Chaplain HisTorian ParliamenTarian "Shakers Tor sale!" BeTa members Tell The Tans as They sell Flying L shalcers aT The TooTball games. This is only one OT BeT6'S proiecTs. Some oT The oThers are balie sales, scrapboolcs Tor hospiTals, and a chari- Ty open house Tor The Sun Dial School Tor reTarded children. ln The Tall The club elecTed PaT BooTh and MarTial CongleTon To aTTend The Y.M.C.A. legislaTure in Talla- hassee Tor Three days. While These plans were being made. Lyn ChaTTee and her commiTTee were Tinishing The Homecoming TloaT. "TerriTic" was The word Tor The blue and whiTe dragon which highlighTed The BeTa TloaT. In February, BeTa assisTed in puTTing on The annual SweeThearT Dance. They also elecTed Barbara Guercia as The candi- daTe Tor Miss Melody. BeTa, composed oT Junior girls, is The largesT Tri-Hi-Y on The campus. They have been lcepT busy wiTh Their many worThwhile proiecTs and have lived up To Their pur- pose: "To creaTe, mainTain, and exTend ThroughouT The home, school, and com- muniTy, high sTandards oT ChrisTian leader- ship." BETA TRI-HI-Y Gives Open House ea, , FirsT row, leff To righT: Marcia MiTson. Sue Wakeman, Gail Nelson. Linda Bower, Mary Hildebrandt Sandy Kirkland. Jeannine PiTT- man. Karen Wood, Lynn DuTcher. Second row: l-larriaT BasseTT. KaThy McKamey, Judy Orr, Judy GriTTin, Lois Bryan. Ginger Humphrey, Sharon Coons, Andre STevens, Sharron OsTerhoudT. Susan Anderson. Third row: Carole l-laupT, Ann Bryan. Carol Zimmer, Carol Templin, Donna Johnson, Elsie T-lvide, Tracy Marla. Cindy Corcoran, Lyn Chaffee, Bonnie Linane. Ginny Frykman. 'float Firsi row, leff fo righh Linda Menendez, Nancy Arnoii, Judy Colby, Barbara Guercia, Marianne Connor, Donna Hurll::ul'+, Neclra Schuli-L, Donna Skinner, Pai' McKernan. Second row: Wendy Taylor, Riia Decker, Jane Hodge, Joyce Breed, Caryl Swedroe, Mariiel Conglelon, Ava Ann Camp, Mary Meizger, Eleanor Weriz, Pal Booih, Jan Jackson, Judi Wrighf. Third row: Kalhy Coffman, Bonnie Pailerson, Janice Milligan, Karen Sievens, Kay Williamson, Melanie Rehm, Julie Meers, Bonnie Higgins, Dian ScoH', Sharon Newsham, Pal Dunswovih, Floralee Neilson, Mariha Currier. For County Retarded Childrenis School Mary Hildebrandt Nedra Schulh, and Judy Colby fake 'lhe nearesi seat ihe sieps, while 'ihey sign each ofhers EBB TIDES. Inside, ihe room is overly crowded and all is in noisy confusion. Bela is puliing on a signing parly. "Down Jrhose Typhoonsln is The dominaling 'lhoughl of Homecoming Weelc al l.. H. S. Bela Tri-Hi-Y gels in The swing of 'lhings wilh 'fheir Homecoming 1 5 '-1 PaTTi Sarvis Joan Fowler Nancy Beimly PaT Holiday Presiden+ Vice PresidenT Secretary Treasurer Flyin pirits Are Made and old by Flying L spiriTs are an imporTanT proiecT oT Chi chapTer oT Tri-l-li-Y. Sold each year during TooTball and baslceTball seasons, These dolls have Taken a place wiTh The oTher symbols oT "The SpiriT" displayed around The campus. To become a member oT This club, a girl musT aTTend Three meeTings and uphold The high sTandings oT ChrisTian CharacTer mainTained by The club. Ch' h T ' T '-l-l'-Y Tor senior irls onl . Cami Judi Linda I C ap er is a ri I Q Y Arculeo BarreTT Collier ,, My W, ,, , , I ' ' Y, ii ' 5 Q7 f ,F by Pfv, Z if 'W' To ri , , f . My .Nw .,,,.' rr f 1 W ,W me f W, , Shelby Francis DoroThy Pal' Mary 1-yrm Eaves Farmer Fields Florence Geary Gennafia Deanna Bonnie Barbara Barbara Linda Diann Jones Kallman King King Lancafrer Locklar Him 452 W it my, 'nf fff fl y Q1 ,.WMa:y'w.4 H f- -4- yr mr CynThia Carol JaneT Mary Barbara Virginia Repass RoThroclc Rumpel Semar ShaTTer Spear i , ' 1 Linda Slafford Pam Arrnslronq f, Hlsioruan Parliamenfarian CHI TRI-HI-Y Angela Covelli , Q, 1, - rf WWW ,W Pal Hansen C23 541 lf' Top: Cynllwia Repass and Gloria Slurm display a "spirit" BoHom: Sandy Dram and Diane Munro are working for Cornmunily Cliesl as a service pfoiecl of Clwi Tri-Hi-Y. -44' Lynn Diane Judy Barbara PalQ'? McWain NeWl3UVY Owens Reilly M xg Q 'J f Gloria Mary J. Dale Sue Balham Ellen Sfurm Sukys Willefg Williamson Worsham Young ,. L T sa i . A 'p .. - 'f-, ' ag is - is T T ms S , .ss , - , S spy, , 1 , , . 'X . T- 5 STN' ' s ' ,W f Ann Chickie Susan Billie Sue Carol Sandy Parker Sharp Wimberly KaTsikas WorThley Le GeTTe Presiden+ Vice Presicleni' Secreq-ary Treasurer Chaplain Hisforian Lambda-Chi Tri-l-li-Y was Tormed by a group oT Sophomore girls who were eager To begin planning and carrying ouT proiecTs. They have Three years To look Torward To in which They will work harcl and have a loT oT Tun. This year They are disTribuTing ChrisTmas baskeTs oT Tood To The needy Tamilies. They also make scrap books oT inTeresTing picTures and arTicles which They disTribuTe To hospiTals. The purpose oT The club is To creaTe in The home and school high ChrisTian sTandards. Besides promis- ing To live up To These sTandards, The girls also learn The purpose and plaTTorm oT Tri-l-li-Y. They sTudy The Tri-l-li-Y ConsTiTuTion and abide by iT. Nancy Meisenlburg and PaTTi Radke prepare a reporT To be given aT Their meeTing on The disTribuTion oT ChrisTmas baskeTs. ophomores Form LAMBDA-CHITRI-HI-Y if? i T i"' E . ' 1 ii s i" T T l Firs+ row, leTT To righ+: Donna Mauser, PaTTy Radke, Phyllis Clark, Dee Dudan, Chickie Sharp, Nancy BarbariTa. Second row: Ann Flem- ing, Toni Jones, Bonnie l-luizenga, Louise Quinn, Claudia l-laupT, Toni Morris, BeTsy Fishburn, Margie Nelson, Sue Wagner, Nancy ConraTh. Third row: Susan Meadows, Judy McNeece, Judy Perkins, Beverly Powers, Billie KaTsikas, Marlene BeaTTy, Jodie Surmiak, Dede Bireley, Carol WorThley, Cookee Shaw, Karen Pesek, Ann Barker, PaTTy CavarreTTa. Maureen Doereler, Bonnie Ulrich, Lana WaTson. FourTh row: Nancy CarTer, Nancy Meisenburg, Judy Barberp Marsha PelleTeri, Karen McElhaTTan, Barbara Klukoski, Sandy Le GeTT, Joanne Prues, Sandy Ousley, MerediTh Haskins, Carole STiles, Pandora Brann, Mary Jo MeneTee. Bonnie Meschen, Judy Cochran, Robbie l-layes, FiTTh row: Nelda l-laneline, Gail Linane, Lesley CarpenTer, Kay l-lower, Chris ThixTon, BeTsy Sheard, Carol Clark, Sharron Shipley, Judy DoTTs, Susan Wimberly, AnneTTe Davis, Wilma Pursel, Linda GhorsTensen. Karen Johnson, Thelma Sleek, Carol Bloch. . ff, F Qx sg A Q: -1 T can ss, af' re- "" j j A, SUS Marilyn Barbara Sandra Virginia Shirley WaTTers Bradley Roosa Heder-5 Alexander Harrell PresidenT Vice PresidenT Seal-e+ary Treasurer ParliamenTarian SergeanT-aT-Arms Omega Tri-l-li-Y was Tormed in I955 when The class oT '58 TirsT became members oT The sophomore class aT l.. l-l. S. Many oT The girls have been in Tri-l-li-Y all Three years oT high school. The purpose oT The club is To mainTain and creaTe ChrisTian characTer in The members. The proiecTs oT The club are a Thanksgiving baskeT and helping a Tamily aT '. Thanksgiving and ChrisTmas. ln The Sophomore year The girls sTaged a hay ride. As Seniors They had a successTul car wash. They have had many proTiT- able bake sales, Elaine TallenT and Judy KeaTon discuss The plans Tor a TuTure bake sale. The girls Take an acTive parT in all proiecTs. O ECA TRI-HI-Y Aids Famil on Holidays . Q S , ' A L A 4. 4- -, BY 53 FirsT row, leTT To righT: Judy KeaTon, Miriam BachTold, Nancy Forsgren, PaT FlaTTer, PaT l-leTTinger, Irene Shallcross, Carol Karney. Elaine TallenT. Second row: Sandy l-ledera, Diane Brownell, Sue WaTTers, Cherie Young, Virginia Alexander, JaneT TenTschero, Barbara DexTer, Barbara Roosa. Dee Browning. Linda Brown, Third row: Lenore Chadwick, Shirley Harrell, MarTha Fish, Sue Sherry, Nancy Donald, Virginia Sawallis, Sandy Becker, Mary Gibson, Norma Jean l-lamiiTcn, EfizabeTh l-lunTer, Marilyn Bradley. 1? as M 2' 9 V, f Terry Bill Barrlelr Nichols BOYS Presidem' Vice Presiden+ Secreiary HI-Y Presents Weetheart Dance L. l-l. S. Alumni Jan Pearce and dale are aboul' 'ro be shol wirh an f' arrow by Cupid al 'rhe Sweelhearl Dance. The Hi-Y gave The dance. The Hi-Y. gave Jerry Radlce, Treasurer of 'lhe invocalion al 'rhe Thanksgiving Assembly. , yo 113' , ff r l'ea fi A T' QT Jerry Radlce Treasurer N L I 5355 , l Eddie Henry Bill Delrz DeY Qreve 2 5 V 41 if L V ","' T 1,1 T , rrrr V V f s v My I flri I f f 2 f 4' ' ' V 'lr' fr 1 4 Xc.,, I ff M i j! DGVWVUS Gary Andy Dan Craig Gunlher Kr10WleS KOPF9 lVlClHlYf9 Roellele Ross Sass A ' V ' l'll f T A , ,..,, A 'sf ir T if 'rr' if Larry Viclor Dave Alan Vance Bill Shinniclc Varnedoe Vecchio Vorderrneier While Wilson 278 TF ,Q it be-5 if N55 M55 Mile IN ' , P505 3' Kaeric, er l'lISl'OI'lGT1 Chaplain 'Kiro ol Hne I958 Sweelliearl Dance is . . .ln New We year lo Hie annual co-proiecl ol Hne Tri-l-l'-Ys and l-li-Y is Hue crowning of a Kino as well as a Queen al Hne SweeH1ear+ Darce. llwe Hierne was displayed lurllier by Hue red and wlnile decoralions. Sponsored by Hne Young Men's Clnrislian Associalion ol Forl Lauderdale, Hne boys in l-li-Y lwave again lnad a successlul year as a lwigli scbool orqanizalion. Membersliip is open lo any boy allendino Hwe scliool. Wiln Hwe lielo or Hneir sponsor, Mr. Cain, Hwe boys nor only learn buf live Jrne Clirislian leacnings prornoled by Hne club. Tlwey slriye +o creale, mainlain, and exlend Hirouqlwoul Hie Horne. sclwool, and connrnunily a feeling ol brolliernood. -,. 4 ,, 4 fix 4, K me L ff- ar? ' Ae- 'sl . K ii-, L 1-VA 3-Clf Ted Jaclc G'-eve l-lanes l-larwell . K 'y E 5 1- . f. i 0, ng, Q 1 ,A 1 H A Q 13 Dbl D:,: Free r Sceff Sccfv S A I by - ll 17 1 .A .. 966 Vfafe M12 W' -M vfva- wf A Jerry Rad?-2 crcfn' Jorn Doef King e -arl D . ii 'ff' " ' f' vs! , K. . W i P, i - gr 'ie if :Q , M ce" nrce e':n az" pee are Swee-rea? Chee' and K Q 1 f ' s' ' M. 2 -, fa , W .X X The Qgpzkzf in the Advertisements To mainfain harmony befween rhe businessmen and school is +he goal of every Adminislraior, Faculfy member, and sfudeni' of L. H. S. The locafion of 'rhe school in The cen+er of 'lhe ciiy makes 'lhis absolu+ely necessary. If The members of Fon' Lauderdale High School did noi' know +hey had 'lhe respec+ and admiralion of 'lhe business firms around us, fhe School Spirif would noi' be as greal' as if is. Much of 'lhis respecf and admiralion is come by na'I'urally as many of lhe businessmen and civic leaders in 'rhe cil'y are members of +he alumni of Fork Lauderdale High. John Russell, Mayor of Fori' Lauderdale: George Leaird, former S1'a+e Senaforg and Paul Rogers, Represen+a+ive 'l'o Washinglon 'From fhe six+h congressional disl'ric'l, are a 'Few of 'l'he many ouisfanding graduafes of Lauderdale. The businesses in 'lhe cify are forever being asked io buy ads or 'ro par'I'icipa'l'e in Job Poppa Day and Senior Work Day. They have always 'Fully coop- eraled. ln fhe 43 years ihal' Lauderdale High has exisied. ifs members have been able fo s'I'and proud and ereci' because of lhe excelleni' Spiril' beiween L. H. S. and firms in fhe cify. mf 'pnoxo Mus sTUD'Q 55 1464442 -W A ' ' ' 1 f 'L m e 'f ' if fibf , f- , fig .V .175 v-v-w-1v,-T-Y-YQ.- V-,,, F4 r H :sf V. A ET, 2, Q, W., 'E-'L .gav- "k , up .J-1, nn, 59 j,,?1u3f Q.- ,, ' a . ,. 1 -' K -K x x . X 1 'Qygs 25- 'Tlx .:X:re L 1191 515 , ffm '13 fy, gvaikv ,.. 'lr ,r.-- 1 QW:-E' ,Ji ' -"I-'f1.f- 'A Y 1.05 ,J ,.,, .f ,, 'f 1 4: xg ,jk .""f Ks ' .75 1- 'A 555 5' hr , K . . ,' 1.4 ," 2 fast 4 14,-.W f s' ff iv-:arg Jjrizfl ' 'H a .- 4 -U ,n. .LL i-,X pl-3 2- '32 gd, V1 A V. 'i.:y"v ' ' ,41 uf, . 511 ,W ' if ', x. 1' .H ,K wJa.v'-Y-Nw 213,832 'V --.. 1 "FSH , 7 -' e 32171,-ZA' -f,sg'j,e4, 'o 115 ,awk-'i!LA i'i"' ' 3755-'gi..:z mix., X gr 5 2 5 ' A . , . "r".' A ,1 1' 4, - u i 5 4 ,,, .1 at Q, 1 xy. M1 I- leaf K . 95' F 'if K af' 5 T,- q1f,,',v,' Ewa: . 3 KJ' A25 , r f Y I . C IT9S NO SECRET Seniors know from right and wrong . . . of grammar, history, math and song of fads, of sports of dates and data that lower classmen learn much later. But one thing everyone knows for sure, is where to shop throughout the year IT'S BURDINE'S . . . NA TURALL Y! fi X +I" tuwiivo 2 iw I I f-.4 N Q: Congra'I'uIa+ions +o +I1e Class of '58 Phone WE 3-2583 Free Es+ima+es B. D. M. CCNSTRUCTION, INC. fig' RESIDENTIAL Q COMMERCIAL Q INDUSTRIAL 4X9 220 S. Federal Highway POMPANO BEACH. FLORIDA SMALLEY BRCS., INC. HERE RENT-A-CAR License 2I6 E. Las Olas Blvd. P. O. Box 598 FORT LAUDERDALE. FLORIDA Renf a Car-By +I1e Hour- Day-Week New Cars-Equipped Wi+I1 Power S+eering and Radio More people by far . . . use HERTZ RENT A CAR Call Herh +o Reserve a CAR-Anywhere FORT LAUDERDALE 7 U L Ill' DAL LX lk LVV9 AMERlCA'S rAsr:s1 on d Sun PAPER BOWEN'S USED CARS 40l N. Andrews Avenue FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA Office Ja. 3-I97I Residence Lu. 3-7622 See Jim Bowen Before You BUY SELL TRADE A. C. GRIFFIN ROCK 81 SOIL Top Soil Muck and Marl Rock Q Sand CALL US FIRST LU 3-3478 353I N. W. 4+I1 S'I'ree+ Q Fan CLENDINEN'S PHILLIPS 66 Easi' Sunrise Blvd. ar 26+h Ave. FORT LAUDERDALE. FLORIDA Brakes Mofor Tune Up Forl' LauderdaIe's MosI "Colorful" Business WATKINS PAINT COMPANY WALLPAPER CUSTOM COLOR UNPAINTED FURNITURE 209 E. Broward Boulevard JA 2-0645 E Congra+uIa+ions, Class of '58 PROSPERITY! HAPPINESS! MISS KATY KIRK PHCTO ARTS STUDIO "Jus+ Across +I1e S'I'ree'I" 358 S. E. 2 Sfreei' HPORTRAITS THAT LIVE" MIDDLETON'S TOWNE AND COUNTRY JEWELERS RESTAURANT "The House of Silver" Jewelers Silversmifhs 20I E. Las Olas Boulevard II45 N. Federal Highway ALWAYS GOOD FOOD EARLE MIDDLE-I-ON AT REASONABLE PRICES Regisfered Jewelers- American Gem Sociely Phone JA 2-3234 FREE cusToMER PARKING Open Yea' A'ou"d 6:30 A.lvl. I0 9:00 P.M. FLO AND CHARLIE LEISTER, Managers ADDING MACHINES TYPEWRITERS CASH REGISTERS DUPLICATING MACHINES DICTATING MACHINES SALES SERVICE RENTALS SUPPLIES ALLEN BUSINESS MACHINES AGENCY 845 N. Federal Highway Fori' Lauderdale, Florida Phones: JA 4-2522 JA 2-3954 cnnrzsr ovnomuumls , uunzn 'Q me sum Florkyqk re f S 6 . mofkq For higher education choose universities and colleges in Florida! Florida institutions have achieved remarkable advances, now rank among the finest in the nation. And youill receive training that will specially equip you for Florida careers! For rewarding careers take advantage Of opportunities in Florida! Florida is the fastest-growing state east of the Missis- sippi. lndustry is expanding rapidly, young men and Women are in demand. Al fl S Qdfesf fufurjro WM off fo ers r YOU! Success lies ahead for those who n Florida now! rl0RIDA Powzn s. LIGHT comnuv -:gig Complimen'rs of GILL CONSTRUCTION COMPANY, INC Fori' La uderdale, Florida HOBBY HOUSE "On 'H1e Pos'r Office Corner" YEOMAN 81 SMITH FI. LauderdaIe's Largesi' Manufaciurer of Cus'I'om KiI'cI1en Cabinefs 822 N. W. 6 Avenue Phone JA 3-5438 CongraI'uIa+ions and Besf Wishes 'Io Ihe Class of I958 FIRST NATIONAL BANK in Fort Lauderdale, Florida NINE DRIVE-IN TELLER WINDOWS TO BANK IN THE SUN Member FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION m' W HAINES 81 COMPANY, INCORPORATED Wholesale Iv1ea+ DISTRIBUTOR OF RATH BLACK HAWK MEATS AAA I20 N. W. 2 SIreeI' Phone JA 2-7406 I TRUCTION QI.QQHANIOMQ'IIPIIIZPONS 2 G. W. BOHANNON 808 N. W. 7 Terrace Phone JA 2 2443 4 I uname mm PI msn uw nl B " mr moms Issmnox whom "It's a Dandy" 'JUVENILE FURNITURE Headquariers for Na+ionaIIy Famous ' S'IorIcIine ' LuIIabye ' Welsh 'KPLAYGROUND EQUIPMENT Famous "Gym Dandy" Line 'READY TO PAINT FURNITURE ' Larges'I' SeIecI'ion 'I' OUTDOOR FURNITURE ' Aluminum ' WrougI1+ Iron ' Concrefe DANDY OUTDOOR FURNITURE CO. 700 N. Andrews Avenue CAUSEWAY LUMBER COMPANY "EveryII1ing Io Build AnyII1ing" I CFIUSEIIW IISEWY LIIIIBER CU. AVCEKS i 9 'I IE! li 270I S. Andrews Avenue Phone JA 2-I706 FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA X X, ': I yi, . Es! 6 x BAWC 1 ff, - a . x av W K I , f' . Jr 4 X 'wfhfriacs zw,.,.,,,,,,,, an Fu fu an an is in 0 if In DUTCH MILL RESTAU RANT 200 S. Federal lacross from schooll Phone JA 2-7I05 Four Floors of Oulslanding Values elle inde M Home of Better Values K Dial lflckson 4-4608 IOI Sou+l1 Andrews Avenue an vk ar REMEMBER! YOU ALWAYS SAVE AT BELK'S W I Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of '58 FORT LAUDERDALE NATIONAL BANK In FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA Member FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Always MALLlSON'S SPORT CENTER 'I' WurIi1'zer Pianos 'I' WurIiI'zer Organs 'I' Mason 8: Hamlin Pianos Easier 'O Play- more fun than ever! ER Broward Coun'I'y's Oldesf Piano Sfore KW h . . eg' ii 1? ZS? HEN c oosmgaplano, !l, X ' L I1 41-mmlmw' those who are used to li' I I I IIIIII the best will be satisfied XX ? with nothing less than a " H V , Z WI 429 S. Andrews Avenue Jason ' "3"' ' Phone JA 3-3458 Congratulations and Best Wishes BROWARD MARINE, INC. l60I S. W. 20 SI'ree+ and Bahia Mar BUILDERS OF FINE YACHTS , H'-,,,. mmnm FORT LAUDERDALE LINCOLN 81 MERCURY I2 E. Sunrise Boulevard USED CARS BOUGHT. SOLD. TRADED fi 30IEasiL Ol Bl dF IL d dl ff! I S ,fllll ! ,UH 'gl l ,LKX IIIIII -life lnllllll ,I - I --B, ' - Q fn I L 3 X ,rf 3' Lllllltqllni B, r B S e for Your Corwenzence 233 Atlantic' B l rd, Pompano Beaelz AV ?ll1'l'f-Mczzzl QI X L 3'a'r9l'!4Z5i5e-aa ummm L N -xi! V i if 7' i. " A 'irUG 'Qs 3741 West Broward Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS and Loan Association of Broward County ANU-IoNY's Formerly-Bradley and Taylor JUNIOR, MISSES, AND WOMEN'S APPAREL AND ACCESSORIES Downfown Nex+ Io 'Ihe Posf Office JAcIcson 2-5468 EDISON ELECTRIC COMPANY 2600 S. Andrews Avenue Phone JA 3-257I CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF I958 "Con1'inue Learning So You Can Sfarl Earning" Higher Sienographic Accounhng Medical Secrefarial Blfsfness . , Admlnlsfrahon Secreiarlal . . . Junlor Speedwrrhng Accounfing ,mmcj BROWARD BUSINESS COLLEGE ACCREDITED: American Associa+ion of Commercial Colleges MEMBER: Nafional Council and Associaiion of Business Schools CASA GRANADA APARTMENTS 3003 Granada S+ree'I' Phone JA 2-l039 PIZIO'S DRIVE INN I505 S. Federal Highway Complimenis of POWELL MOTOR CO. I333 N. Federal Highway FORT LAUDERDALE. FLORIDA X1 f 7 'X BASS BROTI-lER'5 MKT. CONlPLET'E FOOD ff 09 2 BASS BROTHERS' MARKET Comple+e Food Cen+er 909 N. W. 6 S+ree+ Phone JA 2-9468 CompIimen+s of . . Atlantic Federal and Loan Association Maln Of-flee: Sunrise Blvd. and N.E. 17th Way South Side Office: 1523 South Andrews Avenue F ort Lauderdale, Florida H. P. Greep, President I Phone JA 3-5406 Heaclquariers for Hue Finesi' Sporfing Goods and Clofhing BROWARD SPORT SHOP 25 S. Andrews Avenue PRIBBLE'S JEWELRY Wafches-Diamonds-Giffs STORE I5-SEARS-TOWN AT SUNRISE BOULEVARD CQ Lei' Your Bank Play a Pari' in Your success BROWARD NATIONAL BANK 25 S. Andrews Avenue 29+I1 Year of Service F-I'. LauderdaIe's Oldesl' Bank Convenienf Drive-in and Walk-Up Teller Windows Spacious Parking Area S. W. Firsf Avenue Enfrance Member FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION The Sou'I'I1 s Mosi' Complefe Boai' and Marine Supply I I2 E. Las Olas Blvd. BUSINESS EQUIPMENT CO. 'A' Office FurniI'ure and Supplies i' Phone JA 2-06l5 'A' 209 EAST LAS OLAS BOULEVARD Phone JA 2-6443 READ'S DEPARTMENT STORE Yard Goods Household Goods Drapery Fabrics Drapery Hardware 224 S. W. I Ave. FORT LAUDERDALE. FLORIDA Berfha Bass Dave McMiIIin Besi Wishes, Class of '58 CRCFT JEWELERS Governor's Club Ho'reI Building FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA Jan Smifh Millie Price ,ff FV! THING for Men and Boys -:Ier One Roof . . . on One FIoor C521 5. 9 X, 4 ,., ' If ll Wren '-7:i?'i! R ' N I .III I 5 , f 5 meme aa WS Q Direc+Iy Behind McCrory's 5 and I0 2I8 S. W. I Avenue Phone JA Z-420I FORT LAUDERDALE. FLORIDA AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK OF FORT LAUDERDALE 2240 SAFETY E. Sunrise Boulevard SERVICE CONVENIENCE American NaIionaI Bank of For! Lauderdale provides a unique service dock-side banking facilifies 'For mariners' money. BANK BY AUTO! BANK BY MAIL! BANK BY BOAT! Member FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION 'N'-Q. l CIBSS of X S M1 R ,'x gfafaiaymfi Q55 W Southern Bell Telephone and Telegraph Comp ere's to good limes and goodfriends . . . may you always have an abundance of both fffleaalff-N, f 7 Af D - - ,.. ii-L'1 e I E E - IJAJLL g E V f A-7 .V A If 1' - O 1, I O -aL, 1' I Yi Q5 Q T MIT gf- .5 X, -I BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY by +I1e Fori' Lauderdale Coca-Cola BoH'ling Co. DEDICATION For The lhree ou+s+anding years of service you have rendered To Forl Lauderdale High School and for fhe School Spiril' you have shown 'rhroughoum' your years here. we declicafe lhis +he l958 EBB TIDE To you.1'he 754 Seniors who make up fhe largesl class ever To a++end L. H. S.. 'rhe Class of '58, . , 1 eff K J' 59 sv ff f f 1? f X , ,f . - f,,,,y., !, ff, f f , 1 f f ff? f fy Q AZEV: .,,..,. . ,.., , , - g .ev M, ZW.: A WM . , f 4, lf' , .,.,,1,-.1, , '.z::vw ' V- 1- M , ,, 1 f :ff - , mf- . 'Q r f ' . 'W' X K V.Qy441 ' :L 432-f.fffm wwf- . My f VIZ, My . 55, X 1 e if mg A 9,9 ?, ff ex if , Q f - f rf. f pa: s , ff . " My " .-1. 4, . "-' 3 12. 4 1 . . ,.., v A - V 3. - el 1. Mfg . f' , wg Y-gif gli, C11 71' ' . .,,, .L,V, , 3 , yr ALMA MATER We hail Thee. Alma Maier And sing 'rhy grea'r praise ln loyal devolion Remembering fhy days. Be sfeadfasf, frue. and faiihful Flying L's blue and while. Here's io you, Alma Maier For'r Lauderdale High. When from Thee we've deparfed And life's baH'le's on. Thy spirif shall guide us To efernal dawn. The pzkzf Momenis fo remember . . . momenfs of laughier, momen+s of wonder, momenfs of sfudy. All 'rhese are a par+ of School Spirif-a Spirif which has given +he Flying L's who a'Hended L. H. S. in I958 many momenfs fo remember. The year is now over: bu+ for fhe Sophomores ii is rhe beginning, noi' fhe ending. In Sepiember fhey will refurn as Juniors, and 'fhey are 'Filled wifh ex- pec'l'ancy. The Juniors will become Seniors wi+h 'l'heir own achievemenrs, fradifions, and ambifions. They will no'l' sfep where 'l'he Class of '58 sfepped: fhey will make new foofprinis. A+ i'he close of fheir lasi' year, The Seniors have mixed emofionsg fhey can noi' 'fully believe ihal' 'Phe year which fhey sraried by saying, "Seniors af las+!" has come 'lo an end. They musi leave L. H. S. and sfarf a new way: buf lhey will 'lake wifh fhem always rhe Flying L School Spirit h In cap and gown +hey leave For! Lauderdale High School buf +urn +o say. "Thank you for ihose mo- menfs 'lo remember." ' "Wu ff, 1 fa: 3 ,. 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Suggestions in the Fort Lauderdale High School - Ebb Tide Yearbook (Fort Lauderdale, FL) collection:

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Fort Lauderdale High School - Ebb Tide Yearbook (Fort Lauderdale, FL) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 273

1958, pg 273

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