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 - Class of 1970

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. ,f"Qp, A.,- ' 1 'IFQNFT ' , :K j1',.r.-V-5- " t Aung ' IWW ' 'wig '15,-'Q:t.1,"Q3 gsm sv' 14:13-' H --Hz-. ' . -.. " I 1293?-f1'112 5 - ' - f- 'f x. "ni"i' - ,J V V L . . , . ,... xff-A-'...Y ,,,,.... - 't4 -N .- Y -4 K in Q ' u. ' 5 ,- , Q, '-M .0--.1..., . , 4 1 , , H -b ..,... -.dv'-'ln f4'-11210-1-4.2-:..g!',.:?E:3gA ., ,,.,g,,.,,g,1, ,,.g,g.,.,.,:,. :elk V'-Hn i nm,-in ll. 'i -ah: - 1 Q 'fvfrl 5 Q4-T ' "M?'f!.grli ' 4.x x -s 'Q ' 4 1 I NEW-In f-Pc, 1' ' " ', '. A "f, " :-1 1 .P ,A 1 .x ' '-W' , I A f- K ' ,. , , l lx, W, A ,- ge Q , 1. M .I '-, .L f lfzff .pk A-,I AL, ,V W., V .-I-V 1 1,r,' V X x ..!H 'rl I X 1 sx 'va - W fl 9 ' 1. , . .1414 wx, ,' +37 - lv ,1 Ivf,,1, W All- , ,I ' 1 . J ' eq ' Inu, 14 .,,. , v . 1 A .I Iv,"-N, .,",.e,l4 F lx . ,ME 4. U-A, :fi ' ' ' 1' ., ' , ' 'J' 'Q ff' : '-i'1f-.i-AVN' -.'.?wv 1 f v , I: K 1' . .WV A f ,Q ,, ,. - .XA-,9' , . . 1 f . -. wAf'.,1,1fx ggi. , 2 Lf' f..N.,A . . A f 1 ' .-1 .Q .. rf. -., ., 4, u , , . A ..,:,L I 4, 1 " 'y ' Q 1 , ' A 'll - 'f' ,J-".-. 1 'Y 4 . QL' ,f'f,'3'A --"'I - "fl: '- ."'f" " - '. 'f . X ,' ' 1q.'1"':'Nf,I,If2""' I, 1 L - -, M '. ., , ,, . !4 ' ' - fl", . ,Kv',,,'f1,,x-lul':1t. V V '11 54539 -hia- 3414 A School for All Seasons Fort Knox High School E 19 ui1 5 - -.i --- 'l l in 1- l 2' - - . :1 1 IN I wg 1 ' ' " K - if '- .. ., ........ .- - - X vfzvaffn . I:::::...,,, Ili, IZIZZZ. .-. .:g:g:::: ::-::- -!-- .I . III I ..,...,.. . .... ..... .......... ... .... -... .... f............... I ,I ' III I g--- ----"- H511-' .. -5---.. .-:.- E:---: 'W If ',1gf4m'e7---vp------.f7.--A-,w ---. :-. ' .-'-. :..:. 'Y gr D .,1::: ::::: ----- --:"" 'f ' ' l 14 xwmgyf-::::7lun--n,4,w,'.+v-.hnuunh 'N 'si 3 pig:-I.I,I, ' :n I ----- ---::: . fl-I n-j wig!Il:-IZ:""'z7:',-5-aIn-nz if-2:-..-' "-Effih? .saw . 1 - , . -. . X .f ' I : '7 17-:,4,.,i-,g -!!!"l2!l12Qglll!- .S+ Q,-.f. ' 5 --- ,,. QQ Z 1 'f' wmaj-...lflllllli-2: f4l---- :rgla -sta:-:--f.'w . -, -z, 4 , .ffngv--E:-'L:-:::1'-:,-5:15-I A P -A WWA 1' W 5 7:5152----fm.:-Aeugg: -' ,. -- .- . :',-::-- ' ' :" --t..:,ru ,----. -- -.1 . ' , 1' 'f":zm'1'.-G, -I .-5-1 'V '34 'i, is -."Z -:P . 1: ':. - -1"'- 11.1--..i',31.I1-3.'R2""-: ' ,. 4 I - w . , sirf' n ' -1' ' 'I f -, -.-.xIef1,,g1f 23:.3g.:I:3y1'3 .saw-291-:iff , if A " -- ' "-fx-3-:Y.f"'Kw lv , -5-'Wx-""' ""A"' "" "" " "" A"' I II I v ,v,.I1-...--ui,-4:3-:bfiZ-5:51-IQ:"2f!s1gq-'. I-,, .1 . , 1. ' gsg Q1 1 . - -- raw'f-ES-!:LT1:f.Wsf:.-,-'f.-,YG--wh'Pisa---fzf:-1f:-f.1'.1- cf-. va Q-Q. - - -5 .1- .. .. m'q'liF'f'F" 76 :fra - -'G-'Q ' -D'h'.5.-21'-' ' .fl' ,-5.1: -.,-: x'a"- 'F'-, ---.'.- 51-g-:P I1:.1'f'.J,C.j" g'.gI..,. I -- - -LLZ.'0'- 1.,-. riirg :-3:34 .z,F22ia?:'z.1-Z' - S',2't',:'jQ2!??'.4!fE'-:- 1-42.212-."-,-H-:v-r 2-'Lr.13'4.:-E 5. ., f, CH f- f,--' F-'Z-. f-5:-Ziff.: Ii:-'--3. 5..,,. ' "' a. .-,'-'.',".:'-"5 -. 23 . 13.3. D 5.-'-'11--I,-5:-J' Z-2":':1.? Q: "'-.Pai - "-'w 1' 5"" 741 "- .- -' 'C-'2 1'2"T-TQ'5":'-FI.-"."':r'J1'---4 'fw.,f-Lawn., . ' .:'.- .-'- --- - -' - ---- -5.,----I. 3 ,-..,,..1.f--..-- . . . ..I I .. --g.-, :.,.---.,g,g- g--.-.. - II ,.', ' w .'1'1: .,- .' . . -qs'-?..'..'.' ,-1: .'--LII -- .'g 1 ' ' .- ' , , ': J.-. -v :- -.- ..,'-gif' --.-.-,LS-gf. 2-ffgjggff .:.gxIx:I-. . IIII- IE. II, I JQEIZ-II-Ii:iIII-II . II:,,.:I,II I I II 1,. III :I II w II .I , 1 1 f I 'LII .3555 ,Q . .. . f,:I..,I: I I.I.II:I II..I - I . .., III I I I I II s I . I-I. I I :,I II,:,IzI:,5I .I II .I . : ,-,g.- I:I . . .. ' - 5 .II I-, , -QI ., . '::. - '.-- -- .-'-- Q - -1- -- -G. :-.Lf --3 I. - I 'w-. ." .5 -II ' ' , I.-. ..'.-,... , r. II,-IIVIII-If:N.,I. ..I A ..I,II -. 1 x . . II:I.::-: I . .'.II'I'.,- lIII:II I .-I:g I III II .,- Ev: 1 Q -'I1,.,I:,.I'.1- , I -' ' I -I ' I.--- - .I..- -II I I:..- 'I ' . I --' ' I - I . II I I. IQII ' v I I '. 4 1 ' -- - - . ' '. IIx ' - I 4 , , . , . Fort Knox F ort Knox olume 1 I EAGLE 70 - E f""f'i - I I .1 I GxJ11X I ' 5 , 1Q..L-- FOR? KN 4,9 1 ,fr 3 , 1 I I -fp mm sewwl-L -- 1 ' 'C ' f , in , 311 C'-w -li,.,.... A..4- .I ,. F -1. 5 K- Y f S' 4 ...U ,.....,, - , . -uf EE: liIu!!5!E5Pp- l I- ghff' - ggginmmwk' md g ll i 1' ,ff -J24- -A 1 Iihzjifli 557' ' i' V ' -Y 'i 'F isgiiijliifgigm, I 'gang I f - I I -W, , 'M I"if!l::!?:if: In I' , AL 1-'-r- - - , 'L 1' ' f I' --'-5-:--f uv. f- I , ir- . -A-x . '43 ailuliifliiif' W' f ' - -5 av y' "F ' ' I - ' 3 i rr i , 1 ' Q r xv ,2- av- ! - , . -i L gs Y B J , xf'1'I,+L , I - - . X gzniiilggx- W- A 'Q I iii ' ' 1"-iff -R+? -M 1 H T - , IS - Tx f g tw-li 55 .',.:, 'i- -5124. " 'Ja-. -"i- -i . . """' 1'--fs - I High School Kentucky XXVIII Classes 40 Administration and Faculty 14 Table of Activities Contents Clubs 166 Advertisements 181 IN THE FALL cheerleaders begm the1r da1ly practlce classes begin anew Friday afternoon pep rallies are held, and then there's homecoming football games are Won, IN THE WINTER three one act plays are presented, Ol'-M' M775 Christmas is observed 29 ff ma, ,f ,L .vt Q Q ' if I ' 1 G 2: Q Q! QQ 'Qi QW 4? f' ' 5 ' '..- IN THE SPRING: ,-,.r-ff-"' K My A , if E U A I ifimfifi.t?il,I'5I Us , , j ,ofa f- JQQQQ .sf a--"'V is m,5 ' V'ff"e'e i MM.. -,7,: 2 . X , ,. students' minds Wander, and their fancies turn to thoughts of anything but school. They long to be outside, if only for a few moments. Even the teachers long for a rest. V . L,jT',, ,,,?" 's The track team spends hours running and the baseball fans rejoice as practice and play begin. IN THE SUMMER the tenms team enjoys a few mmutes of lelsure from practloe X KK XXX X Trees blossom P E classes move outdoors 2111 With seniors looking forward to graduation, the entire school assembles to honor outstanding students. 'Y'lY9"" Band practice, however, goes on, preparing for fall and another school year. arrives and the last bus is boarded to end another school. ADMINISTRATION AND , 1 V kgs, 1 1 . g- 1: 0. 5 or if f rfifw,-,f . , A s nf '1"""'- 1 4 in X f l 5 K , . te , FACULT Mr. Roberts lectures to a class in economics. A ami Y Beans To the members of the Senior Class of Fort Knox High School I extend my most sincere congratulations. I commend you for having reached this important milestone in your life. I appreciate the efforts you have made and some of the sacrifices you have en- dured to reach this point in your life. I am sure the personal satisfaction that you have experienced will more than compensate for the efforts expended. You each have a contribution to make in the adult world. To be most effective I urge you to continue with your studies and to obtain all the education and training possible. Your contribution to our world may not take the form of footprints on the moon, but should be just as personally rewarding. Regardless of your chosen profession you must accept the responsibilities that accompany every worthwhile accomplishment. I wish you God speed and the success you so richly ,Za 14212416 JAMES W. SUTHERLAND, JR. Major General, US Army Commanding deserve. Administration Herschel J. Roberts: Superintendent of Fort Knox Dependent Schools. Carl L. Williams John W. Hackett Assistant Superintendent of Fort Knox Dependent Schools Director of SffC0ndafY EdUCali0n Fort Knox Dependent School Board-CSM Paul Squires, Mr. Hobart Hines, SSG Jerry Camp, Mr. Herschel Roberts, Superin- tendentg COL Guy Groff, Jr., Presidentg COL George Otte, Jr.. LTC James Stuart, Jr., LTC John Fletcher, LTC James Houtz Kyle MCDOWGH 1 Clara C. Pelfrey Director Of Elemem3fY Educatlon Assistant Director of Elementary Education ',M?, -nll"""" Jack Reynolds, Principal MacDonald Junior High School William Reed, Principal Thelma Estes Walker Junior High School Director of Library Services Robert R. Burrow, Principal Leon Blair, Vice-principal All in a ay's Work "He's big, he's bad and he's boss." Eg, .W Now let's see . . . a little off the sides and front . . . an back. Jane Berry Geraldine Erhardt High School Secretary Hlh School S6Cr6lal'y Secretaries These Ladies Keep Things Running "lt's not often you catch Mrs. Berry off Guard." Lucille Martin Guidance Secretary 5 fe Pauline Stanley School Nurse VUM 'WE ' ' .", I E " U3 ' ?' Mrs. Stanley takes care of Diana. They Keep Us Health -in Bod Mrs. Owen is always there to help. and in ind Gladys l. Owen Librarian A.B.. Western Kentucky University, NLS., University of Kentuckyg Library Club Sponsor. Mr. Cox poses with his prize pipe. Barney Martin Cox B.S.C., Loyola University, Chicagog M.A University of Louisville Guidance Counselors: Provide Wise Words of Understanding Patricia Rose Lewis This is more fun than SAT scores! B.S.. M.S.. University of Kentucky Hollis Curling Industrial Arts, Head of Department B.S., Tampa Universityg MA.. Mur ray State University: Shop, Woodwork ing, General Drafting, General Math Assistant Football Coach. lt doesn't look like an ashtray to me! Cultural and Industrial Arts Work Together Cal Saunders Art. Head of Department A.B., Morehead State University: Art l SL ll. 2 , Winnie Jo Williams C o ni m e rce B.A.. University of Kentuckyg Typing, Bookkeeping. Office Practiccg Cheer- leader Sponsor The Yes. John. this is at typewriter! Business World Ann A, Fulkerson Commerce B.S.. Western Kentucky Universityg Civics. General Business. Typing, and Shorthand We Jasper Schlinker English, Head of Department A.B. lgl. M.A., Western Kentucky Uni- versityg M.L.S., Texas Women's Uni- versityg English Ill 84 lVg Eagle Angles Sponsorg Co-sponsor, Speech and Debate. But Miss Schlinker, they're not paying a bit of attention! Communication Is Our Goal fl Mildred Smith English A.B., Western Kentucky Universityg English ll fgl. III. Margaret Corvino English B.A., College of William and Maryg English lg Drama Coachg Co-sponsor, Speech and Debate. n English Teacheris Securit Blanket Is Her Desk Brenda Hefty English B.S., Murray State Universityg En- glish I SL Ilg Red Cross Co-sponsor. Clancie Speck English W K f B.A.. University of Kentucky: English lll. English IV: Senior Sponsor. Year- book Advisor Teachers would be lost without chalk and erasers. A teacher and her files are not to be parted, and Miss Robinson is no exception. Camille Robinson English B.A.. Western Kentucky Universityg Miami Universityg English I. English ll: Civicsg Student Council Co-Spon- sor Katherine Roberts Home Economics, Head of Depart- ment B.S., Eastern Kentucky Universityg University of Louisvilleg Jr. Red Cross Sponsor. But don't burn yourself! Home Economics Gladys W. Rodgers Language A,B., M.A., Western Kentucky Uni- versity, University of Kentuckyg French l,ll. English I: French Club Sponsor , W French is like music. Francais? Oder Deutsch Elanor Brawner Language. Head of Department B.A., University of Kentuckyg German l.ll,Ill: German Club Sponsor o Espanol? Mary Bates Language B.A., University of Kentucky: Sp ish l,lIg Spanish Club Sponsor 29 . ., .,,., , .... wzz.f.-w.nfw,,t +1 .1 W...-. lm. .A 4 mf - ga ' - . f .. ,f.,..,p 2 fe M52 1 ,,T ff, ' 3,1 wmwg:i1mgw1f'Wmwffqzg ' 'T . .BAR4 M...- . ff f ri?P5i'flzgwz25229Q A 'lf - Kfifhfv ' .la '.1. -'Qf?- : ii:fv:',i z' Q' v V 'f:. . ibiiitfffi . 'ey Q 1 7 lm, ,QQ . .1 we 1 , , ,: .,,,,X - -A v ggi ? v , ,L,A,,, ,5:Ai 9 -ga. 1 fa. 'ir ,,,' " '45,g,al1, ',Wfil? f 4,-1g,g.m..K7 sa, 5 . lw it ll1?lE.ii1 ,,'. lla .El w ill it . fig .. .. V .,,, , .. .. ..,, S .W W, . ta, . til t . Q wt-.ff if . 'QQ wi il l M .-1.-w r... 4 lfaw 'lr f - .1 di- ..i. l,..-.A we .,.- 1 . .. .f .. .f .. ,,.,.i . ,ff-f:., , . . Q. .4,. ... W . ffllfpifyf 4' . , 'A ,iw -r M-N45 9 W A ' it ,..,, . 3' 5 ff!-.. . wi it l ' ly or 1 l . f - - ' . , ':.. lrle . A me :fe 2 islam H A ' 5 J Z 's an liiwwf fi., Q. , . M . K Z' ' . 'FWwil'fz.1:.1sVQgv3f:'-W''f".l"e5.5?lf'lf 35145. 5 ff ' .W ' W, si.-f..t-M V ,fag-sig? if f fn: "H nl. -J w a ' . W ' . . M ei' ' 3' W f athematics, William A. Raker Mathematics B.S., Eastern Kentucky Universityg Math I 84 Il, Algebra lg Sophomore Co-ordinator, EAGLE Photographer, Fort Knox First Student Credit Union Co-ordinator Joseph A. Sipes Mathematics, Head of Department A.B., Rockhurst College: M.S., Kansas State Teachers Collegeg Advanced Math, Trigonometry, Analytic Geometry, Al- gebra llg Senior Sponsor f'i'J-W.-.t.,,Nm'5 p-.,.,,, Q "': f s bx . W ii Anyone? Anna Lee Maddox Math B.S., Bethel Women's Universityg Mur- ray State University, University of Louisvilleg Algebra l, Modern Geom- etry, General Mathg Sponsor, Future Teachers of America. Edwin C. Lobb Math A,B., M.A., Western Kentucky Uni- versityg Math l 84 ll, Algebra lg Ju- nior Class Co-ordinator. Jo Ann Abbott 1 Vocal Music A.B., Western Kentucky Universityg Concert Choir, Madrigals, All-State Chorus, K-Dette Drill Team Director. The Sounds of Music! William S. Johns Instrumental Music, Head of Depart- ment B.F.A., Music Education, Carnegie- Mellow University: Fort Knox High School Band Director. Juliann Tesar Physical Education. Head of Depart- ment B.A.. Duane Collegeg Girls' Physical Educationg KAPA Sponsor: Coach. Girls' Swimming Teamg Girls' Track Team P.E. Has an Facets Varoom!! John Stephens Physical Education A.B., University of Kentuckyg lVl.A. Eastern Kentucky Universityg Health Physical Eclucationg Head Coach, Foot ball and Baseball Scott S. Smith Physical Education B.A.. University of Kentucky: M.S.. Catherine Spalding: Physical Educa- tion, Driver Education. Tennis Coach. Come together now. . . Walter H. Grabruck Physical Education B.A.. Centre College: MA.. University of Kentucky: Health, Physical Educa- tion. Basketball Coach A,B,C's can be fun! John Hanna Scienceg BA., University of Kentuckyg M.A., Western Kentucky Universityp Physics, Geometry, E a r t h Science: Chess Club Sponsor. Science Enriches ics Class. Senior students perform an experiment during Mr Hannas Fifth Period Phys Yiffigw i Lee Ann Burrow Science B.S. 8: M.S., Western Kentucky Uni- versityg Biol0gy3 KAPA Sponsor, Ju- nior Sponsor Unexplored Avenues Thomas C. Simmons, Jr. Science B.A., University of South Carolina, , M.A., University of Florida, General Scienceg Head Coach, Cross Country Team, Head Coach, Track Team That's not the way Mr. Simmons said to do it Caught?'?'? One World W Wyqaw X. W t, . -'1 Lucille M. Van Dyke Social Studies, Head of Department A.B., Kentucky Wesleyang U.S. History, American 'Gove,rnment, Economics, ln- ternational Politicsg Senior Co-ordina- tor Social Studies Swigert S. Hockensmith Social Studies B.A. QQ lVl.A., Georgetown College: U.S. History, World History. Civicsg Senior Sponsor, National Honor Soci- ety Sponsor 1 . - Qt fe Margaret Stevens Social Studies A.B.. Georgetown Collegeg World His tory, World Geography, Psychology Q. X K 2 v rce 38 National Junior Honor Society Spon Even after a hard day Mrs. Stevens has a ready smile for her sixth period class. Kevin Flannery Social Studies B.A., Norwich Universityg Sociology, U.S. Historyg Assistant Football Coach. sorg Junior Class Sponsor. "Be flexible. . aintenance Staff Johnson Allmond, Head Custodian: Arlan Torenceg Lyle Strain. What Would We Do Without Them? Cafeteria Staff Ercell Ark, Manager: Ethel Moreadith, Dorothy Myers, Rose Spalding, School Coordinatorg Patricia Freberg, Lot tie Chatney, Lois Blick, Doris Wiggons, June Wintreck. We are great Canjt you see We,re the class of ,73 40 We are great Through and through We're the class of '72 We are great There is none Like the class of '71 We,Ve got spirit, We've got soul, We're the class of 7-O ! FRESHMEN Freshman Class Gfficers President-Charles DeLeon, standing Secretary-Carmen Welch Treasurer--Charles Pounds 1973 Class Favorites Johnny Manibusan Nelindia Smith Jerome Alexander Earl Allen Pam Anderson Teresa Belcher Joe Benjamin Debra Benz Connie Brown William BFOWI1 Chuck Cantrell Drew Carter Al Christine Scott Bissell Judi Brown ChHflCS l3Ufkh0ld6l' DOHI121 CHVDCMCI Lynn Carter Debra Clark Alexander Brown Kenneth Brown Debby Burnett David Carter Stgvg Case Paula Cole Roxanne Corlew Christopher Damon Cayce Davenport Arthur Davisson Abel DeLeon Nicki Dermody Lois Crawford Ann Daniels Christine Davidson Norma Dawson Charlie DeLeon Shandra Dias Katherine Cress Jacqueline Daniels Jim Davis Frank Dayton Mike DeNease Donna Dickson I 2' ,, V Y A- My ,, m,,,,l.v V, I st,,7,,,,:,M.,,,, -u?2'ifMis5f ' +V - '- , . W,..wl-when-M21 fi , ,. "" N 5 ,v-'fi' Q i lliiifirf x I L g,., . 5 sm yt, K 'f .. ivllztfw-wfG.i . , , r -' eff-.ref-- ic ' ' . :iff V ff- , ' W. f 5253 ' i ' wg? , ,YN KVQA i I we , ., V, K , ., A ,A I . , 4 f 0. 44 A -'vw ' f 4A5:,J6.zs, ' . - -a:t3:::wr2:. .. fm Af l . ff 'V Wil 'eu 1 W. , Elf ' I 4 5 ' m f, A I 'Y ' 1 ,W 1? , ' 1 ' Iii 3:1 - , Uv .. ff ' V 5 ff H . ' l ,ig L T ' Bill Elliot Lynn Elliot Richard English Stanley Dodson Courtney DuFour Johnny Duggins Rolando Escobedo Richard Figueroa Gloria Egtep Janette Finley Gary Evans Elaine Fleck Mary Foreman Bernice Foster Denise Fox Nancy Fox Henry Franke Jurgen Frey Diana Freyre Vicky Gates Doug Fuller Maria Gibbons "If those Freshmen win the Spirit Stick, I'll . . Ken Gates Bonnie Glosson MQW QM. i , 'Ai I me if Margie Godden William Greshamer Tom Hager Ginny Hammond Clara Hawson Kurt Helmig Pat Goodwyn Pedro Gutieffrez Erich Halter Judy Hast Joan Haynes jack Hgmbre Robert Green Veronica Hacket Joan Hamilton Scott Hatch Kevin Haynes Mike Hiers Tonya Hill DeAnn Hoard Cathy Howard Christine James Mikel Johnson Debra JOHCS Pam Hill Keith Houser Melinda Howard Donne Johnson Roland Johnson ROSHHHC Joyce William Hill Barbra Housten Harvey Hudson Leslie Johnson Terri Jolley PCIC Kimball "Ah beep beep ! !" Larry King David Kramer Mary Labbe Ralph Lake Stanley Law Catherine Liefler Donna Kitts Benedict Kumangai Paul Laflamme Mana Larrivee Charlene Letteney Alecia Looney Kathleen Klevgard Santiago Lebastid Nina Lafosse Oliver Law David Leyk Rene Longoria Gabrielle Lucas Janice lVlcAtee Ernest lVlacClendon Patty lVlcCrossin Rosanne McNielly Ronald Marion Bob Lucht Debby McCallum Stephen lVlcConnel Jim lVlcDurmin Johnny Manibusan Judy Martin Justo Luno Richard McCIean Jimmy McCrossin Renate lVlcElheneg Darlene Mariable Deanna Mattingly "Who are we cheering for now?" M ary M attingly Vincent Mattingly Ben Nlayol Look! lt laid an egg. Mary Meadows Duane Miller Beverly Monroe Robert Morgan James Mullins Larry Norris Phyllis Melvin Joey Miller Jacquelyn Moothart Cheryl Morse Howard Nair Deborah Osborne Grace Nl6l'lCS Patty Mills Carmen Morgan Lloyd Moulton Mike Newsome Lois Otte 52 ' K wszviiw ' 3' ,. mmf gil' Wagga Y' U31 Q Q Z sf gg 4 55 Ji we - bij" W I -we wifi vfvfwgiwz fri Donald Omng Mary Paschal! Virginia Pediga James Peters Larry Pickle Jennifer Plott Steve Pack Michael Paul Hugh Pendergrass Marguita Pharris Dennis Pike Charles Pounds Whatsl+l'l John Pounds Pam Powers Jody Prichard Iris Quyano Sallie Radcliffe Lynn Rainy Victor Remo an KV jg, 1' W l 1 " ,- . YI: ,,,.. ' . -I liisggQgi3QQi Hifi iw 1, M l Fm 1 Z, 1 S 3? li ji Y ' -i M QE? 'W in Q Diane Renoux Roger Riley Sherry Ritch Mike Rollei Charles Ross Miquel Reviera Elvira Rinkenbarser Chandra Robinson Barbara Ross Mary Ross Dickie Safllfl Vincent Scott Delores Simms Melinda Smith Frank Sourhel-land Shirley Saflln Paula Sergeant Beonia Simmons Nadine Smith Paul Squires Steve Sauls Susan Shepavo Jewel Simmons Regina Smith ,lghn Stage Clyde Scott Jenny Short Jennifer Simmons Charles Solar Debra Steckly V. -1,:W,- ,. ll., v, V, 5, l f Margie Sams Patricia Sams Elvira Stephaw Mary Stuart Richard Stuban Pat Sweeney -urn- Z sf if 2 f -f, 'v-- , MV, U L V gif f 5 if ' Ut - ff ,iz ,fi i25l5iiSif i'i'i l ' 1 ww ,W it .- i 2 W! l -fs as fir as ,,, A i 1 wet' , - 2 -W' 4 ff W 1 .4 Nancy Swyers Benny Taylor Humphrey Walker Larry Watkins Carmen Welch Angffla TCIH Robert Touchstuone Jan Troyer Cheryl Van Aura Vazquez MHFIH T161 RHYm01'1Ci Trevmo Debra Tyler Gladys Vasquez Paul Vermillion Pamela Wllllalm Elizabeth Wilson Leighton Wright Gwen Yoder Melody Ziegler Donald Willis Stephanie Wisiker Linda Wooten Art Ziegler Phillip Dillinger ar if W Q fffmm, ', ga ,,-., ' 1972 Sophomore Class Officers President-Brian Durbin Secretary-Stephanie Halliburton Vice-President-Debby Ritter Treasurer-Leslie Potter Class Favorites Rick Munsell Ch yl R g 0' SOPHOMORE SPONSORS: Mr. William Raker, Coordinator. Mrs. Elanor Brawner, Mr. John Hanna. Mrs. Gladys Rogers, Mrs. Brenda Hefty, Mrs. Katherine Roberts, Miss Mildred Smith. John Ahrenholtz Carlos Ascendio Allen Baker Nelda Barrera Gay Alexander Debra Ashenfelter Mark Baker Diana Berrevich Steve Armstrong Roger Ashenfelter Terry Baker Sheila Bissel 'izflzffw Debby Blackwell Cynthia Boyd Theresa Brady Barbara Joe Brown Ronald Steve Broyles Pat Canincia James Cooper Chu,-lgg Crawford jghn Cl-igr Elizaberh Cummings Ronald Bush Diane Cululogna Alicia Cruddock Kathryn Cmigo Karen Cr-use William Cummings Curran Leigh Davis Lonnie Dillon Thomas Downey Barry Echhzxrdt Karin Ferreira Diimlm Cillhy Dellingel' Celeste Dionne John Duke Larry Evans Joe Filaseta DSIFUCIS Florence Dias Al Domingo Brian Durbin Ray Fain Lynn Fletcher r N ROY Foreman Mike FFHSCH Bobbie Freyre Frances Gabig Veronica Garcia Sandi Gates Lola FOX Sue FYHSCF Jennine Fultz Charles Gallaher Steven Garza Brenda Gibson We are Great through and through We're the class of 6'72" Karl Gibson Bob Goodin Joy Greene Diane Greshamer Sharon Hansen Charles Hays Diane Goodin' Eric Gramento Tina Greene Stephanie Haliburton George Harmon Tom Hembree X i Y f L EQ ,, gil ,M i K 4 22 Y 'S' 'f 5 if it F V22 fifzigg, 1.3 :w,,.- ,.v5g"',..9z2NQ..s'f, V Sbmwff -wr..-QA"i5grli6"' iW'i"2l313eea . , 4. , . - 2 ,-f '. . , "-"- .f 'J -' ' ' " yr- . , if , f 4 ff' ' gf ohn Hernandez Lon Hughes Michael Johnson David Jolley Donald Kelley Michele Lee 'ohn Honea Anita Johnson Paula Johnson Steven ,loyee Dale Klerbard Michael Lesley Evelyn HUGSOU Donald Johnson HHVVQY Jones Judith .luenger Rocky Labbe Geraldine Letteney Sophomores come rolling in. J' f i 173335, o ,X Sophomores get a helping hand. Roy McBride Linda Mcliennon George Marion David McClain Charlane McMinn Ann Mattingly Steve MCCIOUG Philip Martin Randy Meade Gloria Longoria Cossandra Pamela McAttee .lohna Meadows Gary Middleton Debra Meredith Markie Miller Ray Mitchem Tanya M0l'riS Kathy Nabb Karen O'NeaI Ted Parsons Debby Pence Mafia Miller Charles Morse Linda Naylor Wesley Ouzts Curtis Patton Scott Peterson R0dUCY MOFNS RiCh2lFd M'-ITISCH Janet Newsome Wolfgang Parker Alva Pendergrass Ken Philips Follow the leader. ln Football's gone co-ed! ljeslie Pon? Francisco Quinones Rudy Rhodes Debora Ritter Cheryl Rogers Kathryn Pflllaman Harriet Reed Beverly Rice Vera Robinson Robert Ross Steve Pusey Patricia Reed Floyd Rider ldalia Rodriguez Betty Rowe Q iff' is Johnny Plummer Richard Porter Teresa Sandoval Frank Schendor If, S S - L1:,- 5 " v gl kgs ' 'f W ' 3,4 - 4-i g.,-11 , Richard Sears Joan Semple , , tw, 4 Sk if Q t it i 5 M 5 Q3 C 's -H iw S N tt fx X ,X 45 5 X sw f M525 F K rw i , F , Debra Shannon Guy Smith Catherine Smolenski Karen Stantz Diimffl Slffidfrll Ramona Sheppard John Smith Michael Spillman Mendy Stapp Om Stffphefli Frank Shilling Robert Smith James Spurling Charles Stephens Robert SIFHWI1 Come together! Wei Bef' Stfeetel' Pam Sullins Sheryl Sweebie Melvin Terry Daniel Th0maS Steven Thorpe Michael Stuckef SWVC SWHECI' Anthony Tedesco Cheryl Thomas Michael Th0mpSon Melva Tores Ted Turnhall Charles Vanaman Christine Watts Sharon Williams James Turner lrella Vazquez Kurt Weaver Sharon Williams Brenda Upshaw Steven Ward Albert Wenninger Judy Wilson Paul Wilson Steven Yacavone gap wiv Q Looks like a winner! Who does he think he is? JUNIURS Class Favorites John Farrar Lenora Stephens Junior fficers President-John Farrar Vice President-Tim Coad Secretary-Lenora Stephens Treasurer-Deborah Carter JUNIOR CLASS SPONSORS: Mr. Edwin Lobb: Coordinator, Mr. Cal Saunders, Mrs. Lee Ann Burrow, Mrs. Margaret Stevens. Della Adams Caron Allen Jim Ashenfelter Diana Barrera James Bayne James Alexander Ryan Amey Cathy Barfield Jane Bass Judi Blosevich Mark Boals John BYOWI1 Myra Bruton Carol Burns Robert Carreros Wolfgang Brandt Robert Browning Herbert Burch Linda Butts Debbie Carter D0fiSCaf1ef John Farrar accepts lst place award for the Best Looking car , Mark Carter from Student Council President John Marchese. Q e lg Julie Chole Timothy Coad Michael Collins Deborah Crocker Michael Damon Deborah Cisco Thomas Coad Patrick Collins John Cutler Arvis Dancy James Davis Chandler DaytOl'l Louis Deckert William Dufour Gregory Dziagwa Roy DHWSOH Sharon Decatur Vicki Dickson Elilabelh DUl'biH Stevenson Elliott John Faffaf Dolly FiI1lCy Duane Fuller Paula Grigas William Hart Deborah FCCUCY FfCdeI'iCk Fffime Jocelyn Gilmore Marianne Guffanti Richard Hast Mighty Juniors . . . few and far between. Roland Hawkins Darnetta Heighter Yong Hill Margo Holmes David Houtz Benita Hayman George Hernandez David Hislop Gary Hosler Sheila Jackson Donna Johnson Thomas Jones Richard Kitts Miguel Laffosse Araidna Lister Jacqueline JOHCS Bruce King Pamela Kuechenmeister Larry Lee Joaquin Lopez Bryan Lovitt Sean McAloon fi' i Wifi? :,',,r-ws w ".f,aN'i1 ,.,. F x ,. fqge-z ":::w5g: :s:wggqfs,e::f,,-' f mg, - f ,wg K .Na iw iugwf. A - 11,-' we f'f NME -H , :Eg-ixgfzvgfy 7 ,,,,: 53 , I, LL, www , if ,,, A , ' ' V l if 'L W 1 3, j lg Michaeline McGee Linda McKenzie Rub-a-dub-dub Three men in a tub Patrick Mahaffey Debra Maxson Ellen Mattingly Rick Miller l ual Q fail P! K A lfl5 ' is if if-f lg: Sylvia Miller Marti Mills Tony Moore PeteLfNaylor Rita Nabb Eriqk Ocampo W , Miguel Ocasio Michael Osborne Whose Newspaper?? gg if ,MV 2. . -7' fi as George Otte Frank Pearce Janice Overturf Larry Penix ff' 1 Pat-a-cakeg pat-a-cake. We Are Great There Is None Like the Class of '71 Debra Peters Darline Phillips James Porter Richard Puaoi Elfi-iedhe Renoux William Pharris Anna Plott Wille Pgrter Stephanie Radentz William Rickman 'D John Robinson Kathy Rowe Katherine Rogers Edward Sampson Lenora Stephens Deborah Streeter Bruce Stoddard Carolyn Swager Cynthia Semple Marilyn Sims Gail Stantz Alexander Simmons Deborah Solar Loretta Staples John Trigg Elsie Vazques James Walz Deborah Turner Joy Vincent Joyce Ward if fr Ad-- A .inf-i" V 18,7 ,-kiln, ,Y Y 4 W X , ,- l .4 '-:as f -l- Diane Webb LaBonnie White Richard White Richard Wills Ria Welch Linda White Francis Wickers Susan Wills Juniors put an eagle in their tank. Paul Young SENIORS LEAD THE WAY To the Seniors: As we approach the completion of our high school careers and the commencement of our lives in the adult world, we, the Seniors, can look back on this year past with merited pride. The Class of 1970 has attained excellence both in academic achievement and in athletic accomplishment. Our spirit, determination, and industry have made this year an unquestionable success. As we separate shortly, each to his own destiny, let us be resolved that we will retain our lofty ideals, exploit our God-given abilities, develop our limitless potenti- alities, and employ our sound education in the pursuit of personal fulfillment and universal peace. I extend my best wishes and highest regards to each of you. May the memories recorded in this book be a constant source of comfort and en- couragement in future years. David Dayton Senior Class President-DAVID DAYTON Senior Class Favorites BRENDA SMITH and RAY BROPHY It ,.4 Senior Class Officers Secretary BRENDA CURRAN Vice-President PEGG Y PATTERSON Treasurer CINDY UHL President DAVID DAYTON CHARLES ALVIS ARMSTRONG, ll JERRY LEE BAKER GEORGE FITZPATRICK Midwest City. Oklahoma Fort Ord, California BARFIELD, JR- - Football 1, Basketball 1, Track manager l, French Club 1, Newspaper staff 2, Football - Fort Gordon, Georgia Honor Society I, Spanish Club 3,4, Year- 3,Track 3,4. Latin Club 3: Golf 3,43 YCH1'l900k 41 book 4, Concert Choir 4, Madrigals 4. Speech 4- Leslie, Peggy. Mike. Ed- mond, and George help Mrs. Speck choose pictures for the Eagle. CHARLEEN ANN BENGE Camp Handford, Washington Ski Club 1, Pep Club 2, German Club 2, Newspaper staff 3, Kentucky High School Speech Institute 3, Cheerleader 4, Student Council 4, Speech 3,4, Belles Lettres 4, Football Homecoming Court 4, Friendliest Girl 4. DEBORAH LYNNE BROOKS Nuernburg, Germany I Chorus 3,4, Speech 3, Kentucky High School Speech Institute 3, Red Cross 3,4, RAYMOND BROPHY Madrigals 4, Debate 4, Belles Lettres 4, Point Pleasant, New Jersey National Achievement Scholarship Program Football 1,273,43 Bageball 2,3543 Class Fa. Semifinalist 4, Wittiest Girl 4. VOl"iIC 4g Winlegt Boy 4, RICHARD MICHAEL BROWN MARGARITA INGEBORG CANINCIA CHARLES EDWARD CARTER Springfield, Tennessee Munchen, Germany Fort Campbell, Kentucky elonor Society lg Science Club 13 Biology Future Nurses of America 1: Spanish Club Honor Society 1,2,3,4, Swimming 2,3,4g Award 2g Spanish Club 2,3,4g Yearbook 4. ll Red Cross 2: German Club 3,4. Speech 4. Does a n y o n e know the phone numbers of these cute cheerleaders? LUCILLE MARIE CHOLE ROBERT AUSTIN CISCO JAMES LESLIE CASTELLOW Fort Riley, Kansas Franklin, Indiana Fort Kn0X, KCIHUCKY Library Club 2, Chorus 3,45 K-dettes 3g Wrestling Team 1,23 Pep Club 1,23 Foot- Bafld 12.3.43 Football 3,4- Red Cross 3. ball 1, Lettermens Club 2g Golf l,2,3,4. 1 BRENDA DIANE CURRAN ROBERT DARROW Springfield, Illinois Tokyo, Japan German Club 11 Student Council 2,3,4g Track 2g Presidential P h y sic al Fitness Honor Society 1,31 Newspaper 31 KAPA 33 Award 3g Concert Choir 4. Girls State 3g Class Secretary 4g Concert Choir 43 Best Dressed Girl 4. DAVID DEAN DAYTON Dallas. Texas Tennis 1,2,3.4g Class President 1,43 Wres- tling I.2g Student Council l.3.4g Basketball 3g Speech 3g English Award 33 Typing VIDA DAVIS Award 33 Honor Society 3.4: Jayne Harty CHARLES GRIM DAVIS .IR Shelby, North Carolina Memorial Award 3g Boys State 35 Debate Shelby North Carollnt Track l,4g Future Business Leaders of 45 NMSP 4g Most Likely to Succeed Boy Basketball I 2 3 Track 1 3 America 2,33 Softball 2,33 Pep Club 2.3. 4g Belle Lettres 4. JACK MAURIECE DEVU-LE EDMOND LOUIS DOERFLEIN, ll JOSEPH LON DURBIN i Fort CfimPbCll- Kentucky Fort Belvoir, Virginia Bowling Green. Kentucky VFZICK ll Student.CQunC1l 22 School Pho- Latin Club 1.2.33 Honor Society L21 Student Council lg Honor Society lg Base Ogfflphef 2,31 PVOJCCUOU Club 23- SPOKE Conference Representative 4: Year- ball 21 Varsity Thinkers 23 Speech 3,4 book Editor 4. Tennis 3: Newspaper 3: Basketball 4. Hey! What's the big secret. David? ROBERT WAYNE ELLIOTT Alexandria, Virginia JAMES EARLEY FLEMING ootball lg Track lg Baseball lg Yearbook DAVID MICHAEL FERGUSON Enterprise, Alabama 3 Spanish Club 43 Concert Choir 4. FTA 2,35 Drama Club 2, Baseball 1,2,3g Wrestling 2. ROXANNE FOX TIMOTHY GORDER MIREILLE .IEANNE DONNY HACKER Fort Knox. Kentucky West Point, New York Nancy, France Football 125.41 Key Club 23 Speech 3,42 Cholus 13 Dance Club 23 Basketball Award Boys State 3. 23 Red Cross 33 KAPA 3,4g Track 4. Are they always that happy when they'l'e in Govern- ment class? 5 JOSEPH RAYMOND HARDY ANITA RUTH HAMILTON Fon Kobbe, Panama WILBERT C. HAST F011 Bragg,N0l'1h Cafollfla , Basketball lg Track lg Class vice-president Fort Meade, Maryland Chorus 1123 Debate 2-3,45 Swlmmmg 4: 21 Football 2,3,4g Baseball 2,3,4: Lauer- Track lg Football 2,3,4g Wrestling 2g Base Track 4- mens Club 2,3,4g student Council 2,3,4. ball 3. CAROLE ANITA HATFIELD BARBARA ANN HOPSON THERESA ROWERA HUGHES Fort Benning, Georgia Salzburg, Austria Fort Knox, Kentucky KAPA 4g French Club 4. Chorus 3.4g Red Cross 3. Chorus 2.3.43 Speech 4. The Seniors were well rep- resented on the Eagle foot- ball team. TERESITA IGNACIO ANNE MARIE JACKSON MARY ELLEN JAMES San 4Fernando. La Union Phillipine Islands Rcgensburg, Germany Richwood, West Virginia Spanish Club l,2g Girls Athletic Agggcia- Future Medical Society 2: German Club 2g Student Council lg Future Homemakers of tion 21 Future Nurses Of America 3g Sec- KAPA 2.3.4g Red Cross, Vice-President 3g America 2g French Club 3g Newspaper 33 retarial Club 3: Concert Choir 4. Library Club 3: Assistant Librarian 3. Red Cross 3.4L Chorus 3,4. DAVID THOMAS JOHNSON PATSY ELLEN JOHNSON ANN MARIE KERSTING Fort Dix. New Jersey Marshall. Texas Heidelberg. Germany Football 1,31 Track 2.3: German Club 23 Band 1.23 John Philip Sousa Band Award Spanish Club 21 Track 3.4g Girls State 3: Monogram Club 3: Mixed Choir 4. l: National Honor Society 1.2: Class Fa- Future Teachers of America 41 KAPA 4: vorite 2: German Club 2g National Honor Most Athletic Girl 4. Society 3,4g Speech 4g K-dettes 43 Madri- gals 43 Junior Miss Contestant 4. Guess who. boys and girls? JENNIFER SUE KIMBALL Fort Knox. Kentucky Art Editor. Literary Magazine 2g Student Council 2: Madrigals 3.4: All-State Chorus 3.4: Board of Directors. FKSCU 3.4: Year- KATHERINE ELAINE KING book 3,4g Belles Lettres 43 Best Looking Cheyenne, Wyoming LONNIE FRANCIS LEE,JR. Girl 43 Hardin County Junior Miss 4: Student council 29 Speech 2,3,4g Science Trenton, NewJersey Football Homecoming Court 4g Cheer- Club Treasurer 23 Newspaper 23 Girls Cross country lg Football 1.2.3,4g Junic leader. Co-captain 4g Speech 3.41 Out- State 3: Honor Society 3,43 Yearbook 4: Classical League 23 Future Medical Societ Standing Teenager 4. KAPA 4g Belles Lewes 4. zg Track 3. NICHOLAS EUGENE LEWIS JENNICE EARLENE LIGHTNER GREGORY YOUNG LISKE Fort Knox. Kentucky Fort Sill. Oklahoma Camp Breckenridge. Kentucky Chorus 1.13.43 Red Cross 2.4. Movie Club lg Drama Club lg Soccer lg Lettermen's Club 1.3: Madrigals 2.3.41 Track 31 Football 3.4: Yearbook 4. Seniors lead the Home- coming P a r a d e with th ei r car. driven by Steve Farrar. DELORES LOONEY Shreveport. Louisiana Future Homemakers ot' America 1.2: .lu- nior Red Cross 1.21 Track 3.4: Future VICTURGEROLDJQXMIES MCGEE NOEA.LONGORlA Business Leaders of America 3: K-dettes Ch1C21g0.Ill1f101S McAllen, Texas 43 Yearbook 4. Football 1.2.33 Track 1.2.3. STUART ANDREW MCKENZIE JOHN JOSEPH MARCHESE WILLIAM RONALD MASON lVlim16Olla. New York Nuernberg. Germany Cleveland. Ohio Ski Club 1-2132 Baseball 12 Dmmil Club 2- Student Council l,2,3.4. Vice-President 3. President 4: Tennis 1.3.43 Baseball 23 Speech Treasurer 3.43 Eagle Angles 33 FKFSCU Treasurer 3. President 43 Journa- lism Award 33 Debate 43 Honor Society l.2.3.4: Belles Lettres 43 Lettermens Club 3,43 Most Dependable Boy 43 Outstanding Teenager 43 Delegate to NASC 3: Year- book 4. Chuck, Edmond, Charleen, Jeri, Brenda. Debbie. Dave. and Tim all worked on the Senior car for the Home- coming parade. EDWARD ALBERT MATTING LY Springfield. Kentucky CARM EN MENDONSA DAVID DENNIS MILLER Latin Club Treasurer 23 Latin ll Medal, Asmushausen, Germany West Point. New York Chemistry Medal 3: Tennis 3.43 Boys German Club 1,21 Pep Club 2.3: Year- German Club 2.3.43 SPOKE Conference State. book 43 Chorus 4. Representative 43 Yearbook 4. RICHARD ALLEN MOEHRING CARL MIKE MOULTON JAMES NAIR Fort Riley. Kansas Rosenheim. Germany Atlanta. Georgia 1.2: Golf 3.4' Swimming 4' Ye'1r- Football 3.4: Lettermen's Club 3.4. F00fb21H I4' Basketball 1-22 NSWSPHPCF 1 .TM There must be an easier way! PEGGY ROBERTA PATTERSON Williamston, South Carolina Class President l: Class Vice-President 3.43 Student Council 1,43 French Club l: Pep Club 2: Speech 3.41 Newspaper Editor 3: WILLIAM KAY NORRIS Journalism Award 31 Honor Society l,2,3, Dublin,Texas 4: Belles Lettres Co-Editor 4: Yearbook 4g ootball l,2.3,4g Honor Society 2: News- FKFSCU Board of Directors 4g 2nd Run- aper 25 Class Sergeant-at-Arms 23 Spanish MARY RUTH OTTING ner-up Hardin County Junior Miss Pageant lub 2,43 Yearbook 4. Salzburg, Austria 43 Most Likely to Succeed 4. RUSSELL GREGORY PENDERGRASS KARREN JO POPE CARLA ELAINE POST Nuembufgv GCITTIZIUY Fort Benning, Georgia Sanford. North Carolina Football l,2,3,4Q Basketball 1.3.43 Wres- Yea,-book 2,43 Library Aide 2: BOOSICI' FNA 13 Art Club I3 KAPA 1.22 Re tling Zz Track 1,33 Student Council 23 Club 33 Red Cross 3g Track 33 Student Cross 33 Majorette 43 Yearbook 43 Ban Presidential F0lk Singing Club 23 DTH' Council 3.43 Concert Choir 43 Football Vice-P1-esident4. matics 23 Speech 3.43 Class President 33 Homecoming Queen 4, Best Looking Boy 4. Who won what? JERI LYNN POTTER Albany, New York Junior Classical League 23 Madrigals 2,3343 Swimming 23 Art Award 2g Choral Award 33 Speech 3,43 Yearbook 43 All State Cho- BILLIE JEAN PROCTOR rus 1 3,43 .FKFSCU Credit Committee 43 Fort Leavenworth, Kansas Junior Miss Pageunt3 Triple Trio 23 Girls' JOHN PRINCE Chorus l,2,3,4Q Pep Club 23 Track 2,33 State 33 NJHS 2. Mitchell County, Georgia Spanish Club 4, LAWRENCE PUSEY Kankakee, lllinois Orchestra lg Choir l,2,3,4g Youth for Christ lg Cross Country 4: Scholarship Team 2.3: Class Vice-President 3. ALMA JEAN RASCOE CLAUDETTE CHRISTIANA REED Chattanooga. Tennessee Karlsruhe. Germany Track 2,3,4g KAPA 2g K-dettes 3. Yearbook 4. Instant warmup? LARRY DEAN RITCH Talledega, Alabama VINCENT SELVESTER ROSS JANE MARIE SCHROEDER Trenton. New Jersey Fort Knox, Kentucky Football l,2.3g Baseball 23.41 Spanish Football l,2.3,4p Track 1,23 Class Best Glee Club lg Pep Club 1: Spanish Club 2 Club 4g Yearbook 4. Dressed 43 Class Most Athletic 4. Chorus 3,4g Concert Choir 4. JOHN CLAUDE SHEARER BRENDA JOYCE SMITH WILLIAM G. STAPLES Monticello. Kentucky Birmingham. Alabama Aberdeen, Maryland Basketball I,2.3.4: Baseball 2: Sportsman- Art Award lg Science Award lg Basketball Band 3.41 Lellermetfs Club 3.4 ship Trophy 2: Lettermen's Club 2.3.41 2: Chorus 4: Class Favorite 4. FKFSCU Credit Committee 3. Loan Of- ficer 4g Friendliest Boy 4. Miss Van Dyke smiles as Jim Fleming pays for his Senior ring. LEWIS STAPP Alexandria, Virginia Football Manager lg Football 23 Track 1-.21 DAVID JOSEPH THOMASMIR, Lettermen's Club 1.2,3,4g Speech 23 Spanish Frankfurt., Germany ALLEN RAY THUENER Club 3.4: Yearbook 43 Madrigals 4. Band 2,3, Los Angeles, California CINDY LOU UHL LINDA V. UPSHAW GLEN DOUGLAS VALCOUR Madison. Wisconsin Fort Polk. Louisiana T0Pek31 K3-H535 land 1,2-3,41 Flllllfe Medical SOCICIY I-25 Tennis l,2: Chorus I,4g Basketball 2.3, Football l,2,3.4: Track l,2,3g Wrestling 2 unior Classical League 2,31 Class Trea- T,-ack 3,4, 3gSpanish Club 2,3. llrer 3,41 FTA 3,4, Honor Society 3,41 'earbook 3. Look! Our rings are here! LESLIE PATRICIA VANAMAN SAMUEL MICHAEL VINCENT Fort Eustis, Virginia Indianola, Mississippi EVA VROMAN tudent Council lg Drill Team 2' Pep Club Student Council I,2g Honor Society 2: Vienna, Austria g K-dettes 3, Yearbook 4, i Spanish Club 23 Golf 3,45 Baseball 4. KAPA 4. VIRGINIA VROMAN PAUL DOUGLAS WATERS BRETT HAROLD WEAVER Vienna, Austria Temple. Texas SUlPhUT SPFUWSS, Texas KAPA 4. Tgnnis 13 Track 33 Congeft Chorus 43 French Club lg Baseball 23 Student Coun- Baseball 4. cil 23 Track 3: Football 4. There's always one in every c r o w d. Right, John? MARK WELLNER Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri ROBERT FRANKLIN WHITE TONNETTE WHITE Future Farmers of America 1,2,3g Basket- Teague, Texas Troy, Alabama ball 1,21 Library Club 2g Judo 2,33 Base- Thespian Society lg Student Council lg Future Homemakers of America l,2g Hon ball 3. Drama Club 2,33 Yearbook 45 Speech 4. or Society lg Track 2,3,4g Red Cross 3,4. ROBERTA CLEMENTINE WILSON DONNA LOU WILT SONIA SUE WILT Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Fort Knox, Kentucky Fort Knox, Kentucky uture Medical Society l,2,3,4g Library Home Economics Club 1,2g KAPA 3g Red Home Economics Club 1,2g Red Cross 3,4 lub 13 Red Cross 2,3,4g Chorus 3,4g Ger- Cross 3,45 Library Club 33 Yearbook 43 lan Club 3. FTA Vice-President 4g French Club 4. l Down with the Ref! Seniors give their support at varsity cheerleader try- outs. Best Dressed Vincent Ross and Brenda Curran 7 9, Sen Friendliest John Shearer and Charleen Benge Best Looking Russ Pendergrass and Jennifer Kimball i perlatives Most Likely to Succeed David Dayton and Peggy Patterson Most Athletic Vincent Ross and Ann Kersting Most Dependable John Marchese and Cindy Uhl Wittiest Ray Brophy and Debbie Brooks Junior Miss Contestants Jeri Potterg Jennifer Kimball, Hardin County Junior Missg Patsy Johnsong Peggy Patterson, 2nd runner-up. Hardin County Junior Miss ELISABETH MONICA DEVAERE Sorghof, Germany Columbus, Ohio JAM ES EDDIE KING ugmented Seniors Senior Joe Hardy works diligently at his daily task oflisting the cafeteria menu. CAROL ANN BURNS New York New Yorl- GAIL LAVERNE STANTZ Michigan City. Indiana JOANNE SAEKO MENESES DAVID RAY WEBSTER CATHY MAUDINE FARLEY Honolulu. Hawaii Bloomington, Indiana Stuttgart, Germany Four Year Seniors FIRST ROW: Cindy Uhl, Jeri Potter, Brenda Curran, Claudette Reed. Theresa Hughes. SECOND ROW: Joe Hardy. Ed Mattingly, George Barfield, Ray Brophy, Ann Kersting, John Shearer. ,, la .. gi. X . t gm lOl Salutatorian Charles Edward Carter Valedictorian David Dean Dayton 4 A C T I V 1 T 1 E S Football With a Soft Touch Baby we've got it in the bag! On September 20th, the girls donned the football uniforms and inn vaded the football field while the boys tried their hands at cheerleading. The final score was 8-8. Almost as good as the girls! A Successful Leap! 3 LEAP FROG'??! Cheerleader Elections Waiting, wondering, hoping. . . Now what do I don Up up and away' Hup two-three-four! A cry for victory. Jennifer Kimball C0-Captain Lenora Stephens Co-Captain Varsity Cheerleaders Dolly Finley Charlene Benge Cheryl Rogers Nelda Barrera Mrs. Winnie Williams, cheerleading sponsor, proves her worth! J V Cheerleaders J -V Asternates Pritchard and Theresa Sandoval Paula Cole, Tanya Morris, Melinda Smith, Lois Otte, Veronica Hackett Janie Smolenski. FIRST ROW: Manager Howard Nair, Bill DuFour, Ray Brophy, John Smith, Art Ziegler, John Brown, Bill Norris. Head Coach John Stephens. SECOND ROW: Tim Coad, Larry Penix, Reggie Bowden, Steve Elliott, Vincent Ross, James Cooper, Gary Hosler, Russ Pendergrass, Coach Hollis Curling. THIRD ROW: Wesley Ouzts, Steve Pusey, Roy McBride, Scott Hatch, Alva Pendergrass, Bill Hast, Mike Gallaher, Gary Middleton. FOURTH ROW: Tim Gorder, Sean McAloon, Tony Tedesco, David Houtz, Jim Costel- low, Greg Liske, Bryan Lovitt, Doug Valcour. FIFTH ROW: Joe Hardy, Jim Nair, Lonnie Lee, Brett Weaver, Bruce King, Steve Willis, Mike Moulton, Rudy Rhodes. Eagles Win BIG in '69 Coaches Kevin Flannery, Head Coach John Stephens, Hollis Curling, Steve Ste- phens. Eagles receive their next play from Ray Brophy. iSCH1OI' Players lSENIOR EAGLES: FIRST ROW: Tim Gorder, Vince Ross, Ray Brophy. SECOND ROW: Bill Hast, Bill Norris. Russ Pender- grass. THIRD ROW: Jim Costello, Greg Liske, Doug Valcour, Joe Hardy, Mike Moulton. FOURTH ROW: Jim Nair, Lonnie Lee Brett Weaver. ' . Offensive Starters FIRST ROW: Vincent Ross, Russell Pendergrass Ray Brophy Reggie Bowden SECOND ROW John Brown Tim Coad, Steve Elliott, Larry Penix, Mike Moulton THIRD ROW Joe Handy Sean McAloon Tim Gorder Bill Hast Date Aug Sept. Sept. Sept. Sept. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Nov . 7 1969 SCHEDULE Opponent Daviess County North Hardin Bardstown Oldham County La Rue County Christain County Shepherdsville Meade County Breckenridge County Open Elizabethtown Results 14 43 20 14 30 28 33 0 41 22 ullbaeks and Quarterbaeks ROW: Russ Pendergrass, Bill Norris. SECOND ROW. Bill Dufour, Smith, Ray Brophy- C David Holliday CHICI' Defensive Starters FIRST ROW: Steve Elliot, Vincent Ross, Reggie Bowden, Mike Moulton. SECOND ROW: David Houtz, Lon- nie Lee, Russ Pendergrass, Larry Penix, Alva Pendergrass. THIRD ROW: .loe Hardy, Sean lVlcAloon, Tim Gorder, Doug Valcour, Bill Hast. Halfbacks FIRST ROW: Steve Elliot, Vincent Ross, Reginal Bowden. SEC- OND ROW: James Cooper, Gary Hosler, Larry Penix. Guards FIRST ROW: Tony Tedesco, Scott Hatch, Alva Pendergrass, Tim David Houtz, Wesley Ouzts, Art Ziegler, Steve Pusey, Mike Gallaher. "The fact of the matter is . . Gorder, Sean McAloon, SECOND ROW Ends as , . s FIRST ROW: Bruce King, Tim Coad, Mike Moulton, Jim The Eagles kick offagainstBreckeniidge County. Nair. SECOND ROW: Steve Willis, Rudy Rhodes, Brett Weaver, John Brown. l WHERE EAGLES DARE-others fall! Tackles , FIRST ROW: Joe Hardy, Lonnie Lee, Doug Valcour. SEC- OND ROW: Bryan Lovitt, .lim Castell w, Bill Hast, Greg Liske. Vincent Ross takes off for a score against North Har- S f ' if din. M ,, ,A , 5 1 42 7 6 Future Eagles FIRST ROW Bruce King Bill Dufour James Cooper, Tony Tedesco. SECOND ROW: Gary Hosler, John Smith, Gary Middleton Art Ziegler THIRD ROW Scott Hatch, Roy McBride. Bryan Lovitt, Mike Gallaher, Steve Pusey. FOURTH ROW Wesley Ouzts Steve Willis Alva Pendergrass, David Houtz. Outstanding Players 1969 Vincent Ross All Conference, All State Honorable Mention, FKHS Most Valuable Player Award. 5 C Russ Pendergrass All State Honorable Mention, FKHS Sportsmanship Award. Homecoming '69 was: The traditional Homecoming Day festivi- ties began precisely at 1:00 p.m. on October 24 with the dismissal of classes. The band, leading the way, set the pace for a rousing, spirited pep rally. Seniors Bobby Elliott, Sandy Stapp, and Chuck Armstrong led their class to victory in the Yell Leader Contest. The decorated cars were judged, and John Farrar accepted the prize for the winning Junior Class. The Homecoming Court was then pre- sented to the student body. Ann Kersting, representing KAPA, presented Karren Pope, Jennifer Kimball, Charleen Benge, Brenda Curran, Lenora Stephens, and Paula Grigas with silver charms to commemorate the occasion. Showing their school spirit, the basketball team entertained the student body with a mock football game depicting the skill of the Eagle football team and forecasting their victory. tv . Ik a parade, .M a pep rally, if 1 I 1 G Wwnrmggmwg , .... ..., ...M-,.... .3 ., V a yell contest, If P - ,,,.,,....a.,gsrs4q:5,.qv ., fi I :,..i.. A WW ..,., ,,.,, N ,......,, . . ....,, . Twswpegt 'wsmli f f-E .,.' 1 1 - ' s k5t:g?M..., .l,t, x -- 1 W' as - i s .4 . ' as sf W ska .WM Y W 'fbxx as we W Mm 'swetwiqmrfli ,hw we 5' gif Q 3 bis 3, A N N a gy, vw Wim, a X 'WN x N l X' .J L. esse x :Q 51' at Q Q we mfr im aw 'iv S S QW , e v sf. bgg sw Q ,A 4 X ,pw J, Qt 5 Sf 5 1 QE ' so Mmsiewl x K Nita.: w x ' K Qwws, 4 X is ggswg ,Q Mya r fy- a s W ., ,g ,A :. -Q K k 'I .. ,f .Ei , , , Q ,, '- 'M N- .5 J , V j,.t+1' , ., f . , ., "c":z'w'e"':'ft-N-wee-t'fwHv' f '- entertainment, HQOOHS, ASQi,' ,,,,., ' Q , ww ' f ifmgg Q vw A Z E E 4 -F .1 my 5. xx Q. Q Xxx AG. 'X x .C Q if f k '- x ,' ' ,,:. N x - - y ' H - K " V X , ig? ' 1 - X . " ' Q53 ' ,"-,. ' I. - Q ' A K. D FLL In YL A . A L,.I A 2 ' . ..... ff' " if , . 1 ... .... V . f fQ f 5 X m X f LQ A . ,. ...M . A S . 5 Q . 3X-il A lffug V T-J, . .. . .. .N. 'kwa x E X 'LLK , wgiffs- 1.. . ,. 3 f - H R k k k ' if - - i.. -Tix ,ali f . .1 . K ."f 5 . . 1 S. . iifipffi ' xx- U fa 4 A J - , 2. Q- 5 , 1 ' :Q ,Tix -'Q A' -4 'Vf 'if Q. L.-5352 PM , V5 " ' iilgf jgfi-I g.,5'54 VIL. , f . -L xx.. ' f .5 zz I if-Qgfwgwi. .ff w w -f 0 1 . 3. . A we ff? . fk Q 1 :K H x The Homecoming Dance On October 25th, the Sophomores sponsored the Homecoming Dance at TAHO. Miss Karren Pope, the 1969 Homecoming Queen. , r fit The Queen and her Court-Jim Albright, Charleen Benge, David Dayton, Lenora Stephens, Vincent Ross, Karren Pope Mike Moulton, Paula Grigas, .Ioe Hardy, Brenda Curran. fNot pictured: Jennifer Kimball, John Marchesej. 'We could have danced all night." Ahhhh . . . but we've got Soul! Paula and Mike If at first you don't succeed, get a ladder! Lenora and Dave FIRST ROW: Sherri Sweebie, Tonya Hill, Anita Johnson, Debbie Bentz, Sherry Relford, Darlene Marible, Jackie Daniels, Joan Hamilton, Beverly Ashley, Celest Dionne, Diana Goodin. SECOND ROW: Cindy Uhl, Alan Baker, Charles Rettig, Charles Craw- ford, Leon Davis, Nick Lewis, Debbie Osborn, Frank Dayton, Richard Laughlin, Cheryl Schreiber, Mike Lee, Ken Phillips. THIRD ROW: Eddie King, Steve McConnell, Charlie DeLeon, Robert Strawn. Frank Quinones, George Hernandez, Carlos Davis, Stewart Walker. Bobby Goodin, Steve Case, Dickie Sartin, Dave Thomas. FOURTH ROW: Karl Gibson, Robert Russ, Bill Staples, Harvey Hudson, Raymond Trevino, Johna Meadows. Carmen Welch, Gloria Estep, Ria Welch, Carla Post. Doug Fuller, Saul, Richard Hast, Steven Lopez, Hugh Pendergrass. Fort Knox J High School Q Ziff' ' V fy X 2 .?HxIiGZf'gjY. f rwxwfl--'vf 1 aff al fa ,Q 5' 454: 573,55 ft: , 6: 5, f il . " ' 321 1-Y ' , ,,,, ,,,, . V, V G ' f 't.5,!i'rfZ7 zffffmrvfw ' 4 rr' , , , W' M mf, ,W M., St eve ag? , 2 ri? 1: mf my : , nt, .fW.M5+ ,rt N- 'l M2 ' Z' ,mm W ww Q M,-,fm i"fli5f77!97i? 2 Q55 s aa 1 y, ll 5 H f . 3 5' f gk l W 4 64231 T G IZ iw i Q 2 Q 1 ws 1 l Q 5 if al I 2 4 rM,,,,+ at ' , -f'-- . f. i--angf, 2: me J .- K f I , -3 ' ,. f ,, V Band Director ' '42 , " Q? ' '- William Johns QL H John Farrar: Drum Major. ,V a , ff . ' I -' '2 t ,"" Qi , i,f:jZl1f,lL'1?"f'f9"f N332 .4 v "W'0"f'r'3e , iv' f 2 , i ill ael' W I Ni' ,Ml Q ,ttf 021: .tgftgfad W mgfgf f- f ,E-ry. 'f' f ifty , "-L ffrgi ' ,x,j?5iZi5xi2?'i+e2' W- wi?-3154, t New ir favgz m as. 1 5.,,m,,,r,rw.v53t5g,,,fl'wf9 ,mtl ag me wmv, 5 2 am, 5 Q2fsSfsssfgipfziiyagwigezf :hi y afvigsrfiegxaynq ' ' , 4 ,,,, ,,,, I I 5, -Q74 "'f "Q W'ti'fmk,,'f:4m-L7 Estep. Carla Post, Head Majorette Johna Meadows, Carmen Welch, Ria Welch, and Gloria ,ff , Color Guard Pep Band Righard Hast FIRST ROW: Sherri Sweebie, Alan Baker, Charles Rettig, Gloria Estep. Anita John- son. Diane Goodin. SECOND ROW: Bob Strawn, Carlos Davis, Steve Case, Frank r Dayton, Richard Laughlin. STANDING: Ken Phillips, John Trigg, Leon Davis. Band Officers All-District Band EATED: David Thomas, Senior Representative: Cindy Uhl. President: Cindy Uhl, Bill Staples, Diane Goodin. Carlos herri Sweebie, Secretary-Librarian: Karl Gibson. Sophomore Representative. Davis, Sherri Sweebie. Frank Quinones. TANDING: Carmen Welch, Freshman Representative: Carla Post. Vice- residentg Ria Welch. Junior Representative. . .. ' ...env - :,,g. . -,.,s.sf,g - ni. , . . , . A. f .fe-V. f -. . 1: - ' f. : 'ace-swf.. i. -:Mae i,.y.f5-z, as . f - . . ,. f--,-Q., 1-fii,,ts,g,,,. 1, 5 ? sf.-fffwg ,.,. ,..,, f , The FKHS K-Dettes FIRST ROW: Diane Barrera, Vicki Dickson, Delores Looney, Marquita Pherris, Anna Beadore, Donna Cickson, DeeDee Solar, Maria Gibbons, Debbie Feeney. SECOND ROW: Janine Fultz, Brenda Upshaw, Ann Mattingly, Arcelia Looney, Judi Brown, Shirley Sartin. Jane Bass, Patsy Johnson. THIRD ROW: Veronica Garcia, Stephanie Halliburton, Tina Greene, Jackie Moothart, Darline Phillips, Karen O'Neal, Chandler Dayton. Barbara Brown, Beverly Rice. K-dettes spark our spirit at the pep rallies. ' .?:Y5:NSf:" '3:.."'..Xir I X A X A 'Q R X Q Q Q 'Q SW ,X Xb xi 1 X X X, X ! '. IQ .air -X if S' QQ J if x M Q, kgs X 'W' 1 X , A WQXX A WM 1, 'Sl' N ,, . f A V I' ,LY s paw .Y ' -Lf. ' ff 8 i xiii V K .1 .QQ G The Presentation of 3 One-Act Plays Under the Direction of Miss Margret Corvino Debbie and Jennifer were main Characters in the play Early Frost. 1 is l Will the bad guys win? Does crime really pay? . . Wham the matter Gerry? On November 13 and 14 the Fort Knox Players presented three one-act plays: Early Frost, a drama by D o u gl a s s Parkhirstg Ring Around the Corpse, a mystery by R. A. Anderson and Everett Mars- tong and Parted on Her Wedding Morn, a melodrama by Leland Price. I know the string to make her talk was here yesterday! .lane Bass tries to make Debbie age quickly. Lon Durbin ingeniously explains how the diabolical crime was committed. v f" , . Jim Walz finds Steve Elliott hard to believe Masquerade Switch Dance '69 Salt and Pepper entertain. The girls took over for the Mas- querade Switch Dance held on the night of December 6 in the school gym. This dance was sponsored by the Junior class. Refreshments were sold and Salt and Pepper pro- vided the entertainment. Doin' our thing. There was enough chow to feed Knox's army. - may s ff - e T . t t,r ' .fl iir S l s T T . it tfgwws V- . ,AM i Amiga We JY lair 5 A V LQ Litl 5 X54 i' is S at M1 . ....,, ,.4- fur" 5 , 2 5 , 1 5 2 2 E E Q E 2 v 5 Z e 2 9 2 Q 5 3 f E 2 9 3 2 i Q Z 1 K 1 W I tif fe iii It's teamwork that counts. at Let me see MY picture. Miscellaneous "This is the way we brush our teeth so early in the morning." Basketball Varsity FIRST ROW: Robert Daniels, John Brown, John Shearer, Lon Durbin, George Otte, Manager. SECOND ROW: Coach Walter 1 Grabruck, George Marion, Ray Baker, Mike Spilman, Joe Hardy, Vick Alexander, Ted Cobb, Alexander Simmons, Mike Collins, l Assistant Coach Rush. FORT KNOX HIGH SCHOOL 1969-70 Basketball Schedule Dec. 2 Meade County . . . Away Dec. 5 West Hardin . . . Home Dec. 12 North Hardin .... Home Dec. 16 South Central .... Home Dec. 19 Larue County .... Home Jan. 9 Manual ...... . Away Jan. 10 Campbellsville . . . Home Jan. 13 Nelson County . . . Home Jan. 16 Elizabethtown .... Away Jan. 20 East Hardin . . . . Home Jan. 23 Larue County .... Away Jan. 30 Meade County . . , Home Feb. 3 Bardstown ...... Away Feb. 6 Breckinridge County .Away Feb. 10 Pleasure Ridge Park Away Feb. 13 Elizabethtown .... Home Feb. 14 North Hardin .... Away Feb. 20 Doss ...... . Home Coach Walter Grabruck with his Varsity Team. 6 ,Q -L Q K 25 1 fe :mx ,pf Kg AVVL , X, ff 3 A f' 1 . I 74 Q gf W , y L :.,L 1 9 4 5 W 3 bb mf? 4 Z K, -if , 6 4, 5 ofh, ha-.Q .ww gf! ,,,..z Ill i u-v had 'T H-...X 5 X Q1 'N X xxx ,, ,QQ I .1 Q! Q3 15 I. J I 'iewesggt 3 ii 'Y .Rv ,L 2 . T K 4 W 1 I v!! .4 5 Q 3 Q :zm 'QWNQ N, ..: 1,5 :M- su -B N' I s A S' New F, J. M. 4' L- ' QF- ., . r ' ff xi Si EE Y , 1' ,X Z5 N i Q E? X X w x v gif J 'MX Q. s ,Sw ag 2 Q .af 'bn 'if K 5 L 5 w X as ' 5 W X is + aa ix W R I 'N was QE , I :B -ix V. ss. 55 Sw ? 'X '35 Q SZ? .W 5 , . F ,,,, -i. sw, if ,a S F -k ,,.,, , V Q .gg 1 1. ,141 4, I J' -if-.W M.- M V Basketball Homecoming Queen 1970 Miss Diana Barrera escorted by Bill Norris Homecoming Court SEATED Lenora Stephens, Brenda Curran, Mary Ward, Dian: B Kenny Rush, Deborah ter, Larry Pusey, Bill N nifcr Kimball. STANDING: C s..l1m Nair, John Marchese. Homecoming Activities Attention was placed on the basketball players' legs. as well as on the girls on the court, at the Basketball Homecom- ing pep rally. The student body voted by applause, on the "Sexiest Legs" Nic Alexanderl: the "Hairiest Legs" Uoe Hardyl: and the "Most Likely to Suc- ceed Legs" Uohn Sheurerl. After the Game KAPA Entertamed with aRecept1o Mrs. Tesar and her helpers prepare the punch The winners of the hat and costume contest which are a vital part of Green and White Day are: Funniest HatgDoris Carterg Most Green and White Hat-Nadine Smith: Most Original Hat-Sheri Sweebeg Neatest Hat-Gwen Yoder: Best Green and White Costume-Helen Gonzales. Green and White Da "l tell you, we're going to beat the Panthersl' r. Grabruck wishes the agle Team a flying vic- ry' The Angels warn Ebenezer Scrooge that he is going to have '1 bad night Christmas 1969 The Music Department presented a vocal and instru- mental concert December 19, 1969, for the enjoyment of the students and faculty. The concert choir, under the di- rection of Mrs. Abbott, sang several Christmas selections. The band, under the direction of Mr. Johns, concluded the first half of the program. After a brief intermission, the members of the chorus presented a musical version of Dickens' "A Christmas Carolw. Scrooge is addressed by lVlarlowe's ghost. Ebenezer begs the Spun of Futuie Christmas for another chance The chorus sings, the band waits to perform. while the audience lis- tens expectantly. Bob Cralchetfs family and Mr. Scrooge join in a joy- ful song of Christmas. We can see who is the favorite ofall the girls. d by Ray Bro h . MISS Patsy Johnson escorted by John Shearer. The Eagle Court Is Presented At the Annual Valentine Dance P dbjh C. Miss Karren Pope escorted by Vincent Ross. E 3 E s s 2 i i 1 2 2 3 2 i i s S Miss and Mr. Eagle-1970 Miss Charleen Benge and Mr. Russell Pendergrass. 145 'f K ,H A New 15,1 iz? z. k M if-f I W, Ri. gr 1-vf K L, A 5 I ' as Xl t. N5 3 A 7 3: fi -IMF L HIICC Introduced by the Senior Class Pres- ident David Dayton, Jennifer Kim- ball and Jeri Potter entertained with the traditional song, '5SWeetheart Tree". i 5 gm' ff, y Q W4 ft-faXf11i?w7?,,LM fwfr ' if ',Qf'e'F?n5 . 5' ,-A The faculty enjoyed the dance, too! E 1 3 l E 4 FIRST ROW: Tonnette White, Linda McKenzie"2 Jeri Potter"', Elizabeth Cymmenys. Carol Burns? Debra Shannon? Delores Looneytlt, SECOND ROW: Christine Watts. Charlyne Sanders, Brenda Currang, Donna Johnson? Florence Dias, Janice Farley. Judy Juenger. THIRD ROW: Sandy McAbeei". Linda Withrowik. Diane Webb, Linda Buttsll. Theresa Hughes? Jane Schroeder, Cathy Barfieldi. Not Pictured: Carolyn George, Davine Faulks. tXConcert Choir.J FIRST ROW: Patsy Johnson? Janet Newsom. Leslie Vanamani, Melva Tovesx. Sharon Wedding. Lynda McKennan2'. Kathy Nabb, Silvia Miller? SECOND ROW: Gail Durbin? Joyce Wards, Carmen Mendosa? Joanne Meneses, Billie Procter? Claudette Reed? Gail Stantzili Elsie Vazquez. THIRD ROW: Roxy Mitchumg. Mary James? Ellen Mattingly, Julie Cholex, Donna Phillips? Linda Whiteff. Ann Plummer"'. Linda Upshawi. Karren Pope? Not pictured: Elaine King? Jennifer Kimball'l', Diana Barrera? t4'Concert Choir.J ,1.i. ,. FIRST ROW: Debbie Blackwell? Kathy Craigoz. Janice Overturftli Sonia Wiltik. Pam Kuechenmeisterff. Joan Semplef. Deborah Solari. Tessie Ignacio? SECOND ROW: Charleen Bengei. Dana Cronen, Jocelyn Gilmore? Diane Greshamerr. Loretta Staples? Elizabeth Wilson. Paula Grigasii Barbara Hisle. THIRD ROW: Lucille Cholex. Pam MCAICC, Jane Bass? Delores George, Yvonne LaClair. Brenda Smith? Patricia Caninciag. Roberta WHSQHX- B21fb3l'3.H0P50nAi- N01 pictured: Verlera Smith. Sheila Baker. Margarita Canincia. Sharon Decaterli Debbie Meredith? t"'Concert Cho1r.l FIRST ROW: Paulette Smithi, Mike Lesley? Rudy Rhodes? Jim Walzl. Dale Klevgardg. Debbie Brooks? SECOND ROW: Linda Farley, Rita Nabbii. Lester Gibson? Robert Daniels? Chuck Armstrong? John Hernandez? THIRD ROW: Roxanne Corlew, Bob Darrow? Larry Penix, Nathaniel Stanley, Robert Cisco, David Johnson, Paul Waters, Jennice Lightner. FOURTH ROW: Bobby Elliott? Greg Liskeii Bob Barr, Mike Ocasiog. Frank Pearce, Vincent Rossi. Jean Rascoe. Not pictured: Mark Carter, Christine Watts, David Emery. tiiConcert Choir.J Directed by Jo Ann Abbott A U S l...1......i..... FIRST ROW: Linda McKenzie. Jenn- ifer Kimball. Jeri Potter. SECOND ROW: Chuck Armstrong, Patsy John- son, Dale Klevgard, Jim Walz. THIRD ROW: Julie Chole, Debbie Brooks, Gail Durbin, John Hernandez. FOURTH ROW: Greg Liske, Rudy Rhodes, Mike Lesley, Robert Daniels. Gail Durbin, Jeri Potter, Jennifer Kimball, Greg Liske, Jim Walz, Patsy Johnson. Mrs. Abbottgthe Fearless Leader. SITTING: Jeri Potter. STANDING: Gail Durbin, Patsy Johnson Jennifer Kimball. BACK ROW: Rudy Rhodes, Greg Liske. FRONT ROW: Jim Walz. Mike Lesley. FIRST ROW: Mary Stuart, Tad Grow, Rick Munsell, Mike Lesley, Chuck Munsell, Bill Rickman, Tom Coad, Melody Ouiegler. 3 SECOND ROW: Joan Hays, Chuck Carter. Art Qiegler, Frank Ouiones, Philip Martin, Joe Filasita, Dick Moehring, Betsy Curran. THIRD ROW: Joan Hamilton, Anita Hamilton, Albert Wenninger, Steve Brooks. Dave Hislop, Jim Walz. Lois Otte, Missie Dufour. Swimming Chuck Carter, returning senior letterman. Bill Rickman-he's like a fish in water. Returning Lettermen TOP ROW: Tom Coad. Rick Miller. Chuck Carter. Bill Rickman. SECOND ROW: Kurt Weaver. Pete Nlunsell. Michaela Miller. BOTTOM ROW: Philip Martin. Betsy Curran, Rick Munsell. "I can't go anywhere with you on my hand Swim team isn't all swimming laps. FIRST ROW: .lack DeVille, Jim Walz, Lou Deckert. SECOND ROW: Ron Brown. Mike Vincent. John Ahrenholz, George Barfield, Dick Moehring. Robert Cisco. Coach Steven Stephens. Coach Steven Stephens. Returning letterman Dick Moehrin g. Returning letterman Robert Cisco. .l TCHTUS aI1Y0l'le? Now ya gonna get it! Dig that crazy form. FORT KNOX TENNIS TEAM: Ed Mattingly, John Nlarchese, and David Dayton prepare for a smashing season. 2 FIRST ROW: Mike Damon, Curtis Patton, Mike Spilman, Steven Swager, Frank Southerland. SECOND ROW: Larry Pusey, Mr Simmons, Coachg John Trigg. Cross Countr Larry Pusey once again runs ahead of the pack. Larry ran to victory six times during a very successful 1969 season. Larry placed fourth at the State Cross Country Meet in Louisville. 1970 Mason Dixon Track Meet Participants FIRST ROW: Pat Mahaffey, Rudy Rhodes, Victor McGee. Robert Daniels, Vincent Ross. SEC- OND ROW: Coach Thomas Simmons. Bill DuFour. Doug Valcour, Curtis Patton, Larry Pusey. They Set the Pace Linda Upshaw. Laura Rawlings, Ann Kersting. Patsy Phillips. Veronica Lee. Sheila Ross. V 1969 Was a Good Year for Girls Track Six girls qualified first in the region and went on to state competition in the fol- lowing categories: 880 Yard Patsy Phillips Linda Upshaw Veronica Lee Sheila Ross Larra Rawlings Patsy Phillips Linda Upshaw Sheila Ross Medley Relay: 880 Yard Relay: 440 Yard Dash: 880 Yard Run: 50 Yard Hurdles 70 Yard Hurdles Sheila Ross Larra Rawlings Ann Kersting Ann Kersting 7 Senior Honor 21 '69 One for all and all for one. Talk about feeling weird! l l on A moment of solemn silence. "The Saints go marching in! Underclassmen Honor 33' ,69 vfn' ' mL, Taming the Shrew! And you think you've got problems! NEDT Awards. Sf M' A' 5 ' ..,Q.y1f of corn!" nhl V 4: 1 Dave racks up another one! S 'ik -20 ' Qiijf 'J gg KM' , if . K 25 1- 1 -si fmffwwzsmff-C,we K f Q! Q, ,114 6 , , cya" E jam For some 2:30 isn't the end ofthe day. The halls are crowded between classes. we Nwff2f,!"""'fW- ,W lx f' V' 1 f N-.vez--.Q-Jn". in l'.E::"..,:...--f55':',A. 'g E FIRST ROW: George Lunceford. Larry Ritch. Rick Munsell, Albert Wenninger, Ray Brophy. Joe Hardy. Roy Easter. SECOND ROW: Noe Longoria. Sean lVlcAloon, Larry DeLeon. Wayne Lunceford. Larry Bowden, Bill Pharris, Eddie Steager, Coach Ronald Myers. THIRD ROW: Ken White. Jim Albright. Allen Sumner. Reed Kimbrough. Steve Willis. Dale Huncharek. Bill Jones. Craig Plowman. aseball Give him a chance. Remember-Always concentrate. you dig it-3 Here it comes! 1969 Girls' and T Boys, State Representatives Jeri Potter, Elaine King, Brenda Curran, Charleen Benge. David Dayton, Lon Durbin, Ed Mattingly, Tim Garder. In the summer of 1969 eight seniors, four boys and four girls, attended Boys, and Girls, State. The boys journeyed to Eastern Ken- tucky University and the girls to Transylvania University where they learned through participation the processes of state government. Hank keeps a watchful eye over his brood. At last! The right size. ' wgx. An occasional mistake is to be expected Our te am doesn't loo k like that, does it? .1kf.."I H 'H .gftukz 'f"3'gL2uQ,2 f 25' x efkldu, k '- ' l fi .. U Pulwkhn . . . K ' ""ll:mi,.g .. "4 e . Y 4-da.uh,,,,, Fklut' T - Ee S'i EE xr .., .,,,f SQ. ..- K E France C L U B S Carolyn Swagerg Brian Lovittg John Triggg Cathy Rogersg Marianne Guffanti, Editor-in-Chief, First Semester: Caron Allen: Sharon Decator: Jim Walzg Barbara Hisleg Gail Durbin: Darlene Phillips, Editor-in-Chief, Second Semester. Eagle Angles Staff Trying to get the newspaper out on time surely takes a lot of patience! Miss Schlinker cheerfully smiles-now that the paper is out, again! WC, pu-If mf The Eagle Staff Greg Liske, Junior Ed- itor: Jeri Potter, Fac- ulty and Administration Editor: Karren Pope, Typist: Elaine King, Typist: Mike Brown, Sports and Senior Ed- itor: Carla Post. Ac- tivities Editor: Ed Doerflcin, Editor-in- Chief: Larry Ritch, Sophomore Editor: Da- vid Miller, Freshman Editor: Lislie Vana- man, Clubs Editor: Donna Wilt. Typist: Bob White. Advertis- ing Editor: Anita Ham- ilton. Copy Editor: Bill Norris: Assistant Sports Editor. Sponsor: Mrs. Clzmcie Speck: Photographer: Mr. William Raker: Ed- itor-in-Chief: Ed Doer- flein. KA PA sponsors Parents Night. KAPA-Knox Association of Pep Activities KAPA Board FIRST ROW: Marti Mills. Mireille Hacker. Debbie Ritter, Carol Harfield. Markie Miller. SECOND ROW: Joy Vincent. Veronica Garcia. Gail Durbin. Carolyn Swager, Ann Jackson. THIRD ROW: Ann Kersting, Pam Sullens, Darlene Phillips, Doris Carter. Red Cross 1 ' K . ..,, f .2n's?-..mE".,4:f FIRST ROW: Mrs. Katherine Roberts, Sponsor: Linda White, Treasurer: .loan Semple. Nancy Swyres, Betty Rowe, Mrs. Brenda Hefty, Sponsor. SECOND ROW: Gay Alexander. Vice-President: Diane Mattingly, Delores Looney, Deb- ra Peters, President: Tina Greene. Sue Joyce. Jenice Lightner. Future Medical Society FIRST ROW: Gerry Letteney, Gail Durbin, Roberta Wilson. Trea- surer. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Pauline Stanley, Sponsor: Delores Loo- ney, President: Barbara Brown, Patricia Reed. Jenice Lightner. Vice- President: Margarita Canincia. Historian. Spanish Club FIRST ROW: Nina LaFosse, Sharon Williams, Sgt. at Arms: Bobby Elliott, Treasurer: Cindy Semple, Vice President, Mike LaFosse, President: Susan Wills, Secretary: Sandy Stapp, Photographer: Elsie Vazquez, Historian, Librarian, lvette Vaz- quez: Terry Ascencio. SECOND ROW: Gladys Vazquez, Sharon M. Williams, Chandra Robinson, Debbie Blackwell, Diane Greshamer, Joan Semple, Michaeline McGee, Sheila Bissell, Judy Juenger, Aura Vazquez, Missy DuFour. THIRD ROW: Beverly Rice: Ciana Goodin, Donna Phillips, Chuck Armstrong, Mike Brown, Mike Ocasio. Tom Hembree, Pat Mahaffey, Steve Broyles, Larry Ritch. German Club FIRST ROW: Elizabeth Bently, Evelyn Hudson, Secretary: Kathy Nabb. SECOND ROW: Ria Welch, Margarita Canincia, Diana Freyre, Araidna Lister, George Otte, President, Gail Durbin Vice-President: Debra Maxson, Rita Nabb, Treasurer. THIRD ROW: Janice McAtee, Maria Lar- rivee, Denise Hansen, Mary Stuart, Elaine Fleck, Lynn Carter, Judi Brown, Maria-Gibbons. Debbie Jones, Debbie Benz, Nanette Damon. FOURTH ROW: Carmen Welch, Bobbie Freyre Donna Johnson, Roxy Mitchem, Lois Otte, Frances Harkins, Patricia Reed, Jim Porter, Mika Lesley, Roy Dawson, Keith Houser. ROW: Mrs. Gladys Owen, Terry Ascencio, Marquita Gabrielle Lucas, Darlene Mar- Vice-Presidentg Diane Freyre, Estep, Secretary and Treasurer. ROW: Debbie Jones, Rox- Corlew, Judy Hast, Keith Hous- Lynn Rainey, Shirley Sartin, Pres- tg Debra Tyler. Library Club French Club FIRST ROW: Carol Hatfield, Ann Mattingly, Reporter, The- resa Brady, Secretary, Ernie Mc Clendon, President, Donna Wilt, Vice-President, Judi Blosevitch, Treasurer. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Gladys Rogers, Sponsor, Christine Watts. Sherri Sweebi, Steve Armstrong, Judy Hast, Janette Finley. 4 Letterwomen FIRST ROW: Betsy Curran. Debbie Carter. Lenora Stephens. Ann Kers- ting, Brenda Gibson. SECOND ROW: Tonnette White, Leslie Potter. Linda Upshaw, Debbie Feeney. Lettermen FIRST ROW: Tom Coad. Gary Hosler, John Shearer, Tim Coad. Kurt Weaver. Jim Nair, Brett Weaver. SECOND ROW: Roy McBride, Bruce King, Jim Castellow, Steve Elliot, Rick Munsell, Eddie Samson. THIRD ROW: David Houtz, Mike Spilman, Sean McAloon. Steve Swager, Bill Norris, Doug Valcour. FOURTH ROW: Rudy Rhodes, Vincent Ross, Philip Martin, John Brown, Steve Willis, Chuck Carter. Dick Moehring. FIFTH ROW: Lonnie Lee, Joe Hardy, Ray Brophy,.lohn Marchese, Bill Rickman, Rick Miller. Future Teachers O America Charleen Benghe: Shelia Bissel: Theresa Brady: Cathy Barfield: Ann Kersting, President: Leslie Potter: Anna Plott. Vice-President: Judy Blosevich, Treasurer: Pam lVlcAttee. Sponsored By: Miss Anna Mad- ' dox. l Chess Club John Cutler, Vice-President: Mark Boals, Secretary: Steve Armstrong: Wesley Ouzts: Bob Good- man: Stephen McConnell: Richard Stalbaum: Earl Allen: Paul Vermillion: Stephen Garza Henry Franke: Bob Sharpe: Pat Mahaffey: Carlos Asencio, Treasurer: Richard Wills, President Sponsored By: Mr. John Hanna. ,,,.W.v. , . Fort Knox First Student Credit Union Board of Directors FIRST ROW: Karon Allen, Betsy Curran, Jennifer Kimball, Secretary, Peggy Patterson. SECOND ROW: Mr. William Raker, Faculty Advisor, David Dayton, Vice-President: John Marchese, President, Bill Rickman, Treasurer. Credit Committee Ed Mattingly, Joe Hardy, Jeri Potter, Russ Pendergrass, John Shearer. ln the spring of 1969, the students of Fort Knox High School fostered a new program, the first of its kind in the entire nation. A student credit union was established under the supervision and advice of Mr. Robert Schaffner of the Fort Knox Federal Credit Union and Mr. William Raker, Faculty Advisor. It is named the Fort Knox First Student Credit Union and any student in good standing at Fort Knox High School is eligible for membership. lts purpose, as stated in its bylaws, is al L'To educate young people with respect to credit union procedures, savings benefits, credit costs, and moral responsibility? and bl L'To promote thrift and savings among its members, and to create a recognized and approved source of credit at reason- able rates of interest for provident and productive purposes? Student I E Council Christmas becomes a big event! Student Council members gai- ly decorate the tree. FIRST ROW: Cheryl Rogers, Leslie Potter, Tanya Morris, Secretary: Lenora Stephens: Missy DuFour, Betsy Curran Lois Otte, Carmen Welch, Jackie Moothart. SECOND ROW: Miss Camille Robinson, Sponsor: Charlie DeLeon, Char leen Benge, John Marchese, President: David Dayton, Jim Walz. Brenda Curran, Diane Webb, Treasurer: Miss Mar garet Smith, Sponsor. THIRD ROW: Peggy Patterson. Karren Pope, Charles Pounds, Joe Hardy, Sergeant-at-Arms Tom Coad, Tim Coad, Debbie Carter, Cindy Uhl, Bill Rickman, Vice-President: Brian Durbin. Story Telling Prose and Poetry Jeanie Plott W Teresa Hughes P ggy P tterson Ch l Beng C Allen 6 Speech a Duet Acting Humorous and Dramatic Interpretation Marti Mills Bill Rickman Russ Pendergrass Patsy Johnson Jennifer Kimball Mike LaFosse Susan Wills Cindy Semple Debate Team David Dayton Debbie Brooks Anita Hamilton George Otte Tim Gorder John Marchese ebate 1970 Speech Analysis Sean McAloon Lon Durbin Darlene Phillips Chuck Carter George Barfield FIRST ROW: Elaine King, Brenda Curran, Patsy Johnson, Cindy Uhl. SECOND ROW: P Patterson, John Marchese, Chuck Carter. Ed Doerflein, David Dayton. CSSY ational Honor Society ational Junior Honor Society FIRST ROW: Betsy Curran, Donna Phillips, Ann Matt- tingly, Leslie Potter, Chuck Vanaman. SECOND ROW: Scott Peterson, Steve Swa- ger, Steve Galliger, Francisco Quinones. 5 X km X . 'tai sawn? S? Vi ' 'Tr' A 5 Stimulated students leave Miss Schlinker's English lV class. MAJ GEN and Mrs. James W. Sutherland, Jr. BRIG GEN and Mrs. J. V. Galloway A Co. lst BN 63rd Armor COL and Mrs. A. F. Ahrenholz COL and Mrs. Warren S. Alin MAJ and Mrs. A. A. Alexander SFC E. N. Arendell LTC and Mrs. A. R. Arnold LTC and Mrs. Charles E. Armstrong MAJ and Mrs. Thomas J. Atkinson B Co. lst BN 63rd Armor LT and Mrs. Gary R. Bates CAPT and Mrs. John Beatty CAPT and Mrs. Peter K. Becker COL and Mrs. Charles J. Benge Miss Cindy Bess CAPT and Mrs. Larry Bess and Family COL and Mrs. Victor E. Bess Richard B. Betters LTC and Mrs. Standish O. Brooks COL and Mrs. Charles H. Brown SFC and Mrs. Castaneda and Family SFC and Mrs. Oliva N. Chipps CAPT and Mrs. Hilbert H. Chole CAPT and Mrs. David H. Clelland LTC and Mrs. William F. Coad CAPT and Mrs. Richard J. Cotes LT and Mrs. R. J. Coulter, Jr. CAPT and Mrs. M. L. Covault CAPT and Mrs. Van B. Cunningham LTC and Mrs. Robert R. Curran COL and Mrs. C. L. Cutler, Jr. Samuel D. Dasher Eagle Boostei MAJ and Mrs. J. J. Davis lSGT and Mrs. A. B. Davisson, Jr. CHAP CLTCJ and Mrs. M. W. Dayton LTC and Mrs. Richard A. Decatur CAPT and Mrs. Anthony DiFlumeri Mr. and Mrs. Scott Diez LT and Mrs. Jerry A. Dickinson ISGT and Mrs. E. L. Doerflein LTC and Mrs. E. Generes DuFour Mr. and Mrs. Hiasseo Estep CSM and Mrs. David Fandoval LTC and Mrs. T. L. Farrar LTC and Mrs. R. E. Feeney SFC and Mrs. Kenneth Q. Fields CAPT and Mrs. Gordon S. Fowkes LT and Mrs. Stanley R. Frost, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Duane E. Fuller, Jr. CAPT and Mrs. George D. Fuller MAJ and Mrs. W. B. Gault LTC and Mrs. V. J. Gentile, USMC, Rep MAJ and Mrs. David G. Gerkin CAPT and Mrs. A. A. Gerrie Dr. and Mrs. Burton H. Goldfarb COL and Mrs. F. G. Gosling COL and Mrs. W. Greenwood LTC and Mrs. Alfons Grigas COL and Mrs. A. D. Guffanti MAJ and Mrs. Denrier E. Hackworth CAPT and Mrs. Kenneth D. Hammel SGM and Mrs. Harkins LT and Mrs. W. W. Harness, Jr. CAPT and Mrs. T. F. Hartford CAPT and Mrs. G. P. Hewlett MAJ and Mrs. James Hill MAJ and Mrs. Ken Hirai MSG and Mrs. Robert M. Hodge LT and Mrs. Lee S. Holland MAJ and Mrs. Gary Hosler ISGT and Mrs. C. H. Hughes and Family MAJ and Mrs. Victor W. Jacko Jewish Community of Fort Knox ISGT and Mrs. William Johnson and Family SGT and Mrs. E. J. Juenger CAPT and Mrs. J. P. Kannar PSGT and Mrs. Donald W. Kelly SGM and Mrs. W. Kelly and Family CAPT and Mrs. Arnold Kendo II COL and Mrs. Donald A. Kersting COL and Mrs. George Kimball Mr. and Mrs. Vincent King and Family COL and Mrs. W. M. Klett COL and Mrs. L. J. Knepp 970 CAPT and Mrs. David Knoll LT and Mrs. Don. E. Kozacek COL and Mrs. C. T. Krampitz CAPT and Mrs. C. L. Lamm CAPT and Mrs. Henry S. Langendorf LTC and Mrs. Bill B. Lefler CAPT and Mrs. R. M. Lennon CWO and Mrs. George Liske SGM and Mrs. Edgar E. Lovitt COL and Mrs. R. C. Loyd COL and Mrs. J. J. McAloon MAJ and Mrs. Gene R. McCallum LTC and Mrs. Ken D. McClain CAPT and Mrs. D. C. Mclnnis LTC and Mrs. Richard P. McC1ean MAJ and Mrs. James C. McManis LTC and Mrs. A. A. McNamee COL and Mrs. W. Madigan LTC and Mrs. Tom Marchese MAJ and Mrs. Lee R. Marelli LTC and Mrs. L. B. Martin CAPT and Mrs. Lloyd D. Mason LTC and Mrs. Herbert Mattingly MAJ and Mrs. Thomas R. Maxson and Family SGM and Mrs. C. R. Meadows and Family COL and Mrs. Richard G. Miller MAJ and Mrs. J. E. Moothart, USAF Representative MAJ and Mrs. C. S. Morrison MAJ and Mrs. B. L. Narbuth CAPT and Mrs. J. D. Nicholass iii MAJ and Mrs. Peter M. Noyes CAPT and Mrs. Robert J. Nuccitelli COL and Mrs. George F. Otte, Jr. CWO and Mrs. John R. Patterson LTC and Mrs. W.W. Patton and Family MAJ and Mrs. O. E. Paquette and Family MAJ and Mrs. Bobbie G. Pedigo LTC and Mrs. James H. Phillips "Out damned Spot! Out I say!" Too much victory??? CSM and Mrs. Leo C. Pikes and Family LTC and Mrs. E. W. Potter, Jr. and Family ISGT and Mrs. Raymond A. Ray CHAP and Mrs. Eugene B. Richardson ISGT and Mrs. Lawrence Ritch Mr. and Mrs. Herschel Roberts COL and Mrs. R. H. Scales ISGT and Mrs. O. A. Scott Mr. and Mrs. William Semple CAPT and Mrs. Richard W. Sexton CAPT and Mrs. David J. Shelsy LT and Mrs. Ratko I. Sikovic CAPT and Mrs. Arthur Smaagaard CAPT and Mrs. Arlindo Souza COL and Mrs. Frank J. Stanek MAJ and Mrs. R. M. Stevenson LT and Mrs. David M. Stone MAJ and Mrs. Ralph Sturgis SM and Mrs. Robert L. Swager PSGT and Mrs. Ted Swyer CAPT and Mrs. D. G. Taylor LT and Mrs. F. E. Tully, Jr. SMG and Mrs. Gordon W. Uhl COL and Mrs. Nathan E. Vanaman MAJ and Mrs. Philip R. Ward Mr. and Mrs. Buzz Warren COL and Mrs. Ace L. Waters, Jr. MAJ and Mrs. Charles A. Webb, Jr. COL and Mrs. George K. Webb CAPT and Mrs. Ronald White CHAP and Mrs. W. C. White PSGT and Mrs. James Wider and Family LTC and Mrs. M. L. Willis ISGT and Mrs. Thurl Wilt CAPT and Mrs. Fredrich P. Zmuda LT and Mrs. Gregory Zwaryez -fx Goolbfliznn TIRES TMNT i' in KNOX SERVICE CENTER 1679 Wilson Road Radcliff, Kentucky Phone: 351-3113 1 KNUX i 1 Q - ' I Gm.. I "1!!:I'EEA!!?- FORT KNOX NATIONAL BANK Banking Services Member: Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation FORT KNOX and RADCLIFF, KENTUCKY mA1 mmm M- f Q51 neuun 5 :::f.'.::r,:X 0 5100 ' 1 K 66 h m-umm . lat ,B inxerqf? AmBagrk- Qhevkf' . encaru I K ff X extent 141 my Wm mmm 0.2712-C,7,-. girodas Ufmslr 'S Bvxss l i R ,I xx I t ,'. X l f:!' C 44 'X ' . ost' f X 91' 'V4' Lnsfns 45,4 .11 ' 1 , N ' our xNox.::N g ,, Q' x V '35 Th h h ld ff, -- Qs rou out t e Wor 05 enum ...A-I We handle 'em all with ease! E'TOWN LAUNDRY AND CLEANERS Concessionaire ol' Post Exchange Two locations 7th Sz Wilson 9th 81 Queen For Pick-up 81 Delivery Service Phone: Ll'-250-l EHKINI-ESSEX ELIZABETHTOWN I RADCLIFF PHONE 765 ' 6111 PHONE 351-3813 Compliments of CRITTEN DEN ,S 4'Furniture with a Planil Quality Furniture. Carpets. and Draperies No charge for decorator service Let Us Help You Plan Your Decor Located just Past Hospital In Elizabethtown, Kentucky xml S6550 all the EAGLES at FORT K NOX HIGH lllllllllllIllIllllllllllllllllllllllll :CCCCCCXHHXXK XXNXXNXXDDDDDD: I WS A C AM FM MUSAIR I I .X.l.LL.X.S.5.E... t.1.i 1..1.!,,i.,. 5 :lllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllll: DIXON -AT WOOD AND ADKIN S FUNERAL HOME 24-Hour Dependable Ambulance Service Oxygen-Equipped Two-way Radio Logan T. Dixon-Jennings D. Adkins Elizabethtown, Kentucky Phone: 765-2204 185 Compliments of RADCLIFF DEPARTMENT STORE 374- North Dixie Blvd. Radcliff, Kentucky Phone: 352-3144 Fort Knox Areals Oldest and Finest Department Store Open Evenings and Sundays for your added shopping convenience GOOD LUCK-CLASS OF 1970 Herb Jones Chevrolet Ken Dutschke Buick Pate Motor Co Dixie Farm Store Dusty Rhodes Ford Hardin Motors E Town Lincoln 'Vlercury Kelly Vance Volkswagen Douglas Rambler Craddock Chevrolet Osborne Motors Swope Motors HARDIN COUNTY NEW CAR DEALERS nExclusive lVlen's Clothing and Accessory Storel' PAYNE9S TOGGERY 'Teaturing Top Name Brandsn Your Patronage ls Sincerely Appreciated 353 Central Parkway Radcliff, Kentucky Phone: 351-4848 Compliments fyf BURGER QUEEN B U R G E R Q U E E N S 245 N. Dixie Dixie Highway Radcliff, Kentucky Muldraugh, Kentucky BEAN PUBLISHING COMPANY ROYAL Portable Standard 81 Electric Typewriters VICTOR Adding Machines and Calculators OFFICE 81 SCHOOL SUPPLIES- COMMERCIAL PRINTING DUPLICATINC PAPER, MASTERS Sz FLUID Publishers of: Nlnside the Turretw 4-08 West Dixie Avenue-Phone 765-6171 Elizabethtown, Kentucky OO ,TIL NINE Now in Our New Location On 31 W fNext to Fort Knox Reservationl at North Edge of Radcliff Pictu year red above is one of five RCA Victor 23" Table Model TV's furnished to Fort Knox Schools during the 1969-1970 school by Noon 'Til Nine, lnc., in cooperation with Fort Knox PTA and High School officials. Fai - KJ lH'Un-cu I 5 nm SELLING NAME BRAND YOU CAN TRUST . . RCA Magnavox Whirlpool Frigidaire 1. RCAVUOR Sir? 5 E if 5 E GNAvox WW TV RENTALS 4 mzvusnon I ANTENNAS M UMAJIKM MARKET! .gsm NOONUZ NINE um rv w00N ii -- ' - V YEVEH I bla im I li Elm .3-wg -T i , .1 , f -ix , 'l,,,., ' mm, i.l www I , ,AE T q T , i l, "4 If , i N -n V ix , ' ef . 1 ' ' ' ' ix - fo no i 1 4..- . 1' ' 1' '-3-iii' " - , . T -'i-:A--fiii -':g,-g,I44I..aQ1-,sg- Y . "Ni-Hass .. - -- - - figifggfaf-P-M . Effsg- Ti J,-ir . . E le. 3 ' i '.fQ..Qf' lallnlgigll gf-'EQEES-' ' ,Y 1, ,7F,,.-, - 1 ' V POST CAB COMPANY A AND FORT KNOX MOTOR COACH Fast, Efficient Service Compliments of FIRST FEDERAL SAVING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Deposits insured to 320,000.00 Elizabethtown, Kentucky Radcliff, Kentucky LOUIS J. DAVIS CANDY CO. INC. 764 South Ist Street Louisville, Kentucky 40202 Phone: 583-5307 Compliments of ,IOPLIN 81 LANZ COMPANY Wfhe Louisville Storeil Where Quality Merchandise ls A Tradition Min our 64-th yearn 104-112 W. Dixie Ave. Elizabethtown, Kentucky 769-3396 Compliments of ASSOCIATED OPTICIANS Located on the Circle Building 1375 Telephone 624-4005 ROONE'S DRY CLEANING LAUNDRY Elizabethtown 765-6151 Fort Knox 4-6908 Radcliff 351-6700 Logsdon Realty 363 Central Parkway Radcliff, Kentucky Phone: 35l-3105 Radcliff Drugs Drugs, Fountain, Sundries Prescriptions QW Miles South of Fort Knox 467 N. Dixie Blvd. Phone: 351-3133 Radcliff, Kentucky Best Wishes From Fort Knox Travel Agency Coiffures By Betty I-lughe Radcliff, Kentucky 4, S 803 N. Wilson Rd. The only Salon in this area featuring two State Styles Body members Phone: 351-5888 Meir 191 Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Senior Class of1970 j5'orn the DADUS CLUB N N-C0 MISSIO ED OFFICERS OPEN MESS Fort Knox, Kentucky Dining Room-Main Club ec'y.-Custodian, Bldg. 6644, Seminole Street .... . . ain Club, Bldg. 7375, llth Avenue ....... .... atton Club, Bldg. 6649, Ute Street ....... .... urret Club, Bldg. 6645, Blackhawk Street ........ .... alf-Track Club, Bldg. 1307, 2nd Avenue ............ .... ackage Sales Store, Bldg. 2200, Brandenburg Road .... .... Phone 4-7776 Phone 4-2794 Phone 4-5472 Phone 4-8584 Phone 4-3280 Phone 4-1764 J. J. NEWBERRY Elizabethtown, Kentucky Two Value-Packed Sales Floors Over 60,000 Items Phone: 765-2481 , L2 fit 624 N. Dixie Blvd. Radcliff, Kentucky 40160 RIDEIPS-FORMEN Styles For Young and Old MYVOUI' one stop shopping centerw ELIZABETHTOWN PLAZA BUSINESSES Elizabethtown, Kentucky POST TAILOR AND ALT ERATION SHOP Bldg. 1383-Civic Center Fort Knox, Kentucky Phone: 4--4902 DIXIE SHOE STORE The Family Shoe Store Our Specialty: Quality . . . Style . . . Service 1818 Dixie Boulevard Radcliff, Kentucky Phone: 351-3468 PARKWAY PHELPS WATCH REPAIR BOWLING LANES fFort Knox Concessionj Watch Repair 474- Central Parkway Radcliff, Kentucky Featuring 12 Amf Automatic Pinspotters I JeWe1fY Repair Phone: 351-3141 W Engraving i f lP'O' BOX 7 X X I Ball Drilling Service and Supply Sales Fort Knox, Kentucky 624-3490 X :uh Q i f f P001 Tables Moonlight Bowling Every " Saturday Night at 11:00 P.NI. -f -'- Z. WORLD'S CREAMIE ST ROOT BEER Carry-Out Service-Orders To Go Q 5 . Phone: 351-3505 605 N. Wilson Avenue Radcliff, Kentucky Gibson Greeting Cards Pakay Party Goods Art Supplies YEAGER'S CARD SHOP Distinctive Stationery, Gifts 4-30 N. Dixie Boulevard Radcliff, Kentucky 40160 U Phone: 351-3356 Suits-Dresses-Accessorles A complete Selection of Fashions Compliments of to suit Every Budget Hours: 9:30-6:00 Daily Fridays 'till 7:00 1403 North Wilson Road Radcliff, Kentucky 232 W- Dixie Phone: 351.3313 Elizabethtown, Kentucky MISS 81 MRS SHOP Complimem of 530 N.W. Dixie Blvd. Radcliff, Kentucky Phone: 351-3131 Dixie Highway Elizabethtown, Kentucky Smart Apparel 5501 VHHCY 5135011 Road John Armour-Ira Pfieffer Valley Station, Kentucky "Your Family S101-e" Phone: 935-1338 Phone: 351-3134 WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE Radcliff, Kentucky CINDERELLA SALON Radcliff, Ky. 40160 Phone: 351-3285 Hours Tuesday through Saturday 196 Owner: Patty Sims OFFICERS OPEN MESS Fort Knox, Kentucky Congratalates the Senior Class 0f1970 The Fort Knox Exchange Concessionaire APPLIANCE REPAIR SERVICE P.O. Box P Fort Knox, Kentucky Fort Knox 4-3064 WOLTZ STUDIOS, INC. Photographs for all occasions: weddings, copies, individual photographs. Two locations to serve you. 7th Sz Wilson Phone: 4-6391 Civic Center Phone: 4-4788 All Photographs courtesy of Woltz Studio Earl Pickerill, Manager Compliments of KIDDIE TOWN, INC. lnfants 81 Children's Clothing-Toys-Gifts Shoes 81 Layettes 2 Locations to Serve You Radcliff E-town Radcliff Plaza On the Square Compliments of POST BEAUTY SHOPS Phone: 4-4594 Bldg. 1224 4-4307 Bldg. 4770 Fort Knox, Kentucky Congratulations Seniors! Compliments of ED'S BARBER SHOP Radcliff Plaza Radcliff, Kentucky U.S. A MOR CENTER SPECIAL SERVICES Fort Knox, Kentucky Special Services? What is that? Who can participate? When? Where? What does it cost? Do you know the .answers to these questions? Read on then, yiall, read on! HSpecial Services" means Recreation fA1'IT1Y fypeb Programs and Facilities. Dependents can participate, toog your ID card is your admission ticket. So what do we have to offer? 4 Theaters, plus a new one now under construction. Most shows 35 cents, a few at 50 cents. 4 Bowling Alley Establishments-66 lanesg cost 4-0 cents a game. 3 Field HouselGyms, plus new gym in Disney Barracks Area. Gammon Field House has heated indoor pool. 5 Outdoor Swimming Pools, open on Memorial Day, plus new pool at Anderson Golf Course. Main Library plus 5 branch libraries, to help you with some of your homework problems. 18-hole Golf Course fAnderson Golf Coursej on Wilson Road. lf your Dad purchased an annual family ticket, you can play as often as you like at no additional cost. Watch for opening of new 9-hole par 3 golf course near Anderson. This will be night-lighted and will only cost 75 cents per round of play. 1 3 Crafts Shops-lf you know how to repair your family car, or build items of furniture, or if you can develop and print photographs, or any of the other more popular crafts, we suggest you visit the lVlultiple Craft Shop on Knox Street fnorth of Four Seasonsj or the Auto Repair and Woodworking Shops on 7th Avenue at Ireland Street. You can procure the material you need right here and at discount prices. Youth Activities-Last, but not least, there is the Youth Activities Program. We mention this because we presume you know all about this. But as a reminder-Youth Center is behind Godman Chapel. lt is the focal point for co- ordinating all scouting activities Qboth girls and boyj, for setting up and conducting tours for visiting youth groups, for planning and conducting the special summer months programs, for organizing and running a sports program for each of the major sports seasons and for operating the 4'TAHO" Club, which you surely must have found by now. Costs you illil a month, or 32.50 for 3 months if you so desire. This entitles you to hang-out privi- leges as well as for weekly dances and other scheduled functions. S0-Any questions? If so-Call Special Services Officer 4-1256l4-4251 or Youth Activities Officer 41-4747f4A-4152 4 'A' Q l U I . . F mance , . - - Insurance U I 9 l g e QU ATERS GEORGE CREZNIC Government Employees Insurance Company and Affiliates 1812 North Dixie Radcliff, Kentucky 40160 Phone: 351-4980 Office-Lobby of Ncwgarclen Apartments Fort Knox, Kentucky C0ngratulatiorLs to Seniors 1970! Phone: 4-5397 91112-3721 AUTOMATIC LA UNDRIES Fort Knox, Kentucky Phone: 4-1593 l lwmm-W 199 HOTTIES E. I. PARK JEWELER 'aflouse of Good Food" Watch SZ Clock Repair 428 North Dixie Ring Sizing Sz Engraving Radcliff, Kentucky 811-3 N. Wilson Ave. Carry out 351-3197 Radcliff, Kentucky RADCLIF F AUTO SALES, INC. KNOX FURNITURE COMPANY 834 N. Wilson Road Radcliff, Kentucky , 99 - WRITTEN GUARANTEE wwf N' Wllson Owners Phone Radcliff, Kentucky Willis Duncan 351.6200 Roscoe Martin 351-4585 Pl'101162 351-3613 351-3614 200 - f2'1"3i',R'??? SAME DAY SERVICE LAUNDRY-DRY CLEANING On 31 W Radcliff Plaza Muldraugh Radcliff 942-2613 351-3078 FOR YOUR INSURANCE NEEDS CONTACT- NORTH HARDIN INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. 361 Central Parkway, Radcliff, Kentucky Phone: 351-4431 WE REPRESENT MOST MAJOR COMPANIES -lynn nu nut' Robert W. Shipp-AGENTS-Dexter R. Pepper KNOX MOTORS INC. AUTHORIZED FORD DEALER Muldraugh, Kentucky Phone 942-2363 KNOX MOTORS SERVICE Garage A-PX Concessionaire-Park Road Fort Knox, Kentucky Phone 4-5166 AUTO BODY REPAIR Park Road Phone 4-5168 BILL'S HARDWARE 81 APPLIANCE Most Complete Hardware Store in your area JUST ASK US: If We don't have it, we'll get it! CONVENIENT TERMS ON APPLIANCES Radcliff Plaza ...... 351-3602 KNOX CAR WASH, INC. Bullion Blvd. Phone: 4-3331 SPRAY WAX CSI IRONION MOTOR STEAM. lt's the real thin .Cglge BOTTLED UNDER THE AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BY: THE COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY OF ELIZABETHTOWN Congratulations from TA H 0 Compliments ofthe COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY Elizabethtown, Kentucky C gratulations Seniors of 1970 Cir I LD FORT KNOX FEDERAL CREDIT UNION The Financial Cornerstone of Fort Knox N E fR -f W 1 T I, Jnmmm1mnmwms 21 . 7 Sk X f f iff Will Always Remain W ff? M A , k A? " A W 4 y, Y N , A N, if V x , L V' , M wil?" l' Aw iw "f ,,, . ' - Q X M j A - .gk W 1. " ow , ,. Q. " nm-my L f H xj 'WEB A-VH f f,k , f V wi x, 'W :WN wk f ev "3kh'Q, V Elf W' ' " f. Air- V , 'Milf' 'ffflf l ,l f Ml N chool for All Seasons W , W ,ff -'F 9J N f5'f5'PyLEf95JE5 if Q7f2'J Z' 7.24. ff' 1 01,5 gfififyffg 5 SC 59 J ,Q ?Kf9: fi QL- yjgffifvffjjjg gb' if of 3327553 4i5f'?i2 ,Z-fav ff! 59 Ernie:-Eolicgifxie fB!'QlS'3i . f'35'?5M??1if, , rs.: ggffs' ' y fs?-:ggi fx- X "fx 1-:"f9ff 11, ,, X, V, Kgs , W wvffktfj x 51? 4 ,wwf . 2 95.55 MW-'nn o,,z1w,f,35 wa-f lag!-3.471 :ff , if Me, 1:-Q fx, J is Q . I Mr J 35 Vx Q:-,fr x Q we I Af ,,:,. x if 'H' X . 0 f QQM, I R wh- I 'W .i -4----Q---mni5,s -15.4. 40:6 "Wu

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