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'. -wlgf, .A ., -w.w?" "1- V90 Y CLE X 1 4, ...,. QS.. xx Q kgfqb V pb .. J M QW Hepa i ' -y M ka R l -s E1 1 E 3 f: Pi El 4 -1 fi f If , Q 1 3 51 fl 5. I1 ,1 E EY 2 3 in in L Q1 :E 5 Fi 4 5 a THE K EAGLE FORT KNOX HIGH SCHOOL FORT KNOX, KENTUCKY 1966 v. P-wg,-v-wr, ,?5gV.,g,,, 3 gylzw W ww W' 'WV' 'ww L LM 1 - ,Mfr-"" Tx-dWj,,.,-w ,nw FWVW '-MMT ,Min 'QW53-,-.,-:Q , me' J ' 1 i 5 FQQXQ if V , m,,,Y,nM Iilvr M! .Jw z b"' +0 s , , w...,,, , l YMN, I vi-?.1.,,5,i,.1j r--WN fy W ju- MQMMLV r V WL. -V ,V w,m...g,sgg, ,Qui V r 'iw' if 5ifQHM,f2,, ,Gi ig 'S is iw-f 3 .g afwwh f L, ,i i f ,r a f l YJ -will i 'QM X 1 ,sw W Wa " E 1' '3 ii 1 Ziff f if-jfil 'N ' T ' - f A ,Y WMM ME 515 Jffigif fbi UfTlQ34Q,Jf 'F U, I f ' i " f NN w M5 7533? al .' N .N Fixx' A L 1 f Nj, in -., A Y ' VVZVV in ' - Wx: -Wm:--gg , 4 ,,.., , , ii U,g,'7 2 Q MXN ig? V " xx A- J lx . H, ,Q ,X Affigjl 55,2 5 l 1 -f -,E L-, X W I -f V SZ., AL +1 Q-'-F. Y 5-f .A V. 1 x , , , j..xA.Q 3, 5 f, 1 I qhkgudxl ' ki 1 5f2z,,g ,V ' Ri 35:2 lf' , ' ' N' ., ,, 2 1" f ' - W' ' ' - 1-Auf 4 1 Q ,E?'Q,,fffS'I2f Wt' . , ' Y 1 b 2 35553, 1 ,gf - gg-:gg fW--M-3.:- ' X2 1' RZ, 5 kggiiil. if ' R WW 1 xl 4' igi? , s Y V' E.,,x-alex! V. - gy V , fflix - ' K X I 552. ' ' ' , -. : '. , L. f . 'Q-- 3, ,, , iw Q' , ' ? N", ?"'i'+1V -. 1 H ff' 'Avg 1? ' ! J ' V- ,.f iz ' A 1 f KE fx,-f,,:m 1 I " f 'M - Q- ' . Vx , '- ,1,AtWQK'a1'5-mv 5 -QQ, fm? ' Q1 XR 1 -2' , 5' X , ,-.Eff Vi , 1 V ,K gg. -li ', .514 fi' A I I. f fa ., v v1,j'L,1f:.f , -' . Y ,e if ,, f 1, . .- f' ' 'N R ' , ' ,fx ,f - .QI 5 1' M xx Iii? .W jfHi?f'VfLL11f'A M . Y: L 'W , 2 7 ' '-QEMVQ, .41 - .,.. , - , MQ ,, . MQ ,f 5 A ,rf A ,,,, W F ,, ,A , '- W' ., X P, :Nb if 4 ' 'N ""'ffS4 -,Y ' b N x ' "' ,A.,- ' ' , ,., f' LQ--MJ' '31 ' f 3 A .NN I ..f.,'w-q'1-f, ww---..,,-qmy " - 'n,,.,,,4,Q....'---4.,,W ' ""-Wm-tu., 1 1 fw,,,uS':1'-fa-MKg..,,,ML , .... ,Nw i ...QNBM, su "'4f-ww ' ' wg-m, -M, Q-M., Q Q54 Q-.V " -fi: 1- " ' ' I , A faf411ief52:2Q?:,' pw , , ff,, .gm ww,-. ::f,-fi., W, v I ,W V, R f- 'fiueu' figgff rx , mm, 1 ,, ,MQW , Wim ' 4 - ,www K 1 i' ' aa' ' ' 'wwL:'!g2E'5V. l ' :Q f f 2L.,'4i7'E-fi? V fff 552325 iss! :ES . 5- .L 5-Vx. -.. . W .,,.,,,: :JQAXEEQQXS - L" X lf- -V A 3 ' W 1222 g 5 W , K S H 4 FY.-- lv , xl G L, 52J"'95:fg -.-.. ,X I - 1' - 3 15355333351 new Q Q L M 'L' Q . 3 '1 -f'f?5fi 4 if y 1' f i : 1 A f if, 1 ,rw if P .x fr. V li psig X , N if , fwfez gi 5 - ialx' - A' . Q , X .LY A 3' Mg? ' 1, 6 - ,i 1 61123 4 K N 5 '59 XJ' ? LY A g-,,,,,L v gf , ,I 147 - V V I g ' " 43. 75 ' ' ' W ' Wi l ,, M ' ' rw I ' 55" ' IIVX ' f ' A .Q S ,. I .- ' ,r lgis 1 1 ,,i K 'E' , , bf ' V A 4 .AQ 1 , A -w cl '55 -f : Rf i if I i 52 5 2 ., MJ! E lj: J Y X gf i N. 14' H ng' Q K. Q W gig ff., W6 if Qiww Q . ag fe Foreword It is not at all surprising to hear a "Guten Morgan," a "Buenos dias," or an "Au revoirj' in the halls of Fort Knox High School. The lives of the students here are greatly influenced by the cultures of the many places across America and the world in which they have lived and vis- ited. Because our varied backgrounds so greatly affect our school life, the idea of such a Widely-traveled high school student body, perhaps unique in America, emerges as the theme of The Eagle of 1966. TABLE of CONTENTS Faculty and Administration Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshmen Honors Sports Activities Senior Directory Advertisements 7 29 '75 87 97 105 117 143 170 173 First Semester Highlights x i 'R tl av W' First day - SeI1iOI'S! Hgmecoming- 1965, "The Night of January 16th" Seniors order rings A11-school play. X. X W x 13 izgn1 m 1 Q,,,,,,,ai":A ,Fx Lili. WD iw S Q KF- 52 gil! his if SQ BHK Q 'SP Sk X tfyfwiv RSX S x LW 3' x LA W7 MQLN7 l' TO THE SENIORS OF FORT KNOX HIGH SCHOOL The ability to foretell the future accurately has nev- er been achieved by man, still he is constantly trying to predict tomorrow in the light of past and present events. It is with this guidance that I foresee for you a world of inestimable challenge. Science, industry, politics, and other fields Will compete for the trained minds of men to an ever increasing extent. The standard of excellence will be the acceptable measurement of your perfor- mance, and mediocrity will be more unacceptable than it is today. Greater demands will be placed upon you who are qualified to assist in meeting the needs of a complex society, but the rewards will be commensurate with your ability to do so. I congratulate you on having attained this level of preparation, and I challenge you to make this the foun- dation upon which to build for a future with unparal- leled opportunitites. A. D. SURLES, JR. Major General, USA Commanding School Board Fort Knox Dependent Schools Mr. Hobart H. Hines, Dependent Schools Officer, Maj. James S. Oliver, Lt. Col. Robert A. Little, SSgt-E6 Cecil R. Hammg 1Sgt-E8 Frank E. Crowell, Col. Joseph C. Fogarty, SFC-E6 Jackie L. Johnson, Col. Russell W. Ernst, President of the Board, Mr. Herschel J. Roberts, Superintendent, Secretary of the Board. Not shown: Maj. John L. Fletcher. each of you success as you go forward. Progress through education is a worthy goal. If pursued, it will bring generous dividends. tween men and nations must be torn down, I challenge each individual of this graduating class to attack these barriers. g -. pare you for life. Let your life be an inspiration for GTS. Congratulations, Seniors of 1966. I wish QM! HERSCHEL J. ROBERTS Superintendent Congratulations, Senior Class of '66. May the wholesome attitude, good judgment, and hard work that characterized your high school years make you masters of your own future in a free and democratic society. sm! CARL L. WILLIAMS Assistant Superintendent In preparing for a world where barriers be- Fort Knox Hi h School has helped to pre others and a source of pride for your teach- S. M. MATARAZZO Director of Secondary Education nala n' ff wi -1-,-.ana-use Congratulations and best wishes to the Seniors of '66. Good luck comes to those who are prepared to receive it. At this time you have a good start, continue. Remember, the harder you work, the luckier you are. ,, 1' . y ff f , ' f ," --1 . ,ex J 1 .,f.,71-f riff,-f'7'Cfff"7 R. H. DOWN ING Principal Fort Knox High School My sincere best Wishes to the class of '66. I am confident that the experience gained as a student here at Fort Knox will prepare you for future assignments. at z4:f'7vfweA!f JOHN W. I-IACKETT The Big Three NOLA G. MAGRUDER, R.N. CAROLYNNE BOBBITT, B.A., M.S. School Nurse High School Librarian THELMA ESTES SETH FARLEY, B. A. , M.S. Director of Library Services Director of Guidance Services, Secondary Division. WILLIAM REED KYLE MC DOWELL CLARA C. PELFREY Principal, Walker Junior Director of Elementary Educa- Assistant Director of Ele High School. tion. mentary Education. BARNEY COX B.S.C. High School Guidance Counselor is A f . ,ff , mc FW? iff PATRICIA LEWIS B.S., M.A. High School Guidance Counselor " . . .and this is my Alma. Mater." Illl -Ill Ss and then- if you want to be a, ditch digger . . . " BETTY KING - JANE BERRY High School Secretary High School Secretary X5 4 , , - Q W CAFETERIA STAFF Dorothy Myers, Er- cell Ark, Ruby Baker Manager, Lois Blick 4 , AMANDA ROSE SPALDING Virginia Watkins, Lu cille Mattingly, Ma- thilde Robertson. 2 he Cafeteria Coordinator JOHNSON ALLMOND High School Custodian CAL SAUNDERS A.B. High School Art, Head of Department. Ar t "Art! I love it for the buried hopes, the garnered mem- ories, the tender feelings it can summon at a touch." Pablo Picasso "Yes, we'11 excuse the interruption." Art Exhibit 1 965 . ' 151 iv' , 3 E15 6 593, 'Q' BOB HOGGARD B.S., M.A. Art, Health. Business Education "Business is only a form of teaching. You teach people to desire your productg that is selling. You teach workmen how to make the right productg that is manufacturing. You teach others to cooperate with youg that is organization." MARY ELLEN BURRESS A.B., M.A. Typewriting I, Bookkeeping I, Shorthand I, English I. John Henry Patterson founder of National Cash Register HAROLD L. MARTIN B.A. Head of Depart- m e n t, O ffi c e Practice, Type- Writing I, Gener- "When you push them all, itjarnsf' 31B1lSi11GSS. " . . . and I thought he was timing me!" All keyed up! MARGARET W. SMITH B.A., M.A. Typewriting I shorthand I, Healthf "I wish I could type that fast." l 5 JASPER SCI-ILINKER A.B., M.A., M.L.S. Head of Depart- ment, English Reading, Jouri nalisrn. E 1' h "Reading maketh a full mang conference, a. ready mang and writing, an exact man." JAMES B. LUND B.S. English, Dramatics Director. "Where were you on the night of January 16'?" JANE MC COY A.B., M.A.T. English. I6 WILLIAM J. PI-IAIR B.A.,M.A. Higher Diploma in Education, English. Francis Bacon "Wait until they see what I have in mind for them! MILDRED SMITH A.B. English BILLIE SUE ROBERTS A.B. English J ACQUELINE F. FISHER B.S. English, Speech. "Does it have a subject?" Students in for trouble! "Don't stop nowg you have six more minutes!" Home Economics "The overall purpose of home economics is to train girls so they will contribute to wholesome family living." "I told you to put the salt on the second shelf !" W 0 Industrlal Arts Did Mr. Hackett break the other one?" KATHERINE ROBERTS B.S. Head of Department Home Economics ELIZABETH CLAGGETT B.S., M.A. Home Economics. GERALD A. O'NEAL B.S. Head of Department, Industrial Arts. "Of all the Arts, music has had the unique privilege of being the only Music one included in every major system of learning' and education dur- ing the entire course of Western Civilization." Assen D. Kresteff WILLIAM S. JOHNS B.F.A. in Music and Music Education. Head of Department, ' Band. Henderson, here we come! Preparing for Thanksgiving Assembly. - CHARLOTTE VIRGINIA DITTO B.M.E. Vocal Music I9 SWIGERT S. HOCKENSMITH A.B. Head of Department, Latin, World History I "He who has mastered any law in his private thoughts, a e is master to that extent of all men whose language he speaks, and of all into whose language his own can be translated." Ralph Waldo Emerson sie-2 Discover France - "en apprennant a parler le francais." 20 "Such gall to say Gaul." ELANOR BRAWNER, A.B. French, German. BARBARA FRANCHEY, A.B. German STUART J. FLEISHMAN B.A., M.A. Spanish "Work'? It's time for my siesta!" "Speak up, Herman, you're too slow!" FRANCES MATARAZZO, A.B., M.A. Head of Depart- ment, Solid Ge- ometry, Algebra I I , A d V a n c e d Math, Trigonom- etry. hh . "Mathematics possesses not only truth but supreme ag beauty . . . sublimely pure and capable of a stern per- fectionsuch as only the greatest art can show." "Yes! I expect you to know how to divide." "Looks like a tie for first!" Bertrand Russell EDWIN C. L A.B.,M.A. Applied matics, Alge- bra I, H.S. metio. "No one got this answer?" BOB NAYLE B.S., M.A. Plane Geometry, Algebra II. . J, 4 ANNA LEE MADDOX, B.S. Algebra, Plane Geometry What about "Paris in the Springtime? WOODROW W. FRANCE, JR.,B.S. General Mathematics "You don't really be- lieve that I actually enjoy flunking people, do you? It's Friday- the faculty braces itself for another pep rally. 23 . "Science is teaching man to know and reverence truth, and to believe that only as far as he knows and loves I I it can he live Worthily on earth, and vindicate the dig- nity of his spirit. "Through meticulous and strenuous research into the subject of materials and their relative strengths under stress, this department has determined that by merely touching this post at this point the entire building will collapse." DAN R. QUISENBERRY, A.B. Earth Science, Phys- ics, General Mathe- matics. 24 Harvey + .l, 1i.4l y U .ffiflg et-es 1 it . '75 57 1 "ff!iif5fd57 .ff-f,' V Z. :Mx E' fs' I f ,ij v ft -7455s I ' Ziiifgf' ff- . f eigiiiillli "W NORMAN M. SHUMATE, B.S. Head of Department, Science, Biology "Don't look now, Mr. Quisenberry, but I think your coat is caught in the locker." LELIA ANN 'Tve been in the back room sampling the formaldehyde. It's not BURROW, B.S., M.A. bad!" Science II "I have an apparatus like this in my basementg however, it is made of pure copper." "A thermometer of this size is necessary to adequately measure the amount of hot air expelled in this class." SAM D. STEWARD, B.S.,M.A. Chemistry, General Science. 25 History "Nature says to every individual man, your rights are all held by the tenure of reverence for the same rights John Quincy Adams LUCILLE M. VAN DYKE, A.B. Head of Department, American Govern- ment, U.S. History, International Poli tics. "Now boys and girls, We must maintain a two-party system." GERALD CHANCE, A.B.,M.A. World History, Eco- nomics. "For the last time, No! You may not tune in the cartoons!" DONALD A. CHAPMAN, B.A., M.A. U. S. History, Sociol- " . . . and this is the spot where my great-great Grandfather met my great- great Grandmother." MARGARET H. STEVENS, A.B. Psychology, Civics. "John, you must face reality and stop using those behavior detoursf' "I know the world series is on the other channel, but I thought you might be interested in What's happening to Cleopatra? BOBBY D. PARK, A.B.,M.A. U.S. History, World History. 27 O I I I "Intellectual progress is conditioned at every step by bodily vigor. To attain the best results, physical exer- , cise must accompany and condition mental training." E Comenius JULIANN TESAR,B.A. Physical Educa- tion, Girls' Swim- ming and Track Coach. "Now come down from that goal." ROBERT BURROW, B.A.,M.A. Head of Department Driver Education Physical Educationi Basketball Coach. It looks like a scoring spike. PAULJONES, A.B.,M.A. Physical tion, Health Driver Educa tion, Footb Coach. "After assembly, all the boys take a quick figure B." BETTY STEWART, B.S. Physical Educa- tion, Health. S 'if 1 The Class of 1966 is one of individual- istic personality, of athletic and academic accomplishment, and of dedicated loyalty. May these characteristics bring to each of you progress and success. y , MMM t y W, Tom Noble Senior Class President Class Favorites Callie Grace and Bill Haggerty Madonna Adams Bristol, Virginia is wanting what you get." Hector Antonio Aponte Barranquitas, Puerto Rico "Endurance will do." is getting what you wantg happi- Glenn Gudbjorn Anderson Plainsfield, New Jersey "O, what may man within him hide, though angel on the outward side!" Rosaline Irene Baker Phungstadt, Germany "Happiness is not something you find, but rather something you create." James Mark Barnett Evansville, Indiana "Seems to me that the highest possible reward for any man's labor is not what he gets for it, but what he becomes by it." Sharon Ann ,Beets Yokohama, Japan "There is always tomorrow Barry Wayne Boggs Texarkana, Texas "Of every noble work, the silent part is best." Glenda Boggs Texarkana, Texas he only way to have a friend is to be one," Thomas Russell Bonifield Fort Knox, Kentucky "Happy am Ig from care I'm free: why aren't they contented like me?' Michael John Bowen, II Battle Creek, Michigan "What is now proved was once only imagined." When we were Juniors . . Tina Brice Harrisburg, Pennsylvania "Good humor, the health of the soulg sadness is its poison," ' " A f f George Donald Brost Canton, Ohio "The highest reward of ma,n's toil is not he gets for it, but what it does for him Donald Gene Burleson Belleville, Illinois "Truth is the essence of life." Adrienne Lucille Burnley Manhattan, New York "A warm smile for everyone." Marvin Leo Caldwell Chattanooga, Tennessee "You are only doing your best when you are trying to improve what you are doing." 35 Douglas Alan Campbell Visalia, California "Advancement is to be won by qualifying for advancement, not by seeking' it." Edwin Clay Campbell Oklahoma City, Oklahoma "Everything is funny as it is happening someone else." Moira Eileen Carlson St. Paul, Minnesota "To know a little less and to understand little moreg that, it seems to me, is our est need." To the right, and then left . . . presto! it doesn't open. 36 Mary Evelyn Carter Los Angeles, California 'Tve laughed and danced and talked and sung." Robert Charles Chaplin Fort Knox, Kentucky A false modesty is the meanest species of Lydia Marie Cate Bremerhaven, Germany "Stand with anybody that stands right. Stand with him while he is right, and part with him when he goes Wrong." Jorge Abad Colaizzo Lima, Peru "To do easily what is difficult for others is a mark of talent." Leslie Ann Confer Fort Meade, Maryland "She has a quiet look, but so does dynamite." 38 Lazarus J unius Coleman Danville, Virginia "He is rich or poor according to what he is not according' to what he has." Sandra Sue Craft Fort Sill, Oklahoma love of learning' and the love of money meet." Carmen Leila D'Aponte J uncos, Puerto Rico "A twinkle in her expressiong personality in her possession." Elsie Bernadette Cruz Mayaguez, Puerto Rico "Silence is a true friend who never betrays Ronald Lee DeWitt Des Moines, Iowa "Just rolling along . . . ' "But we don't care about your better side!" Susan Annette Dunn Weslaco, Texas "Jolly, happy, serious, and now and then a thought or two." Vim, Pamela Maria Dunn Louisville, Kentucky "Well timed silence hath more than speech JoAnn Edenfield Casper, Wyoming "A friendly smile will win you a million friends." Cheryl Denise Elmer Milwaukee, Wisconsin worry about tomorrow is to be unhappy n ,7 , Aubrey Reginald Edwards Aberdeen, Maryland "Faith, courage, and friendship are the greatest of all values." Ricky Lee Elmore Fort Knox, Kentucky "To believe your own thought, to believe that what is true for you in your private heart is true for all men, -that is genius." Derald Edgar Emory Frankfurt, Germany "Of manners gentle, of affections mild, in witaman . . . " Alice Joan Fekety Nurnberg, Germany "Nature has given the opportunity of happi- ness to all, knew they but how to use it." "And I thought government was boring! Manuel Lopez Flores Raymonville, Texas A man must stand erect, not be kept erect y others." Shirley Yvonne Frost San Jose, California "A work of real merit finds favor at last." Michelle Elizabeth Fogarty Munich, Germany "Humor is the harmony of the heartf Duane Richard Goedde Kalida, Ohio "Let them call it mischief: When it is past and prospered 'twill be virtue." Connie Pauline Good Washington, D. C. "Without courage there cannot be truth, and without truth there can be no other virtue." . . . and Napoleon came up this way." Callie Marilyn Grace San Francisco, California "An aim in life is the only fortune wort finding." Sharon Lawler and Bill Persky, newly elected Senior members of the Student Council, are welcomed by Bill Haggerty and Bob Holley. T"l Hans Nissen Graff Honolulu, Hawaii "Look on the bright side of lifeg it is always the most fas- cinatingf' Nancy Gail Greenough Ticonia, New Hampshire "The problems of victory are more agreeable than those of defeat, but they are no less dif- ficu1t." William Joseph Graves Lexington, Kentucky who does not think too much of himself s much more than he thinks." John Ardin G1-iffeth Shelby, Ohio "Who loves not woman, wine, and song remains a fool his whole life long." Paul Ray Grinstead Smith Grove, Kentucky "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." 46 "A Wise man Who listens will inc learning." Kenneth Helmer Grinstead Passau, Germany 'x I2 1 "From a little spark may burst a Linda Louise Guffanti Tokyo, Japan flame." 'With aim to strike and soul to dare." Susan Ellen Hackett Princeton, Kentucky has the power to open many but character keeps them open." William Steven Haggerty San Antonio, Texas Bruce Wayne Haines Norristown, Pennsylvania "Do what you want, but know what you're doing." 47 Mark Haines Abington, Pennsylvania "There isatide in the affairs of men, which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune." Barbara Allyn Harkins Bowling' Green, Kentucky "The only way to have a friend is to be one Linda Sue Harris Louisville, Kentucky "Nothing great was ever achieved Without enthusiasm." 48 Betty Jean Herron Okolona, Mississippi Y Y Y by what they attempt." rate abilit in men b what the finish, Frederick Hill Pensacola, Florida "Love many, trust few, learn to paddle your own canoe." Shirley Ann Hill Memphis, Tennessee "All things corne to him who waits-provided he knows what he is waiting for." "Connie, go to the end of the line!" 49 Maria Soledad Hiriart Quillota, Chile "Good sense and good health are two of life's greatest blessings." James Alex Hogan Eatenton, Georgia "One needn't be a leader to go in the right direction." Robert Michael Holley Athens, Tennessee "Time will explain it all. He is a talker an needs no questioning before he speaks? Betty Ann Jordan Trenton, New Jersey "Silence is her golden keyg thoughtful, gentle, kind is she." Q Jo Lee Kace San Antonio, Texas "It is a pleasant thought that when you help a fellow up a steep hill, you get nearer to the top yourself." E x 5 E E Auther Louis Judkins Pineville, Louisiana i t is not how long, but how well we live." Jimmie Lawrence Kilgore Moultrie, Georgia "Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth." Anne Elizabeth Kittrell Prince George County, Virginia "Beauty is truth, truth beauty-that is all Ye know on earth and all Ye need to know." Robert Otis Langley Millville, New Jersey "Be sure you're right, then go ahead Connie Jean Lawson Anadarko, Oklahoma If God is with you, who can be against you?" Sharon Louise Lawler Milwaukee, Wisconsin "There are no things by which the troubles and difficulties of this life can be resisted better than with wit and humor." David Edward Lawson Anadarko, Oklahoma "The greatest reward for a thing' well done is to have done it." .v-""" Les John LeClair Niagara Falls, New York "Don,t grab an easy dollarg wait and be a rich man." "What proof?" Seniors order rings! Thomas Joseph LeVasseur, III Minneapolis, Minnesota "A little nonsense now and then is relished by the best of men." Marlene Garnett Liles Vanceburg, Kentucky "If you find your task is hard, try againg time will bring you your reward." -misfit fgiw' Michael Edward McCrea Jefferson City, Missouri better to remain silent and thought a than to speak up and remove all doubt." Barbara Ann Little Fort Knox, Kentucky "Sincerity and truth are the basis of every virtue." Melanie Lee McGilton Los Angeles, California "Sincerity is the highest compliment that can be paid." -J ohnne Carol Mallory Mansura, Louisiana "If smiles were gold, then she'd be rich." Connie Marie Marohese Omaha, Nebraska "Things Won are doneg joy's soul lies in th doing." Flory Lee Mendicino Cheyenne, Wyoming We laughed as we labored together." Laura Elena Mejil Santurce, Puerto Rico "Her great secret of life is her pleasant attitude." Rose Ann Milligan Munich, Germany "Character is not just being good . . . it is trying to be better." James Patrick Murphy Heidelberg, Germany "His moral is this-That a right way of looking at things will see through almost anything." Shiela Jane Nelson Chicago, Illinois "The supreme happiness of life is the con- viction that we are loved? 58 Judy Ann Myers Fort Knox, Kentucky "Laugh and the world laughs with youg cr and you cry alone." David Edward Palanzi Framingham, Massachusetts alk softly and carry a big stiokg you will o far." z Nancy Wainwright Oliver San Jose, California "If you wish to be happy I'11 tell you the way: don't live tomorrow until you have lived today." 6 Pamela Angele Parolari Denver, Colorado 'Tm not shy, I just give others a chance." Sharon Lee Perry Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania "Show me a thoroughly contented and I will show you a useless one? Rae Donna Pearsall Waltham, Massachusetts "By her laugh you will know her." Donald Ray Peterson Chicago, Illinois "The better men are those of silence William Harold Persky Minneapolis, Minnesota 'We know what we are, but not what we may be " 60 Kristin Elaine Plants Dover, New Jersey Jose Manuel Pinero Caugas, Puerto Rico "Judge me not by my quiet ways." matters not what people think of you, but you are." Paul John Posey, Jr. Fort Benning, Georgia "Rise cheerfully from 1ife's abundant feast. And With a quiet mind go take thy rest," Seniors plotting? Teresa Ann Posey Gadsden, Alabama "If smiles were gold, she'd be rich." Gary Charles Rainey Honolulu, Hawaii "Athletic ability and Wit combined-a. nicer guy is hard to find." 62 n.m... Charles Carter Presley Johnson City, Tennessee "What some people call mischief, I call Linda Ann Rickman Tokyo, Japan "Make someone happy and you will happy too." Robert Wayne Risner Pensacola, Florida me if you can! I am a Merry Jest." John Marshall Rogers Rochester, New York Inexperienoe is not inability." Maria Dolores Rivera San Juan, Puerto Rico "Happy people are not idle, and idle people are not happy," Elick Sanders Angeles Pampanga, Philippine Islands f'lt's not whether you win or lose, but how you played the game." Eric Martin Sevdy Marysville, California "Not too serious, not too gay, but a good fellow in every way." 64 Kathleen Ann Schuman Toledo, Ohio "Life is not life at all without delight. Patricia Conn Shepherd Somerset, Kentucky "The greatest thing in the world is not much where we stand, as in what we are going." Linda Jane Sloan Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is a treasure, but practice is key to r l John Whitney Snodgrass Louisville, Kentucky The pen is mightier than the sword." Janet Lynn Smith Williamsburg, Kentucky "Knowledge is what you learn from othersg wis S dom is what you teach yourself." 1 Michael Gregory Spires Brooklyn, New York 'KWhen you leave your footprint in the sand of times be sure it isnlt one of a heel." Walt Scott Stobaugh Lexington, Kentucky "Better a bad excuse, than none at all." William Vanderveer Stack Potsdam, New York "He's a member of our team with plenty of pep and loads of steam." 66 Sharon Kay Stacey Elizabeth, Arkansas "There is a past which is still our own gi.. Who would have thought that tr-ig could be this much fun! Z. Leonor Tarnoria Noveleta, Cavite, Philippine Islands Elza Dwight Taylor Fort Knox, Kentucky here is always a frontier where there is an pen mind and a willing hand." "Mighty and pure and fit to make the ramparts of a god- head's dwelling." Ginger Marie Taylor Greenville, Ohio "Quiet and still, yet pleasant always." 67 Karl Heinz Thom Bamberg, Germany "Where we live or how we live is of little consequence. What is all-important is to live." Patricia Moore Thomas Hanover, Pennsylvania "Too low they build beneath the stars." 68 Delphia Ann Thomas Cumberland City, Tennessee "The more people I meet and know, th better I feel." A N l i W Mary Lee Tomlinson Yokohama, Japan I'o know wisdom and instructiong to per- eive the words of understanding: To receive Tie instructions of wisdom, justice, and idgment, and equity." Proverbs 1: 2,3. Mara Umpierre Santurce, Puerto Rico Tolerance is the positive and cordial effort 3 understand another's beliefs, practices, ,nd habits without necessarily sharing or ,ccepting them." Paul Raymond Troop Minneapolis, Minnesota "Happy am I from careg Fm freeg why ca,n't they all be contented like mef' Andrea Ruth Vaughn Raleigh, North Carolina "As We are, so we dog as we do, so it is done to usg we are the builders of our fortunes." Samuel Thomas Verser Oklahoma City, Oklahoma "Who can say which is wisest or best, the dream in the heart, or the dream possessed." Maxine Waltz "Kindness is the sunshine in which virtue grows." 70 Craig' Matthew Verwys Oswego, New York "A wise man will make more than he finds." Deborah Lynn Webb Chattanooga, Tennessee "We are born to be happy." Joan Marie Webb Hattisburg, Mississippi is good, but silence is sometimes Craig Francis Witherow Staten Island, New York 3 there's music there ca.n'tbe mischief." Charles Jack Wedding Stuttgart, Germany "The quiet shall gain the knowledge." Nina Jane Young Silsbee, Texas "Patience is the best remedy for every trouble." Wittiest Mike Spires Michelle Fogarty Best Dressed Janet Smith Bill Haggerty Senior gf f . K 57 ef Most Dependable Tom Noble Jane Irzyk Superlatives Friendliest Bob Chaplin Connie Marchese Most Likely To Succeed John Rogers Janet Ernst Best Looking Flory Mendicino Callie Grace Late Additions to the Senior Class Linda ADD FiShSI' Mary Ann King Suzanne Lavallee K., Lora Lamar Matheny Katherine Baird Mills Anita Scollon Charter Members of the Class of '66 First Row: Bob Hayes, Bob Holley, Aubrey Edwards, Craig Witherow, Bob Risner, Bob Chaplin, Derald Emory, Elick San- ders, and Marvin Caldwell. Second Row: Teresa Posey, Susan Dunn, Janet Smith, Connie Marchese, Shiela Nelson, Sharon Perry, Pat Thomas, Linda Kirchoff, Mary Lee Tomlinson, Sharon Beets and Sharon Stacey. Third Row: Tom Bon- ifield, John Griffeth, Mike Spires, Bill Stack, Craig Verwys, Jim Murphy, Jo Lee Kace, Lydia Cate, and Carol Mallory - together for all four years of high school at Fort Knox! sg K+ .f Q, T? S -Wei MW? ,wh Mmm ! Class Gfficers F' William Sumner Sally Scovill Maureen Quinn P1'9SidGH12 Vice-President Secretary Class Favorites Valerie McGilton Treasurer Heyward McKinney 1 Sgt.-at-Arms 3 1 l David O,Brien and Maureen Quinn. Patricia Allen Bobbie Anslinger Janet Bagby John Baker Ben Bakewell Edwin Barnicott Ellen Beavin Kathy Bergner an ' mwiwnwamawsf 'run Kathryn Betz Barbara Boian Steve Bond Pat Bowen Marjorie Bowers Barbara Bricker Beverly Brooks Toni Brown Ron Burnette John Caithness James Caldwell Paula Campbell Ronald Cox Thomas Crevar Olga Cruz Palmer Cundiff Sandra Curtis Robert Cuzick Rosie D'Aponte Ben Davis Michael DeRoush Ruth Disch George Earle Edie Ebreo Sharon Campbell Nancy Canada Jean Cate Andrew Cechet Charles Chorman Karen Clark Raymond Colles Jackie Cooper Karin Ellis Sam Flores Jerry Foster Steve Fountain Linda Freeman Wanda Frost Sheila Gaquin Phyllis Gill .4-ww if' Phil Godenschwager Salvador Gonzalez Pamela Goodwin Cindy Gordon Edward Groves Nancy Hagy Sharron Hammond Paul Harder John Harrington Martha Hathaway Terri Hawk Rebecca Hayes 79 Mack Hickman Linda Holley Lawrence Horton David Hustvedt Shirley Ibbotson Bradley Kight Fred Kilgore Bernadette King Larry Kittrell Paul Krull Doloris Kruger Susan Little "Where's Andre? Junior Sponsors First Row: Miss Mildred Smith Mrs. Billie Roberts Mr. William Phair Second Row: Mr. James Lund Miss Anna Lee Maddox Miss Jane McCoy P W, :gi 5 M ,,,, , w ,,,-, . 1f?' ,:- " as if - 1 v' M, if e 4 - Ji 2-aiff .1--1 gi , ., MQ? D ,gf nw , .kiwi E A 1 V S W, X 'fn A QW Y fix ,lf V fi, ff , , ' ff.,:f -3211-'ff" , - A ww iafq,.yH1 s?s f '- f fzfiiiiisb 'ici f Hg k fwfr ? Martha Longoria Linda. Luna Ellen Mitchell Pam McElheney Harriet McKinney Karen Narkiewicz Harold Needham Mike Noble Mary Noel Debbie Nolte Ray Oakman James Obradovich ,fn Anibal Rivera Carmen Rivera Margaret Roberts Toni Rose Carol Roth Sandra Roth Ralph Rowe Jack Rudy Era Sanders Larry Schefke Lorrene Schefke Herbert Scott David O'Brien Rick Oliver Richard Patterson Linda Pettigrew Gretchen Phillips Katrina Phillips Ronald Plants Kirk Powell Larry Shannon Sylvia Sharpe Andrew Sheppard Willie Shiflet Eugene Sites Alzenia Smith Erika Smith Robert Smith Patricia Snodgrass Evelyn Snyder Howard Spencer Stanley Spicer Donna Spitzfaden Carole Springer Ronnie Stevenson Nancy Thomas Rita Thompson Maria Toles Herve Triolet Sandra Truman Brian Williams Gloria Williams Linda Williams Rita Wilson Allen Wise Marjorie Yerges Robert York Jennifer Young John Umbel Gloria Umpierre Juan Vega Ray Viers George Vranich Jackie Wachter Margaret Walls Daniel Welch Junior-Senior Prom 1965 Getting Hank ready for another year. "Since when have we had time to loaf at FKHS? "Two, four, six, seveng We're the Class of '6'7." and selected short subjects." J unlors browse ,5. VN 4 4 A . -,waLszwmwawmwwwmaswaw.amsw.,mmf'. ,,nenwamwzQe,z:1.1w-Qwwmvm:.21,4aw:Q-1, f--- fi . -, , u . G . f Sophomore Class Officers Mike Karpinsky Joe Chase President Vice President Beth Dunn Secretary Debbie Riggs Treasurer Class Favorites Tom Marchese Caroline Compton Sergeant-At-Arms Mike Karpinsky Mmm Lynn Arnende Gail Amundson Gayle Anderson Judith Anderson N owell Baricuatro Bruce Barni Daniella Beardsley Clifford Black 1 U" zzfilf Vicki Blankenship William Bonifield Susan Bowen Marilyn Brown Barbara Eileen Roger Irene Kathy Buie Burnley Burris Busby Carlson Douglas Michael Joseph Harold Terri Carter Cheek Chorman Church Cisco .I Donna Coler Lare Collins Caroline Compton Pat Cosand 9 N Gloria Crowell 1 Foy Dark Cynthia Davis Edwin Doepp Frederic Dolezal Rodney Dunn Bill Edenfield Paul Edwards "It needs a little VO-5!" "What would Perry Mason do in a situation like this? ,Maw W Rocky Kenneth Richard Teresa Hamelin Hamon Harmon Harrison Carolee Irma Mike David Hayler Hill H111 Hogan " , ' , ff., , -:sg ' .? ee.A i , , WV 5 ' ff' ge.Wvf'ffg,gig , 4f,,,,,hm32y4 W 2 l W f A X , F, ,,,, . . .Wwe-1-'qz. w,,fiW wi, ,K 34fQ'Q:75gi?llfg,,Ekgfg"M , .' Y j f,fffI1 fM,,,-,',.f Qtrfq-W A ,iiwf 1 1-'af SU:-1,5 --auf A A , ff mf WA 7 flgugmgw-fQxgfm,+D' S V ' if wywzrgg f, , H ,flrzrw A 3 f',:,547si2,x'x':-f+',Q?i3i . lfifid ' T7 E9 f if ' s af , " .Q fa w a K gag, , t g 35 If in za S, li U. 1 , David Ellis Keiko Ellison Steve Farren Cheryl Ferrell Lillie Flores Sharon Fountain Faith Gleason John Good Stan Graff Charles Grant Bill Green Robert Hambly Vern Hartman Charles Holcombe Debbie Holcombe Jim Huff Margaret Humphreys Dieter Irvine George J arrard Peter Johnson Anita Jordan John Keyser Mike Kielbase Helen King Joel Knepp Alfred Korenek Health Class: Mouth-to-mouth resuscitation demon- stration. Sophomores participate in all-school play 92 All's quiet on the library front. M I1 Barbara Leverett Bill Luckenbach Patricia McGinnis Duane McLaughlin Clell McMahan Clara McNeal Anita McQuistion Calla McSwain Mike Maitland Rick Maitland Linda Marler Betty Mathews Herbert Mattingly Dieter Meins Fred Miller Gladys Milligan Linda Morgan Margaret Neikirk Priscilla Nieves Donald Noel Howard Norman Steve Nugent Dolores Overstreet Patricia Palrnertree Ronald E- Ronald W. Barbara Petermarl Petersen Petitt Shelia Phillips Margitta Larry Susan Eugene Ray Reels Rhoades Rice """.2 inf Mike Rudy Steve Schuler Thomas Scott Tris Sevdy Scott Shively Barbara Singer Lyn Sites Susan Skiver Ronald Smith Margret Spears John Stack Andrew Stoltenberg Homecoming Dance sponsored by the Sophomores "We are 8'00dS We are great? We'I'9 the Class of '38! Camera Shy SOPHOMORE SPONSORS: Mr. Nayle, Miss Franohey, and Mrs. Brawner. Graham Randy John Bannerman Conner Newnum Connie Dennis Carmen Boone Day Norres Jane Carolyn Robert Bradley Fulton Norris Pamela Frank Eugene Brandt Gonzales Noseck Mary Dana Larry Bricker Graden Ruls John Steve John Brock Harder Stevenson Phillip J aokie Frank Brinkley Hanson Wadley Gary Regina Frank Brown Marcirek Warring Roberto David Ronald Brown Moon Williams George Carol David Castillo Nall Wilson Pat Carmen Travis Tefft Torres Vaughan Michelle Cathy Roger Warner Webb Wells 96 Fulton Stone Frank Verwys Patsy Williams Lillian Tamoria Jim Ward Nancy Winstead J J .rl. X W1 f. as WU, lsf,Le2,g..2Qh2 ' ' 'A 'f rif le , 'vm ,ff-.-F, F' X V X I w N X xx 5 Q, E sf XX .X 5 fr 51 X M Wares,-: 42 E Q Q 'P' Vmmx Q K M F-Hb r fr rw if ,ai N s 2 ...B iii 45 X lr ,mi f Y X 2 1, 2 N -ffm Q, ,Q-,.,w.wff2 ew ft. A -1 - .. mes Hsu-1':nfw-arenw 1 -Q-::x:-:fe 9m.zn-wffil v1,1,r,M ite. , . 1- 5 Nmfgzflzlzz f setlssrselsriiff'!f:wmi: Qljisgliigffk'9l1wiilfi'vgi" E N-nf if In nm v- Class Officers .K I f 4 V ,Q ,VV ,, 4 ' f W if ..,. C.. Yiggkgr W : 'W 17 ti y Bendon Livingston President Connie McNamara Secretary 'W"f"W"Wlf55'5 fi? 3-"!5Wff W 1 71" 41 M tl -fi' , Q :fg-fs It ,- X 'iiii' ' A ffm Thomas Carter Vice-President Russell Scovill Treasurer Roger Amende Donna Anderson Eddie Aponte N eymi Aponte Rose Arehart Peggy Babcock James Bailey Theresa Balser Gil Barany Kenneth Batten Class Favorites Bendon Livingston and Ann Majors at at '15 ,V ig X it ,iri , - 'v " sf ff L N" 5 1? my git, ,- Malt, , V 567,335 A W it, W, qr'1,5?,,,,t,f3 .,.1Hf,JW fn' - it Him RWM , ' iw ,V ,.,, at - A LE' W Cliff Bennett Terry Bosch Cecil Bragg Larry Brice Barry Brock Marilyn Brown Matthew Brown Ruthie Brunner Thomas Burbank Bob Burleson ft , me-,x,'1 siviwuy' Q1'.'iQVfe" ' if f1fc5'f,'6 W1 :Ws,,"f , K , ,, ., az' k,,,,, M- , f ,, 11 .www me fy 5 i Q S I ' vin" Y A45 AA w 42215 I fizlifik " Louise Collins Raymond Craft William Crampton Genesee Crawley Linda Crews Karen Croninger ommy Crosswhite Patricia Davis Richard Davis Katherine Dawson Dale Day Huston Dean Allen Denkins Dennis DeWitt Terry Doan James Duckworth Mary Dunaway David Durbin James Edwards Steve Elam Marsha Elmore Sandra Essex Charles Fix Robert Flores Karen Ford Vonna Foster Farley Fox Ann Francisco Leonard Frankdrew Vivian Freeman Hank Gardner Shirley Campbell Dieter Carlton Carla Carter Barbara Cato Florence Chandler James Claffey Becky C Rodney Confer Vickie Coorner Elliott Cordova Lillie Cowan Jimmie Cox Harold F J' I - M at f f , 5, - 4 i' 12 ' ' L ' 'X iff ' .A 3,4 'fd' I il-4 wuz f '- 'Z QS -.fa l . I: Z Q4 f cb it tile? W M W1,f,:E!,x Renae Giralico Ferdinand Gonzalez Geraldine Gonzalez Ramon Gonzalez Mary Goodwin Mike Goodwin Patty Gordon Dorothy Grinstead James Grow William Hackett Thomas Haggerty Beverly Hamon Ben Hanson Larry Harrell Annetta Harris David Harris Franky Harris Patrick Hartman Karen Hawk Charles Herrera Robert Herron Pam Hinson Louis Hopson Ruth Hopson Linda Horton Sharon Howard Caroland Hudson Albin Irzyk Jackie Jackson Mark Johnson Joseph Johnson Michael Jones Roland Jones Kathy Jordan Joseph Kallage Patricia Kane Ronnie Charles Kelber Kathy Kemp Glora Kersey Roger Kidd Mlchael K1I1Cade Phy111S Klllcade Steven an Q P 21: :, 5 f - 23' gs Q 'US X A 4 r , , ,'.Y g Q N 35? H 1 ig is it ll w12f2:5f.,'-2i,- 5'2Lf.iZ?j41f' 31, A if A '- K s Q1 newark 1 -W Q 1-ll' 5 Q, F.. ff' in Q :E Q, ., , r, 5 5258? mv gilgteg at 95? ,. 43, H ,,..,. ., ,f J, , Y p ., , . V A-.Q N, we 4? ,Q in Z 93 2 5 .ag , . 3 , Q iii K ax K' 3 1 M2 Qsfwxts QQ www V it 1 Q5 A F f 4 , Mis , ,.? eteyv rf:-:ff-,1 L. x ,,.4.. ,ar . -483 , W if 1 ,S 1 1 , s ' 2 'Iu.x,1 , , I . borah Newton Richard Nolte Charles Norris na Norwalk Dolores Ottey David Patty we-v ' sf' seg? , 4 F5 if Zi 21 ww, , 'cf a 1 . , x 1 ga 72 12 1 is f 25 mz t Q1 L Q 5' 'ie , Lt ww K K m xxt :NSA , . 5 4 Q35 JV wel? wi if f i SEM f K X W , , in ' ff ! , W. f I' T., 'F 643' 11' W ' '. ,M T , ' - ' , Aff ri -nn- 'if Q, M f ' .. ri -me L- Q W. jig fz1s2Igj2Elfx,i4i, 15 3, I . 75l'Yf'iiiZ ' iw W K, A' ,La QQ V N Qfffic 7 affix i David Korth Margaret Kurapkat Mike Lane John LaRocco Susan Lawson Nicholas Lewis Paul Lewis Roseanna Liles Steven Linthicum Wanda Love Connie Lovensheirner Pamela McConnell Margot McLaughlin Connie MoMahan Sharon McNatt Esta McVay Charles Mack Ann Majors Sandra Martz Stephen Mason Robert Melendez John Miller Pam Miness Barbara Morris Betty Myers Linda Nadzam Brigette Nease Alvin Netterblad Aldridge Newby Wilber Newsome Freshman defendant found guilty. John Payne Neville Pearson Francis Pedro John Pence Maria Perez QX Daniel Peterson Angela Phillips I - Nancy Post Glenda Powells Jeff Power Susie Quaranta Monica Quigley Anita Race Gary Race Thomas Racz George Rhoades 15' P Walter Richards Freda Rigdon Wanda Riggles Steve Risner :Q mi, :sv s x stiff, ' Q Q Carlos Rivera Darlene Robinson Bobbie Roose Barbara Rowlett Heidi Samrnons ,M . Wil El W sf v K5 First Homecoming for Class of '69. x Harry Sams Shirley Sams Caroline Emmy Sanders 1,1 I' ,- VA W ' it t 52 fpgi Qi I 1j'1...i ., 4 ,- 'v -,...-v x 'A Q' ' 1 l if riff' ' t ic IAVA lv A i l ag.-:U ,J - K 27" 't'. Q .' '1h'1""" ' A hW . f A y ,ugly Q ,T editi t k fe f, ef we 1 ' ily, t i I . A e 1 g J X I Q' . 'YQJQL -, Q X , fp Vg! 5 ' ll -,gs ' L 1 f ' 1 5: fa: H " may T ? Lf?- Thom Richard Thomas Glenda Thompson Tomlinson Yues Triolet Linda Tyler 3 ,, H' . . f -K,-.vm 'Wai K., df" . S F JFS p w J H 9' . A iff! B Patricia Schooler Kathleen Schroeder Don Shannon Bill Sharpe Pamela Shaw Donna Sims Andrew Singer George Smalley Ronald Smart Laverne Smith Jerry Snodgrass Bettina Snyder Terry Squires Bridget Stack Nora Stoecker Gerald Stribling Berlinda Stroble Allen Sumner Randy Sutton Robert Sutton Patricia Swanson Richard Talley Jana Taylor Deborah Temple Alice Terry .14 Freshman homeroom teachers bubble with enthusiasm WR? 4 all ,,. 'X it ??6??1g , , .J . J L, mafia: f-f.. , ' ug., 7 sg-j' ' 'E, ':"iEv,i4z.,lg'5ff6A K tu -1, gg z Xl 5 :I 1131122721: f . 5 g5f?f,E??'5tq ,f4ff,ffiK'i'ETf'3FV'f'ia,f"v"' N l,, 'si Ef'f:E9:f' fiifitsfilkifii- Wi'fff,2f'5,zfQsfavs:lLsz ff ' ' 'I 'fmsifsfg ,-mSk1fs't. s..fl,:wwil f asa,-if .m,f'li'2Y fig,5fat:,2f,eQ5ffQ?fge?iJZii9? 2 it ,,., , ma, ,,,,. ly, , 'fi ' H V 'I 'QJIQZS 'iii 'KW' ' S 4Y,,,,,.f, ,M it ff? am Q 001 4 K ' - ff 1 We . H 'Crt 'f I if 'iffgiiigssitg gg , Q ff- . ., term , 1 , 2' ww.metfae'ffgf l1ff.ft.w2z'w -VW Ht lefiasiwtrle. ' 5, giigifi .,,. g-, -,,,,2" a'eq., -+5iS'ggl4g3SlEJV1iff' !G?n.yfg if A 3kf1y4'gw:QT'Qf3 V' Zfiiildlzifiqwif aiffiiiilf :ffvi'?i,ifTw??a?E ,2 Me, .Z , fwww'-I wffrmf fiiflilff fr, z ":ifs,tf-wi' geizgngimg - f f quyuy 1:5 yy, qxggtr wyrgaiwggs "Hifi -11 ., 4,55 . KK ww , -,,, yi, , V ,SQ . ff m? .3 an K ei +5 Wg M if Q yi 9? K if 'Ms ff I fi Af I M' ' we M K in K FQ P 1 , ff. 1 S- - ,"E?tf -. ' V, , ,V ,,, Not Pictured Roberta Agor Roy Antoinette Rubert Avila James Bledsoe Hope Brim Jimmie Brooks Valderine Bryant Susan Carver Kathleen Christine Sylvia Church Jane Crittenden Leonard Drew Jack Davis Joseph Duvall Mary Edwards Betty Ellis William Gearndt Shirley Gess Sherry Graham Barbara Green Richard Greenough Clint Hallie Berniz Harte Charles Hearn Linda Hunter Valery Huston Larry Jennings Billy Key Patricia King Rino Kitts Jeffrey Koziel William Kuthrell Rebecca Large Evelyn Lear Kathy LeClair Virginia LeVall Kenneth LeVasseur Katherine McEwing Paula Maestrey Patricia Markiewicz Leonard Matheny Shirley Mattox Roy Miceli Diana Million Jackie Moultrie Leslie Norwood Lon Pettigrew James Reed Randy Rich Charles Rickman Carolyn Ries Brenda Ritchie Patrick Rowan Richard Ruffel Kathleen Shugars Patricia Spitzfaden Gwyn Stephenson Thomas Sweeney Karen Torp Charles Wallace Henry Walding Betty Woodart Laura Vaughan James Vranich Karl Wachter Archie Wadley Wallace Walea Kenneth Warner Edwin Watkins Michael Watson Jay Webb Rodney Webster Roger Weidinger Bill Weisweaver David Welch Jeannie Westerman Paula Westerman Dalton Weyand Robert Whalen Thomas White Carol Whitmer Terry Wilber Karl Wilker Judy Williams Pat Williams Sheron Williams Jim Wilson Becky Wood Donald Zimmerman Joan siqmlifii 'W Aff? if rfgeffs? ,I M V. egtgf L. E E A A X is Q rx N 5 s -5' , -5' W'-N-me-Q' wmwvmmwzwms:ss5f.fn:Q::71-fm,.Q-,swfwifwwrxgzqfp.f.- ,-if-.ff.:.W1. ,f,, , x,V, K: .x., Nfmxm-1xesnwww::s-x swf, .M .,,.. . Homecoming Queen d by Mr. Robert Ch pl at the Ho g Game. Miss Connie Marohese At the Homecoming Dan tt ded by Mr. William Persky. Homecoming Court Miss Adrienne Burnley Miss Callie Grace Miss J anet Smith Miss J oan Webb 107 Girls, State Representatives nding: Melanie McGilton, Michelle Fog t d: Susan Hackett. Boys' State Representatives Standing: Bill Haggerty. Seated: John R Bill Graves. A11-District Band Steve Kroyer, Wallace Walea. All-State Band Lyne Sites, Richard Nolte, Steve Kroyer, Tris Sevdy, Eric Sevdy. Essay Winner N.C.T.E. Achievement Award Winner John Rogers is congratulated by Mr. Downing for being a winner 1n the National Council of Teachers of English Achievement Awards competition. Water Conservation National Merit Finalist John Rogers is congratulated by Mr. Dow- Homeniaker of Tomorrow S ndra. Craft is Fort Knox's winner of Betty Crocker Home- aker of Tomorrow Award ,A.,,.,,...-5. ,lm ff-, V-. - , ,MW-WlMm'...w,wm'w..-www., .,.,., , , Basketball and Court Miss Connie Marie Marohese Queen Miss Melanie Lee McGilton Miss Peggy Lou Boone Miss Sally Scovill Miss Patricia Anne Tefft Ill Mister' and Miss Eagle 1,... f, ij ,i , L, , , fg1sffrnl!!E!.!!!!'!'!!5!5 WW. v, u, L x1 Bob Chaplin and Jane Irzyk 12 wk ii ii? I Qty KR,k, ,, K fsgyf - FH swfufl-Z 'S . Q, af' ,F may 1 I , ,. 5 i 3, We 3 K XE A x ff" ' 1 ,ns K H53 N mf FEQQLQ. " A if 2, 9? 'F if' mminngnmmxmm ,,K,,mmgwq1ssswm'v'H!' ymixuxnngummuxl Eagle Court ,qmiamwrnxxie :Munn Glenda Boggs Janet Ernst Tom Noble Bill Haggerty Mm Callie Grace Janet Smith Gary Rainey John Rogers 2 1. -gtg fa. , M' ', , r I Q' 'L- H , U ., ' TN 'Q'-I 243 aD5X'z1?5Qkza?fi ,Wi at -- ..- H3 Valedictorian John Marshall Rogers Salutatorian ' Q Suzanne Rae Thomas H5 Medal Winners-Undergraduate Honor Da, , 1965 Kenneth Grinstead - German II Paul Harder - World History John Rogers - U.S. History John Rogers-English III i , 3' I 5 Bill Graves - Algebra II Roger Wells - Algebra I V Gil Football 1965-1966 Kneeling: D. Hogan, D. Wilson, B. Lawler, D, Palanzi, L. Shannon, J. Good, G. Rainey, Coach Don Chapman. Standing: H. Spencer, T. Hager, S. Shivley, B. Chaplin, J. Foster, B. Kight, A. Hogan, S. Fountain, T. Noble, B. Persky, S. Hale, M, Karpinsky, V. Hartman, A. Sheppard, B. Judkins, H. Scott, B. Haggerty, E. Sanders, Coach Paul Jones. Co-Captains Bill Haggerty - Halfback, Senior Alex Hogan - End, Senior All-Conference H8 DEFENSE - Kneeling: Bob Chaplin, Bradley Ki ght, Bill Persky, Mike Kar- Bradley Kight-Tackle, J unior unsky, Vern Hartman, Herbert Scott. Standing: Ray Oakman, Alex Hogan, teve Hale, Eliok Sanders, Bill Haggerty. Fort Knox Fort Knox Fort Knox Fort Knox Fort Knox Fort Knox Fort Knox Fort Knox Fort Knox Fort Knox Season's Record 1 3 North Hardin O Bardstown 39 KMI 6 LaRue County 1 2 St. Joe O Henderson 33 Ludlow 2 1 Campbellsville 56 Sheperdsville 20 Elizabethtown Mike Karpinsky-Tackle, Sophomore. -1.a. .ni msugnnummnnmmwmmr-Qm:mmms.t-uwmm, Bill Persky- Guard, Senior Vern Hartman -Tackle, Sophomore All-Conference or OFFENSE-Front Row: Bob Chaplin, Tom Noble, Scott Shively, .Dave Palanzi, Eliok Sanders, Tom Hager, Gary Rainey. Back ROWS DBVG W11SO11, Steve Hale, Bill Haggerty, Ray Oakman. Dave Palanzi Center, Senior Bob Chaplin-End, Senior All-State Honorable Mention All-Conference 'MW "Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away. Scott Shively-Guard, Sophomore Ni Eagles ready for a 56-O Homecoming victory. Ray Oakrnan - Halfback, Junior All-State Honorable Mention All-Conference Bill Lawler Fullback, Sophomore "That Trojan is all yours Haggerty!" Tom Hager-Tackle, Senior , Tom Noble -Tackle, Senior A11-Conference Andrew Sheppard - Center, J unior. V vmvfhmmnwm W-mm.mww,.wm. .M mwxfwummr MQ- mummm .-.M Herbert Scott - End, Junior "Try a, strong right 24 oes the coach know that you forgot 'e1n'? Q-f1,w,.:wv,,www.,,M ,Qymfm-,,J,. f W' ,.,1mf1,W,-,,,,4-AMW W . 5 X' ,jgg , 4. .ff ,Q 1 im, . - ,f K QV H 'fi 5.1 4 3 me if 1 1 4, v-Y 2 ,-X . wwf f ,V - ,Y ' , f wif? X ii f A ks , ,A bfi' ,,f, L, 935 1 ii 'Q ,STE :JS L S . iv, - M X L iii . ig , . fix 'vu nw K , N L . 'X H . .- 'Y ' K my x - ,X V,,, t' A 7 1 "Wa S 5? .. K EF? WR QE F T. H801 5f7TW4' Time out during the Flaherty game. Steve Hale-Forward, Junior Halftime crowd at Senior concessions. Eugene Sites-Forward, Junior 'Z' Eiawawiii Nah- 40' "Go11y Whompus, he made it!" Q5 Q ' 'vm 5 ff 5 fry is s ,J f" A " m R Y X - X A M Aww .,..-aguauswm-ami Aifgww Junior Varsity JUNIOR VARSITY-First Row: Rocky Hamelin, Doug Carter, George J arrard, Don Reese, George Earle, Roger Burris. Second Row: John Stack, Jerry Snodgrass, Sam Flores, Clell McMahan, Steve Mullins, Russell Scovill, Bill Sumner. Third Row: Hank Gardner, Charles Norris, Rodney Dunn, Al Korgnek, Larry Harrell, Dave Hogan. Fourth Row: Duane McLaughlin, Lon Pettigrew, Carlos San Martin, Jay Harrington, Bill Lawler. Last minute strategy. A good block? Tennis Tom LeVasseur John Baker, Ed Campbell, Ben Bakewell, Andrew Cechet. Golf Coach Nayle, Larry Shannon, Dave O'Brien, Tom Crevar. Tom Crevar - Junior Dave O'Brien - Junior Larry Shannon - Junior Swimming mms: 3 1 - 'QS is i :bg .Mil 1,211 .QE 5 21 g X555 Hi 5, ,, If , 21 .E ,xii S BOYS SWIM TEAM Front Row: Mike Page, Jeff Daluski, Raymond Kimov, Paul Mr. Tesar - Boys Coach Westenburger, Stewart Page, Rusty Page, John Roose. Middle Row: Ken LeVasseur, Bob Burleson, Wally Par-olari, Ron Plants, Phil Godenschwager, Joe Chase, Larry Schefke, Danny Welch, Harold Church. Back Row: Bob Cuzick, Adrian Hobley, Tom LeVassuer, John Bieschke, Paul Krull, John Baker, Andre Cechet, John Payne. 1965 Class A State Runners-Up Form for a. freestyle start. 1965 team celebrates 1n Mrs. Matarazzds room after the Meet Wlnnlng' form 1n a front fllp d1S played by Joe Chase Mrs. TGSHI' - Girls Coach GIRLS SWIM TEAM First Row: Billie Roose, Eileen Quinn. Second Row: Amy Daluski, Bobbie Roose, Tommie Moon, Maureen Quinn. Third Row: Mahala Carrell, Kathy Webb, Sue Irwin, Darlene Robinson. Fourth Row: Pat Thomas, Anne Kit- trell, Nancy Thomas, Sue Little, Juli LeVasseur. Bobbie Roose gets ready to start the backstroke. 135 -- 4.-:-we ,:. ,,..f4,k, 1-verge, f,y,me.g,,wf--N W,:4,f:ee:a.::'::iwnmfmmfewnwms::11mwwwm re:i-s"k V . ,W xwrxzzzfrmmfmfsmx ww- l n x W,,iesamaxmswwmwwwfffwwww1w1wwanm1uwwwmwuvw'1l:nmmmauw-M Track Kneeling: M. McCrea, B. Chaplin, B. Haggerty, G. Rainey, J. Huff, J. Pimero, D. Carter. Standing: H. McKinney, A. Rivera D. Wilson, B. Kight, H. Scott, S. Fountain, H. Spencer, R. Oakman. Heyward McKinney - Junior S G. Rainey, B. Haggerty, J. Huff. Bill Haggerty-Senior Gary Rainey-Senior Ray Oakman-Junior Q Middle Distance Runners J. Pinero, H. Spencer, S. Fountain, B. Kight, D. Wilson, H. Scott. Sprinters R. Oakrnan, H. McKinney, G. Rainey, H. Scott, D. Wilson. Letterrnen Kneeling: B. Chaplin, G. Rainey, M. MoCrea, H. McKinney, A Rivera.. Standing: B. Haggerty, H. Spencer, H. Scott, S. Fountain Dave Wilson-Sophomore R. Oakman, D. Wilson. Bob Chaplin- Senior Baseball 1965-'66 Front Row: Bill Sumner, Fred Kilgore, Elick Sanders. Back Row: Coach Park, Jim Obradovioh, Steve Hale, Mike Max well, Fred Hill, Coach Meyers. Mike Maxwell - Senior Elick Sanders - Senior !' 'V' Ma M- ma.. Bill Sumner - Junior Jim Obradovich - Junior Steve Hale - Junior Fred H111 - Senior 6 elflead jf . ,f SQL? Connie Marohese Senior, Captain ,, J, 3 . Beth Dunn Sophomore 953 1 it Keiko Ellison Sophomore Sally Soovill J uniox' Sue Hackett Senior, Co-captain Carolee I-Iayler Sophomore 5 5 X 1: - .qs-.f. . QS f , 2253? I ,135 ,P A... x UW- J. f ., ., R X ,Y X ' i w 5 1 X , ' ' r . . 52' ' fl tif? , Q: ' ' Q--- E -Q . Xzkfwgegz c. u- -r i! . W' if Y if-Q 5-, 55' , I 1 Pts ww ,- Nw,,i1+-wife., f 1 1- '- Y' ,X "2 2 - : ' '- Miss Stew Varsity Cheerleader Sponsor UNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS First Row Pat Tefft Renee Moore at Williams. Second Row: Connie McNamara, Terry Cisco Carohne Comp PII. S . 5 I -Y. gm 'E 'rp 1 -X, 21 T A f4' .r M , , 5 5,1932 auumu -, H , .. 15 A . 1 as 1 :X ,X We f -Mmrxw Y , -'A' -A-is ,,' :W , - ' - ki? 1, - f M-,wb '12 -v gr: ww. fix E ss X . f 4 'fb if ,..., V S is as 5, N X x .... N 1 , .- X., W .,,- QM,-, ,-,-W, , . ..,,x 1-- .f ,Af an: ..'-f in--1 ,.f,,,-- 1-wwf . -:A , -.,fJ,f,::fn- , 1. -f.,. .fx . .N-. -Q.--:ww--' f 44 "iWf:"5' Z .,,,. , -v.. .. "-' i 1' ---- 1 ---- ,:' .115-:"5 -ii' f gf: f gi? , i A,,. , X i M ii i 3 J s fi- Biu Haggerty . ,tgiii?,:v12..ff5gQQQQQEI .. ,V ,, Vifyiizsigz '-firm' , rf: ,sizffii f ii-i-iziwittgl '-15555551.552255 fail f wifepi ,ij ., ,viii Q. ,J '1f:5s,2-:'iiW! may . M151 Wfiiiliffiff ,f " L mi .ft M,11ff'g.gii!.lif5i2i5Ef V, vs!! u,tf,,q.u, it 2 i, tif! ilrfmgtzfrsr f wig fzimjfil if 5 1'1s"iiuxz-'iigiafltif e'lL,:...i -my ,-izmm ,f .i ii- tim, 1, .pp . ,,.,, it-,,ii f.-, lm, .N i it Wi, .iiwgsi 'Wiki fix lv? i fliifi ,i ,, Q 2 if yt Student Council Vicki Blankenship Tony Vega Junior Classical League Spanish Club Renee Moore KAPA 4 ii Qzs.f :':55'!I 'i i i, LLL-f 'R T fy ' ' fs new .- iii: 'fi WW- - ,W s X n , 5 K 4. . :Q i A i ' R st, wise .ii -mi ' if W it ., 13' " 4' ik 3' N Q f Q QP Q- tek? , be Z an S yyigi, .WW Suzanne Thomas Science Enrichment Club I .. u af? if if V L f ii iii fi . i I :ii::gei,:,i1iiw1mi. V EVLfigilifxifgif,isTE'if35i?flif?il,f' 'fiiliiji pg. . 1192 ifJsi5i1wig.ifi . fav 1 t Mai. il,.,.i, ig, ,, T, ,W ,, 4,27 1.4.1-ff5gi5g3i1,N?56fie,iiia' cw 4' K 'iijee' 2? 61212-1iiQf K i'f5i" X " . , ' Verisign K, K, it if in , ffl, L 1 Kristin Plants Future Teachers of America Linda Guffanti -103.11 Webb Newspaper Co-editor Newspaper Co-editor 'residents Ellen Mitchell Andrew Cechet Red Cross Workers French Club John Rogers Yearbook Editor, National Honor Society, Radio Bowl Richard Nolte National Junior Honor Society ,Dwi fi ifii1f,1',e-filfiyi 5, fm ,-, -f if Q' if ws-is-A wi wi- eg 12ifffaiviifii5ig,2ii?f13i3?f2fs,g iw-'flfwg1ip3'?iQilE2fiitiiliitf TN - """'i2 'NV -' R57-X' 5' fitzf ItI"VV1" EW ENN 'frfiz ,i 1 . " ' if I 131 sm, LSLA a,i5: ' wx , V ,gn -wsfii. . -. '-wQ45"'c 1,-. if - ff' . "sie g..,q,aiax.,f-1 .-5-'Sl , - 49952: we 5 V ' 6 2 ag t g ' L, S '- ' i 7 iliifip it- 1 1 :fi , :Mis-1--Q ,Q u ,i1gfg,'52gf,gLwWi, f- i f 7'FrM: i n EW E:- : 16119: ,w in V sw .w . gr., 6 W T?5,5gq, fit iw .ev Si ,lvl I. ' HQ 52' iw if 45i2,g5gg7,"f1f2'sfw 'MB av"2. A 'ii QQEEEL1 EEK 'Lilgilgif sx,,s':,,iQgf,!.3iz:lfQi M. .E EKG it-gfifgi,,g.q15t fs iii gif K 5 gt M mf Jwitwf?-,i,i'ii-skill! .9153 vli5i'ffi2isStZ?i3tt1ts tilt Bob Holley Speech and Debate Club Patricia Thomas German Club Jackie Jackson Future Medical Society Bob Hayes Band French Club OFFICERS-Seated: Secretary, Carol Springerg President, Andre Cechetg Vice-President, Maureen Quinng Spon sor, Mrs. Brawnerg Treasurer, Janet Smith. German Club OFFICERS-Seated: Secretary, Andrea Vaughang Vice-President, Kenneth Grinsteadg President, Patricia Thomasg Sgt.-at-Arms, J im Wardg Treasurer, Erika Smithg Sponsor, Miss Franchey. 146 Junior Classical League OFFICERS-Standing, front row: Trea- surer, Fred Dolezal, President, Vicki Blan- kenshipg Secretary, Carolee Haylerg Spon- sor, Mr. Hockensrnith. Spanish Club OFFICERS-Seated: Secretary, Maria Rivera, Vice-President, Jose Pinerog President, Tony Vega, Sponsor, Mr. Fleisohman. Student Council OFFICERS-Seated: Treasurer, Bill Perskyg Secretary, Vicki Blankenshipg President, Bill Haggertyg Vice-Presi dent, Tom Crevarg Sgt.-at-Arms, Mike Karpinski. Mr. Bob Nayle, sponsor. Bill Haggerty shows his leader- ship of the Student Council by di- recting the decoration of the school Christmas tree. Speech and Debate Speech and Debate sponsored by Mrs Jacqueline Fisher OFFICERS: Treasurer, Larry Hor- tong Vice-President, David Hust- vedtg Sgt.-at-Arms, John Bakerg President, Bob Holley. Not Pic- tured: Secretary, Gretchen Phil- lips. These students also make up the Fort Knox High debate team. Future Teachers of America OFFICERS: President, Kristin Plantsg Vice-President, Sharon Perryg Secretary, Janet Smithg Treasurer, Jo Ann Edenfieldg Historian, Sheila Nelsong Parliamentarian, Pat Thomasg Sergeant-at-arms, Connie Marcheseg Sponsor, Miss Maddox. Science Enrichment Club OFFICERS: President, Suzanne Thomasg Vice-President, Bill Gravesg Secretary, Janet Ernstg Treasurer, Bob Chaplin Sponsor, Mr. Quisenberry. 150 Future Medical Society OFFICERS-Seated: President, Jackie Jacksong Vice-President, Carol Springer: Sponsor, Mrs. Magruder: Historian, Clifford Blackg Secretary, Ben Bakewell. Red Cross President, Ellen Mitchellg Sponsor, Mrs. Roberts. Lettermen Letterwomen l V Knox Association of Pep Activities OFFICERS-President, Renee Mooreg Vice-President, Glenda Boggsg Secretary, Barbara Littleg Treasurer, Delphia Thom asg Historian, Jacqueline Wachter. Sponsor, Mrs. Tesar. rrss gi Q 9 :nz 2 Jackie Wachter pins a. mum on Miss Lewis. 153 4 National Honor Society OFFICERS-Seated: Secretary, Suzanne Thomasg President, John Rogers. Other Officers: Vice-President, Robert Hayesg Treasurer, Ron DeWitt. Sponsors, Mrs. Stevens and Mr. Hockensmith. ational Junior Honor Society OFFICERS-President, Richard Nolteg Vice-President, Cheryl Ferrellg Secretary, Connie McNarnarag Trea- surer, Jana Taylorg Sponsor, Mr. Park. Radio Bowl Team TEAM: Ronald DeWitt, Larry Hor- ton, Bob Cuzick, John Rogers, and Janet Ernst. First Round Scores Fort Knox 440 North Hardin 2 15 Fort Knox 365 Elizabethtown 170 Fort Knox 360 Flaherty 1 10 155 Library Assistants Seated: Eliot Cordova., Rick Rickman. Standing: Dalton Weyand, Robert York, Pauline Tipton, Carla Carter, Clara McNeal, Pat Williams. Sponsor Mrs. Bobbitt, and Larry Kittrell. Christmas Concert The Fort Knox High School Chorus under the direction of Miss Charlotte Ditto. Melting Pot, 1965 All-School Play Green and White Day, 1966 First place, standing: Phillip Taylor, Funniestg Jim Ward, Best Combination of Green and Whiteg Tina Brice, Neatestg Priscilla Nieves, Cleverestg Carol Roth, Most Original. Second place, kneeling: David Welch, Best Combination of Green and Whiteg Bobbi Little, Cleverestg Marnie Aponte, Neatestg Sandra Craft, Most Originalg Karen Ford, Funniest. Sponsors Miss Van Dyke, Mr. Mar- tin, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Matarazzot and ad salesman Bill Graves work on the advertising section of the yearbook. 158 Yearbook Staff Able Seniors combine forces in production of The Eagle '66. lf What? This rnont.h's dead line is tomorrow? af Newspaper Staff Everyone works together to form the finished product-the Eagle Angles. The Eagle Angles is published right here in our own community by Burleson, Stack, and Spires, Inc. Pat Thomas and Co-editor Joan Webb give Co-editor Linda. Guffanti some advice as Mike Spires and Don Burleson discuss Bill Stack's recent error. Band Concert Band Color Guard Paul Edwards, Charles Presley, Larry Horton. ,Nm Q ww f" ' s A H ff 3 xl F L Band Henderson bound. OFFICERS - Front Row: Tris Sevdy, Sophomore Representativeg Sue Dunn, Secretary-Treasurerg Pam Goodwin, Junior Representative, Richard Nolte, Freshman Representative. Back Row: Bob Hayes, President, Mark Barnett, Senior Representative, Eric Sevdy, Vice- President. Maj orettes Drum Maj or , A ,ir it r all 9- , R H Kneeling: Sharon Lawler, Pam Goodwin, Theresa Harrison. Standing: Vicki Lauderdale, Marci Hathaway, Carol Mallory, and Sue Dunn. Robert Hayes Pep Band Mi...M,,M.,,,, .4 ,,,,, , Seated: Steve Kroyer, Tris Sevdy, William Lawler, Ronald DeWitt, and Susan Dunn. Standing: Dale Kruse, John Stack, John Goode, Mark Barnett, Wallace Walea, Jim Ward and Roger Weidinger. Chorus The Fort Knox High School "Choraliers" are under the direction of Mrs. JoAnn Abbott. Triple Trio First Row: Shiela Phillips, Melanie McGilton, and Janet Ernst. Second Row: Susan Skiver, Gretchen Phillips, Donna Pearsall, Katrina Phil- lips, and Moira Carlson. Not Pictured: Delphia Thomas. Male Octet First Row: Ronald Plants, Scott Shively, and Heyward McKin- ney. Second Row: Howard Spencer, Robert Risner, Paul Posey, and Frederick Hill. Not Pictured: John Pence. Madrigal Singers Ronald Plants, Howard Spencer, Jeanette Smith, Melanie McGilton, Donna Pearsall, Faith Gleason, Susan Skiver. Dolores Kruger, Charles Presley, Tom Verser, Jack Wedding. Girls' Chorus Girls' Chorus and Richard Harmon, accompanist. 163 Homecoming The 1 965 Homecoming Court-Joan Webb escorted by Bill Haggertyg Connie Marchese escorted by Dave Palanzig Adrienne Burnley escorted by Elick Sandersg Callie Grace escorted by Tom Nobleg and Janet Smith escorted by Alex Hogan, line up on the 5O yard line as they are announced to the student body in the stands. Queen Connie and her court with their escorts for the game, Fred Hill, Bill Stack, Jim Kilgore, Flory Mendicino, and John Bieschke are presented to the Homecoming' Game fans. Eagle end Bob Chaplin crowns Connie Marchese Queen of the Homecoming' activities. Cindy Lobb is flower girl and David Qui- senberry is crown bearer. Relgnulg' over the Homecomlng dance are the queen and her court wlth thelr dates Ray Oa Valentine Dance P' Mr. Eagle, Bob Chaplin, looks on as Mr. Hackett crowns Jane lrzyk Miss Eagle VALENTINE COURT-Seated: Gary Rainey, Callie Grace, Janet Smith, and Bill Haggerty. Standing: Jo Janet Ernst, Miss Eagle -Jane l1"zyk,Mr. Eagle - Bob Chaplin, Glenda Boggs, and Torn Noble. 166 hn Rogers Bob and Jane lead the dance to class song, "Try To Remember." The climax of the evening'-Bob Chaplin and Jane Irzyk are pre- sented as Mister and Miss Eagle as they approach the Eagle Court. 9? 1 if 5 RQ f X Qpi' Li K J unior-Senior Prom 1965 Senior Directory Madonna Adams JCL 1, 3, President 1, Science Club 2, FHA 2, FTA 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Chorus 4, KAPA 4, Yearbook Staff 4. Glenn Gudbjorn Anderson Hector Antonio Aponte Spanish Club 2, 3, 4, Senior Class Assistant Business Manager. Patricia Lillian Baker Drama Club 1, KAPA 1, 2, Chorus 1, 2. Rosaline Irene Baker JCL 1, Art Club 1, 2, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, Spanish Club 3, Girls' Chorus 4. Dalphina Wynetta Bannerman Class Secretary 1, Class Treasurer 2, Chorus 2, 3, KAPA 4, Yearbook Staff 4. James Mark Barnett Band 1, 2, 4, Speech Festival 2, 3, Newspaper Staff 3, Mu- sic Festival 3, Debate 3, 4, School Play 4. Sharon Ann Beets Red Cross 1, Spanish Club 1, Chorus 2. John Keith Bieschke Band 1, 2, Color Guard 2, ROTC 2, 3, Drill Team 3, Span- ish Club 3, Russian Club 3, Class Assembly 3, Track 3. Barry Wayne Boggs Basketball 1, Football 1, 2, Band 1, 2. Glenda Boggs FHA 2, German Club 4, KAPA 4, Vice-President 4. Thomas Russell Bonifield Track 2, JV Football 2, Spanish Club 2, French Club 3, Sgt. at Arms, Newspaper Staff 4. Michael John Bowen, II Tina Brice Chorus 1, 2, GAA 1, 3, Band 3, KAPA 4. George Donald Brost Football 1, 2, Swimming 2, 3, 4, Wrestling 3, Track 3, Library Club 4, Yearbook Staff 4. Donald Gene Burleson Track 1, Soccer 1, Industrial Arts Club 1, Freshman Class Play, Student Council 1, Red Cross 1, 2, Lettermen's Club 1, 2, Future Medical Society 2, Library Club 3, Baseball 3, Manager 3, Newspaper Staff 4. William Edward Burnes Football 1, Track 1. Adrienne Lucille Burnley Third Place Math-Science Conference 1, Class President 1, Student Council 1, Modern Dance Group 2, Chorus 4, KAPA 4, Yearbook Staff 4, Homecoming Court 4. Marvin Leo Caldwell Chess Club 2, 3, Library Club 2, 3, 4, German Club 4, Year- book Staff 4. Douglas Alan Campbell Football 2, 3, Yearbook Staff 2, 3, Chorus 4, Assistant Bus- iness Manager 4. Edwin Clay Campbell Wrestling 1, A cappella Choir 1, 2, Football 1, 2, Soccer 2, Regional Science Award 2, Senior Class Assistant Busi- ness Manager. Moira Eileen Carlson Chorus 1, 3, 4, KAPA 2, 3, 4, German Club 3, Triple Trio 4, Newspaper Staff 4. Lydia Marie Cate KAPA 4. Robert Charles Chaplin Soccer 1, Class Favorite 2, 3, National Honor Society 2, 3, Football 2, 3, 4, All-Conference Football 4, Honorable Mention All-State 4, Speech and Debate 3, Track 3, 4, Lettermen's Club 3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer of TAHO 4, Yearbook Staff 4. James Edwin Childers, Jr. Drama Club 1, Football 1, Basketball 1, 2, School Play 3, 4, Yearbook Staff 4. Jorge Abad Colaizzo 170 Soccer 1, 2, Basketball 1, 2, Chorus 2, Spanish Club 3, 4. Lazarus Junius Coleman Chorus 1, Track 2, Yearbook Staff 4. Leslie Ann Confer Library, Club -13.2, 4,.Safety Club 3, Pep Club 3, Current Political Affairs Forum 3, KAPA 4, FTA 4, Chorus 4, Year- book Staff 4. Douwe Cotton Art Club 1, Football 1. Sandra Sue Craft KAPA 4, Yearbook Staff 4, Betty Crocker winner. Elsie Bernadette Cruz Spanish Club 4, Chorus 4. Carmen Leila D'Aponte Red Cross Club 1, 2, Drama 3, FHA 3, Math Club 3, Year- book Staff 4, KAPA 4. Ronald Lee DeWitt Student Council 1, Yearbook Staff 1, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Radio Bowl Team 4. Deborah Duemler Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Newspaper Staff 2, JV Cheerleader 3, KAPA 3, 4, French Club 4, Speech and Debate 4, Year- book Staff 4. Susan Annette Dunn Band 1, Solo 2, All-District 3, 4, Spanish Club 3, Majorette 3, 4, Yearbook Staff 4. Pamela Maria Dunn Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Vice-President 2, Red Cross 2. JoAnn Edenfield Mixed Chorus 2, Future Medical Society 2, Newcomers Club 3, English Club 3, Pep Club 3, Spanish Club 3, Girls' Chorus 3, 4, FTA 3, 4, KAPA 4, Yearbook Staff4. Aubrey Reginald Edwards Spanish Club 2, 3, Track 3, 4, Lettermen's Club 4. Cheryl Denise Elmer Drama Club 1, GAA 1, 2, KAPA 4, Chorus 4. Rick Elmore Derald Edgar Emory Student Council 1, Chorus 1, Basketball 1, 3, 4, Football 2, National Honor Society 2, Class President 3. Janet Katherine Ernst Tri-Hi-Y 1, National Honor Society 1, 2, 3, 4, Teen Club Class Representative 2, Sweetheart Queen 2, Class Trea- surer 2, Junior Play, Pep Club 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 3, Year- book Staff 4, Girls' Chorus 4, Triple Trio 4, Radio Bowl Team 4. Alice Joan Fekety Pep Club 1. Steve Fekety Football 1, 2, 3, Cross Country 2. Manuel Lopez Flores Explorers Club 1, 2, 3, Democratic Club 2, Student Coun- cil 2, Columbia High Bowling Team 3. Michelle Elizabeth Fogarty Library Club 1, Special Chorus 1, Chorus 1, 3, 4, Spanish Club 2, 3, Class Treasurer 3, Girls' State Representative 3, FTA 3, 4, KAPA 3, 4, Yearbook Staff 4. Shirley Yvonne Frost French Club 2, Swimming Team 2, KAPA 2, 3, Mixed Chorus 4. Charla Jeane Godenschwager Spartan 1, 2, 3, Secretaries, Inc. 2, KAPA 4. Duane Richard Goedde FFA 1, Drivers' Club 1. Connie Pauline Good Chorus 1, German Club 2, 3, Pep Club 2, 3, Yearbook Staff 4. Callie Marilyn Grace French Club 1, KAPA 3, Homecoming Court 4. Hans Nissen Graff German Club 1, Varsity Baseball Manager 2, Varsity Football Manager 2, 3, Lettermen's Club 2, 3, Physical Education Assistant 3, Yearbook Staff 4. William Joseph Graves B10108fY C11-lb 13 CheSS Club 1, 2: Spanish Club Treasurer 2, National Honor Society 2, 3, 4, Boys' State Representa- tive 3, Tennis 4, Yearbook Staff 4. Nancy Gail Greenough KAPA 1, Chorus 1, 4. John Ardin Griffeth Baseball 1: JCL 1, 2, Track 1, 2, 4, Band 2, 3, French 3, Swimming Team 3. Kenneth Helmer Grinstead Audio Visual Club 1, Basketball 1, Football 1, Soccer 1, German Club 4. Paul Ray Grinstead Football 1, Soccer 1, Audio Visual Club 1. Linda Louise Guffanti Drama Club 1, Chorus 1, 4, Newspaper Staff 4, KAPA 4. Susan Ellen Hackett Student Council President 1, Class President 2, FTA 2, 3, 4, Cheerleader 2, 3, Co-Captain 4, Girls' State Representa- tive 3, Newspaper Staff 4. Charles Thomas Hager Football 1, 2, 3, 4, European Culture Club 2, Track 3g Let- termen's Club 2, 3, 4, Class Treasurer 4. William Steven Haggerty Rifle Club 1, JCL 1, 2g Speech and Debate 2, 3, President 3, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, National Forensic League 2, 3, 4, Letter- men's Club 2, 3, 4, Boys' State Representative 3, Football 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain 4, All-Conference 4, Student Council 3, 4, President 4, French Club 3, 4g Yearbook Staff 4. Bruce Wayne Haines Mark Haines French Club 1. Barbara Allyn Harkins Rainbow Girls 2, 3, 4g Yearbook Staff 3, German Club 4. Linda Sue Harris German Club 2, Swimming Team 2, Chorus 4. Robert Michael Hayes Band 1, 2, 3, 4, French Club 2g Talent Show 3g Science En- richment Club 3, National Honor Society 2, 3g Drum Major 4, Yearbook Staff 4. Betty Jean Herron FHA 1, 2, Red Cross 1, 2, 4g Glee Club 2g KAPA 4. Frederick Hill Chorus 1, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Baseball 3, 4, Male Octet 4. Shirley Ann Hill Pep Squad 1, KAPA 3, 4, Yearbook Staff 4, Chorus 4. Maria Soledad Hiriart Adrian John Hobley Hockey Team 2, 3, Math Club 3. James Alex Hog-an Baseball 1, 2, Red Cross 2, Football 4, All-Conference 4, Most Valuable Player 4. Robert Michael Holley Student Council 1, 3,,4, President 1, Reporter 4, French Club 2, 3, Reporter 3, Track 3, Speech and Debate 3, 4, Regional and State Superior 3, Color Guard 3, 4, All- School Play 4. Elizabeth Jane Irzyk Class Vice-President 1, Newspaper Staff 1, Cheerleader 1, 3, German Club 2, GAA 2, 3, Varsity Tennis Team 2, 3, National Honor Society 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Secretary 3, Junior Superlative 3, Vice-President of Dormitory 3, KAPA 4, Business Manager 4, Yearbook Staff 4. Betty Ann Jordan KAPA 1, Student Council Representative 1, 2, German Club 1, 2, GAA 1, 2, 3, Future Nurses Club 2, 3, Chorus 2, 4, Library Club 3. Auther Louis J udkins Band 1, Class Treasurer 1, 2, 3, Football 2, 3, 4. Jo Lee Kace JCL 2, 3, Chorus 2, 3, 4, Newspaper Staff 3, KAPA 4, FTA 4, Yearbook Staff 4. Jimmie Lawrence Kilgore French Club 1. Linda Jane Kirchoff Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4. Anne Elizabeth Kittrell JCL 1, 2, Spanish Club 3, Library Club Treasurer 3, Swim- ming Team 3, 4, Class Secretary 4, Yearbook Staff 4. Robert Otis Langley Student Council 1, Band 2, 3, 4. Vickie Amelia Lauderdale Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Majorette 1, 2, 4. Suzanne Margaret Lavallee KAPA 2, French Club 3, 4, Sharon Louise Lawler KAPA 1, 2, 3, 4, GAA 2, Red Cross 2, 3, 4, French Club 3, Library Club 3, 4, Majorette 3, 4, Band 3, 4, Student Coun- cil 4, Yearbook Staff 4. Connie Jean Lawson Red Cross Club 1, Chorus 1, 4. David Edward Lawson Yearbook Staff 4. Les John LeClair Thomas Jo eph LeVasseur Red Cross 1, 2, Football 1, 2, 3, Tennis 1, 4, Swimming Team 3, 4. Marlene Garnett Liles Girls' League 3, French Club 4, Red Cross 4, Chorus 4. Barbara Ann Little Chorus 1, Band 1, 2, FTA 1, 2, Newspaper Staff 2, German Club 2, Swimming Team 3, KAPA 4, Secretary 4. Michael Edward McCrea Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 2. Regina Louise McDonald Chorus 3, 4. Melanie Lee McGilton French Club 1, Mixed Ensemble 1, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Tri- ple Trio 2, 3, 4, KAPA 3, FDEA Chorus 3, Newspaper Staff 3, Madri gal Singers 4, Yearbook Staff 4. Carlin John McKelvey JV Baseball 1, Football 2, 3. J ohnne Carol Mallory KAPA 3, German Club 4, Newspaper Staff 4, Majorette 4. Connie Marie Marchese German Club 2, Cheerleader 2, 3, Captain 4, KAPA 2, 3, 4, FTA 2, 3, 4, Chorus 4. Lora Lamar Matheny Pep Club 2, 4, FHA 1, Tri-Hi-Y 3, Girls' Recreation Asso- ciation 3. Michael Dean Maxwell , Chorus 2, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Cross Country Track Team 3, 4, Baseball 3, 4, Lettermen's Club 3, 4. Laura Elena Mejil KAPA 1, Chorus 1, 2, FHA 1, 2, Spanish Club 1, 2, 3. Flory Lee Mendicino Rose Ann Milligan Red Cross 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club 3, Chorus 4, KAPA 4. James Patrick Murphy Swimming Team 2, 4, German Club 2, 4, Yearbook Staff 4, Library Club 4. Judy Ann Meyers Red Cross 1, 2, 4, Chorus 1, 3, 4, French Club 2, Future Medical Society Secretary 4, Yearbook Staff 4. Sheila Jane Nelson French Club 1, 2, Chorus 2, 3, 4, Newspaper Staff 3, FTA 3, Historian 4, KAPA 3, 4, Yearbook Staff 4. Thomas Patrick Noble Soccer 1, 2, Basketball 1, 2, Football 1, 2, 3, All-Confer- ence 4, Lettermen's Club 2, 3, 4, Class Vice-President 2, French Club 3, 4, TAHO President 4, Yearbook Staff 4, Senior Class President. George Allyn Nugent Basketball 2, 3, Drama Club 3, Yearbook Staff 3. Nancy Wainwright Oliver Debate 1, Student Council 1, Pep Club 1, 2, GAA 1, 2, Chorus 1, 2, 4, Future Business Club 2, Newspaper Staff l7l 2, KAPA 4. David Edward Palanzi Football 3, 4, Newspaper Staff 4. Pamela Angele Parolari Student Council 1, Chorus 1, 4, Newspaper Staff 3, Year- book Staff 4. Rae Donna Pearsall Tri-Hi-Y 1, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, German Club 2, KAPA 2, 3, 4, Triple Trio 2, 3, 4, Madrigal Singers 4, Yearbook Staff 4. Sharon Lee Perry Art Club 1, Science Club 1, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 2, Spanish Club 2, 3, FTA 2, 3, Vice-President 4, Girls' Chorus 3, 4, Newspaper Staff 4. William Harold Persky Newspaper Staff 1, Student Council 1, Treasurer 4, Year- book Staff 1, 4, Football 2, 3, 4. Donald Ray Peterson Class Play 3, 4. Jose Manuel Pinero Wrestling 1, 2, Track 3, 4, Spanish Club Vice-President 4, Football Manager 4. Kristin Elaine Plants Girls' Chorus 1, FTA 3, President 4, Mixed Chorus 3, 4, Library Club 3, 4, KAPA 4, Newspaper Staff 4, Yearbook Staff 4. Paul John Posey, Jr. Chess and Checker Club 1, Library Club 1, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Sgt.-at-Arms 2, Track 2, Football 2, 3, Letter- men's Club 2, 3, All-State Chorus 3, 4. Teresa Ann Posey KAPA 1, 4, Chorus 2, 3, 4, Library Club 3, 4, Red Cross 4, Yearbook Staff 4. Charles Carter Presley French Club 2, 4, Male Octet 3, Chorus 3, 4, Color Guard, 3, 4, Madrigal Singers 4. Gary Charles Rainey Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Vice-President 1, 4, Track 2, 3, 4, Letterrnen's Club 2, 3, 4, French Club 3, Mixed Chorus 4. Linda Ann Rickman Chorus 1, 4, KAPA 1, 2, 4, Red Cross Representative 3, FTA 4, Yearbook Staff 4. Robert Wayne Risner Wrestling 1, Football 1, 2, Lettermen's Club 2, 3, 4, Class Sgt.-at-Arms 4, Baseball 3, Chorus 3, 4, Male Octet 3, 4. Maria Dolores Rivera Class Secretary 1, Chorus 1, Spanish Club Secretary 1, 3, 4, Library Club 3, KAPA 4. John Marshall Rogers Newspaper Editor 1, National Honor Society 1, 2, 3, 4, President 1, 3, 4, German Club 2, Chess Club 2, Speech and Debate 3, Radio Bowl 3, 4, Yearbook Editor 4. Edward Thomas Ruffel National Honor Society 2, 3, 4, Audio Visual Club 2, 3, Tennis 2, 3, 4, Science Lecture 3, Literature Club 3, Year- book Staff 4. Eliek Sanders Track 2, Football 2, 3, Co-Captain 4, All-Conference 4, Sportsmanship Award 4, Baseball 3, 4. Kathleen Ann Schuman Speech and Debate 3, KAPA 4, Yearbook Staff 4. Eric Martin Sevdy Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Band 2, 3, Yearbook Staff 4. Patricia Conn Shepherd Chorus 1, Pep Club 2, Nurses Club 2, Dramatic Club 2, Spanish Club 3, Yearbook Staff 4. Linda Jane Sloan French Club 1, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Future Medical Society 2, FTA 2, 3, 4, KAPA 2, 3, 4, Library Club 4, Yearbook Staff 4. Janet Lynn Smith 172 Chorus 1, FTA 2, Secretary 3, 4, KAPA 2, 3, 4, Newspaper Staff 3, French Club Treasurer 3, 4. John Whitney Snodgrass Football 1, Basketball 3, Student Council 3, Yearbook Staff 4. Mike Gregory Spires French Club 2, 3, 4, Swimming Team 3, 4, Newspaper Staff 4. Sharon Kay Stacey Walt Scott Stobaugh German Club 2, Future Medical Society 3, Pep Club 3. William Vanderveer Stack Swimming Team 1, 2, 3, 4, Debate 2, German Club 2, 3, Newspaper Staff 4, Yearbook Staff 4. William Carl Sutton Robert Carl Swensen Chorus 4. Leonor Tamoria JCL 1, 2, National Honor Society 2, Pep Club 2, 4, Class Newspaper 2, Teenage Assembly 2, Yearbook Staff 4, German Club 4. Elza Dwight Taylor Audio Visual Club 2. Ginger Marie Taylor KAPA 1, Chorus 1, Library Club 3. Karl Heinz Thom Chorus 2, 3, 4, Band 2, 3, 4. Delphia Ann Thomas GAA 1, Record Club 1, Red Cross 1, 2, 3, Treasurer 4, Chorus 1, 3, 4, Spanish Club 2, 3, FTA 2, 3, 4, KAPA 2, 3, Treasurer 4, Future Medical Society 3, Triple Trio 4. Patricia Moore Thomas Future Medical Society 2, Red Cross 2, 3, 4, German Club 2, 3, President 4, KAPA 2, 3, 4, Chorus 2, 3, 4, FTA 2, 3, Parliamentarian 4, Masque and Gavel Club 3, Swim- ming Team 3, 4, Newspaper Staff 4. Suzanne Rae Thomas Lab Assistant 1, Newspaper Staff 1, National Honor Society 1, 2, Secretary 3, 4, German Club 2, Science En- richment 2, 3, Yearbook Staff 4. Mary Lee Tomlinson Home Economics Award 2, FTA 2, 3, 4, Library Club 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Yearbook Staff 4, KAPA 4. Paul Raymond Troop Photo Club 2, President 3, Yearbook Staff 4. Mara Umpierre National Honor Society 2, French Club 2, Spanish Club 3, Speech and Debate 4, Yearbook Staff 4. Andrea Ruth Vaughan FTA 3, German Club 3, 4, KAPA 3, 4. Samuel Thomas Verser Wrestling 2, Chorus 2, 4, Football 3, Madrigal Singers 4. Craig Matthew Verwys Photo Club Treasurer 3, Yearbook Staff 4. Maxine Waltz Deborah Lynn Webb Chorus 2, French Club 4, KAPA 4. Joan Marie Webb JCL 1, Student Council 1, Science Club 1, 2, Library Club 1, 2, Speech and Debate, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 3, Triple Trio 3, Class Secretary 3, KAPA 3, 4, School Play 3, 4, French Club 4, Newspaper Editor 4. Charles Jack Wedding Chorus 2, 3, Madrigal Singers 4, Spanish Club 4. Craig' Frances Witherow Football 1, Yearbook Staff 4. Nina Jane Young Masque and Gavel 3, KAPA 4, French Club 4. 2 s Q Q E 5 2 1 E Q x R mrs,-r'H,,1-1--xezsmmxw-..L-mn ff f K .K f, f K Av . . W ff 11 uf, Q ' Wfamf 'nf cw'-wg--fQ-1-vw.. Brig. Gen. 81 Mrs. Albin F. lrzyk Brig. Gen. 81 Mrs. Wilson M. Hawkins Mr. 81 Mrs. Herschel J. Roberts Mr. 81 Mrs. Carl Williams Mr. 81 Mrs. S. M. Matarazzo Mr. 81 Mrs. Howard Downing 81 Pippa SlSgt. 81 Mrs. Daniel Adams Maj. 81 Mrs. T. H. Alderson Lt. Col. 81 Mrs. Kurt F. Amende Lt. Col. 81 Mrs. George O. Anderson Sgt. 81 Mrs. Archie L. Baker Lt. Col. 81 Mrs. Arthur L. Bakewell Col. 81 Mrs. Balthis Capt. 81 Mrs. James Barton Lt. Col. 81 Mrs. J. E. Bosgall Maj. 81 Mrs. Ronald R. Baskin Lt. Col. 81 Mrs. Robert G. Benckart MlSgt. 81 Mrs. Frank Betz Col. 81 Mrs. Lester C. Bieler Lt. Col. 81 Mrs. M. H. Blanchard SlSgt. 81 Mrs. James W. Bledsoe MfSgt. 81 Mrs. T. A. Bonifield Mr. 81 Mrs. Jim Borders Sfc. 81 Mrs. Michael Bowen 81 Family Mr. 81 Mrs. W. O. Bowman Mr. Jim Kilgore 81 Miss Deborah Brandt PlSgt. 81 Mrs. Versle L. Brimmer Capt. 81 Mrs. Richard T. Brittain Lt. Col. 81 Mrs. Glenn P. Brooks Sgt. 81 Mrs. William B. Brown 81 Brenda Col. 81 Mrs. T. A. Carilia Col. 81 Mrs. J. W. Carlson Capt. 81 Mrs. James A. Carr Lt. Col. 81 Mrs. E. C. Chaplin 81 Kim Lt. Col. 81 Mrs. H. C. Cosany Chaplain 81 Mrs. Aaron J. Cunningham Col. 81 Mrs. Clifford A. Curtis Col. 81 Mrs. R. A. Cuzick Capt. 81 Mrs. Richard J. Damme Lt. Col. 81 Mrs. Foy E. Dark Chuck 81 Robby Daroff Lt. Col. 81 Mrs. E. R. Davis PlSgt. 81 Mrs. Melvin Davis Maj. 81 Mrs. Robert M. Davis Mr. 81 Mrs. Delonay David A. DeVeau Dog 'n Suds Lt. Col. F. A. Dostal Maj. 81 Mrs. John J. Dunn I74 PlSgt. 81 Mrs. V. E. Earley Lf. C01. sf Mrs. R. P. Edenfield Col. 81 Mrs. John T. Eichnor Sgt. 81 Mrs. Elliber 81 Family MfSgt. 81 Mrs. Ralph H. Emory 81 Family Mr. 81 Mrs. Robert J. Ernst Col. 81 Mrs. R. W. Ernst Capt. 81 Mrs. John Eskam 81 Family Capt. 81 Mrs. R. P. Ferriani Sgt. 81 Mrs. William F. Fikert Mr. gl Mrs. James E. Fisher Sfc. 81 Mrs. James W. Fitzgerald Col. 81 Mrs. Joseph C. Fogarty Capt. 81 Mrs. Keith E. Foster Lt. Col. 81 Mrs. Henry S. Gardner Ralph Gilbert Myron Gill 81 Family Frank A. Gleason Jr. D. B. Grace James R. Grow A. D. Guffanti H. H. Hager Mr. 81 Mrs. Sgt. 81 Mrs. Col. 81 Mrs. Col. 81 Mrs. Sgt. 81 Mrs. Col. 81 Mrs. Maj 81 Mrs. Col. 81 Mrs. John E. Haggerty Lt. Col. 81 Mrs. W. A. Haines Jr. Mr. 81 Mrs. W. T. Hale SlMaj. 81 Mrs. Edward E. Harris Maj Sfc. Sgt. Mr. Sfc. Col. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. John Harte Luther L. Hayes 81 Mrs. Robert Herron 81 Family 81 Mrs. M. L. Hickman 81 Mark 81 Mrs. Fred Hill 81 Mrs. A. H. Hislop Col. R. J. Hoagland, M.C. Mr. 81 Mrs. H. E. Holley 81 Family Capt. 81 Mrs. Bruce B. Hurry Lt. Col. 81 Mrs. S. H. Hustvedt Lt. Col. 81 Mrs. G. V. Jarrard J 81 H Drive-ln, 130 N. Wilson Rd. SfSgt. 81 Mrs. John A. Johnson MlSgt. William S. Jones 1lSgt. 81 Mrs. Raymond Karpinsky Lt. Col. 81 Mrs. C. R. Kelber Lt. 81 Mrs. David M. Keller 81 Mrs. Donald A. Kersting 81 Mrs. E. G. King 81 Mrs. W. F. Kirchoff 81 Mrs. Albert E. Kittrell 81 Mrs. C. H. Kittrell 81 Family Lt. Col. 81 Mrs. Harold F. Knapp Col. Col. Col. Sfc. Maj Boosters Chaplain 81 Mrs. Marvin Konynenbelt Mrs. Kroan Lt. Col. 81 Mrs. John M. Kroyer Capt. 81 Mrs. Harold E. Lambert Sfc. 81 Mrs. John W. LaRocco, 81 Family Lt. Col. 81 Mrs. William H. Lawler 1fSgt. 81 Mrs. Leon H. LaVigne 81 Family Maj. 81 Mrs. Thomas J. LeVasseur, Jr. Lt. Col. 81 Mrs. F. G. Lewis MlSgt. 81 Mrs. Emery A. Lindsey 81 Family Dr. 81 Mrs. Anthony J. Luzzio SlMaj. 81 Mrs. Chester L. Mallory 81 Stacye Chaplain 81 Mrs. W. E. McCroy Lt. Col. 81 Mrs. Howard James McGilton PfSgt. 81 Mrs. Edgar C. McLaughlin Capt. 81 Mrs. Andrew D. McMillan Col. 81 Mrs. Harry McNamara Lt. Col. 81 Mrs. D. Meltzer Col. D. E. Miller 81 Family Lt. Col. 81 Mrs. Virgil C. Moon Lt. Col. 81 Mrs. Robert F. Moore Lt. 81 Mrs. John A. Morhet Chaplain 81 Mrs. Edward M. Mueller Chaplain 81 Mrs. R. O. Mullenix The Murphy Family 1fSgt. 81 Mrs. Henry C. Murphy Col. 81 Mrs. Howard C. Murray Margaret Myers MlSgt. 81 Mrs. Samuel E. Myers MlSgt. 81 Mrs. George Nadzam, Jr. Col. 81 Mrs. A. T. Netherblad, Jr. Lt. Col. 81 Mrs. Thomas P. Noble Mr. 81 Mrs. John Noel 81 Family Lt. Col. 81 Mrs. John Norwalk Sgt. 81 Mrs. Harley W. Norwell 81 Family Mr. 81 Mrs. Lyle D. Nugent Maj. 81 Mrs. Thomas J. Nugent Lt. Col. 81 Mrs. Francis S. Obradovich Lt. Col. 81 Mrs. John J. O'Brien Mrs. Bernard Oldinsky Maj. 81 Mrs. Oliver Capt. 81 Mrs. Donald L. O'Meara MfSgt. 81 Mrs. Edward Palanzi Lt. Col. 81 Mrs. William D. Palmer Lt. Col. 81 Mrs. B. W. Parolari SfSgt. 81 Mrs. John R. Patterson Lt. Col. 81 Mrs. Deville Pearson Lt. Col. 81 Mrs. H. D. Persky 81 Family Col. 81 Mrs. Pillsbury Sgt. 81 Mrs. Jose A. Pinero Capt. 81 Mrs. Roy C. Plaster Capt. Portnoy 81 Family Lt. Col. 81 Mrs. Richard L. Powell Capt. 81 Mrs. Lawrence H. Prather Lt. Col. 81 Mrs. Robert H. Quinn The Radcliff Police Department E-7 81 Mrs. Russell V. Rash Lt. 81 Mrs. David F. Rathje Lt. Col. 81 Mrs. C. A. Rickman 81 Family Lt. Col. R. L. Robinson 81 Family E-7 81 Mrs. James Rodgers Lt. Col. 81 Mrs. Harry L. Rogers III Maj. 81 Mrs. John A. Roose Capt. W. V. Rose Col. 81 Mrs. M. A. Ross Maj. 81 Mrs. Harry C. Sams Jasper Schlinker Sgt. 81 Mrs. Otto W. See Lt. Col. 81 Mrs. Lawrence M. Sevdy Lt. Col. 81 Mrs. Frank J. Shannon, Jr. Sgt. 81 Mrs. Louis Sheppard SfSgt. 81 Mrs. Paul S. Smallwood MlSgt. 81 Mrs. Arveller Smith 81 Janet Lt. Col. 81 Mrs. John W. Snodgrass 81 Family Capt. 81 Mrs. Myron F. Sothcott Capt. L. P. Spears Col. 81 Mrs. George H. Spires, Jr. SfSgt. Jimmie B. Stone Sgt. 81 Mrs. St. Pierre Mr. 81 Mrs. Clyde Swanagin SfMaj. 81 Mrs. James A. Taylor Lt. Col. 81 Mrs. Charles F. Thomas Col. 81 Mrs. Raymond P. Thomas Sgt. 81 Mrs. Virgil Thomas Sfc. 81 Mrs. Raymond C. Troop Sfc. Travis A. Vaughen Mr. 81 Mrs. F. C. Verwys A Lt. Col. 81 Mrs. Henry D. Walding 81 Family Lt. Col. 81 Mrs. Jay C. Webb Chaplain 81 Mrs. Robert B. Webb, Jr. Lt. Col. 81 Mrs. Fredrick M. Wells 81 Family Sgt. 81 Mrs. W. T. West Maj. 81 Mrs. Paul Westenberger,.USMC Mr. 81 Mrs. Herbert Wilson Sr. Maj. 81 Mrs. Roy Yarbough Sgt. 81 Mrs. Van W. York 81 Sons Sgt. Sumio Yoshisato Lt. Col. 81 Mrs. Louis Zislis Congratulations to the SENIOR CLASS of 1966 from the OFFICERS, OPEN MESS U d S A A C Fort Knox, Kentucky "Ask Your Neighbor About Noon 'Til Nine Service" oo 'TIL NINE, INC. ws fm vswm, X 23 is rf X -asf-, , 'xi 1 uf 2 cnunnsv or soon m 9 sions mcufr. KY- Above is pictured one of five RCA Victor 23" Table Model TV's furnished to Fort Knox High School during the '65-'66 school year by Noon 'Til Nine, Inc. This was done in cooperation with the Fort Knox PTA and High School officials. SALES DEPARTMENT RCA Victor Magnavox RCA Whirlpool General Electric Maytag Television Stereo Appliances Appliances Laundry SERVICE DEPARTMENT Featuring "Reserved Service" At Noon 'Til Nine our service department is "reserved" for our customers and the five brands We sell. When you buy at Noon 'Til Nine, our service department will be reserved for you, too. Television Appliance Antennas Installed Service Service TV Rental s"' E ,gggfzwes ,:7.,L up ,.f,4,, ,V W, ,:s. 5 ,gint .,. ..k.t,,,,,g, , . 5. , . ,: L ' -- it"' 'i Two OCHIZIOIIS f se g f P M S5225 Vp i .... ,.,: ,:.. Q ,... Across froln Kro gers N E N E A R A Radcliff, Kentucky x'fQ'5Q2fvf1,ff 'k7S" iQ.7v ,.,, , Vhuh v . ,. '4- ' f W ' if . 'f-:5.., . ' - e.'eQ 'rrz .gi Phone' 351 3129 '-iisi irfi rrfrns ' 2 1 ,t.t ....? :,..,, , ,,st so NQQNMNEN NQQN NXPQE 011 the Square E'town, Kentucky Kfflbwi k 5 my ik. X Qs tm :gg wussrss ww 'ww Phone: 765-61 16 "fail-I I gmt N N M me e g W " 1. .A ' ' , -: ' H , J-awww., w,mffi"' ' . . .-N .,.. ,, we--M H M1217 M , ax fi? Jar. Best Wishes To The Class of '66 THORNI-IILL'S BAKERY Fort Knox, Kentucky Phone: 4-3192 NEW GARDEN BEAUTY SALON Air Conditioned in New Garden Apts. Fort Knox, Kentuckv Complete Beauty Service Hours: 8 A.M. to 6 P.M. Open Evenings By Appointment Visit Our New Garden Barber Shop c'Be as pretty as a picture" Service Available To Military Sr Civilian Personnel Stephans Tonics-Other Cosmetics For Men 942-3377 4-4307 FORT KNOX NATIONAL BANK L D 14, XO? ,O s w 'K 2 H5 N to 'lf V cf' W1 M ING SEQQ Fort Knox, Kentucky Walk-up Window Hours Drive-in Window 1400-1730 0900-1400 0730-1730 Mon-Fri Mon-Fri Mon-Fri 0800-1230-Sat 0800-1230-Sat Van Voorhis Branch-4992 Chaffee Open 1100-0530-Mon-Fri 0800-1230- Sat Your Full Service Bank Why not consider banking as a career? KNOX SERVICE CENTER Between Dixie Street and 31-W on Wilson Road Phone: 351-3113 "Tubeless Tire H eadquartersv Gas - Oil- Lubrication Goodyear Tires, Tubes, Guarantee Batteries - Recapping Hours: 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. QUARTERS CLEANING st DOMESTIC SERVICE Office- Lobby of Newgarden Apartments Fort Knox, Kentucky Phones: 4-5397 942-3721 AUTOMATIC LAUNDRY INC. and APPLIANCE REPAIR SERVICE Fort Knox, Kentucky Phone: 4-5708 C ongratulations to Seniors 1966 Compliments of RADCLIFF DEPARTMENT STORE 374 N. Dixie Boulevard-Radcliff, Ky. Phone: 351-3212 Ft. Knox Area's Largest and Finest Department Store Open evenings and Sundays for your added Shopping Convenience SWISS CLEANERS! LAUNDRY 915 S. Sixth Street Louisville, Ky. 40203 Phone: 583-7621 WOLTZ STUDIOS, INC. Specialized Departments in Portrait . . . Commercial . . . Aerial . . . Weddings Bldg. T-7001-7th Ave. 81 Wilson Rd. Fort Knox, Kentucky Phone: 4-6391 HELEN'S FLOWERS Newgarden Apartments Ground Floor in the Gilded Cage Fort Knox, Kentucky Phone: 94-2-2766 4-4168 180 DIXIE SHOE STORE The Family Shoe Store Our Specialty: Quality . . Style . . Service 1818 Dixie Boulevard Radcliff, Kentucky Phone: 351-3468 KNOX TV SERVICE We Service All Makes and Models Complete Service on All Foreign Radios St Record Changers also Any Type of Antenna Installation Grant and Knox Streets Fort Knox, Kentucky Phone: 4--74-88 Best Wishes to the Graduating Class of '66 from KNOX REALTY COMPANY and BURNS INSURANCE AGENCY 1812 Dixie Highway Radcliff, Kentucky 1 KNOX FINANCE CO., INC. H520 to 3800 Loans Conveniently located south of Fort Knox in the Radcliff Drug Building-plenty of free parking space. No dangerous high- ways to travel. SPECIAL SERVICE for Army Officers First Three Grades and Civilian Personnel. You Will Like Our Plan. -HOURS- Monday 9:00 to 6:30 Tuesday Thru Friday 9:00 to 5:00 Sam H. Watkins, President L. R. Brashear, Manager 4-63 N. Wilson Ave. Radcliff, Kentucky Phone: 351-3147 Compliments of the NEW GARDEN DENTAL SUITE in New Carden Apartments Congratulations Class of ,66 NOLTE'S HAIRDRESSERS 705 N. Dixie Blvd. Radcliff, Kentucky Phone: 351-3431 181 Compliments of KENTUCKY LIMOUSINES, INC. Fort Knox, Kentucky 'l X . It Z f f if ix by .-k 2 Radcliff Plaza A Your Closest and Most Convenient "q" 'iii'-.62 iiigff Shopping Centerv , 3 A to 25 c'Exclusive Men's Clothing and Accessory S torea' COIN LAUNDRY PAYNE'S TOGGERY HFEATURING TOP NAME BRANDS" 2 miles South of Fort Knox on 31-W Your Patronage IS Sincerely Radcliff, Kentucky Appreciated 353 Central Parkway Radcliff, Kentucky Phone: 351-4848 KNOX MOTORS, INC. BENNINGFIELITS Sales Service Complete Garage, Body Shop, and Upholstery Repair on Post Phone: 4-5166 Phone: 942-2363 Fort Knox, Kentucky Muldraugh, Kentucky 216 Miles South of Fort Knox on U.S. 31-W v.,,i,ifAi.::::1y 332 North Dixie Blvd. Radcliff, Kentucky - :::, . , .Q t S Congratulations from TAHO Compliments ofthe CUCA COLA BOTTLING COMPANY Elizabethtown, Kentucky 183 4 POST CAB COMPANY AND FORT KNOX MOTOR COACH Fast, Efficient Service Courteous Drivers Clean Cabs Dispatcher-4-1161 Office-4-2588 Bldg. 1473 Chaffee Ave. Fort Knox 1'Axl ,I .liv- .: Xl Fort Knox entrants in the Hardin County Junior Miss Contest: Joan Webb, Callie Grace, and Connie Marchese. Not pictured: Susan Hackett. Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Senior Class of 1966 from the DAITS CLUB LONGVIEW FLORIST 624 N. Dixie Blvd. Radcliff, Kentucky Directly Across from Kroger Phones: 351-3477, 351-3137 it ,ffffi -aft- lfwh: 'l' Jew' ,IOE'S TEXACO SERVICE STATION 574 N. Dixie Blvd. Radcliff, Kentucky Phone: 351-3500 Relax In Our TV Lounge While Your Car Is Being Serviced Tires, Batteries, and Accessories Motor Tune-ups and Muffler Installation Joe Hutcherson, Proprietor Compliments of FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Deposits insured to 310,000 Elizabethtown, Kentucky CRITTENDEN'S FURNITURE uFurniture With a Plani' Quality Furniture, Carpets, and Draperies No Charge for Decorator Service Let Us Help You Plan Your Decor just Past Hospital in E'Town, Ky. Compliments of ,IOPLIN 81 LANZ COMPANY The Louisville Store Elizabethtown and Hardin Countyis Oldest, Largest, and Most Complete 18 Department Store 86 RADCLIF F TV Dial 351-3720 Antenna Installation Rental Television German Radio Service Vincent J. Kieta-Owner 5 N. Wilson Avenue Radcliff, Kentucky Refreshing Remembrance AUTOGRAPHS COCA-COLA I BOTTLING "W COMPANY of Elizabethtown Elizabethtown, Kentucky 7 rl n,I?ttt I 71, .W .P WATKINS ,IEWELERS Featuring the Finest Bulova - Elgin - Hamilton Keepsake - Speidel - Towle International- Reed 81 Barton Gorham - Lenox - Fostoria Expert Watch Repairing Elizabethtown, Kentucky Joplin Hotel Phone: 765-2137 S. C. BARNES INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. General Insurance S.C. Barnes-A.O. Inmay Elizabethtown, Kentucky Phone: 765-6161 When Itis Time To Remember Some One In A Special Way Browse Leisurely Through YEAGER'S F eaturing: Our New Gibson Greeting Card Dept. Ruddell's MBonnie Bourbon Chocolatesl' Nunnally's L'Candy of the Southn Next Door To Hottie's Phone: 351-3856 YEAGER'S Radcliff, Ky. BENNET,S MILITARY STORE 81 PAWN SHOP Complete Line of Menls Sportswear, Out of Pawn Items, Jewelry Dept. Convenient LAY-A-WAY Plan Located in Muldraugh on Dixie Hours: 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Phone: 942-2778 MISS AND MRS. SHOP Smart Apparel for the Miss of Today and for the Miss of Yesterday 530 N.W. Dixie Blvd. Phone: 351-3131 Radcliff, Kentucky 187 Compliments of 1. VW, ' l PUST BARBER and 9 gl LQHX -V BEAUTY SHOPS INC Fort Knox, Kentucky Compliments MOTOR MART, INC. Home of Fine Automobiles Radcliff, Kentucky 188 Compliments of: E-TOWN LAUNDRY AND CLEANERS fConcessioner of Post Exchangej Serving Fort Knox Daily Phones: Stores: 4-4967 7th and Wilson 4-42504 9th and Queen 66Growing with Radclyff and Hardin County Since 188399 THE FIRST HARDIN NATIONAL BANK CAPITAL 3 500,000.00 SURPLUS 3 1,000,000.00 Hours: 9 A.lVI. to 3 RM. daily Extra Hours Friday 4 P.lVI. to 6 P.lVI. TRASH Sr TREASURES Woodland Heights Elizabethtown, Ky. Sporting Goods, Boats 81 Motors, Household Goods, Sportswear, and General Merchandise Open Mon. through Sat. 9:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. Sunday afternoon 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. DORBETTS FASHIONS A Complete Selection of Fashions to Suit Every Budget Hours: 9:00-6:00 Daily Fridays til 7:00 14-03 N. Wilson Road Radcliff, Kentucky Phone: 351-3818 BILL'S HARDWARE AND PHILCO APPLIANCES Banks Sz Banks Shopping Center Radcliff, Ky. Phone: 351-3602 When You Need 'Hardware 'Garden Supplies 'Paint 'Building Materials 'Wallpaper 'Plumbing Supplies 'Lumber 'Electrical Supplies 'Tools see THE JENKINS- ESSEX COMPANY 528 No. Dixie Blvd. Radcliff, Kentucky Phone: 351-3813 fAlso in Elizabethtownj 190 E-TOWN TRAVEL AGENCY Plane - Steamship - Train - Cruises Tours of All Kinds - Hotel, Motel Reservations Masonic Temple Elizabethtown, Kentucky Phone: 769-1272 RAGLAND DRUG Walgreen Agency Courthouse Square Phone: 765-2167 Elizabethtown, Kentucky HAZ! For The Pet" PARKER'S AQUARIUM SUPPLY Pet Boarding Phone: 351-4191 Radcliff, Ky. Compliments of WESTERN TIRE AUTO STORE John Armour-Ira Pfieffer Phone: 351-3134 Radcliff, Kentucky I RADCLIFF DRUGS Drugs, Fountain, Sundries Prescriptions 210 Miles South of Fort Knox 467 N. Dixie Blvd. Phone: 351-3313 Radcliff, Kentucky CRADDOCK CHEVROLET CO, INC. BEAN PUBLISHING E COMPANY Your - Dealer ROYAL Portable standard sf Electric Fort Knox Personnel Welcome We Service All Makes Of Cars Office 351-3429 704 N.W. Dixie Blvd. Radcliff, Kentucky DIXON-ATWOOD AND ADKINS FUNERAL HOME 24-Hour Dependable Ambulance Service Oxygen-Equipped Logan T. Dixon- Jennings D. Adkins Elizabethtown, Kentucky Phone: 765-2204 Typewriters VICTOR Adding Machines and Calculators OFFICE 81 SCHOOL SUPPLIES- COMMERCIAL PRINTING DUPLICATING PAPER, MASTERS Sz FLUID Publishers of: Hlnside the Turret" 408 West Dixie Avenue-Phone 765-6171 Elizabethtown, Kentucky THE x. P IN I 000 eu 191 JJNEWBERRYS Elizabethtown, Kentucky 541 Complete Departments Two Value-Packed Sales Floors Over 60,000 Items Phone: 765-24-81 BOYDIHHKE First Federal Building Elizabethtown, Kentucky Phone: 765-5253 It-A THHEBENFRANKLHJ STORE Locally Owned- Nationally Known Variety Store R. D. Skees- Proprietor 126 W. Dixie Ave. Elizabethtown, Kentucky KNOXCARYMMHLING Good Wash-Tell Everybody-If Not Satisfied Ask For Re-wash Free THE FASTEST and FINEST AUTOMATIC CAR WASH Weekdays, 9 A.M. to 6 P.M.g Saturdays, 9 A.M. to 5 P.M.g Sundays, 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. Bullion Blvd.-Ft. Knox, Ky. Congratulations and Best Wishes , to the l Graduating Class MILITARY CONCESSIONS INC. 2220 East Fairmount Avenue Baltimore 31, Maryland Phone: PEabody 2-7100 192 WHlTE'S EGG 81 PAINT Compliments Of 9 STORE GREEN S CLEANERS Phone 765-2431 Fort Knox, Kentucky FARM FRESH EGGS - GUARANTEED Tiffin Bugijgng 22235 LARGE - 50c Per DOZ. NO. 3 6025 4,2070 Delivered Each WEEK No. 4 6540 4-6207 U Compliments of THE HARDIN COUNTY NEW CAR DEALERS ASSOCIATION Dusty Rhodes Ford, Elizabethtown, Kentucky Kelly Buick Sales, Inc., Elizabethtown, Kentucky Mid State Lincoln-Mercury, Elizabethtown, Kentucky Douglas Rambler Sales, Elizabethtown, Kentucky Swope Motors-Chrysler, Plymouth, Elizabethtown, Kentucky Hardin Motors-Pontiac, Elizabethtown, Kentucky Pate Motors-Cadillac, Oldsmobile, Elizabethtown, Kentucky Brewer Chevrolet, Elizabethtown, Kentucky Janes Motors-Studebaker, Elizabethtown, Kentucky Osborne Motors-Ford, Radcliff, Kentucky Craddock Chevrolet Sales, Radcliff, Kentucky Kelly Vance Motors, Inc.-Volkswagen, Radcliff, Kentucky Since nursesg officers, and officers' wives Are unfailingly groomed within an inch of their lives We think Capital Laundry and Cleaning would pass your inspection We've an eye for details and we strive for perfection. Give us a tryl CAPITAL LAUNDRY 81 DRY CLEANING COMPANY Fort Knox, Kentucky Phone: 4-3776 BARDSTOWN LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING, INC. Fort Knox, Kentucky Phone: 4-6965 Mr. Martin and Mr. Chance discuss senior business. 194 Compliments of NON-COMMISSIONED OFFICERS' OPEN MESS N. C. O. Club up I , I L ' I ,g-, -I 1 I J V- ' H 1-'IMI' I I I - - - I I I I, ,, ' I '-TI 'IJ 1 I "A ff -I!-I I ' I' I . - II. .WFI"iI"3 -. I XII I I N I I I I L I I , , I I ' I'Iu I -' I' I I I -II -F II, QI' ' " 'I I I I1 ,1 I'- I---I II.I I I I I I. I I I I I I I II II I I I I I I ,I I I I . I I . V'nII ' I I I I I I - I, I ,I I I -I II ' I I I I I . I I I I II I I ,I I I I I 1 I I ' u I I I , , I I I I I JI . lg. J, I ,l,IZ, I-MII In 111 f I--Www - . , E In V V 3:-.' ' - mf. Q L N. . .YL -H W , Q ,N 1 .. " -' rg. 4 . ,135 ':P"1'-flL' , A,:1 USL' ' - 'L-5, YV - . gi," 1.1 ,. Q pf, . l ,J ,N L'-.T-,,,Y I-1 'F N C4 . ,if - NV. xrqlllu x lxml-!', .A V K , A Y Vs, Z, V I A N Ky. -" , -. y w n ,143 Z I ' I"-I jf. 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