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 - Class of 1963

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WAN. N- V QQ, 'IN ., fy, Wwtf' xslig xx ' YQKI Ax , , xv 'fr If E x AU 1 4. "' 'gW+, .wif ' .. 5 -.-gif ,Z-q',Q9 K 'nh I -Jr' T. :ivy ""7:'7'Nl A 'V+ :. .J . ,, -, ..: Nr wa' -'Q gf, ,x g, -' ' '2 'gli-'i'ff1,f1'5'xf xQ f'Q,,Q: s- ' w' .-Q, 1 A xlrw-QP I L' ,i AIAX .tx V J s ' if A ,Mc 'A 50 'V 5' x fi 41.5 -xx 5 '-f'l Q 1 .ans ,.-. ' 'PP' -as . IH-eww,-11,4--w .. ' wr 1 -5. , if ....,4Au Alu.. 4 Kbps' Q yn-A. .A .va? xi V x'4,. +3-ff vs-' "'r Q N. ,1"' , . .. ..-Q., ' 'gg !f"'Sf':N1?g gs: f""llllllllllIIIlll u p le ll ' 'N . ll QA Hf .q54.-ngl!! 4 I ' in -' " fi!!! '1 II iuli 'Y' f5v"'7Ww-yu-GwSwllHQ H 4 IM Eagle T MM ay cam of '63 you ffm mga sam Fon fCrwx, ffwtzwfq 3 45 I wgkmizldfs H A ,M 1 K 1-em jig: -1 V 3 . ,Q--:,,4gV 5 , - 1 Ui I 5,.f ...un wh W ,,g' fin -nan-In as ,. I ' M 1 1 , , :B , Q e Q Y n 2, f ' ' Eli a A Aww ffegu , 2 gait? f "2 7' , if 2 5 fqmfm, x fggfsf v Y . 1 ff 5 f ,gg f, W, X , 6 -M F ' ij? is i Z' 1 Q N ,Q Q Q gf' :nga x v ,. W H sink 2 fm-aw , KWH N5 ': , 1 .inf , L ia 1, , ' ? 'f X . ,. ,,,,... W' , -Jaw 'M' ,. f , " H Q, f' f m--+-- if "f21'H2v'f,,3ff i,e:ha2f'i6k ,, .ij ' . - , 2. Y , A Y ,jeg , L , -i ' 5,-fmwff 'R ' W ' 3' 'X ' Ll yv.Qm5"- Y"-5 4 "2 ' V K, lv 1 lx 1 5 X A 1 K X 1 S 'T ,4 ,, 1-Simi: f- . . -E+: 2' Q ' s Q .- fix 5: - 4 T?Qr I ff f . Q V 5 . M 1 , .x I ' Y ' Q ,F , gain: A'- 3 l L? R N 5 Q F511 af 5 i wg Q Y 307' I as I 5,1 Q. " "QM ' 'Q f 4 - E w . " 'J" , ' If E s V MJ W? ,Eg M, i , fs, 5'Vm.r.,.C- Q M .1,,,, Q ,,,,- 1 iii 3 1 ?5L V sm M., s si 1' "CWM X V A" - , mx- 1 E6dllC0.fl:0lL Mr. Herschel J. Roberts "I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help. My help cometh from the Lord, which made heaven and earth." Psalm 121. When a man does his duty for twenty years, he is to be commended. When a man lobors with diligence, dedication, and with personal sacrifice, he is to be honored. Herschel J. Roberts has earned the respect and esteem of his fellow educators, the student body, and the community at Fort Knox. He is to be honored. I His service to the Dependent schools at Fort Knox is closely interwoven with its history. He started his career as a teacher and coach in Building 1174 with grades one through twelve and 225 students. His coach- ing ability in basketball is known far and wide. His basketball teams brought the first trophies to the school and two of his teams participated in the State tournament. The 1946 team won third place. By his ability, he climbed the ladder of success in his profession. His leadership as a successful coach and inspiring teacher was soon recognized. He became Principal of the High School in 1945 and was appointed Superintendent of Schools in the fall of 1955. When he took the reins of leadership of the Fort Knox Dependent Schools, he plunged into his work with vigor, determination and foresight. Buildings needed to be constructed, good teachers needed to be em- ployed, programs needed to be implemented. During his administration, he successfully planned the construct- ion, of the Kingslover, Van Voorhis. Pierce, and Mudge Elementary Schools, the Van Voorhis and Scott Junior High Schools, and a new building for the Fort Knox High School, plus an Administrative Building. HiS leadership, f0feSighf, and dfCamS F0 make the Fort Knox Dependent School System one of the best in the nation is now a reality. The Senior Class of' 1962-1965 deems it appropriate to dedicate their Yearbook to our Superintendent as a token of appreciation for his "dedication" to all of us- 1942-1965. vW 5 .-.,' - ,J ALMA J' . Alma Meter, Upzuartl, iorzzoartl, ever forzzxtzrtl, May there ever be M L I1z'ltEgQ1stflof all j'o1f1'1,35glQrtf, f Love html Loyalty. ' . SCHOOL SONG. High School I Hzgh School . , M...,,.M .f,- ,. in the lfzrztl only other el all mzclefxtzzml mb rzzb School L School all your '1 H 5 J, ., FACULTY AND ADMINISTRATION HONORS 6 Uaxile of 60 SENIORS JUNIORS I SPORTS ACTIVITIES SOPHOMORES ADVERTISEMENTS To The Seniors of Fort Knox High School: You have reached one goal and passed one milestone in graduating from Fort Knox High School, You are commended for freeing yourself from some of the chains of ignorance, I but remember, people are not free A who have learned only that which restricts their vision and warps their judgment. People are free who have learned that learning is a lifelong process of development and fulfillment in intellectual, emotional, and moral growth. You have done a good job, but the challenge of new goals should lead you to the realization that if you stop now the world will pass you by. You cannot know that with your present knowledge and skill you will have a place in the world five years from now. Know instead that for you life must be perpetual self-discovery, perpetual re- shaping to that which builds intellect c h a r a c t e r, personality, adaptability creariveness and vitality. You are lree to the extent that you have the tools of learning and tech- niques of action, the ability to analyze, to create, to organize, and - if deep in your soul - you search for truth. You are recognized for your accom- plishments ancl encouraged to future learning, but knowledge alone is not enough. Greater love, faith, and under- standing are necessary if you are to help ethical attitudes and civilized behavior increase in our world. As you go forward, each' determined to be the one best person you can be in your chosen field, my congratulations and best wishes go with you, P pd' f J. 5. BASTION, JR. Major General, USA ,fl Commanding Sclwol foam! - You Kama mepawat Sclwoh Maior Fred G- Colonel Roger R. Bankson Lieutenant Colonel Wayne F. Colonel Edward M Majors Lieutenant Colonel Christensen, Jr. Kirchoff R- May Jr. Lieutenant Colonel Sergeant Major Gordon George E. Moranda Major Albert H. Perkins Mr. Herschel J. Roberts Uhl I r I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I , - I I I I ,, X - I I I 1 , in S1 2 A s Wiiij ffgiif Ziff X X MZ . G W2 VERNON AMOS ANGELA BROWN LELIA ANN BURROW Wayne, Ohio Springfield, Kentucky Damon Szvringf, Kentucky College, Bowling Green State Campbellsville College, Western Ken- Western Kentucky State College y, University of Toledo, Uni- tucky State College. Commerce. Science. of Colorado. History, Mathe- ROBERT BURROW MARTHA BUSTABAD Malvern, Arkanmr San foxe, C0524 Rica Lon Morris Junior College, University University of Costa Rica, Georgetown of Kentucky. Phyrical Education, Bar- College. Latin, Spanish. ketball Coach. DONALD H CHAPMAN GERALD WAYNE CHANCE Maxxena, New York SHIRLEY ELI London, Kentucky St. Lawrence University, Western C?'0ff0W, Kentucky ' College, Eastern State Col- Kentucky State College, University of MU1'faY Staff College, W2ShiH8f0H Unl- College. History. Kentucky, Hiypgfy, versity, Purdue University. Science. New! MARIETTA FORAKER JOHN HACKETT Verfaillef, Kentncky Winthefter, Kettttttkjf Georgetown College, University of Western Kentucky State College. Iienfuqky, Engiijhy Spggglg, Drgmgpjg Pbjffittli Education, Football C0tlCl9. rtr. A bouquet to the "Woman of the Week" FRANCES MATARAZZO JAMES. MASTERSON Elizabethtown, Kentucky PMN, Kftmffkj' Transylvania College, University of Eastern Kentucky State College. Indnr- Kentucky, Indiana University. Mafhe. trial Arts. maligj' WILLIAM Sz JOHNS Uniontown, Pennrylzfania Carnegie Institute of Technology, versity of Louisville. Band Director ANNA LEE MADDOX Kuhn, Oklahoma Bethel College, Murray State University of Louisville. DIANE MILLER Corbin, Kentucky Union College. Language. 7 , ,,-:sn WMM PAR! t ul ROBERT L. NAYLE Lexington, Kentucky University of Kentucky. Mathematiu. WILLIAM PHAIR Brititla Isle! University, Trinity College. DAN RAY QUISENBERRY Hartford, Kentucky of Kentucky. Mathematicr, 'LA - ..... . ,.-1 4Q,, . .-.., t x 'i iigi -'J a K, x' . t1,. 1 . ,, DORIS NOURSE SIGRIDA PANDERS Madisonville, Kentucky Riga, Latvia Howard College, Murray College, Vanderbilt University. Language. Georgetown College, Mu.ric. Watch out, Seniors! KENT O. RICHARDS KATHERINE ROBERTS Jamestown, Kentucky ' Pineville, Kentutky Eastern Kentucky State College. Soaial Eastern Kentucky State College, Uni- Stience. versity of Louisville. Home Economic: 5 1 E 3 ! 3 l 3 E , new tm, advise r AS' f Win? A Mm CARROLL SAUNDERS JASPER SCHLINKER Mt. Sterling, Kentucky Munfordville, Kentucky Morehead State College. Art. Western Kentucky State College, Texas Woman's University. English. Thxs meetmg wlll now come to order' MARGARET W SMITH MARY MILDRED SMITH MARGARET STEVENS Brandenburg Kentucky Ekron Kentueky Elzzubetblown Kentucky UUIVEFSIIV of Kentucky Nazareth Col Western Kentucky State College Um Georgetown College Hzftory Psychol- lege Bumzerr Educutzon versrty of Lou1sv1lle Englzxb ogy Soczology 2 JULIANN R. TESAR EVELYN THURMAN Central City. Nebraska Franklin, Kentucky Doane College. Pbyfical Education. Ashbury College, Western Kentucky State College, Peabody College. Sociol- ogy, Education, Library Science. se "You don't say!" LUCILLE M VAN DYKE DoRoTHY s. TIPTON Bmifomlmlze. Kentucky flibland, Kentucky Kentucky Wesleyan College, University ROGER VAN METRE College, University of of Kentucky, University of Louisville. A Gleffdflle, Kenfufky Language, political Sgienggl Union University. Sczence. Betty King Margreta C. Fox High School Secretary High School Secretary Nola G. Magruder School Nurse Rockport, Illinois Louisville General Hospital CAFETERIA PERSONNEL Chrrstme jones Dorothy Myers Lou1se Walters Amanda Rose Spaldmg Ruby Baker Cafelerm Coardznator gf, NV: 'xi 2 ,4 H , . wry' , Clyd e Swanagin, Supervisor Gronndr, and Maintenance MAINTENANCE PERSONNEL - STANDING: George Franzell, Albert M. Perry, Thomas E. Tyler, Felix Roten. SEATED: Samuel H. Adams, Walter Smith. johnson Allxnond High School Cuflodian 19 ii bn I W .4 'Tm SOIIY but Miss Foraker "So where are we going on our faculty tripi "It's a bird!" "Decisions, decisions!" just left the building." w..,,..,a-M gfaxf 2 ff? , U 0 .l "There must be an easier way!" This member of the faculty "Now for a credit card! 20 could not be identified. Q , N Q. Q Q Q - ..., M x K N X N ! 1 1 we I W wi' Y NE: x Selma if 4 c 1J.iQ4iaSzf fa ai we Seam Claw Offlkm STANDING: Steve Christian, Prexidentf Mike Gordon, Tre4.fzM'er,' Joyce Edwards, Secretaryg Henry Henderson, Vice-Prexident. 61444 Fcwoutea Joyce Edwards Spass Merdjanoff 22 Daphine Luedina Baptiste New Orleans, Louisiana An earrzeit girl with 4 cheery Jmile and a hig heart. Junior Red Cross lg Chorus lg Spanish Club 3, 4, FTA 3, 4, Yearbook Staff 4. Donald Edwin Beers Cleveland, Ohio He'.r a memher of our team, with plenty of pep and load: of rzeam. Latin Club lg German Club 25 ROTC 25 Spanish Club 3, 4g Goodfellows Club 35 Track 35 Basketball 1, 2, 45 Srudenr Council 4. Larry William Barr Fort Gibson, Mississippi Hir good humor makes all thlngr tolerable. Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2g Swimming 4 Track 4, Science Club 1, 2, 3, Math Club 2, 3g Band 1,2. joseph Barrett Bohnak Long Island, New York A hero rhoald alwayr he tall. Swimming Team 1, 2, 4g Football 3, 45 ROTC 1, 23 Class Play 2, 3. P 1 Sherria Ruth Betterton Albertsville, Alabama With her plearant way, .rhe makes a new friend every day. Cheerleader 2, 35 Drill Squad lg Paper Staff lg Miss Freshmang Miss Sophomoreg Pep Club 2, 3g GAA 2, 35 Chorus 33 Homecoming Court 3, 4g Prom At- tendant 3g Annual Staff 4. Joseph William Brooks Charleston, South Carolina The reward of a thing well done is to have done il. Swimming 1, 4. Britta Heidimarie Butler Leibnitz, Austria In qnietnesr and confidence Iier her Jlrength. Home Ec Club 1. Todd Stephen Carpenter Glendale Cal1forn1a Hes not one zo Hand and watch the world go round Basketball 1 2 Tennns 1 Track 2 Football 4 Baseball 4 German Club 2 Chess Club 2 Chorus 4 JUDIOI' Class Play jeffrey Jay Carmody Hartford, Connecncut From Pennxylmznm be mme with cheer to yozn nr an our Senzor year Cross Country 2 3 Track 2 3 4 SWlI1'lIl'1lDg 2 4 x a y s x J ' 1 I 1 : 9 y a a a 1 1 , . Judy Ann Chrisman Greensburg, Pennsylvania Silence ir 4 zrne friend who never betrayr. Cheerleading lg Chorus l, 2, 3g FHA 2, 3g Club 2. David Wayne Chance Boulder, Colorado Snccerf follozzzf ambition and ability. JCL lg Chorus 23 French Club 5, 4g FTA 4. Chess Fred George Christensen Memphis, Tennessee When heir dead, he hope: it may be mid: "Hi: Jinx were Jcarlez, but lair bookr were read." School Orchestra 25 Science Enrichment Program 3, 4. Steven Robert Christian Chicago, Illinois A Jeriom thinker, a wire leader, 4 man among merz,' but mor! important, nlwayr 4 friend. JV Football 23 Track Team 3, 4g Spanish Club 2, 3g Beta Club 3, 4g Masque and Gavel Club 35 Debate Team 3, 4g junior Class Playg Class Pres- ident 4, Richard Henry Conway Elizabeth, New Jersey Hi: politeners goer Jo far, yet cotlr him nozloing Coy Sue Cox Bebee, Arkansas Charm if a glou' 'within a woman -uflaicla casts 4 mort becoming ligbl on albert. Student Council lg Y-Teens 1, 2, President lg Latin Club 2g FTA President 45 KAPA 3, 4g Iunior Class Playg Debate 45 Homecoming Court 33 Homecoming Queen 4. George Creznic, Jr. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Apparently he if without care, hut when he'5 rranterl l he'J alzmyx there. Golf Team 33 Yearbook Staff 4. Carole Jean Crevar Gary, Indiana Her cheery Jnzile and helpful mzyr prove! that friendrhip really payf. FTA 1, 2, 3, 4g German-American Club lg Latin Club lg Photo Club 2, 35 French Club 39 News- paper Staff 3, 4, Drama Club 4g Debate Club 45 GAA 1, 2, 3g Pep Club 1, Zg National Honor So- ciety 1, 2, 3,'4g Class Secretary 2g Yearbook Staff 4. Patricia Marie Cromer Jackson Heights, Long Island, New York A twinkle in her expreuionf perromzlily in her panerrio n. Varsity Cheerleader lg Class Secretary lg Science Club lg FHA lg Newspaper Staff lg Civil Air Patrol lg Chorus 1, 4, KAPA 4. Emma jaye Curtin Baltimore, Maryland Lilaable Jimplicity and quietnefs. Drama Club 1, 2, 35 Volleyball Team 2g Future Medical Society 4. Dorothy Lenore Deas Columbia, South Carolina Worry ir unknown to her. GAA 1, 23 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4g Home Ec Club lg junior Red Cross 3, 4g KAPA 4. Betty Jean Day Ogdensburg, New York Ready and willing, mort rapable, roof alufayr on hand with her par! 20 do. German Club 1, 2g KAPA l, 2, 3, 43 Newspaper Staff 3, 4g Swimming Team 3, 45 Majorette 2, 3g Yearbook Staff 45 Homecoming Court 4. Jean-Pierre Dowling Paris, France In lair own may be maker friend: that May. Basketball l, 4g Wrestling 1, 2, 3g Football 2, 3, 4 Soccer 2, 59 Baseball 4g Lettermen's Club 2, 3, 4 Photo Club 2, 3. Charlotte jean Dunn San Marcos, Texas Speech ir good, but silence ir Jomezimer better. FHA l, 4g Band 1, 25 Tennis Team 2g Secretarial Club 3g KAPA 4. Mary Margaret Dunn Fort Smith, Arkansas Fmnle, friendly and full of fun. German-American Club lg Chorus 1, 2, 4. Austin Donnally Edwards San Francisco, California When zhey mid hig thingt come in little pachager, they meant iz! Class President lg Chorus lg German Club 1, 2, ii Baseball lg Basketball lg Student Council lg junior Class Playg Art Club lg Track 45 Varsity Yell Leader 5, 4 Joyce Sue Edwards Norfolk, Virginia The perronificalion of vim, vigor, and vitality. German Club 1, 2, KAPA 1, 2, 33 Swimming Team 3, 4, Majorette 3, 4, PE Award 2, News- paper Staff 3, 4g Senior Class Secretary, Class Favor- ite 43 Yearbook Staff 4. Michael Lee Estep New Albany, Indiana One profitr much hy hir friendship. Pep band 1, 2, 3, 4g Chorus 1, 2, 53 Chess Club 1, 3, 4, President 3, Treasurer 4, Wiesbaden Music Show 2, junior Variety Show 2, 5, Frankfurt Music Festival 3, Science Fair 33 Spring Concert Soloist 3. Max Robert Figgins Columbus, Ohio Quiet ozmide, quiet in .YCIQODZ - he keep: bi: head and keepf it cool. ROTC lg Football 2. Thomas Allen Ewing Bellaire, Ohio No: too Jeriouf, not foo gay, but a good fellow in every way. Band 1, 2, 3, 4g Senior Band Representative 4. joseph Evan French Terre Haute, Indiana Make: you wonder zvhafx hit gameg in every :port heh made a name. French Club l, 23 Hi-Y 2, Key Club 2, Spanish Club 3, 43 Basketball l,i2, 3, 4g Track l, 2, 5, 43 Baseball 2g Football 2, 3, 43 Student Council 2, 3, 4g Class President 33 Junior Class Playg Algebra II Award, English III Awatdg Merit Scholarship Semi- finalist 49 Yearbook Staff 4. William Arthur Friend Philadelphia, Pennsylvania He might be quiet, but l:ze'f not idle. German Club 2g Masque SL Gavel 3g Rocket Club 3g Debate Team 2, 3g Beta Club 33 National Science Foundation Summer Science Institute 35 Chess Club 45 Science Enrichment Program 3, 4, President 4. I Silence if her German Club l, 2, 3, 45 M Playg Yearbool Michael Alan Gordon Cincinnati, Ohio Hir great looper are :he maleingr of 4 great man. JCL 1, 2g Basketball 25 junior Class Playg Masque and Gavel Treasurer 33 Debate Team 3, fig Superior Award at State Speech Tournament 3g Class Treas- urer 4g Track 'Team 4. l Daniel Allen Greer Gallatin, Tennessee A77 amllring fellow wills mort likable zrayr. Football l, 2. Dennis Blunclell Grace Silver Creek, New York He 11-190 mixed reason wifh pleasure and wlrdom with mirth. Science Club 1, 7:3 Art Club 2, 3, 45 Music Asso- ciation 2, 35 JV Football 23 Spcleology Society 2, 33 Swimming Team 3g FTA 4. janet Kathleen Halverson Sioux Falls, South Dakota A quiet ufarmtla, found only in gentleners. KAPA l, 2, 4g German Club l, 2, 4, Vice-President 2, Treasurer 4g Chorus l, 2, 3, 4g Junior Red Cross lg Newspaper Staff 1, 2, 3, 4g Art Club 2, 4g Pep Club 5g FTA Vice-President 4g District Chorus 4g Yearbook Staff 4. Jean Ann Hargreaves Fort Devins, Massachusetts She lam 4 lfreurt with room for every joy. Astronomy Club 2, SQ College Club 3g FTA 41 KAPA 45 French Club 4. Henry Lester Henderson Alliance, Ohio Honerzy and indzulfy are lair covzmznl comprmiom. Football 2, 3, 4g Track 2, 3, 4g Chess Club 2, 3, 4g German Club 2, 35 Science Club 35 Class Treasurer 3g Class Vice-President 4. Alvin Jerome Harvie Covington, Kentucky Thai look of innocence harbour mirchievour thought: and actr. Football 2, 3, 45 Spanish Club 35 FTA Sergeant- at-Arms 4g Track 43 Lettermerfs Club 3, 45 Year- book Staff 4. -2225 1.3 Gwendolyn Kay Hollis Martinsburg, West Virginia Good health and good reme are two of life'r grealeft hlerringr, Library Club 3g Pep Club 3. Sandra Paulette Holbert Zanesville, Ohio Her great ferret of life if her pleasant attitude. Y-Teens lg Intramural Sports Council 33 Future Medical Society 3, 4g KAPA 5, 4g Chorus 3, 4. Maria H. Houk Frankfurt, Germany Her good tarte and charm reflect a true artixt, Art Club 3, 4g German Club 43 KAPA 4. James Edward Hudspeth, jr. Monroe, North Carolina True humility if the higher! virtue. Photo Club 33 Yearbook Staff 3. Susan Mary Hugins Canaan, Connecticut Her chrmzrter if the fofnzdatizm of her future Juccesr. Librarian lg Variety Show I, 2g German Club 2, 35 Math Club 33 Paladin Club 35 Beta Club 33 Chorus 4g Yearbook Editor 4. Hazel Elaine Ivey Madisonville, Texas Her rrweetfzers of dirpoiitiozr fharnzs the foul. GAA lg Pep Club lg Majorette 23 KAPA 23 Scholastic Award 2g Beta Club 5, 4g Junior Class Playg Yearbook Staff 4. Gloria Georgina Jimenez San Juan, Puerto Rico Her glaafnerf of hear! ir iz joy to nfl. Chorus 1, 2, Language Club lg 4-H Club 1, Spanish Club 2, 3, 4. Sara Lynne Jackson Gulfport, Mississippi Friefzdlilzers ir the erfence of life. Student Council lg Chorus 1, 2g Red Cross 1, 25 Library Club 2, Future Medical Society 5, 4g Science Enrichment Program 4, Beta Club 4. Olivia Ann Johnson Lebanon, Tennessee The Jincere alone recognize sincerity. Chorus 1, 45 Class Secretary lg Band lg Band Award 23 PE Award 2, Spanish Award 3g Spanish Club 43 KAPA 4g Yearbook Staff 4. Gordon Lee Kersey Whiresborro, Texas He 100121 bdl'I1IlB,U, but ,ro doer dymzmile. Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4. Charles Author Lavallee Rutland, Vermont Well-timed silence laazla more than rpeecb. Track 3, 43 Band 3, 4. Bernd Dieter Kuehn Kartsruhe, Germany He'r quiet, rizzcere, and nice to know. Chorus lg Essay Contest lg Science Fair Ig Biology Club 2. Y Michael Edward Lipe Fort Collins, Colorado George William Lindsey Louisville, Kentucky A little azomeme now and then ir reliyhed by the wires! men. Basketball lg Newspaper 3g Junior Class Playg Art Club 5, 44 Color Guard 4g Library Club 4g Yearbook Staff 4. Sometimei' happy, never md, mmetimes mzuglaty, Nezfer bad. Spanish Club 1, 2, 3, 4, President 5g Football 1, 3, 4g Golf Team 2, 5, 45 junior Class Playg I.ettermen's Club 4. Preston Jesse Arthur McDaniel South Wales, Great Britain Life il jun a bowl of cherrieff Junior Red Cross 23 Lettermen's Club 3g Track 2, 33 Wrestling Zg Football 3, 4. Frank Patrick McDowell Yonkers, New York Mifcbief with a rmile. Swimming 2, 3, Baseball 2, 35 Football 1, 2, 35 Crew Racing 1, 2, 3g Track 1, 45 Student Council 2, 35 Speech Club 23 Red Cross 2, 3, Rod and Gun Club 2, 3, Sports Announcer 3, Yearbook Staff 4. junior Red C Virginia Gail McKnight Atlanta, Georgia Eager and aclive all the whiie, the alway: .reemr to have a Jmile. GAA 1, 2, KAPA 3, 4, Varsity Cheerleader 29 Chorus 1, 2, 45 German Club 1, 25 FTA 3, 45 Masque and Gavel 35 Junior Class Playg Regional Speech Contest 35 Yearbook Staff 4. J H e Central Kent 1 we S Q. L ,e,Q,,aff . Donna Lee May Lexington, Kentucky Sloe erzjoyr being it girl. Miguel Angel Martinez Morovis, Puerto Rico Laugh and the world Iaitghr with you. Track lg Boxing lg Spanish Club 1, 2, 43 National Honor Society 2, 3g Football 3g Track 3, 4g German Club 4. l Homecoming Court l, 4g Valentine Court 23 Sopho- more Court of Beauty 2g German Club 2g KAPA 5, 43 FTA 5, 4g Home EC Award 33 Yearbook Staff 4. jenny Melendez Isabela, Puerto Rico Petite, pretty and pleamnt, Spanish Club 2g JCL 3, 43 Future Medical Society 3, 4. Spass Nikola Merdjanoff Vienna, Austria He gborrerfer reason and judgment-qzmlizier of zz leader. Soccer 2g Football 3, 45 Track 3, 45 Student Council 3, 4, President 45 German Club President 4g Class Favorite 4, l Stephen Paul Morrill Los Angeles, California For zbougb he if a wit, he if no fool. Chess Club 1, 3, 4g Science Club 2, 3g Lab Club 35 Library Club 3. Olga G. Morales Royan, France She'5 easy going with nz gentle air of friendlifzerr German-American Club Secretar 2 Art Clu v 9 b 3: French Club 45 Newspaper Staff 4. Jackland Ann Morrow Greenville, Alabama The one who doe: the work hackxzage. French Club 1, 23 Art Club 2, 43 FTA 4g Future Medical Society 43 KAPA 1, 2, 3, 4g Yearbook Staff OZH' fedm. 4. Harold Sidney Nicholson Columbia, South Carolina He har the pep and vizality to go with hir perfomzlity. Junior Class Playg German Club 23 Library Club 43 Baseball Team 2, 3, 4g Football Team 23 Swim- ming Team 4. Sherry Ellen Noland Indianapolis, Indiana Full of pep, full of Jterzm, Jhe': the girl who cheered Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 43 Latin Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 23 Masque and Gavel Club 3, 4g FTA 3, 4, Secretary 43 Chorus 3, 43 KAPA 1, 2, 3, 4g Varsity Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 4g Connie Rice Memorial Cheerleading Trophy 33 Regional Speech Contest 3g junior Class Playg Mr. and Miss Eagle Court 23 Class Favorite 33 Homecoming Court 33 Class Secretary 2, 3. Linda Kay O'Bryan Texarkana, Arkansas Smart, slay, rincere. Dramatics Club lg Yearbook Staff 1, 2g Newspaper Staff 3. Jack Edward Radig Greensboro, North Carolina Chorus 1, 5 He mid lizrle, but when he spoke, all listened. Band 1, 2, Pep Band 25 junior Class Play. Max john Risner, jr. Portsmouth, Ohio Athletic ability and wit combined-a nicer guy if hard to find. Football Team 2, 3, 4, Ice Hockey Team 2, Skiing Team 35 Pep Club 2. Sandra Leonard Ransick Tooele, Utah She har book tense, common sense, bat always room for nonsense. Art Club lg Youth Activities Club lg Spanish Club 2, 3, Masque and Gavel Club 2, Beta Club 2, 3, 4g Science Enrichment Program 3, 45 Chorus 2, 3, Year- book Staff 4. l Clarence B. Roberts Waco, Texas The man who har the will to undergo all labor may win any goal, Candy Concessions 4. William Gilberto Rodriguez Coamo, Puerto Rico Let them call it misrlaiefg be will German Club lg Model Club lg Football lg Track 1, 2, 35 Spanish Club 2, 4g Baseball 4. Richard Alan Salyards Altoona, Pennsylvania Laugh and the world lazaglof with youg cry alone. call it fun. He if a Boys' Glee Ch cry and you V L3 Martha Elaine Sears Randolph, Vermont In the clauroom or in the ball, a welcome Jmile the har for all. Student Council 1, 25 Spanish Club 1, 23 Junior Red Cross 1, 2g Newspaper Staff 2g Drama Society 25 Debate 45 Yearbook Staff 4. l Michael james Sellers Riegate, England The only way to have a friend it ta he one. Basketball 1, Football 5, 4g Track 3, 4. Judy Ann Stack Seattle, Washington Her convertalion ir marked by its happy abundance FTA 1, 23 GAA lg Library Club 2. Monica Hannelore Stoffel Germany A natural perrorz ir really naturally nice. Student C 'l 1 Staff 4. ounci g KAPA 4g Chorus 3g Yearbook 5 l 5 3 Jimmy Ray Swanagin Fort Knox, Kentucky Happy-go-lanky and fall of fan-generally top: Milla everyone. FTA 5, 4, President 33 Tennis 2, 5, 43 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. Ella Marie Telese Jackson Heights, Long Island, New York Her eye: reveal hidden Iaaglaler. Varsity Cheerleader lg Homecoming Court lg Span- ish Club 1, 2, 3, 4g Chorus 1, 2, 4g junior Red Cross 1, 2, 5, 45 ROTC Sponsor lg Swimming 1, 3, 4g Art Club 33 Junior Class Playg FTA 45 Library Club 45 Annual Staff 4. Teresa Gayle Tigner New Castle, Indiana It ir the power to appreciate little things that bring: ruccerr. Newspaper Staff l, 2, 3g KAPA l, 23 FTA 1, 2g German Club 2, 3g junior Class Playg Soil Conserva- tion Essay Award 2g Yearbook Staff 4. Larry Douglas Totten Glenalum, West Virginia It ir he who mixed rearon with pleasure and wimfom with mirth. Spanish Club 3g Basketball 2, 3g Baseball 3g Library Club 4. Kenneth George Trimmer New Orleans, Louisiana A man of cheerful yerterdayx, and confidenl lo- morrowr. National Honor Society 39 Chess Club 4g Science Enrichment Program 4g Basketball Team 1, 2. Sherrill Ann Uhl San Antonio, Texas Face life with 4 rnzile wherever you go, and nz friend yozdll win-:he har found it ro. Chorus l, 2, 3, 4, German Club 2, 3, Masque and Gavel Club 3, FTA 3, Future Nurses of America 3, Chess Club 4, Speech and Debate Team 4, junior Red Cross 4, Junior Class Play, KAPA 1, 2, 3, 4, Newspaper Staff 1, 2, 4. Rae Josephine Van Fleet Mineral Wells, Texas When she if needed rhe'r alufayr there-always rail- Iing to do her Jhare. Newspaper Staff 1, Chorus 1, Class Secretary 1, Drama Club 2, 3, KAPA 3, 4, FTA 3, 4, Student Council 2, Outstanding Student Council Service Award, Yearbook Staff 4. Sandra Pentard Vaughan Ancon, Panama, Canal Zone She might he Jfnall, hut Jhe'r known hy all. Chorus 1, 4, KAPA 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 2, FTA 3, 4, Masque and Gavel Club 3, Junior Red Cross 3, Yearbook Staff 4. Anthony Lamont Wallace Fort Lauderdale, Florida Put off until tomorrow iwhzzt you could do today. French Club 1, 4g Soccer Team lg Football lg Base- ball 2, 3, 4g Basketball 3, 4. Paul Peter Wagenbreth Spokane, Washington Experience is llae name be gives to the mirtuker he maker. Art Club lg Debate Team 2g Science Enrichment Fro- gram 4, Erika Konradine White Erlangen, Germany A dependable girl willy winning rwayr. FHA 1' News a er Staff 4' German Club 45 Home- , P P y coming Queen 3g Yearbook Staff 4. Thomas Butler Wilbanlcs Greenville, South Carolina Vanily Jwimming if lair game, but a reme of humor ir his fame. Spanish Club 2, 5' junior Class Play' junio R d , , r C Cross 3, Track 4, Swimming Team 3, 45 Year- book Sraff 4. I l Her talent in German Clu Newspaper S Charles Byron Yarling El Paso, Texas Young man zzfitfz nz born-cl9m'ge.' Band 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4g Latin Club 2, Chess Club 2, 3, 4, Beta Club 3, 4, President 4g Science Enrichment Program 2, 4, Junior Class Play, Year- book Staff 4. KAPA 1, 2, b t Carolyn Sue Zimmerman Raleigh, North Carolina A jolly girl, full of fun -- alwayr nice to everyone Junior Red Cross lg French Club lg Latin Club 19 Yearbook Staff 4, SENIOR SPONSORS: Mrs. Matarazzo, Miss Foraker, Mr. Quisenberry, Miss Van Dyke, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Stevens. Wad 'e sm swam Moat LM, to Smal Susan Hugms Fred Chrxstensen December 15, 1962 Martha Sears Spass Merdjanoff Sports S lllustrate WAHM Kay H01 Joseph French 7720415 flwrwfwua Joyce Edwards Max Risner Sherry Noland Frank McDowell Bwbmw Donna May Jim Swanagin t 1962 GOSMDPOLITKN 4' Don'r lo if ok so smug, Mike, we've got one too. We must move ahead in 63 with great vigah i M if? Senior Concessionaires S Fifteen out of ninety-six seniors complete four years of high at Knox. K z Ai'1 "r, Eb: ,Ns l ,LM Stand in line youll get it when its finished As I was saying eff Aa I Q, a X sf . ...Dry K m. 5551" - ,.r, K Q , 1.5-. , SN K, F ' . wx , Haan: 1- Q- ., - --W5 awww ,.Q4.,,w1 1 , i f. -' f.QQ---M.:fm-qfQ:f'QQf.Qff K 3 ALimiA1,VA ,,L, m .L , , . . Y I I K 1 wum6h440Wcm Robert Beeler, Sergeant-at-Armrg Joseph Taylor, Prexidenn Cheryl Crawford, Vice-Preridentg Susan Parker, Secfemryf David Celani, Treamrer. CMM 17a1fouta Robert Van Corbach Peggy Moranda Steve Avey Indiana Margaret Baine Mississippi Melvyn Bantum Pennsylvania Gary Bates Iowa Robert Beeler Tennessee David Berry Kentucky 5 v Q, , 'V., vlifrgg? +- w we ,.f, , f ,M 'sill .5 X! Q 3? 532 a .Q ss- B ssis vi I, Patsy Betterron Shirley Beverly Kelvin Blair John Brockes Kathie Burke Phillip Callahan Patricia Campbell Nancy Carpenter David Celani Tennessee South Carolina England Montana Arizona Kentucky Virginia Georgia New York 61 Carl Daugherty Beverly Day Martha DeRoush Gaylord Disbrow john Dougherty Annette Drye Bonnie DuBois Colleen Eggert Wallace Ellison 62 f S. ,,,,,. ,M ,N ..,,, .. .V M, 'L ffm' - ,jwigf:'j3,,w,,,f-gg, K f ,, f A 'Q an iz ' iw "ly Z at ff gf ff Wil! if tu W 5? x ,tw A ww - ae .-f1,, it A .-1 tefffn ., 1 :NI V M, Av-nt ' , mi, rffmv f 4., W if 357 Jlklifz 5, X Germany Ohio Missouri Pennsylvania Washington, D. C. Arkansas Indiana North Dakota West Virginia KW me 1 , rf 1 'Lf ' 'vvwsv -wt , .ggfgg Peggy Chambers Ester Choy Ray Chmielewski Barbara Clark Joey Clothier Cheryl Crawford Tennessee China England Pennsylvania Arizona Florida Vicki Ellis James M. Elmore jim N. Elmore Indiana Kentucky Arkansas Ronald English Kathy Ewing Linda Farber Kentucky New jersey Ohio Cathy Ferro Kenneth Fisher Gloria Flahive Suzanne Flahive Frederic Foley Pat Forbes james Gaynor Marilynn Gervel Vicky Gibson Massachusetts Pennsylvania Connecticut Connecticut Kansas Michigan Indiana Oklahoma Kansas 63 Helen Haggerty Evelyn Heath Sandra Henry Cheryl High Ulrike Hornig Dianne Houser Marilynn Hudg Sybill Hudson Tom Hurt 64 Germany Luxemburg Wisconsin Pennsylvania Germany Ohio England Germany California Chris Hutchinson Washington, D. C. Harold Irwin Richard Jacobs Don jones Joann Kensler Donnie Kersey Georgia Wyoming Ohio Oregon Texas Holly King Florida Ronnie Kirby Kentucky Bill Kleist Wisconsin Regina Klimek Pennsylvania Joseph Kopacz Ohio jeff Krull Pennsylvania Eric Lawson Indiana Frank Ledford Massachusetts Rose Mary Leone Illinois 65 Indiana Kentucky Washington Michigan Puerto Rico Arkansas Alabama Kentucky New jersey Kentucky Ohio Texas Illinois Minnesota New York Linda Lee Nance Missouri Jim Nitz Michigan Dennis O'Brien Connecticut Judy O'Hare Montana john Olaynick Pennsylvania Robert Olewine Kansas John Omenhiser Florida Glenn O'Nan Kentucky Bill O'Neal Georgia Dianne Owens Illinois Rodney Page Colorado Gloria Pannell Tennessee Susan Parker New jersey Mary Alice Phillips Florida George Pitts Washington, D. C. 67 Aida Rodtiquez jeffrey Rogers Irma Santiago Anita Savell Eileen Schall Edward Shanahan Douglas Sharpe Elizabeth Shilling Judy Seige 68 Puerto Rico Texas Puerto Rico Germany Illinois Pennsylvania K Ohio Pennsylvania Connecticut Christopher Racz Sheran Rains Janette Rauletson Pennsylvania Texas Florida jane Reed Franco Reever Mary Roberts Florida Italy Kentucky Elizabeth Simmerman Kathy Sittnick Gillian Smith Donald Snecleker Glenna Steele Joseph Taylor Kentucky New York Ohio New York Kentucky Tennessee Dianne Toben Minnesota Ralph Tremain Germany Carolyn Tubbs Kentucky Marie Uva Italy Patricia Van Buskirk Utah Robert Van Corbach Kentucky Preston Van Name New jersey George Vargas Puerto Rico Oscar Venzor Texas 69 Ray Waters Janice Watts John Whitley Cynthia Wilds Sally Wozniak South Carolina Delaware Tennessee Illinois Pennsylvania 1 K Robert Young Jim Youngblood Bernard Zebrowski joseph Zedalis California Alabama Florida Pennsylvania 70 Juniors moving up in the world? Sheryl Campbell Janice Beaulieu John Benton Bonnie Bunn Paula Crants Roberta Clark Peggy Clark William Cypriano Barbara Davis Walice Ellison Ronald Lee Gatske Tony Keller David Kenney Bessie Lewis Mary Marks Angel Martinez Robert Newhous Sandra Pelfrey Ronald Ray Geoffrey Reed Chet Simmons Don Thomas Stephen Thorp Grady Tellit Theresa Townser Fm not camera shy! I want a part so bad! , we V 'Wx JUNIOR CLASS SPONSORS AND HOMEROOM TEACHERS: Miss Panders, Mr. Chapman, Miss Miller, Mr. Richards, Miss Maddox. JUNIOR CLASS HOMEROOM TEACHERS: Mr. Phair, Miss Eli, Mr. Burrow. "Wa Ummm Same" Miss Marietta Foraker Director 55' Sopiofrwfw Claw Offaww Mickey Huffer, Secretaryg Jim French, Preridemg LuAnn White, Vice-Prefideng' Gary Strick land, Sergeant-at-Armsg Frank Hudgins, Trezzxurer, CMM Fcwoum I.uAr1n White Ronnie Ross Mary Albritton Bernice Alexander Rose Alexander George Alston Leonard Ascough Carolyn Austin Steve Bach Donald Baker Cherlyn Baldwin Jeffrey Bankson Cresson Bare Penny Barnes Mike Beckstead Cheri Bieler tKaren Bemish Franklin Bender James Betz Lillian Blackwell Gloria Blanks Edward Brinson Shelby Bossie Fred Burton sierra --.M ,.,,,,, .,..,. ,aff lrgsrew - r . I-7 '17 Sffiiiliif' fi -I , K f af ,E is 5 f l ' C C ' 7 X45- "Kirk j -5:.f75i4f5-K . E C gf, 1.15 -. 531352, fi: 'K ' Mary Ann Brown g ' f , :If Q 'A""'k' 1.5425 -51 fi . . H K K gfgrxz .. 'arise' if ' hh i ii! . Barbara Cagle Donna Carilia David Carpenrer Margaret Carr Dave Cassidy Mary Clancy Bob Conley .zpsiriir f W -V im- ? X 5.5-: - 1-my -3 51--Ig Ebry N -2 ,. I' ' r 7 - J fin g , warn Tift'-V . 1 ' ' . l V Charles Boyd Daniel Boyd Marjorie Holly Bunshaw Jayne Burke Kathy Burke Camera Shy? f"HN"NA'B'Mw,-7: rr ries-'M . ,. ,,.,. f ....: ,, Xlzfgayr: : ,. 3: ,, x,5::g..: :s. Q52 iz .Tiiggirgmx . S 5 CW? 3' r ii 5 3 ' 2 N fem i f., 3 ' i A' 59 ,I xr-7 .. K. K V ,srr,,rr I was A, rx X Q my 3 E if we ii I Faith Catrarnbone Charles Chance Frank B was W ,W rs P' , ' gagrsswgifsw , ' r TJ? X :sg r -,jim ' ' gizgz, naw , .S w V.,-jgrsfk ,K ,K , . Kenneth Conley Eleonore Cook Susan ' .. .. if- zz, ,,1::Yi?!Zf' f U W ,V Q u ,f . ' "" . , f f. ,,.4, .1 3. A y if yr . . ,,r,.,. ., - , 4, Q,5'ifj?i1f,if? ' CoppCrSII1ifh Hugo Cordova Norbert Cowart James COX Cromer Kay Davrs Lynn Dean Jerry DCVHH Larry Coyne Jean Dever Angel Draz Why so stud1ous9 Lisa Dobson DHUU Roberta Dunn Mary Ann Engstrom Davrd Estep EVUSOIC John Ewmg Pl-nl Ewmg Marjorie Farley Loulse Drllard Gunzlet Dubose I Sherry Ester Gean Ferguson I w N l I Joyce Fitzpatrick Clint Foncler Regina F0fCl Jim French Lira Garcia WWW A cl h h 'cl . Danny Gibson n t en s e sai Paul Gleason Judy Glidewell Betty Glover Robert Goins Nick Eva Gfiffeth Andrea Hamilton Walter Hannah Robert Hargreaves Edward if gf sv " if E t , , 1 - .',. vw f..' f gz5Qgs155ii2l5y,,, K 'f . . .. 2:3 5,511-fk7Z3UiWfVsf',1 - Q 15 ?f?:Ag5m7F if' ,f21T:g4'7' , ,f v' I .,,. 1 Ann Hazelett Sandra Hayman Russell Hendricks Jerry Herring Pamela Honeman Frances Hood all v Ely 7 gf 4554 K, ff Huffer Alvin Humber Frank Huclgins Sam Huclspeth ,AV 'f ag : . f VSV? ,Q , , :sa wfef' MW rf 4 'wif We 1 W g? A- zz -- .. : L: 11522, far 1 ,e f ,Ewa P W J' ' fied' -:' s, ., ,, , , iwagmy W, lwggsf gg, M -.1 ta, , Margaret Horner B , 3 sl l E P if wi fe 2 fmw 4 W f W' Sfmt? ' 'TQ we sw Qgggffxzgsggfl W l, Q, 3533 ? 495' 475 W if 'Qi faggflfs My 31995 we my af' 5 Pg 5255 pi I lg ,il A 3 ? K ,gf Z i 2 Che E, ?? rrlylene Hurt Blaine Irish Francis Irvin fiyf' swag' ,Q fyi .,.. ,M kiwi 49232114 xc ljgwil2,:?ff?iffs:ff ' 122953 2 Y Af? lf? a f Valera My f ,y m 53 in in ?23.,a 3? 4 ., 3 ,Q aa 3 wg 45 V5 Y x S V X is 25 sl Q f w WW H H f K3 ea 4 3 , mg fri ,, Z5 f my wi 2 2 M, sm-3 A, , N15 ffsk 2,1 'Ja r ,sw J 'W1, ,,g J, f .- , 4, V, V, Q ' 4 H as 4 ffs f ,Q 1, 2 Tr Y J 5 r ag 55 Y , fiijffv M 3 f 3 2.295 l f M 5? K lg 9' 37 K 1 1 Q l. .- -V W: M 1 ,af ,JT .wg ' . -1 wg . ,am ,, , Irvin Kenneth J21CkSOI1 Harriet Jankowicz Ramona jantz I f Q' ff ffl? 5 , 71" Suzerte Jefferson What is a Cognate Object? Anita Jenkins Daniel johnson Johnson Bruce Keller Patricia Kelly Margareta Kilpatrick ,lv WWW , 'WWWV H .. , , sf w k A355 5: A i,i2f?1e?2g Mmelg, l5la?af?5?lxc9i4ffZf5 ,3J,Jl,fHfl .' 32933 Z ifriiwlwv 2, ,nf s yimwfvggw? H , - g.a ,- sm' w i , F 'fm,'fJiife fl, waE5ta'?3 '93 ,,,wx,, ,W wl , ,., ..., . .k,Sar,x,,g,, 5, S flasffwsszjaw is mal, fi rmsimallr 91593 grigfgwgwrl le 1 awnfww 93f?1:'25lF' "2 ' his ,fra J gn 2? ' Jane Jensen Kenneth Johnson Dorothy King Sandra Knights Diana Lemons John Kopacz Lee Lepley Leslie Lilley Sandra Long John Matish Linda Lindsey 1 Q"' ' A X is K , -rw A - Q A A ,f'zae-21.12125 351' f rs -I l'U'f5f5L 'lsigiyfib f '5?2ijw1XX M X filehsfirgsf--1' :1 if K Q-.f fl -- f flfaif- WT X We . . '-ff - Keith Lucey Carol Krape James Lampkins Judith Lawson is za 1 w .. f is MT: Nilju. -- -Sfislgifseilw l V S I .::., X Y A X Y 9 X is x 4 ji if ws 9, yu X f 5 E l Nl x Q 4 K LQ as ws we S we L we Q Q , K 2 2 as TEH'-X SY' P is :axi- L., ' K sfiwilwi fsxf.m. ., - Wig K " y Q -. fiiili Pflafizfa. ,L ,. , - wseywaz ' ,: P fe Susan Marks w Christopher Marvel Charles McKinney Sue McLanachan Leland McCaslin James McManus Open Wide! Robert Marling Becty 1 lb Leslie McConnell Mary Karen Messick Vicki Larry Mills Robert Misener Bruce Morgan Dennis Morgan Charlene Morio Richard Morrow ls it plant or animal? J Robert Murray Nvdle Geraldine OffUCf Kenneth Ovefturf Pamela Palmer PEHVY Wanda Peoples Albert Perkins Gayle Pitts POWCFS Leon Provence Timothy Racz Ronnie Rains Kenna I-Ce RCCVCS Dane Nell Roper Dorothy Ross Ronald Ross Maria Schelew 1-'fwwegc-a ,'Z-frm-"W 2' "' ,ki mm ,W i f ' f-1 M 2 is , , 45? , , .V,, , If 4 M4045 K' fat? f 4 if .J W Var all? '3 2 awfiw Y ww . , f ,p Q rg Ha f if aiu W at Q ip , My K f f - ax 5 'G ' Elyria 5, 4 , , ,E ! ga 5653 ij K Q? was at S211 K eil as M A Q 25 Mata af rx Q: S llv , ,I if N 1 2 S' Za, 0 Q in tx ff S4 ' L. + ? -fax if f I B D. Alice Rowan Lawrence Alan Shenk 1 w f f I , Jr rrasmtffgrrffgsas , . ff f f :, .- T ,, P' f " ,gw5?iai4iFs22f1"'ra '.TNieifiigr V ' ff K f- :A fffv gaamqiwaffliaf 1 1 J . ' an x p ' f , r , Y e at ' 'fn :Eff 4 ffgzzyr' '53 L- , 'va f f , was ' Mau , lp mfg: 'lr-fl' PHIHCIS Seal Donnie Sexton Peggy Shanahan 'v ffrf'ZJ"c'P. ' fWY',?Y'+i9?'f'9'V,fK' Lnf??'fW :IE::'I:!f:7QE?f'f:6iu"' Ai .. ,,. sls,,l. ,. llf M ,,,, ' S ew Shirley Shoppe Mary Simmerman Susan Simmons Gerald Skaggs Maria Slater ug fm H? M wwf si 'J Blew 7! 'Q 274 ggi fi f M Gary Spencer sr fy saw dig: if W gigilif af tra fi as Qfgisfz ff' fy Xf'y,Z' MJ sa f i mafia f 6 sk S +67 Sze? if 353 iaigg Q f ifaaf eswaigm x Y, A A pf 5 in Gai Stewart Gary Strickland Paul Summerson Carol Smith r H gq5,14:,Q" . ,, W, : 2, u p 53521 VV: f,y3,i:3t:x3,,V5 E,S3Eri?f! mm. ' jpg , 5,5 lwgxi., 11 it :,,.:z 1' ' saff- xzxm-f:',rsy ' 2 y:,,-Meg: ' ,E2,,fi1j""1, ' f15Lfsg?5sQz9,, V r I-: K f A '19 aw 3 J 3, 'x WN Q A131 iw x 19' f Q J f 4 " f H miss V ,. ,W 1 'Ai fl P, ff is 2 fl 5 Q 1' g K f as gg , ,W ai Q , ' K s rig Q f isfw , Q xr 1 , , an W K 3 , 1 fi , an H George Sink Vincen t Cynthia Smith James We should study . . But! James Taylor Alan Thomas Harry Thompson M .. Mraz . rrrr ' H Q , , , , ,,o., 6.h , ,,, 1 955979 G92 3 SWS fe 4 gf ,, il T W 1? 2 f if ' ' fa 1 f f ,wa 5 3 l 3 fa ' W Q 'rw YQ e + 2 f . ar , . if ,r,, 3 QW D1 ll 1 f Donna Upchurch Frame Wieczorevk Warren Withrow Edward Tilson Barbara Torney Brunilra Luz Tor E Oswoldo Vargas JoAnn Wagenbreth Michael Webb YW W .3 , I Q 45 ' 2252 , ' ' sjziigm 5 z,ff3jgl.'ff".lf ' john Wilson Patricia Yarllng ICS Donald Zedalis Theodore Zislis CcwwwS4q Kathy Conway Fred Dembski Edward Evans Stephen Guirerrez Earl Hammond Julian jones Nancy jones Howard just Robert Kelly William Livesay Larry Mallory Shirley Milligan Maurice Morton Robert Newhouse john Noel Phil Rarliff Johnnie Raulerson Daphne Ripple Eleonora Shaw Robert Touro Heidi Wagner Franklin Ward Lena Ward Sandra Whitlock SOPHOMORE HOMEROOM TEACHERS: Mrs. Burrow, Mr. Masterson, Mrs. Roberts, Mr. Amos, Mrs. Brown. 84 SOPHOMORE CLASS SPONSORS HOMEROOM TEACHERS: Mrs. T Miss Bustabad, Mr. Nayle, Miss Smith Van Metre. JL!0lL0M joseph Victor McDowell 1 K 4 n 1 1 Www mm 'Jfwm joe French Fred Christensen 0 3 Charles Yarling eta ALL-STATE BAND Fred Gittes Chuck Yarling E ALL-DISTRICT CHORUS-SEATED: Jane Jensen, Sandra Vaughan. STANDING: Gaylord Disbrow, Bernard Zebrowski, Jan Haverson, Frank Christensen, Judy Siege, Bobby Van Corbach, Kathy Burke, Lira Garcia. 89 Homecoming Queen Miss Coy Sue Cox flofnecofmkzq Cow Miss Sherria Ruth Betterton Miss Sandra Kay Long ymwwwq Miss Betty jean Day Miss Donna Lee May mm mm SW filly, fi., Mr. Joseph Evan French, Miss Sherry Ellen Noland Serum flttendaxata Q F W IN, 1 g,fazf.Zss5E5 L,.1l,.,1- 2 :M ,, :aims 5, i, s s Mxss Susan Mary Hugms M1ss Donna Lee May You Knox Gviemhadw Wdfuww of Vw Mm ml Sm +0 ' Compezdm Spoaaowi 6q lf 772 6 fl STANDING: Mary Roberts, Peggy Moranda, Sherry Noland. KNEELING: Luanne White, Ausnn Edwards, Janice Moss, and Mickey Huffer. 94 Aa mf-fcww, Coqmaue Joe French Mike Sellers J 1 4 f mm K , f.f::miFifi?,"l ' V15 5:3 , , K., , xv s A poem by Deborah Thomas was published in the National Teenage Anthology. 5 E I Q E 52 J Gloria Flahive and Dane Nell Roper were Dane Nell Roper won second place in Ju winners of the Soil Conservation Essay High Division of the State Science Fairg COr1t6St. Foley won the Navy Science Cruiser AW and Kelvin Blair won an Air Force A Bill Friend attended the Summer Science Institute . . . . for outstanding achievement in science. at Western Kentucky State College. Fort Knox representatives to Eastern Kentucky State College-Jim Betz, Dianne Houser, Bill Friend, Fred Christensen, and Dan Boyd-received a first place trophy for the highest group score 96 in chemistry, biology, and natural science tests. -4' ' v i A L 1 v , tAa5'GRnnntRg1T5nggltH SPORTS Co-Captains Mike Sellers and Joe French confer with Line Coach Paul Jones. FIRST ROW: Spass Merdjanoff, Dave Celani, Mike Lipe, Preston Butch Norsworthy, Earl Hammond, Paul Gleason. THIRD ROW: McDaniel, Jerome Harvie, Larry Barr, Todd Carpenter, J. P. Mgr. George Torres, Dennis O'Brien, Bob Beeler, Mike Sellers, Dowling, joe Bohnak. SECOND ROW: joe Taylor, Norb Cowart, Joe French, Larry Coyne, Eddie Hackett, Ken Conley, Larry Mills, Ron Ross, Bob Young, joe Kopacz, Doug Sharpe, Paul Summerson, Ralph Dunn, Steven Tester, Frank Hudgins. 98 EFENSIVE TEAM - Ron oss, Mike Sellers, Dave Ce- ni, Bob Beeler, Joe French, ennis O'Brien, J. P. Dow- g, Joe Bohnak, joe Kopacz, ass Merdjanoff, Mike Lipe. 52 Second Half Begins! OFFENSIVE TEAM - Doug Sharpe, Ron Ross, Larry Coyne, J. P. Dowling, Spass Merdja- noff, joe French, joe Kopacz, Joe Bohnak, joe Taylor, Larry Barr, Ecl Hackett. 99 EFXGLIE5 THE SE Bob Beeler I Tackle 185 K '61, '62 Jr. i - RECORD Joe Bohnak Center 210 K-'62 Sr. joe Bohnak and J. P. Dowling down a K. M. I. g-ridder. Todd Carpenter Fullback 145 K-'62 Sr. Dave Celani H al fbacle 1 4 5 K-'62 Jr. Now you boys calm iown ani Norb Cowart Halfback 142 62 Lfltry Coyne Tackle 215 62 J P Dowlmg Fzzllback 182 62 FOOTBALL SCHEDULE LaRue County Old Kentucky Home Bardstown Shepherdsvdle Tompkxnsvdle St o Henderson Clty Campbellsville K. M. I. Elizabethtown THEY 7 0 6 joe French mzrterback 180 61 6 All Mld Kentucky Conference Most Vilucible Plfmyer Ed Hqckett Emi 160 62 0 'af Q 'ffqa-se? X .. WIN - su. VW. Hi ? SL X -:ww wwf X M s 95 531' Mike Sellers Emi 175 K-'62 Sr. All Mid-Kentucky Conference Ron Ross H alfback 145 K-'62 Soph. Joe Taylor Bob Young Guard 160 Quarterback 135 1 6 62 Doug Sharpe Emi 155 K-'62 Jr. DOWllHg goes after a Henderson Cxty player French goes over for a touchdown agarnsr K M I -ifTi3f3'mhEY:1 ,wf "f.5S iK m'R-7'm",x'Tk' ' k X 'N nf i5f'?P?,s-iiifl-1' W:'m'?'M12XE5iii??'FIm5S.'X'EiQSiSWN 3 iid! 'i' fP',,zif:iQV f-fe oe Kopacz closes in on a Henderson City player as Bohnak. rench, and Dowling also move in that direction. GUARDS KNEELING: Mike Lipe and Ralph Dunn. STANDING: Joe Taylor, Spass Merdjanoff and Dick Schall. ow about five Homecoming Queens' QR Coach Hackett runs the offense through their paces at practice. FULLBACKS J. P. Dowling, Todd Carpenter, Paul Gleason. Dave Celani drops another K. M. I. ball carrier as J. P. Dowling and Joe Kopacz close Joe French gets last minute instructions in to assist. Coaches Hackett and Jones. W: Q ,Q Y, Er wx 'ff mamma-.vw Left arm straight eye on the ball and what else? Qu1cksand7 A hole in one! GOLF TEAM 108 Dennis O'Brien, Mike Lipe, Eddie Hackett, and Tom Hurt. a Eddie Shanahan Sbortrtap Bruce Keller Dave Berry Pizcber Mickey Vargas Pizcber Catcher FRONT ROW: Gordon Kersey, James Elmore, Paul Wallace, Joe Zeclalis, Bruce Keller, Mickey Vargas, Summerson, Bob Misencr and Jim McManus. BACK Eddie Shanahan, Dave Berry, and Coach Bob Nayle. ROW: Coach Bobby Park, Bob Young, Mickey Jim McManus 2 11 B Joe zedalis 'L Me Bob Young 0 Pitcher MiCk6Y Wallace 3rd Bare Outfield N X Swimmers starting at the Fort Knox vs. Atherton swim meet. Bobby VanCorbach dives as Joe Bohnak plays spectator. SWIMMING TEAM FIRST ROW: Frank Meador Elmore, Willy Rodriquez, ' Fryckholm, Joyce Fitzpatrick. OND ROW: Tom Wilbanl-cs French, Paul Summerson, Lucey, Gayle Pitts. THIRD Blaine Irish, joe Bohnak, Whitley, Gerald Skagg, Bill , Joe Brooks, J. P, Dowling, McDowell, Mr. Larry Tesar, GIRLS Joyce Edwards, Molly Carmody, Sue McLanahan, Gayle Pitts. BOYS 112 Jeff Carmody, Franlf McDowell, Bob Stack, John Whitely, Blaine Irish, Bohnak, J. P. Dowlmg, joe Brooks. Eadeetlall FIRST ROW: Dan Johnson, Joe Zeclalis, Alex Morales, Bruce Keller. SECOND ROW: Ramon Ortiz, joe Clothier, Mickey Wallace, J. P. Dowling, Mickey Vargas. THIRD ROW: jim Swanagin, Eddie Shanahan, Don Beers, Chris Hutchinson, Gary Bates, Dave Berry. Head Coach: Bob Burrow Barry goes in for two points in the Pleasure Ridge game. Assistant Coach: Bobby Park 113 , wud' of J , f- 5v5q,j, ,, 4275 ll k1wiafvm?,5 My , . , ,WW 1 f .U M, JUNIOR VARSITY TEAM - FIRST ROW: Manager Carl Mays, Tom LeVasseur, Phil Ratliff, Bob Swanagin, Charles Thomas, Charles McKinney, Manager Nick Gonzales. SECOND ROW: Warren Withrow, Albert Pomey, Ken Johnson, Gene Eclgingron, Bob Kelly, Bob Misener, Charles Brown. THIRD ROW: Dwight Burgess, Gary Smith, Clarence Lampkin, jay Johnson, Chris Rogers, Grady Tumlin. Coached by Bobby Park. EAGLE STARTERS jim Swanagin, Ed Shanahan, Mickey Vargas, Mickey Wallace, Dan Johnson, Dave Berry, and Coach Bob Burrow. dam "Jump, Jim, Jump! " 1 16 'H' J? Color Guard in action ar Meade Co. game. controls the boards in Bards- TiP'iH aff'3f1'1Pf foiled game. Alex Morales tries a lay-up against E'towr1. Wallace shoots in nerve-racking Vargas vies for a rebound. Co. game. 117 Vargas drives to assist if necessary. W . ,,,, ..,. IM ,, W-- ,a , i . X , ,, ,f .,.., , M, 'Lg ,. , fax ,. 3... f . .1 L 2 H s's' V s.,,. Lnfigg' ,ff,. 5155 ij' . '4 A. : WzE5W""" "': wwf., - s if 'W' 'T 5 9,29 V L, L 5 gg i W - Q ww, ,fr 4 ' -V ,, 1- ' g i g gsffwig ' 1 555252, L W i 2 'gg as s Wx Hifi ..-4. .sa , ' 35 3 7 5 fg f ff ff ' f f ,. asa s is i -' W ez - ,, ' " an W gg i? 2. 5 i , Y - , 55365555 Hey, Dave, get this guy off my back. 5 Spectators are pleased with the final score of the Bishop David game. try for rebounds against Breckenridge gr? I told you to keep on that guy, Chris. 119 Looks like Mr. Burrow might not have entirely agreed with something the referee said. Did you ever wonder what he tells the boys when they are in one of those huddles? 120 l David Berry accepts the Trophy in the 23rd DISTRICT BALL TOURNAMENT. BASKETBALL SCHEDULE We They 41 E-Town 34 70 North Hardin 41 48 Flaherty 38 42 Pleasure Ridge Park 41 66 Old Ky. Home 46 57 Bardstown 44 49 Meade County 44 81 Breckenridge County 76 56 E-Town Catholic 66 59 V West Hardin 46 61 E-Town 65 64 Meade County 55 65 North Hardin 62 60 St. joe 57 49 Lebanon 48 63 Breckenridge County 73 69 Shepherdsville 48 58 Bishop David 37 60 East Hardin 71 73 St. joe 55 MID-KENTUCKY CONFERENCE CHAMPS JU N ri' I f ,, Li? 5 i IOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS - FIRST ROW: Gill Smith, Gloria Blanks, Carol Smith. SECOND ROW: Holly Bunshaw, Peggy Shanahan, Patsy Betterton. I E 3 Seventeen cheer-lgadjng aspifams Senior Class President congratulates cheerleaders after regional clinic. Varsity Cheerleaders display their awards: new jackets, Regional Cheerleading Trophy, and State Championship Trophy. 121 2 il ii I K 3 n Awww Rodney Page DEBATE CLUB NATIONAL FORENSIC LEAGUE Spass Merdjanoff STUDENT COUNCIL Margaret Baine KAPA Tom I-Iurr LATIN CLUB Fred Gittes CHESS CLUB GERMAN 12 Shirley Beverly FUTURE MEDICAL SOCIETY joe French Jane Reed SPANISH CLUB FRENCH CLUB Sue Hugins EARB' EDITOR Fred Christensen Allen Maurer FUTURE MEDICAL SOCIETY JUNIOR RED CROSS BiII Friend Coy Sue COX George Lindsey SCIENCE ENRICHMENT FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA LIBRARY CLUB Steve Linthwaite Jane Jensen Chuck Yarling NEWSPAPER EDITOR CHORUS BAND BETA , , 125 Efwaclndlwf 2 OFFICERS - FRONT ROW: Vice-President, Spass Merdjanoffg President, Fred Gittesg Treasurer Jan Halversong Secretary, Leonard Malclandog SPONSOR, Miss Panders. mm Peaqcw OFFICERS - FRONT ROW: President, Joe Frenchg Sergeant-at-Arms, jeff Rogersg Secretary, Mary Robertsg Treasurer, Jim Frcnchg NOT PICTURED: Vice-President, Ella Teleseg SPONSOR, Miss Bustabad. 127 Stadwt Coma! The Student Council representatives are elected by their classmates to coordinate student activities and school policy. 128 OFFICERS - FRONT ROW: Sergeant- at Arms, joe Ftenchg Treasurer, Sherry Nolandg Secretary, Ronald Rossg Vice- President, joe Taylor. SECOND ROW: President, Spass Mcrdjanoffg SPONSOR, Mr. Nayle. Merry Christmas from the Student Council! 25e6ate FRONT ROW: Vice President, Daphne Rippleg Secretary, Martha Searsg Frances Kelleyg Rick Foley. SECOND ROW: Treasurer, Leonard Maldonadog john Doughteryg President, Rodney Pageg Fred Gittesg Steve Christian. Ripple ponders over the Com- Market. and I should like to point out . . . Martha Sears smiles for the judges mmm Fowwlo law, ,Wm OFFICERS - FRONT ROW: Vice-President, jim Frenchg Secretary, John Dougherty. NOT 0 PICTURED: Treasurer, Steve Bachg President, Chuck Yarlingg SPONSOR, Mr. Chapman. OFFICERS FRONT ROW SPONSOR Miss E11 Pferzdent Bill Friend Vzce Prerzdent R1ck Foley Secretary Dianne Houser NOT PICTURED Trearurer Fred G1ttes , 25:25 5? V " Y 1 , , yi 2, 4,azfzgf' 5 - it Zislis works on a science project at the Medical Sandy Ransick does an experiment on "The Effects of Dif- Lab0faf0fY- ferent Wave Lengths on Phototropic Chemicals." 131 i s l X K 5 Q 4 4 Etmfme Uawfww of flnmm 2 OFFICERS-FRONT ROW: Hixlorian, jackie Morrowg Secretary, Sandra Holbertg Prexident Shirley Beverlyg Vice4P'feJident, Dianne Tobeng Tfreaxurer, Sarah jacksoug SPONSORS, Mrs Magruder, Mrs. Anrkowiak. lima, cw OFFICERS - President, Fred Gittesg Vice-Preiident, Chuck Yarlingg Treafurer, Mike Estepg Secretary, Steve Morrillg SPONSOR, Mr. Phair. 1 !C,4?f7 OFFICERS - FRONT ROW: Hirlorimz, Patsy Van Buskirkg Sefretary, Cheryl Crawfordg Prer- ident, Margaret Baineg Trearurer, Dane Nell Roperg Hirforiun, Paula Frykholrn. NOT PICTURED: Vice-Preridenf, Mickey Hufferg SPONSORS, Mrs. Tesar and Mrs. Burrow. Parents' Night 134 Susie Parker pins a mum on Mrs. Dowling at GREEN AND WHITE DAY Homecoming half time, Neatert-Rae Van Fleetg Funniest-Alice Albritton Original - Sandra Knights. mm Wed 64044 OFFICERS - FRONT ROW: SPONSOR, Mrs. Roberrsg President, Allen Maurerg Vice-Prerident, Sue Cookg Secretary, Dane Nell Roperg Trearurer, Dianne Toben. Fort Knox, Louisville, and Elizabethtown at Leadership Camp at Miami University, Ohio, were Flahive and Dianne Toben. Jeanette Gurnan and Margie Bradshaw are just two of the many junior Red Cross volunteers. 135 Chow FORT KNOX HIGH SCHOOL Directed by Miss Doris No CHORUS urse JANE JENSEN Soprano SYBILL HUDSON Soprano BERNARD ZEBROWSKI Bass hi Gala' Mom OFFICERS - FRONT ROW: President, Jane Jensen: Vice-President, Sherry Noland: Secretary- Treasurer, Kathi Burke: Librarian, Carol Smith: Robe Chairman, jan Halverson. Gm Sm FRONT ROW: Kathi Burke, Margie Farley, Jane Jensen. SECOND ROW: Helen Haggerty, Lira Garcia, Sandi Henry. Boyd' Qumlfet Benard Zebrowski, Butch Disbrow, SPONSOR, Miss Nourse. Not Pictured: Jerry DeVa1l, Charles Chance. V EX-A 157 FORT KNOX EAGLE BAND OFFICERS - FRONT ROW: President, Chuck Yarlingg Vice-President, Marilynri Hudginsg Secretary-Treasurer, C h a t I e s Chance. SECOND ROW: SPONSOR, Mr. Johnsg Senior Representative, Tom Ewingg Junior Representative, Fred Gittesg Soph- omore Representative, Sue McI.ar1achan. 138 1962 ALL-STATE BAND Chuck Yarling Marilynn Hudgins Fred Gittes FRONT ROW: Captain, Joyce Edwards Pam Frykholm. SECOND R O W Marilynn Hudgins, Vicki Lauderdale Par Yarling, Sally Wozinak. Wlajmettea Fmt Kfwx Gasp Bm ROW: Ronme Kirby, Mike Irma Santiago, Detlef Benton. ROW: Chuck Yarling, Ken Fred Gittes, SPONSOR, Mr. jerry DeVall, Charles Chance, Conley. Em 'ofa DRUM MAJOR Charles Chance Colm Gumd Dan Boyd George Lindsey John Whitley Bill Kleist. RCM Lettermen of Basketball, FootballQ Track, Tennis, Swimming, Baseball, Golf. J-lm GM 40 OFFICERS - Prexident, Fred Christenseng Vine-President, Lisa Dobsong Secretary, joan Wilvertg Treaxurer, Sandy Ransick, Sergeant-at-Arms, Kathy Conway. Wwapapm OFFICERS - FRONT ROW: Affiflunt Editor, Rick Foleyg SPONSOR, Mrs. Browng Editor-in chief, Steve Linthwaite. Hot off the press! e Eagle Angle will be on sale fourth period. FT Q N' iii: " 5 3 r I?-il ' 5' Biff EE' .. I sf I qi 3 . I1 I I A LL2, .W L-,. gy ' . 'T I LLLL- Q1 - L like Ig: I Hi k'-' ill, Y I A vvvv I, - I f H V. If , I f ,',- W ,,1'h 5 I K-1., 595 L-L1 L-L- f ' - 1,5 L'-.L. ' -L.,- ikfl in Q raa ' SENIOR SECTION I -'-', I I - Q .. .- Frank McDowell, Chan-man Martha Sears, ':"i:5eI5g5r, .,,k g , ' - ' ' . --fgfarri, ' George Creznrc, Jan Halverson. FACULTY SECTION JUNIOR SECTION Carolyn Zimmerman, Chuck Yarling, Olivia Pam Frykholm, Monica Stoffel, Chairman I0hf150U- Ivy, Dianne Toben. qeafufoole Staff sim, nw., HONORS SECTION Chairman Rae Van Fleet, Daphne ADMINISTRATION Mrs. Smith, Miss Van Dyke, Editor Sue Hugins. SOPHOMORE SECTION Jackie Morrow, Chairman Terry Tigner, Susie Parker. - SPORTS SECTION ACTIVITIES SECTION ADVERTISEMENTS Chairman Gail McKnight, Betty Day. Spass Merdjanoff, Joyce Edwards, Chair- Sara Jackson, Recorder- ' 142 ' man Joe French. JLI'0l7t6C00Wlf fl6q4liyAt4 The day begins And ends ffafadw Comfy jcuum 772614 H63 1 Cheerleaders proudly present their new to Mr. Matarazzo and Mr. Downing, as of the football team look on. Rosie Pringle Sopmww FRONT ROW: Margarer Cox, Karin Jacobs, Mary Lee Horton, Sheila McReynolds. SECOND ROW: Frances Kelly, Larry Mallory, Jimmie Lee, Thomas Dougherty, Patricia McKay, Sheila Gray, Alan Whittington, Deborah Thomas. 147 Sf' mt fm mm Wa no M, ZEN- V 2 2 s -Q E -pg E i E 334 33 E Sf? me gif 235 E Hag EV AWN 4 1 A , - . f i IW. . , . ' - 141, ' f m qi -N a, . f f" V-" 5 7' WH L if ,. 7, I I WQAVQZ L f-Effff 4 5 , ' W -- -' ' -' Wig- - 1 A21 , , , I ,, ,,, --r - m- . f Y K ff', 14: ,f,, -gif ' ,-Ze,-M, 7,--M , .. A Aww - - H,,,,,,,,WM ,. - , , f wi ff - ff? Z Q 15 'QT -, I ' ,sr -Q 6,5533 , ,ff 0 -M? 15 f? fm 2 afmszf 5.5 1e? g?f??Ww2Q?,W,?A? E a P Q 4 ac f 5 f 3 M Q 1 V X ,W 3 W Q , p 9 5 2 my af 5 A X f f ' 1 f M K , 1, Q Wi -3 ,, Q 22?-Q F X 3 M E W 9 32 aww PN? f If ev 5 7, Hx W " 5 MQW? i ff' W .5 md 4 2' g W ,,,.,, WA V ,Afuf , - V ,.,, -mf +4+f.rgasf'wf,fH4. ff- : ..., -- ' '- L- 'X A-'fftf -1 ' -Q2 3 M -A L , - L W ' -. ,fi S A .- :- -. 14 "IM Font Krwac fflyfe Sclwol Zkdicated to tlw Svwice of Om qoutln m 71m Quai W Mwwledqe. " flwdul j. 7C06w4, Supmmtauieat, Fm ffm Zkpazdeat 5040014 The Senior Class wishes to express its deepest appreciation to the patrons of this yearbook. Your subscriptions made pos- sible the production of the 1963 EAGLE. Compliments of WSAC RADIO-STATION 1463 N. Wilson Ave e RADCLIFF, KENTUCKY 1-M-fa -??'Egg:w M h.,...m.-Mm zamgllmftn I F NGN-COMMISSIONED GFFICERS' OPEN MESS COCA-COLA I , , NEWBERRY 5 Bomiwo COMPANY E town s Newest Department Store D Q k Coco Colo I rin - 54 Complele MelCl'Cmd'Se 110 souih Mom Phone 765-6177 Departments Bigger Selections - Famous Brands Two Value-Packed Sales Floors 1.,..f... Over 60,000 ltems it -2111432 Gigantic Savings Throughout the Store ilp w Telephone 765-2481 E-town, Kentucky Bring relmlmiem im play ff wa, Q g?4wfy7gtkg ul i lv -f-31 il li -ui ' 11 D 1 RAGLAND DRUG OSBGRNE MOTCRS, INC. Wdgreen Agency Ford Dealer COUffhOUSe Squufe 461 south Dixie Bivd. Phone: 351-3101 Phone: 765-2l67 Elizabethtown, Kentucky Radcliff, Kentucky gklpr his s 'finl TRASH AND TREASURES Sport Goods, Boating Supplies Toys, Clothing and Variety 3 Miles North of Elizabethtown on 3l-W Phone: 765-4498 Compliments of BOYD DRUGS Jim Jefferson, R.Pl-l. Jim Lasweil, R.PH. GAMBLE 5-gf' Elizabethtown Phone: 765-5253 . 3lO South Dixie Blvd. Phone: 351-3533 Radcliff, Kentucky s'E'3'Ji'Se 154 Distributor of BOY 81 GIRL SCOUT EQUIPMENT DIXIE VARIETY STORE 56 Public Square Phone: 765-7654 Elizabethtown, Kentucky Compliments of Tony Skees Jim Medley STATE FARM INSURANCI 107 North Mulberry Elizabethtown, Kentucky C omplimentx of BEN FRANKLIN STORE 126 W. Dixie Phone: 765-2779 Elizabethtown, Kentucky RADCLIFF MARKET German Foods-a Specialty GS-1 011 - 25,3 iff! .ar " -vwlwe-4 4 Lib' f 4 4. 0 Q-I-.U 4. II IV' f c' '-f M 7 lr ,P 1019 North Wilson Road Phone: 351-3232 Radcliff, Kentucky KNOX FURNITURE CO. 84 KNOX FURNITURE ANNEX Compliment: of WESTERN TIRE A ST RE 1165 North Wilson O K 351-3611 John Armour - Ira Pfieffer I ...v.,j5 IQQ 819 North Wilson ipod-:3 Q -.. ,,. 351-3613 2,353 Radcliff, Kentucky Phone: 351-3134 Radcliff, Kentucky "We gnnmntee to moe yon money." Compliments of MAE LEE DRESS SHOPPE Your Nearest Dress Shoppe to Fort Knox 1403 North Wilson Road Next to WSAC Use Our Lay-a-Way Plan Compliments of KENTUCKY LIMGUSINES Fort Knox, Kentucky KNOX SERVICE CENTER, INC. Between Dixie Street ond 31 -W on Wilson Rood Phone 351-3113 'Tubeless Tire Headquarters' Gos - Oil - Lubricotion Gooclyeor Tires, Tubes, Guo rontee Botteries - Recopping Hours: 6:00 o.m. to 10:00 p.m. p CAR f wt Y0uooo'iiAuos FORT KNOX TRAVEL AGENCY Airline Tickets and Reservations-Phone: 4-6969 AND GREYHOUND STATION Phone: 4-7777 Your Travel Specialists DIXIE ROLLER RINK Skating ls Fun tor Everyone Open Nightly Except Sunday and Monday Kiddie Session Saturday and Sunday, 2:00-4:30 Radcl itt, Kentucky Phone 351-9090 I ' N 1 35l-3639 " Ja I Ip" ' A LQ, ll xx 8 FIRST HARDIN NATICJNAL BANK OF ELIZABETHTOWN "Growing with Elizabethtown and Himiin County Since 18S3', Capital . S 500,000.00 Surplus. . Sl,000,000.00 Phone: Elizabethtown 765-6l06 Radcliff 351-3l23 Hours: 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Daily Offering Checking - Saving Loan ancl Trust Services Branches: Radcl iff, Upton Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Member Federal Reserve System f "Ark Your Neighbor About Noon 'Til Nine Service" NCDCDN 'TIL NINE, :Nc SALES DEPARTMENT RCA Victor Television We Rent x Above is pictured TV's furnished to school year by No tion with the Fo Magnavox RCA Whirlpool Stereo Appliances New RCA Victor Portable TVs one of three RCA Victor 23" Table Model Fort Knox High School during the '62-'63 on 'Til Nine, lnc, This was done in coopera- rt Knox PTA and High School officials. SERVICE DEPARTMENT Television Service Appliance Antennas Installed Service ,V TV Rental Across from Krogers Radcliff, Ky. Phone: 351-3129 Compliments KNOX FINANCE CO., of INC. 5 I RADCLIFF DEPARTMENT STORE 374 N. Dixie Boulevard Phone: 35I-32I2 Your Complete Department Store S1320 TO S800 LOANS Conveniently located south of Fort Knox in the Radcliff Drug Building-plenty of free parking space. No dangerous highways to travel. SPECIAL SERVICE FOR ARMY OFFI- CERS FIRST THREE GRADES AND CIVILIAN PERSONNEL, YOU WILL LIKE OUR PLAN. Open IO a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday Thru Thursday Open I0 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. Each Friday Closed Saturday Phone: 35l-3147 Sam H. Watkins, President Eugene T. Wooden, Manager Loy R. Brashear, Assistant Manager 463 N. Wilson Ave. Radcliff, Kentucky MISS AND MRS. SHOP Smart Apparel for the Miss of Today and for the Miss of Yesterday 530 N.W. Dixie Blvd. Phone: 35l-3l3l Radcliff, Kentucky 160 RADCLIFF DRUGS Drugs, Fountain, Sundries Prescriptions 2M Miles South of Fort Knox 467 N. Dixie Blvd. Phone: 35l-33l3 Radcliff, Kentucky GANCVS PIZZA HOUSE Pizza and Italian Food at its Finest Compliments 0 f HOTTIE'S HAMBURGERS Hours: 4 to 11:30 p.m. I5C Phone: 351-3610 3 Miles South of Fort Knox on 31 W. A SNACK fi H, je? on A .5 -. ff SACK J- I 0 428 Dixie Avenue Phone: 351-3197 Radcliff, Kentucky all 'A I .lOE'S TEXACO SERVICE STATION 574 N. Dixie Blvd. Radcliff, Kentucky Phone: 351-3500 Relax In Our TV Lounge While Your Car Is Being Serviced f- 1-57 m all V 48 Stares Xxufmx---. Tires, Batteries, and Accessories Motor Tune-ups and Muffler Installation ISVILI Joe I-Iutcherson, Proprietor x90 6' 40,0 X99 Moaite 9 l DIXIE SHOE STORE Fred M. Burns Building Radcliff, Kentucky Quality Shoes GI' Bargain Prices Phone: 351-3468 5 ,CRT KNCX NATIONAL BANK Fort Knox, Kentucky Walk-up Window Hours Drive-In Window 1400-1730 0900-1400 0730-1730 Monday-Friday Monday-Friday Monday-Friday 0800-1230 1400-1600 0800-1230 Saturday Friday Saturday VAN VOORHIS BRANCH-4992 Chaffee Open 1 100-0530 Monday-Friday 0800-1230 Saturday HEARD INSURANCE 8g REAL ESTATE A Drug Store Building Radcliff, Kentucky Phone 351-3489 C omplimemfr of ANDERsoN ooLF cius ,,.,,,, ,,,,,E Pro Shop 5 gag! Harold "Spud" Rawlings 2 Golf Professional Ed Marshall, Asst. Congratulations G Sateen to The Gradnating Clam of 1965 from the FORT KNOX FEDERAL CREDIT UNION Bldg. No. 1375 Civic Center Circle Fort Knox, Kentucky HELEN'S FLORIST Newgo rden Apo rtments Fort Knox, Kentucky Phone: 942-2766 KELLEY VANCE MOBILE HOMES New ond Used Mobile Homes Soles ond Service Across from Rodcliff Drugs Phone: 351-3311 Radcliff, Kentucky KNOX MOTORS, INC. - FIU FI D - 1,15-XTX-1-nf Ni f"'AV1X Q' .C 5.1, -aff Soles Service r Complete Goroge, Body Shop, ond Upholstery Repoir on Post Phone: 4-5166 Phone: 828-3320 Fort Knox, Kentucky Muldrciugh, Kentucky 163 OPTICAL COMPANY BEAN PUBLISHING COMPANY Job Printing Office Supplies Machines ancl Equipment Publishers ot Fort Knox Inside the Turret 2-il ""' SX? 'I 1 4- I0 V0 I f' YI , X ll, ,Z X K-2 194 I IQ2 408 W. Dixie Avenue Elizabethtown, Kentucky Phone 765-6l 7l PATE MOTOR COMPANY, INC. wt Youooonilmos 209 W. Dixie Avenue Elizabethtown, Kentucky lTolll Dial 765-6135 lNo Tolll Dial 942-2300 24-Hour Wrecker Service Compliment! of C,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 0, TAYLOR-ovERALL THE TowN House REALTORS Women's Apparel and Accessories 232 W. Dixie Avenue Elizabethtown, Kentucky Phone: 765-72l I 24 Public Square Elizabethtown, Kentucky Phone: 765-7303 WITH US -we fmve me PROSPECV' usr vuun PHUPWY llti' Compliments Of M. J. NOEL HAVE AN EXTRA PAIR I Contact Lenses I23 W. Dixie Avenue Elizabethtown, Kentucky SWOPE MOTORS 3 BIG LOCATIONS ON DIXIE 546 W. Dixie-Elizabethtown 253 S. Dixie-Radcliff 6724 Dixie Highway Pleasure Ridge Park Your Headquarters for Valiant, Plymouth, Dart, Dodge, Chrysler, Imperial SWOPE MOTORS "Where Nobody Walk! Away" KELLY VANCE MOTORS Authorized Sales and Services for Fort Knox Area Radcliff Phone 351-3848 UIICK II7 North Main Elizabethtown, Kentucky Just Ott Square in Elizabethtown Compliments Of JOPLIN 81 LANZ COMPANY The Louisville Store Elizabethtown and I-lardin County's Oldest, Largest, and Most Complete Department Store FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATICN or EuzABETHTowN Elizabethtown, Kentucky Rockwell 5-2131 "Serve with Sezfety"- "Inferred Safety" Assets over S22,000,000.00 Visit Our Radcliff Branch on Central Parkway 1 BENNINGFIELDS FURNITURE CENTER 2M Miles South of Fort Knox on U. S. 31-W 332 North Dixie Blvd. Radcliff, Kentucky Phone: 351-3141 , .""'.' -121,4 I? . l.i.. --i--w- - 'A" 5. 66 DUSTY RHODES FORD, INC. U. S. 31-W, 2 Miles North Elizabethtown, Kentucky Sales and Services "Yew Ford Friends" Phone: 765-4114, 765-5502 WI 2-2121 Ig Ein ,, W .af,Af.sI fs Q, gh, L f'gigejzfgmy-i,-Q, - " POST CAB COMPANY AND FORT KNOX MOTOR COACH Fast, Efficient Service - Courfeous Drivers Clean Cabs Dispatcher 4-2103 Office 4-2588 Bldg. T473 Chaffee Ave. Fort Knox 1'Axl,l nk T 1 i.:-3 -3 Y ,Nil , 1 ' flfffikfg j if?V :,'iigAg A AL AND CAL FURNITURE COMPANY, INC. ---Pnnw 1 Q FUHNIBH A wunloaa ,, ' IIYILLB 1 1 WKYVOUAII ' X J Q'-.a any Furniture and Appliances Tu rn Your Radio to WSAC on Saturday from 1:00-2:00 Highway 31W-Route 3 9 Miles South ot Fort Knox Elizabethtown, Kentucky Phone: 765-4523 When You Need- ' Hardware ' Paint ' Wallpaper ' Lumber ' Tools ' Garden Supplies ' Building Materials ' Plumbing Supplies ' Electrical Supplies SEE THE JENKINS-ESSEX COMPANY 528 No. Dixie Blvd. Radcliff, Kentucky Phone: 351-3813 lAlso in Elizabethtownl ,ttt EIR I WATKINS JEWELERS Featuring the Finest Bulova - Elgin - Hamilton Keepsake - Speidel - Towle International - Reed 84 Barton Gorham - Lenox Expert Watch Repairing C omplimentf of E-TOWN DISTRIBUTING COMPANY, INC. Automotive Parts Wholesale 712 E. Dixie Avenue Elizabethtown, Kentucky Phone: 765-4117 or 765-4118 373 rF1?fD:2tietBlvIEi. -:y Q51 'fcy5x 708 N. 3rd Street ish C I -'351n4524y Q Q- Bmdslown' Kenfucky One- ' ' ' Phone: 348-5548 Complimenty of KENTUCKY THERMOPLASTIC COMPANY P. O. Box 111 Elizabethtown, Kentucky Phone: 765-2705 E TOWN RECAPPING CO. INC. North Dixie Elizabethtown, Kentucky Expert Recapping Road Hazard Guarantee One-Day Service New Dayton Tires Phone: 765-5I07, 765-5330 .xlsfii P ,v Q T -Q -A-, gi -'PC' -- -4 -43.2--3 V . 'V V E QV, ,L E.-'. ev ' IC ' ' Zh. pt 1 ll y 7 DIXON-ATWOOD 84 ADKINS FUNERAL HOME 24-Hour Dependable, Oxygen-Equipped Ambulance Service Logan T. Dixon Jennings D. Adkins Phone: 765-2204 Elizabethtown, Kentucky SHlVELY'S GULF SERVICE Auto Radio Repair Route I Radcliff, Kentucky l807 South Dixie Blvd. y Complimentf of the MOO DRIVE INN Elizabethtown, Kentucky -kki Iilik dtrrii I A R it 5 yggz- cg if I in-tr I. g iff 5 . xi: Y , .7 , jfln ' flii-,ffl.Elf5IJ:.Ei5E?E.3XQviE,g-.113 f aq ',f,ly:,-1'fs',HgE1 gffkfi-C-'.'1,.,-,H ' -- I 1 ff:k:l1.:'iw.yf:Ii Compliments of the THRIFT SHOP Fort Knox, Kentucky Phone 4-3914 BOLlNG'S DEPARTMENT STORE on Wilson Road at 31-W Overpass Never So Much for So Little Right in Ft. Knox's backyard-3 floors ready- to-wear-1 floor shoes and complete material bar-two large basements, one bargain and one variety-one 5-and-10. You Can Do Better at BOLlNG'S Open Every Day 10 to 8 p.m. 4 1 l LsQ1g'21.0.LQ iirr 1 CRADDOCK CHEVROLET CO., INC. YOUR DEALER Ft. Knox Personnel Welcome i We Service All Makes of Cars Office 351-3429 Service Dept. 351-3423 704 N.W. Dixie Blvd. Radcliff, Kentucky ,fi HAMPTON 84 HARGAN INSURANCE AND REAL ESTATE Phone: 877-2142, 351-3130 but Never on Sunday 620 N. Dixie Blvd. Radcliff, Kentucky , ,gi ,, Cl A , ,ccii 4 2 Congmtulatiom 4.,q QE' A Clan of '63 Professional Care ls Best ff' for Your Hair . A-if . -ififflfzilz ,miller . 1816 North Dixie Blvd. Radcliff, Kentucky Phone: ELgin 1-3285 NOLTE'S HAIRDRESSERS 705 N. Dixie Blvd. Radcliff, Kentucky Phone: 351-3431 BlLL'S HARDWARE at APPLiANcE A All Supplies for the Home Large or Small W l.l.,ig,gQ-S, Philco Appliances TOP VALUE STAMPS Banks and Banks Shopping Center Radcliff, Kentucky NEWGARDEN BEAUTY 8g BARBER SHOP Newgarden Apartment Building Phone: 942-3377 Fort Knox, Kentucky 351-4514 351-4515 EAST BROADWAY MOTORS 1395 N. Wilson Road POST TAILOR 8K ALTERATION SHOP Alterations and Pressing Prompt Service RGC'C'ifff Kentucky 9:30-5:30 Hours 9:30-7:30 New and Used Cars Monday, l:l'lCl0Y VVeClneSCl0Y Wholesale and Retail 11:30-7:30 9:00-5:90 . Tuesday, Thursday Saturday Civic Center Fort Knox, Kentucky Building 1383 TOP HAT RESTAURANT RADCLIFF 2 M'I S th t F t K 5:5 H?5hW2, Jiiw REALTY COMPANY Open 6 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. 6Fxi ap 3, .351 iw 3 ...- C-EQ 1 ii, All Kinds of Real Estate T. Brown Logsdon - Ronnie Proffitt 1343 N.W. Dixie Blvd. Radcliff, Kentucky Phone: 351-3531 267 N. Dixie Blvd. Radcliff, Kentucky Phone: 351-3105 LONGVIEW FLORIST 624 N. Dixie Blvd. Radcliff, Kentucky Directly Across from Kroger Phones: 351-3477, 351-3137 Q PQ ' A Compliments of Post we ,Q 1 ff, 1 BARBER B BEAUTY si-ioPs, " 1 7 ' 1 S.. C. I INC' 'W ff X ,, I nNgZW Fort Knox, Kentucky if ' i Q B MARCELLA'S Complimentf of X In BiggsEIi3c5tI'l3cyn!lE3tSEo,pip?irTgVCL3enter J- Phone: 351-3750 B E A U T r Morcello Phelps, Proprietor Fort Knox Kentucky , Stotion Building Phone No. l 6549 4-5197 No. 2 2830 4-3387 'EF' Z 2253 22359 BENNEWS O' ' ATHLETIC GOODS X . i ' . A Sgoozjslfiv ' T 3ZCiCTfflDl22iilEIlIVlfIY Q QA -ft' ' . - t E: Phone: 351-3284 E E : Den Bennett 19 "Bs ' xx' Representing Athletic Equipment f I The MacGregor Co. 172 Wilson Sporting Goods KNOX CHICKEN ON CALL Food Delivery Service or Will-Call Phone: 4-2177 Hours 4:00-I I :3O p.m. Toyland Building I23I8l Knox Avenue Closed Saturday Chicken Seafood Sandwiches "You Call - We Deliver" C omplimemfr of Cecil Campbell Producer of CAMPBELL'S CAGED EGGS LOUIS J. DAVIS CANDY CO., INC. 764-766 S. First Street Louisville, Kentucky JU 3-5307 Fountain Supplies Paper Products Daily Deliveries to Fort Knox DAVID LIMANNI Distributor of FOOD PRODUCTS X Fruits and Vegetables a Specialty Daily Service to Fort Knox Phone: EMerson 8-5342 4816 Fielding Way Louisville I6, Kentucky I 173 Congmtulfztiom to the Clan of '65 FGRT KNOX DAIRY BARS 7th cmd Wilson Road Old Ironsides "jump in your cm' Come as you are." VIC-TONE ONE-HOUR CLEANING Serving the Fort Knox Area 659 N. Wilson Avenue Radcliff, Kentucky Phone: 351-3388 74 C omplimentx of MAHON COMPANY Vending Machines Fort Knox, Kentucky Congmmlpztiom to the Clan of '63 CIVIC GUIDES, INC Radcliff, Kentucky Publishers of the Kentucky Guide Section and Shoppers Directory in Your Post Signal Telephone Directory Binder Congmzfulatiom ami Ben' Wifber to the SENIOR CLASS OF 1963 from the D A D'S C LU B President: Lf. Col. J. O'Brier1 Treasurer: MfSgf. M. Christian Vice-President: Lt. Col. G. Morcirido Secretory: Mffsgf. R. Misener , Congratalatio as Congraztalatzoas to d to the Clay of '63 Fine Senior Class from Compliments COL. AND MRS. of WALTON MERIDETH MR' AND MRS' EDWARDS RALPH GILBERT CATHY AND JEFF C on gratalatio as C0niZZZiZZZi0m zo zine Class of '63 Senior Class of '63 A Group of Friends from VAN VOORHIS SQRQRITY C oagratalatioas and Best Wishes to tbe Graduating Class MILITARY CONCESSIONS, INC. 2220 East Fairmount Avenue Baltimore 3I, Maryland Phone: PEabody 2-7100 0 - MAQMA NIOR CLASS from The UNITED STATES ARMY ARMQR CENTER oFncEn's OPEN Mess Fort Knox, Kentucky EAGLE BOOSTERS Maj. Gen. and Mrs. Joseph E. Bastion Brig. Gen and Mrs. E. S. Thomas Brig Gen and Mrs. J. W. Dobson Brig. Gen. and Mrs. John A. Beall Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Roberts Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Matarazzo Mr. and Mrs. Howard Downing and Pippa Mr. and Mrs. Kyle C. McDowell Col. and Mrs. Arlo E. Abbott Capt. and Mrs. James Asente Col. and Mrs. John D. Ashby Col. and Mrs. S. A. Bach Capt. and Mrs. R. D. Baker Lt. Col. and Mrs. George S. Bare Lt. Col. William H. Barr and Family Major and Mrs. Edwin D. Beers Col. and Mrs. George C. Benjamin Col. and Mrs. L. C. Bieler Col. and Mrs. R. F. Blackmon Major and Mrs. R. W. Boger Lt. Col. and Mrs. Joseph A. Bohnak Lt. Col. and Mrs. D. C. Boyd SfMaj. and Mrs. Bright Col. and Mrs. R. H. Bunshaw Lt. Col. and Mrs. James T. Burke Col. and Mrs. T. A. Carilia Mf Sgt. and Mrs. A. F. Carpenter Col. and Mrs. F. H. Carr Major and Mrs. Fred G. Christensen, Jr. Mf Sgt. M. L. Christian Mf Sgt. and Mrs. Joseph Clark Capt. and Mrs. B. P. Colton Mrs. Julia M. Cordova Mf Sgt. and Mrs. George G. Creznic Col. and Mrs. J. W. Darrah Capt. and Mrs. C. J. Davis Lt. Col. and Mrs. J. D. Dougherty Chaplain and Mrs. Richard E. Dryer Lt. Col. and Mrs. T. B. Farley Col. and Mrs. G. A. Finley Sf Maj. and Mrs. Harry J. Friend Lt. Col. and Mrs. V. L. Frykholm Lt. Col. and Mrs. Uel V. French M! Sgt. and Mrs. Carl V. Fuller Col. and Mrs. J. K. Gaynor Col. and Mrs. C. G. Gealta CWO and Mrs. Ernest L. Goodman MfSgt. and Mrs. William V. Gordon SFC K. J. Groves Lt. Col. and Mrs. K. L. Halverson Major and Mrs. William Harry SFC and Mrs. Martin E. Hazelett Lt. Col. and Mrs. C. W. Hemperly Col. and Mrs. A. L. Hugins CWO and Mrs. Wm. E. Jackson, Jr. Major and Mrs. E. F. Jacobs Major and Mrs. A. R. Jimenez Col. and Mrs. J. D. Keirsey Lawrence R. Keith Lt. Col. and Mrs. F. Kelly Major and Mrs. Kilpatrick Chaplain and Mrs. Charles F. Kriete Major Elizabeth Lambertson Mf Sgt. and Mrs. Dee L. Ledford PSgt. and Mrs. G. T. Lee Capt. and Mrs. George A. Leedom CWO and Mrs. James S. Cox Major and Mrs. C. W. Coyne 178 MfSgt. and Mrs. George D. Longhurst PSgt. and Mrs. Bobby J. Lucas EAGLE BOOSTERS Lt. Col. G. A. Lucey Lt. Col. and Mrs. Kermit J. McCaslin Capt. and Mrs. Harold W. McGregor Major and Mrs. E. J. McKitrick Major and Mrs. James P. McKnight Col. and Mrs. D. M. McMains Mf Sgt. Ray M. Mabrey Col. and Mrs. Edward M. Majors Mf Sgt. and Mrs. Willie A. Marshall Col. and Mrs. E. D. Maurer Major and Mrs. Stanley Millimet M! Sgt. Robert J. Misner Lt. Col. and Mrs. C. J. Moffett MfSgt. and Mrs. Willie M. Morrow MfSgt. and Mrs. james R. Moss Lt. Col. and Mrs. R. G. Murdock Mrs. Lizzi Nettles PSgt. and Mrs. Stephen M. Noland MfSgt. and Mrs. F. V. Nydle Lt. Col. John J. O'Brien Major and Mrs. Austin L. Parker Major and Mrs. James C. Patee SFC and Mrs. joseph V. Peoples Major and Mrs. W. S. Peterson E-7 Landon M. Pharris Col. and Mrs. H. E. Quigley Col. and Mrs. C. E. Ransick Col. and Mrs. Paul A. Reed Lt. Col. and Mrs. C. B. Roberts Col. and Mrs. R. M. Rogers Capt. and Mrs. Charles A. Roper Col. and Mrs. R. J. Rowan Col. and Mrs. George S. Saussy, Jr. Col. and Mrs. S. H. Sandifer Major and Mrs. V. F. Schall Major and Mrs. R. E. Sears Col. and Mrs. H. R. Siemers Col. and Mrs. J. S. Simmerman Lt. Col. and Mrs. G. H. Simpson Col. and Mrs. Paul G. Skowronek Col. and Mrs. Wm. M. Slayden II MfSgt. and Mrs. Arlie C. Smith Col. and Mrs. Robert C. Stack Lt. Col. and Mrs. D. J. Summerson Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Swanagin Col. and Mrs. G. F. Thomas Lt. Col. and Mrs. Francis Tucker, Jr. Lt. Col. and Mrs. Ellis C. Van Buskirk Col. and Mrs. Raymond Van Fleet Lt. Col. S. M. Vaughan Major and Mrs. A. M. Vazquez Capt. and Mrs. Norman C. Vik Lt. Col. and Mrs. P. V. Whitley Lt. Col. and Mrs. O. W. Whitnel Major and Mrs. Rex Wilbanks Col. and Mrs. G. W. Williams Chaplain and Mrs. Warren Withrow Col. and Mrs. LeRoy B. Woodbury, jr. M! Sgt. and Mrs. joe Wofford, jr. Major and Mrs. john Wozniak White Dove Bakery Patterson Flowers Marsee Fabric Shop Boone Cleaners, Inc. Clark Jewelers The Duff Co., Inc. Dr. H. Q. Kennady Jenny's Beauty Shoppe Douglas Motor Company, Inc. A Friend from Louisville A Friend from Elizabethtown 179 -Lx f an g Q gl IN TER-COLLEGIATE PRESS Kansas City - Winnipeg Publishers - Manufacturers Yearbooks - Yearbook Covers Diplomas -- Graduation Announcements USA 5' I, " ..,, Q ,V ,Tx , Vw, q -W M ' V'-1" W- 1 ixfhiyaxfvit ,r ',,.,,'d' 1 f I . ri-. 'WN Wx ' 'V " 'V 'fx' WNY' 'S' f ' 'nf' Y 'f H V R X11 'f ,' .3 A F' NL' fi , L3 -'M N : - " .4 iw- ' J- : L Q5 fy, 'gg . A iw ,sxxiqjl K v, I uma, y Mme x. .X 3' ix. mf... , ggi!-'wi 1WqA'ifi,4,' Vg-,.1?..aZ55'+' 5-'xv-3. , - " 'fi iv ul' -F B Q "3'f! ' ' 4 ' Jn 'awk - f 7546 . 1 Z A 'e:,S44g,xH'- n 4' 536.4 'BL My gff' , ,fi 1 0 I K 'K r., u-K P S ,.. 5 X, A ',4n 4 'k,..y ' fm 4 fi' ,A-. -'24 IH- H fa: V-231535 .A f 'iinjiffz M ' :M "uA"'-? 'S' 'B 'S W4 'V' XX- 'P W ', 1 'N' K' Pl W .,..,. -,Lx w X w.-W. . gap. 4 V Y X . A am sf -A I fy 1 Q jaxx, 5 f' , ' " 1, ..-X, gs A V W V. ' . hggvgfiqa - fa, , 4-Mt, ,. ,N IHRM ' ?y:,p,,f-n f f , 5' , ,. ,F , ' f v' M' ,' f ' x .Q - x ' ,jx . y cY b' t X- X view 4 :K , '-,g K - ? ff? N? yr 8 5.0 s 5.7 1 vkky . Ze, RQ. -af vy ,raw if AM . sf' ,, ,pc : 4 x K X 9 ' 'Aw T? LJTQ- Vfipf 1, Max m , f-Pm Q wt ,Q fs a 2. A. Q 1-me-' 1 -- 4 2455, f 'H '-if f if lg -.1 'ft'-if ?f 4'Qf ?'F'3g - 5' gf' f 'V' S- ' . 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