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Text from Pages 1 - 152 of the 1959 volume:

i s K X xx K n X K of U ' 11 u xx ANNA , R 'ff W N ff' n W Q ' 'Wil ' J H J VWK 'I , a t il I w 'N 'M Q J, N935 " n r X1 Q if MA it W 1 N i lg presented by the n Senior Class ' W' of 1959 E Fort Knox High School K Fort Knox, Kentucky K l 45:-' I i FS K f7,.f":-gee ,M, , V V t ,,,,. , ,.:, , ., ,, , ...,. . , fnf- wwf- H .,., ,-Y eunnmefzmmgan , ' N X Susan, Sudi, Walter, and Tom. Dick and Barbara. Willis, Van, Woody, Excell, and Bobby Phyllis, Ginny, Bob, Pam, Brad, and Ray. Judy and Bob. 2 TER if 42' The Court Jester, who was a friendly, fun-loving and carefree fellow, is the symbol of the Senior Class of 1959. Frolic through our yearbook with him and review the pleas- ant memories of a busy, happy year. -1' TABLE OF CONTENTS The Court Jester The Royalty Faculty and Administration I eifef, T BLE Seniors Members of the Court Other Classes Lord: and Ladies Honors Court Functions Activities The Tournaments Sports Royal Art Gallery Snapshots Court Treasury Advertisements of CONTENTS U' I Vs .0 'Y ff. 0 O W ' . , 'T' 1 , 671' P 4. .X 5 M A oi 5,7 v4 PY wg x X yrw-W". fi ,1 '4' W. ow , ffffu Www cwf iilf iififf 1' f Www' Jw? MWMLZQW WW' MQW W Z' , 6 Among the most cherished privileges enjoyed by those of us who live in the free world is the op- portunity to receive a good education in fields of our own choice. The keystone of our educational structure is the high schoolg I am proud and happy that you have graduated from a school which is Widely acknowledged to be one of the best. Knowledge cannot be bought across the counter of some bargain basement. It is in such splendid institutions as the Fort Knox High School that the seeds of knowledge and good citizenship are sown. The building of character, moral fibre, religious consciousness- blended with knowledge-trans - form the youth of today into the great of tomorrow. I salute you, young men and young ladies of the Class of '59. I pray earnestly that the future will bring you full measure of happinesss and success. God bless you. Major General John L. Ryan, Jr, MAJ. GEN. JOHN L. RYAN Commanding General US Army Armor Center M!Sgt. Mervil I.. Christian, Lt. Col. Leo G Carlson Lt Col William L Chartock Col Thomas O. Rooney, Col. James R. Prichard, Mr Herschel Roberts Lt Col Iules I McNernev MfSgt Clyde Swanagin. Not Pictured: M!Sgt Stanford sig I I I ,I 5 yt r lt 1 :X E35 gwg kfxsip fftfgj R ,ls '" 3gi': 1-it 613,- ,Q , I -,il y-sl, ,-M I , if 1 5? at 12? ,1 li wiiiiw 55 ' pid? ii wg' Ii il' Q f l Wifi iff M ,iiitgg is lllff f, if WM I- f. 'ZZ' 51535 5, 5 i ffm' if g I X U5 ! s X , , jd: jx X YH it MR. WILLIAMS Congratulations and best Wishes to the 1959 graduating class of Fort Knox High School. May you take your respective places in your new world of endeavor in the same enthusiastic, conscientious, and Wholesome manner that has made you the out- standing group that you are. MR. ROBERTS Congratulations to the graduating class of 1959. Your class is the largest to gradu- ate from the Fort Knox High School. I Wish for each of you continued success, health, happiness, and joy in accomplish- ment. ,1 1t1 :uw:Qevaa es n fu MR. MATARAZZO This school year has unveiled many won- derful experiences for us all. This is chiefly the result of the calibre of student matricu- lating at Fort Knox High School, in the homes, and community environment. It is my earnest hope that this nation, under God, will grow and prosper because of your efforts and lives as future citizens. ,mi ,ivy .l ' iwg iii? MR. REED The 1959 seniors are a nice group of young people, jovial, dependable, trustworthy. They will go far in their chosen fields. "How many protozoa do you see?" Did you hear the one about .... ?" "'s get to the bottom of this." "This is a. teacher?" WW FRANCES ERNST BARNES University of Kentuckyg University of Louisville Social Science, English BOB BURROW University of Kentucky Science, Baivketball, Tennis 'I'I PAUL BURTON COOK Western Kentucky State College U.S. Hixtory, Economics m e JANE COWLEY MC KEVITT University of Kentucky Science, Health, Home Economic: MARY CLEMENT DIXON Western Kentucky State College World Hirtory, French FRIEDA COX Loyola University Mathematic: SETH FARLEY Murray State Collegeg Evansville Col- legeg Western Kentucky State Collegeg Indiana University, University of Ken- tucky Guidance 12 BARNEY MARTIN COX Loyola University Social Studiex, Mathematics RALPH VERNON GILBERT Eastern Kentucky State College Ciaicr, Science, Physical Education Basketball, Baxehall JOHN HACKETI' Western Kentucky State College Playxicnl Education, Football WILLIAM s. JOHNS Carnegie Institute of Technology Band Director t CHARLES EARL HOWARD Eastern Kentucky State College lndnmlnl Arts ELIZABETH T. ISSACS Mount Union College Math, English 13 JAMES LEE HOWARD Centre College of Kentucky Cbemixtry, Ployxlcy, Math JOYCE MARGARET KEITH The College of St. Catherine Typing, English 5, JO AMELIA KELLER Louisiana State University Englirla, Social Studie: ANNA LEE MADDOX Murray State Collegeg University of Louisville Algebra, Trigonometry RUTH BRUMMAL LEWIS Iowa State College Science, Social Studies' GEORGA MARTIN Morehead State Teachers Collegeg Mar- shall Colleggeg U. of Kentucky Biology, Psychology, Plane Geometry, General Business E i 14 i x i ! S N OLA JANE MAGRUDER Louisville City Hospital School of Nursingg University of Louisville School Nzirre MARY LOU MARTIN Cafeteria Superviror lin ig JIM WAYNE MILLER Berea College German CHARLES MORIARTY Western Kentucky State College Wa rld H irtory, Football I - l JANE D. MOORE School Secretary MARY ELLEN MILLER Berea College English GENEVIEVE RENDER Cincinnati Conservatory of Music Tarkio College Music WILLIAM JAMES PHAIR Dublin University French, English, Math 5 2 , 9 'I5 KATHERINE ROBERTS Eastern Kentucky State College Home Econornicr SCOTT S. SMITH Murray State Collegeeg University Kenruckyg Indiana University Driver Education, Athletic Director MARGARET W. SMITH University of Kentuckyg Indiana Uni- versity Typing, Shorthand, Bookkeeping COLEEN ELIZABETH SNYDER Bowling Green State University Biology 16 MILDRED SMITH Western Kentucky State College English, Reading Doan P hyxi 5 JULIANN TESAR e College cal Education, KAPA E 2 5 l LILA FORREST VAUGHN Asbury Collegeg Peabody College I I ' Guidance ' ELIZABETH L. WATKINS Berea Collegeg University of Kentucky Latin, Englirh CLARIENE KERRICK WALLER Western Kentucky State College Library DOROTHY F. WEAVER East Texas State Teachers College Science l 'I 7 WILLIAM E. WALLER Western Kentucky State College Mathematic: MARYBETH WILSON Western Kentucky State College English sf' ANNUAL STAFF First Row: Brad Luke, Ginny Brennan, Diane Scott, Maybelle Jones, Susan Reed, Bettie Dockray, Phyllis Baker, Dick Davis, Paul Sames, Barbara Levy, Fred Grunsby. Second Row: Mrs. Miller, Pam Harrington, Kathy Kinsel, Larry Musser, Sally Magruder, Suzanne Evans, Cannon Owen. Bob Parsons, Barbara Davis, Joyce Jorstad, Patty Thomas, Miss Vaughn. Third Row: Mr. Farley, Shirley Hammerstone, Lynne Davison, Zaida Carrasquillo, Nancy Snider, Beverly Dabney, Joan Ryan, Delores Thompson, Suzanne Victor, Judy Hammerstone, Bob Shaw, Mrs. Smith, Terry Rooney. Fourth Row: Bill Fisher, Walter Clark, Tom Lawlor, John Eaton, Ray Bowman, Thad Ball, Dennis Reublin, Ray Owens. EDITORS Editor:-in-Chief S... Suzanne Evans, Cannon Owen Senior Editor ,.,..,...,e-,--.,---,, Susan Reed fiinior Editor ..... Sophomore Editor -- ---Bob Parsons ------------ Maybelle Jones Freshman Editor ------------------ Kathy Kingel Eighth Grade Editor Seventh Grade Editor Art Editor -------- --- ----------- Patty Thomas ----, .-.---.--- Joyce Jorstad ,--- ---- .----Pam Harrington Clzihr Editor: --- Babs Davis, Terry Rooney S ports Editor -------------------- Larry Musser Actioitier Editor -------------- -.- Bettie Dockray Photographer ------------- - ------- -Brad Luke Bitrinerr Manager Facidty Editor -- ------------------Dick Davis ----------------Sally Magruder Honor! Editor ------------------- Phyllis Baker 5 , Ji- 1-1- Q W5 I5 K SENIOR CLASS FAVORITES Phyllis Baker and Thad Ball SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Sergeant-at-Arms ........ Ray Owens Vice-President ,-- ..... Penny Penn Treasurer ............ Phyllis Baker Assistant Treaszner e- Virginia Brennan Secretary .E.......... Bettie Dockray President .... Thomas "Buddy" Bryant - 1 m W1sw,i.l--me--.Q,r.fl,1wf w,-- gm-3Qf,n svisA.:ss1 THAD MURRAY BALL Sidney, Ohio Can assume responsibility. Easily persuaded. A man of integrity. Swimming and driving. Dark-eyed girls. Hiking. Phyllis. Dislikes boys who think they're heroes. "True merit if like it riverg the deeper it ir, tbe Zen noire it maker." Glee Club 1, 2g Track 2, 3, 4 gFootball l, 2, 3, 4g Annual Staff 4g Class Favorite 4, Class Vice-President 5. Ambition: Helicopter pilot E l ' PHYLLIS JUNE BAKER Toledo, Ohio Kitten-cute and sugar-sweet. Always smiling. Dimples. Pizza eater. Friendly to all. Likes Tad, horseback riding. "Geez!" Dislikes self-centered people. "So Sweet of temper that the very mm thine raft upon her." Kapa 1, 2, Glee Club 1, 2, Attendance Award lg German Club Secretary 2, President 5g Class Play 59 Beta Club 1, 2, 4g Annual Staff 4g Aviation Club 4g Class Favorite 4, Class Treasurer 3, 45 Homecoming Attendant 4. Ambition: To be a Navy nurse E I RAYMOND KEITH BOWMAN Hamilton, Ohio Dependable. Conscientious about his work. Goes to all games. Collects pictures. Has a weakness for girls with sob stories. "Ray" Dislikes smarty people. "We mmf be doing Jomezflaing to be happy." Senior Concessions 4, Annual Staff 4. Ambition: To graduate from high school WOODROW BOGGS JR. Chicago, Illinois Always surrounded by girls. A showman thru and thru. Clothes conscious. Plays the piano. Sings. Sleeps late. Brown clothes. Sweets. "Woody.'l Dislikes cats and getting up early. "A man of tlaongbtr, ii man of action, clear the way." Class President 2, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4. Ambition: To be a lawyer THOMAS WILLIAM BRYANT Fort Benning, Georgia Blushes easily. Has a way with girls. Gets along with everyone. Doesn't do his homework. Sports. ':Buddy." Dislikes busybodies. "Haven'z kirreal them all yet, bat heaven knowr Fife tried." Junior Classical League 5, 4, Basketball 2, Baseball 2, F00fbH11 1, 2, 3, 4, Class President 4. Ambition: To be a coach VIRGINIA LEE BRENNAN Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania For her anything's possible. Helpful and pleasant attitude toward others. Pretty eyes. Crewcuts. Sum- mer of '58. Black, gray, and gold. "Ginny" Dislikes complainers and snobs. "Talent at ber fingertip." Glee Club 3, Newspaper 1, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Octet 2, German Club 1, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, Kapa 4, Library Club 1, 2, Annual Staff 4, G.A.A. 1, 2, 3. Ambition: To be a commercial artist ZAIDA MARINA CARRASQUILLO Cayey, Puerto Rico A very nice person. Quiet and industrious Talented at sewing. Boys with blue eyes. "Zaida.' Dislikes people who gossip."Ar ber own .rimple self .rbe if best." Attendance Award 3g Basketball 1, 2, 5g Baseball 1, 2g P.E. Award 3g Annual Staff 4. Ambition: Bookkeeper I CYNTHIA ALICE CARVER CROBERTSD Springfield, Tennessee Sweet girl. Would do anything for a friend. Movies. Swimming. Boys with Oldsmobiles. "Cindy." Dislikes smarty people. "Silence if more benntifnl tbnn speeobf' Glee Club 33 Class Reporter 1g junior Classical League 1. Ambition: Housewife WALTER BURKHARDT CLARK Munich, Germany Enthusiastic story teller. Rare but hilarious sense of humor. Takes and develope-s pictures. Those tight skirts ! ! ! Downfield blocking. "Our idea of iz regular fellow." Football 2, 45 Basketball 2, 4g German Club 1, 23 Soccer 1, 25 Class Play 33 Audio-Visual Club 2g Aviation Club 43 Annual Staff 4. Ambition: To go to college LARRY LEE CHINN Washington, D.C. An easy-going, cheerful person. Giggles con- stantly. Likes girls. Listening to records. "Larry," Dislikes sitting in class with nothing to do. "A line wire never gety :teppeil on." Football 25 Basketball 2, 5, 4, French Club 2, 35 Attend- ance Award Zg Annual Staff 4. Ambition: Air Force BEVERLY ADRIAN DABNEY Brooklyn, New York Gentle manner. Give her a job and she'1l get it done. Collector of books, character dolls and horse statues. Enjoys classical and show music. "Bev." Dislikes boys' socks that don't match their shirts. "Gentle of rpeech, beiieficeiiz of mimi." Kapa, 3, 4g Glee Club 1, 2g Newspaper lg Citizen of the Year 1, 25 German Club 2, 3g Vice-President 4g Attendance Award 2, 3g Beta 2, 5, 4g Student Council 4, Annual Staff 4. Ambition: X-ray technician DORIS LORETTE COWART Lucedale, Mississippi Always on the go. Sports enthusiast. Can be a lot of fun. Swimming and walking, sailors. "Doris" Dislikes drunk drivers. "Patience and geiitleiierf if power." Fashioning and Modeling Club 2. Ambition' Women's Air Force RICHARD HANNON DAVIS Fayetteville, North Carolina Mechanical mind. Polite and understanding. Radio ham. Likes Sue, recording music. A dependable person. "Dick." Dislikes rain and heat. "Nothing achieved hefore thoronghly atternpteiif' Glee Club 25 Swimming 2g Annual Staff 4g Senior Conces- sions 4. Arnhition: College BARBARA MARIA DAVIS Vienna, Austria Interested in others. People listen when she talks. Cordial, mature. Languages, reading, music. Likes all kinds of cheese. "Babs.' Dislikes people who lack originality. "Large if her heart, hat larger yet her mind." National Honor Society lg International Club lg Latin Club lg Red Cross 2, 5g Newspaper 1, 4g Science Club 4g Annual Staff 4g Student Council 4. Ambition: International law LYNNE DAVISON Columbia, South Carolina Talkative. Lively person. Likes to read. Pizza. Tom. Well-dressed people. Dislikes snobby people. "IJ Jlae talking ye! or again?" Glee Club 1, 3, 4g Class Play 1, 2g Newspaper 2, 4g Annual Staff 4. Ambition: To be a telephone operator DIANA CLAIR DAVIS Nashville, Tennessee Quiet in school, but not outside. Likes boys, good times and rock and roll records. Swimming. "Diana" Dislikes people who step on others ro get ahead. "Ark me no questions and I'Zl tell yon no fibff' Ambition: To be a typist JOHN LEROY EATON Lima, Ohio Considerate of others. Mathematical mind. Flies model planes. Wow! those curvy girls! "Satch." Dis- likes being fundless. "Che4'cbez Zu femme." Attendance Award lg Science Fair Award 1, 2, 39 Annual Staff 4. Ambition: Engineer BETTIE DE HAVEN DOCKRAY Louisville, Kentucky Always ready to do her share. Trustworthy, reserved in manner most of the time. Neat dresser. Parties, "Buddy," football. "By gumf' Dislikes clash- ing colors and work. "Manner not gold if womambf adommentf' Glee Club 25 Junior Classical League 35 Newspaper lg Kapa 2, Class Play lg Beta 2, 4g Annual Staff 4g Class Secretary 4. Ambition: College F lui, WILLIAM PAUL FISHER Blair, Nebraska Appreciates good music. Thoughts that are deep, words that are wise. Quiet-sometimes! Tennis player. Girls, Girls, Girls! "Fish" Dislikes snails."For man if man and matter of bi! fate." Attendance Award 3g Science Club 4g Swimming 1, 2, 3g Track 2, 55 Annual Staff 4. Ambition: To compose or direct music SUZANNE EVANS Louisville, Kentucky Analytical mind. Good organizer. Room for nonsense. Light and bright. Hates cats. Plays piano. "Sudi." Dislikes injustice of any kind. "A pretty face and a gooa' minal, a dangeroaf combination in a woman." Kapa 2, 3g Treasurer 3g Junior Classical League 1, 2g French Club 3, 4g Newspaper lg Majorette 25 J.V. Cheer- leader 3g Scholastic Award 1, 2, 55 Beta Club 2, 3, 45 Secretary 3, President 45 Co-Editor Annual 4g Latin Award 2g Dad's Club Award 3g French Award 35 U.S. History Award 3g English Award 3g Plane Geometry Award 3. Ambition: To be a bi-lingual secretary MARSHA ADELE GORDON Philadelphia, Pennsylvania A woman driver, through and through. Un- suspected sense of humor. Eats a lot. Sports fan. South Pacific music. "Flash," Dislikes being rushed. "Bright eye! and iz pleamnt rmilef' Glee Club 3. Ambition: Marriage TAMGARD CHRISTINE FRITZ Bensheim Auerbach, Germany Cool and calculating. Reads good books. Draws with a professional touch. Methodical mind. "Bazi." Dislikes tactless people. "In qnieznefs and confidence shall be your rzfrengihf' Beta Club 3, 4g French Club 2, 5g Newspaper 25 News- paper Award Zg Scholarship Award 3g Dads Club Award, French II Award 3. Ambition: To be a foreign language teacher E l 5, 55 l Q JUDY MARION HAMMERSTONE Asbury Park, New Jersey Peppy pixie. Good conversationalist. Always talking about Bob. Big, brown eyes. Collects pop records. Dancing. Versatile boys. Dislikes conceited boys. "Good things come in Jmall packages, but then tberefr T.N.T." Glee Club 1, 25 Speech Club 2g Dance lg Aviation Club 4g Annual Staff 45 Homecoming Court 4. Ambition: To go to business college FREDERICK RICHARD' GRUNSBY Mount Holly, New jersey Loyal to his friends. Easy-going. Always looks sleepy. Sharp dresser. Kay. Cool haircut. Red and white Chrysler. Drive-in's. "Fritz." Dislikes fault- finders. "It is no .vin to look at tt pretty girl." German Club 2, 35 Football 2, 3, 4g Track 1, 2g Glee Club lg Attendance Award lg Annual Staff 4. Ambition: Further schooling PAMELA ANN I-IARRINGTON Burlington, Vermont Vivacious as they come. Talented artist. Loves those cadets. Memories of summer '58. Black M.G. "Wow!" Dislikes psychology class. "Viwcity if the gift of woman." Dramatic Club 1, 25 Kapa 1, 45 Junior Classical League 1, 2, 35 Art Club 1, 25 French Club 3, 45 Secretary 45 Cheerleader 25 School Play 15 Class Play 25 National Forensic League 2 5 Annual Staff 4. Ambition: To be an interior decorator SHIRLEY JEAN HAMMERSTONE Asbury Park, New jersey Works hard, but modestly, when given a job. Has fun in a quiet way. A talker when you get to know her. Tennis. Painting. Boys with crew-cuts and brown eyes. "Puck" Dislikes boys with sloppy haircuts. "Me . . . quiet." Glee Club 1, 25 Speech Club 25 G.A.A. 1, 25 Kapa 45 Jazz Club 1, 2. Ambition: To go to a business school WILLIS BENJAMIN JAMES Lexington, Kentucky Modest is his own way. Liked by all. Serious sayings that make others laugh. Marvelous dancer. Unusually adept in basketball. Sensational voice. "Punkin." Dislikes tennis. "I warn? sleeping, just thinking." Glee Club 2, 35 Kapa 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 5, 4g Free Throw Award 25 Most Valuable Player Award 3. Ambition: To join the Air Force EXCELL NORMAN HUNTER New Orleans, Louisiana What a character! Frowns while concentrating. Cartoonist. Writes poetry. Girls. judo. "Gosh" Dis- likes personal enrichment. "Than lm: .teen nothing U - yet. Attendance Award 2, 3g Clas President lg Senior Band lg Scholastic Award lg Track lg Swimming 45 Annual Staff 4. Ambition: To go to college VAN JONES Charlottesville, Virginia A very likable person. Polite to everyone. Eats constantly. Sings. Wild parties. Sports cars. Hollywood mufflers. Late hours. 'lV.J." Dislikes the good food in the cafeteria. "The only way to lainie iz friend ir to be one." Glee Club 1, 2, 35 German Club 2, 35 Basketball 1, 2. Ambition: To join the Air Force MAYBELLE LEE JONES Muskegon Heights, Michigan Not a care in the world. Friendly and happy- go-lucky. Crazy over clothes. Boys. Dancing. "Billie" Dislikes jealous people. Leiwe 'em liiiighiiigf' Chorus lg Class President lg Softball Team lg Basketball Team lg Newspaper Staff 45 Annual Staff 4. Ambition: To be a nurse EVA KATHRYN KINSEL Bethel, Ohio Lots of fun. Has a freshness about her. Always ready with a helping hand. Boys who are neat dressers. "Kathy" Dislikes boys wearing unmatched socks. "Fm not ar Jhy as I seem." Junior Classical League 2, 5, 4g Glee Club 5g Pep Club lg Annual Staff 4. Ambition: To be a nurse JOYCE ANN JORSTAD La Crescent, Minnesota Quiet voice. A good friend. Can make and take jokes. Ice skating. Blue-eyed boys. Walking. Sailors. "Joy." Dislikes snobbish people. "Quiet, but ready to do ber JZmre." Glee Club 1, 2, 3g French Club lg Science Club lg Annual Staff 4. Ambition: To be an airline srewardess THOMAS JAMES LAWLOR Fort Benning, Georgia Good-natured. Enjoys good jokes. Collects mili- tary miniatures and insignia. Likes ponytails. New York Yankees. "Say now!" Dislikes grass drills. "Life is jimi one darned thing after another? Glee Club lg Photography Club 2g Track Zg Annual Staff 4. Ambition: To be an Army Officer JAMES HOWARD KOEHN Auburn, Alabama Thoughtful and considerate. Night prowler. Wild parties. Hi-Fi records. Aqua-velva. A push-over for sob stories. "Jim" Dislikes the service at Ireland Army Hospital. "Thanx hir thinking of otherr that made yon zhinh of him. Spanish Club 2g Football 2, 4g Track 25 Annual Staff 4. Ambition: College BRADFORD RELIS LUKE Plattsburg Barracks, New York A quiet and unassuming person. Shy with girls. Camera bug. Collects stamps and coins. One-man taxi service. "Brad." Dislikes hitch-hikers. "He pro- fil! mort wbo .fewer ben." Kapa 55 German Club 5, 43 Science Club 4g Annual Staff 4. Ambition: To be a chemical engineer BARBARA LEVY Augusta, Georgia Femme fatale. Flirtatious eyes. Sweet mannerecl. A little bit of Georgia in her talk. Letters from the Citadel. "I haven't got anything to wearf' Dislikes bus rides to away games. "Beauty if power, iz Jmile in rworiif' Glee Club 1, 25 Secretary 2g Drama Club 1g French Club 2, 3g Treasurer 5g Kapa 3, 4g Cheerleader 3, 45 Homecoming Attendant 3, 4g Valentine Attendant 3g Annual Staff 4. Ambition: To go to college THOMAS WILLIAM MALONE Springfield, Massachusetts Pensive thinker. Good speaking and singing voice. Electronics. Skin-diving. Good classical re- cords. "Tom" Dislikes smoking and drinking. "To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield." Glee Club 1, 3, 4g Cross Ountry lg Class Play 3g Chess Club lg Football l. Ambition: To join the Air Force SALLY JANE MAGRUDER Louisville, Kentucky True friendship is worth much. The mildest manners and the gentlest heart. Noble in thought. Did you say a pink and white truck? Likes to travel. "Farmer," Dislikes ill-mannered boys. "iff nice to be nnmml when y0n're nnzfnmiiy nice." Glee Club 1, 2g Kapa 1, 2g Library Club 25 Newspaper 1, 2, 33 Attendance Award 2g Future Teachers of America 2, 5, 4g Junior Classical League 2, 3, 45 Annual Staff 4. Ambition: To be a nurse CANNON ARMSTRONG OWEN II Jacksonville, Florida Man of many moods. Has a way with women. Abstract paintings. Winstons. Good music. Beautiful girls. "Lover," Dislikes personal enrichment, "Leader of men, follower of women." German Club lg Junior Classical League 2, 3, 43 Football 2, 3g Class Play 3g Swimming 2g Art Club lg Science Enrichment Program 45 Annual Co-Editor 4. Ambition: To study medicine LARRY LEE MUSSER Columbus, Ohio Procrastination at its best. Sharp wit. Nose for news. Saturday nights. Quiet girls. Pall Malls. Dislikes Monday mornings. 'Theieir iz method in my moiinerr? German Club President 4g Newspaper 1, Assistant Editor 2g Editor 3, 45 Annual Staff 4. Ambition: To become a journalist ROBERT NORMAN PARSONS Hodgenville, Kentucky Rich, throary voice. Nice to be around. Sharp dancer. Eyes that crinkle when he laughs. Black and white clothes. Painting. Auto-mechanics. "Bob," Dis- likes girls with sharp fingernails. "Sincere, friendly, anal gooal-nntnreilf' Art Honor Society 3g Senior Follies 35 Annual Staff 4. Ambition: To go to commercial art rclaool RAYMOND CHESTER OWENS, IR. Louisville, Kentucky Eve1'ybody's buddy. Contagious sense of humor. Eats, sleeps, and has fun. Ed Cook. Likes to sing. Sports. "Fat Daddy." Dislikes work of any kind. "A friendly grin, with iz mirclaienonf glenmf' Glee Club 1, 2, 5, 4g Class Play SQ German Club 2, 53 Track 2g Football 1, 3, 45 Class Sergeant-at-Arms 4g Annual Staff 4. Ambition: To be a coach DELORES ANN CTHOMPSONJ PULLIAN Alanta, Georgia Continuous chatter. An abundance of sparkle and pep. Owns a brand new '52 Chevy. Banana sandwiches. Tall, dark Italian boys. "Del" Dislikes walking. "lf worry if tbe came of eieazb lull live for- ever." Kapa 1, 2, 3, 4g Guidance Club lg Newspaper 5, 4g Glee Club lg Annual Staff 4. Ambition: To study journalism PENELOPE JANE PENN Mangum, Oklahoma Bouncey pep and personality. Unusual laugh "Oh, corn." Likes tall, dark, handsome, rich men. "Penny" Dislikes cheese. "Maybe men m'eii'i perfect, but zfbey'i'e tbe bert opporite .rex weave got." Glee Club 35 Class Vice-President 2, 4g Class Play 3 Aviation Club 4. Ambition: Undecided 1 DENNIS MICHAEL REUBLIN Jonesville, Wisconsin Changeable personality. Always ready with a wisecrack. Weakness for pretty brown eyes. Interested in cars. Likes to play basketball. "I kid you not." Dislikes admitting being wrong. "He that mirchief lmtclaefb, mircbief maketh." French Club President 4, Science Club lg Annual Staff 4, Basketball 2, 5, 4. Ambition: College SUSAN HANDLEY REED Alexandria, Louisiana Laughter makes life worth-while. Sincere friendliness. A true blonde. Enoch. Football games. Enjoys turning cars over. "Oh, my goodness." Dislikes fast drivers. "Her wit if ber wealth." Kapa 1, 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 1, 25 Library Club 25 French Club 1, 2, Beta 2g Aviation Club 4g Attendance Award 2, 3, Scholastic Award 2, Newspaper 2, 4, Class Play 35 Annual Staff 4g Homecoming Attendant 4. Ambizion: College degree JOAN LAWRENCE RYAN Louisville, Kentucky Accomplishes everything she sets out to do. Everything with a flair. Poised. Big brown eyes and long ponytail. Loyal Kenruckian. "Joni" Dislikes asparagus. "Nothing great if ever achieved withoiit 67ZlbZtJ'itZJ'77'Z.H junior Classical League 1, 25 Kapa 2, 3, 4g Newspaper 2, 3g Glee Club 29 French Club 3, 45 Beta 3, 4g Library Club 43 Class Play 33 Scholastic Award 25 Citizenship Award 3, Girls' State 33 Girls' Nation 35 Cheerleader 3, 4, Captain 45 Student Council 3, 4, President 4g Valentine Court 3g Homecoming Attendant 35 Homecoming Queen 45 Annual Staff 4. Ambition: College TERRY ELISHA ROONEY Fort Benning, Georgia Mischievous and peppy. Life of the party. Igor. Likes to bowl and travel. Music and records. Enjoys going on midnight hikes. Dislikes men in Bermudas. "A giggle, iz dash, ti rhriek, emi it crash." swimming curb 2, ag Pep Club 1, 2, ag G.A.A. 1, 3. German Club 2g Newspaper 43 Debate 45' Annual Staff 4. Ambition: To be a Veterinarian l l 5 l l DIANE LOUISE SCOTT Anderson, Indiana Fun when you get to know her. Skeptical. Likes going to the movies. Good music. Convertibles. Col- lects records. "Red." Dislikes conceited people. "Speech if rihfer, silence it golden." Glee Club 1, 25 Chorus 1, 2g Pep Club 1, 2g Rhythm and Blues Club 2g Annual Staff 4. Ambition: To go to business school EE? PAUL EDWARD SAMES Louisville, Kentucky Lively and likeable. Quiet personality. Blond girls with big blue eyes. Good food. Plays drums. Enjoys flying. "Paul" Dislikes New York Yankees. "H e looks mm!! and qiiiei, biit!', Letterman's Club 25 Basketball 2g French Club 2, 35 Base- ball 2, 3g Class Play 35 Football 2, 3, 4g Aviation Club, Vice-President, 4. Ambition: U.S. Air Force Academy MARIA GIOVANNA SICILIANO Portland, Maine Twinkling, laughing eyes. Definite accent. Jolly. Swimming. Dancing. Money. Likes humorous people. "Maria" Dislikes people who feel they are superior to others. "A smile that won? come off." Glee Club 2, 4, Typing Award 2, junior Classical League 2, 33 Annual Staff 4. Ambition: To go to business college ROBERT EARL SHAW Tuscaloosa, Alabama Dynamic personality. Born to be a leader. Superb athlete. Model air-planes. Judy. Football. Flying. "Bob," Dislikes people who lack perseverance. "Salt of the earth, peppev of the athletes." Glee Club 1, 2g Junior Classical League 23 Football 1, 2, 5, 4g Newspaper 2g Class President 2g Class Play 3g Basketball 1, 2, Baseball 1, 2, 3, Annual Staff 4, Aviation Club, President 4g Dadls Club Award 3. Ambition: U.S. Air Force Academy ,iss E Q 3 i , PATTY JEAN THOMAS Delaware, Ohio Works hard. Likes to see a job well done. Soft spoken and quiet. Likes Walking. Movies. Jurgen. Good books. "Pat" Dislikes people who tell false- hoods. "Good netnre is her middle name." Attendance Award 2g German Club 3g Annual Staff 4. Ambition: Marriage E JE, Hi' E Q' fi ,. 'l 47 NANCY SNIDER Champaign, Illinois Surprise people-not as quiet as she appears. Sweet n' neat. Beautiful clothes. Northern accent. Water skiing. Pizza. Likes to have a good time. Weakness for senior candy. "Spider." Dislikes un- friendly people. "Tlae very pink of perfection." Girls' Chorus 1, 45 Newspaper lg Junior Masque Vice- President 2g F.B.L.A. 1, 2g Mixed- Choir 4g German Club 4g Annual Staff 4. Ambition: Stenographer WALTER GERHARD VOEGELE Marnheim, Qermany Smiles constantly. Good companion. Likes every- one. Lively parties. Collects coins. Tinkers with cars. Sleeps late. Cigarettes. "Walter." Dislikes getting up on cold mornings. "Never let Jtudief interfere with your education." German Club 1, 23 Class President 2. Ambition: To join the Air Force SUZANNE VICTOR Fairmont, Virginia Mind for statistics. Reliable church worker. Enjoys classical and show rnusice. Reading. Swim- ming. Dislikes ostentatious people. "A good mind poueyrex cl kirzgciomf' Kapa 25 Junior Classical League.2, 5, 4, Vice-President 33 Library Club 2, 4g Science Club 4g Annual Staff 45 Beta 2, 5, 4. Ambition: To be a nurse is 5 af Z an JEROME LEVIN WILLIAMS Demopolis, Alabama Acts innocent, but! Good-natured and fun lov- ing. Wine, women, and song. Hunts and fishes. "Jerry" Dislikes exams. "Work fmrcimzzfes me - I can .fit ami look at it all day." Basketball lg Football 55 Track 1. Ambition: To be an electrician REX AUGUSTUS WILBANKS Greenville, South Carolina Noticed in spite of his quiet presence. Girls are his weakness. Avid fan of science fiction. Goes for hamburgers. "Dick." Dislikes being called Poopsie. "Life, liberty, and the pursuit of Jkirtff' Football 2, 3, 4g Latin Club 2g Science Club 35 Military 1, 2, 3. Ambition: U.S. Air Force Academy Senior English Class Second S ernester Senior BARBARA MELVIN Manhattan, New York Laughs at everybody but hardest at herself. Ex pert debater. Dislikes pointed-toe shoes. "Barb,' "She would stop St. Peterif roll ml! to ask iz qneftionf Beta Club 2, 55 Latin Club 1, 25 Debate 2, 3. Senior not pictured: NANCY BALDWIN ,,,,,,..... UNAEBLXOSSMEN " -f WL X Q- X XX X f Z fG! Xxxxix Q f3 "5 f-5 , f"5 Q15 bi WXX -,,....t. ' ..:.., .... ' X . XX Q QR fibirbxxfx X X 'X fx T54 R X Ai JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Vice-Prerident ........ Richard Raymond Secretwry ...... ..... J udy Richard President ....... --- Dick Boylesron Tfeamrer ......... .... D elores Loll S ergeant-at-Arm: -------- Terry Sraimpel JUNIOR CLASS FAVORITES Terry Sraimpel and Judy Richard Walter Barquist William Bedzyk Billie Sue Bell Stephanie Benton Richard Berry Beverly Blue William Bogges Robin Border David Boudreaux Richard Boyleston joeseph Brennan Helen Brown John Cadley Luz Carrasquillo Mervel Chaney Brenda Dabney Bennie Dale Barbara Dirrmer Patty Dwyer Thomas Ferrel Rosalind Fields Barry Fields Sandra Fisher Niki Fox Donna Clement Sandra Cobb George Coleman George Colvin Joe Covert Brooks Cummings Sandra Fraizier Sue Gifford Dick Griffin John Gramzow Laura Hambrick George Harris Meline Harrison Clyde Hoff Arthur Isham Nancy Jackson George Jacobs Barbara johnson Evelyn Johnson Dennis Karpinsky Penny Kendall Delores Loll Georgia Anne Looney Ray Ludwig Michael Lynch Thomas McAdams Joann Malish Barbara Mason james Montgomery Linda Moore Marlene Kucharczak Gary Lambert Barbara Lennhoff Jean Lerner James Lewis Earl Logan joseph Murphy John Noel Johnnie Petrey Neil Ray Richard Raymond Judy Richard Frank Robison Maria Roy Carole Ryder Marianne Shannon Christi Sleeker Stella Small Robert Smith Ridgeway Smith Robert Staimpel Wayne Watkins Shirley Wickerman Chester Wolkonowski Joan Wooley Bill Popple George Snedeker fzmiorr not piczfwed: Curtis Barnett Dagmar Brenner Barbara Burns Mike Cassidy Francis Giocomozzi Barbara Glass Tito Ortiz Stephen Poff Margaret Spillane Margaret Parham Eugene Thomas joan Reese Judy Reese Donna Wismer Terry Sraimpel George Szilvasy Ericka Talbott Ericka Tanner Ann Ulricson Judy Van Hook 'ii' x Q W, SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Prefzdent ................ Mike O'Nan Treayurer ..... - ----. Regina Grunsby Vice-President --- ---- Bob Cronk Sergeant-at-Army --- --- Doug Reilly Secretary ..... -. --- Mary Shaffer SOPHOMORE CLASS FAVORITES Doug Reilly and Regina Grunsby Joachim Auer Lamar Best Nicky Biersteker Carole Bizousky james Brink Tom Brink Brigetta Brown Pamela Carlson Patricia Carlson Rosalina Carraquillo Tom Carver Barbara Cavender Wendy Chartock Christa Clark Donna Clark David Cockerill Irma Colon Leo Collins Robert Cronk Paul Crosby Ernie Davidson Michael DeMilt Clifford Dillion Frankie Drake Kathy Durkin Gideon Dye Theodora Earl Catherine Engle David England Ruth Fisher Wanda Fletcher Martha Freeland Brenda Gadsby Mary Ann Yetrer Gary Gargus Mike Garza Susan Gibson Sally Gramzow Mary Ann Greene Willimn Green Joyce Griffin Regina Grumbsy Judy Halado Albert Hall Floyd Harris Gerald Harris Karen Heying James Hines Harold Hughes Susan Irish Joyce Janka Larry Johnson Ingrid Jones Loretta Jones Daniel Karpinsky Arlene Keenan Mary Francis Keller Don Kinsel Dwight Kirby Richard Kirby Frank Klee Linda Kloosterman Jean Koch William Landis Stephanie Little Joyce Long Barbara Lowe Lamar Lowe Madlyn McAdams George McCall Patsy McElheney Joyce Mack Gregg McKee Cheryl Mahaffey Beth Michaely Shirley Monroe Roberta Montgomery Pauncho Morgan Anne Marie Mosko Tom Mullins Lilo Noorrnan Mike O'Nan Charles Opper Ken Pannell james Patee Larry Payton Judy Persky Shirley Raub Cora Ray Doug Reily Edwin Reynolds Harold Richards Ira Richards Linda Risley Steve Robbins Chester Rogeski Carole Sanders john Sarracino Trudy Serganr Mary Shaffer Sally Sharnp Peggie Sharp Don Sheckels Danny Shoaf Oscar Simms Shirley Small Daniel Smith Joe Spagnola Sandy Staimpel Patricia Starks Doug Starr Mary Tanner Jon Taylor Ronald Taylor Frances Turner John Ulricson jack Van Curen Cathy Victor Shelton Walker Terry Wallace Curtis White David Whitehead Nancy Wnukoski Vicki Wyant Jane Brobson Joyce Crain john Erwin David Starcher Frederica Stucki Sophomore: not pictured: James Baily Suzanne Baldwin Barbara Carr Udo Christ Vivian Cooper Carole Fuller Charles Garret Nancy Glass Letha Grove Marlyn Jenkins Elizabeth Kizer Karin Lee 63 Chuck Melzer Bobby Neville Culos Ortiz Richard Rice Marvin Stuart Jerry West FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Prexicienz ............... Rusty Stewart Secretary --- .... Lynn Gassard Treaxurer ...... --- Shirley Foley Vice-Prerident - --- .... Penny Niland FRESHMAN CLASS FAVORITES Tommy Hammerstone and Connie Copeland 4 . 5 2 if ,S 2 5 E f fi Q if Q 5 Q Q E2 S 5 5 1 5 5 Q 5 ,X ,Q 5 zz iii? Q We ws 1, .. 1 Y 4 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 5 A 5 SECTION V Back Row: Miss Martin, Linda Longarce, Pat Green, son, julie Struber, Cheryl McNerney, Rosalie Sammer, Bobbie Monihu, Loreen Johnson, Vicky Hemprhey, Stan- Vickie Lewis, Roberta Porter. Front Row: John Coleman, ley Rising, Gary Bhelar, Rick Field, Rosetta Simms, Penny Mike Denten, Jim Calice, john Risley, Paul Troester, Nilland, Sharon Smith, Norma Hardin. Middle Row: Wilmn Wfooley, john Games. Lawson Whitlowe, Jim Donnlely, Clyde King, Irma Wat- 1 VT' , 'l S J 5 I M S. -X S' 5- 3""l - 'S .:f'T... f FS'- C - if EIGHTH GRADE CLASS OFFICERS President ............. E-- Sherrie Koch Vice-President .... --- Steven Christan Secretary ...... --- Kathy Tutko Tremufer .... --- Rita Barnett EIGHTH GRADE CLASS FAVORITES Dale McSherry and Kathy Tutko , f 2 2 3 5 E f 5 4 2 2 2 S Q K K Q : F1 , X 2 5 if H 5 Q Q f 3 2 E Si 5 2 E Q, 2 2 5 1 3 2 I 5 2 i w SECTION V Fin: Row: Buddy Border, Robert jackson, David Clark, David Lovingood, William Cote, Nazrie Ray, Charles Eaton. Second Row: Sigue Ray, Patricia Wyche, joan Dahnk, Lee McCleary, Forrest Blue, jimmy Swanagin, Terry Holliday, Olivia Johnston Patsy Lang. Third Row: L-L.. y-,,....s.-v-- ..- Mrs. McKevitt, Mary Oyler, Carolyn Simms, Susan Bar quist, Janice Copeland, Donald Ballard, Albert Freeland, Mike Estep, Kent Stalker, Lee Mace, Katherine Tutko, Frances Freeland. s.-- V - -fg. V g ., .,.,,..- H + Y ff A- --L f x rb ,-N , . 1 if 1 i Y -H N, ,Ri L X SEVENTH GRADE CLASS OFFICERS Prendenz ................ Pat Arvanio Vice-President --- ...... Judy Levy Secretary .... Pam Humphill Treaxurer ...... -, ..... Paul Gross Sergeant-at-Arm: --- .... David Berry SEVENTH GRADE CLASS FAVORITES Judy Levy and Lloyd Sullivan E Z 3 a Qi g 2 3 it S5 E Qs . X 2 Q 3 A 1 Q 5 2 2 Z Y 2 f fi 2 E 3 ' E 3 if Q i 2 3 if 5 E 5 3 5 2 S 3 5 5 5 2 Y S 5? K 2 al R s L B 2 5 li B gf 5 s 2 6 5 .2 'B Q 2 3 1 f F Q if ss E S 5 as Q. .1 1 ,Q 2 2 4 5 3 51 xx . . . eml .fo we hid farewell . . . But with farewell comer hope . . . hope.r for the future . . . hope for ourselves . . . hope for the world . . . For no obxtacle ix zoo greet to he overcome 76 90N URS 5 5 Q 5 2 2 52 9 iz Ez is ff is ii 55 If 5 E X 3 Q X 2 E 25 Q 5 51 5 Q P Q , 5 ,Q 2 9 Q 2 4 V 25 52 3 E e 2 ga 55 ii 2 E 3 E Y 3 5 3 5 Q 5' E E 2 ? 3 E E ., s 3 Q 3 2 35 5 3 1 52 if S 23 2 CQ 5 2 fi Q 4, Q E A 5? S 5 2 E Q 3 Z Z E E 3 X 2 f i 5 B 1 H 5 Q Q 14 5 5 5 'S Z 2 S 3 MR. AND MISS EAGLE Joan Ryan and Cannon Owen MOST POPULAR joan Ryan and Thad Ball Y 1 'il " 73 lg ' 5 ss . Exgiqef MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Suzanne Evans and Robert Shaw 82 BEST-ALL-AROUN D Joan Ryan and Thad Ball , , Y s- 9 2 W ,E , . S1-1 km 1 ' S xx ,: wI'f"' , 4 N ,ggsv B QN I ' M359 35' V, 'Q ,,,1ww - wa BEST DANCERS Judy Hammerstone and Willis James BEST LOOKING Barbara Levy and Cannon Owen BIGGEST FLIRTS Pamela Harrington and Cannon Owen BEST DRESSED Barbara Levy and Fred Grunsby MOST ATHLETIC Maybelle jones and Robert Shaw MOST HUMOROUS Terry Rooney and Ray Owens PHYLLIS BAKER SUSAN REED BARBARA LEVY KAREN HEYING ERIKA TANNER JUDY HAMMERSTONE we 135 in 75 352 52 rea 3 ' 55 Zia: il sh Ti W 9 5 522 5' iw? SIE W Q 12 Q me Q1 se sis 5, is wx 53 gm E923 9 325 X XZ W 59: sag Q EE A? S34 Q M is ,E W 'ii 5:32 Q35 'ii SSL H? SQ.: 25: fi! Si Ev W ees mf Ti NN ez uf E 5 3 3? mf 522 an 52 SE? af K? M ge fi Q X 53? F15 is Joni Ryan Judy Richard Roz F1e1d Dolores Loll m.-...g....4g.-.-auth' 90 is GET-ACQUAIN TED DANCE Getting to Know You . . . sponsored by Student Council with refreshments from the Home Economics Department . .. . music from Taho juke box . . . jitterbug contest . . . Willis james and Mervel Chaney. KNOX RUMBLE Rock 'n Roll with Records . . . sophomore class . . . entertainment . . . Enchanters . . . Bob and Pauls guitars. CHRISTMAS DANCE Christmas Lanterns . . . Chic Sales Band . . . a formal by the class of '62 .... good food and gay times. VALENTINE DANCE Hearts and Cupids . . . Queen and her court . . . songs by the En- chanters . . . fabulous decorations . . - sponsored by the senior class of '59. 91 i li SPRING DANCE Spring Fancy . . . birds and flowers . . . floor show . . . hilarious . . . sophomores of '58. W YN 2 E PROM Around the World in Eighty Days . . . February Weather . . . exotic decorations under the stars . . . goodbye, Seniors of '58 . . . hello, Seniors of '59. ARSENIC AND OLD LACE Arfenic and Old Lace was presented by the junior class of '59. It was a delightful comedy with a marvelous cast. It was enjoyed by all. J be QNX wx, Q' We are mod 1 e ed here in ,qdion 0995 G Q05 Watch those fingers! Football season gets under way with the burning of Shepherdsville in effigy. Beat Glasgow! Homecoming '58! Fort Knox High School proudly presents . . .Y ,. ..,..-.- . qt-1-mtv --1-1. .51" . x'-uf' BRAD LUKE Photographer ., -.,., ., ' 'g-:-:wr-. --, ., .. -. --1. '. -., . -1-!:f:f:f::I:-1-fs.--:fm ' fi:2:':i'3' ' ":"f' . - ' U. -Z'-' '- a.: vu. , ,!:::i:g'.gf:,. - - "-:,::'.1f. ,:.:..,'::gI:f' - N. ., .,.., .,,. .:., .gi W" KATHY KIN SEL Frexhrnan Editor .nn , .-. on e ,ou .. ': H ' . . ,. . . . .' L" Q ' CANNON OWEN ' Editor-in-Chief PAM HARRINGTON Art Editor ,-Ig. If-'52 :fl-'iff " t:-:,3.'-. 17 . ,-Ig-ti:-. ,, ,., . '.'-.'-.'-.-ng.,-. -H. -. .,-. q::,g.:.:, f '-.'.:::.., .1 -,gp -. . SUSAN REED Senior Editor PATTY THOMAS, JOYCE JORSTAD Seventh, Eighth G rade Editor: DICK DAVIS Bnfiness Manager 96 "'I...- .. ----HI--'af--t ..V.....-...,,, I,- ----...::g...--:......-- e...:... H...-::1l.ggg-9' 'H-III...--.-.' glgld.-L :::E:1HlEg -- - .....u::.., MAYBELLE JONES, PAUL SAM Sophomore Editors ES .w:55::f:-: .:u,:.g-,: ., :ii::f::lfl:ff:-iftf. -. -. -. .. -. v' ' 'l.'l In . f:hr:l:----J-.,f:f:-I. ' ' 'a I u'o, -::,.-. .f- 1-. -::-z-. x5E5i5lE55:-. ':2::5:I:H:I:-. A::g.-::::g:g:-::.. , ,4::-.:g.:N 1.-:Ig.g7.: -:-.-gi-, .g.i:I.g::5::-::5 l'.l.-.0 1.1:-L ..I:'.-'-'f.u'.-:uh 12g:g::g: ' . '-"--1--:g:g:I:!:g::l::-::l: -,.,. ,., v. -,.-.--,---..'..l.- -,.,.g,.,., r --,..-.--..l,. .,.,.,,.,. - uifjqng.-, -:-:--:-- 'g::::- -:.-:--:-:. I Us n'nl.n.. .g..' --.-'.-- u n' '.I'.l' 'qu' .na qu! 2 - -:ing ' -::g. .g. 7: , . :- .g:., 51: ' r,l:.. 5:l::I:-. -'nh' g -:.g.gI gl. ' '-:5. -::5:.- .,.g. '..,..-:, . .. :Hilfig- ::-::-:----. n::.:.'::::. .., . .'- . .- .., H:H:l:IE2I:::-. ::-::-:-'--:-.-:- .5::5::f::5gi:2::,::- -...,.- .r, gr,-J , ..... . ........ .. ....... .. . ......,.... . . ........... .. '--1, , ,.:.:'.:m99'.:':.: , ................... . .... , ..................... ., .. ....... ........, . ,.... - ...,........ "::z'.:'x.: "az . . ,g.-:-,. f.'!g:.glg "'I'-fb.. -.g--..g. . .,: , 15:- ':'lSl:-. .'l"l 1 ,gg S AL LY F46 MAG ugty RU DER for Sag., '1:,. '-:5:. '-::l::-.. ':'::l::I::- 5::5:55::5E:5::g., 'ghgiigirgllgl-g. '52'5::::55:5S:5 fiisissisii' '!:55:5Ef '-gig! .iw 'Q ... ... ... na ..., 515. . ... ...... "RSL ..... ... .. . .... .... .. .. . . ..... ........ 'X.'f.'IIf:I '0111115' ... .. .- ... . .- ,... .... -...- .. . ... ,..... ........ .......... .. ........ "Yma- ... 'nun . ..... . ...... .. ..... .. . .. "IL I WU' lnonnnuo . ...... , ,,,,,, 3, . ......... .... 5, ,,,, ml-5. ........... .... 9, a::::::::::::::::: B . ....... -uqnnvannnnnancn ,.g...,f A .. we .........., B ' '11M.fasw.. . -' 3 ""mz'::... " D "":::..., AV A.5...........4.-..........4 ., ...................... , ::..........:::.::.1 C E 'K15W5'I.11M1f I R ............5.- uh R ....... ....... I Gm... .... - E -:..11.1'.9 n d . R '-::::::: nu zp OO ,.... al 0, - 'vi E J' 'T-I-::.-.. 2' di, Y '.......'... ....... gr vf""""""' ,,.............. ----::::5zf.'::::.... "ff'?:::.-.1 . ..... 1 ....... , ,,,, , .... .. . .. , .63-I .Q TILT.. ".'.':. ,-4.-, -------v ......... l,.-,.-gg,-,. i!.?!!.'!!.2.. '.':!.'.- . -g..-,,., 1 ,..fg:I3gZI-12523113 .... ...... : :N .... -... . D, ,. ..... ,. ........ .. ,.... .nun--"""". ..........u- ,.....o',.,.:..,. .,,,.-, . .,.,.', 0 .... ,,.'.,..,,,..,. Cif!.'J!J.'I.'!3-'--. ,,','.':.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.- 3:11:32::':2:::'::::"1"::' '"--'-'!.-ZZ?-32.52-2233322 ...N-------v--5 ............. -s...-N.-:.,...:,,.:.g, .-N.-',.:.,..,,,.. "'11'!.'fiii..J. "".'.'.'.'.'.'f-'-'-- 'ZZ-'33 "If-'ZZ' "-1.-'I-"tk -......... . -3.-nu,,,, ,..., .-- ..:,.v:,..g S "1'.'.'fJ.. L'f........f- -31.-g,. 'Z 't.-112.5 U -.... a---' .::,.:::,.' 2.325 -nv ,.-vm .ew A -ac.. -::- N ':.--. - Ed - E E ''3-'!J-'!:.','g!-'-'-'----- -:Z-' 1 .,,.....-.:...a....::: , fo, , VAN '--'!:..::::::...-: 1 g,, 7" C S -f.-':.-.-::.-:::.-. - -:::.-. ' b -'........... -o'1.03, ,ef . -....... ,N s. ..-.,.4.,. un.. 73... ,v-,,.',,w. ...U g,.-.- ,.-:.,.-,,.-3... ...V 5.47 ,.- ...O ,av ,,.v .. -,,..- 3 ,.- .w .v ..-':. -'22-'Z-2-::. P'::":0Q1:v':::":2s' 1' Q' c'0 Q p' 0,0 .r .nl ,f uldsl' w'no0n, , ,. ,,. .. v,.. ,.- ,Q ,.- ,,.e ,.- ...... -',-',.v ,v .,.-- ,no ,.v ,ny ,.... ... .v ,-.,.4',.v,. wg, 1.4 .-,.-',.v ,.a::::::::: -z:-.-':r.-Z--:::.-gn. at.-" ,............. -,..:..f,,..:,.-.,..-J... U .:,.-,f ,, ,.. ...... . ...... ..,.,.,,.,,.:.,,..., ,mu U 4 ,......z..6..:?k .-,,.A3.,.,..,... """"'?v. . ..5'5'5'!..?.......... '-1'!..-3.3, '::::::::.:.:.:.::...., ....,,,.' ......................... 4661-:5-52:59, - ,ua -.,.o.,.: ....... ........... , ,,,,,, ,,,,, , ,,,. H.. , . ............... . ,,,,,,, ,,, ,,,. ,, . .............. ,U ,,,, ,,, ...:,,.. , ............g .,,,,,,,, . My ,..o ,,. 3 ,.,.' . ....... ..4 ,,f .n ,,. . 'XJIFJK 1----, -'2.-vi!-'giv-'IJ .......:. Qrez A C D ..:g,::::,.:::Qf 1-'gg' . . .. .Q . Q PM , OCK -::,gg::,:g. .... gg tl R ..-gg..-5 .... .. e J- A ' 5- Ed Y 'II' EEG.. 150 -Y ....... 1' -, . ...... -, ....... . SJ. WSW. L... .. ....--3. l""' nunuuuono. 1""" ocuuulcunoaof , ..... ..... .ws "rpg ..............,:9. -- - -- - . ......... ,.... . ................ - - - .,........... , f.f.f'f:1" nunnun' . -- - , ....... . , .................. ,, , ............... ...... -----mmazmzz. HY I "2II!!.'f-'IIIIIII O 0 B A 'H"':z"1:::1' -:: v ' ':-gs B P A nor-' E KER jigiif. -.. ... ..::.g:... d. 1-nv .H-::::::-x funio RSO apo? N J:--g:::::Hg:.: y Ugg... ...-,.::g Edit S 4-f.-5--if-:::f':!5F5" 'f!::HF::a, of 'f55:firiii5i5i5i:f vs 'fissin eysiifffiif Q ggi i :H-gg:-gf :. -:5:::5:: 4 ' fa. ,, -::. "If-:I "': , .- ,..,..,,:.,,. ,:...,:. lg.. .,2., a I ,.:.,, , . 'iiiz l gm !:i:5::.. -gg. -::--'-':- .gg 1 -:g::::.::. -:: sg 1 -5,5 Vggfgiggigihw 5.'kgiig-25-52.aE1E6.s42.::12fxQ5g1.1. 2:15, , fly-:.:.::.:-gggg. '.12::w2!:152:zff12w!zQ.ap- 1 .5 'rr gm '::l-::-:----::- : t . . rx ,--'-:gg -: ' -- V A ' A MQ, ::i:...::.I 5, :rm .,-1,14 gf-6. W- .124 , 1 s K , ,.,.-.-pg -g. V.: gf fgm fig ::g:::.:f xiii. lg., if?" 'Q ga .. 'i:55!5." Q 1- " ' fi' :,g::::,::,25ff, b ,ui '-:HH-:::., L., s,g5e,.3ff,f f l -s-Ef:i-2ZgJ!H2zn' 45:1 ....-gg...-g. Lmii rf fijgs :- ,- .,' ...-g H!f:::Hi:Jf:. ,gp 4:5135 "'i5!5:r5::i5i1:. , ' 'MWQSW .fiifiiiu 43555:555:Hf5:::,gi55i5ii5iijij 'H--::::l:::::.:.A 'H:::::-::::::::- '-::::i::::::::: -:,::,-:::::5, -::::!ii::- 'fi5::::f -::::5 '::.. .., 97 .:,:,':. Q lvl! . 'f::- 1A RR Y s M pam EESSER ipor kr 1 I 1 I l r I ? FRENCH Fin! Rowp Sally Gramzow, Secretary' Judy Van Hook, Vice-Preficienty Dennis Reublin, Prexideng' Miss Dixon, Spomory Pam Harrington, Trepzrurem John Gramzow, Sergeant-at-Arms. Second Row: Skip lsham, Joe Murphy, Chip McKee, Jim Fox, Mike Gavza, Harold Hughes, David England, Eugene Thomas. Third Row: Sue Ellen, Jean Lerner, Penny Kendall, Patti Dwyer, Dianne Zuidema, Maria Roy, Mildred Guike, Wanda Fletcher, Carol Wheeler, Janet Benick, Judy Persky, Patsy McElhaney, Larry Johnson. Fourth Row: Jon Kem, Bill Popple, Doug Stan, Bill Crosby, Pat Carlson, Carol Sanders, Tom McAdams, Doug Rielly, Richard Berry, Joe Dixon, Tom Hammer- stone, Bill Coyne. DENNIS REUBLIN Prefident GERMAN Fin! Row: Bill Bedzyk, Joachim Auer, Barbara Johnson, Vice-Preridenh' Joyce Griffin, Secretary' Larry Musser, Prexidentg Mr. Miller, Sponrorg Frankie Drake, Treamffen Danny Smith, Earl Logan, Paul Crosby, Kim Neefe. Second Row: Nancy Snieder, John Taylor, Marianne Shannon, Gerald Haris, Frank Claee, John Petrey, Mike Lynch, George Schnebli, Diane Mayo, Lynne GHSSCII, Nancy Jackson, Clifford Dillon. Third Row: Jim Hines, Neil Ray, Ronny Talyor, Emma Leach, Earthalien Dabney, Paula Jo Swan, Lydia Klee, Linda Risley, Christa Clark, Joycelyn Merchant, Carol Bezowski, Ingrid Jones, Jane Notbohm, William Green, John Noel, Jim Brink, Don Sheckels, Robert Kronk, George Szilvasy. Fourth Row: John Erwin, Carl Lockard, Charles Thomas, Niki Bierstaker, John Ulricson, Larry Peyton, Brad Luke. LARRY MUSSER Prexident FLYING CLUB "The Flying Eagles" BOB SHAW President JUNIOR CLASSICAL LEAGUE Firrt Row: Adelle Whittaker, Sally White, Jodi Lee, Vicki Lewis, Penny Niland, Cherry Mahaffey, Secretary, Linda Kloosterman, Treasurer, Miss Watkins, Sponsor, David Cockerill, Preridenty Bill Boggess, Barbara Melvin, Dee Ann Holzer, Connie Copeland, Carol Buffone, Luz Carresquillo. Second Row: Bill Slusser, David Owen, Bob Sleeker, Malcom Roberts, Frank Nicely, Don Wellman, Arthur Johnson, Robin Washington, Dudley Hamphill, Mike Busch. 'Ilhiwi Row: Clyde Hoff, Tom Brink, Mike O'Nan, Bill Landis, Judy Mouton, Stephanie Little, Frederica Stucki, Kathy Kinsel, Brenda Cherry, Julie Streuber, Sue Whitehouse, Elizabeth Hopkins. Fourth Row: Stella Small, George Jacobs, Dick Boylston, Jane Brobson, Bonnie Karin, Sally Shamp, Robin Border, Mary Frances Keller, Kathy Victor, Vicki Wyant, Joyce Long, Joyce Mack, Donna Clement, Carolyn Strickenberger, Sharon Kelly, Andrea Klacik, Bobbi Montaque, Betty Hammerstone, Carol Jean Fireng, Susan Ward. Fifth Row: Jim Montgomery, Maria Siciliano, Patti Dwyer, Skip Isham, Buddy Bryant, Cannon Owen, Margaret Spillane, David Boudreax, Ernie Davidson, Pam Harring- ton, Jackie Border, Sandy Fisher, Sally Magruder. DAVID C Prerident SCIENCE ENRICHMENT Firrt Row: Skip Isham, Ray Ludwig, Dick Boylston, David Cockrill, Mike O'Nan, Dennis Karpinski, Torn Ferrell, Dick Davis, Brad Luke. Second Row: Sandra' Fisher, John Sarraccino, Bucky Richards, Paul Sames, Bob Shaw, Suzanne Victor, Babs Davis, Barbara Melvin, Linda Moore, Cannon Owen. Third Row: Linda Kloosterman, Mary Francis Keller, Pam Carlson, Excell Hunter, Margaret Spillane, Penny Niland, Fredi Stucki, David Starcher, Bill Landis, Richard Raymond, Dave Boudreaux, Torn McAdams, Erika Talbot, Judy Persky, Joan Woolley, Kathey Victor, Lynn McAdams, Joyce Mack, Mr. Howard, Spomor. KAPA Knox Association of Pep Activities Cincluding the K-Clubj Patti Dwyer ...........e... .........,.. ......... P r esident Judy Van H00k .-.. - ..-,.-... Vice-Prefident PCDHY Kendall ..-... ....-.--.., S ecremry Linda KlOOStEL'I1'1an -, --- ---- Tregyurer PATTI DWYER 101 President NEWSPAPER Sitting: Clifford Dillon, Penny Kendall, Merville Cheney, Lynne Davison, Delores Pulliam, Terry Rooney, Susan Reed, Martha Freeland, Co-Edizorg Larry Musser, Editor. Smmiing: Jean Koch, Ginny Brennan, jean Lerner, Tim Leighton, Tom Parsons, Sandy Frazier, Maybellejones, Heide Fritz, Beverly Blue, Rosalie Sammer, Billy Sue Bell, Mrs. Smith, Spomorf Niki Fox, Barbara Davis. 102 NATIONAL FORENSIC LEAGUE Left to Right: Skip Isham, Suzanne Victor, Barbara Davis, Judy Van Hook, Barbara Melvin, Mr. Miller, Spomorg Joe Covert, Virginia Brennan, Pam Harrington, Presfkienh' Terry Rooney, Bill Bedzyk. PAM HARRINGTON Prexident FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Pint Row: Bill Crosby, Penny Kendall, Erika Talbot, Presidenty Sally White, Treafzaren' Ernie Davidson. Second Row: Wanda Fletcher, Mervel Chaney, Mary Francis Keller, Stephanie Little, Brenda Gadsby. Third Row: Sandra Cobb, Sandy Fisher, Arlene Keenan, Trudy Sargent, Sally M cl ' ' ' agru er, Betty Dockeray, Miss Madox, Spomorg Joycelyn Merchant, Malmda Davld, Carol Jean Fireng, janet Notbahm, Linda Wilber. 103 ERIKA TALBOT Prexiciemf Roz Field Barbara Levy Delores Loll Joan Ryan Captain Mary Shaffer Judy Richard 'I 04 A afwfhm. , ,gf R2 f s M gg A .A ,., E figs' rx B .1 5 215 E 2 Yi kd i b 5 gt , I, 4 N 2 K 3 : . na W mzg,,,,p EQTJSW' WK, ,gg . T E, v 4 X segvggig W , E32 if? 5 A f? K ' Q S? ww M -- ..,,.: J. 5 f :Hz 3? sz f.,..,.. . M. .af?w--A-,'gz'9m?3"L'f. , S, F ., fy mms 'ef P22 5 f . My My W - ,ww Vt ' , iw VL 35 THEY VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM Fin: Row: Ray Owens, Fred Grunsby, Woody Boggs, Thad Ball, Buddy Bryant, Co-Captain, Bob Shaw, Co-Capming Paul Sames, Tom Lawlor, Walter Clark. Second Row: Terry Staimpel, jim Montgomery, Clyde Hoff, Wayne Watkins, George Harris, Tom McAdams, Bob Staimpel, Joe Brennan, George Snedeker, Oscar Simms. Third Row: Don Sheckels, Bob Cronk, Leo Collins, Lamar Lowe, Dan Smith, jim Brink, Mike O'Nan, Larry Johnson, Doug Reilly. Head Coach, John Hackett: Arrirtzmt Coacl9e.r: Ralph Gilbert, James Howard, Mike Moriarty. WE Fort Knox High School battled to their first Shepherdsville undefeated season in their seven year grid history in Old Kentucky Home 1958 under the guiding hand of head coach John Bardstown Hackett and team captains Bob Shaw and Buddy Elkhorn Bryant. St. Charles The Eagles scored a total of 220 points as com- Elizabethtown pared with their opponents 71 and wound up with Tompkinsville the second place crown in the Mid-Kentucky Con- Campbellsville ference. Glasgow O 20 6 12 0 0 13 7 15 THAD BALL WOODY BOGGS WALTER CLARK FRED GRUNSBY K K K K K K 57 58 58 58 57 58 175 pound senior Tackle, 140 pound senior Halfback 170 pound senior End 170 pound senior Guard winner ulfjlest Sportsman" award 1958 TOM LAWLOR PAUL SAMES RAY OWENS DICK WILBANKS K K K K K K K 58 56 57 58 57 58 58 210 pound senior Center 140 pound senior Halfback 175 pound senior Middle 148 pound senior End Guard JOE BRENNAN JIM BRINK GEORGE HARRIS CLYDE HOFF K K K K pound junior Fullback 168 pound junior End 145 pound junior Halfback 155 pound junior End TOM MC ADAMS JIM MONTGOMERY GEORGE SNEDEKER BOB STAIMPEL K K K K 58 58 58 58 160 pound junior halfback 182 pound junior End 170 pound junior Guard 197 pound junior Tackle TERRY STAIMPEL WAYNE WATKINS BOB CRONK LAMAR LOWE K K K K K 57 58 58 58 58 190 pound junior Tackle 175 pound junior Middle 160 pound sophomore End 142 pound sophomore Guard Quarterback J. 3 S -HM DOUG REILLY DON SHECKLES OSCAR SIMMS DAN SMITH K K K K 58 58 58 58 175 pound sophomore 143 pound sophomore 145 pound sophomore 178 pound sophomore Half- Guard Guard Quarterback back BUDDY BRYANT KKKK 55565758 175 pound senior Center Team C 0-Captain 1.95 8 JOHN HACKETT Head Coach President, Kentucky High School Athletic Association BOB SHAW K K K 5 6 5 7 5 8 185 pound senior Fullback Winner, "Most Valuable Player" award 1958 Team Co-Captain 1958 JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM Fin! Row: Ed Reynolds, Doug Starr, jochirn Auer, Floyd Harrisg Captain, Mike O'Nang David Owen, Bill Coyne. Second Row: James Russell, David Cockerill, James Donnelly, James Jackson, Tony Leeche, Torn Hammerstone, Larry Johnson. Third Row: Doug Bell, Leo Collins, Mike Garza, Buddy Metz, Mike Robison, Mike Carter. 111 "Away for a T.D Lemme at 'em." First Row: George Szilvasy, Bennie Dale, Victor Colon, Larry Chinn, Willis James, Frank Robison. S ecomi Row: Ralph Gilbert, Arrirmm Coachg Stan Rising, Mrzmzgerg Richard Berry, Dennis Reublin, Terry Staimpel, Mike Lynch, Gary Blehar, Jimmie Swanagin, Mamzgerf Bob Burrow, Head C oaclo. Fort Knox High School's basketball squad for 1958-59 combined team spirit and the determination to Win with the qualified coaching ability of an All- American to wind up number one in the 23rd Dist- rict. The Eagles styled superb defensive and offensive play throughout the season, with Bennie Dale, Dennis Reublin and Willis james scoring the majority of points for the green and white. Nov. Nov. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. jan. Jan. Jan. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. FORT KNOX HIGH SCHOOL BASKETBALL SCHEDULE 1958-59 Howevalley Flaherty Vine Grove Old Kentucky Home Meade County Rineyville Howevalley Springfield Valley Bardstown St. joe Ahrens Rineyville Vine Grove F.-Town Catholic E-Town Sonora Glendale Lebanon Shepherdsville Bristow Flaherty Atherton , Mai GARY BLEHAR VICTOR COLON BENNIE DALE Forward Guard ' Guard S i Not Pictured: FRANK ROBINSON Forward .. ........ . I WH EH., LARRY CHINN WILLIS JAMES Guard Guard DENNIS REUBLIN TERRY! STAIMPEL GEORGE SZILVASY Forward Center Forward 115 1 wi 1 J s i 3 I 2 Q . W. L.A. y .1 ,g'vfgP1z52,?:m,f:fm, . .,,,,. ,fu . , Y 'Y' klfztrif, -, .. , H .. :fffffw A K - 'w:z,f.1ffm- . .. Q:f?e:K ,umgk . 'Pfgfmmf ,Q W,w-15225514 ,fsis'.diYlSSi.:sF gf 1 Q :ef Q, 8632, away we Rm 'gimp W -rf mmf Xme fm 7 f JMX, f- Q 52422532 ?fE5'f"Y gm!- ,S RQ .,,. Q Q 'Mfg TRACK TEAM BILL FISHER JOE BRENNAN WOODROW BOGGS Track Team, coached by Mr. james Howard DOUG REILLY JOE SPAGNOT-A BILL BOGGESS DICK GRIFFEN 119 First Row: Richard Berry, Gary Blehar, Dick Boylston. Second Row: Mike Robinson, Oscar Simms, Bennie Dale, Frank Robison, Bob Shaw, Dan Smith. Coached by Ralph Gilbert. The Fort Knox Baseball team had a superb record last year and won the district and regional tournaments for the third consecutive year. Despite the loss of last year's seniors, this year's team with its young but experienced returning letterrnen, should go all the way to the state tournament again this year. 120 FRANK ROBISON Right Field DANNY SMITH Catcher GARY BLEHAR DICK BOYLSTON Short Stop Second Base BENNIE DALE Short Stop OSCAR SIMMS Short Stop 'I21 BOB SHAW Pint Baie E 2 5 I 2 2 2 K X S 3 5 RICHARD BERRY S ecoml Bare I 2 Q 2 5 i 5 K 5 E 5 CHAMPION CHEERLEADING TROPHY Roz Field, Judy Richard, Joni Ryan, Barbara Levy, Mary Shaffer, Delores Loll. 122 I CANNON OWEN? CAUGHT, Smoke one fo, Www Ernie Cure? me, coach - Top 'O the ' Momi n' lo you! Boo! 1 dow I Muxt be pretty umlermmd ffm- No, if: this way oh, Bobbie Crank! , 5 . . . . . LD Baby Face Thu 15 Rzdzculom! 1 want 1:0 be 019-that Jweet 53.1 T0 m mowex homelzfe- 1 He? dead? Ola, thai: awful. THE LINE -UP Arguing? 'I 24 V E5 ' "They Said It "Who Say: I Couldift Be Done" , Haw To Pay? , Wishing Helm? Lefs Rosh! Ohhh, So Hemfy! HEY! AHEM! Maybe I Ate Too Much? Tree, Me Nice Some Brew, Mr. Matt! 126 l 127 COMPLIMENTS OF NON-COMMISSIONED OFFICERS' OPEN MESS 7th AVENUE MISSOURI ST. COMPLIMENTS OF UNITED STATES ARMY ARMOR CENTER OFFICERS' OPEN MESS 129 NEW DIXIE AUTO PARTS WhoIesaIe cmd Warehouse Auto Parts Distributors ' STANQ4 sf " A ANSPAA 5 1- Q I I ' + "7-Y0cuAT'o ...f ' ,Q Q Highway 31 W It , Radcliffe A -if Kentucky aw M B AUTO gsm PARTS AND Accsssonnss --FoR ALL MAKES-- E A AND MoDEu.s 401311199 .-A-A--4--A--4-'---- -A SERVICE STATION ..,Qfrasfsgisffgasgeg iqi EQUIPMENT 81 SUPPLIES Qiggig ,L I , IIII It "II ':'lI:':':'i'12:f .I .,,: ALSO VISIT NEW DIXIE GIFT 8g FLOWERS Next Door Phone EL I -3 I 26 V. v 1 I Member I Since 1950 I glass. 130 Drive In UEBEL'S On Wilson Rood A1- Rodcliffe, Kentucky Phone: EL 1-3025 Resfo u ro nt CRADDOCK CH EVRGLET xx s -40 A ,I ' xxx 1 ' ., . I ,u O- mm amvnmve me mwr Dixie Highwoy ot Wilson Rood Rodcliffe, Kentucky 131 THE FIRST-HARDIN NATioNAL BANK Sl,200,000 Surplus fylwuh T f ATJ1 S300,000 cqpafoi 'Q 95 E r y 2 Member of F.D.l.C. gr. tw E' .5 'Urusei' ELIZABETHTOWN AND HARDIN COUNTY KENTUCKY BENNlNGFlELD'S FURNITURE CENTER 2M Miles South of Fort Knox On U. S. 31 W Fort Knox's One-Stop Shopping Center At Radcliffe, Kentucky Phone: EL l-3213 'I32 ' FRENcH's TV SALES AND SERVICE Philco and RCA We Rent TV Sets Two Locations Fort Knox First and Knox Phone: 4-7666 Radcliffe on 31 W Phone: EL 1-3422 Guaranteed Service on All Makes Outside Antenna a -Specialty Our Sincere Best Wishes To The 1959 Senior Class of FORT KNOX HIGH SCHOOL JUDY RICHARD High School R p t "Serving the F ort Knox Metropolitan Area" Remember "YOU Hear It First On The WSAC PANORAMAH 133 5PNEf AT ' sl-IOP I I WHERE DIXIE LOWI LOW PRICES PLUS S81HGreenSt p' 1 E 1' Kult BARDSTQWN A LAUNDRY AND I DRY CLEANING DAILY PICK UP AND DELIVERY Ilth cmd Goldvoult Road Ist Ave. Behind PXI7 Phone 476965 , 'I34 A we V ,lIlllllllll, Lp ' - Banksaymks I cLEAqNE,Rs , I since 1931 I U. S. 31W - P. O. Box 296 MULDRAUGH, KY. This Is' Your Answer To Better Cleaning Faster Service Lower Prices GREYHOUND BUS STATION Fort Knox, Ky. I Phone 4-7777 ' AIRLINES I FORT KNOX TRAVEL AGENCY Greyhound Bus Station Phpne 4-6969 FORT KNOX FACILITY S Located behind l5.'E'5.5'-I-Iv PX RocKET BANK cf must co. Fort Knox' KY' I A LOUISVILLE Regular Checking Accounts Thrifticheck Checking Accounts Savings Accounts Christmas Savings Accounts Travelers' Cheques ' Cashiers' Checks Collections Safe Deposit Boxes Personal and Auto Loans MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM Fmt Cleaning S ervice Pressing While You Wait Alterations Three Locations for Your Convenience Texas St. Cheyenne St. N0,V0l"0 Sl' Your Complete Department Store D MULDRAUGH Compjmenfl HARDWARE RADCLIFFE R ,,M,,,, DEPARTMENT STORE .. AND.. 374 N. Dixie Boulevard Radcl'ffe, K ucky Phone. EL 1-3212 Wlndsor 2-2142 ie Highway at Muldraugh E-TOWN I RECURD SHUP JACK KUNNECKE Wg! v St Ti it MUST BE Be snisriso Musical instruments - accesso WlndSOr 2-2707 Records - Hi-Fi -- Stereo A Muldmugh K ky State Theatre Building EI b h K ky l 36 C ornplirnents 01' KORFHAGE FLORIST AND NURSERY 4004 Dixie Highway Iiziiff L II I6 K I' C ornplirnents DAVID ROTH'S SONS Jewelers, Opticians Dixie Manor Shopping Center Pleasur Rdge Park K t ky FIRST FEDERAL Of SAVINGS AND BACON'S SHOPPING CENTER LOAN ASSOCIATION Eizabethtown Kentucky SHIIVELY CENTER Phone: EM 8-258i Sh Iy K I' "Save with Safety" -- "Insured Safety - Currently Paying 3 W 75 per annum I J LONGVIEW FLORIST Old 31 W Seven Miles North of Elizabeth Ph EI1 obe h own RO 5-9228 SAM HICKS MOTOR COMPANY, INC. Your Pontioc ond Vouxholl Deoler -Q we Q9 1 A 'L WK W A Q' Ph RO 5-7139 1 RO 5-2160 'nu I' W. Dixie A ' EI bethtown K k Compliments C omplimentf of Of HOOVER EDSEL DEALERS Elbh K k POST BARBER SHOP A. C. NOVARK, CONCESSIONAIRE Fort Knox Xa., KentuckY ug f I , J 1 e 1 ' ff :Q , J WWW X Li H' L1 Smart Apparel QRADCLIFFE DRUG -fdr The Miss of Today Drugs, Fountain, Sundries And the Miss of Yesterday Prescriptions SHGP 2M Miles South of Fort Knox Radcliffe, Kentucky 1- -- 1- HELEN'S FLOWERS Newgarden Shoppi-ng Center y V Fort KnoxAKentucky WI 2-27.66 and Wl 2-3666 l PATE - I ncorporated Cgfplele c6dm66, oidsmobaie, emcemcks Seirgig Studebaker Flowers by Wire l-ark' l-lclwk And Dellvery Servlce Safety-Tested Used Cars -56 ' ' gd Elizabethtown, Kentucky Phones: RO 5-6135, 6136, 6-l37 ' - it l 139 ' ' K HARDIN FURNITURE COMPANY 2l4 W. Dixie Avenue E-Town Kentucky Friendly Service to Fort Knox for twenty years A LARGE STORE WORTHY OF YOUR PATRONAGE TOWN HOUSE Ready to Wear Millinery and Accessories 232 W, Dixie Avenue E-Town Kentucky C ongmtnlations to Fort Knox High School from JOPLIN AND LANZ COMPANY Elizabethtown's Oldest, Largest, and Most Complete Department Store Phone: RO 5-2226 T06-l I2 W. Dixie Avenue Elizabethtown, Kentucky Li BLUE LANTERN RESTAURANT Good Food 2M Miles South of Fort Knox . .I : i it MOORE'S RECORD SHOP Bacon's Shively Center fFor the Latest Recordsl Hours: Mon - Sat 10:00 A.M. - 9:00 P.M. Compliments Of GORDON FOODS 1510 Algonguin Parkway Louisville 10, Kentucky ME 7-6591 Marvin Campbell, Salesman JACKIE'S BEAUTY SALON Individual Hair Styling, Cutting, Coloring Dixie Manor Shopping Center Pleasure Ridge Park, Kentucky Complimentx Of GRAVES CLEANERS 7th Avenue - Fort Knox, Kentucky WA 1-2426 C ompliments Compliments Of Of THE BEN FRANKLIN STORE West Dixie Avenue One of 2500 Locally Owned - Nationally Known - Variety Stores C o mplimentx Of THE WATCH REPAIR Vine Grove Road Right Across the Street From The Main Post Exchange WOLTZ STUDIOS Seventh Avenue and Wilson Road :tin 1 - 1 l l Compliment: Of J. J. NEWBERRY 8g CO. Elizabethtown, Kentucky Phone: RO 5-2481 'T "" ' R '7 Compliments Of POST STUDIO TAHQ Vine Grove Road Fort Knox Teen-Age Club Excglent york Entrance on Angel Alley one n Port ra its Fam i ly Compliment! and and of Annual GMP ARMOR SCHOOL PlC'l'Lll'eS PlCfUl"eS Walnut St. Civic Center l l , l BEHR S YOUNG WORLD I l AUTOGRAPHS i I f 3 A . g-1 INTER-COLLEGIATE PRESS Publishers - Manufacturers Yearbooks - Yearbook Covers Diplomas - Graduation Announcements Factory - Home Office Kansas City, Mo. U.S.A. 5 4 3

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