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MX V Y f J J W+ W 1,51 umm!kim-ulvWm1lvl'IlIlv1l'N MYQMMM X 9 ' ff. L IBBIS 5 S S gig.. X Af wg'-4'-"'..,,, -:4-Ad' '.-X ur ,,f N 43 'THE EACELE l954 milf ' . avi ' I s rf, S.. . R .M W, ' ' ':1'f . f l i 2 1 - 5 Q S ' m ,' .Qi 5' W f K - sf A f - As we look out into the World, we see many new hopes and new dreams. We realize, that soon, we are to leave Fort Knox High School. lt is now the time for our yearbook. We hope that you will enjoy it as much as we enjoyed giving it to you. May many happy memories come to those who leaf through the pages of this book. May our work not be in vain. We give to you our book .....s...... The '54 Eagle fi i N, ...r Y i . .JY XX lg! 'fr 's O I X., W? In -5 fk K A pr . at f N2 We 'The Senior Class of 1954 do dedicate our yearbook to the Faculty and Administrators who have been so helpful to us during our years at Fort Knox High i X Qt 99 J r'f'7 ew M-em fu' A.-A" 0670 cfflfafz igii v- -.V A,,. 7 Mr. William E. Kingsolver, our superintendent, has been in Fort Knox since June 1941. Kirklin, Indiana, is his home town. He received his A.B. degree from Franklin State College and his M.A. from the University of Indiana. Golf, hunting, and fishing are among his favorite activities. The Commanding General of The Armored Center in Fort Knox, Kentucky, is Major General John Howell Collier. Major General Collier was born at Uvalde, Texas. He was graduated from the United States Military Academy in the class of l9l 8. Major General Collier was assigned the command of The Armored Center on August 7, l952. Our principal, Mr. Herschel J. Roberts, was born in Hyden, Kentucky. He has been at Fort Knox eleven years. Mr. Roberts attended Georgetown College and Louisiana State University. He obtained his A.B. and M.A. degrees from Eastern Kentucky State College. He enjoys sports and reading, N -. k SQ, il . .. fi? is language oepantm ent "Parlez-vous francais?" says Mary Baker Knox, our French "prof," who has an A.B. and an M.A. from the University of Kentucky. When Miss Knox "ne traduise pas les idioms," she "conque les verbes" to Freshmen and Sophomore English classes. 3 4 9 'tr We f L! , ' . e versatile L V 1953 one must speak Latin S , as well as French . ,A n ' L l so "Tempus fugit" says Salvatore Matarazzo, our Latin instructor from Rhode Island -with an M.A. from the University of Kentucky. When Mr. "Mat" is not "transiens Rubiconemf' he is Hnumquam negandi, raro cenfirmandis et Semper compromittendiu with the Seniors in economics and looking forward to the time that he can "START COACHlNC- BASEBALL." frm ,- 0 SO We lea rn our Latin and French to "translate Shakespeare" for Miss Schlinker and prove that we know what Sallye Maddox Parks from Rockport, Kentucky, says all Fresh- men should know. Mrs. Parks "n'essaie pas conjuguer etre" or "castra declinaref' Her purpose, she says, is to teach the art of writing "simple English sentences." SOClAl. SCIENCE "Who fired the first shot in the Civil War?" inquires Lucille M. Van Dyke, the petite and industrious social science teacher, who has been asking difficult questions at Fort Knox High for three years. She is an energetic "Rebel from the hills of Kentucky." While she is not coaching future "Sarah Bern- hardt's" in the Junior class, she's designing clothes, reading, swimming, or golfing. Her U.S. and World History students eventiially-hearzy Ll' l y , ' NA l , V, ' ,Vt X .N L W i . ' " , I iq 1' ' li . ll v A Aan , ,Ei j g L ' .. " Qi it if Forflfud 77 A ' fl, ' "Anyone who doesn't know lv I L I' the score of last night's E,fod',,,. ' U basketball game ti is in for a rough time" as prophesied by Salvatore Matarazzo to his economic and government classes. l.lBl2Ai2 "Caesar's ghost!" has pulled Jasper Schlinker's "little red wag ' halls of Fort Knox for nine years. Sh ts us that her home is lvlunfordville, Kentuc y awymgf her school is Western State X l V6ffsfl,,,wx,PiQii SCIENCE A710 TDATSHEITIAIIICS "No, no, HZO doesn't mean sulphuric acid- it is the symbol for water," says Ruth James for the three hundred and forty-sixth time. A General Science teacher must know her science and Mrs. James is no exception. When she is 'not involved with ex- periments, she's playing tennis or swimming. I "Where's my frog?" "Where's Herman?" demands above the f X "9a2- l2x-ml 2-now factor it l" 5, Delores W lk th bi I t h lx a er, e OOSY eac er. of I X Thomas Sallengs, mathematics teacher, who has his troubles, too, Mr. Sallengs has been a student in the University of Michigan and in Oklahoma A and M. He has an M.A. degree from Western State College, in Bowling C-reen, Kentucky. "Pressure increases proportionally with depth," preaches arl Williams for the seventh year. This Cumberland County, Kentucky teacher, known for his modest ties, can often be found proving his oft-quoted statements by sinking a fish hook, in the Hbriney seas" or dropping a golf ball into the hole. Mr. Williams is an instructor in mathematics and science and Assistant Principal of the High School. COIHITIERCG dictates Alberta Chapman, commerce teacher from Vine Grove, Ken- tucky. Miss Chapman instructs future typists and secretaries -the monotony being broken by a class in eighth-grade English. See I am a "shining example" of the teaching of a Commerce Teacher says Jane D. Moore, the efficient school secretary, who sells the textbooks and writes the transcripts for those who go and files them for those who come. Mrs. Moore came to Fort Knox from Colorado. She is a graduate of S.M.U. Ciirl Scouts take care of her leisure time. home ECOUOINICS Katherine Roberts has the nicest class of all-Cooking! and her spare time is spent on a 'lbusman's holiday," so to speak, as she likes to test new recipes. Home Economics is not all food: however, sewing and learning how to take care of a home are a part of the course of study. Mrs. Roberts is a 1' C graduate of Eastern State Teachers' College. I music oepantment "All I want is music, music, music." Debelou Isaac takes this song literally. She teaches vocal music to the high school and the grade school during the day, and in the evening she spends her spare time dancing and singing, Miss lsaac is another Kentuckian who attended Western State College. "Ta ra ra boom de al" booms Lucile SaIe's students as she brings down the baton to start the "Star Spangled Banner" that prefaces our athletic contests. Mrs. Sale is the Band Director. She came to Knox from Florida. ShOlD "Bang, Bang" "Rat-a-tat-tat-" Steve Pulawski lets the hammer come down, the lathe turn, and the saw buz-z-z-z. Mr. Pulawski is the mastermind be- hind the shop work, at FKHS. He is a graduate of Eastern State COll2ge and Came to Knox in l952, physical eoucatlon "Hike! Z! 3l 4l 5!" murmurs George Bertram as he walks down the hall, and no one ever thinks it strange because Mr. "B" is the football coach. Along with his "signal memorizing" he finds time to conduct classes in driver's education-CRASH! When he has any time left over, he goes hunting and fishing. Steve Pulawski can also be seen taking the football players l 5- through their plays. Leon Kingsolver, the basketball coach, is an alumnus of Fort Knox High School, He attended Memphis State College and has been teaching and coaching here for two years 5:'.'gu:f C-39 ' 93? .,-K. .F "Mr, Mah" pops up again! Here, in the form of the baseball coach! Buffal ' k e wit rib ' f lt ju' , a a E, acu y. View YQ' l ,?fu62TllES I ewewr , ii as- Warn Statg?TgvAgr s Cage 5 ilk 0g.24 of rn Q0 S ce Club. WM girls' p ' l e ucajigi. Magik vw' Aww' M5 .Q Busmess Co-editors so egers Edu tors Snapshots The. il l yenvbook 154- 8i'o'iR- 11 tl e , Q as fn 1 Y' ' xrsfx ! Pj 9, Cf - of Ure Q65 Proof Readers: Richard McCullough Harry Foster Art- Features: Feature Josef Wnlluam Schultz Art Feature SEN IOI2 N L -AY 3 x .. as .NX Q x 1639 '71 'P . . - f . Nh Fei' pig f Ax.. Nt- .. .s. 'Q ' J' ik! ' .:- - 'K-I 24-"v"'-.. F. 'x.x1'W-N.. Y fb , 1 1. x ' Y' 1-ff A .4 A fs, ff -95 ,Q Tn' .. gh Qis its .-JQYM K lol N Q. x Fort Knox High School Fort Knox, Kentucky Ashland High School Ashland, Kentucky Lancaster High School Lancaster, Ohio Football 2, 3 Science Club 4 C-lee Club 4 French Club 3 K.A.P.A. 4 Class Play 4 John Waugh Ashcraft Ashland, Kentucky John is one of the few Kentuckians at our school. Since John is a little shy, the quotation, "A heart of gold covers a shell of shyness," is quite appropriate when used to describe him. John enjoys working on model airplanes. He hopes to go to college after graduation, Ambition: To be wealthy Pet Peeve: TAHO Favorite Quotation: "The night is long that never finds the day." Fort Knox High School Fort Knox, Kentucky Fort Smith High School Fort Smith, Arkansas Balboa High School Balboa, Canal Zone Y-Teens 2 Latin Club 2 Allied Youth 2 Clee Club 2, 3 Pep Squad 2, 3 Class Secretary 2 Junior Council 2, 3 Essay Representative 3 Caribbean Players 3 Basketball 3 Volleyball 3 Class Play 4 c we f , W IVL4 24,41 f,fw-fc,f....la4 ef X if ,,. . ' li' r A! yvbfln, yt, ,' Marilyn Joyce Blue f u El Paso, Texas A , ' if Z f f - Marilyn is a mischievous miss of seventeen. She has chestnut hair and hazel eyes. She loves people and is interested in almost everything. Her friends enjoy being with her because she seldom takes things seriously and is always looking on the bright side of life. She has become quite a vagabond as a resulf of having lived in Japan, Panama, and thirty-eight of the forty-eight states. Ambition: To travel around the world Pet Peeve: Taking "Gym" Favorite Q-uotation: "C-od is love." Fort Knox High School Fort Knox, Kentucky Frankfurt High School Frankfurt, Germany Varsity Track Team l Bowling Club l, 2 Clee Club l, 2, 3, 4 Band l, 2 J. V. Basketball 2 Varsity Football 3 Class Sergeant-at-Arms 3 J.C.L. 3, 4 Science Club 3, 4 Yearbook Staff 4 Quartet 3, 4 Dramatics 3, 4 Charles Lawerence Brown Minneapolis, Minnesota Chuck," like all "Army Brats," has been moving from "Post to Post" al- most all of his life. After his Freshman and Sophomore years at Frankfurt, Germany, he came to Fort Knox as a Junior. "Chuck" is an all around person, always ready and willing to lend a helping hand. No matter what the problem is, he can always be counted on for a suggestion or a solution. He is interested in sports and passing grades. lf he is urged, "Chuck" will raise his voice with the best of the Clee Club. With his personality and enthusiasm, he is capable of succeeding in whatever career he chooses. Ambition: To graduate from college with a Major in Industrial Management Pet Peeve: My car-when it overheats Favorite Quotation: "lt's not what you sayg it's how you say it." Fort Knox High School Fort Knox, Kentucky Mt. Diablo High School Concord, California C.A.A. l Clee Club 2, 3, 4 J.C.L. 2, 3, 4 Newspaper Staff 2 Science Club 3, 4 Girls' Championship Basketball Team 2 Student Council 3, 4 Class Treasurer 4 Class Play 4 , ' .W it MW' 'V' , aim trigger? ,. .,t, Nancy has lived in- many states and in Japan. All of us know her for her quiet ways and pleasing manners. Her friends are many, Next September Nancy plans to enter the University of Illinois to study Veterinary Medicine. Ambition: To study Animal Husbandry ' Pet Peeve: Homework Favorite Quotation: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." Fort Knox High School Fort Knox, Kentucky Heidelberg High School Heidelberg, Germany Basketball l Class President 3, 4 Student Council 3 Newspaper Staff 3 gsssufy LGS' 4' 1 be Xl,-of' fo-1V ' f we ,yt Harry Goddard Foster lf, ,f Delaware, Ohio Harry's friendly manner is an attribute to his fine personality and exuberant character. Harry was chosen to be president of his class in his Junior year at Heidelberg, Germany, and in his Senior year at Fort Knox, "Destiny makes its own character," and Harry hopes his destiny will be to follow in his dad's footsteps in the Army. Ambition: To "Make Regular Army" Pet Peeve: Vague answers X Favorite Quotation: "Do with me what thou wilt . . . l.fy.r1M MSL I' .f,C-ykg.g.., NX , 4 ,S--Qld'-4 S -LC, M Th-5 . 5' ,. 3 , , i 4w,.Xf.N-avg Q Y ,inse-fN . '. S -NNUN x K.A.P.A. 4 Class Play 4 f ' x fo kaxc-ff!! ff QL, - , xg WR on ' M JJV Fort Knox High School Fort Knox, Kentucky Valley High School Valley Station, Kentucky Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4 Spanish Club l French Club 2, 3, 4 K.A.P.A. 4 Class Secretary l Class Treasurer 2, 3 Yearbook Staff 4 Girls' Basketball Team 3, 4 Class Play 4 Sextet 4 Girls' Trio 3 Shirley Lee Howitz Fort Benning, Georgia At the tender old age of six, Shirley enrolled in the first grade at Fort Knox. As the years have rolled quickly by, we find that she has finished her school career here. The fact is, only a few precious years were spent away from Fort Knox, those years were spent in Fort Benning. Shirley's pleasant smile, wonderful personality, and reliability have become a school tradition. So long and good luck in everything you attempt, Shirley. Fort Knox will miss you. Ambition: To be a friend "with Miss Schlinker"ll Pet Peeve: Everyone Knows!! Favorite Quotation: "To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield." Fort Knox High School Fort Knox, Kentucky Brockport High School Brockport, New York E.D. Libbey High School Toledo, Ohio Junior Patrol l C-lee Club l, 2, 3, 4 French Club l, 2, 4 Mixed Octette 2 Assembly Director 2 Newspaper Staff 2 Dramatics 2, 4 English Contest 2, 3 Speech Contest 2, 3 Biology Club 3 C-irls' Sextet 4 Yearbook Staff 4 Debate Club 4 Modern Dance Club 4 Patricia Anne Kerins Leetsdale, Pennsylvania Pat has no real dislikes, but she has many preferences. She likes sports, good music, dancing, good books, Ray Anthony's band, lots of people, parties, and just Ioafing around. Her ambition is to go to college and to teach French or Italian to high school students, Maybe Pat has chosen to teach in high school because she has thoroughly enjoyed her high school career, She looks to the future with faith and eagerness. Life has always been a pleasant situation, and she plans for it to remain that way. Ambition: To teach French or Italian to high schoollstudents Pet Peeve: People who don't like to have fun Favorite Quotation: "Opportunity knocks only once . . " Fort Knox High School Fort Knox, Kentucky Majorette l Class Secretary 3 Class Play 3, 4 Yearbook Staff 4 Newspaper Typist 4 Volley Ball Team 2, 3 MQMWMZ. WWW! , affdafgifff MQWAQ wW?Jjj,ffzffjQ awww ' .wwf yfffuqfaff . ff stiff Gwynne Bethel Lewis Louisville, Kentucky Gwynne came to Fort Knox at the beginning of her fourth year in school, and she has been here ever since. Although she won't admit it, she likes school very much and wishes that all members of her class could be as happy as a Senior as she has been. She admires her teachers very much and hopes to be one herself some day. Gwynne is a great favorite among the students and faculty. One can always tell when she is around by her hearty giggle and witty statements. She can usually be found at home-reading: or at the Knox-Drive-ln, if she can get the,"Dodge." Ambition: To be happy Pet Peeve: Deceitful people Favorite Quotation :"'Laugh and the world laughs with you." Fort Knox High School Fort Knox, Kentucky Lewistown High School Lewistown, Pennsylvania Sacred Heart High School Vinland, New Jersey Altar Boys' Society l Dramatics l, 4 Social Committee 2 J. V. Football 2 French Club 3, 4 Student Council 3, 4 Activity Representative 3 Yearbook Staff 4 K.A.P.A. 4 lyme Anthony Adam Lyle Burnham, Pennsylvania Anthony was born July 4, l936, in the state which he regards as the greatest ot the "forty-eight," He is a real "tirecracker" and a loyal Yankee, "Tony" came to Knox as a Junior in 1952-his tirst introduction to life On an Army Post. This Senior enjoys dancing to the music of lvlantavani. Through his years of school, Anthony has shown an enthusiasm which he hopes may aid him in going to college and becoming a success in life. Ambition: To live happily Pet Peeve: "You all" Favorite Quotation: "What you are going to be, you are becoming." Fort Knox High School Fort Knox, Kentucky Meridian Senior High Meridian, Mississippi Tennis I, 2 Track I, 2, 3 1, Science Club 2, 3 Key Club 3 ' Clee Club 3, 4 Football 4 Yearbook 4 Class Play 4 , ff I ,W Orlando Wemple Lyle, J Meridian, Mississippi My biggest surprise was when I was born, I didn't expect it. But I really wasn't disappointed, and no one else seemed to be. Since that time I have always enjoyed surprises, even though I have to work for them. Surprisesl Efforts! Interest! All have crystalized into a desire to master electronics. Reckon I would have really had a surprise if the field of electronics hadn't become important about this time. Who knows what would have happened? Next June many people are going to get surprises, and I hope I am one of those who do. Amibition: To go to the moon Pet Peeve: People who argue without reason Favorite Quotation: "To Be Or Not To Be." Fort Knox High School Fort Knox, Kentucky San Mateo High School San Mateo, California Frankfurt High School Frankfurt, Germany Alamo Heights High School San Antonio, Texas Marina Junior High School San Francisco, California Spanish Club 2 Chess Club 3 Football 4 Class Vice-President 4 Science Club 4 Class Play 4 Letterman's Club 4 Richard Homer McCullough Fort Benning, Georgia Dick is a "Georgia Boy" by birth, but he has moved about the country so much that home is wherever he hangs his hat. During the past twelve years he has changed schools on the average of once a year. Since he has been in high school, he has been exposed to the educational processes in California, Germany, Texas, and Kentucky, His scholastic standing has been good. Until he entered Fort Knox High he had not participated in sports. Dick's favorite subjects are science and mathematics. He plans to make engineering his career-electricity and radio are his hobbies. Ambition: To be an Engineer Pet Peeve: Homework Favorite Quotation: "Quiet men are often the mightiestf' Fort Knox High School Fort Knox, Kentucky Sendai High School Sendai, Japan French Club 3, 4 Science Club 4 C-lee Club 4 Yearbook Staff 4 Newspaper Staff 4 Dramatics 4 Lorane Lyle Nordling Hawthorne, California After coming to Fort Knox in l95l, Lorane acquired many friends. Lorane always carries a pleasant smile and a "load" of friendliness. lt is quite natural that one of Lorane's favorite quotations is "Little friends may prove great friends." She collects soap figures. Whatever her future, Lorane is bound to be successful. Ambition: To go to "Penn State" Pet Peeve: Term Papers Favorite Quotation: "Little friends may prove great friends." French Club 2 Football 4 Manager 3 Fort Knox High School Fort Knox, Kentucky Basketball l, 2, 3 Yearbook Staff 4 Science Club 4 Dramatics 3, 4 Tournament Concession 3 Letterman's Club 4 . ,UK Mlm if lil lil 'lfwliii W Fort Snelling, Minnesota Ambition: To get something for nothing Pet Peeve: Working 4 ll 1 Favorite Quotatioh: "The person who gets the closest to gettivg something for nothing is the better businessman." + Qt X l Fort Knox High School Fort Knox, Kentucky Majorette l Newspaper Staff l Volleyball Team 2, 3 Attendant, Queen of Hearts 2, 3 Cheerleader 2, 3, 4 Home Ec. Club President 3, 4 Dramatics 3, 4 K.A.P.A. 4 Yearbook, Staff 4 Modern Dance Club 4 Patricia Ann Perry Elizabethtown, Kentucky Good things come in small packages? Indeed they do! That's Patsy, the human dynamo. She is an "old regular" around here, having gone to school here all her "happy" school days. She is vivaciousness and energy personified. With a rare combination of femininity, wisdom, and efficiency, she has en- gaged in and managed numerous activities. Friendliness and benevolence are two more of her many assets. Everyone wishes Patsy the best of- luck in her uture. Ambition: To get out of school Pet Peeve: "Obbie" Fryxell Favorite Quotation: "lf silence were golden, she'd never be rich." Fort Knox High School Fort Knox, Kentucky Majorette l, 2 Glee Club l, 3, 4 Band 2 J.C.L. 2 K.A.P.A. 3, 4 Cheerleader 3, 4 Class Play 4 Patricia Ann Ritchie Frankfort, Kentucky A pleasant personality, with a friendliness surpassed by few, characterizes "Pat," During her nine years in the Fort Knox High School, Pat has made many lasting friends. Visitors often drop in at the Ritchies where there is always food and fun. Pat has learned how to meet people and make friends with them. Personality paysg Pat has learned this. She was elected cheerleader in her Junior year-this was one of her great ambitions, Her love for cheer- leading can be seen at any Fort Knox game. "Pat" hopes to continue her education in the college of her choice, Her personality and friendliness will assure success wherever she goes. Ambition: To be "just me" Pet Peeve: Not letting girls go to West Point Favorite Quotation: "To err is humang to forgive, divine." M, iwkyw LV' www! l ffl Fort Knox High School Fort Knox, Kentucky French Club 2, 3, 4 C-lee Club 3 Class Play 3 Student Council 3, 4 President 4 Class Secretary 4 Josef William Schultz Bedford, Indiana Josef William Schultz, better known around Knox High School as Joe Bill, hails from Bedford, Indiana. This Hoosier lad came to Knox at the beginning of his second year in school. He has been here ever since. Joe Bill plans to major in English. He delights in dancingg his specialty is the jitterbug. Joe Bill spends most of his time in the Senior Home Room or P. X, IZ. Ambition: To succeed Pet Peeve: People who "gripe" all the time Favorite Quotation: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." Fort Knox High School Fort Knox, Kentucky Munich High School Munich, Germany German Club l Camera Club l Baseball 2, 3, 4 Football 2 Science Club 2, 3 Letterman's Club 4 Class Play 4 Larry David Southard . Madisonville, Kentucky Larry is friendly and full of fun, This is proven by the many friends he has made while here at Fort Knox. His love of sports, all kinds, has helped to round out a personality that has aided Larry in the past and will continue to aid him, Ambition: To be wealthy I Pet Peeve: Blondes Favorite Quotation: "You can fool all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time, but you can't fool all ofthe people all ofthe time." , Fort Knox High School Fort Knox, Kentucky TRUST Dependent's School Free Territory of Trieste Pryor High School Pryor, Oklahoma Battle Creek High School Battle Creek, Michigan Cheerleader l Newspaper Staff l, 2, 3 Yearbook Staff l, 4 Co-Editor 4 French Club '2, 3, 4 Clee Club 2, 3, 4 Secretary 3 Debate 4 K.A.P.A. 4 Modern Dance Club 4 Girls' Sextet 4 fl ' " W, JM WW X - i JW Mya' n + u 01' McKenzie Tennessee llce Jacqueline Sparks ar s rt Knox High In a short time she has won rie r ab: s were on recognized and she was elected co editor o t arbo e is what you often call a friend s friend She is un h with r time and her energies She seems to have time for all with hum at re a h to adjust to individual differences Alice hopes to ont ue her educat hatever goal she has the tools to reach it Al' k ' a ' . ' f A . . . - . f . . .. . , . . - S . . . 1 . . hom s e ociates. Her pleasant personality is her greatest asset. She knows fi' . U n. W .. ., ' . Ambition o c "Christian Education" Pet Peeve " illbilly music" Favorite uotation: "He is my refuge and my fortress: My Cod: in him will l trust." Fort Knox, High School Fort Knox, Kentucky Highland Park High School Highland Park, lllinois Lawrence Central High Lawrence, Indiana . Football 4 Yearbook Staff 4 dy Newspaper Staff 4 N Clee Club 4 N Darkroom 3 ' ' K.A.P.A, 4 N Dramatics 4 6 dh ' Debate Team 4 Science Club 4 ,W '11 till W ,ff MFA! .E N if at X lollflif t ,tty Ambition: To live off the fat of the land Pet Peeve: Good looking girls Favorite Quotation: "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself." Fort Knox High School Fort Knox, Kentucky Post Intermediate High Detroit, Michigan C-lee Club 2, 3, 4 French Club 2, 3, 4 Modern Dance Club 3 Newspaper Staff 3 K.A.P.A. 3, 4 Cheerleader 4 Yearbook Co-Editor 4 Class Play 4 Ometa Kaye Stevens Beaver Dam, Kentucky That Kay Stevens will "bend over backwards to please" is evidenced both literally and figuratively by her agile actions as a cheerleader and by her winning and sincere ways. Her vivaciousness is not confined solely to cheer- leading, since much of her exuberance and energy is exerted in her untiring efforts as co-editor of the yearbook. All of Kaye's friends know her for her spontaneity, her desire to do things with and for people, and her admirable manner of attacking with intelligence and eagerness whatever task lies before her. Kaye is dependable, reliable, co-operative, and unwaveringly loyal. These attributes, with her pleasant disposition and ever ready laugh, will do much in assuring Kaye the happiness and success she deserves, Ambition: To be happy Pet Peeve: Unco-operative people Favorite Quotation: "Women are wiser than men because they know less and understand more." Fort Knox High School Fort Knox, Kentucky West Frankfort High School West Frankfort, Kentucky Football l, 2, 3, 4 Basketball l, 2, 3. 4 Baseball l, 2, 3, 4 Student Council l Hi Y Club l J.C.L. 2, 3, 4 Science Club 3 Debate Club 3, 4 Newspaper Staff 4 Letterman's Club 3, 4 Henry Meyers Surowski Fort Knox, Kentucky Ambition: To play in a Rose Bowl Game To be editor of THE New York TIMES Pet Peeve: People who like you for what you do, a'nd not for what you are Favorite Quotation: "For of all sad words of tongue or pen, The saddest are these: 'lt might have beenl' " Fort Knox High School Fort Knox, Kentucky Lawton High School Lawton, Oklahoma Football l French Club 3, 4 Dramatics 3, 4 6' Wi i' i. A I rd J- J 1 wf 3 004' ,La4f"' . .1 S ff' ,.J!V' Ayffjfja O Vi. 5 - k?C1Ii9QrffiM!!',,j fnufuw 1- H J MJ ' f 9 fu ,iff yy "1f9"'fVV ,QV . fl g of ,fafz"f' ',' Q' I' i f.Qxr1!f4'l'2 ff V U , I V J-'Jill I f,!A'r',i, 1' 717611 1, LV!! Jy'.!!!,vf, I AA, Carl Wayne Townsend V- k' ,-', Lawton, Oklahoma .,r" .I H That tall boy who has been lumbering through the halls these last two years is Carl. His winning smile and quiet disposition have won him many friends. He can usually be found loafing in the Senior Home Room or at TAHO. He hopes to come through his Senior Year with his colors flying high and wide, He intends to go to the University of Oklahoma in order to obtain a degree in engineering. Ambition: To be an engineer or an Air Force pilot Pet Peeve: Snooty People Favorite Quotation: "Life is but a walking shadow." Fort Knox High School Fort Knox, Kentucky Bremerhaven High School Bremerhaven, Germany Football I, 2 Basketball I, 2 Student Council Secretary 2 Dramatics 2, 4 Science Club 3, 4 K.A.P.A. 4 I Albert- Leontine Vermette, Jr. Auburn, Maine I am a "Maineiac" and proud of it! I was born on December 26, l936, a late Christmas present. I am the second of ten children, therefore, I could have been a good babysitter. My dad has been in the Army as long as I can remember, and I have traveled quite a bit. Fort Knox High is the largest high school I have attended. There were only twenty-nine students in the entire school I attended when I was a Freshman, and only thirty-six when I was a Sophomore. I came to Knox in August of '52 and "took a liking" to it right away. Although my high school years have been happy ones, I hope soon to be entering into a successful Air Force career. Ambition: To be an Air Force pilot Pet Peeve: Football players that don't work Favorite Quotation: "For of all sad words of tongue or pen, The saddest are these: 'It might have beenl' " Fort Knox High School Fort Knox, Kentucky Bremerhaven High School Bremerhaven, Germany Cheerleader l C-.A.A, I, 2 Dramatics l, 2, 4 Clee Club l, 2, 3, 4 Home Economics Club l Newspaper Staff l, 2, 3, 4 Yearbook Staff l, 4 Student Council l Class Secretary 2 Science Club 3 K-iA.P.A. 4 French Club 4 Modern Dance Club 4 MEM QM gf? J"nn L 1z,:f:?'1r:11"'e"i lt might well be said of Jeannine, "Her ways are ways of pleasantness and all her paths are peace." For the last two years, her quiet and appealing attitude has brought her many friends. Soft-spoken Jeannine has proven herself de- pendable and reliable. Her slow smile speaks an invitation to all who will be a friend, and her admirable quality of "willingness to 'help'l is proof of her sincere interest in others. We wish Jeannine every possible success as she moves along the path of life. Ambition: To see the world Pet Peeve: Girls who are always worrying Favorite Quotation: "Don't start anything you can't finish. Big Three Cute, Huh? Pals HAH 5 a I a - mf, L, -mera, , aaae We Three Kings O 5 il b T Y d G lt's Rav N' Kaye Cold Cheeze h f v 'IPS 'xl'f CLASSES Alan Banister "Bewarel I may do something sensational." Howard Brook Elizabeth Boal Peppy and sweet- can t be beat' "An honest man is the noblest work of Cod." Diana Brown "Her personality and sweetness, without pride, might hide her faults if she had any to hide." Roger Brown "He shall have music wherever he goes." Robert Buckles "A young man in his early flirtiesf' Balbino Carrlaga A quiet guy, but quite a guy. Dennis Collins "Caesar was short, Naploeon too, so look what we have in store for you." Nanette Coots "Quiet, faithful, and patient is she." William Daggs "Don't let his quietness fool you." Roberta Epperson "An air of innocence, but oh my!" X Q ,-,A,, 'rn' 4 s - - Y ,.s,t- 9 u u 1 ' Carol Finch "Candid in everything she does." MU Edwardisjxell Mp thief' ' ith fr.i -m ' ' rt www WW ffffhu, .. UMA "Another argument in favor of co-education." Otto Havens "Work fa cinates me, I could sit andych it for hours." ,QQ-ff Rf 4 ' T5 ,A N ' A Q - 1 J Theata Heston "Live wires are seldom , i stepped on." 1' 31 Margaret Howze Nice to meet hard to beat X XP of ,. xp -dy Pfl ' My U5 On her tongue IS the law of kmdness ' Christine Hargis Beverly Jackson "Leader of our snappy band." W M ,555 if Jeanette Keith hnle. L QV! l ,Q jlfllgtlj Leona Kemph Roger Johnson "Businessman of tomorrow " "A winning way, a friendly mileg in all, a girl worth J ? UM Jbblfllyllflzl js I 'QL Cay Kellems I "lt'S to be natural when J X j - 1 you re naturally nice." Aft at f fl "As sweet and shy as summer .,.. A - K , -we Ai skies-until you see the mischief in her eyes. William Luther Athletic ability coupled with personality plus." Barbara Magruder . . go 'Sincere with manners and very kind, a finer girl would be hard to find." Sue Middlebrooks "Gentlemen prefer blondes- well l tried." Sheila Nelson "Pretty as a girl can be, on our m ine covers we're sur to see. gif, fits - 'V We Edward Owens Mi? "A likeable, trustworthy chap." Angela Parsons "A student who thinks- occasionally." David Patterson "Cod save the King. l'll save The Queen," at .5 chi , ver," J l 1, JV vf , lfa,g,z:, fa r ndly, 5 J I fl! N Barbara Ritchie "Peaches and Cream." v J xx. ff f ,A xllySheanZjbY hdliIff9l?sll1e always l 5 r dll' elfsf Elllgp ,1 l 'm-P tl, Jr J, e J? - 'll X N , . jx ml ixfljrh. Tsflgllll l A J -f N J, 'A IXJV ' Joan Steiner Mary Rosaler "Her golden hair lOOks like an angels, but dorft let her fool you." Charming and sweet and IWW 3 always so neat." W Joyce JZ' ' Q i,7We have our own way of fully ,Aipelling nice, J-O-YlC-El l" Francis Surowski "Cor1scientious-but fun, she could D D up anyone." ffffif Q we woe n, and ever r a laugh." Q r ! . ,f , -XC V r, OJQ ji fyfxQ' A xy' ,N ff' IXLLL' , ' f Q, ' Pafsy Tickle vgdngrtgkvcxfu 'lo ready fo .aa Gia? ox , F Vaqfjyjkjiww WWW Lloyd Webb "I like fun-f e eg tl'1at's why l'm ' .J My :Ulu Q.-al' 05 Robert Wrenn 8 Cl 8 small packages?" "Wino said oo thin s come' vb' Clanre S en fm Beverly Ritchie Carol Penn Mischief and I are ry good pa fy Juniors not included' b sophomone class Kathy Ariens W Q 7 Max Reeves Barr .Al V, E Thomas Clarkson r ' 1-1' Patsy Gibbons W M A if JFQ4 s" 135, Q. 1. I .4 J' .i " ' ,379 b, ,' MI, Barbara Dale L! 0A,,"'mLgx J fr yy , w ' , Bobby Efhridge if fr 1? 7g 'J I "h ff' y -In ' ll. Phyllis Hargis Gunther Haas Thomas Haycraft Barbara Heston 1, . 4, r X , I-1eueA'HO9kk - rl Roberf 'Howey 1 Elizabeth Howze Marfha Huffer . 15 , - WR' 'Q f n U O3 N G B fn . Robert Hoggard ,fy 'J I I ll fy! WJ ,1fMfrf. fl" J M D2zlbDf'JgCkSOl'1 f ii WM wwf 2 ox J Joyce Johnson .JU ,ftiancy Johnson Patsy Kilman JH ff! WV' gf QW' W 3 YV SW - L V 11 v ,lb K J I - Kr J NQSVA xi' sk vrdkff KNVXJ , Pnl F3 KJJJ l wp Gall Kuhn XJ William Legge . fl 1: ,I up -' 1 . W' wa., , Jenny Lind Robert McCullough June Monteith ' ' f K M h Patsy Nelson K r f I - 1 V Wav W fy 0, My fx , O AJ! Qirgfw Ramon P J R Ashton Shaw Ramona Staples , S 1, l Nancy Wilson VJ ii y 'llfggy e Stewart James Twiddy Jane Margaret Vaughn Sophomores not included: Angel Cariaga William Faulkner Margie Stoy Douglas Tepp Robert Bishop William Smith Hilda Curtis Joan Speers Carolyn Harwood If Bobby Tickle fneshmen FIRST ROW: CLEFT TO RICHTJ Mac Greely, Garland Townsend, Karen Barlowe, Nancy Keith, Judy Stephenson, Georgia Daniel, Sue Brainard, Warren Kibler, Alan Kerins, Bobby Downing, SECOND ROW: Ginger Bowl, Connie Rice, Carolyn Brook, Phyllis Berkebile, Sally Ann Benko- sky, Kennalee Cox, Kathy Byorum, Eddie Rudeen, Willie Wilson, Tom Madigan. THIRD ROW: Martha Harrell, Marion Welch, Teresa Lyle, Sharon Cohoon, Miss Knox lSpon- sorl, Bob Willis, Billy Townsend, Billy Fondren. FOURTH ROW: Frank Vince, Dave Milroy, John Perry, Norman Ash, Floyd Jones. ..'i"f r"2,,Q.ejj,2f5,-fa? es hm en if '-ffijff Sc-rivft' FIRST ROW: ILEFT TO RICHTI Anthony Shackleford, Israel Carriago. Milton Dale, Judy Buchannan, Marie Martin, Susan Clever, Lorraine Cesorotti, Thomas Coleman, Robert Stiles. SECOND ROW: Marcio Alburqueque, John Brown, Steve Gilpin, Sharon Fannin, Joyce Rogers, Mary Jo Twelmeyer, Carter Iverson, Eva Mae Burney, William Cossan. THIRD ROW: Philip Turner, Harry McClain, Pat Burke, Wiley Gilvin, Charles Bruner, Joyce DeGregorio, Diane Nordholm. FOURTH ROW: Robert Earle, Richard Foster, Mr. Carl Williams lSponsorl, Kenneth Wilds, Stewart B. Smith, Bobby Carrico. 35'-My - C th GRACE FIRST ROW: lLEFT TO RIGHTJ Mr. Steve Pulawski lSponsorl, Barbara Perlmutfer, Mar- garet Tynes, Joyce Gentry, Barbara Stewart, Betty Sue Murphy, Charles Downing, Evert Huitt, Robert Teyssier. SECOND ROW: Linda Keslar, Patricia Haycratt, Dean Jones, Patricia Chapman, Patricia Green, Ann McEldowney, Donald Dunham. Q THIRD ROW: Judith Giles, Carmen Latt, Briget Srednicki, George Jensen, William Stanley, Curry Vaughn, Ronald Leader, Joyce Milam. FOURTH ROW: Joan Tilton, Jay Mercalf, Carole Paysley, Kennith Shanner, Dale Mellon, Charles Keasey, Dale Drisdell, Richard Kenty, Shirley Alexander. NOT PICTURED: John Boland, Billy Conrad, Linda Kirk, Kurt Summerlain, f ,X ,,s.,,,,.,N, - ,X uf .. .V . A, , , Q SIGNED GRADE FIRST ROW: lLEFT TO RlCHTl Sylvia Epperson, Ann Meyers, Jenny Van Duyn, Roy Degen- hardt, Butch Benke, Tom Twelmeyer, Arnold Wilds, Don Ruemmeler, David Kilman, Mr, Sallengs lSponsori. SECOND ROW: Larry Turner, Preston Hasson, Regina Savage, Betty Bartalet, Ernestine Burney, Betty Gibbons, Charlie Joe White, Joan Ainsworth. THIRD ROW: Betty Dean Estes, Betty Rayford, Karen Mann, Louise Witt, Patt Buckles, Sammy Steen, Eugene Hillman, Anita Buckles, Odell Daniels. FOURTH ROW: Shirley Sigado, Judy White, Pat Baker, Sandra Massengale. .ff 5 "ww KB' 5 s YA MIN .Aj .231 J- 'Swan-a cc-z-,lv 1- 1 13'-" Ov - K A ,... ' ww - - I 1 og , Ll, IOR CLASS OFFICERS President - Harry Foster Vice-President: Treasurer: Secretary: Richard McCullough Nancy Buckles Josef Schultz WY :kf I EJ 1 Vice-President: Secretary: President: Treasurer: Edward Fryxell Dolly Kemph William Luther Diana Brown l Q l , S F 4 President: Tom Hayc raft Vice-President Helen Houck Secretary: Patsy Nelson Treasurer: Ashton Shaw Sergeant-at-Arms: Bob Howey President: J. Roy Dagenha rt Vice-President: Curry Vaughn Secretary: Sylvia Epperson Treasurer: Ann McEldowney President: "Mac" Greeley Vice-President: Carolyn Brooks Secretary: Teresa Lyle Treasurer: Virginia Boal H Most Like! yfoS ucceed affy Fosfef' AUCG Sparks Xa' U po? T ws xgaxl ns skeve ,fx edwa 9 Nia xX 7 3 . P rsonaxmes e Best X A 'QQ 'WM X . ufhe' Wxxham B09 BQYSNI Be sf Allvqround I nf-T' Q gm. ,, W- X 5 Parr. Icia i. 'D6f'fy Edwa rd Fryxell . M ,, 4 S' K '5 nmol F' .Y 0 0 Pa fricia Best Dressed Ann Perry Edward Fryxell xhxekxc PX 'K MOS W Mg' .XXK3 Wx Luwer F0 . we C . wk Pakfxda J LL .t Q ACI! IIIE -Q .I-8 x W 'SF' 1, ,s. x ,,.,, Wa -x , 1 451 'Jr 5 'T 'L A Lax 1 'K J. . film .....,...-... wwf-..w........ . ,mm .W L4 " 537 Q ki - -Q 10 ., X Kfkfw 5 ..,,:- iw W, 9 ' . 'u-X f L., eg' --XV. ako ' 'Wim 1 kk, A .W-4 Y V is M if .AQ ix P .. A w Wd- .. , QA., Y 'J ,nw K ,Q A 1 FPA P " "f':j'-k iv? ,, t as Q . if .. 5, g K www. fs' -D . . 5 5 -ff od 2? ,ov m 4 I in i -is f3,:5,?3 f i Xxx U Q, if lf ii X Q ffl in Kww 3955 -i 1, ,f, Q S 3' QKJN 4 .mf A Ski as v QRS W N I X 'W lf? we REAI CRAZY Bunny hop coul0n't B6 Bashliul, CGULC he? fx Q E SX We 1 4. :W F li if M: tw. S 5 A6 Rail' jvlw-1 r M933 r y I . ...v "ar 5 fa 1 ?Q' ii -A05 41? fs- Lv- we-. LL ..,,........-.- i . I f l gi Q X 4. -..- CX06 600 Q SCA 6066 C-X0 U 'LFF UI Mm www .' Xu a SCO CMB no W iw Y --'A W ' assfgdf IC "'w"0Gv ,WW 46111 Q- 5 X ,. Xi Q Rik SN E ,,,h , ,... M , ., My .. ,X . -Us . .lm Wal? S in lili " Jill if is c n x x v 4 ?IiiI3L5F!?.l Q 'wavy , X1 ' iyiiilif. ..Lf'ti:' r.' , ,.,. . .. Tl... Sgzsrzs .Q " N :Qt ' pgs ?f l5'gf , W1 ,. if- x ,Q ,F ' Z 5f5i,,.j!f.5 ff , 5 f 1 .JH E T ii ' , , , T' Wiki. 1 wg" A A K' ,,..,- iw' . ,, . 1-5152. zra. . -.., wg, a?'ii Q ,, in , . . ,, . Si, 3 . Qmlkg k 4 Y' P s 4 .,g..,.x.. Xa. ., ,,,,, ffm. Eiiivzgk' ' - If3'Af 4 fv4? A f.L,,M ms ff" 7 wigs, 5 -Tip! . 3 5 Viiiiififi 1 1 V .V 531' 1' -3 '52 ' ment: ' F A 1 ' -' 5 ' glwq. rl 'MTR f. 'f'.,v" s,.,. T A . 4. .. i f -:rj 2 '- .Kew -.5342 Milf 4 b v-- , Il Qk E57 se. , J zkliivl A J 57 'Q 4 f r I x X 1? 'gli 1 Q .4 L.,.. . . . swszusr f 1.-Vw .W K . , 3 S xg' ' 9, W. Q-. . v 4 Q. 8 fav. 2 sf? ff W , s? 3 -- , U swf! ff V M 5: , D 1 'K l?XZmQmQ3 Wwwh A J Zff - 1 Y 2, F- ER Aff' X W, -. i -N ff xl 3 4 57 , s 1 ralfg? A :in 3 M XN I, t, 2 N , W, fs- 'W K J Q ff' 'S f Q NG. . Fi sa an Q ,v 5 ga , Is' f 45, '- 'YQ' Wm 5 Q Q H. -,A is x .L ls ,ins ,sw ,af A i ' ,, ' R, g. gy j , M ng? Q Q 1 5 1 f- x if L G -s HE 1 in S f in, xi ,. fi 6 175 s "rf '.iE j.4 if -P' Q f 'X ' P 3 , E 1 .:'rE 5. 5 il ,: L ! S A N' E Ria i 5 J: 3 3 , 'S l J 5 xy 8 Our Heroes ..1 x HBetSya! ,,, ,uv- AII Two Over Bob's Next Yea r's Heroes O. Havens B. Luther C. Fryxell H. Surowski B. Howey Dick" McCullough CO-CAPTAI NS R. Paulsen We 21 O I4 I2 6 34 32 O FOOTBALL RESULTS Shelbyville Fern Creek Old Kentucky Home Bardstown Elkhorn St. Charles Elizabethtown Earlanger They O 25 I 4 25 l 2 6 27 42 ....,,... h ,Q . ,, -. -wip- B. Wrenn C. Perry B. Buckles B. Smith T, Haycraft B. Hogga rd We 38 35 60 61 71 53 62 50 53 53 50 51 74 72 53 49 48 53 Basketball Schedule Vine C-rove Rineyville West Point E'town High School Howevalley E'town Catholic Bardstown Male Invitational Tournament Vine Grove Bardstown Caverna Bardstown Flaherty E'town Catholic Vine Grove Flaherty Maysville Rineyville Clarkson Hodgenville Fern Creek Flaget They 63 50 46 60 52 36 56 70 55 58 70 53 52 52 59 47 69 49 O. Fryxell X C. Perry "Patsy" Roberta " 5 "Patsy B. Howey H. Surowski Kaye f X a K iw www--,fim :MW gf . , mv. ak 3 iii im ' Q M.. wi ,, "1f,q L :WI Qu QQ' ' 1:: , V+ I 5? EW icy, ,,,- FJ ' -hivi ii 'sg gg i' 9' - . JW' Q 5? ' ,,! as whim I -aw' e-Q f :-1 - ,gs ,.-f .M -'ES' 5. . 1 lv- 1 , . ' S .. , ,Q 1 O x lifx QQ! Q fi iii xi , xr, 1 fa V ui , 'F' . K S 4 J! n . ,gy . ,lv if 'QE uv- Qi 3 is . 'hi 25 ri 1311 gm f E" I if'7f" II ll ?"i"'1'- -- F l 5 ,..-M. 3 g., 1 p- V. v L 3 Q, Mwww- f My - ,MN 4- 'Ns Mi KW'-'db ,av- -WMNQMH E v 1 1 i George Bertram ,Leon Kingsolver A1Ihl61TlC OIRECTZORS Steve Pulawski Dolores Walker Sa vatore Matarazzo FW f I f r 5 aw -9 .2 . 1 . 3 "w.,.-W ,,, xx ,,-v"N-' s Y :NW mm , gf A f, 4 1 in S a s ik -W wx Q wif 4 5 ' . X 'I ni 6 2 3- Xi f 5' Q 'Q I Wx-' W'-M" 4: QW . 35 - rg SQ tix" h X4 i a,r'E 3 Q vuu ' , - 2 : L' siw f Q M I ""' , sr I, i li za G :'-L I7 I 'mm 55 ,ir E 1,3 M . SGHIORS of '54 On May 28, I974, at eight o'clock, in Fort Knox, Kentucky, the gradu- ates of the Fort Knox class of '54 are meeting in Room l l for a class reunion. They have just been to breakfast in the Coffee Shop at the Central Guest House. The noted author, Mr. O. Wemple Lyle, was the speaker. His subject was "The South's Handicaps in the Civil War." ' Last to arrive at breakfast, and to Room l l, as usual, is Larry Southard, the "tardiest" sailor in Uncle Sam's-Navy. The group -has just settled down for a class meeting, just like the old times. Harry Foster, now a general in the U. S. Army, is trying to maintain order but is having trouble keeping down the noise in the corner. Yes, it is Patsy Perry, now a six-foot redhead! Talking with Patsy is Gwynne Lewis who has completed her ninth year as "Champion of the Bookwormsf' Gale Paisley, famous for heroic services during the "conquest of the Flying Saucers," is listening, Now, all of the formalities are over, and t-he reminiscing is beginning. Pat Kerins, the famous Broadway actress, is "rehashing" the Acquaintance Dance of '53 with Ray Paulsen, who is currently working as bookkeeper for Henry Surowski's "Vegetable Mart." Shirley Howitz, author of How to Meet a Lieutenant in Six Easy Les- sons: Kaye Stevens, hefty women's wrestling champ, Alice Sparks, head of "Crazy Stocks, lnc."g and Carl Townsend, wealthy Oklahoma rancher are recalling the fabulous Christmas Dance. Anthony Lyle, newly appointed Harvard Professor, and Pat Ritchie, the only girl to get an appointment to West Point, are still arguing about what would have been "the best" in the Sport Section of the '54 Year Book. Joe Bill Schultz is showing his new painting, "Caesar's Ghost," to Marilyn Blue, author of I Teach Literature and Like It. Dick McCullough, the dashing, suave, and debonair "Tommy Manville" of the Class of '54, is recalling the hectic tournament days. Agreeing. with him is Lorane Nordling, the famous hair stylist, who still doesn't know whether to keep her own hair "mannish" or "feminine" Jeannine Vermette, secretary to John Spilman, the President of Harvard University, is discussing the Senior "Ditch Day" with Betty Ann Hatfield,, the proud possessor of the title, "Georgia Peach of '73." John Ashcraft and Albert Vermette could not come to the reunion- they are in Alaska with the latest "Space Expedition to Pluto." They still fear, we hear, that they will lose their titles as President and Vice-President, respectively, of the "BacheIor's Club of the Entire Universe." Charles Brown, number one among the ten best dressed men of '73. and Nancy Buckles, the best dressed woman of '72 and '73, are discussing changes in fashion. Let's listen . . . MULDRAUGH HARDWARE STDRE Electrical Appliances Dishes and Kitchenware is as Phone Rose Terrace 3 2142 WEST POINT LUMBER JOP'-'N 5' LANL COMPANY ROBINSON BEAUTY sALoN The Louisville Store "The Best of Everything to Wear" Elizabethtown's Oldest, Largest, and Most Complete Department Store Congratulations to The Class of '54 Fort Knox High School E'TOWN FURNITURE CO., INC. 120 W. Dixie E'town, Ky. For Any Home Need Call 2113 Collect ,,,,,il1 WHITE DOVE BAKERY "We specialize in Birthday and Wedding Cakes" E'TOWN BOOTERY Red Goose Shoes For The Children Grace Walker For The Ladies John C. Roberts For The Men E'town, Ky. HARDIN COUNTY LOCKER PLANTS Frozen Food Lockers 211 S. Main Street E'town, Kentucky Service for Home Freezers Wholesale Meats For Sale Compliments of CAM PBELL PRODUCE BEN FRANKLIN STORE Dennis Skees - Charles Ovellette Proprietors 126 W. Dixie Avenue E'town, Kentucky Locally-Owned, Nationally-Known E'town'S Only Self-Service Variety Store l1 Compliments of D. T. Davis Candy Company 1 f ' Helms nowms 311 Maple Street Vine Grove, Kentucky Flowers for all occasions Daily delivery to Ft. Knox Flowers telegraphed all over the world Phone 122-3 Sales Parts Service Lia 6 VRO C Quality Work Honest Prices Excellent Repair Service on all makes and model cars Dial 2-3275 Ft. Knox Telephone Vine Grove 136-W Radcliffe P051 GARAGE ,, l ,-W.. X ' JF .ls-saws-may ini 1 wil' "infill POST STUDIO THE SOUTHLAND DRIVE IN 5 . 'M' Q 1 Miles South of Fort Knox on US-31W Spec al g in Real Southern Style P t Bar B-Q I X A 2 , d , , E l ,l , l , , l,, , , Q GJ f ,Z .J pawwfwug ,LZ-411 .420 an ,iffy-V-J,-M1 fQ0lf1.,v1!u7n eicvauff-141714, 4504.21 'CAX J me 'ffifumm Mdgiizfg-in SCHBSELBLBEW Compliments ' MclAUGHllN Radio-Television Post TV Shop pl'me ts:J: . Pate M otor Company Incorporated Cadillac, Oldsmobile, CMC Trucks Safety-Tested Used Cars Elizab BREWER CHEVR0lE'l Incorporated l4l East Dixie Ave. Elizabethtown, Kentucky i ethtown, Kentucky Hardin C ounty Furniture 214 W. Dixie Ave. Elizabethtown, Kentucky Complete home furnishers of traditional and modern furniture. We are your small town store, with large town selections. We in- vite YOU to come to see u S. W. R. Bethel Clothing and Shoes Basketball Shoes, 55.15-56.65 Freeman Shoes for Men and Boys Curley Suits and Top Coats Large Selection of Coats for Ladies 519.95-551.50 Our Price Snappy Dresses for Misses and Ladies Skirts, Blouses, and Sweaters Velvet Step and Smart Maid Dress Shoes Weather Bird Shoes for Children s Are Always Right Compliments J of PDST CAB W0lTl STUDIOS DIECK'S LUMBER COMPANY, INCORPORATED Lumber, Millwork Building Supplies, Hardware Hot Point Refrigerators ave It" xi? Ri E'TOWN LAUNDRY AUTOMATIC LAUNDRY Dixie Street Fort Knox, Kentucky K I Central Guest House SNIDER'S CHICKEN ON CAll Orders Delivered or Picked Up Phones 25266 and 25297 I u Ft. TAYLOR HOTEL Elizabethtown, Kentucky BOONE CLEANERS "Distinctive Wardrobe Service" Knox-Ph. 3100 E'town-Ph. 2233 DAVE'S MARKET Muldraugh, Kentucky Fresh Meats and Groceries GREYHOUND Bus simon Ce ' Ft. Knox Travel Agency '21 I traveled a long way to graduate at Knox - t GREEN'S CLEANERS Weddings Cut Flowers 6' Bouquets Corsages Novelties Table Decorations Dish Garden Plants Parties Funeral Designs Blooming Plants Flowers Telegraphed Everywhere LONGVIEW FLORIST 4, Nine Miles South of Fort Knox on Old Highway 31-W fag.. DRINK COCA-COLA IN BOTTLES 1 ,cup SWOPE MOTORS, INCORPORATED Dodge Plymouth Dodge "Job-rated" Trucks Elizabethtown Kentucky "Ask Your Friends About SWOPEH BROWN'S ICE CREAM POST BARBER SHOP MARCUM'S in E'town Sewing the Fort Knox Area Nationally Known Brands of Ladies'-Men's--Ch'ildren's Wear Complete Shoe Department Compl iments of TIJUANA COFFEE SHOP SURPLUS, INCORPORATED Home of Trash Cr Treasures The Most Unusual Store in the Country POST SHOE SHOP FORT KNOX WATCH REPAIR 1252? iors of '54, coop LUCKgLNSE xg XE M WWMQW xii? 'Q 0 5 gym smnsns sromss F 1 32 S SE? 5 s , K 533253 5255 Q s EEE ,, . . I pf' . A5-nal . . I I Q10-414' dj! 7,5 Ziillwmn ff WA QLDMES5 M fa Qliils W E.- 3 , l K ig f DNQHWWMM. g 3 QMJVMIL' , -- M 22 X190 Q,,,,QeW' " ANUMWWMV' wwilvim-M .9 "f ,mfr M M I . , f , ' Jv aku . Q .. "'- . . n . i -.1 . V L ,.. .1 'Lil-niuhu be .10 fifjfri xX 2451 Q fx Sl? QQ QQHQXESK Qgw J gf Ziff L54 ,70 gmc Wf'fW N 4 ' 'N 'fits R33 iii? X3 rx 'QE gwgjfjff, . , N fn ' .. W , n ,, Ani .,2f ,gM,f, 55 SNQQNW 9f2ZfQ"',l? q"'3rD-J 3 NW M 5, W W :bi P Ngjlgbwwgvxl ww fb INTER-COLLEGIATE PRJESS ' u - o of lnululums- lui lin us I OH - NBII OFFIH Kansas City '. 'S 15 NGQJJWW fy yfdilfgiiffgiayfg J WW kj 'WW A Mai 7' Q mg 9 WWW? wQfZ?M'qZ73QWd7 ci? MMM 'QQ' fiwiiww MM 'E LA is ,Q 5 XX -" llvnmlrvn-mwvwwl xmgm-A 1-,ami-'," - -' 7 , 1 - -Ang: 33, 11 - - - A" " 1 - " I " 2 " 17 3135 bei f , N.. , . KF - .,'a. 4-. ,fx f'q'U.4..11.. A t J H Y'

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