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. ,, Q1,-'ivlxfg '?57l'u-A' A A f- A E H . ,,' A V .. W. f. 5 'K l v k t 5 f - f-" v A A 1, gl ,WN 4 -fa, 353 ,Q ti .Ml S .fe .ls 1 - .rv V B1 4 1 , V N, XX Q -.1 . y ,M k A .Q Q ... V 1 . W M ' 4, Q - .J - .4 -- 5 5-5 v if - gy ,A Q NX K Q-Q, vii, 3 3, i 1 A .gp Atqqkd F' ' M K' X ' iw,- MV A A R "" 4 uf 5.1 gl 'E I hi .4 dr Jewizwuryiss-Sagem'-fwmwwyma M' X 'J ' 7:4 , 15, V f J ' 7 qt. fi ' A VX A Mi .. -,Q"'3X. 'J Ll. i 1 ,is A fi 2 31 . 4- If A - 1 , .L 1 ,AL ,J Q. W ' ' xx-N: ' ' an-A ' . ,-..,, - . - Q 5 . - K , gnu 4 ' 52' ' . 2, ' . 1 F91 - L . g --w ' . , af .A y ' - N gy , P2551 - Q- - , "R, -' it , , is , '31 , ""' f V??Q. 53, 3 S .J Ag., T , Y 3 A Q LAR, . 2. , ' . . i w-up A - - Q A W 'Q - 1 . ' 4 Q xl Q ' - A 5' l' .Q i i Q 'F' A J- Tswxxm i V M i. 1 Nr M 'gf ' N, 4 ' , , , V If lx W ,V f. N ,M , Ak k Q W efdiegiix -Q A X x Tv' 'H ,ii 4 ' ' L 'A Q 'Af 3 "W ' A , ' EV" N4 N ' ' . 1 ' K it , J N gg .N AIS- , . . 5 k - I , 1 sa . W ,I I l 31 W I , 2 i ,kr x , , , - ,N w . M.. , , 4 4, l Lv f 2 A r x 'b N 11203 I JA I ' , , 'ff NVQ" V . K7 . kip F U SCCA- A- . -XQLKQYNQ xfQ, Qkqfx QQ H Q X-Q J lf Koo. NAf?XQ'gq0f QNXSQQXPX N06 tcp Il 6 it rg J COCK x W ,QL MW WAY K, in H f ' Hi, QQ 'Owl ' ' vw Um 5, K fx Q- 'JK X T5 1 N xfjtxi . L5 X cm 1 C Q5 vw fy, ML fy f QQ NQQF. Q0 UC i 11 . 'il . No f Q K f ' 4 if 'XQAC ' " 931402 N Ur .N QC . 7 Kfsfxzefki I 5 f of Q40 QQQ! Qfvq QW dl 1 I X 4 qqvk L YQ ko f C? 4 Q5 Q ' mf L5 QXJNB c QM xfwf P ug KKLQQE l UNIX-Q fx?-W-fL 'D NCL ELI 40 ,UO Q-P Ji W , ULQJ fx NXQQQ Sgovhs- bxvxcqit , H N k X fb V JU xx QD-I If CVOXXLV QDXNQ75' f LJ CGMMUNITY HIGH SCI-1001. WARRIURS 1985 Volume 4 10 'L ' LJ 'E of ,rousing X if '90 I ,-Q05 ' 4 ,X I r " f w - , 7 I, X, fa ff ,, ,-fa. V AW Q xf f -' A , x f 7 1' dx SN X A ff ffmw STUDENT LIFE 'Q , "uk ig A It 9 nv-4" f TABLE OF CCNTENTS Student Life 2 Faculty 29 Seniors 42 Honor Students 46 Underclassmen 65 Q t S Clubs and 79 ff , Q Organizations -"4 Index 130 V Sports 99 Girlls Just Wa Q l,1I'l . . . and boy did we ever! Through the long hours of dancing and practicing those darn three point turns, we became a unit of close friends with one goal: To do the best that we possibly could. And we did! To the future junior candidates: lf you go in with the right attitude, you will come out a winner, no matter what happens. What a comfort it was to have each other when those opening night jitters carne along. Then as each of us nervously tried to keep our Hnaturalu smiles while our bodies quivered in anticipation, it was announced . . .Cindy Voisine is Fort Kent's 1984 Junior Miss! First Runner-Up is Nicole Raymond, Second Runner-Up is Beth Daigle, and Miss Congeniality is Laurie Pelletier. nt to Hav F asf' i I, W.. hotve never seen Cindy th0S2 W For cw , , . V 1'-4' 'N' Mqyjs W I ,fgf Y a The first annual Fashion, Art and Choral Review was a tremendous success. The Chorus presented many excellent productions under the direction of Mrs. Workman. Following this, high school students were given the opportunity to model clothing Fashion and Art which they themselves had made. Refreshments were served and a beautiful art display was present for everyone to browse through. Nicole Raymond law L 74444344 Weive Got Tonight 'iv 'A 'ahmyq XL? 1 I ., .lil , . 1.," , Wi '44 il c ' lf C fx, 'X The 1984 Prom presented an enchanting night of romance to the graduating seniors. Hues of pink and purple danced to the beat of the sound of Glyder. ln the middle of the floor was a canopy of sttreamers, in which couples waltzed in and out of. Our 'ifountain of youth" sparkled its crystal blue water up into the air, sophomore waitresses busily hurried to bring fruit punch and hors d'oeuvres to each table from the canopied niche of prepared food. One wall contained a magnifi- cent mural of silhouettes. The 1984 Prom was a com- plete success, appreciated by all. PMN "NK 'N-A in T King and Que cott Daigle, Jessica Cooke Look deep into my eyes! bi 'T u 1-. ' 'T ,Y I I P fy: 1 4' ' JUNIOR SLAVE DAY! Every year students get a chance to own a junior member. There were many crazy costumes like punk rockers, nerds, elephants, and the original Peppermint Patty. Thank you juniors for cooperating with your masters. A true Sportsman There's nothing like being in style No Senore, I am not Canadia """""Y Tl Raggedy Paul Junior Class - buddies for life, Keith and Troy One starched item! The three Stooges UP AND DOWN 11..-1---- 5 The traditional dress up and grub day was combined into an unusual one day af- fair. This brought forth the students' im- agination and creativity. The event as a whole, was a success. ofie '55, Ba nigga A mrs. The Queen str k W 10 hatafe you foo . A709 arp Co mind huh? D y uldn 7 ma I x I J My Prayer Now I lay me down to study, I pray the Lord I won't go nutty. And if I fail to learn this junk, ,L 5 I pray the Lord that I won't flunk. I l i 2 But if I do, don't pity me at all, N Af-JN! 1, 33 Just lay me down in the study hall, and Tell my teacher I've done my best, Then pile my books upon my chest. Now I lay me down to rest, To pray l'll pass tomorrow's +est. If I should die before I wake, That's one less test I'll have to take. Amen , XQSZ-AIQII?-5 ,ff , I si 'M .,,.M-f-'r""""' fur' ff' Four pages and five minutes before the test. iff C Gsed mv n V, O tes? ,I ,, M ie .N ,MLN 'ma K N mlshed? Are ' ,Vo U kidding? ., MQW I a j Hey, this is easy! A ax L X fox- b K N ,,,,,,, ,... ,. K I X N f xl -I ,ll Q 1 ILove'I'l'lI5l X 7 W 2 S S S d Girls' State Boys' State an Dirigo Girls' State and Boys' State offers par- ticipating high school students the opportunity to gain a greater insight into the procedures involved in the democratic process. Through actual participa- tion you obtain an insight into the functions of our d state local, county, an government and a stronger sense of the responsibilities and obligations which are yours as citizens of the state f M ine and the United o a States. Everyone obtains something from the pro- whether it be a better gram, understanding of govern- ment or a better understan- ding of people. Nicole Raymond Voice of Democracy Democracy is a writing and speaking contest open to grades 10, 11, 12. The contest gives students the opportunity to express their ideas about their per- sonal responsibility as an American citizen. This years theme ws "My Pledge to Americafl The winners for this years contest were Dan Elash, Stephanie Caron and Ron Caron, respectively. This contest onsored by members of the was sp VFW and it's Ladies' Auxiliary. The Voice of Phanie Caro fl, Dan Elash X9 on in this years p 92' Pelletier is the advisor Spear Speaking Candidates Q Angela Daigle and an S ear Speaking Contest Mrs Betty Activities at CHS Nm., QQ... sf? C ,,, , f...--124-1 XX Vx. Q...- But l don't want to take Phys. Ed. Blood Drive J' ht! Each year Community High School sponsors the Blood Drive li!!! oh'3? amount of our donations has been rated second best in Aroostook County. Students and faculty alike . donate a pint of blood each. You i must be 17 years of age and weigh 110 pounds to be able to donate blood. 14 There, that didn't hurt, did it? by giving blood. In the past the Vu 'T It's not that funny, Beth! New sign language class Q How do you measure up? Road trip to Augusta Angela Wins Presidency Last November, our Student Council attend- ed the annual Northern Maine Regional Student Council Convention held in Madawaska. The whole convention stressed confidence in yourself as a leader. The F.K. members spent the entire day persuading the voters to elect Angela Daigle for president. Angela prepared a speech which enabled her to take over the position of National Regional Student Council President. A 16 lc Dongle, ova Fort pmt if funpnffffgf Qfvliliiivil ,!S QfQ OW ,J rifle 'JD-ui is if rvfalf P maj' qj1,g,ff:N to QXCJ? 1 lllf Ofwrif Q ' S maltffifffllfii WV! ele lt's almost over Nikki! '- ' " 1, ,wwf 'iff .. u ' lil ' ,ff 47. ss .' ,,., T l irrl P932 V 7: , 7:4 ,gf , A U 1 ,,., A, .','., ., i f' ' "ri 'kl" . ' i"m ' 757 ' gg Q si , f-gm 'I , cfm ,,.., 3 F1 5 ffofvnfeiff ,gil " 3 , ' My if .1 - ' - ' , .. V A, ' H N . 'V -,s g .,vf5,,,-g,f.4wf+w 1' '41 - ' H v-4z+wz., 4. .,,. ,, , Mexican Exchange Student IUUIDIWERVQBQD .............,.......a..... . . Siler My name is Maria Laura Betancourt and I come from Culiacan, Mexico. l'm 14 yrs. old and a sophomore. I come from a family of 3 children, My father is an accountant and my mother is a housewife. In Mexico I attended a Catholic School where we have to wear uniforms and where I learned English. Most of my country is where there's no snow and one of the things that fascinates me about Fort Kent is how small, beautiful, and cold it is. I've made one of the greatest experiences in my life, making a new home with George Caron's great family. I think being an exchange student is fabulous because it means sharing ideas and different points of view. I want to say thanks to everybody for making me feel like I was at home. I enjoyed Fort Kent very much and expecially school, teachers, and friends. I really appreciate everything. Thank you. I will never forget you. Love, Maria 17 Dedicated to All Friendships . . May They Last Forever. You are so special in so many ways. Others seem to see only one side of things. But you - you see all sides. You have a way of standing behind others when they are in the right - of noticing when they succeed and when they please. Yet, you pretend not to see Another's faults when they irritate or when they disappoint. How can I tell you how special you are to me except to say that you will always have a place in my thoughts. f 1 'Shir Ou O Hang on tight, friends are forever. fo f1,,.,wh I 5. K A Tk AMMWI K Future Betty Crocker Cookers Wherever you are it is your own friends who make your world. Q, ij . S QQHUTB Up, Up and away! ff we A smile is like a y f h dark December Friends Are for Keeps . . . fn- Klf fm K 5 ""' Q K . Am, I -k k' . - my fl b f . ,fur-'K K 'Kes N, ff F K epmose Sm' ' ii-LLL-4" A e Mr. Dumond is absent?! You can't be serious. Q, "3 20 ,-. , 4, 'Q ff' . e,E . ..,Q' , - A uv Donna's feeling mischievous today ' I a A iw' Friends support friends. Give it a try Gail. f fr iw ,ie or Wx -wa xi, Jw.. M A Y , Tw- i But I was here first. K H . 5 f I ov What! Juniors think they'll win? you better not . . . . . . a good friend is forever. The Fabulous Fifties The fabulous fifties opened many new doors Everything from T.V. sets to fighting wars. This era possessed the period of rock 'n' roll Which teens enjoyed with all their heart and soul. Bill Haley and the Comets Rocked around the Clock While Presley got all shook up singing Jail House Rock. American Bandstand helped singers like Elvis Make his songs popular while he shook his pelvis. As the popularity of T.V. spread coast to coast The I Love Lucy Show was the one watched the most. There were things like game shows to put you to the test And entertainment of sorts such as Father Knows Best. Of course there were programs for the young kids to view Hopalong Cassidy and Will Rogers too. Most kids also enjoyed the famous Mouseketeers Who sang, played games, and wore hats with big black ear Along with T.V. came the movie theater theme Where westerns and musicals were part of the scheme. Shootouts occured in Wyatt Earp and Gunsmoke While musicals had song and an occasional joke. Still movies and T.V. shows both told a story With the starring actors getting all the glory. From the famous actress named Marilyn Monroe, To yet another woman called Bridgette Bardot. The fifties held the beginning of lots of trends And building on these ideas we've made many amends. Forget about the fifties - perhaps we may i'i-n-""' But it's the decade we're still building today. .fi i you ,Q W lfh th Owd I ww ..,.-mul' 'R f 1 Qgguunlvvf ,,...n4clG 1: v U Who unplugged the mlke? Splnach don t fall me now' -ww... - Q CRA CK !1 1 WJ Xxx. A v 4? 2? The Fifties Generation Service with a Smile is NN I f Ouch! my back! H01 Rod NX 5 fldc ol Curt Final Standing TU' 1985 King and Queen: Frank Taggett, Lisa Taggett First Place: SQfllOI'S Second Place: Juniors Third Place: Sophomores Fourth Place: Freshmen URDINARY PEUPLE Q 1, UW ' rsvdx' xw vc S 'oi A YK6 Q0 iwmr Guys, give me a break. What cracked under pressure - The chair 30 Z I -,-5' 1 That face. That Cover Girl face. Opening night jitters don't phase Tracy 41416 vfv .gi F X cd' b 3 X5 99' eldo sei SWN A 2 Q L 3 me . . . stac es s. ha a ta klng about. ww, f L of in They only gave me four , , , Being co-editor-n-chief puts you in your place 'iv-f' One more bite should do it. oh! Marty?!! N. '32 kd kv W tch 1' 'P Q OUT CF FACULTY 9 ' Aix E Ss Y ,, I Q WN a HMIIIIII in ks, 'XX .X "" """' A 1 XXYQJ' fl N BUT WITH ADMINISTRATION Superintendent Mr. Paul Kelly Superintendent's Message Congratulations graduates of the class of 1985. Only four short years ago you entered high school as inexperienced freshmen filled with all of the anx- ieties and fears that accompany that process. With some determination and commitment by you, your teachers, and your parents, you have now com- pleted high school. Hopefully our goals for you have been partially or com- pletely achieved. The degree of achievement is directly related to your degree of effort and commitment. As Seniors you now realize that true learn- ing can only come from high interest and total commitment by the learner. Our four year journey together has brought us happiness and some of the most rewarding experience of our lives. As young adults I am confident that you will enter the next phase of your growth with confidence, optimism, courage, and high hopes for the future. Godspeed. Paul R. Kelly Superintendent of Schools 30 n..r.......,,,,,,,,,,, Curtis Derrick III Curriculum Consultant Central Gffice Staff Standing: Alice LeTourneau, Bookkeeperg Marilyn Pinette Secretary and Accounts Payable. Sitting: Carlene Thibodeault, School Lunch Clerk. I NWN - , Louis P. Albert Business Administrator if ACCOMPLISHMENTS DURING THE 1984-85 SCHOOL YEAR By Mr. Waddell, Principal It is with pleasure that I inform you that Community High School continues to work toward improving the school curriculum. The faculty, students and administration have ac- complished the following changes during this school year: 1.l Students with special needs will receive more individual attention with the addition of a second full-time special education teacher and with the services of another speech therapist. Mr. Donald Daigle and Mrs. Sandra Bernstein have joined our faculty. 2.l Mr. Kerwock of the English Department is now offering a basic writing and basic reading class for those seniors who want to improve basic skills. These classes, along with Senior Composition and Creative Writing, complete the English electives in the basic skills area. 3.lgThe music department has added a newac- Mr. Don ivity called Pep Band. This musical i i group will be devoting extra time to provide Principal music at athletic events and other school functions. Mrs. Workman will be the director of the pep band. A student director will be elected as this group evolves during the school year. 4.1 Our school had received approval and financing to institute a formal program for gifted and talented students. The first year of this program will be devoted to senior college preparatory students with a "B" or better average who want to be involved in advanced-placement courses. Any senior student with a special talent in art or music may also receive special instruction under the gifted and talented program. 5.1 Mrs. Robertson has started a mini-elective course in sign language. Twenty students are receiving instruction in using sign language for the deaf. The class meets weekly during activity period on Wednesdays. Our goal for this school year is to improve communication with the public and parents. We are doing this with a series of five newsletters and eight informal parent meetings. We hope that improved communication will help improve the quality of education at Community High School. 32 Mrs. Gloria Daigle Mrs. Theresa Theriault Mrs. Judy Doustou Vice Principal Q .i - N V.-ff" ,,,-- 'Q Mr. Richard Pelletier Administrative Staff Sitting: Mr. George Pooler, Industrial Arts Department Chairpersong Mr, Laurel Daigle, District Guidance Counselor, Mr. Don F. Waddell, Principal, Mr. Richard Pelletier, Vice Principal, Mrs. Betty Pelletier, English Department Chairpersong Mr. Don Dumond, Science Department Chairperson, Mr. Michael Cyr, Librarian, Mr. Garland Caron, Guidance Counselorg Ms. Simone Levesque, Business Department Chairperson, Mr, Frances Berthiame, Athletic Director, Mr. Owen R. Haley, History Department Chairperson. Student Assistance 3 , ,,-' - V Di- Mr. Laurel Daigle Guidance Counselor Mrs. Jackie Nadeau Guidance Gffice Secretary Mr. Garland Caron Guidance Counselor Adult Education Director Mrs. Lola Charette School Nurse Mr. Michael CW Advisor of Junior Librarian Hospital Advisor of National Volunteer I-Ionor Society 5 - I Mrs. Myrna Voisine Assistant Librarian Audibert - Boucher A. Subject they teach B. Advisor or Coach Mr. Lawernce Audibert fy Sr. Joan Ayotte A. Drivers Education A. Home Economics Mr. Francis Berthiaume A. Physical Education B. Athletic Director Athletic Club Advisor Boys Intramural Sports Mrs. Susan Berthiaume A. Physical Education I B. Girls Intramural Sports ll Mr. Robert Boucher Mrs. Vicky Boucher A, Algebra I and II A. Special Education Geometry Ecology Earth Science Boutilier - Daigle A. Subject they teach B. Advisor or Coach 1-at 5 Mr. Terre Boutilier A. Standard Biology Mr. Terre Carpenter A. Science Fiction Senior Composition Mythology English Literature B. Boys Varsity J.V. Soccer Girls Varsity Basketball Baseball Mr. Henry L. Carbone A. Accounting I and ll Business Law Bus. Princ. and Mngt. Record Keeping B. Yearbook f 'K J A gt is Y 3. i A Mr. Clifford Chasse is if P 5 ll A. U.S. History s . " i ' Western Society Mrs. Anita Clavette World Geography Mr. Donald Daigle A. Migratory Education World Today A. Special Education B. Girls J.V. Basketball Softball Mrs. Priscilla Daigle Arts and Craft Art Fundamentals English Art Club Mr. Paul Grant Precalculus Trigonometry Geometry Computer Programming Daigle - Haley A. Subject they teach B. Advisor or Coach Mr. Don S. Dumond A. Chemistry B. Freshman Class A Mrs. Gabrielle Ezzy A. Dev. Rd. l and ll Standard English 11 Basic English 8 Standard Business 11 Mr. Phil Dubois A. Distributive Education B. DECA Club Mr. Ron Haley A. U.S. History Current Issues World Today Civics Continental America B. Student Council Kerwock - Morin . ' 'wt K Ng . Mr. Paul Kerwock A. Advanced English 9 and 10 Std. French l Basic Writing Basic Reading B. Warrior Words A Subject they teach B. Advisor or Coach . ip ,Agn ,A g A .s Ms. Simone Levesque A. Shorthand l and II Clerical Practices Office Procedures B. Sophomore Class Mr. James Marquis A. Std. Algebra I Biology and Health Mr. Roland LaBrie Std. Civics Std. U.S. History Sociology Psychology l World Today Mr. Patrick Minnehan Anatomy Mrs. Phyllis Morin A. Intro. to Business Physiology A. Type I and ll Business Math B. J.V. Basketball Personal Type Type I and ll Girls Track Intro. to Business Business Math Murphy - Pelletier A. Subjects they teach B. Advisor or Coach Mrs. Irene Murphy A. Std. Physical Science Algebra General Math itll fit Mrs. Valarie Plourde-Ouellet A. Psychology I and ll U.S. History Western Society Mr. Ben Paradise A. IPS Mrs. Betty Pelletier Physics A. English 11 B. Ski Team Creative Writing Detective Stories Western Literature B. Voice of Democracy Spear Speaking Coach Northern Maine Writing Institute Chairman Q Mr. William Olsson A. Industrial Arts Photography Graphic Arts Basic General Math Home Wiring Electronics B. Photography Club 1 .X rs Mr. Melford Pelletier A. Basic Algebra l Advanced Geometry Advanced Algebra II Standard Algebra Pooler - Tardie A. Subjects they teach Mr. George Pooler A. Industrial Arts I and II Applied Math Carpentry l and Il Mechanical Drawing General Cabinet Making B. Advlsor or Coach Mrs. Constance Saunders A. Short Stories Advance and Standard English Mrs. Sherry Robertson A. Res. English Std. Physical Science B. Sign Language Class Mr. Lloyd Soucie A. Advance Civics Mrs. Rena Soucy Standard Civics Mrs. Catherine Tardie A. French First Aid A. English 9 Il..- Thibodeau - Workman A. Subjects they teach B. Advisor or Coach 1 Mr. Robert Thibodeau Physical Education A Mr. Patrick Voisine A. Industrial Arts Welding Auto Service h ' E, Small Gas Engines 2 ' ' it Architectural Drawing Mrs. Sandra Woods B. Girls Soccer A. Home Economics Boys Varsity Basketball B. Future Homemakers of America Advisor Ain't you a doll!! Mrs. Judith Workman A. Chorus Band WAKE UP AND Pep Band SMELL THE CoFFEE Oyez! Oyez! ne manquez pas cet article!! Oh no! Not another Mid-year exam w -v Always willing to help It must be Friday!! Cooks and Custodians Mrs. Geneva Doustou , Mr. Charles Ouellette Mrs. Pauline Guimond Mr. Brian Jandreau Mrs. Mary Saucier Mr. Arnold Martin Mrs. Irma Pelletier Mrs. Norma Jandreau Mr. Gerry Saucier X SENIGRS I TOUCH hex. E Q NX NMJR:- ...W k N Q K X - , fl ..- ' X TIMES ' x Q! P ' t: Eric Waddell IC 71 l i ? ifdent: Stephanie Caron e l' evin Haley j Treas gg' :Ruth lilourde . a X ' , agtl Fx. w, ,, all ,X " M ,X.3g,i,?al, Q ML M lf' . 5 3 Ei A 'ww mf, .,.. , ', ' - ,! 4 ,... .4 15, 51 .. .qgga , .7115 fi. 'iii ' -fm f if D 'Sz' 4 1 ,gi J Q fab -ff .,.. .. 'iii E- , H .ff., H. ,,, ..,- 1 V,-' . ff1,.'."HEP5'af . aa - wwf , ,- . 3 551 V am., p if ima in I 45 W Q 1. Honor Students Valedictorian Andrew Pelletier son of Real Pelletier Salutatorian Honor Essayist Nancy Marquis Stephanie Caron daughter of daughter of Isidore and Freda Marquis Garland and Arm Caron Honor Students Debbie Belanger Andrew Blanchette daughter of son of Roger and Juanita Belanger Real and Blanche Blanchette Craig Bouchard Beth Daigle Wendy DeVoe son of daughter of daughter of Paul and Leola Bouchard Sherman and Necia Daigle Martin and Phyllis DeVoe - Mark Dumond David Ezzy Kevin Haley son of son of son of Lloyd and Louella Dumond Gabriel and Gabrielle Ezzy Owen R. and Jeannine Haley Verona Martin Daniel Ouellette Matthew Paradis daughter of son of son of Hermel and Irene Martin Richard and Hilda Ouellette Ronald and Joan Paradis Donna Pelletier Ruth Plourde Michael Saucier daughter of daughter of son of Donald and Hernelle Pelletier Clarence and Christy Plourde Raymond and Gisele Saucier 1. I Sandy Shaw Cindy Voisine Terry Voisine daughter of daughter of son of Gilbert and Wimana Shaw Raynold and Myrna Voisine Ernest and Beatrice Voisine Class of 1985 -if" " 'Y l e i 0 '-- i il!-5. T1 V ,Q i i i e l -10' . ' H im.-if fi f , we I :-Q , V, I AZ 9 I John Albert Connie Babin 5f9f67 2f2Of67 5- 43 fy wx., A , , ' ' 0-fl' 0' . QK Daniel Beaulieu Debra Belanger Greg Belanger Jane Belanger 3f20f67 6f17f67 5f29f67 7f18f67 Bruce Bernier Ricky Berube Andrew Blanchette Sandy Blanchette 9f5f67 3f22f67 7f15f6'7 9f16f67 Seniors Y. K x ai of Steve Blanchette Craig Bouchard Karen Boucher 2f15f67 8f20f67 11f26f67 X . x ' . N' 5 1, ku 5, li' 5 N . Nw, J .fr rf' E 0 A" xr, A A- N' n,vN'5'WWvgr ,yr ,Jnomo . fm,'.fgz9,t,:,i,z,:3ffvj:j:1 . W'I5'!kfffff1'3fI'.f5fl1+iv?5t Tammy Boucher Tina Boucher Wayne Boucher Sandra M. Bouley 5f25f67 6f10f67 1f16f67 12f26f66 'U F . can mx.,-,..f , Nu- 'A XX., 'S- Thomas Bourgoin Robin Boutot Shelly Bruey Audrey Cannan 8f12f67 5f8f67 7f10f66 3f13f67 Seniors l Elaine Caron Glenn Caron 5f12f67 11f19f66 1 .af ,. fi ' an il 'F' hx ,. , . Lynn Caron Stephanie Caron Brenda Charette Gloria Charette 1f1f67 6f5f67 11f18f66 5f2f67 Peter Charette Tom Charette Jeanette Chouinarcl Kevin Coulombe 12f2f64 3f7f67 1f27f67 2f27f67 51 Seniors 5 Kurt Coulombe Sharon Coulombe Greg Cyr 1f2f67 2f27f67 3f30f67 Beth Daigle Jeffery Daigle 8f9f67 4f6f67 fl '15 Julie Daigle Kathy Daigle 7f3lf67 8f12f67 Matthew J. Daigle Russell Daigle Donna Deprey Elaine Deschaine 5f3f67 11f14f67 5f9f67 10f29f67 l Seniors Evelyn Deschaine Roma Desjardins 1f17f67 3f24f67 -1- Tom Desjardins Marcus Despres Vaughn Devoe Wendy Devoe 2f22f67 8f11f67 6f26f67 11f10f67 fn- - Pi' -4 JY , y Ll IIN. Diana Dionne Cheryl Doustou Amy Dow Regis Dube 9f15f67 6f1f67 5f27f67 9f23f66 lie as Seniors ,pn ffl? Carl Dubois Karen Dubois Steve Dubois 7f26f67 4f2f67 4f23f67 Tim Dubois Debbie Dumond Mark Dumond David Ezzy 5f19f66 1f11f67 7f1f67 5f31j67 imrwa ' 1 w i fi , K, O ,vii ,3. Charles Fournier John Graham Lisa Griffeth Augustus Haferman 5f7f66 2f28f67 10f19f67 1f22f67 Seniors 3 8 Kevin Haley Maurice Hebert 3f23f67 7f22f67 Kr 'W' K . j I 'fe ,ia J 3 rr S r . .. . Wendy Helgesen Dean Jandreau Larry Jandreau Susan Jandreau 1f4f67 6f10f67 1Of11f65 12f9f66 x I r ? 5 J ".L 1. - -, , A 1, , 1 X :X .lv r Tina Jandreau Kathy Jordon Brian Junkins Wendy Lamarre 3f20f67 1Of13f67 9f17f67 5f13f67 I+ Y, Seniors ,.F",.. re- flu? 1 5' f MFWW in ,Qfgezafigyro 6A4 i J, Hn if r m fii in 'M H X L bfiw one A 11 Q vo s f i ,fzizfzlzr Donna Larson France Leclerc Laura Lizotte 7f3Of66 7f4f67 1f24f67 if .. L. , - Lo L g L fJy6Qf,?!Q59l4QQ43"w fi ff f ip 2 , if 'ff 13' " ' Tina Lizotte Louise Lozier Paul Lozier Joel Marquis 5f19f67 3f11f67 2f6f67 7f20f6'7 'r Nancy Marquis Sharon Marquis Glenn Martin Leah Martin 56 2f18f67 iifvfes 6f23f67 ifzifev Seniors 5 fi .L Y Verona Martin Gerald Michaud 4f23f67 9f1f66 Kevin Michaud Nelson Michaud Scott Michaud David Moreau 12f15f66 5f14f67 5f8f67 6f3f67 335 N x Dana Morin Dean Morin Lisa Morneault Lori Morneault 3f28f67 6f22f66 1f19f65 5f17f67 Seniors Tommy Morneault Gail Myshrall Gerald Nadeau 12f5f65 6f20f67 11f25f67 Mark Nadeau Pat Nadeau Paula Nadeau Peggy Oakes 8f19f67 7f16f67 8f23f67 9f13f67 55 '. .H -gg Rachel O'I.eary Danny Ouellette Kevin Ouellette Nola Ouellette 6f25f6'7 3f22f67 5f2f66 1f1f67 Seniors fix Peggy Ouellette Rachel Ouellette 1 01 7 167 1018167 in , ,ov Matt Paradis Paul Paradis 1214166 3122166 Vickey P. Ouellette 917165 Tammy Ouellette 715167 , .5 Andrew Pelletier Bonnie Pelletier Bruce Pelletier Andrew Parent 5122167 314167 8116167 1019167 rle ,A f.1.i 59 Seniors Cheryl Pelletier Donna Pelletier Gary Pelletier 5f13f67 1Of27f66 1Of12f67 ,Q-- wg-., If 'Y .1 J 'Y' P. X L . E Jeff Pelletier Kevin Pelletier Larry J. Pelletier Laurie Pelletier 1Of21f66 4f21f67 6f8f67 1f6f67 f r if 1- i , 'V it X, 4-,er if 4 , ,i 'W' r ' sr 'p-ff'."' . ' we P ll! xxx Lisa Pelletier Lisa Pelletier Lynn Pelletier Paula Pelletier 9f1Of67 11f9f67 4f16f67 8f5f67 Seniors 1 'Q ui Richard Pelletier Ricky Pelletier 9f7f67 1f21f67 Eze.- , fy i Y l y 1 I i I K l ' , F 'Q' ' Todd Pelletier William Pelletier Ricky Perrault Karen Pinette 9f15f67 9f15f65 6f14f67 11f18f66 Bonnie Plourde Dwayne Plourde Michael Plourde Ruth Plourde 1f4f67 12f11f67 3f26f67 2f6f67 -4 Seniors wabf 1" ' R k 4' Q vrieglrfygo jgglg A Q ' E??3 x i ' x ilm if' ddgi' f y - , y y ,gipafe , A ,Q x in gf, . R, ,al X la : "" V- A W I y A X 5 lx if ' 1.iil! , , -l-7' l 'V Q ' f l ...N , is Y axial do K Exit" l 5 Karen Pooler Nicole Raymond Wendy Raymond 9f25f67 8f10f67 8f16f67 Charles Ross Peter Roy Robert Roy Sheila Roy 3f23f67 6f23f67 11f13f67 7f11f67 f .q-- ,N r -M aw., o l Curtis Saucier Lisa Saucier Lori Saucier Michael Saucier sfifsv 1f5f67 3f23f67 5f15f67 Seniors .,, "J,-9' t i I Natalie Saucier Sandy Shaw 11f18f66 1f29f67 4'- -...P .-'17-? .ff -fi 1 S Lora Soucy Matthew Soucy Frankie Taggett Lisa Taggett 3f1f67 5f13f67 5f21f67 1f10f67 V 31 -J-5' 'f t'?f?'f el ,,, P 'L iff Robert Tardie Dale Theriault Kim Theriault Robin Theriault 9f19f67 1f30f65 2f2f67 7f2f67 Seniors Ruby Theriault Andrew Thibeault 12f29f66 1Of5f67 Cindy Thibodeau Eve Thibodeau 7f29f67 7f29f67 Cindy Voisine Terry Voisine 1f1f68 11f6f66 Ricky Thibeault 3 X 23 f 67 TW Steve Uckerman 10 X 1 7 f 67 Eric Waddell 1 X 18 f 67 ow OF UNDERCLASS X MEN B " Q """' liiwx E A l WIis fA..FW Q R -Q- ui ' M' 1 it 'N Y 1 K Q 6,7 m a y . .,.. Qfl.. , X N Ss X X X fl X. x X - Y WITH BSS CQYS Q Tracy I-lartt lpresidentl Chad Walker lvice presidentl Aileen Theriault ltreasurerl Kurt Pelletier lsecretaryl Mike Abbott Lise Albert Louise Albert Michelle Albert Mark Beaulieu Staci Berube Darcey Blair Mark Blier Beverly Blier Wayne Bouchard Steve Boucher David Bouley Vernon Bouley Tina Boutot Beth Brann Eric Burns April Caron Jean Caron Kim Caron Kim Caron Pete Caron Ronald Caron George Carpenter Jay Charette Karen Charette Kathie Charette Ricky Charette Donald Chouinard Andrea Collins Michelle Connor Louise Corriveau Mark Cyr Amy Daigle Angela Daigle Cary Daigle Michael Daigle Paul Daigle Steve Daigle Steven Daigle Chad Deprey Rachel Desjardins Dave Devoe Chris Dow Kathie Dubay Ruby Dube Beverly Dubois David Dubois Gregg Dubois 67 l I Mark Oullette Tim Ouellette Andrew Paradis Bruce Paradis Keith Paradis Cindy Pelletier Donna Pelletier Elaine Pelletier Glenn Pelletier Kurt Pelletier Lee Pelletier Sharon Pelletier Tracy Perreault Debbie Pinette Patty Pinette David Plourde Robert Plourde Jeffrey Roy Donald Saindon Robert St. Germain Glenn Smart Timmy Soucie Danielle Soucy Paul Soucy Mike Sylvain Luann Taggett Troy Taggett Aileen Theriault Barbara Theriault Chris Theriault Lisa Theriault Mark Theriault Mary Theriault Donna Thibodeau Jeannine Thibodeau John Thibodeau Roderick Thibodeau Shelly Tobin Chad Walker Michael Walker 69 iz 5 V . ig' R , , , era 0 ' , a " - f- ,., .,., ., - .fm wyViAW5':f'1 , ,, ,,,. K M KL? Vrkk wiwiav 2162 my .W uk M, F I :il ' ' - ' -WLWT' liflwijv 515-755351 -:iii-' 'F f9,52,. ,,: Y vf ' vi ff ' 'wifmyi 6 Q A9 'L if B , de 154 Q1 .F 96222 L? ,ff A 6 wg as 761 A if f rggffiegrg fiyf 6539? qw 14 29 11 'Z , .ga-ci if A ' Mrjfixfnf f 5:1 14:41, af Mk 1 I f R' A i . -1,., ,, s qi Richard lPresidentJ Jim Lagasse Nice President! Richard Pelletier CTreasureri Robert Nadeau fSecretaryJ I . i"i " ' 70- ,av- 'Y' ,hu-.-4 ,p-a ml' gum-sq NY' Michelle Adams Daniel Albert Dawn Babin Jenny Belanger Ricky Belanger Maria Betancourt Pamela Bernier Lisa Berube Michelle Billings Mark Blair Danny Bouchard Heidi Bouchard Michael Bouchard Paula Boucher Leo Bouley Vicky Bouley Albenie Boutot Debi Cannan Vicky Caron Carol Charette Donna Charette Chris Charette Lisa Charette Tammy Charette Dave Chouinard Daniel Clavette Mariya Coulombe Paul Crane Alan Daigle Carol Daigle Ginger Daigle Glenn Daigle John Daigle Michelle Daigle Mitzi Daigle Robert Daigle Sally Daigle Tim Daigle Jennifer Davenport Sonya Dechene Amy Deprey Craig Deschaine Sharon Deschaine Donna Desjardins Jamie Desjardins Jane Desjardins Paul Dionne Lisa Dubay 71 Michelle Dube Nickey Dubey Simone Ezzy Kelly Gatcomb Tammy Gaudreau Peter Gervais Harry Green Belinda Hebert Gloria Hebert Tina Hebert Mary Higgins Roger Hodgson Robert Houston Donna Jalbert Connie Jandreau Gary Jandreau Lee Jandreau Marla Jandreau Parise Jandreau Paula Jandreau Rhonda Jandreau Karl Labbe Jim Lagasse John Lagasse Kerry Lagasse Scott Levasseur Peter Marquis Amy Martin Lance Martin Lisa Martin Mike Martin Bonita Michaud Emily Michaud Jean Michaud Robert Michaud Robin Michaud Dale J. Morin Laurie Morris Julie Morrison Corrine Nadeau Karen Nadeau Robert Nadeau Robert Nadeau Sylvie Nadeau Tracy Nadeau Kerri Nelson George Ouellette Jamis Ouellette 72 4' was Ok W., 1-.4 -'u Keith Ouellette Kevin Ouellette Robert Ouellette Vicki Ouellette Wayne Parent Dawn Pastet Connie Pelletier Honey Lee Pelletier Julia Pelletier Linda Pelletier Richard Pelletier Robert Pelletier Steven Pelletier Steve Pelletier Todd Pelletier Wayne Pelletier Jenny Pinette Louis Pittet Allen Plourde Kevin Plourde Donna Raymond Karen Raymond Marc Raymond Monique Raymond Steve Raymond Mase Robertson Richard Rossignol Alan Roy Sharon Roy Paul Saucier Toby Saucier Roger Simard Anja Sirois Mark Soucy Richard Stoliker Shelly Taylor Paula Theriault Raymond Theriault Danielle Thibeault Shari Thibeault Amy Thibodeau Luke Thibodeau Tina Thomas Jacques Toussaint Terrie Voisine Rhonda Wood 73 ia i i A CQIS Jason Scott lpresidentj Joceyln Dow Cvice presidentj Traci Marquis fsecretaryj Kellie Caron ftreasurerj Stewart Abbott Mike Albert Stephanie Albert Pam Audibert Karen Beaulieu Jacqueline Belanger Cathy Berube Jeff Blanchette Daniel E. Bouchard Mark Bouchard Kelly Bouchard Roger Bouchard Susan Bouchard Daryl Boucher Scott Boucher John Bouley Gail Bourgoin Jason Bourgoin Lisa Boutot Tamrah Brown Chris Cannan Andrew Caron Jack Caron Kellie Caron Larry Caron Mark Caron Scott Caron Daren Charette Judy Charette Claudette Clavet Kyla Collings Robert Connor Edith Cote Sandra Cyr Clarence Daigle Craig Daigle Crystal Daigle James Daigle Lisa Daigle Michael Daigle Micheline Daigle Nat Daigle Sara Daigle Steve Daigle Sara Deschaine Roberta Desjardins Elden Devoe Dana Dionne 75 Kevin Dionne Jocelyn Dow Judy Dube Diane Dubois George Dubois Kevin Dubois Tammie Dwyer Nikki Fortin Kevin Fournier Patricia Gardner Tammy Glasscock Laura Goni Mark Hafford Stephanie Hartt Bruce Hebert Joyce Hebert Lisa Helgesen Heather Henderson Deirdre Higgins Elisa Holden Kipp Jackson Nila Jackson Herman Jalbert James Jandreau Marty Jandreau Sandy Jandreau Warren Kelly Andre LaBrie Janeen LaMarre Nicole Lamore Colette Landry Dianne Landry Brenton Levesque Edmae Lord Linda Marquis Traci Marquis Kristen Martin Nicki Martin Lynn McBreairty Maxine McFarlin Angela Meyer Mike Primeau Betsy Michaud Debbie-Ann Michaud Jack Michaud Joy Michaud Bonnie Morin Lisa Morin 76 V? 'Z' . Darrell Thibodeau Lisa Thibodeau Roda Thibodeau Stephen Thibodeau Keith Toussaint Nikki Toussaint Amie Uckerman Tammy Walker Allen Voisine A I'm thirsty, Hey Koolaid! the Herald What's your problem? I took and had a goo- night's sleep. QUT OF X CLUBS 'X .,,,, up A-' l evN,N E ' ,,,, Q R 5 , -,,.,.4b ' -R ,X X x ., X WITH ORGANIZATIGNS The 1985 Warrior Publishing a Warrior Yearbook becomes more and more difficult each year. Long and frustrating hours add up to complete the yearbook. Each member must be willing and dedicated to do his share. So as you can see, the 1985 Warrior Yearbook is not just an original book but it's unique! We hope we have brought you a book which you will refer to in the future years. We would also like to give an incentive to those vvho are interested in working on the yearbook next year. Although it is a dif- ficult task it is worthwhile in the end. Editors-in-Chief 17 Z '31 I. 80 Mr. Carbone lAdvisorl, Beth Daigle lEditor-in-Chiefl, Nancy Marquis fEditor-in-Chiefl 1 Editors: Front to Back: Beth Daigle, Nancy Mar- quis, Ruth Plourde, Audrey Cannan, Nicole Raymond, Sharon Coulombe, Sandy Blan' chette, Lisa Pelletier, Karen Boucher, Nola Ouellette, Eric Waddell. Yearbook Staff lawns all-r 2 l hu" LITE: 5 l ii l o N-Q 1 ,. in , 3 .ii . i, W P Assistant Editors Front to Back: Kathy Daigle, Deidre Kelly, Bonnie Plourde, Sandy Blanchette, Paula Theriault, Aileen Theriault, Amy Duprey, Monique Raymond. Photographers Front to Back: Chief Photographer: Eric Waddell, Tina Lizotte, Chris Dow. Yearbook Sellers 5 z Q- :lark qi'- Front to Back: Ruth Plourde, Aillen Theriault, Amy Depre, Paula Theriault, Audrey Cannan, Gilda Michaud, Danielle Thibeault, Sherri Thibeault, Shelly Taylor, Dawn Babin, Sonya Deschaine, Karen Nadeau, Karen Boucher, Sandy Blanchette, Kelly Bouchard, Kila Collings, Jennifer Roy, Bon- nie Plourde, Tammy Boucher, Tina Lizotte, Sharon Coulombe. , an 3 Ad Sellers Aillen Theriault, Ruth Plourde, Paula Theriault, Karen Nadeau, Audrey Cannan, Gilda Michaud, Sherri Thibeault, Monique Raymond, Carrie Nelson, Amy Deprey, Sonya Deschaine, Bonnie Plourde, Tina Lizotte, Tammy Boucher, Kathy Daigle, Karen Boucher, Sandy Blanchette. Student Council The Student Council at C.H.S. provides the necessary link between the student body and administration. Besides developing important leadership qualities in its members, the ve' council is also responsible for organizing various student ac- tivities, assemblies, and of course, the Winter Carnival. Front to Back: Officers: Monique Raymond, Treasurer, Sharon Coulombe, Secretary, Matthew Soucy, President, Nicole Raymond, Vice-President, Mr, Ron Haley, Advisor. J J' WM' r' '42w4 J4- Front to Back: Nicki Fortin, Matthew Soucy, Nicole Raymond, Lisa Daigle, Richard Stolicker, Advisor: Mr. Haley, Patty Levasseur, Lise Albert, Angela Daigle, Eric Waddell, Monique Raymond, Sharon Coulombe, Glenn Daigle, Lori Theriault, Connie Jandreau, Tracy Hartt, National Honor Society The National Honor Society creates enthusiasm for scholar- ships, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote leadership and to develop character. We'd like to recognize Kevin Haley and Andrew Pelletier for state officer positions. Front to Back: Officers: Stephanie Ca M t thew Soucy, Andrew Pelletier, Sandy Sh Front to Back: Donna Pelletier, Tomm Martin, Matthew Paradis, Patt Levasseur, Connie Morneault, David Ezzy, Kevin Hale , An ela D Y S' V Q Q Stephanie Caron, Mike Saucier, Mark Cyr, Andrew Blanchette, Nancy Marquis, Sandy Shaw, Ron Caron, Matthew Soucy, Andrew Pell t Dave Elash, Paul Daigle, Advisor: Mr. Cyr. 84 Aihieiitis Club A 2 E S E 2 i a s l i 3 - .',-,MQJA . A lt, N! Front to Back: Advisor: Mr. Berthiaume, Stephanie Caron, Ruth Plourde, Aileen Theriault, Augie Haferman, Beth Daigle, Julie Daigle, Tom- my Martin, Gilda Michaud, Donna Deprey, Eric Waddell, Gail Myshral, Kurt Pelletier, Robert Daigle, Patty Levasseur, Mary Theriault, Don- na Thibodeault, Simone Ezzy, Robert Nadeau, Rube Dube, Lorianne Gagnon, Jay Charette, Karen Pooler, Matthew Paradis, Laura Soucy, Tina Lizotte, Tammy Boucher, Amy Dow, Lise Albert, Kevin Haley, Roderick Thibodeault, Staci Berube, Lisa Martin, Paul Daigle, Keith Paradis, Brian Junkins, David Ezzy, Robert Plourde, Sonya Deschaine, Mike Abbott, Michelle Daigle, Kevin Coulombe, Jean Michaud, Mike Martin, Mark Pelletier, Kevin Pelletier, Troy Taggett, Lynn Pelletier, Leah Martin, Tom Desjardins, Mitzi Daigle, Donna Desjardins, Jamie Desjardins, Jill Pelletier. The athletic club recognizes all athletes at C.H.S. who have earned a varsity letter for playing a substantial part in one of the many athletic teams representing Fort Kent Community High School. The athletic club plays an important role in the school's athletic program. They are responsi- ble for making available buses to bring loyal Warrior fans to and from sport- ing activities. They also sponsor the alumni basketball games during the Christmas break, plus the selling of school jackets and distribution of school calendars. ront to Back: Officers: Augie Haferman, Ruth lourde, Stephanie Caron, Aileen Theriault. 85 Future Homemakers of America 2 The Future Homemakers of America is divid- ed among 3 co-presidents and several members. We hold several activites during the school year and from this we gain responsible and independent. A state convention is held every year and our main goal is to raise money to attend. i We have been honored by having Sandy Blanchette, state treasurer and Karen Boucher, District Chairperson elected. Also we have received many awards for doing outstanding work. Q, , 9 'N Front to Back: Officers: Karen Boucher, Peggy Oakes, Sandy Blanchette. Front to Back: Lisa Holden, Sylvie Nadeau, Kristian Martin, Louise Lausier, Paula Boucher, Ginger Daigle, Peggy Oakes, Karen Boucher, Advisor Mrs. Woods, Sandy Blanchette, Bonita Michaud, Tina Hebert, Gloria Hebert. 86 Future Artists 5 it is Front to Back: Chris Gregor, Stephanie Albert, Lisa Berube, Michelle Daigle, Honey Lee Pelletier, Kristian Martin, James Ovellette, Daryll Theriault, -VI Q""': 5, Front to Back: Officers: Lisa Berube, Stephanie Albert, Michelle Daigle. Art Club The Art Clubs function is mainly to help the school with adver- tising, decorations, and promotion of any kind that requires design. The Art Club also provides a link with the Community when there is time, make posters, signs, and other design projects for civic organizations. This club also likes to honor a gifted, hard- working senior on class day with an assortment of art supplies. Some annual functions the club helps work on is our Christmas concert, Winter Carnival, and the Spring concert. The club has painted in the hall and library walls. lt has sponsored art contests and done some sign painting for the Fort Kent Ski Tow. 87 Band GQ Front to Back: Eric Burns, Dana Daigle, Andrew Paradis, Richard Grindle, Mike Daigle, Kevin Haley, Pierre Caron, Kevin Gaghon, Peter Roy. Eric Waddell, Andrew Thibeault, Craig Deschame, Craig Bouchard, Marc Paradis, Tina Lizotte, Jason Scott, Louis Pittet, David Dubois, Richard Pelletier, Danny Clavette, Danny Morin, Ross Dubois, Simone Ezzy, Matt Soucy. Ronny Caron, Danny Levasseur, Allen Nadeau, Tamra Brown, Lisa Daigle, Lise Albert, George Carpenter, Kathy Ovellette, Louise Corriveau, Edith Cote, Bonnie Morin, Donna Jalbert, Beverly Dubois, Amy Daigle, Mitzi Daigle, Angela Daigle, Karen Beaulieu, Kristen Martin, Sherri Thibeault, Aileen Theriault, Parise Jandreau, Danielle Thibeault, Elaine Pelletier, Danielle Soucy, Cindy Voisine, Lisa Martin, John Daigle, Mark Blier, Patty Levasseur, Mike Paradis, Steve Gaudreau, Louise Albert. Members of the band meet for rehearsals and are given the opportunity to receive personal instruction on their in- strument, as their schedule allows. In addition, they present several concerts during the year as at Christmas, assemblies, exchange programs with other schools, playing during home basketball games, etc. On occasion, the Band also participates in parades and other local pageantry. Vocalists at C.H.S. Chorus QQ' 59 ff 'god' iff Xl ,I 15 Front to Back: Donna Thibodeault, Karen Charette, Amy Deprey, Monique Raymond, Sherry Nelson, Beverly Dubois, Kevin Dubois, Elaine Pelletier, Beverly Dubois, Amy Daigle, Barbara Landry, Matthew Soucy, Richard Pelletier, Craig Bouchard, Steve Daigle, Lise Albert, Kevin Haley. Pep Band t i-fi W 'vi ' X M.,,,11.f ,,f,,lf7f,,.9,f, Front to Back: Amy Deprey, Eric Waddell, Sherri Thiboeault, David Dubois, John Daigle, Mark Blier, George Carpenter, Jason Scott, Louis Pittet, Richard Grindle, Andrew Paradis, Ron Caron, Kristen Martin, Beverly Dubois, sn, 3--f-. . 'vivid- A41 N AllAState Chorus: Kevin Haley, Matt Soucy All-State Band: George Carpenter All-Aroostook Chorus: Karen Charette, Amy Deprey, Monique Raymond, Kevin Haley, Matt Soucy, Craig Bouchard. uw 1 vi C ,, ,J ,x I ,, ,, 'V ,f If V1 I 'QV' ' ,ff 'P' e ,1 v ,ltr J 4, All-Aroostook Band: Danielle Soucy, Jason Scott, George Carpenter, David Dubois, Beverly Dubois, Richard Pelletier, Richard Grindle Angela Daigle, Sherri Thibeault. 90 amass DECA Club T. Front to Back: Officers: Beverly Dubois, Evelyn Deschaine, Bonnie Plourde, Elaine Pelletier, Kim Theriault, Robin Theriault, Paula Nadeau. ABOVE PICTURE: Kim Theriault, Elaine Pelletier, Bonnie Plourde, Beverly Dubois, Sharon Marquis, Paula Nadeau, Advisor: Mr. Dubois, Lisa Morneault, April Caron, Scott Michaud, Danielle Lamarre, Barbara Landry, Wanda Mar- quis, Lisa Charette. The Deca Club gives a student an opportunity to learn about the business field. This gives the in- dividual a chance to grow as a mature competent person. Goals concerning the Deca Club is to achieve in the field of Marketing and Distribution. Scholarships and special projects are developed each year and are administered by the club. 91 Prom Committee i Letter P: Tammy Boucher, Amy Dow, Kathy Jordan, Sharon Coulombe, Laura Saucy, Matthew Paradis, Karen Pooler, Debby Belanger, Peggy Ouellette, Dean Monn, Lynn Pelletier, Ruth Plourde, Leah Martin, Tina Lizotte. Letter R: Julie Daigle, John Graham, Craig Bouchard, Larry Pelletier, Andrew Blanchette, Kevin Coulombe, Tina Boucher, Karen Boucher, Lynn Caron, Eric Waddell, Ruby Theriault, Stephanie Caron. Letter O: Augie l-laferman, Kevin Haley, Matthew Soucy, Pat Nadeau, Brian Junkins, Andrew Pelletier, Curtis Saucier, Mike Saucier, Audrey Cannan, Let- ter M: Nola Ouellette, Elaine Deschaine, Peggy Oakes, Jane Belanger, Lisa Pelletier, Donna Deprey, Cindy Thibodeault, Sheila Roy, Nicole Ray- mond, Sandy Shaw, Kathy Daigle, Gail Myshral, Paula Pelletier, Q ik We ve Got Tonight -rdf 5 'Q ,fbfpf , The 1984 Junior Prom was a total success! The pink 1 J and purple streamers went up a week prior to the an' -- 'V to .vs , L nual event. However, long before this day orders had to be made, ideas had to be organized and of course money had to be earned! As usual the evening proved worth- ' " while both to the Juniors and others who attended it. Special thanks goes to the students, custodians, staff members and to Plourds Catering service for a job well done! rWz'oe get Uonlgkt Ahtwlag Emu, dung 12, 1984 Szoopm to vgoopm Sl5.00 por couple Music by Glydor Prom Committee Chairpersons: Beth Daigle, Stephanie Caron, Andrew Pelletier Photography Club Front to Back: Officers: Julie Daigle, Brian Pinette, Ad- visor: Mr. Olsson, Sherri Thibeault, Amy Deprey. Front to Back: Dave Devoe, Ron Caron, Paula Boucher, Julie Daigle, Amy Deprey, Jill Pelletier, Sherri Thibeault, Brian Pinette, Advisor: Mr. Olsson, Brian Nadeau. Junior Hospital Volunteers The Junior Hospital Volunteers is a club that offers their services to help the staff and the patients at the hospital or the nursing home. This provides a good opportunity to gain experience for future medical careers. In the past, our club has earned money by selling M8zM's and candy sticks. At the end of the year, we always plan a banquet in order to give out awards such as pins and certificates to all members who have put in their time to help others. The Chess Club offers students the ability to be able to play chess and to compete against fellow club members. They play chess during activity periods before, and after school, and at lunch. Each member is required to play at least two games per week, under the same regulations used in professional chess tournaments. 94 5 l ill , F9 " ff" Q , f " , 3if3',?91. AAA Q O' ,, f ff 4, 3. I , V f I f + fr AY J' Y ' ' , ,,-- at . an -- - 1 s 4,-Af , 51' , Front to Back: Sharon Roy, Danielle Soucy, Lola Charette Advisor, Danielle Lamare, Gloria Charette, Shel- ly Taylor, Cindy Pelletier, Beverly Dubois, Karen Chavette, Donna Jalbert, Louise Corriveau, Nicki Lamore, Carol Michaud, Rachel Ezzy, Heidi Bouchard, Wendy Raymond, Lisa Theriault, Lisa Taggett, Danielle Thibeault, Cynthia Morin, Jennifer Davenport, Donna Pelletier. Chess Club Front to Back: Scott Levasseur, Craig Deschaine, Alen Daigle, Terry Voisine, Steve Morin, Keith Paradis, Dave Moreau, Ad- visor: Mr. Boutilier. I Warrior Words "!...44--P A - , Front to Back: Audrey Cannan, Amy Dow, Tammy Boucher, Sharon Caulombe, Advisor: Mr. Kerwock, Brian Nacleau, Lise Albert, Patty Levasseur, Leah Martin, Kevin Haley, Karen Boucher, Nicole Raymond, Ron Caron. Each year a limited number of students in- terested in Newsworthy articles for the St. John Valley Times. Groups of three write in nine week blocks about timely happenings at Cl-IS. Mr. Ker- vvock leads the group mainly as proofreader and censor. Drama Club Front to Back: Karen Nadeau, Paula Theriault, Lori Theriault, Kelly Caron, Tracy Marquis, Robin Michaud, Nicole Raymond, Louise Albert, Simone Ezzy, Chris Gregor, Richard Pelletier, Staci Berube, Robert Nadeau, Vincent Mullins, Jason Scott, Dan Elash, Lisa Berube, Eric Burns, Emily Michaud, Advisor: Mr. Labrie, Peggy Ouellette, Cheryl Pelletier, Laura Soucy, Brian Junkins, Kevin Haley, David Ezzy, Matthew Saucy, Lise Albert, Angela Daigle. This years Drama productions will turn to the serious side with a production of Judith Guest's Ordinary People. The play goes to the essence of a young man, his friends and family, their relationships and survival. We will also be competing in the regional one act play contest with an adaption of an Oscar Wilde story. The play is entitled Infonta, and is a story of beauty, hope, faith, and compassion. L r"w' 'N fi YJ ' racy Marquis Kelly Caron Nicole Raymond Members in the play "Ordinary People" are Dan Elash - Conrad Jarrett Jason Scott - Joe Lazenby Nicole Raymond - Beth Jarrett Tracy Marquis - Karen Aldrich Kellie Caron - Jeanine Pratt Robert Nadeau - Cal Jarrett Richard Pelletier - Salan Kerri Nelson - Doctor Berger Eric Burns - Stillman 1 L . EJ X ACTIVITIES .,,w margins i itii you A new class that has begun this year. These students learn the use of sign language. -16-,Iii Congratulations to Kevin Haley lState presidentl and Andrew Pelletier lState vice-presidentl L UUT UF SPQRTS ! .1 Q ---I. , ee"'1-f-'-- A. .- sa 'U' f ' t x ,J,, Q n y i 4 ,E-4-HX , fx 4 " 'fi -- .-i, Tf ' l - fx mm l QE ' N X? m u l , ..4.....,.,. H, X fl ,....v" X BUT ' f P- Girls Track Team Row 1: Lynn Caron, manager, Lora Soucy, Sheri Gagnon, Jamie Desjardins, Robin Michaud, Stacy Berube, Louise Corriveau, Mary Theriault, Tina Jalbert, Karen Pooler, Sharon Bouchard. Row 2: Dave Devoe, manager, Tammy Gaudreau, Lise Albert, Linda Blair, Leah Martin, Sheila Roy, Wendy Helgeson, Tina Boutot, Donno Deprey, Ruth Plourde, Sandra Pelletier, Kim St. Germain, Kim Caron. Row 3: Mr. Marquis, Simone Ezzy, Mitzy Daigle, Ruby Dubay, Andrea Collins, Tina Guerette, Michelle Albert, Vicki Caron, Kathy Jordan, Laurean Gagnon, N rma Charette. 0 . T ' 'Y . :Wi Sig.-3, . si is , i I ,x i as -M fa if rx Nw elif j 1 ggi? sas -W The not just ing but courage the race 100 gd-- La- ef vw-X Yeah Aileen! Close call!! thrill is in winn- in the to join Great Pass!! Aroostook County Champs Goals were set early in the season for the girls track team and these goals were proudly met by each member of the team. The Girls Track team made winning the county championship their goal and ultimately, this goal was achieved. It had been four years since F.K. brought home the county ti- tle. Tri-captains Sharon Bouchard, Tina Jalbert, 1 1 and Sherry Gagnon pulled the team together at uilJl fl the county meet to overpower expected winners Caribou, who had a few superstars, while F.K. possessed many average runners, throwers, and jumpers. Individual accomplishments involved Sherry Gagnon, Laurean Gagnon, and Norma Charette who placed 2nd, 3rd, and 4th respective- ly in the discus at the State meet in Scarborough. ittr . ., 1 or it .S . ' s' rr. , ff M . rrr. Q if ,i JMQV ,ww " lf i 5 ft ',.,. . . , "' Concentrate Laurean! Record 1st - Caribou 2nd - F.K. 3rd - Ft. 4 Fairfield, 1st - F.K, 2nd - ' X Madawaska 3rd v Limestone, lst - 1 N F.K. 2nd - Caribou 3rd - , Madawaska, lst - F.K. 2nd h J! Limestone 3rd - Ft. Fairfield, lst - F.K, 2nd - P.l. 3rd - Madawaska 4th - Central Aroostook, 1st - Caribou 2nd - F.K. - 3rd - P,l. 4th - Limestone 5th Madawaska 6th - Ft. Fairfield, 'lst - FK. 2nd - Caribou 3rd - P.l. 4th - Limestone 5th - Madawaska 6th - Ft. Fairfield 7th - Central Aroostook 'county meet Tri-captains Sheri Gagnon, Sharon Bouchard, Tina Jalbert, Coach Marquis 101 Boys With individual sports such as track, a team's ability may be outweighed by the whole teams achievements. First year coaches, Mr. Pat Voisine, and Mr. Matt Tardie, worked the team hard in pre-season preparation and looked for- ward to a productive and rewarding season. Though team accomplishments did not meet everyones expectations, individual ac- complishments were highly regarded. Who's going to win?? R llilllllll Q.. W K 'I it 4 ww- V ' TW 559' L, , I .5 E we l V' .K L. K ' - '-Quay. K iii Go Eric Goll All right, Ben!! ,'-1 . it ,r 102 Captains Mike Martin, Scott Tobin, Asst. Coach Mr. Tardie, Captains Matt Soucy, Eric Waddell Track PN fqdritlliff f. V 'ao . ,UV r ,gif ' ' . G' 4' ' 2 1 , 2515 rx-- Af' -' 'nu , 5 ,,, Row 1: Andrew Pelletier, Kevin Coulombe, Craig Bouchard, Ben Haferman, Jason Martin, Marc Raymond, Glenn Smart, Glenn Pelletier. Row 2: Mr. Tardie, Mike Martin, Rodrick Thibodeau, Mase Robertson, Eric Waddell, Daniel Clavette, Matt Soucy, Scott Guimond, Troy Jackson, Cary Daigle, Mr. Voisine. Row 3: James Smart, Mark Blair, Troy Taggett, Pete Plourde, Chad Walker, Scott Tobin, Rick Thibeault, Rob Tardie. - - in - ,as I st 2' ,, s Q . ig Q.-at- ' S ' ,X -3 x'Q!'s ,' 1 , ix? Gtr- ' Himsa You can do it, Andrew! Faster Rodrick! W.-.--...www Boys and Girls 1 G G , . ' i wi o ,'V,"f , , 1 "i Boys Record. i A0114 6 Wins 4 Losses 7 J 2 ' Girls Record: 10 Wins 0 Losses QU ............ Mrs. Daigle, Gene Michaud, Ross Dubois, Paul Daigle, Dave Ezzy, Robert Plourde an Good return! OOPS!! Tennis Good Dawn! Undoubtedly, the tennis program here at F.K.C.H.S. is one of, if not the most suc- cessful Varsity clubs in the school. Mrs. Necia Daigle, coach of both boys and girls tennis, works hard to produce outstanding athletes for FK. Team records were as equally impressive this year with the girls holding on to a perfect 10 winsf0 loss record and the boys maintaining a highly respectable 6 winsf4 loss record. Highlighting the season for the girls was win- ning the Aroostook League Championship. For the boys, climbing out of a deeply worn rut from the past 3 years was certainly a morale booster for the team. Outstanding players were Dawn Michaud and Beth Daigle, who both traveled to Gardiner to play in the state matches. Individual ac- complishments were recognized by Dawn Michaud, who, in the end, was seeded seventh in the state. 111 Michaud, Monique Raymond, Sharon Roy, Sonya Cote, Lila Theriault, Denise Thibeault, Beth Daigle Softball Co-captain Stephanie Caron, Coach Chasse, Co-captain Tina Lizotte The 1984 softball season was both rewarding and fulfilling for Coach Chasse and Coecaptains Steph Caron and Tina Lizotte. While it was a building year for the Warriors with the majority of players being freshmen and sophomores, the team worked hard and earned a respectable 3 wins, 7 losses record. Leading hitter for the Warrior nine was Jill Pelletier and best defensive player was Donna Desjar- dins. Mr. Chasse feels confident that the upcoming softball season will be even more productive. The ag- gressiveness and competitiveness of the girls was admirable throughout the season. The 1984 softball team proves that even without experience hard work and good leaders can produce a winning team. is rx av-1 lf 31 gsm' Bang it, Donna! -Q, -st. qs.. av fs . .xy . , .. -4-.sq il '71 V' 7 l1Q5?3i" wife Q.. 77 ' "frm vm Mgr mil' +H85'isfiXEf.27'Q5,,w-A san Get ready to run!! Record FK. is Madawaska 4 10 N Presque Isle 9 10 Fort Fairfield 5 2 Houlton 15 3 . ' 7 7 ,, 7 . 7 I - Caribou 11 5 ' , ,Q Presque Isle 7 12 , .W , '4 Houlton 22 3 X - lzi . 4 ' - ' f"-f M .tt h 0 , 14 Van Buran 7 5 "fi ' sies D 'A 7 in Limestone 18 9 Strike she's out! , v'-ffzif . I W V ,Q , - 5 R - 1, .lfxui ,I t 5. K , . Row 1: Lisa Dubay, Kathy Dubay, Jill Pelletier, Donna Desjardins, Beverly Dubios, Coach Chasse, Row 2: Beth Brann, Wendy Devoe, Peggy Ouellette, Tina Martin, Luann Taggett, Lisa Theriault. Row 3: Rachel Ezzy, Amy Thibodeau, Chris Theriault, Tina Lizotte, Steph Caron, Shelly Taylor, Amy Daigle lmanagerl. in 107 Baseball 9 ,.W.,, W Q W fwfLQQZr!:?' ' 'ri ,. ,' a f rf. M Strike him out! Get it over the Kev' Record l Presque Isle 6 1 Houlton 8 2 Caribou 5 3 Madawaska 13 8 Limestone 9 8 Presque Isle 7 5 Fort Fairfield 5 2 . -2 'fm Caribou 9 2 ' ' l Q I 4 D 4, , A ,A Go for the steal! Co-captain Dale Soucy, Coach Carpenter, Co-captain Andrew 108 Parent Baseball Row 1: Raymond Smart, Regis Dubay, Chad King, Dave Moreau, Augie Haferman, Kevin Pelletier. Row 2: Daniel Albert, Dale Soucy, Billy Ouellette, John Albert, Keith Paradis. Row 3: Scott Daigle, Andrew Parent, Curtis Saucier, Traci Hartt, Mr. Carpenter. The Fort Kent Varsity Baseball team was a very unique ball club this year. Although its winfloss record shows a somewhat unsuc- cessful season, the teams individual ac- complishments certainly can not be overlooked. It was an undeniably frustrating season for Mr. Carpenter and the F.K. nine, however, there were many season highlights. Having leads against Aroostook league Champions, Presque Isle, in both regular season games as late as the 6th and 7th innings proves that the F.K. Baseball team was a highly talented and ag- gressive ball club. Individual accomplishments involved Kevin Haley and Augie Haferman who both batted over .300 for the season. Other outstanding players included Pitcher Tom Martin, Outfielders Curtis Saucier, Kevin Haley, Augie Haferman and co-captains An- drew Parent and Dale Soucy. Great Catch John!! The 1984 Girls soccer season was marked by Hthrilling victories" and "agonizing defeats,'l yet the team made its mark in the county as well as Eastern Maine. A fairly new sport at C.H.S., girls soccer has grown from its birth year in 1981 to the high quality ball-handlers of the 1984 team. Coach Voisine and captain Stephanie Caron prided the final winflossftie record of 7-7-1. Having placed 8th in Eastern Maine class A standings, the Warriors took on 9th placed Mt. View in the play-offs. It was a disappointing 4-3 loss for the team, but the hard work and determina- tion of the girls showed through the entire game. Outstanding players for the F.K. team were Steph Caron, Tina Lizotte, Ruth Plourde, Aileen Theriault, and Mitzy Daigle. High scorers for the girls were Aileen Theriault and Ruth Plourde. Steal that ball, Lynn! Row 1: Mitzi Daigle, Jill Pelletier, Elaine Pelletier, Lynn Pelletier, Chris Theriault, Ruth Plourde, Aileen Theriault, Traci Marquis, Lori Theriault Luanne Theriault. Row 2: Laurean Gagnon, Jamie Desjardins, Donna Jalbert, Mr. Voisine, Kellie Caron, Leah Martin, Donna Desjardins. Row 3 Danielle Thibeault, manager, Gail Myshrall, Kathy Jordan, Tina Lizotte, Steph Caron, Julie Daigle, Shari Thibeault, Lori Pelletier. X -cf -V -A Q 4-uwwhullk ,,, ff ' A Q I I. K K ,W 'l KA Q? jL,,1- s.,.,wf M x sfo' i . H Q -,5,,f33.s5, . ..,,,,,65rV, My 'W 4 M N' M 110 - . .' 5,,..A' .wif 4,5 A -frfi S A Good save, Steph! What form!! Girl's Vai Nice goal, F.K.!! I Good head, Leah! You can it Aileen! over, Jill!! Record Van Buren Madawaska Wisdom Presque Isle Houlton Wisdom Van Buren Fort Fairfield Caribou Houlton Caribou Madawaska Presque Isle 'Mount View 'Play-off game lk: fi -1 Q , Rx 5 3, FE '- V fe l f-'C'9PUf"!fr- F J I if n 5 Q 1 , fl, , W, W ff X. 4 , 9,2 ,, .L 51, v ., Vx I In ' 1' xa mv, Z' A . X ,X f, n 5 , '1'9aifXffZ2Sf2'v52'!'i?2Ti3''iff Go for it! 1 4 ' bf-f-are ., 1 M.. . A .., 1 i :"lJUf3-Q3'S'w..?fv lik:-K . M :-- fr 'W 1 Legi- fawpwy ,r -fr " Y' 4 fiN59f3'frfef1gfifffx1 .M - S A sg H Q A 2-, ' r 5..QvErg. A in 'U l ea ef- 'rf' Lf' 1 " 'ik ' 5' ',f"' . . . ' 'IN' 'lifg .fs 3' ff' ' 1-hed T1-oy?? Score F.K.!! 'U 71' F-o-R-T K-E-N-T, oo - oo - oo - oo!! Record Van Buren Caribou Limestone P.l. Houlton Mad. Van Buren F.F. Caribou Houlton P.I. Mad. Morse Kenebunk Nokomis 113 Boys J V Soccer Certainly, the Jr. Varsity team for any sport is the inspiration for the years to come. And when a school has such a talented team as the F.K. boys J.V. soccer team, the years ahead can look very inspiring. The 1984 season was truly the mark of excellence. Coach Carpenter and Co-captains Steve Pelletier and Mike Martin lead the team to a perfect 6 wins no loss record. Out of 6 games, only 4 goals were allowed by the Warriors while 33 goals were scored by them. 'VMQW 4. .ffg.. -.wgag Go for the Record M Caribou 0 9 CQ. Houlton 1 3 Mad. 1 5 Caribou O 1 Mad. O 7 Row 1: Stewart Abbot, Leo Bouly Toby Saucler Andre Labrle Herman Jalbert Mike Paradrs Gene Michaud Row 2 Mr 114 Carpenter, Glenn Pelletier, Chris Cannon Steve Pelletier Bruce Thlbeault Glenn Daigle Mike Martin James Jandreau Tom Pelletier. l Girls J .V. Soccer Row 1: Jill Pelletier, Luann Theriault, Traci Marquis, Laurianne Gagnon, Jamie Desjardins, Donna Jalbert, Lori Pelletier. Row 2: Mr. Tardie, Laurie Theriault, Kellie Caron, Aileen Theriault, Elaine Pelletier, Chris Theriault, Mitzi Daigle, Donna Desjar' dins, Shari Thibeault. W K Elaine! Good 'Q i 'Q 1 v Qs i-. '1 r '1 Q -E ouch! 2 -' Q f' T A g , - f' A ' X -X ' 0 Q 4 'K ,,-.f- X., This was the first year that F.K. has had an organized J.V. soc- cer team. The team finished with a record of 3 wins and 1 loss and 1 tie. More important than the winfloss record, was the fact that many girls got to play more soccer than they would have if there had not been a J.V. team. It is hoped that in the coming years, more games can be added to the J.V. schedule, and that more girls will par- ticipate in the program. V . ,Mr 3 K 1 , is ', so T . or E A T " s. it .rfS..3ss:r i- -'Star T ' 'I il' A ,-y' ' 115 Is my hair o.k.? Go Lori!! Say CHEESE! Fall and Winter K1 We-auf K Row 1: Sharon Pelletier. Row 2: Robin Michaud, Ruby Dube, Stacy Berube, Andrea Collins. Get Down! Row 3: Tammy Dwyer, Lora Goni, Edie Cote, Sue Bouchard. 'V IX lf 2 Q I J gl U if D mRSllY 'N' A E 5 - K Row 1: Karen Pooler, Karen Nadeau, Wanda Marquis. Row 2: Andrea Collins, Stacy Berube. Row 3: Ruby Dube, Paula Theriault. Row 4: Michelin Daigle, Michelle Billings. x 'S-, .sh '1- . . , 5 . , QA X W 9 0 ,- 1.1 ' W A K 1 an V, - 'uf , 7 .Nr nl y M, x wr- - v , . . Q If n . .I 4 4' 2f, - v . X , , ,A v ,"" 1 'E 4 l aiu Q9 .., ff Q Jf ' vm f 'W 7 gb' I , N 4.,w" 'U' 1, . k-,- ""Q 9' f wf 1+-. "gif 3, :X fs. .5 , Q -ef ' " is.. i ,pls ,,,..,lln my W! ,593 A-,gn-n unli- and Girls State Class B Ski Meet "Top 10" Placers Boys Giant Slalom: Kevin Haley, 6th, Eric Waddell, 7th, Todd Pelletier, 10th Boys Slalom: Eric Waddell, 3rd, l Mark Cyr, 6th, Kevin Haley, 10th Girls Slalom: Lynn Pelletier, L 2nd, Amy Dow, 7th . Girls X-Country: Lynn Pelletier, 9th Congratulations Boys Giant Slalom Team - 1985 State Class B Champions ' T dd Pellet d Eric Waddell, 118 What!! You LIKE Cross Country!?! Take it eas Mark Ski Teams 1 Elaine Pelletier, Lora Soucy, Sheib Roy, Lynn Pelletier, Amy Dow, Tammy Boucher, Row 2: Theriault, Lisa Martin, Michelle Daigle, Simone Ezzy, Lise Albert, Dawn Babin, Sonya Louise Albert, Mariya Colombe, Tammy Paradis, Nikki Fortin. E Who's going to win? Captains: Eric Waddell, Sheila Roy, Lynn Pelletier and Kevin Haley. v.,,f "Q-. , I , Gloating over another victory It was evident that the 1985 Ski Team was one of the most successful in the history of CHS skiing. It was the first time since 1982 that both the boys and the girls teams qualified to compete at the state level. This years State Class B ski meet was held at Pleasant Mt. in Bridgeton, Maine. Though the conditions were not what the Fort Kent squad were used to skiing on, they impressed their loyal fans, their coach, Ben Paradis, and above all themselves. Second year captains Lynn Pelletier, Sheila Roy, Eric Waddell and Kevin Haley displayed excellent leadership throughout the season and especially at the state meet. Special recognition to the boys Giant Slalom team, made up of Kevin Haley, Eric Waddell, Todd Pelletier, Mark Cyr, Tim Freeman, and Matt Paradis, the 1985 Class B Giant Slalom State Champions. The team would also like to recognize Mr. Greg Voisine, who donated much time and skill by help- ing the teams at practices and especially at the State meet. 119 if .2 X I ko! 8 R. '13 if s i 1? , J ,JMS -.,,qmN.'-,,,,,,.: ' Always breathing down someones neck, huh Mark? He was a man of flesh and blood. He wasn't made of rock. Angel, Devil, Child, a man of ordinary stock. But somehow he was different - true athletes always are - For though he cursed, and bled, and sweat, he prided in the scar. They said to him "Win like a man, no matter what the cost", so many times he ventured, so many times he lost. And when they turned around and said, "It's OK, Son, you tried," He clenched his headgear in his fist, and like a man, he cried. But from his tears came anger, then, when it ceased to spin. He rose again, determined that the next time, he would win. His trembling body strengthened, his heart soared in the sky. And his darkened soul stood flaming with the fire in his eye. He ran on legs like pistons, his muscled grew sore, He'd tell himself "I have to," then nself, "What for?" then, at last, the reckoningg the final hour zre. His stomach lightened dangerously, his as tensed with fear. Weak-kneed, he shook allengers hand - and then as one possess- instincts gave him power and his body did at. It was suddenly ended. His body seemed ter. A crowd was cheering somewhere but H it didn't matter. A thought that made him e'd given all he had, and that's what made vorthwhile. He stood and faced his team- with pride instead of shame. He knew not had won or lost but that he'd played the And some called him the Wrestler, and :alled him a man, but he called himself a , . . And the ref held up his hand. K . V1 Co Captains: Kevin Pelletier and Steve Daigle Keep him in bounds, Mike! 121 v I .-my . Q 4- 30 A I3 N ,QR KE, 2 1: Tina Basketball l JW jisbiiff if iffy Boutot, Chris Theriault, Aileen Theriault, Donna Deprey. Row 2: Coach Carpenter, Kelly Gatcomb, Gail th Daigle, Tina Lizotte, Stephanie Caron, Mary Higgins, Gilda Michaud, Managers Cindy Thibodeau and Pelletier. Good Defense, Fort Kent! Record Ashland 31 Fort Fairfield 36 Houlton 69 Ashland 41 Van Buren 25 Wisdom 24 Pl 68 Caribou 79 Madawaska 29 Wisdom 29 Van Buren 36 Fort Fairfield 30 Limestone 53 Caribou 67 Houlton 74 MDI 44 Madawaska 43 Pl 45 Washburn 39 Mt View 40 JV and Freshman Row 1: Lisa Thibodeau, Donna Desjardins, Mitzi Daigle, Jamie Desjardins, Lynn McBeairty. Row 2: Coach Chasse, Kellie Boucha Lisa Daigle, Jennifer Roy, Pam Audibert, Tammy Walker, Kyla Collins, Cathy Ouellette, Managers, Jill Pelletier and Shari Thibeau This year's J.V. record of 11 wins and 7 losses is outstanding con- sidering it's made up of 3 sophomores and 10 freshmen. Behind the assisting ability of Lynn McBrearity, the rebounding of Mitzi Daigle and the scoring combination of Tammy Walker and Jamie Desjar- dins, the team was able to score some impressive victories over Van Buren, Ashland, Madawaska, and a come from behind victory over Presque lsle. 1 fr va ww 'W 3. 124 Get around them, Donna! Going for the winning shot! Basketball sig 9 .ii .- .. mx All right FK! 8 52 f 42 Mr. Marquis' Junior Varsity Basketball team had a slow start at the beginning of the season but were able to win close games in the middle of the season. They also beat teams which had previously defeated them by wide margins. Jason Martin and Paul Saucier captained a 6 win, 9 loss team for the Warriors. Individual honors go to Steve Raymond, who went from a weak offensive and defensive post player to a strong for- ward at the end of the season. Outstanding accomplishment's involved Mike Bouchard, who led the team in steals, Steve Raymond in reboundmg, and Paul Sauder atthe defensive end. C 44 sa is Coach Tardie. ...fs The J.V. team sets up their defense. Caron, Albenie Boutot, Scott Boucher, Chris Cannon, Bruce Thibeault, Craig Taggett, Glenn Raymond, Stewart Ab- KENI Boys Varsity ii f - My LV., m, ,l l V. H - if V h h Y ' You tell them, Mr. Voisine, Good job Andr 43, , ew! XYKENT YTKENI, 1 4 Co-Captain Rodrick Thibodeau, Coach Voisine, Co-Captain Basketball Q,-,,,,M rriors! N fl N rx, ., 1 - t E R 9 -I P ,Q mf -f-- - - M" " V he Get the rebound, Fort Kent! Yea Fort Kent! fIKENT K-Jl KEN? 4g1,Kl'.Nl lvl QKKENT fTKEN J WKFNI QKYNT K K X4 XX id Rodrick Thibodeau, Robert St. Germain, Jay Charette, Jason Martin, Robert Roy, Augie Haferman. Row 2: Coach Voisine, Mike Bouchard, Robert Plourde, Andrew Parent, Steve Pelletier, Managers Cary Daigle and Robert Tardie. 127 Q lj 9 653412 Al Q KS X J' gwugggas-f X - Y X J f -.wfm-Q M Si X 2522? x E ,SN QQ, 1 X Eh 2 E 2 X X S L E 5 1 x E Q a s , N Z an if ai ! LS R .fn .. Q f ES' QF? gi: Q .Q,, . Albert, John 49, 109 Babin, Connie 49 Beaulieu, Daniel 49 Belanger, Debra 47, 49, 92 Belanger, Greg 49 Belanger, Jane 49, 92 Bernier, Bruce 49 Berube, Ricky 49 Blanchette, Andrew 47, 49, 84, 92 Blanchette, Sandy 49, 80, 81, 82, 86 Blanchette, Steve 50 Bouchard, Craig 47, 50, 88, 89, 90, 92, 103 Boucher, Karen 6, 50, 80, 82, 86, 92, 95 Boucher, Tammy 50, 82, 85, 92, 95, 119 Boucher, Tina 50, 92 Boucher, Wayne 50 Bouley, Sandra M. 50 Bourgoin, Thomas 50 Boutot, Robin 50 Bruey, Shelley 50 Cannan, Audrey 5, 50, 80, 82, 92,95 Caron, Elaine 51 Caron, Glenn 51 Caron, Lynn 51, 92, 100 Caron, Stephanie 45, 46, 51, 84, 85, 92,106,107,110,122,123 Charette, Brenda 51 Charette, Gloria 51, 94 Charette, Peter 51 Charette, Tom 51 Chouinard, Jeannette 51 Coulombe, Kevin 51, 85, 92, 103 Coulombe, Kurt 52 Coulombe, Sharon 52, 80, 82, 83, 92, 95 Cyr, Greg 52 Daigle, Beth 4, 47, 52, 80, 85, 92, 105, 122, 123 Daigle, Jeffrey 52 Daigle, Julie 52, 85, 92, 93, 110 Daigle, Kathy 52, 81, 82, 92 Daigle, Matthew J. 52 Daigle, Russell 52 Seniors Fournier, Charles 54 Graham, John 54, 92 Griffeth, Lisa 54 Haferman, Augustus 54, 85, 92, 109, 112, 127 Haley, Kevin 45, 47, 55, 84, 85, 88, 89, 90, 92, 95, 96, 98, 112, 118 Hebert, Maurice 55 Helgesen, Wendy 55, 100 Jandreau, Dean 55 Jandreau, Larry 55 Jandreau, Susan 55 Jandreau, Tina 55 Jordan, Kathy 55, 92, 100, 110 Junkins, Brian 55, 85, 92, 96 Lamarre, Wendy 55, 112 Larsen, Donna 6, 56 LeClerc, France 56 Lizotte, Laura 5, 56 Lizotte, Tina 56, 81, 82, 85, 88, 92, 106,107,110,123 Lozier, Louise 56, 86 Lozier, Paul 56 Marquis, Joel 56 Marquis, Nancy 46, 56, 80, 84 Marquis, Sharon 56, 91 Martin, Glenn 56 Martin, Leah 56, 85, 92, 95, 100, 110 Martin, Verona 48, 57 Michaud, Gerald 57 Michaud, Kevin 57 Michaud, Nelson 57 Michaud, Scott 57, 91 Moreau, David 57, 94, 109, 112 Morin, Dana 57 Morin, Dean 57, 92 Morneault, Lisa 57, 91 Morneault, Lori 57 Morneault, Tommy 58 Myshrall, GailJ58, 85, 92, 110, 123 Nadeau, Gerald 58 Nadeau, Mark 58 Nadeau, Pat 58, 92, 127 Nadeau, Paula 58, 91 Oakes, Peggy 58, 86, 92 Pelletier, Kevin 60, 85, 109, 120 Pelletier, Larry J. 60, 92 Pelletier, Laurie 60, 110 Pelletier, Lisa 60 Pelletier, Lisa 60, 80, 92 Pelletier, Lynn 60, 85, 92, 110, 119 Pelletier Paula 60,92 Pelletier: Richard 61 Pelletier, Ricky 61 Pelletier Pelletier , Todd 61 William 61 Perreaulyt, Ricky 61 Pinette, Karen 61 Plourde, Bonnie 61, 81, 82, 91 Plourde, Dwayne 61 Plourde, Michael 61 Plourde, Ruth 45, 48, 61, 80, 82, 85, 92, 100, 110 Pooler, Karen 62, 85, 92, 100, 117 Raymond, Nicole 4, 62, 80, 83, 92, 95, 96, 97 Raymond, Wendy 62, 94 Ross, Charles 62 Roy, Peter 62, 88 Roy, Robert 62, 112, 127 Roy, Sheila 62, 92, 100, 119 Saucier, Curtis 62, 92, 109 Saucier, Lisa 62 Saucier, Lori, 62 Saucier, Michael 48, 62, 84, 92, 120 Saucier, Natalie 63 Deprey, Donna 52, 85, 92, 100, 123 Deschaine, Elaine 52, 92 Deschaine, Evelyn 53, 91 Desjardins, Roma 53 Desjardins, Tom 53, 85, 112 Despres, Marcus 53 DeVoe, Vaughn 53 DeVoe, Wendy 47, 53, 107 Dionne, Diana 53 Doustou, Cheryl 53 Dow, Amy 53, 85, 92, 95, 119 Dube, Regis 53, 109 Dubois, Carl 54 Dubois, Karen 54 Dubois, Steve 54 Dubois, Tim 54 Dumond, Debbie 54 Dumond, Mark 47, 54 Ezzy, David 47, 54, 84, 85, 96, 104 130 O'Leary, Rachel 58 Ouellette, Danny 48, 58 Ouellette, Kevin 58 Ouellette, Nola 58, 80, 92 Ouellette Ouellette ,Peggy 59, 92, 96, 107 Rachel 59 Ouellette, Tammy 59 Ouellette vackey P. 59 Paradis, lll1afl48, 59, 84, 85, 92, 118 Paradis, Paul 59 Parent, Andrew 59, 108, 109, 112, 126, 127 Pelletier, Andrew 46, 59, 84, 92, 98, 103 Pelletier, Bonnie 59 Pelletier, Bruce 59 Pelletier, Cheryl 60, 96 Pelletier, Donna 48, 60, 84 Pelletier, Gary 60, 112 Pelletier, Jeff 60 Shaw, Sandy 48, 63, 84, 92 Soucy, Lora 63, 85, 92, 96, 100, 119 Soucy, Matthew 63, 83, 84, 88, 89, 90, 92, 96, 102,103 Taggett, Frankie 63, 120 Taggett, Lisa 63, 94 Tardie, Robert 63, 103, 127 Theriault, Dale 63 Theriault, Kim 63, 91 Theriault, Robin 63, 91 Theriault, Ruby 64, 92 Thibeault, Andrew 64, 88 Thibeault, Ricky 64, 103 Thibodeau, Cindy 64, 92, 123 Thibodeau, Eve 64 Uckerman, Steve 64 Voisine, Cindy 4, 5, 10, 48, 64, 88, 112 Voisine, Terry 48, 64, 94 Waddell, Eric 45, 64, 80, 81, 83, 85, 88, 89, 92, 102,103, 118 Gardner, Dale 68 Abbott, Mike 67, 85, 120 Albert, Lise 67, 83, 85, 88, 89, 95, 96, 100, 119 Albert, Louise 67, 88, 96, 119 Albert, Michelle 67, 100 Beaulieu, Mark 67 Berube, Staci 67, 85, 96, 100, 116, 117 Blair, Darcey 67 Blier, Beverly 67 Blier, Mark 67, 88, 89, 120 Bouchard, Wayne 67 Boucher, Steve 67, 118 Bouley, David 67 Bouley, Vernon 67 Boutot, Tina 67, 100, 123 Brann, Beth 67, 107 Burns, Eric 67, 88, 96, 97 Caron, April 6, 67, 91 Caron, Jean 67 Caron, Kim 67, 100 Caron, Kim 67 Caron, Pete 67, 120 Caron, Ronald 67, 84, 88, 89, 93, 95 Carpenter, George 67, 88, 89, 90 Charette, Jay 67, 85, 127 Charette, Karen 67, 89, 90, 94 Charette, Kathie 67 Charette, Ricky 67 Chouinard, Donald 67 Collins, Andrea 67, 100, 116 Connor, Michelle 67 Corriveau, Louise 67, 88, 94, 100 Cyr, Mark 67, 84, 118 Daigle, Amy 67, 88, 89, 107 Daigle, Angela 67, 83, 84, 88, 90 Daigle, Cary 67, 103, 127 Daigle, Michael 67, 88, 120 Daigle, Paul 67, 84, 85, 104, 112, 118 ,96 Daigle, Steve 67, 120 Daigle, Steven 67, 120 Deprey, Chad 67 Desjardins, Rachel 67 DeVoe, Dave 67, 93, 100 Dow, Chris 67, 81, 118 Dubay, Kathie 67, 107 Dube, Ruby 67, 85, 100, 116 Dubois, Beverly 67, 88, 89, 90, 91, Juniors 94, 107 Dubois, David 67, 88, 89, 90 Dubois, Gregg 67 Dubois, Ned 68 Dubois, Ross 68, 88, 104 Dumont, Kevin 68 Elash, Dan 68, 84, 96, 97 Ezzy, Rachel 68, 94, 107 Freeman, Tim 68, 118 Frenette, Barbara 68 Gagne, Rodney 68 Gagnon, Kevin 68, 88 Gagnon, Laurean 68, 85, 100, 110, 115 Gaudreau, Steve 68, 88 Goni, Michael 68, 120 Gregor, Chris 68, 87, 96 Grindle, Richard 68, 88, 89, 90, 118 Haferman, Ben 68, 103, 112 Hafford, Stanley 68 Hartt, Tracey 66, 68, 83, 109 Henderson, Heidi 68 Jandreau, Camilla 68 Jandreau, Sheldon 68 Joler, Margo 68 Kelly, Deirdre 68, 82 Kelly, Leisa 68 Labbe, Susan 68 Lamore, Danielle 68, 91, 94 LeClerc, Diane 68 Levasseur, Danny 68, 88 Levasseur, Patty 68, 83, 84, 85, 88, 95 Madore, Christine 68 Marin, Joseph 68 Marquis, Wanda 68, 91 Martin, Jason 68,103,112, 127 Martin, Thomas 68, 84, 85 Martin, Tina 68, 107 Martin, Tommy 68 Michaud, Gilda 68, 82, 85, 123 Morin, Cynthia 68, 94 Morin, Steve 68, 94 Morneault, Connie 68, 84 Nadeau, Albert 68 Nadeau, Allen 68, 88 Nadeau, Brian 68, 93, 95 Nadeau, Kevin 68 Nadeau, Tim 68 Oakes, Scotty 68 Ouellette, Gregg 68 Ouellette, Mark 69 Ouellette, Tim 69 Paradis, Andrew 69, 88, 89 Paradis, Bruce 69 Paradis, Keith 69, 85, 94, 109, 112 Pelletier, Cindy 69, 94 Pelletier, Donna 69, 94 Pelletier, Elaine 69, 88, 89, 91 Pelletier, Glenn 69, 103 Pelletier, Kurt 66, 69, 85 Pelletier, Lee 69 Pelletier, Sharon 69, 1 16 Perreault, Tracy 69 Pinette, Debbie 69 Pinette, Patty 69 Plourde, David 69 Plourde, Robert 69, 85, 104, 112, 127 Roy, Jeffrey 69 Saindon, Donald 69 St. Germain, Robert 69, 127 Smart, Glenn 69, 103 Soucie, Timmy 69 Soucy, Danielle 69, 88, 90, 94 Soucy, Paul 69 Sylvain, Mike 69 Taggett, Luann 69, 107 Taggett, Troy 9, 69, 8 120 5,103,112, Theriault, Aileen 66, 69, 81, 82, 85 88,110,115,123 Theriault, Barbara 69 Theriault, Chris 69, 107, 110, 115, 123 Theriault, Lisa 69, 94, 107 Theriault, Mark 69, 120 Theriault, Mary 69, 85, 100, 119 CHS Personnel Audibert, Lawrence 35 Ayotte, Joan 35 Berthiaume, Francis 33, 35, 85 Berthiaume, Susan 35 Boucher, Robert 35 Boucher, Vicky 35 Boutilier, Terry 36, 94 Carbone, Henry L. 36,80 Caron, Garland 33, 34 Carpenter, Terre 36, 108, 109, 112, 114, 123 Chasse, Clifford 36, 106, 107, 124 Charette, Lola 34, 94 Clavette, Anita 36 Cyr, Michael 33, 34, 84 Daigle, Donald 36 Daigle, Gloria 32 Daigle, Laurel 33, 34 Daigle, Priscilla 37 Doustou, Geneva 43 Doustou, Judy 32 Thibodeau, Donna 69, 85, 89 Thibodeau, Jeannine 69 Thibodeau, John 69 Thibodeau, Roderick 69, 85, 103, 112, 126, 127 Tobin, Shelly 69 Walker, Chad 66, 69, 103 Walker, Michael 69 Dubois, Phil 37, 91 Dumond, Don 33, 37 Ezzy, Gabrielle 37 Grant, Paul 37 Guimond, Pauline 43 Haley, Owen R. 33, 37, 83 Jandreau, Brian 43 Jandreau, Norma 43 Kelly, Paul 30 Kerwock, Paul 38, 95 ' 131 LaBrie, Roland 38, 96 Levesque, Simone 33, 38 Marquis, James 38, 100, 101 Martin, Arnold 43 Minnehan, Patrick 38 Morin, Phyllis 38 Murphy, Irene 39 Nadeau, Jackie 34 Olsson, William 39, 93 Ouellette, Charles 43 Paradis, Bernard 39, 118 Adams, Michelle 71 Albert, Daniel 71, 109 Babin, Dawn 71, 82, 119 Belanger, Jenny 71 Belanger, Ricky 71 Betancourt, Maria 17, 71 Bernier, Pamela 71 Berube, Lisa 71, 87, 96 Billings, Michelle 71 Blair, Mark 71 Bouchard, Danny 71 Bouchard, Heidi 71, 94 Bouchard, Michael 71, 127 Boucher, Paula 71, 86, 93 Bouley, Leo 71, 114 Bouley, Vicky 71 Boutot, Albenie 71, 125 Cannan, Debi 71 Caron, Vicky 71 Charette, Carol 71 Charette, Donna 71 Charette, Chris 71 Pelletier, Betty 33, 39 Pelletier, Irma 43 Pelletier, Melford 39 Soucy, Rina 40 Tardie, Catherine 40 Theriault, Theresa 32 Charette, Lisa 71, 91 Charette, Tammy 71 Chouinard, Dave 71 Clavette, Daniel 71, 88, 103 Coulombe, Mariya 71, 119 Crane, Paul 71 Daigle, Alan 71, 94 Daigle, Carol 71 Daigle, Ginger 71, 86 Daigle, Glenn 71, 83, 112, 114 Daigle, John 71, 88, 89 Daigle, Michelle 71, 85, 87, 119 Daigle Mitzi 71, 85, 88, 100, 110, Pelletier, Richard 33 Plourde-Ouellet, Valerie 39 Pooler, George 33, 40 Raymond, Mary 43 Robertson, Sherry 40 Saucier, Gerry 43 Saunders, Constance 40 Soucie, Lloyd 40 Sophomores Dube, Michelle 72 Dubey, Nickey 72 Ezzy, Simone 72, 85, 88, 96, 100, 119 Gatcomb, Kelly 72, 123 Gaudreau, Tammy 72, 100 Gervais, Peter 72 Green, Harry 72 Hebert, Belinda 72 Hebert, Gloria 72, 86 Hebert, Tina 72, 86 Higgins, Mary 72, 123 Hodgson, Roger 72 Houston, Robert 72 Jalbert, Donna 72, 88, 94, 110, 115 Jandreau, Connie 72, 83 Jandreau, Gary 72 Jandreau, Lee 72 Jandreau, Marla 72 Jandreau, Parise 72, 88 Jandreau, Paula 72 Jandreau, Rhonda 72 Labbe, Karl 72, 1 12 Lagasse, Jim 70, 72 Lagasse, John 72 Lagasse, Kerry 72 Levasseur, Scott 72, 94 Marquis, Peter 72 Martin, Amy 72 Martin, Lance 72 Martin, Lisa 72, 85, 88, 119 Martin, Mike 72, 85, 112, 114 Michaud, Bonita 72, 86 Michaud, Emily 72, 96 Michaud, Jean 72, 85, 104, 112, 114 Thibodeau, Robert 41 Voisine, Myrna 34 Voisine, Patrick 41, 103, 110, 126 127 Waddell, Don 32, 33 Woods, Sandra 6, 41, 86 Workman, Judith 41 Ouellette, Robert 73 Ouellette, Vicki 73 Parent, Wayne 73 Pastet, Dawn 73 Pelletier, Connie 73 Pelletier, Honey Lee 73, 87 Pelletier, Pelletier, Pelletier, 96, 97 Pelletier, Julia 73, 124 Linda 73 Richard 70, 73, 88, 89, 90 Robert 73 Pelletier, Steven 73, 118 Pelletier, Pelletier, Pelletier, Pinette, J Pittet, Lo Steve 73, 112, 114, 127 Todd 73, 118 Wayne 73 enny 73 uis 73, 88, 89 Plourde, Allen 73 Plourde, Kevin 73 Raymond, Donna 73 Raymond, Karen 73 Raymond, Marc 73 1 114, 124 Daigle, Robert 71, 85, 120 Daigle, Sally 71 Daigle, Tim 71 Davenport, Jennifer 71, 94 Dechene, Sonya 71, 82, 85, 119 Deprey, Amy 71, 81, 82, 89, 90, 93 Deschaine, Craig 71, 88, 94 Deschaine, Sharon 71 Desjardins, Donna 71, 85, 107, 110, 114, 124 Desjardins, Jamie 71, 85, 100, 110, 115, 124 Desjardins, Jane 71 Dionne, Paul 71 Dubay, Lisa 71, 107 132 Michaud, Robert 72 Michaud, Robin 72, 96, 100, 116 Morin, Dale J. 72 Morris, Laurie 72 Morrison, Julie 72 Nadeau, Corinne 72 Nadeau, Karen 72, 82, 96 Nadeau, Robert 70, 72, 85, 96, 97 Nadeau, Robert 72 Nadeau, Sylvie 72, 86 Nadeau, Tracy 72 Nelson, Kerri 72, 82, 89, 97 Ouellette, George 72 Ouellette, Jamis 72, 87 Ouellette, Keith 73, 120 Ouellette, Kevin 73 Raymond, Monique 7, 73, 81, 83, 8 90, 105 Raymond, Steve 73 Robertson, Mase 73, 103, 118 Rossignol, Richard 73 Roy, Alan 73 Roy, Sharon 73, 94, 105 Saucier, Paul 73 Saucier, Toby 73, 112, 114 Simard, Roger 73 Sirois, Anja 73 Soucy, Mark 73 Stoliker, Richard 70, 73, 83 Taylor, Shelly 73, 82, 94, 107 Theriault, Paula 73, 81, 82, 96 Theriault, Raymond 73 Thibeault, Danielle 73, 82, 88, 110 Thibeault, Shari 73, 82, 88, 89, 90, 93,110,114,115,124 Thibodeau, Amy 73, 107 Thibodeau, Luke 73 Thomas, Tina 73 Toussaint, Jacques 73 Voisine, Terrie 73 Wood, Rhonda 73 Abbott, Stewart 75, 114, 125 Albert, Mike 75 Albert, Stephanie 75, 87 Audibert, Pam 75, 124 Beaulieu, Karen 75, 88 Belanger, Jacqueline 75 Berube, Cathy 75 Blanchette, Jeff 75 Bouchard, Daniel E. 75 Bouchard, Mark 75 Bouchard, Kelly 75, 82, 124 Bouchard, Roger 75 Bouchard, Susan 75, 116 Boucher, Daryl 75 Boucher, Scott 75, 125 Bouley, John 75 Bourgoin, Gail 75 Bourgoin, Jason 75 Boutot, Lisa 75 Brown, Tamrah 75, 88 Cannan, Chris 75, 114, 125 Caron, Andrew 75, 125 Caron, Jack 75 Kellie 74, 75, 96, 97, 1 Caron, Caron, Larry 75 Caron, Mark 75 Caron, Scott 75 Thibodea Charette, Daren 75 Charette, Judy 75 Clavet, Claudette 75 Collings, Kyla 75, 82, 124 Connor, Robert 75 Cote, Edith 75, 88, 116 Cyr, Sandra 75 Daigle, Clarence 75 Daigle, Craig 75 Daigle, Cyrstal 75 Daigle, James 75 Daigle, Lisa 75, 83, 88, 124 Daigle, Michael 75, 120 Daigle, Micheline 75 Daigle, Nat 75 Daigle, Sara 75 Daigle, Steve 75, 88 Deschaine, Sara 75 Desjardins, Roberta 75 DeVoe, Eldon 75 H Dionne, Dana 75 Dionne, Kevin 76 Dow, Jocelyn 74, 76 Dube, Judy 76 Dubois, Diane 76 Dubois, George 76 Dubois, Kevin 76, 89 Dwyer, Tammie 76, 116 Fortin, Nikki 76, 83, 119 Fournier, Kevin 76 10, 115 Freshmen Gardner, Patricia 76 Glasscock, Tammy 76 Goni, Laura 76, 116 Halford, Mark 76 Hartt, Stephanie 76 Hebert, Bruce 76 Hebert, Joyce 76 Helgesen, Lisa 76 Henderson, Heather 76 Higgens, Deirdre 76 Holden, Elisa 76, 86 Jackson, Kipp 76 Jackson, Nila 76 Jalbert, Herman 76, 114 Jandreau, James 76, 114 Jandreau, Marty 76 Jandreau, Sandy 76 Kelly, Warren 76 LaBrie, Andre 76, 114, 118 Lamarre, Janeen 76 Lamore, Nicole 76, 94 Landry, Colette 76 Landry, Dianne 76 Levesque, Brenton 76 Lord, Edmae 76 Marquis, Linda 76 Marquis, Traci 74, 76, 96, 97, 110, 115 Martin, Kristen 76, 86, 87, 88, 89 Martin, Nicki 76 McBrearity, Lynn 76, 124 McFarlin, Maxine 76 Meyer, Angela 76 Michaud, Betsy 76 Michaud, Debbie Ann 76 Michaud, Jack 76 Michaud, Joy C. 76 Morin, Bonnie 76, 88 Morin, Lisa 76 Morine, Lisa 77 Morneault, Douglas 77 Morris, Don 77 Mullins, Vincent 77, 96 Nadeau, Bruce 77 Nadeau, Jana 77 Nadeau, Larry 77 Ouellette, Cathy 77, 88, 124 Ouellette, Clarence 77 Ouellette, Glenn 77 Ouellette, Michael 77 Palmer, Thomas 77 Paradis, Marc 77, 88 Paradis, Mike 77, 88, 114 Paradis, Tammy 77, 119 Pelletier, Amy 77 Pelletier, Carol 77 Pelletier, Dale 77 Pelletier, Elaine 77, 110, 115, Pelletier, Glen 77, 114 Pelletier, Ken 77 Pelletier, Lori 77, 115, 123 Pelletier, Tommy 77, 114 Pelletier, Wayne 77 Perreault, Tina 77 Pinette, Terry 77 Pinette, Vicky 77 Plourde, Connie 77 Primeau, Mike 76 Raymond, Brian 77 Rioux, Chris 77 Rioux, Rudy 77 Rossignol, Robert 77 Roy, Jennifer 77, 82, 124 Roy, Paula 77 St. Peter, Jason 77 Saucier, Barry 77 Scism, Krerica 77 119 Scott, Jason 74, 77, 88, 89, 90, 96, 97 Smart, St even 77 Taggett, Craig 77, 125 Tardif, Louise 77 Theriault, Bruce 77 Theriault, Cheryl 77 Theriault, Debie 77 Theriault, Karen 77 Theriault, Laurie 77, 83, 96, 1 Theriault, Luann 77, 110, 115 Thibeault, Bruce 77, 114, 125 u, Darrell 78 Thibodeau, Lisa 78, 124 Thibodeau, Rhonda 78 Thibodeau, Stephen 78 Toussaint, Keith 78 Toussaint, Nikki 78 Uckerman, Amie 78 Voisine, Allen 78 Walker, Tammy 78, 124 10, 115 133 Margit - Studio Photography Box 414 Pittsfield, M50496 Thank You Key Banks of Aroostock Congratulations Class of '85 Fort Kent Community High for all your help and dedication during use-,KEY our stay at C.H.S. 1 we conievlence Respectfully 2521253533315 ggi' c1.Ass 0F 1985 - Main St. Fort Kent Hlgh Fort Kem, Me- SCh00l Tel.: 834-6161 Congratulations Class of '85 if M 5'1'gf Si, 3392153931 Dentist Optometrist Lucien B. Daigle R. Ken Roy Tel.: 834-3012 Tel.: 834-5551 Fraser Paper, Limited extends sincerest congratulations to each and every graduate of Fort Kent Community High School. Our best wishes for a healthful and suc- cessful future to one and all. "lt is not enough to have a good mind, the important thing is to use it well." Rene DBSCBHBS froser "Congratulations to the Class of 1985 From Paradis Fort Kent, Madawaslca, Caribou Dir. of Henry A. Pollak Riverhead, New York KENT PACKERS INC. P.0. Box 121 Fort Kent Mills, ME 04744 Shippers of Maine G-2, Foundation and Certified Seed Potatoes Bob Berube 12071834-6111 Sales 12071 834-3725 ?"'fW'f1f'h9 UH IGI M k you for th opportunity to work with the d f K nt Com y H g S I y p f G d Ke n H or n Box 129 Newport, Me. 04953 12071-257-4060 Congratulations to France and Her Classmates of 1985 From Delwood Inc. Excavating and Landscaping Contractors P.0. Box 143 Prop. Jean Leclerc Fort Kent, ME 04743 Tel.: 834-5224 VALLEY AIRLI NES X I NE543 w. flu or LLL L 'M W W J Serving , Frenchvine: SERVING Maine-ly YOU Presquelsle: Bangor: Augusta: Portland: K W.. , 543-7322 764- 1944 942-7714 622-551 1 773-0198 Toll Free - Reservations 1-800-322-1008 Frenchville, ME G5 an 5 .C Y N V25 of ways to hel oi 9 :L e're always thi 66W 140 X a BANK OF BOSTON company V ,U Q 'M ' vlc HOLAN Q 1 'iw 2 412 4 Fundy road 4 A 45-1 53, , Falmouth, Maine ff!" 04105 Balfourg It's a matter of pride! Wpublrshed Weekly On Wednesdays VALLEY PUBLISHING CO., INC 696 W. Main Street, P.0. Box 419 Madawaska, Maine 04756 ' Computerized Typesetting ' Complete Graphic Design 0 Brochures I TPI S' ' Books , 4 ' f g ' Color Process ff I ' ' Newsletters 5" I ' Reports Q' I I ' Stationery S P' ' S 0 Quick Copy B'nd r v r ey ' Fast Service - Premium Quality 7 Working Days Service - On Most Printing! Compliments of NM. , Kam f V "ww FRASER EMPLQYEES FEDERAL CREDIT UNION Serving Employees of Fraser P Ltd d M b f aper, ., an em erso Their Immediate Families Since 1941 6 P O. Box 209 534 Main Street Q l Madawaska Me H L! UV Yffiemmenv Agency-ll 6 E US' Z 0 CD ARTIN NK A FR ..m A A JOHN DEERE and Service Sale CD I- 0 'U Q2 O0 42 UI O: -10 00 .Em "0 C 0 L D. Tel.: 834-3171 ,E I """""f-'K--mf...A , , -,E .,,!,,w Q hh, 5 p faux ummm sous Fl in 'kit Aakffr.. JF? Z K f 4'Lg', hsf1 fl ,, ,,t Q l Lt 1 if I ' 1 . ' mv W M -631' . fr K A IQ .i E+ N'--f a ' M -ECM, 5 Q4 A-T-'aQ45:Q fm 1 a em -".1"?, Jil ' 1 Q W .,,,, q WQW NINE 1 vm 'Eel L vl0Mls.N" fx.: h,xy'f-r,,f: ,wf'v,- U iff ' ff, ' ' H' Vid? lxrrwff. cn' 'f Iii 291 iwsiw :mt fw-'Y,,affw - ' f 5 ' vu Ms, ,-vm , - ' i .+ 3 2' ff iff mm. S112 1 1 A gwffif, fwfiwg we ' MQ 49wzwj'W jgygjii ' ww' ,ff:, Q ' f K , 'YW fiQzffZ?,:i,frL Jie 1 57' ' 'fn inrb 4 FH: A hx, ' ,, , 5 A 55"'f'f," 1 ff' ,fri Mft! i' f7f,',fQ1 if 41, L2 f14'1eeU?" 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You'll get everything in it except dessert. Mc'Daf1ak1'.i' I ess Main st. Ceywti. 654 west Main sf Pfesqlle Isle, ME Madawaska, ME E Bennett Drive Caribou, ME DECA School Store K 11 5 gtfiww d k t and mana ement contact Mr. Phillip Dubois, Deca For an outstanding career in merchan ising, mar e ing, g advisor. 0 o : CD 1 N 5' CD 1 0 '-'E 4, 5,1 :ig X nailz ,, f M- ' - ,enh- Z we 2' 1 me H 1 , , f Q i F. B W "' ef. Q N ID ID O 'Fl 5 U1 11 N 25 CD .z , Eos.. ,um , W N , r 4 -.4 gg g I -I gg . xl 55' Q Him Q P gy I 4' 'ffm'-sw-mam 1. ww, v I .. ' iff: 4 , , "wig , Mai! i , av 5 V BIRCH HAVEN The B1i35xils?nR-sddlel' CAMPING GROUNDS Fort Kent, ME 04743 6.81, Dori's Cafe Sly B ok Road S ld er Pond Offices: 444-5102 H me: 543-6621 P p RONALD ROY Congratulates the Class of '85 Where we serve the best food in the valley - - All Homemade F rt Kent Mills 834-6262 NUTRITE CORP. Station Hill Fort Kent, Me. ' 04743 Congratulations to Teh: mm 834-5381 Nic and the Class of '85 Q Dr- REAiTOR' Robert G' saucy I I I ?g'::AnxersTnEET A Raymond' D D S r 52:T:::,z:az:'W"Suun, Dr' Rlchard Congratulations Raymgnd, Class of '85 DIMIDI Froln-Arnerlcan 6 Oh Fort Kent, Me. gf' Saint Francis, Me. 2 4 v 1? 1 ,us 9 Tel. 834-3983 . ' i 4 Q. V? 45: if Scierie De Bois Franc Et Pin Gilles Begin Pres. Hardwood 81 Pine Saw-mill GILLES BEGIN LUMBER LTD. N LE? Clair N.B. P.O. Box 100 Tel.: f506j 992-2113 Congratulations Class of "85" Ph.: 834-6686 Prop. Rena Lamarre Frenchville Rd. Tel.: 834-3693 Fort Kent, ME 04743 Nadeau's House of Furniture Carpeting 84 Appliances Fort Kent, ME 834-5700 '54 Pat, Arms, Dave, and Phil Labbe 0341611096 Sw ire Levis - Lee - Jeans and Cords for Guys and Gals - Tuxedo Rentals Shoes for the Whole Family W. Main Street Fort Kent, Maine 04743 Telephone: 834-3975 SOUCYIEZZY AGENCY fnnfunf Insurance 22 L. Philip Soucy President Francois Baker Agent 112 W. Main Street Fort Kent, ME 04743 Tel.: 834-3777 PIOURDE Catering Service Grocery 81 Donut Route 11 - Fort Kent, Maine "Serving the Valley" Telephone 12071 834-5309 1 , I 1 I , I K -1.4 .-1 ' 'itll' r YHMMIF' X Z s'4v,:': 1 s - ' N 'X' V l uve: 4,- 7 . I . ee - , Wedding Service All Accessories Catering tor Your Invitations Hall Decorations WEDDING DAY! K E N T I N C . manlacturers of childrens nightwear nmmamvlnlrvrs ml nfqiialilu my Vllllf fl'll"n gg siffpsun Q 'UU lv ' o Congratulations Telephone- Rt' 1 ' F tK t, M . Class of '85 334-3100 or 04323 e 156 CONGRATULATIDNS CLASS OF 1985 WHERE SHOPPING IS A PLEASURE Mas I DFFICE INC. Sales and Services TYP - P Authorized IBM Agent Authorized Xerox Agent to T ewriters 81 Co iers Congratulations to the Class of Congratulations '85 to the Class of From MILL covE ,' x l.oBsTEn PouND DEQ .,.,..:a,'3.::,f,':,':,..E ""'6m"" The Fort Kent Rotary Club THE SKI B tt tfhL k Comlete line of S Equipment C' '85 X-C d AI h' 2,T.?EZ3i'Lme.E1 BEE'-'AVS Tel.: 868-2737 Van Buren, ME Fort Kent Maine ST. FRANCIS DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION Sunset Apartments St. Francis, Me. 04774 Leon C. Jandreau - Sec.lTreas. Leo Pelletier Lester Jandreau Harold Ouellette Dewey H. Ouellette - President Valier Jandreau - Vice President Adeline Jandreau Pearl Morrison Claudine Walker Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of '85! Congratulations to Lisa and all her classmates! JOLI COIFFURE Jeannita Oakes, Manager 78 Race Street Bristol, CT 06010 Phone: 582-0923 WARREN'S CCRNER STORE Cn t he Corner of Nlain and Church We . wfzfwfsg f0PNff970Kf, 1 Meats - Groceries - Sundries Liquor - Beer and Wine Eagle Lake, Me- ' Fresh Pizza to Take Out Phone 444-5322 I10rthel'I1 me-1 Wl P,O. BOX 250 ' i90-202 EAST MAIN STREET' MADAWASKA, MAINE 04756 ' 2071728-4273 'f f ' Z2Z73Z2i2Z?3 gawebnoe lin goomedbo Congratulations to the Class of '85 MUSIC HAVEN, INC. RADIO SHACK 'if' l nl 1' EEE ft' 42 West Main St. 564 Main Street Fort Kent, Maine Madawaska, Maine Tel.: 834-6544 Tel.: 728-7181 Compliments of: FORT KENT will H ,,,,,, I UNIVERSITY CF MAINE AT FORT KENT V Congratulations to the Class of '85 U.M.F.K. "A Decade of Excellence" R S WE SAU LDING INC 1 -I I Y I DAIGLE 81 NADEAU FUNERAL HOME 1 at s eiat if N' f ef - J., t A lm!!! P 0 Box 195 9 East Main Fort Kent Mame 04743 Norm's Pizza 81 Grindens Free Delivery on 310.00 Doris Deschalne Prop Orders Within One Mile Phone 834 6143 Radius Fort Kent Main? 3 THIBODEAU'S INSURANCE Complete Insurance Service Since 1902 ,aj yixyxyx 5 5 '1- I ' I 5 JAMES THIBODEAU PHILIP MARQUIS JAMES CARON Tel. 834-3181 Compliments of COCA-COLA BOTTLING C0. Skyway Industrial Park it Presque Isle, Maine :411ff'W . fmtqx . Tel.: 207-764-4481 GILMAN BDUCHARD, INC. W, Fort Kent Mills, Fort Kent, Maine I ., QL' sl y,33. s. CONSTRUCTION " 'FQ C 1 F d t'ons .f" , Regalcerrstiizl gojnmstitjction 1 r if .5 . 7- ' "w' Q 11., 'f. If uwtm X ' 1- ll x lg i V : K4 J ',, Q - 4 J If ' , 5 7 KUTCH S CONSTRUCTION Q f P g From Concrete Foundations to Complete I WWW V Homes - Metal Buildings lor --"ffl Ct'Qt"'!'ffQzJ'i1 Commercial, Agricultural, and LC, N 4 Industrial Use Philip Boucher B Oman Oucher "Come See Us for All Your Building Needs." "Att.: We now sell and erect all 49 Market Street types of metal buildings. Please Fort Kent, Maine 04743 call for a free estimate. Business Phone: 207-834-6100 'We Sell Continental Homes Home Phone: 207-834-6768 165 PAUL E. DUBOIS, Owner Tel- 207-723-7533 DUBCIS' ACCGUNTING SERVICE P.O. Box 190 575 A Main Street Madawaska, Maine 04756 . - Qv ,.. V 7 r, . The jeweler ' kj , f ' 5, 311 .a::':::. designed for Community High ,421 ITAEV X 1. Stronger because it's cast in one piece. 2. Deep, bold and fine structured details. it 3. Twenty polishing procedures for extra brilliance. 4. Hand-picked and precision-cut stones. yi 3 3 5. Custom made for you alone. iiii at p 7 w 6. Unconditional lifetime warrantee. fktxv 1 2CLIiR1NG3Q 499 Ma Street MadawaSka,Ma e 166 L UP OR H CORP. ple nt Street Fort nt, Moine 04743 Phone 834-6178 Leroy Martin Res.: 834-6706 BROS. MEAT PACKING INC Suppliers of - Beef - Pork Veal- Lamb - Poultry - Table Ready Meats Frozen Foods and Ice Cream - Institutional Th k T Y We Are Cel b tl g 37 YEARS I Th F dB ' I AC, Y 'A Foods - Paper Supplies - Fruits and Produce Lg'- V1 220 Washburn Road Caribou, Me. 04736 Ph. l207l 496-3331 WEE Congratulations Class of '85! ST. JOHN VALLEY DUPREY'S REALTY co. L 0 B S T E R Louis P. Albert, Realtor HCUSE P.0. Box M C T E L Tel.: 444-5562 or 834-6725 venings or Weekends, Eagle Lake, Maine Dia, 444-5562 Telephone qzon 444-5356 LOUlS PELLETIER 81 ROY AUTO PARTS S 0 N IN C . sottazzzzim Partner and 4 03743 3903 Jonsereds Chain Saw Sales and vo NAPAJ bb f 1 Service :SG ngh Place Truck Chains 1 Allagash, Maine 04774 Tel.: 398-3378 Fox Street Madawaska, Maine 04756 Serving Customers and th? Community ROMEC J. ROY INC P.O. Box G Upper Frenchville, Maine 04784 Rm-AE0 J. ROY INC, WHOLESGLERS Ph.: qzon 543-7303 qzon 543-7304 f207D 543-7305 169 INTERNATIDHAIZ the 9370 from International. THE PREMIUM CONVENTIONAL DAIGLE 81 HOUGHTON, Inc 77 Market Street Fort Kent, Maine 04743 telephone: f207y 834-6186 Best Wishes Class of '85 gg ... TOWN OF FORT KENT PLS? -if hi' s"N"1wr'0 ..w.-3 4.4 - -Y wflsl , P, ,. . ' ' - f . . ' A Al 4 , ot 1.2 :jiifilggzf is Q - f - s ,.,, - 1 fx - A "iff?fT2A 4' TQ 44, ' 4, BARRY J. wi' V ""- l - ' -L5 -- .Q . f f' ouELLETTE xg 'I ,.,::-if-o N 4' 57,-ff" " 1-1-54-1-4. - :E ' - -,5f1" I G pm. ,P Logglng Contractor ,izlqg , ELL , 1 1--vii: f, jzwzk. 1 J S 5, ,-'- 1-ff, P.o. Box 345 ,af-,fi ,IZ ,,..- 7 . 1 ?:5g.-3'2Si' . 4?,j,? I 5'g.,gf:2eQ'-4:5 Fort Kent, Maine 4334: rr fit-,.N- g,-in 0.- mj 531.553,-s.j"T 04743 ga N 3'-f "" " '14 --N - 7 SJ X' liifivi'-1-1-zz Tel.: 834-671 1 4 4532" krfiilit .. 5' N! 1':ffzT""":-7-13--F stil:--v - 'LZ . ww 9f .1 , 4 f ,:f'?1f'f'-:tis - ,arf X., 1:4321 -295 ff, ,rf -ar -f 5524 11. 441+.s:2Q-L' ' Qfft,--, za ..z- -J-'-v 2 '-'- '- -""' 171 Congratulations Class of "85" JDHN L. MARTIN Speaker ofthe House Ph.: 444-5560 444-5556 Eagle Lake, Maine 834-6160 04739 Compliments of GEORGE T. QUIGLEY 81 SDN True Value Hardware Everything for Building Tel.: 834-3102 Fort Kent, Maine 1 CHARETTE BUILDING Compliments of MATERIALS STEEGO AUTO Would Like W h s cu c theB IL t I 70 West Main St. C HI Fort Kent, ME 04713 ' K Telephone: 834-6191 Compliments of ROSETTE'S ETSCQVITZ RESTAURANT MOTORS Ft-T3:':l't!l3T3ig:743 cnfvaom DONHAC W ll QQSMUBHL Burcx TRUCKS Steak - Chicken Seafood Frenchville, Maine Tel.: 543-7759 BALD EAGLE, INC. Church Street Eagle Lake, ME 04739 Tel.: 444-5115 VANBUREN- MADAWASKA CORPORATION I , ,Q .. , Le, :ifl 5- 1 2: ' - -4 af-.-, WOODLANDS IMPROVEMENT CORPORATION Divisions J. D. Irving Limited Maine Operations R.F.D. H3 Box 436 Fort Kent, ME 04743 Phone: 834-5767 Congratulations to: Karen Monlws Auro nADlATon and He' C'aSSma'eS of '85 R2Z?l2?.i5Z,.TL',?2.iL?2ZfZ224 ROBERT BOUCHER at SONS MORlN'S MASONRY AUT0 CONTRACTOR RADMTUR SERVICE R.F.D. H2 Box 515 Fort Kent, ME 04743 Phone: 834-3556 Auto Electric Service Complete Cooling System Service : girrglgig Air Compressors - Elec. Motor Pumps 1 Foundations Phil Morin, Owner - Manager 1 . 115 Market Street Fort Kent, Maine House Jakmg Chimney Sealing 174 Congqgggggions ouELLET FORD '85 INC. ST. J OH N BIB L E 130 East Main Street Fort Kent, Maine C H U RC H Q4743 St, Jghn, Me, Phone: 834-3173 334-5794 Crown Vic. - Ltd. - For by grace are ye 1-'Bird -' Tempo d through Faith Mustang - Escort- Exp - Eph 2 8 Ford Trucks A Best Wishes to the Class of PEPSI 385 v From DR. AND MRS. ' ' PETER TOUSSAINT p o AND FAMILY PEPSI COLA BQTTI-ING Peter Toussaint, M.D. COMPANY Northern Maine Medical 52 Industrial Street Center feezrfassi W SW nor-ch ern maine medical l center H3 EAST MAIN UTPEH' ' FDTZTRDITQ MADE 04743 Health Carel Good Luck to the Class of '85 GENERAL SUPPLY CORPORATION Sawyer Road - P.0. Box 286 Limestone, ME 04750 Congratulations Town of St. Francis Class of '85 Would Like to Tel.: 834-5858 wish the Market Street Senior Class Fort Kent, Me. the Best of Luck CHEZ FRANCOISE ST. FRANCIS, MAINE Tel. 834-5448 P,0, Box 62 Compliments of MAURICE E. MORIN GAS- N-G0 Public Accountant Fort, Kent. ME 44 Pleasant St. Fort Kent, Maine 04743 MAGIC MIRROR Tel.: 834-3996 East Main Street Fort Kent, Me. THE CORNER ARCADE Congratulations to the Class ot '85 Owner: Dave Madore Congratulations Class of 85 WILMER HAFFORD ALLAGASH GUIDE BLIER'S REPAIR SHOP canoesfomem TIMBER JACK LOGGERS Camping Equipment Fort Kent, Me. 04743 Transportation Service Te'-1834-5530 Box 149 Tel.: 1207, ass- Used Ca' Sam Allagash, Maine 04774 3277 Jean GUY Landfy DON'S MOTOR MART Wheel Alignment Service 52 Market Street Fort Kent, Maine DON LOZIER, Prop. LEO J. NADEAU 81 SON, INC. Hauling and Excavating Tel.: 834-3242 7 A 'gsm 96 East Main Street 834-3765 W , Fort Kent, Maine 04743 ,U UI Doxoul AWIKIHHWW Congratulations Seniors! - OUELLETTE BUILDING S U P E S suniowc sumvm Fort Kent, Maine Tel.: 834-6121 or 834-6122 COUNTY CABLE TELEVISION P.O. Box 230 - 757 West Main Madawaska, Maine 04756 Telephone: 728-6321 834-6424 "We offer a great variety of home entertainment!" I p 4' .W Congratulations 'yy , Seniors up ll From ' ' , W L MS . HUBERT GARDNER 1 t " 'JV 'U ' R.F.D.Box1s5 better km fa J A:Iifl'7l.'f8Iffff4 IIS '. .aI ' Compliments ot: CLAIRE NEW BRUNSWICK MAPLE LEAF MOTEL AND RESTAURANT Specializing in Chinese Food Tel.: 992-2120 Compliments ot: CARROLL'S SERVICE STATION 38 West Main St. Fort Kent, ME 04743 Telephone: 834-3877 FOREST HILL MANOR, INC. 20 Bolduc Ave. Fort Kent, Maine "A Nursing Home With a Heart" PATRONS: St. John Parish Una's Restaurant Edna's Cut and Curl Northern Pipe 81 Supply R818 Roast Beet 81 Pizza Lew's Auto Sales Cyr's Country Store St. Charles Parish Dickies 177 C,g'gggg'gggjgggS Tl-loMAs J. PELLETIER Compliments of: Attorney at Law DR' Telephone 834-3104 29 W. Main St BARRESI Fort Kent, Me 04743 O CMM- ACADIAN CARDS Valley Plaza Shopping Center THE JEAN SCENE 530 Main Street Madawaska, Me. Madawaska, Me. Phone: 728-4065 Ph0ne1'l28-6150 "Thoughtful Gifts With Love" Tel. 834-5223 for All Your Appliance Repairs C I' t FRANK'S APPLIANCE """'QI"e" S REPAIR Repair Specialists for Washers, Dryers, Stoves Garbage Disposals - Also Refrigeration FRANK DAIGLE Frenchville Road Owner Fort Kent, Maine 04743 DR. MARK CHASSE CHIROPRACTOR Fort Kent, Maine ROSSIGNOL INSURANCE AGENCY 412 Main Sf., P.O. Box 99 Madawaska, Maine 04756 3 l"1v The Saving Places- "Thank You for Shopping Our K-Mart" Congratulations Seniors! 417 Main St. vouu .,f, nl f-M'-ff! Milf Madawaska, Me. he "" 04756 Congratulations Class of '85 PAUL'S Jack and Small Engine Repair 5 - 20th Avenue 'Madawaska, Me. 04756 Toro Dealer Lawn and Snow Equipment Phone it: 728-3393 178 Jamey '4 bun Sgofzpz FASHIONABLE WOMEN'S APPAREL 478 Main Street MADAWASKA, MAINE 207 543-6242 ALBERT'S ALLAGASH CAMPS DICKY TRADING POST, INC INC' Groceries and Restaurant pp, Box 28 Allagash, Maine Fort Kent, ME 04743 04743 CAROWS AUT? BODY Anoosroox coumv Customglrxlftolllslon CREDIT ASSOCIATION Fiberglass Rep Presque Isle, ME Phone: 834 5960 VALLY AUTO GLASS We handle all your insurance claims. Auto - Wholesale and Retail Windshields - Doors - Windows TOM'S SMALL ENGINE RE PAIR Certified Locksmith RFD 113 Box 112 Fort Kent, Me. 04743 Mirrors -- Sunroofs - Stone Ro k Chip - R P irs 1207, 834-3291 Ph.: 834 5137 Congratul t - t th CI t Compliments ot: 85 FORT KENT DRUG, INC. Fort Kent, Maine FFOITII DR. EARL L. BROWN, B.S., Reg. Ph. 834-5444 BOB MARQUIS 81 SONS Radiator 81 Jack Repair Fire Extinguishers Sales 8. S ' 53 Pleasant St. Fort Kent, ME RACHEL MARQUIS Ph. 834-3675 T P parer RFD H1 P.O.Box34 F tK tMiIIs,Me.04744 Open 7 Days a Week Diesel Gasollnes OFFICE 64 EAST MAIN ST RESIDENCE 57 HIGHLAND AVE FORT KENT MAINE FORT KENT MAINE PHONE 834 6539 PHONE 834 5115 CHEVRON Wayne Saucier, Prop. 26 W. Main St. LEW RIOUX 81. CO. BUYER GRAIN, PULPWOOD s. POTATOES Fort Kent, Maine LEW RIOUX 834-5848 owne' Congratulations IIIIIIIAI IIS INSI IIANIE AGENFI. INIQ th CI to: f 85 e ass o ' IIIi1PLlILIN5lRINII.AIINlNI'IllNIlIlIIII. FORT KENT FIRE DEPARTMENT ll If I R. JAMES DEPREY 9 West Main Street STEPHEN GAGNE Fort Kem, Maine 04743 LADIES AUXILIARY Owners 8. Agents Phone 834-3137 PETER'S FLOWERS 81 GIFTS ,3 7 1 1 17 E. Main Street S if Fort Kent, Maine 04743 Parts ,, Accessories v 7 Small Engine Repair , IX Qi V Fort Kem, ME ff S - 834-3580 "'fff5g,"'5' 9 ' Phone 834-3944 GeneraITrucking Market Street Fort Kent, Maine Open 7 Days 3 week TeI.: 834-5790 Ol' Fort Kent, Maine 834-5997 Congratulations to Dan and Teh 334-5181 All His Fellow Classmates ot Best Wishes to the Class the Class of '85 of '85 BEE'S LOGGING SUPPLIES TWlN'S SERVICE STATION Authorized Partner and Steel Cham Saw 25 Hr. Wrecker Service Congratulations Al-A-AAA Class U-Haul Rentals of 85 44 Market St. Fort Kent, Me. Ph. Day - 834-5453 Night - 834-5340 Mafkef Street Tel.: 180 Compliments ot: ROY'S GROCERY SAINT MARY'S PARISH Eames' ROY Prov- REVEREND JOEL R. cvn Gfocefiggaye-ggi-Beef Tei?:::.:4IY:H9 Ph. 444-5289 Gas and on - Sundriegagle Lake, ME TARDIE CONSTRUCTION co. Congratulations Class of: E' ,85 EXCLUSNE GUIDE SERVICE Phone: 444-5104 CAMP L5 Ea9'e Lake' ME 04739 AbSTED. MAINE 04767 TEL 207 444-5 GERARD'S GENERAL THE PEOPLE'S BANK Ansfggfore IGA Shopping Plaza Pleasant Street Fort Kent, Maine 04743 834-6181 Meats - Groceries Clothing - Gas - Paint and Hardware St. Francis, ME Tel. 398-3119 Casual Clgillez Shoes - MADAWASKA TASTEE-FREEZE THE OUTLET 56 West Main Str. Fort Kent, Maine 04743 Elizabeth and Joseph Daigle 701 West Main St. Open Daily 10 AM Ph 125332321 3850 to 12:00 Midnight DR AND MRS LOUVER LOGGING I Lou, Louie and Vernon Pelletier ELMER PELLETIER ,,,F.,,.,,o,,,5 Allagash, ME Congratulations 04774 Clegg Of Phone: 12071398-3202 i 181 CARLTON H. LOZIER General Store Dealer in Potatoes - Fertilizer - General Repair McBREAlRTY'S SERVICE Canoe Rental and Transportation Pulpwood Gas - oil phone 834-3384 Groceries I Allagash, Soldier Pond, Maine Auto Rem" Meme 04781 Phone 398-3197 "Since 1978" ' fi' --Make e Habit ol Riding" 8' 'ff ' DORIS' UPHOLSTERY M -x .n -br 7, BROOKSIDE STABLES Re-covering of Furniture VAL BOUCHER and SONS Madawaska, Maine Refreshments at the "I-litching Post Saloon" open 7 Days 3 week Septic Service Paving and Landscaping St. John Road - Ft. Kent Prop. Gerry Thibeault 8346569 Call: 728-7551 or 728-6132 Congratulations c,am,,,,5 ACADIA Morons INC. Compliments ot Your Ford and Mercury Dealer Authorized Arctic Cat and K Ski-Doo Dealer P-0' Box 290 Madawaska, Me. Madawaska, Me. 04756 phone: 728-7541 Congratulations Class of '85 L. JAMES LAVERTU, ESQ. Compliments of Attorney at Law 394 Main Street, P.0.Box 443 Madawaska, Maine 04756 12075 728-7150 SUPER MARCHE 53 rue Principle Clair, NB EOLIBO Marcel Long, Prop. ROND POINT Unisex Disco DANCING B g gN Telephone: 992-2744 81 Open Every Friday, Saturday - and Sunday Night at Mme Doris Ouellette, Prop. 9:00 PM iCanadian Timel 58 Ave- des ErabIes 8:00 A . - 182 me' C'a"' NB Tel. qsoey 992-2155 EOLIBO Congratulations Class of . ,85 Congzartgxlons WILFRED SAUCIER 81 Fm" SONS INC. CLOVER HILL LODGE F tK t, M ' Groglrer oinG1 5:1232 FOUI1d8fIOl'l S6641 Lodge TGTQQZSO7 Beach Camping Area 444-5554 Congratulations to the Class of '85 NORTHERN AMUSEMENTS PAULA'S CERAMIC 81 INC. C ' 0 t d A t G'FTff"'0P "L'I..,'i',Z1i'..?..,,NTL'f5i."i.'ILi" ' WALKER REDEMPTION cENTER Fixfgftf :A Ph :398-3127 St. Franc's I ' ' Owzinei: Paula Walker I Tel" 834-3940 C0n9'a'U'a'ig:fmC'aSS of '85 CORRIVEAU CONSTRUCTION James N. Corriveau and Sans Phoenix Cedar Shingles Backhoe - Log Purchaser ot Maple, Bulldozer work Birch, Cedar, Pine, Beach, Poplar Cold-Top Driveways and Pun' wow Gravel Hauling 1-el. No' 834-5892 Soldier Pond, ME Fort Kem, ME 04743 Ph! 834-5212 Congratgggogsi Class of L. ALVA JANDREAU'S GARAGE Clair, N.B. Canada St. Francis, Maine Tune ups, General Repairs Gas - Oil - Groceries - Clothing Batteries, Tires Phone: 398-3116 Tel.: 992-2105 MONTGQMERY WARD ROBERT R. MlcHAuD Catalog Sales Agency Attorney at Law Locally Owned and west Main St Operated by . ' Gary and Berdina Blais Fon Kem' Mame 04743 67 west Main sr. Te'egg3'iQ4-3492 Fort Kent, ME 04743 4207, 834-6500 Phone: 1207! 834-3965 183 c'3i'Z2'fJFfSZ"" DAIGLE OIL co. CUT ABOVE 2f,R'kZ'Zff'iJf'l1 Compliments of C0mPlim9l1fS of FARM CREDIT SERVICE REAL'-9 MEN SHOP 0F and AROOSTOOK REAL'S SHOE CENTER With Locations in Houlton, Madawaska, Maine Pesque Isle, and Madawaska 723-7775 LILIANE A. SZNYCER, M.D ABNER F. TAUB, M.D. Practice Limited to Pediatrics and COLLIN'S UPHOLSTERY 81 FLOORING Carpet Walltexture Adolescent Medicine - 143 E. Main Street came' clean' 9 Fort Kent, ME 04743 4 25th A M d k M 04756 Tel.: 834-6147 7 4 NORTHLAND FROZEN DIKES 81 SONS T Welding 8. Repair P.0.Box 106 RFD 111 Box 1396 Fon Kent, ME Fort Kent, Me 04743 04743 Tel. 1207i 834-3077 BOB 8. LOIS O'LEARY, Prop. C egg:-,gsn qzon ass-3555 Fmm ALLAGASH SPORTING CAMPS "Modern Housekeep g Cabins in the Famed Allag h" DR' B 169-A C R H BOO ALBERT All g sh, Me. 04774 T p t t G d t 1 i 4 E i My W W.-. 1 4 .1-l""' 'Qu-Q ,MW -mwgg '. W 4 . ' . 4. X VY. I i G I 1 with IM-fgo k ' ' . A VJ- uf if -1 ' ww 'Q' 'A' . ' f . A A - rs K -, W. ,yi 4 6-. " .5 . 5 , '- -1' : wx 'A H 'gig , : -4 -- - , 2.1 A N n Q ., ?lif ,Jaw '., 'frm .' W., H M, Q3 , 1 1 Wflwf if " lun 2 " is r i . 20.4 , ' 2' " ' W , T3 J i 'L Q' M' 1 I . -g A Y i n - Q b pub ,Ns 'Qin Q A N Q 3 ,iii ' ff' if 3 . 1 1 1 9? I 681' . ' - V V' Q 'J , V 5 I X, I' , VVSAHM N W Et 'LAL , Q p A4 ' . i, Q: V A -'- R ,-If .MJ 1 , 5 ALI ., N ,, .4 44 N . I K "1 .. nf X Y N . f . 41 ,V . A1 -f Z ,KX ' ' M ' " - ' 1 '- -', .4 . 'A v G, A ,G , ' . ' 4 f : , N A M- , ' s -" , A' ,V 1 - 4 WV - . . V 1 ' - ' X K. ,, 1 , 4 X ,X , s ' V' v F w F Q XA 1

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