Fort Kent Community High School - Warrior Yearbook (Fort Kent, ME)

 - Class of 1963

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A q j The SGHHROT QHHLSS wif Qommuhity High Sqzlmqmu presents 4,4 1' u M4695 METEUR Vonunne XXXXH Ffmrlf Kent, Maine OTQWOTQ l-l S we are reminded of our many r' ears at C. . ., disci- As we look back on ou y four years we have tried to in the past This and endeavors. adult lives. 3.0 CO pline ourselves so as to has not understanding faculty , mplishments llow ers in our be better leaders and io he expert and experienced guidance of our always been easy, but with t another obstacle in the un- we think we have overcome raveled in the pages of ase our inquiri g You will 'n minds. Un ceasing struggle to appe anorama of our activities. 963 METEOR, w e present a p this, the l ' 'fe f scholastic li . made see us in our many phases o ' i r the demands whichwill be This life has b een a short preparation o W e feel it is important to gather the of today. 'E the odern society a reminder o upon highlights of this us in the m ' will serve as struggle into a yearbook which ere so much a part of. We, the senior class, have many ' d feelings and many events that we w S. an institution of varre 'ch made C.l-l. to make ou! different interests whi me these small differences opinions. We school years p to forget. have all tried to overco leasant to remember rather than a period which we would prefer t to our parents and k is as importan hat a high school yearboo ' earbook possible. We think t ' ho make this y friends as it is to the participating individuals w ve as a catalogue of all the activities, big and small, ath lt is intended to ser the agenda at C. H. S. letic and We, scholastic, which make up the senior class, are proud to offer this ,-. the 1963 MBTEOR. The Seniors. Scoihicooll Song Hurrah for Community High for she's alright, Keep the colors flying o'er the green and white Tra -La -La -La -La -La - - -La Show the other fellow what we can do. Hurrah Community High for she'll break through. Remember Community High you' usuiai AIT-S have gone ma and in this wide world great things we have won Tra-La-La-La-La -La---La Keep the colors flying always in sight Hurrah for Community High For she's all right i V Community Building 51151 ...JL I -Tie. 'ip Games a nd Concerts High School I I I I I I I I I "LJ-Wi 5 . Table mf Cmmtents DEDICATION ADNLINISTRATION FACULTY SENIORS .TUNIOR CLASS SOPHOMORE CLASS FRESHMAN CLASS FEATURES SPORTS ORGANIZATIONS FEATURES ADVERTISING ecriliccnif WE THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1963 DEDICATE To Mr. Edmund Beaulieu, who has made science a living thing for his students. He has encouraged his students to go on and study in the same field that he dedicates his life to and has unselfishly given of his time to the struggling students so that they may un- derstand that which he so firmly believes in. He has given our school a valuable gift, the gift of his knowledge to be shared by all. Mr. Edmund Beaulieu 1160111 f fff V, 'ri-IE Msiiron: - f To Mr. Thomas Clavette, in grate- ful recognition of his work at Com- munity High School and his interest in the understanding of youth and the needs of youth. We areaggageigf 'i H ygfifif? ,ful to' him for his his thoughtfulness, and encouriiggg ment, but above all, for his genu- ine interest and personal friendship. We thank him for his service and guidance to our class duyrirngiiiivl .W 3 we ,fia h54f5:?1 years at Community High: it 'Villii ffwfllffz 3 ifin Hg, W f, vias" K ' If? . .nr5:rgifs'2,1ri2fi. ,, X -' :11jf.,f,,-- g--,S , . A A .X .X ity, M5 1357.1 .. -11431. Y , sz.. sf,f.fq. ff fx, .if - V- -.-, 5-1-H1 rs,, xwxr,-sms-,M " J :Iii sew- 1:s11fs2sfffusi',," fihilh, ' ' , K W' 'swore -':l-ffQxi."'Q3Q51 xtx"ir'x 2.115555 u fi it MR. THOMAS 'E ii.. ,, ii H I ' 'agp 3 ii if X. ' gm, . ' ,fy iffQ,"'7pf, 'X iff, ' eg, .. 'L411,,rif?zgaw:fffgQzs, '-'f ae. .,,s,,-ur-N:7Zggss,p,Wf H , f ,lk A 'jig' W: has V3 -' ,,. ..., ?.,,,ff .W,, Ag ,ma-r s M B wi-'Mali ,E ,,,V.,,.,, y mnrperhirriiherrfdlcerufs massage , m- 7 Andrew ll'-'rrfeolheifsflze Superintendent of Schools el Seniors: We share your parents' pride in your graduation. We also share their anxiety, for we know that too many of you will have to leave our area. We hope that your training at C.H. S. has prepared you well for the re- sponsibilities and the competition ahead. Do remember that only hard work, loyalty to your employers, and the ambiiion to improve your- self will spell success in the years ahead. Good Luck to one and all! Andrew C. Frechette Sup't. of Schools e lI"'l1lUlCCl11pD:?:D, S CBSSHLQKG With the advent of graduation, the work of the faculty is ended. For some, college will be the next stepg for others, employment is forthcoming: for still others! fulfillment of military obligation will begin. We are hopeful that our work has been beneficial no matter what your vocation will be. Keep in mind that you were put on earth for a purpose. Perhaps you have not yet discovered what it isp but eventually you will - the Architect of the Universe never created an unimportant person. The greatest job you have ahead of you is learning how to live with yourself. No - matter what 'you do or where you go, you can not run away from your own identity. Be glad you are youl v fzlMfL""' fisw .fv-A Mr. Louis P. - A Mr. Henry Karl Mr. Maurice Mr Edmund Mr Robert X Albert Baker Beals Beaulieu Black Mr. Carroll J. Mr. Terrance Mr. Henry L. Mr Thomas J Mrs Regina Bouchard - Boutilier Carbone Clavette Fortin MR. LOUIS P. ALBERT: B.S., Husson College, University of Maine. Bookkeepingg Business Lawg Salesg Advanced Typewriting. Meteor Iunior.Class and Promg F. B. L. A. and Student Store. MR. HENRY KARL BAKER: B. S. , University of New Hampshire, M. M. , New England Conservatory of Music. Bandg Glee Clubsg Majorettes. 4 L A A MR. MAURICEBEALS: B. S. , University of Maine. Drivers Education Athletic Director. MR. EDMUND BEAULIEU: B.A. , Ricker College. Physicsg Chemistry Physical Science. Science Clubg Projectionists Club. MR. ROBERT X. BLACK: A.B. , St. Francis College. Lating Frenchg Algebra. Riile Club. B Mb MR. CARROLL J. BOUCHARD: B.S. , Farmington State Teachers. :Political Geography. ' M MR. TERRANCE BOUTILIER: B. S. , University of Maine. Biology. MR. HENRY CARBONE: B. S. , Nasson College. Business Trainingg Shop Math. MR. THOMAS 31. CLAVETTE: B.S., University of Maine. General Science. MRS, REGINA F-ORTIN: Frederiction Teachers Collegeg St. Louis Uni versity. French. -FY I Mrs. Barbara C. Goodrich Mrs, Florence Madore r 1: w Mr. Owen R. Mr. Peter A. Mr. Joseph P. Miss Lorraine Haley Halle Inman Lagassey Mr. Patrick I. Mrs. Maxine G. Mr. Roger Mr. J. Wilfrid Minnehan Page Paradis Parent MRS. BARBARA GOODRICH: B. S. , University of Maineg Graduate Work. English III: Speech Ig Head of English Department. A -V MR. OWEN R. HALEYs Colby Collegeg B.A. , University of Maine. United States History. MR. PETER A. HALLE: B.A. , St. Francis Xavier University. English Ig Refresher Math. Ski Team. MR. JOSEPH P. INMAN: B.A., Ricker College. English III and IVQ Senior Composition. Freshman Class Advisor. MISS LORRAINE LAGASSEY: B. A. , Saint Francis Xavier University. Librarian. MRS. FLORENCE MADORE: Community High School. Sec- retary. MR. PATRICK J. MINNEHAN: Auburn Maine School of Commerceg Husson College. Business Mathg General Math. MRS. MAXINE G. PAGE: B.S. , University of Maine. Eng- lish II. National Honor Societyg Sophomore Class. MR. ROGER PARADIS: B. Sa , Aroostook State Teachers Col- legeg M. Ed. , University of Maine. MR. JOHN WILFRID PARENT: B. A. , Bowdoing M. Ed. . Uni- versity of Maine. Director of Guidance. ,mg S. Dali . . if Mr. Joseph D. Mrs. Rinette Mr. James Pelletier i Pelletier Pike Mr, Joseph Mr. Richard Mrs. Carolyn Sanborn Sargent Shaw MR. JOSEPH, D. PELLETIER: B.A. , University of Maineg Graduate Work. History. Student Council. MRS. RINETTE PELLETIER: B.S.. Hussori conege. Shorthand l,IIg Transcriptiong Office Practice. MR. JAMES PIKE: B. A. , Ricker College. English LII: .Senior Class. . MR. MERLE C. RAINEY: B.A. , M. Ed. , University of Maine. Algebrag Geometry: Trigonometry, MRS. PRISCILLA ROY: Bay Path Instituteg Husson Col- lege. Type lg Business Training. Beautician-Club. MR. JOSEPH SANBORN: B. A. , St. Francis Xavier Uni- t versity. Englishg History. Athletic Clubg Varsity Basketball Coach. MR. RICHARD SARGENT: B. S. , Gorham State Teachers College. Industrial Arts. Auto Safety Club. MRS. CAROLYN L. SHAW: B.S. , Farmington State ,KfI'eachers College. Home Economics. MR. DANA R. SHAW: B.S., Gorham stare Teachers College. Industrial Artsg Mathematicsp Mechanical Drawing. Explorers Club. MR. DON WADDELL: B. S. , Aroostook State Teachers College. Healthg Physical Education. J. V. Coachg Varsity Baseball: Trampoline Team. L. ft, . Mr. Merle C. Mrs. Priscilla Rainey Roy Mr. Dana R. Mr. Don Shaw Waddell l l A Q s f ADVISOR Mr. James Pike S NIGER A very cordial group indeed! Our Senior Class officers Reynold Ray- mond, Treasurerg Sylvia Marquis, Vice Presidentg Melford Pelletier, Presidentg Phyllis J albert, Secretary. PAUL BAKER RONALD BARD CLAUDETTE CARON College General General Course Radio Club 25 Debate Club 25 Jun- Rifle Club 1,2,35 F. T. A. 45 Band ior Prom Committee 35 Dirigo Boys' 3, 45 Baseball 1, 25 Arts and Crafts Stare 3. Club 1- "YOU MAY RELISH HIM MORE IN THE SOLDIER THAN IN THE SCI-IOLAR. " Shakespeare LEONARD BERUBE ERNEST BLANCHETTE MAURICE BLANCHETTE College General Collegg Rifle Club 1: VarSity Volleyball 3, Rifle Club 15 National Honor So 45 Prom Committee 3. ciety 3, 45 Dirigo Boys' State 3. SHEILA BOUCHARD SHIRLEY BOUCHARD STANLEY BOUCHARD Secretarial General College Beautician Club 35 F. B. L. A. 4g Beautician Club 3. Baseball 2. 3. 4: A311650 Club 2. 3- 4 F. T. A. 2. "lNSANITY IS OFTEN THE LOGIC OF AN ACCURATE MIND OVERTAXED" Holmes LEO BOULEY, JR. PHILIP BROWN ROBERT BROWN General General General Rifle Club lg Basketball 3, 4g Base- ball 4g Athletic Club 4. as if B QF! 1 was 3 lf 15' Q vw we y miie o 4, w ,w- HECT OR DAIGLE Industrial JENNIE MAE DAIGLE General Chorus 1,2,3, 45 Cheerleader 45 Art Club 1, 25 Beautician Club 3. "LAWS GRIND THE POOR, AND RICH MEN RULE THE LAW." LOUISE DAIGLE College Glee Club 1, 2.3, 45 Band 2,3, 45 F, T. A. 45 National Honor Society 3, 45 Cheerleader 2, 3, 45 Constitue tional Committee 45 All Aroostook Chorus 2,3,45 Athletic Club 2, 3, 45 Double Quartet 2,35 Prom Com- mittee 3. Goldsmith MON IQUE DAIGLE Clerical French Club 15 Literary Club 2,35 F. B. L. A. 45 Newspaper Staff 4. - . IA 1 LI' v- t iii? . 3 L" LEROY DAIGLE Industrial VIOLET DAIGLE General Glee Club 4. QD DORIS DESCHAINES HILDA DESCHAINE BERNADETTE DUBE College College Clerical Ffeflflh Club 1: F- T- A. 3. 4. French lg F.T. A. 3. Beautician Club 4. "THE 'WHY' IS AS PLAIN AS THE WAY TO THE PARISH CHURCH." Shakespeare MAE DUBE Secretarial Beautician Club 3g Business Club 3, 4g Career Exploration 3g Yearbook Staff 3, 45 Glee Club 2, 3, 4g Prom Decoration Committee 33 News- paper Staff 4g Art Club 1g Spanish Club 1. MARILYN DUBE General Beautician Club 4. PAUL DUBE Clerical Rifle Club 15 Athletic Club 2. ANNETTE DUBOIS ROLAND DUBOIS NORMAN DUBOIS Clerical Clerical Clerical Beautician Club 35 Glee Club 3 NORMAN FOURN IER Clerical "AS IDLE AS A PAINTED SHIP UPON A PAINTED SEA" Coleridge MARK S. FOX, College National Honor Society 3, 45 Future Teachers 3, 45 Boys' State 35 All Aroostook Band 3, 45 Band 1, 2,3, 45 Baskb. 25 Bsb. 15 Athletic Cl. 2,35 Debate Cl. 15 Speaking Contest 1, 45 Cls. Pres. 25 Prom Comm. 35 Constitutional Comm. 45 Intramural Volleyball 2,35 Ftb. Team 45 Ca- reer Exploration 35 Meteor Stf. 45 Glee Cl. 45 Rifle Cl. 25 Trampoline Team 3, 4. CHRIS FREEMAN College Radio Club 2, 35 Rifle Club 1, 35 Prom Committee 35 Intramural Volleyball 2,35 Ski Team 45 Sci ence Club 1. . :"" 9' 1 , nf! 'fif- IX SALLY GAGNON College Glee Club 1,2,3, 45 Student Coun- cil 1,25 N.H.S. 3,45 Officer Ath- letic Club 2,3, 45 F. T. A. 45 Soft- ball 1,25 Volleyball 2, 35 Prom Committee 35 Constitutional Com- mittee 45 Yearbook Staff 3, 45 Co- Captain Cheerleading 2, 3, 4. FERNANDO HARVEY IR. Clerical DARYLA GOLDBERG -9-vs ANNE GUIGGEY College General Beautician Club 35 Future Teachers Future Homemakers of America 1. 45 Yearbook Staff 45 Volleyball 35 Basketball 3. "BOOKS THINK FOR ME" Lamb PHYLLIS IALBERT College Band 1, 2,35 45 Glee Cl. 1, 2,3, 45 Athletic Cl. 2,3, 45 Cls. Officer 45 Baskb. 25 N. l-I.S. 3, 45 Girls' State 35 Regional Officer5 N. H.S. 3,45 TRENA HARVEY All Aroostook Band 3, 45 All Aroo- Secretarial stook Chorus 25 Prom Comm. 35 Glee Club 2,35 Business Club 3,45 Prom Committee 35 Personality Development 15 School Paper 3, 4. F. T. A. 45 Varsity Cheerleader 45 Regional Speaking Contest 15 Speak ing Contest 1,2, 3, 45 Constitutional Committee 4. BARBARA IANDREAU MAYNARD LAGASSE Secretarial Industrial National Honor Society 3, 4g Prom Committee 3g Literary Club lg School Paper 3, Glee Club 2, 35 Business Club 3, 4. "NO CREATURE SMARTS SO LITTLE AS A FOOL" Pope CLARENCE LE CLAIR BETTY ANN LAFERRIERE Clerical Secretarial Intramural Volleyball 3, Rifle Club 1. Business Club 3, 4, Glee Club 2, 3, Prom Committee 35 Spanish Club 1. ROGER LANDRY Industrial NORMA LEVESQUE College Band 2- 3. 4: All Aroostook Band 3 4g Basketball l,2g Volleyball 3,2g Softball 25 National Honor Society 3, 4, Athletic Club 3, 4. GlLMAN MADORE Clerical F.B. L. A. 43 F. T. A. 43 Art Club 2 French Club 1. NSTUDIOUS TO PLEASE, LINDA MARTIN General LUCILLE R. MARIN College French Club 13 Personality Club li F.H.A. 13 F. T. A. 33 Student Council 33 Prom Committee 3. YET NOT ASHAMED TO FALL" Johnson NORMAN MARTIN College Science Club 13 Basketball 1,2,3 Student Council 4g Athletic Club 3, 43 Prom Committee 33 Volley- ball 2,3Q Football 43 Rifle Club 3 SYLVIA MARQUIS College Sci. Cl. 13 Glee Cl. 2,3, 4g Soft- ball 1,23 Volleyball 2,33 Cheering 2,3,43 F. T. A. 43 Athletic Cl. 2, 3,43 Prom Comm. 33 Cls. Off. 3, 43 Executive Council 3, 4g Constitu- tional Comm. 43 N. H. S. 3, 43 Meteor Stf. 33 All Aroostook Chorus 4g Mock U. N. Convention 33 Dele- gate St. Council Convention 3. ALFRED MICI-IAUD General Athletic Club 2, 4g Basketball 3, 4. BETTY MAE MICI-IAUD DARVIN MICHAUD GILMAN MICHAUD Secretarial General College Glee Club 1,3g Spanish Club lg Rifle Club 35 Hockey 4g Prom Com- F. B.L. A. lg Prom Committee 3. mittee 3g Radio Club 45 Yearbook Staff 4, "ASSUME A VIRTUE, IF YOU HAVE IT NOT" Shakespeare JOYCE MICHAUD PAULINE MICHAUD CAMILLE E. MORNEAULT Clerical Secretarial Clerical Glee Club 2,3, 4g French Club lg Glee Club 1,2,3g F. B. L. A. 3, 45 F. B. L. A. 4. Literary Club lg Personality Develop- ment lg Prom Committee 3, 1 -1'--35, D f , - ,ir 5 ,,.,, ,. . , ,E ,V JANET NADEAU JOEL NADEAU THERESA NADEAU General Industrial Clerical Glee Club 2,3, 4. Auto Safety Clubg Rifle Club. Glee Club 2, 3, 4. "THE PRIDE OF ANCESTRY INCREASES IN THE RATIO OF DISTANCE" Curtis I I I IEANNE OUELLETTE I LETI-IA OUELLETTE ROBERT OUELLETTE I Colle e Secretarial General S I F.H.A. lgF.N.A. 2,3,4gF.B.L.A. F.B.L.A. 3,4. r 3, 45 Debate Club 1,2g Math Club I 2g Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4g Beautician Club 39 Prom Committee 3g Year- book Sraff 3, 4. Z' THOMAS OUELLETTE WILMA IEAN OUELLETTE Industrial Arts Secretarial Beautician Club 3,4. "HE HAS NOT SO MUCH BRAIN AS EAR-WAX" Shakespeare NANCY PARENT BERNADETTE PELLETIER Secretarial Clerical Beautician Club 31 National Honor Society 3,45 F.B. L. A. 4g F.T. A. 2. JOYCE PARENT College French Club lg Math Club 25 Beau- tician Club 35 F. T. A. lg Spanish Club 1. DONNA PELLETIER Secretarial Beautician Club 3, 45 Student Coun cil 3, 45 F. B.L. A. 3, 43 Newspaper Staff 3, 4g Meteor staff 3, 4g Con- stitutional Committee 4g Prom Committee 3. HELEN PELLETIER MELF ORD PELLET IER RICHARD PELLETIER SGCISIBHH1 College Industrial Beautician Club 3. Baskb. l,2,3, 4: Bsb. l,2: Debate Rifle Club 1,2,3g Track Team lg Team 2: 5- C. 2.3. 4: CIS. OffiC-'if Arts and Crafts lg Trampoline 2, 3, 4g Executive Council 45 N. H. A. Team 3,4g Wood Safety Club 2g 3, 45 Athletic Club 2,3, 45 F. T. A. Hockey Team 3, 4. 43 Prom Comm. 35 Boys' State Delegate 3g Intramural Volleyball 2,3g Const. Committee 3, 4g Dance Committee 3, 4. "THE GREAT SOURCE OF TERROR TO INFANCY IS SOLITUDE" Lanier SADIE MAY PELLETIER ANN PERREAULT ELAINE M. PERREAULT Secretarial Secretarial Secretarial French Club ls C1166 Club 2.3: Cheering lg F. B. L. A. 3, 43 Beautl- Spanish Club lg French Club 2g F- B. L- A- 4- cian Club 3, 45 Prom Committee 3: F. T. A. 2, 3,4g F. B. L. A. 3, 4g Newspaper staff 4g Meteor Staff 4g Beautician Club 3g Newspaper Staff Volleyball 3- 3, 4g Prom Committee 3. CAROL JOYCE PINETTE CLAUDE PLOURDE LAWRENCE PLOURDE Clerical General Industrial F. B. L. A. 3, 45 Prom Committee 35 Sflldem C0l1f1Ci1 1: 3215652111 3. 4: Future Homemakers 15 Math Club 25 IHUHITIIHH1 Volleyball 3, 4- Meteor Staff 45 School Paper 3, 45 Beautician Club 3. "I ASK NOT FOR A LARGER GARDEN, BUT FOR FINER SEEDS" Conwell PATRICIA PLOURDE VERNON POTVIN RAYNOLD RAYMOND Clerical Industrial General Art Club 1,25 Glee Club 25 Math Club 25 F.B.L. A. 3,45 F.H. A. 15 Meteor Staff 45Nurses'Club 25 Beau- tician Club 3. Hockey 3, 45 Intramural Volleyball 3, 45 Class Treasurer 3, 45 National Honor Society 3, 45 Prom Committee 35 Student Council 3, 4. BETTY ANN RIOUX DOUGLAS ROY NORMA T. SAUCER Clerical General Clerical Spanish Club lg Business Club 3, 45 Science Club 1: Rifle Club 2: Beauticiafl Club 3. 4s Prom Com- F. T. A. 2, 3, Beauucian ciub 3,4 mittee 3, Newspaper Staff 3, 4g Yearbook Staff 43 Intramural Volleyball 3. "MEN ARE ONLY BOYS GROWN TALL: HEARTS DON'T CHANGE MUCH AFTER ALL" Unknown BETTY SAVAGE College Class Officer 1, 3, 45 Student Coun- cil 1, 3, 4g Band 2, 3, 4g Yearbook Staff 4g Spanish Club lg Dirigo Girls' State 3, Queen Candidate 2, WILFRED SAUCIER 35 National Honor Society 3,4g JAMES SMART General Intramural Volleyball 35 Prom General Rifle Club 3, 4. Committee 33 Debate Team 2, Athletic Club lg Math Club lg Executive Council 4, Constitutional Delegate to Mock United Nations Committee 4. Assembly. 3 . --f15pgr1-r:- f ' ,Q 3 lyf"1'- ' ' GARY SOUCIE RODERICK SOUCIE CLAUDETTE SOUCY College Clerical College Athletic Club 1.2.3, 4, Class Offi- Basketball 35 Baseball 45 Athletic Glee Club 1. 2. 3, 4: Girls' Softball cer 15 Student Council 1,2,3, 45 Club 35 Intramural Volleyball 4. 1. 2: Debate Club 2: Al1-Ar00- Executive Council 45 Math Club 25 stock Chorus 2, 45 I, V, Cheer- Basketball 2,3, 45 Baseball 1, 2, 3, leaders 35 Prom Committee 35 45 Glee Club 45 National Honor Intramural Volleyball 35 Potato Society 3,45 Volleyball 2. Blossom Queen Candidate 35 Ath- letic Club 3, 45 Future Teachers 45 Varsity Cheerleader 45 Yearbook "BORN WITH THE GIFT OF LAUGHTER AND A SENSE Staff 4? Constitutional Commiffee THAT THE WORLD IS MAD.. 45 National Honor Society 3, 4. Sabatini CARROLL Tl-IERIAULT JOHN TOUSSAINT PAU1-A WHITE General General Secretarial hm-amura1 Voueyball 4. Glee Club 2,35 Beautician Club 35 Spanish Club 15 Rifle Club 25 Future Nurses 2. 1, H ' ,lim H M, N tuur' einftorrs - what They rc Li ce KEY: gay Secret Ambition Qby Last Seen fcy Cause of Death fdy Favorite Pastime Paul Baker - fay Sleeping fby Sleepingfcy Sleeping Qdy Sleeping Ronald Bard - fay Get Married fby At Jim's house qcy Sadie fdy Making eyes at girls Jerry Belanger - fay To get the heck out of Fort Kent fby Behind Brians Bar room fcy Too much beer fdy Girls and their habits Leonard Berube - fay Be first housing engineer on the moon fby Boarding a space ship icy Slow leak in space suit fdy Dancing with girls with strapless gowns Aurelle Biron - gay Driving a car with a V8 engine fby Driving a Rambler fcy Driving too slow fdy Trying to peel rubber with a Rambler Ernest Blanchette - Qay Putting oil in a Studebaker fby Garage Ccy Oil bill Qdy Oil changing Maurice Blanchette - Cay Conquer Earth qby Before a firing squad Qcy Rifle bullets Cdy Reading up on Napo- leon and Hitler Larry Blier - lay Owing the Silver Star fby In Clair, New Brunswick qcy Falling in Perley Brook fdy Watching Bozo Sheila Bouchard - Qay Join the Army fby Driving a '61 Buick qcy Bookkeeping fdy Cooking Shirley Bouchard - Cay Getting Married Qby Heading for Conn. fcy Worrying fdy Daydreaming Stanley Bouchard - Cay Playing baseball fby Arguing politics fcy Overworked qdy Sports Joel Bouley - Cay To be a drunker fby In a beer joint Qcy Ran out of air Qdy Picking mushrooms Leo Bouley Ir. - fay Keeping on teasing Delores Dube qby In the morgue Qcy Joan Saucier Qdy Teasing nice sophomore girls Philip Brown - fay Owning a Chevy fby Without a Chevy Qcy No Chevy fdy A girl in a Chevy Robert Brown - Qay World's champion pool shark fby Helping Ernest Blanchette put his Studebaker on the road fcy Swallowed the cue ball fdy Shooting pool for a quarter a ball Claudette Caron - gay Getting Married Qby In Fort Kent Qcy Love qdy Wishing Rita Caron - gay Being Airline Stewardess Cby In California Qcy Boys fdy Dancing Arlene Casey - gay Owning my own pickup Qby Driving THE pickup fcy Loring bomb fdy Reading 1140 page books Albert Charette - gay Collecting Stamps fby Reading a book Qcy Studying too hard fdy Skating Herbert Chasse - fay Managerof First National fby First National fcy Motorcycle fdy Motorcycle Paula Collin - Cay It's a secret fby ln Chevy II qcy Too many "weekends" Qdy Eating Grant's candy Almon Daigle - gay Becoming an artist fby In Paris qcy Sea sickness qdy Drawing Hector Daigle - fay Getting out of High School fby Canada qcy Not to be discussed fdy Canadian girls Jennie Mae Daigle - fay Moving to Conn. fby With Don qcy Heartache fdy Writing letters to Conn. LeRoy Daigle - gay Getting out of Fort Kent Cby Canada fcy Riding in a Nash fdy Fixing the Ialopy Louise Daigle - Qay Having parties fby Having a plane ticket to Penn in hand fcy Strangled by an I. D. Bracelet fdy Writing to Chambersburg, Pa. Monique Daigle - Qay Castro's personal secretary Qby Taking orders from Castro fcy Communism Qdy Comb- ing Castro 's beard Violet Daigle - Cay Building a bridge to Baker Brook guy Baker Brook fcy Drowning fdy Crossing the St. John River to B. B. Doris Deschaine - fay Wou1dn't you like to know? fby Working at the Tastee Freeze fcy Unknown fdy Listen- ing to records Hilda Deschaine - fay Teacher fby Riding dad's 1961 International Truck qcy Truck accident Qdy Listening to records Bernadette Dube - Cay Going up to Connecticut fby Wouldn't you like to know fcy History class fdy Listen- ing to the radio Mae Dube - fay To become an executive secretary fby At Newberry's fcy Too much excitement fdy Writing letters and traveling Marilyn Dube - fay Going to Conn. or N. Y. fby In a blue and white Chevy Qcy Too much worrying qdy Daydreaming Paul Dube - Cay To join the flirt club fby With nobody and nowhere fcy Doing the Limbo Qcy Counting the stars fparkingy Annette Dubois - gay Housewife fby Conn. fcy Suffocation from the smoke over Pat's Place fdy Daydreaming Normand Dubois - gay Marriage fby Twisting at Mr. Deschaine's fcy Losing Mary Jane fdy Walking up N. P. B. Road tuur' einiioirs - what They ire Like KEY: fay Secret Ambition fbj Last Seen fcj Cause of Death Qdj Favorite Pastime Roland Dubois - faj Nikita's Bodyguard Cbj Moscow Cc, Nikita's wind fdj talking with Nikita's cousin Norman Fournier - faj Going to the moon rbj Bernard Labbe's Store fcj Dying on way to the moon fdj Hunting Mark Fox - gay Getting into U. of M. fbj Reading Ulysses fcj Entered "Brave New World" fdj Trying to enter a Utopia Chris Freeman - tap Make a machine to replace physics teachers Cbj yellow pickup fcj Eating Cafeteria food fdj Can't tell you Sally Gagnon - faj Changing homeroom Qbj Talking during Mr. Paradis Homeroom fcj Mr. Paradis fdj Get- ting Mr. Paradis mad Rita Gaudreau - Qaj Being a detective fbj Reading mystery books fcj Accidental death fdj Dancing Daryla Goldberg - faj To be independent Qbj With a sailor fcj Too much studies fdy Dancing Anne Guiggey - faj Getting married fbj With Harold Qcj Unknown fdj Daydreaming of the FUTURE Fernando Harvey - faj Having a Ford fbj On the moon fcj Ate too much fdj Arguing Trena Harvey - Qaj Joining the Army fbj In Uniform fcj Stopped a bullet Qdj Getting stuck in a storm Phyllis Jalbert - gay Go to the U. of M. fbj Stuck with Buick battery dead fcj History teachers Cdl Can't say Barbara Jandreau - qaj Becoming a mechanic fbj In Baker's Store fcj Trampled by customers fdj Writing to South Portland Betty Ann Laferrier - faj Joining the National Guards fbj Collecting tickets at Savoy fcj American History fdj Listening to "POP" music Maynard Lagasse - faj To succeed in life qbj Coffin fcj Blonde fdj Girls Roger Landry - Cay Mechanic on the Moon fby In Caribou fcj Heart attack fdj Working on my car Clarence LeClair - faj To be a dreamer fbj On the moon dreaming fcj Dreaming Qdj Dreaming Norma Levesque - faj Airline hostess Cbj At a wedding Qcy Plane crash fdj Sports Gilman Madore - fab Be a spy fbj Spying along the Coast of Cuba fcj Died in action on the battlefield fdj Playing around with girls Lucille Marin - faj To become Mrs. Theriault qbj With Roger Ccj Roger fdj Roger Sylvia Marquis - Cay Manager of Aroostook Petroleum Products fbj Pumping Sunoco at Joe's fcj Gas asphixia- tion fdj Fillin er up! I I Linda Martin - Qaj Going to Conn. fbj In school fcy Dancing Cdy Writing letters Norman Martin - faj Be an educated bum fbj Yellow pickup truck icy Swallowed Hydrochloric Acid fdp Chasing girls Alfred Michaud - Qaj Postmaster fbj Post office Qcj Overwork at Post Office Qdj Working at Post Office Betty Mae Michaud - lay Becoming Mrs. Raymond fbj Heading for Conn. fcj Too much worrying over Mr. Raymond fdj Bird-watching across the Street Darvin Michaud - fay Bachelor Cbj At Claudes Lunch fcj A wreck fdj Driving a fast car Gil Michaud - fab Dictator Cbj Cuba fcj Strangled fdj ,practicing communism Joyce Michaud - Qaj Beautician Qbj With Bob Ccj Mr. Halley and American History Cdl Being with Bob Pauline Michaud - faj Getting married fbj In a Chev. Qcj Riding up to the Allagash fdj Watching for Leighton Camille Morneault - tap Senior Bookkeeper fbj Covering up a mistake in his journals fcj Unbalanced Statei ments fdj Hunting Janet Nadeau - gay Getting married fbj With Reno fcy A kiss qdj Being with Reno Joel Nadeau - faj Get out of school fbj C.H. S. fcj Too much studying fd, Beat around the bush Theresa Nadeau - Cay Going down to Conn. fbj In town fcj Making book reports fdj Cooking Jeanne Ouellette - faj Becoming Mrs. Cook fbj ln a 1960 Blue Rambler fcj Too much worrying over Gary qdj Writing love-letters to Caribou Letha Ouellette - gay Joining the Air Force fbj In uniform fcj Facing the truth fdj Traveling Robert Ouellette - Cay Finishing High School fbj Traveling West fcj Unknown fdj Reading Thomas Ouellette - faj Town drunk Qbj Bar room Ccj Too much drinking fdj Money making Wilma Jean Ouellette - faj Going around the world Qby Trying out her luck fcj Failure fdj Dating a "Moose" Milton Paradis - fa? Growing taller qby 6' 1" qcp A Lack of Oxygen fd, Bagebgll Joyce Parent - gay If not a teacher a teacher's wife! Cbj Riding to school in a 1963 Chevy fcj Being a teacher and a teacher's wife! fdy Riding 18 miles every morning and afternoon Nancy Parent - faj Graduating and getting married fbj History class fcj The twist fdj Listening to the radio Bernadette Pelletier - faj Going to Conn. fbj In Conn. fcj Unknown fdj Singing, listening to the radio Donna Pelletier - qaj Getting out of school fbj With Ray fel Eating Ray's Pizzas fdj Daydrearning ruiir' emriioirs - what They ire Like KEY: Qaj Secret Ambition fbj Last Seen fcj Cause of Death fclj Favorite Pastime Helen Pelletier - Cay Take a good guess Qbj Riding in a Chevy II fcj Too much twisting fdj Writing letters to Roy Melford Pelletier - faj To be a game warden fbj River Street Qcy fShotgunj Fongenio Qdj Walking on crutches Richard Pelletier - faj Marriage fbi Sleeping in a coffin Qcj Broken hearted by girls fdj Kissing and to make- UP Sadie May Pelletier - faj Getting married fbj With Ron fcj Talking on the phone with Ron fdj Writing letters Ann Perrault - faj Getting to Honolulu fbj Checking plane fares to Hawaii fcj Too much Hawaiian Punch fdj Gabbing Elaine Perrault - Qaj To become a spy Qbj At Dean's qcy Certain History Class fdj Flirting Carol Pinette - faj Going to Wallingford fbj Tastee Freeze CCD Loss of '55 Ford fdj Riding on the Eagled Road Claude Plourde - qaj Baseball player qby Playing pool qcj Hit by a pitched ball Cdl Sleeping Lawrence Plourde - Qaj Construction Engineer fbj Skating Rink fcj Unknown fdj Skating and Swimming Patricia Plourde - faj Driving a certain Dodge fbi Route Royal fcj Going too fast Qdj Skating Vernon Potvin - gay Joining the U.S. Marines fbj On the firing squad fcj Loss of nerves Qdj trying to find my nerves Raynold Raymond - fap Getting out of school fbj Ioe's Bar qcj Girls and Drinking fPepsij fdj Girls Betty Rioux - Cay Undecided fbj Switchboard fcj Worrying fdj Dreaming Douglas Roy - gay Photography fbj Skating Rink icy Gettin shot fdy Hunting Norma Saucier - faj Learning to drive fbj Driving a Ford fcj Hitting a telephone pole Qdj Arguing Wilfred Saucier - Cay Going to the pool room Qbj Pool room Ccj Hit by a pool ball fdj Play pool Betty Savage - Qaj To be famous fbj Leaving town fcj High blood pressure Qdj Getting married James Smart - Qaj Jet plane pilot Qbj Studying for license fcj Too much studying Qdy Looking at girls from up there Gary Soucie - faj Insurance Agent Qbj On School Street fcj Mr. Sanborn's coaching fdj Flirting Roderick Soucie - Qay Getting out of school fbj Babe 's Restaurant Qcj Getting A in English Qdj Looking through an English book Claudette Soucy - Cay To travel around the world Qbj In orbit fcj Too much physics fdy Listening to my transistor Carroll Theriault - Kal To have a concubine fbj With girls fcj Girls fdj Being with girls Jack Toussaint - Cay Millionaire Qbj In a beer joint fcj Hit by beer bottle fdj Chasing girls Paula White - Cay Getting to the altar fby Trying to get there Qcj Got there too fast Qdj Take three guesses! ! I ADVISOR slr Mr. Louis P. Albert ,fa-L JUNJIURS Above is pictured one of the most industrial groups of class officers ever elected at CHS. Junior Officers are Calvin Jandreau, Treasurerg Linda Bouchard, Vice Presidentg Ellis Fongemie, Presidentg Frances Babin, Secretary. no 'xx .1 -P P ,S . 1 5 7 ,ive .. ,- ' , M J, fi 1 .L A ' ' 'Af .... A , gk A- "L A . .' lk' f--4 NT V 9. ' ' ww f it EN fi-.. 2 SE? li, Q73 "Q ,U A WCB! g:'f,: In 'Q vt , E I x I' ,L ' YJ hifi Q ll ,.. r ,. lZf.1'i'f 4' .145 az -N .pg J, A 4 .'f-:ar "f tina N , H552 2 Q " N 355 22, 5.7 V g H Y J r , M215 , y L 'Rf V is .:,.,5l-lr. 11:5 -.g 1' '47 . . .,Y.5" Kg., Q' ,, , ,K .v..::3f, ,I 'nu ' L. w 4n tl ,Q is -3333 W-Zn Q' oz fl- . ,wg , N, X sfff' x w --. X, U 'ir ,Eff 'N ' 1 ' 3 Q f G , ' ' - " , v - ,Q f ivy' 5 nj " J? af . 'L ,V f -r 'i M ,, 1 Ulu: .4-Q 42 5 lLlllUlllCDJlI"S !L .4 gy : 111: ' EMF? FIRST ROW: Rodney Hartt, Gilman Albert, Leonide Charette, Richard Bouley, Clifford Pelletier, John Nadeau, Gilman Bouley, Leonard Voisine, Albenie Bouley, Wilman Lamarre. SECOND ROW: Raynold Blair, Kenneth Pelletier, Harvey Collins, Louis Duval, Leo Denis, Allen Pelletier, Ellis Fongemie, Berthol Daigle, James Mar- quis. THIRD ROW: Albenie Boutot, George King, Ronald Sirois, Jean Claude Marquis, George Roy, Maurice Roy, Roland Saucier, Joel Pelletier, Ronald Albert. FIRST ROW: Charles Devoe, John Warmen, Delmer Pelletier, Rodney Furlong, Gary Smart, Calvin Jandreau, Maurice Saucier, Lincoln Jandreau, Rosaire Daigle, SECOND ROW: Leonard Pelletier, August Cadorette, Clif- ton Pelletier, Dwaine Deperry, Fred Harvey, Clayton Madore, Kent Parent, Dan Nicholes, Paul Hebert. THIRD ROW: Gerald Jalbert, Frank Daigle, Maurice Dube, Ronald Guy, Lonnie Daigle, Leroy Marquis, James Baker, Clinton Rioux, Richard Rossignol, Arnold Voisine, ADVISOR blnx Mrs. Maxine Page 'E SUPHQD CORE 1 i l 1:5-..L-ire! , A moment of relaxation with the sophomore class officers: Irvin Para- dis, Presidentg Judy Houghton, Vice Presidentg Rinette Gagnon, Sec- retary: Marie Nadeau, Treasurer. FIRST ROW: Anita Thibodeau, Rita Mae Michaud, Patsy Stevenson, Jennie Gagnon, Ann Deschaine, Carol La- ferriere, Marilyn Gibson, Greta Laferriere, Claire Marquis. SECOND ROW: Charlene Saucier, Virginia Ouel- lette, Mabeline Daigle, Lucille Pelletier, Delores Dube, Gloria Dube, Beatric Saucier, Janet Hebert, Joana Rossingnol, Sandra Jandreau, Virginia Pinette. THIRD ROW: Doris Perraiult, Patsy Sirois, Jeannette Labrie, Martha Harvey, Jennie Deperry, Paula Rioux, Judy Houghton, Priscilla Jalbert, Linda Michaud, Marguerite Plourde, FOURTH ROW: Diana Dumond, Sandra Daigle, Laura Martin, Janet Gagnon, Annette Ouellette, Paul ine Theriault, Beverly Ouellette, Gloria Ouellette, Andrea McPherson. za Scoplhoinniolrcs FIRST ROW: Irvin Paradis, Rodney Babin, Roland Gorneault, Bertrand Voisine, Roger Belanger, Gary Voisine, Gary Labbe, Ronald Laferriere, Donald Babin, Michael Gagnon. SECOND ROW: Robert Berube, Guilford Hebert Carl Michaud, Duane Plourde, David I-Iartt, Carl Ouellette, Bernard Michaud, Donald Cyr, Allen Ouellette, Donald Bouchard. THIRD ROW: Alphonse Charette, James Desjardin, John Labrie, Herbert Ouellette, Ellery Bouchard, Raynold Rossingnol, Reno Dionne, Mike Abbott, Herman Pelletier. W fl FIRST ROW: Philip Plourde, Brian Theriault, Mike Nadeau, Robert Lagassey, Herman Belanger, Maynard Ouel- lette, Carl Pinette, Melvin Campbel, Camille Saucier, Gerald Hebert, Herman Blanchette, SECOND ROW: John Savage, Dudley Gagnon, Thomas Ialbert, James Michaud, Philip Cyr, Gary Roy, John Libby, Guy Morne- ault, Ronald Oakes. THIRD ROW: James Martin, Brian Bouchard, Roland Deprey, Wilmer Bouley, Danford Baker, Leroy Pelletier, Maurice Caron, Ellery Belanger. ADVISOR Mr Iosesph Inman FRE MEN What could be of such rnterest to Freshman class off J 'LW' MAMA g OW MV- J' H rcers Errc Nadeau Presrdent Patr1c1a Nadeau V1cePres1dent Valerma Jandreau Sec retar a d y n Maureen Fox Treasurer I I . sv X . 4 x, 'N X h Y ' ' 'WN Mx-sv N r We M v h , w 5 H fx - N i ,C I' K . xxx f X , ' H0594 1 5 4 '3-2 iv E I 2133 ' I . S . . ' . . Q . ' - 3 I - lF'CBSHlllllYllIGl1ll FIRST ROW: Barbara Sylvain, Brenda Bouchard, Eva Corriveau, Patricia Martin, Barbara Berube, Diana Ouellette, Leah Marie Cyr, Jeanette Damboise, Lise Duval, Marie Mae Voisine, Jeanine Caron, Bernadette Perreault, Diana Daigle, Linda Dubois, Bernadette Caron, Shirley Caron. SECOND ROW: Norma Ouellette, Joyce Smart, Naomi Belanger, Madeline Pelletier, Judy Voisine, Camilla Morneault, Raymonda Daigle, Muriel Labbe, Linda Levasseur, Joan Saucier Georgette Bouchard, Delores Deprey, Florence Charette, Nancy Belanger, Linda Boucher, Lorraine Pelletier, Paula Lazore. THIRD ROW: Jeanette Dube, Marylin Deschaine, Angel Jandreau, Norma Levesque, Patricia Morin, Linda Pelletier, Lois Nadeau, Patricia Nadeau, Hilda Smart, Angy Gagnon, Linda Bouchard, Juliette Landry, Rose Rossignol, Rinette Rossignol, Lorraine Toussaint, Barbara Ouellette, Alexina Harquail. FIRST ROW: Gertrude Dumond, Robertine Dumond, Angeline Gagnon, Beatrice Daigle, Toni Lynn Ouellette, Cynthia Ouellette, Priscille Saucier, Wanda McPherson, Therese Martin, Linda Thibodeau, Linda Smart, Brenda Jandreau, Edith Parent, Bernette Babin, Leone Therriault. SECOND ROW: Irma Blier, Nancy Bouchard, Maureen Fox, Valerina Jardrau, Rita Laferrierre, Judith Martin, Leonette Deprey, Franses Morin, Carolyn Freeman, Frances Charette, Joyce Bouchard, Marie Mullins, Georgette Cyr, Claudette Gagnon. THIRD ROW: Linda Voisine, Sheila Daigle, Noella Daigle, Donna Larson, Barbara Chasse, Patricia Ouellette, Geraldine Dube, Linda Lamarre, Gail Jandreau, Anne Blanchette, Linda Doustou, Joella Bouchard, Greta Boucher, Mary Ann Bossie. TGS ll'll'llCBll'll 1 - T-..,f+-:,,,v ----P-1f'f'f me A P-fav' ffff - A--'aff A f -f 1 f , ML- V. -. - P ' ' D A 3 a ,,, J :tae - FIRST ROW: Philip Jardine, Larry Bouley, Dana Voisine, Louis Toussaint, Patrick Voisine, Ryan Paradis, Tom Des- chaine, Richard G. Parent, Edgar Parent, Richard Parent, Carl Pelletier, Robert Gagnon, John Lozier, James Martin, Lee St. Peter, Irvin Stevenson, Ralph Berube, Paul Smart. SECOND ROW: Herman Plourde, James Lamarre, James Pelletier, Eldon Ouellette, Valmont Vaillancourt, Richard Martin, Edgar Belanger, Marc Martin, Lionel Dube, Roland King, Gregory St. Peter, Thomas Michaud, James Bouchard, Patrick Bouchard, Robert Soucie, Raynold Voisine, James Caron, Allen Trombley, Stanley Ouellette. THIRD ROW: Jean Louis Nadeau, Lloyd Theriault, Keith Hartt, Bruce Freeman, Danny Paradis, Kenneth Saucier, Donald Denis, Roger Desjardin, Rodney Paradis, Allen Daigle, Reginald Deschaine, Gordon Martin, Alton Plourde, Terry Boucher, Jean Guy Nadeau, Robert Lamarre, Y 5 V V A ' Y 5 'Y ' a'? V H ' 'E Q xg ..o,l.o,, , FIRST ROW: Eric Nadeau, Gorman Chamberlain, Floyd Harvey, Rodney La France, Fred Simard, Clarence Gagnon, Lewis Dubois, Harold Deprey, Peter Daigle, Roland La Brie, Roger Bard, O'Neill Belanger, Edmund Szrejner, Lawrence Ouellette, Gilman Morneault, Ronald Thibodeau, Murdock Michaud, SECOND ROW: Benton Michaud, Gary Blais, Donald Daigle, Tommy Lambert, Richard Belanger, James A. Pelletier, Arnold Saucier, Richard Dube, James Walker, Raymond Saucier, Roland Pelletier, James Brown, John Corriveau, Michael Gandreau, Wildred Pelletier, Gary Blanch- ette, Danford Bouchard. THIRD ROW: Roderick Jandreau, Gary Saucier, Marc Rioux, James Deprey, Donald Tardie, Milton Roy, Francis Michaud, Carlton Saucier, Leo Belanger, Reno Daigle, Eric Nadeau, Roger Long, Norman Landry, James Caron, Normand Pelletier, Gary Pelletier, Rudy Pelletier, Gregory Harvey. M , M .r,r.. ..s,, Q, M, ,gg BEST PERSONALITY MOST ATHLETIC Sheila Bouchatd, Joel Nadeau Paula Collins and Gary Soucie MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT MOST LIKELY " 1 V 4I'BlI'l1llCOJlI" Claudette Soucy and Ronald Bard 1 Stanley Bouchard BEST ALL AROUND MOST STUDIOUS I Z fr 1' mfwak Phyllis Jalbert and Melford Pelletier Arlene Casey and Maurice Blanchette l I i TALLEST BOY - SHORTEST GIRL .E .1 ' lt. Milton Paradis - Janet Nadeau TO SUCCEED Sally Gagnon NEATEST C.. Betty Savage - Reynold Raymond Pallll BEST DANCERS we Fa ff F' Norma Saucier - Paul Dube CLASS CLOWNS 1251 Violet Daigle - Robert Brown MOST DEPENDABLE 1 I "E ' ttta fl Q I w 5 1 ' Q1 :Vi ....' ' H5431 Barbara Jandreaug- Roger Landry 'f'1'.,'x BIGGEST GIGGLERS BRAVEST 43: -' X' 'E-1-vQ5'L3 J Q 1. E, fl ,, 5,-.. M, , Ns Elaine Perreault Gerry Belanger CLASS BABIES i P 5 Norma Levesque - Chris Freeman DREAMERS Pell ---1-""'??' . .. -W .,- ., .rail , Wilma Jean Ouellette TALLEST GIRL - SHORTEST BOY il ' rf' I I if Anne Guiggey - Clarence LeClair I ,MOST POLITE 1 Doris Deschaine - James Smarrll MAN HATER - WOMEN HATER Lawrence Plourde - Mae'Dube CLASS FLIRTS . ,' I7 Q g:,. ,5 3 but Richard Pelletier - Daryla'Goldberg . ' XXX It must have been a good one. It's always warm in Room 29. '23 LE' gg x veryone A etfs uclfure I E N X 1, Hnlfo the - ,ff il' I I 4 v - i, 1-.- 1 .1 f' f in ,, I a.-.,... 1 OH! Those errors , . . Boys will be boys . . . Now, to Educate that stomach. 3 L 1-- ' -5 I 952 ,wk V., ,ra 1,45 . . 11 , i FE- . R ' Pictured above is Community High School's Warriors for the 1962- 63 season. Left to right: Mr. Ioesph Sanborn, Coach Alfred Michaud, Gary Soucie, Gary Pelletier, Maurice Dube, LeRoy Marquis, Melford Pelletier, John Libby, Tom Jal- bert, Ellis Fongemie, Pat Voisineg Manager. airsilty Basketball Everyone knows basketball has always been the main sport in our school and this year was no exception. It has been an entertaining sport for some fans who have always shown great school spirit. Although their expecta- tions were sometimes unfulfilled, they have no doubt given each individual player the inspiration he needed to play his best game. This year's annual round robin between Limestone, Madawaska, Van Buren, and Fort Kent showed Fort Kent coming out on top, losing only to Van Buren. Our first regular game which was at Ashland resulted in a victory for our Warriors. Other victories were Van Buren at Van Buren and East Corinth at East Corinth. Although the year's record was not outstanding, the players did a tremendous job out on the court and represented our school, our spirit, and our capabilities in a appropriate manner. Next year's team will be without the benefits and services of Gary Soucie, Alfred Michaud, and Melford Pelletier. Coach Sanborn discusses technique with John Libby, Ellis Fonge- mie, and Gary Soucie. GARY SOUCIE MICHAUD I 7 Community High is looking forward to next season when these boys pictured above will again provide the action Shown here are FIRST ROW: Raynold Voisine, Berthol Daigle, Keith Hartt, Philip Brown, James Marquis SECOND ROW: Mr. Waddell, coach, Paul Dube, Gary Saucier, Eric Nadeau, Elery Belanger, Norman Pelletier, Dana Voisine Manager. uinnioir' arsilty Basketball This past season the Junior Varsity basketball team did much better than most fans expected since the team was mainly composed of freshmen. The Junior Varsity won almost half of their games and lost a few heantbreakers. Since four of the starting five on the team were freshmen, the Warrior fans should see a great deal of good basketball in the future. Our Warriors showed much sportsmanship and teamwork, which are signs of a good team. Most of this was due to the leadership and ability of Coach Don Waddell. The practices sometimes proved quite difficult but the team will appreciate this later in their basketball career. SHOWING FOR SEASON Won Loss Ashland 1 1 Van Buren 2 Washburn 2 Madawaska 1 1 Limestone 2 Caribou Frosh 2 Caribou Jayvees 2 Allagash - Totals 6 Practice makes perfect Inv asion Plans It 's coming through ! 34 p xx It's anybody's ball as these two players jump. 4 B Qarsllfsettlbalm Snaps Looks like a. full house--- Watch that ball I I w. ' I "xl, 4 n l, ml., .kj an 'X 4 ' 1 l W X L., -1 1 Q 1, 'lu e 'L M 1 '-B? Planning the next move . . airsilfzy Qjlheerlleadlers FIRST ROW, kneeling: Arlene Casey, Nancy Dubois, Paula Collin, Phyllis Ialbert. SECOND ROW standing Claudette Soucy, Louise Daigle, Sally Gagnon, and Linda Bouchard. 'll x . ,lv V , Q f R' ..-, ln v " x Z "' X in ' , i'!L"g'Qif5,i N 'K b' H b Through the course of this year the Varsity Cheerleaders have improved the audience par- ticipation in cheering for the Warriors. They had a pep rally which proved to be very success- ful. The first one in quite a number of years. The rally consisted of teaching the cheers to the pupils. The cheers were mimeographed and a copy was given to all pupils. The Cheers were yelled out and the school songawas sung. The team members were presented individually. Since the rally the games all have had more pep to them. The Cheerleaders followed the boys to all the League games and cheered for them to no end. We feel that this year was one of the best. Fort Kent, Fort Kent, Hurray tuunrioir' airsiifpy Qfieerueadiers Left to Right: Anita Thibodeau, Debbie Morin, Rinette Gagnon, Maureen Fox, Nancy Morin, Clair Marquis, Susan Martin, Sis Cyr. Nothing like an informal picture, hey? 15,4 no W R 5 .:.: .I J V! " Our first game was with Ashland in their home town. We were all nervous and excited since it was our first game and first trip this season. We were three veterans from last year: Nancy, Debbie and Violet. We won our first game and had really broken into a new year with great spirit. We enjoyedcheering for the Warriors and are all looking forward to the next bas- ketball season when we will again have the pleasure of cheering the Warriors. -Wrfestiinyg The Athletic Department at CHS has opened the door to a new varsity sport. Wrestling is fast becoming one of the more popular activities in junior and senior high schools all over the United States. Wrestling is one of the oldest sports. Its practice in early history has an ac- cepted method of preparing men for war. The sport has taken many different forms ifl The various C0l1HI1'i6S of the FIRST ROW: John Dube, Richard Pelletier, Maynard Lagasse, Hubert world, some of which Seem rather ridic- oueriette, Reno Daigie, Gary Pelletier, Frank Daigle. SECOND ROW: 1110115 and Others which HIC VCFY befle' Coach Waddell, Clifford Pelletier, James Deprey, Daniel Nicholas, ficial in developing strength, endurance, Calvin Jandreau, Maynard Ouellette, Mike Abbott, Gary Labbie. Bruce SHCI SPOfISH121HShiP. Freeman was absent when picture was taken. Very much unlike the professional style of wrestling, high school wrestling is designed to develop the body and self confidence as well as to provide training in fair play. No skill in high school wrestling is allowed that might endanger life or limb. On Feb. 1, there were seventy-two boys reporting to the gymnasium for the first practice. It was decided at that time that the interest in wrestling would warrant selecting a team to go to the state tournament. The State Principals' Association sponsors an annual tournament of which all schools are invited. Trophies are awarded in two classes and medals are presented to all individual weight class winners. The team this year is made up of twelve wrestlers, three alternates, two scorers, one manager and a trainer. These boys and faculty supervisors travel to Sanford High School on March 16 to wrestle in the state meer. The Athletic Department and the boys parti- cipating in this program would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who made money possible for this new activity and a special note of thanks to Mr. O'Neill for the interest and time he has contributed. tal l X will Nd tcm thai ao a A Short Half-Nelson on Reno keeps things moving. Or does it??? I A LOOK AT SPORTS IN 1962-63 from YOUR ATHLETIC DIRECTOR by MAURICE BEALS K I if Two important changes were made in our coaching staff from last year - Joseph Sanborn was named head basketball coach and Donald Waddell joined our ranks as head baseball and junior varsity basketball coach. We had no formal team this year in skiing, hockey, cross-country, track or girl's basketball. Lack of facilities, player interest or coach was to blame with facilities the number one deterrent. Varsity basketball got off to a good start, but a series of crippling injuries spelled doom to this year's squad. Our record of three wins and thirteen losses cannot be considered as a total loss, because it allowed a very impressive looking group of freshmen a chance to gain valuable experience. In fact these young boys played a double season, by playing the J.V. games, and changing uniforms to enter the varsity battles. Great things are expected from these boys in the next three years under the able coaching of Mr. San- born and Mr. Waddell. We are a class Double L school but our record over the past years, is far from impressive. It has become almost impossible to schedule games with other LL schools because of the point system I would like to state very briefly some reasons for our poor showing. These reasons have changed but little since my coaching years 1951-1957. A complete lack of facilities fgymsj in our member towns who send us die bulk of our enroll- ment means little or no experience for the boys coming to our school. Our own town grammar schools have only a very limited access to a gym. We have changed coaches every year except one since 1957. A winning combination doesn 't just happen overnight by wishful thinking. It must be planned and nurtured from the lower grades right up through high school, by a well coordinated program. When our town fathers want this to happen, they will supply the necessary ingredients. In my opinion our hopes for the future lie with the formation of a School Administrative District. This would mean gyms in Eagle Lake, Wallagrass, St. Francis, and Fort Kent. We certainly have talent in our area, the problem is in it's development. Under the capable tutoring of our new J. V. coach - Mr. Waddell - our junior team had a fine year. They won 7 and lost 9 but 4 of those losses were by a single point. An idea of their improvement can be gained by noting two games. An early season loss to Ashland by 26 points was avenged at midseason by a 16 point win. Coach Waddell has brought a new and exciting sport to Fort Kent - Wrestling. At this writing 14 of our best wrestlers are training hard for the state meet at Sanford this spring. Win or lose we will be proud of them for trying. Next year, with experience - well, we have high hopes. Coach Waddell will also be handling the baseball team this year. They will be wearing brand new uniforms. Interest has dropped in baseball in recent years, but it is hoped that the organizing and coaching abilities of coach Waddell, can bring the sport back to where it was in past years. We were once a highly respected school in the top circles of high school baseball. ln closing let me say this: the future of sports at Community High School never looked better. Win or lose, our philosophy is to play the game fairly, remembering the real goal of sports - the building of good character, personality and sportsmanship in all our youngsters. rdllfllldl 1962-63 was truly a productive year for the Band. Under the enthusiastic leadership of Mr. Henry Karl Baker our high school band continues to grow and continually strive to improve in quality. The Gala Christmas Concert attracted a capacity crowd which by its presence inspired more and better performances in the future. The new chimes and tympany along with an E flat clarinet have given the Band sparkle and brilliancy. An exchange concert was held with St. John, N. B. high school and proved a great success. During 1963 the band was on hand at ball games to back the cheerleaders and majorettes as well as to entertain before the games and half time. The Spring Music Festival, Memorial Day parades, and Class Day activities closed a wonderful year of activity for our band. Above is a photograph of the Christmas Concert with Mr. Baker at the baton. Included in this large production were the C,H, S, Band, Girl's and Boy's choruses, St. Louis School's Girl 's and Boy's Chorus, and Market Street Schoo1's Girl 's and Boy 's Chorus. Girls? Chorus i 45,5 Q u As . 1 ,l?.p s?"1? -74 1, ,rw if ..! A? L5 pw Z 'T g I. A i. 4 an -lL--'.A -'4lqK- 1 V 4- - HA The girls' chorus has continued to grow to the extent that it was necessary to have tryouts this year. This group sings alone as well as with the junior chorus and band for the Christmas concert and Spring Music Festival. Several mornings a week during activity period, the clear sound of female voices transmits throughout the school a feeling of joy, participation, and relaxation, as it holds its practices in the cafeteria under the direction of Mr. Baker. ,V Boys, Chorus rr The boys' chorus became a reality this year. This group of boys shown above sing for theft Christmas Concert and Spring Music Festival and has added a new dimension to the sound of the chorus, especially in the larger production numbers. We hope to see more boy 's take part in what is expected to be one of the better boys choruses around. 4 Aroostook Batndi atinrcrii cjlhorruuis Members of the All Aroostook Chorus this year were Claudette Soucy, Louise Daigle, Sylvia Marduisi Marilyn Gagnon, Doris Babin. Members of the All Aroostook Band were FIRST ROW: Thomas Ialbert, Maureen Fox, Ellery Bouchard. SECOND ROW: Phyllis Ialbert, Norma Levesque, L. Cyr. THIRD ROW: Mark Fox, Ronald Guy. All Aroostook activity this year included two Saturday rehearsals at Presque Isle and a concert held November 5th at Easton. Because select groups are chosen from Aroostook schools to comp the All Aroostook Band and Chorus the rise music performed is generally more diffi- cult for this age group. We are proud to point out that our groups have made go showings during these concert trips and have represented our school in the best tradition, All Aroostook gives the student an opportunity to work with other music supervisors and meet fellow music stu- dents from the entire county. od The Meteor ia lf Shown above are the editorial members of the yearbook staff FIRST ROW Ann Perreault Arlene Casey Claudette Soucy Sally Gagnon Mark Fox Leroy Marquis George Roy Donna Pelletier SECOND ROW Carol Pinette Paula Collins Norma Martin Mr Albert Advisor Betty Savage Harvey Collins . ity' , - 'img . ' 7 ,, T A ' ,J Pr: L . A special "thank you" goes to the homeroom represen- tative who collected for the Meteor. They are: Naomi Bedanger, John Corriveau, James Martin, Kathleen Nadeau, Ken Saucier, Bernadette Per- reault, Mike Abbott, Pauline Duval, Janet Lavrie, Evelyn Ouellette, Gilda Voisine, Joyce Chamberlain, Myrna Daigle, Nancy Morin, Mona Pelletier, Betty Sutherland, Rita Caron, Daryla Goldberg, Betty Rioux, All yearbooks need to be financed and ours was no exception The above students participated in our ad program this year FIRST ROW Jeanne Ouellette Patricia Plourde, Minney McBra1r1ty Mona Pelletier Anita Thibodeau Debbie Marin, Tommy Baker, Rosaire Daigle SECOND ROW Betty Rioux Mae Dube Carol Deschaine, Herbert Chasse Nancy Dubois Jeanne Laferriere Daryla Goldberg , Linda Bouchard 52 A W James Pelletier: Irvin Paradis: Mark Fox: POETRY Paula Rioux: HAGAR Nancy Dubois: PORTRAIT OF A SOUTHERN LADY by Stephen Vincent Benet Daryla Goldberg: RENASC ENCE by Edna St. Vincent Millay ORATORY Dorothy Ouellette: WHY? by Edward Herson Linda Bouchard: THE ESSENCE OF AMERICA by Michael I. Ash Thomas Jalbert: THE HERITAGE OF THE AMERICAN YOUTH OUR CONSTITUTION by Reed Stewart Charles Devoe: y THEY TRIED TO GET ME by Clarence Darrow peecclh Qontestants HUMOROUS AWAY TO ENGLAND and an explanation of MERRIE OLDE DRAGONS by Grant Polk LET BROTHERLY LOVE CONTINUE By Leota Hulse Black AN ENCOUNTER WITH AN INTERVIEWERW By Mark Twain A DRAMATIC Phyllis Jalbert: I THE FANCY DRESS BALL T by Daphne du Maurier A Georgette Cyn I we PORTRAIT- or MONICA A by Sandra Brunke I Claudette Gagnon: Tm' BOBBY SHAFTOE by Horner Greene Maorni Belanger: PERSECUTION by Mary Floyd .-4 "Quicklyl Pile some brush and light a fire. " THE WALL, A powerful one- act drama with poetic overtones, was written by Verne Powers. It is the story of people caught up in the conflict and the reprisals of war. It is the story of a woman who must see her son executed. She must sit back, powerless to stop it. Her agony is the play's message. The Wall by Verne Powers CAST: Linda Bouchard - - - Mark Fox - - Nancy Dubois John Warman Carl Pelletier Peter Daigle - - Roland Labrie Tonda Attardi - - - - Zohar Matisse Rotha - Maylo Zetra - - - Krawitz - - Mallor - -Ruko 'You have betrayed Vicente. " 7 "I must stay here. where my ill Wlll 016. The Stiuidieintt 0 COUMCHH The Student Council members have tried to the best of their ability to do their job this year. We feel that if you elect us we must work in your behalf. A Constitutional Committee was formed to write a Constitution for your schools' council. This is something which was attempted in previous years but never completed. Now all future Student Councils will have a standard set of rules to abide by. The Commit- tee has done a thorough job and deserves credit. 4,,... Members are: FIRST ROW: Judy Houghton, Maureen Fox, Linda Bouchard, Nancy Dubois, Brenda Jandreau, Barbara Ouellette. SECOND ROW: Rinette Cagnon, Donna Pelletier, Charles Devoe, Sis Cyr, Philip Plourde, Janet Gagne, Phyllis Ialbert, Francis Babin, Gail Jandreau. THIRD ROW: Pat Nadeau, Louis Toussaint, Bev Martin, Norman Martin, Reynold Raymond, Calvin Iandreau, Sandra Bouchard, Irvin Paradis, Marie Nadeau and Lola St. Peter. We have also formed a new rule which states that a 10010 cut from all dances held during the year goes in our IICHSLIFY. A-Your Student Council is also a member of the Maine Association of Student Councils. Representatives from C.H.S. attended their meetings for your benefit and made reports on what went on. At both Parents' Nights we served as hosts to the visiting parents, who seemed fully satisfied with the appear- ance of your school and the way it is governed. We hope our work this year proves satisfactory to our fellow classmates. The Executive Council The Student Council The Executive Council consists of the officers and Sergeant at Arms of the Student Council. It is the duty of this committee to screen all material to be brought up at Student Council meetings. The meetings of this committee are held on the day prior to the Student Council meeting. The Executive Council talking things over with Mr. Pelletier Advisor. They are: Sylvia Marquis, Melford Pelletier, Ellis Fon- gemie, Cary Soucie, Betty Savage, and Mr. Pelletier. The Natioinar Honor oroicetty National Honor Society Members are: SEATED: Melford Pelletier, Vice Presidentg Arlene Casey, Treasurerg Phyllis Jalbert, President, Sally Gagnon, Secretary, Mrs. Page Advisor. STANDING: Barbara Jandreau, Mark Fox, Gary Soucie Paula Collin, Claudette Soucy, Nancy Parent, Maurice Blanchette, Sylvia Marquis, Betty Savage, Louise Daigle, Letha Ouellette, Norma Levesque. Since the elections of officers early last fall, the National Honor Society, as a whole, has been trying to en- courage scholarship, leadership, citizenship, and character throughout the school. We have done this by making good literature available to all students through a book sale. The books, which are available all year, were donated by Nation al Honor Society Members. We have also donated money for the CARE package. This is again this year's county project. National Honor Society Chapters all over Aroostook are doing this in an effort to promote good will. Last year we received a letter of thanks from the students of Guatemala who received our package. At the fall National Honor Society Convention, which was hosted by the Limestone Chapter, the Fort Kent Chapter volunteered to be host at the annual Spring Convention. The Convention is to be held in May with Junior and Senior mem- bers attending. New Members of Nl-lA are: FIRST ROW: F. Babin, N. Martin, L. St. Peter, M. Blanchette, G. Thibodeau, B. Sutherland. SECOND ROW: A. Thibodeau, M. Soucy, N. Landry, C. Devoe, N. Fournier, E. Fongiernie, J. Marquis. ABSENT Doris Deschaine, Mildred Vaillancourt. CQHS.. Rifle tint :,,g,.,.,Q A - ,S L:-.Ai K,- " ' - - ' :.Y :H :a.:CL.2 , . . .Q P Raynold Rossignol prepares to fire as Paul Dube looks on and Thomas Deschaine receives a few pointers from Wilfred Saucier. The Rifle Club is a junior rifle club affiliated with the National Rifle Associa- tion and thereby seeks to promote the ob- jectives of the Junior Marksmanship Pro- gram of this Association. This program is so designed that in addition to developing accurate shooting, it also brings out those qualities of sportsmanship, fair play, man- liness, self-control, and co-operation so essential to success in life, The members started the year with a hunter safety program, consisting of classes and demonstrations in safe gun procedures, since then have engaged in practice sessions to develop their "shooting eye. " Due to unexpected delays in the shooting schedule, no inter-scholastic or postal league shooting has been done, but the prospects look very good for next year. 14" ya Mr. Black and Dan Nicholas check Rosaire Daigle 's marksmanship while Brian Theriault .prepares to shoot. Qbserving are: Gilman Albert, Richard pevoe, Charles Devoe, Thomas Deschaine, Paul Dube, and Raynold Rossignol. if ll rl Athletic The members of the Athletic Club are those people who have earned a It ,W school letter, either through Varsity or l Junior varsity sports. -,Aw The purpose of this club is to arouse student interest in school acti- vities and to reward those who do take part in school activities. This year, the club sold green and white pens which had the school's basketball schedule on them. The Club made a profit of approximately 5540. 00. Our thanks go out to the student body for their co-operation. A dance was planned for a late date in February, but was cancelled because of bad weather. Athletic Club Officers: Paula Collins, Vice President: .Leroy Next Year- the Athletic Club is Marquis, President: Sally Gagnon, Secretary-Treasurer. planning to sponsor a winter carnival in hopes that more students will participate in school sports. Pictured above are the members of the Athletic Club: FIRST ROW: Linda Bouchard, Louise Daigle, Arlene Casey, Ellis Fongemie, Sis Cyr, Nancy Dubois. SECOND ROW: Mr. Sanborn, Advisor, Sally Gagnon, Sylvia Marquis, Melford Pelletier, Judy Houghton, John Libby, Phyllis Jalbert, Tommy Jalbert, Norma Levesque, Leroy Marquis. THIRD ROW: Paula Collin, Claudette Soucy, Norman Martin, Gary Soucie, Paule Dube, Alfred Michaud, Stan- ley Bouchard, Philip Brown, Debbie Morin. Future iursiinicess Leaders of America nl 1 .. - . 1 , . 1 ,, ,, , ,,,, Left to right: Peggy Ann Voisine, Betty Ann Laferriere, Treasurerg Barbara Iandreau, Presidentg Trena Harvey, Vice Presidentg Ann Perreault, Secretaryg Pauline Michaud. SECOND ROW: Verona Lebel, Joyce Chaberlain, Miney McBrierty, Carol Deschaines, Gilman Madore, Debbie Morin, Joyce Michaud, Monique Daigle, Mona Pelletier, and Diane Bouchard. I , 1 During 1962-63 Chapter 2170 has had a successful year. Considering what has been accomplished in previous years, our club is working to the best of its capacity, We commenced with 36 members, and on February 18, 1963, a Candlelight Ceremony was held in the High School cafeteria where 16 new members were admitted to the club through an initiation. Our greatest source of income is the school store which is operated by the club, and which has a gross of approximately 81, OOO per year. It provides the students with all their necessary school needs. Our minor source of income is our newspaper, The Herald, which is a usual monthly publication. Also, on January 12, we had a food sale. P At the time jof this writing, we are planning for April 18, a dance which should provide unusual entertain- ment. We plan to choose candidates from each class to compete for the title of Mr. and Miss C.H.S. If our dance is a success, we hope for an annual affair. Two beautiful trophies will be awarded to the winning couple. The proceeds of this dance will be used to purchase a mimeograph machine for the business department. J f , ,- ,I , , . -. , I I .1 , - , r A . . PIG?" ..-P-1" 7 Left to right: Roma Daigle, Mae Dube, Louise Robichaud, Sadie Mae Pelletier, Letha Ouellette, and Dolores St. Onge. SECOND ROW: Mr. Albert, Advisorg Betty Ann Rioux, Donna Pelletier, Elaine Perreault, Jeanne Ouellette, Sheila Bouchard, Linda Daigle, Nancy Parent, Mildred Vaillancourt, and Carol Pinette. Majorettes The majorettes for this year entertained during the ball games and made a very impressive group to watch We hope they will be back next year to add color and action to our games. Left to right: Dorothy Cyr, Greta Michaud, Linda Voisine, Captain Susan Martin, Jean Laferierre, Rinette Gagnon, Linda Bouchard. Our group was organized in February of 1962, and upon receiv- ing a training session qualifying us for elected office, we formed a post. In the spring of 1962 we attended the Spring-O-Rama at Burgess Scout Area in Caribou. The post acted as members of the staff under the guid- ance of 21 Lt. Fitzwilliam W. King, our cabinet advisor. During this past winter the Fort Kent Rotary Club donated an Arctic Tent which was placed at Scout Valley. Our plans for this summer are the greatest everg a canoe trip from Telose Lake through the chain of lakes, down the Allagash River and ending at our home, "The Block House" in Fort Kent. Explorer post Ronald Bard Carl Pelletier Dan1elN1cholas SECOND ROW Robert Berube, Peter Daigle, George Roy, Philip Cyr, Gary Pelletier, David Members of the Explorer Post 189 are: FIRST ROW: Ellery Bouchard, H The Explorer Scouts of C S Ham, Mr. Shaw? Advisor. Future ceatcc eras of America 1 "" - - Y - Y Y V I 3, . . I . ...,.. I.-.. .1 L- A Y . L - L. A FIRST ROW: Doris Deschaine, Reporterg Frances Babin, Secretary-Treasurerg Mark Fox, Presidentg Susan Martin, Historian: Lourdes Roy, Vice President. SECOND ROW: Judy Houghton, Rinette Gagnon, Sally Gagnon, Louise Daigle, Dot Cyr, Mrs. Goodrichg Advisor. THIRD ROW: Gloria Ouellette, Phyllis Jalbert, ,John Libby, Melford Pelletier, Rosaire Daigle, Paula Collin, Cynthia Thibodeau, Claire Marquis. - The bell has rung, and a recess has been declared for the Spring Activities of the Tilda E Crocker Club, Future Teachers of America. These activities are a food sale, Parents' Night and Initiation, Spring Dance, and a bottle drive. Proceeds from the sales, drive and dance are to be placed in the Scholarship Fund. At the final school bell, Class Day exercises, two-one hundred dollar scholarships will be presented to promising seniors pursuing the field of teaching. 5 , J FIRST ROW: L. Soucie, D. Babin, G. Nadeau, L. Bouchard, P. Morin, L. St. Peter, B. Jardine. SECOND ROW: D. Ouellette, P. Vosine, G. Ouellette, N. Morin, B. Sutherland, N. Dubois, D. Goldberg, J. Gagne, P. Rioux, N. Thibodeau, M. Daigle, L. Voisine, C. Gagnon, D. Dumond, J. Warman, D. Nicholas, G. Madore, RL Bard, K. Parent, G. Roy. GHS -4J:lHl Club Members Left to Right: Nancy Belanger, Joyce Baker, May Blanchette, Janet Gagne, 'Rinette Gagnon, Charles Devoe, and Ann Blanchette. Four of the above students, Charles Devoe, May Blanchette, Ann Blanchette and Nancy Belanger belong to the Future Leaders 4-I-I Club of Eagle Lake. The main goal of the Future Leaders is junior leadership. Although members do participate in other projects as well. The club members strive to help the younger members of other clubs become abler members and better citizens. Community projects and charity drives also play a huge part in the club activities. The remaining three students in the above pictureg Rinette Gagnon, Joyce Baker, and Janet Gagne are Tibbie 4-H Club members. Their function is basically the same, only they work more with younger members in introducing them to 4-H. fcaureerr Exploration Climb FIRST ROW: Claudette Gagnon, Claire Marquis, Janet Gagne, Michael Nadeau. SECOND ROW: Cynthia Thibodeau Ryan Paradis, Georgette Cyr, Judy Houghton, Peter Daigle, John Libby, Brian Theriault, Roland LaBrie, Rinette Gagnon, and Maureen Fox. Career Exploration is a 4-H Club composed of sixteen members. The purpose of the club is to explore various careers that the members are interested in. This year each member is responsible for providing subject matter for two meetings. This is done by either having a guest speaker or by showing films. The club is undergoing a new project. A fewof the members got together as junior leaders and formed a 4-H Club of younger members on their own. The members have also volunteered to read stories to school children at the town library. Club Leader is Miss Patricia Martin. indigo Girls? State Below is a brief resume of the fun and activities the above girls- Bett Sav d . y age an Phyllis Jalbert had last summer at Dirigo Girls' State held at Waterville, Maine. ' front Of poses U1 Betty Savage College Chapel or ii Colby ee I We left for Girls' State June 15, 1962, and returned home Th ' ' ursday, June 21, 1962. When we first arrived on the Colby College campus in Waterville, Maine, we didn't know what to do first. But after meeting so many friendly girls, in an hour's time, we felt we were part of a big family - a big wonderful family. Especially at the first flag raising when all 300 girls circled around the flag pole, a' warm feeling surged through our hearts when we saw all the delegates paying tribute to our great nation. While w town, county, and state governments and political parties. Campaign rallies and state executive, legislative and judicial branch meetings were held. We took part in indoor a d d and musical activities. e were there we established and participated in "mythical" n out oor activities, and dramatic For those who will be selected as Girls' State delegates in the fu- ture, get set for the greatest week that any girl ever had. There is nothing like a week at Girls' State for learning, making new friends, and just plain having fun. We wish to thank you sponsorsg the American Legion and the Chamber of Commerce and we also want them to know how much Girls' State has, and always will, mean to us. Phyllis and Betty This Page Sponsored by DR. MAURICE CYR - Cl . 1 ving an PhYu1SIa1beIt aiu at DR. NORMAN CYR Corby college L1 I V indigo Boys? State A Y l Pictured above are the four boys who represented our town at Boys' State held at the University of Maine during the summer of 1962. They are left to right: Melford Pelletier, Mark Fox, Paul Baker, and Maurice Blanchette. At least once in everybody's lifetime an event takes place that makes such an impression, that it remains an indelible mark in that person 's memory. Such was the cse with four Community High boys, when, last June, they represented the school at Dirigo AMLNCANUJ- V , Boys' State. These four boys still talk of this experience wmv as if they wish they could go back and re-meet, so to speak, all the boys that helped make Boys' State what 7-,D 3 it was. This annual event is sponsored by the American Legion and it does precisely what it was organized to dog teach boys how our local and state governments are run, When the word "teach" is mentioned, many people may '. ,G think it is one week of drudgery where all your time is spent studying for the tests which were administered each morning. This is not so. The Day was broken up by having town meetings, party gatherings and athletic events. Our boys learned much from this experience ,l-, , and feel that it is an honor all boys should make an ,tr -1 7 I Q I . , , .. effort to achieve. The American Legion is to be com- V-lil-, V ,-,j y. g Y,-Q., f A mended on this fine activity which has become a part I B of the lives of so many Maine boys. The Boys a 1 -Mila. V. :M t Boy's State He Sdquarters This Page Sponsored by PRINCESS KENT INC. Fort Kent 's Largest Manufacturer Future trusses off America FIRST ROW: D. Dumond, Asst. Program Chairman, B. Daigleg Treasurer, G. Nadeaug Vice President, J. Ouellette, President, C. Freemang Secretary, G. Cyrg Asst. Sec., L. Voisineg Program Chairman. SECOND ROW: E. Corri- veau, J. Smart, P. Charette, J. Houghton, A. Ouellette, P. Babin, J. Baker, G. Dumond, C. Gagnon. THIRD ROW: L. Charette, D. Ouellette, D. Babin, J. Duae, L. Marquis, J. D'ambroise, P. Marin. The Future Nurses Club at CHS is sponsored by Mrs. Virginia Pinkham. The club has been very fortunate in having as guest speakers, Mrs. Robert Blackg R. N. , Miss Lorraine Cote, R. N., Mrs. Maimie Powell, R. N., and Mr. Robert Parent. Mrs. Black gave the club members a talk on the importance of nursing and how it prepares a nurse for the future. Miss Cote spoke on different schools members could write to for information about nursing. Mrs. Powell spoke about the Department of Health and welfare and the function of each department. Mr. Parent 3' The girls need to start somewhere. We hope the patient gets better. gave information on some of the different schools of nursing. At Christmas time some of the club members helped the Hospital Guild decorate Christmas trees at the Hospital. Most of the members have helped at the polio clinics held in Fort Kent this past winter. The members will also help at the clinics to be held in the future. Tours have been planned for the near future. The club also plans to have a tea with the Hospital Guild. Beatuifziiccianys x. 3 1 A 'v ' ,x tl A- :S -: 4,6 Z ' l hs L. , "L 1 ' -," 4+ as 55 U i ' ' ' 'V ' 6 ' X K , Q, . FIRST ROW: L. Gagnon, M. Plourde, R. Caron, G. Dumond, A. Dubois, R. Dumond, G. Ouellette, G. Pelletier, L. Marquis, A. Dubois, R. Thereault. SECOND ROW: Advisory Mrs. Roy, B. Jardine, M. Vosine, A. Gagnon, H. Smart, T. Ouellette, L. Martin, M. Dube, T. Michaud, L. Smart, J. Voisine, J. Smart, R. Rossignol, G. Voisine, J. Duval, D. Ouellette. THIRD ROW: V. Jandreau, N. Saucier, D. Paradis, M. Daigle, J. Michaud, F. Nadeau, D. Goldberg, P. Pelletier, N. Dubois, L. Bouchard, P. Plourde, B. Jandreau, L. Soucy, R. Saucier, FOURTH ROW J. Walker, B. Riouz, D. Morin, J. Daigle, E. Perreault, L. Voisine, J. Ouellette, A. Guiggey, S. Bouchard, S. Daigle, P. Rioux, C. Deschaine, A. Perreault, W. Ouellette, D. Pelletier. The Beauticians Club with Mrs. Roy as advisor is formed by girls who are interested in hairstyling, good- grooming, and physical fitness. fj Q 4' The dues of the club are spent on -- e .. working materials such as combs, books, make-up and other materials needed for the above mentioned. These materials are used by groups of girls who give demonstrations on their chosen topics. Many of these girls are seriously considering future education in these fe? fields by planning to attend cultural 'N -A schools in New England. Three members of the class of 1962 are alfeadl' enrolled in Such Schools- Betty Rioux, Carol Pinette, Norma Saucier, Ann Perreault and Sheila Bouchard are shown above giving a demonstration in hair- 4' U Ii. ' Q "i x 6541 dressing. The i962 Junior r0m ,fda -+ -xr The 1962 Junior Prom was truly a Prom to remember. The armory was beautifully decorated with streamers flowing to a large scale model of the Eiffel Tower of Paris sitting on a lawn of green grass covered with flowers. The walls were decorated with awnings under which were placed tables and chairs to resemble French style sidewalk cafes. The theme as you might have guessed could only have been "Evening in Paris. " On this page and the next is an assortment of pictures depicting the work involved and the final results. A prom is not put together overnight. Planning often starts in January and carries over into the latter part of June when it is finally held. The Junior Prom of 1962 was truly a gala affair that offers a challenge to any up-and -coming Junior Class. P Mr. Albert with junior class w officers and prom committee Tickets have just been re- ceived and are about to be distributed. The excellent turnout at the dance was in the hands of these people. ,,,,, , Sylvia Marquis, Paula Collin, and Phyllis Jalbert prepare the awnings for the sidewalk cafes. Many yards of crepe paper, wire, and wood were required. Mr. Leonard Pelletier, father of Melfor Pelletier, furnished most of the lumber already cut. MUTE WOTL .Jef A . 4 "1 F ..A l A Picture of Cooperation The FiDiShi1'1g TOUCTIGS The Final Results 4-n-Q A Prom ro Remain in the Hearts of a Proud Junior Class. gf : i .CA ' T -ff- ' T ge --"f3'..g-11' ff-S' ,. '- 54176, The Theme . The Enjoyment. XS . .ffiip ya? 545. 14.4 '90 'ir IDS viii' :.i"' 2 , ml. , 'tvzkn-ga, '-I A W -f gain? M HSCELLANEUUS Ember wW5Wm1J" lf' our Guidance eparrufzmmemut The Guidance Department was reactivated this year, and was in full operation shortly after the beginning of the second semester. The function of the Department is to operate in five major areasg Recordsg Testing, Counsel ing, Occupational and Education information, Placement, and Research. The goals and accomplishments ofthe department can best be illustrated by indicating what we have done in each of these areas. WHAT YOU 'VE PROBABLY NOTICED RECORDS: A greater effort in keeping records of activities and personality traits. Wider use of records by teachers. Explanations to students about records in general and their record in particular. TESTING: More active participation in national testing pro- grams at less cost to the student. More standard tests used in the school. A very wide selection of ability tests available to students who feel the need for them. COUNSELING: From subject adjustments fover 10001 to personal problems. Assistance is offered to students deciding a career and life planning. OCCUPATIONAL AND EDUCATIONAL INFORMA- TION: Help in finding out about jobs and schools. Books and fact sheets available on many jobs and schools. RESEARCH: Follow up studies on previous classes are carried out each year. A brief sample is shown on the next page. I WHAT YOU MAY NOT KNOW New method of Storage. New method of adding information. More detail on all facts entered. All data in folder summarized on folder. A form more in keeping with our needs is being introduced. Assistance offered teachers in constructing their own tests. Aid given to teachers in selection of tests. File of sample tests kept for teacher reference. Statistical analysis of test results, both teacher made, and published. Teacher conferences or student problems. Parent conferences or student problems. Counseling sessions have run as long as 30 hours over periods of 90 days. Facts on over 4, 700 different jobs are available in our Department. Information on 8, O00 vocational type schools, all accredited and many non-accredited colleges in the country may be found in the listing fover 3, 200j. Several people have been placed in jobs by this Department. There are investigations of how well we prepare you for life, and how we might better serve you. Re- search as to how different courses relate to different jobs etc. is carried on in our office. 5 ,ofA f J Mr. Wilfred Parent, Guidance Mrs. Halle, secretary to Mr. Parent, does the necessary Counselor. discusses a problem filing, typing and paper work. with Franklin Daigle. Philip Audibert - - Eillen Babin ----- George Baker - - - Hope Baker - - - Barbara Bard - - James Bard - - Paul Bard - - - Dana Bartlett - - - Claire Beaulier - - Betty Berube - - - Ernest J. Berube - - - Rachel Berube ---- Carolyn Blair - - - Joel Blanchette - - Arlene Bossie - - - Arlene Bouchard - Gilmay Bouchard - Michael Bouchard - - Jeffrey Bouchard - - - John A. Boucher - - - Ronald Bouley ---- Madeleine Bou tot - WMGTG TCE ow? THE CLASS OF 1962 - U. S. Army Maine Medical School - Maine Vocation School -Fort Kent State Teachers College - - Maine School of Practical Nursing - - Working in Connecticut -U. S. Army - Working in Massachusetts - Husson College - - Clerk in Fort Kent Store U.S. Army Working in Connecticut Hair-Dressing School in Connecticut - University of Maine - Clerk in Fort Kent Store - - IBM School - Working in Connecticut U.S. Navy Filling Station Attendant U. S. Navy U. S. Army Working in Connecticut Roland Bouthot ---- U. S. Army Rolanda Bouthot - - - Vernette Boutot - - Ann Collin ---- Joel Cyr ------- Betty Ann Daigle - Carlene Daigle - - Deanna Daigle - - Pauline Denis - - - Florence Deschaine Working in Fort Kent Working in Fort Kent U. S. Army Waterville, Maine Roger Caron ----- Phyllis Charette - - - - - Fort Kent State Teachers College Working in Fort Kent -Working in Fort Kent - Married - Madawaska - - Rivier College Hair-Dressing School Married - Fort Kent Lolita Deschaine - - - Working in Connecticut Geraldine Desjardins - Fort Kent Teachers College Nancy Desjardins Margaret Devoe Ernest Doustou Jude Dube Lester Dumond Michael Fox Joel Gagnon Maison Goodrich Rose Guiggey Ella l-lafford Wilfred Hebert Nancy Houghton Claudette Jalbert Joel Jandreau Genneth Kelly ii: i? I Working in Connecticut University of Maine U S Army Working in Eagle Lake U S Army University of Maine U S N vy U S Ar ny Working in New York Married Fort Fairfield Working in New York University of Maine Working in Fort Kent Working in St Francis Hairdressing School Aurele Laferriere - Clayton Laferrier - Jacqueline Lagasse Paul Lagasse - - - Rena Lausier - - - Corrine Levesque - Michael Levesque Lena Madore - - - Lucius Marin - - Gerald Marquis - - Joel Marquis - - Philip Marquis - - Jeannine Martin - - - Sandra Martin ---- Frieda Michaud - - - Mary Ann Michaud Janet Nadeau - - - Larry Nadeau - - Patricia Nadeau - - - Mae Parent - - - Patricia Parent - - Rita May Nadeau - Robert Ouellette - Nancy Page ------ Juanita Paradis - - Maurice Parent - - Priscilla Parent - - Aline Pelletier - - Bruce Pelletier - - Dianna Pelletier - Lucien Pelletier - - - Margaret Pelletier Mary Ann Pelletier Monette Pelletier - - - Raymond Pelletier Raymond T. Pelletier - Rilda Pelletier - - Roland Pelletier Joyce Picard Elena Pinette John Pinette Beulah Plourde Edward Plourde Linda Sirois Lloyd Soucie Donna Springer Sheldon Taggette Patricia Theriault Lloyd Thibodeau Thelma Trombley Diana White U. S. Army Working for B cgc A Working in Lewiston Working in Fort Kent Working in Connecticut Husson College U. S. Navy At Home Working in Plaisted Working in Connecticut Working in Connecticut U. S. Army Working in Fort Kent Fort Kent State Teachers College Working in Connecticut Living in Connecticut Fort Kent State Teachers College U. S. Army Working in Connecticut Working in Connecticut Working in Connecticut Working in Washington D.C. Fort Kent State Teachers College University of Maine Fort Kent State Teachers College Working in Eagle Lake Working in Connecticut Working in Waterville Working in Presque Isle Fort Kent State Teachers College Working in Fort Kent Working in Eagle Lake Working in Fort Kent Married - Portland Working in Connecticut U. S. Army Working in Fort Kent Working in Massachusetts working in Connecticut At home Waterville Working in Connecticut Working in Fort Kent At home Fort Kent Working in Connecticut St Francis College Workmg in Connecticut Working in Presque Isle Working in Fort Kent Fort Kent State Teachers College Working in Presque Isle Husson College - - - - - - l a . . . - - - - - . . . ' ' - - - . . 1 ' - - - - - . ' ' erm i W mea ,i ' Q V C-ticz, Q' i :s::f 11 -B .ti 'nah' ' A. --Ea-E!-ir u h : zgtzrzslff-1 - ------- . .wwf s'.f'?:'::tr:::. - ':1" "" - - - KPN'-r -'.f'f::1'1'rr:f, ' :-1'-'--cT-?e'- - .. .rr .. Q.: .1.r,-..Ll.LA... -. :s .. 5 - if W' Class all N57 .Dqyx . ,,. Av If . H :ilu 4-xx cial "' F "' F97 .. Kiij 42x ' '5 - GQ ' X 45 all tg' Ex ave- 42 S . , K ' . ,Qi as T' rf 1, -1- W rf. . '55 f V Q H. 7 -of 1 - ' T L .47 x 1, -nd The 25th anniversary reunion of the Fort Kent High School 'Class of 19374iilwas held during the preceding summer, Of 36 class members now living, 28 were present with their families. . Above are those that attended: L my g , Left to right, FIRST ROW: Paul Nadeau, Fort Kentg Marc Daigle, Limestone'?Phi1ip S Thibodeau, Fort Kent: Harold Michaud, Windsor Locks, Conn.: Harold Pelletier, Hartford, Conn. g Claude Theriault, Fort Kent, Forest Austin, Mars Hill: Willard Jal- bert Ir. , Fort Kent: Ray Fournier, Fort Kent, SECOND ROW: Lorette Madore Audi- bert, Fort Kent: Viola Gage Langley, Caribou: Rella Nacleau Daniels, New Britain, Conn.: Catherine Fournier Bouchard, West Hartford, Conn.: Lena P1essetShalek, Pre s- M que Isleg Rosaline Leonard Morin, Fort Kent: Blanche Cyr Jallnert, Fort Kent: 'Robert Desjardins, Fort Kent. THIRD ROW: Theresa Nadeau Morneault, Frenchifilleg Roland T Roy Fort Kent- Camille Simon, Brooks Me. FOURTH ROW: James Ialbert, Richmond: f Virginia Jean Louis Marquis Hartford Conn John Desjardins Fort Kent George Roy Fort Kent Claude Cyr Fort Kent Earl Kelly Camden Deceased William Anderson and Evelyn Pelletier This Page Sponsored by ETSCOVITZ CHEVROLET Fort Kent Maine " rarjfll nmeiinwa Clean Fast , I mm Q X 2 110 el' ' x Safe 6 J S l. X Flame -2- 'A In 43-af 17 Q f K. , '-5. I ' . , I . C , 'Q V X I . If v S e . X f - eval? 4 if-2 -e uv .'. 4. v -3 . , ' Q A 5 ff ' g 1 u mazda-:fu 31. - x .+:2e'.422'2f4z3SMx N Si?i.'2f65'2:2Ss2. Q :vig .,, gg we ,efsgs M ,G-iiiieri'"-fifiiklzizfzr. n- o 5 Q .-.Q v-:-.e .1 ,-: .'.'.'.'.- x .,a,v,v5,,,e,. ,,.t,:,x Q.,-,.,:.. jr' N ,QQ s .2-.' 0.-6 5' 0 N . .. , ..,.,s ,,.-. we-.'. .- ,,-f x "'3":332:e2'1 71.01 " ."' . - - I Q 046434 ,IQ e'S,o'o 1 X - .. 5 , . . . . x e.. ,.- 1. Q M .- Q - X ii S Q S X S e ,S E S' ll? Q 1 1 d L - - . l ou nee to . I I - . C ' r fee g s s ,o b 4 ' 145 13.3 g',' 6 4'Q3.5'1+-,sg 08 Q X-sngigef f zve . 3 5, 1.9 Z 7 x 7 60'-'lurk X pa What D yu Mean N HOME 'P ce' lt has everythlng y me and labor savmg future. ady lt s a push button pala tncally Modern Lighting tl d wrrlng for a trouble free I o Llve Better Elec Appliances plus approve Thus Medalllon I'm holdmg rs the hallmark of qualuty folks o for when they burld, buy or rent OMPANY C SERVICE C MAINE PUBLI Your Investor Ut111ty Growing Wlth Aroostook k less .l llllll PRC SYMBOL THIS IS THE MARK OF AMERICA'S FIRST JEWELRY MANUFACTURER, WHOSE PRIVILEGE IT HAS BEEN TO I v C - 4' -4 J IX SERVE YOUR CLASS AND SCHOOL. YOUR CLASS RING IS A SYMBOL, TOO IT MARKS YOU - FOR ALWAYS - A MEMBER OF A GREAT CLASS IN A FINE SCHOOL. WEAR IT PROUDLY! CONGRATULATIONS AND SINCERE BEST WISHES DONALD B. TUPPER -VICTOR R. HOLAN Representing JEWELRY'S FINEST CRAFTSMEN CLASS RINGS AND PINS - CLUB INSIGIIIA ' MEIIALS 'TIIOPIIIES - PLAIIUES - IJIPLUMAS ' COMMEIICEMENT INVITATIOIIS vu..- When you're going in a group . . . CHARTER A B8tA BUS It's more fun when you stay together all the way . . . on your own bus with your own expert driver. Charter Bus trips are easy to arrange, economical, too. If your Club, school class or other group is planning a trip Check on how easy it is to rent a B 8: A Bus. We Can help you with your plans, too . . . hotel reservations, sightseeing . . . meal stops . , . complete itinerary, including the route of your choice. You can't beat the Comfort, safety, Convenience and eronomy of B Sc A Charter Bus. Anywhere you want to go. . . in U.S.A., Canada or Mexico BANGOR For information and rates, see your - Ann STOOK - nearest Bangor and Aroostook Bus agent AROO or write direct to: RAILROAD ff5A""fa A. TRAVIS Manager, Highway Division NORTHERN I MALNE Bangor and Aroostook Railroad Bangor, Maine T. S. PINKHAM, INC. Logs, Pulpwood, and Veneer Telephone 95-2 Fort Kent, Maine EAGLE LAKE HARDWOOD, INC. Hardwood Lumber, Ties Demension and Coathanger Stock Telephone 2691 Eagle Lake, Maine PINKHAM LUMBER, INC. Graded Pine and Spruce Lumber Dressed to All Patterns ' Telephone I-IE 5-2871 Ashland, Maine NCRTHERN NATIONAL BANK Fort Keflt Maine , A-g 'K ai -hi . , Y . " A x 1:3 "fe E N NAT! O NM. BAN rx fe Time Sales Department Telephone 107 DIIVC-In W1ndOW Telephone 492-Z X as Q S' Maximum Q .., 510,000 1: af Ins ance 3 ul For Each E Q, Depoliler Q, "' Q9 oh , EMQEVL Hours 8:30 A. M. to 4:00 P. M. l l 1 F.B.L.A. STORE We Provide School Supplies for the Benefit of the Students Paper Graph Paper Pencils Book Covers Notebooks Index Cards Looseleafs Folders Dictionaries Rulers Pens Punctuation Guides Miscellaneous School Supplie s We Provide Scholarships With the Profits Realized for the Students Who Wish to Enter the Business Field Operated by the Future Business Leaders of America I' QW J All 9 1' so I I lil 1- 21 I.- I , .5 g ilfr:-., For the Best Pizzas in Town, It's I DEL'S PlzzA HOUSE 1 Compliments to the Graduating Class of '63 From THE NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY NA O ONOR SOCIETY TI NAL H f S 2 2 ff S 7 S Vs Lf Compliments of NORTHERN FARMS, INC. Presque Isle Fort Kent Tel. 9-2.12.1 Tel. 230 BAKER s is TUDI out PAlNrnnG...rlLMs,,cMm2 Compliments of ALPHEE J. NADEAU 8. SONS Building Materials Sporting Goods Portraits Furniture Oil Colorings Hardware Weddings Licensed Embalmers and 24-Hour Photo Finishing Funeral Directors Quality for Your Satisfaction Telephone 45-2. Tel. 318 90 Mein Street Fort Kent, Maine Fort Kent, Maine 64 Main Street fi D. DUMONT Wishes to Q C: ongratulate i'Nl"f!-fy the Senior l Class of L 1 PULP AND LUMBER CONTRACTOR West Market Street Tel. 56 Fort Kent, Maine , f f KJ jr 'ian ', 1 K , ,e is ,- .w' J Q11 . g,3'Nx. .x-'N y X SIE'--. sl : xxjxv 1963 "it ,lffl ,XANQ1 .v gn, n. .' we ng. .11 fr ' 5 f . , I X ry E 9 , X X I will 'ui ? 'I ERETI C EV Nm f PERF-E 2 5 YVVV Homelite Pionee r Chain Saws Repair and Weldings of All Kinds AAAA Main Street X Fort Kent, Maine 0X Phone 303-2 HUSSON COLLEGE Maine-'s Largest School of Business Training Accredited as a Specialized College of Business by THE ACCREDITING COMMISSION FOR BUSINESS SCHOOLS Terminal Courses: Executive, Legal, Medical, Liberal Arts, Stenographic, Typing-Clerical, Shorthand Clerical, Business Administration, Accounting These Are of One and Two Years' Duration Degree Courses: B. S. in Secretarial Science, B.S. in Accounting, B.S. in Business Administration, B. S. in Business Education These Are of Four Years' Duration Dormitories for Men and Women Free Catalog C. I-I. HUSSON, President ll eff PA ll Egg ...1 if H eg, J ,rv Q, 3 vwvf 5 5?U'5,1f5 5 - Q. I 9 1, 4' ' P? ii. Gif ,.,w,.. AMERICAN LEGION .Tandreau-Connors Post No. 180 St. Francis, Maine GEORGE T. QUIGLEY vi: 8. SON 5' General Contractors AND 69,0 3 M4769 SAVE . Th. lllllLf OUELLETI'E'S 'Kas SHOE STORE Building Mate rials Cgilgiiffjlgipplies "Everything in Footwear" Hardware Insulation Materials Lumber Paint Plumbing Supplies : Roofing Materials f ll0 Main sr. Fort Kent, Maine Main Street Fort Kent, Maine Phone 243-2 Compliments to the Senior Class of 1963 QFD - N Q ' Congratulations and sincere good wishes as you reach this important milestone along the road to your career. 5 , -NFS. K, 12. , 9. ff-'13 in 3355 123 gig --sjj.?:: ' Q 'I ,' .sl 3:-hits' 'E 5 . 1 CCI-E' 5 EXPRESS f , ' L f ' - ' ffw ' ',.1QE'1 -'-' g1'.:.g: Regt,-, ., ,. ,W- W 'Qi,,'tN5 i s. MSIE., . -, V M f w el as Q ya WW ,, 1 1 Q xv .1 , ll 'W K aumumw, . . . ,f 4 Connecting Maine With ' The Nation - Serving the Maritime Province S Direct f General Commodities Plus - f Heated Service to Protect Your Perishable Freight f Bulk Tank Truck Service f Controlled Refrigeration "A Unit to Meet Every Shippers Needs" Aroostook 6' Presque Isle PO 9-2811 Terminals Houlton 53 2-23351 at Fort Kent 277 3 F f " j '-., ' .iA.- - .T 1 V SERVICE W I I x Phone 292 ,V I , it b..,,,q V VVWA jg. 4..,. 5 .ihl if -Ai t ROY R. SOUCY ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR Free Estimates Prompt Service Fort Kent, Me. Rt. 1944 New Er1g1and's Largest and Mos Complete Music Store Z0-2.4 Broad Street B8-1'1g01', Maine Telephone 945-9494 II Ill II III II III II Ill II Ill II Ill Il Ill ll . DAIGLE RAMBLER Compliments of CITIES SERVICE DIST Owner A VALMA T. DAIGLE COURY on COMPANY I wxrizf RAMBLER Rambler Sales and Service DEALER Tel. 44 or 156-3 Your ESSO Distributor 124 Maine St- Fort Kent, Me. - . CITIES SERVICE Fort Kent, Maine ,QQ .w 'X "2 " EE ."mIE-I QLIZL I . L ,K COMPLIMENTS OF n"'JXX X N N., I EQ: 1' In ei-:1...':i if Fort Kent Maine I V H I I 1 I' dm' IIIII! 1 M,,,,,.4' X W - SR 8 VETERANS OF FOREIGN WARS John Deere Sales and Service Remington Chain Saw Wholesale Dealer POST 9609 W Fort Kent, Maine Tel. 245 F t Kent Maine THIBODEAU'S INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. Ig OMER A. 'IHIBODEAU 23' PHILIP A. TI-IIBODEAU n ROMEO A. MARQUIS I I Phone 90 Z: , f .N as X Fort Kent, Me. Q4 14 I e w zf- A "We Insure Everything but Tomorrow' Fort Kent, Maine X ,Z , ff' r ' The ,K -' The f K I- Gateway to aug Beginning of the St. Lawrence Historic U. S. Seaway f Rt. 1 The Shopping Center of the Valley The Home of A. D. SOUCY CO. Sponsor of Economat Stores Soucy's Farm Supply Soucy's Market LET US HELP x . CY f S lN'S ' Z . 's'a'4 MART eff.ffiQf 1?r I f' ff aa .,,... ,,. ,Tig REXALL STORE Q Q PRESCRIPTIONS L. PHILIP MARTIN, Reg. Pharm. Tel. 248-Z A 134 if 1!l flf Fort Kent Maine 2am77Zw61f ALPHEE J. NADEAU 8. SONS Building Mate rials Sporting Goods Furniture Hardware Licensed Embalmers and Funeral Directors Tel. 45-2 Main Street Fort Kent, Maine FORT KENT DRUG Phone 99-2 Fort Kent, Maine OUELLET FORD SALES 1 ' FD R u 7 5 Authorized Ford Sales and Service Z4-Hour A L A Towing Service Phone 12.6-2 Fort Kent, Maine J. J. NEWBERRY CO. Q1 The New in Newberry's Is Making News Phone 2-20 Main Street Fort Kent, Maine THE FORT KENT CHAPTER OF LIONS INTERNATIONAL Zu, 4' v ,GRNATIGQ X .. 'fs 31 . 17" if Congratulates the Class of 1963 Congratulations to the Class of 1963 From the PRIEST-S OF ST. LOUIS PARISH Fort Kent Maine Compliments of REV. ABEL J. HEBERT St. Charles Church St. Francis, Maine Compliments of ST. JOSEPH PARISH SACRED HEART PARISH Wallagrass, Maine Soldier Pond, Maine REV. C. E. DESROCHERS, Pastor Compliments of FORT KENT TELEPHONE COMPANY Fort Kent Maine My E o, PAT's PLACE R1 srndmff , A +1 f ' f -1 QF vi PL 'ummh n ' X ' ., , f K 4 I 1 rf . -g ' I 1- .145f3f'? Inman "V in Dancing ' Weddings T Phone 8293 Fort Kent Mills, Maine QJQAQJJJQ CYR BROS. MEAT PACKING COMPANY Caribou, Maine PATRCNS George Baltzer Collins Jewelry Store George Charette Millies Beauty Shop R-' GILMAN BOUCHARD ell 5901: -Crif - -' ." 4,17 U 9911 f' Eb'4'.9 r, , 4, LABBE'S GROCERY STORE -w fu. 4 l-1 " Q ' V' fe-I -"--f -'-ff,-affix vaqy A54 sf, ... '- - - - . G.- wi e -: , A ,, - ff' "5 6? f f A - , 4a-1 ,1g,..-.H """'-i is sig-"'f-if-Q-vie We Give S 8: H Green Stamps Dealer for Dodge Cars and Trucks Sales and Service Grocery Store Phone: 406 Fort Kent, Mills, Maine Tel. 325-3 Fort Kent, Maine DAIGLE 8. DAIGLE Sporting Goods Hardware and Building Materials Tel. 74-Z Fort Kent, Me. ADRIEN J. MARQUIS ei ECU Mk, .E ECONOMAT STORE Meats - Groceries - Fruits ' Clothing E? 13 Highland Ave. The royoltye of radio and S I O N Fort Kent, Maine "DRINK GRANT'S MILK" LOUIS J. PARADIS AND SONS Complete Line of Groceries Cold Cuts, Fruits and Vegetables "We Give United Trading Stamps" Z Market S. Fort Kent, Maine Telephone: 183-2. ST. PETER'S GROCERY STORE Groceries - Gas - Oil Hunting and Fishing Camps - Boats Guerrette, Maine Tel. 8169-Z0 TWIN'S SERVICE STATION IF l1"s coop rooo You YIAll1'-- gt Complete Shell Service , , I , Z4-Hour Towing Service fa "' CLAUDE'S LUNCH it Roo AND RUDY DAIGLE, Props. Sf- Francis Maine Tel. 419 Fort Kent, Maine PATRICK C. Telephone EX 8-2481 NADEAU Pulpwood Contractor St. Francis, Maine DAIGLES TV AND Telephone 213-2 93 Market St. RADIO SERVICE Fort Kent Maine 0 VALLEY FLORIST JOE A. CHARETTE K "Each order is appreci- ,MHS ated and receives 8 Qi personal attention and D 1 ' lf -am t d 1- n ea er in Gu Service J Promp e wary Auto Salvage Station Fort Phone: Shop - Fort Kent 599 Kent Res. - Fort Kent 54:2-22. Maine Market Street Fort Kent, Maine Props. , PHILIP AND MADELEINE Telephone 305-2. JALBERT FORT KENT MILLINERY SHOPPE Everything in Ladies' Wear Main St. Tel. 235-Z Fort Kent, Maine ,,41 ,""'-"e,,, EDWIN PELLETIER E FN "lil , XB : GENERAL STORE " " Groceries - Meats - Fruits Tel. EX 8-8291 Vegetables - Drugs - Sundries St. Francis, Maine EDDIE MORIN AUTO RADIATOR SERVICE I-IZOTTE UPHOLSTERY fl ,,,' 1 " F 13 LET us no You' Quality Workmanship g Qqwlvlyc ' Reasonable Rates U, lbilh ,.:,:,,gm Come in an get an 10 estimate on your M car or furniture. xf 'g V Q -V ' .,.,,... Q-fl 1 fu Phone 2.83-ll Q. i Phone 433 Market St. Fort Kent, Maine Charette Hill Fort Kent, Maine C. C. For Quality Groceries and Baby Gifts fa Stop and Shop at x A fm l X! .-7 , Iron and Steel pw. ig ADRIEN J. U 'f Al, , -- MARQUIS Pleasent Street E Q 2 J fo ff' Tel. 246-zo 'EE 1. 5 - G? M53 'f . A 1 7 Fort Kent, Maine Tel. 571 Highland Ave. Fort Kent, Maine Compliments of CUSTOMS AND IMMIGRATION Fort Kent Maine Compliments of coTEs JEWELRY STORE HOUSE'S P. V. ROY CASH MARKET Open Sundays and Evenings International Sales and Service .51 ', A llllllllll Illlllllm.. BUU f if - I 5 T gflllnl S 3 Market st. Tel. 110-13 L g6,5 Fort Kent Maine "II N mLmRmoNAL Market Street Fort Kent, Maine Hymn Telephone 92-86 R. A. CYR Telephone 124-3 Complete Radiator Repair M 'MJ M 12 Main Street Fort Kent, Maine Compliments of LOUIS A. ST. JOHN Seed Potatoes Grower and Shipper Fort Kent Maine Call PUTNAM BROTHERS CO. PIC RD, for G-.111 Heating ons A S ? U F Main St. Fort Kent Maine BARBER 1 Fort Kent Representative - STANLEY GAGNoN Y Fort Kent, Tel. 96, Maine I' I DAIGLE APPLIANCE COMPANY Electrical Contractors Radios - TV - Elec. Appliances "N-. I BARBER SHOP 166 'Main Street 108 Main street Fort Kent, Maine Fort Kent' Maine Telephone 135 CHARLES BAKER Dry Goods - Groceries - Gas and Oil Tel. 8-2581 St. Francis Maine GILMAN C. HARTT Meats - Groceries - PIOVLSLOHS - Grain - Dry Goods St. Francis Tel. EXbrook 8-8285 Maine W. E. WARMEN L. C. MCLELLAN I, Ladies' Wear Wedding Gowns an llClIV'VAlUUl Socony Comm. Agent . Johnson Sales and Service Fort Kent, Maine Tel 15-2 Fort Kent Maine I B U I C K I DALGLE BUICK 1 -K.-4 AUTHORIZED Te1CPl'101'1C 'l 4 sALEs Ano senvuct unnzn moron Fort Kent, Maine SERVICE Compliments of the KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS Maine Fort Kent, DAIGLE 8. HOUGHTON JULIE-rl-E NADEAU BEAUTY SALON DEALER Phone 278-3 International Harvester Trucks 1 Elm St. Sales and Service F t K t M . Market sr. church sf. L or en ' ame Fort Kent 201 Eagle Lake 2142 X 1 Y Compliments of NORTHERN AMUSEMENTS Fort Kent, Maine MAINE POTATOE 'GROWERS Cooperative Farm Service Marketing: Potatoes - Eggs - Grain Presque Isle PO 8-5611 Purchasing: Farm Machinery - Farm Supplies Fort Kent 326-22 W. J. OUELLETTE Building and Supply -1 L. fliiii- , -..- -s".."E::': :ig-H .ew :wi Evite J -2 ' 5 tgps?-.3 .ya-au'2y2ya' 75-9 "f'rfY:1f- N491 ,. vga in I , ' ' -it 1 Sintra' ' A Hot-Topping Garages, Driveways, Etc.. RICHARD MORIN Tel. 319 22 Hall Street Fort Kent Maine Call 93-4 Fort Kent, Maine MEDLEY'S GROCERY I W Groceries - Gas - Oi Hot Top Driveways Fort Kent, Maine Tel. 565 F fm- JOHN CASEY HOUSE PAINTER -po ny 5 , fl 'Ii F1 . ..,, Tel. 429 Fort Kent, Maine Compliments of MICHAUD'S INS. AGENCY Fort Kent, Tel. 136-Z Maine ROY'S AUTO ELECTRIC Main Street Electric Motor Rewinding Telephone Fort Kent, Maine and Repair 235-3 MORNEAULT ,gn Cages et ble 4 A ' .ll 1- N' BORDER 9 f tfgfif 4- 60, RUM CHEVRON I 4 A p 4 .i.. 'L '--4 ' JW' "E"" ' MT Main Street ' SUPREME T 44001115 GILMAN DEVOES GROCERY Fort Kent Maine Eagle Lake Maine Vi . E. H. PARENT, INC. , Wholesale Fruits and Vegetables f Grand Isle, Maine ' - T LARRY'S AUTO SUPPLY Auto Accessories --- Toys --- Sporting Goods 508 Main Street Tel. PO 8-6221 Presque Isle, Maine J, PAT'S CLEANERS Z . I - :WHEN INBQE 32 Ecemmg Q' MUDD F ,-31 FTNE FUUD egg? NZ! fix ff THE MAPLE LEAF ff' ,, 'f Just across the International Telephone 446'ZO B .d . --We Pick Up and Deliver-- ri ge in Clair New Brunswick 178 Main St. Fort Kent, Maine Congratulations to the Seniors DR. AND MRS. JOSEPH BARRESI Fort Kent Maine Compliments of DR. ROBERT PAUL JOHNSON Fort Kent A Maine Compliments of DR. J. L. ALBERT Fort Kent Maine Congratulations, Seniors " DR. LEONIDE TOUSSAITN Fort Kent Maine Compliments of DR. AND MRS. ELMER R. PELLETIER Fort Kent Maine Congratulations to the Class of '63 ARTHUR NADEAU Fort Kent Maine Compliments of ROBERT JALBERT Fort Kent Maine ' COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND TAYEOR 'IPB'-l5'2"F'9 .CPMEANY YYN his fr AI .1 ,M 4 17. A.. fi fr. I , A , U, ., - I . , , , 1 '1' ' ' .Q ff't.f7 A ' .L , '- 'fp' - WS. ' . , q ff " 7 1 .N ' ,. ,ffl J. - " ,".' . '- ', ff' . ff. ' . ' L !..'. .ffu " ff' ' ,I r ,, ,, . M .. ,A I-My ,..'f:'v'?y3-.L'1"f.- . - -: - A. , f .A W F' -fr- D 'M ,Vu . : I V 1'..'1Q ' V : ' ' KJ" -H ' gfg , V' ' 5,"2'yix1 JL .5 ., i .. 1 'v.! V wtf., "Li-i"r X' 1 , 9-fn, ' , . 3,'.7Q- ' 5 'J: f.',fff1 ' tx '. , ,Q--1' , vp. W1 n- W I , N. if . A' ffj-,IV 4 ':.','7 iw, V ,M 3 -. 2 '. ,:! -I ' N -' 1, 4-.- , , s 1 , ui L , Q J gig? , all 1 f V ,,,. ,, a . I . . ' ' ,gg ., .1 F -5. TW4 -r 141 Y, ' JW FQ'-' .,A , J. f I , bln f ' 34.761 A' ' 'P L .1 1 I 1 "ffm: 1 ,, yi ,.! NVQ '- 'I-,J-,f' ,,... ,, HV V q -'eg-Y' '- . F 9. We , - fi ,sf-4, ia"f'1 '- . ,, ', ' K , 7 " ' ' I 5 I - . 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