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..MM.,,,W , M, 3 1 1 , .- v,., i ,. 4 1 'WTFMX FW' ,ws w,Sx ,MQ -fr Q gw kffigk " xi A5 3 W X gsm W is xgirsiifg 32 f QQ W Akasa gs , W, WN rx 5, -NFH-Q- .Jn ln' I llllfill un unnummnumu ,Ai 1-U.-ww. ---Q.. f , bi . N3 59 1 if v, Y -v "THE METEOR" 1959 EDITION Published by CCMMUNITY HIGH SCHCOL FGRT KENT MRAINE With the passing of time, the echoes of our school life will grow fainter and then die away Gone forever will be 1he rouhne of school life the fun we had and the friends we made O Wiki? Tr 1. It is the hope of the METEOR staff that, as you glance through this book in the years to come, you will recap- ture those moments - and the echoes will begin again. PRESENTING The 1959 Edition of "The Meteor" TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction Co-Dedication In Memoriam Administration Faculty Seniors Underclassmen Activities Sports Literary Alumni Advertising 3 axis? 5 fflflz.. F A lllllllflllll MVNN, W ff... V W WM UMM Mrs. Barbara Goodrich X.. Seldom does one come upon a more devoted teacher than Mrs. Goodrich. She not only has been an ideal teacher, but a wonderful friend and guide to many students whenever in need, The word "NO" is certainly not in her vocabulary although some might think it is odd since she teaches English ancl Speech. Her valuable assistance in speech has certainly brought about new interest in a dying field when she took over six years ago. We seniors wonder how she can manage and still keep a family functioning so smoothly. Whenever help is needed we know we can always turn to our friend and teacher, Mrs. Goodrich. 4 ' s Mr Gerald Pouzol After six years of work requiring much patience, homage is finally being paid to Mr. Pouzol. A leader, not only in music, but in a multitude of fields, Mr. Pouzol has given much free time in organizing a band which now stands second to none. His friendliness and his valuable assistance to students will long remain with many as they leave the community. He didn't stop here, but with his ease of manner and personality, he has shown students as well as townspeople the value and success of hard work. This is so clearly seen by ' d arents concerning the large amount of interest shown both by students an p music in the community. ,sg 1 40 1: ll 1 sf,- I . fy we , , , , , ,,s,p,g.L-if' sr-' ' ' M K 5 f 2 JN sf-I . , WA f 1 4, . -s-if .43 ' y, gif ,fc ...ff Zin jllilemnrlam ' , . l'- , , X. i 7 0 X Q , O 1 I P K Q x is 51 JOHN PINETTE ,I To those of us who knew John Pinette even for the , , A it few weeks he was with us, it is not surprising to find , ' " 'tl tx that his earthly life ended in an act of kindness, help- A Qi.. ing his father on an icy road that weekend. or ' many of us, John's happy spirit still fills every place ' H I' where he has been. He told us he would like to NC! become an artist. In the plan of The Designer, John 43' 'rf served a fruitful apprenticeship. In fact, in a way, he A, 'ff was already an artist, moulding the lives of each of us. 'L ' 11 1 1 I l ,1 f' i g if af?-D .: ' , . ff pf nf f. ,1 f f I 1 f He was a lovable bay who endeared himself to teachers and students by his directness, his acceptance of correction, as ot all things, with a radiant smile and without debate. John recognized the need of order and he was sincere. For us all he set higher goals of obedience, self-control and kindness. Our daily contacts with him have made us more aware of the inner peace and ioy which accompany good living. To John's family go our continued prayers, our understanding and our too. He was a teacher in the best sense - a teacher by example. As we pray for him, we pray also for the ioyousness which he showed to brighten our lives and the llves of those we meet. Moy hls soul rest In peace. In the loss we all shore with his family, there is consolation in the truth of an old prayer: "We seem to give him back to Theo, O God, Who govest him to us. Yet as Thou didst not lose him in giving, , .T so we do not lose him by his return. - Not as the world givest, givest Thou, O Lover of souls. What Thou givest, Thou takest not away, for What is Thine is ours also if we are Thine. And life is eternal and love is immortal, And death is only an horizon, And an horizon is nothing save the limit of our sight." Miss Theresa G. Leary Former Teacher Y I l F : jg? ' . ' hx M .I I . ' fp xii l -'XI 1 .M is l. ' S tix. f lk . 4 1 js J 'Dt' I 5 Q 'ix V v L gratitude for his example. At fourteen, John was indeed an artist and a teacher, J X ' , A C 'sux ' f jf- v . xx' XTX , in-U XX , ,.' -X Y s . I,- Q 1 .f T T, l ' I, X 'X x 's l ' , ff' 1 . f .QI Q, H55 QL? MF' ff GUIDANCE DIRECTOR Mr. Peter Jandrecu LIBRARIAN Miss Geraldine Tardif K Q09 rfd, if'-J HENRY BAILLARGEON ROBERT BARRY Math Sociai Studies .'?4Q" .ff 1 MAURICE BEALS Driver Education TILDA CROCKER Commercial an-.., ROGER A. BROCHU THOMAS CLAVETTE Commercial Science JOHN DOYLE BARBARA GOODRICH Social Studies English - Speech -Q? s X 5 Y - 'QNX JOSEPH HALLEE Languages I EDMUND BEAULIEU Science LOUIS DAIGLE Social Studies i 1 Q' f S cs' A Q ,, X' LAURENCE LAPOINTE Coach - English 3 ,fc N CLIFFORD MADORE Physical Education MAXINE PAGE English 2 'Q' CAROLYN SHAW Home Economics NWN .ig I. , q uu x A 6'..-3? ALFRED MARIN Biology DOUGLAS PELLETIER Social Studies I I . i I Kiki DANA SHAW Industrial Arts NP' ww-... affix M. E N.. I PATRICIA J. MARTIN English 4 GEORGE POOLER Industrial Arts CATHERINE TARDIE English I R, A X N fy K A 'F iw 5:1522 P- 1 1 at li? 3139- IC, 2 Zfitd Q I .ivy I MAURICE MITCHELL Commercial g p P GERALD POUZOL Music THEODORE THIBEAU LT Commercial DY Louise WON Keff' lt ls hard to express the feeling we have for our edition of THE METEOR. We believe that putting our whole heart and numberless hours in setting it up has made UI appreciate it all the more. We can't help but wonder if previous students have taken as much pride and ioy in their yearbooks as we do in ours. lt would be impossible to even guess at the time spent in getting this book ready for publication. We have worked week-days, week-encls and even .to the early hours of the morning. Don't think we're gripingl We enioyed every 'minute if QHicK Oar Knflxy of it, although in some instances we were very near to being discouraged. All our time and eForts were well rewarded when we received our own yearbook which we will cherish for many years to come. Seeing the results of our work now, the words of our devoted advisor, Mr. Roger Brochu, sink in and will long be remembered: "Do not get discouraged. Never give up. You can, you must, You will succeed. flf you try.i" l"lr-B"0f'W Advisor' H. Class Cfficers ROBERTA CYR CHICKIE JANINE Troasu rar Vice-President President Secretary OUR PRESIDENT Wx ELEANOR DEE Commercial-Secretarial Meteor Staff 3, 4, Photo Layout, Crier Staff 3, Class Officer 1, 2, 3, 4, President, Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary, Cheerleading 2, 3, 4, Captain, Science Club 1, 2, Treasurer Magazine Campaign 1, 2, 3, Librarian 1, 2, Initiation Committee 4, Chairman, F.T.A. 2, 3, 4, Secretary, Literary Club 2, Vice Presi- dent, Speaking Contest 1, 2, 3, 4, 1-Act Play 3, Woods Safety Course 3, Girls' State Dele- gate 3, Speech Club 3, Secretary Creative Writing 3, Publicity Club 3, F.B.A. 3, Na- tional Honor Society 2, 3, 4, Spring Festival Queen 1, Candidate 1, 2, 3, Prom Commit- tee 3, Christmas Pageant 3, 4, Skit-author and director, Alumni Fund Committee 3, Minstrel 1, U. of M. Speech Festival 3, Stu- dent Council Convention 1, 2, 3, F.T.A. Convention 2, 3, 4. fs, 43' 'Q J V 'q A 1 W BERNARD BANVILLE F.F.A. 2. GUILDO BEAULIEU Rifle Club 3, 4. NELSON BELANGER GILBERT BOSSlE Band l, 2, 3, Track Q ty f A fi., I Y' 5 Team, i, . n I J: Clerical General General College Radio Club 'l. 55 K. REGINALD AUDIBERT College Meteor Staff 4, Crier Stal? 3, Band l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Manager, Baseball l, 2, 3, Manager, Magazine Campaign 3, Initiation Com- mittee 4, Speaking Contest 3, 4, Woods Safety Course 2, All Aroostook Band 2, 3, 4, All Maine Band 3, Speech Club 3, 4, President, Creative Writing 3, Debate Club 4, National Honor So- ciety 3, 4, Vice President, Candidate for King 2, 3. MARTIN BAKER College Meteor Stat? 4, Student Council 2, 3, 4, Baseball 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Rifle Club l, Radio Club 2. We , GLORIA BOSSIE General Glee Club 3. IRMA BOUCHARD College F.T.A. 4, Woods Safety Course 2, F.H.A. 3, Debate Club 4. NELSON BOUCHARD College Magazine Campaign 2, F.F.A. 2, 3, 4, Woods Safety Course 2, Rifle Club 4, Debate Club 4. REGINALD BOUCHARD General ll Egf r. Q Q X w, Cfafff .i... f 3453, L 59, ., .. 4 as if PAUL CARON General Basketball 3, 4. GERARD CHARETTE Commercial Rifle Club 3. I is L H .Q . v ,..1 -Qin ,KV RENA MAE BOUCHARD College Meteor Staff 4, F.T.A. l, 2, 3, 4, Speech Club 3, National Honor Society 3, 4. WILLIAM BOUCHARD General F.F.A. l, 2, Rifle Club 3. ROLAND BOUTOT General Magazine Campaign 1, 2, 3, Woods Safety Course 1. JAMES BROWN Magazine Campaign 'I, 2, 3, Rifle Club 3. Industrial . H? I V' 1' vw i LQ ls'-1 Vis-3 4. ' JEANNETTE CYR College Class Officer l, 2, Student Council I, Initiation Committee 4, F.T.A. 2, 3, 4, Band I, 2, 3, 4, All Aroostok Band 2, 3, Speech Club 3. GERALD DAIGLE Commercial Baseball 3, 4, Rifle Club 3. LENA DAIGLE General Librarian I, Rifle Club 3. LOUISE DAIGLE Clerical Meteor Stal? 4, F.H.A. 3. rs, LORRAINE CHASSE General Librarian I, F.H.A. 3. SYLVIA COLLIN College Meteor Staff 4, Crier Staff 3, Band I, 2, 3, 4, Student Council 2, 4, Treasurer, Magazine Cam- paign I, 2, 3, Initiation Committee 4, F.T.A. 2, 3, 4, President, Literary Club 2, President, Speak- ing Contest I, 2, 3, 4, One Act Play 2, Girls' State 3, Speech Club 3, Creative Writing 3, National Honor Society 3, 4, President, Christmas Pageant 3, Author and Director, All Aroostook Band 2, 3, 4. is .,.. LUCIEN DAIGLE Industrial Rifle Club 3. RICHARD DAIGLE Industrial Magazine Campaign l, 2, One Act Play I, Rifle Club 3. Ag, .. I SI-IIRLENE DEPREY Clerical Magazine Campaign 1, 2, 3, Steno Club 3, Business Club 3, 4. MARIE MAE DESCHAINES Steno Club 3, Business Club m.a , , 4 V' 4 X . X., , 943' CARL DUBEY Basketball 1, 2, Baseball 1, BLANCHE DUBOIS F.T.A. 3, 4, Steno Club 3. m . "S 3.. Y? Q' 3 --fur' fc' .f 11, Y-',. 1 it P 343235-Q ,V 1,y,..b,. -I . ,.A. -, ,M L :' vf.1.s?Q:?r, .ML m"'m.'1. f f.'f1'f"4 Secretarial 3, 4. .fiiwii ' 'f V Q , C. ix. .,, , gs xg,- 'um , . 5 'WWW ...wtvfrf LESLIE DESJARDINS F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, Rifle Club 3, Woods Safety Course 2. General -V . F F - tv-X - - 1.5.1. ,Y .,i:.k, General Rifie Club 2. Secretarial .Sefffl7 lf? effigy 'jf A ,Spf . 449. kl 'yr' 5- ,ef .fog K MV. -cv. -. A Bl' OMER DUBOIS General . .A. 1, 2, 3. THOMAS DOW General Meteor Staff-Ads, Magazine Campaign 1, 2, Ski Team 2, Initiation Committee 4, Woods Safety Course 2, Hockey Team 3, 4. LONA DRAKE Clerical Librarian 1, Woods Safety Course 2, Steno Club 3, Creative Arts 3, Debate Club 4. JVX fl, .301 .- 63. .36 Wof. T A Akfyr K j ,'.7...'!,,A'v g l Q 7, 1' ',-9-""' .Z 'T ' Tif if 4 f A "Fl HERNELLE GAGNON Librarian 2, Rifle Club 3. NORMA GAGNON Meteor Staff 4, Rifle Club 3. LARRY GAGNON Magazine Campaig THERESA GAGNON 257 , T S as , In f ' W :ik f T' T ,qii T , x i k Q9 Commercial Clerical General Act Play 'l. Commercial CARLTON DUBOIS College Meteor Staff 4, Class Officer, Treasurer 3, Bas- ketball l, 2, 3, 4, Magazine Campaign l, 2, 3, Initiation Committee 4, Winter Sports l, 2, Ski Team l, 2, F.T.A. 3, 4, Vice President, Band l, 2, 3, 4, Candidate King 3. ROBERTA DUMOND Secretarial Class Officer 4, Initiation Committee 4, Steno Club 3, 4, F.B.A. 3, 4. rf K 'Ny' new-""' LESTER GARDNER General ROBERT GARDNER General ARLENE M. GORNEAULT Clerical F.T.A. 4, Steno Club 3, F.B.A. 3, 4. GARY HARTT General ROMEO JALBERT Industrial Rifle Club 3, F.F.A. 2, 3. DOUGLAS KELLY Commercial , - --,,.- - V f,.v.W,,..5 K - X -wx its i f ia ' t 1.9.-Q A f ,l,.e'uLe 'Win- THOMAS HARVEY College Class Officer 1, 2, Meteor Staff 4, Baseball 3, 4, Magazine Campaign 3, Librarian 4, Initiation Committee 4, Winter Sports 1, 2, Speaking Con- test,3 4, Speech Club 3, Debate Club 4, Hockey Team 1, 2. MARCEL HEBERT Industrial Magazine Campaign 'l. JAMES HENDERSON General FRANK JALBERT Clerical Magazine Campaign 2, 3, Rifle Club 3. use 'IK01 yiqw tl Wye ur -now-v' an x ' t NANCY LABBE Clerical Glee Club 4. PATSY LABBE Clerical Meteor Staft 4, Glee Club 4. JAMES LABRIE Industrial Meteor Staff 4, Basketball 1, Winter Sports 2, 3, 4, Ski Team 2, 3, 4, Cross Country Team 3, Hockey Team 3, 4. JAMES LAFRANCE Clerical Magazine Campaign 3, Rifle Club 3. MICHAEL KELLY College Class Officer, Vice President 3, National Honor Society 3, 4. NORMA KELLY Meteor Stafl: 4, F.B.A. 4. Secretarial l -new I A . i A Q ' il i .. g X """""'c if LEONA LAFRANCE Secretarial F.T.A. 3, 4, Steno Club 3. ROLAND LAGASSE Industrial Class Officer 2, Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Baseball lp Magazine Campaign 1, 2, 3, Cross Country Team 2. ALPHONSE LAMARE, JR. Clerical Magazine Campaign 3. ROY LAUSIER General Meteor Staff 45 Crier Staft 35 Band 35 Student Council 35 Magazine Campaign 35 Initiation Com- mittee 45 F.T.A. 2, 3, 45 Boys' State 35 Publicity Club 35 Governor's Safety Council 3. .ah aww? PRISCILLA M. LONG Secretarial Steno Club 35 Commercial Club 4. ERVIN MADORE Clerical Magazine Campaign5 Rifle Club 3. ,ff 5 A .. 'Nr-v"7"' at -wpw.g-55. , K as-sl? In of Q - ,, 'iff , V N ... sk l .' I .vkfirlf ' ELMER LEVESQUE General Magazine Campaign 35 Rifle Club 3, 4. LIONEL LEVESQUE College Meteor Staff 45 Crier Staff 35 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Baseball I, 2, 3, 45 Science Club I5 Magazine Campaign 25 Initiation Committee 45 Winter Sports I, 25 Ski Team I, 2, 45 F.T.A. 45 Woods Safety Course 25 Band 2, 3, 45 All Aroostook Band 3, 45 Creative Arts 35 Creative Writing 35 Na- tional Honor Society 3, 4, Secretary5 Christmas Pageant 3. NORMAN LIZOTTE Industrial Radio Club 4. PHYLLIS LIZOTTE Clerical T57 QQ 1- . 'V .ala- ..--sw A U Ji .hvWg6l'::," Wt tgffllfil f 75 as 543, T Af., .7"' xiii NOLA MARQUIS College Meteor Stat? 4, F.T.A. 2, 3, 4, Band l, 2, 3, 4, Girls' State 3, Alternate. DONALD MARTIN Clerical Rifle Club 3. JANINE MARTIN College Meteor Staff 4, Crier Staff 3, Science Club 3, Class Officer 3, 4, Magazine Campaign 3, Initia- tion Committee 4, F.T.A. 2, 3, 4, One Act Play 3, Creative Writing 3, Debate Club 4, National Honor Society 3, 4. JOHN MARTIN College Science Club 2, 3, Magazine Campaign l, 2, 3, F.T.A. 4, One Act Play 4, Woods Safety Course 2, Rifle Club l, Debate Club 4. 3 REYNOLD MADORE VELMA MADORE F.H.A. 3. ts Midi' i 'Q "MP 1123? an sf 1, -. Qi - , .1 N.. ..v..'. . ' L' E " i -1' K' ROBERT JOHN MARTIN Baseball 3, Woods Safety Course 2, Ri 3, 4. FANNY McBREAlRTY General Clerical General fle Club General BERNICE MICHAUD General F.H.A. 3. CAROLE MICHAUD Secretarial Meteor Staff 4, F.B.A. 4. "l2!::'P' 1 Hn- Si Q is it i if JEANNINE MORNEAULT Secretarial Magazine Campaign 'l, 2, 3, F.T.A. 4, Steno Club 3 4, F.B.A. 3, 4. JOHN NADEAU Industrial Magazine Campaign 3, Rifle Club 3. --wa y' .-:rg .jg ' ' I HILDA MICHAUD Clerical Meteor Staff 4, Librarian I, Business Club 4. JOEL MICHAUD General F.F.A. l, 2, 3, Rifle Club 3, Woods Safety Course 2. JOHN MICHAUD College Baseball l, 3, Science Club 2, 3, Magazine Cam- paign l, 2, 3, Woods Safety Course 2, Debate Club 4, Rifle Club 2. VIRGINIA MICHAUD General Meteor Staff 4. :fit t X JOAN PARADIS Secretarial Magazine Campaign 2, 35 Librarian 35 Initiation Committee 45 Steno Club 3, 45 National Honor Society 3,45 F.B.A. 4. CYR PARENT College Science Club 35 Magazine Campaign 'l, 2, 35 Initiation Committee 45 Debate Club 45 National Honor Society 2, 3, 4. ALLEN PELLETIER Clerical Magazine Campaign 1, 2, 35 Band 1, 25 Rifle Club 2. ANITA PELLETIER Clerical Magazine Campaign 'l, 2, 35 F.H.A. 35 F.B.A. 4. vs W C901 - ,. 5' -diva. J' fungi 5 THELMA OUELLETTE General Creative Arts 35 Creative Writing 3. KENNETH PARADIS Clerical Magazine Campaign 35 Woods Safety Course 25 Rifle Club 3, 45 Hockey Team 3. ig. 3 1,5 J V X-. 5 '.- vp. 5 . " n Q. R35 ARNOLD PELLETIER Clerical Winter Sports 25 Ski Team 2, 3. DIANE PELLETIER Clerical JANICE PELLETIER Clerical Magazine Campaign 'l, 2, 3, Steno Club 3, F.B.A. 3, 4, National Honor Society 2, 3. PATRICK PELLETIER Industrial Woods Safety Course 2, Rifle Club 3, Radio Club 3. NK L LL., - --.: straw, ww. 3 x . A ii' Ml ' S' g . - -- Www.. 'J 'MWA R ,SN J" -A ' 7 A f LORAINE PLOURDE Clerical Meteor Staff 4, Student Council 1, 2, 3, Librarian 2, Initiation Committee 4, F.T.A. 2, Steno Club 3, Creative Writing 3, F.B.A. 3, 4. ALVEY RAYMOND General wwf-.Q www: ,r 53' f ' l 5 . 1 2 4.1 E 4 f ALLEN PINETTE General Meteor Staff l, Baseball 2, Basketball 2, Winter Sports 2, 3, Ski Team 2, 3, Band 'l, Rifle Club 3, 4, Cross Country Team 3, Hockey Team 3. BERNADETTE PINETTE Commercial Magazine Campaign 2, 3, F.B.A. 3, 4, Business Club 3, 4. JOEL PLOURDE College Meteor Staff 4, F.T.A. 4, One Act Play 4, Debate Club 4. LEO PLOURDE Clerical Magazine Campaign 1, 2, 3, Creative Arts 4, F.B.A. 3. l 1 LOUIS SOUCY Clerical Magazine Campaign l, 2, 3, Rifle Club 3, Hockey Team 1. FLORA MAY ST. JOHN Clerical Librarian 1, Speaking Contest 'l, 2. MICHAEL ST. JOHN Clerical Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Baseball l, 2, 3, 4, Science Club l, Magazine Campaign l, 2, F.T.A. 4, Woods Safety Course 2, Rifle Club 3, Athletic Club 3. PHlLlP ST. PETER Industrial Magazine Campaign l, 2, 3. 'P' 1:5- CARLENE ROY Clerical Glee Club 3, 4, F.H.A. 3. NORMA SAUCIER Clerical F.T.A. 3, 4, Glee Club 3, RifTe Club 3, Candidate for Queen 4. 39-e -Xl X - ' sc., Q cf. T Q S trauma-my 'R GAIL D. TARDIE Clerical F.T.A. 4, F.B.A. 3. REYNOLD TARDIE College Basketball 2, 3, Baseball 2, 3, Winter Sports l, 2, 3, One Act Play 2, 3, Radio Club 3, Hockey Team l, 2, 3. ffl ALMA THERIAULT Clerical F.B.A. 3, 4. EDGAR THIBEAULT Clerical Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Winter Sports l, 2, Ski Team l, 2. , m if -V' . .R if if . . . , i ' fl .- 4 .k,: . M X KENNETH VAILLANCOURT Clerical Meteor Stal? 4, Librarian 2, 3, Boys' State 3, Speech Club 3, National Honor Society 4, Busi- ness Club 3, President. ALPHEE MARQUIS General MAYNARD THIBODEAU Industrial Rifle Club 3. JAMES THIBODEAU General Radio Club 3. RlCHARD THIBODEAU BARBARA TOUSSAINT Magazine G1 Commercial General Campaign 2, 3, F.H.A. 3. . wi .ruin ff. xl ,t,- 1 rw ' , 1 A ,. W414,..u. I if-If if HERMAN BOUCHARD Industrial LOUIS DAIGLE Industrial 1 ha' 'Q'-'V HENRY MICHAUD General GEORGE GENDREAU Commercial Rifle Club 'lp Speech Club 'Ig Speaking Contest 2 5,3 - '3' 45 RALPH PELLETIER ROSALINE SOUCY General General Home Economics 4 ARMAND THIBODEAU LARRY THIBODEAU General Commercial Rifle Club 4 Rifle Club 2 ai 'gf 9' ""'-U ,sth guna-----1 At this point, we, the co-editors of the 'I959 METEOR, speaking for the entire staff and senior class, feel that credit should be given to our yearbook advisor, Mr. Roger A. Brochu patience required in obstacles presented themselves in the preparation of this iournal, this dynamic personality, with his unrelenting spirits, spurred us on to complete this under- taking successfully. Many sacrifices were required on his part. He has spent countless hours assisting and directing us students in this voluntary assignment. Though it hasn't always been conspicuous, we have sincerely appreciated everything he has done for us. His cheerful way of doing things will not quickly be forgotten by the class of '59, We take this opportunity to wish him continued success. . As co-editors, we realize the amount of initiative and preparing this annual for publication. Although many Sylvia Collin Reggie Audibert 29 -T' MOST POPULAR f BABIEST i A X Reggie and Chickie Senior Superlatives BEST lk. Iphonse and Irma LOOKING 'S TALLEST and SHORTEST W0 G Compliments SOUCY'S CASH MARKET and ALFRED D. SOUCY paul and Nom, L BEST ALL AROUND Reggie cmd Chickie FLW'-gaudy CLASS Paisy MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT 'FR Reggie FLIRTS Nancy CLASS Bobby Ervin and Q0 5 Q 'Q MOST DEPENDABLE ik SAWI5 Bong A BEST PERSONALITY .ly G JK on S Mike B Lionel and Sylvld 2' Ch' k' MOST ATHLETIC MOST MUSICAL Chickie l BEST DANCERS l x 3 MOST SHY vi 4? 3 ll z 3 Hernelle and Roland MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Ken und Janine BEST DRESSED NV Doug and Norma Curl and Bobbie Compliments of NORTHERN NATIONAL BANK "N AATN' ' Fort Kent :: Maine Members of F.D.l.C. - Telephone 107 Drive-in Window Time Sales Dept. - Telephone 492-2 Hours 8:30 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. f I I f ffz r MOST POLITE Ken and Nolu Class News THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1960. At the present we, the iuniors, have representing us as President, James Page, Vice-President, Doretta Plourde, Secretary, Sandra Pinettey and Treasurer, Patrick Dee. Our Student Council members are Omer Thibodeau and Gilman Voisine. With the assistance of our Junior English teacher, Mr. LaPointe, we have started a Junior English club. Chosen for oFlicers were Holly Henderson as President, Bernadette Martin as Vice-President, and Frances Guy as Secretary- Treasurer. The traditional Senior Prom put on by the juniors proved to be a success in spite ofthe many hours spent in getting ready. We iuniors are the first to initiate an altogether new idea in a class ring. The main feature in our now called "school ring" is the oval green stone, which is the new way of displaying our school color. The other new features are the tiny but clear inscriptions of the Blockhouse on one side and a Warrior on the other. And, of course, the most important of all is the boldly printed 1960, the year of our graduation. Holly Henderson and OFFICERS Bonnie Goodrich rz 91 ,... N Doretta Plourde Patrick Dee Vice-President James Page Treasurer Sandra Pinene President Secretary vu Q sm li? 'gk Row One, left to Right: C. Charette, A. Gaudreau, B. Gardner, G. Belanger, J. Berube, M. Chasse, M Gagnon, M. E. Creehan, J. Dubois. Row Two: Mr. Lapointe, R. M. Corriveau, A. Devoe, M. R. Coury A. Desiardins, B. Furlong, H. Doustou, R. Coulombe, L. Dubay, M. Daigle, Gladys Daigle, R Coulombe, F. Clavette, H. Caron, P. Caron. Row Three: R. Caron, P. Dee, R. Coulombe, M. Chareite R. Daigle. R. Daigle, T. Ardenski, P. Cannon, R. Gagnon, J. Daigle, V. Daigle, Dalton Blais, G. Cyr IU ICR Row One, Left to Right: K. Morey, L. Levesque, l. Lebel, J. Jandreau, H. Kelly, C. Nadeau, R. Guy, M Guimond, J. Marquis. Row Two: L. Nadeau, J. Jandreau, J. Marquis, F. Guy, B. Goodrich, H. Hender son, R. Landry, L. Levesque, B. Martin, H. Henderson, S. legasse, M, Hebert, R. Long, Mr. Mitchell Row Three: S. Laterriere, P. Morin, G. Jandreau, L. Marquis, C. LaFrance, J. Marquis, K. Daigle, J Logasse, M. Jalbert. 3'-. m Q W J. x E A J W Row One, Left to Right: M. Pelletier, D. Plourde, C. Roy, H. Saucier, B. Potvin, S. Pinette, R. J. Plourcle, L. Pelletier, J. Ouellette. Row Two: P. Ouellette, N. Soucy, M. Robichaud, J. Ouellette, P. Nodeuu, W. Voisine, M. Pelletier, M. Perreuult, G. Bouchard, F. Pelletier, C. Suucier, M. Roy, C. Plourde, D. Plourde, M. Pelletier, Mr. Thibeault. Row Three: J. Ouellette, C. Pinette, J. Page, P. Pelletier, L. Pelletier, A Toussaint, J. Pinette, N. Dciigle, L. Pelletier, L. Pelletier, P. Nadeau, R. St. Peter, K. Wcirmun, A. Soucy. JU ICR Row One, Left to Right: E. Belcnger, C. Thibodeoiu, M. Thlbeault, H. Desiardins, B. Theriault, O. Thibodeou, H. Dionne, L. Nodeau, F. Thibodeuu. Row Two: S. Theriuult, E. Lagcxsse, G. Saucier, L. Simcard, W. Lizotte, D. Pinette, A. Soucier, T. Henderson, R. Theriuult, L. Morin, J. Vcillancourt, D. Albert. Row Three: E. Dube, H. Desicxrdins, R. Vuillancourt, R. Thibodeau, E. Bartlett, J. Boker, R. Thibeault, N. Deschcxines, D. Pelletier, A. Albert, G. Voisine. 1- 1' , t 5, . It hgmgie. qv Xl Sophomore lass Officers l wwf VE RNA DAIGLE Vice President 'M' ANN PERREAULT Secretary PHILIP THIBODEAU President Class News It was on August 30, 1957, that our new high school opened its doors to eager and ambitious freshmen. It wasn't long before we got accustomed to the environment of the school. Freshmen elections were held soon after the potato harvest. The officers were the following: President, Philip Thibodeaup Vice-President, Doris Jalbert, Secretary, Ann Perreault, Treasurer, Gilda Plourde, and freshmen representatives tothe Student Council, John Page and Joyce Ouellette. A few weeks later, that dreaded day by some, but enioyed by others, arrived -lNlTlATlON! On January 10, Gilda Plourde and Philip Thibodeau were chosen as candidates for the "Snow Ball King and Queen Coronation." At Easter we put on a Turkey Raffle to raise money for our class. In August we eagerly came in to school as sophomores. A few of our class- mates had dropped out, but it was nice to greet the freshmen now entering and looking as uncertain as we had the previous year. lt felt pretty good to be able to show someone around, especially since we knew all the ropes. Doris Jalbert and Gilda Plourde 37 LESTER BOUCHARD Treasurer af . , , Hr K Row One, Left io Right: L. Devoe, J, Daigle, M. Brown, H. Columbe, R. Bouche, J. Daigle, J. Desiardins, N. Deprey, G. Choreife. Row Two: D. Doigle, R. Deschaines, A. Cyr, P. Charefte, S. Bouchard, N. Deschaines, R. Desiardin, F. Desiardins, P, Deprey, O. D'Amboise, J. Caron, R. A. Cyr, Mrs. Page. Row Three: C. Caron, L. Bouchard, W. Bouley, R. Daigle, P, Collin, L. Boutof, J. Brown, V. Daigle, R. Chureife. QPHUMGRES Row One, Left to Right: G. Dube, V. Fongemie, Y. Gorneaulf, D. Dionne, K. Dionne, D. Jalberi, B. Gagnon, P. Dubois, L. Drake. 'Jw Two: J, Guimond, B. Dionne, R. Gagnon, L. Drake, J. Jandreau, M. A. Dube, F. Harvey, Mr. Pelletier. Row Three: E. Farlin, J. Guy, K. Jalberl, P. Jalberf, P. Brown, C. Frank, N. Jandreau, W. Herbert. I fig ll Q. in 'F F "' 1 IN , a S 1' iw 1 W-T L M... -3 .. f on ,V f 'vt ll. Y .5 av, ki" ' 4 'L Row One, Left to Right: R. Dubois, N. Berube, G. Caron, J. Bernier, R. Blier, J, Blier, A. Blier. Row Two: M. Belcmger, B. Berube, W. Desicxrdins, D. Blcznchette, H. Caron, G. Bcbin, B. Gagnon, V. Blcnnchette, A. Dubey, M. Dubois. Row Three: J. Cyr, A. Berube, J. Bouchard, D. Berube, T. Babin, R. Blier, R. Berube, D. Bartlett, J. Berube, R. Daigle, J. Duigle. GPHUMGRE Row One, Left to Right: C. Labrie, J. Labrie, J. Lumorre, H. Levesque, J. Ouelette, P. Michoud, J. Ouellette, F. MacPherson, C. Lebel. Row Two: Mr. Bcillargeon, V. Martin, C. McBreairty, T. Labbe, A. Levesque, C. McBreairty, M. J. Laferriere, D. Loferriere, T. Landry. Row Three: R. Long, L. Nccleau, L. Michaud, N. Madore, S. Morin, J. Luferriere, C. Ouellette. i 1 -.-- - -if vx"'W 1 S Q ,-4 qs: Row One, Left to Right: l. Paradis, M. A. Pelletier, J. Pelletier, D. M. Plourde, G. Plourde, L. Pelletier B. Pelletier, D. Pelletier, G. Pelletier. Row Two: Mr. Hallee, A. Perreault, Reynold Roy, C. Plourde C Rossignol, G. Pelletier, P. Parent, J. Pelletier, F. Sirois, B. Roy. Row Three: E. Plourde, O. Oakes P. Pelletier, L. Ouellette, J. Pelletier, A. Pelletier, R. Pelletier, J. Vaillancourt, K. Pinette. GPHO ORE Row One, left to Right: J. Voisine, E. Thibodeau, T. Smart, B. Saucier, J. Raymond, K. Theriault, L. Voisine, F. Theriault, J. St. Peter. Row Two: B. Saucier, B. White, E. Saucier, P. Thibodeau, J. Theriault, l. Theriault, S. Voisine, T. Saucier, A. Voisine, R. Thibecult, L. St. Peter, M. Theriault, Mr. Marin. Row Three: W. Saucier, M. Thibodeau, E. Thibodeau, N. Vaillancourt, R. Theriault, R. Collin, R. Theriault, R. St. Amant, C. Voisine. .,! an 1 1 no N .f We , Z x'vQU V I' is 'V' C '..-, if-v - ard Jovce Plqdeni . , -PfeSl pellefler V159 Perreauli Mcgzcrelory Daigle mcllleosufe' nd 0 ff ' Row One, left io Right: R. Berube C Blair V Bo 1 , . , . uct, A. Bossie, A. Collin C Daigle B Dail A Bouchard, G. Oulleite Row Two Mrs G d , . , . ge, . . z . oo rich, M. Bouchard, P. Audiberf, P. Boulhot, H. Caron, R. Caron, J. Boucher, B. Berube, R. Albert, C. Banville, A. Jackson, M. Caulombe, L. Albert, R. Boutoi, W. Belanger. Row Three: J. Boucher, G. Bouchard, E. Berube, J. Bard, G. Baker, J. Blanchehe, P. Bard, C. Bobin, R. Caron. mn I.: I 1 7' f, g 9, as 'Q' Row One, Left fo Right: A. Theriault, L. Jandreau, N. Desjardins, B. Desjardins, R. Fisher, R. Freeman J. Duval, M. Devoe, D. Daigle. Row Two: J. Dube, J. Jackson, B. Jackson, R. Dube, L. Deschaine, L Daigle, C. Jalbert, F. Deschaine, P. Dennis, J. Daigle, G. Desiardins, G. Drake, Mrs. Tardie. Row Three: S. Deperry, J. Jandreau, E. Dousfou, L. Dumond, D. Daigle, M. Fox, J. Gagnon, L. Fisher, D. Daigle. FRE HME Row One, Left Oo Right G. Lamarre, E. Hafford, D. Gendreau, T. Labbe, P. Gardner, C. Kelly, C. Kelly M. Gervais, H. Herberf. Row Two: D. Laferriere, A. Kelly, R. Guiggy, M. Lamarre, G. Gaudreau, R Hughes, J. Lagasse, J. Laferriere, J. Guimoncl, N. Houghton, G. Kelly. Row Three: M. Lafrance, J Gardner, A. Laferriere, M. Goodrich, l. Dube, D. Lambert, P. Lagasse, E. Gardner, R. Lausier. V 1 2 rx ni Row One, Left to Right: L. Madore, E. Ouellette, P. Nadeau, F. Michaud, R. Michaud, S. Martin, M. Martin, J. Marquis, L. LeClair. Row Two: F. Michaud, K. Ouellette, M. Michaud, C. Levesque, G. Marquis, R. Nadeau, N. Page, T. Marquis, R. Ouellette, J. Nadeau, J. Martin, R. Michaud, Mr. Clavette. Row Three: R. Lazore, M. Levesque, P. Marquis, J. LeBoeuf, W. Soucy, A. Ouellette, A, Ouellete, L. Flora, L. Nadeau, FRE HME Row One, Left to Right: C. Plourde, E. Plourde, P. Parent, M. Pelletier, J. Pinet-te, R. Pelletier, M. Parent, R. Raymond, B. Plourde. Row Two: J. Pelletier, J. Paradis, T. Pelletier, L. Perreault, D. Pelletier, D. Pelletier, M. Pelletier, A. Pelletier, J. Picard, C. Pelletier, L. Pelletier, M. A. Pelletier, A. Pinette, E. Pinette, Mr. Barry. Row Three: R. Pelletier, B. Pelletier, D. Pinette, R. Pelletier, V. Potvin, R. Pelletier, R. Pelletier, M. Parent, D. Pelletier, C. Pelletier, M. Pelletier. EW' .m in T' . Q SV. Is Row One, Left to Right N. Sirois, P. Theriuulf, D. Springer, L. Sirois, G. Walker, N. Suucier, G. Roy R. Voisine, O. lobbe. Row Two: Mr. Beaulieu, D. White, T. Thrombley, B. Tlwibodeou, E. Therioult P. Walker, S. Moirs, F. Thericult, M. Theriuult, M. Therioulf, R. Soucier, G. Szreino, P. Rodrigues, E Thibodecxu, Row Three: L. Thibcdeczu, A. Soucier, E. Roy, J. Tcxrbox, L. Soucy, D. Walker, M. Soucier G Therioult, R. Soucy, R. Roy, S. Tcggeff. FRE HME Row One, Leff fo Right C. McBreciirfy, M. Ouellette, R. Boufof, H. Boker, C. Belunger, P. Carey, G Bouchard, D. Belcnger, E. Voisine. Row Two: J. Caron, J. Bouley, P. Charette, L. Gorneoulf, B. Bard M. Boutoi, Mrs. Shaw. X - 4- as-vi .L -... IN TRUDUCING W" A6 lvmss A""'ff! xv A , 0 W' q X W 'A' -' SN 'E E Q95 4? f --s Qi 3 FRANCES GUY JEAN VAILLANCOURT JACKIE MARQUIS Senior Keynotes W . l . I Qu .4-1 ,g ,J BAND This year the Fort Kent High School band has really shown what it can do. Their daily rehearsals have proven to be very worthwhile by their performances at local and out of town basketball games. lt was very effective to see the bright red uniforms march with cer- tainty to form various letters or designs while playing an appropriate tune. Under the direction of Mr. Pouzol the band has accom- plished much this past year. The school was represented in several parades by this enthusiastic outfit. There were sixteen representatives in the All Aroostook Band and two members in the All Maine Band. For several years now, the American Legion has had this band down for their annual convention. Fort Kent has also been represented at the county music 'Festivals and various other places. At last the community has a band of which it can well be proud. 'vllw-lei Q' ,-it ii. 'ir mi bf' Hyun- Mr. Pcuzol Band Director Row One, Left to Right: M. Coury, N. Marquis, R. Guy, D. Jalbert, D. Babin, J. Labrie, J. Marquis, G. Cyr, A. Thibodeau. Row Two: Mr. Pouzol, P. Thibodeau, M. Fox, L. Levesque, J. Nadeau, O. Thibo- deau, N. Page, M. Jalbert, N Houghton, J. Cyr, J. Voisine, K. Warmen, J. Vaillancourt. Row Three: J. Marquis, R, Audibert, N. Marquis, P. Marquis, J. Page, M. Fox, C. Dubois, P. Collin, R. Daigle, L. L-zvesque, S. Collin, D. LaFerriere, F. Guy. F' 'lf BAND ALL MAINE Martin 8- Klein American Legion Post 133 yllllp, I if xx Y-R10 'I . ssffziwa l : wg s Z4',5f""'9Ks ii Bai I GlO xxx Fort Kent, Maine LUB "lu-0 ,.. Lionel and Doris Mae Rita and Jeannine Levesque Jalbert Coury Vaillancourf l l l 'Y' I 5 g X,i- we c.. ,. i fi..---J N- J we - i D - ---. J ' ' un. sa i e G- 1 f Q -1 J 1 A X J A f -. - f K ' SJ Y 1 H is - . 7 S f K M G Gendreau D Daiglo C Row One, Left io Righfz C. Levesque, G. Plourde, J. Nadeau, . orey, . , . , . Plourde, J. Labrie. Row Two: A. Perreault, M. Jalberi, B. Goodrich, J. Vaillancourf, C. Jalberf, L. h : D. Martin, D. Jalberf, V. Martin, M. Pellefien J. Mlchaud, C. Daigle, N. Page, B. Berube. Row T ree Roy, J. Marquis, F. Guy. Sponsored by: Martin's Rexall Stores, Daigle 81 Daigle, Quigley's Hardware Slore Dr. and Mrs. Elmer Pelletier, Dr. and Mrs. Richard Savage. I -was STUDENT COUNCIL Xf 8 at if ,nal Row One, left to Right: P. Thibodeou, F. Kelly, E. Dee, G. Voisine, D. Springer, S. Collin, D. Daigle. Row Two: G. Bouchard, J. Page, M. Boker, J. Page, M. Fox, P. Charette. NATIONAL HONOR SDCIETY A, L41 1 1 . . . Row One, Left to Right: E. Dee, K. Vaillancourf, R. Audibert, S. Collin, L. Levesque, R. Bouchard, Mrs. Page. Row Two: J. Martin, M. Kelly, M. Baker, C. Parent, J. Pelletier, J. Paradis. Sponsored by: Mr. and Mrs. Carlton Lozier, Gilman Devoe, Blanchetfe Bros, Jos. L. Marquis, and Rocks Motels. 49 s BI- RADIO CLUB Q ll ' '4"'1 " 1 .l low One, Left fo Righi: P. Morin, C. Plourde, R. Blair, L. Babin, S. Morin, R. Pareni, D. LaFerriere. Standing: L. Paradis, J. Bard, P. D. Collin, J. Page, L. Albert, A. H. Marin CAdvisorJ. SCIENCE CLUB if . i RJ va T Row Ono, Leff Oo Right: M. Devoe, N. Houghton, P. Denis, K. Morey, Mr. Beaulieu. Standing: G. Bessie, L. Dumond, B. Daigle, J. Page, M. Fox, J. Marquis. Sponsored by: Dr. Maurice Cyr, Dr. Norman Cyr, Millies' Beauty Shop, Deluxe Cleaners, Collin's Jeweler, Leonard H. Kelly 81 Sons, Allagash, Maine. 50 FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Row One, Left to Right: Miss Martin, R. Plourde, L. Levesque, J. Plourde, C. Dubois, S. Collin, J. Cyr, J. Martin, E. Dee, R. Guy, J. Voisine, D. Plourde. Row Two: l. Bouchard, J. Morneault, V. Fongemie, D. Plourde, M. Coury, A. Perreaulf, L. Nadeau, N. Saucier, N. Soucy, J. Marquis, M. Thibeoult, R. Bouchard, G. Plourde, J Martin, A Gorneault, L. LaFrance, M. Gagnon, G. Tardie. Row Three: J. Labrie, D. Jalbert, B. Saucier, N. Marquis, M. Jalbert, N. St. John, R. Lausier, L. Levesque, R. Audibert, M. Perreault, B Goodrich, J. Voilloncourt. B. Berube, B. Dubois, F. Guy. ART CLUB Row One, Left to Right: J. St. Peter, P. Audibert, C. Labrie, J. Voisine, S. Bouchard, J. Raymond, J. Berube, J. Labrie, D. Daigle. Row Two: O. Thibodeau, N. Ouellette, G. Bouchard, J. Daigle, L. Plourde, D. Blais, P. Thibodeau, R. Caron, S. Blair, Mrs. Page. Sponsored by: Dr. Wilfred Daigle, Pelletier-Florist, Saul Cote, W. J. Daigle, Knights of Columbus, Charette Plumbing, Armand Pinette General Store, Soldier Pond, Carlton Lozier, Soldier Pond. 51 FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA Row One: B. Pinette, A. Gorneault, J. Pelletier, J. Morneault, K. Vaillancourt, P. Long, G. Turdie, N. Kelly, A. Pelletier. Row Two: Mr. Thibeault, L. Plourde, L. Lebell, H. Michaud, L. Levesque, M. Perreault, A. Theriault, B. Banville, S. Deprey, M. Dechaine. Row Three: J. Paradise, E. Dee, C. Michaud, L. Gagnon, G. Daigle, D. Kelley, D. Pelletier, R. Dumond, L. l.aFrance. JUNIOR ENGLISH CLUB I .ix x"la.-, A Row One: L. Levesque, B. Goodrich, J. Vailloncourt, B. Martin, F. Guy, J. Marquis, B. Theriault. Row Two: J. Ouellette, K. Morey, L. Levesque, R. Plourde, R. Guy, L. Lebel, M. Creehan, D. Plourde, M. Guimond, J. Marquis, S. Lagasse. Row Three: H. Doustou, M. Perreault, M. Jalbert, M. Gagon, C. Nadeau, H. Kelly, B. Gardner, R. Corriveau, S. Pinette, M. Coury, B. Potvin, M. Thibeault, L. Nadeau, M. Pelletier, R. Coulombe, P. Nacleau, M. Pelletier, G. Daigle, Mr. LaPointe. Row Four: J. Laqasse, G Cyr, N. Soucie, R. Daigle, J. Page, R. Thibeault, R. Thibodeau, J. Pinette, R. Daigle, P. Pelletier, C. Pinette, J. Marquis, R. Thibeuult, 0. Thibodeau, l. Dubay, D. Albert, B. Soucier. 52 LITERARY CLUB Row One: E. Thibodeau, B. Plourde, B. Desiardins, A. Bouchard, I. Desiardins, H. Coulombe, T. Labbe, R. Berube, G. Charette. Raw Two: Y. Gorneault, D. Dionne, F. Desjardins, B. Roy, P. Deprey, D. Daigle, G. Szreina, J. Nadeau, C. Blair, B. Soucier, P. Charette, Mrs. Tardie. Row Three: A. Collin, L. Boutot, N. Page, B. Bard, M. Laferriere, P. Parent, J. Theriault, B. Dionne, M. Dube, B. Berube, J. Lamarre. DEBATE CLUB Row One: J. Lagasse, L. Drake, V. Martin, M. Deschaine, J. Pelletier, C. Plourde, K. Dionne. Row Two: P. Theriault, J. Voisine, L. Drake, M. Pelletier, F. Michaud, G. Dube, K. Morey, P. Paradise, M. A. Pelletier, D. Belanger, G. Roy. Row Three: A. Voisine, N. Bouchard, S. Martin, H. Baker, B. Pinette, D. Plourde, J. Labrie, P. Kelly, B. Soucier, L. Voisine, B. Pelletier, D. Pelletier, V. Fongemie, I. Bouchard, Mr. Pelletier. Row Four: M. Baker, J. Michaud, C. Parent, T. Harvey, J. Page, J. Martin, L. Levesque, R. Audibert, G. Bosse, A. Pinette, L. Perreaulf, R. Fisher, R. M. Blair, M. St. John. Sponsored by: A. B. C. Bread, Adelard Daigle, Esso Station, J. J. Newberry Co., Viner's Music Shop, Arthur Nadeau, Jr. 53 l SKI .3 TEAM St' Row One, left to Right: Mr. Mitchell, J. lobrie, V. Blonchette, l. Pelletier, J. Page, J. Page. Standing, Left to Right: R. Theriault, M. Goodrich, L. levesque, R. Thibeault, J. Valllon- F A ' X ' ' court, J. Guy, D. Loferriere. ' :TER ll SSKI EET 3 Standing, Left to Right: J. Page, Pelletier, J. Page. Pelletier Int . ' ki V' f, lctory l rnmsoun Islam, nb. is-Lloyd Pelletier, a Fort Kent High School Junior and an outstanding high . 9011001 skler, placed ae top man 1" Saturday in a tri-high school skl - meet at Quaggy-Jo here. Schools F 1-tormented lnslucled Fort Kent., Q Nadawaska and Presque Isle. , Q 3 - Pelletier took first in down ,hl1l, Qelalom and the combined ln- lfleld of 15 skiers. James Labree. mLlzOu'10l'.FOI'l5 Kent High School, ,' K .plated second inthe slalom, V. Blanchette, J. Lnbrle, l. Chris' Holmes, a Presque Isle High School freshman placed sec- ond in the combine and third in the slalom. 5 Valerie Blanche Q also' of Fort Kent, placed 88601 qYln the down hill and Iven Lcbe ofglvladawaska High took thtrd,An thetdownhill. Pelletlers performance Satur- day was t -rule rather than the 'exception ls'past record-states. During a me at Stearns recently Pelletier took flrsttln the downs hill, slalom, and jumping. Then wearing downhill. equipment, Lloyd? proceeded to set a-newltraek reel W ln tht Wt..99'?"'Xl ' MILLINOCKET, Jan. 25-Under clear skies and wlt fair 'ski conditions Lloyd Pelletier and Vee Blanchetl paced their Fort Kent High School winter sports squad 1 a close win over the Stearns snowriders Saturday. ' Q PCS of Guilford and Mattanawcook Academy of Lil 00111 were, third and f0111'th, I'eSpeCtiVe1y. V Pelletier did the ultlmate ln the eyesfof any high school skler when he, managed to take first ln- each of the four events of the day 'for an lndlvldual clean sweep. Jim I.a.Bree ot Fort Kent grabbed two seconds to lend a strong sup- porting hand to the Arooswokans gto their win. Bob Zimmermann of PCS was grstrong 'contender placing 2nd, ' d, ,and 4th in the three events which he entered. Rai Wood- worth of the host team paced his lleammates by grabbing two 3rd's, a 4th and a Gtl-l. Dill and Hall ,both placed .well for the Lincoln Elmlld. ' - V Both Llncoln and PCS coaches wlthdrewx their squads from the Ejdmplng event due to the icy con- Qslltlon of the in-run. This hurt the lscores of both. Team scores in the meet were as follows: Fort' Kent 362.523, Stearns 360.96, PCSQ of -Guilford 252,63 and Lincoln' 1sa.5'z. ' Q The three top teams will be' meeting on neutral ground agalrll next week when they take part ini the Class "B" Meet at Andover.. Stearns will be out to avenge thlsl close loss to Fort Kent. , Steamss High were excellent lhosts and provided refreshments after the-events and welcomed vlsltlng. skiers tothe Carnival Ball ln the evening. . The top eight finishers ln each event are as follows: Jumping, Pelletier Fort Kent 873 Blanchette Fort Kent 803 Woodworth. St. 79: Pelkey St. 793 Larlle St. 323 French St. 723 LaBree Fort K t 69: Elkins St. 693 Downhill: Pel- letler Fort Kent 25.13 LaBree Fort. Kent 211.83 Blanchette, Fort Kent 28.11 Zimmerman PCS 28.73 Page,' J. Fort Kent 28.83 Woodworth St. 28.93 Larlee St. 29.43 Dlll Lln.,29.83 Slalom: Pelletier Fort Kent 68.13 LaBree Fort Kent 84.83 Zlmme man PCS 89.23 Woodworth E 89.83 Page: J. Fort Kent 92.93 La Lee 98.1, and Bates PCS 98.13 Pe key St. 100.2. Cross-country Pe letler Fort Kent 18.263 Zlmme man PCS 13.313 Woodworth E 13.263 Larlee St. 14.413 Bates PC 15.081 Wllllams .PCS 15.153 U Lin. 15.36, Grant PCS 15.39. Fort Kent Q - kiers N ip tearns Unit. MILLINOCKEI' - Inlwhl wlll probably beone of the clol est ski meets of the'Malne ses son, Forts Kent 'High hol eked out a 362.53 to 880. vll tory ,over Stearns High ol of this town to win thelatx school! annual .Winter Oar va .' r 'Piscataquls O o m rn u nltt School of .Guilford was thin with 252.684 followed by Matti nawcook Academy of Llneoll with 18857. Lloyd Pelldler ot Fort rm won the aklmellter. honor. wlt flrsts ln- all four events, downhillgslalom, cross coun and jumping. 1 Labree of ,Fort Kent was set ond ln downhill and slalol events' Zimmerman of PCS second -in the 'cross count! raee and was thlrdln the' lla lem event. A - Blmchette of Fort Kentftoll seoondfhonors in 1111111811: all third in the downhlllteet. Capt.-. Rs! Woodworth all Lewis 'Pulley of Stearns. tl: for first place ln the Jmnplxl competition. - Woodworth' wi third ln the OIOII' Bhllhtl grind. 3 ' ff 3 T X . Xi f If 7 !' 'J A: A .., if s T I 7 T 2 Q z W f 1 4 n 2 .4 1 . ,, - f C , k Roland BASKETBALL Last Minute Instructions BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Canceled KLLL 1 Miko -in mf 'VF5"'j,fd. Q ,, Q- . , 'Lx 51 iff.. .h , rs 6, 3 A Z :K -we 1958 1959 November Friday Washburn Won November Friday Van Buren Won November Friday Mapleton Won December Friday Limestone Won December Tuesday Madawaska Won December Friday Livermore Falls ost December Saturday ay Won December Tuesday Mapleton Won January Tuesday Madawaska ost January Friday Cormier January Friday Van Buren Lost January Friday Washburn Lost February 3 Tuesday Cormier Won February 6 Friday Limestone Won 55 Y fs., K x . . X I X4 um' !dn 1 nly Pop 6 IIIIII - rw-I1IlwpI"I1I-III rl- .IIII-III xx" III! 'l' '0 Feet In ,Htiffht I I I I IIIIQI-1 IIN-.-Q IIIIIINI mvn :Irv l'I-I III! II'1'I, Iwo IIIUIIIN II II. nt Five Sri T ictorv In Ilow I . I ,J7 :fm mxc, I 1'sII:1:lI1 , I. I 31. um. Peep: I In II' - I"'x' I-2I'IIzzs'I'XI I"II!'1 . IIx.III, WIT! IDQHILPTIDIITI TULELII I3I'FLiI'II ION? I :md XI zImIxIs1 Inn in-Irn IE Igrm I-fixlf iff Imax? B'P2'II'5. .LI--1 Iiuzrrly wx:-I I,.f:fr.lsmr MII 7143-4' -vhs ' ALI' zcri-hw! and wgvxzllmi XVAZI' ZXUY' Im, Rc.gxI5,Iz' I'IIff:r:'s- on the squad I-,I-f,51x:I-luair Iliff 'TE1.I:c:1:IIt IIS' IW RI ,III QI-rntmi CII VUITIIIIF fi' 100' a icvlmtd 'I lkV1I1'dN ., ,MI 1vC?ga:I:ff- 'II I I 1 Caron IIS' l3"2 are IWC 1 mv sgxnxzvls :url m- Mwkv 541. .ffm :V ifY'I and either 541- Pm' Caxxuzm IEW va- lame? gym kizxv Hz. .IHIUI I2 N" mm mfhr-r A f-fr 1 - -.I' 'lk givib SIIP UYIICI , - - f-If , "' ' r Irv I--'i fm' Q-mzrlxxet' fxvc. ,I V I-I YIIITIV' .Iwi Biazquia V f .Mrk I Ah X :ia Iwi lifrl Dulwus 15' y I 11 rv 'mx' ::r:-vzcl. :md B013 Dax- 'l"' .I !I arf! Thr- Icim "W h"""' A" 'z MII Q III h pu' ff' -'Inf 51' III' nt YW' A , as risrbm II IIN III Iwwf Ixvnl -1 1' 'II Elms 'IIIIIII-I. Ifmw Fimw Comp WI IYIIII Lynrm' Wffll Y" IIN' 1 haxls from x IIII: my 'I' flviwsx ' ' 4 V tm P IN W Ihr Wa.rx'Io1's Y III1lfIwI'II:III-XIIII 'IIIWI I IIII-II I..IrIx' I' ,' Q XX :III-II'-. lux! QI! , ZIIIIII-II I.'I,II'v'1I 'UHII' IIXI III VII- -IAIII-mv HI IIIIIII I..I"vIr1Ir' Ii MII II III, Iwi IIII- m' ,Im-lx -xp.--II-II 'It Ir-'W II-'III-I I-I I,:II'IIm10 I' l'1'Il'711 IEIITJ S VIII I IX -' 'aww 9,1133 I .IIIIUIII fw' I' 'XM f7?"I'x IIIIIIv'Z:1jI' .Wu 'Iv' If, 7 TIIIWI ff I If I-.I-Ig ry wma not I Em- Eu" ' W Jmp ' II? wsxxwxu . I-II-v I- I I uw wmv, 0 I III I1 I I , II- I .QI ccwmpgr WIKI! Dcceuubm' 16. the road for at Lixermmre December 19 the talk of the way I-gg-If11wtI3nIZ season. K' -'I 'I I ' ...I ,I, ,, . Q-. " -f"" pgm- plug and Hwy m-nf, Xkliljil'2Il!l?fg11L'I,1I:IyIN!I fi.ii,!tI QwIHI,,xII2I1I .ISI VIIIII,I,I.IXIIV-xfh' Imp f SVIIIIII It M-'RIN 5 UI' UW mam in rn... Icault and Caron, IJOIIII IIIPIP mr :mm Ifvvlmw IIIII I-I:IIIIvzyII1:QZ III IIIIXIQIIIIII fymr Ii I ff' -yvzu olds, are IIN' followingf: iw' nrt nf rmwrwma Imxixmhlil Im.-I :II-Irirwwi M za fmv :,'fiTf,,? E316 115:51 4 5 IW' Roland I,vg.gz1ssf-, 19, fIVPAI'If1III, fIJI'Vk'!lI'd. "f"I RIMM 'I'A1"m? mp Im' '!""'fF ff -'I' 'WI "X""IC If 'IIAV QQIQI E"l'FF.ffIf' Q Pat Cannzxn, 16, fiw--Imm guard. I mm mwfm ,7'm".I,, MM"I.IUI'M if ml. wma H' HIICIV I' Un T TW ' Q H. mfn IIIM Imxr III-Isvrx In IgI,f,v II.--hr hnxg HI I II 1, , .-I,. I. .I .Um Mike St. John, IT, Inv-nim-, Ifxmrd, wrx' mvunr, I WWII II in . 1 2 if gi Jool Marquis, IT, fix-fhninv, f-.I-warII, Zwsiyflfj if", 5. A 13.1. Carl Dubuis, 17, fivr'-ninv, LfI.IAT'lI, """'A'.'4'i"mii'M5'7fi5Y5-f-iii'""""I'm ffil'1f..f2 IIII Rx-fi? fmif 'IQIIIII Lionel Lc-vesquf-, IR, fm--rm, forward. , A th ss. -sry 'NMMA 'MWNW ""A'w'f"T'f.,,q "' I.loyd Pollr-tier, lk, fivowvn, I1-ntvr. , Q5 A 3 I I 'l" "M" Bob IJai'f.!In, 16, fivfr-I-IIWI-n, forward. Iivg AII4IIIJ!'I'I iw II'I2iIIiILIl'I' -If tho Ivam. I 5 , IOIN ' "?":W"""' ' -. ,WY 't ' I . I ,I A , . I Ig. I 'W U' "MI - .fa I-If fS1'1II- prvtty . K J I H1011 ii IIV W5 n III. . . II- .I wx r Im I 4 fx mv: In r rn L' I VW' '12 gi Y'hr:'r'1. .!,, - , ' :MA II '- Itly E. I - 9 br-I ' . ' If. 'I I' I- '1 III II1' ' , I Ili' I , 'I A Q XVI 1 I I kmhh I A I, RM In I II II, ,q mn. I I ,I . .I I IIIIIIII X I, I - h I I Klan I If 1 sf :Q 12 ..4 X f fi, ' nz' - ' . ' f I 'I I I.. . if W I Ia v ' ' II LU I ix, ,Ty H Ill!-1 V N t T 3 I gmgn. Qgylf I0 III' 11IIIr.I!:.. I ' lI 34 '4"' QM-I L. 8-59 -IP1I:II'm:E ' I 'ff' 7 I nt I I . ary' .AI'A's IwIz.II raw H Mi' .If Cu' 'Em I Ihr "ff'UfI"' 'Inn X I I " , ' .wf'If1- :vm ,I 1: I' rlv 2' I " . I x l ' ' wif- ' A , l ' ' ' I ,,,,,, , . -I I mn I lllllllf 11 Im-I1'I X V- I ' :hx 3, W IQ ' I I Q, I II III'-I II , 'L 1 L H -Ir acwmri If-' 'Y A ' :ka llw s 'U 'IV 1 'I I Nad W M Iv In VI Q N Il I., Rr' " 3 I H If KI TI Ir uv I IIII- PIIII' ' I ' I 5, ,Iv TNKIII III XII! Y I A ' I In I1 II P pb ' Frwlmf . I ' I Ip Q Ivn mlxuxak I I 1- I fi Im, II I lfIll': ' II . if I I 1 I ms H HI, Max rx ' QD! flnm I I'III'1II lf' XX I nr' H11 IU' HI I zum urr' :AALIA 1-n :hm N1 III II III,n ,..1, II9 VIIIII , I fi' I I'II'i'II' uf KHIII is in "' the f1Hfirw11 Warriors Ii If' IIEIII would Lf ZI,' 1xII1i:::1 Im, good vu uumf-s Ihvy pfwk iis ha 5 if ' R fb-"Is XY-'II I1 ffl' I is in or ' 'VII' I I I I IW' I'II!IiIIl.1 gn vloso, frm name- vvrxf IAPYI' IH' II- TIIIIIIII-mmelcqu Haw. 'Mm I-:wmv I-wn vlosvr . . I- mu nf 'NIV HI-I If III-IIXIIIIU 'Y11f'1- Zmenwxusn: .:m!IIwfi thu Eli I,:1wrIym-Q I"1iIIny night. ,I1'nzImvnl hy nw fxhfwut the Ftlrfiltgm 5-54 bbingr 5 Hot Fori Kent Warrior if' Over ,la Quint E JAY - A pair of foul con-'adawaslfi 7' T Q 0 ' f versions by center Thibault in wswne w is E the last 45 seconds of play gatfe f . r 'if Iforl Kelli, High a 55-54 wm . over here Saturday nighta , I K :jglitig all the way an Ftltfq X M 'od iz. xtiiui mvtiwl if: tm-5-tigzw rig. two fviLlw St, ini -3'lil"f, Perf Can- A'AA E lisiggiggthaiigifllan c-urls ' WY" poizzlg to Fort lim-ti heir-ro rt mm e3'll"t ami Liozivl Lovesquo 1f A vmwxfs Q. Kc-nt W 1 willllyft-Parwxriritg rmwci at ilw lf:'fli'f, 'NX i. sm' tx it Flziiay krirxorx' lirfiw-. 'lllw Sil'iYll'ikl WIN Pi Q, ,, -f Q ' ' - f, W ,H - t new ml lurk' M'Nk'fllfllll , i .- 'E' 'M' I f5'iV'1 il gfurirclg Carl .Lf"'5 X' gf -ifggnalzti' geility-ogg on the ssqutttl t5'9"t :tnfvtlwr gurtrri: and Eff? f'I':llIT ' Qiffgl sq.: 'lmtpoitutr l6'2b'l a.t.DaiglQ t5'1l"t Z1 forward. fs! g Q' like ki' ' -ggi , , l it y x-.4 5 X - 1 H ' ' down frilfll ' B If f I ll- .25 1t2Q'l"l mln l me mlm game on me ptwintn rzititign ,fir li XLLL "mp ik' Af riors' satihefletlo will be at Y T g i I ' tt, t are lwfi iomt- A more Falls amd at .Izzy on T 1 ' ,.,V... ,A ,g t ,.Q:J,'- 0 ' 5 ren Lt.,-rg,f i " K t F S t T may W' eu we e 0 Us me. A ,, ' '7 ' ' I R YZSM Has Bio' l X -4, lctory n ow nm, S 'f , J e , e 11181120 2r,re:'t,,,.t I " 0 Ha 'B.Ouelette.rg N' F F -J!! ach Larry LaPoiute's Fort feel avr i3fQ??iQf?t'.al:yke. lKen.t J ' rs basketball team boast' four l3itle'zl1'eL:utls but little vflmice than to sc lslmlghll W1 .SS L and M t'e9'mS- This team 15 :ls :ts we muxt fill our whedules somehow, even .t. xx- olrs hurl: ilirgy 'wfltabbed as t ' l GZEESB club ln. 501118 years, A with I2 ballgizuitesf' . :ig tl.o lfort Kent X 'zxrrie The Scrappy E Sl Vic, Buren: and Limestone fem 56.47 z above was rom Fort Kent Coach Larry LaPoinm. "amazing," ' L. , A N I 1 , , sm Madawaska-"I cannot think it is really fair of you A-MM, me wg Sml hnmgl irgminlitlelfxieliix ez - 51 331-Z W the 195505 and Spirited WU' rlticize the of Madawaska for being - ' - H i s r 'orzmtinity lligh Strliools det zip: zipg-car to be tourmimf 1 :ul :md tlicrc's no tolling lil oy will fare. ln llie full of last yoal' ill werent even considered in ,iunivzitt prc-tlictiotis, Eliiislzu' was tht- team to be xvotlfli .!7l'lllL'l'll ftzoosi ook ' A liut thc .1 'tart ide of the They were murn 'of-as Wa V ai n ci times, b ll sure t ext week. From a their moment med like an impossible h. 'o Warrior obsm'x'ex':z, but rho F 'ka mfttlt' its recortl and 2, am? he next same on the Warriors Kent. The 900 basketball fans who jammed the State Armory saw Coach LaPoirxt's Warriors wall: off the floor with a 5967 to-witcx over their St. John Val- ri-if E. Vi riors. A A Regular players on the 'squad include Ed Thibeaullz' 66' 2"l at cerxterg Gil Voisine 65' 10"t forward: Roland Lefiasse and Paul Caron 66' 2"l rotating forwards: the gke St. John 65' 10"l iGanuan 55' 11"l E Stl John I5 1Cl"l yesque 13" But gets 'rd spot on the eserves include ?9"3 a. guard: Carl f another guard: and t 65' IIN! a forward. The n lot of hustle and the win. Thibeault 'is me outstanding plunder", quotes Conch La- pt, who is making his debut fhigh school coaching. La.. pt graduated irom Colby We in 1958 and hails from ermore Falls. - 15' l earning its points by beat! all the lop schools of Amt never been to the Class have the team to do it who prefers to be kr that it was not our intel teams. We were critics geographical location situation as tar as the h concerned. any workable overnight 1 L teams and their relation used to determine tourney Kent and Magiawaska who hav ts seem to fall out of the st in the late going, as witness the latest unofficial ratlr cb teams probably never will get the chance to particle: iPOSl'S63SOI1 tournament,-unless lhe State Principals Ass lon should sometime soon decide to rt-classify the schoo .rooslook clubs like Fort Kent, Madawaska. Washburn, M on ' many M . lan Buren, Ashland, Limestone. and ASI of Mars H e reclassified in Class B, with Caribou, Houlton, Fort Fa , x 1 vi Q , 5 W. Y K C -, A wk- Us U L Cd L 9 Wm be 9' mme cout t with l. and Presque Isle remaining in a top fClass AJ classl Kftnlrtlrlliuv W ami Iuwuga dtl3:ll':l:1:'tll llllLiZPElSliJJQlgxliilliflltlllll Melon Tuemayf Decerginr 15' eggs onlethmg more equitable might be worked out' Q A ' h , ,t I I Q,-,yn me emu titres the me me .HQ ielkffl Coach Calls S ot. 1, thti fllrfll loulotx . tm Wnwgame stint at Lwarhmre B0f0i'C the SCHSUD fflllfllfffl. Q tuwm-rs ln lurzcp the ffxtwr'ls gttri- 5 and at Jay ,menmemmr 19 , Larry !,:zl1Q-irq soul tlxing uhnm ltwgl, mming SMUMHE A 20 respectively. Y V W wig! 'yf 'I cflpocf lofvm Clghl gall night vtirmmlm' with highly- Q6 Warriors are the talk of 35,12 'li this team. And wm mg mukvd Hwmw frown andfare well on the way gsvss ,mm xvmrters did! , ' ' i Z all W I -1 successful baeketbglt mm, ,653 ympoeme mme To Fm-t K, lint lxcul mppu 3 .upetou 4 -3 V7. Ftlxem-,q V 76 68.05 un vi-Vm.mO1..w Falls' HC pa 60 to lmvp its SULISUIK 5 slam- tTlP2!Il.' 8. Wawwme - 8.5 65494 'Q twin over his first sch ami Ylztflamzi-rl,zt ttullopwtl lxitstott' Thefiap-nveffemuns me-Smgeeg N 'r-hing job. UL-39. nfter last weelis games withill From the very limi worlm flee Colby grad who had his own hand at a lot of l-.all :md haflebnll was hr- could get a lot out of Kent tc-am. Thorn wan a lot of or in the makoup of his 'rol"W0d and eaifl fvwirit and Coopemlion wart of his players, bring it out. Warriors gains-cl 21 owing of fans when he soason in winning nd solid support is 0 he team in its toutitetmtrtifl Q they are all more 'X out at slmkyibotlom f' of the to eight. down their necks. host of eageedingly cru-' one the Z ockels for to- wilt undoubtedly change il John iggpez, Bangor, Stearns, li Brewer and Caribou holding T-helri pta es Q though 4 t than re. week agp. Fort Kent anrlgfwalnnr- 9 if and Old Town and Friday, the current il Here ts how the toll unotiicially going games V 13 clubsk ll'1llG t0-'gg L ,Pls 5 . Yolm Beust oi UFO. he . Bangor 1 f t The mer-chants and rosicleztt-e , - . 'fuk if .. Stearns li-3 U f Fort Kent 'iro solidly lwhiml 3A BS . ' Q' ll Ti 4. Brewer - - liwir favnritocl violin xi-mx: iwiimx 1. ,Twig an Ymml.. s r'-...vnqm 19-2 19421 X , Top Row: Coach Madore, R. Gagnon, D. Lamberr, J. Page, l. Pollcfior, J. Page, R. D. Collin, P. Marquis, O. Thibodeuu, Manager M. Fox. Bottom Row: D. Babin, M. levesque C Plourdo, J. Cyr, I.. Dumond, V. Blancheite, J. Pinette. J. Vornier, H. Levesque, V. Martin, M. Thibeault, S. Bouchard, Captain. M A N A 6 I R, l. G O O D R I C A1-ali: Ab, - K. Morey, R. Guy, L. Levesque, J. Labrie, G. Plourde, P. Churetfe, M. Coury, N. Houghton, A. Perrauli F. Guy, D. Jqlben, N. Page, M. Jqlben. PRACTIC E TEACHERS lu- was P Doris Nudeau Helen Martin ff' "Letter 206 -,N-1 Garfield Kung Erlene Scucier "Eyes on your copy . . " "mi "Now, to prove my p oint X - 1 ga' 1 If '7 1 . N . .5 . px ,rg 22? J 4 H' xA 'X n ,QB KE if 3? A Fw ! f"w,' 21 3 fx an ffvg- 2 51 5 . gE'lLf:ll1 W Q eq RQ K -s ,. , i, elf- ,K Q Q Q Q '- Dk' 'iv-, x ,. F b , . ' is ' , an idk - A... ,Q I X ' , ', Y '- .... 'lr B' .V i I t A f-:am - has 2 ki ki Q Mfg X if 1 3.-,M Aw Q 9 S V3.1 5? ik 1 YE ,ag 1 A RFQ SQ, iq J- r lyzi E LAI f lf db. N! 'I -N54 :xml Q .vw :ffl AQ,-Nz ,ab- Qt if 1' 8.5 E5 Q- '. J? DQA wi 7.5. . 'Fu yi V .. I Q , ' . Q, A. V xv. Ev .hs-Q, V If M .AFWTJY is ff' z 7'1- 8 .95 ' . I l 1 I ,fi -Qi! , V . 1? L Ni' x 5 I S . 3 M' K. P 1 X , ll . ROTHRY TH bf' M ky, A P-s 1-Q. Q S I 0,31 A, - 1010? R l ,...'.' x 1 -U: ,-' ,UMM LBJ!! 'x Cummdied 'lkiei ' UHTH THiS CAR A ,-vi- LESS? P.-Q-w -'-- W MW 'smnw Q , ,Jl', ,w',4,,g:'A X 1. 7-4 A 'ix xi Q -xx.. Q T L 8 , . Q .A A L ,K 'i X i E. . i ' A , 4, i 3 N . A lily -f , .,.. , ,,,. C Q Ll nf' Y I 'ffo ' 9 gi A ' V5 Shh-Boom Hour? of My Hear? ,i,,JyJ-Ney-.X . A X ii .L M, X X A 'Q' i i -A if 5""""""l-un... -lm ,r -,,,,,,,,.. Blacksmith Blues Fascination X-X , i.i. ali Ginger Bread 64 Sew Rare Er .'. ,N in BOYS' DIRIGO STATE C h ic K '15- 1958 GIRLS' STATE I mtl.: - f Orufory and Poefry Divisions. Row One: E. Dee, R. Plourde, T. Harvey, J. Nodeau, M. Parent Row Two: B, Goodrich, J. Vaillancourf, S. Collin, N. Page. Dirocior, Mrs. Goodrich. me ........... Serious and Humorous Divisions. Row One: P. Thibodeuu, O. Thibodeau. Row Two: J. Voisine, D Martin, S. Bouchard, N. Houghton, B. Plourde. Row Three: J. Picard G. Bossie, P. Collin, R. Audiberf, M. Jalberf. "Muggsy's Christmas" lofi to Right: J. labrie, C. Dubois, R. Audiberf, J. Plourde, J. .0 4 'Q 0 rdf li' " Vuillancourt. s,, . :J "Teacher Knows Besf?" Left to Right J. Martin, M. Perreaulf, R. Plourde, D. Plourde, J. Plourde, N. Marquis, , E. Dee, R. Lausier, D. Plourde, S. Collin, C. Dubois, l. Bouchard. 1 I C.-P.. "Gloria in Excelsis Deo" "Angel ESCClPC1de" R. Guy, D. Daigle, M. Jolbori. left to Right: V. Fongemie, I. Bouchard, M. Jalberf, A. Perraulf, D. Jalberi, J. Cyr, R. Guy, D. Daigle. Rodeo Days if miie V ,.,..,25'i :stiff , F 1' J ,J 2 erre m Q S gg U Lwti , xk.'Vf7ki'iir if, A ,ai iffffx ev: L. wifi' ai-fyfhifi 9 Ti W 6 V if f fiisrgwggw. , , ev- L: siigrgvwfyyk rl Mike Sf. John, Herman Thibeault, Ed Thibeault, Lionel Levesque. 4-H Awa rd: qv' Art Award 'nh . u 'K eff' N. f fi fxy ge - W f ff . if oo J J e EP: J J ,JY ,, W ith '- Alvin and Jackie . 4 3, fi! J Roberfa Dumond Alben Marquis L :,, WQQQ., . 'H M f Guest of Honor X F.T.A. 1 Sfafe Soil Conservation Queen '15 Jeannine Vaillancourf Jackie Marquis Mrs. Crocker and Lionel levesque Roy Lausier Chicago Q. Trip -.1 'fsr ri x 25TH AN NI E RSARY CLASS GF '34 --Quan. .1 Row One: Edith Gage Gipson, Mattawamkeag, housewife, Omer Thibocleau, Fort Kent, Insurance, Theresa Dickner, Fort Kent, Bookkeeper, Conrad Cyr, Fort Kent, Truck Driver, Loretta Pelletier Thibodeau, Fort Kent, housewife, Ernest Dube, New Britain, Conn., Factory Employee, Mary Anderson Charbonneau, Conn., housewife, Richard Crocker, Jr., Caribou, Supt. of Schools, Yvette Nadeau Hill, Pompano Beach, Fla., teacher, Donald Sinclair, Revena, Ohio, Minister, Sally Cannan Flemming, Bangor, housewife. Row Two: Beatrice Nadeau Gagnon, Skowhegan, Store Clerk, Theresa Morin, Boston, Mass., deceased 119481, Gloria Guy Cyr, Fort Kent, Daigle's Appliance, Louis St. John, Fort Kent, Farmer and Potato Dealer. Row Three: Fernando Frenette, Calif., Bernadette Madore Thiffault, Madawaska, housewife, Fern Pelletier, Fort Kent, Secretary, Romeo Marquis, Fort Kent, Insurance, Evelyn Hutchinson Ouellette, Waterville, housewife, Florida Smart, Eagle Lake, Post Office Clerk, Augustin Albert, Conn., Salesman, Bernice Michaud Kuhn, Caribou, Beautician, Lucien Nadeau, New Britain, Conn., Factory Employee, Rella Dube Overlock, Bath, deceased 119591. Row Four: John Wylie, Madawaska, Fraser Paper, Ltd., Cecile Audibert, Sr. Marie Joseph, Superior of Sanitorium, St. Basile, N. B., Yvonne Cyr Levesque, Fort Kent, Secretary, Earl Savage, Dexter, Factory Foreman, Loretta Kent Nadeau, Fort Kent, A. J. Nadeau L Sons, Eva Berube Scott, Los Angeles, Calif., Drug Store Clerk, James Jack, Boston, Mass., Fern Cyr, Coral Gables, Fla., Light 8- Power Co., John Vaillancourt, Fort Kent, Etscovitz Potato Co., Irene Cyr, Chicago, lll., Registered Nurse, Stanley Thomas, U. S. Navy, deceased 119591, Abraham Plesset, Wash- ington, D. C., self-employed. Row Five: Gilbert Nadeau, Millinocket, Jeweler, Oneil Ouellette, Fort Kent, Farmer, Harold Larson, Las Vegas, Nev., MfSgt. U. S. Air Force, Normand Guy, Fort Kent, Potato Dealer, Lincoln Beaulieu, Hartford, Conn., Simeon Dionne, Chicago, lll., Electrician, Camille Joseph Cannan, Madawaska, Merchant. 68 PWS fusuiimou I Asvunu Paonucr , W. J. OUELLETTE Builders Supply 8g Contractor 22 HALL STREET FORT KENT, MAINE Phone: 319 WE SPECIALIZE IN: SHEET ROCK PLAIN and COLORED ASPHALT ROOFING PRODUCTS INSULATING MATERIAL WINDOWS and DOORS CEMENT and BRICK COMBINATION ALUMINUM WINDOWS and DOORS FORMICA SINK TOPS CONOLITE HARDWARE CEMENT MIXERS CEMENT TROWELLER WOOD-WORKING SHOP PLANER and MATCHER PLATE GLASS WOOD MOULDINGS LUMBER OF OVERHEAD SERVICE? ? ? ALL KINDS GARAGE DOORS WE ARE AS NEAR TO YOU AS YOUR TELEPHONE I' WE DELIVER YESTERDAY 69 MAURICE .I. FINESON Box 277 Bangor, Maine 52 ' Z Official Jeweler to Fort Kent Community High School Representing HERFF JONES-MURCHISON DIVISION 70 To The Class of 1959 COMMUNITY H . S. Ft. Kent, Maine Congratulations and sincere good wishes as you reach this important milestone along the road to your career. BANGOR AND AROOSTOOK RAILROAD "Serving" Northern Maine ws bil 'nk KEI.l.Y'S I. G. A. Groceries - Meat - Fruits and Vegetables Drugs - Sundries St. Francis-Maine Phone 8-2538 CLAUDE'5 LUNCH Beer and Ale on the Premises St. Francis-Maine Phone 8-8429 GILMAN C. HARTT Meats - Groceries - Provisions Grain and Dry Goods St. Francis :: Maine Phone 8-8285 CHARLES BAKER Groceries - Meats - Gas 8. Oil Dry Goods St. Francis :: Maine Phone 8-2581 Compliments of WOODLAN DS DEPARTMENT 'ESX ' as 'Q H N., F i 'sa re- 'QgX1'-1,-,,r,-J FORT KENT MAINE YOUR MAINE PUBLIC SERVICE COMPANY "Growing With Aroostook" We-fo Q . .xg f AT HOME Qfx ggb AT woRK U l 7 XX , cm M Q J AT PLAY ELECTRICITY SERVES YOU BEST EVERY HOUR OF THE DAY Fort Kent Maine 73 Compliments of COURY OIL COMPANY Your Esso Distributor Fort Kent Maine The Land of the Acadian PRINCESS KENT, INC. Fort Kent Maine 74 Compliments of COI.E'S EXPRESS Over 40 years Free Pickup and Delivery Service Ashland Mill, Tel. 2871 Fort Kent Office, Tel. 95 PINKHAM LUMBER, INC. WHITE PINE AND SPRUCE LUMBER Specializing in Knoffy Pine Panelling and Yellow Birch Veneer Fort Kent - - Maine 75 OUEI.LET FORD SALES f T , FTUVERD 4, I fa - S-:gt w if-..-Elf 44:5 QJI7 , ga, FORT KENT - MAINE OUELLETTE'S SHOE STORE "Everything in Footwear" IIO Main St.-Fort Kent, Me. ARTHUR R. DAIGLE Cities Service Distributor Rambler Sales and Service 'I24 Main St. - Telephone 44 or 'I56-3 FORT KENT - MAINE Compliments of LOUIS PARADIS AND SONS Main Street Fort Kent, Me COMPLIMENTS COMP!-IMENTS OF OF MR' 'md MRS' FRED z. PELLETIER GILMAN BOUCHARD 81 SONS Grocery Store and Seed Potatoes Dodge Truck Sales 8. Service Fort Kent Mills-Maine Slnlohn Maine COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS Al.PHEE J. NADEAU s. soNs 0' Building Material- SEARS RQEBUCK 8' Sporting Goods COMPANY Furniture - Hardware Licensed Embalmers and Funeral Directors FORT KENT :: MAINE SHOP at SEARS and SAVE Fort Kent :: Maine MAINE POTATO GROWERS, Inc. Cooperative Farm Service FARM MACHINERY FARM SUPPLIES - BAGS Marketing Service COMPLIMENTS POTATOES - EGGS - GRAIN Q Presque Isle -Maine 'The light Refreshment"' Dial 5611 Presque Isle Maine Fort Kent Tel. 326-22 COMPUMENTS EDWIN A. PELLETIER OF Meats - Groceries - Dry Goods J. J. NISSEN F t BAKING CORP. " we" SSH Green Stamps Bakers of St. Francis - Maine HOLSUM BREAD Telephone 8-2291 CHARETTE PLUMBING CO. Winkle Oil Burners-Admiral Appliances-Norge Washing Machines 46 MAIN STREET Phone 247-2 FORT KENT, MAINE FORT KENT MILLINERY SHOPPE Mrs. Gilbert Roy FORT KENT MAINE Compliments Of FORT KENT TELEPHONE COMPANY FORT KENT :: :: :: MAINE Compliments Of IMPERIAL RESTAURANT CLAIR Specialize in Bar-B-Q NEW BRUNSWICK Compliments Of MAPLE LEAF BAR-B-Q CLAIR :: :: NEW BRUNSWICK W. E. WARMAN'S Mobilgas Service Station Tel. 15-2 Day- I5-11 Night See "SLIM" for Service JOHNSON MOTORS SALES and SERVICE MAIN STREET FORT KENT, MAINE FORT KENT DRUG, INC. :: PRESCRIPTIONS :: Authorized Zenith Hearing Aid Dealer FORT KENT :: :: :: MAINE P. V. ROY FARM IMPLEMENTS Market Street FORT KENT, MAINE 79 PETER FREEMAN McCulloch Chain Suws FORT KENT MAINE Compliments Of NATIONAL CON FECTIONARY COMPANY CARIBOU - MAINE louis Collin, Representative Compliments Of DAIGLE BUICK COMPANY FORT KENT MAINE Compliments Of MR. cmcl MRS. ROLAND PAGE FORT KENT MAINE Compliments Of DR. cmcl MRS. ANDRE STERl.IN FORT KENT MAINE FORT KENT TASTEE FREEZ FORT KENT MAINE Congratulations to the Seniors DR. and MRS. J. V. BARRESI FORT KENT :: :: :z MAINE K A S N E R ' S Limited "The Home of Good CIothes" EDMUNDSTON Phone Re. 5-6273 NEW BRUNSWICK 80 an WL . ,M M -f . 0- 0. Q N, fp ,Q- fw . vo of' 'NM 4- -an-iuQus wlw 3, ' " fy' f 1-Q it "ifW'f"'S W Q Anil" M W H A W K Y .13 . V .waves . ., '- Jr , A . 4 , M . 1 , - .ff I ' , - 9 'H ' C . . . D . , . A A ' . PH' snub- .. ' , ,. 1 ' Q ' " ' " ' ""' 'JNWW www -ww-sown f Wu, fain-nr..-W fwW,..,..-,..,..,,,,, - i -A,.. f ak ,NM L ' I M K E ' I I wmwfwwxmww-Mwmvnuwwmfm. , 'f W .WMM , ' ' Q . 35' , , ,gg Wal. fri

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