Fort Kent Community High School - Warrior Yearbook (Fort Kent, ME)

 - Class of 1958

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Fort Kent Community High School - Warrior Yearbook (Fort Kent, ME) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 80 of the 1958 volume:

19, ' " -sl" - 'Tina' v ,- , , W. -f Y - - --1, ,VL ,5 - Y' - , -Q,-' 1, -3 . fx may f- 1 '-41 ,.. - ' I -fy - ., --. , 1 , '- A.a1.z- 1- if ,'-.ff fy , 'f . .,' Ar, V- - R- fx JC," ,. -I 1- ...T .. - W - H Maw,-.Q-'7DvM.::L:-si4!"" ,ff-,,,41f4wL, , f ...f .. ,5 . , . V 0 0' -f , ' . at . , .. - . wa: ,V 1. Hhs diiudvw wg.: Qiiilhtif W . 1 qv' .N giskf, ii?'i1:,egE2 'LIE hem '42 Qin .H4'.i927i4r5fB7iiit' .2 "Milf .aummw 'MMHQQNM 5 3: ul 'a P, ii ,'f'f -y A. 1 H- "cz ' Fai. 1. 1 1 J-, ,. 1 e. X 4: 1 , . , W ,Z 1,4 4 JF v fv- w Q - b . is , ,M :fi f 'gf ' Wk.. fx. ,, GF' w 1 .:,u 1 . wiki 5. 1 ,J 1 Q " M - ' A X , 4 M 1 E v. .,f ,,,, A, 'ef -' ff 'if-'s Sw f .- if ' 1 -, , , - I .Al . ' A ..sf.,1f5,MmmUJ,,.,N,i.,A ,,.,, ,. -f .A.mW,,, J 9NM ,.w fv-M, . H . Y U, -- - M,., ENN - 5.1 'ff "kf""'1 - 1 whhmgff ' . fa-'-1-'U f w:E5,x,gLE,.a5Q2w:.:-' "ff 1 -..izfkassaz V S fl 5 THE METEOR S ,A 3 we k, SX if 3 X X S WWW , f X Zz X! 0, ,ff fff WW ff ff! PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS OF FORT KENT COMMUNITY HIGH SCHOOL FOREWCRD Your days spent at Fort Kent Community High School will always be among your most cherished memories -- Through the pages of this 1958 Meteor, we have tried to capture moments you will want to remember. 2 DEDICATION We, the class of 1958 dedicate Our Meteor to our Class Advisor, Mrs. Tilda M. Crocker, to whom we owe deep gratitude for her advice and assistance throughout our years at Fort Kent Community High School. 3 IN MEMORIAM 4 In Loving Memory of a Classmate, DONALD ROY 4 METEOR STAFF if Q X-LI P. -41" . TM Seated. Left to Right: Artheline Belanger, Jackie Rioux, Lorraine Picard, Carlene Plourde, Lolita Plourde, Bernice Plourde, Stan inq: Ellen Hartt, Linda Pelletier, Marilyn Bouchard, Alta Deschaines, Betty Caron, Irenee Co lins, Odette Daigle, Joseph Pelletier, Diane Jan- dreau, Roger Daigle, Betty Hartt, Phyllis McPherson, Mrs. Crocker, Eleanor Dee, Wilena Kelly, Rowena St. Pierre. FORT KENT COMMUNITY HIGH SCHOOL , W ,V HUGH SCN0 5 ADMINISTRATIQN Andrew C. Frechette, Superintendent Q! A Miss Valeue Roy SECRETARIES Mrs. Clare Dubois 6 ADMINISTRATICN , , sffm'-'W ' WM-,sm . I 3.::.4g.,,m j ,kr-wma-f 7' - wif.-,wx -' ,Y . V g? 'M V . 'W-Ps ' - -Wssw '- H I--vfmw - Ulysses Nadeau Principal x My as ws, , sss ff' K :, : -Mil, Us . v is' ' 'f: 1 .K 215:1 1 I . -1 5 51' fXQf" :Lf - 5.1 .xr-arg 1- 5,132 mx g' fa: .l.2 L2::,3g?75 5,254 , if 4 Wu . , v P , .,., T., , ,, , ,,w,,g,J . ' G " x rr, .w ',,L:: - V Q if Qs 1 if r ' 1 if F r fi' 1 1' ..2- - N P Mu Mrs. Fournier Secretary if Q 1 E if ...a...... FACULTY ROBERT BARRY SOCIAL STUDIES HENRY BAILLARG EON MATH k""' 2 1. I I MAURICE BEALS PHYSICAL ED. -.K B f A sp I A if ffffq A ,T 5 iSff5iSSIiI :Ig 3 THOMAS CLAVETTE -4-M AGRICULTURE 21 TILDA CROCKER LOUIS DAIGLE JOHN DOYLE LARRY DUMONT COMMERCIAL SOCIAL STUDIES Qnrru Qfrnnrlrs r-nxn,n:nr'u1 FAC U LTY P ETER ZTANDREAU ORIENTATION BARBARA GOODRICH .CW ENGLISH-SPEECH W LAWRENCE GRIFFIN SCIENCE Josspu HALLEE LANGUAGES ,vv"' ALMA um. 'Vs ENGLISH a If "fii::ai'x CAROLYN LABBE HINEST LOWELL ALFRED MARIN HOME ECONOMICS COACH- SOCIAL STUDIES SCIENCE ""'f..'E?' FAC U LTY '-. Ei p ,S ,iq A , ,. 7 W L A x tQ14,w"'f1,M- 'Nu . Q - My -3 ,Ev swf 5 gaseissff f ' GERALD POUZOL MU SIC ENGLISH 1 PATRICIA MARTIN ENGLISH 4 MAURICE MITCHELL COMMERCIAL MAXINE PAGE ENGLISH 2 15625 FR DANA SHAW THEODCRE THIBMULT IOSEPHINE CYR INDUSTRIAL ARTS COMMERCIAL LIBRARIAN SENIOR CLASS QFFICERS .ig 13 Secretary . . . . . Ellen Hartt President ..... . . Jacqueline Rioux Vice-President . . . . Roger Daigle Treasurer . . . . . Robert Toussaint 5 5 Huggy ,rj ,v ' f " 4 mf '-,, Lexi E25 ff " V. we f, fl Vi ' fi "9-ZIV f-iff, A' . nf- fi' ' I , , - .ff ,.-. 4,1 , , , fe. - 1 I I .15 wx " y I X I ff X. "U 'I 2 X! f. 4 . f.:,.,f,,,, ' , ,M- f ff, S . I . I nr. 4, Iyg. r ' . My' ' 'l If4w3'h ,ffm + 5 QQ" if Wag, -"' , ' ,A 12.245 fw.L F , Mfr' f , Jg,w:ffW 'f-!'1'vs,,, . RH 4 .L , Sponsored by: MAINE PUBLIC SERVICE CO. , FORT KENT, A FRIEND 'Qi' 5 Eva Albert Fort Kent Clerical "She looks as quiet as a lamb but look again. " Theresa Bard Fort Kent General "I can resist anything but tempta- tion." SENIORS -""'-ua-.A Fernand Albert Eagle Lake General "Ta1l, dark and friendly. " 55- Artheline Belanger wallagrass Secretarial "A man says what he Eleases, a woman says what she nows. " 12 K .s s r. X' Carlton Bard Fort Ker General "A little nonsense now and then i relished by the best of men. " uiv""' y ,.,..:. ' P :': 1' .g.?f:i:f55.-- f. ..I if ft wig, :WVR i :El 55, 555.7 :., 5 -,,.- 557 ,-f.., ..., --5 5. k 1 Albert Berube St. John Industrial "Shy but friendly. " M MM t 'if I J i. fe loan Bembe Fort Kent Clerical "Men may come and men may go, but I go on forever. " qi!-way. 3 Darlton Bouthot Plaisted General "Cool, calm and collected. " SENIORS - , A X Q 'E Marilyn Bouchard Fort Kent Paul Bouchard Soldier Pond College Industrial "There is a time of speaking and a "Short, dark and handsome. " time of being still. " 51 1 ',., Betty Jane Caron Fort Kent Secretarial General Garland Caron Fort Kent "Soft- spoken plus sparkling brown eyes." too soon." "I never think of the future, it come: 13 SENICRS Q f E i I ? Lf, lk -' it x is w Beatrice Charerte F011 Kell! Eldon Charette St. Francis Irenee Collins Fort Kel General Agricultural Commercial Clerical twirh 3 S008 in her heart. " "Men of few words are the best men. " "The more said the better. " Joan Clavette Fort Kent Clifford Daigle Daigle Harold Daigle Daigl General Industrial Industrial "She drives as though she were re- "A friend among friends. " "The blush that flies. " hearsing for an accident. " 14 fs? W Odette Daigle St. John Secretarial "I'm dreaming of Uncle Sam's brave heroes. " Ari loger J. Daigle Fort Kent Clerical 'When love and duty clash, let iuty smash. " SENIORS N rsqpx , t C 52, x e,e if '55 if 'f tw. 'ir Philip Daigle New Canada Rena May Daigle Fort Kent Agricultural General "Good things are twice as good when they are short." 'sg' I, , g 5 .7 - E., l . ,R , .,., . Roger L. Daigle Fort Kent General "Content to live, that is my story "Don't judge a book by its cover." Ronette Daigle Daigle Clerical "Pleasant is she and full of good intent. " SENIORS 'N fin: Alta Deschaine Fort Kent Claudette Deschaine Fort Kent Pauline Dube Eagle Lal Secretarial Clerical General "Nice things do HOI always COUIC "As merry as the day is long." "Unknown to many because of her in small packages. " quietness. " Larry Fournier Fort Kent Randall Freeman Fort Kent Rita Gagnon Fort Ken General Industrial College "I-Ie has a merry wit and is not shy "Work has killed many a mang "Wisdom is the principal thing. " of using it. " why die?" 16 SENIORS Slhiu' we ky at 3 K: Q . 1 , mr' N Q A ' .sw ' - J, I ri, 2 l S s fi Q Betty Hartt Fort Kent Ellen Hartt Fort Kent Claude I albert St. John General College Industrial Arts "Man on her mindg figure the rest. " "Quiet only to those who don 't "The least said the better." know her. " 'Mini' ew - 1,LQ tw' k-',- Arky ' ...K - my K My rnt E y ff if Q gi f Diana Jandreau St. Francis Barbara Kelley Allagash Wllena Kelley Allafash Commercial Secretarial General Commercial Secretaria "A lot of fun to have around, " "She is gentle and shy, but there's "Silence is the mother of truth. " mischie in her eye.' 17 SENIORS Eugene Lozier Fort Kent Raynold Madore Eagle Lake Jeanne Marquis Fort Kent Clerical General Clerical "I love the life Ilead, so I "I'11 not budge an inch." "Mischief comes by the pound, lead the life I love. " goes by the ounce. " N1 ,ttf Roger Marquis Fort Kent Gladys Martin Fort Kent Leroy Martin St. Francis College Clerical Clerical ..T-his 831 has a future plang I "Come on girls! On with the "Wil1 somebody please listen!" think it includes a man. " dance!" 18 f , ,, SENIORS Robert Martin Fort Kent Vaughn Martin St. Francis Phyllis McPherson St. Francis College Business Clerical Secretarial "Bait your hook wellg this fish will "Quiet and shyg but a wonderful "A good laugh is sunshine ln the bite. " guy. " house. " T' -1499 A Barbara Mlchaud Fort Kent James Michaud Eagle Lake Louis Mlchaud Dalgle Clerical Clerical Industrial Arts "She who is tall. sees all. " "A tall guy, leaves room for a big "Good nature brings many friends. heart. " 19 'Q L 335 1 Milton Michaud Fort Kent Industrial General Rena Morin Fort Kent "Quiet---that's what you think. " "Blue- eyed blond, plus charm and endless conversation. " -im' 3, G 1 Rita Morin St. Francis General "I have no other but a woman's reason: I think so, because I think so ll ann.- 'EH' ip.-.W-V. Lola Morneault Eagle Lake Joan Nadeau Fort Kent Clerical College "Good at work, better at play, will- "The girl with a smile for every- ing to talk to boys all day." one." 20 45 f"'YPai-5' if 'rt I . ' I-45 ' 51. 'fa'-3'sSE5?'Q??f's r f. Mtgl 1, fn Louis Nadeau Fort Kent Clerical "If he can't find anything to laugh aboutg he'll giggle." SENIORS 1-vt., A '5t...,..f" V" Bernard Pelletier Eagle Lake Femande Pelletier St, Francis Clerical Clerical "To bluff or not to bluff that is the "A quiet personality often hides a question. " great soul, " 'irgha-'AIU' y ig, - 1 Q Elf.-ia 11 K P ff. ' Q X rx 'VL ' H Kathleen Pelletier St. John Leo Pelletier Dargle Clerical Industrial "A willing heart makes ready hands. " :If votes were cast, l'd vote for un. " 21 Joel Pelletier St. 101111 General "Command Performance, " 'lf ,, zwwv I irr. Q Q .P to f Linda Pelletier St. Francis Commercial "Charm strikes the sight, and mer- it wins the soul." SENICRS "wh-may '2 si KF k"7, ef ! . 'SHR 1 K' Louise Pelletier Daigle Milton Pelletier Fort Kent Roy Pelletier St. Francis Clerical Clerical Clerical "l Gossip, Gossip as I go." "Good naturedp A man of few "A gentleman makes no noise. " words. " llorraine Picard Fort Kent Secretarial "Born with a gift of laughter and a sense that the world is mad. " James Pinette Fort Kent Clerical "Courage and hard work will make many a man. " 22 Annette Plourde St. I ohm Clerical "I look as quiet as a lamb, but loo again. " SENICRS ,- .,,,..f Bernice Plourde Fort Kent Carlene Plourde Fort Kent Lolita Plourde Fort Kent Secretarial General General "Always her Sweet unselfish self. " "Why smile when you can laugh?" "Pizza Chef. " Donald Raymond Fort Kent College "A dimple in the chin and a devil within. " Gallant Raymond Daigle Clerical "The gentle mind by gentle deeds is known. " 23 I acqueline Rioux Fort Kent General "Man has his will but woman has her way. " W Anita Roy Eagle Lake Clerical "It's not the things we say, but the things we do that count. " ""l'-N-4J Lucien Soucier Walla grass General "He who is tall sees all. " SENIORS I Laurine Roy Soldier Pond Madeline Saucier Wallagras Clerical "A smile is a whisper ofa laugh." Clerical "What Ithink I utter. " Nortnan Soucy Eagle Lake Industrial "Warm hearted, sparkling with fun. 24 Jacqueline St. Amant Soldier Pc Clerical "Neat and sweety to know her is t love her." SENIDRS ,S rs- 'qgljv Rowena sz, Pierre Sr, john Carl Taggett St. Francis Laurette Theriault Fort Kent Secretarial Clerical General "Laughing and merry with never 3 "I don't want to earn my 1iving-- "But I, I love to dance. " care," ljust want to live." as 'wr' , Fi r C .,,, r """""" ' A err Rinette Theriault Fort Kent Charles Thibodeau St. Francis R0b61'I TOUSSHUII FOI! Kent General General College "Love makes the world go roundp "1f a woman does not get me, the "Looks can be deceiving. " that's why I'm dizzy. " Army will." 25 OUR VETERANS Norman Deschaines Fort Kent Joseph Pelletier St. Francis General General "I came, I saw, I conquered." "Work is good for you, but love is better. " 4 Mdmwm Mgfr I -' 17.5" s V it ,, I ,-.f fs V I A ' is . , L, xg ,tm U51 ,QE .4517 ,L ' . A .. , I Gordon Simon Fort Kent General "Gila:-uf I-mr than " SENIOR SUPERLATIVES 351 181 MOST POPULAR 1 ALLEST B EST LOOKING VY0 LHCEL g, BEST DRESSED BEST DANCERS GIRLS NAME EVA ALBERT THERESA BARD JOAN BERUBE ARTHELINE BELANGER MARILYN BOUCHARD BETTY JANE CARON BEATRICE CHARETTE JOAN CLAVETTE ODETTE DAIGLE RENA MAE DAIGLE RONETTE DAIGLE ALTA DESCHAINE CLAUDETTE DESCHAINE PAULINE DUBE RITA GAGNON BETTY ANN HARTT ELLEN HARTT DIANA JANDREAU WILENA KELLY JEANNE MARQUIS GLADYS MARTIN PHYLLIS MCPHERSON BARBARA MICHAUD RENA MORIN RITA MORIN LOLA MORNEAULT JOAN NADEAU FERNANDE PELLETIER KATHELINE PELLETIEI LINDA PH..LEI'IER LOUISE PELLETIER LORRAIN E PICARD ANNETTE PLOURDE BERNICE PLOURDE CARLENE PLOURDE LOLITA PLOURDE JACKIE RIOUX ANITA ROY LAURINA ROY MADHJNE SAUCIEI LAURETTE THHIIAULT RINETTE THERIAULT ROWENA ST. PIERRE JACKIE ST. AMANT NICKNAME nTi-Van uqyessten Io-Jou Art" ll ll "Bet" "Bea" NIO!! "De dette" "Ti- Rene" "Ron" "Ta- ta" "Clo" "Marie" "Ta- ta" "Hartt" II N llDill ll ll "Jean" "Puse" "Babe" "Barbie" llRenll "Jumbo" IILOII NIO!! "Ti- Tite" "Kate" "Deda" "Ti- Weze" "Pic" " Ne- nette ll "Charlie" "Ti- Beth" "Jackie" 7YAnnieYl uLoun nhaadu " T i- Ret " "Rene " nRowu II HOROSCOPE FAVORITE SONG Wake Up Little Susie Rainbow Remember You're Mine Because You're Mine Until the 12th of Never Oh-Boy! Could this be Magic Melodic d'amour Oh-Boy! Third Finger Left Hand Love Letters in The Sand Start Moving My Bah? Likes to Rock I'l1 Wa k The Line Fascination Remember You're Mine Sweedish Rhapsody Remember You're Mine Oh-Boy! Hi- School Romance Jingle Bell Rock The Joker You Send Me Hi-School Romance Tru-La- La It's Not For Me To Say Rainbow Melodie d'amour Honeycomb Just Forever More You Send Me April Love Silhouette College Romance Chances Are True Love Wake Up Little Susie Melodie d'amour Rainbow Chances Are Treat Me Nice Silhouette Hi-School Romance 28 PASTIME Going to the movies Dreaming of Fort Dix Writing Letters Painting Swimming Dancing Singing Writing Letters Dancing at Fred's Dancing Dancing Singing Dancing Drawing Talking Counting Days Photography Going to Fred's Listening to the Radio Dancing Going Out Dancing Waiting???? Cooking Ha Comer Blargbyermg Talking Having Fun Reading Going Next Door Dreaming of Fort Dix Riding in a Ford Dancing Reading Rushing- - - Where??? Dreaming of ??? Waiting??? Teasing Boys Cooking Eagle Lake Boys Buicks Riding in a Blk 8a Wht Ford Pearly Brook BOYS NAME CARLTON BARD ALBERT BERUBE PAUL BOUCHARD DARLTON BOUTHOII' GARLAND CARON ELDON CHARETTE IRENEE COLLINS CLIFFORD DAIGLE HAROLD DAIGLE PHILLIP DAIGLE ROGER' DAIGLE I. ROGER DAIGLE L. NORMAN DESCHAINES RANDALL FREEMAN LARRY FOURNIER CLAUDE I ALBERT EUGENE LOZIER REYNOLD MADORE ROGER MARQUIS LEROY MARTIN ROBERT I. MARTIN VAUGHN MARTIN I AMES MICHAUD LOUIS MICHAUD MILTON MICHAUD LOUIS NADEAU BERNARD PELLEI' IER JOE.. PELLETIER JOSEPH PELLETIER LEO PELLETIER MILTON PELLETIER ROY PELLETIER IAMES PINETTE DONALD RAYMOND GALLANT RAYMOND LUCIEN SAUCIPR GORDON SIMON NORMAN SOUCY CARL TAGGET CHARLES THIBODEAU ROBERT TOUSSAINT HOROSCOP E NICK NAME npa, Pussu uBert n " T i- Paul" " Dar1" "Garl" "Eldon" " N.en" "P e- tous" " T l- tou " " T i- Boy" IIRO8 ll VY ll " Norm" "Randy" ll ll "Pete" "G ene" II ll ll ll " Lee" " Bobby: " V aug n" nl n Lou "Mel" "Lou " " Barney " Njoey ll ll K ll vllun If "Mel" Il ll nl-irnrnyn Don " ll Il 1lLu0 " Simon " ll Norm!! ll If "Charlie " "Bobby" 29 FAVORITE SONG You Shouldn't do that Don't Forbld Me Peggy Sue Two Different worlds Hula Love April Love Fascination Till Banana Boat Song Hula Love Gonna Find Me A Blubird All Shook Up Anna Marie Green Door Melodie d'amour I'm,Hurting Inside Rock 'n roll Muslc Blue Monday April Love Rock 'n Roll Music Searching Let's Have A Party Rauncho Don't Forbid Me Melodle d'amour Fascination Hula Love Hungarian Rhapsody Rock- A- Bye- My- Baby Chances Are Wake Up Little Susie I Forgot To Remember Ole Lang Sye Oh-Boy Wake Up Little Susie Don't Be Cruel Re-enlistment Blues Hapl-py Whistler I ai ouse Rock Jailhouse Rock Deep Purple PASTIME Skatln Doing Islothing Danc ng Far Going ggmdhe Movies Basket a Playing cards Gir s?? Hunting Buicks Girls Bowlin Deliverging Milk Getting G rls Mad Fishing Swimming Fishing Girls Goin Out l-Iuntgng fGirlsp Teasing The Girls Listening to Music Hunting Working Dancin Playing8Cards Teasing Girls Changing Diapers Pampng the Town Playing! Romeo with Juliet Listen g to Records Buming My Dad's Gas Bumlng The Old Buick Fishing Hunting Bowling Teasing Mr. Doyle Teaslng Girls Basketball Worrylng?? DRDY FILIUKID swwq wmiftkea is Ngzadm,-m-M.... T 'f 'wa 1 s m W ,fm Q.. :M ,.....-.- - ,', , ,lk Rf F f 'Zi W M, f , . 4 5 .. W i A QQ ur iffy: K '41 Rh Q , tiff 2' -ff O .Q NL iw F ,r Q 'mbfni 3' A -, 35.35 1' fi p x' in iZ?9l'lin vm- 1535 -W, Y J Q' 3 , Ai, f, , ' K Q A gf- A A,.,-:ik .,-,gi , ,5a31 f4ibff :aaI?Qg,.,il9g2 Eff' ' , mm ,, Q A .A . up sf' ' ,.,,.tM WWA' .. , Y W' x W Q. ww Q 35:51 D '- ug ' M r J JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS H . +1 4 N ,P Vice-President . . . .Michael Kelly President .... . .Eleanor Dee Secretary . . . .Jeanine Martin Treasurer . . . . Carlton Dubois I' AX li ? X J ' . I ,4 Sponsored by: OUl1LETTE'S SHOE STORE AND YOUTH CENTER, SEARS, ROEBUCK AND COMPANY, FORT KENT. 31 .IUNIORS Room 26 lst Row, Left to Right: N. Gagon, P. Lizotte, M. Deschaines, L. Lafrance, E. Dee, N. Labbe, P. Labbe, A. Gorneault, N. Kelly, H. Gagon, P. Long. 2nd Row: Mrs. Hill, G. Jandreau, T. Gagon, S. Deprey, B. Dubois R. Dumont, V. Madore, N. Marquis, L. Drake, J. Daigle, C, Dubois, D. Martin. 3rd Row: T. Harvey, C. Dube, G. Ham, F. Jalbert, R. Dunn, R. Laferriere, R. Lausier, M. Kelly, T. Dow, A. Lamore. , J 1. J L J Q ., Zxflf 1, ab v 75175 4 Room 29 lst Row, Left to Right: A. Pelletier, J. Pelletier, V. Michaud, J. Paradis, J. Martin, C. Roy, L. Plourde, J. Pelletier, A. Pinette, J. Morneault, L. Pelletier. 2nd Row: Mr, Thibeault, J. Ouellette, B. Michaud, T. Ouellette, D. Pelletier, F. McBreairty, C. Michaud, L. Plourde, A. Pinette, A. Pelletier. 3rd Row: A. Raymond, J. Martin, A. Pelletier, L. Plourde, D. Tarbox. J. Michaud, K. Paradis. .IUNIORS Q C5 fin Rooms 23 and 22 lst Row, Left to Right: E. Belanger, I. Bouchard, G. Tardie, P, Caron, N. Saucier, L. Chasse. D. Albert, P, Bouchard, M. St. John, R. Bouchard, J. Cyr, B. Toussaint, L. Daigle. 2nd Row: G. Bosse, S. Collin, R. Columbe, L. Thibodeau, D. Kelly, D. Blier, E. Hafford, B. Toussaint, G. Bouchard, J. Baker, L. Saucier, M. Baker, N. Bouchard, C. Thibodeau, G. Beaulieu, B. Banville, H, Caron, G. Belanger, R. Caron, A. Therlault, E. Baker, Mr. Doyle. 3rd Row: J. Berube, R. Columbe, A. Albert, R. Bouthot, L. Gardner, G. Bouchard, K. Vaillancourt. R. Thibodeau, E. Thibeault, P. Caron, E. Bartlett, R. Charette, G. Daigle, R. Audibert. L. Soucy, R. Belanger. Aggie Home Room: lst Row, Left to Ri ht:Phi1i Daigle, C. Levasseur, R. Bouchard, R. Freeman, C. Daggle, O. Dubois, L. Desjargin, E. Cgarette, M. Michaud. 2nd Row: Mr. Clavette, P. Bouchar . J. Mich- aud, A. Berube, L. Michaud, R. Jalbert, C. Jalbert, L. Pelletier, N. Soucy, H. Daigle, H. Mich aud. 33 SOPHOMORE CLASS oFrlcE RS 1 ii!!! E ' s 2' I H yi Q MQ. ,I - Mae Rita Coury Donald Plourde Sandra Pinette Sponsored by ALPHEEJ NADEAU 8: SONS W E WARMAN, AND QUIGLEY S SOPHOMORES Room 7 Seated, Left to Right: L. Pelletier, P. Ouellette, L. Nadeau, J. Michaud, P. Nadeau. I. Mar- quis. C. Nadeau. R. Long, J. Ouellette. 2nd. Row: Mr. Hallee, P. Morin, P. Martin, L. Mar- ' ' N d au I. Pelletier, F. Pelle- quis, C. Ouellette, L. Pelletier, M. Mahaney, L. Pelletier, P. a e , tier, B. Martin. CMH Room 9 Seated, Left to Right: G. Daigle, C. Charette.C.Dumor1d, R. Corriveau, F. Clavette, R. Coury, A. Desjardins, M. Chasse, J. Dubois, M. Creehan, B. Furlong, 2nd Row: H. Doustou, H. Dionne, L. Nadeau. V. Daigle, P. Dee, L. Dubay, R. Coulombe, M. Daigle, C. Daigle, H. Desjardins, G. Cry, L. Morin, A. Devo, Mr. Baillargeon, 3rd Row: J. Daigle, M. Charette, M. St.John, H. Desjardins, N. Desjardins, N. Daigle, R. Daigle, Y. Potvin, E. Dube, R. Daigle 35 SOPHOMORES cunts K YY Room 8 Seated, Left to Right: R.J. Plourde, H. Saucier, B. M. Potvin, A. M. Saucier, M. Robichaud, N. Soucie, D. Plourde, S. Pinette, C. Roy. 2nd Row: Mr. Lowe11, K. Morey, C. Saucier, L. Simard, B. Saucier. M. Perreault, M. Roy, L. Plourde, R. Pinette, M. Gagnon, L. Levesque, 3rd Row: C. Pinette, G. Saucier, D, Pinette, J. Page, J. Pinette, P. Pelletier, A. Saucier, R. St. Peter, D. Plourde. Room 27 Seated, Left to Right: A. Gaudreau, M. Gagnon, I. L. Jandreau, R. A. Jandreau, H. Henderson, D. Labonte. J. Jandreau, L. Label, R. Guy, L. Levesque, M. A. Guirnond. 2nd Row: Mrs. Page, M. Hebert, F. Guy, L. A. Levesque, B. Goodrich, R. Landry, M. Jalbert, S. Laferriere, S. Lag asse, I. Lagasse. 3rd Row: V. Hafford, E. Lagasse, W. Lizotte, R. Gagnon, R. Raymond, C. La- france, C. Parker, W. Jandreau, R. Gagnon, W. Jandreau. 36 FRESH MAN CLASS OFFICERS ww Vice-President . . . . . Doris Jalbert President . . . . . . Philip Thibodeau Treasurer. . . . . . Guilda Plourde Secretary . . . . . . AnnPerreau1t 4. X ' f X Z' S ? S I x X Sponsored by DAIGLE AND DAIGLE, LOUIS PARADIS, NISSEN BAKING CO. AND SOUCY S CASH MARKET. 3 7 FRESHMEN Room 2 First Row Left to Ri ht- N. Deprey, G. Charette, I. Dai le, I. Desjardins, R. Charette, F. Deschaine, O. D'Aml:?oise, R. Desciaine, H. Coulombe, L. Devoe, '2nc?Row: A. Cyr, R. Cyr, D. Dionne, N. Deschaine, D. Dar le, B. Dionne, V.'Daig1e, K. Dionne, P. Deprey, P. Charette, J. Daigle, Miss Martin, 3rd Row: R. Desjar ms. J. Cyr, R. Dargle, L. Drake, F. Dumond, R. Daigle, P. Collins, R. Collins, W. Desjardins, S. .F Deprey. GCD Room 3 First Row, Left to Right: H. Levesque, J. Lamarre, D. Martin, V. Martin, E. Michaud, C. McBreairty, L. Morin, I. Ouellette, P. Michaud, F. MacPerson, C. Lebel. 2nd Row: Mr. Daigle, H. Michaud, L. Michaud, D. Laferriere, M. J. Laferriere, S. Morin, L. Laferriere, N. Michaud, N. Marquis, J. Laferriere, J. Ouellette. d A. Leves ue, L. Morin, O 3rd Row: K. Mahaney, L. Ouellette, R. Lafrance, R. Long, L. Nadeau, N. Ma ore, q Oakes, V. Lozier. 38 FRESHMEN C3 C5 fn, Room 1 lst Row, Left to Right, Seated: P. Dubois, C. Hebert, L. Drake, V. Fongemie, D. Jalbert, Y. Gorneault, Y Labbee, B. Harvey, B. Gagnon, C. Labree, G. Dube, 2nd Row, Standing: Mrs. Goodrich, R. Dubois, J. Jan dreau, D. Gagnon, W. He ert, P. Thibodeau, M. Dube, R. Gagon, B. Gagon,F. Harvey, M. Dubois. 3rd Row, Standing: T. Kelley, E. Fortin, J. Guy, J. Guimond, P. Jalbert, K. Ialbert, L. Gagne, T. Labbee, N. Jandreau. n ,..n095rinn9f-s """ 'us Room 5 lst Row, Left to Right, Seated: R. Bernier, J. Bemier, S. Bouchard, R. Belanger, D. Blanchette, C. Caron, B. Berube, M. Belanger, R. Blier, M. Brown, N. Berube, 2nd Row, Standing: Mr. Barry, G. Caron, D. Ber- ube, V. Blanchette, J. Brown, P. Blanchette, L. Bouthot, P. Brown, H. Caron, A. Berube, I. Caron, A. Blier. 3rd Row, Standing: S. Blair, R. Blanchette, W. Bouley, J. Bouchard, R, Blair, P. Albert. I. Berube, C. Berube, R. Berube, V. Bouthot. 39 FRESH MEN Lab. lst Row, Left to Right: I. Voisine, E. Thibodeau, M. Theriault, R. Thibeault, J. Theriault, J. Voisine, A. Voisine, R. M. Boucher, B. White, L. Voisine, J. St. Peter. 2nd Row: Mr. Griffin, F. Theriault, L. St. Pet er, A. Dubay, C. Voisine, P. Thibodeau, M. Thibodeau, S. Voisine, L. Theriault, K. Theriault. 3rd Row: F. Thibodeau, W. Walker. J. Vaillancourt, C. Rossignal, N. Vaillancourt, R. Theriault, I. Pelletier, R. Theriault. Peo Amin Room 4 lst Row, Left to Right: M. A. Pelletier, J. Pelletier, B. Saucier, D. M. Plourde, A. Pearult, C. Plourde, B. J. Pelletier, D. Pelletier, G. Plourde, T. Smart, G. Pelletier. 2nd Row: Mr. Jandreau, L. Paradise, R. Saucier, W. Saucier, E. Plourde, J. Pelky, P. Parent, C, Parent, J. Saucier, R. Roy, F. Sirois, L. Pelletier. 3rd Row: T. Saucier, G, Pelletier, K. Pinette, A. Pelletier, P.Pe11etier, B. Saucie, R. Pinette, C. Pinette, R. Pelletier, J. Page. 40 FRESHMEN A FW 0 iw -o O1 a pr 050 Room 6 SEATED LEFT TO RIGHT: M. Pelletier, I. Babin, C. Thibodeau, B. Bard, S. Theriault, L. Babin, W. Voisin, J. Vaillancourt, B. Saucier, M. Thibeault, C. Thibodeau, SECOND ROW: Mr. Maran, P. Audibert, K. Waxman, D. Babin, L. Pelletier, P. Bard, G. Babin, O. Thibodeau, THIRD ROW D. Bartlett, G. Babin, R. Thibeault, A. Toussaint, R. Vaillancourt, H. Trombley, M. Pelletier. OUR FRESHMEN INITIATION , 6 A ' 'A if " Sponsored by: MARTIN'S REXALL STORES, MR. 8a MRS. GILMAN BOUCHARD, V,F,W,POST H9609 FT. KENT, FT. KENT MILLINERY SHOPPE. 2. VARSITY FIRST ROW: C. Dubois. R. Audibert, Manager, R. Lagasse, SECOND ROW: L. Levesque, P. Cannan, G. Voisine, P. Caron, Coach Lowell, E. Thibeault, D. Tarbox, M. 'St. John, C. Thibodeau. A 'r U jg - A , K . A ,, Y' X , . .. gfyg 5. 5 K , a 2- -1.5 Lk.. V J Q Q ,V V S I .NJ ky K A .. - A f 1 ... I 40 R, A A if "" f . . 'mg 5 ' 'LL W K. A ,, L. .,,. r.L. K 1,...,: ,N A f.. .. -' 'R ' I -- . -'.I,. ' .L.,K-C. .'1C gig , . . ., . fi S , v..,. V -- ,, ...uf . S 2-Q 9 1 K A ... 1 P. Carman A M. St. John G. Voisine Sponsored by: A.L. LEBOEUF, FRANK MARTIN SONS, ROY'S AUTO ELECTRIC SHOP, MEDLEY'S MARKET 42W JAYVEES Q f ' Ly." QA . A 4 We A . FIRST ROW: LEFT TO RIGHT: C. Plourde, J. Cyr, R. Raymond, B. Daigle, L. Pelletier. J. Page, SECOND ROW: D. Babin, V. Blanchette, R. Dumond, J. Page, P. Collin, W. Walker, P. Thibodeau, Coach Dumont. P. Caron D. Tarbox E. Thibeault Sponsored by: EVERETT PERREAULT. FORT KENT DRUG CO., ZENON BABIN, A8LN STORE, GILMAN HARTT, ST. FRANCIS. 47. GIRLS' BASKETBALL TEAM B Eli RESEIQEHEE Aim Q 'in' FIRST ROW: D. Martin, D. Daigle, G. Levesque, R. Guy, L. Levesque, K. Morey. SECOND ROW: F. Guy, D. Jalbert, L. Levesque, B. Goodrich, M.R. Coury, Mr. Marin, Coach. P. Cannan, G. Voisine, E. Thibeault, R. Lagasse, M. St . John, Mr. Lowell, Coach Sponsored by: COLE'S EXPRESS, BANGOR, MAINE "SERVING MAINE" 44 VARSITY xx ...MA ... L Mg'-Q.. A... Lx..i.- ,Nazis Q r" 1' t 5 E. Hartt, C. Plourde, M. Bouchard, B. Ham, E. Dee, R. Theriault, Miss Labbe, Coach. Q Eh ' nisnoguss go . Miss Labbe, Coach, M.R. Coury, J. Marquis, B. Martin, J. Vaillancourr, A. Perreault, S. Pinette. Sponsored by: A.B.C. BREAD, HOULTON, ROCKS' MOTEL, VINER'S MUSIC SHOP, BANGOR, BLANCHETTE BROS. , EAGLE LAKE, 45 WINTER SPORTS . U ' r i V . ... . - FIRST ROW: A. Pelletier, R. Thibeault, I. Pelletier, D. Blais, M. Mahoney. I. Labrie. SECOND ROW: A. Dow, Y. Potvin. I. Caron, E. Thibeault, H. Desjardins, A. Pinette, R. Warman. CRCSS COUNTRY TEAM 54 3 FIRST ROW: A. Voisine, R. Daigle, I. Page, V. Blanchette. I. Labrie, A. Raymond, I. Cgr, SECOND ROW: L. Drake, P. Carman, L. Pelletier, G. Voisine, R. Raymond, D. S aw. Sponsored by: PIERRE FREEMAN, DR. TOUSSAINT, GUY E, KELLY, ALLAGASH, and CYR BROS., CARIBOU. 46 HOCKEY CLUB H W 'fill IH WN A FIRST ROW: P. Dee, Y. Potvin, T. Dow, C. Bard, I. Labrie, R. Raymond, SECOND ROW D Berube, L. Drake, H. Desjardin, H. Desjardin, L. Pelletier, P. Nadeau, L. Marquis, L Nadeau, E. Fortin, Mr. Marin, Advisor. RIFLE CLUB J. H- 'fi 3 n-.. il ' 1 - ,,........ ,,,.,.-..J , ,- , FIRST ROW: J. Pinette, N. Gagnon, D. Blais, R. Plnette, G. Saucier, E. Bartlett, H. Gagnon, R. St. Pierre, SECOND ROW: T. Dow, G. Ham, L. Simard, C. Dube, J. Baker, C. Taigett, L. Martin, M. Kelley, R. Martin, F.Ja1be1't, D. Kelley, Mr. Mitchell, A visor. Sponsored by: AMERICAN LEGION MARTIN-KLEIN POST 134133. IJ. NEWBERRY CO., MORNEAULT'S INSURANCE AGENCY, A. R. DAIGLE " YOUR RAMBLER DEALER". 47 CRIER STAFF WEEYTWWHT lmmf UMM! lar!! 'uqgmgp FIRST ROW: SEATED LEFT TO RIGHT: C. Plourde, E. Dee, S. Collins, E. Hartt, R, Theriault, B. Hartt, L. Plourde, SECOND ROW: B. Goodrich, J. Nadeau, M. Bouchard, R. Audibert, L. Levesque, Miss Martin. STUDENT COUNCIL , R E . .m.,- .... 1EWE!i52R!XtBi1i!l1.iUtdN an Mlrliliikilllir R' RMRKTE FIRST ROW: SEATED LEFT TO RIGHT: J. Ouellegte. J. Rioux, L. Picard, R. Theariult, L. Plourde, E. Dee, SECOND ROW: Mr. Doyle, D. Plourde, P. Thibodeau, R. Lozier, J. Page, R. Plourde, D. Plourde, R. Daigle. Sponsored by: BANGOR AND ARoosTooR RAILROAD COMPANY. 48 FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Y ca SEATED LEFT TO RIGHT: R. Corriveau, R. Gagnon, C. Plourde, E. Dee, R. Theriault, L. Plourde, B. Hartt, S. Collins, J. Nadeau, A. Belanger, J. Cyr, SECOND ROW: Miss Martin, Advisor, F. Smart D. Pelletier, M. Pelletier, J.Nadeau, B. Dubois, D. Labonte, L. LaFrance, A. Perreault, G. Plourde, B. Pelletier, B. Saucier, L. Pelletier, L. Fournier, THIRD ROW: J. Pelletier, P. Caron, L. Dubay, 1. Rioux, R. Marquis, P. Parent, R. Landry, B. Pelletier, R. Lozier, M. Perreault, N. Marquis, R. Toussaint, M. Bouchard, D. Plourde, R.M. Bouchard. LITERARY SEATED LEFT TO RIGHT: D. Dionne, I. Desjardins, N. Deschaine, Y. Gomeault, F. McPherson, F. Desjardins, R. Thibeault, SECOND ROW: Miss Martin, Advisor, B. Bard, M. Dube, P. Duprey, L. Bouthot, B. Dionne, B. Saucier. Sponsored by: MR. AND MRS, A.I. NADEAU, DR. AND MRS. JOSEPH BARRESI, DRS, NORMAND AND MAURICE CYR, NORMAN A. GUY. 49 CURTIS MAGAZINE CAMPAIGN ' x I FIRST ROW: M. R. Coury, B. Goodrich, J. Rioux, B. Ham, R. Lozier, S. Collins, A. Perreault, SECOND ROW: G. Pelletier, J. Page, M. St. John, R. Daigle, W.Kel1ey, Mr. Baillargeon, Advisor, O PUBLICITY CLUB Sei FIRST ROW: B. Ham, I. Rioux, C. Plourde, L. Plourde. E. Dee, L. Picard, SECOND ROW: E. Hartt, R. Theriault, R. Lozier, B. Goodrich, M. Bouchard, Miss Martin, Advisor. 50 FUTU RE BUSINESSLEADERS OF AMERICA A , i SEATED LEFT TO RIGHT: L. Plourde, E. Dee, D. Iandreau, B. Caron, R. St.Pierre, K. Vaillancourt, A. Deschaine, B. Plourde, O. Daigle, SECOND ROW: Mr. Dumont Advisor J. Pelletier, A. Gorneault, G. Tardie, L. Plourde, W. Kelly, J. Paradis. I. Morneault, B. Pinette. The Fort Kent Community High School Business Club was established with three objectives in mind: 1. To promote interest in the business world and to provide the students with the latest methods used in the business world: 2. To encourage social spirit among the commercial students, 3. To discover and serve the needs of the community. Meetings are social and educational. STENO CLUB llllll 'iw-I' SEATED LEFT TO RIGHT: B. Plourde, A. Belanger, L. Plourde, A. Gomeault, P. Long, L. LaFrance, J. Pelletier, L. Pelletier, L. Picar . SECOND ROW: Mrs. Crocker, I. Morneault, B. Dubois, L. Drake, A. Deschaine, R. Dumond, J. Paradis, L. Plourde, W. Kelly, L. Pelletier Sponsored by: MAURICE I. FINESON RWRESENTING HERFF JONES CO. RADIO CLUB FIRST ROW: T. Gagnon, R. Deschaine, S. Deprey, R. Deprey, J. Page, I. Page, C. Plourde, H. Coulombe, M. Deschaine, SECOND ROW: Mr. Marin, Advisor, D. Laferriere, F. Thibodeau, M. Pelletier, C. Dionne, L. Daigle, C. Berube, N. Lizotte, P. Morin, THIRD ROW: M. Mahaney P. Nadeau, J. Thibodeau, R. Vaillancourt, R. Pelletier, M, Baker, J. Caron, A. Toussaint, I. Berube, J. Nadeau SCIENCE CLUB ,.l., .Bi W A - 1 nn.. ll I i 'J -. I 9 .an , . FIRST ROW: L. Paradis, A. Voisine, J. Clavette, E. Hartt, President, J. Page, R. Marquis, D. Berube, O. Thibodeau, SECOND ROW: R. Toussaint, J. Pinette, T. Ardenski, P. Collins, I. Martin, C. Parent. J. Michaud, Mr. Griffin, Advisor. 52 SPEECH CLUB 0656 'O V 'GQ SEATED LEFT TO RIGHT: B. White, I. Voisine, R.I. Plourde, R. Theriault, R. Audibert, E. Dee, B. Ham, SECOND ROW: Mrs. Goodrich, S. Bouchard, J. Ouellette, H. Henderson, M. Bouchard, T. Harvey, G. Gendreau, P. Thibodeau, D. Jalbert, A. Perreault, M. St. John, C. Plourde, G. Plourde, O. Thibodeau, THIRD ROW: D. Labonte, L. Nadeau, J. Vaillancourt, B. Goodrich, L. Nadeau, M, Ialbert, S. Collin, F. Guy, R. Bouchard. The purpose of the Speech Club is to encourage interest and par- ticipation in speech activities. f"'i'Yh. Winners A11 R. Theriault, B, Nadeau, R. Sutherland S. Collin P. D. Collin Sponsored by: ETSCOVITZ. CHEVROLET 8a VALLEY MOTORS. HON? IILCIITY I S Q 7 1 2 S , ll .X ll ll 'i NATIONAL I-loNoR socusrv E .fp 5 i SEATED LEFT T0 RIGHT: L. Pelletier, R. Gagnon, M. Bouchard, E. Hartt, V.Martin, J. Rioux. ROW TWO: Mrs. Page, Advisor, J. Pelletier, E. Dee, R. Audibert, K. Vaillancourt, L. Levesque, R. Martin, C. Parent, S. Collin. nun: SEATED: E. Hartt, V. Martin, M. Bouchard, R. Gagnon, STANDIN K. Vaillancourt, J. Pelletier, R. Martin, L. Levesque. Sponsored by: ALFRED D. SOUCY AND GI-RARD BOUCHARD 54 I 1 FUTURE HOMEMAKERS DF AMERICA FIRST ROW. I. Iandreau, I . Pelletier E. C1avette', A606650 Q45 n .. xx., Y- I. Bouchard, E. Thibodeau, G. Martin, M. Guimond, H. Saucier C. Roy, L. Pelletier, A, Pelletier. J. Ouellette, F, Thibodeau, SECOND ROW: Miss Labbe, Advisor, R. Jandreau, C. Herbert, L. Daigle, N. Soucie, S. Laiasse, M. Herbert, L. Morin, S. Laferriere, L. Chasse, I. St. Amant, B. T eriault, R. Long,J. Marquis, P. Bouchard, I. Jandreau,L. Morneault, A. Gaudreau, THIRD ROW: C. Nadeau, A. Desjardins, B. Martin, B. Toussaint, E. Baker, B. Saucier, M. Saucier, R. Morin. R. Coulombe, A. Roy, P. Dube, R. Theriault, M. Roy, C. Roy, Y. Labbe B. Pinette. FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA ACD F1 FIRST ROW: P. Daigle, I. Michaud, H. Michaud, R. Bouchard, L. Desjardins C. Levasseur, O. Dubois, E. Charette. SECOND ROW: Mr. Clavette, Advisor G. Bouchard, R. Jalbert, G. Bouchard, N, Daigle, R. Pelletier, C. Ouellette Sponsored by: MORNEAULT BROTHERS :'TEXACO STATION", SAVOY AND DRIVE IN THEATERS THIBODEAU INSURANCE AGENCY 55 COMMUNITY BAND ROW ONE. LEFT TO RIGHT: K. Warman, G. Cyr, J. Nadeau, N. Page, R. Daigle, P. Thibodeau, N. Marquis, J. Cyr, M. Cyr, ROW TWO: Mr. Pouzol, D. Laferriere, J. Page. J. Page, S. Collin, M. Coury, D. Jalbert, N. Marquis, J. Cyr, R. Guy, H. Henderson, ROW THREE: L. Cyr, R. Martin, J. Page, R. Daigle, L. Nadeau, P. Collin, C. Dubois, L. Levesque, R. Audibert. ALL AROOSTOOK k Q. 9- QQWMLV . R. Daigle, N. Marquis, P. Thibodeau, R. Audibert, I. Cyr, L. Levesque, D. Ialbert, N. Marquis, M. Coury, S. Collin. ALL-STATE M . Coury R. Audibert Sponsored by: NORTHERN NATIONAL BANK OF PRESQUE ISLE - FT, KENT OFFICE, COURY OH. COMPANY. 56 I K X GIRLS' GLEE CLUB A 'fi' if? ff A 0 ROW ONE, LEFT TO RIGHT: P. Lizotte, M. Brown, K. Morey, M. Pelletier, D. Plourde, P. Michaud, L. Drake, D. Pelletier, R. Plourde. I. Voisine. G. Dube, L. Devoe, ROW TWO: D. Martin, V. Fongemie, M. Guimond, P. Caron. J. Ouellet, R. Corriveau, H. Henderson, D. Jalbert, P. Labbee, N. Labbee, F. Guy, D. Daigle, Ar1nPerreau1t,I. Marquis, M. Coury, B. White, B. Charette, P. Long, ROW THREE: G. Plourde, P. Charette, R. Pelletier, Y. Labbe, N. Saucier, D. Blanchette, G. Bossie, B. Goodrich, R. Daigle, M. Ialbert, C. Roy. I. Vaillancourt. B. Berube, E. Albert, C. Hebert, M. Cree an. ALL AROCSTOOK 1 f Wm wg 2, A , -, if Q P . . '3 ,f- I. Vaillancourt. I . Marquis, A. Perreault, F. Guy Sponsored by: L. K. DAIGLE BUICK CO., HAROLD'S GARAGE, PEPSI-COLA BOTTLING CO. , PRESQUE ISLE, A FRIEND. 57 CREATIVE ARTS if 9 SEATED LET TO RIGHT: F. Pelletier, E. Belanger, P. Thibodeau, B. Potvin, T. Bard H. Henderson, V. Daigle, P. Charette, L. Roy, G. Pelletier. 2nd ROW: Mrs. Page, R. Bard, R. Dalgle, D. Daigle, K. Pelletier, L. Nadeau, L. Plourde, W. Voisine, R. Gagnon. Y. Potvin, C. Ouelette, R. Martin, O. Thibodeau, B. Charette, R. Daigle, M. Jalbert. The purpose of the Art Class is to give the students the basic principles of color, design, and form. The projects completed are Lettering, Sketching, and Soap Sculpturing. These projects show that Community I-ligh School has many artistic students with vocational possibilities . THE METEOR STAFF, on behalf of the graduating class, wish- es to thank our advertisers. Only through their cooperation were we able to complete this year's annual class book. Sponsored by: CAMILLE LABBE, MORIN'S AUTO RADIATOR SERVICE, PETE'S RES- TAURANT, ADRIEN MARQUIS. , 58 FRESHMAN INITIATION f Q41 X dy' Sponsored by: PARENT BROTHERS, VAN BUREN, A FRIEND. 59 , fig gf 'X SNOW BALL CORD NATION Candidates Queen Lorraine and King Roger First Dance - f Mrs. Frances Worthley presents Geiger Counter to Jacqueline Rioux, President of Student Council Mr. Griffin for Sears, Roebuck SL Company. presents check to Superintendent Frechette, for Clock and Scoreboard at Armory. Sponsored by: LUDGER OUELLFT, FORD SALES, CAMILLE DUBE, PLAISTED. 60 f M H. un- r,,U" ' S e :hai Cake? e HOME ECONCMICS S Miss Labby explains how to operate the mixer. CAFETERIA Wham a Cfcwdx Tick el S pIeQse Food looks good. 6 1 . .,.,. X r- A X S 5 'E and fr XM K, 'wasm-smuihslur X X J, - ink F si X ix -um an Q. .W I K . M1 -- - Ka Q. fx, A . W f i""" ,a ' X3 91 if . I 3 fi - I X "Wm wr W. 2 xx S1 3 xr fi t 9, K Q f 2 ! si ,s M S 3 -,f I - Q, in 2 as- 2, QQ L, S A y 41 if' X slr ' 1" i Q 1? f R S' 4 2 1. , Elf .fauna J Y E 1 REMEMBERING THE CLASS OF 'I957 zW ,vi1, if 64 4 f if Compliments of msn z. PEl.I.E'lfIER s. sous Seed Potatoes Y ST. JOHN MAINE 65 MORIN'S AUTO RADIATOR SERVICE PUMPS and COMPRESSORS-New and Rebuilt RADIATORS RECORDED, REPAIRED and CLEANED Market Street Tel. 283-11 Fort Kent PETE'S RESTAURANT A GOOD PLACE TO EAT Main Street Fort Kent Dr. and Mrs. Andre Sterlin High Street Fort Kent MORNEAUl.T'S GROCERY STORE MARKET STREET FORT KENT HOUSE'S CASH FQR1' KENT MARKET Mll.l.lNERY SHOPPE Open Sundays and Evenings Mrs- Gilben RRY' PNP' Until 'l'I P.M. Everything in Ladies' Wear Phone 82'86 Telephone 235-2 Market Street- Fort Kent R Main Street Fon Ken' 66 DELUXE CLEANERS Water Repellent Pick-up Delivery Service Market Street Fgrf Keni- Fort Kent 84 Madawaska TASTEE FREEZ Fort Kent Madawaslca LESTER .IANDREAU DINE and DANCE -Banquets St. Francis Maine C0lI.lN THE .IEWELER Watches - Diamonds - Jewelry of all kinds Frenchville Road Fort Kent PELl.ETlER - FLORIST Flowers for all Occasions Telephone 458-2 Main Street Fort Kent MlI.LIE'S BEAUTY SHOPPE Hall Street Fort Kent Telephone 197 CHEZ FRANCOISE Ladies' Apparel MAIN STREET FORT KENT ADRIEN MARQUIS Meats - Fruits - Groceries Telephone 155-11 Highland Avenue Fort Kent 67 PHILCO EVINRUDE APPLIANCES MOTORS GERARD J. BOUCHARD Radios - Television - Electrical Appliances Parts - Service 72 MAIN STREET Phone 422 FORT KENT MORNEAULT BROTHERS Texaco Station Market Street Fort Kent 68 Cote's Gift Shop Watch Repairing-Jewelry Main Street Fort Kent SAVAGE'S SUIT SHOP Main Street Fort Kent FORT KENT TELEPHONE COMPANY Main Street Fort Kent YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD STORE Roland Ro , Pro . Main Street Y P Fort Kent DORIS MAE'S TOURIST HOME Main Street Fort Kent CANNAN'S Men's Shop MAIN STREET FORT KENT DENNIS LOZIER'S RESTAURANT A Good Place To Eat MAIN STREET FORT KENT THIBODEAU'S INSURANCE AGENCY MAIN STREET FORT KENT 69 CLAUDE LABREE Welding and Iron Work PLEASANT STREET FORT KENT JOSEPH L. MARQUIS Groceries-Gas and Oil PLEASANT STREET FORT KENT CLET .IANDREAU FILLING STATION - GROCERIES ST. FRANCIS MAINE MIKE GANNON MAIN STREET FORT KENT P. V. ROY' FARM IMPLEMENTS MARKET STREET FORT KENT HAROLD'S GARAGE PLEASANT STREET FORT KENT CLAUDE PELLETIER Restaurant St. Francis Maine LEO T. BERUBE Fruit Distributor VAN BUREN MAINE 70 AUTQGRAPHS Congratulations fo the Class of I958 STEVENS STUDIOS Bangor - Maine OFFICIAL CLASS PHOTOGRAPHERS 72 ummm '.,.1::nw- M M. -J. 1. w 1 v - kv,-.,w mfmwwaf-.1, mlwmfiwsm-wwf .ai W V ,..1f.. W J- , .,. - Mu: ...Q me ,Q -ple . ?A 'l 2 , ' ' f K 1 , ' Q ' N Q, ' , ,, , . ',"'i Q. 4 ' ,.: A ' , 'f-'fvf"'r--fa.. " V ' Ki , ' f V ' .L , ' A V X A Q 'sf- i k ' ' Q . ,X 'g, , 'k X X V f Q ' . , V.4?4 T. 'lx N Q E , , A fxgq-. x , aw, j X H i . , .'i1 ' QQ gfx Q ' ' h Q, f , N A .,,4,.,,,., ' A x ,,f, Q A ' A I -. ai ,nl-u-s-"'f""" ' YKXXRQXQ A f , ' Q QQ A , QQ Q 5 Q f Q A Q Q ,,,-QQ? QQ 1 4, Q X- v?-Mk v-,V Q Q- :ENQQQV U Q .QXf,'eiKQ Q . -Q ,, ,V AQ: wx V',4 il , Q f Q 4 L -Q 'Q 1 F ' 5 N +41 f 5-XX 'S 5 N? Q X, R' NX 1 . . Af .' QQQA :xxx , ' ..f, Q , , A Q QQ , A ..,, NX ,qi X Q E X xx f N. X Q 1 . Q E Q Q , Q ,Q rf, Q Q , It K - , Q15 3 Q . FQ-QQ .. 'Br ' , Q A 4 L . ' Q X Ql.QQ , ,Q Q QQ QQ DL I I ,,.... - . .. 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