Fort Kent Community High School - Warrior Yearbook (Fort Kent, ME)

 - Class of 1954

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Fort Kent Community High School - Warrior Yearbook (Fort Kent, ME) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Cover

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,1-if -Qs ag - iz? L T -Vw 1f V :IE'?+: px.: Flss -. ,af X522 255 fi? fri , , -- 2 2 ,. E 32 342 .Li-Q3 if: R , N X H ' 1 x -c 4 .5 , ,-i, .-n' rl , ,,. --vbv... .- ,, .. -,..:.::--v--:,f.3 1,--,,,-212. ...,,,. fx.. L-.. --:..x,. -....-...,k.. ,,,.,..-7-rpm .r -gg. ..- ,.., -3'..f.2...c.1'2,..,,.. " 'MN Z. -.5 'X-,S. K-55-51, I I I n I i F ! ! L I P 5 E f Q ! p i 1 I I E E Q F . i I i E MHHIR 1954 PUBLISHED BY THE SENIORS OF COMMUNITY HIGH SCHOOL, Fort Kent, Me. S+-I HIRIWURII We have compiled this issue of the Meteor with one main objective in viewg namely the presentation of an accurate record of all the graduates of 1954. We hope that the pictures herein, will recall the happy days spent he re. MR. FOURIQIIER IIHIICMIII the Class of 1954, respectfully dedicate this Issue of the IVIETECR to Mr. Ray Fournier Head of the Science Department in appreciation of his interest and wise counseling during our years at Community High School 3 I We hope you will enjoy and treasure this issue of the METEO ' HMW E uf fee ee Wjp W -QM'-Q., C9s...esuLeU4-,3 Q7 COMM2s1:iffe:m12fHOOL gvyg HH YEARBIHIK SMH WI . "J iff L' ,A .Qtr N 0 Anmlmmnmlo ALBERT A. CYR Superintendent of Schools STEPHEN I. DROTTER Principal AIINII ISIRAIIII VALERIE ANN ROY Secretary to Mr. Cyr DORIS VOISINE Secretary to Mr. Drotter X ' F ug 3 A Q. ,545 L FAIIIHIY MAURICE BEALS Athletic Coach World History LUCY BROWNING Senior English TILDA CROCKER Stenography, Type- Dean of Girls GUY CROC KETT M athematics ELOI DAIGLE Com' L. Law- Refresher Math JOHN DOYLE Social Sciences- Dean of Boys RAY FOURNIIER Sciences LAWRENCE Gilbert Bus. Math. Type BARBARA GOODRICH Freshman English- Civics JOSEPH HA LLEE Languages PAUL KELLY Agriculture GERA LDIN E KEN NEA LLEY Sophomore English RAY KENNEALLEY Business Training, J. V. Coach NORM A N LA BBE Orientation GERARD LAVALLEE Latin 1 Math LORRA INE MARTIN Junior English IACIIHY Mt. , 'HHH IACIIHY MARY O'TOOLE Freshman English - Speech CLAUDE OU ELLETT E Civics HAROLD OUTTEN Industrial Arts GERALD POUZOL Music SIDNEY SKIFFINGTON Biology- Driver Training THEODORE THIBEAULT Bookkeeping- Shop Math. z 4 . N I O 1 . f vr '-. 's"'3 yn Uh, Q , J ,M B- fj QM f W- 1 , W 1 vs. N. 1 1 71 N .Ao ' ' Q, M W I . , N-,R ,. , Ny- -np " 2 M -. TN., ., A , .. 1.1. V .Z .A Q, N.X'h M Xu ...'-.Li ' ,I , A . 'u.?,r--.., -K iff' 4 ' ME A "- M' "' v 's 'N xiyyzf' 'FS-... , NN I . , 1 I - X n g f f f -is-x -ff, fri DONALD BOUCHARD, Pres, RENA MAE MARQUIS, Secretary RALPH DOW, Vice-Pres. MASS UHIIIHIS BERNICE DAIGLE, Treas. GEORGE ALBERT, Student Council 5 . J' new M19 A LBERX Sl IUH8 if -n.,,... EVA ALBERT CAMILLE A LBERT HAROLD BERNIER HELENA BELA NGER X, A 35 NE B R085 GERPWDX SE IIIRS CWH Wm an Wu Doris Caron Verna Charette Rena A Chaferr 6 gawk Q, Rena Charette ,, ,yi f Bern. OWKO C011 PAWV lb 000' Leifixl CY I Eldon Dangle Raynold DIOIIIIB Herman Deprey Velma Da igle rew 99? Dow Soi ce DRAKE RKCHARD 1' V 23,1 I 4 . .,,.. THELM . Q ,rf L il, A DUNN NELSON DUBOIS ROD NEY GE NDREA U Z R 5 :H in GILBERT GAGNON NNE S93 GUI XD XPS MONO 92965 ANNE AU A BBE Y HER 55183 WALLIE JANDREAU MARILYN LABBE JACQUE LINE LABBE VIN E L mi'-V A885 XXTVS NN exlxale Sl IURS 30 AN LAGA S JOAN LAMORE CLAUDETTE MARTIN GLORIA f fi L EB 1-A Nc CLARENCE LEVESQUE N 9- MA gm WK RTIN QB A 'ff X. Sponsored by IRENEE R. CYR,D.D.S. NORMAND D. CYR, D.D.S.C MAURICE J. CYR, D.D.S. LOUIS PARADIS CLAUDE THERIAULT 'UN D MAR ROLAN SI IIIRS FER.N MCPHERSON BERT HIER MORIN NOLA MICHA UD 'Y RRAUVSM weave Aw ORIIV LEON 59,9 MILD RED MIC x," Sl IURS RALPH NXCRW XR ANNA MAE OUELLETTE ANITA PELLETIER RONA LD PARADIS ET PEL M LE QE TIER S01 C9 HE L xjjixal VER LET NXQRU PE LLET WR PAUL PELLETIER IUA NITA PERREAULT S1 URL E Y PELLETIE R PA VINTON PELLETIER UL INF Pffffeg me WC P89 A UL T wg? I ff Sponsored by W. E. WARMAN, DAIGLE 8: DAIGLE, LEO K. DAIGLE. Sl IURS CONN D PXNETTE ALICE PLOURDE MAXINE PLOURDE LOURDE LEON PLOURDE WAN Q0 'TA P X00 L fi OURDE NXPRAE VJ," -q 0079 'NMXUVAQL' PJ W, 1 MONA SAU pp-" HW C I ER RENDA CATHLEEN ROY FHILRESA SAUCIER SYLVIO SA UCIER Xa SA VA GE pm awww 0096 Sl IIIRS SHAW REYN OLD SOUCY MA NNE R 0 YXEQAPX wi, JOAN SOUCY ELOI TARDIE JOYCE SUT HERLA ND 9 X f? TARD IE L WSG . A24--In , r . J Saw DO?-1 LLA 'Y HXBODE AU S f IURS FALL NACO 095 THIBO DEA U G95 11301 Al'S MESSAGE I0 Sl IURS PRI CIP Within a short time a change will come into your lives, This transition will be a de- parture from the type of existence you have experienced to date. This change will consist of moving out of your immediate family group into either a substitute group or being on your own. The situation will prevail whether you are to continue your education by ad- vanced study or whether you undertake some employment of your choosing, In your new situation you will find that many of the customs and habits which you have used are no longer acceptable. New modes of conduct will have to be added to your person- ality. The question uppermost in your mind will be, what new modes of conduct will be considered acceptable, and which ones non-acceptable ? The answer to this lies within the bounds of common sense. You do not have to search for the intricate details of behavior standards, All that you have to do is to view yourself and ask a few pertinent questions, such as: Do Do Do Do you you you you like people like people like people like people who who who who are courteous to you? are clean in mind and body? abide by rules and regulations ? respect you as a person? If you answer these affirmatively then it is logical to state that your conduct should be similar. You have no right to expect people to act toward you one way and have your actions be opposite. Hypocrisy is not a social grace. Hypocrisy pays only temporary dividends. Hypocrisy destroys the foundation for good relationships, ' Being away from home often tempts people to act differently simply because they are away from home. Enjoyment can be had without any display of a "dual" personality. If you have had the opportunity to witness a convention of some organization, many classical examples would be noticed where some people acted stupidly. If after the convention movies could be shown to these "Dr, .Tekyll and Mr, Hyde personalities" they would feel s canda lize d. Often people place too much value on first impressions made by others and acceptance is made in its entirety. It is advisable that a person be cautious and wait to see how others act under more than one condition. If the situations are virtually equal, then the decision made has some foundation. A point which cannot be too strongly stressed is that of influencing to have conformity only with the wishes of one person. Some people are always looking for weak-willed people whom they can influence and have them follow their wishes. Many times such people lack ambition, follow lines of dissipation. They do not desire to be alone in their activities, so they attempt to influence others by stressing the folly of sacrifice in studying, by stressing the harmlessness of acts of dissipation. Revert to your pertinent questions and see if such people are good associates for you! It is difficult at times to do all things which are expected. An important factor to consider is that of moderation. If this is practised, then you will not stray too far off the desirable paths of conduct. For your welfare, as future citizens of our great country, a few guide markers have been placed for you along the road of Life. How you will travel will be determined by your in- telligence, your training, your desires. As you have been reminded countless times, you alone must decide what you want, you alone must face the situations. Whatever you do, re- member that you must live with yourself. To all members of the Class of 1954, heartfelt wishes for success as you face the dawn of a new life. Stephen J. Drotter Principal Z6 C las s Banquet C lass Day Valedictory Salutatory History Will Will Prophecy Prophecy Prophecy IIUNIMI HMI I May Z4 Graduation Exercise June 3 .Tune Z Graduation Ball .Tune 4 GRADUATION SPEAKERS Eva Albert Bernadette Bard Marie A. Raymond CLASS DAY SPEAKERS Address to Undergraduates C lass Gifts C lass Gifts Marilyn Laferriere Joyce Pelletier .Toan Soucy Janet Plourde Bernice Daigle Maxine Plourde Mona Saucier Bertrand Collins Class Ode Classmates and Friends, farewell to you, The tirne has come to part. We hate to go, but as you know In life we must now start. We'll strive to reach the highest goal In happiness not wealth, Please wish us all, the best of luck And now we say -- Farewell. wwwwkvkrk Pauline Perreault Class Motto Not Twilight but Dawn Class Flower White Carnation Class Blue and Silver 27 Sl Illll EIMS' ACH :P O 0 O dl Qaeafaaiafaae ei 0 'L 'Y 4f 0 'G '9fI 'JI 0 0 O QOOQi?0foffq,'5Oa'5pf'Q 0 f Q5 O 60 0 2? 'V O Q, 95 Qf. cp Q9 2 Y QP Q0 Q- 0 v 'P or Q9 4' gb A O Eva Albert n II Q I Bernadette Bard II II II IIII Helena Belanger II II Emma Berube I Geraldine Bosse I I I I I mdggaron ,JI J I J Rena Charette II Rena A. Charette Verna Charette II Bernice Daigle I I I Velma Daigle I Joyce Drake II I I II Thelma Dunn I II II 1.1 Jeanne Guimond I Theresa Jandreau I II Anice Johnson Jacqueline Labbe II I II II Marilyn Labbe I LI ,I .111 Marilyn Laferrlere II Joan Lagasse I II Joan l.amore III II ij I I Gloria LeBlanc II Rena Mae Marquis II I II IIII Claudette Martin I II II Helen Martin III I II Fern McPherson I I Mildred Michaud II Nola Mlchaud II III III III Lorraine Morin III II III I Anna Mae Ouellette I I II Verna Ouellette I Anita Pelletier Il I II Ethel Pelletier Joyce Pelletier II Shirley Pelletier II I X I I I I Pauline Perreault I 1 I I Wanita Perreault I I Alice Plourde Il Janet Plourde II Maxine Plourde II Wanlta Plourde II II Marie Ange Raymond I Il I I Cathleen Roy II Mona Saucier ' Theresa Saucler I Brenda Savage Maxine Shaw II Joan Soucy I II I Jgyce Sutherland II I II-I II I I I I.l.Ill.I I I.I IJ I I I - 1 Greta Vaillancourt I II I w 0 0 A QW IIIIYS' ACIIVIIIIS A dl yay, -Xa "2rj'C5a,f2Q22w'ff,,QfeQ., Q a '9,'?3"3'v'E0flO2'2"I0OgE?p9?0 112' 9g6QQoQ' 02 wf -as 0 gl f Ye as 0 'ia A QQ, 2 'fa fe O 'fa 'Q Bernard Alben I 1 Il -Wu r Camille Albert I I I Harold Bernier II ' I Donald Bouchard ru 1 1 Illlllfrrrl ru r r r I rrrr NLL, ,,1.I,r, Bertrand Collin I I U Allan Coulombe Illl I l III I IIII III III ,I I III! Eldon Daigle I Herman Deprey III I Ralph Dow rr r 1 nr 71 r rr Richard Drake I I I Nelson Dubois II II I Gilbert Gagnon I W George-Jalbert I II I I I I II Fernold Jandreau l II KV Wallle Jandreau V I II II Ellery-l.abbe I Lg I LII I LLL! Melvin labbe I I I I I I Clarence Levesque II II Paul Martin I I I I I I II II II I I Berthier Morin III I Leonard Momeault I Ralph Nicknair II I Ronald Parddis I I II II I Morel Pelletier I I II Paul Pelletier III I Vinton Pelletier I I Martin Plcartfl II ! I1 Conrad Plnette II I Leon Plourde Maurice Rioux Leo Saucier I I I Svlvio Saucier I Reynold Soucy U I I I U1 I Duncan Sinclair Eloi Tardie Roland Tardie II I Reynold Theriault Norman Thlbodeau I I I Im I 111 I I rr IIIIIIIIIILIIII Z9 I NAME Eva Albert Bernadette Bard Helena Belanger Emma Berube Geraldine Bossie Doris Caron Rena Charette Rena A. Charette Verna Charette Bernice Daigle Velma Daigle Joyce Drake Thelma Dunn Jeanne Guimond Theresa Jandreau Anice Johnson Jacqueline Labbe Marilyn Labbe Marilyn Laferriere Joan Lagasse Joan Lamarre Rena Mae Marquis Claudette Martin Helen Martin Fern McPher son Mildred Michaud N ola Michaud Lorraine Morin Anna Mae Ouellttee Verna Ouellette Anita Pelletier Ethel Pelletier Joyce Pelletier Shirley Pelletier Juanita Perreault Pauline Perreault Alice Plourde Janet Plourde Maxine Plourde Wanita Plourde Marie A. Raymond Cathleen Roy Mona Saucier Theresa Saucier Brenda Savage Maxine Shaw Joan Soucy Joyce Sutherland Dorilla Thibodeau Greta Vaillancourt NICKNAME Eve Bern Helena Emma P each Do Ti Rene Ti Rene Ti - V Eller Ti Noir Joyce Thel Jeanne Tess Boots Jackie Lyn Merle I 0-10 J o Rene Claude H el UD Ti- Gee Tunga Nola Lor Anna Ti Verne Ti- Vi Git J oycie Shirl Ti Coute Polly Al Nan Max Wan Marie Cathy Mona Theres Polly T een Jo Juice Ti-Bee Gert HUIIUSIIIIPE PASTIME Radio Teasing Waiting for someone Reading Writing to Bob Riding in a packard Reading Reading Flirting Deeping a "secret" Dancing Movies Joel Reading Writing to L.A.F.B. Reading Talking Movies School Waiting for M. C. Plugging Waiting for a prince Music Talking Riding in a Plymouth Piano Piano Teasing Movies Dancing Waiting for D. G. Dancing Oil painting Dancing Reading Writing poetry Copying Reading Talking Skipping classes Waiting for I. R. Talking Thinking of R. P. Music Number please 2 Riding in P. R. 's Buick Dancing Going steady Reading Writing air mail letters 30 EXPRESSION Huh? Go fly Ohl Gee Gosh Ohl Gosh Ohl Yeah Gee Whiz For crying out loud Search me Mmm-mm? Gee Whiz Baloney Holy Shoots Gee Whiz Gee Whiz Jump-t-up No comment Bird-brain Gee Whilikers Grande Dutch Tough Kid Go Blow Man Alive Ohl Crumb No Guff Darn Gee Whiz Dutch Fuzzette Gosh Dumb cluck Gosh Ohl Seraphin Ohl Heck Ohl My Gosh Twazy I'll be Darn Gee Whiz Ohl Sugar You 're not even kidding C'est Bon Ohl Shoot Gee Whiz Holy Sweet Pickles Darn it all For crying out loud Gee Whiz I'll be ding-dong Ohl Brother Ohl Honey FOR SALE Homework A. F. uniform Glasses Am. History Bob Jackson Ti Lac Noir Am. History Desk in Rm. 4 Dimples Popcorn machine Smile School books Personality Am. History Hair H P Eng. Lit. Book Shyness Daily bus ride My Dimple Mile hike to school Excess fat Glasses Bubble gum Am. Hist. Seat Glasses 1 Cheerleader uniform SAVOY Princess Kent Camera Am. Hist. book Anything but Edwin High School Chewing gum ability Am. History Eng. Notes Bkpg. book Bkpg. book Talking ability Short Hair School books Talking ability Eyes Buick car Red hair Desk in Rrn.4 Am. History Blue eyes Am. Hist. Notes Western Union NAME Bernard Albert Camille Albert Harold Bernier Donald Bouchard Norman Boucher Bertrand Collin Allen Coulombe Leroy Cyr Eldon Daigle Herman Deprey Raynold Dionne Drew Dow Ralph Dow Richard Drake Nelson Dubois Gilbert Gagnon Rodney Gendreau George J albert Fernald J andreau Wallie Jandreau Ellery Labbe Melvin Labbe Clarence Levesque Paul Martin Roland Martin Berthier Morin Leonard Morneault Ralph Nicknair Ronald Paradis Morel Pelletier Paul Pelletier Vinton Pelletier Martin Picard Conrad Pinette Leon Plourde Maurice Rioux Leo Saucier Sylvio Saucier Reynold Soucy Eloi Tardie Roland Tardie Raynold Theriault Norman Thibodeau Duncan Sinclair NICKNAME Bern A lbert Kim Butch Couchee Bert Al Ciro P ete Herm Ray Drewskin Dow Dick Nellie Mike Blondie G eorge Val Stulpq Arms Mel Clarence P aul Martin Bert Len Nick Rosano Mo Paul Vin Pic ard Bill Junior Ti Morio Bidou Syl Kal' J r. Tardie Noune Norm Duncan HUB 4. USCUPI PASTIME Talking with Mr. Doyle Skipping classes Reading comics Flirting Hunting 8: Fishing Reading Look at girls Music 8m Parking Going with girls Teasing girls National guards Look for a cute one Parking Women Gum Parking Reading Play poker Beautiful girls Teasing girls Go parking Wowl It's girlsl Hunting dc Fishing Riding Loafing Hunting 8: Skating Listen to radio Smoking Music, of course Teasing women Listen to jazz music Hunting Girls Girls' Reading Arfl Chasing girls Baseball Poaching Certain girls 8: dance Dating girls Trapping, Hunting Teasing Skipping classes B. B. C. News 31 EXPRESSION I think so Ohl Gee Baloney Es-tu malade I guess Is that right I'll be darn Swearing I guess oh, Boy: Ohl Ahhl Judas priest Gitl Barnouche Geesl I'll be darn Censored Shoots! Ohhhhhhhhhhhl Hey, Youl For crying out Why sure Ohl shucks Gosh Gee Whiz Oh Boy Come on Dat 's a good Cripes sale Holy smoke Profanity Gee Whiz You don 't say Son of a gun Holy Canary Shucks Bien mouru No kidding Oh Yeah Pete's sake What 's the rush Oh Gee Pathetic FOR SA LE Curly hair Eng. teacher Chew ability Charms English book Glasses Potatoes Brains E. teacher D. D. Certain girl Chev. pickup Curls Red hair Physique Stude French book Certain Tea. Hair My loves Ford Cuteness My Ford Mercury My beauty Potatoes History book Room 6 Diamond ring Potatoes Curly hair Naivity All my books Curly hair History book My face Ref. Book Eng. book Dance ability Eng. book Books Two big ears Temper Accent 51-.Q . c I f 4 . ' -5 2' Hia af ' wx 3- Nw am .ft . W E ,,,...4W.wmm.,c.:1Jg1Q,QQ ,gl ffff' N 971' T N F152 Zen? 1? ff Ty ' iw , K gg A 'I ' Q pf 321, W ' Nw' Q. .e',-592.12 3.41 -' :t .?3 3 "' 55 g1 4 ,. x .-vA'a,,,, ,,: 'A,..90 P ' W , . .x , , if 75' 1,5 Y Ab: 'Lf 10313, -. f P f 'Eff J. 'w1aE'ixf'5a-i L1-,A ,u . . e:Tg3g,ig23Q,'5ef qw Qt, 'a, ,iv 5, 4+ X 5 -. .wi 1 X21-fgyg ,A ,T'E.f2f?1 f t "9'2 if 2 fi Hixzxiw 'AX , .fn W f I' aj 4 -9- -Q . , , Q Q-5155 J: , riiim igl? 'T ' m f' fu? Y? V a YQ f 1 3555255123565 " . . .. . . ,. -- v-f -f ' Q- ' . - - f - f ' G ' "iff ,." w 9 '- 1 -' 3 z jfg- I sl ' ' 01 - gi, P , ' sw . : ' 1, Tfly 1 ry --. sg 'frrlf " ff Nuijli' 2 Z Ma? , -, . ,,. - Lf' V- vw.. A 1951" 1.0, 32 IIIASS IIHIIIHIS JUNIOR CLASS President . ...... Doris Nadeau Vice President . . Jo Ann Long Secretary . . . Robert Michaud Treasurer . . Claudette Cyr SOPHOMORE CLASS President. . . . . . . .Barbara Drotter Vice President . . . Nancy Martin Secretary, . . . Mina Plourde Treasurer. . . . Connie Harvey Student Council . . Beulah Bouchard Greta Lafferiere President ....... Vice President. . Secretary. . . Treasurer .... StudentCouncil . Sponsored by ETSCOVITS SONS GARAGE, FRESHMA N CLA SS Rena Sutherland Nellie Drake . Reno Lagasse Sandra Kelly Bruce Collins Carroll Bouchard Fort Kent, Me. 5365 FIRST ROW L TO R. Annette Daigle, Marie Ann Pelletier, Norma Ouellette, Annabelle Pelletier, Jo Ann Long, Doris Nadeau, Betty Ann Desjardins, Jacqueline Morneault, Mildred Pelletier, Miss Martin. SECOND ROW: Bernice Ouellette, Anna Jandreau, Mary Ann Lebel, Leonard Kelly, Patricia Pelletier, Frances Caron, Eldon Levesque, Shelda Jackson, Helen O'Leary, Doria Pelletier, THIRD ROW: Wilfred Fortin, Harold Levesque, Edward Deschaines, William Henderson, Ellery Oakes, Maurice Pelletier, Paul Emile Pelletier, Henry lozier. FIRST ROW L TO R. Rita Albert, Delores Caron, Bernadette Raymond, Robert Michaud, Rose Marie Cyr, Claudette Cyr, Beverly Fournier, Jane Jalbert, Aline Daigle, Mr. Daigle. SECOND ROW: Doris Saucier, Noella Bouchard, Simonne Blanchette, Fernand Charette, Richard Daigle, Donald Pelletier, Jacqueline Blanchette, Janet Bard, John Hartt. THIRD ROW: Reed Voisine, Donald Brann, Conrad Daigle, Kenneth Deschaines, James Daigle, Kenneth Michaud, John Lebel, James Bourgoin, Fernando Theriault. Sponsored by KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS, Ft. Kent, Maine MR. FRED Z. PELLETIER, St, John. JU lllll MASS J'l Y' XKX Y ' fill Il EA FIRST ROW L TO R. Kathleen Michaud, Earline Saucier, Bridget Michaud, Diane Laloie, Carmen Saucier, Betty Labbe, Claudette Levesque, Gene Nadeau, Rosalie Berube, Mr. Doyle SECOND ROW: Theresa Boucher, Jacqueline Pelletier, Reno Belanger, Claudette Potvin, Cora Charette, Bertrand Simard, Clarence Paradis, Raoul Caron, Joyce Theriault. THIRD ROW: Claude Belanger, Normand Raymond, John Baker, Adelard Charette, Rosaire, Plourde, Omer Caron, Alva Roy, Claude Charette, Ronald Martin. FIRST ROW L TO R. Mr. Thibeault, Norma Bouchard, Nina Daigle, Claudine Bouchard, Gladys Roy, Florence Drake, Fernande Daigle, Adrienne Daigle, Kathleen Daigle, Mary Mae Dubois. SECOND ROW: Mary Belle Jandreau, Yvette Daigle, Florence Daigle, Altine Deschaines, Rinette Babin, Nadine Jandreau, Simonne Pelletier, Velma Deschaines, Joan Deschaines, Nathalie Brann, Rena Mae Gagnon. THIRD ROW: Robert Desjardins, Floyd Drake, Richard Daigle, Fernand Dube, Herman Thibeault, Reno Deschaines, Clarence Daigle, Vernon Landry, Roger Ouellette. 5,y:-'nf 5,4 -455,5 aff V- ,4-151-:pcm - 5.15:-Vg-:-s4.v3gr1 -5::'.'g1f 13543-'.:9 MQ'g7'2?'r?','g-97:iW?PQSu?2skf14Fi5:55S9':j5Q5f"?P:5e'fZfxfai3:9f5c5i3fH2g,fQ2v . bm-2'.uf:-.5-A:-E-Q.Lawful mmiaaz.-2-4wm.wz -ee. .,... ,.--,. . ,H 2- 1, kv -- 911, T, k ,I 1, W ,,,,.:- ., ...ii ..,- I 1--In Q .-. . I . .,' HKe'..',21s9?a2?:':u.'.:Zu-exvifnnr-121. ilu-i-1' .Jibilffarizx-A'-f?:l4st13.'pf73. .. - .u-, FIRST ROW L TO R. Pauline Jackson, Delores Belanger, Claudette Picard, Jeannine Harvey, Beulah Bouchard, Barbara Drotter, Nancy Martin, Emily Simard, Anne Mae Clavette, Mr. Hallee SECOND ROW: Adrienne Thibodeau, Beatrice Pelletier, Rena Mae Beaulieu, Marilyn Lamarre, Hilda McPherson, Jeannine Charette, Bernette Daigle, Rosaline LaFrance, Bernadine Ouellette, Joan Mae Daigle, Anne Mae Plourde, Judy Schriver, Janet Russell. THIRD ROW: Patricia Ouellette, Elmer Saucier, Frank Dee, Malcolm Soucy, Raymond Bouchard, I: l A S S Leslie Robichaud, Richard Pelletier, Bertrand Roy, Peter Larson, Charles Bouchard. FIRST ROW L TO R. Armand Daigle, Felix Bouthot, Antonio Bouthot, Robert Martin, Rolande Daigle, Alberta St. Peter, Annette Caron, Phyllis Labree, Bernice Albert, Mr. Fournier. SECOND ROW: Raymond Gagnon, Roger Roy, Lewellyn Coulombe, Phillip Hebert, Elwin Dube, Nelson Bouchard Jett Desjardins, Willard Michaud, Conrad Pelletier, Gerald Desjardins. Y THIRD ROW: Emile Saucier, Maynard Plourde, Donald Pelletier, Alva Lozier, Claude Morin, Robert Woodbury, Fernande Gagnon, Weldon Charette, Harold Charette. IWW? FIRST ROW L TO R. Mary Alice Desjardins, Rinette Fortin, Viola Theriault, Grace Thibodeau, Connie Harvey, Mildred Michaud, Darrel Bouchard, Louella Belanger, Patricia Charette, Mr. Skiffington. SECOND ROW: Pauline Daigle, Delcy Lozier, Laurine Bouthor, James Freeman, Robert Michaud, Bernadette Bouchard, Robert Marquis, Norma Simard, Harold Chasse, Eugene Michaud, Irvin Ouellette, Robertine Voisine. THIRD ROW: Fred Michaud, James Guerette, Donald Dumond, Vinton Bard, Kenneth S 0 p Levesque, Michael Collins, Norman Michaud, Allan Faigle, Real Blanchette, Philip Dubois. MASS FIRST ROW L TO R. Jeanne Perreault, Alfreda Morin, Jacqueline Laferriere, Claudette Coulombe, Mina Plourde, Greta Laferriere, Rena Mae Collins, Patricia Charette, Rena Mae Dubois, Mr. Gilbert, SECOND ROW: Maxine Thibodeau, Anne Marie Raymond, John Paul Raymond, Albert Thibodeau, Floyd Picard, Joseph Michaud, Dolores Bouthot, Patricia Atkins, Janet Saucier, Joan Michaud. THIRD ROW: Maurice Potvin, Leo Plourde, Lewellyn Voisine, Brian Cannan, Edward Thibeault, Roland Roy, Ronald Pelletier, Ronald Ouellette, Richard Theriault, Gilman Lavasseur. HIESHNIE MAA-- FIRST L TO R. Gilma Plourde, Sandra Martin Nilda Pelletier, Frances Bouchard, Jean Boucher, Irma Dionne, Janine Dionne, Annette Plourde, Nancy Michaud, Mr. Ouellette. SECOND ROW: Nellie Drake, Verna Theriault, Patsy Voisine, Mona Theriault, Jeannine Saucier, Jean Toussaint, Jeannine Harvey, Doris Mae Daigle, Joyce Dubey, Rena Suther- land, Carmen Dionne, Jacqueline Deschaines, Norma M. Pelletier, Jacqueline Roy, Verna Caron, Lorene Caron. THIRD ROW: Richard Soucy, Paul Dubois, Edwin Soucie, Leopold Bouchard, Gilman Albert, Joseph Raymond, Elmer Roy, Alphege Voisine, Eugene Saucier, Kenneth Ouellette, Rudy Charette, Maurice Daigle, Francis Albert, Melvin Jandreau. FIRST L TO R. Burnette Plourde, Rinette Lizotte, Ferial St. John, Shirley Pinette, Carroll Bouchard, Reno Legasse, Bruce Collins, Duanne Daigle, Patricia Gagnon, Mr. Kennealley. SECOND ROW: Carl Bouchard, Gerald Beaulieu, Roy Lafferiere, Camille Bernier, Aurelien Roy, Beth Henderson, Joella Cyr, Raymond Drake, Louella Nadeau, Lincoln Charette, Sandra Daigle, Richard Roy, Joan Clavette, Charline Jandreau, Reynold Daigle, Robert Robichaud, Edward Gendreau, Carl Bouchard, Galen Marquis. THIRD ROW: Gordon Freeman, Joel Daigle, Eric Morin, Herman Bouchard, Gerald Michaud, Arthur Michaud, Paul Theraiult, James Fortin, Lynn Cyr, Philip Laferriere, Gilman Ouellette, Reynold Voisine, Elmer Dubois, Robert Cyr, Laurel Daigle, Richard Morin. .49 gl Sponsored by FORT KENT TELEPHONE CO., CHARETTE PLUMBING CO. DELUXE CLEANERS, MARTIN'S THEATER, Eagle Lake. HHSHMA CIASS 'tk FIRST ROW L TO R. Hilda Berube, Norma Pelletier, Pauline Gagnon, Irene Daigle, Iris Nadeau, Barbara St, Peter, Laurine Pinette, Cora Jandreau, Bernadette Bossie, Mable Tardie, Mrs. Goodrich. SECOND ROW: O'Neil Simard, Roderick Ouellette, Gerard Pelletier, Allen Saucier, Rosella Nadeau, Patricia Pelletier, Gilda Michaud, Blanche LeBlanc, Sonia Gagnon, Patricia Deprey, Maxine Guerette, Beverly Martin, James Coulombe, Charles Pelletier. THIRD ROW: John Pelletier, Gene Cyr, Gerald Dunn, Ronald Nadeau, Clarence Bouchard Gilman Saucier, Ervin Cyr, Alton Oakes, Patrick Dube, Armand Daigle, Raymond Picard, Gerald Pelletier, Philip Michaud. FIRST ROW L TO R, Betty Thibodeau, Rena Voisine, Anne Marie Goudreaulr, Germaine Martin, Sandra Kelly, Maxine Roy, Joyce Albert, Rena Saucier, Jeannette Soucie, Mr. Labbe. SECOND ROW: Ronald Laferriere, Louise Pelletier, Bernadette Caron, Jeanita Plourde, Charlene Dumond, Yvette Raymond, Rolande Theriault, Joan Saucier, Geraldine Tardif, Gerdine Pelletier, Robertine Caron, Rowena Saucier, Jean Paul Saucier, Lenny Pelletier, Donald Sturgeon. THIRD ROW: Roger Furlong, Irvin Nadeau, Gordon Madore, Roland Pelletier, Maurice LeBlanc, Maxime Saucier, Milford Pelletier. Basketball Baseball .f..1. .-.J ". "1'-1 -,- . . , . - ,",-,t .s".a . .- , .?.,. . , . . -' 4,,............-,- ,. f iung WN' gif 0 o o o 9 2' 'lwelw ' 00.0 '. :gsm vs -v ' 0' ooo ' ,Jv" .n',' H- ' , . 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Daigle 4- 7 F' lx BASKIIBAII JAYVEE BASKETBALL, Raymond Drake, Willard Michaud, Lewellyn Voisine, Raymond Bouchard, Coach Kennealley, Roland Pelletier, Michael Collins, Reno Lagasse, John Raymond, Mana- X ger Carroll Bouchard, X F47 im x fl Y YJ fi ' Q SponSored by COURY OIL COMPANY Ft. Kent, Mc. Nelson Dubois Leroy Cyr Charles Bouchard BASKHBAH Coach Beals, Peter Larson Mgr., Iayvee Coach, Mr. Kennealley Frank Dee Kenneth Mrchaud Robert Woodbury Sponsored by DAIGLE gl HOUGI-ITON INC. T.A. ST. JOHN 81 SON, ESSO SERVICE, CHHIHIAIIHIS IAYVEE CHEERLEADERS FRONT L TO R. Jane Jalbert, Marilyn Larnore, Jean Boucher, Bernette Daigle, Betty Labbe, Fernande Daigle. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Mrs. Kennealley, Rose Marie Cyr, Mina Plourde, Nola Michaud, Beverly Fournier Yvette Daigle, Nancy Martin. r-I Sponsored by Dr, .T.L. ALBERT, DR. L,G, TOUSSAINT, MR. ARTHUR NADEAU, MR. JOSEPH BARRESI. I Qs. N if C 4 1 c f Q 1 Q 'Wu IM :fl Lf 5" 15 'C :'f .5 .r ! fi W umm s SIUUI I CHU Cll SEATED L TO R, Beverly Fournier, Doris Nadeau, Donald Bouchard, Bernadette Bard, George Ialbert, Greta Lafferiere. STANDING L TO R, Beulah Bouchard, Barbara Drotter, Mr. Drotter, Mr. Doyle, Rose Marie Cyr. IHI MITIUH STAFF v9.6 FIRST ROW L TO R. Adrienne Thibodeau, Aline Daigle, Bernice Daigle, Marilyn Labbe, Nola Michaud Lorraine Morin, Doris Nadeau, Rinette Babin, Berbadette Bard, Wanita Plourde, Joyce Sutherland. SECOND ROW: Miss Martin, Betty Ann Labby, Fernande Daigle, Betty Desjardins, Pauline Perreault, Joan Soucy, Yvette Daigle, Janet Bard, Beverly Fournier, Earline Saucier, Claudette Cyr, Jacqueline Morneault, Marie Ann Pelletier. THIRD ROW: Rose Marie Cyr, Clarence Paradis, Eva Albert, Normand Raymond, James Daigle, Alva Roy, Cora Charette, Mona Saucier, John Hartt. Sponsored by- ROBERT JALBERT Sl lllli .Ill Illll SH ll IIHIB FIRST ROW L TO R. Diane Lozier, Claudette Levesque, Norma Bouchard, Nina Daigle, Wanita Plourde, Joyce Pelletier, Eva Albert Gene Nadeau, Anita Pelletier, Cathleen Roy, Joyce Drake. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Crocker, Bernadette Raymond, Claudette Martin, Helena Belanger, Kathleen Daigle, Annette Daigle, Marie Raymond, Joan Soucy, Alice Plourde, Fernande Daigle, Mary Belle Jandreau, Adrienne Daigle, Mildred Michaud, Gloria LeBlanc. THIRD ROW: Brenda Savage, Joyce Sutherland, Marilyn Laferriere, Thelma Dunn, Wallie Jandreau, Fernald Jandreau, Raynold Theriault, Roland Martin, Rena Charette, Joan Lamore, Bernadette Raymond. FIRST ROW L TO R. Claudine Bouchard, Mildred Pelletier, Norma Ouellette, Betty Desjardins, Rita Albert, Annabelle Pelletier, Jacqueline Morneault, Delores Caron, Marie Ann Pelletier, Florence Drake, Earline Saucier. SECOND ROW: Mary Ann Lebel, Doris Pelletier, Noella Bouchard, Rena Mae Gagnon, Joan Deschaines, Jo Ann Long, Clarence Paradis, Jacqueline Blanchette, Normand Raymond, Jacqueline Pelletier, Patricia Pelletier, Reno Belanger, Kathleen Michaud, Florence Daigle, Nathalie Brann, Bridget Michaud, Mrs. Crocker. THIRD ROW: Carmen Saucier, Betty Labbe, Mary Mae Dubois, Helen O'Leary, Altine Deschaines, Joyce Theriault, Claudette Potvin, Rinette Babin, Cora Charette, Nadine Jandreau, Doris Nadeau, Janet Bard, Yvette Daigle, Bernice Ouellette, Gladys Roy. Sponsored by LOREN MURCHISON, JEWELERS, Nr-wax-k, N, J, llllllfllll Clllll Claude Charette President 'U' BOTTOM TO TOP LEFT: Eva Albert, Rena Mae Marquis, Bernice Daigle, Verna Ouellette, Wanita Plourde, Marilyn Labbe, Janet Bard, Rose Marie Cyr, Beverly Fournier, Claudette Martin, Maxine Shaw, Joyce Sutherland, Norma Ouellette, Rita Albert, Ioan Lamore, Claudette Cyr, Doris Nadeau, Joan Soucy, Brenda Savage, Marie Ann Pelletier, Thelma Dunn, Marie Raymond, Bernadette Bard, Miss Browning, Earline Saucier, Anna Mae Ouellette, Jacqueline Labbe, Nola Michaud, Lorraine Morin. L TO R. Robert Michaud, Donald Dumond, Mr. Fournier, Claude Charette, John llartt, Michael Collins, Leroy Cyr, Lynn Cyr, Harold Charette, Jacqueline Labbe. 49 7 FIRST ROW L TO R, Rosaline LaFrance, Nola Michaud, Joyce Sutherland, Bernice Daigle, Rena Mae Collins, Patsy Ouellette, Rena Mae Dubois, Rena Sutherland. SECOND ROW: Claudette Cyr, Patsy Gagnon, Carmen Saucier, Charlene Dumond, Rowena Saucier, Gerdene Pelletier, Geraldine Tardie, Norma Simard, Rena Mae Beaulieu. THIRD ROW: Claudette Coulombe, Emily Simard, Beverly Fournier, Rose Marie Cyr, Adrienne Thibodeau, Aline Daigle, Greta Laferriere, Phyllis Labrie, Gilda Michaud, Sandra Daigle, Sandra Martin, Bernadette Bouchard, Connie Harvey, Mina Plourde. FOURTH ROW: Ann Marie Goudreau, Ann Marie Plourde, Rinette Fortin, Lorraine Morin, Anna Mae Ouellette, Theresa Saucier, Duanne Daigle, Rena Saucier, Patsy Charette, Robertine Pelletier, Janine Charette, Jacqueline Pelletier. FIRST ROW: Ellary Labbe, Floyd Drake, Ronald Paradis, George Jalbert, Melvin Labbe, Roger Furlong, Reno Deschaines, Ronald Dionne. SECOND ROW: Gordon Madore, Sylvio Saucier, Wallie Jandreau, Raynold Soucy, Donald Bouchard, Martin Picard, Vinton Pelletier, Leroy Cyr, Ralph Dow. lilll Sponsored by AMERICAN LEGION .TANDREAU-CONNORS POST 4180 St. Francis AMERICAN LEGION MARTIN-KLEIN POST 34133 Ft. Kent FORT KENT POST OFFICE EMPLOYEES. v HIHIRI FARMERS RI AAAIRIRA SEATED L TO R. Allan Coulombe, Albert Thibodeau, Norman Boucher, Edward Thibeault, Paul Pelletier, Morel Pelletier, Herman Thibeault, Lewellyn Coulombe, Raoul Caron, Mr. Kelley. STANDING L TO R. Alva Lozier, Armand Daigle, Roland Tardie, Adelard Charette, Herman Deprey, Homer Caron, Donald Pelletier, Fernand Charette, Clarence Daigle. SEATED L TO R. Maynard Plourde, Ronald Paradis, Harold Chasse, Floyd Drake, Gerald Desjardins, Fred Michaud, Norman Michaud, Ronald Martin. STANDING L TO R. Ralph Dow, Donald Pelletier, Vinton Pelletier, Roland Martin, Reynold Soucy, Ellery Labbe, Donald Bouchard, Leroy Cyr, Gerald Desjardins, Allan Daigle, Harold Levesque, llarold Charette, Mr, Thibeault. Gs a '.J',"X, M, ' 4 V . .Wi k k ' mb' Hkvm, A, 7. I , K M N 3 A, -'i m . ,xg ,- 1 K A V V. .. f A Ji. Gif' f 1 Q f +35 J + fa, 3 A Y vin, ' fi A,,, Q i ' , Q' x l . , L ' I ' - 5 " ' "' L m e " M Q sp cgi-.X , W sl Q V V ,V .. , L , in K1 . ka , iii ff 1 4 1 'Ax XXX x, - A ,ns v- wf: wi x .y ki ,, . lovzmher A A ,,7,N,, N. .., M N' . 5 '5 .2 Nia x, 'W L-, F i 1 112441 - - 1, ' ' ,,. .1 xx-,F f -. 'Zig- ug! Q:- in if f 1 QPXRQX. 1 X 'N Indian Camp The Hostess E' f s,"s . i ' L, Q I IHA HUP Princess Nola Big Chief Wallie Time to Eat Time to Sleep 11 ll tj!--in 'spa ' . HHSHNIAN INIIIAIIO 3 ff .,A---f' jj ...- M ,M Duane Daigle Senio1"s Books He can smile Reno Lagasse Proposing Just Females WW M :vw ll! 0 Sponsored by ROLAND PAGE AND NORMAN GUY V o o oo oooo A f W ...,, ' V H154 WI HR CAR IVM llllHN RENA AND HER CIIIIIH Dr, Cyr crowns the Queen Sponsored by BANGOR 81 AROOSTOOK R. R. CO. :C -1 li X -x RUIINI SCE IS N fF ! 5951 T' Sponsored by J. C. PENNEY CO., TI-IIBODEAU'S INSURANCE AGENCY. lA L x 2 fiwwv-"w.f1-w'f ' '-- mf A 'JFK f A .Ligkq ,.,, Y v AIIVHHISI G Complirnents of SOUCY'S CASH MARKET Main Street Ft. Kent Compliments Of R. A. CYR'S BODY SHOP Main St. Ft. Kent Compliments of MICHAUD'S GROCERY STORE Main Street Ft. Kent Complirnents of W ILFRED J. OUELLETTE CONTRACTOR Ft. Kent Maine Complixnents of ERNEST MICHAUD, AGENT for the Forresters Organization Eagle Lake Maine Compliments of AROOSTOOK BOTTLING CO., I. Freeman, Prop. Presque Isle Maine Compliments of CLAUDE PELLETIER 'S RESTAURANT St. Francis Maine Compliments of GEORGE CHARETTE NEIGHBORHOOD STORE Caribou Road. Complixnents of FORTUNAT GAGNON GARAGE Fort Kent Maine Complirnents of DR. RICHARD SAVAGE Fort Kent, Maine Compliments of HUSSON COLLEGE Maine's Largest School of Business Training BANGOR, MAINE Terminal Courses: Secretarial, Stenographic, General Clerical, Business Administration, Accounting, These are of one and two years' duration. Degree Courses: B. S. in Secretarial Science, B,S, in Accounting, B, S, in Business Administration, B. S. in Business Education, These are of four years' duration. Note: HUSSON COLLEGE is the only school in Maine which offers a degree course in Accounting. Free Catalog C. H. Husson, President. FORT KENT MILLINERY Mrs, G. O. Roy, Suits, Coats 8zDresses 164 Main Street Fort Kent Compliments of MAll'I'l ' PHARMAUY CIIMMU l'l'Y REXALL S'l'0ltE Fort Kent L. Philip Martin - Reg, Pharmacist Maine EZZY'S CLEANERS Madawaska Maine Cornplisnents of Compliments of ALPHEE NADEAU J. .T.NEWBERRYCO. SEINS R- Brewer, Mgr- Furniture - Hardware FOT11 Kent Maine Licensed Ernbalmers, Fort Kent, Maine A FRIEND He made it! Cheerleaders in action. Compliments of SEARS, ROEBUCK Our Shop 8. COMPANY Shop at Sears and Save Order Office Frances Worthley, Mgr. Main Street Ft. Kent. Shop Classroom Complirnents of Morneau1t's Insurance Agency Donat Michaud, Prop. Fort Kent Maine Compliments of ROMEO I. ROY, INC. PLUMBER Upper Frenchville Maine Complirnents of HOOD ICE CREAM CO. Houlton Maine Compliments of FIRST NATIONAL BANK Sen1or-Leavmg Freshman Enteri g Cornplirnents of Irenee R. Cyr, D. D. S. Normand E. Cyr, D. D. S. Maurice Cyr, D. D. S. Our Secretary Don't tell Dad Compliments of ARMY gl NAVY STORE Eagle Lake Maine Complirnents of EVERETT PERREAULT Chain Saw Dealer Fort Kent Maine Complirnents of A. M. HACKETT Wholesalers Caribou PATENT DRUGS ---- SUNDRIES Maine Complirnents of V. F. W, Fort Kent Maine Compliments of C. P. HUSSEY gl CO. Wm. A, Anderson, Prop. 30 Sweden Street Caribou, Maine Compliments of CLAUDE THERIAULT Electrical Appliances Main Street Fort Kent Me. Compliments of ROLAND ROY Naborhood Grocery Store Main Street Gas - Oil Fort Kent, Maine Cornplirnents of WILMER SAUCIER Contractor Fort Kent Maine Compliments of LOUIS PARADIS Meats-Groceries-Fruit Main Street Fort Kent, Maine Compliments of ALPHONSE J. ROBICHAUD Fort Kent .Maine Compliments of CLAUDE PELLETIER'S St. Francis RESTAURANT Maine Complirnents of KERMIT STADIG Soldier Pond ' Maine Compliments of SOLOMON COTE .Teweler Fort Kent Maine Compliments of ALBERT DAIGLE Fort Kent Maine Complirnents of ARMY 8: NAVY STORE Zenon Babin, Prop. Main Street Fort Kent, Me. Cornplirnents of PETE'S RESTAURANT Home Cooking Edna Gagnon, Prop. Main Street Fort Kent Compliznents of ARTHUR V. DAIGLE Complirnents of GILMAN BO UCHARD - Groceries Auto Mechanic . - Gas and Oil Dangle Mame Fort Kent Maine Compliments of ROY'S AUTO ELECTRIC SHOP George Roy, Prop. Main Street Fort Kent Compliments of DOCITE DUMOND Seed Potatoes , Fort Kent Me. Complirnents of SYLVA OUELLETTE Fort Kent Compliments of TOWN MEAT SHOP Alec Belanger, Prop. Maine St. Francis Maine Compliments of STATE RESTAURANT Madawaska Maine Compliments of OKIES BEVERAGES Fort Kent Me. Compliments of SAVAGE 'S SUIT SHOP Main Street Ft. Kent Compliments of DUFOUR BROTHERS St. Agathe Me. Compliments of 0ue11ette's Shoe Store Everything in Footwear Tel. 123-Z AND 0UELLETTE'S YOUTH CENTER Complete Outfitters for Children Tel. 12.3 - 12 Fort Kent Maine Compliments of A 81 P SUPERMARKET The Best Buy For Your Money. L. Mazerolle, Mgr. Fort Kent Maine Complirnents of LEO M. DAIGLE Soldier Pond Maine Compliments of DUBE'S BAKERY Wedding 81 Birthday Cakes a Specialty FO1't Kent Maine Complirnents of HARRY PELLETIER Cross Lake Maine Complirnents of JOSEPH LOZIER D Groceries Da-lgle Maine Compliments of MRS. ARMAND MARTIN Clair N, B, Compliments of JOE FRANK Sporting Club Long Lake Maine Compliments of LIGUORIE PLOURDE Fort Kent Taxi Stand Maine Compliments of BAKER'S GROCERY STORE Daigle Maine Compliments of NORMAND PELLETIER'S Fort Kent BODY SHOP Maine Comp lime nts of ALBIN MORIN Accurate Chain Saw Blade 8: Chain Aligning Fort Kent Maine Compliments of Daigle 81 Bouchard Electrical Appliance s Fort Kent Maine Compliments of Arthur A. Dai le Hudson Dealer Fort Kent Maine Compliments of George Quigley 84 Son Lurnber - Hardware Fort Kent Maine Compliments of Compliments of .T. J. NISSEN BAKING COMPANY VINERS MUSIC COMPANY Bangor Maine Bangor Mame Compliments of Compliments of MAINE PUBLIC SERVICE, CO. COLE'S EXPRESS Fort Ke nt Ma ine Bangor Maine Compliments of RITA'S FLOWER SHOP Fort Kent Maine Compliments of KASNER'S LTD., The Home Of Good Clothes Edmundston N. B, Compliments of HO USE 'S CASH MAR KE T Open Sundays and Evenings Tel. 82-86 Market Street Fort Kent Compliments of FRANK MARTIN SONS Tel. 245 Sales - John Deere - Service Supplies Fort Kent Maine Complinfxents of WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Compliments of CI-IEZ FRANCOISE LA DIES ' APPAREL Maine St' Fort Kent' Me' Main St. Fort Kent, Me. Compliments of Compliments of DENIS LOZIER RENE P. DUMOND Rooms and Restaurant Potato Grower Main St. Fort Kent, Me. Fort Kent Maine Compliments of ACADIA MOTORS Patrick Pelletier, Prop. Ma dawas ka Ma ine Compliments of CLAUDE L. LAB Machine Shop REE Pleasant St.' Fort Kent, Me. Compliments of MAPLE LEAF RESTAURAN Compliments of RENE PELLETIER T Potato Grower 81 Shipper Clair N, B, Daigle Maine Compliments of CLET .TANDREAU'S Filling Station St. Francis Main Compliments of HAROLD LANDRY'S Garage e St. Francis Maine Compliments of MIKE CANNON Main Street Ft. Kent, Maine compliments of JOE MARQUIS Sunoco Gas 8: Oil Pleasant Street Ft. Kent, Maine Compliments of Compliments of YVON CO1-'LIN THE KENT HOTEL The Jeweler . . Main Street Ft. Kent, Maine Fort Kent Maine ' Compliments of C0mP1iment5 of MCLE1-,LANv5 AUGUSTE OUELLETTE Ladieg' Apparel Studebaker Dealer Fort Kent Maine F011 Kent Maine Compliments of BENOIT LEVESQUE Watch Repairing Fort Kent Maine Compliments of St. JOHN VALLEY GARAGE Alcide Daigle, Prop. Chrysler 8: Plymouth Dealers Tel. 191 Madawaska Maine Compliments of FIVE MINUTE PHOTO STUDIO Clair, N. B. Compliments of GEORGE R. RICE FURNITURE Madawaska Maine Compliments of St. JOHN VALLEY CREAMERY J. S. Beaulieu, Prop. Aroostook Pasteurized Milk and Butter Brunswick Carbonated Beverages 214 E. Main St. Madawaska, Maine Compliments of LUKE LEVESQUE Madawaska Maine Compliments of ROGER PELLETIER Roger's Gulf Station Madawaska Maine Compliments of RAY'S BODY SHOP Expert Auto Body Repair Painting and Welding Madawaska Maine Compliments of FREDA'S DRESS SHOPPE Fashionable Women's Apparel 466 Main St. Madawaska, Mai Compliments of Elmer S. Quellette AMERICAN AUTOMOBILE ASSOCIATION ne Fort Kent Maine Compliments of ERNEST P. CHARETTE Woodworking and Flooring Shop Tel. 296 Fort Kent Maine Compliments of GILMAN DEVOE'S GROCERY STORE Eagle Lake Maine Compliments of PHILIP BLANCHETTE Eagle Lake Maine Compliments of MME. LEVITE DAIGLE Ladies Apparel I Edmundston N. B. Compliments of BELMONT RESTAURANT We Serve Sea Food Open until 2:00 A. M. Jean B. Lal-Trance, Mgr. Edmundston, N. B. Compliments of PARENT'S DRUG STORE Madawaska, Maine Compliments of MILTON TUCKER General Store Eagle Lake Maine Compliments of DR. W. V. KIRK Eagle Lake Maine Compliments of JOHNSTON OIL COMPANY Frenchville Maine Compliments of MRS. HAROLD DAIGLE Fort Kent Maine Compliments of THE SILHOUETTE SHOP Mary Mae Rioux, Prop. Fort Kent Maine Compliments of COTE'S BARBER 81 GIFT SHOP St. Francis Maine Compliments of LUCIEN LONG Clair N. B. Compliments of DORIS MAE'S TOURIST HOME Main Street Fort Kent, 1Vle. Compliments of P. V. ROY Hardie Sprayers-Farmall Tractors Market Street Fort Kent Maine Compliments of OUE1LLETTE'S GARAGE "Your Friendly Ford Dealer" Main Street Fort Kent Maine Compliments of . GILMAN C. HARTT Meats, Groceries, Dry Goods 8: Pulpwood Tel. 8026- 31 St. Francis Maine Compliments of CHARLES BAKER Meats, Groceries, Dry Goods Gas and Oil Tel. 8027-2 St. Francis Maine Compliments of UNITED STATES CUSTOMS AND IMMIGRATION OFFICERS Fort Kent, Maine Compliments of JAMES T. CLAIR General Store Pulpwood and Lumber Clair, N. B. Compliments of P. Z. FREEMAN Dealer in McCulloch Chain Saws Tel. 147 Fort Kent Maine Compliments of ALFRED D. SOUCY Wholesale - Groceries 8: Feeds Farm Service Store Tel. Z7-ll 8-Z Fort Kent Maine Corriplirnem s of Fort Kent Drug, Inc. C. D. VYOODBURY, MGR. Fort Kent Maine Cornplirnent s of Savoy Theatre and I Fort Kent Maine Compliments of MOFlIl,S Auto Radiator Service Ma rket Street Fort Kent Maine Compliments of E. W. Umphrey 81 Co., Grower Sz Shippers of Aroostook Seed and Table Stock Potatoes Fort Kent Maine fl is 'N Mijn Acadia Motors Albert Dr. J. L. American Legion-Ft. Kent Arnerican Legion-St. Francis Aroostook Bottling Co. Atlantic 81 Pacific Co. Bangor gl Aroostook R, R. Co. Babin Zenon Baker Charles Baker's Grocery Barresi Joseph Dr. Belanger Alec Belxnont Restaurant Blanchette Philip Bouchard Gilman Brunswick Beverages Charette Ernest P. Charette George Charette Plumbing Co Chez Francoise Clair James Clair Photo Studio Coleis Express Collins fTheJ Jeweler Cote Herbie CBarber Shop? Cote Solomon Courty Fred Cyr Irenee R. Dr. Cyr Normand Dr, Cyr Maurice J. Dr, Daigle Albert Daigle Alcide Daigle Arthur A. Daigle Arthur V. Daigle Arthur V. Daigle 81 Bouchard Daigle gl Daigle Daigle Harold Mrs. Daigle 8: Houghton Daigle Leo K. Daigle Leo M. Daigle Levite Mrs, Deluxe Cleaners Des Roberts Ray Devoe Gilman Doris Mae's Tourist Rooms Dube Rudolph Dufour Bros. Dumond Docite Dumond Rene Esso Service Etscovitz Sons Garage PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS THEY HAVE MADE THIS BOOK POSSIBLE Ezzyis Cleaners Frist National Bank Fort Kent Drug Inc. Fort Kent Telephone CO. Frank Joe Freda's Dress Shop Freeman Peter Gagnon Adolph Gagnon Mike Guy Normand Hackett A. M. I-Iartt Gilrnan Hoods Ice Cream Co. House Arthur Hussey C. P. Husson College Jalbert Robert Jandreau Clet Joe Frank Johnston Oil Co. Kasners Limited Kent Hotel Kirk William Dr. Knights of Colombus Landry Harold Lebris Claude Levesque Benoit Levesque Luke Long Lucien Lozier Denis Lozier Joseph Main Public Service Maple Leaf Restaurant Martin Frank 8: Sons Martin Arnold Mrs. Martin Philip Martin Theater Marquis Joe McLellan Lizzie Mrs. Michaud Ernest Michaud Grocery Morin Alvin 1VIorin's Auto Radiator Service Morneault's Insurance Agency Murchison Loren 81 Co. Nadeau Alphee at Sons Nadeau Arthur Nissen's J. J. Newberry J. J. Co. Okie's Beverages Ouellette August Ouellette Elmer Ouellette Levite Ouellette Ludger Ouellette Sylva Ouellette Willy Page Roland Paradis Louis Parent Arthur Parent's Drug Store Pelletier Claude Pelletier Fred Z. Pelletier Harold Pelletier Normand Pelletier Rene Pelletier Roger Penny J. C. Co. Perreault Everet Pinkham Niles Pinkham T. S. Plourde Legorie Post Office Employees Quigley George 8: Sons Rice George E. Rioux Mary Mae Rita's Flower Shop Robichaud A. J. Roy Gilbert M. Roy P. V. Roy R. J, Inc. Roy Roland Roy Remeo J. Roy's Electric Shop Saucier Wilmer Savage's Suit Shop Savoy Theatre Sears Roebuck 8: Co. Soucy Alfred D. Soucy's Cash Market Stadig Kermit State Restaurant Stevens Studio Theriault Claude Thibodeau Insurance Toussaint L. G, Dr, Tucker Milton J, Umphrey E. W. 8: Co. United State Custom V.F.W. Viner's Music Co. Warman William Western Auto Associat Young Byram C ion I I I I I I I I I I I ! a I I I I 5 I I I I I I I s I I I I I is.: w a 1 ' T LLH ' fb? iii.-1: me if 5? 4 :iii . - eb. 327: ' 'jf Fi- 5.-VI -' E3 n oo MCQMAKEIS S gd M , hi ti' nil -as 7 X. V V V-V--V - V J,V,, V,,,.,,- .W ,A ,,k,, - Ngg, 5: , - " gV-,VTV,, -,x.le.1V.,,:, , A-" N -V f - --P--Vw -A 'V-1 in v. -' .VV .V,v..5Qv,Q---,Z-, M- - f - .. -.- .... -,.,gN+,v- --,rw m,:-5:V,f:,,,,---hn,u1. f--T ,V .- V- -FV +V - .. -, -- - - re 3. ... A. - .M-.- ,H .....--,. .. . f'--- - ---S'-Y ..,.....g.. Y -H V-' ---- -V

Suggestions in the Fort Kent Community High School - Warrior Yearbook (Fort Kent, ME) collection:

Fort Kent Community High School - Warrior Yearbook (Fort Kent, ME) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


Fort Kent Community High School - Warrior Yearbook (Fort Kent, ME) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Fort Kent Community High School - Warrior Yearbook (Fort Kent, ME) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Fort Kent Community High School - Warrior Yearbook (Fort Kent, ME) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Fort Kent Community High School - Warrior Yearbook (Fort Kent, ME) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Fort Kent Community High School - Warrior Yearbook (Fort Kent, ME) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


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