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M]ktw-g(S).Mir K i . ta A_ L mm en VF S) m-m ' % ' -ff , |r 1 1 x ' ' ' JiM %! YEARBOOK STAFF Senior Editors: Beth Neidert Sheryl Bruskotter Junior Editors: Becky Krietemeyer Cheryl Von Lehmden Sophomore Editors; Paula Bruskotter Amy Schroeder Photographers: Michelle Meyer Cheryl Wieging Mrs. Wilcox, Yearbook Advisor Ad Campaign Members: Bottom: Anne Eversole, Lois Brendle, Todd Von Sossan, Jim Hofstetter, Keith Norbeck, Monte Kleman, Mark Schuerman, Joyce Saum, Karen Inkrott. Middle: Paula Metzger, Laurie Glancy, Cheryl Von Lehmden. Jenny Pequignol, Becky Krietemeyer, Beth Neidert, Trina Miehls, Michelle Meyer. Top: Michelle Miller, Amy Recker, Sheryl Bruskotter, Marieke van Nieuwstadt, Deb Freund, Cheryl Wieging. IN DEDICATION TO MARIEKE OUR FOREIGNER If Being an exchange student is an unforgettable ex- perience everyone should have. Living in a " totally new world " for almost a year may appear hard at first, but gaining more friendships, having fun times, and learning about the other culture pays back double for it. I love Ohio, 1 love America, and I am glad that I came here. Fort Jennings may be small, but it sure is fun. I would like to thank all of you; teachers— who had so much patience with my faulty English, friends — with whom I had so many good times, and some very special thanks and love to my host family — John, Janice, Deb and Dave — who have taken such good care of me. By living with them, I experienced real farmer ' s life, which involves picking corn, canning fruit and vegetables, and cleaning pig pens; regular actions for the Freunds but all new experiences for me. Good luck to the Class of 84. I will NEVER forget you!!! Fort Jennings is my home away from home. Thanks! Marieke P,S. I hope all of you will get a chance to visit me in Holland sometime. I will be glad to see you again! Seniors Cera. :®tiiiir ■©Mir ' ©Mir ■©Mr ■©tmir :©Mir :©tuiir eflg]k1t °f©tm3r 1984 (gfl Ihi1ty--f©M3r eagIkty-S©tuiir (BflgIhitt -S©Mir eflgIhit -f©Mir eig]kt «f©tmir eflglklty " f©tiair (Bnglhity-f©iuiir (EMIhity°S©tuiir Keith C. Bigelow Lois A. Brendle Sheryl A. Bruskotter Rick L. Calvelage William J. Endres Anne M. Eversoie Deborah A. Freund Thomas R. Geise Laurie A. Glancy ■■■ i BH H B [ H v , l " - eoe B s B ' %l mm B: ' — I 1 ' James A. Hofstetter Karen S. Inkrott Monte J. Kleman Rebecca A. Korte Robert A. Korte Trina R. Miehls Michelle L. Miller Elizabeth A. Neidert Keith F. Norbeck Jennifer L. Pequignot Marieke A. van Nieuwstadt Darrell J. Von Sossan Todd R. Von Sossan SENIOR DIRECTORY KEITH BIGELOW: Vantage-Welding; Basketball 1; Cross Country 1: VICA 3.4; Regional Competition 4. LOIS BRENDLE: Commercial; O.E.A. 3,4; Chorus 1,3.4; County Chorus 3.4; Musical 1.2.3,4; Office Help 4; Yearbook Ad Campaign 4. SHERYL BRLSKOTTER: Commercial; Graduation Speaker 4; Scholarship Team 1.2,3,4; Scholastic Bowl Team 4; O.E.A. 3.4; O.E.A. Officer 3; Class Officer 2,3,4 Scholastic Athlete 4; Volleyball 1,2,3,4; Softball 1,2,3,4 Stat 1.2.3; County Science Fair 1; Student Librarian 2,3 Office Help 4; Yearbook Editor 2,3,4; Yearbook Ad Cam- paign 3.4. RICK CALVELAGE: Vantage-Industrial Maintenance; C.Y.O.; Concert Band 1; O.E.A. 3. MONTE KLEMAN: Academic; Scholarship Team 1,2,3,4; Scholastic Bowl Team 3,4; French Club 2,3; Class Officer 2,3; Homecoming Court 4; Scholastic Athlete 4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Cross Country 1,2; Stat 1; Marching Band 2; Chorus 1; Musical 1,2,3,4; County Science Fair 1,4; District Science Fair 4; Student Librarian 3; Year- book Ad Campaign 4. BECKY KORTE: Commercial; O.E.A. 3,4; O.E.A. Offi- cer 4. BOB KORTE: Vantage-Welding LINDA KRIETEMEYER: Vantage-Cosmetology; F.H.A. 3; Stat 3,4; Concert Band 1; Chorus 2; County Chorus 2; Musical 3; County Science Fair 1; VICA 3,4; Regional Competition 4. BILL ENDRES: Vantage-Welding ANNE EVERSOLE; Academic; Pep Band 1,2,3,4; Con- cert Band 1,2.3.4; Marching Band 1,2; Chorus 1,2,3,4; County Chorus 3,4; Musical 1 ,2,3,4; Student Librarian 4; Yearbook Ad Campaign 4. DEB FREUND: Commercial: O.E.A. 3,4; O.E.A. Officer 4; Pep Band 1,2,3,4; Concert Band 1,2,3,4; Marching Band 1,2; Chorus 1,2,3,4; County Chorus 2,3,4; Band Officer 4; Musical 1,2,3,4; Student Librarian 2; Office Help 4; Yearbook Ad Campaign 4. TO.M GEISE: Vantage-Distributive Education; O.E.A. 3; C.Y.O. 2.3; Baseball 2. LAURIE GLANCY; Commercial; O.E.A. 3,4; O.E.A. Officer 3; Softball 1; Chorus 3; Office Help 4; Yearbook Ad Campaign 4. JIM HOFSTETTER: Commercial; O.E.A. 3,4; Basket- ball 1; Cross Country 1; C.Y.O. 2,3,4. KAREN INKROTT: Academic; Graduation Speaker 4 Scholarship Team 2,3,4; Scholastic Bowl Team 3,4 French Club 2,3; Basketball 1 ,2,3,4; .Softball 1 ,2; Stat 1 ,3 Pep Band 1; Concert Band 1,3,4; Marching Band 1,2 .Musical 1 ,2,3,4; County Science Fair 1 ,4; District Science Fair 4; Yearbook Ad Campaign 4. LISA MAAG: General. MARK MAAG: Vantage- Welding; VICA 3,4; Regional Competition 3. PAULA METZGER: Academic; Graduation Speaker 4; Scholarship Team 1,2,3,4; Scholastic Bowl Team 3,4; French Club 2,3; Class Officer 4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Vol- leyball 1,2,3,4; Softball 1,2,3,4; Cheerleader 1; Chorus 1; Musical 1,2,3,4; County Science Fair 1; District Science Fair 1; Yearbook Ad Campaign 4; Office Help 1. RANDY METZGER: Vantage-O.W.E.; VICA 3,4. DENISE MEYER: Vantage-Accounting; F.H.A. 3; F.H.A. Officer 3; Softball 1; Stat 1; Pep Band 1; Concert Band 1. TRINA MIEHLS: Commercial; Art Club 1; O.E.A. 3,4; O.E.A. Officer 3; Homecoming Court 3; Basketball 1,2,3; Softball 1 ,2,3,4; Stat 3,4; Chorus 4; Band Officer 4; Coun- ty Science Fair 1; Office Help 3,4; Yearbook Ad Cam- paign 4. MICHELLE MILLER: Commercial; Art Club 1,2,3; Art Club Officer 3; F.H.A. 3,4; O.E.A. 3,4; Softball 1,2; Stat 1,2,3,4; Chorus 3,4; County Chorus 4; Band Officer 4; Musical 4; County Science Fair 1 ,2; Student Librarian 3; Office Help 4; Yearbook Ad Campaign 4. SENIOR DIRECTORY BETH NEIDERT: Academic; Graduation Speaker 4; Scholarship Team 1,2,3,4; Scholastic Bowl Team 4; French Club 2,3; Class Officer 1,2,4; Homecoming Court 1,4; Volleyball 1,2,3,4; Softball 1,2,3,4; Tennis 1,2; Cheerleader 1,2,3,4; Stat 1,2,3; Concert Band 1; Chorus 1 ; Majorette 1 ; Musical 1 ,2; County Science Fair 4; Office Help 4; Yearbook Editor 2,3,4; Yearbook Ad Campaign 3,4. KEITH NORBECK: Academic; French Club 2,3; Home- coming Court 1,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Cross Country 1,2; Chorus 1; Musical 1,2; Yearbook Ad Campaign 4. JENNY PEQUIGNOT: Academic; Scholarship Team 1; French Club 2,3; Class Officer 2,3,4; Homecoming Court 2; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Volleyball 1,2,3,4; Softball 1,2,3,4; Tennis 1; Cheerleader 1,3; Stat 1,2,4; Concert Band 1; Marching Band 1; Chorus 1; Musical 1,2,3,4; Student Director 2; County Science Fair 1 ; Office Help 4; Year- book Ad Campaign 4. AMY RECKER: Academic; Scholarship Team 2,3; French Club 2,3; Class Officer 1,3; Basketball 1; Volley- ball 1,2,3,4; Softball 1,2,3; Cheerleader 1,2,3,4; Stat 1; Chorus 1; Musical 1,2,3,4; Office Help 4; Yearbook Ad Campaign 4. JOYCE SAUM: Commercial; O.E.A. 3,4; O.E.A. Officer 3,4; Stat 1; Pep Band 1,3; Concert Band 1,3,4; Marching Band 1; Chorus 3; County Chorus 3; Band Officer 4; Student Director 4; Student Librarian 4; Office Help 4; Yearbook Ad Campaign 4. MARK SCHUERMAN: Academic; Homecoming Court 3; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Cross Country 1,2; Golf 1,2,3; Chorus 1; Musical 1,2; Student Librarian 4; Yearbook Ad Campaign 4. MARIEKE VAN NIEUWSTADT: Academic; Home- coming Court 4; Volleyball 4; Softball 4; Pep Band 4; Chorus 4; County Chorus 4; Musical 4; County Science Fair 4; District Science Fair 4; Yearbook Ad Campaign 4. DARRELL VON SOSSAN: Academic; Scholarship Team 1,2; French Club 2,3; Class Officer 1; Homecoming Court 2; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Cross Coun- try 1 ,2; Chorus 1 ; Musical 1 ,2; Yearbook Ad Campaign 4. TODD VON SOSSAN: Commercial; O.E.A. 3,4; O.E.A. Officer 4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1,2,4; Cross Coun- try 1,2; Stat 1; Marching Band 1; Chorus 1; Musical 3,4; County Science Fair 1 ; Office Help 4; Yearbook Ad Cam- paign 4. The Future The future is full of many surprises We know we can handle all that arises. For we ' ve moved on through the years all changed and matured. And never even noticed the differences that occurred. Our elders have prepared us for lifes coming fun. Also for the moment when we can say, " We ' re done! " We have the spirit and the faith that just won ' t die Even though we may sometimes feel the need to cry. It ' s time to make new friends but keep in touch with the old We know these past years will be treasured in our hearts like gold. The memories will never leave us for this is so true. Our lives we will be living will be so very new. By Lois Brendle SENIORS AT THEIR BEST Hobbles Annie r: © o Pete Debbie Herm Maggie Lo Bio ' ■ k Teeny Weeny Dandy Randy Poo! a Kyle Kreety . . . WHAT HAPPENED??? Pinky Glance Nordo Bo Bee Pecker Bobby Dingy Billy Geise Inky Saum Baum Curly 1. Jim 2. Lisa 3. Mark S. 4. Lois 5. Anne 6. Deb 7. Mark M. 8. Trina 9. Jenny 10. Todd 1 1 . Beth 12. Rick 13. Randy 14. Paula 15. Monte 16. Linda 17. Marieke 18. Laurie 19. Keith N. 20. Denise 21. Sheryl 22. Becky 23. Amy 24. Bob 25. Shelly 26. Tom 27. Joyce 28. Darrell 29. Bill 30. Karen 31. Keith B. SENIOR MOST Most Likely To Succeed: Monte Kleman and Sheryl Bruskotter Class Troublemakers: Joyce Saum and Jim Hofstetter Most School Spirit: Todd Von Sossan ,ind Beth Neidert Biggest Flirts: Amy Recker and Tom Geise Most Athletic Keith Norbeck and Jenny Pequignot Most Witty: Paula Metzger and Keith Bigelow Biggest Bosses: Mr. Barnes and Mrs. Wilcox Most Talkative: Shelly Miller and Mark Schuerman SENIOR CLASS TRIP Toronto, Canada GRADUATION May 25, 1984 Class Colors Burgundy and Cream Class Flower Rose Class Song " We Made It Through The Rain " Class Motto " The moments we ' ve shared will never go away, for the memories of tomorrow will start right now, today. " Guest Speaker Reverend John Cox, Mayor Regina Schimmoeller, i athcr John Shanahan, Mr. Norman Evcrsole, Mr. Frank Sukup. ' Welcome " Speech by Sheryl Bruskotter : SHARED WILL I " Motto " Speech by Karen Inkrott ' Song " Speech by Beth Neidert " Farewell " Speech by Paula Metzger SENIORS LOOK BACK ON THE YEAR ' S EVENTS 1 " |S Ac kA . l v r ' vi H K ' K Karen, doing homework? Grub the handyman. Screwing around again ' . ' Watch out for the wail Lisa! 22 a Underclassmen tBiiginiicy°]i(0)tmir o siiginii£y°ii(0)tmir (Bn Ikt! °S(0)tuiir o 1984 JUNIORS Tim Berelsman Bill Calvelage Scott Calvelage V Laura Donaldson Jackie Fischer Don Landwehr Karen Maag Connie Maenle Dennis Menke Julia Metzger 24 CLASS OF 85 Michelle Meyer Leslie Miehls Duane Moore Craig Neidert Brenda Ostendorf Class Officers: Julia Metzger — Vice-President, Becky Krie- jgff Schroeder temeyer — Treasurer, Michelle Meyer — Secretary, Cheryl Kevin Streets Von Lehmden — President Jim Vetter Cheryl Von Lehmden Rose Von Sossan Tom Warnement Cheryl Wieging SOPHOMORES Class Officers: Jeff Krietemeyer, President; Mii e Neidert, Secretary; Mark Neidert, Treasurer; Scott Vetter, Vice President r ' i ( Doris Beining Paula Bruskotter Doug Good Mark Grone Teresa Hanf 4 ik • ;.«. Duane Hoersten Amy Kehres Dave Korte Dave Krietemeyer Deb Krietemeyer Jeff Krietemeyer Amy Lindeman Rick Lindeman Maria Luebrecht Mike Luebrecht Connie Maag I Sandy Maag Deb Maenle 26 CLASS OF 1986 Brenda McGraw Sarah Mesker Jeannie Miehls Scott Miller Mitch Moening Roger Schulte Scott Vetter Dan Von Lehmden Jeff Wannemacher Tim Wannemacher Jerry Warnecke Sue Warnecke Dan Warnement Cynthia Wieging Candi Yerick FRESHMEN Cora Bigelow Shelly Broecker Ron Bruskotter Donna Buss Alan Calvelage Class Officers: Shelly Broecker, Treasurer; Bruce Schroeder, President; Ron Bruskotter, Vice President; Alan Calvelage, Secretary. y Dan Lucke Brenda Maenle ' Marcia McGraw Denise McNamara I " Gary Menke 28 CLASS OF 1987 29 EIGHTH GRADE Laura Broecker Brian Calvelage Michael Gasser Michelle Gasser Dave Geise Denny Geise Dwight Heitmeyer Todd Hoehn Chris Hoersten Class Officers: Laura Broecker, Vice President; Donna Vorst, Treasurer; Cheryl Neidert, Secretary; Tracy Von Sossan, President Mike Howbert Linda Inkrott Mike Knebel Cheryl Korte ' Lisa Korte Linda Kramer Ann Krietemeyer Jan Krietemeyer Larry Krietemeyer 30 CLASS OF 1988 w Karen Lindeman Mike Maenle Lanette Metzger Cheryl Meyer Kelly Meyer ) Jennifer Moening Cheryl Neidert Steve Nichols Sarah Recker Randy Saum Dave Schuerman Nicki Teman Tim Utrup Brent Von Lehmden Tracy Von Sossan Donna Vorst Cliff Wieging SEVENTH GRADE Regina Bardo Christine Clavelage James Cook Stacia Feathers Douglas Fischer Jeffrey Geise Douglas German Daniel Good Wesley Klir Kellv Lindeman Tammy Lindeman Lynn Lucke David Luersman Stephen Maag Carrie McNamara Elaine Meyer Glenn Miehls Kelly Paddubny Gina Plumpe Lezlie Ricker Steve Schroeder Dan Sealts Steven Utrup Shirley Von Sossan Curt Will Bradley Yerick SIXTH GRADE Brian Berelsman Jacqlyn Berelsman Shawn Broecker Rex Calvelage Bradley Gasser Jennifer Geise Amy Heck Brent Helmke David Ketcham Sharon Kramer Jennifer Ladd Anthony Landwehr Deana Lauf Duane Lucke Amy Maag Sharon Maenle Keith Metzger Leslie Moening Jay Neidert Lynette Nichols Anita Osting Rodney Schroeder Dawn Schuerman Jeff Swick Shane Talboom Jason Wieging Vicki Weiging - w.- ' W 1 I H ' f 1 yi J m- ff-H ' T f 1 p y J u m m FIFTH GRADE Todd Broecker Todd Burgei Wayne Burgei Matthew Calvelage James Fischer Jennifer Gasser Timothy Geise Jennifer Heitmeyer Terry Horstman Amv Hovvberl Jason Klir Matthew Luebrecht Sheila Maag Amy McNamara Matthew Michel Brian Miehls John Osting Slacey Paddubny Michael Richards Aaron Ricker Debbie Schulte Michelle Smith Katrina Utrup Stephanie Vetter Lori Von Lehmden Sheila Wannemacher Jeffrey Wittier Av J A FOURTH GRADE Brittany Bardo Sheri Broecker William Calvelage Trina Ellerbrock Angela Gasser Leslie Gasser Kevin Grone Amanda Lindeman Laura Maenle Darrel Metzger Nicholas Osting Amy Richards Eric Schroeder Gina Schroeder Nathan Schroeder 35 THIRD GRADE Nathan Beining Crystal Birkemeier Darrin Burgei Brad Calvelage Micheal Calvelage Brian Geise Darrin German Teresa Hoehn Kevin Hoersten Aaron Kohismith Sarah Krietemeyer Melissa Maenle Gina McGraw Brian Michel Brian Saum Kate Schroeder Lisa Swick Abigail Tussey Melissa Utrup Bradley Vetter Todd Von Lehmden Diana Warnecke Laura Wittier SECOND GRADE Jennifer Beam Krista Burgei Susanne Calvelage Tina Calvelage Jason Grothause Wendy Heck Joshua Heitmeyer Stephanie Hellman Scott Krietemeyer Brian Maag Brian McNamara Alan Metzger Nathan Meyer Kristin Miehls Matthew Osting Angela Plumpe Erin Pothast Nicole Potast Michael Ricker Kevin Rode Brian Schroeder Lisa Schroeder Kristina Teman Amanda Trenkamp Brenda Von Sossan Ryan Von Sossan Lisa Wannemacher Nicole Whitacre Lisa Wieging FIRST GRADE 1-A Jennifer Burgei Charlotte Fisher April Friemoth Eric Gasser John Hawk Chad Huber Michael Knippen Rhonda Maenle Kimberly Metzger Douglas Meyer Jason Stechschuite William Smith Jessica Utrup Trina Von Lehmden Jason Wannemacher IB Scott Birkemeier Melissa Calvelage Chris Dickman April Fisher Julie Gasser Kevin Good James Kleman Zachary Liebrecht Scott Maag Jennifer Menke Cory Meyer Joel Rickcr Jennifer Schweller Keith Von Lehmden Sabrina Von Sossan Carole Wiecharl KINDERGARTEN A,M, Angela Amstutz Carrie Askins Kristie Beam Marlena Calvelage Keith Ellerbrock Shannon Gerdeman Sherrie Good Kari Hoersten Bradey Kleman John Maenle Michelle Martin Stacy Merricle Scott Miehls Jason Ricker Julie Schweller Christina Swint Allison Utrup Heather Von Lehmden Leanne Wilkins Joshua Young P.M. Cori Bardo Kevin Gasser Todd Geise Jessica Hildebrand Mathew Lucke Steven Maenle Chad Metzger Jennifer Metzger Matthew Osting August Plumpe Brian Schulte Amy Utrup Lisa Wiechart Amy Will i . " " " °fi®tiiiir °f(0)tiiiir 1984 ' M ■(D)Mir Sfl ' f(0)Mir ' f(0)tmir Sfl d ;? .fld HIGH SCHOOL Mr. Frank Sukup Superintendent Mr. Thomas Sakemiller, Administrative Assistant Guidance Counselor, Athletic Director Baseball Coach, American History Mrs. Kay Tcman High School Secretary Mrs. Joann Von Lehmden Treasurer HIGH SCHOOL Mrs. Eileen Wilcox Business Instructor Yearbook Advisor Miss Gaya Orians Physical Education Volleyball Coach Miss Peggy Lauf Business Instructor Typing Mrs. Mary Lou Altenburger Science Scholastic Bowl Coach HIGH SCHOOL Mrs. Kim Wright English Scholastic Bowl Coach HMiiHinmni ■■■■■■■■■■■nn ■■■•■■■■■■■■I MHIUIIII wmnm J ■«■■■- m Mr. Don Altcnburger Science Drivers ' Education Girls ' Basketball Coach Mrs. Nancy Bowen Home Economics F.H.A. Advisor Mr. Allyn Barnes Math, Social Studies Musical Director Scholastic Bowl Coach HIGH SCHOOL Miss Sharon Winkle Learning Disabilities Mrs. Shirley Frazee Art, History Mr. Roger Maddock Industrial Arts 7 Mrs. Sally Myers Language Mr. Wilbur Altenburger Special Education Boys ' Varsity Basketball Coach GRADE SCHOOL Mr. John Giles Elementary Principal t (I Mrs. Lillian Von Lehmden Elementary Secretary Mrs. Judy Schroeder Kindergarten Mrs. Jeri Kaverman Grade I -A Mrs. Mary Bruskotter Grade 1-B Mrs. Lynn Phillips Grade 2 I Mrs. Anne Hemker Grade 3 Mr. Charles Murphy Grade 4 Mrs. Helen Unverferth Grade 5 46 GRADE SCHOOL Mrs. Lisa Looser Grade 6 Mrs. Felicia Dickman Elementary L.D. Mr. Don Cook Grade 7 Mrs. Lucille Gasser Teachers ' Aide Miss Laura Wistner Elementary L.D. Miss Joanne Von Sossan Chapter 1 Aide Mrs. Judith Wieging Miss Diane Strobel Librarian High School Grade School Music Director 47 School Board: Joann Von Lehmden, Errol Schroeder, Mike Nichols, Richard Ricker, Donald Horstman, Norman Eversole. Cooks: Mrs. Janet Schroeder, Mrs. Florence Maenle, Alma Jean Schroeder High School Maintenance Don Recker Bus Drivers: Mr. Tom Smith, Mr. Don Rcckcr, Mrs. Margaret Von Sossan, Mrs. Norma Maag, .Mrs. Marilyn Cirotc (absent). Grade School Maintenance Dennis Neidert 48 siigimicy°]r(0)tiiiir 5j .m 11984 (slglkt Sotmir eflglkty-S(0)tuiir FJHS GIRLS VARSITY AND DISTRICT SEMI-FINALIST Girls Varsity Basketball: Paula Bruskotter, Amy Schroeder, Sandy Maag, Michelle Meyer, Becky Krietemeyer, Lorie Schimmoeller, Coach Don Altenburger, Paula Metzger, Karen Inkrott, Maria Luebrecht, Connie Maenle, Amy Lindeman. Jenny Pequignot. Cameramen: Mike Neidert and Scott Miller Lois Kramer and Denise McNamara, Managers 50 RESERVE BASKETBALL Girls Reserve Basketball: Row 1: Connie Maenle, Shelly Broecker, Amy Lindeman, Amy Schroeder, Paula Bruskotter. Row 2: Maria Luebrecht, Candi Yerick, Cora Bigelow, Brenda Maenle, Coach Dolly Broecker. FJHS SENIOR Paula Metzger Karen Inkrott Jenny Pequignot GIRLS VARSITY AND RESERVE BASKETBALL BOYS VARSITY AND RESERVE BASKETBALL Opponent S core: JV V Opponent Score: JV V Miller City W 29-11 W 51-24 Miller City W 44-34 L 49-79 Mendon Union W 70-57 Arlington W 44-25 W 60-51 Wayne Trace W 41-22 W 63-37 Kalida L 25-32 W 60-52 Ottoville w 30-26 W 59-48 Ayersville W 35-33 W 60-50 Ayersville w 54-22 W 53-51 Ottoville L 37-44 L 43-46 Pandora-Gilboa w 50-27 W 84-30 Spencerville L 38-49 L 47-50 Kalida L 17-29 L 51-58 Lincolnview L 63-67 Holgate W 32-24 W 50-45 Crestview L 31-33 Spencerville W 50-12 W 48-45 Ohio City W 62-44 W 65-52 Elida W 37-20 W 53-36 Columbus Grove L 40-43 L 44-48 Miller City W 30-26 W 47-38 Kalida L 43-54 L 58-59 Crestview L 28-41 L 58-69 Continental L 23-31 L 58-62 Continental W 38-14 W 58-36 Marion Local L 32-33 L 40-47 Leipsic L 27-31 W 73-40 Miller City L 33-45 L 47-62 Columbus Grove W 51-17 W 54-37 Ottawa-Glandorf L 26-59 L 41-50 Perry W 51- 8 W 70-20 Delphos Jefferson L 37-44 W 70-45 Ottoville w 30-28 L 43-47 Perry W 56-42 W 64-57 L.C.C. w 39-22 W 78-67 Cory Rawson W 60-39 W 68-47 Lincolnview w 48-32 W 56-46 Pandora-Gilboa W 51-36 W 60-58 Delphos Jeffersor w 36-21 W 70-36 Leipsic L 35-44 W 65-58 Tournament: Ottoville L 33-42 L 41-66 Columbus Grove Sectionals) W 61-47 Tournament: Kalida W 57-54 Patrick Henry W 78-77 Delphos St. John iricts) L 52-64 Columbus Grove L 45-60 52 SUPERSTARS Keith Norbeck Todd Von Sossan Mark Schuerman Monte Kleman Darrell Von Sossan 53 FJHS VARSITY Row 1 : Kevin Streets, Craig Neidert, Todd Von Sossan, Monte Kleman, Jeff Schroeder, Row 2: Manager Scott Calveiage, Mark Schuerman, Dan German, Karl Schimmoeller, Darrell Von Sossan, Keith Norbeck, Coach Bill Aitenburger. W ■■ f p . H « k J asLi ismbbmhII Cheerleaders: (left to right) Beth Neidert, Becky Krietemeyer, Stats: Paula Bruskotter, Michelle Meyer, Michelle Amy Recker, Cheryl Von Lchmdcn, Julia Metzger. Miller, Jenny Pequignot, Trina Miehls. FJHS RESERVE Row 1: Manager Rob Helmke, Coach Don Cook. Row 2: Doug Good, Dan Von Lehmden, Kevin Streets, Mitch Moening, Jerry Warnecke, Duane Hoersten, Mark Grone, Craig Neidert, Mark Neidert, Scott Vetter. Cameramen: Mike Neidert, Scott Miller Cheerleaders: (left to right) Amy Schroeder, Amy Lindeman, Cynthia Wieging, Jeannie Miehls, Amy Kehres. 1984 HOMECOMING COURT Sophomore Altcndanis: Amy Schroeder and Sott Vcttcr Miniature Attendants: Heather Von Lchmden and Scott Maa Freshman Attendants: Michelle Broccker and Brad Miehls The 1983 Homecoming Queen. Jan Recker, crowns Beth after presenting her with roses. The annual Homecoming was held on January 27. The game featured the Musketeers against the Miller City Wildcats. The Muskies were defeated by a score of 62-47 but it was not an easy win for the Wildcats. They were only up by one at the half 2 1 -20 but they widened their lead to five in the third quarter 35-30. Top scorer for the Muskies was Keith Norbeck with 17. Mark Schuerman led in rebounds with 12. VARSITY RESERVE Varsity: Row 1: Jenny Pequignot, Michelle Meyer, Sheryl Bruskotter Row 2: Jackie Fischer, Beth Neidert, Amy Lindeman, Paula Bruskotter Row 3: Cheryl Von Lehmden, Manager Sarah Recker, Coach Orians, Amy Recker, Paula Metzger. Becky Krietemeyer ' : - ) Stals: Row 1 ; Deb Maenle, Teresa Hanf, Cheryl Wieg- ing. Sarah Meskcr Row 2: Lois Kramer, Lisa Plumpe, Rose Von Sossor, VOLLEYBALL Reserve: Row 1 : Paula Bruskotter, Shelly Broecker, Brenda Maenle Row 2: Cynthia Wieging, Jeannie Miehls, Amy Schroeder, Sandy Ostendorf, Denise McNamara Row 3: Amy Lindeman, Amy Kehres, Coach Broecker, Cora Bige- low, Deb Krietemeyer VARSITY AND RESERVE VOLLEYBALL Opponent Score: JV V Leipsic W 2-0 L 1-2 Lincolnview W 2-1 W 2-0 St. Johns W 2-1 L 1-2 Holgate W 2-0 W 2-0 Miller City W 2-0 W 2-0 Pandora W 2-0 W 2-0 Ottoville W 2-0 LO-2 Elida W 2-1 L 1-2 Kalida W 2-1 W 2-1 Continental W 2-0 W 2-1 Wayne Trace L 1-2 L 1-2 Continental W 2-0 W 2-1 Ohio City W 2-0 W 2-0 Columbus Grove W 2-0 W 2-0 Ottoville W 2-1 LO-2 Paulding L 1-2 W 2-1 Montpelier L 1-2 W 2-0 Jefferson W 2-0 W 2-0 Crestview LO-2 W 2-1 Tournament: Ottoville L 1-2 SENIOR S PIKERS Sheryl Bruskotter Beth Neidert Amy Recker Jenny Pequignot Honorable Mention District Paula Metzger Honorable Mention District 8 FRESHMAN BASKETBALL PCL CHAMPS Left to right: Bruce Von Sossan, Bill Grothause, Brad Miehls, Dean Von Sossan, Matt Pequignot, Mark Von Lehmden, Bruce Schroeder, Joe Nichols, Brian Ricker, Coach Don Cook, Rob Helmke, Randy Ostendorf, Managers FRESHMAN BASKETBALL Cheerleaders: Brenda Maenle, Sandy Ostendorf, Shelly Broecker, Denise McNamara, Cora Bigelow Opponent Pandora Ottoville Kalida Columbus Grove Spencerville Leipsic Perry Lincolnview Kalida Ayersville Continental Jefferson Miller City Ottoville Tournament: Miller City Leipsic Continental Score W 73-23 W 42-28 W 41-29 W 57-34 W 52-15 W 41-36 W 61-48 W 39-29 W 52-22 W 41-34 W 39-30 W 53-25 W 49-18 cancelled Stats: front — Lois Kramer, Lisa Plumpe back — Sarah Mesker, Marcia McGraw, Deb Maenle 8th GRADE BOYS Basketball Team: Randy Saum, Todd Hoehn, Steve Nichols, Mike Howbert, Brent Von Lehmden, Dwight Heitmeyer, Coach Von Sossan, Dave Geise, Tim Utrup, Larry Krietemeyer, Cliff Wieging, Mike Maenle, Chris Hoersten 8th Grade Boys Basketball Opponent Score: Lincolnview L 26-40 Columbus Grove St. Anthony W 43-32 Delphos Jefferson L 37-41 Ottoville W 39-33 Cheerleaders: Columbus Grove W 50-35 (Clockwise) Cheryl Kalida W 44-27 Neidert, Michelle Spencerville W 50-36 Gasser, Donna Kalida L 26-46 Vorst, Laura Continental W 45-24 Broecker Delphos Jefferson W 51-36 Lima South L 27-63 Miller City W 35-30 Leipsic W 52-33 Ottoville L 42-47 Tournament: Miller City L 26-39 Stats: Kelly Meyer, Karen Lindeman, Tracy Von Sossan, Sarah Recker 7th GRADE BOYS Basketball Team: Steve Maag, Doug German, Brad Yerick, Curt Will, Steve Schroeder, Glenn Miehls, Coach Von Sossan, Dave Luersman, Doug Fischer, Jeff Geise, Dan Sealts, Dan Good, Jim Cook. Stats: Gina Plumpe and Shirley Von Sossan 7th Grade Boys Opponent Lincolnview Columbus Grove St. Anthony Delphos Jefferson Ottoville Columbus Grove Kalida Spencerville Kalida Continental Delphos Jefferson Delphos St. John ' s Miller City Leipsic Ottoville Tournament: Delphos Jefferson Basketball Score L 49-52 W 57-15 L 26-38 W 16-12 W 41-32 L 17-27 L 26-58 L 15-28 L 19-27 L9-24 L 27-36 W 46-31 W 34-32 W 28-18 L 17-37 Cheerleaders: (Top to Bottom) Lezlie Ricker, Lynn Lucke, Tammy Lindeman, Kelly Lindeman 7th 8th GIRLS BASKETBALL 8th Grade: Dawn Von Sossan and Gina Schroeder, Managers; Left to Right: Donna Vorst, Karen Lindeman, Michelle Gasser, Jan Krietemeyer, Kelly Meyer, Coach Joanne Von Sossan, Linda Inkrott, Ann Krietemeyer, Laura Broecker, Tracy Von Sossan, Cheryl Meyer, Cheryl Neidert. GO TEAM! r m ••• y € m B r-— ■1 I ■»• — , ' ' ' ■ ' -. ji Slats man. ' tin iinc Calvelage, Tammy Linde- SEVENTH AND EIGHTH GRADE C JIRLS BASKETBALL Opponent Score: 7th 8th Pandora L47-7 L 33-31 Vaughnsville L 24-12 W 45-12 Crestview L 22-10 L 22-20 Spencerville L 14-12 L 29-26 Contin ental L 22-17 W 35-12 Jefferson L 20-16 W 29-27 Miller City W 14-10 W 21-14 Ottoville L 22-19 W 28-23 Jefferson L 27-10 W 36-34 Miller City L 19-2 W 36-20 Ottoville L 14-11 W 41-27 Kalida L 35-15 L 37-25 Continental L 22-20 W 33-12 Kalida L 48-23 L 38-25 7th Grade: Gina Schroeder and Dawn Von Sossan, Managers; Left to Right: Kelly Lindeman, Carrie McNamara, Kelly Paddubny, Stacia Feathers, Coach Joanne Von Sossan, Regina Bardo, Gina Plumpe, Shirley Von Sossan, Elaine Meyer. CYO BASKETBALL TEAM Kneeling: Tom Landwehr, Coach Dan Grothause, Alan Calvelage. Standing: Bill Calvelage, Duane Moore, Chuck Knebel, Don Landwehr, Tim Berelsman, Rick Calvelage, Dennis Grothause. FJHS GOLF Front: Coach Don Cook, Mike Luebrecht, Doug Good, Scott Vetter. Back: Dan Von Lehmden, Kevin Streets, Mitch Moening, Bruce Schroeder, Mark Grone, Jim Vetter. GOLF SCOREBOARD Opponent Score Ayersvilie L 191-170 Miller City L 191-186 Allen East L 185-180 Miller City L 197-196 Crestview W 193-194 Woods Invitational 7th place Continental W 184-185 Delphos Jefferson W 187-194 Crestview W 187-200 Ottoville Invitational 7th place Kalida L 177-163 Continental L 188-185 Ayersvilie L 190-178 Putnam County Golf Meet 4th place Sectional Golf Meet 6th place Delphos Jefferson W 174-189 Kalida L 177-154 FJHS SOFTBALL Row 1: Paula Metzger, Jenny Pequignot, Amy Recker. Row 2 Sheryl Bruskotter, Lorie Schimmoeller, Becky Kriete- meyer, Kay Schimmoeller. Row 3 Trina Miehls, Beth Nei- dert, Brenda Ostendorf. Row 4 Michelle Meyer, Leslie Miehls, Julia Metzger. B TEAM Row 1 Maria Lue- brecht. Deb Krietemeyer, Sandy Maag, Brenda McGraw. Row 2 Deb Maenle, Sarah Mesker, Paula Bruskotter, Shelly Broecker, Cyn- thia Wieging. Row 3 Cora Bige- low. Amy Kerehs, Amy Schroeder, Jeanie Miehls, Amy Lindeman, Candi Yerick. FJHS BASEBALL f f f f " j Mff Varsity Front Row: Keith Norbeck, Darrell Von Sossan, Mark Schuerman, Todd Von Sossan, Dennis Menke. Middle Row: Scott Vetter, Kevin Streets, Jeff Schroeder, Dan German, Don Landwehr, Bill Calvelage. Back Row: Scott Calvelage, Manager, Dennis Grothause, Dean Von Sossan, Matt Pequignot, Tim Berelsman, Tom Sakemiller, Coach JV Front Row: Bill Grothause, Bruce Von Sossan, Alan Calvelage, Tom Landwehr, Doug Good, Rob Helmke, Manager. Back Row: Bruce Schroeder, Joe Nichols, Mark Von Lehmden, Brad Miehls, Mark Grone, Gary Menke, Doug Von Sossan, Coach SENIOR SLUGGERS Todd Von Sossan VARSITY Opponent Elida Ottawa Ohio City Leipsic Mendon Union Continental Perry Perry Bath Ayersville Ohio City Lincolnview Miller City Continental Columbus Grove Ottoville Pandora Sec. Tourn. Bluffton Spencerville District Tourn. Riverdale Miller City Tie W W W W W W W W W W W L L L W W W W W L Score 1-1 2-0 5-3 22-0 7-1 3-2 5-2 9-5 2-1 4-0 7-1 11-3 3-4 7-10 10-11 2-1 6-5 8-2 3-2 5-3 4-5 Mark Schuerman Putnam County All-League Second Team JV Opponent Columbus Grove W St. John ' s Spencerville Leipsic Miller City St. John ' s Kalida Darrell Von Sossan Putnam County All-League First Team Keith Norbeck Putnam County All-League First Team, Coaches ' Ohio High School Baseball All Star Game, Defiance Crescent News Player of the Year nm 7 Kir ' W v t ,tv ' n Activities ■©tmir ■©trnir :(0)tiiiir :(D)Mir 1984 (BIL cr3 :(0)tmir ■©trnir ■©Mir :(S)tmir ATHLETIC BANQUET Senior Volleyball Players: Coach Orians, Paula Metzger, Jenny Pequig- Senior Cheerleaders: Amy Recker, Advisor Mrs. Kaverman, Beth Nei- not. Amy Recker, Beth Neidert, Sheryl Bruskotter. dert. ' " ' ' m f W ki Senior Basketball Players: Jenny Pequignot, Paula Metzger, Karen Ink- Senior Basketball Players: Todd Von Sossan; Coach Bill Altenburger; rott. Coach Don Altenburger. Monte Kleman; Keith Norbeck; Mark Schuerman and Darrell Von Sossan — Putnam County Honorable Mention. Scholastic Athletes: Sheryl Bruskotter, Monte Kleman. _ Keith Norbeck: All-State Second Team, All-Northwest Ohio Team, All-District 8 Team, P.C.L. Player of the Year, M.V.P. of the Van Wert Holiday Tournament, Second all time leading scorer at FJHS-1 135 points Most points scored in a single game-46. 76 ACADEMIC BANQUET (f 5i (? © Senior Achievement Award Winners: (Front) Mr. Suicup Beth Neidert Jenny Pequignot Sheryl Bruskotter Deb Freund Amy Recker (Back) Joyce Saum Paula Metzger Monte Kleman Karen Inkrott Laurie Glancy Lois Brendle Top Students: Seniors: Beth Neidert, Academic Sheryl Bruskotter, Business Juniors: Julia Metzger, Academic Laura Donaldson, Business Sophomore: Jeannie Miehls Presidential Academic Fitness Award Winners: Beth Neidert, Karen Inkrott, Monte Kleman, Jenny Pequignot 78 ONCE UPON A MATTRESS Director Allyn Barnes Student Director Joyce Saum Music Director Diane Strobel Scenery Design Joanne Von Sossan Princess Winnifred Amy Recker Prince Dauntless Monte Kleman Lady Larken Anne Eversole Sir Harry Chuck Knebel Queen Aggravain Rose Von Sossan King Sextimus the Silent Tim Berelsman Princess No. 12 Cheryl Wieging Wizard Karl Schimmoeller Jester Jeff Krietemeyer ' LADIES IN WAITING Laura Donaldson Deb Freund Teresa Hanf Brenda Maenle Michelle Meyer Minstrel Jim Vetter Lady Rowena Paula Metzger Lady Lucille Jenny Pequignot Lady Merrill Lois Brendle Lady Mabelle Marieke van Nieuwstadt Sir Luce Dan German Sir Studley Dave Krietemeyer Kitchen Wench Brenda Maenle Emily Cora Bigelow KNIGHTS Doug Good Dale Neidert Craig Neidert Mike Neidert ART CREW Beth Neidert Cheryl Von Lehmden Linda Krietemeyer Cynthia Wieging Connie Maag Sarah Mesker Deb Maenle Todd Von Sossan Craig Neidert STAGE CREW Karen Inkrott Jim Hofstetter Rick Calvelage Jackie Fischer Dennis Grothause Rob Nichols Joe Nichols Gary Menke LIGHTS AND SOUND Todd Von Sossan Scott Vetter Matt Pequignot Mark Neidert MAKE-UP Amy Lindeman Paula Bruskotter Jeannie Miehls PIT CREW Felicia Dickman Ron Knebel Connie Maenle TICKET SELLERS Kay Schimmoeller Laurie Glancy PROGRAMS POSTERS Shelly Miller Trina Miehls Lorie Schimmoeller Leslie Miehls Karen Geise Brenda Ostendorf POSTERS CONSTRUCTION Industrial Arts Dept. USHERS Linda Inkrott Kelly Meyer Cheryl Meyer Donna Vorst JUNIOR-SENIOR PROM Our Prom was held May 5, 1984 at the Memorial Hall. The dance began at 8:00 p.m. and the music was provided by " Soundwave " . The luncheon was served at 10:30 p.m. ii PRECIOUS AND FEW yy What ' s wrong guys, is the light too bright? You guys make a cute couple. Hey Tim, who spiked the punch? Oops! Missed again! Boogie Grubby! Girls just want to have FUN! AWARDS DAY 1 Organizations (gn ■©tmr [©trnir 1984 :ll sMIkty ' (gfl sngjkt ' :(0)Mir ■©Mr :(0)tmir :®tuiir :(0)tiflir :(0)Mir :(D)Mir FJHS BAND BAND: Row 1 Teresa Hanf, Jackie Fischer, Connie Maenle. Row 2 Doug Good, Joyce Saum, Anne Eversole, Deb Krietemeyer, Miss Strobel. Row 3 Dale Neidert, Cliuck Knebel, Deb Freund, Karen Inkrott. Row 4 Dave Krietemeyer and Jeff Kriete- meyer. PEP BAND; Row 1 Marieke van Nieustadt, Connie Maenle, Deb Freund, Rose Von Sos- san, Anne Eversole, Miss Strobel. Row 2 Chuck Knebel, Jackie Fischer, Jeff Kriete- meyer, Linda Inkrott, Kelly Meyer. 8TH GRADE BAND: Row 1 Karen Lindeman, Donna Vorst, Cheryl Neidert, Laura Broecker, Jan Krietemeyer. Row 2 Miss Strobel, Kelly Meyer, Michelle Gasser, Linda Inkrott, Ann Krietemeyer and Mike Knebel. AND CHORUS CHORUS: Left to Right Jackie Fischer, Deb Freund, Donna Buss, Lois Brendle, Rose Von Sossan, Trina Meihls, Shelly Miller, Laura Donald- son, Anne Eversole, Doris Beining, Mar- ieke van Nieuwstadt, Connie Maenle, and Miss Strobel. COUNTY CHORUS: Row 1 Connie Maenle, Brenda Maenle, Cora Bigelow, Row 2 Marieke van Nieuwstadt, Anne Eversole, Trina Miehls, Deb Freund. Row 3 Jackie Fischer, Lois Brendle, Shelly Miller, Laura Donaldson, Rose Von Sossan and Miss Strobel BAND AND CHORUS OFFICERS: Left to Right Shelly Miller, Vice President; Trina Miehls, Treasurer; Joyce Saum, Secretary; Deb Freund, President. Senior O.E.A. Officers: Deb Freund, Vice-President Joyce Saum, President Becky Korte, Treasurer Todd Von Sossan, Secretary Junior O.E.A. Officers: Brenda Ostendorf, Secretary Kevin Streets, Vice-President Dennis Grothouse, President Lorie Schimmoeiler, Treasurer © © pfcnV B Jm " " JfV lip r K M M F.H.A.: (Front) Michelle Miller, Kay Schimmoeiler, Lois Kramer, Jackie Fi.scher, Sandy Ostendorf, .Mrs, Bowen, Advisor. (Back) Denise Meyer, Cheryl Wieging, Cora Bigelow, Rose Von Sossan, Laura Donaldson, Deb Maenle. 88 Scholarship Team: (Row 1) Brenda McGraw, Michelle Meyer, Paula Bruskotter, Karen Maag, Jeff Schroeder, Jim Vetter, Becky Krietemeyer, Cheryl Von Lehmden, Lorie Schimmoeller, Shelly Broecker, Denise McNamara. (Row 2) Jeff Krietemeyer, Tim Berelsman, Karl Schimmoeller, Cynthia Wieging, Dennis Grothouse, Monte Kleman, Amy Kehres, Karen Inkrott, Sheryl Bruskotter. (Row 3) Bruce Schroeder, Julia Metzger, Brian Ricker, Bill Grothouse, Jeannie Miehls, Mike Luebrecht, Doug Good, Dave Krietemeyer, Beth Neidert. Scholastic Bowl Team: (Front) Mrs. Altenburger, Coach Sheryl Bruskotter Karen Inkrott Paula Metzger Beth Neidert Mrs. Wright, Coach (Back) Mr. Barnes, Coach Monte Kleman Jim Vetter OFFICE HELP: 1 to r Michelle Meyer, Jenny Pequignot, Amy Recker, and Beth Neidert. STUDENT LIBRARIANS, 1st SE- MESTER: left front to back Marsha McGraw, Jackie Fischer, Anne Ever- sole, and Laura Donaldson. Right front to back Karen Geise, Kay Schimmoeller, Amy Schroeder, and Amy Kehres. STUDENT LIBRARIANS 2nd SE- MESTER: Row 1 left to right: Laura Donaldson, Anne Eversole, Joyce Saum, and Karen Geise. Row 2: Jackie Fischer, Marsha McGraw, Amy Kehres, Amy .Schroeder and .Mark Schucrman. 90 CHEMISTRY BOWL: left to right: Jim Vetter, Becky Krietemeyer, Karl Schim- moeller, Mrs. Altenburger, and Tim Ber- elsman. Check out those legs!! Showing off Keith ' : Hang on Cheryl! Is it that bad? Nervous Beth? Saggin ' Herm!!! What are you begging for Jeannie? Don ' t look now Dan, but I think those girls are looking at our legs. Who ' s that behind those Foster Grants? H V l B — ' Duh Jenny! Using class time to get your hair cut? If you open your eyes Becky, you can see the hair on my legs. And another thing Rob, 92 i w% » Are you sure you have all been good little girls? Where ' s the beef? Are they talking about us again, Scott? m What happened Cheryl, did someone mistake you for a bas- ketball? Who are you cheering for, Mark? Junior Rah! MOCK WEDDINGS First Semester Second Semester Bride Paula Metzger Bride Laurie Glancy Groom Jim Hofstetter Groom Todd Von Sossan Maid-of-Honor Michelle Miller Maid-of-Honor Trina Miehls Best Man Darrell Von Sossan Best Man Mark Schuerman Father of Bride Keith Norbeck Mother of Bride Karen Inkrott Mother of Groom Lois Brendle Mother of Groom Sheryl Bruskotter Priest Monte Kleman Priest Beth Neidert 1984 (gflgJkt -S tmir (Bflglkty-Sotuiir (gEgIhity«S(0)tiflir (gMIhity-2(0)Mir FORT JENNINGS STATE BANK FORT JtNNINCS OHIO 45844 LID STATE BANKING SINCE 1918 Our Purpose is to Serve You With A Complete Friendly Banking Service Checking Accounts Personal Loan Savings Accounts Commercial Loan Travelers Checks Auto Loan Safe Deposit Boxes Real Estate Loans Bank-by-mail Service Farm Loans Collections Bank Money Orders Full Service Bank Bank Drafts Now Accounts Drive-In Window Certificates of Deposit Night Depository CHRISTMAS SAVINGS AND STUDENT EDUCATION LOAN THE FORT JENNINGS STATE BANK Current Resources 17,000,000.00 Solid State Banking Since 1918 PPIC [TfULL • SERVICE • BANkT] pDK % 96 RAABE MOTOR SALES, INC, Best Reasons To Buy Ford Tempo: — Front-wheel drive and all-season steel-belted radials for excellent traction. — Efficient aerodynamic design. — Space for five passengers — ideal for families. —New 2300 HSC engine with advanced EEC-IV computer — Four-wheel independent suspen- sion for large car riding comfort. Where You Can Get A Good Ole Deal From The Good Ole Boys " Home of The People Pleasers " Service After The Sale Lima Phone: 223-0218 Ford Cars Trucks Delphos, Ohio Expert Body Work Delphos Phone: 692-0055 Congratulations Class of ' 84 Col. Jennings Post 715 American Legion, Auxiliary, Sons Rt. 189 W., Ft. Jennings, Ohio I Legion Home Available for Weddings, Anniversaries, Reunions, Etc. Auxiliary available for cooking Building equipped for handicap For Info. 286-2467 Post Phone 286-2100 VAN WERT BOOK STORE INC. Complete Office Outfitters Lease or Buy 312 Shannon St, Van Wert, Ohio 45891 Phone: 238-2977 Office Supplies Office Furniture Copy Machines Sales — Service Typewriters Calculators NORTHWESTERN BUSINESS CDLLB3E TECHN ICAL CENTER 1441 NORTH CABLE ROAD Uy]A. OHIO 45805 419-227-3141 WHERE YOUR FUTURE BSGINS ASSOCIATE DEC31EE CURRICULA Auto-Diesel Truck Technology Autcmotive Technologyo Business Adninistrat ion Cooputer Progranming Aftninistrative Secretarial e Higher Accounting Medical Secretarial o Market ing l egal Secretarial • Product ion Management Word Processing Administrative Support DIPLCMA CURRICULA Auto Diesel Truck Technician Auto Technician »Retai 1 Merchandising Executive Secretarial Clerk-Typist • Junior Accounting Medical Office Assistant Word Processing Specialist Bluff ton-ln-Lima Bachelor ' s Degree Program if % % FORT JENNINGS JAYCEE ' S JAYCEETTES Men Meet Second and Fourth Wed. of every month Ladies Meet First Wed. of every month 98 ( KEN SCHROEDER BUILDING CONTRACTER New Homes Remodeling Siding Roofing Cabinets Lots for sale Co. Road T-23 Phone 286-2972 Ft. Jennings Ohio JACK RICKER MASONRY CONTRACTING - ' ' ' - Quality Masonry Work R.R.I Ft. Jennings, Ohio Phone 286-2992 fir FITNESS CENTER, INC. 102 W. Main St.— Ottawa, OH (419) 523-6082 Nautilus Weight Machines Racquetball Wallyball Laudick s Jewelry Inc. 130 E. Main St. Van Wert, Ohio 45891 Diamonds Watches Jewelry Gemologist on Staff NEIDERTS BODY SHOP Complete Auto Body Repair RR 1 Fort Jennings, Ohio % % Lee Wittier Son Plumbing Heating Electrical Wiring Blown Insulation New Home Building Ph. 286-2836 Ft. Jennings, Ohio ■ % TOM BRANDEHOFF and SONS JEWELER Seiko Watches Diamonds AUH . - Antique and Grandfather Clocks 155 West Third Street Delphos, Ohio 692-1992 DELPHOS QUARRIES CO. Crushed Stone Agricultural Lime Ready-Mixed Concrete Quarry Office: 692-0931 Ready-Mix Office: 695-1981 DELPHOS FOOD LOCKERS INC Slaughtering Processing for Lockers or Home Freezers Phone: 692-6891 528 N. Washington St. — Delphos, Ohio OMER ' S ALIGNMENT SHOP Wheel Balancing Brake Service 508 N. Canal St. Delphos, Ohio 45833 THE ODENWELLER MILLING COMPANY Grain Dealers Feed Seed Coal Phone: 453-3351 Or 453-3315 Ottoville, Ohio Compliments of " Frills and Frogs " % ( SILHOUETTE BEAUTY SHOP Ruth Miehls 286-2290 Rita Erickson Ft. Jennings, Ohio 286-2390 WALT ' S ELECTRIC Electric Wiring Electric Heat Blown Insulation R.R. No. 2 Box 99 Ft. Jennings, Ohio Phone: 286-2807 DOYLE BRUSKOTTER ASHLAND OIL PRODUCTS Valvoline Motor Oil Lubrication Ft. Jennings Phone: 286-2101 THE OTTOVILLE BANK CO. Ottoville, OH 45876 % Compliments of CROPS and SOIL SERVICE COMPLETE FERTILIZER and CHEMICAL SERVICE Ottoville Ph: 453-3319 GASSER CONTRACTING Backhoe Works — Dozing — Septic Tanks Stone Hauling — Ground Hauling Trenching — Concrete Work — Pan Work Ft. Jennings Phone: 286-2904 Ottoville Hardware and Furniture Company Sylvania, RCA TV Whirlpool G.E. Carpet Linoleum Kerosene Heaters Phone:453-3338 J.J. Miller Co. and Village Market Ottoville, Ohio 101 lir fr SWICK CONSTRUCTION INC. BUILDERS Ft. Jennings, Ohio 45844 Phone: 286-2798 Residential — Commercial Compliments of Cliff Roby, CLU Box 190 20 W. Second St. Fort Jennings, Ohio 45844 Complete Insurance -Service Nationwide Insurance 26 years Experience Phone: Bus: 286-2660 Res: 286-2590 % HARTER SON FUNERAL HOME Serving All Faiths Since 1918 Delphos, Ohio Ph: 692-8055 eAmOM Stone, kc. Furniture and Carpeting " Serving Area for over 30 years " Lazy Boy — Flexsteel — Cochrane Sumter Solid Wood Bedroom Furniture Over 40 Rooms of Furniture CARPETING A SPECIALITY Hours: 9-5:30 Mon.-Fri. Open until 9 Mon. Fri. 9:00-5:00 Sat. 130 N. Main St. Phone: Delphos, Ohio 692-0861 Visa and Mastercard 102 ( ( r BEA GEISE, REALTOR Serving Your Real Estate Needs Fort Jennings Ph. 286-2816 ( % yJvey ' kolt C lectrlc nc. Route 1 Middle Point. Ohio 45863 968-2015 Dana Mathewson State Farm Insurance STATE FARM INSURANCE 199 W. Third - b b Delphos, Ohio 692-1626 Auto — Home — Life — Health Unverferth Manufacturing Co.y Inc, Kalida, Ohio 45853 Phone: 419—532-3121 Warnecke Garage 180 First St. Ft. Jennings, OH 45844 Phone: 286-2957 Complete Auto Repair % WDOH DELPHOS— 107.1 FM 1 1 1 East Second Street Delphos, Ohio 45833 Telephone: (419)— 692-4343 (419)— 692-3963 ( HA, POWELL STUDIOS PHOTOGRAPHY AT ITS BEST 1502Randolf St. Detroit, Mich. 48226 Jpnu Unborn Babies Are People Too! Ik B THINK PRO- LIFE PUTNAM COUNTY RIGHT TO LIFE P.O. Box 234 KALIDA, OHIO 45853 103 OLD FORT INN Noon Specials Liquor Beer Pop Carry Outs Chicken And Shrimp Baskets Steve Deb Scheckelhoff Fort Jennings, Ohio Ph. 286-2565 f r WILDENHAUS INSURANCE AGENCY Member of: Ohio Association of Insurance Agents Office Phone: 286-2527 InsurttiKf U AGENT Ft. Jennings Auto — Homeowners — Liability — Travel — Crop Hail and Other Weather Perils Ins. General Insurance and Bonds Notary Public Home Phone 286-2332 104 ( Albert Stechschulte Hay and Straw Buyer West of Kalida on Rd. N-18 Phone: 532-3255 % We ' re A Whole Lot of Bank For Your Money The Commercial Bank EstabHshed 1877 Member F.D.I.C. % Main Office: 230 East 2nd St.,— Delphos, Ohio Branches: 346-348 N. Main St.,— Delphos, Ohio Gomer Banking Center, Gomer, Ohio Elida Branch Office, Elida, Ohio 105 ( Wvenco Trophy Mfg. Trophies that demand Comparison in — Price — Quality — Service Mason Springer Box 257 Wren, Ohio 45899 Phone: (419) 495-2478 Karla ' s Village Salon Stylists: Janice Schlagbaum Karla Osenga — owner 160- ' 2 Otto Street Ottoville, Ohio Phone: (419) 453-3216 " The Family Hair Care " ( Quality Zinc Platers, Inc . Phone: (419) 695-2926 1333 N. Main St. Delphos, Ohio 45833 specializing in " Bright Zinc " Compliments of Fort Jennings Lions Club Meetings on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday % SHARROCK BUS Sales Service New and Used Buses P.O. Box 316 Beaverdam, Ohio 1-75 U.S. 30 Interchange Phone: (419) 643-4561 Since 1927 " Your Children ' s Safety Is Our Business " ( BELL AUTO SUPPLY Ottawa, Ohio 523-5698 Continental, Ohio 596-4320 POURED CONCRETE SILOS SILO REPAIR and SILO RECOATING Krietemeyer Bros. Silos RT. 2 FORT JENNfNGS. OHIO 45844 GEORGE Krietemeyer Donald Krietemeyer (4191 288-2140 4I9) Z88-2B34 Townhouse Pizza and Family Restaurant 940 Fifth Street across from Bowling Alley Phone: 692-2551 CMAir SAWS t_AWM S GARDEN EOUIPMCNT STiML WHEEL MORSE MCCULUOCM SNAPPER ST RT 06 NORTH OE1.PMOS, Ohio 45333 Pm ' 410) e05-362l [j_ ' JinCs Restaurant 727 E. Fifth St. Delphos, Ohio 45833 Phone: 692-3518 Delphos Recreational Center 939 E. Fifth Street Delphos Phone: 692-6841 MEYER ' S LG.A. Fort Jennings Groceries Fresh Meats Vegetables Fruits Ft. Jennings, Ohio Phone: 286-2175 Congratulations Class of " 84 " United Equity Inc, Delphos, Spencerville and Kossuth Grain, Seed, Feed, Fertilizer 108 Jhr M Msit READY MIX CONCRETE • LUMBER • HARDWARE • BUILDING SUPPLIES LP. VETTER BUILDERS AND SUPPLY, INC. Ft. Jennings, Ohio Box 217 Ph: 286-2004 Delphos, Ohio Ph: 692-3786 FABR Al. CORPORATION ROOFING Aiding WHERE BETTER BUILDERS BUY % @ i Agri-Chemicals F( C . jrtilizer-Chemic als Certified Seed ustom Application Delphos, Ohio ub Fran Norma Dave Gary Jim — The Professionals — Dickman s Insurance Agency " We Care " Auto Home Life Farm Business High risk Insurance- I 692-2236 | HOME; 286-2907 il Mon.-Fri. 9-5 Sat. 9 — Noon 1 mile east of Delphos on 309 10790 Elida Rd. . Helmkamp Meat Market 326 N. Main St Delphos, Ohio 45833 JEFF NORRIS, Owner Bus, (419) 692-9801 - Home (419) 695-2402 % ( McCrate-Love FUNERAL HOME Ottawa, Ohio (419)— 523-6586 Comm.e ' laX KecGkds JCNNINOS OHIO Thomas F. Smith Special Representative Of Columbus Mutual Life Insurance Company Congratulations Seniors SHENK ' S You Can Shop Shenk ' s with Confidence ' Fashion Center of Delphos " % ORVILLE NEIDERT STANDARD OIL DIST. Route 1 soHio] ■ ' ' ■ ' pt:? ' " ' 642-3601 W.T. REMLINGER DRUG Prescription Service Drugs — Vitamins — Cosmetics Kodak — Film — Hallmark Cards Russell Stover Candy 225 N. Main Delphos, Ohio Phone 692-0961 DELPHOS PRO HARDWARE 242 N. Main St. Delphos, OH 45833 Phone: 692-0921 For ail your hardware needs go PRO. Congratulations to the Senior Class of 1984. JACK AND JILL SHOP 227 N. Main St. Delphos, Ohio no % Grange mutual companies DENNIS R HICKEY 452 E SECOND STREET DELPHOS. OHIO 45833 PHONE 692-5876 HOME 692-8344 ' " X ouT £Patfra£i in. iPxoUction MILLER ' S CONSTRUCTION Jerry Miller — General Builder 2 mile west of Kalika on St. Rt. 224 Phone: 532-3572 Men ' s and Young Men ' s Specialty Store THE VILLAGE PEDDLER 303 Broad Street MIKE CHARTRAND , ,„, „. .g.g TOM EDWARDS " k! da Ohio OWNERS COUm LINE ADTOWREOING Pohlmui Rd. DelphM, Ohio Road V ■ ' COUNTY LINE AUTO WRECKING t 02-5IS3 Df M, Ob I ODENWELLER ' S CLOTHING Men And Boys Wear Samsonite s Luggage 1 1 237 N. ! p Main Shoes For Men Phone: 692-0831 Delphos, Ohio 24 HOUR WRECKER SERVICE Light Heavy Duty BIG DADDTS TOWING 1650 N. McCULLOUGH LIMA, OHIO DALE JOE VORST— Owners Lima Phone: 228-7559 Kalida Phone: 532-3566 KNUEVE SONS PLUMBING HEATING HEAT PUMP AIR CONDITIONING SPECIALISTS WATER EQUIPMENT SALES RENTALS LEMNOx A Plumbing Fixtures and Supplies Ottoville Phone: 453-3433 Kalida Phone: 532-3699 KALIDA IGA GROCERIES FRESH MEATS VEGETABLES FRUIT Kalida, Ohio Phone: 532-3234 @ HAWKEY ' S PHARMACY INC Service is our most important product 224 East Main St. Ottawa, Ohio Phone: 423-4540 523-3633 e MARY ' S A W ROOTBEER 924 East 5th Phone: 695-1632 i TUCKER ' S OTTAWA PHARMACY 1831 E. Main Ottawa, Ohio Ph: 523-6122 CITY PAINT AND SUPPLY Minnesota Pittsburg Paints Paints Is Our Business 209-South Main St. Delphos, Ohio 112 ( STALLKAMP ELECTRIC Commercial Residential Wiring Grain Bins Grain Dryers Free Estimates Delphos, Ohio Phone: 692-3966 286-2504 TOM 286-2086 OFFICE 286-2456 RED MENKE BROS. CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Concrete Construction % I K DISTRIBUTORS INC Yoder ' s Salads are our Specialty 1600 Gressel Drive Delphos, Ohio 45833 Phone: 692-6911 RENO ' S PIZZA Furniture Appliances Carpet Established in 1937 WESTRICH HOME FURNISHING Two Locations 205 N. Main— 238 N. Main St. Delphos Business Phone: 692-9811 Residence Phone: 695-1511 692-0568 Ash by Photography 1703 Fort Jennings Road Delphos, Ohio 45833 695-1716 Photography for all occasions Miller ' s Repair General Auto Repair Farm Machine Repair Radiator Repair 292 E. Main Street Ottoville, Ohio Phone: 453-3353 H M MACHINE SHOP, INC. RR 2 Fort Jennings, Ohio Phone: 453-3414 % Putnam County Sentinel A welcome visitor in over 8500 homes You Get More With the Sentinel (And Better, Too) FORT JENNINGS EQUITY CO. Feed-Seed and Farm Supplies Bulk Feed Delivery Bulk Fertilizer Bulk Spreaders Liquid Nitrogen Phone: 286-2444 Phone: 286-2839 Rushmore: Phone: 286-2613 MARTTS JEWELERS High School Class Rings by 201 North Main St. Delphos, Ohio 45833 (419) 692-6806 Beer — Pop Wine — Ice Pizza Frozen Meats Groceries Hours: Mon.-Thurs. Fri.-Sat. Sunday 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. % Doyle Von Lehmden 419-286-2617 COUNTRY CORNERS USED CARS R.R. 2 Fort Jennings, OH. 45844 fir FORT JENNINGS OIL STATION Marathon Products Don Stanz Phone: 286-2632 Fort Jennings, Ohio M lENBERG Supply Company Glandorf. Ohio 4SS48 NE A OEA S£ TRUCKS % L Stallkanip Druqs Prescnpfion Specto isfs 228 North Main Delphos, Ohio PHONE: 692-0981 We Maintain A Complete Record of all Your Family ' s Prescription Purchases (ir Compliments of BECKMAN JEWELERS Ottawa, Ohio Since 1888 KOLKMEYER HELMKAMP SIFERD FUNERAL HOME 228 N. Franklin St. Delphos, Ohio Phone: 692-7010 Franklin and 4lh St. Olloville, Ohio Phone: 453-3112 HOLTKAMP FORTMAN COMPANY Hardware. Implements Appliances Kalida, Ohio 45853 Phone: 532-3615 METZGER POPCORN COMPANY ENJOY MELLO- KRISP POPCORN % % fr ' KENNEDYS BODY SHOP Route 2 Ft. Jennings, Ohio Complete Auto Body Repair and Make, Any Model Insurance work invited For free estimates Call: 286-2012 State Route No. 190 WHITE FARM EQUIPMENT Metzger Bros. Inc. 21713 Country Rd. U-20 Ft. Jennings, Ohio Phone: (419) 286-2770 " % 7fe C« uit t . W fet« 7(fc " TwimtM Ate % ■ Kalida Branch Office 402 Ottawa Street Kalida, Ohio 45853 Phone: 532-3880 GROTHOUSE SPORTING GOOD S UKEMm 229 N. Main St. Delphos, Ohio COnVERSE Phone: 695-2961 ' RANDY ALTENBURGER INSURANCE AGENCY Your Independent Insurance Agency YO u R mndependent Insurance I Ia gbnt SERVES YOU FIRST Serves You First Ottoville, Ohio Phone: 453-3424 f LOCK SIXTEEN Restaurant and Lounge Ottovilie, Ohio Steaks, Seafood, BBQ Ribs, Chicken Salad Bar, Pizza (Fresh Rolled Dough), Subs Sunday Brunch Banquet Room Available for Parties, Reunions, Showers, Etc. Call 453-3329 or Carry Out Orders 453-3327 Gene R. Miller, Owner M W TRAILERS Manufacturing and Repairing of Semi-Trailers Ottoville, Ohio Phone: (419) 453-3331 Little Punks and Mommies at the BRIDAL FORTRESS Fort Jennings, Ohio 286-2842 Clothes for Ladies, Infants, and Toddlers Robert ' s Carry Out 426 North Canal Street Delphos, Ohio Phone: 692-7901 Owner: Jerry A. Neumeier DELPHOS AUTO SUPPLY CO, Automotive Tractor Truck Parts Phone 202 W. Third St. 692-7085 Delphos, Ohio ( vioirr tt Violet Implement Sales International Cub Cadets International Tractors and Equipment Farmall Tractors Parts and Service Box 270 N. Main Street Delphos, Ohio Phone: 695-1761 or 692-0261 Webb Insurance Agency LIMA ' S HOME OF VWEBB V FULL CIRCLE ?;( " u«nci ) PROTECTION T General Insurance Surety Bonds 212 WEST HIGH STREET Alone 228-3211 Lima, Ohio % HANSHUMAKER MOTOR SALES Lincoln — Mercury Chrysler — Plymouth — Dodge Delphos, Ohio Ai D TIRE s Complete Line of Tires, Batteries, Shocks, Belts and Hoses 103 W. Canal St. Ottoville, Ohio Phone 453-3339 % Ken Rode Bill Hemker K$Jua£€iy PLUMBING. HEATING Al R CONDITIONING Phone 695-2921 205 W. Second St. Delphos, Ohio FLOWERS Flower Fort »f Jirll l«I 280 N. Water St. Fort Jennings, Ohio 45844 Phone (419) 286-2844 HOURS Tuxedo Rental MOM FRI 9 00 SAT 9 00 3 00 EVE BY APPT JEFF WILL Res 286-2702 Complimems of : | Ft. Jennings Recreational Club fTr f H S ISAwi HoiiieSaiviiii|ss Columbus Grove, Ottawa Glandorf Leipsic -VwU=sm ' Bytrex Computer System Maplewood Plaza 5958 Stellhorn Rd. Fort Wayne. Indiana Dew Drop Inn Family Restaurant Lounge and Dining Room Ottoville, Ohio The Delphos Daily Herald + Complete coverage of all the areas news and sports + Printers of newspapers, circulars and catalogs Main Office: 405 North Main St. Delphos, Ohio Telephone: 692-5050 Commercial Building 1 1 1 East Fourth St. Delphos, Ohio Telephone: 695-3010 The Delphos Herald, Inc. Serving the Tri-County Area Since 1869 120 VON SOSSAN CONTRACTING Poured Basements Floors Driveways Excavating Fort Jennings Phone: 286-2883 % Nichols Meat Slaughterhouse Slaughtering — Processing Pizza and Subs Viz 2 A Beer, Wine, Carryout Phone: 453-3305 Ottoville, Oh. Luebrecht Garage Complete Auto Truck Repair ' Brakes ' Tune Dps ' Exhaust Systems ' Air Conditioning • Transmission Repair • Electrical Systems • Engine Rebuilding ■ Carburetor Rebuilding Phone: 419—532-3424 5 miles Northwest of Ft. Jennings on Cty Rd 19 3 miles South of 224 3 miles North of 189 MEYER ' S IGA DELPHOS Groceries — Fresh Meats — Vegetables — Delphos, Ohio le MACS SMALL ENGINE REPAIR Mowers Small Engine Repair Ft. Jennings, Ohio Phone: 286-2924 PEPSI Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company 1750 Greely Chapel Road Lima, Ohio 45804 (419) 227-3541 PmiNow! John Gerker Atlas Tires Batteries and Accessories Muffler and Brake Service Fort Jennings, Ohio Phone: 286-2255 Delphos Country Club Golf Shop John Yerick Golf Professional i. CaMe net Rubber J Manvllle RICHLAND CO. ASSOC. INC. 1826 Spruce St. Kevin McDonald P.O. Box 385 President Defiance, Ohio 43512 Phone: (419) 782-0141 Compliments of Ft. Jennings Telephone Co. vv Phone: 286-2181 (ir CONCRETE FINISHING ALL TYPES CALL FOR FREE ESTIMATES POURED CONCRETE WALLS Jim Grothause — Basement and Garage Floors — Drive — Walkways — Patios — Footers — All at Reasonable Rates Backhoe — Dozers — Trucks Septic Systems Over 25 Years Experience GROTHAUSE EXCAVATING Call: 286-2199 Fort Jennings ( FRONTIER VILLAGE THE WESTERN STORE " The best from I he Wesi " 3611 Elida Road Lima, Ohio 45807 419-331-7426 Erhart-Stechschulte Insurance, Kalida Unverferth Motor Sales, Kalida Kahle Langhals Ready Mix Inc., Kalida Vorst Plumbing Heating Inc., Kalida Miller Bros. Clayworks Inc., Ottoville Scott Card Company, Defiance Lima Flack Co., Lima Western Auto, Delphos Ottawa Catholic Ladies of Columbia, Fort Jennings Ruth Bradshaw ' s Beauty Shop Delpha Chevrolet Buick Co., Delphos Rita ' s Flower Shop, Delphos Delphos Outdoor Power Eq., Delphos Bry-Nad, Delphos Pitsenbarger Supply Inc., Delphos The Music Center, Delphos Swartz Body Shop, Delphos Groves Insurance Co., Delphos Print Quick Co., Delphos Clawson ' s Electric, Delphos K P Industries, Delphos Niedecken ' s Insurance, Ottoville MUSKIE BOOSTERS Senior Class of ' 84 Junior Class of " 85 Sophomore Class of ' 86 Freshmen Class of ' 87 Class of ' 88 1984 Yearbook Editors Athletic Department Fort Jennings High School Student Body Fort Jennings Elementary Future Homemakers of America Jerrie Sue Wilcox Mr. Mrs. Dick Ricker Mrs. Lisa Lo oser Mr. Mrs. Tom Sakemiller Ton Fiet van Nieuwstadt Lucille Joseph Gasser Errol Judy Schroeder Jim Jeanette Broecker Helen Unverferth John R. Giles Mr. Mrs. Michael Gerdeman Ron Mary Von Lehmden Family Lillian Von Lehmden John Janice Freund Mr. Mrs. C. Don Cook Jim Cook Angle, Matt, Melissa Amstutz Deana Lauf Mac Cheryl McKee Jennifer Julie Schweller Mr. Mrs. Harvey Hildebrand Carl Trenkamp Jim Heck Dale Wm. Calvelage Jason Tina Swint Jennifer Menke Jim Kollsmith Betty Norbert Schroeder Steve Scott Maag Mike Burgei Norman Eversole Dan Sandy Von Sossan family Duane, Bee, Heather, Darin Von Lehmden Sheryl, Paula, Ron Bruskotter Cheryl, Cynthia, Cliff, Vicki Weiging Bud Judy Wieging Alfred Kramer Family Mr. Mrs. James Ricker Gene Joann Von Lehmden Robert Metzger Gordon Marie Brendle Don Kay Meyer The Purple Avenger Gibble •jm mist . :% . ?ite JS 3 4 : ' £i f :t ' i - 9 i ' :m jt - sS. ' . ■hm

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