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™ . • : ' X- 4 b.W !m A « - : € ; ' ' I- f,f m m ,-i. ,■ n I ' iM I . , r - ' :-.?i:- ' S!i ' . " -K • M wBtM i4« ' JK - ' ' -. THROUGH THE YEARS September to June these halls are filled at FJ High, With not only students, but with memories — some happy, some make ya cry. Each memory ' s a pebble that makes up our path Of life and love and future laughs. These pages hold firmly our past joys and fears. Maybe even some sadness and sorrowful tears. But be not dismayed, add on more pages. Forget failure and achieve in future ages. Grasp firmly these memories, please, don ' t let them fade For they ' re the roots of the tree that gives today ' s shade. By: Lisa Murphy FORT JENNINGS HIGH SCHOOL 1982 V H9H K-;li H if 1 H| K ' ' m K HI ' In ! II IN HONOR OF MISS BURKE We would like to dedicate this Plume to Miss Josephine Burke for her many years at Fort Jen- nings High School. " Many years ago I came to teach at Fort Jen- nings, having first graduated from Mary Manse College. Years later I took courses in library sci- ence from both Bowling Green University and the University of Utah. I have enjoyed my years at Jennings and I hope I have been of some service to both the school and community. My sincere thanks to all of you for dedicating this yearbook to me. I shall treasure this memory for years. " Ave atque vale TABLE OF CONTENTS Seniors 7 Underclassmen .... 29 Faculty 46 Sports 55 Activities 83 Organizations 89 Advertisements .... 96 PLUME STAFF OUR 1982 YEARBOOK STAFF: Senior Editors — Linda Menke, Jackie Nei- dert, and Laura Warnecke. Junior Editors — Diane Berelsman and Laurie Schroeder. Sophomore Editors — Sheryl Bruskotter and Beth Neidert. 1981-1982 ANNUAL STAFF: Row 1: Suzy Chandler, Barb Stemen, Barb Krietemeyer, Jackie Neidert, Lisa Kleman, Bonnie Schimmoeller. Row 2: Norm Warnecke, Advisor Mr. Sealscott, Linda Grote, Diane Berelsman, Patricia Brendle, Laura Warnecke, Slieryl Bruskotter, Linda Menke. Row 3: Beth Neidert, Judy Geise, Laurie Schroeder Row 1 : Juan Gil, Linda Menke, Joe Bullinger. Row 2: Laura Warnecke, Jackie Neidert. We would like to take this time to thank Mr. Maddock for showing us how to use the school camera. We ' re a group, a family, and there ' s alot we ' ve been through. Thirteen years together and we ' ve made it to ' 82. It has taken 41 individuals to make up our class. Each has added a touch as the troubled years pass. Grade Six, we celebrated our bicentinnial year. We collected 1 million tabs from cans of pop and beer. Our first high school year came in grade seven. The seniors merely called us punks and no swirlies, thank heaven. As Freshman we finally proved we were able. As we gained the PCL champs ' label. Sophmores! Class Rings! Oh wow! Can ' t wait! Even though most of us gave ' em to our mate. As Juniors we planned our first prom and it ' s scheme. " The Best of Times " we chose as our theme. We ' re finally Seniors; we made it to the top. But don ' t worry it ' s not here that we ' ll stop. ' Cause we ' re the Class of ' 82; there ' s nothing we can ' t conquer; There ' s nothing we can ' t do! By: Lisa Murphy v vi; »: 101 e ofa le ; : m: s o ■ «) l%.: ' ., « . Thomas F. Bruskotter Jesse R. Clay Robert K. Bigelow Patricia M. Brendle Joseph R. Bullinger m . Suzanne D. Chandler Ann M. Dickman James W. Gasser Lisa M. Kleman Cathryn A. Korte Senior Class Play: " DINO 59 Directed by: Dan Tussey Assisted by: Lisa Murphy CHARACTERS Dino Falcaro Doug Ladd Mr. Sherdian Charlie Krietemeyer Shirley Wallace Jackie Good Miss Haines Shari Schroeder Jackie Ann Dickman Mr. Mandel Chris Recker Tony Falcaro Greg Schuerman Mrs. Falcaro Pat Brendle Mr. Falcaro Ted Schimmoeller Mrs. Mikula Linda Grote LIGHTS: Joe Bullinger, Dave Mesker, and Juan Gil. ART CREW: Linda Grote, Suzie Chan- dler, Jeanne Schimmoeller, Ann Dickman, Linda Menke, Valerie Meyer, Barb Kriete- meyer, Judy Geise, Mary Luersman, Nita Suever, and Lisa Trenkamp. POSTERS: Senior Industrial Arts. Make up and Assistance: Regina Schim- moeller. TEEN-AGE MEMBERS OF THE YOUTH CENTER Danny Kevin Mesker Steve Tom Bruskotter Sylvia Suzie Chandler Delia Bon Schimmoeller Pat Lisa Kleman Bea Jan Ricker Sandy Jackie Neidert Kathy Laura Warnecke Rudy Dave Mesker Joey Norm Warnecke SET CONSTRUCTION: Ron Knebel, Dennis Inkrott, Chris Recker, Tom Brus- kotter, and Charlie Krietemeyer. PROGRAMS AND TICKETS: Jackie Neidert and Barb Stemen. POSTER AND PROGRAM COVER DESIGN: Nita Suever. David J. Mesker Kevin J. Mesker Valerie K. Meyer I Jean A. Schimmoeller Ted A. Schimmoeller Senior Class Officers: Charlie Krietemeyer— Treasurer, Shari Schroeder Vice President, Jackie Neidert— President, and Nita Suever— Secretary. Juan Manuel was an exchange student from Madrid, Spain. He stayed with the family of Jack and Shirley Berelsman. " Being an exchange student is an exper- ience everybody should have. It starts a new life far away from " your world " , when you are seventeen or eighteen. It may appear hard at first finding yourself alone in a new world about which you do not know much. Especially if you come to live in a small town from a 4 million people city. However, I am glad I came here where I found help from all of you and where I learned what going to a small school means. I want to thank all of you, students, teach- ers, people from Jennings, and of course my host family The Berelsmans and the Class of 82. Thanks. " Juan Manuel P.S. " If any of you ever travel to Europe and casully stop in Spain do not forget to contact me. I will be glad to see you again. " This photo shows Juan with his teammates after a Cross Country meet. Juan participated in many activites at FJ such as: Tennis, Basketball, Cross Country, and also a photographer for the year- book. Shari L. Schroeder James D. Smith Lisa M. Trenkamp Laura A. Warnecke Norman C. Warnecke SENIOR MOST Biggest Flirts: Suzy Chandler, Doug Ladd Teacher ' s Pets: Val Meyer, Chris Recker SENIOR MOST Biggest Mouth: Lisa Kleman, Greg Schuerman Most Athletic: Linda Menke, Tom Bruskotter Class Troublemakers: Barb Stemen, Kev Mesker Class Sleepyheads: Bonnie Schimmoeller, Jesse Clay SENIOR MOST WW ' ' ' - ' ' ' ' ' - .. Most School Spirit: Jan Ricker, Dave Most Witty: Ann Dickman, Juan Gil Biggest Pest: Laura Warnecke, Jim Mesker Gasser Mr. Sukup ' s Pets: Class of " 82 SENIORS FIRST Hitler Kampy Fluff Ferdie Ted Fred Kate Slick Kojack Smitty Miss Piggy Giraffe Byrd Bockey Clubby Lou Lou Skuzy Red Boy CHALLENGE IN LIFE I ' " ' -■ J Pup Midget % Snita Bagger Barb Stubby Ladd Pudy O ' = Jigs Spy S Stemen Skimmet Trish SikvS? Murf Dr. Luersman Annie Laura - «R Gippy Grot Spainyerd Chuckles SENIORS CLASS TRIP TO DETROIT GRADUATION CLASS OF 1982 CLASS FLOWER: Lavender Daisy CLASS SONG: Don ' t Stop Believing CLASS COLORS: Lavender and Ivory CLASS MOTTO: " If you ' ll remember always There ' s no goal you can ' t achieve If you ' ll try your very hardest And above all else, believe. GRADUATION MAY 21, 1982 " Welcome " speech by Jackie Neidert " Motto " speech b-v Shari Schroeder " Song " speech by Charlie Krietemever SENIORS SAY 44 FAREWELL " Look what I got!@ $%C ? Thats a hard way to play hang man, right Tom??? ' Our Enthusiastic Advisors!!! ATTACK!!!!!!! » 1 •r .V . fi? «? V T k. .. uaili k ♦ o m i % JUNIORS: CLASS OF 1983 Diana Berelsman Nancy Bruskotter Brian Dean Wendy Dempster Molly Donaldson Jo Ann Kehres Dorothy Korte Laura Krietemeyer Mark Krietemeyer Ronald Landwehr " ONE STEP CLOSER " Alison Meyer Jodi Miehls Jeannette Moening David Neidert Janice Recker Lynn VonSossan Terry Vorst Victoria Wannemacher Neil Wittier Tina Youngpeter SOPHOMORE: CLASS OF 1984 Keith Bigelow Sheryl Bruskotter Lois Brendle Rick Calvelage Bill Enders Treasurer: Monte Kleman Secretary: Beth Neidert President: Jenny Pequignot Vice President: Sheryl Bruskotter Karen Inkrott Monte Kleman Becky Korte Bob Korte Linda Krietimeyer MOVIN ' ON UP Lisa Maag Mark Maag Paula Metzger Randy Metzger Denise Meyer Amy Recker Joyce Saum Mark Schuerman Darrell Von Soosan Todd Von Sossan l: FRESHMEN; Class of 1985 Tim Berelsman Bill Calvelage Scott Calvelage Laura Donaldson Jackie Fischer Charles Knebel " ■■ f Donna Kramer ' " - Becky Krietemeyer L iC Leslie Miehls — Treasurer, Dennis Grothause — Vice President, Michelle Meyer — President, and Craig Neidert — Secretary. Don Landwehr Karen Maag Connie Maenle Dennis Menke Julia Metzger " Just Like Starting Over " Michelle Meyer Leslie Miehls Duane Moore Craig Neidert Brenda Ostendorf Cheryl Von Lehmden Rose Von Sossan Thomas Warnement Cheryl Wieging Jeff Wannemacher EIGHTH GRADE: CLASS OF 1986 Paula Bruskotter Joey Dempster Douglas Good Mark Grone Teresa Hanf " THESE ARE THE BEST OF TIMES " Mitchell Moening Dale Neidert Mark Neidert Michael Neidert Amy Schroeder Beth Warnecke Susanne Warnecke Daniel Warnement Cynthia Wieging Candice Yerick 7th Grade: Row 1: Randy Ostendorf, Alan Calvelage, Dan Korte, Marcia McGraw, Denise McNamara, Lois Kramer, Sandy Ostendorf, Lisa Plumpe. Row 2: Greg Warnement, Tom Landwelir, David Freund, Rob Nichols, Bill Grothause, Brian Ricker, Bruce Von Sossan, Bill Schulte, Troy Dempster, Gary Menke, Kevin Sealts, Dan Lucke, Ron Bruskotter. Row 3: Mr. Cook, Rob Helmke, Joe Nichols, Dale German, Dean Von Sossan, Matt Pequignot, Mark Von Lehmden, Bruce Schroeder, Brenda Maenle, Michelle Broecker, Cora Bigelow, Brad Miehls. Absent: Vickie Warnecke 6th Grade: Row 1: Chris Hoersten, Cliff Weiging, Mike Gasser, Linda Kramer, Cheryl Neidert, Larry Krietemeyer, Donna Vorst. Row 2: Brian Cavelage, Nicki Teman, Jan Krietemeyer, Kelly Meyer, Linda Inkrott, Ann Krietemeyer, Laura Broecker, Dwight Heitmeyer, Randy Saum. Row 3: Mrs. Guagenti, Mike Knebel, Karen Lindeman, Dave Schuerman, Jennifer Moening, Sarah Recker, Tracy Von Sossan, Tim Utrup, Mike Maenle, Mr. Murphy. Row 4: Lisa Korte, Mike Howbert, Dave Geise, Dennis Geise, Brent Von Lehmden, Steve Nichols, Michele Gasser, Lanette Metzger, Cheryl Meyer. Absent: Todd Hoehn, Sherry Korte 5th Grade: Row 1: Steven Utrup, Steve Maag, Elaine Meyer, Carrie McNamara, Tammy Lindeman, Gina Plumpe, Jeff Geise, Doug German. Row 2: Wesley Klir, Lynn Lucke, Jim Cook, Kelly Padubbny, Kelly Lindeman, Lezlie Ricker, Shirley Von Sossan, Brad Yerick, Dan Sealts. Row 3: Mrs. Unverferth, Glenn Miehls, Curt Will, Steve Schroeder, Doug Fischer, David Luersman, Chris Calvelage, Regina Bardo, Stacia Feathers, Dan Good. Absent: Becky Clyborn 4th Grade: Row : Jay Neidert, Rex Calvelage, Shane Talboom, Dawn Schuerman, Sharon Kramer, Brad Gasser, Amy Maag, Lyn Nichols, Shawn Broecker. Row 2: Jennifer Geise. Jennifer Ladd, Debbie Schulte, Amy Heck, Deana Lauf, Sharon Maenle, Keith Metzger, Brent Helmke, Jackie Berelsman, Row 3: Brian Berelsman, Rod Schroeder, Jeff Swick, Thad Dempster, Tony Landwehr, David Ketcham, Anita Osting, Leslie Moening, Jason Wieging. Vicki Wieging, Mrs. Bruskotter. Absent: Duane Lucke 3rd Grade: Row 1: Derek Watkins, Jeff Wittier, Jason Klin, Jennifer Heitmeyer, Shelly Smith, Tim Geise, Jamie Fischer, Sheila Wannemacher. Row 2: Sheila Maag, Terry Horstman, Matt Michel, Jennifer Gasser, Matt Calvelage, Matt Luebrecht, Brian Miehls, Amy McNamara, Stacey Paddubny. Row 3: Curtis Roof, Amy Howbert, Lori Von Lehmden, Stephanie Votter, Katrina Utrup, Aaron Ricker, Wayne Burgei, John Osting, Todd Broecker, Mrs. Hemker. Absent: Todd Burgei, Michael Clyborn. 2nd Grade: Row 1: Kevin Crone, Travis Bowen, Trina Ellerbrook, Gina Schroeder, Eric Schroeder, Nicholas Osting, Brittany Bardo. Row 2: Mrs. Lynn Phillips, Sheila Predmore, Stacy Will, Leslie Gasser, Diana Schuerman, Amanda Lindeman, Todd Utrup. Row 3: Angela Gasser, Darrell Metzger, Laura Maenle, Dawn Von Sossan, Nathan Schroeder, William Calvelage, Troy Wieging. 40 1st Grade: Row 1: Brad Calvelage, Brian Saum, Lisa Swick, Abigail Tussey, Missy Utrup, Matt Osting, Bradley Vetter, Laura Wittier. Row 2: Kevin Hoersten, Crystal Birkemeier, Darrin Burgei, Katie Schroeder, Diana Warnecke, Darrin German, Teresa Hoehn, Tony Phillips. Row 3: Nathan Burgei, Sarah Krietemeyer, Melissa Maenle, Brian Michel, Todd Von Lehmden, Stephanie Predmore, Mike Calvelage, Brian Geise, Sister M. Norbetine. Absent: Gina McGraw. ' .ii---; : ' .V4.-- ' ..S!FSL-r r Morning Kindergarten: Row 1: Ryan Von Sossan, Brian Schroeder, Erin Pothast, Scott Krietemeyer, Kevin Good, Row 2: Stephanie Hellman, Kevin Rode, Kristin Miehls, Tina Calvelage, Wendy Heck, Mrs. Schroeder, Row 3: Lisa Schroder, Mike Ricker, Josh Heitmeyer, Krista Burgei, Nicole Pothast, Nathan Meyer. Afternoon Kindergarten: Row 1: Jennifer Schweller, Brenda Von Sossan, Angela Plumpe, Mandy Trenkamp, Row 2: Mrs. Schroeder. Brian McNamara, Bryan Maag, Nicole Whitacre, Lisa Wannemacher, Jason Grothause, Row 3: Susan Calvelage, Kristi Teman, Lisa Weiging, Dawn Flannagan, Alan Metzger. NURSERY SCHOOL SHOWING GOOD TIMES AT GRADE SCHOOL FJHS ADMINISTRATION Mr. Frank Sukup: Superintendent Mr. Tom Sakemiller: Administrative Assistant, Guidance Counselor, Athletic Director Board of Education: Richard Ricker, Donald Horstman — Vice President, Norman Eversole — President, JoAnn Von Lehmden — Treasurer, Errol Schroeder, Mike Nichols m. ■jm. LEADING US ON i " m k : J ,i j: Don Cook Celeste Broecker JoAnn Von Lehmden Lillian Von Lehmden Dorothy Smith k .:r__ ' Y. _ S Judy Wieging THE ROAD TO SUCCESS AUyn Barnes Don Altenburger Daniel Tussey Eileen Wilcox Mary Lou Altenburger J Richard Sealscoti PREPARING US Bill Altenburger Dave Coffing Cindy Bott Nancy Bowen Marilyn Ricker Shirley Frazee FOR THE FUTURE ' mHifc ' ' ' 1 3 ' » ■ Ia JH , M liHri " " i Bf 1 1 H l i jj H - 1 Gaya Orians Roger Maddock Sharon Winkle Felicia Dickman JoAnn Von Sossan Jeri Lvnn Kaverman Bus Drivers: Tom Smith, Donny Recker, Marge Von Sossan, Marilyn Grote High School Cook: Alma Jean Schroeder B L " 5 1 li BI 1 2 - ■ ' JHi INS sT ir nl High School Custodian: Donny Recker Grade School Cooks: Florence Maenle Janet Schroeder Elementary Custodian: Dennis Neidert TEACHERS LETTING LOOSE ' Get off my back " Nice legs, guys! CROSS COUNTRY Row 1: Jeff Schroeder, Dan German, Craig Neidert, Dennis Grothause, Todd Von Sossan, Tim Berelsman, Kevin Mesker, Bill Calvelage, Row 2: Carl Schimmoeiler, Don Landwehr, Dave Mesker, Neil Wittier, Juan Gil, Keith Norbeck, Jim Smith, Terry Vorst, Mark Schuerman, Row 3: Coach Bill Altenburger, Darrell Von Sossan, Tom Bruskotter, Norm Warnecke, Joe BuUinger, Chris Recker, Kevin Ricker, Ron Landwehr, Mark Krietemeyer, Monte Kleman. FJHS GOLF PROS Coach Don Cook, Jim Smith, Tom Bruskotter, Ted Schimmoelier, Joe Bullinger, Mark Schuerman; Kneeling: John Moore, Dave Mesker, Greg Schuerman, John Eversole, Jim Vetter. 1981-82 HOMECOMING f 7i Senior Attendants — Dave Mesker Jackie Good t. mB%T J Pi m ■ JT ' n Wj RfW ' T Lf -: --■- " H ■ ' if :dm - „. c ■ Junior Attendants — Dave Neidert Susan Miniature Attendants — Kevin Grone Sarah Krietemeyer f E I (S i i " - li R 1 r Sophomore Attendants — Darrell Von Sossan Jenny Pequingot Freshman Attendants — Crai§ Neidert Julia Metzger COURT -isM " King Tom Bruskotter Queen Jan Ricker i r V E ! A N . The 1981 Queen Beth Stechschulte presents Jan with flowers. Jan is crowned Queen by Beth Stechschulte. 1982 HOMECOMING COURT ' t ' -- ' «« A ; t :■ ' ■ jy 1 r 5 1 V yi ' ii 7M .1 -i f XI We held our annual Homecoming game and dance on January 29, 1982. Our opponents at Ihc game were the Ottoville Big Green. The dance was held in the old gym at the High School, featuri ng Soundwave. QUEEN: JAN RICKER KING: TOM BRUSKOTTER Senior Attendants: Jackie Good Dave Mesker Junior Attendants: Sue Giese Dave Ncidert Sophomore Attendants: Jenny Pequignot Darrell VonSossan Freshman Attendants: Julia Metzger Craig Ncidert Miniature Attendants: Sara Kriclcmeycr Kevin Gronc ftl im m ' ' ■ 1 h ' 1 1 14 ' o ( .. ;:i ' % m ■ ===== r , . - 1 Mr " -i P ▼ " h i " «lfc ' V - 1 l S L. _j 1 f ' I M Bk ' 1 f xK ' E H R H U V m f ' ' ■■■ " ilSf " ■ " - A ■ iTj Wi |E2 jj|2 _ 9 i B B 1 i III ■ v B 1 VARSITY RESERVE Varsity Standing: Neil Wittier, Tom Bruskotter, Norm Warnecke, Coach Bill Altenbruger, Joe Bullinger, Chris Recker, Kevin Ricker, Kneeling: Keith Norbeck, Jim Smith, Dave Mesker, Kevin Mesker, Terry Vorst, Darrell Von Sosson. Reserve Coach Don Cook, Juan Gil, Darrell Von Sossan, Mark Schuerman, Mark Krietemeyer, Ron Lanwehr, Terry Vorst, Monte Kleman, Todd Von Sossan. 62 BASKETBALL SQUAD VARSITY CHEERLEADERS: Lisa Murphy. Jan Ricker, Jackie STATS: Sheryl Bruskotter, Val Meyer, Carla Good, Suzy Chandler Capt., JoAnn Kehres. Schroeder, Jenny Pequignot. 25?, ' ' " ' • , ' ?- " ' 3, ' ,i2 V ' " ' ' . ' ! " ' " ' ,! Manager: Scott Calvelage. RESERVE CHEERLEADERS: Beth Neidert Capt.. Alison Meyer, Nancy Bruskotter, Amy Recker. Jan Recker. CAMERA GIRLS: Jackie Neidert, Linda Menke. 63 THE CREW Joe Bullinger Kevin Mesker FOR ' 82 r 9th GRADE BASKETBALL Bill Calvelagc, Dennis Grouthause. Don Landwher, Jeff Schroeder, Karl Schimmoeller, Dan Ger- man, Craig Neidert, Tim Berelsman, Coach Don Cook. Cheerleaders: Julia Metzger, Jackie Fischer, Lorie Stats: Row 1: Donna Kramer, Leslie Miehls, Karen Schimmoeller, Becky Krietemeyer, Cheryl Von Lehm- Maag. Row 2: Kay Schimmoeller, Cheryl Wieging, Mi- den, chelle Meyer, Brenda Ostendorf. Row 3: Laura Donalson, Karen Geise, Rose Von Sossan. 8th GRADE BASKETBALL Row 1: Mike Luebrecht, Scott Miller, Scott Vetter, Doug Good, Mark Grone, Dale Neidert. Row 2: Coach John Von Sossan, Mark Neidert, Dan Von Lehmden, Duane Hoersten, Dave Krietemeyer, Jerry Warnecke, Mitch Moening, Dan Warnement, Manager Jeff Krietemeyer. Cheerleaders: Amy Schroeder, Jeannie Miehls, Amy Stats. Row 1. Cynthia Wieging, Paula Bruskolter. Row 2: Lindeman, Amy Kehres. Brenda McGraw, Sandy Maag, Candi Yerick. 7TH GRADE BOYS BASKETBALL Row 1: Tom Landwehr, Gary Menke, Brian Ricker, Kevin Sealts, Ron Bruskotter, Row 2: Manager Randy Ostendorf, Bruce Von Sossan, David Freund, Rob Nichols, Dale German, Bill Grothause, Manager Rob Helmke, Row 3: Coach John Von Sossan, Joe Nichols, Bruce Schroeder, Mark Von Lehmden, Matt Pequignot, Dean Von Sossan, Brad Miehls. Shelly Broecker, Cora Bigelow, Denise McNamare Capt., Sandy Ostendorf. Lois Kramer, Stat. 7TH 8TH GRADE GIRLS BASKETBALL Row 1: Maria Lucbrccht, Cynthia Wieging, Brenda McGraw, Coach JoAnn Von Sossan, Sandy Maag, Sarah Mesker, Candi Yerick, Row 2: Paula Bruskotter, Amy Schroeder, Amy Kehres, Jeannie Miehls, Susie Warnecke, Amy Lindeman. Coach JoAnn Von Sossan, Denise McNamara, Lisa Plumpe, Cora Bigelow, Brenda Maenle, Shelly Broecker, Maria McGraw, Lois Kramer, Manager Sandy Ostendorf, Manager Dawn Von Sossan. Row 1: Shelly Gasser, Cheryl Neidert, Row 2: Tracy Von Sossan, Sarah Recker, Laura Broecker. 69 VARSITY RESERVE Varsity; Kneeling; Chris Fischer, Alison Meyer, Molly Donaldson, Nancy Bruskotter, Jo Ann Kehres, Jenny Pequignot, Standing; Jackie Good, Jan Ricker, Val Meyer, Linda Menke, Bonnie Schimmoeller, Coach — Gaya Orians Reserve: Top-Bottom; Becky Krietemeyer, Julia Metzger, Cheryl VonLehmden, Beth Neidert, Paula Metzger, Amy Recker, Sheryl Bruskotter, Michelle Meyer, Molly Donaldson, Coach— Dolly Broecker VOLLEYBALL TEAMS SENIOR VOLLEYBALL PLAYERS; Left-Right; Valerie Meyer, Bonnie Schimmoeller, Jan Ricker, Linda Menke, Jackie Good STATS; Row 1; Karen Geise, Diane Berelsman, Brenda Ostendorf, Row 2; Lori Schimmoeller, Row 3; Carla Schroeder, Jeannette Moening, Cheryl Wieging, Leslie Michls GIRLS VARSITY and Girls Varsity Bas- ketball. Row 1: Lynn Von Sossan, Val Meyer. Row 2: Becky Krietemeyer, Jenny Pequignot, Jo Ann Kehres, Alison Meyer, Trina Miehls. Row 3: Paula Metzger, Ka- ren Inkrott, Lori Schimmoeller, Diane Berelsman, Julia Metzger, and Coach Don Alten- burger. CAMERAMEN: Todd Von Sossan, Jim Vetter. RESERVE BASKETBALL Girls Reserve Basketball. Row 1: Coach Dolly Broecker. Row 2: Connie Maenle, Brenda Ostendorf, Michelle Meyer, Julia Metzger, Karen Inkrott, Paula Metzger. Beckey Krietemeyer, Leslie Miehls, Trina Miehls. Stats: Row 1: Sheryl Bruskotter, Beth Neidert. Row 2: Judy Geise. Barb Krietemeyer. Row 3: Michelle Miller, Jeannette Moening. Carla Schroeder, Nancy Bruskotter. Senior: Val Meyer CYO: Kneeling: Tom Geise, Rick Calvelage, John Moore, Charles Krietemeyer, Dave Neidert, Jim Vetter. Standing: Jim Hofstetter, Joe Stechschulte. Dennis Inkrott, Ted Schimmoeller, Dave Ger- man, Jesse Clay, Greg Schuerman. GIRLS SOFTBALL TEAM: Row 1: Bonnie Schimmoeller, Alison Meyer, Chris Fischer, JoAnn Kehres, Nancy Bruskotter, Row 2: Jan Recker, Val Meyer, Lynn Von Sossan, Diane Ber- elsman, Molly Donaldson, Jodi Miehls. SECOND TEAM SOFTBALL: Bottom left to right: Joey Saum, Connie Maenle, Karen Inkrott, Julia Metzger, Becky Krietemeyer, Karen Geise, Michelle Miller, Jenny Pequignot, Denise Meyer, Laurie Glancy, Cheryl Von Lehmden, Trina Miehls, Sheryl Bruskotter, Jackie Fisher, Rose Von Sossan, Leslie Miehls, Kay Schimmoeller, Lori Schimmoeller, Amy Recker, Cheryl Wieging, Paula Metzger, Michelle Meyer, Brenda Ostendorf, Beth Neidert, Laura Donaldson. ' in i TENNIS TEAM: Sitting: Kevin Ricker, Juan Gil, Greg Schuerman, Rick Calvelage, Jim Vetter, Kneeling: Mark Krietemeyer, Dave German, Julia Metzger, Molly Donaldson, Beth Neidert, Stand- ing: Alison Meyer, Lynn Von Sossan, Jim Smith, Jodi Niehls, Linda Menke, Coach Bill Altenbruger. BASEBALL FEVER Sitting: Kev Mesker, Todd Von Sossan, Tom Geise, Jeff Schroeder, Kneeling: Dave Neidert, Dennis Grothause, Joe Stechschulte, Keith Norbeck, Dave Mesker, Standing: Neil Wittier, Mark Schuerman, Chris Recker, Joe Bullinger, Tom Bruskotter, Darrell Von Sossan, Coach Tom Sakemiller. Tom Bruskotter t ' m, ' Ss. ' i « 1 -«—■ Chris Recker Kev Mesker Dave Mesker Joe Bullinger S|8 ♦ ' Wt 79 ATHLETIC BANQUET 1982 ■■■1 p w l .jj • . 5 i ; Toast Master, John Rellinger Scholastic Athlete Award — Norm Warnecke and Val Meyer. Senior Varsity Basketball Members: Row 1: Kevin Mesker, Dave Mesker, Senior Varsity Basketball Chris Recker. Row 2: Coach Bill Altenburger. Tom Bruskotter, Joe Bui- j Coach Don Altenbur linger, Norm Warnecke. Val Meyer er. Varsity Cheerleaders: Coach Bill Altenburger, Jan Ricker, Lisa Murphy, Jackie Good, Captain: Suzy Chan- dler, Jo Ann Kehres. Senior Varsity Volleyball Members: Coach Gaya Orians, Linda Menke, Bon- nie Schimmoeller, Jan Ricker, Jackie Good, Va Meyer. AWARDS DAY T _:«5 --ii ' ' , 5 X ' V. H -V. « V 1980-81 JUNIOR-SENIOR PROM Our Prom was held on May 8, 1 982 at the Memorial Hall. There was a Mass held at 6:00 p.m. at St. Josephs Catholic Church for all who were attending the Prom. The supper was served at 7;1 5. The dance began at 8:00 p.m. with the band " E-Z Company " playing. tjl If H K 1 A H ■ " WE ' VE GOT TONIGHT 99 44 HELLO, DOLLY! " 86 CAST and CREW Directed by and Scene Design by Dan Tussey, Assistant and Pit Band Director Dave Coffing, Student Assistant and Ticket Sales Jenny Pequignot, Accompanist Felicia Dickman. CAST DOLLY GALLAGHER LEVI Shari Schroeder HORACE VANDERGELDER Charlie Krietemeyer PIT BAND Ms. Cynthia Bott Mr. Dave Coffing Mrs. Robin Coffing Chris Fischer Deb Freund Dan Grothause Teresa Hanf JoAnn Kehres Chuck Knebel Jeff Krietemeyer Laura Krietemeyer DANCERS Ann Dickman Jackie Good Jean Schimmoeller Beth Spicer LIGHTS Joe Bullinger Juan Gil Dave Mesker Kev Mesker TOWNSMEN WAITERS Tim Berelsman Bill Calvelage Jim Gasser Monte Kleman Keith Norbeck Greg Schuerman Jim Vetter Darrell Von Sossan TOWN CHILDREN Jimmy Cook Doug German Brent Helmke Jennifer Ladd Sandy Ostendorf Lezlie Ricker Jeff Swick TROLLEY CAR DESIGN Dave Neidert Deb Maenle SPECIAL LIGHTING EFFECT Industrial Arts Department Mr. Maddock Clarinet, Bass Clarinet Trumpet Clarinet, Saxophone Flute Flute Percussion Page Turner Trumpet Percussion Trombone Trumpet POSTERS Terry Vorst Jr. Industrial Arts Joanne Von Sossan Jenny Pequignot CONSTRUCTION CREW Joe Bullinger Dennis Inkrott Ron Knebel Dave Mesker Dave Neidert Chris Recker Ted Schimmoeller Kev Mesker TICKETS PROGRAMS JR. lOE POSTER PROGRAM DESIGN Joanne Von Sossan USHERS Suzy Chandler Linda Grote CORNELIUS HACKL BARNABY TUCKER IRENE MOLLOY MINNIE FAY AMBROSE KEMPER ERMENGARDE ERNESTINA RUDOLPH MRS. ROSE JUDGE CHORUS Lois Bre ndle Ann Dickman Laura Donaldson Anne Eversole Jackie Good Karen Inkrott Paula Metzger Beth Neidert Amy Recker Jean Schimmoeller Beth Spicer Dave German John Eversole Lisa Murphy Molly Donaldson : Karl Schimmoeller! Jan Recker r Lois Brendle ; Monte Kleman Paula Metzger Tim Berelsman ART CREW Suzy Chandler Jackie Fischer Jackie Good Linda Grote Laura Krietemeyer Mark Krietemeyer Paula Metzger Beth Neidert Carla Schroeder Beth Spicer Rose Von Sossan Lynn Von Sossan iSfi ' . X :i « FJHS MUSIC DEPT . CONCliRT BAND; Row 1: Deb Freund, Beth Spicer. Jackie Good, Chris Fischer, Brian Dean, Jackie Fischer, Ann Eversole. Row 2; Michelle Meyer, Laura Donaldson, Connie Maenle, Bonnie Schimmoeller, Alison Meyer, Lisa Murphy. Row 3: Dave Neidert, Jo Ann Kehres, Laura Krietemeyer, Shari Schroeder, Ann Dickman, Lisa Kleman, Band Director Dave Coffing. Row 4: Karl Schimmoeller, Dave German, John Eversole, Val Meyer, Jan Ricker. Row 5: Chuck Knebel, Dan Grouthause, Jeannine Schimmoeller, Linda Menke, Kay Schimmoeller. MAJORETTES: Alison Meyer, Lisa Kleman, Drum Major Shari Schroeder, Lisa Murphy, Ann Dickman. Chorus: Row 1: Molly Donaldson, Shari Schroeder, Jeannie Schimmoeller, Lisa Murphy, Ann Dickman. Row 2: Deb Freund, Linda Krietemeyer, Beth Spicer, Chris Fischer, Judy Geise, Barb Krietemeyer. Row 3: Brenda Ostendorf, Cheryl Weigning, Lorie Schimmoeller, Cheryl Von Lehmdon, Pat Brendle, Laura Donaldson, Jackie Fischer. Row 4: John Eversole, Charlie Krietemeyer, Dave Neidert, Brian Dean, Director: Dave Coffing. Flag Corps. Deb Krietemeyer, Amy Lindeman, Jeannie Miehls, Amy Kehres, Teresa Hanf, Connie Maag. Row 1: Dave German, John Eversole, Dave Neidert, Brian Dean. Row 2: Connie Maenle, Ann Eversole, Director: Mr. Coffing, Jackie Fischer, Laura Krietemeyer. Row 3: Deb Freund, Chris Fischer, Beth Spicer, Kay Schimmoeller, Jeff Krietemeyer, Chuck Knebel, Dan Grothause, Laura Donaldson. Band Officers: President: Jean Schimmoeller, Secretary: Chris Fischer, Treasurer: Jo Ann Kehres, Vice-President: Shari Schroeder. 8th Grade Band: Row 1: Dave Krietemeyer, Mark Neidert, Amy Schroeder, Director: Mr. Coffing. Row 2: Dan Good, Cynthia Weiging, Dale Neidert, Jeff Krietemeyer. Row 3: Amy Kehres, Connie Maag, Teresa Hanf, Deb Krietemeyer. £m o iff iM . wm ' IP li THBBKy if!i n 1 liE ■Igi ' MI fi m B 3 ' l» VM jjSlwf w- ' wiJ vjy ' r H " » iHiAk VHH[k H i.. dic ' lkw. H K .1 Bl ■ 1 1 {-■if- .IV, ' t . [ Bi v F ' k ..ia T| , U : ' ■:■:.: W- m W " ■ Scholarship Team: Sitting: Beth Neidert, Shari Schroeder, Lisa Murphy, Monte Kelman, Julia Meizger, Becky Krietemeyer, Amy Recker. Kneeling: Jim Vetter, Laura Krietemeyer, Sheryl Bruskotter, Barb Krietemeyer, Karen Inkrott, Rose Von Sossan. Standing: Tim Berelsman, Brian Dean, Beth Spicer, Laurie Schroeder, Charlie Krietemeyer, Dave German, Paula Metzger, Dan Grothause. Art Club: Kneeling: Jodi Miehls, Dorthy Korte, Jan Recker, Trina Miehls, Chris Fischer, Shelly Miller, Cheryl Weiging, Mrs. Frazee, Cheryl Von Lehmden. Standing: Molly Donaldson, Rose Von Sossan, Jackie Fischer. SENIOR OEA OFFICERS: Secretary— Linda Menke, Vice President — Norm Warnecke, President — Nita Suever, Treasurer — Jackie Neidert. JUNIOR OEA OFFICERS: Vice President — Jan Recker, President — Sue Geise, Secretary — Molly Donaldson, Treasurer — Denise Heitmeyer. FHA CLUB: Kneeling; Jackie Fischer, Karen Maag, Kay Schimmoeller, Denise Meyer, Cheryl Wieging, Standing; Advisor — Mrs. Nancy Bowen, Rose Von Sossan, Michelle Meyer, Barb Krietemeyer, Diane Berelsman, Judy Geise. BEA GEISE, Serving Your R Fort Jennings Ph. 286-2816 SCHROED Builder Ken .R. 1 Fort Jennings Phone 286-2972 Complir lents of Ft. Jennings REALTOR al Estate Needs :R BROS. f Homes Lots I OT Sale Custom-Bi ilt Cabinets METZGER Bl FARM EdiUI CO. RD. U-2(r3 ' i OF FT. JENNII .Fai It Nub R.R. 2 Cloverc Phone 286- A ■ c Phone r UCKING e, Grain, izer (Spi 286 k€ 20n . Jennings Wiechart or 286-2448 FARM I QUIPMENT Congratulati )ns Class of ' 81 Fine Inn Knotty Chicken in tl is oui Week Closed Ft. Jen Ph H and Shrimp e basket specialty lay meals n Mondays lings, Ohio 86-2005 ilHUIW A THE FORT JENNINGS STATE BANKI FORT JENNINGS OHIO 4Sa44| SOLID STATE BANKING SINCE 1918 Our Purpose is to Serve You With A Complete Friendly Banking Service Checking Accounts Savings Accounts Travelers Checks Safe deposit Boxes Bank-by-mail Service Collections Full Service Bank Now Accounts Personal Loan Commercial Loan Auto Loan Real Estate Loans Farm Loans Bank money orders Bank Drafts Drive-In Window Night Depository CHRISTMAS SAVINGS AND STUDENT EDUCATION LOAN THE FORT JENNINGS STATE BANK Current resources 16,000,000.00 Solid State Banking Since 1918 FDK ' - ' - SERVICE • BAN k7] fD|C RAABE MOTOR SALES, INC. 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Where You Can Get A Good Ole Deal From The Good Ole Boys Service after sales Expert Body work " Home of the people pleasers " Lima Phone: 223-0218 Phone: 692-0055 COMPLIMENTS AND CONGRATULATIONS TO A GREAT CLASS nfs? TOM NANCY COCAGNE P.O. Box 1338 Findlay, Ohio 45840 419 424-9585 Balfour CLASS RINGS AND PINS • CLUt INSIGNIA MEDALS • TROPHIES ■ PLAQUES • DIPLOMAS COMMENCEMENT INVITATIONS BEA GEISE, REALTOR Serving Your Real Estate Needs Fort Jennings Ph. 286-2816 m J.J. Miller Co. and Village Market Ottoville, Ohio Ottoville Hardware and Furniture Company SYLVANIA TV WHITE SEWING MACHINES ARMSTRONG LINOLEUM G.E. WHIRLPOOL APPLIANCES Ph: 453-3338 THE ODENWELLER MILLING COMPANY Grain Dealers Feed Seed Coal Phone: 453-3351 Ottoville, Ohio Or 453-3315 OMER ' S ALIGNMENT SHOP Wheel Balancing Brake Service 508 N. Canal St. Delphos, Ohio 45833 John Gerker Atlas Tires Batteries and Accessories Muffler and Brake Service 50HI0 ' Fort Jennings, Ohio Phone: 286-2255 JACK RICKER MASONRY CONTRACTING Quality Masonry Work R.R.I Ft. Jennings, Ohio Phone 286-2992 286-2504 286-2086 286-: Tom Office R( Menke Bros . Construction Company Concrete Construction SWICK CONSTRUCTION CO., INC. Builders Custotn Homes on Your Lot or Ours Fort Jennings, Ohio Phone 286-2346 KENNEDY ' S BODY SHOP Route 2 Ft. Jennings, Ohio Complete Auto Body Repair and Make, Any Model Insurance work invited 24 hour wrecker service For free estimates Call: 286-2012 State Route No. 190 VON SOSSAN CONTRACTING METZGER POPCORN COMPANY Poured Basements Floors Driveways Excavating Fort Jennings Phone: 286-2883 ENJOY MELLO- KRISP POPCORN Unverferth Manufacturing Co . 5 Inc . Kalida, Ohio 45853 Phone: 419—532-3121 Specialist in Building Farm Equipment Congratulations Class of ' 82 Knotty Pine Inn Chicken and Shrimp in the basket is our specialty Weekday Meals Closed on Mondays Fort Jennings, Ohio Phone: 286-2005 R.J. (BILL) WILDENHAUS INSURANCE AGENCY Member of: Ohio Association of Insurance Agents 1 murana m AGENT General Insurance and Bonds Notary Public Office Ph: 286-2527 Ft. Jennings Home Ph: 286-2332 Auto Homeowners — Liability — Travel Hail and Other Weather Perils Ins. Crop TOM BRANDEHOFF and SONS JEWELER Seiko Watches Diamonds AUH . m= Antique and Grandfather Clocks 155 West Third Street Delphos, Ohio 692-1992 GROTHOUSE SPORTING GOODS 229 N. Main St. Delphos, Ohio COnVERSE Phone: 695-2961 Nichols Meat Slaughterhouse Slaughtering- Processing Pizza and Subs ViZZA Beer, Wine, Carryout Phone: 453-3305 OttoviUe, Oh. HARTER SON FUNERAL HOME Serving All Faiths Since 1918 Delphos, Ohio Phone: 692-8055 A Checking Account that pays 5% percent interest and is compounded daily ff GLANDORF SAVINGS Qlandarf • Ottowo • Columbua Orovo • L lpalc SS) Agri-Chemicals FARM SERVICE CENTER Delphos, Ohio Phone 695-1931 FERTILIZER- CHEMICALS SEEDS KARLA ' S Village Salon Phone: (419) 695-2926 1333 N. Main St. Delphos, Ohio 45833 specializing in " Bright Zinc " Karla Osenga — Manager Roxanna Lytle 160 ' 2 Otto St. Ottoville, Ohio Phone: 45 3-3216 ' The Place for a Hair Affair ' DELPHOS QUARRIES CO. KATHY ' S CERAMICS OPEN CLASSES Tues., Wed., Thurs., 12-9 P.M. 161 W. Canal Ottoville Phone: 453-3179 Crushed Stone Agricultural Lime Ready-Mixed Concrete Quarry Office 692-0931 Ready-Mix Office 695-1981 FRONTIER FLOWERS " Gifts N ' Things " 539 South Main St. Delphos, Ohio 45833 Phone: (419) 692-2222 FORT JENNINGS EQUITY CO . 7 V f -M Feed, Seed, Coal, and Farm Supplies Bulk Feed Delivery Bulk Fertilizer Bulk Spreaders Liquid Nitrogen Phone: 286-2444 Phone: 286-2839 Rushmore Phone: 286-2613 MEYER ' S IGA DELPHOS Groceries — Fresh Meats — Vegetables — Delphos, Ohio SINCE 1893 Citizens Federal Savings Loan Insured Savings Accounts Saving Certificate No Checking Accounts Home and Farm Loans Mobile Home Financing 114 East Third Street Delphos, Ohio The Great Root Bear invites you to Mary ' s A . W Root Beer Compliments of CITY PAINT AND SUPPLY 924 E. 5th St. Delphos, Ohio Paints Is Our Business 209-South Main St. Delphos, Ohio Furniture — Appliances established Carpet in 37 Westrich Home Furnishing Two Locations 205 N. Main— 238 N. 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Fifth St Ph. 692-6841 COMPLIMEHTS OF CENTRAL INSURANCE COMPANIES We ' re proud to support our local schools. COME AND SEE US ABOUT CAREER OPPORTUNITIES. I JENNINGS DEPOT Beer — Pop Wine — Ice Frozen Meats Pizza — Subs Groceries Hours: Mon.-Thurs. 10 am-1 1 pm Fri.-Sat. 10 am- 12 pm Sun. 10 am — 10pm ' « Tfe t MMit . TVivu. lU ' P txmvi4. Ate CO. RD. U-20 31 2 MILES S.E. OF FT. JENNINGS PH. 286-2770 WHITE FARM EQUIPMENT COMPANY WHITE .Farm Equipment NEW IDEA y¥here the whoie idea means better performance C3EHL_ FARM EQUIPMENT kwikset locksets READY MIX CONCRETE— LUMBER— HARDWARE— BUILDING SUPPLIES L.P. VETTER BUILDERS AND SUPPLY INC. Ft. Jennings, Ohio Box 217 Phone: 286-2004 " WHERE BETTER BUILDERS BUY " FABRAI- CORPORATION ROOFING SIDING OLD FORT INN Noon Specials Liquor Beer Pop Carry Outs Chicken and Shrimp Baskets Steve Scheckelhoff Ft. Jennings Phone: 286-2565 TUCKER ' S OTTAWA PHARMACY Pangles Master Market 1831 E. Main Ottawa, Ohio Phone: 523-6122 Pdngles King Size Savings Home of the ROYAL CROWN Delphos, Ohio HAWKEY ' S PHARMACY INC. Service is our most important product. 224 E. Main St. Ottawa, Ohio Compliments of BECKMAN JEWELERS Ottawa, Ohio Phone: 423-4540 523-3633 The Delphos Daily Herald Serving The Tri-County Area Since 1869 FIRST IN: NEWS SPORTS ADVERTISING New Commercial Division 1 1 1 E. Fourth Street 405 N. Main St. WDOH DELPHOS - 107.1 FM 1 1 1 East Second Street Delphos, Ohio 45833 Telephone: (419)— 642-4343 (419)— 692-3963 POWELL STUDIOS Phone: 538-6543 4348 Monroe Street Toledo, Ohio Phone 419-475-9351 FORT JENNINGS OIL STATION Marathon Products Phone: 286-2632 Fort Jennings, Ohio 1 .L. Urito-Xay.Sne. r 1 JOE SCHIMMOELLER SALESMAN Fort Jennings ■ ' " H I WALT ' S ELECTRIC Electric Wiring Electric Heat Blown Insulation R.R. No. 2 Box 99 Ft. Jennings, Ohio Phone: 286-2807 M (Hhe Carriage Unn H 955 5lh STREET H DELPHOS, OHIO 45833 " Congratulations Seniors " SHENK ' S You can shop Shenk ' s with confidence. ' Fashion Center of Delphos ' ODENWELLER ' S CLOTHING MEN BOYS SAMSONITE LUGGAGE Phone: 692-0831 237 N. Main Delphos. Ohio ll stall kamp Druqs Prtscription Specialists 228 NORTH MAIN ST DELPHOS. OHIO PHONE 692-0981 KNUEVE SONS PLUMBING HEATING HEAT PUMP AIR CONDITIOMNG SPECIALISTS WATER EQUIPMENT SALES RENTALS Plumbing Fixtures and Supplies Frank Knueve Owner Ottoville Phone: 453-3433 Kalida Phone: 532-3699 Congratulations to the Senior Class of 1980 JACK AND JILL SHOP 227 N. Main Delphos, Ohio Delphos Community Oil Company Farm Gas and Fuel Oil Deliveries Stallkamp Electric Inc. Commercial Residential Wiring 201 Vi South Main Delphos, Ohio 45833 Phone: 692-3966 MEYER ' S I.G.A. Fort Jennings H Groceries | Fresh Meats Vegetables | Fruits H Ft. Jennings, Ohio Phone: 286-2175 H VORST PLUMBING and HE ATI NQ INC. Electromode Williamson Heating and Air Conditioning 209 S; Broad St, ph; 532-3304 Kalida, Ohio COUNTR Y CORNERS H USED CARS ■ Doyle Von Lehmden H Ft. Jennings, Ohio | Phone: 286-2617 H Holtkamp-Fortman Hardware and Implements Phone: 532-3615 Kalida, Ohio BELL AUTO SUPPLY Ottawa, Ohio 523-5698 Continental, Ohio 596-4320 fL M iyi , 4 JEWELERS 303 N Ma.n S; Delphos Ohio 45S33 Phone (41 9 692-6806 DELPHOS FOOD LOCKERS INC. Slaughtering Processing for Lockers or Home Freezers Phone: 692-6891 528 N. Washington St. — Delphos, Ohio Compliments of CROPS and SOIL SERVICE COMPLETE FERTILIZER and CHEMICAL SERVICE Ottoville Ph: 453-3319 CLAWSON ' S ELECTRIC G.E. Appliance Service Station 302 N. Main St. Delphos, Ohio Phone: 692-6901 SCHROEDER BROS. Builder of Homes Lots For Sale Custom-Built Cabinets Ken Nub R.R. 1 Fort Jennings R.R. 2 Cloverdale Phone 286-2972 Phone 286-2620 Don Von Lehmden Dekalb seed dealer corn Alfalfa Grain Sorghum Fort Jennings Phone: 286-2075 The Equity Elevator Co. Grain, Feed, Seed, Fertilizer Member of 104 South Main St. Delphos, Ohio Phone: 692-0811 BOMBSHELTER Carry Out and Bar PIZZA, SUBS, PARTY SUPPLIES, Glandorf, Ohio Phone: 538-6711 RENTALS CONTHACTOHS — EQUIPMENT TOOLS — TRUCKS — TBAILEBS SAFEWAY i BnjACK SCAFFOLDINa OXYGEN S ACETYLENE EQUIPMENT FOR SALE i FOR BENT 692-7816 U No Ans. CaU 63 -27S1 BUSY BEE 227 W. Eacond Wl RENT EVERYTHIHG OPEN 6 DAYS A WHK KALIDA IGA GROCERIES FRESH MEATS VEGETABLES FRUIT Kalida, Ohio Phone: 532-3234 W.T. REMLINGER DRUGS Prescription Service Drugs, Vitamins, Cosmetics Kodak Film, Hallmark Cards Russell Stover Candy 225 N. Main Delphos, Ohio Phone: 692-0961 FLOWER FORT 280 N. Water ST. Ft. Jennings, Ohio Owner: Jeff Will Phone: 286-0961 " Check out the large selection of silk or fresh flowers for weddings or any occasion. " DICK ' S STEAK NEIDERT ' S SOHIO HOUSE M Distributor of gas and fuel oil Steaks — Chicken | " H Carry Out Service | Buckets of Chicken, H OHIO] , -„ %, ■ H H Beer and Wine | Phone: 642-3601 H Kalida, Ohio | Van Wert 238-0876 M THE PEOPLES NATIONAL BANK Corner Main and Second St. P.O. Box 387 Delphos, Ohio 45833 Phone: (419)— 692-8015 " Everything you want a bank to be. " PEOPLES National Bank MEMBER FDIC I A Toledo Trustcorp Bank oC vmann FURNITURE— APPLIANCE CARPETING " A Specialty " " Across from the Post Office. " Delphos, Ohio 130 North Main Phone: 692-0861 FAIR-WAY BEAUTY SHOPPE 109 E. 2nd Delphos, Ohio 45833 Phone: 692-9871 " CATCH THAT PEPSI SPIRIT " Consolidated Bottling Company 1750 Greely Chaped Rd. Lima, Ohio 45802 Phone: 286-2199 DICKMAN ' S INSURANCE AGENCY — One stop insurance shop — Auto — Life — Home — Business Rt. 2 (St. Rte. 309) Delphos, Ohio Phone (419) 692-2236 V iJC a iA j i Poured Concrete Basement Walls Foundations- floors — Driveways Patios — Sidewalks — Aeratos Septic Systems — Top Soil — Fill Dirt Backhoe — Bulldozer Jim Grothause Fort Jennings, OH VAN DYNE CROTTY INC . iiujiiiMfeassa : H taS H - ' H HY Hr Uniforms H Blazers, Slacks, Wiping Towels, H HBE l aipPW Himi ' " " ' Walk-Off Mats, Dust Mops, H Safety Apparel, H Glove Renovation, | LOCK SIXTEEN RESTAURANT AND LOUNGE Continuous Towels. H OTTOVILLE, OHIO 134 N. Main St. H STEAKS, SEAFOOD, BBQ RIBS, CHICKEN SALAD BAR, PIZZA (FRESH ROLLED DOUGH), SUBS . . . Delphos, OH 45833 H BANQUET ROOM AVAILABLE FOR PARTIES, REUNIONS, SHOWERS, ETC... CALL: 453-3329 OR CARRY-OUT ORDERS 453-3327 Phone: 119 692-2015 H GENE R. MILLER, OWNER The Commercial Benk EsttMisM 1877 FDK DELPHOS • ELIDA • GOMER FDK SILHOUETTE BEAUTY SHOP Ruth Miehls 286-2290 Rita Erickson Ft. Jennings, Ohio 286-2390 DELPHOS AUTO SUPPLY, INC. Automotive Tractor Truck Parts Phone: 692-7085 202 W. Third St. Delphos, Ohio HANSHUMAKER MOTOR SALES Lincoln — Mercury American Motors Delphos, Ohio GASSER CONTRACTING Backhoe Works — Dozing — Septic Tanks Stone Hauling — Ground Hauling Trenching — Concrete Work — Pan Work Ft. Jennings Phone: 286-2904 DAIRY HUT 9 E. Fifth St. Delphos, OH DEW DROP INN Family Restaurant and Bar. OttoviUe, OH 45876 JOSTEN ' S Creators of fine class rings, diplomas, announcements, awards, and yearbooks. THE OTTOVILLE BANK CO. Ottoville, OH 45876 SPECIAL THANKS We, the editors of the Fort Jennings High School Yearbook, would like to express our thanks to everyone who helped make this 1982 yearbook possible. Mr. Sake- miller, Mr. Cook, and Mr. Sukup for helping arrange the schedules to make the picture days possible. Mr. Maddock for his time and patience in showing us three editors and Juan Gil how to use the camera. The anual staff who sold ads to raise money to help purchase this yearbook. We also would like to express our special thanks to the businesses who purchased ads, business boosters, and Muskie boosters for their support, otherwise this year- book would not be possible. We would like to especially thank Jon Winteregg, our representative from Herff Jones, who dedicated so much time and effort in helping us design our own cover and divider pages. T he Editors: Jackie Neidert Linda Menke Laura Warnecke The 1981-82 MUSKIE BOOSTERS Senior Class of 1982 Junior Class of 1983 Sophomore Class of 1984 Freshmen Class of 1985 Eighth Grade Class of 1986 The Yearbook Editors The Sisters Celeste Broecker Doyle BrusKotter Mr. Mrs. Cook Jim Cook Dawn M. Flanagan Dolores Gasser Tim Linda Gasser Bob Good Mark Kev Grone George Pat Knebel Paul Korte Alfred Wilma Kramer and daughters Mrs. Roger Ladd Roger Ladd Deanna Lauf Mac Cheryl McKee Jenn, Jill, Matt Menke Paul Mary Lou Menke Don Meyer Mr. Mrs. Charles L. Murphy Mr. Mrs. Omer Ricker Mr. Mrs. Richard Ricker Joe Joan Requignot Mr. Mrs. Tom Sakemiller Jim Margaret Schimmoeller Errol Schroeder Ken Alma Schroeder Larry T. Schroeder Deb Sealscott Bob Carol Schuerman Mike Tim Schuerman Chrissy Jason Swint Helen Unverferth Bill Von Lehmden Lil Von Lehmden Dan Dandy Von Sossan Mr. Mrs. James Von Sossan Greg Warnement Mr. Mrs. Edmond Wieging Mr. Mrs. Wieging and family Mrs. Wilcox 1981-82 BUSINESS BOOSTERS A D Tire, Ottoville Altenburger Insurance Agency, Ottoville Beauty Bungalow, Delphos Bridal Fortress, Fort Jennings Chuck ' s Pets, Delphos C M Painting, Denis Neidert, Fort Jennings Don ' s Barber Shop, Fort Jennings Fergie ' s Barber Shop, Delphos Ginny ' s Beauty Shop, Delphos Groves Insurance, Delphos Helmkamp Meat Market, Delphos Jauman Insurance, Delphos Mary Ann ' s, Delphos Miller Bros. Clay Works, Ottoville Miller ' s Repair, Ottoville Neidert ' s Body Shop, Fort Jennings Niedeken Insurance Agency, Ottoville Pitsenbarger Supply Inc., Delphos Ruth ' s Beauty Shop, Fort Jennings The Chateau, Delphos Wannemacher Jewerly Store, Delphos U ' ' i cms Jbgm ' .» il.tit ' ji . - M yi. tt- ;« - ' .-

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