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PLUME r i ' -. _.■..•:. , : t ' " Mli V .1 lllfl ' i ' iMfMSiifilfiTV PUBLIC LIBHARV 3 1833 01860 0574 :V-,. i ? ;- - . - i ...yrM THE PLUME Fort Jennings High School Fort Jennings, Ohio Volume XV 1978 1977-1978 PLUME STAFF Advisor Mr. Steve Sheline Editors J ane Gasser Cheryl Fischbach Assistant Editors Rita Saum Joyce Menke ADMINISTRATION A dm in is tra tion Principal-Mr. Frank Sul up Board of Education— Mr. Tom Smitii, Clerl ; IVlrs. Marge Von Sossan, Vice President; Mr. Michael Nicliols, Mr. Errol Schroeder, Mr. Robert Geise, Mr. Riciiard Ricl er, President. Superintendent— Mr. Norman Vonder Embse Helping Us Climb Miss Carol Groff Mr. Roger Maddock Mr. Allyn Barnes The Ladder Mr. Donald Altenburger Miss Karen Meyer % Mr. Dean McDowell To Success Mr. Tom Sakemiller Miss losephine Burke Personnel L to R Bus Drivers: Judy Weiging, Marcia Grothause, Marilyn Grote, and Don Recl er. Study Hall Monitor; Mrs. Dorothy Smith High School Secretary: Mrs. Celeste Broecker Cooks: Mrs. Elmer Wittier, Mrs. Jack Schimmoeller, Mrs. John Pohl, Mrs. Robert Schuerman. Custodian: Mr. Donald Recker SENIORS 9 ,-5?) a Graduation May 19, 1978 ' Song " Speech by Teresa Bruskotter Farewell " Speech by Marilyn Mack Hard times, hand to mouth, down and out, all those hard times oseph Allen Berelsman J ' y i Diana Florence Birkemeier Cheryl Ann Bigelow Randall Louis Brenner ane Frances Broecker We ' ve seen the seasons turning as we weathered every storm. Ricky Allen Gasser And the climate of our love is so tender and so warm. Debora Louise Grothause Richard Gerald Hellman 15 Heartache, more or less so useless, all the heartache . Sharon Ann Landwehr 16 But when the flood of sudden tears came down, we smiled and - ' IPI stood our ground. Marilyn Ann Mack Cynthia Sue Menke And the laughter we ' d been counting-on it finally came around, Marjorie Marie Saum And the best is yet to come this is only the beginning, an Louise Swick 19 And we ' ve only just begun to realise the best is yet to come. Kevin Jay Wildenhaus Linda Marie Youngpeter 20 Senior Class Officers President: Teresa Bruskotter Vice President: Deb Grothause Secretary: )ane Gasser Treasurer: Lee Schimmoeller class motto: Our yesterdays together make today possible, and tomorrow something to dream about. class song: Tomorrow class flower: Sonia Rose class colors: Burnt Orange and Peach JOE BERELSMAN-Academic; Base- ball 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2; CYO Basketball 3, 4; Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; Science Fair 1,2; District Science Fair 2; Homecoming Court 3; All School Musical 1,2,3,4; Senior Class Play 4; County Cross Country 1,2. CHERYL BIG BLOW -Commercial; Softball 1,2; Band 1,2,3; Band Officer 3; Chorus 1 ; FHA Member 1 ; Science Fair 1,2; Senior Class Play 4. DIANA BIRKEMEIER-Commercial; Softball 2; Pep Club 1,2; Annual Staff 3,4; Chorus 2,3,4; FHA Member 1; Science Fair 1,2,3; County Chorus 2,3; All School Musical 2,3,4; Senior Class Play 4. RANDY BRENNER-General; Base- ball 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Cross Country 1,2,3,4; Science Fair 1, Senior Class Play 4; County Cross Country 1,2,3,4. JANE BROECKER-Vocational; Pep Club 1,2; Band 1,2,3,4; Pep Band 2,3,4; Chorus 3,4; FHA Member 1,2,3; FHA Officer 1,2,3; Science Fair 1,2; All School Musical 1,2,3. BOB BROECKER-Vocational; Manager 1,2; Annual Staff 4; News- paper Staff 1,2; Band 1,2,3,4; Pep Band 2,3,4; Chorus 1,2,3,4; County Chorus 3; Science Fair 1,2; All School Musical 1 ,2,3,4; Senior Class Play 4. TERESA BRUSKOTTER-Academic; Softball 1,2,3,4; G. I. A. 1,2; Student Council 3; Student Council Officer 3; Band 1 ; Chorus 1 ; Scholarship Team 1,2,3,4; Science Fair 1; All School Musical 1,3; Class Officer 2,4; Senior Class Play 4; Girls Basketball 1,2,3,4; Volleyball 1,2,3,4; French Club 3; Graduation Speaker 4; District Science Fair 1. SHARON BUSS-Special Education. DIANE DRAY-Commercial; Softball 1,2,3,4; Girls Basketball 1,2,3; Volley- ball 1 ; G. I. A. 1,2; Chorus 1 ; Science Fair 1 ,2; All School Musical 2,3; Senior Class Play 4. 22 Senior Directory CHERYL FISCHBACH-Commercial; Softball 1; Pep Club 1,2; G. L A. 1 ; Track 1 ; Annual Staff 3,4; Co-Editor 3; Editor 4; Student Council 2; Chorus 1,2,3,4; FHA Member 1; Science Fair 1 ; Homecoming Court 2; All School Musical 1,2,3,4; Statistician 1,2; Senior Class Play 4. JANE GASSER-Commercial; Softball 1,2,3,4; Girls Basketball 1; Volleyball 1,2,3,4; Track 1; Cheerleader 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 1 ; G. I. A. 1 ,2; Annual Staff 3,4; Editor 4; Student Council 3- County Band 2; Band 1,2,3; Jazz Band 2,3; Chorus 1,2; Science Fair 1; All School Musical 1,2,3; Art Club 1,2,3; Class Officer 4; Senior Class Play 4. RICK GASSER-Commercial; Base- ball 4; Basketball 2; County Cross Country 2,3; Annual Staff 3,4; All School Musical 2,3. SCOTT GEISE-General; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Cross Country 1 ,2,3,4; County Crosscountry 1,2,3,4; Sectional 2,3,4; Science Fair 1,2; All School Musical 1 ; Senior Class Play 4. CHARLIE GERDEMAN-General; Baseball 2,3; Basketball 1,2,3,4; County Cross Country 1 ,2,3,4; Science Fair 1,2; All School Musical 3; Senior Class Play 4. DEB GROTHAUSE-Academic; Soft- ball 1,2,3,4; G. L A. 1,2; G. I. A. Officer 1; Volleyball 1,2,3,4; Tennis 4; Student Council 1; Band 1,2,3,4; Pep Band 1; County Band 2,3; Band Officer 3,4; Chorus 1,3,4; Scholarship Team 1,2,3,4; Homecoming Court 4; All School Musical 1,2,3; Class Officer 4; Senior Class Play 4; Jazz Band 3; Graduation Speaker 4. DON GRUBENHOFF-Acaderrl Manager 1; Cameraman 3,4; Bail 1,2,3,4; Pep Band 3,4; Science f[i 1,2; District Science Fair 2; All Schdl Musical 3; Art Club 1; Stat. 2; Seni Class Play 4; French Club 3. | 1 ED HEIDENESCHER-Special Edui- tion. RICK HELLMAN-Vocational; G 2,3,4; Annual Staff 4; Chorus 21; Science Fair 1,2; District Science F 2; All School Musical 1,2,3,4; Seni Class Play 4; CYO Basketball 2,3,4. j KAREN HOWBERT-Commerci Softball 1,2; Chorus 1,2,3,4; Fh! Member 1,2; FHA Officer 1; Scien ' Fair 1,2; Musical 1,2,4; Senior CI; Play 4. RON INKROTT-Academic; Bask, ball 1,2,3,4; Cross Country 1,2,3, County Cross Country 1,2,3,4; Bai 1,2,3,4; Chorus 1,2,3,4; Scholarsh Team 1,2,3; Science Fair 1,2; Coun Chorus 3;Muscial 1,2,3,4; Senior Clj Play 4; French Club 3. JULIE KEHRES-Academic; Stude Council 1 ; Scholarship Team ; Science Fair 1,2; District Science F; 2; Musical 3,4; Class Officer 3; Seni. Class Play 4. KIM KLEMAN-Commercial; Softba 1,2,3,4; Cheerleader 1,2,3,4; Pep CIli _ 1 ; G. I. A. 1 ,2; Annual Staff 1 ,2; Ban 1,2,3; County Band 1 ; Chorus 1 ; Jaa: Band 2; Homecoming Queen ■ Musical 1,2,3,4; Art Club 1,2,3; A Club Officer 1 ; Senior Class Play ' Girls Basketball 1,2,4; Volleyba 1,2,3,4; Track 1. DENNY KROTE-General. DIANE KROTE-Special Educatior DANIEL LANDWEHR-Specia Education. SHARON LANDWEHR-Commercia Softball 1; Annual Staff 3,4; Band 1 Chorus 1,2,3,4; FHA Member 1,2,3 HA Officer 2,3; Science Fair 1,2,3; istrict Science Fair 2,3; County horus 3; All School Musical 3; Senior lass Play 4. TEVE LANDWEHR-General; asketball 1 ; Cross Country 1 ; Science air 1,2;CY0 Basketball 4. HILLIP LITTLE-Special Education. ANCY MAAG-Special Education; lirls Basketball 1,2,3,4; G. I. A. 1,2. lARILYN MACK-Academic; Soft- all 1,2,3,4; Girls Basketball 1,2,3,4; olleyball 1,2,3,4; Track 1; Tennis 4; ' ,. I. A. 1,2; G. I. A. Officer 2; Pep lub 1. Newspaper Staff 2; Student ouncil 3; Chorus 1,2,4; County horus 2; Scholarship Team 1,2,3; cience Fair 1 ; District Science Fair 1 ; II School Musical 1,2; Statistician ,2,3; Senior Class Play 4; French Club ; Graduation Speaker 4. INDY MENKE-Commercial; Soft- all 1,2,3; Volleyball 1,3; G. LA. 1,2; 2p Club 1,2; Annual Staff 3,4; Band ,2,3; Pep Band 2,3; Chorus 1; FHA lember 1,2; Science Fair 1,2; Art lub 1,2,3; Statistician 1 ; Jazz Band 2; II School Musical 1 ; Senior Class Play HARMA MENKE-Commercial; Soft- all 1; Pep Club 1; Annual Staff 3,4; and 1,2; Chorus 1; FHA Member 1,2; HA Officer 2; Science Fair 1 ; Art lub 1,2,3; Art Club Officer 3; tatistician 1 ; Senior Class Play 4. ANCY METZGER-Academic; Pep lub 1,2; Annual Staff 2; Science Fair ,2; Homecoming Court 1; Art Club .2; Art Club Officer 1; All School lusical 1 . OUG OSTENDORF-General; horus 1; Science Fair 1; All School lusical 1 ; Senior Class Play 4. REG PEPIOT-Special Education. DDI RELLINGER-Commercial; Dftball 1,2; Cheerleader 1,2; Band ,2; Chorus 1; Science Fair 1,2; All :hool Musical 1,2; Senior Class Play MARGIE SAUM-Academic; Softball 1,2; Volleyball 1,2; Track 1 ; G. I. A. 1,2; Band 1,2,3,4; Pep Band 1,2,3,4; Jazz Band 2,3; County Band 2,3; Band Officer 2,4; Chorus 1,2,4; Scholarship Team 1,2,3,4; French Club 3; Class Officer 2,3; All School Muscial 1,2,3; Senior Class Play 4; Graduation Speaker 4. ED SCHIMMOELLER-Academic; Basketball 1; CYO Basketball 2,3,4; Cross Country 1; Band 1,2,3,4; Pep Band 1,2,3,4; Jazz Band 2,3; County Band 3; Chorus 1,2,3,4; Science Fair, District Science Fair 1 ; French Club 3; Class Officer 2; All School Musical 1,2,3,4; Senior Class Play 4. KIM SCHIMMOELLER-Commercial; Cheerleader 1,2; Track 3; Pep Club 1; Band 1,2,3; Majorette 1,2,3,4; Chorus 1; Science Fair 1,2; Homecoming j gy Court 3; Art Club 1,2,3; Art Club Officer 3; All School Musical 1,2,3,4; Senior Class Play 4. LEE SCHIMMOELLER-Academic; Basketball 1,2; Baseball 2; Cross Country 1,2; CYO Basketball 3; Band 2,3,4; Jazz Band 3; County Band 3,4; Band Officer 4; Chorus 1,2,3,4; Scholarship Team 1,2,3; Science Fair 1,2; District Science Fair 1; French Club 3; Class Officer 2,4; Homecoming Court 4; All School Musical 1,2,3,4; Senior Class Play 4. LARRY STECHSCHULTE- Commercial; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Base- ball 1,2,3,4; Cross Country 1,2,3,4; County Cross Country 1,2,3,4; Chorus 1,2; Science Fair 1; Class Officer 1; Annual Staff 3,4; All School Musical 1,2; Senior Class Play 4. SHELLEY STEMEN-Commercial; Annual Staff 1,2,3,4; Newspaper Staff 1,2; Band 1,2,3; Majorette 1,2,3,4; Chorus 1,2; FHA Member 1,2; Science Fair 1,2; District Science Fair 1; All School Musical 1,2; Art Club 1,2,3; Art Club Officer 2,3; Senior Class Play 4. JAN SWICK-Academic; Softball 1,2; G. I. A. 1; Newspaper Staff 2; Band 1,2,3,4; Pep Band 1,2,4; Jazz Band 2,3; Band Officer 4; Chorus 1,2,3,4; County Chorus 2,3; Scholarship Team 2; Art Club 1,2; Art Club Officer 2; Class Officer 1; Tennis 4; Statistician 1; All School Musical 1,2,3,4; Senior Class Play 4. LAURIE VORST-Commercial; G. I. A. 1 ; Track 1 ; Annual Staff 4; Band 1,2,3; Pep Band 1,2; Jazz Band 2; Chorus 1; Art Club 1,2,3; Art Club Officer 2,3; All School Musical 1,2; Senior Class Play 4. DAVID WANNEMACHER-Special Education. JEANNE WARNECKE-Academic; G. I. A. 1,2; Volleyball 1; Track 1,2; Chorus 1 ; Scholarship Team 3; Science Fair 1,2; District Science Fair 1; Class Officer 1,3; French Club 3; All School Musical 1 ,3; Senior Class Play 4. LARRY WARNECKE-Vocational; Manager 1 ; CYO Basketball 4; Chorus 1,2; Science Fair 1,2; All School Musical 1. KEVIN WILDENHAUS-Academic; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Golf 1,2,3,4; Cross Country 1,2,3,4; County Cross Country 3; Sectional Cross Country 3; Chorus 1,2,3,4; County Chorus 2,3; District Chorus 3; Scholarship Team 2,3,4; Science Fair 1,2; Homecoming Court 1; Homecom- ing King 4; Class Officer 1 ,2,3; French Club 3; All School Musical 1,2,3,4; Senior Class Play 4. LINDA YOUNGPETER-General; Softball 2; Pep Club 2; Chorus 1,2,3,4; Science Fair 1,2,3; District Science Fair 1,2,3; All School Musical 2. 23 Senior Most of 78 Most Talkative: Jan Swick, Rick Gasser Most Likely to Succeed: Kevin Wildenhaus, Deb Grothausi Most Bashful: Linda Youngpeter, Doug Ostendorf Most Artistic: Rick Hellman, Nancy Metzger Most Athletic: Scott Geise, Marilyn Mack Most School Spirit: Kim Kleman, Randy Brenner Class Troublemakers: Shelley Stemen, Denny Korte t4ic vn CBSim.3M Most Studious: Teresa Bruskotter, Don Grubenhoff Most Musical: Ron Inkrott, Marge Saum 25 BUmiE Best Dressed: Joe Berelsman, Jane Gasser ggest Flirt; Larry Stechschulte, Cheryl Fischbach Most Congenial; Charlie Gerdeman, Jeanne Warnecke Most Witty-Ed Schimmoeller, Sharma Menke 26 UNDERCLASSMEN Class of ' 79 Steven Askins Kristina Calvelage Mitchell Chandler Barbara Dickman Roy Donaldson Andrew Eversole Beth Gasser Jane Gerdeman Donna Grothause Lisa Hellman Gerald Horstman Cheryl Inkrott Chris Kehres Richard Knebel Robert Knebel Martha Kohls Joyce Menke Susan Metzger Barbara Nichols Lisa Ricker Shirley Ricker Rita Saum Ann Schimmoeller Glenn Schimmoeller Michael Schuerman Theresa Spicer Jodi Stemen Julie Vorst Mary Wannemache William Warnecke |ulie Warnement Class of ' 80 Jane Brendle Donna Brinkman Martha A. Broecker Martha R. Broecker Michael Brokamp Jeffrey Clay Charles Dunbar Janice Endres Shari Geise Susan Gerdeman David Grothause Debra Heitmeyer Kenneth Hemker Thomas Hofstetter Judith Hongifort 29 Laura Howbert Anthony Inkrott lean Kehres Patty Knippen Mary J. Korte Suzanne Korte Daniel Krietemeyer Donna Krietemeyer James Ladd Leonard Luersman Terrence Maag Timothy IVlaag Sally Metzger Barbara Meyer Duane Neidert Craig Norbeck Anna Ostendorf Mark Recker Cynthia Saum Mary Schulte Kathy Sealts Linda Skinner Lisa Spicer Jeffrey Stechschulte Lori Stemen 30 Phologroph Not Available Albert Suever Ellen Unverferth lean Vetter Kathy VonSossan Harold Warnecke Class of ' 81 Photograph Not Available % ' Deb Berelsman Gary Berelsman Nancy Calvelage Douglas Chandler Crystal Check Eugene Dickman Amy Donaldson Glenn Feathers Kenneth Fischbach Charlotte Gasser )eanne Gasser Mark Gasser Cindy Geise Michael Geise Doris Grubenhoff John Hanf Andrew Hofstetter Lois Horstman Michael Horstman Keith Kleman 31 )oAnn Korte Stephen Krietemeyer Jeanine Ladd Janice Landwehr Joan Landwehr Debra Menke Michael Metzger Kenneth Meyer Brenda Norbeck Cheryl Recker Scott Recker Daniel Saum Timothy Schuerman Christopher Spicer Beth Stechschulte Thomas VonSossan IVlary Vorst Mark Warnecke Thomas Warnecke Class of ' 82 Robert Bigelow Patricia Brendle Thomas Bruskotter Joseph Bullinger Suzanne Chandler Photograph Not Available Jesse Clay Ann Dickman lames Gasser ludith Geise Jacquelyn Good Linda Grote Dennis Inkrott Lisa Kleman Ronald Knebel Cathryn Krote Barbara Kreitemeyer Charles Krietemeyer Mary Luersman Linda Menke David Mesker Kevin Mesker Valerie Meyer John Moore Lisa Murphy lacquelyn Neidert Lynette Pepiot Christopher Recker Jan Ricker Rebecca Risner Bonnie Schimmoelle 33 Jean Schimmoeller Ted Schimmoeller Shari Schroeder Gregory Schuerman Gilbert Schulte James Smith Barbara Stemen Juanita Suever Lisa Trenkamp Laura Warnecke Norman Warnecke Class of ' 83 Diana Berelsman Nancy Bruskotter Molly Donaldson John Eversole Christine Fischer Susan Geise David German Daniel Grothause Denise Heitmeyer JoAnn Kehres Dorothy Korte Laura Krietemeyer Mark Krietemeyer Ronald Landwehr Alison Meyer Jodi Miehls Jeanette Moening David Neidert Janice Recker Kevin Ricker Carla Schroeder Laura Schroeder Beth Spicer Joseph Stechschulte Lynn Von Sossan Terry Vorst Victoria Wannemacher Neil Wittier Tina Youngpeter 7th Grade Class Officers Standing left to right: Chris Fischer— Secretary Lynn Von Sossan— Treasurer Molly Donaldson-President Jan Recker— Vice President 35 FJHS Class Officers Juniors )ane Gerdeman — Vice President, Julie Vorst— President, Marti Kohls— Treasurer, Sue Metzger— Secretary Sophomores Donna Krietemeyer— President, Jean Kehres-Vice President, Mark Recker- Secretary, Kathy Sealts—Treasurer. Ann Donaldson— President, Scott Recker— Vice President Brenda Norbeck— Secretary, Mary Vorst— Treasurer onnie Schimmoeller— President, Jan Rickei Vice President, Linda Menke— Secretary , Norm Warnecke— Treasurer Freshmen 8th Grade 36 ORGANIZATIONS innuai oia j Sitting left to right Rita Saum, Sliarma Menke, Lisa Hellman, Julie Warnement, Sha ron Landwehr, and Julie Vorst, standing left to right Advisor Mr. Steve Sheline, Rick Gasser, Joyce Menke, Shelley Stemen, Cindy Menke, Diana Birkemier, Kim Kleman, and Jane Gasser, last row left to right Rick Hellman, and Larry Stechschulte. Missing Cheryl Fischbach Editors Cheryl and Jane with Assistant Editors Rita and Joyce at work. Junior High and Pep Band ' A — M I I ow 1 Nancy Bruskotter, Beth Spicer, Jackie Good, Jan Ricker, Chris Fischer. Row 2 Valerie Meyer, Barb Krietemeyer, Laura Schroeder, Caria ;hroeder, Bonnie Schimmoeller, Denise Heitmeyer, Alison Meyer, Lynn Von Sossan, Vicki Wannemacher, Dennis Inkrott, Bob Bigelow. Row 3 hari Schroeder, Ann Dickman, Dave Mesker, Jo Ann Kehres, Laura Krietemeyer, Dave Neidert, Lisa Kleman, Joe Bullinger, Molly Donaldson, in Recker, Linda Menke, Lisa Murphy, Jeanette Moening, Dave German, John Eversole. Standing Mr. McDowell, Ted Schimmoeller, Jean :himmoeIler, Chris Recker, Dan Grothause, and Greg Schuerman. Row 1 Glenn Schimmoeller, Duane Neidert, Andy Eversole, Rita Saum, Kathy Sealts. Row 2 Donna Kriete- meyer, Patty Knippen, Cheryl Inkrott, Marge Broecker, Don Grubenhoff. Row 3 Jan Swick, Marge Saum, Mike Bro- kamp, Marty Broecker, Barb Meyer. Row 4 Lee Schimmoeller, Bob Broecker, jane Broecker, Mr. McDowell. Standing Ed Schimmoeller and jean Kehres 39 7 C) C) o : S =■ - " - j? O J. o 2 ■ ;; o i f 5 - ° S ro t; S ? : 2 S- S 7 ; liii 5 3 3 2 " jo o ? : = E S E r- " S I 3 D =) Q O 1 5 ( O „,- IS? o: S I o S i Q ■- -g ™ S c , = -g S- £ 1 " . S i .§ K £5 : _ „ — 0 - " ■ q: fl : i. E ■ -Ih _2 ' J S o ■ E - £ i £, o o .2 o 5 p " V- . J _ ™ —a: 1- Q m 41 Lka He m n M ri I H m " ' ' T Vetter Deb Berelsman, Jeanne Gasser, Mary Vorst, Chris Spicer, Jeff Stechschulte, Keith Klemai Lisa Hellman, Margie Saum and Marge Broecker, Row 2-Donna Grothause, Ann Schimmoeller, Marti Kohls, Rita Saum, Beth Gasser Kenr Hemker, Dave Grothause, Andy Eversole, Mike Brokamp, Karen Howbert, Tina Calvelage, and Linda Youngpeter. Row 3-Barb Meyer lai Gerdeman, Mary Wannemacher, Donna Brinkman, Mitch Chandler, Bob Broecker, Duane Neidert, Harold Warnecke, Terry Maag Chef S h;mmneneT ' K " wMH ' ' H ' x J °° " " = " - " 4-Theresa Spicer, Cheryl Fischbach, Shirley Ricker, Barb Dickman, )oe Berelsman, L,! wT To , V T, W.lldenhaus, Tom Hofstetter, |ean Kehres, Jane Broecker, and Sharon Landwehr. Row 5-Lisa Spicer, Joyce Menke, jJ Swick, Ron Inkrott, Ed Schimmoeller, Glenn Schimmoeller, Dan Krietemeyer, Deb Grothause, Marilyn Mack, and Diana Birkemeier. Majore twirle ttes: jodi Kim Schir Stemen, Lisa Hellman, Shelley Stemen-feature imoeller-Head Majorette, and Ann Schimmoeller. Band Officer Schimmoeller, Swick. . J 1 left to right Mike Brokamp and Lee 2 Deb Grothause, Margie Saum and Jan French Club standing, Marti Kohls, Sue Metzger, Mr, Tussey, Rob Knebel, Mitch Chandler, kneeling, Cheryl Inkrott, Andy Eversole, Glenn Schimmoeller, sit- ting, Ann Schimmoeller, Shirley Ricker, Chris Kehres, Tina Calvelage, Theresa Spicer Science Fair Theresa Spicer, Lisa Murphy, Shari Schroeder IScholarship Team standing Deb Grothause, Teresa Bruskotter, Marge Saum, Kev Wildenhaus, Donna Krietemeyer, Brenda Norbeck, Kenny Meyer, Andy Hofstetter, Tim Maag, Mike Brokamp, Marti Kohls, Row 2: Marge Broecker, Keith Kleman, Mike Metzger, Theresa Spicer, Tina jCalvelage, Shirley Ricker, Cheryl Inkrott, Ann Schimmoeller, Sue Gerdeman, Row 3; Beth Stechschulte, Andy Eversole, Sue jMetzger, Kathy Sealts, Mark Recker, Patty ' Knippen, Mitch Chandler. 43 Senior Achievement Awards Most Dramatic Award-Kev Wildenhaus and Deb Grothause Best All Around Senior-Marilyn Mack and Lee Schimmoeller. " B " Average or Better Diana Birkemeier Teresa Bruskotter Diane Dray Cheryl Fischbach Jane Gasser Debora Grothause Richard Hellman Kimberly Kleman Marilyn Mack Marjorie Saum Kimberly Schimmoeller Leon Schimmoeller Jan Swick Jeanne Warnecke Kevin Wildenhaus Citizenship Award — Rick Hellman and Julie Kehres. Scholarships Marjorie Saun Ohio Academic Scholarship Paulding— Putnam Electric Scholarship American Legion Scholarship Jeanne Warnecke— C. L. of C. Scholarship 44 SPORTS Varsity Individuals Charlie Gerdeman Kev Wildenhaus 46 Mike Schuerman 47 F. J. H. S. Varsity Managers Kenny Hemkerand Dan Saum, Bill Warnecke, Ron Inkrott, )erry Horstman, Chris Kehres, Mike Schuerman, Roy Donaldson, Scott Geise, Kevin Wildenhause, Larry Stechschulte, Charlie Gerdeman, and Randy Brenner. Coaches, Steve Sheline and Tom Sakemiller Left to right Ann Schimmoeller, Shirley Ricker, Sue Metzger, Jane Gasser, and Kim Kleman Cameramen Don Grubenhoff and Ri Hellman 48 R eserve Manager Dan Saum, Jeff Stechschuiie, Craig Norbeck, Mitch Chandler, Tony Inlcrott, Marl Reclcer, Tom Hofstetter, Jeff Clay, Dave Grothause, Tim Maag and Manager Kenny Hemker. Kneeling Coach Wilbur Altenburger Cheerleaders: Deb Heitmeyer, Marti Kotils, ana Lori Stemen. Standing Sue Gerdeman Stats. Keith Kleman, Scott Recker, Rita Saum, Andy Hofstetter, and Cindy Saum. 49 Freshman Champions Kneeling, left to right Keith Klemen, Tim Schuerman, and Chris Spicer. Standing left to right Manager Gary Berelsman, John Hanf, D( Chandler, Tom Von Sossan.Tom Warnecke, Mike Horstman, Scott Recker, Andy Hofstetter, Mike Geise, Glenn Feathers, and Coach Don Cc Cheerleaders: left to right Amy Donald- son, Jeanne Gasser, Brenda Norbeck and Beth Stechschulte. Stats,: Lois Horstman, Nancy Calvelage, Cindy Geise 50 CYO Basketball Team n eft to Right: Mark Warnecke, Harold Warnecke, Steve Landwehr, Rick Hejlman, Ed Schlmmoeller, Larry Warnecke, joe Berelsman, Glenn chimmoeller, Terry Maag. Coaches: Ralph Hellman and Steve Metzger. 1978 CYO League Record F. J. Score Team 0pp. Score 66 Columbus Grove 50 50 Landeck 53 43 Kalida 62 77 Glandorf 66 66 Miller City 46 31 Ottoville 39 60 Delphos 72 91 New Bavaria 56 52 Ottawa Tournament 77 63 Columbus Grove 43 56 Kalida 60 (2 overtimes) 51 CYO Individuals Rick Heilman Steve Landwehr 52 7th 8th Grade Basketball neeling: Jim Smith, Dave Mesker, )ennis Inkrott, Greg Schuerman, Gilbert ichulte, Kev IVIesker. Standing: Jesse ;iay, Joe Bullinger, Ron Knebel, Tom Sruskotter, Bob Bigelow, Ted Scliim- noeller, Norm Warnecke, and Chris decker. Coach John Von Sossan Coacfi Charles Murphy 53 7th 8th Cheerleaders Stats Standing left to right; Alison Meyer, Diana Berelsman, )an Recker, Joann Keiires From top to bottom: Jan Ricker, Jackie Good, Suzie Chiandler, Lisa IVIurpiiy Sitting left to right; Valerie Meyer, Lynn Von Sossan, Bonnie Schimmoeller, Nancy Brusl otter, Molly Donaldson 54 Varsity Basketball Team: first row, left to right; Tina Calvelage, Sue Gerdeman, Kim Kleman, Teresa Bruskotter and Nancy Maag. second row- left to right, Jean Kehres, Donna Krietemeyer, Teresa Spicer, Coach Don Altenburger, |oyce Menke, Marilyn Mack, and Kathy Von Sossan Girls Basketball f «w - i Stats, left to right Cindy Saum and Rita Saun Reserve Basketball Team, sitting, left to right Sue Gerdeman, Nancy Calvelage, Doris Grubenhoff, and Amy Donaldson. Kneeling left to right. Coach Don Altenburger, Cheryl Recker, Deb Menke, and Brenda Norbeck. Standing, left to right, Lois Horstman, Patty Knippen, Lisa Spicer, Laura How- bert, and Beth Stechschulte Coach Don Altenburger Coach Barb Sanders Teresa Bruskotter Nancy Maa; 57 F. J. H. S. Baseball if In lift f :f - ■ " standing: Coach Tom Sakemiller, Mike Schuerman, Rick Gasser, Scott Recker, Mark Recker, Larry Stechschulte, Randy Brenner, Kev Wildei haus, )oe Berelsman, Roy Donaldson, Manager Dan Saum. kneeling: Tom Warnecke, Scott Geise, Jeff Stechschulte, Tom Von Sossan, Tii Schuerman, Craig Norbeck, Doug Chandler, Steve Krietemeyer. Absent Steve Askins Senior Baseball Individuals .■1. ■.. ■ ' ■ ■■ ii rJiaiJ Randy Brenner Kev Wildenhaus ■i Jj.. Joe Berelsman la ' s-, • - . - n» =- " r i af? ' • ' i .p Larry Stechschulte 59 Girls Softball First Team-Sue Metzger, Theresa Spicer, lane Gasser, Donna Grothause, Kim Kleman, )ulie Vorst, )odi Stemen, Diana Dray, Tina Calvelage, Barb Nichols, Teresa Brusl otter, Deb Grot- hause, Marilyn Mack. Absent Cheryl Suever First Row; Second Team— Lisa Spicet] Jean Kehres, Beth Stechschulte, Deli Berelsman, Patty Knippen, Lori Stemen Laura Howbert, Cindy Saum, Seconi Row-Mary Vorst, Cheryl Recker, Kath ' ! Von Sossan, Jeanne Gasser, Donn Krietemeyer, Kathy Sealts, Third Row- Amy Donaldson, Marge Broecker, Su Gredeman, Nancy Calvelage, Lois Horst; man, Sally Metzger ' 60 Coach Mr. Don Cook ;olf Team: row 1 (Ictt to right) Miko SLiiufrnun, Tim SJiuerman, Kcv Wildcnhaus, Andy versole, Tom Von Sossan, and Scott Recker. row 2 — Rick Hellman, |ean Vetter, Sue ierdeman, Eugene Dickman, Jane Gerdeman, Donna Grothause and Dave Grothause. Cross Country; row 1 (left to right) Ron Inkrott, Charlie Gerdeman, Scott Geise, Kev Wildenhaus, Randy Brenner, Larry Stechschulte. row 2-Coach Mr. Wilbur Altenburger, Mitch Chandler, Mike Schuerman, Chris Kehres, Jerry Horstman, Roy Donaldson, Bill Warnecke. row 3— Assistant Coach Mr. Steve Sheline, Dave Grothause, Jeff Clay, Tim Maag, Mark Recker, Tony Inkrott, Tom Hofstetter, Jef Stechschulte. row 4-Craig Norbeck, Tom Von Sossan, Andy Hofstetter, Tom Warnecke, Mike Geise, Tim Schuerman, Scott Recker. row 5-Chris Spicer, Glen Feathers, Keith Kleman, Doug Chandler, John Hanf, Mike Horstman, 61 1977-1978 Girls Volleyball Team VARSITY sitting left to right Kim Kid man, Teresa Bruskotter, Donna Kriet meyer, Barb Nichols, and Julie Vors i Kneeling left to right Deb Grothausil Lori Stamen, Marilyn Mack, Joyc Menke, Shirley Ricker, Sue Metzger an Jane Gasser. Standing Coach Ally Barnes RESERVE sitting right to left Beth Stechschulte, Tina Calvelage, and Cheryl Recker. Second row left to right Marge Broecker, Cindy Saum ' , Marty Broecker, Charlotte Gasser and Coach Allyn Barnes. Third row Jodi Stamen, Laura Howbert, Jean Kehres, Brenda Norbeck and Mary Vorst Stats, left to right Mrs. Celeste Broecker, Barb Dickma and Lisa Hallman Girls ' Athletic Banquet Senior Awards Senior Volleyball Awards— Marilyn Mack, Teresa Bruskotter, Jane Gasser, Deb Grothause, Kim Kleman. ,% Don Altenburger, Basketball Coach; Barbara Sanders, Assistant Basketball Coach; Allyn Barnes, Volleyball Coach. Basketball Awards- Marilyn Mack, Teresa Bruskotter, Kim Kleman, Nancy Maag. holastic Award— Marilyn Mack, ;b Grothause. 1977- 78 Boys Athletic Banque Row 1: Mr. Charles Murphy— Junior High Coac ' Dr. Macl Schaffer-Guest Speal er, Mr. Dij Cook — Freshman Coach, Row 2: Mr. Stej Sheline — Assistant Coach, Mr. John V(i Sossan— Junior High Coach, Mr. Wilbur Alte ' burger-Reserve Coach, Mr. Tom Sakemilleil Varsity Coach ] - •Jt.iNiUHS •H Guest Speaker Dr. Schaffer— 1978 National Basketball Hall of Fame inductee. Randy Brenner — Senior Award Larry Stechschulte— Senior Award Charlie Gerdeman— Senior Award Scott Geise— Senior Award Ron Inkrott-Senior Award, Leading Scorer, Leading Rebounder, and Highest Field Goal Percentage. Kevin Wildenhaus— Senior Award, Scholas Award, Most Assists, Highest Foul Shooti Percentage. 64 z .V ' %ll!fe s .5 Cheerleading Advisor-Miss Karen Meyer nior Cheerleading Awards-Jane Gasser-Cap- Varsity Cheerleading Awards-Ann Schimmoeller, Kim Kleman, Sue Metzger, Jane n.Kim Kleman. Gasser, Shirley Ricker. 65 Now, it wasn ' t all that bad, was it Don ' t they make nice cheerleaders? 66 ACTIVITIES Fort Jennings Senior Class Flowers for A If. gernon Director: Daniel TussJ Student Director: Julie Kehr CAST Charlie Gorden KevWildeha Alice Kinnian Margie Sau . Dr. Strauss Deb Grothau Professor Nemur Ron Inkro Burt Lee Schimmoell Mother Diana Birkemei ' Father Ed Schimmoell Child Norma Norma Kim Schimmoell Mrs. Donner Jan Swic Mrs. Mooney Connie Kim Klemj, Frank Charlie Gerdeme Joe Teenage Charlie Joe Berelsma Gina Cheryl FischbacI Ell en Nurse Jeanne Warned. Mrs. Nemur Bernice Jane Gassi Anne Marilyn Mac Jackie Chairlady Teresa Bruskotti Mrs. Feldman Doris Karen Howbe Mr. Harvey Larry Stechschuli Little Charlie Tim Berelsma Voice from Audience Bob Broeckt LIGHTING PROPS POSTERS Rick Hellman Karen Howbert Sharon Landweh Rick Gasser Joe Berelsman Jane Broecker Jeanne Warnecke Doug Ostendorf Bob Broecker Charlie Gerdema CONSTRUCTION STAGE CREW SOUND Diana Birkemeiei Scott Geise Teresa Bruskotter Rick Hellman Randy Brenner Randy Brenner Doug Ostendorf PUBLICITY Steve Landwehr Karen Howbert Laurie Vorst, Chai person MEDIA MAKE-UP TICKETS AND PROGRAMS Jane Gasser Mrs. Regina Schimmoeller Diane Dray Cheryl Fischbach Mrs. Carol Hellman Cindy Menke Shelley Stemen Jodi Rellinger Sharma Menke Cheryl Bigelow Don Grubenhoff Senior lOE f i 1 1 i 1 1 1 HH» ■ ' Ttkl J Kl HHjJl - " i ' i. J ll e H 68 _— i 69 We would like to express our since thanks to Mr. Dan Tussey and Mr. De. McDowell for making our play a su cess. " CAMELOT " Ft. Jennings High School Musical April 21-22, 1978 Directed by: Mr. Dean McDowell Assisted by: Mr. Dan Tussey Accompanist: Mrs. Felicia Dickman Student Director: Julie Kehres CAST King Arthur Kev Wildenhaus Guenevere Deb Berelsman Lancelot Ed Schimmoeller Pellinore Andy Eversole Mordred Keith Kleman Sir Dinadan Ron Inkrott Morgan Le Fey Shirley Ricker Merlyn Scott Recker Nimue Theresa Spicer Lady Anne Cheryl Fischbach Sir Lionel Lee Schimmoeller Horrid, the dog Kim Kleman Tom of Warwick Dave Neidert Dap, of squire Andy Hofstetter Sir Sagramore Doug Chandler Lady Catherine Marti Kohls Page Dave German Heralds Jo Ann Kehres Dave Neidert CHORUS Jeanne Gasser JanSwick Amy Donaldson Jean Vetter Donna Krietemeyer Mike Geise Sue Gerdeman Andy Hofstetter JaneGerdeman Keith Kleman Donna Brinkma n Dan Krietemeyer Tina Calvelage Duane Neidert Barb Dickman Glenn Schimmoeller Lisa Hellman Chris Spicer Jean Kehres Jeff Stechschulte Kim Schimmoeller Tom Warnecke Lisa Spicer Tom Hofstetter Theresa Spicer Amy Donaldson Martha Kohls Kim Schimmoeller Jean Kehres MORGAN ' S COURT Jeanne Gasser Donna Krietemeyer Jean Vetter ORCHESTRA Sue Metzger Flute Shari Geise Flute Lori Stemen Flute and Piccolo nn Schimmoeller Clarinet Vlike Brokamp Oboe and Trumpet Cheryl Recker Trumpet Cathy Sealts French Horn ohn Eversole Trombone -heryl Inkrott Baritone Saxophone ob Knebel Percussion CHILDREN OF CAMELOT 7th GRADE 4th GRADE Dave German Dave Krietemeyer Dave Neidert Duane Hoersten Dan Grothause Doug Good Ian Recker Mark Neidert Molly Donaldson Dale Neidert )oAnn Kehres Mark Grone Beth Spicer Scott Vetter Lynn Von Sossan Jeannie Miehls Amy Kehres Amy Schroeder Laurie Landwehr Theresa Hanf 71 ' ' Preparing for Opening Night 1977-1978 Homecoming Court Senior Attendants: Deb Grothause and Lee Schimmoeller unior Attendants: Beth Gasser and Glenr Schimmoeller Queen Kim Kleman and King Kev Wildenhaus Sophomore Attendants: Kathy Sealts and Duane Neidert " " Freshman Attendants: Beth Stechschulte ji and Scott Recker I Miniature Attendants: Jennifer Geise and Brian Bcrelsman 76 iQueen Kim and King Kev as they reign on Homecoming night. Muskieb won their Homecoming Game over Kalida in double over-time. A dance was held in honor of the court, the following evening. Homecoming 1978 Queen Kim was presented with roses and crowned by the 1976-1977 Queen, Beth Donaldson. " i W?m i wtt i s J 17 ■iPfi s l3 Ij m |a Ifl Happy Muskies View Homecoming Game j ' - Girls in Action Junior-Senior Prom 1978 Precious and Few Music by: " VOYAGER Prom Was Held at the Delphos Country Club Senior Class Trip, We Went to Chicago We All Look So Innocent What Happened Over the Years? V . r . I li , You weren ' t hungry, were you Larry? Lover ' s quarreL Nursery School Km i R f K mM " B ' M il Bi i m 89 Mock Wedding Unites Jennings Couple Srides parents Larry Warnecke and Julie Kehres. Bride Sharon Landwehr, Groom Charlie Gerdeman. Grooms parents Nancy Metzger, and Denny Korte. Senior Fri s Day Junior Crasy Day Some of Our Better Moments! ! Senior Autographs ' i%uj mj D A - g iJj l o-iZ -e ' V r fijiwkiA 7p ' ' ' ffXwi i ' :f ' ' ' cUJL ' aU " OF FIKIENDS 96 ADVERTISING FORT JENNINGS STATE BANK FORT JENNINGS. OHIO 45 844 LID STATE BANKING SINCE 1918 Our Purpose Is To Serve You With A Complete Friendly Banking Service Checking Accounts Savings Accounts Travelers Checks Safe Deposit Boxes Bank-By-Mail Service Collections Full Service Bank Personal Loans Commercial Loans Auto Loans Real Estate Loans Farm Loans Bank Money OrcJers Bank Drafts CHRISTMAS SAVINGS AND STUDENT EDUCATION LOANS THE FORT JENNINGS STATE BANK Current Resources $12,000,000.00 SOLID STATE BANKING SINCE 1918 FDK !• FULL • SERVICE • BANK •[ fOf C RAABE MOTOR SALES, INC. FORD Service After Sale Expert Body Work Ford Cars Trucks Delphos, Ohio Odenweller ' s BETTY JANE SHOP Clothing " Town and Country Fashions " Delphos, Ohio Men fCff] Boys 1 g - Samsonite l y Luggage 237 N. Main Delphos, Ohio Ph. 692-0831 Stallkamp Drugs LEHMANN ' S hours 8:30 a.m. -9:30 p.m. APPLIANCKS " A SPECIALTY " Prescription Drugs A COMPLETE FACTORY TRAINED SERVICE DEPARTMENT DELPHOS, OHIO 833 tele. 692-0981 " Across from Post Office " emergency 692-2899 PHONE, 692 61 130-136 N. MAIN 99 Ralph Menke Shoe Service Featuring Red Wing Shoes Ft. lennings, Ohio Phone 286-2232 Meyer ' s I.G.A. Fort lennings — Delphos Groceries — Fresh Meats Vegetables — Fruits Fort lennings Phone 286-2175 M W Trailers Ottoville, Ohio Phone 419-453-3331 Country Corners Used Cars Doyle Von Lehmden Ft. lennings, Ohio Phone 286-2617 UNVERFERTH MOTOR SALES Chrysler — Plymouth — and Dodge Trucl s Rupp Snowmobiles Kalida, Ohio Phone 532-3323 DELPHOS FOOD LOCKERS INC. Slaughtering - Processing for Lockers or Home Freezers Phone 692-6891 528 N. Washington St. Delphos, Ohio HOLTKAMP-FORTMAN COMPANY HARDWARE AND IMPLEMENTS KALIDA, OHIO Compliments of R. J. (BILL) WILDENHAUS INSURANCE AGENCY Member: Ohio Association of Insurance Agents 1? Insurance m AGENT -ieJ-t- Member; Putnam County Association of Insurance Agents OHice 286-2527 General Insurance and Bonds Notary Public Fort Jennings, Ohio Auto - Homeowners - Liability • Travel • Crop Hail Other Weather Perils Insurance Home 286-2332 Noon Specials Chicken — Shrimp — and Fish Baskets OLD FORT INN Pizza Liquor Beer Carry Outs Bill and Lois Gasser Ft. Jennings, Ohio Phone 286-2565 Virgil Gerdeman Vice President General Manager The Greatest Name In Trucks Defiance Mack Sales Service, Inc. 1904 Baltimore St., Defiance, Ohio 43512 H. D. J. 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Jennings, Ohio Phone 286-2008 103 SINCE 1 B93 114 East Third St. Delphos Insured Savings Accounts Savings Certificates Home and Farm Loans Mobile Home Financing CITIZENS FEDERAL SAVINGS LOAN You ' re Always WELCOME at The Delphos Bowling Center See Us For Complete Bowling Supplies Balls — Bags — Shoes — Shirts, etc. Delphos Bowling Center 939 E. Fifth St. Ph. 692-6841 Compliments of Clawson ' s Electric G.E. Appliance Service Station Phone 692-6901 302 N. Main St. Delphos, Ohio DELPHOS QUARRIES CO. Crushed Stone Agricultural Lime Ready-Mixed Concrete Quarry Office 692-0931 Ready-Mix Office 695-1981 READY- MIXED CONCRETF THE PEOPLES NATIONAL BANK Corner Main Second Sts. P.O. Box 387 Delphos, Ohio 45833 Telephone (419) 692-8015 ' The Friendly Bank in America ' s Friendliest City " Peoples National Bank THE EQUITY ELEVATOR CO. Delphos, Ohic feed fertilizer seed custom application phone office 692-0811 fertilizer plant 695-1956 RAMPE CONSTRUCTION builder of quality homes NICHOLS MEAT SLAUGHTERHOUSE Slaughtering — Processing Ottoville, Ohio Phone 453-3785 Beer, Wine, Carryout 105 Compliments of Established . J P L ' - ' -L ' ' V, Q. Ottawa, j 1888 iBLilte 1 ' ' 11 y, Ohio 45875 1 Neidert Camper Sales Amerigo Sales and Service Ft. )ennings, Ohio Phone 286-2846 Pitsenbarger Supply Co. Delphos, Ohio Salutes Class of 1978 Geo. N. Rieger Son plumbing — heating — lightening rods Ottoville, Ohio Phone 453-3443 Compliments of Bockey Motor Sales, Incorporated Delphos, Ohio 45833 Phone 692-0821 Comme ' iciai la Keccidi BOX 85 FT JENNINGS. OHIO gooKKEEPINO SEHVIC Good Luck Class of 78 May your flowers always bloom The Flower Fort Bridal Fortress 280 N. Water St. Phone Ft. Jennings, OH 286-2842 Everything for your wedding in one complete shop! Thomas F. 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Builders Custom Homes on Your Lot or Ours phone 238- 6065 Fort Jennings, Ohio Phone 286-2346 116 N. Washington Van Wert, Ohio Doyle Bruskotter Ashland Oil Products Valvoline Motor Oil Lubrication Phone 286-2101 Ft. Jennings Fort Jennings Oil Station Texaco Products Don Stanz Phone 286-2632 Fort Jennmgs, Ohio Complete Hard Line of Building Materials Stone Sand — Excavating — Lime Spreading KAHLE LANGHALS READY IVIIX, INC. junction St, Rts. 224 115 Kalida, Ohio 45855 Phone (419) 532-3585 Kalida I. G. A. Groceries, Fresh Meats, Vegetables and Fruit Phone: 532-3234 Ottovllle Lumber Co., Inc. Compliments of Laudlck ' s Jewelry 130 E. Main Van Wert, Ohio Ph. 238-2266 109 from all of your friends at K«ntHdci| Tried C lektn Americans Country Good Meat IN DELPHOS Corner of 5th Jefferson Pfi. 692-8882 IN VAN WERT Summit Shopping Center Ph. 238-091 1 Kreitemeyer Bros. 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FEED ■ SEED ■ COAL FARM SUPPLIES Bulk Fertilizer BULK FEED DELIVERY Bulk Spreaders Liquid Nitrogen Ph. 286-2444 Ph. 286-2839 Ruthmor Ph. 286-2613 TOM BRANDEHOFF JEWELER Seiko Watches Diamonds mw 4 W Antique and Grandfather Clocks 155 West Third St. Delphos, Ohio 695-1992 Ottoville Hardware Furniture Company White Sewing Machines Armstrong Linoleum G. E. Whirlpool Appliances Phone 453-3338 Vorst Plumbing Heating, Inc. Electromode Williamson Heating Air Conditioning Box 98 Ph. 532-3304 Kalida, Ohio 45853 HAWKEY ' S PHARMACY INC. 224 East Main St. 104 N. High St. Ottawa Columbus Grove Phone: 523-4540 ' 523-3633 Service is our most important product Orville Neidert Standard Oil Dist. k R.R. NO. 1 ■111 Ft. Jennings, (standard) Ohio Phone; 642-4441 JOSTEN ' S Owatonna, Minnesota Creators of Fine Class Rings, Diplomas, Announcements, Awards, and Yearbooks CITY PAINT AND SUPPLY Paints Is Our Business Minnesota Pittsburgh Paints 209— So. Main St. Delphos, Ohio 45833 Seed Grain Master Mix Feeds City Feed Store East 2nd Street Delphos, Ohio Phone 692-7146 METZGER POPCORN COMPANY ENJOY MELLO-KRISP POPCORN l.P. VETTER BUIIDERS SUPPIY and Transit Mix Concrete Phone 286-2004 Fort Jennings, Ohio GASSER CONTRACTING Backhoe Works — Dozing — Septic Tanks Stone Hauling — Ground Hauling Trenching — Concrete Work — Pan Work Ft. Jennings Ph. 286-2904 115 When you come Into money come Into ifS GLANDORF«OTTAWA»COLUMBUS GROVE •COMPLETE BRIDAL WEAR -INVITATIONS •FORMAL GOWNS ' READY TO WEAR •TUXEDO RENTAL Von Sossan Contracting Poured Basements Floors Driveways Exc avating FORT JENNINGS Phone 286-2883 KENNEDY ' S BODY SHOP Route 2 Ft. Jennings, Ohio complete auto body repair and make, any model insurance work invited 24 hour wrecker service for free estimates call: 286-2012 State Route No. 190 Ft. Jennings, Ohio HOFELLER, HIATT CLARK Pierre Cardin Society Brand 237 North Main men ' s wear specialist since 1898 Lima Mall Austin Reed, Ltd. Nammerton Park Downtown Lima POWELL STUDIOS 4348 Monroe Street Toledo, Ohio Phone 419-475-9351 CHARLIE ' S SOHIO 5th and Main St. Complete Line of Atlas Products Mechanical Work done on all cars. Pangles Master Market Pangles King Size Savings Home of the Royal Welcome Do Your Fashion Shopping at uptown f f Lima 210 N. Main St. Lima, Ohio 45801 Phone 224-7010 117 COMPLIMENTS OF Central Mutual Insurance Company Central United Life Insurance Company All America Insurance Company Cen-Am Finance Company CAFCO HOME OFFICE-VAN WERT, OHIO Serving this area for over 100 years. Come and see us about career opportunities. MUSKIE BOOSTERS Scott Shelly Miller John Margie Miller Gene Krietemeyer Class of 82 Robert Marilyn Heitmeyer Mr. Mrs. Joseph Mesker Mr. Mrs. Kenneth Schroeder Mr. Mrs. Dan Recker Mr. Mrs. Tom Sakemiller Norbert Hofstetter Mr. Mrs. Richard Brokamp Mr. Mrs. Richard German Vincent Kehres Mr. Mrs. Omer Ricker Steve Metzger 13 cents for What? Norman Eversole Mr. Mrs. Daniel Stemen Mr. Mrs. Raphael Fischbach Mr. Mrs. B. E. Sergeant Colonel, Bunkie, and Jerrie Sue Class of 79 Celeste Broecker Mr. Mrs. Vincent Kohls Thomas Grubenhoff Family Class of 78 BUSINESS BOOSTERS Bert and Bernies Black Angus Stewarts Dept. Store Big Daddy ' s Carry Out Wise ' s Joe Stechschulte Bob ' s TV Hardware Millers Market American Legion Post 75 Frontier Flowers Don Recker ' s Barber Ruth ' s Beauty Shop Larry ' s Styling Barber Shop The Village Peddler Kalida Columbus Grove Kalida Ottawa Cloverdale Cloverdale Ft. Jennings Delphos Ft. Jennings Ft. Jennings Ft. Jennings Kalida 119 Autographs r%. y y : ' i - l%% ' -■: ' " M . M It

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