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FORTRESS 1985 FORT HUNT HIGH SCHOOL 8428 Fort Hunt Road Alexandria, Virginia 22308 A Fairfax County School Volume 22 Opening 1 ’84-’85 Year Filled With Memories As the school year began, we looked back on the past summer and all of the m e in o r a b 1 e o c e a s i o n s associated with it; we also anticipated a school year with even more great memories. These expecta¬ tions were easily met. Whether it was par¬ ticipating in the traditional Homecoming events or cheering on the Feds at an athletic event, the grounds of Fort Hunt were con¬ stantly filled with good times. As the drummers begin their famous “drumbeat,” Linda Fernandez and Denise Murray begin their infamous “drum-beat dance.” Surprised by a Fortress photographer, Christine Timmons cheerfully smiles. Having a busy day, Beth Lancaster quickly attempts to finish her homework CONTENTS Classes to Clubs 72 Sports too Features 138 Academics 174 Sponsors and Index 194 Opening ’ ji- ' - p a Showing their spirit, Angela Beal and Donna Bailey dress up for Music Day. After sustaining an injury, Ernie Lyles returns to the bench. Relaxing before a pep rally, the JV cheerleaders say “hi” to David Condon. Preparing for their halftime show the Drill Team waits for the music. Opening 3 High School Is a Process Of Learning Lifestyles of Fort Hunt students allow for a student to act as an individual or as part of a group, depending upon the situation. Individually students must prepare for the future and high school helps us do this. We take on more responsibilities and discover our strengths and weaknesses. We also learn how to deal with groups of people. This is done through active participation in club and school activities. With the spotlight on him, David Burgett leads the band in the halftime festivities. Concentrating, Larry Duggan prepares to display his brute strength. 4 Opening Noticing a photographer in the room, Jeff Oehrlein diverts his attention away from the teacher. Before the parade, Paul Howard and Jay Dell bring part of the Senior float to the assembling area. With bright smiles, these drill team members perform their routine in front of the Friday football audience. Opening Students Try To Maintain Traditions Tradition has always played a major role in high school life. At Fort Hunt we have a tradition of high academic standards as well as high athletic achieve¬ ment. Each student did his or her part in keeping those traditions alive throughout this year. This support was never more evident than when we had to fight to keep our school open. The proposal to close Ft. Hunt would af¬ fect us all. The school was united in its effort to re¬ main open and maintain our excellent traditions. With a sly look on his face, Ray Canuel thinks devious thoughts. [Not appreciating Chris Cox’s humor, Mrs. Anderson contemplates using the hall pass as a weapon. 6 Opening Awaiting their turn, Kelly Poche, Chrissy Oehrlein, and Keri D ' Angelo en¬ joy a picture of the football team. Heady for the beaeh, John Holland does not realize that summer is over. Blocking out his classmates, Vance Lessard hurries to finish his typing. Opening 7 Are three pencils enough Todd Misura? Hoping not to have to use her medical expertise, trainer Karen Nidever sits on the sidelines. 8 Opening Reflections: Recalling the Way We Were School spirit and pride play a major role in high school life. This spirit is spread throughout the school and affects each one of us. We cheered on our own class at pep rallies and also supported the teams representing our school. This school pride was one of the traditions upheld this year and provided for many un¬ forgettable experiences. These traditions will con¬ tinue from year to year, as will the special memories as we remember the way we were. INPUT “Rodney Patterson” OUTPUT “Computer Whiz " During lunch, Vicki Moore savors her free time. Opening . 10 Division lthough separated by class, collectively we the stu¬ dent body of 1200 make up Fort Hunt High School. From club activities to post-game dances we keep the school functioning. The following pages show the many faces of Fort Hunt and the class spirit and unity associated with them. While cheering on our own class we also supported the school as a whole. In the future, this section will be looked at the most, as we remember the faces of friends and the fond memories associated with them. CLASSES Classes 1 1 At the Freshman cheerleading try¬ outs, Leslie Murray patiently awaits her turn to perform. Performing the silent cheer, Todd Misura psyches up the pep-rally crowd. Looking very studious, John Holland actually is hoping for a good grade on his last test. 12 Classes School Year Activities Show Many Diversities The experience of each class is very diverse. Seniors reflect on their past years here and look forward to graduation and heading off to college to prepare for the future. The Junior class tries to sur¬ vive the toughest year of high school and prepare for their final year. Sophomores are just happy not to be Freshmen any longer and feel more accepted at school events. The newest arrivals at Fort Hunt — well, we all know what is said of Freshmen. “The best thing about Freshmen is that they become Sophomores. " On her way to class, Stacey Sheperd contemplates the meaning of life. Running through his computer pro¬ gram, Lance Davis searches for his error. Classes 13 Seniors A m y Elise Acklin Angela Anita Addington Jeffrey Warren Aderholt Lorraine Annette Akers Edu ' ard Brian Alexander Brian Wallace Anderson Daniel Edward Anderson 14 Classes Natalie Martin Bayol Pamela Faith Beach Mary Anne Beeby Francisco P. Bernasconi Michael Paul Betancourt MR Open! hunt Open! I. HUNT Open! Class of ’85 Supports the FH Coalition With the proposal to turn the Fort into an intermediate school, the Seniors disproved all rumors that they didn ' t care. It was the seniors who began cheering “Save our School’’ at the pep rallies and games, par¬ ticipated widely at the polling places, and spoke in favor of our school at local public hearings. Although the Class of 85 would certainly graduate from Fort Hunt, the future of their school was a big concern. Seniors Kale Murray, Trieia Vealch, David McLary and Jeanette Paulino show support for the Fort on Election Day. Windy Kay Blatcher Michael Bluestone Seniors 15 Lounge Offers Relaxation The one thing that all Seniors look forward to, the inner sanc- tum of Fort Hunt High, is the Senior Lounge. This is the place where Seniors can revert back to their childhood. Consisting of a couch, two chairs and many good times, the lounge is always filled with the latest gossip and weekend hap¬ penings. It is the place that sets the Seniors apart from the rest of the school. Celebrating their lBth birthday. Senior twins Lisa and Linda Fernandez are overwhelmed with presents from friends. Stephanie Letitia Caffery Robert D. Calligaro Jerome J. Byers David Paul Burgett W illiam Warren Burnham Raymond Joseph Canuel Lesley Catherine Caudery Andrew Cerutti Susan Eduina Chamberlain Richard Anthony Campagna 16 Classes Cynthia Lynn Chance Laura La Plahte Chase Yong Chun Chong Nelson Sesan Chow Frederick Monroe Cooksey Dean Howell Cooney Carolyn Coughlin Kevin Kelly Connell Alison Marie Clarke Regina Coleman David Leonard Condon Patrick Crawn Seniors 17 i ( Class President David Hirschkop seeks to relieve the pressure of college applica¬ nt tions while catching rays on Beach.” ‘Senior Michael Bernard Cunningham Scott Franklin Cunningham David Lansing Davis Joseph Sorrell Davis Jevita Ruchira De Freitas Lisa Lea Deemer Robert Paul Deighton Jack Fining Dell Martha Jane Dickens Felicia Elizabeth Diggs Dennis Patrick Duffy Mary Clare Doherty Heidi Lyn Dooley Sean Joseph Dooley Lynn M. Dreylinger 18 Classes Leanne Ktuahelani Duggan Charles Andrew Dunbar Kristine Jane Dunne Ellen Priscilla Dux Career Center Offers Escape College, college, college! That is all we eat, sleep, and breathe! All of a sudden, when you think you are gaining extra rights and responsibilities, everyone within contact of you offers advice. Where to go? What to study? are questions we ask. Thanks to the college career center, we have an escape. There, we learn to understand the numbers and letters suffocating our mind — ACT’s, SAT’s, ACH’s and class ranks. With the guidance of Mrs. Brent, Stephanie Hammond receives help in choosing a college. Christopher L. Evans Emily Catherine Evans Brandon G. Eggleston Suzanne Elizabeth Ellett Timothy Patrick Dwyer Evelyn Elizabeth Ewing Seniors 19 Kari Lea Fitzsimmons Fate Maria Farrar Erin C. Flanagan John C. Ferlmann Linda Maria Fernandez Lisa Maria Fernandez Todd Joseph Flannery Dona Eileen Fradenburg Mary Anne Francone Jaret Dean Fredrickson New Seniors Find the Fort A Nice Place Fort Hunt has always had a substantial number of students coming and going, but as Seniors the experience is harder to take. Most new students were as attached to their old school as we are to Fort Hunt. New Seniors like Cindy Jensen, Kari Fitzsimmons, Vale Farrar, and Ted Little all like the Fort, but they don’t deny the hardships. They tend to agree with Vale in that “It’s lucky that the Fort Hunt Federals are so friendly.” Enjoying a much needed break from class, new Senior Kari Fitzsimmons is thrilled with her first fire drill at the Fort. 20 Classes Linda Marie Froid James Kent Gaines Tyrone Larmont Gallman Earl Gardell Garrett Mark Steven Gaunya Christopher James German Theodore Charles Godbout Sandra Paige Getter Jennifer Goeser Seniors 21 Danielle Marie Griffin Beth Ann Griffith Diane Michelle Grimm Douglas Randolph Grimm John David Greiner Peter Michael Haas Jennifer Ann Hablas Ursula Sue Hagerman Keith Chanslor Hammond mmoni New Faces in Senior Court The Class of ’85 has always done things differently, and this year Homecoming was no excep¬ tion. Only one member of the Senior Court, Barry Meuse, had been previously chosen to repre¬ sent the class. It was a close race, but the final outcome was: Barry Meuse, king; Jennifer Kiese, queen; while Doug Perry, Todd Misura, Terri Snell, and Jeanette Paulino made up the rest of the court. “The Senior year made it even more exciting,” said crowned queen Jennifer Kiese. Todd Misura summed it up the best — “I had a REAL good time! " Our king Barry “Beautiful” Meuse, stands tall in the hopes of impressing any Freshman girl. 2 2 Classes Kenneth Gregory Hasle Nancy Ellen Hell Beth Anne Heisner Eric Victor Henderson Joel Thomas Hicks Jon David Hirschkop Kevin C. Horn Kathleen Michelle Horde Paul Dekle Howard Adrienne Dannette Howze Robert Edmund Hucks Seniors 23 Christopher L. Kennedy Brian Edward Jones Matthew Leonard Kane Alison Keeping Robert P. Kelly 24 Classes Seniors Lead The Way in Class Spirit What is spirit? Madora W ilson said that the spirit of the senior class was, “spastic and rowdy.” Spirit is defined and described differently by each student because spirit is as in¬ dividual as each person. Class spirit grows with each year, so that by the time the Seniors rule the class has a unique spirit that no other can copy. The Class of ' 85’s spirit was expressed in many different ways. Parties, pep rallies, and games were times when Seniors expressed their spirit most loudly. Reaching out to touch someone, Adrienne Howze is caught by surprise. Dressing up as her favorite musician, Margaret Lisi proudly displays her senior spirit. On green and gold day, Todd Misura at¬ tracts the attention of Michelle Poast and Kristina Kohler. Seniors 25 Leland John Lambert Eric Hardinge Langsam Amy Jo Lawrence Chris Michael Leach Erika Lauren Krause Jacob Jaewon Lee Donna Elizabeth Leeman Steven Vaughn Lehrke Steven Michael Lehner stimulating, Danielle Griffin and Cl Kennedy listen j attentively honing William Francis Mackey 26 Classes efferson Edgar Machlin Lisa Elaine Malvaso Richard Ray Marshall W illie A. McCollum Patricia Anne McCarton Timothy John McGuire Tiawanna Noel McKay David Matthew McLary Carolyn Elolly Means lebecca Mary McGinnis Senior Slump Strikes All Usually after first semester a mysterious disease strikes the Seniors at Fort Hunt. The early symptoms included walking into school around 8:13 and an overall lazy attitude. The disease advanced as students began losing their memory, like leaving books in lockers, and falling asleep in school. Homework became a thing of the past. The clothing became old sweats and tennis shoes. Commonly knows as the SENIOR SLUMP, it may have struck some as early as the first quarter. Experimenting with new ways of studying, David Burgett tries the osmosis method. Seniors 27 Robert John Mehler Steven Robert Meier Megan Maureen Melcher Barry Michael Meuse Teresa Miles New Officers Offer Ideas The elected officials of the Senior Class consisted of David Hirschkop, David Condon, Doug Perry, Michelle Poast, and Mimi Murphy. Only one of¬ ficer, Mimi Murphy, had previously been elected. The new officers brought in fresh ideas, such as luaus and Hirschey-Grams to keep the students informed. They worked with the coalition to keep Fort Hunt open, and worked hard to insure a successful homecoming. Taking a break from their busy routines. Senior officers David Hirschkop, Mimi Murphy, Doug Perry, and David Condon (not pictured: M ichelle Poast) show off their leader¬ ship qualities. Bruce Ashton Miller Raphael Louis Mirabal Todd Alan Misura Mary Ellen Monahan Ashley Ann Miller 28 Classes Frances Van Moore Denise Murray Pamela Colette Neal Mark Isao Nekoba Jennis Elizabeth Moss Mark Steven Mueller Kristan Michael Mullins Mimi Murphy Sherri Elizabeth Norman Heather Andrea Norton Jeannette Louise O’Brien Christopher M. O ' Neil Seniors 29 Lori Lynn O ' Hara Linda Jean Olstad Christopher Michael Passas Steven IVeel Patrick Richard Kent Patterson Mary Jeanette Paulino Karen Elizabeth Parsons Lucie Anne Pelletier John Allison Paine Michelle Parisi 30 Classes Seniors Win HC 1st Place “We won, we won,” ex¬ claimed Seniors Todd Misura and Doug Perry on the night of the game. It was the “icing on the cake” for the Homecoming festivities. The giant wooden plane with sheets for siding and the ban¬ ner off the back stating “Fort Hunt is flying high” was tru¬ ly a masterpiece. The theme for all the floats was “Surf’s Up. " We built the float at Jennifer Kiess’ house this year. Seniors had a late start (but that is expected) and we came through under pressure once again! Planning the Homecoming week, SG officer Nikki Westall voices her opinion. Douglas Gordon Perry Theodora Carroll Pierce James Scott Pfautz Heidi Agnes Pfeiffer Dennis Michael Phillips Michelle Elaine Poast Dirk C. Pohlmann John Christopher Powers Edward Lee Poythress Steven Eric Phillips Seniors 31 Isaac Jonathan Prastein Karen Elizabeth Pye John Patrick Rasanen Eric Andrew Rasmussen William Wilson Rear Seniors Take Casual Break By the time senior year rolled around, lunch had evolved into something more sophisticated and fitting of the Class of 85 the midday break. Few seniors were seen standing in lines; either they were too good for it or their “senior privileges” allowed them to bypass the long lines. The juniors crowded into the Junior-Senior Cafeteria as if to prove they belonged, but the seniors remained casual as if it were no big deal. Other seniors used the time to catch up on ma¬ jor or minor assignments or the latest gossip. Showing his distaste for the school lunch, Jaret Fredrickson wipes his hands of the issue. 32 Classes r ayman Delano Robertson Shawn Zak Robinson Thomas Woodrow Robinson Katherine Rose Rodriguez Caroline Elizabeth Roemer Sheila Marie Rooney Aaron M. Royer Everett Yarnell Ruffner Robert Louis Sala Pamela Karen Salsbery Patricia Ann Sheehan Terri Lynn Sherman Roseanne Mary Senires Michael Joseph Sharon David Milton Schwentker Tracey Denise Sherman Karen Marie Sikon Kerry Evan Sipult Angela Sirbert Stefanie Darryl Sirota Seniors 33 1 Donald K. Smith Ryan A. Smith Christos IPilliam Snear Theresa Gay Snell Peter Dalton Sparks Patrick Sean Sullivan Shawn Berkley Sweeny Steven Richard Swenson Catherine Swift Deborah Anne Sweeney 34 Classes Kimberly Sue Swisher Todd Edward Takken Susan Beryl Taylor Patrick Bardon Thompson Alfred Addison Thresher Patricia Ann Veatch Jacqueline Townsend Stephen Mark Trafton Ade Walker Seniors 35 Marianne Kalhleen Walker Janis Kristin Wallace Melanie Jo W ebster Susan E. Weiss Laura Corrine Wells Altho ugh most Seniors are ex¬ cited about their last year in high school, many admit that leaving friends and the security of home will be hard to do. Kathy Hovde was full of dif¬ ferent feelings: “It is exciting, scary, and it’s hard to believe that this is IT! You can get away with a lot because you are a Senior and the administrators love you.” Whether going off to college or pursuing a career out of high school, we all have to grow up sometime. What are David Con¬ don’s feelings about leaving home? “I’ll miss my mom.” Nicole Kay Westall Michael Arnold Westphall Donna L. White Jennifer Ann White Robert Leon W hitehouse Shaumita Dorothy W ilkins Sandra M. Wilkniss ! 36 Classes Madora W ilson Kim Elizabeth W ' ilz Katherine Elizabeth W ' ingett Bernadette Wan Wo John Charles Wood Sharon Aileen W ' ultich Brian Yarns Mark William York John Arthur Youmans Seniors 37 ACKLIN, AMY: JV Baseball Mgr. 10, 11; French Club 9, 10; Fortress 12; Drama Club 9 (House Mgr.) 10 (Ho use Mgr.) 1 1 (House Mgr.) 1 2; HERO 11; Biology Club 1 0. ADERHOLT, JEFF: Frosh Football 9; JV Football 10, 11; indoor Track 11, 12; Spring Track 10, 11, 12; Tri-Hy-Y 12; Spanish Club 10; Student An¬ nouncer 1 2. ALEXANDER, EDWARD: Latin Club 12; French Club 9, 10; German Club 12; Bicycle Club 9; Art Club 12; Astronomy Club 12; FBLA 12; JETS 11, 12; Rugby 10; Automotive Club 9. ALLEN, KATHY: Indoor Track 9, 10; Spring Track 9, 10; Frontline 1 1; BCA 1 1. ALNWICK, MELANIE: JV Soc¬ cer 11; Vars. Soccer 12; Cross Country 9; Tri-Hy-Y 10; For¬ tress 12 — Features Ed.; Frontline 11; French Club 10, 11, 12; Drama Club 1 0. ANDERBERG, KEN: Swimming 10, 11, 12; Spring Track 12; Spanish Club 11, 12; Spanish Honor Soc. 11, 12 Tres.; Nat. Honor Soc. 10, 11, 12; AFS 9, 10; OASO 11, 12. ANDERSON, BRIAN: Frosh Basketball 9; Vars. Soccer 11, 1 2; Cross Country 9, 10, 11; In¬ door Track 9, 10, 11; Spring Track 9, 10, 11; Latin Club 10, 11, 12; French Club 10, 11. ANDERSON, DANIEL: JV Football 11; Vars. Football 12; Hi-Y 10, 1 1, 12. ARMSTRONG, MELINDA: JV Soccer 9, 10; Vars. Soccer 11, 12; JV Field Hockey 10; Swim¬ ming 9, 10, 11, 12 Capt.; Cheerleading — Frosh 9; Cheerleading JV 11; Cheerleading — Vars. 12; Latin Club 11,12; French Club 9, 10. BAKHSH, FARYAL: Civitans 9, 1 0; French Honor Soc. 1 0. BALDWIN, MEGHAN: Tennis 9, 10; Indoor Track 9, Spring Track 9 Mgr.; Tri-Hy-Y 10, 11, 12; French Club 9, 10; Nat. Honor Soc. 11, 12; Drill Team 10, 11, 12 Tres.; Orchestra 9, 10, 11 Librarian; Chamber Choir 12 Tres. BAYOL, NATALIE: Swimming 11; Cross Country 9, 10; Indoor Track 9, 10; Spring Track 9; Civitans 9, 10, 11; French Club 9, 10, 12; Drama Club 12; Biology Club 9, 11; SADD 9. BEACH, PAM: JV Soccer 10, 11; Spanish Club 9, 10, 11; Photography 11, 12; FBLA 12; OAS 11. BEEBY, MARY ANNE: Cheerleading - Frosh 9 Tri Capt.; Cheerleading JV 10 - Co-Capt.; Cheerleading - Vars. 11, 12; Student Gov’t. 12 1 st V. Pres.; Class Officers 10 1st V. Pres.; Latin Club 10, 11, 12; Latin Honor Soc. 10, 11 , 12 . BERNASCONI, FRANCISCO: Fortress 12; Bicycle Club 9; Photography 12; OAS 10. BETANCOURT, PAUL: JV Football 10, 11; Vars. Football 12; SAC 11,12; JETS 12. BLUESTONE, MIKE: Latin Club 10, 11; Bicycle Club 11; Drama Club 11, 12; Art Club 11, 12; Orchestra 9, 10, 11, 12 . BOGE, BILL: Hi-Y 11, 12; Spanish Honor Soc. 11, 12; Nat. Honor Soc. 11, 12; It’s Academic 11, 12. BOWERS, KRISTIN: Safety Club Council 9, 10; Chamber Choir 9; Concert Choir 10, 11, 12; Madrigals 12; Music Honor Soc. 12. BRYANT, MARK: JV Wrestling 10, 11; Vars. Wrestling 12; Key Club 12; Latin Club 10, 11, 12. BUCHAL, MIKE: National Honor Soc. 12; Rifle Club 9; Bicycle Club 9; Motorcycle Club 12 . BURGETT, DAVID: Spanish Honor Soc. 10, 11, 12; Music Honor Soc. 12; Marching Band 9, 10, 11, 12; Symphonic Band 9, 10, 11, 12. BURNHAM, BILL: JV Football 11; Vars. Football 12; JV Wrestling 9; Hi-Y 10, 11, 12 Pres.; Biology Club 10, 12; Chess Club 9, 10, 11, 12. BYERS, JEROME: JV Football 11; FBLA 12; DEC A 12. CAFFERY, STEPHANIE: Class Officers 10 Sec.; Tri-Hi-Y 10, 11, 12; Latin Club 10, 11, 12; French Club 9; Latin Honor Soc. 11, 12; Nat. Honor Soc. 11, 12; Drill Team 10, 11, 12; Biology Club 9, 12; OAS 12 Pres. Club 9, 12; OAS 10, 11, 12 Pres. CALLIGARO, ROB: Astronomy Club 12; Marching Band 9, 10; Concert Band 9; Symphonic Band 10; Orchestra 9, 10; JETS 12 Pres. CAMPAGNA, RICHARD: For¬ tress 12 Sports Ed.; Spanish Club 9, 10; Biology Club 10, 12 , CANUEL, RAY: Frosh Football 9; Vars. Football 10, 11, 12; Hi-Y 11, 12; Latin Club 11, 12. CAUDERY, LESLEY: Vars. Soc¬ cer 9, 10, 11, 12; Spanish Club 10, 11, 12; Spanish Honor Soc. 11, 12; Safety Club Council 1 1, 12; FBLA 10, 11, 12. CERUTTI, ANDREW : JETS 11, 12 , CHAMBERLAIN, SUSAN: Latin Club 10, 11 -Sec. 12; Latin Honor Soc. 10, 11, 12; National Honor Soc. 10, 11; Drill Team 12; Marching Band 9, 10; Concert Band 9, 10; SADD 12 Sec.; Biology Club 12 . CHANCE, CYNTHI A : Cheerleading JV 9; Class Of¬ ficers 9 Sec.; Drill Team 10; Drama Club 9. CHASE, LAURA: Civitans 12; SADD 12. CHONG, YONG: National Honor Soc. 11, 12. CHOW, NELSON: Hi-Y 12; Latin Club 10, 11 Tres., 12; Latin Honor Soc. 11, 12 Pres.; National Honor Soc. 1 1, 12 1st VP; Astronomy Club 11, 12; Biology Club 9, 11; JETS 11, 12 - Tres. CLARKE, ALISON: Tennis 9, 10, 11; Latin Club 11; Spanish Club 9, 10, 11; Drill Team 11, 12 . CONDON, DAVID: Frosh Foot ball 9; JV Football 10; Vars. Football 11, 12; Vars. Wrestling 11; Class Officers 12 — 1st VP Hi-Y 10, 11, 12. CONNELL, KEVIN: Hi-Y 10, 11, 12; Latin Club 9, 10, 11; German Club 12; Turret 12 Art Layout Ed.; Astronomy Club 11,12. COONEY, DEAN: Frosh Foot¬ ball 9; JV Football 10; Vars. Football 11, 1 2; JV Wrestling 9, 10, 11; Vars. Wrestling 1 2; Spr¬ ing Track 9, 10, 12; Key Club 12 , CRAWN, PAT: Frosh Football 9; Indoor Track 9, 10, 11, 12; Key Club 11, 12; DEC A 11. CUNNINGHAM, MIKE: Frosh Football 9; Vars. Soccer 9; JV Wrestling 10, 11, 12; Key Club 10, 11 1st VP; 12 Pres.; Spanish Club 9, 10; Biology Club 9, 11. COUGHLIN, CAROLYN: J.V. Field Hockey 9; Varsity Field Hockey 10, 11, 12; FBLA 10, 11; FHA 11 Pres.; HERO 12; SADD 12 - Treasurer; Nat. Business Hon. Society 11; J.V. Soccer 9. D ' ANGELO, BECKY: Cheerleading Frosh 9; Cheerleading JV 10, 11; Keyettes 11, 1 2; Latin Club 10, 11, 12; Drama Club 10, 11; Art Club 12. DAVIS, LANCE: Frosh Football 9; Vars. Football 12; Swimming 9, 10, 11, 12; Treasurer 12; Hi-Y 10, 11, 12; Latin Club 10, 11; Spanish Club 9, 10; Jets 11, 1 2; Biology Club 1 2, President. DAVIS, JOE: Frosh Football 9; Vars. Football 10, 11, 12. DE’FREITAS, JEVITA: Keyet¬ tes 12; French Club 9, 10, 12; Art Club 9, 10, 12; Safety Club Council 11, Historian 12, Vice Pres.; Jets 11,12. DEIGHTON, ROBERT: Indoor Track 9; Latin Club 10, 11, 12; Art Club 9, 10; Photography 11 . DICKENS, MARTHA: Indoor Track 10, 11; Spring Track 10; Tri-Hi-Y 12; Frontline 12; Latin Club 10; French Honor Soc. 1 1; Nat. Hon. Soc. 11, 12; Art Club 1 2; Astronomy 1 1; Biology Club 10 , 12 . DIGGS, FELICIA: JV Basketball 9; Deca 11, 12. DOHERTY, MARY: Swi mming i 10, 11, 12; Cheerleading — Frosh 9; Cheerleading - JV 10, 11; Cheerleading Vars. 12; SAC 1 0; Student Council Rep. 9, 10, 11; Keyettes 11, 12, Secretary; Spanish Club 11, 12; Turret 11, 12; Biology Club 9, 1 2, Vice Pres. DOOLEY, SEAN: JV Soccer 9; Vars. Wrestling 9, 10, 11, 12; JV Baseball 10; Vars. Baseball 12; Diving 9; Vars. Golf 12; SAC 11; Hi-Y 10, 11, 12; Latin Club 10, 1 1. DREYLINGER, LYNN: Gym¬ nastics 9, 10, 11, 12; Latin Club 11, 12; French Club 9, 10; Nat. Hon. Soc. 12; Biology Club 10, 12 , DUFFY, DENNIS: JV Basketball 9, 10; Vars. Basketball 11, 12; SAC 12; German Club 10, 11, 1 2; Nat. Hon. Soc. 11, 12; Ger¬ man Hon. Soc. 12, President. DUGGAN, LEANNE: Cross Country 9; Indoor Track 9, 10, 1 1, 12; Spring Track 9, 10, 1 1, 12; Latin Club 12; Concert Choir 9. DUNBAR, CHUCK: Frosh Basketball 9; JV Basketball 10; JV Baseball 9, 10; Vars. Baseball 11, 12; Latin Club 10, 11; Biology Club 10, 12. DUNNE, KRISTINE: Tri-Hi-Y 10, 11, 12; Spanish Club 10, 11, Sec. 12, Pres.; Drill Team 11, 12; FBLA 10; OAS 10, 11, 12 . DUX, ELLEN: JV Basketball 9; JV Softball 9, 10; SAC 12; Treasurer 9, 10; Spanish Club 10, 11, 12; Span.Hon. Soc. 11, 12, President; Marching Band 9, 10, 11; Concert Band 9; Sym¬ phonic Band 10, 11, 12. DWYER, TIM: JV Football 11; i Hi-Y 11, 12; Latin Club 9, 10. EGGLESTON, BRANDON: Frosh Football; JV Football 10; Vars. Football 11, 12; JV Baseball 9, 10; Vars. Baseball 12; Indoor Track 9, 10, 11; Spr¬ ing Track 11; Latin Club 10, 11; Chamber Choir 9, 10. ELLETT, SUZANNE: Vars. Soc- cer 11; Cross Country 10; In¬ door Track 9, 10; Spring Track 9, 10; German Club 11; German Honor Society 10 Sec., 11 Sec.; Biology Club 12. EWING, LIZ: Latin Club 12; German Club 9, 10, 11; Mar¬ ching Band 9; Concert Band 9; HERO 11, 12. FARRAR, VALE: JV Basketball 1 0; JV Soccer 9; Tennis 10, 11; Swimming 10; 1st V. Pres. 11; Treas. 10; Tri-Hi-Y 10; Fortress 10, 11; Spanish Club 9, 10, 11; Span. Hon. Soc. 9, 10, 11; Nat. Hon. Soc. 11, 12; Art Club 10, 11; FBLA 12. FERLMANN, JOHN: Frosh Football 9; Vars. Basketball 10; JV Football 10; Vars. Soccer 9. 10; JV Wrestling 11, 12; Latin Club 9, 10, 11, 12; French Club 9, 10, 11, 12; Latin Hon. Soc. 11, 12; French Hon. Soc. 9, 10; Frisbee Club 9, 10, 11. 12; Mar¬ ching Band 9, 10, 11, 12; Sym¬ phonic Band 9, 10, 11, 12; DECA9, 10. FERNANDEZ, LISA: Keyettes 11, 12; Drill Team 10, 11, 12; Concert Choir 9; FBLA 11, 12. FERNANDEZ, LINDA: Keyet¬ tes 11, 12; Drill Team 11, 12; FBLA 11, 12. FITZSIMMONS, KARL Keyet¬ tes 11; Drill Team 9, 10, 11; Art Club 12. FLANAGAN, ERIN: JV Basket¬ ball 9, 10, Captain; Vars. Basket¬ ball 11, 12; Cross Country 9; Spring Track 9, 10; Keyettes 11, 12, Vice Pres. FLANNERY, TODD: Frosh Football 9; JV Football 10, 11; Vars. Football 10, 11, 12; Frosh Basketball 9; JV Basketball 10; Vars. Basketball 11, 12; JV Baseball 10; Hi-Y 11, 12, Vice Pres.; Span. Hon. Soc. 10, 11, 12; Nat. Hon. Soc. 11, 12. FRADENBURG, DONA: Keyettes 9, 10, 11, 12; Spanish Club 9, 10; German Club 10; Forensics 11, 1 2; Drama Club 9, 10, 11, 12; Safety Club Council 10, 11, 12; Chamber Choir 10; Concert Choir 9; Madrigals 11, 12 . FRANCONE, MARY: Latin Club 9; Spanish Club 10, 11, i2. FREDRICKSON, JARET: Tennis 11, 12; Latin Club 9, 1 0, 11, 12; Latin Hon. Soc. 10, 1 1, President 1 2; Nat. Hon. Soc. 10, 11 , 12 . FROID, LINDA: Crew 9. 10, 11; Junior Engineering Tech. Soc. 11, 12, Pres. GAINES, KENT: JV Baseball 10, 11; Vars. Baseball 12; Hi-Y j 11, 12;Key Club 12. GANYA, MARK: Frosh Foot- ball; JV Football 10, 11; Vars. Football 12; JV Wrestling 10, 11; Vars. Wrestling 1 2; Hi-Y 1 1, 12; Dung. Dragons 12. GELLER, LARA: JV Field Hockey 9, 10; Varsity Field Hockey 11, 12; JV Soccer 9, 10; Varsity Soccer 11, 12; Spanish Club 10, 11; Hero 12; Tri-Hi-Y 10, 11, 12. GETTER, SANDRA: Vars. Soc cer — Mgr. 9, 10; Tri-Hi-Y 12; Civitans 12; Safety Club Council IK 12 — Pre6.; Marching Band 9; Concert Band 9; FBLA 12; SADD 12; Jets 11, 12. GIBBONS, TRACEY: Cheerleading — Frosh; Cheerleading — Vars. 10, 11, 12; Gymnastics 9, 10, 11, 12; Student Gov ' t. 12 — Secretary- Record; Class Offices 9 — Secretary; Keyettes 11, 12; Span. Hon. Soc. 11, 12; Nat. Hon. Soc. 11, 12; Concert Choir 9, GODBOUT, TED: Frosh Basket¬ ball; JV Basketball 10; Indoor Track 1 1; Spring Track 11; Hi-Y 12 . GOESER, JENNIFER: Vars. Soccer 9 — Mgr.; Civitans 10, 11 — Sec. 1 2; French Club 1 2; Drama Club 10; Chamber Choir 10, 11, 12; Concert Choir 9. GOLDBERGER, ANDREW: Hi-Y 11, 12; German Club 11; Astronomy Club 12. GORDON, JENNY: Cross Coun¬ try 9, 10; Indoor Track 9, 10; Spring Track 9, 10; Spanish Honor Soc. 10, 11, 12; Or¬ chestra 1 1. GRANDE, GINA: DECA 11, 12. GREEN, PRESTON: Frosh Basketball 9; JV Basketball 10; Vars. Basketball 11, 12; French Honor Soc. 11, 12; Spanish Honor Soc. 11, 12; National Honor Soc. 11, 12. GREINER, JOHN: Latin Club 12; Astronomy Club 12. GRIFFIN, DANIELLE: Flag Corps 9; JV Baseball 10 Mgr.; Drill Team 11, 12. GRIFFITH, BETH: DECA 9. GRIMM, DIANE: JV Basketball 9, 10 — Capt.; Vars. Basketball 11, 12; JV Softball 9, 10; Keyettes 9, 10, 1 1 — Sec., 12 Pres. GYIIK, DRIN: German Club 9, 10, 11, 12; German Honor Soc. 11, 12; Drama Club 11, 12; Astronomy Club 10, 11, 12 Pres.; SCA 11, 12 VP; It’s Academic 11, 12. HAAS, PETER: ;Cross Country 11; Nat. Hon. Society 10, 11, 12; Marching Band 9, 10 Drum Major 11 — Drum Major 12; Symphonic Band 9, 10, 11, 12 , HABLAS, JENNIFER: JV Soc¬ cer 9; Vars. Soccer 10, 11, 12; Frosh Ch ee r lea d i ng ; JV Cheerleading 10, 11 — Capt.; Latin Club 11, 12; Spanish Club 9; Turret 12 — Lit. Ed.; Art Club 9, 10; Marching Band 10; HERO 12 Pres.; SADD 1 1, 12 . HAGERMAN, URSULA: JV Field Hockey 9, 10, 11; Vars. Field Hockey 11; Latin Club 1 2; German Club 12; Art Club 12; Photography 12 — Pres. HAMMOND, KEITH: Frosh Football; Latin Club 10, 11; FBLA 12. HAMMOND, STEPHANIE: JV Basketball 9; JV Field Hockey 10; Vars. Field Hockey 11, 12; French Hon. Society 11; Nat. Hon. Society 11, 12; Nat ' l. Business Hon. Society 11, 12. HASLE, KEN: Frosh Football; Vars. Football 10, 11, 12; JV Wrestling 9, 10; Vars. Wrestling 11 , 12 . HEIL, NANCY: Indoor Track 10; Gymnstics 9; Tri-Hi-Y 10, 11, 12; Latin Club 9; French Club 10, 11; French Hon. Socie¬ ty 11; Nat. Hon. Society 11, 12; Drama Club 10, 11. HEISNER. BETH: J.V. Softball 9, 10; Varsity Softball 11, 12; Tri-Hi-Y 10, 11, 12; Frontline 12; Latin Hon. Society 12; Mar¬ ching Band 9, 10, 11; Concert Band 9; Symphonic Band 10, 11; HERO 12. HENDERSON, ERIC: Frosh Football; Vars. Football 10, 11, 12; Frosh Basketball; JV Basket¬ ball 10. HENDERSON, VIRGINIA: Girls Vars. Soccer Mangr. 9, 10; Swimming 12; Keyettes 12; Latin Club 11, 12; Spanish Club 9, 10; Drama Club 11, 12; Mar¬ ching Band 9, 10, 11; Concert Band 9, 10, 11; FBLA 12; SADD 12. HICKS, JOEL: JV Basketball 10; Vars. Basketball 11, 12; JV Baseball 10; Vars. Baseball 11, 12; Span. Hon. Society 11. 12; Nat.Hon. Society 12. HIRSCHKOP, DAVID: Cross Country 1 2; Indoor Track 9, 1 0, 11; Spring Track 9, 10, 11, 12; Student Government 12 SAC; Class Officer 12 — Pres.; Hi-Y 12; Key Club 12; Spanish Club 10, 12; FBLA 10, 1 1 Regional Treasurer and Historian 12; OAS 11, 12 Sec.; Biology Club 1 2. HOGUE, T. K.: German Club 9, 10, 11, 12; French Hon. Socie¬ ty 11, 12; German Hon. Society 9, 10; Nat. Hon. Society 11, 12; Turret 12 Editor of Art Photography Layout. HOVDE, KATHY: Tri-Hi-Y 11, 12 — Hist.; Drill Team 10, 11, 12 — Co-Capt.; Drama Club 1 1; Marching Band 9; Concert Band 9; Concert Choir 12; FBLA 10; DECA 11. HOW ARD, PAUL: Frosh Foot- ball; JV Football 10; Vars. Foot¬ ball 11, 12; Indoor Track 9, 10, 12; Spring Track 9, 11, 12; Stu¬ dent Government 12 — 2nd Vice Pres.; Hi-Y 12; Nat. Hon. Society 11, 12; Orchestra 10; JETS 10, 11 Tres. 12; SADD 12 . HOWZE, ADRIENNE: Vars. Football 12; Frontline 9; Latin Club 10; Drama Club 1 1; SADD 11, 12; CC Club 9, 12 — Tres. HUCKS, EDMUND: Frosh Foot¬ ball; JV Football 10; Vars. Foot¬ ball 11, 12; JV W ' restling 9; Key Club 11, 12; DECA 12. JACKSON, PEYTON: JV Soccer 9, 10; Vars. Soccer 11, 12 — Capt.; Key Club 11, 12; Latin Club 10, 11; French Club 9; FBLA 11; SADD 11, 12. JACKSON, TERITA: Indoor Track 9, 10; Spring Track 9, 10, 11 . JARECKI, CAROL: Spanish Club 9, 10; Marching Band 9, 10, 11, 12; Concert Band; Sym¬ phonic Band 10, 11, 12; SADD 12; Biology Club 10. JENSEN, CINDY: French Club 10, 11; National Honor Soc. 9; Drama Club 11; Art Club 9, 12; Photography 11, 12. JESSEY, JANE: Frosh Basket- ball 9 — Mgr.; JV Basketball 10 — Mgr.; Vars. Basketball 11 — Mgr. 12 — Mgr.; Vars. Soccer 9 Mgr.; JV Field Hockey 10, 11 — Capt.; French Honor Soc. 10, 11; National Honor Soc. 1 1, 12 — Sec.; Concert Choir 9. JOHNSON, PATTI: Tri-Hi-Y 10, 11, 12; Latin Club 11; French Club 9, 10; French Club 9, 10; Latin Honor Soc. 12; French Honor Soc. 12; National Honor Soc. 12; FBLA 9, 10, 11 . JOHNSON, STEVE: Latin Club 10, 11, 12; German Club 12; Latin Honor Soc. 11, 12; Na¬ tional Honor Soc. 11, 12. JONES, ANDY: Frosh Football 9; Vars. Football 10, 11, 12; Frosh Basketball 9; JV Basket¬ ball 10; JV Baseball 10; Hi-Y 1 1; Frontline 11, 12. KEEPING, ALISON: Civitans 12; Fortress 12; German Club 11; German Honor Society 12; Safety Club Council 12; SADD 12 . KELLY, ROBERT: Vars. Soccer 11; Hi-Y 11; German Club 10; Astronomy 1 2. KENNEDY, CHRIS: Frosh. Football 9; JV Football 10; Vars. Football 11, 12; Indoor Track 10, 11, 12; Spring Track 10, 12; Key Club 12; Latin Club 10 , 1 2 .’ KIESS, JENNIFER: Vars. Soft- ball 10; Swimming 9, 12; Indoor Track 1 1; Spring Track 11, 12; Diving 12; French Club 10; Nat. Honor Soc. 11, 12; Drill Team 10; Ski Club 10. KILGORE, KIM: C ross Country 9, 10, 11; Indoor Track 10, 11, 12; Spring Track 9, 10, 11; French Club 9. KLAPPER, TONY: Co-Capt. JV Soccer 9, 10; Latin Club 9, 10, Pres. 11, 12; Latin Honor Soc. 10, 11, 12; Nat.Hon. Society 11, 12; Forensics 12; Astronomy 12. KNIGHT, MARK: Swimming 9; Civitans 9. KOHLER, KRISTINA: Indoor Track 9, 10, 11; Spring Track 9, 10, 11, 12; Swimming 12; Cheerleading — Frosh 9; Cheerleading — JV 10; Tri-Hi-Y 10, 11, 12; Fortress, Academic Editor 12; German Club 9, 10, 11, 12; German Hon. Soc. 10, 11; Drill Team 11; FBLA 10; DECA 11; Drill Team 11; FBLA 10; DECA 11. KOMINARS, MATT: JLV Foot¬ ball 11; Hi-Y 11, 12; JETS 12. KRANZ, JEFF: JV Football 11; Senior Directory 39 JV Baseball 10; Vars. Baseball 11 , 12 . LAWRENCE, AMY: Spanish Club 9, 10; Fashion Club 11, 12 . LEACH, CHRIS: Frosh Football 9; JV Football 10; Vars. Football 11, 12; Frosh Basketball 9; JV Basketball 10; JV Baseball 9, 10; Vars. Baseball 11, 12; Key Club 9, 10, 11, 12; Debate 9, 10 , 1 1 , 12 . LEDEBL1R, STEPHEN: Latin Club 9; Astronomy 12. LEEMAN, BETH: 1st Vice Pres. 9; Tri-Hi-Y 10, 11, 12; Latin Club 9, 10, 11; FBLA 12; DECA 1 1. LEHNER, STEVE: Frosh Foot¬ ball 9; Indoor Track 11; Key Club 1 l.Tres. LIEBLICH, BEN: Cross Country 11; Indoor Track 11; French Club 12; French Hon. Soc. 12; Nat. Hon. Soc. 11, 12; Turret 1 2; Astronomy 1 2; Crew 9, 10. LISI, MARGARET: Concert Choir 9; Madrigals 10, 11, 12. LITTLE, TED: C ross Country 10, 11; Golf Team 11, 12; Stu¬ dent Council 9; Fortress 1 2. MACKLIN, JEFF: Tennis 9, 10, 11, 12; German Club 9, 10, 11, 12; German Honor Soc. 10, 11; Nat. Hon. Society 11, 12 Pres.; Chamber Choir 10; Con¬ cert Choir 9; JETS 1 1 Pres. 12 , MALVASO, LISA: JV Soccer 10, 12; Vars. Soccer 12; Class Officer 9, Treas.; Spanish Club 9, 12; Nat. Hon. Society 11, 12; Marching Band 9; Concert Band 9; Mgr.; Indoor Track 11; Athletic Trainer 12; TR. Var., J.V., Frosh Football 12. MARSHALL, RICK: JV Wrestl¬ ing 11; Vars. Wrestling 10, 12; Cross Country 10; Spring Track 10, 11, 12; Class Officer 10, Treas. McGINNIS, REBECCA: JV Field Hockey 9, 10, 11; Gym¬ nastics 9; Keyettes 12; Latin Club 9,10; Drama Club 9. McKAY, TIA: Girls JV Basket¬ ball 9, 10; Girls Vars. Basketball 11, 12; Spring Track 9, 10; Frontline 9; Spanish Club 9, 10, 11, 12; Drama Club 11; Art Club 9, 10; Biology Club 1 2. McLARY, DAVID: Hi-Y 11, 12; Spanish Club 10, 11; Nat. Hon. Society 11, 12; Forensics 12; Drama Club 11, 12; Concert Choir 9, 11; Madrigals 12; Spanish Hon. Society 11 Historian 12; Math Team 11; National Merit Finalist 1 1 . MEANS, HOLLY: Gymnastics 10; German Club 10, 11, 12; German Hon. Society 11,12 Sec.; Nat. Hon. Society 11, 12; Drill Team 11, 12 Capt.; Concert Choir 12. MEHI.ER, ROBERT: Spanish Club 12; Art Club 12; Astronomy Club 12. MELCHER, MEGAN: Frosh Cheerleading 9; Keyettes 11, 12; Latin Club 10; French Club 9; Drill Team 10, 1 1, 12; FBLA 12; DECA 11,12. MEUSE, BARRY: Frosh Foot¬ ball; JV Football 10; Vars. Foot¬ ball 11, 12; Basketball 9; JV Soccer 9; Class Officer 11, Secretary-Corres.; Hi-Y 11, 12; Latin Club 10, ' ll, 12; Latin Hon. Society 10, 11, 12; 1984 Homecoming King. MILES, TERESE: Swimming 9, I 0, 1 1; Spring Track 1 0; French Club 9, 11, 12; French Hon. Society 11; Span. Hon. Society 10, 11, 12; Nat. Hon. Society 11,12 VP; Astronomy Club 12; Chamber Choir 11 Sec., 12 — VP; Concert Choir 9. MILLER, ASHLEY: Latin Club 10, 11, 12; Latin Hon. Society 11,12; Orchestra 9, 10, 11,12 Pres.; FBLA 10, 12; SADD 10 , 12 . MILLER, BRUCE: Tennis 9, 11, 12; Hi-Y 12; VP Latin Club 9, 10, 11, 12; Latin Hon. Socie¬ ty 10, 11, 12; Nat. Hon. Society 11, 12; FBLA 10, 11, 12. MIRABAL, RALPH: JV Baseball 9; Spanish Club 9, 10, 11; Forensics 11, 12; Drama Club 9, 10, 11, 12 Pres.; AV Club 10; Concert Choir 12; Dung. Dragons 9. MISURA, TODD: Indoor Track 12; Spring Track 12; Hi-Y 11, 12; Key Club 11, 12; Latin Club 9, 10; Marching Band 9, 10, 11, 12; Concert Band 9, 10; Symphonic Band 11, 12; SADD 12 . MONAHAN, MARY: Indoor Track 9; French Hon. Society 10, 11; FBLA 10, 11, 12; DECA 1 2; TPK 11,12 — Sec. MOSS, JENNY: JV Field Hockey 9; SAC 1 2; Keyettes 1 0, 11, 12; Latin Club 11, 12; Spanish Club 9, 10; Latin Hon. Society 12; Forensics 11, 12; Drama Club 9, 10 Sec. 11, 1 2; Art Club 12 Second VP. MEULLER, MARK: Latin Club 10, 11, 12; Latin Hon. Society 1 1, 12; FBLA 12. MULLINS, KRIS: Art Club 11, 12 Pres.; SADD 12; Crew Team 10, 11, 12. MURPHY, MIMI: Tennis 10, 11, 12 Co. Capt.; Swimming 9, 10, 11, 12; Class Officer 11, Sec. 12, Sec.; Tri-Hi-Y 9, 10, 11, 12 Pres.; French Club 10, 11 — Vice Pres.; French Hon. Society 10, 11; Nat. Hon. Society 11, 12; FBLA 12. MURRAY, KATE: JV Soccer 9; JV Softball 10; Vars. Softball 11, 12; Tennis 9, 10, 11, 12; Swimming 9, 10, 11, 12; Tri-Hi- Y 10, 11, 12 Treas.; Spanish Club 10, 11, 12; Dung. Dragons 11, 12; SADD 1 2; OAS 12. MURRAY, DENISE: JV Field Hockey 9; JV Basketball 9, 10; Girls Track 9; Tri-Hi-Y 11,12 Sec.; Pep Commissioner 12; Varsity Field Hockey 10, 11, 12 Capt.; SADD 12; Nat. Hon. Society 11, 12; Latin Hon. Society 11, 12; Latin Club 9, 10, 11, 12; The Frontline 11, 12 Features Editor. NEAL, PAMELA (GEORGE): FCA 9, 10, 11, 12 Pres.; Latin Club 9, 10, 11; Forensics 12; Drama 12; Chamber Choir 11, 12 Pres.; Concert Choir 9, 10. NEAL, PLYNETTE (PAULA): Pep Club 1 2; Keyettes 9, 1 0 District Tres., 11 - District Treas.; Spanish Club 9; DECA 12; BCA 9, 10 — Sec. 11, 12. NEKOBA, MARK: Hi-Y 11,12; Marching Band 9, 10, 11, 12; Symphonic Band 9, 10, 11, 12; Orchestra 9, 10, 1 1. NORTON, HEATHER: JV Basketball Mgr. 10; Vars. Field Hockey Mgr. 1 1; Ke yettes 9, 10, 11, 12; Frontline 11, 12 - Co-Editor; French Club 10; French Hon. Society 10, 11, 12; Nat. Hon. Society 11, 12; Art Club 9; FBLA 11; Com¬ mended Merit Scholar 1 2. O’BRIEN, JEANETTE: Frontline 12; Drill Team 12; Safety Club Council 1 1 — Sec.; Flag Corps 10, 11. O’HARA, LORI: JV Basketball 9, 10; Vars. Basketball 11, 12; JV Softball 9; Vars. Softball 10, 11, 12; Keyettes 10, 11, 12; SADD 12. OLSTAI), LINDA: Swimming 9, 10, 11; French Hon. Society 10; Nat. Hon. Society 11, 12; Art Club 12; Astronomy Club 11; Safety Club Council 12; Biology Club 12. PARISI, MICHELE: Tri-Hi-Y 10, 11, 12; Frontline 11,12 Editor (12th Grade); Latin Club 12; Spanish Club 12; Nat. Hon. Society 11, 12. PASSAS, CHRIS: FBLA 12. PARSONS, KAREN: Concert Choir 9; Madrigals 10, 11, 12 Sec.; FBLA 12; Flag Corps 10, 11, 12; Music Hon. Society 12 , PATRICK, STEVE: Frosh Foot¬ ball; JV Football 10; Indoor Track 9, 10, 11, 12 Capt.; Spring Track 9, 10, 11, 12 Capt.; Hi-Y 12. PATTERSON, RICHARD: JV Soccer 10; Vars. Soccer 12; Bicycle Club 10. PAULINO, JEANETTE: JV Field Hockey 10; Vars. Field Hockey 11; Student Gov’t. 12 Pres.; Class Officer 10 Pres., 11 Pres.; Tri-Hi-Y 10, 11, 12; German Club 12; Nat. Hon. Society 11, 12; Biology Club 12; SADD 12; Model OAS 11,12 Treas.; MGA 12. PELLETIER, LUCIE: JV Soccer 9; Vars. Soccer 10, 11, 12; French Club 9, 10, 11; Nat. Hon. Soc. 12; Orchestra 9, 10; Biology Club 10, 12. PERRY, DOUG: JV Wrestling 9; Vars. Wrestling 10, 11, 12; SAC 11, 12; President 9; 2nd Vice Pres. 12; Hi-Y 10, 11, 12; Latin Club 10, 11; Spanish Club 9; Latin Hon. Soc. 11; Nat. Hon. Soc. 11, 12; Marching Band 9, 10, 11, 12; Symphonic Band 9, 10 , 11 , 12 . PHAUTZ, JIM: Frosh Football 9; Vars. Football 10, 11, 12; Vars. Wrestling 11; Indoor Track 1 2; Spring Track 12; Hi-Y 11 , 12 . PHIEFFER, HEIDI: I -atin Club 10, 11, 12; Latin Hon. Soc. 1 1, 12; Nat.Hon. Soc. 11, 12; Mar¬ ching Band 9, 10, 11, 12; Sym¬ phonic Band 9, 10, 11, 12; Or¬ chestra 11. PHILLIPS, DENNIS: JV Foot¬ ball 9; Vars. Football jlO, 11, 12; JV Wrestling 10, 11; Vars. Wrestling 12; Indoor Trek 10, 11, 12; Captain; Spring Track 9, 10, 11, 12, Captain; Hi-Y 12. PHILLIPS, STEVE: JV Soccer 9, 10; Vars. Soccer 11, 12; Swimming 9, 10, 11, 12; Latin Club 10, 11; Nat. Hon. Soc. 1 1, 12; Bicycle Club 9; Biology Club 9, 12. PIERCE, THEO: JV Soccer 9; Keyettes 9; French Club 1 1; Drill Team 9, 10, 11; Orchestra 9. POAST, MICHELE: JV Soccer 9; Tennis 10, 12; Swimming 9, 10; Cross Country 9; Treasurer 1 2; Art Club 1 2. POWERS, JOHN: JV Basketball 9; Vars. Soccer 9, 10; Tennis 9, 1 0; President 9,10; French Club 9, 10; Spanish Club 9, 10; Ger¬ man Club 11, 12; Latin Hon. Soc. 10; French Hon. Soc. 10; German Hon. Soc. 12; Debate 1 0; Forensics 10. POYTHRESS, LEE: Frosh Football 9; Vars. Football 10, 11, 12; JV Wrestling 9, 10; Vars. Wrestling 10, 11, 12; Key Club 9, 10, 11, 12; Nat. Hon. Soc. 11, 12; Frisbee Club 9, 10. PRASTEIN, JON: Latin Club 12; Turret 9; Bicycle Club 9, 10 . PYE, KAREN: JV Soccer 9; Cheerleading JV; Cheerleading Vars. 11, 12; Gymnastics 9, 10; Nat. Hon. Soc. 11, 12. RASMUSSEN, ERIC: Frosh. Football 9; JV Football 1 0; Vars. Football 11, 1 2; JV Wrestling 9, 10; Hi-Y 12; German Club 10, 11; Marching Band 10, 11; Con¬ cert Band 9. REAMS, BILLY: Key Club 12; Span. Honor Soc. 11, 12; Astronomy 12; FBLA 12. REES, BRAD: Forensics 11, 12; Drama Club 10, 11, 12; AV Club 10, 11, President 12; Or¬ chestra 9, 10; Madrigals 11, President 1 2. REOSTI, JOHN: Latin Club 10, 11, 12; Debate 9, 10; Marching Band 9, 10, 11, 12; Concert 40 Classes Band 9; Symphonic Band 10, L1, 12; It’s Academic 12. BIDDER, MARY CAROL: Vars. Tennis 9, 10, 12; Latin Club 11, 12; Nat. Hon. Society 11, 12; Marching Band 9, 10, 11, 12; Zoncert Band 9; Symphonic 3and 10, 11, 12; SADD Pres. 12 . BIES, STEPHAN: Swimming 9, 10; Key Club 11; Civitans 9, 10, 11, 12; Frontline 9; Ger- nan Club 9, 10, 1 1; Drama Club 11, 12; Astronomy 12; Safety Zlub Council 12; FBLA 11, 12; SADD 10, 12. RIVERS, SHIRLEY: Marching Band 9, 10, 11, 12; Concert Band 9, 10; Symphonic Band 11 , 12 . ROBERTSON, ROBBIE: Frosh. Basketball 9; Cross Country 11; Spring Track 9; Civitans 11, Treas. 12; Spanish Club 12; Nat. Hon. Society 11, 12; Forensics 11, 12; Drama Club 10, 11, 12; Marching Band 9; Concert Band 9. ROBINSON, SHAWN: Cross Country, Vars. 11, 12; Indoor Track, Vars. 11, 12; Spring Track, Vars. 11, 12; Crew 10. ROBINSON, THOMAS: Frosh. Football 9; JV Football 11; Vars. Football 12; Latin Club 11, 12. RODRIGUEZ, KATHY: Cheerleading — Frosh. 9; Cheerleading — Var6. 10, 11, 12; Gymnastics 10; Keyettes 11, 12; Spanish Club 12; Photography 11. ROONEY, SHEILA: Swimming 9; Spring Track 9; Keyettes 10, 11, 12; Civitans 11; Frontline 9; French Club 9; FBLA 10, 11, 12; Crew 9, 10; SADD Vice- Pres. 12. ROYER, AARON: Cross Coun¬ try 11, 12; Indoor Track 10, 11, 12; Spring Track 9, 10, 11, 1 2; Spanish Club 11, 12. RUFFNER, EVERETT: Frosh. Football 9; JV Football 10, 11; Vars. Football 11; JV Wrestling 9, 10; Vars. Wrestling 11. SALA, ROB: Indoor Track 9, 10, 12; Spring Track 9, 10, 12; FBLA 12. SALSBERY, PAMELA: Civitans 12; Safety Club Council 12; SADD 12. SENIRES, ROSEANNE: Vars. Basketball 12; Civitans 11, 12; Spanish Club 12. SHARON, MICHAEL: Crew 9, 10, 11 — Pres., 12 — Pres.; JETS 1 2; SAC 11. SHEEHAN, PATTIE: Cheerleading — Frosh 9; Cheerleading — JV 10; Tri-Hi-Y 10, 11, 12; Spanish Club 10, 11, 12; Drill Team 11; HERO 12 , SHERMAN, TERRI. JV Soccer 9, 11; Vars. Soccer 10, 12; Keyettes 11, 12; Spanish Club 9, 10; Drama Club 9, 10; Con¬ cert Choir 9, 10; Nat. Bus. Honor Soc. 11, 12. SHERMAN, TRACEY: Swimm¬ ing 9, 10, 11, 12 ; Cheerleading — Frosh 9; Cheerleading — JV 10; Cheerleading — Vars. 11, 12; Keyettes 11, 12; SADD 12. SICKON, KAREN: Frosh Basketball 9 — Mgr.; JV Basket¬ ball 10 — Mgr.; Vars. Basketball 11 — Mgr. 12 — Mgr.; JV Field Hockey 9; Var6. Field Hockey 10, 11, 12 — Capt.; JV Softball 9; French Club 9, 10. SIPULT, KERRY: Indoor Track 10, 11; Spring Track 12; Latin Club 11, 12; SADD 12; Crew 9, 10 , 11 . SIRBERT, ANGELA: JV Basket¬ ball 11; Spring Track 11; Drama Club 11; Chamber Choir 9, 10. SIROTA, STEFANIE: Spanish Club 12. SMITH, DONALD: Frosh Foot¬ ball 9; JV Football 10; Vars. Football 11, 12; Key Club 12 — Sec. SMITH, RYAN: Frosh Football 9; JV Football 10; Vars. Football 11, 12 — Capt.; JV Baseball 9, 10; Vars. Baseball 11, 12; Hi-Y 11,12; Biology Club 10, 12. SNEAR, CHRIS: JV Football 11; Vars. Football 12; JV Soccer 9 — Capt. 10; Vars. Soccer 11, 12 — Capt.; Hi-Y 12; Frontline 11, 12 — Sport6 Ed.; Latin Club 9, 10, 11, 12; Latin Honor Soc. 10 , 11 , 12 . SNELL, TERRI: Cross Country 9, 10, 11 — Capt. 12 — Capt.; Indoor Track 9, 10, 11 — Capt. 12 — Capt.; Spring Track 9, 10, 11 — Capt., 12 — Capt.; Class Offices 11 — 1st VP; Tri-Hi-Y 10, 11, 12; Frontline 12; Spanish Club 9, 10, 11 — Tres. 12 — Hist.; Spanish Honor Soc. 10, 11 — Tres. 12; National Honor Soc. 11, 12;OAS 10, 11, 12 — VP; FHA 11 — VP 12. SPARKS, PETER: JV Soccer 9, 10; Vars. Soccer 11, 12; Latin Club 10, 11, 12; Latin Honor Soc. 11, 12. STABILE, KIM: Flag Corps 10, 11, 12; Spanish Club 12; Spanish Honor Soc. 11, 12; Na¬ tional Honor Soc. 11, 12; Safety Club Council 11, 12; FBLA 12. " STACKHOUSE, FREEMAN: Frosh Football 9; JV Football 10; Vars. Football 11, 12; Frosh Basketball 9; Indoor Track 10, 11, 12; Spring Track 9, 10, 11, 12 . STEWART, JOANNA: Drama Club 9; DECA 12. STROZIER, JENNIFER: Indoor Track 9; Spring Track 9, 10, 12; Civitans 12; French Club 12; Safety Club Council 11, 12; Chamber Choir 12; Concert Choir 9, 10; SADD 12. SULLIVAN, PATRICK: For¬ tress 9, 10 — Sports Ed., 11 — Sports Ed., 12 — Ed.-in-Chief. SWEENY, SHAWN: Crew 10; Vars. Soccer 9 — Mgr.; BCA 9; Concert Choir 9; Photography 11; Civitans 10, 11, 12 — VP Hist. SWIFT, CATHY: Tri-Hi-Y 10, 11, 12; French Club 12; French Honor Soc. 11, 12; National Honor Soc. 11, 12; Marching Band 9, 10; Concert Band 9; Symphonic Band 10; Crew 10. TAKKEN, TODD: French Club 12; French Honor Soc. 10, 11, 12; Nat. Hon. Soc. 11, 1 2; Safe¬ ty Club Council 12; Chamber Choir 9; Concert Choir 10, 11, 12 . TAYLOR, SUSAN: JV Soccer 9; Latin Club 9, 10, 11; Art Club 12; FBLA 12; DECA 11, 12. THOMPSON, PATRICK: Ger. Hon. Soc. 11, 12; Nat. Hon. Society 11, 12; Photography 10; Concert Band 9. THRESHER, AL: Cross Coun¬ try 11, 12; Capt. Indoor Track 10, 11, 12; Sprint Track 10, 11, 12; Spanish Club 12. TODD, DOUG: Frosh. Football 9; Hi-Y 11,12; Frontline 9,10, 11; Turret 11, 12; FBLA 11. TOWNSEND, JACKIE: Vars. Soccer 9 — Mgr.; Safety Club Council 9, 10 — Pres.; Concert Choir 9, 12; Madrigals 10, 11, 12 — Hi6t., Treas. TRAFTON, STEVE: Frosh Football 9; Var. Soccer 9; Ten¬ nis 11, 12; Fortress 9; Spanish Club 11, 12; Nat. Hon. Society 11 , 12 . TRULUCK, BARRY: Frosh Football 9; JV Football 10, 11; Vars. Football 12; Frosh Basket¬ ball 9; JV Basketball 10; Vars. Basketball 11, 12; Latin Club 10, 11, 12; Latin Honor Soc. 11, 12 — Tr eas.; Nat. Hon. Society 11, 12. ULRICH, CHRIS: Cross Coun¬ try 11, 12; Indoor Track 11; Latin Club 10, 11. VANN, RICHARD: French Club 9; Drama Club 10, 11, 12; Art Club 9; Orchestra 9, 10. VINCENT, ERIC: Vars. Football 11, 12; Vars. Basketball 11, 12; Spring Track 11, 12; French Club 1 2; French Honor Soc. 1 2; Bowling 1 2. VITERI, OLGA: Civitans 11, 12; Spanish Club 12; Drama Club 1 2; Nat. Hon. Society 12. VU, HIEP: JV Soccer 11; Gym¬ nastics 11; Key Club 10, 11; Nat. Hon. Society 11; Concert Band 9. WALLACE, KRISTI: Indoor Track 9; Cheerleading 9; Keyet¬ tes 11, 12; Spanish Club 9; Drill Team 10, 11, 12; FBLA 9; DECA 11. WEISS, SUSAN: JV Field Hockey 9; Cross Country 10, 1 1; Indoor Track 9, 10, 11, 12; Spring Track 9, 10, 11, 1 2; Ger¬ man Club 9, 10, 11. WELLS, LAURA: Civitans 9, 10; German Club 9, 10, 11; DECA 11, 12. WESTALL, NICKI: Vars. Soc¬ cer 9, 10, 11, 12; JV Field Hockey 9; Vars. Field Hockey 10, 11, 12; Swimming 9, 10; SG Corres. Secretary 12; Concert Choir 9; Student Council 10, 11 , 12 . WESTPHAL, MIKE: Frosh Football 9; JV Football 10; Vars. Football 10, 11; JV Wrestling 10; Vars. Wrestling 11, 12; Hi-Y 12; Rifle Club 9; Frisbee Club 10, 11; Chess Club 9; Motorcy¬ cle Club 9. WHITE, DONNA: Spanish Honor Soc. 11, 12; Nat. Hon. Society 11, 12. WHITE, JENNIFER: JV Soccer 9, 10 — Capt.; Vars. Soccer 11, 12; French Honor Soc 10, 11, 12; Nat.Honor Society 10, 11, 12 . WHITEHOUSE, BOB: National Honor Soc. 11, 12. WILKNISS, SANDRA: JV Soc- cer 9; JV Field Hockey 9; Vars. Field Hockey 10, 11, 12 — Capt.; Diving 9, 10, 12; Spanish Honor Soc. 10, 11; National Honor Soc. 11, 12. WILSON, MADORA: Tri-Hi-Y 10, 11, 2; FBLA 11; SADD 12. W INGETT, BETH: Drama Club 9, 10; HERO 12. WO, BERNADETTE: Vars. Basketball 10 — Mgr., 11 — Mgr.; JV Field Hockey 10, 11; Tri-Hi-Y 11,12; Latin Club 10, 11 — Asst. Tres., Activities Chairman 12; French Club 9; Latin Honor Soc. 11, 12 — Asst. VP; National Honor Soc. 11, 12 — Tres.; Concert Choir 11; Chamber Choir 12 — Sec. WOOD, JOHN: Frosh Basket¬ ball 9; JV Baseball 10, 11; Vars. Baseball 12; Indoor Track 10; Spring Track 10; Spanish Club 1 1; German Club 12; SADD 1 2; Astronomy Club 12. WULTICH, SHARON: Latin Club 10, 11, 12;; Marching Band 9, 10, 11, 12; Concert Band 9; Symphonic Band 10, 11, 12; Orchestra 9, 10, 11, 12; SADD 9, 12; Biology Club 10 . YORK, MARK: JV Wrestling 9, 10, 11; Vars. Wrestling 12; Cross Country 11, 12; Indoor Track 11. YOUMANS, JOHN: Spanish Club 9; Marching Band 9, 10, 11, 12; Symphonic Band 9, 10, 11 , 12 . ZACHMAN, JACKIE: Tri-Hi-Y 10, 11; French Club 12; French Honor Soc. 11 — Sec., 12; Na¬ tional Honor Soc. 11, 12; Mar¬ ching Band 9, 10, 11, 12; Con¬ cert Band 9; Symphonic Band 10, 11, 12; SADD 12; Biology Club 10. ZIEMBA, TOM: Spanish Club 9, 10; Drama Club 9, 10, 11, 12; Madrigals 1 2. Senior Directory 41 Juniors Andrea Adams Raymond Aigner Steven Albers Emery Allen Stacy Allen Stephanie Allen Keith Allison Michael Andre Louis Arny Leah Ashe Christopher Atkins Charles Audick Melanie Austin Suzanne Bacon Michael Bagley Donna Bailey Tonya Baldwin Cynthia Baumbach Marya Bavis Michael Beach Angela Beal Bruce Beavers Tina Berry Deanna Bethea Katherine Bir Douglas Blair Matthew Boge Derick Bregner-Carlsen Nicola Brew Douglass Britt Geoffrey Broughton Walter Brown Moira Burke Sara Burke Tara Burke Douglas Burnette 42 Classes Junior Enthusiasm Shows During Homecoming 1985 Taking a break from a heavy academic load. Ft. Hunt’s Juniors celebrated Homecoming 84-85 with terrific spirit. The Class of ’86 took part in every Homecoming activity including dress up days, bon-fire rally, car smash, and won third place in the float contest. The Junior class princes, Tom Kiernan and Randy McCray, and princesses, Janice Nedbal and Cathy Dietz, made their spectacular debut in the Homecoming parade and ap¬ peared in the excitement of the Ft. Hunt vs. Lee halftime festivities. Taking her time between classes, Car¬ rie Seeley spots her favorite Federal. Marybeth Burnham Jennifer Buzzelli John Carlson Sean Carty Kendra Cathey David Chandler Paul Charette Raymond Charette Michael Chertock Melissa Cohen Kevin Collins Patrick Condon Brian Cornnell Bette Couch Christopher Cox Cynthia Crandall Judd Crapa Howell Crim Nathan Crump Christopher Cunningham Keri D ' Angelo Zena Dajani Karen Daniels Gerald Darby Julia Davis Martha Davis Juniors 43 Michael Davis Nathaniel Davis Mirey Decerega Evelyn Denwiddie Catherine Dietz Peter Doherty Florence Draper Michael Dreyfus Ryan Drummond Karen Duffy Lawrence Duggan Caroline Duncker Class Officers Provide Responsible Leadership This year ' s Junior Class Of¬ fice rs were elected to their duties with new ideas and much enthusiasm for the Class of ' 86. The officers were Aileen Paulino, president; Katharine Perry, vice president; Catherine Dietz, secretary; and Beth Lan¬ caster, treasurer. These people were faced with several major challenges of building a homecoming float and, of course, organizing dances, candy sales, and car washes to raise money for our first prom. These officers and the Class of ' 86 are looking forward to an outstanding seniors year at Fort Hunt. Kenneth Earnest Douglas Echols Laura Edgerton Amy Ensign Jason Erb Patrick Fedrigault Cara Fladd Megan Fogarty Johanne Fontanella David Fox Judith Friedberg Gregory Frye Alicia Galliot Kim Gallagher Mark Gallagher Charlene Ganiba Ward Garrett Michelle Gaunya Reginald Gaylord 44 Cl asses Before the parade, the Junior float is put on display. Michelle Gilbertson Allison Glover Donna Gonzales Gregory Grammen James Gray Jon Gray Stephanie Green Gary Gross Eric Gurtner Michele Gussie Deborah Hackett Rebecca Haltzel Kelly Hammond Catherine Harding Steven Harp Bradley Harrison William Harrison David Hawn Steven Heinrichs Kathy Henderson Larry Henry Michael Higgins John Holland Phyllis Holt Karen Houseman Tracey Howard Christopher Hummel Stephanie Huxhold Ann Marie Hyland Nadia Jallad Juniors 45 Chris Janies Lisa Jankowski Kari Jarrett Kathy Jarrett Mary Ann Jedrziewski Jill Jefferson Laurence Jenney Laura Jensen George Johnston Felisia Jones Monica Jordan Debbie Kamerer Kathleen Keaney William Keech Michael Keepe David Kelly Tracy Kennie Peter Kent Thomas Kiernan Christina Kim Hae-ok Kim KyungKim Mary Knight Gregory Kottemann Veronique Kouhana Dana Kraus Thomas Krysa Christine Laitsch Melissa Lamoureux Elizabeth Lancaster Byron Landon Ronald Landry Timothy Langanke Kristi n Larson Stephen Lee Lisa Lindley Michael Lindsey 46 Classes Clara Little Sarah Lofton Joanne Luger Christian MacDonald Jackson Maclnnis William Madison Matthew Malvaso Susannah Marston Catherine Martines Jennifer Maycock Michelle McClendon Randy McCray Sean McGarrahan Dean McKnight Robert Meskunas Laura Mesmore David Miles Todd Miller Roman Millett Denise Minor Dwayne Moore Victoria Moore James Morgan Meghan Moriarty Lisa Morris Tawanda Morris Donald Mueh Charonn Neamo Janice Nedbal Christopher Neill The Class of ’86 Spirit Shines Through Again Some people might say that when you become a junior in high school you are not as spirited as in your under¬ classmen years. Well, the Class of ' 86 didn ' t think so. From the start of the new school year they showed their overwhelming spirit and Powderpuff was no exception. We went out there and showed Lnable to find a sitter, Beth Lancaster brings her “Baby " to Algebra. the Seniors what we were made of and that we were just as strong and spirited as they. During Homecoming Week, we came out with third place in both the dress ups and the float competitions. All in all the Class of ' 86’s spirit showed proudly and will keep growing as we reach our upcoming Senior year. Juniors 47 Raymond Nestler Merrilee Neyland Karen Nidever Jennifer O’Brien Lesley Oakes Kristin Oehrlein Deborah Oudekerk Michael Patterson Rodney Patterson Aileen Paulino Mary Pedersen Kara Perkuchin Katharine Perry Jennifer Peterson Colleen Petty Anika Phifer Russell Phillips Laura Picardat Matthew Piepenburg Todd Plank Kelley Poche Martina Pojeta Todd Pomeroy Mark Poskaitis Johnny Power Robin Pruett Erik Quick Thomas Quinn Kristine Raduazo Kimberly Ramey A Demanding Junior Year This year proved to be the most academically crucial high school year for the Class of ’86. PSAT’s and SAT ' s played a large part in preparing the Juniors for college. The Class of ’86 strove for high academic achievement throughout the year by obtain¬ ing good grades and high test scores. Choosing a specific college and a possible major are now big decisions which confront Fort Hunt’s juniors. Dreaming of “what’s her name,” Ray Nestler fades out of class. 48 Classes Kelly Rampe Karen Rasmussen James Ratchford Andrew Reago Ronald Reaves Lisa Reep Marc Reiehelderfer Joseph Reosti Courtenay Ribble Thomas Ries Stephanie Rivera Julie Robinson Mark Rooney Alec Rose Jared Rosenfeld Leah Royer Linda Rugari John Ryan David Samolej Lamont Sanders John Saunders Christopher Schelleng Eric Schibinger Steven Schneider Bobbie Schroer Lee Seau Carolyn Seeley Kevin Seeley Elizabeth Sheafer Thomas Shearer Concentrating on everything but their studies, Johanna Fontanella and Laura Edgerton discuss the daily gossip. Recovering from a late night out, Nikki Rivera tries to stay awake in class. Juniors 49 Craig Shenkenberg Courtney Simmons Danielle Simonds Miriam Simpson Cheryl Smith kirk Smith Philip Smith Shannan Solomon Bryan Spahr Christina Spicer Charles Starbird Cheryl Sthephens Steven Stogoski Sylvia Stone Laurel Stucki Jennifer Styles Ellen Surles Walter Sweet Laura Swenson Christine Swisher John Swygert Sarah Tate Laura Thieme kelly Tickle Christine Timmons Victor Tomlin Richard Trumbo Janita Turchi Julie Ungerleider krisan Voyiaziakis Jody Waugh Micheal Webb Thomas Weeks Andrew Wells Fogarty, and Colleen Petty looked surprised. Looking at pictures from last week’s “get together”, Ann Marie Hyland, Megan 50 Classes Upperclass Status Brings On New Responsibilities “Being an upperclassman, we had many more priorities to straighten out, and a lot more pressures to handle,” said Janice Nedbal. Megan Fogarty added that, . . we had more responsibilities and began think¬ ing about the college of our choice.” Not only did the respon¬ sibilities change but our be¬ havior did too. Juniors were much more laid back in their at¬ titudes. They began thinking about college and started worry¬ ing more about grades. Still hav¬ ing the Seniors hovering over us, we didn ' t get all the freedom we wanted, but we did show our authority over the under¬ classman in any and every way we could. Stuffing her face, Elizabeth Shafer en¬ joys her nutritious twinkie. William White James W hittaker Julianne Wielga Katherine Wildman Krista Williams Lenora Williams Roger W illiams Margaret Wilson Richard W ' ilz Rebecca Winter Wade Wise Christopher Wood Juniors 51 Lawrence Acchione Kathie Allen Tracey Allman Richard A me tin Eileen Anderson Errol Arkilic Brian Arnold James Baca John Baker Claudia Balsamo Scott Barber Andrew Barnes Angela Bee Serena Benson Todd Binette Christopher Bir Christopher Black Sheri Black Kerri Blackwell Brenda Bolstad Stephen Bond Matthew Boren Graham Bouchoux Rebecca Braun Shawn Brennan Elizabeth Brent Mark Brown Yvette Brown Todd Bryant Blake Buckley Jennifer Budd Jude Burke Rachel Burke Theresa Buzzard Debra Campbell Ann Carlisle Sophomores The Class of 1987 Classes Sophs Work For Licenses “This is the year, " the long awaited year when you receive your driver ' s licenses. This is one of the biggest events of the Sophomore year, and it gave a sense of freedom. But this was not taken lightly. Sophomores are prepared by Drivers Educa¬ tion at school and Behind the Wheel. Peo¬ ple are now saying you are old enough to take on some responsibility. Start thinking and stop littering as David Green final¬ ly finds out that in driver ' s ed littering is illegal. Julian Carr Sarah Casperson Juancarlos Caycedo Julie Chamberlain Richard Chambers Melanie Christian Charles Collum Leiseline Connolly Jennifer Crawford David Cross Kenneth Croushore Bryan Crowell Tina Cunningham Crystal Currin Howard Daniel Theodore Davey James Davis Mark Dibell Anne Dickens Jennifer Dixon Elizabeth Donovan Dina Dooley Melanie Dowell Francis Draper Sophomores 53 Class of ' 87 Moves on Up to a Higher Level of Life Being a Sophomore has its ad¬ vantages. The obv ious one is not being pushed around anymore. We are no longer the " lowest we hold the shaving cream in¬ stead of running from it. We were mature enough to under¬ stand that our actions could form of life. Not so obvious is that we are more confident in ourselves and in knowing our way around the Fort. Ihe most important part of being a Sophomore is " getting back " at the Freshman for just ■-imply being " Freshman. " Now jeopardize the Pep Rallies, so we waited to " welcome " the sweet little Freshmen in harmless ways. After seeing a film in Driver’s Ed., George Wheeler appears temporarily stunned. Anne Dressendorfer Christine Dreylinger David Duncan Michael Dunne Ashley Edmunds Michael Elliot Christie Elliott Marvin Ervin Jeffrey Essex Bradley Evans Nancy Ewing Robert Fedder Paula Ferguson Kristine Fradenburg Lisa Frantz Douglas Freeman Charles Frye Anthony Fuentes Tricia Fuentes Tye Fussell ' .ornelia Gaillard John Gailliot Jennifer Garrett Jennifer Geller « v ' W ■ • V N ♦ ,y ,VVV ; Av 1 r ■ V W ' T at ' r v . 1 S ft x fllr " t- Wm ' f t- i % x Elizabeth Gillis Julia Gladden Steven Goodweather Laura Goodwin Kelly Gough Michael Granuzzo Anja Graves David Green Andrew Grosson Mari Grubic Geza Gyuk Leslie Hanson Michelle Heisner Kingsley Higgins Stephanie Higgins Christoper Hilliard Angela Ho Sang Karl Hoch Stephanie Hofeller William Hoff Maura Hogan Elizabeth Holaday Pamela Holland Gerald Horvath Sophomores 55 Sophomore officers Beth Holaday, Rob Lancaster, Tricia Jedrciewski, and Tricia Fuentes s ;eni ready to lead their class. Kelly Houlgate James Houseman Kathleen Hutchison Richard Idar Trell Inzunza Michael Irwin Andrea Ison Julia Jackson Patricia Jedrziewski Yulynn Jew ' Amanda Jobe Suzanne Johnson Jennifer Johnston Lee Johnston Reginald Jones Robert Jordan Ronaldo Jordan Lisa Keating Emilie Kee Arthur Keefer Mi Kim Matthew King Alex K la pat Christopher Kluge Officers: Top of Class Having successfully chosen wor¬ thy class officers, the Sohomores showed they were again capable of pulling through another year at the Fort. Officers President Robb Pitt¬ man, Vice President Tricia Jedrciewski, Secretary Tricia Fuentes, and Treasurer Beth Holi¬ day. have actually found time from their social life to coordinate the Class of “87” for raising the money needed, having car washes, sponsoring a dance, and selling can¬ dy bars and M M’s. The Sophs’ officers did a great job in getting their classmates psyched up for their next two years at the Fort. 56 Classes J Heidi Kohler Shawna Kramer Kristin Kranz Devonee Krieger Aileen Kruk Irving Kushner Son Kwon Darren Lambeth Christopher Landon Sharon Lane Margaret Larkin Noel Larsen Mary Latimer Steven Laudueci Christine Lavenia David Lea Diana Lerro Robert Lewis James Little Kenneth Lopez Alicia Lovett Karen Madsen Loc Martindale Rajul Mathur Knjoying a hot summer’s day during their Drainsville Biology trip, Stacey Wood, Kathy Raduazo, Sheryl Powers, Gretchen Seeley, John Hall, and Christine Dreylinger are cooled off by a waterfall. Sophomores 57 Lisa Mattey Michael McCarton Christopher McDonald Sean McDonough Roger McKay Gerald McMurray I leather Meckley Richard Michaux .Michael Mielczarski Joseph Miles Laurence Miles 1 leather Monoski Joseph Monroe Stephanie Morris John Murray Michelle Nekoba Colleen ()’Brien Kara O ' Brien Laura O ' Brien Jeneanne O ' Hara Thomas Obrien Elizabeth Paine Lisa Palermino Paul Papadopoulos Susan Patrick Luke Peterschmidt Paige Peterson Melissa Phillips Thavisith Phounsavath Victoria Pickering “Second Place” cheer the Sophomores as they proudly display their float. 58 Classes Homecoming Proves to Be Fun Time for Sophomores For the Class of 1987, Homecoming proved to be a great succes. As Sophomores they were able to become more involved daring Fort Hunt’s Spirit Week. Together they spent days gathering spare change for the annual spirit chain, or rummaging through the attic for the perfect outfit to wear on dress-up days such as rock star day and green and gold day. Evenings and weekends Showing his spirit, Greg Johnson strums to the Federal’s beat. were devoted to working on The Black Fort, our almost perfect second place float. This year’s Homecoming princes and princesses were Mike Granuzzo, Robb Pittman, Stephanie Swift, and Roberta Swift. All were very excited to be representing their class. Many new experiences included the Homecoming Parade, the Pep Rallies and finally the game. Rebecca Pierson Robert Pittman Angela Pleasants Jennifer Pohlmann Joan Polaschik lan Poulin Sheryl Powers Monica Prenger Karen Prescott Michael Prochko Katherine Quinn Kathrin Raduazo Christopher Rainey Wade Ramsey Ann Rawlins Tony Reosti Robert Revere Kelly Richardson Susan Rivers Stephen Roberson Sophomores 59 Mark Roby Ann Rosamond Ru o Ross X i 11 i a in Schneider Christie Schoch Kelly Schooley Darrell Seale Paul Seau Rebecca Seder James Seymour Edward Sheeran Stacey Shepard Thomas Silis Jocelyn Simmons Joseph Simpson Sean Slattery Penelope Smith Rebecca Smith Fiona Spence Leon Sposari Jeffery Stevens Tonya Sullivan Charles Sultzbaugh Roberta Swift Stephenia Swift Corey Tate Eric Taylor Leon Sposari wails by his locker for a hot date. 60 Classes -1 Second Year Allows for Increased Participation This year as Sophomores we faced many new and exciting challenges. We enrolled in tougher classes such as chemistry, geometry or typing. Along with the hardships of a heavier homework load and seemingly impossible tasks, we managed to have fun. Some students participted in the Drainsville Park field trip and still others were able to go to foreign countries to study. These trips and events provided the opportunities of a lifetime for those who participated. For college bound Sophomores the PSAT’s showed us what was in store for us in the years to come. After seeing the scores and surprises, many of us were glad to be Sophomores. Embracing Rick Springfield, Tracey Allman gets the thrill of her life. Jeffrey Taylor Harry Tear Mark Theimc Heather Thompson Alexander Tratensek Amy Truluck Joseph Turner Laura Valenti Todd Van Haaren Julie Vandersluis Camille Vann Keith Vaughan John Villar Kala Visscher Angela Wade-Gilbertson Camille Walker Melissa Way Cailtlyn West Erin W estall George W heeler Kimberly W heeler Diane W hitaker Debra Vt hite Jennifer ittacker Charles Wick Kimberly W olff Stacey W ood Molly Wright Adelina Yen Douglas Young Anthony Ziegler Sophomores 6 1 Christopher Aills William Allen Stephanie Anglin Miehael Antinucci Matthew Amy Melissa Austin I). R Bacife Jennifer Bade Kathi Baker Jennifer Baskette Lueretia Bates Nicole Battaglia Charles Baumgardner Kimberly Becklund Jayson Bell Deirdre Bene I Magdalena Bernasconi Dale Bethea Carlos Blake Angela Blankenship Katharine Blesso Kiml erly Blocher Donna Bluestone Matthew Blunt Patricia Bowen Peter Bozzo Andrea Brown Robert Brown Kathryn Bunnell Richard Burke Laura Caldwell Jennifer Callahan Bethany Calligaro Lamont Caper James Carter Tausha Carter Freshmen The Class of 6 2 Classe: Tara Case Alexander Chance Michael Cherry Amy Chertock Dana Chertoff Susan Christian Curtis Clark Ruth Cleveland Jeanne Cobb Dale Cody Nancy Coe Stephanie Cohen Charles Conconi Timothy Connell Christopher Cook Nicole Cooper Heath Corso Mary Coyle Kevin Crosby Adrienne Cross George Crowder Sonja Cruise Adrienne Crump Kathryn Cumming Freshman Year Provides Chance to Get Involved It finally came — Freshman year. A chance to get involved in things, to really have some fun. High school is a con¬ glomeration of many different events, and the Freshmen were overwhelmed by them all. There were so many things to choose from that any Freshman could find something right for his in¬ dividual needs. However, all of these oppor¬ tunities tend to be attached to a string of problems, mainly While taking notes, Wendy Harrison looks for an explanation of what she just wrote. transportation. What did the Freshmen do when confronted with a football game, a school dance, or an important school function? Instantly big brother or sister became their best bud¬ dies. For those lacking older siblings, the choice arose to either forego those activities, tag along with the up¬ perclassmen, or struggle through the embarrassing ques¬ tion, “Mom, can, uh, you take us to . . . Freshmen 63 Kathryn Cunningham Richard Cyrus Rebecca Daniels Elizabeth Davis Matthew Davis John Day Elizabeth Dees Gina Degli-Umberti John Deighton Tracy Dent Thomas Dickson Bernard Dietz Michelle Diggs Brett Dodson Charles Douglass Richard Dunbar Rebecca Edelstein Karen Eifried Freshman Officers Begin Saving Funds for Future It is a well known fact that leading any class takes much hard work. But to lead a class in a school which might not be around for your high school graduation takes a little more effort. Those Freshmen Class of¬ ficers giving little more this year at the Fort included President Rob Lancaster, Vice-President Bernie Dietz, Secretary Christy Hicks, and Treasurer Darrin Tinkle. This year, these officers were actively involved in plan¬ ning numerous fund raisers such as candy sales, doughnut sales, and car washes. According to Dietz, the main objective of their activity was “to start saving money for our Junior Prom.” Freshman Class Officers, Rob Lan¬ caster, president; Darrin Tinkle, treasurer; Christy Hicks, secretary; and Bernie Dietz, vice president; lead the Freshmen through their first year at Ft. Hunt. Jeffrey Faust Camille Ferguson James Ferguson Nancy Ferguson Dennis Fink Janice Fisher Mark Flannery Nathan Fleming Nathan Freeman Debra Galbreath Kishor Ganguly Tracy Garrett 6 t ClasM ' ; William Garrett Laura Gassek Sheila Giffin John Gluck Lori Grant Catherine Gray Mark Green Melanie Green Jane Greenleese Peter Guarraia Michael Haas Andrew Haltzel Kate Hamilton Kate Hamilton Amanda Hamlin Scott Harrison Wendy Harrison Natalie Harvey During the Freshman elections, Sheila Giffin and Amanda Lentz laugh at one of the candidate’s jokes. Krista Hewitt Christy Hicks Tricia Hoben Mary Holmes Sarah Hougen Jennifer Houlgate Kevin Howard Holly Hoyle Randall Hulburt Angela Hulsey David Hutton Lowell Ivy Freshmen 65 Robert James William James Mary Jarvis Elizabeth Jeens Marianna Johnnides Paul Johnson Christopher Jones Connie Jordan Jaclyn Jordan Thomas K a merer David Kane Tae Kang Brian Karlisch Lisa Keepe Christopher Kelly David King Jennifer Kolansky V ietoria Kosanke Barbara Kotschwar INoah Kushner Lisa Lambert Robert Lancaster David Lane Kara Langanke aonn As the Freshmen Cheerleaders catch their breath, a new cheer is demonstrated. 66 Classes Erik Larsen Catherine Laseau Dean Lashway Kenneth Leclereq Keun Lee Samantha Lee Karen Lehner Amanda Lentz Vance Lessard John Letsen Steven Levin Paula Light Catherine List Lawrence Locklin Tracy Locklin Shelli Lynch Jennifer Lyons Laurie MacNeill First Day Proves to be Difficult for Freshmen were ready to give up. Besides getting lost. Fresh¬ men were faced with in¬ timidating teachers, classes that seemed too difficult, and no recognition in a world of upperclassmen. The 2:20 bell rang. Fresh¬ men smiled with relief and thought to themselves, “Only 179 more days of this!” David Mackey James MacMieheal Dana Makielski David Marr Van Martindale Jaaska Matjeka Matthew McCarton Jennifer McCusker Karen McGaul Hugh Mcll roy Conan McDonough Kathleen McGuire The 8:15 bell rang. Fresh¬ men scurried around the halls, bumping into others as they read their schedules. They desperately tried to find their classes. Occasionally, one even summoned up the nerve to ask an upperclassman where he was. The Senior merely smiled slowly and said, “Just turn left and take the elevator.” Before the day was over, the Freshmen As a master artist, Andrew Vaughan displays his latest masterpiece. Freshmen 67 Michael McLary Jennifer Mehler Joseph Meuse Erie Meyer Patrick Meyers Miehael Michaliga Gregory Miller Kelly Millett James Mincey Christine Misura Scott Mitchell Thomas Moffitt Nicholas Mohler Powell Moore Charles Mote Shannon Mudd Christine Murphy Jeff Murphy Leslie Murray Michael Myers Earl Neamo Katherine Nelson Mark Nelson Merrie Neurock Hien Nguyen Gerald Nowak Inconvenienced by a lack of writing sur¬ face, Joe Meuse displays his creativity. 68 Classes Jeffrey Oehrlein Edward O ' Keefe Thomas Olds Stephanie Overstreet Dorsie Page Sydney Patrick Robb Patterson Bret Perkuchin Julie Peters Heather Peterson Roisin Petty Cheryl Phillips Jeffery Phillips Thavisay Phounsavath Bradford Pittman Thomas Pojeta Julie Potts Ronald Prater Jennifer Pye Shawna Ranadive David Ratchford Veronica Reaves Fabian Richmond Amy Riddell Cynthia Rissell Frosh Face Many Changes Upon Entering Fort Hunt At first. Freshman year seemed like it was going to be a long, hard road. There were countless responsibilities, frustrations, and embar¬ rassments. It seemed like the year would never end. When the Freshmen first ar¬ rived at the Fort, they were con¬ fronted with new faces, and not all of them were friendly. They were avoided by the Sophomores who were grateful that they were no longer ‘Frosh and ignored by Juniors who were preoccupied with newly provided status. To the Seniors they were basically non¬ existent, innocent victims of periodical abuse. However, oc- Jennifer Smith, Debbie Galbreath, and David Taylor artistically look for something interesting in a rock. casionally an upperclassman was reminded of the constant pressure that a Freshman faces and loaned an experienced hand. Of course, being a Freshman is not all disadvantageous. This year’s Freshman Class proved to be a spirited one, eager to get in¬ volved in class activities, and always ready to give support. Once in a while Freshmen heard the advice, “Don ' t let anyone know you’re a Freshman and you ' ll be o.k.’’ But the Class of ' 88 is a proud class, and somehow they man¬ aged to survive and prosper through this year. Freshmen 69 Wesley Robertson Dianna Schiefelbein Gretchen Seeley Todd vSeeley J. Robert Sells Paula Sen ires Kristen Seymour Stephen Shannon Elizabeth Shaw key Caroline Shen Grant Simmons Sarita Sinha Colleen Sinor Kenneth Skoug Jennifer Smith Julie Smith Natalie Smith Gregory Snell Kimberly Sowell Jeffrey Spahr Pindi Sparks Leigh Spruce Amy Stabile Tina Stancil Suzanne Stephens Brendan Sullivan Porter Sultzbaugh Barbara Suthard Mark Sweeney Suzanne Sweet Karen Swisher David Taylor 70 Classe: Homecoming: Main Event As the Freshmen leave their first year of high school, they will leave both fond and un¬ savory memories of that year. They will reminisce about the first important event of their Freshman year — Homecoming. Freshmen made a large con¬ tribution to their class by help¬ ing with the float, and during spirit week the Freshmen were tough competition for the other classes. James Taylor Carol Tedder Kevin Theisen Jeanmarie Theobalds James Thompson Christopher Thorp Nancy Thorsen William Thresher Russell Tickle Darrin Tinkle Sandra Tipton Emily Townley Lincoln Tyler Andrew Utter Andrew Vaughan Stephen Venable Karin Wagner Virginia W ahab Lisa Werneck Carl Westerman Mark W ' etzler Carlton White Alex Wiederhorn Patrick Wiley Bryan Williams Carla Williams Dianna Williams Scott Williams Melissa Wilson Marshall Wise Freshmen 7 1 I )i ision All Feds agreed that the best way to meet people and make new friends was to join a club. And here at Fort Hunt we had the opportunities to join a great number of them. Each offered a common in¬ terest and an accomplished goal. Those who participated enjoyed fun events such as the annual Latin-German soccer game, the Jr. Civitan convention, and Key Club’s annual Christmas tree sale. There were also some clubs that worked for a particular cause. The Safety Club and SADI) often spent their meetings discussing ways to make the school safer for all of us. Overall, clubs brought us together and helped boost the spirit of Fort Hunt in all w ho participated. ORGANIZATIONS Organizations 73 S1LDLNI GOVERNMENT Front Nikki Westall. 2nd Row: Lance Davis, Lambert. Back Row: Mary Anne Beet Row: Denise Murray, Dr. Beneville, Paul Howard, Tracey Gibbons, Leland Jeanette Paulino. Student Government SAC SCA Dennis Duffy, Ellen Dux, Doug Perry, Jenny Moss, David Hirschkop. Wilkniss, Ben Lieblich. Back Row: Tom Hogue, Ken Anderberg, Michael Buchal, Steve Phillips, Bruce Miller, Paul Howard, Joel Hicks, Lisa Malvaso, Lucie Pelletier, Lisa Hoch, Jaret Fredrickson, Steve Trafton, Preston Green. OR NATIONAL HONOR SOC1E- Tonf Row: Terese Miles, Martha ■ns, Jane Jessey, Nelson Chow, Jeff lin, Bernadette Wo. 2nd Row: ele Parisi, Jeanette Paulino, Terri , Stephanie Caffery, Holly Means, t Pfeiffer, Heather Norton, David iry, Tricia Veatch, Vale Farrar, yl Barrett, Kim Stabile, Emily Evans. 3rd Row: Kim Swisher, Jennifer White, Yong Chong, Jennifer Kiess, Linda Olstad, Bill Boge, Robbie Robert¬ son, Mimi Murphy, Olga Viteri, Nancy Heil. Tracey Gibbons, Meghan Baldwin. 4th Row: Robert Whitehouse, Tony Klapper, Barry Truluck, Lynn Drey- linger, Karen Pye, Denise Murray, Steve Johnson, Cathy Swift, Sandra Senior Junior Honor Societies Duncker, Chris Hummel, Gary Gross, Kevin Collins, Erik Quick, Philip Smith, Andy Wells. Bock Row: Peter Haas, Mike Davis, Chris James, Don Mueh, Rodney Patterson, Chris Audick, James Gray, Monique Royer, Dodd Star- bird, Roman Millett, James Ratchford, Jason Erb. Pedersen, Aileen Paulino. 3rd Row: Marianne Jedrziewski, Lynn Templeman, Alec Rose, Bryan Spahr, Susannah Marston, Johanne Fontanella, Sylvia Stone, Christine Swisher, Missy Cohen, Hae-Ok Kim, Laurel Stucki, Judy Friedberg, Cara Fladd, Julianne W ' ielga, Janita Turchi, Jennifer Buzzelli. 4th Row: Cathy Dietz, Julie Ungerleider, Emery Allen, Caroline UIOR NATIONAL HONOR SOCIE- Front Row: Terese Miles, Martha Gens, Jane Jessey, Nelson Chow, Jeff Lklin, Bernadette Wo. 2nd Row: ley Oakes, Kelly Hammond, Cheryl i«th, Becky Haltzel, Mirey Decerega, a Pojeta, Courtney Simmons, drybeth Burnham, Lisa Morris, Gtin Larson, Kathy Bir, Sara Burke, Ca Perkuchin, Martha Davis, Mary SJ Honor Societies 7 5 LATIN CLUB F ront Row: Mark Roby, Debra Campbell, Sharon Lane, Allen Moore, Susan Hurst, Tony Klapper (pres.), Tom Robinson (Activity Chair¬ man), Beth Lancaster (treas.). Missy Cohen (hist.), Jody Waugh, Angela Blankenship, Laura Caldwell, Heather Thompson. 2nd Row: Monique Royer, Melissa Lamoureux, Andrea Sowell, Pin- di Sparks, Heather Monoski, Elizabeth Brent, Angela Ho-Sang, Ellen Surles, Courtney Simmons, James Ratehford, Tim Connell, Chris Bir, Joe Meuse, Charles Conconi, Brian Crowell, Richard Dunbar, David Mackey. 3rd Row, Kneeling: Geoff Broughton, Harry Tear, Peter Sparks, Nathan Crump, Chris Cox, Ann Rosamond, Michele Parisi, Mary Anne Beeby, Liz Ewing, Jon Prastein, Crissy LaVenia, Ted Davey. Back Row: Susan Rivers, Christine Murphy, Bernadette Wo, Laura Jensen, Shawn Brennan, Mike Mielczarski, Kip Hoeh, Joe Monroe, Angela Beal, Chris Snear, Ashley Miller, Jody Waugh, Alison Clarke, Heidi Pfeif¬ fer, Mary Monahan, Kim Wolff, Stephanie Caffery, Becky Lieblich, Jen¬ ny O ' Brien, Darrell Seale, Joe Reosti, Jennifer Houlgate, Anika Phifer, Camille Vann, Mary Jarvis. 5th Row: Bob Meskunas, John Tsiaoushis, Ray Nestler, Matt Piepenburg, Jon Gray, Rick Michaux, Tom Shearer, Francis Draper, Jaret Fredrickson, Mark Bryant, Bruce Miller, Lynn Dreylinger, Krissy Oehrlein, Caroline Duncker, Suzanne Bacon, Sean McGarrahan. 6th Row: Scott Barber, Jimmy Glass, Patrick Gordon, Mike Dunne, Steve Trafton, Nelson Chow, Kathy Allen, Kala Vischer, Tony Reosti, Peter Guar- raia, Steve Phillips, Julie Robinso Julie Vandersluis, Sharon Wultie Melinda Armstrong, Jane Greenlees 7th Row: Brad Harrison, Todd Plan Todd Miller, Marya Bavis, Rodney Ps terson, Rob Mehler, Dirk Pohlman, Set Phounsavath. Back Row: Mark Muelle Steve Johnson, Brian Alexander, Jimm Houseman, James Ratehford, Chr Cunningham, Barry Truluck, Peyto Jackson, Mike Westphal, Jim Pfaut Barry Meuse, David Green, Julie Glai den, Don Much, Hunter Trumb Russell Phillips. Latin Club Latin Honor Society LATIN HONOR SOCIETY Front Row: Barry Truluck (Treas.), Jenny O ' Brien (Sec.), Bernadette Wo (Vice-Pres.), Nelson Chow (Pres.). 2nd Row: Jaret Fredrickson, Tony Klapper, Stephanie Caffery, Susan Chamberlain, Stephanie Green. 3rd Row: Chris Snear, Skip Ar- ny, Sally Tate, Jody Waugh, Kala Visscher, Mark Mueller, Mrs. Hall (Sponsor). 4th Row: Katherine Wildman, Stephanie Allen, Joe Reosl Steve Johnson, Peter Sparks. Back Rot James Ratehford, Barry Meuse, Bru Miller, Ashley Miller, Sea McGarrahan. ”6 Organizations CLUB Front Row: Katie nming. Karin Wagner, Judy rdberg (v-pres.), Anne Dickens rt.), John Powers (pres.), Krisan tiaziakis (treas.), Chris Swisher i(.), Becky Pierson. Fred Cooksey. r- Row: Eric Gurtner, Robbie Sells, Jen Swisher, Heather Meckley, Jeff I ' rlein, Nancy Ewing, Sarah Casper- i Nikki Cooper, David Cross, Leigh Chatognier, Christie Elliot, Melanie Austin, Andy Haltzel, Becky Haltzel, Reggie Jones, Heather Peterson, Paige Peterson, Veronique Kouhana, Kendra Cathey, Ruth Cleveland, Stacey Wood, Tina Cunningham. 3rd Row: Wade Ramsey, David Hutton, Evelyn Denwid- die, Stephanie Hofeller, Kim Swisher, Heath Corso, David Lea, Steve Lauduc- ci, Melissa Austin, Tracy Garrett, Joan Polaschik, Holly Means, Gabrielle Pohlmann, Mike Haas, Jennifer Whit¬ taker, Shawna Ranadive. 4th Row: Ian Poulin, Ned Sheeran, David Wiley, Scott Barber, Drin Gyuk, Luke Peterschmidt, Alec Rose, Tim Lake, John Wood, Matt Boge, Becky Winter, Mike Elliot, Patrick Gordon, Melanie Christian, Melissa Phillips, Lori Grant. Back Row: Stpehanie Huxhold, Greg Kottemann, Eric Schibinger, Cornelia Gaillard, Tom Hogue, Brian Alexander, Kevin Connell, Rob Mehler, Steve Johnson, Bill Mackey, Chris Audick, Kevin Collins, Brian Cornnell, Mike Keepe, Ja Carr, Phil Smith, Mike Zabych, Monica Prenger, Lynn Westall. German Honor Society German Club CRM AN HONOR SOCIETY Front Row: Drin Gyuk, Steven Lauducci, Rose, Patrick Thompson, Tim Lake Iw: Gabi Pohlmann, Holly Means, Alison Keeping, Michael Buchal, Sean John Powers, Matt Boge. Fit Swisher, Kevin Collins. Middle Carty. Back Row: Peter Haas, Alec Language Clubs — Honor Societies 77 SPANISH CLUB Front How: Aaron Royer, Kim Stabile, Kris Dunne, M ichele Parisi, Terri Snell. 2nd Row: Kelly Richardson, Jocelyn Simmons, Lamar Jackson, Cheryl Barrett, Tia McKay, Cathy Dietz, Pipi Draper, Marianne Jedrziewski, Kari Jarretl, Stephanie Sirota, Steve Goodweather, Ann Carlisle, I rieia Jedrziewski, Julie Ungerleider. 3rd Row: Emery Allen, Stacey Shepard, Susan Patrick, Jennifer Buzzelli, Kathy Jarrett, Marybeth Bur¬ nham, Lisa Morris, Crystal Currin. Back Row: Bill Boge, Matt Piepenburg, Graham Bouchoux, Steve Meier, Randy McCray, Sheila Rooney, Karen Houseman. Tricia Puentes, Cam Walker, Jeanette Paulino, Al Thresl Mike Higgins, Bill Reams, K Anderberg, John Gray, Steven L Chris Leach, Steve Meier, John Wo Matt Boge, Lee Kelley, Tom Silis, M Granuzzo, Richard Idar, Erik Quick. Spanish Club Spanish Honor Society SPANISH HONOR SOCIETY Front Senor Hernandez, Kim Stabile, Cheryl Erb, Steve Lee, Jenny Gordon, Da Row: Laurel Stucki (hist.), Julie Barrett, Marybeth Burnham, Lisa Mor- Burgett. Back Row: Bill Boge, Presl Ungerleider (sec.), Ken Anderberg ris, Sara Burke, Terese Miles, Tracey Green, Joel Hicks, David McLary, Gt (Treas.), Emily Evans (pres.). 2nd Row: Gibbons. 3rd Row: Donna White, Jason Gross. 8 Organization •INCH CLUB Front Row: Becky Istein, Merrie Neurock, Miriam pson, Beth Paine, Chris Schoch, ra Burke (treas.), Adelina Yen t.), Jennifer Crawford (pres.), Tara ke (v-pres.), Jeneanne O ' Hara 1 .), Jennifer Bade, Jennifer Mehler, •la Light, Cathy Laseau, Andy Wells. 1 Row: Caroline Shen, Greg Miller, annah Marston, Cheryl Smith, onee Kreiger, Elizabeth Gillis, Ashley Edmunds, Angela Bee, Tracey Edmunds, Angela Bee, Tracey Allman, Kingsley Higgins, Stephanie Swift, Jen¬ nifer McKusker, Deidre Benel, Lynn Templeman, Stephanie Anglin, Crissie Zvonkovich, Philip Smith, Alicia Lovett. 3rd Row: Ted Davey, Beth Donovan, Emilie Kee, Sylvia Stone, Clarinda Lofton, Robin Pruett, Becky Haltzel, Kristin Larson, Michelle Mc¬ Clendon, Natalie Bayol, Melanie Alnwick. Becky Smith, Roberta Swift. Shannon Mudd, Donna Bluestone, Tricia Bowen, Dana Chertoff, Jennifer Callahan. Jenny Smith. 4th Row: Dar¬ ren Lambeth, Marc Reichelderfer, Billy Keech, Beth Holaday, Jennifer White, Doug Burnette, Todd Takken, Aileen Paulino, Becky Little, Amy Ensign, Mimi Theobalds, Michelle Nekoba, Lisa Frantz, Heather Norton, Jennifer Lyons, Tina Pojeta, Julie Wielga, Tae Kang, Jennifer Kolansky, Barbara Kotschwar. Bach Row: Mike Higgins, Becky Winter, John Gailliot, Julie Potts, Kathy Allen, David Green, Cathy Swift, Mike Prochko, Jenny Strozier, Kara Perkuchin, James Gray, Doug Michaliga, Steve Shannon, Jaaska Matjeka. French Club French Honor Society ' ENCH HONOR SOCIETY Front (Hist.). Middle Row: Mary Pedersen, Green, Todd Jb: Janita Turchi (Treas.), Martha Aileen Paulino, Bryan Spahr, Jennifer Zvonkouich. Ids (Sec.), Ben Lieblich (Pres.), Hae White, Heather Norton, Kathy Swift. ' IKim (Vice-Pres.), Thomas Hogue Bach Row: Lynn Templeman, Preston Takken, Chrissie Language Clubs — Honor Societies 79 Dooley, Matt kominars, Mark Bryant, Dean Cooney, Jared Rosenfeld. B Russell Phillips, Steve Schneider, Mike Row: Jim Pfautz, David Condon, TJ Andre, David Miles. 3rd Row: Steve Misura, Jeff Aderholt, Steve Swyg Meier, James Ratehford, Pat Crawn, Geoff Broughton, Jon Gray, Chris Ni Peyton Jackson, Tom Kiernan, Kent Gaines, Doug Todd, Chris Cunningham, KEY CLUB Front Row: Sonny Smith (Sec.), Steve Lehner (Treas.), Mike Cunningham (Pres.), Edmund Hueks (Chap.), Lee Poythress (1st Vice Pres.). 2nd Row: Graham Bouchoux, Brad Harrison, J. T., Chris Kennedy, Sean Key Club Keyettes man. Berta Swift, Stephanie S Katie Cunningham, Tara Burke, M Decerega, Tina Pojeta, Jody Wai Karen Nidever, Jennifer Peterson, J Robinson, Karen Houseman, M Burke, Lori O’Hara, Sheila Rooi Tracy Sherman, Cornelia Gaill Christine Timmons, Suzanne Johnso KEYETTES Front Row: Mary Doherty (Sec.), Kathy Rodriguez (Hist.), Erin Flanagan (Vice Pres.), Diane Grimm (Pres.), Merrilee Neyland (Treas.), Laura Thieme (Hist.). 2nd Row: Catty Laseau, Jennie Callahan, Joan Polashik, Stephanie Morris, Lisa Fernandez, Mary Pederson, Kathy Jarret, Marybeth Burnham, Linda Fernandez, Tracey Gibbons, Hae Ok Kim, Andrea Sowell, Jill Jefferson, Christie Elliot. 3rd Row: Jenny O’Brien, Jeneanne O’Hara, Jen¬ ny Henderson, Jennifer Whittaker, Julia Davis, Jennifer Buzzeli, Becky Smith, Susie Patrick, Susanna Marston, Heather Norton, Aileen Kruk, Missy Way, Julie Chamberlain, Adelina Yen, Angela Ho Sang. Back Row: Terri Sher¬ HO Organizations -Y Front Row: David Condon hap.), Todd Flannery (V-Pres.), Bill irnham (Pres.), Jim Pfautz (Treas.). d Row: Marc Reichelderter, Graham uchoux, Andrew Goldberger, Billy ;ech, Tom Krysa, Steve Lee, John iwer, Pat Condon, Jon Gray, Jack Dell, Ray Nestler, Todd Plank, Mike An- Chris Audick, Bill Boge, Kevin Connell, dre, Eric Lindsey. 3rd Row: Matt Lance Davis, John Holland, Mike Kominars, Mark Ervin, David McClary, Westphal, Barry Meuse, Steve Patrick, Tim Dwyer, Chris Snear, Ryan Smith, Ray Canuel, Dan Anderson, Todd Bruce Miller, Nelson Chow, Steve Misura, Doug Todd, Matt Boge, James Meier, Paul Howard, Mark Gaunya, Gray. Sean Dooley, Ted Godbout. Back Row: Hi-Y Tri-Hi-Y Rl-HI-Y Front Row: Meghan 2nd Row: Terri Snell, Andrea Adams, Sheehan. Julie Ungerleider, Beth Lan- aldwin, Stephanie Caffery, Jeanette Tricia Jedrziewski, Kingsley Higgins, caster, Jennifer Crawford, Cathy Swift, aulino, Denise Murray, Kathy Hovde, Michelle Nekoba, Sandra Getter, Kris Martha Dickens, Kari Jarrett, Marya timi Murphy, Tricia Veatch, Kate Dunne, Aileen Paulino, Keri D ' Angelo, Bavis, Kathy Jarrett, Kathy Dietz, lurray, Marianne Jedrziewski, Michelle Pipi Draper, Debbie White. Back Row: Laura Jensen, Susan Hurst, arisi, Bernadette Wo, Amy Truluck. Emily Evans, Melissa Lamoureux, Patti Service Clubs 81 mm JUNIOR CIVITANS F ront Row: Stefan Riess (pres.), Nadia Jallid (v. pres.), Robbie Robertson (treas), Kathy Hovde. 2nd Row: Emily Evans, Sandra Getter. Jenny Strozier, Mary Walker, Kathy Rodriguez, Michelle McClendon (sec.), Natalie Bayol, David McClary, Kim Swisher, Becky McGinni s. 3rd Row: Jevita DeFreitas, Richie Patter¬ son. James Pfautz, David Condon, Trish Veateh, Allison Clarke, Pam Neal, Ken¬ dra Cathey, Veronique Kouhana, Sookie Seneris, Patty Sheehan. 4th Row: Jay Dell, Melanie Alnwick, Kathy Allen, Tawanna McKay, Peyton Jackson, Cathy Swift, Angie Addington, Theo Pierce, Mary Monahan, Melissa Lamoureux, Olga Viteri (chap.), Ginny Howell, Vale Farrar. Mary Dohern Back Row: Sheila Rooney, Mik Westphal, Sean Dooley, Dirk Pohlmat Adrienne llowze. John Paine, Jamt Gray, Laurie Chase, Billy Reams, Luc Pelletier, April Wise, Pam Salisbury Allison Keeping. Junior Civitans BCA BCA F rant Row: Leah Ashe (treas), Ryan Drummond, Lenora Williams, cent, Trisha Williams, Felicia Jone Ade Walker, Pam Neal (pres.). Shelly Paula Neal, Shawnita Wilkens, Adrienne Kathy Allen, David Condon, Stephan Robertson (sec.), Jennifer Budd (v. Howze, Kim Young, Anika Phifer, Overstreet, Evelyn Denwiddie, Keit pres), Tawanda Morris. Middle Roiv: Kathy Henderson. Back Row: Eric Vin- Allison. 82 Organization Back Row: Casandra Wright, Cindy Baumbach, Carolyn Coughlin, Lisa Hoch, Melinda Armstrong, Liz Ewing, Tara Case. RO Front Row: Dee-Dee Minor Lindsey, Mary Walker, Kristi Wallace, i-treas), Cheryl Stephens (co-pres), Mary Doherty, Patty Sheehan. 3rd r,ni Hablas (co-pres). 2nd Row: Mrs. Row: Felecia Jones, Amy Lawrence, relhout (spon.), Miriam Simpson, Lenora Williams, Beth Heisner, Tracey ky Pickering, Willie McCallum, Eric Sherman, Anika Phifer, Laura W ' ells. Hero FHA HA Front Row: Carla Williams, Stephanie Fisher. Middle Row: Barbara Kathy Blesso, Leigh Spruce, Monique ristin Harmon, Michelle Diggs, Suthard, Katie Nelson, Tina Stancil, Jones. Back Row: Cassandra Wright. Service Clubs 83 FBLA F root Row: Jason Erb (hist.), Karen Daniels (Sec.), James Gray (viee- pres.). Julie Wiegla (treas.), Billy Keech (pres.). 2nd Row: Kelly Poche, Tina Po- jeta, Beth Holaday, Tricia Jedrezwski, Chris Wood, Johanne Fontanella, Aileen Paulino, Kari Jarrett, Marianne Jedrzwski, Kathy Jarrett, Mary Peder¬ son, Kelly Hammond, Merilee Neyland, Cheryl Smith, Kim Stabile, Sandra Get¬ ter. 3rd Row: Kim Wolf, Susie Patrick, Tricia Fuentes, Stacy Sheppard, Kim Swisher, Courtney Simmons, Jennifer Peterson, Suzzanne Bacon, Ginny Henderson, Julie Davis, Jill Jefferson, Marc Reichelderfer, Dwayne Moore, Karen Parsons. 4th Row: Robb Pittman, Matt Peipenberg, Rob Sala, T. J. Quinn, Steve Meir, Karen Houseman, Ju Robinson, Pam Beach. Back Row: Jol Galliot, Mike Bagley, Mark Muelh Eric Sehibinger, Brian Alexander, Mi Prochko, Stefan Ries, Brad Harriso Jack Maclnnis, Bruce Miller, Ma Gaunya, Steve Swygert, Jennifer Gelb Tom Kiernan. DECA F root Row: Courtenay Ribble, Michelle McClendon, Keri D ' Angelo, Mary Monahan, Michelle Gaunya, Angie Addington, Joanna Stewart, Kim Allison Clarke, Karen Nidever, Laura Wiltz. 3rd Row: Laura Edgerton, Greg Wells. 2nd Row: Tina Berry, Cathy Frye, Shawnita Wilkins, Felicia Diggs, Dietz, Colleen Petty, Lynn Templeman, Jerome Byers, Kathy Allen, Anthony Ade Walker, Danielle Griffin, Donna McCallum, Dana Kraus. 4th Row: Chris Gonzales, Krissy Oehrlien, Kelly Poche, Evans, Megan Melcher, Terita Jackson, Amy Lawrence, Cindy Jensen, Lai Picardat, Melissa Lamoureux, Lai Thieme, Shannan Solomon, Bru Beavers, Kathy Hutchison, To Ziegler. Back Row: Terita Jackson, Ai Lawrence, Lori O ' Hara, Susan Taylor i 1 DECA FBLA 84 Organization : SADD Safety Council SAFETY COUNCIL Front Row: Emily (sec.). Middle Row: Pam Salsbery, Strozier. Back Row: Todd Takken, Kel- Lvans (hist.), Jevita de Freitas (v. Alison Keeping, Dona Fradenburg, ly Kramer, Tony Reosti, Keith •res.), Sandra Getter (pres.), Cheryl Susan Hurst, Kingsley Higgins, Stacy Vaughan, Linda Olstad. Barrett (2nd v. pres), Kim Stabile Shepard, Kara Perkuchin, Jenny ADD Front Row: Richard Patterson, shley Edmunds, Merrie Neurock, leidi Pfeiffer (hist.), Carolyn Coughlin treas.), Sheila Rooney (v-pres.), Mary arol Ridder (pres.), Mary Francone, lae-Ok Kim, Janita Turchi. 2nd Row: lison Keeping, Stephanie Hofeller, ohn Wood, Kerry Sipult, Carol Jarecki, lison Clarke, Mary Monahan, Patty Sheehan, Jeff Aderholt, Denise Murray, Susan Hurst, Emily Evans, Kim Stabile, Becky McGinnis, Ann Rosamond. 3rd Row: Erin Flanagan, Joe Monroe, Tricia Veatch, Matt Kominars, Kris Dunne, Jackie Zachman, Jeanette Paulino, Terri Snell, Laurie Chase, Laura Wells, Mary Doherty, Lori O ' Hara, Tracey Sherman, Pam Beach, Mary Anne Beeby, Jennifer Hablas, Laurel Stucki, Jill Jefferson, Kelly Hammond, Kathy Jarrett. 4th Row: Jennifer Buzzelli, Sharon Wultieh, Camille Walker, Cathy Swift, Nikki Cooper, Christine Timmons, Elizabeth Sheafer, Lisa Hoch, Melinda Armstrong, Peyton Jackson, Kate Mur¬ ray, Cheryl Barrett, Sandra Getter, Jen¬ nifer Strozier, Kara Perkuchin, Aileen Paulino, Mary Walker. Back Row: Pamela Salsbery, Jevita de Freitas, Gerry Darby, Jack Murray, John Tsiaoushis, Matt Boge, Bill Boge. Brian Anderson, Robert Mehler, Todd Misura, Stefan Ries, Roger Williams, Billy Reams, Jack Maclnnis, Ginny Hender¬ son, Keith Vaughan, Julia Davis, Nadia Jallad, Steve Meier. Special Interest 85 ART CLUB Front Row: Alison Clarke, Dana Kraus, Keri D ' Angelo, Kimberly Daniel Schneider, Robert Mehle Kris Mullins (pres.), Laura Picardat (v- Wheeler. 3rd Row: Alex Klapat, Rob Monica Jordan, Susan Taylor, Bil pres.), LIrsula Hagerman. 2nd Row: Revere, Kathy Bir, Mike Bluestone, Reams, Matt Boge, Romy Maimoi Rebecca Seder, Linda Olstad. Melanie Krisan Voyiaziakis, Cindy Jensen, Kari Chris Atkins, Brian Arnold. Christian, Martha Dickens, John Wood, Fitzsimmons, Carrie Seeley. Back Row: Brad Rees, Keith Vaughan, Jennifer Styles, Brian Jones, Katie Holmes, Missy Cohen, Katie Keaney. 3rd Row: Becky Haltzel, Christie Schoch, Luke Peterschmidt, Bill White, Julia Davis, Ginny Henderson, Cathy Harding, Gina Degli-Umberti, Jennifer Buzzed DRAMA CLUB front Rotv: Ralph Mirabal (Pres.), Tom Ziemba (V Pres.), Olga Viteri (Sec.), Reggie Jones (Treas.). 2nd Row: Amy Ensign, Robbie Robertson, Dona Fradenburg, Nancy Heil, David McLary, Steve Schneider, Tracey How ard. Back Row: Williams, Patty Coyle, Steve Roberso Richard Vann, Amy Acklin, John Pain Stefan Ries, Jeff Macklin, Stepht 1 Ledebur, Drin Gyuk, Keri D’Angelo. Drama Club Art Club 86 Organization: ASTRONOMY CLUB Front Row: Andy Row: Doug Burnette, Andrew Calligaro. Back Row: Tony klapper, Grosson, Geza Gyuk (sec.), Alex Klapat Goldberger, Kevin Connell, Bill Boge, Ben Lieblich, John Carlson, Tom Silis, (treas.), Drin Gyuk (pres.), Ian Poulin Cathy Harding. 4th Row: John Greiner, Bob Kelly, Pete Ledebur, Robert (v. pres.), Steve Goodweather. 2nd Chris Audick, Heidi Kohler, Pam Mehler, Nelson Chow, Erik Quick, Row: Brian Cornnell, John Wood. 3rd Holland, Tricia Jedrziewski, Rob Stephen Ledebur. IlOLOGY CLUB Front Row: Chris ichoch, Patty Coyle, Kathy Hutchison, Cathy Latimer, Heather Thompson, leanette Paulino. 2nd Row: Linda iDlstad, Martha Dickens, Heather Meckley, Melanie Christian, MaryAnne Beeby, Mimi Murphy (v. pres.), Steve Phillips (v. pres.), Lance Davis (pres.), Mary Doherty (v. pres), Kate Murray (sec.), Terri Snell (Hist.), Lucy Pelletier, Jennifer Kiess (treas.). 3rd Row: Adelina Yen, Melanie Dowell, Heather Norton, Missy Way, Christine Dreylinger, Tricia Kelly, Sue Ellett, Lynn Dreylinger, Bill Burnham, Diane Grimm, Holly Means, Stacey Shepard, Melinda Armstrong, Tina Pojeta, Beth Heisner, Caitlyn West. 4th Rou: Gezu Gyuk, Steve Bond, Jay Taylor, John Villar, Dona Fradenburg, David McLary, Heidi Kohler, Dina Dooley, Sheryl Powers, Andrea Sowell, Keith Vaughan, Paige Peterson, Stephanie Swift, Jeneanne O’Hara, Pam Holland, Becky Smith, Carrie Seeley, Katie Keaney, John Hall, Ja Carr, Darrell Seale. 5th Row: Chuck Dunbar (chap.). Bill Boge, Loc Martindale, Steve Rober¬ son, Tom Hogue, Steve Schneider, Lamar Jackson, Suzy Patrick, Kingsley Higgins, Tricia Fuentes, Tricia Jedr¬ ziewski, Stephanie Morris. Tony Reosli, Caroline Duncker, Mark King. Back Row: Steve Patrick, Chris Eger, Brian Alexander, Tom Silis, Luke Peterschmidt, Harry Tear, Chuck Col- lum, Alicia Lovett, Mike Granuzzo, Kevin Connell, Stefan Ries, Barry Meuse, Paul Howard, Jeff Macklin, Ryan Smith (y. pres.), Tanya Sullivan, Sharon Lane, Barry Truluck, Ken Anderberg, Tom Kiernan. Jason Erb. Special Interest Clubs 87 FORTRESS STAFF front: Pat Keeping, Shan Sheffield. 3rd Rote: Karen Nidever, Kristina Kohler, Tin; Sullivan (Ed. in Chief). Second Row: Pancho Bernasconi, Melanie Alnwick, Cunningham. Rich Campagna (Sp. Editor), Ted Little, (Features Ed.), Ellen Surles, Bette Amy Acklin, Laura Swenson, Allison Couch, Chuck Collum. Back Row: Fortress Staff FORTRESS EDITORS: Pat Sullivan, Kristina Kohler, Melanie Alnwick, Laura Swenson, Richard Campagna TLINE Front Row: Christie Jack Murray, Steve Shannon, Conan Karen Rasmussen, Jeannette O Brien, Denise Murray, Heater Norton, McDonough, David Ratchford, Tae Kevin Seely, Chris McDonald, Beth le Parisi, Anne Dickens. 2nd Row: Kang. Martha Dickens, Leslie Connoly, Donovan, Mike Andre. Willard, Fred Cooksey, TJ Quinn, Adrienne Crump. Back Row: Wade Snear, Beth Holaday. 3rd Row: Wise. Maurice Larkin, Missy Kohen, Frontline Deja Vu Jennifer CJA VU’ Front Row: Mark Dreyfus, Hoyle, Leiseline Connolly, KrisAnn Bezella, Jeannette O Brien Ajela Ho Sang, Maura Hogan. Middle Joyiaziakis, Pendi Sparks. Back Row: Whitaker, Jaclyn Jordan. hw: Tom Hogue, Mrs. Tafara (ad- Nathan Crump, Chris James, Doug v r), Kate Louise Hamilton, Holly Burnett, Ben Leiblich, Julia Davis, Julie Publications 89 Paula Ferguson, Tina Stancil, Eretha Ferguson, Samantha Lee, Anika Ph Jones. 4th Row: Monica West, Andrea Dianna Williams. Back Rout: Lan Brown, Tonya Sullivan, Tammie Ter- Williams, Stephanie Overstreet, Pai roll. 5th Row: Felicia Jones, Nancy Neal, Leah Ashe. PEP SQUAD Front Row: Shelly Robertson. 2nd Row: Jennifer Budd (Co-Capt.), Yolanda Bailey (Capt.). 3rd Row: Carla Williams, Michelle Diggs, Pep Club Drill Team DB1LE TEAM Front Row: K. Dunne, son, L. Edgerton, T. Berry, J. Peterson, Burnham, M. Pedersen, M. Neyland H. Dooley, M. Melcher, Ln. Fernandez, S. Chamberlain, J. O ' Brien, C. Dietz, D. Vann. Back Row: L. Frantz, M. Nekc K. Wallace, K. Hovde, H. Means (Co- Gonzales, L. Templeman, M. Gaunya. F. Spence, S. Kwon, S. Swift, Capt.), Ls. Fernandez, M. Baldwin, S. 3rd Row: K. O’Brien, P. Draper, S. Shepard, K. Higgins, J. Crawford, Caffery, D. Griffin. 2nd Row: K. Lar- Solomon, M. Burke, K. Jarrett, M. Dooley, H. Meckley. 90 Organization: J Front Row: Lance Davis (Sec.), Goldberger, Andrew Cerutti, Matt Stefan Ries. 4th Row: Steven Johnson, n Chow (Treas.), Robert Calligaro Kominars, Sandra Getter, Jevita De John Paine. Back Row: Michael ;-Pres.), Linda Froid (Pres.). 2nd Freitas. 3rd Row: Robert Kelly, John Cranuzzo, Paul Howard. Mark Nekoba, Andrew Greiner, Brian Alexander, Bill Boge, JETS Society for Creative Anachronism ■t: mm OCIETY FOR CREATIVE Second Row: Alex Tratensek, Alex Bailey. Back Row: Steve Roberson, Tom AACHRON1SM Front Row: Stephan Klapat, Luke Peterschmidt, Wade Wise, Dixon, debur (pres.), Drin Gyuk (V-pres.), Scott Barber, Dave Lea. Third Row: ' thy Harding (sec.), Angie Beal. Geza Gyuk, Andy Grosson, Donna Special Interest Club 9 1 MADKIGAL SINGERS Front Row: Chris Swisher, Lisa Morris, Penni Smith, Stephanie Hofeller, Margaret Lisi. Middle Row: Ian Poulin, David McLary (1st v-pres.), Karen Parsons (see.). Brad Rees (pres.). Dona Fraden- burg (2nd v-pres.), Jackie Townsend (treas.), Kristie Bowers, Tom Ziemba. Rack Row: Bryan Spahr, Steve Schneider, Peter Doherty. Madrigals Vocal Jazz VOCAL JAZZ Penni Smith, Bryan Spahr, Chris Swisher, David McLary, Dona Fradenburg, Brad Rees. 92 Organiz at ions WOMEN’S CHAMBER CHOIR First Run-: Pam Neal (Pres.), Meghan Baldwin (Treas.), Terese Miles (V. Pres.). Bernadette Wo (Sec.), Lisa Frantz (Lib.), Lamar Jackson (Hist.), Jennifer Strozier (Lib.), Heather Meckley. Middip Row: Jocelyn Sim¬ mons, Adelina Yen, Clarinda Lofton, Meghan Moriarty, Mari Gruhic, Melanie Dowell, Karan Eifried. Back Row: Marnie Larkin. Kim Johnson, Felisia Jones, Angela Pleasants, Emilie Kee, Kelly Rantpe, Jennifer Goeser. Women’s Chamber Choir Ensemble WOMEN’S ENSEMBLE Front Row: Stephanie Hofeller, Karen Parsons, Kristie Bowers. Back Rote: Margaret Lisi, Jackie Townsend. Lisa Morris. Vocal Music 93 STRING ORCHESTRA Front Row: Katharine Perry, Ashley Miller. Matt Arny, Sara Burke. Middle Rote: Rebeo- ea Edelstein, Karen Houseman, Carolyn Shen, Jennifer Pohlmann, Susan Rivers, Jennifer Garrett, Laurie MacNeill, Tonya Sullivan, Angela Ho Sang, Sharon Lane, Li Glover. Back Row: Linda Rugari, Mike Bluestone, Crystal Currin, Barbara Kotschwar, Mark Nelson. Siring Orchestra Quartet STRING QUARTET Katharine Perry, Ashley Miller, Li Glover, Angela Ho Sang. 94 Organizations Sean McDonnough, Ralph Mirabel, Kel¬ ly Kramer, Holly Means, Leshea Frye, Andrea Ison. Back Row: Camille Ferguson, Tausha Carter, Kristin Har¬ mon, Blake Buckley, Julie Potts, David Taylor, Todd Takken, Grant Simmons, Amy Riddell, Heather Peterson, Katie Cunningham. CONCERT CHOIR Front Row: Kathy Hovde, Tina Stancil, Cindy Rissell, Jackie Townsend, Raul Garcia, Chris Kelly, Chris Aills, Janek Kalicki, Stephanie Overstreet, Elizabeth Brent, Kerri Blackwell. Middle Row: Nancy Ferguson, Kristie Bowers, Melanie Green. Cathy Lisi, Michael Chertock, Concert Choir Barber Shop Quartet BARBER SHOP QUARTET Steve Schneider, Ian Poulin, Tom Ziemba, Peter Doherty. Vocal Instrumental Music 95 I FLAG CORPS Front Row: Jen Mehler, Elizabeth Brent, Katie Keaney, Joeelyn Simmons, Shawna Ranadive. Middle Row: Kim Stabile, Kathie Allen, Sinnie Knieff, Sheryl Powers, Nancy Ewing, Mari Grubic. Back Roiv: Emilie Kee, Becky Pierson, Karen Parsons, Heather Monoski, Tricia Veatch. Flag Corps Tri-M TRI M F ront Row: Jackie Townsend, Angela HoSang, Beth Paine, Meghan Baldwin, Heidi Pfeiffer, David Burgett, Dona Fradenburg, Jani Turchi, Alicia Gailliot. Middle Row: Lisa Morris, Margaret Lisi, Sharon Wultich, Jennifer Strozier, Katharine Perry, Monique Royer, Pam Neal, Mark Roby, Terese Miles. Back Row: Peter Doherty, Karen Parsons, Chris Swisher, Mike Keepe, Alan Harrison, Peter Haas, Michael Chertoek, Brad Rees, Kristie Bowers, David McLary. 96 Perry, Ray Aigner, Jim Liltle, Sean Brennen, Jeff Faust, James Slebbins, Tom Olds, Mark Nekoba, Craig Shenkenberg, Sylvia Stone, Rob Fedder, Ja Carr, Tim Connell, David Lane, Paul Johnson, Peter Hass. Back Row: Tony Reosti, John Youmans, Allen Harrison, Todd Misura, Christine Fradenburg. Courtney Simmons, Elizabeth Paine, John Reosti. 3rd Row: John Polaschik, Leslie Oakes, Merrie Neurock, Sarah Casperson, Maura Hogan, Roberta Swift, Kara Perkuchin, Sharon Wultieh, Darren Lambeth, Greg Kotteman, Mark Roby, Mike Keepe. 4th Row: Ruth Cleveland, Devonee Krieger, Tom Shearer, Julie Peters, James Baca, Richard Idar, Mike Zabych, Douglass ’HONIC BAM) Front Row: Heidi fer, Monique Royer, Alicia ot, Julie Ungerleider. Laurel i, Mary Carol Ridder, Carol ki, Jared Rosenfeld, Hae-Ok-Kim. Row: David Burgett, Jackie nan, Steve Laducci, Jennifer », Ellen Dux, Janita Turchi, Eric s, Shirley Rivers, Lawrence Ac- ie, Christy Laitsch, Darrell Seale, Symphonic Concert Bands CONCERT BAND Front Row: Kala Visscher, Sara Hougan, Camille Walker, Jill Jefferson, Doug Young, Rajul Mathur, Donna Bluestone. Back Row: Christine Misura, Kelly Houlgate, John Black, Allen Moore, Shannon Mudd, Bernie Dietz, Darrin Tinkle, David Wiley. Music Groups 97 Federals Recognized for Their Musical Talents 1985 was Fort Hunt s year to shine in the Music Department. Along with a few appearance changes and new incoming talent, the hand as well as the choral groups received high honors and recognition throughout the area. The Band clad in new uniforms and led by Mr. George Etheridge played at the D.C. Republican Convention this past fall. The audience included many notable personalities in¬ cluding Vice President Bush. The Choral Department here at the Fort put on several shows this year. Perhaps the most memorable program was that which was done at the Fort Hunt Rally in early February. It was at the rally, some 800 people were able to hear and see the 35 members who par¬ ticipated in the All Regional Choir, more than any other school in the area. The Or¬ chestra and the Madrigals were also present, and turned in an excellent performance. With great talents like these Fort Hunt will be able to shine in more than just 1 985. The band practices hard for their next big performance. Preparing for an uncoming concert, violinist Katherine Perry and Elizabeth Gillis tune their instruments. Striving for perfection, Tonya Sullivan hopes to play the right notes. Proving that they really love music, the A.M. chorus class is up and ready to sing at 7 o’clock. Under the watchful eye of Mr. George Etheridge, band members Monique Royer and Jill Jefferson concentrate on their music. Music Groups 99 100 Division It took more than the problem of declining enroll ¬ ment and the possibility of Fort Hunt closing to cause the Feds to let down their harriers against district foe. Showing their usual dedica¬ tion to their sports, the Fed¬ eral practiced long and hard to achieve their goals, Gun- ston District Championships. Behind the outstanding sports teams are the coaches. Many of the coaches were new to our school, and they showed their ability to lead our teams, while the veteran coaches still proved effective. Competition was alive and well. K V L- SPORTS Sports 101 Coaches Coaches Lead the Way to Victories Fort Hunt has traditionally been known for its outstanding athletic teams. Behind these teams is a group of excellent coaches. The coaches spend countless hours with their teams and staff in order to devise plans for attacking other teams. The relationship between player and coach is a vital part of a team’s strength. Our coaches at Port Hunt have become a part of our lives, as well as good friends. Being a new coach presents a special challenge it is always hard to fill somebody else’s shoes, especially those of a winning coach. Yet, the nine new coaches at Fort Hunt didn’t seem to mind. The Fortress Staff would like to welcome our new coaches to Fort Hunt. Keep up the tradition of winning and good sportsman¬ ship. We also thank the existing coaches for their dedication and abilities devoted to Fort Hunt. Discussing the running attack. Coach Creneti and Willie McCallum discuss new plays. Coaches Baseball Varsity: Ted Colna J. V.: Dan Denston Basketball Boys Varsity: Bill Engels Girls Varsity: Paul Jansen Boys JV: Ken Burton Girls JV: Phil Armstrong Boys Freshman: Emily Burns Cross Country: Joe Merenda Field Hockey: Wanda Peterson Football Varsity: Frank Creneti J .V.: Ron Grow Frosh: Mr. Langley Golf: Ron Thorne Gymnastics: Dorothy Robinson Soccer Boys Varsity: Roger Creed Girls Varsity: Bob Gerber Boys JV: Garry Relton Girls J V: Tom Giska Softball Varsity: Ron Grow Swim Dive: Larry Gaudreault Tennis Boys: Gary Yohe Girls: Dorthy Robinson T rack Boys: Mike Braxton Girls: Eric Parsells Winter Track Boys: Eric Parsells Girls: Eric Parsells Wrestling: Steve Foglio Watching the meet intently. Coach Robinson se instruction pay off. 102 Sports With a look of concern. Coach Foglio questions one of his wrestler ' s moves. Keeping a close track of time. Coach Gaudreault shouts out encouraging words to his relay team. Coaches 103 iSlaMSIlRi: Football Feds Go 5 and 0 in District and Regain the Title Starting off slowly, the Federals finished strong by going undefeated in Districts and winning the Gunston District Champion¬ ship. Losing their first two District games by a total of five points, the Feds gained momentum and rolled over Falls Church displaying their first shutout of the season. Showing loses to both Robinson and TC Williams, the Feds went on and defeated rival Mount Vernon. Willie McCallum scored on the opening kick off and then the defense held the opponents to a seven-six victory. Continuing their winning ways, the Feds defeated all other District opponents and moved to the Regional Semi-final. With a tough played game against TC illiams the Feds still came up on the short end with a 20-0 loss. On the outside sweep, Eric Lindsey makes his move to the outside. Before the game, the Federals gather in the end zone for last minute instructions. 104 Sports r 1 ( VARSITY FOOTBALL F ront Row: Ken Hasle, Brandon Eggleston, Freeman Stackhouse, Anthony McCallum, Sonnv Smith, Eric Henderson, Joe Da vis, Chris Leach, Leland Lambert, Todd Flan¬ nery. Ryan Smith. Lee Povthress. Second Row: Bill Burnham, Chris Snear, Mark Gaunya, Eddie Bonds, Dean Cooney, Earl Garrett, Barry Muese, Paul Betancourt, Pat Crawn, Chris Kennedy, Ed Hucks. Lance Davis, Ray Canuel, Karen Nidever (trainer). Third Row: Steve Lehner, Mike Patter¬ son, Tom Robinson, Eric Rasmussen, David Con¬ don, Dennis Phillips, Mike Westphal, Barry Truluck, Paul Howard, Eric Lindsey. Tom Weeks, David Chandler, John Holland, Susan Hurst (man.). Bach Row: David McKnight, Chris Cox, Ken Tyler, Ernie Lyles. Ryan Drummond, Greg Wheeler, Ted Kennie, Lamont Sanders, Tom Quinn, John Ryan, Mike Webb, Chris Neill. Tom Kierman, Gary Gross, Randy McCray, Debbie W hile (man.). FEDS 0 VAR. FOOTBALL Wakefield OPP 2 0 W. T. Woodson 3 31 Langley 0 10 Robinson 14 0 T. C. Williams 42 7 Mount Vernon 6 27 R. E. Lee 15 23 Edison 0 13 Hayfield 10 34 Groveton 7 0 REGIONAL SEMI-FINAL T. C. Williams 20 Football 105 In perfect form, Lee Poythress tackles the offender. Putting more points on the board, John Holland follows through on the kick. During a time out, the offense discusses the next play. 106 Sports f. Experience and Quickness Are the Main Factors With the experience of twenty returning lettermen, head coach Frank Creneti led his varsity team to another Gunston District Championship. The Federals offense was led by a four¬ some of running backs, including Sophomore Ernie Lyles, and Seniors Eric Lindsey, Eddie Bonds, and Willie Me- Callum. MeCallum received the honor as be¬ ing selected the MVP of the Gunston District by th e Alexandria Gazette. The defensive line was led by Seniors Joe Davis and Sonny Smith, who were both elected to the second team of the All-Metro Team. The defensive secondary was headed by Ryan Smith who ended in second place for the most interceptions with three. The 1984 Federals found the right com¬ bination of veterans and rookies for a win¬ ning style. Punter Todd Flannery kicks the Feds out of trouble. Football 107 FEDS 14 JV FOOTBALL Langley OPP 6 19 Robinson 26 22 T. C. Williams 27 16 Ml. Vernon 15 28 R. E. Lee 6 6 Edison 13 16 Hayfield 00 34 Groveton 20 JV FOOTBALL Front Row: Pat Condon, Ron Reaves, David Samolej, Tom Quinn, Keith Allison, Sean Carty, Mark Dibell, Mike Andre, Janies Morgan, Ronald Lan¬ dry. Middle Row: David Green, Doug Freeman, Grahm Bouchoux, Todd Van Haaren, Mark King, James Seymour, Richard Burke, Porter Sultzbaugh, Scott Wick, David Duncan, Scott Barber. Back Ro Derek Anderson. Markquez Wilkins, Dan Daniels, J Monroe, Brian Arnold, Chris Rainey, Jeff Essex, L Johnston, David Kushner, Gerald McMurray, Se Phounsavath. 108 Sports JV and Freshmen Learn the System An even balance of a stingy defense and a powerful offense led the Junior Varsity Football Squad to a record of five and three, clinching once again the Gunston District Championship. The team was led by the demanding coaching staff of Danny Denston and Chuck Gupton. One player, Mark Wilkins — 78, felt “The team was very well organized and the coaching staff was strict and demanding but we all knew it was for our best interest. " The Freshman Football Squad has seen better years than this one. They finished the season with a one, five, and two record. One player, Mike Kennie — 16, states that " high school football is not what we ex¬ pected it to be, compared to Youth League. We had a lot of good players, but they were not used according to their ability. After making the reception, Jimmy Carter heads upheld Outrunning the defenders, David Green looks for the end zone. I I FRESHMAN FOOTBALL Front Row: Chris Aills. An¬ thony Battle, Dale Bethea, Carlos Blake, Peter Bozzo. James Carter, Alexander Chance. Curtis Clark, Richard Cyrus, Charles Douglas. James Ferguson. Mark Flan¬ nery, John Gluck, Peter Guarraia. Middle Row: Kevin Howard, Brian Karlisch, Micheal Kennie, David King, Eric Larsen, James MacMichael, Joseph Meuse, Mike Michaliga, James Mincey, Scott Mitchen, Jeff Murphy. Mike Myers, Earl Neamo, Bret Perkuchin. Back Row: Thavisay Phounsavath, James Pittman, Wesley Robert- FROSH FOOTBALL FEDS OPP 0 Langley 10 6 Robinson 10 0 George Washington 38 0 Mt Vernon 20 0 R. E. Lee 0 21 Edison 6 0 Hayfield 14 6 Groveton 6 son, Greg Snell, Brendan Sullivan, Chris Walker, Chris West, Carl Westerman, Carlton White, Bryan Marr, Fabian Richmond, Kevin Theisen. Football 109 Cheerleaders Varsity Squad Exhibits Skill Fort Hunt’s Varsity Cheerleading; squad led our fans through football, basketball and various other competitions. Led by Tracey Gibbons and Kathy Rodriguez, the girls worked throughout the year to make Fort Hunt’s squad number one. Over the summer, the girls attended a cheerleading camp at the University of Richmond. In their competitions at camp they won all blue ribbons. By decorating the player’s lockers and jock hall before big games, along with put¬ ting together other small events such as Mr. Touchdown, the Varsity Cheerleaders kept Fort Hunt students spirit high. Keeping the fans motivated, Tracey Gibbons executes Watching the Homecoming court, the Varsity Cheerleaders swoon over Fort Hunt ' s Homecoming 110 Sports Taking a breather between cheers, Julie Ungerleider watches her favorite Federal. Hoping for a Federal win. Karen Pye cheers Fort Hunt on to victory. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Front Row: Mary Doherty, Tracey Gibbons (Captain), Kathy Rodriguez (captain), Aileen Paulino. Julie Ungerleider. Middle Row: Marianne Jedrziewski, Beth Lancaster, Courtenay Ribble, Megan Fogarty, Mary Anne Beeby. Back Row: Melinda Armstrong. Michele Gussie, Tracey Sherman, Karen Pye, Bette Couch, Dhea Betha. Cheerleaders 111 Cheerleaders Cheering the Feds on to another victory, Becky Smith celebrates after the last second tic’s of the clock. JV Frosh Girls Learn Routines This year the JV Squad had almost a com¬ pletely new cheering team, helping the JV team to get fired up to win the districts. The JV ( Cheerleaders went out every day, day after day, hour after hour, so when they performed they could go out there and show their awesome routines perfectly. On the other side of the building, the Freshmen were practicing their routines, even though their team didn’t quite pull through. These girls cheered them on anyway. They showed all of the other cheerleaders just how much spirit they real¬ ly had. JV CHEERLEADERS Front Row: Sarah Casperson, Tricia Kelly, Krissy Oehrlein, Dana Kraus, Keri D’Angelo. Middle Row: Tricia Jedrziewski, Collen FRESHMAN CHEERLEADERS Front Row: Lesie Debbie Galbreath, Libby Jeans, Jenni Pye, B Murray, Christy Hicks, Michelle Trudeau, Dana Reaves, Nicole Battaglia, Paula Light. Makielski, Karan Eifried, Kristia Hewitt. Back Row: --- 1 112 Sports Demonstrating her awesome cheering ability, Keri D ' Angelo shows us her famous jump. After many weeks of practice, the Frosh Cheerleaders finally perform the famous pyramid. Showing her concern for the game, Leslie Murray awaits the Feds offense. ; ; Cheerleaders 11 3 Field Hockey Playing Aggressive defense, Lamar Jackson goes for the ball. Confused Jenny Maycock wonders what to do. Getting ready to run the play, Jennifer Geller waits for the ball. Taking a break from practice, Kathy Quinn squints to keep the sun out of her eyes. 114 Sports Hard Practices Net Good Results ¥ ; L After completing a successful season, the Varsity Field Hockey Team lost to Groveton 0-1 for the Gunston District Championship. With returning Seniors Carolyn Coughlin, Lara Geller, Denise Murray, Karen Sickon, Nikki Westall and Sandra Wilkniss the team posted a season record of 7-3. Losing only to Hayfield and Groveton, the team ended up in third place overall. When asked about the teams success Karen Sickon replied, “We were a close team and our success was a result of our hard practices. " The JV team ended the season with a 6-4 record which makes the future of the Varsi¬ ty teams look bright. Preparing to score a goal, Kelly Poche waits for the pass. ne JV FIELD HOCKEY Front Row: Kerri Blackwell. Jenni Maycock. Second Row: Claudia Balsamo. Kate Hamilton, Kim Wheeler, Nancy Thorsen. Third Row: Coach Hickman, Catherine Gray, Krisan Voyiaziakis, Crystal Currin, Kristan Seymour, Kathy Quinn, Aileen Kruk, Caitlyn West. I VARSITY FIELD HOCKEY Front Row: Jennifer Hammond, Lara Geller, Nikki Brew, Stephanie Green, i Geller, Lisa Morris, Karen Sickon, Katherine Perry, Carolyn Coughlyn, Susie Patrick, Julie Wiegla, Nikki ' Sandra Wilkniss, Denise Murray, Kelly Poche, Ann Westall. Rosamond. Back Row: Lamar Jackson, Stephanie JV FIELD HOCKEY FEDS OPP 2 Mount Vernon 0 2 Edison 0 2 R. E. Lee 0 0 Hayfield 2 1 Mount Vernon 0 2 Edison 0 0 Groveton 1 2 R. E. Lee 0 1 Hayfield 3 0 Groveton 1 VARSITY FIELD HOCKEY FEDS OPP 4 Mount Vernon 0 6 Edison 0 4 R. E. Lee 0 0 Hayfield 1 2 Mount Vernon 0 2 Edison 0 0 Groveton 1 1 R. E. Lee 0 1 Hayfield 0 0 Groveton 1 ' Field Hockey 115 ti Golf Gymnastics Ted Little proves that Wheaties in the morn¬ ing can improve your golf swing. . GYMNASTICS FEDS OPP. 81.06 Mt. Vernon 90.15 81.10 Edison 83.50 82.90 Lee 81.55 81.40 Hayfield 80.60 FEDS GOLF OPP. 207 Oakton 161 185 Lake Braddock 188 213 Lee 188 185 Hayfield 183 199 Groveton 172 189 Mt. Vernon 171 GYMNASTICS TEAM Front Row: Lynn Dreylinger, nie Jordan, Jenni Pye, Karin Wagner, Kim Becklur Tracey Gibbons, Megan Fogarty. Second Row: Catty (mgr.). Back Row: Mrs. Robinson, Sara Casper, A Laseau, Keri Blackwell. Third Row: Amy Stabile, Con- drea Sowell, Laurie Goodwin. GOLF TEAM Front Row: Sean Dooley, Jay Dell, John Paine, Ted Little, John Powers, Steve Swygert. David Mackey, Mark Sweeney. Back Rou: Matt Blunt, i 116 Sports Young Teams Are Determined Ones Golf is that sport where one hits around a little white ball trying to get it into a little hole several hundred yards away. The Golf Team was mostly made up of inex¬ perienced players. Jay Dell was the only returning letterman. Although they only won one match, the team still had fun hit¬ ting around that little white ball under the warm sun. The ’84-’85 Gymnastics Team consisted mainly of underclassmen. Senior Lynn Dreylinger led the way for the Feds in all four of their marches. She scored highest with a 36.05 against Lee. In district Lynn placed second behind her rival from Hayfield. The team learned a lot from one another and prospects looked hopeful for next year. Rising to new heights, Jenni Pye displays the balance needed to impress the judges. Flying through the air, Lynn Dreylinger sets out on another great routine. Leaping across the mat, Karin Wagner readies herself for the next move. Swinging through the ball, Jay Dell plays it out of the rough. Golf Gymnastics II 7 Basketball Varsity Meets New Challenges With six returning players, the Varsity Boys Basketball Team’s outlook was op¬ timistic. Adapting to Coach Engel’s new system proved more difficult than originally anticipated. The strategy was to take advan¬ tage of the quickness of guards Willie Me- Callum and Lamont Sanders and to rely heavily on the rebounding ability of Sonny Smith. Unfortunately, things did not work out as well as planned for the Federals. They fought hard and played close games but did not win as many as they would have liked. The regular season ended with a record of 4 and 16. Driving hard to the basket, Willie McCallum beats his defender. Concentrating on the last play, Lamont Sanders takes a breather. Outjumping his opponents. Sonny Smith puts up an outside jump shot. 118 Sports %YS VARSITY BASKETBALL Front Rou-: Barry iluck. Ward Garrett, Anthony McCallum, Coach gels, Lamont Sanders, Tom Kiernan. Back Row: «ren Sickon (mgr.), Earl Garrett, Joel Hicks, Kevin Seeley, Dennis Duffy, Sonny Smith, Tom Weeks, Preston Green, Todd Flannery, Tracy Kennie, Jane Jessey (mgr.). VARSITY BOYS BASKETBALL FEDS OPP 63 T.C. Williams 80 58 Robinson 71 67 W ashing ton-Lee 77 60 Oak ton 49 54 Carroll 55 . 46 West Springfield 54 54 Oxon Hill 60 56 Edison 44 51 West Springfield 54 63 Hayfield 74 39 W.T. Woodson 44 37 Groveton 44 68 York town 48 60 Mount Vernon 68 74 Falls Church 65 54 Lee 56 52 Edison 47 59 Mount Vernon 64 55 Hayfield 71 48 Lee 50 40 Groveton 34 District Tournament 53 Groveton 43 39 Mount Vernon 41 sy beating the defenders, Earl Garrett makes a power 1 to the basket. Boys Basketball 1 19 Basketball Shooting from long range, Greg Johnson nails a jumpshot. Outjumping his opponents, Fabian Richmond pulls down a strong rebound. Looking for an opportunity to steal the ball, Greg Johnson applies stingy defense. 120 Sports BOYS JY BASKETBALL Front Row: William Moore, Steve Bond. Dallas Boyd. Daniel Schnieder. Garnet. Robert Jordon. Greg Johnson. Ned Sheeran. David Green. Richard Cyrus. Becky inter (mgr.). Back Row: Mr. Burton. Sylvia Stone (mgr.). Jay BOYS FRESHMEN BASKETBALL Front Row: Dale Sparr. Greg Snell. Dennis Fink. Peter Bozza, Todd Bethea. Ronnie Prater. Jimmy Carter. Bach Row: Jeff Seeley. Fabian Richmond. Bobby Stokes. Ms. Burns. ° FROSH BOYS BASKETBALL FEDS 42 Lee 49 39 Hayfield 45 41 Mt. Vernon 66 45 Edison 51 65 Groveton 49 45 Lee 54 48 Ml. Vernon 61 70 Groveton 50 49 Hayfield 45 39 Edison 34 FEDS 38 JV BOYS BASKETBALL T.C. Williams OPP. 53 40 Robinson 77 52 W ashing ton-Lee 64 50 Oakton 64 40 Carroll 61 45 Edison 55 47 West Springfield 60 45 Hayfield 54 47 Woodson 57 62 Groveton 52 61 Yorktown 63 47 Mt. Vernon 58 54 Falls Church 59 63 Lee 45 53 Carroll 66 44 Edison 60 38 Mt. Vernon 66 42 Hayfield 46 47 Lee 72 Teams Struggle Through Seasons The Frosh experienced many changes in the beginning of the season. Switching coaches set them back for a little while. As Freshmen, their inexperience showed at the beginning of the seson, but at the end they won three consecutive games, ending the year with a record of 6-4. Even though the season was disappointing, the team as a whole gained valuable knowledge in the w ays of high school basketball. The JY Squad was filled with lots of in¬ dividual talent but could not manage to pull together as a team. With great enthusiasm the team started each game with high hopes, but they came away with disappointment in their hearts. Optimistic hopes for next year kept the team on an upbeat note. Easily outjumpmg his opponent, Greg Shell controls the opening tip. Boys Basketball 121 Basketball Lady Feds Show Improved Skills This years Girls Varsity Basketball Team was a young one. With 4 seniors, 7 juniors, 2 sophomores, and 1 freshman the team fared well. Finishing the season 3rd overall, they entered the Distriet Tournament with high hopes. The future of the Varsity Team looks bright. The JV Team had a very successful season. With 4 sophomores and 8 freshman they finished the season 17-3, not losing a district game. Beating Edison 40-35, the team won the District Championship. Out running her opponent, Lori O ' Hara dribbles the ball down court. GIRLS VARSITY BASKETBALL FEDS OPP. 31 T.C. Williams 67 38 Robinson 53 35 Washington-Lee 44 32 Oakton 31 35 Fairfax 37 36 Lake Braddock 5L 48 Hayfield 29 40 Edison 35 36 West Springfield 54 44 Hayfield 38 23 Woodson 39 47 Groveton 21 48 York town 36 51 Mt. Vernon 59 40 Falls Church 43 28 Lee 34 59 Edison 37 42 Mt. Vernon 57 49 Hayfield 37 24 Lee 40 64 Groveton 29 District Tournament 54 Groveton 27 24 Lee 47 GIRLS VARSITY BASKETBA1 ,L Front Row: Ann Rosamond, Kim Swisher, Johanna Fontanella, Lisa Lindley, Debbie Geek. Back Run Debbie W hit (mgr.), Susan Hurst (mgr.), Erin Flanagan, Lori O ' Hara, Lenora Williams, Jane Greenleese, Caroline Duncker, Diane Grimm, Michelle Whitaker, Cheryl Smith (mgr.). Sports o Ann Rosamond fights for the ball as Lenora Williams looks on. Playing tough defense. Shannon Mudd traps her opponent. Displaying her foul shooting form, Roberta Swift prepares to shoot. Y JV BASKETBALL Front Row: Natalie Smith. Wilson, Christine Murphy, Shannon Mudd. Beth Back Row: Becky Daniels (Mgr.), Roberta Swift. Gretchen Seeley, Jeneanne O’Hara, Veronica Reaves, Jennifer Houlgate, Elizabeth Shawkey, Tina Cun¬ ningham, Dr. Armstrong (Coach). GIRLS JV BASKETBALL FEDS OPP. 40 T.C. Williams 47 36 Robinson 48 54 W ashing ton-Lee 20 53 Oakton 33 39 Edison 38 49 West Springfield 52 44 Hayfield 22 38 Woodson 31 50 Groveton 9 53 York town 10 45 Mount Vernon 21 53 Falls Church 28 42 Lee 15 50 Edison 30 43 Mount Vernon 14 51 Hayfield 22 55 Lee 24 49 Groveton District Tournament 12 48 Mt. Vernon 25 40 Edison 35 Girls Basketball 123 Wrestling Wrestlers Are Strongest Ever Ft. Hunt’s Varsity Wrestling Team of 84-85 was “the most dominating in the school’s history,” said Coach Foglio. Led by captain Doug Perry, the Gunston District champions went on and challenged for the region title. Early in the year the strength of the team was evident as they took first place in the NIT Tournament Championship and second place in the Christmas Tourney. Before the season had ended, Eric Lind¬ sey had won many awards and finished his high school career with an astonishing 79 wins and only 6 losses. 69 of the wins were by pins. Ft. Hunt’s JV Wrestlers also had a tremendous season. Many of those wrestlers will contribute to next season’s squad and will have to fill many great footsteps. Preparing lo execute hi " , skills, Eddie Bonds waits for the ref ' s signal. Showing Federal enthusiasm. JV Wrestler Steve Swygart takes down his opponent. 124 Sports Helping to win another match for the Federals, Doug Perry pins his r i a 1. fARSITY WRESTLING Front Row: Mike McCarton, Javid Miles, Mark Reicheldorfer, Doug Perry; Captain, (ay Dell, Sean Dooley. Middle Row: Lee Poythress, Mike Cunningham, Eddie Bonds, Eric Lindsey, David London, Brandon Eggleston. Dean Cooney, Dennis Phillips. Back Row: Coach Foglio, Sandy Tipton (mgr.), Christie Laitch (mgr.), Mark York, Mark Bryant, Mike Lindsey, Mike Westphal, Mark Gaunya, Lisa Malvaso, Heather Peterson, Coach Foglio, Leon Sposair. WRESTLING Front Row: John Gluck, Larry Jamie Ferguson, Dale Cody, Joey Miles, Matt . Middle Row: Heather Peterson (mgr.), Phounsaveth, Judd Crapa, Kevin Theisen, Rod Brown, Jerald Nowack, Rajoul Garcia, Foglio. Back Row: Sandy Tipton (mgr.), Scott Mitchell. Jim Mac- Michael, Chris Walker, David W iley, Jude Burke, Eric Meyers, Joe Monroe, Christie Laitch. FEDS VARSITY WRESTLING OPP. 36 Oakton 25 17 W ' oodson 41 16 Marshall 42 43 Lake Braddock 25 47 West Springfield 19 47 York town 18 39 Jefferson 18 42 Mount Vernon 18 65 Edison 6 61 Lee 4 46 Hayfield 16 55 Groveton 14 Annandale tournament 1st place Christmas tournament 2nd place District tournament 240V4-169 JV WRESTLING FEDS Oakton Woodson Marshall Lake Braddock West Springfield York town Jefferson OPP. Mount Vernon Edison Lee - Hayfield Groveton Wrestling 125 Swim Dive FEDS VAR. SWIMMING BOYS OPP. 77 Mt. Vernon 93 109 Edison 58 107 R. E. Lee 61 127 Hayfield 36 99 Groveton 70 FEDS VAR. SWIMMING GIRLS OPP. 75 Mt. Vernon 96 122 Edison 48 112 R.E. Lee 57 121 Hayfield 47 108 Groveton 64 JiS 1 .. • SWIMMING TEAM Front Row: Angie Blankenship, Laura Caldwell, Elizabeth Davis, Nancy Coe, Tom Po- jeta, Stephanie Huxhold. 2nd Row: Paula Lite, Cheryl Phillips, Catherine Lisi, Casey Madson, Kate Murray, Mimi Murphy, Tracey Sherman, Michelle Gussie, Me¬ linda Armstrong, Lisa Hoch, Jennifer Kiess. 3rd Row: Coach Gaudreault, Tina Pojeta, Karen Houseman, Kathy Holmes, Kristina Kohler, Heidi Kohler, Jc Wauh, Janice Nedbal, Mary Doherty, Jennifer Garr Youlen Jew. Rack Row: Lance Davis, Kieth Vonn, fi Lancaster, Billy Keatch, Tom Krysa, Jimmy Pfau Steve Phillips, Ken Anderberg, Steve Albers, Pi Papadopoulos, Richard Dunbar. 126 Swimming Aquafeds Undergo Rebuilding Year The Fort Hunt Swim Team suffered two losses this year, the loss of the district title and the loss of Coach Gaudreault. Despite the young team, they did go 4-1 in the district. Thanks to the success of swimmers Melin¬ da Armstrong, Casey Madson, Tracey Sher¬ man, Lance Davis, Michelle Gussie, and Tom Krysa we held our own. District titles went to Mimi Murphy, Mark Erwin, and Paul Papadopoulos. Freshmen sensations were Elizabeth Davis and Libby Jeans. One thing that surpassed every other team was the Federal spirit which was led by seniors like Steve Phillips, Kate Murray, Kate Murray, Ken Anderberg, and Mary Doherty. As always, Francis Draper displays perfect diving form. The fighting Feds get a strong start on their way to victory. Swim Diving 127 Track Track Teams Run to Districts The Boy and Girls Cross Country Teams were successful in defending the Gunston District title with the help of new coach Joe Merinda. Once again the boys team had a good turnout and the younger runners im¬ proved throughout the season. The solid figures for the hoys were senior A1 Thresher, junior Craig Shakenberg, and sophomore Chris Bir. For the girls solid athletes were senior Terri Snell, junior Sara Burke, and sophomore Jennifer Puhlmann. The Boys and Girls Indoor Track Teams also took the district title with the guidance of new coaches Eric Parecells, Mike Brax¬ ton, Mike Scidarri, Marshall Burt, and Dan¬ ny Normigle. The girls went 10-0, 5-0 in the district and the boys went 9-1, 4-1 in the district. For the boys, extraordinary athletes were Steve Patriot, Dennis Phillips, Freeman Stackhouse, Ryan Drummond, with Ryan and Steve going to State. For the girls Lisa Faggins, Jennifer Puhlmann, and Lisa Palermino competed in the state meet. Kathy Bir and Bette Couch were also superb contenders. Seniors Leanne Dugan, Lisa Hoch, Suzy Weiss, Jennifer Kiess, and Kim Kilgore led the team to their victories also. Xhead of the pack, Mike Davis, Andy Barnes, and A1 Thresher head down the home stretch. Demonstrating hi pole vaulting ability, Steve Patrick clears the bar with ease. CROSS COUNTRY Front Row: Francee Moore (mgr.) Mark Thieme, Dedrie Benel, Beth Holady, Laura O’Brien, Jennifer Pohlman, Dale Cody, Jennifer Lyons, Chris Bir, Mark York, Kathy Wright, Sara Burke, Terri Snell, Scott Williams, Conan McDonough, Bill Thresher. Back Row: Coach Joe, Jude Burke, Matt Malvaso, Andrew Wells, David Hirshkop, Rob Fedder, Shawn Robinson, Mike Higgins, Mike Davis, Chris l Irich, Rob Lancaster, Shawn Brennen, Andy Barnes, lisa Palermino, Mark Galloagher, Kevin Crosby, Malcolm Hooke. 128 Sports BOYS TRACK Front Row: Jeff Aderholt, Mike Westphal, Steve Patrick, Paul Howard, Shawn Robin¬ son, A1 Thresher, Rob Sala, Freeman Stackhouse. Mid¬ dle Row: David Miles, Bruce Beavers, Walter Brown, Chris Bir, TJ Quinn, Jerry Horvath, Sean McDonough, Craig Shenkenberg, Mike Higgins, Larry Dugan. Back Row: Lawrence Locklin, John Deighton, David Cross, Scott Wick, Dennis Phillips, Ron Reeves, Conan McDonough, Nikki Mohler, Matt Davis, Steve Levin, Kishor Granguly. GIRLS TRACK Front Row: Terri Snell, Susie Weiss, Deidre Benel, Shawna Ranadive, Sara Hougen, Kelly Schooley, Laurie McNeill Middle Row: Marshall Burt, Cathy Bir, Katie Cummings, Laura O’Brien, Bette Couch, Leanne Dugan, Kathy Quinn, Jennifer Kiess, Caitlyn West. Back Row: Amy Ensign, Keri D’Angelo, Bethj Holaday, Dee Dee Lerro, Amy Cher- tock, Lisa Palermino, Lisa Hoch, Kim Kilgore, Sara Burke, Jennifer Pohlman, Eric Parsells, (coach). Cross Country Track 129 Baseball Softball Before practice starts, Kent Gaines tosses the ball around. During a practice, Randy McCray is looking to catch flies. -Squaring around to bunt, Lisa Lambert lays down a sacrifice. 130 Sports softballs at the same time down to a fine art. The softball team sits down to get some last minute instructions from Coach Ron Grow. Federal Baseball Softball Teams Are a Big Hit Thinking he has done a good job, Chris Leach walks off the field with confidence. Janice INedbal has blowing bubbles and throwing Baseball Softball 131 Soccer Soccer Tennis Are Hungry for Titles Searching for a teammate down field, Peter Sparks gets ready for the kick. Goofing off at practice, Nikki Brew watches the ball at her feet. 132 Sports •m x ' UW ■ m Overtaking his opponent, Steve Schneider concen¬ trates on the ball. Trying not to fall over the ball, Keri Blackwell at¬ tempts to block it. Coing for the goal, David Kelly takes the ball down the field. Practicing her goal kicks, Lucy Pelletier is surprised at a good shot. Soccer 133 Spring Track Outlook Is Good in the Long; Run Mike Westphal makes throwing the diseus look like a piece of cake. Praying for an easy workout, members of the Track Squad wait for instructions from the coach. hooking to qualify for the team. Wes Robertson tosses the shot put. 134 Sport Track veteran, Kristina Kohler, demonstrates her perfect form through the hurdles. Warming up before practice, Evelyn Dinwiddle and Kelly Schooley improve their stride. With the greatest of ease David Cross claims “Oh, this is an easy one.” Spring Track 135 Tennis Feds Make Racket in District Play Preparing for a forehand shot, Kate Murray waits for the ball. Disdainfully eyeing her opponent, Megan Fogarty wonders if her shot will make it over the net. BOYS TENNIS Front Row: Robert Jordon, Jeff Pittman, Dave Fox, Steve Heinrichs, James Ratchfor Oehrlein, Mike Bagley, Ronnie Prater, Eric Mayer. Tom Krysa. Back Row: Mr. Yohe, Jeff Macklin, Steve Trafton, Rob GIRLS TENNIS Front Row: Kelly Hammond (mgr.), M issy Wilson, Mimi Murphy, Nikki Revere, Megan Fogarty, Zena Dajoni, Mary Carol Ridder, Caroline Roemer. Back Row: Kelly Tickle (mgr.), Laurie Grant, Lynn Westall, Gretchen Seeley, Carolii Dunker, Jane Greenlese, Kate Murry, Michele Poai Janice Nedbal, Kathryn Wildman, Mrs. Robinsi (coach). 136 Sports In deep concentration, Mike Bagley keeps his eyes on the ball. Feeling ready to win, Caroline Duncker faces he opponent with confidence. Michele Poast grimaces as the ball skims by her face and comes a little too close. Hoping to claim victory, Jeff Macklin prepares to deliver his final strategic shot. jm k Tennis 137 138 Division Considering the high standards of academic ex¬ cellence, the distant observer might come to the conclusion that Fort Hunt students are all work and no play. Only upon close scrutiny can one begin to realize the true nature of student life at the Fort. The student body, diverse in activities and interests, entertained themselves with movies, dances, weekend trips, sports, parties and just about everything else. These times will not soon be forgotten. Our activities as individuals, groups and classes made Fort Hunt the wav we FEATURES Features 1 39 Proving that you don’t have to be Ed¬ die Van Halen to play the guitar, Gerry Displaying his skill on the drums, Jim Darby gets down! Little keeps up the tempo of the song. Expressing dramatic, vocal, and “intellectual” abilities, Ralph Mirabal, Tom Ziemba, and Peter Doherty pool their talents. 40 [•ature Controversy Marks Show Controversy and shock marked this year’s Talent Show. Sponsored by DECA, it was a record 3 Vi hours long and the competition was divided be¬ tween bands and other acts Winners of the band competi tion were Prophet, with com petition from bands like Fric tion, unusual theatrics by Dark Star, and a controversial rubber chicken in Dead Salmon with White Wine Sauce. Less controversial yet still en¬ joyable — were the other 18 acts in the show. Musical talents, as well as dancing and juggling, were displayed before the judges. The overall winners were: 1st The Renegades of Funk-Dancing, 2nd tied be¬ tween Michael Chertok, piano playing and Terita Jackson, dancing and lip-sync.; and Serna Benson in 3rd for dancing. Fort Hunt will probably never see another Talent Show quite like this one was. Trying to shock the audience and suc¬ ceeding, Steve Harp displays his unusual talents. Demonstrating his singing ability, Tom Hogue entertains the crowd. Showing off his eye-hand coordina¬ tion, Tony Klapper juggles three dif¬ ferent items simultaneously. Talent Show 141 Beth Lancaster and her date kick up their heels to a good ol ' knee slappin’ song at the Sadie Hawkins Dance. Looking for a sturdy rock on which to set the radio, Ken Anderberg with friends points out a dry spot. 142 Features Spring Fever Affects All As the dreary winter ended and Spring began, most students were happy to see the sunny days and warming temperatures. Students wearing shorts and tossing Frisbees signaled the beginning of Spring. Spring is the season when most activities occur. Outdoor sports such as Baseball, Soccer and Tennis replace the indoor sports. Traditionally “Senior Skip Day” is reserved for a sunny day at the outset of the warm weather. Another sign of the ar¬ rival of Spring is the annual Sadie Hawkins Dance held at the end of March. The biggest event of Spring was the Spring Break. After months of cold weather Spring Break proved a week of rest and relaxation for students. Many ventured to the beaches whether it be O.C. or the always popular Myrtle Beach, in South Carolina or Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Following Spring Break the next big step was, in late May, Prom, which sounded the near¬ ing of the end of school. The days went by quickly and as Graduation approached Seniors can be heard singing, whistling and humming “Pomp And Circumstance.” Taking advantage of Senior Skip Day’s and the warm weather Tony Klapper uses the opportunity to play some volleyball. At the Madrigal Dinner, Kerri Blackwell and Robbie Robertson do some last minute mastering of their speeches. After a hard day at school, Tim Lake finds release in shooting a few baskets. Spring Fever 143 Long Fight for School Ends in Defe Following months of intense debate, the Fairfax County Sehool Board voted to convert Ft. Hunt into an intermediate school and shift FH students to Groveton. The plan originally called for a phase-in plan but was revised to be completed next fall. The school is to he renamed and adopt new colors and nickname. The FH Community had formed a coalition to save our school, after a task force made an original recommendation to close it. The coalition’s policy had been to save all the local schools, but when it became ap¬ parent that one school would shut down, the position was changed to keeping Ft. Hunt open as a high school. This change in position inten¬ sified the battle between the FH and Groveton commun ities. Each side pleaded its case at several hearings held throughout the conflict. The Ft. Hunt Coalition was headed by Mr. Peter Brinitzer and raised nearly $15,000 through of bumper stickers, shirts from donations. The coal also urged parents to writf members of the board an press their feelings. With the merger taking ) in the fall, this will be the year for Ft. Hunt as a school ending a 22 year era During lunch, Steve Johnson passes out literature of the coalition. 7) SCHOOLS 5 COALITION of the ft. hunt jyRsEA-i ' Showing her support, Carolyn Coughlin displays her Save Ft. Hunt shirt. 144 Feature Concerned about the possible closing of Fort Hunt, David McLary helps gather support for the School Bond Referendum. The Senior Class float and their message to the school board . . . KEEP FORT HUNT OPEN! Proving that they really do care about what happens to Fort Hunt, the sur¬ rounding community attends a rally in the auditorium. n mmopxx Our School Is Your School Keep Ft. Hunt Open 145 Homecoming: A Big Success Friday afternoon the tension and chaotic state of Homecom¬ ing filled the school and possessed each individual, but soon enough the energy would be released and remembered for many months to follow. With police escort we an¬ nounced ourselves to the crowd of onlookers scattered down Waynewood Boulevard. “Fort Hunt High School, Alexandria, Virginia” was the banner car¬ ried by our Drill Team members. They were followed by our euphonic marching hand who, in their khakis and yellow shetlands, filled the air with the Federals fight song and other spirited tunes. Decked out in their most fashionable, the royal subjects from each of the four Federal classes of society sat astride their spectacular forms of transporta- t i o n and graced the neighborhood with smiles and giggles and waves. As the parade drew to a close, and the Federals marched off in¬ to the sunset, we returned once again to that chaotic state which found release that evening amidst confetti and cheers. Once again the Feds were victorious!! Led by Tricia Veatch and David Burgetl, the Flag Corps marches proud¬ ly down Waynewood Boulevard. THE FRESHMAN COURT Dale Bethea, Libby Jeens, Rob Lancaster, Natalie Smith THE JUNIOR COURT Tom Kiernan, Cathy Dietz, Janice Nedbal, Randy McCray THE SOPHOMORE COURT Robby Fedder, Stephan Sw ift, Berta Swift, Mike Grannuzo THE SENIOR COURT Jeanette Paulino, Doug Perr Todd Misura, Jennifer Kiess, Barry Meuse, Terri Snell I U Features amecO ' tPttvup ’o4 After being crowned 1984 Homecoming Queen, Jennifer Kiess is congratulated by Mr. Travis. As Paul Howard puts the finishing touches on the float, he anticipates a first place win. The Pep Squad envokes spirit as they join the Homecoming Parade down the boulevard. Homecoming 147 Surf’s Up for Spirit Week This year, everybody was ready for Homecoming when it finally arrived. The student body made up its mind to have an exciting spirit week and ex¬ citing it was. The week started with “Green and Gold Day” ap¬ propriately enough. All of the spirited Federals dug out their green and gold socks, shirts, sweats, buttons, and whatever they could rummage up to fit the occasion. The rest of the week was fran¬ tic but fun. The theme of the week was “Surf’s Up.” The other spirit days included: Tourist Day, Triplets Day, Favorite Music Day, and of course. Surf’s Up Day. On Surf’s Up Day, everyone brought his surfboard and beachtowels to school, looking as if they were ready to head to the beach, and feeling ready to win in anticipation of the Homecoming game. Isn’t it amazing how Tia McKay and Kim Swisher bear such a resemblance to Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons of the group “Kiss.” Warming up for their next cheer, the Senior cheerleaders show their charisma and appeal. Discussing last minute details, the Var¬ sity Cheerleaders take a break before the Pep Rally. 1 18 Features Sfit ' tit 0 Oee6 w arming up her arm for the next play, Tracey Gibbons shows Denise Murray and Kathy Dreyfus her skill and expertise. Brushing up on tackling techniques, Betty Couch and Marianne Jedrziewski feel ready to take on the Seniors. Powder Puff’s Hard Fought Spirit Week was an even big¬ ger sensation this year because of the Powder Puff game that was played, pitting the Junior girls against the rival Seniors. The game itself was a fierce battle from the beginning to end. The feisty Juniors fought bravely against the experienced Seniors, but in the end, the Seniors came out on top. All in all the Powder Puff game was a great success; the participants enjoyed themselves and the spectators got their money’s worth. Fierce in battle. Seniors clash with the Juniors as the Juniors make a good play. Spirit Week 149 Mr. Fort Hunt Proves a Winner The first Mr. Fort Hunt Contest was held on November 28. It was an ex¬ cellent opportunity for the ladies of the Fort to cheer on their favorite man. There were three categories: beach wear, formal, and interview. During the beach wear segment the men of the Fort flexed whatever muscle they had. This was a popular part with the girls in the audience. The formal and interview were com¬ bined. Each contestant was asked a ques¬ tion that was made up by the Fashion Merchandising classes. The winning question was “What’s your favorite col¬ or?” The fut ure M r. Fort Hunt answered, “Pink, because it’s so sexy.” When David Condon answered his ques¬ tion, he proceeded to sit on the edge of the stage and rattle on about whatever popped in his mind. The five winners were: Mr. FH Freshman, Wes Robertson Mr. FH Sophomore, Ernie Lyles Mr. FH Junior, John Holland Mr. FH Senior, Eddie Bonds MR. FORT HUNT, RYAN SMITH After being named Mr. Fort Hunt, Ryan Smith holds up his trophy proudly. 150 Features Senior Tracey Sherman seems to be impressed by Freshman Wes Robertson. Showing off his muscular body, Eric Lindsey aspires to thoughts of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Mr. Fort Hunt 151 “lssra ' r I ,inda I ,isa h ernandez |)( )li: (h tuber 26, I ‘ 66 (Lisa first) Differences: Lisa lias a quick temper and is the most outgoing of tin - two. I hoy don t have the same taste in guys. Linda (about l isa) “She can he obnoxious at times, and she always calls me stupid. Lisa (about Linda) “I’m obnoxious because she ' s irritating. She’s also mom’s favorite. Kathy Kari Jarrell I)()IL September 25, I 968 (Kathy first) Differences: Kathy is more athletic, while Kari likes dance. Kari is on Drill I Cam, and Kathy swims and plays tennis. They don’t have the same taste in guys. „Xi. Ashley Bruce Miller DOB: April 15, I 967 (Bruei first) Differences: Fraternal twins; Bruce is very protective, and both say the other is more conservative. .OMR Tara Moira Burke DOB: March 16, 1968 (Moira first) Differences: Moira is on Drill Team, Tara doesn’t play sports. They are pretty similar even have all six classes together. IViiii rr.s shley (about Bruce) He always leaves the cap off le toothpaste! ruce (about Ashley) — “1 in ' t describe her . . . she’s ist Ashley.” Berta Stephanie Swift DOB: May 18. 1968 (Berta first) Differences: Hair, personality. “We go in cycles. If I’m happy, she’s depressed and vice- versa. " — Berta. Neither one is the favorite. They claim “our family hates us.” Berta (about Stephanie — “She’s weird ... I mean she makes strange noises and likes to cause a scene.” Stephanie (about Berta) — “I used to think she was sooo innocent. 1 hate the way she flares her nose when she laughs.” Tracey Lawrence Locklin DOB: October 27, 1969 (Tracey first) Differences: Tracey parts bis hair down the middle, while Lawrence parts his down the side. Not much rivalry; both say its about half and half. ' a Pam Neal d: March 18, 1967 (Pam first) brences: Pam is more athletic and more conservative. “There’s • of rivalry between us, but when it comes down to it, we re ay friends.” a (about Paula) “She has a lot of friends who are younger a she is, while a lot of my friends are older than I am.” i ' a (about Pam) “She’s more conservative and she’s i ter.” Double Trouble 153 Eric Schibinger, Mike keepe, and Greg Kolteman look slightly uninterested as Eric Gurtner tries to liven up the scene. Clowning around, Amy Acklin reveals her artistic tendencies with a local clown. Weekends are not just for homework, as this group of friends show at a party. Testing the wave pool, a large group of fun-loving Feds give it their approval. v irit, a delirious group of Freshmen break loose. 154 Features Weekends have always been a time for us to get away and relax, and to take time to enjoy the things we like to do most. Whether we were rais¬ ing havoc at parties or getting away for some ski¬ ing, swimming, or other popular sporting events, we always made the most of the weekends this year. Some students took the opportunity to lay back and get caught up on much needed rest or to go out with their friends. Others rushed around in a state of panic writing papers the night before they were due and catching up on homework. Still others enjoyed the weekends with only one thing on their mind — PARTY! We cannot forget the few who worked hard at their weekend jobs to save the money needed for the future col¬ lege expenses. Unwinding after a long week of school, Willie McCallum, Eddie Bonds, Freeman Stackhouse, and Tyrone Gallman set their sights on a good time. Not everybody hibernates in the winter, as this sporty student demonstrates by taking to the slopes. Enjoying the weekend, this daring group of Feds take the plunge into the roaring rapids. Weekends 1 55 T r e n d s TV Show Soap Opera Movie Aetor Actress Song Singer Group Album Hangout School Lunch Teacher Sport (to watch) Sport (to play) Car Weekend Activity sorites . • • The Cosby Show Vacation Spot Any Beach General I lospital Clothing Store (guys) Britches Beverly 11 ills Cop Clothing Store (girls) The Limited Eddie Murphy Color .Blue Goldie Hawn Mall Springfield Careless Whisper Perfume Gloria Vanderbilt Prince Cologne Polo Chicago Food Pizza Purple Rain Drink .Coke McDonalds Diet Drink Diet Coke Nachos Ice Cream Chocolate Mrs. Byrne Toothpaste Crest Football Hair Color Brown Football Eye Color Blue Porsche Radio Station DC 101 Party Animal Dog 1 56 Features Keeping their heads warm. Doug Perry and Dennis Phillips try new head gear. Proving that everyone rocks to the beat of a different drummer, Reggie Jones shows that his drummer is just a bit stranger than most. Trends Flourish At Fort Hunt From clothes to cars, the favorites of FH students vary greatly. With the fluctu ating trends evident each day, one day something was ‘“in, " the next it was " ‘out.” The Fortress Staff took a poll in order to determine what was “hot " and what was not. The responses differed greatly in many of the categories. For example, in the favorite car category, responses varied from antiques to modern sports cars. There were some categories where the winner was almost unanimous. Without a doubt, the movie most enjoyed bv students this year was Eddie Murphy ' s “Beverly Hills Cop. and General Hospital was the run-a-w ay w inner as the best soap opera. For the other favorites, see the listing on page 156. Showing off her new exotic earrings, Michelle Gaunya dreams of a modeling career. Resting before the pep rally. Ryan Smith display the always popular jean jacket and suedes look. F a y o r 1 t e s Favorites 157 L unch ockers library Outside of classrooms, these three locations are the busiest areas in our school. Loc k rs serve as a “home away from home,” your own place to neat¬ ly stack or more commonly junk books at your own discretion. A 3x5 of your girl or guy and a picture of your favorite drink make for an escape of why you ' re really in school. Everything from football and unicorns to cars and rainbows gives that personal touch, distinguishing your locker from his and his locker from hers. Lunch time enables everybody to gather with their own special group. Swapping gossip about classes and friends creates a much needed release in the middle of the day. Time to laugh at jokes, share munchies with friends, and make weekend plans. No matter how wild or reserved the individual, when the opportunity arose even the meekest of Federals let a French fry fly in an uncontrollable food-fight. Sometimes, though, everybody needs to get away from everything including best friends. The library enables some to do just that. In the midst of the silence one can quickly complete unfinished homework or work on a research paper without the bother of pesky classmates. Others find that simply leaning back with a good book can make the entire school day a little more hearable. Making using of valuable study time, Erie Langsam checks out the resources in the library. Studying hard for an upcoming government test, Linda Fernandez and Karen Pye consult each other ' s notes. 158 Features ri£ that a banana can be a deadl n. Pevton Jack on take;- aim. ot on their term papers. Leanne u ??n. ale Farrar, and Joe Davis Exhaustion. Lockers, Lunch. Library 159 FAIRFAX COUNTY, VIRGINIA REPORT OF Jock,Joe SUBJECT TEACHER English 12 Dotson P.E. Grow Student Assistant Creneti Government Uncle Willie Typing 2 Anderson Calculus Moulds Mr Mrs Joseph Jock SIGNATURE OF PARENT OR GUARDIAN HOME ROOM GRADE STUDENT NO 218 12 000085 PERIOD ENDINf 1 26 85 | MARKS 1 2 SEM 3 B C B+ A B+ D D+ A A B C C B A A B D D . FINAL FINAL 4 EXAM MAFIK DAYS ON ROLL ABSENT PRESENT 85 12 73 CLASS ABSENCE COMMENTS c 09 3 4 5 6 17 1 3 23 1 2 3 11 3 19 3 4 6 06 2 3 REQ SEE REVERSE SIDE FOR INTERPRETATION OF MARKS AND COMMENTS Steve Trafton values his lunch time so he can complete last night ' s homework. 160 Features -r HOMEWORK EXCUSES It flew out the bus window. It is in my other notebook. It is due, today??? 1 forgot, really!!! 1 had to do my Math and did not have time for English. 1 went to the game last night. 1 did not feel well last night 1 did not have time to do it in my last class. 1 thought I did it, but now 1 cannot find it. 1 did not understand it. Duig chemistry, Kelly Poche demonstrates skill wriig a term paper in one period. Ro Revere, Julie Smith, and Leon iri work diligently in order to com- a print. Homework Gimme A Break . . . H omework, Homework gimme a break!!! Grades, Grades, Grades. Some like them — most hate them. Just when you think you are doing well, you get interims in your most important classes. Suddenly the thought of your parents comes to mind, because w hen they see those interims they are going to hit the ceiling!!! Oh, God please let me live to graduate. You keep your grades at the very least a C+, B average or better; otherwise good old Mommy and Daddy will be out to kill. Right now it is hard for students our age to sit down in the afternoon or evening and study or do our homework. We are so energetic and concentra¬ tion is hard because we have so much other stuff on our minds. It’s funny too, — they always manage to get report cards out right before the weekend or especially vacation!!! “Not only students have homework,’’ yawns Mrs. Robinson as she checks through references after school. Homework 161 f “Monday morning news isn ' t the greatest, " says a sleepy Paul Howard. The halls of the Fort are infected by a highly contagious disease. It affects the Freshmen as well as the Seniors, the preps, the freaks, the punkers, the jocks, boys and girls alike, and leaves no Federal un¬ touched. There isn ' t a doctor in the world who can develop a cure for the dreaded . . . MONDAY SYNDROME!!! The alarm clock goes off at a piercing volume and the floor feels like a sheet of ice as you slide out of bed. You stumble from the clock hack to the warmth of your bed and position yourself back into that same lit¬ tle section where the sheets are sunken in and your body has warmed them. Slowly you close your eyes ah, darkness! “Get out of bed NOW! I’m not writing any more notes for your being late!” Even Mom’s got the illness. Jennifer hite cannot do a thing without her morn¬ ing doughnut. Dragging yourself into the bathroom you discover there’s no hot water. The cap on the toothpaste was left off and you can ' t get any out because the tube is cemented shut. Returning to your room you realize that you can ' t find your left shoe and even if you coidd you can ' t get your socks away from the dog. While you ' re plowing through the clothes on your closet floor for an outfit, you gash your arm on a wire hanger while forcing the door closed. You throw a shirt on over your bleeding arm and grab a pair of Levis before running for the stairs. The dog is trailing after you with your socks hanging from his mouth, and while stepping into your jeans you trip over him. Airborne for the last seven steps!! “Don ' t say those words in this house, and I ' m NOT giving you a note AGAIN!!” “I KNOW MOM!! AND I DON’T WA NA HEAR IT!!” Your little brother is gr ning at your from the kitchen table, havi just finished eating the last bowl of Fr Loops that you were specifically saving yourself. You glare at him, stick a piece bread in the toaster, and sit down grabbi for the comics. As you’re slumped over I table reading about how much Garfi “hates Mondays,” the crust of your brt ignites in the good-old GE oven and sets the smoke detector. Your mother beg screaming violently about ‘something bu ing’, and looking up you realize you’ve { 2 minutes to make it to first peri PANIC!! One more tardy puts you o your limit — there goes Senior English! Lost ill space, Mike Webb wishes he were still aslee| home. IHATE... 162 Features T »u dodge your mother on the way out leloor. Into the pouring rain without a a There wasn’t any rain in the forecast iaiyou recall, but nonetheless the top is m on your sporty new convertible. You os 1 into the car, force the key into the ig- tin and hit the accelerator. Surely this in be happening. Tie speedometer hits 60 mph and you ne e to avoid a six foot deep pothole, ov right rear tire plunges into it. Water tglfs your car and as you exit the pothole h car begins flopping to the right with ' rotation. Throwing the gearshift into ir you race to the rear of your ear in the lit IT’S FLAT! It’s flat and you don’t tv a spare. Getting back in, you hit the aerator, flopping down the road at 60 P Stop sign. You hate that stop sign, ol ' dy ever stops at THAT sign. You’re the done whoever stops. You glance at your at i — 8:23! You take the stop sign, ' OSH, right through it! BBEEEPP! The BMW barely missed your front fender and the driver passes you shrieking inaudible obscenities in your direction. What else is new? You pull up in the parking lot and reach for your books. You sigh deeply — it’s go¬ ing to be a long reach. They’re at home on your desk. You race down the hall towards your locker. Someone you’ve never seen calls out your name with a devilish grin and says, “Hey, remember what you did at John’s house Friday night? That was so wild!!’’ You keep on running and as you frantically attempt to open your locker, you find yourself thinking “Who’s John? I don’t even REMEMBER going out Friday night.’’ The halls appear empty, when suddenly a deep voice echoes through the corridor. SKINNER!!! Veronica Reaves is surprised that she is awake on a Monday morning. “HEY, You, where are you s’pposed to be? What’s your name?’’ Forget the locker!!! You cruise around the corner with Eugene in hot pursuit and throw open the door to your English class. All heads turn. The clock clicks to 8:37 and you’re told that your presence is requested in that room at exactly 2:20 that afternoon. You know if you don’t show Mr. Travis will most likely extend an invitation too, but you ' re getting your wisdom teeth pulled at 2:30. You sink into your desk and bury your head in your arms, wondering what else could possibly I Hate Mondays 163 WHO Stays After School? Though the majority of the students at the Fort leave after the last bell, there are the few, the dedicated students, who stay for extra help from teachers, and also for a wide range of school sports. Every day you usually can find almost all the faculty helping different students with a wide range of problems. But also the after school hours are a very good time for students to socialize and become familiar with the school and their teachers. This time of the day can for some be more en¬ joyable than any other time of the day. Cornelia Gaillard works on the French Club ' s support poster. Editor in Chief of the yearbook, Pat Sullivan, has a very demanding schedule. The sweetest couple, Reggie Jones and Katie Holmes, socialize in the hall. 164 Features Planning for her future, Laurie Thieme in counseled by the Career Advisor, Mr. Giska. The nationwide fame of Fort Hunt ' s hand grows as they practice daily after school. The studying continues for Richard Dun¬ bar and Catherine Liai when the halls are less crowded. Chuck Dunbar serves the most famous after school activity detention. After Hours 165 166 Features Not Just A Job: An Adventure A vital part of the student life at the Fort revolves around the workplace. A large ma¬ jority of the students spend a part of their afterschool and weekend time working at various places in the area. Why get a job? Students work for various reasons. Money is an obvious factor. Everyone can use extra money for spending or saving. Some jobs provide valuable ex¬ perience for future professions. Others are just a means of getting out of the house. Either way, a job gives one a sense of responsibility, self-esteem, and pride. “Bagging is my 1 ife-, ’ " ’ claims Steve Lehrke. Exhausted from much hard work, Pam Salsbery pours herself a drink. Demonstrating her modeling skills, Jen- Assisting customers with a smile is one ny Moss poses for the cameras. of Bob Kelly’s special characteristics. Working 167 Events 169 Practicing for a pep rally, the Drill Team does their routine one last time. CLUBS PROVIDE SERVICES TO FT. HUNT COMMUNITY Every afternoon the an¬ nouncements were filled with club news. Here at the Fort we are fortunate to have over twenty-six different clubs to choose from. These clubs range from the Drama Club to the Stu¬ dent Government and from the Pep Squad to the Biology Club. Clubs not only give us the op¬ portunity to meet new people but also to share our interests and participate in activities as well. All in all students this year participated in numerous bake sales, candy sales, the FHHS ral¬ ly, Christmas tree sales etc. Some students showed their concern about the community by actively participating in pro¬ grams for the elderly. This was a great year in which we were able to explore our interests and have a great time as well. “Join Jr. Civilans” Civitan ' s President Stefan Ries tries hard to recruit new members during Club Day. 170 Features The pressures of yearbook deadlines keep Alison Keeping and Melanie Alnwick on the edge as they busily finish their layouts. At an FBLA meeting President Bil¬ ly Keech informs members of up¬ coming events. On a cold winter ' s night, Cathy Raduazo and Rob Revere pay tribute to accident victims at the Candlelight vigil. Two SADD representatives, Susan Chamberlain and Mary Carol Rid- der, take a break as they wait for pro¬ spective members on Club Day. Clubs 171 22nd Hear federal Tunes_ws Volume III Fort Hunt High School_Fairfax Co. PG County Tightens Restrictions on Extra-Curricular Activities During the second semester of the school year 1984-1985 a new rule went into effect right across the river in Prince Georges County- The rule stated that all students must maintain a C average if they wanted to participate in any extra-curricular activity. If this average wasn t upheld, then the stu¬ dent couldn’t participate in any school related sports or club activity. Parents and county officials were in a dilemma over the issue because of all the pros and cons. On one hand, this rule tend¬ ed to help those students who took it as an incentive to do their best academically. On the other hand, more students signed up for less challenging classes in an effort to do and ultimately learn the least possible. In the first semester of this rule being en¬ forced 39% of Prince Georges County students were ineligible for extra-curricular activities. Many teachers feared that students how center their high school career around sports and clubs might ultimately drop out if they were deprived of these privileges. To many students the C average rule was one that they had experienced in their own home throughout their school years. Parents finally had a reinforcement for their rule. Local Elections Stir Up Interest The ’84 local elections hit in the heart of the Fort Hunt community. When Sandra Duckworth resigned as Mount Vernon Supervisor, a special election was called. This election was crucial since the new Supervisor would be needed to help Fort Hunt fight the battle of closing the school. Three candidates ran for the office - Gerald Hyland (D), Farrell Egge (R), and Gerald Fill (I). Each one bidded to try to keep the Fort open, but Egge was the one who convinced the community and won the election. During the election time Government students were able to help the candidates and earn extra credit in class. The can¬ didates came to the school and talked to some students. Signs with their names decorated the streets all over the district. Flyers were passed out by students in shopp¬ ing centers, at the schools, etc. Proving to the Fort Hunt community that they made the right choice in electing him, Egge stood by Fort Hunt through thick or thin. He showed up at the Rally in February, where the audience chanted his name. Although big elections rarely affect a community directly, this election hit home. No matter who had won, the outcome of the Mount Vernon Supervisor’s election af¬ fected everyone who had anything to do with Fort Hunt High School. Ft. Hunt Milestones Sept., 62 . Fort Hunt High School opens Mr. George Gibbs, principal June,’65 . First graduating class Sept., ’7 1 . Mr. Rodney Taylor, principal Jan., ’74 ... M r. James Manning, principal 1969 .... Fort Hunt hits peak enrollment Dec.,’79 . Fire ravages school students split up between Grovetown and Mt. Vernon Sept., ’80 .... Fort Hunt reopens after fire Sept., ’82 . . Mr. Thomas Cabelus, principal Mar., ’85 .School Board votes to close Fort Hunt 172 Features June, ' 85 Last class graduates Concerts Attract Many FH Student This year the Cap Centre featured sevei sold out concerts. And of course they we all well attended by the Fort Hunt stude body. Some of the most popular concerts the year included Bruce Springstee Prince, and U2. All of the bands gave their usual excelle performances. The Bruce Springsteen co cert beginning with the story of the be lasted long into the early morning hou The Prince concert brought together w crowds and music for each of the thr performances. Many times the expense of tickets clean out our wallets, but we all agree the cc certs were definitely worth the price. World News View CNN ' s Beirut Bureau chief, Jerer Levin, escaped after being held captive terrorists. It happened just like a mov after tying several blankets together, then climbed down the side of the buildi he was held in. He was sheltered by Syri soldiers and then turned over to proj authorities and flown to an American bi in West Germany. Upon his arrival in t U.S., Levin proclaimed himself " a be again American. " In Moscow, the Soviet leadership decid to return to the arms negotiations. The n jor pitfall that the talks encountered v President Reagan’s proposed “Star Wat plan. One of the problems with the propot defense system is that the entire syst would not be operational until the 199 and it will cost the American taxpay billions of dollars. Ilitterly Cold Winter Smashes Records Throughout the Nation s fall ended and winter approached us, vail looked forward to snow days. Even if v couldn’t have a whole day off, a two i,jr late opening would be all right. Many tdents preferred two hour late openings ice that meant no make-up days in June. n the beginning of winter, unlike the i dictions, it was very warm. Then towards iuary we had drastic temperature inges, snow and freezing rain and record v temps, with the wind chill plummenting to the negatives. n the National picture, some of the )ne issue in the news this past year that i uplifted much controversy was the " sibility of raising the drinking age loughout the state. The proposed “Grand- ner Clause” would take effect gradually r the next couple of years. Che proposal calls for the first installment :the bill to commence in June of 1986. law would prohibit the purchasing of nr in the state of Virginia by anyone iler the age of twenty. Eventually, by the 101 only has the student population of ' t Hunt High School diminished over the a couple of years, but many staff imbers are failing to return for some (son or another. Since the close of the 34 school year, a total of twelve Fort Int teachers have left, lut what is the cause of all these depar- l:ss? Many are leaving to avoid the closing bat. Such a threat has scared off a I ' nber into finding a more secure position, till others are leaving Fort Hunt High ' ational Awards. t e Athletic Championships Iross Country 1970, 1971, 1980 lolf 1971 wimming Diving 1974, 1975, 1977, 1978, 1981 pring Track 1978, 1980 coldest weather ever recorded occurred dur¬ ing this winter — including a record cold front through the mid West. Washington battered the cold, but still had to make some changes. The inaugural parade was cancelled and Ronald Reagan had to be sworn in inside. The cold and snow close d schools as well as many businesses, and the Federal workers put on delay also, often. After suffering through one of the coldest winters in history, everyone looked forward to spring and summer. June of 1987, the age required to purchase any type of alcoholic beverage in Virginia will be boosted to twenty-one. Reaction to this issue has been varied at Fort Hunt High School. Many feel that high school students are mature enough to handle alcohol consumption. Conversely, others argue that a raise in the drinking age would eliminate thousands of accidents due to drunk driving. School for retirement purposes. Even our principal, Mr. Cabelus, is retiring at the end of this school year. When asked about this issue, Mr. Giska could not understand why so many teachers have left. He claimed, “There is no better school”. Although the School Board voted to close Fort Hunt, there are high hopes that the excellent teaching staff will move with the students and continue our educa¬ tion at the new school. Music Awards Band — Daytona Beach Grand Champions 1982, 1984 Orchestra — International Competition 1976, 1978, 1983 Capitals Gain Many New Fans Having the best season in their history, the Washington Capitals outlook on the Stanley Cup Playoffs looks very promising. Accumulating the third highest total points in the NHL, only behind the Edmonton Oilers, the Caps were looked upon as the new power in the NHL. Sending four players. Rod Langway, Mike Gartner, Scott Stevens, and Bobby Carpenter, to the All-Star Game was an all time record for the Caps. Displaying both their offensive power and defensive power with a goal from Mike Gartner and strong defensive checking from Rod Langway, they aided the Wales Conference with a victory over the Campbell Conference. Setting records throughout the NHL was Bobby Carpenter, scoring the most goals ever by an American born hockey player, breaking the old record of 41 goals in a single season. With the aid of Bob Mason, coming fresh from the ’84 Winter Olympic Hockey Team, he replaced A1 Jensen who had to be benched due to a severe knee injury. Fort Hunt’s students took advantage of the Capitals practicing facilities. Mount Vernon Recreation Center, to see their favorite Cap in action close up and possibly speak to them. fppRT HU y i 7 Proposal to Raise Drinking Age [ncounters Mixed Reactions lort Hunt Undergoes Several lhanges as Teachers Move On ' 1 V UK ' 174 Divisions Alter a long year, the students at Fort Hunt found that it was a year of whieh they could he proud academically. When we got wrapped up in other ac¬ tivities, many of us tended to forget that learning was the main reason that we were at the Fort. However, as the end of the year got closer, we realized that our studies were another reason to be proud of our stu¬ dent body. Aside from sports, clubs, and other activities, we also excelled in academics, and we realized that they are the backbone of our school. ACADEMICS Academics 1 7 5 Thomas (.abclus, Jr.: Principal Emily Baker: Counselor Sue Creighton: Administrative Aide Daniel Denston: Administrative Assistant Phillip Armstrong: Counselor Gerald Connolly: Counselor Frank Creneti: Special Projects Teacher Jeffrey Dietze: Director of Student Activities Front Office Runs the Show “■What’s with the walkie- talkies” was a familiar qustion asked this year at Fort Hunt High School. But the people behind the radios were not field commanders ordering artillery attacks or police officers re¬ questing a back up unit. Instead, however, they were Fort Hunt High School administrators keeping the hallways clear of class skippers and smokers. While the administration was busy with the task of running the school this year, the Guidance Department remained occupied filling out applications for college bound seniors and preparing young minds for life after high school. Through such aids as the college career center, students at the Fort were presented with many helpful suggestions for the future ahead of them. Keeping himself actively involved in school affairs, Mr. Travis looks busy. Working hard in the career center, M rs. Brent assists a student. 176 .(‘mil ' s r 1 1 _ m i iijif p a JJf: B BK William Duffy: Director of Guidance Eugene Skinner: Assistant Principal Tom Giska: Counselor Career Center John Travis: Assistant Principal Carmen Urso: Counselor In his office, Mr. Connolly ponders the fate of yet another student. While others take advantage of Study Hall to complete homework, Randy Mc¬ Cray catches up on all of the sports news from the previous evening. Administration Guidance 177 Judith Bell: Reading Lab 9, 10, 1 1, 12 Dianne Beneville: AP English English 12 Beverly Byrne: English 10 (GT) Lab English 11,12 Charles Carter: English 10 Patrice Cochran: English 12 English 1 1 English 1 1 (GT) James Dotson: English 1 1 English 1 2 Theatre Arts Kenneth Craddock: English 11 English 1 2 Photojournalism Jane Glazer: English 9 Lab English 1 1, 12 English Does Benefit All English is one subject that each and every Fort Hunt stu¬ dent had in common this year. We all had our weekly vocabulary tests and wrote our share of short stories and essays, not to mention the endless hours spent memorizing passages from classical works such as Shakespeare’s Hamlet or Romeo and Juliet. Grammar was another area that we covered at one time or another, thus making our writ¬ ing clearer and more easily understood. Finally when we sat down to take the SAT’s, we realized the full benefits of our English classes. Finishing up their assignments, Danielle Griffin and Chris Kennedy find they have time to chat. “Now” whispers Peter Kent to his companion as he attempts to disrupt the day’s lesson. 178 Academics Ashley Robinson: Librarian Dorothy Spencer: English 9 Lab English 9, 10 I I Breaking away from the books, Ms. Patrice Cochran shows Martha Davis the latest dance step. Finding she needs help on a previous homework assignment, Courtney Sim¬ mons gets a hand from Nikki Rivera. English Library 179 James Armstrong: Analytic Geom. F unctions Algebra 1, Kenneth Burton: Geometry Algebra 2 Trig. Math 2 Phyliss Douglass: Ap Comp. Sci Comp. Sci 1,2 Working on the computers Paula Neal, Joel Hicks, and Rich Patterson take turns making the gra Caught laughing at her mistake Cyndi Jensen seems embarrassed. 180 Academics Math Offers Needed Skills In addition to the traditional required courses, the Math Department was crowded once again with hundreds of students. The courses offered there ranged from basic algebra through geometry and extended to the college prep courses of trigonometry and or calculus. Courses were also offered for career specialization, primarily Computer Science. With the en¬ tire world moving towards com¬ puters, this course has become quite popular and very beneficial to many students. Most of the courses given in the Math Hall were directed towards graduation re¬ quirements and helping the ap¬ plying students for college admissions. Mr. Jansen helps solve Becky McGin¬ nis ' problem. Paul Jansen: Trigonometry Algebra 2 Consumer Math John Moulds: Computer Science Calculus BC Is Theresa Thompson: Geometry Algebra 1 David Waterman: Albegra Chemistry Karen Duffy, Leah Ashe, and Kim Ramey display their work for the class. Math 181 Paul Arena: Earth Science Parry Gaudreault: Biology GT AP Biology Joseph Jakoboski: Chemistry Physics Physics GT Science Can Be Atomic Of all the students who par¬ ticipated in the work of the Science Department most were on very rigorous schedules. Front the famous biology field trip to Drainsville, to Mr. South’s “dreaded major labs’’ Fort Hunt students enjoyed learning about different fields of science. Fort Hunt offered classes such as basic Eartb Science, Biology, A1’ Biology, Chemistry, AP Chemistry, PSSC Physics and Project Physics. While many students accepted the challenge of competing in the science fair, most others felt that one class a day was enough for them. Contemplating her love for Physics, Julia Davis neglects her work. Each doing a part of their photography lab, Lynn Dreylinger, Bruce Miller and Tim Lake get the job done. 182 Academies irprised at what she discovers, ephanie Caffery is amazed with a ology lab. Garry Relton: Chemistry Chemistry GT John Shortridge: Chemistry siting Drainsville Park, biology ' dents enjoy the outdoors. Science 183 Putting their forces together, Carol! Dunker, Sara Burke, and Zena Daj i discuss their project as Mr. Perret t looks on. Richard Dyer: US VA I listory Marvin Hupart: Amer.Civ. (GT) AP Eur His. Paul Levy: US VA Govt. GT Albert Perreault: World Cul. AP US His. j own Clyde Phelps: US VA Govt. Current Affairs Robert Pierotti: US VA His. World Cul. Willis Young: US VA Govt. cole Listening to their daily lecture, this class tries to look attentive. 184 Academic: Classes View Past, Present Most of us attended one of the Social Studies classes offered at Fort Hunt. Here we studied everything from the Stone Age to the present day. We filled our minds with knowledge from every aspect of numerous cultures. Much thought was put inlo interesting projects and reports. We even learned the many rights of the citizens and ex¬ amined the laws of our own country. Study in the area of Social Studies offered a look at the past and a chance to perhaps predict the future. Looking over his notes. Sonny Smith prepares for a test. Barbara Driggins: Bas. Skills I, 2, 3,4 Eng. 9. 10, II, 12 Marylin Levine: US VA His. Basic Skills 1, 2, 3,4 Diane Nemir: Bas. Skills 1, 2, 3, 4, Eng.9, 10, 11, 12 Preparing for class, these students look over yesterday’s lecture. Social Studies 185 Leonard Ahern: French I, 2 Spanish 1, 2 Richard Brown: Latin I, 2 Vi . Cultures U illiam Craig: French 2, 3 AF Frenc h Cultures Open New Horizons Foreign Language is a major part of high school. With Ger¬ man, French, Latin and Spanish being offered students have a wide variety of cultures to choose from. An International Festival was held on Wednesday, December 19. Every student brought in food from their particular coun¬ try. Classes traveled from room to room, listening to brief sum¬ maries and then sampling the many different foods. Besides the academic classes there are club activities after school. Clubs met one day a week and discussed upcoming events. The German Club played against the Latin Club in a soccer game and prevailed, 1 - 0 . Students who excel in all areas of their school work are able to join the Language Honor Societies. To join, one must maintain a 3.5 average in the language and a 3.0 average overall. Honor Society members tutor other students after school for extra credit. To the surprise of Chris Schclleng, Dennis Duffy tries the mysterious food. V T. lr £ n A 1 1 Jane I loll Latin 1, 2, 3 AF Latin Tony Klapper tries desperately to explain what the sheet was really used for, as fellow classmates watch nervously. 186 Academies horrign lan tia o sluduits rl a “tasle” of Spain without tho ox- ponso of loavin ; Amorioa. X itli tin In Ip of his fro nds, Itoggio Joins proparos to portrait tlo daily aot i it of a 11 os toss Mono) bun. Cynthia M olvor: Gorman I, 2 A I Gorman Edward Wilkinson: Spanish 1 , 2 , 3 Canguagos 187 Janet Crowell: Gourmet Foods Single Living Sewing 2 Peter Davies: Auto Mechanics General Maintenance Steven Foglio: Health PE 9 Victor Tomlin and Mr. Davies demonstrate to the class how to use a gas-diesel analyzer. 188 Academic Courses Tune Basic Skills At Fort Hunt, everything you need to begin a practical life with is here. If you want to be a homemaker, you could have taken home economics, which can help you make food, fix your clothes, and learn how to keep a clean house. Auto shop can help you fix your car without going bankrupt. Elec¬ tronics and shop can show you the basics about taking care of your house and making minor repairs. P.E., let us get away from our school work for about 45 minutes. It gave us a chance to take a break, talk to our friends, but most importantly to keep fit, and to develop our health phys ically and mentally. Drivers Education and Behind the Wheel helped us in getting our license and building some much needed self confidence. Curiously examining the batter. Dean Cooney contemplates whether to cook first or eat now. Ronald Grow: Health PE 9 Susan Hickman: PE 11,12 Richard Jacoby: Industrial Arts 1, 2 Arch. Drawing Wood Tech Dorothy Robinson: Health PE 10 Sharon Nagelhout: Child Dev. Child Care As Brian Karlisch and Mark Reichelderfer diligently overlook their final measurements for the blueprints, they search for any imperfections. Practical Arts PE 189 Pat Anderson: Personal Typing Typing 1 Hus. Data Pros. Nancy Driscoll: Office Tech Account. 1, 2 Patty Efthemes: Marketing 1 Adv. Marketing Fash. Merch. 1 , 2 Having fun constructing their brilliant ideas, the art students complete another project. The typing class looks exhausted after another timed writing. In the Peltisville Hank, the hankers are goofing-off again! June Loveless: Typing 1 B. Mgmt. 1, 2 Bus. Law 1, 2 am 190 » », $A k k ' . Business, Fine Arts Prove Productive to F.H. Students This year the business and fine arts classes were becoming the keys to the future. There were so many young talents to be found. In the business fields of Typing, Accounting, Business Law and Management, these ambitious students may someday be the corporate leaders of the world. This year, for the first time, there was a “business simula¬ tion.” It took two years to prepare and is now successfully being put into action. Here the business class assumes the identi¬ ty of a small business communi¬ ty in a town called Pettisville, Ohio. There are fifteen businesses in the community and each student has his own to run. In the Fine Arts Department of drama, music, and art, we had many prominent per¬ formers. In the first dramatic play of the year, “The Curious Savage,” the two leading roles were played by Emily Townley and Christy Schoch. Mrs. Schuster, Mrs. Schwaner and Mr. Etheridge have shaped an excellent music department this year. We had a new addition to the Fine Arts program this year. Mr. Holmes the art teacher of¬ fered a vast variety of classes. The cast of “Gilbert and Sullivan ' ’ performs magically. Charles Nardiello: Typing 1 Cathy Schuster: Concert Choir Mixed Chorus Madrigals Theatre Arts Marilyn Schwaner: Orchestra Business Fine Arts 191 Louis Carter: Resource (lounselor Elizabeth Galeota: Office Secretary Marie Gibbons: Transcript Secretary Barbara Johnson: School Nurse DAY CUSTODIAL STAFF Front Row: Luther Harris. Back Row: Jeff Faucette, Molly Wilson, Sherman Harris. NIGHT CUSTODIAL STAFF F root Rnu Byong Ob, John Moore, Kyong Chin. Back Ron . Marc Johnson, Robert Pleas, Wilbert Owens, Gray Ford. 192 Academics Staff Offers Needed Aid This year would not have run as smoothly without the dedicated work of the support staff. These individuals put up with much impatience, and th e i r days often went unrecognized. From the custo¬ dians who cleaned up the destruction left hy students after each lunch period to the secretaries who lightened the load for the administration, the support staff kept extremely busy. And nobody could forget the smiling cafeteria staff who presented us with exceptional lunchtime meals every day or Mrs. kandt who accepted our absentee notes whether forged or not. It is to these dedicated workers that we owe a lot. Keeping extremely busy, Elizabeth Galeota organizes her files. CAFETERIA STAFF F rout Ron Jane Jesinsky, Lo Cope, Duane Yancy, Hazel Stoeks, Lueilli Ford, Margerita Fer¬ nandez, Beatrice Marcoux. Burk Row: Cheryl Jones, Mary Willis, Kathy Hiplcy, Gail Stackhouse, Lorraine Stackhouse, Colleen W ' alker. Fffi Karas, Lorie W right. Ginny Kandt: Attendance Secretary Kathleen McComb: Prin¬ cipal ' s Secretary Kathleen Parker: Finance Officer Eunice Yellman: Library Secretary Support Personnel 193 m n 194 Division Names, faces, and events of the 84-85 school year have been recorded in this book of memories. Looking through this book, we can see what made this year special to all of us. The Fortress Staff would like to thank those who con¬ tributed to the production of this unique book. We would also like to thank each student for his her support of the Fort. ADS SPONSORS Ads Sponsors 195 765-3375 765-3376 CARL’S EXXON SERVICE, INC. COMPLETE CAR CARE VIRGINIA STATE INSPECTION 7312 RICHMOND HWY. ALEXANDRIA, VA. 22306 CARL W. SCHUTT OWNER Congratulations Class of ’85 • NEW TOYOTA CAR SALES • TOYOTA TRUCK CENTER • PARTS SERVICE • HUGE USED CAR SELECTION At Jack Taylors Alexandria Toyota, we believe good old-fashioned service sells cars. Give us a try today. TWVTA 1707 Mount Vernon Avenue Alexandria, Virginia 684-0700 196 Sponsors To The Toint! J feediecraj ' t Three miles south of Beltway at US Highway 1 and Arlington Drive — in Mount Vernon Square Shopping Center (Near Gulf Station) Counted Cross Stitch Needlepoint Crewel Knitting -:- Latchhook -:- Scandinavian Imports -:- Books Woodlawn Stables BOARDING LESSONS - SALES SUMMER HORSEMANSHIP CAMP Offered June thru Aug. RIDING LESSONS Classes Offered Year Round Indoor-lighted Arena SUMMER horse shows may thru sept. 8907 Richmond Hwy Hwy IsWJSi V.i orni.n H ' .w 780-4344 SCOOPS Ice Cream and Sandwiches Hollin Hall 7968 Fort Hunt Rd. Alexandria, VA 22308 We have an arcade! HOLLIN HALL SHOPPING CENTER (703)768-4922 PAIHTEIt U £: Gu tom Trammy PLACE 1305 SHENANDOAH ROAD ALEXANDRIA, VA 22308 BILL LYNN REAMS HOLLIN HALL VARIETY STORE, INC. 7902 Fort Hunt Road, Hollin Hall Shopping Center Alexandria, Virginia 22308 hello world CARDS —GIFTS 765-4110 9-9 Daily Charles (Ben) Vennell 213 KING STREET ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA 22314 (703) 548-3333 Family iill Dentistry Richard J. Godlewski, D.D.S. 1500 Belle View Blvd. Alexandria, Va. 22307 768-4777 Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 85 Health’ Zenith Computers And Electronics Center Ads 19 Make FBLA Your Business The Future Business Leaders of America have worked hard this year, participating in food eolleetion for the homeless and needy families during Thanksgiving and Christmas. During the Spring the club planned a field trip to a nearby college and participated in various workshops throughout the school year. Our membership is the largest ever 75 members. 198 Sponsors WILLIAM L. SCHMIDT ATTORNEY AT LAW Everything for your party needs BELLE VIEW GIFT SHOP 6564 LOISDALE COURT SUITE 315 AREA CODE 703 SPRINGFIELD, VA 22150 922-6410 WHEN YOU CARE ENOUGH TO SEND THE VERY BEST 1500 BELLEVIEW BLVD. ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA 22307 768-4139 PURVEYORS OF CUSTOM AND CLASSIC JEWELRY DESIGN ® FORD Fleisher Jewellers GOLDSMITHS SILVERSMITHS OURISMAN WORLD OF FORD 1604 BELLEVIEW BLVD. ALEXANDRIA. VA 22307 (703) 768-4900 6129 Richmond Hwy. Alexandria, VA 22303 (703) 660-9000 “Get Serious” Sales — Service, Rentals It takes more than a pair of sneakers and an exercise album to get in shape ... 768-7888 496 Exit 1 South On Route 1 8143 RICHMOND HWY ALEX VA (BuHani Sadqajj, One. SINCE 1975 BUTTONS MANUFACTURED IN OUR OWN SHOP FAST SERVICE OFTEN WITHIN 24 HOURS • SCHOOLS • CONVENTIONS • FUND RAISING • ADVERTISING • POLITICAL • BIRTHDAYS • WEDDINGS • " YOU NAME If COMPETITIVE PRICES • ART WORK INCLUDED MINIMUM ORDER OF 25 Move with Mount Vernon!! MT. VERNON FITNESS CENTER 2915 Arlingtor Dr. Alexandria MOUNT VERNON REALTY 768-9300 8-01 Richmond Hwy. Alexandria, Va. 360-7400 Ads 199 LET S GO CRAZY GOODBYE Fort Hunt FROM The ’84-’85 SGA Jeanette Paulino MaryAnne Beeby Paul Howard Tracey Gibbons Nicki Westall Lance Davis Denise Murray Leland Lambert The Class of ’86 is looking to the future. This year was filled with new responsibilities. For many, this year introduced the dreaded SAT’s. For all, the responsibility to plan and raise money for Prom. Along with this hard work, the Juniors still had fun. We are looking forward to our last year at Fort Hunt. But we’ll always keep the memories of friends and the fun we shared during our Junior year. Congratulations Class of 1985 From The Class of 1986 200 Sponsors ' Long Live Latin Semper Latina Latin Club Is Filled With Fun The Latin Club is one of the most active clubs at Fort Hunt. The 1984-85 year proved to be very successful. Over the summer Latin students from the US and Canada attended the National Junior Classical League Convention where the Feds placed highly in many competitions. Among the events that kept members busy this year were Latin Bowls the Saturnalia, at which an original play was performed by Fort Hunt students, the annual Latin German Soccer game, and participation in the school sponsored International Day. The club was especially pleased that one of their sponsors, M rs. Jane Hall, was named the Virginia Distinguished Foreign Language Teacher of 1984. For all those who think Latin is a dead language, the more than 100 members of the club say, “LONG LIVE LATIN!” At the National Latin Convention, sponsor, Mrs. Jane Hall takes time out from the fun to pose with her group of happy Romans. A homemade shirt worn by Kerry Sipult says it all. Latin Club soccer players battle the forces of the Ger¬ man Club. n Ads 201 MIKE’S ITALIAN RESTAURANT 8368 Richmond Highway Alexandria, Virginia 22309 780-5966 703 8366686 HANDCRAFTS is CTHCL BCUN 213 KIN-Q STREET ALEXANDRIA. VA. 22314 BAN THAI ORIENTAL FOOD MARKET 8332 A RICHMOND HWY. ALEXANDRIA, VA 22309 (703) 780-5031 RANGSAN ARKONNITHI PENKHAE ARKONNITHI PENN DAW BOWLING LANES 6239 Shields Ave. and Route 1 Alexandria, VA 22303 765-5722 School Holidays 9 am-5 pm (All Students Bowl for Just 75$ per game) Special Rates for Organized Groups Birthday — Parties — Churches — Civic — Fraternal — Etc. Call 765-5722 for Discount Rates Good Luck Class of “85” Penn Daw Lanes (Behind Penn Daw Animal Hospital) Duckpins and Tenpins 765-5722 02 Sponsors Tires • Baiieries • Accessories HOLLIN HALL GULF, INC. Complete Automotive Service 7926 Fort Hunt Road Telephone Alexandria, Virginia 22308 (703) 765-3722 SPORT CASUALS AND EQUIPMENT 2903 ARLINGTON DRIVE MT. VERNON SQUARE PLAZA ALEXANDRIA, VA 22306 “Full Line of Sports Recreational Equipment” TEAM SPORTS, TROPHIES, SHOES ANTHONY D.RUGARI (703) 765-1064 -V A FULL SERVICE ICE SKATING ROLLER SKATING EQUIPMENT • BLADE ROCKERING • SHARPENING • TIGHTEN RIVETS • HOOK EYELET REPLACING • RIVET REPLACEMENT • SOLE k. HEEL PLUGGING • REMOVE BLADES • BLADE MOUNTING • MOUNT BLADES • BOOT STRETCHING OUR REPUIA HON IS HIIILI ON EXPERIENCE S PRIDE WHO lHER YOU RE A WEEKEND SKAUR OR I0P LEVEL C0MPL UWR SHOP WHERE IHE PROS SHOP FIGURE S HOCKEY " ? Sk teou 0cAadU£ 660-6525 V h S 1508 A BELLEVIEW BLVD ALEX WOMENS CLOTHING. ACCESSORIES ft GIFTS CHILDRENS CLOTH NG. TOYS. DOLL HOUSES AND MINIATURES FORT HUNT JR. congrat’s to our graduating officers: 200 KING STREET ALEXANDRIA. VIRGINIA 22314 548-4420 STEFAN RIES, Pres. SHAWN SWEENY, V-P. ROBBIE ROBERTSON, Treas. Ads 203 Thumb’s man Club ponsor rau OFFICERS: Front row: Fred Cooksey (Exec.), Becky Pierson (Publicity), kristan Voyiaziakis (Treas.), Back Row: John Power (Pres.) Anne Dickens (Hist.), Judy Friedberg (Vice Pres.), Chris Swisher (Sec.). Krampus and Sankt Nicklaus at the Christmas Party. Our super coaches. Bill Mackey and Kevin Collins. Pennsylvania Dutch field trip. The undefeated Soccer Team. GHS Officers Front: Kim Back: Dennis Duffy (Pres.) Swisher (Treas.), Holly Means Kevin Collins (Vice Pres.). (Sec), Gabi Bohlman (Hist.), GERMAN CLUB H r 1 204 Sponsors AUTOGRAPHS The Fortress Staff Thanks The Student Body For Its Support Ads 205 Index Students Aa Acchione, Lawrence Walter 52, 97 Acklin, Amy Elite 14, 86, 87, 154 Adams, Andrea Ann 42, 81 Addington, Angela Anita 14, 82, 84 Aderholt, Jeffrey Warren 14, 80, 85 Aigner, Raymond Craig 42, 97 Aills, Christopher K. 62, 95, 109 Akers, Lorraine Annette 14 Albers, Steven Carl 42, 126 Alexander, Edward Brian 14, 76,77,84,87,91 Allen, Emery Kathleen 42, 7 5, 78 Allen, KathicfMarie 52, 76, 96 Allen, Kathy Rena 14, 76, 79, 82, 84 Allen, Stacy Colette 42 Allen, Stephanie Lynn 42 Allen, William Gregory 62 Allison, Keith 42, 82, 105 Allman, Tracey Lolita 52, 61, 79 Alnwick, Melanie Elaine 14, 79, 82.88, 171 Ametin, Richard Galicio 52 Anderberg, Kenric Michael 14, 75, 78,87, 126 Anderson, Brian Wallace 14, 85 Anderson, Daniel Edward 14, 81 Anderson, Derek Maurice 105 Anderson, Eileen Margaret 52 Andre, Michael John 42, 80, 81.89, 108 Anglin, Stephanie Anne 62, 79 Antinucci, Michael 62 Arkilic, Errol B. 52 Armstrong, Melinda May 14, 76,83, 85,87, 111, 126 Arnold, Brian Campbell 52, 86, 108 Arny, Louis Wayne 42, 74 Amy, Matthew Lindh 62, 94 Ashe, Leah Janine 42, 82, 90, 181 Asterita, James J. 14 Atkins, Christopher Anthony 42, 86 Audick, Charles Christopher 42, 75, 77,81,87 Austin, Melanie Carole 42, 77 Austin, Melissa Estelle 62, 77 Bb ■ Baca, Janies Bias 52, 97 Bacife, D. R. Hym 62 Bacon, Suzanne Dolan 42, 76, 84 Bade, Jennifer Blythe 62, 79 Bagley, Michael Bernard 42, 84 Bailey, Donna Lynn 3, 42, 91 Bailey, Yolanda Denise 90 Baker, John Hershel 52 Baker, Kathi M. 62 Bakhsh, Faryal 14 Baldwin, Meghan 14, 75, 81, 90, 93,96 Baldwin, Tonya Denise 42 Balsamo, Claudia Michelle 52, 115 Barber, D. Scott 52, 76, 77, 91, 108 Barnes, Andrew Scott 52 Barrett, Cheryl Hope 14, 75, 78, 85 Baskette, Jennifer Lynne 62 Bates, Lucretia Rene 62 Battaglia, Nicole 62, 112 Battle, Antony Bernard 109 Baumbach, Cynthia Ann 42, 83 Baumgardner, Charles David 62 Bavis, Marya Christine 42, 81, 176 Bayol, Natalie Martin 15, 79, 82 Beach, Michael Andrew 42 Beach, Pamela Faith 15, 84, 85 Beal, Angela Catherine 3, 42, 76,91 Beavers, Bruce Edward 42, 84 Becklund, Kimberly Nicholson 62.117 Bee, Angela Von 52, 79 Beeby, Mary Anne 15, 74, 76, 85,87, 111 Bell, Jayson Edward 62 Benel, Deirdre Reynolds 62, 79, 123 Benson, Serena Leanne 52 Bernasconi, Francisco P. 15, 88 Bernasconi, Magdalena L. 62 Berry, Tina Claire 42, 46, 84 Betancourt, Michael Pual 15, 105 Bethea, Dale Richard 62, 109, 121, 146 Bethea, Deanna Rae 42, 11 Binette, Todd Joseph 52 Bir, Christopher Todd 52, 76 Bir, Katherine Elizabeth 42, 75, 86 Black, Christopher Leigh 52 Black, Sheri Lynn 52 Blackwell, Kerri Susan 52, 95, 115.117 Blair, Douglas Mark 42 Blake, Carlos Demetris 62, 109 Blankenship, Angela 62, 76, 126 Blatcher, Windy Kay 15 Blesso, Katharine M. 62, 83 Blocher, Kimberly Ann 62 Bluestone, Donna Lynn 62, 79, 97 Bluestone, Michael 15, 94, 96 Blunt, Matthew Turner 62, 117 Boge, Matthew Steven 42, 77, 78,81,85,86 Boge, William A. 15, 75, 78, 81,85,87 Bolstad, Brenda Suzanne 52 Bond, Stephen Calvert 52, 87, 121 Bonds, Edward A. 15, 105, 124, 125,150, 155 Boren, Matthew Joseph 52 Bouchoux, Graham Edward 52, 78, 80,81,108 Bouton, Gregory Hammond Bowen, Patricia Lynn 62, 79 Bowers, Kristin Danielle 15, 93, 95,96 Boyd, Dallas Anthony 121 Bozzo, Peter Christopher 62, 109,121 Braun, Rebecca Lynn 52 Bregner-Carlsen, Derick 42 Brennan, Shawn Michael 52, 76,97 Brent, Elizabeth Evelyn 52, 76, 95, 96 Brew, Nicola 42,215 Britt, Douglass Jo 42 Broughton, Geoffrey Alexander 42, 76, 80 Brown, Andrea D. 62, 90 Brown, Mark Munroe 52 Brown, Robert Earl 62 Brown, Walter Thomas 42 Brown, Yvette Shantell 52 Bryant, Mark A. 15, 76, 80, 125 Bryant, Todd E. 52 Buchal, Michael A. 15,75, 77 Buckley, Blake Adrienne 52, 95 Budd, Jennifer Annette 52, 82, 90 Bunnell, Kathryn Elizabeth 62 Burgett, David Paul 4, 16, 22, 78, 96, 146 Burke, Jude Thomas 52, 125 Burke, Moira Carter 42, 79, 80, 90.153 Bruke, Rachel Anne 52 Burke, Richard Thomas 62,108 Burke, Sara Teresa 42, 78, 94, 184 Burke, Tara Kelley 42, 75, 79, 80.153 Burnette, Douglas McGrath 42, 79, 89 Burnham, Marybeth Anne 43, .75, 78, 80, 90 Burnham, William Warren 16, 81.105 Buzzard, Theresa Renee 52 Buzzelli, Jennifer Yvonne 43, 75,78, 80,85, 86,89 Byers Jerome J. 16, 84 Cc Caffery, Stephanie Letitia 16, 75, 76,87,90, 183,214 Caldwell, Laura Gray 62, 76, 126 Callahan, Jennifer Hall 62, 79, 80 Calligaro, Bethany Lynn 62 Calligaro, Robert D. 16, 87, 91 Campagna, Richard Anthony 16, 83 Campbell, Debra Anne 52, 76 Canuel Jr., Raymond Joseph 6, Caper, Lamont Alford 62 Carlisle, Ann Tierney 52, 78 Carlson Jr., John Algot 43, 87 Carr, Julian Adcock 53, 77, 87, 97 Carter, James Anthony 62, 109, 121 Carter, Tausha 62, 95 Carty, Sean Wilhelm 43, 77, 108 Casperson, Sarah Victoria 53, 77,97, 112, 117 Cathey, Kendra Leigh 43, 77, 82 Caudery, Lesley Catherine 16 Caycedo, Juancarlos Salmang 53 Cerutti, Andrew 16, 91 Chamberlain, Julie 53, 80 Chamberlain, Susan Edwina 16, 76,90,171 Chambers, Richard Melroy 53 Chance, Alexander Samuel 63, 109 Chance, Cynthia Lynn 17 Chandler, David Neil 43, 105 Charette III, Raymond C. 43 Charette, Paul Stephen 43 Chase, Laura La Plahte 17, 82, 85 Cherry, Michael Scott 63 Chertock, Amy Marie 63 Chertock, Michael Stephen 43, 95.96 Chertoff, Dana Carol 63, 79 Chong, Yong Chun 17,75 Chow, Nelson Sesan 17, 75, 76, 81,87 Christian, Melanie Jeanette 53, 77.86 Christian, Susan Lynn 63, 87 Clark, Curtis Frank 63, 109 Clarke, Alison Marie 17, 76, 82, 84, 85, 86 Cleveland, Ruth Margaret 63, 77.97 Cobb, Jeanne Rebecca 63 Cody, Dale William 63, 125 Coe, Nancy Elizabeth 63, 126 Cohen, Melissa Lynn 43, 75, 76, 86 Cohen, Stephanie Beth 63 Coleman, Regina 17 Collins, Kevin John 43, 75, 77, 204 Collum I II, Charles Kinney 53, 87, 88 Conconi, Charles Errit 63, 76 Condon, David Leonard 13, 17, 28, 80,81, 105, 125 Condon, Patrick Louis 43, 81, 108,151 Connell, Kevin Kelly 17, 77, 81.87 Connell, Timothy Hickson 63, 76.97 Connolly, Leiseline Dore 53, 89 Cook, Christopher Alan 63 Cooksey, Frederick Monroe 17, 77,89,204 Cooney, Dean Howell 17, 80, 105, 125, 189 Cooper, Nicole Michelle 63, 77, 85 Cornnell, Brian Earl 43, 77, 87 Corso, Heath Martin 63, 77 Couch, Bette Jean 43, 88, 111 Coughlin, Carolyn 17, 83, 84, 115 Cox, Christopher Matthew 6, 43, 76, 105 Coyle, Mary Patricia 63, 86, 87 Crandall, Cynthia Jean 43 Crapa, Judd 43, 125 Crawford, Jennifer 53, 79, 81, 90 Crawn, Pat 17,80, 105 Crim III, Howell 43 Crosby, Kevin Clarke 63 • Cross, Adrienne C. 53, 63 Cross, David Clark 7 7 Croushore Jr., Kenneth E. 53 Crowder, George Thomas 6 3 Crowell, Bryan Paul 53, 76 Cruise, Sonja Michelle 63 Crump, Adrienne Marie 63, 89 Crump, Nathan B. 43, 76, 89 Cumming, Kathryn Ann 63, 77 Cunningham, Christopher Matthew 43, 76, 80 Cunningham, Kathryn Elizabeth 64, 80, 196 Cunningham, Michael Bernard 18,80,125 Cunningham, Scott Franklin 18, 206 Clo ing 166 Cunningham, Tina Denise 53, 77,88, 123 Currin, Crystal Lynne 53, 78, 94, 115 Dd 117.182 Drummond, Ryan Edward 44, 82,105 Duffy, Dennis Patrick 18, 74, 119, 186, 204 Duffy, Karen Marie 44, 181 Duggan, Lawrence William 4, 44 Duggan, Leanne K. 19 Flanagan, Erin C. 20, 80, 85, 122, 213 Flannery, Mark Douglas 64, 109 Flannery, Todd Joseph 20, 81, - 105,119 Fleming, Nathan Kelly 64 Fogarty, Megan Joan 44, 50, 111, 117, 151,156 Fontanella, Johanne Nmi 44, Coeser, Jennifer 21, 93 Goldberger, Andrew Bryan 21, 81,87,91 Gonzales, Donna Sue 45, 84, 90 Goodweather, Steven Bennett 55, 78, 87 Goodwin, Andrea Gail 21, 112 Goodwin, Laura Katherine 55, 117 D ' Angelo, Becky Deanne 18 D ' Angelo, Keri Elizabeth 7, 43, 81,84, 86, 112, 113, 151 Dajani, Zena 43, 184 Daniel, Howard III 53 Daniels, Karen Lea 43, 84 Daniels, Rebecca Susan 64, 123 Darby, Gerald Mark 43, 85 Davey, L. Theodore 53, 76, 79 Davis, David Lansing 13, 18, 74,81,91, 105, 126 Davis, Elizabeth Lansing 64, 87, 126 Davis, James Richard 53 Davis, Joseph Sorrells 18, 105 Davis, Julia Frances 43, 80, 84, 85, 86, 89,182 Davi6, Martha Susan 43, 75, 79, 179 Davis, Matthew Christian 44, 7 5 Davis, Michael Andrew 44 Davis, Nathaniel William 44 Day, John Richard 64 De Freitas, Jevita Ruchira 18, 82,85,91 Decerega, Mirey Del 44, 7 5, 80 Dees, Elizabeth Averitte 64 Degli-Umberti, Gina 64, 86 Deighton, John Wallace 64 Deighton, Robert Paul 18 Dell, Jr., Jack Vining 5, 18, 81, 82,117,125 Denwiddie, Evelyn Gayle 44, 77,82 Dibell, Mark David 53 Dickens, Anne E. 53, 77, 89, 204 Dickens, Martha Jane 17, 75, 81,86,87,89 Dickson, Thomas Allan 64, 91 Dietz, Bernard Charles 64, 97 Dietz, Catherine E. 44, 75, 77, 81,84, 90, 146 Diggs, Felicia Elizabeth 18, 84 Diggs, Michelle Ann 64, 83, 90 Dixon, Jennifer Kelly 53 Dodson, Brett Lewis 64 Doherty, Mary Clare 18, 80, 82, 83,85,87,111,126 Doherty, Peter Evan 44, 92, 95, 96 Donovan, Elizabeth Anne 53, 79, 89 Dooley, Dina Marie 53, 87, 90 Dooley, Heidi Lyn 18, 90 Dooley, Sean Joseph 18, 80, 81, 82,117, 125 Douglass, Charles Wayne 64, 109 Dowell, Melanie June 53, 87, 93 Draper, Florence Elizabeth 44, 78,81,90,213 Draper, Francis Byrne 53, 76, 127 Dressendorfer, Anne Margaret 54 Dreyfus, Michel David 44, 89, 149 Dreylinger, Christine Renee 54, 57,87 Dreylinger, Lynn M. 18, 75, 76, Dunbar, Charles Andrew 19, 87, 165 Dunbar, Richard 64, 76, 126, 165 Duncan, David William 54, 108 Duncker, Caroline Elizabeth 44, 75,76,87,184,122 Dunne III, Michael Joseph 54, 76 Dunne, Kristine Jane 19, 78, 81,84, 90 Dux, Ellen Priscilla 19, 74, 97 Dwyer, Timothy Patrick 19, 81 Ee Earnest, Kenneth Jackson 44 Echols, Douglas Haywood 44 Edelstein, Rebecca Louise 64, 79, 94 Edgerton, Laura Ann 44, 49, 84, 90 Edmunds, Ashley Beth 54, 79, 85 Eggleston, Brandon G. 19, 105, 125 Eifried, Karan Elizabeth 64, 93, 112 Ellett, Suzanne Elizabeth 19 Elliot, Michael Alexander 54, 7 7 Elliott, Christie Michelle 54, 77, 80, 84 Ensign, Amy Carol 44, 79, 86 Erb, J ason Charles 44, 75, 78, 87,126,184 Ervin Jr., Marvin Stackhouse 54,181 Essex, Jeffrey Scott 54, 108 Evans III, H. Bradley 54 Evans, Christopher L. 19, 84, 166 Evans, Emily Catherine 19, 75, 78,81,82,85 Ewing, Evelyn Elizabeth 19, 76 Ewing, Nancy S. 54, 77, 83, 96 Ff Farrar, Vale Maria 20, 21, 75, 82 Faust, Jeffrey A. 97 Fedder, Robert Joel 54, 97, 146 Fedrigault, Patrick Yues 44 Ferguson, Camille Nique 64, 95 Ferguson, James Robert 64, 109, 125 Ferguson, Nancy Elizabeth 64, 90, 95 Ferguson, Natasha Diora 64 Ferguson, Paula Nichelle 54, 90 Ferlmann, John C. 20 Fernandez, Linda Maria 2,16, 20, 80, 90,152 Fernandez, Lisa Maria 16, 20, 80, 90, 152 Fink, Dennis Howard 64, 121 Fisher, Janice Hope 64 Fisher, Stephanie Lee 183 Fitzsimmons, Kari Lea 20, 186 Fladd, Cara Elizabeth 44, 75 49,75, 84,122 Fox, David Andrew 44 Fradenburg, Dona Eileen 20, 85, 86,87,92, 96 Fradenburg, Kristine Gaye 54, 97 Francone, Mary Anne 20, 85 Frantz, Lisa Kei 54, 79, 90, 93 Frederickson, Jaret Dean 20, 32, 75,76 Freeman, Douglas Bratten 54, 108 Freeman, Nathan William 64 Friedberg, Judith Ann 44, 75, 77,204 Froid, Linda Marie 21,91 Frye, Charles D. 54 Frye, Gregory Mckinly 44, 84 Frye, Leshea D. 95 Fuentes, Anthony Paul 54 Fuentes, Tricia L. 54, 56, 78, 84,87 Fussell, Tye Kevin 54 Gg Gail lard, Cornelia Elizabeth 54, 77,80, 164 Gailliot, Alicia Jo 44, 96, 99 Gailliot, John Alfred 54, 79, 84 Gaines, James Kent 21,80 Galbreath, Debra Lynne 64, 69, 112 Gallagher, Kim Lara Maria 44, 215 Gallagher, Mark Joseph 44 Gallman, Tyrone Larmont 21, 155 Ganguly, Kishor 64 Garrett, Eral Gardell 21, 105, 119 Garrett, Jennifer Brooke 54, 94, 126 Garrett, Tracy Michele 64, 77 Garrett, Ward Lindsay 44, 119 Garrett, William Anthony 65, 121 Gassek, Laura Lenora 65 Gaunya, Mark Steven 21,81, 84, 105,125 Gaunya, Michelle Marie 44, 84, 90,157 Gaylord HI, Reginald Frederick 44 Geller, Jennifer Beth 54, 84, 114, 115 Geller, Lara Kimberly 21, 115 German, Christopher James 21 Getter, Sandra Paige 21, 81, 82, 84, 85,91 Gibbons, Tracey Anne 21, 74, 75,78, 80,110,149,117 Giffin, Sheila Ann 65 Gillis, Elizabeth A. 55, 79, 99 Gladden, Julia Ann 55, 76 Glass, James Edward 7 6 Glover Jr., Allison Gilbert 45 Gluck, John William 65, 109, 125 God bout, Theodore Charles 21, 81 Gordon, Jennifer A. 21 j 7 8 Gordon, Patrick James 76, 77 Gough, Kelly Marie 55 Grammen, Gregory George 45 Grande, Gina Marie 21 Grant, Lori Katharine 65, 77 Granuzzo, Michael Andrew 55, 78,87,91,146 Graves, Anja 55 Gray, Catherine Anne 65, 115 Gray, James Russell 45, 75, 79, 81,82, 84 Gray, Jon David 45, 76, 78, 80, 81 Green, David 53, 55, 76, 79, 108, 109, 121 Green, Melanie Marie 65, 95 Green, Preston Cary 21,75, 76, 78, 79, 119 Green, Stephanie Bennett 45, 115 Greenleese, Jane Elizabeth 65, 122 Greiner, John David 22, 87, 91 Griffin, Danielle Marie 22, 26, 84, 90, 178 Griffith, Beth Ann 22 Grimm, Diane Michelle 22, 23, 80,122 Gross, Gary Alan 45, 75, 78, 105 Grosson, Andrew Frank 55, 87, 91 Grubic, Mari Pge 55, 93, 96 Guarraia, Peter Joseph 65, 76, 109 Gurtner, Eric David 45, 77, 154,156 Gussie, Michele Ilona 45, 111, 126 Gyuk, DrinSal 77, 86, 87, 91 Gyuk, Geza Bojar 55, 87, 91 Hh Haas, Michael D. 65, 77 Haas, Peter Michael 22, 75, 77, 97,96 Hablas, Jennifer Ann 22, 83, 85 Hackett, Deborah Ann 45 Hagerman, Ursula Sue 22, 86 Hall, John Francis 57, 87 Haltzel, Andrew Hitchman 65, 77 Haltzel, Rebecca Ann 45, 75, 77, 79, 96 Hamilton, Kate Louise 65, 88 Hamilton, Kate Anne 65, 115 Hamlin, Amanda Brooke 65 Hammond, Keith Chanslor 22 Hammond, Kelly Day 45, 75, 84, 85 Hammond, Stephanie Elizabeth 19, 22, 115 Hanson, Leslie Mae 5 5 Harding, Catherine Elizabeth 45,86,87,91 . Harmon, Kristin Jean 83, 95 Harp, Steven Harry 45 Harrison, Bradley D. 45, 76, 80, 84 Harrison, Scott Allen 65, 92, 96 Harrison, Wendy Colleen 63, 65 Harrison, William Allen 45 Harvey, Natalie J. 65 Harvey, Nathan Eugene 23 Hasfe, Kenneth Gregory 23, 105 Hawn, David Scott 45 Heil, Nancy Ellen 23, 75, 86 Heinrichs, Steven Scott 45 Heisner, Beth Anne 23, 83, 87 Heisner, Michelle Lee 55 Henderson, Eric Victor 23, 105 Henderson, Kathy Rene 45, 82 Henderson, Virginia Ann 23, 80, 84, 85,86 Henry, Larry C. 45 Hewitt, Krista Marianne 65, 112 Hicks, Christy Lee 64, 65, 112 Hicks, Joel Thomas 23, 78, 119,180 Higgins, Kingsley Eliiabeth 55, 79,81,85,87,90 Higgins, Michael Scarth 45, 78, 79 • Higgins, Stephanie Elisabeth 55 Hilliard, Christopher Warren 55 Hirschkop, Jon David 18, 23, 28,74 Ho Sang, Angela Doreen 55, 76, 80, 88, 94,196 Hoben, Tracy Maurren 23 Hoben, Tricia Gail 65 Hoch III, Karl Biehl 55, 76 Hoch, Elisabeth Karol 23, 75, 83, 85,126 HofeHer, Stephanie Louise 55, 77,85,92,93 Hoff, Wiliam Sharrer 55 Hogan, Maura Jean 55, 89, 97 Hogue, Thomas Karl 23, 75, 77,79,87,89 Holaday, Elisabeth Leigh 55, 56, 79,84,89 Holland Jr., John Christophe 7, 45,81, 105, 106, 107,112, 151 Holland, Pamela Gaye 55, 87, 112 Holmes, Mary Kathleen 65, 86, 126,164 Holt, Phyllis Ann 45 ' Horn, Kevin C. 23 Horvath, Gerald Everett 55 Hougen, Sarah Barklow 65, 97 Houlgate, Jennifer B. 65, 76, 123 Houlgate, Kelly P. 56, 97 Houseman, James Joseph 56, 76, 78 Houseman, Karen Anne 45, 80, 84, 94, 126 Hovde, Kathleen Michelle 23, 81,82,90,95 Howard, Kevin Matthew 65, 109 Howard, Paul Dekle 5, 23, 74, 75,81,87,91, 105, 147, 162 Howard, Tracey L. 45, 96 Howse, Adrienne Dannette 23, 24, 82 Hoyle, Holly Jayne 65, 89 Huclu, Robert Edmund 23, 80, 105 Hulburt, Randall Wade 65 Hulsey, Angela Marie 65 Hummel, Christopher Gerard 45, 75 Humphrey, Brian Alan 24 Hurst, Susan Kay 24, 76, 81, 85, 105, 122 Hutchison, Kathleen Pearl 56, 84, 87 Hutton, David Maloney 7 7 Hushold, Stephanie Lynn 45, 77, 126,214 Hyland, Ann Marie 45, 50, 112 Ii Idar, Richard John 56, 78, 97 Insunsa, Trell Maria 56 Irwin, Michael Patrick 56 Ison, Andrea Ada-Marie 56, 96 Ivy, Lowell Rees 65 Jj Jackson, Julia Lamar 56, 78, 87,93, 114, 115 Jackson, Peyton Nelson 24, 76, 80,82,85 Jackson, Terita Marie 24, 84 Jallad, NadiaS. 45,82,85 James, Christopher Sean 46, 75, 89 James, Robert Thomas 66 James, William Bernard 66 Jarecki, Carol Jane 24, 85, 97 Jarrett, Kari Beth 46, 78, 81, 84, 90, 152 Jarrett, Kathy Lynn 46, 78, 80, 81,84,85,152 Jarvis, Mary Lynn 66 Jerdaiewski, Mary Ann 46, 75, 78,81,84, 111 Jedrsiewski, Patricia Ann 56, 78,81,84,87, 112 Jeens, Elizabeth Duncan 66, 112,146 Jefferson, Jill Lynn 46, 80, 84, 85,97,99 Jenney, Laurence Alexander 46 Jensen, Laura Brown 46, 76, 81 Jessey, Jane Frances 24,75, 119,212 Jew, Yulynn Elsie 56, 126 Jobe, Amanda Corrin 56 Johnnides, Mariana 66 Johnson, Gregory Joseph 59, 120,121 Johnson, Patricia Sue 24 Johnson, Paul Richard 66, 97 Johnson, Stephen Charles 24, 75, 76,77,91 Johnson, Suzanne Marie 56, 80 Johnston, George S. 46 Johnston, Jennifer Isabelle 56 Johnston, Lee Madison 56, 105 Jones, Brian Edward 24, 86 Jones, Christopher Dean 66 Jones, Felisia Antonio 46, 82, 83, 90, 93 Jones, Helene Monique 83 Jones, Reginald Mark 56, 77, 86, 157, 164, 187 Jordan Jr., Robert Lee 56, 121 Jordan, Connie Sue 66, 117 Jordan, Jaclyn Suzzanne 66, 89 Jordan, Monica 46, 86 Jordan, Ronaldo Emanuel 56 Kalicki, Janek Harlan 95 Hamerer, Debbie Lee 46 Kamerer, Thomas A. 66 Kane. David C. 66 Kane, Matthew Leonard 24 Kang, Tae Hyon 66, 79, 89 Karlisch, Brian Thomas 66, 109,189 Keaney, Kathleen Patricia 46, 86, 87, 96 Keating, Lisa Elaine 56 Kee, Emilie Jeanne 56, 79, 93, 96 Keech, William Henry Jr. 46, Keefer, Arthur Earl 56 Keepe, Lisa Ann 66 Keepe, Michael Leonard 46, 77, 97,96, 154 Keeping, Alison 24, 77, 82, 85, 88.171 Kelly, Christopher Joseph 66, 95 Kelly, David Palla 46 Kelly, Patricia Katrina 112 Kelly, Robert P. 24, 87,91, 167 Kennedy, Christopher L. 24, 26, 80, 105, 178 Kennie, Michael Jerome 109 Kennie, Tracy A. 46, 105, 119 Kent, Peter Graham 46, 178 Kiernan, Thomas Michael 46, 80, 84,87,105,146, 119 Keiss, Jennifer Anne 25, 29, 75,87,126,146,147 Kilgore, Kimberly Ann 25 Kim, Hae-Ok Edida 46, 75, 79, 80,85,97 Kim, Mi Suk 56 Kim, Un Hui 25 King, David John 66, 109 King, Mark Charles 25, 87 King, Matthew Dennis 56,105 Klapat, Alex Milton 56, 86, 87, 91 Klapper, Antony Bradley 25, 75,76,87,186,213 Kluge, Christopher Carl 56 Knieff, Sinnie Love 25, 96 Knight, Mark Robert 25 Knight, Mary Beth 46 Kohler, Heidi Rosanne 57, 87, 112, 126 Kohler, Kristina Maria 25, 88, 126 Kolansky, Jennifer Anne 66, 79 Kominars, Matthew John 25, 80,81,85,91 Kosanke, Victoria Joan 66 Kotschwar, Barbara Rose 66, 79, 94 Kottemann, Gergory Charles 46,77,97,154 Kouhana, Veronique Silula 46, 77,82 Kramer, Shawna L. 57, 85 Kranz, Jeffrey Francis 25 Kranz, Kristin Elizabeth 57 Kraus, Dana Lyn ' 46, 84, 86, 112 Krause, Erika Lauren 26 Krieger, Devonee Ann 57, 79, 197 Kruk, Aileen 57, 80, 115 Krysa, Thomas Joseph 46, 81, 126 Kushner, Irving David 57, 105 Kushner, Noah 66 Kwon, Son Jin 57, 90 LI Laitsch, Christine Erna 46, 97, 125 Lake, James Timothy 77, 182 Lambert, Leland John 26, 37, 74.105 Lambert, Lisa Anne 66 Lambeth, Darren Wayne 57, 79, 97 Lamoureux, Melissa 46, 76, 81, 82,84 Lancaster, Elizabeth Louise 2, 46,47,76,81, 111 Lancaster, Robert Julian 64, 66, 146, 126 Landon, Byron 46 Landon, Christopher 57 Landry, Ronald Charles 46, 105 Lane, David 66, 97 Lane, Sharon 57, 76, 87, 94 Langanke, Kara K. 66 Langanke, Timothy C. 46 Langsam, Eric Hardinge 26 Laposata, Matthew Michael 57, 89, 93 Larsen, Erik C. 67, 109 Larsen, Noel Gerhardt 5 7 Larson, Kristin Kay 46, 75, 79, 90 Lashway, Dean Joseph 67 Latimer, Mary Kathryn 57, 87 Lauducci, Steven James 57, 77, 97 Lavenia, Christine Barbara 57, 76 Lawrence, Amy Jo 26, 83, 84 Lea, David Philip 57, 77, 91 Leach, Chris Michael 17, 26, 78.105 Leclercq, Kenneth 0.67 Ledebur, Stephen Andrew 86, 91 Lee, Keun Yung 67 Lee, Samantha Lenora 67, 90 Lee, Stephen Webb 46, 78, 81 Lee man, Donna Elizabeth 26 Lehner, Karen Marie 67 Lehner, Steven Michael 26, 80, 105 Lehrke, Steven Vaughn 26,167 Lentz, Amanda Susan 65, 67 Lerro, Diana Lynn 57, 112 Lessard, Vance Edward 7, 67 Letsen, John Charles 67 Levin, Steven Joseph 67 Lewis, Robert 57 Leiblich, Benjamin Jay 26, 75, 79,87,89 Light, Paula Amy 67, 79, 112, 126 Lindsey, Lisa Lora 46, 122 Lindsey, Eric C. 26, 81, 83, 105, 115, 125, 151 Lindsey, Michael N. 46, 125 Lisi, Catherine E. 67, 95, 126, 165 Lisi, Margaret Lillian 25, 26, 92,93, 96 Little, Clara Rebecca 47, 79 ‘ Little, Edwards Sanford 26, 88, 117 Little, James Huston 97 Locklin, Lawrence Moore 67, 153 Locklin, Tracy Anderson 62, 153 Lovett, Alicia 79, 87 Luger, Joanne Catherine 47, 166 Lyles, Ernest Lee 3, 105 Lynch, Shelli Lin 67 Lyons, Jennifer Suzanne 67, 79 Mm 208 Closing MacNeill, Laurie Elizabeth 67, 94 Maclnnis, Jackson Alan 47, 84, 85 Mackey, David Eldred 67, 76, 117 Mackey, William Francis 26, 77, 204 Macklin, Jefferson Edgar 27, 75.96.87 MacMichael, James Clayton 67, 109,125 Madison,-William Adams 47 Madsen, Karen Christine 126 Maimon, Romy Alexandra 86 Maith, Terence Leon Makielski, Dana Christine 67, 112 Malvaso, Lisa Elaine 27, 75, 125 Malvaso, Matthew Patrick 47 Marshall, Richard Ray 2 7 Marston, Susannah Fleming 47, 75, 79 Martindale, Loc Cao Van 87 Martindale, Van Cao Thi Th 67 Marlines, Catherine Leigh 47 Mathur, Rajul Amal 97 Matjeka, Jaaska Lyn 67, 79 Mattey, Lisa Marie 58 Maycock, Jennifer Janette 47, 114, 115 McCusker, Jennifer Ann 67 McCaul, Karan Yvonne 67 McDroy, Hugh Johnathon 67 McCallum, Willie A. 27, 83, 84, 102,105, 118, 119,155 McCarton, Matthew Joseph 67, 125 McCarton, Michael Andrew 58, 125 McCarton, Patricia Anne 27 Mcclendon, Michelle Marie 47, 79, 82, 84 McCray, Randall Lee 8, 47, 105, 147,177 McDonald, Christopher Charles 58 McDonough, Conan Murray 67, 89 McDonough, Sean Bremer 58, 95 McCarrahan, Sean David 47, 75,76 McGinnis, Timothy John 27 McKay, Tawanna Noel 27, 78, 82, 148 McKnight, Dean 47, 105 McLary, David Matthew 15, 27, 75,78,81,82,87,92,96, 186 McLary, Michael James 68 McMurray, Gerald Richard 58, 105 Means, Carolyn Holly 27, 75, 77,90,95,204 Meckley, Heather Lee 58, 77, 87, 90, 93 Mehler, Jennifer Ellen 68, 79, 96 Mehler, Robert John 28, 76, Meier, Steven Robert 28, 78, 80,81,84,85 Melcher, Megan Maureen 28, 84, 90 Meskunas, Robert Anthony 47, 76 Messmore, Laura Lynn 47 Meuse, Barry Michael 22, 28, 76,81,87, 105, 146 Meuse, Joseph John 68, 76, 109 Meyer, Eric Vernon 68, 125 Meyers, Patrick Kelly 68 Michaliga, Michael Douglas 68, 79,109 Michaux, Richard Lofton 58, 76 Mielczarski, Michael David 58, 76 Miles, David B. 47, 80, 125 Miles, Joseph Landon 58, 125 Miles, Laurence Joseph 58, 125 Miles, Terese 28, 75, 78, 93, 96 Miller, Ashley Ann 28, 34, 76, 94,152 Miller, Bruce Ashton 28, 75, 76,81,84,152,182 Miller, Gregory Francis 68, 79 Miller, Todd Adam 47, 76 Milieu, Kelly Marie 68 Millett Jr., Roman Lysle 47, 75 Mincey, James Kerry 68, 109 Minor, Denise Ellen 47, 83 Mirabal, Raphael Louis 28, 86, 95 Misura, Christine Lee 68, 97 Misura, Todd Alan 8, 12, 25, 28,81,85,146 Mitchell, Scott Douglas 68, 104, 125 Moffitt, Thomas James 68 Mohler, Nicholas Joseph 68 Monahan, Mary Ellen 28, 76, 82, 84, 85 Monoski, Heather Jean 58, 76, 96 Monroe, Joseph Farley 58, 7 6, 85,105,125 Moore, Dwayne 47, 84 Moore, Powell Allen 68, 76, 197 Moore, Victoria Lynn 9, 47, 215 Morgan, James Alvin 47, 105 Moriarty, Meghan Elizabeth 47, 93 Morris, Karen Lee 47 Morris, Lisa Jane 47, 75, 78, 92,93, 96, 115 Morris, Stephanie Kay 58, 80, 87 Morris, Tawanda Marie 47, 82 Moss, Jennis Elizabeth 29, 74, 167 Mote, Charles Samuel 68 Mudd, Shannon Patricia 68, 79, 97,123 Mueh, Donald Steven 47, 75, 76 Mueller, Mark Steven 29, 76, 84 Mullins, Kristan Michel 29, 86 Murphy, Christine Anna 68, 76, 123 Murphy, Jeff Brent 68, 109, 214 Murphy, Mimi 28, 29, 75, 81, 87, 126 Murray, Denise 2, 15, 29, 74, 75, 81,85,89, 115, 149 Murray, John Francis 58, 85, 89 Murray, Lesie Jayne 12, 68, 112,113 Murray, Mary Kathleen 29, 81, 85,87, 126 Myers, Michael D. 68, 109 Neal, Pamela Colette 29, 82, 90,93,96, 153 Neal, Paula Lynette 29, 82, 180, 153 Neamo Jr., Earl Carlton 68, 109 Neamo, Charonn Kimberlynn 47 Nedbal, Janice Carol 47, 126, 146 Neill, W. Christopher 47, 80, 105 Nekoba, Mark Isao 29, 90, 91, 97 Nekoba, Michelle Mie 58, 79, 81 Nelson, Katherine Joan 68, 83 Nelson, Mark A. 68, 94 Nestler, Raymond 48, 76, 81 Neurock, Merrie Sue 68, 79, 85,97 Neyland, Merrilee Joyce 48, 80, 84, 90 Nguyen, Hien Huu 68 Nidever, Karen 8, 48, 80, 84, 87, 105 Norman, Sherrie Elizabeth 29 Norton, Heather Andrea 23, 29, 75, 79, 80,88, 89 Nowak, Gerald Joseph II 68, Oo O’Brien, Colleen Irene 58, 112 O ' Brien, Jeannette Louise 29, 76,89 O ' Brien, Jennifer Meaghan 48, 76, 80, 112,212 O’Brien, Kara Anne 58, 90 O’Brien, Laura Anne 58 O’Hara, Jeneanne Marie 58, 79, 80, 84,82,123 O’Keefe, Edward Francis 69 O’Neil, Christopher M. 29 Oakes, Lesley Nicole 48, 75, 97 Obrien, Thomas Jospeh 58 Oehrlein, Jeffrey Scott 5, 69, 77 Oehrlein, Kristin L. 48, 70, 76, 84,112 Ohara, Lori Lynn 30, 80, 85, 122 Olds, Thomas Winter 69, 97 Olstad, Linda Jean 30, 75, 85, 86,87 Oudekerk, Deborah Jeanne 48 Overstreet, Stephanie Diane 69, 82, 90, 95 PP Page III, Dorsie Denton 69 Paine III, John Allison 30, 82, 86,91, 117 Paiune, Elizabeth Marian 58, 79, 96, 97 Palermino, Lisa Ann 58 Papadopoulos, Paul 58, 126 Parisi, Michele 30, 75, 76. 78, 81,89 Parisi, Michele 30, 75, 76, 78, 81,89 Parsons, Karen Elizabeth 30, 84, 92,93, 96 Parsons, Karen Elizabth 30, 84, 92,93, 96 Passas, Christopher Michael 30 Patrick Steven Neel 30, 81, 87 Patrick, Susan Lynn 58, 78, 80, 84,87, 115 Patrick, Sydney Charles 69 Patterson, Michael Christophe 48, 105 Patterson, Richard Kent 30, 80, 85,180 Patterson, Robb Ross 69 Patterson, Rodney Kirk 9, 48, 75, 76 Paulino, Mary Jeanette 30, 74, 75,81,85,87, 111, 146 Paulino, Pilar Aileen 48, 75, 79,81,84,85 Pedersen, Mary Lynne 48, 75, 79, 80, 84, 90 Pelletier, Lucie Anne 30, 7 5, 80, 87 Pereault, Albert 184 Perkuchin, Bret Erin 69, 109 Perkuchin, Kara Raye 48, 75, 79, 85, 97 Perry, Douglas Gordon 28, 31, 74,97, 125, 146, 157 Perry, Mary Katharine 48, 115, 94, 96, 99 Peters, Julie Beth 69, 97 Peterschmidt, Luke Anthony 58,77,86,87,91 Peterson, Heather 69, 77, 95, 125 Peterson, Jennifer Ellen 48, 80, 84, 90 Peterson, Pagie 58, 77, 87 Petty, Colleen Heather 48, 50, 84, 112 Petty, Roisin Meredith 69 Pfautz, James Scott 31, 76, 80, 81,82, 126 Pfeiffer, Heidi Agnes 31,75, 76,85,92,96 Phelps, Clyde 184 Phifer, Anika Michelle 48, 76, 82, 83,90 Phillips, Cheryl E. 69, 126 Phillips, Dennis Michael 31, 82, 105, 125, 157 Phillips, Jeffrey Patrick 69 Phillips, Melissa Pate 58, 77 Phillips, Russell Lighlon 48, 76, 80 Phillips, Steven Eric 31, 75, 76, 126 Phounsavath, Thavisay Say 69, 109 Phounsavath, Thavisith 58, 76, 108, 125 Picardat, Laura Reames 48, 84, 86 Piepenburg, Matthew Dwayne 48, 78, 76, 84 Pierce, Theodora Carroll 31, 82 Pierson, Rebecca Ann 59, 77, 96,204 Pittman, J. Bradford 69 Pittman, Robert Reed 56, 59, 84, 109 Plank, Todd Ritchie 48, 76, 81 Pleasants, Angela Marie 59, 93 Poast, Michele Elaine 31 Poche, Kelley A. 48, 7, 84, 115,161 Pohlmann, Dirk C- 31, 76, 82 Pohlmann, Jennifer G. 59, 77, 94, 204 Pojeta, Martina Rose 48, 75, 79, 80, 84,87, 126 Polaschik, Joan 59, 77, 80, 97 Poskaitis, Mark Raymond 48 Potts, Julie Marie 69, 79, 95 Poulin, Ian Daniel 59, 77, 87, 95,92 Power, Henry Johnson 48, 81 Powers, John Christophe 31, 77, 204 117 Powers, Sheryl R. 57, 59, 87, 96 Poythress, Edward Lee 31, 80, 105, 106, 125 Index 209 Prastein, Isaac Jonathan 32, 76 Prater, Ronald C. 69, 121 Prenger, Monica Eve 59, 77 Prescott, Karen Renee 59 Prochoko, Michael Roas 59, 79, 84 Pruett, Robin Renee 48, 79 Pye, Jennifer Lynn 69, 112, 117 Pye, Karen Elisabeth 32, 75, 111 Qq Quick, Erik Robert 48, 75, 78, 87,97 Quinn, Katherine Elisabeth 59, 114,115 Quinn, Thomas Joseph 48, 84, 89,105 Rr Raduaao, Kathrin Ann 57, 59, 171 Raduaso, Kristine Marie 48 Rainey, Christopher Scott 59, 105 Ramey, Kimberly Lynn 48, 181 Rampe, Kelly Jean 49, 93 Ramsey, R. 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Robert 70, 7 7 Senires, Paula Marie 70 Senires, Roseanne Mary 33, 82 Seymour, James M. 60, 107 Seymour, Kristen Lynn 70, 115 Shannon, Stephen Francis 70, 79, 89 Sharon, Michael Joseph 33 Shawkey, Elizabeth Paige 70, 123 Sheafer, Enid Elizabeth 49, 51, 85 Shearer, Thomas Mark 49, 97 Sheehan, Patricia Ann 33, 81, 82,83, 85 Sheeran, Edward James 60, 77, 121 Sheffield, Sean Patrick 88 Shen, Caroline 70, 79, 94 Shenkenberg, Craig B. 50, 197 Shepard, Stacy Ann 13, 60, 78, 84, 85, 90 Sherman, Terri Lynn 33, 80 Sherman, Tracey Denise 33, 80, 83, 85, 111, 126, 151 Sickon, Karen Marie 33, 115, 119 Silis, Thomas Peter 60, 78, 87 Simmons, Courtney 50, 75, 76, 84,97, 179 Simmons, Grant Allen 70, 95 Simmons, Jocelyn Ruth 60, 78, 93, 96 Simonds, Danielle Marie 50 Simpson, Joseph David 60 Simpson, Miriam Faith 50, 79, 83 Sinha, Sarita Maria 70 Sinor, Colleen Elizabeth 70 Sipult, Kerry Evan 33, 85, 201 Sirbert, Angela 33 Sirota, Stefanie Darryl 33, 78 Skoug, Kenneth Nordly,70 Slattery, Sean Campbell 60 Smith, Cheryl Michelle 50, 7 5, 79, 84, 122 Smith, Donald K. 34, 80, 105, 118, 119, 185 Smith, Jennifer Amie 69, 70 Smith, Jenny Renee 79 Smith, Julie Renee 79 Smith, Julie Irene 70,161 Smith, Kirk Wesley 50 Smith, Natalie Suzanne 70,146, 123 Smith, Penelope Patricia 60, 92 Smith, Philip Louis 50, 75, 77, 79 Smith, Rebecca Lynn 60, 79, 80,87, 112 Smith, Ryan A. 34, 81, 87, 105,150,157 Snear, Christos William 34, 75, 76,81,89,105 Snell, Gregory Cameron 70, 109.120.121 Snell, Theresa Gay 34, 75, 78, 81,85,87,146,212 Solomon, Shannan Dee 50, 84, 90 Sowell, Andrea Michele 76, 80, 87,117 Sowell, Kimberly Ellen 7 0 Spahr, Jeffrey Michael 70, 121 Spahr, R. Bryan 50, 75, 79, 92 Sparks, Peter Dalton 34, 76 Sparks, Pindi Shannon 70, 76, 89 Spence, Fiona Elizabeth 60, 90 Spicer, Christina Nancy 50 Sposari, Leon Antoine 60, 125, 161 Spruce, Leigh Ann 70, 83 Stabile, Amy Lynn 70, 117 Stabile, Kimberly Ann 34, 75, 78, 84,85,96 Stackhouse, Freeman P. 34, 105,155 Stancil, Tina Angela 70, 83, 90, 95 Starbird, Charles Dodd 50, 75 Stephens, Suzanne Marie 7 0 Stevens, Jeffrey Alan 60 Stewart, Joanna Bess 34, 84 Stogoski, Steven Stanley 50 Stokes, Bobby L. 121 Stone, Sylvia Beth 50, 75, 79, 92.121 Strozier, Jennifer P. 34, 79, 82, 85, 93, 96 Stucki, Laurel Renee 50, 75, 78,85,97 Styles, Jennifer 50, 86 Sullivan, Brendan Christopher 70,109 Sullivan, Patrick Sean 34, 88, 164 Sullivan, Tonya Laverne 60, 87, 90, 94, 99 Sultzbaugh, Charles Patrick 60, 108 Sultzbaugh, Porter Cameron 70 Surles, Ellen Bryden 50, 76, 87 Suthard, Barbara Gail 70, 83 Sweeney, Deborah Anne 34 Sweeny, Shawn Berkley 34 Sweet, Suzanne Elizabeth 70 Sweet, Walter William 50 Swenson, Steven Richard 34 Swift, Catherine 34, 75, 79, 81, 82,85, 163 Swift, Roberta 60, 79, 80, 153, 146,123 Swift, Stephanie 60, 79, 80, 87, 90,146,153 Swisher, Christine Marie 50, 75, 77,92,96,204 Swisher, Karen Elizabeth 70, 77 Swisher, Kimberly Sue 35, 75, 77,82,84,122,148,204, 213 Swygert, John Stephen 50, 80, 117,124,184 Tt Takken, Todd Edward 35, 79, 85,95 Tate, Sarah Elaine 50, 76 Taylor Jr., James Donald 7 7 Taylor, David Jonathan 69, 70, 95 Taylor, Eric Kyle 60 Taylor, Jeffrey Alan 60 Taylor, Susan Beryl 35, 84, 86 Tear III, Harry Raymond 60, 76,87 Tedder, Carol Lynn 7 0 Templeman, Lynn Draby 75, 79,84,90 0 Terrell, Tammie Lavonne 90 Theisen, Kevin Scott 109, 125 Theobalds, Jeanmarie 77, 79 Thieme, Laura Melina 50, 80, 84, 165 Thieme, Mark Andrew 60 Thompson, Heather Lee 60, 76, 87 Thompson, James Eli 71 Thompson, Patrick Bardon 35, 77 Thorp, Christopher Paul 71 Thorsen, Nancy Lee 70, 71, 115 Thresher III, Alfred Addison 35, 78 Thresher, William Allen 71 Tickle, Kelly Lynn 50 Tickle, Russell Jay 71 Timmons, Christine Marie 2, 50, 80, 85 Tinkle, Darrin Lee 64, 71, 97 Tipton, Sandra Lee 71,125, 212 Todd, Douglas Christopher 35, 80,81 Tomlin; Victor Eugene 50,188 Townley, Emily Katharine 71 Townsend, Jacqueline 35, 92, 93, 95, 96 Trafton, Stephen Mark 35, 75, 10 Closing 76,161 Tratensek, Alexander 60, 91 Trudeau, Michele Lynn 112 Truluck, Amy Caroline 60, 81, 105 Truluck, Barry S. 35, 75, 76, 87,119 Trumbo, Richard Hunter 50, 76 Tsiaoushis, Joannis Andreas 76, 85 Turchi, Janita Nicole 50, 75, 79, 85, 97, 96 Turner, Jospeh Archer 60 Tyler, Lawrence Kenneth 105 Tyler, Lincoln Maurice 71 Uu Ulrich, Christopher James 35 Ungerleider, Julie Elizabeth 50, 75, 78,81,97, 111 Utter, Andrew James 71 Vv Valenti, Laura Leigh 60 Van Haaren, Todd Michael 60, 108 Vandersluis, Julie Elizabth 60, 76 Vann, Camille Elizabeth 60, 76 Vann, Richard William 35, 96 Vaughan, Andrew Deemy 71 Vaughan, Keith Andrew 60, 85, 86,87, 126 Veatch, Patricia Ann 15, 35, 75,81,82,85, 96, 146 Venable, Stephen Bradley 71 Villar, John Cruz 60, 87 Vincent, Eric Wayne 35, 92 Visscher, Kala Michelle 60, 76, 97 Viteri, Olga Isabel 35, 75, 82, 86 Voyiaziakis, Krisan 50, 77, 86, 115, 204 Ww Wade-Gilbertson, Allison Michelle 45 Wade-Gilbertson, Angela Hope 60 Wagner, Karin Anne 117 Wahab, Virginia Lee 7 1 Walker, Ade Weade 35, 82, 84 Walker, Christopher James 60, 104, 125 Walker, M. Camille 78, 85, 97 Walker, Marianne Kathleen 36, 82,83,85 Wallace, Janis Kristin 17, 36, 83,90 Waugh, Jody Ann 181 Way, Melissa Lyn 60, 80, 87 Webb, Michael Scott 50, 105, 162 Weeks, Thomas Louis III 50, 105, 119 Weiss, Susan E. 36 Wells, Andrew Philip 50, 73, 79 Wells, Laura Corrine 17, 36, 83, 85 Werneck, Lisa Hunter 71 West, Caitlyn Elizabeth 60, 87, 115 West, Christopher Brian 109 West, Monica Dawn 90 Westall, Erin Lynn 60, 77 Westall, Nicole Kay 31,36,74, 115 Westerman, Carl 71, 109 Westphal, Michael Arnold 36, 76,81,82, 105, 125 Wetzler, Robert Christophe 54, 60,105 Wheeler Jr., George 60, 86, 115 Wheeler, Kimberly Claire 60, 80 White, Carlton Leon 71, 109 White, Debra Lynn 60, 81, 105, 122 White, Donna L. 36, 73 White, Jennifer Ann 36, 75, 79, 97,162 White, William Edmond 51, 86 Whitehouse, Robert Leon 36, 75 Whittaker, James Kent 57 Whittaker, Jennifer Lynn 60, 77,89,122 Wick, Charles Scott 60, 105 Wiederhorn, Alex Iver 71 Wielga, Julianne 51, 75, 79, 84,115 Wildman, Katherine Ann 51, 76,215 Wiley, Patrick David 71, 77, 97, 125 Wilkins, Markquez Curtis 108 Wilkins, Shawnita Dorthy 36, 82 Wilkniss, Sandra M. 36, 75, 84, 115 Williams, Carla Fontella 71, 83, 90 Williams, Dianna Fondella 71, 90 Williams, Krista Kay 57 Williams, Lenora Vanessa 57, 82,83, 90, 122 Williams, Patricia Ann 82 Williams, Roger L. 51,85 Williams, Scott Ramon 71 Wilson, Madora 37, 166 Wilson, Margaret Elizabeth 57 Wilson, Melissa Ann 71, 123 Wilz, Kim Elizabeth 37, 84 Wilz, Richard Paul 57 Wingett, Katherine Elizabeth 37 Winter, Rebecca Ellen 57, 77, 79,121 Wise II, Marshall Lee 7 1 Wise, April Ann 82 Wise, Wade Wyman 57, 89, 91 Wo, Bernadette Wan 37, 75, 76.87.93 Wolff, Kimberly Harkins 61, 76, 84 Wood, Christopher Hepp 57, 84 Wood, John Charles 37, 77, 78, 85, 86 Wood, Stacey Anne 57, 61, 77 Wright, Cassandra Yvette 37,83 Wright, Molly 61 Wultich, Sharon Aileen 37, 76, 85,97,96 Yy Yarns, Brian 37 Yednock, Theresa A. 57 Yen, Adelina Huey-Ru 61, 79, 80.87.93 York, Mark William 37 Youmans, John Arthur 37, 97 Young, David Warren 57, 97 Young, Douglas H. R. 61 Young, Kimberly 82 Young, Michael Guida 51 Zz Zabych, Michael Edmond 51, 77,97 Zachman, Jacqueline 37, 85, 97 Ziegler, Anthony 61, 84 Ziemba, Thomas 37, 86, 95, 92 Zuberbuhler, Lynn Marie Zvonkovich, Cristine Lynne 51, 79 F acuity Ahern, Leonard 186 Anderson, Patricia 190 Arena, Paul 182 Armstrong, James 180 Armstrong, Phillip 176 Baker, Emily 176 Bell, Judith 178 Beneville, Diane 178 Brown, Richard 186 Burton, Kenneth 180 Byrne, Beverly 178 Carter, Charles 178 Cochran, Patrice 178, 179 Colna, Theodore 188 Connolly, Gerald 176, 177 Craddock, Kenneth 178 Craig, William 186 Creighton, Sue 176 Crenneti, Frank 176 Crowell, Janet 188 Davies, Peter 188 Denston, Daniel 176 Dietze, Jeffery 176 Dotson, James 178 Douglass, Phyliss 180 Driggins, Barbara 185 Driscoll, Nancy 180 Duffy, William 177 Dyer, Richard 184 Efthemes, Patricia 190 Foglio, Steven 188 Garil, Marsh 180 Gaudreault, Larry 182 Giska, Thomas 177 Glazer, Jane 178 Grow, Ronald 189 Hall, Jane 186 Hennig, Lee Ann 182 Hickman, Susan 189 Hupart, Marvin 184 Jacoby, Richard 189 Jakoboski, Joseph 182 Jansen, Paul 181 Johnson, Annelle 179 Latour, Susan 179 Levine, Marilyn 185 Levy, Paul 184 Loveless, June 180 McClelland, Dorothy 179 Mclver, Cynthia 187, 204 Moulds, John 181 Nagelhout, Sharon 189 Nardiello, Charles 191 Nemir, Diane 185 Peren, Victor 179 Perrault, Albert 184 Phelps, Clyde 184 Pierrotti, Francis 184 Relton, Garry 183 Robinson, Ashley 179 Robinson, Dorothy 189 Schuster, Cathy 191 Shortridge, John 183 Skinner, Eugene 177 South, Jonathan 183 Spencer, Dorothy 179 Thompson, Theresa 181 Travis, John 176, 177 Urso, Carmen 177 Waterman, David 181 Wilkinson, Edward 187 Yohe, Gary 183 Young, Willis 184 Clubs Art 86 Astronomy 87 BCA 82 Biology 87 Concert Band 9 7 Concert Choir 95 DECA 84 Dejavu 89 Drama 86 Drill Team 90 Ensemble 93 FBLA 84 FHA83 Flag Corps 96 Fortress Staff 88 French Club 79 French Honor Society 79 Frontline 88 German Club 7 7 German Honor Society 7 7 Hero 83 Hi-Y 81 JETS 91 Junior Civitans 82 Key Club 80 Keyetts 80 Latin Club 7 6 Latin Honor Society 7 6 Madrigals 92 National Honor Societies 7 5 Orchestra 94 Pep Club 90 SADD 85 Safety Council 85 Society for Creative Anachronism 91 Spanish Club 7 8 Spanish Honor Society 7 8 Student Advisory Council 7 4 Student Government 7 4 Symphonic Band 92 Tri Hi Y 81 Tri M 92 Vocal Jazz 92 Women’s Chamber Choir 93 Sports Baseball 130, 131 Basketball 118-123 Cross Country 116 Field Hockey 114, 115 Football 104-109 Golf 128 Gymnastics 129 Soccer 132-133 Swim Team 126, 127 Tennis 136, 137 Track and Field Spring 134, 135 Winter 117 Wrestling 124, 125 Index 211 , 84- , 85 School Year Is Filled With Many Memories Each school year has its own special memories, and this year was no exception. As the end of the school year approached, we all looked hack on these memorable occasions. From the first annual Mr. Fort Hunt Contest to the tradi¬ tions of Homecoming and Prom, the enthusiasm and pride of the students was brightly illustrated. This school spirit was responsible for many of the most plea¬ sant memories, whether it was participating on a team sport or cheering in the stands. School unity played a ma¬ jor role this year as we fought for the survival of our school. But individual accomplishments also pro¬ vided good times for all. Whether it was par¬ ticipating in the science fair, winning an award for scholastic achievement, or being accepted to college, each individual accomplish¬ ment will be remembered for a long time. While Terri Snell and Jane Jessey read their assignment, the rest of the class seems disinterested. 212 Closing f I I 1 1 In between classes, Pipi Draper finds enough extra time to smile for the camera. On International Day, Tony Klapper explains a Latin custom to a German class. In business class, Kim Swisher and Erin Flannagan learn another use of the in¬ valuable adding machine. Closing 213 Jeff Vlurphy looks on as Erik Larsen struggles with his desk. In the front office, Stephanie Caffery performs one of her many duties. dmiring the main muscular bodies, Stephanie Huxhold checks up on her favorite sports heroes. 2 1 l Closing During the Homecoming pep rally, the Varsity Cheerleaders get ready to per¬ form their routine. Getting involved in their home economics assignment, Katherine Wildman, Kim Gallagher, and Vicky Moore crack an egg. End of the Year: A Time To Reflect on the Past Although the year was filled with many good times, it was filled with a lot of hard work as well. The year could not go by without having to cram for an exam or having to visit the library the night before a term paper was due. Writing and prac¬ ticing speeches for English and memorizing translations in foreign language were all in a day’s work. The year progressed, and the day’s work became a struggle to save our outstanding school and its long-lived reputation. As Federals, we fought together to prove that our dedication re¬ mained ever faithful. THE WAY WE WERE; just four simple words. But on March 29, 1985 the School Board brought new meaning to them. They no longer meant just that. Everyone began to think about the way things had been — the thrill of winning, the letdow n of defeat, your first date, your first kiss, sharing a joke with your favorite teacher, the horror of your first pep rally, and that special feeling you get w hen you step on the Senior stands for the first time. Our school will forever stand. Fort Hunt by any other name will be remembered as Fort Hunt High School. It was THE WAY WE WERE and it is the way we will forever remain. It is the closing of another year and of our school, but it is not the end of our infinite spirit. After learning he has won the lead role in the upcoming play. Brad Rees is all smiles. Closing 215 COLOPHON Fortress 1985, Volume 22 is published by Taylor Publishing Company, Dallas, Texas. Typography: Bodoni Standard, 8 pt. captions, 10 pt. body copy, 24 pt. bold headlines. Cover: Durolith-4 color process. Binding: Smyth Sewn. Paper: 80 lb. enamel, 9 by 12. Ad¬ visor: Kenneth Craddock. Taylor Representative: Tom Scarry. Professional Photog¬ raphy: Max Ward Delmar Studios. Editor-in-Chief: Pat¬ rick S. Sullivan. Features Editor: Melanie E. Alnwick. Sports Editor: Rich A. Cam- pagna. Academics Editor: Kristina M. Kohler. Clubs Editor: Laura S. Swenson. Photography Editor: Francisco P. Bernasconi. Business Man¬ ager: Ted S. Little. Additional Thanhs: Tracey Allman, Sheila Rooney, Tracey Sherman. 2 16 Closing

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