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u t-SSs! mm 1971 FORTRESS VOLUME VIII FORT HUNT HIGH SCHOOL ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA TABLE OF CONTENTS " A Dream Deferred " 1 Diversions 18 Sports 114 People 166 Seniors 168 Juniors 226 Sophomores 252 Freshmen 268 Faculty 286 Potpourri 324 " Invictus " 338 V ' ; Vi tf + i v i V , Ifnl Mr 1 4JL ,) J i 1 A " m 1 1 1 1 ■k: HVvw - a f ' KAlMm JMR WHAT HAPPENS TO A DREAM DEFERRED? -SwM. § (§! $ mam tmm aglilil 7 ' ‘ ' " Sr ' - 5?, P IPIwlP sttll Does it dry up like a raisin in the sun? Or fester like a sore and then run? HBSgHSg n aBBaS fiSa© vfl 1 1 m 1 I 1 Or does it crust and sugar over like a syrupy sweet? Cv ;-v ■ §1 - P H .fe " Wmmm Wmm ymmjqmWm . Z MiVifG JhtySfa i . ' . r ' -if Iwplip: iimm Maybe it just sags like a heavy load? ■ Kvi-A: ' ' a.::-- MM Or does it explode? Ws 1 H S MB jMfr ■• 1 HppF JH ■, «% j k t J Jgg|p . j P «• %, BBl I don ' t want to be left with a lot of useless time on my hands Join something! Okay, what? What are you interested in? Hey, what are you doing here this late? Lord, ask me what I ' m not doing. I ' ve almost forgotten about schoolwork. I ' m so busy. Can you give me a ride home? It ' s the end of the year! My God but it went fast; I wonder why? Ive got some wild memories, though. What do you remember about sue cesses? The climactic jolt of victory, the brimming glow of accomplish¬ ment? Yes, those are fine memories. But do you recall how you got there? Photograph by Linda Santos DIVERSIO HOMECOMING Ronnette Kerzaya Rhonda Chess and Chris Crabill Susan Butterfield UNDERCLASS COURT First Row: Cindy Lang, Kathy Judd, Kelly Myatt. Second Row: Shawn Murphy, Boo McFarland,Linda Grossman. Photograph by Robert Tastett and Bob Younger 24 Homecoming 1970! The tense, exciting game that ended in a very close win for Marshall: they were among the state ' s top ten, and the Federals held them at a scoreless tie for three quarters. The half-time show, only a little dampened by the drizzling rain: after the band and drill team had escorted the princesses and their floats around the field, the Homecoming court paraded down a drill team ' d corridor to assemble before the stands, and Ronnette Kerzaya was crowned Homecoming Queen of 1970. Ronnette ' s paper counterpart, the Soph¬ omore class ' witch, cackling over a bubbling cauldron, won the award for best float. " How now, you secret, black, and midnight hag? " The dance, at which Sun Country, one of the best bands Fort Hunt has ever had, played to a new-look crowd: the dress was mostly long skirts, something interesting for Fern Libbers to note. Now and then the dancers were treated to a sampling of Roofer Sam and the Del Boppers ' repertoire, like this ' 53 oldie-but- goodie: " Chantilly lace and a pretty face and a ponytail hangin ' down; a wiggle in her walk and a giggle in her talk makes the world go round, round, round. " 25 •. ' ■v- -v,.,..s - rS Nia POWDER PUFF 26 27 • ' ■ w? ' V « ’ SJL mm n«w»ff i 1 __X M 1 1 jd, ;teC- .fimJatk jgfjgv.. . jbBpSi fwwrn - 1 ' Jr-i -■• fas HR JH ' H p a s ’ ' - » X M m X . in ., rv a» Bi||iil| |®r JF3R4 y «M Jm f !k Sk; w ... m , ' w yw| rf , HBP ' ' i frv« iA ‘ • r " J8LW i 1 JMK.a ? at Jl . I 8wS§ —■ mmmmak • V M ' i f 1 ! ! INTERNATIONAL BANQUET 31 OUR TOWN An ordinary auditorium, the usual sort of audience, a bunch of high school kids back-stage. Anyone unacquainted with the Fort Hunt Drama Department could, understandably, look forward to an eve¬ ning of mediocre entertainment. BUT THEN House lights down, hazy blue stage lights up, and a man steps casually onto the proscenium. ' The name of this play is ' Our Town ' . " From that moment on, the ordi¬ nary auditorium was nonexistent as the au¬ dience saw and heard the people of Grover ' s Corners live and die. Not until after some thought did they watch and listen to a moving plea: " Do human beings ever realize life while they live it, every, every minute? " Directed by Ed Gassek, the cast was headed by Roger Reaves as the stage manager, Kym Powell as Emily, Gary Wolfe as George, Mark Adams as Mr. Webb, Rosemary O ' Rourke as Mrs. Webb, Ken Gray as Doc Gibbs, Connie Orliski as Mrs. Gibbs, and Brent Hepburn as Simon Stimson. " Now you know what it was to be alive. " 32 54 " Touch your neighbor and tell him you love him. " Saturday, November 21, at 8:00 p.m., that phrase, plus an informed, bantering mood, set the atmo¬ sphere for the biggest concert ever played at an area high school. Looking back after a comfort¬ able, pleasant evening of fine entertainment, the $5.50 ticket price actually looked good. THE ASSOCIATION 38 w 1 T Bmmm i x »»—r JKrjg f]|H 3« . wlm : ' V |V- igd LMSjJNftfl siSl ■ JHk 4 1 Hk W T t (• (• ? in r 1 • 1-3 . 4 ♦ SEU J i » A HR . ■ juiiii.mmm: ii ' _ 1£ L Mi 1 i A ■T " y ® k JT Miila v " Jk m m - JLk A Pi y . A P ; ' ,. lifeL if |flk i 1 MWffgfe- A 4 ■ !.A :- ' 0 lOf . ™ jjmi •. ?; vvA , - % , r C » ' •’’ ||| ' iB ■L - ■ ' { £ 5 i ? ■llllllk yf|J 1 .ya ” jWo |L ( ' ■ ■ ' 7 ; - JJ B ' I j BBM | H j •» 4 4 f BP SL ©gA Il, | r Ip y® g 1 i, KJ wli JjHPHF XsJ 1 |PP T: Ah r -iiRte §P s $---,__ ;.• j H 1 33 B ■S lr „ . j ' My. mu " - MEiL .y.-. ta -. it " ryii., ' ' jr ;-. : - ._ 1 | r i fjm | F 4 pr 5 M W " " —_; [ ; : j 7 I: J - f w« " gF- JH—jW. ■ " ' fK? " Wx YWi-r ’ : | P beB m v vBL »r fT I if % ILr ' f A w 1 :•,■ otawwK w Br - A t- ,__J®|, mg gk KHRn. v. ' Je ■•afr 4® J - t|W • Jr jjL % ABujE ’ M T ■ jPl LTjP JPlV- - - ' ,Af - ' » -«.-wr,:» s JWkbM " ' ' ta i W !■; ' M M|| ■ ■ • PI wl r jfABjB S|- • [Mb _ i m ' -. - JmH PilfTTIlfc Bi’ •-» bHkw i V; " WmP ‘ _ri v . It a r jm . I- 4 Ilk. • j v Ipv IFAHi iBlBHiA E - PE w it ' jKS ' -.jtiy r w w ,d. j- ! ’ .fv ■P f 7 ' - y— L a fc» " jr - 42 SYMPHONIC BAND IN CHICAGO The tension had even the unflappable Mr. Wickes in a state of near-paralysis. After the invitation to the 24th Annual Midwest Band and Orchestra Clinic at Chicago, months of practice and rehearsal, and $20,000 worth of fund-raising, the Fort Hunt Symphonic Band was about to perform before 2500 of the country ' s elite musicians. Finally, the band members went onstage, prepared themselves, and began playing, with the musical score projected above the stage for the audience to follow. The performance lasted an hour, and our band received thre e standing ovations; it was remarked that they had given the best performance in the history of the clinic. Then, there was a pause. By one member ' s account, " No one had told us we could just walk off the stage. One flutist rose, crying, and embraced a friend. It was over. " 43 RONNIE AND ELLWOOD IN CONCERT 45 MR. GIBBS TESTIMONIAL DINNER 46 Mr. Rodney Taylor Long deliberation, flying rumors, an announce¬ ment, a little disbelief, and suddently Fort Hunt ' s mainstay for 8 years was leaving. George M. Gibbs was given a testimonial dinner by the faculty, who presented him with a globe and a gavel in com¬ memoration, and then he was gone. " Who ' s the new principal? " was everywhere. And, just as quietly as the old left, the new arrived. Rodney Taylor started cropping up all over school, looking and listening, getting the feel of the place. 47 I m If - • i 48 BLACK HISTORY WEEK " Dig your black self " was the theme for the second week of February. Discussion panels of black students visited classes for rap sessions, with two major goals in mind: to be accepted as individuals, and to push for the installation of a black his¬ tory unit. Joseph P. Yeldell appeared as a guest speaker and pointed out that there is an imbalance in this country ' s thinking; there is more emphasis, as he said, on the black people ' s heritage of shame, and less thought about their legacy of honor. Mr. Yeldell ' s casual manner, counterbalanced by a very clear speech, hit the mark with the student audience and there was a tremendous response when he emphasized staying in school in order to be able to say, " I am of the black seed. I ' m black, and I ' m proud. " 49 50 51 r if5l r ' Bobby Middleton Rouse MR. WONDERFUL Rick Greene and Barbara Timberlake Tom Wheatley w» £ Mary Hoover and Steve Dripps Frank Petroff and Jane Fix 53 i I First Row: Spooky Morgan, John Nutting, Dave Budd, Mike Normyle. Second Row: Robbie Woerhle, Bart Wheatley, Mike Allen, Rick Genuario, Phil Pao. Through a keyhole and a looking-glass door and into Sun Country, where the music comes fast, loud, and good; from the walls the Cheshire Cat, the Caterpillar, and the Tweedle Twins saw the Alices and their Wonderful escorts move to the best band to play a Fort Hunt dance. For refreshment, the Wonderlanders dropped in at the Mad Tea Party in the lobby for love-red punch and cherry tarts. Mundina Halbert announced the final Mr. Wonderful, Bobby Middleton Rouse, and presented him with a loving cup. 54 SCA RESIGNATIONS 56 The available S.C.A. Was it a feasible promise? Who actually broke it? On February 23, Bill Cresswell, Don Wurzel, Barbara Tarpey, and Jennifer Campbell resigned from their offices on the executive board, leaving President Lee Mangas alone in the student government. Soon afterward, a petition made the rounds to impeach Lee and put Bill in his place. Rumors flew everywhere, more petitions and polls appeared and disappeared, the Frontline and Battletine put out special issues, and Mr. Taylor made an¬ nouncements siding himself with Lee ' s position. Finally, a decision was made: since the four officers had resigned, they could not be reinstated without an election; so, the offices were simply left vacant until the regu¬ lar elections for next year ' s government were held. The whole thing was a painful mess. 57 " THE DEATH OF BESSIE SMITH " 58 " This is an emergency! There has been an accident! " " You wait! You just sit down and wait! " " This woman is badly hurt . . . " " You cool your heels! " " Ma ' am ... I got Bessie Smith out in that car there . . . " " I don ' t care who you got out there, nigger. You cool your heels! " That ' s only a part of the high-tension wire " The Death of Bessie Smith " makes the audience walk. The thirty minute play, when performed at Woodson for the Northern Virginia One-Act Play Festival, received a superior rating and the only standing ovation of the plays presented; it was also the only performance in which all the actors and the director, senior Connie Orliski, received All-Festival awards. " The Death of Bessie Smith, " written by Edward Albee, went on to the state competition at Charlottesville. In order of appearance, the performers were Gary Wolfe as the father, Kym Powell as the nurse, Mike Sutton as the intern, Roger Reaves as Jack, Rosemary O ' Rourke as the second nurse, and Brent Hepburn as the orderly. 59 60 Jane Hopkins 6 ! 62 NATIONAL MERIT SEMI FINALISTS Michele Frome and Janet Schwaner (not pictured: Bill Gehrig, Keith Hinman, David Coker and Brad DeGraf) 63 Steve Kolzak INTERNATIONA KEY CLUB PRESIDENT 64 Paulette Desell FIRST WOMAN PAGE Paulette Desell, a junior, is one of the first three female pages appointed to the Senate. Paulette heard that Senator Javits of New York wanted to appoint a girl; in November she wrote to him, in December he wrote to her, and on December 10th Paulette was appointed page to Senator Javits. Then came the problems. Since female appointees were a novelty to the page insittution, a sub-committee had to be drawn up to decide whether or not to bar the three girls because of— well, you know. Who ever heard of a girl page? (Who ever heard of a congresswoman? Who ever heard of a lady reporter?) One excuse given was that pages had to do a lot of running back and fourth, and a girl just couldn ' t take it. (Who ever heard of a girls ' track team?) 65 mvm 70-71 VA. STATE CHAMPION ONE AND TWO BATON TWIRLER Karen Sen FRENCH III NATIONAL WINNER 66 Bobby Crawford McDonald s all American band member 67 F.H. JUNIOR MISS REPRESENTATIVE F.H. MISS TEEN REPRESENTATIVES Nelle Lee and Christy Joy Debbie Reed 68 EXCHANGE STUDENT Roxana Maturana DEBATE TEAM AWARDS Doug Hearth, Charlie Jones, Mr. Combs, Jeff Seward, and Art Gilbert 69 ... “ ■■ Anne Wainstein, Assistant Editor-in-Chief, Editorial and Literary; Mary Ann Carribino, Assistant Editor-in-Chief, Editorial and Literary FORTRESS EDITORS Melissa Belcher, Editor-in-Chief Barbara Pisaro, Assistant Editor-in- Chief, Photography 73 V II EAGERS Jan Eagers, Art and Layout Editor Jon Freeburg, Boys ' Sports Editor Greta Garbo Cathy Slatinshek, Diversions Editor Louise Bradford, Diversions and Faculty Editor Annette Rhodes, Business Manager and Jr. Class Editor Suzanne McLees, Sr. Class Editor and Corresponding Secretary Kathy Sampson, Literary and Girl ' s Sports Editor 75 Arleen Jones, Head Typist Jan Liverance, Sophomore Class Editor Doug Shawn, Publicity Manager 76 1st Row: Julie Kane, Charles Webb, Mike Vessey. 2nd Row: 1st Row: Bob Younger, Janet Schwaner, Robert Tastet, Jim Jan Liverance, Mary Alice Pramik, Marci Belcher. 3rd Row: Pat Ferguson, Linda Santos, Richard Campbell. 2nd Row: Jeff Byrd, Miller, Shelby Sotera, Rosemary Morton, Susan Adams Cary Wolfe 77 Lee Mangas and George M. Gibbs Barbara Tarpey, Treasurer 79 SCA REPRESENTATIVES 80 SAFETY BOARD Nelle Lee and John Nutting Kris Genuario, Phil Wiggins, Dave Gibbs, Bill Cresswell. STUDENT ADVISORY COUNCIL 81 First Row: Jeff Seward. Second Row: Linda Cahart, Mark Johnson, Phil Dukas, Judy Roth, David Pfeiffer, Beth Livingston. Third Row: Steve Mathis, Phil Karwaki, Greg Kitchen, Linda Grossman, Alice Farrington, John Messenger, Melissa Belcher, Phil Bagdon. Fourth Row: Dave Cleveland, Barbara Harding, Liz Periello, Mark Eisen, Bill Patterson, Ben Harrison. FRONT LINE 82 Judy Roth, Mark Johnson; Editors. Foreground: Bob Swiggard, Cathy Chauvette, Brad DeGraf. 1st Row: Mary Ashby, Pat Najjum, Susie Long, Susan Adams, Monica O ' Keefe, Cindy Kahle, Anna Ames, Kym Powell, Cathy Clement. 2nd Row: Jon Freeburg (Above him- Jack King), Kara Lee Faulkner, Clare Clement, Anne Banks, Joe Blow, Trisha Holland, Buffy Balzer, Wendy Harper, Doug and Kelly Shawn, Richard Nix, Cathy Bell TURRET Cathy Clement, Editor; Jack King, Assistant Editor-in-Chief. 83 A t . .ij 6 F iTwrSf Mf! II -; ' jf . taro. . 1 " " ■■1 H 1 % iMw jpif El m Wt -MM 1 ®! M J 1 : First Row: Janet Buttery (historian), Kathy MacNevin (historian), Janet Schwaner (1 ' st VP), Leo Buss (Pres.), Michele Frome (2 ' nd VP), Barbara Arneson (Treas.), David Wessel (Sec.). Second Row: Madame Extract, Ned Witting, Barbara Pisaro, Steve Donovan, Randy Manner, Mark Daniels, John Gyakum, Keith Hinman, Bill Murry, Don Wurzel, Anne Wainstein, Kelvin Creyts. Third row: Sue Bretting, Colleen McHugh, Mary Ellen Andrews, Karen Sen, Louise Bradford, Suzanne McLees, Kathy Sampson, Ellen McKeon, Nelle Lee, Karin Lindgren, Joe Blow, Steve Greenlee, Mary Jane VandenBerg, Carol Tate, Buffy Balzer, Pat Najjum, Cathy Chauvette, Ellen Weissman, Joe Blow, Mindy Ratliff, Linda Grossman, Jennifer Campbell, Nina Patteson, Alice Farrington, Cathy Clement, Barbara Cler, Mundina Halbert, Joe Blow, Priscilla Ingersoll, Joe Blow, Joe Blow, Debbie Painter, George Harrington, Hank Hall, David Coker, Lee Mangas, Joe Blow, Joe Blow, Steve Carlton, Phil Troy, Sandy Kraemer, Steve Kolzak, Bill Genhig. 84 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY FRENCH CLUB 1st Row: Jill Follmer (VP), Dara Ludwig (Pres.), Amy Dean (Treas.), Mr. Ahern (Sponsor). 2nd Row: Pat Vessley (Sec.), Nancy Knight, Nancy Casberg, Sharon Bartholemew FRENCH HONOR SOCIETY Back Row: Terrie Chapell, Velma Bacak, Cynthia Larson, Lynne Osteen, Sue Cygan, Frances Guinard, Barbara Bohnsack. Second Row: Mme. Nelson, Barbara Arneson, Dwight Eaton, Jill Follmer, Karin Lindgren, Connie Clark, Debbie Painter. Kneeling: George Harrrington (Tres), Michele Frome, Deborah Ingersoll (V. Pres.), Priscilla Ingersoll (Pres.), Jula Kinnaird (Sec.) 85 1st Row: Mrs. Mciver (Sponsor), Debbie Ingersoll (Sec.), Leslie Bachus, Pete Shank, Pam Roberts, Paul Pieper, Mary Simpson. 2nd Row: Mark Daniels, Jim Sandman, Bill Gehrig (Pres.), Priscilla Ingersoll. Absent from picture: Marie Price, Janet Schwaner (Treas.) GERMAN HONOR SOCIETY I GERMAN CLUB First Row: Pam Roberts, Joe Blow, Ann Gauger, Maureen Argo, Mary Simpson. Second Row: Terry Zevin, Judy Wynekoop, Joe Blow, Joe Blow, Phyllis Barney, Tina Hansen, Pam Painter. Third Row: Mark Daniel, Pete Shank, Joe Blow, Joe Blow, Rick Rivard, Randy Manner, Joe Blow, Joe Blow, Pat Thornhill, David Ydeen. RUSSIAN HONOR SOCIETY 2nd Row: Paula Savalas, Larry Ichter, Rick Tontarski, Debbie Ingersoll, Bill Watson, Terry Chappell, Karol Wolicki, Ellen Mohr. 1st Row: Althea Aschmann, Kym Powell, Shelby Sotera, Sandy Clement, Kathryn Sampson. Not Pictured: Susan Bayliss, Mary Wielga, Sheila Cleary. 1st Row: Kym Powell (President), Bill Watson, Dave Meiselman, Karol Wolicki. 2nd Row: Kathryn Sampson (Treasurer), Paula Savalas, Jane Green, Susan Walther, Shelby Sotera, Joe Blow, Debbie Ingersoll, Sandy Clem¬ ent, Terry Chappell. Not Pictured: Sheila Cleary, Judy Wynekoop, Richard Tontarski, Mary Lee Wielga, Cwyn Schuder, Melanie Eisenberg, Althea Aschmann, Robin Appleby. RUSSIAN CLUB 1st Row: Lucy Vinciguerra, Cathy Slatinshek, Patty Najjum, rn A IT j | C I r 1 A Berinthia Cox. 2nd Row: Kathy Pierce, Arleen Jones, Gerry I I I yl 1 1 Vy K J | l " | | Vessley, Sue Baeriswyl, Ginny Davis, Debbie Holland, Misty Waters. 3rd Row: Dee Hoffman, Jane Green, Joyce Allen, Carol Tate, Mrs. Taxis, Pat Choate. 4th Row: Kathryn Sampson, Lindele Pinckney, Anne Wainstein, Joe Blow, Margaret Shetterly, Joe Blow, Mary Vitas. 5th Row: Art Gilbert, Tom Leverone, Craig Leiby, Jack Nottingham, Nancy Gust, Bill Quinn, Joe Blow, John Lowe, Kathy Frye. SPANISH CLUB 1st Row: Bill Doty, Anne Wainstein, Mrs. Taxis, Joe Blow, Margaret Hughes, Pam Pyatt, Anne Perkins. 2nd Row: Kathy Frye, Mary Vitas, Beth Kordalski, Patty McLaughlin, Bill Marcellino. 3rd Row: Wayne Rife, John O ' Reagan, Joe Blow, Nancy Knight. 1st Row: Diane Donot ' rio (Secretary), Trissie Ellis. 2nd Row: Cindy Arvan, Marcia Valiante, Kathy Lloyd, Stu Nottingham (President), Susan Adams. 3rd Row: Chuck Curcio, Barb Ellis (Vice-President), Mary Sharp, Cathy Ming, Judd Schulke, Jody Burfening, Richard Coleman, Pam Painter (Treasurer), Mrs. Hall. 4th Row: Debbie Bard, Joe Blow, John Puffenbarger, Rick Rivard, Patty Gallagher, Rick Welch, Steve Fotis, Ron Coffey, Meg Small, Marci Belcher, Leslie Young, Jack Nottingham, Karin Lindgren, John Hardisty. LATIN CLUB LATIN HONOR SOCIETY 1st Row: Debbie Bard (VP), Cindy Arvan (Sec.), Marcia Valiente (Treas.), Ann Zavadil. In Litter: Rick Rivard (Pres.). 2nd Row: Pam Painter, Barbara Ellis, Stuart Nottingham, Karen Lindgren. 89 THESPIANS 1st row: Brent Hepburn, Sally Weaver, Debbie Stromberg, Debbie Kagan, Cary Wolfe, David Meisselman. 2nd Row: Debbie Landis, Harriet Campbell, Rosemary O ' Rourke, Dorcas Duke, Karla Kincannon, Nelle Lee, Lindele Pinckney, Ken Cray, Joan Evans, Sue Cygan, Lyle Anderson. 3rd Row: Kerry Ciese, Connie Orliski, Ellen Weissman, Jan Eagers, Mark Adams, Mike Sutton, Bob Eineigl, Beth Livingston, Captain Starshine. 4th Row: Mr. Gassek, Barbara Pisaro (Secretary), Roger Reaves (Treasurer), Linda Santos (Vice-President), Kym Powell (President), Bob Swiggard. 90 QUILL AND SCROLL Cathy Chauvette, Buffy Balzer, Linda Cahart, Judy Roth, Beth Livingston, Pat Najjum, Mark Johnson. 1st Row: Denise Curry, Ron Coffey, Jan Doerphinghaus. 2nd Row: Nelle Lee, Connie Orliski, Eleanor Wright, Carole Green, Ken Grey, Ed Stockdale, Michele McBurney. FORENSICS 91 ■ » 1st Row: Ann Littlejohn, Derlaine Barker, Cathy Slatinshek, Lynn McNeese, Margaret Boswell, Pat Woodward (Secretary), Wendy Harper, Judy Johnson, Joy Lopez, Michelle Manire, Mary Sheridan, Leslie Bachus, Pat Miller. Left Side: Nina Patteson (VP), Julie Kane, Barb Elefter, Debbie Holland, Becky Coble, Margaret Shetterly (Treasurer), Colleen McHugh, Ellen Mohr, Sue McDougall, Mary Ashby, Lynn Baker, Ronnie Kerzaya, Alice Farrington, Barbara Timberlake. Right Side: Vicki Adams, Cindy Halbert, Susan Ford, Dianne Hart, Susie Farris, Cindy Kahle, Mundina Halbert (President), Caroline Herbert, Linda Curry, Valerie Pluto, Judy Jortberg. TRI-HI-Y Hl-Y Left Side—-Ned Witting (President), Kevin O ' Keefe, Roger Loveless (not a member), Hank Chambers, Craig Seaver, Joe Blow, Dave Cleveland, Warren Ortland, Joe Blow, Steve Fanning, Joe Blow, Jeff DiScuillo, Larry LaHue, Pat O ' Donnel, Richard McFarland, Mike Fields, Joe Blow, Joe Blow, Joe Blow, George Harrington, Joe Blow, Bob Snyder, Mark Long, Steve MacMull, Joe Blow, Jim Sandman, Ed Hindman, Phil Troy, Sam Hinson, Rick Bush. In Front- Sue Baeriswyl, Vice-President; Diane Moy, Treasurer; Barbara Cler, President; Nelle Lee, Secretary; Dorothy Woodard, International Representative. 1st Row: Christy Joy, Jane Fix, Kathy McDonald. 2nd Row: Pam Painter, Maureen Argo, Tina Hanson, Sandy Henderson, Barbara Ellis, Althea Aschmann, Wendy Parfrey, Dianne Hall, Barbara Clarke, Susan Butterfield, Pam Dunlap, Cindy Boucher, Marsha Berryman, Chris Haith, Terry Tyler, Bonnie Chisholm, Channie Watkins, Susan Adams Misty Waters. 3rd Row Lorrie Harris, Mary Simpson, Suzanne Monti, Mary Pikrallidas. 4th Row: Debbie Painter, Nancy Gust, Laura Banks, Sandy Smith, Pam Fisher, Dara Ludwig, Vicki Hansen, Etoila Yance, Linda Lawrence, Mary Bond, Linda Boone, Mary Ellen Andrews, Tina Wanner, Pam Ramirez, Christy West, Janine Barton, Jula Kinnaird, Susie Bretting, Lea Winnefeld. KEYETTES KEY CLUB First Row: Joe Blow, Joe Blow, Chip Chamberlain, George Danielson, Joe Blow, Joe Blow Pat Matus, Robbie Tueman, Mike Haith. Second Row: Joe Totten, Jay Demeter, Chip Bach, Tim Hunter Clay Caldwell, John Nutting, Carl Koons, Bob Beatty, Steve Carlton, Marshall McCabe, Jeff Harding, Hans Frey. Third Row: Mike Soapes, Dave Cler, Jim DiScuillo, Steve Ruggiero, Mike Normyle. 93 JUNIOR CIVITANS 1st Row: Jeff Morley, Debbie Kagan, Lillian Peterson, Mark Colley (1st VP.), Randy Manner (2nd VP.), Mark Peifer (Pres.), Pat Vessely (Sec.), Mike Howard (Treas.), Gerry Hogan (Sgt. at Arms), Margo Biggins, Valerie Scott, Paula Lewis, Anne Wainstein. 2nd Row: Mike Vessely, Beth Kordalski, Gerry Vessely, Carlene Miller, Merle Peifer, Jim Bussey, Ginny Davis, Mr. Rose (Sponsor), Rick Rivard, Norma McMurrer, Rick Clark, Mary Mirch, Diane Hunter, Aileen McMurrer, Donna Blackwell, Melissa Belcher. 3rd Row: Bob Battle, Dave Neil, Rick Tantarski, Gail Ehrlich, Chuck Woford, Sharon Barothlomew, Thalia Janssen, Caroline Ware, Betty Austin, Phyliss Barney, Dale Davenport, Jane Kennedy, Cindy Dommisee, Lindy Zwart. Back Row: Jim Stevenson, Parke Deans, Steve Thomas, Mary Beth Cutting, Scott Faught, Bob Lemon, Marci Belcher, Joyce Allen, Sarah Applegate, Bay Bass, Clare Thornhill, Susie Kordalski, Kathy Mirch. 94 1st Row: Will Moore, Karen Krogh, Sheryl Smith, Susan Lenzner, Tom Cadden. 2nd Row: Steve Felch, Nancy Kenisten, Joe Blow, Joe Blow, Joe Blow, Joe Blow. 3rd Row: Cathy Bowman, Jenny McDowell, Joe Blow, Debbie Couch, Kathy Frye. 4th Row: Joe Gililland, Mary Bond, John Cyakam, Tom Van Clevae, Travis Anderson. SKI CLUB BATTLELINE Mortimer Snerd, Bullwinkle the Goose, Wilbur Buckward. 95 FOLK CLUB 1st Row: Sue Byers, Rita Dorn, Barbara Pisaro, Buffy Balzer. 2nd Row: Leslie Hesson, Beth Livingston, jane Green, Doug Shawn, Patti Najjum, Joe Blow, Wendy Harper. 3rd Row: Richard Booker, Joe Blow, Joe Blow, Vicki Vennell, Joe Blow, Cathy Ming, Jeff Seward, Roger Reaves, Phil Dukas, Jan Maitland, Joe Blow, Scot Bistline, Mr. Cummins-Sponsor, Kathy Owen, Joe Blow, Anne Cronin, Robin B orum, Dave Cleveland, Frank Greenlee, Joe Blow. 4th Row: Joe Blow, Jay, Dave Nolker. 5th Row: David Chambers, Barbara Tarpey- 2nd VP, Anne Beale- Secretary, Gary Wolfe- President, Ellen Weissman- Treasurer, Sherri Culbertson, Mike Sutton, Barbara Short, Clare McDonald. ART CLUB ! 1st Row: Kerry Crese, Bradford Cook, Bruce Wilcox, Pamela Cook- President. 2nd Row: Barbara Marston, Barbara Shert- Treasur¬ er, Mimi Ratner, Fleur Duggan, Debby Leher, Shaun Murphy. 3rd Row: Mrs. Weiner, Beth Pierce, Joe Blow, Kathy Towle, Susie White, Lynn Earman, Joe Blow. 4th Row: Cinny O ' Neill, Jody Flacowicz, Bill Marcell i no, Cary Hickman, Gene Strobel, Kathy Keener, Mr. Terrell. 5th Row: Jay Hansen- Vice- President, Joe Blow. p " -J [ ■ j 96 DEBATE TEAM 1st row: Jeff Seward, Chris Perkins, Gerry Hogan, Mark Colley. 2nd Row: Jane Sheaffer, Bob Johnson, Marjorie Leedy, Tracy Strauss, Art Gilbert. 3rd Row: Tom Karwaki, Ken Gray, Bill McCown. 4th Row: Joe Rivers, Jim Yearts, John Bell, Doug Hearth. 5th Row: Mr. J.T. Combs, Jr., Charles Jones, Scott Chilton. MATH TEAM Sitting: Jim Sandman, Bob Neil, Keith Hinman, John Gyakum. Standing: Larry Ichter, Priscilla Ingersoll, David Coker, Hank Hall, Edward Tiedemann. 97 AUDIO CLUB Front Row: Edward Stockdale (Pres), Frank Greenlee, Bob Bell (Treas), Mike Barry. Back Row: Tom Morgan, Johin Worthington, Edward Tiedemann (VP), Mike Morgan, RicFiard Bard (Sec). UNDER WATER DIVING AND AQUATICS First Row: CFiuck Fancher, Richard Cramer, Joe Blow, Joan Evans, Thomas Cramer, Lawrence Coyne, Mr. Crowe. Second Row: Jon Clark, James McMurrer, Dave Chambers. Third Row: Joe Blow, Frank Bugbee, Brian Clark. i i i 98 1st Row: Cathy Trout, Pam Ramirez (Historian), Alice Chadwick (Points Chairman), Gretchen Quant (Pres.), Suzanne Monti (Treas.), Diane Moy (VP), Margaret McDonald (Historian), Sandy Smith (Degree Chairman). 2nd Row: Bonnie Ayers, Mimi Ratner, Portia Rafert, Sandy Orantes, Darlene Sowers, Bernadine Kimmerling, Sue Bona, Betty Camache, Mary Lou Blake, Lisa Ordoyne. 3rd Row: Lisa Irish, Stacy Barnes, Bernadette Kimmerling, Patty Davis, Beth Smith, Barbara King. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA 99 CHESS CLUB Standing: Tim Hower, Mark Anderegg, Joe Blow, Lillian Peterson, Russ Schaub, Bill Lacy, John Sheaffer. Sitting: Jeff Bronez, John Worthington, John Kingston. CAVE CLUB 1st Row: Hal Bryson, Dave Nolker, Wayne Martin, Donna Dupart, Mike Munn, Brendon Harris. 2nd Row: John King, John Torbert, Laurence Coyne, Frank Bugbee, Joe Blow, Mille Reece, Ed Stockdale, Carolyn Tabarini, Jim Eggeman, Walt Hieburg, Bob Sheya, Dave Chambers. 3rd Row: Mary Lee Farrison, J. Bryson, Chip Kespack, Jim Duncan, Charles Green, Teddy Westa, Curtis Dyer, Stewart Caniburgh, Jeff Bronez. T 100 FOLLOW-UPS Jackie Rouse (VP), Nancy La Prade, Dorica Nelson (Pres.), Micheal Paige Regina Lewis, Robert Carter, Bernard Kellogg, Connie Webb. ROCKET CLUB Patrick Noack (VP), Richard Kauffold (Pres.), Scott Cook (Treas.), Tim Gray. 101 CROSS COUNTRY CLUB 1st Row: Janet Dobbs, Boo Turner, Maureen Argo, George Bryant, Lorrie Harris, Marc Swedenburg, Steve Fisher, Reggie Robinson. 2nd Row: Donna Hempstead, Sue Appel, Anne Laseau, Pat McGinnis, Ginny Perrino, Margo Biggins, Kathy McGinnis, Barbara McIntyre, Mary Lou Blake. 3rd Row: Karen Hecht, Beth Lowder, Doug Poorman, Kathy Fitzgerald, John Nutting, Jennifer Rife, Carrie Carpenter, Michelle McBurney, Debbie Needham, Steve Thomas, Tom Killion, Bob Whitfield, Mark Vinson. 4th Row: Stuart Kininebaugh, Stan Wielga, Chip Back, Kirk Rosenkranz, Sue Smithwick, Sallie Davis, Bob Stewart, Gary Hickman. 5th Row: Steve Knight, Bob Paschitovonovitch, John Mackey. 1st Row: Pam Painter, Dianne Hall, Windy Harrol, Cathy McGinnis. 2nd Row: Carolyn Tabarini, Donna Dupart, Elioana DeLeon, Patty Gallagher, Ellie Poage. SWIM CLUB 102 STUDENTS FOR ENVIRONMENTAL ACTION 1st Row: Michelle Frome (1st VP), Marjorie Leedy, Jack Nottingham, Ellen O ' Neil, Mr. Bishopp, Sam McKee, Connie Clark (Treas.), Bill McCown, Sarah Waters, Pat Burton, Joe Blow. 2nd Row: Mrs. Shivik, Mia Idleman, Dave Pfeiffer, Sue Walther (2nd VP), Paulette Beighley, Stephanie Griffin, Carol Tate (Sec.), Ann Gauger, Jane Green, Pam Fisher, Stephen Knight, Nancy Knight, Pat O ' Donnell (Pres.), Art Gilbert, Mike Fields. ASTRONOMY CLUB Teresa Snider, Diane Hunter, Lyn Karwacki, Steve Gibbs, Mrs. Hennig, Chip Ripley, Kelly Carr, Anne Bailey, John Gober, Bob Clark, John Mackey, Pete Davenport, Steve Cresswell, Craig Chase, Gary Miller. 103 First Row: Pam Edwards, Kathy Sheehan, Debbie Bard, Donna Flempstead, Cathy Pence, Mary Beth Cutting, Mary Simpson. Second Row: Mona Miller, Valerie Picciano, Margaret McDonald, Stephanie Cain, Joe Blow, Joe Blow, Karen Bothwell, Susan Griffiths, Kathy Ward. Third Row: Leslie Michel, Joe Blow, Joe Blow, Laura Farwell, Joe Blow, Louise Strickland, Teresa Zimmerman, Terri Edwards. Fourth Row: Linda Franco, Joe Blow, Kathy Jesser, Joe Blow, Patti Huelsman. Fifth Row: Margaret Powell, Martha Ripley, Kathy Leverone, Gail Ehrlich, Lynn Raw, Toni Ciocca, Carol Patterson, Joe Blow, Andrea Babcock, Jennifer Rife. PEP CLUB 104 MODERN DANCE CLUB 1st Row: Carol Ellerbe, Sue Bretting, Teresa Gehrig, Cyndi Becker, Kim MacMull, Hannah Hall, Janet Dobbs. 2nd Row: Susan Weinstein, Ruth Scribner, Betsy Markey, Judy Mansfield, Venus Polk, Marci Belcher, Jody Burfening, Celia Bernens. 3rd Row: Sue, Debra Scribner, Clare Thornhill, Linda Lawerence, Lauren Quant, Cinny Mansfield, Michael Ann Vessely. 105 1st R °w : Debbie Barondes, Kathy MacNevin, Gwen Smith, Barbara Evertz, Mary Jane VanDenBurg, Jeanne Cutting, Pat Muhlig Judie Hollander. 2nd Row: Tom Leverohe, Dee Hoffman, Mike Todd, Meg Small, Dwight Eaton, Nancy Newman, Karl Wolicki, Kevin Creyts Ed Lipp, Phil Bagdon, Velma Bacak, Carrie Carpenter, Linda Baker, Alison, Alison Echard, Harriet Campbell. 3rd Row: Janet Buttery, Robert ' , IC c ,, Cam P bel1 ' Beverly Mesick, Mark Colley, Steven Nader, Carren Mike, Bruce Campbell, Michelle Guerrein, James Wurzel Rich¬ ard Hale Sally Weaver, Kathy Andrews, Dana Ellerbe, Jane Hopkins, Mike Dantley, Bill Murray, John Erb, Dave Gibbs, Dave Kapec 4th Row Sharon Schroer, Craig Leiby, Sandra Rogowski, Ross Eastman, Mary Mohr, Paul Halin, Lynne Mitchell, Bob Bradley, John Chilton Gregg Eagm, Richard Davenport, Robert Emeigl, John Peterson, Dean Norton, Paul Henzey, Kevin Waugh, Janet Schwaner, Kathy Tarabochia. 5th Row: Jim Felch, Kelvin Creyts, David Coker, Bill Gascoigne, Steve Hanson. Paul Fraunfelter, Mark O ' Connell, Gary Adgate, Joe VandenBerg Charles Koenig Jim Bowles Bill Herwig, Roger Mowry, Cary Hughes, Rick Herbst, Mike Willoughby, Parke Deans, Chris Perkins Ryan Wojtanowski, Floyd Searl, Mike Noordewier, Mike Russell, Eric Parfrey, Jeff Peterson, David Finlayson, Deborah Wells BEGINNERS ' BAND First row: Anne Bryant, Bob Montalvo, Patricia Patterson, Caye Feltham, Burton Newbry, Kathy Lloyd. Second row: Vicki Barondes, Robin Parks, Ronald Sheaffer, John Jewell, Robert Carter, Donald Henderson, Vic Arkilic. First row: Lisa Kunz, Judy Williams, Pam Morgus, Eileen Riffe, Tom Solem, Bill Ashby. Second row: Mrs. Straub, Susan Willhauck, Patti Najjum, Robert Doty, Chip Turner. STRING BAND 108 MARCHING BAND CONCERT BAND First row: Paulette Dessell, Sandy Hightower, Susan Willhauck, Nancy Gust, Terri Edwards, Joslyn Barritt, Diane Paquette, Amy Gascoigne. Second row: Stephen Gibbs, John Davenport, Donna Fambrough, Martin Haber, Pam Merritt, Jeff Landis, Teresa Snider, Keith Snedeker, Stuart Kinniburgh, Pam Ryan, Mia Idleman, Ann Ainsworth, Norma McMurrer, Cindy Wilder. Third row: Mike Walter, John Dripps, Pam Duel, Chris Johnson, Karen Kromer, Kathy Chapman, Laura Card, Jeff Byrd, Mike Smith, Richard Naylor, Brad Parsons, Mark Zetterstrom, David Lewis, Paul Hopkins, Martha Newman, Bruce Wilcox, Steve Salke, Karen Zetterstrom, David Mangas. Fourth row: Valerie Cornelison, Debbie Needham, Mary McLaughlin, Morriss Herbert, Moira Flanders, Stuart Jefferson, Brian Pisaro, Mike Nall, George Bowles, Curt Crystal, Curtina Clark, Patty Young, Steve Swank, Scott Harbottle, James Nankervis, Doug Poorman, Doug Dobson, Brian Johnson. Fifth row: Beth McLaughlin, Steve Pierce, Tom Brown, Buz Rettig, Doug Sanchi, Bob Wurzel, Mark Simonds, Don Morrissey, Steve Koenig, Rick Clark, Lane Baldwin, Connie Varner, John Murray, Brian Willoughby. 109 HARMONETTES G. Humbrecht, M. Boger, L. Wilgus, B. Arneson, J. Evans, V. Daggett, D. Reed, P. Yeardley. Lyle Anderson, Gary Humbrecht, Marilyn Boger, David Sharp, Linda Wilgus, Pat Yeardley, Bill Ashby, Pat Cornell, Joan Evans. MADRIGALS 110 1st Row: D. Yeardley, D. Reed, R. Madland, J. Evans, C. Joy, K. O ' Malley, E. Yance. 2nd Row: P. Cornell, C. Allen, M. Surron, B. Arneson, S. Thompson, M. Ashby, S. Ditta, J. Doerpinghaus, D. Strauss. 3rd Row: M. Boger, L. Hall, A. Cronin, B. Ashby, V. Daggett, L. Wilgus, G. Humbrecht. 4th Row: M. Morgan, J Benson, A. Biehl, L. Harris, L. Anderson, D. Sharp. CONCERT CHOIR 111 1st Row: Patti Baker, Pam Pyatt, Carlene Miller, Ann Schifflett, Donna Croseclose, Kathy Baldwin, Amy Gascoigne, Sue Damm, Debbie Guazzo, Jill Follmer, Rose Mary O ' Rourke, Stephanie Griffin. 2nd Row: Betty Austin, Brenda Hutchinson, Kathy Reisch, Kathy Heiberg, Ginny Bishop, Paula Savalas, Linda Currty, Nancy Gust, Carole Matthews, Mary Jane Mayer, Connie Webb. 3rd Row: Jody Burfening, Marsha Blunt, Marcia Rusanowsky, Barbara Burke. 4th Row: Vicki Vennell, Ann Thomas, Debbie Painter, Kathy Denham. GIRLS ' CHORUS 112 BOYS ' CHORUS 1st Row: Mark Sherry, Terry E hemes, Chip Turne r . 2nd Row: Bi O ' Connor, Da. d Meise mar Matt Reed. B Monner. Zacher. Fann. 3rd Row: Mike Evans John Frve David Potts, Bob Ba " ie Sic- Sava I as. FRESHMAN CHORUS 1st Row luvt Shumate Sue Rob won ' Diane Be . Debbie Baggett. Dee Demeter. Jo v - .hn cail Shrtieh Mk ' MeN • ' - ' Rauu- Riml a Reed MesK e Ca w so—ov Ho - ?r ' c sav " e C no eb- ' ger sue s .. , k New • ' ■ v . • • O B on J mi Ba ' vhi . :o oo Co eer oo ' o - o Row oaroara Lath a - 6 u.v s - - - R - Row: Yvonne v v • ' , w Rivets • WO X Man S lh Row Man lo Ca lot Greg Aucott. Mark Wilson. Emily U lo oli Kaw ' o v s ' a " S ' ' w a -o a to- - r " a t a%e 113 , ■ m-i. ' -v : awi ■•••)■ •• O • V ,. • ' . . rr} « v» ••• »■ ’ - ' i ' I - • v ,• . ' . - v , N •••• ' . • “ ■! f . ' - - . ■ SPORTS Sports means a legacy of grappling with the competition. Whatever the competition may be, a rival school or your own feelings, you ' re committed: you have to play the game to the end. And the game is never lost until it ' s won. • •. v ' • ■ - % : •••■ . ; ■: . ■ ' !;. ■ ' ■ .7 • ■ . V. v ' ..r ■ " . ' i ■ . . ' . . s ' , J ii wM m mm VARSITY FOOTBALL 116 118 First Row: Tim Brady, Roger Loveless, Bob Beatty, Bill Beal, Steve Dripps, Rick Greene, Ken Jeffrey, Jerry D ' Ambrosio, Tom Rosenberry. Second Row: Steve McMonigle (Manager), Tom Wheatley, Jack White, Mike Haith, Marshal McCabe, Mike Schaeffer, Carl Koons, Frank Petroff, Joe Totten, Kevin Wheatley, Tom Smoak, Leonard Paul (Manager). Third Row: David Wessel (Trainer), Joe Bagnulo, Phil Troy, Richard McFarland, Keith Sivertson, Steve Carlton, Howard Deiderich, Ed Hindman, Bruce Sept. 11 Fort FHunt 8 Lee 2 Sept. 18 Fort Hunt 14 Jefferson 0 Sept. 25 Fort Hunt 14 Edison 20 Oct. 2 Fort Hunt 28 Groveton 12 Oct. 9 Fort Hunt 6 Fairfax 7 Oct. 23 Fort Hunt 0 Hayfield 7 Oct. 30 Fort Hunt 0 Marshall 12 Nov. 6 Fort Hunt 8 Mt. Vernon 6 Nov. 13 Fort Hunt 26 W. Springfield 3 Nov. 20 Fort Hunt 30 Wakefield 22 Won 6 Lost 4 Tied 0 Bronars, Dave Kapec, Scott Martin (Manager). Fourth Row: Mr. Grow fHead Coach), Phil Alba, Jon Sammons, Raemer Argo, Dick Anderson, Bart Boucher, Bobby Middleton, John Nutting, Ken Greene, Mike Firkins (Equipment Manager). Fifth Row: Ed Herczyk (Freshman Coach), Don Gregory Backfield Coach), Bob Parsons, Dave Budd, Monte Cohen, Mark Corey, Mike Fraser, Mark Hyman (Line Coach), Ted Colna (J.V. Coach), Richard Bush (Manager). The Varsity Football team improved on last years per¬ formance when it turned in a 6-4 record and tied for second place in the Gunston District for the 1970 season. The season opened on September 11 with an 8-2 victo¬ ry over Lee. The Federals went on to win 2 of their next 3 games; beating Jefferson 14-0 and Groveton 28-12, while losing 14-20 to Edison. Bad luck and lousy weather combined forces then as the team dropped their next three games; a 0-7 loss to FJayfield, a 0-12 defeat by Marshall, and 6-7 heartbreaker to Fairfax. The Federals wouldn ' t stay down, however, and came back the next week with an 8-6 win over Mt. Vernon. The team went on from there to win its last two games, a 26-3 victory over West Springfield, and a 30-22 win over Wakefield. The team scored 134 points, while allowing 91 to be scored against them. The Federals, under the coaching of Ron Grow and the leadership of tri-captains Rick Greene, Steve Dripps, and Bill Beal had a good season. League Standing: 2nd place Gunston District tie Terry Tyler, Kris Cenuario, Sheila McDowell, Cindi Sunbury, Nina Patteson, Jane Fix, Kathy Cruze, Jackie Barbosa, Kelly Myatt, Christie Masters. U Jane Fix Nina Patteson ' • ! • m ja CHEERLEADERS Jackie Barbosa Kathy Cruze 120 Linda Grossman Kelly Myatt Christi Masters Sheila McDowell Terry Tyler Michelle Manire Nelle Lee 121 Marina Genuario, Linda Curry, Nancy Hender¬ son, Debbie McMurray, Trissie Ellis, Vickie Ven- nell, Barb Elefter, Pat Dorenkamp JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Top Row: Kim Ryan, Colleen Stepno, Janet King, Sue Gilbert, Margo Biggins. Bottom Row: Lisa Butterfield, Eleanor Locklin. FRESHMAN CHEERLEADERS 122 First Row: Toni Ciocca. Sec¬ ond Row: Mary Beth Cutting, Robin Good, Maureen Argo (co-captain). Third Row: Diana Cornelison, Cindy Dommissee, Marci Belcher, Mary Simpson (co-captain). Fourth Row: Jody Burfening, Lauren Quant, Corey Yates. Fifth Row: Cathy Pence, Wendy Parfrey, Emily Parsons. Not Pictured: Karin McCarthy, Joyce Allen, Pat Miller, Debbie Kagen, Kathy Calio, Terri Guazzo, Debbie Guazzo, Tracy Babcock, Carla Hellwig, Pam Edwards, Kathy Sheehan, Neta Paquette, Debbi Mathis, Barbie Cler, Barbara Czerwenka, Betty Wittig, Kathy Frye, Alison McKeever, Ginny Vlahos. PEP SQUAD MAJORETTES Rosemary Morton, Gary Humbrecht, Debbie Biggs, Karen Sen, Debi Lynch, Pam Sunbury 123 DRILL TEAM F: Alice Farrington, Candy Cornell, Misty Waters, Valerie Pluto, Jan Masters, Kathy McDonald, Tricia Krauss, Dana DeCroot, Leslie Bachus, Linda Boone, Dianne Hart, Julie Hildebrand, Pam Dunlap, Barbara Clarke, Lynn McNeese, Dianne Hall, Mary Bond, Dianne Dionofrid, Leslie Harris, Tricia Holland, Ellen Mohr, Laura Bach, Wendy Doll. H: Rhonda Madland, Beth Whitner, Sue McDougall, Dana DeGroot, Judy Pooton, Sue Damm, Laurie Craigmile, Marlou Walter, Sallie Davis, Kathy Reese, Angie Rau, Sherill Sasser, Susan Ford, Jennifer Campbell, Harriet Singleton, LuAnne Dawson; H crossbar: Linda Reilly, Jenny McDowell, Joy Lopez, Jan Liverance. 124 I First place in Washington Day Parade. 125 JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL The 1970 Fort Hunt J. V. Football Team recorded an undefeated season in winning the Gunston District Championship. Coach Colna said of the team, " These boys have more desire and team effort that any team I have ever seen. A potent offense and a ferocious defense were the main reasons we won. " The teams strength was evidenced by scoring a total of 198 points while having only 26 points scored against them. Outstanding players on this year ' s team were Phil Pao, Gene Gygax, John Totten, John Feeney, Ed Cobb, Mike Phillips, Rick Genuario, and Bobby Thompson. 126 First Row: B. Thompson, M. Milia, J. Rayner, B. Richards, K. Keller, M. Vaught, M. Phillips, R. Oblinger. Second Row: R. McCanaw, E. Cobb, M. Walthers, D. Deiderich, D. Carlton, P. Pao, D. McCallister, J. Totten, K. Hutchinson, B. Morgan. Third Row: J. Fenney, R. Vanderzee, M. Allen, J. Anderson, B. O ' Connor, M. Paige, T. McCanna, K. Rosenbaum. Fourth Row: K. Patterson, C. Burke, C. Builta, J. Murray, G. Gygax, J. DeMuro, R. Genuario, P. Von Schlemmer. Fifth Row: Coach Ted Colna, J. Fitzgerald, D. Dobson, D. Potts, R. Kaufhold, E. Stockton, D. Hawkinson, W. Comstock, J. Morgan. Fort Hunt 26 Mount Vernon 0 Fort Hunt 16 Lee 0 Fort Hunt 68 Groveton 0 Fort Hunt 20 West Springfield 20 Fort Hunt 24 Hayfield 0 Fort Hunt 12 Edison 6 Fort Hunt 6 West Springfield 0 Fort Hunt 26 Mount Vernon 0 First Row: J. Housewright, C. Curcio, C. Myers, M. Allen, B. Rouse, D. Crump, K. Fay, B. Avery, J. Maddock. Second Row: T. Weathers, B. Logan, J. Dennis, H. McCall, R. Pfautz, T. Wilson, B. Steele, B. Crumplar. Third Row: C. Herzyck, S. Jackson, K. Allen, D. Franco, S. Boswell, S. Johnson, E. Rosenkrantz, K. Rea. FRESHMAN FOOTBALL By finishing the 1970 season with a 5-1 record, this year ' s freshman football team took first place in the Gunston district. The tri-captains of the team were Keith Rae, Billy Rouse, and Harry McCall. A fast backfield, consisting of John Dennis at Fullback and Mike Allan and Tony Weathers at halfback, was coupled with an excellent defense to produce the winning season. Defensive standouts were Eric Rosenkranz at tackle and Spencer Jackson at linebacker. This year ' s team was c oached by Mr. Ed Herczyk. I 128 Sept. 17 Fort Hunt 26 Sept. 24 Fort Hunt 16 Oct. 1 Fort Hunt 68 Oct. 15 Fort Hunt 20 Oct. 22 Fort Hunt 24 Oct. 29 Fort Hunt 12 Nov. 5 Fort Hunt 6 Nov. 12 Fort Hunt 26 Mount Vernon 0 Lee 0 Groveton 0 West Springfield 20 Hayfield 0 Edison 6 West Springfield 0 Mount Vernon 0 129 CROSS COUNTRY 130 ? 131 Gregg Eagin, Rick Sullivan, mgr., Coach Jones, John Hardon, Pip Lindsay, Jim DiScuillo, Chip Chamberlain, Gordon Littig, Steve Donovon. 132 James DiSciullo — Ft. Hunt — 4th. John Van Dyke — Ferguson — 3rd. Porter Lindsay— Ft. Hunt — 2nd. Scott Eden — Douglas Freeman — 1st. Don Jones — Winning Coach — Ft. Hunt. 133 F.H. Opp. Sept. 15 Mt. Vernon 50 15 Sept. 22 Lee Edison 63 21-50 Sept. 29 Groveton 50 15 Oct. 6 Edison 40 19 Oct. 10 William Mary Invitational 1st place 99 points Oct. 13 W. Springfield Mt. Vernon 82 22-37 Oct. 17 Wakefield Invitational 1st place 60 points Oct. 20 Mt. Vernon Groveton 72 15-60 Oct. 27 Hayfield Edison 59 25-42 Oct. 30 District Meet 1st place 21 points Nov. 7 Regional Meet 1 st place 59 points Nov. 14 State Meet 1st place 91 points Won 12 Lost 0 League Standing: First Fort Hunt ' s Cross Country Team went all the way this year, ending the season as state champions. The team won all 7 of their regular district meets; the William and Mary and Wakefield Invitationals; and the District, Regional, and State meets hands down. The season began on September 15 and didn ' t end until the 14th of November. Team members Pip Lindsay, Jim DiScuillo, Gordon Littig, Chip Chamberlain, John FHardisty, Steve Donovan, and Gregg Eagin had no doubts that they were going to be the state champions, and worked hard all season preparing for the state meet. At the state meet Pip Lindsay took second place with a time of 12 minutes and 16 seconds on a course slightly over 2 miles in length. Jim DiScuillo placed fourth with a time of 12 minutes and 26 seconds. The team also took 26th place (Gordon Littig), 29th place (Chip -Chamberlain), 30th place (John FJardisty), 60th place (Steve Donovan), and 123rd place (Gregg Eagin). Last year the team took 5th place in the state meet, this year 1st. With 6 of the 8 runners returning next year; and with the excellent coaching of Don Jones, the team should be able to win the State Championship again. FEDERALS ARE STATE CHAMPS Led by Fort Hunt, four Northern Virginia teams placed in the top 10 Saturday in the 22nd annual Virginia High School League cross country meet held at William and Mary. The Federals completed a perfect season by winning the AAA championship with 91 points, nine better than runner-up Douglas Freeman of Richmond. Scott Eden of Freeman took individual honors over the 2.4 mile course while Fort Hunt ' s Porter Lindsay was second. Teammate Jim DiSciullo finished fourth while Brian Thomas of McLean was fifth and Edison ' s James Merritt sixth. 134 — as printed in the Alexandria Gazette November 15. v; •: ' VARSITY BASKETBALL 137 11 18 28 30 5 8 12 15 19 22 26 29 2 6 9 12 19 First Row: Bobby Rouse, Paul Cillooli, Tim Hunter, Ken Jeffreys. Second Row: Coach Don Jones, Jeff Pisaro, Mike Haith, Steve Hannan, Jon Peterson, Dick Anderson, Jeff Dyer. Not pictured: Phil Kosmacki. Fort Hunt 47 Washington-Lee 60 Fort Hunt ' s Varsity Basketball team was colorful this Fort Hunt 69 Annandale 84 year, even though they weren ' t winners. This year ' s Feds turned in a 2-14 record with victories over only Fort Hunt 55 Oakton 74 Edison and Lee. Irate fans startled the crowds with Fort Hunt 32 Jefferson 48 chants such as " Where the hell is Turner? " and " Eat it ref, eat it. " In one away game Coach Jones complained Fort Hunt 44 Mt. Vernon 51 about the poor refereeing in the 2nd half and was told: Fort Hunt 63 Edison 55 " If you don ' t like it you can leave. " Coach Jones left. Fort Hunt 48 Falls Church 51 The outstanding player on the team was Ken Jeffrey. Fort Hunt 54 Groveton 81 Ken scored 136 points for an 8 points per game average. Other high scorers were Jeff Pisaro with 105 Fort Hunt 46 Hayfield 48 points, Paul Gillooly with 104 points and Bobby Rouse Fort Hunt 58 West Springfield 65 with 100 points. Rouse was the team ' s best defensive player while Jeffries, Pisaro, and Gillooly stood out on Fort Hunt 51 Lee 63 offense. Fort Hunt 42 Mount Vernon 48 The team ended the season with their second victory, a Fort Hunt 45 Edison 69 74-55 route of Lee. John Peterson played well under Fort Hunt 61 Marshall 73 boards while Paul Gillooly was the best offensive player of the game. JV players Ken Greene and John Geary Fort Hunt 41 Groveton 65 were promoted to Varsity for the game and turned in Fort Hunt 45 Hayfield 53 outstanding performances. With 4 returning lettermen, and Greene and Geary, the Federals should have an Fort Hunt 74 Lee 55 excellent team next year. 139 ' +—« r JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL An 8-7 record was the mark of Fort Hunt ' s 1970-71 JV basketball team. The season opened on Dec. 11 with a loss to Washington and Lee. The Federals split their next two games before winning 4 in a row, over Jefferson, Mt. Vernon, Edison, and Falls Church. Splitting their next 4 games, the team then dropped 4 before winning their last game against Lee. High scorers on the JV team were Tom Jaenicke with 145 points, Phil Pao with 121 points, and Bob, Hauser with 112 points. Warren Comstock and Mike Normyle were the other two starters. Mr. George Ephthemes was the coach of this year ' s JV team. First Row: P. Pao, D. McQuade, M. Normyle, B. Hauser. Second Row: J. McNeese, J. Geary, K. Corley, T. Jaenicke, K. Greene. Third Row: B. Pierce, T. Woodward, W. Comstock, G. Burke. til » » .3 1W 44 " l M % ■raima Mm f r ' ' r v«. Ti Jy V T W w ' tgfl 140 Dec. 4 Fort Hunt 50 Washington-Lee 53 Dec. 18 Fort Hunt 70 Annandale 49 Dec. 28 Fort Hunt 57 Oakton 58 Dec. 30 Fort Hunt 54 Jefferson 52 Jan. 5 Fort Hunt 62 Mt. Vernon 51 Jan. 8 Fort Hunt 51 Edison 42 Jan. 12 Fort Hunt 60 Falls Church 56 Jan. 15 Fort Hunt 50 Croveton 59 Jan. 19 Fort Hunt 58 Hayfield 53 Jan. 22 Fort Hunt 58 W. Springfield 68 Jan. 26 Fort Hunt 60 Lee 46 Jan. 29 Fort Hunt 43 Mt. Vernon 45 Feb. 2 Fort Hunt 42 Edison 53 Feb. 6 Fort Hunt 52 Marshall 53 Feb. 19 Fort Hunt 64 Lee 62 First Row: E. McComas, W. McMahon, B. Hawkinson, M. Allen, K. Fay. Second row: C. Beverage, T. Wilson, K. Ray. Dec. 8 Fort Flunt 49 Lee 43 The Frosh Basketball team got off to a poor start this year with a 49 - 43 loss to Lee. The Dec. 12 Fort Flunt 43 Mt. Vernon 24 team recouped, however, to win their next 3 games against Mt. Vernon, Groveton, and Dec. 15 Fort Flunt 32 Croveton 29 Hayfield. The frosh split their next two games; a loss to West Springfield and a win Jan. 5 Fort Flunt 50 FHayfield 38 over Edison. After that, the team slumped, loosing 3 in a row before pulling out their next Jan. 9 Fort Flunt 44 W. Springfield 39 two against Edison and Mt. Vernon. The season ended with a loss to Lee and a 6 - 6 Jan. 12 Fort Flunt 47 Edison 33 overall record. Jan. 19 Fort Flunt 39 Croveton 30 The frosh ' s best player and high scorer was Billy Rouse. Eddie McComas stood out on Jan. 23 Fort Flunt 39 Hayfield 33 defense, and Kevin " Wild Man " Fay was the team ' s best rebounder. This year ' s team was Jan. 26 Fort Flunt 53 W. Springfield 20 coached by Mr. Bob Kleindschmidt. Jan. 30 Fort Flunt 39 Edison 37 Feb. 6 Fort Flunt 40 Mt. Vernon 33 Feb. 13 Fort Flunt 53 Lee 41 143 i WRESTLING ■ 145 146 Jjlll i First row: J. Bussey, S. Ralston, M. Brutesche, R. Sibley, S. Hinson, R. Cenvario, K. Ryan, M. Soapes, M. Corey, K. Wheatley, B. Bronars, R. McFarland. Second row: B. Booth, B. Cox, J. Heard, B. Hunter, T. Quinn, A. Westerman, J. Bean, S. Wheeler, C. Dyer, S. Skarra. Third row: D. Baker, J. Cineighl, R. LaValle, M. Milligan, D. Thomas, T. Lepski, M. Matthews, B. Nicols. Fourth row: D. Cler, J. Stevens, S. Chapman, C. Henderson, R. Kaufold, C. Wilhide, R. Richards, T. Morgan, L. Paul, G. Lund. Fort Hunt 24 Stuart 21 Fort Hunt 18 Woodson 24 Fort Hunt 19 Marshall 20 Fort Hunt 11 W. Lee 31 Fort Hunt 22 Lee 17 Fort Hunt 38 Groveton 11 Fort Hunt 23 Edison 14 Fort Hunt 16 Mt. Vernon 29 Fort Hunt 18 W. Springfield 24 Fort Hunt 34 Hayfield 9 Fort Hunt 23 Jefferson 21 Fort Hunt ' s Varsity Wrestling team had a 6-5 record this year. The season ended with the team taking second place in Gunston District tournament at Hayfield, loosing only to Lee by a 71-78 score. Fort Hunt had two excellent wres¬ tlers this year, James Bussey and Steve Ralston. Both Bussey and Ralston went to the regionals at West Springfield. Also on the team were Sam Hinson, Kevin Wheatley, Tom Wheatley, Rich¬ ard LaVallee, Bruce Bronars, Mike Soapes, and Randy Sibley. This years team was coached by Ed Hymen. 147 WINTER TRACK 148 149 150 First Row: Coach Gregory, B. Clark, S. Harbottle, J. Peterson, R. McIntosh, S. Donovan, D. Loschack, J. DiSciullo, K. Salo, B. O ' Connor, C. Gray, R. Laughlin, Coach Rose. Second Row: P. Von Schlemmer (trainer), D. Schwaner, J. Culbertson, C. Aschmmann, K. Rosenbaum, J. Donovan, G. Littig, K. Keller, D. Brill, D. Deiderich, C. Sheridan, (manager), R. Sullivan (manager). Third Row: J. Lively, B. Campbell, J. DeMuro, K. Peterson, C. Pinckney, J. Hardisty, C. Boh, T. Brady, M. Cohen, FT Frey, F. Von Lewinski. Fourth Row: B. Rettig (manager), L. Franco, D. Strode, D. Dobson, R. Brownell, D. Turner, B. Beatty, D. Floyd, G. D ' Ambrosia, R. Avery, P. Harrell, F. Ivers. Fifth Row: M. Todd, S. Laughlin, S. Gleason, J. Westerman, B. Barnstein, W. Moore, B. Bond, C. Campbell, W. Rife, J. Totten, J. Dennis. Gunston District Scores In a program inaugurated only last year, Winter Track is perhaps the most grueling of sports at Fort Edison 64 Hunt. Nobody likes to work out in 20° weather, but that is what this year ' s Winter Track team did. W. Springfield 48 V 2 The team only held 3 meets, 2 of them indoors. Eight meets were scheduled but 5 of them had to Mt. Vernon 28 be cancelled because of low temperatures, rain, or snow. In the one outdoor meet held, the Gunston Fort Hunt 23 District meet, Fort Hunt ' s Gerry D ' Ambrosio won the 60 yard dash and Fort Hunt ' s mile relay team, Groveton 12 headed by Don Loschack, won the mile relay. Fort Hunt placed 4th in the meet. In the Annapolis Hayfield 12 Invitational, Fort Hunt placed 11th out of 92 teams; and in the D.C. Invitational, the Federals placed 7th Lee 4 y 2 out of the 70 teams participating. Annapolis Invitational 11th out of 92 DC Invitational 7th out of 70 151 GIRLS Fort Hunt Fort Hunt 1 1 Groveton Langley 2 3 VARSITY Fort Hunt 0 Stuart 2 Fort Hunt 1 Hayfield 2 HOCKEY Fort Hunt 0 Lee 1 Fort Hunt 2 Mount Vernon 0 Fort Hunt 1 West Springfield 0 Fort Hunt 2 Edison 0 Flying up from a depressing run of f ive straight losses, the kilted Federals, led by co-captains Lynne Howell and Sylvia Baldwin, staged a spectacular upset, cutting West Springfield off from the district title in a 1-0 game. Still climbing, they gained another win and a forfeit by the end of the season, having moved from 8th to 4th place in the Gunston district. The varsity player award was given to junior Sylvia Baldwin. 152 First row: S. Baldwin, B. Atkinson, W. Collom, K. Sampson. Second row: L. Fauts, C Clement, L. FHowell, S. Griffin, J. Kinnaird, Y. Schmitz, M. Price, N. Newman, M. Mirch, Mrs. Wagner. 153 Fort Hunt 6 Groveton 0 Fort Hunt 6 West Springfield 0 Fort Hunt 16 Hayfield 8 Fort Hunt 30 Edison 6 Fort Hunt 2 Mount Vernon 8 Fort Hunt 24 Lee 0 GIRLS JUNIOR VARSITY HOCKEY After a slow start this year, the J. V. team was led through a 3-4-1 season to tie for second place in the district by co-captains Jerry Vessely and Anne Zavadil. First row: A. Zavadil, K. Hardin, K. Chapman, K. Gray, B. McFarland. Second row: Miss Ruder, B. Guinard, R. Parks, B. Kordalski, K. Mirch, S. Clement, J. Vessely, S. Weaver. 154 First Row: R. Mansfield, C. Hollander, L. Osteen, J. Mansfield, M. Richards. Second Row: M. Blake, D. Hunter, P. McLachlan, L. Grossman, M. Ashb y. Third Row: D. Biggs, P. Ingersoll, C. Raposa. (not pictured) J. Framstead, L. Grovert, C. Clement, P. Futural. GIRLS TENNIS Receiving varsity letters for the first time this year, the girls ' tennis team came through with a 6-2 season. Mary Ashby, a junior, won the Varsity Player Award; Lynne Osteen, sophomore, was the number one singles player; Marcia Rich¬ ards and Linda Grossman, both juniors, were the number one doubles players. 156 Fort Hunt 3 Croveton 6 Fort Hunt 4 Croveton 5 Fort Hunt 9 Hayfield 0 Fort Hunt 9 Lee 0 Fort Hunt 4 Stuart 3 Fort Hunt 7 West Springfield 1 Fort Hunt 4 McLean 1 Fort Hunt 5 Annandale 0 157 GYMNASTICS On Beam: Cheryl Wilson, Kathy Fitzgerald, Sue Brunthaver, Lynn Lewis, Janet King, Patty Roth, Barb McIntyre, Renee Gehrig, Jane Stauffer, Teresa Gehrig, Debbie Biggs, Debbie Lynch, Lyn Karwaki. On Floor: Donna Budd, Cheryl Lund, Leslie Farrell, Wendy Harrell, Lynne Rau, Joan Farrington, Cheryl Hollander, Marcia Phifer. Not Pictured: Sue Avveduti, Trissie Ellis, and Kathy Andrews. Competing as an official varsity team for the first time, Mrs. Wagner ' s gymnasts gave an excellent performance for their season, with a 4-0-0 record. Their final district placement was first. 158 Fairfax County Sportsday General Unevens: Sixth — Sue Avveduti General Beam: Third — Sue Avveduti Fifth — Renee Gehrig General Free Exercises Fourth — Trissie Ellis Fifth — Lyn Karwaki Fort Hunt 62 Herndon 26 Fort Hunt 55 Hayfield 33 Fort Hunt 64 Annandale 16 Fort Hunt 66 Groveton 33 McLean 11 Fort Hunt 42 Hayfield 44 Fort Hunt 33 Edison 53 Fort Hunt 48 Groveton 45 Fort Hunt 59 W. Springfield 45 Fort Hunt 25 Mt. Vernon 36 Fort Hunt 41 Lee 58 Fort Hunt 32 Hayfield 41 Fort Hunt 45 Edison 73 Fort Hunt 40 Groveton 33 Fort Hunt 27 W. Springfield 37 GIRLS VARSITY BASKETBALL Marcia Richards, Sally Harper, Kathy Lee, Diane Feltham, Cindy Boucher, Teresa Weathers, Marie Price. Bottom Row: Leslie Crovert, Patti Young, Shiela McDowell, Janey Worden, Sandy Webb, Wendy Harper. With Miss Ruder as coach to a fine team led by cap¬ tains Janey Worden and Wendy Harper, the varsity girls took Fort Hunt through a 3-7 season to place 5th in the district. At the sports awards banquet, Wendy Harper was honored with the Varsity Player Award. 161 Fort Hunt 15 Hayfield 20 Fort Hunt 13 Edison 14 Fort Hunt 21 Groveton 17 Fort Hunt 9 W. Springfield 36 Fort Hunt 20 Mt. Vernon 25 Fort Hunt 24 Lee 14 Fort Hunt 15 Hayfield 18 Fort Hunt 27 Edison 24 Fort Hunt 33 Groveton 10 Fort Hunt 13 W. Springfield 40 Fort Hunt 15 Mt. Vernon 24 Fort Hunt 26 Lee 27 Miss Gray ' s team, with captains Pat Dorenkamp and Patti Hopke, played a 4-8 season this year. ■ 162 Top row: Nancy Harris, Caye Feltham, Cathy Chapman, Claire Clement, and Nancy Newman. Second row: Anne Holland, Jane Galie, Janice Furgeson. Third row: Ann Fulks, Laura Bach, Allison McCabe. Fourth row: Patti Hopke, Pat Dorenkamp (captain). Not pictured: Linda Reilly. GIRLS JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL 163 K X H " «- ■ «■ f »--l • - ' «■ iifcfe ■f| r ; ► f Xj’ ‘, j SjH= " -■ £fw „-«. . V V,1 : • • 1 Sift r « SB 9 ••A. - PI m Ua ' .-: ' m x I . — ■ m Mir MMHMMi ' - " ■ — ■ " 1 I «e»- -, V« aK . y - -vjf As ••%£•, ” r 4Mb.-5fc Imi, -» — ' MO , jjw 1 S i wm ■»v£ ■ . " vj-fcwvj - ' v sj. . s -4»- ‘ r i%vv. - X « ®fi|ll| tow a?«» am 5 ' Av , Wmm Social climbers, bookworms, personalities, unknowns, beautiful people, winners, losers . . . they ' re every¬ where, and every class has some of all. What ' s the difference? In the long run, none at all. So here they all are, dear readers. Find your own picture, get your friends ' autographs, look for the winners, snicker at the losers. You ' re all the same, yet you have to differentiate. Don ' t you? So, put the book away in the attic and come back a few months later to see ev¬ erybody all over again. But you graduates have it better. This book means something to you: as much as four years of your life, of friends and enemies, of hard work and hard play, of learning and forgetting, and maybe even of a little maturing. So keep the book; in a few years you can come back and, perhaps, learn a little more. PEOPLE ' .V ' SENIORS mmMmm . " , MEDORA FRANCES ABBOTT MARY VICTORIA ADAMS PATRICIA ANN ADKINS DEBORAH LEE ALDIN CHERI ANN ALLEN MARK WINSTON ANDERECC JOYCE LOUISE ALLEN LYLE HARLAN ANDERSON MARY ELLEN ANDREWS SARAH JANE APPLEGATE MAUREEN P. ARGO CHARLENE N. ARISON 170 KURT F. AMENDE DEBORAH LYNN ANDREWS MEDORA ABBOTT F.H.A., 9; Powder Puff, 11,12. MARY ADAMS French Club, 9,10,10,11; Tri-Hi-Y, 10,12. PATTY ADKINS Freshman Chorus, Tri-Hi-Y, 10,11,12; Sgt. of arms, 12; J.V. Softball, 10; Mixed Chorus, 10; Powder Puff, 11,12. DEBORAH ALDEN SEA, 11; Crew Club, 12; FHA, 12. CHERI ALLEN FHA, 9; Red Cross, 9,10; Folk Club, 10; Girls ' Chorus, 11; Concert Choir, 12; V.O.T., 12. JOYCE LOUISE ALLEN SGA alt., 9; Spanish Club, 9,10,11,12; FTA, 9,10,11,12; Pep Club, 9,10,11; Pep Squad, 10,11,12; Red Cross Club, 10; Jr. Civitan, 11,12. KURT AMENDE Sports Car Club, 9,10,11; German Club, 10,11,12. MARK ANDEREGG Debate Club, 9; Chess Club, 10,11,12. LYLE ANDERSON Frosh Football; SGA, 9,10,11; Frosh Chorus, Mixed Chorus, 10; Concert Choir, 11,12; Thespians, 11,12; Powder Puff Coach, 11,12; Madrigals, 12; 1 ' st V.P. Senior Class, 12. DEBORAH ANDREWS Cheerleader, 9; Pep Club, 9,10; FHA, 9,10; Frosh Chorus; Mixed Chorus, 10; Career Clinic, 10; Keyettes, 11,12; Sgt.-at-Arms, 12; Concert Chorus, 11; Harmonettes, 11. JAMES PARKS ARMSTRONG BARBARA ANN ARNESON MARY ANDREWS SGA, 9; Gymnastics Club, 9,10,11; Gymnastics Team, 10,11; Keyettes, 11,12; National Honor Society, 11,12; Girls ' State Alt., 11; SGA, Committee Chairman, 11; Modern Dance Club, 11,12; Academy of Science, 12. SARAH APPLEGATE Pep Club, 9,10; Jr. Civitans, 11,12; FRONTLINE Staff, 11; Internationa l Relations Club, 12. MAUREEN ARGO Drama Club, 9,10; Basketball Intramural, 9,10; Swim Team, 9,10,11,12; Red Cross, 9,12; Keyettes, 11,12; Historian, 12; Pep Squad, 11,12; Co-captain, 12; Swim Club, 11,12; Sec., 12; Pep Club, 11,12; SGA, 11; Senior Night, 11; German Club, 12; Ski Club, 12; Powder Puff, 12; SGA sit., 12. CHARLENE ARISON SGA alt., 10; Cheerleading, J.V. alt., 11; Homecoming Committee, 12. JIM ARMSTRONG German Club, 10,11. BARB ARNESON Freshman Chorus, Basketball Intramurals, 9; French Club, Vice President, 10; Class Council, 10,11; National Honor Soci¬ ety, 10,11,12; Track Intramurals, 10; Senior Night, 11; SCA Orientation Committee, Chairman, 12; Concert Choir, 12; Homecoming Committee, 12; Tri-Hi-Y, 12; Harmonettes, 12; French Honor Society, 12 . SUE ARNOLD Cheerleading, 9,10; Latin Club, 9; Class Council, 9,10,12; Powder Puff, 11,12; Senior Night, 11; Prom Committee, 12. ALTHEA ASCHMANN Chorus, 9,10; Folk Club, 9; Spanish Club, 10,12; Audio Club, 10; Russian Club, 11,12; Keyettes, 12. WILLIAM BRADFORD ARNHART SUSAN ARNOLD ROLAND ASH Freshman Football, 9; Ski Club, 10,11; Powder Puff Coach, 12. BILL ASHBY Madrigals, 12. ALTHEA D. ASCHMANN ROLAND LAURENCE ASH WILLIAM LAURENCE ASHBY JESSICA P. AVVEDUTI 171 TRACY BABCOCK Pep Club, 11,12; Pep Squad, 12; Crew Club, 12. ROBERT BABER Basketball, 9,10,11; Tennis, 9; Student Council, 9,10; French Club, 9,10; Cross-Country, 10; National Honor Society, 11 , 12 . CHIP BACH Cave Club, 9; F.H. Swim Team, 9,10,11,12; Intramural Basketball, 9,10,11; Intramural Volleyball, 9,10,11; Crew Club, 10; J.V. Basketball, 10, captain, 11; Key Club, 11,12. SUE BAERISWYL Riding Club, 9; Class Council, 10; Spanish Club, Secretary, 10; Keyettes, 11, V.P., 12; Pep Club, 11; S.E.A., 12; National Honor Society, 12. PHIL BACDON Concert Band, 9,11; Symphonic Band, 10,12; Marching Band, 10,12; FRONTLINE Staff, 12. JOE BAGNULO Football, 9; Varsity Football, 10,11,12; Varsity Track, 10; Hi-Y, 10. ROBIN BAILEY Intramural Basketball, 9, Intramural Hockey, 9; Mod¬ ern Dance, 10; Drill Team, 12. CHUCK BALDWIN Cave Club, 9,10; Intramural Basketball, 9; Chess Club, 10; Intramural Football, 10; Sports Car Club, 11,12; D.E., 12. TRACY BABCOCK ROBERT DOUGLAS BABER LAURA BANKS Pep Squad, 11; Pep Club, 10; Bowling Club, 11; Crew Club, 11; Keyettes, 12. JACKIE BARBOSA S.C.A., 10,11; J.V. Cheerleader, 11; Girls Crew Club, 11; Powder Puff, 11,12; Senior Night, 11; Varsity Cheerleading, 12 . RICHARD BARD Latin Club, 10,11; S.E.A., 12; Audio Club, Secretary, 12 . STEVE BARENTINE Under-Water Basket Weaving Club, President, 9,10,11; D.E., 12. DEBBI BARONDES Symphonic Band, 9,10,11,12; Marching Band, 9,10,11,12; Latin Club, 9,10; Gymnastics Club, 10; Varsity Gymnastics Team, 11,12; Modern Dance Club, 11. JANINE BARTON F.H.S., 9,10; Basketball Intramurals, 9; Modern Dance Club, 9,10,11,12; S.G.A., 9,10; Keyettes, 11,12. BAY BASS Crew Club, 10,11,12; Jr. Civitans, 11,12; Homecoming, 11,12; F.H.S., 12; FORTRESS Business Staff, 12. BOB BATTLE " He gave the best years of his life to Fort Hunt. " NICHOLAS ROBERT BACH, JR. SUSAN ROSE BAERISWYL MIKE BAUER Track, 9,11; Spanish Club, 10; Class President, 10; Class President, 11; S.G.A., 12; Folk Club, 12. DONNA BAYLES Spanish Club, 9; Art Club 9; Drill Team, 11,12. 172 PHILIP VINCENT BAGDON JOSEPH W. BAGNULO ROBIN BAILEY CHARLES STEWART BALDWIN MARILYN ANN BALZER LAURA BETH BANKS JACQUELINE BARBOSA RICHARD W. BARD DAVID WARREN BEACH WILLIAM LESTER BEAL ANNE GORDON BEALE ROBERT DUNN BEATTY MELISSA LOU BELCHER ROBERT JEFFERS BELL KATHERINE G. BENKELMAN JOHN RICHARD BENSON GREGORY MARK BIELAWSKI BILL BEAL Freshman Football, Co-Captain, 9; Basketball, Co-captain, 9; Varsity Football, 10; Tri-Capt., 12; Hi-Y, 10; Varsity Basketball, 10,11, Co-Capt. ANNE BEALE J.V. Basketball, 9,10; J.V. Softball, Manager, 9; Class Council, 9; Folk Club, 11; Secretary, 12; Homecoming, 12. BOB BEATTY Freshman Football, 9; J.V. Baseball, 9,11; Class Council, 9; J.V. Football, 10; Varsity Baseball, 10,11,12; Key Club, 11,12. MELISSA BELCHER Pep Club, 9; Freshman Chorus; Pep Squad, 10; S.G.A., 10; Forensics, 10; Literary Editor of FORTRESS, 11; Editor-in- chief, 12; Quill and Scroll, 11,12; FRONTLINE Staff, 11, copy editor, 12; Jr. Civitans, historian, 11,12; Homecoming Committee, 11; A.P. English, 12. ROBERT BELL Beginners ' Band, 9; Latin Club, 10,11; Latin Honor So¬ ciety, 11; Audio Club, 12. JOHN BENSON Folk Club, 12; Science Club, 12; Latin Club, 12; Madrigals, 12. MARHSA BERRYMAN Pep Club, Pres., 9; Ski Club, 9; Freshman Chorus; Class Council, 11,12; S.G.A., 11,12; Powder Puff, 11,12; Varsity Basketball, 11; Keyettes, 12; Prom Chairman, 12. GREG BIELAWSKI German Club, 9; J.V. Baseball, 9,10; S.G.A.; Key Club, 11,12. DEBBIE BIGGS Gymnastic Intramurals, 9; Basketball Intramurals, 9; Tennis Intramurals, 10,11,12; Gymnastics Team, 10,11,12; Majorettes, 11; Powder Puff, 11,12; Keyettes, 11,12; Alternate Girls ' State, 11; Girls ' Chorus, 11. JOHN DUNCAN BLIZARD ROBERT BOH MARILYN BOCER SHARON BOOTH MARILYN BOGER Freshman Chorus; Mixed Chorus, 10; Concert Choir, 11,12; Spanish Club, 11; Harmonettes, 11,12; Madrigals, 12. KATHY BOSSERMAN Class Council, 10; Modern Dance Club, 10; J.V. Cheerleader, 11; Senior Night, 11. KATHY BOSSERMAN CYNTHIA ELIZABETH BOUCHER JAMES KENNON BOWLES PAUL KENNETH BOYCE CINDY BOUCHER S.C.A., 9,10,11; Pep Club, 9; S.C.A., 10,11; J.V. Basketball, 10; Varsity Basketball, 11,12; Keyettes, 11,12; Powder Puff, 11,12; Senior Class Secretary. JIM BOWLES German Club, 9,10,11,12; Symphonic Band, 9,10,11,12; Marching Band, 9,10,11,12; Intramural Softball, 9; Powder Puff, 11,12. TIM BRADY Student Council, 9; Intramural Football, 9; Intramural Base¬ ball, 9; BACK LINE, 9; Varsity Track, 10,11,12; Cave Club, 10; J.V. Football, 11; S.E.A., 11. LOUISE BRADFORD German Club, 9,10; International Friendship Club, 9; Pep Club, 9,10; Class Council, 11,12; S.C.A., 11,12; Tri-Hi-Y, 12; Faculty and Administration Editor and Clubs, Activities, and Features Editor, FORTRESS, 12; National Honor Society, 12. SUSIE BRETTING F.T.A., 10; Art Club, 10; Keyettes, 12; Swim Club, 12; International Relations Club, 12; National Honor Society, 12. GREGORY KNOX BRITT DENNIS C. BRITTINGHAM MICHAEL J. BRODERICK BRUCE EDWARD BRONARS JOHN HOWARD BROWN 176 MARTIN D. BROWN PAMELA YVONNE BROWN MEREDITH KAY BROWNELL MIKE BRODERICK Varsity Track, 9; Varsity Swimming, 9,12; J.V. Wrestling, 9; Debate Team, 9; Spanish Club, 12. BRUCE BRONARS Frosh Football, S.G.A., 9,10; Weightlifting Club, 9,10; Swim Team, 9,10,11,12; Crew, 10; J.V. Football, 11; J.V. Wres¬ tling, 10,11; Track and Field, 9,11,12; Varsity Football, 12. KAY BROWNELL Freshman Chorus; Drill Team, 10; D.E., 12. MARK BRUTSCHE Wrestling, 9,10,11,12; Band, 9,10; Cave Club, 11; Powder Puff, 11,12. ANNE BRYANT Basketball Intramurals, 9; Gymnastics, 10,11; Swim Team, 10; Modern Dance Club, 11. MARK BRYARLY Gymnastics, 9,10; Swim Team, 9. BARBARA BURKE Pep Club, 9; Red Cross, 11,12. AL BURLEY Varsity Baseball, 10,11. JOHN BURTON Debate Team, 9,10; Folk Club, 11; Powder Puff Coach, 12; Cave Club, 12. RICK BUSH Marching Band, 10; Intramural Softball, 10; Hi-Y, 11; Treasurer, 12; Varsity Football, manager, 11,12. MARSHA BUSHNELL Varsity Cheerleading, 9,10,11; S.G.A., 9,11; Swim Team, 9,10; Intramural Soccer, 9; Intramural Basketball, 10. LEO BUSS National Honor Society, 10,11, President, 12; Academy of Science, 10, Director, 11,12. SUSAN BUTTERFIE LD Basketball Team, 9,10; Senior Night, 11; Keyettes, 12; Drill Team, 12; Ski Club, 12; Swim Club, 12; Senior Homecoming Princess, Powder Puff, 12. JANET BUTTERY Symphonic Band, 9,10,11,12; Pep Band, 9; Marching Band, 10,11,12; Spanish Honor Society, 10,11,12; National Honor Society, 10,11,12. CLAY CALDWELL S.C.A., 9; J.V. Football, 10; Varsity Track, 10,11,12; Varsity Football, 11; Homecoming, 12; Key Club, 12, Powder Puff; Cheerleader, 12. MARK BRUTSCHE JOEY CALLIS Gymnastics team, 10; D.E., 12. MH JOHN HOWARD BURTON RICHARD ALBERT BUSH MARSHA SELPHA BUSHNELL LEO WILLIAM BUSS SUSAN C. BUTTERFIELD JANET LOUISE BUTTERY CLAY ANTHONY CALDWELL JO ALAN CALLIS 177 JENNIFER CAMPBELL Class President, 10; Glee Club, 10; Homecoming, co-chairman, 11; Powder Puff, 11; Girls ' State Delegate, 11; Drill Team, 12; Keyettes, 12; S.C.A. Secretary, 12; National Honor Society, 12. RICHARD CAMPBELL Beginners ' Band, 9; Latin Club, 9,10,11,12; Symphonic Band, 10,12; Marching Band, 10,12; S.E.A., 11,12; FORTRESS photographer, 12. STEVE CARLTON Football, 9,10,12; Basketball, 9; Baseball, 9; Track, 10,11; National Honor Society, 11,12; Key Club 12; S.G.A. Staff Assistant, 12; Mr. Puff Court, 12. JIM CARMALT Freshman Chorus. JENNIFER CAMPBELL MARY ANN CARRABINO Latin Club, 9,10; FORTRESS Staff, 9, assistant editor, 10, Sophomore Class Editor, 11, Assistant Editor-in-chief, 12; Pep Club, 10,11; Pep Squad, 10,11; Quill and Scroll, 12. BETSY CARTER Latin Club, 9,10,11,12; Homecoming Committee, 12. KARIN CHAMBERS J.V. Softball, 9; Pep Squad, 10. CHRIS CAVELL Swim Team, 10,11; Spanish Club, 10,11. TERRI CHAPPELL National Honor Society; 10,11,12; French Honor Soci¬ ety, 10,11,12; Russian Club, 11,12. CATHY CHAUVETTE Turret Staff, 10,11, Editor and Literary Co-Editor, 12; Student Forum, 11; Quill and Scroll, 12; Folk Club, 12; National Honor So¬ ciety, 12. ANDY CHEESEMAN Freshman Football, Intramural Football, 9; Intramural Softball, 9,10; Intramural Volleyball, 10,11; Intramural Basketball, 10,12. TUSHMAL CHESS Drill Team, 11; Senior Homecoming Princess. JOHN CHILTON Concert Band, 9; Symphonic Band, 10,11,12; Marching Band, 10,11,12; Audio Club, 11,12; International Relations Club, 12. JON CLARK Science Club, 9; J.V. Tennis, 9; Electronics Club, 10; Biology Club, 11; Rifle Club, 11; Intramural Soccer, 11; Intramural Basketball, 11; Intramural Baseball, 11; Junior Academy of Science, 12. RICHARD SCOTT CAMPBELL BARBARA CLARKE First Vice President of Class, 9,10; S.C.A., 9; S.G.A., 9,10; Freshman Chorus; Drill Team, 11,12; Senior Night, 11; Keyettes, 12; Homecoming Committee, 12. CATHY CLEMENT Varsity Basketball, 9; Varsity Volleyball, Captain, 9; Fencing Club, 10; J.V. Softball, 10; National Honor Society, 11,12; Quill and Scroll, 11,12; Varsity Tennis Team, 11,12; Turret Staff, 11; Editor-in- chief, 12. BARBARA CLER Pep Club, 9,10,11,12; Future Nurses, 9; Tennis Intramurals, 9; Latin Club, 9,10,11,12; Pep Squad, 10,11,12; Red Cross, 10, President, 11, Treasurer, 12; Cave Club, 10,11; Keyettes, 11,12 President; Class Council, 11,12; Alternate to Girls ' State, 11; Latin Honor Society, 11 , 12 . DAVE CLEVELAND Industrial Arts Club, 9; Sports Car Club, 11; FRONTLINE Staff, 11, Business Manager, 12; Hi-Y, 12; Folk Club, 12; Powder Puff Coach, 12; Tennis Team, Manager, 12. STEVE GEORGE CARLTON JAMES DENNIS CARMALT BETH CLIFFORD S.G.A., 9,10; J.V. Softball, 9; Intramural Basketball, 9; Cave Club, 10; Powder Puff, 11; Senior Night, 11; V.O.T., 12. BECKY COBLE Pep Club, 9,10,11,12; Gymnastics Team, 9; Pep Squad, 11; Powder Puff, 11,12; Tri-Hi-Y, 12. MARYANN CARRABINO MARY ELIZABETH CARTER KARIN ANN CHAMBERS THERESE M. CHAPPELL ANNE CATHERINE CHAUVETTE ANDY MCPHERSON CHEESEMAN RHONDA CHESS BARBARA MCFALL CLARKE ROBERT W. CLEMENT DAVID MCDONOUGH CLEVELAND BARBARA GENE CLER ELIZABETH M. CLIFFORD CATHERINE R. CLEMENT REBECCA ANN COBLE BRUCE COFFMAN FORTRESS Photographer, 9,10,11; Cave Club, 9; Sports Car Club, 9, President, 10, Vice President, 11; Tennis team, 12; Rifle Club, 12. APRIL COLONNA Pep Squad, 9,10; Pep Club, 9,10. PAT CORNELL Freshman Choir, German Club, 9; Concert Choir, 11,12; Madrigals, 12. PATTY CORNELL D.E.C.A., 11,12. ROBERT COYNE Freshman Soccer; Art Club, 10; D.E., 12. CAROL CRAIG Powder Puff, 11; Homecoming Float, 11. LAURIE CRAIGMILE Drill Team, 10,11, treasurer, 12; Tri-Hi-Y, 11,12; Homecoming Princess, 11,12; S.C.A., 12; S.G.A., 12. TOM CRAMER S.G.A., 9,10,11; Rifle Club, 10; Debate Club, 10; Hi-Y, 11 , 12 . DENEEN CRANDELE Folk Club, 9; Thespians, 9,10,11,12; Red Cross, 9; Pep Squad, 10,11. SUE CRANFORD Pep Club, 9; Class Council, 10,11,12; Crew Club, 11,12. BOBBY CRAWFORD Band, 9,10,11,12, Drum Major, 12. BILL CRESWELL Rocket Club, 9,10; Career Club, 9; Career Clinic, Chairman, 10,11; S.C.A., 9,10,11, First Vice President, 12. KELVIN CREYTS Intramural Softball, 9,10; Intramural Basketball, 9,10; J.V. Tennis Team, 9; Varsity Tennis Team, 10,11,12; Marching Band, 10,11,12; Symphonic Band, 10,11,12; Hi-Y, 10,11, Vice President, 12. KEVIN CREYTS J.V. Tennis, 9; Varsity Tennis, 10,11,12; Symphonic Band, 9,10,11,12; Hi-Y, 10,11,12; National Honor Society, 12. ANNE CRONIN Girls ' Chorus, 9; Mixed Chorus, 10; Concert Choir, 11,12; Folk-Art Club, 12. RICHARD BRUCE COFFMAN DAVID CARLYLE COKER KIMBERLEY APRIL COLONNA PATRICK WILLIAM CORNELL PATTY CROWE French Club, 9; Pep Club, 10; Powder Puff, 12. 180 PATRICIA SUSAN CORNELL RONALD DEAN COURTIER ROBERT A. COYNE CAROL ANN CRAIG DENEEN DAPHNE CRANDELE LAURIE ANN CRAIGMILE THOMAS EDWARD CRAMER SUSAN ANN CRANFORD ROBERT LEE CRAWFORD WILLIAM E. CRESSWELL, JR. KELVIN A. CREYTS KEVIN B. CREYTS ROBIN LEE CRIBBS PATRICIA J. CROWE CYNTHIA MARCH CUNARD ROBIN KENDRICK DECROOT VICTORIA DAGGETT JAMES LEWIS DISCIULLO HARRIETT EDNA DAVIS WILLIAM K. DOTY JILL LAUREL DEETS CHERYL MARIE DREW VICKI DAGGETT Pep Club, 9; S.G.A., 9; S.C.A. Staff Assistant, 12; Concert Choir, 12; Harmonettes, 12. HARRIETT DAVIS Cheerleading, 10; Yearbook Staff, 11; F.H.A., 12; International Relations Club, 12; Pep Club, 12. JILL DEETS Drama Club, 9; Art Club, 9; Pep Club, 9; Home-Ec. Club, 9. JIM DISCIULLO Varsity Cross Country, 9,10,11,12; J.V. Track, 9; Varsity Track, 10,11,12; Key Club, 11,12; Class Council, 10,11. BILL DOTY J.V. Tennis, 9, Football Intramurals, 9; Pep Club, 11; J.V. Football, 11; Varsity Basketball, 11; Varsity Tennis, 11; Softball Intra¬ murals, 11; Spanish Club, 12; S.E.A., 12. CHERYL DREW Spanish Club, 9; Pep Club, 10; F.H.A., 10; Gymnastics, 11; Cave Club, 11. STEVE DRIPPS Freshman Football; Freshman Basketball; J.V. Base¬ ball, 9; Varsity Football, 10,11, tri-captain, 12; J.V. Basketball, 10; Varsity Football, 10,11; Varsity Basketball, 11,12; Hi-Y, 10,11. RICK DUEMLER J.V. Basketball, 9,10; Track Team, 9,10; Varsity Basketball, 10. DOUG DUNCAN Freshman Football, Freshman Track, Softball Intra¬ murals, 9,10; J.V. Varsity Football, 10,11; Winter Track, 11. PAM DUNLAP S.C.A., 9,10,11; Modern Dance Club, 11; Powder Puff, 11; Second Vice-President of Senior Class, Keyettes, 12. CHARLES STEVEN DRIPPS RICHARD FREDERICK DUEMLER DOUGLAS GORDON DUNCAN PAMELA KATHLEEN DUNLAP BRADFORD RANKIN DEGRAF DORCAS DUKE Class Council, 9; Pep Squad, 9,10; Yearbook Staff, 9; Chorus, 9; School Play, 12. JEFF DYER Freshman Football, Manager, 9; Cave Club, 9,10,11,12; German Club, 9,10,11,12; J.V. Football, trainer, 10; Varsity Football, trainer, 11,12; Varsity Wrestling, trainer, 10; Varsity Track, trainer, 11,12; S.C.A., 9,10,11,12. JAN EAGERS Drama Club, 9,10; Art Club, 9,10; Thespian Society, 11,12; Pep Squad, 11; Pep Club, 11; S.E.A., 12; FORTRESS Staff, Art and Layout Editor, 12. DWIGHT EATON J.V. Wrestling 9,10; Latin Club, 9; French Honor Society, 10,11,12; French Club, 10; Track, 10; Symphonic Band, 11,12; Marching Band, 12; National Honor Society, 11,12. NORMAN DWIGHT EATON JOE ECHOLS Weightlifting Club, 10; D.E.C.A., 10; Cave Club, 11; Sports Car Club, 11; Math Team, 12. PAM EDWARDS Pep Club, 9,10,11, President, 12; French Club, 9,10,11; F.H.A., 9,10,11, Secretary, 12; Tennis Team, 9; Pep Squad, 11,12; Homecoming, 11; Keyettes, 12. JOHN ECCEMAN J.V. Football, 9; J.V. Wrestling, 9; Folk Club, 12. JUDY ELLIS Pep Club, 9; French Club, 10, treasurer, 11; Bowling, 12. GARY ESSEX Softball Intramurals, 9,10; Bowling Intramurals, 11. JOSEPH LEE ECHOLS JOAN EVANS Folk Club, 9; Freshman Chorus; Pep Club, 9; Mixed Chorus, 10; Red Cross Club, 10; Concert Choir, 11,12; Harmonettes, 11,12; Thespians, 12. wmmm. PAMELA JO EDWARDS JOHN W. ECCEMAN JEFFREY RICHARD DYER MARY JAN EAGERS JOHN C. EINBINDER, JR. JUDITH ANN ELLIS GARY WAYNE ESSEX JOAN CAROLYN EVANS 183 STEVE FANNING French Club, 9; Hi-Y, 10,11,12. RICHARD REED EVANS CLAIRE LYNN EVERETT CARL DALE FANNING STEPHEN GLENN FANNING ALICE WRIGHT FARRINGTON CRAIG WILLIAM FARRINGTON SCOTT WILLIAM FAUGHT 184 ALICE FARRINGTON F.H.A., 9; Pep Club, 9; Drill Team, 10,11, histo¬ rian, 12; Tri-Hi-Y, 10, reporter, 11,12; National Honor Society, 10,11,12; Quill and Scroll, 11,12; FRONTLINE, Page Co-Editor, 12; Powder Puff, 12. CRAIG FARRINGTON Track, 9,10; Cross-Country, 11; S.E.A., 11. SCOTT FAUGHT Rifle Team, 10,11,12; Rifle Club, 11,12; Debate Team, 10,11; Chess Club, 11; S.E.A., 11; S.G.A., 12; Class Council, 12; International Relations Club, 12. jIM FELCH Football, Intramurals, 9,10; Softball, Intramurals, 9,10; Concert Band, 11; Symphonic Band, 12; Powder Puff Cheerleader, 12; Marching Band, 12. NIKKI FELCH Pep Club, 9; Drill Team, 10; Art Club, 10; D.E.C.A., 12. JOHN FELTHAM J.V. and Varsity Football Manager, 9; Social Studies Club, 9; S.C.A., 9; Newspaper Staff, 9; Track and Field, 10; J.V. Basketball, 10; Stamp and Coin Club, Vice President, 11, President, 12; Chess Club, 11; S.E.A., 11,12; Intramural Bowling, 11,12. MIKE FIELDS Intramural Football, 9,10; Cave Club, 10,11; Hi-Y, 11,12; Spanish Club, 12; Soccer Team, 12; S.E.A., 12. ASNI FIRDYIWEK Class President, 10; Class Council, 11; Music Club, 11, F.H.A., 12. JOANN FISHER Tri-Hi-Y, 10,11,12; Powder Puff, 11; FORTRESS Staff, Assistant Editor, 11; Quill and Scroll, 11,12; Ski Club, 12. PAM FISHER Drama Club, 9; Gymnastics, 9; Thespians, 10,11; Folk Club, 11; National Honor Society, 11,12; Keyettes, 12; S.E.A., 12; A.P. English, 12. JANE FIX S.G.A., 9; Red Cross Club, 9; Pep Club, 10; Pep Squad, 10; Varsity Cheerleading, 11, Co-Captain, 12; Senior Night, 11; Girls ' Chorus, 11; Keyettes. 12. PAT FLANAGAN Riding Club, 9,10; Crew Club, 12. JACK FLETCHER Boys ' Chorus, 10; Boys ' Ensemble, 11. NANCY FLOOD Folk Club, 9,10,11,12. LEE FOLK J.V. Softball, 10; Varsity Baseball, 11. MO FONG J.V. Softball, 9; Varsity Softball, 10,11,12; Crew, 10; Varsity Hockey, 11. GLORIA FRALEY F.H.A., 9; S.G.A., 9; Cave Club, 10; Class Council, 10,11; Powder Puff, 11,12; Homecoming Committee, 12. JAMES FELCH PAUL FRAUNFELTER Band, 9,10,11,12; Russian Club, 9,10. PATRICIA FELCH JOHN CURRAN FELTHAM ROBERT MICHAEL FIELDS ASNAKETCH FIRDYIWEK JOANN FISHER PAMELA FISHER JANE ELIZABETH FIX JOHN KEITH FLETCHER NANCY FLOOD DAVID P. FOLEY HENRY LEE FOLK LORETTA ALICE FONG GLORIA P. FRALEY DEBORAH ANN FRANKLIN PATRICIA MARY PAUL FRAUNFELTER 185 FLANAGAN JON FREEBURG Class Council, 9,12; Rifle Club, 9,10; Track, 10; Debate Club, 10; Hi-Y, 11,12; TURRET, 11,12; FORTRESS Staff, Boys ' Sports Editor, 11,12; S.C.A. 12. HANS FREY J.V. Baseball, 9,10; Latin Club, 9,10,11; Varsity Baseball, 10,11,12; Class Council, 10; Key Club, 10,11,12; Powder Puff, 11; Winter Track, 12. MICHELE FROME History Club, 9; Forensics, 9; National Honor Society, 10,11,12, Second Vice President; French Honor Society, 10,11,12; Tri-Hi-Y; S.E.A., President, 11, First Vice President, 12; Thespians, 11,12. ANN FULKS Band, 9; Swim Club, 9; Powder Puff, 11,12; Varsity Swim Team, 11; Varsity Softball, 11;,.Varsity Basketball, 12. LINDA CAHART F.H.A., 9; S.C.A., 9,10,11; S.C.A., 11; FRONTLINE Staff Reporter, 11, Managing Editor, 12; Senior Night, 11; Quill and Scroll, 12; Powder Puff, 12. JIM GALLAGHER Powder Puff Cheerleader, 12. CAROL GARNER F.H.A., 9; Gymnastics Club, 9,10; Senior Night, 11; Powder Puff, 12. JON WILLIAM FREEBURG HANSFORD ARTHUR FREY 186 JOHN ALANSON FRYE MICHELE FROME LINDA CAROL GARNER TERRY GARVEY Freshman Football; Sports Car Club, 10; J.V. Football, 10; Crew Club, 11,12. ANN GAUGER German Club, 9,11,12; Science Club, 10,11; Student Council, 11; S.E.A., 12; Academy of Science, 12; S.E.A., 12. BILL GEHRIG J.V. Tennis, 9; National Honor Society, 10,11,12; German Honor Society, 10,11, President, 12; Varsity Tennis, 10; Key Club, 11, Vice-Presidet, 12; Alternate to Boys ' State, 11; Basketball, 11; National Merit Semifinalist, 12. KRIS GENUARIO Second Vice-President of Class, 9; J.V. Cheerleading, 10; Varsity Cheerleading, 11,12; S.G.A., 10,11; Powder Puff, 11; Senior Night, 11; S.A.C., 12; S.C.A. Staff, 12. DANA VIRGINIA GIBSON DANA GIBSON Pep Club, 9; French Cl ub, 9; Pep Squad, 10; Drama Club, 11; Tri-Hi-Y, 11; Powder Puff, 12; D.E.C.A., 12. ART GILBERT Class Council, 9; Intramural Bowling, 10; Spanish Honor Society, 10,11,12; S.E.A., 12. NANCY GLYNN S.E.A., 12. EDDIE GONDELLA Freshman Football, Powder Puff Cheerleader, 12. JUDY GOODWIN S.C.A., 9; Freshman Cheerleader, alternate; Homecoming Princess, 9,10,11,12; Drill Team, 10,11,12, Co-Captain; Powder Puff, 11; Senior Night, 11; Homecoming Chairman, 12; S.G.A., 12; Keyettes, 12. JANE GREEN Riding Club, 9; Freshman Chorus; Spanish Club, 11; Spanish Honor Society, 11,12, Secretary; Russian Club, 12; S.E.A., 12; National Honor Society, 12. ARTHUR DALE GILBERT NANCY BELVA GLYNN EDWARD JOHN GONDELLA JUDITH ANN GOODWIN LYDIA LEE GRAY MICHAEL DAVID GRAZIER CHRISTINA ANN GENUARIO JANE ANN GREEN RICHARD GREENE NANCY ELLEN GUST JAMES MICHAEL HAHN FRANCIS NILE GREENLEE aaa m , - ' 1m PAMELA JOY GRIFFITH MICHAEL ERROL HAITH MICHELLE CUERREIN MUNDINA LYNN HALBERT 188 PAUL HALIN, JR. HENRY EDWIN HALL GREG HANNA LISA ANN HARDIN JEFFREY AMES HARDING KATHLEEN E. HARDMAN STEVE HANSON MARY WENDELL HARPER RICK GREENE J.V. Football, 9; S.C.A., 9; Varsity Track, 9,10,11,12; Freshman Football; Class Council, 10; Varsity Football, 10,11,12; Hi-Y, 11, Secretary, 12. FRANK GREENLEE National Honor Society, 11,12; Audio Club, 12; Folk Club, 12. PAM GRIFFITH F.H.A., 9,10; Class Council, 10; V.O.T., 12. MICHELLE GUERREIN National Honor Society, 12. NANCY GUST Basketball Intramurals, 9; Spanish Club, 10,12; Keyettes, 11, Sgt. at Arms, 12; Band, 11,12; French Club, Secretary, 11; Chorus, 12. JIM HAHN Freshman Football; Track, 9; Varsity Football, 11; Varsity Basketball, 11; Varsity Baseball, 11; Science Club, 11; Homecoming Deco¬ rations, 12. MIKE HAITH Freshman Football; Freshman Basketball; J.V. Football, 10; J.V. Basketball, 10; Varsity Track, 10; Varsity Football, 11,12; Key Club, 11,12, Secretary; National Honor Society, 11,12; Varsity Baseball, 12. MUNDINA HALBERT Art Club, 9; Crew Club, 10,11; Tri-Hi-Y, 11,12, Pres¬ ident; National Honor Society, 11,12; S.C.A., 11; Girls ' State, alternate, 11; Powder Puff, 12. HELENE LORRAINE HARRIS PAUL HALIN J.V. Basketball, 9; Concert Band, 10; Symphonic Band, 11 , 12 . HENRY HALL Math Team, 11,12, Captain; National Honor Society, 11,12; A.P. Calculus-Physics, 12. JEFF HARDING Varsity Golf, 9,10,11,12; Class Council, 9; Key Club, 10,11,12, Treasurer. WENDY HARPER S.C.A., 9,12; Basketball Intramurals, 9; Varsity Basketball, 10,11,12; Tri-Hi-Y, 10,11,12; Campus Life, 11,12; Powder Puff, 12; Folk Club, 12; TURRET, 12. GEORGE HARRINGTON National Honor Society, 10,11,12; French Honor Society, 10,11,12; Academy of Science, 10,11; J.V. Tennis, 10,11; Hi-Y, 11 , 12 . LORRIE HARRIS Swim Club, 9,10,11, Treasurer, 12, President; Swim Team, 9,10,11,12; Pep Squad, 10,11; J.V. Softball, 10,11; Powder Puff, 11,12; Keyettes, 12. BEN HARRISON J.V. Tennis, 11; Art Club, 11; Ski Club, 11,12; FRONTLINE Staff, 12; Varsity Tennis, 12. SANNIE HARVIE Art Club, 9; FORTRESS Staff, 9; Modern Dance, 9,10; Folk Club, 10,11; D.E.C.A., 12. DOUG HEARTH Drama Department, 9,10,11; Freshman Basketball; Chess Club, 9,10; Thespians, 10,11,12; Debate Team, 11,12. CARLA HELLWIG F.H.A., 9,10, Pep Club, 11; Pep Squad, 12. CARLA LOUISE HELLWIG 189 DONNA HEMPSTEAD Art Club, 9,10,12; Drama Club, 9; Folk Club, 10; Pep Club, 10,11,12, treasurer; Pep Squad, 10,11, Co-Captain; Senior Night, 11; Ski Club, 12; Drill Team, 12. SANDIE HENDERSON Majorette, 9,10; Basketball Intramlurals, 9; Volleyball Intramurals, 9; Gymnastics, 9; Paper Back Book Club, 10, Secretary-Treasurer; Fencing Club, 10; Keyettes, 11,12; S.E.A., 11,12; Follow-Ups, 11. CAROL HARRINGTON F.H.A., 9,10; Homecoming, 11. BILL HERWIG Symphonic Band, 10,11,12. LESLIE HESSON Freshman Chorus; Class Council, 10,11,12; Concert Choir, 11; Cave Club, 12; Folk Club, 12; FRONTLINE Staff, Advertising Manager, 12. STEVE HICKS Freshman Football; Class Council, 9; J.V. Baseball, 10; j.V. Football, 11; Varsity Baseball, 12; Basketball, 12. MARYHIGGASON Class Council, 9,10. KEITH HINMAN Soccer, 9; Swimming, 9; J.V. Basketball, 10; Archeology Club, 10; International Relations Club, 10,12; National Honor Society, 11,12; Crew Club, 11,12; Gymnastics Club, 11; Math Team, 12; Ski Club, 12; National Merit Semi-Finalist, 12. DEE HOFFMAN J.V. Hockey, 9; J.V. Softball, 9; Symphonic Band, 9,10,11,12, treasurer; Pep Band, 9; Marching Band, 10,11,12; Bowling Intramurals, 10; Spanish Honor Society, 12. LINDA HOLLAND D.E.C.A., 11,12. CHERYL HOLLANDER Fencing Club, 10; French Club, 10; Gymnastics Team, 11,12; Volleyball Intramurals, 11,12; Ski Club, 12; Tennis Team, 12. MARY HOOVER Basketball Team, 9,10; Swim Team, 9,10,12; Cheerleading, 9, alternate, 10; Senior Night, 11; Powder Puff, 12. LYNN HOWELL J.V. Hockey, 9; J.V. Softball, 9; Rifle Team, 9,10,11,12, Captain; Varsity Hockey, 10,11,12, Co-Captain; Varsity Softball, 10,11,12. KAREN HUESTER F.H.A., 9,10; Pep Club, 9; Tri-Hi-Y, 10,11,12; Powder Puff, 11; Class Council, 11,12; S.G.A., 11,12; Homecoming Committee Chairman, 12; S.C.A. Staff Assistant, 12. CLIFF HUGHES Rifle Club, 10. DONNA LYNN HEMPSTEAD SANDRA RENE HENDERSON 190 WILLIAM MARTIN HERWIG CAROL FAYE HERRINGTON LESLIE ANN HESSON STEVEN ALLEN HICKS MARY ELIZABETH HIGGASON KEITH HINMAN CHERYL LYNN HOLLANDER DEEANN HOLLMAN RODNEY GLENN HOLCOMB LINDA LEE HOLLAND MARY M. HOOVER LAURA LYNN HOWELL JAMES HOGAN DONNA MARIE HUDSON MARY CHARLOTTE HUDSON KAREN LOUISE HUESTER SARAH JEAN HUGGINS CLIFFORD CROTEN HUGHES 191 GARY W. HUGHES TIMOTHY LEWIS HUNTER GARNET LEIGH HUMBRECHT SUSAN FRANCES HUMPHREYS DIANE LYNN HUNTER 192 HOWARD PAUL HUTCHESON BRENDA SUE HUTCHINSON LARRY LESTER ICHTER JOHN FREDERICK IKENBERRY DEBORAH C. INGERSOLL WILLIAM B. JACKSON KENNETH EDWARD JEFFREY GARY HUGHES Rifle Club, 9; Concert Band, 9; J.V. Wrestling, 10; Marching Band, 10,11,12; Symphonic Band, 10,11,12. GARY HUMBRECHT Gymnastics Team, 9,10,11; Tennis Team, 9,10,11; Crew Club, 10; Harmonettes, 11,12; Majorettes, 12; Madri¬ gals, 12. SUSAN HUMPHREYS S.C.A., 9; J.V. Hockey, 9; J.V. Softball, 9; Varsity Hockey, 10; Varsity Softball, 10,11,12; Tri-Hi-Y, 10,11; Girls ' Track and Field, 10,11; Bowling Intramurals, 12. DIANE HUNTER Spanish Club, 10,11,12; Varsity Tennis Team, 12; Astronomy Club, 12; Jr. Civitans, 12. TIM HUNTER Freshman Football; Freshman Basketball, Track, 9; Varsity Track, 10,11,12; Class President, 9; J.V. Basketball, 10,11; Aerospace Club, 10; Key Club, 12; Varsity Basketball, 12. PAUL HUTCHESON Swim Club, 9,10. BRENDA HUTCHINSON Thespians, 9,10, Secretary, 11,12; Red Cross Club, 9, President, 10, Vice-President, 11, Vice-President, 12, Pres¬ ident; Pep Club, 9; S.C.A., 10,11. LARRY ICHTER Russian Club, 9,10,11; Russian Honor Society, 11,12; Cross-Country, 11; Track, 11; Math Team, 12. JACK IKENBERRY Basketball Intramurals, 9; Sports Car Club, 10,12. KEN JEFFREY Freshman Basketball; Freshman Football; Varsity Football, 10,11,12; J.V. Basketball, 10; Varsity Basketball, 11,12. I ' ARLEEN JONES Freshman Chorus; Spanish Club, 9,10,11,12; Volleyball Intramurals, 10; Spanish Honor Society, 11,12; FORTRESS Staff, Head Typist and Index Editor, 12. CHARLIE JONES Swim Team, 9,10 ; Cross-Country, 10,11; Track, 10; Debate, 11,12; Boys ' State, Alternate, 11; S.E.A., 11,12; Class Council, 12; FRONTLINE Columnist, 12; International Relations Club, 12; National Honor Society, 12. JUDY JORTBERC Gymnastics, 9; Swim Team, 10,11; Homecoming, 10; Senior Night, 11; Ski Club, 12; Tri-Hi-Y, 12. CHRISTY JOY S.G.A., 9; Folk Club, 9,10; Freshman Chorus; Second Vice-President of Class, 10,11; Girls ' Chorus, 10; Girls ' State, 11; Keyettes, 11,12; Concert Choir, 12. LEE KAUFHOLD Pep Club, 9; German Club, 10. PHIL KELLEHER Gymnastic Club, 9,10; S.C.A., 9; Powder Puff Cheerleader, 11; Basketball Intramurals, 11. BERNARD KELLOGG Freshman Football; J.V. Football, 10; Track, 10; Follow-ups, 11,12; Wrestling, 11. ARLENE KELLY Ski Club, 9; Fencing Club, 10; S.G.A., 11; FRONTLINE Staff, Typist, 12. KEN KELLY FORTRESS Staff, Photographer, 9; FRONTLINE Staff, Pho¬ tographer, 9; Cross-Country, 10; Track, 10; Rifle Club, 11,12, Pres¬ ident; Rifle Team, 11,12; Spanish Club, 11,12; Golf, 11,12. RONNY KERZAYA Class Council, 9,10; J.V. Softball, 9; F.H.A., 9,10; Pep Club, 9; Drill Team, 10,11,12, Co-Captain; Homecoming Queen, 12; Tri-Hi-Y, 12. ANDREW JOSEPH KAPEC LEE ANN KAUFHOLD ARLEEN SUSAN JONES CHARLES WILLIAM JONES JUDITH ANNE JORTBERC MARY CHRISTINE JOY PHILLIP WILLIAM KELLEHER BERNARD KELLOGG ARLENE MARIE KELLY KENNETH JOSEPH KELLY MARY VERONICA KELLY ANNE RONNETTE KERZAYA 193 KARLA MURICE KINCANNON DOUGLAS MARK KING GEORGE JACK KING BERNADETTE KIMMERLING ■ , T JOHN F. KIERNAN THOMAS JOSEPH KILLIAN BERNADINE KIMMERLING 194 JANE AMANDA KIRSCHBAUM CHARLES EDWARD KOENIG STEPHEN F. KOLZAK ELIZABETH W. KOPP JAYKIERNAN Folk Club, 12. TOM KILLION Science Club, 9,10,11; Chess Club, 9,10,11; Pho¬ tography Club, 11,12; Aerospace Club, 11; Swim Club, 12. BERNADETTE KIMMERLING Frshman Chorus; J.V. Basketball, 10; F.H.A., 12; Flomecoming Decorations, 12. BERNADINE KIMMERLING F.H.A., 12. PETER DAVID KOPP KARLA KINCANNON French Club, 9,10; Flomecoming, 12; Thespians, 11,12. DOUG KING Softball Intramurals, 9; Beginners ' Band, 9; Cave Club, 10,11; Russian Club, 10; D.E.C.A., 12. JACK KING TURRET, 10,11,12; Key Club, 11,12; Quill and Scroll, 11,12; FRONTLINE Staff, 12. CAROL KINGSTON School Newspaper, 10; Pep Club, 11; S.E.A., 12; Ski Club, 12. CHARLES KOENING Concert Band, 9; Pep Band, 9; Symphonic Band, 10,11,12; Marching Band, 10,11,12; Softball Intramurals, 10. STEPHEN KOLZAK Wrestling, 9; Football, 9,10; S.C.A., 9, Secre¬ tary, 10; Key Club, 10,11, Secretary-Editor, 12, President, Key Club International; Latin Honor Society, 10; FORTRESS Staff, Assistant Editor-In-Chief, 11; National Honor Society, 12. PETER KOPP Freshman Chorus; Basketball Intramurals, 10,11; Volleyball Intramurals, 10,11; Sports Car Club, 11. KAYE KOSCIUSZKO Pep Club, 9; Red Cross Club, 9; S.G.A., 9,11,12; Pep Squad, 10; Class Council, 10,11,12. PHIL KOSMACKI Football Intramurals, 9; Volleyball Intramurals, 9; Softball Intramurals, 9; Freshman Football; Basketball Intramu¬ rals, 10,11,12; J.V. Basketball, 10; Varsity Basketball, 11,12; International Relations Club, 12. PATRICIA KRAUSS S.G.A., 10; Drill Team, 11,12; Powder Puff, 11 , 12 . KAREN KROGH Art Club, 9,10; Folk Club, 10; Thespian Appren¬ tice, 10,11,12; Ski Club, 11,12; FORTRESS Staff, Photographer, 12. TOM KROHN Softball Intramurals, 9,10; S.C.A., 9; Powder Puff Cheerleader, 11; Audio Club, 12. MARIAN KAYE KOSCIUSZKO PHILIP DAVID KOSMACKI SANDFORD LYNN KRAEMER CRAIG LANGLANDS Freshman Football; Auto Club, 9,10,11; Football, 10. PATRICIA KRAUSS KAREN ELIZABETH KROGH THOMAS EDWARD KROHN ROBERT CRAIG LANGLANDS 195 NELLE WHITE LEE ROBERT T. LEMON ELIZABETH MARIE LETSEN ROBERT MARTIN LEWIS ROBERT A. LAPORTE RICHARD C. LAVALLE JOAN LAWLER JANICE SUE LIGHTSEY JEFFREY B. LINDER KARIN INGRIO LINDGREN JOHN LAUGHLIN GWENDOLYN LINTON GORDON ALAN LITTIG HAROLD WATTS LLOYD MICHAEL EVERETT LONG JANE ELIZABETH LIVESLY FRANCES E. LIVINGSTON KATHRYN LANETTE LLOYD ELIZABETH KEITH LOPER ROBERT LAPORTE Chess Club, 10; Bowling Intramurals, 10,11,12; Stamp and Coin Club, 10,11,12; S.E.A., 11,12; Audio Club, 11,12. JOHN LAUGHLIN Cave Club, 9,10,11,12; N.R.A., 9,10,11,12; Varsity Golf, 10,11,12; Softball Intramurals, 10. RICHARD LAVALLEE Freshman Wrestling; J.V. Wrestling, 10,11; J.V. Track, 11; Varsity Track, 12. JOAN LAWLER Red Cross Club, 9,10; Drama Club, 9; French Club, 9; C.C.D., 10,11,12; Cave Club, 10,12; D.E.C.A., 12. NELLE LEE Folk Club, 9; Thespians, 9, Apprentice, 10, Treasurer, 11,12; Career Clinic, 9,10, Secretary, 11, President; Class Council, 9; Pep Club, 10; Pep Squad, 10; S.C.A., 10; J.V. Cheerleading, 11; Varsity Cheerleading, 12; Keyettes, 11,12, Secretary, Forensics Club, 12, Treasurer; National Honor Society, 12. ROBERT LEMON Track, 9; Varsity Track, 10; Cross-Country, 11; Crew Club, 11,12; Academy of Science, 11,12; Debate Team, 11,12; Class Council, 11; Jr. Civitan, 12; International Relations Club, 12; Rifle Club, 12; S.E.A., 12. ELIZABETH LETSEN Pep Club, 9; S.G.A., 10; Basketball Intramu¬ rals, 10; Spanish Club, 10; Drama Club, 10,11; Folk Club, 11; Powder Puff, 12. ROBERT LEWIS Freshman Wrestling, Band, 9; J.V. Wrestling, 10; J.V. Track, 10. JEFF LINDER Ski Club, 10,11,12. KARIN LINDGREN Thespians, 9,10; Latin Club, 9,10,11,12; Latin Honor Society, 10,11,12; Debate, 10; TURRET Staff, 11,12; Quill and Scroll, 11,12; National Honor Society, 11,12; French Club, 12; French Honor Society, 12. GWEN LINTON Volleyball Intramurals, 9,10; Baseball Intramu¬ rals, 9; Chorus, 10,11; Follow-ups, 11. CORDON LITTIG Band, 9,10,11; J.V. Track, 9; Rifle Club, 9; Marching Band, 10,11; Varsity Cross-Country, 10,11,12; Varsity Track, 10,11,12; Ski Club, 11,12. JANE LIVESLEY Drama Club, 9,12; Ski Club, 9,10,11; Pep Club, 9,10; Softball Manager, 11. BETH LIVINGSTON Folk Club, 9,11,12; Latin Club, 10,11; Student Forum, 10,11; Thespians, 12; Quill and Scroll, 12; FRONTLINE Staff, 12; FORTRESS Staff, Photographer, 12. HAROLD LLOYD Concert Band, 9,10; Latin Club, 10; Rifle Club, 11; D.E.C.A., 12. KATHY LLOYD F.H.A., 9; J.V. Softball, 10; Tri-Hi-Y, 11,12, Sgt. at Arms; National Honor Society, 11,12. MIKE LONG Swim Team, 9; Ski Club, 9; Basketball Intramurals, 12. BETSY LOPER S.G.A, 9,12; Basketball Intramurals, 9; Class Council, 10; French Honor Society, 10; French Club, 11; Camera Club, 11; Homecoming, 12; N ational Merit Semi-Finalist, 12. 197 DANIEL A. LOSCHACK ROGER WAYNE LOVELESS DARA JOANNE LUDWIG CHERYL LYNNE LUND 198 WILLIAM HOWARD LURCOTT GINA SUSAN LUSKER JANEYMACLAWN STEPHEN JEFFREY MACKMULL DAN LOSCHACK J.V. Track, 9; J.V. Football, 10; Varsity Track, 10,11,12; Varsity Cross-Country, 11,12. ROGER LOVELESS J.V. Track, 9; Freshman Football; Varsity Track, 10,11,12; J.V. Football, 10; Varsity Football, 11,12; Crew Club, 12. DARA LUDWIG S.C.A., 9; French Club, 9,10,11, President, 12; Freshman Chorus; F.H.A., 10; Girls ' Chorus, 10; Keyettes, 12. CHERYL LUND Pep Club, 9; Class Council, 9,11,12; Gymnastics Team, 10,11,12; Powder Puff, 11,12. BILL LURCOTT Varsity Basketball, Manager, 10; FORTRESS Staff, Photographer, 12. GINA LUSKER Girls ' Chorus, 9; Homecoming Committee, 9; German Club, 10,11; F.H.A., 10; FORTRESS, Business, 12. STEVE MACKMULL Freshman Football; Softball Intramurals, 10; Basketball Intramurals, 10,12; J.V.Wrestling, 10; Bowling Intramurals, 10; J.V. Football, 11; Hi-Y, 11,12, Sgt. at arms. KATHY MACNEVIN Concert Band, 9; S.G.A., 10; Symphonic Band, 10,11,12, Secretary; Marching Band, 10,11,12; National Honor Society, 10,11,12, Historian. RHONDA MADLAND Freshman Chorus; Pep Club, 10; Pep Squad, 10; Mixed Chorus, 10; Homecoming, 10; Pep Concert Choir, 11,12; Madrigals, 12; Drill Team, 12. JAN MAITLAND Pep Club, 9; Thespians, 10,11,12; Back Line, 10; Folk Club, 10,11,12; French Club, 10. BEAMAJORANA Girls ' Choir, 9. MET MALLGRAF Freshman Chorus, 9; Mixed Chorus, 10; Modern Dance Club, 10; German Club, 12; Keyettes, 12. LEE MANGAS Class President, 9,10,11; Freshman Basketball; Academy of Science, 9,10; S.C.A., 9; J.V. Cross-Country, 10; German Honor Society, 10,11,12; Key Club, 10,11; Varsity Debate, 11; S.C.A., President, 12; National Honor Society, 11,12. COSTA MANOLAS German Club, 10; Sports Car Club, 11; Powder Puff Cheerleader, 12. RUTH MANSFIELD Drama Club, 9; Swim Team, 9,10; Syncronized Swim Team, 9,10, Captain, 11; Modern Dance, 11,12; Tennis Team, 11,12, Manager; International Relations Club, 12. RAMSEY MARTIN Crew Team, 10,11; Crew Club, 12; Vice-President; Activity Council, 12. CHRISTIE MASTERS S.G.A., 10,11; J.V. Cheerleader, 11; Varsity Cheerleader, 12; Keyettes, 11. CAROLE MATTHEWS Pep Club, 9,10,11,12; French Club, 9; F.T.A., 9,10; A.F.S. Club 11; Folk Club, 12; S.E.A., 12. KATHRYN MACNEVIN BEATRICE M. MAJORANA JANICE GLENN MACPHERSON RHONDA LYNN MADLAND JANET MAY MAITLAND LAURA MAJORANA MARIETTA IDA MALLCRAF CLOYCE LELAND MANGAS, JR. CONSTANTINE S. MANOLAS DALE JOHN MALONEY RUTH ELAINE MANSFIELD ROBERT RAMSEY MARTIN CHRISTIE J. MASTERS STEVE LEINBACK MATHIS CAROLE SUSIE MATTHEWS 199 PATRICK MICHAEL MATUS CAROLANN LOREEN MAXWELL MARSHALL EDWARD MCCABE 4 - « V 1| ‘Vy ? ( . K ‘ » .4M ’J • m ' , fm fm , %W» 0 A » » ' i, ■Ml % H if»A Jfc ' }«• r 4 t sT ' WILBUR PATRICK MCCURRY KATHLEEN ANN MCDONALD JOHN DENNIS MCDONALD MARGARET RUTH MCDONALD SUSANNE MCDOUCALL ANN CLARK MCFARLAND RICHARD DUNCAN MCFARLAND COLLEEN HARRIET MCHUGH )AMES RUSSELL MCCARTHY PAT MATUS Freshman Football; J.V. Baseball, 10; Key Club, 11,12; Spanish Honor Society, 11,12; Ski Club, 12. CAROL MAXWELL Bowling Intramurals, 9; Bowling League, 10 , 11 . MARSHALL MCCABE Freshman Wrestling; Sophomore Football; J.V. Football, 11; Varsity Football, 12; Key Club, 12; National Honor Society, 12. JIM MCCARTHY J.V. Track, 10; Varsity Track, 11; Key Club, 11; N.R.A., 11; Ski Club, 12. PAT MCCURRY Yearbook Photographer, 10. JOHN MCDONALD S.G.A., 9,10; Basketball Intramurals, 9; Spanish Club, 10; Homecoming, 11; Senior Night, 11; Powder Puff, 11; Academy of Science, 12. KATHY MCDONALD Pep Club, 9; Freshman Chorus; Basketball Intramurals, 9; French Club, 10; Girls ' Chorus, 10; Drill Team, 11,12; Keyettes, 11,12; FORTRESS Staff, Assistant Editor, 12; Powder Puff, 12. MARGARET MCDONALD F.H.A., 9, officer, 10,11,12; Pep Club, 9,12; Homecoming Committee, 9; FORTRESS Staff, Pho¬ tographer, 12. SUE MCDOUGALL Class Council, 9; Gymnastics Team, 9,10,12; Tri-Hi-Y, 10,12; Class Secretary, 10; FORTRESS Staff, Assistant Edi¬ tor, 10; Drill Team, 12; National Honor Society, 12. BARBARA SUSAN MCINTYRE PETER RODES MCKEEVER RICHARD MCFARLAND J.V. Wrestling, 9,10,11; Marching Band, 10,11; J.V. Football, 11; Varsity Wrestling, 12; Varsity Football, 12; Hi-Y, 12; S.E.A., 12. COLLEEN MCHUGH Future Nurses, 9; Girls ' Athletic Associa¬ tion, 9,10; Basketball Club, 10; Latin Honor Society, 10; National Honor Society, 10,11,12; Drama Club, 10; Red Cross Club, 11; German Club, 11,12; Tri-Hi-Y, 12; S.E.A., 12. BARBARA MCINTYRE Gymnastics, 9,10,11,12; J.V. Hockey, 10; Swim Club, 10; Basketball Intramurals, 10; Powder Puff, 11,12; Volleyball Team, 11; Gymnastics Team, 12, Captain; Diving Team, 12 . PETER MCKEEVER J.V. Wrestling, 9; J.V. Baseball, 10; Ski Club, 12 . PATTY MCLACHLAN Spanish Club, 9,10, Secretary, 11, Vice President, 12; S.G.A., 9,10,11; Tennis Team, 10,11,12; F.H.A., 11,12; Keyettes, 12. JOSEPH MCLAUGHLIN Academy of Science, 10,11. SUZANNE MCLEES FORTRESS Staff, Business Staff, 11; Senior Class Editor, Editorial Secretary, 12; National Honor Society, 12. ' ' Short Swallow—flights of song, that dip their wings in tears, and skim away. " TOM MCLEOD Bowling, 10,11; Chess Club, 10,11; Rocket Club, 11; S.E.A., 11,12; Forensics, 12; Audio Club, 12; Academy of Science, Research Director, 12; International Relations Club, 12; Jr. Civitans, 12. ELLEN BERNADETTE MCKEON PATRICIA MARIE MCLACHLAN JOSEPH MCLAUGHLIN THOMAS DANIEL MCLEOD EUGENE DOUGLAS MCKINNEY 201 WALTER ROBERT MCNAIR JOHN BARTLEY MESSEN¬ GER REBECCA LYNN MCNEESE CARY MICHAEL MCPHERON CHARLES RICHARD MESSERLI JOHN NORWOOD MICHIE PATRICK IRWIN MILLIGAN JAMES WILLIAM MIDDLEDORF DOROTHY ELLEN MILLS JOHN CHRISTOPHER MILIA PEGGY MILLS SUE ELLEN MISSLBECK BEVERLY ANNE MESICK LARRY ARNELL MIAL PATRICIA LAUREN MILLER WALT MCNAIR Book Club, 11. Softball Intramurals, 9; Bowling Intramurals, 10; DEBORAH VINCENT MIXON SUSAN C. MOGAN ALA N D. MOORE SUZANNE RUTH MONTI LYNN MCNEESE Spanish Club, Secretary, 9; S.C.A., 9,12; Basketball Team, 9; Dance Club, 10; Speech Club, 10; Powder Puff, 11; Tri-Hi-Y, 12; Drill Team, 12; Class Council, 12; S.C.A., Staff Assistant, 12. BEVERLY MESICK Band, 9; Chorus, 9; Symphonic Band, 10,11,12; Marching Band, 10,11,12; French Club, 10; Chess Club, 10; National Honor Society, 11,12; S.C.A., 12. ELLEN JANE MOHR JOHN MESSENGER Class Council, 9; Volleyball Intramurals, 10; FRONTLINE Staff, Co-Ad Manager and Reporter, 12. RICHARD MESSERLI Band, 9,10,11. JACK MICHIE Crew, 10,11; Sports Car Club, 11; Powder Puff, Cheerleader, 12. JIM MIDDLEDORF Rifle Club, 10; Crew Club, 11. CHRIS MILIA Freshman Football; Class Council, 9; J.V. Baseball, 9,10. MICHAEL HENRY MORGAN THOMAS MORGAN PAT MILLER Pep Club, 10,11,12; Pep Squad, 11,12; FORTRESS Staff, Assistant Editor, 12; Tri-Hi-Y, 12. PAT MILLIGAN Basketball Intramurals, 9,10,11,12; J.V. Basketball, 10; Varsity Basketball, 11,12. DOTTIE MILLS Drama Club, 9; Pep Club, 10,12; Spanish Club, 10,12; Class Council, 11; National Honor Society, 12; S.E.A., 12. SUE MISSLBECK Basketball Intramlurals, 9; Concert Band, 9,11; Marching Band, 10; Symphonic Band, 10; J.V. Softball, 10; Varsity Softball, 11,12; J.V. Basketball, Manager, 11; Basketball, Manager, 12; Latin Club, 12. SUSAN MOGAN Cave Club, 9,10; Folk Club, 9; Gymnastics, 10; S.C.A., Staff Assistant, 12; Girls ' Crew, 12; Ski Club, 12. ELLEN MOHR Spanish Club, Secretary, 9; Folk Club, 9,10; Class Sec¬ retary, 9; Freshman Cheerleader; Modern Dance Club, 10; Tri-Hi-Y, 11,12; Drill Team, 11,12; Class Treasurer, 11,12. SUZANNE MONTI F.H.A., 9, Social Director, 10, Vice-President, 11, Treasurer, 12; Basketball Intramurals, 9,10; Keyettes, 12; Latin Club, 12 . ALAN MOORE Band, 9,10,11,12; Marching Band, 10. MIKE MORGAN Mixed Chorus, 10; J.V. Basketball, Manager, 9,10; Chess Club, 10; Concert Choir, 11,12; Varsity Basketball, 12; Audio Club, 12. ROBERT LEWIS MONTALVO 203 DIANE VIOLET MOY MARY KLEE MULLER DAVID F. MURPHY KIMBERLY ANN MURPHY ROBERT CRAWFORD NACE KAREN LOUISE MURRAY PATRICIA LOUISE NAJJUM DIANE MOY F.H.A., 9,10, Secretary, 11; Federation President, Country Council Treasurer, 12, Vice-President; Basketball Intramurals, 9; Keyettes, 11,12, Treasurer; National Honor Society, 11,12. MARY MULLER German Club, 10,11,12; S.E.A., 11,12; Russian Club, 11. DAVID MURPHY Varsity Swim Team, 9; J.V. Basketball, Manager, 11; S.C.A.-S.C.A., 12. KIM MURPHY Spani sh Club, 9,10; S.C.A., 9,10; Pep Club, 9; Academy of Science, 10; Folk Club, 10; Ski Club, 11,12; FRONTLINE Staff, Photography, 12 . KAREN MURRAY Student Forum, 10; Bowling Intramurals, 11,12. BILL MURRAY Crew Club, 9; S.C.A., 9; Symphonic Band, 10,11,12; Marching Band, 10,11,12; German Club, 10,11,12; Chess Club, 10,11; J.V. Wrestling, 10,11; International Relations Club, 12; Varsity Wrestling, 12; National Honor Society, 12. ROBERT NACE Band, 9,10; Rifle Club, 10; Paperback Book Club, 11. PAT NAJJUM Folk Club, 9,12; Art Club, 9; Fine Arts Club, 10; Pep Squad, 10,11, Co-Captain; Pep Club, 10,11; National Honor Society, 10,11,12; Spanish Honor Society, 11,12; TURRET Staff, 11,12; Literary Co-Editor; Ski Club, 11,12; Quill and Scroll, 12. JOE NEIGH Cave Club, 9,10,11,12; D.E., 12. ROBERT NEIL Symphonic Band, 9,10,11; Marching Band, 11,12; Crew Team, 9,10,11; Academy of Science, 12; Math Team, 12; Computer Club, 12; A.P. Calculus, 12. 204 JOSEPH RAYMOND NEIGH MEGAN NEILL S.C.A., 9,10,11; Homecoming Decorations, 10,12; Senior Night, 11; Powder Puff, 12. MEGAN CORELL NEILL PAUL RAYMOND NEWBRY SUZIE NEITZEY S.G.A., 9,10; Tri-Hi-Y, 10. DORICA NELSON Class Council, 9; J.V. Hockey, 9; J.V. Basketball, 9,10; Varsity Basketball, 11,12; Follow-Ups, 11, Treasurer, 12; President; Powder Puff, 12. ROBERT NELSON Cave Club, 9; Class Council, 10; Art Club, 10,11; Rocket Club, 11. PAUL NEWBRY Freshman Football; Soccer, 9; Track, 9; Volleyball, 9; Tennis, 9,10,11,12; Science Club, 9; Academy of Science, 10. SUZANNE NEITZEY WILLIAM JOHN NICOL WILLIAM NICOL Chess Club, 9; Honor Society, 9,10; International Relations Club, 12. DORICA NELSON LESLIE ANN NIXON TERRY LEE NOACK LESLIE NIXON German Club, 10; Gymnastic Club, 10; S.E.A., 11; Campus Life, 11,12; Thespians, 12; International Relations Club, 12. TERRY NOACK Class Council, 9,10,11,12; Art Club, 9,10,11, Treasurer; Powder Puff, 11, FORTRESS Staff, Assistant Editor, 12. ROBERT WOOD NELSON DAVID WAYNE NOLKER PATRICK O ' DONNELL JOAN URSULA NORRIS JEFFREY DEAN NORTON STUART C. NOTTINGHAM, JR. 206 KEVIN SLINDEE O ' KEEFE MARTHA KATHRYN O ' MALLEY CONSTANCE ILENE ORLISKI DAVE NOLKER Cave Club, 10,11,12; Cross-Country, 11; Track, 11; Folk Club, 12; Powder Puff, 12; S.E.A., 12. JOAN NORRIS Volleyball Intramurals, 9,10; S.E.A., 11,12; Academy of Science, 12. DEAN NORTON Concert Band, 9; Symphonic Band, 10,11,12; Marching Band, 10,11,12; Rifle Club, 11. STUART NOTTINGHAM S.C.A., 9; Latin Club, 9,11,12, Pres¬ ident; Latin Honor Society, 10,11, Vice-President, 12; Basketball Intramurals, 9,10; Class Council, 11; S.G.A., 11. PAT O ' DONNELL J.V. Soccer, 9; J.V. Football, 9; J.V. Wrestling, 10; S.E.A., 11,12; President; Hi-Y, 12. KEVIN O ' KEEFE Softball Intramurals, 9; Basketball Intramurals, 10; Tennis, 10; Crew Club, 11,12; J.V. Basketball, 11; Ski Club, 12; Wrestling, 12; Hi-Y, 12; Cave Club, 12. KATHY O ' MALLEY Freshman Chorus; Girls ' Chorus, 10; Folk Club, 10; Concert Choir, 12; German Club, 12. CONNIE ORLISKI National Forensics League, Treasurer, 9,10, President; Class Council, 9; Creative Writing Club, 10; Literary Magazine Staff, 10; Drama Club, Treasurer, 10; Drama Club, 12; Forensics Club, 12; S.G.A., 12; National Honor Society, 12. WARREN ORTLAND Softball Intramurals, 9; Hi-Y, 12; National Honor Society, 12. DEBBIE PAINTER Keyettes, 11,12; French Club, Vice-President, 11; Folk Club, Treasurer, 12; Spanish Club, 11; National Honor Society, 12. DAVE PANTALONI Freshman Football; Freshman Basketball; Basketball Intramurals, 9; Bowling Team, 9,10; Football, 10; Wrestling Team, 11. ERIC PARFREY Marching Band, 9,10,11,12; Symphonic Band, 9,10,11,12; Cave Club, 10,11,12; Spanish Honor Society, 10,11,12; National Honor Society,, 10,11,12. JACKIE PARK Riding Club, 9; Art Club, 9,10,11,12; Spanish Club, 10. NINA PATTESON Freshman Cheerleader, Co-Captain; J.V. Cheerleader, 10,11, Co-Captain; Varsity Cheerleader, Co- Captain, 12; Swim Club, 10; S.C.A., 10,11; Girls; State, 11; Tri-Hi- Y, 11,12, Vice-President. BILL PATTERSON Newspaper Editor, 9,11,12; Band, 9; Football Manager 9; Varsity Basketball, 9,10; Rocket Club, Secretary, 12; Audio Club, 12; Rifle Club, 12; Rifle Team, 12; FORTRESS Staff, Business Staff, 12. MARK PEIFER Varsity Basketball, Manager, 9; J.V. Football, 10,11; Jr. Civitans, President, 11,12; FORTRESS Staff, Assistant Ed¬ itor, 12. KAREN PENNY S.C.A., 9; V.O.T., 12. ELIZABETH PERRIELLO Class Treasurer, 9; Drama Club, 9; Class Council, 9,10; Tennis Team, 10; G.A.A., 9,10,11; School Newspa¬ per Staff, 10; Chorus, 10,12; Acapella Choir, 11; Powder Puff, 12; FRONTLINE Staff, 12. JOHN PETERS J.V. Basketball, 9; J.V. Baseball, 9,10; Wrestling Intramurals, 9; Gymnastics, 9,10; Tennis, 11,12; Cave Club, 11,12; Hi-Y, 11,12. JON PETERSON Freshman Football; Freshman Basketball- Varsity Track, 9,10,11,12; Varsity Football, 10; Varsity Basketball, 10,11,12; Hi-Y, 10,11. FRANK PETROFF Freshman Football; Wrestling, 9; J.V.Track, 9,10; J.V. Track, 9,10; J.V. Football, 10; J.V. Wrestling, 10; Varsity Football, 11,12; Key Club, 11,12; Crew, 11,12; Mr. Puff, 12. DAVID PFEIFFER J.V. Basketball Manager, 10; Chess Club, 10,11,12; S.E.A., 11,12; Varsity Basketball, Manager, 11; Spanish Club, 12; FRONTLINE Staff, Sports Columnist, 12. TONY PICCIANO Freshman Basketball; J.V.Football, 10,11. WARREN HALL ORTLAND, JR. DEBRA MAY PAINTER JACQUELINE M. PARK NINA JEANETTE PATTESON MARK PEIFER KAREN PENNY JON ALAN PETERSON FRANK WILLIAM PETROFF DAVID PANTALONI DAVID ALEXANDER PFEIFFER MARYANN PATTERSON ELIZABETH PERRIELLO ERIC TODD PARFREY WILLIAM HENRY PATTERSON JOHN VINCENT PETERS ANTHONY PICCIANO 207 DEBRA ANN PITZER MICHAEL CUSTINC PICINI ROGER F. POGGE JAMES LEWIS PIERCE KATHERYN PIERCE BARBARA JEAN PISARO ROBERT VAN ZAN POLEMAN 208 BRENDA LINDELE PINCKNEY MARY KYM POWELL JOHN ROBERT PRITTING JOHN THOMAS QUINN, JR. 209 BRINSON P. REED PETE RANNEY Softball Intramurals, 9,10; Basketball Intramurals, 9,10; Varsity Tennis, 9,10,11,12; J.V. Wrestling, 10; Wrestling, 12. CAREN RAPOSA j.V. Softball, 9,10; Pep Club, 9; Tennis Intramurals, 11; Varsity Tennis, 12. MINDY RATLIFF Gymnastics Club, 9; Tennis Intramurals, 10; S.G.A., 11; FRONTLINE Staff, COED-Features, 12; Quill and Scroll, 12; Folk Club, 12; TURRET Staff, Literary, 12; National Honor Society, 12. ALLEN RECKER Class Council, 9,10; J.V. Basketball, 11; Powder Puff, Coach, 12. DEBRA ANN REECE DEBORAH JEAN REED CAREN LEE RAPOSA KATHY PIERCE Spanish Club, 9,10,11,12; Spanish Honor Soci¬ ety, 11,12. LINDELE PINCKNEY Drama, 10; Latin Club, 10,11,12; Spanish Honor Society, 11,12, Treasurer; Spanish Club, 11,12; Thespians, 11,12; Campus Life, 11,12; National Honor Society, 12. BARBARA PISARO Basketball Intramurals, 9; Thespians, 10,11,12, Secretary; French Club, 10,11; Student Forum, 10; Folk Club, 11,12; Homecoming Committee, 10; Art Club, 11; Senior Night, 11; FORTRESS Staff, 11, Photographer; 12, Assistant Editor- in-Chief, Editor of Photography; TURRET, 11; National Honor So¬ ciety, 12. ROGER POGGE S.C.A., 9; Spanish Club, 9,10; Crew Club, 9,10,11; Sports Car Club, 10; Bowling League, 10,11; Cave Club, 10 . KYM POWELL Spanish Club, 9; Folk Club, 9,10,12; Thespians, 10,11, Secretary, 12, President; Russian Club, 10,11,12, President; TURRET Staff, 11,12; National Honor Society, 12, JACK PRITTING Rifle Club, 11; S.E.A., 11; Latin Club, 11; Cave Club, 12. JOHN QUINN Volleyball Intramurals, 9; Softball Intramurals, 9; Frshman Wrestling; Bowling Intramurals, 10,11,12; Spanish Club, 10; Ski Club, 12. ERNEST ALLEN RECKER MELINDA RATLIFF PETER CURTIS RANNEY KATHY REESE Freshman Chorus; Pep Club, 9,10; Pep Squad, 10; Drill Team, 11,12; Homecoming Committee, 11,12. STEVEN RICH Varsity Cross-Country, 9,10,11; Track, 9,10,11,12. GAIL RICHARDS Basketball Intramurals, 10. WAYNE RIFE Boys ' Chorus, 9; Track, 11,12; S.E.A., 12; Spanish Club, 12. KATHERINE ANN REESE LORI ROBERTSON Volleyball Intramurals, 9,10. MARK ROMANESKI “There are some things which cannot be learned quickly, and time, which is all we have, must be paid heavily for their ac¬ quiring. They are the very simplest things, and because it takes a man ' s life to know them the little new that each man gets from life is very costly and the only heritage he has to leave.” E. Hemingway. CAROLYN ROSENBERG Bowling Intramurals, 9,10,11,12; Art Club, 9,10,11,12. TOM ROSENBERRY Freshman Football; J.V. Football, 10,11, Co-Captain; Varsity Football, 12; D.E., 12. KIRK ROSENKRANZ Swim Club, 9,10,11,12; Volleyball Intramurals, 10; Softball Intramurals, 10; Basketball Intramurals, 12. JUDY ROTH School Newspaper Staff, 9; S.G.A., 10; FRONTLINE Staff, 11,12, Editor; International Relations League, 11; Student Forum, 11; Quill and Scroll, 12. WINKY RUDD Swim Club, 9; Powder Puff, 11. STEVEN DANIEL RICH GAIL MARIE RICHARDS BOB RUSH Russian Club, 9,10; S.G.A., 9; Volleyball Intramurals, 9; Ski Club, 12. MIKE RUSSELL Cave Club, 9,10,11,12; Pep Band, 9; Symphonic Band, 9,10,11,12; Marching Band, 10,11,12; Academy of Science, 10,11; National Honor Society, 10,11,12; Hi-Y, 11,12. PAM RYAN Pep Club, 9; French Honor Society, 9; Girls ' Chorus, 10; Gymnastics Club, 10; Concert Choir, 11; Varsity Rifle Team, 11,12; Majorette, 11; S.G.A., 12; Concert Band, 12. JIM SANDMAN Academy of Science, 9; S.C.A., 10,11; Class Council, 11; German Honor Society, 10,11,12; National Honor Society, 10,11,12; Hi-Y, 12; Math Team, 12. LINDA SANTOS Thespians, 9,10,11, Vice-President; FORTRESS Staff, Pho¬ tographer, 11,12. 210 GRETCHEN ANNE RICKERT WAYNE THOMAS RIFE LORELL ROBERTSON MARK JAMES ROMANESKI DAWN CHERYL ROSAS CAROLYN JO ROSENBERG ROBERT T. RUSH THOMAS GEORGE ROSENBERRY KIRK WILLIAM ROSENKRANZ JUDITH ROTH PAULA ANNE RUSANOWSKY STEPHEN EUGENE SAMPSON JAMES GAGE SANDMAN, JR. LINDA FARREN SANTOS JANE LYNETTE SAXER 211 GWYNETH ELIZABETH SCHUDER CYNTHIA ELAINE SCHMITZ PAMELA RAE SCHUFFERT LESLIE JEAN SCHMITZ JANET LUCILLE SCHWANER PATRICIA EILEEN JAN CHRISTINE SCRUGGS SCHRANTZ KAREN JEANNE SEN JEFFREY MORTON SEWARD MICHAEL G. SHAFFER 212 DAVID SCOTT SHARP CHRISTOPHER K. SHARTEL DOUGLAS REID SHAWN JANE MARIE SHEAFFER CINDY SCHMITZ Pep Club, 9; Class Council, 9; Powder Puff, 11 , 12 . MARY ANNE SHERIDAN STEPHAN R. SHERMAN MARY KATHLEEN SHLESINCER GREGORY SHOWALTER MARK BELFORD SHERRY NORMAN RANDALL SIBLEY NANCY LEE SHINN J " EAN SCHMITZ Pep Squad, 9; Homecoming Decorations, 10; Senior Night, 11; Powder Puff, 12. PATTY SCHRANTZ S.C.A., 9,10; Powder Puff, 11. PAM SCHUFFERT Latin Club, 9,10; Folk Club, 9; Pianist with Fort Hunt Dance Band, 9. JANET SCHWANER Chorus, 9,10; Modern Dance Club, 9; Gymnastics Club, 9; National Honor Society, 10,11,12; First Vice- President; German Honor Society, 10,11, President, 12, Treasur¬ er; Concert Choir, 11; Band, 12; Harmonettes, 11; Powder Puff, 11; FORTRESS Staff, Photography, 12. JAN SCRUGGS Riding Club, 9,10; Pep Club, 10; Art Show, 10 , 11 . KAREN SEN Majorettes, 9,10,11; Class Council, 9; Marching Band, 10,11,12; National Honor Society, 11,12; Spanish Honor Society, 11,12; S.E.A., 12. JEFF SEWARD Freshman Football; Wrestling, 9; Basketball Intra¬ murals, 9; J.V. Football, 10; Track, 10; S.G.A., 10,12; S.E.A., 11; Debate Team, 11,12; Class Council, 12; FRONTLINE Staff, 12. MIKE SCHAFFER Chess Club, 9; Freshman Football; Freshman Basketball; Soccer Team, 9; Spanish Club, 10; Football, 11,12; Wrestling, 11,12. DAVID SHARP Freshman Chorus; French Club, 9,10; Mixed Chorus, 10; S.C.A., 11; Audio Club, 11; Latin Club, 11; Madrigals, 12; A.P. English, 12. CHRIS SHARTEL Cross-Country, 9,10; Track, 9,10,11; Audio- Visual Aids Club, 9,10; Chess Club, 9,10; Basketball Intramurals, 11 , 12 . DOUG SHAWN S.G.A., 10; Class Council, 10,11; Folk-Art Club, 10; Folk Club, 11,12; Art Club, 11; TURRET Staff, 11,12; Art Staff, 12, Business and Publicity Manager, 12; Quill and Scroll, 12; FORTRESS Staff, Publicity, 12. JANE SHEAFFER F.H.A., 10,11; National Forensic League, 11; Debate Team, 12. MARY SHERIDAN Pep Squad, 11; Pep Club, 11; Tri-Hi-Y, 12. STEPHAN SHERMAN Crew Club, 10,11,12; Ski Club, 11,12. MARK SHERRY Folk Club, 10,11; J.V. Tennis, 10,11; Bowling In¬ tramurals, 10,11; International Relations Club, 12; Varsity Tennis, 12 . NANCY SHINN Bowling Teams, 11,12. KATHY SHLESINGER French Club, 9,10; Pep Club, 9; Latin Honor Society, 10; Latin Club, 10; Spanish Club, 11; S.E.A., 12. RANDY SIBLEY J.V. Wrestling, 9; Varsity Wrestling, 10,11,12; Key Club, 11,12; Class President, 12; National Honor Society, 12. CHUCK SILVA Crew, 9,10,11,12; S.C.A., 9,10; Hi-Y, 10,11,12; Varsity Football, Manager, 11. CHARLES EDWARD SILVA 213 WILLIAM MILTON SIMMONS JEFFREY GRANT SINN ELISSE EVELYN SIMONARO ROBERT JAMES SIMPSON RITA SUE SINGHASS LISA JO SIPES MARY CATHERINE SIMPSON REBECCA JANE SIMS HARRIET ELIZABETH KEITH THOMAS SINGLETON SIVERTSON MIKE PATRICK SKARRA 214 BILL SIMMONS Class Council, 9; Basketball Team, 11,12. ELISSE SIMONARO Art Club, 9; Frshman Choir; Modern Dance Club, 10; Girls ' Chorus, 10; Russian Club, 12. MARY SIMPSON Pep Club, 9,10,11,12; F.H.A., 9,10,11; Class Council, 9,12; German Club, 10,11,12, Vice-President, Pep Squad, 10,11,12, Co-Captain; German Honor Society, 11,12; Keyetes, 11,12; Powder Puff, 11,12. ROBERT SIMPSON Art Club, 9; Chess Club, 10; German Club, 10,11,12; Varsity Football, Manager, 11,12; S.E.A., 12. BECKY SIMS Art Club, 9; Cave Club, 10. RITA SINGHASS Gymnastics, 9; J.V. Basketball, 10; Varsity Basketball, 11; D.E., 12. HARRIET SINGLETON F.H.A., 9; Drill Team, 12; S.G.A., 9,10,11; Crew Club, 10; FRONTLINE Staff, typist, 12. JEFF SINN Class Treasurer, 9; Ski Club, 11,12; Cave Club, 12. KEITH SILVERTSON Crew Club, 9,11, Treasurer, 12, President; Varsity Crew, 11,12; Weight-lifting Club, 10; Varsity Football, 12. MIKE SKARRA Wrestling, 9,10,11,12; S.C.A., 11. CHIP SMALL Band, 9; Travel Club, 9; Symphonic Band, 10,11; Marching Band, 10,11; Hi-Y, 12; Track, 12. BROOK SMITH Sports Car Club, 9; Class Council, 9,10; Powder Puff, Cheerleader, 11,12; Senior Night, 11. MIKE SOAPES Crew, 9; Varsity Crew, 10; J.V. Crew, 11; Swim Team, 10; Wrestling, 10,11,12; Key Club, 11,12. SHELBY SOTERA S.C.A., 9; Russian Club, 10,11,12; FORTRESS Staff, Assistant Editor, 12. DARLENE SOWERS F.H.A., 9,12; Pep Club, 9,11; Girls ' Track Team, 9; Powder Puff, 12. MARION SEABROOK SMITH MARK FEREBER SMITH MICHAEL D. SOAPES SHELBY LELAND SOTERA MARGO DARLENE SOWERS CLAIRE VIRGINIA SPANGLER 215 ROBERT KOTTLER SPENCER JOSEPH ROBERT SULLIVAN EDWARD S. STOCKDALE PAMELA ANN SUNBURY LINDEN CORNELL STEARNS RUSSELL ALAN STROBEL MELODIE LEE SWEENEY MICHAEL DENNIS SUTTON JOSEPH FRANCIS STEGALL DEBORAH J. STROMBERG SUSAN CAY SUNDER CATHERINE L. TARABOCHIA DEBORAH K. ST. GEORGE GARY HAMILTON SULLIVAN MARY KAREN SUTTON BARBARA G. TARPEY LINDY STEARNS Swim Club, 9,10; Crew Club, 10,11. FRANK STEGALL Freshman Football, Frshman Basketball; Frshman Track; Class Council, 9; Bowling Intramurals, 10,12; J.V. Tennis, 11; Basketball, 11; Ski Club, 12. DEBI ST.GEORGE Pep Club, 9; Pep Squad, 10; Spanish Club, 9; Homecoming Committee, 12. RUSSELL STROBEL Electronics Club, 9,10,11; V.O.T., 12. CAROL JEAN TATE DEBBY STROMBERG Pep Squad, 9,10; Concert Choir, 9; Music Club, 9; S.G.A., 11. GARY SULLIVAN J.V. Baseball, 10; Latin Club, 11. JOE SULLIVAN Bowling, 10,11,12. PAM SUNBURY Majorette, 9,10,11,12; Tri-Hi-Y, 11,12. SUSAN SUNDER J.V. Basketball, 9,10; Bowling Team, 10,11; Basketball Intramurals, 9; Senior Night, 11. MIKE SUTTON Folk Club, 11,12; Thespians, 12; Concert Choir; 12. MELODIE SWEENEY F.H.A., 9; J.V. Hockey, 10; French Club, 9; Tri- Hi-Y, 11,12, Historian. CATHY TARABOCHIA Marching Band, 9,10,11,12; Track, 9,10; Varsity Softball, 9; Symphonic Band, 9,10,11,12; FRONTLINE Staff, 12. BARBARA TARPEY Folk Club, 9,10,11, Vice-President, 12, Vice- President; Art Club, 9,10; French Club, 9; Class Council, 10; Homecoming, 9,11; Tri-Hi-Y, 12; S.C.A., Treasurer, 12. CAROL TATE Spanish Club, 10,11; Spanish Honor Society, 10,11,12, President; National Honor Society, 10,11,12; S.E.A., Secretary, 12. PEGGY TER HORST Art Club, 9; Modern Dance, 10; Tri-Hi-Y, 10,11, Historian, 12; S.G.A., 10,12; Class Secretary, 11; Girls ' State, Alternate, 11 . TERRY THACKER Boys ' Chorus, 9,10,11; Intramurals, 9,10,11. ANN THOMAS Pep Club, 9,10,11; French Club, 9,10,11. STEVE THOMAS S.E.A., 12; Swim Club, 12; Academy of Science, 12. JOHN THOMPSON Freshman Chorus; Mixed Chorus, 10. MARY ELIZABETH TAYLOR MARGARET S. TER HORST SALLY ANNETTE TERREL TERRY RAMUS THACKER ANN MONTFORT THOMAS STEVEN CRAIG THOMAS JOHN LENIWOOD THOMPSON 217 to CLARE THORNHILL Pep Club, 9; Modern Dance Club, 12; International Relations Club, 12; Jr. Civitans, 12. EDWARD TIEDEMANN Industrial Arts Club, 9; Math Team, 11,12, Co- Captain; Audio Club, 11,12, Vice-President; Academy of Science,, 11,12, BARBARA TIMBERLAKE F.H.A., 9; Class Council, 9; Drill Team, 10,11,12, Secretary;Tri-Hi-Y, 11,12; National Honor Society, 12. KATHY TOOMEY Class Council, 10; S.C.A., 10; Girls ' Varsity Basketball, 11 . JOE TOTTEN J.V. Football, 11; J.V. Wrestling, 11; Latin Club, 11; Varsity Football, 12. PHIL TROY Freshman Football; Baseball Intramurals, 9; Volleyball Intra¬ murals, 9; Basketball Intramurals, 10; Boys ' Chorus, 10; Boys ' Ensemble, 10; Hi-Y, 11,12; J.V. Football, 11; Concert Choir, 11; Crew Club, 11,12; Varsity Football, 12; Computer Club, 12; A.P. Calculus, A.P. Physics, 12; National Honor Society, 12. ROBBIE TUREMAN Varsity Baseball, 11,12; Basketball Team, 11,12; Key Club, 12. JOHN TURNER Swim Club, 9,10,11,12. CHIP TURNER J.V. Baseball, 10. TERRY TYLER Powder Puff, 11; Crew Club, 11; Modern Dance Club, 11; Keyettes, Sgt. at Arms, 12; Varsity Cheerleader, 12. CLARE ANN THORNHILL BARBARA A. TIMBERLAKE EDWARD GEORGE KATHLEEN ANNE TOOMEY TIEDEMANN JOHN WILLIAM TURNER JOE LAWRENCE TOTTEN PHILIP ELWELE TROY JOHN ROBERT TUREMAN WALTER MORROW TURNER, JR. JOHN WALTER TYLER TERESA ANN TYLER MARY JANE VAN DEN BERG Band, 9,10,11,12; National Honor Soci¬ ety, 12. VALE VAZQUEZ Freshman Basketball; Softball Intramurals, 9; J.V. Baseball, 10; Spanish Honor Society, 10,11,12; Basketball Intramurals, 10; Basketball, 11,12. DAVE VENNELL Softball Intramurals, 9; J.V. Tennis, 10; J.V. Wres¬ tling, 10; Basketball Intramurals, 10; Varsity Tennis, 11,12; Wrestling, 12 . PAT VESSELY Latin Club, 9,10; French Club, 11,12, Secretary; Jr Civitans, Secretary, 12. KATHY VINCENT Pep Club, 9; Basketball Intramurals, 9,10; Volleyball Intramurals, 9,10; Softball, 10; Basketball Manager, 9; S.C.A., 10; Bowling Team, 10; Volleyball, 11; Basketball, 11; Follow- Ups Club, 11,12; Powder Puff, 12. " BARON” FRED VON LEWINSKI Volleyball Intramurals, 9; Softball Intramurals, 10; Basketball Intramurals, 10; J.V. Tennis, 10; Varsity Track, 11,12; Basketball, 11,12; Basketball, 12; Track Club, 12. CRETCHEN VON SCHLEMMER Class Council, 9; Swim Team, 9,10; German Club, 10,12; S.E.A., 12. TINA WANNER Folk Club, 9; F.H.A., 9; Class Council, 9; Pep Club, 10,11; Pep Squad, 10,11; French Club, 11; Keyettes, 12. KAREN JANE WEAVER CHARLES R. WEBB DOUGLAS ARNOLD WELCH KEVIN WAUGH Marching Band, 10,11,12; Class Council, 10. CHARLES WEBB Debate Team, 9; English Club, 10,11; Latin Club, 10,11,12; FORTRESS Staff, Assistant Editor, 12. CONSTANCE WEBB Class Council, 9; F.B.L.A., 10; Red Cross Club, 10; Book Club, 10; Girls ' Chorus, 10,11,12; Follow-Ups, 11,12; Volleyball Team, 11; Powder Puff, 12. ELLEN WEISSMAN Class Council, 9,10,11,12; S.G.A., 9,10,11,12; Thespians, 9,10,11,12; Modern Dance, 9; French Club, 9; Homecoming Committee, 9,10,11; Student Forum, 10; Crew, 11,12; Folk Club, Treasurer, 11, Treasurer, 12; National Honor So¬ ciety, 12. STEVE WEISSMAN S.C.A., 9,10; Spanish Club, 9,10; Volleyball Intramurals, 9,10; Basketball Intramurals, 9; Track Intramurals, 10; Tennis Intramurals, 10; Spanish Honor Society, 12; Back-Line Staff, 12. DOUG WELCH Rifle Club, 10,11,12; J.V. Tennis, 10. DAVE WESSEL Freshman Football, Manager; Freshman Basketball, Manager, 9; S.G.A., 9,10,11; Varsity Football, Trainer, 10,11,12; Varsity Wrestling Trainer, 10,11,12; National Honor So¬ ciety, 10,11,12; Secretary; Latin Honor Society, 11; Latin Club, Officer, 11; Hi-Y, 11,12, IHistorian. CHRISTIE WEST Folk Club, 9; German Club, 9; Keyettes, 11,12, Historian; S.C.A.-S.G.A., 12. PAIGE WESTBROOK Pep Club, 9,10; Crew Club, 9; Pep Squad, 10; D.E., Historian, 12. THOMAS WHEATLEY J.V. Wrestling, 9; Mr. Wonderful, 9; J.V. Football, 10; Varsity Wrestling, 10,11,12; Varsity Track, 10; Varsity Football, 11,12; Powder Puff, Cheerleader, 11,12. BOB WHITFIELD Latin Club, 9,10; Latin Honor Society, 10; F.H.A., 11. LINDA WILGUS Spanish Club, 9; Harmonettes, 11,12; Concert Choir, 11,12; Madrigals, 12; Music Club, 12. CHIPWILHIDE Freshman Football; Freshman Wrestling, 9; Varsity Football, 10,11; Varsity Wrestling, 10,11,12; J. V. Baseball, 10; Varsity Track, 12; Ski Club, 12. KENNETH WILLARD Softball Intramurals, 9,10; Academy of Science, 10,11; Powder Puff, 11; Audio Club, 12. SUSAN WILLHAUCK Band, 9,10,11; Yearbook Staff, Faculty Edi¬ tor, 10; Pom Pom Squad, 11. MIKE WILLOUGHBY Band, 9,10,11,12; Track, 10; National Rifle Association, 10,11,12. DON WILSON American Field Service, 10,11; Math Club, 10. KATHY WILZER French Club, 9,10; Art Club, 12. CONSTANCE LARAYWEBB DAVID KARL WESSEl CHRISTIE MICHELLE WEST BOB WHITFIELD PAIGE DEWITT WESTBROOK ELIZABETH WHITNER THOMAS FREDERICK BRIAN VICTOR WILDER WHEATLEY JOHN THOMAS WHITE LINDA SUSAN WILGUS SUSAN ELIZABETH WILLHOUCK MICHAEL KENT WILLOUGHBY GLENN CASTLE WILHIDE DONALD IRO WILSON ROBERT GORDON WILKES KATHLEEN WILZER 221 KENNETH C. WILLARD LEA CASSANDRA WINNEFIELD HELEN WOEHRLE GRAY ANTHONY WOLFE DOROTHY W. WOODWARD PATRICIA LYNN WOODWARD NANCY LEE WOODWORTH JANE NEWELLE WORDEN DONALD JOSEPH WURZEL JAMES DOUGLAS WURZEL ROBERT BRUCE WURZEL RYAN WOJTANOWSKI NED WELLS WITTING 222 LEAWINNEFELD S.E.A., 11; Keyettes, 12. JUDY LYNN WYNEKOOP ETOILA GWEN YANCE PATRICIA GAIL YEARDLEY COLIN JAYSON YOUNG TYL YOUNG ROBERT ERWIN YOUNGER NED WITTING Hi-Y, 11,12, President; National Honor Society, 11,12; French Honor Society, 11,12. HELEN WOEHRLE F.H.A., 9; Modern Dance Club, 9; Folk Club, 9; Pep Club, 10,11; Pep Squad, 10,11; French Club, 11; National Honor Society, 12. RYAN WOJTANOWSKI Band, 9,10,11,12; Cave Club, 9,10,11; Powder Puff, Drum Major, 12. CARY WOLFE Rifle Club, 10; J.V. Football, Manager, 10; Varsity Football, Manager, 11; Folk Club, 11,12, President; Thespians, 12. DOROTHY WOODARD S.C.A., 9; Keyettes, 11,12; Career Clinic, 11; S.G.A., 12; Election Board, Chairman, 12. PAT WOODWARD F.H.A., 9; Modern Dance, 9; Pep Squad, 10; Pep Club, 10; Tri-Hi-Y, 10,11,12, Secretary; S.C.A., 11; Powder Puff, 11,12; Homecoming Committee, 11. LEE WOODWORTH Freshman Cheerleader; Gymnastics, 9; Class Council, 9,10; J.V. Cheerleader, 10; Varsity Cheerleader, 11; Powder Puff, 11; V.O.T., 12. DON WURZEL Latin Club, 9,10,11; Class Council, 9,10,11; German Club, 10,11; J.V. Wrestling, 10; Activity Council, 10,12; Latin Honor Society, 10,11; S.G.A., 11; Boys ' State, 11; Second Vice-President of S.C.A. 12; National Honor Society. JIM WURZEL Latin Club, 9,10; Softball Intramurals, 9,10; Beginners ' Band, 10; Concert Band, 11,12; German Club, 11; International Relations Club, 12. JUDY WYNEKOOP School Newspaper Staff, 9; Chorus, 9; German Club, 11,12; Russian Club, 11, Secretary, 12; International Relations Club, 12; National Honor Society, 12. ETOILA YANCE Class Council, 10,12; S.G.A., 10,12; Powder Puff, 11,12; Concert Choir, 11,12; Keyettes, 12; Activity Council, 12. PAT YEARDLEY Choir, 9,10; Concert Choir, 11,12; Drama Club, 9,10,11; Madrigals, 12; Harmonettes, 12. COLIN YOUNG J.V. Basketball, 10; Track, 10. TYL YOUNG Swim Team, 9,10,11. BOB YOUNGER Student Council, 9,10,11; FORTRESS Staff, Pho¬ tographer, 12; Hi-Y, 12. sea representative President - Randy Sibley, 1 ' st Vice President - Lyle Anderson, 2 ' nd Vice President - Pam Dunlap, Secretary - Cindy Boucher, Treasurer - Ellen Mohr. 1st Row: M. Romaneski, E. Yance, M. Picini. 2nd Row: M. Argo, M. Simpson, J. Freeburg, B. Cler, M. Berryman, L. Bradford, S. Mogan, C. West. 3rd Row: K. Kosciuszko, L. McNeese, C. Lund (Alt.), S. Arnold, L. Craigmile. 4th Row: A. Gilbert, E. Weissman, M Bauer (Alt.), J. Seward. sponsors 224 Mr. Willis Young, Mr. Francis Pierotti 225 IsSIllfi® mmm Wigwam MW Wk Z£§i l b WSmmg Ssst ' mmm mimM U ii§tt ma M l§|p8 fea Sk 1 ' " r ; ' " ‘; ’M. ' •• »- Jc .V. " -- ' ' ' • , . . iyT ' •;-. ..■ ' V, xvf W " ss?.i ■ ' •. vs ISS » . ' ?L |8 || ? f y 5 g$K(A 1, u JUNIORS Billie Baldwin Jared Baldwin Anne Bailey Leslie Bachus Caroline Baker Linda Baker Charles Baker 228 Anne Banks Linda Banning Deborah Bard Thomas Baring Derlaine Barker Phyllis Barney Joseph Barry 1 « • 1 L ' i mil Mary Barrow Charlis Bauman James Bernat Anita Berry Alan Biehl Randy Birchfield John Bishop 229 Jeffery Bronez Mary Brooks Dwight Brownson David Budd James Bussey Thomas Cadden Linda Boone Louise Blakey Leslie Blizard Barbara Bohnsack Mary Bond Kathryn Calio Roger Brooke Margaret Boswell Sandra Bouwman Catherine Bowman Robert Bradley Dwight Brill 230 231 Janet Cochran Linda Coffroad Monte Cohen William Coleman Wendy Collom Pamela Cook Robin Corbin Candice Cornell Stephanie Crabtree Miles Courson Wanda Crabill Barbara Creighton Cynthia Cribbs Kathy Cruze Sherri Culbertson Denise Curry Mary Cutting Susan Cygan Barbara Czerwenka Alfred Damron 232 Donald Deiderich Marcia Dell Jay Demeter Stephen Denneky Paulette Desell Jeff DiSciullo Wendy Doll Stephen Donovan Mary Dorenkamp Christy Drew 233 Philip Dukas Michelle Evans Donna Fambrough Laura Farwell Joan Fearrington Stephen Felch Helen Feltham 234 Gail Ferguson John Feeney James Ferguson Merridy Ferry Sherry Fields Janine Fimiani 235 Paula Giblin David Gibson Carole Green Gretchen Grieb Leslie Grovert Frances Guinard Lisa Gunter John Gyakum Steven FHackenberger Kenneth Gray Linda Grossman Terri Guazzo Pamela Gilbert John Gillis Robin Good Edmund Grant Kenneth Gray Kerry Giese 236 Chris Haith Lynne Hall Melissa Hall Michael Hall Jay Hansen Victoria Hansen 237 Byron Hepburn Caroline Herbert Larry Hertzberg Laura Hesaltine Julie Hildebrand Larry Hill Edward Hindman Patricia Hines Sam Hinson Robert Hite Kathy Hockeborn Gerard Hogan 238 Karen Hughes Kenneth Hutchinson Mia Idleman Victor Ireland Hillarie Immel Priscilla Ingersoll Debra Kagan Cynthia Kahle Julie Kane David Kapec Nancy Keniston 239 Jane Kennedy Deborah Kidder Barbara King Thomas King Jula Kinnaird Greg Kitchen Carl Koons Elizabeth Kordalski Karl Kranz Catherine Kyriacou Laurence La Hue Deborah Landis Patricia LaPrade Susan Lawler Linda Lawrence Craig Leiby Victoria Leighton 240 Susan Lenzner Debra Lynch William Lindell Mark Long Michael Lovern Jeanie Lynch Michelle McBurney Karin McCarthy Clare McDonald Jennifer McDowell Dorothy McEwan Thomas Leverone Regina Lewis Katherine McGinnis Lynne McIntosh Thomas McGovern Martha McKeever Aileen McMurrer 241 j M| l Kimberly Mackmull Kathleen Maloney Randy Manner Constantine Mariolis Peter Markey Michelle Marshall Wayne Martin Cary Miller Mary Mirch Scott Martin Denise Mohr James Morgan Dennis Moriarty Jeff Morley Rosemary Morton 242 David Normand John Nutting Mark O ' Connell Karen O ' Quinn Rosemary O ' Rourke 243 244 John Rayner Roger Reaves Christopher Politka Judy Pooton Mary Pramik Angela Rau Marie Price George Queen Gretchen Quant Suzanne Quinn Lance Rackham Pamela Ramirez Miriam Ratner Steve Ralston vcr m 245 Annette Rhodes Jeffrey Riner Richard Rivard Thomas Rivers Douglas Robinson Kathryn Sampson Catherine Sanderford Kenneth Saunders Sherrill Sasser Edward Schroer 246 John Sheaffer Kathleen Sheehan Margaret Shetterly Barbara Short Pat Siegert Cathy Slatinshek Dale Skeppstrom Beth Smith Cathy Smith Craig Smith 247 First Row: G. Hogan, P. Cook, M. Cutting. Second Row: C. Perkins, J. Mackey, B. Baker, B. Hepburn, G. Gygax, P. Roberts, L. Farwell, M. Waters, W. Parrish, D. Noll, T. Karwaki. Third Row: R. Morton, D. Carlton, W. Parfrey, S. Lenzner, L. Grossman, M. Boswell, C. Herbert, M. Walter, A. Biehl SCA REPRE SENTATIVI President — Gene Gygax 1st Vice President— Doug Carlton 2nd Vice President— Linda Lawrence Secretary— Gerry Hogan Treasurer— Misty Waters David Smith Sandra Smith Sheryl Smith Robert Snyder Doug Sparks Frank Stora Richard Sullivan William Super 248 Mark Tyler Marcia Valiante Thomas Van Cleave Michael Vessely Lucia Vinciguerra Mary Vitas 249 Anne Wainstein Marlou Walter Susan Walther Carolyn Ware Channie Watkins George Watson Sally Weaver June Webster Joan Weidenhamer Richard Welch Abby Wheeler Stanley Wielga Bruce Wilcox Mary Wild 250 Joneli Wilson Robert Wilson Betty Wittig Charles Woford Eleanor Wright Leslie Wright Andrew Zacharias Anne Zavadil Kris Zimmerman William Wilkes Kathryn Williamson Jack Wilson John Worthington Michael Yates 251 11 Bill Adams Mark Adams Gary Adgate Richard Alderson Steve Allan Isabel Amaral John Anderson Richard Anderson Kim Andrews Sue Apple Amy Arnold Vincent Auletta Sue Awedutti Laura Bach Vicki Bache Dave Baker Patty Baker Barbara Barry Sharon Bartholomew Chip Battle Diane Balzer Jean Bauer Mark Bayliss Mark Beach John Bean Debby Bedell Marci Belcher Cathy Bell John Bell Janice Beltrante Steve Bennett Ginny Bishop Scott Bistline Luci Blackburn Karen Blunk Paul Blyler James Boatner Robert Bodenstein Mark Boggess Richard Booker 254 i Robert Brittingham Helen Brooks Robert Brownell Bruce Brownson Charlotte Bruder Jack Brumbaugh George Bryant John Bryson Donna Budd Chip Builta Jody Burfening Cary Burke Mike Burley Timothy Burns William Burton Terry Burtyk Michele Byers Jeffrey Byrd Carrie Carpenter John Carraway Michael Carren Charles Carter Jane Carvil Amanda Casberg James Caselton Steve Chaconas Alice Chadwick Stephen Chapman Julie Chau Janet Chisholm Rosanna Cafarella Bruce Campbell Harriet Campbell William Campbell Renee Canada Noel Card Kurt Christl Toni Ciocca Clare Clement Ed Cobb Ron Coffey Richard Coleman Mark Colley Warren Comstock Kathy Conlin Chris Corley Diana Cornelison Joe Cornnell Scott Cook Debby Couch Berinthia Cox Lawrence Coyne Richard Cramer Joyce Cranford Bonnie Crawford Michael Crawford Darryl Cross Linda Curry John Culbertson Jeanne Cutting Susie Cywin Dawn Daggett Sue Damm John Davenport Richard Davenport Charlene Davis Stephanie Davis Virginia Davis Kay Dawdy David Day Amy Dean Parke Deans Pamela DeCandio Dana DeCroot Lucrecia DeLeon Susan Dellett Jeff DeMuro William Deneke Jacke Denham Sue Denham Jan Dixon Janet Dobbs Douglas Dobson Steven Dombrowski Diane D ' Onofrio Janet Donovan John Dripps Ginny Duemler Nina Duncan Chris Eade Chip Eastman Terry Efthemes Trissie Ellis Karen Emory Robin Engle Donna Erickson Desma Erickson Chris Evans David Evans Lynn Evans Mike Evans Sandy Evans Laura Ewers Leslie Farrell Susie Farris Karalee Faulkner Faris Farwell Jill Follmer Stephen Fotis Sue Franklin Perry Futral Steve Gahart Scott Filbert Susan Fimian Sara Fimiani Paul Finley Yitna Firdiwek Steve Fisher Ron Fitzgerald Jodie Flakowicz James Fletcher Joan Fletcher Dave Florcruz David Floyd 257 Stephen Gallagher Mary Garrison Kenneth Gascoigne John Geary Teresa Gehrig Rick Genuario Richard Gibson Joseph Gilillard Debby Glass Steve Gleason Richard Gondella Robert Goodwin David Granahan Lee Gravatte Diane Graves Gordon Gray Gregory Gray James Gray Kathy Gray Linda Gray Marleen Gray Ken Greene Stephanie Griffin Susan Griffith Donna Groseclose Debby Guazzo Walter Gust Martin Haber Cindy Halbert Barbara Haley Hannah Hall Sharon Hall Phil Hammett Debora Hammond Stephen Hannon Michael Hardin Sarah Harper Peter Harrell Robert Harriman Mary Harris Walter Harris William Harris J Diane Hart Jean Hartung - ' n - Bob Hauser Robert Haworth Douglas Hays Janet Hays Jonathan Heard Chris Henderson Donald Henderson Mark Henderson Nancy Henderson Sonya Hendrick Jackie Henigan Paul Henzey Brent Hepburn Charles Hergenrather Karen Hernholm Eric Hertzberg James Hesson Leslie Hiebert James Higgason Sandy Hightower Robert Hinchee Cecile Hinton Richard Hoermann Debra Hoffman Deborah Holland Elaine Holland Susan Hoi I ic k Amy Homesley Joe Houston Sue Howell Tim Hower Patti Huelsman Kim Hughes Margaret Hughes Kathy Ichter Anna Innes Cynthia Ireland Thomas Jaenicke Paul Jansen Thalia Janssen Katherine JesSer Chris Johnson Dan Johnson Karen Johnson Peter Johnson Robert Johnson Gregory Jones Martin Jones Wyatt Jones Pat Jortberg 259 Charles Joy Kathy Judd Barbara Kane Janice Kane Kevin Keller Chris Kelly lay Kelly Kathy Kelly David Kempt Rose Kenney Roy Kennington Michael Kidder Suzanne Kidwell Brian Keirnan John Kingston Stuart Kinniburgh Mark Knight Beau Koch Rita Krear Terry Krohn Bill Lacy Richard Lamp Jeff Landis Randy LaPorte Cynthia Larson William Lasher Marjorie Leedy Roger Lenhart Nancy Letsen Debbie Lett Dana Lewis David Lewis Paula Lewis Sally Lewis Michale Linden Jan Liverance Brian Loe Terry Lombard Suzi Long Cindy Loper Joy Lopez Janet Lounsberry Gordon Lund Robert Lurcott Joy Lusker Dean McAlister Robert McAnaw Allison McCabe Marvin McCanna Kathy McClelland Mark McCoy Sheila McDowell Boo McFarland Edward FHcHugh Samuel McKee Karren Mann Virginia Mansfield Lisa Marley Jim Martelli Lee Martin Robert Martin Norma McMurrer Debby McMurray John McNeese Doug McQuade Thomas Malone David Mangas Brook Masters Jandyl Masters Debbie Mathis Margaret Matthews John Matthews Joan Mattingly Chris May Mary Mayer Greg Mayol Dave Meiselamn Mary Melugin Mark Milia Carlene Miller Mark Milligan John Mills Sue Moher Bill Monnen Barbara Moore Deborah Moore Sue Ann Moore Bruce Morgan Jay Morgan Roger Mowry Pat Muhlig John Murray Tom Murray Frank Nadeau Stephen Nader James Nankervis Debra Needham Stacy Neill Bill Nelson Karen Nelson Glenn Newcomb John Newell Nancy Newman William Nichols Lynn Nixon Mike Noordewier Mike Normyle John Nottingham Fred Obermeyer Mark Oblinger Bill O ' Connor Debi O ' Keefe Monica O ' Keefe Ellen O ' Neil Ginny O ' Neil John O ' Reagen Peggy O ' Rourke Lynn Osteen Mark Painter Jeff Pardo Leonard Paul Merle Peifer Donald Peterson John Peterson Kathy Peterson David Pethtal Steve Petteway Linda Pfautz Marcia Phifer Michael Phillips Valerie Picciano Anthony Picini Robert Pierce Marianne Piffner Venus Polk Paul Potts Margaret Powell Robert Price Leslie Prouty Robin Pruitt John Puffenbarger Donna Pumphrey Pam Pyatt Barbara Quarton Sam Queen William Quinn Portia Rafert Ann Randolph Fritz Rasch James Ragner Matthews Read Mike Reed Susan Reed Pat Reese Barbara Reeves Linda Reilly Cathy Renner Kathy Resch Robert Rettig Robert Rewitz FJenry Rich Bob Richards John Richards David Richmond Martha Ripley Karleen Rogers Kelly Rogers 263 Liz Rose Kenny Rosenbaum Ben Roseto Marcia Rusanowsky Patti Ryan Terry Sager Patrick Salke Scott Sanders Doug Santschi Paula Savalas Douglas Sawyer Glenn Scatchard Laura Schwartz Valerie Scott Debby Scribner Rhonda Seaton Tim Settle Alan Shaw James Sheehan Kathy Sheets Jeanne Sheridan Stan Sheridan Ann Shifflett Kelly Sipes Dana Skibbie Meg Small Gwen Smith Shirley Smith Keith Snedeker Randy Spotswood Jim Stevens James Stewart Toby Stocks Shauna Stokes Joseph Stover Karen Shinn Leslie Shively Clark Shores Sandra Sias Mark Simmons Scott Simonds Tracey Strauss Dan Strode Lullu Sullivan Cindy Sunbury John Sutton 264 Raymond Swank Bob Swiggard Craig Tabb Robert Templeton Peter Ter Horst 4 ' Del Turner Lisa Underhill Alan Vandenberg Donna Venezky Denise Vengloski Vicki Vennell Chantal Tharp Susan Thomas Gilbert Thomas John Thomas Elaine Thompson Steve Thompson Patrick Thornhill Kim Tisdale Mike Todd John Totten John Torbert John Travers Tooty Vinciguerra David Vinson 265 Mark Waldron Mike Walter Sally Wanner Sarah Waters Teresa Weathers Phil Wiggins Stephen Willhauck Brian Willoughby Cheryll Wilson Mark Wilson Charlotte Winograd Julia Winters Karol Wolicki Walter Woliver Tom Woodson Tracy Woodward Cory Yates 266 President — Del Turner 1st Vice President— Mike Normyle 2nd Vice President— Linda Curry Secretary— Bob Hauser Treasurer—Chip Battle SCA REPRESENTATIVES First Row: Buzz Rettig. Second Row: Jody Burfening, Marci Belcher, Doug Hays, Donna Budd, Dawn Daggett, Steve Bennett, Karen Hernholm. Third Row: Rhonda Seaton, Jim Sheehan, David Potts, Julie Chau, Emily Parsons, Margaret Hughes. Fourth Row: Chip Battle, John Anderson, Richard Mclntash, Sandy Evans, Linda Cray, Norma McMurrer, Mark Zetterstrom. Fifth Row; John McNeese, Tom Murray, Linda Curry, Bob Richards, Laura Bach, Allison McCabe, Pam Pyatt. Antonia Alba John Allen Michael Allen Miles Anderson Kathy Andrews Richard Andrews Susan Appel Robin Appleby Victor Arkilic Charles Arnold Kathy Arnold Charles Aschmann James Ault Robert Avery Andrea Babcock Debra Baggett Joy Bailey Lynn Bailey Stephanie Bakarich Stanford Baldwin Brian Barnstein Vicki Barondes Deborah Beach Brenda Beatty Deborah Beavers Cynthia Becker Charles Bennett Christopher Bennett Holly Bennett Celia Bernens Lynn Berry Warren Best Michael Balen Karen Bales Stacy Barnes Joslyn Barritt Jeffrey Barrow Douglas Barry Denise Bell John Beveridge Emilio Bianchi Susan Biehl Mary Biggins Lee Billings Denise Birchfield 270 Lesley Birra Julia Black James Blackman Mary Blake Susan Blake Thomas Boatner Starr Boggs Charles Boh Douglas Bolduc Susan Bona David Boyd Sherrie Bragg Stewart Boswell John Bouldin George Bowles Margaret Bowman Gerald Bretting Terence Broderick Michele Braman William Branner Mary Bratton Marilyn Brendel Joseph Bruder Susan Brunthaver Virginia Brooke Nancv Brown Victoria Brown Guy Brownson Michael Bryant Harold Bryson Robert Buhrman Susan Bundrick Lynette Bushnell Richard Butler Stephanie Cain Charles Campbell Mary Campbell Lisa Butterfield Wayne Byrd Joseph Cararella Laura Card Susan Carnevale Jodi Carpenter William Carr Joan Catalina Scott Cavell 271 T Catherine Chapman William Chilton David Clark Marlene Clark Sharon Clark Robert Clark Valerie Cornelison Karen Cottey Candes Coffey Joseph Coffey Diana Coker Bradford Cook David Cook Michele Coolick Barrymore Cox Jean Craig Stephen Cresswell Charles Curcio Richard Cushing Susan Daley Daniel Crump Robert Crumplar Mary Cummings William Darnell James Davenport Mark Davenport Donna Dambrosio David Damm Thomas Danner 272 Fleur Duggan Alison Echard Larry Echols Dee Demeter Nadia DeMuro Deborah Denney John Dennis Barbara Donovan Frank Dorenkamp Rita Dorn Robert Doty Scot DeGraf Carl Deiderich Eliana De Leon Brian Duley Ronald Duvall Curtis Dyer Joseph Eagers Terri Edward James Eggeman Craig Drew Robin Drummond Pamela Duel Gail Ehrlich John Eineigl Carole Ellerbe Lindall Ellis Mark Engle John Erb Steven Ercolano Marcus Esposito Richard Ess Richard Ewers Richard Eykholt Carmen Fambrough 273 Don Fancher David Farrier KeitFi Farrington Kevin Fay Caye Felthiam Janice Ferguson Kristi File Robert Fischiman Kathleen Fitzgerald Mary Fix James Folk Mary Gailliot Patricia Gallaghier Renee Gehrig Debra Genuario Amy Gascoigne Denise Gordon Michael Gardner Nancy Gardner Susan Gillis Michael Glynn Lavra Gigante Susan Gilbert Priscilla Glynn Stephan Goeser Myles Golbranson Christine Goodman Donna Graves Jeffrey Gray Margaret Gray Patricia Greene 274 Charles Crier Margaret Griggs Lisa Croce Charles Groover Peter Gross Barbara Guinard Mark Guiraud Richard Hale Pamela Hall Richard Hall Donald Hammack John Hanning Kimberly Hannon Scott Harbottle Catherine Hardin Rhonda Hardin Robert Hardisty Heather Harney Jo Harper Martha Harrell ' David Harding Brendan Harris Walter Heiberg Jeffrey Hawes Brian Hawkinson Julie Haydon Karen Hecht Stephanie Heiney Michele Heitzke Mark Hensley Sandra Henson Morris Herbert Ross Herbertson John Herring Randall Hertz Michael Herwig Nancy Hesaltine 275 Jeffrey Hesson Gary Hickman William Hickman Richard Hines Helene Hogue Judith Hollander Jad Hooper Paul Hopkins James Housewright Stuart Jefferson Brian Johnson Ronald Johnson Steven Johnson Clark Jones Jodie Jones Linda Jones Kathryn Karwaki Nancy Kane Katherine Keener Deborah Kelley John Kelly Katherine Kelly Catherine Kenney Brendan Kiernan Janet King Odette King Ronald Kitchen Yvonne Koelkebeck Barbara Krauss Charles Krespach Karen Kromer Kerrie Lake James Lamp Cynthia Lang Suzanne Kordalski Delores Kosciuszko Cathy Langlotz Thomas Langlotz Barbara Latham Mary Laughlin Steven Laughlin Richard Ledbetter Susan Ledbetter Susan Lee Sandra Lee Deborah Lehrer Charles Lennon Anne Lenzner Kathleen Leverone Madelyn Lewis Harriett Linden Steven Lindsay Edmund Lipp Judson Lively Peter Livesey Kathryn Lloyd 277 Maynard Lloyd Eleanor Locklin Bruce Mark Mabardy James MacFarland Jeffrey Maddock Leslie Maerki Sandie Maglin Alan Maitland Photini Mallas Winifred Marlar John Martin Matthew Martin David Mathis Michale Matthews Amy Maxwell Gregory Maynard Renee McAlister Eleanor McAnulty Maureen McCoid William McCown Gregory McDaniel Brain McDonald John McDonald Laura McDonald Timothy McDonald Patricia McGinnis Therese McGuire Tara McHugh Michael McIntyre Elizabeth McLaughlin Mary McLaughlin Norwood McMahon James McMurrer 278 Mary Michel Thomas Michie Mona Miller Patricia Miller Ralph Mills Catherine Ming Christina Misenheimer Katherine Mirch Nathaniel Moaland Deborah Mohr Mary Mohr Robert Mollenberg Pamela Morgus Margaret Morrill Pamela Moore Emily Muller Donald Morrissey Jane Morrissey Lynn Mullins Jamie Munn Carlton Murphy Geoffry Murphy Shaun Murphy Mari Anne Myers Brian Nace Shawn Murphy Clyde Myers Mary Nadeau James Nall Gerald Nay Richard Naylor David Neil Paige Neuhart Douglas Newberg Burton Newbry Martha Newman Carlton Nicol Diana Nolker Peter Noreiko Katherine Nutting Daniel Obenschain David Obenschain 279 Olney Owen Diane Paquette Robin Parks Bradley Parsons Kenitha Parsons Carl Pascale Janice Patterson Patricia Patterson Terry Pence Virginia Perrino Jeffrey Peterson Catherine Petroff Richard Pfautz Suzanne Phillips Ann Philopena Patrick Picciano 280 Debbie Post Linda Powell James Preuss Amanda Rainey Charles Rainwater James Puffenbarger Teresa Pullman William Purvis Thomas Quinn Keith Rae Millicent Reece Leigh Ramsay Mora Ratner Lynne Rau David Reed Sandra Reed Laura Reese Emily Reeves Mary Reynolds Patrice Richards Alfred Ripley Joseph Rivers Reginald Robertson Donna Rieve Jennifer Rife Maura Riffe Jyl Robinson Sandra Rogowski Peter Romaneski Lawrence Ropka Cynthia Rosenbaum Eric Rosenkranz 281 Odessa Salmon Mark Sammons Peter Sandman Nancy Sasser Laurie Sawyer Carlton Schelhorn Winona Schlam John Schlank Sharon Schroer Patricia Shaffner Edward Shanahan Mary Sharp Ronald Sheaffer Victoria Sherry Brian Sherwood Cynthia Shufflebarger Judy Shumate Douglas Simon Robert Sheya Doug Simon Russell Simonaro Mark Simonds Singletary George Smith Michael Smith Phillip Smith Russell Smith Susan Smithwick Kyle Smyth Teresa Snider Thomas Solem Jan Spanjer Donald Spittle Jane Stauffer Sidney Steele 282 Colleen Stepno Heidi Stevenson Harvey Stokes Louise Strickland Gene Strobel Suzanne Super Stephen Swank Ann Switzer Bernard Tabarini Laura Talbot Stephen Tansey John Tarpey Evelyn Tharp Sarah Tharp Mark .Thomas Sara Thomas Jon Thornley Thomas Thorpe Max Tyler Teresa Tyson Janis Underwood Diane Van Demark Connie Varner Suzanne Viau Mark Vinson Barbara Tate Ch eryl Tates Carolyn Taylor Frances Taylor Teresa Terrell Diane Tharp Don Wagner Susan Ward David Ware Mark Webb Susan Weinstein Mary Welch Mary Welch Thomas Welch Andrew Westerman 283 Andrew Wheaton William Wheeler Cary Whitfield Thomas Wick Mary Wielga Kay Wiemer Cynthia Wilder Deborah Williams Judith Williams Mark Wiliams Carla Williamson Mark Wilson Thomas Wilson Karen Witzel Robert Woehrle Kimberley Woodruff Charlene Worden Donald Wright Edward Yellman Fredrick Zellmer Kenneth Zenger Karen Zetterstrom James Yeats Terri Zevin Wade Zimb ro 284 First Row: Bob Steele, Mary Lou Blake, Betty Gomache, Milly Reese, Dee Demeter. Second Row: Nancy Kane, Alison Echard, Carla Williamson, Ann Lenzner. Third Row: Coty Pickney, Paige Newhart, Kathy Andrews, Kay Weimer, Jim McMurer, Fourth Row: Sue Gilbert, Brendon Kernon, Tim McDonald. SCA REPRESENTATIVES President — Scott DeGraf 1st Vice President— Dave Pomeroy 2nd Vice Preisdent— Diane Bell Secretary—- Janet King Treasurer— Laura Gigante 285 I am not a tape recorder droning out reams of infor¬ mation, nor a superefficient machine to turn out a steady stream of valedictorians. I am flamboyant and controver¬ sial; I am hardline and seden¬ tary. I can indulge my classes in occasional discussions of such things as the coloration of bubble gum, knowing that I can cut them to dead silence in a moment ' s time, or I can spend the year doing little more in class than giv¬ ing assignments and grading papers. I am the faculty, opening students ' minds to their environment. In justice, none of my mnethods can be wholly condemned, if I fulfill this purpose. FACULTY PRINCIPAL GEORGE M. GIBBS 1 George Lyons ASSISTANT PRINCIPALS 289 Ramona Forney 290 Jerry Connolly . Emily Baker Mollie Keesee Bob Waldorf • ■ -? ' " ' ' C : . . . .. , V- ' - 292 Diane Wiener Edwin Dunn Sam Kladitis ART Leonard Terrell dPPSff , Dwight Allard Nancy Cocke Virginia Shifflett Mike Firkins BUSINESS EDUCATION Gyneth Grizzard Joyce Fourqurean Patricia Finch Jennifer Brock Marylou Barr Jane Glazer Charles Carter ENGLISH Augusta Adams 295 Penelope Buck Suzanne Hannay 296 Kenneth Craddock Robert James Elizabeth Dean Victor Peren Mary Nichols Joseph Rose Sally Wilson Thomas Wells Anne McGee Mildred Brenlove James Cummins Sylvia Seidel DRAMA Edward Cassek Kathy McConahey Jane Hall Lititia Silverberg Leonard Ahern Carolyn Extract FOREIGN LANGUAGE Vioieta Taxis jan Whitla Cynthia Mclver Marilyn Lobdell Cinnie Volkman William Craig 302 Janet Eubanks HOME ECONOMICS Vronna Endahl Cretchen Vitt 303 Edward Herczyk INDUSTRIAL ARTS Richard Jacoby Edward Tesky William Monticone 304 John Moulds Alyson Crogan Helen Strickland MATHEMATICS Ralph Desmond John Crowe Fay Wilsie Orion Layman Winfield Pate 306 James Armstrong 307 LeRoy Lutes 308 Sherman Masters Henry Stolfi Clara Mergler 309 Ron Crow PHYSICAL EDUCATION Frank Wickes Ted Colna 310 Donald Jones COACHING STAFF Robert Paszek Don Gregory Mark Hyman Alma Cochran GIRLS PHYSICAL EDUCATION Anne Mason Dabney Miller Richard Hessler Celia Hancock Laurent Caudreault SCIENCE Margaret Henderson „ - « George Efthemes Constantine Vretos Nancy Shaffer Jonathan South Fred Bishopp James Oliver Cordon Herndon Thomas Johnson Paul Levy Randy Hinson SOCIAL STUDIES Clyde Phelps 315 Richard Dyer Willis Young Dennis Patrick Jack Combs w 11,1 - Robert Pierotti Frank Creneti John Dingle Bernard Hensley William Maher Herbert Clark 317 Dorothy Rafert Arlene Willoughby Hazel Bretting SECRETARIES Jacqueline Badgley 318 Mary Balkman 319 Mike Moosavi LeeAnn Hennig 320 PLANETARIUM Beatrice Hughes Dorothy McKinney FINANCE DIRECTOR OF STUDENT ACTIVITIES Warren Smith DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION Paul Manning 321 DRIVERS EDUCATION NURSE Bertie Porterfield Charlotte McLain DATA PROCESSING Ralph Fox TRAFFIC OFFICER Olamae Bashearas CAFETERIA STAFF First Row: Mildred Cox, Helen McDonaugh, Nancy Hors- man, BarbaraWilkerson,Ella Bagget, Lucile Kilts, Margaret Cray, Virginia Miles, Dorothy White. Second Row: Amy Shann, Dorothy Worrell, Margarite Brickham, Elenor Wheatley, Wilma Ranck, Barbara Campbell, Irma Timang, Joan Wilson. Missing: Hazel Rhodes, Linda McCurray, Margaret Polk, Evelyn Bradford. First Row: Aladin Parham, Elias Brubaker, Lillian Tony, Abraham Madison, Lloyd Dun¬ can, Jimmie Hyman. Second Row: Mary Wright, Edward Laprade, Jo Allen, Rose Richardson, Nellie Bush, John Clark, Russell Floyd, Earnest Farrington. Missing: Charlie Almon, Clauder Spencer, Cordon Barrett, Daisy Fann. CUSTODIANS 323 TV m f Iff 1 1 v lr POT POURRI Humanity softens the harshness of practical reality with the beauty of soul and the idealism of thought. We can show ' everyone where you ' ve been this year. But look, and you may see just how far you can go. NDEX Abbott, Medora 170 Adams, Mark 90,252 Adams, Mary 92,170 Adams, Susan 77.8$,89.91.228 Adams, William 252 Adgate, Cary 106,252 Adkins. Patty 170 Ainsworth, Anne 109 Alba, Antonia 270 Alba. Philip 116 Alden, Deborah 170 Alderson, Dan 228 Alderson, Richard 252 Allan, Steven 252 Allen, Cher; 109,170 Allen, John 270 Allen. Joyce 88,94,170 Allen, Kevin 129 Allen Michael 126,129,270 Amaral. Isabel 252 Amende, Kurt 170 Ames, Anna 83 Anderegg. Mark 100,170 Anderson, lohn 126,252 Anderson, Lyle, 90,109,110,170 Anderson, Miles 270 Anderson, Richard 116,139,252 Anderson. Travis 95 Andrews, Deborah 170 Andrews, Julia 252 Andrews, Kathy 106,270 Andrews, Mary 84,93,170 Andrews. Richard 270 Andrews, Sally 228 Appel, Susan 102,270 Appel, Suzanne 252 Appleby, Robin 270 Applegate, Sarah 94,170 Argo, Maureen 86,93,102,123,170 Argo, Reamer 116,228 Arison, Charlene 170 Arkilic, Victor 108,270 Armstrong, James 171 Arneson, Barbara 84,85,109,110,171 Arnhart, William 171 Arnold, Amy 252 Arnold, Charles 270 Arnold, Kathy 270 Arnold, Susan Arvan, Cynthia 89,228 Aschmann, Althea 87,93,171 Aschmann, Charles 151,270 Ash, Roland 171 Ashby, Mary 83,92,109,155,228 Ashby. Bill 108,109,110,171 Ashley, Tina 228 Atkinson, Barbara 228 Auletta, Vincent 252 Ault, James 270 Austin, Elizabeth 94.111,228 Avery, Robert 113,129,151,270 Avveduti, Jessica 171 Avveduti, Susan 252 Ayers, Bonnie 98 Babcock, Andrea 104,113,270 Babocck, Tracy 172 Baber, Robert 172 Bacak, Velma 85,106,228 Bach, Laura 125 Bach, Nicholas 93,102,172 Bache, Vicki 252 Bachus, Leslie 86,92,125,228 Baeriswyl, Susan 88,93,172 Bagdon, Philip 82,106,172 Baggett, Debra 113,270 Bagnulo, Joseph 116,172 Bailey, Anne 103,228 Bailey, Joy 270 Bailey, Lynn 270 Bailey, Robin 172 Bakarich, Stephanie 270 Baker, Caroline 228 Baker, Charles 228 Baker, David 147,252 Baker, Linda 106,228 Baker, Lynn 92,228 Baker, Patricia 111,252 Baldwin, Billie 228 Baldwin, Charles 172 Baldwin, Jerry 228 Baldwin, Kathleen 111,252 Baldwin, Stanford 109,270 Baldwin, Sylvia 229 Balen, Michael 270 Bales, John 252 Bales, Karen 270 Ballard, Kathy 252 Balzer, Buffy 83,84,91,96,173 Balzer, Diane 252 Banks, Anne 228 Banks, Laura 93,173 Banks. Martha 83,252 Banning, Linda 229 Barber, Catherine 252 Barber, Sally 252 Barbosa, Jackie 120,173 Bard, Deborah 89,104,229 Bard, Richard 99,173 Barentine, Gary 173 Barentine, Steven 173 Baring, Thomas 229 Barker, Derlame 92,229 Barnes, Stacy 98,270 Barney, Phyllis 86,94,229 Barnstein, Brian 151,270 Barondes, Debra 106,173 Barondes, Vicki 108,270 Barritt, Joslyn 109,270 Barrow, Jeffrey 147,270 Barrow, Mary 229 Barry, Barbara 252 Barry, Douglas 270 Barry, Joseph 99,229 Bartholomew. Sharon 85,94,252 Barton, Janine 93,173 Bass, Bay 94,173 Battle, Chip 252 Battle, Robert 94.111,173 Bauer, Jean 252 Bauer, Michael 173 Bauman, Charlis 229 Bayles, Donna 173 Bayliss, Mark 252 Bach, David 174 Beach, Deborah 270 Beach, Mark 252 Beal, William 116,174 Beale, Anne 96,174 Bean, John 147,252 Beatty, Brenda 270 Beatty. Robert 93,116,174 Beavers, Deborah 270 Becker, Cynthia 105,270 Becker, Peter 229 Bedell, Deborah 252 Beighley, Paulette 103 Belcher, Marci 77,89,94,105,123,252 Belcher, Melissa 73,82,94,174 Bell, Catharine 83,252 Bell, Denise 270 Bell, Diane 113,270 Bell, John 97,252 Bell, Robert 99,174 Beltrante, Janice 252 Benkelman, Katherine 174 Bennett, Charles 270 Bennett, Christopher 270 Bennett, Holly 113,270 Bennett, Steve 109,252 Benson, John 109,174 Bernat, James 229 Bernens, Celia 105,113,270 Berry, Anita 229 Berry, Lynn 270 Berryman, Marsha 93,174 Best, Warren 270 Beveridge, John 270 Bum hi, Emilio 113,270 Biehl, Alan 109,229,248 Biehl, Susan 113,270 Bielawski, Gregory 174 Biggins, Mary 94,102,122,270 Biggs, Deborah 123,155,158,174 Billings, Lee 270 Birchfield, Denise 270 Birchfield, Randy 229 Birra, Lesley 271 Bishop, John 229 Bishopp, Virginia 111,252 Bistline, Scott 96,252 Black, Julie 113,271 Blackburn, Luci 252 Blackman, James 271 Blackwell, Donna 94,174 Blake, Mary 98,102,271 Blake, Susan 155,271 Blizard, John 175 Blizard, Leslie 230 Blunk, Karen 252 Blunt, Marsha 111,252 Blyler, Paul 252 Boatner, James 252 Boatner, Thomas 271 Bodenstein, Robert 252 Boger, Marilyn 109,110,175 Boggess, Mark 252 Boh, Charles 151,271 Boh, Robert 175 Bohnsack, Barbara 85,230 Bolduc, Douglas 271 Bona, Susan 98,271 Bond, Robert 151,271 Booker, Richard 96,252 Boone, Linda 93,125,230 Booth, Robert 147,271 Booth, Sharon 175 Borum, Robin 96,253 Bosserman, Kathy 175 Boswell, Margaret 92,230,248 Boswell, Stewart 129,271 Bothwell, Karen 104,253 Boucher, Bart 116 Boucher, Cindy 93,161,175 Bouldin, John 271 Bouman, Sandra 230 Bowles, George 109,271 Bowles, James 106,175 Bowman, Catherine 95,230 Bowman, Margaret 271 Boyce, Paul 175 Boyd, Drew 253 Bradford, Louise 75,84.175 Bradley, Robert 106,230 Brady, Timothy 116,151,175 Bragg, Sherrie 271 Braman, Michele 271 Branner, William 271 Bratton, Mary 271 Braun, Judy 253 Brendel, Marilyn .271 Bretting, Gerald 271 Bretting, Susan 84,93,105,175 Brewer, Betty 253 Brill, Dwight 151,230 Britt, Gregory 175 Brittingham, Dennis 176 Brittingham, Robert 253 Broderick, Michael 176 Broderick, Terence 271 Bronars, Bruce 116,176,177 Bronez, Jeffery 100,230 Brooke, Roger 230 Brooke, Virginia 113,271 Brooks, Helen 253 Brooks, Mary 230 Brown, John 176 Brown, Martin 176 Brown, Nancy 271 Brown, Pamela 176 Brown, Thomas 109 Brown, Victoria 271 Brounell, Meredith 176 Brownell, Robert 253 Brownson, Bruce 253 Brownson, Dwight 230 Brownson, Guy 271 Bruder, Charlotte 253 Bruder, Joseph 271 Brumbaugh, Jack 253 Brunthaver, Susan 158.771 Caselton, James 253 Caselton, William 231 Catalina, Joan 271 Cavell, Chris 178 Cavell, Scott 271 Chaconas, Steve 253 Chadwick. Alice 98,253 Chamberlain, Charles 93,130,132,231 Chambers, David 96,98,100 Chambers, Karen 178 Chambers, William 92,231 Chapman, Catherine 109,272 Chapman, Stephen 147,253 Chappell, Therese 85,87,179 Chase, Craig 103,231 Chau, Julie 253 Chauvette, Anne 83,84,91,179 Cheeseman, Andy 179 Cheeseman, David 231 Chess, Rhonda 21,179 Chilton, John 106,179 Chilton, William 97,272 Chisholm, Bonnie 93 Chisholm, Janet 253 Choate, Patricia 88,231 Christl, Kurt 253 Ciocca, Toni 104,123,253 Clark, Brian 98,151,231 Clark, Constance 85,103,231 Clark, Curtina 109,231 Clark, David 272 Clark, Jon 98,179 Clark, Marlene 272 Clark, Richard 94,109,231 Clark, Robert 103,272 Clark, Sharon 272 Clarke, Barbara 93,125,179 Cleary, Kevin 272 Cleary, Sheila 231 Clement, Catherine 83,84,179 Clement, Clare 83,253 Clement, Randall 272 Clement, Robert 179 Clement, Sandra 87,231 Clements, Mark 231 Cler, Barbara 84,93,179 Cler, David 147,231 Dead my old fine hopes and dry my dreaming but still . . . Iris, blue each spring. (Shushuki) Brutsche, Mark 147,176 Bryant, Andrew 271 Bryant, Anne 108,177 Bryant, George 102,253 Bryant, Michael 271 Bryarly, Mary 177 Bryson, Harold 100,271 Bryson, John 100,253 Budd, David 116,230 Budd, Donna 101,158,253 Bugbee, Frank 98,100 Buhrman, Robert 271 Builla, Arthur 126,253 Bundrick, Susan 271 Burfening, Jody 89,105 111,121,253 Burke, Barbara 111,177 Burke, Gary 126,140,253 Burley, Albert 177 Burley, Michael 253 Burns, Timothy 253 Burton, John 177 Burton, Pat 103 Burton, William 253 Burtyk, Terry 253 Bush, Richard 92,116,177 Bushnell, Lynette 113,271 Bushnell, Marsh a 177 Buss, Leo 84,177 Bussey, James 94,147,230 Butler, Richard 271 Butterfield, Elisabeth 113,122,271 Butterfield, Susan 21,93.177 Buttery, Janet 84.106,177 Byers, Michele 96,253 Byrd, Jeffrey 77,109,253 Byrd, Wayne 271 C Cadden, Thomas 95,230 Cafarella, Joseph 271 Cafarella, Rosanna 253 Cain, Stephanie 104,271 Caldwell, Clay 21,93,177 Calio, Kathryn 230 Calio, Jo 177 Campbell, Bruce 106,253 Campbell, Charles 151,271 Campbell, Harriet 90,106,253 Campbell, Jennifer 79,84,125,178 Campbell, Mary 271 Campbell, Richard 77,106,178 Campbell, William 253 Canada, Renee 253 Caniburgh, Stuart 100 Card, Laura 109,271 Card, Noel 253 Carlton, Doug 126,231,248 Carlton, Steve 84,116,178 Carmalt, James 178 Carnevale, Susan 271 Carpenter, Carrie 102,106,253 Carpenter, Jodi 271 Carr, William 103,271 Carrabino, Mary 73,178 Carraway, John 253 Carren, Michael 106,253 Carroll, Michael 231 Carter, Charles 253 Carter, Ethel 231 Carter, Mary 178 Carter, Robert 101,108,231 Carvil, Jane 253 Casberg, Amanda 85,253 Cler, John 272 Cleveland, David 82,92,96,179 Cleveland, Rebecca 272 Clifford, Elizabeth 179 Cobb, Ed 126,253 Coble, Rebecca 92,179 Cochran, Janet 232 Coester, Susan 272 Coffey, Candes 272 Coffey, Joseph 272 Coffey, Ronald 89,91,253 Coffman, Richard 180 Coffroad, Linda 232 Cohen. Monte 116,151,232 Coker, David 84,97,106,180 Coker, Diana 272 Coleman, Richard 89,254 Coleman, William 232 Colley, Mark 94,97,106,254 Collom, Wendy 232 Colonna, Kimberley 180 Comstock, Warren 126,140,254 Conlin, Kathryn 254 Cook, Bradford 96,272 Cook, David 272 Cook, Pamela 96,232,248 Cook, Scott 101,254 Coolick, Michele 272 Corbin, Robin 232 Corey, Mark 116,147 Corley, Chris 140,254 Cornelison, Diana 123,254 Cornelison, Valerie 109,272 Cornell, Candice 125,232 Cornell, Patricia 180 Cornell, Patrick 109.110,180 Cornnell, John 254 Cottey, Karen 272 Couch, Deborah 95,254 Courson, Miles 232 Courtier, Ronald 180 Cox, Barrymore 147,272 Cox, Berinthia 88,254 Coyne, Lawrence 98,100,254 Coyne, Robert 180 Crabill, Chris 21 Crabill, Wanda 232 Crabtree, Stephanie 232 Craig, Carol 180 Craig, Jean 272 Craigmile, Laurie 21,125,181 Cramer, Richard 98,254 Cramer, Thomas 98,181 Crandell, Deneen 181 Cranford, Joyce 254 Cranford, Susan 181 Crawford, Bonnie 254 Crawford, Michael 254 Crawford, Robert 67,181 Creighton, Barbara 232 Cresswell, Stephen 103,272 Cress well, William 78,81,181 Creyts, Kelvin 84,106,181 Creyts, Kevin 106,181 Cribbs, Cynthia 232 Cribbs, Robin 181 Critz, Sandra 272 Croker, Charles 272 Cronin, Anne 96,109,181 Cross, Darryl 254 Crowe, Patricia 181 Crump, Daniel 129,272 mw Crumplar, Robert 129,272 Cruze, Kathy 120,232 Crystal, Kurt 109 Culbertson, John 151,254 Culbertson, Sherri 96 Cummings, Mary 272 Cunard, Cynthia 181 Curcio, Charles 89,129,272 Curry, Denise 91,232 Curry, Linda 92,111,122,254 Cushing, Richard 272 Cutting, Jeanne 106,254 Cutting. Mary 94,104,123,232,248 Cygan, Susan 90,232 Cywin, Susan 254 Czerwenka, Barbara 232 Daggett, Dawn 254 Daggett, Victoria 109,110,181 Daley, Susan 272 D ' Ambrosio, Donna 272 D ' Ambrosio, Gerald 116,151 Damm, David 272 Damm, Sue 111,125,254 Damron, Alfred 232 Daniels, Mark 84,86,233 Danielson, George 93,233 Danner, Thomas 272 Dantley, Michael 106 Darnell, William 272 Davenport, James 272 Davenport, John 109,254 Davenport, Marc 272 Davenport, Mary 94,233 Davenport, Pete 103 Davenport, Philip 233 Davenport, Richard 106 Davis, Charlene 254 Davis, Harriett 182 Davis, Patty 98 Davis, Sallie 102,125,233 Davis, Stephanie 254 Davis, Stephen 233 Davis, Susan 233 Davis, Virginia 88,94,254 Dawdy, Kay 254 Dawson, Luanne 125,233 Day, David 254 Dean, Amy 85,254 Dean, James 233 Deans, Parke 94,106,254 Decandio, Pamela 254 Deets, Paura 182 Degraf, Bradford 83,182 Degraf, Scot 273 DeGroot, Dana 125,254 DeGroot, Robin 182 Deiderich, Carl 151,273 Deiderich, Donald 126,233 Deiderich, Howard 116 DeLeon, Eliana 102,273 DeLeon, Lucrecia 254 Dell, Marcia 233 Delett, Susan 254 Demeter, Dee 113 Demeter, Jay 233 DeMuro, Jeff 126,151,254 DeMuro, Nadia 273 Deneke, William 255 Denham, Kathleen 111,255 Denham, Susan 255 Denneky, Stephen 233 Denney, Deborah 273 Dennis, John 129,157,273 Desell, Paulette 233 Dionofrid, Dianne 125 DiSciullo, James 93,130,132,182 DiSciullo, Jeff 92,151,233 Ditta, Susan 109,233 Dixon, Jon 255 Dobbs, Janet 102,105,255 Dobson, Douglas 109,126,255 Doerpinghaus, Janice 91,109 Doll, Wendy 125,233 Dombrowski, Steven 255 Dommisee, Cindy 94,123 D ' Onofrio, Diane 89,255 Donovan, Barbara 273 Donovan, Janet 255 Donovan, John 151,273 Donovan, Stephen 84,130,132 ,151,233 Dorenkamp, Frank 273 Dorenkamp, Mary 122,233 Dorn, Rita 96,273 Doty, Robert 108,273 Doty, William 88,182 Drew, Cheryl 182 Drew, Christy 233 Drew, Craig 273 Dripps, Steve 53,116,182 Dripps, John 109,255 Drummond, Robin 273 Duel, Pamela 109,273 Duemler, Richard 182 Duemler, Virginia 255 Duggan, Fleur 96,273 Dukas, Philip 82,96,234 Duke, Dorcas 90,183 Duley, Brian 273 Duncan, Douglas 182 Duncan, Kim 100 Duncan, Nina 255 Dunlap, Pamela 92,125,182 Dupart, Donna 100,102,234 Duvall, Ronald 273 Dwyer, Kerry 234 Dyal, Kathy 183 Dyer, Curtis 100,147,273 Dyer, Jeffrey 139,183 O Eade, Christine 255 Eagers, Joseph 273 Eagers, Jan 74,90,183 Eagin, Gregg 106,130,132,234 Early, Lynn 234 Earman, Harry 96,234 Eastman, Ross 106,255 Eaton, Dwight 85,106,183 Echard, Alison 106,273 Echols, Joseph 183 Echols, Lawrence 273 Edward, Terri 104,109,273 Edwards, Henry 234 Edwards, Pamela 104,183 Efthemes, Terry 111,255 Eggeman, James 100,273 Eggeman, John 183 Ehrlich, Gail 94,104,113,273 Einbindes, John 183 Eineigl, John 273 Eineigl, Robert 90,106,234 Eisen, Mark 82 Elefter, Barbara 92,122,234 Ellerbe, Carole 105,273 Ellerbe, Fred 106,234 Ellis, Barbara 89,93 Ellis, Judith 183 Ellis, Lindall 273 Ellis, Patricia 89,122,255 Endahl, Mark 234 Engle, Mark 273 Engle, Robin 255 Erb, John 273 Ercolano, Steven 273 Erickson, Blake 234 Erickson, Danna 255 Erickson, Desma 255 Esposito, Marcus 273 Ess, Richard 273 Essex, Gary 183 Evans, Chris 255 Evans, David 255 Evans, Joan 90,98,109,110,183 Evans, Lynne 255 Evans, Michelle 111,234 Evans, Richard 184 Evans, Robert 255 Evans, Sandra 255 Everett, Claire 184 Evertz, Barbara 106 Ewers, Laura 255 Eykholt, Richard 274 Fambrough, Carmen 273 Fambrough, Donna 109,234 Fancher, Don 98,274 Fann, Zachary 111 Fanning, Carl 184 Fanning, Stephen 92,1o4 Farrell, Leslie 158,255 Farrier, David 274 Farrington, Alice 82,84.92,125,184 Farrington, Carig 184 Farrington, Keith 274 Farris, Susan 92,255 Farrison, Mary 100 Farwell, Faris 147,255 Farwell, Laura 104,234,248 Faught, Scott 94,184 Faulkner, Karalee 83,255 Fay, Kevin 129,274 Fearrington, Joan 234 Feeney, John 235 Fetch, James 106,184 Felch, Patricia 185 Felch, Stephen 95,234 Feltham, Helen 109,234 Feltham, John 185 Feltham, Mary 108,274 Ferguson, Gail 235 Ferguson, James 77,235 Ferguson, Janice 274 Ferry, Merridy 235 Fields, Mike 92,103,185 Fields, Sherry 235 Filbert, Scott 255 File, Kristi 77,274 Fimian, Susan 255 Fimiani, Janine 235 Fimiani, Sarah 255 Finlayson, David 106 Finley, Paul 255 Firdiwek, Yitna 255 Firdyiwek, Asnaketch 185 Fischman, Robert 274 Fisher, Joann 185 Fisher, Pamela 93,103,185 Fisher, Stephen 102,255 Fitzgerald, Kathleen 102,158,274 Fitzgerald, Ron 126,255 Fix, Jane 53,185 Fix, Mary 93,274 Flacowicz, Jodie 96,255 Flanagan, Patricia 185 Fletcher, James 255 Fletcher, Joan 255 Fletcher, John 185 Flood, Nancy 185 Florcruz, Dave 255 Floyd, David 151,255 Foley, David 185 Folk, Henry 185 Folk, James 274 Follmer, Jill 85,111,255 Fong, Loretta 185 Ford, Sandra 274 Ford, Susan 92,125,235 Ford, Thomas 274 Fotis, Stephen 89,255 Fraley, Gloria 185 Framstad, Jenny 235 Franco, Douglas 129 Franco, Linda 104,235 Franklin, Deborah 185 Franklin, Susan 255 Fraser, Lori 274 Fraser, Michael 116 Fraunfelter, Paul 106,185 Freeburg, Hollis 274 Freeburg, Jon 74,83,186 Frey, Hansford 93,151,186 Frome, Michele 60,63,84,85,103,186 Frye, John 111,186 Frye, Kathleen 88,95,235 Fudge, William 274 Faulks, Ann 186 Fulks, John 274 Futch, Brian 274 Futral, Perry 255 Futral, Perry 274 S Gaffke, Stephanie 235 Gahart, Linda 91,186 Gahart, Stephen 255 Gailliot, Mary 113,274 G allagher, James 186 Gallagher, Patricia 89,102,274 Gallagher, Paula 235 Gallagher, Stephen 256 Gardner, Deborah 235 Gardner, Michael 274 Gardner, Nancy 274 Gardner, Richard 235 Garner, Linda 186 Garrison, Mary 256 Garvey, Sheila 235 Garvey, Terence 187 Gascoigne, Amy 109,111,274 Gascoigne, Bill 106,256 Gauger, Ann 86,103,187 Geary, John 140,256 Gehrig, Renee 113,158,274 Gehrig, Teresa 105,158,256 Gehrig, William 60,84,86,187 Genuario, Christina 81,120,187 Genuario, Debra 274 Genuario, Marina 122,235 Genuario, Rick 126,147,256 Gibbs, James 81,106,235 Gibbs, Stephen 103,109,235 Giblin, Paula 236 Gibson, Dana 187 Gibson, David 236 Gibson, Richard 256 Giese, Kerry 90,236 Gigante, Laura 274 Gilbert, Arthur 88,97,103,187 Gilbert, Pamela 236 Gilbert, Susan 122,274 Gilbert, William 274 Gilillano, Joseph 95,256 Gillis, John 236 Gillis, Susan 274 Glass, Deborah 256 Gleason, Steve 151,256 Glynn, Michael 274 Glynn, Nancy 187 Glynn, Priscilla 274 Griffith, Susan 104,256 Griggs, Margaret 275 Groce, Lisa 275 Groover, Charles 113,275 Groseclose, Donna 111,256 Gross, Peter 275 Grossman, Linda 22,82,84,155,236.248 Grovert, Leslie 161 Guazzo, Debra 111,256 Guazzo, Terri 236 Guerrein, Michelle 106,188 Guinard, Barbara 275 Gurnard, Frances 85,236 Guiraud, Mark 275 Gunter, Lisa 236 Gust, Nancy 88,93,109,111,188 Gust, Walter 256 Gyakum, John 84,95,97,2 16 Gygax, Gene 126,248 Haber, Martin 109,256 Haber, Steven 256 Hackenberger, Steven 236 Hahn, James 188 Haith, Chris 93,237 Haith, Michael 93,116,139,188 Halbert, Cindy 92,256 Halbert, Mundina 84,92,188 Hale, Richard 106,275 Haley, Barbara 256 Halin, Paul 106,188 Hall, Amanda 256 Hall, Dianne 93,102,125,237 Hall, Hannah 97,105,256 Hall, Henry 84,188 Hall, Lynne 109,237 Hall, Melissa 237 Hall, Micheal 237 Hall, Pamela 275 Hall, Richard 275 Hall, Sharon 256 Hall, Steven 256 Hammack, Donald 275 Hammett, Philip 256 Hammond, Debora 256 Hanna, Greg 188 Hanning, John 275 Hannon, Kimberly 275 Hannon, Stephan 139,256 Hansen, Jay 96,237 Hanson, Steve 106,188 Hanson, Tina 86,93,237 Hanson, Victoria 93,237 Harbottle, Scott 109,151,275 Hardin, Catherine 275 Hardin, Lisa 188 Hardin, Michael 256 Hardin, Rhonda 275 Hardin, Robert 256 Harding, Barbara 82,237 Harding, David 275 Harding, Jeffrey 93,188 Hardisty, John 89,151,256 Hardisty, Robert 275 Hardman, Kathleen 188 Hardman, Robert 237 Hardon, John 130,132 Harney, Diane 237 Harney, Heather 275 Harper, Jo 113,275 Harper, Wendy 83,92,96,161,188 Harper, Sarah 256 Harrell, Jennifer 237 Harrell, Martha 113,275 Harrell, Peter 151,256 Harriman, Robert 256 Harrington, George 84,85,92,189 Life? butterfly on a swaying grass that ' s all . . . But exquisite! (Soin) Gober, John 103 Goeser, Stephen 274 Golbranson, Myles 274 Gondella, Edward 187 Gondella, Richard 256 Good, Robin 123,236 Goodman, Christine 274 Goodwin, Judith 21,187 Goodwin, Robert 256 Gordon, Denise 274 Granahan, David 256 Grant, Edmund 236 Gravatte, Lee 256 Graves, Diane 256 Graves, Donna 113,274 Gray, Gordon 151,256 Gray, Gregory 151,256 Gray, James 256 Gray, Jeffrey 274 Gray, Katharine 256 Gray, Kenneth 90,97,236 Gray, Kenneth 91,236 Gray, Linda 256 Gray, Lydia 187 Gray, Margaret 274 Gray, Marlene 256 Gray, Tim 101 Grazier, Michael 187 Green, Carole 91,236 Green, Jane 87,88,96,103,187 Greene, Ken 116,140,256 Greene, Patricia 274 Greene, Richard 53,116,188 Greenlee, Francis 96,99,188 Greenlee, Steve 84 Gresc, Karry 96 Grieb, Gretchen 236 Grier, Charles 275 Grittm, Mephame 103,111,256 Griffith, Pamela 188 Harris, Brendan 100,275 Harris, Frank 237 Harris, Helene 93,102,189 Harris, Jo 237 Harris, Leslie 109,125,237 Harris, Luther 237 Harris, Mary 256 Harris, Nancy 275 Harris, Susan 275 Harris, Walter 256 Harris, William 256 Harrison, Benjamin 82,189 Harrison, Dennis 256 Harrol, Windy 102 Hart, Dianne 92,125,256 Hart, Frances 113,189 Hart, Redmond 275 Hartman, Jimmy 189 Hartung, Jean 256 Hartwell, Robert 275 Harvie, James 256 Harvie, Suzanne 189 Hauser, Robert 140,256 Hawes, Jeffrey 275 Hawkins, Linda 256 Hawkinson, Brian 275 Hawkinson, David 126,237 Haworth, Robert 256 Haydon, Julie 275 Flays, Douglas 256 Hays, Janet 257 Heard, Jonatltan 147,257 Hearn, Carolyn 237 Hearth, Douglas 69,97,189 Hecht, Karen 102,275 Heiberg, Kathryn 111,237 Heiberg, Walter 100,275 Heiney, Stephanie 275 Heitzke, Michele 275 Hellwig, Carla 189 Hempstead, Donna 102,104,190 Henderson, Christopher 147,257 Henderson, Donald 108,257 Henderson, Mark 257 Henderson, Nancy 122,257 Henderson, Sandra 93,190 Hendrick, Sonya 257 Henigan, Gilbert 257 Henigan, lacqueline 257 Hensley, Gay 237 Hensley, Mark 275 Henson, Sandra 275 Henzey, Paul 106,257 Hepburn, Byron 238,248 Hepburn, Winthrop 90,257 Herbert, Caroline 92,218,248 Herbert, Morris 109,275 Herbertson, Ross 147,275 Herbst, Frederick 106,238 Hergenrather, Charles 257 Hernholm, Karen 257 Herring, Jon 275 Herrington, Carol 190 Hertz, Randall 275 Hertz berg, Eric 257 Hertzberg, Larry 238 Herwig, Michael 275 Herwig, William 106,190 Hesaltine, Laura 238 Hesaltine, Nancy 275 Hess, Mark 257 Hesson, James 257 Hesson, Jeffrey 276 Hesson, Leslie 96,190 Hickman, Gary 102,276 Hickman, William 276 Hicks, Steven 190 Hiebert, Leslie 257 Higgason, James 257 Higgason, Mary 190 Hightower, Sandy 109,257 Hildebrand, Julie 125,238 Hill, Diahann 257 Hill, Larry 238 Hinchee, Robert 257 Hindman, Edward 92,116,238 Hines, Patricia 238 Hinman, Keith 84,97,190 Hinson, Sam 92,147,238 Hinton, Cecile 257 Hite, Robert 147,238 Hizer, Lori 276 Hockeborn, Kathy 238 Hoermann, Richard 257 Hoffman, Debra 257 Hoffman, Dee 88,106,191 Hogan, Gerard 94,97,238,248 Hogan, James 191 Hogue, Helene 276 Holcomb, Rodney 191 Holland, Deborah 88,92,257 Holland, Edith 238 Holland, Linda 191 Holland, Patricia 83,125,238 Holland, Vontilla 257 Hollander, Cheryl 155,158,191 Hollander, Judith 106,276 Hollick, Susan 257 Holmes, Beverly 238 Homesley, Amy 257 Hooper, Jad 276 Hoover, Antoinette 238 Hoover, Mary 53,191 Hoover, Samuel 238 Hopke, Patricia 238 Hopkins, Jane 61,106 Hopkins, Paul 109,276 Housewright, James 129,276 Houston, Neal 257 Howard, Micheal 94,238 Howell, Laura 191 Howell, Sarah 257 Hower, Tim 100,257 Howerton, Lori 276 Hudson, Donna 191 Hudson, Jeri 238 Ireland, Victor 239 Irish, Lisa 98,276 Ivers, Fred 151 lyers, Jack 276 • Jackson, Spencer 129,276 Jackson, William 192 ’ Jaenicke, Thomas 140,257 Jamison, Maureen 239 Jansen, Paul 257 Janssen, Paul 276 Janssen, Thalia 94,257 Jefferson, Stuart 109,276 Jeffrey, Kenneth 116,139,192 Jesser, Katharine 104,257 Jewell, John 108 Johnson, Brian 109,276 Johnson, Chris 109,257 Johnson, Daniel 257 Johnson, Judith 92,239 Johnson, Karen 257 Johnson, Mark 82,91,239 Johnson, Peter 257 Johnson, Robert 97,257 Johnson, Ronald 276 Johnson, Sharon 239 Johnson, Steven 129,276 Johnston, Gary 239 Jones, Arleen 76,88,193 Jones, Charles 69,97,193 Jones, Clark 276 Jones, Deborrah 239 Jones, Gregory 257 Jones, Jodie 276 Jones, Linda 277 Jones, Martin 257 Jones, Wyatt 257 Jortberg, Judith 92,193 Jortberg, Patricia 257 loy, C harles 86,258 Joy, Mary 68,93,109,193 Judd, Kathy 22,258 k Kagan, Debra 90,94,239 Kahle, Cynthia 83,92,239 Kane, Barbara 258 Kane, Janice 258 Kane, Julie 92,239 Kane, Nancy 277 Kapec, Andrew 193 Kapec, David 106,116,239 Karwaki, Kathryn 97,103,277 Karwaki, Phil 82 Kaufhold, Lee 193 Kaufhold, Richard 105,126,147,181 Keener, Katherine 96,277 Kelleher, Phillip 193 Keller, Kevin 126,151,258 Kelley, Betty 239 Kelley, Deborah 277 Kelley, Michael 277 Kellogg, Bernard 101,193 Kelly, Arlene 193 Kelly, Christopher 258 Kelly, James 258 Kelly, John 277 Kelly, Katherine 277 Kelly, Kathy 258 Kelly, Kenneth 193 Kempf, David 258 Keniston, Nancy 95,239 Kennedy, Jane 94,240 Kenney, Catherine 113,277 Kennington, Ray 258 Kenny, Mary 193 Kenny, Rose 258 Kerzaya, Ronnette 92,193 Kespack, Chip 100 Kidder, Deborah 240 Kidder, Michael 258 Kidwell, Suzanne 258 Kiernan, Brendan 277 Kiernan, Brian 258 Kiernan, John 194 Killiom, Thomas 102,194 Kimmerling, Bernadene 194 Kimmerling, Bernadette 98,194 Lady butterfly perfumes her wings by floating Over the orchid. (Basho) Hudson, Mary 191 Huelsman, Patricia 104,257 Huester, Karen 191 Huggins, Sarah 191 Hughes, Clifford 191 Hughes, Gary 106,192 Hughes, Karen 239 Hughes, Kim 257 Hughes, Margaret 88,257 Humbrecht, Garnet 109,110,123,192 Humphreys, Susan 192 Hunter, Charles 147,276 Hunter, Diane 94,103,155,192 Hunter, James 276 Hunter, Timothy 93,139,192 Hutcheson, Howard 192 Hutchinson, Brenda 111,192 Hutchinson, Kenneth 126,239 Huyett, Richard 276 Hyatt, Matthew 276 • lacone, Maryann 276 | lanni, Steven 276 Ichter, Kathleen 257 Ichter, Larry 87,97,192 Idleman, Dia 276 Idleman, Mia 103,109,239 Ikenberry, John 192 Immei, Muff 239 Immel, Sue 276 Ingersoll, Deborah 85,86,87,192 Ingersoll, Priscilla 84,85,86,97, 155,239 Innes, Anna 257 lorio, Steven 276 Ireland, Cynthia 257 Kincannon, Karla 90,194 King, Barbara 98,240 King, Douglas 194 King, George 83,194 King, Janet 122,158,277 King, John 100 King, Odette 277 King, Thomas 240 Kingston, Carol 194 Kingston, John 100,258 Kinnaird, Jula 85,93,240 Kinnibrugh, Stuart 102,109,258 Kirschbaum, Jane 194 Kitchen, Gregory 82,240 Kitchen, Ronald 277 Knight, Mark 258 Knight, Nancy 85,88,103,240 Knight, Steven 102,103 Koch, Fernin 258 Koelkebeck, Yvonne 113,277 Koenig, Charles 106,194 Koenig, Stephen 109 Kolzak, Stephen 84,194 Koons, Carl 93,116,240 Kopp, Elizabeth 194 Kopp, Peter 195 Kordalski, Elizabeth 88,94,240 Kordalski, Suzanne 94,277 Kosciuszko, Delores 277 Kosciuszko, Marian 195 Kosmacki, Phillip 195 Kraemer, Sanford 84,195 Kranz, Karl 240 Krauss, Barbara 277 Krauss, Patricia 125,195 Krear, Rita 258 Krespach, Charles 277 Krogh, Karen 95,195 Krohn, Terry 258 Krohn, Thomas 195 Kromer, Karen 109,277 Kunz, Maria 108 Kyriacou, Catherine 240 Lacy, William 100,258 La Hue, Laurence 92,240 Lake, Kerrie 277 Lamp, James 277 Lamp, Richard 258 Landis, Deborah 90,240 Landis, Jeffrey, 109,258 Lang, Cynthia 22,277 Langlands, Robert 195 Langlotz, Cathy 277 Langlotz, Thomas 277 Laporta, Leslie 277 La Porte, Randal 196 La Porte, Robert 196 Laprade, Mancy 101,277 La Prade, Patricia 240 Larson, Cynthia 85,258 Laseau, Anne 102,277 Lasher, William 258 Latham, Barbara 113,277 Laughlin, John 196 Laughlin, Richard 151 Laughlin, Steven 151,277 LaValle, Richard 147,196 Lawler, Joan 196 Lawler, Susan 240 Lawrence, Linda 93,105,240 Ledbetter, Richard 277 Ledbetter, Susan 277 Lee, Kathryn 161 Lee, Nelle 68,81,84,90,91,93, 196,308 Lee, Susan 277 Leedy, Marjorie 97,103,258 Lehrer, Deborah 277 Lei by, Craig 88,106,240 Leighton, Victoria 77,240 Lemon, Robert 94,196,309 Lenhart, Roger 258. Lennan, Charles 277 Lenzner, Anne 277 Lenzner, Susan 95,241,248 Lepski, Patricia 241 I epski, Theodore 147 Letsen, Elizabeth 196,310 Letson, Nancy 258 Lett, Debbie 258 Leverone, Kathleen 104,277 Leverone, Thomas 88,106,241 Lewis, Dana 258 Lewis, David 109,258 Lewis, Medleyn 158,277 Lewis, Paula 94,259 Lewis, Regina 101 Lewis, Robert 196,311 Lewis, Sally 101,259 Lightsey, Janice 196,312 Lindell, William 241 Linder, Harriett 277 Linden, Micheal 259 Linder, Jeffrey 196,313 Lindgren, Karin 84,85,89,196,314 Lindsay, Porter 130,132 Lindsay, Steven 277 Linton, Gwendolyn 196,316 Lipp, Edmund 106,277 Littig, Gordon 130,132,151,197,317 Littlejohn, Ann 92 Lively, Judson 151,277 Liverance, Jan 76,77,125,259 Liversey, Peter 277 Livesly, Jane 192,194 Livingston, Frances 82,91,96,197 Lloyd, Harold 197 Lloyd, Kathryn 89,277 Lloyd, Maynard 278 Locklin, Eleanor 122,278 Loe, Brian 259 Logan, Bruce 129,278 Lombard, Terry 259 Lombardi, Cary 278 Long, Mark 92,241 Long, Melissa 278 Long, Michael 197 Long, Susan 83,259 Longino, Robert 277 Loper, Elizabeth 63,197 Loper, Lucinda 259 Lopez, Joy 92,125,259 Loschack, Daniel 151,198 Lounsberry, Janet 259 Love, Jennifer 278 Loveless, Roger 116,198 Lovern, Michael 241 Lowder, Elizabeth 182,278 Lowe, John 88 Ludwig, Dara 85,93,198 Luginbyhe, Terri 278 Lund, Cheryl 158,198 Lund, Gorden 147,259 Lupia, Carol 278 Lurcott, Robert 259 Lurcott, William 198 Lusker, Gina 198 Lusker, Joyce 259 Lyke, Laura Lynch, Debra 241,123,158 Lynch, Jeanie 241 m Mabardy, Mark Macfarland, James McFawn, Janey 198 Mackey, John 248,102,103 Mackmull, Kimberly 105,242 Mackmull, Steve 92,198 MacNevin, Kathy,84,199 Maddock, Jeffrey 129 Maddox, James 242 Madland, Rhonda 109,125,199 Maitland, Janet 96,199 Majorana, Beatrice 199 Majorana, Laura 199 Mallas, Photini 199 Mallgraf, Marietta 86,199 Malone, Thomas 259 Maloney, Dale 199 Maloney, Kathleen 242 Mangas, Cloyce 78,84,199 Mangas, David 109,259 Manire, Michelle 92,242 Mann, Karren 259 Manner, Randy 84,86,94,242 Manolas, Constantine 199 Mansfield, Judy 105 Mansfield, Ruth 155,199 Mansfield, Virginia 105,155,259, Marcellino, William 88,96 Mariolis, Constantine 109,242 Markey, Elizabeth 105 Marley, Lisa 259 Marshall, Michelle 242 Marston, Barbara 96 Martin, Lee 259 Martin, Robert 259 Martin, Robert 197 Martin, Scott 116,242 Martin, Wayne 100,242 Masters, Brook 259 Masters, Christie 199,120 Masters, Jandyl 125,259 Mathis, Deborah 259 Mathis, Steve 82,199 Matthews, Carole 111,199 Matthews, Marc 147,259 Matthews, Margaret 259 Matthews, Michale 113 Mattingly, Joan 259 Matus, Patrick 93,200 Maxwell, Carol 200 May, Christine 259 Mayer, Maryjane 111,259 Mayol, Greg 259 Meiselman, Maurice 87,90,111,259 Melugin, Mary 259 Merritt, Pamela 109,278 Mesick, Beverly 106,202 Messenger, John 82,202 Messerli, Charles 202 Mial, Larry 204 Michalski, Patricia 278 Michel, Lislie 104,279 Michie, John 202 Michie, Thomas 279 Middledorf, James 202 Milia, John 202 Milia, Mark 126,259 Miller, Carlene 94,111,260 Miller, Gary 103,242 Miller, Mona 104,279 Miller, Patricia 77,92,202 Miller, Sheryl 279 Milligan, Mark 147,260 Milligan, Patrick 202 Mills, Dorothy 63,202 Mills, John 260 Mills, Peggy 202 Mills, Ralph 279 Ming, Catherine 89,96,279 Mirch, Katherine 94,279 Mirch, Mary 94,242 Misenheimer, Christina 279 Misslbeck, Sue 202 Mitchell, Lynne 106,242 Mixon, Deborah 203 Moaland, Nathaniel, lr. 279 Mogan, Susan 203 Moher, Sue 260 Mohr, Deborah 279 Mohr, Denise 242 Mohr. Ellen 87,92,125,203 Mohr, Mary 106,279 Monnen, William 111,260 Montalva, Robert 108,203 Monti, Suzanne 93,203 8 Deepen, drop, and die many-hued chrysanthemums . . . One black earth for all. (Ryusui) Mooman, Caylon 279 Moon, Daniel 109,279 Moore, Alan 203 Moore, Barbara 260 Moore, Deborah 260 Moore, Micheal 279 Moore, Pamela 113,279 Moore, Sue 260 Moore, William 95,151 Morgan, Bruce 126,247,260 Morgan, James 126,242 Morgan, Jay 260 Morgan, Michael 99,109,203 Morgan, Thomas 99,147,203 Morgus, Pamela 108,279 Moriarty, Dennis 242 Morley, Jeffrey 94,242 Morrill, Margaret 279 Morrissey, Donald 109,279 Morrissey, Jane 279 Morton, Rosemary 77,123,248,242 Mowry, Roger 106,260 Moy, Diane 93,204 Moy, Phil 84 Muhlig, Patricia 106,260 Muller, Emily 113,279 Muller, Mary 204 Mullin, Courtenay 243 Mullins, Lynn 279 Munn, Jamie 279 Munn, Michael 100,147 Munn, Paul 243 Murphy, Carlton 279 Murphy, David 204 Murphy, Geoffry 279 Murphy, Kimberly 204 Murphy, Michael 243 Murphy, Shaun 22,96,279 Murphy, Shawn 279 Murray, John 109,126,260 Murray, Karen 204 Murray, Thomas 260 Murray, William 84,106,204 Murry, Michael 243 Myatt, Kelly 22,120,243 Myers, Clyde 129,279 Myers, Marie 279 Myers, Metta 204 McAlister, Dean 126,359 McAnulty, Eleanor 278 McBurney, Michelle 91,102,241 McCabe, Allison 259 McCabe, Marshall 93,116,200 McCall, Harry 129 McCanaw, Robert 126,259 McCanna, Marvin 126,259 McCarthy, James 200 McCarthy, Karin 241 McClelland, Katherine 259 McCord, Maureen 275 McCown, William 97,103,278 McCoy, Robert 259 McCurry, Wilbur 200 McDaniel, Gregory 278 McDonald, Brian 278 McDonald, Clare 96,241 McDonald, John 200,113 McDonald, John 278 McDonald, Kathleen 93,125,200 McDonald, Laura 275 McDonald, Margaret 104,200 McDonald, Timothy 275 McDougall, Susanne 92,125,200 McDowell, Jennifer 95,125,241 McDowell, Sheila 120,161,259 McEwan, Dorothy 241 McFarland, Ann 200 McFarland, Elizabeth 22,259 McFarland, Richard 92,116,147,200 McGinnis, Katherine 102,241 McGinnis, Patricia 102,278 McGovern, Thomas 24 McGuire, Kathleen 278 McGuire, Therese 278 McHugh, Colleen 92,84,61,200 McHugh, Lawrence 259 McHugh, Tara 278 McIntosh, Lynne 241 McIntosh, Richard 151 McIntyre, Barbara 102,158,201 McIntyre, Michael 278 McKee, Samuel 103,259 McKeever, Martha 241 McKeever, Peter 210 McKeon, Ellen 84,201 McKinney, Eugene 201 McLachean, Patricia 88,115,201 McLaughlin, Elizabeth 109,278 McLaughlin, Joseph 201 McLaughlin, Mary 109,278 McLees, Suzanne 75,84,201 McLeod, Thomas 201 McMahon, Norwood 278 McMonigle, James 116 McMurray, Debra 122,259 McMurrer, Aileen 94,241 McMirrer, James 98,278 McMurrer, Norma 86,94,109,259 MqNair, Walter 202 McNeese, John 140,259 McNeese, Rebecca 92,125,202 McPheron, Gary 202 McPherson, Janice 199 McQuade, Thomas 140,259 ri Nace, Brian 279 1 1 Nace, Robert 204 Nadeau, Frank 260 Nadeau, Joseph 243 Nadeau, Mary 279 Nader, Stephen 106,260 Na)jum, Patricia 62,83,84,91,96, 108,204 Nall, James 109,279 Nankervis, James T09,260 Nay, Gerald 279 Naylor, Richard 109,279 Needham, Debra 102,109,260 Neigh, Joseph 204 Neil, David 279 Neil, Robert 94,97,205 Neill, Megan 205 Neill, Stacy 260 Neitzey, Suzanne 205 Nelson, Dorica 101,205 Nelson, Karen 260 Nelson, Robert 205 Nelson, William 260 Neuhart, Paige 113,279 Newberg, Douglas 279 Newberg, Kim 243 Newbry, Burton 108,279 Newkey, Paul 205 Newcomb, Glenn 260 Newcomb, Janet 243 Newell, John 260 Newman, Martha 109,279 Newman, Nancy 106,260 Nicholas, William 260 Nicol, Carlton 279 Nicol, William 147,205 Nix, Richard 83 Nixon, Leslie 205 Nixon, Lynn 260 Noack, Patricia 243 Noack, Patrick 101,105,243 Noack, Terry 206 Nolker, David 96,100,206 Nolker, Diane 279 Noll, David 243,248 Noordewier, Michael 106,260 Noreike, Peter 279 Norman, David 243 Normyle, Mary 243 Normyle, Michael 93,140,260 Norris, Joan 206 Norton, Jeffrey 106,206 Nottingham, John 88,89,103,260 Nottingham, Stuart 89,206 Nutting, John 81,93,102,116,243 Nutting, Katherine 279 O Obenschain, Daniel 279 Obenschain, David 279 Obermeyer, Fredrick 260 Oblinger, Mark 126,260 O ' Brien, John 113,280 O ' Connell, Mark 106,243 O ' Connell, Martha 280 O ' Connell, Michael 280 O ' Connor, Bill 111,126,151,260 O ' Connor, Mary 280 O ' Connell, Colleen 280 O ' Connell, Patrick 92,103 v 206 O ' Keefe, Arthur 280 O ' Keefe, Debi 280 O ' Keefe, Kevin 92,206 O ' Keefe, Monica 83,260 Old, John 280 O ' Malley, Martha 109,206 O ' Neil, Jeffrey 280 O ' Neill, Virginia 96,260 O ' Quinn, ICiren 243 Orantes, Sandra 98,280 Ordoyne, Lisa 98 Orliski, Cqpstance 90,91,207 O ' Rourke, Margaret 260 O ' Rourke, Rosemary 90,111,24? Orth, Mary 280 Ortland, Warren 92,207 Osteen, Dorothy 85,155,260 Owen, Kathy 96,243 Owen, Olney 280 P Paige, Michael 101,126 Painter, Debra 84,85,93,111,207 Painter, Mark 260 Painter, Pamela 86,89,93,102,244 Pantaloni, David 207 Pao, Phillip 126,140 Paquette, Diane 109,280 Paquette, Neta 244 Pardo, Jeffrey 260 Parfrey, Eric 106,207 Parfrey, Wendy 93,123,244,248 Park, Jacqueline 207 Parks, Robin 108,280 Parrish, James 248 Parsons, Bradley 109,280 Parsons, Emily 123,260 Parsons, Franklin 244 Parsons, Kenitha 280 Parsons, Robert 116,260 Pascale, Carl 280 Patino, Susan 244 Patterson, Carol 104,260 Patterson, Janice 280 Patterson, Kenneth 126,244 Patterson, Joanne 260 Patterson, John 260 Patterson, Mary 207 Patterson, Patricia 108,280 Patterson, William 82,207 Patteson, Nina 84,92,120,207 Paul, Leonard 116,147,261 Peifer, Mark 94,207 Peifer, Merle 94,261 Pence, Arthur 280 Pence, Catherine 104,123,244 Penny, Karen 207 Perkins, Anne 88,244 Perkins, Carl 97,106,244,248 Perriello, Elizabeth 82,207 Perrino, Virginia 102,280 Peters, John 207 Peterson, Donald 261 Peterson, Jeffrey 106,151,280 Peterson, John 106,261 Peterson, Jon 139,207 Peterson, Kathryn 261 Peterson, Lillian 94,100 Pethtal, David 261 Petrillo, Dpnna 244 Petroff, Catherine 280 Petroff, Frank 63,116,207 Petteway, Steve 261 Pfautz, Linda 261 Pfautz, Richard 129,280 Pfeiffer, Brien 280 Pfeiffer, David 82,100,207 Phifer, Marcia 261,258 Phillips, Mary 244 Phillips, Michael 126,261 Phillips, Suzanne 280 Philopena, Ann 280 Philopena, Richard 244 Picciano, Anthony 208 Picciano, Patrick 280 Picciano, Valerie 104,261 Picini, Anthony 261 Picini, Michael 208 Pick, Elizabeth 113,280 Pieper, Paul 86,244 Pierce, Elizabeth 96,280 Pierce, James 208 Pierce, Robert 140,261 Pierce, Kathryn 88,208 Pierce, Stephen 109,280 Pierpoint, John 244 Piffner, Mariane 261 Pikrallidas, Mary 93,244 Pinckney, Brenda 88,90,208 Pinckney, Thomas 151,280 Piper, Stephen 280 Pisaro, Barbara 73,90,96,84,208 Pisaro, Brian 109,280 Pisaro, Jeffrey 139,244 Pitzer, Debra 208 Pluto, Valerie 92,125,244 Poage, Ellen 102,244 Poage, Peter 280 Pogge, David 281 Pogge, Roger 208 Poleman, Robert 208 Polifka, Christopher 245 Polk, Venus 105,261 Pomeroy, David 281 Poorman, Douglas 102,109,281 Pooton, Judy 125,245 Post, Dbbie 281 Post, Kevin 208 Potts, David 111,126,261 Powell, Linda 281 Powell, Margaret 104,261 Powell, Mary 83,87,90,208 Pramik, Mary 77,245 Pratt, Clinton 281 Preuss, James 281 Price, Marie 161,245 Price, Robert 261 Pritting, John 268 Prouty, Leslie 261 Pruitt, Robin 261 Puffenbarger, James 281 Puffenbarger, John 89,261 Pullman, Teresa 281 Pumphrey, Donna 261 Purvis, William 113,281 Pyatt, Pamela 88,111,261 q Quant, Gretchen 98,245 Quant, Lauren 105,123 Quarton, Barbara 261 Queen, George 245 Queen, Sam 261 Quinn, John 208 Quinn, Suzanne 245 Quinn, Thomas 147,281 Quinn, William 88,261 B Rafert, Portia 98,261 1 Rainey, Amanda 281 Rainwater, Charles 281 Ralston, Steve 147,245 Ramirez 93,98,245 Ramsay, Leigh 281 Randolf, Anne 261 Ranney, Peter 209 Kaposa, Caren 155,209 Ratliff, Melinda 84,209 Rainer, Miriam 96,98,245 Ratner, Mora 113,281 Rau, Angela 125,245 Rau, Lynne 158,281 Rayner, James 261 Rayner, John 126,245 Rea, Keith 129,281 Reed, Matt 11,1 Read, Matthew 261 Reaves, Roger 90,96,245 Recker, Ernest 209 Reece, Debra 209 Reece, Millicent 100,281 Reed, Brinson 209 Reed, David 281 Reed, Deborah 109,110,68,210 Reed, Mike 261 Reed, Sandra 113,281 Reese, Katherine 125,210 Reese, Laura 281 Reese, Patricia 261 Reeves, Barbara 261 Reeves, Emily 281 Reilley, Linda 125,261 Reinitz, Eric 261 Resch, Kathi 111,261 Rettig, Robert 109,151,261 Reynolds, Mary 281 Rhodes, Annette 75,246 Rich, Henry 261 Richards, Marcia 155 Richards, Gail 161,210 Richards, John 261 Richards, Patrick 281 Richards, Robert 126,147,261 Rickert, Gretchen 210 Richmond, David 261 Rieve, Donna 281 Rife, Jennifer 104,281 Rife, Wayne 88,151,210 Riffe, Maura 102,108,281 Riner, Jeffrey 246 Ripley, Alfred 103,281 Ripley, Martha 104.261 Rivard, Richard 86,89,94,246 Rivers, Thomas 246 Roberts, Pamela 86,246,248 Robertson, Lorell 210 Robertson, Reginald 281 Robinson, Douglas 246 Robinson, Jyl 281 Robinson, Reggie 102 Robinson, Sue 113 Rockwell, Neal 246 Rogers, Karleen 261 Rogers, Kelly 261 Rogowski, Sandra 106,281 Romaneski, Mark 210 Romaneski, Peter 281 Ropka, Lawrence 281 Rosas, Dawn 211 Rose, Elizabeth 262 Rosenbaum, Cynthia 281 Rosenbaum, Kenneth 126,151,262 Rosenberg, Carolyn 211 Rosenberg, Carolyn 211 Rosenberry, Thomas 116,211 Rosenkranz, Eric 129,281 Rosenkranz, Kirk 102,211 Roseto, Benjamin 262 Roth, Judith 82,91,211 Roth, Patricia 158,281 Royse, Bobby 52,116,129,139,211 Rouse, Jacqueline 101 Rudd, Gloria 211 Rusanowsky, Marcia 111,262 Rusanowsky, Paula 211 Roy, Richard 281 Ruff, Gary 246 Ruggiero, Stephen 93,246 Rush, Robert 211 Russ, William 246 Russell, Michael 108,211 Ryan, Kevin 147 Ryan, Kimberly 122,281 Ryan, Pamela 109,211 329 Black desolate moor. . . I bow before the buddha Lighted in thunder. (Kakei) A short summer night . . . but in this solemn darkness One peony bloomed. (Buson) Wanner, Tina 93,219 Ward, Katherine 104 Ward, Susan 283 Ware, Carolyn 94,250 Sacco, Janet 246 Sager, Babbara 246 Sager, Terry 262 Salke, Michael 211 Salke, Patrick 262 Salke, Steven 109 Salmon, Odessa 282 Salo, Keith 151 Sammons, Jon 116,246 Sammons, Mark 282 Sampson, Kathryn 75,84,87,88,246 Samson, Stephen 211 Sanderford, Catherine 246 Sanders, Scott 262 Sandlin, Jim 62 Sandman, James 86,92,97,211 Sandman, Peter 282 Santos. Linda 77,90,211 Santschi, George 262 Sasser, Nancy 282 Sasser, Sherrill 125,246 Saunders, Kenneth 246 Sauvaias, Nicholas 111 Savalas, Paula 87,111,262 Sawyer, Douglas 262 Sawyer, Laurie 282 Saxer, Jane 211 Scatchard, Glenn 262 Schaffer, Michael 116,212 Schaub, John 100 Schelhorn, Carlton 282 Schlam, Winona 113,282 Schlank, John 282 Schmitz, Cynthia 212 Schmitz, Leslie 212 Schrantz, Patricia 212 Schroer, Edward 246 Schroer, Sharon 106,282 Schuder, Gwyneth 212 Schuffert, John 282 Schuffert, Pamela 212 Schulke, Judd 89,247 Schultz, Yvonne 247 Schulze, Jeffrey 247 Schwab, Mark 282 Schwaner, Daniel 151,282 Schwaner, Janet 60,63,77,84,106,212 Schwartz, Laura 262 Scott, Valerie 94,262 Scribner, Deborah 106,262 Scribener, Tom 247 Scribner, Ruth 105,282 Scruggs, Jan 212 Searl, Fioyd 106,247 Seaton, Rhenda 262 Seddon, Roy 282 Segrist, Carolyn 247 Sen, Karen 66,84,123,212 Settle, James 282 Seward, Jeffrey 69,82,96,97,212 Shafer, Peter 247 Shafer, Robert 282 Shaffner, Pamela 282 Shaffner, Patricia 282 Shanahan, Edward 282 Shank, Peter 86,247 Sharp, David 109,110,212 Sharp, Mary 89,113,282 Shartel, Christopher 212 Shaw, Allen 262 Shawn, Douglas 76,83,96,212 Sheaffer, Ronald 108,282 Sheaffer, Jane 97,212 Sheaffer, John 100,247 Sheehan, James 262 Sheehan, Kathleen 104,247 Sheets, Kathleen 262 Sheridan, Jeanne 262 Sheridan, Mary 92,213 Sheridan, Stan 262 Sherman, Stephen 213 Sherry, Mark 111,213 Sherry, Victoria 282 Sherwood, Brian 282 Shetterly, Margaret 88,92,247 Sheya, Robert 100,282 Shifflet, Anne 111,262 Shinn, Karen 262 Shinn, Nancy 213 Shively, Leslie 262 Shlesinger, Mary 213 Shores, Clark 262 Short, Barbara 96,247 Showalter, Gregory 213 Shufflebarger, Cynth ia 113,282 Shumate, Judy 113,282 Sias, Sandra 262 Sibley, Norman 147,213 Siegert, Morris 247 Silva, Charles 213 Simmons, Mark 262 Simmons, William 214 Simon, Douglas 282 Simonard, Russell 113,282 Siminaro, Elisse 214 Simonds, Mark 109,282 Simonds, Scott 262 Simpson, Mary 86,93,104,123,214 Simpson, Robert 214 Sims, Rebecca 214 Singhass, Rita 214 Singletary, Jon 282 Singleton, Harriet 125,214 Sinn, Jeffrey 214 Sipes, Kelly 262 Sipes, Lisa 214 Sivertson, Keith 116,214 Skarra, Mike 214 Skarra, Stuart 147,282 Skeppstrom, Dale 247 Skibbie, Dana 262 Slatinshek, Mary 74,88,92,247 Slaughter, Bonita 247 Small, Harold 215 Small, Margaret 89,106,262 Small, Robert 282 Smith, Beth 98,247 Smith, Cathy 247 Smith, Craig 247 Smith, David 248 Smith, George 101,282 Smith, Gwen 262 Smith, Marion 215 Smith, Mark 215 Smith, Michael 109,282 Smith, Phillip 282 Smith, Russell 282 Smith, Sandra 93,98,248 Smith, Sheryl 95,248 Smith, Shirley 262 Smithwick, Susan 102,113,282 Smoak, Thomas 116 Snedeker, Keith 109,262 Smider, Teresa 103,109,282 Snyder, Robert 92,248 Soapes, Michael 93,147,215 Solem, Thomas 108,282 Sotera, Shelby 77,87,215 Sowers, Mayo 98,215 Spangler, Claire 215 Spanjer, Jan 282 Spencer, Robert 216 Spengler, Scott 248 Spittle, Donald 282 Spotwood, James 262 Staton, Gwyn 248 Stauffer, Jane 158,282 Stearns, Linden 216 Steele, Gregory 248 Steele, Sidney 129,282 Stegall, Frank 216 Stepno, Colleen 113,122,283 Stevens, Jim 147,262 Stevenson, Heidi 283 Stevenson, James 94,248 Stewart, James 262 Stewart, Robert 102 StGeorge, Deborah 216 Stockdale, Edward 91,99,100,216 Stocks, Rose 262 Stockton, Ernest 126 Stokes, Harvey 283 Stokes, Shauna 262 Stora, Frank 248 Stover, Joseph 262 Strauss, Deborah 109 Strauss, Tracey 97,262 Strickland, Louise 104,283 Strobel, Gene 96,283 Strobel, Russell 216 Strode, Dan 262 Stromberg, Deborah 90,216 Sullivan, Gary 216 Sullivan, Joseph 216 Sullivan, Patricia 262 Sullivan, Richard 130,132,151,248 Sunbury, Cynthia 120,262 Sunbury, Pamela 123,216 Sunder, Susan 216 Super, Suzanne 283 Super, William 248 Sutley, Mary 216 Sutton, John 262 Sutton, Michael 90,96,216 Swank, Raymond 263 Swank, Stephen 109,283 Swendenburg, Marcum 102 Sweeney, Melodie 216 Swiggard, Robert 83,90,263 Switzer, Ann 283 t Tabarini, Bernard 283 Tabarini, Carolyn 100,102,248 Tabb, Craig 263 Taibot, Laura 283 Tansey, Stephen 283 Tarabochia, Catherine 106,216 Tarpey, Barbara 79,96,216 Tarpey, John 283 Tastei, Robert 77,106,248 Tate, Barbara 283 Tate, Carol 62,84,88,103,217 Tates, Cheryl 283 Taylor, Carolyn 283 Taylor, Frances 113,283 Taylor, Mary 217 Taylor, Pamela 249 Tazelaar, Rebecca 249 Templeton, Robert 263 TerHorst, Margaret 217 Ter, Horst 263 Terrel, Sally 217 Terrell, Teresa 283 Thacker, Terry 217 Tharp, Chantal 263 Tharp, Diane 283 Tharp, Evelyn 283 Tharp, Sarah 283 Thomas, Ann 111,217 Thomas, Danny 147,249 Thomas, Gilbert 263 Thomas, Mark 283 Thomas, Peter 249 Thomas, Sara 283 Thomas, Steven 94,102,217 Thompson, Beth 126 Thompson, Elaine 263 Thompson, John 217 Thompson, Richard 263 Thompson, Stephen 263 Thornhill, Clare 94,105,218 Thornhill, Patrick 86,263 Thornley, Jon 283 Thorpe, Thomas 283 Tiedemann, Edward 97,99,218 Tierney, Janice 283 Timberlake, Barbara 53,92,218 Tisdale, Kim 263 Todd, Michael 106,151,263 Tontarski, Richard 87,249 Toomey, John 249 Toomey, Kathleen 218 Torbert, John 100,263 Totten, Joe 93,116,126,218 Totten, John 263 Totten, Teresa 249 Towle, Kathleen %,283 Townes, Mary 249 Traub, Michael 249 Travers, John 263 Trout, Katherine 98,283- Troy, Phillip 92,116,218 Tureman, John 93,218 Turner, Frank 263 Turner, John 102,218 Turner, Walter 108,111,218 Tyler, John 218 Tyler, Mark 249 Tyler, Mary 283 Tyler, Max 283 Tyler, Teresa 93,120,218 Tyson, Teresa 283 U Underhill, Lisa 263 Underwood, Janie 283 Uzoff, Angela 249 V Valiante, Marcia 89,249 VanCleave, Thomas 95,249 VanDemark, Diane 283 Van den Berg, Alan 106,263 Van den Berg, Mary 84,106,219 Vanderzee, Rein 126 Varner, Connie 109,283 Vaught, Mike 126 Vazquez, Valentine 219 Venezky, Donna 263 Vengloski, Denise 263 Vennell, David 219 Vennell, Vicki %,111,122,263 Via, Teresa 263 Vessely, Patricia 85,94,219 Vessely, Michael Ann 77,94,105 Vessely, Geraldine 88,94,263 Viau, Suzanne 283 Vincent, Kathy 219 Vinciguerra, Lucia 88 Vinciguerra, Tooty 263 Vinson, David 263 Vinson, Mark 102,283 Vitas, Mary 88 Vlahos, Virginia 249 Von Lewinski, Frederick 157,219 Von Schlemer, Gretchen 126,219 Von Schlemmer, Paul 131,263 W Wade, Thomas 147 Wagner, Don 283 Wainstein, Anne 73,84,88,94,250 Waldron, Mark 264 Wall, Laura 250 Walter, Marjorie 126,248,250 Walter, Michael 109,264 Walther, Susan 87,103,250 Wanner, Sarah 264 Ware, David 283 Waters, Misty 88,94,125,248,250 Waters, Sarah 103,264 Watkins, Channie 93,250 Watson, George 66,84,280 Watson, Richard 283 Waugh, Kevin 106,220 Weathers, Anthony 129 Weathers, Teresa 264 Weaton, Andrew 284 Weaver, Karen 220 Weaver, Melissa 113,283 Weaver, Sally 90,106,250 Webb, Charles 77,220 Webb, Constance 101,111,220 Webb, John 264 Webb, Mark 283 Webb, Saundra 161 Webster, June 250 Weidenhammer, Joan 250 Weinstein, Susan 105,283 Weissman, Ellen 84,90,96,220 Weissman, Robert 264 Weissman, Steven 220 Welch, Douglas 220 Welch, Mary 283 Welch, Mary 283 Welch, Richard 89,250 Welch, Thomas 283 Wells, Darrell 264 Wells, Deborah 106 Wessel, David 84,116,220 West, Christie 93,221 Westa, Teddy 100 Westbrook, Paige 221 Westerman, Andrew 147,283 Westerman, Jeffrey 151,264 Wheatley, Kevin 116,147 Wheatley, Thomas 53,116,147,221 Wheeler, Abby 250 Wheeler, William 147,284 White, John 116,221 White, Margaret’96 Whiteaker, David 250 Whitfield, Bob 102,221 Whitfield, Bonnie 250 Whitfield, Gary 284 Whitner, Elizabeth 125,221 Whitner, William 264 Whitson, Richard 264 Wick, Thomas 284 Wiegla, Mary 284 Wielga, Stanley 102,250 Wiemer, Kay 284 Wiggins, Phil 81,264 Wilcox, Bruce 96, 109,250 Wild, Mary 250 Wilder, Brian 221 Wilder, Cynthia 101,109,284 Wilgus, Linda 109,110,221 Wilhide, Glenn 147,221 Wilkes, Robert 221 Wilkes, William 251 Willard, Kenneth 221 Willhauck, Stephen 264 Wilhauck, Susan 108,109,221 Williams, Deborah 284 Williams, Judith 108,284 Williams, Mark 284 Williamson, Carla 284 Williamson, Kathryn 251 Willoughby, Brian 189,264 Willoughby, Micheal 106,221 Wilmer, Kay 113 Wilson, Cheryl 158 Wilson, Donald 221 Wilson, Jack 251 Wilson, Jonell 251 Wilson, Mark 113,284 Wilson, Mark 264 Wilson, Robert 251 Wilson, Thomas 129,284 Wilzer, Kathleen 221 Winnefield, Lea 93,222 Winograd, Charlotte 264 Winters, Julia 264 Wittig, Betty 251 Witting, Ned 84,92,222 Witzel, Karen 284 Woehrle, Helen 222 Woehrle, Robert 284 Woford, Charles 94,251 Wojtanowski, Ryan 106,222 Wolfe, Gary 77,90,96,222 Wolicki, Karol 87,106,264 Wolrver, Walter 264 Woodard, Dorothy.93,222 Woodruff, Kimberley 284 Woodson, Thomas 264 Woodward, Patricia 92,222 Woodward, Tracy 140,264 Woodworth, Nancee 222 Worden, Charlene 284 Worden, Jane 161,222 Worthington, John 99,100,251 Wright, Donald 284 Wright, Eleanor 91,251 Wright, Leslie 251 Wurzel, Donald 79,84,222 Wurzel, James 106,222 Wurzel, Robert 109,223 Wynekoop, Judy 61,86,223 330 Yance Etoila 93.109,223 Yates, Corinne 123,264 Yates, Michael 109,251 Ydeen, David 86 Yeardley, Patricia 109,110,223 Yeats, James 97,284 Yellman, Edward 284 Young, Colin 223 Young, Leisle 89 Young, Patricia 109,161,264 Young, Tyl 223 Younger, Robert 77,223 Younger, Terri 264 Zacharias, Andrew 251 Zacharias, Maria 264 Zavadil, Anne 89,251 Zellme r, Fredrick 284 Zenger, Kenneth 284 Zetterstrom, Karen 109,284 Zetterstrom, Mark 109,264 Zevin, Terri 86,284 Zimbro, Wade 284 Zimmerman, Kreston 251 Zimmerman, Teresa 104,264 Zwart, Andrea 264 Zwart, Melinda 94,264 FACULTY INDEX Adams, Augusta (295) English; B.A., M.A., Penn. State. Ahern, Leonard (85,300) French; B.A., U. of Me., M.A., C.W. French Club. Allard, Dwight (293) Business; A.B., N. Colo., M.B.A., Northwestern. Armstrong, James (307) Math; A.B., M.Ed., Boston Col. Math Club. Badgley, Jacqueline (318) Secretary. Baker, Emily (291) Guidance; B.S., M.A., W. Va. U. Sophomore Class. Balkman, Mary (319) Secretary. Barr, Marylou (295) English; B.A., Baldwin Wallace, Pep Club and Squad. Bashearas, Olamae (322) Traffic lady. Biehl, Jeanne (319) Secretary. Bishopp, Fred (103,314) Chemistry; B.S., U. Md.; M.S.T., Colby. S.E.A. Brenlove, Mildred (299) English; B.A., U. of Pittsburg. Bretting, Hazel (318) Secretary. Brock, Jennifer (294) Business; B.S., Radford; Drill Team. Buck, Penelope (296) English; B.A., Wm. Mary. Carter, Charles (295) English; B.A., Concord. Christiano, Stuart ( ) Asst. Principal; B.A., M.S., Bridgeport; D.E.D., U. Va. Clark, Herbert (317) Geography; B.A., Neb. State; Junior Class. Cochran, Alma (312) Girls ' P.E,; B.S. Radford. Cocke, Nancy (293) Business; B.S., M.S., Madison. Colna, Ted (116,126,210) Boys ' P.E.; B.S., M.A., G.W., Var. Baseball, JV Football. Combs, Jack (69,97,316) History; A.A., Santa Anna; A.B., Cal. St. Debate Team. Connolly, Gerald (291) Guidance; A.B., S.Ca., M.Ed., U. Va. Craddock, Kenneth (296) English; B.S., SE. Mo. State; M.A., U, Miss. Craig, William (301) French; B.A., Oberlin; M.A.T., Woater. Creneti, Frank (317) Geography; B.S., Bloomsburg, Wrestling. Crogan, Alyson (305) Math; B.S., W. Va. U. Crouch, Rebecca (307) Algebra; B.A., N.C Wesleyan. Crowe, John (306) Math; B.S., Idaho; M.Ed., Tuskegee Ins. Cummings, James (299) English; A.B., G.W.; M.A., Wisconsin, Folk Club. Dean, Eliabelh (297) English; B.A., Alburtus, Folk Club. Desmond, Ralph (305) Algebra; B.S., U.S.N.A., Rifle Club. DiFusco, Enis (308) Math; A.B., Pembroke; A. M., Brown Dingle, John (317) Government; A.B , Duke. Dunn, Edwin (292) Art; B.A., Tulsa. Dyer, Richard (316) History; A.B., B.S , SW. Mo. State; M.A., G.W. Extract, Carolyn (300) French; A.B., Wm. Mary, N.H.S. Eubanks, Janet (303) Home Ec., B.S., S. Dakota State, F.H.A. Efthemes, George (313) Biology; A.B., W. Liber¬ ty, JV Basketball. Finch, Patricia (294) Business; B.S., Madison, Tri-Hi-Y. Firkins, Mike (293) Business; B.S., V.P.I., Equip. Mg., Track. Forney, Ramona (290) Guidance; B.S., Iowa St.; M.S.,.Akron. Fourqurean, Joyce (294) Business; B.S., Radford. Fox, Ralph (322) Driver ' s Ed.; B.S.,Ed.; Kent State. Gassek, Edward (299) Drama; B.S.Ed., N.H.: M.F.A., Catholic U., Thespians. Gaudreaull, Laurent (313) Biology; B.S., Geo. Mason, Sophomore Class, Frosh Baseball. Gibbs, George M. (77,78,288) Principal; B.S., Wm. Mary; M.Ed., U. Va. Glazer, Jane (295) Journalism; A.B., G.W.: M.A., Stanford, Frontline. Gray, Doris (312) Girls ' P.E.; B.S., Madison. Gregory, Don (311) Boys ' P.E.; B.S., Springfield. Grizzard, Gyneth (294) Business; B.S., Madison. Grow, Ron (116,310) Boys ' P.E., B.S., W. Va. Football. Hall, Jane (300) Latin; A.B., Mount Holyoke; M.A., Md. U., Latin Club, Honor Society, Cross Country. Hancock, Celia (313) Biology; B.S., Mary Wash. Hannay, Suzanne (296) English; B.S., Albertus Magnus; M.A., Missouri. Henderson, Margaret (313) Science; B.H., S. III., M.S., Illinois; A.G.S., Md., Academy of Science. Hennig, LeeAnn (103,320) Planetarium Dir.; B. S., Md., Astronomy Club. Hensley, Bernard (317) History; B.A., Morningside; M.A., Am. U. Herczyk, Edward (116,160,304) Industrial Arts; B.A., Ariz. St.; M.A., G.W. Frosh Football, J.V. Basketball. Herndon, Gordon (315) Government; B.S., Pikeville, Model U.N. Hessler, Richard (313) Earth Science; A.B., W. Va., Chess, Stamp and Coin Club. Hinman, Jean (320) Librarian; B.S., Monmouth; M.S., Kansas St. Hinson, Randy (315) Government; B.S Clemson; M.S., G.W. Golf. Hughes, Beatrice (321) Finance Officer. Hyman, Mark (116,311) Boys ' P.E.; B.S., Auburn, Wrestling. Jacoby, Richard (304) Industrial Arts; B.S., Friends, Rocket Club. James, Robert (296) English; B.A. Davidson; M.Ed., U. Va , Turret, Johnson, Thomas (315) Geography; B.A. U.N.C.; M.A., Hampton; Freshman Class, Black History Week. Jones, Donald (70,130,311) Boys ' P.E., B.A., Am. U., Cross Country, Basketball. Keesee, Mollie (291) Guidance; Counselor; B.A., Madison; M.Ed., U.N.C., Exchange Students. Kladitus, Samuel (292) Art; B.A. Youngstown, Art Club. LaHue, Marsha (320) Librarian B.A., DePauw; M.S., Catholic U. Lawson, William (289) Asst. Principal; B.S., M.Ed., Wm. Mary. Layman, Orion (306) Geometry; B.A., Bridgewater; M.S., V.P.I. Levy, Paul (315) U.S. History; B.A., Niagara, Eu¬ ropean Tour. Lobdell, Marilyn (301) Spanish; M.A., Am. U. Ski Club. Long, Barbara (297) English; B.A., Allegheny. Lutes, LeRoy (308) Math; B.S., U.S.M.A.: M.S.T. Am. U. Lyons, George (289) Asst. Principal, B.S., M.A. E.C.U. Maher, William (317) Government; B.A., W Wash. St.; M.A., G.W. Manning, Paul (321) Dir. of Student Activities, B.S., Bucknell; M.A., U. Va. Mason, Anne (312) Girls ' P.E., B.A., Cal. St.; M.Ed., U. Va., Modern Dance, Tennis, Girls ' Basketball. Masters, Sherman (309) Math, Physics; B.S., Northeastern St. Mayer, Margaret (319) Secretary. McConahey, Kathy (299) English; B.A., Wiscon¬ sin; M.A., Columbia, Freshman Class. McGee, Anne (298) English; A.B. Meredith; M.A.T., Duke. Mclver, Cynthia (86,301) German B.A., Colby; M.A., Middleburg; Ph. D., Harvard, German Honor Society, Girls ' Crew. McKinney, Dorothy (321) Finance Officer. McLain, Charlotte (322) Data Processing. McPherson, Elizabeth (297) English, B.A., W. Md., M.A., Am. U., Keyettes. McPherson, Rita (297) English; B.A., M.A., St. Rose. Mergler, Clara (309) Math; B.S., Radford Miller, Dabney (313) Biology; B.S., Wm. Mary; M. Ed., U. Va. Monticone, William (304) Electronics; B.S., E.C.U., Crew Club. Moosavi, Mike (320) librarian; B S., D.C. Teach ers College. Moulds, John (305) Math; B.S., Missouri; M.A.. G.W., Hi-Y. Murray, John (310) Music; B.S., Potsdam, M.A., N.Y.U., Madrigals, Harmonettes. Nelson, Mary (302) French; B.A., G.W., A.A., Nelson, Mary (302) French; B.A., G.W., A.A., Idaho, French Honor Society. Nichols, Mary (298) English; B.A., G.W. Oliver, James (314) Biology; B.A., Atlantic Christian; M.S., U. Va. Paszek, Robert (311) Boys ' P.E., B.S., G.W. Pate, Winfield (306) Algebra; B.S , Southern A M College, S.C.A. Patrick, Dennis (316) U.S. History, B.A., N.C. Wesleyan. Peren, Victor (297) English; A.B., Tampa. Phelps, Clyde (315) Government; B.A., M.A., Utah. Pierotti, Robert (316) World History; A.B., M.A., Boston U., Senior Class. Poterfield, Bertie (322) Nurse R.N., Petersburg Hosp. School of Nursing. Rafert, Dorothy (318) Secretary. Rose, Joseph (94,298) English; A.B., Georgia, Jr. Civitans, Swim Club. Ruder, Karen (110,312) Girls ' P.E., B.S., Longwood, JV Hockey, Volleyball, Track. Schloemer, Carl (290) Guidance; B.A , Loras College; M.A., Catholic U., National Honor So¬ ciety. Seidel, Sylvia (299) English, B.A., Trenton Teach¬ ers College. Shaffer, Nancy (314) Chemistry; B.S., Chatham, Academy of Science. Shifflett, Virginia (293) Typing; B.S., Madison. Shivik, Judith (302) German; B.A., M.A., New Hampshire, German Club, S.E.A. Silverburg, Lititia (300) Spanish, Russian, B.A., Missouri, Russian Club, Honor Society. Smith, Warren (321) Distributive Education; B.S., V.P.I. Snyder, Ira (307) Math; B.S., U.S.M.A. South, Jonathan 3314) Physics; B.A., M.S., Penn., Audio Club, Campus Life. Stolfi, Henry (120,309) Math, B.S., U.S.C.G.A. Strickland, Helen (305) Math; B.S., Wake Forest; M.T.S., Wm. Mary, Junior Class, Cheerleaders. Sut tier, Adine (290) Guidance; B.S., Mary Wash., M.Ed., U. Va. Tansill, Robert (289) Adm. Intern; B.A., Bridgewater; M.Ed., U. Va., Key Club. Taxis, Violeta (300) Spanish; B.A., San Marcos; M.A., Catholic U., Spanish Club, Honor Society. Taylor, Rodney (47) Principal. Terrell, Leonard (292) Art, B.S., Va. St., Art Club, Turret, Follow-ups. Tesky, Edward 004) Mechanical Drawing; B.S., W. Va. Tech. Urso, Carmen (290) Guidance; B.A., Salem; M.A., W. Va. U. Vitt, Gretchen (130,303) Home Ec.; B.S., M.S., Radlord,F.H.A. Volkman, Ginme (301) Spanish; A.B., Wm. Mary, Fortress. Vretos, Constantine (314) Biology; B.S. Randolph-Macon; M.Ed., Wm. Mary, Tennis. Wagner, Bernadette (312) Girls ' P.E.; B.A., Kansas St., Gymnastics. Waldorf, Robert (291) Guidance; A.B., Missouri; M.A., Am. U. Walsh, Verne (302) Spanish, French; B.A., Bethany. Weiner, Diane (292) Art; B.S., S.U.N.Y., Art Club. Wells, Thomas (298) English; B.A., L.M.U.; M.Ed., U. Va., Forensics. Whitla, Jan (301) Spanish; B.A., Muskingum. Wickes, Frank (106,310) Instrumental Music; B.A., Deleware; M. Music, Miami U Majorettes, Band. Wilkinson, Edward (302) Spanish; B.A. Brigham Young. Willman, Donald (308) Math; B.S., U.S.N.A.; M.A., G.W. Willoughby, Arlene (140,318) Secretary. Wilsie, Fay (306) Math; B.S., U.S.N.A., M.Ed., U. Va. Wilson, Sally (298) English, B.A., Allegheny, Keyettes. Yellman, Eunice (319) Secretary. Young, Willis (144,316) Georgraphy; B.S.. M.A., Madison, Senior Class. Fever-felled half-way, my dreams arose to march again . . . Into a hollow land. (Basho) ' fsWtf:- ■ i n ' :• ; , ■ Th£ .legitimate object of government is to do for the people what ' needs to be done, but which they cannot, by individual effort, do at wiill fnr thpmselvps.— Abraham Lincoln The Senior Class of 1971 wishes to relay this message to all future seniors: No matter how successful you are or how many goals you attain we will always think of you as . . . underclassmen The Junior Glass wishes to extend it ' s condolences to all incoming Freshman and it ' s congratulations to all alumni. Always smile— It will please your friends and keep your enemies guessing what you ' re up to next. Ice cream cones best wishes The Sophomore Class L.T.D. ■. i The Class of ' 74 salutes the Class of ' 71, for next year we ' ll be Sopho¬ mores and you ' ll be Freshmen. The Fortress staff wishes to extend its gratitude and thanks to Robert Charles Studio for their superb contribution to the photography, including the outstanding Senior Class portraits. ' G Tv ’•■ •• ' « ■ ' V . .. Mr. and Mrs. Carl W. Belcher 7413 Burtonwood Drive Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Porter Butterfield 7416 Admiral Drive PATRONS Mrs. C.L. Beaven Hunting Towers West Building, Apt. 829 Col. and Mrs. George F. Harrington 1004 DeWolfe Drive Lt. Col. and Mrs. Samuel T. Rhodes (ret.) 7863 Southdown Road Mr. and Mrs. John J. O ' Keefe To all students, Jr. Civitans passes on these words: " What so ever ye would that men should do to you do ye even so to them. " ■ ' .VV ' ' ■ .v. • .7t;V : ■ . ' v- ' - Man of Galilee Mr. and Mrs. Merrill T. Kelly • ' s .e.: ; ■ ' . , .. Mr. and Mrs. Carroll S. Hinman Mr. and Mrs. Russell W. Freeburg Life is a paradox— Suzanne McLees May all your dreams develope DARKROOM style! Love, hugs, kisses, etc. B. Erwin Y. ' We promise to stay sober on the slopes. ' Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Campbell The Ski Club Mr. and Mrs. Jerald F. ter Horst Mr. and Mrs. James H. Lynch, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John S. McLees If you have an important point to make, don ' t try to be subtle or clever. Use a pile driver. Hit the point once. Then come back and hit it again. Then hit it a third time — a tremendous whack! — Winston Churchill with compliments, Lee Mangas Lt. Col. and Mrs. Arthur C. Harris Cdr. and Mrs. D.L. Edwards DAVID CASSIDY LIVES FOREVER!! — Pooka Mr. and Mrs. Horace D. Godfrey Col. and Mrs. Ralph K. Younger Keep on truckin ' — Jack King and Dave Stopper Mr. and Mrs. O. Henry Stromberg Col. and Mrs. G.T. Balzer U.S.M.C. . • Mr. and Mrs. John I. Morton ■ Hi-Y reminds the student body: ' Don ' t look back and regret, look forward and improve. " WK-1 " - f’tmiph ■ HOI 11 . He . MtDi Be ■ ' ' ■ • i BEN VENNELL Dockside Sales, Inc. 104 S. Union Street Alex., Va. 765-4110 Phone 768-8849 the Jean Jack georgetown bethesda aspen hill Washington maryland maryland alexandria Virginia The Village Hardware Hollin Hall Gulf Mamie Oyster ROUTH ROBBINS REAL ESTATE Riverside Atlantic Service Station 1914 Elkin Street Alexandria, Virginia To answer thou best pleasure . task Ariel and all his quality. Ariel Book Shop 205 King Street Alexandria, Virginia 22314 Hollin Hall Cleaners 7932 Ft. Hunt Rd. A.B.C. Hobbies Woodlawn Hardware 8752 Richmond Highway phone: 780-6639 Just because you ' ve graduated don ' t leave books behind. The Village Book Store Hollin Hall Shopping Center Best Wishes and a thank you Horizon Bookshop 601 King Street Alex., Va. 22314 Village Beauty Salon phone: 765-1144 Shakey ' s Pizza Parlor We Serve FUN—(also pizza) Tot ' s and Teens Why Not, Inc. 200 King St. Alex., Va. 22314 To Dare is to Care Future Homemakers of America Unity and Spirit makes for a better school —Pep Club Russian has three strong principles: perhaps, somehow, and .never mind. —Russian Club Col. and Mrs. Derwood A. Barker (ret.) Tranquility, serenity, peace. Mary Jan Eagers Unconquered. A dream is never deferred. It always evolves And in one form or another It must prevail. Man ' s imagination and hope bring the dreams But man ' s desire brings about the utopia. If the dream is repressed, it must explode. Man lives and thus he finds a way. INVICTUS MARCH FROM HUNGER 340 " Some men see things as they are and say why, I dream things that never were and say WHY NOT. ' Robert Kennedy rw n n an an i 13321 ; : inr ' 3W " —! 341 from the ai But if they we again be United States Department of the Interior OFFICE OF THE SECRETARY WASHINGTON, D.C. 20240 Dear Michele: I have just had an opportunity to read the October 16 edition of FRONTDINE, including the outstanding article reporting that you have been named by the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors as a student member of the county 1 s Environmental Advisory Commission, g To use your own words, this recognition does indeed represent " an achievement for students in getting recognition they deserve, Achievement of a wholesome, quality environment is a goal toward which all Americans regardless of age -- must work in harmony. It will be a great adventure to accomplish these tasks together. As I see it, there are no high school or university campus issues any more -- only community i ssues. Student involvement has swept the American educational system into the mainstream of American life. The nation is your classroom and your responsibility. You have become a powerful factor in most issues involving the public good. Your thought on national issues is urgently needed. Not because you have all the answers. But because the youth of today have a fresh approach and, above all, have a deep concern for human values. Use your muscle correctly and you can turn this nation and eventually the world towards those values, I don T t ask the youth of America to be quiet. I ask you to be committed -- committed in terms of a lifetime. Together we must claim the confidence that solve the challenges of our times. 4|8S»pi@ v ■ " § 1 r " 1 ’ M ' V, ' - m They know you cannot ’’add water and stir " and solve , i | % r ,-... ’■ ■..... ■ ' ! .! »-■-..» ' % the ingrained prejudice and indifference of people, the c3K?SI?5r , S3f f the idhe t r 1 ditiesJran tlve des¥cfration of our natural environment. Maturity, in the sense of effective social change, has very little to do with age When change is found difficult, the immature turn to violence, or they drop out. The mature dig in. erely, yours Miss Michele Frome President, Fort I-funt Students for Environmental Action Club Fort Hunt High Sdhool 8428 Fort Hunt Road Alexandria. Virginia 22308 I, for one, find the student mood and movement at a most hopeful stage. There is a depth of maturity entering into it -- a bigness of understanding which puts to shame some of the thinking I hear coming Ujf ■ ... jjr 4j. from other quarters. Many of the youth of today have learned that change is not an instant thing. tots for • ... 4,,... Environmental Action are exhibiting this maturity and positive approach to solving problems, and I . want you to know you have my suppor -- for your cause. husiasm J ' v-N. ■ . . i If you could read my mind, love What a tale my thoughts could tell Just like an old time movie ' Bout a ghost from a wishing well In a castle dark or a fortress strong With chains upon my feet Story always ends If you read between the lines You ' ll know that I ' m just tryin ' to understand . . . Gordon Lightfoot You are asking me questions and I hear you, I answer that I cannot answer, You must find out for yourself Walt Whitman WBttk ; ■•■ ' rf. |g $g55% WiMS8M« - picture on pages 16-17 used with permission of the Atomic Energy Commission. poem on pages 6-17 is " Dream Deferred " by Langston Hughes c1959 Alfred A. Knopf, Inc. picture on page 347 courtesy of " Flying Angels, " 101st Airborne Division article on pg. 134 used with permission of the Gazette November 16, 1971 song on page 348 " If You Could Read My Mind, Love " used with permission ol Northern Songs, Ltd. Cover design by Jan Eagers. picture on preceding page photographed by Bob Younger. 352 imm® wkWmm fill mmm A-rwil. . ■ , . ;? ;k ■ .■; ■?.; " !■,;■.• ' • ' wife :f . V;

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