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Text from Pages 1 - 152 of the 1964 volume:

' ) The Fortress Fort Hunt High School Fairfax County, Virginia Volume I, 1963-1964 i o • ' 2 Introduction This first edition of The Fortress has been published for the benefit of the school and its community. In it we have tried to capture the atmosphere of the school— its happy moments, its frustrations, and its rewards. Instead of using words to show the life of the school, we let pictures speak. The picture has not been glorified. Instead this picture of Fort Hunt shows 1963-64 as we lived it day by day. In hopes that it will bring to mind many pleasant memories we, The Fortress Staff, present this yearbook to you. There were moments for ... building ... planning ... and organizing. Till I individual instruction ... and a lot of hard studying. There were moments ... to hurry ... to wait ... and wait . and wait .. a nd wait ... and wait. There were moments ... to sing to dance ... to cheer ... to play Index Administration.8 Faculty.13 Classes. 22 Juniors. 24 Sophomores. 46 Freshmen.66 Organizations.. Sports. 106 Features. 130 Patrons. 144 to be cheered ... and to be just plain tired. 7 A d m ! n ■ ! S t r a t ■ i o n GEORGE M GIBBS Principal Mr. Gibbs, a native Virginian, attended Duke University and earned his B.S. degree at William and Mary College in 1949. From 1943 to 1946 he served in the Navy. He received his masters degree in secondary school administration from the University of Virginia in 1954. Mr. Gibbs taught mathematics and physical education at Groveton High School where he later became assistant principal. In 1962 he was appointed principal at Groveton and served in that capacity until his appointment to Fort Hunt High School in the spring of 1963. 8 A d m ■ i n ■ Mr. Kley, the Assistant Principal of Admin¬ istration, received both of his degrees from George _ Washington University, his B.S. in physical edu- S cation in 1948 and his masters degree in 1951. For eight years, Mr. Kley was a football and 4 " basketball coach in Washington, D.C. He was athletic director and assistant at Lee High School. r At Groveton High School he taught physical edu¬ cation until he became assistant principal. He pa came to Fort Hunt High School in the summer of 1963. ■ I o n FRANK C. KLEY Assistant Principal Mr. Davis, the Assistant Principal for In¬ struction, received his B.S. from Indiana State College, Indiana, Pennsylvania, and his MA. from George Washington University. He served as a teacher and as an assistant principal in the Arlington County School System. Before coming to Fort Hunt, he was director of the Flint Hill Private School in Fairfax County. S. JOHN DAVIS Assistant Principal 9 Guidance A d m e i n 9 S s t r a t « i o n FRED ADAMS Director of Guidance George Washington Univ., B.S., MEd. ESTELLE CHAMBERS 11th Grade Counselor Oklahoma College for Women, B.ME. JOHN CREIGH 9th Grade Counselor Indiana State College, B.S., MEd. CARL SCHLOEMER 10th Grade Counselor Loras College, B.A. Catholic Univ., MA. 10 Librarians Nurse MARY KURTZ Head Librarian PENCELIA DAKAN Assistant Librarian LOTTIE BAILEY Secretaries A d m • i n ■ i s t r a t ■ ! O n 11 BUS DRIVERS 13 NITA BOGART Purdue Univ., B.A. English I English CATER CHAMBLEE Wofford College, B.A. English II GERALD CONNOLLY Dept. Head Univ. of South Carolina, A.B. Univ. of Virginia, MEd. English III MILES HIGGISON Wake Forest College, B.A. English III HAROLD MYLER West Virginia Institute of Technology, A.B. English I 14 English 1 t y JAMES PATTISALL, Jr. Univ. of Virginia, B.A. English II SHIRLEY ROPER Texas Woman ' s Univ., B.S. Arkansas St. Teacher ' s Coll., M.S. Drama, Public Speaking BETTY LOU SPRUILL East Carolina College, B.S., MA. English I MARGARET TAYLOR Boston Univ., B.S. Syracuse Univ., B.E. Reading JANE WATKINS Univ. of Hawaii, B.A. Univ. of Mississippi, MA. English II III 15 LL (003 Social Studi c t y DAVID BLEVINS Madison College, B.S. World Geography BERT B. COHEN Dept. Head American Univ., A.B. Univ. of Maryland, MA. History JOSEPH GORMAN Univ. of Tennessee, A.B. History BERNARD HENSLEY Morningside College, B.A. American Univ., MA. History RICHARD KEELY Maryland Univ., B.A. World Geography GEORGE LYONS East Carolina College, B.S., MA. History 16 Foreign Languages TINA CACCIAPAGLIA Dept. Head Mary Baldwin College, B.A. Spanish JANE HALL Mount Holyoke College, A.B. Latin EVELYN McKENNA Bethany College, B.A. Kent State Univ., MA. German, French I t y MARY D. NELSON Univ. of Idaho, B.A. French JUDITH PRATT Grove City College, B.A. F rench MARGARET SOUTH Converse College, A.B. F rench 17 cosm c o po n Physical Education 1 t y H. BRUCE SMITH Director of Physical Edu¬ cation, Health, and Athletics Univ. of Illinois, B.S. Columbia Univ., MA. JAMES CRAWLEY Lynchburg College, B.A. George Peabody College, MA. Physical Education TED COLNA George Washington Univ., B.S. Physical Education DOROTHY S. DUNCAN Assistant Athletic Director Brenau College, B.A. Physical Education HELEN WOOLFOLK Madison College, B.S. Physical Education 18 Mathematics MARGARET BOWDEN George Washington Univ., A.B. Geometry, Math ERMAN HARTMANN California State College, B.S. Algebra, Math i t y W. STANLEY LAWSON William and Mary College, B.S. Algebra, Geometry ORION LAYMAN Bridgewater College, B.A. Virginia Polytechnic Inst., MS. Math, Geometry PETER LIWSKI U.S.MA. West Point, B.S. Univ. of Virginia, B.S. Geometry WILLIAM MACDONALD U.S. Naval Academy, B.S. Geometry, Math MARY RHODES Univ. of Tampa, B.S. Algebra WILLIAM ROBERTSON Dept. Head Bridgewater College, B.A. Univ. of Virginia, MEd. Intermediate Advanced Math 19 COS) " H F lence WILLIAM BERRY George Washington Univ., B.S. Biology FRED BISHOPP Dept. Head Univ. of Maryland, B.S. Chemistry RICHARD HESSLER West Virginia Univ., B.S. Earth Science CHARLES HOLT Hampden Sydney College, B.S. Chemistry JAMES OLIVER Atlantic Christian College, B.S. Biology, Science 9 NANCY WEBSTER Purdue Univ., B.S. Biology 20 Business GEAN MARTIN Madison College, B.S. Typing, General Business a c u ROBERTA RATZSCH Dept. Head Seattle Pacific College, B.A. Columbia Univ., MA. Shorthand, Typing y Art CLAIR CHRISTY Wichita State Univ., B.ME., MME. Band WILBERT KING Indiana State College, B.S. Choral Music Music Theory PHYLLIS BARTON Kansas State Univ., B.S. Home Economics C. CLINTON GREEN East Carolina College, B.S. Mechanical Drawing LOYE KUOKKA Florida Southern College, B.S. Univ. of Florida, MEd. Art 21 clctsses Mrs. Estelle Chambers Junior Class Counselor Junior Class Council Row 1: H. Hutchins, P. Stehling, J. Shumway, A. Pfeiffer, E. Feddersen, S. Brock, C. O ' Neale, P. Tierney, C. Catchpole, M Connell, L. Buck, T. Jefferson, J. Queen; Row 2: K. Kirk, L. Fimiani, J. Schafer, C. Booth, N. Wright, B. Myers, J. Gainer, B. Burleson, D. Pruitt, G. Culbertson, E. Lenhardt, J. Roxbrough, S. Davis, I. Murray. 24 Karen Kirk, Treasurer; Jeff Schafer, Vice President; Ives Murray, President; Patricia Stehling, Secretary. As the 1963-64 school year opened, the Juniors were faced with the many responsibilities of a new school. We have been, in effect, two classes, Juniors in grade and Seniors in responsibility. Choosing class leaders was a difficult task; however, we took it in stride. We ordered class rings, took college boards, and planned for a successful prom, setting many firsts for the classes to follow. May we always remember our past endeavors with pride and look forward to our future—beyond graduation 1965. 25 Randall Abbott Shearon Acree m Geoffrey Adams Robert Adams John Almond Carol Ames John Anderson Arthur Aenchbacher Martha Aim on Juan Aviles Richard Andrews Mary Angel William Antonelli Frederick Ayers Suzanne Bach Cleveland Baker Mark Baker Patricia Baker Susan Baldwin Ralph Bane Carl Barnes 26 Paul Barry Marsha Bathurst Edward Bautz Jay Beall Paul Beighley Susan Bentley Beatrice Bernat Miriam Bernat Susan Billings Dale Bell Daniel Bird Linda Blaisdell Ronald Blout Please! I ' d rather do it myself! 27 n % i o r Dianne Bona Theodore Bollinger George Bodkin Arthur Booth Gail Boyd Patricia Brewer Ken Brill Karen Brinckmann Judith Bonner Robert Brand Patricia Boynton Susan Brock Jeffrey Bryson Barbara Burleson Bonita Brownell Anne Brown Malcolm Browne Jerry Caldwell Sallie Callahan Pamela Carlock Elliott Caldwell 28 Margaret Carr Margaret Carlson Cynthia Catchpole Pamela Ceresi Charles Chambers Kelly Chance Wesley Chappel John Christensen Candace Clark Joan Clark Hey! They ' re giving away free lollipops at the Seven-Eleven. Cheryl Coates Gary Clifton Philip Coe Gay Coletto 29 Christopher Cornwell Madeline Connell Michael Cornell William Coulter Patricia Cowgill Gene Culbertson Linda Cushwa Donna Daugherty Michael Davenport Arthur Davis Thomas Danowski Sharon Davis Gerald Davis Keith Davis Eric De Groff Roderick Dennehy Preston Coulter James Danowski Jane De Frees Joy Deranek 30 Donald Desmond Robert Dougherty Betsy Easton Karen Dinser Mary Lou Dirhan Gulp! You say they ' re biology specimens? u n « s o r s Ruth DueFrene James Duncan Robert Durrance Susan Einbinder Barbara Elefante Harold Ellrod Donald Essex Kenneth Estes John Elliott 31 u n e i o r s Lee Fimiani Sharon Evans Nancy Fairhurst William Farrell Emily Feddersen Nancy Fisher Kenneth Fleming Albert Fogleman Gary Foley James Ford Paula Freeman Carol Gainer James Gainer David Galentine John Gibbs Susan Gentry Patricia Glass H 4 [IS ht Jr .1 Even if I do say so myself, I do take a good picture. 32 Thomas Goade John Godley Carlinda Goering Pamela Goers Sharon Goers Richard Goodfellow Richard Goodman John Grant Michele Gunderson Cheri Haaheim Bruce Haddan Gilda Gray Bennett Grieb Paul Hadfield Bonnie Hall Dane Hall Ellen Hammersley Sharon Harn Marjorie Harris Frederick Hansen 33 When you can’t brush after every meal . . . Cleveland Harvey Ann Headstrom Laura Hellwig Linda Hellwig Linda Heady Charlotte Hicks Larry Hicks Wayne Hicks Cheryll Hoover rr M Andrew Hoffman Benjamin Haskell Theodore Hess Bruce Hilburn Anderson Hotchkiss 34 Richard Houck Kathryn Irwin Tom Jefferson Irene Kabler Holly Hutchins Charlton Hynds Christy Howard Guy Hugunin Robert Howell Carol Houston Judith Hower Linda Ivey Gillian Jaffe Marsha Jarvis Lucinda Keller Terry Kamerer 35 u n m i o r s Susan Kelsey Stephen King Larry Kingery Karen Kirk Paul Klaasse Charles Kneyse Gregory Knowles Kristin Knudsen Priscilla Koons Patricia Kougias Patricia Kravitz Holly Kring Kevin Koster Cynthia Livengood Betty Loveles s 36 Susan McGovern David McKeen Howard McComas Diane McQuade Judith Mample Richard Mample Susan Manola Sven Mason Jennifer Means i- W Mr Steven Marks Glen Martin Randall Meyer 37 u n a i o r s Ann Miller Sandra Milosovic Charles Minor Marcia Minervino John Miniclier Kathleen Misdom JoAnn Misslbeck Larry Mock Diane Morgan John Morgan Glenn Morris Michele Moure Susan Moysey Carole Munsey Vicki Murph Ives Murray Linda Mustyan Boyd Myers Donald Neitzey David Muth Freda Nazeer 38 James Norwood Dee O ' Keefe Dale Oliver Carol O ' Neale James Oseth Mildred Packard Robert Persons Stephen Pease Karyn Pendleton What did you say about pouring water into acid? Andrea Pfeiffer Harry Phillips Steven Pieper Bruce Pinnell 39 David Pruitt Martha Powell Carole Price Edward Pringle James Queen John Quinn Ernest Ragland Jay Rainey Vicki Rasmussen Ann Reinecke Christopher Renaud Richard Ritter Henry Robinson Thomas Rose 40 Wilbur Sanders Susan Satterwhite What ' s the matter, can ' t you even draw a straight line? J u n R I O r s Sherry Segrist Cynthia Shaw Michael Shaw James Shumway Marcie Smith Mary Simmons Betsy Small 41 David Speck Mary Lee Smith Waller Smith Lynne Smoke Linda Spinks Diane Sprague Dwight Squires Elizabeth Stanford Mark Staton Patricia Stehling Randall Stein Kent Stephens Sally Stewart Timothy Stewart Nancy Stiff Elizabeth Strickler 42 J u n Patricia Thompson Mark Tankersley Gayland Taylor Duane Tenney Betsy Tierney Patsy Tierney Christine Timberlake Allen Todd Kevin Twomey I just love these chemistry experiments! Gary Vitt Alan Vollmer Theodore Walker 43 Karen Waugh Sheri Wathen Cristy Watt Michael Watts Jon Weissman James Welch Lucy Westover Gretchen Whitney Jeanne Wild Gregory Williams Richard Williams Edward Williamson Nancy Wineland Alana Witherow Ben Wood Edward Wright William Yearick Mary Yost Cynthia Young 44 45 Sophomore Class Council Row 1: D. Carson, C. Sprague, B. Trexler, G. Gullette, G. Turner, T. Duel, M Barber, M Politte, S. Russell, T. Vaughan, M Ranney; Row 2: J. Bishop, D. Baker, D. Finlayson, J. Gillie, L. Nylen, D. Boone, J. Cheal, J. McDill, J. Vandervort, J. Anderson. The Class of ' 66 began its first year at Fort Hunt High School with 313 students in its ranks. With the election of officers and a Sophomore Council in November, we started planning a year full of activities. Our first activity was to obtain funds for the treasury through a paper drive; decal sales followed to supplement our income. This initial money was used to finance our other activities. Believing that an active year is beneficial to establishing a class spirit, we have undertaken a full program of activities. We hope that our participating fully will insure a better rising Junior Class. 46 THE CLA Thomas Vaughan, President; Gretchen Turner, Secretary; Terry Duel, Treasurer; Michael Ranney, Vice President. Mr. Carl Schloemer Sophomore Class Counselor Mr. James Pattisall Sophomore Class Sponsor 47 C CD O 30 IT DO 0) Bonnie Abbott Dorothy Alexander Vance Allen Mary Sue Almond Craig Anderson Harold Arbogust Kirsten Arentzen Bonnie Armbruster Gary Armstrong Kathryn Ayers Mike Bach Donald Baker Mary Baldwin William Balkman Margaret Baran Marilyn Barber Linda Baron Kay Barricklow Kathryn Barton James Battle 48 Kenneth Beckman Diane Beebe George Behlmer Donald Bertsch David Biondi John Bishop Daniel Bishopp Terrence Bollinger Wilfred Boone Ella Booth P h o m o r e s Sharon Bryan Carolyn Burch Joe Burdette Roderick Burke Douglass Burnes 49 CO (DnOBOJISO CD Marian Burrill Willis Bush Gary Butler Sally Campb ell Cathleen Caporaletti David Caporaletti David Carmola Deborah Carson Patricia Carter John Chappelear Sallie Chase James Cheal Thomas Chilcutt Gary Chovanec Dee Ann Christensen Susan Cissel Carol Clark Artelyn Clarke Courtenay Clifford Patricia Cobb Michael Coffman 50 Carolyn Coleman Carter Connerat Link Counts Richard Covert Carol Covington o p h o m o r e s Donald Davis James Demetroulis Cynthia Ann Dewey Samuel Dickens Ann Dieffenderfer Anne Marie Donehoe Patrick Donnelly Gerald Dudley Terry Duel Joseph Edwards Patricia Elsaesser Sharon Esposito Nancy Evans Jonn Everett Joan Farnum 51 ox d-io3ottdo CD Gale Favarella Evelyn Ferrand Douglas Finlayson William Fleming Nancy Floyd Priscilla Fraley Eleanor Frank Judith Gallahan Scott Gibson Jere Gillan Jan Gillie Jay Gimelli Diane Ginn John Goudy Mary Grady Valorie Graham David Grandinett David Green Janet Green John Greenlee Marilyn Grier Marcia Griffin Camilla Grove George Gullette Anne Hall Eleanor Hall Alice Hanlon Laura Hardbower Melinda Hardin Carol Hare 52 Barbara Harris Michael Hart William Hartung Leon Harvey William Hatch Leslie Henderson James Henry William Henzey Andrea Hepburn Gary Hesaltine Linda Higgason Sandra Hill Andrea Hinman Stephen Hird Cheryl Hizer Robert Hoke Susan Holden Larry Holton John Horn Michael Horrell Valerie Howells William Howzdy Brian Humbrecht Marcia Hunicutt Gayle Huston Kaye Irvin Laura Jarvis Michael Jashinski Bruce Jenson Robert Jordan 53 if) o GljzQ£0 - D ( )OQ.x:oEO D( ) Susan Keith Robert Keniston Mike Kenworthy Kathie Kerns Wayne Keyser Gail King Patsy Kinnaird Charlotte Kirshrot Thomas Kissam Lisa Knudsen Deborah Koch Sarah Kosmacki Christopher Kougias William Kuencer Walter Kuencer Lucy Lamond Leonard Lawhorne Ann Lesher Patricia Lewis James Livengood 54 Clyde Locke Gary Long James Lyness Frederick Lyon Richard McBride James McDill William MacDonald Barbara McNett Charles Mack Sarah Madden Sidoux Magruder Gary Maier Christine Malnerich Emelia Marcellino Sheila Malone Douglas Markham Lynda Marsh William Marshall Richard Mason Charles Martin 55 0)(D-iO3O JT)0( ) ( a -5o3oir’OQCJ) Constance Maust Michael Melugin Charles Mewshaw Susan Meyer Stephen Mial Paul Miller William Miller Dorothy Mitchell Clarence Monroe Sandra Moore Jeanne Morse Suzanne Moure Paul Murphy Christine Naczkowski Sandra Nath Donna Newman Frank Newman Marsha Nicholson Bruce Norris Howard Norton Jeffrey Olsen Andrew Orenge Kathleen O ' Rourke Christopher Page Thomas Page Timothy Page Richard Parker Sandra Parks George Patterson Kim Peterson 56 Pamela Pieper Louise Pierce Marianne Politte Paulette Powell Patricia Purcell Mary Putnam Timothy Quinn Barbara Ragland Michael Ranney Albert Readyhough Pamela Redd Gail Reed Lindsey Rehmeyer Vivian Robles Anthony Robson Paul Roderick Richard Roper Patricia Rowell Suzanne Russell Yvonne Sansom Richard Schaal Bruce Schroeder Walter Scott John Seab Joseph Seab Mark Segura Vicki Setliff Patricia Shafer Peggy Shannon Nancy Shaw 57 O 30 JI30 (D 0 cd- ' O3o:t " uo(D Linda Smith Sarah Smith Patricia Snavely Michael Spencer Carolyn Sprague Michael Stallo Patrick Stanaski Malcolm Sterling Laura Summers Donna Svitzer Iris Swartz Carol Swavely David Sweitzer Deborah Talmage Drusilla Taylor 58 Brian Tenney Karen terHorst Marilane Thacker Barbara Trexler Patricia -Turk Gretchen Turner John Vandervort Thomas Vaughan Patricia Veal Patricia Voyles Richard Walker Susan Ward Anne Weathers Stephen Webb Emily Weeks Mark Wheatley Thomas Whitmarsh Wayne Whitmarsh Bonnie Willgoos Michael Wilkenson 59 OKD iOBOTDOCD o p h o m o r e s Anne Williams Joyce Williams Janice Withers Jack Wojtanowski William Woodard Jon Worden Michael Yon Linda Young Constance Zacharias Theodore Zook 60 61 Cn(D O3OITT5O0) Mr. John Creigh Freshman Class Counselor Mrs. Jane Hall Freshman Class Sponsor Freshman Cl ass Coun Row 1: C. Kenney, B. Waggenheim, D. Hauer, L. Ordoyne, B. Murph, N. Long, C. Blakeney, S. Russell, S. Greenhill, M Creighton, L. Worthington, V. McComas, V. Evans, D. Sigleo, W. Ecker; Row 2: L. Parks, W. Armstrong, R. Davis, M Palmer, C. Conley, S. Weissman, B. Patter¬ son, G. Senner, M Jarvis, S. Myatt, E. Stewart, B. Porter. 62 Virginia McComas, Secretary; Steven Weissman, President; Brian Porter, treasurer; Mark Palmer, Vice President. The Fort Hunt High School Graduating Class of 1967 has em¬ barked on a " do-something " high school career. So far, we have actively participated in many school projects, including: the Magazine Campaign—in which we are not only led in total subscriptions, but the two homerooms leading in sales were also from the Freshman Class; the Intramural Activities—largest number of participants in the initial Intramural Program at Fort Hunt High School; the Student Government—through our 9th Grade Council, we have contributed to the development of the total school program at Fort Hunt. Despite problems of construction and incomplete facilities, our Class has had two successful group activities this year: the Ninth Grade Superstition Dance on Friday, March 13, 1964, and the Class Picnic. With an eye to the future and with the experience of past per¬ formance, the Graduating Class of 1967 should certainly far surpass the expectations of the present upper-classmen. Anticipating many future honors for our Class and fellow students, we are earnestly looking forward to being the first Graduating Class to have complete d all four years of our high school program at Fort Hunt. With the assistance of our very patient Class Sponsor, Mrs. Jane Hall, we feel confident that we shall reach our objectives. 63 D (D 3 3 CD CD r Lynette Abel Catherine Aenchbacher Jeffrey Andrews Pamela Andrews John Antonelli Wilham Armstrong Stephen Arnhart Terrance Bach Barbara Baker Victoria Baker Andrew Baldwin Ellison Banks Bruce Barrett Michael Bates William Battison Susan Baughan Hugh Beazley Christine Blakeney Anthony Bly Thomas Bollinger Richard Boren Timothy Boyd Evelyn Boynton Kathleen Brehony John Bridges Bruce Brill Patricia Brindley Gregory Broadhurst Christine Brown Ivy Brown Richard Brown Stephen Brown Thomas Brown Michael Bruggeman Richard Brush Joseph Bryson Ann Buchanan Chris Burleson Denny Burns Francine Burton Robert Bush Benjamin Byrd 64 Susan Calafato Robert Campbell Thomas Casberg Gary Caumont Frank Ceresi Peter Certa John Chadsey Stephanie Chambers Robert Chance Margaret Chappel Angela Chase William Chatfield Patrick Cheatham Constance Choate Karen Christensen Jane Clarke Janice Cobb Walter Colbert r Robert Coleman Charles Conley Cathleen Cook Phillip Corn Robin Crabill Elizabeth Cravens Mary Ann Creighton Jane Cronin William Croom Diane Curling John Curry Stephen Cywin Charles Daniel John Danowski John Danyew Alan Davenport Donna Davies Elizabeth Davies Susan Davies Robert Davis Michael DeCandio Bruce Dell Thomas Dinser Louis Dirhan 65 □ 03 3-00 r e s m e n Diane Dodge William Donnelly Michael Dougherty Lynn Douthwaite Brien Downing William Dripps Jeralee Duff Richard Dundas Donna Eanes William Ecker Bruce Edwards Karen Eltzroth Joseph Evans Virginia Evans Gene Everett Linda Ewing Sharon Fairhurst Sandra Fanning James Farmer Kathleen Ferriss Robert Fimiani Steven Finlayson Mary Finney John Ford Marjorie Ford Jo Ann Fowler Martha Fraley Christopher Frazier Elaine Friis Jeffrey Fulton William Gardner Moira Garvey Robert Godman Daniel Goers Catherine Goeser Jeffries Goodwin Diane Greenhill Elizabeth Grove Paula Haff Catherine Hagen Barry Hall Leslie Hall 66 Lynne Hall William Halsted Susan Harder Wendy Harn Linda Harris Stephen Harris Thomas Harvey Dean Hauer John Havill Louis Heilbron Alyce Hellwig Holly Helton John Hempstead George Hernholm Thomas Herrell David Hesaltine Marc Hess Craig Hillis r e s m e n Thomas Hines Jeanne Hird Bruce Hockman Alan Hoffman Christine Hogan Barbara Hoke William Hoke Herbert Holdsambeck Clara Holladay Alan Holland Michael Hoover Charles Hopkins Mary Houston Deborah Hower Charles Hudson Thomas Hughes Lynne Hutcheson Sue Hynds Gary Ingram Barbara Ivey Martin Jarvis Warren Jepson Patricia Jeskey Norma Jett 67 r e s m e n Charles Jones Kenneth Jones Stephanie Joy Kenneth Kanline Thomas Kaye Joseph Kelly John Kennedy Mary Kennedy Colleen Kenney Marilyn Kilgore Bruce King Ella Kirk Wayne Kirschbaum Herbert Kirshrot Marie Kissam Martha Klaasse Constance Knowles Susan Kofler William Koons Stephanie Kopp Janet Kougias Marjorie Laird Kenneth Langlotz Linda Langlotz Mauro Lanzisera John Lea Eleanor Leo Roy Letsen Linda Lewis Susan Lewis Douglas Linn Cheryl Livengood Quentin Lloyd Richard Lockett Nancy Long Kelley Lott Kenneth Lucas Virginia McComas Penelope McCurry Patricia McGovern Joyce McGuire Patricia McKenzie 68 Kathryn Mann on Henry Manson Teig Marco Anthony Marshall Pamela Martin Therese Martin Kent Matthews Nikii May Clarence Melugin Deborah Mewshaw Theodore Michaelis Katherine Miles Gail Miller Margaret Miniclier Janet Misdom Karen Mogan Timothy Monan Thomas Moore Danielle Moriarty Donna Mowery Carolyn Moy James Mullen Becky Murph Kevin Murphy Linda Muther Susanne Myatt Sherrie Nantz Kathryn Neitzey Joan Nemeth Patricia Newman Sara Newman Kathy Newpher Ann Nickeson Christine Norris Candace Norton Bruce O ' Dell Deborah Oja David Olsen Laura Ordoyne Edward Orenge Catherine Page Lochlin Page 69 B(Ol[(DC Z5 CD 3 3 " W © Susan Page Campbell Palfrey Mark Palmer Larry Parks Mary Parris Stacy Parrott Anita Parsons Brian Patterson Elizabeth Patterson Thomas Patterson Sidney Pedersen Michael Pelletier Susan Phillips Barbara Pierce Charles Pikrallidas Nancy Pinnell Brian Porter Gemma Powell Jackson Prentice Bonnie Procter Elizabeth Putnam Sara Queen Sue Rafert William Rawson Patricia Ray Sandra Ray John Resch Daniel Rich Patricia Ritter Patricia Rivard Pamela Roberts Shawn Robertson Jimmy Robinson Michael Robinson Bonita Rollins Stephen Rosenberg Linda Rothwell Lee Roxbrough John Roy all Karen Russell Sandra Russell Bruce Ryker 70 . Hi Edward Sakas Karen Salo Martha Sams Rebecca Samuel Robert Samuel Susan Saul William Sax George Schuck Ellen Schwariz Charles Seab Charles Segrist George Senner David Sert Jewell Shaffer Suzanne Shaffer Cynthia Shaw Richard Shawn Steven Sheffield John Shelton Joseph Sheya James Shields Robert Shiflett Linda Shipman Deborah Sigleo Michael Simpson Robert Sims Carl Slagle Donavon Smith Dwight Smith Kathleen Snavely Hattie Snell Steven Sotera John Spencer Jan Stanaski Pamela Stark Duncan Stearns Craig Stevens Elizabeth Stewart Robert Strayhorne Mary Symmes Stephen Szadokierski Marianne Tate 71 Q) if) JZ £ 0) C 0) (0 -C £ CD C r Robert Temple Leon Tenney Ella Thackston Alan Thompson Deborah Thorpe Steven Tiller Madeline Timberlake Ronnie Tobias James Trexler Michael Valdes Janice Varner Sharon Vincent Kathleen Wade Dane Wagle Kurt Wagner Linda Wagner Mary Jo Walker Ann alee Wallace Betsy Wangenheim Normandie Ward Stephen Weigel Steven Weiss man Anne Welch Mark Welch Rigena Wells Linda Weston Kay Whitney Cheryl Williams Evelyn Williams Robert Williams Ralph Wills Lloyd Wineland Patricia Witherow Jere Wood Ronald Wood Douglas Woodward Stephanie Wooton Linda Worthington William Wright Fred Young Willow Young John Zearfoss 72 73 □ c Supplement Diana Carter Nancy Cox Jacqueline Deets Darnell Dunn Linda Buck Suzanne Gary Susan Henry Judy Jarman Jock Martin Catherine Faught Michael McGovern John Randolph Scott Sheffield Murray Smith Patt Smith Kristina Tabb Mark Williams Pam Williams Charles Woodward ! O r s Juniors Not Pictured Judy Feuerriegel Gary Green Charles Manson Douglas Pinnell Susan Ross Roberta Schmid Lee Trumbore 74 Supplement Sophomores David Anderson Peter Besson Judy Bressler Charles Dusek Alan Gray Garner Haney Melvin Harder Andrew Johnson Janet Mclnturff Louise Nylen Marsha Snyder Sophomores Not Pictured Richard Davidson David Grundman Mike Landi Nelson Najjum James New Michael Orem Richard White Patrick Williams Freshmen Marianne Benson Paul Doerflinger Suellen Dusek Mary Hall John Halperin Donna Hardin Mark Herbert George Ingersoll Clark Kobey Linda Lyman Paul Mahefky Woodrow Mials Cynthia Paige Cheryl Walker Robert Zearfoss 75 mm 76 77 Student Sovernment Officers Row 1: L. Hicks, Treasurer; S. Bowden, Sophomore Vice Chairman; R. Dennehy, President; J. Weissman, Ju¬ nior Vice Chairman; J. And¬ rews, Freshman Vice Chair¬ man; K. Smoke, Secretary; Row 2:. Mr. Gorman, Fac¬ ulty Sponsor; Mr. Davis, Ad¬ ministrative Sponsor The Provisional Student Government (PSG) was the product of the summer work of a Student Steering Committee—24 elected representatives of the three classes that were to enter Fort Hunt in September. The Steering Committee established executive committees headed by its members but made up of interested students, including a Con¬ stitutional Committee which wrote the Provisional Constitution for the Fort Hunt Student Body. The Provisional Constitution included the Steer¬ ing Committee as a part of the PSG under the name of the Student Council, the executive body. The Steering Committee ' s officers became the Student Council officers of the PSG and its committees continued to function. The PSG was under the executive direction ot its officers, Chairman, Vice-Chairman for each Class, Secretary, and Treasurer, and of its com¬ mittees: Activity, Arts and Bulletin Boards, Con¬ stitutional, Building and Grounds, Finance, Hos¬ pitality, Publications, and Public Relations. The legislative and more largely representative council was the Student General Assembly, to which each homeroom sent a delegation having one vote. The PSG also established an Activities Council for the clubs ' representation and an Academic Council Row 1: S. Bowden, K. Smoke, R. Dennehy, J. Weissman, J. Andrews; Row 2: S. Kosmacki, N. Evans, R. Andrews, D. Oliver, C. Seab, T. Duel, E. Leo; Row 3: K. Barton, J. Worden, S. King, H. McComas, E. Williamson, G. Butler, G. Turner; Missing from pic¬ ture: W. Armstrong, C. Con¬ ley, L. Hicks, M Hall, S. Harder 78 Student Government Delegates Row 1: S. Harn, D. Bell, N. Evans, K. Kirk, J. DeFrees, K. Neitzey, P. Andrews, J. Withers, C. Hogan; Row 2: S. Finlayson, M Smith, A. Carlton, R. Wells, C. Hofler, W. Harn, W. Young, J. Beal, J. Svitzer; Row 3: B. Down¬ ing, D. Lanigan, J. Gillie, C. Seab, J. Worden, N. Ward, E. Caldwell, S. Pieper, G. Butler; Row 4: S. Shef¬ field, C. Harvey, M Jashin- ski, P. Cheatham, M Ranney, G. Everett, D. Hempstead, M Valdes, T. Hess; Missing from picture: L. Jarvis, L. Knudsen for co-ordination of phases of our academic life. The Administration established a Cafeteria Coun¬ cil made up of officers from the PSG and the classes. The PSG functioned until it had established the enduring student body organization—the Fort Hunt Student Co-operative Association. Among the student government-sponsored ac¬ tivities this year were the sale of victory tags for football games, a successful magazine campaign, several bake sales and sock hops, and a March of Dimes Drive. Plans for the future include participation in conventions and leadership con¬ ferences throughout the state. Fort Hunt benefited from the establishment of a provisional student government for its student body. From the efforts and goals, the mistakes and successes of the first year, a foundation was laid for a strong and rewarding SCA. The stu¬ dent life during most of 1963-1964 may not have been entirely unified, may not have been ex¬ tremely active, but the elements of unity and action were realized as the Fort Hunt students became the Fort Hunt Student Body, able to call itself a Student Co-operative. Alternates Row 1: J. Royall, V. Mc- Comas, C. Hynds, M Min- ervino, T. Martin, L. Hall, P. Goers, C. Hare, D. Bert- sch; Row 2: E. Banks, D. Smith, K. Twomey, T. Boll¬ inger, E. Hammersly, M Tankersley, T. Bollinger, G. Maier, E. Schwartz; Row 3: B. Porter, M Harder, P. Stehling, M Powell, G. Knowles, M Almon, K. Barton, W. Gardner; Row 4: S. Tiller, D. Pruitt, E. Pringle, J. Bryson, C. Hopkins, D. Baker, G. Gullette; Missing from pic¬ ture: C. Choate, D. Svitzer, A. Lesher, S. Bryon 79 Activity Council The chief function of the Activity Council has been the co-ordination of the various clubs of the co-curricular program. Once a month the Activ¬ ity Council met with rep¬ resentatives from each club to direct the efforts of the organizations to¬ ward a mutual goal. An essential part of the plans of the Activity Coun¬ cil this year was the chartering of the clubs. The goal was finalized with an impressive cere¬ mony giving the rights of corporation within Fort Hunt High School to the clubs. Other plans for school-wide activities were made and co¬ ordinated at the meet¬ ings. Row 1: N. Ward, G. Martin, D. Oliver, Chairman; C. Hofler, Secretary; A. Carlton, G. Boyd; Row 2: K. Smoke, E. Caldwell, C. Hogan, D. Tenney, A. Holland, J. Weissman, J. Queen, H. Kabler, D. Bell. Academic Council The Academic Council was organ¬ ized to further promote academic studies at Fort Hunt High School. It is an organized student tutoring pro¬ gram made up of representatives from each of the honor societies. The Coun¬ cil aids those students having trouble learning and provides a teaching ex¬ perience for advanced students. The Academic Council is also planning seminar programs for students interest¬ ed in certain subject areas. J. Weissman, M Gunderson, S. Einbinder, Secretary; E. Wright, Mr. Connolly, Sponsor 80 The Fortress Wishing to produce a record of the colorful activities of Fort Hunt ' s busy and exciting first year, the staff of the fortress set about to publish Fort Hunt ' s first yearbook under the guidance of Miss Ratzsch and Mr. Robertson. The business committee began by collecting the money necessary to finance this undertaking. During tne sports seasons, the photographers were busy taking action shots of the various games. Then the class committee went into action when the time came for class and faculty pictures to be sorted. As clubs were formed, the clubs and organizations staff was kept occupied writing articles about each group ' s activities. Bit by bit, the sections were completed. It was then the job of the layout committee to assemble the sections, and gradually the first edition of the fortress emerged in its present form. EDITORIAL STAFF: P. Stehling, S. King, L. Ivey, S. Brock, K. Smoke Row 1: P. Kougias, C. Haaheim, A. Aenchbacher, V Murph, P. Stehling, S. Brock, L. Ivey, K. Smoke, J. Schafer, P. Barry, R. Meyer, J. Morgan, S. King, Miss Ratzsch, Co-sponsor; Row 2: M Yost, B. Easton, S. Moysey, E. Booth, J. Fowler, E. Sch¬ wartz, C. Price, T. Duel, D. Beebe, N. Shaw, P. Elsaesser, S. Shaw, M Thacker, D. Mitchell, S. Brockett, P. Koons, P. Glass, C. Hynds, K. Arentzen, Mr. Robertson, Co-sponsor; Row 3: J. Means, D. Bona, K. Little, S. Moysey, C. Munsey, C. Brown, S. Campbell, L. Nylen, L. Brown, K. Barton, M Carr, M Burrill, C. Young, S. Kosmacki, L. Fimiani, K. Wain, D. Carson, M Almon, J. Edwards, B. Baldwin; Row 4: M Houston, L. Weston, V. Howells, R. Adams, E. Stanford, J. Green, B. Ragland, N. Evans, A. Williams, K. Irvin, G. Turner, T. Baxter, W. Rawson, G. Hugunin, D. Finlayson, M Smith, C. Kneyse, D. McKinney 81 The Front Line The Fro fit Line staff worked hard this year to fulfill its purpose by fostering accurate and modern writing and reporting, by heightening scholarship and good sportsmanship, by com¬ municating directly with all student activities, and by supplying a forum for student opinions and ideas. Foremost, was the desire to follow the principles of good journalism. Although the staff was handicapped by the lack of school time for newspaper work, many successful ed¬ itions were publisned. Staff members participated in the annual Columbia Scholastic Press As¬ sociation Convention in March at Columbia University in New York City and in the Southern Interscholastic Press Association ' s April con¬ vention at Washington and Lee University. Many long hours of hard work were spent in an attempt to produce a newspaper of which the entire stu¬ dent body could be proud. Editors J. Harris, Circulation Editor; S. Pieper, Art Editor; A. Pfeiffer, Feature Editor; Mr. Higgison, Co-sponsor; D. Bell, Editor-in- Chief; Mrs. Wawkins, Co-sponsor; M Smith, Business Manager; J. Lyness, Sports Editor; P. Meyer, Print-Shop Contact Row 1: P. Meyer, R. Meyer, S. Pieper, P. Tierney, D. Bell, M Smith, A. Pfeiffer, J. Harris, J. Lyness; Row 2: S. Hynds, V. Howells, M Temple, K. Kirk, C. Price, D. Beebe, B. Armbruster, P. Andrews, L. Baron, S. Gary, C. Clark; Row 3: J. Heard, P. Coulter, B. Haskell, R. Goodfellow, D. Squires, J. Goudy, P. Murphy, B. Keniston; Row 4: J. Rainey, D. Galentine, G. Gullette. 82 The Turret The Turret, the art-literary magazine, is pub¬ lished twice a year to provide an outlet for arid encourage creative writing and art among our students. The staff is chosen by the sponsor from ap- § lications made at the end of the school year. tudents are placed on either the art or literary staffs according to their interests, experience, and talents. The staff selects from articles submitted by students those which are most indicative of the interests of the general student body with the purpose of making the magazine a cross-section of the literary and artistic talent of our school. Let ' s try it again. Row 1: M Bernat, P. Kravitz, C. Naezkowski, S. Einbinder, B. Ab¬ bott, S. Milosovic, N. Ward; Row 2: W. Young, S. Magruder, C. Goeser, L. White, Mrs. Kuokka, Sponsor; P. Voyles, L. Weston, P. Rivard, K. Barricklow Rick Andrews, Keyette Club Sweetheart Keyette Club Keyette members had a very successful season of activities during this, their first year of existence. Major events, recorded in the club ' s history, in¬ cluded the composition of by-laws, acceptance by Keyette National, and participation in the Keyette National Convention early in April. Members assisted the Key Club with their fall woodchopping project by the contribution of much needed moral support. Delicate Christmas cards were made and presented to all faculty members by the Keyette Club. In celebration of St. Valentine ' s Day, club members traveled to St. Elizabeth ' s Hospital to present a variety show. Late in March, Easter lilies were sold by club members in nearby shopping centers. Supplemented by several social functions, the year proved to be noth busy and rewarding as we fulfilled our purpose of serving the school and community. Row 1: A. Carlton, Historian; C. Hofler, Vice President; D. Bell, President; J. Beal, Secretary; L. Buck, Treasurer; Row 2: C. Cresswell, C. Hynds, D. Johnson, S. McGovern, 84 T. Duel, B. Armbruster; Row 3: K. Smoke, P. Stehling, K. Knudsen, Mrs. Webster, Sponsor; E. Hammersley, G. Boyd, K. Kirk Key Club " Responsibility to community, school, and self in accordance with our motto ' We Build ' " is the basic goal of the Key Club. The members who are quite active in all areas of school life, show unbounded ability and great enthusiasm—two factors beneficial to the school, community and the individual member. The Fort Hunt Chapter became affiliated with Key Club International in the fall of ' 63 under the direction of Mr. George Lyons, sponsor. To raise funds, the members cut firewood and sold it throughout the community. With their sponsoring unit, the Mount Vernon Kiwanis Club, they sold Christmas trees. They donated the Christmas tree to the school and along with the Keyettes took part in a variety show at St. Elizabeth ' s Hospital. Dale Oliver was elected Secretary-Editor of Division 10 of Key Club. In March the members attended the District Convention in Richmond, Virginia. Pat Stehling, Key Club Sweetheart Row 1: H. McComas, Treasurer; R. Andrews, Vice Presi¬ dent; D. Oliver, President; C. Harvey, Secretary; S. King, Project Chairman; Row 2: M Harder, B. Meyers, R. Dennehy, J. Shumway, J. Weissman, C. Tankersley, J. Svitzer, R. Goodman; Row 3: A. Booth, J. Martin, E. Wright, S. Sheffield, R. Meyer, M Smith, D. Bird; Row 4: T. Vaughan, G. Butler, Mr. Lyons, Sponsor; G. Vitt, J. Anderson 85 National Honor Society Row 1- E. Wright, M Almon, J. Weissman, A. Carlton, J. Schafer; Row 2: D. Oliver, S. Gary, L. Baron, J. Worden; Row 3: Mrs. Chambers, Mr. Schloemer, Mrs. Watkins, Co-sponsors N.H.S. sponsors a Faculty Tea The Henry J. Hunt Chapter of the National Honor Society was organized by transfer members of the National Honor Society and National Junior Honor Society under the guidance of Mrs. Watkins. It quickly integrated its proposed programs into the academic life of Fort Hunt by working with the SCA Academic Council, planning for honor and tutoring pro¬ grams and for a scholarship plan, and enlarging its membership. Membership is based upon scholarship, ser¬ vice, leadership, and character—as determined by what teachers say about an applicant, by wnat the applicant ' s records reveal, and by what he tells about himself. While sophomores are eligible for provisional membership, juniors and seniors are active members. The Mount Vernon Senior Honor Society officially installed our chapter on February 18, 1964, as the group was enlarged to 39 members. The goals of the Honor Society include the support of the standards for membership, of honors and seminar programs, and of high goals in academic life. Row 1: S. Brockett, J. Green, M Grady, S. Kelsey, B. Armbruster, C. Houston, S. Davis, T. Duel, C. Cresswell; Row 2: H. Martin, M Pollite, S. Esposito, J. DeFrees, G. Schummers, M Smith, C. Goer- ing, C. Price, J. Lyness; Row 3: D. Bovet, D. Grandinett, T. Hess, D. Bird, P. Beighley, C. Seab, F. Lyon, P. Seab, R. Svitzer, H. McComas French Honor Society Excellence in the pursuit of knowledge of the French people and their language is the basic goal of La Societe Honoraire de Francais. The Societe is characterized by the active interest in the French language as generated by its members. Upon receiving a charter from La Societe Honoraire de Francais, Mmes. Nelson and South developed the idea of such a societe in their classes. After careful review of past records in both French and all other subjects, selection was made of the charter members of the Societe Honoraire de Francais of Fort Hunt High School. These students were inducted in an im¬ pressive ceremony conducted by the sponsors, Mmes. Nelson and South. It was at this ceremony that the members came to realize the responsibility which they accepted by becoming members. In essence they would be ambassadors of France to the United States. Future projects of the Societe Honoraire de Francais include the viewing of French films, discussion in French with people from France, the attendance of the Societe at speeches given at the French Embassy, and an attempt to broaden knowledge of France in a seminar-type program. Generally, the Societe Honoraire de Francais is a broaden¬ ing of the horizons of its members in the French language. Row 1: M Smith, Kter Horst, L. Suiter, A. Carlton, B. Arm- bruster, C. Cresswell, J. Ly- ness, Mrs. Nelson, Co-sponsor; Row 2: Mrs. South, Co-spon¬ sor; D. Oliver, E. Wright, D. Carson, D. Bovet, J. Weiss- man, H. McComas, D. Bird A. Carlton, Vice President; Mrs. South, Co-sponsor; D. Bovet, President; Mrs. Nelson, Co-sponsor; B. Armbruster, Treasurer; C. Cresswell, Secretary German Honor Society The small core of present German honor students are laying the founda¬ tion for next year ' s activities. Under the leadership of Mrs. McKenna, the club will be a society of honor students who will study German culture to form¬ ulate programs to teach other German students about German life. The German Club will be initiated next year and will be open to any student studying German. Its purpose will be to help students understand German culture. P. Redd, M Kenworthy, B. Boykin, W. Whitmarsh Spanish Honor Society The Miguel de Unamuno Chapter unofficially came into being with the selection of fifteen out¬ standing Spanish students. These students not only had to have an above-average level of achievement in Spanish, but they had to have a satisfactory average in all other subjects. Because of a lack of previously inducted members, the new initiates took part in the planning of the March inductions and other activities. With the help of its sponsors, Miss Cacciapaglia and Miss Tucker, the Spanish Honor Society hopes to rovide recognition for outstanding achievement y students studying Spanish and to promote Hispanic studies. Row 1: J. Bonner, S. Mc¬ Govern, S. Einbinder, Rep¬ resentative to Academic Coun¬ cil; J. Withers, N. Floyd, S. Bowden, S. Davis; Row 2: Miss Tucker, Co-Sponsor; P. And¬ rews, Secretary-Treasurer; T. Duel, J. Clark, P. Beighley, President; D. Green, Vice Presi¬ dent; T. Bollinger, G. Gullette, Miss Cacciapaglia, Co-Spon¬ sor 88 National Thespians Society Devoted to the advancement of dramatic arts in secondary schools, the Fort Hunt branch of the National Thespian Society received a charter and began to lay the groundwork for progress at Fort Hunt. Membership is awarded for merit¬ orious achievement in the field of drama. Although the basic activities of the Thespians has been the establishment of troupe foundation, the troupe has worked in conjunction with the Drama Department to produce a set of one-act plays. V. Howells, Treasurer; J. Weissman, Vice President; K. Twomey, President; J. Bressler, Scribe Row 1: Mrs. Roper, Sponsor; V. Howells, C. Timberlake, K. Two¬ mey, J. Weissman, J. Bressler; Row 2: C. Catchpole, W. Smith, A. Fogleman, P. Williams, R. Williams, W. . Keyser, I. Murray, G. Gullette, I. Swartz Debate Club Meeting after school between September and February, the Fort Hunt Debate Club prepared for the annual tournament under the guidance of Mr. Bert Cohen, sponsor. The club was accepted into the Northern Virginia Debate League and was placed on the District schedule with the other schools. The national topic for 1964 was, " Re¬ solved: Social Security benefits be extended to include complete medical care. " Preparation started with extemporaneous speeches about topical subjects and exhibition debates by the more experienced members. Drills were conducted on basic procedure and strategy, and the members learned the art of cross-exam¬ ination through interrogation practice. At the same time, individual and group research was done on " Medicare. " As the season approached, a delegation of eight debaters attended the George Washington University Conference. Fort Hunt participated in scrimmage debates with five Fair¬ fax and Arlington schools. Shortly before the first match, fourteen Fort Hunt patrons qualified as judges. During February ana March, Fort Hunt ' s Varsity and Junior Varsity debated at Edison High, in the Debate Tournament held there. Mr. Cohen, Sponsor; L. Young, Secretary; H. McComas, Presi¬ dent; T. Hess, Vice President; G. Schummers, Treasurer Row 1: J. Withers, J. Bressler, M Grady, D. Muth, J. Queen, E. Wright, M Temple, A. Pfeiffer; Row 2: W. Henzey, C. Swavely, B. Small, K. terHorst, M Politte, C. Covington, K. Knudsen, G. Knowles; Row 3: G. Behlmer, E. Sakas, B. King, A. Smith, J. Battle, J. Seab, F. Lyon, I. Murray VARSITY DEBATE TEAM—Negative: I. Murray, T. Hess; Chairman: L. Ivey; Affirmative: H. McComas, J. Queen Debate Club JUNIOR VARSITY DEBATE TEAM—Negative: G. Schummers, D. Muth; Affirmative: A. Smith, W. Hensey J. Queen, H. McComas, K. Knudsen, D. Muth Chess Club Row 1: G. Martin, Vice President; D. Tenney, President; Mr. Liwski, Sponsor; Row 2: L. Tenney, E. Pringle, R. Brand, R. Fimiani, A. Holland, R. Shiflett, B. O ' Dell H 1 v- fit M . i Mr flHv Ch The Chess Club was form¬ ed this year with the idea of improving each member ' s playing technique and also to determine the better play¬ ers. Non-players were en¬ couraged to join the club to learn how to play. Plans for next year include tourna¬ ments between schools. Folk Music Society Even though a good hootenanny is the main product of the Folk Music Society, this organiza¬ tion affords other opportunities to the student body. Besides spreading folk music throughout the school, the members are learning new and various types of folk music, how to develop a definite style technique, and they are increasing their repertoire. Plans for the year included a Junior Day Hootenanny as well as other Hootenannies. Clinics in development of instrument playing as well as song appreciation are offered to develop scope. Row 1: B. Baker, Secretary; Mr. Blevins, Sponsor; E. Caldwell, Activity Council; Row 2: M Baker, President; J. Bryson, Vice Pres¬ ident; E. Williamson, Sgt.-at-Arms Row 1: E. Schwartz, J. Fowler, S. Ray, P. Glass, M Mnervino, S. Hynds, B. Ivey, L. Ordoyne, J. Oseth, G. Schummers, K. Chance, K. Irwin, G. Miller; Row 2: J. Zecca, V. Rasmussen, K. Vogel, E. Williams, M Simmons, J. Misdom, M Temple, T. Michaelis, L. Vogt, S. Moysey, B. Wood, D. Miller, M Joseph; Row 3: B. Small, M Sherburne, C. Hogan, D. Mowery, G. Whit¬ ney, D. Dodge, T. Zook, D. Carmola, D. Galentine, P. Cheatham, C. Jones, C. Daniel, J. Bryson; Row 4: B. Dell, P. Kravitz, N. Ward, L. Lyman, C. Cornwell, J. Gillie, E. Bautz Greg Schummers and Steve Webb play for the Debate Club. " O.K., but then after that song I wanna do Beethoven ' s Sonata for Har¬ monica. " 92 International Relations Club The Interna¬ tional Relations Club was formed this year by stu¬ dents who are in¬ terested in foreign affairs and cur¬ rent issues. In February Col. Ralph Van- dervort, Special Advisor to the Sec¬ retary of Defense, spoke of the in¬ fluence of Con¬ gress on foreign policy. Plans also called for more speakers to talk on other topics of interest with the aid of the lan¬ guage depart¬ ment. The mem¬ bers also hoped to initiate Interna¬ tional Week to promote student interest in foreign countries. Row 1: B. Small, C. Clark, Vice President; K. Misdom, Secretary-Treasurer; N. Ward, Activity Council; W. Young; Row 2: P. Young, K. Vogel, D. McQuade, F. Nazeer, E. Stanford, N. Wineland, J. Zecca; Row 3: G. Boyd, D. Bird, E. Nelson, K. Kanline, J. Queen, L. Tenney, H. Martin, W. Rawson, P. Andrews Science Club Row 1: A. Hepburn, A. Holland, President; C. Clifford, Secretary-Treasurer; R. Brown; Row 2: C. Seab, D. Green, W. Miller, G. Butler, J. Resch The Science Club ' s main ob¬ jective is to stim¬ ulate thought, re¬ search, and ex¬ perimentation in the fields of sci¬ ence. With Mr. Bishopp as the sponsor, they have had access to the chemistry lab and different types of materials. The club ' s activities during the year in¬ cluded a talk by Dr. Harvalick on " Scientific Odd¬ ities, " a field trip to see the 40 na¬ tional winners of the Science Talent Search and sev¬ eral " Star Nights " to observe dif¬ ferent items in the sky. 93 C. Hofler, President; Mrs. Bowden, Sponsor; K. Smoke, Vice President Pep Club Bake Sale Pep Club In the fall a committee of five was named to take charge of the immediate duties necessary for the establishment of this organization. At a later meeting officers were elected, and they promptly began to formulate the processes of developing a strong Pep Club. Due to a late start in most extra-curricular activities, the Pep Club was somewhat restricted this year in carrying out all of its plans. Never¬ theless, many students worked diligently to pro¬ vide decorations and " victory letters " for the football games and to sponsor " victory weeks. " The club made and sold victory tags, provided stuffed effigies for pep rallies, and in general helped to instill school spirit which is urgently needed in a new high school. The Pep Club also had some bake sales with a different highlight - selling cakes representative of specific holidays. The biggest project of the Pep Club this year was the spring production of our Teacher-Student Talent Show. Row 1: L. Vogt, S. Stewart, N. Schreiner, K. Ayers, M Minervino, V. Rasmussen, " R. Levey, J. Deets, B. Ivey, J. Msslbeck, C. Gainer, P. Glass, M Griffin, S. Bowden, N. Nicholas, K. Irwin; Row 2: J. Fowler, S. Moysey, E. Williams, P. Brewer, K. Snavely, G. Turner, B. Armbruster, T. Duel, D. Beebe, M Dirham, M Barber, N. Evans, S. Brockett, B. Trexler, J. Gallahan; Row 3: P. Snavely, P. Carter, V. Howells, D. Thorpe, D. Hardin, P. Elsaesser, N. Shaw, M Thacker, S. Shaw, E. Stanford, G. Boyd, D. Johnson; Row 4: P. Pieper, P. Stehling, V. Murph, K. Knudsen, D. Oliver, M Timberlake, L. Hutcheson, M Chappel, D. Sigleo Pep Club E. Feddersen, Treasurer; P. Shafer, Secretary; B. Brownell, Sgt.- Bonfire before Fort Hunt-Mount Vernon football game at-Arms; L. Ivey, Activity Chairman; B. Ragland, Publicity Chair¬ man; E. Hammersley, Finance Chairman Photo Club Row 1: Mr. Hensley, Sponsor; G. Hugunin, Treasurer; T. Jeff¬ erson, Secretary; D. Hall, Vice President; C. Kneyse, President; B. Pinnell, Publicity Chairman; W. Hartung, Program Chairman; Row 2: D. Smith, R. Goodfellow, W. Coulter, B. Small, S. Bach, M Sherburne, D. Green, J. Greenlee, W. Rawson The primary purpose of the Photo Club is to promote a more exten¬ sive interest in photo- f raphy among its mem- ers and other students of the school. The club ' s secondary aim is to raise funds from various proj¬ ects to equip the dark¬ room of FHHS. The Photo Club has had entertaining slide shows by various mem¬ bers of the organization, trying to pick up pointers on taking good pictures. Other club activities included sponsoring a Photo Contest, taking pictures at the various school dances and sponsoring entertaining movies for the whole school concerning the various techni¬ ques of photography. Below: Mr. Hensley gives the club some pointers on taking pictures. Rocket Club Row 1: J. Queen, Activity Council; M Kenworthy, S. Pease, Vice President; E. Nelson, President; J. Gainer, Secretary-Treasurer; E Pringle, A. Aenchbacher; Row 2: J. Stanaski, M Smith, E. Sakas, W. Fleming, Q. Lloyd, D. Bertsch, S. Page; Row 3: M Robinson, T. Moore, R. Samuel, H. Beazley, J. Seab, H. McComas, M Valdes Ric k Nelson and Steve Pease explain how rockets are launched. Rifle Club Scientifically minded students compose the Rocket Club of Fort Hunt. By experimenting with fuels and working on electronic systems, the members plan to actually launch a rocket in the spring of 1964. Also slated for the future is the launching of a camera on a two-stage rocket. Bon voyage! This year the Rifle Club has organized itself into a functioning body composed of twenty members under the guidance of Mr. Macdonald. Three officers were elected and a formal con¬ stitution was written. The members acquired a six-point range and adequate insurance to permit them to fire there weekly. The club is a member club of the National Rifle Association. Now that the organization is settled, our sharpshooters will be on the prowl for competition from rivaling clubs. The Rifle Club eagerly awaits these en¬ counters in anticipation of establishing a Fort Hunt tradition of expert marksmanship. Row 1: M Bates, Vice President; R. Williams, President; D. Grandinett, Secretary-Treasurer; Mr. Macdonald, Sponsor; Row 2: M Hart, D. Burns, T. Patterson, J. Queen, J. Chappelear, J. Dusek; Row 3: M Hart, Heseltine, L. Dinham, G. Armstrong, J. Goodman; Row 4: K. Peterson, B. Paterson, B. Roper, W. Wright, B. Wright, J. Chatzey Rifle safety demonstrated 96 f mm y _:__ 1 Riding Club Hoofprints are the mark of the Riding Club whose main objective is to become a firmly established part of Fort Hunt. The club offers opportunities not only to those experienced riders but also to anyone in¬ terested in horses and horsemanship. In the future the club hopes to sponsor shows and classes, and they would like to form an equestrian unit for parades. Row 1: D. Alexander, Secretary; I. Kabler, President; C. Ames, Treasurer; Row 2: Mrs. Bowden, Sponsor; P. Turk, E. Booth, S. Queen, J, Kougias, M Miniclier; Row 3: J. Robinson, C. Daniel, C. Caporaletti, N. Fairhurst, A. Brown, T. Herrell Riding club ready to go on trail ride Ski Club The Ski Club was organized from an idea developed last winter by three Fort Hunt students. The group was or¬ ganized to promote skiing among high school students. The Ski Club has taken a trip to Blue Knob Ski Resort in Pennsylvania and to other ski slopes. Row 1: P. Pieper, Secretary; J. Queen, Vice President; S. Bryan, Vice President; A. Aenchbacher, President; R. Dundas, Representative to Activity Council; Row 2: D. Finlayson, V. Robles, K. Ayers, J. Farnum, L. Holton, S. Russell, C. Kobey, C. Hudson, S. Tiller; Row 3; P. Carter, C. Coleman, C. Covington, S. Pease, C. Cornwell, I. Murray, S. Finlayson 97 Future Homemakers of America The " Donut Shop " is the familiar early-morn¬ ing treat sponsored by the Future Homemakers Club. Knowing that their main purpose is to emphasize the importance of homemaking skills, they are learning to knit, sew, and cook. The members have sold cookbooks, had bake sales, and plan to have a demonstrator visit the club to help them with hairstyling. A Mother-Daughter Banquet in May was the climax of the year ' s activities. At that time, officers were installed for the next year. F.H.A. " Pinning Ceremony " Barbara Elefante and Mrs. Barton W ■Akt jjsT » -SI 1 ■ Jtgj f | Wn m I oy-wm - m » JL 1 | U fel: 1 Row 1: N. Schreiner, Historian; B. Elefante, President; P. Carlock, Vice President; Mrs. Barton, Sponsor; Row 2: C. Cook, M Creighton, C. Moy, P. Roberts, J. McGuire, L. Worthington; Row 3: D. Sprague, K. Dinser, C. Hogan, S. Moore, S. Hill, G. Powell, S. Newman 98 Future Nurses of America Row 1: M Powell, N. Fisher, J. Means, C. Gainer, Mrs. Bogart, Sponsor; Row 2: J. Deranek, M Bathurst, C. Brown, P. Tierney, S. Chase, P. Snavely, L. Worthington; Row 3 : D. Hardin, D. Thorpe, D. Morgan, S. Moore, C. Maust, C. Coates, K. Brehony Those students interested in nursing as a career have banded together to form a club that helps them gain the experience they will need as nurses. By working in service projects, the members are able to observe nursing as a career. Most of the girls are in the Nurses’ Aid program at local hospitals. Plans for the year included taking trips to Junior Village to help with the infants once or twice a month, taking a home nursing course, and giving a tea to gain affiliation with other nurses ' organizations in the area. Future Nurses check patient ' s records. Future Nurses help in filing and in filling charts. 99 Future Teachers of America The Future Teachers of America was formed this year by students who plan to be¬ come teachers and who desire to find out more about the various teaching fields offered in the United States today. The members have had bake sales to raise money, and they would like to visit N.E.A. in Washington, D.C., where they would learn about the various aspects of the teaching pro¬ fession. The members also hope to hear speakers discuss edu¬ cation, and they would like to visit an elementary class. Row 1: Miss Spruill, Sponsor; S. Davis, Vice President; E. Stanford Secretary-Treasurer; R. Kurtz, President; G. Boyd, Representative to Activity Council; Row 2: N. Wmeland, J. Zecca, D. Stearns, M Dirhan, J. Bonner. Math Club This year the Math Club pursued its interests with a series of lectures which were given by the differnt members on topics such as the abacus of the Chinese, the con¬ tribution of the Hindus to algebra, and the number sys¬ tem of the Mayan Indians. Club members attended the exhibition of the projects of the forty winners of the West- inghouse Science T alent Search; the club also toured the I. B. M Corporation in Arlington, Virginia. S. Weissman, Treasurer; C. Price, Secretary; D. Tenney, Vice President; R. Brand, President; Mr. Lawson, Sponsor; Row 2: J. Cronin, R. Fimiani, A. Tolland, B. Tenney 100 Ln run n n 101 Band This year, the Fort Hunt High School Sym¬ phonic Band has accomplished much in the way of music and school support. The band pro¬ vided a foundation for scnool spirit during the football games and pep rallies. _ , Fall gave way to winter and found the band in concert season. Most of this time was spent in preparation for the Northern Virginia Band Festival, held this year at Hammond High School. It is somewhat a culmination of the musical year. All high schools in Northern Virginia present compositions for a rating. The Fort Hunt Band received an excellent rating on its entries. One of our goals this year has been to obtain uniforms. As money is necessary to attain this end, we have initiated several money making projects. One of these was a highly successful candy selling drive. Under the most capable direction ot Mr. Clair C. Christy, the group of students who first formed the band has been transformed into a well-trained musical addition to Fort Hunt High School. Majorettes Linda Mustyan, Drum Majorette 102 Concert Band Row 1: S. Phillips, H. Churn, S. Manola, L. Hall, C. Page, J. Varner; Row 2: W. Hatch, C. Connerat, P. Beighley, E. Kirk, C. Hudson, S. Shaffer, D. Woodward, G. Schuck, M Eber, R. Boren; Row 3: R. Strayhorne, T. Goade, M Baldwin, W. Battison, V. Allen, M Tankersley, R. Campbell, E. Ragland, A. Hoffman, D. Dodge, J. Burdette; Row 4: D. Bovet, R. Sewell, D. Green, T. Baxter, R. Durrance, T. Rose, M. Wilkinson, J. Shumway D. Muth, J. Singleton, D. McKinney, B. Byrd; Row 5: G. Gullette, J. Trexler, F. Ayers, A. Hoffman, S. Esposito, B. Wood Mr. Christy helps band mem¬ bers before school. 103 Chamber Choir The Choral Department of Fort Hunt has had a very rewarding first year. Mr. King, the director and teacher of the Freshmen Chorus, Boys ' Chorus, Treble Choir, Cham¬ ber Choir and a theory class, has taught his students not only the funda¬ mental techniques of fine craftsmen- ship, but also the art of music. The first formal appearance of the choruses was at the Christmas Con¬ cert; also during Christmas, the choir sang to the public at Belleview Shop¬ ping Center. During the winter months, the Chamber Choir sang at The Church of the Covenant in Arling¬ ton, and the Boys ' Chorus, Treble Choir, and Chamber Choirperformed at a student assembly. The Treble Choir and Boys ' Choruses combined, sang at Fort Belvoir in the Easter Sunrise Service. Then, three choruses and five soloists participated in the annual choral Festival held at Madi¬ son High School. To complete the full calendar, a formal spring con¬ cert was given at the end of May in the school auditorium for the public. The year was very successful and they hope next year will be more so. Row 1: J. Edwards, W. Scott, J. Caldwell, G. Davis, K. Irwin; Row 2: D. Newman, B. Hall, J. Gibbs, R. Howell, D. Miller, P. Baker, N. Evans; Row 3: L. Ivey, L. Hellwig, P. Kravitz, E. Stanford, P. Klassee, L. Mustyan, C. Shaw, P. Glass Treble Choir Row 1: A. Carlton, C. Hynds, B. Small, S. Mad den, M Griffin, C. Howard, M Minervino, C. Hizer, S. Evans, P. Goers, C. Goering, J. Means, G. Whitney, S. Carver; L. Ivey, D. Alexander, J. Beal, M Sherburne, J. Clark, G. Favarella, P. Baker, J. Bonner, M. Carlson, M Connell, V. Rasmussen, E. Strickler, S. Smith, D. Johnson, L. Hellwig, S. Keith, D. Morgan; Row 3: Mr. King, Director; G. Boyd, D. Dunn, P. Powell, C. Timberlake, M Bathurst, C. Coffman, C. Catchpole, J. Deets, L. Vogt, C. Hall, C. Watt, P. Jepson, S. Moysey, P. Cowgill, L. Keller, S. Ross; Row 4: P. Brindley, S. Magruder, J. Roxbrough, C. Gainer, S. Scott, P. Fraley, C. Faught, M Angel, S. Satterwhite, C. Clark, S. Brock, L. Summers, K. Brinchmann, C. Hofler, M Simmons 104 Boys’ Chorus A. Clarke, D. Caporaletti, D. Burnes, M Baker; Row 2: A. Booth, G. Chovanec, L. Mock, D. Carmola, J. Grant, L. Sauls; Row 3: Mr. King, Director; J. Martin, P. Meyer, G. Green, J. Anderson, D. Speck, C. Chambers, T. Kamerer Freshman Chorus Row 1: A. Buchanan, M Jones, K. Wade, M Jar¬ vis, C. Slagle, A. Chase, N. Long; Row 2: K. Neit- zey, A. Hellwig, B. Proc¬ tor, W. Armstrong, D. Stearns, M Palmer, W. Koons, B. Baker, S. Baughan; Row 3: D. Davies, B. Ivey, R. Sam¬ uel, J. Clarke, D. Thorpe, B. Wangenheim, E. Leo, S. Myatt, C. Aenchbacher, M Laird, C. Kenney; Row 4: S. Fanning, C. Williams, J. Misdom, E. Friis, C. Norton, Mr. King, Director 106 107 Row 1: J. Caldwell, B. Myers, J. Gibbs, K. Fleming, W. Woodard, J. Welch, W. Hicks, M Tankersley, T. Vaughan, R. Jordan, Mr. Colna, Assistant Coach; Mr. Crawley, Assistant Coach; Mr. Berry, Head Coach; Row 2: J. Harris, L. Trumbore, C. Wood¬ ward, R. Goodfellow, D. Oliver, R. Rosenberry, R. Stein, A. Booth, B. Grieb, R. Dennehy, M Cornell; Row 3: T. Kamerer, D. Neitzey, J. Ford, H. Ellrod, C. Harvey, J. Shumway, M Smith, R. Mample, W. Boone, D. Bird, D. Essex; Row 4: G. Green, W. Smith, T. Stewart, E. Lenhardt, D. Speck, C. Chambers, R. Goodman, J. Beall, G. Vitt, R. Andrews, M Wilkenson Varsity Football Fort Hunt ' s first varsity football squad hit the line hard this year and ended up with a record to be proud of, scoring 6 wins against 3 losses. Under Coach Berry ' s leadership, the individual members became a toughened team whose training began last summer in mid-August. The Federals had a good start by defeating the Lee " B " team, 19-0. Two other triumphs were a 25-7 victory over Mount Vernon and a 6-0 rousing victory over the Groveton Varsity. Every¬ one considers Fort Hunt ' s first grid team a success. Mr. Colna, assistant coach; Mr. Berry, headcoach; Mr. Crawley, assistant coach FHHS Opponent Lee " B " 19 0 Yorktown " B " 19 18 Woodson " B " 24 0 St. Stephens 6 12 Marshall " B” 7 13 Mt. Vernon " B " 25 7 Fairfax ”B " 13 0 Groveton 6 0 Washington-Lee 0 13 08 Offensive T earn Row 1: T. Stewart, C. Booth, B. Grieb, M Smith, C. Har¬ vey, G. Green, E. Lenhardt; Row 2: G. Taylor, R. Stein, R. Dennehy, W. Boone Defensive Team Row 1: E. Lenhardt, G. Green, W. Woodard, C. Chambers, B. Grieb, C. Booth, T. Stewart; Row 2: R. Andrews, R. Goodman, J. Beall, J. Miniclier Bruce Woodard says, " Oh boy, I ' ve got the ball; but where do I go 7’ One, two ... Cha, cha, cha! Federals exert a joint effort to bring this Tiger down. Whoever thought we could beat Groveton? ... The team and coaches did!! 109 Anxious moments as Coach Berry gives final briefing to Hal Ellrod. Freshmen Football Row 1: Mr. Keely, Head Coach; J. Shelton, G. Everett, P. Doer- flinger, W. Gardner, M Parks, C. Burleson, D. Goers, L. Rox - brough, J. Sheya, J. Wood, W. Armstrong, Mr. White, Assistant Coach; Row 2: J. Antonelli, G. Ingersoll, C. Melugin, C. Hopkins, M Jarvis, J. Kelly, D. Linn, J. Haville, B. Barrett, J. Andrews, S. Brown, R. Chance, R. Bush; Row 3: J. Ford, C. Stevens, B. After winning over Mount Vernon 13-16 in the first game of the season, the freshman squad took a downhill slide. Even though the record is bad, the experience and knowledge gained from Coaches Keely and White is invaluable. Good luck in the future! Porter, S. Rosenberg, A. Bly, W. Dripps, R. Dundas, M Hess, J. Goodwin, W. Koons, J. Farmer, M Dougherty, G. Ingram; Row 4: S. Tiller, B. Patterson, M Bruggeman, R. Tobias, M. Herbst, W. Wright, M Lanzisera, S. Sheffield, K. Lott, E. Orenge, R. Davis, R. Williams FHHS Opponent Mt. Vernon 13 6 Hammond 0 33 Groveton 0 9 Edison 14 20 George Washington 0 13 Lee 0 7 110 Row 1: B. Grieb, R. Ritter, S. Sheffield, J. Danowski, E. Wright, J. Caldwell, R. Andrews, S. Nemeth, R. Nichols, K. Davis, T. Danowski, M Staton, G. Vitt; Row 2: J. Heard, Manager; D. Bishopp, Mr. White, Coach Varsity Basketball With the absence of Senior players to strengthen them, the Varsity Basketball Team seemed to falter in some of its toughest competition. Led in battle by Coach White, the boys showed great spirit and skill but were not able to overcome such teams as the Groveton Varsity or Falls Church Varsity. Their record is 5-14, but with the return of most of the players next year, the record should be much better. Once upon a time .... FHHS Opponent Yorktown " B " 43 44 Marshall " B” 63 62 Lee 47 71 St. Stephen ' s 49 73 Groveton 47 93 McLean ”B " 56 69 Stuart " B” 59 70 Falls Church 48 83 Edison 40 79 Episcopal Wakefield " B " 50 44 63 73 Stuart " B” 53 73 McLean " B " 63 49 Yorktown " B " 50 51 Mt. Vernon 49 71 Woodson " B” 52 42 Landon 49 83 St. Alban ' s 41 38 St. Antony ' s 56 73 Dan Bishopp, Forward Jim Danowski, Center Jerry Caldwell, Guard Vitt shoots for another score. I dare you! Rebounds, Federals, Rebounds! Sink it! Mr. Davis and Mr. Smith present awards to Varsity players. 1 13 Junior Varsity Basketball jb y I Mwi | J j I w i I 1 I Cy , j | m ! w‘ 1 ■Hr J i BB d V 4 H 1 Jt « B s IBpyiyiPj, J C Row 1: W. Bush, L. Harvey, J. Olsen, A. Readyhough, R. Jordan, D. Markham, J. Worden, H. Norton, R. Burke; Row 2: Mr. Keely, Coach; F. Lyon, Manager; M Jashinski, J. Anderson, W. Scott, S. Dickens, M Ranney, J. Livengood, M Bach, C. Martin The Junior Varsity Basketball Team was the most successful winter sports team for the ' 64 season. The Feds com- E iled 5 victories against defeats. Coach Keely ' s spirited and hustling team will provide many candidates for varsity positions next year. FHHS Opponent Yorktown Marshall Lee St. Stephen ' s Groveton Episcopal Falls Church Edison Episcopal Wakefield St. Stephen ' s Yorktown Mt. Vernon Woodson 38 37 40 52 28 35 44 57 29 42 29 48 30 55 30 50 47 57 50 45 33 29 40 43 57 35 42 35 Mr. Hartmann men¬ tored the Freshman Bas¬ ketball Team this year to 4 wins and 6 losses. This record is impressive con¬ sidering the gym at Fort Hunt was not completed until nearly the end of the season. We hope to see these boys in even better action next year. FHHS Opponent Marshall Madison Lee Herndon Woodson Stuart Mt. Vernon McLean Falls Church Annandale 44 41 43 41 44 48 17 52 34 54 30 28 15 18 15 45 34 22 33 36 Row 1: W. Dripps, P. Cheatham, W. Sax, C. Hopkins, W. Koons, G. Everett, M Welch; Row 2: R. Wood, J. Andrews, M Pal¬ mer, T. Bollinger, M Dougherty, T. Hughes, Mr. Hartmann, Coach; Row 3: D. Olsen, J. Shelton, S. Weissman, R. Bush, B. Porter, J. Farmer Freshmen Basketball 114 Wrestling Row 1: J. Oseth, G. Maier, T. Brown, R. Goodman, W. Farrell, L. Tenney, B. O ' Dell, S. Cywin, H. Robinson; Row 2: B. Wood, M Davenport, S. Rosenberg, E. Orenge, P. Donnelly, J. Svitzer, D. Squires, A. Davenport, M Harder; Row 3: S. Mason, M Smith, W. Yearick, E. Bautz, B. Haddan, J. Wood, M Orem, J. Mullen, D. Smith; Row 4: C. Cornwell, A. Hotchkiss, J. Vandervort, J. Ford, B. Smith, J. Miniclier, W. Miller, J. Evans As the wrestling season progressed and with every match, the Fort Hunt wrestlers gained more experience, made fewer mistakes, raised their own score, and kept their opponents ' scores down. The team was short of grapplers in both its heavy¬ weight and lightweight divisions. Mr. Hessler, coaching the matmen, hopes all will return next year for a more successful season. FHHS Opponent Mt. Vernon " B " 0 48 George Washington 11 37 Hammond 8 42 Osbourn 7 45 Edison 18 26 Hammond 17 27 George Washington 29 18 Groveton " B " 25 25 Lee " B” 23 25 Row 1: J. Evans, W. Miller, M Orem, D. Smith; Row 2: J. Miniclier, B. Smith, A. Hot¬ chkiss, M Smith, J. Vander¬ vort, W. Yearick, J. Ford; Row 3: B. Wood, R. Svitzer, Mr. Hessler, Coach I I A Federal puts his most into the game. Goodman strikes again! " What do you mean, Rick doesn ' t like me? ' Stewart ' s best side. 116 jfaUnflt; ' eAsjvai, f dej a£, Row 1: S. Brown, J. Shumway, W. Hicks, R. Dennehy, D. Fin- layson, D. Bird, C. Kougias, J. Duncan, T. Boyd; Row 2: R. Andrews, T. Kamerer, D. Pinnell, J. Almond, A. Booth, R. Ritter, Baseball Playing an all-varsity competitive schedule, Fort Hunt ' s first baseball team held its ground. The team, coached by Mr. Colna, was aided by good pitching and catching as well as having some members with previous playing experience. The team played its home games at Wayne- wood Recreation Area. Because it did not have a home diamond, and may not have for several years, the team had to play at a disadvantage. FHHS Opponent Marshall 6 5 Stuart 3 8 Lee 3 13 Groveton 4 4 Annandale 2 16 Washington Lee McLean Falls Church F airfax Madison 2 6 Yorktown Mason George Washington Wakefield Hammond Mt. Vernon Woodson Edison Mr. Colna, Coach; J. Danowski, T. Stewart, M Staton, T. Danowski, G. Green The Federals get set for another run. 117 Jim Shumway practices after school with the rest of the Varsity Coach Colna watches the Federals play—anticipating a win. team. Junior Varsity Baseball FHHS Opponent Edison 7 2 Annandale 4 Washington Lee 6 0 McLean Falls Church Fairfax Madison Yorktown George Washington Wakefield Hammond As long as the pitching remained good and the hitting improved, the J.V. Baseball Team played good ball. The starting line-up included two fresnmen. Coach Hartmann worked hard with the team as it strived for a successful season. Row 1: D. Caporaletti, D. Goers, T. Bollinger, R. Bush, M J. Farmer, G. Everett, J. Shelton, G. Huston, R. Jordan, Mr. Palmer, J. Andrews, J. Livengood, F. Young, J. Krothe; Row 2: Hartmann, Coach; J. Worden, M Bach, G. Chovanec, W. Koons 1 18 T rack Row 1: T. Kissam, F. Newman, J. Greenlee, R. Covert, W. Miller, H. Robinson, B. Wood, R. Mason, R. Godman, R. Chance, G. Maier, J. Ford; Row 2: J. Oseth, H. Martin, A. Todd, B. Hilburn, D. Oliver, W. Boone, S. Pease, M Smith, E. Lenhardt, H. McComas, R. Dougherty, M Cornell, K. Beckman, G. Martin, B. Myers, L. Harvey; Row 3: T. Goade, R. Shawn, S. Mason, Who said it couldn ' t be done? Well, Dan Boone did it—100 yds, 9.9! G. Ingersoll, R. Keniston, G. Knowles, W. Balkman, J. Dusek, J. Goodwin, J. Wood, J. Henry, J. Everett, P. Donnelly, D. Squires, Mr. Crawley, Coach; Mr. Holt, Assistant Coach; R. Dundas, J. Haville, W. Fleming, D. Sert, E. Sakas, V. Thomas, D. Anderson, D. Bertsch, P. Clark. J " They told me this would be easy! " 1 19 T rack The Track Team, under the direction of Coach Crawley, was a relatively inexperienced squad this year with only 7 boys who had previous track experience and 38 with none. However, as the season progressed, the team learned more about the sport; and the hopes are that next year ' s team will get off to a better start with more experienced participants. During this season, the track at Fort Hunt was completed and with it available for practice next year, the future looks good. FHHS Opponent Ed ison 18 63 Woodson 13 100 Groveton Lee Mt. Vernon 37 1 2 75 1 2 Jim says, " Practice warrants improvement. " IS l «» «. " You know, Fellas, I think we can win this one. " We ' re not far behind. Federals do their best against Groveton. 120 Golf The Golf Team was led by two varsity letter- men with previous golfing experience. The re¬ mainder of the team gained some valuable ex¬ perience this year which will help prepare them to be tough foes next year. The team was very fortunate to have been given playing and practicing privileges at such courses as Wood- lawn, Belle Haven, Army-Navy, Westwood, Springfield, Quantico, and Fairfax. All the players hope to return next year to hit the fairways for FHHS. Tension mounts as the match progresses. FHHS Opponent Quantico 4 5 Mt. Vernon 1 2 8 1 2 Stuart 6 1 2 2 1 2 Annandale Edison Lee Groveton McLean 4 5 Row 1: G. Williams, S. Sheffield, R. Meyer; Row 2: J. Miniclair, J. Anderson, M Watts, R. Bane; Absent: Mr. Lyons, Coach 121 Tennis A deluge of rain delayed the netmen ' s first three games; nevertheless, the team opened its season playing Wakefield ' s 1962-63 Northern District Championship team. Participating in var¬ sity matches were 15 boys, four of whom had had previous experience. The coach, Mr. Pattisall, played the experienced players in the singles matches and the boys further down the ladder in the doubles competition. Over half of the team will be returning for three years, so Fort Hunt should be assured of good tennis teams. Our " Rac-Queteers " held their matches at the Belle Haven Country Club courts. FHHS Opponent Wakefield St. Stephen ' s Annandale Lee Stuart 2 7 Row 1: M Shaw, M Ranney, B. Porter; Row 2: Mr. Pattisall, Coach; K. Twomey, C. Wellemeyer, J. New Underhand? Ranney tries to win the set. 122 Hockey Tough competition gave Fort Hunt Varsity Hockey Squad a 1-6-1 record. Many of the team ' s games were close, hard-fought battles that were near victories. The combination of experience gained from Miss Woolfolk ' s direction, and the fact that the entire squad will return in full force next fall, should lead to a successful ' 64- ' 65 season. Woodson Madison Herndon Falls Church Mt. Vernon McLean Stuart ■ Fairfax FHHS 2 0 0 1 2 0 0 0 Opponent Right Fullback P. Cobb Left Fullback E. Hammersley Left Wing J. DeFrees Left Inner S. Esposito Center Forward C. Hicks Right Inner C. Hofler Right Wing S. Bryan ' Manager K. Pendleton R. DueFrene Not Pictured: Left Wing L. Reese ‘COifi-CS Left Halfback P. McKenzie Right Halfback D. Greenhill Right Wing B. Willgoos Left Wing V. McComas Manager S. McKenzie Junior Varsity Hockey By holding a very commendable record of 2-2-2, the Junior Varsity Hockey Squad showed great spirit and a promising future. Their coach, Miss Duncan, spurred the team on; and the backfield players as well as the front line took a good stand. Opponent 2 0 0 1 0 1 FHHS Woodson 0 Madison 1 Herndon 0 Falls Church 0 Mt. Vernon 2 McLean 1 Left Wing S. Queen Left Inner S. Russell Center Forward P. Newman Right Inner H. Churn Right Wing D. Svitzer 124 Girls’ Varsity Basketball Row 1: J. Mample, L. Reese, J. Gallahan, B. Ragland, C. Hofler, S. Brock; Row 2: Miss Woolfolk, Coach; J. Morse, S. Esposito, C. Grove, M Packard, M Baran, J. Green, K. Pendleton The chief drive for the first Fort Hunt Girls ' Basketball Team was learning and developing basic skills, patterns, and movements on the floor. These skills were to build a strong offensive team for next year. According to Miss Woolfolk, varsity coach, a strong nucleus has been built for next season. Boy, for a few added inches. FHHS Opponent Groveton 27 46 Edison 14 31 Lee 16 19 Fairfax 24 45 Woodson 18 49 Annandale 27 34 Madison 17 31 Falls Church 25 23 Herndon 17 45 Mt. Vernon 23 14 Marshall 20 38 McLean 16 27 125 Junior Varsity Basketball Miss Duncan, the J.V. coach set the J.V. Bas¬ ketball squad ' s goal the same as the varsity in that the individual members would dev¬ elop skills and tech¬ niques this first year. The J.V. team was com¬ posed of sophomores and freshmen, some of whom will take varsity slots next year. FHHS Opponent Groveton 16 19 Edison 10 11 Lee 0 8 F airfax 24 14 Woodson 5 10 Annandale 7 13 Madison 22 18 Falls Church 16 26 Herndon 22 15 Mt. Vernon 10 2 Marshall 7 26 McLean 8 25 Row 1: E. Kirk, P. Newman, S. Dusek, E. Leo, S. Russell, S. Bowden, C. Dewey; Row 2: J. Farnum, C. Knowles, S. Russell, C. Ames, V. Howells, H. Churn, A. Lesher, Miss Dun¬ can, Coach; Row 3: M Grier, M Putnam, M Klaasse, D. Eanes, P. Shafer, A. Hanlon The girls ' J. V. team g ot off to a great start y taking its first two games—Groveton and Edison. The team, com¬ posed of sophomores and freshmen and coached by Miss Wool- folk, had an able pitch¬ ing section this first year. They look to the future with great enthu¬ siasm. FHHS Opponent Groveton 33 5 Edison 18 6 Annandale Lee F airfax Woodson Madison Herndon Row 1: C. Coleman, S. Russell, L. Pierce, M Carr, E. Stewart, P. Newman, C. Knowles; Row 2: P. Turk, M Grier, F. Sing- has, M Putnam, Miss Wool- folk, Coach; S. Bryan, C. Cov¬ ington, M Knight, P. Shafer Junior Varsity Softball Softball Even though there were only four juniors on the team this year, the efforts exerted by all the members were vital. Especially exci ting was the game with Groveton where extra innings were needed for Fort Hunt to gain its first victory. The girls met all varsity competition and used mostly freshmen and sophomores to complete the team. FHHS Opponent Groveton 10 8 Edison Annandale Lee F airfax Woodson Madison Herndon 3 14 Row 1: V. Howells, C. Norton, P. Newman, L. Reese, D. Newman, J. Farnum; Row 2: S. Esposito, A. Witherow, P. Rowell, C. Dewey, J. Morse, L. Mustyan, E. Frank, P. Pieper; Absent: Miss Duncan, Coach A hit for the Fort Hunt girls. Watch out for the ball! 127 Sue Bowden Kit Irwin Bonnie Brownell, Co-Captain Emily Feddersen Varsity Cheerleaders Creating school spirit in the student body of a new school was the major task of our first cheerleading squad. Under the direction of Miss Duncan and Miss Woolfolk, the squad worked toward this goal. During football season they had a bonfire at which time they wore the players ' jerseys, burned a Major (in effigy, of course!), and danced the Bunny-Hop. The other pep rallies held throughout the year were quite successful, especially the one for the opening of the long-awaited gym. The squad also helped to promote school spirit by promoting a " Victory Week. " Aided greatly by the J.V. and Freshmen cheering squads, the cheerleaders have helped to instill enthu¬ siasm in the student body. Pat Glass Nancy Nicholas Marsha Jarvis, Co-Captain Marcia Griffin 1 K, ti 1 r ) ; Mi Junior Varsity and Freshmen Cheerleaders Jumping and full of spirit were Fort Hunt ' s first J.V. and Freshmen squads of Cheerleaders. In addition to yelling their teams to victories, their activities included helping the Varsity group create school spirit, holding a car-wash, and making posters to advertise games. Row 1: N. Floyd, S. Bryan, C. Hall; Row 2: G. Favarella, A. Dieffenderfer; Row 3: D. Johnson Row 1: T. Martin, B. Rollins, L. Abel, K. Ferriss, S. Kopp; Row 2: B. Murph, W. Ham 129 130 131 Everyone smiles as he registers for a hard year of study. The spirit to beat Groveton is shown in an afternoon pep rally during the football season. 132 Our cafeteria opens and everyone enjoys eating there instead of in class. You figure it out; we tried. 133 o c T o B E R Winners of the Magazine Campaign—Row 1: C. Hizer, A. Hanlon, B. Bernat; Row 2: R. Nelson, H. McComas, K. Kirk, M Yon, S. Myatt 134 The sadness is evident at the necessity of going to school. Our first bonfire; we burnt the Majors 135 DECEMBER " What am I doing in the feature section? ' " Snow Blind " The Girls ' Chorus sings at Christmas time. Christmas Serenade 136 JANUARY Waiting for the finishing touch. The floor is bare and anticipation is in the air. ■ Because of snow, school was closed for six days in January. ; 137 FEBRUARY Our first assembly in the new gym. " Look at that stride. " Our first sock hop. 138 MARCH Juniors enjoy the privileges of their day. The Freshmen hold a " Superstition Dance " as their prize for- winning the magazine sale. 139 The routine is a little ragged. Tensions increase as the game gets hotter. T.T.I. (Tuck Tummy In) A tantilizing line-up. The game nears its end with the faculty leading. im The lightbulb sale kicked off our drive for our athletic field lights. t mm iJtssaPM m memwm mpw. twn knm i immemyieM f -- « The result of much sweat and toil. All right girls—lets can-can! " Oh well, I think that if we approached it from a different angle next year ... " 141 M A Y Ranney, Porter, and Shaw show good form on the tennis courts. Eddie be nimble, Eddie be quick ... Strike three—and you ' re out! 142 Freshmen winners—Homeroom 218 Basketball Intramural Winners 143 Patrons Belie View Merchant’s Association Post N’ Shingle Fleisher Jewelers Woodlawn Country Club 144 THE LIBRARY OF VIRGINIA 102001 5277 '

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