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if Jwddyiif fiifwww J ffzjfwmw WW M A E-'SSMf "?i'51X 0 ,'?c:'Si, .ff -ks? XQQL- ...friv- K j .--, HISTORY OF CAMP HOOD SCHOOL The Camp Hood boys and girls attended the Killeen school prior to Sep- tember, 1946. Because of crowded conditions in the Killeen school, it was decided by the school officials and Major Barrows, the school officer, to move the pupils in the first eight grades who lived in Hood Village and on the Post to Building 919 in Camp Hood. The school year 1946-'47 was under the Killeen system with the following teachers finishing the year: Mr. R. E. L. Jones,Principal,Mrs. Young,Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. House, Miss Bostert, Mrs. Soule, Mrs. Walters, Miss Caldwell, Mrs. Frost, Mr. Stone, Mrs. Duncan, and Mrs. Thompson. In June, 1947, the State Board of Education approved the request that Camp Hood School be made an Independent School District. By a state law three civilians were appointed trustees and Mr. R. E. L. Jones was elected superintendent. The school officer,with the approval of the Post Comman- der, appointed an advisory board of military personnel to work with the board of trustees on school policies. In 1947-'48 an expansion program in building was accomplished by the Post Engineers under the supervision of Lt. Col. B. E. Meadows. Twelve class rooms, an auditorium, cafeteria, Home Making Department,and wood working shop were completed. Another grade was added and the following teachers were employed: Mr. R. E. L. Jones, Superintendent, Mr. J. C. Culwell, Principal, Mrs. Ruth Walker, Mr. B. J. Duncan, Mrs. Marguerite Kyle, Mrs. Vesta Culwell, Mr. M. C. Riemenschneider, Miss Wilhelmina Bostert,Mrs.Robbye House, Mrs. Kathryn Howard, Mrs. Maurine Duncan, and Mrs. Olga Young. Camp Hood operates a colored school with Mrs. Lucile A. Wilson as teacher. A kindergarten is supervised by the school with approximately 45 children enrolled. Mrs. Robin Johnson is supervisor and Mrs. Beulah Barrows is her assistant. The board of trustees is composed of Mr. Barney Barrows, President, Mr. John R. Bruner, Secretary,and Mr. B. F. Craig. Capt. H. R. Hurst is school officer, and the following military personnel make up the advisory council: Lt. Col. H. G. Hall, Lt. Col. B. F. Hillman, MfSgt. F. D. Abel, Mfsgt. E. H. Fuchs, and Mfsgr. Wyman Garrett. fr-- V Life is indeed darkness save when there is urge, And all urge is blind save when there is knowledge, And all knowledge is vain save when there is work, And all work is empty save when there is loveg And when you work with love you bind yourself to yourself, and to one another, and to God. From "The Prophet" by Kahlil Gibran MAJ. GEN. J. G. CHRISTIANSEN DEDICATION To Maj. Gen. J. G. Christiansen and to the Camp Hood Board of Trustees who have worked so faithfully for the establishment and the advancement of this school, we dedicate this first edition of The Leopard as a token of our appreciation. .8 I 3 Qs gl in 5, sw as if CAMP HOOD BOARD OF TRUSTEES Seated: Barney Barrow, John R. Bruner,B. R. Craig,MfSgt. Wymen Garrett. Standing: Lt. Col. H. G. Hall, Mfsgf. Forrest Abel, MfSgt. E. H. Fuchs, Lt. Col. B. F. Hillman. TM3GV?E1TtAlSl3Czua i ww XX. ff? XXXXXX , ,-1 ,Z minislfafi u R. EZ. L. JONES Superintendent WWME. , Qfyufwxw -new WM, W -- mv- f-awww '--if-mmummef-1 4 - 4 MRS . GLADYS GRAHAM Sec reta ry rw, ., X YLWV' ., JAMES C. CULWELLL Principal M. M. MORRIS MfSGT. FORREST ABEL. Materials Custodian Materials Custodian 4 2129566 l Mr.Gordon"Cotton" Mrs. Ruby Ballard Mr. OJ A. Barnes Adams, Coach, English, Library Shop, Mathematics Mathematics Mrs. Marguerite Mrs. I. H.Barneburg Mrs. Jean Carter MTS. J. C. Culwel Kyle Commercial, Homemaking, SpaniSh, Sixth GTB English, History Fourth Grade Fifth Grade T G G ! Mr. Marshall Mrs. Marshall Miss Susie Caldwell Miss Ozella Harg " Riemenschneider Riemenschneider A Fourth Grade Seventh Grade Band, Fifth Grade Cho ral Director X, -I rpg-an h W, F e Q r t"x',s'f ' L i I 's. Barney Duncan Mr. Barney Duncan Mrs. KathrynHoward Mrs. R. El. Logan Second Grade SeventhjGrade First Grade Sixth Grade 41 iq, iss Chalistia Reed Mrs. Bernice Mrs. Olga Young Mrs. Mabel Waltman First Grade Clement First Grade I Third Grade Third Grade yi A .. . -A-M -I XL or. . 1, Egg ey K . X , iss Wilhelmina Mrs. Estella Mrs. R. E. Johnson Mrs. Barney "' Bostert Naismith Kindergarten Barrovsfs Second Grade First Grade Kindergarten Frank Schorn J. E. Hall William R. Potter BUILDING CUSTODIANS Mrs. Schorn Mrs. Hall Mr. Schorn Mrs. Springer Mrs. Farris CAFETERIA FORCE I' Q5 Marianne Ballard Secretary Bill Levi Lf V 1 -,A fx Mac Warren Treasurer Marjanna Hillman SOPHOMORES Jack Richardson President Bill Schick Vice-President ft Lillian Herzog Tommy T rue Nancy Ann Clayton James Grant Doris Mclviahan Kenneth Fry Betty She rman Joyce Bridges Z Cliff Nelson , A. .x4:mi.e riff' Y 2.5. Xlkbfikiy if 'A SV M1 A ,E Robe rt Bilbrey Susanne Bonham TJ Io Ann Fuchs , -V ix ze.-H lv- Ha rold Varner Gloria Cauthen in Elwanda Wilson Pruett Harding 451 . X 'A 1' 2 E 1 X ,g Q 1 , wif -'Y D Darlene Peavy Mary Io Davenport Peggy Ann Gibbs Billy Doyle Magness mfr' H", 5 w 4 SW W 7 'inguina- 1 ,,u..t Nun' wehmm FHESHMEN .Tames Elliott President : Carlotta Marsh Vice-President .Terry Jennings M, W, Grant Secretary Treasurer . Charles Chaney Sally Brainare en ,..,.. fm. Jimmy Harding Ruth Gordon Robert Francis Betsy Frese Boyd Waltman Billy Caudell Edna Ruth Griffin 'Don Henson firgil Peelmdn Julia Ann Allard Donnie Driver Nancy Martin Bobby Jack Cobb Clifton Tucker Bob Blausteen Dorothy Carlin Harold Meadows Ruth Daubenspeck Juinton Sanders Alta Minthorn Jimmie Roach Horace Davenport Lou Van Steen ' Ldelbert Baftek Albert Bartek M if .Tarn es White Beverly Murphy . .+A -+-siM4x.u ,ff ff ,955 -1-.t L.auI 5. 53? H X 5 ,Q Q.. ' - - it X' nj I T' 'AN , ,,. . , 9 I l , K ,bFW"f7f ' . ....: .. .. g.. x I: x-"iw, vi' , , ., M . Zz' ",.: Q- 9, fi s L' EQ W K fi K .uf 'N 4 x oonlig SLOW lQllIQntapq EIGHTH GRADE Beatrice Cook President Ruby Lee Ballard Vice -Pre sident A . C . Elliott Secretary Herschel Roach La Nedra Rushing Marcia Goodloe Gerald Smith Shirley Shurley l Shirley Lovorn .Terry Abel Shirley Latham Bettye Leslie Leon Leeper Ge rald Taylor fe rnita Hardaway Melba Douglas Wanda T ruax Johnny Melton Nelda .Tones Donald Cannon ilk' , '- , . sw f , "- P Q. . ,X y , sin ll ij? D :if ' Lge ' QNX :K D-1' AF f' Arthur Martin Bobbie Crosby Fred Hull Daisy Cook Darlene Smith Robert Burtner ga , L is 4, Q fi f' U-in 2' Shirley Able Thomas Hodges George Frese Richard Melton l Raymond Allard SEVENTH GRADE Lee Bailey Wilson A. I. McGuirt Nancy Kyle Doris Anglen h Shirley Hammond Angelene Overall Billy Dean Watts Odell Grant .Tames Duty Doyle Schick Richard Davis Dwayne Gar rett Roy Williams Margie Lee Io Ann Johnson SEVENTH GRADE Glenn Hall .Timmy Currie Mary Lee Donald Wolverton 'lk s , 'IIT' Willie Gibbs Charles .Teske Wendell Loupe Pat Cauthen Calvin Lovorn Henry Daubenspeck Ioan Oliver W. A. Schneider .""'X Sylvia Campbell Riley Blair '-Mary Fojt 'F Johnny Austin Sis ff. Ma' MQVW nu., Omg ,M .4-4 f ww 4 xx Y fi QE VW .L 1 5:5 -'is - , sf' 1951 5. g "Ma swf?- . H , 1 W' r .. 1, H , 1, ., M .. M .1 . ' A ik: w- 1 WJ ,W . fx, Yew A ,.,lw, A is ,. M Q 41' -as , q r Q fn. I 1. J' wi 1 F' Q i f 2 52 mm S ' FIFTH GRADE ax 'Dm ?lW- rx - W jfxhxw y r 'Bn W- Jere Durham Nancy Sanders Jimmy I-Iilsabeck Sharon Carter Phillip Franci Dixie Griffin Brian I-Iaenisch Virginia Bonham Robert Schick Robin .Tohnsor Jerel Love Gail Kyle Charles Carroll Marcia G. Gilmore Roy .Tones Maureen Hardaway Bennie Miller Ola Mae Webb Kenneth Campbell Norma I-Iopkin Dewayne Peelman Billie Daniels Richard Smith Mildred Williams Irvin Goode FIFTH GRADE B ff::"' " R. ' S Rf-1 w , I ,a H ',,,1JTfQfjg'g g,,L..! " ,A 'irnmie Crosby Lula Humphreys Bill Wheeless 'ane Sadler Jimmie Watts Patricia Monro Bennie Hall Betty Rose Wood Luther Austin Billie Hicks Donley Gardner Adelia Wilson Bert Clayton Virginia Cook Travis Rivers 1 v r B- l fa, Q n A- Betty J. Hursh Donald Hunt Don Arrnstrong Diana Meadows Molly Veazey ' Bob Soubik George Carlin Sally Fischer Marjorie Corley Clark Roberts I FOURTH GRADE MISS SUSIE CALDWELL . .,,, L. ,.,W., , L ,4:1:.,.,.W.lmnnvH FOURTH GRADE MRS. J. H. BARNEBURG K 3 .Er r., V. 13 " , ,wp A 1 f . Q 9 cs!! M Q .R g A XJ ,. THIRD GRADE MRS. BERNICE CLEMENT THIRD GRADE MRS. MABEL WALTMAN I SECOND GRADE MISS WILHEZLMINA BOSTERT SECCND GRADE MRS. BARNEY DUNCAN . Q SA-Qi FIRST GRADE MISS CHALISTIA REED Q-sf 1. ,. .. . up s is 4 ax Q0 FIRST GRADE MRS. ESTELLLA NAISMITH FIRST GRADE MRS. KATHRYN HOWARD A f N1 f V' ,T wfbMv'M" W ,fhgy r FIRST GRADE MRS. OLOA YOUNG KINDERGARTEN MRS. BARNEY BARRows MRS. R. E. JOHNSON 'wx w 1, ,,-zz", . . ,.,, QW? ,W -,- iifiw VX - 121127, ' ef, x . Q M hu 1 K V' 2, Q' 5 ' X zz? 5? ' 1222 5 V4 W i Q N S X Q X . 1 V R, 5 Q -sx.:,zmQ,, , Q 5 Q X i SL 3 , MW' 2 2? , M, 54,255 Ns f , SQ' Q el- . 43 1 s W 41 A SW Lv ,A A -FK rates s R ff G sg I , , , , HANDSOMEST BOY Jimmie Roach L 4 XXX! ig NV ' Q, :ML , .... 5 DN I +. X X gran 5 9 X A E flak xg YH I .i 'ff fiigfg.. 5 :Q 4 3 VS X 1: 59 x csi uzl f E A X gs, , , K .X we Y W 22 I .J -N uni.. . ,, 2 f L ' 1 ---- ,Lg f Z 'f :,ff.pi4 z6f3,.:::, M ,., fm-M + me ' 5+-qw 14 JQ'5i5,QQe f" if . .ga ,wi 4 3,3 ' - gs 1. ,Q 2' ,SAS ' 4 1, 1-5 M5 1 A 9 . A X, Q? wie 1 'fkgyg .Q 12 5 it X h ig, 5 ax 1 Y-If br X63 XE,-L Z S xf f.' 'MS "4fK ?'3 x AQ QM A X ,Q N Q '7 .uv ,N f ,151 H f f . X Q m V Pwr , f A f Q f ibm M -, 'ff' ff ,J 'A V suw, W1 V K Q l'-fgfl 1- iff - A " -I ,A L f wfivff, , k Q1 'wi .. S4 Swv X bfi? - w.., :5s:5g:. -3 Q1 wk., f WX QR xxx? 2,8 Q ,A 1 :NK K 1 2 W ' , ff ks ii Q + 3 X 1 df? K 15 SY N-.A M X H f g bismgws ,Q ff ff ,ifliwfvrffki 'f J YET? f55w4??Q 154,11 ., VF , 451 , f A ilgpf. , .. . ,f fm , at fa, X, Q f -.X , ,, 3 -x Sf Y , J ml Af Q ,f nf 5 1-.2 ' fix V 5 wk. L . 1 1 U- L, 5 ,fry 4, , k N . SOPHOMORE J' AMES GRANT FAVORITES MARJANNA HILLMAN FRESHMAN FAVORITES CARLOTTA MARSH M. W. GRANT HERSCHEL ROACH EIGHTH GRADE FAVORITES LA NEDRA RUSHING -A 'N X 6 My fm 3 if 5 i SQ i 4 SW? 5 if 'Q J Qf ...Q in ?sf- ,ffm . nk. V' , f is A. 'W 2 . .Agfx fvp.. ,SQ A .Y M. 'Y . . A rf FOOTBALL CAMP HOOD LEOPARDS "COTTON" ADAMS, COACH First Row: Second Row: Third Row: Raymond Allard, Jimmy Harding, Herschel Roach, Albert Bartek, Lee Bailey Wilson, Donald Cannon, Doyle Schick, Boyd Waltman James White. Jerry Jennings, Doyle Magness, Quinton Sanders, William Levi Jimmie Roach, James Grant, Pruett Harding, Charles Chaney, M W. Grant, Manager. James E.lliott,Robert Francis,Adelbert Bartek,Bob B1austeen,Fred Hull, Jack Richardson, Harold Varner, Bill Schick, Mr. Adams, Coach. S TAR TING LINEUP Line: Bill Schick, Robert Francis, Harold Varner, Doyle Magness Adelbert Bartek, Fred Hull, Jerry Jennings. Lampasas at Camp Hood Cameron at Cameron Belton at Camp Hood T Taylor at Taylor Belton at Belton Gatesville at Camp Hood Georgetown at Camp Hood Cameron at Camp Hood Totals We They 6 6 64 0 25 Z 6 0 6 14 134 35 Backfields ,Jimmie Roach, Charles Chaney, William Levi, .Tack Richardson 0 4 K I T - - I I E i 1 R J 6 o T 7 13 14 0 ,WP vw Quinton Sanders Jack Richardson FOOTBALL PLAYERS IN ACTION f qw C , T f L45 2 ff A Q 555239113 QW fy . ' sf Aj K. . , Me 2.'3 . ' . .- Charles . g' Chaney O qc f ' 'COTTON ' ' ADAMS Leopard Coach Albert Bartek B111 James Lgyi h 'Grant L ' R, LL L .11 or 4 . '13 3 ' My , i!s p 'f2'-fi ! , Min . Fred Hull Jimmie Roach Doyle Magnes s .T immie Roach .---..,,1,i .i BASKETBALL THE LEOPARDS "COT TON" ADAMS, COACH First Row: Albert Bartek, Bill Stallings, Jimmy Harding, Boyd Waltman. Second Row: James Grant, James Elliott, Luke Humphreys, Jack Richardson, William Levi, Coach Adams. Third Row: Bill Schick,Fred Hu1l,Quinton Sanders, Doyle Magness, Bob Blaus- teen, Kenneth Fry. A IQASEBALL Left to right,beginning at back: B. Schick, Q. Sanders, D. Magness, J. Richard- son, W. Levi, R. Bilbrey, L. Humphreys, Albert Bartek, H. Varner, J. Roach Coach Adams, B. Waltman, J. Grant, C. Chaney. TRACK Left to right, beginning at back: Q. Sanders, B. Schick, D. Magness, B. Blaus- teen, K. Fry, J. Richardson, F. Hull, W. Levi, H. Varner, J. Jennings, J. Roach, C. Chaney, J. Grant, Coach Adams, B. Stallings, Adelbert Bartek, J, Harding, L. Humphreys, Albert Bartek. ' "! l,P Ep'- cmi Q50 LEOPARD STAFF Lillian Herzog . . . . . Editor Marjanna Hillman . . . . Assistant Editor Mac Warren . . . . . Business Manager Jimmie Roach . . . . Assistant Business Manager Tommy True . . . . Sports Editor Kenneth Fry. , , , , Assistant Sports Editor Donnie Driver . . . . Proof Reader Shirley Shurley .... . . Proof Reader Mrs. Ruby Ballard . . . Sponsor Mr. I. C. Culwlell , , . . Sponsor TYPING CLUB l 5 7: 2515. k-as 1, M -'1 ' 'rs Y ' ' .r w 4'- . '- - 4 .T J. k ' , Zu, 'lgjf ' . ,",- Q If 'V ,AW ' Lflvik ,X 4551, A G., f , ' ,, , x , X - W- lf N A 1 A 'ffxijf' V f - ,,- , 1 .. . mx .f.'4,.f .- - X-4 . . it - 4 X, QQ . c W , , 1 . M-4 M V -rw-5, x M, . . . ., . M - . - c . C, , , , , , , -...L qv., -1 , z ' ' ,. . , . . . f C i X - ' 'v N ., P f 1 V W- ,qxqf-at M . ., H R . A V x 1 , , 1 W , , 4 .. M. N wiffwi... .,, y, ni , k . 3 , 4 .r A .. . v- R First Row: Gloria Cauthen, Jo Ann Fuchs, Betty Sherman, Doris McMahan, Mary Jo Davenport, Donnie Driver, Horace Davenport. Second Row: Marjanna Hi11man,Nancy Clayton, Marianne Ballard, M. W. Grant, James Harding, James Robert White. Third Row: Pruett Harding, James Grant,Bill Caudell,Mrs. Barneburg, Quinton Sanders, Cliff Nelson, James Elliott, Boyd Waltman. OFFICERS Marjanna Hillman President James Grant............. ,,.,.Vice-President Marianne Ballard ........ .....Sec't.-Treas. Mrs. J. H, Barneburgn... .....Sponsor f? m H -- Y ' m-'W - Y ' J-if-F-1:74 fm.-Q .- w 1 . - . EL CIRCULO SPANISH CLUB Mac Warren .......... ..... . President Marjanna Hillman .... ...... V ice-President Ruth Daubenspeck .... ...... S ecretary Mrs. J. C. Culwell ..... ..... S ponsor Left to Right: Harold Varner, Bob Blausteen, Lou Van Steen, Susanne Bonham Julia Allard, Mrs, Culwell, Ruth Gordon, Ruth Daubenspeck, Marjanna Hillman Mac Warren. W ,xi M ' . - a b if ' A f' HOMEMAKING CLUB QILLIAN HERZOG JOYCE BRIDGES CARLOTTA MARSH President Vice-President Secretary MRS. JEAN CARTER Sponsor ?'ront Row: Alta Minthorne, Carlotta Marsh, Joyce Bridges, Lillian Herzog. Back Row: Mrs. .Tean Carter, Dorothy Carlin, Beverly Murphy, Sally Brainard, Peggy Gibbs, Darlene Peavy, Edna Ruth Griffin, Elwanda Wilson. PEP SQUAD Top Row: Mary Lee, Beverly Murphy, Nancy Clayton, Dorothy Carlin, Melba Douglas, Bobbie Crosby, Shirley Able, Nelda Jones, Shirley Shurley, Jo Ann Fuchs, Ruth Daubenspeck, Marjanna Hillman. Second Row: Corine Ford, Darlene Smith, Lou Van Steen,Betty Jane Cobb,Doris Anglen, Angelene Overall, Margie Lee, Wanda Truax, Vernita Harda- way, Ruth Gordon, Gloria Cauthen, Alta Minthorn. Third Row: Ruby Lee Ballard,Imagene Person, Marcia Goodloe, Wanda Griffin, Shirley Latham, Shirley Lovorn, Bettye Leslie, La Nedra Rushing, Jo Ann Johnson, Sally Brainard, Joan Oliver, Nancy Kyle. Fourth Row: Nancy Martin, Betty Sherman, Peggy Gibbs , Marianne Ballard, Joyce Bridges, Darlene Peavy, Edna Ruth Griffin, Julia Allard, Elwanda Wilson. Fifth Row: Cheerleaders: Carlotta Marsh,Lillian Herzog,Beatrice Cook, Mary Jo Davenport, Doris McMahan. r y 1 . 5 , f y X if-fl! if ffiffff TWIRLERS Left to right: Edna Ruth Griffin, Darlene Peavy, Peggy Arm Gibbs, Marianne Ballard, .Toyce Bridges, Mary Lee, Margie Lee. 'lajorette Ivlajgrette ,ETTY SHERMAN JULIA ALLARD , . I ' X vo ' 5 :, ' - M! , f mo K . Q I BAND fox VSA ' M 'wx'o9 355559 Camp Hood Band M. C. Riemenschneider, Director ,,w,.,,.,- ,,,...--f-M"""' ..,---ff-"""""" me-"""""f"',, 3 SENIOR CHORUS M. C. RIEMENSCHNEIDER, DIRECTOR First Row: Mr. Riernenschneider, Ruby Lee Ballard, Shirley Able , Gloria Cauthen, Beatrice Cook, Lou Van Steen, Marianne Ballard, Julia Allard, Nancy Martin, Edna Ruth Griffin, Ruth Gordon. Second Row: Carlotta Marsh, Joyce Bridges, Dorothy Carlin,Ruth Daubenspeck, Marjanna Hillman, Jo Ann Fuchs, Nancy Clayton, Doris McMahan, - Lillian Herzog, Mary Jo Davenport. Third Row: Boyd Waltrnan, Mac Warren, Jack Richardson, Clifton Nelson, Doyle Magness, Bill Schick, Jerry Jennings, Jimmie Roach, James Grant, M. W. Grant. STUDENT COUNCIL Seated: CARLOTTA MARSH M. W. GRANT IO ANN FUCHS BOBBIE CROSBY Ninth Grade President Secretary Eighth Grade Ninth Grade Tenth Grade Standing: JAMES ELLIOTT JAMES GRANT HERSCHEL ROACH Ninth Grade Tenth Grade Eighth Grade M..- ,-...WY ..- ... -- Vu rfis arg Compliments Ol CRAIG NEWS Killeen, Texas Phone 181 -Il'-'T RESCRIPTIONS SU NDR! ES EKENSTEN'Sl l 5951-UU woons DRUG STORE Kille Phone 142 P HOMES RANCHES FARMS BUSINESSES BILL ELKINS LICENSED REAL ESTATE DEALER Phone 119 324 A D Kll 0 1? I WWZM df ' Killeen 5 ll' Compliments Ct El ' 1 1, . ecfmca N Q MHIIHIHQ Chevrolet Co. Appliances ff Pzlfnjvlzsiq I Soles :Sf Service KILLEEN, TEXAS 0009198 'J I Complete Automotive 6 ' Service tv PROPER BRUSHE5 5 KILLEEN PAINT :S PAPER STORE Ph 196 Compliments Of KILLEEN HERALD Phone 243 W. T. CARTER 6 SON Compliments Of llIllEEN Iusunmcf Aufucv 'Ynsurance that Pays" Compliments FIRST NATIONAL BANK KILLEEN. TEXAS Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation xnruasn rsxAs - Phone 121 Y - .fn 4' ' W ,S ADAMS SHOE STORE MEAT EARKET Home KILLED Mens Quality Shoes At WHSHIAEL? LAEGIIL' 'OUEIQL 1 Moderate Prices K ll Tm: Ph ne 40 Kill AUTHORIZED DEALER 2 " wumz Auto smut FOOD EE? CECIL CARTER 1 J rl-lou: N.. 141-s ,, Killeen, Texas, T 8: 0 Super Market Phone 128 Kille FREE DELIVERY NORMAN HOME 8: AUTO SUPPLY Your Local Firestone Distributor Passenger, Truck, and Tractor Tires Radios, Refrigerators, and Washing Machines Ben Norman, Owner Phone 44 Killeen, Texas Compliments Of Colonial Ice Cream 8z Milk Co., Inc. Lampasas, Texas CAMP HOOD PHOTO SHOP Potrait and Commercial Photography Branch of C. Ekmark Studios CIVILIAN AND MILITARY PHOTOGRAPHERS FOR OVER 30 YEARS Compliments Oi A FRIEND WE HAVE CLOTHED THE ENTIRE FAMILY SINCE 1884 COCHBAN, BLAIR ci POTTS Bell County's Largest 61 M t C pl t D p tment Store OIT! ee SCI! BELTCN, TEXAS 4 ' I Q1 L I Too-Good J Parlor BBCPOKS 61 SCN l X HDebLu"e CLEANERS H And Milfs 318 Gray S1. K ll Killeen ,ww vAl.u E5 l, , Hmm-, '-':'.1- . Z1 .,'1'1:'I .- I f ' puffs If , atbovlsnp " I ' X City Cash CASEYS FURNITURE ll Affiifff r ur eo ay H af ,L 6' Killeen, Texas Killeen Ph0I19 5 ,ML ,K Telephone 17 N l ' my Q' M I , TTTTQH 1 'X .'Xl 1 .Ha Ki if I Qi eile 1 E11 11 I 3 - - V --i..- -- ..- Drink JOHN BREMOND COFFEE LAW INSURANCE AGENCY Alllines oflnsurance and Bonds Telephone 284 117 NO. EAST STREET Congratulations From BELTON, TEXAS ....,,.. STOKES BROS. 81 CO. I on mn Phone 49 Kill GOOD CLOTHES FOR MEN 6. YOUNG MEN CHAS. S. COX 6: SON Complete Outfitters F or Men Temple KILLEEN FLORAL 512 N. 4th Phone 48-R Compliments Of A Temple Friend I l Fon OVER 54 YEARS Best Wishes To 032226EZZTIIEHfcniifepgiliiqsfiig All Of You GET IT FROM GRE31-1AM'S Griggs Equipment Co TEMPLE BELTON n mu qusgmm

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