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 Fort Hill High School, 2Cumberland, MarylandThe Alma Mater The Fort Hill Alma Mater expresses the loyalty, love, and respect each individual student should feel for his school. It seems to be a natural theme for our Sabre because it covers every phase of school life; faculty, students, activities, and classes. ALMA MATER How we love thee, Fort Hill High School Let our actions tell. We, thy loyal sons and daughters, Pledge to serve thee well. Sing her praises, Let her chorus ever joyful be. Hail to thee, our Alma Matre. Fort Hill, Hail to thee. 4Table of Contents How We Love Thee, Fort Hill High School Let Our Actions Tell...................... 8-36 Senior Portraits and Activities Honor Students Remember When??? We, Thy Loyal Sons and Daughters.. 39-58 Senior High Homerooms Junior High Homerooms Snips and Snaps Fledge to Serve Thee Well............. 60-69 Administration Faculty Portraits Classes in Progress Sing Her Praises, Let Her Chorus Ever Joyful Be ...................... 72-102 Service Organizations Recognition Literary and Entertainment Organizations Hail to Thee, Our Alma Mater....... 104-120 Intramural Intermural Varsity Fort Hill Hail to Thee 5 122-150In Memoriam Mr. Robert Morris was a man who was loved and respected by his fellow teachers and his students. His death was a great loss to his family, his many friends and to our school. AWAY You cannot say, you must not say That he is dead. He is just away! With a cheery smile, and a wave of the hand He has wandered itito an unknown land. So think of him faring on, as dear In the love of There as the love of Here; Think of him still as the same, and say, He is not dead, he is just away. 6OUTSTANDING BOY Selected as Outstanding Boy of the senior class, David Lewis served as President of his class during the junior and sophomore years. David was very active in Student Council, Senate, and the Junior Town Meeting. Throughout his senior year, David was sports editor of both the Sentinel and the Sabre. He was voted the most studious boy of the senior class. As one of six students admitted to the National Honor Society in his junior year, David was elected to the Presidency of the organization. 8 OUTSTANDING GIRL For her leadership ability and friendliness toward others, Peggy Groves has been elected Outstanding Girl. She served as treasurer of the Student Council as a junior, and currently filled the office of President. Her leadership qualities were also demonstrated by her participation in school and county Tri-Hi-Y. She has been a cheerleader for three years, and captain during her senior year. Peggy was a member of the Sentinel staff three years. As a senior she was selected most attractive and best dressed girl.T. Johnson R. White C. Sichler S. Sticklcy THOMAS WAYNE JOHNSON Academic Senior Class President 4: Science Club 1, Treasurer 2. Vice President 3, President 4; Class Play 2,3; Jr. Class Play Director 4; May Day 2,3.4; Fort Hill Players 3; Angel Street 3, Thespians 3,4; All County Chorus 2; Choir 2; Glee Club 1,2; Boys Ensemble 2; Choir Ensemble 2; Hi-Y 2,3.4. "The heart to conceive, the understanding to direct, and the hand to execute” RICHARD SHELDON WHITE Academic Class Vice President 4; Senior Council 4: Student Council Senate 3,4; Hi-Y 2, Treasurer 3, Vice President 4; Cross Country 3,4; Prom Committees 3.4; County Council Vice President 4. "To know him is a pleasure, to be his friend is a privilege" CYNTHIA JANE SIEHLER Academic Sentinel 2,3, Business Manager 4; Choir Librarian 2,3, Secretary 4: Ensemble 3: Glee Club 2, Secretary 3; Honor Society 3, Vice President 4; Tri-Hi-Y, Clean Speech and Courtesy Campaign 3.4; Class Secretary 2,3,4; Farewell Assemblies 3,4; Student Council 2,3; Town Meeting 3; All County Chorus 2,3,4; All Slate Chorus 3,4; Football Queen 4. "Her lovely face, her charm, her smile go hand in hand all the while" SHIRLEY PATSY STICKLEY Commercial Monitors 2.3; Library Club 1,2,3; Town Meeting 2; Most Courteous Girl 2; Sentinel 2.3, Exchange Manager 4; May Day 1,2.3.4; Cashier 3.4; Farewell Assembly 3,4; Prom Committees 3,4; Student Council 3. "For her heart was in her work and the heart giveth grace to every art" Officers and advisers directing the activities of the senior class of '62 arc Cynthia Sichler, Miss Helen Smith, Shirley Sticklcy, Tom Johnson, Mr. Carl Ritchie, Mr. William Lccson and Richard White.L. Alice J. Andrews G. Barnhart D. Beard THELMA HARRIET LYNN ALLEE Academic Girls A. A. 3.4; Science Club 1,2.3,4. “She is not difficult to please; she can be silent as trees" JAMES ANTHONY ANDREW General “To a young heart everything is fun” DAVID GLENN BARNHART . „ General “He always laughed when others saw no joke" DIANNA BEARD General “Paradise is open to all kind hearts" SANDRA KAY BEARINCER Commercial "Happy are they who are friendly" VIRGINIA LEE BECHTOL Commercial Library Club 2,3,4. “In youth, wisdom is rare" NANCY LOUISE BECK General Fori Hill Flayers 3,4; Sabre 4; Farewell Assembly 3,4; May Day 4. “A good laugh is the sunshine of the world” JANE DENIEL BEERY Academic Winner of Ford Foundation Writing Contest for Allegany County 3; Tri-Hi-Y 1.4, Historian 2, Parliamentarian 3; National Honor Society 3, Treasurer 4; Band, Corresponding Secretary 1, Treasurer 4. Librarian 1,2,3,4, Drum Majorette 1,2; Dance Band 1.2.3: All County Band 2.3; Class Treasurer 3; Most Courteous Girl 3: Farewell Assembly 3: May Day 1.2,3; Sentinel 2.3. Co-Editor 4; Choir and Glee Club Accompanist 4; Chairman of Decoration Committee 4. “Character is the real foundation of all worthwhile success" CAROLYN SUE BENDER Academic Tri-Hi-Y 1,2, Vice President 3; Monitors 1; May Day 4; Jr. Town Meeting 3; Farewell 3, 4. “A little fun is never out of place” KATHRYN ELIZABETH BENNINGER General Office 2. “A kind-hearted girl” N. Beck J. Beery S. Bender 10 S. Bearinger K. BcnningcrM. Bible C. Bierman G. Bierman C. Bird L. Bird R. Boyer S. Breighner RUSSELL MELVIN BIBLE General Projection Crew 1.2,3.4. "Good nature is a priceless treasure" CHARLOTTE ELIZABETH BIERMAN General Basketball; Volley Ball "It is better to be happy than wise" GARY DWAIN BIERMAN General Band "Everything a friend should be" CLIFFORD CARL BIRD General Projection Crew 2,3.4; Cross Country 3. "Always ready for amusement and gaiety’ LEROY MAXWELL BIRD General Cross Country 2,3.4. "Happy as the day is long" ROBERT PAUL BOYER Vocational "Why worry? You may as well enjoy yourself" SANDRA KAY BREIGHNER General Jr. Town Meeting; Libiary Club 4; Student Council 4. "A light heart lives long" JO ANN BRINKMAN Commercial Monitors 1,2. "Quietness is a quality very few possess" DONALD EDWARD BROOME General Track 3.4; Cross Country 4; Bowling Club 4; Boys Hi-Y 4. "Happy and gay, always laughing" MARSHALL EUGENE BROWN General "If you want a true friend, here is one" J. Brinkman D. Broome M. Brown 11A. Bryant 1 E. Burge S. Brown C. Bruner SANDRA KAY BROWN Library Club 3.4. "A smile that won't come off' Commercial CAROL JO BRUNER Commercial Glee Club 1.2.3,4; Library Club 1.3,4; May Day 3,4; Prom Committee 4; Mimeograph Crew 4; Farewell Assembly 4; Student Council 3.4; May Day Committee 4; Players 4; Farewell Assembly Committee 3.4. "Laughter of this girl is among the delightful sounds of the earth" ANNA MARIE BRYANT Commercial Ushers 1,2.5.4; Tri-Hi-Y 1.2,3.4; May Day 3,4; Monitors 1,2; Sahrk 4: Players 3.4; Farewell Assembly 3.4. "No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of it to anyone else" ELLEN LOUISE BURGE Academic Thespians 3. President 4: Players 3.4: May Day 3.4; Ushers 12, Secretary 3, President 4; Tri-Hi-Y 1.2,3.4; Prom Committee 3; Farewell Assembly 4; Play Tournaments, Best Actress 3. Director 4. EDWARD ALLEN BUSCH "A gay person with a large circle of friends" Band 1,2,3.4; Speech 4. General "If work interferes with good times, quit work!" F Butler FRANK CASLAR BUTLER General "You can always do better than you think you can" SANDRA KAY CAI.HOUN Academic Ushers; Tri-Hi-Y 1,2: Sentinel 2.3.4; Choir 1,2; Glee Club 1.2: Student Council 1.2; Players 3.4: May Day; Pep Club 4; May Day Committee 4; Farewell Assembly 4; Play Committee 4. "Laughter and friends arc always by her side’ PATRICIA LOUISE CAMPBELL Academic Band Choir 2.3.4; Girls' Glee Club 2.3.4; Farewell 3; ll County Choir 2.3: All County Band 2,3; Future Nurses 3.4. "Iler voice was soft, gentle, and street" WII LIAM DYF.R CARROLL "Love life and gaiety and you will live l°"S General Commercial MARGARET CA THERINE CLARK "A soft answer turneth away wrath" Cl21 S. Calhoun P. Campbell 12 W. CarrollW. Clingan C. Clisc L. elites A. Collins WILLIAM DENT CLINGAN General Farewell Assembly 3. "Live long and make others happy" CHARLES ALBERT CLISE General "If my heart were not light, I would die" LINDA ANN CLITES Commercial Prom Committee 3.4; May Queen Attendant 3; Library Club 1; Players 3.4; Angel Street Committee 3; Sabre 4; Farewell Assembly 3. "A fair face and a friendly smile" WILLIAM ALEX COLLINS General "A smile is a whisper of a laugh" C. Crabtree E. Crippcn C. Crone C. Cross CAROLE JEAN CORLEY Commercial Cheerleader 1,3,4; Sentinel 2.3.4; Sabre 1; Pep Club Co-Sccrciary 4; Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3; Monitors 1.2.3; Decoration Committee 2.3. "Sweetness and gaiety are found in this small package" C. Corley E. Cornwell ELIZABETH IRENE CORNWELL Academic Sabre 2. Literary Co-Editor 3, Editor-in-Chief 4; Sentinel 2.3.4; Ushers 1.2.3,4; Tri-Hi-Y 2.4, Vice President 1. Historian 3; Student Council Treasurer 1, Senate 3. Chaplain 4; Glee Club 1; Prom Committee 2,3,4; Farewell Assembly 3.4; May Court 2, May Day 3.4; Sweetheart Queen Attendant 2; Football Queen Attendant 4; Play Tournaments 3,4. "A perfect woman nobly planned to warm, to comfort, and command" CLAUDETTE RAE CRABTREE Academic Library Club 15. Treasurer 3. President 4; Ushers 15.3.4; Tri-Hi-Y 2.3,4; Sabre 3. Senior Co-Editor 4; Prom Committee 3; Farewell Script Committee 4. "Performs any task, great or small, well" EDWARD ELLSWORTH CRIPPF.N General "They like him most who know him best" CAROL JEAN CRONE Academic Future Nurses Club 3,4. "Speech is great but silence is greater" CHARLES KENNETH CROSS General Football 15,3,4; Baseball 15,3,4; Hi-Y 4. "Always joking and laughing"B. Daniels R. D’Alri E. Davies G. Davis BLAINE JOHN DANIELS General “A good man is the best friend” RITA NICOLA D’ATRI General May Day 4; Farewell Assembly 4. "My heart is warm with the friends I make” WILLIAM EDWARD DAVIES General “I have a heart with room for every joy” GEORGE HULL DAVIS General “It is a wise head that makes a still tongue” JAMES EARL DAVIS General Football 2. “The heart has eyes the brain knows nothing of" J. Davis T. Dean TERRY LEE DEAN Academic Band I: Projection Crew 1.2: Science Club 1.2.3: Glee Club I; Town Meeting 2; Cross Country 4; Hi-Y 4; Senior Farewell 4; May Day 4. "What is life without wine, women and song" KENNETH EDWARD DF.ATELHOUSER General Football 2: Baseball 3.4. “Not too sober, not too gay, but a good fellow in every way” BRADLEY DUANE DETER Central "Happy am I, from care I am free!" MARY SUSAN DICKINSON Academic Majorette 1.2.3. Captain 4; Tri-Hi-Y Fort Hill Players 3.4: Town Meeting 1.2: Secretary 3; May Day 3,4. "Merrily, Merrily I live” CONNIE LEE DIEHL Academic "What sweet delight a quiet life affords” K. Dcatclhouscr B. Deter M. Dickinson C. Diehl 14W. Donahue M. Dorsey i J. Duncan j. Durbin L. Durbin WELLINGTON MARTIN DONAHUE General Football 2,3,4; Basketball; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Hi-Y 3,4. “Men are only boys grown tall” MARY VICTORIA DORSEY Cafeteria 1.2,3,4. "No care beyond today” JUDITH ANN DUNCAN Academic Fen Club 4; Bowling Club 4; Future Nurses Club 3,4. “Blessed are they with kind hearts" JAYE JUNE DURBIN "Cheerfulness is a great necessity‘ LINDA SUE DURBIN Commercial "A girl who has good cheer for all” JANE ELIZABETH DYCHE Academic Monitors 1.2; Ushers 1,2,3.4; Tri-Hi-Y 2,3.4; Future Nurses 3,4; Flayers 3,4; Sophomore Flay Director 4; Thespians 3, Secretary 4; May Day 3,4; Farewell Assembly 3. "A hard worker, full of zest; she is bound for much success" SANDRA KAY EBERT Academic I’ep Club 4; Future Nurses Club 3,4. "Silence is more eloquent than words” RAY MELVIN EVANS General Football 2. "It is well for one to know more than he says" PAUL ROBERT FISHER Academic Sabre 2,3.4; Band 1,2; Student Council 3. "He was born for success" DARLENE JUNE FLETCHER Commercial Farewell Assembly 3,4; From Committee 4. "The fewer the words, the greater the profit" General Commercial J. Dychc S. Ebert R. Evans P. Fisher D. Fletcher 15C. Friend K. Footen C. Flora C. Folk S. Garland CHERYL FAYE FLORA Commercial Tri-Hi-Y 2.3.4; Ushers 1,2, Editor 3, Secretary 4; Jr. Town Meeting 2; Student Council 4; Sentinel 2.3,4; Prom Committee 3.4; Farewell Assemblies 3.4; May Day 4; Scribes staff 4; Play Tournaments 4; Clee Club 1,2,3. "A girl with a smile is a girl worthwhile" CAROL REGINA FOLK Commercial Jr. Choral Club I; Sr. Choral Club 2: G.A.A. 1; Office 3; Farewell Assembly 3,4; May Day 4; Sabre 4; Library 4. "Pleasing in every way" KATHRYN ANN FOOTEN Academic Tri-Hi-Y 4; Sabre Literary Editor 4; Scribes Co-Editor 4; Decoration Committee 3,4; Play Tournaments 4; Student Council 4; Farewell Assembly 4; Debating Society 3. "She is nice to walk with and witty to talk with and pleasant to think on" CAROLYN JEAN FRIEND "She has a heart of gold" RALPH STEVEN GARLAND Vocational "The surest way not to fail is to determine to succeed" Commercial CHARLES JOSEPH GARLITZ Academic "One cannot always be a hero, but one can always be a man" BARBARA JEAN GEORGE Academic Montiors 1.2. "Good as gold and true as steel" SHARON EILEEN GNF.GY Commercial Library Club 1; Tri-Hi-Y I: Monitors 12. Treasurer 3. Student Director 4; Choir; Sabrf. 3. Advertising Manager 4; Glee Club 1.2.3, President 4; Mimeograph Staff 3,4; Farewell Assembly 3.4; Slay Day 3.4; Honor Society 4. "Few are her faults, many are her merits" WILLIAM EDWARD GRAY General "It matters not how long a man lives, but how" PAUL EDWIN GREEN Vocational "Make every day the best you’ve lived" C. Garlitz B. George S. Gncgy W. Gray P. Green 16S. Grogg P. Groves B. Hamilton G. Hardingcr Harold Hardingcr SHARON COLLEEN GROGG Commercial May Day 4: Farewell Assembly 4; Ushers 1,2. “In her life is the law of kindness" PEGGY LEE GROVES Academic Tri-Hi-Y 1.4. President 2, Vice President 3; Youth and Government 1,2.3, O. T. C. 1.2,3; County Council Secretary 3. Co-President 4; Future Nurses 3,4; Sentinel 2.3, Co-Business Manager 4; Cheerleader 2,3, Captain 4; May Day 2,3; Farewell Assembly 3; Prom Committee 2,3,4; May Court; Sweetheart Attendant 1,3: Student Council 2, President 1,4, Treasurer 3; Glee Club. Vice President 1; Outstanding Girl 4; Most Attractive Girl 4; Best Dressed Girl 4. “A good personality is the salt of life and a sense of humor is the pepper" BONITA LEE HAMILTON Academic May Day 3.4; Play Tournaments 2: Jr. Town Meeting 2; Glee Club 1,2, Librarian 3, Treasurer 4; Girls Ensemble 2; Mixed Ensemble 3.4; All County Citrous 2.3.4; Prom Committee 3; Farewell Assembly 3,4; Choir 2, Librarian 3,4; Sentinel 2,3,4. “Gentle in manner, strong in performance" GLENDA MEREDITH HARDINGF.R Commercial Girls Basketball 1; Monitors 2,3, President 4; Student Council 4; May Day 3,4; Majorette 2. Co-Captain 4; Farewell Assembly 3.4: Prom Committee 4; Players 3. "Sparkle and spice and everything nice" Homer Hardingcr HAROLD RALPH HARDINGF.R Commercial Color Guard 4; Baseball 3,4; Mimeograph Staff 4. “His twin is friendship" HOMER RICHARD HARDINGER Commercial Baseball 3,4; Color Guard 4. "His twin is friendship" MARIANNA HARE Commercial Prom Committc 3,4; Farewell Assembly 3,4; Players 3,4; Monitors 1; May Day 3.4; Make-up Committee, Angel Street 3. "True happiness consists not in the multitude of friends, but in the worth and choice" LLOYD EDWARD HARRISON Academic Band 1,2.3,4; Dance Band 1,2,3.4; Cross Country 3: Thespians 3,4. “He has the gift of talent and wit" JAMES LEO HEADLY General "The only way to have a friend is to be one" JAMES EDWARD HEAVNER Academic Class Vice President 2. "His honesty, loyalty, and sincerity will long be remembered" M. Hare E. Harrison J. Headley J. HcavncrL. Hedrick J. Henderson G. Henry LARRY GLENN HEDERICK Monitors 3,4. “I shall always be happy if I still can laugh’ General JOHN DARRELL HENDERSON "True worth is being, not seeming' GARY KENNETH HENRY General Football L2.3.4: Student Council Monitors 4; Hi-Y 4; Senior Council 4; Baseball; C. V. A. L. All Star Team 4. "Happy and jolly is he” General Academic DAVID DUANE HENSELL Stage Crew I; J.V. Football 2; Projection Crew I; Sabre 4; Junior Farewell 3; Junior-Senior Prom 3. "Hy your good deeds you will be remembered” DOLORES ANN HIETT Academic Tri-Hi-Y Library Club; Student Council 1.2.3; Town Meeting 3; Players 3.4; May Day 3; Football Queen Al-tendent 4. "Sparkling eyes, a cheerful smile, and a happy heart all the wnile" THOMAS BROUGHTON HIGSON Commercial Football 2.3; Track 2.3.4; Cross Country 4; Mimeograph Staff 4. "Life is too short to waste” BONNIE SUE HILEMAN Commercial Monitors 1.2; Girls Basketball I. Manager 2.3.4: Girls A. A. 3.4; Volleyball Manager 3.4; Soccer Manager 4; Farewell Assembly 3. "Tis good to be honest and true" RI TA ELAINE HILL Commercial Art Glee Club 12: Poster Club 4; Student Council 1. "A friendly heart is the truest wisdom” DONNA LOUISE HIMES Commercial Pep Club 4. “Fill the day with Irwing deeds" B. Hilcman EDWARD LAWRENCE HOLSHEY Academic Sabre 2. Photography Editor 3.4: Dance Committees 2.3.4; Hi-Y 3. Treasurer 4; Farewell Assembly 3; Bowling Chib 2.3. "His sense of humor will carry him over the roughest spots” R. Hill D. Himes D. Hictt T. Higson E. HolshcyD. Howscr I . Huffman J. Hunt THOMAS JOSEPH HOPWOOD Academic Football 1; Baseball 1,2,4. "He scatters enjoyment” DAVID RAY HOWSF.R General Football 1.2.3,4; Track 1.2,3,4; Vice President Jr. Class; Student Council Monitors 3,4; Student Director 4. "All who know him like him because he has a good nature" PATRICIA ARLENE HUFFMAN Commercial Monitors 1.2,3,4; Tri-Hi-Y 2,3.4; Thespians 3,4; Town Meeting 2; Players 3; May Day 3; Cashier 4; Play Tournament 2,3,4. "A soft answer lurnelh away wrath” JON WILLIAM HUNT Academic Football 2; Track 1.2.3; Hi-Y 3.4; Jr. Town Meeting 3; Choir 2,3,4; ('.lee Club 1,2,3,4: Boys’ Ensemble 4; All County Chorus 23,4; Student Council Monitor 3,4. “Gaiety and happiness are his companions" LESTER LEO ISNER General Cafeteria 3,4. "Silence is a true friend that never betrays him" CAROI.EE JOHNSON Commercial Monitors 2,3.4; Fort Hill Players 3; Sabre 4. "Gentle of speech, beneficent of mind” FRANKLIN BLAKELEY JOHNSON Academic Hi-Y 3.4; Dance Committees 2,3,4. "A little nonsense now and then, is relished by the best of men" DANNY RICHARD JONES General "All those who win joy must share it" DIANE REGINA JONES Commercial "Sparkling and bright as the very sunlight” C. Johnson F. Johnson D. Jones D. Jones 19C. Joseph M. Keefer J. Keller J. Kerens CHARLOTTE ANN JOSEPH General "In her face I see kindness and loyalty" MARILYN MAE KEEFER Commercial "A happy smile makes many friends" JOHN CALVIN KELLER General Basketball Manager 1.2,3.4; Track Manager 1.2,3,4. "No work and all play" JANET LEIGH KERENS Commercial Monitors 1,2,3,4; Sabrk 4; Student Council 4. "It’s nice to be natural, if you’re naturally nice" B. Knippenberg A. Koch J. Kubes J. Landis VIRGINIA OLEDA KETTERMAN Commercial Basketball 1.2.3; Volleyball 1.2.3; Track 1; Girls A. A. 1,2. "She is one who enjoys sports and gaiety" O. Ketterman G. Kirby GEORGE ALBERT KIRBY Academic Band Dance Band 2.3.4; Student Council 3: Senate 4; Cross Country Track 3: Farewell Assembly 3.4: Play Tournaments 4; Hi-Y 3.4; May Day 3.4; All County Band 2.3,4; V. R. A.S. C. President 4: Prom Committee 4; Bowling Club 3. "Laugh and the world laughs with you" BONNA JEAN KNIPPENBERG Commercial Band 1,2,3.4; Bookroom 4; Cafeteria Cashier 4. "The endearing elegance of female friendship" ANNA LEE KOCH Academic Tri-lli-Y 1.3.4, Chaplain 2: Future Nurses, Chaplain 3. President 4; Monitors 2.3; Band 1,2,3: Prom Committee Chairman 3.4: May Day 4. “The temple of our purest thoughts is silence" JANET HOPE Kl’BFS Academic Future Nurses Club 3: Science Club; May Day 4; Basketball 2: Prom Committee 3: Farewell Assembly 4. "Gaiety is the medicine for all this'' JOYCE I.A VERNE LANDIS General Library 3; May Day 4; Senior Farewell 4. "Gentle of speech beneficent of mind" C. Lcgccr S. Lcasurc M. Landis MARY ELEANORE LANDIS Academic Monitor Club 1,2,3; Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3; Prom Committee 3,4; Student Director 4; Sentinel 2,3,4. "A shining star not in the sky" SUZANNE LEE LAPP Academic Student Council 2, Secretary 3. Treasurer 4; Sentinel 2,3,4; Town Meeting 2.3: Coordinating Council 3; Ushers 2, Vice President 3. Treasurer 4; Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3,4; May Day 3,4; Players, Secretary 3, President 4. “Considerate and kind, a friend at all times'’ Commercial SANDRA LEE LEASURE Cashier 4; Office 2. "A gleam in her eye which mischief imparts‘ General CARL RAY LECEER "Variety is the spice of life' Commercial MARLENE BETTY LEWIS "Kindness is wisdom in itself B. Lewis DAVID GLENN LEWIS Academic Class President 2,3; National Honor Society 3, President 4; Student Council Senate 4; Town Meeting 1,2,3; Sabre 3, Sports Editor 4: Sentinel 2, 3, Sports Editor 4; Play Tournaments 4; Outstanding Boy 4. "A superior man is modest in his speech but exceeds in his actions" D. Lewis General GERALD EUGENE LEWIS "Good humor is the health of the soul' ANTHONY ALVIN LILLER "A little fun is never out of place' General BRUCE EDWARD LONG Academic Band 1,2,3,4; A Capclla Choir 2; Players 3; Thespians 3,4; May Day 2,3,4; Play Tournaments 2,3; Farewell Assembly 3,4; All County Chorus 2. "To be a leader among men, one must be a man" General MARY MARGARET "That is good which LOWERY doeth good‘ M. Lowery G. Lewis A. LillerD. Lynch C. Maicrs C. Maicr R. Malcolm HAROLD DAVID LYNCH Academic Sabrf. 2,3,4; Scribes 4; Hi-Y 3,4; Farewell Assembly 3. "High aims form high characters” CAROL JEAN MAIERS Academic Monitors 2,3: Future Nurses Club 3,4; Tri-Hi-Y 2,3; Pep Club 4; Library Club 3. “Good nature is the beauty of the mind" CONNIE COLLEEN MAIERS Commercial National Honor Society 3, Jeweler 4; Assistant Teen-Page Editor 4; Cashier 3.4; Mimeograph Staff 3,4; Choir 2,3; Glee Club 1,2.3; All County Chorus 2.3; Prom Committee 4. "Actions, looks, words . . . steps from the alphabet" RICHARD WILLIAM MALCOLM General Monitors 2.4; Cross Country 2; Canvas Crew 4. "Live, love, and be happy — that's my motto" RONALD EUGENE MANGES Academic Hi-Y 1,2, Chaplain 3. President 4; Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2.3.4; Track 1; Baseball 2.3.4; All City 4. "Work, loaf, play, and love — and the greatest ol these is love" W. Manges WILLIAM EDWARD MANGES Academic "A true and industrious friend to all" MICHAEL MARRALE "Carefree as the day is long?' RAYMOND LIONEL MASON Academic Football 2.3: Basketball 2; Track 3.4; Play Tournaments 4; Scribes Art Editor 4. "He has done his duty and much more" LINDA KAY MAUZY Senior Farewell 4; May Day 4. "Her wire was ever soft" HAZEL I OUISE MAY Commercial Library Club 4; Senior Farewell 4. "Quiet, hut not idle" R. Manges General Commercial M. Marrale R. Mason L. Mauzy H. May 22J. McBride L. McDonald S. McDonald J. McGregor JERRY WAYNE MeBRIDE General “There’s nothing like fun ... is there?” LINDA KAY MCDONALD , , . Library Club 1,2,3; Jr. Town Meeting 2; .Speech “You can always do better than you think you can General Bowling 2. SANDRA JEAN MCDONALD Commercial Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3,4; Library Club 2; Jr. Farewell; Office 2,3; Farewell Assembly 4. “A kind and gentle heart she has to comfort friend and foe” RICHARD EARL McDOWELL General “In thy face I see the map of honor, truth and loyalty” JANET LOUISE Mc.GRECOR Commercial Basketball 2, Manager 3,4; Tri-Hi-Y 1,2; Glee Club 1; G. A. A. 3, Vice-President 4. “Patience and gentleness is power” GERALD LESLIE McKAY Academic Track 1; Sentinel Staff 2,3,4; Art 1. “lie large in mirth always” WILLIAM LAWRENCE McKENZIE, JR. General “A man’s a man, that’s that!” ETHEL ELIZABETH MEEKS Commercial May Day 3; Farewell Assembly 3,4; Players 3: Scribes 4; Tri-Hi-Y 15,3,4; Ushers 1.2,3,4; Monitors 1,2; Library Club 15; Senior Council 4; Glee Club 1,2. “Charm strikes the sight but merit wins the soul" WALTER EUGENE MERRILL General Baseball 1,2; Football 15,3,4; Track 3,4; Student Council 1,2; Town Meeting 3; All C. V. A. L. 4. “lie merry and gay, youth comes but once in a lifetime” GARY LEE MERRITT General Projection Crew 15,3,4. “Gaiety, happiness and he will never be separated” G. McKay W. McKenzie E. Meeks W. Merrill G. Merritt 23P. Messenger P. Metz R. Metzger S. Merritt B. Michael SONDRA LOUISE MERRITT General Monitors 1. "Happiness consists of activity" ONA PAUL MESSENGER General "Much ivisdom often goes with fewest words" JEANNE PAULETTE METZ General Glee Club 1.2; Future Nurses Club 3,4; Farewell Assembly 3.4; May Day 4. "Her ways are pleasantness, and all her paths lead to peace" ROY PHILLIP METZGER Vocational "Every time he laughs, it adds something to his life" BEVERLY ANN MICHAEL Commercial Glee Club 1,2.3,4; Student Council 2. "A sparkling personality is one’s greatest asset" ANN JONELLE MILLER Academic Glee Club 1,2; County Choral Festival 2; Choir 2; Student Council 2.3; Co ordinating Council Chaplain 3; Ushers 1.2. Treasurer 3. Vice President 4; Tri-Hi-Y 1.2.3. Secretary 4; Sentinel 2.3, Co-Editor 4; May Day 3,4; Farewell Assembly 4, Director 3; Town Meeting 3; Senior Class Council; Honor Society 3, Secretary 4; County Council Treasurer 4; Assistant Director of Senior Class Play 4. "The beauty of her style, grace, and harmony are dependent on her simplicity" DONALD EUGENE MILLER General "One who loves life and laughter" DONNA LEE MILLER Commercial "With fun and friends her life is filled" GILBERT BURNS MILI ER Academic Hi-Y 4; Choir 2.3,4; Glee Club 1,2,3. "He looks innocent and shy; yet he really is so wise" MICHAEL LEE MILLER Academic Basketball 2; Cross Country 2; Hi-Y 4; Town Meeting 2.3; F’arewell Assembly 3. "The man that loves and laughs must surely do well" A. Miller D. Miller D. Miller G. Miller M. MillerR. Miller B. Moore D. Moore N. Mower R. Mowery ROY RUSSELL MILLER General Bowling Club 3; Cross Country 2; Basketball 1; Student Council 1; Projection Crew 1.2; Hi-Y 3,4; Farewell Assembly 3. "Here laughter dwells forever” BARBARA ANN MOORE Commercial Basketball I; Monitors 1; Tri-Hi-Y 2,4; Farewell Assembly 3,4; May Day 4. " Witty, wise, and a wonderful friend” DARLENE VIOLA CAROL MOORE Commercial Scribes 4; Basketball 2,3,4; Soccer 4; Volleyball 1,2,3,4; Track 1,2,3,4; G. A. A. 3. President 4. “With a twinkle in her eyes and a smile on her lips" NANCY ELLEN MOWER Commercial Cashier 3.4. “A pleasant smile makes many friends” RITA FAYE MOWERY General “Her heart is a place where laughter is king’ VERNON DAVID OATES General Student Council 1; Town Meeting 2; Farewell Assembly 3,4. "A good deed is never lost" LINDSAY KLINE OTTO General “He is a quiet person who accomplishes much” GENE DANIEL PARK Commercial “The gift of gaiety may in itself be the greatest good fortune” JULIAN DONALD PARK General "Cheerfulness is the nature of his personality" ROGER DALE PARSONS Academic “A good man with a friendly heart” V. Oates L. Otto G. Park J. Park R. ParsonsS. Payne D. Payton H. Peer D. Perry SUSAN REBECCA PAYNE Commercial "Indeed, a friend is never known 'till a friend has need" C. Pope DOROTHY EILENE PAYTON Commercial Tri-Hi-Y 12,3,4; Student Council 12; Monitors 2.3.4: G.A. A. 4. "Good sense and good nature are a rare combination” HOWARD OWEN PEER General "Truth is within ourselves" DONNA RAE PERRY General Trj-Hi-Y 2,4; Library Club 2; Town Meeting 2; Play Tournaments 4. "Dainty and sweet, this flower of life" CAROL LEE POPE General Library Club 3.4. "Good character is human nature in rare form” BONNIE ELIZABETH MAE POWELL Commercial Mimeograph Staff 4. "A pearl of great price” SHIRLEY ANN PROPST Commercial Student Council 1; Ushers Club 1.2.3; Library Club 1,2; Farewell Assemblies 3.4. "A good heart is worth gold” STANLEY FOREST RADCLIFF General Football 1,2.3,4; Track 3.4. "A joyous laugh comes from a joyous heart” CAROL ANN RANKER Academic Student Council 4; Science Club 4: Library Club 2.3. Treasurer 4; Town Meeting 2; Prom Committee 4; Glee Club 1,2. "lie thou the rainbow to the storms of life” RAYMOND EARL REDINGER General Baseball 3. "To make wise use of his gifts is a man’s best talents” B. Powell S. Propst S. Radcliff C. Ranker R. RcdingerF. Rice J. Rice M. Rice P. Rice V. Rice FLORENCE EILEEN RICE Commercial Library 2,3; Monitors 3.4; Tri-Hi-Y 3,4: C. A. A. 4. “Too young for woe, though not for tears" IOANN RICE Academic May Court I; May Day 3; Players 3.4; Glee Club 1.2,3.4; Student Council 1,2,3,4; Tri-Hi-Y 3; Farewell Assembly 4; Play Committee 4; Prom Committee 2,3. “She has learned the secret magic of a cheerful face, not always smiling but at least serene" MARY LEE RICE Academic J. V. Majorette 2; Tri-Hi-Y I; Sabre 4; May Day 3; Farewell Assembly 3. “A beautiful smile is to the female countenance as the sunbeam is to the flower" PAUL LESLIE RICE General “Who lost no friend" VERA KATHLEEN RICE General Library 4. “A good woman is the best woman" CAROLE LaMAYNE RIGGLEMAN General “Action and words show your character" ROGER ELLSWORTH RIZER Vocational “I.ife is too short to waste” JOSEPH ELDON ROBB General Glee Club 1,2,3; Choir 1,2,3. "Shy and modest, but awfully nice" KATHLEEN VIRGINIA ROBEY Academic Sentinel 2,3,4; Tri-Hi-Y 1.3, Treasurer 2,4; Scribes Editor 4; Co-ordinating Council 3; Prom Committees 2,3,4; Monitors 1. “How rich tiiey are who are patient and true" C. Rigglcman ROBERT DAVID ROLLER Vocational Stage Ccw 3,4. “Wit is an unexpected explosion of thought" R. Rizer J. Robb K. Robey R. Roller 27B. Sansom B. Savillc M. Scnsabaugh R. Shambaugh BONNIE SUE SANSOM Academic Choir 2, Vice President 3, President 4; Girls Glee Club 1,2,3,4; Mixed Ensemble 3,4; All County Chorus 2,3,4; Class Treasurer 2; Tri-Hi-Y Historian I; Prom Committees 2,3,4; May Day 3; Farewell Assembly 3; Play Tournaments 2; Red Cross Chairman 1,2,3,4-. “Efficient in her project, shining in her sour BONNIE MAE SAVILLE Commercial Tri-Hi-Y. Chaplain 1; Glee Club 1,2, Vice President 3, Secretary 4; Choir 2, Assistant Treasurer 3, Historian 4; All County Chorus 2.3,4; Sabre 3, Business Manager 4; Cashier 3.4; Mimeograph Staff 4; May Day 3,4; Farewell Assemblies 3,4; Play Tournaments 4; Prom Committees 2,3.4; Honor Society 4; Teen-Page Editor 4. “A combination of dignity and innocence is rare” MILTON ROYCE SENSABAUGH General Band 1,2,5,4; Projection Crew 2,3,4. “To be young is surely the best, if not the most precious gift of life" ROBERT ELWOOD SHAMBAUGH Vocational “Long will live his friendliness" HARVEY GILBERT SHANHOLTZ General “No care beyond today" GLENNA JEAN SHANK Commercial Scribes 4. “You flavor everything, you are the vanilla of society" EARL LEROY SHEETZ “Gently to hear, kindly to judge" JOAN ADRIENNE SHELDON Commercial Glee Club 1.2; Library Club 2; Cashier 2.3.4; Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4; Farewell Assembly 3.4; Prom Committees 4; May Day 4. “Softly speaks, and gently smiles" ROBERT WILLIAM SHIPLEY Hi-Y 4; Bowling Club 3. "Men of few words are the best men CHARLENE EVERAL SIBLEY Academic Glee Club I; Basketball 1,2; Student Council I; Tri-Hi-Y 2,3. President 4; Sabre 3, Activities Co-Editor 4; Co-ordinating Council 3; May Day 3.4; Farewell Assembly 3.4; Prom Committees 2,3,4; Future Nurses Club 3,4. G. Shank Laughter and fun are the signs of a happy heart H. Shanholtz Vocational General E. Shcctz J. Sheldon R. Shipley C. Sibley 28S. Simons S. Simpson R. Sites R. Skinner GREGORY SCOTT SIMONS Academic "Wit and wisdom are born with the person" SANDRA KAY SIMPSON General Majorette 2.3; Student Council 1; May Day 4; May Court 2. "The good is always beautiful, the beautiful is good" General ROSA JANE SKINNER General May Day 4. “Silence when nothing need be said is the eloquence of discretion" VERA MARGRET SKITARELIC Academic Sentinel 2,3, Feature Editor 4; Honor Society 3,4; Science Club 2.4; Farewell Assembly 3; Sophomore Decoration Committee 2. "Her aim is perfection: Her motto, there never lived a perfect man" ROGER LEO SITES "Still water runs deep" M. Skitarclic C. Smith CAROLE ELLEN SMITH Academic Cheerleader 1,2.3.4; Student Council Vice President 3. Senate 4; Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4; Players 3.4; Farewell Assembly 4; May Court 3: Play Tournament 2,4; Town Meeting 2; basketball 12; Pep Club Vice President 4; Script Committee 4. "Here glowing smile and friendliness are equal to her personality” CLAYTON LEROY SMITH. JR. Academic Glee Club 12.3.4; Choir 2,3,4. "Jolly and gay, happy and true" GARY ALAN SMITH Academic “A good sport with a kind heart, always willing to do his part" MARGARET FAY SMITH Commercial Monitors 12; Library Club 12,3.4. "Common sense is an uncommon degree which the world calls wisdom" LEON GRANT SNYDER Academic Hi-Y 4; Cross Country 4; Glee Club 3. "True to his work, his word and his friend” G. Smith M. Smith 29 L. Snyder E. Sponauglc R. Squires W. Starkey V. Stonebreaker CHARLES WILLIAM TAYLOR. JR. Projection Crew; Science Club 2. “Wit makes its own welcome and levels all distinction' General P. Sulscr Y. Swick R. Tablcr C. Taylor ELDON GILBERT SPONAUGLE General Field Crew 3.4; Baseball 2.3.4; Cafeteria 1,2; Monitor 3. “The ways in which we work and what we do, make us what we are” RONALD FRANCIS SQUIRES “Ambition has no risk" Vocational WILLIAM EDWARD STARKEY General Football Manager 1.2; Basketball Manager 2. "A good wit will make use of everything" PATRICIA ANN SULSER Commercial Monitors 2.3; Library Club 1; Glee Club 1; Tri-Hi-Y I; Players 3.4; Play Tournaments 4; Farewell Assembly 4; May Day 4. “Be of a good sweet mind always" YVONNE GENEVIENE SWICK Commercial Student Council 1.4; Town Meeting 2; Office 2; Senior Farewell 4; May Day 4. "Fill the day with loving deeds" ROBERT MCKAY FABLER General Baseball Cross Country 3,4; Monitor 4; Basketball 4. "All may have, if they dare try, a glorious life or grave" VIRGINIA LF.E STONEBREAKER General Monitors 2.3: May Day I. "Her ways are all pleasant" Commercial EDWARD LYNN STUMBAUGH General Band; Farewell Assembly 3. “This cheerful man, ever found doing something" J. Sturtz JUDITH EVELYN STURTZ Glee Club 2.3.4: Choir 2.3.4. "All musical people seem to be happyV. Thomas P. Thompson S. Trail P. Troutman VADA PAULETTE THOMAS Commercial Tri-Hi-Y 1.4. Secretary 2, Chaplain 3; Monitors 2.3. Student Director 4: S, iirk 3. Senior Co-Editor 4; Co-ordinating Council 3. Council 3. ",Sincerity is a part of true and noble womanhood" PATRICIA LOIS THOMPSON Commercial May Day 4: Senior Farewell 4; Glee Club 1. "Kindness, the poetry of the heart" SHIRLEY JEANETTE TRAIL Academic Monitor 1,2,3,4; May Day 4: Farewell Assembly 4. "Friends are all that matter" PAULINE ELLEN TROUTMAN Commercial Monitors 2,3,4; Book room 4; Sabre 4. “Modesty and unselfishness are virtues" JOHN ANTHONY TURANO Vocational Football Manager 1. "Many a true word is spoken in jest" K. Turbin C. Turner KATHERYN ELOISK TURBIN Commercial May Day 4; Senior Farewell 4. "You have not fulfilled every duty until you have fulfilled that of being pleasant" CLIFTON EUGENE TURNER Vocational "Everything comes to him who waits" WALTER HERBERT TURNER Academic Band; Dance Band 3.4; Twirp Dance Committee Chairman 4; All County Band 3,4; Choir 3.4; Boys' Glee Club 3. President 4; Boys Ensemble 1,3,4; Mixed Ensemble 3,4; All County Chorus 3,4; Play Tournaments 2,3,4; Players 4; National Thespian Troup 4; May Day 3.4; Jr. Farewell; Farewell Assembly 4; Town Meeting 3; Co-ordinating Council 3; Bowling Club 2,3. "To have peace, you must first find Christ" DONNA KAY TW1GG Commercial Basketball I; Library Club 1,2, Vice President 3; Sabre 4; Prom Committee 4; May Day 4; Jr. Farewell; Sr. Farewell; Jr. Town Meeting; Tri-Hi-Y 3.4. "Her heart is like a singing bird" MARGARET JANE TWIGG Commercial Monitors 2.3.4. "She is just the quiet kind whose nature never changes" W. Turner D. Twigg M. TwiggK. Ullery S. Vanctta J. Wallace J. Warner G. Weimer KAREN BEERY ULLERY Academic Ushers 1,2,3, Editor 4; Monitors 2,3, Historian-Chaplain 4: Coordinating Council 3; Play Tournaments 4; Prom Committee 4; Pep Club 4; Sentinel 2,3; Exchange Manager 4. "Small in stature, big in heart” SANDRA KAY VANETTA Commercial Town Meeting 2. “A maiden fair to see” JACK WILLIAM WALLACE General Football 4; Track 3; State Pole Vault Champion 3. "Always ready when laughter and excitement call” JAMES GEORGE WARNER Vocational Stage Crew 3,4. ' There’s honesty, manhood and good fellowship in thee” GERALD GENE WEIMER Vocational “Enthusiasm and joy claimed him as a child” PATRICIA ANN WEIMER commercial Monitors 3; Office Worker 2,3,4. "For without kindness there is not true joy” JAMES ELMER WELCH General Projection Crew 1,2. “Worry and I have never met” PATRICK WILLIAM WELLS General Cross Country 3.4; Hi-Y 4. "The most essential thing for happiness is the gift of friendship” JOHN RICHARD WHISNER General "He that has patience can have what he will” PATRICIA ANN WHITE Commercial “True greatness consists of being great in little things” P. Weimer J. Welch P. Wells J. Whisncr P. WhiteW. While D. Whorton RONALD JAMES WHITE Academic Football 1,2.3.4; Basketball 1.2.3,4; Track 2.3.4: Farewell Assembly 3; Student Council 2,3: From Committee 2.3.4; Most Attractive Boy 4; Best Dresed Boy 4. "Not that I like studying less, but I love fun more" WARREN GARY WHITE Academic Hi-Y 4; May Day 1.2: Farewell Assembly 3: Monitors 4; From Committees 4: Cross Country 4; Basketball 3. "The cheerful live longest in years, and afterwards in our regards" DARLENE MILDRED WHORTON Commercial Bowling Club 4. "A face that can smile is ever good" JAMES JUNIOR WILLIAMS Academic Class Play Tournament 4; Student Council 1,2; Jr. Town Meeting 1.2,3; Glee Club 1,2; Fcp Club 4; Bowling Club 4; Science Club 1.2. "What he does is always done well" LARRY CADELL WILLIAMS Vocational Stage Crew 1,2,3,4. "True as the dial of the sun" J. Williams I.. Williams R. Wills RAYMOND KENNETH WILLS Academic Choir 2,3, Treasurer 4; Glee Club 1,2.3; Hi-Y 4. "A little nonsense now and then is good for the soul" EILEEN CAROL WILSON Commercial May Day 4; Farewell Assembly 4; Flay Tournaments 4. "Cute and sweet, this petite miss" JAMES LEROY WILSON General Glee Club I. "A man of deeds not words we find, alas, not many of his kind" VIRGINIA ELIZABETH WILSON General “Good souls have wills to guide them" VIVIAN EILEEN WILSON Commercial Ushers Club 1,2,3,4; May Day 4; Farewell Assembly 4. "A pleasant manner is worth a fortune" E. Wilson J. Wilson V. Wilson V. Wilson 33J. Yost I). Zimmerman J. Zink G. Windish 1). Winters G. Wiseman J. Withrow B. Yaidcr GLORIA KAY WINDISH Academic Basketball 1.2,3.4: G. A. A. Treasurer 3.4; Play Tournaments 4; May Day 3.4; Farewell Assembly 4; Girls' Track 2.3.4; Soccer 4; Tri-Hi-Y 2; Volleyball; Bookroom 4; Monitor 2; Flayers 3,4; Thespians 3, Treasurer 4. "Perky, sweet, full of fun; has a smile for everyone" DAVID LLOYD WINTERS . General "The heights by great men reached were not attained by sudden flight' GARY LYNN WISEMAN General Projection Crew 1,2.3. "As I live, I grow; someday to others my talents will show" JAN WILSON WITHROW Academic Cross Country 2,3,4; Hi-Y 3.4; May Day 12: Basketball 2,3,4; Student Council 1,2.3; Canvas Crew 3,4; Baseball 1,2.3.4; Student Council Senate 4; Glee Club 1,2; Play Tournaments 1; Decoration Committees 2.3.4. "All who know him like him" BUDDY LEE YAIDER Glee Club 1.2,3,4. "Happiness is a natural flow of duty” General JESSE YORK General Football 3,4. "He was a jolly good fellow — always cheerful” JOANN YOST Monitors 3.4. "No wealth is like a quiet mind DARLENE KAY ZIMMERMAN General Choir 2.3.4; Glee Club 2.3.4: Girls' Ensemble 2,3.4; Mixed Chorus 2,3.4; Monitors 3; G. A. A. 1; Thespians 3.4; Players 3.4; May Day 3.4; Play Tournaments 3,4; Maiyland State Chorus 4. “Music washes away from the soul, the dust of everyday life” JAMES GREGORY ZINK General Choir 2.3,4; Glee Club 1,2.3; Science Club 12.3.4; Ili-Y 4; Coordinating Council 3; Senior Council 4. "Great is his wisdom, infinite is the power of it” Commercial J. YorkPeggy Groves was chosen not only as Outstanding Girl, but also the most attractive and best dressed senior girl. Margret Skitarelic and David Lewis, both members of the National Honor Society as juniors and seniors, were selected as the most studious pupils of the senior class. Ronnie White was elected as the best dressed and most attractive boy of the senior class. Klee ted as the most athletic boy, Ronnie Manges displayed outstanding skill and talent in the field of football. baseball, and basketball. Because of her activcncss in sports and in the G. A. A., Goria Windish has been voted most athletic senior girl.REMEMBER WHEN???Junior Highlights Juniors Judy Giles, Pam Toy, Shirley Bowers, Gwen Wanda, and Bill Wicgclt apply their knowledge of chemistry to practical laboratory woik. Janice White and George Kirby smile happily as they enjoy a junior-sponsored dance. The Junior class ofTtccrs were Beverly Murray, president; Linda Northcraft, vice-president; Linda Himmler, secretary; and Sharon McElfish, treasurer. The Junior-Senior Prom adviser was Mrs. Nellie Hilton and the theme of this successful dance was “Cinderella.” The Junior Farewell was under the management of Mr. Curtis Gilpin. The Junior Class has proven itself worthy to accept and fulfill the requirements which follow as they become Senior leaders. 38llth GRADE— H. R. 126—Miss Mildred Watkins—Front Row: G. Rccklcy, G. Kissner, C. Lillcr, C. Griggs, S. Miller, A. Thompson. E. Davis, G. Hendrickson. Second Rote: R. Rice, D. Bonner, W. Swayne, E. Brotemarklc. N. Shriver, S. Berry, K. Haus-man, N. Goss. Third Row: J. Spiker, M. Thompson, R. Merrbaugh, C. Kioto, D. Campbell, E. Kemmett, D. Decker, C. Twigg, B. Barnstrickcr. Hack Row: K. Joy, L. Peck, R. Ricker, D. Abbott. llth GRADE—H. R. 129—Miss Lillian Myers—Front Row: S. Bowers, J. Snyder, M. Appold, P. Daychack, M. Corley, H. Hull, P. McCann, B. Mongold, B. Hedrick, J. Giles. Second Row: E. Lease, J. Lisanti, C. Stinson. S. Anderson, P. Keller, J. NlcSor-ley, S. Evans, W. Athey, D. Rice. Third Row: A. Snoot, D. Mclzcr. C. Bcchtol, B. Kerns. S. McElfish, L. Himmler, H. Crow-fis, T. Gary, T. Elliott, W. Jewell. Rack Row: K. Brown, D. Gallihcr, J. Malone, R. Dcremcr, J. Miller, R. Collins, W. Om-dorff, D. Adam. 3911th GRADE—H. R. 106A—Mrs. Hannah AMamong—Front Row: M. McMichael, M. Wigficld, T. Self, H. White, L. Miller, M. Paxton. Second Row: L. Northcraft, S. Sticklcy, S. Smith, J. Wilson, T. Propst. Third Row: G. Singleton, B. Marker, L. Reuschel. I). Sommerlott, F. Roach, J. Tysinger. Fourth Row: P. Toy, R. Stevens, C. Menges, D. Taylor, N. Weber. Fifth Row: G. Nealis, G. Sicbcrt, W. Twigg, R. Morgan, C. Smith, T. Wiliams. Sixth Row: W. Rawnsley, D. Samson, E. Walter, A. Roller, W. Wiseman. Hack Row: F. Murray, A. Willison, K. Snyder, W. Rice, L. Silber, R. Spencer. 11th GRADE—H. R. 115—Mrs. Madeline Mewshaw—Front Row: J. Goodrich, L. Atwell, E. Hoover. R. Clark, M. Green. Second Row: I). Bishop, T. Gentry, P. Brown, D. Wilson. Third Row: J. Adams, B. Williams, J. Nee, J. Myers. D. Conners. Fourth Row: E. Douglas, R. Marker, B. Wiegand, D. Lee. Fifth Row: L. Mort, G. Walters, V. Barnes. L. Burall. Sixth Row: D. West-fall, J. Brewer, S. Elkins, J. White. Seventh Row: J. Cox, W. Dean, J. Nelson, R. Bennett, D. Kirchncr. Eighth Row: S. Johnson, L. Hanckamp, B. Hartung, G. Summers. Back Row: T. Lowery R. Daniels. 11th GRADE—H. R. 205—Mr. Willard Burchard—Front Row: S. Smith, P. Yaidcr, C. Herrman, B. Brown, M. Brant. Second Row: J. Carnell, J. Young, T. Starkey, C. Perry. Third Row: E. Kaylor, S. Dehaven, R. Crawford. C. Resh, H. Bible. Fourth Row: T. Nelson, I.. Athey, M. Cook, E. Slider. Fifth Row: S. Granigan, A. Schwartzwclder, C. Ullcry, C. Gable, R. Alexander. Sixth Row: R. Llewellyn, C. Erickson, G. Wanda, G. Witt. Seventh Row: F. Abbot, D. Grimm, S. Wolfe, P. Davis, J. Hout. Eighth Row: M. Clayton, J. Bennett, I). DuRocher, R. James. Back Row: P. Wilson, H. Henry, B. Kerns.11th GRADE—H. R. 122—Mr. Donald Workman— Front Row: J. Drcycr, 1 . Mclottc, G. I.cipcrt, 1 . Rose, P. Thomas, C. Sweitzer, B. Heavner, J. Sirbaugh, S. Wagner. J. Welch. Second Row: j. Stiger. I). Smith, S. Ritz, B. Murray, C. Bosley, G. Wolford. R. Twigg. S. Pryor, R. Roach. Third Row: D. Magruder, W. Wcigclt, C.NazcIrod. J. Wormack, C. Shank, J. Slocomb, J. Thomas. C. Owens. Hack Row: W. Wilson, J. Spence, D. Proudfoot, J. Shook, R. Rice, J. Williams, R. Rowley, J. Merrill. 11th GRADE—H. R. 102—Mr. Alfred Fritz—Front Row: V. Kocgcl. J. Robey, K. Merrill, B. Lawey, J. Green, M. Lease, J. O’Neal, J. Bland, R. Keller. Second Row: W. Dayton, R. lines, J. Garland, G. Costa, A. Kimble, P. Mayer, R. Hartley, J. Blonskcy, G. Adams. Third Row: M. Deter, J. Ebcrly. M. Goetz. G. Maiers. 1). McDonald, R. Daniels, B. Chancy, J. Belt, W. Elliott, H. Appel. Hack Row: T. Rowe, S. Lewis, J. Combs. M. Pryor. D. Helm, R. Atkinson, M. Hinds. 41Snips and Snaps 42Sophomore Spotlights The Sophomores were ably directed during the year by Miss Jean Bowen and Mr. Wayne Layman, advisers; Richard Dickinson, president; Charles Sibley, vice-president; Carolyn Davis, secretary; and Janet OrndorlF, treasurer. The Sophomore Hop with its theme “Bali Hi” was the main project. The class has shown through its actions and with its motto, "He climbs highest who helps another up,” that it is looking forward to the Junior year with impatience to meet and conquer new obstacles. Sophomore members of the Sabre staff Randy Miller, Sheila Almond. Barbara Parsons. Diane Snoots, and Connie Hanger are shown working on the layout of the yearbook. Sharon Bunncr. Bonnie Miller, Alcda White, Judy Moon, Dale Dcnccn. Linda Rowcn. and Diane Snoots prepare the topic, “Look Ahead After Graduation," dining a Civics class. 4310th GRADE—H. R. 120-Miss Martha Rice-Front Row: S. Owens, C. Mease, J. Elfritz, S. Appel, M. Judy. L. Ruckinan. Second Row: F. Shannholtz, S. Mansell. L. Robertson, J. Diehl. Third Row: 1). Michael, S. Burner, C. Griffith, C. Folk, R. Rhodes, N. Miller. Fourth Row: B. Callis R. Hout, J. I.antz, G. Gorden, F. Young, M. Hurt. Fifth Row: G. Shaffer, C. Morris, A. Lewis, R. Upolc, T. Hamilton. Rack Row: C. Turner, R. Whallcy, J. Rosser, L. Malone, K. Thomas, D. Smith. 10th GRADE-H. R. 229-Miss Mary Martin: and 142 B. Mr. James Engle—front Row: C. Griffin, S. Knippenburg. T. Moirill. I). Jenkins. J. Fleishhaucr. Second Row: D. Dcahl, K. Mahoney, J. McBride, B. Knippenburg. Third Row: J. Welch, C. Smith. J. Twiner, M. Wagner. J. Murphy. Fourth Row: R. Stumbaugh, B. Cyilcr, J. .embower, K. Minnick. Fifth Row: S. Almond. J. Bradficld, S. Vandegrift, R. Dickinson. J. Hcnscll. Sixth Row: R. Chancy, A. Findlay, E. Keller, S. Nines. Back Row: F. Sticct, G. Welsh, D. Crites, K. Barnhart. 10th GRADE—H. R. 157-Mr. Floyd Wright-Front Row: A. Snyder, F. Wertz, R. I'wigg. Second Row: W. Smith, D. Helmick, D. Clisc. Third Row: M. Stallings, R. Yost, R. Brady. Back Row: A. Lepley, L. Shcwb.idgc. 10th GRADE-H. R. 229-Miss Mary Martin-H. R. 137-Mr. John Fergusan—Front Row: J. Ullcry. B. Powers, C. Light, A. Wilson, C. Haugcr. Second Row: G. Proudfoot, A. Findlay, S. Crites, D. Benson. Third Row: R. Crawford, B. Parsons, M. King, J. Petenbrink, G. Shanhaltz. Fourth Row: M. Keller, W. Blackman. A. Dayton, D. Robey. Back Row: T. Valintinc, F. Brown, R. Minick, J. Beeseck, E. Heitt.10th GRADE—H. R. 133—Miss Mary Workman—Front Row: N. Kissner, J. Slickly, D. Loguc, B. Hull, J. Sites, M. Rice, M. Propst, Ik Topper, N. Twigg, S. Schlunt. Second Row: D. Sweigcri, B. Harrison, j. OrndorfL N. Gillum, 1). Clem, C. Plummer, L. Robey, 1). I)om, M. Daw. Third Row: T. Goss, D. Allen, R. Berry, S. Hartlc. L. Blumc. O. Perkins, C. Banks, M. McCIcbland, S. Taylor, J. Shipway, H. Reynolds. Hack Row: R. Lichty, R. Ryan, R. Rowe, C. Leidinger, R. Parsons, C. Ret-ingcr, B. Jacobs. J. Hudson, T. Frances, V. DclaGrange. 10th GRADF.—H. R. 212—Mr. Samuel Layman—Front Row: J. Crass, C. Halcamo, B. Lewis, D. Fey, J. Moon, H. Arnold, B. Kidwcll, J. Boggs, M. Bender, K. Dill. Second Row: L. Lisanti, P. Clingan, L. McDonald, B. Landis, L. Haines, C. Davis, M. Miller, I). Calhoun, M. Steward, I.. McGuire. Third Row: T. Strawdcrman, J. Hershiscr, R. Klosterman, W. Brandi, H. Ed-iniston, R. Gragg, G. Nessclrodt, 1). Dencen, A. Frantz. Hack Row: R. Jones, C. Hartman, E. Martin, R. Osier, R. Robinson, R. Snyder, J. Snider, T. Nicld. 10th GRADE—H.R. 201—Mr. John Fatkin— Front Roxu: C. Ullcry, L. Bible, C. Footcn, S. White, J. O'Bakcr, J. Shank, N. Mower, L. Pcrdew, L. Stemple, B. Mortzfcldt. Second Row: L. Johnson, I). Stum. G. Mower, S. Cox, M. May, L. Diehl, A. Brant, R. May, R. Ellis. Third Row: D. Knache, W. Thompson, J. Sheppard, J. Squires, R. McElflsh, L. Lewis, L. Shick, S. Simpson, C. Davy, D. Hoyle. Hack Row: G. Miller. K. Snider, D. Carey.10th GRADE—H. R. 131— Miss Mary Workman—Front Row: J. Jones, M. Mazuran, |. McKenzie, F. Kreitzburg, G. Hendrickson, J. Dolan, C. Groves, R. Montgomery, M. Durst, Nl. Fisher. Second How: B. Knippcnburg, J. Ucrrico, J. GullCk, 1. Kocllc, K. Hillcgas. W. Koelle, R. Lynch, T. Neal. B. Borst. Third How: 1 . Byrnes, I’. Smith, L. Devlin, R. Arenholt, S. Fuller, G. Green. D. Snoots. Fourth How: A. Coaklev, L. Norris, L. Kocllc, A. White, V. Seltzer, B. McDonald, J. Shaw. Rack Row: J. Nines, G. Jewell, 'I’. Arbogast, R. McFarland.10th GRADE—H. R. 101—Mr. Paul Perdcw—Front Row: D. Thomas, S. Gragg, M. Ensmingcr, S. Weathcrholt, B. Reed, C. Turbin, K. Norris, J. Rowley, S. Thomas, J. Shewbridge. Second Row: J. Lillcr, L. Hudson, S. Clark. L. Bridges. C. Mullencx, S. Tabler, J. Rees, C. Athcy, S. Samson. Third Row: K. DcIIavcn, R. Sirbaugh, R. Mcllottc, C. Gill, D. Slider J. Yarnell, E. Wilson, J. Klostcrman, R. Reynolds, R. Rice. Hack Row: R. Wallace, W. Hare, R. Miller, R. Mayhcn, J. Jones. Fun and Friends9th GRADE—H. R. 224-Mrs. Cassic Hast-H. R. 136-Mr. Charles Ebcrly—Front Row: I). Beckman, 1). Dircks, W. Welsh, S. Swick, I). Valletta. Second Row: T. I.invingood, F. Metz, E. Humbertson, L. Landis. Third Row: S. Welsh, R. Marion. B. Monnet, E. Johnson, F.. Groves. Fourth Row: L. Robey, T. Walters, J. Bohrer, C. Lapp. Fifth Row: W. Harris, R. Keefer. R. Thompson, A. Brinkman, G. Miller. Rack Row: R. Hansrotc, W. Gulick. 9th GRADE—H. R. 230-Mrs. Florence Whitworth-H. R 240—Mr. Lawrence Strem—Front Row: R. Hershiscr, F. Yaider, D. Adam, S. Hare, R. Savillc. Second Row: C. Met zer, V. Schadc, D. Deetz, L. Alker. Third Row: R. Gentry, R Spanauglc. R. May, M. Dayton. L. Huff. Fourth Row: R Michael. T. Bonner, R. Shobc. S. Hudson. Rack Row: J Yoik, M. Isncr, R. Miller. L. Breighner, R. Bobo. The Freshman Class 9th GRADE—H. R. 210-Mr. Curtis Gilpin-Fronf Row: M. Sinko. V. Baker, P. Footen, K. Ruckman, S. Robinson. C. Courtney, S. Pryor. C. Nicld. L. Golden, L. OrndorfT. Second Row: F. Hciath. B. Walburn. I). Detrick, E. Evans. E. Lcasure, S. Hidey, C. Cyzick, A. Riffle, G. Cbistophcr. Third Row: B. Toylor, J. Balch, D. Sewell, B. Reed, S. Savillc, R. Boyd, E. Alabaugh, C. Smith. S. Beck. M. Hast. Fourth Row: D. Wills. D. Hewitt, G. Green, J. Squires. CL Hahne, E. Abbott. E. Huff, D. Merrill, D. Grim. Rack Row: R. Swick, R. Simons, B. Henry.9th GRADE— H. R. KM—Mr. Wavnc I.ayman—Front How: G. Wise, L. Walters, J. Schimmingcr, V. Davison. J. Hitchins, S. Beckman, B. Shrout, I . Wilson. K. More. Second Roiv: E. Sirbaugh, B. Rhodes, S. l.aiger. U. Reckly, N. Bland, J. Shobc, B. Sliobc, G. Jolin. Third Itow: B. Whiteman, W. Campbell, S. Atkinson. J. Lewis. L. Ray. P. Tichnell, P. Grimm. W. Lockard. I). Zehrbach, R. Kimmett, J. Rowan. Hack How: H. Wiliams, H. Frankfort, R. Barnes, M. Marbell, R. Durbin, R. Twigg. 9th GRADE— H. R. 211—Mr. James Eckard—Front Hour, j. Merrill, J. Simpson. J. Twigg, G. Sherwood, J. Thomas, D. Alex andcr. Second How: F. Myers, W. Allen, O. Davis. J. Crane, M. Ritchie. Third How: J. Dawson, I). Cassell, J. Saville, B. Athey, M. Adams. 1). Foilnrck. Fourth Kmc: Durbin, R. Walizcr, I. Aibogast, I.. Mower, K. Gill. Fifth How: G. Silber, W. Wilis. T. Simpson, S. Bittinger, S. Henry, A. Sommer lot t. Hack How: W. Stevens, R. Miller, F. Palumbo, I). Riggleman, R. Porter. P. Martin. 49Qih fRADF—H R 2 U»—Mrs Florence Whitworth—H. R. 240—Mr. Lawrence Slrcm— Front Row: S. Wilson. G. Valentine, A. Spence. C. Hoy L.‘Parker. M. Ritchie, j- Alt. C. Wilgus l . Natale. L Jenkins S Bios, T. Bloss Second Row: L Stevey D. White. B. Bolingcr, L. Coffman. 1). Cook. J. Brown. V Shambough N. Hedrick. E. St.ckley, N. George. N Baker L Rankin. I Irous Third Row C Maiers S Slocomb. D. Bramble. R. McDonald, W. Blumbaugh, G. Brinkman, J. McEliish, D. Stimmel, j. Chrisholm. Hack Row: J. Seeders. R. Gentry. J. Bierman. R. Lccsc. G. Morgan. M. Hixon. 9th GRADE—H. R. 219-Mr. Richard Matlick-Front Row: J. Self. L. Payne. K. Polland. S. Lightly. D. Sheetz. C. White, L. Mason, S. Shook. B. Evans, J. Welsh. Second Row: S. Brehm. L. Robertson. C. Stimmel. L. Payne, J. Youngblood. B. Spangler. J. Forcbcck, D. Bible. Third Row: G. Buckly. J. Turbin. G. Frazcc. J. Shipley. G. Burns, H. Brown. B. Sills. D. Sills. M. Thompson, D. McCullough. Fourth Row: J. Twigg, R. Burns, P. Flick. B. Hcncssy, A. Koch, R. Miller, F. Shircliff, C. Orndoff, J. Orndoff, J. Mertens. Back Row: T. Wanda, G. Leith. 9th GRADE-H. R. 222-Miss Lillian Bough ton-front Row: V. Gideon. L. Brant, D. Coakly, B. Martin. D. Jolly, B. White. B. Proudfoot, J. Criggen, G. Usang, D. Swan. Second Row: R. Reynolds. N. Reed, S. Adams, L. Conley, B. Haines, C. Conley, B. Robinson. M. Armbustcr, M. Atkinson. Third Row: R. Cross. R. Barbero, W. Duncan. V. Yantorno, B. Hansrotc. R. Kcttcr-man, J. Heavner, R. Hipslcy. J. Wiight, L. Rowley. Foulh Row: B. Shaffer. J. Simpson, R. Cosner, F. Timbrook, R. Cross, B. Valentine, G. Bcckward, G. O'Neal, D. Windish. Back Row: B. Bcary, J. Rowley. 9lh GRADE—H. R. 224-Mrs. Cassic Hast—H. R. 136- Mr. Charles Ebcrly—Front Row: R. Llewellyn, G. Perry, J. Harvey, D. Thompson, L. Hare, J. Price, M. Sulscr. Second Row: B. Cordry, R. Lease, R. Ova lie, B. Wakefield, R. Hansford, C. Jones, B. Purdham. Third Row: J. Rizzard, D. Hedrick, J. Chambers, R. Trcxler, R. Lcutert, L. Turner. Fourth Row: H. Isner, G. Sommerkamp, J. Pfeiffer, P. Sislcr, N. Hclmstctter, H. Bittner. Fifth Row: R. Williams, T. Skcllcy, H. Plummer, S. McClelland. C. Appel, D. Seeders, K. Lcutert. Hack Row: G. Bearinger. E. Boor. 9th GRADE-H. R. 106-Mr. Robert Biglar-Fronf Row: W. Adams, S. Shrevc. L. Garlctz. S. Gordon, R. Hahn. S. Taylor. Second Row: B. Bayd, R. Poland, H. Brandlc, C. Cramer, C. Robertson. Third Row: S. Swick, S. Miller, W. Enterick, C. Davis, M. Yost. Fourth Row: B. Norton, R. Mummert, A. Cosgrove. G. Winters, M. Rampbcll, P. Miller. Fifth Row: P. Dicken, P. Plummer, S. Huffman, M. Fertzig. R. Freno, A. Heavner. Sixth Row: J. Pope, C. Hammersmith. J. Kimmcll, K. Plummer, H. Young. Rack Row: B. Peek, F. Jackson, R. Horn. 9th GRADE—H.R. 220—Mr. Wilbur King—Front Row: S. Light, C. Growden. J. Livingood, L. Spiker, S. Talley, S. Goss. K. See, J. Wilson, L. Fisher. Second Row: L. Barb, L. Schwcnningcr, J. Graham, L. Thomas. J. Davis, E. Ostcr, D. Curlier, L. Hannas, C. Sibley. Third Row: J. Hanifin, B. Dibert, C. Laslo, M. Fisher, B. Saville, R. Cook, F. Clingerman, S. Ilieti, E. Fisher, G. Hartung. Back Row: D. Hite, D. Corley, D. Barnes, R. Gordon, R. Cubbage, D. Merkel, S. Twigg. 9th GRADE-H. R. 308—Miss Jean Bowen—Front Row: C. Garland, R. Rccklcy, G. Grey. P. Bobo, C. Ncry. N. I.ogsdon. Second Row: R. Davis. L. Breighner, D. Hopwood, J. Wolfe, N. Smith. Third Row: D. Conway. M. Weigard, R. Keller, J. Carroll, C. Bennet, C. Rains. Fourth Row: J. Stottlemcyer, C. I-ambert. M. Malcomb. J. Yost, M. Pannonc. Fifth Row: P. Flanagan. G. Caston, P. Hardman, D. Miller, S. George. Sixth Row: A. Cross. J. Knochc, M. Aburtis. S. Hendrickson. C. Blumc. Rack Row: W. Plummer, R. Lolston, G. McGee, L. Maries. The Eighth Grade 8th GRADE—H. R. 305—Miss Christine Aldcrton—Front Row: M. Clem, E. Chastain. D. Hare, K. Abe, L. Wigficld, V. Reynolds. Second Row: K. Gnegv, M. Hartsock, G. Eror, J. Pratt, J. McNeil. Third Row: F. Watson, R. Ullcry, L. Shewbridge, P. Withrow, L. Cummingham, C. Keller. Fourth Row: L. Robinson, W. Gardner, J. Li Hard, B. Jacobs. S. Gilford. Fifth Row: D. Becker, C. Valentine, 1). Counihan, C. Bcaringcr. J. Bean. J. Testa. Sixth Row: J. Van Meter, P. Ellis, R. Keiter, M. Ro-court, G. Shriver. Seventh Row: G. Hutson, L. Shipway, R. Arnold, P. Rice, D. McDonald, C. Seltzer. Back Row: T. Kitby. 52 • » 8th GRADE-H. R. 302-Mr. Benjamin Hughes-Firsf Row: R. Elliott. G. Kirtlcy, K. Bartic, K. Humbertson. J. Klavuhn, L. Shipley. Second Row: K. Broil. M. Lindner, S. Corley, J. O’Bakcr, D. Blubaugh. Third Row: J. Williams. R. Jenson. L. Harper, B. Bierman, S. Adams, C. Miller. Fourth Row: P. Dentingcr, R. Bell, C. Jones, I). Wolfe, E. Wilson. Fifth Row: R. Taylor, C. Swan, S. Johnson, P. Miller, D. Brotcmarkle, J. Kaisner. Sixth Row: B. Roby, M. Gram, S. Whitney, R. Johnson, J. Lancaster. Back Row: W. Kesner, E. Bramble, P. Peer, J. Fisher, R. Wcigclt. 8th GRADE—H. R. 142—Miss Yates—First Row: S. Snoots, D. Lantz, V. Murphy, C. Palumbo, L. Holtzman C r - c a Row: P. McKinley, G. Bender, B. Dubert, D. Bcaringcr, L. Long. Third Row: B. L. Combs, C. Clark, I Him,., “J11, Yf8n“ D. Simpson, L. Wilson. Fourth Row:W. Hedrick, M. Hicklc, R. Hare, L. Boyer, R. Smith. Fifth Roiv: ]. »... V Mdaway, D. Browne, G. Dawncy, B. Roberkson, J. Natale. Sixth Row: T. Sniedcr C. Fisher, H. Lewis, L. Slaton 'r » j l”omP on Row: S. Walters. T Andrcws- Back 538th GRADE—H. R. 213—Mr. Hayden Dawson-front Row: D. Sathoff. W. Dawson. G. Unsworth. J. Hamilton, V. Barns, D. Null, G. Showaltcr, S. White, T. Dctrick. L. Slough. Second Row: G. Wilson, D. Starkey, K. Tysingcr, F. Mellotte, S. Pryor, C. Fainter. D. Washington, J. Grimm, V. Smith. Third Row: B. Johnson. S. Knippenberg. M. Hanekamp. S. Light, R. Harrison, P. Davidson. C. Benson. J. Myers, J. Shyrock, H. Hunt. Hack Row: V. Sisk, I). Keyes, S. Nealis, I. Breiehner, C. Means, R. Wisenberg, B. Williams, S. Brant, E. Ranker, I. Brant. 8th GRADE—H. R. 314—Mrs. Nellie Hilton—Front Row: E. Robinette. 1). Mcistcr, L. Hare, P. Cage. J. Footen. Second Row: T. Evans, D. Michcll, L. Hull, R. Bccscck. Third Row: R. Sulzcr, L. Smith, E. Fountain, W. Shaffer, R. Flora. Fourth Row: A. Ullcry, G. Roach, S. Easter, B. Myers, R. Bealky. Fifth Row: R. Lafferty, J. Hare, R. Grove, J. Thompson, R. Knippenbury. Sixth Row: R. Ware, V. Mallow, W. Shan-Itoltz, C. Norris, C. Frankfort. Hack Rote: J. Valentine, E. Rummcll, K. Fanslcr, L. Walker, M. Kline, D. Maiers. 54 8th GRADE—H. R. 208—Mrs. Veronica Schleifman—Front Row: R. Shipley. K. Lewis, D. Hare, P. Gable, W. Davis. Second Rote: C. Miller, M. Wilson, B. Schaidt, J. Nixon. Third Row: W. Bowman, T. Hill, W. Jones, C. Atkinson, R. Durbin. Fourth Row: T. Davis. J. Brown. R. Groves, B. Twigg. Fifth Row: 1). Tipton, J. Walters, L. Smith, L. Larrick, M. Cubes. Sixth Row: R. Mease. P. Shewbridge, R. Hammersmith, R. Cavallero. Seventh Row: D. Louk Lambert, N. Gaughan. M. Evans, E. Crites. Hack Row Britten, W. Roach, R. Wilson, J. Clem, E. Henderson. K. ■cs:8th CRADE-H. R. M2A—Mr. Harold Hanson-Front Row: R. Boydcn, VV. Thomas. D. Forbcck, J. Taylor, J. Rhodes. S. Clapper. V. McCoy, A. Siloious, R. Hare, E. Second Row: L. Bible, B. Allen. C. Burley. R. Rowley, M. Deter, C. F.mcrick, R. Atkenson. S. Davies. I.. Boone. Third Row: S. Twigg, C. Brant, J. Dc Roclc, J. Hahn, R. Carn, T. Dawson, R. Ketterman, A. O'Donncl, C. Jack. J. Rice. Back Row: T. Himmler, B. Davies, M. Baker, J. Grcisc, L. Hamilton, J. Tetcr, T. Headly, S. Fairall. 8th GRADE—H. R. 215—Mr. Edgar Dawson—Front Row: L. Wilson. D. Breighner, J. Stewart, P. Lewis, B. Shanholtz, F. Som-merkamp, I.. Ritchie, G. Myers. Second Row: D. Bland, B. Moon, B. Haines. J. Himes, J. Goss, B. White, I). Kesner. Third Row: M. Grimm. N. Joy, I.. Steney, 1). Carroll. B. Northcraft. G. Raines. J. Grabcnstcin, C. McCann. C. Grubb, N. Valentine. Back Row: E. Simpson, A. Boor, S. Huff, H. Fuller, S. Grogg. T. Brehn, G. Adams, 1). McCarty, P. Simpson. 8th GRADE—H. R. 302—Mrs. Cecile Erickson—Front Row: L. Appcll, I.. Bryant. S. Wisenburg. Second Row: L. Plummer, 1). Maier-s, 1.. Ixmg, R. James, J. Grey, S. Kreger, G. Brinkman. C. man, M. Mulvey, R. Kimiucl, S. Williams, R. Elliott, 1). See, H. Hansford, R. Nycum, C. Vasallo, R. Champ. R. Winters, C. Stafford. B. Izzctt. T. Grayson. G. Nazelrod. Third Row: R. Bosley. D. Cook, L. Miller, E. Rice. Back Row: G. Strawder-Case, L. Ncstcr.8th GRADE—H. R. 235—Mr. Thomas Murphy—Front Row: M. Kirchincr, C. Yaidcr, N. Ralston, C. Long, J. Lumber!, R. Joseph, D. Gibson. R. Greathouse. Second Row: R. Wratchford, K. Borst, J. Paige, B. Stevenson, R. Miller, Q. I.ivinggood. B. Kinsman. Third Row: G. McKinley, N. Gilluim, J. Howard, S. Beard, T. Grinke, D. Thomas, M. Perry, S. Mazuran. Rack Row: R. Crawford, G. Williams, G. Morris, R. Platt, R. Lambert, G. Lee, W. Crawford. 8th GRADE— H. R. 306—Mr. John Martin—Front Row: J. Powell, S. Chomp, R. Mock. S. Click, M. Collins. Second Row: P. Swick, T. Bcnnci, S. Kregcr, N. Lambert. Third Row: D. Miller, R. Rhodes, 1). Miller, J. Howscr, E. Crawford. Fourth Row: R. Emerick, I.. Breighner, R. Case, J. White. Fifth Row: G. Rice, R. Dom, A. Caporalc, M. Nichols, 1). Keller. Hack Row: R. White. 8th GRADE—H. R. 308A—Mr. Robert E. Moran— Front Row: E. Twigg, C. Brown, J. Green, D. Wilt. S. Deety. Second Row: |. Guile. R. Ritchie, J. Nixon, P. Ritchie, third Row: C. Bonner, F. Parson, E. Long. C. Hockcnberry, R. Metz. Fourth Row: C. Evcrly, S. Morris, K. Clark, J. Griffiths. Back Row: H. Stallings, E. Decker, K. Stevens, A. Armolt, L. Winfield.The Seventh Grade 7th CRADE—H. R. 309—Mrs. Rosalie Shobc—Front Row: N. Blizzard, S. Harve. B. Dean, B. Johnson. J. Atkinson. Second Row: D. Rice, C. Lewis, B. Hedrick, T. Cessna. Third Row: S. Clarke, J. Thome, E. Rocourt, T. McDowell, B. Stuby. Fourth Row: J. Thomas, M. Poorbaugh, K. Mathcny, B. Hanifin. Fifth Row: B. Rcckly, W. Sherwood, C. Bcightol, T. Andrews, B. McLaughlin. Sixth Row: D. Jay, J. Hansrotc, K. Shiflctt, R. Hare. Back Row: O. Reynolds, S. Rico, S. Brawning, R. Reed, A. Hixson. - S L. Young, I . Deter, J. Oliver, D. Bosley, D. Gidcanc. Second Row: L. Sichlcr, P. Boggs. A. Lippold, D. Twigg. Third Row: A. Brant. P. Douglas. V. Long. B. Boorc, C. Means. Fourth Row: I). Growdcn, R. Fisher, S .Robinson, O. King. Fifth Row: B. Arnold, K. Wilson, C. Whisncr, W. Dcancr, A. Fey. Sixth Row: K. Wilson. F. Barbcro, S. Fey. R. Walters. Seventh Row: F.. Griggs. R. Campbell, N. Hill, J. Cornier, L. Robcv. F.ighth Row: R. Sansom, W. Cox. R. Weber, I. Drake. Back Row: C. Bishop, B. Harper, N. Wilson. 7th GRADE—H. R. 313—Miss Twila Brotcmarklc—Front Row: G. Edwards, E. Baker, B. Twiana, D. Evans. L. Brown. Second Row: E. Corley, S. Erar, I). Fields, S. Ix ng. Third Row: A. Thomas. P. Furlow, R. May, D. Smith. B. I.afTcrty. Fourth Row: M. Dcnccn, R. Hcavncr, R. Schubert. E. Golden. Fifth Row: A. Dean, S. Harchler, J. Decker, P. Stottlcmycr, A. McGaughcy. Sixth Row: G. Divelbliss, L. Hcavncr. W. Davis, K. Beck. Seventh Row: J. Stafford, B. Mcistcr, D. Bittner, I). Hamckamp, P. Snyder. Back Row: S. Ansel. Richard May. Debbie Byrd and Rose Hcavncr inspect the supplies and games kept in the bomb shelter located under the Fort Hill auditorium stage.7th GRADE— H. R. 307—Miss Naomi Tctcr—Front Row: R. Smith, C. Hcnrick, J. McDonald, A. Miller, K. Wiseman. L. Morral. Second Row: D. Bloom, J. Collins. S. Mitchell, T. Lewis, V. Adams. Third Row: G. Orndorff, E. Elliott. M. Twigg, M. Layman, S. Eylcr. C. Hendrick. Fourth Row: B. Shoemaker, D. Llewellyn, J. Bronson, K. Blizzard, M. Combs. Fifth Row: R. Davis, Q. Simpson, C. Blacklin, S. Swan, L. Sullivan, C. Willison. Sixth Row: K. Bevclcy, R. Zimmerman, B. Radcliffc, L. Davis. Back Row: M. Goss, T. Snyder. 7th GRADE—H. R. 311-Mrs. Hila Hines-Front Row: L. Deningcr, G. Bennett, J. Yost, T. Kroger, D. Llewellyn. Second Row: M. Dawson, R. Eylcr, B. Saville. K. Dick. Third Row: P. Folk, B. Donahue, R. Webb, S. Gulick, D. Foolcn. Fourth Row: J. Jones, L. Humbcrtson, S. Klavickn, D. Stcvy. Fifth Row: D. Moon, J. Leplcy, M. Eyler, E. Shrovcr, C. Counihan. Sixth Roxv: Woltz, M. Lease, D. Bennett, N. Swick. Back Row: H. Bosley, R. Newcomer, J. Cook, M. Donahue, L. Houseworth. 58 7th GRADE—H. R. 202—Mr. Gordon Hovattcr—Front Row: S. Goss, S. Bohrcr. R. Arbogast, M. Broome, R. Broome. Second Row: L. Kaiser. D. Ingram. C. Lewis, R Martin. Third Row: C. Frantz, R. Bruner, R. Dawson, W. Mulocy. G. Miller. Back Row: W. Huffman, F. Propst.Pledge to Serve Thee Well . . . •A it .7Our Principal I wish to commend the class of 1962 and the faculty sponsors for preparing and publishing the Sabre, the official annual publication of the senior class. The Sabre furnishes the pupils with a complete record of the year’s activities, containing pictures and accounts of each class, and of the various organizations, athletic teams and social activities. Seniors, in years to come, you will look back over your high school days and associate your experiences in terms of happiness, contentment and the satisfaction which comes from successful effort and personal achievement. It is my wish that your senior year will have been the most profitable year of your entire school experience and that you will find yourself well equipped to meet the responsibilities of life. Your friend. Edgar W. Reynolds, V. Principal During his first year as vice principal, Mr. Edgar Reynolds has proven himself to be a capable assistant by his good humor and commendable work. Mr. Reynolds’ duties consist of the following: making or supervising the morning announcements to the student body; taking care of disciplinary cases; assuming the responsibility of agenda sheets and attendance records; issuing locks and lockers at the beginning of the year; and fulfilling many other necessary duties without which the school could not run effectively. 60L. Bough ton J. Bowen T. Brotemarklc M. Caleminc K. Cumbce E. Dawson Saudi Calhoun and Suzanne Lapp entertain a group of Fort Hill Players during one of Miss Helen Smith's Speech Classes. H. Dawson ENGLISH FI. Hines R. Moran G. Pritchard FI. Smith MISS LILLIAN BOUGHTON - M. A.; English. MISS JEAN BOWEN-A. B.; English, Sophomore Class. MISS TWILA BROTEMARKLE-M. Ed.; English. MISS MARY CALEMINE — M. A.; English, Journalism, Sentinel. MISS KATHLEEN CUMBEE-A. B.; English. MR. EDGAR DAWSON - B. S.; English, J. V. Football, Track. MR. HAYDEN DAWSON - B. S.; English, Social Studies, J. V. Football. MRS. HILA HINES - B. S.; Reading, Delta Tri Hi Y. MR. ROBERT MORAN - B. S.; English, Reading, Junior Student Council. MISS GERARDINE PRITCHARD - M. A.; English, Honor Society, Scribes. MISS HELEN SMITH-A. B.; Speech, English, Thespians, Fort Hill Players, Senior Class.Top—This enthusiastic (?) English class of Miss Kathleen Cumbee includes Ann Schwartzwcldcr, Jim Rott, Mcrril Miller, Carol Herman, June Green, Don Duffy, Gloria Costa and Patty Brown. Ilottom—Janet Lantz and Robert Whallcy, under the direction of Miss F.dwcna Kraus, do their best to conjugate Latin verbs. N. Teter N. Willison N. Workman LANGUAGES Carolyn Davis, Mary Lief, and Marlene Fisher view a cutout from a past issue of the Sentinel in Miss Mary Caleminc's Journalism class. E. Kraus W. Shumaker MISS NAOMI TETER - M. Ed.; Reading. MISS NELLIE WILLISON - A. B.; English, Head of Department. MISS MARY WORKMAN - M. Ed.; English. MISS EDWENA KRAUS -A. 15.; Latin, National Honor Society. MR. WARREN SHUMARKER - M. A.; Latin, Spanish.C. Gilpin M. Mcwshaw V'. Schlcifman M. Watkins R. Shol c MATH MISS CHRISTINE ALDERTON - M. Ed.; Math, C. Alder ton Kappa Tri Hi Y. MR. JOHN FATKIN - B. S.; Math. MR. JOHN FRANK-B.S.; Algebra, General Math, J. V. Football. MR. CURTIS GILPIN - M. Ed.; Algebra, General Math, Junior Class. MR. SAMUEL LAYMAN - B. S.; Math, Algebra. MR. JOHN MARTIN -B.S.; Social Studies, English, Math, Reading. J. Faikin MRS. MADELINE MEWSHAW - M. Ed.; Solid Geom- etry, Trigonometry, Algebra, Advanced Mathematics, Head of Department. MRS. VERONICA SCHLEIFMAN — A. B.; Math. MRS. ROSALIE SHOBE-M. Ed.; Math. MISS MILDRED WATKINS - B. S.; Plane Geometry, Alpha Beta Tri Hi Y. J. Frank David Lynch and Jon Hunt bravely attempt to adjust the slide rule in Mrs. Madeline Mewshaw's trigonometry class. J. Martin S. Layman The wheels spin rapidly in the heads of Mr. Curtis Gilpin's Math students— C. Wilgus, G. Brinkman. C. Hay, B. Gentry, and C. Grawdcn.SCIENCE R. BiglcT W. Burchard G. Hovattcr B. Hughes Elements of various types arc being examined by Carlcnc Valentine, Diane McDonald. Debbie Withrow and Joni Lynn Bean on Mr. Wilbur King's bulletin board. Eager to apply their knowledge of physics to practical use, Mr. William Lceson’s students W. White, F. Johnson, L. Snyder, G. McKay and J. Hunt work an experiment. MR. ROBERT BIGLER - M. S.; General Science, Head of Department. MR. WILLARD BURCHARD - Litt. M.; Chemistry, Physical Science, Ushers. MR. GORDON HOVATTER - B. S.; English, Science, Social Studies, Reading. MR. WILBUR KING — B. S.; Physical Science, Science. MR. WAYNE LAYMAN — B. S.; General Science, Sophomore Class. MR. WILLIAM LEESON — M. S.; Physical Science, Physics, Science Club, Student Council, Senior Class. MR. PAUL PERDEW - B. S.; Biolog)'. MR. JOHN REED — B. S.; Biology, Bowling Club. MR. CHARLES SMITH - B. S.; Science, J. V. Basketball. W. King W. Layman W. Lceson P. Perdcw J. Rccd C. Smith 64SOCIAL STUDIES MR. JAMES ECKARD-B.S.; Civics, Social Studies, Basketball. MR. JAMES ENGLE —M. A.; Psychology, Sabre, Photography. MR. PAUL FLICK-B.S.; Social Studies, Football, Track. MRS. NELLIE HILTON - M. Ed.; Social Studies, Junior Class. MISS LILLIAN MYERS - M. A.; U. S. History. MR. WILLIAM PHILLIPS-M. A.; P. O. D. Reading, Cross Country. MR. WILLIAM WILLIAMS - M. Ed.; Social Stu dies. MRS. IRENE WIMER-A. B.; World History, Library. MR. DONALD WORKMAN - M. A.; U. S. His tory, World History. J. F.ckard Mr. James Engle's Psychology students ponder over some tricky questions on an I. Q. Test. Mary L. Props! and Dave Hartman examine with interest a globe during Mrs. Irene Winter's World History class. N. Hilton D. Workman I. Wimer W. Phillips W. WilliamsH. Allamong A. Fritz R. Morris Happily typing away is this 7th period typing class. BUSINESS MRS. HANNAH ALLAMONG - M. Ed.; Business Math, Psychology. MR. ALFRED FRITZ-B.S.; Economic Geography, Monitors. MRS. RUTH MORRIS -M. A.; Shorthand, Typing, Economic Geography. MR. ROBERT PRICE - M. Ed.; Typing, Mimeograph Staff. MR. CARL RITCHIE - M. Ed.; Bookkeeping, Shorthand, Bookroom, Senior Class, Head of Department. MISS MARTHA RICE — A. B.; Business Science, Civics. R. Price C. Ritchie M. Rice C. Lattimcr H. Snyder ATHLETICS MR. JOHN CAVANAUGH - A. B.; Physical Education, Baseball, Head of Department. MRS. JO ANN ECKARD-B.S.; Physical Education, Cheerleaders, G. A. A. MR. CHARLES LATTIMER - B. S.; Physical Education, Football. MRS. HENRIETTA SNYDER-A. B.; Physical Education, Basketball, Volleyball, Track, G. A. A. 66L. Alexander C. EberJy A. Loper L. Strem J. Ferguson INDUSTRIAL ARTS MR. LEE ALEXANDER - B. S.; Vocational Shop. Stage Crew, Head of Department. MR. CHARLES EBERLY - B. S.; Industrial Arts. MR. JOHN FERGUSON - B. S.; Drafting. Vocational Science. MR. ALBERT LOPER - Printing. MR. LAWRENCE STREM -M. Ed.: Drafting. Combining skill and plenty of elbow grease in Mr. Alexander's Industrial Art class arc Roger Llewellyn, Dale Conner. Glenn Long, and Cary Adams. Trying to be good homemakers arc Mary Ensmingcr, Bonnie Hansrote, Joan Cross, and Dianna Diggs. M. Marlin F. Whitworth f- HOME economics C. Hast MR. FLOYD WRIGHT-Industrial Arts. MRS. CASS IE HAST — B. S.; Home Economics, Red Cross. MISS YOLA HUDSON - B. S.: Home Economics, F. H. M.: Head or Department. MISS MARY MAR TIN - B. S.: Home Economics. MRS. FLORENCE Wi ll !WORTH - B. S.; Home Economics, F. II. M. Y. Hudson 67FINE ARTS MRS. CECILE ERICKSON - M. A.; Art, Poster Club. MR. HAROLD HANSON -M. A.; Music, Jr. Sr. Bovs’ Glee Clubs. Jr. Sr. Boys' Ensembles. MR. THOMAS MURPHY-A. B.; Art. MISS ANNETTA YATES - A. B.; Music, Jr. Sr. Girls’ Glee Clubs, Choir. MRS. DELORES MORGAN - A. B.; Guidance. MR. RALPH WIMER - M. A.; Guidance. C. Erickson H. Hanson T. Murphy A. Yates Creative genuises I . Douglas. B. Cox. J. Drake, S. King. P. Deter, K. Wilson, S. Fey, D. Twigg and J. Oliver master the arts in Mr. Thomas Murphy’s class. OFFICE MRS. ROSALIE RUCKMAN - Secretary MRS. “Kitty” WILSON - Secretary 1). Morgan R. Wimer GUIDANCE Guidance director Mr. Ralph Wimer gives advice to Bonita Hamilton, as he does to many students. The office secretaries Mrs. ’ Kitty” Wilson and Mrs. Rosalie Ruckman, perform their many and varied duties. R. Ruckman K. Wilson 68DRIVER ED. V. Robeson LIBRARY PROJECTION NURSING H. Vogel CAFETERIA N. Wills CUSTODIAN 1 . Dermer N. Bennett E. Bracy G. Ranck Brave students line up in the gymnasium to receive "shots" Students spend a period of concentrated study in the school °f Sabin oral polio vaccine, library. MR. GEORGE MeGAUGHEY — B. S.; Driver Education. MR. VERNON ROBESON - B. S.; Driver Education. MRS. NAOMI BENNETT - A. B.; English, World History, Librarian, Library Club. MR. EARLE BRACEY - A. M.; Projection Crew, Attendance. MISS GERTRUDE RANCK-A. B.; Librarian, Library Club. MRS. HELEN VOGEL - R. N.; F. N. MRS. NETTIE WILLS - Cafeteria Manager. MR. PAUL DERMER - Chief Engineer. 69CAFETERIA STAFF—Front Row: Nettie Wills, manager; Edith Humbcrtson, Margaret Isner. Second Row: Louise Shaffer, Helen Sherry. Third Rote: Lucille Cage, Her-mcna Hale, Mary Knight. Back Row: Beulah Griffin. CUSTODIAL STAFF—Front Row: Elsie Bishop. Ross Bishop, Pearl Summers. Second Row: Alice Davis, Beatrice Cooper. Third Row: Blair Hardmon, Walter Curlier, Benjamin Rizer. Back Row: Paul Deremer, chief custodian. Boh Reed, Rebecca Alexander, William Wicgclt, Soundra Anderson, and Ray Thomas interest their English classmates with a panel discussion on "Should U.S. Continue Foreign Aid?"iTaises, ■ I • CW©rus Mr. James Engle Adviser 1962 Sabre Mr. Carl Ritchie Business Adviser Betsy Cornwell Editor-in-chief Sabrf. STAFF—Front How: I). Lynch, L. Clites, M. Cook, C. Lillcr, K. Footcn, B. Cornwell, M. McMichael, M. Thomas, N. Weber. 1). Lewis. Second How: S. Gnegy. B. Savillc, A. Bryant. C. Folk. I . Troutman. L. Bible, R. Montgomery, C. Hanger. Third Hoiv: M. Rice. M. Hare, I . Fey. L. Himmler, B. Parsons, F. Struckman. M. King. I). Snoots. Fourth How: N. Beck, I). McDonald, M. Lief, I). Smith. Back How: D. Hcnsel, J. Kerns, S. McElfish, J. Blonskcy, C. Sibley, C. Crabtree, P. Fisher.Kathy Footcn Literary Editor Anna Bryant 'Ey!” 1 David Lewis Sports Editor The Business Staff is busily occupied with writing subscription orders for the many Sabres. Donna Twigg Typist David Lynch Photography Editor Vada Thomas Claudette Crabtree Senior Editor Senior Editor Charlene Sibley Activities Editor Paul Fisher Photography Editor Ed Holshcy Photography Editor Bonnie Savillc business ManagerSharon Gnegy Advertising Manager Margaret Cook Faculty Editor Nancy Weber Carolyn Lillcr Underclass Editor Underclass Editor Eddie Holshcy, Paul Fisher, and David Lynch arc busily employed developing the Sabre photography work. Sabre members arc being informed of future duties. Front I{on : B. Cornwell. Second Row: A. Bryant. R. Montgomery. N. Weber, M. King. Back Row: M. Lief, I). Lewis, Mr. James Engle, adviser.NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY—Front Row: J. Beery. J. Miller. 1). Lewis, C. Maiers, M. Skitarclic, C. Sichlcr. Second Row: K. Footen, K. Burge, B. Hamilton, P. Troutman. Third Row: G. Shank, 1). Moore, B. Sansoin, K. Robey. Rack Row: J. Zink, B. Saville, S. Gnegy. G. Windish, R. Hill, J. Meeks, I). Lynch. ATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Margaret Skitarelic David Lewis President A group which lends itself to the betterment of school and self is the National Honor Society. To become a member of the Fort Hill Chapter, students must possess such qualities as superior leadership, high scholastic standing, good character, and service. Through the year, the society sponsors an assembly during which the new members are inducted. It also holds a tea for members and raises money for scholarships. Jane Beery Connie Maiers Joncllc Miller Cynthia SichlcrSENIOR HIGH STUDENT COUNCIL—Front {me: J. Withrow, C. Smith, J. Bland, S. Lapp, N. Shriver, I’. Groves, G. Wanda, B. Cornwell, R. White, S. Johnson. Second How: G. Kirby, R. Robinson, K. Footen, I.. Northcraft, |. Giles, J. Crane, I). Dcahl. E. Douglas, I). Lewis. Third Row: G. Shaffer, S. Berry, J. Kerns, Y. Swick, J. Rice, C. Bosley. S. McElfish, J. White, J. Shohe. Hack How: S. Samson, S. Crawford, J. Fleischauer, B. Harrison, C. Davis, F. St ruck man, C. Flora, C. Brunner, E. Kaylor. STUDENT GOVERNMENT JUNIOR HIGH STUDENT COUNCIL-FVonf Row: I. Arbogast, T. Davis, J. Shohe, B. Shohe, G. Jolin. Second How: S. Harris, S. Adams, R. Rowley. L. Young. R. Arbogast. Third How: K. Wiseman. L. Bryant. B. Davis, L. Smith. Fourth Row: D. Sewell. J. McGuire, N'. Helm-stetter, J. Tetcr. Fifth How: 1 . Snyder. P. Swick, J. Alt, J. Gray. Sixth How: I.. Fisher, L. Cunningham, R. Freno. Seventh Row: J. Hcavner, G. Hendrickson, E. Humbert-son, M. Kirsher, 1.. Wilson. P. Simpson. Hack How: B. Johnson. I). White, T. Wanda, S. Beard, R. Dome. N SENATE—Front Roie: N. Shriver, G. Wanda, S. Lapp, P. Groves. Second How: C. Smith, J. Bland, B. Cornwell, J. Withrow. Hack How: G. Kirby, R. White, D. Lewis, S. Johnson.Ricky White, one of the candidates for the office of vice-president, confronts the senior class with plans and wishes for its senior year. A Student Council committee discusses phases of good school citizenship. Members are Susie Crawford, Janice White, Shcric Berry, JoAnnc Rice, Tom Lowery, and Bonnie Harrison. A STUDENT COUNCIL committee discusses plans for the future projects of the council. The members of the committee arc Rich Robinson, Carolyn Davis, Sandra McElfish, Linda Northcraft and Dcbbv Smith. COLOR GUARD Proudly receiving her letter certificate and a firm handshake from Student Council president Pat Shannon is Jonclle Miller while she is watched by other award recipients Suzanne Lapp and Peggy Groves. Striving to keep order in the corridors arc the STUDENT COUNCIL MONITORS—front Row: J. Hunt. J. Williams, J. Keller. Second Row: J. Lagratta, D. Gallihcr, D. Broome, G. Henry. Back Row: D. Howscr, R. Rowley, T. Lowery.Cynthia Sichlcr Co-Business Manager I’eggy Groves Co-Business Manager Jane Beery Co-Edito r- in - Chief Miss Mary Calminc Adviser David Lewis Sftorts Editor Karen Ullcry Co-Exchange ManagerSENTINEL—Front Row: S. Jonhson, C. Smith. K. llllcry, S. Sticklcv, J. Beery, J. Miller. P. Groves. C. Sichlcr, J. Belt. F.. Kaylor. Second Row: J. White, B. Cornwell, C. Flora, M. McMichacl. L. Athey, P. Mollottc. P. Daychcck. C. Corley. Third Row: J. Garland, K. Robey, M. Landis, B. Chancy, N. Shriver, P. Toy, T. Williams, I). Proud foot. Fourth Row: R. Denier, J. Nee, B. Murray, L. Northcraft, R. Wclty. Hack Row: B. Hamilton, S. Bowers, S. Lapp, S. McElfish, L. Mort. Sentinel Working very hard planning the next issue of the Sentinel are N. Shriver. J. White, and P. Toy. Judy Giles is purchasing a Sentinel from Beverly Murray, while Linda Northcraft. Sandra McElfish, and Marlys McMichacl arc looking over the issue.STAGE CREW—Front Raw: J. Warner, R. Roller. L. Williams. Rack Row: B. Lcwellyn, J. Smith, C. Twigg. The Scribes of '62 arc celebrating their 10th anniversary with the theme "Sands of Time.” The staff chooses a selection of the best senior writings; edits them; and then compiles the English yearbook. Staff members arc Front Row: C. Flora, 1). Moore, J. Meeks, K. Robey, B. Knippenburg, G. Shank, K. Footen. Rack Row: R. Mason, I). Lynch. FILM FANATICS”—Front Row: B. Combs. I). Lance, I). Benson. Second Rojo: A. Snyder, C. Bird. C. Banks, I). Diehl, E. Keller. Third Row: J. Thomas, G. Chambers, 1). Decker, C. Taylor. Fourth Row: C. Shank, M. Bible. M. Sensabaugh, B. Kerns. These members arc proud of their positions as “movie monguls” on Fort Hill's hard working Projection Crew. BOOK ROOM STAFF—B. Knippenberg, P. Troutman and G. Windish.FORT HILL CHOIR—Front Row: C. Kissuer. J. Beery. C. Herman, S. Cox. J. Sturlz, I). Zimmerman, G. Singleton. B. Alexander, B. Sansoin, R. W ills, 1). Samson. G. Hendrickson, R. Daniels, B. Saville, C. Seiler, B. Hamilton, C. Griggs, I). I.eesy, Miss Annetta Yates, director. Second Row: A. Getz. A. Swartzwcldcr, P. Campbell, S. Gnegy, K. Shaver. J. Hunt. 1.. Sherk, W’. Tur-ncr, B. Rice. M. Thompson. J. Rob, J. Wormack, B. Reed. S. Smith, I). Grim, V. Barnes. Third Row: I). Deneen, G. Wolford, I). McDonald, S. Boorc, S. Weatherholt, I). Taylor, J. Slocomb. I). Corley, J. Brewer. M. Early, R. Rowe. S. Samson, J. Hunt, C. Mease, S. Ebert. Rack Row: P. Toy, D. Snoots, L. McGuire, J. Zink, B. Miller, R. Chaney, J. Fatkin, D. Helm, W. Twigg, C. Smith. In Harmony Bonnie Sansom Choir President MIXED ENSEMBLE—Front Row: J. Sturtz, K. Shancr, J. Beery. Second Row: I). Lcisy, D. Zimmerman, B. Sansom. Third Row: D. Deneen, S. Smith, S. Cox. Fourth Row: J. Hunt. D. McDonald. Fifth Row: B. Rice, M. Thompson. Rack Row: J. Wormick, W. Turner. BOYS ENSEMBLE—J. W’ormack, W. Wiegclt, M. Thompson, I). Corley, J. Slocomb, J. Hunt, W. Rice.NINTH GRADE GIRLS' GLEE CI.L'B-Fiom How: C. Growden, S. Light, It. Proudfool, G. Housong. L. Brant, V. Gidein, J. ?| Price, L. Hare, M. Hast. Second Row: R. Reynolds, K. Brown, S. Taylor, P. Sislcr, G. Summcrcamp, S. Bickman, M. Campbell, ? M. Sirbough, C. Tull, S. Goss, N. Recti. Third Row: B. Robertson. M. Sulser, K. Sec. D. Sciders, B. White, L. Conley, B. Haines, P. Footcn, E. Albaugh, D. Swan. Back Row: J. Squires, M. Furlow, S. Adams, E. Osiers, S. Robinson, K. Rucktnan. L. Hannas, J. Simpson, J. Graham, C. Sibley, L. Thomas. Beauty Of Song SENIOR HIGH BOYS' GLF.E CLUB-Fronf Row: L Shirk, J. Hunt. W. Turner, B. Rice, D. Helm, D. Taylor Second Row: G. Hendcrickson, J. Slocomb, M. Early, J Fatkin, J. Robb. Third Row: B. Reed, D. Corley, J Brewer, W. Twigg, R. Chaney, R. Rowe. Back Row: J Wormack, M. Thompson, D. Abbott, C. Smith. ORCHESTRA—Front Rou : R. Harris, J. Myers. S. Bennett, P. Gideon, C. Abe, P. Furlow, R. Barbara. Second Row: F. Hcrath, E. Sirbaugh, I). Twigg. B. McLaughlin. D. Washington, S. Knippcnburg. I). Hewitt. Third Row: R. Twigg. J. Fisher, C. Counchan, J. Robinette, S. Neal is, P. Ellis. G. O Neil. Back Row: A. Koch. D. Jollic, M. Hast, J. White, K. Mon. E. Ranker, D. Grim. Walter Turner Senior High Boys’ Glee Club PresidentSENIOR HIGH GIRLS' GLEE CLUB-fro» Row: G. Kissuer. J. Beery, I). Zimmerman. I). Leicev. L. McGuire, G. Singleton. S. Gnegy, B. Savillc, S. Boorc. I). Snoots. S. Shaffer, B. Hamilton, I). Grimm, J. Hunt, S. Owens. .Miss Yates. Second Row: S. Cox. I). Fey, I’. Campbell, J. Sturt , A. Getz. I). McDonald. B. Alexander. B. Sansom. C. Holcomb. J. Cross, S. Weatherholt, C. Mease, C. Griggs, S. Smith, C. Herman. Third Row: C. Bruner. I). Swangcr, B. Knippenl crg. J. Petinhrink, I.. Norris. S. Seiler. C. Athey, J. Rice, C. Friend, R. Daniels. '. Barnes. J. O'Baker, N. L'plinger. Hack Row: C. Shaffer, D. Dienen, G. Wolford, I . Toy, A. Swartzwelder, B. McDonald, S. Nines, S. Washington. M. Hurt. D. Sansom, S. Samson, K. Mahancy. J. F.lifrit . Sound Of Music JUNIOR HIGH BOYS’ GLEE CLUB-Fron Row: F.. Corley. R. McCay, K. Wilson. R. Campbell. C. Yad R. May, R. Crawford, M. Simpson, T. Gracson, D. Footen. Second Row: L. Seilers, M. Denun, R. Walters. R. Fcsher, W. ox, R. Donaghuc, K. Milwe, R. Davis. D. Anan, D. Sirbaugh, D. Cook. Third Row: D. Dields, P. Fields. D. Rooks, R. Wilburs. K. Gnegy, J. Hymcs. J. McGuire, K. Green. B. Hansotc, I). Drake. Fourth Row: F. Cross, W. Valentine, H. Williams. M. Harball, M. Moobv, T. Dawson, P. Adams. E. Fisher, R. Byoldcn. Fifth Row: R. Burns, M. Halbaugh, R. Durbun, H. Brown, R. Shipley, J. Peg. Hack Row: U. Morgas, R. Zimmerman, T. Snyder, G. Miller, D. Corley.POSTER CLUB—Front Row: P. McGann, B. Brown, J. Cook, W. Lcipcrt, D. Fey. Second Row: C. Gable, B. Hartung. D. Abbott, M. Lief, J. Flcishauer, J. Nelson. Back Rour. J. Gilford, J. Nee, J. Henscl, R. Hill, Mrs. Cccilc Erickson, adviser; D. Denccn, S. Cox, B. Murry, P. Fey. MIMEOGRAPH STAFF-B. Savillc, C. Brunner. T. Hig son, H. Hardingcr, C. Maiers, S. Gnegy. JUNIOR TOWN MEETING—Front Row: B. Samson, J. Miller, B. Savillc. Second Row: S. Gnegy, C. Maiers, M. Ski-teralic. Back Row: J. Hunt, J. Slocomb, J. Belt. Consulting Kitty about the sophomore class money is Janet OrndorfF, treasurer. Bonnie Savillc Teen Page Editor Kitty Robey Scrapbook Editor SENIOR HIGH USHERS—Front Row: J. Bland, S. Lapp, C. Flora, F.. Burge, K. Ullcry, J. Garland, A. Bryant. Second Row: J. Fleishcur, J. Ullcry. V. Wilson. B. Lewis, L. Bible, P. McCann. Third Row: J. Reese, B. Reed, J. Dyche, C. Griggs, B. Alexander, C. Haugcr, B. Chaney. Fourth Row: J. Shipway, M. King, J. Meeks, I). Snoots, B. Parsons, C. Davis, I). Diggs. Fifth Row: G. Mower, C. Crabtree, D. Lusy, S. Fuller. J. Orndroff, S. Wcathcrholt, B. Cloppcr. Sixth Row: I). Arbogast, F. Krit burg, I.. Rowan, J. Petenbrink, N. Weber, D. Grim. Back Row: B. Stewart, S. Crawford, J. Hcnscl, S. Boorc, J. Hunt.FOURTH PERIOD MONITORS—Fronf Row: D. McDonald, B. Chancy, G. Hardingcr. M. Cook, L. Athcy, K. UHcry. Second fou : V. Thomas, P. Rose, C. Switzer, M. Landis, B. Shol e. Third foie: C. Bryant, V. Shade, S. Schlvcnt, R. Keller, C. Sisk, G. Jaltin. Fourth Row: J. Brown, R. Hartley, S. Hcncry, G. Wise, J. Lewis, C. Shipley. Fifth Row: G. Buckley, N. George, J. Kerns, B. Rhodes. Rack Row: L. Lowery, S. Lighty, C. Maircs, R. Kemp. Ellen Burge Ushers President FIFTH PERIOD MONITORS - Front Row: M. Cook, B. Chancy, G. Hardingcr, L. Athcy, K. Ullcry. Second Row: B. Stewart, J. Murphy, S. Gnegy, M. Landis, B. Hedrick, J. Welsh. Third Row: P. Mellottc, P. Daychek, P. Troutman, L. Rowan, C. Light. I). Kidwcll, M. Propst. B. Lewis. Fourth Row: C. Groves, M. Paxton, B. Keller, I). Rice, D. Payton. F. Deter, V. Barnes, S. Trail, N. Parsons. Fifth Row: S. Appcll. M. Miller, D. Kaughan, S. Tablcr, S. Thomas. Sixth Row: J. Robey. C. Lillcr, M. Twigg, B. Mortsfelt. C. Turban, J. El fritz. Seventh Row: J. Blonskey, S. Norris, B. Powers, G. Growden, J. A. Yost, K. Norris, D. Sturtz. Hack Row: J. Sights, S. Hensell, N. Weber, K. Mahancy, C. Mease. Clubs Service JUNIOR HIGH USHERS—Front Row: S. Savillc. L. OmdorfT, C. Smith, J. Lewis, K. Ruckman. Second Row: S. Swick, C. Courtney, C. Cyzick. C. Sisk. Third Row: L. Golden, L. Robinson, C. Adams. V. Baker. Fourth Row: S. Shook, B. Roby, C. Atkinson, J. Lillard. Back Row: L. Shipway, R. Arnold, D. Swan. Glenda Hardinger Monitors President J- Beery, L. elites, J. Belt, and B. Brown sign the traditional hespian book at the January initiation ceremony. THESPIANS—Front Reno: G. Windish, E. Burge, J. Dyche, E. Harrison. Second Row: A. Bryant, P. Huffman, J. Beery, J. Bland. Third Row: S. Berry, W. Turner, L. Clites. Back Row: T. Johnson, J. Nee, L. Northcraft and B. Wicgclt. Ellen Burge Thespian PresidentSCIENCE CLUB—Front Row: J. Zink. B. Wicgclt, J. White, T. Johnson. Second Row: E. Lcasure, B. Eylcr, L. Alloc, B. Walhnrn. Rack Row: Mr. Lccton, K. Brown, I). Bramble, Mr. King. Officers of the newly established Future Homemakers Club were installed by area president B. Robinette. Front Row: D. Diggs, Treasurer; D. Fey, President; L. Hare, I'ice President; S. Wcathcrhalt, Acting Secretary; B. Robinette. FUTURE NURSES—Front Row: I). Sansoni. 1 . Campbell, 1). Grim, A. Kock, B. Harrison, L. Mort. Second Row: J. Garland, P.j Day check, J. Hcnscl, I,. Bible. J. Dychc, R. Montgomery, B. Knippenburg, S. Trail. J. Dunchan, A. Bryant. Third Row: I . Davis. R. Alexander, C. Crone, M. Judy, J. White, S. Ebert, E. Brotemarkle, R. Daniels, C. Mort. Rack Row: M. l’ropst, J. Kubcs, S. Crites, C. Erickson, J. Hunt, L. Alice.The football queen, Cynthia Sichlcr, and her attendants, Dolores Hiett and Elizabeth Cornwell, smile in recollection of the "Turkey Day" victory. “A NIGHT TO REMEMBER” Guests, chaperones, and weary decorators relax and enjoy the Student Council Snowball Dance. 89:'v-' JUNIOR HIGH ATTENDANT'S—Ellen Long, seventh grade: Carlcne Valentine, eighth grade; Sandy Savillc and Crystal Courtney, ninth grader Kathy Mathaney, eighth grade: and Ellen Golden, seventh grade. MAY Queen Peggy Groves ROYALTY SENIOR HIGH ATTENDANT'S—Mary Rice, senior: Janet OrndorIF and Linda Rowan mores; Iteverly Brown and Pal McCann, juniors; and Carole Smith, senior.Beverly Brown shows the May Court some fancy dance steps. Bill Rice sings to these pretty “Yellow Roses of Texas,” gus, L. Cunningham, J. Graham, V. Smith and 1). Sheet . eoplc, performing a dance for Her Majesty on May Day, are D. Cage, ann. lack Row: B. Bolingcr, B. Seibert. Mother Goose, portrayed by Darlene Zimmerman, rocks Kay Bartik to sleep with a song as the old shoemaker looks on. Enclosed in our "dangerous” bull is Gayle Proudfoot and Beverly Murray. The torreadors for May Day include B. Hinkle, G. Hardinger, C. Bosley, L. Rowley and G. Windish.ALPHA-BETA TRI III Y—Front Row: C. Sibley, B. Murray, K. Robey, G. Wanda, C. Flora, M. McMichael, L. A they, N. Shrivcr, N. Weber. Second Row: J. Giles, B. Brown, 1). Perry, E. Burge, V. Thomas, K. Footen, B. Cornwell, P. Groves, D. Payton. Third Row: S. Bowers, C. Sichlcr, C. Griggs, L. Northcraft, J. Garland, C. Smith, P. Davis, A. Bryant. Fourth Row: S. Lapp. R. Keller, C. Li Her, J. Sheldon. J. Meeks. A. Swartzwclder, B. Alexander, I). Twigg, J. Dyche. Fifth Rote: I). Hiett, L. Himmler, S. McEIlisb, P. Toy, J. White, S. Grannigan, C. Crabtree, E. Wilson. Rack Row: L. Mort, 1). Grim, J. Nee, A. Koch, S. McElbsh. Charlene Sibley Alpha-Beta President Ronald Manges Hi Y President HI Y—Front Row: S. Johnson, E. Holshcy. R. White, R. Manges, Mr. William Phillips, adviser: E. Douglas, P. Mctchcm. Second Row: I). Lynch, J. Adams, W. Swayne. B. Hare, H. Apple, R. Miller, D. Wallace. B. Marker, M. Deter. Third Row: J. Zink, C. Sibley, B. Miller, C. Smith, M. Miller, J. Young. I). Proudfoot, I). Broome, G. Henry, I). Rice. Fourth Row: L. Snyder. R. Me-Gaughey. Fifth Row: G. Kirby, B. Shipley, J. Bennett, W. White, 'I-. Johnson, R. Rice, B. Dean, J. Combs. Rack Row: F. Johnson, D. Duffy, R. Robinson, W. Donahue, B. Cross, J Withrow.Seen planning the Sweetheart Dance arc officers, advisers, and members of the Hi Y and Tri Hi Y’s. “Anyone for cranberry sauce?” asks Jerry Belt as Hi Y and Tri Hi Y members C. Lillcr, L. Northcraft, R. White, J. Nee, 1’. Mcchem, R. Manges, J. Bland, E. llolshey, and E. Douglas combine mathematical talent in counting cans of food for the annual Thanksgiving Day Drive. The Alpha-Beta Tri Hi Y enjoys the goodies at the annual j Christmas party. “Hold that line, ladies!” is the shout of an eager crowd as they view the foot ball tactics of the annual Alpha-Beta “Powder Puff” Game. 93 KAPPA TRI HI Y—Front Row: P. Fey, L. OrndorIF, C. Davis, B. Steward, G. Proudfoot, K. Dill, L. Shipway, M. Lief. Second Row: B. Lewis, S. Samson. J. Reese. F. Kreilzburg, J. Hcnsel, M. Propst, 1). Fey. Third Row: J. Flcishoucr, 1.. Rowan, B. Parsons, N. Mower, J. Rowley, S. Crawtord, N. Boorc. J. OBaker. Fourth Row: L. Stemplc, M. King. G. Mower. S. Fuller, B. Reed, C. Light, R. Montgomery, L. Bible. Fifth Row: F. Struck-man, S. Seiler, R. Hout, L. Hudson, A. Finley. Sixth Row: D. Hoyle, D. Clem, V. Seltzer, B. McCcllend, S. Almond, C. Hauger. Hack Row: L. Northcraft, I). Arbogast, J. Crain, S. Wcathcrholt, C. Griffith. Planning decorations for the welfare childrens' Christmas party are KAPPA TRI HI Y members J. O Baker. S. A1 mond, C. Hauger, D. Snoots. L. Fey. and B. Lewis. Helpful Organizations Taking attendance for the Delta Tri Hi Y members, Linda Rowley, Leslie Thomas, Joyce Youngblood. Barbara Shobc. Barbara Bolingcr, Charlene Nicld, Paullcte Natalc and Gregg Christopher, is secretary Claudette Sisk. DELTA TRI HI Y—Front Row: B. Proudfoot, N. Reed, G. Christopher, L. Thomas, S. Savillc, S. Cyzick, C. Sisk. Second Row: G. Summcrkamp, S. Goss, J. Livingood, S. Robinson, L. Orndorf, 1). Shcetz. N. Hclmsitter, C. Courtney. Third Row: L. Golden, L. McElfish. J. Alt, H. Bittner, B. Shobc, V. Baker. Fourth Row: J. Lewis, S. Shank, C. Apple, S. Pryor, B. Rhodes. Fifth Row: 1). Cedars, G. Wise. N. Bland, B. Bolingcr, P. Natale, C. Nicld. Hack Row: L. Rowley, C. Smith, C. Shipley, E. Oyster, D. Swan.“FOOTFALLS” CAST—Front Row: E. Burge . . . director; J. Whitrow . . . Sylvester; C. Flora . . . Minnie; D. Perry . . . Hester; W. Turner . . . Boaz; K. Footen . . . Florenzella; K. Ullery . . . script girl; J. Miller . . . assistant director. Back Row: R. Mason . . . Tonio; D. Lewis . . . Manuel; E. Harrison . . . Mr. Campbell; G. Kirby . . . constable; G Windish . . . Nila; and C. Taylor .. . Asa Whitelaw. “Footfalls’’ The cast of the senior entry is shown in the climax of their play “Footfalls." Front Row: Ray Mason, Charles Taylor, Jan Withrow. Kathy Footen, Eddie Harrison. Back Row: George Kirby, Walter Turner, Gloria Windish, Donna Walter Turner was awarded the best actor Perry, and Cheryl Flora. award after his performance in the senior's play, "Footfalls.”CAST OF "EVENING DRESS INDISPENSABLE ."-front Row: Jacquc Bland . . . Shelia Wayburry; Gwen Wanda . . . Alice Wayburry; Bill Wcigelt . . . George Con naught. Rack Row: Jerry Belt . . . Gcolfrcy Chandler; Carolyn l.iller . . . Nellie, the maid; Jane Berry . . . director; Tommy Johnson . . . assistant director. “Evening Dress Indispensable” Jacquc Bland, portraying Sheila in the Junior class play, lectures her mother, played by Gwen Wanda, on the art of being "modern.” Jacquc Bland and Bill Wcigelt smile victorously as they display the awards they won for the best actress and best actor of the 1961 play tournaments.Jimmy Snyder, who portrayed Rodney in the sophomore class play, looks in a puzzled manner at his sister’s boyfriend, played by Dick Dickinson. Waiting patiently for the make up job to be completed, the cast of the senior class play is surrounded by its “helpers.'’ “Make Room For Rodney” CAST OF "MAKE ROOM FOR RODNEY1'-Front How: Mrs. Lodge . . . J. Rowley; Phyllis Lodge . . . C. Hanger; Director . . . J. Dvchc; Rodney Lodge . . . J. Snyder. Second Hoic: Maid . . . J. Hcnscll; Josephine . . . B. Harrison. Hock How: Mr. Lodge . . . R. Reynolds; Bill . . . C. Sibley; Lyman ... 1). Dickinson.SENIOR RAND—Front Row: S. Dickinson. S. Me El fish, C. Proudfoot, J. Giles, G. Hardinger, C. Cooper. C. Hendrickson. B. Brown. Second Row: W. Thompson, I). Smith, S. Bowers, I). Kirshner, R. Barbaro, R. Cook, R. Mellottc, B. Long, D. Abbott, W. Turner, G. Kirby. J. Dcrrico, E. Stumbaugh. Third Row: V. Baker, K. Hausman, G. Mower, G. Green, C. Cramer, C. Nicld, J. Ullcry, J. Nelson, B. Reed, M. Sensabaugh, D. Grim. J. Martins, B. I laming. Fourth Row: T. Evcrly, J. Yarncll. J. Snider, G. Miller. I). Irons, E. Slider, T. Cox, E. Kaylor, E. Busch, E. Harrison. Fifth Row: T. Rowe, G. Bierman, R. Adams. M. Atkinson, L. Rowley, T. Williams, S. Hartlc, S. Almond, I). Hewitt, G. O'Neal. S. Welsh. J. Hudson. J. Rowley. P. Dickcn, B. Saville, R. Twigg. R. McElfish. Hack Row: K. Brown. B. Murray, L. Mort. R. Lynch. B. Knippenburg, J. Shobe, J. Beery, P. Campbell, C. Griggs, F. Valentine, T. Struckman, I). Hite, I). Windish, S. Hidey, J. Spiker, K. Thomas. Groups of Note DANCE BAND—Front Row: G. Greene. A. Koch, G. Jewell. F. Valentine, D. Hewitt. Second Row: F. Hearth, J. Cox. G. Miller, F.. Kaylor, E. Harrison, B. Hartung. Rack Row: G. O'Neal, G. Kirby, I). Abbot, W. ThompsonJUNIOR BAND—Front Row: J. Lilian!, G. Christopher, I.. Coffman, B. Harrison, J. Boggs. F. Metz, | DuRochcr. Second Row: P. (’age, A. Brant. V. Barnes. I.. Holtzman, V. Baker. C. Wilson, D. Moon, | O’Baker. B. Boo re, R. Hare, C. Means. Third Row: G. Kror, K. Abe. B. Williams, P. Runimcl. B. Combs C. Jack. S. Horchlor. J. Stafford, E. Griggs. J. McNeal, J. Pratt. S. Snoots, J. Fooien. Fourth Rote: P. Rice R. Arnold, K. Fanslcr, R. Smith, I . Davidson. F. Herrith, 1). Wolfe, R. Harrison. J. Hemmes. R. Flora J. Testa, P. Poland, B. Stevenson. Fifth Rote: C. Cramer. C. Nicld, B. Robey, C. Adams. B. Reed. A Koch, R. Wicgclt, I.. Walker, J. Pfeiffer, D. McCullough. B. Shanholtz. I). Hetvitt. Hark Row: R. Bar baro, S. Welsh, L. Rowley, J. Shobc, T. Kirby, I). Dickcn. G. O'Neal, N. Curtis, G. Hahne, S. Hidey Mr. William Rogers. Ed Harrison Senior Rand President SENIOR BAND MAJORETTES—Front Row: C. Hendrickson. C. Cooper. Second Row: S. McElfish, C. Proudfoot, G. Hardinger, J. Giles. Rack Row: B. Brown, drum majorette; S. Dickinson, captain.Braving the wet weather arc happy Sentinel spectators as they watch their victorious team during the Thanksgiving Day game! Swdejm reenact Wednesday routine Student Council report during a senior high Stocking up on supplies from the book room are S. Berry, D. Abbot, E. Kcimnett Irons, K. Howath, and C. Twigg. Helping young children to play is the job of the home economics department. Participating in a Christmas assembly as carol singers arc G. Hcndcrickson, B. Rice, J. Belt. B. Wicgclt, K. Brown, 1). Taylor, J. Slocomb, M. Thompson and J.( Wormick.Non-diet conscious students make their daily trips through awaited lunch line. In the annual pre-game pep rally George Kirby and Jan Withrow engage in a decisive football play for Turkey Day. Thirsty D. Lynch drinks a coke, while 1). Lewis buys refreshments from C. Maiers and J. Miller at a J.V. football game. We will tune you in to the social room to obtain a glimpse of the experts who dance there every Thursday and Friday. Parents C. Sibly and T. Johnson prepare for Christmas in an assembly with the help of their children G. Henry, E. Leese, R. White, B. Hare.STUDENT COUNCIL CITIZENSHIP COMMITTEE—J. White. S. Berry. T. Lowery, B. Harrison, and J. A. Rice show the results of hard planning of the Clean Speech and Courtesy Campaign Committee. LIBRARY CLUB—Front Row: T. Bonner, R. Topper, C. Erickson, G. Gordon, J. Price. Second Row: A. White, B. Swan, E. Eatoh, K. Norris, N. Hedrick. Third Row: I). Bonner, C. Turbin, S. Thomas. L. Johnson, M. Sulscr. Back Roiv: R. Bvrns, R. Buncr, B. Combs, M. McDowell, I). Cedars. CAFETERIA CASHIERS - Front Row: B. Murray, B. Heavner, S. Sticklcy, N. Mower, P. Huffman. J. Meeks. Hack Row: B. Saville, G. Singclton, B. Killer, S. Leasurc, C. Maiers, J. Sheldon. Claudette Crabtree Library Club President Nfr r Alma MaterVARSITY FOOTBALL SQUAIWron Row: W. Donahue. S. RadcIifT, C. Henry, R. White, J. York. W. Merrill. R. Manges. J. Wallace, R. Collins. Second Row: C. Smith, I). Spence, R. Rice, R. Robinson, D. Proudfoot, R. Rowley, J. Shook, W. Swaync. J. Carncll. Third Row: I). Helm. B. Orndorf, J. Malone, M. Clayton, C. Bcchtol, B. Dean, P. Wilson, G. Sommers, C. Floto. Rack Row: Coach Charles Laiiiiner, J. Squires, J. Combs, L. Peck, R. Wallace, J. Zais, T. Hamilton, R. McFarland, E. Kemmet. Coach Paul Flick. SENTINEL TEAMWORK!!! Copping the city laurels in the 19f l football season, Foil Hill’s grid squad compiled a seven-wins, three-losses record. The 11 to 0 victory over the Allegany Campers and the seven to six win over the LaSalle Explorers entitled the Red Raiders to the championship. Seven senior lettermen comprised Coach “Charlie” Lattimer’s championship team. Eleven members of the team were elected to one of several area honor teams. Wellington Donahue, cud, makes contact with Rebel from South Hagerstown. Sophomore halfback. Rich Robinson executes right-end dash.Varsity Football Record Gary Henry receives the coveted Jim Turner Award at Junior Farewell Assembly. Quarterback Ronnie Manges carries out hand-oft as ballcarrier is smothered. Opponent Fort Hill 6 ..LaSalle 7 15 Frederick 0 11 .... Mariinsburg 32 0 Beall 35 18 N. Hagerstown .14 12 Westminster 13 ( S. Hagerstown 0 7 Windber 18 7..... Keyscr 14 0 Allegany 14 Wellington Donahue comes out of "it’’ alive in the Keyset-game.Del l’roudfoot Quarterback Wellington Donahue End Walter Merrill Center Roger Rice Tackle Raymond Rotvlev Guard Wally Swayne Guard 106 Dave Spence Tackle Roy Collins Fullback Rich Robinson Halfback Stanley RaddifF Guard Colin Smith Halfback Jerry Shook Tackle107 FOOTBALL COACHES - Front How: Edgar Dawson. Charles Lattimer, Head Coach; John Frank. Back Row: Paul Flick, Hayden Dawson, Richard Matlick. Gary Henry Tackle Dave Howscr End Ronnie White End Colin Smith, Sentinel halfback, begins jaunt with pigskin under “wing.” Co-Captain Ronnie Manges (QuarterbackSentinel gridder is halted by a Windber player in the mud dicst game of the season. FIELD WORKERS—Front Row: (I. Sicbert, L. Hanckamp, E. Hare, L. Rcuschcl, 'V. Jewell. R. MeGaughey. Second Row: Coach "Bobby” Cavanaugh, H. Reynolds, G. Elliott, W. Rawnsly, I). Miller, R. Malcomb. Rack Row: J. Withrow, B. Tabler, R. Klosterman, E. Sponauglc. ALL CVAL BOYS—Walter Merrill, Colin Smith, Roy Collins, Gary Henry. JV Football Record Opponents Keyser . LaSalle Romney Ridgley LaSalle Beall Romney Keyser . Allegany J.V. FOOTBALL TEAM—Front Row: 1). Price, S. Simpson. C. Davey, E. Volk. K. Snyder, D. Michael, C. Griffith, L. Lewis, V. DclaGrang, W. Harper. Second Row: B. Peek. C. Beckwith. G. Shaffer, C. Sibley, B. Jacobs. J. .embower, R. Horn, J. Rowley, B. Henry, F. Timbrook. Third Row: B. Mertens, R. Miller. W. Hincssy, O. Perkins, J. Post. A. Cross, R. Cobbage, J. Swick, 1). Soule. I). Hoyle. Fourth Row: C. Morris, K. Burns. P. Grimm. L. Shewbridge, J. Colbert. P. Flick. B. Valentine, R. Neal, R. Cross, F. Shcrcliff. Rack Row: E. Dawson, H. Dawson, Assistant Coaches; T. Snyder, W. Berry, CL Hendrickson, T. Lewis, C. Redinger, R. Matlick, Assistant Coach; J. Frank, Head Coach.GO, TEAM, GO!!! Pictured working in the athletic equipment room arc Jan Withrow, Gary White, and Rick White. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS—Carole Corley, Jane Welsh, Peggy Groves. Carole Smith, Judy .Nee, Pat McGann. JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS—Judy Shank, Susie Cyzick, Crystal Courtney, Sandy Eighty, Jane Reese, Jackie Hcnscll.Tom Elliott and Jan Withrow leave school on long trek for cross country practice. DUAL MEET TRIANGULAR MEET Fort Hill 21 Fort Hill .24 Allegany 39 Elk Garden Romney ..37 .71 TRIANGULAR MEET COUNTY MEET Fort Hill 37 Fort Hill SO Beall -10 Beall 44 Elk Garden 13 Allegany ..44 FORT HILL HOWLING CLUB-fYonf Row: E. Kaylor, H. Bible, K. Irons, J. Murphy, M. Landis, M. Fisher. T. Cox. Second Row: J. Duncan. G. Sapp, L. Rowan, B. Rnippcnburg. I). Calhoun. Third Row: G. Lee, M. Paxton, S. Smith, N. Parsons, J. Crane. E. Brotcmarklc. Fourth Row: I. Kocllc, E. Douglas. D. Broome, J. Crane, E. Arbogast, P. Wolford, C. Bryant. Fifth Row: C. Lcidinger, T. Nield, S. Shook, S. Taylor, H. Bittner. Rack Row: T. Francis, W. Kocllc, J. Yarnall, G. Miller, F. Valentine, G. O'Neal, W. Dayton. no Club members spectate as Mr. John Reed, adviser, displays his form. Fort Hill’s Howling Club, under the direction of Mr. John Reed, conducts an intra-organization tournament. The students bowl weekly and at the end of the season are presented individual awards. CROSS COUNTRY TRACK TEAM—Front tore: T. Elliott, T. Nelson, R. White, I). Rice. J. Withrow. D. Campbell. Second Row: D. Broome, G. Sicbcrt. T. Neal. G. Elliott, H. Reynolds, T. Dean. Hack Row: Coach William Phillips, P. Wells, L. Malone, G. White, L. Snyder. T. Higson.VARSITY BASKETBALL SQUAD—Butch Marc, Wayne Jewell, Charlie Kioto, Ronnie White, Steve Johnson, Ronnie Manges. Pat Wilson, Del Proudfoot, Bill Dean, Colin Smith. County Class A.A. Champs Fort Hill Opponents 67 ........Fort Ashby..................45 ....... LaSalle ...................... 57 ........Alumni .....................54 58 ........Valley .....................54 52..........Bruce.......................51 57..........Beall ......................49 68 ........Mt. Savage .................69 70..........Allegany ...................57 64..........Martinsburg.................76 Fort Hill Opponents 59 . 64 Keyser . . South Hagerstown . 74 76 68 . . . Valley 66 56. . . Mount Savage 78 69 . Beall 72 51. . . . Bruce 52 55 . Allegany 57 57. . LaSalle 73 41.. ...Allegany .40 Victorious Sentinel loop squad express victorious emotions Pat Wilson, junior, executes near perfect lay-up shot. after victory over Allegany and achievement of County (.lass AA championship.Charley Cross of the boys’ Hi Y attempts foul shot in contest with the Fort Hill Jayvccs. Rich Robinson of the Fort Hill Jayvees and Mike Miller of the Fort Hill Hi Y jump for the tip. SINK IT, BOYS! JV Basketball Record JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL SQUAD — Front Row: T. Lewis, R. Klostcrman, 1 . Flick. O. Perkens. Second Roic: J. Mortens. R. Robinson, T. Hamilton, V. I)ela(trance, G. Shader, H. Reynolds. Rock Row: D. Merkel, K. Snyder, L. Malone, G. Beckworth, D. Sole. Fort Hill Opponent 70 Presbyterian 50 60. LaSalle . 46 68 Oldtown 61 65 Valley 71 74 Bruce 57 51 Beall 36 51 . Mount Savage ....34 52 .... Allegany 69 50 Keyser Hi Y 41 63 . ... .Valley 62 55 46 52 Beall 48 41 Allegany 38 55 ... . LaSalle in £ Ronnie Manges Forward Jerry Shook Forward Charles "Buck” Smith J. V. Coach Cohn Smith Guard Steve Johnson Center Bill Dean Forward Pat Wilson Forward James “Jimmy” Eckard Varsity Coach Ronnie White Guard Del Proudfoot Guard GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION-Fronf Hour. B. Hilcman, 1). Moore, S. Wagner. Second Row: N. Parsons, S. Wcathcrholt, B. Eyler, S. Miller, N. Hclmsteltcr, P. Yost, P. Swick, L. Hare. Third Row: A. Findley, P. Sarvcr. A. Kock, P. Fey, L. Alice. Fourth Row: L. Haines, D. Sansom, B. Evans, B. Bolinger, N. Baker, D. Simpson. Fifth Row: L. Mason, G. Buckley, J. Shyrock, S. Taylor, B. Robinson, L. Fisher, N. Gillum. Sixth Row: D. Benson. H. Bittner, B. Diber, B. Shaffer, C. I.aslo, E. Boore. Back Row: G. Shinglcton, D. Hoyle, C. Conley, L. Jenkins, D. Cook, L. Conley, L. Coffman. MAKE THAT BASKET! Donna Simpson and Oleda Kcttcrman eagerly await the re Gloria Windish "tips-in” as Darlene Moore and Sandy Simp-bound from a "mysterious ' basket. son offer encouragement.Judy Shank, Billie Borst, and Gloria Windish roundup the hall in the 7th period soccer game. Goldie Singleton, Judy Shank, Francis Young, Sue Wagner, Charlotte Bierman, Donna Clem, Jane Hunt, Bonnie Sampson. and Billie Borst form the ccntcr-ot-action in this soccer contest. GIRLS' VOLLEYBALL TEAM—Front Row: 1’. Fey, L. Haines, S. Schlunt. Second Row: S. Boorc, D. Hoyle, D. Glcm, C. Haugcr, M. King, H. McGuire, S. Crawford. Rack Row: J. Hunt, B. Borst, B. Eyler, A. Brant, M. Lief, A. Findlay, Coach Henrietta Snyder. 115turn Referee Frank Johnson calls play in eighth grade intra-mural football game. Jerry Growden knocks a single in intra mural softball contest between 8‘ and 8li. Members of section 75 exhibit basketball talent in homeroom game. Hoys of section 8 and 8" meet in football combat. Ronnne Weisenburg displays dribbling skill in ninth grade intra-mural loop competition.BASEBALL TEAM—Front Row: G. Elliott, H. Hardingcr, J. Withrow, H. Hardingcr. Second Rou : D. Hclmick, T. Hamilton W. Donahue, R. Manges, G. Henry, R. Rcdingcr, J. Rice, R. Parsons. Hack Row: Coach "Bobby" Cavanaugh, I.. Hanekamp, W Jewell, F. Murray, L. McKay, J. Price, G. Shipway, M. Nines, E. Sponaugle, B. McGaughy. BATTER UP! Coach John J. "Bobby” Cavanaugh Baseball Record Opponent LaSalle .. Allegany . Alumni .. Flintstone Valley ... Bruce _____ Beall .... Mt. Savage LaSalle .. Allegany . Flintstone Mt. Savage Allegany . Sentinel hurlcr, Butch Bosley, awaits return of ball during practice session. Senior, Charley Cross connects in intra-city game with Alco.ninth grade gym class compete iff These alert youngsters are playing touchdown pass. They include Helen Hunt, Debbie Withrow, and Frances Myers. EIGHTH GRADE CHAMPIONSHIP BASKETBALL TEAM —Front Row: D. Withrow, M. Clem, L. Shewbridge, L. Wig-field, V. Reynolds, L. Robinson. Hack Row: J. Beam, L. Cunningham, C. Valentine, P. Rice, D. Counihan, J. Lillard, L. Shipway. in a basketball Girls' gym class performs warmup exercises b dodgcball game. 118 r.yr 55 r j - • ■ ▼ V ® V. i I 1 iktAU i i?k,k?k’k' ). Campbell. I). Gallagher, I). Broome, I). Spci Owens. Back Row: Paul Flick, Coach; A. Petenbrink, H. Henry, D. Abbott, J. Carncll, Edgar Dawson, Assistant Coach. VARSITY TRACK Fifty-one senior high school boys comprised the Fort Hill Varsity Track and Field Team. With Coach Paul Flick as mentor, the squad captured all major contests of the season. Those schools who were Sentinel victims include Allegany, Beall, West Virginia School for the Deaf, and East Palestine. The two-mile run was a new event added to the roster. Backing the varsity team was the junior varsity and junior high track squads. Jack Wallace clears the bar as Mike Clayton gets some pointers from a veteran. Coach Paul Flick Snapped in a pre-throw ritual is Jerry Shook."Crossing the Bar” is Wallcy Harper, in the county track meet. Bob "Dump” Wallace gaits his way to a first. Larry Shewbridge gives a heave as Gary Bartick "warms up.” iack Yarncl! practices road jumping in pre-game exercises. JUNIOR VARSITY TRACK TEAM—Front Row: K. Snvdcr, C. Gill, W. Harper. R. Robinson, L. Kershner, G. Zais, T. Lewis. B. Jacobs. V. DelaGrangc, C. Griffith, R. McFarland. C. Redinger. Second Row: O. Perkins. R. Cross. F.. Volk. C. Davey. R. Sirbaugh, R. Williams. F. Riccman. J. York, B. Hencssey, J. Arnold, J. Zimbiuer, B. Henry. J. Squires. T. Goss, R. Kolstcrman. Back Row: B. Peck. W. Skinner, C. Hammersmith, R. Bell, J. Davis, I). Hop wood, I . Mcchcm, J. Blizard, W. Ovalley, F. Kimberland, G. Perry, P. Grimm, J. Mertens. Dual Meet Fort Hill - 93 Allegany — 23 Junior Varsity Track Schedule Dual Meet Fort Hill - 90 2 Romney — 1414 Dual Meet Fort Hill - 79' 2 Allegany — 3014 County Meet Fort Hill - 80 1 ( Allegany — 34 1 3 Beall — 24 1 2 120Fort Hill, Hail to Thee. •MlBROWNE'S STORE 430-432 WILLIAMS STREET DANIEL Y. BROWNE 122W T B o THE BIG "T TOPS IN SPORTS Dial 1450 123Best Wishes to THE CLASS OF ,‘62” A. M. JACK GROCERY 1304 Virginia Ave. Cumberland, Md. Phone: PA. 4-0360 ASTOR CAB PA. 2-5050 AFTER THE GAME VISIT SHAW'S CAFE 1103 Oldtown Road Phone: PA. 2-4868 Kline Photo Service GUARANTEED FINISHING Wedding Photography — Albums Developing — Printing — Copying Oil Coloring Headquarters for Class Billfolds and Enlargements 32 Oak Street Phone PA. 2-1922 CATHERMAN'S BUSINESS SCHOOL Founded 1917 NOT AN UNEMPLOYED GRADUATE FOR TWENTY-SEVEN YEARS Cumberland, Maryland Phone: PA. 4-0966 Compliments of RAY'S JEWELERS 103 Baltimore St. PA. 2-1960 GEORGE ST. CLEANERS Cor. George Union Streets PA. 2-5440 CLEANING - PRESSING REPAIRING - REMODELING PLUS 1 -HR. CLEANING Ladies Work A Specialty THE MANHATTAN Nationally Famous Men’s Wear Baltimore Street at Liberty 124TRIPLETT STUDIO 122 Green Street Cumberland, Maryland "The only Studio in Cumberland that uses Modern Electronic Speed Lights." KAPLON'S Young Men's Shop Cumberland, Maryland HOME OF TIMELYgCLOTHES OPEN 9 A.M. to 9 P.M. DAILY Congratulations to HEACOX SHOE STORE THE CLASS OF ’62 LaVale Shopping Centre WARD N. HAUGER A Guaranteed Savings of up to 50% on your shoes JEWELRY COMPANY 16 N. Centre St. Phone: PA. 4-5665 S- a. M f GIFTS and LADIES ACCESSORIES fry NEFF'S GIFT SHOP Cumberland, Maryland Cumberland SHINNAMON'S BEAUTIFUL SHOES 61 Baltimore Street The Finest Meats in Town are Found at GARLITZ BROTHERS First Street and Grand Avenue 125BENNETT'S THE GAS and ELECTRIC COMPANY BOTTLED GAS and IRON FIREMAN HEATING APPLIANCES GAS —OIL—COAL 130 NORTH CENTRE STREET PHONE PA. 2-7900 Compliments of STREETT'S BODY and PAINT SHOP — Qh 0 CHRISTOPHER PHOTO LAB CHILDREN EVERYWHERE WHEREVER YOU GO j DRIVE WITH CARE TAKE PICTURES i SUNSET CUMBERLAND, MARYLAND Memorial Park A Complete and Dependable j BEDFORD ROAD Photo Service j 126MASSEY FERGUSON TRACTOR and FARM MACHINERY Soles and Service Kight's Garage ROUTE 2, BALTIMORE PIKE Cumberland, Maryland Phone: PA. 4-4170 RESTAURANT 508 PARK STREET CHICKEN - RABBIT STEAKS - HOAGIES DELICIOUS HAMBURGERS Phone: PA. 4-9728 “Cec” Grimes, Prop. JOE'S FOOD MARKET FINEST IN FOODS 47 VIRGINIA AVENUE YOUNG MEN KEEP WELL DRESSED FOR LESS WHEN THEY SHOP BURTON'S in CUMBERLAND or LaVALE COR. PACA and CHASE STREETS SUPER SHOES SELF SERVICE 15-17 North Centre Street Congratulations to THE CLASS OF 1962 BEN FRANKLIN 5 and 10 STORE Locally Owned - Nationally Known Wider Soft ICE CREAM ee BANANA SPLITS, SUNDAES “HOAGIES” MILK SHAKES Toll Gate Fruit Market Route 40 Cumberland, Maryland COYLE'S Bantam Super Market J. T. and F. L. COYLE 232 Virginia Ave. PA. 4-4360 128 — GARRETT'S 325 Virginia Avenue Cumberland, Maryland HANKS PHARMACY For the Finest in Dry Cleaning Drapes and Furniture Covers South End Cleaners Dyers (1 hour dry cleaning . . . Rugs Upholstery) 219 Virginia Avenue Phone: PA. 2-3322 CITY DRIVE-IN CLEANERS Corner of Centre and Valley Sts. CARL C. SHATZER MEATS and GROCERIES Phone: PA. 2-6767 421 Maryland Avenue Congratulations to the CLASS OF 1962 MOON GLO SKATING RINK BEDFORD ROAD SKATE FOR FUN AND HEALTH MR. and MRS. E. DIGGS and DIANNA Holiday Motel nAn BEDFORD ROAD Cumberland, Md. Dial 722-9708 “Cumberland's Newest Finest”HARVEY'S JEWELRY STORE Distributors of FORT HILL CLASS RINGS Seen getting meosured for their long awaited closs rings are Corol Bruner and Homer Hardinger. Compliments of LOVERS LEAP £SSO STATION 130Ben Kamens George Kline It Pays to Cross Town to Kline Furniture Company 405-413 Virginia Avenue Phone: PA. 2-4820 Compliments of ABE'S JEWELRY STORE Cumberland Opticians AL TOSH, Owner 15 South Liberty Street Cumberland, Md. Phone: PA. 2-4757 TAYLOR LUMBER CO. 31 Potomac Street PA. 4-3820 NEHI Bottling Company Bottlers of VERNON'S MARKET FANCY GROCERIES, MEAT RC COLA NEHI FRUITS VEGETABLES Phone: PA. 2-0420 par-t-pak 138 Elder Street Cumberland's Oldest Shoe Store ROD and REEL SERVICE SMITH'S TENDER FEET KING'S TACKLE SHOP 137 Baltimore Street Phone: PA. 4-2070 Cumberland, Maryland 243 Virginia Ave. Cumberland, Md. 131K1TZMILLER MEMORIALS YOUR CEMETERY MEMORIAL DEALER Over Fifty Years Means Your Satisfaction Authorized Rock of Ages Memorials And All Other Fine Granite FREDERICK and GEORGE STREETS DIAL: PA. 2-4300 STACY'S MARKET 51 NORTH CENTRE STREET MONARCH PRINTING CO. 116 FREDERICK STREET CUMBERLAND, MARYLAND Phone: PA. 2-1436 Specializing in FRESH SEA FOODS PRINTING — RULING — ENGRAVING STEEL DIE EMBOSSING OFFSET Always at your service 132Day Phone: Night Phone: PA. 2-8150 PA. 4-1396 RED'S USED CARS USED CARS BOUGHT AND SOLD Open Evenings Howard "Red" Taylor, Owner 722 Greene St. Cumberland, Md. MAPLESIDE PHARMACY J. E. McMICHAEL, Reg. Pharmacist 911 Oldtown Rd. PA. 4-1765 Complete Drug and Prescription Service MONEY ORDER SERVICE Compliments of Lathrum's Confectionery 401 and 401 Vi East Oldtown Road Cumberland Welding Supply Co. Electric and Acetylene Welding 102 Wineow St. Cumberland, Md. Phone: PA. 2-6290 S. C. TWIGG CITY FURNITURE CO. “FIRST IN FURNITURE” Cumberland, Maryland JOHNSON'S GROCERY 401 Pennsylvania Avenue PA. 4-9880 Compliments of the Tri State Mine and Mill Supply Co. 310 Commerce St. Cumberland, Md. PA. 2-8360 Best Wishes to the CLASS OF ’62 WINDSOR BARBER SHOP 7 Barbers - Courteous Service 107 S. George St. PA. 4-9705 133Queen ITY AIRY Enjoying Queen City’s Delicious Milk are Bonnie Saville, Mary Rice, Sharon Gnegy, Linda Bible and Nancy Beck. 134Get The Best Get IRAIII MARK ICE CREAM Compliments of ARP SUPERMARKETS 1 Wineow Street Greene Street Cumberland, Maryland LaVale, MarylandMacGREGOR SPORTS EQUIPMENT The Wilson Hardware Company 30 NORTH MECHANIC STREET “Outfitters to Champions" Phone: PA. 2-4232 W-FLOWER SHOP 110 Virginia Avenue Phone: PA. 4-5577 WESTERN AUTO DEALER Richard Henry, Inc. LaVale Shopping Center LaVale, Maryland MOTOR HARE SALES "CUMBERLANDS FINEST’1 USED CARS CORNER ORCHARD AND WILLIAMS STREET Dial: PA. 2-4664 136Congratulations to Compliments THE 1962 GRADUATES BUCK'S of Motel and Restaurant Baltimore Pike Phone: PA. 2-2688 Miller Brothers Garage MILTON R. OSTER Cumberland Oil Company Telephone: PArkview 4-0909 POWER DIGGING SMALL EXCAVATIONS FOR FOOTERS PIPE LINES — STORAGE TANKS — SEPTIC TANKS Distributors of Phone: PA. 4-7411 SHELL PETROLEUM PRODUCTS Route 2, DeHaven Road LaVale, Maryland Cumberland, Md. Congratulations to DOM'S MARKET | ’62 GRADUATING CLASS 1 SNYDER'S OPEN 7 A.M. to 10 P.M. 1 ESSO SERVICE STATION 912 National Hwy. LaVale, Maryland 1 COLLINS G. M. C. Truck Company PARK STREET ESSO "G. M.C. Trucks and School Buses” "Case” Tractor and Farm Machinery 28 Park Street ' Route 40, East Cumberland, Md. Cumberland, Maryland Phone: PA. 2-3922 NOVELTIES — LEATHER GOODS — CALENDARS PENCILS —BOOK MATCHES SIMEON T. WILSON 55 Boone Street Cumberland, Md. Phone: PA. 4-1143 representing BANKERS ADVERTISING COMPANY Iowa City, Iowa ZENITH - NORGE SIRNA MARKET Ridgeley, West Virginia Phone: 8-9610 BAUGHMAN Contracting Co., Inc. GENERAL CONTRACTORS Tractors and Trailers for Heavy Hauling 1201 National Highway, LaVale Phone: PA. 2-4588 - 2-4589 Cumberland, Maryland VALLEY LUMBER CO. "where the home begins" Complete line of building materials Bedford Road (next to Fireball) PA. 2-7760 Compliments to THE CLASS OF ‘62 MERTENS PLUMBING-HEATING Bedford Road Phone: PA. 2-6546Congratulations Compliments of to THE CLASS OF 1962 W. T. GRANT CO. Blubaugh's Esso Station LaVale, Maryland Compliments of WELSH'S MARKET Newcomer's Jewelry Store We're Pleased when you're Pleased Phone: 724-5464 215 Virginia Avenue Bedford Road Cumberland, Md. FOR ELECTRIC AND PLUMBING SUPPLIES RICHARDSON'S HARDWARE, PAINT AND GLASS Your Headquarters Corner of Schwenninger's Hardware Park and Harrison Streets 208 Virginia Avenue PA. 2-1222 MILLESON'S TRI-STATE FURNITURE — CARPETS — PIANOS LINEN SERVICE, INC. When you think of Furniture LINENS — UNIFORMS — DUST CONTROL Think of MILLESON’S Frederick and Regina Avenue Plenty of Free Parking Cumberland, Maryland 317 Virginia Avenue Glenn K. Davis PArkview 2-7544 139Ferdinand's Drive-In Snack Bar Bedford Road Rt. 220, North | erdinant v Mftil MOST MODERN DRIVE-IN IN WESTERN MARYLAND First with Electronic Ordering System to Serve You Better and Faster with the Best Food in Town. Your Host, TONY FRENO Congratulations to THE CLASS OF ’62 BEIGHTOL’S Grocery Ji. £. DOUGLASS WHOLESALE MEAT DISTRIBUTOR 220 SPRINGDALE STREET PArkview 2-0520 Yankee Maid — Hams - Franks and Bacon Blue Bonnet Margarine Fleischman’s Yeast Fresh Meat Hotel and Restaurant Products 140DOHERTY'S GROCERY MEAT - PRODUCE BEDFORD ROAD near FIREHALL 141Congratulations CLASS OF 1962 Super Concrete Company Congratulations CLASS OF 1962 POWER'S ESSO BUCHANAN LUMBER CO. CASH and CARRY From FIREY-STEELE SPRING SERVICE 403 Henderson Avenue 549 N. Centre St. Cumberland, Md. Phone: PA. 2-0240 Cumberland, Maryland THE SOUTH CUMBERLAND j PLANING MILL COMPANY 1 Your Community Lumber Yard Since 1896 1 Queen Street Cumberland, Md. 1 Compliments of ARTHUR H. BOBB'S 1 QUALITY FLOWERS 1621 Bedford Street Phone: PA. 2-5414 142“Good Goods Come In Little Packages'" THE S. T. LITTLE JEWELRY CO. Congratulations CLASS OF 1962 REGISTERED JEWELERS American Gem Society POWER'S SUNOCO CHANEY TRANSPORTATION DAVIS Motion Picture Service 160 N. Centre Street COMPANY Cumberland, Maryland Liberty Milk Co. Producers of POTOMAC FARMS QUALITY DAIRY PRODUCTS 5TH and RACE STREETS CUMBERLAND, MARYLAND Phone: PA. 2-4410 "Doc'' Merrill and Wellington Donahue 143Sykes Style Shop Special Attention to Juniors (3-17) Half Sizes 12 V2 to 24 Sportswear — Dresses — Suits — Coats Evening Wear — Lingerie — Bras — Girdles Open 11 a.m. - 9 p.m. Everyday 164 N. Centre St. Phone: PA. 2-1570 Congratulations to the CLASS OF 1962 RICHARD M. STEGMAIER QUALITY EGGS PRODUCE Williams Road PA. 2-7904 PERRIN'S FOOD MARKET 501 Baltimore Ave. Cumberland, Md. Dial PArkview 2-3580 Johnson's Restaurant Route 28 Phone: REdwood 8-9167 SAVE TWO WAYS AT Albert's "Big Circle" Market Route 40 West Cumberland, Md. PA. 2-6900 FAMOUS FOODS AT LOW PRICES PLUS S H GREEN STAMPS Shop Monday thru Saturday 9 a.m. - 9 p.m. 144THERE'S AN EASIER WAY, MADAM GET A DISHWASHER The Potomac Edison Company Compliments of R. H. Lapp and Sons PLUMBING and HEATING 716 Oldtown Road Cumberland, Maryland 145The Challenges of Tomorrow In Our Fast Moving World Require That Young Men and Women Have A Good Education WORKS SEVEN CUMBERLAND, MARYLAND THE For Your Graduation Gifts 62 BALTIMORE STREET CUMBERLAND TIMES-NEWS NATIONALLY FAMOUS WATCHES Exclusive OMEGA Watch Agency ART CARVED Diamonds TRIFARI Jewelry STIEFF SterlingCompliments to the GRADUATES OF 1962 from STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE Frostburg, Maryland Programs leading to the degrees of Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts in • KINDERGARTEN - PRIMARY EDUCATION • ELEMENTARY EDUCATION • SECONDARY EDUCATION • ARTS AND SCIENCE (Liberal Arts) GRADUATE PROGRAM leading to the degree of MASTER OF EDUCATION For Further Information Miss Elizabeth Hitchins Registrar in Charge of Admissions State Teachers College Frostburq, Maryland Phone: OV. 9-6622 1962 SUMMER SESSION June 25 - August 3, 1962 Willison Oil Company Best Wishes from Baltimore Pike CLINEBELL'S BAKERY Cumberland, Maryland 33 N. Centre Street Congratulations to THE 1962 GRADUATES CARL'S FLOWERS McFarland's Auto Shop 26 N. Mechanic Street Specialists in Wreck Repairing and Painting Front End Alignments 503 Pine Ave. PA. 4-1216 FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS Free Delivery 147RUHL STUDIOS "Snackologist ED" Suggests MASON'S SNACK BAR for GOOD SNACKS and FAST SERVICE CARRY OUT —DELIVERY SERVICE Baltimore Pike Naves X Roads Phone: PArkview 2-6155 148Compliments of KEECH'S DRUG STORES 43 and 600 Virginia Avenue Prescription Service at Both Stores Phone: PA. 4-1208 and 2-7112 Cumberland Maryland Compliments of F. H. H. S. STUDENT COUNCIL Compliments of Captial Bowling Alleys 508 Virginia Avenue Phone: PA. 2-9862 The HOUT Construction Company HAULING AND EXCAVATING Shades Lane P.O. Box 1304 Cumberland, Maryland 149DIAL Your Local Information Station H. G. Roebuck and Son INCOBP () RATE D PRINTERS and LITHOGRAPHERS 2140 Aisquith Street Baltimore 18, Maryland HOpkins 7-6700 Producers of Distinctive Annuals For Schools and Colleges Since 1919Sentinel gridders charge into game. Co-captains receive pre-game in structions. Officials seek out buried pigskin Wellington Donahue, senior, at tempts pass interception. Ronnie Manges scores first Sen tincl touchdown. Sentinel halfback, Colin Smith 32, releases aerial.Cheerleaders guide students in vie . tory assembly. Jerry Young tolls bell for Fort Hill victory. Smiles, shouts, and scoreboard show Sentinel victory. Coach Lattimer recaps victory. Colin Smith, halfback, stiff-arms ® Allegany gridder.— — —

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