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cf Y if 1' 1 JA r . . I, ' I. '1 ' I" A: xi lk lf 12 it Q ,, ffffm WW ,WWW WQBJL L I Y . if ' Yi , . ik V I IAE: -' 1.1 Ig , AIJVJL ,gffi ' ' if M gf 0 My 0 67 2 - , ie rf A . ,r .Fu X! 5. If YE :JB - fy df? ,W Tzfwf ff' ,. ,F JL I yfq Q Xp? fx ' Cf' ,fl!'j'1IA f l " f 7' ,lr I U' ' K, 1,21 AMN: 5 . I R . 0' f fi, 4 f PM 0' B fr- . V .- "rjlaKHa.r2fM--V--. V -Af' ' -' -VV. .- .V V-. 1-..-.,,., W , , ' .. f' f5 fW2f+Wf 'MW X afyww wWf7'::fU , ff' MW M' ?f'Wf if W Q55 Mfgwf ,Q ? 2 M www fggj QQ 'W Wf 3154 ,ff X .N www ww gL.J,g4..J,zi N ,r ,, ,T WJM M tW2f"'9w ,JM WW if Q M Y I ' -. , ."" 0350 A ' 3,53 0' ffl , ,, Q, 'I 71 I lt pf' 'nn Aff M115 'ul -- , -pw W -fv- 1. idx 'mn ff W, rf! WTFK Q. Sy., ,L ' 5 M 1 Q " 4 u 5.1 A 1 1, v x , 'ix , 4' w ' 1' ' 4 V 'f ff A M 'Sb I Ji NU 1 A ki-EL 152122 A rfimmaitm f6l'Z7,LlZ 512 5 JS 'sg 3 E Y, ...-.........m.., ,4 A W N I ll V f www , 3 A x wWW,,y, 5 is QM Jw g4ff,fg AC IG O O Culrzgszflzrzgf, cfyfcf. I, Y A 1 VW X 2 t i , X ? X 'SNR Q Si Q X k 1: Q T. . , .QQ X A 23111111911 ........ 931191 5 .Stan .... . 931195 75 CS'11f1,f1111f1119 931219111 . 931191 35 526135 5755111118 . . . 931195 45 UIZ 1121 5f111ff19!Z1s . . . 931191 59 3856124 15.1 9911112951 . . 931191 73 Q7,7ZOl'lO'Z 711611 CL 931111 . . . 931191 55 cqngsfa ..... . Tags SQ . , , K ' 'Lama qfwffiouf gnc! The setting: Fort Hill High School The time: The past, the present, the future The main characters: The Seniors of 1953 In supporting roles: All underclassmen The directors: The school administratorsg the facultyg the Board of Educationg the parentsg the community For twelve years, the members of the class of Nineteen Hundred Fifty- three have starred in a dynamic drama upon which the curtain never closes - the drama of education for living. From Fort Hill High School, these Seniors now enter the larger stage of life, while supporting Casts emerge to assume the roles of stardom in the school - truly "drama without end." ,,,,,,,,,,,........-.Q-------- t Mr. Heisey and Mr. Moorhead planning the study hall schedule. ASSISTANT PRODUCER A gentleman who never fails to say good morning to everyone is our new assistant principal, Mr. Scott Moorhead. Working with the producer, Mr. Moor- head has many jobs. Opening the morn- ing exercise and handling the discipline cases are just a few of these. It is through his good judgment and understanding that he has gained the respect of all. OUR PRODUCER To Mr. Victor D. Heisey, our princi- pal, we, the Seniors of '53 wish to ex- press our appreciation for his outstand- ing guidance and leadership. Each year his ties of friendship become more bind- ing and each link of understanding grows stronger. With these thoughts in mind, the Class of '53 says good-bye to our producer. 4 Q -1 Wg Y A .Q A 3 Q i 1 A ? , 'Q 1. sv, U 1W + K Q Egg A Y Qv I I-vw I , fray! - -11-an 'w"'3'Nr11hw. W.. fr GQ: mv., W I RSE .,LavffMalw1"' x ' ws... The Management, reading L. to R., is Mr. Victor D. Heisey, Chairmang Mr. Thomas Hinds, Industiral Artsg Mr. Ralph YVimer, Guid- anceg Mr. Carl Ritchie, Commerical: Mr. Robert Morris, Social Studiesg Mrs. Madeline Mewshaw, Student Council: Mr. Scott Moorhead, Assistant Chairman: Mr. Robert Bigler, Scienceg Mrs. Lcnore Resser, Healthy Miss Yola Hudson, Home Economics and Miss Nellie Willison, Eng- lish. :1Wt. was . . '- 'Me' mr . ..-..., THE PRODUCERS' GUIDES The office . . . this busy place is run exceptionally well by the secretary, Mrs. Kitty Wilson, and her assistant, Mrs. Lorraine Often. They are never too busy to help the students, teachers, and visitors with their many problems. OUR AGENT Mr. Ralph Wimer, our guidance di- rector, is the cheerful man who tries to find an answer to all our problems. From the information gained from the college catalogs on the shelves in his office, Mr. Wimer is ready to help the students choose the proper college or the right field of work. , .,,. - is tt ,. i 4 . x Mrs. Bennett ," fl,-1' it . ,gl .,A ,,. B 'V' 4 'w iw S I, , Q -.f t . df f Miss Blake Miss Boughton Miss Bowen Miss Brotemarkle Miss Calemine Miss Cun Bennett, Mrs. Naomi, B.A., Susquehanna University, English, Library Clubj Blake, Miss Mar- garet, B.S., Ifrostburg State 'Teachers College, English, Creative Writing Club, Boughton, Miss Lillian, M.A., Columbia University, English, Bowen, Miss jean, BA., University of Maryland, Core, Knitting Club, Brotemarkle, Miss Twila, BA., Western Maryland College, English, Dramat- ic Club, Caleniine, Miss Mary M., M.A., University of lVest Virginia, English, Sentinel, Cumbee, Miss Kathleen, BA., Southern College, English, Senior Class Arluiser, Dunlap, Mrs. Carolyn, MA., University of Maryland, Reading, Talent Club, MacMillan, Mr. Robert, A.B., Bowling Green College of Commerce, Core, Pritchard, Miss Gerardine, MA., University of Maryland, English, Honor Society, Smith, Miss Helen, B.A., lVestern Maryland College, English, Players, 7'lu'.vpian.v, Player.: Auxiliary: 'I'eter, Miss Naomi, B.S., University of Maryland, Reading, Eng- lish, Square Dancing Club: lVillison, Miss Nellie, A.B..,lVesterr. Maryland College, English, junior Town Meeting, Chairmang Workman, Miss Mary, M. Ed., University of Maryland, ling- lishg Dunn, Mrs. Rachel, A.B., lVestern Maryland College, Reading, Dramatic Club. lNot Pieturedj. 'S'-F' aC- ggs Sagoofa ct :Sta .S English can be fun! Mrs. Dunlap Mr. MacMillan Miss Pritchard Miss Smith Miss Teter Miss Willison Miss llorkm fax 1 I bv' Q . xx Q X, 2 A t 'fr ' 3 VI- - - . X 5 K YI ns ' Where's the moderator? Mr. Engle Mil Ford Mr. Higgins Mrs. Hilton Miss McCulley Mr. McProuty Miss Myers - Engle, Mr. James, M.A., Columbia University, Social Studies, Reading, Photography, Sabre, ' ' , Ford, Miss Alverda, M.A., lvestern Maryland College, Wvorld History, Ushers Club, Higgins, Mr. ., ' tb James, A.B., Western Maryland College, Social Studies: Hilton, Mrs, Nellie, A.B., Western Maryland College, Social Studies, Square Dancing Club, McCulley, Miss Regina, A.B., Western A 3' , Maryland College, Social Studies, Library Club, McProuty, Mr. William, B.S., Concord College, ,A,,, is g ' Social Studies, Camping Club, j. V. Football and Ba,sketball,- Morris, Mr. Robert, M.S., Penn ii i M A' V J State, History, Chairman, Myers, Miss Lillian C., M.A., Western Maryland College, U.S. History: Stickley, Mr. Paul, M.A., West Virginia University, Social Studies, English, Swimming Club, Winsheimer, Mr. Frank, M.A., Columbia University, Social Studies, Psychology, Social Dancing , Club. . Fwy l f '-"- ' Mr. Stickley Let us be thankful! KVVKEQE 0051 guilds Oun HERITAGE Wm -2-M.. 1 -M fm 5. It takes all kind to make a committee. 'EJ :tial ivvmisaiil ..1 Mr. Morris Mr. Winsheimer Q- l Mr. Alexander fin J' - , idei it 4' rl I 1 . " "" '1' rqlhcfi Miss Robertson N'-N ,ig x g , e X J Mr. Ferguson Mrs. Hast Mr. Hinds Miss Hudson Mr. Kipp Mrs. Mulholland 9 I' St t Vocational Woodwork Stage Crew' Ferguson Mr John Alexander, Mr. Lee, Ba., enn . a e, ' . . A . . , , . , B.S., Stroudsburg State Teachers College, Drafting, Hast, Mrs. Cassie, B.S., University of West Virginia, Home Economics, Serving Club, Hinds, Mr. Thomas, B.S., VVestern Michigan College of . liduration, Industrial Arts, Chairman, Hudson, Miss Yola, B.S., University of Maryland, Home if I-Zconomics, Boys Chef Club, Kipp, Mr. Wade, IVIA., University of Maryland, Industrial Arts, ', l'l1ulngraj1l1y Club: Mulholland, Mrs. Olive, B.S., Indiana State Teachers College, Home Econo- is mics, Robertson, Miss Ozella, MA., New York University, Home Economics, jr. Tri-Hi-Y K Club, Strem, Mr. Lawrence, M. I-ld., California State Teachers College, Mechanical Drawing, qi -X Model Building Club. i gg,.s N . Mr. Strem P lv The sewing bee. Sanding session. onoz and ,yfnowfscf .s .... I Tinkering with tools. . , . ...J Mrf Bigler Mr. Bryce Mr. Burchard Mr. Mr. Pellerzi Mr. Perdew Bigler, Mr. Robert, M.A., Ohio State University. Science, Projection Crewg Bryce, Mr. Charles. M. Ed.. University of Pittsburgh, Science, Wildlife Club, Bowling Club, Burchard, Mr. Willard, M.A., University of Pittsburgh, Chemistryg McVicker, Mr. john, M. Ed., University of Pittsburgh, Science, Science Club, Senior Hi-Y Club, Pellerzi, Mr. joseph, B.S., I-'rostburg State Teachers College, Science, Astronomy Club, Perdew, Mr. Paul, B.S., Gettysburg College, Biology, Pro- jection Creufg Reed, Mr. john, B.S., Shippenburg State Teachers College, Science. Mr. Reed Test tube tribulation. is aj, V ' 323, l r,,,,u, cqcf Ugsiz ggcz 'ai Life with the plants. Steady there!!! aa u- MHA I if Davis Mr. Gilpin Mrs. Hughes Mrs. Mewshaw Mr. Perry Mrs. Schleifman MIS Shobe Davis, Mr. .-Xrthur, ILA., Washington and jefferson College, Mathematics, Gilpin, Mr. Curtis, BS., Frostburg State Teachers College, Mathematics, Puppet Club, junior Hi-Y, Hughes, Mrs. Ada, ill., XYestern Maryland College, Mathematics, lllrmitors Club, Mewshaw, Mrs. Madeline, M. lid., University of Maryland, Mathematics, Senior Student Council, Perry, Mr. Kiarl, MA., Y Columbia University, Mathematics, First Aid Club, Sehleifman, Mrs. Veronica, AB., Western Maryland College, Mathematics, Travel Club, Shohc, Mrs. Rosalie, B.S., johns Hopkins Un- iversity, Mathematics, Hmzziirraft Clubg Young, Mr. Robert, M.S., University of Pittsburgh, Mathematics, Chairman. X-1 -. fi.. I if fit!!! fl Q A Iulule business women, 575 L-f url Sac 815' Legitimate study of curves and angles!!! vw: 1- AIN llored difficulties!" 55- . . . . ji?5'?Y. 'Lim " . , . , ,.1f-wrwiw, 'KK WSW 'Url' Y g ,g -, . K iz. 1 t P P, , T ' ' -f Q , i f 1 g, , ., " a s ,SE . ,.,A A . N? .1l-L R , t v Q, -ar i P 22: U r T t ,j :pr 'gf 4.2 5 1 is-at or T ii li, X, R Mrs. Allamong Mr. McMillion Mr. Price Mr. Ritchie Allamong, Mrs. Hannah, M.Ed., University of Maryland, Business Education, McMillion, Mr. Calvin, B.S., West Virginia Tech, Shorthand, Typing, Price, Mr. Robert, M. Ed., University of Pittsburgh, Typing, Bookkeeping, Mimeogmph Crew, Rice, Miss Martha, A.B., Western Mary- land College, Business Training, W'orld History fnol: picturedjg Ritchie, Mr. Carl, M.Ed., Uni- versity of Pittsburgh, Commercial, Senior Class Financial Adviser. Dzzcf ancf guide 5, 5 g . E Q an A 52 L: ix Deposits and withdrawals. i 1 ig-nillsv. A i " Eyes on the copy!! 1 How many words per minute? I .fill-75, X NDF Q? Miss Burrall Miss Davis Mr. Hanson Miss Kraus Mr. Murphy Mr. Shumaker Mr. Williams Miss Yates llurrall, Miss Lola, B.S., Penn State, Art, Poster Club, Davis, Miss Doris, B.M., Madison Col- lege, Vocal Music, junior lk Senior Girls' Clee Clubs: Hanson, Mr. Harold, MA., Columbia University, Vocal music, junior Ri Senior Hoyt' Gln' Club, Kraus, Miss Edwcna, A.B., Western Maryland College, Latin, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Murphy, Mr. Thomas, A.B., Fairmont State College, Art, Carlow: Club, Senior Ili-l',' Sliumaker, Mr. Warren, MA., Middlebury College, Spanish, Spanish Clllllj Williams, Mr. Gordon, ILS., Mansfield College, Music, junior lk Senior Bands, Yates, Miss Annctta, BA., XVestern Maryland College, Music, A Cappella Choir. Un jnfazflzafirzfy wa :Kofax . . Hands at work!!! H I! ' , Open widellll ls Latin a dead language? xml' 121 iw -'N --"3-'B E M"-Q M gg ,M C Mr. Cavanaugh Mr. Fritz Mr. Hahn Mrs. Resser Cavanaugh, Mr. John J., A.B., Washington College, Physical Education, Canvas Crew, Basket- ball, Baseball, Fritz, Mr. Alfred, B.S., California State Teachers College, Driver Education, Hahn, Mr. William, M.S., University of West Virginia, Physical Education, Football, Track, Resser, Mrs. Lenore, B.S., Columbia University, Physical Education, Tumbling Clubg Snyder, Mrs. Henrietta, A.B., Western Maryland College, Physical Education fnot pictured, . 0412 Lomax for fjfitsiz bzscfionf 1 7 41 S Ztfilm... I-my Listen closely, girls!!! I had it first!!! Now he-re's how it goes!!! 3555? X -9 E- my Ng NX 'X if x N SX wx XX mf? K x SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Row I: Carol Kniseley, secretary. Row II: Gene Alderton, president: Miss Kathleen Cum- bee, social adviserg Mr. Carl Ritchie, financial adviser. Row III: Merle Smith, vice-presidentg Robert DeVore, treasurer. . Casting their parts. Ufiz 526215 of Dm gbfcocfucfion The stage is once again set for a great drama! The program reads: Act l- Thanksgiving Day Game - A victorious score of 37-13. Act 2- "The Seven Sisters" - A smash hit. Act 3- Senior Farewell Assembly - A memorable production. Act 4- Senior Sermon - A solemn occasion. Act 5- Graduation - The final curtain call. Leading the stars for the '52-'53 season are Gene Alderton, presidentg Merle Smith, vice-presidentg Carol Kniseley, secretaryg Robert DeVore, treasurerg Miss Kathleen Cumbee, social adviserg and Mr. Carl Ritchie, financial adviser. Symbolizing the class is the pink rose with colors of turquoise blue and white. Going forth to serve with this thought in mind, "To better the best", the final curtain drops for the Senior Class of 1953! -I 1- rrcue nf ff. wi, h .,,V ,,,...,,,,,... ,. .g . , , 3 n A.DAMs, ANN KATI-IRYNE Academic Future plans come under the heading of marriage. Sabre 43 Band 2,5,43 Ushers 1,22 Glee Club l,2,3,43 A Cappella Choir 53 Pinaiore 2. ADAMS, SHIRLEY MAE Commercial A Plus personality . . . plans to become a secretary . . . enjoys movies. Glee Club I3 Library Club 2,5,4. ADAMS, WANDA LEE Academic Nice personality. Tumbling Clubp Dramatic Club 13 National Honor Society 3,43 Farewell Assembly 83 Sentinel 4. AKERS, IRENE DELoREs Commercial Likes to dance . . . horseback riding . . . enjoys movies . . . marriage. ALDERTON, ALBERTA MAE Commercial Excellent commercial student . . . pleasant personality . . . Mrs. Glee Club l,23 Farewell Assembly 33 sookroom 4g Mimeograph 4. ALDERTON, WAYNE EUGENE Vocational Ambition is college . . . pleasant personality. Football 2,8,43 Co-catptain 43 Basketball 2,3,43 Track 2,3, 4: Senior Class Presi ent. Adams, Wanda Adams, Ann Adams, Shirley Akers, Irene Alderton, Alberta Alderton, Eugene f Q x 5 A X f : .N X Q iff l iii R R in . X hxwgx Q K X l A Allen, William Alvaro, Robert Apple, E Arthur, Gerald Athey, Belmont Athey, Ronald T , ' l f A f " 3'5" Q my -. C5 ' -fl J' ' 3: "5 4' g ,G ALLEN1 WILLIAM Vocational ATHEY, BELMONT Vocational fl' 'T ' Nice personality . . . liked by classmates . . . quiet type. Nice smile. 'F Y Track l,2.3,43 Football l,2,3,4. 237 ' 1 ATHEY, RONALD Vocational EQ-1 g A' 5. Al-VAR01 ROBERT Academic Good natured . . . a smile for everyone . . . well liked if ' ,D Willing photographer . . . helpful . . . quiet. . . . star. J A Boys' Glee Club 2,83 Student Council 23 Baseball 2,3,43 F00tball 1,2,3,43 Co-captain 4. f,,,3g3.,, Canvas Crew l'3 Sabre Photographer 3,4. t i . ii I L Ayers, Lewis Ballou. Joanne APPLE, WALTER Vocational Buddy . . . nice personality. Band l,2,3,4. ARTHUR, ARTHUR GERALD Academic Liked by everyone . . . has the ability to becomeagreat success. National Honor Society 3,42 Hi-Y 2,3,4: President 43 Basketball 2,3,43 Farewell Assembly 33 Sentinel 43 Banu l,2,3,4I Dramatic 1. AYERS, LEWIS ROBERT Vocational Lew . . . enjoys the away band trips . . . ambition is to become a diesel machinist . . . weakness is pretty girls. Band 1,2,3,43 Hi-Y 3.4. BALLOU, JOANNE Commerical An attractive senior . . . to marry Chuck . . . live in Baltimore. Health Room Attendant 3.4. .5 8 I 'R it 'XM Barnes, Edward Beightol, Barbara Barnes, Norwood Bender, Alpha . ..,, , ak Q ' b.A. . ' :-: 1' . f Benson, Ronald 5 W s W ff x ff .iii BARNES, EDWARD Academic The boy with a friendly smile . . . planning to attend college . . . main interest is driving cars. BARNES, NORWOOD General Going to college . . . well liked by everyone . . . known for his athletic ability. Football 2,3,4g Band l,2,3,4. Bartles, John BARTLES, JOHN FREDERICK Commercial Bart . . . pleasant personality . . . always laughing . . . friends enjoy being around him. Basketball 1,25 Hi-Y 4. BEIGHTOL, BARBARA LOUISE Commerical Bursting with personality . . . never a dull moment . . . main interest is to be a success. Sabre 3,4g Ushers 2,3,4: Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4: Monitors 2.3.43 , jr. Farewell Assemblyg Hospital Room. BENDER, ALPHA PEARL Commercial Alpha, although a commercial student, plans to become a nurse. BENSON, RONALD GENE General Ronnie . . . undecided about his future plans but is interested in being a mechanic. Bergdoll, Thelma Bird, William Bock, Edward K X A W' I .N N ' Jihiii Bolyard, Eugene Boone, Melvin Boone, Norita 'gg Q . T 5 I :M Ie-up ..L 1 A- p, ' iil A ii me ' le' . 1 Y - m , 4A-- A-""' fb ., . guy' 'U X ml Ayr N - A . A - :Af 3 "L . S ' N' ii " Q A M . K .. . W, f 1 sffib .. , ,, ,": E :': 5 ' ' if V7 .f . 'Kill' :a mi l-rf A --linea ge. ' 'RW-11:11 f K '-fGt,'ifii,i ' - 1'i Academic BERGDOLL, THELMA VIRGINIA Likes math and algebra . . . enjoys reading mystery stories . . . has a friendly smile for everyone. Cafeteria Staff 2,3,4. BIRD, WILLIAM EDWARD General Plans to spend his life in the U. S. Navy . . . full of fun . . . never a dull moment. Band l,2,3,4g Stage Crew 3, Jr. Farewell Assembly, Players 3,4. Bocx, EDWARD Commercial Ed is interested in becoming a success. BOLYARD, EUGENE R. General Rags . . . veteran of the U. S. Air Force returned to Fort Hill . . . proud to have him as a member of our 3-'wiiiating class. BOONE, MELVIN PAUL Commercial Mel . . . wonderful personality . . . loads of fun . . . has many friends. Football Manager 1,2,3,4g Jr. Farewell Assemblyg Hik- ing Club lg Mimeograph Crew 3,43 Players 41 Student Council. BOONE, NIJRITA LOU Commercial Interested in secretarial work . . . a friendly person . . . capable. Glee Club 1.23 Mimeograph Crew 45 Knittin Club l: Jr. Town Meeting l,2. g Bowman' Robert Brant, Shirley BOXVMAN, ROBERT LEE Academic Bob enjoys football games and television . . . liked by everyone. Spanish Club. BRANT, SHIRLEY HENRIEITA Vocational Attractive . . . pleasing personality. BREIOI-INER, JOAN LEE Commercial "' A Wonderful personality . . . liked by evervone . . . plans if - to become a secretary. .. . Library Club 2,3,43 Student Council 1,23 Glee Club l. Qf ' 3 .. BRINKMAN, SHIRLEY LEE Academic ruru . Sweet smile . . . pleasing personality . . . many friends. ss? . 1 rag A . A Cappella Choir l,2,3,43 Glee Club l,2,33 Octette l,2,3,43 Student Council Senate 43 jr. Town Meeting 43 National Honor Society 5,43 jr. Farewell Assembly. Breighnerf Joan Brown, Alma BROTI-IERs, DAVID General Nice personality . . . dependable. Projection Crew. BROWN, ALMA MAY General Pleasing smile . . . very easy to get along with. Monitors 4: Players. BURKE, WILLIAM Vocational Bill . . . planning to enter college. FOotball3 Baseball. BUsER, THOMAS PAUL General Tom . . . tall dark senior . . . main interest is photo- graphy. Boys' Glee Club l,2,33 Photography l,2,3,43 Sabre Pho- tographer 4: Projection Crew 1,23 Choir 2,3: Mary- land Chorus 53 H.M.S. Pinafore 23 jr. Town Meeting 4. : - sf: J. L A is Brinkman, Shirley Burke, William Brothers, David Buser, Thomas -, I 'giibx Campbell, Barbara Carpenti, Arthur x . - .., X N -.L ' I V I - ..,.-- 1 I .. ' f ' ' ' 1. . v. Hi '. .tip m f M W1 ll Alglf. 1 M r' Cavanaugh joAnn Chisholm john -vu .A CAMPBELL, BARBARA ANN Academic Personable . . . interested in dramatics, music, dancing. Glee Club l,2,3,43 Players and Auxiliary 2,S,43 Play Tournament 3,43 "Best Actress" 3,43 Thespians 8,43 Song of America 3: May Day 3: jr. Farewell As- sembly3 Sophomore Class Secretaryg Tri-Hi-Y l,2,33 Sentinel 2,53 Business Manager 4. CAM PBELL, BARBARA JOAN Commercial Sweet and petite young miss . . . next stop - marriage. Dramatic Club l3 Glee Club 1,23 Ushers 2,3,43 Tri-Hi- Y 3,43 jr. Farewell A5SCmblyQ junior Class Secre- taryg Sabre Staff 4, Senior Class Editorg Softball 2. CANTONE, FRANK Vocational Personable . . . gets along well with others. CARPENTI, ARTHUR Academic Art . . . interested in becoming a success. sig, 4. Campbell, Barbara Carroll, Constance ll .ci CARROLL, CONSTANCE LOUISE Commercial Connie . . . nice personality . . . always smiling. Players Auxiliary 2,3,43 Glee Club 1,2,33 Tri-Hi-Y 3,43 May Day 23 Pinafore 2: Ushers 33 Sabre 43 Sentinel 43 jr. Farewell Assemblyg Dancing Club l. CASE, JAMES GILBERT General Nice boy . . . sense of humor . . . Navy bound. Players 33 Bowling Club 4. CAVANAUGH, jOANN C. Commercial jo . . . wonderful personality . . . energy plus. Basketball, Volleyball l,2,3,43 jr. Farewell Assembly. CHISHOLM, jOHN FREEMAN, jR. Academic Regular guy . . . playful prankster . . . peppy . . . likable . . . conversation lover. Hi-Y 2,3.4: Band 2,3,4: Sentinel 43 Dramatic Club I3 jr. Town Meeting CO-Ordinating council 4. Case, james Cantone, Frank , s Q s L " 4 . NX. X , is Q 19 BAR? CIMMINO, DORIS JEAN Academic Cheery . . . fun-loving . . . ambition is nursing. Monitors l,2,33 Sophomore Class TTERSUTCYQ Players 3, 43 Thespians 3,43 Library Club 1,23 Tri-Hi-Y 3,43 Spanish Club 2,33 Song of America 3. CLAPP, SARAH FRANCES Academic Sociable . . . pleasing personality . . . ambition - nur- sing . . . gab fests. Library 1,23 Tri-Hi-Y 43 Monitors l,2,33 jr. Town Meeting 23 Glee Club 2,33 Football Queen 43 Thespians 3,43 Sophomore Class President3 H.M.S. Pinafore 123 Players 3,43 Spanish Club 2,33 Song of America 3. Cimmino, Doris Clapp, Sarah CLARK, AGNES ELIZABETH Academic Attractive dignity . . . nonchalant . . . honor roll. CLARK, VIRGINIA LAURA Commercial jo . . . nice personality . . . intends to marry Carl. CLEM, WILLIAM VANCE Academic Sincere friendliness . . . likable fellow . . . dark eyes . . . U.S.A.F. Choir 3,4. CLONTZ, JEAN EMILY Commercial Ieanie . . . sense of humor . . . petite . . . fun-loving . . . enjoys all sports. Basketball l,2,3,43 Farewell Assembly 33 May Day 33 Volleyball 1,23 Dramatic Club 13 Players 3,43 Soft- ball 1. Band l,2,3,43 Monitors 2,3. six C0LEfNIERRY MARTHA ACad6'7VliC Brown eyes . . . dark hair . . . interested in Air Force. CLARK, IVIARY EVA Co e O chest lg Glee lub3 Tri-Hi-Y 3,43 Photography 13 Mary . . . very pleasing personality. K x S lub 2 ' , X A s 0 f N R Q I l l' 2 cs V9 1 Er I Y 6, VV 1 If , '3 L.. 3' 3 f 53 : "U f it ll ' ' A I' ,,,. 2 Clem, William COLLINS, LOUELLA Vocational Pleasing personality. CORLEY, IRENE MAY Commercial Laughable . . . interested in Mimeograph Crew 4. being a secretary. CooR, WILLIAM LESTER General Plans to be a Paratrooper Officer . . . gets along well with classmates . . . interested in skating. Student Council 33 Players 4. CRASS, MARY Lou Commercial Nice personality . . . always has a ready smile. Bowling Club 33 Tri-Hi-Y 4. Clark, Agnes Clark, Mary Clark, Virginia Clontz, jean Cole, Merry 'F A L Collins, Louella Corley, Irene Cook, William CQSNERJ STANLEY General Crass, Mary Cosner, Stanley Crowe, Patricia Keen sense of humor . . . plus personality. CRowE, PATRICIA MAE Commercial ll , it A gi 5 ,1 Nice personality . . . fun-loving. A ,ggz Cafeteria Staffg Dancing Club 13 Library Club 2,3. ' jfj ,gp I 3 ffiifjlgiij ..':. ,,.,,,,m,,,,,, Davis, james DeVore, Robert .Q-tg, - ' -4, ' f DATR1, 'DONALD Vocational Nice . . . easy going . . . quiet reserved manner. DAVIS, ERMA Commercial Pretty puts it precisely . . . petite . . . sweet . . . private secretory . . . quiet laughter . . . reliable . . . naturally bright. Sophomore Vice-President: Bowling Club 33 Plavers 3: Song of America 3: May Day 33 .Sentinel 2,3,4g jr. Farewell Assembly. DAvIs, JAMES General Tall . . . dark . . . good-looking . . . nice personality. Song of America. DAvIs, MARY AGNES Commercial Pleasant . . . interests and future plans are to be a secretary. .ffl Davis, Mary Dickel, Edward on I Dolan, jack Dorrier, Darce Duff, Roy is Deter, Charles Dircks, Margaret DETER, CHARLES Vocational Keen sense of humor . . . humorous snatches. DEVORE, ROBERT EDWARD Commercial A swell guy . . . future plans are undecided. Glee Club 1,27 Mimeograph Crew 43 Senior Class Treasurer. DICKEL, EDWARD R. Commercial Smooth manner . . . witty . . . nice personality . . . marriage. Band l,2,3: Stage Crew 2,3,4g Projection Crewg Base- ball l,2,3,4g Players: Thespiansg Hiking Club 1. DIRc:Ks, M ARGARET ICANN Commercial Margie . . . cute personality . . . plans to go to Florida and be a secretary . . . sports and decorating. Bowling Club 3g Jr. Farewell Assemblyg Dancing Club Datri, Donald Davis, Erma Durst, Delores Earle, Lois Edwards, Robert 'S ,A +1 'ei IQ?-Xa 1 ui c it 3 1 A "'- dim! Pity? .PW -'F er MMIII 5 in . , 4' Academic DOLAN, JACK Tall . . . popular . . . energy plus . . . drums specialty. jr. Farewell Assembly: Hi-Y 2,3,4g jr. Class President: Student Council President 45 Band l,2,3,4g Plavers 43 Drum Major. DORRIER, DARCE IRENE General Nice personality . . . plans to get married. Monitors l,2,3. DUFI-', Rov Academic Zest for fun . . . likeable fellow . . .Igood-looking. Football 1,25 Basketball 2: Student Council 35 Spanish Club 3: Hi-Y 2,3,4. DURST, DEI.0REs MAE Commercial Pleasing personality . . . lots of friends. Dramatic Club lg Tri-Hi-Y 1,45 Monitors 2,33 Ushers l',2: Head Usher 3,43 jr. Town Meeting 1,25 Cafeteria Cashier 4. EARLE, Lois JESSIE Commercial Lokie . . . bubbling over . . . mischievous female. Glee Club l,2: Players Auxiliary 3,43 Library Club lg Monitors 2: Ushers 3,4g Sabre 4: jr. Farewell As- sembly: May Day 3: Pinafore. EDWARDS, ROBERT M ATIAIEW General Pleasant . . . good humored . . . lots of friends . . . plans to be a paratrooper. Photography 2,43 Glee Club 2. ELLIOTT, JOSEPH Louis General Lou . . . nonchalant . . . mischievous . . . class napper. ELLSWORTH, JAMES EARL General "Bromo" . . . good sense of humor . . . easy to get along with . . . interests, girls. eating, sports. Players 3,45 George Washington Slept Here 35 Song of America. EVANS, LAVERNE MAXINE Commercial LaVerne plans to get a job in Washington, D.C. . . . her interests are football, swimming, and skating. FAHEY, D4DLORES LARAINE Academic Md. U. is her dream . . . active . . . gay personality. Sabre Staff 25 Co-Editor 45 Monitors 1,25 Usher 1,35 Outstanding Usher Award 25 Play Tournament Cast 2,35 Director 45 Players 3,45 Thespians 3,45 Players Auxiliar' 25 Sleepin Beaut 4: Geor e Washington 7 E S Slept Here 35 Song of Amerha 35 Jr. Farewell Assem- bly 35 Library Club 1,23 Tri-Hi-Y l. FARRIS, JAMES Academic Good-looking. . .football star . . . career in the Marines. Football, basketball, track. FISHER, BARBARA ANN Commercial Elliott, Joseph Ellsworth, James w s 5 Glee Club 15 Knitting Club 1. Pleasant personality . . . easy to get along with. EWALD, LOUISE FRANKLIN Academic Frankie . . . always smiling . . . sincere to all . . . hopes to be a school marm. Tri-Hi-Y 1,25 Glee Club 2,35 Library Club 2,35 Sentinel 43 Players Auxiliary 3,45 Dramatic Club l. . Evans, LaVerne Ewald, Louise Fahey, Dolores Farris, James Fisher, Barbara Fisher, Lee ,R . il ia, if it Furlow, Wendyl Garlitz, Barbara Gehauf, JoAnn Grady, Betty Graham, Richard Greise, Agnes ZW fzaanfsser wmv ' V'-413 . ua-f15.'. - . sv- Playels Auxiliary 25 Players 3,45 May Day 3. FISHER, LEE Nice personality . . . musical ability . . . tall. A Cappella Choir. ' r Vocational 21 34 QA HI Q 5 B' ., . it Ll 1' Q rt .ya , Q. 15,5 . .. f '--ogg-v....,,..3.T gk FURLOWV, WENDYL JEAN Academic Tops in personality . . . head cheerleader . . . intel- lectually alert . . . jun fan . . . petite . . . energy plus. Sentinel 2.3,4: Feature Editor 45TJr. High Cheerleader 25 Senior High Cheerleader 3,45 ri-Hi-Y 1,2,35 Players Auxiliary 35 May Day 3: Jr. Tow91'Meeting 35 High- 3 vhs Sle mg lltaxuty oreland 4 1' hts Writer 4. 1 .L " , f .f . G RLI , BKHEAR IP! Academic 1 ertij-Kwiplfih . . ycute smile. Ik Wi-Y 1,2 5 with 11,25 Volleyball 2: Dm- jf , aticDC1 1: .V. .heer der Players Auxiliary 2: V plggjers , ' pian ,49 Squftmel 3,45 Spotlight Edi' pf! V1 jhtgeor ashjngtori pt Herep Song of America jf N I ' - N r .- iJ5f0GJKliISE,JOANN Commercial J' .Jjwat . . . talkative . . . ambition to marry Denny. if Health Room Attendant 3,4. GRADY, BETTY LOUISE Vocational Crowning glory . . . nice personality. Players 45 Cafeteria Staff 2,3,45 Senior Art 2,3,45 Art Club 3,45 Painting Club 3,45 Music 2,3,4. GRAHAM, RICHARD Vocational Witty . . . blond . . . carefree . . . friendly. GRE1sE, AGNES PEARL Commercial Sweet personality . . . has many friends. Gross, Margaret Hafer, Mary GRoss, MARGARET ALMEDA Vocational Tall . . . attractive . . . quiet and pleasing personality. HAEER, MARY ANNE Academic Popular . . . fun-loving . . . naturally bright. Glee Club Ig Dramatic Club lg Ushers 1'g Jr. Tri-Hi-Y l,2,8,4g junior Band 25 Fort Hill Players Auxiliary 2g Play Tournament 2: Sentitiel 2,3,4g Fort Hill Players 2,31 Farewell Assembly 3: George Washington Slept Here 3: Thespians 3.4: National Honor Society 3,45 Play Tournament Director 43 Student Council 45 I Speak For Democracy. HAINES, JANET DAWNE Commercial Never a dull moment . . . fun to be with. Fort Hill Auxiliary 1.2,3: Ushers 3: Monitor L23 Dancing Club lg Farewell Assembly Sp Sabre 43 Sentinel 4: Library lp Prom Committee 3. HAMMOND, HAROLD Commercial Quiet personality . . . has many friends. Projection Crew l,2,3,4g junior Town Meeting 3. HARDY, BERTIE JOANN Academic Sweet disposition . . . has many friends. Monitor lg Glee Club l,2: Basketball l,2,3,4g Farewell Assembly 35 Tri-Hi-Y 4. HARE, LEROY Academic Bunny . . . quietly enjoying life . . . brilliant student. Hi-Y 2.3.43 Sentinel 43 Players 8,43 Players Auxiliary 8g Play Tournament 3. HARPER, DOROTHY IVIAY Vocational Cute . . . pleasing disposition . . . housewife. Library l,2,3. HEAVENER, ROGER Academic Shy . . . friendly. Sentinel 4. s' Y' lf, j fa Q-959 ,. ... 13'-4 ' x a, 'Q ,I 1. - - -, S ! Y , VN a X ,'.'iF'UvfJ li ' C ' 'EQ-.X -, sy.. 1 , X , .gi X fn. xi Haines, janet Hammond, Harold Hardy, JoAnn Hare, Leroy Harper, Dorothy HCHVCYICT, Roger HECKERT, BEVERLY JOAN Academic Very nice . . . friendly smile. Glee Club 3,43 Sabre 45 Library 5,43 Farewell Assem- bly 5. RAE Commercial . Neyer a dw jjzogigntv . . man frieniis . . . secretary. Dancing V, 'Ca a Sftagdf , . 1, ' '-- ,, .,'. 1 , ' JA4' ang! ,IW gig . fpffr Y HERRINC, EONALD f I I 'Commercial Never quiet . . . cute blonzfl ffmanlyf? Football l,2: Hi-Y 45 Chemistry Club 1,25 Farewell D . Assembly. A HILL, MARY AGNES Commercial Never still . . . pleasant smile. Mixed Chorus l,2g Dancing Club lg Girls' Softball Team 2: Glee Club 2,8,43 Fort Hill Players 45 Thes- pians 4. HINKLE, SHIRLEY Lou Commercial Future plans . . . to .go to Baltimore . . . quiet. A Mixed Chorus l'. Heckert, Beverly Hill, Mary HOCKMAN, DENNY General Likeable person . . . U.S. Air Force . . . mania 5 bound. g Hunting Club lg Glee Club 3,45 Choir 4: Student Council 4. I mae.. Heller, Elaine Hinkle, Shirley Herring, Ronald Hockman, Denny - wi: IR , - A- 'a H , , ,A Hour, CHARLENE JOANN Academic Pleasant personality . . . friendly to everyone . . . honor student . . . hard worker . . . interests are mu- sic, dramatics . . . ambition, become a singer. A Cappella Choir 2,3,4: Glee Clubg Players 49 Jr. Farewell Assembly. HULL, HAROLD Vocational Grand personality . . . athletic type . . . always a smile . . . liked by everyone. HUFFMAN, LAVAUDA Commercial Nice personality . . . future plans, to be a secretary. A Cappella Choir: Glee Club. ISER, CLARENCE Vocational Pleasant personality . . . well liked. ISOM, ARTHUR E. General Art . . . an active Fort Hillian . . . hopes to work in a defense plant . . . joining the Air Force. Football l,2,3,4g Hi-Y 3,45 Track 1,25 Hiking Club. Hout, Charlene llser, Clarence Isom, Arthur Jackson, Carol Hull, Harold Huffman, Lavauda JACKSON, CAROLE ELAINE Commercial Sweet personality . . . active band member . . . ambi- tion, secretary. Band l,2,3,4. Jackson, Norman Jones, Barbara Kaiser, James La Kennedy, David Kerens, Ruth Kessell, Shirley 4e ""' - ,I KIT an-1' rf- 'f 5"2'53,fB',, "N NN -'-.grab :J A ,ew M. ' '-fr, ..., news.: - li Kester, Suzanne Ketterman, James 1 i - A ' ' if f '32,-Q ' it-.-.rim .L in JACKSON, NORMAN D. Commercial Stoney . . . lover boy . . . attractively attired . . . hereafter-Hercules . . . mischievous grin. Hi-Y 3,43 Players 3,43 Basketball 35 Projection Crew 2,3,4g Thespians 2,33 Play tournament 2,4. JONES, BARBARA ANN Commercial' Pleasing personality . . . lots of fun. Monitor 2,35 Library 3. KAIsER, JAMES General Always a smile for everyone . . . muscles . . . person-- ality plus. Football. KENNEDY, DAVID E. Vocational Dave . . . ambition is college or Trade school . . friendly to everyone. Football: Track. KERENS, RUTH WILMA Commercial Witty . . . always on the go . . . many friends . . . main interest is going to college. KESSELL, SHIRLEY IRENE Commercial Keen sense of humor . . . enjoys singing . . . interested in secretarial work. A Cappella Choir: Librarian 2,35 All Maryland Chor- us 3.45 Octette 2.3,4p Glee Club 1,2,3,4g May Day 2,35 H.M.S. Pinaforeg Players Auxiliary 2,3: Jr. Fare- well Assemblyg Bookroom Cashier. KESTER, SUZANNE RUTH Academic Cheerleader . . . interest is music . . . sweet marmer. Players Auxiliary 2,3,4g A Cappella Choir 2,35 Dra- matic Club lg Band l,2,3,4g Cheerleader 4g Glee Club 2,35 Jr. Farewellg Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4. KETTERMAN, JAMES Vocational lVell-liked. Keyser, Joan Knotts, George E 5 1 yi Lamp, Norman I yarn- 'R if A f Kniseley, Carol Knippenburg, S. Knotts, Shirley 'K .Q 7 A '-1:4 J Kready, John KEvsER, JOAN Vocational Cheerful disposition . . . liked by all students. KNISELEY, CAROL ANN Academic This petite young lady has a personality that has won her many friends. Tri-Hi-Y l,2,3,43 Farewell Assembly 33 Song of Amer- ica 3: Senior Class Secretary: National Honor Society 3,4: Thespiansg Players 3,4g Players Auxiliary 2: Sabre 3: CO-literary Editor 4. KNIPPENBERG, SHIRLEY M. Commercial Knippy . . . popular miss . . . wonderful personality . . . intelligent . . . gleam in her eyes. Sentinel 43 Tri-Hi-Y 23,43 Ushers 2.3.4: Monitors 2.3,4g Farewell Assembly 35 Dramatic Club lg Players Aux- iliary 3,4. KNOTFS, GEORGE THOMAS Academic Su-ell personality . . . easy to get along with . . . navy bound. Band l,2,3,4g Hi-Y 2,3,4. KNOTTS, SHIRLEY LEE KRPIADY, JOHN CLETUS Always good for a laugh. Band 2,3,4. Lasanti, Delores Leamon, James My Lease, Dwight Lease, Marlene Leasure, Geneen i"4l - A E 9:3 A I ei LAMP, NORMAN LEE General LEASE, FRANCES MARLENE Commercial Nice . . . easy going . . . lots of friends. LASANTI, DOLORES MARIE Commercial Intelligent senior . . . easy going. Bowling Club 3,45 Tri-Hi-Y 4. LEAMON, JAMES LEROY General Nice personality . . . plans to work on the B and O Railroad. Baseball 2,3,43 Chemistry Club 1. LEASE, DWIGHT General Witty . . . has many friends . . . was in the service . . . carefree. Swell personality . . . charming smile . . . great humor . . . interested in being a secretary. LEASURE, GENEEN ALMETTA Commercial Nice . . . intelligent commercial student . . . plans to become a secretary. Misced Chorus 13 Student Council 1,33 Dramatics lg Jr. Town Meeting 45 Mimeograph Crew 4. LEASURE, MICHAEL JOSEPH General Cute grin . . . plans to become a farmer. F.F.A. 2,3,4. LEATHERMAN, ELBERT General Witty sense of humor . . . loves to laugh. Vocational Shirl . . . many friends . . . pleasing personality . . . loves to dance, bowl and go horseback riding. Library Club: Dramaticsg Ushers: Monitorsg Cashier. General I 1. A ff! . . ', f "l f,Ul Leasure, Michael Leatherman, Elbert 5 . ..-, v 5'-we s 1. LN? si Z . X, , , Q ' -if V ' ,fi lg. ,. sid 1 Lewis, Carl Lewis, James Lewis, Oneda Liller, Phylis Lloyd, William Long, James Long, Juanita Lynch, Rebecca MacIntosh, Joseph alamphy, Hugh Martin, James Mathews, LONG, JUANITA MAE Academic Well liked . . . nutty sense of humor. Band l,2,3: Choir 2,33 Monitors 1,25 Glee Club '1,2,3g Sentinel 4. LYNCI-I, REBECCA ELLEN Academic Brown haired miss . . . lots to talk about . . . nursing. Ushers lg Monitor l,2,3,4g Sabre 3,43 Tri-Hi-Y 45 Town Meeting 2. MACINTOSH, JOSEPH R. Commercial Shy . . . well-liked . . . many friends. Hiking Club 1: Chess and Checkers 1. MALAMPI-IY, HUGH FELIX General Never quiet . . . always cracking jokes . . . sociable. Sentinel 45 Hi-Y 43 Glee Club lg Hiking Club. L wt MARTIN, JAMES Vocational Good looks . . . likeable lad . . . of football fame. MATHEXVSI. JAMES EDWARD General Shy lad . . ., ambition to be a farmer. J Future Farmers of America 2,3,4. LEWIS, CARL RICHARD General Nice . . . plans to attend Central Bible Institute. Band 1,2,3,4. LEWIS, JAMES Vocational Shy . . . pleasant. LEWIS, ONEDA MAY Commercial Nice personality . . . likes sports . . . secretary. Glee Club lg Basketball 2: Mimeograph Crew 3,4. LILLER, PHYLLIS Commercial Lots of fun . . . many friends . . . friendly smile. Monitor 1,25 Players Auxiliary 3. WI AM Vocational 1 e humor . . . nice. J s EARL Academic jimmy" . . sports lover . . . quiet spoken . . . pleas- ant pers ality . . . an eye for short girls . . . sweet smile. Football l,2,3,4g Track l,2,3,4g Sentinel 4: Hi-Y 3,4. f . I 2 Wt Q 0 tg I A 6 Rx 'six VX!! I I 1 ' 31245-F5 Mauk, Rub MAUK, RUBY General Y Sweet personality . . . wonderful sense of humor . . . McDonald James liked by everyone . . . ambition to be a telephone I mylk ,V U operator . . . cheerful enthusiasm. -"- 3 iilt ff - ",. 55 e MCDONALD, JAMES ALLEN General ' 'Y Quiet . . . likeable lad. ttat J Baseball l,2,3g Bowling Team 1. J 7 Q., MCDONALD, RONALD Vocational Nice lad . . . brawny. , MCGREGOR, GEORGE Commercial "Goose" . . . very nice . . . marriage bound . . . basket- ball lover. Basketball 1,2,3,4g Baseball l,2,3,4g Hi-Y 4. .4 Xe MCMULLINI WILLIAM General McDonald, Ronald McGregor, George Navy man . . . nice personality. McVicker, john Mease, Nancy Hunting Club l. MCVIGRER, JOHN CRAIG Academic Sports-minded . . . girl charmcr . . . many friends 4 . . . . never still . . . Mr. Touchdown U.S.A .... college . H l Q X hound. ' I QR" Football 1,2,s,-4: Basketball 1,2,s,4g Track l,2.3,4: Choir - ts? R 2: Farewell Assembly 3. Q . MEASE, NANCY CLAIRE Commercial A Q K 4 I if L Secretary . . . get married . . . quiet miss. A Cappella Choir 2.5,4g Senior Glee Club 23,41 jr. Farewell Assembly: May Day 3. MEERS, FREDERICK EUGENE General Nice personality . . . no need for elevator shoes . . . quiet . . . Army bound. Football 112,33 Track 12,33 Hunting Club l. if it xt I 'M XY 'W s Mencer, Donald Mencer, Leonard 5 . 1 A - 1 se, 1' A ' Mit C '-.. N 'l no iff-A My , MENGER, LEONARD WESLEY Academic Quiet . . . Minister . . . good student. Glee Club l,2,33 jr. Town Meeting 3,4. MENGER, DONALD ELMER Academic Nice personality . . . pleasing smile . . . well liked . . . many friends. Football l,2,31 Baseball 12: Hi-Y 2,3,4g jr. Town Meeting 4. Miller, JoAnn MERRBAGI-I, PATRICIA Academic Well liked . . . girl scout . . . likes skating . . . nurse. Cafeteria 2,3,4. Montgomery, Paul i METZ, LEWIS Vocational Good looking lad . . . lots of friends . . . nice per- ' sonality. Metz, Lewis Miley, William R is if QS N K s i K is MILEY, WILLIAM Nice lad . . . many friends. Chess and Checker Club lg Hi-Y 2,3,4 sembly 4. MILLER, HARRY Brilliant lad . . . nice personality. MILLER, JOANN Well liked . . . marriage bound . . . humor. V McMullin, William Meeks, Frederick Merrbach, Patricia Miller, Harry Academic : Farewell As- Academic Commercial witty sense of Dancing Club lg Student Council 2: Cafeteria Cash- ier 4. MONTGOMERY, CHARLES PAUL Very fine lad . . . personality plus. Academic l-. UQ Wi .xi Morris, Terry Jo Mort, Loretta MORRIS, TERRY Jo Commercial Sweet . . . Wonderful personality . . . interest, Eddie. Library 1,25 Glee Club 1,25 Health Room Attendant 3,45 Tri-Hi-Y 45 Photography Club 3. NIORT, LORETTA MAE Commercial Pert senior . . . attractive . . . ambition to get married. Players 3, 45 Song of America 35 Dancing Club 1. PARKER, RAYMOND LEE Academic Nutty . . . intelligent . . . interested in going to college. Band l,2,3,45 Players' 3,45 Thespians 3,45 Tri-Hi-Y 3,45 jr. Town Meeting President 45 Play Tournament 1,2, 45 Jr. Farewell Assemblyg May Day 1,25 Cinderella 35 junior Miss 35 Sleeping Beauty of Loreland 4. PERDEW, KENNETH Vocational Nice personality . . . many friends. .Nw I if , T .. Ji., 4' o f ,.,'- fE:E' .Jie ' it ' A Twill E A' N VE T l V U 1' .1 1 ,. 'ww .4 POPP, VERNIE MARLENE Academic .Honor student . . . friendly . . . plans to enter nursing. Glee Club l,2,3,45 National Honor 'Society 3,45 Student Council 45 Jr. Farewell Assembly. PORTER, MARY ELIZABETH Academic Wonderful personality . . . cute. Tri-Hi-Y l,2,3,45 Players Auxiliary 2: Play Tourna- ment 45 jr. Farewell Assemblyg National Honor So- ciety 3,45 Sabre 45 Monitors 45 Song of America 8. PURINTON, ELIZABETH ANN Academic Pleasant . . . co-operative . . . friendly. Monitors l,2.3: Ir. Farewell Assembly: Sentinel 3.45 Sn- bre 3,45 National Honor Society 3,45 Dramatic Club 1. PURNELL, NANCY LEE Academic Quiet . . . sweet personality. Band l,2,3,45 jr. Farewell Assembly5 Players Auxiliary 45 Library Club l. Parker, Raymond RALEY, IDA BELLE Commercial Nice personality . . . makes friends easily. Players 3,45 May Day 3. RANDALL, RUTH CARROL Commercial Good . . . beautiful complexion . . . lots of fun . . . many friends. Library Club 25 Players Auxiliary 25 Glee Club 'l',2,3,45 A Cappella Choir 2,3,45 Monitors 15 Ushers 3,45 Sabre 4. REED, KENNETH PAUL General Kenny . . . quiet student . . . well liked person . . . always trying to make good . . . no immediate plans for the future. Football 25 Track l,2,3,45 Hiking Club 1. REITMEIER, Joi-IN MICHAEL General Nice personality . . . nutty ways . . . carefree . . . girl Porter, Mary M -1 ,ig W nf Perdew, Kenneth Purinton. E. , Q.. it 5' " rr - ., ...- .,., - ,. .555 ,. ' .1 -'si' 'I V L. Y charmer. Football 1,2,3,4. Raley, Ida Randall, Ruth Reed, Kenneth RICE, WILLIAM General Reitmeier, john Rice, William Riggleman, Alice Winning smile . . . easy to get along with. RIGGLEMAN, ALICE J., . Commercial A Pleasing person lity . uture plans to become a Q' 1 an secretary. I 1,1 :we-vClee Club 1. G " X, . J. ' . f21..ji,f V t , , . ' V' ." , ' is --1E1f-: A lassanx - . i. "-, gc, nv- 'fx 'E . A' - 4 Popp, Marlene Purnell, Nancy . 0- .' U' . AI? ' I my l Music lover . . . college bound . . Rrccs, GEORGE FREDERICK General Lots of friends . . . personable. Projection Crew. .RINGLER, GARY Vocational Quiet person. ROBINETTE, TOPPIE GERALD General Likes mechanical work . . . never still. F.F.A. 2.3,4g Football lg Track 1. ROBOSSON, PATRICIA ANN Academic Tall . . . good looking . . . known as Pat to all her friends. Alas, . L ----- PM Xxx Robinette. Toppie Robosson, Patricia Rowan, Thomas Rowe, Shirley . 5 , V ' I , , V fx . 5 ., . 1 ,: ' -g,:,Q,lV m y f- . ,.,:, . . me I' ! '.s , -il ' q .Sgt Ei' . , 1 453225 nz, ten' ,, .. .O ll, At., :- Schade, Robert Schadt, Homer Schaidt, joan Schwenninger, M. Shafer, Carl Shaffer, jean Rowan, Donna Rowley, james ROWAN, DONNA LEE Academic Pretty . . .liked by all . . . wonderful personality. Maiorette 2,3,4: Players 45 May Queen Attendant 1,2,3,43 Sentinel 3.4: Student Council 49 jr. Town Meeting 4: Play 'Tournaments 2,45 Tri-Hi-Y l,2,3,4g Players Auxiliary 2,3,4g Ushers 1,21 Dramatic Club 13 Farewell Assembly 3. ROWAN, THOMAS Academic Nice lad . . . many friends. ROWE, SHIRLEY ROSEANNA Commercial "jerry" . . . swell girl. ROWLEY, -IAMES WILLIAM Academic jimmy . . . nice personality . . . many friends . . . handsome lad. Band l,2,3,4g Farewell Assemblyg School Dance Band 1,35 Hi-Y 3,45 Jr. Town Meeting 2. 0 I I -t SCHADE, ROBERT Nice personality . . . football lover . SCI-IAIIT, HOMER FRANKLIN N " X -szfirfsff Sekeis Riggs. George Ringler, Gary I E 'r Vocational many friends. General nice guy. .V . - - 4591 0 4.1 z f l L Band 1.2,3,4p Projection Crew 2,3,4p Farewell As- sembly. SCI-IAIDT, JOAN LOUISE Commercial Sweet . . . charming personality . . . liked by all . . . winning smile . . . many friends . . . pretty miss . . . always in good spirits. Student Council 2,43 Treasurer 3: jr. Town Meeting 23 Sabre 3,45 Co-editor 4g Tri-Hi-Y 1.2.3,-45 Dramatic Club l, Farewell Assembly. SCHWENNINGER, MARY K. Commercial A good word for everybody . . . plans to be a telephone operator. Library Club lp Dancing Club 1. SHAFER, CARL Vocational Shy lad . . . very nice . . . well liked. Baseball 3,4. SI-IAFFER, LORICE JEAN Commercial Cute . . . likes to go skating. Library Club 1,2 3 4 SHANHOLTZ, LENA Commercial Nice personality . . . future plans to be a nurse . . . likes bowling dancing and skating. SHARON STEPHEN RICHARDS Interested in all sports . . . bashful ways . . . plans to take an apprenticeship at B Xa O. SHATZER CHARLENE O. Commercial Sweet personality . . . plans to go to Georgia to get an Monitors 2 3 4 Library Club l. SHEETZ DONALD Commercial Witty nonchalant. rib Sheetz, Donald Simms, Marion W. K at 4? 3 . as, Q Smith, JoAnn Squires, James - '. ' 4 - l l i i tr .,-- V' 2, . SHIPLEY, 'WILLIAM Bill . . . cupid . . . sociable . . . interests, girls . . . good sense of humor. Baseballg Sabre Sports Editor 49 Basketball 4. General Commercial ,Shanholtz Lena Sharon, Steven SHRYOCK, GERALD General Winning personality. SIMMS, MARION General Nice to know . . . easy to get along with. Academic SLONAKER, PATRICIA ANN Pat . . . petite . . . all smiles . . . witty . . . shorty. Tri-Hi-Y 4g Monitors l,2,33 Sentinel 43 Library l. 11 ,A If 1 Q I I, sf Shipley, William Slonaker, Patricia A I fx. 'ij .fi ,ig I I 1- ,Asl Smith, Merle Stafford, Dorothy .al , N, Mxx! R 1 I ' "' . ,Wt J, , A X of It 'erila M if H X X SMITH, ALMEDA Commercial Cute personality . . . friendly. SMITH, JOANN LORRAINE Commercial Cute . . . neat . . . pretty complexion. SMITH, MERLE LEROY Commercial Nutty . . . interests - "Girls" . . . sociable. Senior Class Vice-Presidentg Student Council 35 Hiking 1. SNYDER, MARIAN LEE Commercial Cute . . . intelligent . . . liked by everyone. Glee Club 2,33 A Cappella 2,33 Basketball 35 Tri-Hi- Y 4. SQUIRES, JAMES RICHARD Academic Tall . . . energetic . . . ambitious . . . nice. Band 2,3,4g National Honor Society 3,4p Hi-Y 3,45 Stu- dent Council 3,4g Farewell Assembly. STAFFORD, DOROTHY JANE Commercial Sweet . . . pleasing personality . . . friendly . . . capable . . . Mrs. Monitors: Library Clubg Players: Thespiansg Stu- dent Councilg jr. Town Meeting: May Court 1. Stafford, George Stafford, Mary STAFFORD, GEORGE WILLIAM General Interested in mechanical work . . . nice lad. F.F.A. 2,3,4. STAFFORD, MARY IRENE Commercial Nutty . . . sweet smile . . . swell personality . . . marriage bound. Library Club 13 Mixed Choir 1,25 Photo Club 3: Hik- ing Club -lg Health Room Attendant 3,4. STEWART, OLIVE Commercial Nice personality . . . secretary . . . always smiling. STOOPS, JAMES Gene,-al Quiet lad . . . very nice . . . liked by all . . . nice personality. Football 1,2,3,4g Track 3. STRONG, WILDA Commercial Well liked . . . brainy student. STUTZINIAN, KAY FRANCIS Commgrgial "Skippy" . . . secretary . . . liked by ull. Student Council 1: M0rliIO1' 2: Library 3: Student Council 4. Dancing Club 1, Tri-Hi-Y 3,4g Monitors 3,43 Glee Club 33 Girls' Softball Team 2. STICKLEY, PAUL General Swell personality . . . always cheerful . . . baseball star. Baseball 2,3,4. TAGLIAFERRE, GEORGE Afgdemic Tlttglgll. lkkgliendly . . . gets along well with people Band 12.3.41 Players 2.3,4g Thespians 3,43 Best Actor 23 Play Tournaments 2,45 May Day 3, 5' . 1- . f :X ' I I I 9 . ,rl ' Stewart, Olive Stickley, Paul Stoops, James Strong, Wilda Stutzman, Kay Tagliafeffe. George TASHENBERGER, JANET Academic Friendly . . . pleasant . . . quiet miss. Glee Club lg Monitors l,2,3g Art Club 1: Farewell Assembly 33 Sentinel 43 Art Editor Sabre 4: Prom Committee 3. TASHENBERGER, SHIRLEY Commercial Sweet personality . , . marriage bound . . . quiet. Library 1,23 Monitor 2g Tri-Hi-Y 3,43 Student Council. TAYLOR, ROY Vocational Well liked . . . many friends. THOMAS, SARAH Commercial College bound . . . witty sense of humor. Tri-Hi-Y 4, Slftllltlfl 3,41 May Day 3: Jr. Town Meeting 3,43 Monitors. Tashenberger, J. Tashenberger, S. Taylor, Roy TREXLER' WILLIARI EUGENE General Thomas, Sarah Trexler, William Tribut, Mary Pleasant . . . friendly personality. i TRIBUT, MARY ELLEN G1 Commercial ,N ' Very friendly . . . quiet . . . secretary. 5' Monitor. 'mx 5 it L" -1 .1 TURNER, JACK Commercial Fuzzy . . . shy guy . . . bashful . . . loads of fun. Twice, CLAUDETTA MAE Commercial Happy go lucky . . . sweet . . . ambitious A Cappella 2,5,4g Glee Club l,2,3,4g H.M.S. Pinafore Mixed Chorus 1. Twroo, MYRTLE IDA Commercial Gay personality . . . wants to be successful. Tri-Hi-Y 2.3.41 Players 3,4: Thespians 4: Ushers: Monitors 2,3,4g George Washington Slept Here 3: Song of America 3. Twlcc, .SHIRLEY ANN Commercial Intelligent . . . ability . . . wants to be a success. Glee Club 25 Basketball manager 2,35 Student Council 3,43 Tri-Hi-Y 3,4. Turner Jack Twigg Shirlee 'X UNDERDONK, DONALD JACK Academic Q " Super personality . . . trumpet player . . . funster all the way. ' Hi-Y 2,3,4g Band 1,2,3,43 Sentinel 3,4. V' , i W VVAGUS, DONALD ROY Academic 5 Don . . . carefree . . . never still . . . interested in :Af aviation. ' U:?ii'Sil'grSi?' . ,O 4 'XI Whisnerg Dorothy Whisner, Robert .. 55 11. s -. - ' . Q Egg, . g is Y +'l's"i , . 4. 'Q Al . N 1 1 'A eb A fi ' P "k"" ' A if 'QI we Q .1 Ni M , l f' ,ff ,. ? W :i In A sc. ,T ,.,. . .T WARNICK., ERMINIA Academic Always laughing . . . gab fests. Sleeping Beauty of Loreland 43 Play Tournament 2,53 Jr. Town Meeting 23 Players 3,41 Thespians 3,43 Sen- tinel 3.4g Tri-Hi-Y 3,43 May Day 3,43 Jr. Farewell As- semblyg Monitors: Players Auxiliary 23 Student Coun- cil 4. WEAVER, REGINA RUTH Commercial Dependable . . . missionary. WEBSTER, MADELINE ANN Academic Sweet . . . generous . . . successful. Co-editor of Sentinel 3,4g Thespians 3,45 Director of Sophomore Play Tournament 4: Football Queen At- tendant 4g Jr. Town Meeting 2,3,4g Players 3,4. Walker, John Webster, Ann Twigg Claudetta Underdonk Jack . Les. D 1? Twigg, Myrtle Wagus, Donald Warnick, Ermina Weltman, Jean t f' ' rilffvs' kk, A Weaver, Regina Whetzel, Wanda WALKER, JOHN Academic WELTMAN, GLORIA JEAN johnnie . . . playboy . . . always good for a laugh. Jeanne . . . hair . . . skating . . . enjoys Bowling 2,3,4g Jr. Town Meeting. WHETZEL, WANDA LEE Shy personality . . . liked by everyone. WHISNER, DOROTHY M. Likable . . . ambitious . . . cute. Monitors 1,2,33 Cashier 4. WHISNER, ROBERT Short . . . always busy . . . swell guy. Projection Crew 2,3,4. Commercial writing letters. Commercial Commercial General xp. X VVhitc, Marjorie Wilson, Mary j . i' 19' Whiteman, Shirley Wilson, Mary M, Wilmot, Erma Winters, Glenn X'-S. ,., 'W 0' K is - X . -iv X J f 'li 1 Q A 'N In 2 , R Fl" Zehrliach, Patricia WHITE, MARJORIE CAROL Academic Never still . . . many friends. Basketball I,2,3,4g Softball 13 Volleyball 2,3,4. WI-IITEMAN, SHIRLEY LEE Commercial Sweet . . . very friendly . . . pleasant . . . lovable . . . dignity . . . always in good spirits . . . many friends. Dramatic Club 1: Farewell Assembly 3: May Day 3: Tri-Hi-Y 3,43 Sentinel 4: Sabre 45 Prom Committee. WILSON, NIARY JACQUELINE Academic Shy . . . friendly. Dramatic Club lg Ushers 1,23 Monitors 2,33 Jr. Fare- well Assemblyg Sentinel 3,43 Sabre 35 Faculty Editor 4. WILSON, MARY NIARGARET Commercial Friendly. WILMOT, ERMA LEE Commercial jolly . . . likes parties. Student Council lg Softball lg Fort Hill Players 3,41 Play Tournament 23 jr. Farewell Assembly: Thespians 3,43 Glee Club lg jr. Town Meeting 25 Sabre 43 Moni- tor lg May Day 3. WINTERS, GLENN EDwARn General Quiet lad , . . many friends. Hiking Club l. ZEI-IRBACI-I, PATRICIA ANN General Pleasing personality . . . many friends. Dramatic Club l. Y: ff' any Bookies at work? W ,XM F E I bg 'M 2 'The Old Master Painters" mx 213, Til ' Glamor Gams , It : i I ...K f?liQTfQ , g. .5 ,Qgigv :Jug , '91 XVo0dv XVoodpcckf:rs I' Sad Sacks' " W" The lovclicst night of the year! 1 N. x s u gs x flf ff I N ' AN 2 ,, iw - f l'A Efs'vf 3 5 Q.- fa. J? 'Q I ofzfuz gbfa su ' l K A, WAITING FOR THEIR PARTS The cast for "The Junior Class" was announced! Starring roles go to Marilyn Baldwin in the part of president, ably as- sisted by Vivian Smith, vice-pres- identg supported by Betty Fer- guson, secretary, and Clyde Cage, treasurer. This stellar cast with Miss Jean Bowen, adviser, is waiting anxiously for their senior parts. Sponsoring the Junior-Senior Prom and stag- ing the junior Farewell Assem- bly were two of the outstanding social events of this busy class. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Row I: Vivian Smith, vice-president, Clyde Cage, treas- urer. Row II: Marilyn Baldwin, president: Betty Fer- N , guson, secretal'Y3 Miss Jean Bowen, adviser. F BSXKXPOLXGJSSI-f I F 233 .Lf--. H.R. ll-l: Miss Smith Row I: Miley, Graham, Nazelrod, Popp, Moreland, Snyder, Sheetz, Clark, Haselburger, Stimmel, Stafford. Row II: johnson, Long, Clay, Hawkins, Fisher, Casserly, Davis, Cunningham, Burch- ard, Wagner. Row III: Robey, Savilesky, Meister, Liller, Weber, jones, Baldwin, Riley, Baum. Row IV: Raupach, Reynolds, Dickenson, Miller, Hahn, Gross, Mullanex, Durst, Stemple, Nee. H.R. ll-2: Miss Myers WJQQIU I: Zembower, Barnes, Wilson, Xvillard, Matheny, Hedrick, Dyer, Poling, Souders, Williams. 0-rw II: Lynch, Racey, Lillard, Hicks, Schaidt, Leatherman, Lynn, Bollinger, Parker, Welch. III: Shinholt, McFarland, Gilpin, Murphy, Steppe, Couter, WViddows, Willison, Brant. fe QU 'Vt PM-' ' Weber. Bah S'ni"'. AYers. 'Il' House, Appel. Row IV: Reckley, Knippenberg, Arnica, McCall, McClelland, Grabenstein H.R. ll-fi - ll43: M rs. Mewshaw Row I: Stafford, Kinser, johnson, Smith, Humberston, Hamilton, Barrett, Benson, Teets, Rice Mudge. Row II: Dowton, Householder, Datri, Smith, Wilmont, Myers, Carbaugh, Hartell Leidy, Twigg, Dowton. Ron' III: Wolford, Kinser, Cage, Northcraft, Brooks, Caldwell, Cookerly, HR ll-5: Mrs. Allamong Eaton, Lewis, Smith. L. Row I: Garvin, Robinette, Ringlcr, Campbell, Schade, Lewis, Imes, Hicks, Plummer, Shoup, Van Fleet. Row II: Robinson, Durst, Hillegas, Pennell, Saville, Lippold, Carder, Ketterman, Leidinger, Keller. Row III: Davis, Brown, Beehtol, Athey, Shank, King, Honeycutt, Hast, Boyd. Row IV: Dawson, Apple, Reitmeier, Gilpin, Wolford, Brown, Malcomb, Evans. tx It X V' l fini 1 1 .4 H.R. ll-4: Miss Ford Row I: Sybol, Shanner, Wagus, Morris, Sommers, Gross, Nelson, Kinser, Canfield, Gornall, Howdyshell. Raw II: Ahella, Hillegas, Cooper, Rice, Rawlings, Trigonoplos, Schade, Young, Evans, Cage. Row III: Ericksen, Berry, Veach, Huff, Morris, Kerns. Row IV: Miller, Kiffer, Hanekamp, Sheldon, Markwood. 5 s Row I: Gross, Smith, Adams, Twigg, Long, Ferguson, Huffman, S. C. Twigg, Turner. Row II Saylor, Myers, Horwath, A. Horwath, Settle, Raines, Taylor, Mullen, Boggs. Row Ill: Bishop Moses, George, Dean, johnson, Hiser, Apple. Row IV: Frazier, Wilson, Thomas, Robosson Trussell. Brotemarkle. Robinette. Sfmlfw H.R. ll-7: Miss Robertson ui ai x, CX., . ,mi ,Q Y il .fi yi if 1' is we 9. 5 aegl .Ax Extra, exna! Read all about ll' C 1 G- 5 .AR i Wllu, V W ,m.. X . l0th GRADE OFFICI-lRS Row I: jack Andrews, president, Mr. Bryce, adviser: Donna Northcraft, secretary. Row II: Barbara Weaver, treasurer: Beverly Reynolds, vice-president. TROU PERS One of our busiest groups this year is the sophomore class. These busy troupers won the play tournament with the best actor award go- ing to a sophomore. They competed in the "I Speak For Democracy" contest and held another successful Sophomore Hop .The tenth graders chose as their class officers jack An- drews, presidentg Beverly Reynolds, vice - presidentg Donna Northcraft, secretary, Barbara Weaver, treasurer, and Mr. Charles Bryce, advis- er. i H.R. I0-l: Miss Kraus Row I: Haines, Pfeiffer, Smith, Northcraft, Luttrell, Kline, Grahame, Parsenios, Hiett, Diehl, Ruehl, Robinette, Abernathy. Row II: Howell, Findly, O'Donnell,'Bishop, jacobs, Brown, Miller, Hetrick, Zinn, Alexander, VVeise. Row III: Akers, Mears, Harris, XNallace, Hann, Rowley, McConnell, Beckman, Phillips, Pyles, Parsenios, Anderson. Weaver, Dailey, Rice, Rowley, Lindeman. Ron' II: Wilson, Halligan, Crites, Shumaker, Rains Hornbrook, Snyder, Wheeler, Siehler, Reynolds, Bealky. Row III: Resser, Thomas, Bender Landis, Poling, Wvilson, Duffy, Eskin, Ritter, Taylor, Avil. Row I: Thuss, McI.uckie, Ballow, Thompson, Thwaites, Grim, Brinkman, Hafer, Marker, Y 3? H.R. 10-2: Mr. Dans X 'Mn Reed H.R. 10-3: x, ' 5 A '-B Row I: Amold, Teets, Miller, Brown, Triplett, Barley, Markly, Kimble, Corley, Goldizen, Boone, 1 X 'ax' Keefer. Row II: Miller, McKenny, Huffman, Adams, Chileotte, Mattingly, Nelson, Rummer, ix p x- Fleigle, Souders, Schriver, Park. Row III: Carpenter, Metz, Bishop, George, Long, Noel, N ' X Lannon, Williams, Blacklin, Stohemyer, Boone, Burcaw. N 1 K ' . QQX . L H.R. 10-4: Miss Calemine Row I: Deter, Morris, Larrick, Clark, Bloss, Robinette, Roby, Logue, Imler, Stutzam, Griffith. Row II: Kidwell, Sabine, Boswell, Harper, McCelland, Sisk, Valentine, Smith, VanMeter, Files, Zuffall. Row III: Seiler, johnson, Bonner, Durst, Simpson, Voilt, Cage, Puffenberger, Thomas, Huff. H.R. 10-5: I Mr. Burchard Row I: Rice, King, Bramble, Durrett, Reed, Lewis, Shreves, Hamilton, Roye, Taschenburg, Cordry, Castle. Row JI: Decker, Hixenbaugh, Weaver, Northcraft, Davis, McBride, Channey, Meek, Largent, Cook, Clites, Andrews. Row III: Green, Hardinger, Reynolds, Durbin, Wolf, Imes, Aronhalt, Gallagher, Christopher, Rice, Merrill. H.R. 10-6: Mr. Ferguson U1 new ff Torbet, Apple, Alt, Jacobs, Davis, Baker, Squires, Shatzer, Vespa, Eaton, Hull. Row II: :is lvlendersho' Rudolph, Bunner, Smith, Redhead, Frost, Green, Sweitzer, Bergdoll, ," Mal Whisner, 'i,Q'hner, Robey, Wigfield, White, Murray, Alderton, De- 1 ,av Row I: Evans, Bishop, Smith, Rummer, Sharon, Rouzer, Madary, Abe, Johnson, Hare, Nelson. Row ll: Wagus, Hiett, Sampsell, Darr, Gero, Davis, Crass, Householder, Twigg, Appel. Row III: Ritchie, Walsh, Steckman, Alt, Miller, Arnold, Dormio, Poole, Bible, Plummer, Harbaugh. H.R. 10-7: lVorkman S H.R. I0-8: Mr. Pcrdcw Q 1 -'. UDDI K l Row I: Llewellyn, Lafferty, Evans, Long, johnson, Garland, Lantz, Evans, Free, Wagner, Mack- ereth. Row II: Wills. Smith, Cunningham, Winters, Mahaney, Windermoth, Mixelper, Hedrick, Alt, Reynolds, Broll. Row III: Lechliter, Boore, Kirffner, Thompson, Barley, Sites, Warner, Bible, Brown, Lewis, Twigg, Bittner. I ,KW in Row I: Luck, Kaiser, Bierman, Izzctt, Yergan, Padficlrl, Koch, Meyers, Smith, Shipway, Delucia, Newman, Barger. Row II: Eaton, Corbin, Morgan, Appel, Dugan, Rice, Evans, Snyder, Trail, Bramble, O'Neal, Stotler. Row III: Kline, Wolfington, Wilson, White, Crawford, Randall, H.R. 10-9: Miss Rice McGee, McCullough, Bush, Logue, Sturtz, Breighner. -'wrt , 0- J r f A543275 .' B- Q Tomorrows the day!!! 5 gl, i 7' n 1 Q ,u.h3M.- link I IU- lf ' I x ,, ,N i QP 2,.,,," H.R. 9-l: Mrs. Hast 195 -QEQTQJ, F33 PW -iff ass SN: W. ., . One for your coat! The Witches' Brew On Halowe'en Row I: Hochard, Millott, Dicken, Randall, Randall, Arbogast, Adams. Row Il: Trixler Livingood, Hardinger, Diehl, Bergdoll, Cross, Crowe. Row III: Deneen, Gray, Metty, Dona hue, Stinebaugh, Hershberger, Clark. 42 H.R. 9-2: 1 Mr. Bigler Row I: Sirbaugh, Durbin, Cavanaugh, Lynch, Corley, Irons, Mowen, Gable, Rizer. Row II: Harvey, Mowery, Zais, Twigg, Caslleman, Shanholtz, Norris, McCoy, Davis. Row III: Tabler, Donahue, Pryor, Burgess, Malamphy, Michaels, Yaider, Liller, Llewellyn. 0 H.R. 9-3: Mr. Perry Row I: Smith, Riggleman, Long, Whetzel, Summerfield, Young, Saville, Arbagast, Heller, Troutman, Spearman, Athey. Row II: Benson, Radcliff, I.eatherman, Holshey, Sowers, Raply, Mathews, Ayers, Lewis, Fertig, Berry. Row III: 0'Neal, Cross, Senkbeil, Brant, Tunner, Malone, Young, Michael, Bosley, Valintine, Crawford, Kemp. H.R. 9-4: Mr. Young Row I: Lewis, Bible, Saville, Barnes, R. Dawson, Smith, Brown, Stumbaugh, True, Twigg, Rice, Heckert, Barnes, Plummer. Row II: Hanekamp, C. Lewis, Pepper, Nield, Michael, Nelson, M. Blacks-r, Norton, Horwath. Portmcss, Balch, Isner. Smith. Row III: Hammersmith, Foggle, Silber, McKenny, MrGreger, Fuller, D. Dawson, Morgan, Kline, Priddy, j. Blacker. I-LR. 9-5: Mr. McProttty Row I: Willison, Rice, Root, Gordon, Nickel, Raines Dean, Boyer, Ralston, Snelson, Evans, Sponaugle. Row II: Knippenberger, Buser, Dent, Brotemarkel, Bucklew, Hinkle, Moore, Crab- tree, Cessna, Crable, Twigg. Row III: Dermer, Fields, Law, VanPelt, Crabtree, Simpson, Schwenninger, Fleck, Duckworth. H.R. 9-6: Mr. McVicker Aluw 1. nuvnnm, t1u.u.--S, Jt.........,, ..... .,....D.., ,,.,..,,, . -,.,,,, , WH V I Y Y V Payne, McCullough, Baker, Shell. Row II: Fuller, Rice, Kessell, Davis, Hixon, Garland, Dicken, Lynch, Fisher, Crabtree, Everett, Winters, Clark. Row III: Duckworth, Adams, FiShCr. Meeks. Trezise, Warner. Clark, Stemple, Shaw, Smith, Spiker. Weaver, Sibley. H.R. 9-7: Miss Yates Row I: Michael, Combs, Stafford, Shylock, Muir, Ritchie, Swanger, Bird, Thompson, Matthews. Row II: Nixon, Crowe, Oates, Hite, jones, Crites, Bryant, Rae, McMillian, Wentling. Row III: Hiett, Reed, Benson, Taylor, Gordon, Jewell, Davis, Keller, Skelley. Row I: Fisher, Kerchner, Kelly, Lillard, Long, Day, Clontz, Williams, Tashenberger, Malone, Grim, Campbell. Row II: Miller, Showman, Dunlap, Hast, Shank, Popp, Spencer, Laber, Athey, Van Pelt, Starliper, Baker. Row III: Brotmarkle, Kline, Hill, Collins, Largent, Bloss, Shaffer, Pitzer, Stapleton, Rice, Adams, Cailett. H.R. 9-9: Miss Boughton H.R. 9-8: Miss Blake ,Ann ,row Row I: Largent, Nealis, Gillum, Straw, Stickely, Rank, Shambaugh, Wolford. Row II: Dyer, Purnell, Smith, White, Wright, Hall, Miller. Row III: Hillegas, VVhisner, Boyd, Meyers, Welsh, Adams, Wilson, Harper. V Row I: 1Davis, Siehler, Parsons, Heavner, Clark, Schadt, Twigg, Monnett, Moore, Davis, Robin 'som ljlornbrook, McKenzie. Row II: Garlitz, Reynolds, Douglas, Teter, Davis, Athey, Fisher 4 T'e" Sacks, Day, Burns, Robbins, Hitchock, Oldtaker. Row III: Shinfholt, Deetz, King s v K 5' . . 'fewer Hnfmas, Riley, Roblnette, Feller, Perry, Sharer, Taylor. H.R. 9-10: Mr. Winsheimer Z is 1 Qlnmn 5,1 ' "" T -1 . Wg: 2: un. Nw E "1 'W '--1 -' I 1 - in. ' KMA, f ix , my 2 3 - . w U , Q W .Q--.ff 0 n a v- 0 rr Y if az' 'W' J' ' N ,J x fl' A., " x I 3, , Sings SR. HIGH STUDENT COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES Row I: V. Plummer, M. Miley, H. McKee, B. Chilcott. Row II: I. Racey, D. Rowan, M. Popp J. Weber, V. Smith, S. Rice. Row III: D. Hockman, G. Eskin, L. Parsenios, J. Kiiffner, R. Wolfington. Planning the Action "The meeting will come to order!" With these words, the senior high stu- dent council begins its weekly meeting. President jack Dolan and his group undertake many problems each year. Besides operating a refreshment stand at the football and basketball games and supervising the election of the May Queen and her court, they also try to solve various problems of students and teachers. Officers and members of the senate are john Raupach, vice-president, Bessie Ketterman, secretaryg Jean Sheetz, treasurer, Mary Hafer, industry chairman, Shirlee Twigg, traffic chairmang Shirley Brinkman, social chairman, Ermina Warnick, public relations chairman, james Squires, building and grounds chairmang and Shirley Taschenberger, publications chairman. Mrs. Madeline Mewshaw is the director of the group. SENIOR HIGH SENATE Seated, l. to r.: B. Ketterman, secretary: M. Hafer, chair- man of industryg E. Warnick, publicity chairmang S. We Insure Our Future Brinkman, social affairs chairman. Standing, l. to r.: Mrs. Madeline Mewshaw, adviserg S. Twigg, chairman of trafficg J. Squires, chairman of building and groundsg J. Sheetz, treasurerg S. Taschenberger, chairman of publica- tions. 06 its 11' .1 K nr. wr- 'lvl' JUNIOR HIGH STUDENT COUNCIL Sealed, I. to r.: A. Zchrbach, J. Fisher, V. Collins, V. Lillard, H, King, N. Showman, H Shriver, C. Robins, J. Jones, N. Aldridge. Row I: L. Hill, S. Durst, R. Elken, J. Dean, E Root, J. Traherne, I.. Alt. Row II: C. Apple, S. Van Pelt, T. Hasselherger, R. Sapp Gillum, D. Steinball, R. Shanholtzer, J. Dean, VV. Fisher, E. Riggleman, B. Hill, J. Alt. Row III: C. Atkinson, V. Roland, C. Matthews, C. Shipway, G. Carlitz, K. Everett, J. Crabtree, S Kershner, B. Hill, B. Lewellyn, J. Carroll, F. Lechliter, L. Aaron. Junior Planners Aw? Our unior High Student Council, operating on the same principle as the Senior High Council, is accepting and solving many school problems. At their meetings homeroom representatives bring problems for discussion. Under the capable leadership of Miss Regina Mcflulley, the council has the following elected officers: Harry King, president: Virginia Lillard, vice-president, Nancy Showman, recording secretary: and Vivian Collins, attendance secretary. JR. HIGH STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS Seated I to r A. lehrbach, 8th grade committecmang J. Fisher, 9th grade committeeman: V. Collins attendance secretary: V. Lillard, Vice-president, N. Showman, recording secretary: H. Shriver 8th glade committecmang C. Robbins, 9th grade committeemang Jones, 8th grade tommitteeman N. Aldridge, 8th grade committeeman. tMiss Regina McCi1lley, adviser, not ...... in W-ag . -v-an-qnq-wr' Writers of the Script One of the liveliest rooms in our school is Room 314. There, at all times, members of the Sabre staff can be seen rushing to meet their deadlines. lVriting copy, typing, and identify- ing pictures are everyday jobs for this busy group. The co-editors, Dolores Fahey and Joan Schaidt, with Mr. james Engle, the yearbook adviser, are always on hand with their helpful suggestions. Ability to meet the public is a "must" for the advertising and business staffs. They secure ad- vertisements from local merchants and sell the Sabre to their classmates. Mr. Carl Ritchie ad- vises this group. "Smile! All ready now!" These familiar words are heard just before the photographers snap your picture. Mr. Wade Kipp supervises the developing and printing of these pictures. ADVERTISING STAFF Seated, Z. to r.: UI. McKenney, I. Pennf-I, R. Marker. W. Srh- ade, C. Campbell, R. Emerick, A. Matheny. Standing: M. Roye, C. O'Donne1l, Mr. Carl Ritchie, adviser, V. Chaney, J. Shipley, C. Carroll. QS. Kester, manager, not picturedj FACULTY AND LAYOUT STAFFS to r.: S. Brown, R. Randall, j. Wilson, faculty editor Eaton, E. Jones, layout editorg P. Brinkman. wel .A M I XAA' 4 rr vnu, UNDERCLASS AND SENIOR CLASS STAFFS Seated, l. to r.: S. Day, D. Wil son, H. McKee, underclass edi tor: L. Earle, B. J. Campbell senior class editor, C. Lillard Standing: B. Long, S. Athey, D Dugan, A. Breighner. ---...,,, ,.,..M....,. --...W ....... SPORTS AND l,I'I'liRARY STAIFF Scaled, I. to r.: N. Clark llaum, A. Leatherman, sports editor, C. Kiniseley, lit- erary editor, ll. Shipley, etlitorg Ii. Purinton, literary edi tor, llaines, N. Ilallou. Stand- ing, I. to r.: B. Stotler, P. Weaver, M. Wheeler, M. Dailey, ll. Thuss. S ' n-tt tag-mg 'b PHOTOGRAPHY AND ART STAFFS Swatwl, I. to r.: A. lfishcr, R. Alvaro, photography co- etlitorg J. Nelson, J. Tashenberg, art editor. Standing: Mr. Wade Kipp, atlviserg 'l'. Buser, photography co- etlitorg J. Sehaitlt, co-editor. w-.'-,,.,..,w-- Typists: Mary Davis and Erma Wilmot. ..1.-J hola I PATRONS STAFF L. to r.: A. Adams, A, Hiser, M. Porter, editor, M. Golightly associate editor, C. Arbogast and B. Heckert. 49 ASSOCIATE EDITORS Ann Webster and Myra "Writers of "Meet that deadline! Make that dummy sheet," these are a few of the statements heard in the Sentinel room. This paper renders a service to the school by gathering, organizing, and printing all the news which interests the students. f ssss NEWVS STAFF Seated, l. to r.: Ermina War- nick, Barbara Garlitz, Shirley Knippenburg, Erma Davis, Rose Marie Barnes. Standing: Carole Lillard, Deirdre Wilson, Mary J. Wilson, Shirley Whiteman, Ann, Matheny, Juanita Long. ",4u Our Publicity" Behind every issue of the Sentinel lies a story as big as the one which makes the headlines. There is action, drama, and hard work. This work lies on the responsible shoulders of Ann Webster and Myra Colightly, associate editors. The entire staff is composed of students who have had one year of work in the beginning journalism class taught by Miss Mary Calemine, the Sentinel adviser. SPORTS STAFF Seated, I. to r.: jack Underdonk: Roger Heavner and Le- Roy Hare, Sports Editors, Anna Lee Willard, Ronnie Dyer. Standing: Gerald Arthur, John Chisholm. Hl'1- in BUSINESS, CIRCULATION, PHOTOGRAPHY AND ADVERTISING STAFFS Seated, I. to r.: Mary Hafer and Barbara Ann Campbell, business managers, joan Racey and Iirma Davis, circulation managers, Rebecca Lynch, photographer. Y f --in---......,-., ii T flltif-A L, Y J, . i .- ir if FEATURE STAFF Seated, I. to r.: joan Racey, Wendyl Furlow and Sara Thomas, feature ed- itors, Donna Rowan, Janet Haines, Standing: Patricia Slonaker, Marilyn Baldwin, Wanda Adams, Connie Car- roll. Janet Taschenberg, Anna Lee Willard, Jackie Weber. ga Sl R ibm. ALPHA TRI. HI-Y Seated, l. to r.: B. Beightol, secretary: S. Whiteman, vice-presidentg J. Schaidt, presidentg B. Garlitz, treasurer: Miss Edwina Kraus, adviser. Row I: C. Carroll, S. Thomas, S. Knippenburg, chaplaing L. Earle, M. Lease, Tashenberg, Slonaker, R. Lynch, S. Clapp, hostess, E. VVarnick, historian: Mrs. Lenore Resser, adviserg J. Haines- Row 111 5- Tashenbffgef, T- M0ffiS, D- LiSanti, S. Kester, D. Ciminno, hostessg M. Snyder, O. Ste- wart, M. Crass. Busy Beavers Always working to the best of their ability are the busy members of the Alpha - Tri - Hi - Y, with Miss Edwinia Kraus and Mrs. Lenore Resser as advisers. Officers include Joan Schaidt, president, Shirtey Whiteman, vice- president, Barbara Beightol, secretaryg Barbara Garlitz, treasurer, Shirley Knip- penburg, chaplain, Erminia lVarnick, historiang and Mary Hafer, hostess. An Addition to the Program Helping girls develop better character and perform services for the school and community is the purpose of the Beta - Tri - Hi - Y Club. The officers are Carol Meister, presidentg Jackie Weber and Helen McKee, vice-presidentsg Carole Lillard, secretaryg Janet Nee, treasurerg Marilyn Baldwin, chaplain. Mrs. Carolyn Dunlap is their adviser. BETA TRI-HI-Y Row I: J. Nee, treasurerg A. Fisher, B. Ferguson, M. Boggs, S. Riley, D. Martz, C. Baum, J. Sheetz. Row II: R. Barnes, li. Johnson, E. Jones, A. Matheny, D. Wilson, H. McKee, vice-presidentp C. Long, J. Burchard, J Weber, C, Meister, president. Row III: K. Casserly, E. Apple, C. Lillard, secretary, J. Racey, M. Golightly, M Baldwin, chaplain: R. Eyler, M. Johnson, M. Moses, Mrs. Carolyn Dunlap, adviser. I -5' 'rx 1:1-n w n Q Ml ffli,l,'UlY I Jia rr iifvm BOYS HI-Y Row I: R. Poling, C. Weber, chaplaing D. Mencer, j. Undertlonk, treasurer: C. Arthur, presidentg C. Wvelsh, B Brant, sergeant-at-arms. Ron' II: B. Ayers, I.. Hare, D. Parker, H. Malamphy. Ro-at III: B. Lynn, R. Bittner R, Herring. Hou' IV: J. Dickinson, N. jackson, J. Rowley. Row V: C. McGregor, Mr. john McVicker, ad viserg D. Mclfarlantl, J. Bartles, J. Chisholm. Helping To Sponsor Our Show To serve and better the school and community is the goal of the Boy's Hi-Y. This christian service club has sponsored various aetivities this year. Serving as advisers are Mr. -Iohn MeVicker and Mr. Thomas Murphy: with Gerald Arthur, presidentg Jack Underdonk, vice presidentg james Squires, secretaryg William Steppe. treasurerg Eugene Weber, chaplaing and Robert Brant, sergeant at arms. A Y-Life is a Busy Life "Create, maintain and extend high Christian Character throughout the home, school and community" is the motto of the "little sister" club. The officers are Mary Dailey, presidentg Joan Garlitz, vice-president, Barbara Thuss, secretary, Delores Rowley, treasurer, -Iudith Fisher, chaplain, Nancy Showman, histo- rian. Miss Ozella Robertson and Miss Noami Teter, serve as advisers. JUNIOR TRI HI-Y Kneeling, l. Io R.: M. Castle, B. Rice, J. Garlitz, vice-president, M. Dailey, president: N. Showman, historian, B. Thuss, secretary: D. Rowley, treasurer: AI. Fisher, chaplain: P. Tashenberg, C. Mathews. P. Dent, and D. Lewis. Stanflmg: Miss Noami Teter, adviser, R. Davis, V. Lillard, A. I.epley, R. Marker, M. Wheeler, S. Kaiser, P. Weaver, R. Reynolds, V. Collins, B. Weaver, D. Dugan, B. Stotler, li. Hetrick, P. Van Meter, I.. Twigg, R. Green, S. Ruehl, G. Campbell, P. Nickel, Miss Ozella Robertson, adviser. 1, 1.i1 It--mmm' 5 f I: . All .lil Of' COORDINATING COUNCIL JR. TOWN MEETING Row I, l. to r.: J. Fleigle, L. Parsenios, J. Raupach, D. Rowan, H. McKee, S. Ruhl, M. DeLuca, V. Clites. Rnw II R. Eyler, D. Martz, J. Sheetz, S. Twigg, J. Bush, S. Kaiser, M. Miley. Row III: A. Hiser, M. Thrasher, E Jones B. Reynolds, C. Findley, D. Wilson. Row IV: B. King, R. Parker, C. Lillard, J.Kiiffner,G. Eskin, S. Lynch, W Babst Thoughts and Words Do you have a problem? If so, take it to the Jr. Town Meeting where representatives meet regularly to discuss teenage problems in classrooms, as- semblies, and over the local radio stations. Guiding their thoughts and words are Jack Parker and John Raupach, co-chairmen and Sarah Thomas, secretary. LIBRARY CLUB Seated: S. Stafford, K. Everet, P. VVeaver, M. Wheeler, M. Koch, S. Brotemarkle, M. Clark, C. Campbell, J. Crabtree, R. Stemple. Standing: B. Alvaro, J. Long, J. Blamble, Mrs. Naomi Bennett, J. Raines, M. Howell, J. Boyer, L. Ranck. Review and Research Into the Background "Boy, I need someone to help me find this information. I'll hurry to the library where the members of the Library Club and their directors, Miss Ger- trude Ranck and Mrs. Noami Bennett, will assist me." Guiding these willing workers are Dorothea Wilson, president, Wilda Shade, vice-president, Marie Howell, secretary, and Franklin Bishop, treasurer. "We are trying to improve the school socially, academically, and morally," answers Mrs. Ada Hughes, capable ad- viser of the Monitors, as she com- pletes another busy day in the cafeteria. Right behind their adviser are Shirley Knippenberg, presidentg Barbara Beigh- tol, vice-president, Rebecca Lynch, sec- retary, and Mary Frances DeLuca, treas- urer. USHERS Knrrling: S. Day, jr. head usher: D. Durst, head usher, C. Campbell, treasurer, M. Twigg, secretary, B. Beigh- tol, vicespresident. Row I: I.. Saville, A. Parsenious, P. Schramn, D. Reynolds, P. Dircks, M. Castle, B. Rioe, ll. Clark, ll. Collins. Row ll: R. Hawkins, D. Rowley, Y. Somers, Dean, P. Dent, D. Struckmau, R. Reynolds, NI. Pennel, V. Plummer. Row Ill: J. Reed, H. Fisher, V. 0fNeil, C. Arbogast, R. DeVore, R. Pfeiffer, J. DeLozier, R. George, V. Collins, M. Moses. Row IV: N. Clark, J. Shipley, E. Johnson, K. Casserlcy, R. Stemple, B. Berry, W. Morgan, B. Weaver, S. Thwaites. QMr. Arthur Davis adviser, not picturedj. Workers on the Scene This Way, Please There's no need to look bewildered The ushers are seen at assemblies, school plays, and games, always ready to help. The officers are Delores Durst, head usher, Barbara Beightol, vice-president, Myrtle Twigg, secretary, Claudette Campbell, treasurer, and Mr. Arthur Davis, adviser. MONITORS limi' I: Aj. McCoy, j. Stutzman, M. Bloss, M. Baldwin, M. Thrasher, B. Adams, C. Newman, M. DeLuca, treasurer: l'. llctrick. Row Il: C. Horwath, A. Saylor, D. Robinette, Ii. jones, A. Hiser. C. Long, C. Clay, S. Jones. B. Miller. Row III: N. Wallace, j. Long, E. Apple, M. Boggs, 1. Shipley, II. Burchard, R. Lynch, secretary: C. Shatzer, 0. Stewart. Row IV: D. Dugan, D. Wagus, B. Berry, P. Kirchner, WV. Morgan, L. O'Neal, J. Bealky. 1 R, ni' PROJECTION CREW Y.. to r.: H. Schadt and R Whisner, co-managers, H. Ham mond, Mr. Paul Perdew, ad viser, D. Brothers, R. Shrout G. Riggs. MIMEOGRAPH CREW Standing, l. to r.: R. DeVore, I. Corley, j. Leasure, M. Boone Not Pictured: O. Lewis, man agerg A. Alderton, N. Boone, Mr. Robert Price, adviser. Um Scene Shifters The Stage Crew, under the leadership of Charles Brooks and advisers, Mr. Lee Alexan- der and Mr. Lawrence Strem, spends coutless hours preparing the lights, building and paint- ing stage sets, and supervising the curtain for all Fort Hill productions. STAGE CREW Kneeling: Knippenberg, J. Cage, C. Smith, A. Sweitzer. Standing: E. Dickle, C. Brooks, manager. QNot pictured, Mr. Strem and Mr. Alexander, advisersj i i I 'vi' , ,I ' -., , 5. . u -2'-.a111", f ,. M . , 1. -A ' Wi- , , 4' sf f A ix - 'Ds Running Shots "Lights out!" With expert precision another movie is shown by the projection crew, working under the supervision of Mr. Paul Perdew. Co- managers of this busy group are Homer Schadt and Robert Whisner. Printing Our Programs Typing, stenciling, and mimeographing are just a few jobs of the busy mimeograph crew. Working with Mr. Robert Price, adviser, and O'Neda Lewis, manager, this group serves both teachers and students. licliintl the Scenes 'l'ht'y Help Us Along Prcpztring :intl serving ap- proximntt-ly two tlionsztnd meals zu tlzty is the job ol' the cafeteria stall' :intl Mrs. .lane Leggc, di, I'Ct'lol'. 'l'li:mksgiving feats! is in the making! "Opt-n thc Door, RlC'llJlI'lll' Z t , N ,tzt R , X X M i . Ti 35-Q G? . t f S olfo q .t Rao' -N5 X, X Our Custodian CAFPLTERIA STAFF Mr. Mark Roe is one of the busiest men at 11- 'O T-3 Miss Lain!-It MVS- Tllfk. Mr- Roe, Mrs. Hartman, Airs, lfort Hill :is he goes about his job of supervising lihlned' Mrs: B0lYafd' Miss Bmllet Mrs- Cage, MVS- Legg? difffwf Of the mziintztnt-nre ol' the lmuilcling and grounds. me Cafeteria' Mrs' Johnson' Mrs' S"'YthCf Mrs' Smelc' Mm Grimes- tlll I1 CAFETERIA GIRLS Seated, I. to r.: E, Leage, L Kimcs, R. Kenny, M. Hill, P Nazelrod, T. Bergdoll, T. Mal low. Row I: H. Wagner, J Markley, P. Crawford, B. Grady M. Rummer. Row II: F. Shan: holtz, J. Smith, P. 0'Neal, R Barnes, S. Evans, N. Brown, A. Lantz, G. George. I 57 Sabre Laborers! Soup's on! QT N Fort Hxllxans Help the Needy I ob1ect!!!! V K 'LT . N"N"!w WN N-.. ,ft ff fz , .ni Brams among books!! Who-oo-oo's there? X 51 ff. r. ma! 2' FSQQ' ' 1 'W 4 ML? 'f xl. 4 -4 Z .Wx xg-,fi , A J . i, W ' 'L,v5'53'Qlff"' , am. 'sf V53 " N6 2315 ,!f"1"'2 5 -Y 'fimaf ,xsnpx s Harold "Gassy" Hull, RH Jim Farris, QB Bill Burke, FB Johnny McVicker, ACTORS ON THE GRIDIRON Under the strategy of Coach Mfilliam P. Hahn, the 1952 Sentinel football squad proved highly successful. The Red Raiders racked 'up 268 points against 98 for their opponents in compiling a record of 8 wins and 2 losses. VVith three wins under their belts the Sentinel team lost to a strong Martinsburg eleven. Then they surged to life with 2. more wins. Playing against Hag- erstown, the Red and White lost another hard fought battle. However, rebounding quickly from this de- feat, Fort Hill won two more games and chalked up a high score of 37-13 over Allegany on Thanksgiving Day. Where's the ball? A Gene Alderton, C Wayne Couter, LE Bob Schade, LG Norwood Barnes, RT it W QL, Qu lffjlifn dll' in . Q91 sf' Q S' lasik if gs! e F as .F .nf 512 L ngwg' Q Bob Andrews, FB ,lim I-Ong, QB RiCl'121I'd Bittner, RE Gene Weber RE FOOTBALL WCJN 8 Fort Hill 268 - Fort Hill , A.,. 27 Fort llill ....... 32 Fort Hill ... .,, 39 Fort Hill ..,,... 20 Fort Hill .,.... 26 Fort Hill ..,,.,. 19 Fort Hill ..., , . 7 Fort Hill ,...,. 34 Fort Hill .,,,.. 27 Fort Hill 4..... 37 RECORD LOST 2 Opponents 98 Moorefield .. 0 LaSalle ....,. 6 W. Fairmont . 19 Martinsburg . 21 Beall ...,... 6 Handley .... 6 Hagerstown . l4 Westminster , 7 Franklin ,... 6 Allegany ..., 13 "Father was a fullback." Ronnie Athey, LT jim Martin, RG Dave Kennedy, C Bill Steppe LE , 1 K 41 .,u,V ,za M 7 ef., L we-iqmia I vi' H v!,.f.,,,,iW gin sais 2 1 'S ' ' a FORT HILL FOOTBALL SQUAD 1952 Row I: Couter, Barnes, Martin, Alderton, Schade, Athey, Steppe, Farris, Hull. Row II: Burke. Allen. House, Cookerly, Kennedy, Bittner, lNeber, J. Reitmeier, H. Gilpin. Row III: McVicker, Lynn, B. Brant, R. Brant, P. Reitmeier, Stoops, Bechtol, Rice, Widdows. Row IV: Long, Isom, Crawford, J. Andrews, Grove, R. Gilpin, K. Poling, Landis, R. Andrews. Row V: Apple, Breighner, Crowe, Xvilliams, R. Poling, Teets, Murphy, Hillegas, Whisner, Shinholtz. Row VI: Coach Hahn, Assistant Coaches McProuty and Pellerzi, Managers Boone, Keller Anderson. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Row I: Wendyl Furlow, Co-Captain, Wilda Schade, Sue Kaiser, jackie Weber, Co-Captain. Row II: Sue Kester, Shirley Hixenbaugh. VIM . . . VIGOR . . . VITALITY "F-O-R-T H-I-L-L!" cheer the fans as they are led by the var- sity cheerleaders: Wendyl Furlow, Wil- PLAAYERS Op THE WEEK da SCh2ldF ""'Yi'?.'i'?'j- Hixeflbaugh, S116 Row I: Bob Schade, "Gassy" Hull Kester Jac! nd Sue Kaiser Row II: Coach Hahn, jim Farris ' C ' johnny McVicker. Canvas crew. The group is under the in FORT HILL FOOTBALL JAYVEE SQUAD 1952-1953 Row I: Clark, R. Whisner, Poling, McConnell, Rhoe, Alderton, Hillegas, Crowe, Harbaugh Mallow, McKinney. Row Il: King, Stimmel, Shipley, Tabler, Crawford, Andrews, Lassiter Hammersmith, W. White, Hedrick, Benson. Row III: Hardy, Snyder, Sharer, Mahoney, D White, l'. Whisner,Gordon,Dawson,Fertig, Simpson, Merrill. Row IV: Coach Pellerzi, Man ager Dickinson, Athey, Davis, Shaffer, Taylor, Adams, Manager Shank, Coach McI'r0uty. CANVAS CREW Row I: Coach Cavanaugh, Warner, Shriver, Riggleinan, Rawlings, Garvin, Stapleton, Barley, Rigglemen, Rum- mer, Hudson, SETTING THE STAGE Setting the stage for all football games played in the stadium is the job of the fi leadership of Conch john -I. Cavanaugh. THE J.V.'s PLAY bYNOPSIS Fort Hill .. 52 W Va School Fort Hill ,. 6 Keyser Fort Hill . . , 19 LaSalle Fort Hill ,. 18 Beall Fort Hill .. 26 Keyser Fort Hill .. 26 Allegany Fort Hill . . . 26 Beall "We Want A Touchdown' -Fatt 1... Piggy' 1 v Q-af' X jim Farris, Guard Hagerstown .... West Fairmont Moorefield ..,.. Ridgeley ,.,... Alumni ,....,, Martinsburg ,.., LaSalle ,...,.. Central ,..,. Bruce , . . Beall .... Barton .,...... Over the rim! f. ii! QM kr .nw W S' sw ,4p"" . ,, i we Q ,W , , ,W Q fa' N pie- 'V Mp- A gbwv- Y .AW xfqv Gene Weber, Forward Capt. Geo. McGregor, Forward Eddie Widll0WS. Guard SEASON Fort Hill Opp. Allegany lhl, ..,.... 4 2 61 LaSalle ....... .... 5 0 48 Martinsburg .... .... 4 2 46 Hagerstown . . . .... 45 44 'Central Bruce Beall Barton Allegany Ridgeley 'Sabre went to press 185 a T055-up! Keep Your eye on the ball! :,. VARSITY BASKETBALL SQUAD .- Seated I. to r.: B. Kerns, B. Brant, AI. McVicker, J. Farris, B. Shipley, G. McGregor, captaing B. Andrews. Stdneling: "Bobby" Cav- anaugh, Coach, E. Widdows, D. Bittner, R. Dyer, Manager, G. Wfibffr, P- Reilmeief, W- HUCISOI1, Maflllgff- aj . ,K V, . f an 7 V i . , A 24. ' f W " Q . 'i,' Z, if , 'L .r., A A 'Y , ' 615,31 y A we Z' H A t. , f , A N""f..QgIig11 I A X Q B . K A . .yyt ,A X ww' J . x ,Ki is - XX k N T . Y .I it ,i , t t -1- ' X ,-W' 'WY ef- vv V Q Q .A 4 tv- 1 et Guard Bob Brant, Center Roljt-rt Amin-ws' Guayd ACTION ON THIS IIARDXVOOD XVith only one regular, Captain George McGregor, return- ing from lust years team, Coach "Bobby" Cavzttiutigli started the season with at new squzul. The Sentinels, getting oft' to at slow start by losing' three of their first four games, upset I,:1Snlle on the lzttter's home court with :tn impressive A13--ll victory. Fort Hill's hztsketeers then went on to win the next three Ollt of five games, with losses to Brute :intl Allegany. By tlelegtting L:1S:1lle at second time hy Il 50-A18 score, the Sentinels, :tt the time the Salm' went to press, still haul ll rltzmce to mpture the t-ity :md XV.Nl.l. League clll2llll1Jl0Il5l1lIJS, A Sentinel Trigg! -e -X 2 5 J.v. BAsKE'rBALL SQUAD Row I, l to r.: B. Lynn, D. Kline, J. Landis, E. McKenny, G. McGregor, H. Wolfe. Row II: B. Steppe, J. Crawford, E. Downton, F. Wolford, D. Alderton, K. Poling. Row III: Bill Mc Prouty. Coachg P. Rice, managerg D. Harbaugh, J. Shipley, J. Hann, N. Mitchell, manager. J.V. BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Hagerstown . . WV. Va. Deaf . . Moorefield . . . Ridgeley ,.... Martinsburg . . . LaSalle ....., Central . . . Bruce .... Beall . . . Barton . . . Allegany . . . LaSalle .,.,.. Martinsburg . . . Hagerstown .... 'Central Bruce Beall Barton Allegany Ridgeley 'Sabre went to press j.V Left, front to back: Right, front to back: Fort Hill Opp. 31 12 31 12 44 26 42 31 24 28 43 48 42 18 41 16 33 39 46 22 34 36 46 23 23 39 39 30 CHEERLEADERS S. Morris, B. Athey and S. Davis. A. Lepley, P. VVea.ver and 1. Garlitz. Everyone's on the ball!!! STYLE. . PRECISION. . .PEP "Heyi Ho! Let's Go!" yells the crowd attending the J.V. games. Leading the yells with their own particular style, per- fect timing, and lots of pep are the J.V. cheerleaders: Barbara Athey, Sandra Davis, joan Garlitz, Audrey Lepley, Sally Morris and Patty Weaver. Mrs. Lenore Resser has charge of these energetic girls. I if 'an CT:- jean Clontz, Forward Q! 'rf' .41-'7' Margie White, Guard 'F' Ik-4' Sarah Steward, Guard , -as CL' is Q.-0 ,IOAIIH Cavaflaugh, F01'wl1Td JoAnn Dickel, Forward Annabell Leatherman, Forward GETTING INTO THE ACT Whee-ee-ee, goes the referee's whistle announc- ing that the curtain is going up and another girls' game is ready to start. Fort Hill's six "actresses on the hardwood" got off to a good start by winning their first five games of the sea- son. Coached by Mrs. Henrietta P. Snyder, the red-clad lassies added the Hyndman sextet to their schedule for' the first time. The quick shooting, clear wits, and the expert coaching of the girls' basketball team brought additional honors to Fort Hill's long list of athletic achieve- ments, as they extended their winning streak to eight straight games. GIRLS' BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Fort Hill Opp. Ursuline .. ..,., 34 32 Alumni ... 32 18 BeaIl...,. ,...28 19 Hyndman . . . . . . 54 8 Central . , . .... 33 51 Bruce ..,.. . . . 49 31 Bcall ....... . . . 23 16 'Hyndinan Central Bruce Ursuline 'Sabre went to press. GIRLS' BASKETISALL SQUAD avg sf fs-fx 5: jean Hinds, G uard Kneeling: M. Hafer and l'. Grimm. Seated, l. to r.: J. Hinds, J. Hicks, S. Steward, J. Cavanaugh, M 1 H , -I. Clontz, M. White, P. Thompson, A. Leatherman, QI. Dickel, j. Schaidt. Standing: S. Harvey, rs' enneua manager: B. Lippold, M. Catlett, P. Corbin. Henrietta Snyder, Coarhg C. Largent, S. Lynch, Coach C. Kline, R. A. Hardinger, C. Hornbrook, managrr. ? l 'El ls.. I it lm 'Y l .fi 'YN Ai AVA 'S fi Y' WW ,divx k t Row I: Wvhite, Shore, Hamilton, Combs, Farris, Hull, Beard, Morris, Hartman, Stine. Row II: Coach Hahn, Rice, McVicker, XViddows, Couter, Steppe, Brown, Gilpin, Allen, Kerns. Row III: Long, Dawson, Andrews, Bittner, Cookerly, Stoops, Reed. BATTER UP! The curtain goes up with the FOYY Hill nine taking the field for another baseball season. While winning only four and losing ten last year, the team was composed of first year men, but HOW with experience they are up there with the best of them. DOWN THE RUNWAY Down the runway there is the sound of feet on the track. It must be the Fort Hill thinclads working out for another great track season. Last year Fort Hill won the recognition of having their on- ly undefeated track season in the history of the school, winning the State Cham- pionship. Row I: Coach Cavanaugh, Lynn, Mauzy, Smith, Shaffer, Turner, Ritter, Dickel, McGregor, Wolford. Row II: Manager Dyer, Stickley, Yetter, Leamon, Peiffer, Cage, Bittner, Batt, Reynolds, Burke, Hudson. 5 - - . , . I 7 i A W , ,A , , ,,.. t , 5.1 .'x K f7',M,',' u -4'fs ,, 53 .7 F " gi it Y x,.. .., I 1 l . 13511 at Kilim SmWi'mmm N wg Dick Heard goes Up and Over -,gl i john McVickcr shows Perfect form Cinder Burners Dick Beard is Putting the shot Bill Steppe is Setting a pace john Shore has Flying feet Fort Hill Uncleleated State Champions 1952 Handley Invitation Track Meet Fort Hill 65 Handley 47 Univ. of Maryland Invitation Track Meet Fort Hill 41 Frederick 21 City Track Meet Fort Hill 1465 Allegany 30W Allegany County Track Meet Fort Hill 103 Beall 32 Fort Hill Invitation Track Meet Fort Hill 128 Allegany 33 State Track Meet Fort Hill 49 Montgomery Blair 245 john Batt, 3rd base George McGregor, S.S. Bruce Lynn, 2nd base Bucky Cage, C.F. Eddie Dickel, Pitcher BASEBALL SCHEDULE Fort Hill Fort Hill Fort Hill Fort Hill Fort Hill Fort Hill Fort Hill Fort Hill Fort Hill Fort Hill Fort Hill Fort Hill Fort Hill Fort Hill Flintstone Beall . . . Bruce . . . LaSalle . Hyndman Central . Allegany Flintstone Beall . . . Bruce . . . Hyndman LaSalle ..... . . Central . . . . . Allegany Paul Stickley, L.F Jimmy Leamon, batting Dave Ritter, lst base Carl Shaffer, R.F 'Rill Rnrke. catchirl' N '01 -as 24- -:ft ' fy' :QQ- N: W ' X, f i f""" OVER THE NET Back and forth over the net the ball is hit! The eight actors perform with their knowledge of volleyball instead of lines from a script. BOWLING TEAM Ron' I: Crimm, Hawatcr. Row II: Leather- man, Black, Fisher, Sisk, Weltmen, Breighner, Dugan. Row Ill: Case, johnson, Weltmen, Royc, Miller, Brant, Bowman, Auvil. 's GIRLS' VOLLEYBALL el. Standing: Coach Snyder, jo- Ann Cavanaugh, Bonnie Lip- pold, jean Hinds, Jeanette Hicks, Sarah Stewart, Janet Schaidt. X NVatch that foul line. AI MI NG FOR STRIKES Crack! It's another strike for the Sen- tinel bowlers. Leading the howling club are james Miller, president: Mary Lou Crass, vice-president: Jean Weltman, treasurer: and Mr. Charles Bryce, advis- er. 71 Kneeling: Pat Thompson, Ann- abelle Leatherman, jo.-Xnn Dick- Bittsyj' get that rebound! Txme Out! A s Q7 sum!-vp. f Wem- wwf Sas i 5 5' 1- .E Down the Hatch!! 191 ,ft 5 Coordinating mind and muscle fwfgi X :IMS , 3 f :am i-?ff , wx- w t W 1559132-'-'S f""5a'W A . Q 1.5 2 Q W A, fi. Q ' g ' A . Y ,X .L 'Q s Q. K X K A 1... z f,,, K A- ' . . W- wk ' ' , .X i' 1 ,. , Aa s ' - l I if - QL-YPA ' fsf-df Sink :- "' 1' -A si Q3 iam!-' A wag..4--v '- :fm M A , . B 6026! M OOM Eb, ,.mR3s xxbm SENIOR BAND Kneeling, l. to r.: D. Lewis, M. DeLuca, B. Cook, S. Lynch, majorettes, J. Dolan, drum major, D. Rowan, head majoretteg B Weaver, V. Clites, T. Imes, majorettes. Row I : D. Abernathy, G. Haines, R. Jones, E. Alexander, B. Stallings, G. Tagliaferre, M Cunningham, J. Honeycutt, D. Graham, W. Hedrick, C. Jewel. Row II: N. Purnell, J. Parker, B. Coleman, T. Mudge, L Shumaker, B. Apple, E. Doughton, C. Lewis, B. Ayers, E. Evans, J. Kready, W. Shank. Row III: B. Willison, C. Jackson, B. Teller W, Christopher, A. Adams, A. Clark, J. Underdonk, B. Bird, E. Shinholt, B. Babst, C. Durst. Row IV: S. Zembower, H. Schade D. Parker, G. Arthur, T. Rowcn, S. Wilson, J. Duffey, C. Welch, R. Twigg. Row V: M. Liller, B. Leidinger, T. Knotts, J Squires, G. Rowley, K. Kinser, J. Chisholm, J. Rowley, B. Resser. A TOUCH OF RHYTHM No production can be complete without the color and the spirit of our musicians, who this year are under the skilled direction of Mr. Gordon Williams. The officers of this group are James Rowley, president, Jack Underdonk, vice president, James Squires, recording secretary: Donna Rowan, corresponding sec- retary, and Thomas Rowan, treasurer. JUNIOR BAND Kneeling: Kessell, Reuschel, Stumbaugh, Shreeves, majorette captain, Proudfoot, Harper, majorettes. Row I: Groves, Diehl, Saville, Mower, Dyche, Hannawalt, Files, Sisk, Mock, Robertson, Imes, Hardmen. Row II: Christman, Driver, Man- gus, Wilson, Galford, Moyer, G. Smith, Speaman, D. Smith, Powell, Nield, Collins. Row III: Paxton, McKenzie, Kerr, Blu- baugh, Ross, Brotemarkle, J. Smith, H. Smith, Strachan, Aaronhalt, Lewis. Row IV: Brown, Pumell, Fisher, Morgan, Val- entine, Burgess, Lynch, Darrow. AIS It il?- ' ' l ,gf " 1 Y N' N4 448 Q jUNIOR HIGH MAJORETTES SENIOR HIGH MAJORETTES Row I: Sandra Reuschel, Betty Broadstock and janet Donna Rowan, majorette captain. Front to back: Mary Kessell. Row II: Norma Shrceves, majorette captaing Frances DeLuca, Twila Imes, Donna Lewis, Veronica Donna Stumbaugh. Row III: Ellen Proudfoot, Patsy Clites, Barbara Cook, Barbara Weaver and Shirley Lynch. Harper and Marie Rice. THE MARCHING PLAYERS High stepping Norma Shreeves, marching at the head of the junior band, leads the junior high majorettcs during a parade or at the junior varsity football games. These colorful players, including janet Kessell, Sandra Reuschel, Patsy Harper, Ellen Proudfoot, Marie Rice, and Betty Broadstork add spirit and gaiety to any occasion. They are indeed looking forward to the day when they can step out with the senior band. "Merrily, we roll along!" THE STRUTTING PLAYERS Every great show must contain a pretty chorus line. Our chorus takes its place at the head of the band. This year's line is headed by Donna Rowan with Mary Deluca, Veronica Clites, Donna Lewis, Barbara Cook, Shirley Lynch, Barbara Weaver, and Twila Imes. Be- hind the scenes these snappy players can be seen practicing many long hours so they will always be ready to display their talentlll "One hotdog, coming upl" ,ju :En 1 t mlb' 7' K-1 Am, M Vx 3 . V 5 A CAPPELLA CHOIR Seated, l. to r., Row I: II. Luttral, M. Weaver, R. Randall, A.I.. Willard, hop, D. Wilson. Row Hoffman, L. Hoffman, Caparossi, M. Miley, R. J. Andrews, F. Bishop, H. McKee, C. I-lout, N. Mease, L. Robinson, R. Bis' II: Miss Annetta Yates, director, G. Popp, S. Kessell, C. Twigg, D. Howdyshell, M. L. Hicks, D. J. Bierman. Row III: G. Haines, W. Clem, S. M. Castle, M. Rice, R. Carder, S. Hixenbaugh, M. Barnes, J. Weber, D. Wilson, S. Brinkman, J, Long, W. Shinholt, M. Smith, P. Souders. Row IV: M. lvilson, E. Dawson, W. Resser, D. Hockman, M. Ritter, S. Wilson, R. Mears, D. Reed, J. Garvin. MUSICAL BACKGROUND Those melodious strains floating throughout the production are being fur- nished by the A Cappella Choir under the direction of Miss Annetta Yates. Assisting the director for 1952-53 are William Clem, president, Shirley Kessell, vice-president, Ruth Bishop, secretary, Stanley Wilson, treasurer, Helen McKee, Dale White, Patrick Souders and Charles Brown, librarians. ALL-MARYLAND CHORUS Row I: N. Mease, S. Kessell, S. Brinkman. Row II: R. Bishop, S. Caparossi, C. Twigg. Row III: M. Smith, J. Andrews, B. Clem, P. Souders. Row IV: L. Fisher, 1. Duffy, S. Wilson. OCTETTE Row I: S. Kessell, R. Bishop, D. Rowley, N. Mease. Row II: S. Brinkman, accompanist, E. Dawson, Duffy, M. Smith, W. Shinholt. SENIOR HIGH GIRLS' GLEE CLUB Hun' I: l'. Ili2ISC'lll'lllJl'l'gCI', ll. Rice, I.ulIral, Miss Doris Davis, rlirerfnrg D. Rowley, N. Clark. B. Reynolds. Ron' II: M Datri, S. Critcs, M. Wheeler, C. Cline, G. Meeks, R. Green, B. Bishop, K. Casserly, C. O'Donnell, J. Bealky, M. Cessna, J Bucklew, l'. Huffman, C. Hornbrook. Row III: A. Parsenios, M. Popp, C. Hout, N. McClelland, D. Sabine, P. Northcraft S. Hixcnbaugh, P. Weaver, N. Hillcgas, J. Carter, M. Castle, D. Cardrey, E. Williams. Row IV: J. Stutzman, J. Boyer, S Brown, I.. Saville, l'. King, M. Sichler, D. Wilson, A. Willard, A. Matheny, G. Johnson, R. Hawkins. MUSICAL MEMORIES While taking a tour through the Sabre, you will hear soft strains of music. As you come nearer to the melodious sounds, you find it is the junior and senior boys' and girls' glee clubs singing their songs of musical memories, under the direction of Miss Doris Davis and Mr. Harold Hanson. Our Young Melody Makers SENIOR HIGH BOYS' GLEE CLUB Accompanist, Mr. Harold Hanson, Director. Row I: Il. Corley, F. Bishop, Shieler, J. Robinette, R. Lease, W. Long, J. Ayers, G. Popp, G. Carbaugh, Garvin. Row II: R. Donahue, I.. Swartzwelder, S. Savilesky, D. Reed, R. Mahaney, G. Haines. D. Hockman. Row III: J. Kiiffner, T. Mc- Conncl, C. Athey, li. Dawson, B. McKenny, S. Kerr. Row IV: P. Herring, K. Cross, B. Fisher, C. Halligan, J. Hershberger, B. Shinholtz. I.. Fisher. Y sxtt. Ap. . . N wvryw. IAQQNY1 Q i I l . J. nt.fx31xrL...4lirl i 1 - Row Row J. W Dunl Mille Lech Row ter, Mey C Hard Settl ford wif I, l. tv r.: C. Reed, L. Alt, P. Butts, B. Thomas, B. Angeletta, S. Day, R. Green, M. Rose, J. Bean, N. Neil, G. Settle. II: P. Wagner, R. DeVore, D. Struckman, L. Kerns, L. Craze, S. Shaffer, J. Reed, D. Grimm, M. B. Brown, K. Grubb, eaver, R. Wagner, j. Wilson, C. Boyer. Row III: j. White, S. Athey, S. Adams, M. L. VanPelt, B. Long, J. Keller, M. ap, D. Shank, S. Whetzel, M. Teeter, T. Morris, K. Trezise, J. Porter, P, Hull. Row IV: E. Johnson, B. Ambrose, D. r, S. Brown, B. Waite, j. Caroll, M. Callis, C. Torbet, A. Miller, C. Mayhew, V. Roland, C. Ritter, M. A. Lewis, S. wa oung Jifiagazf. I: E. Martin, B. Hartman, P. Evans, B. johnson, C. Garland, M. johnson, J. May, A. McClelland, K. Miller, -I. Ashenfel I. Godlove. Row II: C. Robertson, M. Clark, J. Crawford, S. Monnett, S. Turner, V. Welsh, E. Grimm, J. Dickens, M. rs, B. Shaffer, J. Moore, J. Langley, J. L. Carroll, N. Taylor, D. Radcliffe, B. Rizer. Row III: W. Liller, S. Snatler, D. Murra E. Zembower, M. Marion, P. Barnes, A. Hardinger, ll. Snyder, B. Hare, M. Cross, M. Norris, K. Bramble, A. B. Liller, A, Breakall, R. Deneen, F. Northcraft, P. Imes, H. Craw- if ai? ' 25 -. JUNIOR HIGH BOYS' GLEE CLUB Row I, l. to r: G. Carbaugh, B. Wagner, j. Stevens, D. Durst, B Wisenberg, D. McCullogh, R Brant, R. Hedrick, L. Gross, G Bowmen. Row ll: D. Dawson H. Corley, D. Walters, C. Bishop G. Stimmel, N. Gillum. Row III: G. Shircliff, C. Bishop, B. Fisher K. Wilson, L. Kennel. Row IV: S. Oldaker, N. Zinn, D. Henry, M Kesser. Raw V: W. Long, G. Win- dish, C. Miller, C. Sibley. a C? V7 THESPIANS Rum I, I, lu r.: J. Nec, C. Hasselberger, D. Stafford, S. Clapp, D. Rowan, C. Kniseley. Row Il: G. johnson, J, Pennel, I.. Mort, M. Hill, A. Webster, M. Porter. Il. Ifahey. Row III: J. VVeber, M. Twigg, D. Cimmino, Ii. INilmot, B. Garlitz, B. Campbell. Run' IV: N. jackson, R. Dyer, I-'. Hilligas, Parker, T. Rowan, D. Shrout. ON STAGE Another production is rolling! The Thespians are again on stage working' for a smash hit. As an honorary society of outstanding actors and actressess, they have displayed unusual ability in living up to their motto, "Act well your part, therein all honor lies." This year's officers are Mary Hafer, president, Ann Webster, vice presi- dent, Iirminia Warnick, secretary, Barbara Gar- litz, treasurer, and Miss Helen Smith, adivser. Congratulations on a very successful year. CURTAIN CALL Working busily and almost unnoticed is the Fort Hill Players Auxiliary under the direction of Miss Helen Smith. These Players can always be found behind the scenes assisting the cast with makeup and properties. Their biggest job is advertising the plays and selling tickets. The group is made up of boys and girls from the sophomore, junior and senior classes. Officers include Shirley Kessell, president, Deirdre Wil- son, secretary, and Helen McKee, treasurer. FORT HILL PLAYI-1R'S AUXILIARY Rmu I, I, to r.: D. Wilson, H. McKee, P. Weaver, N. Ballou, S. Kessell, S. Brown, I.. Graham, B. Rice, H. Goldizen. Row II: N. Clark, K. Cass:-rley, R. Hawkins, Cl. lfindlcv, C. O'Donnell, 1. Fleigle, Row III: M. Howell, G. Meeks, A. Breighner, A Blackin, D. Dugan, R. Marker, M. Dailey, B. Thuss. Row IV: D. Rowley, A. l.. Willard. M. Baldwin, N. Wallace, E. Apple B. Bishop, N. Purnell. l 1 .af Au-,Kiwi . 1 FORT HILL PLAYERS Row I, I. to r.: R. Shrout, M. Twigg, D. Stafford, D. Howdyshell, S. Riley, C. Haselburger, J. Garvin. Row II: G. johnson, J. Pen- nel, M. Hill, I. Raley, M. Davis, J. Burchard, E.'Milmot, D. Fahey. Row III: J. YVeber, C. Hout, M. Golightly, J. Weltman, A. Brown, A. Isom, -I. Kaiser. Row IV: Miss Helen Smith, directorg Davis, F. Hillegas, J. Parker, B. Bird. THE PLAY'S THE THING Traveling into the land of make believe, the Fort Hill Player's staged "The Sleeping Beauty of Loreland" for the younger set. An original May Day fantasy, "Rhap- sody in Blue," was also presented by this group. And did you hear the strange accents around school this year? YVell, it was only the Players using Scotch accents for their play "The Little Minister." These productions were all directed by Miss Helen Smith. FORT HILL PLAYERS Row I: J. Nee, R.M. Emerick, M. Boggs, S. Clapp, C. Kniseley, D. Rowan B Campbell Row II C Meister D Cimmino M. Morris, A. Matheny, M. Porter, M. Hafer. Row III: E. Liller, Racey B Grady L Collins C Lillard A M ebster Row IV: N. Jackson, E. Warnick, T. Rowan, Ellsworth, G. Tagliafeire B Cook Miss Helen Smith adviser 1 Ili i K' , X W-I CAST OF THE LITTLI MIINISTI R lhm' I: Nanny Wrhtlrr, Carol Kniseley: Rob Dow, Fred Hillegas: Iinbhu' llailin 1 fauipbell fmfm Ihxlmr! .itlue Paiku Alargurrl lirxliurf, Ann Wehsu-rg lilfie I,01L',C2lIllCTlIlC Barnhart. Row I1 Dr MrQuun Iommv Rowan Uma Mrl mul Dolores lfzllieyg Lord Rinlaul, Norman jackson, lean .'llfFa1lrlt'n, Mary ll ilu Sr Ilallmfll Mtluu Boone AN A-l PRODUCTION "The I,ittle Minister," Gavin Dishort, came to Thrums, Srotlantl, in the spring of l860. After arriving, he met the age old problem of employer versus employee. The weavers ol' 'l'hrums were attempting to force their em- ployer, Lord Rintaul, to grant them a living wage. The wcavers were letl in their successful fight by a gypsy girl, Babbit-. The play not only pertains to the labor situation of 'I'hrums, but it also unfolds the beautiful love story of liabbie anal The Little Minister. "Stop, Roh UOW. SIOPV' new nunxsttr will na like it lord Rmtaul A i vnlriuri' time ELMER AND THE LOVEBUG With their brother El- mer tucked safely away at camp, Jeanie and Janie Collier plan a party. El- mer, who hates parties and girls, arrives home unex- pectedly and in time for the party. When the love- bug bites him he changes his viewpoints about girls, especially Millicent Carr. CAST OF ELMER AND THE LOVEBUG Seated: Janie Collier, Barbara Thussg Elmer Collier, Stanley Wilsong Ieanie Collier, Mary Wheeler. Standing: Assistant director, Donna Rowan: Millicent Carr, Rita Markerg Hubert Brown, Leon Shumakerg Cecil, Robert Jones, Luther Lawson, George Esking Announcer, Melvin Ritterg Susan Collier, Margy Haferg Fannie Belle, Mary Dailey: and the director, Ann Webester. H ulef, fights ILE The senior class presented Ile, a drama of the sea. The action takes place in Captain David Keeney's cabin aboard the whaling ship Atlantic Queen. Annie, the captain's wife, losing her mind because of the lone- liness of the icy sea and the ruth- lessness of her husband towards herself and the crew, finally realizes his lust for whale oil ex- cels his love for her. With this delightful com- edy, the sophomore play cast charmed the audience and won top honors with its performance. ,lla ii'-P' na ,Xl -3 as I ii' CAST OF ILE Seated, l. to r.: Assistant director, Erminia Warnickg Ben, Tommy Rowan: Annie Keeney, Barbara Campbell: The Steward, George Tagliaferre. Standing: joe, a sailor, Norman jackson: Crew Member, Bill Birdg Captain William Keeney, jack Parker: Tom Slocum, Blames Kaiserg and the director, Mary Hafer. CAST OF AH, SWEET MYSTERY Seated, l. to r.: Emily Briggs, jackie Weberg Kate, jackie Pennelg Rose, Helen McKee. Standing: Assistant director, Carol Kniseleyg director, Dolores Fahey: Dr. Gildersleue, jeff Carving Cyrus jones, Donald Huffg Martha, Annabelle Leatherman: Willie Briggs, Charles Welshg assistant director, Porter. Ili -' 5 -s La! 'l. 1 is-az, YW AH, SWEET MYSTERY When only one copy of the Na- tional Fiction Monthly arrives with the last installment of "The Corpse Who Danced in the Moonlight," Uncle Willie conceals it from the rest of the anxious Briggs' house- hold. The writer of the mystery, Carl Cyrus jasper Jones, seeking a new motive for his next book, steals the magazine to prove his point and elopes with the daughter of the family. 3 is xx 5 . I . ,val -gr SCRIBES STAFF Sealed, I, to r.: Charlene Hout, proof reader, Beverly Heckert, editor: Carol Kniseley, a.vxi.vtant editor: Pat lehrbach, advisory ronnniltrr. Standing: Robert Alvaro, photograplzerg Dolores Fahey, aclviaory rommitlrrfq janet Taschcnberg, nrt editor. SCRIBES UF '53 "Fort Hill in the World" is the theme for the Scribes of '53 which is being compiled by Beverly Heckart. lt is composed of original writings by the seniors of Fort Hill and it is edited for the pre- servation of the many outstanding writing achievements of the class. Helping to make this book a success, and one that will long be remembered, are Carol Kniseley, who is assistant to Beverly, janet Taschenberg, art editor, Robert Alvaro, who displays outstanding work as the photographerg Dolores Fahey and Patricia O'Neil, serving as the advisory groupg Charlene Hout, proofreaderg and Dolores Lisanti, typist. WRITING THE REVIEXVS -. Wendyl Furlow Making the "Senior Scrapbook" inter- Hfgh Ughff Wfifff esting as well as educational is the job of a senior academic student, Marlene Popp. As editor of the 1953 book, Mar- lene collects write-ups and pictures from the local newspapers concerning the ac- tivities an.d organizations at Fort Hill. Marlene Popp, Compiler of the Senior Scrapbook. SPREADING THE NEWS How does the community become acquainted with our production? The spreading of the news about the Cast and its activities is the job of Wendyl Furlow. Wendyl, better known as "Scarlet" to her Sunday Times readers, collects the school news weekly, and through her column, the people in our community become better acquainted with our pro- Y duction and its cast. Mt. .Q Nd sy , - -Q.- 1 M .,,,,, , ...WN f if W-ag.. 2... Co-editors Joan Schaidt and Dolores Faheyg and Mr. james Engle, adviser. HEADING THE SCRIPT """"' QM.. Carol Kniseley, Elizabeth Purinton, co-literary editors, Bill Shipley, sports editor. Barbara Beightol, business manager: Mary jane Wilson, faculty editor. Robert Alvaro Thomas Buser, photography editors, janet Tashenberg, art editor. SABRE STAFF IN THF. BIG CITY Row I: A. Adams, R. Marker, E. jones, C. Knisely. Row Il: H. McKee, D. Fahey, J. Schardt, E. Pur-inton. Row III: R. Alvero, T. Buser, Mr. En El C 'st H. McKee, underclass editorg Barbara Campbell, senior class editorg Eleanor jones, layout editor. 4 'K xii -- inhuma--N.. f .f A Sue Kester, advertising manager, Mary Porter, patrons manager. me-1-p Wm'-'Q L. H-"" -.uf W E W , QE' X, s . 31 ,QKKA if ww Hu' We f,,g E E H I5 J V 3 E iff Rf X " w A QQ - 1 K . ,K . . A W K .M i ng L L K " " ' ,A ' ' 731' O " i ' - Q 'rf 'V Q, ' sm , 1 . .E t MAY QUEEN AND ' e ATTENDANTS ' Row I, l. to r.: janet Lou Carroll and Wilma Jean Phil- lips, seventh grade. Row II: Betty Welsh, eighth grade: Don- na Lewis, tenth gradeg Donna Rowan, May Queen: Barbara Weaver, tenth grade: Kathleen Sandra Durmer, ninth gradeg janet Nee, eleventh gradeg joan Schaidt and Ann Webster, twelfth graded Donna Martz, . 1 V . it ft Q ww SXQ., Kfltxr if vi. . l Q s X S, g Grubb, eighth grade. Row III: , ,gl it Qi, X K ff S 5 . it S V A ev , X eleventh grade, and Reta Da- if Z, ' vis, ninth grade. -1 A ' an 4. 5 it X we t ' --tt, 'sw Joan Schaidt, senior attendantg Donna Rowan, May Queen, and Ann Webster, senior attendant. ROYALTY ON GRIDIRON Slowly the float, shaped like a huge sil- ver football, moved around the stadium, carrying the lovely football queen, Sarah Clapp, and her charming attendants, Joan Schaidt and Ann Webster. 8r- i I STEALING THE SHOW A combination of beauty, intelligence and per- sonality gained for popular Donna Rowan, the title of Queen for Fort Hill's May Day produc- tion of "Rhapsody in B1ue." With her attractive senior ladies-in-waiting, joan Schaidt and Ann Webster, Queen Donna ruled royally and well. ' V ' ' muon socazrv A 5 V r N, U W NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Standing, l. to r.: Wanda Adams, Gerald Arthur, Shirley Brinkman, Eliza- beth Purinton, Marlene Popp, Marv Porter, Mary Hafer, james Squires and Carol Kniscley. "SPEAK THE SPEECH" "I speak for democracy," were the first words that won for senior Mary Hafer first place in the school con- test and then fourth in the county finals. Purpose of the contest is to encourage young Americans to voice their opinions about their government while putting special emphasis on freedom of speech. I 1 1' tv f X fi 'yew ' '21 or M. s W 'Y ff' . .. 1 E . I 1. tl f ,,. QQ ' - . L, ff-ez' ' " in all 2, -, ' b , Q PLAYER OF THE YEAR In recognition for his outstanding performances in football, halfback johnny McVicker was chosen "Play- er of the Year" by the Knights of Columbus, and re- ceived a gold watch as his award. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY If you develop your character, scholarship, leadership and give your service, you may reach the top as these National Honor students have. Climbing the ladder of suc- cess is a privilege each one in our cast has. This year the club elected Mary Hafer, presidentg Elizabeth Purinton, vice presidentg Shirley Brinkman, secretaryg and Gerald Arthur, treasurer. Miss Gerardine Pritchard is the adviser. C3 BEST ACTOR AND ACTRESS Receiving Oscars for their acting this year are Barbara Ann Campbell, who was cast as Annie in the senior play, Ile, and Stanley Wilson, who portrayed Elmer in the sophomore play, Elmer and the Love- bug. E' if , 1? T? x . J - . 'Exif"W oo' 90 oo 0 O AXV.-XRD XVI N NERS MW'-W H-""""' -fflse I ....--""""'-'T'-. Q ' w4-nM,,,,,.,- 'Wax Ada- 'NU JOHN MCVIOKER, OUTSTANDING BOY Being a speedy half-back, a guard in basketball and a relay man, has gained for john McVicker the honor of being chosen by his fellow classmates as the outstanding boy. Besides achieving this honor, "johnny Mac" also was awarded the title of "Player of the Year" by the Knights of Columbus. In the tenth grade he participated in the activities of the A Cappella Choir, and the following year took part in the Junior Farewell Assembly. As a senior, John was inducted into the National Honor Society. This academic student aspires to enter college and study engineering. To a very likeable fellow, the Sabre extends its congratulations and hopes that the years will bring additional success and honor. O 0 0 ANN IVEBSTER, OUTSTANDING GIRL A friendly personality and the ability to accomp- lish any task well has won the title of Outstanding Girl of the senior class for Ann Webster. Ann's in- terest in dramatics has led her to membership in the Thespians, and she has been in several major productions. For outstanding work on the Sentinel staff in her junior year, Ann became Associate Edi- tor in her senior yearg when she was also elected attendant for both the Football and May Queens. Winning a state and regional speech contest and being initiated into the National Honor Society indicate that Ann maintains high standards of scholarship. Congratulations, Ann, and best wishes for a future that is as successful as your school career. .Kami gf SQ eg -. an f-H 1? g 'Wwe "'Z2fvs 1-1-'.2f'h "'f"I ii I J ya 1 ,ffm 5 f if Q ' V 2' ' ,Q?3sQ?gZ', f ' , , J .. fx . i , MI, ' ' ' f, H ' .V ri -f 4, 1 , . :fx g'?:: ' ' v C .142 ', f n -1 '.a1f fs , f, xv ' - ' ,W-. ' Q f 9' fin ef . A ,y 1 my-K Q A , ,.., k ' f A '-gurlz -Q., f. Q ff , I in ifliwiw lg " W ':ffse,geefi:q33y,5V W M ,qw ,i , 1 lm ,flgiggt 1 yigmgg ,Eg M531 A +, 'HQ wf' z,a,w.+ M'1f"'l'T!'W"'ff"'F .fa f 1. -.n-...Q x 5 flln 5 . Si Q. 5 fr if? 4 X eg . 2 + 'I N 5? . so--ex f .:f'9bv wx , ..xXx -4 1 4 HARVEY'S JEWELRY STORE Distributors of FORT HILL CLASS RINGS H.R. 8-l: Mrs. Hilton Row I: Nancy Curry, Xvayne Martz, Clyde Campbell, Darrell Henry, Bill McGaughey, Sherry Breighner, Bill Spoerl, Barbara White, Nedra Aldridge, Ruth Hartman, Maxine Hutson, Lawrence Norris, jack Day, Jim Trahune. Row II: Carl Harbaugh, Donna Nield, Alice Collins, Patsy Harper, Betty Broadstuck, Donnie Smith, Harold Ross, Chester Wilson, Georgia Kidwell, Virginia Roland, Delores Struckmcn, Shirley Whetzel. Row III: Wlilliam Brown, john Rice, George Strachan, Harold Shriver, Calvin Keiffncr, David Halbert, Carole Parker, Sandra Ruschel, Bill Howard, Judy Kornpanek, Larry Cessna, Bill Samson, Terry VVcltman. +++ Compliments of The Fort Hill Band Parents Association +++ H.R, 8-2: Miss Burral-Mr. Strenl Row I: Charles Logue, Gwendolyn Robinette, Sandra Durst, Rosmary Elkins, Sandra Merrill, JoAnn Savilisky, Barbara Burkett, Larry Hopcraft. Linda Hedrick, Bill Athev, Carl Uphole, Bob Huck, Richard Phillips, Sterley Van Pelt. Row II: David Pugh, Annalee Fahey, john Morris, Sandra Robinette, Wvanda Robinson, Pauline Robinette, Walter Hilligas, Lenora Long, David White, Richard Kirchner, George Beisser. Ron' III: Tom Snyder, Ruth Devore, Sandra Shaffer, Sherran Baldwin, Helen Shelly, Naomi Lamp, Peggy Davis, Gwen Walters, Bill Saylor, Ronald Morland, Linda Kerns. , Remember - Congratulatzons to the A Always Use Good judgment CLASS OF '53 Buy At BElGHToL's Gnocsnv B URT 0 N . 5 +++ I Naborhood Market Browne S 5f0'e Fine Food Plus Free Delivery 430-432 ylilliqms 51-reef GROCERIES - VEGETABLES - MEATS + + + FROZEN FOODS Cumberland Welding 81 Su I Com an 409W Bedford sneer PP 7 P 7 Electric and Acetylene Welding and Cutting Phone: 4635 102 Wineow Street Cumberland, Maryland Phone:4714 S. C. Twigg H.R. 8-3: Mrs. Schleifman Row I: Rose Marie Snyder, Iva Howdyshell, JoAnn Cranford, Patty Clay, Billy Mock, Larry Stowell, john Miller, Joe Sarver, jim Davis, Tommy Arnold, Paul Hull, Alan Largent. Row II: Frank Valentine, George Windish, james Harbell, Roberta Robertson, Barbara Valentine, Maxine Smith, Patty Boggs, Mary Ann Summerkamp, jean Shipley, Doris Grimm, Yvonne Summers. Row III: jimmy Shank, George Stimmel, Jerry Hamond, Bill Powell, Donna Smith, Betty Welsh, Sandra Kershner, Janet jones, Betsy Ketzner, Sandra Weltman, Carolyn lN'olfing- ton, Donna Imes, Eda Hardinger. .Portraits of Distinction Congratulations to the Class of '53 Ben Franklin Store 'I' 'I' 'I' ReynoId's Cigar Store 17 South Centre Street 4- 4- -1- GOLDFINE'S H.R. 8-4: Mr. Hanson Row I: Charles Knippenberg, Marvin Hendershot, Nancy Welsh, William Moyer, Ronald Files, Thomas Dunbar, Francis Grim, Donald Durst, Frank Horwath, Gerturde Settle, Helen Christman. Row II: Gerald Bowman, Henrietta Sciese, Shirley Rexroad, Shirley Stotler, Iris Codlove, Shirley Voorhees, Michael Kesler, Sylvia Hendrickson, Pauline Schramm, Helen Crawford, Charles Clites. Row III: joseph Athey, Alice Zehrbach, Gertrude Berry, Barbara Brown, Lucille Aaron, Helen Paxton, Kenneth Wilson, Donald Rice, Donald Auvil, Janet De Lozier, Willadean Liller. H.R. 8-5: Miss Bowen Row I: Kathleen Lantz, Anna Mae Horn, Martha Davis, Joseph Rice, james Miller, Donald Teets, james Summers, Edward Stonebreaker, Everett Yankie. Row II: Dorothy Twigg, Doris Wilson, Sonja Bucklew, Wanda Oster, Gary Dicken, Edward George, Orville Keller, Arthur Harris, Ray Lowery. Can't Beat 'Em For Flavor Local Representative R. C. "Shorty" MARKER 522 WILLIAMS STREET PHONE: 5272 H.R. 8-6: Mr. Murphy Row I: Gerald Metzer, Dorothy Davis, Lovie Kimes, Mary Jo Irons, Patricia Harvey, Kenneth Raines, Virginia Kimes, Margaret Hill. Row II: Norman Gillum, Robert jones, james Reynolds, Ray Stotler, Thomas Miller, Robert Swanger, Richard Coyle, jean Poling, Frances Lechliter. Row III: Sam Friend, John Cook, Bernard Hardy, Lee Bucklew, William Gorden, Donald Forbeck, Robert Brown. Best Wishes to the Class of '53 A. M. Jack Grocery Merchants Wholesale Grocery phone: 1603 Company of Cumberland, Inc. 1304 VIRGINIA AVENUE 143 UNION STREET Cumberland, Maryland Phone: 1200 Distributors of Joseph T' sirna Fresh Breakfast Coffee REFRIGERA TION SERVICE Golden Isle Fruits - juices Teen Queen Vegetables Phone: 1398'W okco Brand Flour Cumberland, Maryland When you think of Furniture, Pianos, Carpets and Electrical Appliances, Think of Millenson's schwaflenbachls 3'l7 Virginia Avenue Cumberland, Maryland 83 years of seyvice to the 35 model rooms of furniture - Free Parking men and young men of Compliments Of Cumberland Richardson's Corner of Park and Harrison Streets H.R. 8-7: Mr. Shnmaker Row I: Leo Williams, Franklin Smith, Ronald Wolford, Stanley Sams, Charles lVeaver, XVils0n Nelson, Robert Flanagan, james Alt, Mary Horn, Shirley Lechliter, Dorothy Reynolds, Mary Rhodes, Anna Cross. Row II: Lawrence Lindner, Darla Griffith, William Liller, Raymond Welsh, William Lisanli, Mary jane Raines, Ruth Long, Beatrice Fansler, Nancy Stewart, Thelma Morris, Mable Mellott. Row III: james Imes, Lester Lewis, joe Manning, james Brown, Christine Vcach, Grace Lewis, Eleanor Van Horn, Ella Mae Divelliliss, Rose Green, Mary New- man, Rosalie Lewis, Carl Crimes. li XZIIEI Q senbaum A Tri-State Institution Since 1848 H.R. 8-8: Mr. Pellerzi Ron' I: Donna Hardy, Wanda Rice, jean Athey, Barbara Ringler, Carole Parks, Julia Dean, Franklin Shambaugh, Charles Kyser, Gerald Swanger, Melvin Kline, Glen Ray, Granville Nelson, Kenneth Bender. Ron' Il: Pauline Dircks, XVanda Rice, Patty Barnes, Donna Hardy, Frances Northcraft, Romainc Miller, Mary Marian, Esther lenrlmower, Ronald Shanlroltzer, Donald Mar- tin. lVilbur Garland. Ron' Ill: Barbara Hoffman, Arlene Hardinger, janet Ashenfelter, Ifrcd Downs, Kenneth McKee, Roy llelmick, Neil Moore, XYilliznn Patton, Leroy Cray, Benny Brown, fiharles O'Neal, Connie Shipway, Rosalie l'l'eil'fer, 'liwila Mallow. Gladstonds H. E. Smith Grocery A complete line of 1 L h haze" Custmd and um MEA TS - GROCERIES - PRODUCE 4 Miles East on Baltimore Pike 735 oldtown Road SSO GAS AMOCO and E Phone: 2164 H.R. 8-9: Mr. Engle Row I: Bobby Wagoner, james Lofton, Edgar Kolb, Wendell Long, Harvey Sharon, David Roche, joe Bishop, lileanor Seiler, Pauline Huff, Jeannette McDonald, Paula Smith, Rita Kenny. Row ll: Tom Hasclberger, Ramsay Rankin, Francis Ruby, David Datri, Roger Spon- auglc, Clement Miller, JoAnn Porter, Patricia Keifer, Jean Young, Gladys Dyer, Mary Mc- Crcary, Dixie Clark. Row Ill: Nelson Zinn, Charles Calhoun, Robert Pryor, Carmen Bishop, Billy Davis, Norval Cillum, Doris Ralston, Helen Gable, Frances Crabenstein, Glenda Akers, Patricia Swanger. Newcomer's Jewelry Compliments FINE JEWELRY - LOANS MADE Of Expert Watch Repairing john Newcomer 215 Virginia Avenue "I-f. H.R. 8-10: Mrs. Dunlap Row I: Jesse Markley, Robert XVilson, LeRoy Gross, Ronald Cross, LeRoy Blubaugh, Royce Hedrick, Richard Brant, Barbara Ambrose, Martha Sisk, Paula Butts, Jennie Wigfielcl, Charles Atkinson. Row Il: Leo Divebliss, Stanley Oldaker, Gary Shircliff, Bobby Driver, Lawrence Kennell, Carol Tarbet, Karen Bramble, Anita Settle, Jeanette Bean, Nancy Nealis, Tabea Burger, Herbert Shipe, Mary Belle Brown. Row III: James Zufall, Ronald Sapp, Clay Stotller, Vllilliam Liller, Cathleen Grubb, Joyce Ann Reed, Audrey Miller, Charlotte Mayhew, Carol Boyer, Barbara Thomas, Dorothy Grim. Carl E. Shatzer MEATS AND GROCERIES Wholesale and Retail Phone: 545 Swain's Barber Shop 412-417 Maryland Avenue 110 Oldtown Road KapIon's Young Men's Shop L6 'M TIMELY The Cement Products Co. I 407 Henderson Avenue 115 a.m.....e sneer Cumberland, Maryland Keystone Shoe Store, Inc. Phone: 5434 169 Baltimore Street Cumberland, Maryland H.R. 8-ll: Miss Mcflulley Run' I: Kay Miller, Nancy Row, Beatrice Sruckey, Rose Marie Hershberger, Ronald Hendrickson, Richard Hedrick, David Brown, David Vespa, john Harclerode, jerry Kerns, Theodore Alt, lloyd Klrites. Ron' II: Don Walters, Gail Ciarlilz, Geraldine Collins, Jacqueline Langley, Glenda George, Lee llroleniarkle, Darlene Radcliff, Ronald lines, Leroy Shipley, lVilliam limerick. Ron' Ill: Ruth llcneen, julia Chedester, Linda Thomas, james Smith, Ronald Layman, George Nycuin, Kenneth Boho, john Kesler, Harold Coonaliam, Richard Valentine, Charles Haislip. -F20 Patronize Your CUMBERLAND AUTOMOBILE DEALER'S ASSOCIATION St. George Motor Co. Gurley's, Inc. SpoerI's Garage Frantz Oldsmobile Potomac Motors, Inc. Eiler Chevrolet, IHC- Thompson Buick Corporation The Men Who Know Your Car Best Are Factory Trained For Service H.R. 7-I: Mrs. Dunn Row I: james Dean, Edward Root, Nancy Taylor, joan Shanski, Erma Johnson, Joyce White, Iulia Eaton, Mary Ellen Muir, Suzanne Brown, Ruby Kenny, Pearl Wagner, Catherine Barn- hart, Richard Heavener, David Rowley. Row II: jellry Getz, Alice Brakeall, joyce Kniseley, Brenda Waite, Linda Craze, Donna Kerns, Xsina Manges, Carol Reed, Linda Proudfoot, Mary Lee Calbis, jcneanne Murray, David Eyler, William Matheney. Row III: Glen Twigg, Earl Daniels, John Grove, Robert Leiws, Ervin Mason, james Lewis, Robert Thwaites, Barbara Shaffer, john Clark, Virginia Welsh, Donna Koontz, janet jones. H.R. 7-2: Mr. Higgins Row I: Frank Grim, Billy Sulser, james Marrale, Randy Miller, Dale Root, Carl Slyniger, Bill Cyzick, june Breze, Barbara Weaver, jackie Peterson, Pat Dumbusky, Richard Van Meter, Dick Shaffer, Blair Crabtree. Row Il: Gary Minke, Lester Cook, Margaret Conner, Sandra George, Doris Crites, Eugene Riggleman, Loretta Nazelrod, jay Hout, George Weaver, Carl Petenbrink, Gorman Davis, Tommy Reed, Dorothy Harper, Ellen Yergan. Row III: Frances Baird, Barbara Gill, Corrine Grubb, Coleen Crabtree, Judy McKensie, Judy Imes, Dorothy Propst, Sandra Twigg, Twila Akers, Janice Lewis, Dalton Hillegas, Gary Wolford, Roy Fisher, Fred Riggler. THE HOUT CONSTRUCTION COMPANY EXCAVATING CONTRACTORS Grading - Drainage - Foundations - Machinery Moving Shovels - Bulldozers - Dump Trucks - Air Compressors WE ARE EQUIPPED TO DO THE JOB LOW BOY TRAILER FOR HEAVY HAULING MONROE STREET Cumberland: 2678-R Nights, Sun. and Holidays Cumberland 2324-W HY - BURGER RESTAURANT 6 Miles West of Cumberland, Maryland ON ROUTE FORTY Hqmurqar Owned and Operated by Charles and Dorothy Lee Genevie H.R. 7-3: Mr. Stickley Row I: Ronald Swanger, Edward Dyche, James Reed, Frank Neff, Larry Robinson, Ernest Weimer, john Golighty, Kaydon Wood, Linda Hill, Patty Hedrick, Billie Simpson, Helen Bowles, Wilma Phillips, Robert Nines, Lily Dentinger. Row II: Robert Fogtman, Thurl Roy, Kenny Leasure, Lanny Harris, Carole Metzgar, Margaret Norris, jane Snyder, Peggy Davis, Bonnie Hare, Thelma Harvey, Doris Day, Mary Cross, Henrietta Beck. Row III: Charles Patton, Mike McCollough, Harold Shaffer, james Koerner, Albert Hast, Sandra Wotring, Rita Clingerman, Barbara Joyce, Hilda Trail, Mary jane Hast, Wilma Redinger, LaVerne Row, Donna Sue Harris. THE WILSON HARDWARE COMPANY 30 North Mechanic Street Headquarters for Graduation Gifts Nationally Famous Watches DIAMONDS - SILVERWARE Credit Terms EWELRY STOR 1 n 9 D lbw A to Q11 W 11 1 F m' 62 IALTIMORI ST. Keech's Cut Rate Store Wheatacol and Wheatarnin Products 43 Virginia Avenue Phone: 1686 Congratulations from the Super 40 Drive-In Theatre Route 40 West of Cumberland Phone: 6500-W Joe's Texaco Service 1201 Oldtown Road Cumberland, Maryland Groceries - Gasoline - Motor Oil Marfax Lubrications Phone: 489-W Compliments R. H. LAPP AND SONS PLUMBING AND HEA TING 716 OLDTOWN ROAD CUMBERLAND, MD. Columbia Cash Grocery F C t M ' l of me er em""'H 1oo columbia sneer d. . . of mmctwn Free Delivery Phone: 1979-M SCC Prop., Roy L. Merritt Kitzmiller Memorials Frederick and George Street 71 TAXI OFFICE Phone: 71 Cumberland, Maryland Phone: 379 Congratulations to The Class of 1953 H.R. 7-4: Mrs. Shobe Row I: Billy Roche, Myrle Roy, William Nines, David Reiley, Kenneth Lawrence, YVayne Diehl, Pearl Ralston, Earl Drake, Mary Lou Atkinson, joan Zembower, Eugene Shipley, janet Deremer, Beverly Rizer, Eva Nelson, Carol Garland. Row II: Richard lVilson, William Brown, Robert Swanger, james May, William Thomas, John Dean, Patricia Evans, Bonnie Hartman, Barbara Johnson, Mary Ann Lewis, Joyce Martin, Patricia Kreger. Row III: Raymond Valen- tine, Ronald Middleton, Donald Middleton, Jerry Meeks, jack White, John Gross, janet Lou Carroll, Elizabeth Angellata, Louise Ritter, janet Crawford, Margaret Groves, Marcel johnson, Shirley Simpson. 4, Monarch Printing Company Fred C. Crabtree 'I16 Frederick Street 138 Elder Street Phone: 1436 MEATS - GROCERIES Compliments . New York Shoe Rebullders Of Patsy Idoni, Prop. The Work Done While You Wait 7-Up Bbfflillg Cbmptlny Opposite Y.M.C.A., Cumberland when 5eWing' We 5m VVS McCormic Grocery 9 138 Monroe Street lc FRESH MEATS E CREAM PRODUCE "Quality and Service Since l878" GROCERIES Phone: 2382-R il SHOWMAN'S REFRIGERATION SALES 328 Reservoir Avenue PHONE! 3359 Commercial Refrigeration - Air Conditioning H.R. 7-5: Miss Brotemarkle Rau' I: Jerry Corley, Denise Shambaugh, Judy May, Robert Wilson, Richard Sommers, Peter Hannowaith, Edward Sirbaugh, Merle Riggleman, Charles Hannolt, James Diehl, Anna Moses, Ann McClellan, Joyce Swanger. Row II: Mary Mortzfeldt, Sandy Bruner, Donald Bland, Shirley Shives, lislher Lewis, Ronnie Robinette, Robert Johnson, Eugene Kerr, Ray Bunner, limma Simpson, Robert McKee, Judy Parry, Joann Lanbert. Row III: Barbara Liller, Douglas Metz, George Smith, Ruth Perdew, Gary Appel, Dale Middleton, John Blake, Karen Hardman, Thelma Rokztndirh, Myrtle Appel, Bonnie Brake, Joel Smith, Donald Jack. l 1 Compliments of Your Armstrong Distributor FELIX HALF AND BROTHER, INC. R. L. Schubert, Manager PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE - FORT HILL ALUMNI ASSOCIATION FX Compliments 6 of The Cumberland MARTIN'S TIMES - NEWS Baltimore Street - I SINGER SEWING CENTER Everything for the Lady Who Sews Fabric, McCall Patterns and Greatest Selection of Zippers, Buttons, and Trims in Cumberland Sewing Machine and Vacuum Cleaner Repair Station for This Area. Cumberland Electric Company Corner of Virginia and Second Street GENERAL ELECTRIC APPLIANCES Stacey's Market 51 North Centre Street ll0 y We Get Our Vim from Liberty Milk! LIBERTY MILK COMPANY 45 RACE STREET CUMBERLAND, MD. Phone: 1068 For Tops In Entertainment Visit The Crystal Drive-In Theatre Jimmie's Market Corner Decatur and Bedford Street Open Evenings and Sundays Compliments Of Burke's Restaurant Pierce's Cut Rate Store Magazines - Newspapers - Kodak Films First Aid Needs'- Kleenex - Ice Cream Soft Drinks First Street and Virginia Avenue .V We Buy and Sell Used But Not Abused Cars HG00d Gvvds C0m5 In Little Packagesn Gulick's Auto Exchange 305 South Centre Street The S.T. Little Jewelry Co. Cumberland, Maryland Registered Jewelers Phone: 1444 American Gem Society Han-k's Pharmacy Maryland Avenue at Central Coffman's Barber Shop All Doctor's Prescriptions Filled Here 219 Central Avenue Free Delivery Phone: 5300 H.R. 7-6: Miss Teeter Row I: Harry May, Juanita Robbins, Betty Wastchford, Daffnc Miller, Wilber Hardinger, Judy Fleschhauer, Donald Shipley, Ronald Imer, William Aldridge, Tommy Wilbinson, Richard Rice, James Abe, Rodger Abe. Row II: Arthur .-Xshenfelter, Robert Kaiser, Forest Meeks, James Wratchford, Kenny Ousburn, Mark Hazelberger, Barbara Llcwllyn, Eleanor Berg, Barbara Fisher, Dorothy Miller, Clarence Kline, William Galliner, Rodger Hudson. Ron' III: Ada Garclon, Lucy Goldizen, Barbara Leasurc, Betty Hill, Catherine Avcrs, Thomas Shaw, Dolene Henderson, Barbara Colbert. june Baker, Calista Somerkamp, Silva Broadwater, Bob Datri, David Stahan, Sue Turner. Truitt Drug Company W. K. Edwards H. C. Spiker This Pharmacy Is Your "Fortress of Health" 238 Virginia Avenue Cumberland, Maryland Phone: 364 Ben Kamens George Kline It Pays To Cross Town To Kline Furniture Company 405 Virginia Avenue Cumberland, Maryland Cake Box We Specialize in Wedding and Decorated Cakes Bread, Rolls and Pies Edward F. Clinebell, Prop. 33 North Centre Street Cumberland, Maryland Phone: 6357 No Extra Charge For Credit Phone: 70 46 Baltimore Street Cumberland Opticians 8 Greene Street Cumberland, Maryland Schwenninger's Hardware 303 Virginia Avenue Electric and Plumbing Supplies Hardware, Paints and Glass Always Ship By Shipway's Shi pway's Motor Express 804 LAFAYETTE AVENUE Your Community Lumber Yard Since 1896 32 QUEEN STREET Cumberland, Maryland THE SOUTH CUMBERLAND PLANING MILL COMPANY Congrntulatzons and Best Wzslzes to THE CLASS OF '53 East Side Confectionery Coyle Brothers SANITARY MARKET 232 Virginia Avenue Phone: 1734 STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE Frostburg, Maryland A friendly college and one that holds an enviable record in the state in the preparation of teachers Lillian C. Compton, President Call Frostburg 296 for further information Conlon Agency Cumberland First National Bank Building Cl0Ck Gnd Suit' sl'0l'e We Write Every Form of Insurance Protection Airline-Steamship - Rail - Tours Baltimore Street Phone: 807 Congratulations to the Best 'Wishes from CLASS OF '53 WARD N. HAUGER JEWELRY COMPANY Hammersmith's Restaurant 16 N. Centre Street Phone: 4378 ,Ii .4 OUR NEW HOME 22 N. Centre Street HiIl's Toy Store Headquarters for Party Favors, Decorations Dislzes, Glassware, Paint and all Holiday Novelties 45 North Centre Street Syckes' Music Store Laurent Phone: 6289 GR OCER Y AND CONFEC TIONERY Congratulations to the CLASS OF '53 Corner of Oldtown Road and Race Street Nt tins as f H.R. 7-7: Mr. Helmick Row I: Rosemary Allston, I.arry Oates, Larry Sloops, Donald Hare, James Shanholler, Gerald Brinkman, Melvin Boone, James Monday, Emma Mekhotl, Ralph Atkinson, Louise Ault, Howard Pciller. Row II: john Dyer, Richard Kirchner, Edna Kirchner. Betty Thompson, Douglas Ifleek, Charles jankey, Nancy Sampsell, Treva Shanholtz, Catherine Brown, Donna Hardmcn, Virginia Brown. Hiner's Market Meats - Poultry - Vegetables . l . Royal Crown Cola Fruzts - Groeerzes 'l'l7 Virginia Avenue Nehi Bottling Company I' L h Quan unc Springdale Street All Food Cooked Daily Phone: 699 310 South Mechanic Street QUEEN CITY oAmY, INC. Cumberland, Maryland Our Peppy Cheerleaders Drink Queen City Milk Pratt's Confectionery and Grocery 251 Williams Street Phone: 2006-R Candy - Magazines - School Supplies MEATS OF ALL KINDS Eat the best-get Sealtest Compliments of W. D. Y. K. T Q38-fl Ko Coe qoave xo ooqoe we 'oooe qoo JAX dooo-so oe- ogow. ap'- "o'sYxovaX okxoxoojaokef' xo vecovo vixw imc ovoxoqaovs - 4 Owe: WQWOYBVXZ occa4xoos qoof we woo VUHI. Ofmv ld! pflgivgra WIKI. Pf rrtyait St udin . F0 Urth Flo Or Ros ' E NBAUMIS STU Dlo Christopher Photo Lab Wholesalers 732 Oldtown Road South End Market H. K. Poling, Proprietor MEATS - GROCERIES - PRODUCE Virginia Avenue TlI6?'6,S a Dealer In Your Neighborhood for Cumberland, Maryland "Better Photo I"inz'sl1ir1g by Christopher" Phone: 1739 Pepsi Cola Bottling Co. 71 M Greene Street joseph T. and Mznrcus R. Reinhznrd Cumberland Transit Lines For your wily .Ylfl"UI'l'l', Clmrler 11 Coarh for P11rl1'e.s', Outings and Trips 1600 Ford Avenue Cumberluncl 5925 FARMER'S DAIRY Pasteurized Milk, Cream and Dairy Products Walnut Place, Between Poco and Beall Streets Curtis Cox, Manager Phone: 311-312 ' 6 Carl Eiehner's Service C ' .9 . N Station Hiya 1 ' REDDY KILOWATT POWER Landis Typewriter Company After- Graduation Pai Reddy Kilowatt 115 Frederick Sffeef to work for you Electricity Works and Works Cheaply in the YOUR ROYAL PORTABLE DEALER home, at your business, on your farm Phone: 1900 The Potomac Edison Co. GARLITZ BROTHERS First Street and Grand Avenue Crites Transfer 81 Motor Freight Co. MOVING - Local - Long Distance Modern Equipment - Trained Personnel Reliable Service - Reasonable Rates Storage Facilities Call for Free Estimate Rear 905 Glenwood Street Cumberland 1814 Compliments Of BOB DAVIS Davis' Camera Shop alumni a t, I S!! "S !TS -if vu-'TP' J abacus To the Patrons . . . Without whose co-operation there would have been no extra pages, go the thanks and appreciation of the 1953 SABRE Staff. Mr. Ind Mn. J. E. Abernathy Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Adams Mr. and Mrs. Perry R. Ambrose Mr. and Mrs. Pendleton Arbogast Mr. and Mrs. Arthur G, Arthur Mr. and Mrs. George E. Baughman john Randolph Batt Bobbie's Beauty Salon Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Brookley Mr. and Mrs. Wade Brotemarkle Mr. and Mrs. Wilbert E. Brinkman Mrs. Burns Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Buser Juanita Chinault Mr. and Mrs. john F. Chisholm The Rev. and Mrs. Carl H. Clapp Mis. M. H. Clem Mr. and Mrs. Henry Dolan Mr. and Mrs. james Ellsworth The Rev. and Mrs. Louis H. Ewald Leola Faltz Thomas A. Frazer Mr. and Mrs. Martin Gordon Mr. and Mrs. Harry Goss Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Grady Adam E. Grim Compliments of a Friend Mr. and Mrs. Roy L. Gross Dr. and Mrs. james Hallinan Mr. and Mrs. Edward Hansrote Hast Service Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Heavener The Rev. and Mrs. H. E. Heckert Hockman Esso Service Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Hout, jr. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hughes Mr. and Mrs. Harvey A. johnson Mr. and Mrs. Harmon R. jones Mrs. Florence Kester Mrs. Robert Kerlin Delbert Knippenburg Mr. and Mrs. George H. Knotts Charles B. Laing Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Leidinger Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lindner Mrs. Harry Livingood Comm. and Mrs. john j. Long Mr. and Mrs. Howard Lowman Malone's Texaco Service Attorney and Mrs. Earle Manges McGee's Service Station Pete Meconi Mr. and Mrs, Arthur C. Morgan Mr. and Mrs. Sam Neat Mr. and Mrs. William L. Ney Mr. and Mrs. William Popp Mr. and Mrs. George P. Porter Mr. and Mrs. james Reynolds Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Riggleman Mr. and Mrs. Melvin- D. Robinetle Mr. and Mrs. K. B. Robinette Mr. and Mrs. Leo S. Rowan, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. William Rowley Sabre Advertising Staff Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Schade Mr. and Mrs. Ernest M. Schaidt The Schlund Family The Rev. and Mrs. Arthur Scrogum Corp. Allen QAIQ Shaffer Mr. and Mrs. Samuel M. Shaffer Diana Shearer Mr. and Mrs, 1. B. Stafford Dr. B. W. Stump Mr. and Mrs. Edward Taschenberg Mr. and Mrs. Walter Taschenberger Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Twigg Tarvice Trexler W. A. Van Orrner, M.D. Mary E. Walsh A Mr. and Mrs. Lawerenoe M. Weltman Mr. and Mrs. "Bink" Wilson Wilson and Blubach Mr. and Mrs. john Whisner Marshall Wolford H. G. R EBUCK a so PRINTERS-LITHOGRAPHERS TO SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES EVERYWHERE of to. xiii. 5 E15 4 , - F . P Q . :I . V, ,x' 1 4 ' i , 6 i 1 .Q ' 4 l J N 1 1 ' 0 N f l 1 1 f , us , . , H 2 f v ' , . Pr, ,l,.vf, ,,h:wi , . Q , ., rwv, . Vg. Q , ,- , s X, Q.1 5 A ia ' "'- fin ,S ,CQ Q. ' 2 .. mf-'fv' , 'adm , .Huh 3- if-1' :ve gov, Arn-vt-viva-616'-f 0' fri-M' wf'1::!l.:n1, '.-mtvl1mJe:Pf ' , Mlxluxnaiw ' ' ' lk , X x N 1 1 'W 4 mb., 4, I. gqzf' . J f c, vm-. ,, ,A X , I V Y .I l . Q ,, V , ...gk N I I 1 Q I s . F4 1 1 x K X 1 ,I K . , f-IP ,ss " " . ,g f,1-vp.-,:fA' .ffm 1-v!"'5' ,ah ,A -1 505' 'ff .355 Eg A

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