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W 3 , iff , L WV sm' V X Q K ' x SL ,z 'spgfgh i wi Ss , aa H... 'V if f- Q -up qi N 2 "Gy 4k 2 -4: -.f1':lH,I:E' - J!"- Q94 W E1 is as 1 Q , vu , , 5 H 4 2 av 1, , 54 NM 3 3 5' as ? if fl 2 as . v -' mai I 0 U 1 Q V sv 1 -f ss 'P . Vi ..,-.....m.,,.,M , ,nm :U if , 324 5-W -Q W 5 P' , 4 I k ,,, ., n ag "Q , 3 32' 5 '35 :S 8 6 I 5 ig 5 N 1 Q Y 3' 3 nr , w , I- I 3- is ,R g ggwwfw , ,qs 'G-'.'tjE.i ,W - 14,32-419 : ix ,Ugg W ai.. fam- X14 Q' , , il 'A 1 X .11 Q- an as 8 in w K Q 'f -V I. use I -- ,IP JM' , , I Q x 'V 'L 3: T ' 'Mk A - ' . a ' s 'ii L 'jug 0 1 Shah ,L Nwfwm W5 " lun In I H L. ,ss ,, ' " 1 as 1 ' gs -I 'QA 1 l 1 CD in , ' 155 HS N 1 Q 1 f im fgfl- QQ 4, HU ,f Ur sr V 5 N I ' f fx " sn , - 1 L' f.!i.r2 ' N" ' pf, ' I ' M,'ff,?',H," A 1 if . ,1 yi 2 pl . 98 3 I , 5 Q ,,V ,t5 ' .wa N 2 if 4 V v .1 .f-, ,Q pf My -E' sa S 'B 3 .Y 1:9 ,, 4 Y UI ff .s I f.: jg, ,K ,NM , 'frizfggg 'V 1 J. 1 55, S 14' f i 'B A A, ' 3'i" 4 W 4. my . -,,,,.M.-g , ,,. N 6 I dv, 5: K Elf ' H' B 'vi ' if I 'Lt k 19-'-'A' U7 ,Na -- ,, is 'Q 5 .' 18 - ' .fwfi 11.-' 4 f J 14 k Ki r xi ,J r 'A 3 " Q a 4 X I P 'f THE Vrrr rrrrr Irfrr rrrr SABRE LLl.LLl.LLLLI UUU UUU LLI.Lu..u.u.u ,ff xifts0g,,,PM4,,mIOa f -Q.L,34,,Q fmwczzy The SENIQR CLASS of 1952 4 M Fort Hull School ff? j Cumberland Md 6 ifffaff W f A X ..........f.... UUUU A UUE , I 'af ,K f if HI ff um' u. - . Hifi-gs" 7 2'-'wt gf' A fx!! dj l RTA , . K 'YI' L . t A , V lr 'rf V . A - 9' 4.-44 gw ' ', . K fr f -A I 1 Cayuywma 'I . I 7, E Y J,,,,.Z,,. , u id e F V , 4 I I f f I 2 5 , . 1 c f. .fdblflllflflfl Y A QXIJIIZQI' 4 I ' J . Time i Builds 'Memories 1 . , . z Y Each hour, each day, Time builds 'into the heart of each student at FORT HILL a bowifer of-' memories. From the eager excitement of thdse first autumn days through the weeks and months that bring high accomplishment, 'warm friendships, continuing inspirationiiand joy, to awakened spring, and that final achievement graduation, Time ,holds not only the living moment, but the promise of remembrance. 4'0u,r minds may let go a thousand things, Like dates of wars and deaths of kings, Yet will recall - in every hour Memories from our hears warm bowerf' ,I , I W 'Zi ' ,- 1 J' - I - A -J I af ,sf X s as f J If , -Q, g YP- L-me ' ,B V il! his T il ' -f - Q5 ok ,,-.YLJKLQ C-egg, are sae was .ts Jxrx. , N" ' 4. ee are gs 6 f W f e or i ,N ff SJ, i"' "i' ' Wi-,xvbf A 4- - , -.J S' Lani ,K it ,' ",fl4',7?,, fi. no -KJ 'Q' .1-way Wav! t, 'M fi of XX K' '-1' 4 ,N - 42:-X if ff., all -ff 6 ,Q 5, . ' -,, ' ,D oA, p ff, gy 2 X ' If Vxf, Q' f-Qxfvxa J Jfff mf W "" Q ,f4c!ilerZiri?l'U2l1-fri X 'Qww stf Inf'-U Jef' -Q - wig" L 'tif N- .-1 7 'ii-L. - ,',.g F7 N YJ I lfifeafv' K V i" IN MEMORIAM to Miss ELIZABETH MILEY and MR' PHILIP KESTER who chose the 6'High Way." THE WAYS John Oxenham '4To ezrery man there openeth A way, and Ways, and a Way. Anil the High Soul climbs the High Way, Anal the Low Soul grapes the Low, And in between, on the misty flats, The rest drift to and fro. But to every man there openeth A High Way, and a Low. And every man clecifleth The Way his soul shall gof, Miss Elizabeth Miley 11890-19517 With abiding affection and appreciation, the Class of Nineteen Hundred Fifty-two dedicates the SABRE to the memory of Miss Elizabeth Miley and Mr. Philip Kester. The creative skill, warm understanding, and gracious self-giving of these, our honored teachers and true friends, enriched and inspired our lives to worthy purpose and high achievement. Mr. Philip Kester 11906-19513 R 5 il'- ,,-f' f X IGM 'X '-Q,-av' 4 ,Q iv Mr. Victor D. Heisey MR. VICTOR D. HEISEY Principal One of the busiest persons at Fort Hill High School is the principal. Mr. Yictor D. Heisey. It is his responsibility to carry out an active and systematic pro- gram that will prepare the students of Fort Hill for their future years as Amer- ican citizens. MR. WAYNE W. HILL Vice-Principal The year 1951-52 found Mr. Way'ne W. Hill, vice-principal, actively participating inhalllthat would make Fort Hill a better sc oo. Di-cn--ing Sabre Problems--L. t 0 R.: Mr. Hr-i-wx. principal: All and Liemlv. vo-e-slilorsz Newcinnli and Collins, photographers. Q 5 . , W Nlr. Wayne llill NIR. RALPH WINIER AIIEIIIIUIZCC Officer Day after day the work of keeping the attendance records falls to Mr. Ralph Winter. His sincere and friendly attitude has made him one of the best known and admired teachers at Fort Hill. int MR. ARDEL HAINES Cuidmzce Director Mr. Haines spends much time in the educational crest of young people at Fort Hill. Under his direction, Fort Hill has made l'RlNClPAL'S CABINET Time - a total of 147 years of teaching experience at Fort Hill-is emlwodied into our principalis cali- inet. fnder the skillful direction of Mr. Heisey. this cahinet has hy its industry and initiative guided Fort Hill through l05l-52 in a very efficient and orderly manner. -1 great strides in the field of guidance. .gl -d' Q... ,As jf A L 1 , ,tl . ,im 7 A, 9 K - l i lillllxlilpgxll.-5 tI:tl3lXlf'l'if Rim' I. l.. lo H.: Mr. Hi-i-ey. Chairman: Nlr. Hill. Vice Chairman and Matheniaticsg Nlr. Higler. Fen-tice: Nliss Willison. lunglish: Mrs. Re:-ser. Physical Education: Nlr. Morris, Social Studies. Row ll: Miss Hanck. Library: Xllr. Nhumaker. Languages: Xlr. Rilcliie. lfonnnercial: Nlr. Wiinrr. .-Xtteiiilaiim-g Nliss Nlclfollv. Home Economics: Nlr. Hinds. Xovationul: Xlr. l'n'rde-w. Yi-uul lftlucatioii v .V fi I- .4 Q. f-,f -an-J . P' .. 1 f gr 7 MRS. N. BENNETT World History 1936-52 ii-L MR. T. HINDS Industrial Arts 1936-52 Mr. J. Cavanaugh Physical Ed. 1936-52 . A -'35 M 1 YL.- Qbv' ill!--f 'fn-ff MR. P. PERDEW Biology 1936-52 8 1 Q if ' S MISS A. FORD . I ,C English I .- -I '6- 2 KX' 193 5 is-f YQ- MISS L. BOUGHTON Mrs. R. DUNN English Reading 1936-52 1936-52 MRS. A. HUGHES MISS L. MEYERS .llalhematics Hislork' 1936-52 1936-52 N 4. I . E . Q cf kpgyk M x ,Ag ' . 2 , S MISS Y. HUDSON MR. R. MORRIS Home Economics History 1936-52 1936-52 MISS G. RANCK MR. C. RITCHIF Librarian Comrnerrial 1936-52 1936-52 I ioifm - X11 X., K KW ,' 4. i mx 'si' I fu- A -I IFEX. ,V g an Q-rf , . .,' " ix, MISS C. PRITCHARD English 1936-52 ,fl . 'I MISS M. RICE Business Training 1936-52 NIR. W. SIII'NI.-XKITR Spanish 1936-52 sv- -s. 13 -'Uh if MRS. V. SCHLEIFIVIAN .Uuthfmatirs 1936-52 MISS BI. WORKBIAN English 1939-52 L- Nm' MISS N. WILLISON English 1939-52 MHS. N. IIILTON SUFIIIII Slmliffs IU II -32 iq-g MHS. C. IIAST ff- U- , +0 f' 1' Harm' lffurzorzzirs 1941-52 MISS II. SMITH Ifllflllkll 1936-52 at 'Or-HY' I ,. IE I MRF. II. ,-KLILNMONC Business lfduralion I9-I1-52 Aww 'KX MISS K. IQIWIBEE Hllglixlz 1912-52 MRS. K. W I LSON Secretary 1936-52 MISS E. KR.-'RIF Latin 1937-52 MR. .I. ENGLE Social Sludies 1 94 1 - 5 2 5 A , 1- 1' 1 I ' ' airs: . QLTU- 11- fn. A MR. J. FERGUSON Drafting 19-11-52 MR. W. IIAIIN I'hysir'r1I Efluralion 19-I2-52 6-I 'A it I 1 , 2' I I MISS R. mem So:-ful Studies " 1943-52 1 1 V 9 M. BI..-XKE MR. R. YVIMER English Psychology 19-13-52 19-1-3-52 Q s Sf 'W' MRF. P. FYLHR g0!'l-III Sfzufics 191-1-52 Q7 MRS. I.. RESSER MRS. C. DUNLAP f,hj'Sl'I'!Il Ijlllllllfl-Ull Kffffffflg 16113.52 1944-02 J. BOW'EN MR. I.. ALEXENDER yngg M' QQALEMINE Core Vocnlionaf WV00IlI,l.'0flf- A Engjfsh 1945-52 1946-52 1946.32 A. FRITZ Education 1946-52 XO ' 4'V""'1i'h Qu.-...- fif " no MISS L. BURR!-LL MISS T. BROTENIARKLE Art English 1945-52 1046-52 MR. K. PERRY Malhemalics 1946-52 .fix MRS. M. MEWSHAW MRF. II. SNYDER lllathematics Physical Education 1946-52 19-1-6-52 Qu QW' MISS A. YATES ,llusic 1946-52 .X W? is 'A MR. R. BIGLER MR. T. FOOTE Science Art 1947-52 1947-52 I ., . ' x MISS M. ASHBAUGH MR. C. BRYCE MUSIC Science 1947-52 1947-52 .If ... 1 MR. R. PRICE Typing 1947-52 - -1 MR. F. WINSHEIMER Social Studies 1948-52 S MISS L. FOX Assistant Secretary 1947-52 5 , 9 5 MISS R. McCo1Iy MISS O. ROBERTSON W. BURCIIARD Home Economics Home Economics Chemistry 1947-52 1948-52 1949-52 MR. W. KIPP MR. L. STREM Industrial Arts Industrial Arts 1949-52 1949-52 MR. R. HIJLL MR. J. NICVICKER Mathematics Science 1949-52 1949-52 1 F .Yi A214 MISS N. 'PETER Reading 1949-52 IJ ' V I MR. R. YOUNG MR. J. REED - X Mathenzatics Hinjogy 35 1949-52 1950-52 ' ,V C if MR. C, ILILPIN .U1If1Il'l1HIfil'5 1931-52 1:-r-Q MR. J. HIGGINS NIR. N. 4fUl.l,lNS Serial Stzzrlivs .N'r'i0r1r'f' 1930-52 19317312 MR. H. HANSON MH. T. NIIRPIIX Vocal Music Arr 1951-5? 1951-52 '9 Pm MR. WC HELNIICK MR. C, UUFR ffnre .Ur1l1lf'r11rlI1'rx 1931-52 1951-32 Faculty Male Quartet li. NIR. ll, KXZICH ,llusir 1931-52 Q A .g..n' E gow, you Jag no! Qld, Afayd, we go. 5 1 U gn, , Q? .1 A 5 'Q A , M lr-A all M' E3 f 5 5' Fi 2 K i av, ,- Y ,Q ,mf at ' ' yi Q Q Qt ' ix ' Q as ' h .v ff. , g v' "' .LA Q , A I 'aww in MQ '51 W' ' Ct, 'M' , if V ' wx Q 'FUI " k , ' v'i ': Am fx' .1 Y , .QV v- . fa M X-ff' ' i .vt 'H m 'Raef sfxa 5 sa g'?'X"g f r'.,fN x N Nf ' Q wr' xfg 6,4 if 'L ff .V .A ,1',,f my? af. 4 ,N Y 5' i Q WW' fag ' ff' W QLV T?" ' XJ. f., . '1 U-Az '3 Penn. Ave. 3' Row l: llardy, Penn. Ave. 4-Row 1: Long. llnll. F. Grimm, Bennett, DivPllali.s, Ron' 2: Wallrrs. Flan Smith. louis. Lofton. lf-y. ll. Wilson. Wagrn-r. Q-nliurgz. Row 3' lvilvr, ln-lt:-r. llross. Long. M4 lleifliic, Roads. Hain. " ary. Ron' Disc-lliliss, Dy:-r, Kevfvr, flilwrgvr. llrown. Grinnn. lwt. 'inpln-ll. llillvgraf. Un-orgv. From-lrrakvr, .inn. Nlvllardy. Row llrown. Gorinvr. llloss. 1.6 l.m-ok. Swangor, King, Non. Row 3: Siniltc-r, Da- Poling. Swanga-r, Pvrry, llucklew, Om-r, llorn. Ave. 'IfRz1w 1: Saylor. . Nlork. .-Xtlnfy. Arnold. Hull. Yan l'vlI. Wliilc. 2: Ne,-wcoinvr. St' rx. Poxwll. Large-nt. llvn- .1 Flianli, ou' 3: Inn-s. Suni- np. llf-drick. Clay. Sav- Wihrlitfiiivii. Grimm. . .loin-S, Nlvrrill. irnnwl, ou' 1: llolfington. Yalvritiiw. ln-lly. llaxia liulduin. llronml- uvlx. Nll'l4l. lv-r-lim-r. NX ul- arg Holm-rlfon. lloggb. ' v V x 'L rown m r fnin i tdU r 1 N lirannn ' 1-rry. ic I : '- . 'nx an orn, X. 'I Z Q " :V 1 I 1' 9 Q, Q "' , is A fl ' Il i r. Xllil- lle'4'lr'r. linvf. All' 22 l.l'YVl4, l. Ste'- riffilll. Xppli-. Karon. Slllllll. Penn. Ave. 2'-Row 1: Dunbar, Cntr-s. Wolfe, .-Xtlwy, File-s, llowman. Row Moyer, Znfall. Ricci. liurg, llendvrfliot. Grass, son. Pngli, Durst. Row 3: T but. clllflhllllilfl. Baits, llowdysliell, Re Blamble, Arnbrose, M Yroeliuv. Se-ttle-. Rvu' 4' ford, Brown, Boye. bo Jay, Mayhew, Paxton, W fall, Longly, Statler. S .x . .Q sway' . 'f fs' li. vi D T' , 1 E Q' -f !X,,, ' . lv., - I ' 7-7 -R010 l: Nlvtzgcfr. K Slotlvr. Kiggl:-rnan. I X x lonvs, Yanlxiv, Tm-ls. Row Coyle. lroni. Lantz. Pfeiffer Klrwnv. l.i1-klitf-r. Wilson. liirvk llill Uaxi-. llarvr-y. Forln-sk. - I a .1 Q' J-JI-fx ' ,shy if ff 1? 3 xg' 1 4 sz 5' '-Q .... 3 .1 K .V Q by ,. Y-I K1 yi' 1 A , R A if I 5 V6 af 'S Nfl ll fi? Sm " E ,XJ , Q 1 'g'f,'q M gg mtl 'ff Ml, A-' -4r--'- wmv, I' 'Cf' ii ,, if 'rf-. U .-X, V' W' 4 , 9-3'-Row 1: Short, Johnson, Ketterman, Grahame, llarvey, Park, Triplelt. All, Shanhohz. Keefer. Row 2: Lepley. Mark- ley, Long. MeKenney. Grapes. Sharon, Evans, Nelson. Rum- mer, Kline. Ron' 3: Bur- caw, Blaeklin. Dawson. Brown, Breigliner, Brnlgres. :Xmlre-ws. Stecknian, Pyles, llarris, Mil- ler. Inf Lewis Nlerrill Rev Brown Sweitzer Ben Taylor, Cordry, Taschen Row 2: Green. Alexander, son, Ritter, Rowley, lines, ars, Boore, lfskin, Shnni Aronholt, Rive. Raw 3: R Lassiter, Ballon, King, Marker, Rowly, man, Hafer, Wright, Sourlers, llornbrook, Meeks, Duffy. 9-'I 'l--Row 1: Lindeman, C . , 1 r , , xl- W 9-9-Row 1: Dnrrett, Dealil, Rue-hl, Dawson. Arnold, Shat- zer, Mackeretli, Lewis, Cold izen. Row 2: Phillips. llietl, Hixenban h Rice Norllieraft E Q Q y Brown, Boone. Norlheraft, Huffman, Christopher. Row 3 Llewellyn, Zinn, Yalentine. Reckely, Conner, Calliher, Ad- ams, Cunningham. ,laeobs Row 4: Reynolds, Vlleise, whis- ner, Dormio, While, Andrews Long, Alderton, While, Harding. ..'iv H 'Z 4 IO 2 9 3 8 4 7 6 5 lc fel' 9 'IO Row I Kinney Gmor Corley, DeLnc'a, Newman, nedy, Grim. Abernathy. 2: Haines, Bender, aver. Baker, Anderson. son, Kaiser, Jones, Mat Row 3: Reynolds. Appe is, Weaver, Morgan, Sr Raines, Dailey, fNleLuekie clerhaum. Row 4: Bramble, Anvil, Wilson, ing, Thomas, Landis, man, Siehler, VllllllSS. r l 9-7fRow 1: Smith, Hahn, Barnes, Cero, Bible, Rowe, Eaton, Row 2: Leichliter, F Thompson, Hetrick, Slut Leg:-er, Brown, Miller, Wigfield. Row 3: Van f' Cage, Small, Bunner, H shot, Hoover, Dawson, Liller. Row 4: Campbell son, Murray, Plummer, Thomas, Mahaney, Smith, ferlierger, Bishop. I . HF E5 S5 E' fix Vg 21-f 65 if Q EEl 35 55 G 'af . 545,154 . L Wi., H' , R llJ: , V x-8' v Q 9 .y 51 3 Q V3 V 3, MQW w JY? 3 2 1 ii 5,9 Q W ,g xg' 6 'fa c Sopl1r1111orf- Cla S upon cros111 tn t11e 1 cl of tlw Sl'lllHl' 111 1 cr cc a CII' reQ1ce11t 1 51111111 1 p1esi1lP11I. llxmlu-rt r111t Qerretarx NI r1lx11 Halrl1s111 '1 llltl liulrarcl l3itt11f1r. L a Q 111110 no xelr 1 10111g 11111f1tx ruling SPI1l0I'S. ua tc ml 111 11116 111 CO111111 c If 1 rs 1111 - 1111 s111a11sl1ip. por- QOIl3lllX 8IIllllllOIl 'food lools Q1 l111laQl1L stzulcllnff the sopho111oreS Sophomore Nlycrs rewmdmg projector SOPHONIORF CLASS OFFI- CERS S Sfzzmlingz Wlilliam Steppv. prv-hlz-1113 Hi1'l1ar1l Bilt- nf-r, trf'as11re-rg Robefrt Brant, vice-presidf-r1t, Seated: Marilyn Baldwin, swrm-tary. Q4 urls J, S-Eff-'fj 'll-4-Y-Row 1: Daxis. Ralf-y. Da- JIWNIOR CLASS OFFICERS'--Seriterl: Richard Fhrout, treasurer: Jack Dolan, president: Barbara Campbell, sec- retary. Smmliligz Mr. John XlcVil'lu-r, adviser. No! Pir- zurefl: Jack Turner, vice-president. 150111, junior, leading discussion in U. S. History class 'lilllf 'l'lNll'i fXllPliU:XlilllfS Thr- junior Class. with ll keen eye on the future. vleetecl at Z1 lm pre lilllll lull iliurm-r. xim'e-presi4l4'nl: wry early flare Jai-lx lin: , rs' X 1 1 ' llurl+:u'u Cumphell, S0l'I'lxlLlff1 aml liic-liarll Shri NIH 1 was the mln ll XX ntl ml. lI'l'LlSUI'i'l'. Mr. ,lohn ' ivlw- 1, L V' 1 ilu-sv lwolnlv ll-ailing us. iw were lllrillm-fl :xml aweil to think that next year iw will haw the opportunity to Irx lu lvelter thi- olllslamllrlg senior 2lI'I'llIIllJllSlllIl1'IIlS. ilillill will ,ur purpose in 1933. -f clams. Dirrks. liI't'lgllI1f'I', Stafford, Case-. Row Mort, Alzlerton. Cavanaugh, ntz, Wlarner, Boone, Wil- Evans, Deter. Row 3: Ellsworth, Davis, Jack- Jackson. Bird, A4 CA, 'I'l-2 Row 1: WVHQIIS, Lon Vicker, Winters, Under Sharon, Squires, Nlencer. 2: Knotts, Rowan. Chis Arthur, Rowley, Farris. an, Wilson. Rau' 3: ix4 illapp. Cimmino, K1-str-r, Car 1 n-gl, lilz. Long. lortf-r. K llarllv, White, Tascher Run' -1: Merrbach. Ewalml, nf-ll, Golden, Furlow, W Rowan, Warnick, Simms, anis, Clark. 'l'l-'l- -Row 1: Carp:-ntl, ne-r. Robinette, Hare, W ,-Xlvaro, Barnes, Mill-Y, Hou 2. Colt . l Opp, Rim-. Duff. Nlonlgmm-ry ner. Sites. Clem, Bowman, -tl-vl. Flonaker. Run' 3: R son. Hunt, Fahey, llc lillfllllfjll, Rm-klvy, Cam llafe-r. Xb-tlikvn. la llolm, Wilson, lludson. LW Pur Q Mr. Don Razey, Director LI A x ORCH ESTRA linmler the supervision of Nlr. Don Razey. the orehestra is fast heeoming popular at Fort Hill. It is c-omposecl of twenty-four string instrument ancl twelve percussion players. This organization met one periotl a week. lwut spent mueli time in extra rehearsal. 'lihe group plays light orehestra. Classical. motlern nunilwers. anrl possesses most of AN EYE TO THIS FUTURE ln the unique Fort Hill Spanish Cluh you fincl an organization with a familiar goal--looking toward the future while enjoying the present. The elulw met during a Class periocl onee a month anfl at the homes of the memlmers for special parties. The memlwers. seeoncl year Spanish stuclents. eleetecl John Batt. presirlent: Donna How an. vice-presiclent: Hazel Rinker. seeretary: Jack Fayman. treas- urer: ancl loan Minke. sergeant-at-arms. Mr. Warren Shumaker acts as adviser. the qualities that are the markings of good or- chestra members. SPANISH Cl,L'B-Row I Fayman, Yetter. Alvaro Row Il: Duff. Rowan, Rink er, Rowan. Row III: Cimi no, Clapp, Nlinke. Long Row IV: Batt, Bowman Shrout, Johnson. 'A AQ' v - ?"5'f 'N 'ft ,, 6 V R. an HQ' lm YES .4 ia. .J N ir E igi. .0 7, gi -. 4, il k - """-,..,,,1 xv M, Wu., ,M iw J Ag an ww 5 V ff! ,mv N if 'TW 3 is-ff fn Y A Q 5 M an ,xwaimibag . W., V fa phi 41. f GAKQQ Q Q xy , ffwf ,,-Q.. : me , D' rj, uv- ""7 fn tv V?- ' 'I' 'E S-.4 gi b SENIOR CLASS OF- FICERS - Row I: president, Maurice Millerg vice-president, Alan Mease. Row Il: secretary, Sh errell Parsonsg treasurer, .Io Ann Cross. Miss Ceradine Pritchard Social Adviser W THE TIME HAS COME That long awaited moment finally arrived. Yes, at last we were dignified seniors, the leaders of the school! Last year, after an active, close and hard fought campaign, we elected our president, Maurice Miller. Alan Mease, was chosen vice-president, Sherrell Parsons, secretary, and Jo Ann Cross, treasurer. Under the guidance of Miss Geradine Prit- chard, social adviser, and Mr. Carl Ritchie, financial adviser, we were ready to accept and overcome any challenge offered. We came through our fall activities with flying colors, and then made a fine showing in the play tournament. How the time did fly! Soon, it was time for our Senior Class play. After much hard work and practice, an admirable performance of M0ur Miss Brooks" was the result. A tremor of excitement and nervousness gripped us as the Senior Farewell Assembly and Senior Prom approached. But soon we had set another record and it was time to think of Graduation and the outer world. It was then we realized U , the deepness and significance of our motto, HWe learn not for school but for life." Mr. Carl Ritchie Financial Adviser Fin Mary Ackerson Ellen Alderton Margaret Baker John Batt Billie Agee Ruth Allen Alena Bartles Richard Beard 'Ula TI E damn 4 Phyllis Alt Margaret Appel iwillard Athey Mary Bailey "'?'! at S ACKERSON, MARY LENORE-Commercialf-"Duckie"-- Library Clubg Monitors. AGEE, BILLIE JUNE-Commercial-Tri-Hi-Y 4g Ushers Club 1g Student Council 1,2,3g Junior Farewell 3g Sabre 4g Mimeograph Crew 4. ALDERTON, ELLEN MAE-General-''Ellie"-Student Council 4g Fort Hill Players Auxiliary 3,4g Majorette 3,4-g Tri-Hi-Y 4. ALLEN, RUTH YVONNE-Academic-"Joey"-Thespians 4g Dramatic Club 1g Fort Hill Players Auxiliary 2g Fort Hill Players 3,4g Library Club 2g Sentinel Staff 2,3,4g Verse Speaking 35 Tri-Hi-Y 3,4g Spanish Club 2,3. ALT, PHYLLIS FAE-Commercial-"Philly''kMonitors 1, 2g Mimeograph Crew 3g Sabre Staff 3, Co-Editor 4, National Honor Society 3,4. APPEL, MARGARET FRANCES-Vocational-'AMargiel' -Library Club 1,23 Photography Club 15 Jr. Farewell Assembly 3g Softball 1,2,3,4g Cashier 3,43 Monitor 3. 'ATHEY, WILLARD OSCAR, JR.-Commercial-"Junior" -Track 3,45 Bowling 2,3,4. BAILEY, MARY LOUISE-Commercial-"Speedy,'-Clee Club lg Tri-Hi-Y 43 Bowling Club 4. BAKER, MARGARET JOAN-Cerner-al-g'Jo"-Fort Hill Players 3,45 Library Club 2,3. BARTLES, ALENA ARDELLA-Commercial-"Bootsie" -Softball lg Basketball 2,3,4. BATT, JOHN RANDOLPH-Academic-"Batsy"-Foot- ball 3,4g Basketball 3,43 Baseball 3,4g Pinafore 3g Glee Club 3g Spanish Club 3,4g Hi-Y 4. BEARD, RICHARD VAN METER-General-"Dick"- Football 1,2,3,4g Track 1,2,3,4g Basketball 1. Afrong min 5 . . . William Bell Delores Bishop Norma Bishop Ross Bishop 'K BELL iW'fl.lAM F.-L24ca1lemic--"Bill"fProjection crew 2,3,-35 'C ee Club 3,4. BISHOP, DOLORES DAWN4CommerriaI-"Flamingo"- Senlinel 45 Tri-Hi-Y 45 Sabre 3, Advertising Manager 4. BISHOP, NORMA GRACE-Commercial-Library Club 15 Glee Club 2,3,-15 A Cappella Choir 2,3,45 Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1,25 Girls' Ensemble 35 H.M.S. Pinafore 35 Sabre 4. BISHOP, ROSS ALVIN-Commercial'-'Projection Crew l,2,45 Band 3,45 Junior Farewell Assembly 3. BLAMISLE, JOANN-1-CommercialM-Clee Club 1,25 A Cap- pella Choir 25 Band 1,2,3,45 Play Tournament 25 Cheerleader 45 Sabre Staff 4. BOYD, JAMES EDWARD-eCommercialA",Iim"-Library Club 2,3,4. BRADY, WAYNE HENRY-Academic-"Sonny"fA Cap- pella Choir 2,3,45 Glee Club 2,3,45 Spring Festival 25 H.NI.S. Pinafore 3. BRANT, CERALDINE lONAfVocational-"Jerry"-Tri- Hi-Y 45 Library Club l,2. BROADWATER, RICHARD KNIGHT - Commercial! "Dick"--Boys' Clee Club 1,25 A Cappella Choir 1,25 Fort Hill Players 3,45 Thespians 45 Stage Crew 3,45 For! Hill Players Auxiliary 25 'flunior Miss" 2. BROWN, JAMES CEORCE-General-"Jim'-Football 1, 2,3,45 Track 2,3,4. BUCKLEW, FRANCES EMMA-Vacational-"Franny"- Tri-lli-Y 4. BURKHART, WILLIAM KENNETH-Ceneral-"Bill"- Choir 3,45 Glee Club 3,4-. JoAnn Blamble Wayne Brady Richard Broadwater Francis Bucklew James Boyd Geraldine Brant James Brown William Burkhart Q-. f 'N nr ix af A '!Y""7 Norman Cage Betty Cavey X Juanita Chinault Dale Collins Q.: 1 Q 14 Bryce Carder r Ann'Carpen flcwff CA,-If-f u, BKTLER, MELDA C1lRlST1Nr-Xagznzmercial. Vp-'41 CAGE, NORMAN MILFORD-Ceneral4"Bueky"iBase- ball 2.3.45 Football 1.2,3,45 Basketball 3,45 Choir 2, 3.4. CARDER, BRYCE EDWARD, JR.-GeneraIw'i1-Iddie"H Projection Crew 2,3,4. CARPENTER, ANN QUINTONA-Commercial--'iAnnie"-- A Cappella Choir 45 Cla-e Club 45 Tri-Hi-Y 4. CARPENTEK, SARA KATHRYN-C0mnzercir1I4A Cap- pella Choir 3,45 Clec Club 1,2,3.-15 Pinafore 3. CAVEY, BETTY ELIZABETH-General-"Betsy"-Sabre 4: Alpha Tri-lli-Y 45 Monitor 3.4. CHASE. HARRIETT ,IEANETTE-Academic-"Chasie"- Monitors 1.25.45 Fort Hill Players 3,45 Yolley Ball 1.25 Majorette 354. CHINALTLT, ,IUANITA JEAN-Academir--"Ne'etlie"- Dramaties 15 Spanish Club 2,35 Tri-Hi-Y 35 Library Club 2.3.45 Fort llill Players 45 Sabre 4. CLITES, NORMA JEAN-Commercial-i'Norn1"-Tri-Hi Y 12.3.45 Verse Speaking Choir 35 Fort Hill Players 35 Fort Hill Players Auxiliary 1.25 Thespians 45 Sentinel Staff 3.45 Play Tournaments 35 H.M.S. Pinafore 3. COLLINS. DALE OWEN--4General-"Satch"-Photography 3,45 Sentinel 4. COMBS, KERMIT EUGENE-General-"Herman"-Foot ball 1.2.3545 Track 1,253.43 Band A Cappella Choir 2,3,43 .lunior Farewell Assembly 25 Glet- Club 2,3545 Photography 2. CONN, JAMES LEE--Academic-'flimv-Sabre 45 Span' ish Club 4. H EA RTS, Kermit Combs James Conn tw 4 -6 u -,wb in William Conner Fay Cosgrove CONNOR, Wll-l.lANI RICHARD-f'Ce11z'r11I--"llill'3A-Cleo Club 3,,1g llslufrs Club lg l'rojc-vlion Crow 2,3g Pina- forc 3. COSCKUVE, F.-XY ARLICNIC fl.'m11r11err'i111 -"PuIl-Putt',- Tri-lli-Y rig Fort llill l,lilXK'I'4 3. COVER, RONALD ,IAXIESV f.'nn1merr'ir1f4"R0nnim-"- Stage- Cr:-w 3.1: lfurt Hill l'luyr-rf ll.1g 'lbvfpialis 3,43 Bowling 'livam 4. CRADLE, YIQHNON- l'ur'11!iu11rll -"lSlun- lfyvr"-V-lianll 1,2, 3,43 Clem- Club l.2,3g junior Town M1-r-ting 3.-1. CRABTHEE. 'l'Wll.A FAX if CUHIIHl"f!'l'lll7NlOllll0I'S Club 2,33 Tri-lli'Y 3,4g Fort llill Playvrs 3. CROSS. JOANN '-C'lIllIlIlt'l!'l'Ill'Y-"JU--' -Tri-Hi-Y 3,-lg Fort Hill Players Auxiliary 3g Junior Farvwvll LAbSt'lIllJly 3g Sopbomorr- Class Scvrr-tary 2: Sf'I1l1lI' Class Treasurer 4g Sabre Staff 4g Sentinel Staff 3.45 Football Quoen 4g Bowling Club 2,3,4. CROVVE, WILMA CIQACEYCUIIIIllEfL'iIl1-hxvllllldii DARR, IDA MAE---General DAVIS, DALLAS JUNE-Cunznzercial-"Texas" DEAIIL. HARRY l'ilJfi.'xR--f.i!lII1l7l?ff'ilIl llunnl 2.3.1. DBLOZIER, FREDA. xl.AE-'CUIIIIIIPI'L'flll7hI'wI't'Ll2i-ifcilflll Fra Club lg llshe-rs 1.23 Clos- lllub l.1Zg Junior Farcwcfll Assembly 3g Sabre -I-g Spanifll Club 2.3. DOLAN, HONAID CULEXIAN '.'1l'!l11l'lI1i4' -"Honnie"-'- Baskc-tball 2g Ilan-ball. AN DS . Harry Deahl 'UM 6,1 Dallas Davis Y.. 1 OO S.. , in x' x N A . dig X l'a.l Q Ronald Cover Twila Crabtree is Wilma Crowe Freda Del.ozier 'D A-. .K -X Vernon Crablc JoAnne Cross Z"" 'wwf Mae Dart Ronald Dolan A ?D- JL. My FUTURE DYER, CAROL JEAN-Vocational- "Carol"- Library Club l,2g Tri-Hi-Y 3,4g Junior Farewell Assembly 3. EVANS, EDNA MAE-VoclltionaI- "Lulu"- Tri-Hi-Y 43 Library Club 2.3. FANSLER, HAROLD GENESAv1zf10mic- Student Coun- cil 45 Junior Town Meeting 43 Sabre 45 Library Club l.2,3,4g Spanish Club 2.3. FAYMAN. JACK ANIJREW-AFHl16HlI.Cf "Pierre"- Hi- Y 2.3.49 Spanish Club 4. FRANZE, MARY FRANCES---'Commerrialf- "Lulu"- Carol Dyer Wi! to K Grace Gillum Theodore Grabenstein iq 'ET' Edna Evans .lack Fayman Leland Gordon Earlene Grim Monitors 2,3,4g Tri-lli-Y 3.11-g Junior Farewell As- sembly 3. FREEMAN, DOLORES ELIZABETH-Vocational! "Lau- rie". FROST. HOWARD EDWARD -General! "Ed"- Mon- itor 1: Projection Crew 2. GERO. SHIRLEY JANE CIJIIIIVIFVFIVIIIJ4 ".lanie"- Usher l.2.3.-ll 'llri-Hi-Y l.2.3.1. GlLLL'M. GRACE KATHERINE--lfonirnerfialg A Capel- la Choir 2.3.15 Girlk Glu- Club l.2.3.4g Bookroorn Cashier 3.4. Cv 129' Mary Franze Delores Freeman Howard Frost Shirley Gero GORDON, LELAND EDWARD-Vorat1'onal- 'ASam"- Projection Crew 1.2.3.-lg lli-Y 3,-1-g Student Council 4. GRABENSTEIN, THEODORE ,lOSEPll-CommerciaI- 'Ted'-Folk Dancing Club 1.2. GRIM, EARLENE DEIA-JRES--.4f'!Il18l7IfE+ "Earlene,- Student Council 3.4g Basketball 3,45 Sabre 43 Monitor l,2g 'l'ri4Hi-Y l,2,3,4. we wi! CAQPQSA . . . GRIMM, DOROTHY LOUlSE-Commercial- "Dot"- Ushers 15 Fort Hill Players Auxiliary 2. HAINES, BETTY LORRAINE-Vocational. HAMILTON, CHARLES HOMER-Commercial- "Chuck" Track 2,343 Basketball 4. HAMILTON, NANCY LOUlSE---ACademic- Glee Club 1,2g Band 2,3-Ag Fort Hill Players Auxiliary 2,3,4g Student Council 3,43 Tri-lli-Y 3,4. HANSROTE, RONALD DAVIS-V0cational- "Charlie". HARDINCER. GLENN LEWIS'-VocutionaI- 'ACus". IIARDINCER. MELVA IRENE--CommercialM "Melva" Basketball l,2,3,-lg Softball lg Volleyball 2,3514 Tri- Hi-Y 3,45 Girls Cleo Club 1,2,3,4g Junior Farewell Assembly 3. HARDINGER, THOMAS MICHAEL-Vocational-'LTom". HARE. JANE'I"-Az'aden1ic- "jan" Tri'Hi-Y 3,4. HARPER, MARCUERITE KATIIERINE-ComnzercinI- "Margie"-- Tri-lli Y 3,45 Monitors 3,43 Basketball lg Sentinel Staff 43 Dancing Club lg Dramatic Club 1. it Ronald Hansrote Glenn Hardinger Melva Hardinger Tommy Hardinger HARTMAN, CHARLES LAWERENCE--CenemI-- "Char- licf' 3 Football l,2,3,-lg Track 2,3,4g Basketball 2,3,4. IIEAYNER. FRANKLIN DELANOACeneral- 'LFrank" A Cappella Choir 4: Clee Club 2,3,4g Projection Crew 23 H. M. S. Pinafore 3. Dorothy Grim Bettye Haines Charles Hamilton Nancy Hamilton Hilda Hare Marguerite Harper Charles Hartman Franklin Heavner JJ- I, 1' it .. Fx X' IDR- , X xi: , XA fill 1 ll! Evelyn Hedrick Delysle Henry K! V, I, v I Q "1 Thr-rosa Hiett Charlotte Hinkle f,lVl QU 4 V ruff , V , it 1 X . ' Richard Hughes Virginia Hull "EIZ"' Hilda Hull Mary .lack wr NM I up GAMES, John lloluies Clyde llosselrode Pauline House Elsie Huff .-aff' ' f gl! 'W I fr 'f f ..f , W L I' ,- 7 r! ,L fy ,WL HEDRICK, EVELYN ARMEDA-Commercial! "Eva- lonw -Clee Club lg Dramatic Club lg Monitors 2. HENRY, DELYSLE LEONiArademir-J'Flah"--Choir 3,4-g Clee Club 2,3,4g .lunior Farewell Assembly 3. HIETT, THERESA LORENA-Commercial- "Buhbles". HINKLE, CHARLOTTE LOUISE4Academic. HOLMES, JOHN HOWARD-Acaden1ic- i'.l0hnny" A Cappella Choir 2,3,4g Clee Club 2,3,4g Projection Crew 2. HOSSELRODE, CLYDE WAYNE-VocationaI- 'ASnozel" Student Council 2g Stage Crew 3. HOUSE, PAULINE MYRTLE-Acz11lemic- 'iPolly"- Cleo Club l,2,3,4g A Cappella Choir 2,3,-13 Fort llill Players Auxiliary 1,2,3,4g Fort Hill Players 3,4g Verse Speaking Choir 3g Thespians 4, May Day 33 Pinafore 3g All Maryland State Chorus 4. HUFF, ELSIE MARY-Academicsm "Pinky"- Fort Hill Players 4. HUGHES, RICHARD DONALD-Ceneral--"Baldy"sFoot- ball 3,4. HULL, HILDA MARY-Academic+- "Blondie',. HULL, LILLIAN VIRCINIA-4CeneraI- "Ginny'l. JACK, MARY LOUISE--General-J 'llaekieuf Monitors 1,2,3,4-g Library Club 2,33 Fort Hill Players 3,4-. N 10 ASSIGNMENTS . Fred Jacobs Norma Johnson David Kenney William Kerns ix 'tern' U!""'7 x 4. :-.3 t 5, Y-Q-j - JACOBS, LEWIS FRED-Commerciala 4'Jake". JOHNSON, NORMA JEAN-Academic- Tri-Hi-Y 1,2, 33 A Cappella Choir 2,3g Monitors 1,2,3g H.M.S. Pinafore 35 Sabre 4. KENNEY, DAVID LEE-Voeation11l- "Stretch"- Boys Glee Club 1,2g Projection Crew 1,2,3,4-5 Stage Crew 3,4. KERNS, WILLIAM LEON-CeneraI- "Bill"- Photog- raphy 1,2,3,4g Hiking 1,2. KIFER, EUGENE FRANCES-V0cational- Basketball 2,3. KIRBY, RONALD LYNN-GeneraI- "Ronnie"- Hiking 19 Football 1,2,3,4g Track 1,2,3. KNIPPLE, LAWRENCE RAY-General- Hi-Y 4. KOONTZ, JACK RAY--Ceneral- Football lg Junior Town Meeting 4. LECHLITER, REBECCA IMOCENE--CommerciaI- "Bec- ky"- Basketball 1,2,3,4g Volleyball 2,3,4g Dramatics 13 Tri-Hi-Y 3,49 Junior Farewell Assembly 3g Library Club 2,3. LEE, LESTER LEO-GeneraI- 'iTiger'i- Football 1,2, 3,4g Track 2,3,4. LEWIS, BARBARA LOUISE-Aeazlerzzicw 4'Barbs"- Tri-Hi-Y 43 Softball 1,2g Choral Speaking 33 Fort llill Players 3,45 Life With Mother 3g Junior Fare- well 33 May Day 35 Dramatic Club lg Thespian 4g Fort Hill Players Auxiliary. LIEDY, MARY BELLE--C0f7177l6'fCli111- K'Kid"- Usher 15 Monitors 2,3,4g Sabre 3, Co-editor 4. NJ M TIN ' Eugene Kifer Lawrence Knipple Rebecca Lechliter Barbara Lewis I s 4 ff .1 if fl 4. 32 'gi I 15 Q . 'tif i Ronald Kirby J ack Koontz Lester Lee Mary Liedy 1 fl'- X 'gig N...- 46 3 'TJ' Howard McDonald Phyllis McKenzie an PROMS . . . McDONALD, HOWARD WESLEY-Commercial- "Mac- Doodle". MCKENZIE, PHYLLIS l0AN-Academic- "Phil"- Tri- Hi-Y 1,2,3,4g Band 1,2,3,4g .lunior Town Meeting 43 Fort Hill Players 3, 4g Fort Hill Players Auxiliary 2. McLAUCHLlN, BETTY LOU-Acadenzic- "Betsy"- Tri- Hi-Y I,2,3,4g Clee Club 1,2,3,4g Town Meeting 3g A Cappella Choir 3,43 Monitors 2,3,4g H.M.S. Pinafore 35 Fort Hill Auxiliary 1,2,3,4g Sabre 4. MEASE, ALAN CEORGE-Academic- A Cappella Choir 2g Boys Glee Club 2,3,4g H.M.S. Pinafore 3g Fort Hill Players 4g Thespians 43 Junior Miss 2g Life With Mother 3g Junior Town Meeting 3,4. MEASE, ,lOANN--Commercial- ",lo',- Monitors 3,4. MELVIN, CATHERINE-General- "Kitty"- Library Club 43 Fort Hill Players Auxiliary 4. MERRITT, CHARLES THOMAS-General- "Buddy"- Band 3,49 Projection Crew 2,3,4. MEYERS, LOIS .IEAN-Academic- "Lolo"- Tri-Hi-Y l,2,3,4g Basketball 1,35 Volleyball 1,23 Junior Town Meeting 4g Fort Hill Plyers Auxiliary 4g Sabre Staff 4. MICHAEL, GERALD ELLSWORTH-Vocational-"Mike" - Stage Crew 3,4. MILLER, ALBERTA LOUISE-Academic- "Bertie"- A Cappella Choir 2,3,4g Glee Club 1,2,3. MILLER, CHARLOTTE .lEAN-Academic- "Jeannie"- Ushers 2,35 .lunior Farewell Assembly 3, Tri-Hi-Y 3,4g Bowling 3,43 Sabre 4. MILLER, MAURICE WAYNE-Commercial- "Monk"- Mimeograph Crew 3,4g Senior Class President 4. Gerald Michael Alberta Miller Betty McLaughlin .I oAnn Mease sv"-t 'T ,M to Charles Merritt Charlotte Miller uf. nw-- ii , Alan Mease Catherine Melvin , rig? fd 'PU' Lois Meyers Maurice Miller 'QP--r ,Q ,Q 'UQ' l Betty Mills Virginia Mongold Fay Mummert Delores Nield fs -f-A il!- 'UNI iilw it-. Joan Minke Walter Moore James Newcomb Charlsie Norris Quia' 'inv- at dvi' is 'MA CLUQ Ped MlLLS, BETTY SCOTT-Academic- Tri-Hi-Y 45 Fort Hill Players Auxiliary 4. MINKE, JOAN RUTH-Academic- 'LPonie"- Tri-Hi-Y l,2,3,4g Hi-Y Council 2,3,4g Monitors 2.3.45 Junior Town Meeting 3,45 National Honor Society 3,45 Sabre 3,45 Spanish Club 45 Class Treasurer 2. MONGOLD, VIRGINIA LEONA-Acmlemit'4 "Jenny"- Library Club 4. MOORE, WALTER JEFFERY-Vocational! "Jeff" - Bowling Clubg Clee Club. MORRIS, CHARLES ROGER- Academic! "Charlie,'- Sabre 45 Football 1,2,3,4g Track l,2,3,45 Hi-Y 45 Projection Crew 2,3,45 Monitors 35 J. V. Basketball l,2. MOSTOLLER, SUSAN ANN-ACdll8H1iC-d "Susie"- Mon- itors 2,3,45 A Cappella Choir 3,45 Maryland All-State Chorus 45 Junior Town Meeting 3,45 Fort Hill Players Auxiliary 23,45 Fort Hill Players 45 Clee Club 1,2,3,-15 Tri-Hi-Y l,2,3,4. MULLI-INAX, BERNICE LOUlSE-VocationaI4- "Peach- ie". MULLENAX, JOANNE MCCREA-Commercial! L'An- nie". - fl V " , is az- f',. , fi? X 4, I .tn gf. vb- , l . A' V' i q 1: f FLW as Charles Morris Susan Mostoller Bernice Mullenax Joanne Mullena: MUMMERT, FAY CLARENCE-General- Bowling Club 4. NEWCOMB, JAMES HAMILTON-Ceneral- "Jim"- Sabre Staff 3,45 Photography Club 3,45 Sentinel 3,4. NIELD, DOLORES JEAN-Commercial- 'fDorsie". NORRIS, CHARLSIE LOUISE-Commercial- Fort Hill Players 3,45 Sabre 45 Tri-Hi-Y 3,45 Monitors 1,25 Life With Mother 35 Junior Farewell Assembly 3. v.. W LAST SABRE NORTON, SHIRLEY JEAN--Commercial- "Nortie"- Tri-Hi-Y 2,35 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Volleyball 1,2,3,45 Sentinel 3,45 Fort Hill Players Auxiliary 3,45 Sabre 2. NYCUM, CARL WAYNE-Vocational-- "Nick"- Stage Crew 4. OWENS, MARIAN LENONA-Commercial-"Marian"- Dramatic Clubg Fort Hill Players 3. PARSONS, SHERRELL VlRGINIA-Comrnercial- "Parse"- Band 1,2,3,45 Ushers 1,2,3,45 Tri-Hi Y 1,2, 3,45 May Court l,2,35 Sabre 1,25 National Honor Society 3,45 Iunior Class Treasurer5 Senior Class Secre- taryg Fort Hill Players 4. PENTONEY, JOYCE CAY-Commercial- Tri-Hi-Y 3,45 Drum Majorette 45 Fort Hill Players 35 Fort Hill Players Auxiliary 45 Choral Speaking 45 May Court 1,35 Junior Farewell Assembly. PETERSON, DORIS MARLENE-Cornmercial- "Pete"- Basketball l,2,3,45 Volleyball l,2,3,-45 Fort Hill Players 2,3,45 Sabre 45 Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3,45 Scrapbook Editor 4. PETERSON, RONALD EUGENE-Ceneral- "Red", PFEIFFER, JOHN ROBERT-Comlnercial- ",Iohnny,'- Baseball 3,4. ...f"":2 Ioyce Pentoney Doris Peterson John Pfeiffer PHILLIPS, MARTHA LOUISE-Aca1lemic- Ushers 1,2, 35 Monitors l,2,3,45 Sentinel Staff 45 Junior Town Meeting 4. PHILLIPS, WILLIAM ULYSSES JR.-General- "Bill"- Stage Crew 2,3,4. POLAN, CARLTON FRANKLlN-Academic- Projec- tion Crew 45 Clee Club 4. POLING, JOHN WILLARD-CenPral- Football 2,3,45 Basketball 2.3.4. onald Peterson ii- Shirley Norton Carl Nycum Marian Owens Sherrell Parsons Martha Phillips Carlton Polan 4f fi.. 40' "TT" William Phillips John Poling 41' Tr? Nancy Ranum Shirley Reed Thelma Riggleman James Ritchie ,ML owe lzefcl our Harry Reynolds James Reynolds William Rice Howard Richards T PORTMESS, BARBARA ANN-C0mmercial- "Bobbie" -Tri-Hi-Y 3,4g Fort Hill Players Auxiliary 3,49 Junior Farewell Assembly 3g Bowling Team 2,3,4g Sabre 45 Sentinel Staff 3,4. RANUM, NANCY ESTHER'-C0mmerciaI- 'LNan"- Tri- Hi-Y 3,4g Junior Farewell Assembly 3. RECKLEY, WILMA JOAN-Commercirzl--"Jingle Bells"- Library Club l,2,3,4g Twirling Club 2g Dramatics Club 2g Student Council 3,43 Bowling Team 45 Fort Hill Players Auxiliary 3,43 Tri-Hi-Y 4: Sabre 4g Monitors 3. REED, SHIRLEY LOU-Commerc1'al- "Duffy',- Junior Tri-Hi-Y 2, Mimeograph 3,4g Sentinel 2,3,4. REYNOLDS, HARRY GLENN-Academic- Projection Crew 2g Boys Clee Club 3,4g Baseball 3,4-. REYNOLDS, JAMES HARRYKAcademic- "Jim"-Band l,2,3,4g Junior Town Meeting 3,4g Student Council 3,45 Track 35 Ili-Y 4g Fort Hill Players Auxiliary 4g Junior Farewell Assembly 3, Spanish Club 2,3g Sabre 4. RICE, WILLIAM THOMAS-Academic- "Bill"- Glee Club 2,3. RICHARDS, HOWARD-Vocafional- "Junior". RICGLEMAN, DIXIE JEAN-CommerciaI- Monitor 2, 3,45 Library Club 2,34 Tri-Hi-Y 3. RICGLEMAN, THELMA MAXINE-Commercial- "El- mer"- Monitors Club 2,3,4g Girls Glee Club lg First Aid Club 1. RINKER, HAZEL ELIZABETH-Academic- Monitors 2, 33 Fort Hill Players Auxiliary 2,3,4g Highlights Editor 4, Volley Ball 1,23 Sabre 4, Jr. Clee Club lg Tri- Hi-Y l,2,3,4. RITCHIE, JAMES HAROLD--GeneraI- "Jim"- Future Farmers of America. CLASS MEETING David Ritter Carl Robb Betty Robertson James Robinette lk RITTER, DAVID CARL-Ceneral-"Dave"-Football 1, 2,3,4g Basketball 1,2,3,4g Baseball 1,2,3g Student Council 4. ROBB, CARL MILLER-Commercial-"Pete"-Band l,2, 3,45 Library Club 4. ROBERTSON, BETTY VIRCINIAw-Commercial-"Betz"- Monitors Club 2,3,4g Basketball 2g First Aid Club 2g Glee Club 1. ROBINETTE, JAMES WILSON-Vocational-"PeWee"- Stage Crew 4. ROBINSON, DONALD ARTHUR--ACll!lCIIliC7nD0Il,,- Band 2,3,4g Hi-Y 2,33 Orchestra 2,3,4. ROBINSON, RICHARD EDWARD4VocationaI-"Rich"- Fort Hill Players Auxiliary 2,3. ROBY, JAMES LESLIE JR.-General-"Jimmie"- Pro- jection Crew lg Photography 2. ROWE, JULIA JOANN-Commercial-"Jo"-Band 2,3,4-4 Monitors 1,2,3,4g Girls Glee Club 4g Fort Hill Players Auxiliary l,2,3,4g Tri-Hi-Y l,2,3,4g Junior Farewell Assembly. SCARLETT, NANCY CAROL-Commercial!A Cappella Choir 2,3,4g Glee Club 2,3,4g Majorette 3,45 Junior Tri-Hi-Y 2g H.M.S. Pinafore 35 Junior Farewell As- sembly. SCHULTZ, COLLEEN CATHRYN-Commercial-"Cathy" -Monitors 2,3,4g Tri-Hi-Y 4g Farewell Assembly 3. SETTLE, WANDA MAE-Commercial-Library Club 43 Monitors 4. SHAFFER, WILLIAM ARLEN-Vocational-"Bill"- Stage Crew 4. R Donald Robinson James Roby Nancy Scarlett Wanda Settle H' 1 Richard Robinson Julia Rowe Colleen Schultz William Shaffer ,Q Patricia Stevens K Z ,J SQUIRES, JOE ANN- Commercial-"Joey"-Tri-Hi-Y 1,2, 3,4g Fort Hill Players Auxiliary 1,2,3,4-5 A Cappella Choir 3,4-g Sentinel 3,4g Junior Town Meeting 4. STEVENS, PATRICIA LEE-Conlmerz'i1zl-"Pat"- Al- pha Tri-lli-Y 4g Fort Hill Players Auxiliaryg Bowling Club 4. STEVENSON, ,IANIIZlSfC0l77lI1t"l'CiIll"-HJIIIHIll6.,-- Band 1, 2,3,4. STICKLEY, WANDA MAE--Commercial-Camera Club 35 Dancing Club 1. STINE, DONALD FRANKLIN4Aendemic-'iDon"-Foot ball 1,2,3,4g Hi-Y 3,4g Track 3,4g A Cappella Choir 4g Boys Clee Club 3,43 Baseball 23 Fort Hill Players 4g .Iunior Farewell Assemlilyg Band l,2,3,4. SUMMERFIELD, GWENDOLYN-Commercial-'lWincly". SWARNER, WILLIAM DANlEL-Ceneral4i'Bill"-Hi-Y 4. TALLEY, PATRICIA ANN-Academic-",Iolly"- Jr. Tri- Hi-Y lg Monitors 1,2,3,4g Fort Hill Players 3,4g Volley- ball 1,2. TASCHENBERGER, JAMES WALTER-Vocatiomzl- slim"-Band 1,2,3,4. TAYLOR, ELEANOR RING-Vocational-"Ellie"-Tri-HL Y 4. TEWELL, ROBERT CALVIN-Academic-"Bob"-Band 1,2,3,4g Spanish Club 2,35 Boys Clee Club l,2,3g Orchestra lg Pinafore 3g Hi-Y 4g Hunting Sz Fishing 1. THOMAS, NANCY ANN-Commercial-Tri-Hi-Y 43 Bowl- ing 4. our ina James Tashenberger Eleanor Taylor 1 'YUM 70- 9-Q 5. C-AME .. 351. U. S.- in... Q kb es Stevwjrutuycjj Wanda Stickgev ' F . ij 'Aly' f Ln' F .f '17 IVA' f ,K ,cn " I zjyrx- W0 .Q Q Donald tineyvi vmzwt-mlolynl , A, 0 O Ii r' P 2 in X5 1 Q wa" ef N K. z in Y I F' T 4, if ' ' '7 William Robe-rl i' Swarner Tewell "V" Patricia Talley Nancy Thomas A 1 909 Elroy Thrasher John Turner Robert Wachter Franklin Weimer lf if fri yn f., Wh. Richard Thrasher Dewan Twigg Robert Wade Jr. Virginia Whalley 1 E , , N if it Ks 1 I sf ,MA awe ac ieue our THRASHER, ELROY-Commercial-"Thrash',-Band 4. THRASHER, RICHARD DYCHE--Vocf1tionaI4"Dick,'. TURNER, JOHN KENNETH ,IR.-Cenerz1l-i'Kenny',- Hi-Y 4. TWIGG, DEWAN ZONA-Commercials"Dee"-Tri-Hi-Y 4g Softball 3. TWIGG, EILEEN TWILA-CommerciaI-'6Twiggie',- Twirling Club 1,25 Girls .Ir. Glee Club Ig Tri-Hi-Y 3,43 Danving Club Ig Bowling Club 4. TWIGG, VIRGIL RAYMOND-General-f-"Gobbler"i Football 3,45 Track 3,45 Junior Farewell Assembly. UPOLE, DELORES JEAN-Commercial+"Doe"-Library Club 4. VALENTINE, ,IOANN-Commercial--Monitors 3,43 ,lun- ior Farewell Assernblyg Girls Glee Club l. WACHTER, ROBERT ERYIN---General-"Puncl1y". WADE, ROBERT CARL IR.-Vocational4'Bob"-Band 2,3,4. -pw fi- Eileen Twigg Virgil Twigg Delores Upole JoAnn Valentine WEIMER, FRANKLIN ,IOHNSON-Vocational-"Frank". WHALLEY, VIRGINIA DAWN-Commercial-"Dawnie" -Bowling Club 3,4g Library Club 2,33 Glee Club I,2g Dramatic Club Ig Camera Club 2. g in In ULTIMATE GOAL I 1: WHITE, LEONARD DELMAR-General-"Dutch"-Foot- ball l,2,3,4g Track l,2. WIGFIELD, DAMARIS FAITH-Commercial-"Wiggie" --Library Club 4g Dramatic Club 1. WILKES, BONNER TOPPER-General-"T0fpper"- Band l,2,3,4. WILLIAMS, THELMA NAOMI-Commercial-Library Club 4. WILIVIOT, CAROLE DARLENE-Commercial-"Sn00kie" -Sentinel Staff 4g Majorette l,2,3g May Day Attendant 2g Football Queen Attendant 4g Junior Farewell As- sembly. WILSON, ALVIN LEE--Academic-g'Ring Dang Dooga- Football 3,4g Hi-Y 3.43 Track 3. WILSON. GLORIA OLIVEINE-Academic-"Glo"- Band l,2,3,4g Junior Farewell Assemblyg Spanish Club 2,33 Dramatic Club l. WILSON, MARGARET LOUELLA-General-"Maggie" -Fort Hill Players 3,4. WILSON, WARFIELD-.4cadernic-"Woody"f A Cap- pella Choir 2,3,4g Glee Club 1,2,3,4g Band l,2,3,4g X U X I x it ik 3? io-I Leonard Whit Bader mia f Thelma Williams , 4' ..- . . p, r M J! if May .M ! I W r 18 d Wilson Doris Winfield if Robert Wolfe Mary Wolford I 'I Gb' Carole Wilmot Alvin Wilson Gloria Wilson Margaret Wilson Class Vice-President 2.31 Pinafore 3g Octette 2,3,4g Hi-Y 2,343 Junior Fare-we-ll Assemblyg May Day Pro- gram 3. VVINFIELD, DORIS ,IEAN-Vocational-"Dorie". WOLFE, ROBERT WILLS-Vocational-"Bob"- Glee Club l,2g Football l,2.3g Hunting and Fishing Club l. WOLFORD, MARY ANN-Commercial-HAnnie"-Tri-Hi- Y l,2,3,4g Majorette 3g Twirling Club 2g Sabre 45 Sentinel 4. A Hive LX V 'Q-.Ti Q' 'E 'irllr kv-v K William YQ-mfr Richard Youngblood Elvin Z1-mbower Barbara Dentinger YlC'l"l'lfH, WlLl,lANl CORNELII'S---Ar'r1rIe'lni1'fi'Ye1t" ZIQMUOVN ER, lfl,VlN lflllli-XlNlf rf-Com111err'1'r1I4",lalce7'. 5I'a'1N' UU" 44 llama" 344 PUOWH 3- IJPIVFINCPIR, mRls,xn.x .ixnnric -At'lll1t"I7liCfiiB2lI'bi,-- lOl Nilillllflll, lllCll,Xllll--fiwzvrzzf f-'il7ic'k"- Glu- flluh Library lfluli lg Junior Fur:-wr'll A-wlnlilyg Fort Hill 2. aye-rs 3,43 Fort llill l'layvr4 Mlxiliary 2g Ushers l,2g Junior Tri-lli-Y lg Tri-lli-Y 3: Serztinel 3.-lg Choral peaking 33 'l'lu-spians 4. GRADUATIGN! Senior girls collecting food for the needy. . -'Ig NA' -vfvrfwggsw 5 .f ff . QL -., k a i i K Xi I K ii l X I' .ww Q , A VV s . K K K 'iii if ' - il' ii' , ,Je 3 E i' HU Q- - Q ,srl . K it it Q 1. i Eiga' A .v 1 it ,de . , . as t , wr: , ae , W, . . ,L - ' ,V " , II, xg Z' . sy gt E - s ,J--. V. FOOTBALL SQL.-XD - Row 1: Durst, AUTUMN HEROES ive, Landis. Poling. Bechtol, McFar- Smith. BI't'ig1llFtt'l'. Cookerly, Poling, Williams, Lassiter, Row ll: Surn- nmlc-rson, Stoops, llann, llouse. white, gkntlrr-w. :Xtln-y. lfrowe, McConnell. Coavh Hull. Hou' Ill: Teets, Shank, Shipley, Sanders. llarhaugh, Groves. .-1 The football season ended X N in its usual gay color and ex- citement. Our team won its due recognition, but not with- out the outstanding perform- ances of Dick Beard, Leonard Wfhite, Dave Ritter and Bill Lee, who were chosen by the Cum- berland Knights of Columbus as HOutstanding Players of the Week". They were awarded sweaters and emblems by the 11' .2-Q HKnights of Columbusfi HARD Pl B righ WORKING IIANVAS CREW - Left t: Short, Garvin. Walsh, Kiefer, Mitch- umrner, Warner, Rummer, Eaton, Simp- arley. -D J' A FALL my GROUP L.-P' " bp . I go 'Q I Under the supervision of G Coach Bobby Cavanaugh. the canvas crew aided the foot- ball teams of Fort llill. Al- legany and La Salle. The-se boys, with Wayne lludson and Fred Wolford as co-cap- tains, line the field, put up the Camas and set up the benches for the players. Even after football season is over, it is the canvas crew who must clean and put away all equipment. Do they receive a just amount of credit? We 1lon't think so! ,E 29 , . 49' 5 . . A A B541 9,7 9488895 - 7 is A Pie 72 B iq B 924,42 9054 'KE 6 'I fig VARSITY FOOTBALL - Row I left to right: White, Cage, Hartman, Batt, Ritter, Wilson, Poling, Morris, Stine, Shore, Lee, Beard, Kirby. Row Il: Coach Hahn, Hull, Alderton, Couter, Barnes, Bittner, Weber, Steppc, Farris, Gilpin, llughes, Combs, Twiggs. Coach Hull. Row Ill: Right, Meir, Turner, Burke, Shade, Athey, Allen, McVicker, Murphy. Row IV: Manager Smith, Long, Martin, Brant, Kennedy, Appel, Smith, Manager Brown. J. VYS RECORD ALMOST PERFECT The J. V. team, under the direction of Ray Hull, won 8 and tied l, the latter game being with Allegany. This record shows great promise for the future teams of Fort Hill. The J. V.'s football schedule and record follows: Hill 26 ..... .... R omney DeafU.V.J 20 Hill 28 .... ....,., R idgely f.l.V.J 0 Hill 31 . .. . . . .... Beall fJ.V.J 6 Hill 20 ..... .........,., K eyser U.V.J 0 Hill 12... ..... Romney H. S. f.l.V.J 6 Hill 6. . . ....... Allegany f.l.V.J 6 Hill 20 ,.,.. .......... K eyser f.l.V.J 0 Hill 20 .... .... R omney H. S. U.V.J 0 Hill 34 ....................... Beall U.V.J 7 8 - Tied 1 - Lost 0 ALWAYS REA DY CHEERLEADERSA-Left to right: Jo Ann Blamble, Carol Marker Bonna Bell, Wendyl Furlow, and Jackie Weber. Headed by Carol Marker and JoAnn Blamble, co-captains, from Westminister to West Fairmont, our Cheerleaders were always present. Neat, trim, and pert - the girls always looked their best and did 49 their best. A special hearty cheer from the student body to our snappy cheerleaders! f .fs Run Ai. x K, . , Ritter in I Mc' x 'sw ' g ,.. ' 'N ' 1.15 jr. yu , :ef ' X fi- .r,i3..,i! V r lx .,. , mf . ga. . V ' f V, , .. f, 5. -. .. 1 , V K r - .,,FJs1, 40 A-swFgH.' 41 . FH. 20 .F.H.'32'A 5 'SL wi. .F.H. 155 ' 233 8 Wins 1 LOSS , .... Moorfield Linsley' Military .West Fairmont .. ..... Martinsburg .,.......LaSalle U. I. .,,. Ridgeley . . .Hagerstown . . . . .WeStminster . . .Allegany - 7 14- 14- 7 0 0 6 0 .9 54 .g Poling A -1 N., J ,J.f'ff"- Q A, V Q.. AP . in , Q' 4, 'H , Mwgwx I I' L. ,N Schade gg, Athey .fy J ,A Z 'S Q ,T r X. Lee r3t.Z.J vu! s-I L., Ez. Wilson LJ i' X'l.x T, 55. if-Z Ns.. Whxte ,M-'Eg 9 -A 2 'Gr' M 'fx L Ahlf rto and Fhrrls 1 ml IA - 1 1 ' , - 1 sf5i,y r""'o.'4':, - A 4: ,lf M J 1 : ' . ,,f -,f Z . ' I ik ltf of 5, P Sv if kr iv if Stme ,Va-awk h . M Q 1 , frm. YJ f ' no R my - , ' 1 . SX 71' 1 1 ' 1 1 'f' . 1.15 L ,, K A VL Y' W - --1, A ,fc -Aj -Q mm f- ' -EAL f' I I ' xx L 1 f AQ ' 4 f 2 ,- Q D: I A g 4 Y ' L 1 , f 1 4 ' 4 W l . it , X . f ,, , 1 . - J 1- r ' , f , ' Sn x . fig' 1 ,f . f A sm " ,. . , 1 ' n -I "' Q "' , , A, , 1 , 1. .- A. ' i'F." ? 71. . 1, , A u 1 ,Z i , A 3 K 5 i x. M' ' 'Kg - ,fq 7 f' ' 4 K' 5 ' , A x Ei. X lf' K Q 'A K 10, 1 n o ., -- .W 1 on of . ,row , X ' :H . 4 W9 . - '4 " .K L LL -e A 1 . z " T . .- . Vp' 'T 11 ' " A X 1 ,gg off' . of K 1' i 1, 1 , Yi? ,. gf, 1 E by ,A ' . 'V , - ,,.v W kr L1 A. I -H ni M...., 1 ' YARDS M I 1 . irq? A ' ,prwo -j f Qi: 1. 'T 1 AW' Lg A Fffw '4 " ll , I 1 1 1 1 1 ' ' Q, vf . , 1 , ' V in A- ' A b-. . A S V , K V , ' f ' ll IS , - ' ' S ' ' H , V A N . f V ., . . Qi. " Q ' l , 3 'vw A - 1 l 1 -Q., J P- ' S' - 5 f I 'f ' ' , , ,. L fw f' s g ' 'S ' f Sea- L K ' f' f' d f, . H 1 1 A' lovs : , I S 2 U l 1 , 1 L' A V, 4 1 R' ' w T . V K ' . ' . 1 1 : ' ,xr 9 "1 , 1 VX, 1 A 1, 1 - 1 f " 2 n K 3 Ti H -:A g 1. - in K M. 1 ' , 1 '. 5 ' was - y V . A f 1 fi f N 41 ' ' ' - . " 11 ' . xfo f 15 o the f'r-l 22 I jf '- , . Tl S. Q- Q - . A- ' ' .V - 14' nr. A , . A ' f' ' ' 'I ' A Qyxgu , , ,, A A 'V W ln: A 1 V , i g cf r 4 L. 'Q 1 w"5 Q r 5 D :. , C 5 Y J . A M v, a . . , ' . , . , , - , 11 fa . . v . V A. g 1 V Q Q 1 K , A 1 ' If I I 1 Hu w '-179 Beard 5, Cage CTACLLAR SFAQON FOR RED RAIDERS One good S1511 .1 the exuung vhmr We Want a Touchdown coming from the laduuu on In-anwaw Xwnuv Un der the oxpnrt IIPCIWIQIOII of coarh Wlllxam Hahn and his ambtant Ras Hull 119 urpnbln Nnluul wound up the 1911 Ill mth .1 fule rvcord of 8 mm and one 6-Pat lhf oxlx fame at the 1and of a vers trong Lm lex elexen vshu,h the Nenunelb completelw ouxplawd m every de partmvnt Pxupt the bcore 10 mg 1415 e v1 quad made up of a wr rf-on roup of bow Prom the 1900 tr-am f 1 Jos were lost H1 lhfft vwerf onlx three returnm rvrular and our econd trm er lhe three re ular wvro Rxtur beard and Lee Throu I1 mam hours of hard practzce and shner deternxng anon on the part of the squad and tk me-rla Img panence of coaches Hahn Hull thx mkpxred team came ver! claxwt a perfect seafon T110 of the most UXCITI and better played gaxugg of the ,year we Ha er town and Xlle anv In the HagQ:rfT'6w ame the uudvr duff Fort H111 team with tw ft ulars cnppled and another being mgured 1 Lhr bfCOI1d quarter of the game hroice througv mth an excntmg score of 20 in 6 Th Surprr ln Red Ralderk came ihroigh t dvfvat the old rnal Alleginv, to the of 136 r1iamm,,, the Clty Champmnshgp Ihr- mth trazght year There were flVP Hxlhopper-2 named on msthxcal -X11 Cxty Team Theee players Huter Lve Iuard Whxte and Sane Q JO ANN CROSS, FOU'I'BAl,L QLYI-IBN III Carrying on the tradition of beautiful and poised Football Queens, pretty senior. jo Ann Cross. reigned as Queen Football lll during the 1951-52 season. This popular senior was crowned during the half-time of the Moorefin-ld game by Miss Virginia Bennett, Queen Football ll. "Queen Jo Ann" was chosen by popular vote of the foot- ball team, while the attendants. Shirley Norton and Darlene Wlilmot, received their positions as a result of the majority vote of the Senior Class. Jo Ann and her attendants played a very important part during the colorful half-time ceremonies at the Thanksgiving Day football game. , if 'vi in 'X Jagbl Q t ,.. I.: 1 1 :lx If I' ,. Wx C "Nw JoAnn Cross, Football Queen III Queen JoAnn Cross and attendants, Darlene Wilmot and Shirley Norton. 9 N LJ tx ,au Q tub' Miss Gertrude Ranck and Mrs Naomi Bennett, Librarians. ASSISTANT LIBRARIANS Assisting other students in finding ma- terials. replacing returned books to the shelves, 1-lien-king cards. repairing books and stamping ollt-gzoing lmoks are only a few of the jolus the Lilmrary Clulv members perform. Linder the guiclanee of the president, Jean Shaefferg and vice-president, Marion Sims, this organi- zation Contributes its time willingly to keep the lilwrary running smoothly. Lll5H.'XRY fII.Ul3 - Seated: Heelwrt. Kr-tlerman S affer XM mx Hand, Hour msn Standing 'NI n lil Brotc markle. Akers. lillomas, Ewald. Cllinalllt. Nlfffluc 'l hom 3 a X10 c 1 1 ramllle R rw lll Sliap e Howtlysliell. .-Klxaro. Breighner, Adams, Howell hot 1 fb L XX LAYOUT STAFF -- Sealed left to right: Fahey. jones: Liedy ALT AND LIIQDY BRING ORDER OLTT OF CHAOS Ask any staff menilier how the Sabre was put together and you get the same answer . . . Hlt was nothing at alll ,Iust nine months of identifying pictures, writing captions, scheduling pictures, writing writeups that later had to he rewritten, typing senior ac- tivities, laying out pages and then changing the layout, counting words and getting different an- swers each time, copy reading, ti and Alt, editorsg Svhaidt. Standing: adviser, Mr. Fngle. K ww in ,,,. , SENIOR CLASS STAFF - Left to right: Reynolds. Minke, editor g Johnson. getting photographers to tal-te pic- tures, ohtaining ads from busy business people and working on Sundays to meet deadlines! Of course, we had the help of experienced advisers to whom we express our appreciation . . . Mr. Carl Ritchie for directing our ad- vertising campaign . . . Mr. Ivade Kipp for his photographic ad- xice . . . and to Mr. James Engle for his counsel on all phases of the production of the Sabref' No, it was really nothing at alll LITERARY STA FF ART STAFF -- Standing: Mease, editor. Seated: Colden and Brookley, Kneeling: Jones. Sealed: Cavey, Miller. Smith, editorg Nlalm-onilm. assistarit-mlitor, Standing: ,I. Wilson. llurinton. Brake. Weller and IJ. VI ilson. lNlIl'VIiIl 43 SPORTS STJXIFF - - Swltcvl: Nioituiivr. Morrl how' 1-iiilorg NI:-sa-rs. girl? mlitor. Stamlzng P I 1 ink r t"Q'I'40l'!, Maiiry. 'I i 'i- . v RVSIIIEIJ FOR TIMIC 'l'YPIS'l'S Norris. Di-iozif-r NE., 'Q CO GETTEHS! ADVERTISING ST-XFF - SI-rmding: D. Bishop, man- ager. Seated: Livingzood, Blamble. Grimm. Hamilton, Norris. Sponaugle. Row II: Kesler, assistant managerg Portmflss, Agve, Crosi, Reckley, Bis- hop. DeLozivr. Row lil: Conn. Fan sler. .Yot pictured: Mr. Carl Ritchie adviser. Q mm 'Q dl t '1 A J, FIASII! PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF -- Yew voniii, piiologruplivrg Burer, assistant. T' PROJECTION CREW Seated: Boone, Matlary, Jackson. Robb. Rout II: Garvin. liage-. Shruut. Riggs. Whisner. Puling, Robinson. lfaillttr, Raw Ill: llammontl. Stallings, lfrirsun, Brant, llishop, Ki-iimwly, Lietly, Gor- TIIE NIOVII-IS1i0ME'I'O FORT HILL XYTIPII the prohievtion crew enters room IOI in the morning before school. this is what they usually see written "Film in SI4.. put up tht- curtains . . . t'Iim'lt thi- sound box . . . vltunge reels on tht- pro- jwetor . . . tht- movie is tit be shown the 5th period so soiiwonefs lunch is go' ing to be cut short." "Oh, well! Whats a lunch per- iod?" they groan as they start to carry out the seribbled notes of Mr. Patil Prrdvw, adviser. don. Brothers. Hou: IV: Bell, Carter, Kerr, Meyers, King. .Yul pictured R Schadt. CAREER SEEKERS MIX PRACTICE WITH WORK 'LI nf-ed two hundred Copies of this test before- the next pe-riorl starts." This is generally the- beginning of a "rush job" for members of th'- mimeograph crew and Mr. Robert Price, their adviser. THE LINE FORMS IN THE REAR! "Ki-ep that line- going! Keep moving!" Yes, it's lunch time and tht- mon- itor is doing her best to keep an orderly. smooth- running lunch line. Di- rected by Mrs. Ada Ilugh- es. the monitors elub's primary purpose is to rv-n der serxice to Fort llill and to help imprint- tht- Cafeteria. K!!! ull! , : n S'-3 ::?I'.' 111- I-fllll-lx: lg,lll I Ill! I f 1 an u llfal 9l'XbI: QRFW zu I Xlii tar o matte Dickel Knu ll towr Byrd .Sealed Hiller Slamilirtg Reed MONITORS - Row I: Long, Lynch, Burchard, Cimino Beightol, Knipenburg. Franze, Wilson, Shultz. Row II: Saylor Rohinettv, ptrbofrast. Phillips. Taschenherger. Thrasher. Bam lwin, Rigglvman. Robertson. Riggleman. Ron' III: Mostoller NIeLaughin, Rinker, Ilinke. Hiser, Boggs. Appel, Dugan O'XviI, Niorifan. ,Xpplt-. Roz: IY: Wallace. Twigg. Our 4liatle-r. Wliisner. Ween:-r, Fettle, NI:-asv, jones, I,ong. lay Rott' Y: Dorrie-r, llrown, Thompson, Twigg, ont-s. 1' 1 Student Council President Vernon Smith jim TIME SENIOR HIGH STUDENT COUNCIL REPRE SENTATIVES -- Kneeling: Sponaugle. Rlam ble, Hoffman, Twigg. Row II: Racey, Alder- , ton. Perry, Sheetz. Rau' III: Parnell, Wilkes Miller, Fansler, Fisher, Gilpin, Duff. Clif C 07118 fo fafg of many fiaingft . . . POLITICIANS OF THE FUTURE There are in Fort Hill High School many jobs which must be done, and for which credit is not always given. Many of these particular tasks fall upon the representative body of the the very capable direction of Miss Regina NIcCulley, they have helped to improve Fort Hill in many ways. If this yearis work is any evidence of their ability, Fort Hill will have an efficient council in the future. JUNIOR HIGH STUDENT COUNCIL - Row I: McKenny, Grimes, King, McCul- lough, Long. Row II: Wright, Nield, Col- lins, Adams, Kenny. Row III: Ackers Dircks. Young, Noel. Row IV: Benson Rice, Files, Moore, Durbin. Standing -f Row I: Shanholtz, Atkinson, Deter. Stand ing - Row II: Sapp, Philips, Sthumaker Valentine. Cessna. Proudfoot, Shanholtz, Moore, Imes, Twigg, Garland. Standing - Row III: Bishop, Kutnee, Andrews, Divel- bliss, Low. v 1 1 unior high student council. Under DEMOCRACY IN ACTION The gavel sounded on the desk and the regular meeting of the student council was in session. The student council, better known as the school government, meets with all homeroom representatives each Monday. To execute extra chores, the Senate meets the fourth period each school day. Directed by the adviser, Mrs. Madeline Mewshaw, the student council is active through- out the year with projects that will benefit the school. The student government supervises the election of the May Queen, operates a concession stand at school football and basketball games, promotes the improvement of school grounds and offers help to regulate the traffic problems in the halls. This year, under the direction of the stu- dent council, a system of savings has been started and a new method for marl-:ing citizenship grades has been advised. i STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS AND YISER - Kneeling: Reynolds, Building Cvroundsg Grim, Director of Social Affa' ter, Industry. Standing: Twigg, Smith, President: Myers, Director of Traffic Mrs. Madeline Mewshaw, Adviser. Row III Hamilton, Public Relations: Squires, identg Schaidt, Treasurer. irsg If FUTURE R.N'S? One of the most use- ful services at Fort Hill is the Hospital Room. The girls volunteer their services for a per- iod each day and are usually interested in nursing. Besides keep- ing up with their school work, they are briefed on first aid and emergency treat- ment by Mrs. Lenore Resser and Mrs. Glad- ys Pitzer, school nurse, 60 Bill Moriarty Rosenlminrfs photographer 'Will 'Sig 44 ll 'iflcx 6 Q' ,la fl Advanced memlmers of the Pll0TOCRAl'HY Clfli are fs left In right: Alvaro, Collins, l.ease. K1-rns. Buser. A GOOD FRIEND T0 KNOW' One of the most pleasant personalities at lfort llill is Nlrs. aclys Pitzer. R. N. lfxery lfritlax annl often fluring the week. this pulrlif health nurse eoultl he seen in the eorritlors of Fort llill eonsulting with hlrs. l.enore Rt-sser about a pair of glasses for thi-, stutlent, u tlental appointint ut for another or some similar prolilem. llO5l'l'I'Al. ATTENDANTS take eare of the sick and injuretl Left to rfglilz Cralitree. Marston. lilainhle. Norris. K ..T - EEPING ITP WITH Tllli "'l'lNll-IS" Keeping the stutlents up alt' with the Fort llill imesf' by photograph- ing the many aetixities of - Sabre and the SPIIYI-HPI. is the lmig jolt the Photography Class. arlxisetl hy Mr. While Kipp. Mrs, tilatlv le . Selmol .X urse ,,,,-ff aff -699' rfb-X 1'-UI, Q. i . I I 1 1 ws. M n. Manx ., ,1 .1 M . .3 g.' .4 ii- ff ar pp T if J ' 1 s Y . " ,, -f abr V' I-'X X 1 -s ,, .N 4 K' I I .gb iii oreuer - A fl X I ' f- J ' v A.. Q x Y . K' ,ff fu ,W 'J R s '." Y 1 .1 L Q my q Ks A . Varsity Basketball Schedule W' Schools Played We They Schools Played We They Hagerstown . , . .....,. 35 39 Martinsburg , . . . . . . . .44 41 Moorefield ,, ..... 55 39 Bruce -'-.--'e .,,., 3 7 31 Ridgeley .,.., ,.... 4 9 31 figziiny "" ""' 3 3 31 West Fairmont . ,.,., 36 45 B835 6 'A"A "" 5 2 50 Alumni ....., .,,,. 4 2 39 Martinsburg In I-'4 43 37 LaSalle .. .,... 54 35 Hagel-syown In -..' 45 46 Central .... ......,..,............., 4 1 33 Central "' ,... ..,,.,...,........, .... 5 5 38 'Indicates SABRE went to press on February 10 before the season was completed. 1 - 'U I 4 I. 'ig Q fx X ' fhhig' f ', f' - I 2 f ! X X l X f a l Bobby Cavanaugh N X X I Ray Hull VHFSUY Coach X Junior Varsity Coach X l X f X1 , X ' x Xl 1 . 1 Xt 1 f I, 1 f l f Matin? "S,-Lf 'F' 4 A2131 John Shore Gene Alderton guard guard Charles Hartman Harold Hull gg ala s I1 D . .lohn Poling John McVicker guard wwe guard Dave Ritter forward .lim Farris Ronald Dolan guard forward forward Charles Morris center George MC' forward 'sl A. iw . , g, 5... 5' .a ,C ,, l lf? 18 22 15 19 ALL SQUAD . . H it Bobby cav- VARSITY BASKETI11 'VleGregor, J. Turner. Standing- C039 ' U shore. HH - A H, , Ritter, P0l'n" K, Turner, manag Seated: Burkff- HarlQ1aniisAlliZi'ici3 Arthur, Jackson' Dolan, - A or 1 anaugh, Mcvlckers' Tip lt ln! Coach 'LBobby" Cavanaugh's 1951-1952 hoopsmen can be truly labeled a fine hilltop team. When the season started in December the team was slow to show its power and was defeated by Hagerstown by a 39-35 score, and also by a strong West Fairmont five, 45-36. The hard driving Sentinels were not completely shaken by these defeats for they went on a seven game winning streak before being downed by a strong Allegany quint to the tune of 51 to 43 on Alco's floor. Up to February 10 the Hilltoppers compiled a record of 12 wins to 4 losses. At this writing they had defeated LaSalle twiceg tied Allegany for the City Championship and were in second place in the W. M. l. League. The Sabre bids Coach Bobby Cavanaugh and his grand team '4Good lucka' and congratulations on a fine season. Junior Varsity Basketball Schedule Schools Played We They Grace Methodist .. ..,. 55 35 Hagerstown .,... .... 3 6 30 Moorefield ..... .... 5 2 14 Ridgeley ..., .,.. 3 3 14 Martinsburg .... .,,. 5 9 34 LaSalle ..,. 4,,, 3 9 22 Central . . .,,, 44. 36 Bruce . . ..,, 39 35 Beall . . . .... 62 45 Barton . . ,,,4 51 25 Allegany , . ,,,, 32 37 LaSaHe . .... ..., 45 44 Martinsburg , . . .,.. 56 28 Hagerstown ,.,..... .... 4 8 47 Hyndman Varsity , .. .... 53 47 Central 4' ...,..,.,.....,. .... .,..., 5 4 20 'Indicates SABRE went to press on February 10 before the season was completed. JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL SQUAD Kneeling: Summers and Dyer, managers. Seated: Wolfe, ll. Andrews. Wolford, Brant, Weber, Bittner, Lynn, Kerns, Standing: Coach Ray Hull, Anderson, Share-r, Dickenson, J. Andrews, Ste-ppc, Couter, Reynolds, Widclows, Ra- pauch. Hsin. P I fs -. 5 1 - 1 l it f -Y X! Q M . i x X. - K Q 4 g M , fi X 3 El 35' l3'ig ' ii Q p 3 vial A 35.6, 1 K 0 . ' v -f Y al 1 l Pl, ,l 'IUCI 1 ,J 41 if Girls' Basketball Schedule December 28 .. ........... Alumni January 28 .... .... C entral January 4 . . . . .Ursuline February 4- . . . . . .Beall January 15 . . ...., Beall February 11 .. . .... .Bruce January 19 .. ............ Bruce February 18 ..... .... U rsuline February 25 .,............. Central 9514 es Mrs. Henrietta Snyder, af? C h " oac I -ag . Yfl., f ua: 5 1' -. S Sgn, L P Cqbl- T Cletel-son, gfr, Battles SQUA ooiltz, C 161561. S , Hardi Dsseat Cather Hvanau Iandin llger, M edx niany Lyncihx G0Idef:COach Sanges, No 5 Twi 2 I-ew Hyde Fiqh gg' Ma art' W7 ' rg Hager lute, Sch ffds, Eirdt, "FORWARD T VICTORY" From guard to forward, hand to hand, the ball makes its way down the courtg the score progressing with the hands of the clock. Each goal leads the team 'forward to victory., Coach Henrietta Snyder has taught her girls the essentials of playing a good game. Pro- ducing a successful season, they have lived up to all her standards. The team has won thirty consecutive games over a three year span. This year the team has already scored two vic- tories. They defeated the Alumni by fourteen points and a 27 to 9 victory over Ursuline was registered at the time the Sabre went to press. CAST OF 'LDOUBLE DATEU - Seated: Brant, Johnson, Dyer. Standing: Cover, Directorg Thra- sher, Wilson. Hasselburger, Raupauch. JUNIORS AND SENIORS SHARE TOURNAMENT HONORS An expectant quiet gripped the audi- ence, while backstage a nervous and apprehensive silence prevailed. And then the lights dimmed and the curtains parted. The annual Play Tournament, sponsored by the Fort Hill Players, had begun. The first presentation was the junior class entry, "The Heritage of Wirripole Street," directed by Barbara Lewis and Shirley Livengood. Members of this iine cast were Barbara Ann Campbell, Harry Mil- ler, Ermina Warriick, LeRoy Hare and Delores Fahey. The sophomores rocked the auditorium with the hilarious comedy, HDouble Date," directed by Ronald Cov- er and Richard Broadwater. lneluded in this laugh provoking cast were Dottie Nvilson, John Raupauch, Bob Brant, Glen- da Johnson and Connie Hasselburger. Annual Play Tournament . . . ..i,xMM, Q "HERITAGE OF WIMPOLE STREET" CAST H Row l: Campbell, Miller, Warnick. Row ll: Lewis, Fahey, Hare, Livingood. Adding just the right touch of mystery and suspense, the seniors presented the gripping third act of "Night Must Fallf' directed by Alan Mease. Giving a near professional interpretation was Donald Stine, JoAnn Rowe, Alberta Miller, Charlsie Norris, James Reynolds, Phyllis McKenzie and Sherrell Parsons. The cur- tains closed, the lights appeared, and again a hush carrie over the audience. Finally, the decisions were announced! The jun- iors were the winners of the Play Tourna- ment and Donald Stine and Barbara Camp- bell had earned the "Fort Hill Oscarslv Near pandemoniuin reigned after this an- nouncemcnl. CAST OF "NIGHT MUST FALL" - Seated: McKenzie, Norris, Rowe, Parson, Miller. Standing: Reynolds, Slease, Director, Stine. 40- x,,: THE INQUIRER Notebook and pencil in hand, The Inquirer can be seen going from room to room in search of news for the Sunday Times Highlights Column. Yes, The Inquirer, otherwise known as Hazel Rin- ker, has done a fine job of presenting all the news in a fresh and interesting style. NI SPEAK FOR DEMOCRACY "Today, democracy exists in the hearts of free men everywhere - and it exists in America as a realityf' Yes, these words mean a great deal to Ameri- cans, as expressed by Alan Mease in his prize winning speech. Alan spent much time and effort in prepar- ing the speech that won first place in the fifth annual Allegany County "I Speak For Democracyi' contest. Alan was presented with the trophy which has been retained for the third straight year by a Fort Hill Stu- dent. FORT HILL STARS By displaying acting ability bordering on fessional standards, Barbara Ann Campbell and Oscarsw at the annual Play Tournament Ba portrayed Arabella, sister of Elizabeth Brow in the sophomore presentation, "The Herita ald Stine were the recipients of the "Fort ' . 1 is . V S Winipole Streetfi As a well mannered, but spi lady of England, Barbara gave just the right terpretation. Portraying the part of Danny, chological case, in the senior entry, the third act "Night Must Fall,', Donald Stine thrilled the ence with an outstanding performance. 51'- PLAYER OF THE YEAR Bill Lee, hard-hit- ting guard of the Sen- tinells football team for two seasons, was chosen as the winner of the Knights of Col- umbus Player of the year award. award was a gold wrist watch. During the past season, Hill was selected as the Player of the Week for his outstanding game against Ridgel- ey and was runnerup on five other oc- casions. hi-'L Ann Webster Associate Editor mags' up X N., l Q I 'vl ...Jfll X , , 'pn 3? Mary Ann Wolford Miss Mary Calemine Awoclate Editor Adviser 'gig .Jfvff K A eff. K ,I It fe, . 'W lQig? . Wf LJ' 1--.,..,. Nick of Time X ,tthtttw ' ww to TP'-e-A-f"TT D 'Z i ,tt-xtttmll-'I' "' " I I 4 I SEM? fl' """e" , H.. ul Wyre". I :T:IL- .JW 'Nm wmul nw NUI ' W' , V, -f V A 'H , 'ii J 1 .ik., p . 1 , l' , LIU eumgiagaggifiiweaw gig' D Q E53 I f QA 6 'gh if ,g - 2, SENTINEL NEWS STAFF- Row I: Lf? S1523 x 'IFN Th, Haier, Davis, Warnick. Row II: Wil- up gf K son, Bishop, Garlitz. ' I' at of-" ' ip, ,' ' 3.1 The Sentinel "Th: News You Free" Published Fifteen Times During the School Year by the Students of Fort Hill 'High School, Cumber- land, Maryland, Subscription Rates One Semester - 65c One Year - V 51.25 I aa :I-fm 1,4 A' 1: infill- Shall Make YU? IJ1v'v'-'LQ J l I ' lit: l J I Saliva? A member of Lhe Columbia Scholastic Press Associa- tion of Columbia Univer- sity, Though supervised by the Journalism Department, this paper is written and edited entirely by students. Advisor - - - Mary M. Calemine Associate Editors - Mary Ann Wolford, Ann Webster NEWS STAFF Erma Davis. Mary Hafer, Donna Rowan, Barbara Gariitz JoAni' Rowe, Ermina Warnick, Mary J. Wilson Dolores Bishop, Martha Phillips, Myrtle Manges Feature Editors - Mary Lou Malcomb, .lo Ann Squires FEATURE STAFF Yvonne Allen, Shirley Reed, Barbara Campbell Sarah Thomas, Wendyl Furlow, Darlene Wilmot Sports Editor - -.-- Shirley Norton SVORTS STAFF Leroy dare, Roger Heavner Business Manager ---- Faith Manges BUSINESS STAFF Carol Marker, Barbara Campbell Circulation Managers - Norma Clites, Elizabeth Purinton CIRCULATION STAFF Barbara Pcmtmess, Marguerite Harper, JoAnn Cross Photographer ----- Dale Collins j Seal edl 'Y AVF' r. 'YS 5 ' Healfene Spoli Orton, Haiti, N SENTINEL CIRCULATION AND BUSINESS STAFF - Row I: Campbell, Manges, Marker. Row Il: Cross. Thomas, Portmess, Harper, Purinton, Clites. Our Favorite Newspaper Someone yells g'The Sentinels are herelw and you race to get yours and turn quickly to the features or sports. But do you read the news stories or editorials? Do you realize the work that goes into writing articles, meeting deadlines and proofreading? A glance in the Sentinel room almost any evening will show members of the staff busily at work. Advised by Miss Mary Calemine, this group of second- year journalism students put into practice their first year of training by securing advertisements and sub- , ' I 'N scriptions, and by gathering, organizing and editing the news. One of the highlights of the year is the trip to the Columbia Scholastic Press Association Conference at Columbia Lniversity, New York City, where school newspapers from all forty-eight states are judged and rated. The Sentinel, in the past, has always received a high rating. This year many changes and re- visions were made with the hope of obtaining a more modern, accurate and interesting newspaper. km we v I , W Nigflo. Aqfl 'T' If A 'S -if Nfl' Qgaao . . , that STAFF - Row I: Reed Malcomb, Squires, Allen lips, Furlow, Dentinger SENTINEL FEATURE Row II: Wilmot, Phil- - M X153 ,Q f G7 tl. '-.....-. SM., 55... -.-., f -aww, -Q f ' v i ,fi . in I ,Aw I v Us f U X A 1, Q Jeff iiiwy 1p w 2- f s ' I' W Wwe.. -fi ,L 42' L 'X i.-1-45 - s My A Q x 1 .lxv Q ,'fi!Q, .-'y' wif' ,gl X sr-v qtzsrfixw -N 1 6 4- ,lr ,B . 1,7 " VNS. -' -an ' ' f' ,fn 2. 55. vu A ,, K . 4 , I I 4. Q Mgr 1 ' .4 X ' , 1114 I y , -1 AJ D kk I 1. g .A A, ..,,.l, ,..J. 5 sf, , n kz . xl Fqgagl 5 f i'3s. 0 1 9' Q 4' L' .AP 5. . .ng ' .+-- s.-ni 'An f G' fa' ,ip-if .P " f S 'D I ,Any ,ff D ' JA ,yi Y 77 Yfgrit' .Y ' J , 4 ' 2 ' 4 I I si-at Q 4 Q!! +4 f 4 W 'i l' l 94 Q Y N, Diamond Stars The robin is said to he an indication that Spring is here! But that doesn't hold true on the hilltop! The first crack of the bat tells you that the men of the diamond are drilling again under the watch- ful eye of Coach "Bobby', Cavanaugh. During the 1951 season Cavanaughis crew had a Bi-State League record of 4 wins and 10 losses and an all season record of 6 wins and 10 losses. The City race ended in a three way tie with Allegany and LaSalle. Returning as regulars in 1952 will be Ritter, McGregor, Stickly, Dickie, Turner, Burke and Batt. With this group hack Fort Hill's average should be much higher and maybe a few timely hits this year will add the triumphs we should have had during the ,51 season. QQ fjv H 1 if J BASEBALL SQUAD-Row l: McGregor. Burke, Frye, Beck, Cage, Null, Caporossi, Owens, Ritter. Row ll: Coach Cavanaugh, McGregor, Stickley, Dickie, Yaider, Yetter, Batt, Burke, Turner, Dyer. TRACK SQUAD - Row I: Rice, Lyons, Landis, Meeks, Beightol, Brake, Twigg, Lloyd, Beard. R010 ll: Coach Bill Hahn, Long, Shore, Hull, Farris, Weber, Appel, Gilpin, Steppe, Kirby. Morris, Rapaurh, Brown. Nlanges. Row Ill: Poling, Lynn, Stine, Hartman, Allen, McVicker, Combs, Conter, Smith, Rice, Hamilton. we ' sf - 4: 35 EB . . .' J , . x lv R . 'vi 'V ., " t . A 1, v J i 11 ' ' T -V J , K W7 s - N. ' '4 ' Q- 1. ffl 4. -V t .Lf ' J' 'six' 1 t . ' 5 A , 5 A , 1 eff. . 1 . 1 if U 3 P N ' Qln. , what wir. ii fix, Cinder Burners Spring Fever struck most students at Fort Hill, but one group it never fazed. This was the brilliant 1951 track squad. Under the expert guidance of Coaches Hahn and Hull, these boys compiled a rec- ord of six firsts and one second place. The Hill- toppers captured the University of Maryland, City, 72 County and State Championships. Returning to make their bid for a position on the "52,' squad will he Hull, Beard, Kirby, Steppe, Shore, Hartman, McVicker, Allen, Stine, Farris, Mor- ris, and Gilpin. A REBUILDING SEASON' F 'hy Den Frye lcl Wayne Lewos lpl Dave Rutter llbl Gerald Null l2bl John Ball K3bJ Fort or! Fort Off Fort For! For! Fort orf or! ort Fort or? orf Off Fort George McGregor lssl Bull Yetter lofi 1 1 H1 1 H1 HI H1 1 1 H1 H1 1 H1 H1 1 I 5 Kenneth Owens lofi 5x7-'gg-4-+f Ronme Cage Kofi "" 44 1'-4, I 4 Flrntstone Barton Beoll LaSalle Bruce Hyndrnan Central Flmrstone Barlon Beoll LaSalle Bruce Allegany ll Hyndman 4 Central 6 Allegany 0 01.- fi! 119196 M .LJ ,.,144,-K 3' I 'Eli P ' Q N A 1-111 10 ' 0 f - F H'Il 4 3 X 4- 'll l 3 .. 1,,.1-1:1:fIi1 Q - F H11 9 4 y I 11 em 2:- 1 4 '11 1 4 A 1 " Hg! 1 '11 1 9 K . y '11 13 ' 4 ' ,gl l F I-l'lI 3 s E 1 21,1 5 4..,? 4 Y, F '11 o 7 1 1 f 1 ' 1' ? F 'll 1 e -' 3 H11 o 5 ' 4 , 1 F '11 2 ' ' jr 'K r 'Il s 4 - e y F 1-rn 4 , ' H11 4 ' . - ' I , If 51 1 1? . . X. SVI. gig . V 'ax gg' 1 ,1.. L ,C , , , in f J 1. " L' ' A , j '1 , -- 1-1 X '11' 1 1 4,1 ,V Q K Q g J 1.1 f. 17' l . :S 1 my Q Li- ' -4 1 lx Sv YA N 'K X 5 ,1 ML , , X , V2 "' . N Rx Q , a x ' X z mm' ,mn , may 3: B I N-4. A I was.. get ,fff 4' ' f , 4 I Lf 1 'I i f 'SWTATE CHAMP? X Md. Invitational 2nd Place Keyser l26lKl arm! Han H163 V11 Alleganyv i35Ml ' + Allegany County 5 'Sta -Meet Fvl-I. umm, A , A . -iq- .......f-Y N rm Hill may Monfg. Blair 1233 Fm Hill uosm Allegany 1341 ' " Fort Hill l54l Monjglvjlair ' - Fort Hill 1106353 Martinsburg . 40lY ' MEN ON THE RUN Beighfol ..A......,....... . . . 138W Landis . . , . . 83 Beard 7lV2 Hull .... . . . 71 ' 41:1 V Meeks . . . . . 65 ' Brake 4 . . . . . 63 V2 " L, Kirby ... ... Sl ?,?,fg,ffgQ3,r'ig,'ii M ,ai M Allen aa Shore 32 L' A 'L Rice ..... . . . 32 " ' M' McVicker . . . . . . 27 I 1.1 Q2 if A 9152: 'x i 2 .-3 sn' Junior Town Meeting CO-ORDINATING COUNCIL First row: Crable, Ayers, Rinker. Second row: McKee, McKenzie. Third row: Bell, Myers. WERE ON THE AIR! Discussing the problems of young people in Cumberland over W.C.L'.NI. every week was only one of the activities presented by Fort Hills Junior Town Meeting. These people also held a panel discussion during National Edu- cation Week concerning the "Fundamentals of Education." In the senior high English classes the students choose their topics for panel discussions from a list of subjects selected by the students themselves. ln this manner the students are given an opportunity to express their views on such problems as politics. social behavior of young people. government. etc. Miss Nellie Willison is in charge of this worthwhile activity. ADVISORY COUNCIL Sealed' Revnoldf- pre idfnt Sf!l71!IlHg Nlostollcr librarian Nlmke secretarv Lillartl Nltnccr mtm Scribes of '52 ef! row: Wilson, Chase, Carpenter. Right row: Knipple, Blinkc. Wilmont, Smith Tie room is verv quiet An fitmosphert of concen ion inc ustrv vails Head- are scratched and pencils flv at a furious pace this IS not a m et inf' of the L IX Counci tl t e -emor students vvorkinff on t eir lark, "The Serials o Thr Scribes contains a complete record of all thc stories, poems essays an other literary pieces creat- ed by the seniors this year. This book, under the super- vision of Miss Gerardine Pritchard, will be placed in the library for future Fort Hillians to view. 'QQ .J..- . FORT HILL PLAYERS AUXILIARY First row: Miley, Marker, Hamilton. Stevens, Earle, Knippenburg, Kessel, Hasselberger, Rowan, Taschenberger, Riley. Second row: Pentoney. Martin, Clark, Casserly, Shipley, Alderton, Ewald. Third row: Carroll, Haines, Taslier, Johnson, Hawkins. Hilleeas. Fourth row: Baldwin, Barnes, Wilson, Kester, McKee. Miss Helen Smith, I director, Phyllis KIcKo'nZie, D i c li Broadwater. CAST OF "GEORGE WASHINGTON SLEPT HERE" First row ileft to rightlz Newton Fuller, Richard Broadwater, Annabelle Fuller, Phyllis McKenzie, Steve Eldridge, Edward Smith, Madge Fuller, Mary Hafer, Katia-:, Myrtle Twiggg Hester, Charlsie Norris, Miss Wilcox, Barbara Garlitz. Second row: Clayton Evans, Ronald Cover, Rena Leslie, Barbara Lewis, Mrs. Douglas, Dolores Fahey, Leggett Frazer, Thomas Rowan, Sue Barrington, Ann Webster. Third row: Student Assistant, Sherrell Parsons, Mr. Prescott, Donald Stine, Uncle Stanley, Alan Mease, Mr. Kimber, James Reynolds, Tommy Hughes, James Ellsworth. GEORGE WASHINGTON SLEPT HERE lf General George Wvashington had entered the Fort Hill :Xuditorium on Thursday. February lst at 8:l3 p.m.. he would haye done yery little sleeping. On that night our auditorium reyerberatcd with the laugh- ter of the audience yiewing the Fort Hill Players, presentation, "George Wvashington Slept lleref' This well selected cast. under the excellent direction of Miss Helen Smith, with its buoyancy and brilliance. created an infectious state of excitement and hilarity which thoroughly penetrated and commanded the capacity audience. ff I N First rowi Squires, Cillum. Kessel. llout, Adam Q x,f Nlease. M0-toller. Brinkman. Twigg. Miss An- netta Yates. llireetor, Seqonli FOIL: Hoflttian,,lIarne5 Vlilson, McKee, 5t'arle-tt, Cartlter. llurger. Hicks, Ke-ter, Howclyshell, Hoffman, M-aCL8llgllll!l. Nlilpxl ,bird row: Heavner. Cage. Smith. liarpe-uter, Rolio-on, llrake, Car- pe er, Caparassi, Baldwin, We er. Soulsh , Miller, House, llishop. Fourth row: lIomli-. Smith, Wilson. Clem. Holmes, 'N' . I Stine, Shinlioltzafllillegas, liurkhart. Henry, Rf-ckleyd Sonner, Brady, Smith. V if , .' 7' . lx J v ALL-MARYLAND CHORUS First row: House, Kessell, Mostollor. Brink- man. Second row: Burger, Miller. Twigg. Third row: Buser. Fourth row: llenry, Burkhart. Fifth row: Wilson. THESPIANS er OCTETTE First row: House. Kessellg Brinkman, pianist. Second raw: Burger, llout. Third row: Smith. Stine. Fourth roto: Wilson. Burkhart. :X lil-Xl'l'lfl.l.A CHOIR The beautiful music- Iloats over the enthralled audience as fifty-six voices lvlend in perfect harmony. As the song encls. the audience hursts into a spontaneous applause of approval. No. it isn't the Metropolitan Operal But it is another successful performanee of the A Cappella Choir uncler the expert tlireetion of Nliss :Xnnetta Yates. lt has lieen a pleasant trutlition at Fort Hill for many years for the A Cappella Choir to present the Christmas and Easter programs. 'lihese programs have been examples of outstanding musical talent ancl have received praise from music lovers throughout Cumberland and Allegany County. it L GIRLS' JUNIOR HIGH GLEE CLUB First row: Crabtree, Bucklew. True, Long, Payne, Struckman, Lewis, Isner, Athey, Thomas, Long, Welch, Aaron. Second row: Oats, Williams, Balch, Griffith, Van Ilorn, Garlitz. Mowery, Smith, Wheeler. Fleigle. Third row: Weaver, Shaw, Anderson, Van Pelt. Pernell, Davis, Shank, Teeter, Clites. Fourth row: Marion. Shanholtz. Monnett. llartman, Stewart. Mellott, Durst, Rowe, Lewis, Doll. Girls Glee Clubs 'lwlith A Song In My Heart" could well be the theme of the junior and sen- ior high Girls Glee Clubs. lfnder the direction of Miss Marilyn Ashbaugh, these two groups of girls practice diligently for school assem- blies, church services and for programs on the vari- ous radio stations, in Cum- berland. i 'A GIRLS' JUNIOR HIGH GLEE CLUB First row: Ketterman, Berry, Miller, Rice. Second row: Twigg, Van Pelt, Dickenson, Hendrickson, Trezise, Spiker. McFarland. Cessna, Pretty, Michaels, Dent, Wilson. Third row: Collins, Huff, XYotring, Myers, Clark, Moore, Leatherman, NVheeler, Weaver, Waltman, Northcraft, Fleek, Rollin, Parks, Clark, Stumbaugh. Fourth row: Hickson, Fisher, Athey, Davis, Kompanack, Thuss, Davis, Daily, Rousch, Berry. Fifth row: Riggleman, Miller. Kerr, Fansler, Henry, Rice, Root, Brown, Raines. 'Q First row: Ballow, Thwaites, Kimble. Meeks. Rice, Castle, SENIOR HIGH GIRLS C-LEE CLUB House, Mease. Rowley, Cordry, Lindeman. Second row: Bishop, Carpenter. Soulslmy, Scarlett, Rowe. Hott. Popp, Thwites, Has- 5 selhurger, Brinkman, Nethkin. Third row: Bannall, Fisher, Willard, Barnes. Hillegas, George. McKee, Twigg. Brink- man, Kessel, Fourth row: Nix- on, Burger, Clapp, Adams, Green, D. Wilson, Wilson, Ewald, Miley, Miss Marilyn I Ashbaugh, director. . -bmg GIRLS JUNIOR HIGH GLEE CLUB First row: Reed, DeLozier, Set- tle. Rohinette, Athey, Clontz, Deetz. Kerns, Devore, Schram, Reynolds, Robinson. Second row: Aldridge, Combs, Kessel. Grabenstein. Radcliff, Harper, Reusehel. Dean, Raines. Mor- gan. Siehlf-r, Reynolds, North- craft. llixenbaugh, Liller, Lamp. Third row: Apple, Summers, Hamilton, Breighner, Wilson, Rohinctte, Crawford, Dean. Ib .lfs BOYS CLEI-I CLl'B First row: He-tlrivk. Dawson. Popp. Smith. Menu-r, Rowan. Apple. Nlurphw farun Nldlanlpllw lxew tr Allin Sefuml row: Salxalf-ski. Reynolds, Kerr. Bell. Brown. Dodge. Te-well. her Seater lldwlunan Nlr lldrolc lldn on director. Y! BOWLING CU B SGIIIEIIZ Direks. Reckley. Thomas. Whalley. Bailey. First row: Davis. Stew-its. Cross. Miller. Breighner. Smith. Cross. Blacken. Serum! mir: Hr. lfhurles liryee. .-'ulxiserg Xliller. Weltman. Dugan. Tllliftl mir: lime-r. .'hIllt'y'. Holilr. lriginopolis. Sites. Nlummert. A Strike! 'iYou left one!" is an expression you hear if you walk into a certain revreation place downtown. If you haven't already guessed it. the Howling Club is in full swing. The cluli. r-onsisting of stucleiils from the ninth through the twelfth grade. meets weekly on 'lihursclay afternoons at 4 lu enjoy anal exercise the feeling that comes from tezunwork. The adviser of this energetic- club is Mr. Charles Brit-e. Hi-Y Clubs . , I .L Nut Xl.l'll X lll-X First rout llare. McLaughlin. Kanum. Marker. lilamble. Mckenzie. .-'tlilr-rton. Nl:-yr-rs. Serum! rout ftiinke, Nlo-lol- le-r. Rowe. Crabtree. Lechliter, llrim. Pentoncy, Martin. fxgce. Norris. llardinger. Third rout Mrs. tiarolyn Dun- lap. adviser: Mangcs, Thomas. Rink:-r. llailey. llero. Cosgrove. llarpz-nter. Taylor, Norton. Pe-tg-raon. Bighgp' Twigg. Portnn-ss. Malt-omb. Fourlli rout: Re-ckley. Twigg. Stevens. Fponangle. Schultz. Frame. llrant, Dyer. Miller. llarper. llro-s. ALPHA HI-Y To mature physically, mentally, socially and spiritual- ly is the platform of the Alpha Tri-Hi-Y. Under the supervision of Mrs. Carolyn Dunlap, the Alphas ren- der many services for their school and community. These senior girls have devoted their time to collect- ing baskets for the needy at Thanksgiving. attending the Messiah and Plaster Sunrise Services. and playing the annual football game with the Beta girls. BOYS HI-Y With an eye toward the time when they will become leaders ol the community and the world, the Hi-Y members concentrate on carrying out their program of high standards of Christian character and citizen- Q . -h1p. l'nder the guidance of fVlr. Robert Morris, Mr. Tom Murphy and Nlr. Curtis Gilpin. the members promote and encourage the development of higher moral stand- ards by attending church services. This year through the efforts of this group. Dr. E. Stanley Jones, world famous traveler and lecturer. spoke to the student body of Fort Hill. 'IEFF1 Firsl row: Sowers. McFarland. Couter. Slvppe. Nlorris.Rm-ynolds. Chisholm. Stine. Duff. Second row: llare, Haan-ner, Dyer. Jackson. Knipple. Fayman, 'l'urner. Smith. Squires. Third row: Arthur, Brant. Bittner, WK-ber, Lynn. Lnderdonk, Batt, Knotts. fourth row: tjomlis. lliley.Welt-h. Dolan. Wilson, Riley, Wilson. Swarner. N L FU 'S ik r 4 :SL 73" JUNIOR HIGH BAND Kneeling: Weaver, Cook, llel.uca. Lewis. Robin- ctte, Imes, Lynch, Clitcs. First row: Douglas, 'Spot-rl, Spearman, Abernathy, Jones, llrote- markle. Robertson. Second row: Ross, Blubaugh, Ayers, Arlmogast, Feller, McKenzie, Sturtz. Third row: Jewell, Zembower, D. Smith, Hagan, Holder- haum, Reynolds, Collins. Fourth row: Christopher, Shinbolt, Lynch, Burgess, Fisher, Morgan, Liedinger. Fliflfl row: Colc- man, llaislip, Brown. Dawson, ll. Smith. White. .-Xrnholt, Al0l1,fPSCl1l' S. Wilson, llobingcr, Yale-ntinc, King Band Parents Association For many years local public spirited citizens have donated as much as 20 hours a week of their time and labor to the oper- ation of the concession stand in the stadium. This is the Band Parents Association at work. The profits from this enterprise have been used to purchase uniforms, instruments. sheet music and other equipment that have aided the Fort Hill Band to become one ol the finest musical organizations in the state. The president of this associa- tion is Nlr. Perry Amhroseg vice- president, Mr. James Reynolds secretary. Mrs. George Alexander: and treasurer, Mrs. Perry Ain- brose. ,af- v---'T l May Queen: Sherre-ll Parsons. x' tax! . 'xl lf'4,.n ,isyf HS, 1. t , :ff wtf 'fi 7 ' 1 i Q t S . I E us , f ' s-it . I . , ' .isps , -. 1 I There Came a Da ln May Queen of the May Someone once said "Beauty and brains do not mix," but the student body at Fort Hill has proven this statement false. Just one glance at the 1952 May 'Court will prove beyond the slightest doubt that beauty and brains do mixl What better evidence can be found than attractive Sherrell Parsons, the Queen of the May? Being selected May Queen was a fitting climax for Her Majesty, since she has attended all of the Queens since her freshman year. Attending Queen Sherrell were Darlene Wilmot and Jo Ann Cross, senior attendants: Susan Kester and Donna Rowan, junior representatives: Bonna Bell and Donna Martz, sophomores: and Donna Lewis and Bar- bara Thuss, freshman attendants. Representing the seventh and eighth grades were ,Ianet D6-Lozier and Rebecca Reynolds. These girls with their sparkling smiles and warm personalities are known throughout Fort Hill. 'sv V7 4 M gPz.:i?p7 l, Q X x. BXX15 U A ll ji X lu RQ Senior .4t1endants: Cross. PHTSOUSQ Queen? Wil' ' ' mot. I 1 x, , 3 . "v A f 1: if et 1 -, 1 till. if N i fif- . A on , i ' W , V :fame X :..':' ft M : Y ,r 'lv XJ . Senior High Attendants: Seated - Parsons, Queen. Kneeling - Cross. Wilmot, senior attendants. Standing - Bell, Kester, Rowan. Hartz, junior and sophomore attendants. X 2 ' ef i S . i Junior High Attendants: Delozier, Reynolds. Parsons, Queen: Thu Lewis. 'F NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY National Honor Society Throughout one's high school journey, there are many great ex- periences and thrills. However, probably the most meaningful one takes place when a student be- comes a member of the National Honor Society. The students that qualify for this honorary society must possess high standards of scholarship, leadership, character and service. Kneeling, left to right: Smith, Messe Sl-!1Hdif1gI Alt. Minke, Parsons. e reciafe FP Donald Stine 7 I .V Joan Minka Outstanding Boy 7 Outstanding Girl Possessing the qualities of leadership, high moral and character standards, Donald Stine has proven his ability in every activity he has undertaken. Don was elected the Sabres Outstand- ing Boy by popular vote of the senior class. ln his freshman year he started to build a football technique which improved steadily for four years. Don became a member of the Boys, Hi-Y in his junior year and took part in the Farewell Assem- bly. As a senior, he was president of the Boys' Hi-Y, the band, and a member of the A Cappella Choir and Fort Hill Players. During the Play Tournament he was selected as the Best Actor of 1952. The Sabre offers its sin- cere congratulations to Don, a deserving senior bov. Exercising her ability ln numerous activities through- out the school, ,loan Minke, by a majority vote of the senior class, was elected the Sa.bre's Outstanding Girl. ,loan's high standards of scholarship, character, lead- ership and loyalty have Won her much respect. ln her freshman year .loan was elected president of the Tri- Hi-Y and maintained that position through her junior year. She became an active member of the Junior Town Meeting in the 11th grade, and while still a junior, ,loan's hard work was re- warded by being initiated into the National Honor So- ciety. As a senior, she was elected chaplain of the Tri- Hi-Y and appointed editor of the 'SScribes of 52", the senior class book. Congratulations, Ioan, on your successful high school career. a K .V 'tx ' fx K ! , 5 - ' x' Vi' If Q 14 Vx, 4. ' S +P Q. K wc x , k, 'N ,. , X 'A -. 4 ii I gf, .Q L 'Wim M' A 4 , M Vim mmm T E fo g0 fo Own N CC K 1-.XA X , X X X 1 X ,. Q - ,. m X- -1 . S K Q .X 's sq ...Q. X , R X Kg C l R ,Viv ' X Q 5, . ak X -I We X Q Y K A ku Q x Q ctx Q r x x R .ix-YQ H XT Q. X, x xxx ' 75? X. -1 x . I N XR . X .-N s N x M , S S X . X Q ,. E, XE v x " t .1 V 12 N512 I Q .Nd N., ,L f if ,MR X 'saw Q Ka fn EH I E Xi 'vw uw ,fr mg' . 'Q Q Q vi A 5 K k W J. W, 7 , . X R i K' Q' A Q, ...M , ,MAN N K xg 4 , M M V , ,, , . A M ,4s,.,.., K, .. f , M , 1 I , Ki . ? a ' T gl , ,S K vm x P 4. an P .f sr I 2 " 'f ,Q ,, sg Q4 7 nl 'A - . .HV , W , 1 M 4 A ' ' if I I , ,V N Mx . '. AL hx :wiv L , . Q ,V I A Viv , mm.. ".2 .. .,k,g ff -k"fi ,V .,, ,,1. ,, frk- , ,,, , 4 , www ' Q - .M -- A Qs 2 we wk, "Mu-.... CUMBERLAND TRANSIT LINES SCHWARZENBACH S FOR IOIIR CITY SILRIICF CHARTER A COACH TOR 2 War 0fW"C'i PARTIES OUTINCQ I TRIPS to the msn and soun IIIPI1 229 N Cenlre qtff-'Pt of CUIIIIIPFIIINI Cumberland S923 Harvey's Jewelry Store Dnstrnbufors of FORT HILL CLASS RINGS I U- . - V' 1 0 1 3 .. , - . , . I. I i ww, ' lf, . . f , . A JA ,r ' ,I ,rf I ' , U I I , 1 I I' . 1 .ij ' I. - ' .1 I 1 4' If M. f sf .. I I A I 1 . ,H .. , 'I I Z . -4, , ' v "1 J A D 'Suv I I J LANDIS TYPEWRITER MACGREGOR GOLDSMITH COMPANY SPORTS EQUIPIVIFNIT 0 FREDLRICR STRFIT Ou ztters To Champlons S Ihonf' I900 HARDWARE COMPANY 30 N MECHANIC STRELI Iour Ixosal Stamlarrl and Portable Dnuler For Over Tuenly Years enbaum's A TRI STATE INSTITUTION SINCE I818 H ff. . , II' 1 ,i CUMBERLAND, MARYLAND I 1 , - L T' ' r 2 'r AI , Merrill Brothers Market, Inc 47 Vrrgmncn Avenue BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 52 7 Up Bottling Co 7'I Taxl Office Phone 7'I C q tlt T THE CLASS OF 19 2 310 s MECHANIC STREET QUEEN CITY DAIRY INC CUMBERLAND MARYLAND - l I Compliments of , The Phone 699 1 ont ra u a ions o 7 5 Migffifiw MUS YS BARBE SHOP 0 M VIRGINIA AVILNI L EN Ixumw IFORGE KLINE II Klme Furniture Co we VIRGINIA AVFNLE I umI1f 1I1nrI IVI 1rxI'1ncI Hanks Pharmacy Dmfol Q PlLbCIZ1Jfl0HS Flllezl Here I-HH IJII IXI RX IIIOINI' 5300 Keystone Shoe Store, Inc 109 BAITIMORL STRHT Cumberland Marx land Trultt Drug Co W K Edwards H C Splker Tlzzs Pharmacy ls Your Fmlress of Health 238 Vlfglflla Avenue Phone 361 Cumberland, Marxland 772 ,141 1 RZPL6 I omplzm ent S MARTIN S BALI IMORF STRFIT W ' ' f I B I , I. U lt f'1,'x To CIYISS Tozrn To , ' ll , ' . B S1 - Y. . C. A. MARYLAND AX ENIIE AT CENTRAL I 'l' j' I All , ' ',. " ' ' O 71' , I ff! Of 1 Your Community Lumber Yard Since 1896 32 QUEEN STREET CUMBERLAND, MARYLAND The South Cumberland Planning Mull Company PEPSI COLA BOTTLING COMPANY 71M GREENE STREET Joseph J and Marcus R Remhard Harry Footer Cleaners, Inc Vlfglnla Avenue N Centre Street Llbertv Street Mam Office LaVale u fi X T X4 Reynold's Cigar Store 11 SO CENTRE STREET rg 5 , , r:- ,1 ' .A fi' ke, C I c :J 'T A I tlfwp X! 1, 1 ' V7 7 PA, 'f 4 ,,. ', V J . f ' - ll I A A70 ,X , . f, r V Q f- Farmer's Dairy PASTEURIZED MILK, CREAM AND DAIRY PRODUCTS Walnut Place, Between Par-:1 and Beall Streets CURTIS COX, Manager Phone: 311-312 Pennsylvania Avenue Fort Hull Alumni Assoclahon Complzments 0 Rnchardson's Corner of Park and Harrlson Street Best uzshes lo Class 0 52 A M Jack Grocery Phone 1603 1304 Vlrglnla Avenue Cumberland Maryland Q o n o o . f , o o n I 1 1 5 7 Schwennmger s Hardware 305 VIRCINIA AVENUE PIFFTRIC 1ND PI UMBING QUPPLIES IIAAIIWARF PAINTS 4'VD IIAQS Fred C Crabtree 133 ELDER QTRFFT Mmm CROCERII s Arthur Bopp s BEDFORD RO AD H E Smith Grocery A complete' lme HEAT S FROCERIES PRODUCE 730 OLDTOWN ROAD ROYAL CROWN COLA NILHI BOTTLING COMPANY sl RINC DM F SIRI ET LATHRUM'S MARKET lOUR 'VFICHBORHOOIJ FOOD STORE OLDTOW W RO AD - 1 O 1 ' I L E , , J 1 1 4 I f 1 L , , . . . I . -V-Y , ff 4. A A I I A A 1 . Flowers At . . , , ' of A! 'L' Yi ll li! A P If 1 4 H - , V w 4 M1 3 7. n , I 1 4 n A A 1 Ware s Dellcatessen GROCERIES MEATS School Supplies Magazmes Creetmg 48 HUMBIRD STREET Cumberland Motel Cards Rest ln the Best Mlles East on Baltlmore Plke Phone 37161 4 LIBERT Y lVllLK 450 Race Street Cumberland, Maryland Phone lO68 Complzments Spooler's Grocery Quality Lunch Come ln for GOOD HOME COOKING 20 S LIBERTY STREET Lisllll T llll ' T f T Q of U ' MERCHANTS WHOLESALE GROCERY CO., INC. CUMBERLAND, MARYLAND Dlstrlbutors of FRESH BREAKFAST COFFFE GOLDEN ISLE FRUITS IUICES Sales - Service First in Sales - First in Service EILER CHEVROLET Incorporated 219 N MECHANIC STREET Phone 14-3 GET THF BEST FET SEALTEST Rleck McJunkln Dcnry Co WILLIAMS STREET N '. 1 I ' f o 0 0 - 0 ,xx Q AN lj. za, ' . .lk H 1' v ' . I X9 i I , x , if My ,WA If WJ A Hyffj-D7rNE7Aff ' A ' ll.y1QffE'Ag isarl E. Shatzer x,! I '1 Af , MEATS AND GROCERIES I, Wholesale and Retail Phone 345516 411421 NIARYLAND AXE When Serving - Be Sure It's Speelman s Ice Cream Monarch Prlntlng Co 116 FREDLRICK STREET Spoerl s Garage PONTIAC CADILLAC Servlee 2 N Ceor e Street Sales 207 B Mechamc Street Cumberland N131 x land est Wzihe I0 llle F1059 0 72 THE MANHATTAN FEV LFWIN S 1PPARFI BALTIMORE STREET AT IIBERTY CLMBFRLAND la-5 Z -X I , -' t , ' ,' ' ' ' A I . I l I Y - U r- 1 v- T ' I 9 - K . . - ' A -f 'M - T f - , N ' . H , . ,A . . A . 1 A T 1 A, . I H , G I j ,Q- , , gg n . . , , , , T f , A X I A . f , . C A Nr . V , f ,, ' - - ,, 7 I A 41 11 . f' . A A pr . . . W 3, N - 11. A V , , T . , V A . . , .T xi T - . W sf . Q ' A ' y- ., ' , ,W xx . Y - I Y - 'I . A,-., . - MW, X ,, ROSENBAUM S STUDIO kY F A Pig J-, S senbaum's CKTCE BOX ,, We S PCl3ll78 WEDDING AND DEFORLTTED CAKES BRF4DS ROLLS AVD PIES l'dward I' fllnebell Prop 33 N CENTRE STREET Phone 6331 Cumberland Maryland PHARMACY lflarvlands leading Presfrzplzon Store CORNIFR OF CFINTRF S. BFDFORD T free Delivery Phone 3646 943 Browne s Store 150432 WILLlAMb STREET The Kenneweg Co Wholesale Grocers Sznce 1890 180 1?-1 BALTIMORF STREFI Cumberland Maryland Schriver's 114 BALTIMORE STREET Cumberland, Md Stanley Burke's Restaurant FIFTH STREET Cumberland Md , flvf if ,ef f .1 f 1 j VI .ffl .' J-T26 LJ . f 5 l 4 vill- ' lf" - rg rp fp. ffl' ig '. 1, .T ff' ' V 1 "C f' -f I , ff M R, f ,fd WALSH a. MCCAGH ,1- If in he mflffl if I I U A . Nl JV A I T T , .f , ' , S S L' LT- A .T . -.. 7 Y' I I - 1 , f f' , , Congratulatlons to each Semor May your future be happy and prosperous Many ofthe jobs you seek will requlre an automobile A GOOD CAR IS AN ASSET Your "Dodge" Dealer Sales Service Dodge Plymouth 123 S LIBERTY STREET PHONE 258 "Woody" Gurley Chaney s Transportation Company 23 HOWARD STRFEI Headquarlers For Evervlhzng Muszcal Syckes Muslc Shop Phone 6229 THE CUMBERLAND TIMES NEWS Fongralulaizons To The CLASS OF 52 BEIGHTOL'S GROCERY Fnndlay s Confectlonery CIOFBIIPS Tobafcos Fon edlons 261 WILI IAMS STRFFT Crystal Park Skating Rlnk , as f I A , , .. A 4 -f 1 E72 .rf ,gi in ff' V' J I F4464 , c , f . I, o , I I' 'V 11 S. LIBERTY STREET f A '35 A ' lf! 1 - -1 ' n , 1 u 1 A 'VJ v: K vi I --A iv 1 K l F74 4 f i .N . , COYLE BROTHERS SANITARY MARKET 232 VIRGINIA AVENUE Phone 1434 Conlon Agency FIRST NATIONAL BANK BLILDIWC We Wrue Every I' orm 0 Insurance Protectwn Auluze Steamship Rall Tours Phone 807 Keech s Drug Store Prescrzptlons Care ully Compounded 13 VIRGINIA AVENUE Phone 1686 The M G K Motor 221 GLENN STREET Telephone 2300 Cumberland AA 911 M CUMBERLAND ELECTRIC COMPANY Dmmond Restaurant 10 N MECHANIC STREET Rlchard J D1amond, Prop Comer of Vlfglflla Avenue and Second Street General Electrzc Applzarwes r . I , V- . I, . A, , K. 1 f J I 'I I- A , , I :I I . I I1 Iv II ' P I ' ,I ' ' . f s ' , .f 1 - - Co. ,, ,: . , d, . 1' I Pratts Confectionery and Grocery 251 WILLIAMS STREET PHONE 2006R Candy Magazines School qupplzes MEATS OF ALL KIINDS Gladstone s Frozen Custard and Lunch 4 M1165 East on Baltlmore Pike AMOCO AIND E550 GAS CROCERIES CONFECTIONS Roy L Merritt THOMAS AT QICOND STREET Phone 3746 Hlll s Toy Store Headquarters or Party Favors Decoratzons Dzshes Glassware Pam! and all Holzday Noveltzes 45 N CENTRE STREET Conzplunelzts and Good WLSIIBS to all Fort Hzll Graduates Curtls Confectionery 12 BALTIMORE STREET SHOP AND SAVE AT "The Blg Friendly CITY FURNITURE STORE 38 NORTH MECHANIC STREET I a I .... O I . .1 I T - nl - ' - ll , , '- : 9 Q a ,. A , J Q Q I, I Laurent Fongratulatzons To The Class o 1952 Stacey s Market Corner of Oldtown Road and Race Street 51 NORTH CFNTRE STRFET Best Wishes to the Class 0 1952 Pat Umstot Service That Wms Out or In GEHAUF'S DRIVE -IN Soda Fountain - Luncheonette , 1 , A' r- . - lir' ' .V '- f f A , X f' ' I ' 4' I V , , , 1,-V' 5 ' Grocery and Confectionery . ! L V ,lf L 'V N I ' V 'I . A . f I ' f Gordon's Restaurant CHICKEN-IN-THE-BASKET OLDTOWN ROAD Congratulatzons lo the Hass of 1912 Ben Franklln Store LEWIS BROTHERS MARKET 1101 VIRGINIA AVENUE NABORHOOD MARKET fine Foods Plus Free Delwery Grocenes Ve etables Meats Frozen Foods 4-092 BEDFORD STREET Phone 4635 Best Wzshes to the Class of 1902 Wmdsor Barber Shop 106 BALTIMORE STREET Daud L Nhller Prop Headquarters For Graduauon CI ts DIAMONDS SILVERWARE Nalzonally Famous Watches Credit Terms JEWELRY sToR In 68 BALTIMORE ST i 'f : H Q I I V if , I ETMQFQEEE- E .T TT TT""TTT "" 'Ti,lllI Porlralls 0 Dlstznclzon O K Newcomer s Jewelry Fuze Jewelry Loans Made Lxpert Watch Repazrmg John Newcomer 213 VIRGINIA AVENUE W R Rlce Grocery Fresh Meats General Merchandise 106 W OLDTOWN ROAD S Phone 1913 Puerce s Maga meg Newspapers Kodak Fllms Leaa' the Dance Parade wzth a Corsage Fzrst Aul Needs Iileenex Ice Cream Sot Drinks FIRST STREET S4 VIRFIMA AVENUE Cumberland Cloak and Surf 7 B Store B ALTIMORE STREET l'Offl BOPP'S ALTIMORE STREET Phone 2581 2582 One Location Unly I . f . . . I ,rife Q! f 46133 O . E45 Jars. XG W JP ' . 0 C , f 2 O of fi, w- - 1374? D if I I 1 ' I Z. -i -A , . - f . I I . 1 . , I Every Graduate Knous It Pays to Look Your Iery Hes! He Also Ixnows That It Does Not Cost Much When You Buy At BURTON S IN CLMBERLAND WOLF FURNITURE CO Best 0 Wishes o THE COMPANY A M Klght 549 CENTRE STREET The Fer uson Tractors and Fer uson Sx stem Implements MEAN LESS WORK MORE INCOME Cumberland Maryland PER ACRE Phone 3015 BALTIMORE PIKE f ' f Hammersmith's Restaurant ' BUCHANAN LUMBER Always Shrp By Shrpway s SHIPWAYS MOTOR EXPRESS 804 LaFayette Avenue Cumberland Md PHONE 2354 5 . A . ' 1 COMPLIMENTS OF R H LAPP AND SONS PLUMBING AAD HEATING 716 OLDTOWB ROAD CUVIBERLAND MARYLAND uv'-J REDDY KILOWATT POWER REDDY WILL SERVE YOU WITH Cheap Electrm Power at Your Busmess 0 Your Farm ln Your Home For free avszstalzce ruth your electrzcal problems call THE POTOMAC EDISON CO Hmer s Market Meals Poultry Vegetables Fruzts 111 W IRGINIA AVENUE Good foods Come In Lzttle Packages The S T Llttle Jewelry Co Regzsterea' leaelers Amerzcan Gem Society J 1 x U Q T Y Y 1 rl X Y ' 7 - . , K 6 N e- - . . r '1 tl. D9 ' r -"- J' - 1 NI. ' -' "Q -,- 0' .ee -wk fx A A Crocerzes in. V'-,A x rw U u U T - 7 - - 1 llI1'IcV1.Cl'.'l S6 'V ' 7, . 1 n I 7 . . . I 7 . Y , I Joe s Texaco Servnce 1201 Oldtown Road Cumberland Md South End Market Crocerzes Gasoline Motor Ozl Mar ax Lubrlcatzons H K Polm Pmprletor Phone 4489 W MEATS CROCERIES PRODUCE THE WORLD BOOK ENCYCLOPEDIA Complete Re erence Servzce For Home VIRGINIA AVENUE School Ojzce Over 18000 lllustratxons 1500 ln natural color More than 10 000 pages Phone 139 Cumberland Md Low Cost Easy Terms ee Mrs Edna Daman SINGER SEWING CENTER Everythmg For The Lady Who Sews Fabrlc McCall Pattern and Greatest Selectron of Zlppers Buttons and Trlmg 1n Cumberland Sewmg machme and vacuum cleaner repalr statlon for tl'l1S area Take advanta e of a Smaer Sewing Cour e that oes free Wlth our latest Centennlal Electrlc Model Sewmg Machme 79 N CENTRE STREET PHONE 394- , I 4 in ! Q o . . . g, ' . . f ' , - - S R. No. 6, Box 13 Phone: 432-W . , S . . , . . g . U . . S ig i . . WISE PCTATO CHIPS The Food That Pepa Lp Parlzes D1 Illbllfed by R C SHORTY MARKER 522 WILLIAMS bTREF'I PHONE 1421M All Prescrzptlons Compounded Accuratelv By ELPCTLCHCCII Regwterea' Phalmaclstv Brm All Your PTCSCIIPIIOIIS to Peopl s Service Drug Store 1' BALTIMORE ST Cumberland Md Congratulnlzons and Best Wzshes To THE CLASS OF 52 EAST SIDE CONFECTIONERY A I l.x5v. qv .Q AiI' . 'v I . I I . , , , u nh i 'X F . ' I ' S. , u u ' C O . El -. I Y .U D , O Y ,- if . - 7 . 9 Comphments of WCUM AM FM ,zsmullln!"""""""'M CBS RADIO CUMBERLAND CBS AFFILIATE 1490 Kc 1029 mc fm T Maryland Need Good Teachers STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE, FROSTBURG graduates them WELCOME SENIORb NO TUITION Lllhan C. Compton, Preszdenz Ehzabeth HltChlHS, Regzstrar O 1 1 l f 1' 'ing - ? ' W . Z" wt' fl. I A 2 X J. n , V X. Me L., .M L. . S , . 'W f ' uf 4124 SEARS ROEBUCK AND COMPANY BALTIMORE STREET Cumberland Morylcmd H G ROEBLICKesoN 2140 AISQUITH STREET BALTIMORE MARYLAND YR v-' 9-"U-4"f7qv'm44, i? PRINTERS LITHOGRAPHERS TO SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES EVERYWHERE pzodacaa af YOUR I952 YEARBOOK Q Q A NC 1 2 r V ' . 4 9 X. . L 1. N 'L Y 1 .. 1 x L, V Q Y 1: fr fr if is f 717 fr Q- L w . 5 -: , Q , gg? ML 'Q fr if A 1 1, 'Q' 'Q' i7 if if 'Q 'il' YC? if? 'fr ff? 'fr if? PATRONS To the patrons whose generous support made posszble end leaves for thzs edztzon,of THE SABRE the sta extends szncere thanks Your actzve znterest and encouragement gave contznuzng znspzratzon to the productzon of the SABRE of 1952 all 311 afl all all all Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs George Alexander Gllbert Alt George P Appel .lohn Barley Lee Bally Vlfgll Blshop Charles E Bonner Mr and Mrs Charles Bournan Mr and Mrs Wrlllam S Boyd Rev and M s D F Brake and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs lNew Theatre Mr and Mrs Martln V L1CdV John McLaughl1n James W Mrller Raymond J Mlnke M L Mostoller Paul G Norton Mrs Rosella Parsons Mr and Mrs P Peterson Mr and Mrs Grayson Burke Walter C Capper Mr and Mrs George Conway Mr and Mrs Eldon Elklns Rev and Mrs Louls H Ewald Fays Art and Glft Shop The Joe Feldsteln Famrly Frantz Home Bakery Mr and Mrs ,lames H Reynolds Sr Mrs Louise Rlley Mr and Mrs Charles Rmker Mr and Mrs John Rudolph and Famxly Comphments of a Frlend Mr and Mrs Herb Sarver .lr Mr and Mrs Ernest M Schaldt Mr Al Shaffer Evelyn Sheetz Trultt Drug Company Garden Theatre Mr and Mrs Charles H George Mr and Mrs Charles Glllum Compllments of a Frlend and Mrs Wllllam Hammersmxth r and Mrs Wllbur M Hardmger Rev and Mrs H E Heckert and Mrs Walter Henry Jr nd Mrs and Mrs and Mrs J E Hlcks Sumner A Hlrsch John House Mrs Irene Hout an an an an Mr an Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Frank B Hymes John Johnson Harmon Jones A M Klght Ralph E Klavuhn and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Bernard K Smlth Earl Smlth LCWIS Smlth Wllllam F Soulsbv Boyd Sponaugle L R Taylor Complxments of a Frlend Mr I L Vanorsdale Mary S Walsh Mr and Mrs Robert A Wheeler Mrs .l W Whlttlngton Morton Wllner D S C Mr and Mrs Carl Wllson Mr and Mrs Ersll Wllson Sr Mr Sz Mrs ,l E Wolford Sldney W Zwlck . J H A . Mr. d . Mr. . ' . ' J Mr. d . ' Mr. . ' Mr. d . . Mr. . . . ' Mr. d . ' Mr. . . ' Mr. d . ' Mr. . . . Mr. d . ' ' ' ' . r . . . . . . , Compliments of a Friend Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Shultz Mr. . . ' . . . Mr. . ' . . - ' Mr. . ' ' ' ' Mr. . ' ' . I Mr. . ' ' ' Mr. . M . . ' . ' Mr. . . Mr. . , . ' ' Mr. a . . . ' . . . Mr. . . ' , Mr. . , , s , Mr. d . . ' , . . . Mr. d . , , ' Mr. d . , , ' ' , . Mr. d . . . ' . . . . . d . . ' , ' I F fi F y 5, L rj " Eiiijggx ,If f - A- '-x nh. ir- 55 L3 if af ' v.. N I b 1 , li ,ff 4 5 1

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Fort Hill High School - Sabre Yearbook (Cumberland, MD) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


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