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i,1. galne 1949 ,1 ,,. FORT HILL HIGH SCHOCL E 4 .,-4.. ., ,L ish, 'km 4 galne recorded by th Glass of 1949 of 'fohf gcluool Cumberland, Mcxrylcmd - V-Lf f v 1. .. , 4 ' ff V. O' f. Us V rf J, . . ,.-r , 'F' ' , f WF y' fa 1:5 , ' V' ' ,. V ,uv , . V I ,W.,.,,,.,. ,, ,VV fm ' , vthjf '. ' ,1' ' if 7. ' "1 f.. ,P ,K V V, V: K I - .f ' - V. ' .. LV- ,swf Avis? 5- 1, Vex' NV-'VF ",gQ?g., , - X V ff' . f b1,,A5i'.fg.f nm-" V ' -1 P1 .V -ix .:15"E' V' , , . I f ' V V yr, -V -- A . ,ig . .- ,J ' ..L-: V. ,.: .A 11 I , V '1.,- V' V- ' I--Z!"-J "I j E' -4- I 'u,.w3V,f I- F' 4 mf. .. . , X x. , xp ,,7'- .3 V, , N . ",fU?x - -NS,. " -1. - ' rfffif, 53 wr? ' -. '.V-ff' jr'.gqV'fgZ"" J " 'X -if .f-f'- . 1 - fm. s 1 -. mga , ' I VV- V ' ' i- Zim.. We " VV " ,X 'X-X, H V f f , ,ff7A3Qk"Q iV. g,'j 'Q V " :"' . ' . ' ,.2?-Bhfacf-Sf- .A "ak ,2?2:'3sVf",f-' i F335 V 4 , WZ '1f "1'7l 213' ff sf?" iff' ' -+ 7 - 151 ' ffm' f. - , 101 in 1 fix: lj V115 ' .5 I-.: . , 3 . "' fb ' :,.:l 3,953 09' 7 51 T., V 1 ff-'V , A -fp' it ' 1 f- 3 ff V ww: ,ff .,,.a351,ff n' qs V -' -ff 1 1.- "f ' V .fire mf' 2 " 4' ' Vw: 9' . ,, V . VV:- f s, ,-1, ' Ex :iz I JV -ht 1-if ,V 3 -V 1 Q ' . - A A. . -' 4 -' -" . , , . -.v ff- . . ..-fu..- I, 3- - U' 5 :V , ff? . r f' jf .,j . ! Q fi., 4- fr-ij7' .' J 2 , V Q' 'fff:?3i5'-..'.7f J- jf .- V .. ,-..V.- . ,.f Nigga..-,V I -M5 -- ., ,, ' '.' , ' '?"ff5'N fi L:-51552 i fr gf' ' Vf ,. ,r' ? w .--wQ,f:V f f 1 "wif-Q V iii .if Ai' V V ' A +f 1 ' 4 '72 ' f - ' V5 V "' ' . 1 ' ' F. '. , V" "Fi, 4. V Y' ,ZV V-' f XV , .M ' - .,.q1,,.3 . . V ,, -V V, ., , , , ' - 4 aff: X V -':,,- - f' T41-'G . . K ' 'M-V--if , . ,::. V- ..,.- --F.. , V . . :'- -gs ' . ff f vf-'V fgy- hi , , 3 HI 4 WT V q '.25?1Vf T f geem ' R' ff? ' 4,--f'f'- -Q..-11'-,2j'c9ff5?:f", : ' ff ,. -wg , ' ' V1 4 '15 H ff: -5-V hw: F ,1. N' N.:-,.q,5r,.y,7 .4 ..,th,.w c -VI-:,, , A 1 1 1 , 3.1, Q-gifcfgm 3 'cfg5,, ,-VW? gg: ,"ar'Vff-11' -mg: ' - , ,-'I- -,V - " 1'-:VH JV , -. . , ,VsV-ff1P?'5iQi3.Vfw- vb' '- A "' ' E 1 -:fx "" .-' - .. V A iff V, 4. 335- l.- ' Z ..fggf,V Mtg, ,,.-1, , .JK .24--4, ' ' silly, ' VV .., - ,f m V .- V, V, -1-fe,VfaffV r - .V . . A 'fp , Vw, ., .y,LV.f,1,.,-I M, A " ' . 34:2-Q2 9, , '11 . . ' ' , ,:5,y,,1 'V , , V .. , :V-,.,,g.x V ,L :V mfg , . 1 Igffil? ?3:. V siiff 232, V,,... I- , . NTRGDUCXNC' ' PAT and MIKE who MILL Show you 'tkrouqh your ' ,MQ MF ADMINISTRATION THE SENIORS UNDEROLASSMEN ACTIVITIES SPORT CULTURE OUTSTANDING PERSONS ADVERTISING on- ,3- 41 'T-36 Q - . an .-gh A ,rue-,:,hVhfemp-'.,. .. . . V M .v.. , . W. , V run-X -,Iv ,fd ...x.-,I ,.a' . , " . .--f D - ' - "'if"'i'?42"!!f'-"tm ,, i1"" 'wif-4g.,.,4, , .. , , ' , . . V-7'-. "Zig'?zf'53Sih:fq5S5j5Hg-,3ee1rrf'rwvmf-N-4:wws1w9f-w"PX-b-1' . V- " J ' Q I N' -"'.n'-243' . J' 8 - 1 . .UI-, qwmx 4 , 11713 .Qi . s.L. 1 n s, . ,,,,,..,. .. W 4.725-:Y A T, uv-0vs:.q5,4,:3:L1-. mil H t ,,. - - ' 1. P , - ir- if gmt 1, -1,13-51:15.11-5 -, 'M -, - .1 ' -X ,Q Q 'N .iff . .V-1 . .--Lp' 4-.1 , .. -?1'if.'3: , ' . 5.1"-Q . ,. .. " PV ' 2,.iwxh5Qv::v,'fQg1rl', Ev-K., A ff, " F" w ' 'W .vf fa: V- ' ' T":--Q'5FV'f3p sf' X ,sin ' , , . rr. U uf. j M V' ' . -. , , --:Niu'?v ' ' ,.'ffF?F!Q.'5f'1j- f...' '!ifa':2lJ"',,., A 2 W-K ' .4-'r ,. .HV . -- nine'-.-3.1p1r4s-eww: ,, .- , w--' " 1 P 'infix--2---1 r- ",Xog-3:,--- y . .1 w.-my -rdema'q:Qffm:E,,,,.,, 1.1 ,'5,4UF',3- xuf,-gi-ff,"-'-J'-'ffi-. ,A - .-L.-4s,,-lan I ' v.M- "?i3lSQf"'?'Qi4'1... .. , , ' - 1 W-...., .. .... ., 1 za. , w s QA pg Skis ,A .A 1 S PO. 0 U lC.S x N X nw H h I QDSWIWQQ . u 6 1 lg: lkx GUIDANCE COUNCIL Mi. C. Minka, Giiidunuo Directory Mrs, N. F. Bennett, Assistant Librcxricng Miss G. Hcinck, Lilnrcuiun Swnteid: Miss I, Bowen, Mrs, H. S. Alicimonq, Mr. C. Minka, Miss I. Bowersox, Mrs. A. Hughes. Stcmdinq: Mr. R. Wirnor, Mr. N. Winsheimer. 9 CABINET 1 1111-11' 1111 T. H. F111111s, M155 N. NV1111SOI'l, 1V11. V. 1'1P1SE'Y M155 M. 1'1u11111'1y11 1111 14 9151.1 1711111111111 1511. 1, 1--I1 1:11-1 1111, 11, 1v11111:1, 11111. 11. V11111111, 1111 V. 1111 1131. , - . 1 . 1, 1 4, 1.11 1 W. ,fhv-.I , ., A.. . , . . 1 1 1 8 I,,s1113.5w- Lkiqisi 4,755 A .1 ,M y 1 k - '21,1111g1 21 F s 'x .1, Y . ,M 2. 1: N ,J 1' fr ,I "Ll 1 111111 1'1 -1111 1111111113 1V11:a. M. V. 11111111111 11. 1311I'l11, MISS 15. 1i11111s 11:11.11 1' '.'1'..1::: 11 "1- 1-Q, V1111111-1, 111111211 171. 111119is1111, M1523 11-1111 1111x-3111. 11111111 1111::.z 1 1111111111 I1 M111 N. 1'. 1111111-111 M155 11. SH11111, 1-11155 111, 1 1 1 II1KlI1'l1+, 111111111 111. 11N111111111111 11111311 G. 1'11111111-1. ITNGLISH DEPARTMENT SCIENCE DEPARTMENT I 5 I1 IIII u 1 vl Ml. F. KIIUVLXVI, Mr. F. Asl1IXG.1c.1I1, Mzss I. Euwersox, M11 P. PC-rdew, MLC., f. Bly Simhiirmfgi IVII',H.I:.I..H111Il'I, Ml. H. VNQIIIIVI. EA x QQ' ami: Mxss A. Vwul, Miss L, Myvls, Mrs, N. IIIIIQH, Mrs. P, P. Eyln-1, Mlss M. Rm tux Im Mr. I. X'Xf1r1sI1w1x11v1, M11 I.. KIOIIIDIIS, Ml. Ix. IXAUIIIS, MI. I. I.rml-', Ml. A. full. SOCIAL STUDIES DEPARTMENT II TEACHERSAVOCATIONAL Sfffxifld: Miss Y. Hudson, Miss O. R011-liiscri, Mrs.C',Hf1si, Miss PM-f'.:i1y. fitviniiirifzi Mi.iiirds,M1'.Slii1ih,Mr.Fvif1i1sUri,Mi. Aiwxfriiii1,i.ii.iQiii. PS 5 .7 an l 'X K...-4. ,N RfiwOr1f': Miss M. ASiiliL1llk1i1,MiSS E. Kraus, Miss in Biiiiuii, Miss A. Yfx?-is, Huw Twoi Mr. T. Fooio, M11 P. Kc--sin-r, Mr, VV. Shiiiiifiiz. it MUSIC, ART, AND LANGUAGES COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT Svuteui: Mxss M. Hive, M155 A. FOIA, M1s. H, Allcxmonq, Standing: Mr. H. P, Price, Mr. C. Rituhie. IIME wi: Mis. V. SCEIAHTIIHCIIN1, Mls, M. NIVWSIIGW, Mlss M. Hcmulton, Mrs A. Huqhvs, M155 E M111 Slumiimgr MI, K. G. Pvuy, M11 I. G, '1'hc,amcxs. MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT Top Picture: Mr. I. Ccrvcmczuqh, Mrs. L. Resser, Mrs. H. P. Snyder, Mr. W. Hahn, Boliem Views seen by the Sabre ot the Merfs Faculty Dinner held on December 13, 1948. PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT I4 - .I .lil 5. vj' ' .1 c I 1 . -Lf.: V 4fag,pW"'f-5?'7"Ri 5 2-, 1. ... P' . 'Wi ' 'r5?i1. l ,Mg N1 A N , - ' -'W"" 2' 4 ff" . 6 'x"+1I X 'f' Ilfiffllig' "'7':'5"""r 4 ws A VN-.--K. ...HW W.-,'.-ffw ,iw ' fV'Eu5Z:Q"' 'v'l.x'.. 'rl ' . 5 mx. ,,,.,-3.5-..,f-m,..f .. f , 353,-3-'45 qgiif' ' "--:aff 3,1 ,Q -p:,.1',, - Afhygv- ' , J 455' gym,-7. 3 K 1 1' - sn I H, " Qrx-x::.D3'N!q-1:-1.1-... F K. -4 ' ' , v 3 if --, "Q'L'g4,Qlf:f ' 1" , - I 1 ' 1. 'G , -b Q ., I " -2 1 ' 4- , - -'P' i V w x , .- ' '- , ,. QQ, Q U - if 1 3 .b A .,?iFLU-'Yi-"1 . qw- 5 4 7 1 "T: AN-my . '- A . Q ' - 'f' 2 EM- A ..-95:-i F- Y 9 ff 5- MN H ' 5 f. ' Q fi 3 -- . Q 4 .'-"'f '- .- N . I ':. ., ' ' ' "'f'--kv -f.,.,a 11, ji., 1 I . 'A X N"-"" .401 V '12 -.f- '1'Yf:f"-W W 51 . , ' . 1 J.. K M .,.. A , .,w,:,,,l ,, WL I :J-1 ' ' . .., ff -M-if - 3 ' id. N 4, ,. ' 4-'if ,-,1 ' ff' r ,N 3.1 -px 'GFS V ,pf-,, ,5- 5Sj,Q,:g,4.' IL, ml'-:-ww, Q17 but-X XX ki 'P Q P r . 4.3 XY?-. f sw-45415 ,E al Y '19, ,. '. , RNA '99 Q, 1 5 v x 7-fre geniofz Glass "Faith is the root of all good works." With this as our motto, the Senior Class of l949 meets the challenges of the world we will soon enter. Although we have reached the point where we are anxiously anticipating the future, we find great pleasure in stopping for a moment to reniinisre. Remember how awed we were when we first entered Fort Hill? Frankly, we were quite lost, but now, how changed it is. Then, we were shy, widereyed youngsters. Now, we are con- fident and poised to meet the challenges of life. This, our senior year, has been a memorable one. First, our class officers were selected. With Carl Thompson, president, Leo Smith, vice president, Dorothy Triplett, secretary, Royce Hendrickson as treasurer, Miss Geraldine Pritchard, social adviser, Mr. Carl Ritchie, business adviser, and Mr. Leon Klompus, Mr. lames Engle, and Mr. Wade Kipp, Sabre advisers, how could our class help but be successful? ln athletics, our teams won as many laurels and broke as many records as any other Fort Hill class. ln the annual play tournament, the Seniors presented the dramatic Hlacob Comes Home." Although we did not win the contest, we are proud of our performance and congratulate those who participated for doing a grand job, especially lack Cessna, our student director. Another dramatic success, the three act play, "Une Foot in Heaven," was presented on April 8. The play, directed by Miss Pritchard, was a delightful comedy dealing with the trials and tribulations of The Reverend Mr. William Spence in trying to unite his guarrelling, narrow- minded parishoners into a congenial congregation. Happily, he met with success and so did the play. On tune 3, the Senior Prom was held. The theme in the blue oi evening- created a dreamy, enchanting atmosphere and the music was just right. Finally on lune 9, we received those precious diplomas, and although we look back on our years at Fort Hill with happiness, we are looking forward to our future with hope. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Loo Smith, Vivo-president, Royce Hendrickson, Tieasuiwr, Dorothy Tiiplett, SL'-vrctary, Carl Thompson, President. 17 Adams. Palmer Earl Vocational "Bear" Football 2, 3, 45 Track 3, 4. Alderton. Reber lohn General Football 2, 3, 45 Basketball 2, 3, 45 Track l, 3, 45 Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. Allen, Rhoda Alice Commercial Library Club 2, 3, 45 Glee Club l, 2, 35 Prom Committee 3. Atkinson, Nadeane Academic "Deanie" Sentinel Staff 2, 35 Associate Editor 45 Sabre Staff 35 Advertising Editor 45 Tri'Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Fort Hill Players Auxiliary 3, 45 National Thespians 3. 45 "Dear Ruth" 35 "Our Hearts Were Younq and Gay" 45 lunior Farewell Assembly 35 Math Assembly 1, Z, 35 National Honor Society 45 "One Foot in Heaven" 4. Baker. Darrell H. Academic "Darrell" Ushers 2, 35 Proiection Staff Z, 35 Boys' Glee Club 2, 3, 45 A Cappella Choir 3, 45 Boys' Hi-Y 3, 45 Color Guard 45 Math Assembly Z. Blamble. Mary Helen Virginia Commercial "Fatty" Senior High English Bulletin Head Typist 45 Assistant Bookroom Mana- qer 45 Mimeoqraph Staff 3, 45 Ushers Club 2, 3, 45 Prom Committee 35 Department Typist 45 Girls' Glee Club Z, 35 lunior Glee Club 15 Magazine Club l. Alderton, Iames Weathinq Academic Hum.. Draiiiatit' Club l, 25 Danvinq Club l, 25 Proiecticn Crow5 Fort Hill Player Auxiliary 3, 45 Boys' Gleo Club l, Z, 3, 45 A Cappella Chair l, 2, 3, 4. Alderton. William Howard Vocational "Aldie" Tra 'lc 2, 3. 4. Arnold. Richard Leroy General "Dick" Ault, Catherine Iuanita Vocational "Katie" library Club 2, 3, 45 Gloo Club l, 25 llliarrtativs l5 Tuniblinq l5 lunioi Fare- well Assembly 35 Souial Dancing l. Birmingham, William Francis Commercial "Gabby" Baseball l, Z, 3, 45 Boys' Hi-Y 3, 45 Chaplain 45 Dramatirs Club l5 Na- tional Honor Society 4. Blackln, LeRoy Anthoney General "Blackie" Safety Club l5 Secretary 25 Projection Crew 2, 3, 45 Stage Crew 3, 4. Bolyard. Iames Wesley General Hum.. "Oro Foot in Heaven" 4. Bosley. Allan Lindy General HAI.. Brant. Constance Commercial "Connie" Ulm- Vltili I, 2, Student Council l: liinitwi Farvwoll Assembly 3. Brant. Dorothy Louise Commercial MDM.. Girls' Glu l'lt1lw l, 27 Social Danv- inq l. Brant. Mary Io Commercial "Iosie" Ushers Ll. 45 Lilirary Club 3, 45 So- vlo' Danvinfi lg Production Typist 4. Bratt. Arthur William Academic "Billy" Spanish 2, 35 Basketball 3, 4. Bolyard. Roland LeRoy General "Rollo" Football l, 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4. Boyd. Virginia Belle Commercial "Ginney" Iunior Glee Club lg Croquet Club 2. Brant. Delores Ann General "ShtIty" Social Dancing l. Brant. Kenneth Vocational "Charlie" Track 2, 3. Brant. Hose Billie Commercial "Bill" lunior Red Cross Club ly Production Editor English Bulleting Department Typist 47 Girls' Glee Club lg Social Dancing lp National Honor Society 4. Brinkman. Dorothy lean Academic "Dottie" A Cappella Choir l, 2, 3. 45 Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, Fort Hill Players 3. 45 Choral Speaking Choir 2, 3, Thes' pian 3, President 4, "lanuary Thaw" 2, "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay" 4, Tri-Hi-Y 4, Iunior Farewell Assembly 31 National Honor Society 4, "One Foot in Heaven" 4. Brookley. Charles Edward Academic ..Bud.. Band l, Z, President 3, 45 All State Band 35 Orchestra l, 45 lunior Fare- well Assembly 3. Brown. Doris Ann Commercial "Dorie" Girls' League l5 lunior Tri-Hi-Y, Chap- lain Z5 Fort Hill Players 3, 45 Cheer- leader 3, 45 A Cappella Choir 35 Girls' Glee Club 2, 35 Department Typists 45 lunior Farewell Assembly5 Student Director 35 Prom Committee, Decoration 3. Buiac, Charles Commercial "Sonny" Stage Crew 3, Manager 45 Social Dancing l, 25 Fort Hill Players, Vice President 45 May Day Assembly l, 2. Burke. Glendon Raymond Academic "Glen" Football l, 2, 3, 45 Basketball l, 2. 3, 45 Baseball l, 2, 3, 45 National Honor Society 45 Class Treasurer 25 Boys' Hi-Y 2, Treasurer 35 President 45 Track l5 Boys' Glee Club 25 A Cap' pella Choir Z5 Hi'Y Council 3, 4. Cage. Ida Mae Commercial "Ducky" Fort Hill Players Auxiliary 45 Pro- duction Typist 45 Basketball 3, 45 lun- ior Farewell Assembly 35 Mimec- graph Crew 35 lunior Tri-Hi-Y 25 Monitors l, 2, 35 Bowling Club 3, 45 Tumbling Club l5 Girls' League lp Secretary Student Council 35 Softball l, 2, 3, 45 Decoration for Junior Prom 3. Campbell, Dorothy Academic ..Do'.. Basketball 3, Manager 45 Softball 2, 35 she withdrew from Fort Hill and is completing her senior year at Bruce High School, Westernport. 20 Brown, Betty Virginia Vocational Glee Club l, Blonde Browne. Bessie Irene Academic "Betty" National Honor Society 45 Tri-HiAY 3, 45 Sentinel Staff 2, 3, 45 lr, Tri'Hi-Y l5 Library Club l. Burch. Esther Lowella Commercial "Cuddles" Monitors l, 2, 35 Library fl, 35 Bowl- ing 2, 3, 45 Softball 25 Basketball 35 Social Dancing lg Foreign Language l. Burner. Shirley leane Academic Valley Ball Team 2, 3, 45 Bowling Club 2, 35 Secretary 45 Iunicr Fare- well Assembly 35 Motion Picture Crew 4. Cage. Shirley Eileen Commercial "Snoolrie" Twirling Club l, 25 Majoretto 3, 45 Moritors 2, 3, 45 Sentinel Represen- tative 3. Carder. Barbara Ann Academic "Bobs" Glee Club l, 2, 35 Dramatic Club l, 25 "Ono Foct in Heaven" 45 "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay" 45 Verse Speakina Choir 3, 45 Thes- pians 3, 45 Fort Hill Players 3, 45 Play Tournament 3. Carns, Don C. Academic Sabre 4. Cessna. lohn Calvin General ..,ack,. Play Tournament 2, 35 Director 45 Boys' Hi-Y 45 Fort Hill Players 45 Fort Hill Players Auxiliary 3: Sen- tinel Representatives 45 National Thespians. Treasurer 3, 45 "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay" 45 library Club 2, 35 Dramatic Club 2, 3. Clark, Lucy Iean Commercial "I eannie" Drainattu Club l, 25 Ushers Club 2, 3, 4, Head Ushers 45 Mimeoqraph Stall 3, 45 Girls' Glee Club l, 2, 3, 45 A Cappella Choir 3, 45 Student Coun- vil, Secretary oi lndustry 45 Junior Farewell Assembly 35 Co-Editor Enq- lish Bulletin 45 Department Typist 45 Sabre Typist 45 National Honor So- ciety 4. Collins. Merle Ray Vocational Nico Personality cmd Good Natured, Corbin, Frederick Thomas General "Beef" Football l, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 35 Track 3, 4. Courtney. Royce Milton General Band l, Z. 3, 45 Orchestra l, 25 Track. Castleman, Dorothy Ann Commercial MDM.. Library Club 2, 3, 45 Student Coun- f-il 3. Charlton. Roy Thomas General Hned.. Clinqerman. Betty Jane Academic lunior Tri-1-li-Y 25 Glee Club l, 2, 35 Secretary 35 A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 45 Secretary 45 Ushers Club 2, 35 Secre- tary 25 Sabre 3, 45 Co-Literary Editor 45 lunior Farewell Assembly 35 "Hi There Sentinel" 3, 45 Co-Editor 45 Fort Hill Players Auxiliary 45 Secretary 45 Student Council 35 National Honor Society 45 "One Foot in Heaven" 45 "Iacob Comes Home" 4. Conway. Oleta Mae Commercial ..Mue.. Girls League lp Junior Tri-Hi-Y 25 Mimeoqraph Stall 35 Basketball 3, 45 Bowling 3, 45 Softball l, 2, 3, 45 May Queen Attendant 2. 3, 45 lunior Fare- well Assembly 35 Social Dancing l5 Fort Hill Players Auxiliary 45 Prom Committee 3. Couqhenour, Charles S. General Projection Crew l, Cover, Leroy P. Academic Track l, 2. 3, 4. v , 21 Davie. Gladys Louella Vocational "pimpin" Davis. Larry Ellis Vocational Library Club 3. 4. Moniwrs 3' 4. BGS, Good Sense ot Humor, Well Liked. ketball 3. Davis. Ronald Leroy Vocational Day, Calvin lohnle Vocational unod.. Dlclren. Robert Samuel General unch.. Basketball 3, Football 2, 3, 4, Student Council l, Duckworth. Bolle Commercial npuq.. Girls Glee Club l, 2, Dramatic Club 3: Record Club l. Eckard. Iamee Donald Commercial Mummy.. Basketball 2, 3, 4, Baseball l, 2, 3, 4, All-city 3, Boys' Hi-Y 3, 4, Monitors 1, Satety Club l, National Honor So- ciety 4, Football Manaqer l, 2. Day. Allyn Edward Commercial Sabre 4, Sentinel 4, Del'laven, Donald Edwood Academic "Toni" Basketball 3, Manager 4, Future Farmers oi America 1, 2, 3, 4. Diclren. Werner Frank General "Dick" Student Council 1, Math Club 1, So- cial Dancinq lg Preview "Our Hearts Were Younq and Gay." Earle. Kenneth Harlen Academic "Kenny" Spanish Club 2, 3, Drattinq 2, 3, 4. Emerick. Dorothy Helen Vocational "Dottie" Library Club 3, 4, Monitors 4. 22 EYle" Charles R- Geneml Findlay. Iohn Edward Academic "Bob" Ushers l, 2, 35 Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Band l, 2, 3. A Cappella Choir 3, 4. Fox, Iacquellne Doris Academic ,. . ., Freeland, Dorothy Louise Academic Iackie "Deny" Dramatic: Club President l, 25 Ir. Farewell Assembly Stati 35 Spanish Assembly 35 lr, TrieHi-Y 25 Fort Hill Players 3, 45 Verse Speaking Choir 35 National Honor Society 45 "Dear Ruth" publicity 35 "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay5" General Manager 45 Trl-Hi-Y 4. Furlow, Thomas Kermit Academic "Tommy" Library Club l, 2, 3, 45 Fort Hill Players 3, 45 Verse Speaking Choir 25 Boys Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Student Council l, 2, 3, 45 Public Relations Officers 25 Boys Hi-Y 45 National Honor Society 3, 45 "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay." Gordon, Iessie Elaise Vocational "Chubby" Library Club 2, 35 President 45 Mon- itor 45 National Honor Society 4. Growden. Doris Belle Commercial "Noolry" "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay," Preview, co-director 45 "One Foot in Heaven" Preview 45 Department Typists 45 Sentinel Typists 45 Sabre Typists 45 Fort Hill Players Auxil- iary 45 Mimeograph Crew 3, 45 lr. Farewell Assembly 35 Monitors 2, 35 Social Dancing, Secretary l5 Twirling Club l. Haines, Russell Edward Commercial "Eddie" Monitors l5 Sabre Typists 4. Z3 lr. Tri-Hi-Y l, President 25 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 45 Dramatic Club 25 Glee Club 2, Vice-President 35 Preziclent 45 A Cap- pella Choir 2, 3, 45 Bowling Club 3, President 45 lr. Farewell Assembly 35 Ir. Glee Club ly Girls Sextet 4. Gambina. Philip General "PhiI" Grant, Gary Richard Commercial Haines. Betty lane Commercial nllazy.. Fort Hill Players 35 Typist 45 Choral Speaking 3, 45 Glee Club 25 Social Dancing I5 Student Council 35 lr. Farewell Assembly 3. Harris, George Vocational Hartman, Virginia General Crorhet Club ly Short, liodliairod, qurvt, lluriioroirs. Headley. Edna Mae Vocational Social Dani-ina l7 Quint, Hendrickson. Royce Bradley Academic A Caiipolla Choir 2, 37 Boys Glee Club 2, 3, 47 Monitors l, 27 Ushers Club 37 lunior Farewvll Assembly 37 Smiirmr Class Troasur-'-r 4. Hilleqas. Glenn Lewis General Boys Glee Club l, 2, 3,47 A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 47 Baseball 3, 47 Fort Hill Players Auxiliary 47 "Our Hearts Wore Youna and Gay" 47 Student Council I. Hoqqard. Thomas Vernon Academic Baskntball 3, 47 Basc-liall 3, 4. Hovatler, Evelyn Louise Academic "Louie" Ushers Club 2, Dramatic Club 25 Sabre Stalt 3, 47 Assistant Business Manager 47 Student Council 37 A Cappalla Choir 2, 3, 47 Glee Club l, 2, 37 Library Club 27 National Honor Society 47 Senior Class Play, Costurrivs. Hausman. Theodore Frank General ...redu Drariiatiu Club lg Class Prvsrdvnt 2. Heavner. Harold Albert Vocational Football 27 Travlc 3, 4. Hicks. Norma Lee Academic Ushers Club 2, 3, 47 Choral Speak- rnq Choir 47 Girls Cilvo Club 2, 3, 47 Student Counc-il 47 National Honor Society 3, 47 Fort Hill Players Auxil rary 47 Iunior Tri-H1-Y 2: Sabre Pub licfity Stall 37 Sabre Lrtr-rary Stall 47 "One Foot in Hr-avenw 4, Hobel. Marie Etta Academic ..Men.. Dramatic Club lg lr. Tri-HiY l, 27 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 37 Sortini-l 37 News Editor 47 Sabre 3, 47 Tort Hill Play ers Auxiliary 45 National Honor So- ciety 4. Holliday, lack Emory General "Beef" Satety Club lg Vivo Pri-srdent 27 FFA l, Vice President 2, 37 Tri-fasurer 4. Howdyshell. Marian Lucille Commercial ..Midqe.. lr. Tri-Hi-Y, Treasurer 27 lunior Glee Club l, 27 Social Danrinq l. Hoyle. Shirley Ieanette Commercial UNM.. Glee Club, Secretary l5 Girl's Glee Club 25 Student Council 25 Usher's Club Z, 35 Basketball 45 Prom Decor- ation Committee 3. lack. Charles Raymond Vocational "Sonny" Track 15 Nice Personality. Friendly Smile, lohnson, Kenneth Leroy Vocational "Kent" Hunting Club lj Good sense of humor. Karns. George Conrad Vocational "Georgie" Good sense of humor. Always has something to say. Kimmell, Rosalee Alberta Commercial "Rosie" Preview, "Our Hearts Were Yourq and Gay" 45 May Queen Attendant 45 "One Foot in Heaven" 45 National Thespian 45 lr. Farewell Assembly 35 Sabre Typist 45 Fort Hill Players Aux- iliary 45 Fort Hill Players 35 Depart- ment Typist 45 Production 3, 45 Choral Speakina 35 Social Dancinq l5 Glee Club l, 25 Prom Coiriiiiittee 3. Kline. Shirley Evelyn Academic Library Club 3, 45 Volleyball Team 2, 3, 45 Bowlinq League 45 National Honor Society 4. Iser. Ethel Mae Commercial "Parkie" Nice Personality, Tall and slender. Iohnson. Donald Frederick General "Duck" F. F. A.5 Good sense of humor. Kaboskey. Thomas Louis Academic mrommy.. U-hers 2, 35 Treasurer 45 Hi-Y 3, 45 Student Council 25 VicefPresident 35 President 45 Sabre 3, 45 National Honor Society 4. Kilroy. Ioanne Academic National Honor Society 45 National Tliespians 4. lr. Trivl-li-Y l, 25 Sr. Hi-Y 3, 4, Chaplain 35 Fort Hill Play- ers 35 Treasurer 45 Choral Speakinq 3, 45 Ir. Farewell Assembly 35 Director lr, Play 45 Tournament Director 45 lr. High Play Tournament 45 "Dear Ruth" Production 45 "Our Hearts Were Younq and Gay" Production 45 Ushers l, 2, 35 Assistant Head Usher 35 National Thespiaifs 45 National Honor Society 3, 4. Kirby. Geraldine Ann Commercial ..GenY,, Glee Club 25 Social Dancing lj Bas- ketball 3, 45 Volleyball 3, 45 Library Club5 Dramatic Club l. Lattimer. Charles Edward General "Charlie" Football 2, 3, 45 Basketball 2, 3, 45 Baseball 2, 3, 45 Tri-Hi'Y 2, 3, 4. L Lechliter. Virginia Louise Academic Lease, Betty lean Commercial -13001377 Llbrcllf Club 2' 3' 4? GMS Glee Club Dramatics Club lg Library Club 2, 3, 11 Hlkmq Club lv 4, Ushers Club 3, 47 Fm H111 muy.-is 47 Choral Speaking 4. Lewis. Maxine Virginia Commercial Hmackieu Liqht. William E. Commercial Red Cross Club l7 Mimeograph Stall ..willie.. 37 Social Dancing lg Dramatic Club l7 Department Typist 3, 47 Student Smile Crew 3' 47 Council l7 C-iirls Cvlee Club 17 Produc- tion Creiw 3, 4. Linn, Ann Commercial "l Speak For Democracy" Contest Fort Hill Winner 47 Verse Speaking 47 Best Actress Award 37 Department Typist 47 lunior Farewell Assembly Liter' lohn we'l?Y H General 47 Mimeograph Staff 3, 47 A Cap- Ferd pella Choir 3, 27 C-lee Club l, 2, 37 Cheerleader 3, 47 "Our Hearts Were Young and Cray" 47 May Day As- sembly 37 Play Tournament 3, 47 Iunior Tri-HieY 27 Stage Crew 27 Dramatic Club l. Long. Gary Duane General Orchestra 1, 27 Projection Crew 2, 3, 47 Student Council Z, 3. Mackereth, Lee Eldridqe General "Cockey" Maphis. David Eugene Commercial "Dave" Bachelor Club l7 Boys Glee Club 2, 3, 47 A Cappella Choir 3, 4. Z6 Student Council lg Spanish Assembly 2, 37 Ir. Farewell Assembly 3. Luttrell. Marvin Lowden General Football l, 2, 3, 47 Track 3, 47 A Cap- pella Choir ly "One Foot in Heav- en" 4. Malsberry. Carolyn Sue Academic "Maggie" Highlights Writer 47 National Honor Society 47 Fort Hill Players Auxiliary 47 Sabre 3. 47 Sentiriel 2, 37 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 47 Ir. Tri-Hi-Y l, Z7 Drarnatius Club l. Maravia, Ella Margaret Commercial Tribl-li-Y 4: May Day Program 37 Sabre 3, 47 Glee Club 3, 47 A Cappella Choir 3, 47 Iunicr Farewell Assembly 37 Fort Hill Players Auxiliary 47 Fort Hill Players 37 Verse Speaking Choir 37 Student Council l7 Dramatic Club l, 2. Mason. Eugene Claude Academic sleep.. Football 2, 3, 45 Basketball 2, 3, 45 Boys lli-Y 3, 45 Hi-Y Treasurer 45 Class Treasurer 3. Matlick. lanet Carol Academic "Moonie" National Tliespians 35 Secretary 45 Satire 3, 45 Creative Bulletin, Col Editor 45 "Une Foot in Heaven" 45 National Honor Scciety 45 Sentinel 3. 45 Senior Play Tournament 3, 45 Ir. Matheny. Barbara lean Academic "Barby" National Thespians 45 "Our Hearts Were Younq and Gay" 45 Senior Hiqli Play Tournament 3, 45 Salore Stait 3, 45 Sentinel 3, Girls Sports Ed- itor 25 Exchange Editor 4. Choral Speaking 3, 4, Treasurer 35 Fort Hill Players Auxiliary 45 Fort Hill Play- ers 35 lurior Hiqh Play Tournament, Assistant Directcr 35 Tri-Hi'Y 3, Pres- ident 4, Council 45 Iunior Farewell Assembly 35 lunior TrifHiY l, 25 Council Secretary 25 Dramatic Club l, 2. Hiqli Tournament Director 35 Fort Hill lVldtliClL RiCl'1d1'd Kelly. ACGdemlC PNYHS 37 F014 Hill PIUYGVS AUXlllUYY National Honor Society 45 Football 2. 45 May Day Assembly 3, 45 "Dear Ruth" 35 Verse Speaking Choir 3, 4: Trielli Y Treasurer 35 Secretary 45 lnteifstate Tri5Hi'Y Council 45 "Our Hearts Were Youna and Gay" 4. McEllish, Betty lean Commercial lVlcDonald.Ioseph E.Broadus Academic unelsu National Honor Society 4. C1199 ClUlJ li 22 FOTOWU l-UUQUGQQ Club l. ' McEllish. Wendel George General Mcxemle' Charles LUTTY Gelleffll "Sonny" "Mac" Saiety Club l5 Band 45 Athletic Club Foolbflll lf 21 3- 4? Twfk lt 2i 3' 45 1, "Que FOO! in Heaven" 44 National Honor Society 4. Miles. William Lee Vocational Miller, Billy Kenneth Academic "Bill" "Bill" SIGLW Crew 4. "One Foot in Heaven" 4, Miller. Iohn Edward Academic Monitors l, 2, 3, 45 Student Council 45 Director of Traffic 45 Iungor Fare- well Assembly 35 A Cappella Choir M ller. lvan Leroy Academic 3, 45 BOYS' Glee Club 2. 3, 47 All MGYY' Boys Hi-Y 45 Library Club 3, 45 Math- ematics Club lg Track l. land Chorus 45 Hi There Sentinel, Reporter 45 National Honor Society 45 Future Farmers of America, Secretary l, 2, 35 Executive Board 45 County Delegate to National FFA Convention 45 lst County corn judqiriq contest 35 2nd County corn showing prize 3, 4. 27 kr 0 -,7 Mit Miller, Mary Alice Commercial Miller, Robert Olin General "Pill" ..Bob.. Volle-y Ball 2. 4, Captain 3, Basket- lwall 3, 4, Library Club 2, 3, Cwlee Club 2, Dramativs Club 1, Tumblinq Club l, Bowlinq Club 3, Twirlinq l, Z. Football l, 2, 3, Humorous. In Service. Quiet at times. Friendly smile, Gets aloziq well with poeple, Miner, Geneva Eleanor Commercial Minka' Shirley Ann Commercial Production Typists 41 Library Club 3, Shlfl 4, Mimeoqraph Crew 3. Library Club 2, 3, Dancing Club lp Pal with Thelma. Blonde Hair. Morris, Iames Edward General Mumpe,-I william G, General "I-lmeY" "Bumps" lf' Fclfwoll AS59ml5lY 32 Slffflc Crew Glee Club lg Seneca 4, "One Foot in 3' 47 one FOO' in Hwvvr: COVUEYI Heaven", Nice Grin. Characteristic Friendly, Gcoty arin. Chuckie, MUIIGY. DODHU lGC!h Commercial Nee. Shirley Lee Commercial "MUN" "Shirl" A C'-7l3'P0llG Cl1OiY 2' 3, 45 Girls Glee Office Aide 3, Commercial Club 2, Cllllll li 2, 3: Mimeoflff-Wh 35 Pf0dUC- 3, Mixed Chorus 2, Tall, Pleasant, tion Typists 4, May Day Program 3, Cggpgrqfivgr Sott Ball 3. 4. Nicholson. lean Commercial ..N. ku Nethlzen, Frank Kermit Academic , lc ,, 4 V Student Council Rep. l, 2, Dear Likes Basketball. Quiet. Sandy Hair. Rumi' 34 Fort Hill Players 4, Prevue l0OI'ft'Gt1VP' "Dear Ruth", Bowling 4, Glee Club l, Library 3. Nixon' Iames LHOY Academic Owens, Cloyd O'Donald Academic Nick "Iuni0r" Ushers lg Library Club l, 2, 3, 4, Sentinel Representative 3, Prevue School Bowling League, Friendly, I Likes to bowl, Cooperative, Congen- "One Foot in Heaveny' Friendly. ml! Humorous. 28 Payne, Norma Lois Commercial "Rocky" Fort Hill Players 37 Fort Hill Players Auxiliary 47 Sabre Typist 47 De- partment Typist 47 Choral Speaking Choir 37 Iunior Farewell Assembly 37 May Day Proqram 37 Mimeo' graph Crew 37 Prom Committee 3j Social Dancing l, Peterson, lack Edward Vocational Popp, Margaret Emily Academic Tri-Hi-Y Z, 47 Sabre Assistant Editor 47 Glee Club 2, 3, 47 National Honor Society 47 lunior Farewell Assembly 37 "One Foot ln Heaven" 4, Radcliile. Karyln Academic "Karlie" National Honor Society 47 Sabre 3, Classes Editor 47 Iunior Farewell As- sembly 37 "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay" 47 Sentinel 2, 3, Editor-in Chief 47 Fort Hill Players Auxiliary 3, 47 Dramatics l, 27 Iunior Tri-Hi-Y l, 2: Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4. Rankin. Eugene Vocational "Gene" National Honor Society 4. Reynolds, Wonn Academic "Buck" Fcotball 2, 3, 47 Track 37 Ushers Z7 Iunior Class President 37 Astronomy Club 17 National Honor Society 4. Z9 Payne, Riley Briscoe, Ir. General ..DoC.. Track l, 27 Student Council l. Piper. Barbara lean Commercial Hshipe., Ushers Club 4. Price, Charles William General "Willie" Raines, Dorthalee Vocational "DOili6" A Cappella Choir l, 2, 3, 47 Glee- Club l, 2, 3, 47 Sentinel Representa- tive 27 Home Economics Club l, 27 Iunior Farewell Assembly 37 Mary- land State Chorus 47 National Honor Society 4. Reed, Ioseph F General aloe., Sabre 4. Rice. Alma Catherine Academic Social Dancing Club, President l7 Library Club 47 Natioral Honor Sa ciety 4. Rice, Willard Vocational "Willie" Ready smile for everycnc-5 Coopera- tive and courteous. Riqqleman. Shirley Commercial "Sheetz" National Honor Society 45 "One Foal in Heaven" 45 lvlimeoaraph Staff 3, 45 Basketball 35 Bowling 35 Valley Ball 25 Dramatics l. Riley, Iames William Vocational Boys Glen Club 45 Bachelor Club l5 Visliina flub 25 Student Council 2. Ryan. Floyd Nelson Academic "Sluts" Track l, 2, 3, 45 Hi-Y 3, 45 Vice Pres, id' nt 45 lunior Farewell Assembly 35 'Ore Font in Heaven" 4, Schramm, Phyllis Ioann General "Phil" Yoit Hill Players 45 Choral Speaking Cliriii 45 Fmt Hill Players Auxiliary 35 Glvv Clint' l, 2, 3, 45 Sophomore Play 'l'ouinamc-nt 25 Dramatic Club l, ll. Shlpe, Kenneth Vocational Richard, Ioseph William Academic "Red" Riley. Frank Gordon Academic "Frank" lunior Farewell Assembly 35 National Honor Society 45 Math Assembly 3. Robinette, Stella Virginia Commercial Library Club lp Mimeoqraph Staff 3, 45 Dancirq Club lg Sabre Staff 45 Department Typist 4. Ryan. Mildred Vivian Academic using.. Student Council l: Library Club 2, 35 Glee Club 35 A Cappella Choir 3, 45 Sabre 35 Sabre Business Manaaer 45 Fort Hill Players Auxiliary 4, Shaffer. Virginia Elizabeth Academic "Iackie" Sabre Staff 45 lunior Choral Speak- inq Choir l5 Library Club l. 2. Shirey, Margaret lo Ann Commercial ..Io.. Sabre Stall 35 Eclitor-in-Chief 45 May Queen Attendant 2, 35 May Queen 45 Fort Hill Players Auxiliary 45 National Honor Society 3, 45 Production Typist 45 "One Foot in Heaven" 45 Preview Director, "Our Hearts Were Younq And Gay" 45 luninr Farewell As- sembly 3: Sophomore Play Tourna- ment 25 Dramatic Club 25 Cresaptown lr. High School- "Crescent" Business Manaaer l5 Dartcinq Club l5 Glec Club l. Shore. Carlton Ardven Academic "Crusty" Basketball 3, 4, Football 2, 3, 4. Simms. Vauda Lee Academic Library Club l. 2, Ir. Choral Speak- ing: Student Councilg Secretary Social Ailairs 4. Smith, Lester Leo Academic Band 4, Vice President 4, Ir. Faro- well Assembly 35 Boys HifY 4. Smith. Richard H. General Quiet. Humorous. Springer. Richard Owen General "Dick" Sentinel 2, 3, 4g Sabre 3, 45 Athletic Club l. Steen. Joseph George Academic ..Ioe.. Library Club 3, 4: lunior Farewell Assembly 35 Hiking Club l. Shumaker, Charlotte Ieanette Commercial "Shorty" Ir. Tri-Hi-Y ly Social Darving lg Fort Hill Players 3, Choral Speaking 3. Smith. Alan Dewan. Vocational Band 4, Pleasing Smile. Smith, Melvin Herber Vocational Social Dancing l. Snider. Iames R. Vocational Humorous. Stallord. Iohn Vocational Glee Club l, 2, 3, A Cappella Choir 2, 3. Stevenson, George William Commercial "Sambo" Baseball 2, 3, 45 Vivo President lunior Class 3: Fishing Club l. Stotler. Virginia Lee Commercial Stevenson, Robert Williams General 'Ginny'- Hnobu lunior Glee Cluln l7 Red Cross Club I7 Blond Hair. Friendly. Social Dancinq 37 Mimeoqraph Crew 3: Department Typist 4. Stump. Betty Ann Commercial HBBNSU Sh-jeby, Eugene Alva Vocational Fort Hill Players 37 Fort Hill Players Hleep-1 Auxiliary 45 National Thespians 47 Staqe Crew 2, 37 Glee Club 47 Fort Hill Players 47 "Our Hearts Were Younq and Gay" 4. Sweitzer. Donald Leon Vocational .,Don.. Sincere. Cooperative. Courteous. Tasker. Priscilla Ann Academic spat.. Tri-Hi-Y Vice-President 3 747 Sentinel 2, 3, Feature Editor 47 Sabre 37 Senior Class Editor 47 Fort Hill Players Aux- iliary 45 Cheerleader 47 "One Foot in Heaven" 47 lunior Farewell As- sornlwly 37 Social Dancing l7 Drama- tit' Club 3. Taylor. Elva lean Academic "Shortie" National Honor Society 47 National Tliespians 47 Trl-Hi-Y 3 ,4: Sentinel 3, 47 Sabre 3, 47 "Our Hearts Were Youra and Gay" 47 "Dear Ruth" statt 47 Fort Hill Players 35 Fort Hill Players Auxiliary 47 Verse Speakina 35 Spotliaht Staff 37 Valley Ball 2, 35 lunior Farewell Assembly 37 lunior Tri-Hi-Y l, 2. Thompson, Carl Palena Commercial "Boots" Senior Play Tournament 47 Fort Hill Players Auxiliary 47 Senior Class Pregident7 Student Council Treasurer 37 Vice-President lunior Class7 Iunior Farewell A s s e m in I yi lunior Play Tournament A Cappella Choir l, 2, 3, 47 Boys Glee Club l, 2, 3, 47 Vice Presidert Sophomore Class7 Monitors 27 Football Team Manager l. 32 Department Typist 47 Sabre Typist 47 Sentinel Typist 47 May Day Pro- aram 37 Farewell Assembly 35 Pre- view "Our Hearts Were Younq and Gay"7 Choral Speakinq 37 Social Dancing lg Student Council 1. Sybold. Othella Vadine Vocational Sovial Dancina l. Taylor. Alma Louise Academic National Honor Society 47 Verse Speaking Choir 3, 47 Fort Hill Play- ers 3, President 47 lunior Tri-Hi-Y l, Z5 Ushers 45 TitHiY 3, 4. Thomas. Betty Lou General ..Betsy.. Social Danrinq I7 Tri-Hi-Y 37 Dra- matic Clulw 25 Student Counvil. Thompson, Clarence Fay General Boys Glee Club 2. 3, 47 A Fapiiellci Choir l, 2, 3, Vine Preqitlr'-nt 47 lurior Farewell Assemlwly 3. Twiqq. Richard Ford Academic Tipton, Marilyn Mae Academic A Cappella Choir 3, 45 Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Ushers 3, 45 National Honor Society 3, 4. Triplett, Dorothy Elizabeth Commercial "Cookie" National Honor Sorrioty 45 May Queen Attendant l5 Preview, "Our Hearts Wore Younq and Gay" 45 Class Sec- retary 3, 45 Sabre Typist 45 Sentinel Typist 45 Fcrt Hill Players Auxiliary 45 Preview, "One Foot in Heaven" Publicity tor "One Foot in Heaven" 45 Dopartiiient Typist 45 Fort Hill Plays-rs 35 Choral Speakinq Choir 35 lunior Farewell Assembly 35 Monitors l, Z, 3, President 35 May Day Pro- riraiii ily Prom Committee 35 Girls l.u-iiriio I5 Twirlinq Club l. Trussell, Mary Norma Commercial nlim.. Lilvrary Club 3, 45 Mimeoqraph Staff 35 Pleasant personality, witty, and oriqinal. Twiqg, Betty Caroline Vocational "Blondie" Friendly and helptul to all hunqry students. 2 Twiqg. Emma lean Academic National Honor Soviety 45 Verse Speaking Choir 3, 4, President 45 Fort Hill Players 3, 4, Treasurer 45 Na- tional Thespians 3, 45 Sabre Staff 45 Tri-lli-Y 3, 45 lunior Farewell As- sembly 35 Stiiolont Council 25 lr. Tri- Hi'Y 25 May Day Assembly 35 Moni- tors l, 25 Tumbling Club l5 Glee Club 2. "Dick" Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Sentinel Staff 25 Sabre Statt 35 Friendly and witty. Tribut, Carl August General Football l, 2, 3, 45 A Cappella Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary Z5 Boy's Glee Club l, 2, 3, 45 Quiet. Humorous. True, Wanda Louise Commercial "Blondie" Fort Hill Players 3, Typist 45 lunior Farewell Assembly5 Choral Speaking Choir 35 Library Club 35 Social Danc- inq l5 Glee Club Z, Tucker, Edgar Allen General "Barney" Football l, 2, 3, 45 Track l, 2, 3, 45 Safety Club l. Twiqq. Donna Lee Hsis., Library Club l, 2, 3, 45 Vivacious brunette. Twiqq. Helen Elizabeth Commercial "Hot Lips" Sabre Typist 45 Ticket Committee, "One Foot in Heaven" 45 Bowling Club 2, 35 Glee Club l, 2. Utt, Edith Elizabeth Academic "Edie" Fort Hill Players Auxiliary 45 Sabre Staff 3. 45 Ushers 35 lunior Farewell Assembly 35 Volleyball 2, 3, 45 Junior Tri-Hi-Y 25 Tumbling Club5 Social Dancing Club l. 33 1 rxa ii- ii Valentine. Dale Harold Vocational Van Meter, Dolores Lee Commercial "Buck" "Dorrie" A Cappella Choir 45 Glee Club 3, 45 Record Club 15 Ushers Club 45 lolly, Monitors l. Pleasant. l Warner. Helena Marie Elizabeth Waqua. William Henry General vocmional an V Bm Volley Ball 2, 3, 45 Basketball Var- Conqemal. Likely to succeed. sity 31 45 Social Dancing 1' Weber, Pauline Cigdatta Vocational Weber' Lucille Eva Commercial 0 Y Monitors 2, 3, 45 Student Director 45 Bowling 3, 45 Tumbling Club l5 Stu- dent Council Represertative 2. Weele. Thelma Virginia Commercial "Kitty" Library Club 2, 35 Musical, Friendly. Wheeler. lulian Richard General "Dick" Stage Crew 3, 45 Iunior Farewell As- sembly 35 Football l, 25 Track l5 Fisherman Club l. Wlllon. Dorie Ann Academic "Annie" Sabre Staff 3, Co-Literary Editor 45 Fort Hill Players Auxiliary 35 Treas- urer 45 A Cappella Choir 25 Tri-Hi-Y 3. 45 Library Club lp Vice President 25 Girls Glee Club 2, 3. HLUCY., Library Club 3, 45 Glee Club 15 Quiet, Studious. Pleasant. Wentling. Lois Anne NLD.. Academic National Honor Society 45 Fort Hill Players Auxiliary 45 "Hi There Sen- tinel" Co-Editor 45 lunior Farewell Assembly 35 A Cappella Choir 3, 45 Sabre 3, 45 lunicr Glee Club lp Ushers Club 35 Student Council Represerta- tive 4. Whetzel, Mary Louise Commercial "Sis" Mimeoqraph Stall 35 Bowling Leaque 35 Glee Club l, 2, 35 Monitors 1, 2, 3, 4. Wilson. William Bender Academic "Bill" National Honor Society 45 Boys Glen Club 2, 3, 45 A Cappella Choir 3, 4. 34 Winterslein. Iames Laurence General Mummy.. Ushers ly Monitors Z5 Friendly and Witty. Wotrinq. Clarence Bender General Glee Club, Boys l, 2, 3, Glee Club Secretary 3, 4, A Cappella Choir 2, 35 A Cappella Choir President 45 Mon- itors lg Library Club lp Librarian 2, 3. Zimmerly. Catherine Lee Vocational "Katie" Gloo Club l, 2, Student Council Hep- rosontative Z, 35 Library Club 2, 3, 4, Dramatic Club ly Iunior Farewell As- sembly 3, Tumbling Z7 Social Danc- inq 2. Sewers. Edward R. Academic 35 Wolfe, Norma Lee Commercial ..Bob.. Ushers Club 4, Nice personality and beautiful eyes. Zembower. Iackie Berton Vocational nzem.. Social Dancing lg Boy's Glee Club 4. See. lean General Home Economics Club lp Library Club 2. Rubenstein. Forrest Iames General uhm.. Student Council lg Band l, 25 Hobby Club lg loined Marine Corps on Auqust 14, l947, tor a four year en- listment. Mr, C. Ritchie and Miss G. Pritchard eniofz Glass Udoisefzs Much ot the success ot the Senior Class ot l949 can be attributed to the capable leadership ot our advisers, Miss Geraldine Pritchard, social adviser: and Mr. Carl Ritchie, business adviser. Miss Pritchard's fine directing was responsible for the rousing success of "One Foot in Heaven," the Senior Class Play. Her counsel aided the prom committee in planning the big event which climaiged their social whirl here at Fort Hill. Mr. Ritchie guided the seniors safely through their financial and business trials and tribulations. I-le supervised the ordering of the name cards and announcements and also the caps and gowns with his usual facility. To their advisers, the Senior Class expresses its heart-felt gratitude for their guidance and counsel. 36 " r S. J! 3 4 jf' ,,,,,4 j, XS .. .. . 'UE 1,c'E9m- A.. '65 3 1 Q .f ' . 1' . Nl X ..p...,gr., pg A I , xg I 1 ,Y-i , 5 ' , L S! -- H :Z ef' ,- a gg .. ' ' 4 S+ ,PT f EE? x V- .- , 'Y ,if , in zRkr ww., wwf, 47-1 v:'.:2-:.:qf'-Lk vi-K - -A' " JK: 297' ' . - ,,- I," ff , L V QQ' , --gf tsgufff, '- 148. ' 3,41 1, . i -117-F" I. , - L' ' 4,-.3 ":D1-Ffufx ' ' , ', 'tb ,Q I ff ', an -'j:.:QRX. - r I. "- K , .' 1' 3 - . xi wi' ..T- ' T .' . . - ' 'F W , --,gg Q, +ill1r:,gx!l .-I-,'.r,ikx'.A::.g .7335 .5 Ng...-"1.',. W-Gil . '15 'gig if N., .1 Q. 'I..53,.W' f -. ' ff' XA 1.1411 1'-g.iQf:"'f"W'SQmf 'W' L .L '3-wg.-V 2-'F-if M xg . -V iff...-M wwbzfmg-321' L-,.--:f 1 ZR f Aim , -if , "f5"Pi54T?f,ESj?'E -Eskmnfn Y: A A11 1.131.11- ' V TQ f G A Ji, ... 'I as..-?., w .3 I ff.,-:- ,Sw fw..x "1,3falgg.'-f,f-gs? ' 1a,...,xg:.,5g-1g2,,..1 .-1 ggggfgir 3, Q I F b N' . "QW 'Q 'A' il -R A 1,gEQgf.:'.xwi1ii'C" "4""' bf' 'Zz '. .' "" ' i , . 2 , L K Y -, .X-.i4'.'11."-Lkifjzgf 5 ' .79 A , , gi 320 ,A Z IU' " ' ' . .. fi? LL A - N . 4 "wi- ,QV t I .u I Aw VA. up-.11,a5iY,,f -,-MV:-V a V 'I . "fl 'T ,K 1 b ' ' ' l "",, rl i :S f A N'-.gL.,,.. l - ,., V. fu., - ,I I il Sf '-"rm't'f"'f .- - I :..,v:::'.' Gel.. S 7 ---....ZL:.-., ' j '15 if 1' .-4 , .. ,, .... ' A Q23 'I "'1':1.,l,--3,73 W W F NX ,,f -1 . f 1. H ,g 2 V f Ufvvllhm f Tl f We 'mf-i-- 3f5.r..-QL'' 5 Eb---' W X l . 5" . ...,--.-,4 , ., . an V V A ' " .gya w - I . xwmww, . . 4. , .L H - 11 '-L --P1-V M --I--4.-. , " Yin... 351 N "' "f5XiQ1ti'Kqv0l:g5dff1.':-vu. ..., s, ,.m,7gv,m,,.,,,,:,,,,.,,,,, Q V I 5. 1 W:HNv1lL..:,p:J,f,Q,g M ' wt. .,,t'N'wAu.g..- L 7-lie guniofz Glass 'l'lie iimior vlcisss cimirericites deeply tlie servf ices wliirlt president, Etliel llveretty secretary, lictve devoted to mcike tliis, OtlTlL1IllOF yecrr, one Normrr Rwlmossorig cmd trecistxrer, Glerm Wertz, ot plecisrmt memories. Under tlte quidcmve ot Miss Kdtlileeii Cum' luee, vlciszs advisor, we Felefted our Colors et qreeri cmd wliite cmd our Clciss flower, tlie red IUSO. lit lvlctrtfi tlie erivicms qltmves of tlie tmderr vldssmeii tell upon our lifmds wtieri we first wore our crlierislied clciss ririqs. We Otter our liecirtiest coiiqrdtulfitioris to tlie cvcist cmd :stdtt of tlie juiiiois "Everiiriq Dress lridisperisctblef' wliicli wus tlie wiririer ot tlie Aririticrl Plciy Totirricmierit. Mamy tcmiilies were our-less Ori tlie riiqlit Qt April 22, becfrmse of tlie luriior-Senior Prom. Altlioiiqli limmy Aridrevtfs Qrcrliestrd supplied IUNIOR OFFICERS lf lwwit' l lvitf' 1' .:..s1 .t.:m:r:1:111 i Tl zzifz tlie dcmfiriq melodies tlie tittrfivtlve flu 'fwrtitiml cmd pretty qirls were tlie lit-ililiqilutz-1 .it tliv eve riiriq. 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V11 11 1I111 IK. Ii11yI11, III. II-1IVII1ss, 1 I'1v-1: LI. If11vIcI- xx' II, USN: II. C11111111111I111111. A.'IX111111::1:11,'I'. II 11111: 111, 41. II4III 1 111- I. I3 :Iv II.'IM1111,Ll,131-1 -X, V.'1II:1'11:s If I'111.1I.t-'ry '.II1111'. wx 1I::-If KI IIN-111 I 2'.'1'11!1'4I xl, xI1'II, VV. IVIuI1In'Im-ullv. . . , . , . H . . H1113 I IN11111' N. Iwu. . I1.1111.1111111-ixy, I.. I'1In1'Ic-11, M. L'I111irW1II1, I.. K1-11111 V. IwI111:1vr1, I. SXVIIZVI, M I711y , , N . . , I1. II.-11:1--1, NX. Nara . .11 111sw11 I. l11I+-sa. 'Iww I'. II11::1II1-111 fl. I'.11 FX, IVI11111, N. II11I1Im5I111, IVI. I, IXI1'C'11y, IT. LIIIIXIIII, I. IVI1I11111Ii:a ll II1111s11I111I1I--1 II VI-I1-11, III1-I-1. 'II11-11: II. Llwfzs A. 1':u:2s11, If. Ii1y:s-11, II. k'1u2w, I. i311yI11-1, V. NM111--Ivy, II. M111111-15, I, IA111. KE. A111I11wvs, II IMI1-1, II. .-X11zI wsu- N, IIVIIIIS. I111:z: II. IIIIII Ii. :3111v11 S, I.111s111w, IX IVILIIIIIIY, If. Muni, L3 W11111t, I. II11'Ics, 'If V1111111scII1Iv', XX. SXVIIZVI, IJ V11I-111l1111p II. I11I111:s111:. v I'1v1': II, II11QI1Iy I. IEq11g11 II. H1111-1, D. Davis, kj. IIIIZILISIIVI, II. IIIIIII55, If. IVIYI4'IIL', I. XXI11, I. I11,ILI G. SI1u1-r111LIIL IRI IIIIIIY II. x'I1111I11'11, '51x: II. IM.-I: I. IXI1111.'Im1 II.S11111s.111 F. Imos. I. VVu1ros, I. IVIfI7o11cld, R. SNI41111 H. Izz-fit, I. V113 11x-s A. Iilirifv IU M1-'I1.1I 1 1 U R I.. Fyf-, N AIIII, R. Wdlsli, B. Courtrmy, M. M. B111'kQ, S. Coopflr, D, E1 IS M 1' '1 if P11111 l'11:11 I III INI Ilyt-1, 171. f21111I1111, IJ. Millf-13 M. Crxryiorili. I1 1. I f1..1sI, IN. lVl1'I'f11I11111I, I. I'1111lo, I. lVI1'Ir1I1i15l1 M. Davis, II. l.111r15, V, VV1111- lf. lk 11:11. '1111 71 I, Il-.111 I II xl ll. lI1111'l1, N. Ii1111111s, ID. Wl1is1'1111. I IIII I II111111. lf. Av111s, G. I'111l11W, N. D11yy, I. Kidwwll, M. Ilylzf. IX Vl'11l111-1 Il. ' l'1 1112- I N I ' I11l Il. IU1111I, ll. ll11il1, I.. Z--111l-1'w1-1, Fl. liliowri. I1 I 1 11 Il111111+1I1. II, 1'11l111111111, Il. May, M. Il11kL11', ll, l31'11111s. QI. ll-11sl1y, lff. I-f11I11 lt ll, fix' V If I 1 1.1 If. II ll 1 IS. E'.111111Iv If. IMI I11. I.. lI11I1111sf.111, I, I-lwrk, lvl. A111I11os1-. I I1 I N111I1111 I. lXI1I111'1111, I. I'111111l1111111I1, E. I.11It1'1-Il, VV. Slllllll, H Cl111v11s ll, l.l1l.1: ' " 1' 111 I Il1l 1 Ii. I.1Il11 III. II11'l1W- ll. N. N11'l111Isv 11, A. VVI11-Iziwl, IU. lll111w111I. 7-Ire goplaomofze Glass SOPHOMORE OFFICERS I 111 1 111117 l1.I1y11,S111111.111111l A1111 . ,.. II IIII I I11X,.,111'1--l111y. I II I I I l11-1-. V111 1111-511111111 sag D. II1111lc1- VJG, lI1e soplioiiiores, I111vQ 1'11111'1lvI1-.I fl v111y successI11lye11r. So1iI1o111c1r1QS I.11'.1o I1'1'Il lllllltlll C1lly Co-ogferfriiyo i11 11ll ivliool I1 'liyuios IIIIIIIILI iriq sports, 111i1si'r,d1'c1111111111d :-"I111l111::I1i11. We porliCi1vc11ed i11 Ile 111111i111l 11l11y 11111111111 ment orid 1'1111dQ L1 line sI1ow11111. 131111 ol KQIII Cost, Sliirley Taylor, won Il1o Bowl A111-oss: oword for lier 1'QrIor1111.111cQ. Q111 13111111111t11l11I1.111:': lo tlio Cost ol "Mr. I.IIl"C'1IIliS VlfI1i11lq11r::" Illlfl llmmlcs Io our 519111111 diro1'Io1', l.1.'l4111 l'11x. This yeci1r, Ior the Ii1Sl 1111111 ww l1ol1.l 11 :'f1111l111 more "Spring SVv'lllCj.H ll wus l:11l1l M1111'I1 1211 cmd everyone c'erIc1i11ly11111oy1i.1l tI11s1 I11:1l ::1111I111 more dorice. Qur officers for the your wmv: lf3o1111l1I Blllklx, president Iocflcie R119 vi o 1-111w::11l1111tq l'11I I'11x, Seoreloryg oiid Belly L'lc1F'l'1 I1e21.1r1111:11. We look book o11 KI Very I1111111y1:111i 11111111111 dble yeor but we ure IOOIQIIILVI fo1w1111I loo Ioolciriq IorW11rd to our 11111io1' yc1111 1111d I1L'W fields to Coriquer. 'IO li. TENTH GRADE vv Om-: T. Tivmms N. AppTv, IX. M. Tlullul, A. Bosley, H, T,iTTo1', H Vnnumolor, V. TvT1m1-'14, A. M1TTT'x, A. Tcnllms, T. MkIxkTTx'lTxTTxT V. Norms, VV. T.1TTv1, T... Sq11i1'us, N. Mciihclmuy. w Twn: S. Hvnswu C. Txiaviiwxvtlm V. Mv-TTM1. T. Rim, H. Flwtrhwx, F. Bxvoks, Ti, Muuk, CT, Mcxlk, H, Slmth, T.. A"kx'1SUYl, TT. Wzxzilvlki F. btntiwni. vv 'T'Tu--T-: V. TNT1vT1mT T. D.T:9rY, H. Nwlrzrs, Ti. Hmv, TT. M xlwmv, Ti. Stgtlvx, 42 BI.XV1QTVV'1T4'I, TT. Tlum, H. llhxrlxizm-1. mv. N , . Tx T151 Il vy Tlmx: TT. VM-Twz, U. STlT1'.'x'S, T. Mwrplly, TZ. Muuuy, M. MTTT1-1, C. Vvfllswn, A. Sltmivx, TT. L1 TQINLIV, Ll. Null, VV. T T , , , . W, , T T -Wm W. TXNTTY T. Tlnl. MTTJT- Mu. 'W INN: H. 'T'111,ql-TT, V. Pkwl T., .TIT zwrlf, H. Hwyv--, TT, TTOQGTGIO, R. Cuqv, R. Rwlumxlt-X, P. Stursllerry, T. Evans. ww O11-K: TT. Tiuvy TT. Rudy N. Smxth, TT, C'r1Ivs, W. Wohmxq, TT. Go4.Tx'fu-, P. TNT-4'4z'n2iv, S. M. 'T'c1yTm, V. TTA!-Nr, P Twwrs, A. U1r1'111:1.m T. Slumskx M. TTumu1::. Twww Tww: V. TT1!Tm1.111 TT. TinwTTysT1vTT. M. Lvwxs, S. T41yTor, G. Klwsstwmmn, M Svmwws., V. Hs-rm-'21, P. Sh:-TTy, TT. t'Tma-' TT. KTTTITTVT. F. ITTVVIQTJ LI. :'X1rmlx.T, B. Clapp, H. Amlwmsv. Hww Thu-T-: M. O'N4w11 T. Wxsfrwc-x'. P. Vfllvmilw, TT, Pvtwxwwxl N, Davis, T. l?41Ttc'1, T, T- nklns, LTTTLIIVTT, K. Flnk, A Sntti-1, TT. Hxsla--yn TT. Tlwx TT. Exam-xmvk. Tww T'mu: TT. T'u'I'T.TSu'IT TT. Odqvrs, M. Tlurk-H, TT Wl'TL'T1. TT. Thwmvsrfn, T. T'c11Tu-1, Ti. Tiuxkw, T. TTl1ns1'wlT1. V. WTITLTTSTI Tiww Ll , . m 'Tl , T. luylm, T.. 3111111 E Q um! Tl vv Fivw: P. T!+11t'um1 TW. Vxyv, H. Davis, E. Parsons, R. Kflnntzi, T. l.'o111rk, I. Punks, T. Huw-, I, 'T'w1.1q, TT, TMNT--y T, Sim-WLIII. Slxi Ti. Tlsnzlx-tt, TT. TX-Tvxmxrm, TT. Tmmlis, F. Thnxsmcin, T. Kwssslm, S. Lywrs U TTTTITHKTH, TT. BTLINV, T... Hwidllwl, H Hluulll, NIN TH GRADE Huw One: B. Aqqie, G. Stafford, A. lltiltni, Il. Mat-kart-lli W. Wotrinq, D. Hiqqleman, S. Ilarsoiis, Sliiiltiy Norton I. Rowe, M. Malcomb, M. VVUIIUILI, M. l-Iousv, D. Iloliy Flow Two: N. Smith, D. Wialield, N. Swirl:-t, Il. I'it'litIi, W Settle, D. Niold D. Grimm. M. Maikovitx, M. Lilly, ll lloovor, P. House, F. Delmzitwi, I.. lvltiytiis, I'. Alt. I Row Throw: G. Gillum, I. Hr-ckly, I. Vtilf-ntin+-, V. Snow I lverqeir. D. Whallvy, Il. Doahl, M. Mtiiitii-s, ll. Slulliy S. Heed, I. Squires, G. Whitomari Il, tf' I-por t'. I'-fltiri Row Four: E. Frost, C. Hartman, I. Pri-wr, S. Iwlinson I7 Athoy, R, Paterson, C. Nirorii, D. lvlwrivt-i, If Muiiit-it H, Mauzy, Ft. Bishop, G. Mifliav-las, D. llt-my, V, Iiolilt D. Moyers. Row Fivu: H. Roland, C, Brokelle:-riitflzlts, S, I'--ttmllririk, If Zn-niluower, I. Malls-ly, B. Pliilliiis ll, Kiiliy ll, Mt' Grvovey, I. Koontz, R. Wad -.', IF, lhiltrri Il. litiri-wills ll. Fanslor, B. Be:-ll, R. Dolan. Row Onw: M. Iavk, S. Ge-ro, G. Sams, Il. Silt-s, M, Wt-stltill V. llull, L. Stevens, M. Aiurwl. F. liuvklt-W, If. Mulltiiitix, S. Hamilton. I. Shanltall, VV. Crow LS. Iimnt. Row Two: E. Sponauqlo, I. Dari, N. Davis T. lliqtilriiiitiri B. Robertson, B. Day, I. Bakr-r, I. Floss, If tluatiiwv--, W. Slickley, R. Shanholtz, G Dyvi. Row Throo: C. Rinqlor, C. Wulrh, P. lit-rin-itli, tl'. Httlll-, ll. Knapp, G. Coldwell, T. Ilardinqt-r, Il, lltii-I-in, li. IQ-wins, W. Bean, B. Brathway, F. Fivhol. Row Four: I. Brown, I. Parks, I. Wolltirl, Ii, Vtittiiiwsw, Il. Board, B. Loo, B, Donhowif, In avi-l-fa Ii, .wlititl--i, l. Boyclo, II. Benson, R. lleiniy. Flow Ono: D. Bishorw, N. Hamilton, M. litiflt-liltf li. Dtiwszon, N. Clitc-s, P. Tolltiy, I. Milli:-i, V. Mtiilct-i, lf. Altlviton, Il. Hull, E. Wolfe, Il. Chaso. M, l5'liillipi:4. Row Two: D. Davis, M. Iltxriwr, D. Vv'ilui1rit S. tliig-writt-i, M, Simpson D. Peterson, G, Wils-iii, ll, Ott-tri, I. lioiim otte, N. Iohnson, I. Minlco, S. Mt-str-llt-i, ll. Ilinkt-1, Y. Allen. Row Tlirotf: W, Roto, A. Bartlt-s, B. Mtiitiit, A. Milltfi, I. Measo, N. Bishop. I. Cliinault, II. MlfKt'riativ, Ii. Ilviit inqor, N. Samson, R. Holiirson, A. Mt-as-I, F. 'Iwi-iq. Row Four: T. Lindenbroqq, T. Grit-tw, P. Hi--I-, Ii. Sluglwtiy. E. Thrasher, D. Stimley, Cf Il-nuilt-ln. If. Elmitli, W. Brady, Row Five: N. Caqe, W. Conne-1. T. llroltiristi--ii, K. Iii-1-tl, I. Fayman, D. Stino, IN, Wilson, ll. Iii-uaclwtit-fi. I. Holmes, Row Six: M. Smith, Ft. Evans, R. Writ-Iit-ii. W. Atlit-y, D, Holiiinson, R. Towvll. W. Swarm-i, K. tlirulls I. Il--y nolds, FI. Lohi, I. Matlivk, C. lvloiiis, M. Martin, lltiy Kripple. Row Ono: M. Wilson, P. Stevens, F. Cralftroo, T. Sponauqlt-, B. Fisher, IJ, Louell. E. Honclrivk, I. llaitv. M. Hallvy, t'. Hinlclo, G, Summerfield, A. Siwrir-wr, I'. Illinqs-i, M. Owens. Row Two: N. Thomas, E. Twiaq, C. Norris, M. llainliriatw, R, Louliliter, E. Layton, V. Alkiit- l'. Siiutuoiis, M, Suhrives, M. Franzy, T. Vifilliams, S. Livtiiliottl, ll. Grimm. Ftow Three: I. Rohinotte, W. Monro, Ii, Mviriitt, M. H1-ll, Ii. Haines, D. Upole, E. Taylor, B, I.:-wis, H. Brown, Il. Mcloauqhlin, C. Schults, G. Pertony ID. lvlanous. Ftow Four: D. Lease, W, Rawlings, R. Ilansrott-, I. Rtliy, H. Richards, Gordon I. Lessitor, G. Ilariiinot-r, Il. Col- lins, I. Newcomb, T. Trippett. Row Six: I. Polinq, C, Barkly, A. Zais, W. Thomas. D. Swain, G. Gordon, R. Shoemaker, K. Turm-i I. Sliorv, D, Kenny, B. Smeltzer, I. Tashenberaer, H. Swain, ll, Iewel, V. Grable, B. Trasher. 42 EIGHTH GRADE Row One: L. Hare, L. Evans, I. Golden, V. Weimer, I. Weber, P. Warner, L. Mort, M. Boone, E. Purinqton, S Knippenliurq, M. I. Wilson, C. Knisely, D. Durst, W Adams, D. Rowan, H. Miller. Row Two: W. Furlow, O. Stewart, R. Lynch, S. Kesler, B Campbell, M. Cole, E. Wilmot, M. Diruks, E. Davis I. Svhaidt, B. Boialitol, R. Roukley, C. Hout, M. Popp M. A. Hafer. Row Thrr-o: A, Alderton, L. Shanholtz, M. Wilson, A. Riaqle- mari, S. Honrirkson, M. Triqonopolos, I. Akers, N R -1-rl, D. Faye, N. Buoklew, I. Chcnowith, D. Rive, A Lo-rsdort, I. Lana. Row Four: T. Rohinetto, T. Rowan, W. Miley, T, Buser W. Allen, L. Ayers, F. Hyde, A. Adams, A. Clarke, M Porter, S. Wolford, L. Ewald, A. VVehster. Row Five: I. Underdonk, N. Iaokson, I. NValkee, R. Graham M. Stamp, D. Walrus, I. Chisholm, L. Mencer, G. Aurthur E. lless, M, Marshall. Row Six: I. Squires, B. Sites, I. Farris, R. Pepper, R. San dors, R. DirVorw, B. Hause, I. MvDonald, S. Maphis, E Leatherman. Row Ono: S. Whiteman, M. Stafford, L. Earle, I. Clontz, C Dotor, N, Randall, E. Heller, S. Kessell, M. Sirrrms, D Connors, S. Brinkman, P. Slonaker, C. Shatzer, L. Miller A. Shadwell. Row Two: D. Auvil, N. Purnell, E. Abe, W. Whetzel, I Ballou, P. Brookloy, N. Mease, E. Rurner, N. Kreqer, T McDonald, W. Orndorff, B. Shook, L. Collins, A. Brown I. Breiqhner. Row Three: G. Rinqler, I. Dolan, D. Lantz, R. Shrcut, U. I Harper, D. Meeks, V. Pannone, M. Lepley, M. Clark D. Whisner, A. Rinaler, W. Strona, S. Nefhin, W. Iewell Row Four: W. Lloyd, H. Svhadt, R. Barnstricker, R. Appold R. Aluaro, M. Boone, P. Montoqomery, D. Kennedy I. Rowley, B. Bird, I. Case, L. Miller, B. Shipley, S Sharon, B. Bland, I. Bartles. Row Five: N. Barnes, I. Turner, I. Lewis, R. Herring, K Perdew, B. Clem, B. Dreyer, B. Athey, R. Bowman, D Mort, H. Van Fleet, G. Knotts, I. Kellerman, D. Datri I. Davis, W. Smith, L. Fisher, B. Andrews. Row One: I. Gehauh, E. Portmess, M, Hill, C. Twiqq, I Haines, M. Lease, M. Davis, M. Tinqler, I. Hardy, S Lovell, M. Schwinneqer, M. White, B. Garlitz, I. Cav anauqh. Row Two: M. Rohinet, I, Short, I. Smith, B. Campbell, I Roliey, I. Keyser, I. Taschenbera, P. Garvin, G. Welt nran, S. Twiqq, C. Iackson, A. Buckley, S. Adams M. Iones. D Mrllfr Lunq A Carpentr I Ka er H aC Millan, I. aclntosh, R. Heavner. Row Four: D. Stafford, G. Stafford, M. Smith, I. Kready G. Alkire, N. Lamp, G. Winters, W. Cook, A. lsonr E. Barnes. Row Five: D. Bible, O. Nelson, M. Leasure, B. Burke P. Stickley, G. MvGreqor, I. Martin, W. Apple, K. Files I. Stoops. Row Six: C. Yost, R. lsnor, S. Casner L. Metz, C. Rice C. Dotvr, G. Iones, I. Lohman, B. Duaan, D. Hockman W. Alklkllliill. Row Three: P. O'Neal, R. Robosson, L. Huffman, M. Iones . ' 1, I. , . ' ', . is , . M - M Row One: B. Cargo, R. Mauk, T. Morris, S. Taschenbercrer K. Stonobreaker, S. Knotts. I. Conner, I. Shaffer, V Butts, V. Clark, P. Crowe, L. Faulk, M. Davis, B. Camp bell, C. Carroll, N. George. Row Two: H. Woods, D. Doarier, L. Headley, I. Darr, S Brant, D. Harper, M. Landaker, P. Robertson, M. Trilrut S. Clapp, D. Cimmira, M. Twiqq, l. Corley, N. Kline Row Throw: I. Little, L. Loosdon, M. Gross, A. Greise, P Miller, E. Grapes, S. Rowe, M. Weaver, N. Martin, G Eshelman, H. Malarrrphy, R. MuDonald, C. Trcutnran R. McCoy. Row Four: D. Thorpe, G. Riqqs, D. Trexler, R. Benson, A Hutzell, D. Castoel, B. Trexler, I. Schoonover, R. Athey R. MvBrido, K. Swanqer, W. Lynch, R. Greise, H. Hull C. Shafer. Row Five: C. Wriqht, D. Monett, O. Miller, I. Tresize, E Diokel, C. lser, R. Suhade, G. Shyrouk, E. Westfall, H Rhodes, D. Barqer. Row Six: E. Cardor, C. Easton, R. House-holder, V. Sherrod C. Kinsman, R. Whisner, R. Snrith, I. Evans, D. Hanne kamp, F. Mes-se. SEVENTH GRADE Bow One: G. Hudson, V. Shapley, D. Sonner, E. Kellerman, D. Hardman, E. Deter, M. Davis, E. Iohnson, B. Settle, V. Garland, G. Iohnson, B. Ault, S. Iones, B. Arnold, L. Bobinette, V. Kerns, N. Ambrose, L. Bobinson, D. Brown, P. Lewis. Bow Two: C. Widdows, S. Bobinson, G. Swisher, N. Akers, I. lsner, A. Saylor, D. Lanham, M. Thrasher, M. Hrrtsori, S. Parry, B. Willison, I. Hilleqas. Bow Three: C. Widdows, S. Baupach, W. Couter, B. Livlrty, I. Davis, B. Adams, P. Berklt-y, G. Moran, S. Zorrr bower, B. Shaner, L. Bobison, M. Baldwin, N. Barrie hart, P. Moreland, B. Sciese, H. Stotlc-r, B. Bishop, D. Wolford. Bow Four: E. Carbauqh, E. Downton, B. Beynolds, S. Zim merly, C. Sohade, N. Hoover, E. Icnes, B. Snyder, l.. Krps, M. Brve, L. Patton, B. Grrrrr, B. Krrippt-nlit-ra, I. Benson, B. Boberson, D. Larqont. Bow Frve: K. Youra, G. Srnrth, C. Wolvlr, B. Stcrllinas, D. Bioe, D. Bice, D. Twiqq. I, Stallord, G, Norllrvrall, W. Hedrick, G. Apple, I. Murphy, D, Evans, W. Mr-yors, B. Knipponberq, G. Hudson. Bow Six: D. Hartell, I. Boyd, B. Brant, T. llouso, B. Brown. C. Brown, H. Apple, E. Brve, W, Kvrns, E. Lrxt-r, D. O'Neil. Bow One: C. Mae Clay, C. Lonq, B. Barns, B, George, I. Pennell, I. Dickol, B. Lippcld, P. Mt:-tztgtrr, B. Miller, M. Biqalerrran, M. Hill, S. Krrrres, B. l.rrwpold, E. Krrrit-s, C. Campbell, T. lines, B. Twraa. Bow Two: I. Norris, H. Mvllolan, C. Gilliyrriy, F. Morris. P. Arnold, T. Gray, D. Canlic-ld, M. Evans, T. Biaas, B. Niela, G. Dawson, I. Nelson. I. Slrtfrlovk, D. Borl- head, W. Bussard. Bow Three: D. Lerhliter, C. Eister, B. Gornall, I. Net-, V. Plummer, C. Lrllard, A. Willard, C Slrrrrrriet, M. Thor- ton, B. Hawkins, I. Hinds, K. Casserly. M. llrvks, M. Biaqlernar, B. Sylaold, E. Hrzer, D. Milla-r, I. Bam-y, B. Bell, M. Golinqrly. D. McFarland, B. Pollina, B. Wil- liams, B. Linn, I. Bawlinqs, S. Powell, B. Bet-lrtol, B. Dodqe, C. Stump, G. Hast, M. Irons. Bow Five: K. Oster, G. Weber, E. Berry, K. Wilmot, E. Mullaney, L. Stevens, L. Stevenson, A. Btwkrtly, D. Dickens, B. Bishop, C. Stump, L. Leasurv, A. Kimble, D. Wrllrarns, H. Brant, B. Davis, B. Bouvh, A. Krrrrlilo. Bow Six: I. Cook, I. Vearh, I. Greise, G. Lewis, M. Fadlt-y, V. Markwood, W. Flanaaan, C. Lipsvorrilr, E. Motty. Bow One: V. Boby, I. Boyer, V. Shanholtz, N. Meeks, P. Lipsvomb, V. Leasure, F. Berkley, I. Dunbar, Doris Howdyshell, E. Stafford, B. Alvaro, S. Carrorossr, ll. MCKee, D. Wilson, B. Enrerrck, V. Monnett, D. Hrrltman. Bow Two: E. Athey, H. Swain, G. Livinaood, I. Keeler, I. Smith, I. Martin, C. Birker, D. Michael, E. Evans, W. Green, B. Lewrs, G. Gross, C. YOlll"lQl'lOfLl, D. Atkinson, F. Gross, I. Barrett, S. Teets. Bow Three: G. Lrvinqood, E. Smith, B. Mt'Ke-nny, B. Sharr- holtz, I. Hann, B. Gross, W. Brown, M. Mr'Culloutrli. F.. Hinkley, D. Hutt, C. Shaw, S. Trrrraonorrlos, B. Brvt-, I. McClelland, I. Caqe. Bow Four: M. Leidy, S. Lynvh, M. Gross, M. Moses, V. Kerrs, T. Swandol, I. Blarker, I. Mullennix, G. Mya-rs, M. Sharhcltz, I. Smith, D. Thomas, B. Divken, D. Mtn Gauqhey, B. Morris, I. Humbertson, H. Giplrn, B. Twitirtr. Bow Five: G. Brant, C. Marsh, V. Pryor, G. Sr-idtlll, D. Bowe, P. Hull, A. Smith, l. Taylor, S. Neilson, C. Moore, A. Brotmarkle. Bow Six: P. Bowman, K. Smith, C. Maluorrrli, I. Heir, C. Arbor qast, S. Albriqht, I. Tussell, A. Fuller, S. Frazier, D. Bobinette, S. Twrqq, I. Strawden, I. Mt'DLnalv, A, Har' worth. Bow Seven: I. Lawrence, B. Hanekamp, B. Str-ward, I. Moreland, D. Nines. Bow One: I. Eaton, K. Iacobs, B. Turrtor, W. Nixon, E. Morrison, N. Hilleqas S. Clites, E. Apple, B. Eylvr, I, Deremer, I. Weber, B. Ferquson, L. Binqler, B. Waa- ner, I. Paul, M. Boqqs, M. Miley, A. Matheny, G. Popp, B. Payne, D. Hamilton. Bow Two: D. Kerns, NV. Bobrnette, D. Martz, P Combs. I. Cage, M. Weaver, D. Brown, B. Georqe, I. Keplinaer, D. Parker, W. Keller, I. Garvin, K. Shelly B. Ayers, K. Somers, E. Dawson, B. Bupst, M. Bowers, I Miller. Bow Three: M. Smith. L. Collins, I. Arnica, B. Davis, B. Twiqa, L. Boilirqer, C. Brooks, A. Leatherman, A. Fisher, I. Sheetz, B. Ketterman, B. Byan, E. Shank, C. Durst, W. McCall. Bow Four: S. Stewart, E. Bobinette, I. Brinkman, B. Watt, I. Dickinson, I. Kaboskey, E. Cookerly, I. Swlioidt, B. Brooks, T. Mudge, G. Campbell. Bow Five: I. Hicks, W. Leslie, C. Iohnson, G. Bennet, S. Biley, B. Stippe, B. Bittner, D. Wilson, L. Souette, B. Leiclinqer, A. Saylor. Bow Five-ltop back rowl: B. Sisk, I. Wolford. ,.... x ,-1 , t In ., - ,.exl'-J!1'5'f-'3 vim ii ., w . " ,l,Zf:1.",v ., mf ' f"7:' ' ' 1 ' - .2753 ra, , 'im Q 7 .mx 1 ' - - - Vjijgfq , 4 A " Q I 1 E"f"' k 1 N5 fa ' '-iz, 1 " J ik sf Qi," b, at wwf?" X 1 ' 5 ' ,5,--q-:.,- - l X X N . F ' V 1'- .f , ,- 4 va: ,-,it1:f.lE....1,.x..4..J.1..-, I ,N ""' 'pd' 'f " ' . V '95-E':iE.'-"F,.25,1 , A-.4 . ,. -. .rf . Q ' - , , .,.. . H , " ' " ' . ' . .. A 1' f9'.f?if.'.i" ' x ' "'4EIF"---75 " nv--.4 . 5 ""' , ' ra --1 --'V . -- - . Q 1 ' ' X Q -'aw tl! .W I . H 15-fm.: 'S 1 " Q ,',fl , 1 .Lir1""" '11f-5'g'l'-'fa1,,pJ' y - ' .'-l,..,.,,,-,,J:,, 1 4, -fxfgz ---Y ' ' ' I, ' , ,. 245 51,1 , , ..,. .0554 A f In -Y ,h,.1, cu, .15 - Q. H ,,..,.,,.i ,H A , - 'A az: 2,1 5 1 J 5? yield-,Q 1,-3-1 f v- ,1t"!fl!vkA...sra .,y.k'5ff . A . X ' ' ' +.9:Z'f'f' .. up A .-.g. - ' f, ffl- ' fun-"-1 ' ' r - fm.: ., -'-' A kg . n , 41' 51 xk X 115,- 1,1- 4 if Wfa , 4 .lrgr-'U' If gif' will F,W'V-QIZE- .1 Ir-fr - 1 4. -' 'H' " 5115? .,f L" '11,-iii i . I! F255 :.'5' "' 2wgg', ' ,I E. ' ., if I' " ni'-Q yy. 5 3 1 .T :'- ' - .1 .-.,5L..i' ., '57 fv,.-- " -Q ft' .1-M.-.1 , -f -, " Z ' . II' 9 ,- - ' 3 ,93?"" 1 ' " ' : :sf .1 33' .- -' fl!! iff' ' I' .wr - lm? . ..--T - f :ga f , ,Y I, I, .- A I fv- ,fb . . 1: V 'ir '- 4: '1 51: 1 T' " f . ,. -fl -l.kf"':'f13'-. f F-51 -- 12216 f"i-.5324-, A " "'V1'-' ' .,.f',-fpf"fQ.- U-I "" " t ,Stal 'hmf4L.f2-5,15-,,'..-..'f , :.:v'fZ"fS9'5'n:"3 LIBRARY CLUB The Library Club ot Fort l-lill is an efficient and well directed organization. The club is directed by Miss Gertrude Ranck, the librorion. Miss Ranck has been the librarian at Fort l-lill tor some time. The president ot this year's club is lessie Gordon, a senior. lt is interesting to follow the cycle of a book, from enterinq the library to our taking it out. When a new book is brought into the library, a card is placed in the book, ci number is qiven it, which is recorded in the cdrd catalog, and then shelved. After beinq shelved, the book is ready tor our use. Let us qo into the librdry to choose d book. After selectinq a book troin the shelf, we take it to the desk, siqn the cord, and have it stamped. The book is then ours tor two weeks. Wlieri we return the book, it is again made ready tor someone to take. As one of their many duties, the members of the club also help students to find necessary inoterials for their school work. 1 in ' 13. K"'llUIt1V1I't, A. Tiirrffr, l. Wiafifri, N. Lynn, V. Stalhnris. l. Sivfile Miss l?an'k NY. llaiwvk ll. lla 1 l zffi. M. lhoiist, ll. Klostfriinan W, lohnsfn, R. llowsffi. l 1 M. lt. Wflifr, ll. Chfipwi, V. lh:-list, D. Triw, M. lTll'l,.f1Zlf'l, I. lwwis. l. Stein. ll. SI"USt'Il'i'1tl'Ill V. lm hhtri l iitiziii M. llt'flll"ll4'llSfl, S. Minkh, H Twiqir, M. l. Val-intinfx lit 'J i 1. llflVIIS, K. Yfilniiifitly, l'. lifliiiliiian. P.lll4'l1fllKlS, T7.Sni1th,lX'l.Statriimli.Stii:tli l.. 'Wflff i, 3, lfltltft 11311111 ly ' tint thru. l ii: l. tliiivliiix ll lfini tick, I. halo i, V. C..3i'fiisf', Fl. flutt, D. k.'fISll"tIllGIl, M. l. thin' fl. lwazlw Tl. hal ins n M r i n M li'-isiiiuk, N. liittlfiy. ' I. Mtllfi, l. ltllxfitt, l. fltiif-ii, T l-liIl'i'N ll. Tinfiivk. 46 bt A very valuable known, the group has For the past two and the members ot They also have done The girls on the s ialvd ll. Trrplcll, lu. Flark, S. hr-rrzhirriari, lf Krlrvwtlfri, S. llwl 1liV'll'T. btandrntz Mr. Prrcw, allvrstir. lvl. l:. hlarni .-. li. Stuiriri. NctllTlL'llll1'kl Ann l.rnn, MIMEOGRAPH STAFF asset to the school is the mimeograph stall. Even though it isn't well served the school in many ways. years, it has been under the very capable direction ot Mr. Price. He the organization have rendered many useful services to the school. work tor other groups ou'side ot the school. tatt this year have been s iccesstul in all ot their undertakings. Much has been accomplished towards serving the dilterent departments oi the school as well as thc various organizations. The group is always willing to take on any assignment, and it has done a great deal of duplicating work lor Among the many activities undertaken duction ot the "Seneca," the bulletin put out in this task again shows the ability of these lncluded in the organizations. Test, maps, poster, and many Graph room. There is never a click-click-click of the are run alt. Another activity the guidance and English departments in particular. by the mimeograph group this year is the prof by the senior high English classes. Their success girls. schedule ot this group is the cutting ot stencils for teachers and other other types of papers are produced in the mimeo- dull moment tor these reliable girls. One can usually hear the steady typewriters or the rhythmic beat ot the duplicating machine as papers in which the girls attained success was the making ot Christmas cards. Al Christmas time they thought ol this idea and followed it through very nicely. Using red and green ink, instead ot the usual black, to create the holiday feeling, they turned out some very lovely Christmas cards. Their achievements and great success have proved that they are an energetic, hard-work- ina, reliable group, Each piece ot work turned out is always their best. lt is hard to explain just exactly how much the mimeograph stall really does to serve the school. ln the mimeograph room, programs tor the football games are produced, and cheers lor the students to learn are prepared, along with programs tor various other groups. Attend- ance sheets are also prepared each day. The start has also served organizations outside the school by doing such things as mak- ing up the A.A.U,W. news letter. Some work has also been done for veterans. I I I 1 1I111: 11. ll1111I11', II. L'111111-1, VY. B1111Iy, H. I31111I1r111111, IVI1s.s I'111I, I. 44IlII1I I. f.I1I1111 ' '111Iz111:s .N II1I111:, M. 11.111 I.. 1. A,'I 1: IQ. W1 II 11. 111111, II. II-1I1y,15. I71'IlI, N. Ij111'Ic111W, I. I11. 1I1, V. I'.I1Iq111I111.11 .'1y I, 1'l11:1:, If. 'I'11I1111, IVI. I1 .111 I.I. I11Iy, il. I4--:1I1. II1111t II. II1I1E-1, IU. VKIII IJIf 1111, IVI. II. I'IIc1111I1I11, If IIf111I111111 1, 1.'. IVIIIII 11.11. 1 1 1y111 1.1111111111 1, II. III 1yI-, I91 I111,1, W. V11'111111111,5I. I'111s1111:a, IT. Nf11I1111 N. VV11IIf, I1. P1111 1. 111: I'. I11 IIII I4I11y, fa. !X1.Ic1111s, Il, Fay, M, IILIIC-1, W. I'111lv1W, S. SI1111111, I1-111 I11. II1, .1 ll II-IIII'I lf. A11111I1I, I.f1I1I11f1, N. II11"ks, I. BCIIQCI. USHER'S OFFICERS I'I1W 171111: I., f'I111k Mlzas I-IIIIII, 11c'Iv1ss1-1. I1 1,-J 'I'w11: lf. W'1111I1sI1, Ii. I311r1I11111111. I11 w 'I'I111 c-3 I. I'1111l11, I. Lf1111'c1sl1'1r. I'1'1w I"f1111: H. C'1QyIf.1, I. IVIIII01. THE USHERS 'II111 USI11 1:1 1'I1: 1 111 1I.11 :.--11: -1 1-1:11111:111111111 11I 1I.11:s1'I111111. 'I'I11 II:'I.1:f:1r11 11 '1111 1111.11 :41111 111111111 WI111 I1n1v1 IIIK 1111'1.1ss111',' 11.1111'11:s I b'I.1I111sI111, I11111I111:iI1111. 111111111111.111'1 11111I 111.11- '1 1. 'I4I11:1 111-11111 IS 1111 11" 1 :111111'11t1 11. I51-I1111 II11 I1111 'I'1L111Ks1.11v1111: Il11y 1.111111 '11 111111111-1:1 :a111I I11y11I1y 111113. 'I'I1f- 111111111 FITIVI s1'11,1 1.11111 1.sI111s 1' 11111-1'11I 211 12111 WI111 -'1111I1I s11II II111 I1'11111s' 1111111I11 111 1111::. 'III11 I11:-:1-15, 1I1c- S11Y'IIl'I 1:sI1f-15, I1:11I 111 111111 II11 x-.'11'11'1- IS 11 11 11111y. An11II1-11 11I.y -YI"II N1 111 2 1211 II I11 1:1 IIIIIII 'yvllii II.1 I11:QIc1II1.1IQ 11111 5 'I.1 .-'XI.1 11111171 1111-I IV11 II1II IC11'1I:11s. 'I'I11 IIsI111s 1 15-11' I'.I 1111 1:1 111 1:1 1111111111111 CI 5111211111 111111111 111 I I11'-1 If 'I11 y1-111 'Ig- 11,1111 1I11I1::11c1v1- C1 I1c111111111I 111 IIIK1 AI1 1lI1 III '1..11?1y1'I:1 IIII IM11111 11 v111y s111'11Q5I11I y11u11. T111 11II11'11s 11k ' .11 1111 I.,z If 1'I11I: I11111I x1sI11-17 5111111111 IVI1-111111111 I1-111: If 111 51 1'11 '1,1111-s- I11111111 LL1111 .11s1111, 1jI111st1r11'- X'111111sI. 1111111111 y111111111111.11.1. THE MONITORS 'l'he Monitors, Fort Hills guardians ot the peace, seldoni receive the praise they deserve. Every day the Monitors serve us by keeping order in the cafeteria. Perhaps you think there is too niuch authority and rule, but wait, those rules and that authority are necessary it our cafeteria is to be kept clean and sate for our use. As in any civilized society, we need sorne- one to protect the niajority troni the antics of the niinority. This is the duty ot the Monitors. Our Monitors niust have certain qualifica- tions tor rnenibership and usually those who pass these stringent rules are capable, indus- trious, and have the qualities of leadership which are needed. But you know what they say about all work and no play? lust as they inade theniselves usetul, so they enioyed thetnselves. ln December the Monitors had a Christmas Party and niade the holiday season gay with the catoteria decorations. A very successful sea- MONITORS OFFICERS C. Brotwtiiarkln, N, Auit, C. Morthviatl, H. Vt'aqloy, l. Miller, son was concluded in May with a banquet aiven at the Ali Ghan Shrine Club at which titne a wrist watch was presented the Best Moni- tor ot the year. MONITORS Huw tlnv: V. Norris, li. l.t'-vklitoii I, baker. F. Cialvtiec .,N l txt VV 1' WI . O U , . t O L , . 1 1 . t , N How Two: l. Akers INT. l7t-atthousvr, V. Hohoitson, 1. Millnr, P. Weber M. M. llerdnw, N. lohnson. 'l'hi t V NY ini 1 A Ali itvn Fl Wagly N Alt D Wliisricri' M E 'lniihuct Huw loin. P. lailvy, l. A. lwvwv, S. Kami, D. Frm'-rick, ll. lolohhvll, l. l..onq. X linw Vive: ll. Scott, N. twhtvs, C Northvratt, Cf Hurlwiiiciiklv, G. Davis, P. Rivhatds. How Six: M. 'l'iit:orioVlos, S. lltfndiickson, l. Gordon, W. Marsh, F, A. VVhittinaton. THE SABBE STAFF SENIOR SABRE STAFF 111 1111 11. 1. 11. .wl1111'y, IT f111w11 fx. 1w1'111':Qf-, N. A1L:111s1 I1 1 1 L - 1 1 M1111 1:1 1: fl. U1 ,111',11, If Pwm, IF. ' 1111111-11111111 Xu hymn I.. H11"'11 1 .-'L x h sv . . , . 1.. .11111-11 I. 1. 111111, I. M11!l11'k '.. Mf111sl1'11y, M. 1:11111 1, P. 171111111 1: 1. 111111111 ny. A. l.11111, I.. 1111, I., 61111121111 E. M1.1111v11:1 1J.'1 x ' 1 1 . l 11 111 1 1 V 1 wi Il W Illf 11-I' 14.tv1.111g, H,K11:11111-11 il. li1111111"11 fl 115. Il 1..1:11.1 .,,,11'-,,,. .1 YI. V11 50 11.- ,0- IUNIOR SABRE STAFF Seated: M. Shrout, I. Divkerhoit, M. Moulton, A. Poling, I. Wigger. Standing: Row 1 W. Kaylor, N. Lovell, M. Leasure, I. A. Lewis, M. Benson, M, Mellon, E, Hasel- twfwqcr. How 2- C, Noithcrait, D. Smith, I. Alderton, R. Croyle, M. I. McCoy, THE SABRE STAFF 'l'he Sabre Stati is proud to present to the student body this yearbook recording the events oi the year 1948-1949. We had many responsibilities placed upon our shoulders, many obstacles to overcome, and a great task to do. But it was a real thrill to meet these diiiiculties and conquer them. With our advisers, Mr. Iames Engle, Mr. Leon Klompus, Mr. Carl Ritchie, and Mr. Wade Kipp, our success was certain. Working under a rigid budget, our start eliminated all the expenses we could in order not to go into debt. A successful book was published under those conditions through the in- genuity of our editors and start. The members of the start were: Io Ann Shirey, editor, Emily Popp, associate editor, Viv- ian Ryan, business manager, Louise Hovatter, associate, Ann Wilson and Betty Clingerman, literary editors, Pat Tasker, senior class editor, Karlyn Radcliffe, classes editors, Emil Hasel- berger, Mary Iean McCoy, Mary Moulton, lay-out staii, Richard Spring, art editor, Ioe Reed, sports editor, Bill Kaylor, photography editor, and typists, Stella Robinette, Helena Twigg, Ann Linn, Dorothy Triplett, Doris Growden, Eddie Haines, and George Stevenson. We would like also to thank those teachers cmd students Who were not on the staff but contributed valu- able service. Yes, it was a great pleasure, planning, compiling, and publishing this thirteenth issue of the Sabre, and we hope it brings you many hours of enjoyment. 51 i'zr::t Ht wi A. 'itirriwr if Mritttvxan, M. Nttwrifznlci, P. itartmrm, if. Evcitwtt, N. tmrvf it, '- its W: Miss Pmwrirsrvx, M.F.Sii1a11t, tl. Matiir-nay, I. Matiirk, D. Smitii i.. Wzivis tptzps, thi 1.13 tim i tit W: IX. itiyttti, ii. Ma Dwnatti, I. 'X,I:14.2i1li', H. Rmisiiai, U. Pwr-I mit, if. 'tlxyi i i'. tk itz i'. 'tasskf 1. i' mtti ttiww. tl. thi 1, tt. Strip!-ty, M. t'5rttfi7iai, M. Maiittfiri, M. iivtwft. it Vfitstiri. - V- , . ., .. t:i't. tit w t'.Nt'tiili'l41ii tt.fwviItst1iiC111iIii P.. I. Twififz, D. E'iItItiQtIttIIt. I. lax N. tx. :it ss 'ri ,.!..1iiy A tkzwtmfg, E. Moravia, XX. Witsun. Norma Hicks. GIRL'S TRI-HI-Y Ariattior year draws ta a close as ttie CgifilS Tri-Hi'Y leaks back wittt riterrsarit memories of the past. This year ttte orqcmizatioii again tias endeavored "To ffreate, ta maimtxiri. md ta exteiid tiirouqttoiit ttie svtiaoi arid ttie Comrmmity, tiiqtier standards wt Ttiristiari c'tiaraCter." Tire activity praqram for tire members of tire arqariizatiari began iii time twtiiy iictrt at September Witti a formal party at ttie Y. M. C. A. At titis time Ittu tttiity at mdidatas, who tiad met tiie schoiastic: arid attendance requirements: vvare tioriared. A praaram at the various activities during the sctioai term mfiuded tim uiimiriq at Christmas caroisg ttie cottectiuq of food for Tranksqivmq bastcetsg ttcttdiriq a square dcmcfep arqariizmq a rummage saieg arid sporisarmq a basket watt team. Witti tire tietp cmd auidaricfe at tire Y. M. C. A., ttie advisers, Mrs. Caratyrt Dmitap arid Miss Iearme Bowersox, and time Officers, president, Barbart: Matlteiioyg vice president, Lois Davisy secretary, tariet Matticky treasurer, Deieres Smitttg Chaplain, Mary Elia Stiroutg the Tri-HLY iias tiad a Very sua vessttil year. 52 IUNIOR TRI-HI-Y One of the outstanding and most active clubs at Port Hill is the lunior Tri-Hi-Y. The girls are the "little sisters" of the Tri'Hi-Y. The club is composed of freshmen and sophomores who are selected on the basis of scholastic achievement cmd character. This year the officers are Francis Hafer, president: Phyllis McKenzie, vice-president, Patty Close, secretaryg loanne Meyers, chaplain, and loanne Squares, treasurer. This club has planned and carried out many activities. lt was responsible for the fad of wearing red beanies at the Thanksgiving Day Game. They sold these caps to obtain money. Over 200 of these were sold. They have even helped to make cooking at home more enjoyable by selling vanilla extract. The club, under the direction of Mrs. Ada Hughes and Miss Yola Hudson, has accom- plished many other worthwhile activities. Thcy attended church regularly throughout the year. A church of each denomination represented in the club was visited. Throughout the year the club had splash parties at the Y, and attended movies as a group. At Christmas they went Christmas caroling at Memorial Hospital and throughout South Cumberland to try to bring cheer to the less fortunate. To encourage school loyalty, which is one goal of the Iunior Tri-Hi-Y, the girls chartered buses to outfofftown basketball and football games. On November 23 at one of their regular meetings at the Y. M. C. A. Barbara Matheny, president of the Tri-Hi-Y, Glenn Burke, head of the Boy's Hi-Y: and Frances Haier, president of the lunior Tri-HifY, addressed the club on "What the Hi-Y Means to Me." Through these speeches the lunior Tri-Hi-Y members obtained a better understanding of why the Hi-Y is such a respected club, why it is an honor to belong, and what is expected of each member. One of the most outstanding and worthy activities the club undertakes is to help their "big sisters," of the TrifHi-Y to collect food and clothing at Thanksgiving time for the needy families of the school. All of these activities have made the Iunior TrifHi-Y one of Fort Hill's outstanding service clubs. ltnw Cnr-: Mrs. Huqhos, D. Gurtler, G. Furlow, S. Taylor, B. Dentrnger, l.. Myers, P. Mt'Krrnzro, F. Hater, P. Vlosv. l. SLXLTHPOS, l. Howe, M. Wolfor'd, B. Liller, Miss Hudson. How Two: M. Starhrw-r, P. Mvlionzie, l, Fogle, I. Macljarland, P. Fox, E. Grimm, I. Shanski, l. Taylor, C. Wtndish, l. Macintosh. Huw Tlnmr: N. llavy N. lohnson, f. Minkp, S. Mostollcr, N. Bishop, R. Sclesbury, l. Hansroth, M. Arnlrroso, M. ltnrk-H, M. Mal 'ornlm Huw Four: K. livers, l. Bopp, N. Critcs, H. Rinkcr, K. l7la'1O, B. Bennet, R. Coleman, D. Boggs, D. Vifvlsli, D. Odacrs. auidi .lhnnii 1" ly A . ' .f . liow Onv: l.. Norris, G. Burke, F. liyan, Fi. Brrrrrrnryharrr. lirrw Two: I. llalr-r, C. Mdsori, G, Wrfrtz. I. Snyder, D, Baker ltrrw 'l'lrrrfr-I E. Me-tx. G, Arrrlwrosf'-, l. Alderton, C. Lattirrier, H. Cross. D. lfvans l.. lSriri'h, l. l.hllrr l Lt 'hart. ltrrw Four: W. Kcrylor, l. Cessna, T. Vrirluw, H. CLIVIHIHKJTIUIII. l. lrrelrt, t' Vtfrrry-ly, ll. lrlrrrrrr-12 lt C'rr-r-iran, G. Andrews. THE BOY'S HI-Y This Christian service club deserves the ackriowledqrnent ot every student at Port Hill. lt is advised by Mr. Minka and presided over by Glen Burke. One ot the services rendered to Fort Hill by this club each year is the supplyina of line-ups for all our horne football games. This service was car ried out in the sarne manner this year as in previous years. A very special service rendered to the whole community this year was the collectinq ot old, but usable, clothing tor the needy tarnilies of the cornrnunrty. This type ol work should be recognized and praised. The officers servinq the club this year besides Glen Burke are: Floyd Ryan. vice-presidentg Ralph Thuss, secretaryg Gene Mason, treasurer, and Bill Birrnina hcrni, chaplain. 54 1: Us STAGE CREW Seated: I. Morris, E. Strieby. Stundmq: W. Liqhl, L. Blcvldin, C. Bujov, Mr, Foote, R. Wheeler. Svctod: L. Blcrklin, I. Aldorton, Mr. Perdpw, D. Boken, R, Tlpton. mdmq: F, Gore, I. Alderlon, I. Weirs, R. Inizolt, I, Mcxllick, F. MGC'k1Q PROI ECTION CREW 5 5 SENTINEL EDITORS Sminq: B. Mcxtheny, P. Tusker. R, Ruclcllfie, C, Mcdsberry, M. Hcbpl SIGUCIIDQI H. Cruyhg R. Thuss, B. Brown, N. Atkmsun. Sxttinq: B. Brutt, I. Mnitlwk, W. MfrCulIouqh, E. Taylor, I. Lewms. Stundinfqz E, Blond, D, Twiqq, VV. Cameron, D. Adams, M. Mf-llvn. SENTINEL STAFF 56 lx h rtlvliftn, editor, Miss Calennne, adviser SENTINEL "The News Shall Make You Free" Behind every issue of the Sentinel lies a story as big as the one which make the head- lines, There is action, drama, and much hard work. Before the students of Fort Hill can receive the first copy of their bi-weekly school news- paper, the staff must secure advertisements and subscriptions to finance the cost of publish- ing the "Sentinel." Many of the ads are secured during the summer. The staff is composed of students who have had one year's work in the beginning journalism class. ln this class the fundamentals of journalism are taught by Miss Mary Calemine, the Sentinel staff's adviser. The members of the class are responsible for put- ing out the last issue of the paperg in this way they gain experience which will help them the following year. The staff's goal is to render a service to the school by gathering, organizing, and print- ing all news which will be of interest to the students. Members of the staff, accompanied by Miss Calemine, have attended the Columbia Scho- lastic Press Association Conference at Columbia University, New York, for two consecutive years. Schools from many states are represented at this conference where their papers are judged and rated. The Sentinel has receivedahigh rating both years. During their stay in New York, the students toured the city and visited many places of interest. One of the trip's highlights was a tour of the New York Times building where they observed much of the "behind the scenes" events of a metropolitan newspaper. Those attending the conference this year were Carolyn Malsberry, Marie Hobel, Elva Taylor, janet Matliclc, Rosetta Croyle, Evelyn Bland, Barbara Bratt, Ioanne Lewis, Mary Moul- ton, Teresa Crites, Shirley Ketterman and Christine Riley. This year the staff has received many letters of Commendation and requests for exchang- es froni other schools. Recognition should be given to the editors, news reporters, feature writers, business staff members, and the adviser for a job well done. 57 THE STUDENT COUNCIL The gavel sounds. The government body of Fort Hill High School, the Student Council, is now in session. The meeting is opened with the Student Council Oath: "We shall never bring disgrace to our school by any act of dishonesty or cowardice. VV'e will fight for the ideals and cherish the things of our school, both singly and together. Vi'e shall respect ard obey the schools laws. We will strive unceasingly to arouse the students' sense of schclastic duty. Thus in all these ways we will transmit our school to othersg greater, better and more beautiful than it was transmitted to us," The opening exercises are now over and the reports of the various officers and committees are being heard. Next, all old cmd new business of the school is discussed and important measures are voted on. Organized on the democratic pattern of our own national government, the Student Council consists of a cabinet and two housesp the Senate and the House of Representatives. The cabinet is composed of eight officers four seniors and four iuriors. The offices filled by seniors are president, Thomas Kaboskyg secretary, of social affairs, Vauda Lee Sirnmsg secretary of traffic, Iohn Miller, secretary of industry, Lucy Clark. The juniors filling the remainder of the offices are: vice-president, lohn Hafer, secretary, Mary Stampy treasurer, Robbie Wilsong public relations officer, Mary lean McCoy. The Student Council president and other officers are elected by the students at the annual election held in the spring. This election is modeled after Cumberlands city election, with campaigning, primaries, ballot boxes, and elec- tion booths borrowed from the city. The Senate, which meets the second Tuesday of each month, consists of representatives of the various whar- tered clubs of the school. Each member presents problems arising in his respective club and reports back at his rtext club meeting any action taken by the Senate on his particular problem, The House of Representatives is composed of homeroom representatives who are elected by their classmates. Each member presents problems suggested by his homeroom. If you should drop in on a meeting you would be svro to find your homeroom represented, Highlights of the Student Council year are the annual school election of the May Queen and her court, Booster Night: talent contests: and the publishing of the school handbook "Hi There, Sentinel." The honor roll, the arranging of the bulletin boards and show cases are also taken care of by the council. The advisers of the Student Council are Mr. Robert Morris, Miss Alverda Ford, Mrs. Eugene Hilton, and Mr. Errect Minka. If you are interested in government or lawmaking then the Student Council is the ideal training ground for you. Thus, as the Council Oath clearly states, "we will transmit our school to others, greater, better and more beautiful than it was transmitted to us," Student Council Advisers Seated: A. Ford, T. Kabosky, Student Council President, N, Hillton. Standing: C. Minka, fi. Morris. 'ffm r -X 59 1111111111 A1VILI1L1V. CANVAS CREW v 0111-: 171111f1111 Cj1Nf'LI1, 1111111 W11111111, W111141Il1 S11-11111-, 11111111-1 S111-1w1':111, R111-11 C111111111' 1 111-.H 3 C111'11'11 K11V111111111111, 11111115 101115, 1111'1c T 111n1-1, H1111 51111111, 121-11111911 1:111111, 111111111 1.1111 w.. A. 1' ::1111, !11fs::1:s111111 1111111111 V111111111 17r1111'1111111a111, 01111111111 1.11111 11.111 , N11 111"'11111: 1111111: 14111w11, 1 xx i-ml. 1 1 1 1 BASKETBALL RESERVES w 1- 1111111, 11. K 111111, 11. C 111 11. 11111-1111'111111, .1 Lymis, 13. L11w15, 11. 1.11111111Q, 1111111111: 1. 11111111-11, 11. 11111 -, . ,U 4 111111, 11. 1111w11, 13. 1i1'f1k11, 911111-11 R111111, 15. 1111111511 11. 1111199 11 1.11-111. 0 44 .qgi 'N l Q 5 X fs s xk u mx- 1 X-3 ' In ,Q 'A v Q 5 'Q 5 QQ t X. ,, ,. yg4':?!i'.Iiiaf'Nl,li-if:7:'4Q?- '- - 1 fi, - jz?Vu5v .I YM'F:TT'fvs -59. ". Cf. Q-:R we 9- 44 5 ' 1' 1 . -5 X N12 Q-2 ' i's'. w.L , . . 5 gr' ., 'Q ,..1 1 .. ' ,. - ' 21 'Ffa ' ?,T'.?'.!'5A '-E,fJ,fx:. ".x. is if '33 K JK' P' E T31-TQ:-6e'f+.1i.5M H' 1.f'.'515' 1- P"ll1,"x'-'J-?..3.' Ui N ' ME, 1 Q , . qv, ,1--Q H' .1-J Q .Q.,... xf' . A ,TH 'M V V.-M, . wuz fix 13,525 ' . S -r wwf: new Jrvf-" ,I 514 a " -n'-lf: -,-.wg RL' S3 Q1-:M ,. ,.- -ix-1-' ' rmm, , , -: . X V -,--W, -E "X-'3u'jS'f,5y J-9 . ,max xflq-..j3,,, . H.. ff'-4sx,:4"' W -'-f, ,QQ 7 I V- K1 .,..'A.+ ,cg . . : . slijfl ,'d"'L,-V . 4 NQ"g3'?: MS' 'S .4 , -vs fm-,Sqn-F-,'iQiwf'x-1an PH L A,,.',l,,, ,KI . -Q .. 1..'blL5 Neff' 1 ii' . TK? 'dx N-Rzaff 1 YEHQQ, . xg ., I. Q :Jil , r. .1 .V 1:14. , '45 n' ' iii Q X .. , ,Lf-.15 w ef: ' " ' y E? x -T, '1 x 3 'S ' 955 , 1 Ei ,- :X .. 52 N if- .Aish R 'Xa L 1 . ,,.-,..4 L E . FOOTBALL TEAM . -I Y'-1 . 11-3 II. IVIc1su11 VY. II1y1111I.I1: I.IIuII11It1y,L'.SI1I11o,D.Dtwku1, IT !XuIw1:11s, I. AI1I11t1r1. K... I11.L , I . I,11tt1111- 1, I . 1 Lu1I1111, I1. I51vIu II IRI. I.1att11II, I.. IX'IvKv11z1c1, E. 'I'11uI:1-1.C'm1t-I1IIn1I111. Iwo: IVI. I'111't, :'X:4:4't. Cmi 'I1 I?111Iv1, T. Vn11o1's1Ic1I0, K. Owwms, IU. II1c1Iiw, IS. IVIIIIII I.c1111'. II. flmvvt' II, L'1t1111y F. II41I111'1vttv, C. VVc1qt1Iy.G.A111I1r1ws, RLI11 K 'I'11I1x1', I1. 1.11 II1I'm'l'I II. I'1.1ss111'. Asst IXI411111t:n-17 IU. Lc1y111r111, G. Witsscm, I. KWSSIIWI, II., II V ttltt. I-. I'IxlIkI I. f..111 'Ia I,11..1I111 I II-1111I1twI R IIIIISS, II. I1-wvI1, P. Mm-Izs, VV, Ix111t1. 5. I..1-111111112 IU. Ixttt-1. Ip II-tw I111I1Iv1', I. S11y1Iv11 I. AI-11 I. I.IuytI, HC111c1I1I IIc1IyG1'd, IVIL.1I1G4Il'l'. 1 I1y, Ii. II111Is1111 II. IXI111111fs, L ' I. IIIIIII. ,I f. W ,. 1111II11tI, Ll. II.111r:. Iwttt' II I'11II II,It111I'1y,f?. I'If111Su11. II.Cc1tf111vso,I.SI1.111'-, IT L41w1:1, If. K1 YET I1 I7111I, I, IIc1I.1:1:11111 11. I,y1'11:: It II111-1 II I1y- V. IXI11111s II.R31-'lqI5I'1o11111I1I1, II. BDUNI, VV. III11II11:s. Couch Hahn IIULIVII IIr1I111 u111I I11s c1ss1stn111t, I'Gu1'I1 'I 11111111 we 111.1 I948 Imttmtt It-C1111 to 111.- ttlst 11114Iwtvc1tmI SUCISOII III IIIU histmy wt I"o1a II1II. 'I'I1f1 IN1111 won 111r1c- c1c111111s :1111I ti 1'-I I 01141. I7111i11f1 tI1o 11c1st tI1rv'f1 yours, t'om'I1 I'In1I111's t0c1111s I1cj1vv Inst NIIIY tI11-wx -1n111111s. II1s IINLIIHS WU11 IIIP 1-ity I-I1111111111111sI1ip 111 1946 t1111I I9117. 11111I tI11-y l1c11I with 1'XIIw1f111y III I5343. IVII. II11I111 is cllso IIN' t1'c1vIc 1'oc11'I1. II1s IEVIII IILIVIC tr1c1111 v111pf-:I IIIIV' vtty II I 1f1111tv 11111145 tru tI11 1'I1C1.1 111Q11sI111 111 1'LII'It scw'lio11. TI11'y QIISC 1'Ic11'1-II sm'u11II III tI1w stntv vI1r111111Io11s:I1111 111111 t. IIts' twf1111, lt1Ic11111 1'c11't tn 1111111 INl'l"IS, 11Q1i111xI stx ttrst 1-Ic11's1s. 63 ,Ig , 1 Q- Q Q1 in Assistant Couch Biqler Y I if li D f 3 J..-, x Q 'wi ' x X Ln8r",.a?J,. V agsx' A 61. "argue QW iw' 'mf --u.. X 0 15 N 4,1 4 V, L. .... M... ' 1, .1' u' 1 . J BASKETBALL Sitting: 1. Evkard, 1. Alderton, C. Lattirner, E. Masson, G. Burke, V. Haggard. Standing: Coach Cavanauah, P. McGregor, W. Bratt, C. Waqley, 1. Hicks, B. Mangus, G. Wertz, G. Woltc. D. DeHaven, D, Valentino. BASKETBALL The Sentinels opened their 1948-49 campaign December ll at Piedmont, West Virginia, with a 32-26 victory over the Piedmont Lions. Three nights later, in their first home game, the Sentinels defeated the Davis Wildcats by the score of 39-36. On December 17, Fort Hill again defeated the Piedmont Lions, the score being 38-27. The Alumni was defeated 49-39 on December 28. ln another holiday game, the Scarlet and White defeated the Martins- burg team 35-30. The Ridgeley High Blackhawks crossed the river to defeat the Sentinels 39-32. This was the first time the Sentinels had suffered defeat in the season. Central, LaSalle, and Beall were the next victims of the Sentinel machine. Bruce High was next, falling at 54-49. The vic- tory over Barton clinched the WMI League for the Sentinels. The score was 72-26. The Sen- tinels won their second straight city championship by defeating the Allegany Campers by the score of 38-33. Hagerstown fell to the tune of 52-31. The journey to Martinsburg was suc- cessful to the extent of a 39-30 victory. The final game with Bidgeley ended with a score of 40-36. The Sentinels were trailing into the last quarter. At the end of the regular game the score was 35 all. This resulted in an overtime period in which the Sentinels pulled ahead to defeat the Blackhawks. Coach Cavanaugh has led the team to championships in the city, county and the right to enter in the state play-offs for two consecutive years. Little limmy Eckard was the star for the season. He won the Allegany and Beall games on foul shots, and tied the final Bidgeley game. This tie resulted in a win for the team. The complete first team will graduate this year, but there is more good material in the lower grades. ' Congratulations again to Coach "Bobby" Cavanaugli for giving us another fine team. TRACK TEAM F1151 Row: W. Hoavnnor, W. Rohy, I. Iudd, I. Aho. Sf-1-ond Row: R. Stevenson, G. Shodo, I. Ionos, I. Snyder, L, Clover, E, Tucker, L, IVIc'Knnz1f-. Third Row: Cocxvh Hahn, I. Squiris, I. Aldcrion, G. Molcr, M. Hczrdinqor, C. Wcddny, D. Dwikm Mcmoqer, R, Bolycrrd. Fourth Row: D, Rowe, P. Adams, D. Broke, R. Mcnqes, I. Alderton, F. Ryczn. M. Hcrrd1n4,qf1r. G. Molor, G. Shade, W. Heavens-r, R. Stevenson, I, Iones, VV. Rohy, I. Squixvs. TRACK es BASEBALL M. Dean, I. Emerick, C. Shaw, R. Apple, I. Mcmqes I. Mcmqes Coach Cavcmauqh C. Shaw Baseball Team 69 l GENERAL SPORTS TRACK The 1948 track squad, under the guidance of Coach William P. Hahn, captured the City and County championships and placed second in the State meet. The team nosed out Hand- ley, being the first ever to accomplish this feat at Handley's own invitational meet. Tucker led the scoring for the season with 79W points. Hardinger had 74Vz, McKenzie 65, Moler 64V2p Stevenson 575 Iudd 53, and Wagley 51 Vz. The first meet was the Handley invitational. Fort Hill became the first team to defeat Hand- ley in their own meet. In the second meet of the season the team defeated Keyser and Piedmont. Fort Hill had 90V2 points. Only 6 boys attended the Elkins invitational meet. They made a fine showing with ludd scoring 9 points. Fort Hill placed third in the University of Maryland meet. Tucker and Hardinger led the scoring for the Sentinels. The Sentinels gained first place over Fort Ashby, Ridgeley, and Berkley Springs in a quadrangular meet. The team placed first in the Allegheny Coun- ty Meet for the second straight year. In the Fort Hill Invitational Night Meet, with ll schools competing, the Sentinels nosed out Hagerstown and Allegany. The Sentinels fin- ished with 67 V2 points. Hagerstown had 65Vz. This was the only night meet of the season. It was very successful and spectators were very enthused over the keen competition and are looking forward to more meets of this calibre, at night. The teams defeated Allegany for the city championship for the second straight year by the score of 63 to 46. The last meet of the season was the state meet at Dundalk. Fort Hill, defending state champions, placed second to Hagerstown. FOOTBALL The football team rolled through the season with nine wins and one tie. This is the first undefeated football season in the history of the school. Fort Hill shares the city, grid title with Allegany who tied the Sentinels on Thanksgiving Day. Coaches Hahn and Big- ler worked through the season with a good team, which was willing to sacrifice much for their team and school. The first game of the season was with Wash- ington and Lee who boasted a tough team. The score was 21-7 in favor of Fort Hill. The next game with Moorefield, ended 34-0. The Keyser game ended at 40-O. The fourth game was city contest with La Salle. The Ex- ployers bowed, 47-13. The Martinsburg game was a muddy mess with the final score of 19-0. Calvin Coolidge High School of Washing- ton, D. C. was the next victim. The Coolidge boys held the Sentinels scoreless in the first half. In the second half the Sentinels returned to swamp the Coolidge team by the score of 27-0. The Ridgeley game was another easy one, the score being 30-0. The Beall game was an- other swamping. The score at the end of the game was 55-O. The Hagerstown game was one that just builds up to a climax. The final score being 35-7. The climax came on Thanksgiving Day, the annual city championship game between Fort Hill and Allegany. The teams were evenly matched, and both were undefeated in nine games for the season. This game was a battle of the lines. Both teams were off their us- ually good form. At the end of the first half the score was 6-0 in favor of Allegany. The second half opened with Fort Hill receiving the kick on the twenty. Tucker returned the ball worked up and down the field until only 3 minutes and 15 seconds to go. At this time Cage passed to Alderton in the end zone for a touchdown. The remainder of the game was a battle of the air. The game ended with the score: Fort Hill 6, Allegany 6. Thus ended a sensational season for the Scarlet and White of Fort Hill. BASEBALL The baseball team captured the City and Bi- State championships. They lost only six of the twenty games they played. Coach Cav- anaugh led the team with a sturdy hand. The team as a whole played excellent ball all sea- son, but Clarence Shaw, a pitcher, played through the season with an arm which would have kept the average pitcher out the whole season. ln the Bi-State play-off game, Shaw showed what a pitcher should be by standing up against what looked to be a lost cause. Shaw's pitching defeated Allegany three times during the regular season. ln the final game it was the outfielders who sparkled. Ronnie Cage played a bang-up game in center field. The baseball team was a brilliant success, and its success was due to the brilliant coaching of Coach Cavanaugh. TRACK SCHEDULE Meet Handley 1, Hardinger Trianguler 1, Tucker Hardinger 12 Elkins exhibit Iudd 9 Maryland U. 3, Tucker-Hardinger 5 Ouadrangular 1, Tucker ll Allegany County l, Hardinger 12 Fort Hill Invitation l, Stevenson- Hardinger 14 City l, Moler 15 State 2, Hardinger 8 VOLLEYBALL The volleyball teams, under the guidance of Coach Snyder, bounced to championships in the city, county and the W.M.I. leagues, for both junior and senior high. The junior high made a clean sweep of the tournaments, while the senior high followed through in the same fashion. The volleyball tournaments are played on Frostburg's State Teachers field every spring. Five games were played by each team in one day each game lasting for fifteen minutes. The senior high co-captains were Mary Alice Miller and Geraldine Kirby. Iunior High co- captains were Anna Bosley and Ann Ginna- man. The senior players were Mary Miller, Ger- aldine Kirby, Helen Spiker, Ioyce Meyers, Helena Warner, Shirley Kline, Shirley Pier, Ioyce Fayman and Dolores Twigg. The junior high players were Anna Bosley, Ann Ginnaman, Hazel Rinker, Sherrell Parsons, Shirley Norton, Lois Meyers, Doris Peterson, Betty Crites, Patsy O'Neal, Virginia Pannone, Patsy Manges and Ann Holler. GIRLS' SOFTBALL The softball tournament under the guidance of Coach Resser copped the city, county and W.M.l. League championships for both the junior and senior high school. The junior high made a clean sweep of the tournament by defeating Allegany, Mt. Savage, Beall, Central and Creasptown. The seniors won all but the Allegany game. Consequently, a tie with Allegany had to be a playoff with Fort Hill winning this very im- portant game. Doris Adams, as the senior high girls pitcher did a bang up job. Senior co-captains were Hudson and Adams. Iunior high captain was Nancy Nicholson. The senior high lineup was catcher, Clara Hudsong pitcher, Doris Adams, first base, Betty De Anglo, second base, Dot Campbell, third baseg Maxine Mellong shortstop, Donna Mur- rayp left field, Oleta Conwayp right field, Ida Mae Cagep Center field, Wanda Cameran. BOYS BASKETBALL RESERVES The boys' basketball reserves play games on a home and home basis. Some of the teams played are Piedmont, Central, La Salle, Beall, Bruce, Barton, Allegany, Ridgeley, Romney, Martinsburg, and Hagerstown. Starting with only one hold-over from last year's team, our reserve squad was composed of mostly sophomores with two exceptions, Ralph Thuss, junior, and Ronald Rowe, fresh- man. Fundamentals of ball handling, shooting, and team play were stressed throughout the season. Their zone defense proved quite efficient on several occasions. Their opponents were lim- ited to only one or two field goals per game. They have a fine record of only one defeat and twenty-one victories. The team also played many independent and church teams in the city. Coach Bigler led the team to a very successful season. Mr. Bigler is also assistant football coach. CANVAS CREW The Canvas Crew is one of the most import- ant organizations in the school. lt lines the football field before every game, puts up can- vas, and puts out benches for the players. The crew is divided into two teams, with students as the leaders of each team. Clinton Brotemar- kle and George Wolfe are the captains. Coach Cavanaugh is in charge of the complete crew. One team puts up the canvas before the games and takes it down after the game. The other team lines the field. The whole crew cleans and puts away equip- ment at the end of the season. These are the boys behind the scenes at our football games in Fort Hill's Stadium. GIRLS BASKETBALL I ' U11-. 17, I'.11 II. W11111111. II, f+.'i11111::, I '1111'f, O. f'111xx'11y I". II1 'I:1: I.I I, . I-1 1:11-1 :: IXV1. II. II'1 III II111I:1 I.'I'11yI-1 II, I.11I1I1'--1 IVI. 'I1111I111111-1 If. .I "'111' II I1!.'11 1' 1' lZ11y1I1-1. I, .. I'I1:-1. I. II-IYIIIIIII ?.1'111I111-11 I I.1'.-:1-1 !'11f111111111111111,f5.II11y11. 1 fs 11 'Sr- , , fr--..., '11 'I1 S GIRLS BASKETBALL :r 1Iyc111d VV.IVI.I,w1II1Bw11II. FEV'OIId Iime. O11 Ic1111,1C11'y QI 1111110 II111 1111111112 II1c1I PMI II1II -II1 13 'ETS HSI CIIIKI 11111sI 111111c11If111I 'I'I1e1 111111111 v'1II1 'XI 1 1 , 1c1II IIIXIIPQCIIIY led III2. B111 w1II1 1.101111 I111:11 W11 , . 11...IIfI.1.AIIe1.111111y1111111-111111 1' IICICII Q II1f IQ 1111 11111 III' IIKJ IIII I IIIILIII 1 I II I1I1 III II1 1I' IIQIIIII II119 Svore ISIS. ' 1 ,Q , 'KISS' 5. Q I NVQ 11 II1Q F1edQ1ic'k IIIQI1 lICIdf7IIPI4 I1 11 II1Q I1II+'1 11I II1:'I111'I N1 I l ' c7o111111iSI11q CIGSS A S1'iI1cj1c'1If: 111 VV11SI111111I1.111, II11'11I11111'IQ 1 11I I 1 fXIIs-1111111y COIJHIIQS. II1? Se11I1111lI:' 111111111 1'1111c11111H1I VIIIIK II1 ll I11 II11S q:1111G, wi1111I1111 20-II QIIIKI II:11s IILIIIIWIIHIIIII 11 I11 II IN, 11y111--1. s111'1'Qsf:I11I season. 72 FII11s: you Ifoc1c'I1 H111111e1II11 b11yd1111 I1'1:I I1f11 1'111-1 I 1 11 Io IOII qlorious VICIOIIOS, IIQLI 1.11119 IIIICI I11s:1 1111Iy IW11. II1 WQII 1'c11'1c'I19QI 1'1Ir1yQ1f1 dosmvo IIII1x'I1 1'1w:I1I Iv1'1:'1111:'11 II11 x III 11I11yG:I AIIG'jClIIY IO WI11 IIII3 1:1Iy 1'I111:111 11111::I11:1, 1'I111111 .I 1 II1I IIIIIQY sIc1rIed II1QI1 1011111113 SEIISQQII WIIII 11 1111111111111111 I CSTCIIIISVIIIG QIIICI o11Ic'Ic.1sseCI IIISAIII 451-I. 'II111 AIIIIIIIII wx IIEIXI WIIII CI F-COIL? OI 124-IV, SIILILIIIIIVI II11111 1.11.1111I I111'I4 IIIIIIIII eoks, II1ey out 11I11yGLI f.'e11I111I 11111I B111111. II1 1 C911111IsviIIe CIIICI AI1111111I 1111110 I1c1CI4 41111'I w1:111 1,I11I1111I1 I II IPIIII3 Se1'1Ii11QIS were CIOIQ11IO1'I Irv AII111111111v 11I .7111-.1 I1 1 1 1 I 'I'I1Q 11Ic1yoI1 Iook 11I111.'Q 11I II11y SI. IWI111 IIIIMI I'1111I Iyll II11f1 II111e'1 CIOVIFII SIIYCIQFIS 011111212 1.111Is2I:1'1vve1cI AII1-11111y I By v1I1111111C1, II1is11c1vQ II1e P011 IIIII 1111'I:1 IIIII 1111I1I I11 1 I IN SR. HIGH VOLLEY BALL TEAM IXHUVIIIIKII H. NN'axnf1 I. Mvyms, M. Miller, H. Spikmi Shnmllrx-1: akmvll Suydvl, G. Klrlvy, S. Kliru. S, Vim, I. Fuymun, D. Twiq-iy. . Q. 9, , 1 if B . ' af ' mx' W " lr , . 'z O :jg 'I - i 1 8--+...4, X Kxnxwilxm: H. Hxnkm. S. Pausouzs, A. Bcuslrny, A. Ginnfxmon, S, Noricn. INIAIIIKLIIIMII Kun-'h bnydvr, I.. ML-ywrs. li. Crih'-5, P, OINKACIII, V. Pcmnono, M. Mcznm-s, A. Holh-1, D. lbtwxwr' IR. VOLLEY BALL TEAM 73 BOWLING GROUPS .lttttnriz D. Freeland, P. Weber, G. Garris, Mr. Bryce, S. Burner, H. Shipley. lltanrhntiz I. Stl-1-n, L. Davis, l. Zeihaugh, C. Northtrraft, l. Nixon, B. Wtlswn. F. Vail tn. BOWLING TOURNAMENT The senior high boys and girls journeyed to Pittsburgh on February 12 to enter the Amerie can Bubberband Duckpin Bowling Associations tournament at the Palmer Classic Alleys. This was the fourth year that the tournament has been held and the first time that a team outside of Pittsburgh won. Need we remind you that our girls took first place? Fort Hill's girls' team went Friday, February ll, on the train with their chaperon, Helen Vtfinebrenner. They stayed at the Sheraton Hotel on the south side of Pittsburgh. On Friday ni tht they visited the bowling alleys where they rolled the following day. The Palmer Classic had 28 alleys which were very beautiful and very fast. There the girls met some very well known bowlers and picked up some very worth while information. The team competed against five other teams in the tournament, most of which were from Pitt' burgh. The girls then went on a shopping tour of down-town Pittsburgh. They saw many in- teresting sights on their excursion. The girls were presented with a beautiful trophy and medals with their names engraved on them. They also had their pictures taken by the Sun Telegraph News and the Cumber- land Evening Times. The girls who made the trip to Pittsburgh were Shirley Burner, lean Nicholson, Pauline Weber, Hilda Shipley, Patty Lewis, and substitute, Dorothy Freeland. The boys also went to Pittsburgh and bowled at the same bowling alleys as the girls. They carrie in third in the tournament. The boys were Cloyd Owens, Bussell Clontz, George Harris, Riley Payne, and Fred Corbin. The iunior high school girls also have a mixed duck pin bowling league sponsored by the National American lunior Bowling Congress. These girls bowl weekly. The last Saturday in March they had a roll-off with other city and county leagues. They sent to the association the highest teams average to be coni- rtareii with other national scores. The first ten teams shooting the highest series, or average, in the national tournament rc -eived awards according to their place in the final standings. Each divisional national champion will receive the following awards: each member will ref'-eive an individual trophyy a team trophy which they will retain for one yearg and all players and their coach will be awarded with an all-expense trip to Cleveland. The following people are on the team D. Roby, M. House, P. Garvin, M. Lease, l. Sundere land, M. Appel, E. Evans, B. Fletcher, B. Partmess, S. Twigg, l. Weltnian, C. lackson, M. Hater, fl. Warnick, D. Miller, G. Gordon, V. Pannone, and A. Bingler. W" . ' 'ug ' ' A ... 3 2 '-5, 'J . J . , w.-S C- 59 v :g :gary ,J . ,-.,. 4., 1514. . . w. , i,4 cxgz' ,Q -af ,ez . ,A ,X A 5-U J .4-, X u'1,5..,, ' . K' K4 ',- .--x ' "et nw ifxf' ' .y.x. 3. B 1 4' T , '71 , ,I HO . QQ' ,xx , ll .J af - ' . 15.5, N - fa... ff"""' A ' Q 2, n 1 H Y Q ,l.,- JM' I, Zim' f, 'fit .9 ,,, whiff' ,. -.- b f:- 1 ' 4 1, 2 11' I- i ' ,ff f, ,. ,NAT Nur l 'ill ,J ..-24" if UPU" iblz' . .. "".1.."-". 1 r , .,., .I if 7 ' -env.-v ' . ,--W,-::.,1,',r1,1--. , .. . H . . ,, . I A, Ng yr? w.g-.5338---..' H .J .e'-11", , J'-'N -. 2.5 N . E513-' -' ..-A12 1 '- .:.-rf. A. - .3 ::4-::'m,4Q:.'-.:1- .f-f.Q!Uf1-Q ' 4 n 4.3 .gi -ns- 4' . V VGP1 li:-V, :VL :. - -X wqfe 1 ,rf X, Q ... x,,- .. ,..,,,,,k f , . . .my Ili W Univ: B. Eye V. Hyun, Iliinsioth, E. EVP-rf-tt, M. D-1Liz.or, L. Clorlc, A. Yates, A. VViIs:in B. Beushvl D, Brink miin, D. Iqii-+ Itinil, D. Muirciy, V. Bvnnf-t, B. Howe. It' W Iwo: A. liittiii, I'i.f'4'i1'litlII', M, Tirftrn, A. Eolinfr, L. VVi'ntIirii1, B. Bully, N. flznith I. ilhwinslzi IMI Iltinniis II llwnrtrig D. liciinw sa, IJ. Tint, W. IVIi'i1r1lIifi11ili, Cf. Ilull, it . . I . .r K. 1. . .- N . , In w Ihr-1. lf, Ililll-luis, I. Altlwilori, 4. Iiilrut, I. Qteilliritgs, l,. Ilvvcittifi, iv. I. hlilhtiit imtin I. Il.tIIlIi,I1,is,IIll1i-'li, I.. IVII1 i-rvni, Il. l1t1ItI.Iinrii-rli, It. Minilns, I. Millivi, Ii. Davis. I' I' .I,. 1: I. XXIII: itnn, B. Wiitrinfr, IU. Bmilcfii I. Finflloy, IC. Bfwwv-is, VV. Wilson, I. littniu 11' Il. Twill if Ii. I lllfliill 'I' Viriiiifavliili-, V. Illiliilllfifiltli. A CAPPELLA CHOIR "Don't be shorpg don't be Ilotg iust be norturolf' This is the motto ol the A Coppello C"hoir. This fine CIIOTCII club, under the competent direction ot Miss Annettc'1Yotes, hats hud it hiqhly successful seoson. The choir entertained mony Civic ond Church orqonizotions in Cumberlcrnd find plciyed un imrtortcmt role in school music events, the Clirnox oi which wos the County Music' Festivul presented in Moy. In Mcrrch, seven members of the Choir represented Fort I-Iill in the All Morylcind Chorus in Bcrltimore. Those ottendinq were Morilyn Tipton, Dorothy Brinkmon, Dorotholee Baines, Iohn Miller, Bill Wilson, lcxmes Alderton, ond Clarence Thompson. The officers ot the vlub were Bender Wotrinq, president, Betty Clinqermcin, secretory: Ann Wilson, treosurerp Ethel Everett, Mory Deluozier, Bill Wilsori, ond Curl Tribut, libroricins. The Boys ond Girls Glee Clubs, the troininq qround for Choir motericrl hove cyrlso Clie mfrxed 111 sucresstul yeor. The Boys Glee Club is under the leodership ot Miss Yutes. The oiliciers who served this your were Corl Thompson, presidentg Clorenoe Thompson, vice presidentp Bender Wotrinq, sevrotciry, Ted Vcrnorsdcile, treasurer, Bill Wilson, Emil I-Ioselberqer, Bill Brooks, librcrrions. Under the direction oi Miss Morilyn Ashbouqh, the Girls Glee Club hos been very c1c'tive. Serving cis officers were Dorothy Freeland, presidentg Beverley Bennett, secretory, Ethel Ev- erett, Treusurerg Mciry Scxwers, Emily Popp, Beverly Bennett, Io Ann Bopp, Librorions. 76 11111-: II IIIVVII GIRL'S GLEE CLUB . . 1 . . 1 1 1 . . , 1 I I11y1 1 , I1N1111I1:aI1, VII. VXNI111111, Iv. 111114, Im. Iv111111111 , , , . R. . 1'X::I1I111111I1 IX, 111111-11 I1 1I111111 IW. I'111111I, IW. I11111I11111I .1. I11yI1r1 M. 1 1 , L. 1 1 - 1 Iww. ,1'X11111I1I I I"11Q111I'1 I wk-IIy I IxI1-'I111111111 II I11 'IIIIIII 1 ,11....1 ..1., 1. 1.1 1,..,11. 1 111 1,1 1 1 1 1 1 I.11w1:s I.. IXI11111x111 1. 1:1 IIIINII, I. .111II111, K. I11I11y, Im I11111:-I111I N. III I1 I11 II 1 11- 'Ii II. I'y1 V. II111111-111 I. III11111:aI1:1 I'1I1:1 . , , 1 UNf111I IVI. IMI. I1111I11w, I, I1111I1111111 N. .11111I11, I1. I111-'y IVI. II1111111S M II11111-: ITI111: I If1xx'I1111 Ii 1111111111111IX1'I.IW11I11z'1111. N. I111'111::, IW, I.1x1. I I111 II I I11 111 V11 Ix1111X II1 I I II I1sI11 v1 IXI II 1I1 111:111 . . 1111 I1111w111. 1 - 1 . 11. 1 1 1 1. 1 1.1 1 1 1- - - 1. .- , . 411,1, . 1. 1 . 1.1111-1 1 '11 1 .. 1 11 1- . ' I11111. I. I,.1.1 II 1 IN. I111111 1.I.. I1111111 IX. I11I111-1 X1 ,1111II111 gf, 1 I 1I ,. I IX S1'1111111i111I1I, Ii. II11I1I1 IT W1-I1'I1, II. IW11111111. I l111v1II11, IN. INI111::.1 1111I!, A..11111.1 I11. I. I11s111. , L5 I'111I11w, M. 5111'.x111:s, II. M1-I-l111z11 31. I'I1.fIy II, 'IqI11111111s1111 II. II1I11-II, I II. Ii11w1 if IICIII, 'If WI11s11111. II. I 111 If. IT11111 N, II11I:::, S. 1'I11111I1, I '1'1I111!11'11I1111, I. I1111111 15. Av-11s. II. I'1+11 F11--: I. AI1I11-111111 If i31:1111'y I, :'XId01I1111 C. 'I'I11-11111:a1111, M1115 A Y11I1'-:1 II. I'lf1.1Is1'-111:11I1, II. I711v1s, IU. Ii111'I:I1w NVUI I. 1 11.115 . 1 1 ' . IIII1m.I1. A1I1,111. 11 111 H Ivv .X..1yyv.N I 1111, IIII .1 1.I1 R II II 1 I . II.1:1II111'111 VY. I4111g1Ics II. IVICII IIIS H,.'lI111I-3' If, I'11:11s.11. I T11 1 I Q '11 . 'I 'I-III I. I?IG111I1I1 II, If-11111s1I1'1I1 II, INI1 II11x'1 II I. IXI1II11. c1I:11 I, I'111.1IC1y W. XIVIISOTI, IW. TM1-1 1'. IIf1I'1111sc11 Im. I91'1w1 1:s. BOY'S GLEE CLUB lliw Unit: fl. lkirtlwi V. Ntiilwiatt N. f-lnliwssnii. l. VVia.1er, M. li. Shrout, Ps. Mc'Danalti, A. Taylvi. l,. Davin, M Mnnignltt lf, ff Twiim l flux, P, Svlnannn, l. Nicholson. ltnvv Two: lXflissSin1tli l. lkfwrttmni-tty, ll, Svnahauah, M. Moulton, VJ. Trnn, l. Kilrcfy, D. flltltlfilltiitl, li. llaint :1, lt liinwn A. f.1IlIt V. iw-.'l1l,fvi. flaw lllnw-3 V. liiihii ff, Sfl'lVl'Y- l. Uvssna, VV, DoVoic, T, fliilnw. FORT HILL PLAYERS Aaain, Fort Hill's dramatic organizations have completed another successful year of do li ihtfully interpretinq drama to students and adults. 'l'l'e Fort Hill Players, under the direction of Miss Helen Smith, has produced many en- ioyahle and entertaining programs. Une of the activities which the Port Hill Players under took was a play tournament in which the sophomore, junior and senior classes participated. The plays were student directed. This year the judqes chose the juniors winners. The best actress award was bestowed on a sophomore Shirley Taylor. Another accomplishntent was the annual three-act play, Our Hearts Were Young and Gay. This activity, a tremendous undertaking, required weeks of practice and preparation, The Players also wrote, produced and presented the May Day Proqrarn. The officers who served this year are: Alma Taylor, president, Charles Buiac, vice presidentp Ioann Kilroy, secretary, and Emma lean Twiqq, treasurer. Another dramatic organization is the Fort Hill Players Auxiliary. Unlike the Players, they do not meet durinq school time. Their purpose is to aid the Players in their activities. Officers were Rosalie Kinnnell, president, Betty Clinqerman, secretaryg Ann Wilson, Treas' urcr. The Verse Speakina Choir works to achieve the blending of the voices of its inemlsers into a harmonious chorus which lends new beaty to the speaking of poetry. lts activities are not confined to the school as it has appeared before many civic organizations. Those holding offices in this qroup this year are: Emma lean Twiqq, presidentg Mary Moulton, vice president and treasurerg Lois Davis secretary. The Thespians, is an honorary society of outstanding actors and actresses who have gain ed enouah points for membership. This year formal and informal initiations were held for new rnemlvers. The officers for the past year were: Dorothy Brinkman, president, lanet Matlicli, secret laryp and lack Cessna, treasurer. Our Hearts Were Young and Gay nsiz Sf-mod: I. Huff-r, A. LlI'11'l, E, Toykmr, M. Moultln, B. ffuldw, K. Rod 111 I L s Ill rmfllnfgi T. FLIIXOW, N. Atkinson, G. Hilliqczs. VJ. Evans, D. Bunkrnrln, H. Q nsxl Q1 1 1' P YI ly G, Stn'-ln, N. Hulwlwison, I, 1Uderton. E. Taylor, D. Brinkman, K. Radrnffc, I, Cessna. 80 A. Linn, N. Atkinson, I. Alderton, T. Furlow Our Hearts Were Young and Gay The Fort Hill Players and their director, Miss Smith certainly deserved their Christmas va- cation after presenting their annual three act play on December 10. This year the players chose a well known comedy, "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay" by Cornelia Otis Skinner. The play is based on a trip to Europe which Miss Skinner and her friend Emily Kimbrough took during the summer of 1923. Most of the action for this lighthearted comedy takes places on a ship crossing the Atlantic Ocean. Through Emily's fear of water they meet two nice young boys, Harvard Medical stu- dents. Their trip is jammed with hilarious adventures. Perhaps one of the funniest scenes in the play occurs when Cornelia has an attack of the measles the day the ship docks in France. Their escape from the medical inspector is up- roarious. Their stay in France is enlivened by the presence of the French actor, Monsieur De La Croix, who Cornelia thinks is interested in her acting, but who is only interested in her father's arranging an American tour for him. Our Hearts Were Young and Gay is one of the best comedies ever presented at Fort Hill. The staff as well as the cast deserve much praise for their presentation. Steward, lohn Hafery Mrs. Skinner, Karyln Radcliff: Cornelia Otis Skinner, Nadeane At' kinsong Otis Skinner, lack Cessnag Emily Kimbrough, Ann Linn, Purser, Eugene Strieby, Stew- ardess, Hazel Sensabaughg Dick Winters, Bill Evans, Admiral, George Stein: Harriet St. Iohn, Dorothy Brinkmany Winifred Blaugh, Elva Taylorg Leo McDroy, Glenn Hillegasg Inspector, Norma Ftobossong Therese, Barbara Carter: Madame Elise, Mary Molutonp Monsieur De La Croix, Iames Aldertonp Window Cleaner, Thomas Furlow. 81 SOPHOMORES Sedted: I. Parker, C. Windish, R. Tipton, T, Arnold. Standing: I. Fox, directory I. Matlick. Se-ated: M. Moulton, L. Duvis, N. Robosson, H. Senscxbcxuqh Stcndmqz T. Vczrnorsdcrle, I. Kilroy. directory W. Evans. IUNIORS Senior Class Play Tournament Seated: B. I. Clingerman, D. Brinkman, A. Linn, B. Carder. Standing: G. Hillegas, C. Thompson, I. Alderton, I. Cessna, director. THE PLAY TOURNAMENT There was bustle and excitement backstage on that morning of February lO, for the annual one-act play tournament was about to begin. Nervous directors followed by their casts paced up and down. Then sounded the call, "Sophomores on stage!" The lights dimmed, the curtains parted, and the tournament was on. The sophomores presented a delightful comedy, "Mr. Lincoln's Whiskersf' The plot centered around naive Pippa Cooper who had written to the not-too-handsome President Lin- coln telling him that perhaps if he grew a beard, he Wouldn't frighten little boys and girls. The anger of her father, Pippa's punishment and a visit from the President charmed the audience, and Shirley Taylor's captivating portrayal of Pippa won her the best actress award. Then, the juniors raised the roof with "Evening Dress Indispensable," their laugh provok- ing tale of a girl who had developed an "artistic soul" and consequently had no time for men. Her widowed mother, however, vowed that she would not marry twice until Sheila married once. The complicating results held the audience enthralled. Last on the program was the senior's entry, "Iacob Comes Home." This tense, fast- moving drama which kept its audience on the edge of their seats, was the story of a Ger- man-Iewish family awaiting the rumored arrival of their son from a concentration camp of a member of their circle. lt came to its dramatic conclusion when a Nazi trooper brought Iacobs ashes home to his family. The curtains closed on another play tournament. The end of our story was then in the hands of the judges. The casts waited auxiously for their decision. Then it came. The junior play was victorious. And now the battle is over. The tournament has been lost and won, and peace reigns again in the realm of Dionysus. 83 v Unvi: A, Im:-5, M. Monqold. M, Pe'-rdow, E. EVOYOII, S. Ccwfgvv, I.. Dmws, N. HuI'Css1:r1. ww: H. I'K'1IIIH+WY, R. Hvndriwksfn, S. Kcfsim. H. Svhmiv, A. VYcIIwr, IT Zmui vwmr I. IIN 1 I VV1lI1swn. I. Swicwtz-'-13 I. Krwtis. P. Mc'Kf-nzio, I. Blnmlxlm. N Ihrm-: I. HUWII-y, I, IVIOUIYICWIYIVIIY, P. CIOSQ, K. Flake: E. Szmth, F. Bcutlftl T. Hwwcxn II. Ir 1 I. Grw'-isw. x Ihmz W. Oss 4. Iimqlm. O. H01 rvy, V. Poclw, I. Dolcm, W. Bud, I. Unflflxd-:-nk, I.. Sf 111 L I. Htvlvvrlswrw. Ilvfi I, I-Il'ITkV'I', R. I.oI1r, N. SIIGIIM' K. Combs, M, IVIm'tm, I.. I.f1I1I1f1I-frrci, V. Ruoklw, A SVJIVIQIVI, I. Arwmlwrosrx D. Evans. H. VVIISQI1. H. Anxlvrosv. 1x2 I. Punks. I. Blumlslrw, E. IVIQ11, I. Rvynolds. D. Sh:-MZ. N. IJNKTIIHWS, IU. Hfwlvlnsuru, H 'VV I huruci: IU. Iinkfw, I.. SITNIII, A. Smmth. C1. MwEIf1SI1. BAND 84 MAIORETTES wvv Onv: N. Rwlvosson A. huns, M, Monqdd, S. Chew. E. Everett, L. Davis, M, Perdew. How Onv: D. Tcxskvr, S. Taylor, P. Toskor, D. Brown, A. Linn, E. Mclmvicz, M. M. Burke CHEERLEADERS 85 W" lv,-.,.,-:lr , ' V. 1.-rg'-'f 'V ,sux Q Q, ,V K E2 22139 -C V xf I f. A45 , ' 9' 5 N -, C r . wt: .. 4 , . 3 ' t ' ' ' . .xi r . . . Era A: A, .., " 1' .' , V ' X f":' X.-V: -' '1ly4,AN,!:T'.iSQ' ,f '.-L 1 'it 'S 5 ,J 5 5 ,Bm -. '-,3 'rj ,V - . ,'-.V - - -'!.u..q?!n5-3, ' Mig? qw s ' af' ig. fly- I. . QV? :ggzxfxf x -:lf sl, 55' R0 .1-V: . 24 HH , ' 'Aux ' D T '- -. -' ---Q : . V.. Xifaii. LL .IL ' ' I ' 55 ,A 3-,x ff . . . .' x - rw-1. 4 'L :. . - if, 1 ' -.5 .:ii'5J "'lQ7f"' -' iw"-if! "P" , - J' K ' 21,13 S Q, . .H Xi,-Ex, YQ A -.iafji S Sp, -. ' ., V -4- ,K I 15"-5:53 . Q"-E' .. 5-f!iV..,y' ,A . -ASQ.. ' naigw-in Wiz., lfggg e-V-YV V' .Q .5--L 5. .V .F 'fm ' .5 -, 131- - :Aix -Ami? ,n V f Vx V, f.. , .4 . ..f. I-.ff Mg- . ., . . Q J' . ' 4 I GN.-1 " ' ,',V, i ,X xg X x -" ' . ' 1 V . ff :sig E if f q 7 "f53'T9i'3:Hf15 1- . ,PAV 5? ' wif '-' A af. QEzwf.Q?.9s+V'Ka ..- . , V. .1 f , .- . U.. ' M' - . ..,,.. 4 , z. f ' .. V 1 TT' fi .V . as ' f K' fe' ax NX' . P' - . iff Awklg.- 55' 5, 4-:Je 15' 6 . ' 'gl' awww!-.q.g:., ,,,"l kLi2g,fI,'. x ' - -ll '- - .. ' f V Q ' 5' 'YF i2-'1'fZ.v!5 ,- - , fy-sw-w-.X U 3. 1 H Y 4 V- l 'l :of .- . 3 J '--I - ' H uw., 5: f . -' 1,--v', I A .-f ' QV mf 1-, 3 ,V f ff' '- . 1, . I J . V. 1. 'I I, .V :rv , .yfafip - ' gel 0 waz .N-:."f4 A V ,X 5- .X - -r ijt,-fl N Q' - - -.M 1 A g l xrjxjl .v ' , . - , r. . A - 42 2- 1 1, ' X .,5V ZL4-1. jg "'l,,fi li V- V. .. g m gs, ""--M. A fi' . :LS A is uf ff -. ' Q ,fl ' " ' f.5i,f'1 4 ? 4 5 V J . 1 1 .TWP 1 . :FM A f , 1 'i . - 1. . V ' V- ' 5 ",- ,' Qtr:-" U .,."'. 'pm'- ,fll - -fl H N. Hg: W . V: -.L T , --,gn J , ,V v ' V ' ' I 1 'VK I' iflfifggeii 5 'iDTf . ,,.- 4 'A ., 'Wm N 'F' A1 15" , sh- ..f3f1i.,faf. H-Av -V 2-.4 1"ff,:3'M'CX':'L0 A x f , 1 ' g if in ,S db z il., y ,. w,,,,3,-,5N':A-Q15-Q x. ,FMLQJE H ,. ' " ' " ' .3 Hi-g55fzg,.1. Av .IL .1 ' ' '---V , 4,.V ...4,,, , b .. .. . ,-.?5ihL:1:6v,'. VLFLIKQ5, I Nl- K: -. -. V-V-r-w.l:'- '-,V N - . ,". . fVf2,:vi"?:,.-'.,..fZ , . , -, 5,1-...wg . - .. .r Y .ik I "' uwv -- ' -A 311 5 fifgfv' .. pk?" 2-35554. ...kqfweii-,'Q ,jk A 2 --. 'F HM - ,' :'::23'-Sgqm' Y4 :fer ' Sl X fx S ' K .MH s N - ., ,Q In-, V 1 Q. E 1 mlm.-v ,. " y ' V' ix--'2f'E1'Ff wx . 'Kr ' 4-"fear ' , W - -V.. N 14 q V , -. ,mx ' P w X . f , 'f-'V V.. Umrw VV . A 4 , 1 Q.. -...Q '- 4, RM 4. Q Unix x n LQ- 'in , . x. v gx V 5 - I 2 x A , , '-QQ u . " -',H. -' 6-T V '-f '41'-- VQW-"-:Q-F hz .-V-L-. -- .2 . - . . , ' v-5 X ,, . . . .. 3 TJ, U V . -. , ,V 1 - Q Yf..g..V.-.J.VJ ,44- X X Am: "-'wc-:L 4 I ""':.g-,,,, , A. WGER N-...... if L F jf, Wi U f ' 2.43 Q U '17 Tl X 1 I ,RL ki . VV A Q vu' A. X' mir' gm ' fx' qu. 5 R., -3 . W X L . , 4 . K hx 'Lg -L ' N Ngvtqd, .61 A V. N X K ag x esac ' , XA: s N Ks N Q? N SMX 1 + .' X . . ' X N 'Sw.'.ex'prl 8 1 U ' N'J"" xx . xx 1 ,, M X ,R 0 4, 1 ,yu 1- s .463 Fd", , - X Ns.: ff Y. ' . dl! .W -X . lr I V, A ,,..1:f., 4- im . K ,' R' lk ' A , 9, ff" Nisf: - fa ..." ,v x "Q, ' ' ' n- '-. ,. .1. -,i .1 1 - Kun- -9,95 ,N 'rm -we. , ' Q M - ' ? "pix Nl.. 0' . N X. ':l"d '. "QV Vigga-wzg -V, , . 'W ,. V ' ' mmm- 5 . , sf Pfqv .IJ . . .,.-- h --.1--. ,. nm v"T'1vm.,i.,.., -- ':"- .H ,1...w'V- X.. .2 ,. 5... ,x-v. xkwrm Mft. , 4, v 4 Q .f 5 f . z zip- '-L, yr . 2tfjzgggtzg,,g5Q,r5 , - ' 7537 hifi: Slit A? T ES' Ann Linn OUTSTANDING GIRL The '49 Sabres outstanding girl is well known and liked around the hilltop. Blessed with charm and humor, pretty, blonde Ann Linn has distinguished herself in many ways. She is interested in dramatics and has won a place of honor in that field. ln 1948 she was narned one of the best actresses in the play tournament for her performance in "My Late Espoused Saint", the junior play. This year she had one of the leading roles in "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay" and in the Senior entry in the play tournament "Iacob Comes Horne." At home in the field of public speaking, Ann has copped added honors for herself and for her Alma Mater. ln the "I Speak For Democ- racy" contest, she placed first among her class- mates at Fort Hill and won second place in the county final. For two years Ann has been one of our cheer- leaders and has added a great deal of pep and color to our athletic contests. A commercial student, Ann served on the Mimeograph Crew and was also a member of the A Capella Choir for two years. To Ann, we wish all the success she so richly deserves. Glen Burke OUTSTANDING BOY Glen Burke, the outstanding senior boy of the class of '49, well deserves this honor. His vari- ous activities have made the school and the community well aware of him. Rating the highest on the Iuniata College entrance examination, Glen displayed his scholastic ability. ln Ianuary, he was selected as a member of the National Honor Society. On the football field he was distinguished by his ability of place-kickingg he made a new city record since Iimmy Manges' record of '48. ln his junior year Glen was chosen as treasurer of the Hi-Y. This year he was elected to fill the position of president of the same or- ganization. Glen's pleasing personality and congenial smile have carried him far. His capability and dependability have been proven in his various activities. The Sabre expresses its best wishes to Glen as a future alumnus of Fort Hill. yi f . M L -W HM a tif? Ri' . A Y W 1 -wx.: -gsm., W -G Q " 1 " f . wm v 5 . t ' if -4 J ,Q 'ML wr, Hg? Nffff ' " Magi. gg- '-:war-ee ' H K "' ak? ' L if 1,3 swf fi A i'Qffii'fT f- f HI-Y COUNCIL Seated: F. Mcliwnzio, F. Ryan, B. Matheny, G. Burke, L. Davis, I. Matti--k, Standing: G. Mason, M. E. Shrout, D. Smith, P. Close, L. Meyers, H. Thuss. Burke, kicking, Dicken, holding OUTSTANDING ATHLETE Glen Burke has won another honor at Fort Hill. For his achievements in football, basket- ball, and baseball, he has been voted the out- standing athlete of the year. Glen has been a member of the football team for four years. Two of these years he was on the first team and in his senior year he was a co-captain. Glen won a trophy for kicking extra points, he kicked 34 points, thus topping lim Manges' record of 32 points. Glen has been on the basketball team for four years. He was a member of the first team during his senior year. He played the position of guard and was the main factor in acquiring many points for Fort Hill. Each spring during the past four years, Glen has gone out for baseball. He has been on the first team for two years. Throughout all of these activities Glen has demonstrated his good sportsmanship and fair play. S 4 Far Front: Row One: Row Two: ,. A R I ' ', Xx tx Shirley Lynch, Donna Rowan. Gay Pentony, Virainia Bennett, Greta Crites, Lois Davis, Iean Foote She-rretl Parsons Rosa tee Kimble, Io Ann Shirey, Oleta Conway. Io Ann Shirey-Twelfth Grade Senior Attendants Oieta ConwayARosa1ee Kirnrneti Iunior Attendants Lois Davis-Greta Crites Sophomore Attendants Virginia Bennett-lean Poale Freshman Attendants Gay Pentony-Sherrell Parsons Iunior High Attendants Donna Rowan-Shirley Lynch 90 Io Ann Shirey MAY QUEEN This year Io Ann Shirey reigned as Queen of the May. Her senior at- tendants were Rosalee Kimmell and Gleta Conway. Iuniors chosen were Lois Davis cmd Greta Crites. lean Fogle and Virginia Bennett represented the sophomore class, and from the freshman class, Gay Pentony and Sherrell Par- sons were selected. Representatives from eighth and seventh grades were Donna Bowen and Shirley Lynch. The May Day program was presented under the direction of Miss Helen Smith. A photograph album was the predominate theme throughout the pro- gram. Io Ann has been a member of the May Queen's court for two consecutive years. Her pleasant smile and charming personality have made her very popular among her classmates. Her scholastic work has also been outstanding, and as editor of the Sabre, Io Ann has done a fine piece of work. 91 How Ono: l.. Wentling, E. I. Clingerman, L. Hovatter, E. Taylor, C. Malsberry, M. Hoble, I. A. Shiroy. D. Triplvtt I. Kilroy. How Two: N. Hicks, E. Popp, N. Atkinson, B. Browne, I. Gordon, D. Raines, N. Rolvcsson, W. Mt'CnlIouqli, A. Taylor ltaw This-wx I. Fox, D. Brinkman, I. Matlick, L. Clark, A. Hire, S. Kline, E.Twiaq. How Flint: I. Miller, l.. Ivlclfenzic, G. Pwurke, H. Matlick, W. Renolds. How l"1v1,: T. Kahosky, I. Errkard, H. Birmingham, D. Teeter, B. VVilson, E. Rankin, F. Rib y, G. llarris, T. Ilurlow. THE NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY The highest goal attained by a student in his or her high school career is to obtain membership in the National Honor Society. The members ot this Honor Society are selected by the faculty. They are chosen according to their scholarship, leadership, character and service. Forty- two points are needed scholastically by each member before he is eligible for membership. The forty members taken into the Honor Society this year compose the largest number ot students ever to be taken into the Honor Society. Thirty- tive of the forty new members are seniorsg there are five juniors. Each year the new members are initiated by the live seniors who were selected as members ot the Honor Society during their junior year. Fort Hill has the only Honor Society in Cumberland. lt began in the Penn- sylvania Avenue School, October 5, l93l, under charter number ll38. 92 SABRE EDITORS AND ADVISORS 131'-rw-wi: Mx. IU!-'ln-x inrmrmcml mivisurg Io Ann Shimy, 0KIIIOl'lVl'lAIlICIj Emily Popp, f1ssuf'1c1t0 Piillwlj IvII,I'iKI'I'.I'I1UIl .uuplxy L1-lviswx, Siundlnqz Mr. Enqlv, Ml.Kl0mp11s,iCn'ulty Cxdvisols. . M---'--sn.-.,...w-f .,. , M... MWWW ' L- .,.,':wY. I ,, ww - ' ff , . ,W -.uf--u...w....,..,, 'J31 v.,,,,.,,,x X, H R I N' """"" 'Mm . . A ' How Ono: E. Marczvxcx, A, Wmlson, L. Wentliuq, N. Hlcks, B. I. Clinqermuu, I, Mcxtlick, N. AIk1I'lSC'U, C. Mczlsborry E. Taylor, P. Taskor, M. Hobel, R. Kimmell. How Two: R, Wxlson, C. Hull, I. A. Lewis, W. MCCollouqh, G. Crites, N. Lovell, E. EVQ-mit, O. Conway, M. Mellon B. Brcxtt, I. A. Shiroy, N. Payne. How Three: I. Hufvr, I. Aldwrton, Mlss Smiih, advisor, B.McxthQny, K. Rcxdvlxffcx I. Dwkelhoff, I. M. Ccxczcf, H. Srump D, Triplett, D. Growdon. How Four: V. Stallmnqs, G. Stmn, G. Hilloqcls, B. Evans, I.Sov1lle. FORT HILL PLAYERS AUXILIARY CUSTODIAN STAFF Srlhnfqi Mrs. Kkvstmrrrcrrm, Mrs, Srhofff-r, Mr. W, W, Ron, Mrs. Ymdm, Mrss Hcrylxovrlrl. Smnriinfqz Gr-orqfw Dorrfvvor, Harold Bohm. N01 Prvturvd: Mr. E. R. Hare, Mr. Andrew Moreland. rnlwd: Mrss Lyrim Lurrrq, Mrs. Loch Cflriiord, Mrs. lone Lmrurx Mrs. Bztssrrr Dovrs, Mrs. Morqcrf-I Owvns. tundmu: Mrs, Hmrwt O'Nc-GT, Mrs. BC-ss Srmlh, Mrs, HGZO1 Mcrrtm. Nm Prvtrlrvcii Mrs. Grow' Holyfxrci, CAFETERIA STAFF X if ' 'A X' .I .I, ., ." K Y , . : V -X ' q'v'e"'U 14' X . 4, 1 M . 4. - ,. Af. V, -.X -' .Xfr-'5 fafj' ,. 5 Va-ZXX'-5 ' - - ' -XX 1 f- 2 'H' -- '- XXQ yi, x X X .. -,'. : ' ' .jI I I I . I .fy - I A' 'E 4 '?":f-1 E XI I I " 193. I -. ' 'r Q. .FI . fi .Q ..X . - .gr XV- . , I 1 '.- , rf. X? -it ' ,' .4 .rf - :f7 - 'rl' X f f X' V : 11' e. 1' f .I 2' R' . I II X - -' FN ,X 1 J X. Sl X I XIII.-X I . X . 4 5- 1 f A X II.. .I. I r 1 X .V-I I I..IX- ggi V I,III XJ '.i- f' II.. . 4 .f '. . V, N7 X'-. A - --1 ffifv V . 5 fi. uf- . f 1-' ff'-.13-IX-.L V - 'af f'- X . .X- .Q Q-.--ii f- -. ' 'FTW J? ii I flu ' 3 J1- ' ' . ' -X -3-Fi Ni' X' II .X 'fit- -' v Y ' V- 3X ..-MI X. 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X1 .1 , X -X X I4X X III X III. A Id! I X X, - - - -X:-W -V .. X X Q :Nfl-4 II H .MEI ga In., . .XXX - XX-XXI. ---Q X- X1 -- .- ' Ig QQL XLFQJ 'X 5,25 1-52255 .. ' I, QIIT I I X I D I ' 1 h X rl X SUI X II XXIII IIIXA. 1. XIII1, HI 1, I I9 g Xian ,IIIF :It If .II h II I V 4. 'X 1- N XM' X l XX 3. f 3 'K f ' RE' X II, , IX I +I-X Xxx X6 ' ' I 1 ' X ' IX ,gb-1' X ' 'ik , I U ' 1 'P XX- X I Q -fi -1' I 3 .r, .II XI. ,XX-+ I, X I I IH - X N Xl I .1 X- 1 W 1 mx EX AH v , . X X . X ,,i'V', . f -1 . ,. .- XXI X 'X A 'A X X ' '11 X. ' X ' I 'T JE- III. gg Cx I :QI QX 1III II gf, X H Cx' I X XV I ., Xp ' 'xr fx N" Iv 11-Fig 1' If F I w XQI ' Ai ,Sa K Ia XS- X I XE E V ' -H -' . '- 3 X'- ' - -5- H X - X X' v ' Xf X3 I 4 I ILYYJ, ,IX I' X ' I ' qi x ' - ..X X - --5 'Q ' 'f I "iff " " '13 'Ei 2 Q if .- I. 'nk .,g .V' ERA. -wgffm Vfrgx- -,. ..X V- f . -X nf- -- XX. -- 1 , -, 2 V. , XX .. X-...XM . V V- V 1-' - ' - --P ' -1- .X. . besifiil .. - ' .V...--. - wma ..-. 1. - ' "ff 1 . 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QIIIIIIX I-1 I QM? .III,I "3 .. gf 1" '-.'.X ' ' fiiihi. 9 ESX 'A A " X Q XR Ellfr ' .ESU--''ff-2.'X-.kgasms--'Q,-.Q-:2'r."V -'-E45--Tggihxf-155122.37' 1:9-vim. -' WSW. -'-- ' - ' :QW'5fX1ii5EXE:5i5f-ffi2-g- .X . XX x.X- 1, I.. 'lp' -, - 9. -7 If ' 'XV - .Q ' H3 m.. gf .XXVI r gbvyf - inf.-X-X .- :- ., .E A I X L LII 53.1 'X-XT-ZW? -fixv ' 'HUA , lsy, I5-IX . IIA , .., -1' was .- X 'z'3!1zs. -5 If ileg-. ..,,, YS -QE?" Ll' "in -.XX--Xfvwfv'-.' ., f 'P' 5 I . .- 51,45 5. . 'II "- NW! 4' V - -Q-5'7'..---VEC.--2 ii' -V ' : . . I , IIII, .I,. . -E-I. -I -V I, H-:XII " II I XX -4. . I I I I I Izlf '- ' X- .XX II ,I iy X.... If-II I. . J: - X I, I.,x, II ' ir SOUTH CUMBERLAND PLANING MILL 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' i' 'A' Senior Class Photographer qozagm gmc I Cumberland, Maryland f if if f f if I 97 '-" ' "I WCUM-FM I I "Where most people tune mos? of the time." I 1490 kc IcunI CBS affiliate 102.9 mc IfmI I I I I I I I Best wishes fo the Class of 1949 I I . WTBO . ..-.----- -..-....iI 98 THE TIMES and ALLEGANIAN COMPANY Publishers of The Cumberland News Evening Times Sunday Times They're Delicious and Nutritious THAT'S LIBERTY'S BUTTER MILK, CHOCOLATE MILK, COTTAGE CHEESE, WHIPPING CREAM, ORANGE-ADE, COFFEE CREAM Liberty's dairy foods are far above the average in taste appeal and nutritional qualities. They contain essential vitamins that are your first line of defense against illness, nutritional deficiency and lack of energy. Secure yours at the neighborhood store or call 77 and our route man will do the rest. LIBERTY MILK COMPANY 450 Race Street Phone 77 Cumberland, Maryland 99 l l- QUEEN CITY DAIRY INC. cuMaeaLANn, MARYLAND I I Compliments of I , R. H. I.APP and SONS I ' PLUMBING AND HEATING 716 Oldfown Road CUMBERLAND. MARYLAND I ' l 1 1 Z 1 Z l 1 1 1 100 THE KENNEWEG CO. WHOLESALE GROCERS SINCE 1890 180-184 Baltimore Street CUMBERLAND, MARYLAND Lincoln Avenue MEYERSDALE, PENNSYLVANIA Distributors Gold Bar and Lily Valley Canned fruit and vegetables Daniel Webster and Tom Thumb Flour Fort Hill students enjoy Martin's Hot Dogs because they are skinless and delicious and wholesome and as American as the 4th of July. Have you had any lately? MARTIN'S INC. of Cumberland 417-421 MARYLAND AVENUE lOl Lead the dance parade this year with a corsage from BOPP'S FLOWER SHOP 75 Baltimore Street Phone 2582-2581 One location only. 009 HARVEY'S JEWELRY STORE Distributors of FORT HILL CLASS RINGS 10 K , - osenbaum s Crowning 100 years of Tri-state service Why miss an important engagement Just phone 505 For an ASTOR CAB Now even better service-thanks to our 2-way radio 103 C A M E H A S Compliments of Hoffman's F I L M S Sealtest Ice Cream L P R O I E C T O R S RIECK-MCJUNKIN DAIRY co. , Williams Street Cumberland, Maryland l 35 N. Liberty Street ieT R714 L S FARMERS DAIRY Compliments of Pennsylvania Avenue-Fort Hill PASTEURIZED MILK, CREAM, AND DAIRY PRODUCTS WALNUT PLACE BETWEEN PACA AND BEALL STREET cms cox, MANAGER ALUMNI ASSOCIATION PHONE 311 AND 312 104 GU RLEY BROS. Your Dodge Dealer 123 S. Liberty Street Phone 258 Always open CAKE BOX specialize in wedding and decorated cakes, breads, rolls, and pies. Edward F. Clinebell, Proprietor. 239 Williams Street Cumberland, Maryland Distributors of Southern Oxygen and acetylene Compliments of Cumberland Welding and Supply Company r Coyle Brothers Portable Electric Weldixxq Sannary Market Acetylene welding and cutting S. C. Twigg Phone 4714 232 Vlfglhld AVENUE Pl'l0l1e 1734 102 Wineow Street Cumberland, Maryland A 'k Groceries Confections ROY l.. MERRITT Thomas at Second Phone 3546 Compliments of MODERN CLEANERS Phone 640 'll2 Virginia Avenue Cumberland, Maryland 4 'A' MacGregor-Goldsmith Sports equipment "Outfitters to Champions" THE WILSON HARDWARE COMPANY 30 N. Mechanic Street SOUTH END MARKET H. K. Poling, Proprietor Meats, groceries, and produce Phone 739 408 Virginia Avenue Cumberland. Maryland Compliments of the GOOD FELLOWSHIP SOCIAL CLUB 214 Virginia Avenue Charles T. Hare, President Best wishes to the class of '49 from R. K. LATH RUN GROCERY Phone 2050 403 East Oldtown Road Cumberland, Maryland Merchants Wholesale Grocery Company, Inc. 143 Union Street Cumberland, Maryland Distributors for Robin Hood Flour, Orco Flour StokeIy's canned fruits and vegetables 4 ASK Fon LEAR and OLIVER Irs BETTER 4 107 Webster K. Edwards H. Clifford Spiker TRUITT DRUG CO. Your doctor's right-hand man Phone 364 238 Virginia Avenue Cumberland, Maryland Forward looking men look to our fa- mous make clothes to help them make Names you know Botany . . . McGregor . . . Dobbs . . Swank . . . Interwoven Alligator . . . Hickey Freeman . . . Hickok . . . Arrow . . . Aqua Togs . . . Koroseal . . . Paris . . . L'Orle Marxman . . . Manhattan . . . Hansen . . . Surretwill . . . McCur- rack. THE MANHATTAN Gentlemen's Apparel Cumberland, Maryland 1 the right impression. gCl'1.wl2'L2el'll7GCl4,S 'A' Compliments of GEORGE'S CREEK COAL COMPANY, INC. liberty Trust Company Building 4 108 CATHERMAN'S BUSINESS SCHOOL Telephone 966 Cumberland, Maryland McCRORY'S 5c and l0c E STORE 4 Extends congratulations and best wishes to the Class of '49 s U ' I ' D EWELRY sr C E1 I E I 1 o R 1 L! IALTIMORI T. Agents for Stieff Sterling 4 Fashions for iuniors LAZARUS CUMBERLAND i 4 IO9 When serving be sure it's SPEELMAN ICE CREAM Fancy creations for all occasions "Quality and service since 1878" Phone I690 Cumberland THOMPSON BUICK CORPORATION LOOKS FINE FOR '49 429 N. Mechanic Street EILER CHEVROLET INC. Sales Service Til fciirvkogugg Ir, We give excellent service on all makes of cars and trucks 2 I 9 Mechanic Street RAY'S HOMADE SHOP Homemade Ice Cream and Candy Ben M. Kamens George I.. Kline It pays to cross the town to the KLINE FURNITURE COMPANY 405 Virginia Avenue Cumberland, Maryland When you think ol furniture, carpets and pianos, think of Compliments of JERRY'S Mll.LENSON'S 317 virginia Avenue 249 Virginia Avenue 'A' Best Wishes to the class of '49 PlERCE'S PAT UMSTOT 'k Newcomer Jewelry . . . Fine iewelry loans made . . . expert watch repairing. JOHN NEWCOMER Formerly of Hamilton Watch Co. 215 Virginia Avenue Compliments of the RECORD MART 243 Virginia Avenue Phone 3922 Records - Radios - Phonographs Open 9 till 9 SCHWENNlNGER'S HARDWARE 303 Virginia Avenue Electric and plumbing supplies. hard- ware. paints. and glass B and T AMOCO SERVICE Joe Bowers and .Iurdy Tichnell Gas, Oil, Lubrication, Washing and Polishing Best wishes to the class of '49 from A. M. Phone I603 Cumberland, Maryland REYNOLDS and MENDENHALL JACK GROCERY Smoker's needs-Cigarettes, Cigars, I Tobacco I304 Virginia Avenue i , 9 South Center Street For your convenience I PETER 536 I 62 62 SOUTH END CLEANERS DYERS , y MERRILL BROS. MARKET PAN CLEANERS , , 47 Virginia Avenue N. Center Street y "The store that made eggs famous." Class of "49" N. Center Street Pershing Street 1 POST SERVICE STATION AND CITY CLEANERS DYERS Cumberland, Maryland I Oak and Second Streets Phone 3248 Phone 177 GARLITZ BROS. SELF SERVICE FOOD MARKET Complete low cost food shopping Compliments of FIFTH STREET GROCERY 309 Fifth street Corner of Grand Avenue and Fin' shed y George Furstenberg, Prop. IIZ ILES, INC. Firestone 183 Baltimore Street Harry N. Iles Cumberland, Maryland H. E. SMITH GROCERY Meats, Groceries, Produce We Deliver Phone 2164 FRANK J. DAVIS 613 Maryland Avenue Cumberland, Maryland W. R. RICE GROCERY Fresh Meats and General Domestic Plumbers and Hot Merchandise Water Heat 106 Oldtown Road Phone 1913 Phone 294 JOSEPH JOLLY TERMINAL SHOP 5 Mary Street RUSSLER-CHADWICK CO. 432 Virginia Avenue Compliments of GARRETTS 325 Virginia Avenue 4 SPRlGGlE'S 4 CONLON INSURANCE AGENCY Travel Agency Liberty Trust Building Cumberland, Maryland 807-Phone-472 HARBAUGH'S BOOK STORE I8 Baltimore Street Cumberland, Maryland Compliments of KEYSTONE SHOE STORE 'A' Compliments of CUT RATE SHOE STORE NATIONAL FRUIT STORE 203 Baltimore Street Phone 2088J MONARCH PRINTING CO. Phone 1436 II6 Frederick Street 4 Cumberland, Maryland Trains Airplanes KAPLONS YOUNG MEN'S SHOP THE SPORTS sHoPPE Timely Clothes Arrow Shirts 108 Frederick Sheet Botany Ties Cumberland, Maryland Athletic Outfitters Trophies BEN FRANKLIN STORES Nationally known Locally owned Headquarters for school supplies, gifts, toys and novelties LIBERTY CLEANERS and DYERS, INC. PLANT Williams and Wineow Street lNext to the A and P Super Marketl 5 N. Liberty Street Phone 2009 Special cash and carry prices Let's meet and eat at EATWELL GRILL I1 N. Mechanic Street HILL'S TOY STORE Headquarters for party favors and dec orations, dishes, wallpaper, glassware paint and all holiday novelties. 45 N. Center Street LAURENT GROCERY and CONFECTIONARY Congratulations to the class of 1949. Corner of Oldtown Road and Race Street T Roller skate for health's sake CRYSTAL PARK ROLLER RINK 'A' Phone 'I444 We buy and sell used but not abused cars GENE GULICK-Owners- BILL GULICK op dollar paid for good cars. Top prices paid for good cars. 315 S. Centre Street Cumberland, Maryland Compliments of BROWNE'S STORE 430 Williams Street IIS Congratulations to the Class of '49 WARD N. HAUGER, Jeweler 11 S. Centre Street Liberty Trust Building MYERS CLEANERS Quality work done in our own plant, dry cleaning, pressing, drying, repairs, alterations. Cleaned, repaired. glazed, stored. We offer summer and winter clothes storage. 501 Virginia Avenue Cumberland 4056R 527W2 KEECHES DRUG STORE Prescriptions carefully compounded 43 Vir inia Avenue Phone 1686 FlNDLAY'S CONFECTIONARY Groceries Tobaccos Confections 261 Williams Street CUMBERLAND CLOAK and SUIT STORE 48 to 58 Baltimore Street Cumberland, Maryland Good goods come in little packages S. T. LITTLE JEWELRY STORE Nearly 100 years on Baltimore Street Shop and Save at CITY FURNITURE The big friendly furniture store CUMBERLAND ELECTRIC Our most sincere and best wishes to the Class of '49 137 Virginia Avenue General Electric and Philco Home Appliances Approved Manufacturers Service KEECHES PHARMACY Phone 1208 "At the Subway" 600-02 Virginia Avenue Cumberland, Maryland Prescriptions called for and delivered LEN'S GROCERY Meats Produce Groceries and Confections Open until 9:00 400 Pennsylvania Compliments of SCH RlVER'S 176 Baltimore Street 817 Maryland Avenue Henderson and Bedford Streets IAMES B. REINHART M. D. REINHART AGENCY Insurance and Realtor Liberty Trust Building In Cumberland almost everybody wears Sewing Machines, floor and hand shoes from vacuums, electrical appliances sewing needs wEBB's Shop Q, Featuring Time Shoes for men and wom- SINGER SEWING CENTER en at greatly reduced prices. 73-75 N. Centre Street 74 N. Centre Street Phone 394 115 Frederick Street Royal Standard Typewriters Royal Portable Typewriters LANDIS TYPEWRITER CO. Phone 1900 For cemetery memorials of distinction see: D. R. KITZMILLER MEMORIALS Frederick and George Streets Phone 379 is Y ,, 4 DIAMOND BOWLING 'k Compliments of G. C. SENSABAUGH, INC. 215 Thomas Street Phone 1322 Contractors Compliments of MAX'S BARBER and HAIRDRESSING SHOP 15 North Liberty Street Phone 2595 HAROLD V. BLOOM Notary Public Automobile Papers a specialty Automobile and Fire Insurance Liberty Trust Bldg. Phone 695-M Cumberland, Maryland JOE'S TEXACO SERVICE 1201 Oldtown Road Cumberland, Maryland Gasoline Groceries Motor Oil Marfax Lubrications Phone 489-W HAST'S SERVICE STATION Gasoline Lubrication Bedford Road Phone 896 Sandwiches Soft Drinks Cumberland, Maryland STEWART MUSIC HOUSE Private Lessons on all Instruments Quality band and orchestra instruments for sale JOHNSON HEIGHTS CLEANERS Phone 8 hour service a specialty Call For and Deliver Williams Street Cumberland, Maryland ' E 'k 'A' Compliments of FORT HILL BOOSTER CLUB I Join the Club and Help Fort Hill. 4 WILLIAM D. KAYLOR Official Sabre Photographer 1948-49 4 We, the Sabre Staff of I949 compliment the Senior Class for their full co- operation in making our year happy and successful. We wish the Sabre Staff of I950 as much success as we have had. 69 .Jr 3 I 119 yr ,T NL M K WISE W , f , , ui x x A2919 ' .Q is X , 1q"NTt"f l 1 KJ? ' Q, i , 1 5, W -- X t l 'x..,: gl l -Li f I ,f I .1 ' X ' it imp'-J M w V E, . 'll -, N, K , " ' , j ug. A if 4 1 GIT L7 "JAHN 8 OLLIER AGAIN" A slogan signifying a service created to excel in all things pertaining to yearbook design and en- graving. We have found real satisfaction in pleasing you, the yearbook publisher, as well as your photog- rapher and your printer. JAHN 8 OLLIER ENGRAVING CO sn W. wAsHlNGroN BLVD.. cHlcAGo 7, ILL.

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