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w , si' x x -rl q.,fN X : 2' If gl ff ff: bl ,za --g- reen naw, Sabre 1948 .. - . Y 71, X FORT HILL HIGH SCHOOL SABRE Class of 1948 Fort Hill High School . .. Law. 1115. 1 ---r -,, P. 1. N., '1 FV. 1 1.5" . :gl l,. +7 ' -, . uri . , - 5 1 daft: ' 1. 1- 1, 1. -1 1 ,. 71.- If' r.-E 1. 111: '-FQ L?-ifziafl L .-: :Lf 31' x. 1k 9-JT" " . 1' .w'1" 1-. 1:2 .'1. I .l.i11.j:?r'.H ..!1, H 1 V iw 1"QL111F 1 -1 ra, .. :ia .J1:1F1i1s'ff11r 1 -1-.1--ws' 1- -.1-1, ,131 1 me . . -.-j J , .1 1- 51. 1 1' "1 1 . , - - ,111 ' , '. V1 . ,1 . ,,r U 1., . ,-- ., 1. 1 . 5 uwljq if '-15, A . L .35 LL, ,WY U!L...i 1 .: 11- K' . 1 'Q - 1. -- 1. L .1 1 1, ' 111, 11-1 1:1 '--1 1U .t1.,VF,. . 1. 1'., 11, 1. M .,A ' r 1: .1-. - -Ll--'N1'L5A ,,-,1. 1 '.-11 W 1' if .An-Q., N '., -.' 1 'Vfm 4, .1.1, ti, 1' ' "1-'11' ' l A -,- . 1 HI. ..-.1f.,, 13,-, I . ..1.-111111 -1 I '11, 1, w.,-11 -1,7221-55,13-. -, .-,, " I '1 -- 1 7,1 1-1 , In-. , '1 Iv' :,n.1 fl. f ' ,.,g. 5 u 13.1, v '115X. 1: fi' .- ,-: -, 11:L,.- ' f 'E I. x -, . ' '1 'Ja ..1. frufg,-? 1.1.1 ,.-U: . , -, . .. .gh . 31, 111' i..,,j...1 .,..Qj1,-i3..f' 1 fHg11'.,Z..!'1-iii. ,Q .ww . , :wrt -1 '111..1,-1 - 141-. .1 -1 . . ,1 . ' ggqrg. :3,jg1xf11.v! '51 -nf "' " .,1111.1.gfHL 'A . .1...,,1,1, 111. -1"'- 1-jg wr- 111 ' ' ..,1.,. , ,-'HV L11 . Ls- 'Z gr," ' 1 . '.i.wNL' -. - Q .2 21.5. 111.4 1 I' .1 ..-l..-1- - .,. . JH. . ,. 1 . Ln - 1 1 . . . .,..v X, .1-.., ,11,-f..Q+f:1-fzf 1 Af-1. M- - 1' ' 71. H- f1,,.a..-1 " .-11-.' 1. ...,-f..1- 1 . . -. . W., ,, . '. 5:1-., ' 1' -. wif., 1 - ? '1'e-f-'.'-Q11 11 1.-153111 . 33- -3.3"-'.Q:'F3e .. ,sag . -1.1,d1fg-,1.f'f': .. If, Nh.-Lf.. Sh-51 :lg "-'H ffixf. 1.51. ': 35,51 4.11. ...-1 up .H 1- - f '- 1.,, Q 5 g...., A-',- 1 -' ,.11'11 -- 11- -. 1: ' . .. , 1 1' 1,1 1- . JI.. v. . 1 -, - . 2 , ,,- , VA 1,-. - if- l 'I ,-lair .3 . 4- -A V 'l,, 'W' A' Hg: - 1 , ' 11' I-4 J.-.Fi I Ib Y' 1 M.1'p-I., ,. is, A ' -11-1 '.n-. :-. fs. .,'-:lf .'1., .1' 1? 95 iiMCs'Q'- .Q 5,7 Egg. . -,.1--'fi A 4- 'f ra .1 fy 4 --"F, Q , ,fi 11.-,'-11 ,,., .Ag,.x.1. V in "1 1.21. :if .- 1'-1'......T,1.'. . - - .. ,' 1-..1,-21535111-51,g'1j3,'Qx5'.L f QQ 71'h.I'f1'f' ' 142-224-11.1'14-1:--'1.-1 ag : : -1-.1-".11af:.'?1W '- ' ' '- '--1" 1 5 .-1-."Tf.fC7 1 F ' , -1 f5iS:',3'J11i'.H',J'lwgff' F-L ,-9115591 1' 11 fL"'-E"'-73T1'- Z-yF.F"f'L ' '-Jinff'-'E, A 'W' ' 555.-' 35::lfEi'7f'i'1-1' ' ff' T. 'Ti " "-" 1'-. . , .5 , .,. 1. .... .- . my 1. . 4 11 .r-. ..- . 1 , .,, . .-,.,g.i,.,.J.A. N.. . 1- 1,1 - 11: -., L 1 .-yy Ei' FF nl 1.1: az. 1 ' 1 1 . .-11 1 . sg .H ' FJ, 11,1 1: I "Hi 1 . , . J. ,.-.. ,. .- 1-V - - 1 ,,,. 19 .Ll . V .-3 . - .rf..1:I , .. 4,---,14-11: 31 'V'--' - A.: JI1 pw . 31:12 1 K -- L 1 111. "'11' 'Law wr - 4' ' "'qi.l 1 f.--gi gf ' 1 -1.11: : 1 . iv. -1 . 1 ...L ' ..Af2':W 1" -3 mg x I .9"'11,?i,' -1. .1-J ,Y1 1, . 'JN ' 1" .ll - . 1-JIT: A' 1,1 . HI'-j.'1'l" 2' ' 't11-:11-1111.-.,. - , .....,.A.,,, N, v Jai. ff ' ., -. 115.11311 11- 1- 1 1 , 4" 1 -I-is f71.4.11-- P ',' Jus- -31 .U1 , . 9. 'h ' ,!,E,1' ... ,'. . 1 -1' -.iris ,Jn . .. Y. .-'.w:'1'1 3 , if-. 1' - 1 i'.l51.'-1"z5-.'-- .,. .. .1- . 11 .. ..44,,i:':-M11 H nikki: 1 1 1 if"-"TN" f' 31 1 256,113 - 5' 1 ' 1 1r' ' ,,..A.1f',-.'g' 1. x,:Yr:1-1 - 13'-,V11 1'-5z.1!' L. .. ,, . u. muh. 1 11.1-. 1.1 I If ..,. bf if. EQ- A' 'ii .2 ,g. 1 s.-.-... 3 W in 1.1. F351 s5.15'1 my 1 A314 .11 -.1 11' I' L1 .- .-: 1 -..war I 1 . ,kg f-:s ,. .4., 1 .11,.11 1 J 'P-, .1 - Q1 ' 'aj' 2521 .r1'ri' '1 'T 4-1..x. Mk .1 ,rw KTY1 :A 'A - E 'fmfzl' 1' ' L L!-QQQLV4 Jn 1, I -:.g1.'.1J 1 1 1. - .5-Li?" .1. . "rf -if . i1F!f.1FL.,A, 11- .14 N., 111: JV 1 11: , . -afifgtfi gf.. .,',1. .L L1 .1 .-'qt 3 'V I IX-Qi.,-.1 E N yn Mx www X ' f X MSN I A WWL N rw 2 1 x X ! 6 f X ,I f1f gf X mx X XX h Ei ' jlcmxgx jvr-Pura. X 5 Mr. Victor D. Heisey, Principal Victor D. Hcisey, as principal, contributes much to the efficient organization at Fort l-lill. Interest in young people and knowledge of the solutions to their problems have made him well-known in educational and civic circles. Equipped with a keen desire for improvement of his community, Mr. I-leisey has helped make Fort Hill an outstanding institute of knowledge. His many years of experience in this field have placed him high in the esteem of all who come in Contact with him. To you, Mr. Heisey, we, the seniors of '48, extend our best wishes for your future success in the field of education. Administration OFFICE STAFF Left to right: Lorraine Fox, Kathryn P. Wilsoii, Sec., Ralph Wiixicr. George H. Robinson, Assistant Principal Mr. George Brewer, Guidance Director MUSIC, ART, AND LANGUAGES Left to right-Row 1: Miss Ashbaugh, Miss Kraus, Miss Burrall, Miss Yates. Row 2: Mr. Foote, Mr. Kester, Mr. Shumaker. 7 PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Left to right: Mr. Cavanaugh, Mrs. Snyder, Mrs. Resser, Mr. Hahn. VOCATIONAL INDUSTRIAL ARTS Left to right: Mr. Kipp, Mr. Alexander, Mr. Hinds, Mr. Ferguson, Mr. Yates 8 MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT Seated left to right: Mrs. Schliefman, Mrs. Mewshaw, Miss Hamilton, Mrs. Hughes, Miss Miley. Standing left to right: Mr. Perry, Mr. Tllouias. SCIENCE DEPARTMENT Left to right: Row 1--Mr. Brice, Mr. Ashbaugh, Miss Bowersux, Mr. Perdcw. Row 2-Mr. Church, Mr. Bigler, Mr. Wimer. I1 E . 4 Q, I' ff! CN Ax fi 7 S I . lik!-4,,kI,. LQ 3' l . Ml I ffl 'W 1, X L aw ,1 ' .I ' it QW W .s. X IN 'fgffmqx ,ff nf' mg? ws-,, fi , W if QNX WN JM E u 4' X 511 l 4.144 4.1 IAS - 192 , 1 -1 Y, .L 4 f " .ga 'Q U,-fm L, -1 '1 1 .. In ,fx ' ' A ' ,. v ! 1'7" l V L1 - I ' 1 qk, " . L f In S H Q I H -:aa-L,lH1,f-1 If '4 L gk Ji?" I-,rlgugf 7 27171 'J N K '-Mf ' " . x. f' ti " 4 , . . aprfwfar ?xfw 47 -igx . i' ii ,fl- SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Left to right: Fred Bennett, President, Don McCoy, Vice-President, Lnuella Pr-rdew, Secretnryg Richard Ayers, Treasurer. THE SENIOR CLASS As we near the end of our school year the senior class of 1948, amid memories of dramatic successes, athletic honors, and scholastic achieve- ments, pauses to summarize the innumerable events of the final year of our high school career. Under the able guidance of our class officers: Fred Bennett, President, Donald McCoy, vice- presidentg Louella Perdew, secretary, and Rich- ard Ayers, treasurer, we have reached the peak of our expectations. However, this was made pos- sible only through the cooperation of Mrs. Nellie Hilton, social adviser, Mr. Carl Ritchie, busi- ness adviser, and Mr. Leon Klompus, and Mr. James Engle, Sabre advisers. The members of the class have proven their intellectual ability. Individual honors were be- stowed on Donald McCoy for his winning of the "I Speak for Democracy" contest and Betty Bar- nett for carrying away first prize in writing the winning essay for the National Guard. Liquidating the prophecy that brawn and brains do not mix, members of our class helped to cap- ture the City Championship in football and the WMI League title and City Championship in basketball. The theatrical stage was not unknown to us. In the annual tournament we placed first for two consecutive years with members of both winning casts receiving the best actors crown. On April 9 the presentation of "Life of the Party," under the skillful directing of Miss Gerardine Pritch- ard, was acclaimed a hilarious success by a capa- city audience. Early in the fall, plans were formulated for the Senior Prom and on June 5 the committee's efforts materialized into what proved to be one of the outstanding activities of the year. The curtain rose and fell for the last time on us as seniors on June 10. We have taken our final curtain call and now proudly go forth to put into actions our class motto, "In ourselves, our future lies." Alkire, Dolores jean, Vocational. Dramatics Club lg Library Club 3, 4. Allee, Helen Jean, Commercial. Student Council lg Movie Projec- tion Crew Z3 Junior Farewell As- sembly 3g Guidance Department Typist 4: National Honor Society, 4. Allen, Thelma jean, Academic. Girls' League Ig Dramatic Club 1, Z3 Jr TriHiY2 Ma Da Z 3 - ' ' i Y Y 1 i Choral Speaking Choir 2, 3, 4, Play Tournament 3, "January Thaw" 35 Fort Hill Players 3, 45 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 45 Sentinel 3, Co-Edi- tor 4g National Thespins 3, Treas- urer 4g Sabre 4, Hi-Lights 4, Thes- pian Inter-School Council 43 "Dear Ruthv 4. Allender, Lois Marie, Academic. Dramatic Club 23 Glee Club 1, Z, 3, 45 A Cappella Choir 1, 2, 3, 4. Alvaro, Patricia Mae, Commercial. Junior Red Cross Club lg Library Club l, 2, Girls' Glee Club 2, 33 Sentinel Typist 4. Anderson, Ronald, Commercial. Appel, Robert, Commercial Athey, Naomi D., Vocational. I4 Ayers, Richard Deal, Academic. Museum Club 15 Monitors 3, Pro- jection Crew 4g Junior Farewell Assembly 3, Hi-Y Delegate 43 Hi-Y 2, 3, 43 Senior Class Treas- urer 4g Basketball 3, 43 National Honor Society, 4. Bageant, Marybelle, Academic. Girls' League, Chaplain lg Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 2, Tri-Hi-Y Vice-presi- dent 3, 43 Class Secretary Z5 Ush- ers l, 2, Head Usher 3, 4, Choral Speaking Choir Z, 3, 45 Fort Hill Players 3, Vice-President 4g Na- tional Thespians 3, President 43 Thespian Inter-School Council 45 Hi-Y Inter-School Council 33 May Day Attendant 2, 3, 45 Sentinel 3, 43 Sabre 3, 45 National Honor Society 3, 4. Barringer, Charlotte Ann, Academic. Girls' League, President 1g Jr. Tri-Hi-Y President 23 Girls' Glee Club Z3 A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 4g Tri-Hi-Y 3, 43 Sentinel 3, 4g Fort Hill Players' Auxiliary 43 Band 4, National Honor Society 4. Beal, Mona Lee, Academic. Dramatic Club Z3 Fort Hill Play- ers 4g Choral Speaking Choir, Pub- licity Manager 4. Benford, Helen Louise, Vocational. Library Club 1, Z, 3, 4. Bailey, Phyllis, Commercial. Barnett, Betty Marie, Commercial. Dramatic Club 23 Junior Farewell Assembly 33 Girls' Glee Club 33 Ushers 3, 43 Sentinel 43 Sabre 43 Mimleograph Crew 4g Department Typist 4. Boyd, Carl, Commercial. Brant, Edna Mae, Commercial. Dramatic Club lg Ushers 1, 23 Library Club 1, 23 Glee Club 1, Z, 3, 43 Student Council Z, 3g Secretary of Social Affairs 43 Choral Speak- ing Choir 23 Fort Hill Players 43 Sabre 43 Junior Farewell Assembly 3g Department Typist '4. Bennett, Fred Richard, Academic. Monitors 1, 23 Glee Club 1, 2, A Cappella Choir 2, 3g Junior Farewell Assembly 33 Sentinel 3, 43 Sabre 33 Co-Sports Editor 4g Ser- geant-of-arms 23 Vice-President 33 President 4g Football Z, 3, 4g Hi- Y 2, 3, 43 National Honor Society 3, 4. Billet, Maxine, Commercial. Bloss, Ethel Mae, Vocational. Red Cross Club 1. i l 5 Brant, Irvin Clifton, Jr., Commercial. Orchestra lg Stage Crew lg Bas- ketball 1, 25 Swimming Team 1, Zg Drum Major 3, 49 Band Vice- President 4. Brinkman, Bruce, Gen eral. Brown, jack E., Vocational. Student Council Z, 35 Orchestra Ig Senate 3. Bucy, Donald, Commercial. Basketball 3, 4. Bucy, Esther Naomi, Commercial. Burcaw, Stewart, General. Dramatic Club 1, Z3 Library Club 1, Ushers 2g Girls' Glee Club l, 23 Librarian 33 A Cappella Choir 1 2, Librarian 3, 4g Junior Farewell Assembly 3 Q Sabre 3 , Business Manager 4, Sentinel 45 Mimeo- graph Crew 43 National Honor Society 4. Burke, Helen Colleen, Academic. Library Club 15 Ushers lg Girls' League, Treasurer 13 Jr. Vice-President 23 Dramatic Vice-President 23 "Now April's Here" 23 Sentinel Editor 4g "The Proposal" 3g Tri-I-li-Y, Club, That Z, 3, News Win- ning Play Tournament 33 Jr. Fare- well Assembly 3g Sabre l-li-Y 3, 43 May Court 3, 45 Tri- 1, 2 3 43 National Thespians 4g "Dear,Ruth" 4g National Honor Society 43 Cheerleader 4. Butler, Charles L., Commercial. 16 Cage, Clinton E., Vocational. Leather Club lg Basketball Z, 3, Co- Captain 4. Carroll, Georgia Louise, Commercial. Junior Red Cross Club 13 Dramatic Club Z5 Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, Li- brarian 35 Ushers 35 A Cappella Choir Z, 3, Librarian 3g Junior Farewell Assembly 3g Department Typist 4. Commercial. Y 3 4 Catlett, Ronald john, Academic. Library Club Z, 3, 4, Ushers 3, 4 Sabre 43 Bowling League 4. Castleman, Raymond Bruce, Cessna, Louise Marie, Commercial. Dramatic Club Ig Girls' League lg Library Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Jr. Tri-Hi- Y 23 Ushers 3g Secretary 45 Tri-Hi- Cline, June Marie, Commercial. Library Club 1, Z, 33 junior Fare- well Assembly 3, Tri-Hi-Y 4g Stu- dent Council 43 Mimeograph Crew 4. Coleman, jean Elizabeth, Academic. Student Council 1, Z3 Library Club 23 Jr. Tri-Hi-Y Zg Band Z, 3, 4. Chalkley, Charles L. Jr., Vocational. Band 1, 2, 33 Orchestra l, 25 Ma- gician Club 1. Chaney, Owen, General. Clark, Beverly June, Commercial. Dramatic Club 23 Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 23 Library Club Z, 3g Junior Farewell Assembly 3g Basketball 45 Depart- ment Typist 4g Sentinel 45 May Queen 4g National Honor Society 4 Clarke, William Phillip, Academic. Foreign Language Club lg Projec- tion Crew 2, 3, 4. 17 Castleman, May Ella, Commercial. Collins, Evelyn, Commercial. ' b Collins, Mary Louise, Commercial. Spanish Club lg Library Club 1, 2, 33 Glee Club, Librarian 33 Junior Farewell Assembly 3, Sabre 3, 4g Ushers 3, 4: Mimeograph Crew 4. Cook, Betty, Commercial. Crabtree, Lois May, Commercial. Junior Red Cross Club Ig Dancing ,L Club 2. 2 D'Angelo, Betty Jeanne, Commercial. Library Club 2, 3, 4g Basketball 4. Davis, Betty Mae, Commercial. Junior Red Cross lg Dramatic Club Z5 Library Club 2, 3, 45 Girl's Glee Club 2, 3, 4. Davis, Richard E., Vocational. Leathercraft Club lg Fishermarfs Club Zg Sentinel Representative 4. I8 Curl, Jean Lee, Academic. Girls League lg Choral Speak- ing Choir 1, 4g A Cappella Choir 1, 2, Treasurer 3, 43 Orchestra 1, 2g Band 1, Secretary 2, 3, 4, Jr. Tri- Hi-Y 2, Student Council 1, 2, Sec- retary 3, Secretary of Industry 45 Sentinel 33 Sabre 35 Photography Editor 49 Fort Hill Players, Secre- tary 45 May Day 43 Play Tourna- , ment 4: National Honor Society 4. Dean, Milford junior, General. Football 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Baseball Z, 3, 4, Boys' Hi-Y 3, 4. Day, Marilyn Jean, Commercial. Dramatic Club 1, Z3 Girls Glee Club 1, 2, 3, A Cappella Choir 3, 4: Mimeograph Crew 4. Diggs, Jack, Academic. Deetz, James john Fanto, Academic. Student Council lg Astronomy Club, President Z5 Junior Farewell As- sembly 3, Extemporaneous Speech Finals 3g National Honor Society 3, 45 Sabre 4g Sentinel, Co-Editor 4g "Dear Rutlf' 43 Fort Hill Play- ers 4g National Thespians 4. Deatlehouser, Leonard, General. Band 1, Z, 3, 45 Orchestra 1, 23 Pep Band 1, 25 Ensemble 1. Drake, Betty Lou, Commercial. Library Club 1, 3, 4g Projection Crew Z . Drake, Leah May, Vocational. Monitor l, 2, 3. Eline, Robert Lee, Commercial. Fisherman Club 1. Eckart, Jack E., General. Easton, Don Franklin, General. Basketball Manager 1, 25 Football Manager lg Track Zg Football 2, 33 Junior Farewell Assembly 3. Easton, Jeanne, Commercial. Echard, jack C., Vocational. Future Farmers of America 4. I9 Elkins, James Darrell, Commercial. Ellis, Bertie Lou, Vocational. Girls Glee Club 1, 2, 33 A Cappella l, 2, 3. Emerick, John Edward, Vocational. Fishing Club lg F. F. A. 3. Evans, Norman Wallace, Academic. Student Council 1, 3g Glee Club 1, 2, 3g A Cappella Choir 2, 33 Moni- tors 1, Zg Track 25 Sabre 3, Editor- in-Chief 4g "Dear Ruth" 43 Fort Hill Players Auxiliary 4. Sentinel 3. Monitor Stud-ent Director Z. Na- tional Honor Society 4. Everett Violet Valley, Vocational. Library Club 1. Ferguson, John Allerdist, Jr., Academic Ushers 1, 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society 4. Ferguson, Regina Nell, Vocational. Red Cross Club lg Library Club Z, Treasurer 33 Secretary 45 Fort Hill Players 4. Fisher, Norma Virginia, Academic. Girl's League lg Dramatic Club 1, 2, Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 3, 45 Fort Hill Players 45 Choral Speaking Choir 4. 20 Grady, jack Lee, Vocational. Glee Club 1, Zg Social Dancing 1 Z, Agriculture 4. Griese, Vera Virginia, Commercial. Dramatics lg Sentinel 4. Hartsock Murlend Bernard, Vocational. Boy's Photography Z5 Monitors 3, 45 Student Council, Secretary of Traffic 4. Heavener, Douglas B. jr., Academic. Dramatic Club 1, Z5 Track 25 Mon- itors '3g l-li-Y 45 National Honor Society 4. Grimm, Hallena Angy, Commercial. Dramatic Club 15 Tap Dancing 2 Gross, A. Leroy, Vocational. A Cappella Choir 1, Z, 35 Bache- lor Club 15 Boys' Glee Club 1, Z, 3 F5 Hager, James Roger, Vocational. Bachelor Club 15 Art Club 1, 25 A Cappella Choir 1, President 2, 3, 45 Boys Glee Club 1, 4, President Z, 3. Hammaker, Charles Aldine, jr., Academic. Dramatic Club 1, 25 "Now Thar April's Heren 25 Glee Club 2, 35 A Cappella Choir 2, 35 Cheerleader 2, 35 Junior Farewell Assembly 35 "The Proposal" 35 "January Thaw" 35 Best Acting Award 35 Fort Hill Players 3, 45 Thespians 3, 45 Bas- ketball 3, 45 "Dear Ruth" 4. Hansrote, Charles Johnson, Jr., Academic. Foreign Language Club 15 Fishing Club Z5 Hi-Y 3, 45 Junior Farewell Assembly 35 Sabre 45 Football 4. Harden, john Archie, Academic Dramatic Club 1, 25 Science Club 15 Monitors Z, 3, 45 Projection Crew 2, 3, 45 Junior Farewell Assembly 35 Stage Crew 45 Band 45 Fort Hill Players 45 "Dear Ruth" 45 National Thespians 4. Harclinger, James William, Jr., Vocational. Bachelor Club 1. Hardinger, Murray Theodore, Vocational. Bachelor Club 15 Fishing Club 25 Track 3, 45 Basketball 3, 45 Band 45 Future Farmers of America, Presi- dent 4. ' . 21 Heavener, William Howard, Acaclemic. Dramatic Club l, Z5 Track 2, 3, 43 Ushers 3, 4. Hiner, Alma, Vocational. 4 6 Holliday, Hermenia, Commercial. Hott, Helen Marie, Academic. Dramatic Club 1, 2. Householder, Virginia Lee, Vocational. Hout, Lois Juanita, Commercial. Student Council 1, Zg Twirling Club 25 Library Club 25 Monitors 3, 45 Sabre 4. Hudson, Clara L., General. Dramatic Club 1, Zg Student Coun- cil 1, 23 Tumbling Club lg Sentinel Representative 1, 25 Junior Fate- well Assembly 3g Track 3, 43 Ref- eree Club Z, 3, 4, Soft Ball, Cap- tain 3g Basketball, Captain 4. Humbertson, Robert 22 lmes, Hazel june, Vocational. Red Cross lg Manitors 1, 2, 3g Sen- tinel Representative Zg Student Di- rector 4g National Honor Society 4. jack, Doris Ann, Academic. Twirling Club lg Ushers 1, 2, 3g Dramatic Club 23 Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 2g Tri-Hi-Y 45 Sabre 45 Fort Hill Players 43 Choral Speaking Choir 4. johnson, Betty Anne, Commercial. Library Club, Secretary 35 Girl's Glee Club 33 Junior Farewell As- sembly 3, A Cappella Choir 3, 43 Sabre, Art Editor 4g Mimeograph Crew 43 Johnson, Harry, General. Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Fort Hill Players 55 Verse Speaking Choir 33 "January Thaw" 33 Thespians 3, 45 Fort Hill Players Auxiliary 4. Jones, James Walden, Academic. Fish-erman's Club Z3 Track 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y 3, Chaplain 4. Johns, Miriam Marie, Vocational. Girls, League 13 Library Club Z, 3 Jewell, Jean Vivian, Commercial. Keller, Carolyn, Academic. Keller, Sarah Elizabeth, Academic. Girls' League lg Ensemble Club lg Band 1, 2, 3, Secretary 43 Orches- tra 1, Z5 Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 23 Dramatic Club 2g Extemporaneous Finals 3g Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4g Sabre 3, Associate Editor 45 Fort Hill Players Auxil- iary 4g National Honor Society. Judd, Margaret Lovetta, Commercial. Dancing Club lg Student Council Z, 3, Sentinel 4. Keefer, Elmer Leory, Commercial. Magician Club lg Boyis Glee Club 2. Keesecker, Dorothy Gene, Academic. Bowling Club 3, Hi-Y 3g Glee Club 45 A Cappella 43 Student Council 4g National Honor Society 4. 23 Kelly, Lewis Keyser, Dorislee, Commercial. Verse Speaking Choir, 2, 3g Fort Hill Players 2, 3, 4. Koch, Lawrence Theodore, Commercial. "My Sister Eileen" lg Usher lg Class President Z3 Basketball 3, Sports Official Club 33 Basketball Manager 4. Kreiger, Fred D., Vocational. Leather Club lg Fisl'ierman's Club 2. Lamp, Helen Marie, Commercial. Library Club 1, Z, 3, 49 Glee Club 3, Librarian 3s Junior Farewell As- sembly 3g Sabre 3, 43 Mimeograph Crew 4g Department typist 45 Sen- tinel 4. Lathrum, Louise O., Academic. Girls League lg Ensemble Club 1' Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Dramatic Club 2' Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 2g Orchestra Z, 3g Tri- Hi-Y 3, 43 Sabre 33 Advertising Manager 4. Leasure, Jean Marie, Commercial. Social Dancing lg Monitors 2, 3, 43 Sabre 4. Lewis, Harry Jack, General. Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Magicians, Club 23 Officials' Club 33 Boys, Hi-Y 3, 4. Lewis, Robert Lewis, Rosella, Commercial Z4 Lizer, Mary Yvonne, Academic. ., Girls' League lg Spanish Club lg Library Club l, 2, 33 Student Coun- cil 4g National Honor Society 4. Lookabaugh, Janice Lee, Commercial. Girls' League lg Library Club 3, 4. Leyh, Dolores Elaine, Commercial. Library Club 2, 3. Light, John P., General. Band 13 Orchestra lg Bachelor Club lg Track lg Football Mgr. l, 2, 33 Boys Hi-Y 2, 3. MacIntosh, Mary Lou, Commercial. Girls' League lg Band 1, Z, 39 jr Tri-Hi-Y Z5 Tri-Hi-Y 3, Ushers 4. McCarty, Phyllis Odith, Academic. Girls' League lg Dramatic Club, secretary 1, 25 Library Club lg Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 23 Sabre 3, Lay-Out Edi- tor 4g Jr. Farewell Assembly 3g Tri- Hi-Y 4g Fort Hill Players Auxiliary 43 National Honor Society 4. McCoy, Donald Sanford, Academic. Orchestra 1, Zg Dramatic Club 1, Z3 Sentinel 3, 4g "The Proposal" 3g National Honor Society 3, 43 Sabre, Co-Sports Editor 4, Hi-Y 4g "I Speak for Democracy" Contest Winner, Vice-President of Class 49 "Dear Ruthl' 4. Manges, james, Academic. Marker, Dorothy Maxine, Academic. Girls, League lg Dramatic Club 1, Z5 Majorette 1, Z, 3, 4g Jr. Tri-Hi- Y Z, Sentinel 3, 45 May Day 3g Tri- Hi-Y 3, 43 Choral Speaking Choir 39 Fort Hill Players 3, 4. Mason, Guy Wayne, Commercial. Photography Club lg Sentinel 4. 25 McDaniels, Meryle T., Vocational. Boys' Hi-Y Z, 3, 4. McGee, Geraldine Merici, Commercial. Dramatic Club 1, 2, Student Couri- cil lg V-erse Speaking Choir 35 Fort Hill Players 33 "January Thaw" 35 Fort Hill Players Auxil- iary 4. McKinley, Raymond Virgil, General. Collector's Club 2. Merritt, Donald Edgar, Vocational. Camera Club, 1, 23 Sentinel Repre- sentative 2. Meyers, Joyce Lee, Commercial. Social Dancing 1, Z3 Junior Red Cross lg Volley Ball, Captain 35 Hiking 4g Basketball 4. Michael, Irene Carroll, Commercial. Dramatic Club 1, 25 Girlis Glee Club 1, Z, 3g A Cappella Choir Z, 3, 4, Junior Farewell Assembly 3g Sabre 4, Department Typist 4. Michael, Leona May, Commercial. Miller, Leona Gay, Commercial. Dancing Club Zg Ushers 3, 43 Sabre 4. 26 Miller, Phyllis Maxine, Commercial. Public Speaking lg Monitors 2, 3 45 Sabre 45 Student Director 4. Minke, Leslie Mullenex, James Eugene, Commercial. Mimeograph Crew 4, Department Typist 4. , Munro, Kenneth Getz, General. Fort Hill Players' Auxiliary 4. Moler, Albert Gary, Academic. Football 2, 3, 43 Basketball Z, 3, 4 Track 2, 3, 43 Baseball 3, 43 Hi Y4. Moore, Richard, Commercial. Munro, Ronald Willianx, Acaclemic. Nycum, Robert E., Vocational. Bachelor Club 15 Future Farmers of America 2, 3, 4g Social Dancing 2, 3. Oates, Regina Lucille, Commercial. Dramatic Club 1, 25 Projection Crew Z. Myers, Mildred Louise, Academic. Glee Club 1, 2,3 A Cappella Choir 1, Z, 33 Girls League lg Ushers lg National Honor Society 4. Nixon, June, Commercial. Null, Gloria Jean, Commercial. 27 Park, Anna Lee, Academic. Pa Band 1, Z, 3, Treasurer 45 Orches- tra 1, 2, 3, Girls' League 15 Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 25 Tri-Hi-Y Treasurer 3, Secretary 4g Dramatic Club 1, 2, Intra-School Council 3, Chaplain 45 Choral Speaking Choir, Presi- clent 43 National Honor Society 4. rk, Lyle, Commercial. Perdew, Bertha Louise, Commercial. Monitors 3, 4. Perdew, Dora Louella, Commercial. Public Speaking Club, President lg Monitors 2, 3, Class Secretary 3, 43 Sabre 4. ierce, john Lewis III, Academic. Band 1, Z, 33 Orchestra lg Sentinel 1, 2, 3, Photography Editor 45 "My Sister Eileen" lg Projection Crew Z, Student Council, Vice-President 3, President 43 Fort Hill Players' Aux- iliary 4g 'lDear Ruth" 4. Pittman, Henry, General. Plummer, Shirley jean, Commercial. Spanish Club lg Letter Club 23 Li- brary Club 3, 4. Poorbaugh, Doris jean, Academic. Girls' League lg Dramatic Club 1, Secretary Z3 jr. Tri-Hi-Y, Secretary 23 Tri-Hi-Y, Chaplain 2, President 4g Tri-Hi-Y Council 2, 33 Sentinel Z, 3, 45 Fort Hill Players, Secretary 2, Presiclent 43 Verse Speaking Choir Z, 3, 45 Sabre Layout Editor 43 Ushers 35 Thespians 3, Secretary 43 Inter-School Thespian Council 3, Secretary 43 Jr. Farewell Assembly 3, May Day 33 Play Tournament 45 Area Representative, Secretary 43 National Honor Society 4. 28 Reckley, Shirley, Commercial. Raygor, Gerald Allen, Academic. Military Club lg Football Maixagcr 1, 23 Stage Crew 3, 4. I Commercial. , 3 1 Dramatic Club 2. V A Roby, Walton, General. Commercial. Rudolph, Verna Eilene, Vocational. Schade, Gerald Bernard, Academic. Bachelor's Club lg Fisherman's Club Z5 Junior Farewell Assembly 33 Track 3, 43 Hi-Y 4. Movie Projection Club 29 Glee Club 3s Junior Farewell Assembly 35 Department Typist 4. Renshaw, Bennett Milnor, jr., Academic. Catonsville High: Dramatic Club 1, 23 Basketball Manager 2, 3, La- crosse Manager 3g Soccer Manager 3, Football Manager 4. Reuschel, John, Vocational. 5 Rice, Dolores Rachel Lurissia, Robinson, Jacqueline Marie, Robinson, Margaret June, Academic. Tumbling lg Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 A Cappella Choir Z, 3, 45 Monitor Z, 35 Cheerleader 3, Co-Captain 43 . Sentinel 3, 45 Jr. Farewell Assembly 3g Fort Hill Players Auxiliary 45 K'Dear Ruth" 43 National Honor Society 4. Rodenhauser, Roy Albert, Commercial. Museum Club lg Band lg Fisher- man's Club Z3 Football 3, 4. Rowe, Rosemary Dolores, Academic. Student Council lg Dramatic Club 1, Secretary Z. 29 Scott, Verba, General. Sensabaugh, Don Robert, Academic. Military Club 15 Basketball 1, 2, 33 Football 1, 2, 3, Honorary Capraing Officials Club, Hi-Y Z, 3, President 4: junior Farewell Assembly 35 'Track 3, 4. Shreve, Betty Louise, Commercial. Junior Red Cross lg Library Club 25 Girls' Glee Club 2, 35 A Cap- pella Choir 3, 4g Junior Farewell Assembly 35 Sabre 4. Shanholtz, Alice Sarah, Commercial. Dramatic Club 1, 23 Verse Speak- ing Cboir 3g May Day, Cheerleader 3, 43 Fort Hill Players 4. Shaw, Clarence, Academic. Stage Crew 2, 3, 4g Fisl'xerman's Club 2, 35 Baseball 45 Track 4. Sheetz, Doyle, Commercial. Simmons, Virginia Lee, Vocational. Glee Club lg Monitors 1, 2. Skelley, Thomas, Commercial. Snyder, Ina Lee, Commercial. Dramatic Club lg Library Club 2, 3, 4g Bowling League 4. Spiker, Helen Arlene, General. Dramatic Club 1, Z3 Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, Treasurer 43 A Cappella L5 Choir 2, 3, 4: Library Club 33 Vol- ! ley Ball 3. '50 Stemple, James Arthur, Stevenson, Raymond Nelson, Academic. Football 2, 3, 4g Track 1, 2, 3, 45 Boys' Hi-Y 2, 33 Vice-President 43 National Honor Society 3, 4. Spriggs, Maryann Catherine, General. Gym Major 1, 23 Dramatic Club 1, 23 Glee Club lg Mimeograph Crew 4, National Honor Society 4. Squires, john Herbert, Academic. ..... . Bachelor's Club lg Fishing Club 23 Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Junior Fare- well Assembly 3g Hi-Y 3, 4g Track 4. Swain, Jacquelyn, Commercial. Taylor, David Michael, Vocational. Dramatic Club, Monitor 2, 3. Tewell, Larocca, Commercial. Thompson, Rosalie Dell, Vocational. Library Club 1, Z, 3, 45 A Cappella 1, 2, 3, 45 Girls' Glee Club 1, Z, 3, 43 Art Club 1, 23 Student Council 3. Thrasher, Joanna Sue, Commercial. Girls' League 15 Dramatic Club lg Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 2, Library Club 2, 3, Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, Junior Farewell As- sembly 3: Ushers 4g Fort Hill Play- ers 4, Choral Speaking Choir, Sec- retary 4g Sentinel 43 Sabre Staff Typist 45 Guidance Department Typist 4, Play Tournament 45 Na- tional Thespians 4g National Hon- or Society 4. Ushers I, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Ref ereels Club 2, A Cappella Choir 3 45 Library Club 35 Sentinel 4 Bowling Club 4. Thompson, Beatrice Edyth, Vocational. Library Club 1, 2, 35 President 4 Girls' Glee Club 1, Z, 3, 4g A Cap- pella Choir 1, Z, 3, 43 Art Club 1 23 Dramatic Club 1, Z. 31 Tomsko, Wilma Freda, General. ff, Glee Club 1, 2g Girls' League 13 if Junior Tri-Hi-Y 2g Tri-Hi-Y 3, 45 A Fort Hill Players 43 Sentinel 4. Trieber, William, True, Charlotte joan, Commercial. Dramatic Club, 1, 29 Girls' Glee Club 3g Junior Farewell Assembly 35 Department typist 45 Bowling League 4. Twigg, Jane Louella, Vocational. Twigg- Lula, Commercial. Valentine, Helen Alma, Vocational. Dramatic Club 1, Zg National Hon- or Society 4. Valentine, Robert Paul, General. Collectors Club Z. Vorhees, Nlildred, Commercial. National Honor Society. Weber, Ruth Virginia, Vocational. Tumbling Club 1, Zg Dramatic Club A 1, 23 Student Council 13 Glee Club Weaver, Gertrude Ellen, Academic. Dramatic Club 1, 23 Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 23 Girls' Glee Club 2, 35 A Cappella Choir Z, 33 Sabre 3, 45 Sentinel 3, 45 Fort Hill Players 45 Choral Speaking Choir 43 Tri-Hi-Y 4. 32 ment 4. Wolford, Norma Mae, Commercial. Dancing Z. Worring, Myron Vaughn, Academic. State Crew 3, Manager 45 National Thespians 4. Wharton, Harry, Acaclemic. Williams, Jeannine Melody, Commercial. Girls' League Ig Novelty Club lg Li- brary Club Zg Guidance Depart- Wllllams, Owen M., Vocational. Projection Crew 2: Print Shop 2, 3. Wilson, Carl Lee, Vocational. Bachelor Club 15 Fishing Club Z4 Student Council 1, 4. Wilson, Millard McClellan, General. Wilson, Roger, General. 33 Westfall, Charles Leo, Commercial. Wertz, Patricia Josephine, Academic. Public Speaking Club lg Dramatic Club 23 Fort Hill Players 3, 43 Choral Speaking Choir 3, 4g Tri- Hi-Y 3, 4. Young, Betty Jane, Academic. Glee Club 1, Z, 33 A Cappella Q - Choir 1, Secretary 2, 3, Vice-Presb dent 4, Dramatic Club lg Ushers 1, ' Fort Hill Players' Auxiliary 4. ' Zais, Catherine Sue, Vocational. Girls' League lg Library Club 2, 3, 45 Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, 4g A Cap- pella Choir 2, 3, 45 Ushers 43 Sabre 4. Zembower, Donna Dolores, Vocational. Tumbling Club lg Library Club 15 Monitors lg Bancl 23 Photography Club 23 Student Council 3. Zcmbower, Dora Mildred, Commercial. Dramatic Club 25 Girls, Glee Club 2, 35 Mimeograph Crew 4g Senrinel De 4: partmenr rypist 4. A Lloyd, Kathleen, Commercial. Hinkle, james Stanley, General. Club of Human Relations Z3 Pro- jection Crew Z, 35 Fishing Club 3g Boys' Hi-Y 3, 4. Hunter, James Hugh, Academic. .. Football 1, Z, 3, 43 Boys' Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. 34 ' .4 2: ., Q. ,, Moss, Elmer Frank, jr., General. Basketball 1, 3. 4: Sentinel 3g Base ball l. Z. 3, 4. UU ffl U I1 f JGIWC Lab fb HLCLW 5435 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Left to right: George Stevenson, Vice Presiclentg Dorothy Triplett, Secre- taryg Vlfonn Reynolds, President. The lunior Class The members of the junior class of 1948, under the guidance of Wann Rey- nolds, president, George Stevenson, vice-president, Dorothy Triplett, secretary, Eugene Mason, treasurerg and Miss Hamilton, adviser, have shown promise of being able leaders as the seniors of 1949. One of the most exciting days in the life of the juniors was when the class rings arrived. On this day, most of the students really began to feel the responsi- bility that was theirs. As in previous years, the junior class participated in the Annual Play Tourna- ment. Our play, "My Late Espousecl Saint," although not the winning one, was very! well presented and Ann Linn took top laurels, giving one of the three best performances. The annual Junior-Senior Prom was held on April 16, with Jimmy Andrew's orchestra playing dreamy dance tunes. The music, decorations, refreshments, and the lovely evening gowns were all perfect. Rounding out a full schedule on May 27, we gave the seniors some pleasant memories by presenting them with a Farewell Assembly. At the close of the year, we, the Juniors of '48 look forward to that position which will be ours as leaders in scholastic activities next year. 36 Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Rcw 1: K. Radcliffe, E. Taylor, J. Matlick, S. Burner, C. Malsberry, D. Freeland, P. Tasker, E. Utt, B. Carder, L. Wentling, E. Popp, N. Atkinson. A. Wilson. V. Lechlicter. M. Tipton, S. Kline, D. Campbell, E. Twigg, J. Kilroy, J. Fox. 2: K. Earl. J. Miller, B. Matheny, N. Jones, V. Simms, V. Shaffer, V. Ryan, A. Rice, D. Twigg, B. Browne, A. Taylor, D. Brinkman, B. Clingerman, N. Hicks, L. Hovatter, R. Hendrickson, F. Riley, F. Ryan. 3: E. Huff, B. Bratt, T. Furlow, L. Smith, D. Johnson, E. Nefkin, J. Stein, W. Rice, W. Alderton, B. Wilson, M. Collins, G. Long, J. Alderton, D. Baker, B. Miller, C. Owens, C. Cougenour, K. Shipe, R. Twigg. 4: J. Winterstein, J. Morris, R. Wheeler, I. Miller, L. McKenzie, C. Brookley, B. lVIcDonnld, W. Miles, E. Mason, C. Shore. V. Hogfrard, D. DeHaven, J. Alderton, T. Kabosky, D. Rowan. 5: A. Poling, R. Mntlick, W. Reynolds. R. Courtney, J. Nixon, J. Zembower, L. Mackereth, R. Bolyard. W. Dicken, M. t.utlr ll. G. Burke, E. Tuclfcr, C. Lat mcr. 6: K. Johnson, J. Riley, E. Strieby, J. Findley, L. Davis, W. Richards, P. Adams, R. Jack, R1 Arnold, J. Cessna. JUNIOR CLASS l: V. Boyd, D. Brant, R. Allen, D. Brant, N. Payne, G. Minor, W. True, S. Cage, D. Castleman, B. Piper, V. Hartman, S. Martin, B. Stump, D. Triplett, W. Chaney, B. Brown, S. Minke, J. Shirey, D. Growden, C. Shumaker, M. Howdyshell. 2: I. Cage, O. Conway, C. Brant, D. Murray, J. Brant, E. Burch, G. Davis, S. Robinette, E. Moravia, M. Blamble, B. Haines, R. Kimmel, J. Nicholson, P. Schramm, B. Lease, R. Duckworth, E. Headley, B. McElfish, I. Morrison, R. Eyler. 3: V. Liscomb, N. Eline, V. Sybold, H. Warner, L. Weber, S. Riggleman, M. Miller, D. Brown, A. Linn, G. Kirby, E. Iser, V. Stotler, M. Lewis, H. Twigg, R. Brant, N. Trussel, N. Wolf, C. Ault, C. Zimmerly, D. Switzer, R. Brant. 4: D. Maphis, J, Lizer, D. Raines, B. Thomas, D. Van Meter, T. Weese, S. Hoyle, A. Pryor, B. Tkvigg, L. Clarke, M. Brant, B. Stafford, M. Smith, J. Gordon, D. Emerick, J. Zembower, J. Kessler, C. Thompson, C. Tribut. 5 : R. Goss, R. Bolyard, T. Hausman, P. Gambino, M. Smith, R. Charlton, G. Fisher, D. Valentine, W. Wagus, R. Steven- son, G. Harris, E. Rankin, W. Files, W. Dickel, R. Rawlings, D. Easton, R. Springer, G. Hillegas, R. Gornell, B. Wotring. 6: J. Echard, B. Birmingham, J. Holliday, B. Dicken, R. Smith, C. Bujac, G. Grant, J. Boylard, B. Light, E. Haines, H. Henvener, G. Stevenson, J. Stafford, A. Smith, G. McElfish, G. Carns, J. Snyder, J. Peterson, R. Davis, A. Day. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Left to right: Mary Frances Kennel, Secretary, Roger Craze, President, Lois Davis, Vice-President, Norma Robosson, Treasurer. Sophomore Class Last year, as freshmen, the sophomores elected Roger Craze, president, Lois Davis, vice-president, Frances Kennel, secretary, and Norma Robosson, treasurer. The purpose of this election was to teach students how to vote and how to select the candidates that are best suited for the positions. After being formally organ- ized, the class was inactive, preparing for the time when they would become lead- ers in school activities. They are looking forward to the day when, as juniors, they will order their class rings, and really don the cloak of responsibility for their school. We, the seniors of 1948, extend to you, the seniors of 1950, best wishes for your future years at Fort Hill. 38 1 FRESHMAN CLASS Row 1: B. Eye, V. VanMeter, E. Poling, J. Clark, E. Robey, G. Bosley, G. Dent, P. Walters, A. Ginnaman, M. Davis, B. Castle- man, J. MacIntosh, H. Hobell, P. Lewis, C. Seders, B. Barnes, S. Taylor, P. Gurtler, B. Clapp, M. Gordon. Row 2: L. Twigg, B. Groves, D. Sherwood, M. Hannas, J. Fogle, M. O'Neal, V. Bennett, B. Clites, N. Smith, B. Liller, M. Ambrose, P. Fox, B. Robb, H. Thompson, R. McDonald, C. I-Iawse, R. Shreves, C. Mackereth, B. Ambrose. Row 3: E. Durbin, W. Wharton, M. Garland, R. Tipton, Z. Arn-old, D. Miller, M. A. Renshaw, J. Kenrtell, J. Wiltington, B. Ben- nett, A. Sittig, B. Courtney, H. Bishop, M. Starliper, J. Baker, R. Giles, W. Burke, C. Shreve, D. Frye. Row 4: W. Brooks, C. Andrews, V. Poole, F. Hausman, W. Smith, B. Groves, A. Whetzell, J. Boling, M. Rockwell, P. Skelley, V. McFarland, S. Stimely, J. Sunderland, S. Church, J. Jenkins, R. Clontz, R. Morgan, P. Tingler, J. Matlick. Row penter, J. Brown, S. Lease, T. Hull, M. Durst, E. Landis, L. Middleton. Row G. Wilson, E. Rutherford, D. Ferguson, J. Neff. S: D. Durbin, P. Rice, N. Caparosi, D. Weber, D. Kennedy, B. Shrod, T. Werse, I. Beck, R. Tucker, N. Appell, M. Car- 6: A. Shaetfer, K. Owens, R. Cage, W. Murray, D. Brake, C. Colbert, R. Statler, J. Stewart, J. Park, P. Blume, L. Glenn, Row 1: M. Whisner, J. Barnhart, B. Howdyshell, M. Sowers, B. Mae, M. Bennett, G. Klostex-man, W. Wotring, D. Norris, V. Walker, J. Cavey, J. Metzger, M. Dike, L. Ackerson, N. Metheny, R. Bucy, L. Squires, A. Nelson, L. Zembower, J. Hid- well, R. Oates. Row 2: R. Norris, W. Martz, W. Wigneld, W. Murphy, B. Heller, D. Whisner, W. Marsh, E. Peterson, H. George, E. Stewart, W. Liller, N. Davis, S. Cooper, A. Collins, G. Warner, P. Pittman, N. Nicholson, L. Ackerson, J. Leasure, R. Catenese, D. Bucklew. Row 3: R. Brown, R. Glantzer, G. Null. L. Reynold, F. Stafford, T. Evans, E. Emmart, E. Luttrell, J. Fernihough, E. McConald, Row D Row 5 P. Emerick, B. Liller, A. Holler, B. Larew, W. Lewis, B. Roby, C. Mellon, R. Troutman. 4: P. Stansbury, J. Loyld, E. Rawlings, P. Hartman, R. Hughes, R. Davis, C. Broadwater, B. Haire, D. Bobo, J. Shanholtz, . Ellis, I. Hoyle, K. Bible, J. Frick, J. Shipley, D. Lease, T. Short, S. Benson. : J. Corgan, B. May, B. Lee, H. Heller, R. Tewell, J. Mortzfelt, D. Lehman. E. Malone, J. Evans, A. Johnson, J. Mawk. H. Hardworth, H. Mock, V. Thimes, N. Robinson, J. Brown, G. Popp, J. Zerbaugh. Row 1: D. Odgers, K. Avers, J. A. Bopp, M. M. Burke, B. Rudy, P. Cline, P. Miller, J. Coley, M. Baker, M. Rice, D. Miller, P. Morse, M. Powell, C. W'alters, J. Shanski, G. Furlow, D. Boggs, B. Twigg, A. Miller, S. Taylor. Row 3: J. Alderton, B. Eckard, D. Ridenbaugh, D. Dailey, D. Welsh, M. Burke, R. Campbell, V. Flanagan, M. Rice, S. Lyons, M. Miller, J. Rice, C. Alt. Coleman, B. Brant, D. Birch, J. Pinault, P. Row 2: B. Dehaven, R. Brett, J. Parker, J. Taylor, F. Hafer, E. J. Davy, N. Alt, R. Close, V. Minnick, M. J. Valentine, P. MacKensie, R. Lyons, R. Smith, R. Deter. C. Windish, J. Hansroth, K. Flake, E. Smith, EIGHTI-I GRADE Ro ' W F. DeLozier, B. Fisher, W. Settle, M. Radclitfe, J. Blamble, J. Miller, C. Marker. H. Chase, M. Markov Row by, M. Manges, D. Peterson, S. Carpender, B. Martin, G. Pentony. A. Bartles, O. Chinault, J. Robinett Row Frost, B. Bell, F. Mummert, N. Sampson, G. Michaels, J. Newcomb, D. Markovitz, E. Cooper. Row 1: M. Twigg. M. Liedy, G. Statford, D. Roby, M. Philips, L. Sison, A. Miller, E. Wolfe, N. Hamilton, D. 2: C. Poling, D. Dolson, T. Williams, M. Harper, J. Mease, E. Alderton, D. Wilmont, S. Livingood, M. Twigg, D. Hoover, itz. Simpson, R. Soul- 2. 3: B. Shipway, H. Diehel, W. Bradey, E. Zembower, D. Henry, D. Collins, W. Athey, B. Donhowe, R. Bishop, P. Rice, E. 4: C. Mooris, B. Swamer, D. Zembower, H. Fansler, R. Wade, D. Moor, H. Benson, A. Valentine, J. Shore, D. Robinson, J. Koonz, R. Wachter, R. Hare, C. Ringler, J. Wolford, L. White, H. Reynolds, W. Philips, D. Myers. 5: G. Brant, M. Parsons, C. Rob, L. Young, R. Kerby, R. Henry, R. Shoemaker, B. Donhowe, B. Lee, C. Poling, C. Jones, B. Wilkes, R. Wolfe. Row D. Dye, V. Taylor, :ZZ Simmons, Mullennex, McKenny, Ault, Hamilton, Mackareth. V. Alkire, S. Parsons, D. Davis, N. Clites, N. Rinker, M. Wolford, S. Norton, P. Mackreth. Row lor, Dyer, Davis, Brinkman, Wally, Braithwarte, Smith. Row zer, Parks, Youngblood. Row J. Matfoly, D. Sheetz. L. Trole, W. Shatter, K. Combs, J. Boyd, T. Hardinger, M. Martin, W. Thomas. 1: Dentiger, Allen, Rowe, Hare, Bailey, McKenzie, Norris, Scott, Smith, Reed, Franzy, Shanball, Apple, Squires, Wigtield, 2: D. Nield, B. Ader, D. Bishop, M. Owens, L. Meyers, W. Raye, G. Gillum, G. Wilson, M. Weaver, E. Layton, D. Stevens, 3: Parks, Robinson, Richards, Hinkle. Often, Weber, Mostoller, Bishop, Snowburger, Minke, Johnson, Malcolm, Uphold, Tay- 4: Sloan. Reed, Mcese, Haines, Catanese, Thrasher, Wilson, Rice, Arnold, Tashenberger, Faymn, Turner. Cage, Thomas, Smelt- 5: K. Brotemarkle, W. Bean. P. Robertson, R. Lohr, D. Stein, R. Peterson, N. Smith, D. Mencer, R. Broadwater, J. Holmes, Row 1: M. Wilson, M. Westfall, V. Hall, N. Davis, B. Case, W. Stickley, F. Fadley, G. Summerfield, E. Read, M. Fansler, F. Kenny, A. Spencer, C. Sams, D. Riggleman, P. Klinger, E. Grim, T. Sponaugle, E. Hedr Buckalcw. Row 2: R. Shanholtz. E. Twigg, E. Evans, N. Scarlett, F. Cosgrove, P. Miller, I. Darr, B. McLaughlin, J. Baker, M. Hardinger, D Row 3: S. Johnson, R. Beard, D. Stimely, D. Lease, J. Stevenson, liter, D. Ficher, B. Portmess, T. Riggloan, N. Reuschel. L. St Row 4: W. Brooks, A. Garland, D. Lantz, W. Conner, V. Crable. man, J. Lassiter, J. Roby, R. Chaney, R. Roland, G. Hare, R. Row 5: Rawlings, C. Burkley, F. Fishel, R. Swain, D. Swain, T. reise. J. Leister, H. Sites, B. Haines, M. Jack, E. . Plummer, B. Tipton, S. Gero, C. Merritt. D. Boyer, B. Robertson, B. Lewis, N. Thoma evens, C. Hamilton, C. Nycutn, G. Hardinger. J. Brown, B. Shaetfer, W. Kerns, F. Weimer, Edwards, J. Wield, E. Thrasher, R. Hughes R. Rowe, G. Caldwell, H. Senkbeil, C. Cline, M. Beall. P. Stevens ick, M. Shreves, F Sponaugle, G. Brant s, E. Lloyd, R. Lech F. Jacobs, C. Hart D. Ritter, R. Logue v 1 Row Row Row Row Row l: A. Greise, M. Dircks, L. Morris, S. Knotts, W. Whetzel, C. Grapes, B. Brant, H. Woods, J. Short, B. Cage, V. Clark, V. Weimer, N. Shanholtz, L. Evnns, K. Stonehreaker, M. Lanclaker. T. Mort, R. Lynch, O. Steward, J. Short, M. Davis, L. Hidley, V. Butts. 2: J. Case, E. Wilmont, M. Wilson, S. Hendrickson, W. Furlow, A. Aldertown, M. Cole, B. Campbell, M. Frigonopolas, J. Shade, S. Clapp, J. Weba, A. Ringler, A. Riggleman, P. Warner, N. Reed, I. Acres, J. Dare, L. Hare. 3: B. Sites, W. Delawder, J. Barrels, R. Grahamn, F. Hyde. E. Westfall, J. Summerfield, H. Sharon, D. Harper, N. Martin, P. Lilla, L. Logson, A. Brant, J. Walkers, F. Robinette, B. McMillon, W. Trexler, L. Ayers. 4: A. Hutzel, R. Benson, J. Evans, W. Cubusky, L. Rowan, M. Stomp, J. Dowson, J. Ferris, C. Easton, W. Allen, T. Boser, J. Little, C. Iser, R. Schade, D. Berger, D. Castile, F. Henderslrot, C. Kemp, D. Underdonk. 5: D. Datari, H. Schadt, G. Riggs, R. Monnett, E. Hamilton, R. Wbisner, N. Jackson, E. Dickel, D. Hanekamp, C. Brinkman, K. Perdew, R. Ridgeley. SEVENTH GRADE Row Row Row Row Row 1: N. Kreiger, S. Whiteman, M. Robinette, E. Abe, W. Lesley. W. Strong, C. Chatlzer, S. Shriver, J. Short, W. Arndotf, S. Brinkman, M. Simms, S. Kessel, D. Whisner, F. Haines, J. Gehauff, L. Clarke, L. Miller, F. Fholk, E. Connors, D. Stafford, T. McDonald, P. Cook. 4 E: D. Oates, D. Alvaro, P. Zelinbock, P. Brookley, M. Bucklew M. Stafford, L. Collins, J. Brighter, J. Harper, E. Rumer, . Portmess, S. Metfron, B. Shook, S. Adams, S. Twigg. M. Clarke, M. Mease, A. Brown, A. Shadwell, R. Heavener. 3: G. Ringler, S. Sharon, B. Cook, C. Lewis, M. Lepley, P. Rowe, C. Twigg, D. Cirnmina, V. Pannone, D. Meeks, N. Purnell, G. Eshelman, J. Cavanaugh, W. Jewell. J. Ballon, C. Rice, B. Burke, B. Lloyd. J. Macintosh, V. Dennison. 4: R. Alvaro, G. Knots, M. Smith, M. Boone, J. Rawley. L. Payne. L. Miller, R- APP0ld. R. Dryer, M. Leasure, E. Lizer, C. Shaffer. J. Brown. T. Lamp. P. Montgomery, C. Deter, R. Henring, C. Rice. O. Nelson. S: R. Boonstricken, P. Turner, M. Leasure. W. Apple, R. lsfler. R- BOWIHMI- G- KNOWS- R- MCCOY' M- DUCkW0l'fh. J- Cliflw. R. Headly. R. Householder, R. Duff, D. Hockman, C. Athey. W. Alclerton, W. Andy, J. Ketterman, J. Barnhart, J. Lewis. W. Smith, C. Brant, B. Bland. 42 XBQL Q M BXX do Sxuefxxo 4' X bb k55522?-.......-f"',f??P J . Xe, C: , Q5',gCQQ' 'N 6 .NU f ds F9 X K 6661 x f fs" f . 01520463 95 'bxpvfgxo .K C," cheexleaievs -- Q bohvf. ,, 1 ' l'75b mg X ' vb fx JOJHQ bb V Y T75 M fg, Seated- Row 2 Row 3 Row Row Row 6 4 5 Standing left to right: A. Turner, M. Benson, V. Ryan, B. Davis, M. Castleman, E. Blacker, J. Chanowith, T. Crites, I. Snyder, Miss Ranck, J. Wigger, V. Stallings, M. Miller, J. Nixon, T. Furlow, I. Miller, V. Hanger, J. Steen, H. Huff, V. Johnson, R Hauser, M. George, M. Burley, N. Wolfington, S. Kline, D. Campbell, T. Weise, C. Estes, M. Propst, M. Weber. Row 1: J. Gordon, D. Emerick, K. Alt, C. Zimmerly, N. Fletcher, D. Stonehreaker, P. Hartman. gnuaxgar- Cessna, J. Cline, C. Zais, R. Thompson. B. Thompson. D. Alkire, M. Brant, A. Wilson. , Dangelo, D. True, S. Plummer, J. Looknbaugh, B. Lease, M. DeLozier, W. True, E. Birch. Allen, J. Lewis, L. Weber, S. Minke, L. Twigg, P. Cooper, D. Casrlcman, H. Lamp, H. Benford, M. Johns. Lewis, N. Linn, B. Drake, J. Nicholson, G. Kirby, R. Ferguson. Kettermnn, G. Miner, N. Trussell, V. Lichliter, M. Slim?- LIBRARY CLUB President ......... ....,, B eatrice Thompson Vice President ..... Dorothy Castleman Secretary ......... ...... R egina Ferguson Treasurer ,... ,,.,.,.., J ames Nixon This organization of sixty members from the three upper classes is of great service to the school. The mem- bers stamp out-going books and check cards, and replace on the shelves the books that have been returned. Besides assisting other students to End materials which they need, members do many other jobs to help keep the library run- ning smoothly. 44 Row Row Row Row Row USHERS CLUB W 2 Z D O O 2 2 2 Hwiwir xzfgnr W'x.m U' . 'Mm UU 311, -,.-.,,, ,. 7-"0on5O 1445-if-me Ppayx: 21,58 'L -.g.FU9 E32 ml' 5'.2'F: an-we gN '?:42' u:"gl'E.:'E, .fairs -1-'5' fa 5"uu"'lF' nog ?,.. Nm Om. f-mn... 555 Eg Pfrgfn ,,juP1S.g?.: . ,,.., :m5F::'P 5.5-1 mm Wm Sz.:-'IH ln- 3 :nr Saw H. g5.,,, x-827 r: . , .. 9.09 5' 5 3' 2. 'I 3 ' MS- :H Q o: 5592 5 BI? 3- mwi' n 5-"LHP ' 21' W PZFQ ' .. m U :STE 5' if '37 5' . gpg? PNA, - Pl. -. ,Q mrgv - fr.-wa VS? 3 l.5??r 5 ' r 31955 ? "'7'5n 'E ,HE I v-5 N D 9-on 5 5n"- ... .gm : 32 ca E Z 5 E :1 cr ... E-5 w - 4 on E 1- ,,, Ti. 3 N4 fb 3' 'D FUFUZSH MONITORS CLUB Cage, J. Innes, G. Davis, E. Birch, D. Whisnet, M. Deatelhauser, W. Brathway. Lovell, C. Northcraft, M. Whetzel, P. Lewis, J. Baker, G. Isner, H. Erickson, J. Millet. Grimm, E. Hendriks, L. Ackerson, B. May, D. Norris, B. Wagner, P. Richards, J. Harden. Growden, D. Triplen, N. Payne, L. Perdew, P. Miller. Mr. Robinson, J. Leasure, NI. Hartsock Durst, P. Weber, M. Perclew, L. Pez-dew, L. Hom, R. Wagley. I. Cage. 45 STAGE CREW Left to right: J. Harden. D. Sheetz. Mr. Fonte. C. Shaw. B. Trieher. G. Mnler. M. Wntring. G. Rnygor. PROJECTION CREW S!andlingQNLGrayson, D. Baker. J. Fisher. H. Warton. W. Clarke, Mr. Perdew. R. Izett. G. Stine, J. Alderton, L. Blacklin. J. Wiers . ac ter. Leaning: C. Deatelhouser. Kneeling: W. Evans, G. Long. 46 Left to right: H. Lamp, Mr. Price, M. Collins. M. Spriggs, M. Day, B. Bm-next, E. Bucy, G. Mason. J. Cline, D. Zembower. THE MIMEOGRAPH CREW The Mimeograph Crew ranlcs high among the most important service organi- zations at Fort Hill. The Crewis many important duties range from the printing of the absentee list, which is mimeographed and distributed to all teachers each morn- ing, to mimeographing tests and bulletins. This year the Crew has taken on a new job. They are mimeographing ques- tionnaires and other records and papers for the newly incorporated. Guidance Department. Only competent commercial students who have reached their junior year are eligible to worlc with the group. The student must also maintain a high scholastic rating. Each Crew member gives up one study period a clay in order to worlc. There are no officers in the club. For the past year, Mr. Robert Price has been serving as faculty adviser to the group. To this deserving and important club, every Fort Hillian owes his sincere thanks. 47 Row 1: V. Ryan, E. Un, M. Hobel, L. Wending, J. Shirey, E. Maravia. Row 2: C. Malsberry, T. Kabosky, N. Hicks, P. Gambino, A. Weber. SABRE STAFF CJUNIORD Seated: L. Hovaner, B. Clingerman, B. Stump, E. Taylor, H. Matlirk, K. Radcliffe Standing: P. Tasker, R. Twigg, A. Wilson, N. Atkinson. 48 SABRE EDITORS Row 1: I. Michael, Activities Edilorg M. Collins, Activities Editorg C. Burke, Senior Class Editor: P. MC- Carty, Layout Edilorg D. Poorbaugh, Layout Editorg E. Bucy, Business Manager. Row 2: J. Pierce, Photographyg B. Johnson, Arr Editorg S. Keller, Associate Editor-3 L. Lathrum, Advertising Managerg D. McCoy, Sports Editorg F. Bennett, Sports Editor-5 J. Curl, Photographyg J. Allen, Class Editor: N. Evans. Editor-in-Chief. SENIOR SABRE STAFF Row 1: E. Brant, J. Leasure, G. Weaver, M. Bageant, B. Barnett, J. Thrasher. Row 2: M. Castleman, B. Shreve, C. Zais, D. Jack, H. Lamp, J. Deetz, C. Hansrote, L. Perclew, L. Hout. P. Miller, L. Miller. 49 Left to right to left: D. Smith, C. Northcraft, N. Robosson, M. Moulton, L. Davis, B. Reuschel, R. Rowe, D. Guntler, J. Mac- Intosh, S. Taylor, N. Lovell, P. Cooper, A. Polinz, R. Cook, M. Stamp, V. MacFnrland, J. Pinault, J. Hansroth, R. Coleman, P. Foxx, J. Fogle, J. Kennell, F. Kennell, W. Cameron, R. Wilson, P. Close, P. MacKenzie, M. Siarliper, S. Taylor, D. Welch, M. Burke, F. Hafer, N. Davy, J. Bopp. Center: Mrs. Hughes, J. Dickerhoof, A. Turner, Miss Hlxdson. JUNIOR TRI-HI-Y The Junior Tri-Hi-Y has endeavored during the past year to plan activities that would bet- ter outfit the members for their future years at Fort Hill. The club participated in group church attendance to better understand and interpret re- ligion. They helped the Tri-Hi-Y collect food for the annual food drive at Thanksgiving, and they also contributed to the Community Chest, The Red Cross and World Service. The girls also extended personal service and aid to the deserving and needy children at Christmas. To learn to better adapt themselves, the Junior Tri-Hi-Y Members met together in the- ater, splash, skating parties, and other social gatherings. Their code is: To build a better world Ready, I must be In the place where life doth find me Holding fast-yet pushing on Into glorious adventure You-and I-and God. This is the standard to which the club has adhered during the year. The Junior Tri-Hi-Y began an active program early in October with candlelight service at a formal initiation. The club has worked diligently with Jane Diclcerhoff as president, Melva Burke as vice- presidentg and Patty Close as chaplain. They have been ably supervised by Miss Hudson and Mrs. Hughes. 50 Left to right, starting in front-A. Taylor, E. Taylor, C. Burke, G. Weaver, M. MacIntosh, P. McCarty, A. Wilson, N. Atkinson, A. Twigg. Back Row-S. Keller, K. Radcliffe, B. Matheney, L. Lathrum, D. Jack, B. Young, W. Thomsco, L. Cessna, M. Bagesnt, J. Allen, J. Curl. Right Row starting in back-D. Marker, B. Thomas, C. Baringer, J. Cline, C. Malsberry. M. Hobel. P. Wertz, J. Thrasher, D. Freeland, B. Brown. 'ln the Center-P. Tasker. D. Poorbaugh. J. Kilroy, Mrs. Dunlap, J. Mntlick. A. Park. GIRLS' TRI-HI-Y As the 1947-48 school year draws to a close, the Girls' Tri-I-Ii-Y looks back with pleasant memories of a successful year. Proudly they held the title of a service organization, and, by col- lecting food for Thanksgiving baskets, making scrapbooks for the sick, entertaining the needy children, they strived "To create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community, higher standards of Christian character." Their season of activities began in the latter part of September, when twenty new candi- dates, who had met the scholastic requirements and the approval of the members, formed a cir- cle around a camphre at the Constitution Park and were formally initiated into the club. Dances, hikes, trips to other Tri-Hi-Y clubs, Christmas caroling, sleigh rides, and spon- soring a basketball team are just a few sam-ples of the variety of activities on their social program. - Under the guidance of the Y. M. C. A., the advisers, Mrs. Carolyn Dunlap, and Miss Jeanne Bowersox, and the officers: president, Doris Jean Poorbaughg vice-president, Pat Taskerg secretary, Anna Lee Park, treasurer, Janet Matlickg chaplain, Joann Kilroy, the year ends with deeds of service and fun aplenty inscribed upon the records ofthe club. 51 Row 1: B. Birmingham, J. Echart, D. Sensabaugh, G. Moler, H. Lewis, D. Baker. F. Ryan. Row 2: J. Snyder, J. Alderton, G. Mason, M. Dean, F. Bennett, D. McCoy, C. Hansrote, D. Ayers, G. Wertz, D. Heavener, J. Squires, N. Evans. Row 3: M. McDaniel, T. jones, R. Stevenson, G. Schade, G. Burke. T. Kabosky, R. Catlett, R. Thuss. BOYS' HI-Y The Fort Hill Boys' Hi-Y carried out many useful projects during the school year. Besides providing moral and scholastic support, the club served in many ways to better and help the rest of school. The first project carried out was the printing and distribution of lineups for all home football games. On Thanksgiving Day twelve-page programs were printed and sold by the members of the club. Rel: resentatives of the club attended the Older Boys' Conference at Dover, Delaware, on December 5, 6, and 7, On March 20, delegates from the club attended a pre-legislative session at College Park, Maryland, and on April 22, 23, and 24 they traveled to Annapolis to participate in a Youth in Government program. One of the highlights of the year's activities was the Hi-Y - Faculty game in which the Hi-Y was defeated. This game is an annual feature of the I-Ii-Y and- is intended to create a feeling of good-fellowship between the faculty and student body. The proceeds of the game went to the athletic department to buy a moving picture camera. The club's officers were Don Sensabaugh, president, Ray Stevenson, vice- president, Glen Burke, treasurer, Norman Evans, secretary, and Jim Jones, chaplain. 52 Row I: 1. Thrasher, P. McCarty, D. Heavener, 1. Shiroy, D. Keesecker, N. Evans, D. Zembower. Row 2: J. Curl, J. Clark, E. Bucy, M. Tipton, T. Futlow, W. Robey, M. Robinson, M. Voorhees. Row 3: A. Park. D. Poorbnugh, C. Barringer, J. Ferguson, J. Allec, M. Lizer, j. Imes, M. Meyers, D. Ayers. Row 4: M. Bagcant, R. Stevenson, L. Koch, M. Spriggs, L. Lntln-um, S. Keller, J. Kilroy, H. Valentine, N. Hicks. NATIONALO HONOR SOCIETY One of the highest honors given by this school is that of being selected for membership in the National Honor Society. Not only high scholastic standing is needed for membership in this organization, but also qualities of leadership, good character, and service to Fort Hill. Anyone obtaining this high position may feel justly proud of himself. l Q Each year five juniors and an unlimited number of seniors are chosen. The juniors are automatically in the society for two years. The National Honor Society as a group does not participate in school alfairs. But the individual members this year, as in every other year, will do all in their power to make Fort Hill "a stronger and nobler school." 53 Sitting: D. Marker, Subscription and Exchange, C. Burke, News Editor, J. Deetz, Editor-in-Chiefg jean Allen, Associate Editor, K. Radcliffe, Feature Editor, P. Tasker, Feature Editor. Standing: J. Pierce, Photography, R. Springer, Art Editor, R. Thuss, Sports Editorg D. McCoy, Make-up Editorg B. Young, Girls' Sports. SENTINEL EDITORS The Sentinel, Fort Hill's bi-weekly newspaper, has two main objectives. They are to provide the staH: members with introductive training and experience in the field of journalism and to bring to the student body, news and incidents of interest. Numerous improvements were made in the make-up of the paper this year, including the rearrangement of the feature page, and the addition of various new feature columns. In spite of the many difficulties confronting the staff, they have maintained a high standard of excellence in the editions of the paper. This year, representatives of the staff and Miss Calemine attended the Colum- bia Scholastic Press Convention in New York City where the Sentinel was awarded a first place rating in the 1500 to 2000 student-body class. 54 SENTINEL STAFF Row 1: G. Weaver, M. Hobel, C. Malsberry, M. Robinson, C. Barringer, B. Brown Row 2: M. Bageant, D. Poorbaugh, F. Bennett, J. Mallick, N. Atkinson, E. Taylor SENTINEL TYPISTS Sitting: P. Alvaro, E. Bucy, B. Barnett, J. Thrasher, J. Clark, V. Greise. Standing: M. Judd, G. Mason. 55 CHEERLEADERS Left to right: Doris Brown, Ann Linn, Margaret Robinson, Alice Shnnholtz, Colleen Burke COLOR GUARD Left to right: Charles I-Iammaker, james Deetz, Murray Hai-dinger, john Harden. 56 Lett Row Row Row Row MAJORETTES Top to bottom: Norma Robosson, Dorothy Marker, Shirley Cage, Lois Davis, Margaret Mongold, Ethel Everett. BAND to right: Row I--M. Mongold, L. Davis. A. Frantz, W. Oss, R. Courtney, 0. Rohey, D. Ridcnbaugh. S. Cage. E. Everett. 2-D. Marker. J. Parker, C. Brookley, A. Sweitzer, E. Mort, J. Park, J. Blamble, J. Diggs, R. Wilson, B. Ambrose, N Shaeifer, N. Robosson. 3--A. L. Park, J. Ambrose, L. Tngliaferre, Mr. Martin, C. Bnrringer, H. Diehl, D. Evans, A. Weber, I. Brant. 4-J. Curl, J. Coleman, P. Close, F. Willison, J. Sweitzer, J. Montgomery, T. Knotts, D. True. 5-A. Smith, A. Poling, L. Lsthrurn, K. Flake, E. Smith, S. Keller, B. Wilkes. 57 Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Junior Body of Student Council H. Keller, N. Krieger, S. Knibbenburg, B. Campbell, S. Cooper. J. Mock, L. Twigg, E. Rumor, T. Morris, B. Crites, D. Dorricr. B. Eckard, J. Shafer, E. Campbell, N. Reed. J. Robey, J. Aldertnn, B. Bird. N. Nicholson. W. Smith, li. Mcljunnld. B. Bean, P. Brookley, D. Plummer, N. Rcuschel, li. Alderton, B. Robinson Senior Body of the Student Council V. Scott. D. Keesecker, J. Cline, M. McCoy, B. Casllcman. M. Brewer, B. Haines, J. Crabtree, C. Wilson. B. Clingerman, F. Hardinger, M. Shrout, D. Caslleman. E. Bland, K. Zimmcrly, G. Long, E. Kessel. 58 Sealed: Thomas Furlow, Edna Mae Brant, Thomas Kabosky, Jack Pierce, Ida Mae Cage, Carl Thompson, Jean Curl, Murland Hartsock. Standing: Miss Lillian Myers, Mr. Robert Morris, Mrs. Pauline Eyler, Miss Alverda Ford. STUDENT COUNCIL "We shall never bring disgrace to our school by any act of dishonesty or cowardice. We will iight for the ideals and cherish the things of our school, both singly and together. We shall respect and obey the school's laws. We will strive unceasingly to arouse the student's sense of scholastic duty. Thus in all these ways we will transmit our school to others-greater, better, and more beauti- ful than it was transmittedto us." The Student Council consists of two Houses, the Senate and the House of Representatives. The Senate is composed of eight officers-four seniors and four juniors. The four seniors fill the offices of President, Secretary of Social Affairs, Secretary of Traffic, and Secretary of Industry. The juniors 611 the offices of Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Public Relations Officer. The House of Representatives consists of a member of each homeroom, elected at the begin- ning of the school year. Each member is expected to attend the meetings each week, present prob- lems suggested by the homerooms and report the council meeting back to the homerooms. V Advisers of the Student Council are Mr. Robert Morris, Miss Lillian Myers, Miss Alverda Ford, and Mrs. Pauline Eyler. 59 lux fu., - 0 -fa 7. : ui., Elsxxfwl f., 1 X ,J VS!! :gl 1 - K - X 17 TN'-TSW-srnq tx-VKX? X xv f X, we f ,' X5 ,-.-- X i i X X X . KK' x' IQ! X 4 34-' I 0 .-ci 'r, ix ,ffl J ' l 5 ,Q 3 " A , fd lx x ,J KT' Q x b x Cr 5 ,f 1 1 fl 4 ,f , 1 . XXQ Q xx 4. X 1' ' -X X' "Eu I ff? 44: 9 1 M ' 'fx X X1-,l . I XXX-,, . fig' X ',f,+pf : 5 xxx 'xx X " I Z xx, X- AX- I-ML xx ,... QI ff I 5 NXN, K ,177 ix xxx ,, ' f -KX . ' Q , ,y4f4' ff' 4! -. X ff' , " f Q ,A ,gQ.54i'gL4gg? ' x ,fj3,'f',,l -xj Q- ':.1" i7 fx X ,'i'45 '12f5 " ZgffiTgQ' 'X 27 - 'vi' , Zigi: ' bj"'f'!,ff, X , , , W XX, , 5 VV-V 31,2514 :""- 'X V "WL sf' ex ft:-i' +HKsnQ C. lub CHEFS CLUB Row 1: C. Shreves, L. Twigg, J. Pnrker, R. Brett, J. Rice, M. Miller. S. Lyons. Row 2: J. Con-ick, C. Colbert, E. Landis. W. Kin Miss Hudson D Daile L. B1 v - Yu Beightol, J. Parks. I ,NL DANCING CLUB Row l-Left to right: C. Seeders, P. Lewis D. Norris, N. Metheny, W. Working, D Whisner, E. Stewart, J. Cavey, B. Robb, J Clark, G. Dent. Row 2-Left to right: L. Shade, K. Bowers, B. Shen-ard, H. Hobell, W. Smith, P. Em- erick, W. Marsh, D. Ellis, A. Collins, J Blambel, R. Boone, D. Sherwood, Advisor, Mr. Klompus. SAFETY CLUB Row 1: R. McDonald, L. Miller, R. Haven- er, F. Hyde, D. Hackman, W. Bland, B Bell. Row 2: R. McCoy, B. Bird, R. Brown, J Fesdick, D. Trexler, C. Troutman. ' Row 3: C. Lewis, D. Morineu, J. Trezise R. Householder, F. Fisher, B. Shumaker R. Cage, C. Andrews, F. Heavner. N EEDLECRAF T Row 1: P. Slamaker, M. Weaver, D. Norris. M. Stafford, B. Davis, D. Durst, P. Mak- reth, F. Weekfutd, J. Roby. Row 2: B. Agee, D. Davis, V. Alkire, D. Stevenson, N. George, J. Hair, B. Fisher, D. Hoover, M. Jones. Row 3: M. Clark, R. Wlenver, D. Meeks, D. Bishop, A. Holt. JUNIOR LIBRARY CLUB Left to right: D. Srimely, S. Slimcly, B. Twigg, J. Cross, E. Smith, R. Blnnlver. Sitting: M. Starliper, B. Liller, M. Ambrose. JUNIOR GLEE CLUB Row 1: M. Jack, S. Neasmller, J. Minke, L. Stevens, B. Tipton, M. Rice, B. Rudy, D. Miller, H. Thulllpson, S. Kessel. Row 2: A. Miller, R. Sllanholtz, S. Shunholtz, M. Wilson, E. Wilnlat, V. Snowbugger, J. Blamble, M. Harhnger. J. Gehenuf, S Twigg. Row 3: C. Shatzer, P. Nauger, S. Parsons, S. Carpenter, E. Van Meter, S. Livengood, B. Clapp, B. Haines, I. McKenzie, M Franziee. Row 4: Miss Ashbnugh, M. Dawson, A. Miller, N. Johnson, J. Rowe, B. Eye, N. Apple, I. Hoyle, A. Coffman, M. Hannas. Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Not CARTOONING CLUB 1: N. Kline, E. Grapes, R. Alvaro, H. Miller, R. Pepper, R. Donmeyer, L. Maphis, R. Hawse, R. Devore, M. Porter, E Read. 2: W. Wharton, G. Null. R. Slotler, R. Hansrote, D. Bible, J. Swaps. J. Chrisholm. N. Cage. 3: J. Stevenson, E. Rawlings, G. Gordon, M. Stamp, E. Davis, N. Hess, D. Waglls, B. Sirbaugh, H. Hull, N. Barnes. 4: L. Fisher, Mr. Foote, R. Broadwater. CAMERA CLUB 1: D. Underdonk, W. Sticklcy, F. Bucklew. J. Wellman. R. Bowman. M. Lease, F. DeLozier, C. Marker, S. Whitennall. 2: Mrs. Dunlap. Advisor, J. Baker, B. Portmess. D. Plummer, M. Yvolford. S. Gero, F. Cosgrove, Y. Allen, J. Keyser. 3: M. Martin, J. Alder-ton, H. Bloss, G. Brant. V. Walker, J. Bnrnhart. N. Carr. P. Skelley. 4: J. Reynolds, J. Jenkins. V. McFarland. S. Rowe. M. Cm-penti, P. Liller, C. Jackson. :sent when picture was taken: E. Brewer, J. McDonald, D. Bobo. G. Arthur, A. Messe, M. Liedy, E. Emmart, P. Rice, M pr Whisner, M. Bloss. 66 0 PUPPET CLUB Row 1: J. Shipley. W. Brooks. J. Parks. R. Lechliter, D. Fisher, W. Marsh, D. Buck- alew. Row 2: S. Knippenberg, L. Ewnld. A. Web- ster, S. Kester, F. Kenny, C. Sams, D. Rig- gleman, J. Turner, G. Summerfield, P. Kingler, M. Schwinninger, H. Chase, W. Settle, E. Barnes, B. Wigfield, B. Ambrose. Row 3: Miss Holzshu, Adviser, G. Knotts, H. Schaidt. KNITTING CLUB Row 1: L. Headley, T. Sponaugle. M Wilson, F. Crabtree, A. Greise, S. Clapp B. Campbell. Row 2: A. Alderton, M. Gross, P. Garvin, O. Lewis, E. Lloyd, P. Stevens, E. Grim, E. Hedrick. Row 3: C. Hinkle, Miss Bowersox, V. Hall B. Case, N. Davis, N. Reed, J. Harper, N Bishop, W. Leslie. CHECKERS AND CHESS CLUB Row 1: R. McBride, W. Rice, A. Isom, G Alkire, C. Robb, H. Denhl, N. Tansom W. Swarmerd. Row 2: K. Perdew, P. Hartman, W. Lynch W. Lewis, J. Matlick. J. Mortzfeld. M Durst, R. Cloontz, J. Matlick. Row 3: Miss Bowen, Advisor, W. Murray D. Brake, B. Hare, C. Broadwater. E Hamilton, B. Whisner, C. Brinkman. WILDLIFE CLUB Left to right: Row 1: Mr. Golladay, Mr. Bryce, D. Frye, D. Norton, P. Montgomery. T Robinelte, L. Ayers. Row 2: R. Tipton, R. Morgan, R. Wade, S. Benson. Row 3: R. Athey. R. Schrade, F. Wgymcr. R. Lee. Row 4: N. Caparossi. K. Owens, R. Wolfe, A. johnson, D. Lease. FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA Seated left to right-Row 1: L. Bible, C. Mackrelh, K. Shipe, J. Miller, R. Gnldshourgh. Row 2: J. Echart, J. Snyder, R. Tipton, Mr. House, J. Holiday, D. Johnson. Row 3: J. Weirs, G. Schoenadal, M. Hardinger, W. Heavenor, R. Nycum, R. Emerick. R. Wilson. ' 69 GIRLS' BOWLING TEAM Seated left to right-Row 1: R. Webber, D. Freeland. P. Weber. B. Reushel. Row 2: H. Shipley, S. Burner, M. Miller, S. Riggleman, R. Rowe, M. Whelzel 70 fy 7 Z i i..-r ,ff 'I :GE f ,nh,,d5,n- . f .,,. .,,--pg., funn. J, N WMU ,1 I M ' M N x 5 ? ' fl- Don Sensabaugh Don Sensabaugh, though plagued by injuries, has been a valuable player at the fullback post, being active in running and in passing. Don has played first-string ball for three years. He was not able to play in the Thanksgiving Day Game this year because of a broken collar bone received in the Hagerstown game. James Manges Serving with Don Sensabaugh as co-captain, "Jimmy," at right half was a spark to the whole team. Noted for his bruising type of play, "Jimmy" was a good runner and passer as well as kicking the extra points for the Sentinels. It was in this capacity that "Jimmy" really shined. By placing 32 extra points over the crossbars, he broke the city record for extra points which was held by Don Snyder of Allegany. Snyder had kicked 29 extra points. Coach Hahn Coach William P. Hahn came to For-t Hill High School to coach football in 1942. He had a good season that year losing only to Allegany. After three years in the Navy, Coach Hahn returned to Fort Hill in 1946 to become football and track coach. In 1946 his football squad lost only to Hagerstown, and his track team won the Maryland State Championship. In 1947, Coach Hahn's squad won nine out of ten games. Los- ing the opener to a strong Washington-Lee team, they finished the season by copping the City Championship. Rnw Row Row Rnw FOOTBALL SQUAD 1: C. Shore, J. Alderlon, R. Dicken, J. Squires, G. Moler, R. Catlen, F. Bennett. C. Lallimer, J. Lewis, F. Cnrhin, G. Burke, E. Tucker, L. MarKenzie, J. Mnngus, M. Dean, M. Luttrell. 2: Asst. Coach Bigler, P. Goss, W. Reynolds, H. Snrver, J. Robinette, P. Adams, C. Tribut, C. Hans- rote, C. Wagley, E. Mason, R. Rodenhauser, D. Dicken, J. Holiday, G. Schoendadel, G. Householder, R. Lee. E. Nixon, Coach Hahn. 3: K. Owens, L. Glenn, G. Hudson. G. Andrews. R. Craze, R. Cage, J. Judd, S. Leasure, M. Pratt. P. Murphy, R. Mangus, I. Abe, R. Thuss, E. Keyser, R. Royce, D. Lewis, M. Huffman. 3: J. Snyder. R. LaPP. D. Cowgill, J. Carrick. R. Hnlyard. S. Deiter, D. Brake, M. Renshaw, H. Twigg. E. Metz. F. Hnselherqer. Football Record and Schedule F. H. Opp. Waslmington-Lee .. ..... 21 33 Moorefield ....,.. ...... 2 7 I4 Keyser ...... ,..,. 4 0 7 La Salle .,...... ..,.. 5 5 0 Martinsburg ..... ...., 3 2 7 Grafton ....,. ....,, 4 0 0 Riclgeley ..., ,...,. 4 2 6 Beall ,.........,. ,..., 3 5 0 Hagerstown , . ..,... 13 0 Allegany ,. .....,.. 25 0 Total .. 330 67 73 Donald Sensabaugh, No. 28 Senior, 4th year All-City Due to injuries sustained in the Hagerstown game, Don was un- able to be present when pictures were taken. Fred Bennett, No. 26 Senior, 3rd year All-City Edgar Tucker, No. 12 Junior, 3rcl year Ronnie Catlett, No. 18 Senior, 3rd year All-City Glen Burke, No. 22 Junior, 3rd year All-City Gary Moler, No. 29 Senior, 3rd year All-City Ray Stevenson, No. ll Senior, 3rd year All-City James Manges, No. 25 Senior, 4th year All-City two years Milford Dean, No. 10 Senior, 3rd year Casey Sportsmanship Award 1047 Fred Corbin, No. 33 Junior, 2nd y-ear Alicafy Charles Lattimer, Nc. 27 junior, Znd year Jack Lewis, No. 32 Senior, 4rl1 year VARSKFYBASKETBALL Row 1 J. Manges, C. Lattimer, C. Cage, M. Dean, G. Moler. Row 2: Coach Cavanaugh, D. Bucy, G. Burke, J. Alderton, M. Hardinger, Manager L. Koch Row 3: J. Eckard, E. Mason, C. Hammakcr, R. Ayers, D. Sensabaugh. RESERVES Row 1: F. Corbin, D. Lewis. B. Dicken, R. Cage, G. XVerlz, R. Thusa. Row 2: Coach Bigler, C. Wagley, R. Craze, V. Haggard. C. Shore, W. Bram. 77 ,lames Manges, senior guard - 2 years first string. All-City guard '48. Gary Molcr, senior for- ward-l year Hrst string. All-City forward '4S. Charles Lattimer, junior guard--1 year first string. High scorer for City and XV. M. I. League. All- City guard '48. XV. Nl. I. League All-Star '48, Murray Hardinger, sen- ior alternate center-1 ycar Hrs: string. Coach Cavanaugh q Coach john Cavanaugh started coaching at Penn- sylvania Avenue in 1928, and in 1936 when Port Hill was built, continued coaching here. He has coached practically all sports but is con- nected mainly with baseball ancl basketball. His bas- ketball team this year had one of the most impressive records ever compiled by a Fort Hill team, winning the City and W. M. I. League titles, the Class A title of the Western Shore, and the State Championship. His many fine championship teams stand as a reminder and tribute to Fort Hill's "Mr. Basketball." Clinton Cage, senior con- ter-Z years First string. Milford Dean, senior for- ward-3 years first string. Sportsmanship award - 1947. Sportsmanship Cer- tificate-1948. All-City forward '47. W. M. I. League All-Star ,47. All- City forward '48. W. M. I. League All-Star '48. 79 Row 1: I. Cage, D. Adams, C. Hudson, O. Conway, D. Decker, M. Miller. Row 2: Coach Snyder, G. Kirby. D. Twigg, H. Warner, J. Clark, E. Birch, B. Dangelo. Row 3: T. Fayman, S. Fier, S. Riggleman, B. Brooks, W. Cameron. Girls' Basketball Team For the first time in many years, a girl's basketball league was formed in Cumberland. In this league Fort Hill has set a record of which we can be justly proud. Under the able coaching of Mrs. Henrietta Snyder, our team has gained dis- tinction for Fort Hill by winning four championships. They won the City, WMI League, Class A, and District I championships. These titles were won through hard worlc and practice on the part of each individual on this team. Athletic organizations, such as this, servc in building strong, healthy minds and bodies, and teach participants the meaning of good sportsmanship. Serving as co-captains were Oleta Conway and Clara Hudson. June Clark acted as manager. We, of the SABRE, extend to the basketball team a vote of thanks for the recognition you have brought to our school. S0 ?' ff'-Q' Q i 5.35 -1.5 XJ v- ,,, 111' J ff w 2 W ' EEE !f?2f ,-41745 A , ,?Wr YK Q ,mfinfjiz I ' .X f, L lr, 'Al Elf' A, 'fi X if.:Ef7f.f"r'g 4 04 I ,XEEWW . '75, Y 5 Sql X Y Q 1 , x..f 4 lfillll lf .. S'-' If-14 mf WTI?-' c . -1741 AE Q 1 iq gt' ra' W? VERSE SPEAKING CHOIR Row 1: N. Payne, J. Thrasher, C. Burke, A. Taylor. E. Taylor, D. Tripletl, B. Carder, E. Twigg. Row 2: T. Furlow, J. Curl, G. Weaver, J. Matlick, B. Matheny, D. Jack, B. Haines, J. Allen, M. Bageant, M. Beal, E. Moravia, P. Wertz. Row 3: D. Pom-baugh, A. Park, J. Fnx, J. Kilroy, R. Kimmel, W. True, D. Brinkman, D. Brown. THESPIAN S Sitting: J. Allen. Standing: D. Poorbaugh, H. Julmson, C. Halumaker, M. Bagcunl. 82 E Row 1: J. Matlick, J. Thrasher, G. Weaver, A. Taylor, B. Carder, B. Haines, D. Tripletl, N. Payne, C. Burke, A. Park. Row 2: J. Harden, D. Jack, E. Taylor, R. Kimmel, W. True, E. Twigg, R. Ferguson, E. Moravia, J. Curl, P. Wcrtz, M. B l, J ea Deetz. Row 3: Miss Smith, D. Poorbaugh, E. Brant, J. Fox, B. Matheny, J. Kilroy, M. Bageant, J. Allen, W. Tomsko, D. Brinkman, D Brown, T. Furlow. FORT HILL PLAYERS The Fort Hill Players, under the direction of Miss Helen Smith, reached a new goal in dramatic achievement during the year. During the regular work- shop periods, courses on drama in all its phases were conducted. The success of the Players and their new director was seen in the annual three-act play, "Dear Ruth," which was presented in December. The one-act play tournament and the judging of the best actor was a spotlight event on the dramatic calendar. The May Day festivities honoring the queen and her court were car- ried through with ia flourish of beauty. The club also assisted in many of the as- sembly programs' throughout the year. The officers for 1947-48 were Doris Jean Poorbaugh, presidentg Marybelle Bageant. vice-presidentg Jean Lee Curl, secretaryg Anna Lee Park, treasurer, and Jean Allen, publicity manager. 33 Row 1: G. Hillegas. E. Everett, l. Michael, M. Dclozicr, D. Keesecker, E. Maravia, E. Bucy, M. Dny, L. Carroll, D. Freeland, J Hager. Miss Yates. Row 2: R. Hendrickson, M. Ripton, B. Clingerman, L. Hovatter, L. Tewell, B. Young. A. Wilson, B. Shreve, D. Murray, M. Rob inson, C. Barringer, C. Thompson. Row 3: D. Baker, J. Curl. H. Spiker, C. Zais, D. Raines, B. Johnson, R. Thonipson, L. Allender, B. Thompson, D. Brown, A. Linn . Maphis. l Row 4: C. Trihut, J. Alderton, B. Wotring, W. Wilson, J. Findlay, D. Tester, J. Stafford, T. Vanorsclale, J. Miller. A CAPPELLA CHOIR james Hager .... . .. ,. . .,.. President Bettye Jane Young ,.... ..... V ice President Carl Tribitt ........ ........ Secretary This year, under the able direction' of Miss Annetta Yates, the A Cappella Choir and Girls' and Boys' Glec Clubs have risen to new heights of achievement in the field of music. Well-known in Cumberland, the A Cappella Choir is one of the best choral groups in this section. Taking an active part in community programs, the choir presented many per- formances for churches and social groups throughout the city, and, as usual, they sang Christmas carols at the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad station. Highlighting a full year of musical entertainment, they took part in the annual county music festival held here at Fort I-Iill. In addition to providing pleasant experiences for all who heard them, the members broadened their own knowledge of music. 8-l GIRLS' GLEE CLUB Row 1: B. I.. Eye, M. DeLozier, E. Evereit, M. Perdew, V. Scott, D. Keesecker. E. Maravia, L. Wentling. C. Riley, B. Rvuschel, D Twigg. D. Freeland. J. Wigger. V. Wilsuii, W. McCullough, Miss Yates. Row 2: M. Hannus, M. Tipton, L. Clark, B. Davis. H. Spiker, L. Tewell. A. Wlilson, J. Ditkerhoof, J. Lewis, N. Fletclwr, D Stonebreaker, H. Erickson. D. True, M. Mellon. Row 3: M. Deneen, D. Riggs, E. Popp. C. Hull. L. Hovntter. J. Saville. M. Moulton, A. Polling, J. Lancaster, M. Lakin, A Murray, M. Robinson, P. Schramm, B. Mc-Elfish, R. Rowe, J. Curl. Row 4: E. Kemp, S. Feir, N. Hicks, H. Shipley, V. Stallings, B. J. Clingvrnmn, C. Zais. R. Thompsnn, D. Raines. L. Allendrr B. Thompson, D. Bruwn, A. Linn, M. Wlmrlvel, D. Brant. H. Wlalkvr. BOYS' GLEE CLUB Row 1: B. Sneathen, B. Wotring, L. Buyer, B. Lee, R. Goldshorough, T. Furlow, T. Maphis. Stafford, J. Hager, A. Yates- Row 2: D. Baker, S. Murray, J. Sensabaugh. R. Twigg, J. Zerbach, E. Haselberger, T. Vanorsdale, D. Teler. C. Thompson. Row 3: C. Tribul, C. Hillegas, J. Alderton, J. Findlay. W. Wilson. R. Harrell, J. Millrr. 85 Left to right: Don McCoy. Colleen Burke, Margaret Robinson, Nadeane Atkinson. "DEAR RUTH " CAST Seated: Jimmy Deen. Margaret Rnbinsrm. Standing: Charles Hammaker. 86 "DEAR RUTH" CAST Left to right: John Harden, Margaret Robinson, Jimmie Deetz, Don McCoy, Norman Evans, Jenn Nicholson. Colleen Burke. On the steps: Nadeane Atkinson, jean Allen, Charles Hammaker. Dora ........ ,... ............... Mrs. Edith Wilkins .. Miriam Wilkins ........ Juclge Harry Wilkins Dear Ruth"-Fort Hill Play December 12, 1947-8:15 P. M. Jean Nicholson Nadeane Atkinson .....f....Colleen Burke Donald McCoy Ruth Wilkins ........... .,.. . Margaret Robinson Lt. William Searight .,.... ............... J ames Deetz Albert Kummer ...,.... Charles Hgmmaker Martha Searight ....... .,....,.,,.,.,. J ean Allen Sgt. Chuck Vincent ..,.. .....,.. N orman Evans Harold Klolibermeyer .,., ...,.... J ohn Harden w 87 L SENIOR CLASS PLAY Row 1: Seated: Helen Hott Row 2: Sealed: Hdlen Benfo d D l Coy. Anna Lee Park. Row 3: Standing: Charles H L D Jean Pnorbnugh. "Life of the Party"-Senior Class April 9, 1948-8:15 p. m. Jean Hughes ..... .... .....,. . . . Doris Jean Poorbauglm Mr. Hughes Mrs. Hughes .... Amy Hughes .....,. Teddy Hughes ,... Mildred Hughes ..,... Sally Frazier ...,.... Charles Collier ......,.... Mike Tisclale ............ Maryrosalie Vogulhur Hope Shuttleworth A .. Dottie Kixmiller ........, ...... Ruth Coates .... ....,... Mrs. Victoria Coates .. Snazzy Mitchel ., .... .. Walter Lipscomb ,...... Tommy King ,.., 88 Donalcl McCoy Helen Benford Helen Hott .Charles Hammaker . ..... Anna Lee Park Margaret Robinson Milner Renshaw Donald Sensabaugh Louella Perdew ..Dorothy Keeseclcer .. Maryanne Spriggs .,Marybelle Bageant . Bettye Jane Young ...........Rol:nert Appel ...,.,,....Jol'xn Harden Raymond Stevenson Left to right: Ray Milner Renshnw. Steven son, Robert Appel , SENIOR CLASS PLAY The lights grew clim as the curtains opened on April 9 to reveal the senior class play "Life of the Partyf' The play was a huge success ancl it can be marlcecl clown as another accomplishment for this year's senior class. The plot of the play was an intricate pattern of seven stories interwoven into a comedy of an average American family. The cast played their parts well and can he complimented on their fine acting ability. To each member we extend our thanlcs for a memorable evening of enter- tainment. SO VIUNIOR PLAY CAST Scaled: Barbara Curder. Ann Linn. Standing: Jack Cvesna, Carl Thompson, Directnrg Anna Lee Park. SOPI-IOMORE PLAY CAST Seated left tn right: Bill Evans, Mary Moulton, Norma Robossnn. Standing left to right: Lois Davisg Director. Joanna Thrasher: Robbie Wilson an a SENIOR CLASS, PLAY TOURNAMENT' WINNERS Seated left to right: Donald McCoy, Doris ,lean Pnnrhnugh, Colleen Burke, .ll-nn Curl, und Fred Bennett PLAY TOURNAMENT The long awaited, annual sophomore-junior-senior play tournament was held on February 19. This tournament is sponsored by the Fort Hill Players. The plays must be of one-act and are cast and directed by student directors. This year all three casts gave excellent performances with first place being awarded to the seniors. The sophomore play, "Nobody Sleeps," was a comedy directed by Joanna Thrasher. In the cast were Robbie Wilson, Norma Robosson, Lois Davis, Mary Moulton and Bill Evans. Their performances prove that they are all very talented. The junior cast presented "My Late Espoused Saint." Taking part in this comedy were Carl Thompson, Jack Cessna, Barbara Carder, and Ann Linn, who was chosen as one of the top three performers. Anna Lee Park directed the well- acted play. The winning play, presented by the seniors, was "Which Is the Way to Bos- ton?" Taking part were Jean Curl, Colleen Burke, Don McCoy and Fred Ben- nett. Colleen and Don were the other two selected as giving the best performances. This play was ably directed by Doris Jean Poorbaugh. The casts and directors of all three plays deserve the very highest praise for the fine entertainment they presented. 01 QVQQ X 0 2-5-1 X QCA v X . AVi V V 1.2.1-,x Colleen Burke limmy Manges The SABRE is proud to present James Manges to the student body, their overwhelming choice as the outstanding senior boy. Jim truly deserves this honor, being as well-known to the younger students as to his fellow classmates. In his later schools years, he has taken an active part in football, basketball, and base- ball. In these sports, Jim has proven to be a capable and dependable person. His athletic talent has gained him many honors during his school life, placing his name among the well-known in Fort Hill's Hall of Fame. The SABRE wishes the best of luck to Jim, a good athlete and a wonderful fellow. The SABRE prescnts Colleen Burke as the out- standing senior girl of the class of '48, Colleen merits this title because of the active interest she has taken in all school activities. She has distinguished herself in a variety of activities, making great use of her dramatic ability and glowing personality to excel in the field of dramatics. l-ler natural beauty plus her pleasing disposition has been sufficient to warrant her being chosen as May Queen Attendant for four suc- cessive years. Coleen is also known to all as the peppy cheerleader who lends excitement to athletic contests. To Colleen, the SABRE extends best wishes for many triumphs in her future years as an alumnus of Fort Hill, class of '48. 94 HI-Y, TRI HI-Y AND JR. TRI HI-Y OFFICERS Row I: 1. Kilroy, Chaplain: P. Close, Chaplain: J. Kennnl, treasurerg j. Matlick, treasurerg P. Tasker, vice- presidentg D. Poorbaugh, president: A. Park, secretary. Row 2: j. Jones, Chaplaing R. Stevenson, vice-presidenlg D. Sensalbangh, prcsidentg G. Burke, ltcasurcrg N. Evans, secretary. 1-II-Y OFFICERS Nluch of the success of the Boys and Girls Hi-Y organization depends upon the ability, leadership, and initiative of their ofiicers. It is the duty of each officer to carry out his tasks to the utmost. The officers this year have done a truly grand job, and the members of the clubs can be proud of the students they have selected to these offices. DON MCCOY A person well-known here on the 'Hilltop for his intellect, personality, acting ability, and humor, is Don McCoy. His activities all through school have been well-rounded and numerous. Don, as a senior, captured well-deserved laurels for himself and the school when he placed first in the city as winner of the 'QI Spealc for Democracyn contest. I-le also brought honor to himself when he tied with two others for first place in the annual Senior High Play Tournament. An- other proof of his acting ability was that of being chosen to portray one of the leads in the Senior Class Play. Don's name will long be remembered among the great in Fort Hillis Hall of Fame. 95 May Queen june Clark - Twelfth 'Grade SENIOR ATTENDANTS Colleen Burke Marybelle Bageant JUNIOR ATTENDANTS Oleta Conway Jo Anne Shirey SOPHOMORE ATTENDANTS Lois Davis Greta Crites FRESHMAN ATTENDANTS Virginia Bennett Jean Fogle JUNIOR HIGH ATTENDANTS Shirley Hendrickson Phyllis 1VlcKcnzie Row 1: Shirley Hendrickson, Virginia Bennett, Lois Davis, Greta Crites, Jean Fogle, Phyllis McK Row 2: Oleta Conway, Colleen Burke, June Clark, Mm-ybelle Bageam, Jo Anne Shirey. l 7 , 96 HER MAIESTY QUEEN OF THE MAY June Clark Beauty, intelligence, interest in her fellow students, and belief in fair play are just a few of the characteristics of our May Queen, June Clark. Well-liked by all, June has taken a deep interest and pride in all her school work. This pert brunette with a pleasing personality and a warm smile has taken an active part in school life. During her first years at Fort Hill, she was a member of the Library Club and Girls' League. In her junior year, she took part inthe junior Farewell Assembly. This year June was a typist for the SENTINEL and for the Commercial Depart- ment. Always taking an active interest in sports, she was manager of the girl's championship basketball team. Disproving the theory that brains and beauty do not mix, June was awarded one of the highest honors given by this school when she was voted into the National Honor Society. On a very lovely spring day, amid an impressive array of beauty, June was crowned Queen of the May by Birdie Lou Kirk, last year's Queen. A delightful pro- gram was presentecl in honor of Queen June and her court. We, of the SABRE, take this opportunity to extend to June Clark, May Queen of 1948, success in future years. 97 Dean Holding - Manges Kicks I im Manges Jim Manges, one of Fort Hill's most outstanding athletes, set a new city record when he kicked 32 extra points during the Football Season. Jimmie really deserved the title, "The Toe," with which he was labeled. His unerring aim was a morale booster to the entire team. However, Jim did not accept all credit for his success, and praised Milford Dean, the ball-holder, and the rest of the Sentinel team for their support. The people of Cumberland showed their appreciation of Jim,s sportsman- ship and ability by observing "Jimmie Manges Night" at a localtheater. Jim was honored by the presentation of a gold trophy while the remainder of the squad was in the audience. Jim was All-City for two years in football and was also very active in basket- ball and baseball. 98 Left to right Louise Lathrum, Betty Shreve, Betty Barnett, james Stemple. These four students are among those who have brought special acclaim to Fort Hill through their literary eH:orts. Betty Barnett and james Stemple took first and second prizes, respectively, in che National Guard Essay Contest and Betty Shreve and Louise Lathrum took honors in the National Quiz-Kids Contest. All four of these students justly deserve the honor which they have brought to themselves and their school. In connection with the annual one-act play tournament Colleen Burke, Ann Linn, and Don McCoy were chosen as having given the best performance. All three gave excellent performances and meritecl the title of "Best Actor of 1948? Editor. We extend congratulations to the Sentinel editors, Jean Allen and Jimmy Deetz, under whose guidance the staff was able to make prompt and complete coverage of news and feature events. Jean and Jimmy held the positions of co- feature and news editors, respectively, last year thereby proving their working and journalistic abilities. Sabre Mr. Klompus, Mr. Engle, Sarah Keller, and Norman Evans have worked faithfully to produce a yearbook that would be an accurate record of the school year. This took much time and effort on the part of all of them. Norman especially deserves much credit and recognition for the great piece of work he has clone. He gave much of his time in the attempt to make this year's SABRE one that will be of interest to everyone. . We, the senior class, thank you of the SABRE stall for recording many pleas- ant memories for us to recall in later years. Norman Evans, Editor-in-Chiefg Mr. Leon Klompus, Adviserg Sarah Keller Associate Editor. Not Pictured: Mr. Engle, Adviser. 100 Sentinel Jimmie Deelz..Edilor-in-Chief Miss Cale mine. Adviser: jean Allen Associate ,,,.,Z eh-f ' X if 4i7 4gf : " 'J ,.. Eg, ,M .1 V-AT,.,f X ,A,,v ' ff - " W X 1.1 1' fl Vv f ffm N -X i Um Aff! Q I 7 ,ifff I E, M1 ' 75x A N fs ffl? , , H eff fxf 1 P HU' Q ' ' in ,Aa Ly- - if my 1 M Hi W1 f by-1, X-'LL x X jx' .J I' ? X 'A W X ix lf.. 4 1 , ffm X X . my fe, fx-1 m ..M 1 , s , HZ, ' V N A H rl ff ff x 2 + J' J' I A "X ' 'f f Y X lV,QV'f Y ,V -' . ,XX 0 :I 4 f In A "f W4 "'ffN-ff! ll Q wmv? mf IM! WW X K CWWA N' ',1,- I T Y 1517" X I 1 - , , 1 ,v ' -l vw QA ff, ,,f ' HW' 1,-M" Q X MM' .N Afx' 'Ax fuk X . u 'iff 2 Q X I . A xv H --- l -1-9:3 . Q X XX ! V Q v I 1 f -eww Q Cl ...hi C ASS OF 9 Q, l South Cumberland Planing Mill OFFICIAL SENIOR PHOTOGRAPHERS GOLDFINE STU IO CUMBERLAND, MARYLAND 103 CURL'S Camera Shop Llberty Street Cu berlcmd Md High School Graduates of '48 Here's Your Future f-M new f.2:"... U. S. Army and Graduation need not mean the end of your education. Those of you who choose the U. S. Army or U. S. Air Force for a career may obtain the equivalent of two years of college credit by signing up for extension or correspondence courses in the United States Armed Forces Institute. As for the graduate interested in a trade, he will find just what he is look- ing for in the more than 60 technical schools of the U. 5. Army and U. S. Air Force. What makes this academic and techni- cal schooling so attractive-aside from the knowledge gained-is that it is abso- lutely free to anyone enlisting. While you continue your education, the gov- ernment pays you a salary higher than many a civilian scale. It also provides a chance to visit and study in foreign countries, while all the time you are be- coming eligible for retirement after 20 years. Before you make your final choice of a career, it would pay you to look into the wonderful opportunities that are avail- able in the U. S. Army or U. S. Air Force. U. . Air Force Recruiting Service County Office Building 111 Union Street, Cumberland, Md. 105 Best Wishes to the CLASS OF 1948 WTBO Phone 699 FORT HILL STUDENTS QUEEN CITY DAIRY, INC. CUMBERLAND, MARYLAND 310 S. Mechanic SI IDI' l THE KENNEWEG CO. WHOLESALE GROCERS Since 1890 180-184 Baltimore Street Cumberland, Maryland Lincoln Avenue Meyersdale, Pennsylvania DISTRIBUTORS Gold Bar and Lily Valley Canned Fruits and Vegetables Daniel Webster and Tom Thumb Flour They're Delicious and Nutritious THAT'S LIBERTY'S Chocolate Milk Butter Milk Cottage Cheese Orange-ode Whipping Cream Coffee Cream Liberty's dairy foods are far above the aver- age in taste appeal and nutritional qualities. They contain essential vitamins that are your first line of defense against illness, nutritional deficiency and lack of energy. Secure yours at the neighborhood store, or call 77 and our route man will do the rest. LIBERTY MILK COMPANY 107 THE TIMES AND ALLEGANIAN CO Publishers of The Cumberland News Evening Times Sunday Times HARVEY'S JEWELRY STORE D t b t f FORT HILL CLASS RINGS 108 G3 fjgbb? ,sy . SX .5-Q , E' ' s,3Qjg?r' ' wfgz 'F , :Y xx '-15. 1- wg we R msg.:-M, .. X -5 -4 . , ,xr .i X mf, .5 .5 W .. ef- Tax - ag N N'kE':-x bar' Celebrating a Century of Service to the Communiiyl Lead the Dance Parade This Year With a Corsaqe irom BOPP' FLOWER SHOP 75 Baltimore Sireet Phone 2582-2581 One Locaiion Only lU9 WHY MISS AN IMPORTANT ENGAGEMENT Just Phone 5 0 5 For an Astor Cab Now Even Better Service Thanks to Our 2-Way Radio FORT HILL STUDENTS ENJOY MARTIN'S HOT DOGS Because They Are SKINLESS and DELICIOUS and WHOLESOME and as Amerucun as the 4th of July Have You Had Any Lately'-' MARTlN'S INC. OF CUMBERLAND 417-421 Maryland Avenue 110 Our Mos! Sincere and Best Wishes -- to the -- CLASS OF '48 Cumberland Electric Co. l37 Virginia Avenue General Electric and Philco Home Appliances Approved Manufacturer's Service Compliments of Motorcycle Sales Gm Service 618 Baltimore Avenue Cumberland, Maryland 111 Fort Hill Students Are Invited to Become Members of the Y. M. C. A. Annual Dues: High School Girls and Boys l9th-'I2th Gradel-S8 Grammar School Girls and Boys lAges 9-142-S6 Catherman's Business School 0 Telephone 966 Cumberland, Maryland MacGregor-Goldsmith Sports Equipment "Outfitters to Champions" The Wilson Hardware Company 30 N. Mechanic St. Merchants Wholesale Grocery Company, Inc. 143 Union Street Cumberland, Maryland -Distributors for- ROBIN HOOD FLOUR OCCIDENT FLOUR STOKELY'S CANNED FRUITS AND VEGETABLES DEL MONTE CANNED FRUITS AND VEGETABLES FARMERS DAIRY , GRADUATION GIFTS Pasteurized Milk, Cream and Dairy Products Walnut Place Between Paca and Beall Streets Curtis Cox, Manager PHONES 311 and 312 Ask For LEAR and OLIVER IT'S BETTER For Finer Quality Diamonds and Nation- ally Famous Watches, Visit Cumberland's Leading Jewelry Store. A 1' ee ml Q ' -eh-li H lil ll-Lg! - Jewukv stone i E sr. . THE CAKE BOX We Specialize in Wedding and Decorated Cakes, Bread, Rolls, and Pies Edward F. Clinebell Proprietor 239 Williams Street Cumberland, Maryland Shop and Save at CITY FURNITURE The Big Friendly Furniture Store GURl.EY BROTHERS Your DODGE Dealer 'I23 S. Liberty Street PHONE 258 Always Open Best Wisheslto the Class of '48 from R. K. LATHRUM GROCERY PHONE 2050 403 East Oldtown Road Cumberland, Maryland NAMES YOU KNOW Botany . . . McGregor . . . Dobbs Swank . . . Interwoven Alligator . . . Hickey Freeman Hickok . . . Arrow. . . Aqua Togs Koroseal . . . Paris . . . L'Orle Marxman . . .Manhattan Hansen . . . Surretwill . . . McCurrach the MANHATTAN Gentlemen's Apparel Cumberland, Maryland 114 w Best Wishes to the Class of '48 from A. M. JACK GROCERY PHONE 1603 1304 Virginia Avenue Cumberland, Maryland SOUTH END MARKET H. K. POLING, Proprietor Meats, Groceries and Produce Phone 739 408 Virginia Avenue Cumberland, Maryland Webster K. Edwards H. Clifford Spiker TRUITT DRUG CO. Your Doctor's Right-Hand Man PHONE 364 238 Virginia Avenue Cumberland, Maryland Compliments of MODERN CLEANERS PHONE 640 112 Virginia Avenue Cumberland, Maryland Best Wishes h Class of I948 J 81 L MOTORS 111 S G ge 51. Chrysler Plymouth Cpl f SMITH'S SERVICE STATION C Park 81 Williams S C pl f HOFFMAN'S SEALTEST ICE CREAM Williams Street Cumberland, Maryland THOMPSON BUICK CORPORATION BETTER BUY BUICK Let Reddy Kilowatt Do Your Hard Jobs Electrically Girl 'M P5 W Q0 ooh ? - E 16' 5 Q 5-rf I "1zr:,.fls."fs.2'.z':r' Q 'pf' -QW 005' KILONNP' The More Electricity you use The lower the rate The Potomac Edison Co Let's Meet and Eat at EATWELL GRILL I1 N. Mechanic Street SUN HEATING COMPANY 433 N. Mechanic Street PHONE 5212 "Heat With Sun" Compliments of Max's Barber and Hairdressing Shop T5 North Liberty Street PHONE 2595 ANDY'S FOOD MARKET 234 Baltimore Avenue Self-Serve Phone 5165 OPEN EVENINGS I L E S , I N C . Firestone T83 Baltimore Street Harry N. Iles Cumberland, Md. CUMBERLAND CLOAK and SUIT STORE 48 to 58 Baltimore Street Cumberland, Maryland Compliments of COYLE BROTHERS Sanitary Market 232 Virginia Ave. PHONE 1734 Compliments of The Good Fellowship Social Club 214 Virginia Avenue Chas. T. Hare, President Good Appearance Plays An Important Role ln Your Future Look successful . . . be successful. Do as generations of Cumberland men have done . . . lnvest in good clothing at SCHWARZENBACH'S to make an impres- sion that pays dividends. SCHWARZENBACH'S Cumberland South Cumberland CANDY KITCHEN Candies and Confectioneries 231 Virginia Avenue Cumberland, Maryland Compliments of M A R T I N ' S 47 Baltimore Street Compliments of CUMBERLAND HEIGHTS GROCERY SPRlGGlE'S Compliments of the NEW THEATRE Everything in Music at the Music ' sHoP 3293 16 Baltimore Street Compliments of RALPH F. SELL -- Distributor of 1- KRAFT PRODUCTS-FROZEN FOODS Compliments of the SOUTH END WALL PAPER SHOP 331 Virginia Avenue 4314-J Liberty Cleaners 8. Dyers, Inc. -Plant- Williams and Wineow Sts. lNext to the A. 8. P. Super Marketl N. Liberty Phone 2009 Special "Cash and Carry" Prices 9 Compliments of South End Cleaners and Dyers 219 Virginia Avenue Phone 3248 Ben M. Kamens George L. Kline It Pays to Cross the Town to the KLINE FURNITURE COMPANY 405 Virginia Avenue Cumberland, Md. For Cemetery Memorials See D. R. KITZMILLER Frederick and George Streets Phone 379 Ray-The Reliable Cleaner He Will Keep You Neat in Appearance-Quality Plus Service Pressing While You Wait Plant and Store-103 Penn Ave. Phone 385 Store-501 Decatur Street Phone 3798-W W. RAYMOND BEALI., Proprietor FINDLAY'S CONFECTIONARY Groceries Tobaccos Confections 261 Williams Street THE M-G-K MOTOR CO. 221 Glenn Street Telephone 2300 CUMBERLAND, MARYLAND PACKlE'S BAKERY Phone 3163-J 300 Virginia Avenue Schwenninger's Hardware 303 Virginia Avenue Electric and Plumbing Supplies Hardware, Paints, and Glass 120 Compliments of CUT RATE SHOE STORE POST SERVICE STATION Oak and Second Streets PHONE 'I77 PlERCE'S PHONE nos KEECH'S PHARMACY "At the Subway" 600-02 Virginia Avenue Cumberland, Maryland PRESCRIPTIONS CALLED FOR AND DELIVERED Compliments from QUALITY LUNCH Where the Price Fits the Pocket Located Across from the Strand Theatre The Management and Staff of Schines LIBERTY Theatre Welcomes an Enioyable Vacation to the Strong and Mighty Class of '48 and with God's Speed May They Succeed as They Have in the Past Private A Quality '5 B cl d KEYSTONE SHOE 'wif llNlIll'l"""WW Jl1'..e3F., on y m Instruments l' ll:-lrglqlznls STORE STEWART MUSIC HOUSE H4 Greene St. Phone 1234 Harbaugh's Book Store 18 Baltimore Street CUMBERLAND, MARYLAND Monarch Printing Company PHONE 1436 l 16 Frederick Street Cumberland, Maryland Indian Motorcycles - Bicycles, Whizzer Bicycle Motors Cosgrove Cycle Company 252 N. Centre St. Phone 509 at the Viaduct Evenrude - Jacobsen Outboard Motors Lawn Mowers WALSH and McCAGH REGISTERED PHARMACISTS Cor. Bedford and Centre Sts. Tele. 3646 Cumberland, Md. LlTTLE'S fgsb I l 'coco coops come nm LITTWAGES On Baltimore Street Nearly a Century McCRORY'S 5c and l0c STORE Extends Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of '48 K A P L O N ' S YOUNG MEN'S SHOP Timely Clothes Arrow Shirts Botany Ties In Cumberland almost everybody wears shoes from Webb's Featuring Time Shoes for Men and Women at Greatly Reduced Prices WEBB'S SHOE STORE 73-75 N. Centre Street Z LEN'S GROCERY 400 Pennsylvania Avenue Cumberland, Maryland LEONARD HOLTZMAN, Prop. BEN FRANKLIN STORES Nationally Known Locally Owned Headquarters for School Supplies, Gifts, Toys and Novelties GARRET and ZILCH Men's and Boys' Furnishings Shoes and Hats Ladies' Staple Dry Goods Phone 2716 325 Virginia Avenue Cumberland, Maryland The W. F. Atwell Company Sc and 10: Store "THE RELIABLE STORE" 412-25 Virginia Avenue Cumberland, Maryland Compliments of MINKIES COTTAGE INN Compliments of J E R R Y ' S 249 Virginia Avenue KEECH'S DRUG STORE PRESCRIPTIONS cAneruLLv comrounoeb 43 Virginia Avenue Phone 1686 S Q U I R T tw gg Q 0 ' Compliments of I Wolford Martin s Mountain Inn DAVIS MOBIL STATION Flintstone, Md. Flintstone I 96 "THE SIGN OF THE FLYING RED HORSE" Fashions for Juniors L A Z A R U S Cumberland PEPSI-coLA "Hits fhe Spot" Compliments of FIFTH STREET GROCERY 309 Fifth Street William E. Payton, Prop. Cabins Gas and Oil DONVILLE GROVE 10 Miles East of Cumberland SANDWICHES SOFT DRINKS HAST'S SERVICE STATION GASOLINE LUBRICATION edford Road Phone 896 Cumberland, Md. ROY L. MERRITT Gnocsnllss - coNFEcTloNs Thomas at Second Phone 3546 Reynolds and Mendenhall Smoker's Needs Cigarettes - Cigars - Tobacco 9 South Centre Street WHITE-WAY SHOE SHOP "Real Life in Old Shoes" 302 Virginia Avenue Congratulations to the Class of '48 WARD N. HAUGER JEWELER I1 S. Centre Street Liberty Trust Bldg. Headquarters for Party Favors and Decorations Dishes - Wallpaper - Glassware Paint and All Holiday Novelties HILL'S TOY STORE 45 N. Centre Street DIAMOND BOWLING Compliments of ROYAL CROWN COLA l"Best by Taste Test"l Compliments to the Class of '48 Joyce's Deluxe Cleaners 421 Virginia Avenue Phone 43l4W Fine Jewelry - Loans Made Expert Watch Repairing JOHN NEWCOMER Formerly of HAMILTON WATCH CO. 215 Virginia Avenue Conlon Insurance Agency Travel Bureau Liberty Trust Building Cumberland, Maryland 807-Phones-472 When You Think of Furniture Think of MIL L E N S O N S 317 Virginia Avenue FRANK J. DAVIS 613 Maryland Avenue Cumberland, Maryland Domestic Plumbing and Hot Water Heat RAY'S HOMADE SHOP Ice Cream Chocolate Donuts HAROLD V. BLOOM Notary Public Automobile Papers a Specialty Automobile and Fire Insurance Liberty Trust Bldg. Phone 695-M Cumberland, Maryland BEST WISHES TO THE cl.Ass or '48 PAT UMSTOT Congratulations to the Class of 1948 Laurent Grocery and Confectionary Corner Oldtown Road and Race Street ' Compliments of N I C H O L S O N ' S 1003-05 Oldtown Road JOE'S TEXACO SERVICE 1201 Oldlown Road CUMBERLAND, MARYl.AND Gaspline - Groceries Cgmplimem-5 gf Motor Oil Marfak Lubrications Phone 4829-W W. R. RICE GROCERY Penn. Ave.-Fort Hill Fresh Meals and General Merchandise Alumnl Assoclullon 106 Oldtown Road Phone 1913 Compliments of R. H. LAPP 81 SONS Plumbing and Heating 716 Oldtown Road Cumberland, Maryland 1 J, .. 'vii A1 ' A Q ." uxu'ti?5r f.Q x Q' Q ? Q71 ,f ' ' ' 6 A, 1 7 p .,,. .,... ,.,.,, ,.,,., ,...A , . ' - GFX 1 SERVICE g,, Vitae evil E' 4 X s r'-.'LQ,!' eff '14, K 01 Isa ENFRXQ NJAHN S OLLIER AGAI The slogan ti1at's Laclzeci by genuine goodness in quality and service, time result of 43 years successful experience in the yearlaoolz field. We find real satisfaction in pleasing you, the year- laoole pulalislmer, as well as your photographer ancl your printer. IAHN 8 OLLIER ENGRAVING Makers of Fine.Printing Plates for Black or Color Commercial Artists - Photographers SI7 W. WASHINGTON BLVD., CHICAGO 7, ILL. 128 1 a xi J.. M ft 6 3 1 'L If if 3 f 1 rf P P3 if :J ', sg, 5? si Ei k Y 'ny ' .-NA... fn.. I 'J ly ,f A . V L . . 4 , . 4 K in , 134

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