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B 'Nu Hg 55 I. U. , . 33? il -. x z. 1 E 3. L, -W, xrv 5 x M , , I, W L sf- f is is w- ' 5-s-nf zmlley--r. ,, -Aw uu?'mw 1 Fl- 1.15 ' A w , 4,1 K H xv . ,X J :U lx V4 I J . ir 74151. E., my 5114- ' .. .4-ggi ,,', W .K 'A 1 w ,MQ , ,Y A J - JJ," 'W "N, .mf .S . mm. A Sws' 1 u. :Q Sw Elf ' .fin j' Sv. F in 1' .W , ,.. 'vi its-5 ,,15lzfi" fm.. 4 . :ww 5, 13. y yy in Leif? 5 .,.1.JYr 'K if M ,W .tj 5, gg . 1 ,fn . ,Z , . J ' in . . V f 'z- W- :uit ,,: N . 1 Q 'K Q3-i ' 91 3 . , , r "1 " 4 KF' v ,- , v ,f - ,' "lu Y, L gm . 1 .hx ' Sf ' - ' .5 f 4 f Q? a g A 5 , e , Q flax? .HQ .X ' fs .4 :ak r fl '5 1 6, ,K Rf, - We-: :Zin .J -' 5 1 . f 4 L' LL ' V Zh, -Pri! 1 ' I L . u V. yd, L .y..'m uw 45: A 1 'L . ' X , A 1, Q, ,. -4 , A . 1 , .1 f. Aw+:,f.f-.5 ' ww . I. - '- I fi! A 4 Q , 'Qi Jiiklm 5 W l U F " in if Pt - I 'J J gf. - ,V , .5 am , Q it ,F , v . I , A 4 - ,gf 'FL 3 Q L: lkrh v- " Q I " V , 'W W . . '45 . ' b A -if ., ' - S 'ii if V. Q ii , 5 S4 we- gg 'fu A W ' . , - fl' V. L, AT- F., 1 5, uf A 4 Q ,Q Q . f My .,f.. - - . ,- , Q ,Le-f , ,Y b Q- ' w ' ,ig fi' -5,1 VV L',Q',-Pie I-ka ' T A -G' .gh it vp! . Q Q am 4 Q Q 9' ,gn ,Q ., - at , .V ,X . . 'Q' ' 1 x' F' ' . - ', -N, L " , fi Q' ,Q W M, 1 .3 ' iq . if In ,Q Q ll L-A-I., S . , . lp 1 C5 5 lil" i- . 1 . V 25 Q fur. we g ' 1 if we an f-- 4 Y ' .Q '4 . , df 'H A la" S Q , x.', L'--. -259' ' V? sl Q' 4 Q ' 'by A ' l fm Q- W 'N K 4 . -0 ' 1 .QQ W. 1, V 4, H ,Q .1 A . ' ' wr " :iv 'Q' 3' -1.4 -, ,Ar ' 1 - , ., ar 1 . K DL. " A I, .- . 1 U, A ., 'I' , ., . x.. , . , ' rs" .bilcx H M ..:vl..Sf-tr-'hi .Q-. I xsfmy' 19 -. J ., 13:K.l'.'-' This Is Our Uwn This hand, to tyrants ever sworn the foe, For freedom only deals the deadly blowg Then sheaths in calm repose the vengeful blade For gentle peace in freedom's hallowed shade -john Quincy Adams SABRE CLASS OF 1946 af Fort Hill High School Cumberland, Maryland " i. "Out of the scabbard of the night, By God's hand drawn, L, Flashes his shining sword of light, And lo! the dawnd' W I .v , s And as surelyias the long dark 'night must end so must man's conflict withimanf nations withghnation. 1 We are agiainifacing the dawn: f , The story of our class must be gold against a 'background of sunshine and shadow., W' ' q -' - . i 5 ,X I X , 4 ' , ' . fr . We Qvere the typical happy-go-lucky junior school yomsters. ' it y 1 ' I ' Thee mehacinggshadow of wuoarldiilphgaval could not fouch wus, Eur the shadow lengthened and darkened, and Eyve leafned that Hrst youth holds no prerogative to baslgin the light of day. i f "2 But noviiithis 1946, and ihankfully we present the W first peace qeime annual in many long years. Q ' This is4a rgord of a classtwhose vision is fixed upon shining U white PEACE. C, ' I ,A We watch the boys come back and find their placesiin the vast scheme. y, 1 W I 7 V We welcome many of them to Fort Hill. " V We enjoy a certain feeling of security. We plan for the years ahead. We have moved from Darkness into Light! 5 Fifty years ago a man destined to become a teacher, a leader, a trail-blazer began his life's work. In the long successful years that followed Mr. O. B. Boughton, the scholar and gentleman, has given of his wide knowledge, his unfailing humor, his generous leadership for the ulti- mate enrichment of the many lives that have touched his. In the boys and girls, who have received his teaching and guidance, he has instilled a deep respect for learning, a keen realization that obligations and privileges go hand in hand, an avid scientific curiosity about this universe in which we have a part. To the teachers of Allegany County, he has long been their champion and trusted counselor, occupying an esteemed position in their hearts. In his chosen profession our own "Mr. Chips" has become a truly great man and is so recognized far beyond the conhnes of Allegany County. Mr. Boughton began his teaching career as principal of a two room school in Eckhart, Maryland in 1895. Since that time he has served as principal of nine of the county schools and as the assistant superintendent from 1908 until 1912. He became a member of the Science department of Fort Hill High School in 1956. Mr. Boughton is chairman of the Legislative Committee of the Allegany County Teach- ers' Association, a position which he has held for thirty years. Through his untiring efforts and zealous leadership in this capacity he has earned the enviable title, "the friend of the teacher." We shall miss the comradeship, the wit, the understand- ing that Mr. Boughton brought into our midst. We offer our heartiest congratulations on a job well done. We ex- tend our sincere good wishes for the many happy days that lie ahead. 6 Mr. Orble B. Bougbton 7 Jdministration The faculty of a school must be keenly aware of the pulsing, seething, shifting rhythm of world affairs. If the teaching staff is to assist the students of a school to face a soul-shaking tomorrow with a reserve of calm courage then that staff must plan carefully to foresee the kind of training that will be most satisfying in answering the problems of high school boys and girls. The many departments here at Fort Hill are intensely concerned with freeing young minds of the fear and doubt that they find reflected in the every day life about them. Toward this end, then, they have set up certain recommendations that are designed to help each individual pupil clarify his own thinking. The social studies department believes that it is necessary to develop among students the type of scholarship which will arouse within them recognition of their responsibilities for becoming informed participants in public affairs in the local, state, and national communities. The mem- bers of the department feel a need among young people for a more practi- cal understanding of our heritage. The social studies group further suggests a program of guidance relative to the many vocational oppor- tunities in America, particularly in and near Cumberland. The mathematics department would strive to develop in our pupils sound habits of thinking as well as sound work habits. They would pro- vide experiences so that each pupil may arrive at a fair evaluation of self. They feel too that it must be made possible for every child to have contact and harmony with reality, an opportunity for increasing self-direction, and a fair balance between success and failure. Recognizing that language is a basic instrument in the maintenance of the democratic way of living, that increasingly free and effective inter- change of ideas is vital to life in a democracy, and that each person must be helped to become a happy useful citizen of "one world" rather than of one country, the teachers of English, in order to effect a sounder future citizen, recommend that our pupils be encouraged to develop through oral and written communication increasing power in developing ideas, in interpret-' ing facts, in solving problems, and in formulating judgments. The English department through the medium of literature, the radio, the motion picture, and newspaper would call attention to an increasing recog- nition of the dignity and worth of all men. This is a part of the thinking of the Fort Hill High School faculty. We trust it will pay dividends in terms of personal happiness and confidence. 8 l U Our rznczpttl "With the emergence of peace a greater Fort Hill" Mr. Victor D. Heisey Each year the administrative problems of the school take on a new com- plexity and each year, Mr. Heisey keeps the rhythm of Fort Hill well attuned. During the course of the day he handles innumerable details and meets many people. He must make many decisions and decide upon points of policy. This is truly a man-sized job. 9 Administrators Mr. Ralph W'imer The dillicult and demanding po- sition of school secretary is handled hy Mrs. Kathryn Pafel Wilsrmn. Kitty, as she is known to all students of Fort Hill, is more than an efhcient secretary. She is school spirit per- sonihed. Kitty is an enthusiastic follower of all athletic events. Her loyal support of Fort Hill and the teams is an inspiration to many of us. To Hilltoppers past and present Kitty is the epitome of friendship, and understanding. The gentleman who never fails to say good morning to everyone is our vice principal, Mr. Ralph Wiiimer. These words, however, are just the beginning of another busy day for him. Mr. Wiilmer has taken over the tremendous job of attendance at Fort Hill. He also handles the discipline cases that arise during the course of the day. It is through his good judg- ment and fair procedures in this re- spect that he has gained the respect of all of us. Mrs. Kathryn Pafel W'ilsor1 he ezbinet Representatives of Staff llc or-r E Raw I: Mrs. Blough, Miss Miller, Mr. Heisey, Miss Hamilton, Mrs. Hughes. Rau' Z: Mr. Ritchie, Mr. Shumaker, Mr. Morris, Mr. Win1er, Mr. Boone, Mrs. Pelling. In a democracy there are those individuals who are delegated to repre- sent the large group. The principal's cabinet is such an organization. The department chairmen and guidance directors represent the entire teaching staff at the bi-weekly conferences called by Mr. Heisey. Among the duties of this group is the formulation of the governing policies of the school and the planning for the carrying through of all policy adopted. These people also deal with problems relative to the methods of teaching. Included in this is the question of tests and the measurement of the scholastic growth of each pupil. The members of the cabinet must keep well abreast of current professional literature in order to interpret to better advantage these difficult days. The welfare of the student is the subject of much discussion. The problems of school leaders, as well as those who are in need of correction, are given close attention. Plans are drawn up and instructions given during cabinet sessions for the ordering of materials and text books. This in itself is a task of great proportions. Mr. Victor D. Heisey acts as cabinet chairman and Mr. Ralph Wimer as vice chairman. ll Row 1: Miss Rice, Mrs. Brake, Miss Ford. Row 2: Mr. McCullough, Mr. Ritchie. nglislf Rau' I: Miss Blake, Holzshu, Miss Cumbee, Row 2: Mr. Engle, Boughton, Mrs. Dunn, Smith, Miss Lozos, Hutcheson, Miss Alpert, Luman. t. A post war aim: To develop through literature, the radio, the motion picture, the magazine and newspaper-an increasing recognition of the dignity and worth of all men of all races, creeds and nationalities as brothers. Commercial Pritchard, Miss Xvorkman. Miss Miss Miss Miss Mrs. Mr. A post-war aim: To revise the course in bookkeeping to include records required by withholding tax, social security, and unemployment insurance. 12 Mathematics Row 1: Mrs. Allamong, Miss Hamilton, Mrs. Hughes, Mr. Kaylor. Row 2: Mrs. Deetz, Mrs. Benna, Miss Miley. A pos!-war aim: To guide and assist pupils into lines of work from which they can derive not only an income, but also some measure of happi- ness and recreation, and in which they have a reasonable chance of being successful. Science Row I.' Mr. Perdew, Mrs Blough, Mr. Boughton, Mrs Davis. Row 2: Mr. Boone, Mr Wimer. A post-war aim: To keep pace with the rapid progress in the field of science both in knowledge and method in so far as it is possible to do so. 13 Social Studies Rau' I: Mrs. Hilton, Mrs. Russell, Mr. Morris, Miss Meyers, Miss Payne. Rau' 2: Mrs. Hoyler, Mrs. Bailey, Miss Mcifulley, Miss Rice, Miss Ford. A post-uur aim: To promote a broadened consciousness of the need for tolerance and co-operation regarding peoples of all races, creeds, and nationalities toward the goal of removing misunderstandings which lead to serious national and international conflicts. omtzomzl Row 1: Miss Miller, Mrs. Hnst, Miss Hudson. Row 2: Mr. Ferguson, Mr. Callis, Mr. Gorman, Mr. Hinds. , ff, A post-war aim: To make available to our students the newest findings in all areas of Home Economics and Industrial Arts. 14 Row 1: Miss Burrall, Miss Kraus, Mrs. Pelling. Row 2: Mr. Shumaker, Mr. Troy. Language t rts A post-war aim: To build a program which will reach every talented student and offer him the opportunity to develop all the skills, techniques, enjoyment and satisfaction that come with creative achievement. bysical Education Mr. Cavanaugh, Mr. Henry Miss Rizer, Mrs. Resser. A post-war aim: To providef medical and physical examinations with follow-up of findings, to assist the individual to attain freedom from re- mediable physical defects, to gain knowledge and understanding of his health status, and to receive advice on health habits and possible health service. 15 S Classes Senior junior Sophomore Ninth Grdde Eighth Grade Seventh Grade Seniors ANDERSON, BARBARA JANE APPE I., ELIZABETH MARYLAND Voculiorzal. Student Council 1, 2: Vorafiorml. Glee Club 1, 2, 5, 41 Homemaking Club 5: Sabre Staff Tumbling Club l, Z1 Social Danc- 4g Tri-Hi-Y 43 Class Treasurer 5, 41 Girls' League lg Home Eco- nomics Club lg Glee Club 1: National Honor Society 4. ARNOLD, CHARLES WILLIAM Vocational. Chemistry Club 5. AVERS, NORMA VIRGINIA BARNES, MELVIN LEE Academic. Home Economics Club lg Girls' League 11 Astronomy Club Secretary 53 Class Secretary 5: Tri-Hi-Y 2, Treasurer 5, Presi- drnt 43 Sabre Staff Business Mana- ger 5, Editor-in-chief 4: Hi-Y Council 5, Secretary 4: Girls' Glee Club 2, 5: National Honor Society 5, President 4. BEALL, VERNON EDXVARD Gvnwuzl. Band 1, 21 Student Coun- cil l. 2, 53 Play Tournament 43 Glee Club Z1 A Cappella 23 Fisher- man's Club 43 Army. Academic. Boys' Hi-Y 2, 3, 41 Social Dancing Club 5: Fort Hill Players' Auxiliary 43 "Stage Door" 4. BECKMAN, ALBERT THEODORE General. Canvas Crew lg Class President 5, 4: Stage Crew 41 Sabre Staff 4g Mimeograph Crew 3: "Stage Door" 4. BENDER, VIRGINIA LEE General. Glee Club 25 Library Club 53 Sentinel Staff 5, 4g Letter Club 4, Flintstone High School- Home Economics Club lg Glee Club 1. BIBLE, WANDA JEAN Commercial. Glee Club Ig Pho- tography Club Zg May Queen Court 5, 4: Fort Hill Players 5, 43 Verse Speaking Choir 3, President 45 "Fighting Littles" 4: Tri-Hi-Y 4: Sentinel Staff Typist 4g Thespi- ans 4, "Stage Door" 4. 18 ing Club 43 Library Club 1, 2, 5. 4. ARVE, MAR-IORI E MARIE General. Band lg Library Club Z: Social Dancing Club 4. BENSON, BETTY H E LEN Commercial. Ushers l, 53 Secre- taries' Club 41 Bowling Club l. BIRD, DORIS MAE Academic. Baton Club lg Library Club 1, 2, 5, 4, Tumbling Club I. 21 Student Council lg Social Danc- ing Club 3, 4: "Stage Door" 4. BISHOP. HAROLD ELLSXXVORTH, JR. Anulenzir. Student Council 5. President 43 Basketball 53 Stage Crew 53 Football Manager3 Pro- jection Crew Z, 53 Sabre Staff 43 National Honor Society 43 "Stag: Door" 43 Boys' Hi-Y 4. BLAKER, RONALD PERRY General. Stage Crew 5, 43 Stag: Crew Club 53 Art on the Stag: Club 43 Reading Club Secretary 52 "Stage Door" 4. Seniors BISHOP, MARIAN ELIZABETH Amulemic. Glee Club 3, 43 A Cap- pella Choir 43 Sabre Staff 43 Letter Club 43 Club of Human Relations 5. BRANT, KATHERINE ANNABELLE Commerfiul. Tumbling Club 1, 23 Bowling Club 2g Social Dancing 5: Tap Dancing Club President 4. BRINKMAN, DORIS VIRGINIA General. Home Economics Club li Club of Human Relations 33 Sabre Staff 43 Tri-Hi-Y 43 Letter Club President 43 National Honor Society 4. BROTEMARKLE, ROBERT PAUL Commercial. Student Council 43 Boys' Hi-Y 4. BURKE. SHIRLEY SUE BURLEY, MARY PHYLLIS Actulemic. Junior Players 13 Home Economics Club 13 Girls' League 13 Tri-Hi-Y 5, Secretary 43 Social Dancing Club 5, 43 Play Tourna- ment 2, 53 Sabre Staff 43 May Queen Court l, Z, 53 May Queen 43 Hi-Y Council 43 National Honor Society 43 "Stage Door" 4. CAGE, DOROTHY LUCI LE Cammerci.1l. Tumbling Club 13 Photography Club 5, Vice Presi- dent 43 Band l, 23 Secretarys' Club 43 Student Council 13 Junior Play- ers l, 23 Sentinel Typist 43 National Honor Society 4. Academic. Girls' League 13 Junior Red Cross Club 13 Home Eco- nomics Club 13 Tri-Hi-Y 2, Vice President 3, 43 Verse Speaking Choir 43 Hi-Y Council 33 Thespi- ans 4. CAMPBELL, ROBERT JAMES Amdemir. Glee Club 43 A Cap- pella Choir 43 Student Council 43 Randallstown High School Dra- matic Club 1, 23 Glee Club 1, 23 Softball 1, 23 Soccer I, 23 Catons- ville High School Glee Club 5: A Cappella Choir 3g Music Club 3. 19 BRITT, CAROLINE SUE Acadenzic. Glee Club 1, Z, 5. 43 Junior Players Secretary l, 23 Girls' League 13 A Cappella Choir Z3 Librarian 5, 43 Fort Hill Players 3, 43 Tri-Hi-Y 43 "The Fighting Littles" 43 Verse Speaking Choir 33 Home Economics Club 13 Play Tournament 53 Swimming Club 13 Thespians 4. BROXVN, JOHN RAYMOND Vomlional. Football Manager 5, Football 5, 43 Basketball 5, 43 Baseball 5, 43 Boys' Hi-Y 4. lj N. CRABTREE, ROBERT LIONEL Vofaiional. CURRY, CARLTON JOSEPH Vocalional. Ushers lg Student Council 3, 4. 4 Seniors CLARK, WALTER WILLIAM General. Little Players, Chess Club 3: Football 43 Social Dancing Club 4g Tumbling Club 1. CLEM, BETTY JANE Commerrial. Photography Club 3, 44 Secretaries' Club 4, Sentinel Staff Typist 4. CREWS, HAROLD EMERSON Vocational. Baseball 2, 3, 4, Foot- ball 4. DARSH, MARGARET DOLORES Academic. Ushers 1, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 2: Verse Speaking Choir 44 Fort Hill Players 4g Play Tourna- ment 4. CLAY, RICHARD LEO General. Tumbling Club 1: Moni- tors 2, 32 Football 3, 4. CI.OPPER, BETTY -IANE Commercial. Social Dancing Club 33 Secretaries' Club 4. DAUGHERTY, NAOMI REBECCA DAVIS, BARBARA JEANNETTE Vocational. Library Club 4, Home- making Club 3. Commercial. Swimming Club 1: Library Club 1, 2g Photography Club 35 Sentinel Staff 41 Sabre Staff 4, Tri-Hi-Y 41 Glee Club 3, 43 A Cappella Choir 3, 4g Fort Hill Players' Auxiliary 43 National Honor Society 4. DAVIS, MARY JEANNE DAVIS, PAUL RAY Vocational. Letter Club 3, "Stage Door" 4. 20 General. Tumbling Cluh 1, 2: Social Dancing 3, 41 Little Players 1. DAY, DOROTHY MARIE DICKERHOFF, Commc'ra'ia1. Girls' Photography Club 51 Secretaries' Club 41 Sabre Staff 4. DIVICO, JOHN JOSEPH Conlmvrcial. Student Council l. Mimeograph Crew 41 Boys' Hi-X 4: Magicians' Club 31 Iiishcrman'rs Club 4. FISHER, ARTHUR LAWRENCE Gcrlvral. Chemistry Club 33 Stu- dent Council 4. GEORGE, RUTH LAVERNE Commercial. Letter Club 3. 43 Sentinel Staff 43 Sabre Staff 4 National Honor Society 4. Seniors LAWRENCE RAYMOND Academic. junior Players 1, 2: Projection Crew 23 Fort Hill Play- ers 4: "My Sister Eileen" 33 Boys' Hi-Y 3, President 4g Hi-Y Council 41 Sports Oflicials' Club 4: Social Dancing Club 5: Basketball 3. DUFFY, EARL LEROY Academic. "My Sister Eileen" 3: Boys' Hi-Y 43 Verse Speaking Choir 41 Fort Hill Players 43 "The Fighting Littles" 43 Thespians 4. EASTON, ENGLE, ROGER CHARLES MARGARET 'IACQUELINE Voralioual. Military Club 3 Commercial. Social Dancing 5, 4: Bowling Club 23 Cheerlrader 4: "Stage Door" 4. EVERETT, DOROTHY LEE FERNIHOUGH, ROBERT Vocational. Social Dancing 4. Academic. Navy. FISHER, DONALD LEE Vocational. Stage Crew 3, 4. GILLUM, EDNA IVIDENF Commercial. Social Dancing 4 Referee Club 4' Student Council 4 1 K .at ' ' IF be i . s lt N - - QL: 2 I al ff. f 3 i AA,' ,, fi ' I ia sly 4 IIANNAS, GOLDIE MAE FRANCIS Commercial. Library Club Z, 53 Student Council 23 Secretaries' Club 4. IIIZNDRIX, GLADYS MAE Auulerrlir. junior Players 13 Glee Club 5, 43 Verse Speaking Choir 43 Club of Human Relations 53 Fort Hill Players' Auxiliary 43 "Stage Door" 4. Seniors GINNIMAN, MARY ALICE GOLDEN, PATRICIA VIRGINIA Vocalioual. Monitors 2, 5, 43 Photography Club 1, Zz Swimming Club l3 Tumbling Club l. GRIESE, TERESA JANE Vocational. Tumbling Club 13 Ushers 2, 53 Letter Club 4. HEISEY, VICTOR ROBERT Academic. junior Players 1, Z3 A Cappella Choir 1, 2, Secretary 5, 43 Orchestra 1, 2, 5, 43 Glee Club l, 2, 5, 43 Ensemble Club 53 Fort Hill Players' Auxiliary 43 National Honor Society 4. HINER, WILLIAM ROBERT General. Bancl 13 Stage Crew 5, 43 "Stage Door" 4. HUFFMAN, AMOS JUNIOR Commercial. Bowling Club 1: Magicians' Club 53 Mimeograph Crew 5, 43 Secretaries' Club 4. JEWELL, VIRGINIA RUTH Academic. junior Players 1, Z3 Home Economics Club 13 junior Red Cross Club 13 Girls' League 13 Referees' Club 1, 23 Ushers 1, 23 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 5, 43 Fort Hill Play- ers 5, 43 Verse Speaking Choir 5, 43 Thespians 5, 43 "Fighting Littles" 43 Play Tournament 5, 43 Glee Club 1, 2, 31 Sabre Staff 5, 43 Swimming Club 13 Social Dancing Club 43 "Stage Door" 4. 22 General. Girls' League 13 Glee Club 1, 2, 5, 43 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 5, 43 A Cappella Choir 5, 43 Club of Human Relations 53 Astronomy Club 4. GROVES, RICHARD EDXVARD Acudemic. Football 2, 5, 43 Pho- tography Club 13 Club of Human Relations 53 Basketball Manager 5, 43 Baseball 5, 43 Boys' Hi-Y 5, Treasurer 43 Hi-Y Council 43 junior Varsity Football. HUNTER, .IAM ES HUGH Academic. Football 1, 2, 5, 43 Boys' Hi-Y 2, 5, 43 Navy. AIOHNSON, RUTH ELLEN Commerrial. Photography Club ,711 Secretaries' Club 4. Seniors jUDY, PAUL ALLAN KEADY. GEORGE EARL Gl'Ilt'I'xll. Football 5, 43 Baseball 5, 4. KELLER, PHYLLIS EILEEN Voctzliorml. Girls' League 13 Art Club 1, 23 Home Economics Club l, 53 junior Players lg Student Council 4. KNIPPLE, RONALD GRANT Commercial. Magicians' Club 3: Mimeograph Crew 5, 43 Secretaries' Club 4. LAKIN, WILLIAM VINCENT Gwltwul. Future Farmers of Ameri- ca 2, 5, Secretary 43 Chemistry Club 53 Photography Club 4. Acrulenzic. Library Club I, 23 Stage Crew 5. 4. Reims, JAMES Josema Commercial. Magicians' Club 52 Secretaries' Club 43 National Honor Society 4. KERNS, WI l..LlAlVl RICHARD Gellerul. RIGHT, BETTY LOU Commercial. Play Tournament 43 Girls' League lg junior Players 11 Student Council 23 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 43 Fort Hill Players 3, 43 Verse Speaking Choir 3, Secretary 43 National Thespians 3, Secretary 4g "My Sister Eileen" 3: "Fighting Littles" "Stage Door" 4. KOHLER, LOUIS GEORGE, JR. Vocational. National Honor Socie- ty 4. LANE, VELMA JOY Commercial. Girls' League li Glec Club lg Student Council 13 May Queen Court 1, 23 Social Dancing Club 53 Sentinel Staff 5, 43 Fort Hill Players 3: Secretaries' Cluh 4: National Honor Society 4, 25 KETTERMAN, GEORGIA CATHERINE Commercial. Student Council 1: Home Economics Club lg Pho- tography Club Secretary 53 Secre- taries' Club Secretary 43 Sentin,l Staff 43 Sabre Staff 43 National Honor Society 4. KLINE, XVILLIAM RUSSEL Vomlional. Health Club 1. LEHMAN, JAMES LEXWIS Academic. A Cappella Choir 5, 43 Glce Club 5, 43 Orchestra 5, 43 Hand 5, 43 Magicians' Club 5: i'Stag: Door" 4. LIEXVIS, NINA LEE LITOLA C'0fIlIl1l'1'fidl. Girls' League l3 Fort Hill Players 53 Social Dancing 5, lg S.ntin:l Typist 43 Tumbling Club l. f ,ru I Senzmfs LANG LEY, MARGARET IRENE Academic. Swimming Club 13 Skating Club 13 junior Players 23 Library Club 5, 43 "Stage Door" 4. LECHLITER, RUTH EDNA Vomliomzl. Library Club 1, 2, 5, 43 Girls' Photography Club 2, 5. LEXVIS. JAMES FRANKLIN Vomlioual. Football 2, 5, 4. LIC HT, FRANCIS RAYMOND Afudernir. Projection 2, 53 Foot- ball Manager 1, 23 Boys' Hi-Y Z, Secretary 5, Vice President 43 Stage Crew 2, 53 Club of Human Relations 53 Sports Officials' Club 43 Hi-Y Council 5, 43 Play Tournament 2. LAYMAN, JAMES Commercial. Bowling Club l3 Magicians' Club 53 Ensembl: Club 53 Mim:ograph Cr:w 5, 4: Band 2, 5, 43 Orchestra l, Z, 5, 43 Secre- taries' Club 4. LEE, BETTY RUTH Vocational. Social Dancing Club 4. LINN, BEATRICE HELEN LUETHKE, GRETCHEN AZALIA Academic. National Thespians 5, 43 Fort Hill Players 5, President 43 junior Players l, President 23 "My Sister Eileen" 53 "Fighting I.ittles" 43 Verse Speaking Choir 2, 5, 43 Fort Hill Players' Auxiliary 43 "Stage Door" 4. C0l7Ifl1t'l'l'id1. Monitors 53 Letter Club 5, Vice Pr-sid:nt 4. MANGES, IRVIN SETH MARTIN, ROSEMARY Gefzcfml. Football 2, 5, 43 Baseball 5, 43 Mimeograph Club 53 Fisher- man's Club 43 Track Meet 13 Student Council 1. 24 Commercial. Photography Club ,Ill Secretaries' Club 4. Senimfs MASON, LOIS VIRGINIA MAY, BETTY MARIE Commercial. Girls' League 1: Tumbling Club lg Student Council 1: Swimming Club lg Bowling Club 1: Ushers Z3 Cabinet 3, 41 Sentinel Typist 4g "Stage Door" 43 National Honor Society 4. Artldemir. National Thespians 3, President 4g National Honor Socie- ty 3, 4, Fort Hill Players 3, 4g Verse Speaking Choir 2, President 3, 4: Sabre Staff 3, 43 Band 1, 2: Girls' League President lg junior Red Cross Club 13 Glee Club 23 Tri-Hi-Y 4: "Fighting Littles" 4: Play Tournament 2, Best Actress 3, 43 "Stage Door" 4. MAY, HERBERT LURRAINE MCBRIDE, WILLIAM JOHN Conmlerciul. Magicians' Club 5: Monitors 21 Library Club Z. General. Football 1, 2, 3, Co-cap- tain 4g Class President 23 Basketball Manager I, 2, 3, Baseball 3, 43 Social Dancing Club 3, 4. MCCULLOUGH, DOROTHY MAY Commercial. National Honor So- ciety 3, Secretary-Treasurer 4: Home Economics Club 1: Glee Club 1, 3, 4: A Cappella Choir 45 Photography Club 34 Secretaries' Club President 4g Sentinel Staff Typist 4. MEASE, ANN LOUISE Commercial. Mimeograph Crew 3, 43 junior Players lg Home Eco- nomics Club 1: Social Dancing 3, 4. MICHAELS, GLENN XVARNICK MICHAELS, BERNICE ANN Commercial. Mimeograph Crew 4: Secretaries' Club 4. Commercial. Social Dancing Club 31 Tap Dancing Club 4. MILLER, BETTIE jANE MILLER, MARY ELAINE Commercial. Photography Club 3. Acazlemif. Glee Club 1, , ,, Treasurer 4, A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 4: Library Club 3, 43 Sabre Staff 43 Ushers 1, 25 "Stage Door" 4. 25 Mc FARLAND, CATHERINE Vocational. Glee Club 1: Student Council 2, Home Economics Club 33 Letter Club 4. M ERTENS, RUSSELL LEROY Vorulioual. Seniors 2 MINTDROP, NEDRA ARVELLA ' Commercial. Monitors 2, 3, 43 R Letter Club 4. l i i 1 MOLER, DOLORES JEANNINE 1 Academic. Junior Players 1, 23 Fort Hill Players 3, Secretary 43 Verse Speaking Choir Secretary 3, 43 National Thespians 3, 43 Girls' League 1: Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4: Latin Club 13 Glee Club 23 Band 1, 2, 33 Orchestra 23 "My Sister Eileen" 33 Play Tournament 43 "Stage Door" 4. MlII.I.ENEX, IVIULVEY, CLARA BELLE WILLIAM CLEVELAND Vocalioual. Monitors 2, 3, 43 General. Monitors 23 Military UShCl'S 22 Skilling-Z Club IQ Tum- Club 3: Sports Officials' Club 4. MULVEY, DELORES ANN Vocational. Monitors 2, 3, 4 Skating Club 13 Twirling Club 1, 23 Tumbling Club 1. bling Club 1. MURRAY, ANN ELIZABETH Commercial. Girls' League 13 Stu- dent Council 3g Social Dancing Club 4. NICHOLSON, DORIS MAE Commercial. Letter Club 33 Social Dancing Club 43 "Stage Door" 4. NORRIS, NORMA LEE General. Ushers 43 Club of Human Relations 33 Surrattsville High School May Queen Court 1, 2, 33 Bobby Sock Dance Club 2, 3. Basketball 1, 2, 33 Softball 1, 2, 33 Glee Club 1, 2, 3. 26 MOCK, NELLIE MAE M General. Home Economics Club 13 Student Council 2, 43 Club of Human Relations 33 National Hon- or Society 3, 43 Sabre Staff 43 Tri- Hi-Y 4. OSS, ELMER FRANK, -IR. General. Bowling Club 1, 23 Basketball 1, 3, Captain 43 Chemis- try Club 3: Sports Officials' Club 43 Sentinel Staff 3: Baseball Mana- ger l, Z, 3, 43 Marines. NIXON, AUDREY MARGUERITE Academic. Tumbling Club 1: Girls' League 1, Treasurer Z: junior Players 1, 21 Library Club 13 Sabre Staff 3, 43 Social Dancing Club 41 National Honor Society 4. O'NEAL, MELVIN KYLE Vocational. Glee Club l. 2, 3, 43 A Cappella Choir 2, 43 Football Z, 3, 43 Fort Hill Players 33 Army. ORNDOFF, JOHN IRVIN Academic. Basketball 5, 43 Boys' Hi-Y 43 Sabre Staff 43 Class Vice President 3, 43 Club of Human Relations 33 Boys' Photography Club 13 National Honor Society 43 "Stage Door" 4. PARTLETON, FRED XVARD Commercial. Bachelors' Club 13 Class Secretary 23 Student Council 23 Social Dancing Club 3, 43 Boys' Hi-Y 3, Chaplain 43 Basketball 3, 43 Football Manager 2. 3, 43 Foot- ball 4. RICE, ANNA FRANCES Seniors PARSONS, WANDA LEE Academic. junior Home Eco- nomics Club 13 Junior Red Cross Club 13 Referees' Club 1, 23 Girls' League 13 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 43 Fort Hill Players 3, Treasurer 43 Verse Speaking Choir, Vice President 43 Fort Hill Players' Auxiliary 43 Thespians 43 "Stage Door" 4. PATTERSON, AGNES CORRINE General. Girls' League 13 Glee Club 1, 2, 33 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 43 Ushers 43 Club of Human Re- lations 3. PIERCE, GXVENDOLYN MAE Academic. Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Verse Speaking Choir 33 Club of Human Relations 33 Astronomy Club Secre- tary 4. POPP, ROBERT LEWIS Vocational. RICHARD, FRANCIS ME LVIN Commercial. Photography Club 2, Commercial. Baseball 3, 43 Ma- 3, Treasurer 43 Library Club 2, 3, gicians' Club 33 Play Tournament 43 Sabre Staff 43 Student Council 4: "Fighting Littles" 4. 43 Home Economics Club li National Honor Society 4. RIGGLEMAN, RINGLER, LEON EUGENE IXATHFWNF I-ORRMNE General. Football 2, 3, 43 Student Vocalional. Homemaking Club 3. Council 33 Tumbling Club 13 Photography Club 4. 27 PINAULT, ELEANOR ARDELL Academic. junior Players l, 23 Glee Club 33 Social Dancing Club 33 Fort Hill Players 43 Sabre Staff 43 Thespians 43 "Stage Door" 43 National Honor Society 4. RANDALL, MARIAN ELAINE Commercial. ROYCE, ORIE LEO General. SCOTT, JAMES PAUL Academic Football 2, 5, 43 Basket- ball 1, 2, 33 Stage Crew 1, 2, 3, 4 Seniors ROBINETTE, DONALD DALE Vamlionul. RITTER, JACK DENNIS Vomtiomzl. National Honor So- ciety 4. ROXVAN, KATHLEEN ROMONA Commcrrial. Letter Club 5, 4. ROBOSSON, BILLIE JEAN Commercial. Glee Club 13 Play Tournament 25 Fort Hill Players 5, 43 Verse Speaking Choir 3, 43 "The Fighting Littles" 43 Tri-Hi-Y 44 Thespians 4. RUDY, MARY ELIZABETH Vocational. Skating 13 Monitors 2, 3, 4g Tumbling Club 1. SCREEN, DONALD RICHARD Academic. Basketball 23 Club of Human Relations 3, Social Danc- ing Club 4. SENSABAUGH, GRACE ROSETTA SHADWFLL, CHARLES HENRY Vocational. Home Economics Club C0mmf":fidl- Mllimfb' Clllh 52 1, 3: Speech Club 33 Social Danc- 59Cf0lHfl95' Club 4- ing Club 4g National Honor So- ciety 4. SHAFFER, ALBERT RICHARD SIBLEY, MILDRFD VIRGINIA Commercial. Football 2, 5, 43 General. Sabre Staff 4: Home Eco- Military Club 33 Fisherman's Club nomics Club 5. President 4. 28 SIDANXIAY, ALFRED LEROY Commercial. Basketball 4, Mimeo- graph Crew 3: Social Dancing Club 4. SITTIG, VIRGINIA LEE Academic. Tri-I'-Ii-Y 3, 4g Drum Majorette 3, 43 Ushers 1, 2, 3, 43 Bowling Club lg Sentinel Staff 3, 4g Twirling Club 23 Girls' League lg Library Club 1, 2, Home Eco- nomics Club 2. SPOOLER, KATHERINE ANNA MARIE Commercial. Photography Club 2, 33 Library Club 2, 3, 41 Sabre Stall 43 Secretaries' Club 4: Home Economics Club lg Swimming Club 1. Seniors General. Football 1, 2, 33 Co- captain 45 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Mimeogra h Crew 3 S orts Of- P Z P ficials' Club 4. SMITH, BARBARA jO Vomlional. Monitors 25 Social Dancing Club 3. SMITH, DAVID LYNN Vocalional. Glee Club lg Play Tournament 2, 3, 4: "My Sister Eileen" 3, Fort Hill Players 3, 45 National Thespians 5, 4g A Cap- pella Choir 4, Library Club 23 "The Fighting Littles" 4g Sports Officials' Club 4. SNI DER, GLORIA ERNESTINE Academic. junior Players 1, 2, Girls' Intramural Basketball 2, 3: Library Club 3, 4g Glee Club 3, 4, A Cappella Choir 4, Sentinel Staff 4. STICKLEY, ELEANOR MAE Commercial. Social Dancing Club STIMLEY, PATSY RUTH STUBY, EDNA MARIE Vocational. Homemaking Club 5. Commercial. Social Dancing Club 5g Letter Club 4. 29 SNEATHEN, BRUCE FRANK Vocational. Basketball Manager fReservej 13 Military Club 3: "My Sister Eileen" 35 Sports Officials' Club 4. SOWERS, WILLIAM AUGUSTUS Vocational. Glee Club 1, 3, 4, A Cappella Choir 3, ,.4g Football 5, 4g Army. Seniors SUNDERLIN, PHYLLIS GAY THOMAS, CLARA MAE Commercial. Social Dancing Club Commercial. Glee Club 2: Social 3g Secretaries' Club 4. THRASHER, DORIS LEE Commercial. Girls' League 13 Bowling Club 13 Baton Club lg Fort Hill Players 3, 43 Verse Speaking Choir 3, Treasurer 43 Play Tournament 3, Student Coun- cil 43 Thespians 4. TURNER, SHIRLEY MARY TWIGG, KENNETH RICHARD Dancing Club 33 Secretaries' Club 4. TURNER, JOHN OWEN Commercial. Magicians' Club 33 Ensemble Club 33 Mimeograph Crew 3, 4: Orchestra 1, Z, 3, 43 Secretaries' Club Vice President 43 Football 3, 43 Student Council lg Hi-Y 3, 43 National Honor Society 4. Academic. Fort Hill Players Secre- tary 3, 43 A Cappella Choir 2, Librarian 3, 43 junior Players 23 Skating Club 13 Swimming Club 13 Tumbling Club 13 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Verse Speaking Choir 33 Ushers lg Girls' League 13 Play Tournament 3, 43 Thespians. TWIGG, McMlLI.AN KATHLEEN Academic. National Thespians 3, 43 Fort Hill Players 3, 4: Sabre Staff 3, 43 Home Economics Club 13 Glze Club 1, 2, 33 A Cappella 3, 43 Tri-Hi-Y 43 Play Tournament Vo calional. VALENTINE, JEANQQKEVA Vocational. Home Economics Crub 33 Letter Club 4. Fighting Littles" 43 Stage Crew 2 Art Club 23 "Highlights" Reporter 43 "Stage Door" 4. 3, 43 "My Sister Eileen" 33 "The in VOORHEES, JAMES LESLIE WAGUS, MARGARET WANIJA General. Vocational. Tumbling Club 13 Stu- dent Council 33 Social Dancing Club 4. WALKER, PAULINE ELIZABETH WAl.LlS, ETHEL FAYE Commercial. Tumbling Club 1: Library Club 13 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 43 Cheer- leader 3, 4, "Stage Door" 4. 30 Commercial. Home Economics Club 13 Photography Club 3: Sentinel Staff 3, Co-Editor 43 Monitors 43 Ushers 43 National Honor Society 3, 4. WALSH, MARY VIRGINIA Commercial. Student Council 1 Library Club 2, Social Dancing 4 Tri-Hi-Y 4, "Stage Door" 4. WATT, JEAN RICHMOND Comrmwcial. Social Dancing 3, 4 Student Council 1. WRIG HT, EVELYN E LIZABETH Vocational. Tumbling Club 1, Home Economics Club 3, Social Dancing Club 4. Senior WARNICK, MARY ELEANOR Commercial. WH ETZEL, ROBERT ELWOOD Voratiomll. XWHITE, RICHARD FRANCIS General. Football 2, 3, 4, Mimeo- graph Club 39 Typing Club 32 Social Dancing Club 3, 4, Class Vice President 2. WILSON, EVBLYN MARIE General. Stage Crew 5: Library Club 3, Art Club 4. YEAGER, CHRISTINE Commercial. Ushers 2, 5: Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, Sentinel Staff 3, Co-Editor 4, Class Secretary 4, Players Auxilia- ry President 4, National Honor Society 4. YEARGEN, LILA JEAN ZILER, JAMES RQBERT Commercial. Social Dancing Club General, Football 3, 4: Basketball 3, Art on Stage 4. No! Piclurezl MILLER, MARY PENN Commercial. Library Club 1, 2, 3, 4. 1, 2, 3, Mimeograph Club 53 Social Dancing Club 4. No! Piclurerl LYNCH, ROGER WILLIAM Academic. Swimming Team 1, Captain 2, Basketball 1, 2: Student Council 1, 2, Social Dancing Club 4. 51 WILLIAMS, EVELYN MAE Vocalional. Home Economics Club 3, Social Dancing Club 4. WOLFORD, WILLA JEAN Academic. Library Club 3, 4, Sentinel Staff 4L In the vast school room that we call the world many of the former members of the class of 1946 are now enrolled. From the demanding book of life, they are reading the latest chapters. We who are privileged to finish our high school education at this time remember that they too are Fort Hill High School students. They are not present in our halls, but they are not absent in our hearts. To those members of our class who serve in the armed forces of our country, wherever they may be, we say-God speed! Our class is infinitely proud to welcome four young men who have returned from service with the Army and Navy and who have met the requirements for graduation. Their spirit of courage and loyalty to their country, their competency and steadfastness of purpose have encouraged and heartened all of us. ERNEST THEODORE JOHNSON ROGER WILLIAM LYNCH BRUCE NORWOOD GORCHE CHARLES WILLIAM COUTER 32 Well one fix Courlvsy of Eruzmg, 'Innes Fort Hill students will long remember with pride their worthy contributions to the Wfar Loan Drives. Under the sponsorship of the Fort Hill Players this great undertaking became a part of our school routine during the war years. Through the all-out efforts of students and teachers bonds and stamps amounting to 566,218.65 were purchased by the boys and girls of Fort Hill. Pictured above is the familiar bond booth that for so long has stood in the school lobby. It is with a feeling of deep satisfaction for a job well done that we acknowledge our Minute Man flag awarded for outstanding service. Also pictured above is the school Christmas tree. This tree was decorated by the senior trigonometry class. The figures of various sizes and shapes, which were the only ornaments used in decoration, were all made by members of senior trig classes past and present. The tree was truly a beautiful thing and the delight and appreciation of the student body with this added touch of the yule spirit was a Hattering tribute to those who gave of their time and skill. 55 lass of 1946 T. Beckman, Mr. Boone, B. Anderson, Miss Pritchard, I. Orndoff. President: Theodore Beckman Treasurer: Barbara Anderson Vice President: Irvin Orndoii Social Adviser: Miss Gerardine Pritchard Secretary: Christine Yeager Business Adviser: Mr. Walter Boone Motto: "Peace rules the day where reason rules the mind." Class Flower: White Rose Class Colors: Red and White It is time to balance the books for the last accounting, and yet it seems unreal that we are the seniors, ready to be graduated. It was such a short time ago, that fall of '39, when we timidly made our way to Fort Hill, hoping then, only to be able to steer an accurate course through this awe-inspiring building. We have ex- perienced life, and have absorbed the events of a great historical period, far beyond the wildest dream of the most vivid imagination that entered here in September, '39. But our record is a good one. The ledger of activities has been audited, and the total experiences reveal creditable achievement. Under the experienced guidance of Miss Gerardine Pritchard and Mr. Walter Boone, the class officers, early in the fall outlined and set into operation the program for the year. Following several business meetings in which the class motto, flower and colors were selected, dues established, the budget ratified, and caps and gowns approved, the class extended its activities to provide creative, dramatic, and social opportunities for every member. Across the footlights on January 24, talented seniors won first place in the annual sophomore-junior-senior play tournament, by their inspired presentation of The Dear Departed. To versatile Betty May, went the honor of best actor. Gay music, voices vibrant with happiness, soft lights reflecting myriads of color-April 12-the memorable Senior Prom was here. March 29. Lights out, a sudden hush, curtain going up-Stage Door had begun. A capacity audience acclaimed this successful class play so skillfully directed by Miss Gerardine Pritchard, who was ably assisted by Mrs. Arthur Schliefman, Miss Lillian Boughton, Mr. Walter Boone and Mr. John Gorman. With this final proud accomplishment we close the books, yet each senior is keenly conscious that he carries with him one account that can never be marked "closed." He knows that with mankind everywhere, he shares the grave trust of using his knowledge, his ability and his faith toward the building of a peaceful, happy world. 34 ft, I at X 2 X f iz ,gif .. ,Q o r . ii L L L f df an L ALMA MATER How we love thee, Fort Hill high school, Let our actions tell! We, thy loyal sons and daughters, Pledge to serve thee well! Sing her praises! Let the chorus ever joyful be! Hail to thee, our Alma Mater! Fort Hill, Hail to thee. 35 Q va.-is-Q-may . .. I., I zmiors D. Wimer, E. Twigg, Miss Alpert The junior Class, slow to organize, forged ahead at an accelerated tempo as soon as the organization of the class was complete. The officers elected for the year were: Don Wimer, fzresidentf Carl Thompson, vice president: Helen Adams, setretaryf Esther Twigg, treasurer. Miss Bernice Alpert was chosen class adviser. One of the exciting moments in the life of every junior is that one when class rings arrive. For many previous weeks we had been selecting, planning, waiting. The thrill of wearing one's class ring was worth every minute of the suspense. We juniors chose the play, "Star Struck," for our tournament offering. We were not the lucky winners, but we're willing to bet no other class presented such an array of fancy and bewildering costumes, not even the fortunate Seniors. The junior Prom was just one of those affairs one can not adequately describe. The music, the refreshments, the lovely dresses, the enchantment of it all were perfect. Finally the time came to present our Farewell Program for the seniors. Don't ever let anyone tell you it isn't fun to prepare an assembly pro- gram. The very thought that this was for our pals who were to be graduated within a few short weeks furnished the impetus we needed. Now we cannot forget that soon the class of l9fi6 will relinguish the mantle of seigniority and that it comes to us. It is a thought both frightening and inspiring. Rau' I: R. Beck, R. Shatzer, L. Mackareth, T. Abernathy, H. Diehl, W. Leighty, R. Owens. Rau' 2x li. Martin, R. Jacobs, C. Mills, j. Ketterman, B. Hloss, XV. Lalferty, C. Dittlehauser. Rau' 3: ll. Gil- lum, I. Boone, R. Gurtler, D. Cross, R. Lewis, H. Crookerly, W. Andrews. Run' 4: Welsh, XV. Turner, D. Lowery, Valentine. Rau' 1: D. Street. R. House, D. Chase, A. Gorsuch, XV. King, A. Ranck, Ii. XVatson, j. Smith, A. Wtmtritig, N. XVil- liams. Row 2: j. Arve, lf. Brant, R. Pomeroy, C. Ringler, A. Bittinger, M. Keller, H. Lynn, j. Hinkle, K. True. Row 3: D. Burgess, H. Sommer- kamp, R. Myers, B. Dailey, R. Screen, J. Craze, B. Coleman, R. Evans, R. Doman. Rou' -I: L. Hansrote, L. Sheetz, j. Pat- sy, Proudfoot, B. Cunning- ham, K. Wilstvn, j. McCreary, R. Cessna, W. Campbell. Ron' 1: 'If Cirowtlen, M. lf. Barnes, S. Poling, -I. Keller, A. XVl1etzel R. I.. Ricllards, K. l.loytl, I.. XVig Iieltl, D. Simmons, M. Ilowtlyshell Rau' Z: lf. Ifvans, M. Hilleary, IZ Mt'Clall', K. llartt-ll, G. Hinkle, If Robertson, C. Brown, N. Adams, C. 'l'liontpson, li. Heller: Rau' if D Riggs, R. Grcise, I. Shyrock, D. Clay A. Rt-ck, D. Davis, If. Clark, I.. lfox j. Keller, Iieallg Rou' -If R. Saville li. DuVall, R. Smith, j. Andrews, Ii Miller. Rau' I: Ci. Iiosley, C. Breiglmer If. llnll, D. Davis, P. Yutsy, If Mellon, Ii. Martin, lf. Stimley. S Thorpe, lf. Knotts, Rau' Z: R. Moore P. Dunn, N. XX'att, C. Martz, S Maclntosh, Ii. Portmess, B. Seagle R. liline, I I. Roberson, Rau' 3: If Ryan, -I. Herring, C. Hinds, Ii. Cralw- tree, M. Iiilwle, I.. lloyle, M. Nichol- son, R. Merritt, Rnu' -I: D. Smith XV. Arrington, R. Slieally, P. Twigg R. Allamong, D. Dickens. Q Q Q Rou' I: M. Johnson, R. True, H. Settle, G. Simmons, F. Twigg, P. Timbrook, j. Perdew, H. Adams, R. Schmier, D. Pennington: Rau' 2: B. Brown, R. Haines, M. Garland, H. Burgess, H. Messick, E. Freeland, S. Sansbury, D. Naff, j. Gurtler, C. Crawford: Rau' 3: J. Paupe, H. Lewis, R. George, J. Yeager, R. Evans, B. I.. Kirk, R. Fry, R. Pome- roy, R. Sheally, D. Stewartg Rau' 4: W. Rader, V. Lloyd, E. Nanes, j. Youngblood, M. Cox, M. I.. Twigg, J. VanMeter, C. Brant. Rou' I: C. Hudson, H. Knieriem, j. Davis, I.. Nickle, M. Coughanour, E. Lapp, M. Hutson, V. Cessna, R. Dick, D. Thorpe: Rou' Z: R. Shrout, nl. Reed, j. Brown, K. England, G. Allen, I.. Kelly, W. Clark, Ii. Dyer, If. Brant, Baker, Ron' 3: If. House, G. Lapp, IE. Cole, If. Taylor, T. Davis, D. W'imer, A. Lakin, C. Mahaney, D. XVeber. Solbhomores M. B. Bageant, R. Stevenson, P. Catlett, F. Bennett At the fall election we Sophomores elected Lawrence Koch, president: Marybelle Bageant, serretaryx Ronald Catlett, treasurer of our class. In spite of the fact that we have good student leadership we have experienced difficulty in weld- ing our group into the close unit that we are certain we can be. We have been handicapped by the lack of a faculty adviser. Taking stock of ourselves for the year however, we find that scholastically we were "whizzes," athletically we were "on the ball," and socially we had read Emily Post. We participated in the annual play tournament and we feel we gave a splendid performance with the play, "Now That April's Here." Tenth grade boys and girls were among the contenders in all the tournament games sponsored by the physical education department. We have no outstanding achievement to record for the year except that of trying to be a class loyal to its Alma Mater. We are looking toward the day we shall be the Junior Class of Fort Hill High School. Rau' I: I.. Crabtree, D. Shambaugh, R. Oates. I.. Twigg, F. Williams, T. Greise, M. Judd, M. L. Maclntosh, A. Shanholtz. Rau' 2: P. Alvaro, P. Bailey, J. Lookahaugh, J. Robinson, B. Drake, A. Smith, L. Plummer, J. Myers, C. True. Billard. B. Shreve, L. Carroll. Row 2: ' E. Kiefer, F. I-Iymes. Row 3: E. Collins, O. Chaney, T. Lichleitcr. J. Null, J. Cline, J. Allee, R. Gates, H. Grimm. Rau' 4: W. House, Jewell, H. Pittman, I. Bridge, C. But- ler, L. Cessna, J. Eckert, M. Rau' 1: B. Barnett, J. liaston, R. Lewis, S. Radcliffe, li. Bury, B. Cook, J. Swain, M. Collins, H. Spiker, L. Lewill, S. Reck- Iey, N. Wolford, G. Kasecamp, I. Miehaels, G. Thompson, Ii. Brant, J. Elkins, I.. Westfall. Row 3: J. Stemple, P. Miller, D. Rice, I. Snyder, J. Leasure, D. Zembower, M. Day, H. Lamp, L. Perdew, L. Michael. Row 4: M. Wilstmn, D. Bucy, T. Kach, R. Larrick, J. Mellon, Rau' I: -I. Coleman, H. Hott, R. lllll-llllilll, Ci. Reenl, B. Davis, R. Rowe, D. Deakins, l.. Yutes, M. Myers, j. Wilkes: Rau' 2: -I. Ander- son, C. Shaw, j. Squires, S. Burkhall, W. Rolvey, C. Hamilton, W. Barn- harl, bl. jones, G. Schaile, C. Hudson, Rau' 3: ul. l.igl1t. lf. Siotler, F. Fergu- son, XV. Clark, C. Hansrote, R Stevenson, ll. johnson, D. Sheetz, D Sensalwaugh, bl. Diggs, R. Cattlet. Rau' I: U. Mciiee, D. l.eyl1, 'l'l1rasl1er, li. Smith. R. Devallcomlw, R. Kiefer, lf. Shanlloltz, H. Holliday. M. Voorhees, P. Tuckerg Rau' Z: ll. Mnllenex, -I. Clark, R. lilkins, B. Dangelo, R. Amlerson, B. johnson, l.. Parks, D. Keyser, D. Noble: Rau' if li. Brinkman, G. Grant, R. Rliorlenliouser, l.. llout, J. Brant, R Layne, XVilson, R. Ranrlall. Rau' l.' V. Ruclolpli, B. Bucklew, lf. Bloss, D. Zeinlxwver, V. Simmons, B. l.. lillis. ll. Benford, V. Everett, R. Weber, li. liriekson: Rau' 2: D Knippenlwurg, l.. jay, R. McClellan, D. Alkire, M. johns, N. Athey, R Ferguson, li. Sisk, V. Orlgers, J 'l'vviI-Z!-ll Rau' ls bl. lines, D, Easton, ll. Valentine, R. Mcliinely, B. Tlioinpson, bl. Manges, A. Hiner, I.. Reed, C. Zais, R. Valentine, R Thompson. Rau' I: C. Burke. Ci. Weziver, M. Beal, Demweiler, N. Fisher, P. McCarty, Allen, C. Barringer, M. Rolwinson, P. XVertzg Rau' Z: M. XVo1ring, N. livans, D. Heavner, C. Keller, A. Parks, D. Marker, M Bageant, j. Curl, D. j. Poorlwaugh, l D. McCoy, Rau' 5: C. Mellornl, Pierce, j. Harden, B. Young, l. Laihrum, S. Keller, l.. Allemler, D jack, R. Ayers, H. XVhartonq Rau' 4. Ci. Mason, lf. Bennet. C. Hammaker C. Raygor, XV. Treilwer, j. Detweiler G. Moler, j. Deetz. Rau' 1: li. Kreiger, R. Davis, M Taylor, J. Haflinger, R. Sweitzer, C Wfilson, T. Skelly, M. Hartsofk, R Sites, B. Lashlyg Rau' 2: C. Chalkley j. Hager, M. McDaniels, l.. Gross, li Rider, S. Goodrich, j. limerick, D Merrill, P. Whisncrg Rau' 3: j. Zim mcrly, j. Brown, M. Hardinger, j Rueschel, B. Cage, 0. Williams, P Coolers, R, Nycum. 1 Q TX "gk, sf, , K W V lf. " .ff Kl3'if4" W4 X t ff, , - 1 'iv-41' A W fa Merge 'WW If ,if ' ,g..':.L'ffi'. +' i. 'T?5Q,f V2l.. q1fxI1,j . i'?ifiP'i ' I Z-f i ' . :m,gh.w.,g . ' if 1 ' - 2 ' , . 1,356 1- .A,y: uv , t 'ij -Q' N. M .xl High School mt Ahead zmior High Recorded on the following pages are our youngest classes. Within the heart of each seventh, eighth, ninth grader burns a fierce loyalty to his school. Capable hands within these classes are already reaching for the oppor- tunity to be Fort Hill's future leaders. This is our junior High School. It is here that boys and girls learn to know themselves, to find a way, to chart a course. Here is the proving ground of our future citizens. There are nine hundred and twenty-nine boys and girls in the seventh, eighth, and ninth grades. Thirty-four mem- bers of the faculty contribute to the instruction of these pupils. fer E335 rg ti 22 ffiJ.a....,,,fws CQ... ae l as 'fm , ' . .. W.,-im, . 4 ' V- '-- 40 mcie Nine Run' I: B. Carter, li. Taylor. I. Simmons. C. Shoemaker, A. Tay- lor, W. Chaney, S. liirluy, A. Ginniman, R. Bucy, D. Castleman, A. la-wis. lf. Miesling, D. Twigg, V. Shaffer, R. Allan, B. Lease, D. Fieelantl. l.. Wentling, M. Bramble. C. Brant. AI. Gortlon, L. Squires. Run' J: B. Browne. S. Huff, F. Ryan. K. Iiarl. W. Alilerton, T. llausman, P. Samlaino, W. Bratt, li. Parker. E. Pullin. A. Thorpe, VI. Stein, M. Collins, R. Brant, I.. Maekererh. L. Blacklin. W. Birming- ham, VI. lickhart, li. llaines, l.. Smith, VI. Lizer. R. Eyler. Row 9: VI. 'l'rt-xler, VI. Matlick. P. Fasker. D. Brinkman. F. Popp. F. Morrison, A. Rice. V. Simms. P. Wfeher. R. Hentlrickson, XV. Taylor, V. Sherlock. R. Twigg, VI. Miller, F. Neithkin, D. Dt-Haven, R. Brant. li. Little, M. Brant, M. Hohel, C. Malsherry. VI. Riehter. Ron' II: R. Smith, B. Mclillish, S. Hoyle. S. Kline. M. Tipton, B. Naill, ll. Twigg, B. Stump. VU. Xwagus, D. Nelson, R. Arnold, H. Heavener. S. Groves, VI. Harper. E. Twigg. B. Thomas. D. Martz. D. Rice, E. Utt, R. Hartman, VI. Holiilay, R. Garnall. Row 5: R. Buskey, R. Stevenson, R. Springer. L. Davis, R. Ditk- ens. L. Clark, K. Zimmerman, M. Whetzel, A. Wilson, li. lzner. D. Baker, V. Haggard, S. Martin, N. Athinson. D. Brown, D. Camp- bell, S. DeBolt, B. Twigg, Y. Biller, R. Wheeler. K. Railelille, B. Mathenex, VI. Kilroy. Ron' 6: D. Rowan. C. Shore. W. XVilliams, VI. Nixon. B. MtDon- alal, W. Garmon, W. Miller, T. Furlow. W. Wilson, A. Linn, B. Wotring, L. Hovatter. Nixon. B. Klingerman. A. Pryor. VI. Fox, W. Light, K. Brant, S. Hoyle. Ron' 7: I. Findlay, VI. McDonaltl. li. Mason, L. McKenzie, VI. Cessna, l. Miller, T. Weese. M. Miller, N. Hicks. ,I. Altlerton, C. Lattimer. M. Luttrel. P. Adams, W. Reynoltls. Kon' If M. llowilyshell, M. Hoffman, D. Growtlen, D. Triplett V. Smith. V. llartman, S. Minke. S. Cage. S. Martin. N. Paine. B Stump, VI. l.loyil, C. Lowe, B. Brown. li. Rohinette. D. limerick. R Duckworth, W. True. B. Haines. VI. Barnartl. S. Rohinette, VI. Dolan Run' .': M. livans, l.. Welmt-r, li. Mariavia. l.. Crahtree. D. Conway l'. Sthram, l. Cage, W. Richartl, R. Paine, L. Smith, li. Bolyartl, B Files, R. Vlack, D. Sweitzer, D. johnson. C. Coughanour, W. Orntloli R. Goss, G. llullman. S. Hilgase. Run' If V, Boytl, D. Murray. B. Starforil, B. Keel, li. Warner, G Long, l. Hamilton, D. Brant. N. liline. D. Simmons, D. Brant, M Smith, V. Syholtl. VI. Nicholson. V. Lipseomh, VI. Athey. C. Beall. P Vlones, G. Davis. B. livans. Nou' -If D. Van Meter. H. l.ittle. G. Harris, R. Patllielil, R. Bol- yaril, AI. Athey. R. Charlton, B. Haines. R. Kimble, Melillish. A Smith, Kimble. li. Strieluy. VI. Rectl. D. Carnes. G. Thomas. R. Davis VI. Staffortl, A. Poling. Ron' 5: C. Owens. K. johnson, VI. Anilrews. C. Trihert. VI. MeDon alil, D. Lease, li. Tucker. B. Diekle, li. Twigg. B. Athington. VI femhower, VI. OiNeal. D. Valentine. G. Mtlillish. G. Stevenson. R Shade, R. Davis, V. Browning. Run' 6: R. Hauser. S. Fishel. AI. Riley, G. Karns. B. Newman. C Sullivan, J. Ruhinstein, D. Ritter. F. Corlwin, C. Buiae. W. Prine, A Day. C. Day. I. Winterstein. male Eight Ron' I: XV. Roritk, li. lilacker. M. M. Pertlew. M. Leasure, M Chenewick. M. Deneen. li. Poole, D. Winters. M. li. Shrout, D Pritltly. I. Xwillong. VI. Baker. D. Mowery. I. Sweitzer. I. Cunning ham. M. Day. VI. Saville, M, Iones, M. Deathlehouser. H. jenkins li. Arnoltl. V. llropst. V. Hentlershot. Ron' " C DeH'ivLn W Deitz S Shriver A Frtntz ' - e. 1. . ', .'z .C.Rock well. W. O'Toole. ll. liuckalew, E. Fuller. W. Monteleone. H Crosser. M. Owens. S. Higgins, R. Golclsborrough, E. Brooks, T Dentinger. D. Lease. R. Leasure. G. Stine. F. Mort. ,I. johnson, A Long, F. Smith. Ron' I: li. Wollington, G. Wolf, D, lleek, D. Pullin, ll. Hunt lf. Darr. W. Roby. AI. Rice. H. McCoy, W. DeVore. R. Parker, S Wfalker. l'. Dunn. II. Weires, D. Michael. Kessell, R. Mattingly R. Charlton. I.. Hare. C. Durbin, M. Sponaugle, I. Weires. F Stewart . ISHN' aj: A, W'ilkins. S. llucklew. M. Case. R. Delaiwtler. .I. Stein -I, Iones. D. Lewis. R. Turner, R, Davis, N. Fletcher. W. Collins, L Sweitzer, C. Thrasher, W. Oss. D. Stonebraker. D. Riggs, H. llrown E. Keyser, R. Lapp. I. Smith, M. Hefner. W. Davis. XV. House worth. M. Whisner. Ron' 5: R. lzzett, P. Goss. I. Crowe, li. Arnolil. S. Wimer. M George, I. Sensabaugh. R. Sanson. l. Iutltl. C. Wrigley. ll. Shipley M. Voorhees, C. Ginniman, V. -Iohnson. D. True, R. Mangus. I Bryant. N. McCall. M. Weber. VU. Rice. R. Cook, R. Coyle. D Whisner. R. Carner. Ron' 6: R. Taylor, N. Wollington. A. W'ills. A. Poling, lf. ,Iarvis E. Gillum, F. Iarvis. ,I. Minnicks. VU. Bennett. ll. liaker, II. Stallortl W. Deter, E. Hutlson, C. Cross, R. Cook. A, Smith, ll. MtDonaltl N. Burley. -I. Lancaster. H. Walker, R. Clites. R. Thuss. G. Hansrote S. Kuhns. Rnu' 7: I. Snyder. M. Rutltly. R, Wagely. ll. Carbaugli, W Thomas, F. Parker, M. Lakem. G. Coasterman. R. Sinear. S Schoenatlel. R. Castel, li. Kerns. C. Hull. ll. Somerlieltl, ll. Sliatlwell D. Hamilton. H. HuH, H. Nuse. M. Coasterman. Ron' If M. Henson, AI. Sherry. R. Wfilson, Reuschel, C. Riley, G. I. Shanholtz. H. Erickson, F. lilantl. W. Foreman. A. lmes. G. Garlantl. AI. lewis. VI. Crabtree. Ii. liverert, li. liratt. P. Hartman, S. Couther, D. Decker, F. Ktnnell. N. Lovell. P. Cooper. G. Crltes. li. lietterman, D. Xlfilson, U, Robertson, P. Richartls, P. Madigan, I.. Hartlinger. M. Deloizer. R. Rowe, C. Creger. li. MtDonaltl, Ii. Davis. D. Ailanis. A. Turner. C. listes, M. llrewes. M. Allen, A. McKay. S . ftotler. M. Mongoltl. Nou' .'.' l.. Norris. A. Kline. D. Robinson, A. Roy, -I. Montgomery. R. llartlman, ll. Smith. R. Spiker. F. Gero. I. Hare. D. True, D. Valentine. -I. Ott, l.. W'elcl1. T. Reckley, I. Hofer, N. Robinson, F. l.eyh. C. Troutman. O. Twigg. AI. Nixon. Ruiz' I: F. Losante. R. Fritltly. R. Hartell. R, Keller. W. Creegan C.. llanekamp. li. llasselburger, R. Cunningham, .I. Crabtree. R. Chaney. T. Iiogle. R. liailey. G, Grimes. A. Tomsko, D. Cowgills, T, Yanorstlale, S. Murray, R. Mcllritle, G. Wertz. F. lmes. A. Sweitzer. IM14' if -I. lklorgan. R. Davis, W, Kaylor. R. Summers. M. Athey Ron' 5: G. Antlrews. R. llirtl. R. Davis. T. Keller. li. lNlint'er. I. Smith, R, lireighner. P. Murphy. li. Metz, N. Grayson. M. llrant. I. Ambrose, D. livans, li. XX'artz. R. Oster. XV. MtCoullough. ll. Moore. P. Shepway. D. Mtliarlantl. li. King. XV. Cameron. FI. l.ewis. N. Robosson. C. Northcraft. H. Sarver. S. l.easure, C. llullman. Ruiz' 6: -I. Shaffer. D. Decker. II. llontoni. F. Shriver, I. Smith. G. Householtler. M, Stamp. D. Smith. I. Evans. ll. XVagner. l'. Marion, S. Fier, M. Hilleary. VI. Fayman. li. lirooks. T. llanekamp. R. Craze. S. Ambrose. S, liible, F. Daugherty. male Seven Kun' I.' S. Gortlon, S. Taylor. G. Furlow. J. Skanski, A. Durst, J. Macintosh, M. Davis, G. Denu, F, Hater, P. Smith. A, Nelson, L. Blackburn, D, Gurtler, L. Robinson. S. Taylor. B. Castleman. G. Groves, D, Lewis, N. Ault. G, Bosely, D. Dorsey, D. Boggs, P, Walters, ll. Tltompson. Nou' If B. Ambrose. C. Maekereth. R. Parker, B. Fletcher, S. Stimley, M. Ambrose, C. Shreves, R. Richter, J. Murphy, B. Hunt, B. Burke, B. Grove, R, Morgan, P. Kennedy, W. Wharton, M. Miller, C. Ault, R. Twigg, li. Roby, J. Clark, C. Winmlish, S. Rossell. Run' is li. Rutherfortl. J. Murphy. D. Ferguson, E, Kennell, D. Frye, J. Matlick, J. Altlerton, C. Seeclers. M. Bloss, M. Lewis, R. Dellaven, W. Smith, J. Riee, B. Lantlis. W. King, R. Brown. J. Blamble, A, Shalfer, P. Stansburg, J. Parks, D. Davis, R. Tipton, W. Marsh, R. Dailey, D. Otlgers. RUN' J: l.. DuVall, D. Durbin, D. Lehman, P. Hausman, F. King, V. Pool. M. O'Neal, W. Liller. R. MacDonald. M. M. Burke. P. Close. H, Bloss, D. Ritlenbaugh. M. Burke. J. Taylor. M. Detweiler, D. Welsh, S. Lyons, R. Coleman, J. Bopp, K, Ayers. N. Davy. Rim' 5: R, Cage, Smith, E. Campbell, B. Hansroth. D. Klavuhn. B. Murray, J. Steward, R. Sehwalm, J. Whittington. S. Hill, J. Noff. G. Wilson, D. Weber, V. MeFarlane. M, Rockwell. J. Metzger, H. Brinkman, A. Sittig, J. Bolling, A. Whetzel, C. Shitllett, Z. Arnoltl. Run' 6: V. Beall, L. Beightol, D. Tewell, N. Caparossi, W. Lang, M. Starliper. G. Warner, N. Apple. N. Nicholson, P. Pittman, J. Brown. J. Baker. R. Blume, J. Pinault. B. Bennett. B. Courtney. L. Taglioferre, C. Robinson. Corrick, Jenkins, M. Layne, J. Kennell. Rau' 7: J. Brown. R. Norris, L. Twigg. R. Tingler, R, Stotler, R. Hughes. C. Antlrews, L. Hampton, N. Miller, R. Robinnette, J. Smith, R. Youngblood, J. Horchler, L, Mitltlleton. R. May, G. Patton, G. Lantz. A. Collins. P. Fox, H. Bishop, Rim' I.' M, Beall, N. Metheny, N. Barnes, J. Kitlwell. M. Baker M, Dycke. l.. Zembower, A, Ginniman. R. Bucy. N, Davis, J llowtlyshell, M. Rice, l.. Ackerson. M. Bennett, P. Peterson, B. Rutly l. Beck, B. Twigg, D. Norris, li. Crowe, N. Smith, V. Bennett, N Smith, J. Barnhart, l.. Squires. 7 Ruiz' . .' P, Bucklew, R. Smith, R. Deter. D. Sherwood. E. Thrash- er, W. licltartl, J. Leasure, B. Martz, B. Brett. T. Short, B. Norton W. Wiglieltl, R. Giles, W. Lewis, F. Stalforcl, W. Robey, S. Null I. Lloytl, R. Clontz, R. Boone, E. Thrasher. S. Benson. B. Hare. i Ron' if D. Hott, W. Brooks, B, Thuss, J. Shipley, C. Broatlwater, J. Rawlings, R. llilf, H. Keller, P. Malone, A. Johnson, P. Hartman B. White, Kavey, M. Hannas, L. Liller, B. Heller, l. Rexrotle, D Whisner, li. Stewart, M. Lease. H. Mock. R, Lanom, H. Harworth. Rau' Ai: B. Crites, P. Kline, B. Pye, V. Walker, P. Rice, T. Bow man, J. Lewis, B. Brant. S. Sirbaugh, J. Mortzfelt, J. Bierman. D Xvalker, D. Manges. D. Miller, S. Valentine. I. Hoyle, li, Durbin H. George. I.uttrel. P. McKenzie, A. Mcliarlantl, M. Wishner. Rau' 5: R. Glantzer, W. Wotring. D. Bobo, V. Taylor, B. Agee R. Haislip, B. Emmert, G. Ogle. J. Lamb, J, Beck, G. Klosterman F. Hare. B. Clopp, D. Miller. D, Plummer, M. Sowers. T. Whisner M. T. Valentine, R. Everett. L. Boone. R. Polling, C. Kline, S '1'wig:,,a. k'vu' 6: W. Buzzard, L. Schatle, R. Royce, C. Colbert. P, Crites T. Huffman, N. Spencer, K. Bible. VU. Brooks. P. Strawtlerman. l VanMeter. V. Minnieks, D. Ferguson, H. Hammontl, D. Grapes D. Bursh, W. lser. C. Brant, D. Ellis, J. Zehrbaek, Campbell, P limerick. MeDonalcl, M. Ritler. V. Plannigan. Row 7.' R. Tucker, B. Sherrecl, S. Cooper, B. Atlams. T. Hull, B Kunes, J. Layton. K. Owens, R, Shriver. B. Browning. li. Burkley G. Luteman, R. Lee, J. Mauk. P. Sherry. S. Clem. L. Brant. T. Miller Student Council Usbers Monitors Library Club Sentinel Staf Band Orcbestra Boys' Glee Club Girls' Glee Club junior Glee Club A Cappella Cboir Fort Hill Players Organizations Fort Hill Players' Auxiliary Verse Speaking Cboir Tbespians Nintb Grade Dramatic Club Stage Crew National Honor Society Boys' Hi-Y junior Tri Hi-Y Tri Hi-Y Letter Club Mirneograpb Crew Sabre Staff Student anne 'I A government of the students, by the students, and for the students is an ideal way of expressing the student government system at Fort Hill. The form of student government which is practiced in our school is very much like that of our Federal Government. The Student Council is organized, in ac- cordance with its constitution, into three parts. The functions of these divisions are similar to those of the Federal Government's legislative, executive, and judiciary departments. The student legislature consists of two houses, the Senate and the House of Representatives. The Senate or the upper house is made up of the representatives from the senior high home rooms. The House of Representatives being the lower house, consists of the representatives from the seventh, eighth, and ninth grades. The meetings of the Senate are conducted by the cabinet mem- Rou' I: J. Creazan, A. Thuss, C. Shore, T. Furlow, B. Am- brose, j. Rubenstein, J. Hicks, R. Twigg, B. Roby. Rou' 2: I.. Davis, B. Peter- son, N. Wcmlhngttmn, J. McCoy, H. Sensabaugh, P. jones, B. White, D. Miller. Wallis, C. Mahaney, L. Sheetz, H. Bishop. bers while the House has a separate set of oflicers. A measure must pass both houses before it be- comes a law. Both houses meet in separate sessions. The second division is the executive branch. Under this division comes the student elected cabinet officers. The cabinet officers are made up of four seniors who are the president and the department heads and three juniors. The othcers are: President, Harold Bishop: Vice President, and Public Relations Offer, Calvin Mahaneyg Serretary, Sadie Maclntoshg Treas1n'er, Linn Sheetzg Department of Industry, Phyllis Burley: Department of Traffic, Ethel Wfallisg D6.lI1Il'flll6Ill of Social Affairs, Lois Mason. The judiciary division consists of the faculty advisers. These advisers oversee the work of the students and guide them toward higher standards of student government. The advisers are: Mr. Robert Morris, General Head: Miss Lillian Myers, P. Burley, S. Maclntosh, L. Mason, lf. Student onncil H. Bishop, Wallis, J. Brown, L. Sheetz, R. Camp- bell, L. Mason, L. Hoyle, A. Fisher, A. Murray, M. Judd, D. Thrasher, J. Curl, D. Davis, B. Cessna, H. Adams, S. Maclntosh, C. Mahaney, P. Burley, Erickson, P. Keller, L. Hout. Department o Industry: Miss Alverda Ford, Department o Tragic, and Mrs. Nellie Hilton, Department 0 Social Affairs. The president conducts the opening exercises at assemblies and presides over the Senate and Cabi- net meetings. The function of ushers and moni- tors is under the Department of Trallic. The student elections, the scholastic honor roll, the trophy cases, the election of the May Queen and the granting of charters fall within the province of the Secretary of Industry. The Secretary of Social Affairs handles the Social Room, the annual May Day dance and any other Student Council social functions. Among the major projects of the council this year were: the financing of the Faculty Follies, the purchasing of a new directory for the school lobby, arranging for the annual carrying on of the general elections for class officers through out the senior high school. The efforts of the Student Council have pro- duced a highly successful year. Their accomplish- ments speak for themselves. As a member of the National Association of Student Councils the Fort Hill group rates nationally. The aims and pur- poses of the organization can be better understood after examining the Student Council Creed. "We shall never bring disgrace to our school by any act of dishonesty or cowardice. We will fight for the ideals and cherish the things of our school, both singly and together. We shall respect and obey the schoo1's laws. We will strive unceasingly to arouse the students' sense of scholastic duty. Thus in all these ways we will transmit our school to others, greater, better and more beautiful than it was transmitted to us." Miss Ford, Mrs. Hilton, Miss Myers, Mr. Morris. Ushers and M onitors To be a Fort Hill monitor is indicative of being dependable, industrious and well-groomed. These are the character traits that one expects to find in the boys and girls who shoulder the heavy re- sponsibility of keeping our cafeteria in smooth running order. This year Miss Alverda Ford, the adviser of the group, and the monitors have in- stalled a new order for the home room lunch groups approaching the cafeteria. We of the student body have only the highest praise for the MONITORS Row l: R. Smith, Miss Ford, j. Keller, E. Robinson, B. Grannigan, M. Rudy, li. Wallis, N. Evans, l. Cage, G. Huff, D. Mulvey. Rau' 2: C. B. Mulvey', V. Simmons, I.. Drake, D. Trip- lett, R. Hendrickson. Row 3: F. Twigg, L. Fox, S. Reckley, lmes, D. Clay, L. Perdew, j. Nicholson, J. Lie- saure, J. Eckhart, I.. Crabtree, li. Heller, D. Riggs, F. Cover, S. Hansroth, S. Cage, O. Ayers, B. Gurtler, E. Burch, B. Wcmt- ring, F. Appel. USHFRS A. Patterson, Miss Ford, D. Hilleary, N. l.. Norris, H. Nlessick, li. Twigg, C. Brant, J. Wiers, j. Findlay, V. I.. Sittig, M. B. Bageant, J. Lan- caster, D. Darsh, W, Reynolds, E. Cole, J. VC'eirs, R. Gorman. new system and the greatest respect for the effort and patience displayed in making it work. Again this year the school ushers have made things pleasant for us. We cannot imagine com- ing into the auditorium and not having the sur- rounding physical conditions of the Hnest. For all evening entertainment and group meetings these people are on the job. Because of the high standards of the organization the ushers who qualify for membership in the group are students in whom we have the greatest trust and respect. A. Wotring. S. Maclntosh, li. Wallis, E. Brant, R. Morris, Street, J. Kilroy, j. Shaffer, M. Library lub Row 1: D. Twigg, B. Brown, V. Simms, J. Keller, G. Snider, B. Dangelo, J. Coleman, E. Miller, M. Langley. Row 2: W. Chaney, F. Ryan, M. P. Miller, R. Hoff- man, D. Leyh, M. Collins, L. Hout, J. Clark, J. Thrasher, P. Alvaro, R. Ferguson, K. Spooler, B. Daves, J. Beall, J. Cline, L. Twigg, J. Williams, M. Evans, M. Johns. The Library Club is one of the organizations that makes the daily routine at Fort Hill function with smoothness and ease. The members of this group are behind the scene workers. Sometimes we forget they are constantly acting for our edu- cational welfare, but let them cease their custom- ary course of duty and the snarls become apparent. We are out of gear. The astonishing scope of the duties of the Library Club members is: 1. To charge books in and out of the library. 2. To card books and replace them on the open shelves. 3. To learn the technique of mending books. Row 3: V. Sherlock, J. Nixon, T. Furlow, F. Stimely, E. Appel, E. Knotts, J. Bridges, J. Andrews, R. Thomp- son, D. Bird, H. Lamp, J. Snyder, N. Daugherty, H. Lechliter, D. Naff, J. Cessna, Miss Ranck. Not Pictured: E. Huff. 4. To shellac books. 5. To prepare and distribute vital library news to the whole school. The library club is very ably directed by our school librarian, Miss Gertrude Ranck, and by the assistant librarian, Mrs. Marguerite Deetz. The oflicers of the club include: President ...... . . .Margie Langley Vice President .... . . .Fleda Stimely Secretary ....... .... J oanne Beall Treasurer . . . . . .June Andrews Reporter . . . .... Elaine Miller L .Wg Pictured with Miss Gertrude Ranck, the librari- an of our School, is Mary Penn Miller. Mary Penn, who is one of the most capable and efficient members of the Library Club, is also a member of the senior class. It is a real pleasure to ask her help in finding a book, because with the book comes that cheerful friendliness that makes friend- ship with books and people a great adventure. 49 Sentinel Staff "The News Shall Make You Free" Sitiing: J. Lane, M. Hilleary, G. Ketterman, E. Wallis, Mr. Winters, C. Yeager, V. L. Sittig, A. Lakin, G. Snider. Standing: L. Mason, L. Cage, B. Clem, N. Lewis, j. Bible, E. Watson, B. Grani- gan, E. Lapp, B. Davis, V. Bender, J. Pierce, C. Mefford, D. Weber, C. Mahaney. To the Sentinel and its sponsors go the hearty congratulations of the class of '46. In spite of the many vicissitudes that beset newspaper publi- cation at this time the staff has maintained a high standard of excellence in the bi-weekly editions of the school paper. The Sentinel staff was organized at the beginning of the school year by the Rev. Mr. Winters. Under his guidance the first few issues of the paper were published. Mr. Ralph Luman succeeded Mr. Winters as Sentinel sponsor and teacher of English. Mr. Luman has proved a capable and understanding leader as each successive issue of the school paper con- vincingly proves. This year, as in the past years, representative staff members and Mr. Luman attended the Columbia Press Convention in New York City. At the meeting the Sentinel was rated with other publications in its class gathered from all over the country. 50 Sentinel Staff E. Wallis, C. Yeager, Mr. Luman, adviser. Co-Editors ...... .,........ C hrisrine Yeager, Ethel Wallis News Editor ............,.....v. ........,.....,....... G eorgia Ketterman Associate News Editor ........ .,.......As........A...., L averne George Assistant News Editor ..... .......................,,..,..e Barbara Davis Co-Feature Editors ..v,,....... ......e. joy Lane, Marguerite Hilleary Assistant Feature Editor s....... .....,.....,.......,r.......... E lton Watson Boys' Sports Editor .,,r.....a,. ......... A rthur Lakin Girls' Sports Editor ,,,..... .............. G loria Snyder Business Manager ......., ,.....,... V irginia Lee Sittig Advertising Manager ..,.....,........................ ....,......... W illa Jean Wolford Exchange and Subscription Managers ,...........................,........................... Bender, Bonnie Grannigan Photography ,................... J ack Pierce, Davis Weber Art ...................... ....... E laine Lapp, Evelyn Wilson Typists ..,......,......................... - ....,.................................. jean Bible, Lucille Cage, Betty Clem, Ninalee Lewis, Lois Mason, Dorothy McCullough 51 Bama' Nearing the hilltop in the early mornings of September and October, we could hear the rapping of drums, the clang of cymbals, the blare of trumpets, and the stamp of marching feet. This combination of sounds assured the students of Fort Hill High School that once again their band was getting into practice for a successful season. At every football and basketball game, our band was an enthusiastic part of the cheering section. No football game would have been quite the big event that it was without the color and spirit contributed by our mu- sicians. This organization could always be counted upon to furnish enter- tainment both novel and good. Our band proved once again that it is a public spirited organization. The city parades were always better for having our organization in line. The band, too, has been glad to donate its services to many patriotic rallies. They had their part in the lovely sunrise Easter service, and they joined with the other bands in the county in their efforts to make the annual County Music Festival a success. The officers of the groups proved to be fine leaders. Many thanks for the success of our organization this year goes to Calvin Mahaney, presidentg Linn Sheetz, vice presidentg Jane Nichelson, secretaryy Donald Wimer, treasurerg and Mr. Frank Troy, director. 52 rclzestm Row I: D. Riggs, S. Hansroth, R. Evans, D. Burgess, L. Sheets, C. Mahaney, J. Lehman. D. Weber, L. Nickel, J. Nickleson, S. Keller, D. Wimer, A. Weber, B. Ambrose, J. Curl, R. Heisey, D. McCoy. Row 2: R. Valentine, A. L. Parks, J. Diggs, J. Patsy, G. Long, K. England, Mr. Troy. Among the many lovely memories that remain of our school associ- ations is the remembrance of good music. To this the school orchestra has contributed in great measure. It is the orchestra upon which we depended to add musically to our school assembly programs. At all school entertain- ment we expected to hear these fine musicians. Individuals of the organization found their services sought after for programs sponsored by the school and by organized groups of the city. This year the orchestra, as well as the band, was under the direction of Mr. Frank Troy. Mr. Troy, a newcomer to Fort Hill, has for many years been a successful band and orchestra director and a fine musician. We still remember the pleasure we experienced, when the orchestra directed by Mr. Troy, played for the first time. Strong leadership and skilled direction are the prime requisites in build- ing an outstanding musical organization. The orchestra has been fortunate in its type of student leadership. The officers elected at the beginning of the school year were: president, Calvin Mahaneyg vice president, Linn Sheetz, secretary, Delores Riggs, treasurer, Donald Wimer. Long will we remember our own orchestra as it would begin to play the best theme song of them all, "How we love thee Fort Hill High School." 53 Glee tubs Row 1: J. Swain, B. Schreeves, R. Richards, K. Lloyd, G. Snider, P. Alvaro, S. Poling, G. Weaver, D. Street, Mrs. Pelling. Row 2: E. Knotts, P. Golden, M. Coughanour, j Micheles, A. Wotring, C. Brown, P. Walker, B. Davis j. Allen, M. Robinson. Row 3: B. Young, G. Hendrix, D. McCullough, M Day, D. Davis, I. Shyrock, E. Miller, E. Brant, j. Allen H. Spiker, B. Ellis. Row 4: C. Barringer, L. Allander, Thompson, R Capturing rhythm with delight and skill, the Girls' Glee Club under the artist-direction of Mrs. Edward Pelling, completed another year of outstanding accomplishment. Com- prised of members of grades ten, eleven and twelve, the club participated in several as- sembly programs, and in the Allegany County Music Festival, in April. Through a careful program of study and training, the members of this organization grow in ap- preciation of music and in effectiveness of vocal interpretation. In addition, through programs artistically planned and executed, they enrich the aesthetic life of the school and the com- munity. Officers for the past year were: president, jean Curl, rice president, Patricia Golden, serretury, Barbara Davis, treasurer, Elaine Miller. 1 Thompson, J. Andrews, M. Bishop, D. Clay, J. Beall, Little, J. Curl. Row 1: Mrs. Pelling, N. Evans, S. Goodrich, D Smith, J. Hager, J. Lehman, C. Thompson. Row 2: J. Detweiller, R. Campbell, M. O'Neal, J. Keifer, W. Gross. Row 3: j. Paupe, j. Craze, A. Lakin, R. Heisey, R. Cessna, W. Sowers. "Music like a curve of gold" might well be the motto of this group of singers, for the accomplishments of the Boys' Glee Club are truly golden. Under the experi- enced direction of Mrs. Edward Pelling, members of the Club participated throughout the year in assembly and community programs and won merited acclaim for their presentation of O'Hara's "There Is No Death," in the Allegany County Music Festival in April. Early in the fall, the club members planned an in- tensive activity and study schedule designed to develop music appreciation, to increase individual and group skill, and to provide opportunities for the school and the larger community to share in the enjoyment of good music. That the goals of the club have been realized is abundantly clear, and their achievement reflects credit upon Mrs. Pelling and each club member. The following members were elected officers for the year: james Hager, prexidentg Stanley Goodrich, rice presidentf Leroy Gross, setretaryg james Lehman, treasurer. 54 A C ppelln hair Row 1: D. Streett, G. Weaver, G. Snider, M. Twigg, P. Golden, M. Robinson, S. Turner, D. McCullough, H. Spiker, B. Ellis, R. L. Richards, L. Carroll, Mrs. Pellingg Row 2: E. Bucy, C. Thompson, F. Bennett, D. Smith, R. Campbell, M. O'Neil, S. Goodrich, L. Gross, W. Sowers, N. Evans, C. Barringer, S. Polingg Row 3: S. Yates, J. Lehman, J. Hager, J. Craze, J. Paupe, R. Cessna, A. Lakin, R. Heisey, J. Detweiler, L. Allender, P. Walker, I. Micheles: Row 4: J. Curl, M. Coughanour, A. Wot- ring, M. Bishop, B. Thompson, J. Andrews, R. Thompson, E. Knotts, B. Davis, B. Young, S. Britt, E. Miller. Row I: B. Clingerman, G. Furlow, E. Everett, B. Eye, N. Smith, C. Thompson, B. Rudy, G. Bosley, M. Leasure, M. Perdew, M. Robinette, M. O'Neil, S. Churchg Row 2.' The youngest of our Fort Hill musical groups is the Junior Glee Club. These song birds of tomorrow are receiving the skilled training of Mrs. Edward Pelling so that some day in the time to come they may take their well-earned places in the Glee Clubs and A Cappella Choir. The officers for the past year have been: presi- dent, Ann Polingg vice president, Ethel Everettg serretary, Shirley Marting treasurer, William Fluess, librarians, John Hafer, Holmes Smith, Audrey Mills, Sandra Church. Answering the poet's appeal to "open our hearts to music," the A Cappella Choir, directed by Mrs. Edward Pelling, completed another year of matchless attainment. The Choir, which has received state-wide recognition for excellence of interpretation and presentation, gave programs of such varied nature and techniques as to provide W. Collins, R. Wageley, N. Appel, D. True, W. Marsh, W. W'otring, M. Day, R. Delawder, R. McDonald, S. Stimley, R. Goldsbourg, J. Parks, B. Thuss, J. Wofer, R. NVilsong Row 3: M. Valentine, M. Smith, H. Devil- bliss, H. Twigg, R. Poling, S. Valentine, M. Sowers, J. Bowling, P. Pitman, B. Hansrote, D. Murray, L. Weber, R. Duckworth, A. Turner, S. Martin, P. Cooperg Row 4: L. Hobattes, D. Brinkman, D. Freeland, L. Wentling, A. Wilson, K. Saville, C. Hull, A. Wills, C. Ginniman, R. Muwany, I. Morrison, L. Hare, J. Cunningham, R. Cook, J. Pinault, D. Ogers, M. Weber, Row 5: Mrs. Pelling, N. Hicks, R. Clites, H. Sowers, V. Stallings, A. McDonald, D. Smith, A. Poling, N. Burley, C. Carbough, J. Minnicks, E. Jarvis, S. Hoyle, H. Walker, W. Bennett, B. Summerfield, B. MCEl'flSh. abiding proof of the skill and artistry of the director and each member. The peace of Christmas became for each person in the school a reality, as the Choir presented the impressive candlelight processional and cantata, and harassed travelers felt renewed joy as they looked from their coach windows upon this group of merry carollers as they presented their yearly program at the Baltimore and Ohio Railway Station. Other community activities of the Choir in- cluded a recital for the Rotary Club and the Duke Memorial Bible Class, and participation in the Allegany County Music Festival in April. The school is justifiably proud of this group who so consistently reflect credit upon their capable director. Officers in charge during the past year were: president, James Hager, vice president, Stanley Goodrich, secretary-treasurer, Robert Heisey. mf! Hill Players Row I: D. Chase, B. L. Kight, P. Burley, J. Moler, B. Linn, V. Jewell, W. Parsons, E. Pinault, Miss Pritchardg Row 2: A. Ranch, J. Bible, M. Twigg, B. J. Robosson, D. Smith, L. Wigfield, S. Brittg Row 3: E. Watson, W. King, N. W'illiams, A. Whetsel, R. Shrout, C. Ring- ler, B. May, D. L. Thrasher, S. Turner, D. Darshg Row 4: L. Duffy, F. Strieby. The Fort Hill Players have had a successful year. Miss Gerardine Pritchard and the members of the group have contributed generously of their time and talent, and we are the richer for it. The Fort Hill Players began their dramatic year with the fine pro- duction of the "Fighting Littles." This was followed in january with the annual play tournament. The beautiful May Day activities were planned and carried through by the players. Many times during the year they have presented an assembly program. The individual services of the members are eagerly sought. However it is in learning the technique of acting and directing, in dis- covering the attributes of a good speaker, in planning worthwhile enter- tainment, in recognizing values that the members of the organization have made their Hnest successes. During the past year Beatrice Linn served as presidenlg Phyllis Burley, vice flresidentg Jeannine Moler, secretaryg Wanda Parsons, treasurerg of the Fort Hill Players. 56 ort Hill Players, Auxiliary Row I: D. Thorp:-, D. Thrasher, Miss Pritchard, A. Mease, B. Davis, B. Kightg Row 2.' E. Pinault, B. Robosson, W. Parsons, B. Linn, G. Hendrix, J. Bible: Row 3: M. Barnes, D. Winier, B. May, J. Moler, M. Twigg. For the past year the following officers have been in charge of the Fort Hill Players' Auxiliary: Christine Yeager, clmirmang Ann Mease, vice cloairmang Donald Wimer, secretaryg and Barbara Davis, treasurer. Miss Getarzline Pritchard was the faculty adviser. It is a recognized fact that the dramatic organizations of the school seem to be ever on the alert for a new idea, a different type of en- tertainment, an opportunity for self improvement. The Fort Hill Players' Auxiliary proved this when during the month of February they presented a series of original radio skits in connection wth cafeteria conduct, written and supervised by the club members. We remember the aptness and time- liness of those presentations. Later in the year the group gave a very interesting and informative demonstration in the art of stage make up. The auxiliary is content for the most part to work quietly behind the scenes, but always ready to extend their valuable service, with which they are so generous, whenever it is needed. 57 ease Speaking Choir V. jewell, A. Whetsel, j. Allen, A. Ranck, E. Watscmn, M. Bageant, D. j. Poorbaugh, D. l. Thrasher, B. May, C. Ringler, j. Moler, E. Pinault, R. Sheally, I.. Duffy, R. Shrout B. I Rohosson, N. Willizlnis, J. Bible, W. King, B. Linn, D. Darsh, W. Parsons.. K. Lloyd, I.. Xvig- held, Ki. Hendrix, P. Burley, B. l.. Kight. Beautiful sounds spoken in unison-and we have the Fort Hill Verse Speaking Choir. The skill and artistry of these speakers make the spoken word truly impressive. Their repertoire, in truth, ranges from the sublime to the ridiculous, and we enjoy all of it. The annual recital of the choir is always a noteworthy event and this year was no exception. The various selections were beautifully done. They were chosen from the Bible, from famous speeches and from well known poems. The choir this year consisted of both boys and girls from the tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grades. Miss Getardine Pritchard was adviser of the Verse Speaking Choir and the following were in office: Jean Bible, llzrexidenlg Betty Lou Kight, secretary, Dorislee Thrasher, lreasurer. 58 lzeslbivms V. jewell, M. Twigg, B. Linn, B. May, J. Moler, B. L. Kight. Not pirluredr D. Smith. In order to become a Thespian one must dedicate himself whole- heartedly to dramatic art. It is necessary to have served an adequate apprenticeship in other dramatic organizations before being qualified for the membership in this outstanding group. Fort Hill's Thespian Troupe 230 was the first to be organized in Maryland. At the present time there are two others in the state. It is apparent then that to be invited to become a member of this group is a signal honor. For the past year, the troupe elected Betty May, presidenty Betty Lou Kight, secretary: and David Smith, treasurer. Miss Pritchard was the faculty adviser. At the initiation held in February the following were admitted to membership: jean Bible, Sue Britt, Phyllis Burley, Delores Chase, Leroy Duffy, William King, Wanda Parsons, Eleanor Pinault, Carlyn Ringler, Billy jean Robosson, Ronald Sheally, Francis Strieby, Dorislee Thrasher, Shirlee Turner, Arlene Whetsell, Louise Wigfield, Nancy Williams. 59 ly, lf. Strieby, D. Fisher, T. Beckman, G. Keady, B. Hiner, P. Couter. ooilzgbis One of the very active younger dramatic groups is the Ninth Grade Dramatic Club. The fine assembly programs they have presented during the year are evidence of the talent that Mrs. llannah Allamong, their adviser, is discovering. The ollicers are: Jacqueline Fox, preyidefltf Caro- Orh GRAIN? IDRAMATIC CQl.l 'li man. Rau' Z: N. Natkins, M. Hobel, A. l.inn, S. Kline, A. Taylor. Roll' if S. Riggleman, M. Miller, K. Radcliffe, ll. Math- eny, -I. Fox, Mrs. Allaniong fsrandingj. Nu! Pil'fllP'l'll.' l.. Clark, ll. Bermingham, M. Tipton, C. Malsberry, -I. Marlirk, S. Ile Bolt, l.. Dans. line Malsberry, secretury.' and Ann Linn, treuslner. Pictured below is the Stage Crew. These boys and Mrs. Veronica Schliefman, the faculty ad- viser of the group, make possible, by their skillful handling of stage equipment, the many plays, con- certs, and programs that we enjoy. STAGE CfRliW Pirlurul ure: R. Sheal- I 1 F 60 Rau' I: XV. Davis, li. Taylor, lf. Slrieby, ll. Kfarclu, 'll llaus- eztiomzl mmf Soc 'et Rau' I: B. Anderson, F. XWallis, N. Avers, N. Mock, D. McCullough, B. May, S. Burke. Rau' Z: j. Lane, M. Hilleary, L. Hansrote, G. Sensabaugh, J. Ritter, R. Heisey, I.. Mason, ll. Bishop, D. Brinkman, C. Yeager, H. Adams. Rau' 5: I.. Kohler, O. Turner, j. Kerns, li. Cole, G. Ketterman, I.. Cage, A. Rice, I.. Ggorge, B. Davis, C. Mahaney, I. Orndoff. Noi Pirlured: li, Pinault, A. Nixon. Character, Scholarship, Leadership, Serv- ice-these are the ideals of the National Honor Society. Admission to this organiza- tion is one of the great honors that can come to a student of Fort Hill, for it stands for excellence of achievement, not only in one line, but in every line of endeavor. Scholarship alone will not admit a student to the National Honor Society. To scholar- ship must be added character, to character, serviceg and to service, leadership. The Honor Society of our school or- ganized formally this year so that it might take a more active part in school affairs and consequently become better known to the entire student body. As a result competition for membership has been very keen. At the September election Norma Avers was chosen president, and Dorothy McCollough, secre- tary-treasurer. The high light of the year for the National Honor Society was the initiation of new members which took place in the school auditorium. The traditional ceremony, al- ways beautiful and simple, was again re- enacted for the young men and women who have proved themselves worthy. Boys, Hi-Y Rau' I: W. Linn, L. Dickerhoff, D. Screen, C. Mahaney. Row 2: D. Weber, F. Light, 0. Turner, J. Light. Rau' 3: l.. Sheetz, Hinkle, j. Divico, F. Streiby, R. Brotemarkle, Mr. Ritchie, L. Duffy. j. Manges. Row 4: W. Dailey, j. Detweiler, -I. Brown, M. Mcllaniel, K. Wilstvn. Rau' 5: G. Lapp, M. Barnes, W. Brant. I. Orndoff. Again this year the Fort Hill Boys' Hi-Y has gone over the top. Through the tireless efforts of every member the organization has been able to proudly claim the title of Hi-Y and be proclaimed a service organization. The Boys' Hi-Y is affiliated with the National Hi-Y Council. This Fort Hill or- ganization maintains an "A" rating in the National Council. The Hi-Y was repre- sented by three delegates at the 23rd Older Boys' Conference held in Hagerstown. From the detailed list of activities for the year we are proud to record these few. Pro- grams were printed and given away free of charge at all home football games. Book- markers were sold with all profits going to the school library, fire marshals especially assigned to this duty were on the job during fire drills. Among the social activities were the regular skating parties and the annual Hi-Y and Tri-Hi-Y rally and dance. At the beginning of the year a formal candle light initiation was held at the Y. M. C. A. at which time twenty new candi- dates, who had met the standards of the or- ganization, were accepted into the Club Fellowship. Under the sponsorship of the Y. M. C. A. and working out of Fort Hill the Hi-Y carried on its activities under the capable leadership of Mr. Carl Ritchie. In the seats of leadership were: Lawrence Dickerhoff, president: Francis Light, vice- presidenlg Francis Strieby and Calvin Ma- haney, secretaries: Richard Groves, treasurer. As Hi-Y Boys of the past as well as the present go about their daily task, ever before them will be their creed: "To create, main- tain, and extend throughout the school and community, higher standards of Christian character. To promote clean speech, sports, scholarship, and living." ' Hi-Y Pirlurwl are: F. Cole, J. NValsh, V. Jewell, I.. Maclntosh, P. Golden, D. Brinkman, N. Mock, N. Williams, S. Burke, N. Avers, J. Davis, M. Hutson, C. Yeager, W. King, B. Ander- son, I.. Cage, M. Hilleary, A. Patterson, W. Parsons, J. Yeager, J. Bible, S. Britt, Mrs. Russell, B. J. Robensson, J. Nickolson, M. Coughenour, S. Hansroth, E. Lapp, B. Davis, V. Sittig, P. Burley, J. Moler, B. May, B. l.. Kight, M. Wfalsh. "To create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community, high standards of Christian character-" this is the motto that in- spires the Tri Hi-Y, a service organization of Fort Hill. Exceptionally active during 1945-46, they began the year's activities with a new adviser, Mrs. Helen Russell, who proved herself a very capable and understanding leader. For the past two years, the demand for membership in Hi-Y had been so great, the idea of organizing a Junior Tri Hi-Y had been under Shown here are: P. Burley, N. Avers, V. Jewell, W. Parsons, P. Golden and M. Walsh, packing food for the Thanksgiving baskets. 65 discussion. This year the plan became a reality. The Tri Hi-Y constitution was then revised in accordance with the changed set-up. New mem- bers were inducted at the annual dinner given in the Fort Hill cafeteria in October. Next in order the Junior Tri Hi-Y constitution was written, and a tea was given when the Junior Tri Hi-Y was formed and members admitted. The annual collection of food for Thanksgiving baskets in November was successful. Quantities of food were donated by the students and many baskets filled. The members of the Tri Hi-Y again took charge of the hospital room. This is a service that the Hi-Y has been glad to extend each year to the school. Before the Christmas holidays, a dance was given at the Y. M. C. A. At this dance, Miss Tri Hi-Y was elected. The winner of the election was Shirley Burke. Throughout the year a social program was in progress. The members went skating, bowling, and entered into various other activities. The ofhcers for the year were: president, Norma Aversg rice president, Joann Walshg secretary, Shirley Burkeg treasurer, Wilma King, chaplain, Marie Hutson. zmior ri Hi-Y P Pictured are: E. Taylor, A. Linn, J. Thrasher, I. Cage, P. McCarty, J. Detweiler, C. Burke, J. Clark, A. Taylor, B. Brown, J. Curl, M. B. Bageant, B. Matheny, S. Burner, K. Radcliffe, D. Brown, N. Fisher, O. Conway, C. Barringer, J. Allen, J. Kilroy, A. L. Parks, D. Marker, j. Coleman, D. j. Poorbaugh, G. Weaver, S. Keller, D. jack. This year for the first time in the history of Fort Hill a Junior Tri Hi-Y was organized. The purpose of the founding of this new group was to make possible an opportunity for more girls to gain membership in the very worth- while Hi-Y organizations. The newly-organ- ized junior group set for themselves the high ideals that have always motivated the Tri Hi-Y, namely: to create, to maintain, and to extend throughout the home, school, and community high standards of Christian conduct. Early in the school year thirty-five girls from the ninth and tenth grades were admitted to the junior service club. In November the girls were formally entertained by the Tri Hi-Y and accepted into full fellowship with them. During the past year the group has been striving to find its place here at Fort Hill. Because of this they have no outstanding ac- complishments to record. However, the group has become a well organized unit and is now ready to take its place among the many older organizations. The junior Tri Hi-Y enjoyed participating in its group activities, attendance at church, going bowling and skating, having theatre parties as an organization, helped them to be- come better acquainted with each other. The ofiicers elected for the past year were: president, Charlotte Barringerg rite president, Alma Taylor, secretary, Doris jean Poorbaughg treasurer, Marian Howdyshellg chaplain, Doris Brown. The officers were accepted by the City Hi-Y Council into full membership. The newly-formed service club has had Mrs. Nellie Hilton as its able adviser during this initial year of organization. Service lu bs 1 LETTER CLUB In the course of the past three years the Letter Club has be- come one of Fort Hills' most inspiring organizations. As in the past, so this year again under the leadership of Miss Nellie Willison the club has continued to be an outstanding service group. The elected othcers for the year were: Doris Brinkman, presidentg Gretchen Luethke, vice presidentg Betty Portmess, .vecretaryg Delores Pennington, treasurerg Marian Bishop, Address Chairman. The Letter Club is still the most important organization at Fort Hill in the opinion of our hundreds of GI Joes. The members of the club carried a tremendous responsibility dur- ing the war years. Few indeed were the Fort Hill boys serving their country who were not cheered by the regular flow of letters from the school on the hill top. During the past year this great service has been continued. Fortunately the mailing list is no longer the lengthy one of the past. The Letter Club feels, however, that to our Fort Hill boys still in service whether in the United States or in a foreign country, messages from us here at school keep the bonds of fellowship strong. LETTER CLUB Seated: D. Stewart, H. Lewis, Miss Willison, K. Lloyd, N. Lewis. Slanding: T. Greise, D. Pen- nington, D. Brinkman, A. Bit- tenger, Edna Stuby, G. Luethke, K. Rowan, V. Bender, L. Wig- field, N. Mock, J. Gurtler, N. Mimdrop. MIMEOGRAPH CREW One of the most important and certainly most active organizations within Fort Hill's portals is the Mimeograph Crew. They have printed every test and exam over which we've slaved from those ballling trig prob- lems to the solution-defying experiments in chemistry. Those questionnaires you filled out, or that letter you took home to your parents are a few of the "Crew's" many end- less tasks. Another daily job is the accurate compi- lation of the absentee list you see posted outside every teachers' room. All sorts of special school bulletins are handed to them to get ready and this they always do efficien- tly and quietly. To this deserving "Crew" and to their capable adviser, Mrs. Helen Brake, we ex- tend our heartiest praise and "thank you" for a demanding job well done. MIMEOGRAPH CREW G. Michaels, O. Turner, J. Layman, Mrs. Brake, A. Huffman, J. Divico. 65 Sabre Staff "From Darkness into Light" Mr. Boone, A. Nixon, N. Avers, Miss Smith. This year's Sabre Staff has been privileged to compile the record of a most memorable year. We, the members of the staff, are intensely aware of the responsibilities that necessarily come with the publishing of a school annual, but especially in this year 1945-46 are we concerned with strik- ing the right note, with giving you the record you want. The theme of the book is a message inspired by peace. We have waited a long time for the ces- sation of world-wide hostilities. It has taken many years to satisfy the gods of war, but now we move from darkness into light. It has also been our pleasant task to pay tribute to a fine teacher, Mr. O. B. Boughton, who is re- tiring from the teaching profession this year. We extend the best wishes of the staff to Mr. Boughton for a happy future. We have added a word of remembrance of the Fort Hill boys from our class who are still in our country's service and one of welcome to those who are here with us finishing their high school education. After reckoning with the law of supply and de- mand we have made as detailed a record of the school year here at Fort Hill as is possible. The staff has been called upon to make certain changes in the planning and the preparation of the Sabre. The photography in the annual and the printing of the books have been entrusted to new hands. Miss Helen Smith is serving her first year as faculty adviser to the yearbook staff. The editor of the 1946 SABRE, Norma Avers, is a year book veteran. Her previous training has helped her to be steady and capable in facing the many problems in connection with the prepa- ration of the book as well as keen in the many decisions that only the editor can make. This year's business manager, Audrey Nixon, has won the admiration of the staff with her quiet efliciency. No year book staff consists of two people, how- ever, the editors, the business staff, the typists, Miss Smith, the general adviser, and Mr. Walter Boone, the business adviser have all contributed immeasurably to the publication of the 1946 SABRE. Sabre Staff r l Row 1: B. May, S. Turner, V. Jewell, S. Burke, C. Mahaneyg Row 2.' G. Ketterman, S. Macintosh, L. George, B. Davis, M. Twigg, A. Rice, K. Spooler, N. Mock, D. Brinkman. Editor-in-thief s .... H ...,,. .Norma Avers Advertising Manager .... . ...... Audrey Nixon Business Managerr., ,..,... Irvin Orndoff Literary Editor .... . r ,.....,.... Nellie Mock Layout Editor.. s s ,. r ........ Doris Brinkman Photography Editor .,.... .....,.. D avis Weber Art Editor s ..... ....,.. Eleanor Pinault Sports Editor ........... .s ...,. ..... ..... ..... ......,, H a r 0 ld Bishop Typists D ..... ..........,........ .....,,........ s ..... . r or .........,,..................... Dorothy Day, Amos Huffman, Barbara Davis, Anna Rice, Kathleen Spooler Advisers.. ....... ....... s ......... r ....... .Miss Helen Smith, Mr. Walter Boone Row 1: D. Weber, N. Avers, I. Orndoif, H. Bishop, Row 2: E. Pinault. 67 1' Activities Cheerleading Twirling Dmmatizing Qlorwfing Color Guam' K ,ff 70 School Slbief 't MAJORETTES Pirlllred ure: D. Marker, J Brant, I.. Davis, I.. Duffy, B Brown, V. Sittig, V. Lloyd, W 0'Toole. What is a game without color, excitement, pep? Since the answer is obvious here are the people We rely upon to furnish those necessary ad- juncts to our games. Drum major, majorettes, cheerleaders-they are the gay challenging spirit of Fort Hill. CHEERLEADERS Girls: D. Chase, P. Walker, Davis. Boyx: D. Smith, R. Sheally. 71 Fczcult allies of 1945 Courtesy of Erwzing Times Mrs. Hughes, Mrs. Deetz, Mr. Roc, Miss McCullcy, Mrs. Bailey, Miss Ranck, Mrs. Alla- nmng. THE CAST OF FACULTY FOLLIES Mr. Ritchie, Mr. Winlcr Miss Rizer, Miss Smith, Mrs Crookc. Fczcult Follies of 1945 1 FACULTY FOLLIES-FLORADORA: Mrs. Russell, Mrs. Brake, Miss Hamilton, Miss Holzshu, Miss Myers, Miss Boughton. Yes, it all happened as it does in a dream, or in a story-book or-in Fort Hill. There they all were-all our teachers. At three-fifteen, dismissal time, everything was as usual. Every pair of glasses was placed at the proper angle, every vest was correctly buttoned, every strand of hair was neatly combed, every bit of faculty dignity was safely anchored. But eight o'clock came and unreality began. Have you ever seen your biology teacher suddenly become a coy ballerina, your English teacher, a determined prima donna, your physical education coach, a spoiled brat, FACULTY FOLLIES-BALLET: Mr. Morris, Mr. Ferguson, Mr. Perdew, Mr. Hinds, Mr. Heisey. your math instructor, a gay Floradora Girl, to say nothing of your principal in a ballet chorus? We have. It happened here the night of November 1. The Faculty Follies of 1945 opened the Eighth War Loan Drive here at Fort Hill. Financially the evening was a great success. Miss Nellie Willison served as general chairman for the event and to Miss Willison and the entire faculty go congratulations from the student body. We are proud of our teachers. They are good citizens and good sports. " he Fighting LittIes" Outstanding Dramatic Success t S. Britt, R. Sheally, B. j. Robosson, V. Jewell, B. L. Kight, W. King, D. Thorp, L. Wig- field, F. Richard, j. Bible, A. Whetsel, D. Smith, B. Linn, L. Duffy, B. May. Pictured helou' mf, L. Duffy, B. Linn. Almantina Olita Filrner Hain Ellers Mr. Little Goody Mrs. Little Antoinette Cuckoo Screwball Henrietle Norman Peel Dicky Harlbeddle Mrs. Harpecldle Miss Pologa Billie Jean Robosson Sue Britt Francis Richard Ronald Sheally Leroy Duffy Arlene Whetsell Betty May Louise Wigheld Wilma King Virginia Jewell Beatrice Linn David Smith Donald Tharp Jean Bible Betty Lou Kight -Q "The Fighting Littles" Piftllwzl ure: R. Sheally, S. Britt, L. Duffy, F. Richard, B. May. On November 30 the Fort Hill Players once again scored a smash hit with their interpretation of Caroline Francke's play, "The Fighting Littles." This is the story of the misunderstood younger generation as exemplified by the son and daughter of the Little household. The patient Mrs. Little and her irascible husband, the flirtatious Henriette, and the forthright Ham Sellers eventually achieve an understanding of themselves and the great human equations which they repre- sent. The fighting Littles with problems solved become a happy peaceable family. Hilltoppers turned out en masse for this play that promised a most enjoyable evening and needless to say they were not disap- pointed. The poise and stage presence of the cast were superior. This together with the skilled direction of Miss Gerardine Pritchard produced a finished show. The stage setting and the lighting effects achieved by Mrs. Schliefman and the Stage Crew played an important part in the gener- al delightful result. The Fort Hill Players both on the stage and behind the scenes have indeed added another success to their al- ready lengthy list with the performance of "The Fighting Littles." Play Tournament r r "Now Tim! Aprzlis' Here" j. Curl, B. I.. Kight, diredor, C. Mefford, C. Burke, S. Rickley, j. Shanski, C. Hamnmkcr. "Star Struck" G. Hinkle, M. O'Neil, M. Coughanour, M. Hurson, C. Ringler, -I. Walsh, R. Hebner, E Twigg, J. Davis, D. Chase, zlirerfor. 76 la Tournament The annual sophomore-junior-senior play tournament is an event of the school year long anticipated by the student body. The com- petition among the participating classes is keen and the desire to present the winning play is intensely strong. The tournament is sponsored by the Fort Hill Players. This group has ruled that the plays entered in competition must be en- tirely the product of pupil effort. The plays must be chosen by the pupils and presented in their entirety by pupil directors and assistants. This year the play, "The Dear Departed," presented by the seniors was awarded the highest rating. The seniors gave an ex- ceptionally clever portrayal of the grasping relatives of "the departed." All the roles were character parts and as such called upon the store of creative skill that these actors possess. Betty May, a member of this cast, for her splendid performance, was named the best actress of the tournament. The juniors, with an all-girl cast, presented the One-aCt play, "Star-Struck." Excitement and humor prevailed as the players, in turn, became hysterical over a movie idol, who incidentally, did not appear in person in the play. The youngest group of contestants, the sophomores, delighted the audience with "Now That April's Here," a play that has to do with the tragedies that befall the romance of a lady of sixteen. Thus once more the annual play tournament with all its fun and excitement became history. 77 . "The Dem' Departed" J. Moler, direrlor, D. Smith, V. Beall, B. May, F. Richards. Betty May, long recognized as an outstanding actress, was voted the best actress of the year for her in- spired characterization of Mrs. Jordan in the play, "The Dear De- parted." This is indeed a fitting climax for her high school dramatic career. Stage oor Pictured are: ll. Bishop, B. May, J. Davis, D. Nichelson, B. Linn, J. Moler, S. Burke, NW. Parsons, M. Walsh, M. Twigg, N. l.ewis, L. Mason, J. Bible, A. Mease, A. Murray, D. Bird, li. Pinault, B. I.. Kight, M. Langley, E. Miller, l. Orndoff, J. Lehman, V. Jewell, R. Heisey, R. Blaker, M. Barnes, R. Campbell, J. Easton, D. Screen, T. Beckman, P. Wztlker. Opening the door of the "Footlights Club" and taking the lid off Pandora's box proved to be the same breath-taking experience for the enthusiastic audience that witnessed the senior class play March 29 in the school auditorium. This drama by Ferber and Kauffman and directed by Miss Gerardine Pritchard proved a fitting climax for the dramatic year. CAST OF CHARACTERS Olga Brandt ........... . . .Jeannine Moler Mattie fcolored maidj ....... Margie Langley Mary Harper fBig Maryj ,,,,, Wanda Parsons Mary McCune fLittle Maryj ..... Mary Walsh Bernice Niemeyer .............. Elaine Miller Madeleine Vauclain. . . ....... Jean Bible Judith Canfield Ann Braddock. Kaye Hamilton jean Maitland , Bobby Melrose. . . . .... Betty Lou Kight Louise Mitchell .,,, , , , Susan Paige. . . Pat Devine ,,,, Kendall Adams . .Eleanor Pinault . , ,Beatrice Linn . . .Shirley Burke . . . . . .Jean Davis .Pauline Walker . .Virginia Jewell . . . . .Doris Bird McMillan Twigg Terry Randall. . . Tony Gillette .... Ellen Fenwick, . . Mrs. Orcutt ..... Sam Hastings. . , , , , . , ,Betty May . , , ,Ann Murray .... .Nina Lewis . . . . .Lois Mason Robert Campbell Jimmy Devereaux .... ..... R obert Heisey Fred Powell .,,, Lou Nlilhouser David Kingsley: . . Keith Burgess. . . Dr. Randall ,.... Larry Westcott.. Bill y ........... ..... Adolph Gretzal . . . .Ronald Blaker . .Harold Bishop . .Melvin Barnes , ,James Lehman , , ,Irvin Orndoff , , ,,,,, William I-liner .Gladys Hendrix . . ..... Theodore Beckman JW our! Youth, beauty, music, dancing-this combination of ideas is synonymous with May Day. This year lovely Shirley Burke reigned supreme as Queen of the May. Her attendants included Jean Bible and Christine Yeager from the senior class. The juniors chose Jeannine Davis and Birdie Lou Kirk. Sophomore representatives were Colleen Burke and Marybelle Bageant and from the freshman class were Jacqueline Fox and Dorothy Triplett. The Queen and her court were entertained by her loyal Fort Hill subjects in the best May Day tradition. The fairy-tale theme predominated throughout the entertainment. The May Day program was planned and presented by the Fort Hill Players under the direction of Miss Gerardine Pritchard. Queen Shirley has been a member of the royal May Court for the past three years. Her friendliness, effortless charm, and sin- cerity, have made her one of the school's most popular pupils. Her scholastic attainments and artistic talent are of that fine quality that we find in Fort Hill's outstanding students. Rau' I: j. Fox, B. I.. Kirk, S. Burke, M. B. Bageant, C. Yeager. Row 2: D. Triplett, C. Burke, j. Davis, J. Bible. Shirley Burke 79 U4tlJle1fics Football Basket Ball ootball Row I: J. Brown, F. Partleton, R. White, W. McBride, J. Ziler, A. Shaffer, M. O'Neal, J. Scott, l. Mangus, O. Turner, R. Groves, J. Lewis, W. Clark, L. Ringler, H. Crews. Row 2: J. Mangus, D. Sensabaugh, R. Stevenson, W. Trieber, H. Lewis, M. Nicholson, G. Lapp, E. Freeland, W. Dailey, L. Hansrote, R. Frye, R. Doman, T. Davis. Row 3: Coach Mel Henry, R. Clay, G. Burke, D. Noble, M. Dean, S. Goodrich, R. Catlett, F. Corbin, M. Lutrel, N. Kaylor. Coach Mel Henry's "Big Red Wave" ex- perienced a highly successful season, win- ning seven games, losing one, and tying one. In this, his third coaching year at Fort Hill, in spite of the fact that the team was con- stantly hampered by injuries, Coach Henry always placed an aggressive ball club on the field. The Sentinels were favored by a fast back- field and a hard charging line as they piled up one hundred seventy-two points while limiting their opponents to fifty-eight. The backfield was led by "Baldy" White and John Brown, two of the fastest backs in the city. The line smashers in the backfield were Don Sensabaugh and Medford Nichol- son. Expert quarterbacking was handed down by Albert Shaffer. The line was Hanked by wingmen james Ziler, Owen Turner, Elmer Freeland, and George Lapp. Outstanding tackles were jim Scott and "Tiny" Trieber. The middle of the line was strengthened by guards Rich- ard Groves, Melvin O'Neal, and co-captain, Eddie Siebert. The ball-snapper on the team was co-captain Bill McBride, who was skilled in the art of aerial defense. The dropkicking for extra points was handled by Freddie Partleton. Members appearing for the last time on Fort Hill's gridiron on Thanksgiving Day were: Albert Shaffer, Richard White, james Ziler, james Scott, John Brown, Bill Clark, Richard Clay, Eddie Siebert, Bill McBride, Freddie Partleton, Melvin O'Neal, Irvin Manges, Owen Turner, Richard Groves, james Lewis, Leon Ringler, and Harold Crews. The Sentinels were honored with the plac- ing of Eddie Siebert, "Baldy" White, Bill McBride, and Dick Groves on the All-City team. Eddie Siebert has had this distinction for the past three years. - O W 1 4 x W f i A I uv , ..L. 4, 1.24 lx 0 r A-Us vzsketbvzll Rau' I: Ii. Freeland, R. Frye. D. Sensabaugh, j. Brown, A. Sidaway, M. Dean. The 1945-46 basketball team was one of the "Hghtingest" aggregations placed on the Sentinel floor. Although winning no titles the team was always near the top in the VU. M. I. and City Leagues. Coach John Cavanaugh with an inexperienced squad found a tricky zone defense which bottled up opponents effectively and won many games. The Sentinels were noted for their "never die" attitude and were constantly pulling games out of the hte in the final seconds of play. Fort Hill, in this manner, achieved startling upsets over LaSalle, Keyser, Ridgeley, and Piedmont. The lack of height coupled with inexperience cost the Sentinels many hard fought games be- cause of their inability to control the ball, under the hoops. Fort Hill's team while lacking a sensational player was made up of five boys who could Row Z: j. Mangus, R. Cunningham, C. Cage, G. Moler, Ci. Burke, I.. Hansrote, I. Orndoff, R. Thuss. function smoothly as a group and thus overcome their opponents by teamwork. This team was well balanced. It had three smooth forwards in Iilmer "Lefty" Freeland, Captain John Brown and Alfred Sidaway. The pivot post was handled by Don Sensabaugh, a Sophomore, who pulled more than one game out of the fire with his overhead shot. Also repre- senting the Sophomore Class was Milford Dean who was outstanding as a guard. The Juniors were represented by Robert "Bub" Fry, another of our fine guards. With only three seniors leaving the squad this year the Sentinels send warning to their op- ponents that they expect an unusually strong hve. Seniors who performed for the final time on the hardwoods of Fort Hill this year were Captain john Brown, Alfred Sidaway, and Irvin Orndoff. We 44 30 33 25 17 19 12 27 31 37 34 39 34 core Boom' Foothnll 1945-46 We Opponents They 34 Romney 7 13 Allegany 15 33 La Salle 6 7 Martinsburg 0 14 La Salle 0 19 Ridgeley 0 20 Hagerstown 19 20 Keyser 0 12 Allegany 13 Basketball 1945-46 Opponents They Opponents Paw Paw 18 Barton Piedmont 28 Allegany Paw Paw 26 Davis Davis 26 Keyser Alumni 40 Central Martinsburg 14 Martinsburg Piedmont 35 La Salle Central 17 Ridgeley La Salle 26 Beall Ridgeley 35 Bruce Beall 52 Allegany Keyser 27 Barton Bruce 28 86 They 20 35 21 48 21 16 29 24 36 20 48 21 ntmmuml The 1946 basketball tournament for Fort Hill boys was held early in March. The games were played for the most part before and after school with some few taking place during the class periods. Coach "Bobby" Cavanaugh was in charge of arrangements for this program. He was assisted by a corps of high school boys who acted as referees for the various games. The whole-hearted enthusiasm fostered by intramural basketball springs from loyalty to one's home-room. It is the sort of program that has played a conspicuous part in making for good sportsmanship among our student body and for discovering many fine athletes as they represent the various home-room sections. GRADE SEVEN First place .,,...,,c,................ 7 3 Second place 7 9 Third place .c... l., 7 1 Fourth place ......... ...,,c.... 7 7 GRADE EIGHT GRADE TEN First place ..,sssssssss.....,sssssc 8 3 First Place ..............r...,..... 10 2 Second place --..,, if aaaaaaaa 8 2 Second place ...., ,,,cc..,c 1 0 4 place ....Ya, , ffaaar, 7 Place A---YYYAg YYA--Y-YYA 1 0 1 Fourth Place -efefe---'-e--efefefe A8 8 Fourth place ,c.,..- ,,,css.. s s10 3 GRADE NINE Fifth place ,cc,,.ss,s.r .1 r..,,,.., 10 5 First Place v-gigAggg-Aa,-P-ggggggi, 9 3 i GRADE ELEVEN Second place ccrr... 7 First Place "sse""""'ce 'Well I Third place sl,. sl,,, 1 E9 5 GRADE TWELVE Fourth place .crrc,, up ss,.r 19 2 First place ,.uc....aaaa....aaaa.a.. 12 1 87 Ulcknowledgmenls PHOTOGRAPHY Louis Curl Robert Goldfine Davis Weber William Moreland Evening Times COUNSEL Helen Smith Walter Boone L. N. Wilson Rollins Haddock ENGRAVING Jahn and Ollier Engraving Company Chicago, Illinois PRINTING Berlin Publishing Company Berlin, Pennsylvania 88 Qhldvertisem ents 10000000 O0000.5OOOOOOOOOOOOOCOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO0000 -OOOOOOOO -OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO- 00000000 A BEST WISHES TO CLASS OF 1946 The doorsfep fo fhe femple wisdom is cr knowledge of ll ,T 0 norc:nce." r own lg W T B 0 0 ou O00OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO00000000000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 9000O00000000OOOOOOOOOOCOOOOOOOOCOOOOOOOOL O 9 r I 0 0 0 0 O O la 0 O nu 0 0 O O 0 ll lr H O O O lv 0 0 0 0 O 0 O 0 nu 0 0 nu mu v 0 0 0 na O 0 n 0 0 O nu 0 0 lu 1 1 ll 0 4 r ll I n 4I ll O lu ll O 0 wr I 0 0 wa O U 0 0 ll ll O O I A- oooooooooooQqooooooooooooooqooe ooooooooooooooooooo I-IARVEY'S JEWELRY STORE QE Disfribufors of FORT HILL CLASS RINGS QQ -0ooooooooooooooyooooooo000-90000 -ooo Besf Wishes fo fhe Graduclfes from BOPP'S FLOWER SHOP 75 Baltimore Street PHONE 2582 ooooeoooeoooooeooooeooooooooqoQoooqoooooooooooooeoooooooooooo 91 oooooeoooooq 1 0 0 0 ll 0 0 O 0 ll 0 lb 0 0 0 0 O O 0 0 0 ll 0 0 0 0 0 0 O 0 0 E O O 0 0 0 O 0 O O I O O O 0 0 0 0 0 0 O 0 O 0 lr lr 0 0 0 0 O 0 ll 0 0 O 0 0 0 0 lb IP 0 0 lr U 0 0 0 0 O 04 oo-.. 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Mechanic Street PHONE 1470 Modern Magic Wifh lnselbric AWL6fiCd,J Outstanding Home Ifnprovement Material LOW COST-EASY PAYMENTS In no other material do you get the advantages and exclusive features of INSELBRIC. A genuine brick granule facing on an Insulation Board. A siding that forever saves on paint, saves on fuel, is cold-proof, heat-proof, wind- proof and water-proof, and is scientifi- cally weather-sealecl against moisture. It Truly Pays for Itself Many Times Over Let Us Prove it to You APPLIED LOCALLY BY I'l.W.3'lDlJNI3 1038 Myrtle Street Cumberland, Maryland ooooooooaooeoooooooooooo QQ- ooooooooooooooeeoooooooo 00-000009900009300 4 Voogeooo0---QQeo---ocoeooooooqooeeeeoooooQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ PHONE 1487-W STORE HOURS WEEKDAYS - 9 A M. T0 6 P. M SATURDAY - 9 A. M. TO 9 P. 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Liberty St. Phone 2615 Cumberland, Maryland Qooecgocoo Qoaooaoooooooooooo W. R. Rice Grocery Fresh Meats and General Merchandise 106 Oldtown Road PHONE 1913 coco-0-00---ooooooooooooooooe Windsor Barber Shop David L. Miller, Prop. Wishes Class of 1946 Success Q---QQoeooooooooeooooooooooe QQQQ oooooooosoooooooooocoooooooo Steinla Motor and Transportation Co. MACK TRUCKS PLYMOUTH AND DESOT0 CARS CLETRAC TRACTORS GOODYEAR AND MCCREARY TIRES RETREADING AND REPAIRS TRUCK PARTS BENDIX WESTINGHOUSE 218 S. Mechanic Street Phone 2550 0-.eq Qaoeqeeeooooooooooqoooo Best Wishes to the Class ot '46 PAT UMSTOT RU DY'S, Inc. 40 N. Mechanic Street 1 Y Linoleum Asphalt Tile Window Shades -0000soooooooqoaogooooooo Compliments 0 f Franklin L. Spear Optometrist 80 Pershing Street oo- oooooooooaooooo Qqqqoooooooo 1 J oaoooooooooooooaooooooo o 000000000000 0001 00000 : :00 : : : 00000000 Q0000000000000000 0::0 v00::0000:: ::000: c : :::- 000000 000000000000000000000000000000 Richardson Bros. 'YY Corner PARK AND HARRISON STREETS 000000000000000000000000 Compliments of RAND'S CUT RATE 86 Baltimore Street 0000000000000000000000000000 New York Shoe Rebuilders Patsy Icloni, Prop. Work Done While You Wait Opposite Y. M. C. A. Cumberland, Maryland 0000000000000000000000000 POST SERVICE STATION 1 r Oak and Second Streets PHONE 177 00000000 000000000000000000000000 4 M. D. REINHART Real Estate and General Insurance Liberty Trust Bldg. PHONE 1896 REYNOLDS 81 MENDENHALL Smoker's Needs Cigarettes-Cigars--Tobacco 9 South Centre Street FINE IEWELRY-LOANS MADE Expert Watch Repairing John Newcomer Formerly of HAMILTON WATCH CO. 215 Virginia Avenue 000000000000000000000000000 PAUL'S FLOWER SHOP PHONE 291 60 N. Centre Street Cumberland, Maryland 0000000000000000000000000000 000000000000000000000000 000000000000000000000000 000000000 000000000000 octtccaoooooccaocececoo Monarch Printing Company PHONE 1436 116 Frederick Street Cumberland, Maryland QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ Complimenlr of Max's Barber and Hairdressing Shop 15 North Liberty Street PHONE 2595 oo oooooooeoooo ooooooooo Complimentr of MA RTI N 'S 47 Baltimore Street ooooeoooooooooooeooo ooeeo Roy L. Merritt Groceries Confections Thomas at Second PHONE 3546 ooooocooooooooooooooooooooooooeo COMPLIMENTS . . . Meredith's Confectionery Groceries Fountain 531 Maryland Avenue -oooooooogooooooooooooooo Compliment: of The G. C. Murphy Co. C umberland's Grand Big Store NATIONAL FRUIT STORE 1 Y 205 Baltimore Street MODERN CLEANERS 17' 112 Virginia Avenue Cumberland, Maryland ooQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ soooooooooooaooooooooooooa 0 0 oooooo oooooooooooo oogoooooooooooaoo foooooeo 0 O O O O 0 0 0 l 0 0 0 5 z E 5 0 O 0 0 0 O O 0 O 9 0 0 O 0 l 0 0 0 O ll ll ll I 4::: ::::::o::A 0 0 0 it it in 0 0 u ll 0 O 0 0 0 in 0 0 0 ll 0 ll 0 O I L Qooogoooooagooo Complimentr of Cumberland Heights Grocery Qo0ooosaooeoooeooooeqooo-ooo BEN EMAN'S Creators of Happy Homes For Half a Century 41 North Mechanic Street ogooo oo ooooooooooooooooooooo- The W. F. Atwell Company 5 and lOc Store "THE RELIABLE STORE' 415-25 Virginia Avenue Cumberland, Maryland oooooooooooo oooooooooooooo Harold V. Bloom Notary Public AUTOMOBILE PAPERS A SPECIALTY AUTOMOBILE AND FIRE INSURANCE Liberty Trust Bldg. Phone 695-M Cumberland, Maryland ooooooooooooooooooeooee QQ Qeaooooooooop ecooooaq ooooogqqoaooo Cumberland Cloak ancl Suit Store 4 48 to 58 Baltimore Street Cumberland, Maryland oQooooeoooocoooooooooooooo Conlon Insurance Agency TRAVEL BUREAU Liberty Trust Building Cumberland, Maryland 807-PHONES-472 oooooooooooooooooooooooooo Cunningham's Grocery Fresh Vegetables and Meats 416 Race Street Compliments of Curtis Confectionery 72 Baltimore Street oo---ogeoogocooooooooeooooooo oo 106 ooooooooeoooocooooooo oooooooaooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oocoooooecoooQoooeeoooooooaq Fort Cumberland Hotel Room Renovated and Reconditioned Room Reservations Must Be Made In Advance oooooooooooooooooooooooococo Ralph Frantz Market Groceries and Fresh Meats of AII Kinds PHONE 879-Ridgeley, W. Va. Phone 1272 330 Baltimore Ave. Cumberland, Maryland Q 50-0-09 Qoooooo oaooooqoqoooo Distributors Southern Oxygen and Acetylene Cumberland Welding Co. Portable Electric Welding. Acetylene Welding and Cutting S. C. TWIGG PHONE 2767-l 122 N. Mechanic Street Cumberland, Maryland oo--- Qooegoeooooogeoogooooeo Complimentr of CUT RATE SHOE STORE ooQQooooooeoaooooooooooeooooooo -ooooo oo oooooo FindIay's Confectionery Groceries Tobaccos C onfections 261 Williams Street Walter J. Eyler Wallpaper and Paper Hanging 25 S. Centre Street PHONE 424 Let's Meet and Eat at EATWELL GRILL 11 N. Mechanic Street ooooaqeeeoooeoooe oooocoqoooq DAIRY DIP EXCELLENT MEALS, SOFT DRINKS Try Our Giant Milk Shakes 216 Decatur Street Cumberland, Maryland -ooooooooooooooooooo ooo oooooooooooooooeqog ooooooeqoooooooeooc -eq I 0 It I I 0 It It 0 It ll I I II n I It 0 I II lt I I I I II It 0 In 0 Il It II ll 0 It It I I I ll II I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I an 0 ll I I 0 Il II I I I 0 ll nu it I I I I I 0 It 0 I I ni It I in 0 la lt in mi I II 0 A QQQQQQQQQQQQQQ 1 o Qooqaooqooooooooooooooeqoooo ::::ooc:: :Q ll 0 0 0 nu nu 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 y-------::--:::::----: : : oooooooooooooooo coco- Qoeeoo so oooooeoocoooooooooooooo coco- oe Qoooooeo Congratulations to the Class of '46 The store that appreciates your patronage Cumberlancls Finest Family Shoe Store Keystone Shoe Store Mrs. J. S. Ward, Manager HARBAUGH'S BOOK STORE 4 18 Baltimore Street Cumberland, Maryland Qsooaoeoooooooooooeoooeooooo GARLITZ BROS. + 101 Grand Avenue TELEPHONE 2760 Complimentf of J ERRY'S GROCERY ,,,,, oooooooo ooooooooaoooeooooooooeo '09" QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ -QQ WATCHES DIAMONDS LUGGAGE HAROLD'S Your Friendly jeweler and Pawn Broker 28-30 Baltimore Street HABEEB'S FLOWER SHOP 4 26 North Mechanic Street Cumberland, Maryland 00900-ogqeogqooooeoooooooe0- Congratulations to the Class of 1946 Ward N. Hauger Jeweler 11 S. Centre Street Liberty Trust Bldg. Headquarters for Party Favors and Decorations Dishes, Wallpaper Glassware, Paint and All Holiday Novelties HlLL'S TOY STORE 45 N. Centre Street 4-ooooogooooooooooooooooaeo oacoeoooaooooooooooo Qeeoooooocoogoooooacooo ooqogoooooeeooeooooooog0-0-0 1 O 0 9 O O 0 0 ll 0 0 ll 0 0 ll ll 0 ll ll 0 0 ll 0 0 0 0 ll O O 0 0 ll ll ll II ll ll O 0 0 0 0 O 0- Q : :ooooooeq 0 0 O ll ll 0 0 ll ll O 0 ll u na 0 0 nu ll nn 0 0 0 nu nr 0 0 0 0 ll 0 nu In ll ll 0 0 0 ll ll 4 Q 00Qooooeoooooooeoooooooooeo Kaplon's Young Men's Shop Timely Clothes ARROW SHIRTS BOTANY TIES -oeooooooooooooeoooooooooo WATCHES DIAMONDS IEWELRY S. T. LITTLE JEWELRY CO. ESTABLISHED 1851 113 Baltimore Street -00oaooooooooqooooooooooooq Congratulations Class of T 946 Kight Funeral Home FUNERAL AND AMBULANCE SERVICE Phone 1454 309-311 Decatur Street cocoaooqooooooooaoooooooooo Complimentr of McGreevy's Barber Shop fCdff,5 Old Sbopj 29 N. Liberty Street Qoooooeoooo ooooooooo ooooooooo.- QQ- oooooooooooooooooooooooooo Keecl1's Drug Store Prescriptions C aretully Compounded 43 Virginia Avenue PHONE 1686 o II II II II II II II II I I O II II II II II II II II 0 0 I II -------- . ------------------- II I 0 LAZARUS Costumers Milliners Furriers II II II II II I II I II II II II I I II II I II II II II BEN M. KAMENS GEORGE L. KLINE It Pays to Croix the Town to the Kline Furniture Co. 405 Virginia Avenue Cumberland. Maryland D. R. Kitzmiller Memorials Formerly the A. A. ROEDEH CO. Cemetery Memorials of Distinction Frederick and George Sts. PHONE 379 ooooooooooooqoocqoooaooao II II II II II II II II II II O I II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II I II II II II II II II II II II QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQooooooegoqqooq oo--QQQQQQQQQQ-oeooooooeoeooe 90-90-0000olpooooooooooooeoooog BURTON'S Good Clothes For Men and Boys AT POPULAR PRICES 129 Baltimore Street Cumberland, Maryland 0QQQoooocooooeoooooooooooooo Compliments of SCHRIVER'S 176 Baltimore Street 817 Maryland Avenue Henderson and Bedford Streets 0 eoQoooooaoooooooooooooooeoo Scl1wenninger's Variety Store 303 Virginia Avenue Electric and Plumbing Supplies Hardware, Paints, and Glass Qnoooeo can oooooooqooooeooooo Congratulations to the Class of '46 Joseph T. Miller CELANESE PASSENGER HAULING 303 Virginia Avenue Phone 3044 009 Q- Qooe ooo oooooooooooooooooooooooo Complimentf of St. George Motor Company FORD-MERCURY-LINCOLN MOTOR CARS Cumberland, Maryland Robert W. Young Real Estate Since 7 97 7 First National Bank Building 0ooooooooooooQooaooooooooo WHITE-WAY SHOE SHOP "Real Life in Old Shoes" 302 Virginia Avenue ooooeoooeooooooooooooeoooo PlERCE'S ooooooooooooooooooooo so Qeooaooocooqeoooooooo Q QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQooooooo oooooocooqooooooooooooooooo Cumberland Electric Company GENERAL ELECTRIC PHII.CO APPLIANCES Expert Repair Service 137 Virginia Avenue Phone 619 ooooo QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ BEN FRANKLIN STORES South Cumberland's 5 and IO Headquarters for School Supplies, Gifts and Novelties ooooooooooooeoooooooooooooo Fort Cumberland Service Station No. 2 Esso Gas and Oils and Supplies Packie's Bakery PHONE 3163-I 300 Virginia Avenue oeosoooooesooooooooooooooo ooooo ooooooo ,,,, VQQQQQQQQQ Garrett 81 Zilch MEN'S AND BOYS' FURNISHINGS SHOES AND HATS LADIES' STAPLE DRY GOODS PHONE 2716 325 Virginia Avenue Cumberland, Maryland Qooooooooeeooaoooooeoooooooo PHONE 1208 Keecl1's Pharmacy "At the Subway" 600-02 Virginia Avenue Cumberland, Maryland Prescriptions Called For and Delivered PHONE 156 ILES, Inc. FIRESTONE 183 Baltimore Street Harry N. Iles Cumberland, Md. Complimenlx of Hiner's Market PHONE 2209 117 Virginia Avenue Cumberland, Maryland ooooooooooooqooooooooooooooq oogqeo ooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooo ooooooooooeoooocaeooo ooooooooooooooooooq 0 0 ll 0 ll 0 O 0 ll 0 0 0 ll ni ll 0 0 0 0 0 ll in nu 0 ll 0 O 0 0 ll ll ll 0 O 0 O 0 0 ll ll ll ll t 0 0 0 0 0 ll 0 0 ll in 0 0 t 0 0 nu o O O 0 na 0 O 0 O na 0 ll 0 n 0 0 0 0 6 O l 0 0 0 O O t 0 O 0 t 0 0 0 A Q0Qoooogooooooooooooooeoooo PHONE 70 Wolf Furniture Company Complete Home Furnishers 42-46 Baltimore Street Cumberland, Maryland ooooooooooooooeooooe0000900 Q Wm. Hiser Supply Company Sheet Metal Jobbers Moncrief and Luxaire Furnaces Barrett Roofing and Siding 608-610 N. Centre St. Phone 2570 QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ Kelso Liberty Lanes 123 S. Liberty Street We Cater to School Children and Family Groups N 0 I ntoxicantx Sola' -A---Ao--A-no-A--QA--ooea-Q RAY The Reliable Cleaner He Will Keep You Near in Appearance Quality Plus Service PRESSING WHILE YOU WAIT Plant and Store-103 Penn. Ave. Phone 385 Store-501 Decatur Street Phone 3798-W W. Raymond Beall, Proprietor 0009oeaoeoogooeoooqaoocooooooo 0-0.0Qooaoooooooooooocoooooooooq Harry B. Simpson First National Bank Building PHONE 632 REAL ESTATE-INSURANCE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT MORTGAGE LOANS oooeoo oooooooooogeoeooogooso Nicholson's Service Station 4 OLDTOWN ROAD Q -oooooooooooooeoooogoeeooao Compliments of a FRIEND -neo oooooooooooooooooooooooc Q CHARLES L GEORGE H WAYNE GEORGE Mvnrge Ztiunrrsrl ignmv Ambulance Service 202 Greene Street PHONE 78 CUMBERLAND, MD. Qeooosooooc : : 0: : : :o:: : : :Qooo: 00-0-0 ogoeogeoqeeooooooooooao We Service AII Makes of Cars EILER CHEVROLET, Inc. "The Home of Service" 219 North Mechanic Street PHONE 143-144 SIEHLER'S Acme Furniture Co. 4 "Furniture That Pleases" ooooooooaoooocooootocceo -Q Complimentr of MINKE'S COTTAGE INN oooooooooooooooeooooooo SPRIC-:GIE'S Q::oooo-Ao- A A - - --oo--QA-sooo oooooeoeoooeoooeoo Q-- QQQQQQQ ooo ooooeooeoocoooooooooooooooooooo EVERYTHING IN MUSIC ar the MUSIC SHOP N I 'LI f' 5 S. Liberty Street Phone 3230 Peter Pan Cleaners For Your Convenience 536 N. Centre 758 N. Centre 62 Pershing St. Q0oooqooooooooooooooooooooo PHONE 1359 J. E. Dennison Painting Contractor 141 N. Mechanic Street Cumberland, Maryland oooooocoeoooooooooooooooaao Ray's Homade Shop Ice Cream C I1ocoIate Donuts oooooooooooooooooeoo y -QQ QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ-QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ 1 QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ Qlnrmlgm For THE TEEN AGE CROWD RENROY GARDENS LaVaIe QQQQQQQQQQQQQ QQQQQQQQQQQQ QQQ DEPENDABLE FOR OVER A HALF CENTURY TIRE SERVICE HEADQUARTERS 119 South Mechanic St. Phone 300 O 0 I QQ QQQQQ QQQQQQQQQQQQQ Q 2 O E z z z I 5 I ii 1 iii ggi Qs '5'ai-?:2-..-m.i2 - ,11Qf' 1 ga ,Q , -a 9 I9 1 sf' N 7 ll ' J Q ? 4 Q "PZ ! 4 ,.,.,.,. 5.-4.4.1 .-.-. 1 .:.3.5.:.:.:.g. I 213:5:3:5r3E2E1E2E1:::3:5:3:2:E:5:22E12122E222E1:I11:513:2:5:E:5:2122215222E151ESE2zg:5:5:3:5:i:E2E1E1E1ErE2E2:2:1: '-1122512251 1-:::5:::1:3:5:5:g:5.g.g-:-:-:-:5:5115:52g:3:5:3::.g-1-:-:gzg:g:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-.-.-.-.-.-.4.-.'.--'---'-'-'-'-" REDDY IS IN YOUR HOME PUT HIM TO WORK ELECTRIC SERVICE is Better, Safer. Lh 1 for every farm and home task. Nnw than y have it available, be sure to make full use of it! wr 'UU The Potomac Edison Co. QQQQ QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ li 0 O ll 0 0 O ll 0 O 0 ll 0 0 ll O 0 ll lr 4+ il 0 O 0 0 0 O 0 O O 0 0 I O 2 0 I O 0 O O 0 0 Graduation Gifts Fine Diamonds Watches Jewelry .L ,, ,K f 9 I I r ni I I i' Ili L -.Y W i -J 1 JEWELRY STORE me on summon: sr. -'lm QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ il 4 QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ QQQQQQQQQQQ QQ Q QQQQQQQQQQQ QQQ QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ 4 L QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ In my opinion Vitamin "D" Milk Is Best . . . and be sure you make mine Liberty Homogenized Vitamin D Milk Liberty Milk Co. Cumberland, Maryland FORT HILL sTuDENTs ENJOY MARTIN'S HOT DOGS Because They are SKINLESS and DELICIOUS and WHOLESOME and as American as the 4th of July Have You Had Any Lately? WALLACE MAIQTIN 417-421 Maryland Avenue 1 l5 QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ oqooooooooooooq ooooooooooeooo 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 Phone 699 FORT HILL STUDENTS 0000000000000 310 Soufh Mechanic QUEEN CITY DAIRY, unc. Cumberland, Maryland 000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000 0 00 00000000000000 We offer our sincere good wishes fo fhe Class of 1946 of Forf Hill High School McKAI6'S 0000000 0000000000 00 000000000 00-0-0000 Qgoooooooooa oooqoooooooooooooooyo A New Kodak or Movie Camera FGR THE GRADUATE OUR CAMERAS WILL BE A PRIZED POSSESSION AND A GIFT THAT Is ALWAYS WELCOME Graduation Snapshots Try Our Better Photo Finishing For Those "Once in a Lifetime" Snapshots-We Have Albums Visit our store and select a fine portrait frame for your graduation portrait Kodak Film, Tanks, Chemicals and all of the items necessary for the beginner to make pictures at home.-Ask us how to start at a reasonable cost Quvfjg Sfubio anb Qameva Sgop 35 N. Liberty Street Phone: Forty Forty-W oooooo ooooooooogooooeoeooooooooooo ooooooooeooooooo 117 o - ----------------- --------------------- ---------- --------------------------- ------------------------------- GOLDFINJE Senior Class Photographer 118 ----- -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------ 4 L-- ,g.bk. ,AA - " W F f fb w w i if ! i ' r'mfw f em no N N' is w wf IQ it "J HN S OLLIER GAI " The slogan tl1at's iraclzeci lay genuine gooriness in quality and service,ti1e result of 43 years successful experience in time yearlaoolz field. We finci real satisfaction-in pleasing you, time year- laoolz pulalisixer, as well as your photographer and your printer. .IAHN S OLLIER ENGRAVING Makers of Fine Printing Plates for Black or Color Commercial Artists - Photographers 8I7 W. WASHINGTON BLVD., CHICAGO 7, ILL. 119 4 J fe? W i 4' if-9' il -fl' 1 .Q "' . l Q- if 2? Q. is . , L, ,L - L,,' ill., C14 utsgrfbs Q . 1. sawn .-gs Q- fx' , :gf M 'H 2 Qi, ., f-. . ,V ,lsr . . 31 Press of the Berlin Publishing Company Berlin, Pennsylvania 120 . ', . , . -gfxrii, . . i " 'ffw' - ', M. 1jj'f'Zj,7g:i1.lag.Fgl.'f,fr.f'.j - 'au . ' R J .f,feun,.jj'3' ' ' ff." ' 'f , ' T ,, I ' ..-. ff? f-J' J: .4 'T - me .WJ .Q li 'Il' ,lf lf. fi' 5.-1 gm- r, ,,.,,. M. , ,A .,,l,,,F,:,.,, L, q O O l ,i r Q .. We Qs ' . qi., if , . lr i O i 'U r 5 9: . iv 3- n 'I' Q . i n as "' an Q 2 riff W ,,g'f144: 2. , ., :MAH .-qiHEb?fL.gg1f flaf? . . .P .1134 i r F 5 1 5 ,-z E V ix 3 9 3 I a hi F 1 i 5 ai 5, 5, 5 2 z 1, 1. K 1 . .. 5 1 Hi at 1 2 v M FF' r .

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