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0.4, P v L.- .4 'X 2 5 f 0 N WJ' N. A . tg W X I.-:II A If Q' l A 9.11 gr , X 'Q f , 4 X W ' , X 2? W' f NX X 'F '1 4' DH NN ' , ff, ' f X .X r 4 L- f3,, fs' cj P Z . s ein 1 2 ' W ,I Qvxx A ga V" f Cp . 59 4 K F76 X ,- ff W 47,1 A fi f ffiinx X 10 N W1 . L X 4 'S N' f 1 1 I 1' . QB' 0, ig ' gg 4 . x.," ff - Nix 1- l xt A y' W 1 I' n' f.',f, XX V , ,X U J 'I X' gf A rx - 5.7 il, 2 W Q , . -4 . - , . ..,g ,r'S ,,,4 - .fr , ., . ary. -',,Ti Ti" ',f ' f""'K',l 1 - Y L Q, A, Zkwvu- - X-1 'FXQN fa. -. ,L n Q H, .4.,-fwxqvhglj aww A H:-w Ivy. ,yn . . 1 . x .-www' A - w- W - f . ' fIP1,rTffi7li'L'2f1" Yi .L ,- , , .. , Z- . cfr1,:FA:'fi-, W uid ., ' fgf- .':"mh?i' ,JW Jw- 'fir' 1-Qieffdfr' 4 fw TES! Jifxf' iii? ,A 5 ,v - , ' ., . l- 5.1 QL Eff in 1 " " Tiiix' 2" 'Li P. f" f 521351lQZ'Qi?5i.i."4":7' :"fJ,.4F Z'efnfQ F735-35.7f?fEF'i.2f3l?L2' --5 -lil.. Wg.: 3L'f'fC',T'..' 'V' X '19 "" I f M . ' I I ju K ', V I -N -Q f "'v is ' 'ff '1!iif'l2?" I, gg .gift - slyjf. fx I , Y. , nfd, .1 4, .4 .- r , :K . , . J Y- I .133 A 1 fx -.Nl .. IHA, I, ,. '- 4, ' ' 15 54 -1 X Nf 4 U 1 1. ' . A Y' Q ' ' ' 6 .' '- Y , 1' A+' - ' . 4 , -X f 5 -V .: 4, 1 A. I , ' . 1 C ' X ' . ft. , f . -0'-if NX Q- 5 I I N4 ' ' D 1 -1 4' V .. ' -' . 1 . v . - fn fa W' , i Y ' . V 1 X, - 0 K . X - A f ' ' - - 5 '.' G A' X. ' Q Q -:' -' Q' vf. if "4 ' "" - S . . ' V 155-4 Q . -f' H N :'iJ V. ' "Nw--. U3. ' ' ' luv. 7 . .myfm 31.5 ' ' - , . U .7 - I ' . J X X aflivii- fu' ' . ' . 7 4. . .ff,g,f-155' - A I r,I f q I ...M -- , x , ,I ', I , , Q f'X tj" ' ' FZ ' L' If' '.. W . MWA-1, , ff., 95 P , f qw, , lid- ' - 'L --f 1 - x ' w - - A A 'X , 1 V fozsi, l -. ' bf " ' .. . - bf, fl-" 5 A n . A 1 . ' . . K1 N K2 ,ff 'f . f Q ' ' ' - I 7 ' ,f ff W I 0 K. ex of. . ' xl ' ff 16 5 ' Q n V' pf 2 - ' ' Q ' . If . JQ .7 QA' I ' L . , . , 1 Q in ,- . Y 1 5:7 . A A . Q A ' , A . f f A Q ' , L5 I Z' X X D . ' Y , .. ,, . g . K X- ff cr f' ' ' ff! . X 7. 1 MW 'rg - L A , A A .4 H 1 I 4 'A+ I - . . +, ' . , -7' ' tu I ' 6 jg . 3, N -. , x . h ,f 4 , A N ' 4 Y ' . 131...jf YZ -x A . lf 7 f J . ' 4 , P is , " - A f " 1 ' ,IW I' ' . - ' h 1. . V auf . ' , - 4 , I -N V X l W V W Q rv IQ - vr ' ' ' , -.Q '. Q , . 1 , I , , ' 'I ' N' . A - . .K ,Z-'Q ,,,g,5gE.i,.f',ivj,gI5QQv.i,35Lswf? '..3iK.j.,:.? j1 H ., at N- J.. :V I VL. -Mk 5 V 1. Q 4 I- 'I .4 YJ V 'V 'Lf F, A Y, L ,V . : V N. A , , i -, A in Y fa' "W twgafsigi.'f.Q-:lm .1 4 pg, ' fm- x. .. 5 -,L 5 J . 1. ' ' fs M ' ' A ' "Wi.'75f'34U54f 't73f'f'5+2'21'gfifff 1-uf 'mm ".,f.f':I5zel51i 'ffiiwlgf'fa:--fff-4 f'f'."e.'z,'..ri-ig T-3hi'?e.' 'nQ:A'."f?E'."1iA ,. . .pf 2 ' . . Y .. - 4. nf it . U , V 35 r-Ziqblggargifgiv tg ,a.,p'wf:g,Ff:- WF. X 34.5, A V . Afiv. .A 54,547 AN .4L.:M,ftx32Al'h:ig?'fQfy,vr: ag- 43,j 0t',:1.! ..i,ggg,4Z 1, , U -.try I lf' l fifllti I U 23.- . r !Ir4E9'z'h?ifa-. 1 :QW-.-flhzi -f ' . " 'M ii'i'-93.4 ' -in it - -- gf' Q p l 59 f33x O I . O O cf 'fig Em' -I '- I Presented by I . THE SENIOR CLASS 1' I FORT HILL HIGH SCHOOL . CUMBERLAND,' IIIARYLAISIDSM HARTLEY WIGFIELD-EDITOR-IN-CHIEF W RUTH ANN SCOTT-ASSOCIQTE EDITOR ' 'A T - Q' MISS DOROTHY STURDIVANT-FACULTY ADVISER ' , 1 'fx ii' 1, ' ' A".- - f N ss f if -. . N 1 il . 'ks A ' lf A T A Do you recall from your childhood days and adventures not to be found elsewhere. A the tale of "Alice in Wonderland?" It was the Week after week, the innumerable rooms of story of Alice, a small girl, who followed a this spacious wonderland are iilled by its 1 I hare down a rabbit hole. The hare disap- eager inhabitants. peared from sight and Alice found herself alone in a long, low hall. There were doors "But" C1511 H1056 H0111 Wiih0'-lf, "h0W C1111 f-rg all around the hall, but they were locked, we enter this wonderland so we 100 HIUY S55 and Alice Sought in vain for qn exit, Then, its marvels and its inhabitants at work and , ". at last, she discovered a tiny golden key 11tPlGY?" ff f ' which fit a little door about fifteen inches , , , ' ' high, Unlocking the door, Alice found that it Yell' Conte a?:g Ahceh cmd will , ' --" Y led into a small passage wherein was a ' exp ore wget gr' mug its massive Porta S' f magnificent wonderland down the corridors, up the steps and down U ' 1 steps, into class rooms and out again, let us . But, what has Alice to do with us? lust meet the characters of this land-the faculty -' ' I thisz' perched high on a sloping hill, like a and the student body. Let us see them at their V glrlecious gem in a setting o green grasses work and at their play. A d overtowered by Old Glory, reposes Fort 5-, ,L,.-f-""' Hill High School-a wonderland yet to be You who have been on the outside, peer- l l explored. Eminent against a background of ing in, follow Alice for she posseses the key I azure skies, she possesses numerous wonders -the 1944 "Sabre," Q H ,X x I sig b ' if , 1 i , -ses X - r 3 5 g :K Q i Xi ,,,,..- 52,37 l l ff f-P -2.35, - , ec.-f ' I ' AF,-,. - Wm' ' ! f E7 as me A tl ' lvl , A ' 5- 'll iw! s - A -X nf tn- tu' - ss--- -,qi , 1 X- to M t 1 4,1 A x 0 V If x ,.V 'il'-' t Q ' .. 'X' f' ,--gif i 5 v il L11-r . X X ll I I my 1 '?L- . - A ",1'- ' :' 5 is -X ff' Q.g -, , ,-,ii gqmur:-L x Tv ' 7'N W - L, C fx K A5 f K Z3 ROUTE T0 ADVENTURE Ah F fn' .' A fy! Ns' 1. Curiouser and Curiouser! ' ', i Y Zx 2. Digging for Apples, Y'r Honor! . f Q2- i ' 3. I Birds of a Feather- A Xi 4. Stuff and Nonsense! 65 -:T X f W 3 ' 5. And Who Are These! V3 , K Z7 . Am, X x Wing x KX 5 " 4- 5 , 5: A , 1 f J ..V. - ' - fe-: '-sf' A Y i?1:?" T -:TL-- -' s Xf ff, f 7 ' ,X Qs. fi I l I ' ,f i A' ' Lg A K f I ' 'ex Z X A J Z s -'23, X 1-A K il i V N A "A -5' same-L A Q v ' , I is 'Q I 'sfmw 'fir M ' ,. v ' . 99" 1 ,-:ez 4 www?" W .wiw . fb fr-21, ggwbwi 1 95 X i 4' M ,Q-,4fW'5' ' V, A My K ,, ,, SG K' V X ., JW" 'fi Q M, ' 1 ,,-nf! W""'w'g f ,hw , Y, Qa . X - X QQ, . 154: ' . wr-ww . Q :gs 1 '22i'fT1??tf7"f' M f4 :-1.?u kg 4.4:g.,wrt if ,saws 5 IT? :sf I 4 wggf,x .,4 '3Q"""S New 5 W. "' . 1. M, ' .' .E- Q. .TR W Iiffrgf faq , ,C V uw ' Q me K 1 , s Win,- vw iq. Q . ,HW f- f H- , MM ...,,,, Way, mx, 'Z W' I 'fit 1 , . A 5 yr, , 4-A2 fm ,,,. , 4, . ' if f. , f 'P S 'NY 1 1. 5: N A ,, I L lfifj wpx ffffw If . i ""' H - I fi X Wf I - X 0 Jed is K f J A-Z 443 A 'v q':'Qy' 7 1 W1 33' f V if Six, 'X Qg --t ' lt"U 1' I , ff' f euaiawlwz- ancf Gufdawiezz K V O0 4' ll: QFACULTY AND CLASSESD ' f ' 000, ,Fmt- X549 0 5. . , v ,, ws ,, gf, w W M ggi W 1? sv, -Q 1 1: :M W has W7 Q if WV 9 xi' QQ Q K A 9 Q W f , aw, Q, b Y? ,. dll ..,VZ B Q v H -ff my f EVE J . .. - ww ' ,409 0 WL 'mv VICTOR D. HEISEY, Principal Fulfilling the duties of king, whether red or white, Mr. Victor D. Heisey actively functions in the position of principal of Fort Hill High School. He is highly respect- ed by students and faculty alike. for his understanding and capa- bility enable school routine to flow along with the ease of the Walrus' tears. Broadening the students' view of life has been one of Mr. Heisey's aims and accomplish- ments, for through his efforts, var- ied courses, activities, and assem- blies have enabled the students to see both sides of the looking glass. More power to one of the finest principals in the school system, and our appreciation for his un- derstanding guidance. SEATED-Miss Hamilton. Mathematics: Miss Wlllison. English: Miss Sebree. Miisicz Mr. Heisey, Principal, STANDlNG-Mr. Rirchie, Commercial: Mr. Shumaker. Languages: Mr. Wimer, Vice-Principal: Mrs. Hughes. Dean of Girls. NOT PICTURED-Miss Miller, Home Economics: Mrs. Blough, Visual Educ-ationg Mr. Morris. Social Studies. Directing the moves on Fort Hill's chessboard is the Principal's Cabinet. This group consists of Principal Victor D. Heiseyg Vice Principal Ralph Wimerg Miss Nellie Willi- son, head of the English Department, Miss Margaret Hamil- ton, Mathematics Departmentg Miss Evelyn Miller, Home Economics Departrnentg Mr. Warren Shumaker, Language Departmentg Miss Dorothy Sebree, Music Departmentg Mr. Robert Morris, History Department, Mr. Paul Perdew, Visual Education, and Mrs. Ada Hughes, Dean of Girls. The Prin- cipal's Cabinet is the policy forming committee of the school. The Cabinet meets on Mondays after school, when the problems of the school are discussed and solved. The chief purposes of the group are to act as adviser to the Principal, make suggestions for the maintenance and im- provement of the school, and, in general, to act as a clearing house for all school problems. The Cabinet is one of the many democratic plans effectively operating at Fort Hill. Since it includes the heads of departments, each de- partment has a part in the administration of school affairs. KITTY PAPEL, Secretary "Kitty" in Fort Hill lingo, does not refer to the Cheshire cat, but is the pet name for the school secretary, Miss Patel. Acknowledged as queen in the office, school life revolves around her constant activity, and interest in student life. Often faced with numberless tasks that would drive even the Mad Hatter insane, Kitty is always ready with a smile. The activities of the school are Without a doubt, de- pendent on the office force for the management of their affairs. When Alice peeked through the looking-glass she saw wonderful things, but no more wonderful than the in- numerable accomplishments of Kitty and her staff. RALPH WIMER, V1ce-Principal Mr. Ralph Wimer joined our faculty this year as vice-principal and physics instruc- tor, a position left vacant last year by the entrance of William Hodgson into the Navy. Mr. Wimer is a native of Ridgeley, West Virginia but spent most of his life in Par- sons, West Virginia. This year Mr. Wimer, in addition to teaching physics and handling discipline cases, instructed eighth grade mathematics and gave the morning announcements. After graduating from Parsons High School Mr. Wimer attended Shenandoah College for two years. He completed his work at Davis-Elkins College where he earned his Bachelor of Arts degree. Embarking upon his career as educator, Mr. Wimer first taught science, mathema- tics, and athletics for one year. Transferring to Parsons, he taught science, chemistry, coached athletics two years and served as Boys' Hi-Y adviser and finally, principal of this school. Mr. Wimer has traveled extensively through North America. He has visited forty- four of the forty-eight states and has also visited Canada and Mexico by trailer. To Mr. Wimer the "Sabre" Wishes all the success he can possibly attain here at Fort Hill in his role of guide of student conduct. "H: f Sw ,V .. V s ' af, V "' a 'W'Wwy1 m'HwW'W fm. 'Q ,f i' Aww l M Nw . 1. .N D ,WW , ,, ., "J' W . I V W HQ ' Miss ELIZABETH MTLEY Miss HELEN SMITH Miss NELLIE WILLISON Miss ALVERDA Foam Mus. MARGUERITE DEE'rz Mathematics English English Social Studies Librarian and Mathematics MR. ROBERT Monms Miss KATHLEEN CUMHEE Mas. ADA HUGHES Mas. LENA CLEMMER MR. WALTER Boom: Social Studies English Mathematics Commercial Science wfmfqzmw -aww Miss DOROTHY Si-:BRRE Miss GERARDINE PRITCHARD MR. WARREN SHUMAKER Miss DOROTHEA FRIDINGER MRS. Classix HAST Music English Languages English Science MR, BOSTON SHRRWOOD Miss CHARLOTTE GEISBERT Miss LILLIAN MYERS Miss MARGARET BLAKE MR. ALFRED BENNA Shop Commercial Social Studies English Mathematics Miss MARTHA RICE MR. HAMILL KENNY Mlss DOROTHY STURDIVANT M . C R HARLES CALL1s Miss MARGARET HAMILTON Social Studies English English Shop Mathematics I MR. IAMES GAHMON Miss EVELYN MILLER Miss PEARL GARBICK Miss CHLORTS BENSON MR. PAUL PERDEW Shop Home Economics Music Art Science ' 4164441 if Mas. VIOLA TEETER Home Economics Mas. HELEN INGE Social Studies fa' qw Af MR. THOMAS HINDS Miss LILIAN Bova:-x'roN Shop English MRS. I-IARn1E'r Boncl-IERS Miss VERONICA COLEMAN Art Mathematics 1' 'I ,mg ,vw Miss IANE GILCHRIST MRS. NELLIE HILTON Home Economics Social Studies MR. CARL RITCHIE Mas. RACHEL DUNN Commercial English 571' wwf ff pq, MRS. IULIA BLOUGH Science 4-E am COACH "BoBBY" Csvnmxucn Mn. Ioan Fsncuson Concr-I "MEL" HENRY Miss Ennimon Rizzx Physical Education Mechanical Drawing Physical Education Physical Education Not Pictured- Mns. Lzuoma Rsssnn Miss MARY WORKMAIT Miss GERTRUDE RANCK Physical Education English Librarian aahangqlausd MISS GLORIA IZZETT Office Assistant fad! 144 I MRS. FLORENCE LEGGE Dielician Z f- 'N Q 'T' 'L f Yfllfff' pf Q if 'if By ' NX 345955 sg' 7: I-A u fka' X .1 J, C ,I Q' 0 EI Q5 cf," T7 tif ff efzl ' lf J' GW 4 S '- Z5 wr' .t T me ' ? fe if .t M' "f lafllll' if 'Vg iff? WI. L + e 1 ?tut MU' at it ul AMN qu J-s i' MN 5 '41 Q." f ufgwfy N' IL f' Alice had a purpose in her wanderings through Looking-Glass Land. The country was mapped out in squares cmd Alice had to move through eight of them before she could become a queen and wear a golden crown as she longed to do. A Each of the one hundred and seventy-eight members of the class of '44 has looked forward to the day when he would become a senior and wear a cap and gown. And, as the Walrus said, "The time has come-." Officers of the class of '44 were Kenneth Hensel, presidentg Carroll Mahaney, vice-presidentg Iackie Ringler, treasurer, and Valencia Arthur, secretary. Miss Kathleen Cumbee was adviser, The class colors were red and white, and the flower was the red rose. Ianuary 7, the Senior Prom was held. The event was a brilliant success. Military insignia sparkled from the walls and the ceiling was a maze of stars. The prom was held in honor of the nine senior boys who were leaving to join the armed forces-Warren Squires, Ernest Whitman, Robert Hamilton, Harold Chaney, Palmer Sullivan, Robert Miller, David Wright, Thomas Smith, and Paul Weaver. In the annual Play Tournament, held Ianuary' 27, the Seniors took top honors with their play "No Curtain Ca1ls," directed by Hartley Wigfield, and starring Bill Taylor, Lester Long, Charles Kunes, Wayne Ansel, and Palmer Sullivan. Fort Hill's first mystery play since "lnvitation to Murder"- 1939-was presented by the Senior Class, April 28. The play was entitled "Murder Mansion" and proved as gruesome, and spine chilling as its name suggests. The cast included Ruth Ellen Dayton, Dorothy Coleman, Lois Hanks, Marjorie Dolly, Iackie Ringler, Mary Iane Edwards, Wayne Ansel, Hartley Wigfield, Robert Tomsko, and Donald Umstot. This year, for the first time in the history of Fort Hill, juniors who would be eighteen and be drafted before graduating, were allowed to graduate with the class of '44. Thus we have an epitome of the class of '44, dent. ALDERTON, CHRISTINE-Academic Latin Club 15 Vice President 25 Library Club 15 Girls' League l 5 Track lg Z5 Basketball 15 Usher 35 Choral Speaking Choir 2, 3, 45 Fort Hill Players 3, 45 National Thespians 3, 45 Hi-Y 45 May Day 2, 3. ALLEE, DOROTHY-Commercial Basketball lg Hiking Club 15 Riding Club 2. ALMOND, HAZEL-Commercial Fort Hill Players' Auxiliary 4. ANSEL, WAYNE-Vocational Student Council l, 2, 35 Class President 25 Football 2, 35 Co-Captain 45 Track 25 Farewell Assembly 3, 45 May Day 45 "Her First Party Dress5 " "Who Kissed Barbara?" "No Curtain Calls5" "Murder Mansion." ARMBRUSTER, RONALD-Commercial Ushers l, 3, 45 Football 45 Mimeograph Crew 3, 45 Baseball 3, 45 Student Council President 4. ARTHUR, VALENCIA-Vocational Girls' League 15 Pep Club l5 Home Economics Club 35 "Sentinel" 3, 45 Stage Crew 45 Class Secretary 4. G' aj.L'we6l 744 8 SEATED - Kenneth Hemi. president: Valencia Arthur. secretary. STANDING - Iacquelinc Ringler. treasurer: Miss Kath- leen Cumhee. class adviser: Carroll Mahaney. vice-presr A W "' My vu 'xv 5, ,W fn ,,41v,,m Alderton Ansel Arrnbrusr All Almond er Arthur Bageant Benford Brinkman Britt BAGEANT, MABEL-Commercial Referees' Club 1, 2, 35 Track 1, 25 Basketball 15 Iunior Glee Club 15 Intramural Activities 1, 2, 35 Twirling Club 1, 2, 35 Victory Corps 35 Ma- jorettes 3, 4. BENFORD, BETTY-Commercial Library Club 15 Sentinel 3. BLAKER, HELEN-Academic Library Club, 1, 2, 35 President 45 Pep Club 15 Girls' Hi-Y 3, 45 Girls' Glee Club 3, 45 Usher 15 Bowling Club 1. BIBLE, SHIRLEY-Commercial Letter Club 3, 45 Girls' Hi-Y 45 Athletic Club 1, 25 Music Club 1, 25 Handicraft Club 25 Home Eco- nomics Club 15 President 25 Class Secretary 2. ww rw W fm vm? Blaker Bible Bloss Burgess Brookley Brown BLOSS, LOUISE-Vocational Usher 1. BOYER, IAMES-General Stage Crew 4. BRANT, IACK-General Art Club 4 BRINKMAN, LESLIE-Academic Track 1, 25 Swimming 15 Football 45 Hi-Y 4. BRITT, ANN-Commercial Girls' League 15 Girls' Glee Club 2, 35 Vice- President 45 Senate 3, 45 A Cappella Choir 2, 35 President 45 Sabre 35 Assistant Business Manager 4. BURGESS, MADONA-Academic Library Club l, 25 Latin Club 2, 35 Fort Hill Players 4. Boyer Brant Brown Burley BROOKLEY, EUNICE-Academic Latin Club 25 President 35 Iunior Players 1, 25 Girls' Glee Club 15 Fort Hill Players 35 Secretary Auxiliary 45 Sentinel 45 Sabre 35 Assistant Literary Edition 45 Girls' League 25 Senate 45 Bowling Club 15 Radio Club 35 Handbook Editor 45 Extemporane- ous Speaking Contest 4. " BROWN, GERALDINE-Commercial -V-.--f Intramural Athletics 1, 2, 3. ..7' BROWN, MARIE-Commercial " " Glee Club 2, 3, 45 A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 45 Library Club 1, 2, 35 Sabre 35 Business Manager 45 Monitor 4. ' ' ' BURLEY, PAUL-General L Hi-Y 35 Secretary 4. ' I Buser Butler Collins Conners BUSER, DE SALES-Vocational Basketball 45 Student Council 1, 25 Bachelor's Club l5 Track 2. BUTLER, EARLINE--Vocational Photography Club 35 Home Ec. Club 35 Track 3. CAMPBELL, MARTHA LEE-Commercial Iunior Players 1, 25 Girls' League lg Pep Club l5 Track 15 Bowling Club 15 Fort Hill Players 35 President 45 National Honor Society 3, 45 National Thespians 3, 45 Hi-Y 35 President 45 Choral Speak- ing Choir 2, 3, 45 May Day 25 May Queen At- tendant 3, 45 "Who Kissed Barbara?" Director of "Boy Meets Family." Campbell Chaney Cook Carrick Cox CHANEY, HAROLD DAVID-Commercial Baseball 2, 35 Hi-Y 3, 45 Mimeograph Crew 4. COLEMAN, DOROTHY LEE-Commercial Iunior Players 1, 25 Girls' League l5 Track lg Bowling Club 15 Fort Hill Players 3, 45 National Thespians 3, 45 Girls' Hi-Y 3, 45 Choral Speaking Choir Z, 35 Treasurer 45 May Day 2, 35 Class Secretary 3. COLEMAN, NORMA-Commercial COLLINS MAXINE-Vocational CONNERS, LYNFORD-General Stage Crew 4. Coleman Bean? W tg. Coleman Collins Dailey Davis COOK, WADE-Academic Basketball l, 25 Football 45 Usher 3, 45 "Sen- tinel" 2, 3, 45 Hi-Y 3, 45 Student Council l. CORRICK, IEAN WILMA-Academic Girls' League President 15 Hi-Y 3, 45 Chaplain 25 "Sentinel" 1, 25 "Sabre" 45 Spanish Club Pres- ident 4. COX, LUTHER-General Football 2, 3, 45 Swimming 25 Camera Club 25 Student Council l, 45 I. V. Basketball Manager 1. DAILEY, DOROTHY LEE-Academic Girls' League 15 Girls' Hi-Y 3, 45 Fort Hill Players 3, 45 May Day 35 - Thespians 45 Choral Speaking Choir 4. Davis Davis Doyle Dyer DAVIS, BEATRICE-Academic Library Club 35 Spanish Club 4. DAVIS, IAMES-Commercial Basketball l, 35 Bachelors Club Z5 Boys' Hi-Y 4. DAYTON, RUTH ELLEN-Academic Iunior Players 1, 25 Fort Hill Players 3, 45 Na- tional Thespians 3, 45 Ushers 2, 35 Choral Speaking Choir 2, 3, 45 Hi-Y 35 Secretary 45 "Spring Fever5" "Mr. and Mrs. American" "Murder Mansion." DAY, VIRGINIA-Commercial DOLLY, MARIORIE-Commercial Fort Hill Players 3, 45 Choral Speaking Choir 3, 45 Declamation 35 May Day 35 Student Council Z, 35 National Thespians 45 "Papa Is All5" Murder Mansion." Dayton Day Edwards Erickson DOM, MARY-Academic Latin Club Z, 35 Girls' Glee Club Z, 3, 45 A Cap- pella Choir 2, 3, 45 Ushers 45 Student Council 4 "Sentinel" 4. DOUGLASS, MARIE-Commercial Iunior Players l, 25 Girls' League 15 Ushers 35 May Day 2, 35 Fort Hill Players 3, 45 National Thes pians 3, 45 Class Treasurer 35 Hi-Y 2, 45 Treasurer 3 Choral Speaking Choir, 2, 35 Secretary 4. DOYLE, BETTY-Commercial DYER, MARION-Vocational Girls' League l5 Student Council 2, 35 Home Ec. Club 35 Hi-Y 45 Letter Club 3. EDWARDS, MARY ANE-Academic l Junior Players 1, Z5 Fort Hill Players 3, 45 Na- 1 r Dolly Ervin I Dom Douglass Everett Everly tional Thespians 3, 45 Choral Speaking Choir 2, 3, 4: "Sabre" 45 "Spring Fever5" "Mr. and Mrs. America5" "Murder Mansion." ERICKSON, AURORA-Vocational Home Ec. Club 35 Letter Club 3. ERVIN, MARY IANE-Academic Iunior Players 1, 25 Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Fort Hill Players 3, 45 Choral Speaking Choir 2, 3, 45 National Thes- pians 3, 45 Ushers 3, 45 National Honor Society 3, 45 Student Council 35 May 2, 3. EVERETT, IRENE VIRGINIA-Academic Ushers 3, 45 Vice President 35 Spanish Club 4. EVERLY, RUBY-Commercial Library Club 3, 45 Track 15 Sabre 4. . X. ,q. ..- Frye Frant: Hamilton Groves FRYE, MARY-Commercial FRANTZ, GERTRUDE-Commercial GEHAUF, DORIS MAE-Commercial Glee Club 1, 2, 35 Library Club 35 Book Club 3. GINNIMAN, ELEANOR-Commercial Referees' Club 15 Track 15 Swimming Club 15 Girls' Athletic Council 1, Z5 Photography Club 1, Z, 3. GOODNOW, BETTY IANE-Commercial Swimming Club 25 Bowling Club 3. GORDON, IUANITA-Commercial Gehauf Ginnim n Hanks Hansrote GREISE, MARY REGINA-Commercial HAMILTON, ROBERT-Commercial Orchestra 15 Civil Air Patrol 3, 45 Cheerleader 4. GROVES, MARY PAIGE-Commercial Swimming Club 25 Bowling Club 3. HANKS, LOIS-Academic Iunior Players 15 President 25 Girls' League Treasurer 15 Student Council lp Senate Treasurer 35 Fort Hill Players 3, 45 National Thespians 35 President 45 Usher 2, 35 Declamation 3, 45 Choral Speaking Choir 2, 3, 45 Spanish Club 45 Hi-Y 2, 45 Treasurer 35 May Day 2, 35 "Papa Is All5" "Murder Mansion" af , Goodnow Gordon Greise Hardman Hardy Hensel HANSROTE, BETTY-Commercial Fort Hill Players 3. I-IARDMAN, MARIAN-Vocational Home Ec. Club 35 Letter Club 35 President 45 Monitor 4. HARDY, VIRGINIA LEE-Vocational ' Track l, 25 Basketball 25 Letter Club 35 Home Ec. Club 2, 35 Photography Club 45 Sabre Staff 4. HENSEL, KENNETH-Commercial Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Bowling Club 1, 35 Bachelor's Club 25 President 35 Ushers 3, 45 Student Council 35 Intramural Athletics 2, 3, 45 Class President 45 Mimeograph Crew 4. Hiner Klosrerman Hman, DOROTHY-cenemz HINKLE, JUANITA-Academic Iunior Players l, 25 Girls' League l5 Players 3, 45 Hi-Y 3, 45 Spanish Club 45 Thespians 3, 45 Choral Speaking Choir May Day 2, 3. HITE, EUGENE-Vocational HOFFMAN, DORIS LEE-Academic Bowling Club lg Iunior Players 1, 25 Players 3, 45 Choral Speakin Choir 25 9 Thespians 45 May Day 2, 3, 4. IMES, GOLDIE MARIE-Commercial Hinkle Kreiger Fort Hill National Z. 3. 4: Fort Hill National .. adm. . , Hite Hoffman lmes Kunes Lant: Largent IOHNS, RUTH-Commercial KIIROY, IULIA-Academic Girls' League lg Iunior Players l, Z5 Port Hill Players 35 Treasurer 45 Hi-Y 3, 45 Spanish Club 45 Monitor 45 May Day 35 "Who Kissed Barbara?" Na- tional Thespians 4. KLOSTERMAN, ELIZABETH-Vocational Photography Club 45 Ushers 45 Letter Club 35 Secretary 4. KREIGER, ROBERT-Vocational KUNES, CHARLES-Academic Stage Crew 1, 2, 3, 45 "No Curtain Calls." Iohns Kilroy Leasure Lechliter LANTZ, IAMES-Academic Monitor 45 Chambersburg High School Student Advisory Council 35 Senior Science Club 35 Pearis- burg High School Hi-Y Treasurer 25 Beta Club 25 Pearisburg Young Patrol Captain Z. LARGENT. CLARA BELLE-Academic 15 Bowling Club lg Glee Club People's Association 25 School Girls' League 2, 35 Vice-President 45 A Cappella 2, 3, 45 Band 3, 45 Orchestra 45 Hi-Y 45 "Sabre" Art Editor 4. LEASURE, RICHARD-General Monitor 35 Stage Crew 4. LECHLITER, EVELYN-Academic Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 45 Spanish Club 4. t K '- ' .Wt :za - - - I VQQWQ L A' Leighty Lepley Lepley Leuck Lewis Lewis Lewis Lewis Lewis Lindamood Locl-card Long Long Lyons LEIGHTY, EVA-Commercial Club 2, Track 1, 2, Football 1, 4. LINDAMOOD ANNA IEAN-Commercial Tumbling Club 15 Glee Club 3, 4, Letter Letter Club 3, 45 Student Council 37 Usher Club 14- LEWIS, GERALDINE-Vocational Semmel 4' L C1 b 4. . LEPLEYI ELLEN-Vocational etter u LOCKARD, MANILLA-Commercxczl Letter Club 3, Basketball 1, 2, Intramural , Activities 2. LEWIS, IUNE-Commefml LONG, LESTER-Vocational , Pep Club 15 Leltef Club 47 Glee Club 3' 45 Track l, 25 Football Z, Stage Crew 2, "No Cur- LEPLEY, LEODA-commefcfaz VICYOYY Cofps 3- fain cans." LEUCK, RICHARD-Vocational LEWIS, LORA-Vocational LONG, ROBERT-Vocational Letter Club 3: Photography Club 3, 45 Usher 4. LEWIS, ANDREW-Vocational LYONS, ALBERTA MAXINE-Commercial Basketball 11 Bachelor's Club 1, 2: Wrestling LEWIS, MARIE-Commercial Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4. 4 Mahaney Manges McCracken McDonald MAHANEY, CARROLL-Commercial Baseball 3, 45 Basketball 45 Class Vice President 45 Hi-Y 45 Mimeograph Crew 3, 45 "Sentinel" 4. MANGES, COBERN-Vocational MARKEL, MARILYN-Commercial Iunior Players 15 Girls' League 15 Puppet Club 15 Student Council 25 Glee Club 2, 45 Vice Presi- dent 3: A Cappella Choir l, 25 Vice-President 3, 4. MARTIN, RUTH-Academic Basketball l, 25 "Sabre" 3, 45 Track 15 Student Council 35 Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Cheerleader 4. MARTIN, VIRGINIA LEE-Commercial Student Council 15 Tumbling Club 15 Track l, Markel Martin Mease Meister 25 Cheerleader 45 May Queen Attendant 1, 2, 35 May Queen 4. MAYO, IACK-Vocational I. V. Basketball 15 Basketball 3, 45 Football 4. MILLER, IONA-Academic Tumbling Club 15 Track 15 Skating Club 25 Li' brary Club l, 2, 35 Secretary 45 Fort Hill Players 4. MCCRACKEN, ELDA LORRAINE-Vocational Photography Club 35 Vice-President 45 Home Economics Club 25 Vice President 35 Letter Club Treasurer 35 Vice-President 45 Usher 4. MCDONALD, FRANCES MILDRED-Vocational Student Council 15 Photography Club 2, 35 President 45 Swimming Club 15 Tumbling Club 15 Martin Miller GM Mayo Miller Mellon McCollister Letter Club 3, 45 Fort Hill Players 45 Choral Speak- ing Choir 45 Usher 45 "Sabre" 45 National Thes- pians 4. MEASE, MELVIN-Vocational MEISTER, ROBERT-General MILLER, BETTY IANE-Academic Latin Club 25 Flintstone High School Dancing Club 15 Music Club 15 School Patrol 15 Home Eco- nomics Club 1. MELLON, JOHN-Vocational I. V. Football 15 I. V. Basketball 15 Bachelor's Club 1, 2. MCCOLLISTER, WILLIAM--Commercial Basketball 15 Mimeograph Crew 2, 3, 4. Miller Miller Mulvey Murray MILLER, IUANITA-Academic ' Usher 45 Spanish Club 45 New York, Art Weav- ing Club l5 Monitor 1, 25 Swimming Club 25 Vic- tory Club 35 Glee Club 3. MILLER, ROBERT-Vocational MILLER, RUSSELL-General MINKE, THOMAS-General Swimming Club 2, 45 Basketball 3, 45 Bache- lor's Club l. MINNICKS, IRENE-Commercial Referees' Club l, 2, 35 Track 1, 25 Basketball 15 Swimming Club lp Twirling Club 35 Intramural Activities l, 2, 35 Majorettes 3, 4. 'Www Miller Minke Minnicks Newlen Nicola MORGAN, LOUISE-Commercial Iunior Players 15 Library Club 2, 35 Glee Club 2, 3, 45 A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 4. MOSS, NANCY-Academic "Sabre" 45 Fort Hill Players' Auxiliary 45 "Sen- tinel" 4. MULVEY, MARIETTA-Academic: Track lg Latin Club 2, 35 Skating Club 25 Fort Hill Players 3, 4. MURRAY, IACK-Vocational NEWLIN, ESTHER-Academic Pep Club ly Latin Club l, 2, 35 "Sabre" 3, 45 Student Council l, 25 Fort Hill Players' Auxiliary 4. Norris W Mwwf- Morgan Moss Norris Nuse NICOLA, BETTY-Commercial A Cappella Choir 25 Glee Club 25 Library Club 2, 35 "Sabre" 35 Fort Hill Players 3, 45 National Thes- pians 45 Choral Speaking Choir 4. NORRIS, LLOYD-Academic Hi-Y 35 Chaplain 45 A Cappella Choir Chap- lain 45 Glee Club, Librarian 45 Spanish Club 45 Ushers 3, 4 "Sentinel" 3, 4. NORRIS, WARREN-Commercial Football 1, 25 Monitor l, 2, 35 Mimeograph Crew 45 Swimming l5 Cheerleader 4. NUSE, GERALDINE-Commercial Letter Club 3, 45 Ushers 45 "Sentinel" 4. Nusa Osborne Reuschel Reuschel NUSE, MAXINE-Commercial Sentinel 4, Letter Club 4, Ushers 4: Student Council 4. OSBORNE, AVALON-Commercial Student Council l, 2, Mimeograph Crew 43 Fort Hill Players 35 May Day 3. OSS, STELLA-Vocational Girls' League lg Student Council lg Photography Club Treasurer Zg Secretary 3, 4, Home Economics Club, Treasurer 3, 4. OWENS, VIRGINIA-Academic Girls' League lg Iunior Players 1, 2, Student Council l, 2, 3, Latin Club, Secretary 1, 2, Class Secretary 31 Track lg Basketball lg Fort Hill Players Oss Owens Paxton Rhoe Rice Rice 3, 45 Choral Speaking Choir 3, 4: Senate, Secre- tary 3j May Day 35 Usher 3, 45 "Sabre" 35 Literary Editor 45 Spanish Club, Secretary 45 National Thespians 4. PAXTON, MARGARET-Vocational Q PFEIFFER, FRED-Commercial Football Z5 Model Airplane Club lg Monitor 3, Mimeograph Crew 4. PUFFINBURGER, HELEN-Commercial REUSCHEL, CARL-Commercial Bowling Club 15 President 3: Hi-Y Z, 3, 4, Bach- elor's Club 2, 3,, Usher 3, 45 Mimeograph Crew 4, Intramural Athletics 2, 3, 4. REUSCHEL, MAXINE-Commercial Glee Club 3, 45 Letter Club 3, 4. i, X Lf.. 2' ,f' Pfeiffer Puffinberger Rice Rice RHOE, RAY-Commercial Monitor 1, 2, 3, Bachelor's Club 25 Hi-Y 41 Mim- eograph Crew 4, Intramural Athletics 2, 3, 4, Track 1. RICE, BETTY LEE-Commercial Photography Club 1. RICE, ELIZABETH-Commercial Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4: A Cappella Choir 4, Glee Club 4. RICE, IEAN-Commercial Basketball l, Z, Track 1, 25 Pep Club 15 Letter Club 3, 4, Student Council 4. RICE, LOIS MAXINE-Vocational Student Council l, 25 Home Economics Club 3: Usher 4. Rice Rice Saylor Scarlett RICE, VIRGINIA-Vocational Letter Club 35 Home Economics Club 3. RICE, VIRGINIA L.-Vocational Student Council 15 Pep Club 15 Home Economcs Club 35 Photography Club 35 Treasurer 45 Usher 45 Letter Club 3, 4. RINGLER, IACQUELYN-Commercial Iunior Players 1, 25 Girls' League 15 Student Council 15 Fort Hill Players 3, 45 Hi-Y 45 Choral Speaking Choir 4: Class Treasurer 4. ROBINETTE, VERNA-Vocational Home Economics Club 35 Letter Club 3. HOGAN, ANGELA-Commercial RYAN, IMOGENE-Commercial Library Club l, 2, 3, 45 Skating Club 25 Glee Ringlcr Rohinctte Sharer Shatzer Club 35 "Sentinel" 3, 4. . SANDSBURY, BETTY-Commercial Girls' League 15 Library Club 25 Skating Club 25 Hiking Club 2. SAYLOR, IEAN-Commercial Swimming Club 35 Fort Hill Players 3, 45 Choral Speaking Choir 45 A Cappella Choir 45 Glee Club 4. SCARLETT, HELEN-Commercial Library Club l, 2, 3, 45 "Sentinel" 3, 45 Mimeo- graph Crew 4. ' SHARER, ROBERT-Commercial Monitor 2, 35 Basketball 3, 45 Baseball 3. SHATZER, PHYLLIS-Vocational Girls' League 15 Track 15 Pep Club 15 Home VM f it . S . Rogan Sherry Ryan Sandsbury Shriver Simons Economics Club5 Stage Crew 45 Letter Club 3: "Sentinel" 3, 45 Art Club 3, 45 Usher 4. SHERRY, IOHN-Commercial Swimming Club l5 Bachelor's Club 2, 35 Moni- tor 2, 3. SHRIVER, LOIS-Academic Library Club 15 Basketball I5 Track l, Twirling Club 2, 35 "Sentinel" 35 Associate Editor 45 Ma- jorette 3, 45 Hi-Y 45 Usher 4. SIMONS, ANNABEL-Academic Girls' League I5 Iunior Players I5 Hi-Y 3, 45 Ushers 3, 45 A Cappella Choir 1, 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 2, 35 President 45 Student Council 2, 3, 45 Senate 45 "Sentinel" 45 "Sabre" 45 National Honor Society 3, 45 Bowling Club 2. , J Scam Smith Spooler Squires SCOTT, RUTH ANN-Academic Girls' League 1: Iunior Players 2: Fort Hill Play- ers 3, 4: Choral Speaking Choir 3, 4: "Sabre" 3: Associate Editor 4: Spanish Club, Vice President 4: Usher 3, 4: Hi-Y 4: National Thespian 4. SMITH, DEAN-General Tumbling Club 1: Visual Education 2, 3, 4: Stage Crew 2, 3: Assistant Manager 4: Mimeograph Crew 3: Orchestra 4. SMITH, DELORES-Commercial SMITH, IUANITA-Academic Track l, 2: Basketball l: Latin Club 1, 2, 3: Library Club 3: Glee Club 3, 4: A Cappella Choir: 3, 4: Bowling Club 4. SMITH, MARY ALICE-Vocational Tumbling Club 1: Home Economics Club 2, 3: Smith Smith Smith Steele Stemple Stimley Library Club 2, 3, 4: Photography Club 3, 4. SMITH, THOMAS E.-General Camera Club 1: Band l, 2, 3, 4: Student Coun- cil l, 2: Sergeant-at-Arms 3: Senate 4: Bachelor's Club 2: Orchestra 3, 4: Glee Club 3: Hi-Y 3, 4: "Sentinel" 4: U. S. Army. SOMMERKAMP, ONEITA-Academic Track 1: Basketball 1: Skating Club 2: Student Council 1: Latin Club 2: Secretary 3: Ushers 3, 4: "Sentinel" 4. SPOOLER, COLLEEN-Commercial Letter Club 3, 4: Usher 4: Student Council 4. SQUIRES, WARREN Football 2, 3: Co-Captain 4: Basketball 2, 3, 4: Track 1, 2: Hi-Y 3, 4: U. S. Army. 14ml4"m6aza Smith Summerkamp Stitcher Sullivan STEELE, WANDA LEE-Academic Girls' League 1: Model Airplane Club 1: Track 1, 2: Latin Club 2, 3: A Cappella Choir 3: Glee Club 3: Sabre 3: Advertising Manager 4: Fort Hill Players' Auxiliary 4: Student Council 4: Hi-Y 4. STEMPLE, AUDREY-Commercial "Fighting Heart" 4: Track 1, 2: Skating Club 1. STIMELY, ARLENE-Commercial STITCHER, MARY PATRICIA-Commercial Student Council l: Pep Club 1: Track 1, 2: Bas- ketball l, 2: Letter Club 4. SULLIVAN, PALMER-Academic Radio Club 1: Softball 1: Photography Club 1: Class President 3: Football 3, 4: National Honor Society 3, 4: "No Curtain Calls." U. S. Army. v. Sweitzer Taylor Llmstot Wagus SWEITZER, MAXINE-Commercial Glee Club 3, 4, Mimeograph Crew 4. TAYLOR, MARION-Commercial Tumbling Club 15 Bowling Club lg Library Club lp Student Council 2, 4. TAYLOR, CHARLES-General U. S. Army. TAYLOR, WILLIAM-Academic Basketball 1, Football 3, Band l, 2, 45 A Cap- pella Choir 43 Glee Club, Secretary 45 Fort Hill Players 3, Vice-President 4: "Sabre" 4, National Thespians 45 "Paper ls All." "No Curtain Calls." '7!zeq'ae Qalkcl .Z Taylor Taylor Thomas Tomslco True Ware Watson THOMAS, ALMA LEE-Acaclem ic Iunior Players, Secretary 1, Treasurer 27 Girls' League lg Hi-Y 2, 3, 41 Fort Hill Players 3, 4, Na- tional Thespicms 3, 4, Spanish Club, treasurer 45 Choral Speaking Choir 3, President 4. TOMSKO, ROBERT-Academic Iunior Players 2g Fort Hill Players 3, 45' Na- tional Thespians 35 Treasurer 45 Band Z, 35 President 43 Orchestra 2, 3, 4. TRUE, BETTY IANE-Commercial Basketball 1, 2, Track 15 Bowling League 4. Ways Weaver Webreck UMSTOT, DONALD-Commercial Student Council lg Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Ushers 1, 2, 3, Mimeograph Crew 2, 3, 45 "Sentinel 45 "Murder Mansion." WAGUS, MARY ELIZABETH-Vocational Letter Club 3. WARE, DONALD-General WATSON, GLENN-General WAYS, OLIVE-Commercial Pep Club lg Library Club 3, 45 Letter Club 4. WEAVER, PAUL-General WEBRECK, FANNON-General Art Club 2. I Whitman Wiebel Wolford Wolford WHITMAN, ERNEST-General Pep Club 15 Cheerleader 3, 4. WIEBEL, MARION EMMA--Commercial Glee Club l, Z, 3, 4. WIGFIELD, HARTLEY-Commercial Tumbling Club l, 2, 35 Student Council 25 Band 2, 35 Orchestra 2, 35 Bcichelor's Club 2, 35 Sabre Assistant Business Manager 35 Editor-in-Chief 45 Senior Farewell Assembly Mimeograph Crew 3, 45 Stage Crew 45 Fort Hill Players 45 National Thes- picms 45 Director of "No Curtain Calls" 45 "Papa Is All5" "Murder Mansion." WILLIAMS, KATHLEEN-Commercial Track 15 Bowling League 4. Wigfield Williams Wright WILLS, ROBERT-General Asheboro High School Basketball 15 Music 1, 2. WILSON, EVALINE-Commercial Student Council I, 2, 35 Track 1, 25 Library Club l5 Basketball l, 25 Girls' Athletic Council 1, 25 Pep Club l, 25 Skating Club 1, 2, 35 "Sentinel" 35 Mimeograph Crew 45 Bowling Club 3, 4. WILSON, IOY-Academic Fort Hill Players, Treasurer 35 Secretary 45 Na- tional Thespians 35 Secretary 45 National Honor So- ciety 3, 45 Hi-Y 3, 45 Girls' League lp Iunior Players 25 May Day Z, 35 Choral Speaking Choir 2, 3, 45 Director of "Iunior's Moustache" 35 "Her First Pa:rty Dress5" "Spring Fever5" "Papa Is All." Wills Yankie 7ze,,.e Wilson Wilson Zembower Zembower WOLFORD, MAXINE LEE-Commercial Basketball 15 Track lg Student Council lg Bowl- ing Club 4. WOLFORD, WALLACE-Vocational WRIGHT, DAVID-Academic "Sentinel" 35 Hi-Y 35 President 4. YANKIE, KATHRYN-Academic Girls' League 15 Library Club 15 Latin Club Treasurer l5 President 25 Track 15 Basketball 1, 25 Usher l, 45 Sentinel 35 Editor-in-Chief 45 Cheerlead- er 3, 4 Hi-Y 4. ZEMBOWER, BEATRICE-Commercial Iunior Players 15 Library Club 2, 35 Glee Club 2, 35 Secretary 45 A Cappella Choir Z, 3, 4. ZEMBOWER, IACK-Commercial Buser England Grabenstein 4400! BUSER, UDEN-Vocational Glee Club 1. ENGLAND, LEON-General Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, A Cap- pella Choir 1, Z, Boys' Glee Club 1, 2. GRABENSTEIN, IAMES-Vocational LANE, IAMES-General Latin Club lg Iunior Players 1, 25 Ushers l, 2, 3, Projection Crew 31 Student Council 35 Sabre 3. MCCOY, RICHARD-Vocational Basketball 1, 2, 3 5 Hi-Y 3. MERTENS, IOHN ' Boys' Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Vice-President Iunior Class 3, Track 1, 2. ' I Samuels Screen lla Jay! SAMUEL, THOMAS Glee Club 1, Art Club 1, 2, 35 President 1, 25 "Sentinel" 1, Z, 35 A Cappella Choir l, 2, 35 Glee Club 23 "Sabre" Art Editor 35 Assistant Stage Designer 37 "Tulip Time." SCREEN, IOSEPH-Academic I. V. Basketball 1, 2, I. V. Basketball 25 Student Council 3. SETTLE, WALTER-Vocational Band 1, 2. TWIGG, EDWARD-Vocational Baseball lg Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. WILSON, EARL-Vocational Photography Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Settle Twigg Wilson Lane McCoy Morten: FIRST ROW-Warren, Squires, Ernest. Whitman, Harold, Chaney, aut VVeaver. SECOND ROVV--Robert Miller om Smith, David Wright: Palmer Sullivan. Th as At the end of the first semester eight senior boys who had reached draft age were given their diplomas and seven are now serving in the armed forces. The eighth, David Wright, is attend- ing college. A special graduation exercise was held in the audi- torium for the senior high school students, parents, and friends. To these boys especially we send our best Wishes and the hope that the 1944 "Sabre" will help them to remember their school days. , t ROW ONE-R. Crabtree, B. Wheeler, R. llilleary, A, Hauser D. Griminger, Myers. B. Leutert. H. YVagus, B, Vlfeaxer I. McKay, R, Haines, W. Sites, L. Adams, ROW TWO-W. Giles. W. Dubey. B. Foley, L. Brow: P. Schell, F. larkson ,E. Golden, D. Smith, R. Shelly. P. Thrasher, R. Cage. N. Smith. ROW THREE-G. Gillum. E. Boone. H. Thompson, YY. Davis C, Marlin, F. Beck. P. Randolph, L. Aronholt, Pullin, I Pullin, R. Dickerhoof. ROW FOUR-E. Alderron. I. Kelly, C. Mattingly, E. Nixon P, Foltz, F. Squires, C. Mackereth, R. Smith, R, VVeber, I, Iacobrs N, Duvall, Berkenbaugh. ROW FIVE-R. McCoy, G. Rodenhauwr. I. Lippolcl, T. Samuels, D. Turner, V. Penner, G. McGee. K. XVillarcl, S. Zellner, W. Settle, G. Crabtree, I. Mertens. ROW' SIX-F. Brinkman. G. Gros-.. Pellerzi, D. Vlfhrteman. D. McGill. A, Twxgg. G. Smith, Grabensteln. E, Vfilliants VV. Powell. E, Tvtigg. R. Srorer, Ll. Buser, Matthews. SEATED-Darl jewel, president. STANDING-Donald Mason, treasurrrg Elaine Partleton. secretary: Mrs. Iohn Dems. sponsori Iohn Mertens, vice president. my - erm The Iunior Class got off to a brilliant start when Darl "Ace" Iewell, president, Iohn Mertens, vice-president, Elaine Partleton, secretary, and Don Mason, treasurer, and class advisor, Mrs. Iohn W. Deetz, were selected at the beginning of the '43-'44 school term. The first business of the class was the ordering of class rings and the collection of dues early in the term. The annual Iunior-Senior Prom was held December 16 in honor of the nine boys who graduated at the end of the first semester. The chairman of the various committees who deserve much Commendation were decoration. Don Mason, refreshments, Evelyn Sommerlattg publicity, Norma Coleg in- vitation, Elaine Partleton. The Iunior Class participated in the play tournament. Darl Iewell was elected the best actor in Fort Hill for the second year in succession. In the "Y" drive a five dollar boy membership was given by the Iunior Class. The climax of the season's activities was a Senior Farewell Assembly for the class of 1944 during the later part of May. I. D Ca D. L. B. H. R, N. ROW ONE-R. Smeltzer. C. Srotler. D.FT'.-xxgg, KTrArtI1ur. Hudson. NI. Sharretts. E. Blow. M. biempie. I. Barnhart. Barnes. V. Shi-arg. H. Vfilson. I. Lmle. I.. mpbell. A. Shewbrldge. L. Robey. D. McI.eaf, V. Hartsock. M. E. Springcr, B. Suanger. R. E. Rina. ROW TVVO-V. Bennett. A. Adams. XV. Pharw. ROW' THREE-M. Hunter. L. Hager, V. Stricby, S. Brown, Ziler, M. Hovaner. F. Schmler. R. Yeager, M. L. Sanner. Clark, D. Streer. ROVV FOUR-B. Hicks. D. Iewell. R. Beard. M. Carline. Owens. E. Allen. D. Mason, Alvaro. D. Cha-e, Radcliffe. Pfeiffer. RGVV FIVE-R. Lapp, VV. Iewell. L. Hoare. R. Allcn. Renter, F. M1115-r, R. Puffinberger, G. Nlalsherry. N. Sensbaugh. Cole. ,Rf-JXY Ofxii-'D. Cf:--na. D. Crazv, I Brot1:mz.z'l.Ic'. V Evil N. Ihrakyavzx E. irons B. I. Afplegare. A. Krigiesz. H. Duma: ll. Hamxlton. P. Hefrivaugh. H. Hamelfcn. I. W'1gfa2iLi. ROVV TVVO-R. KTcKinl-av. P. Nnrrhgrafa. T. Shiplev. . V K1 Shultz, I. M. Robmcxtc. N. Cage. I. Brant. M. Harmon. N. L Daxi'-. R. Klmc, E. Greike. E. Mlclwael. B. Shook. ROYV THREE-M. Ufzlkun. S. He-tcherx M. Rue. VJ. True V. .Hardzng0r. E. Partletcn. E Snrzmerlatt. A. Daxv, S. Saggp I. Smith, D. Lease. N. Bugy. R. Vfxlsrm, B. Sxx-anger. ROVV FOUR-E. Born D. Gllpm R Henlev K VVilKo B. Burner. R. Cranford. Crt-egan.. B., Da'.'1S,IlB.lLorugEr12 G. Davrs. F. Has-enbuhlcr. I. Hare. X. Xvlzalley. ROW' FIVE-VV. Stine, H. Dlclfen, H. Shepherd. D. Stall- ingH. E. VVxlF0n. R. Bury. D. NN1IS0n, VJ. Freeland. E. Ryan C. Grlmes, B. Troulman. H. Huff. R. Hymes. R. Heavner. This year the Sophomore Class again organized under the direction and sponsorship of Mr. Paul Perdew. After carefully considering their group. Kenneth Iames was elected presidentg William McBride, vice-presidentp Michael La Gratta, secretaryp and Frederick Partleton, treasurer. At the be- ginning of the second semester, Kenneth Iames resigned as president when he departed from Cumberland. The class decided on roses for the class flower and the dues were set at fifty cents. When discussing their class party they concluded that the party would be a dance and a party combined. This year as every other year the Sophomore Class participated in the annual play tournament. For the first time in 3 years the Sophomores lost but they made a good showing in the tournament. To the Senior Class of nineteen- hundred and forty-six the "Sabre" Wishes the best of luck and success. D B I. G C R B T L B ROW ONE-D. Thrasher, M. Easton. Nl. Twigg, E. Pinault. . Bird, A. Poling. A. Rice. B. Davis. K. Spooler. A. Clark, A. ittinger. E. Gillum. A. Meass. ROW TWO-V, Iexvell. P. Golden, S. Burke, N. Avers. Moler. P. Burley, S. Britt. B. Linn. I. Yeargan. E. Miller. . Snider. M. O'Nei1. ROW THREE-A. Brant, R. Ketzner, YV. Tomsko. B. Prirc. . Shadwell. H. Bishop. L. Dickerhoof, B. May, B. I. Clopper. . johnson, D. Darsh, G. Pierce. ROW FOUR-V. L. Sittig, W. I. Wolford. N. Mintdrop, . Robinson. L. Cage. R. Martin. B. Clem, L. Ambrose, M. wigg, R. True, l. Roby, D. Day, M. Bishop. ROW FIVE-M. Langley. B. Dunithan, P. Sunderlin, Nl. Arve. . Matheny. N. Hook, G. Leuthke. S. Turner. B. L. Kight, V. ender, C. M. Thomas. B. Michaels. M. Huff. G. Hendrix. ROVV SIX-L. Ash. G. Hannas. Shaffer, M. Barnes. Scott. R. Groves. R. l"leiiey'. L. Duffy, R. Fernihough, D. Screen. H. Saville. P. Cook, R. Price, Hunter, R. Screen. F. Light. X. Freddie Partleton, treasurer: Michael La.Gratta. secretary: NVllliam McBride. president. 5 ROW' ONE-R. Rinehart, I. Xvatt. E. Davy, N. Lewif. Lane V. Vv'eavcr, M. Brant. C. Dolan. B. Smith. V. Robinson, M. Rudy: D . Nlulvey, T. Greise. ROVV TWO-D. Vermillion. E. Appel, F Strafford. D. Per dew, Valentine. Walker, M. Ginniman. Nl. Stafford. T. Davis D. Iones. C. Mulvey. ROW' THREE-R. Lechliter. L. George. G. Kcfterman, R Nvcum D Llod M P Miller F Williams 'Nl Ncum C . . y, . . , -. ' ., .. y , . Kinsman. D. McDonald. H. Deneen. D. lVlcCulloiigh, E. Wallis. C. Yeager. ROW FOUR-B. Benson. L. Mason. D. Nicholson. M. Walsh C. Srurtz. E. Stuhy. E. Stickley, C. Rowan. H. Way. D, Smith. L. Kohler. D. Robmette, W. Kline. ROVV FIVE-C. Growden. K. Iames. I. Zc-mhower. unidenti- fzcd. I. Hinlcle. G. Burger, L. Campbell, Layman, G. Keacly I. Bover, D. Carter. Maphis. V. Shriver, Bolyard. ROW' SIX-C. Diehl. P. Eaton. B. Shepherd, E. Robinson R. Mertens, M. LaGratta, D. Fisher. I. Braggs. O. Turner F. Davis. R. Leasure, I. Kcrns. B. Rohinxori, A. Sidawayj F. Rzcharcfs. Y 1 I ROVV ONE-E. VV1lson. M. Frey. llaniilton. P. Stine- lnaugh. E. VVright. D. Everett. L. Lee. C. Boslev. V. Van. Pelt M. VVagns. Davie. M. Langley. P. Keller, D. Brant. D. Pryor ROW TWO-B. Anderson. C. McFarland. P. Barnhart. G Sensvabaugh, W. Brotemarkle, Lewis. R. XVhet:el. I. Ritter. C Curry. Nl. O'Neil. W. Sowers. K. McCarthy. ROW THREE-E. Davis. L. Decker. D. Wilson, F. Atherton R. Pollock. House. W. Lakin. E. Bailev. R. Merritt. R. Crabtree. 4 ROW FOUR-P. Wilson. Brown. H. Crews. R. Blalner K. Twigg, R. Engle, B. Sneatl-ten. R. Popp, C. Arnold, L. Stotler I. Valentine. ROVV FIVE-R, White. R. Rhodes, B. Clark. P. Davie. F Moss. VV. Miillenax. Reuschel, D. Harmon. P. Hile. R. Clay W. Hiner, W. Derlan. Voorhees. ROYV SIX-VV. McBride, Ziler. E. Siebert. W. VVall'er l. Mangus. V. Bell. W. Kerns. B. McKenzie, B. Atlcinvvi. P Golden. A. Patterson. N. Mock, B. Brinlnman. ROW R. Shrout ROW B. Slagle. ROW M. ROW D. Cross. ROW W. ONE-B, Coleman. VV. King, E. Watson, Williams. M. Huclson. W. See. C. Crostun, R. Sheally, P. Pomeroy. E. House. L. Lewis, TWO-R. Evans, D. Neff, M, L. Erson, B. Rankin, P. Wareheim. Smith P. Thrasher. C. Dicken, K. Michaels. THREE-P. Yutzy, N. Watts, W. Linn. K. Wilson, M. K. Barnes. C. Martz Osborne, I, Perdew. A. Cvorsuch, K. Lewis. B. Hamilton. R, Nycum. FOUR--E. Williams. D. Shephard. M. Hire. I. Bell, C. Hudson, YV. Clark A. Watring. B. LeMaster, R, Shirley. B. Martin, R. Miller. R. Iacobs. FIVE-T. Davie, G. Hymes, W. Turner, R. Eline, B. Granigl-iam. F. Strieby Lalferty. R. Larrick, R. Gurtler. R, Myers, R, Hawse. Row six-R. George, R, Randall. R. Turner, F. Crires, O, Ayres. E. Welch. R, Allamong L. Hansrote. G, Lapp. M. Ogle. R. Rawlings, E. Taylor. ROW ONE-I. Barnl-iart. L. Sheetz, F. Parker. E. Nines, V. Lloyd, B. Brown, I Yeager. R. Greise. R. Owens, I. Kabosky, I. Boone. ' ROW TWO-l. Shyroclc. R. Shatzer. L. Mackereth, A. Whetsell, S. Sandsbury, H. Settle I. Youngblood. N. Adams. H. Adams, R. Schmier. ROW THREE--R. Beck, D. Clay, R. Baker. F. Heller. Cra:e. C. Thompson, R. L Richards. E. Twigg, H. Messick. D. Street, S. Wigfield. ROW FOUR--E. Robertson. R. Haines, I. Van Meter, I, Hemmi-1, R. Dick. R. Frye I, Herring, K. True. H. Miller, R. Saville. P, Dunn. D. Robertson, ROW FIVE-H. Gillum. W. Davis, C. Leary, R. Morris. N, Lewis, R. Pomeroy R. Lewis, M. Boone. I. Andrews. L. Hoyle. I. McCreary. ROW SIX-D, Malone, R. Cline. H. Sylvius. M. Iohnson. D. Arnold. L. Fox. Keller M. Howdyshell. B. L. Kirk. D, Riggs. D. Davis. C. Brown. H. Sommerlcanlp, K. England . In the ninth grade the students choose their subjects and courses. This is an important step and is the beginning of the system used at Fort Hill to train the students to accept the re- sponsibilities of the outside World. No officers are elected except in home-rooms until the beginning ot the sophomore year. This is another big step in this system of training and much thought is put upon it. The Freshmen are very active in different clubs and organ- izations to which they are eligible, some of which are the band, sponsored by Miss Garbrick, the Iunior Players coached by Miss Boughton, the Art Club under Mrs. Borchers, and the Glee Clubs, under the direction of Miss Sebree. ROVV ONE-R. Schoenadel, K. Hartell. V. Gcatz. V. Cessna, F. Cmcr, S. Hansrntlz. L. Nickel, M. Kellar. Walsh, E. Cole, Davis. C. Ringlt-r. ROW TWO-H. Robinson. A. Lalcin, H. LeFew, Patsy, D. Vvleber, C. Mahaney' I. liinlcle. P. Chaney, E. Brant. D. Rudy, A. Ranck. D. Chase. XVehc'r. ROW' THREE-Nl. Kriglein. E. Simons. V. Price, E. Clark, R. Evans, XV. Rader. D. VVirner. R. Cunningham. I. Allen, I. Arve, T. Growden. ROW FOUR-C. Brown, E. Freeland. T. Abernathy, Keller, E. Duvall, Nl. Bible. D. Smith. I. Golden, M. Maphis, E. Crabtree, F. Ryan. M. Cow. I. Poling. ROW FIVE--P. Timbroolc. S. Mclntosh. O. Diclcen, E. Leighly, Eatrides, Ketter- man, P, Twigg, D. Pennington. Grim, E. Lapp. ROVV SIX-I. Paupe. H. Diehl. R. Daman. R. Starclter. M. L. Twigg, B. Prurtme:-s. P. Frye, D. L. Rice. C. Miles, D. Lowery. W. Dailey. G. Hanger. ROW ONE-E. Brant. Thomas. O. Nazclrod, Baker, C. Brant. H. Lewis, Gnrtler. C. Breighner L. Wigfield. R. Cessna, G. Smith. C, Clopper, M. Maravelis. ROW TWO-I. Proudfoot. E. Huff. M. Hipslcy, E. Sleernan. E. McLeaf, G. Boslcy, S. Nichols, D Stewart. E. Evans. A. Iuliano, E. Martin, L. Smith. ROW THREE-H. Boggs, E. Dyer. R. Bean, W. Andrews, F. Robinette, I. Mellon, E. Likens, E. Little N. Long, E, Knotts, S. Thorpe. ROW FOUR-T. Messick, B. Reynolds, A. Walker. S. Poling. F. Stimely, I. Valentine, R. Everly L. Deatelhauser, I. Stump, H. Burgess. L. Kelly, R. Smith. ROW FIVE-T. Ringler, C. Crawford. H. Cookerly. R. Bloss. C. Butler. M. Nicholson, H. Iolley A. Bennett. B. Ruckman, M. Myers, F. Kincaid, R. Whetzel, R. Strawderman, R. Plummer. we sew, awe The future leaders of our school are now in the junior high. The eighth grade has passed through its second year on the hilltop. Many ot its members are active in the Iunior Glee Club, Little Players, and other organizations. This early experience secured in class and club work will make them our progressive school leaders. V-vi - , - 9 'S' . l l ag- v Af .. shox I . -fmt Into the portals of our Alma Mater this year came the sev- enth graders. New to the school, its clubs and publications, they adapted themselves very quickly and easily to Fort Hill's sche- dule. Enrolled in the seventh grade this year are 383 students. To the future class of nineteen hundred and forty-nine "Sabre" Wishes the best of luck. XXX Rik o ""Wfw " f re 04. L vx Ugg Q! , - I l ,.,..., "Lg ,Z 'I XA -ffl' MM ' . V N -ff:-'9 1 Qi2V '5 'Q 2 gg SW Wfdf X l - I 4' ' firpf! -ii 'li 4 R' 0 f 5 fig divx. if ' lit :za W ,,,,ge4 ,,,,,,,, ff X i MN o o f 92 9 14 ' Wa '41 fxi ,Q CORGANIZATIONSD df' ff ' fy f I ff UI fff,' ww .L mm ,K ff' M , ,, A M 4' an 'gh 1 V .Hug " W 1, 2 wx E rw Q fa-W . , , 4 4 " 1417, H ' , ,MQ Wx W I I wwkzw Ynfy ' ' V wp ,ww W ,V.. , T ,. A w ' 'LL' M , ,W , W. ,+R A+ A x. 2 '11 , wfeefflsff ,L , ,::"E' g K I V ' Q i him? W wif? "y u ' an ,,,, ' WWW gf, I T"7'n"..'fI.?i"'MA ' f ' L f ', WE , 1 ' ' 'if f a , ' T Vrrkk VVVV N J .,,,,,,, , , , JW , ..,,, .233 2 mi 5' M F W yi A V W. . W9 0 ' yr ' x ., .V 'f Aff ' f "f,fgZf:1z.,,,l , 7' V? -A r I ,L vw ff ,, ,fr f 591 -.igg "age, AL an THE SENATE STANDING-Ronald Armhrnstcr. President of the Student Body: Ann Britt, Secretary of Social Affairsp Exelyn Sommerlatt. Treasurer: Eunice Brookley, Secretary of lndustry. SEATED-Vivian Strieby. Vice-President and Parliamentarian: Norma Cole, Secretary T Smith. Secretary of Traffic. THE STUDENT COUNCIL Every community must have a form of government. In the land which Alice discovered on the other side of the Looking-Glass, kingdoms seemed to be quite the style, for the Red King and the Red Queen, and the White King and White Queen were important characters in Alice's adventures in Looking-Glass Land. Fort Hil1's student governing body, the Student Council, like our national government, consists of two houses, the Senate and the House of Representatives. The Senate is composed of the President and six officers, three luniors and three Seniors, elected at the end of the previous school year. This year's Senate included President Ronald Armbrusterg Ann Britt, Secretary of Social Affairsp Eunice Brookley, Secretary of Industry: Norma Cole, Secretaryg Vivian Strieby, Vice-President and Parliamentarian, and Evelyn Sommerlatt, Treasurer. Tom Smith acted acted as Secretary of Traffic until his graduation in Ianuary, when the Senate appointed Annabel Simons as his Prede- cessor. The offices of Secretary of Social Affairs, Industry, and Traf- fic are always filled by Seniors, while Iuniors perform the duties of the secretary, treasurer, and vice-president. Advisers of the Student Council are Mr. Robert Morris, Mrs. Helen Russell, Miss Regina McCulley, Miss Lillian Myers fDepart- ment of Industryl, Mrs. Nellie Hylton fDepartment of Social Affairsl and Miss Alverda Ford fDepartment of Trafficl. The House of Representatives consists of a member of each home room elected at the beginning of the school year. Each repre- sentative is expected to attend the weekly Tuesday meetings, pres- ent problems suggested by the home rooms, and report the out- come of each meeting to the home room. The Student Council this year has been a very active organi- zation. The first project of the Council was to turn an unused shop room into a social room, complete with a juke box and modern records. The few pennies admittance fee has helped the group finance several other Worthwhile projects. Mirrors for the girls' and boys' lavatories were purchased out of the Student Council treasury. Social Rooms fees also helped pay for the frames and glass coverings which were bought to hold the Hall of Fame. This con- sists of several hundred photos of service men and Women who have graduated from Fort Hill and Penn Avenue. The committee in charge of mounting and collecting the pictures included Eunice Brookley, chairman, Wanda Lee Steele, and William Steppe. Ron- ald Armbruster and Mr. Robert Morris composed the purchasing committee. During the first Week in March, the Student Council conducted the election of the May Queen and attendants. Much credit should go to President Ronald Armbruster, and Adviser Robert Morris, Who directed the election, and with the help of Fort Hill's Secretary, Kitty Pafel, counted 800 ballots. This year's Student Council made history by organizing the publication of Fort Hill's first handbook. This pocket-size booklet contains a complete analysis of Fort Hill's clubs, faculty, history, rules and regulations, songs, cheers, and the time schedule. With Miss Margaret Hamilton as adviser the handbook staff included Ronald Armbruster, Iean Rice, Iean Curl, Wanda Lee Steele, and editor, Eunice Brookley. Besides performing all these duties, it is the special duty of all Student Council members to live up to the Student Council Oath. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES ROW ONE-F. Stimely, B. Thomas. C, Brant. D. Brown. ylor, G. Bosley. G. McGee, R. M. Rose. P. Wertz. M. E, 1. Ta Taylor. ROW TWO-F. Wilson. B. Grannigan, l, Curl, M. Hudson. F. Cover, Brown, G. Keady, W. Robey. ROW THREE-L. Creegan, D. Dyer, VV. L. Steele. C. R d I fe B Spooler, I. Rice. A. Simons, E. Cole, I, a cif . . Anderson. ROW FOUR-E. Nine. VV. Foley. D. Screen. C. Latrimer. W, Sewers, VV. Steppe. G. Stephenson. L. Dickerhoof. F, Partie- lon. E. Nickson, C, Thompson. STANDING-Miss Dorothy Sturdivant. Adviser. SEATED-Hartley W'igfield. Editor-in-Chnelg Ruth Ann Scott. Aksociale Editor. , We, the members of the 1944 Sabre Staff, are the authors of your mod- ern versions of Alice ln Wonderland. This Sabre which you are now holding is an interesting, exciting, and entertaining record of Alice's travels through Wonderland. "Wonderland?" you ask. "Yes," We say, "Fort Hill is a wonderland, not only as Alice sees it but also in the eyes of every new student to enter its enchanting portals, mysterious, exciting, challenging, to all of us. Our fictitious Alice, at about twelve or thirteen years of age, came into Fort Hill to spend six short years in traveling through mysterious corridors and fascinating classrooms-to learn about things which she never dreamed existed except in fairy tales. Here is depicted for your enjoyment Alice's souvenir of her Wonderland as she is about to leave after six splendid years-a scrapbook which she has kept of her travels as produced by your author-Hartley Wigfield-known to the rest of us as editor-in-chiefg his assistants, Ruth Ann Scott, associate editorg and their ever faithful and ready-to-help advser, Miss Dorothy Sturdivant. Work was begun on this annual in the fall when an entirely different theme was decided upon. A "dummy" was made and the art editor, Clara Belle Largent, assisted by Thomas Samuel, began work on appro- priate sketches to "liven up" the Sabre. The advertising campaign was begun early and lasted for two weeks. Its success was due to the splendid work of Wanda Lee Steele. advertising manager, and the willing co-operation of her hard working staff. Snapshots and photographs were contributed by Mr. Robert Gold- fine working with Esther Newlen, photography editor. Pictures of teach- ers, students, clubs, and activities were taken. These were mounted by the layout staff and another section of the book was complete. Now, the literary work began and that staff under the direction of Virginia Owens, literary editor, got under way. Their work lasted three Weeks during which time they secured the information compiled in the Sabre and wove into it the intricate Alice in Wonderland pattern. The layout staff sewed up the loose ends, checked for flaws, and sent the material off to the press. EDITORS AND MANAGERS SEATED--Ruth Martin, David Wright, Sports: Marie Brown. Business: Esther Newlzn Photography: Thomas Samuels, Ariz Wanda Lee Steele, Advertisingg Virginia Owens. Literary. l 4 EDITOR-IN-CHIEF ..,... ...... I-I ARTLEY WIGFIELD ASSOCIATE EDITOR ,,,,,,,,A,,A RUTH ANN SCOTT BUSINESS MANAGER ,A,,................ MARIE BROWN ASSISTANT BUSINESS MANAGER ....,,., ANN BRITT LITERARY EDITOR ....,,.............. VIRGINIA OWENS Assr. LITERARY EDITOR ........ EUNICE BROOKLEY ADVERTISING MANAGER .... WANDA LEE STEELE Assr. ADVERTISING MANAGER .... NANCY MOSS SPORTS EDITORS BILL TAYLOR RUTH MARTIN DAVID WRIGHT VIRGINIA HARDY A subscription drive, under the direction ot Ann Britt, assistant business manager, was launched and was completed with flying colors. The junior staff was very co-operative in pro- during the 1944 Sabre and gained much valuable experience which will be useful in publishing their Sabre next year. Here is our finished product in your hands. Like it? We thought you Would! To Alice We bid good-bye. It has been enjoy- able Working with her and sharing her experience in the rough-and-tumble Work involved in com- pleting a yearbook. To her Wonderland, too, some of us bid good-bye. Our brief story at Fort Hill ha: been very pleasant, but We'll be back for a visit sometime so we bid it not good-bye but "Adieu!" SEATED-N. Moss. D. Twigg, H. Blaker. S. Ger:-on, I. Alvaro, I. Wilson. R. Puffinberger. SECOND ROW'-E. Brookley, A. Simons, V. Hardy, C. B. Largent, V. Sheetz, D. Weber. THIRD ROW-R. Everly, S. Oss, R. Hilleary, R. Allen, I. Lane. VV. Taylor. AASABREV STAFF ART EDITORS ............ CLARA BELLE LARGENT LITERARY THOMAS SAMUEL PHOTOGRAPHY MANAGER ........ ESTHER NEWLEN DORIS TWIGG HAY PUFFINBERGER IAMES LANE RALPH HILLEARY sENIOR STAFF ADVERTISING PHOTOGRAPHY ..... ...,. S IDNEY GERSON ANNABEL sIMONs RUBY EVERLY JEAN CORRICK HELEN BLAKER DAVIS WEBER MARYIANE EDWARDS ADVISER ............ MISS DOROTHY STURDIVANT LITERARY ..................................,..... IOY WILSON PHOTOGRAPHY .....,. .,,.......,.,..,,.,.., S TELLA OSS FRANCES MCDONALD MAKE-UP SIDNEY GERSON I-IARTLEY WIGFIELD IUNIOA STAFF RAY PUFFINBEBGER JAMES LANE ADVERTISING DoR1s TWIGG ROBERT ALLEN NANCY MOSS JAMES ALVAAO JAMES ALVARO VADA sHEETz MISS DOROTHY STURDIVANT THE SENTINEL In its eighth year of publication, the Sentinel this year has tried amid war-time dilficulties to maintain its high journalistic standards. It has tried to please the student body but that has been hard to do. The month of March was a full one for the Sentinel staff. Besides its two issues in March the Sentinel held a skating party on the fifteenth, and one week later eight members of the staff traveled to New York in order to attend The Columbia Scholastic Press Conference. Leaving on the twenty-second of March, they stayed in New York until the twenty-sixth. Those making the trip were Kathryn Yankie, editor, Lois Shriver, associate editorg Evelyn Sommer- latt, feature editor: Ralph Hilleary, sports editor, Ray Puffinberger, make- up editorg Shirley Sapp, advertising managerg Bobby Crabtree, circulation manager, and Mr. Kenny, adviser. It is with pride we announce that at this conference the "Sentinel' received a First Class rating. FIRST ROW'-P. Shatzer, E. Sommerlett. A. Daxy, S. Sapp, D. Hare, Scarlett. EDI-1-OR "-'.--- SECOND ROW-T. Samuel, W. Cook, T. Smith, A. I. Lindamood, G. Nusc, ASSOCIATE EDITOR Nuse. """"' THIRD ROW-R. Crabree. R. Puffinberger, L. Norris, R. Hilleary, Nzws EDITOR ..,...,.................... FEATURE Emron ...........,.,.,,,., ASSOCIATE FEATURE EDITOR GIRLS' SPORTS EDITOR ..,,.,... MAKE-UP EDITOR ..........., EXCHANGE EDITOR ,,,.,,,,,,,, ADVERTISING MANAGER ....... CIRCULATION MANAGER ....,.. BUSINESS MANAGER ........., ART ............,,,.,..,,.,., PHOTOGRAPHERS ........ FACULTY ADVISER ...... EUNICE BROOKLEY ONEITA SOMMERKAMP MARY DOM ANNABEL SIMONS BOYS' SPORTS Boiron .,.,.,,.,,Y,,,,, Hamill Kenny, Adviser: Lois Shriver, A ite Editor: Kathryn Yankie, Editor. THE STAFF KATHRYN YANKIE LOIS SHRIVER PHYLLIS SHATZER EVELYN SOMMERLATT ALMA DAVY RALPH HILLEARY BERNICE WHEELER . RAY PUFFINBERGER DORIS HARE SHIRLEY SAPP BOBBY CRABTREE HELEN SCARLETT THOMAS SAMUEL LLOYD NORRIS, THOMAS SMITH .. HAMILL KENNY REPORTEHS WANDA LEE STEELE BETTY MILLER NANCY MOSS FREDA SCHMIER CARROLL MAHANEY DONALD UMSTOT WILLA IEAN PHARES RALPH BEARD TYPISTS .,..,....... MAXINE NUSE, GERALDINE NUSE, ANNA IEAN LINDAMOOD '7fzefV' Jfoncva Sade The highest honor which can come to any Fort Hill student is notification of his election to the National Honor Society, an organization with such high standards that only a few ever realize this ambition. Each year towards the end of the term Mr. Heisey circulates among the teachers a list of the names of students who have achieved a high scholastic standing. From this list the teach- ers judge the candidates on the merits of leadership, character, and service. The formal initiation held on May 17 was an impressive pro- gram. The newly-elected members were dressed in white and made a striking picture as they stepped forward to sign their names upon the National Honor Society roster. The four ideals ot the Society-Scholarship, Leadership, Char- acter, and Service-were presented by the girls who were chosen ROW ONE-Last year's Members--M. I. Ervin, M. I.. Campbell, A. Simons, I. Wilson. Not pictured-P. Sullivan. ROW TWO-New Members-A. Osborne, M. Taylor, I. Ryan, M. Dom. A. L. Thom M. Dolly. B. Owens. ROW THREE-M. Nuse, A. Lindamoocl, G. Nuse, I. Everett, O. Sommerkamp. R. Scott, V. Owens, A. Davis. ROW FOUR-I. Lantz, L. Creegan, M. Douglass, D. L. Hoffman, D. Coleman, C. Spoo I. Carrick, E. Lechliter. ROW FIVE-I. Ringler, C. Alderton, F. McDonald, N. Cole, E. Brooklcy. ROW SIX-R. Armbruster. K. Hensel, E. Swartz. Not pictured-Robert Heavener last year during their junior year: Martha Lee Campbell, Mary lane Ervin, Annabelle Simons, and Ioy Wilson. Palmer Sullivan, another old member, is now serving in the Army. Those seniors elected into the Society were: Christine Alderton, Ronald Armbruster, Eunice Brookley, Dorothy Coleman, lean Cor- I'iCk, Arthur Davis, Marjorie Dolly, Mary Dom, Marie Douglass. Irene Everett, Kenneth Hensel, Doris Hoffman, Iames Lantz, Evelyn Lechliter, Anna Iean Lindamood, Frances McDonald, Geraldine Nuse, Maxine Nuse, Avalon Osborne, Virginia Owens, Iacquelyn Ringler, Imogene Ryan, Ruth Ann Scott, Colleen Spooler, Oncita Sommerkamp, Marian Taylor, Alma Lee Thomas. The five juniors elected as the basis for next year's society were: Norma Cole, Bettie Owens, Robert Heavener. Lucille Cree- gan. Earl Swartz. .L'ez"4 Padencl! THE VERSE SPEAKING CHOIR The choral replies of Tweedledee and Tweedledum furnish inspiration for the members of the Verse Speaking Choir, who further their knowledge of elocution through choric work. President Alma Lee Thomas and Marie Douglass, secretary, have per- formed their duties as officers of this organization, which is a branch of the Fort Hill Players. This year, for the first time in recent years, the Choir presented a recital composed entirely of choric readings. The girls who form this group have shown considerable progress in their attainments. ROW ONE-D. Coleman, Enin. V. Strieby. L. Linn, V. Owens. Raiiqliffe, r ROW ONE-I. Wilson, B. May, V. Owens,.R. E. Dayton, M. Dolly, R. FL. Dayton, M. Edwa 5, . . Ho man, M. Douglass. wards, I. Hinkle, M. I. Campbell. R. A. Scott, R. Yeager. M. I. Ervin, ROW TWO-D. Dailey, H. Pfeiffer, R. Yeager, R. E, Rice. Brown, M. Burqess. L. Thomas. A V B C Ald R. A. Scott. I. Kilroy. I. Rmgler, B. Nicola, I, Hinkle, I, Saylor. ' 5.f?fX..PYOLTJ., ISEY"i5.3..'....'f'E'.'eB...E9.'l?"?,g.,.i1 ' C. lggivgjyonrqggligglg. ggfgsmg-miggfg. E. ggm3l'R. rom. B. Gvldsboroush. B. mi... FORT HILL PLAYERS l The Fort Hill Players have created their own "Wonderland" through speech work this year. An extended study of plays, viewed from all angles, has enabled them to develop more vivid imaginations, ct boon to a happy life. Sponsored by dramatic director, Miss Gerardine Pritchard. and ruled by president, Martha Lee Campbell, vice-president. Bill Taylor, secretary, Ioy Wilson, treasurer, Robert Tomsko, pub- licity manager, Dorothy Coleman, and war bond chairman, Maryjane Edwards, the Fort Hill Players have developed in extra-curricular life. Their three-act comedy, "Papa Is All," is considered one of the outstanding presentations of the Port Hill stage. All out to aid the war effort, the Fort Hill Players sponsored the sale of war bonds and stamps, applying their talents to help in the war of reality. NATIONAL THESPIANS SEATED-M, Edwards, I. Wilson, M. Douglass, C. Alderton. STANDING-D. Coleman. M. L. Campbell, A. L. Thomas, L. Hanks, R. E. Dayton I. Hinkle, M. I. lrvin. 1944 lNlTlATES SEATED-M. Dolly, V. Striehy, Kilroy, I. Ringler, S. Brown, V. Owens. STANDING-W. Taylor, B. Nicola, D. L. Hoffman, D. Jewell, D. Dailey, F. McDonald, R. A. Scott, H. Wigfield. ' I THE THESPIANS Like the Walrus and the Carpenter, Thespian Troupe 230 of the National Thespian Dramatic Honor Society have put to use their talents for acting. For their efforts, the characters from the story of "Alice In Wonderland" got on oyster feed. Troupe members receive nationwide recognition, as a result of affiliation with troupes throughout the United States. Under the direction of Miss Gerardine Pritchard, sponsor, and the officers-Lois Hanks, Ioy Wilson, and Robert Tomsko, the group has now earned its "place in the sun." The observance of Drama Week in Cumberland was sponsored by the Thespians, who also presented several programs and participated in various activities. The Walrus and the Carpenter were successful in their ven- ture, and may the Thespians receive the same blessing. M rris. C. Crawford, H. Cookerly. LITTLE PLAYERS The officers of the Little Players are Marybell Bageant, presidentg Charles Lattimer, vice-presidentg Collene Burke, secretaryp and Io Ann Thrasher, treasurer. The Little Players have presented plays at two assemblies, one at Christ- mas-"The Birds' Christmas Carol," and the other, "Elmer and the Love Bug." Several members of the club participated in "The Fires at Valley Forge"- the play presented by the social studies department on Washington's Birthday. The persons who have either had the leading role in plays are Marybell Bageant, Elva lean Taylor, Glendon Burke, Collene Burke, and Thelma Allen. ROW TWO-D. Weber. C. Mahaney. I- Craze. J- Keller. F- Cover- R- The activities that the Little Players have engaged in are a skating party, theater party, and a basketball game. SEATED-C. Thompson. D. Chase. C. Ringler, E. Cole. B. Coleman. ROW THREE-E. Twigg, T. Messick. B. Brown, I. Davis. ROW ONE-B. Garmcm. S. Goodrich. C. Lattimer. B. Dicken. T. Hausman, C. Burke. Alderton. ROW TWO-Mrs. Inge. M. B. Bageant, E. Taylor, C. Maulsbury, C. Burke. I. Thrasher. B. Carter, C. Mefford. ROW THREE-I. Light. E. Strieby. I. Brown. D, Poorbaugh. L. Lathrum, A. Shanhollz. N. Atkinson. G. Weaver, C. Hudson, S. Reckley, M. McCoy. I. Pierce. ROW FOUR-H. Spiker, T. Allen, N. Fisher, I. Curl, I. Williams. C. Rush. S. Mclnrosh, M. Myers. I. Clark. The Iunior Players officers are Beatrice Linn. presidentg Delores Chase, vice-presidentg and McMillan Twigg, treasurer. The office of secretary is filled by each member in turn. The tenth grade members of this group did not get their pictures in the Sabre. They are Sue Britt, Shirley Burke, Virginia Iewell, Margie Langley, Beatrice Linn, Betty May, Ieannine Moler, Audrey Nixon, Eleanor Pinault, Bob Price, Gloria Snider, Shirley Turner, McMillan Twigg, Gladys Hendrix, Robert Heisey. Their activities consisted of assemblies, attending "Iunior Miss" in a body, and giving a radio skit to boost the sale of war bonds and stamps. V Their advisor is Miss Boughton aided by Mrs. Allamong. ROW ONE-M. Harmon. M. Dom, O. Sommcrkamp, K. Yankie. V. Rice V, Stricb R. A. Scott, V. Sinig, V. Iewell, . y. D. Darsh, C. Mulvey. P. Shatzer. ROW TWO-A, I. Lindamood, D. Twigg. L. Mason, L Rice, B. Klosterman, E. McCracken, A. Mease, C. Yeager, T Greise, D. Mulvey, E. Miller, R. Kime. A. Simons. ROW THREE--L. Lewis. Miller, M. Nuse. C. Spuoler. F Srl-imier, F. Hasenbuhler. V. Owens. l. Everett. D. Cessna, E Sommerlatt, E. Parleton, N. Cole. Miss Ford. ROW FOUR-W. Cook. R. Armbruster. K. Hansel. D lfwell, R. Lapp. E. Swartz, L. Norris, l. Lane. R. Puflinberger G. Crabtree. C. Reusnhel. USHERS "-A Again this year under the supervision of Miss Alverda Ford, the ushers organized in Room 213 on November 8, 1943, They were selected for three qualities. First and foremost is dependability. The second quality the appli- cants were judged on was initiative. Last ot all, but not least of all, appear- ance. Selected for head ushers this year were Elaine Partleton and Ray Pulfinberger, both juniors. This group ushers at all school assemblies. They also ushered at the Thanksgiving Day game, "Papa Is All," the Senior Class play "Murder Mansion" and worked the check room at the concerts. Enrolled in the ushers this year are forty-eight studentsg twenty-four are seniors, six- teen are juniors and eight are sophomores. At the end of this year the ushers plan to have some sort ol social entertainment to wind up the year's activities. This group deserves much praise and credit tor their outstanding work this year. A similar organization is maintained for the junior high school. Oulnoole. l. Minnirks. L. Shriver, M. Bageant, D. Hare, P. Foltz THE ORCHESTRA The ensemble of stringed, brass, reed and percussion instruments which, when harmoni- ously combined, make up our orchestra was this year again directed by Miss Pearl Garbrick of the Music Department. One of the outstanding features of the orchestra is the cooperation and understanding between the director and the directed, simply meaning that each knows exactly what to do and when to do it. Some of the engagements filled this year were: the Navy Day program, October 27, the Lions Club Christmas party on December 17, the Commencement exercises Ianuary 24, Y. M. C. A. banquet on Ianuary 23, a concert at Grace Methodist Auditorium on February 10, and numerous assemblies. For "Papa Is All," they played a group of Dutch waltzes in keeping with the setting of the play. Hours of practice are required to blend each instrument with the others to achieve the harmonic balance so pleasing to the ear. This group, though faithful and hard working, is probably the least glorified of all the musical organizations and to it, the Sabre offers special tribute. ROW ONE-R. Heisey. E. Lzchliter, O. Turner. P. Ware- lzeim, B. Davis. D. Wimer, W. Freeland, R. Evans. R. Tomsko. ROW TWO-fK. England, G. Long. D. McCoy. R. Reiter. I. Curl, I. Layman. ROW THREE-I. Light. T. Smith, C. Mahaney, S. Hansroth. L. Nickel, I. Patsy, W. Clark, L. England, Miss Garbrick. C. Hudson. BACK--D. Smith, C. Crawford, Brown, I. Maier. C. Lar- genr, E. Dyer. THE BAND Ilgain this year the band under the direction of Miss Pearl Garbrick has striven to im- prove the school through music. Under the leadership of such capable officers as Robert Tomsko, president, Wayne Free- land, vice-president: and Dorothy Cessna, secretary, the band has not only helped the school but our whole community. During the past year they have played at such patriotic gatherings as the bond rallies at the Strand and Maryland theaters. Also on the schedule was Grace M. E. Church and numerous parades. Many long hours were spent by these scarlet and gray clad musicians in practice for the football games. Hours of drilling before each game are required to achieve the perfection shown in the formation of the letters on the football field. RA Mvrrisl We 0- Neil- The band consists of musically inclined individuals that may range from grade seven to the twelfth. For the first time this year schedules were arranged so that all band members had music the first period. Faithfully throughout -the year the color guard and flag bearers along with the majorettes have added color and a militaristic air to all the occasions of the band's appearance. I. Van Meter. R. George ROW ONE-C. Hudson, H. Diehl, B. May. G. Pierce. W. Rader. I. Moler, C. Chalkley, I. Light, C. Crawford, I Proudfoot, E. Brant, R. Reiter, R. Merrilt. ROW TWO-R. Pomeray, R. Pomeroy. I. Layman, XV. Cage, L. Cage, D. Cessna, L. Sheets, S. Keller. D. Wimer, V. Bell. H. Iohnson, ROW THREE-I. Pierce, I. Allen, I. Yutzy, R. Catlett. W. King. V. Browning, W. Freeland, L. England, N. Sensa- baugh, E. Frampton, R. Evans. D. Thorpe. POW FOUR-Miss Cvarbriclc. I. Patsy, W. Clark, C. Medford, K. England. I. Valentine. B. Goldsborough, E. Dyer, S. Zellner, L. Nickel. C. Mahaney. T. Smith. A CAPPELLA CHOIR "The White Queen gasped and shut her eyes. "She's tired, poor thing!" said the Red Queen. "Smooth her hair-lend her your nightcap-and sing her a soothing lullaby." At this point Fort Hil1's A Cappella Choir would have fit in 1. very well. From lullabys to lilting lyrics, the A Cappella is tops. ,Since the founding of Fort Hill the choir has furnished the school anfl the community with the best of harmonized songs. ' 'Mis year's A Cappella consisted of about thirty-five mem- bers. Miss Dorothy Sebree was the director and officers were Ann Britt, Presidentg Marilyn Markel, Vice-Presidentp Norma Cole, Secretaryg and librarians, Richard Reiter, Earl Swartz, Lloyd Nor- ris, and Darl Iewell. Highlights of the A Cappella's activities this year were singing Xmas carols at the B. and O. station and par- ticipation in the April Music Festical. Selections sung by the Choir at the music festival were "Bless the Lord, O My Soul"-A Ippolito-Ivanoff, "Czecho Slovakian Dance Song," and "Listen to the Lambs"-Dett. The A Cappella met this year during second period, Wed- nesday, Thursday, and Friday. BOYS, GLEE CLUB AT PIANO-Miss Sebree. ROW ONE-W. Foley. S. Zollncr, W. Taylor, D. Iewell, R. Reiter, R. Lapp Swartz. R. Price, D. Heller. TWO-L. Gross. C. Thompson. L. Norris. I. Paupe. M. O4Neal. V. Beall. . CISQV. ROW ONE-S. Britt, D. Twigg. S. Turner, E. Miller, M. Dom. P. Walker, C. B Largent. Miss Sebree. ROW TWO-W. Taylor. R. Reiter, R. Price. D. Heller, M. O'Neal. R. Heisey. R. Lapp . Samuels. E. Swartz, L. Norris, I. Paupe. S. Zolnzr. W. Foley. ROW THREE-N. Cole, E. Partleton. A. Simons. V. Strieby. M. Markel. L. Morgan Saylor, Smith, B. Zembower. ROW ONE-M. L. Sanner. L. Clark. R. Ketzner, A. Lyons. M. Weibel, C. M Thomas, D. Iones, D. Vermillion, M. Brown. ROW TWO-M, Dom, A. Simons, D. Twigg, V. Sheetz. C. B. Largenl, I. Mole: N. Avers, P. Walker, A. Mease. ROW THREE--Miss Sebree. M, Sweitzer, I. Smith, A. Britt. H. Blaker. P. Golden B. May, L. Hager, I. Lewis. E. Leighty. M. Reuschel, V. Iewell, E. Appel, V. Bender, B. Zembower. ROW FOUR-S. Britt. W. Tomsko, E. Miller, H. Hamilton, E. Parleton, Cole. V. Slrieby. S. Turner. E. Pinaull, l. Ryan. L. Morgan. I. Saylor. M. Markel. JUNIOR GLEE CLUB Alice discovered that the land on the other side of the looking-glass was one big chessboard. The Red Queen told Alice that she would begin her journey through the land as cr pawn, who moves one square at cr time. To become a queen she had to travel clear across the chessboard, to acquire knowledge of the land. It is the purpose of the Iunior Glee Club to teach the boys and girls of the seventh, eighth, and ninth grades the "lay of the land" as far as singing goes. lean Lee Curl, presidentg Charles Hammaker, vice- president, Florine Cover, secretary: Robert Beeche, treasurer, and Rebecca LaFew, Laracco Toole, Althea Ranck, librarians. Director-Dorothy M. Sebree. GIRLS' GLEE CLUB Without the slightest trouble, the Girls' Glee Club could send less drowsy people than the Red Queen and the White Queen to dreamland, with their rendition of Stephen Foster's "Beautiful Dreamer." This was one of the songs sung by the girls April 21 in the Cumberland Music Festival. The group also sang "What's in the Air Today" and "Chanson de Marie Antoinette" by lacobson. Officers of the club were: president, Annabel Simonsg vice-president, Ann Brittg secretary, Beatrice Zembowerg treasurer, Lois Hagerg and librarians, Eleanor Rice, Doris Twigg, Alberta Lyons, and Vada Sheetz. ROW ONE-I. Iones. R. Stephenson, P. Beeche, W. Bailey. T. Furlow. I. green A. Gorsuch, F. Cover. C. Brant. ROW TWO-'Miss Sehree, S. Sandsbury. D. Street. B. Matheny. C. Maulsbun I. Matliclr, L. Crabtree, S. Poling, A. Ranck. B. McElhsl1. I ROW THREE-M. B. Crickard, Kilroy, N. Hicks, D. Brinkman. S. Cline. R. Lelfex L, I. Clark, R. Thompson. M. Keller. M. Day. ROW FOUR-I. Swan, Curl. S, Hoyle, L. Allender. V. L. Simmons. V. Ge A. L, Parks. M. Robinson, M. Robinson, A. Wotring, L. Carroll. .411 Wool ROW ONE-K. Yankie. P- Burley, V. lewell. S, Brown, V. Stneby. S. Sapp, A. Davy, M. Douglass, R. E, Dayton. ROW TWO-C. Aldertnn. H. Blalccr, M. L. Sanner. R. Yeager. R. Crawford, I.. Creegan, A. L. Thomas, R. Kxme, M. L. Campbell. ROW THREE--W. Tomsko, W. L. Steele. E. Sommerlarv, E. Parleton, A. Simons, C. B. Largent, R. Martin, M. Dyer. R. A. Scott. ROW FOUR-N. Aver, D. Cessna, P. Golden. A. Patter- son. L. Hager. L. Hanks, D. Dailey, N. Cage, S. Bible. N. Cole. GIRLS' HI-Y "To create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community, high standards of Christian character." This is the aim of the Girls' Hi-Y, Every activity which they have sponsored has been done with this worth-while motto in mind. The Girls' Hi-Y, a school service club sponsored by the Y. M. C. A., took into its membership this year, girls considered worthy of wearing the organization's emblem. Selected for scholarship and character they met these high standards. Adviser Miss Dorothea Fridinger, and officers Martha Lee Campbell, presidentp Vivian Strieby, vice-presidentg Ruth Ellen Dayton, secretary, Elaine Partleton, treasurer, and Wilma Tomsko. chaplain, have all contributed to the success of this year's Hi-Y Club. Realizing the necessity of good leadership and cooperation. the girls have pulled together to make 1944 a year of happy mem- ories in the organization. ' Hi-Y members began their season of activities early with a riotous initiation, and later, the formal candle service and banquet. With Thanksgiving came the attractive red and white Turkey Day corsages which were sold by the members, and the annual col- lection of baskets for the needy, sponsored in cooperation with the Girls' League. The Yuletide season was brightened by a toy col- lection at school, and a "Little Sister" tea for members of the Girls' League. With a greeting to the New Year, Hi-Y members went "sporty" with a hayride, swimming parties, basketball and bowling leagues. Activities sponsored for the whole student body included a movie, "Between Us Girls," and then a skating party. In May, the girls honored their mothers with a Mother-Daughter banquet. A year of activities was brilliantly climaxed with a gala Spring Dance that fulfilled the fondest hopes and expectations of the Girls' Hi-Y. The Boys' Hi-Y has this year proved its worth as the only boys' service club in the school. Under the active leadership of the ad- viser, Alfred Benna and a staff of officers which varied under the duress of wartime manpower shortage, the club functioned actively in its projects. David Wright, president, entered college and was succeeded by Daniel Chase, vice president. The call to arms was heeded by Charles Barnes, who had been elected vice-president, and Ioe Monteleone and Warren Squires, both of whom held the position of sergeant-at-arms. Other officers elected were Carl Reuschel, vice presidentg Kenneth Hensel, secretary, succeeded by Paul Burleyg Ray Lapp, treasurer: Donald Whiteman, sergeant- at-arms, and Lloyd Norris, chaplain. BOYS' HI-Y Activities of the Boys' Hi-Y for the year of 1944 included the sponsoring of several most enjoyable and successful skating parties, participation in the "Splash" parties under the sponsorship of the Y, and joint promotion of a Spring Dance. A service project, the re- cording of student activities was accomplished, at the request of Mr. Iames Spitznas. In March, a second initiation was held to replace members who were off to war. Mr. Benna was the next to go, and he was honored with a banquet. The Boys' Hi-Y has undergone numerous hardships this year, but they have faced them bravely and continued to build the pres- tige of their name. ROW ONE-H. Chaney, L, Brinkman, I. Pelierzi, D. VVright, P. Burley. I. Mertens. C. Mahaney. ROW TWO-Mr. Benna. R. Lapp, D. McGill, R. Hilleary. W. Squires. E. Boone. D. Chase. B. Giles, ROW' HTREE-B. Goldsborough, T. Smith, A. Twigg, C. Reuschel. K. Hensel, W. Pitzer, D. Whiteruan, L. Norris. W. Cook. I. Davis. While Alice was Walking through the woods she encountered a Dormouse, a March Hare, and a Mad Hatter, who were having a tea party. Upon seeing her they were extremely rude cmd as they didn't ask her to join them she invited herself. Having been asked to tell a story the sleepy Dormouse began- "I will tell you a story about the "Little Sisters" or the Girls' League. They are called the "Little Sisters" because they are the junior-branch of the Girls' Hi-Y. Their motto is "to serve" and they abide by it every Thanksgiving by giving to the poor, baskets of food. They meet every first and third Thursday of each month. ROW ONE-I. Thrasher. E. Watson. W. King, N. Williams, B. Slagle, D. Kelly, N. Decker, P. Iones, D. Brown. S. Cline. R. Le Few, E. Taylor. ROW TWO-B. Lease, D. Cage. l. Conway, I. Curl. D. I. Poor- baugh, S. Keller, L. Lathrum, A. L. Park, S. Cessna, W. Davis, M. Hil- liary, E. Twigg. ROW THREE-I. Williams, M. B. Bageant. C. Burke. P. McCarty I, Clark, M. lohns. T. Allen, N. Fisher. R. Schmier, D. Marker, C. Bar ringer, D. Freeland. ROW FOUR-B. Brown, A. Taylor. C. lfurlsnn. I. Kilruy, L. Lapp. A. Ranck, F. Cover, Davis, D. Chase, C. Ringler, Walsh, E. Cole. The first meeting is a business meeting and the second is a com- 1 bined business meeting and a program. They are under the cap- y able supervision of Miss Mary Workman. Every month activity is planned such as bowling, skating, and going to church. The officers of this club are president, Elaine Coleg vice president, Rebecca Le Few, secretary, Charlotte Barringerg treasurer, Ieannine Davis: , chaplain, Caroline Ringler. l Soon after concluding his story the Dormouse Went to sleep and Alice Walked off feeling that the "Little Sisters" were really doing their duty. l There is nothing make-believe about the Library Club, for their efforts and tasks are most realistic. This group has elected to help in the various phases of library work, thus performing a valuable service to the school, as well as increasing its own knowledge of books. Library work is opening to the students a new wonderland. They tell us that they can even outrival our Alice of "Wonderland" fame in discovering new and undreamed of things. In their task of shelving books, the workers develop ability to locate anything from a Mad Hatter to a Red Queen in the library. Binding and repairing books is like re- habilitation of real people. The services rendered to the school by the members of the Library Club include duty at the desk as librarian's assistant and offering help and guidance to students who are not so adept in finding their way about the library. This organization functions constantly, but continues to have regular business meet- ings the second Thursday of the month. Under the direction of Miss Gertrude Ranck, school librarian, and officers Helen Blaker, president, Imogene Ryan, vice president: Iona Miller, secretary, Virginia Lee Sittig, treasurerg and Helen Scarlett, Sentinel reporter, the Library Club this year has peered through the magic looking glass and beheld-new heights of achievement. RCJW ONE--V. l.. Sittig, D. B d, M. A . B. Sl 'lm M Springer, B. Davis. A. Rice, K. Spoolir. D. Lloryyd, l. Millgri ll'Rya ROW TVVO-H. S arletr, P. W llf , V, D " , S, C 1' ,H. B k F. Schmxer, Grimm. RL Everley, O,aVNfdys, C. Dbllln, 8 ma la r RO W THREE-R. Lechliter. M. Beeclmy B Weavr . . . B. B N. YVhalley, D, Lease, V. L. Bzall. M. Hunter, M. Fifey. G. Kuea I Miss Ranck and Mrs. Deetz, librarians Bor SPANISH CLUB Iust as in all new lands one encounters a new language, so did Alice discover one in her tour ot the Fort Hill. It was Spanish, spoken by the Spanish Club in room 108. When Alice entered this room, she was greeted by "Como esta usted?" Receiv- ing only a blank stare, the members asked, "No sabe usted el espa11ol,g" Well, then. as you say in English, "How are you?" Alice, of course, answered that she was "very well, thank you." That is, until the meeting began. Then, she discovered that lean Carrick, the "presidente," called the meeting to order in Spanish. The minutes were read in Spanish by the "secre- tario," Virginia Owens. The dues were asked for by Alma Lee Thomas, the "Tesorero," in Spanish. Even the program, under the direction of Ruth Ann Scott, the "vice presi- dente," was in Spanish. The Spanish Club, under the supervision of Warren Shumaker, is one of the new- est clubs oi Fort Hill. Meeting bi-monthly, it has found much enjoyment in the use of Spanish in its functions since its inauguration on October l, 1943. A. Dal, Hager. P. Shatzer. E. Ellis, B. Owens, Mrs. chefs, . essna. I. Cline. W. Davis, I. Brant. Vit' WZ' ROW ROW ROW Irs, A. ONE-D. Dailey. R. A. Scott. V. Owens, I. H TWO-B, Davis, l. Everett, I. Miller. I. Kilroy. THREE-L. Norris, E. Lechliter, A. L, Thomas L Davis. THE ART CLUB "Little known and little praised" might be the motto for the Art Club. but similarly it is our policy to give credit where credit is due. Did you ever wonder where all the attractive posters concerning Courtesy Week, Nutrition Week, and all school programs came from? The answer is the Art Club. Did you ever stop to question where stage settings, motto posters, and book jackets had their beginning? 'I'he answer again is the Art Club. In addition to all these time-taking projects they were busy for some length ot time this spring constructing a memorial plaque in honor of those Fort Hill boys who have given their lives in the service of their country. PROJECTION CREW The difficult problem of providing an efficient visual educational program in our school has been solved by the training of a group of boys who are in- terested in such work. They have become expert in the line of motion picture projection and make it possible for teachers to show movies at any time dur- ing their class schedule. At almost any hour of the day these boys can be seen hurrying through the halls from one classroom or another loaded down with the heavy sound equipment, extension cords and film. Our deepest grati- tude for pleasurable hours spent as the results of the work of this crew. LEFT TO RIGHT-S. Gerson. Scott, F. Light. D S hop. E. Swarr:. I. Lane. R. Puffinherger, tl STAGE CREW When the auditorium is darkened, the footlights go up, and the curtains are slowly pulled back, the audience settles itself for another of Fort Hill's smooth and finished productions. It is practically impossible to' conceive of the almost countless hours of work which were spent in preparing the stage for each performance. A small group of boys under the direction of Miss Benson, construct and put in place all necessary scenery, furniture and stage props, arrange lighting effects and supervise the curtain. To them the faculty and students who participate in programs owe a vote of thanks for a difficult task well done. KNEELING-L. Long, W MK H. Wigfield. STANDING-H. Savill C. Kunes. THE LE To the members of the Letter Club who spend many hours after school each week preparing the budget of news that goes monthly to over four hundred service men and women, former Fort Hill students, answering requests, sending birthday greetings, and pre- paring a permanent scrap-book for the school, there comes almost daily an intrinsic reward for service well done. It comes in such messages of appreciation as: "Although I'm in battle-scarred Italy, you give me always a spot back home in my good old schoolf' "Keep those letters coming TTE R.CLUB -you're a great morale-builderg" "I look forward to your letters- it's good to know our friends are with usp" "A little spot in Alaska grows warmer with your friendly messages." To finance the costly undertaking the club sponsors after- school movies to which the school gives loyal support. There are now nineteen members in this highly essential club and the officers are: president, Marian Hardmang vice presi- dent, Elda McCracken, secretary, Betty Klostermang treasurer, Geraldine Nuseg sponsor, Miss Nellie Willison. ROW ONE-C. Spooler. F. Hascnbuhler. V. L Rice, B. Loughrie, M. Nuse. ROW TWO-I. Rice, S. Bible, M. Loclcard, G Nuse. G. Davis, E. McCracken, E. Leighty. ROW THREE-O. Ways. B. Klusterman, B. Davis. A. Lindamood, M. Reuschel, M. Hardman. THE MIMEOGRAPH CREW "lack of all trades" might be applied to the Mimeograph Crew but, cer- tainly the latter half of the old adage would never be appropriate. Chosen from the commercial students, these boys and girls play a very important behind the scenes role in our school life. All printed forms. surveys, exam- inations, communications from the principal, and general school information come directly from them. Needless to say. the Sabre owes some of them a debt of gratitude for their splendid co-operation whenever the staff has called on them. Special thanks go to Mrs. Lena Clemmer who has worked tirelessly for the past two years to see that the crew functioned properly. SEATED-C. Dolan, V. Hardy, M. A. Brant. STANDING-M. Paxton, B. Davis, E. Butler. E. McCracken. V. L. Rice. B. Klosterman, G. Davis. NOT PICTLIRED-S. Oss. F. McDonald. l I . F. Pfeiffer. C. Reuschel. R. Armbrut A Oh B GI K, 1-tems, R. Hymn, D. ummm, GIRLS' PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB This year the Girls' Photography Club has not been in the limelight as much as in previous years, due to the shortage of films. However, the Girls' Photography Club has been helping this year s Sabre to a great extent in taking pictures when films can be secured. At every meeting they learn many essential things such as the parts of the camera. and how to take better pictures and develop them. The officers are: president, Frances McDonaldg vice president, Elda Mc- Cracken, secretary, Stella Ossg treasurer, Virginia Rice. The sponsor of this club is Mr. Longholm. 524 Q fm Mx ' ,IV CHQ 2 8 S N if W ' 0 X ' 14 Ho 3 ' W Q v uf - ff H Rf XM X N F 'X ,f'f' t -lx' X ' I' Y "' 7 -MW "L, 91' '- l I 1 LAB- 19-41, Q-- The 1943-44 football season was an outstanding one for Fort Hill High School. Under the careful and expert coaching of Mel "Newt" Henry who took over the reins when Coach Bill Hahn was called to the navy at the conclusion ot the previous school year. the Hilltoppers made splendid progress. With practically no experienced men held over from the preceding year, he developed one of the strongest teams ever to play for our school. This state- ment is wholly proved by the fact that the Sentinels lost only one game during the entire season. The fighting spirit and clean sportsmanship of the aggregation was exemplified by the co-captains, War- ren "Chesty" Squires and Wayne "Cutter" Ansel. The team was not a heavy one. In fact, on the contrary, it was one of the lightest elevens Fort Hill has ever produced. With the combination of a fast but deceiv- ing backtield and a hard hitting line the Sentinels started mowing down opponents right and left. It was at that time the sensational running of "Chesty" Squires, "Bubbles" Whiteman, Dick White, Ray Lapp. "Ace" Iewell, "Puny" Lewis, Ralph Beard, and many others became the talk of the town. However, but for the good Work of Wayne Ansel, Bill McBride, Mike LaGratta, Ed Seibert, Luther Cox, Palmer Sullivan. and "Knute" Zollner, the backfield could not have possibly been as successful. It is here we also Wel- come the opportunity to put in a word of praise for the second string men and all those other members of the squad who when the time came put into the game their best efforts. This year as never before, a great many students did not participate in football-not because of the shortage of equipment or lack of interest, but because they had answered their country's call for a team that never calls time out. W ONI: R Maphis, B. Iewell. R. White, M. LaGrarra, W. Ansel. E. Seibert, B. McBride, A. Lewis, Coach Henry, D. Whiteman, R. Beard. W. Squires. S Zell er P Sull van D McGill, F. Partleton. W TWO I Brown. K. Wilson. l.. Cox, P. Cage, Miller. P. Cook, M. O'Neal, D. Iewell, I. Hunter, L. Brinkman, K. Iames. R. Shelley. R. Groves, R. Turner. ROW THREE F. Light, D. Wilson, D. Heller. I, Lewis. W. Cook, W. Goldsborough. I. Mayo. R. Armbruster, R. Dickerhoof, I. Mangus. I. Scott, G. McGee. 5 ba h N Se abaugh. I. Shaffer. wr , .. 1 .gm SUMMARY OF THE FOOTBALL SEASON WE THEY 26 Keyser U 36 Ridgeley U 7 La Salle 6 14 Martinsburg 12 13 La Salle 6 39 Handley 13 7 Hagerstown 0 7 Allegany 14 Coaches Henry and Cavanaugh Back in 1934 one of Pennsylvania Avenue's shining athletes was "Newt" Henry and his coach was "Bobby" Cavanaugh. From there the boy went to FAREWELL, SENIORS Virginia Polytechnical Institute, where he played four years of college football KNEEUNGFL CMA A4 LMS! W- Squires' L B k and later, two years of professional football. Turning to the teaching pro- SumS,'g'rANDlNG-W. Cook. I. Mayo. W. Ansel. R A b Q P fession he forsook football for three years of basketball coaching at Central High School, Lonaconing, Maryland. In the fall of 1943 he was appointed football coach at Fort Hill to succeed Bill Hahn. The first person to greet his , I New entrance to the Hill-top was his former mentor, Coach Cavanaugh, who had S, , 'ff fi 3 , ' moved along with Pennsylvania Avenue High School when it became Fort ut 'Wi ' , Hill. In looking over our recordsnwe find that this season ends the sixteenth one for our own Coach Cavanaugh. During this time he has acquired the name of being probably the best coach in the vicinity for, always disregarding the type of material handed him, he has tirelessly, endlessly, and gloriously set forth the highest standards as a coach and life-long friend of the students. We are proud to have coaches like Cavanaugh and Henry on our staff and thankful for the inspiration they have given our school. To them goes our gratitude for the fine work done by each in his particular domain. 0nZ!wSaMaw4 CASEY AWARD-BUBBLES WHITEMAN Donald "Bubbles" Whiteman well earned the honor bestowed upon him when he won the Casey Award of 1943-44. For his courteous, clean, hard playing he received a gold pocket watch. This award is given each year to T the outstanding player from the three Cumberland high schools, in memory KNEELING-R Marvin. S- Sapp. V. Martin. K. Yankte. of the late Francis I. McMullen, former coach of La Salle. "Bubbles" is a mem- STAND'NG'E' l'V"i""a"' WA Nom' R' Hammn' ber of the junior class and has gained many honors in football, basketball, and baseball. Not only outstanding in athletics but also in his scholastic rat- ing, "Bubbles" reached beyond all the standards and qualifications set for the award winner. -And Honor Bestowl CHEERLEADERS l From the student body this year came Virginia Martin, Shirley Sapp, Ruth Martin, Robert Hamilton, and Warren Norris to fill the empty posi- tions left by last year's cheerleaders. Kathryn Yankie and Ernest Whit- man were the only remaining veterans of a year gone by. Coordination, timing, and spirit are the qualities of a good cheerleader. These students possessed the spirit. Coordination and timing came through long, tire- some hours of practice. These seven students put their talents together as one and as a result Fort Hill had, not only several new cheers, but a group of cheerleaders to be proud of. At each game, regardless of the weather, the cheerleaders were always on hand. At the half of the year we lost two grand fellows to a greater cause, Ernest Whitman and Robert Hamilton. Five remained, but the job was finished well. The cheerleaders traveled to Winchester and Martinsburg, and in gratitude and appreciation, the entire student body rises in silent praise of a job, TIME: Thanksgiving Day with a lot to be thankful for . . . an undefeated season with two defeats over La Salle, stands filled to over-flowing with gay laughing people, sunshine, and bright colored corsagesg bands playing and majorettes stepping briskly down the field, cheerleaders flinging themselves madly through wild contar- tionsp a sense of well-being, yet a presentiment of disaster pervad- ing the air, strains of the Alma Mater and the game is on. They're up! They're down! The Kick-off TIME: Endless hours later with still a lot to be thankful for . . . stands still filled with gay laughing people, sunshine, and bright colored corsagesg bands still playing and majorettes still stepping briskly down the field, cheerleaders still flinging themselves into even Wilder contortionsg a sense of well-being still pervading the air and the presentiment of disaster realized . . . the score: Alle- gany, l4-Fort Hill, 7. R. McCoy, XV. Squires I. Mayo. Coach Cava- naugli, T. Durbin, D. McGill, D. VVh1teman. SEATED-T. Minka, FIRST ROW-I. Mayo. T. Minka, W, Squires. D. McGill, D. Whit man. R. McCoy. naugh. McBride. THIRD ROW - R. Cage. R. Beard. R, Shea er, R. Shelly, T. Durbi D. Chase. SECOND ROW - R. Hilleary, Coach Cava- W, Giles. W BASKETBALL SUMMARY Fort Hill Opponent 13 Piedmont 21 44 Paw Paw 16 25 Alumni 27 13 Piedmont 13 36 La Salle 43 46 Paw Paw 22 41 Martinsburg 35 25 Beall 25 45 Barton 41 44 Bruce 26 16 Allegany 41 23 Central 20 17 La Salle 61 25 Martinsburg 30 26 Beall 23 54 Barton 19 47 Bruce 18 38 Allegany 44 39 Davis 2U 31 Davis 33 37 Central 34 It seems to be a custom on the Hill for Coach Cavanaugh to build an entire first team from the preceding year's second team and reserves and this year was no exception. The squad suffered a great deal from the loss of all its tall men at for- ward and center but this disadvantage was counteracted by speed and accurate shooting. Richard McCoy was especially good under the basket on short one-handed shots. "Mac," as he is known by his team- mates and friends has taken an accelerated course this year and is graduating, thus making himself unavailable for next season. Tom Minke, another senior. was highly acclaimed for his shooting and excellent floor play. Center Donald McGill was an important cog in the machine though many opponents were much taller than he, but he was a match for any and all. Guards Donald "Bubbles" Whiteman was excellent on floor work and long shots while Warren Squires, his twin at the guard position, was always clear-headed and quick on breaks for the basket. Other outstanding players were lack Mayo and Tevis Durbin. Mayo was a better than average shot and Durbin made himself notable for a speedy floor game. Nor must we forget the services of the reserve line-up who came to the res- cue more than once during the season. Although the Sentinels did not win all their games, they played good, fast ball and were something to be proud of with their score of eleven wins and ten losses in a twenty- one game schedule. Ir's ADIEU SEATED-R. McCoy. I. Mayo, T. Minka. STANDlNG-W. Squires. R. Shearer, D. B C h C qh It's lump Bull! Through the Hoop! Up We go! 142:54 emma Rm, We Gum. Sncrlon 8-5 Srcrrou 7-4 Sscrlou 9-8 KNEELING-H.G1!1um,R.D1ck,C,ThUmp-fm. KNEELING--D, Ritlfr, D. Eawon, M. Dean. KNEEIJNG-F. Mitchell. R. lack, G. Nlyerl. W, STANDING-R. Colbert, llemmls. Pauline STANDING-I. Eclcart, VV. Rnbcy, R. Newman, Ricl1ards.R.Courrney. D, Eurur. Miller. STANDING-I. Kxmmcl. Nl. Brinkman, E. Rubvy. fnha-Ahwah CHAMPIONS 'r lTOLCH FOOTBALL Sk.-ITYON 9-8 SECTION 8-3 SECTION 7-7 KNEELING-I. Kaboskcy, R. Dick. C. Thompson. I. De Angelo. VV. Home, C. VVilaon, I. Twngg, KN'-'QEUNG-'R' I-BPD, W' TBYIOYA STANDING-I, Herring, H. Grllum, llcmmis, Van C. Chalklvy. Emerinlc, l.. Neff. I MSEANEINBERW-I Newman' R- Gfimanf R- Bama . r cr, , c vnzre. Meter, R. Frye, K. True. haf Inha- Mu SECTION 7-6 TOUCHDOWN Pass CHAMPIONS NOT PICTURES B. Brant. P. Vfeber. VV. True. M. I, Brant, M. H. Blamble. N. Atklnson, T. Fletcher. B. Haines. E. Brown. N. Payne, NI. btluw SECTION 10-1 BASKETBALL 5. Britt. BI. Langley, V. L. Sittlg. V. Iewefl. Vi. Parsons. G. Snider. Coashes Rizer an SECTION 7-4 SECTION 8-9 SECTION 9-2 KICK DODGE BALL BASKETBALL BASKETBALL KNEELING--W. True, S. Cage. D. Brown. I. Clark. P. McCarty, C. Burke, N. Decker, M. B. YV. King. I. Smith, E. W'a!Son, M Hudson IN Vrnlllam SEATED-P. Murray, E. Brown, P. Innes. Bageanr. 5 Q. 'I' -1 . I., . I f ' ' V . tk --In 'gf wg f L , . . ? .wx H K.. U... ,vu "Pk 1 B 'G fa' ' if X B W E 'Q Q ' ,ff s -b ' M- Q , , gxagyfff S W UF L .5 fs 0 4 ff f H ' , f Wim f . "' f ' U FH- . 1 fl A ,? f If 5114! am! fVnn4en4e! Eb!! CSCHOOL LIFE AND ACTIVITIESJ X'f gi C G WM fi ,, , . CHLYQA' gm . 1 iiiw '7fze2ze'4 Gaze 14 Some people make cz living at this, Evelyn. Mr. Hinds cmd the girls make the most of "clean We WMA, We Wah, up time." - R Agl. Don't iell Miss Frid- inger but - there me jokes on the back page. Q1- 70 .fiainqg We Plan, Four Iunior girls are We learning that a tecxcher's I life is a busy life G lu We sw, 4 'xii 5 Sometimes ii's wise to look industrious - even Foley in the back row. L, Mrs. Teter. Aren't those towels finished yet? This is one way to tind out who went to the prom. Heaven help the government with these four turned loos in Annapolis. It must be lunch hour, for no one would change classes fast enough to make the picture blur, Ii it were the last period in the afternoon we would have a study in slow motion. Fire! Fire! Be calm! Be brave! Grub your books Gnd Remember that rioious bridge game in the movies? Well, this is it with fhe Goldsborough, Tornsko, Allen touch. Wonder where Iewell is hiding? At least we know Miss Pcrfel and Dove were there. 7!zaz"4 Pune .fagic Believe it or not, they are just as peppy when the game is over as they are now WE TOLD YOU -, ,M ,. .,,..-4,3 Lf- -msg- Y The eighth graders seem to be quicker on the draw when "soup's on." It just doesn't seem possible that any one bunch of boys could be so interested in lessons, but Mr. Morris swears 'tis true. 14 -1 U -1' f r 1 an nn, f BUT We can't call them the color guard be- cause some are flag-bearers, and we ccxn't call them flag-bearers because some are color guard-Ah! You know what they are. lt may be "chow"-it may be "mess"- it may be "soup"-but it's siill good regardless of the name. DON'T TELL! Q "lust before the battle mother." Later-"You go your wcryg l'll go mine DON'T STOP HERE- THERE'S MORE ! I-I "ALL AMERICAN Bov" SOPHOMORES enkinz. S. Burke. D, Smith. B. Maw: F. Light. VV. Rohiniozx. "BoY Mnrrrs FAMILY" Iumons M. L. Sanner, W. Fo'e N. Cole. M, Stemple. Swartz. D. Iewei., D. Baker. BEST PERFORMANCE Darl "Acc" Ieweli-twice in a row. rua,-1 THE WLNNAH! "No CURTAIN CALLS" Simons L. Long. B. Taylor, W. Ansel. C. Kunes, P, Sullxvan 447'- - . . Wim Wm T .,,, f may. f 1 ' llfi f vm: M 5 ,ff2:e5gskQ1:5E,x,g ' Q, - ,,k.,, f4gZ?55w'Ef 4, Hifi, i W U M' The colossal Broadway success, "Papa Is All," was presented at Fort Hill on December 10, 1943, at 8:15 o'clock by the Senior Dramatics group, the Fort Hill Players. Hav- ing already crashed Broadway, the play made a hit here with Cumberland for it played before a full house. This story of the Pennsylvania Dutch took place in the kitchen of the Aukamp farmhouse on an evening last May. Papa dominated "Mama," sister and brother with his stub- born tyrannical manner. The climax was reached when son, "lake," rebells and "gets rid of the old man." Then just when everything was going along smoothly for the Au- kamps and Mama had succeeded in getting a telephone, a kitchen sink, and a few other "conweniences," why, Papa returned! Everything Worked out to a happy conclusion, how- ever, and our Alice was able to relax and survey her ten fingernails which Weren't! Peerless performances were given by: Papa .... ..... W illiam Taylor Mama ...... .... M arjorie Dolly Emma ...... ......... L ois Hanks lake ...,............ .... R obert Crabtree Mrs. Yoder ...........,...,,4,,,,. .,,,,,,,,,, I oy Wilson State Trooper Brendle ............ Hartley Wigfield 14 M, The genius behind the scenes directing the play was Miss Gerardine Pritchard, adviser ot the Fort Hill Players and the National Thespians Troupe 230. Her little elves were Miss Nellie Willison, business manager, Miss Veronica Coleman, properties manager, and Miss Chloris Benson, stage manager. Congratulations! It was superb! REHEARSAL TIM: PRODUCTION STAFF-R, Tomsko, D. Dailey, I. Kilroy. I. Hinkle, Miss Gerardine Prnrchard. THE CAST-R. Crabtree, I. Wilson. L. Hanks, M. Dolly, B. Taylor. H, Wigf "11'fuaJw "Murder Mansion," the senior class play, which was produced at 8:00, on April 28, 1944, fulfilled and exceeded all expectations. Different from the usual production here at Fort Hill, it kept all of us in suspense-gripping the edge of our chair and eyeing the fellow beside us with a furtive glance. Br-r-r-r-r! Where's that weird music coming from? "Oh, that's just a couple spirits playing a duet," answers the sage housekeeper, Mary Marley, nonchalantly. When charming young Carlotta Cramer enters the mansion which her dead Uncle Ewing left her, weird happenings occur. Lights go off by themselves, doors slam, furniture moves, queer music is heard, and ghosts appear. Carlotta is almost tempted to leave when she finds that the house is known as "Murder Man- sion," but curiosity and Palmer Keen, an attractive young man, keep her at the mansion until the mystery is finally solved, with a few murders cropping up now and then-mostly now! M ' " Ophelia Smith ..,,,, ...... D orothy Coleman Mary Marley ..... ............ ........ M a rjorie Dolly Palmer Keen ...........,............................ Wayne Ansel Inspector Benjamin Hicks ........ Hartley Wigfield Flora Manning .........,.,...,........ Maryjane Edwards Albert lackson ..........,... ............ R obert Tomsko Dr. Lionel Hamilton ........................ Donald Umstot Madame Marie Ravoli ........,..i.... Iacquelyn Ringler The human dynamo responsible for this superb production was Miss Kathleen Cumbee, senior class adviser and director of the play. Assistant Director ..... ,.........,.. I oy Wilson Properties Manager ,,... ............. R uth Ann Scott Publicity Director ...... ....... M iss Nellie Willison Stage Manager ....... ........... M iss Chloris Benson Ticket Manager .........................,................ Mr. Boone The cast for "Murder Mansion" was: Here's to you! It was a wonderful job! Carlotta Cramer ........................ Ruth Ellen Dayton By the way, I haven't seen Alice around lately. Do you sup- Mimi Spaulding ,.... .,,,,,,,,,, , , Lois Hanks pose We frightened her away? Speak to me, Hicks! The Cast Madame Ravoli Speaks! I R 7am Icannme Davis Nmth Grade Mane Dmzglasx Herald Nm!! Je Her Maiesry-Virgima Martin Betty lane Cox. May Quven 1943 Iona Miller Herald Birdie Lou Kirk Numb Grade Dork Lee Hoffman Senior l lov Lane phomore Of Maf- wwf -M f 4 Vivian Regina Sttiebv Henfey Iunior lufuor . uillirnalwk Www Her Maxestv-The Queen Martha Lee Campbell Senior Shirley Burke Sophomore 3 I Z l I flfll' X-""-Ww4uo":ilunu--1-n-1-.,.i is in 2 in f2c.We.w,, 'SIU ' v ' - T1-IERESUL1' Maryianc Edwards prf'si:'Iing ln th hand booth in the front hall-a plat: she may be found any mornmg be fum sfhool-sells Carlton Clopper hx weekly quota of war stamps. THE CAUSE Ernest VVhiIman. mid-term graduate. now in the U. S, Navy. and Rohert 5"'r'5"' 3 mcmbe' of 'hc lumo' 'IIN' hold fm' HM N Wmce flag' Fort Hill students pave the Way with purchases of War bonds cmd stamps 4nd Ji!! Gm 7a '7!1e pallet OFFICERS - 1944--1945 PRESIDENT or THE STUDENT BODY-ROBERT HEAVENER SENATE-Edward Beczll, Lucille Creegcm, Regina Yeager Phyllis Burley, Lois Mason, Betty Mczy SENIOR CLAss-President-DARL IEWELL Vice President-WILLIAM IEWELL Secretary-ELAINE PARTLETON Treasurer-DONALD MASON IUNIOR CLASS-President-THEODORE BECKMAN Vice President-IRVIN ORNDORFF Secretary-NORMA AVERS Treasurer-BARBARA ANDERSON SOPHOMORE CLAss-President-HARRY DIEHL Vice President-CARL THOMPSON Secretary-HELEN ADAMS Treasurer-RICHARD MORRIS Sergeant-at-Arms-IOSEPH PATSY E xxxxxxx x M Ni' K xxv xxxxxx ir, ,gf K 5 'libs' X -5-dv gl r 1' S -L' ,, ' ,X 1 'I V X -"-'-1""-xy 0 I p IM 4 f . zpatkxwxxs 7 I L' QmarQQQA TQM ' his A' "" " " 0 1. .. L ff E X 1 Rx N V N X ff U ' fame me ,aw 'Mew QADVERTISEMENTSQ I . ff X xXx , fl f X I I lk A I4 A x " ' x f-' s! mt 'I ! A I .L Z . ,. if . , a ,, ., 'Nl' if 4' ' ' 1 , - ' il! 1 , -04-Aj. 4L.:?:'U ". ,' '5.X.,,,.vvf5,', r 4- fir' " .i uid' '4 4 X X 1 v ,Q if , '. 1 4 V' :F z M if ., , ,Q ,W N3 I 'Q ,mc V f W , I ,,,, W I ff? M QQ? 2 . ' ww ,rw ff, - A if .5 ' I Wyivu ' 5 M ' faq, if " I 1 ' I O 9 S O 7 I+ ' W A9 . I iff . - ,, ml wing, 'hx in A4 :Aft 3: x ' . R .,, T 5 Hi. f'- ' 1 , Q 'Q , ,'., ,Y w. K I -5- L " 'HI' Q , , 4, X W, W Z, K ff ,yxw Qk,,,9m Q, . I 'wk K , l 'ff I f f . 7 W , 4 M 'ww f . Z A X 4 1 Q W 5344, 4 22 Ma , K .. f f x, - W ' f, W W ' V Z 6, rf Q N 1. VL ,, A M . vw f ffi, A -v.,v'4Yw . . -Jw! JZ? My ,, X 1543, -1, V 7 L. fd 1 O S 0 v Q . MY, X 4 3 O ' GCLDFINE Qfficial Sabre Cljhotographer McCRORY'S 5 AND 10c STORE J EWELHY STUHE THE CLASS OF 44 -onloo- DISTRIBUTORS OF Fort Hill Class Rings OUICK FROZEN FOODS HANDLED BY THE POTOMAC PRODUCE COMPANY BEDFORD STREET Ph 854 d 855 Lazarus I COSTUMERS O MILLINERS 0 FURRIERS WINDSOR BARBER SHOP DAVID L. MILLER. Prop. Wishes Class of 1944 Success NEW YORK SHOE REBUILDERS PATSY IDONI. Prop. Work Done While You Wait Opposite Y. M. C. A. CUMBERLAND, MD. SPRIGGIE'S O All Students of FORT HILL Are Invited to Become Members of The Y. M. C. A. ANNUAL DUES ONLY 55.00 SPECIAL SUMMER 3 MONTHS FOR 52.00 Expert Radio and Repair , Service ' ' Compliments oi Monarch CUMBERLAND D. R. Kltzmlller . . ELECTRIC CO. MEMORIALS 137 VIRGINIA AVENUE F h. Phan, 619 Formerly the 9 0WS ID Company A. A. ROEDER co. Social 116 F d , k St Cemetery Memorials re gnc rect of Distinction 214 Virginia Avenue Phone 1436 GROCERY Frederick and George Sts CHAS. T. HARE, President CUMBERLAND, MD. Fresalridvlsilgglbles Phone 379 416 RACE STREET 1519 United States, City, County and State Depository THE SECOND NATIONAL BANK OF CUMBERLAND 4-for Member Federal Reserve Bank System and Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation GOOD CLOTHES WILL HELP YOU WIN SUCCESS IN LIFE Arrow and Manhattan Shirts Arrow and Botany Neckwear Interwoven Socks Palm Beach Suits Dobb's Hats +'l"- the MANHATTAN APPAREL FOR GENTLEMEN 67 BALTIMORE STREET The Class of '44 . . We congratulate an outstanding class in Fort I-Iill's tradition of fine classes. May you all reach the goals you have set for yourselves during your formative years. Man of ou whom we have served as bo s, we Y . Y Y hope to continue to serve as men. You may be sure that we will always welcome you in our store, SCHWARZENBACH'S Since 1869 Cumberland? Leading Mens Store T h e GEORGE F. HAZELWOOD CO. GENERAL CONTRACTORS OFFICE AND YARD Howard Street CUMBERLAND MARYLAND WAR BUNDS .... the best buy we've advertised in 96 years Buy More War Bonds! HUSENBAUIVVS 4-400- Serving Cumberland and the Tri-State Area for Nearly a Century R. H. LAPP PLUMBING AND HEATING 716 Oldtown Road CUMBERLAND MARYLAND COYLE BROTHERS SANLTARY MARKET O 222 Virginia Avenue Phone 1734 9 GRADUATIGN GIFTS Fine Diamonds Compliments Watches Iewelry to the , . , 1 Class of 1944 M lgwz gRv srone A C! IALTIMOII ST. Q Compliments of w. R. Rice CUMBERLAND The South Cumberland HEIGHTS Grocery 1 GROCERY Planin ill Fresh Meats and I1 General Merchandise 106 OLDTOWN ROAD I B Y phone 1913 DELICATESSEN S A M ' S . K A P L O N 1 S Fine Iewelryf-'Loans Made Cumberland CANDY KITCHEN E W h R I I 231 Virginia Ave. YOUNG MEN'S SHOP XM an "'a"l"" Cloak and Som CUMBERLAND John Newcomer Sult Store Formerly of 48 to 58 Baltimore Street p I E R C E ' S A' M' JACK HAMILTON WATCH CO- GROCERY Cumberland, Md. Virginia Avenue and 1304 Virginia Avenue 215 VIRGINIA AVENUE First Street PHONE 1603 L. MERRITT PARTY FAVORS AND Groceries-Confections Davis Service DECORATION S THOMAS AT SECOND St ti ns Rand'S HILL'S TOY STORE Phone 3546 3 0 C ' Self Serve Orllel' 'I Compliments of Franklin L. Spear OPTOMETRIST 80 PERSHING STREET River and Virginia Ave. CUMBERLAND, MD. Cut-Rrate Drug Store Keech's Pharmacy 600.02 VIRGINIA AVE. At the Subway PRESCRIPTIONS BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '44 Modern from GRIFFITH AIR CONDITIONING Cleaners George W. Legge SERVICE 16 Altamont Terrace A ttorney-at-Law 112 Virginia Avenue Cumberland, Md. ROBERT W. YOUNG REAL ESTATE Since 191 7 ' ow FIRST NATIONAL BANK BUILDING CUMBERLAND, MARYLAND Telephone 2569-R AMERICAN MEMBER OF THE SOCIETY OF HEATING AND VENTILATING ENGINEERS H. E. Smith A Complete Line of MEATS GROCERIES PRODUCE 735 OLDTOWN ROAD Phone 2164 W e Deliver B0yd's Auto Truck Service 122 W. SECOND STREET BOYD I... HARPER, Manager Federal Truck Dealer PHONE 2590 CUMBERLAND, MD. ,. SOUTH END MARKET Phone 507 Resident 472 Conlon Insurance Agency Beneman's THOMAS F. CONLON Meats, Groceries and Produce We write eve1'Y form of Protection 41 N, Mechanic Sf. Liberty Trust Bldg. H. K, POLING AND H. 1. ROLLEY, Props. CUMBERLAND, MD' ow FINDLAY'S WESTERN Ml-lRYLAND'S PHONE 739 408 VIRGINIA AVE. CONFECTIONERY LEADING FURNITURE 261 Williams Street CUMBERLAND, MD' GROCERIES TOBACCOS STORE CONFECTIONS Distributors Southern PAuL'S FLOWER , Oxygen and Acetylene SHOP THERES A DISTINCT DIFFERENCE IN Cumberland 60 N'i1l1'2E2ffREET Liberty Milk Weldin Co. . g CUMBERLAND' MD Even children recognize the delightful difference in Rich. Portable Elecmc WF'dm9 Whole-Bodied Liberty Milk-MILK IS AS IMPORTANT Acetylene Weldmg and Cutting AS GOOD HEALTH. ORDER LIBERTY MILK TODAY. 5, C, 1-WIGG RICHARDSON Ph my BROS. LIBERTY MILK COMPANY 0112 ' C N. MCCIIBHIC St. PARK ANIglmfi3RRlSON Cumberland, Md. STREETS Congffffulaffonsf . CONGRATULATIONS CLASS of' 1944 Whlte-Way to the N E W CLASS OF 1944 Home NR I LY , Old Ward N. Hanger lf T H E A T R E FUNERAL AND ea e m Jeweler AMBULANCE SERVICE Shoesi' Phone 1454 11 s. CENTER ST. 309-311 Decatur Street 302 Virginia Avenue Liberty Trust Bldg' RAY--The Reliable Cleaner The He l?f11IIAIi:ioeelCZ1?1igeat CCMPLIMENTS .... VV.R d BaH Kelmeweg TILE? Q STORER'S QUALITY SERVICE Company PHONE 385 Maryland Nut C f t. Pressing While You Wait Home of Altering and New Pockets GOLD BAR BRAND 501 DECATUR ST.-Store 103 PENNA. AVE. Plant and Store BEST WISHES TEOIZHE GRADUATES B u r t 0 n 9 S B 0 P P , S Good Clothes for EXCELLENT MEALS SOFT DRINKS Men and Boys at FLOWER SHOP . TRY OUR GIANT Popular Prlces 0,0 MILK SHAKES 129 Baltimore Street 216 Decatur Street , H E 8 P ON 25 2 CUMBERLAND, MD. Cumberland, Md. Ben Franklin CUMBERLAND SAVINGS WHEN YOU THINK OF FURNITURE Stores THINK or BANK South Cumberlandgs Member ot Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 5 and 10 25 Model Rooms O40 Extends its best wishes to the 317 Virginia Avenue 611 VIRGINIA AVENUE Class gf 1944 The Finest Display in Cumberland CUMBERLAND MARYLAND ' THE WILSON HARDWARE Compliments of SPORTS EQUIPMENT OF ALL KINDS Il CUMBEICICATIBRTH MECHANIC STRIEIEATRYLAND Enlleqe T H E ow COMMERCIAL SAVINGS BANK OF CUMBERLAND, MARYLAND WESTMINSTER, MD, WE WELCOME SMALL DEPOSITS Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation COMPLIMENTS ..... MARYLAND and EMBASSY PQ ,A "Everything in Music" Model Dress Shop THE ATRES Specializing in Band Instruments pianos Phonographs TEEN-AGE and IUNIOR evo Records Sheet Music FASHIONS MUSIC Inc' 243 Virginia Avenue The Best Always In Motion Pictures 5 S' LIBERTY CUMBERLAND, MD. Phone 3230 TRY WESTERN MARYLAND Curps Ray's LUMRER AND SUPPLY oo. Photo Finishing BOWLING GREEN PHONE 3142-I At All Keeeh Drug Stores PREPARE FOR THE FUTURE . . ' FARMERS DAIRY N atlonal Frult P0S'1 Service St t. Pasteurized 1VIilk, Cream and Store a lon Dairy Products OK? WALNUT PLACE -A-4+ Between Paca and Beall Streets Oak and Second Streets CURTIS COX, Manager 205 Baltimore Street PHONE 177 PHONES 311 and 312 Ben M. Kcxmens Ask for George L. Kline Habeeb,S It Pays to Cross the Town Flower to the we Kline Furniture We Company 26 North Mechanic Street ITQS 405 Virginia Avenue Cumberland, Md. Cumberland, Md. COMPLIMENTS AND CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '44 E A T .... from RCYALE ICE CREAM LOUIS STEIN, Inc. 142 ARCH STREET PHONE 759 FUNERAL HOME Air Conditioned ow PHONE 27 117 Frederick Street "Fit for 3 King" CUMBERLAND, MARYLAND AMBULANCE SERVICE COMPLIMENTS Keecws A HONIELIKE SETTING 1 1 OF There is nothing austere or depressing about our establishments. They are like your own home, with cr , a friendly, comfortable simplicity that makes everyone S Formerly feel at ease. A Shoe Kellough's Pharmacy IN TIME OF NEED-CALL 65 8 Fifth Street 130 Green Street Maryland and Central Avenues FREE DELIVERY HAFER FUNERAL SERVICE 230 Baltimore Avenue-Cumberland, Md. 23 E. Main Street-Frostburg, Md. Garrett 8: Zilch MEN'S WEAR LADIES' SPOR I WEAR 'The Best for Less" 325 Virginia Avenue Phone 2716 CUMBERLAND, MD. CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1944 WOLFORD FUNERAL HOME Ambulance Service 125 South Liberty Street CUMBERLAND, MARYLAND TRI-STATE MINE AND MILL SUPPLY COMPANY F. W. Woolworth DEALERS IN PLUMBING AND HEATING Company SUPPLIES 3284-PHONES-3285 310 Commerce Street OWEN E. HITCHINS, President AFTER ALL WOLF'S is the Best Place to Buy Furniture and Appliances Wolf Furniture Co. 38 N. Mechanic Street CUMBERLAND, MD. The Times and Alleganian Co. Publishers ot The Cumberland News Evening Times Sunday Times OPPORTUNITY'S TRUITT DRUG COMPANY 0. , KNOCKING! - KN"Ck.7f ! WEBSTER K. EDWARDS H. CLIFFORD SPIKER Q S' Reddy Kilowatt suggests to you il -and asks you to take the sug- Your Doctor's Right-Hand Man - N CE 9650011 1101112 to Your folks- INW v B U Y 040 e WAR BONDS and STAMPS PHONE 36-1 ' 1 11- I TUDAY 238 Virginia Avenue lTHEY'LL BUY ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES AFTER THR WAHI CUMBERLAND MARYLAND THE PIOTOMAC EDISON CD. When You Want Good, Clean, Pure W B , S Candy and Ice Cream 83 N. Center St. Cumberland, Maryland GO TO FEATURING GEORGE'S CONFECTIONERY lt's Better Because Our HOME MADE ICE CREAM AND CANDY ARE OUR SPECIALTIES Phone 2077 A CORNER BEDFORD AND DECATUR FINE SHOES FOR MEN AND WOMEN AT GREATLY REDUCED PRICES Most All Nationally Known Brands of Shoes OUT OF THE HIGH RENT DISTRICT L GREEN'S The W- F- FUR SHOP THE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION C00 Cold Storage 5 and 10c STORE 415-25 Virginia Avenue Cumberland, Md. "THE RELIABLE STORE" Walter Eyler Wall Paper and Paper Hanging 25 S. CENTRE STREET PHONE 424 OF PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE AND FORT HILL HIGH SCHOOLS WELCOMES NEW MEMBERS FROM THE CLASS OF '44 LIBERTY CLEANERS 8: DYERS, Inc. --PLANT.. WILLIAMS AND WINEOW STREET Next to the A. G P. Super Market ' 5 N. Liberty Street PHONE 2009 Special "CASH AND CA 301 N. Centre Street RRY" Prices LET'S MEET AND EAT at EATWELL GRILL 11 N. Mechanic Street Frank J. Davis 613 Maryland Avenue GARLITZ BROS. 101 Grand Ave. Telephone 2760 CUMBERLAND, MD. THE BUCHANAN LUMBER COMPANY Planing Mill Lumber and Mill Work Builders' Supplies 549 N. Centre Street C R Y S T A L P A R K SKATE Fon HEALTH PARTY RATES AVAILABLE O+O PHONE 1270 CUMBERLAND MARYLAND Skating On Monday, Wednesday and Friday Nights COMPLIMENTS .... Fort Cumberland Watches Diamonds Iewelry MEREDITH'S CONFECTIONERY Hotel S T L, I Ball Room Available ' ' ltt e GRCCERIES FOUNTAIN f D of am Jewelry Co. Popular Meeting Room ow Prices Eszqbzfshed 1851 513 MARYLAND AVENUE Room Reservations Must I 113 Baltimore Street Be Made in Advance Every Banking Service THE LIBERTY TRUST COMPANY Comer Baltimore and Centre Streets CUMBERLAND, MARYLAND O40 Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation BEST WISI-IES TO THE CLASS OF '44 from R. K. LATHRUM GRGCERY PHONE 2050 403 EAST OLDTOWN ROAD CUMBERLAND MARYLAND U EE IIITY I1 IHY, I II. O40 Phone 699 310 SOUTH MECHANIC CUMBERLAND MARYLAND THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK or CUMBERLAND The Oldest Bank in Western Maryland o+o Member Federal Reserve System and Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation May we, too, offer our sincere good Wishes to this year's graduating class, to those who have gone before: and to those who are to tollowg and to the undoubted success oi the completion of the task that lies before us, the achievement of everlasting peace. OOO M C K A I G , S CUMBERLAND, MARYLAND SEARS GETS YOU READY FOR FUZN' Our Sporting Goods Department makes your favorite sport easy to follow with its large selection of merchandise and economy prices WE HAVE WHAT YOU WANT FOR: Il A T H E H M A N ' S BUSINESS SCHOOL O Boating O Swimming O Baseball O Bicycling 0 Badminton O Football 0 Fishing O Archery 0 Basketball 0 Hunting O Tennis 0 Croquet OK? AND EVERY OTHER SPORT 8 CO' TELEPHONE 966 CUMBERLAND, MD 179 Baltimore Street CUMBERLAND MARYLAND Bowl for Health We take pride in offering th e citizens of our community a clean, wholesome sport for the development of mind body, and good fellowship The Capital Bowling Parlor 508 VIRGINIA AVENUE REYNOLDS 8 MENDENHALL Smokers' Needs Cigarettes Cigars Tobacco 9 SOUTH CENTRE STREET VIRGINIA LARRY BEAUTY SALON 135 s. LIBERTY STREET We Specialize In Individual Beauty Culture Phone 2615 Cumberland, Md. FORT HILL STUDENTS ENJOY Martin's Hot Dogs Because They are Slcinless and Delicious and Wholesome and as American As the 4-th of July HAVE YOU HAD ANY LATELY? SHADE BROS. , 0 , Q SEE US FOR S GOOD FOOD Drug' St0I'B HEI! W MZIHTI Carefully Compounded I I M. D. REINHART REAL ESTATE 43 Virginia AV211112 417-421 Maryland Avenue INSURANCE Phone 1686 LIBERTY TRUST BLDG. PHONE 1896 HOFFMAN'S ICE CREAM WILLIAMS STREET CUMBERLAND MARYLAND VAN METER'S SERVICE STATION GAS OIL ACCESSORIES LUBRICATION and SIMONIZING A SPECIALTY O90 Henderson Blvd. Cumberland, Md. INgELB3IC 4 A A AMERIGNS IJIITSTANIJING HUME IMPRIIVEMENT MATERIAL V In no other material do you get the advantages and exclusive features of INSELBRIC. A genuine brick granule facing on an Insula- tion Board. A siding that fore' ' saves on paint, saves on fuel, is cold-proof, heat-proof, 0 wind-proof and water-proof, and is scientific- EASY ally weather-sealed against moisture. IT TRULY PAYS FUR ITSELF IMILY TIMES LIVER. PAYMENTS LET LIS PITUVE IT Tll YULI. .....-l-- Applied Locally By H. W. Y Ll U N 1038 Myrtle Street Cumberland, Md. MANTHEIY FILLING STATION AND GROCERY BEST WISHES Our deepest gratitude to our friends for having made it possible to take this tour through our wonderland. to the i'+'k CLASS OF '44 I COMPLIMENTS or THE "SABRE', STAFF THE HUB STORE HARTLEY WIGFIELD DOROTHY STURDIVANT MEN'S AND BOYS' WEAR 19 N' CENTRE ST' Editor-in-chief Faculty Adviser CUMBERLAND, MD. FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS CGMPLIMENTS CONGRATULATIONS REN ROY GARDENS to the of cz CLASS OF '44 wifi F R I E N D A F R I E N D LAVALE WOODLAWN - i I s 1, ,. WEIGEL Sz BARBER, Inc "The Home ol REAL PRINTING" PRINTING - RULING BINDING TELEPHONE 29-681 329 MAIN STREET IOHNSTOWN, PA. f qw ., Huge-Y2::1w I ,,., Z ,,,.,1 THIS BOOK WAS PRODUCED IN OUR PLANT rr 0 14 As you turn the last pages ot this book, the SABRE STAFF wishes to thank all who have helped in producing the 1944 yearbook. In particular, We wish to express our deepest appreciation to: DOROTHY STURDIVANT who supervised the making of the yearbook. WALTER BOONE for his assistance as business adviser. CLARA BELLE LARGENT and THOMAS SAMUELS for the arrangement of the art designs. DAVIS WEBER tor his assistance in securing feature photographs and the generous donation oi the use of his equipment. NEWLEN'S PHOTO SERVICE and LLOYD NORRIS for their cooperation in developing our snapshots. The "TIMES" and MR. LEO LEASURE tor their ettorts in providing us with much needed photographs. MRS. LENA CLEMMER for so patiently overseeing the editing and typing of our copy. 14 ROLLINS A. HADDOCK of the IAHN 6: OLLIER ENGRAVING COMPANY for advice and assistance with the page lay-outs. LESLIE M. WEIGEL of WEIGEL G BARBER, Inc., Printers, for continued co- operation and assistance in securing a cover and in printing the SABRE. ROBERT GOLDFINE of the GOLDFINE STUDIOS for the numerous pictures he took before answering Uncle Sam's call. MR. ED PAUGH of the BOULEVARD STUDIOS for taking up where Mr. Gold- fine left off. MR. BERNARD KEARNEY for being the answer to the old adage "a friend in need." THE TYPISTS who faithfully and continuously gave their time and services in preparing the copy. THE TEACHERS for being so patient during takes and re-takes. THE STUDENTS who in any way helped to make the book a successful and valuable publication. MM. C sig? A jwyff F? F A , V , - 4' 'I we 7 1 .Tf .9 X j 54 ,X ff'-A1 ffm-ff 714 f , .4 i 1 ,J , Q it 4,1 ' 'h V--4T -,iggi-Y U .qi H C- F 4 f. tg C is 'ei' V: . . V 9 'M f. . in ' ."'9ffP u J' fs- " . . . lv- lf an 'Q ., , ,f ' Q 'U'n, In closing the staff repeats Al1he's immortal words: sl "W hat a lovely, lovely dream that was." Q ,Z K, . ' 3-1,.,r. ,. ,, , ,.1,,,, W 7 n 1' 0 'T - iffy: -. --.1fqfYJT- ff:--,r-af-2.7371-r'-g.f---F, eq-2+ . ff, 1 LV, 1,-1' " f- 'f - , '.w,1-1'-I " V04-ffm. 1-1-r -,.:.-ycvvr' ,'-gwgfyaw fA:'p:- 'wr-wif" ' " 'nu' 'f'1v'.-1 ,- ff- -.-- T-fvwff?-9, ,. M.: '1-,-.,, 1 K : Vf-z6i..,,:n -'-V.-,,,-.,z. -. ffm' '- ,f --wg - , ., - 4. ,-- -1.1 .- Vg ,N 5,34 ,' "i1.n,,g' j -I, uf. .um-,,51. A,1u4,,L se, H, I 14 t '-,' W-, .H M. . kt . - ,M -gi' f", ' 4 f, ' L Q6'v?je' ,- vaw "2al"v.' .,,1 Alf 1 :-'. 4 -"' ' . ' , .. ' -21 I- ,:'7. -JA.: 'I -" . 2 3 ,u""' .-."sS E-' , 'g . ' 1 -. '.',1Ll,:'., , :, j 4. Y 6. I , , , . , , . ,- ,1-, v . , ,, ,. I 7 ,,..,,, .- - ,.. ,.- . . '- . ,f.. t- . ,- . ' K, . - , I I, ' ' ' . A? ' 1 X f 1 'K v 'f' 4 6, in l , , 1 ,w xiii , ' lk, V ' 1 7 I 'Q 'I " Q' Q NNN 1. 4 .' ' I ' x f 1 f ,xt J X' 7 x . "' . ', - -. f V ' ' ' A I -.Hx Q 7 f ff 7 Y'Q A ,- , -Z ff .4 Xl f' ff: I W 7 44 I x , 9 4 I f " 4 X L . K k 5 QQ 1 c .9 ' . '.:'f.. 1 A ' I V , 4-. Jo' iii . -V t b v ' Z! U . wh gf ,L - 9,11 N XTX: Q N f. f I fl' 81,-' ir- g 4l 'TL 'S I Af! V . V. gh :Q H 9 J, A' Q, V f ' A 1 L ,V 4 'Z' -1 . 4 xx e U 4- , f l' 7-M .fy F, gh V X' ,ni - '- H , 1 Je Mg, ml zz, .- if-by , '-J 'V vial, ff,-f, . , 5 Q- l , 1 1 if fi! ' 9- , " i -. ' I A ',- "Q,-ff, -ggi ' A-',fg+Q,L3g:aff :34L ns.awi??','-5' i2,'.wf ,..:f.'-'1z,p-:sf-kai.1L,,-fgmfr.-',.ff,'freg ,-pw-b.' 1 2,11 1 'f Q . uf' . .1 in ., " 'ff 4 N 1 f 'fx Zia - 1.1 - Em ,Tx 4 '. EI J 4 4 w Q21 'Q 'NS 4 9 Ni , f ! LL X ,F ,I , Af A i 1 Y ' ff ' . I f eff f f g: , Q K ' I Q I' -72 ' Vy..JlTA.'5 'vc v Q :': 1 - mf, A Y H lx JT' u XXQ " .fi x 1 w A df I ,X ,, ' 'AZ '4 Hz - X X 1 " V' 3W8.h'iV.'lg'4S xr' 'V it Q? - A' I1 Wk' f ,' W J 1 U 'Q 2:30 A", X K Q7 69' ,WW '- . 077 ' , I Qgjff 'QQ 9 X f '--as x 2 x x Q, 51.7221 Z JL' Q V Ex X B fx If ZX 5 W x u ' ? f Q Z X! I i,f , l, mf Km f X7 l U ,F AQ ' K KX I ff PM XX N6...?l .5?dLL

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