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I '33 GJ QNQMM N? Q MX .i V . JMC!-9eGsorYnav1'sBnbIG, Clqgs xo-6 5 'NS' ' V n.uKe ynq-l' RqLL'i1 ' edd - me C83 Bm sea., D M Wm T ' -5 ".' fx '- G - Pow-1 fa Se'H'l-'G Jun Lajyl-f-Sieve PGN Having YYXQCK 'fhrasl-avf . s lr ,, 4' V M I I ,.. 4 . , vs . 1 , . . 'W .yi , T " ri, 1 , 513 ' .. A I . V I I A 1.1 Vx. K A Q . fl 'ii 0 str . ig K- M, YQ' 11- Qlv f , 1 , , 3,ng5gES,? ,Jwfg . -, 1 l-Str' ,ya h A A- fi H . .lf 5 few- ' . f1 1 W- 'NY . J ' 4' ,.:' . .I Y 1, 4 G V . .. M 5 4 Q ' ul NPV sg 5 . I I .. X W vii L 1, .1 1 . . - - ' ,I n, I . -gf ws ' A 3 -f . V ' Put ,1 .. ' T . X I P ,4i . i b 615,13 rr" 'Y' ', ' gf .' ' .V 1 A ,6.:' 4. "A r ! as f V9 .1 A 'I :LP '- 51 i EDITOR-IN-CHIEF ARTHUR IOHN WEBER, IR. ASSOCIATE EDITOR ......... ........ S TANLEY HAMILTON, IR. Busmzss MANAGER FACULTY Anvrsrzn . EDITH MAHANEY MISS DOROTHY STURDIVANT 4 84: .filluli WM 1943 .... -'--I.'l.L'- i' iii -5 Recorded by FORT HILL HIGH SCHOOL, CUMBERLAND, MARYLAND 6. J x f I 5 5 iii i mg , is .-- Q J. - i' 'A' 'A' k 'lf i' if k ir i' 'A' i' 'Ir 'ki' 2+ af The greatest rarity in America today is an America try to Win this War. We not only Want a complete victor help in every way We can. Well, thank Heaven, t have both the right and opportunity to understand what understanding, to make their contributions to that end. n who does not want our coun y but We want to do our utmost to here is no priority in our democrac on kn l d y ow e ge. Americans are the makings of victory and The Nation's schools occupy a position of key responsibility at a time when every American, young or old, is striving to equip himself for effective service in the war effort- as an individual, as a citizen, as a human being. Therefore, we respectfully dedicate the 1943 Sabre to Fort Hill's first graduation of Uncle Sam's great University of Effective Warfare-to the boys who yesterday shared our classes, our lockers, our every activity and today are scattered to the far flung corners of the earth fighting in a pattern called war. "It's a big task we have takeng 'tis for others we must fight. We must see our duty clearly in a white and shining light. We must quit our circles where we've moved in little ways, And work, as men and women, for the bigger, better days. We must quit our selfish think- ' ing and our narrow views and creeds And as people, big and splendid, we must do the bigger deeds. -Edgar A. Guest Now, in the midst of World chaos, your yearbook has been produced against great odds and, in tune with the times, follows a military motif. Our instructors call us to 'U'-lttention!", divide us into companies, assign to each a commanding officer, and we settle our- selves at our home base for a pleasant sojourn. ..- .--- v.,..,..-.,, .... ..,.. .-,- , ,U ,...,...v . . ., . . -:ifi,-f.iiQi,.'?:,,:YLsF,-5,32 r'.,,r- il -iq ' . 5-"-':v..L-. """ -- .ff 2 L'-' rf '2" K--' Wav' -1-'ifi "'-"'-Q1 - -3 f . 4--.,-iq.-7. . 1.5 . ----.-'.-1-,:1.r,f1,'.v U ' fi-,.gY,-., 5, .-,-,5-vp:--' Q,-,,. ,. '31, -1-x'H':J ' if -7'.1.'-'ff-A-a.1l1T"f-ri''ff' - :xx--,g ' ' at .- , -,151--1. srjziggg:--121:-T"4 if--Li-,:f'E?:5 , 3541.3 2:5 1641-1 -iii-f-1:2225-+G ik 2?-flew .-.i222r4P ',.-es: g .sc . f pf-gfkmif- in Q.:-ig: --Y sg-1516 i. 'I' '41 -'-H653?"-?T-'53E?Z2-651511 wk -:??jSg1Li4' wf:BZ?1'- v , Q- .23 qggfi- - 3.3" 'fy ' 7 M -P-,-.5.. .' ,+ - ' '4s:v.'2- -1-.-A " ' -"" 'K ,Q ' 6' ,un ,y--gg , 'fir' "i'f'-HLZVJ27 "-'-'fjif'--1 xv 1,-115:11 J' '-sfo' """' - 1, V-Q..- ' ' 1.-F 1 '11 - 1 -3., ."1s'- '- .. ,Ji-V 3 ff -'73 -my -'iff ff--' 1 Y -1- ""-.1 r ,-1 - - F idx LM.. '51 ,,,,- L' ,.....r, - --,J . J . :-7 --.f .glgs .q 2 if -avg. F--L'-2 -1' .1 ii- iw:---'-.2 f:i:f7?f1 5f1?l,:,: fi-1-f-.-?f':-: f 7211-f 5,1-.-,"f+,1gg-, fi? --'. . ,Q-.4 . , 4 b ut s-'.6-5r.,w:v- - Ja sr-1' ' f-qi, fi. -'wa . 1 I V 5554.1-f T 1. V i s-Q. . f' -.-. --- - 3 -' -l1'.?."E L -5-It 1-4.2-1--' rift YW'-' 179672:-' 1 , ig"-li41T"ff' -1:'3"flf :2f:r3gsg, -'ff "f' ".-'fi - ' . ' "?.1:.xwf'L:.f1:.F11ia::gS'+f .22 ' -- ',1 .gy ---1"l'l gh 5,3 Q.-.-Law' --:Y '.-':.,Qs9::'r' rag- -.M pa-fit' iz' -if - 1 ,. e,h6m, -e-.f.7r,-'Z-sie. -:.+.EL.p. .-'ff' . , , h ,v.'5-'51 513172 .rfllviifgr ' lf' ffffi -egg.. f:'ffS.'g'j -,-ZQQJJA-35.3 'F'--1-i?:4fv.:-r 22-Lie 'TR L:- '-P"g',,. . -" 'E' -may231.1if29?-'-in-avian-.:,'1-izz-szifi?-ijifgft- - J, -- '-f'r-"fr:-.::Q.1gL-vii:-ff?-fl-' .' ' ,- ' A . ' 1. ' ' V LLi'1:fJXi5"-1 " ' Jiri? W 5-2-1-ff jig' , 1 H f MM, ,J - A7 . SA Hardly have we disposed of our un- necessary equipment and begun to ad- just ourselves to a new mode of living before the command "Forward March!" is given and the classes pass in review before those who have been selected to guide them in the way all good soldiers must go. Dividing into specific groups accord- ing to our background, preparation, and individual talents, we form clubs, con- verse, and stand "At Ease!" Following a brief interlude of basic training we are again ordered to march ahead as we go "On Parade" to dis- play the rewards of patient endeavor and the resulting achievements. Physical prowess is demonstrated by the ability of the mightiest of us to with- stand the rigors of strenuous living while "On Maneuvers." What is the reward? Why devote time and energy adhering to a rigid and, at times, monotonous schedule? Why no murmurs of dissatisfaction and no dis- quieting whispers of rebellion? To each of the faithful comes that eagerly await- ed moment when the commanding offi- cer says "Relax, my boy. You're "On Leave." So, the grand army of Fort Hill High School marches on triumphantly toward the ultimate goal-a feeling of personal satisfaction in a soldier's job well done! .f',,-'- '. J- ' ' -' ,fx eonlenh ATTENTION FORWARD MARCH AT EASE ON PARADE ON MANEUVERS ON LEAVE Attention! LLNIJ 191 if ' . 1 Mffiszl r M 4 115 X . w .gi Wu' 1 -. f I 't in f f .inf X I. l,,- , QLX ff i ' Q 3 R Ky Pa x M' 14 7114 MR. WM. HODGSON, Assistan Princi al 1 MR. VICTOR D. HEISEY rlhiipalp N 1 fit' x ,, GENERAL HEADQUARTERS Every army has its commander-in-chief upon whose shoulders numerous duties and responsibilities are placed. The colossal task of managing our training and advancement on the hilltop is in the the capable hands of our principal, Mr. Victor D. Heisey. With an amazing record of student guidance behind him, Mr. Heisey assumes, in his quiet, effi- cient manner, the huge problem of keeping our democratic government and school sched- ule functioning smoothly despite the distracting influence of War. Sharing in the burden of the daily routine is an assistant principal, whose role is that of guidance director and disciplinarian. Until March this responsibility belonged to Mr. William Hodgson who left our ranks to go into more active service as a Lieutenant lj. g.l in the United States Navy. After his departure, his duties were assigned to Miss Margaret Hamilton and Mr. Alfred Benna of the Mathematics department. An important and dearly beloved character in our administrative system is Miss Patel, school secretary. who daily greets with a smile the numberless tasks assigned to her. She is aided by an expert office force of student volunteers who are to be congratulated for their uncomplain- ing efforts during the school year. Endless difficulties demand the attention of these four persons in keeping the wheels of the school moving forward but they always have time to be a friend and help the entire personnel. 10 If ..,f 1-.-. v MASEA D-Miss Willison. Englishg Miss Enfield, Director of Attendance: Mr, Heisey, Principal: Mr. Ritchie, Commercial STQ ING-Mrs. Hughes. Dean of Girls: Miss Sehree, Mtistc: Mr, Morris, Social Studies: Miss Hamilton, Mathcmalics Perd , Visual Education: Mr. Hodgson, Science and Assistant Principal. :NO PICTURED-Nliss Miller, Home Economics. li, I .l .X PRINCIPAUS CABINET Iust as the commander-in-chief of the United States Armed Forces has at his beck and call an advisory group so does the C. O. at Fort Hill have a similar body. The cabi- net is composed of the principal, the assistant principals, the department chairmen and the dean of girls. The purpose of the group in brief, is to fill the role of advisor to the principal, make suggestions for improvement in school maintenance, and act as a clearing house for all school problems. 11 COMMERCE AND BUSINESS SEATED-Miss Winifred Ports, Mrs. Lena Clemmer. STANDING-Miss Naomi Enfield, Mixs Charlotte Gcishcrl, Mr. Carl Rilrhic. SCIENCE AND MATHEMATICS l'l"1UfMrA. Mzlfkcll, Mr. U. li, Buughion, Mr. Paul P zlvw. Mr. Vxflllixxm lludgmn, Mix. u l1. lo 9 .. .. , rx .. f-.. . .. -mn U, 1A,.1, U-, ul.. M...-.,,.. u.,.,.1..... 12 4 ' I A MQJVDJ MX , rp" 1 l f J f Qsfntulfk' ENGLISH DEPARTMENT SEATED-Miss Esther Holzshu, Miss Kathleen Cumhee, Miss Dorothy Sturclixant, Miss Mary Workman. STANDING-Miss Nellie Willison, Miss Lillian Boughton, Mrs. Ruth Lynch, Mr. Hamill Kenny, Mr. lames Engle. Miss Helen Smith, Miss Marie Parks. NGT PlCTURED-'Miss Gcrardinc Prilrlmrrl. ,f. X . ,J 7 'ff fl 'MJ ll I . ' ' ' ,Q , QEATED-Mrs. llclcn Russell, Mr. Rohcrt Morris,?2l1sV' lian Myers. I , Rl STANDING-Miss Alxerda Ford, Mrs. Nellie Hylon, Miss Blanche lenkins, Miss Martha Rue. Socuu. STUDIES 13 V J SEATED-Miss Edwena Kraus, Mrs. Annic King. STANDING-IVIias Dorothy Scbrec. Miss Eilccn Samms, Miss Pearl Gaxrhrlck. NIL XVarrcu Slxumukur. Music, Lmxculxcn IXND ARTS Mrs, Leuura Rcbacr, Coach "Bubby'! Caxanaugll, Coach Wxn, Hahn. Miss ljciylhc 'l'1'1gmn1 J S5 PHYSICAL EDUCATION k N. NU uf LIBRARIAN Miss Gertrude Ranck VOCATIONAL SEATED - Mr. Thomas Himlv, Mr. lfvhvi SEATED--Mrx. lillzabctli Sleplwiimn. Miss lam' Gilrhriwl, Miss Yula Ferguson, clxon, Mus Evelyn Miller. STANDING-Mr. Charles Callis, Mr. lmea STANDING-lNl1ss Sara Olncr, Mrs. Elizabeth Krcmcr. Gannon, Mr. Paul Foofen. i , W, .I I X Z' 1 ' 1 , I ll A! f V2 45- , ,f ,f fmgs 1 f' Forward March f 1 '.Qj,Q, . jgizifzl 1 sa ,I X h K lgi f , . 4 il ' ' CN 'I 12 . V Ji if as 'V 6 '1 W X EIASJ yl W , P Q xl N yu X , I 1 Q 2. 1- rfPf?! X g V X' . - J ' 5 L CIVIL AIR PATROL ST ROW-A. Wcflwlw, F. Karr, lf. Davis, A. Davis. W. Cook, R. llnmillnn, l. Wilson. IUNIJ RUVV'-'l'. Shillings, l.. lirinlcman, P. Sullivan, Irnlains, li. Groxvilvyi, K, Mnrlcvl, Mvllnn STANDING-E. Growden, Vice-President, E, Morin, Treasurer. SEATED-B. Cox, Secretary, R, Golden, President. eamm ' ' .fiefdenanlfi With the efficiency of a top ser- geant and the nobility of a general. the illustrious Richard Golden carried on his duty in the high office of presi- dent of the senior class. Working side by side with him were Elwood Grow- den, vice-presidentg Betty Cox. secre- taryg and Eugene Morin, treasurer. Let the class activities speak through the individual records set forth in the next dozen pages. No Fort Hill graduates have ever faced a fu- ture as full of opportunties or unrest as this eager group. Chin up! I ROBERT LLEWELLYN ABE Vocational. Monitor 3, 4. PEARL MAXINE ADAMS Vocational. Home Economics Club 4. Monitor 4. Bowling Club 2, 3. Track l, 2. RUTH HILDA ADAMS Academic. Hi-Y 3, 4. Glee Club l. Bowling Club 2. Athletic Council 2, 3. Student Council l, 3. Pep Club l. Basketball l, 2. Track 1, 2, 3, 4. RONALD ALLEN ANSEL Vocational. MARY ELIZABETH ARONHOLT Commercial. Library Club 1. Stu- dent Council Z. RAYMOND MILTON BAKER Academic. Glee Club 2. French Club 2, 3. Swimming Team l, 2, 3, 4. Track 2, 3, 4. Basketball 3. Fooball Z, 3, 4. Sentinel 3, 4. NORMAN LEWIS BARGER Academic. Bachelor Club l, 2. Iunior Players l, 2. Fort I-lill Players 3, 4. Thespians 3, 4. Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. Student Council l, 2. Sen- ate 3. Cheerleader 4. Pep Club 1, Z. Stage Crew 2.SentineI, Sport's Editor 2. Usher 2, 3, 4. Three Cor- nered Moon, Eyes of Tlaloc. VELMA FRANCES BEALL Vocational. Library Club 3, 4. ERVIN NORWOOD BEAN Vocational VIRGINIA RUTH BECK Vocational NORMA LEE BEECHE Vocational. Library Club 3, 4. DOROTHY LEE BILLMYER Academic. ,Girl's League l. I-Ii-Y 2, 3. Secretary 4. Swimming Club 4. DOROTHA IANE BLAKEH Commercial. Library Club l, Z, 4. President 3. Cheerleader 3, 4. Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4. Hi-Y 3, 4. IACK DENTON BODEN Commercial. Glee Club l. Softball l, 2. Swimming Team l, Z, 3, 4. Mimeograph Crew 3, 4. Cheer- leader 4. WENDELL RAY BOGGS Commercial. Glee Club l. Golf Club l, 2, 3. Bowling Club 2. Hi-Y 3. Secretary 4. DUANE LEON BOYD Vocational HELEN VIRGINIA BRANT General. Student Council l. Girls' League 1. Sentinel 4. Library Club 2, 3, 4. HERMAN GILBERT BRANT Academic. Hi-Y 4. Latin Club 2. A Cappella Choir 4. Glee Club 4. Football 3, 4. Baseball Z, 4. Track 4. Young April. WILLIAM LESTER BRANT Vocational. Sabre 4. Basketball 3, 4. BETTY IANE BREIGHNER Commercial. Hi-Y 4. Bowling Club 3. Basketball 3. LILLIAN GRACE BREIGHNER General. Glee Club 2. WANDA ELAINE BREWER Academic. Hiking Club 1. Skating Club 4. Hi-Y 4. KENNETH EARL BRIDGES General. Football l, 2, 3, 4. Track 3. U. S. Navy. IESSIE LEE BRINKMAN Vocational. Monitor 2. Bicycle Club 1. Skating Club 3, 4. Track 1, 2. Basketball 2, 3. HAZEL LEE LENORA BROOKS Vocational. Usher 4. Fort Hill Play- ers 4. Pep Club 1. DOROTHY LEE BROWN Vocational. Glee Club Z. Library Club 1, 2, 3. Choral Speaking Choir 3, 4. Fort Hill Players 4. Home Economics Club 3. Thes- pians 4. NELLIEMAE BUCY Commercial. Library Club 1, Z, 3, 4. A Cappella Choir 2, 3. Glee Club 2. IUANITA MAY BUGG Commercial. Hiking Club l. Bicy- cle Club l. Library Club 2, 3, Treasurer 4. Photography Club 2, Vice-President 3, President 4. IOHN OLIVER BURNS General. Monitor 2, 3, 4. Library Club 3. Bachelor Club Secretary 3. Canvas Crew 3, 4. NORA LEE BURNS Commercial. Library Club l, 2, 3, 4. Sabre 3, Advertising Manager 4. Athletic Club 1. O'BRIEN CHARLES CALHOUN Vocational. Football l, Z, 3, 4. Bas- ketball 1, 2, 3, 4. ARLENE VIRGINIA CHEN Academic. National Honor Society 3, 4. Declamation 3, 4. Fort Hill Players 4. Choral Speaking Choir 4. Sentinel 2, News Editor 3, Co- Editor 4. Sabre 4. A Cappella Choir 2. Glee Club 1, 2. Iunior Players l, Z. Usher 4. Thespian 4. Spring Fever. Young April. EUGENE FLEMING CLARK Commercial. Hi-Y 3, 4. Bowling Club 2, 3. PAUL FRANCIS CLINE Vocational. CHARLES WAYNE CONWAY Vocational. Track 1. Basketball Manager 3, 4. CLIFTON IACKSON COOK Vocational. Baseball 3, 4. Track 1. Glee Club 1, Z. IAMES LEO CORRICK Academic. Class Vice-President 2. Class President 3. Photography Club 1, 2. Track l, 2. Football 1, Z, 3. Motion Picture Crew l, 2, 3, 4. U. S. Army. WILLIAM HENRY COURTNEY Commercial BETTY IANE COX General. Library Club, 1, 2. Stu- dent Council 2. May Queen At- tendant l, 2, 3. Usher 3, 4. Sabre 3. Hi-Y 3, 4. Referee's Club l, 2, 3, 4. Athletic Council Vice-Presi- dent 3. Bowling Club 2, 3, 4. Swim- ming Club 3. Track l, Z. Softball l, 2. Basketball 2, 3, 4. May Queen 4. GERALDINE LOUISE CRABTREE Commercial. Basketball l, Z. Track l, Z. Library Club l, Z, 3, 4. MARCELLA DOROTHY CRUTHERS General. Hi-Y 4. Student Council l. Library Club l, 2, 3, 4. MAXINE CLEO CURRY Vocational. Glee Club 2, 3, 4. A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 4. Usher 4. ROBERT MASON CURRY General. Glee Club 2, 3, 4. A Cap- pella Choir 2, 3, 4. Hi-Y 3, 4. Stu.- dent Council l, 2, 3. Sabre 3, Photography and Art Editor 4. IMOGENE GEORGIA CRITES Academic. Girls" League l. Glee Club 2. Swimming Club 4. EARL LENNWOOD DAVIS General. Monitor 3, 4. Track Z, 3. Canvas Crew 4. U. S. Army. FREDERICK EDGAR DAVIS Commercial. Football l, 2, 3, Co- captain 4. Basketball 2, 3, 4. Base- ball 3, 4. Class President 2. CHARLES WALTER DAVY Vocational. Iayvee Football 2. Bas- ketball 3, 4. IAMES EUGENE DAY Academic. French Club 3, 4. Sen- tinel 2, 3, Sports Editor 4. Bas- ketball 3, 4. PHYLLIS RAE DE HAVEN Commercial. Glee Club 2, 3. RUBY PEARL DENEEN Commercial. Fort Hill Players 3, 4. Thespians 4. Library Club 2, Sec- retary 3, President 4. Sabre 3. Stu- dent Council 3. May Day 3. Bowl- ing Club l. Iunior Players l. Hik- ing Club l. Usher 4. REBA VIRGINIA DETER Vocational. Home Economics Club Z, 41 Glee Club Z, 3. Iunior Play- ers . WILLIAM THOMAS DILLON Academic. Band l, 2, 3, Treasurer 4. Orchestra Z, 3, 4. Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. Sentinel 3, Managing Editor 4. Young April. BETTY NAOMI DOLAN Vocational. Skating Club 2. Bowl- ing Club 2. Library Club 2, 3, 4. Home Economics Club 3, Secretary 4. Fort Hill Players 4. Hi-Y 4. EARL EUGENE DRENNING General. Monitor 3. Baseball 1, 2, 3, Captain 4. ESTHER ELIZABETH DUNCAN Commercial. ROSELLEN FRANCES DUNLAP Vocational. Pep Club l, Skating Club 4, Track 1. MARY IO DUVALL Vocational. Sentinel 4, Home Eco- nomics Club 4, Photograph Club 4. PHYLLIS WINORA EMMART Vocational. Bowling Club 2, 3. Li- brary Club 4. EVANGELINE IO ENGLE Commercial. Thespians 3, 4. Fort Hill Players 3, 4. Choral Speaking Choir 2, 3, Secretary 4. Glee Club 2. Track 1. May Day 3. GEORGE WILLIAM EVANS General. Hi-Y 3, 4. Fort Hill Play- ers 4. Football l, 2, 3, 4. Basket- ball l, 2, 3. U. S. Army. WILLIAM IOHN EVANS Academic. Orchestra 3. Usher 3. Band 1, 2, 3, Vice President 4. WILLIAM RICHARD FERNIHOUGH Academic. Library Club 2, 3, 4. Glee Club 3, 4. IOHN RAY FISHER Commercial. Cheerleader 2, 3, 4. Hi-Y 3, Vice-President 4. Stage Crew 2, 3. ZELMA LORENE FISHER General. WILLIAM EDWARD FLORA Vocational. Student Council Z, U. S. Army. MILDRED THERESA FROST Commercial. Glee Club l, 2, 3. A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 4. Student Council 4. Girl's League l. SHIRLEY IEAN FULLER Academic. Girls' League 1. Girls' Hi-Y 2, 4, Treasurer 3. Glee Club l. Bowling Club 2, 3. Pep Club l. Monitor 2. Usher 4. Student Coun- cil l, Senate 4. Class Vice-Presi- dent 3. Athletic Council Secretary- Treasurer Z. Basketball l, 2, 3. Track l, Z, 3, 4. REGINALD PAUL GEORGE Commercial. Point Marion High School Iunior Band l. Monitor l, 2. National Honor Society 4. The Goat. IRVIN EUGENE GILPIN Vocational. Track 1, 3, 4. Football 1, 2, 3, 4. Baseball 2, 3, 4. RICHARD FRANCIS GOLDEN General. Student Council l. Sen- ate 3. Hi-Y 3, 4. Declamation 3. National Honor Society 3, 4. Class President 4. Track 2, 3. Football 3, 4. KATHLEEN LORRAINE GORMER Commercial. Hi-Y 4. Student Coun- cil 3. National Honor Society 4. ANGELA CHRISTIANA GRABENSTEIN Commercial. Glee Club 4. V. I. C. Club 4. PHYLLIS ALLEGRA GRAHAM Vocational. Fort Hill Players 4. MARILYN IANE GRIMM Commercial. Hi-Y 4. BETTY IEAN GROSS Commercial. Glee Club l, Z. VADA IANE GROVES Vocational. A Cappella Choir l, IZ, 3. Glee Club l, 3. ELWOOD WINTER GROWDEN Commercial. Track 3, 4. Mimeo- graph Crew 3, 4. Hi-Y 3, 4. Class Vice-President 4. Declarnation 4. WANDA LEE HAINES Vocational. A Cappella Choir l, ZZ, 3. Glee Club 1, 2, 3, NORMA LOUISE HAMILTON Commercial. Cheerleader 4. STANLEY HAMILTON, IR. Academic. Sabre, Assistant Editor 4. Motion Picture Crew 2, 3, 4. Iunior Players Z, Vice-President l. Fort Hill Players 3, Vice-President 4. Photography Club 3, Treasure-r 1, 2. Usher 2, 3, 4. Thespians 3, Treasurer 4. Track l, 2, 3, 4. Eyes of Tlaloc, Spring Fever, Mr. and Mrs. America. Young April. NORMA BETH HANSEL Commercial. Glee Club 1, 2, 3. Fort Hill Players 4. Hi-Y 4. Thes- pians 4. National Honor Society 4. Gratitdue. So Wonderful in White. Mr. and Mrs. America. Young April. ROY CORNELIUS HANSROTE Vocational. Bowling Club 4. Bach- elor Club 4. VIOLET MARIE HANSROTE Academic. Iunior Players 2. Fort Hill Players 3, President 4. Thes- pians 3, Secretary 4. Hi-Y 3, 4. Sabre 4. Sentinel 3, Make-Up Editor 4. Choral Speaking Choir 3, 4. Glee Club l, 2. A Cappella Choir 2. National Honor Society 4. Grati- tude. Mr. and Mrs. America. MARY IANE HEBNER Commercial. A Cappella Choir 3, 4. Glee Club 3. Sentinel 4. Nation- al Honor Society 4. MARY IUANITA HELGOTH Vocational. YVONNE IUANITA HELM Academic. Newburg High School 1, 2, 3. Dramatic Club 2. Literary Society 1, 2, 3,. Pep Club l, 2, 3. Class Secretary 3. The Red Headed Step-Child. BETTY LOU HENDERSON Commercial. Library Club Z, 3, 4. MARGERY ELIZABETH HINKLE Academic. Cantabile l. Glee Club l, Z, 3, President 4. A Cappella Choir l, 2, 3, President 4. Tulip Time. BEATRICE GENEVIEVE HIPSLEY Vocational. Home Economics Club 4. Bowling Club Z, 3, 4. VIVIAN GENEVIEVE HIPSLEY Vocational. Home Economics Club 4. Bowling Club Z, 3, 4. Athletic Council 3. ROBERT ELDEN HOOK Academic. Photography Club Z. Glee Club 2, 3, Vice-President 4. A Cappella Choir 3, Treasurer 4. Student Council Senate 4. National Honor Society 4. VIRGINIA ELIZABETH .HOUSE X Acddemmc. K XHZEQPSRD AUIST of M-1 '. X iii I CTW' , we Wvlfwfa LESTER EUGENE HOWDYSHELL Vocational. MILDRED VIOLA HUGHES Commercial. MARGARET PHYLLIS HUMBIRD Vocational. Home Economics Club 3. KATHLEEN ELLEN HYMES Academic. Swimming Club 4. ALVIN RICHARD INGRAM Vocational. Monitor 2, 3. GLORIA IEAN IZZETT Commercial. Library Club 2, 4, Treasurer 3. Mt. Savage High School Hi-Y I, Z. WALTER IAMES IENKINS Academic. French Club 2, 3. Hi-Y 3, 4. WARREN ORLAND IOHNSON Vocational. Track l. Swimming Team 3. MARY EULALIA IOLLEY Commercial. Glee Club 3. Library Club 3, 4. Sabre 3, 4. MARY ELIZABETH IUDY Commercial. Photography Club 4. Library Club 2, 3, 4. Skating Club 4. V. I. C. Club 4. CATHERINE MARGUERITE KAISER Commercial. Library Club 3, 4. Sabre 3, 4. FORREST STANLEY KARR General. Bachelor Club l, 2. Stage Crew 2, 3, 4. Motion Picture Crew 2, 3, 4. Print Shop 2, 3, 4. Fort Hill Players 4. Thespians 4. Spring Fever. Mr. and Mrs. America. U. S. Marines. MARION CATHERINE KASECAMP Vocational. Band l, 2, 3. Library Club 2. Bowling Club 2. Garden Club Secretary Z. Home Economics Club 3. Skating Club 3. Fort Hill Players 4. Hi-Y 4. Choral Speaking Choir 4. Track l. Red Carnations. CAROLINE VIRGINIA KEITER Vocational. Library Club 2, 3. RAYMOND MILLARD KELLEY Commercial. Mimeograph Crew 4. Hi-Y 4. Declamation 4. Monitor 3, 4. Bachelor Club 4. Young April. Seniaad KENNETH KAYE KENNEDY Academic. Bowling Club 4. Model Airplane Club 2, 3, 4. GLADYS LEONA KILROY Academic. Iunior Players 1, Treas- urer 2. Girls' League l. Glee Club l, 2. Sentinel Z, 3, Feature Editor 4. National Honor Society 3, 4. Fort Hill Players 4. Choral Speaking Choir 4. Hi-Y Thespians 4. So Wonderful ln White. Spring Fever. Mr. and Mrs. America. Usher 4. Tulip Time. Sabre 4. PATTY FERN KIME Academic. Iunior Players 2. Glee Club l, 2. National Honor Society 3, 4. Sentinel Z, Make-Up Editor 3, Co-Editor 4. Sabre 4. GEORGE ALBERT KIRBY General. U. S. Army. SHELVIA MARIE KOONTZ General. Latin Club Z. Sentinel 3, Business Manager 4. Track l, 3. Monitor 2. KENNETH WILLIAM KOSER Commercial. Bachelor Club 4. Monitor 3, 4. Mimeograph Crew 4. WANDA IANE LANE Vocational. Student Council Z. Fort Hill Players 4. HILDEGARD MARGARETA LANGER Academic. Cantabile 1. Art Club l. Swimming Club l. Iunior Play- ers l, 2. Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4. .A Cappella 1, Z, 3, 4. Tulip Time. Young April. HARRY WENDALL LARRICK General. Basketball 3, 4. Track 2, 3, 4. Monitor 2, 3, 4. ELLA ELIZABETH LEWIS Commercial. Library Club 2, 3, 4. Basketball 2, 3. IAMES IOSEPH LOHR Commercial. Fort Hill Players 4. WILDA ALBERTA LOVENSTEIN Commercial. Girls' League 1. Pep Club l, 2. Photography Club l, 2. Sabre 3. Hi-Y 3, 4. Twirler Club 3, 4. Drum Majorette l, Z, 3, 4. Tulip Time. IAMES EDWARD LOWERY Vocational. Track l. Iayvee Basket- ball l. Baseball 2, 3, 4. Iayvee Football 2. Basketball 3. Football 4. PATRICIA IANE LYNCH Academic. Hi-Y 4, Chaplain 2, Vice-President 4. Student Council l, Senate 3, 4. Girls' League, Treas- urer l. Usher 4. Bowling Club Z. Sentinel 3, Exchange Editor 4. Glee Club l. So Wonclertul In White. Young April. HOPE VIRGINIA MACKERETH Commercial. WILLIAM FRANKLIN MACKEY Commercial. EDITH MAE MAI-IANEY Commercial. Bowling Club 2, 3. Skating Club 2, 3. Sabre 3, Busi- ness Manager 4. Orchestra 4. Ush- er 4. Photography Club 3, Treas- urer 4. Referees' Club 2. Hi-Y 4. Track l, Z, 3. National Honor So- ciety 4. GEORGE WALTER KENNETH MAHANEY Commercial. Iunior Players 2. Ra:- dio Club 3. Library Club 4. Moni- tor 3, 4. Usher 4. IOHN WINFIELD MANGUS Vocational. RICHARD KEMPTON MARKEL Commercial. Football 3, Manager 4. Hi-Y 3, President 4. National Honor Society 4. ROBERT HARRISON MARTIN Vocational. Football 4. Track 3. Bowling Club 3. U. S. Navy. IOHN HAROLD MARTINI Academic. A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 4. Glee Club 2, 3, 4. Orchestra 2, 3, 4. Declamation 4. Latin Club President 2. Tumbling Club l. Spring Fever. Red Carnations. Young April. IAMES VINCENT MATT Academic. Hi-Y l, 2, 3, 4. Photog- raphy Club 1, 2, President 3. Stu- dent Council President 4. Baseball Assistant Manager l, 2. EUGENE BERNARD MAYHEW Commercial. Glee Club 2, Secre- tary 3, President 4. A Cappella Choir 2, 3, Secretary 4. Iunior Play- ers l, 2. Declamation 4. National Honor Society 4. Spring Fever. Tu- Iip Time. DOROTHY ELIZABETH MCCORMICK Vocational. Home Economics Club 3, 4. FRANK BUDDY MCCREARY Vocational. Football I, 2, 3. Bas- ketball 1. Track 2, 3. Baseball 3. U. S. Army. ETHEL GRACE MCDANIEL Commercial. FRANCES CLARA MCFARLAND Academic. Girls' League l. Glee Club 1, Z, 3, 4. Track 1, 2, 3. Na- tional Honor Society 4. WILLIAM CHARLES MENGES General. Football 2, 3, 4. Track 3, 4. Baseball 3. EVELYN LOREDA MICHAEL Vocational. DAYTON DAVID MILLER Commercial. Band l. Football 3, 4. DOROTHY AUDREY MILLER Vocational. Library Club I, 2, 3, 4. Hiking Club 3. OMER LESLIE MILLER Vocational. SHIRLEY ELIZABETH MINNICK Commercial. MARY KATHRYN MOORE Commercial. Glee Club Z, 3, 4. Usher 4. Sentinel 4. St. Mary's School, Class Secretary l. EUGENE CORNELIUS MORIN Commercial. Softball 1. Monitor 3, 4. Class Treasurer 4. Sentinel 4. MARGARET CATHERINE MORRIS Vocational. Hiking Club l. Home Economics Club 3. Band 1, 2, 3. Skating Club 3. DOROTHY MADREE MOSTOLLER Academic. Track 3. Tumbling Club 2, 4, President 3. Cheerleader 3. So Wonderful in White. Young April. Somerset High School, Band 1. All-County Band l. HENRIETTA IEANNE NEWBERRY Vocational. Pep Club l, 2. Iunior Players l, 2. Photography Club 2, 3, 4. Library Club 2, 3, 4. Orchestra 2, 3. Skating Club 3. Bowling Club 3. Economics Club 3, 4. A Cappella Choir 2. Usher 4. Letter Club 4. RUTH ELLEN NEWCOMB Commercial. Glee Club l, 2, 3. Band l, 2, 3, 4. Choral Speaking Choir 3. Fort Hill Players 4. Usher l, 2, 3, 4. Iunior Players l. Hi-Y 4. May Day 3. VIRGINIA LEE NORRIS Academic. Girls' League l. Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. Iunior Players l. Glee Club l, 3. Monitor Z, Track l, 3. So Wonderlul In White. Young April. RUSSELL ALBERT O'NEAL Vocational. Football Manager Z, 4. Basketball 3, 4. Track l, 2, 3, 4. Monitor 2, 3. SYLVIA MARIE O'NEAL Vocational. Track l, 2. MERLE COURTNEY ORNDORFF Vocational. Basketball 3, 4. Foot- ball l, Z, 3, Co-Captain 4. Golf Club l, 2. MILDRED LORENA OWENS Vocational. Photography Club Z, 3. Home Economics Club 3, President 4. Art Club 3, 4. RICHARD EDGAR PARSONS Vocational. ELEANOR LOUISE PATTERSON Commercial. Student Council l. Glee Club 2, 3. Hi-Y 3, President 4. Fort Hill Players 4. MARY ELLEN PAYNE Vocational. Student Council 2. Fort Hill Players 4. MACKLIN PETE PETERSON Vocational. MARY MARGARET PFEIFFER Commercial. Fort Hill Players 3, 4. Choral Speaking Choir 3, 4. Thes- pians 3, 4. Hi-Y 4. GEORGIA MARIE PICKARD Commercial. Library Club l, 2, 3, Vice-President 4. Glee Club l, 2, 3. Librarian 4. Hi-Y 3, 4. A Cappella Choir 4. Usher 3. CURTIS OWEN PRATT Vocational. WILLIAM WAYNE PRICE Fort Hill Players 4. Hi-Y 3, 4. Thes- pians 4. Band l, 2. Stage Crew 3, 4. Swimming Team 2, 3, 4. Foot- ball Manager 3. Track l, 2. Spring Fever. Mr. and Mrs. America. Young April. RICHARD COOLIDGE PULLEN Vocational. BERNICE FLORENTINE PYLES Academic. Fort Hill Players 3. Declamation 3. HELEN ILEAN RANDALL Commercial. Fort Hill Players 4. Choral Speaking Choir 4. Declam- ation 4. AGNES MARGARET RAYGOR Commercial. LOUELLA CATHERINE REED Commercial. Girls' League l. Sabre 3, 4. Usher 4. Young April. VIRGINIA LEE REID General. Iunior Players l, Secre- tary Z. Girls' League l. Glee Club 1. Student Council 2. May Day 3. Hi-Y 4. Declamation 4. Track 1, 2. Tulip Time. GEORGE REUSCHEL Vocational. CHARLOTTE CLEO REYNOLDS Vocational. Skating Club 3. Stu- dent Council l, 2, 3. Sentinel Z, 3, 4. Home Economcs Club 3. RUBY IUANITA REYNOLDS Commercial. Sabre 3, 4. Martins- burg High School-Glee Club l, 2. Charm Review Contest 2. Band Box Revue l. May Day 4. GENERY SARA AGNES RICHTER Vocational. Glee Club Z. Sentinel 3, 4. ELEANOR LOUISE RINKER Academic. Latin Club Z, 3, 4. Swimming Club 4. Track I, 2, 3. Bowling Club 2, 3, 4. Band l, 2, 3, 4. Iunior Players 2. Fort Hill Play- ers 3, 4. Thespians 4. HARMON LEASE ROBINETTE Vocational. A Cappella Choir 1. Harmony Hall. PAUL ESTEL RODECAP Commercial. Track l, 2, 3, 4. Mime- ograph Crew 3, 4. Hi-Y 4. Glee Club l. DOROTHY LEE RUMMER Vocational. SUE MARIE RYAN Commercial. Student Council l. Usher 4. PHYLLIS LORRAINE SAMPSELL Vocational. GRACINE ALICE SCHADE Academic. Pep Club l. Student Council 2. Usher 3. Fort Hill Play- ers 3, 4. Hi-Y 4. May Day 3. Thes- pians 4. RICHARD LAWRENCE SCHULTZ Commercial. Hi-Y 3, 4. Track 2, 3, 4. IUANITA ELIZABETH SHAFER Vocational. Home Economics Club 3, 4. BETTY LOUISE SHAFFER Commercial. Girls' League Presi- dent l. Glee Club 1, Z. Iunior Players 1, 2. A Cappella Choir Z. Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. Class Treasurer 3. Fort Hill Players 3, 4. Thespians 3, President 4. May Day 3. Tulip Time. Gratitude, So Wonderlul In White. Red Carnations, director. Mr. and Mrs. America. Young April. MILDRED VIRGINIA SHANHOLTZ .. Commercial. CHARLES ARDEN SIMS Academic. Library Club 4. Alle- gany High School-Camera Club 3. DOROTHY LEE SMITH Academic. Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Girls' League l. Track l, 2. EMMA IEAN SMITH Academic. Glee Club l, 4, Librar- ian 2, 3. Choral Speaking Choir 2. A Cappella Choir 3, Librarian 4. Iunior Players l. Track l, Z, 3. Tulip Time. HAROLD ELWOOD SMITH Vocational. LEAFY ROSELLA SMITH Vocational. NEIL SMITH Commercial. Band l, 2, 3, Secre- tary 4. LORNA LEE SPRINGER Vocational. TOM MILTON STALLINGS Academic. Fort Hill Players 4. Thespians 4. Stage Crew 4. Print Shop 2, 3, 4. National Honor So- ciety 4. Spring Fever. Mr. and Mrs. America. MARGARET HELEN STATLER Academic. National Honor Society 3, 4. Iunior Players 1, President 2. Fort Hill Players 3, Secretary 4. Thespians 3, 4. Choral Speaking Choir 2, President 3, 4. Glee Club l, 2. Sentinel 2, 3, News Editor 4. Sabre Literary Editor 4. Swimming Club 1. Girls' League l. Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. May Day Z, 3, 4. Gratitude. So Wonderful In White, director. Tu- lip Time, Spring Fever. Mr. and Mrs. America. HAZEL LOUISE STRAWDERMAN Vocational. EDWARD LEE TALBOTT Vocational. MARY ELEANOR THOMPSON Commercial. Glee Club 3. Library Club 4. ALICE ELIZABETH TREXLER Vocational. Fort Hill Players 4. WALLACE RICHARD TROUTMAN Vocational. Football 1, Z, 3, 4. Bas- ketball l, Z, 3, Captain 4. Base- ball 3, 4. AUSTIN DAVIS TWIGG, III Academic. A Cappella Choir 3, 4. Glee Club 3. Declamation 3. Sabre, Lay-out Editor 4. Photography Club 3. Track 3, 4. Swimming Team 3, 4. Red Carnations. GERTRUDE LEILA TWIGG General. Latin Club 2. Basketball 2. Track 1, 2, 3. Swimming Club 4. Bowling Club 4. MARGARET ELIZABETH TWIGG Vocational. Fort Hill Players 4. Skating Club 4. KATHRYN RAE ULLERY Commercial. Usher 3, 4. Hi-Y 3, 4. May Queen Attendant I, 2, 4. Bas- ketball l, 2, 3. Bowling Club 3. Skating Club 2. Track I, 2, 3. Ath- letic League 3. BETTY FRANCES VALENTINE Vocational EMMA IEAN VALENTINE Vocational RICHARD OLIVER VALENTINE Vocational FRANCES MARY VAN FLEET Commercial. Petersburg High School, Class President l. Allegany High School, Softball 2. MARY KATHLEEN VARNER Vocational MARY MARTHA WALLIS General AUBREY VERNON WEBB Vocational. Bachelor Club, Vice President 4. Canvas Crew 3, 4. Stage Crew 3, 4. Band l, 2. ARTIIUR IOI-IN WEBER, IR. Academic. Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. Orchestra l, 2, 3. Band l, 2, 3, President 4. A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 4. Glee Club 2, Treasurer 3. Sabre 3, Editor-in- Chief 4. Clarinet Quartet l, 2, 3. National Honor Society 4. MARY EDNA WEBER Commercial. Glee Club 3. Hiking Club 2. MABEL FOREMAN WELLING Academic. Sentinel 3, 4. Girls' League l. Iunior Players I. Pep Club. Clee Club 2. Choral Speaking Choir 2. Photography Club 4. Stu- dent Council 4. IOAN ELIZABETH WELSH Vocational. Girls' League I. Pep Club l. Class Secretary 2. May Queen Attendent 3, 4. IIINA GERALDINE WENTLING Academic. Iunior Players I, 2. Fort Hill Players 3, 4. Thespians 3, 4. May Day 2, 3. Choral Speaking clertul In White. Mr. and Mrs. America. IAMES IOSEPH WILKINS Academic. Football 1, 2, 3, 4. Glee Club 2. Sentinel 3, 4. DOROTHY SYLVIA WILLIAMS Vocational. IOSEPI-I HOWARD WILSON Vocational. Monitor 1. Glee Club 4. A Cappella Choir 4. NORMA ELIZABETH WILSON Commercial. Senioad FRANK ELDRIDGE WINTERSTEIN Commercial. Mimeograph Crew 3, 4. User 2, 3. IRENE GRACE WOLFORD Commercial. Library Club 2, Sabre 3, 4. DONALD TROUTMAN NESTOR Vocational. Track 2. The Sentinel Sabre Editors Two Nutrition Week Work lPeriodl Rare Sight Takes Nerve A May Queen at Work X-Z Xi? Good Morning! Soup's On! "Sabre" ln the Rough. Dietician, Inc. All Work-No Play! Look Out, Hollywood Special Reference. Starting Young. Forward March! Now Is the Time For- Footlights or Not? 3, M2 Mt! 'LVCM ' HV. .hm ,rfb-'B I ' b , . L ,'-"I T' I I A .17 frrwi , . ' Glwu - 4' A--1M..yr,p,,.4 " . A '1-. L.--Av- TK ' 'ff-f-26' FIRST ROW-V. Rice, E. McCracken, E. Kimmell. Gillham, G. Bugg, B. Hare, M. Bobo. B. Klosterman, M, Wagiis. B. L, B, Wilson, M. Hardman, O. Ways. SECOND ROW-I. Spielman, M. Carns, F. McDonald, M. A. R. Long, A. Lewis, Murray, H, Butler, R. Stewart. Smith, K. Owens, Lloyd. THIRD ROW-D, Ringler, W. L. Roby, F. Hauser, E. Robinetic, W. L. Steele, lVIorresey, P. Perkins, Boyer. VVagner, Iuliano. FOURTH RVOW-I. Kerns, R. Leasure, Burns. R, Gilpin, ll. Golden, C. Kunes, D. Smnth, T. Minlce. I. Brant, G. Walsirii. ster, M, Dowling, F. Webi'eck, P. Weaver, E. Hile, R. Green, T. Smilh, W. Ansel, Monteleone. M. Mease. FIRST ROW-M, Collins. B. Hansrotc. I. Saylor, V. Arthur, B. Thompson, I.. Rice, V. B. Atkinson. Robinetre, P. Shatzer, G. Smith, L. Blass, E. Lepley. SECOND E. Ginninian, Rice, A. Lyons, M. Wichel, I. Ryan. ROW-L. Lepley. V. Rice, W. Adams, A. Osborne. A. Britt, M, Markel, E. Stircher, D. Fisher, V. Marlin, M, Dyer, W. Dyer V. Hardy, A. Erirlxson. A. Thomas, M. Sullivan. FOURTH ROW-A. Rogan, li. Miller, B. Nicola B. Zemhower, I.. Morgan, B. Benford. D. Coleman M. Frey. ' IF H ROW-I. Lewis, V. Brown, D, Smith S ss, L. Lewis. M. Douglass, R, Harden, H. Scar- M??.Z?i,..2,, if If . Wa Ll. . , AN L karlzxi L3 odn w, . I Ringler, B. Hess, I, Gordon, A. Stimely G. Brown, C, Spooler, M. Groves, B. I . , lxgl I RlOW-C. Nusa-, A. Linclamood, M. Nose D I X My . Taylor. S AOND ROW-B. L. Rice, B. Dola, R. Everly .'Alee, D. Sansbury, L. Lewis, D. Bennett. D. lliner X . innirlss, R. Gr:-ise, G. Frantz, N, Coleman . I hn. I HIRD ROW-I'l. Pulfinberger, G. lines, D. Gehauf OX Sweilzer, B. Hook, Wilson, M. Wrxlfrvrcl I kB.'True, K. Williams, M. Bageanl, V. Day. R, Rhoe I, itchell, C. Wilsoii. li FOURTH ROW-R. Armbruster. C. Mahaney, I Sherry, W. Norris, F. Pfeiffer, Zembower, R. Sharer L. Minke, P. Weaver, C. Cnuter, Keszrker. l FIFTH ROW-L. Cox, R. Meister, V. Mummert C, Taylor, B. Gosbhe, Scarlett, R. lVIClVlullen, K Hansel, C. Rensrhel, D. Ilnistot, P. Burlvy, W I Mc'Collisler. X HXXA . , J dk - . ,x ij J . . n X' 1- 'I A W X, f 'J 4 J S' ' I 5 1 ' .' - V , 1 'v ' r 1 4' I ff, I ll llll 1, f I J f' l ff, I 'jlfjlnfl JY, bi. x V' V , 4' 32 1 V' FIFTH ROVV-I. Malachowslci, A. Davis, D. Web- THIRD ROW-I. Rice, M. Dolly, S. Bible. P, M. L. Campbell, E. Leighty, M. Reuschel, M, Paxton, 'ei 9 ill. Chaney, R. llamillon, ll. Wig- STANDING-M. Douglass, Treasurer: I. Everett, Vice-President. SEATED-D. Coleman, Secretary: P. Sul- livan, President. SERGEANTS The firm dependability of the Iunior class was revealed through its various activi- ties in all phases of school life. I The year began with the installation of the class officers: Palmer Sullivan, presidentg Irene Everett, vice-presidentg Dorothy Coleman, secretaryg and Marie Douglass, treasurer, and the election of a capable advisor, Miss Winifred Potts. Sacrificing the usual elaborate Iunior-Senior Prom in December because of the war, the class staged an informal Victory Sport Dance in March that proved to be a successful substitute. Measurements for class rings were taken early in the fall bu e students grew very impatient before they were delivered in February. To further the War effort, ictory Corps was organized and the Iuniors participated in it with sincere and lasting t si sm. Clirnaxing their eventful year with a farewell assembly to the senior class, e u , in the opinion of all deserved their promotion to . the rank of sergeants in Fort i ' nd old army. ! A L',7'VL2f"'f! ., .. 0 SA., ,,4.a.aZbd2 FIRST ROW-D. Dailey, Kilrov. I. Hinkle, M. Dom, O, Sommerkamp. I. Exerett, R, E. Dayton, D. Hoffman. M. McCabe. A. L. Thomas, H. Blaker. R. Martin. SECOND ROW-M. Edwards. E. Newlen, M. E. Mulvey, M. I. Ervin M. Brown. M. Burgess. B. Davis. I Smith, I. Miller, V. Owens, R. A Scott, L. Hanks. THIRD ROW-L. Shriver. M. A. Getz- andanner, B. Miller. I. Wilson. E, Lech- Iiter, C, B. Largent, A. Simons, Cor- rick, K. Yankee, C. Alderton, N. Moss E. Brookley. FOURTH ROW-G. Maiamphy. P, Sullivan. D. Wright, E. Whitman, R Tomsko, I... Norris, W. Cook, D. S Buser. C. True, L. Long. FIFTH ROW-K. Gornall, I. Mayo E. Ferguson, I. Mellon, R. Lueck, E, Crites. W. Wolford. SIXTH ROW-C. Breakall, L, Brink- man, W. Burkett, W. Taylor. H. Bridges, D. Roach, R. Kreiger. W Squires. 33 .Raalzlaldnrcttn ,T. jhiplzy. M. Shulezf f SECOND ROW-M. Sharretts, Berlcenbaugh, L. Borst, Rush- cf--, It , , , .if .ff . A 1 - , . . 2 PICTURE UPPER' LEFTI , .- lah- l IPICTLIRE. TOP RIGPITI JRST ROWMAM., Harmon, I. Brantjk. Houser,TH.' Dtrketx. T. EL sock, R. Ffycumf E. Ironsw B. Applegare, W. Thrasher. 'V. Swiek. SECOND 'ROW-V. Bell. E. I B. Duncan, D.KCessr1a. I, . Wilson, B. Trszxleff N. 'Cage' E. Partleton. T. fiantz, I. Ligtlef Q. Davis, II. Molhlari, C. Grimes. ker, W. Freeland' I.. Creegan, HIRD ROW B Bryant. KI. . Michael. S. Flztcher, H1 Potts, .Cf-iaze. V ' FDuRTH.ROVV--"R.'K1n1e, N. . Heavencr, I. 'Merlensi D. Fra Dyer. 5173 UU1 IPICTLIREH LOWER LEFTI . FIRST ROW-S. Saunders, B. Slonakerp Hudson. H. Wilson, 'E'. Street, R. Smeltzer. M. Springer, N. Itartsock. B. L. Frame, N. Shewhridge, L. Camplgell, 'Dx Miller. ,' ton, B. Borst, T.,le, C. Maltinglyl R. Crabtree, D. Nehring. I. McKay VV. Dufh , N. Smith. B. Owens. TI-IIRL ROW-B? Frantz. D. McLeaf, G. Roby, M. Gianey. B. Adams, A. Vassalln. M. Hunter. V.' Bennett, D. Baker, S. Stemple, E. Bloss, G. Rice, Barnhart, B. Beal. FOURTH ROW-V. Lippold, E. Nixon, G. Bartik, R. Weber C. Maekerith. E. DuVall, E. Alderton, R. Carnerl F. Constabl. E. Williams. P. Thrasher, I. Berkenbaugh. E. Twigg, P. Labor. FIFTH ROW-D. Powell. N. Furstenhurg, R. Grant. P. Schel. L. Brown, Thompson, Mallo::i, W. Buser, L. Adams, R. Ca e. R. Iohnston. SIXTH ROW--R, Smith. W. Settles, R. Storer, I. Davis, G. enhauser, W, Spangler, Du' Ilnurner, R. McCoy, D. Hough, C. I. Parker, G. Gross, Grahenstvin. Rice. W, Stein, N., WallyL'rI.' k FIRST ROW-L. Baker, B. Porter, Herbaugh, R. Henley Herring. M. L. Cage, B. Athey,v.R. Wilspp, B. Lawrence, I. Str-ck jman, I. McCall, N. Bucy. D. Stallinvg. , , , SECOND ROW-I. Smith, H. Hamilton, E. Berry, D. Gilpin f M. Wilson, F. Brotemarkle, B. Snelling, W. Myers, N. Linn, ' I. Wigfield, I. Hare. C. Burger, T. Arhogast, G. Slonaker. ' THIRD ROW-E. Inner. L. Aronhalt, B. Giles. R. Squires T Evans, I. Busy. E. Boone, D. Iewell, D. R. Bolinger. R. Dickerhoof. . FOURTH ROW-B. Pullin, A. Twigg, D. Ware, T. Larry. H. Potts: R. McCreary, P. Foltz, B. Beck. G. Gillum, Pevintr, Rellerze, B. Ritzer. FIFTH ROW-HL. Marti, C. Hammond, Statler, D. Wilson N. Duvall, E. Rhino, Eatrides, Iacohs, . Kinser, V. Mayhew T. Shelley, K. Willard, U. McGill. 1 IPICTURE BOTTOM'RIGHTJ FIRST ROW-I-I. McCarthy, G. Humhertson, B. Burner, R. McKin ley, E. Golden, H. Wagiis, D. Grimminger, Myers. B. Leutert B. Weaver. M, Carlint. D. Smith, E. Sommerlatt. SECOND ROW-M. Brown, A. Davy, S. Sapp. H. Ilaniilton G. Appel, D. Hare, F. Hasenhuhler, L. Radcliffe, L. Otts, C. Statler B. Pittman, T. Stevenson, M. Kriglein, B. Logue. I THIRD ROW-R. Crawford, W. True, D. Lease, D. Cook, B Cessna, T. Nazelrocl, V. Harclinger, M. Rice. B. Shelly, R. Miller I. Smith, R. Wleinier. . , ,,., ,,. Haines, F Whiterrian ' Durbin, B S. Gersun ,Chnl The Sophomore regiment b light this year led by this class elected the class presidenty McGill was elected f a result of the War? into the lime- school year Whiteman is the otifixe ot vice-president: Donald Ray Lapp lggosition of treasurer. een The class chose as its genial General, Mr. Benna. Is this trend toward men The social side of their training was taken care of by a class party on March 19, but the sophomore recruits have not spent all their time in fun and frolic for back of their smiles of surprise derived from new experiences. 34 A r STANDING-QR. Lapp, Treasurer. man. President. i SEATHDK-D. McGill, Secretary: YD. White- ' NQllf'PlCTllRED-D, Martin, Vice-President. r wolf it 'W ,, -fi .-J I E 4' ig TLJ 'J , L 8 R , of ,J - . X " as ' ,--1-ff? ,N . Q- H5 -. , ' - if ' 7- 5 TTT f,.,f'yx' I CORPORALS , '- 'N' . , ' 1 -- 4 there is la note of sincerity in their attempts fo fulfill the responsibilities of becoming upper-classmen. . , " They certainly trounced the Iuniors and Seniors good 'and hard when they emerged the victors of the annual play tournament. AIS cxfreward for outstanding achievement the cast was invited to present .the winning play 4 I Wg 'to the students of Allegany High School. an L - Come on, Corporals! Fill the ranks left vacant for you! We know you will not mar the footprints' left behind. T ' i ' ' B tial.: .a Q V-L '. f 5 lf- f V ful Q AM T My 't wg v.. been -f w at . r M 'KW' T , xxx' " M I 'R i' ie., , y .. , NX 5 x . I ,5 M FIRST ROW-L, Clark, H. Riley, L. Hager, ' B. Hicks, T. Samuels, R. Beard, D. Chase. R. Rieter. B. Brehm, D. Ziler, D. Twigg, V Sheetz. I. Radcliffe, SECOND RCJW-M. Hunter, S. Brown, R. E. Rice. M. L. Sanner. F. Schmier, R. Yeager, l... House, B. Iewell. D. Mason, W. Phares, Alvero, P. Malamphy. THIRD RONV-D. Mcl.eaf, G. Roby, B. Adams, A. Vassallo, M. Chaney, D. Miller. I. Barnhart. M. Stemple, P. Bloss, G. Rice. B. Frantz. M. Sharretts, B. Beal, D. Baker. FOURTH ROW-V. Strieby. N, Cole, V. . Bennett, D. Hire, G. Malamphy, W. Golds- horough. E, Eyler. F. Miller. I. Lane. E. Swartz. R. Allen. N, Sensabaugh. R. Puffin- burger. LTOP PICTUREJ Ig- Q, FIRST ROW-M. Shook, R. True. V. Weaver, C. BuT'ley, . VVT-iiternan, E. Wolfington, D. M. Bird, I. Roby, R. Rinehart T. Crow, L. V. George, V. L. Sitlig, M. Twigg, D. Everett, P.' urley, I. Moler, E. Pinault, B. Linn, B. May, A. Malamphy C. Martin, M. Clark, B. Clopper, M. Randall. SECOND ROW-D. Nicholas, M. Twigg, P. Walker, C. Yeager, A. Mease, D. McCullough, N. Mock, E. Wallis, W. Par icing' S. Burke, P. Golden, A. Nixon, S. Britt, V. Iewell, E. Appel. Yeargan, R. Iohnson, B. Lee, D. Crawford, D. Day . Stafford, G. Hannes, M. Arve. B. Shell. THIRD ROW-M. Bishop. A. Bittinger. G. Sensahaugh, L. Mason, R. Ketzner, D. Iones, K. Rowan. C. Bosley, G. Snyder K. M. A. Ginnniman, D. Perdew. FOURTH ROW-P. Sfimely S. Turner. B. Van Pelt, B. Benson. fi. Luthkie. L. Ash, C. M. Thomas. FIFTH ROWHM. Carner. M. L. O. Swayne, G. Hendrix, E. Gillum, C. B. 9 Norris, D. Sheetz, G. Pi Spooler, A. Rice, B. Davis, C. McFarland, H. Deneen, E. Miller, B. Anderson. N. Mintdrop, E. Stickley, E. Stuby. D. Darsh . E. Bowman, D. McDonald, M. Nield. I. Valentine, I. Walker, N. Lewis, R. Lechliter P. Keller, B. L. Kight, E. Wilson, M. Frey, M. Langley, D. Van Pelt, D. Smith, N. Avers M. Ca e, I. Davis. erce, R. Forman, E. Whisner. L. Riggleman, I. Hockman, W. Tomsko Mulvey, T. Davis, R. Martin, T. Greise, L. Ambrose, B. Clem, L. Cage, L. Boyer P. Sunderlin, B. Bucklew, Watt. B. E. Stafford. D. Lloyd, R. Nycum. N. Daugherty, B. Dermer, SEVENTH ROW-M. Rudy, B. Smith, M. House, B. Dunithan, G. Thompson, E. Wright, Brant, B. Murray, V. Brown. M. Wagus, D. Q BOTTOM PICTURE J FIRST ROW-W. Hiner, F. Light, R. L. Ringler. I. Divico. I. Baumgardner, P. Iudy, man, B. Mullenax, I.. Dickerhoof. C. Curry. E. A. SECOND ROW-L. Statler, R. Rhodes. D. M. Barnes. I. Robinette, R. Maphis, P. Burns. H. Crews. THIRD ROW-G. Lewis, I. Maphis. W. SIXTH ROW-I. Hamilton, D. Smith, M. P. Miller, D. L. Tipton, R. Mulvey, E. Williams, V. Robertson, M. Brant, A. Patterson Myers, N. Nycum. Easton, D. Thrasher, Lane, N. Lewis, E. Davy, K. Brown, Folk D. Pryor. D. Brant, M. Walsh, A. Murray, N. Hook, W. Hook Michaels, C. Dolan. Griffith, M. P. Barnhart, Brinkman, B. Price, R. Sta K. Kohler, D. Smith, C. Ienkins, P. Davis, R. Whetsell, P. Hockman, P. Trout fford. B. Robertson, D. Wilson, F. Partlcton, H. Parker, Mertons Hire, R. Labor, T. Kubosky, H. Mahaney, G. Mahaney,-P. Cook, A. Hoffman H. May, E. Davis, I. House, D. Rohinette, I. Reuschel, C. Arnold, I. Brown O'Neil, L. Heavner, D. Catanese, B. Sneathen. P. Wilson, C. Shadwell. H Knieriem, R. Clay, F. Richards, R. Baker, I. Bird, I. Fultineer, I. Bolyard. S. Hare. B. Clark, W. Newell. W. Lakin, B. Kerns R. Crabtree. FOURTH ROW-R. Pollack, Ritter, L. Decker, D. Welsh, R. Fernihough, V. Hare, W. Hillegass, L. Campbell, S. Iames K. Twigg, R. Martin. B. Hudson, A. Rice, W. Thomas, G. Berger. V. Nixon. K. Valentine, V. Bell, I. Ienkins, H. Bishop, R Heisey. O. Turner, R. Groves. FIFTH ROW-B. Price, W. Sewers, Kerns, G. Keady, C. Wingfield. R. Fredmond, Yost, A. Berkman, A. Bosley l. Orndorff, W. McKenzie. R. Leasure, A. Fisher, I. Layman, D. Fisher, R. Taylor, E. Robinson, H. Brown, D. Wageley. R. Al derton. R. Goshorn, W. Walker. SIXTH ROW-H. Saville, I. Scott, R. White. I. Mangus. A. Sidaway, A. Shaffer, I. Voorhees, F. Davis. I. Hinkle T. Morrison, Ziler, E. Bailey, R. Merritt, E. Graggs, B. Atkinson, R. Engle, Bennett, D. W. Keefer. R. Knipple. SEVENTH ROW-I. Zemhower, K. McCarty, Lewis, R. Hazelrod, Crites, W. Brotemarkle, R. Popp, K. Crippen C. Benson, C. Growden, B. Castleman, F. Moss. R. Lewis, P. Eaton. M. LaGratta, V. Bohr, C. Gross, R. Hudson, D. Hoyle W. McBride, C. Rice, P. Gross, R. Humhertson, K. Iames, M. O'Neal, D. Harmon, Hunter. PRIVATES FIRST CLASS 36 1 0m ,llama Rall THEY ALSO SERVE KENNETH BRIDGES IAMES CORRICK EARL DAVIS GEORGE EVANS WILLIAM FLORA HARVEY GOLDEN KENNETH GORNELL 1942 - 1943 IAMES IULIANO FORREST KARR GEORGE KIRBY ROBERT MARTIN FRANK MCCEARY IOSEPH WILSON ROBERT YOUNGBLOOD 37 f Ease , .f 3' I' W " I 'W K 5. M l 1-u i 59? ,ff - ' " "w 53:5 4,1 X "WY x I , ff' Nj mmm tl 0 1 XX ll N 1 A' ' A N f 3 A .f A A Nxix 1, NNW 'ADW IOHN WEBER, "Sabre" Editor MISS DOROTHY S'l'URDlVAN'I', Faculty Advihur Aff ' ' 'K' , I ----.......-.,,. N Di 5 5. X f We eamfaile 7fxe Recafwfa Beginning soon after school started, the Sabre staff, acting in the capacity of scribes, with Iohn Weber as editor-in-chief, Stanley Hamilton, Ir. associate editor and Miss Dor- othy Sturdivant, the new advisor, made planstor the 1943 yearbook. Knowing the world situation, they decided to style this annual in a military trend. Research was done and when they had a definite idea of what they Wanted, they pre- sented it to the art editor, Robert Curry, who submitted some very well-drawn scenes. Photographs had to be taken, so Iohn Weber and Robert Curry working in conjunc- tion with Mr. Robert Goldfine, photographed all school instructors, students, organiha- tions, and other intra-mural activities. After the photographs had been taken they had to be mounted and that task was done by those working on layout. All during this time advertising manager, Nora Lee Burns, aided by Mr. Walter Boone, financial adviser, was busy with her staff selling ads for the yearbook. All literary work was under the supervision of Margaret Statler, literary editor. Sports editors, William Brant and Ruth Martin, by working together, presented a vivid pic- ture of the sporting activities. When the yearbook was near completion business manager, Edith Mahaney, staged an elaborate advertising campaign to sell the Sabre. Again, the art editor was called to work to design artistic posters, which he did quite well. Under Edith's guidance the Sabre sales were very satisfactory. Iahn and Ollier, the engravers, requested that all photographs be finished and sent to them by March 15. Under Iohnny's supervision all panels were completed and mailed to them. All printed matter had to be at the printers, Weigel and Barber, Inc., by April 1. Mar- garet Statler and her literary staff, after much thought, presented to the editor-in-chief all literary work with the military keynote evident. The junior staff worked in close cooperation with the seniors to produce this annual. They deserve much credit for their tireless efforts in securing ads and on literary work. Thus, they have gained priceless experience to use next year when they will be the scribes of this school. THE STAFF EDITOR-IN-CHIEF ,.,,,,., ,.,.,,,,,,.,,,,,-,,,,,,-,,,,,,.-,-,,,,, Q ,,,,,,,,4,.,,,,.,,.,,,,, I OHN WEBER ASSOCIATE EDITOR ........ ,,,,,..,,,,,.,,,,,,,..,,.,.,,,,,,.,,,, S TANLEY HAMILTON, IR. BUSINESS MANAGER ..,,..,,,..,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,.,,,,,,.,..,.,,,,,,,,,, E DITH MAHANEY ASSISTANT BUSINESS MANAGER ....... ....................,.. H ARTLEY WIGFIELD PHOTOGRAPHY EDITORS .............. ..... R OBERT CURRY, IOHN WEBER ART EDITOR ....................... ................................ R OBERT CURRY ADVERTISING MANAGER ,,,,,,. ,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, N ORA LEE BURNS LITERARY EDITOR .............. .,.......,............... M ARGARET STATLER SPORTS EDITORS .....,...... ..... W ILLIAM BRANT, RUTH MARTIN LAYOUT ................................................................ AUSTIN TWIGG, RQBERT CURRY STANLEY HAMILTON, HARRY ADAMS SENIOR STAFF-ADVERTISING-Irene Wolford, Mary Iolley, Catherine Kaiser, Louella Reed, Richard Golden. LITERARY-Arlene Chen, Patty Kime, Violet Hansrote. IUNIOR STAFF-ADVERTISING-Ann Britt, Marie Brown, Marjorie Dolly, Esther Newlon, Betty Nicola, Wanda Lee Steele. LITERARY-Eunice Brookley, Virginia Owens, Ruth Ann Scott, Ioy Wilson, Harry Adams. TYPISTS-Edith Mahaney, Louella Reed, Mary Iolly, Catherine Kaiser, Irene Wolford, Nora Lee Burns. 41 iw Maw -me MM-- STANDING-'Ann Britt, lamcs Matt. President of SEATED-Shirley Fuller, Patricia Lynch, Lois Hanks. THE SENATE The Senate, or the upper house of the Student Council, is patterned directly after the Senate of our United States government. Miss Margaret Hamilton established this demo- cratic system. This year the entire Student Council has been taken over by the 'Social Studies Department of the school. The Senate is composed of seven student members elected by the upperclassmen at the end of the previous school year. The four seniors fill the offices of the president, secre- tary of traffic, the secretary of industry, and the secretary of social affairs. The duties of vice-president, secretary, and treasurer are performed by the juniors. The officers are: Iames Matt, president, Shirley Fuller, department of industry, Robert Hook, department of traffic, Patricia Lynch, department of social activities, Lois Hanks, vice-president, Virginia Owens, secretary, and Ann Britt, treasurer. Efficient and capable advisers, all the teachers of the Social Studies Department, direct the Council. Mr. Morris heads the system with Miss Enfield in charge of monitors, Miss Myers. honor roll, and Miss Ford, ushers. 42 THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES Democracy in Fort Hill is carried out by the Student Council. This organization has introduced and prepared the students for the ideas and principles of self-government and liberty and has prepared them to live in a democracy. The members of the legislative body, the House of Representatives, were chosen by the homerooms near the begin: ing of the second semester, one representative from each room and an alternate. Regular weekly meetings are held Where the problems of class- mates are brought to the attention of the Council and discussed by all those present at the meetings. After discussion the results are reported to each homeroom. The first activity carried out by the Student Council was the publicity and printing of programs for the an- nual Fort Hill-Allegany Turkey Day game. The election of the May Queen and her court was held under the supervision of the Council, during the middle of March. The last project sponsored by the Student Council was the election of officers for the coming school year. FRONT-Iames Matt, President. FIRST ROW-C. Dolan, S. Nickles. I. Lane. W. T H. Saville, T. Smith. SECOND ROVV-H. Stewart. C. Chalkley, E. M R. Kifer, I. Coleman. S. Burke. P. DeHaven. THIRD ROW-N. Hansel. M. Nuse. A. I M. L. Sanner. L. Swayne. S. O'Nei1. Brown, I. Reed. I. Dlvxco. R. Duck. FIFTH ROW-K. Hensel, . raw or I Goodrich. M. Hutson, H. LeFew, G. Hanger. SIXTH ROW-R. Leasurz. R. Dickerh f Ketterman, I. Easton, C. Hudson. FOURTH ROW-M. I. Ervin, L. Creegan C C I d 43 BOYS, GLEE CLUB The Tenor sounded the call to arms and the Boys' Glee Club, armed with the strong weapon of music-a morale builder, went for- ward to a successful year. Under the direction of Miss Dorothy Sebree, the singers gave impressive perform- ances during the annual Christmas assembly and during the Easter program. They also achieved complimentary notice at the City Music Festival in March, a new activity spon- sored by Fort Hill and Allegany to supple- ment the county Festival which was called off. The officers of this organization were presi- dent, Eugene Mayhewg vice-president, Robert Hook, secretary, Stanford Zollner, treasurer, Ray Lapp. Miss Doruth 0 rcc. . ,urr , ' England. Smith, VV. Folry, Wcb Cr, R. Lapp, Martirii. R. llook, SEATED-V. Slrichy, llehner, Mis D. Scbrcr. C. Largcnt. V. Shcctz. M Curry. W, L. liaincs. L. Nlorgan, I bmith, M. Brown, M. Dorn, SECOND ROVV-A. Twigg, R. Hook app, R. Curry, Wehrr, T. Samuels . Zollncr. D. Arnold, VV. lfolcy. THIRD ROW-D. Craze, D. Twigg lt. Parlrton. M. llinklc, M, Markle W. L Stcclc. A. Britt. G. Applc, A Simons, E, Smith, Vt Gruvcs, B Zcrnhowcr l L S . oft -. v, xy! ,vxvvg . 1 . . by-.X l A f,4PPELrx4,QGg1-1531519-U3 ' March forward willy?-bilge! Thusgrl goes the A Cappella Choir, composed of the best voices of the school. This year the choir has marched still farther. Again, it has had the hong' of singing at the State Convention of the Mary- land Federation of Music Clubs. In this event, the group has received a "superior rating"- the height of achievement, for four years. Dur- ing the Yuletide festivities the choir sang at various local churches. It has also appeared on W. T. B. O. broadcasts, at the Girls' Hi-Y Banquet, at the Lions Club, and in the Cum- berland Spring Music Festival. The officers of this lyrical group are: president, Margery Hinkleg vice-president, Marilyn Markel, and secretary, Eugene Mayhew. Wwff Q y 5 h R C y F bamucl:-, Mayhew. S. Zollncr. W lfcrnihough, R. Reiter. D. Arnold. L L. England. I. Martini, E. Mayhew, R W Nm xii l Xl 1 ll X xo l A ,Q .F w rl' PA X' get ,lxjs-. 5 Eaauf Um Meade With S' ' GIRLS' GLEE CLUB The Girls' Glee Club is directed by Miss Dorothy Sebree. It consists of girls' voices from the tenth, eleventh and twelfth grades. This organization gives the girls an opportunity to acquire extra vocal training. Those songs sung in the Glee Club this year are: "Were You There?" "Cornish May Song," "When Iohnny Comes Marching Home" and a "Prayer for Peace." The Glee Club meets three times a week and there are approximately forty members in the organization. This club has existed since the school be- gan, and represents some of the best female voices in the student body. FIRST ROVV-E, I. Smith, D. Smith, M. Dom, L. Morgan. C. Largcanl, A. Simmons. M. Ilmklc. V. Striehy, D. Craze, Radmllff, S. Brown, D. Txxlgg. SECOND ROW-Miss Sehrec. NI. L. Sanncr, I.. Clark. B. flare. D. Vxfanl, V. Shcetz. M. Markel. D. Cchauf, ll. Hamilton, B. Hicks. I.. Hager, IT. Mc- Farland, M. Switzcrf B. Zcmhowrr. THIRD RO -M., rown, N. Cole. E. Parlc on, F NSchtfier,' . Apple, W, L. Steclg, W. Hai s V, Groves, D. 3 Bla er. . Piik , H., Blakcr W. Mo e . Curry. j If ' r . ..f f , . . , ' I 1 W fr Qi , ,J l ry 1 . fy 'Ll , ! f 1 " 1 1 f 1 f f' fy FIRST ROW-R. Breche, C. Chalk- lcy, Walter House, C. Mcfford, Emerick, SECOND ROW-R. Rodenhauscr. F. C, I-lammaker, l'I, Spiker, P. Golden, A. Nixon, C. Martin, Cv. Weaver, R. Richards, TIIIRD ROVV-D. Marker, S. Keller, I. Curl. D. Alkire. M. Robin-lon. E. Brant, N. Fisher, S. Hansrotc, P. Har- baugh, B. Slagle, E. Watson. S. I. Stang. S. Sansburv. T. Allen, C. Bar- rmger, Miss Scbree, FOURTH ROW-'l'. Crowden, Swayne. A. I.. Park, Ii. Bury, R. Thompson. A. Allee. C. Molcr, V. lcwcll, S Britt F Ll hr R Hciscv M Twiqq, - . - Q- - 4 .. B. Young, L. Allendcr, M. Myers. JUNIOR GLEE CLUB Every good soldier must first go through a period of training before he sees action. The "training camp" for the senior glee clubs and the A Cappella Choir is the Iunior Glee Club. The membership is made up of boys and girls from grades seven, eight and nine. The first exercises practiced are in unison singing. Later they drill in part harmony and soon their soprano, alto, tenor, and bass voices blend together in perfect harmony. Miss Dorothy Sebree, the top sergeant, is as- sisted by president, Sue Brittg vice-president, Charlotte Barringerg treasurer, lack Paupeg secretary, Dorothy Marker and librarian, Rolo- ert Heisey. ,I til FIRST ROW-R. Hilleary, H. Wigfield, R. McMullen, L. Shriver, N. Davis, D. Harc, P. Foltz, B. Brown, W. Lovenstcii q ant. l. Minniclcs, Molcr, Ringlvr. W. Foley. SECOND ROW-R. Merritt, B. May, R. Tomsko, N. Cole, Wrbcr, M. Rinltcr, W. Dillon, R. Reiter. D. Cessna, N. S th Pivrcc. E. Brant, W. Rider, L. Shcefz, D. Icwell. THIRD ROW-VV. Evans, Parsy, N. Scnsahaugh, W. Sctllc, D. llcllcr, L. fingland, W. Frcclancl. P. Gross, Kvzs lx llmrpc. W. Evans. FOURTII RCJW-W. Clarltc. V. Bcall, G. Mulsbury, T. Smith, R. Storcr, Dyer, W. Goldsboro, C. Maluancy, L. Ni hl Lim, R. Pomeroy. THE FORT HILL BAND The stirring notes of our national anthem at the beginning of each football game fill every student of Fort Hill with pride for this great country and for the band of Fort Hill. This year besides appearing at home football games and playing for assembly pro- grams, part of the organization known as the Pep Band played at basketball games. The band participated in the Armistice Day Parade, played at Allegany High School With the Federation of Music Club, and presented a concert at the B. 6. O. Y. M. C. A. This year only Allegany and Fort Hill participated in the Spring Music Festival, because of war- time transportation difficulties. The band, under the direction of Miss Pearl Garbrick, consists of forty pieces in- cluding clarinets, trumpets, tubas, baritone horns, French horns, a drum, trombones, saxo- phones, and the bell-lyra. The members are very proud of their shiny, new White drum, purchased this year. Also included in the band are the drum major, the four color bearers, the majorettes, and twenty-one flag twirlers, who appeared at the Thanksgiving game and presented a very colorful background for the band. Band rehearsals are held before and after school only. Special credit should be given the clarinet trio Which practices at seven o'clock in the morning. Officers of the band are president, Iohn Weber, vice-president, William Evans: secre- tary, Neil Smith, and treasurer, William Dillon. 46 'Wray Paaaicfe 7fae 14ccam,p THE ORCHESTRA An orchestra is one of the most vital organizations of any school. It furnishes good music and entertainment for assembly programs and plays, and gives the students a chance to develop their talents as real muscians. The orchestra is made up of twenty pieces including violins, violas, clarinets, trumpets, French horns, saxophones, trombones and the piano, Which combine to produce harmonious melodies. Since an orchestra plays more classical music than a band, its members must produce a finer quality of tone. In the past three years the orchestra has been under tive instructors-Mr. Bowmann, Mr. Holtz, Mr. Klepter, Mrs. Mann and this year, Miss Garbrick, all of Whom have made remarkable progress considering the short time they have Worked With the organization. The orchestra practices twice a Week after school. That this is a democratic organi- zation is shown by its appearance in community programs. A concert was presented by the orchestra at the Grace Methodist Church, at the B 5: O. Y. M. C. A. and at the l..ion's Christmas dinner. One of the orchestra's most important local activities was broadcasting a program over WTBO. A highlight of the year Was its participation in the Spring Music Festival with the Allegany High School orchestra and the bands and glee clubs of both schools. FIRST ROW-R. Storrr, E. Mnlmnry, R. Rcitcr, R. lin-iscy, F. Rica li, lmclilitrr, I. Martini. SECOND ROVV-R. 'l'omsko, Vv'. Dillon, Miss Garlwrirk, Lnynmn, O. 'l'urnrr, K. Snyder, C. Malinnev, K, England, W. Cl lx L Pngland, D. Heller. THIRD ROVV-E. Dyer, W. Freeland. H, VVigfii'ld. 47 Awf K6 J!!! fi sf jf px' S - N sf X gif. N ss f kay. 3 XJX Owens, A. Chen. E. Engle, Edwards. in' M. I, Ervin, M. Douglass. roy, M. Statler. Lv. Wentlmg. 0144225 '0 Order of the day: llssued from the offices of President Margaret Statler and Adviser Miss Gerardine Pritchardl. Report to room 122 every Friday at 12:00 for your Choral Speak- ing Choir rehearsal. The choir this year has Worked industriously to improve its choric speech and has attained its goal. They participated in the patriotic pageant If He Could Speak, which was given as a part of the observance of National Education Week. The other leaders of this regiment of dramatic forces at Fort Hill are Evangeline Engle, secretary, and Mary lane Ervin, treasurer Who, with the members, deserve con- gratulations for their fine achievements. Much credit is due the Fort Hill Players for keeping up the morale of the school and community during the past year. This group, under the direction of Miss Gerardine Pritchard, is organized to further drama appreciation within the school. Predominant among their activities are the May Day program and the annual one-act play tournament. On December ll, 1942, the club presented Spring Fever, a three-act comedy. From the proceeds of the presentation, the Players contributed to the Stage Door Canteen Fund. This army of dramatic soldiers, sponsored a book collection for the fighting forces. They also presented patriotic programs over the public address system. This organization, comprised of juniors and seniors, has as its officers: president, Vio- let Hansroteg vice-president, Stanley Hamilton, secretary, Margaret Statler, treasurer, Ioy Wilson. The National Thespian Troupe Number 230, armed With the great knowledge and ability needed to follow the dramatic art, and commanded by Miss Gerardine Pritchard, their adviser, and Betty Shaffer, their president, this year shot off one of the loudest can- nons of dramatics ever sounded at Fort Hill! 48 xt ' I , QA-VQ FIRST ROW-A. L. Thomas, V. SECOND ROW-R, A. Scott. L. Hanks, Wilsori, M. Campbell, M, THlRD ROW-D, Coleman, Hinkle, FOURTH ROWjC. Alderton, C. Kil- STANDINGAVIGIQI Ilansmte. FIRST ROVV-lI.cIt rn Riglitl-R. Tonislto, I. Wilsnii. M. Stalls-r. N. Harger, F. Karr, 'l'. Stallings. S. Ilainillon. V RSECOND RUYV-D. Daily, Ilinlxle, ll. Randall, ll. Iingle, A. Clirn, H. Shaffer, P, Denevn, M. Kast-rmnp. '. eicl. THIRD ROVV-I. Ringlvr. M. Douglas, C. Kilroy, I.. Hanks, A. Thmnas, R. Scott, V. Owcns, A. Osborne, D. Brown, G. Schaid, E. Brookley. W. 'I'avloi'. FOURTH ROW-D. Coleman. M. Camplwll, R. Newcmnlw, M, Mrflabc. D. llnffman, M. I. lfrxin, B. Nicola. M. Pfeiffer, Newberry, li. Patterson, B. llansrnlc. M. lfclwartls. FIFTII RUVV-N. llansrl, R. lf. Driytnn. I, Kilrny, M. 'I'wigg, P. Graham, II. Broulcs, E. Rinkcr, C. Alderlon, G, .M-1z.e.,02 ' was The two foremost activities were the matinee three-act production, Mr. and Mrs, America, and their celebration of National Drama Week, February 7-14. The officers of the company, besides the commander-in-chief, include Violet Hans- rote, secretary, and Stanley Hamilton, treasurer. We give ratings of "Expert CS. G.l" to our own Fort Hill Thespians, the only troupe in the state of Maryland! YVentling, Ii. Dolan. FIRST ROW-lI.eft tn Riglitl-I. Wilson, I.. llnnles, R. Dayton, A. Clif-n, V, llansrotr, P. Denef-n, C, Srharlv, B. Shaffer. SECOND ROW--G. Kilroy, N. Hansel, M. Pfiefler. li. Engle, G. VVQ-ntling, D. Brown, M. Edwards, M. Stallvr. THIRD ROW-ID. Coleman, M. Campbell, Hinkle, A. L. Thomas, M. Ervin, M. Douglas, Il. Rinlwr. C. Ald r . I?6ElnRTH ROW-S, Hamilton, T. Stallings, R, Tomsko, W. Price, N. Bargcr, F. Karr. JUNIOR PLA YERS The Iunior Players of our school constitute another regiment of dramatics. This group of freshmen and sophomores are under the di- rection of Miss Lillian Boughton and presided over by Norma Lee Cole. Their chief object throughout the year was to enable every member of the group to par- ticipate in some club production. Ianie, an adaptation from a magazine story, was pro- duced with both ninth and tenth grade casts taking part. The other officers are Betty May, vice- president, Sue Britt, secretary, and Lois Hager, treasurer. FIRST ROVV-B. Brown, P. MC Carty, C, Burke, Tliraslier, A Slianhnltz, B. Thonipson, IVI. Taylor, N, Evans, B. Mrclford, C, Wnlsnri I. Appel. SECOND ROVVE-B. Gulick, E. Twigg. V. Lloyd, N. Fisher, M Bagcant, D. Hrrtingvr, F, Cover, C. Iludsnn, C. True. li. Nixon, D Chase, THIRD ROVV-F. Srriabv. VV. Ilousc, limerick, C, Chalk. D Arnold. VanIVIctrr, R. Mnrrw I. Allvn. B. Linn. FIRST ROVV-S. Burke. A. Niv- on, L, Mriscyn, C. Boslcy, P. Keller, C. Martixi. V, lcwcll, S. Ilrltt, H. Linn, B, May. S. Sapp, I, Nlrlxr. If. l'inauI!, IVI, Twigg. SECOND ROW-B, I.. Knitc, M. L. Sanner, I.. Clark, L. Cage, I'I. Rllcv, B. lticks, L, Ilagsr, H. Pfeiffer, R, li. Rice, R. Yragcr, S, Browne, Rndrliflv, N. Colr. V. Strirhy. THIRD ROW-L. Divlwrlinnf, R. Iteisey. It. Saville, lf, Miller, If, Swarlz. If. Isncr, I. Lune, R. I-Iufflnhurqcr. LITTLE PLA YERS There exists in the Iunior High School an organization that is quite familiar to many of us, the Little Players. This active group, under the guidance of Miss Clay Adams, is striving to further their study ot dramatics so that in the future they might be able to participate in the Senior High dramatic projects. Directed by officers Richard Morris, Mich- ael Taylor, Sue Swayne, and Esther Twigg. the club has studied the technique of radio broadcasting and the use of the school pub- lic address system. This was followed by the preparation and presentation of a script by the members of the club. E :U CD '-l so C l I" N 2 5' EF' Q, E' l Z 0 O F own.:- Em ' 5' -'Umm O-7: Z2 ,Umm I E! g7U5UJ ,022 if E5 iff 23 mf' mn -U9 2: W film Sm 'lg- 33 3..'9 ' rr: QQ ' 6: T FEA E PT? ffm Patterson, D. Billmyer, L, Hanks. R. Newcomh, M. McCabe, D. Dailey, Kilroy, A. Thomas. THIRD ROW-I, Wilson. D. Cessna. M. L. Campbell. M. lrving, R. E. Dayton. G. Hum- bertson, V. Norris, G. Pickarcl. R. Martin. H Blaker. K, Ullery, B, Cox, W. Lnvensrein B. Shaffer. FOURTH ROW'-K. Gormer, l. Hinkle. B. Dolan, M. Grimm, V. Hansrote. G. Kilroy, R. Adams, S. Fuller. M. Pfeiffer, M. Statler, P. Lynrh L. Creegan. 70 .Za Quai--0144 Maiia GIRLS' HI-Y The Girls Hi-Y represents clean living and good habits in school and home life. There are fifty girls in this organization with Miss lane Gilchrist as advisor. Some of their activities were stationing girls in hos- pital rooms to cheer the sick and sponsoring a spring dance with the Boy's Hi-Y. One of the worthiest project was the collecting of food to prepare Thanksgiving baskets for the needy. The following girls were chosen as the officers: president, Eleanor Patterson: vice- president, Lois Hanksg secretary, Dorothy Bill- myerg treasurer, Marie Douglas. BOYS' HI-Y "Forward March!" With this command from president Kempton Markel, the Boys' Hi-Y marched forward to a victorious year. Their purpose "To create and extend throughout school and community high ideals of Christian character" constitutes an import- ant phase on the home front. Their activi- ties included a skating party in Ianuary, at- tendance at the annual "Y" Fellowship Ban- quet With the "Hi-Y's" of Allegany, the pur- chase of arm bands for members, printing "Turkey Day" programs in collaboration with Allegany's Hi-Y, and presentation of a War bond to the school. Other officers were Ray Fisher, vice-presi- dentg Wendell Boggs, secretaryg Iohn Weber, treasurer, and Mr. Hamill Kenny, advisor. SEATED-R. Schultz, R. McMillian. Matt, R. Currv. l, Weber, K. Markel, W. Boggs, R. Golden, E. Clark, E. Whiteman, G. Evans. SECOND ROW-E. Growden, P. Rofierap, E. Twiqg, H. Brant, R. Lapp, I, Martens, l. Pellerzi. B. Pitzer. l. Weaver, R. Kelly, D. MvGill. THIRD ROWMM. Orndorff, C. Reuurhgl, K, Hansel, D. Wright, W. Dillon. lenkins. B. Price. D. Chase, H, Chaney, T l . C I Al , FIRST ROW-W. Dyer. W. Freeland, R. Deter, M. Adams. M. Karns, G. Smith. P. Shatzer. SECOND ROW-B. Dolan. S. Oss, F. McDonald, M. Owens. Newberry, D. Mccormirlr, E. Butler. THIRD ROW-L. Rice, V. Arthur. M, A. Smith, M. Hardman, E. McCracken, R. Erivkson, M. Collins, li. Thompson, V. L. Rive, A. Thomas, G. ffipsley, M. Dyer, M. DnVall. l7OllR'l'll ROVV-V. Rive-, B. Hipsley. I. Shaffer, M. Paxton. V. Hardy. we., plan -me Mem SENIOR HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Our Senior Home Economics Club has certainly been contributing tre- mendously toward the War effort. This year We are hearing more and more about the activities of this Club. The girls practice sugarless recipes, try "meat stretchers" and even smash tin cans for the cafeteria in their spare time. The girls are doing Wonders under the efficient guidance of Miss Kremer. They have been filling baskets and making scrap books for children in the hospitals, day nurseries and clinics. It was this organization Which put over Nutrition Week at Fort Hill with such a bang! They are also learning to knit for the Red Cross and their one aim is to do good for their community and school. All Work and no play, however, make for anyone, a dull day, these girls are planning a picnic in the park, and a dance with the Bachelor's Club. They serve refreshments at every meeting and also present interesting pro- grams, along With playing games. The Senior Home Economics Club meet twice every month and the only requirements, girls, is to be taking home economics. The officers-President, Marion Hardmang Vice-President Elda McCrack- eng Secretary, Virginia Hardy, Treasurer, Stella Oss, Sentinel Reporter, Phyllis Shatzer. 52 gui 7444 Jfaae "Bail fund' BACHELOR'S CLUB The Bachelor's Club is one of the most unique and interesting organizations of the school. This group of boys, guided by Miss Hudson, has earned itself a favorable reputa- tion for their sincere study of the culinary arts. Their aims are to learn skillful housekeeping in order that they might live the carefree life of a bachelor or be able to keep house for wives Working in war factories. Under the di- rection of their officers, Kenneth Hensel, presi- dent, Francis Swain, treasurerg and Kenneth Koser, sergeant-at-arms, the boys have made such dishes as Welsh rarebit, chili, spaghetti, and at Christmas, holiday cookies were fea- tured. The "bachelors" pride themselves on a neat kitchen. We congratulate them on their fine achievements. SEATED C F Few, l... Pierce, R. Kelley, H, Boggs, STANDING C Hammaker. I. Brown, C. Reuschel. C. Mefforcl. C. Mahaney, G Allen Ha R cl h user, K. Hansel. 53 ws., aw 7fne 5.01.4 THE LIBRARY CLUB The Library Club, under the command of Miss Gertrude Ranck, librarian, Pearl Deneen, president, Georgia Pickard, vice- president, Imogene Ryan, secretary, and Iuanita Bugg, treas- urer, renders a vital service in a war-minded school. Members live up to their aim to help other students by speeding up li- brary service to give them more time tor more important tasks. Their second aim, a cultural one, is to learn as much as possible about books and reading. The sixty members, of which two-thirds are new, meet on the second Thursday of each month. They are assigned a special time to work during the Week and this service keeps the library running efficiently. Their chief duties consist of receiving, card- ing, shelving, and charging books. Other worthwhile activities are the mending of torn books, and the filing of magazines from year to year. FIRST ROW-B. Gulick, I. Ryan, H. Scarlett, P. Walker, D. Bird, G. Reed, I. Grimm, D. Chase. A. Ranck, A. Meace. D. Brinkman. D. Street. SECOND ROW-I. Anderson. M, A. Smith. H. Hamilton. D. Gehauf, V. L. Sittag. B. Zembower. B. Davis, Smith, I. Miller, B. Dolan, P. Emmart, C. Keiter. THIRD ROW'-D. Bittinger, M. Myers, M. Brown, H. Benford, B. Nicola. M. Cruthers, M. E. Thompson, I. Bugg, D. Bennett. M. Shanholtz. V. Weaver, E. Wolfington. FOURTH ROW-B. Henderson, E. Lewis, O. Ways, H. Brant, M. Burgess, Newberry F. Schmier. P. Deneen, George, D. Miller. M. ludy. FIFTH ROW-F. Winterstein. G. Mahaney, G. Keady. I. Wolford. N. L. Burns. A. Nixon. N. Bucy, C. Dolan. M. Paxton. C. Simms. SIXTH ROW-R. Lechliter, E. Appel, M. lolley. C. Kaiser. G. lzzett, G. Pickard, H. Blalcer, D. Blaker. W, Fernihough. 54 FIRST ROW-N. Hansel. ll. Kimc. A. Chen. R. Golden, M. Slatlrr. li. Kilroy, I. Wilstiri. OND ROVV-lf. McFarland. V. llansrolc, K. Gornler, M. llclwncr, li. Nldliancy, M. L. C, 5 C rvin, A. Simons. lllIl3D ROYV-li. Mayhew. ll. Sullixau. R. llouls. ill. Stallings, K. Mnrlicl. ll. Gcorgc. N01 PICTURED-john Wchcr'. ,M ww., fame 7fzem THE NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Culminating their scholastic career. twelve seniors and live juniors were awarded a coveted place in the National Honor Society, an organization with ideals so high that membership is attained by a small percentage of the senior class and only five juniors each year. On the whole, the group represents stu- dents who have excelled in scholarship, leadership, service, and character. The initiation, an impressive formal program, was conducted by the old members, Arlene Chen, Gladys Kilroy, Patty Kime, Richard Golden, and Margaret Statler, who clearly explained the four placques, scholarship, leadership, service, and char- acter to new members. In turn Paul George, Kathleen Gormer, Norma Hansel, Violet Hansrote, lane Hebner, Robert Hook, Edith Mahaney, Kempton Markel, Eugene Mayhew. Frances McFar- land, Thomas Stallings, and Arthur Iohn Weber, seniors and Martha Lee Campbell, Mary Iane Ervin, Annabel Simmons. Palmer Sullivan, and Ioy Wilson, juniors, placed their signatures on a roster which is kept in the school office. 55 . V.-M Ja FIRST ROW-R. Thompson. P. Keller. Miss Samms, H. Thompson. SECOND ROW-B. Owens, M. Owens. E. Ellis. l. Birds. P Shatzer. STANDING-T, Samuels. '7aZk NAM! Gam ART CLUB After We have won the War, the members oi this organization will be able to demonstrate their talents in beautitying a World at peace. Under the direction of Miss Samms, pupils from all grades meet for the purpose of exchanging ideas and methods, and to develop any abilities that might lead to a career. An important and very successful undertaking of the club is the painting of scenes on the front windows to commemorate holidays. Officers are President, Thomas Samuels: Vice-President, Eugene Ellis, and Secretary. Betty Owens. 56 THE MIMEOGRAPH CREW "Never praised and always blamed" should be the motto of the mimeo- graph crew, for, it ever a group of boys Worked and slaved tor the good ot the school Without being recognized by the student body, this is it. All bulle- tins or study sheets, special announcements and-perish the thought-all tests come by their hands. Made up of students from the commercial department, these boys are specially trained to do the best work possible in running oft the stencils so carefully prepared by the typing department. lust remind a mimeograph boy of Nutrition Week and his answer Will give you the key to the amount ot Work they can do, it necessary, in cr Week's time. K 14nJ!4wzn90uZm I. Buclcn. R. Kelly. l:. VVin1crstt'1x1. E Umwtlcu, P. Rmlvrap. K. Kosvr, R. Crabtrcc. W 57 7fr-eff Jfancfle Qoflfeigfn rqffabu THE LATIN CLUB With the roll of drums and the Waving of flags we introduce you to the Latin Club! President, Eunice Brookley, vice-president. Harwell Saville, secretary, Onieta Sommer- kamp, and treasurer, Mary Dom. Under the direction of Miss Edwena Kraus, this club is an effort to promote culture in a war-minded World. With great diligence, club members fol- low the actions of Yankee troops in a Latin magazine entitled "Auxilium Latinum." At the meetings, held every first and third Tuesday, the club sings "The Star Spangled Banner," "America," or some other patriotic song in Latin. Then a program is presented. consisting of a quiz skit, or report about the Latin language or Roman people. The only requirement for joining this club is that the applicant have some knowledge of Latin. Ifl-RSI' RUVV- tllrwil tu Bfulxl!-VV' Smith. l. Srliniltr. A. Rlulxur. 5hLOND ROVV-I. Molvr, Cf. Marlin. O. Sommcrlcamp, B. Milli-r. THIRD ROW'-V. L. Si i . D. Darsh, M. Carlmc . Dom F B lil rr. FOURTH ROW-E. Pinaulcf, E. G . M . .. foo cy. illum G. Pierce, M. Nlulvvy, E. Nr-xxlcn. VV. L. Sluclc. PSQPPSBWP2 Mm r..-.,.- i Q FIRST ROW-B. May. C. Martin. S. Britt. V. Iewell, Nloler, I. Lane, I. Thrasher, E. Watson, A. Mlxrray, M. Llze V. I.. Sittig. C. Burley. B. Whitenian. SECOND ROW-HN, Williams, I.. Nivkcls, F. Schmicr. C. Ringlcr, Davis. E. Twigg, F. Cover. S. I. Stang, P. Krllc W. Parsons. E. Daxy. I. Curl, C. Harringcr, D. Smith. THIRD ROW-ll. Marker, M. Iolms. P. Burlry, N. Avcr. D. 'llhrashen N. Decker, P. Goldcn. B. Anderson, 'l'. Allcr N. Fisher. Il. Gulick, B. L. Kight, A. Patterson, W. Tonlsko. '74-affine 0a '7f1e 040-me 440411 The Girls' League is one of the most altruistic clubs of our junior high school. Under the direction of Miss Mary Workman, it has had many successful accomplishments. This junior branch of the Girls' Hi-Y has as its purposes to produce a wholesome and happier school life for the girls of the seventh, eighth, and ninth gradesg to help better the con- ditions of the school gto promote school activitiesg and to assist others in school relationships. They perform these aims through their slogan, "To serve." The club commenced their activities this year by choos- ing new members. In order to become a member a candidate must have a high scholastic standing and must be chosen by a majority vote of the members. In October, they held an initia- tion, a very gay and hilarious event. At Thanksgiving and Christmas, these girls aided in the annual collection and dis- tribution of baskets for the needy. They celebrated the yuletide festivities by an exhilarating party. Other events which marked the successful year of the Girls' League were skating, bowling, swimming, hiking, and numerous social get-togethers. The officers of this organization which meets bi-monthly are: Betty May, president, Charlotte Berringer, vice-president, Elaine Cole, secretary, Audrey Nixon, treasurer, and Agnes Patterson, chaplain. 59 THE GIRLS' LEAGUE THE 'GSENTINELM SEATED--V. Hansrote, G. Kil Kime, A. Chen, W. Dillon. T. Samuels. ww, vez: wt we new "The News Shall Make Ye Free!" This is the slogan of the Sentinel, Fort Hi1l's first line of defense. Through- out the entire school year, the school paper has contributed to the morale ot the students in giving them news and amusement. It majors in giving first hand information of all events and the staff has Worked diligently this year in making it one of the best "Sentinels" ever edited. The Sentinel was given first rating in the Columbia Press Conference this year. A medal has been sent to add to the others on the plaque. 60 roy, A. L. Thomas, S. Koontz. P STANDING-D. Wright, M. Stat ler. I. Day. P. Lynch, F. Karr we 5:45 Co-EDITORS ..,............ ...... P ATTY KIME, ARLENE CHEN MANAGING EDITOR ........ ............,...,..... W ILLIAM DILLON NEWS EDITOR ............ .,............,.,.,................,... M ARGARET STATLER MAKE-UP EDITOR ...,., ,I,..........,.,.I............................ V IOLET HANSROTE SPORTS EDITORS ........ ,..,.. I AMES DAY, MARY ANN GETZANDANNER FEATURE EDITOR ........... .,..,....,...........,..,.,..............,........, G LADYS KILROY EXCHANGE EDITOR .....,.,.I..... ....... P ATRICIA LYNCH ADVERTISING MANAGER ,..... ...... D AVID WRIGHT CIRCULATION MANAGER ....... ..,..... F ORREST KARR BUSINESS MANAGER ..... ...... S HELVIA KOONTZ ART .....,,...................., .,.,.. T HOMAS SAMUEL FACULTY ADvIsER ,....,,.. . ...............,....,........ HAMILL KENNY REPORTERS- MABEL WELLING, BETTY BENFORD, DOROTHY COLEMAN, IMOGENE RYAN, HELEN SCARLETT, IAMES WILKIN S, MARY IO DUVALL, HARRY ADAMS, KATHRYN YANKIE, LOIS SHRIVER TYPIsTs- EUGENE MORIN, KENNETH KOSER, IANE HEBNER Mr. Hamill Kenny, faculty advisorg Patty Kime and Arlene Chen, co-editors 61 Jfecm ef Jleaa ef DECLAMATIUN CONTEST With most selections featuring cr war theme, the annual Tasker G. Lowndes preliminary declamation contest was staged at Fort Hill on Decem- ber ll. Of the ten excellent presentations, Lois Hanks' interpretation of "The Old Lady Shows Her Medals," and Elwood Growden's rendition of "By Their Actions, Let Men Speak" were selected as best. The other contestants and their declamations were Arlene Chen, "Where the Cross Is Made," Virginia Reid, "Dark Victory," Helen Randall, "The Citi- zen," Marjorie Dolly, "The Murder of Lidice," Raymond Kelly, "The Soul of Uncle Sam," Norman Barger, "Now Our Eyes Are Open," Iohn Martini, "The Heart ot Democracy," and Eugene Mayhew, "A Challenge To Our National Character." The judges, Miss Kathleen Cumbee, Miss Marie Park, and Mr. Alfred Benna, were members of the faculty. The contestants were coached by Miss Nellie Willison and Miss Helen Smith. Due to transportation facilities, the final contest was called off and Fort Hill was glad to give her cooperation in a time of national emergency. l. Martilli. R. Kclly. A. Chen, B. Lwrownlen. L. flanks, N. Barger, lf. Randall, E. Nlayhcw, V. Reed tnot picturcdj, M. Dolly. 62 On Floor-E. Ginniman, V. Robertson, M. A. Ginniman. ww, ,um we eww., GIRLS' PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB One of the most useful. and yet most unac- claimed, organizations of our school is the Girl's Photography Club. In this club, which meets once every Monday, there are 20 members. The purpose of the club is to teach all girls of all grades who Wish, the use of photography and all the little tricks that go with it. This knowledge may be of great help in the fu- ture to all those girls who may become a WAVE or WAAC and enter into War Work. The officers of the club are: IUANITA BUGG .............. President EDITH MAHANEY ........ Secretary The girl who takes the best photograph during the year is excused from paying dues. 63 STANDING--M. A. Smith. E. McCracken, L. Lewis, M. Paxton, F. McDo ATED-S. Oss, E. Mahaney. Cn Parade X 1 A U, - X I g -.- f, et X Z if-6 ,ff 1 f ' Z f , g rifiyyi' fy, -:- X B , 1 1 'ggi JZ, .:-1' Q f if ii gj-,,::', I 'E f ,1 if - - -,.:-'.',-,l s g IA jg ,Iii g - 1 1 1 ,- Q0-ff,-fb, f- : wwf -ff! f M l", 17 f , 1 . ' 1 STAGE CREW OUR-Drnn Smith, Iunior Dowling. Aunlrvw Xvflulw, Clmvlvx- Kun NDINUf-f:ux'rv,wl Karr. SIA I UP' fVVillmux Prim v. aeaefz The guidon of Fort Hill dramatics marched forward on December ll. at 8:15 o'clock, when the three-act college comedy, "Spring Fever," by Glenn Hughes was presented by the Fort Hill Players. The dramatization had for its setting a small boarding-house at Brook- field College on the day before commencement. Howard Brant struggles to graduate and every character has a "finger in the pie" to help him obtain his degree. The cast of the play follows: MRS. SPANGLER ............,.,,..............., ....,,.... M ARGARET STATLER ANNE PURCELL .,.,... ......, R UTH ELLEN DAYTON VIVIAN GEORGE ......., .........,......... A RLENE CHEN Vic LEWIS ......... ............... T OM STALLINGS ED BURNS .......... ........ S TANLEY HAMILTON Lou HERRON ............. ....,, M ARYIANE EDWARDS HOWARD BRAN1' ......... ............... W ILLIAM PRICE HENRY PURCELL ....... ,............ I OHN MARTINI AUNT MAUDE ..,,..,.. ,.........,... I OY WILSON MRS. PURCELL ......... ..,.. G LADYS KILROY PRESIDENT DIXON ........ ,,... E UGENE MAYHEW PROFESSOR BEAN ,.,,.............,.,.............,.....,...........................,,............. FORREST KARR The presentation was capably directed by Miss Gerardine Pritchard. adviser of the senior dramatic groups. The play was enacted before an au- dience of 1300 because of the untiring efforts of an excellent business mana- ger, Miss Nellie Willisong properties were managed by Miss Veronica Cole- man, the stage work was supervised by Mr. Alfred Bennap and publicity was provided by Miss Eileen Samms and the art classes. A salute to the entire cast and staff of Spring Fever for an unexcelled production. 66 Ma. MJ Mu. Hmm The Thespians, under the command of Miss Gerardine Pritchard, did their duty as good soldiers when they produced to Mr. and Mrs. America, the proceeds from which were donated to the Stage Door Canteen Fund and the Victory Corps Clubs. This three-act comedy was the story of an average American couple- their happiness and experiences. The cast ot Mr. and Mrs. America was: TEUDY KELLY .......... MARSHALL KELLY . Mas. NANCY KELLY ............... MARYIANE EDWARDS STANLEY HAMILTON, IR. VIOLET HANSROTE TOM KELLY .................... ..,......... W ILLIAM PRICE ELSA CLATHORPE ....... ....... B ETTY SHAFFER CARMEN MILLER ......, ...... N ORMA HANSEL Mas. L1v1NGsToNE ........ .............,... G LADYS KILROY MYRTLE BEGLEY ....,.... ........ G ERALDINE WENTLING URTAH Hnwxms ........ ................. T OM STALLINGS BETTY GEEENLEY BILL WALCOTT ........ SEEGEANT O'H1mA . ....... RUTH ELLEN DAYTON ................ FORREST KARR MARGARET STATLER The Thespians have provided a worthy example for the school by con- tributing to the war effort, and congratulations are their reward! jf PLA Y CONTEST One of the outstanding features of our assembly schedule this year was the annual one-act play tournament. In view of the need for entertainment during War-time the Fort Hill Players, sponsors of the project, emphasized the fact that We are also engaged in a war of ideas. The purpose of the tournament was to encourage leadership, responsibil- ity, and characterization by student direction and production. This com- petitive contest offered sophomores, juniors, and seniors an opportunity to display dramatic talents as they vied for class honors and individual recog- nition. However, Where there is com- petition there rnust be a Winner and the sophomore presentation, "Iunior's Moustache," directed by Ioy Wilson was judged best by a faculty corn- mittee. The honor award of "best actress" was given to Martha Lee Campbell for her performance in the title role of "Who Kissed Barbara," the junior pres- entation under the able supervision of Dorothy Coleman. The production of the senior class, "Red Carnations," di- rected by Betty Shctffer Was the third of the entertaining and capably man- aged plays. This undertaking is a praiseworthy effort to be credited to the dramatic forces at Fort Hill. v t i I if H, ,iv K ,, 4' " Tl ll! WINNING CAST A SEATHD--N. Cult-, D. ciemm. 5. www. Iii.-.-.t..,'. s v si n 1 1 Il I' 1 L 1 IIII .MVANIDINKZ .' ru-xv, . , , 1 ,. .,. mu . .n .un t. 1e.u,. YOUNG APRIL It all began in April, that is, if one divides his life according to the months. Yes, it was in April that George and Terry McIntyre experienced the trying romantic problems of their later adolescenceg problems which were brought forth to the public on April 9 when the senior class presented Aurania and William Spence Rouverol's three-act comf- edy, "Young April." George, just home from college where he has just finished his fresh-- man year, is terribly in love with his ideal, Diane, who is more independent than he real- izes. Girls will be girls, and she, by shifting a date, completely disillusions the idealist, George. In the meantime, Terry, who is sweet but awfully ignorant of human nature, al- most marries Bert Parsons, but his blue book and carbon copy love letters decide the case. Then she almost marries "mother's boy," Stewart Miller, until she gets tired of having Mrs. Miller making all her plans. George finally realizes he loves Diane just as she is and Terry comes to the conclusion that Brian Stanley, an old family friend and the "boy next doorw is the one for her. In the cast were: TERRY MCINTYRE ....... .................. N ORMA HANSEL BRIAN STANLEY .,......,, ..,.,, S TANLEY HAMILTON. IR. GEORGE MCINTYRE ,...... ,.............. R AYMOND KELLY DIANE GILMORE ....,.....,. ..,...,..,..,.. A RLENE CHEN PROFESSOR MCINTYRE ..,,., ...,.....,.,..,.,. I OHN MARTINI MRS. MCINTYRE .......,. .,..,.. H ILDEGARDE LANGER BERT PARSONS ........ .....,...... W ILLIAM PRICE STEWART MILLER ...... ...... E UGENE MAYHEW MRS. MILLER ....... ...... P ATRICIA LYNCH VIVIAN BAILEY ....... .......... B ETTY SHAFFER ELSIE PATTERSON ...,... ...... E VANGELINE ENGLE VIRGINIA NORRIS WILLIAM DILLON LULU ,.......,.........,,, PETE ....... DUTCH ....... .............,.... H ERMAN BRANT MILDRED ......., ........ D OROTHY MOSTOLLER IANE .................................................................................. ...,............ L OUELLA REED Credit for handling this production is given to Mrs. Harold Lynch, directory Mr. Walter Boone, business: Mr. Alfred Benna, stage: and Miss Nellie Willison, publicity. 69 Wee fcvzlefwr-de THE VICTORY CORPS Fort Hill marched forward in the war effort this year with the introduction of the Victory Corps. It is designed to include all wartime activities, of our high school. It is both curricular and extracurricular. It has given us opportunity to relate the total school program to a total war effort. It adapts all existing war effort and extends them to include all the pupils in our high school. It challenges each pupil by giving him a specific part in the national war program and recognizes and dignifies each Fort Hill pupil's contribution to the war effort by furnishing insig- nia and standards of achievements. To our principal, Mr. Victor D. Heisey, belongs the direct responsibility for the proper or- ganization of the Victory Corps in our school. The development of policies, the adjustment of regulations, explanation of the corps to the community, making of plans for cooperating with all community agencies-all these and many others are the responsibility of our principal. The pupils have been given as large a share as possible in the organization and opera- tion of the Victory Corps. Membership is not difficult but the requirements are sufficiently de- manding that an effort must be put forth by the individual. Our school because it possessed the necessary facilities has been able to organize fO11r Of the five divisions and set up a complete program for these. The four divisions and their requirements are: l. Air Service Division To qualify for this division, an individual must be participating in a program of physi- cal fitness, should be planning and have begun preliminary preparation for service in the armed forces as aviation cadets, and must be either pursuing a program which includes one year of physics and three years of mathematics, a course in preflight aeronautics, one radio, electricity, or vocational shop. 2. Land Service Division Members af this division Should be planning to enter some branch of the ground forces of the Army, T1-ie person must be participating in at least three of the following: One year of high-school niathen-iatigs, one year of high-school laboratory science, a program of physi- cal fitness, shop course, or military drill. 3. Sea Service Division Pupils entering this division should be preparing for some branch of the Navy or Merchant Marine and must be participating in at least three of the following: Courses in high-school mathematics preferably through plane trigonometry, at least one course in high school laboratory science, preferably physics, physical fitness program, course in elements of navigation, a shop course, or military drill. Community Service Division Those in this division should be planning for work in community or service occupation and to qualify must be participating in three of the following: Courses definitely pointed to preparation for service occupation at the professional level, courses preparing for com- mercial, homemaking, or similar community service occupation, some form of part-time work for community service, physical fitness, or military drill. CHEERLEADERS-TOP PICTURE KNEELING-N. Hamilton, D. Mostoller, D. Blaker, K. Yankiz STANDING-E. Whitman, R. Fisher, N. Barge: LETTERS FOR SERVICE MEN FRONTHM. Hardman. FIRST ROW-D. Bcnnctt, V. Robincrtc. L. Lewis, A. liriakssun. SECOND ROW-I. llclgorh, ll. Nliller, V. Hardy, A. Gralvcnstcin. I. A. Thomas. M. Collins. THIRD ROW-E. Mahancy. M. Dyer, E. Leplcy. C. Owens. FOURTH ROWHF. lVlCD0nal4l. P. Shatzcr, Rice. G. Lewis. FIFTH ROW-M. Frey. N. L. Burns. Wolford. E. Mcfirackcn. G. lzzelr, E. Kimble. SIXTH ROW-M. A. Smith. F. Hascnbuhler, D. Lease. B. Klosterf man. M. C. Moore. E. McDaniel, F. Van Fleet. AT WORK IN THE SHOP W. Ansel. R. Wagner, C. Nlangus, M. Measc, Milrray, Mr. Garmon, L. Roby. G-'Gin-'EK V' ' -'f A-'f.f'. uuuvii A. f: f: GIRLS LEARN MECHANICAL DRAWING FRONT-Mr Ferguson. LEFT ROW-V. House. E. lVliL'l1- -iel. P. Sampsell, S. Koontz. D. Brown. RIGHT ROW-R. Differ, Brinlvcf man. C. Varner. L. Springer. ll. Strawclerman, l. Valentine, G. Twigg. I. Shafer. D. Willianls. HER MAIESTY-Betty lane Cox l. PROCESSIONAL AND CROWNING MA Y DA Y FESTIVITIES "The Fiesta" was presented by the Fort Hill Players in honor ot the May Queen on May 7 at two o'clock. The pageant stressed the songs, dances, music, and patriots oi South America, for a united hemisphere is determined to blot out those who are seek- ing to destroy laughter, song, beauty, and freedom. Margaret Statler, Violet Hansrote, Arlene Chen, Mary lane Edwards, Gladys Kilroy, and Ioy Wilson were the authors ot "The Fiesta." Continuity lines were provided by Ruth Ann Scott, Evangeline Engle, Margaret Stat- ler, loy Wilson, Mary lane Edwards, and Mary Iane Ervin-all members of the Fort Hill Choral Speaking Choir, Betty Shaffer, Hazel Lee Brooks, Betty Dolan, and Mary lane McCabe-members of the Fort Hill Players. Parts ot the pageant as they occured were: Coronation by Va. Lee VanSant, 1942 Queen March .,....................,..,......................,................Vt,.... Fort Hill Orchestra Betty lane Cox-Queen Ioan Welsh, Katherine Ullery-seniors Va. Martin, Martha Lee Campbell-juniors Regina Henley, Vivian Stieby-sophomores Ioy Lane, Shirley Burke-ninth grade Ieannine Davis-eighth grade Dorothy Knippenberg-seventh grade 2. "THIS FREEDOM"-Choral Reading by Field-Fort Hill Speaking Choir Soloists-Va. Owens, Gladys Kilroy, Evangeline Engle, Dorothy Coleman Choir-Marie Douglas, Mary lane Ervin, Lois Hanks, Marjorie Dolly, Ruth Ann Scott, Helen Randall, Ioy Wilson, Arlene Chen, Mary Pfeiffer, Margaret Statler. 3. FLAG-REVUE .,.....,..........,..,........,.....,.,.............,.,.,..............,,,.,,...........v.,..,.,...... Fort Hill Players Presenting Flags of the Americas: Brazil ....L.,...........,,..,...,..... Alice Trexler Bolivia ..... ..... A valon Osborne Columbia .,...., ...... G racine Schade Chile ..,.,,r,,,...... ...,,,......... P earl Deneen Equador ,i.... ,...... I ean Newberry Costa Rica ..... ...,... E leanor Patterson Paraguay ....... ..Y.., D orothy Daily Mexico ........ Y.,.. M arietta Mulvey Uraguay ..........,,i,,......... Phyllis Graham Peru ....,...........,,i.,.,...,.., Eunice Brookley Venezuela ............Y...,.,... Eleanor Rinker Stars and Stripes ......,..,...... Iames Scott 4. TAMBOURINE DANCE .........,.....,...................V..,,..,.........................,..,....... .,.r...... S enior Girls Ella Lewis, Dorotha Blaker, lane Hebner, Norma Hamilton 5. "OUR PAN-AMERICAN HEROES" .........................,.V.....................,........,..,.. Fort Hill Players KA play of students visiting the Pan-American Building in Washingtonl-Ruth Ellen Dayton, Mary Ellen Payne, Alma Lee Thomas, Iuanita Hinkle, Betty Nicola, Violet Hansrote, Christine Alderton, Margaret Twigg, Iulia Kilroy 72 6. TANGO SWING-A Solo Dance ...,.. ....... I acqueline Ringer 7. SHAWL DANCE ...,.V.......A....,.,....,.... .,,..,w.... ,.. . ,7,,w.,w...............A.., W,,,Y.............,....,,...... I unior Girls Doris Lee Hoffman, Audrey Stemple, Iean Saylor, Shirley Bible 8. "O, PLAY TO ME, GYPSY"-A Vocal Solo .,,,ii,...Y.....,,...,A,i,,.,,,..,.......,..,... Margery Hinkle 9. RHUMBO-A Solo Dance .,.....,..,...........,.............,............................................. Georgia Pickard 10. "HIGH SCHOOL SONG"-Choral Reading by Lindsay Fort Hill Choral Speaking Choir Soloists-Dorothy Coleman, Marjorie Dolly, Va. Owens, Ruth Ann Scott, Ioy Wilson 11. "SAILOR'S HORNPIPE"-Dance .....,........................................,..,. . ,............... Sophomore Girls 12 RECESSIONAL AND TABLEAU The success of the pageant was greatly due to the efforts of an efficient production staff as follows: DANCE ROUTINES . IMPERSONATION OF CARMEN MIRANDA ................ .........,i...........................,... B ill Foley Seniors ..... ..... G eorgia PickardHISTORY CONSULTANTS--Mrs. Hilton, Mrs. Iuniors .......... ............ V a. Martin Russell, Miss Rice sophomores """""""'AA"A Shirley SGIDPFLAGS-Mr I Arthur Statler Fort Hill Players ..,. Iacqueline Ringer ' ' COURT COSTUMES-Miss Evelyn Miller DANCE SUPERVISION-Mrs. Resser, Miss LINE-UP-Miss Veronica Colemen, Mrs. Ada Trigiani Hughes COSTUMES-Dorothy Brown STAGE-Charles Kunes, Bill Price, Robert Price, Iimmy Scott, Harwell Saville, Dean Smith, Audrey Webb, Stanley Hamilton, and Mr. Benna SCHOOL ORCHESTRA-Miss Pearl Garbrick DIRECTOR-MiSS Gerdrdine Pritchard ACCOMPANIMENTS-Geraldine Wentling, Iane Hebner, pianop Rosellen Dunlap, accordion THE COURT FIRST ROVV-M. Kasccamp. R. Henley. S. Burke. I. Davis. Lane. V, Slrlclwy. ll. Ncxvnumc SECOND RONVHV. Martin. D, Knippenhurger, M. L. Campbell. THIRD ROW-K. Ullery. I. VVelsh. HER MAIESTY-Queen Betty Iane Cox I , ,' : l iff V. ,Lf ff C, A119 f"lJfV , Q1 'J W 1 ff-W Q ff 'w ffQ J ' , X WJ M ffw ff'W7f f J , I I. pix f' e. if fi fl K K xx : xx' 1 '11, ,lite 1 X xx ' N f?'1Q If X , fl I X xxx I in lf, I '42, . X 4 S25 fp! jg , Q lx: YK., I' yflr fpuv 2 , ,1 5 Q I 'I i 4 - - 1' X N X "- ' -' 4" D E K C A I: I1 Jy- X V L 'km 61'-"' . ,s 1 ,i . I --Q , -1, fi g j1f,L.4- V An' ' 1 V " " 51' I "f 17gWM2MT f ' GOODBYE, SENIORS! ST ROW-F. Davis. K. Bridge-f. D. Miller, W. Mcligcs. W. Troiitnlan. E. Gilpin. Coach Hahn. SECOND ROVV-H. Brant. R. Goldcn, R. Martin, M. Orndoff. Wilkiiis. R. Baker. E. Lowery. O. Calhoun GIRLS' PHYSICAL EDUCATION "At Ease" was the command given by the very capable instructor Mrs. Reeser and a newcomer, Miss Trigiani. "I-Xttention! Stomachs in, chests out!" The girls began to realize that total fitness requires individual qualities such as endurance, good nutrition, strength, coordination, team Work and the will to Win. This year's Victory Corps organized a new type of physical education and made a great contribution to the development of pupils at Fort Hill. "Right Face! Forward March!" As the girls lifted foot after foot in advancing steps, they began to realize that protection and development are basic functions of the school. Physical education in the ladies' department has provided ample and interesting activities stimulating guidance and a study of all around development. This program aided in bridging the gap between past and present day conditions of high school activities. "Squad, halt! About face!" At least twice a week girls gathered in the gym to achieve new physical requirements. The program was devised so the individuals could learn a variety of skills such as, marching, calisthenics, relays, soft ball, rope, jumping rope and bar chinning. New clubs were formed and old ones reorganized. The girls responded to the call of "physical fit- ness for Victory." "Right Dress!" and "Front!" These military names became familiar to the girls and they were all out for gym classes. The lassies marched from winter right into spring and from indoors to outdoors. Outside activities were stimulating and the spring air made them eager to respond to the old familiar calls. The out-of-doors classes provided more room and better individual chances. Then once again "At Ease!" was the command: each girl stepped one step to the left in unison. They have learned the funda- mentals and are looking forward to next year for new and better physical activities. 76 5 N J 77 40016471 The year 1942-'43 saw the Fort Hill High School football team come through a very suc- cessful season. Coach Bill Hahn, who accepted the coaching position at Fort Hill, upon the resig- nation of Coach Iohn Long, deserves a lot of credit for this accomplishment. He put his heart in building a strong and powerful team and was rewarded. All members of the team know what an excellent coach he is. This year's team compiled one of the best records in the history of Fort Hill High School. even though both city and C. V. A. L. championships slipped through its fingers on Thanksgiv- ing day. The team fought through the first seven games without being scored on or tied. "Skinny" Martin led the team in scoring although a total of thirteen Sentinel backs and linemen scored a total of 275 points, while holding their opponents to 23. We had excellent co-captains this year in Fred Davis and Merle Orndoff. Kenny Bridges was an outstanding kicker and runner while "Skinny" Martin, Chesty Squires, Ioe Monteleone, "Bubbles" Whiteman and "Obie" Calhoun thrilled the crowds time and time again with sensa- tional runs. Fred Davis and Gene Gilpin were two otustanding ends excelling in blocking, pass catching, and defensive work. Merle Orndoff was a spirited leader at center, specializing on the defense and blocking punts. Wally Troutman, Herman Brant, Dave Miller, Iim Wilkin and Ray- mond Baker were the outstanding linemen of a hard charging line that yielded only one run- ning touchdown. , SCHEDULE We They We They Thomas s.s, ..... 4 8 U Handley .... ...... l Z U Ridgeley ..............s... ..... 4 7 U Franklin ....... ...... 6 2 U Berkeley Springs .. .. ..... 54 U Hagerstown .... 6 6 Martinsburg . .......... .,,., 2 7 0 Allegany ..... 6 l7 LaSalle ....... ,,.., l 3 U FRONT ROW-E. Lowery. D. Whiteman, E. Gilpin, D. Miller, F. Davis. M. Orndoff. H. Brant. K. Bridges, W. Troutman, O. Calh Martin. I. Monteleone. Wilkins. R. Baker. SECOND ROW-Coach Hahn. K. Willard, L. Cox, W. Taylor, D. McGill, C. True. W. Menges, R. Lapp. R. Green. R. Golden. D. Ma Zellner, W. Ansel. W. Squires. gl THIRD ROW-W. Iewell, K. Markel. A. O'Neil. H. Golden, W. McBride. P. Sullivan. R. Iohnson. M. LaGratta. R. Shelley, D. Rin E Seibert. R. Maphis. F. Light. H. Bishop. 78 FIRST STRING-FRONT ROW-F. Davis, D, Miller, H. Brant, M. Orncloff Wilkins, W, Troutman. E. Gilpin. BACK ROW-R. Martin, O. Calhoun, Monteleone, K. Bridges, Coach Hahn, SECOND STRING-FRONT ROW-D. McGill. D, Marlin, R. Green, C. True Bakvr, S. Znllner, H, Golden. BACK ROVV-W. Squircs, W, Ms-ngcs, E, Lowery, D. Whiteman. 4 ff ' REMEMBER? I A 5 'J flyffiif' X53 THAT FAMOUS KICKING TOE ul ' i Q A K' - THE SPBEDY Rnvznsns Q . , THE FAMOUS FOUR 79 f BASKETBALL Gasoline and tire rationing plus the ban on pleasure driving contrived to hold Fort Hi to a mere twenty game schedule but they were games full of fun and excitement. Thi year's team might well be referred to as q "hot cmd cold" ball club but, despite the came gh With a good record of twelve games won and eight lost. At times they were, in modern lingo, "plenty hot" but, at others, far from being Some of the outstanding games played were those with Davis, La Salle, with Central and Beall. Although Fort Hill didn't win any titles, the startling upset in the W. M. I. League race by defeating Beall and Alle- victories brought about a tie for first place between Allegany and Central. team had an excellent captain in Wally Troutman. His tireless playing and helped out in many tight spots. He was a good leader, Well-liked by all team-mates, scored the second highest number of points, and Was one of the "big leading the way to a successful season. The other "big gun" and high scorer Was Fred Davis. Fred used his height to great both on the offense and defense to roll up a large number of points. "Obie" Cal- should be cited for his steady playing and his ability to break up many of the other 's plays. xfr ij THAT F1-uvrous ALLEGANY GAME FRONT ROW-O. Calhoun, A. O'Neal, W. Trnul- man F. Davis. W. Brant, C. Barnes. BALK ROW-L.oach Hobby Qavanaugh, R. Mc- Qy C Marr-s, D. McGill, C. Daxy, D. Chase. C C D. VVl11u'man. rf. nnwav. BACK ROW-O'Brien Calhoun, Frm-rl Davis, Wal- l e Troutman, FRONT ROVV-Charles Hnrnvs. Carl Nlorrns, C ach Cavanauqh. Piedmont ....... Paw Paw .A,.,,..,. Davis .,..,.,AA ,, Alumni .....ii.... Grafton .......... Paw Paw ....i,,i., LaSalle ........... Central .....,......,. Martinsburg i,,,..,.Y Beall .w..V.......,,,.i.i ON THE RECORD e They 42 29 Barton .7,V,... 52 17 Bruce ............ 28 24 3U 34 22 46 43 28 Beall ............. 18 19 Barton ..,.,.. 25 29 Bruce ,,i,.,.,ii,i 37 25 22 24 LaSalle ,i7iY,,,i Won Lost 12 8 Mom: ALLEGANY GAME Allegany .,...,i,e, . Martinsburg ..,,,,,, . Central .,.....,..... , Allegany e,,,Y,Y,,, . 9 60 44 32 42 29 38 34 50 33 38 They 37 15 38 27 32 35 23 13 32 58 510 ,Q 'P Nr" ,,,.x- X 3' FIRST ROW-B. Knieriem, R, Maphis, Ziler, E. Eyler, D. Parker. SECOND ROW-B. Sneathcn, D. Buser, R, Frey, VV, McBride, R. Hilleary, THIRD ROW-L. Hansrotc, P. Eaton, F, Richards, F, Moss. JUNIOR VARSITY THE Pnovmc. GROUND or THE HSENTINELSH FIRST ROW-R, Turner. N. Sensahaugh, R, Price, R. Groves, Scott, F. Iackson, W. ML'Ken:ie. SECOND ROW-HMr. Futren, House, D. Iewell, R. Beard. W. Walker, K. lamcs, R. Goshorn, E. Freeland. THIRD ROW-D. Sensabaugh, D. Chase, D. Mason, Hunter, E. Richards, E. Bailey, W. Goldsborough, I. Manglls, E. Swart Faylor. R. Cage. P. Cooke, P. Labor. f . K. v 5 Q s 82 GET IN THE GAME! 83 Cn Leave X K 2 5 xl NK ffx Ixfgr ZN- xixcml U -MN , C g '.,,75 0 'Sf x wx X xx xc X x xi N. u x H fi L all N35 ' Qwg RX Y I. f f' ME X Fig K WN E DRUM MAIOR-P. Foltz. MAIOPETTES-LEFT T0 RIGHT-N. L. Davis, I. Minnicks. L. Shriver, M. Bageant, E. Hare, W. Lovenstein GCDLDFINE Qfficial Sabre Cfhotographer Ylarvezfs jewelry Store mic' Distributors of FORT HILL CLASS RINGS WEIGEL Sz BARBER, Inc. "The Home of REAL PRINTING" PRINTING -- RULING BINDING TELEPHONE Z9-681 329 MAIN STREET IOHNSTOWN, PA. 1 THIS BOOK WAS PRODUCED IN OUR PLANT 87 We Extend Heartiest Congratulations to the Class of 1943 and Faculty of Fort Hill High School The South Cumberland Planing Mill Company .-REQTKCEHQ GUESXCGU' 1896-Forty-Seven Years' Reliable Service-1943 H. E. 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LAPP NEHI BOTTLING COMPANY Plumbing and Heating 301 Springdale Street Oldtown Road Phone 3088 CUMBERLAND, MARYLAND CUMBERLAND MARYLAND Ben M. Kamens George L. Kline It Pays to Cross the Town to the Kline Furniture Co. 405 Virginia Avenue Cumberland, Md. COYLE BROTHERS SANITARY MARKET 222 Virginia Avenue PHONE 1734 Habeeb's Flower Shop 440+ N E W 26 North Mechanic Street T H E A T R E CUMBERLAND, MD. Evan's Jewelry Store M U D E R N FINE WATCH REPAIRING C L E A N E R S '!'+'!' +09 112 Virginia Avenue 215 Virginia Avenue berland Maryland Keech's Drug Store Post Service Station PRESCRIPTIONS Carefully Compounded 'ko' Oak and Second Streets 43 Virginia Avenue Phone 1686 PHONE 177 THE KENNEWE G George W. Legge COMPANY Home of Attorney-at-Law GOLD BAR BRAND TRUITT DRUG COMPANY COMPLIMENTS WEBSTER K. EDWARDS OF H. CLIFFORD SPIKER Your Doct0r's MR. Right-Hand Man H. R. LYNCH we PHONE 364 238 Virginia Avenue CUMBERLAND MARYLAND -4 KU-o QQQXS'-GRICAL SQ? . XX' l ff Q :T r-'34 E , A z N 0' I S S n Z uv Qi f 1 I "EG.u.s n0F' i 1 Specializing in Electrical Appliance Repairs '6Keep 'Em Running !" The Potomac Edison Co. When You Want GOOD, CLEAN, PURE CANDY AND ICE CREAM GO TO G E 0 R G E ' S CONFECTIONERY IT'S BETTER BECAUSE OUR HOME MADE ICE CREAM AND CANDY ARE OUR SPECIALTIES 40+ Phone 2077 CORNER BEDFORD AND DECATUR CONGRATULATIONS, CLASS OF 1943 W 0 L F 0 R D FUNERAL HOME AMBULANCE SERVICE QXQQQQ 125 South Liberty Street CUMBERLAND, MARYLAND Tri-State Mine and Mill Supply Company DEALERS IN PLUMBING AND HEATING SUPPLIES '!+47'!' 3284-Phones-3285 310 Commerce Street CUMBERLAND MARYLAND OWEN E. HITCHINS, President Cumberland's Fastest Growing Shoe Store THERE'S A REASON WEBB'S FAMOUS BRANDS OF SHOES 83 N. Centre Street Directly Across from City Hall EVERYONE LOVES A WINNER! -THAT'S WHY- Everyone is going to WEBB'S to buy theWorld's finest Men's and Women's Shoes at Greatly Reduced Prices. A Guaranteed Saving of 51.00 to 55.00 on ANY Pair of SHOES Purchased at WEBB'S. Yes indeed-MORE PEOPLE are finding out every day that they can't wear High Priced Lon cations and Excessive Overhead Expenses, but that they can save the difference by buying their Shoes at WEBB'S and at WEBB'S ONLY. COMPLIMENTS AND CONGRATULATION TO THE CLASS OF '43 from LOUIS STEIN, Inc. FUNERAL HQME 'FOX' PHONE 27 117 Frederick Street CUMBERLAND, MARYLAND AMB ULANCE SERVICE THE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION of Pennsylvania Avenue and Fort Hill High Schools welcomes new members from the CLASS OF '43 J. E. Congratulations, Class of 1943 Plumbing Kight Funeral Home Steam and Hot FUNERAL AND AMBULANCE Water Heating SERVICE Phone 2599 18 Harrison Street PHONE 1454 Cumberland' MafYl3nd 309-311 Decatur Street WINDSOR BARBER SHOP 1fgfg3KfECgg3fUI?ERS DAVID L. MILLER, Prop. ' mp' Work Done While You Wait Wishes Class ol 1943 Success opposite Y, M, C, A.-PHONE 1938 CUMBERLAND, MD. COMPLIMENTS OF ARTHUR H. BOPP GROCERIES FLORIST and MARKET GARDENER Phone 1272 Cumberland 879 Ridgeley 1621 Bedford Street Cumberland, Md. LIBERTY CLEANERS 8z DYERS, Inc. -PLANT- WILLIAMS AND WINEOW STREET Next to the A. 8 P. Super Market uu.m.Ll-,-g' .Q U7 ' ',,-, 5 N. Liberty Street PHONE 2009 301 N. Centre Street Special KCASH AND CARRY" Prices 98 RAY-The Reliable Cleaner He Will Keep You Neat in Appearance W. RAYMOND BEALL, Prop. Phone 385--QUALITY SERVICE--Phone 385 PRESSING WHILE YOU WAIT 501 DECATUR ST 103 PENNA, AVE. Store Plant and Store White-Way Shoe Shop "Real Life in Old Shoes' 302 Virginia Avenue RICHARDSON BROS. Corner Park and Harrison Streets Expert Radio and Repair Service CUMBERLAND ELECTRIC CO 137 VIRGINIA AVENUE Ph-one 619 GREEN'S EUR SHOP Cold Storage CUNNINGHAM'S GROCERY Fresh Vegetables and Meats 416 RACE STREET F. W. WOOLWORTH COMPANY AFTER ALL WOLF'S is the Best Place to Buy Furniture and Appliances Wolf Furniture Co. 38 N. Mechanic Street CUMBERLAND, MD. Garrett 8z Zilch The Times and Men's Wear Ladies' Sportwear e CO. The Best for Less Publishers of 325 Virginia Ave. Phone 2716 THE CUMBERLAND NEWS CUMBERLA D EVENING TIMES N ' MD' SUNDAY TIMES Frank J. Davis 613 Maryland Avenue CUMBERLAND, MD. Compliments of A F R I E N D STERLING SHOE STORE 60 Baltimore St. Cumberland, Md. CUT-RATE WATCH REPAIRING Formerly ot Hamilton Watch Co. IOI-IN NEWCOMER 210 VIRGINIA AVENUE TRY HIRSH, THE TAILOR For Popular Prices and Smart Styles for Young Men P I E R C E ' S Virginia Avenue and First Street ROY L. MERRITT Groceries -f Confections THOMAS AT SECOND PHONE 3546 COMpL1MgN7-5 The Show Place of Cumberland OF MARYLAND and WHEELEIVS SHOE EMBASSY SHOP GRACE M. FISHER THEATRES D. H. W A T T Groceries Fresh Meats D A I R Y D I P Produce EXCELLENT MEALS 713 MARYLAND AVENUE SOFT DRINKS Compliments ot FRANKLIN L. SPEAR OPTOMETRIST so PERSHING STREET Try Our Gicrnt Milk Shakes 216 Decatur Street Cumberland, Md. Ben Franklin Stores SOUTH CUMBERLANDS 5 and I0 Extends its best wishes to the Class of 1943 The W. F. Atwell Co. 5 and IOC STORE 415-25 Virginia Avenue CUMBERLAND, MD. "THE RELIABLE STORE" S A M ' S CANDY KITCHEN 231 VIRGINIA AVE. SOUTH CUMBERLAND MANTHEIY FILLING STATION AND GROCERY TELEPHONE 96 Ki A P L 0 N ' S THE ACME FURNITURE co YQUNG MgN'5 51-10p FURNITURE THAT PLEASES 73 N. Centre St. Cumberland, Md. R A N D ' S KEECHS PHARMACY SELF SERVE 600102 VIRGINIA AVENUE At the Subway CUT-RATE DRUG STORE PRE-SCRIPT-IONS PARTY FAVORS AND CONLON INSURANCE AGENCY DECORATIONS Liberty Trust Building Room No. 27 , PHONES 801-472 HILL S TOY We Write Every Form ot Protection Cumberland Cloak AND Suit Store 48 to 58 Baltimore Street CUMBERLAND MARYLAND DAVIS SERVICE STATIONS Corner River and Virginia Ave. CUMBERLAND, MARYLAND LAZARUS 9 COSTUIVIERS 9 MILLINERS 9 FURRIERS D. R. Kitzmiller MEMORIALS Formerly the A. A. ROEDER CO. Cemetery Memorials of Distinction Frederick and George Streets PHONE 379 A, M, A C K SCHRIVER'S ONE-STOP I SERVICE GROCERY Henderson Avenue at Bedford Street 1304 VIRGINIA AVENUE PHONE 1603 817 Mmfland Avenue The Very Best In Service For Your Car REYNOLDS 8 MENDENHALL Smokers' Needs Cigarettes Cigars Tobacco 9 SOUTH CENTRE STREET VIRGINIA LARRY BEAUTY SALON 135 S. LIBERTY STREET We Specialize In Individual Beauty Culture Phone 2615 Cumberland, Md HINER'S MARKET Groceries and Meats 117 VIRGINIA AVE. CUMBERLAND, MD. SHADE BROS. SEE US FOR GOOD FOOD COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS OF OF A FRIEND A FRIEND WHEN YOU THINK OP FURNITURE Monarch THINK OF P . t. C I'lIl lll Om all MILLENSON'S g P Y 317 Virginia Avenue 25 MODEL ROOMS THE FINEST DISPLAY IN CUMBERLAND 1 16 FREDERICK STREET Phone 1436 Cumberland Maryland I S New Beauty and ELB Efficient Insulation INSELBRIC insulated brick design veneer has long been acclaimed as the leader in the siding indus- try. Now, new exclusive features have been intro- duced by Inselbric Engi- neers insuring more effec- tive insulation and increased durabil- W, ity. Build or re- model with the A 1940 model .. . f'f INSELBRIO ' - -' l The Scle t'fIcl ca ad NalI'hg " e to uf 1 e el sl 0 INS L RIC ijg. NEW BEAUTY GREATER DURABILITY BETTER INSULATION ,,.....,,M 3 V ' nl n s In io Construction Is just on of new x u v 1 features , f 53:1 Lie- VS' - 11- - M 9' ,'31a-- 'z -P '- ': - -.-r gg ..- - as 4' .EE-. - - 1 - .1-.nllrfl -L: .r 1+-HIL . . "",-.Ei giiii-E 9533511555 I J' I 1' iii l ' E 1 --4-" Q ' 'r-1'I-l'- Gini? 1 I, , . TTL !'llIIllI l"'2"""""'5"i' f" I I I 1 H. W. YOUNG 1038 MYRTLE STREET Phone 46-W CUMBERLAND, MD. th t O Ig t E natcs Wi ou Any bi a ' C.II U for Additi al Informatio RIC SPRIGGIE'S M. D. REINHART Real Estate--Insurance LIBERTY TRUST BLDG. PHONE 1896 COMPLIMENTS OF The Good Fellowship Social Club 214 Virginia Avenue CHARLES T. HARE, President MOST FORT HILL STUDENTS ARE MEMBERS OF THE Y. M. C. A. Annual Membership Dues Boys-55.00 Girls-51.00 CEMENT PRODUCTS COMPANY 407 Henderson Avenue PACKlE'S BAKERY SPECIAL IN PASTRIES 300 Virginia Avenue BOWL FOR HEALTH We take pride in offering the citizens of our com- munity a clean, Wholesome sport for the development of mind, body, and good fellowship. The Capital Bowling Parlor y 508 VIRGINIA AVENUE CONGRATULATIONS BEST WISHES TO THE TO THE GRADUATES CLASS OF 1943 from 0 The S. T. Llttle B O P P ' S Jewelry Company H1 I 113 Baltimore Street FLOWER SHOP Cumberland, Maryland WARD N. HAUGER, Manager 'FOX' +04 PHONE 2582 Iewelry Since 1851 Grflde Pasteurizecl Dairy Products 142 PHONE ARCH ST. 759 DRINK ROYALE DAIRY MILK 104 COMMENCEMENT INVITATIONS AND CARDS CLASS RINGS AND EMBLEMS MERRELLS, Inc. Clarksburg, W. Va. Compliments of CUMBERLAND HEIGHTS GROCERY MARYLAND AVENUE MARKET 701 MARYLAND AVENUE Telephone 591 Cumberland, Md Distributors Southern Oxygen and Acetylene Cumberland Welding Company Portable Electric Welding PHONE 1359 J. E. DENNISON PAINTING CONTRACTOR 30 Ridgeway Terrace CUMBERLAND MARYLAND LET'S MEET AND EAT at EATWELL GRILL ll N. Mechanic Street Acetylene Welding and Cutting s.c.TWIGG l0HN'S Phone 2767-I DELICATESSEN 122 N. Mechanic St. Cumberland, Md. THERE'S A DISTINCT DIFFERENCE IN L i b e 1' t y Mi l k Even children recognize the delightful difference in Rich, Whole- Bodied Liberty Milk-MILK IS AS IMPORTANT AS GOOD HEALTH. ORDER LIBERTY MILK TODAY. LIBERTY MILK COMPANY PHONE77 THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF CUMBERLAND iOi The Oldest Bank ln Western Maryland 'kibi' Member Federal Reserve System and Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation May we, too, offer our sincere good wishes to this year's gradu- ating class, to those who have gone betoreg and to those who are to tollowg and to the undoubted success oi the completion ot the task that lies before us, the achieve- ment of everlasting peace. iO1k M c K A I G ' S Cumberland, Maryland HOFFMAN N'S ICE CREAM 4.0.3. Williams Street CUMBERLAND MARYLAND For Health and Strength Eat CLD HOME BUMPER BREAD ENRICHED WITH VITAMIN B-1 Made by THE COMMUNITY BAKING CO. LEADERS IN THE ART OF BAKING TO THE CLASS OF 1943: To you from failing hands we throw the torch: Be yours to hold it high. If ye break faith with those who die. We shall not sleep, though poppies grow in Flanders Field. Iohn McCrae ON BALTIMORE STREET FOR NEARLY A CENTURY A HOMELIKE SETTING! I There is nothing austere or de- pressing about our establishments. They are like your own home, with a friendly, comfortable simplicity that makes everyone feel at ease. IN TIME OF NEED CALL 65 HAFER FUNERAL SERVICE Sears Gets You Ready For Fun Our Sporting Goods Department makes your favorite sport easy to follow with its large selection of merchandise and economy prices. We Have What You Want for: 0 Boating 0 Archery O Bicyling O Tennis O Fishing O Baseball 0 Hunting O Football 0 Swimming 0 Basketball 0 Badminton 0 Croquet And Every Other Sport S E A R S, ROEBUCK Sz CO. 230 Baltimore Ave. 23 E. Main Street 179 Baltimore Street CUMBERLAND, MD. FRosTBuRG, MD. CUMBERLAND MARYLAND Fort Hill students enjoy MARTIN'S HOT DOGS because they are skinless and delicious and wholesome and as American as the 4th of Iuly! Have you had any lately? +O+ GEO. W. MARTIN 417-421 MARYLAND AVENUE THE CURTAIN SHOP CUMBERLAND'S ONLY EXCLUSIVE CURTAIN SHOP Curtains, Draperies and Slip Covers BE.NEMAN'S 41 N. Mechanic Street Western Maryland's Leading Furniture Store Evelyn Barton Brown 'iClothes of Distinction" ll N. Liberty Street PHONE 336 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1943 WARD N.HAUGER IEWELER ll S. CENTER STREET Liberty Trust Bldg. 108 +04 FINE DIAMONDS WATCHES IEWELRY 40+ G7 lm" an aAl.'rmone sr., J: PHGNE 310 SOUTH MECHANIC QUEEN CITY DAIRY, INC. CUMBERLAND MARYLAND 109 PETER PAN CLEANERS 90+ 536 N. CENTRE STREET 158 N. CENTRE STREET 74 PERSHING STREET HILLCREST BURIAL PARK 40+ Qhe Cljerpetual Care Cemetery W. R. RICE GROCERY FRESH MEATS AND GENERAL MERCHANDISE Phone 1913 106 Oldtown Road COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND We Extend Our Sin cere st Thanks to MRS. CLEMMER And the Typing Department For the Aid They Gave Us In Preparing COPY ..l: 1'- AND OLLIER AGAIN" vis Repeated accepfance by discriminating Year Book Boards has inspired and sustained ihe John 8. Ollier slogan that gathers increas- ing significance with each succeeding year. 111 WC I , , ,bf MQ 1511 AA KX. 3 fP! f J 1406410 Q MMA 1 PHOTOGRAPHY W 0 ROBERT GOLDFINE IOHN WEBER if COUNSEL DOROTHY STURDIVANT WALTER BOONE LESLIE M. WEIGEL Ro1.L1Ns HADDOCK ENGRAVING IAHN AND CLLIER ENGRAVING COMPANY CHICAGO, I11. PRINTING WEIGEL AND BARBER, INC. IOHNSTOWN, PA. 112 ' ,MW U - V k Q, UM- S7' , f 4 A K , L z V S. I f P P . . , ,S 2, 'L af . , 1 2- . J I I 'mr Y , - C . F 4 . 1, .. A 'K . Nw I I B . fifla' V .x .4' .LYS . " . L: Ax. 3 4' I 4 . x 'K if I 1 7 P1 if 9 ax "5'i,3pf' 15, Ni 11 ,if x-Ffjll. V 5.-L f x 5 'lei 2 Q' ' 'KSU 2' 'isl fw.'C-,- H t - , :?!Sg,5x Q H ,fn s- .3 -f. 'U' 4 'M 574,40 V, X zv'vf+l:AS"'5R 0?ic-c,b 2553? av bw? ' UQQQYQ, W7 , QQ My VJ Wffww ,QM www Lf. mm! 'VM' AM 2 7'U'ffwMff-2 M G o n ,mldnda f0Q40Q , Li 3'-iw ' 213' XSL. XIHQSJQY 9.'oo ig-'Xi' .II3 ,EfO.YY1. J' dx Q, 'Q'

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